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Ciown Svo. cloth extn, 3t. 6d. 

Heid in Bonäage. 

E Chandos. 

■ Under Two Flags. 
'■ Ceäl Castlemain^s Gage. 

* Pu£k. 

- Idaiia. 
Folie Juzrine. 
Two Wooden Skoes, 
A Dog qf Flanders. 

• Pascarel. 
' . Signa. 

each ; po«t Bva illiutnU«d 


In a Winter City. 


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A Fiilage Commune. 
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Princess Napraxine, 

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Two Offenders. 

Santa Barbara. Crown Svo. cloth, y. 6d. ; post Svo. 

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Two Little Wooden Shoes. Large Tvpe Edition. Fcap. 

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A Rainy June. \ The Massarenes. 


' Under Two Flags. 

Held in Bondage. 

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*■ Puck. 

Medttim Svo. 6^. each. 

*' Tricotrin. 



' The Massarenes. 

Wisdom^ Wit, and Pathos, selected from the Works of 

OuiSA by F. SvDMxy Moxkis. Post Svo. cloth, 5«. ; iHdttnted boudi, w, 
London: CHATTO & WINDUS. in St. Martin's Lane, W.G 

Princess Napraxine 




i^J^ /^^ i/^ß^-ytßJLA^ ^ 


Princess Napraxine 


OUIDA i^^***-^ 





S ;5~ V 



9^is gfors 




A ELTTB BFA, ßome palma with their bead? bound iip^ some Kedgea 
of caetuB and aloes-, aoms tbickets of higb rose-laurelj & long 
marble terrace ahiniDg' in tSie Hun, huge groupa of jferammns üot 
jet froBt-biitein, a low Trhita boixae witli green eliuttera aad 
wooden balcDniea, a cbalet roof and a clasiücal colorniade, tbesa 
all — togetber witb some entaagled sLrubbeirLefi, iin orange orcburd, 
aod KD olive vrood — made up a pla,ce wiiich was koown on tho 
Fiench Rivieia aa La Jacquemerille, 

Wbot the nsmB kad mennC origiflftlly fiol>t>dy knew or STery- 
body had fofgoftea, What La JaequemerillQ had been in taa 
begiüiUDg of time — nbether a woman, a pIiiiiLt,,ä aamt^ a elitip, a 
garae^ a ahrine, or only a caprica — was not kaowB even to tradi- 
tion^ but La Jocquemehl le the TÜla wog caUed, as, beforö it, bad 
beeil tba old windmill wblcb bad occupied th» eite, ere steam and 
fasbbn, revolutionLsing tba BeaabDrea of Saroj, bnd cau&ed tba 
presQQt pietty Doiifieiisical^ half-ruaticr lioIf-cUasLcal bouse io be 
erected ou tbe ton^UQ of laitd whicb ran eharply out mto tha 
midat of tbe Wue waTöB, and cammfluded a sen view, -west and 
aa9t^ as f^r ^ tbß Oapß of Äntibi^a q£| t^g o^g eide Aßd thä T^tQ 
du Chien om the other. 

It was ono of tbe most coyeted spots on the whole eeatoard of 
OUr modarD Capus, and brought a JlitUo foctuofl anDually to ita 
bappy poBäeaflöJ, b reapectaWe vöGdor of bamg, cbeese^ und biittaf 
in the CatDebi&re at Marseilles, wbo for tba Coming aeason Lad 
pocketed now, from Prince Napraiine, tho round littia aum of two 
tbousand napoleons. 

And the Frincess Kadäga Napraxine, wbo Lad set ber heart, 
orratier ber fancy, upoa it^ was eluing mabamboorocking-eÜBir 
and looking ovec tba bouee front, amd thinkiDg tbat decid'sdly uiio 
did not likti iC. It Üiud be«ii an Idiotcy to take it, just the sort cf 
folly whicb her delegat© in the afToic alwaya comjnitted. Tbey 
vould bav« beöa a tbouSftiLd tüues better cit at tli9 botela in Nica j 


Tou had no Mnd of trcuUe at an hotel, and you could alwayi 
nave your owu cooks if rou insisted. 

For three months it Lud been thn reigning deaire of her life to 
have La Jacquemerille for the winter; it had been let to an 
American millionnaire, and the apparent impoasihilitT of getting 
it had naturaUy increased her anziety. The Amencan milUon- 
nure had suddenly decided to go home ; Jay Gould or Mr. 
Vanderbilt had done aomething that had disturbed his digeation, 
and La Jacquemerille, which ene had neveT eeen, but had fallen 
in love with from photograpbs, was granted to her wished for the 
modest sum of forty thousaad franca. She had travelled straight 
from the Erimea to it without Btopping, had arrived by ni^t, 
and now was looMng at it for the first time in broad daylightwith 
a sentiment yery near aldn to diagust. She did not find it the 
leaat like the photographs. 

'It is eo norridly lowl' ahe ezclaimed, after a long and 
thougbtful ezamination of the frontage, where an lonic eolonaade 
aheltered itaelf under a chälet roof from tbe Bemeae Oberland. 
'I am flure it will be most dreadfully cold. And jiiat look at the 
architecture — ererr strle under heaven 1 Waa tiiere ever such an 
eztraordinary jumble r ' 

* If it be a jumble, my dear, it is very eoitable to cur genen^ 
tion ; and you are very lucky if, when yoa buy a pig in a pol», 
you get nothing worse than a jumble,' said another lady who was 
ätting oppoaite to her, with a bock held npside down and a litter of 
newBcapera, and who was known in society as Lady Braocepeth. 

' Pig in a poke 1 what is he P * «üd the Princeas Naprazine in 
ber pretty Engllsh, which ahe apoke with acarcely any foreign 
accent. ' The house is ahocking I It ia the Parthenon mized up 
with a Gasthof. It ia a nightmaie ; — and so small I I don% 
believe there is room for <Hie quarter of the aervants. And jost 
look at these palms with their heads tied up as if they liad 
iieuralp;ia ; and I am eure they may well have it, atanding still in 
that &ue, day and night. I think the whole place utterly odious. 
I will teil the women to unpack nothing ; i am suie I shall not 
stay a night ; an Italian ■mllino with a shingle roof and Qrinden- 
wald balconiea I Can anytbing be so absurd P ' 

' I auppose you wiü wait tili the Prince comea downstairsf ' 
said Lady Brancepeth with a little yawn. 

'Oh, I don't know; whyP He can atay if he likea. Oh, 
dear I there is a Cairene lattice st that end and these other 
Windows have been copied from the Oa d'Oro, and the roof is aa 
Swiss as if it were a cuckoo clock or a St. Beroard d<^. What ia 
one to do P ' 

' Stay,' suggested Lady Brancepeth. 'People do not die of • 
Swifls roof imleas it tumblea in. The houae is all wrong, no 
doubt, but it is picturesque ; a horrible Word, joa will saj, bat it 
dewnbfls the place. It ü picturea^ue*' 



* Wranp tbing? «auaily are,' eaid tbe PrincesB Napraime with 
a Hgli, sa ehe aurveyed the Gretik periatjl&, the Swiss shingl«, 
and tbe elendsf looic coloniiaiIe> 'Aro all these orange ^od for 
oue'a cöiäplsxioD, 1 wonder f It la liko sittiag in & bright y^Uow 
toom. I äon't liks bright yeUow rooma. Who a&id that grnntöd 
wiBheB are »lf-80wn curees ? Whoeper did müst hdve wiabed ti> 
hin La JacquemariUe, and doaa it. Why do thej tis up tboas 

' To Manch tbe leavea far Holy Waefe- ErsTy blade of ^;nm 
ia turned isto money od thia poatic aboro. If tha gardena bava 
be>eii induded m joui ati;rGeme[it y^ou caa uutie tliem ; if oot, 7011 

' TiiB^ will cartäintj ba untiäd ; m for Hi^eement^your 
lirothsr took tbe plac» for ua, I dam m.j he, blundered.* 

* Wbftt were your inatrucdcmfl to him, may I äskP ' 

'Qh, instructiooBp I da ngt remembar. I eent him tbö 
photographa, aad wrote under them : " Take me Che housa at aaj 
price." ' 

' Ciirt as CsBBar I ' 

"With a Little yawn tbe Priacaas Naprazine looked down tha 
loDg shinißg eea-waU of white marble, atudded at intervAls with 
Ytä&a of white marble tiUed with aloes; beyond. tha nuirbLe wall 
waa the eea — blue, briglit, quiTtiriog, and füll of ahiftbg- H^hts va 
diwnonds are, TUbh bar gaze camu inwarcl, and retmmed to the 
outline ot* tbe houae whicb yrv^ ao dnring snd cootra-dictory ä 
mmUe. Tha Grüepeta whlch COrered it glowed töd in. tbe 
DecembÄf ncwn { ite bUe and wliita awtiin^ war« gay aad freah { 
itaTanes wäre gildad, and poiDtad merrily to the aoutb j a lata 
rou was garländiDg tha Oairene latticei aome woodlark^ wara 
■iaping their pratty little roundelay oo the boti^ha of a carob tiiQe ; 
it waa aU bright, iivsly;, ftiÜ of colo \a aiid of gaiety. NeTertbdeaai 
■ha hardeaed her heart to it aud coademned it uCtarlj> oiiit of 
mere weywardoeös. 

' I ^hfiJI ^a away aft^r breakfaat/ ahe Bald, as ahe looked, 
' FlatoQ cau da as ha likes. I ihnll dine at Nice, and you will 
come with me.' 

*I wa3 Bure tbat wbh wha:t jöu woitld do,' eaid ber frimdi 
' wo waa Ralph.' 

' Theo I ßhall not do it,' aaid Princesa Napraxina. 

She Tock&d heraeif aoothirif^ly in her chair. 

' What a dear little lurd that ia anging ; it canaot he a night- 
iXLgaJfl in December. Tha SQa looka very much liks oxa Krirnüan 
ona ; and what a loTely air it ia. Likij aa Eugllsh June without 
the rsJo-clouda.' 

' Wait tili Madame la Bka comea round.' 

'Ob, Madame Ja Bise comes tgund tbä coi^ef five^rwhen. 
Sbe m like emtui — ubiquitoue. You hava her in Kogland, ooly 
yott prQLend sbe ia good for your haalth^ and youi Kiagakr 

psmcEss j^apj^ax/i^s. 

wrotß an ode to hes ; th« rest of the world i& not auch b typo- 

' Kingßlay P Ha Tvas Tom Brown , wna be not P ' 

* You are Tom Brown ! Keally, Wilieflj you know notüing of 
youT own titaratura.' 

' Well, i was uCT^r educated aa jou cl'QTer RuBacans are,' enid 
Lfidj Braccepetbf g-Dod-huiBonredly ; elie wba Bometimoa called 
Öccratea, and generaJly Wilkes by her intjmBtes. Sbfl was ttia 
Vglj meniiber ot' a aingulärly baDdaome family, and the cicknß.m>9 
liad beec giTeß to hei In tlia eehooIrOüin. But her tlglmesa waä ü 
betie ltiidev,r; her fiica waa chnrming in Jla own waj, her eyea 
weis Lnlliant, and her ßqiire wh& mB.tehleEd. Slie was an eari'a 
daughter aud an eBrl's wite, and when she put on the Branf^epeta 
diamonda and shaw«d hfirself at a Stalo bnll^ if ugly she was ma^- 
Bificert, even aa, if intellectually ignorant, ahe was a marvel of 
toct, humoiir, and dleciemmeLt. 

Her Jriand and bostass was as entinty unlike her aa an OTi;hid 
iB unltke an aloe. She waa exquieitely lovely, alike in face and 
foTin, and ae cultuied aa a botbouBa fiower. Bbe wan juat tbree- 
and-twenty yearß olA, »nd weg a woman ortbeworld to her finger 
tips. Sbe was very coAmopolitan, for tboog-b a RueaisQ by tirth 
and marria^a her mother had beeil Ftetich, ooe of her grand- 
motliera EnglLah, tha other German, and slie laad beeil edacated by 
a erowd of eoTeme^aes of many difFerent nationalitiea. All hef 
people, whetbar Eussiac, EngliJ^h, French, or Oennan, bad baen 
very great peopJe, witb ianumeraHe and unÜmpeacbable quartep- 
iags, for many ganerationa, and to that fact she owed her elender 
feet, hai tiny ears, aad her general look oi perfuct diatinction, 
She had a trangparcnt,, cnlourlesa sltin, like thypetala of a narciaaua 
m ita perfect mat whitencaai sba had orientiil eyesof abluü-biackj, 
whieb lookßd immenaely largB in bei deL'icate face, Bud "which 
cOatd bavo great inquLßLtii'enee&, penetTatiön, and aarcasm in thera^ 
tut werB usiially only lustroua and langiiid ; her mouth was moat 
admirabty ekapad, and herteeth deaerved the trite eompliment of 
the old madrigala, for they were lika pearl^ ; she had a Tery 
ethereal and dt'liciatß appearanca, but that deUcacy of mould 
eheatbad nerrea of eteel as a sillren scabbard Bhealhes a damaa^E^iiß 
blade. Slie had an icünite graca and an intricate alternatlon of 
vivacity and lan^iior which were irreaistibU. Men wäre madly ia 
love with lier, whicli Bcmi^timas diverted and aometimea bored her ', 
many peopls wero tatber afraid ol' her, and thb pl^ased her much 
more taan aoyChiag. She had & capapity for mnlice, 

She Jiow beld a sunabade above her head and Siirveyed the 
bouse, and tried tO peranade herself Jt waiS charming^ aa her friend 
bad bean öo flUTe eba would find ifi detestahle. She bad wiahed 
tctt the place with an intanaity that had almost disturhed her aleep 
for Boma weeka, and now sbe hnd got it end ahe bated it. But u 
tbay had expacted b« to do bo slis was detenninad to couquar Jiu 



hatreä anA to fincl it miicb better tfaaii ite photograiibs. Tbe tuk 
was not diiScult, tor La .TacquemoriUe, if fuU of abauzditiea and 
iDCongTuitieer was decidedly priictf-. 

Afl Bhe awUEg' harfiall* on aer rcckin^-chair and bei^un to se« 
with tho ejee of ber miod a hundred iroprovetnflat.a wbicli aha 
would tnBtftntly hava efiected wbetier tlia terms of the ooDtiact 
allowed of it or nüt, elia saw Cumüng iritliin the ran^ of her aü" 
<v<Blflted ej^icfht a large and filately gchoooer, witb caitTBa wÜte 
aa 6D0W b^Ujing in the breeze. Sbe drew od ber loDg^ laoe^ iaa.- 
coloured glore cEieerfullj, and eaid äloud: 

' Aftec all, it ib better tlian an liotel, Thera ia no noife, and 
nobody \o Btara at one. I dare ^&y we fiball ^t tbrough thre« 
montlis witbotit cutting^ cacli other'a ibroatj.' 

Ladj BrsQcepetb turued and looked out to aea, and aair tha 
Kbooner, and smiled diacreetly ; ebe suid aa discreetly ; 

'I am Bo glad, dear, you won't fret youraelf tots much about 
Ibe place ; eSXsi all, yoii aie not going to Eve in it ioi a lifetLine; 
and Ihoug'b, no doubt, it is utteily wroug, aad would give Oecar 
AVüdä a sick Leadaclie, ;et odq muat confesa it Ib preEty asd suita 
tlie :suiiBMne/ 

The trees hnd been Cut^ ao tbat opening^ ill their Twughg 
allgwed the böb tO be eeeo frOm flDypoitit oftbe leiraceF Prindoea 
Nadinö from under her eunshade watched the etAtelj jacht draw 
DCftrer and nearar over tha ehining pith of the waters, and drop 
aocbor eome balf mile ofl; tbe abore; tben she eaw s pg; lowered, 
with red-capped white-sbirtied aailora to man it, and a fipure wbicli 
aha recognistd desccnded oTor the achooner'a sidö iato tha störa of 
tbe boBt, wbich tbereupon \sh tba Tea^el, aud was pullsd etraight 
towuds La Jocguemerille. Nsither ehe nor Lady Braacepäth 
appeared to Dotice it; tbej talked chijfom, and read their newa- 
pnpexs ; but tbe long buat cama oeitrar acd Ileal^arj uatil the bebt 
of the oarfl Bourded directly under tbe walUof La .Tat;c[ineoierille, 
and tbe Towers wera too cli^ae at band to bo aoen. But the Prin- 
ceBB NadiDä beai'd the lattle of tbs oars in thß rowlocks, the afaock 
of its keel a^ainst tbs eea-ätnira belo'Ev^ whicb she couM not aea 
(ut tbö tangle of pyracaathus ond mabonia atid manj anotlier 
Evergreen alinib, covering" the epace bätween tha terrnoa and tha 
■bore; ahfi' betuTd a Step tbiit sbe knew rery well, the aound of 
which moved bsr to a alij^Lt sonsb of anticipated amussmont, and 
a Btrocßi^r aeose of approachicg wearineaa, and abo tumcd lier 
heod B IttlB, with a gracloua if iaditfersDt welcome vi her ejee^ 
u a man raa up the etnire. nt the eud of tbe terraca, aad camo 
olong tbQ marbls 0001" in tbe fiHTushioe — a youD^ manj t^U, 
fair. ELtMetic, witli a bigb^btäd look ond kandsojtie äq^uiUne 

* You havB had a vcry quick run, soralyP ' Bi^d the PrincMi 
Kapnadoe, etretcbrng out her tan glove. 

' Wall, we did all we knav^ and crammod dd eTeij Etitcb wa 

hftd/ the rew comer asHwraed, ss he liiesed ihn tip9 of the gloVtf 
■cd miirniiired in a lower tone, * "Weie jon oot here p ' 

TJj&u ha croesed Dvor to ich^nQ lÄdy Braooepeth Hat, fttld 
Ideeed hör cbf*l[ with a biother'a iBdiffBreaee. 

' Dbuf WilkeB, are yoii all ri^LtP' he Said as he took ap a 
majoUcA Btiiol snd seatet] Mm^lf betw^^n tbem. 

'TakethatbamlioochRic, Geraldins/aeked theFrinc«M. 'Th&t 
China stool doee not euit yonr long legs at all. How many lioiua 
leally hsTe you b&en coming^ from öenoa ? I am fearfully aiigry 
with you, by tbe wny ; bow could you tjike this place ? ' 

'ÄscauBö you told me,* anawered LordGeraliiina, eterinj: bdrd. 
'Wliat wttB tli6 commaud P Take itj. aoüta que eoüis, Not an 
"if"; not a "ptirb&pe"; not a "but," Wilkea, do jou Bot call 
thftt töo cruel f ' 

^ My dear Ralpb,' eaid Lady TSrancepeth, ' any womaii's ineCniiv 
tlone flhould alwajs bß conatru'ed eo libemljy thnt a marfrin ta left 
for helf at tbe eleveiith Lour to thatige her mmd. Bmt do not 
diatre.«« youpwlf. I do not think Mme. Napraxine wally difllikea 
tfae place. IC ia only herway. Wh'BD ehe has boap-ht a thing 
ahealwaye ünda a flaw io it. It ts bei babit to cnnderan eveir- 
tbing. ahe i& a peesiuiiiat Crom sh«er traut af evei bavüag bad real 

* Look et the bniiee, It speaks for iteelf^' aaid tbe Frinceaa, 
Conteniptuously. '^V'by did you HOt tel^grapb >uid say tbat Ü 
\r&g e. patcliwofk of every known order of architecture P I woold 
bare told you to break offne^otiatioiia.' 

' But 3'ou had aeen tle photOj^aplia,' 

' PbotogTRpbs 1 Would you kiiow your own motlier from a 
photoprapb if you bad not been told btäforeband wboepi it wm ? ' 

* I am BD aorry,' muimured Gexaldioe, aa be turned round taiA 
gazed ftt the pITending building. 'It ia a pretty place, surelyP 
not dAasical or seyera, certainly ; tut ebeery and pictuMsque. I 
loo^^ all Orer it cnn,ac!ieQtiouBly, I fpv& you my word, and it ia 
lealJy in very good taeta Lnsida ; much bctt^ tbaa ooe could baye 
loped for in a maüim tnevhlie' 

' Oh, it ia WilkaF, not 1, who finde it eo irretrieTably bad,' eaid 
the Princess Napraiinö, withtrfttiqailmendttcity ; 'butifit ba too 
"bad ohb can alwaya go to an botel, only in no hotel ooe can uever 
sleep at night for iba omnibusear and the banging' of other peo- 
ple"« lu^gage, and if I do not fjeep I can do notbing. Her» I 
ahould fancy it ia perfectly quie^tf 

' Qiiiet as t^9 igrave, unlesa the aaa i& bowling. But Monte 
Carlo iä jiiBt behiad that cHff tbere ; witb fast borsea you cu 
dlive OTer in twenty-äi minutea — I timed it by nay wut-Ca. Tou 
can have a score of pei^pla to dinner every eteuiDg if you like.' 

Tbe Frinceas raised ber eyebrowe with a gef^tiif» sigoifyirig 
tliat this proepect was not one of unmitigated happineeB; apd 
Lady Biancepetb, oUeging that the eun wai ratber too warm fot 


I»r north-coBiibTi' boTi«, w&nt awBjr inwi tlm ho«fto, Twing of 
opinion fhat three waa nocomp&ny; her broiber drßw liia bam- 
boo chair nearer bis hoateeci, snd took the t&ci f^lave with the wriat 
it incloBed in a tender grasp. 

' So you do not like the pocir place P I wn truly (rrieTed I ' 

She draw ter bfiad awaj so dezterously that she laft tbo loose 
«mptv glove in hie üng^r», luiil he lootied ioolish. 

'No; I thoug-bt of gulnÄ- away tfl-morrpw,' elie continued, 
withont any regard t« hifl dejection ; ' I do not like pnJni^ thftt 
h&ve tbe tootbachsr and ntarl^le pillai*» that hnve mämud wooiluii 
balconiee. But your eistar, who alwÄTS oppfMea nie, is so cwrttiin 
I ahaU go that it is very probable I eball stop.' 

'AdmiraWe feminina logic t No doubt the poor hniise ia 
utteriy wroTip, thoiigh it baa been the desire of eTsrybodv du tSia 
Riviera ever ainpe it -Wtt» hiiilt. I feit nura you tvoijUI havß been 
more conafortäblä in a pood bntsl at Nice, and if I liad venturad 
to ToIuDteer an opirion, 1 dfaould bsTe said so. WiUc^a ia quite 
right i you -will be bored to deftth ber&.' 

* 3be i» quit« wroiifr; eha does not llhs tbe placß be^^lf/ eatd 
J^^l^cesa Napraiiiie, witb decLdon, wbilu alie took baclt ber glove 
peretoptorily. ' I do — nt least in a wsy, Tba oranges look 
jauodice'd, fttid tlie pnlms rhamnatic, but thosa nre tritics, Tbey 
do flfty it hfLiIed yeBt*frday, and tlia water in the waehing-baHÜn iq, 
tbö enti.'pi ixt was froEeD last iiig-ht fle we tFimö blto VBntimJg'lia j 
but I eaw a Bcorpion on tbe wall tliin luominp;, and heard k 
ucsquito, BO I am convinced it ia tbe eirtiitb of tlie prmtfi, and am 
nrapared for any quantity of proper impressiona, only they ara 
■low in cominp lo me ; it ia ao excsHsively like tbe trimea, terriics 
and all. Should oot yon go in and eee if Flatoü be awiikö r" ' 

' I am coüTioced he La a^lwp. It \% not quite one o'clockr &nd 
yöa flrrived in tha night, didu't you ? ' 

' Yw ; but be will get up, becauRa Is will want to be off tu 
Monte Oarlo. He will fipend biö lifo there and PPTid over el- 
ppedses öv«y böur lat fresh roideavii, When he ia near a ^amiDg- 
table he is so hsppy,' 

* Enviftble f&pulty t ' 

' It JB my faculty ton. Rut I tcy against it } be doesn't. M«ti 
DTEsr try to reHiöt am'thini*.' 

Geraldine murmured worde to tbö efi'&ct thnt bis Life was one 
Idb^ compuleory reelBtancB;, &i>-d bis eyes complBt«d the uncomr 
plete Betit«t)CM. 

' Don't talk nonMnee,' Said bis bo«tesB, * You know I do do* 
like FTurdri jawT ; sod an Erg-üshtran alwRys looks &n clumsy whm 
h« ia njaking them. Make me a cigarette inatead.' 

* Alwftvs crqel 1 ' murnmrvd bar companionj obedjently rcdllA^ 
op Turkieb tobficpo, 

'AlwavB kiüd,' Bftid the Princesa. ' PeopTe who nre kmd to 
meti acd i^hUdren □«ver «poil t^kem. Wbare will your ecbMoner 


AtayP The« is üo docTf, or qu&y, or whate-per you cäU U, hen 
ThfliBe places alw»ja ouwht to have ona of tüeii owb.' 

' ilow can tbäy when the rocke gxi sheei down into deep wstar P 
No, I niust keep her off VillefrancLe or Mon&co. She can be 
roiiDd in half an hour — at your diepasition, of couiae, like her 

' If ßlia be not more manrngeable tban ber owner ' 

' Oh, N&ditie I Whea I oqIj Uro to obey youi otden, and 
nareT even receiro a sciile in retucii t ' 

* Ah, if jou want reward thero i$ no longer apy meritt And 
do not call mB by my name ja Üiit inHimer^ yoa will dp it MJiae 
day tefore Pkton-' 

* He doean't mind,' 

' No, of cöutM be doee not nünd ; tat I do^ -whicli is raora to 
Üio parpoae.' 

* Yoü arö Tery uckiad to-day, princesa, Thia unlappy 
JacquomerÜla t it is griavoue tbat you dont like it j the gardöna 
are rtjally pretty, and the view is süperb.' 

'You talk Üke an auctioneerr gü and find the gardenar and 
teil him ta uctia those palms.' 
' Praj don^t send me away yet.' 

* la tbttt wtttt you call your docility P ' 
nie tiaad stole towards lier^i egain« 

'Do teil me, prmcess," bg murmured timldly^ * You will atay 
now tbat jou wie her«, will you not ? ' 

' How cao I ttEswöF för thö duration of my fimdes P Perbapa 
1 mav, if you amuse me well enougli.' 

' I would TBtker iatarefit you/ 

' Ah, my frisnd, that is quite impoBsible. Eren to ba amufl«d 
is hard enou^h, wbeü one ta cot in the humour. When ooe is in 
the humour, it ia evea fun to go out fiabing ; when one is not, one 
ia dull even at a maakcd ball at Fetersbu^. We ara like the 
cuttifl-fiah, WD maks oui s;;jberB maddy with our own dulness. 
Ilow would you Bu^'g^t tbat I should find any iDtcrest hera P 
Tbere will 1» no society except eome gouty etatäsmeu and sonie 
Bickly TOomenj 9 faw yttchtaraen, » pigeon-^liooter or two, and 
quaatitiöa of people one cdanot kaow. 

' Therei will ba h^aps qf pegple wbo know you,' enid Geialdine, 
almast with ä ^oao ; *&.t least, if jou dßigQ to aUow them the 
ct),tr&6 of La Jaoaneciärillä. If I might pregiuDQ to advise, tho 
plflce ia all to itaelf, they cannot come if you do Dot IdvIlb tbem, 
It ia aa naarty Biniple nature hers aa b mojtiiaine and an HSgania 
like you can ever bring hereelf to go. You bare the sea at your 
faet and the mounUdos at your back ; you can liave absolute re- 
fose and leieure unless you wilfuUy bring a horde of men and 
Tiromen froin I^ice and JJongco, You are so clarer;, you might 
mako audtess sketcbaa. If I were joUj, I ghould rnnko it tbe occa- 
»<m to get Bway üom the world e Uttle j if the World you miiafi 

hftTe, i «hüiild talia it in the ATenue JosspHofl insteod of Et Ia 


Tbe FcincaES laug-b«d lao^dly, and loolied st her cigarstt«. 

* You woDt s BoliCude ä drur, I daje saj [ But you sea tbere 
ire PlatoD and Wilkes Bgainst tkatj not to mentlon mj own 

'Prujj be eerioue/ 

' "Why ? V^h^R gna 19 in tlie möod to be oetloüä, quq doefl n^t 
take & Doudescript toy within fiTä miles of Nke. I dnre efty you 
am right; a quiet life for a iitüa wbile woüld be very wholesome, 
it woüld certainlj be a noTelry, bat it would be beyond me. I 
am not a stupid womSin, I am not a eilly woman certainly; nn, I 
am quite conrincM I Lars a brain, thougb as for a aoul, I don^t 
know, and I am afraid I don't vercy mucb care. A braio, liow- 
evBT, 1 liBTB ; Wilkea is e\ea imkiad enoug;b to call ma Isümed. 
But etill, my dear Ralph, I am, as you obeerved, tbat much- 
abuaed ftDimal, a m:>ndaine. WLcn oactä we belong to tbo world 
can we ever ^otiid ol' the world? Jamm's! av ^rand Jamait I 1/ 
we toy to diiak spring ■water, we put it somebow or otlier in a 
li^oeur glas^. If we smell at a hedge-rosGi ggmeliow Qt otLur 
PiTer has got in it tefore ua, and given it the scent of a Buchet/ 

' You arg yery rntty, but ' 

' I don't carö in tlia leßat for " buta," and I baTenö pretenflioiiB 
towit; I leave wit and wbiat to the dowagere, No? wWu we 
are once of the ■world worldly, -we never get rid of tba world afrain, 
It ifl oiir old man of tbe &ea pickaback with ua for everP \Vbo 
can kad a meditatiTe Ufa tbat dmi<s twice a day, aa we all prac- 
tically döj and eats of twenly aeiviceaf WLeu we prattla about 
nature, and quote Matthew Arnold, we are aa. aitißdal aa tba rlb- 
Twned ehepberdeases af Tnanon^ and -wbftt we call our higb art m 
only juBt anotliar aort gf Jargon. Suppoee I followed yguT renipa 
and tried ÜTlnjiiuletly bcre,wbich meana aßliing-nobodytodiDner, 
what would tappen ? Wilkea would go aw&y, Piaton would 
mlk or do woree, and you and I ebould yawniu each other'a facse. 
It is not tbat I bare nö braio, I bavt^ sTen a scul — if anybody haa 
— but I b^an tba otlier way, you Imow. It ia like takiu^ chfoTol ^ 
if once you do it you cannot leave oJT. Society is entirely lilte 
cbloral ; it g-i^es you pIaa?s.Dt titiUatiena at titst and just tbe same 
mome depresaion aftenvards, and jet you cannot do without it.' 

' I bope you do witbout cbloral ; wait aaotbsr twenty yeara 
at any rat« before you poison yourself,' 

'Twentyyears! Iwonder whatwo Bh^llbelilrebytben? Idare 
tay I f^haÜ pa an incutablö ], is.nd ynu will bave 
WTßral tall boja at Eton. Peibaj-ia vour aon will be falling in Ioto 
witb my daugliter, aod you and 1 ehall be quarrelUng about the 

* Nadine r 

He dr<ew bia cbair reiy n«ar indeGdj and lool^ed Bträig'Ut into 




'That U all noTiBeii&ej,ynu ktiow.'ilie faid.with a littleaffectftd 
uperitjj, but she smiled eveo if ahe feit more mc!in€id ta yawn. 
At tb&t mOTnent thare isaued fram one of the mainy f^tusa doora 
nf the DODdeacript houeä her huäband, Pktan N^icbolainteli 

' Mj dcax Ratpli, 1 am rerj glad to see jou,' he sdid cordially, 
in the tongue of Uie "bouluTards, ■wliJcb ererf giantly iiom Ruasiaa 
hB8 takfln fia Hig own, ' You came rquod in yocr *' tqb/' ßs yoa 
ßall herP You hava foimd the FrincüfiB diaantiBfiBd urith tlie 
hoüse ? She ie alwaye diKatlsfied with everjthiöjr, alasl Thö 
houae ie wall enouph ; tba batliröoms are sisaJl, and there in do 
bilÜard-room ; buc otlierwise I ^a^ no dafect. BreakTaat ia walfe- 
inX aud Lndy Binncepeth aleo. Will ycu come P ' 

Hie wife roae Inngaidly, and takln}? the arm af Lord Geraldine, 
drew her ekirta of üidja inuBlin, Fleiniflh lace, and primroBö aatin 
nver tba marblä paväment of tite terrane to tbs bouae. Princa 
Napraxine atond a mncnent wich hia cigar in bis mouth, looHdnif 
south aod eiLSt over tbe i^parikliuj^'- ivs, tJien, wiib bia handa in bis 
pockets, eauntiored also townriJä the house, 

rie wan. ii lall, loosely-built m»A\, with an uply and frankly 
Kalmucli face, redeem^d hy an eipreaaion of extreme good 
humour ; he was abaut tblrly yeacB of age, and had tba air of a 
perttOti wbo bEid olWAya dona ivkat he cbn^a, and bad always been 
ohäy*d wbeu be spöfee ; but tbia air ehangfd curiouely vhenaTer 
he looked at hia wife; he had tben tbe timid and almoat auppli- 
catiog expreseioti of a big dog-, auxioua to pleaee, but afraid to 

' Let US gt) and eat Milo's r&d mulleta/ ahe aaid qow. 

'Milof Is that tJie coakf Dan he dti a ^cutrV/^oÜM, 1 
■woDderP' he replied. 

Their cA^/had been taken ill, aa thi^ traia bad toucbed Bordi- 
ghera, and their apert h»d bai^lUy eupplied bii place eo f ar aa it is 
ever poasibla to Qupply that of a ^Teat and almo^ perfect cTeatara 
expeneUced Lq all tbe p^uUaritiee änd caprlc«ä in taatti of tbuse 
to wbom hjfl art ia eoaeecruted. 

Tka Priac&s& took no ntitjce rvf bw lord's bluDder ; indöed^ ahö 
s^ldaiQ anawered hjg remarks at bUt time 5 ehe drew her primrofia 
eatin and eoft mualiti over tka fflll of thö Francb window, and 
seatcd lierself at ao otal Tablä, fi'ay witb fine cbinn, with üowers 
and fruit, and with a Venice point Ircb border to ita tabb clutli» 
wbich was atrewn with Farma violeta and the petala of orange- 
blosMiiM, Sbtj had Geraldine im her riirht hacd and her back to 
Üie lig"ht. She had bd eripiue hß^ boldiii[r a silver (flobe of wann 
Wttter for her fee<t, and a. cbair th,ät w^aa the perfection of eAea. 
Tbe diaing-room waa einall, but Vöfy pHjtty, with g^nnie and 
aütumn flow«^ paintod üd itd paneli, and ahuttaria, with hangiß^ 



t/l olive v&lTfit ACid cömicea df dpftd gold, äad tm the cäiling % 
boDting ecena of FontaiDebleaa h la Henri IV. 

Sbid began to tkink seTiDusly iKat &Ftär all Lfi Jacquemerilla 
would do very -well for the winter. It wita utterly absurd, to be 
Bure, outaide, but it was comfortabia within ; and, indeed, had 
coasideisUfl taste displajed in it, the American baTing wieely 
miatrusted hiis owg tendeDciöS aod Iflft tlis wbolü arrangemaDt to 
Freach artieta, who had lobbed him rutlblesaljrj'butwlio bad mada 
euch of hi* apartmeut« ae perfect in ite way as a Karl Theodor 

' I tliii]]; T sh&ll bay it/ eäid tlie Frincesa to her companiooB ; 
indifferent to her own ioconsistandes. 

' Wait ft little,' sflid Lady Brancepeth. Töu't luah from 
hatred to adoration. Tbere may be all sort« of thingg the mAtter 
with the dnina. Tba ecUorifö-M may be -WTong. Ths ceLlats 
amy be danip. The windowe niay rattle. Thö JnWilie^na may h* 
too far OT too near. At the end of the winter you will know all 
itB defect« and all ita Tirtues. Houius are like frieudühipa, tbere ii 
hardly one in a tbousand worth a long iease.' 

' "VVilkea la alwaya c^iiical,' said h'or broth'Sr. 

* Aad aoljody ie a etauncber friend/ ätiid thtj Priaceas. ' Whj 
will ehe roate berself out & cytiic ? ' 

* A. cynic P Becauee I ftm prudentP ' said Lady Brancepeth, 
* If ygu aigh all the wioter beCaiise the housB ia oot yourg. you. will 
^ajoj it. If yciii buy it you will discovär that it m umDhabitahle 

At ODCe.' 

' Nadine ia neTer long" pleaaed,' aaid her husbarid. 

*What doflfl Matthew Arnold fiayP' anawered the Frincesa,. 
'that the poet la reviür bnppy, becaiiBs in nature he w&nis the 
World, and in the world ha loags for nature. Now, I am not ■. 
poet, but etil] I aim a little like tbat. What yoo. ais pleAsed to 
call my diacontect ia a certAiu restless aesaatjoa tbat our life^ 
which we thjalt the ouly life — ie b very ridjciUoua one ; and yet 1 
Km ijuite incnpalile of Iqüding any other — for naore than a week, 
I cetaeiQhsr, Gerddlno, th&t you feioaiked oace that it wa« ihU 
fool ofa World which mahea foola of iia all. The« waa a profound 
truth in tha not Tery eleg'nut speecb.' 

* I don't W-iQömber eayiüj^ k j but it la cairtaialy true. Wei 
ffTOw up in the world aa a Chinese child gröwß up in the JMf 
which ia to luake a dwarf of him. The jar checke out develop* 
inent malgri noua. We cannot be giante, if wb would.' 

' I am nvLK it would not suit you to ba a iiiant, Ralph,' aaid 
hia aiäter, ' You would cever lik« to reltiBBQ diatra&sed ditmneU 
ftnd sl&j difiagTdeäble drafcons, Tba uttsimost you would ever do 
to the Tery big^est draj^u would be to turn au epi^am. on hi» 
odd appearance. QiantB are alwaye vary buay people, and. you »r* 
•Olozy- ' 

* Thit it tbi fftiUt of the jar,' äsid Gemldiüe. 

Fxmcsss iTAPnAxmE, 

'BoQifl people l^rQak <be jitrarct get out of it/ Baid li'u sifiter. 

*No, nobouj doea/ siiid tlie PrmccaB NapriixiDe, * You nufl^ 
takä ther«, Wilkaa. The WDild ii with ufi alwaje, and wa cannot 
get rid of it.' 

The frank eysQ of Qemldine coDvoyed to her eloquonUy his 
CODTiction tUnt thg dincgutant f)\\& spoke of wiia Bo!ely due lö hef 
d9t<3rtpii)ßd b&ciähiD&iit üf qüs sentimeDt out af bar Ufa. Sh6 g'&VB 
him Fia BDigmatical little fimilö ol" comprehenaion aud difll>alisf 
Combined, and continncd to unroll her ptiloeopbieä — or what did 
duty as 6uch. 

' Do you not know the fcind of feeling I miean P When we üts 
ftmonsj tlie orchida in the iConservB.torieH we want to gv> and gather 
damp primrcfies. Dj jou not mmember tbat queeo wlio, when äks 
Heärd the ppeipfi abging- under ttec Windows, all Ld a moment 
longed to go with tUem P Tbere ja aometlilng of tlie gipsy ia 
everybody — in everyVjdy ■who bna a eoul« Tha time coraea vhalt 
one ifi tired of tba trumpery aiid folly of it all — tbe wicked ^i.- 
penditure, tbe dense eelbabnesa aad indiiTerencej the ptsople tJiat 
call tbemselvea läfiders of good taste, and jet Vikafoiegras and th6 
C^ncQWV hippique and S^iimmü and Lonärha^ äUd tha attuoäph^rs 
of Paria theatrea.' 

' laterestirR', tut diacursive/ murmured Lft3y Brancapeth. 
' Primrosai! — gipsies — & eoul — I do not sea tha conncctioii.' 

'You knowwbat Imean,' said b>&r hostesa, whoalwayaexpäcfed 
to la understood. ' Our lit'i» ia silly, it ü tiresome, it is entirely 
Belfiöh, it iä eveB, in a -wny, moiistrous ; and yet wu cannot Ilt« 
any otker. We are doDuioäted by tb« Frankecatein of pleasurs 
vbick w& tave been pleasöd to create. VVben we wiaL to get 
Bway we cannot 5 -we are Uke tlie queea at tha palace wjndowe— 
we wQiiLd fEiiii gD to tlje greenwood, and the brook, and tbe fraeU 
windäj Ijut we cannot, beca.iise v/^ are fastanod in our gilded ciiaif ; 
there ia alwaja our bouäehold to shut tbe window and send th» 
gipeiea away. Do we aver gel lid of the liouaehold, of tbe tfalerüf 
of the routme, of tba infinita eiinuiP I am only twenty-thra«. 
jeare old, aa yoa all kaow, and I fael aa if I had livad fifty yearSi 
Wiij P BecauÄe it ia all OTw-full, tireeome, kigti-presBure ; and 
the worst of it ia that I could lead co other life if I tried I ' 

*I am not sure of that,' eaid Lndy Brancepeth. * Maria 
Antoinette would ueTcr have b&lieved that aha could mend clpthe» 
and däm ätocking» had not the diiys of darknesa comet In tho9B 
daya it was just tbe daintj pgrfumed mvinanncs like you, my dear, 
who wera tbö braTMt and liaudieet in bearing tbeir troubleä äu4 
earning ibeir brcad,' 

* One PBTer kaows tili 0116 (B tried,' ßaid Princi^sB Nadine. * If ', 
they Would begin to giuIEotina ua I dare aay we shoiild know boW ' 
to behava i dynaniita dtneau't da tauch for os, When ono güM 
inCo the air witbout warning lo UtÜe ibits, in comp:;ny with tha 
plaater of tbe ceiliug, 01 tha skin of tlie carriage boraes, or the 


vtufüng of the rsilwair curiage, theis U cot mueh room Ibr 

* I Bjq not stJre ihere u po heroigm/ said Geraldine. 'Tb* 

(KFtointj of tlia g'iiillotitlB meist faava beeQ muüh eftaler to tiear 
th&D the uncertttinty in wlüch jou all dweäJ in Rtissia — the per- 
petua) epactre alwaya behiad yo«r chaira^ besida your piUowB, 

tinder tlie ropea in your pardena * 

' Oh, my dear Geraldine, ia not death wUb ua alwaya avery- 
wliare P May we not tili ourselTBa every moment ive wnik dawc- 
Btaire, or eat a. mullet liks thia, or Etart on a jntimey, or read a 
"book by n aif^ht-iampp You all wooder how KtisBiana con exiat 
^vitb Msaäsiu&tion iUwp.y!j keeping; etep witb tbem, but in realiij in 
it 80 much warse thaa iha way in -n-liicli aH liumiimty lovea Bod 
laug^ha^ and toila and moLlB, and makea leaaes for uiu^ty-nine jeatB, 

tod coütractä foreign loana for psymeut m a Century» witb de&th 
Iisneing over tbg -w hole tliiiig ready to awoop down at any mipute ? 
If t£ß World realised it of course it would go mad em fitasae, but It 
ioe&n't tenlise it thoiigli hundreda of pteople diö every second.' 

' Did Nadine evcr teil you what eba did Inst year P ' anid Prince 
Napraxme, ' Sbe saw by claance a qiieer-lookin^ can whicb had 
tuen placäd by aome of thoee mi^reants in a nicbe of the f^arden 
wall of our liouB© in Petörsbur^; Uie tliing boked auspiciouB to 
her, and it kad a coli of tubing attBx:bcd to it. Sba took iLä whoU 
aÜMr uQ and dropped it iato the foiiotain. Sbe forgot tu mentjon 
it tili tue neit raorning^, TUtn when ws fisTied ii out, and the 
chemlatH reported on it, it appeared tlip-t tbo can was really full of 
bitrO-glyCeriaa fl§ ehe had isDcied, I tbiok that was quite Ai 
COürat^eous as going to the gtiillotine.' 

* Oh, no, my dear Piaton I ' eaid hia wirej with eome annoyanca. 
' NotbiDg you no tima to think about ie really couTageoua. 
The cati was suspidüus and tbs children were pLiying- near it, so 
I tbougfit the fouatain wa& the aafeat place ; it miffAt havö heen 
ooly miik, you know. Pray do uct let us attempt to competd 
wiüj thoeo people of '89. We eliall fail dipBOftHy.' 

Geraldine Igok^ up witk 9 i^tartled ajiprc^benmaQ In hifi ey^. 

* Qood heaveoa, do yau meau itr' ii>ia ehe actually h^n — 
been— iD &ndi awful dauget as that, and uever told me f 

' We were &U in the saine dan^er,' eaid Prtnce NaprasSne, n 
UtÜ«' drily ; ' tut the Pricceas alone bad thfl 6pöM räle out of it.' 

* Wbo put tba can tliera ? ' 

* Oh, how eliould I krow. The police neTer traeed it. I do 
not Buppoea it was any apäcial design agaiiist ur as indiTidimle ; 
onJy as itema of a detested -whole. And two of tlia Grund Duktus 
were coming' to breakfaat wiüi ua that day.' 

* VVhnt a fuea ahcut au ugiy little tin cant^ said bis wife. 
•Tbe reaUy courageoua peraon aiiist bayo been the peraon wbo 
brought it thcra; miiguided, perbapa, but certaialy courageou«, 
To drive through a city ia a droacbliy aoibcacisg certain aonibilar 



tioQ, ut tbe form of u litUe tia pot bald dq your ka«B, {b a coic* 
binatjfiu of alwüluw awiiilm^^ aad grutesque bathoe, wliioh muat 
tff aJl oii^'b Dervea \ritliaut an^ compenaalififf eense oF ^Ttlldeur 
in it. A j>^]t lif the wlie&l Ovat & stOoa and awaj you fly itito 
tbe alr, a blurrt-d nothiu^ in a fitreaioi of bltiod and dußtl 
No I I reepect tbe Nliiilißt« wben X tliloJc ot &U they rlak for 
& punly ADStract idea wlthout nti^ aort of personal hope at 

* They Iätö hatred/ aaid Lady Braucepeth ; ' I tliink you fo> 
get what ao invig-oradiig', solf-austaiiiiii}^, aLI[-ct)mpeo,8aüng ieuti- 
inent thBt iß. Itfl. ecftlBsy is ita own fewEuri. You anderr»te, too, 
the immQus» fascüiatioii of tha power to de^troy ^ on K ffritf with 
tbat ntftae of holdi^g tbä annildlntiäD of a erhole Community 
in their hands. ^Vbat tnode Eba Romaa EmperorA mad— the uiw 
Umited power of deetruction^-Daw intoTlcates tibe mticbamo or the 
derk -wbo has tbe ta^k af plantitig a can of nitTo-glycerme. When 
itateaman^ and evän pbüosophei«, theome abont human nature 
and all its disordere, thej never giva waigbt anough to the tre- 
uendouA attraction wbich pure destTuction atone sxerciau orer u 
man; minda.' 

' But they have love, too ; loTe of the poor and of a lofty ideal,* 
BÜd the Princess. ' Mjeelf, I foTD-iTe the'it littla tin cans, thou){h 
tbey ars eitremgly unpleasant, waen I tbini of tbair Lmp^rsonal 
daVoüon, AÜ I Tvi^h iia, tbat tkeir warfare WB£ not couducted liy 
tln cane; tbe thing haa a, ludioroug, comical, vulgär fiida; doatJi 
dropped in a little box labelled " Oloas, with care " 1 Xhere is nO 
digmty in it, na giAce. Fallida Mor^i abould not croüch ubdßF ft 
cab-ciiabioD I ' 

'How can you make a jeBt ' began Prinee Napraxine. 

8he interruptad bim : 

' I am Dut in ttie leaat j^sticg, I am entirely in BUnest. I da 
not liliB büLQ^ muds war od. by ch'Smiets ; 1 da not like annihilation 
left m a paper parcd ; it makos oce feel abaurd, fata mmiaa triAing 
with one, A Jacquerie hewiag at one with their acythea one 
would know what to do with, tut who can eitract any Sopho- 
cleaü tragedy from a Thanatufi tbat loobs exRCtly like a hoj of 
oardiuea orapotof/öiffyrö*? It is tiot tbewartbat I object to,iil 
is tha form it taliea; and our great, grim^ gbostly KigauB eiioull | 
eTOlve out of her eOul of ice eamstbing mucb TPore in conaonsnti^ 
with heT. Beside tha burning of Möacow, tbe Uttlö lin cana and 
the burrowin^ like motea uDderground are commonplace and ■ 
little vulgär. Kuasia is so awful in berealf. One tbinks of tha 
frozeo World of th^ Inferno, and Dante and Virpil Walking In the 
■pectraj süäuce ; and theo, nfter nll, in bard fact tbere h nothun; 
mit tbö polioe, and the drunkan moujik, asd tbe man who carrtes 
bia DitxoK^lycerine as a baker'fi boy caFriaa hi« rolk of hreäd t It 
it batboB/ 

*One ncTei knows what yaa mean, Nadine,' munnured b^r 


bu5)band. ' If jou telk so i-t Ptsteräburg thaj will Ütmk you ara 
k Nihilist Bt heftrt,' 

* I imag-ine half the nohletes are/ SRid the Frincaaa. ' Tha 
noblMM havs alway^ dug* tbeir owa i^EkTes before all revolutiona 
BFerTwheie. They call it *'' going with the timee." They did it 
in. France, they ars now daing' it in £i]^lnnd, they ftre aoiii|( it 
(more secretly) in Ru^eia. No ona «boiild foreake their ojder; it 
jt & idnd of desertion, Ulie tliac of a fioldio? who rung a'way betöre 
the enemy. Tliat is why I like tha party obedi>eDca of yöur 
couEtry, Wilkea j it ia entirely unintelligent and profomidly im- 
monl; to a gensr&lly intellactual nation it wouM bd impoasible,» 
bat it U loyal, I think whf^n oud liaa to choose b«tween a criiDe 
EDd a dialayalty ane mast take tha crime eus ths Isssei evil of the 

'Voting for party is a crime verj often," Bald Geraldine. 'It 
ia one of the many things oa to which I have never made up mr 
mind. Ought oae to sacrificö the coiintry to what one belLevea a 
"häd meaHiirö for the äheex aake of keepiog ocb'b party io olGicef' 
Sure^ not." 

' You eolveyour doubto bj havin.^ do party, sud never gQJJtg 
inta the IvOida,' 

' At laast 1 'Can da Ho miacU^r' 

' Are you ßertain uf thnt P ' s*.id hia siatef. ' I think you plftM 
TOtin(;C for party ob tno lo* a plane. If wa belieTe, generally, that 
ona party — say it ib ConBervatlve, aay it te LibefiL — -is receeaary tn 
the prea^rratioQ ar the progrudB of tbe nation, then I think we aie 
boiuid to do OUT best to keap it at ihn beim of tha vassal of the 
nRtioD, even if in ceitaln mmor matbars we are DOt Eilways in 
occord "wltU the coiirae it takea/ 

* AdmiraHy reasoued ; büt are not politiciana alwaja as ^;reat 
ktpMats aa priesta ? ' 

'SopblstS 1 ßlwAjB tfaat Crue] Charge/ eiiid a mellow and ta&nly 
Toice, BS there eotered the dLoiug-Toom a pePöOD of handsome and 
atately presence, io a picturesque coetume, with knäe fare&chea and 
buckled shoes, wbom tbä aervant announced aa Maneignoru M^l- 
Tille. He was walcomed by all witb conüalitj and delight, juid 
the Princsflfl bade bim draw bis chair beaide her, thougL he alleged 
that he hsd breakfaated. 

'I cam« to 5ea tf yoii had amved/ he Bald, aa he seat«d bim- 
aelf. ' Piinceaa, I hope La Jacquemarilla ia fortunate enougb to 
plemse you P ' 

' I have been »iiiwing it ; it is a very ridicuJoiw bouse, but it 
gTOWfi upOc ane; and if you will come often öQOHgb, Mongiffnore 
— - No, I never maka complimenta, You know you are a 
delightful cdinpaLioD, aud of bow moüy people can ona aa« 

Monägnore MaWille bowsd low. 

'You ara too tiuchaiitiogly Mzid. But all are not ao kind. 


Lord Geraldine wu accoäiig priests of sophism. What vu bt 

* He was Bayiiig that poliüciaiia are the BOphists, and Wilkei 
the bead of them.' 

'Because I defended "Totinf? atraight,'" süd Lady ü&ranee- 
peth. ' Is it not the veiy root aad essence of ED^Iish constito 
tional life P Monsignore Melville, who is an Eagbahman, will, I 
am sure, saj 6o.' 

< To Berve the Church is only a superior kind of voting witb 
party,' Said Qeraldine. 

' Do not be profane, Balph,' eaid hie nster. ' It does not miit 
you, Yoa were created wtth a reverential natura, and jou have 
endeavoored to ruin it, as most men alwaya do try to destroy what 
ia best in them. Monsignore. answer me, ia it not the rngbeit 
morality to vota straight F ' 

'That is a Tery unlJxnited laudation, Lady Brancepeth,' t»> 
tnmed Melville, witb a cbarming smile. ' I ebonld be acarcely 
prepared to go so far, though I am aware that tbere ia no aalration 
outside such morality in the poUtical creed of cur country.* 

' Ecciesittstica hare no country, my dear Monsignore, sidd the 
Friaces8 Naprazine, ' except a beaveuly one. "^ hat a comfort 
tiiat must be I Piaton is alwaya being worried to retum to the 
mat^ patria, and hia conacience is so pecuUarly constituted that 
it will neTer allow bim to admit how intenaely he bates it. Aa if 
life were not tireaome enough in itself, without ereryone being 
burdened with the Obligation to like, or pretend that they like, 
their country, their relatives, their children, and their cburch 1— — 

Napraxine looked diatreased : 

' You have liked Russia, too, sometimes/ he said wiatfiiUy ; 
' and poor little Sachs and Mitz I ' 

Hia wife caat upon bim a glance of aoTereign disdain : ' Tbere 
are only two thin^ Z Uke in Rusräa, they aie ue ateppea and the 
wolves : that limitless ezpanse, atretching away to the dim grey 
ahy on erery aide, and the sigbt of a pack of the gaunt grey beaats 
on the anow as one'a sledge fliea by ; those two thinga g^re one a 
Sensation wbich one doea not get elwwhere. But it is monotonoua, 
it aoon ceases to move one : tbe wolrea never attack, and the 
great, awful, white piain never leada to anything bettet than the 

Cng^houae, the samavär, and the Todki, imd the group of 
ken coachmen.' 

* The human intereat, in a word,' suggested MelviUe. 
Madame Napraxine smiied : 

' Ah I my dear Monsignore, tbe human intereat ia quite aa duU 
•a the steppe and quite aa raveuoua as the wolf I How delightful 
it must be to be a prieat to see all that raw matenal throueh rose- 

'May not the intereat be in anbduing the wolfP' marmnred 
Mfilville. ' And eren the steppe^ ander Üie foetering toncb of 


M«7 d6W9 and June ^unliglit, will put forth bloBsom«. b tli^re na 
allegorj tliara that Madame Napraxine will deij^ to accept.^' 

' Tou always aaj pretty tbiuj^a, in tli9 pujpit or out of it,* sha 
repUed ; ' byt jou cawiot leud me your rose-g^lasaes to aea täiem 
tlüoughj ao 1 feai" they do not couYiuce me. Tbo aatroQomsra 
Vfhfy arö uow busy Beeiil|; CAti&la in tliQ planet Mars, wouM eoQ 
notbLög if thöy bad not ttßir gbwses ; dö mara would you, You 
B6e a Soul in a dninken ^i^f^nii^ ; th&i is «^uite äs afltouishiDg, and 
prolmbly quite as imnginarr, aa tlia cet^oTk of canals m Mat9. 
Will yoa reaüy eat uotliing', Monfiignora? Let ua go out and eit 
nuder that awahij^ tbere ^ a bath of eunsbine alwitys doea ona 
good, and you n«ed not grudge yourself a half hour of Ibisuts. I 
öftve BP doubt you hava been paaamg tha forenoon aomewhera 
witti cholera of typlius, or flqma otber plogua of tUiS saiJtaJy 
Century. You knöw, Ger&Idine, that L-f Mousignores way. Ha 
13 S. Francis Xavier all tbg morpitig, and tlieu tura& bimBelf inaida 
out and becomas an Abb^ ffolant for aocioty.' 

' I bavB not beeil to anytbiflg- typhoid or choleimc tMa mom- 
ing, or I flboyld not be bere to endnoger your loTfiliuess^ Princesa,' 
mswared Melvills. ' I have heen wbere Poverty la — alaa I whera 
ü flbe not? — and in our day tboae -bIlo wed witb ber regard it ob 
ik forced marria^ft, wboUy joylaaa ; and we canaot perauade thetn 
tbat ibere may be ^acioasDesa wbero abe dwella if only cleanliness 
Bad content will eit dowu with ber.' 

' OH, MonsifiTtore, it ia not only poyerty tbat flCarea content, I 
can aäsuFB you/ äaid Maditma NKpi'axine. 

' If you be not ßontent, wbo sboiüd beP ' murraurad Melville. 
'With evöTy possible pift of natura, culture, fate, and fortuna 
abowered upon you, why will y^oii alwaya persuade youra<:»lf, 
Frince^ tbat yom doubled rose-kaf mar& ererything ? I do not 
beliuTe tbe roae-leaf ßvcn esisU I ' 

' I am not eure tbat it doea, elther,' replied Jladfinie Naprftiine ; 
* but I Dever remember to bavo ielt contetited in my life. Ia con- 
tent an intollectual quality p I donbt it. Pörbaps it ia Tiitue ; 
I diBÜke virtuea.' 

Melville was a ^cerelypioHBCbnjcbmBn, but btsü be did not 
dare to talse up tbe cndgels. in hoboiir of poor virtua belbra Ihia 
paefcileas apealier, IIa was BiLtislied with r&plying- that content 
was not a quabty wbicb the tendenciea of tbe waning niuat^nth 
Century were bkely to foster. 

' No T eaid tbe Princess NaprosinB. ' Tha note of out tdme ii 
lesüessneaa^ aad its cbief attaiument tbe inciaaEie of inaanity.' 

' l£ it did not aouud too mucb lilta rnorallräng-, I ebould aay 
that tbere waa naver any tima in whicb tbare was bo mucb aelf- 
indnlgenca and ao little real rest,' Bald MeWüle, who bad tbe 
aenaiiiTe fear of a man of tbe world of appearing to obtnide bis 
owa convictions, and to praacb out of aeaeon and out of cburcb, 

' People require to bave tbeir braine and tbeir conaciences y^tj 



ciliar und vcrj calm to eiijoy reat, It U tlm rewrird which OBtu!» 
reserTHS fof Wr gooil eli «Haren, 'aaid Lsdy BranceputJi. 

' I t&wnt be VBfy Eood, tlien,' mid Madame Napraiino with her 
little myftt^rioua amile, ' Tot I re«t atißolutely. Xo kaow how to 
do nothinp ia a p^'eat aecret of bealtb and of comfoit; but you 
must not wait tEl ycm are fatigued to da uotbing^ or joii capnot 
eujoj it' 

' And r euptio&e you moat oOTisaion&llj bs deaf to duty knock- 
Ing ntthedoor ?' 

*J)iitjl Slie ßbould li&vö her proper momentH of audience, 
Jike tba Bt^Award, the t>l<iufiür, tbö secifirary, and otlier necessarj 
aiid diAa^räf^aEil^ peojifä -, tiliat ia to aay, if B!li>ä really exist. Moo- 
«gjiöre Melrilla evidenUy ie in the Imbit of liataning to her.' 

'I maj eay Tvith Joä&f tl., " 0'>e<at mon mätier ii tuoi," ' said 
Melville, witb good humour. * But beiieve rae^ Princeas^ it m doI 
duty wbich preventB repijse ; it ia f»r more oJlen worry, thö hate- 
ful famiHar of all moderD lif«. Worry takee a mUlioti farms; 
Tery ofteo it ie drasssd ap na pleasiiire, and perhaps in tbat shape 
u mor« distrcsäinß tbaii in an; otber.' 

'Yeä, tbti BgE} ba« inveated Dolhing that döee not result in 
worry. Only Itiok at the tortiu-e to diplomatists from the tele- 
grams,^ replied Madame Nfiprasini^, while she tsodered him a 
cigar, 'Je atber yeara an ambasBadoT had sonne pleaeitre m diHec- 
tAnfrling a delicate and intricat« embro^lio, sorae cbaii» of making 
a great name by bis ekill in ue;);otiation. An ablei man -was )et 
aloTie to miii^rl^ hia ^wnnVer and Lia Jnrlitcr, bis hooey and hla 
aloea, fts be tbought fit ; lue knowledge of tbe country to wbich he 
was accreditpd wn& trust^d to and appreciaHed ; Eowadaya, tölw- 
graina rain IQ on biTH with every hoiir ; he ia allowed nö initiative, 
jio iudepatidetit ßctioQ; he ia diciated tO and interfered with bj 
bia bome govömment, and cypber mesiagiBS torture bim at every 
Btep. Wbat ia Lha conaequeDce P Th&t thera ia acarcely a diplo- 
matiat left in Europ« — -they are only deleg-ateB, WTiiBre tbere ia 
on», h« is inceasantly controlled, bindered, and acDoyed, and all 
bis couiisäU ara dlarenrnrded. Müanwliil&tba world'a only Mod of 
peaca U a permaneDt armed truca, But lat ue ffo iuto the ^rden,* 

cnAPTER n. 

Whek Nafl^ge PedoroTna, Gounteaa PbitofF, kno\Tn to all her 
friendB by thejj^ef «om of Nadiae, bad rencbed her «jteenth year 
fibe had tbe loak of a hotbouÄa pardenia* eo wMte waa her skia 
■lld BO fipintual bt^r aepect, wbil'^i- her sleoder form had all thö 
grace of a Qower balnocmg itäelf od a ftaglle BtaLkin asoutb wLad. 
rbat etheraality, tbat axi^uiaite delicacy, as of eomething far too 



fdJT and eYanea^ect fpr man's rudB tmicb, riv^cinatod into 8 tilllii.1 

aod aduriDif passion ti heaidly^biiilt and cltimaj OuIr&fisioT of the 
Impftrlal GuarJ, who was rIbo one of tbe greatast nobles Mrritten 
in tbe VeWat Bork of Ruseia — l'laton Nichokivitch, bead of thä 
mighty family of NapTaiiTie. He waseiplit-and-twenty jearfioM, 
immeaaurablv rieh, pnpular with tiia 30TeTei;rn, & gnod eoldier, and 
UL axceedin^l^ atnlftble man, He I&id bis Iieart ntid everrthing' 
b? posaeesed at tbe ieet of tbis Bxquj^ta and disdainful child wben 
he Bsw ber at her fatbar'e ^mbASsj in Vionua one fateful April 

She MfiiBed him witllOut A mometit of doutt ; bat ba was per' 
■eTeriiig, gTCÄtly finatQOUtad, and Lad both her parenta upcin hi* 
aide, äbe 'WB9 neitber weali, nor very obedtent:; jät in titna eha 
allowed hersetf to be persuaded tbat not to accapt such an allianc» 
would be to do sometüing- 8ut)ri!iDelT ridiciUous. Bhe reaiated 
atubbomly for a while ; bat ahe wsa in^ulaitive, iadapendeut, and 
a Lttle beartless. 

Her mothar, a woman of the world^ fall of taet and of wiädomr 
answered bai objectiou tbat tbe Piince Napraxine was stupid, bad 
a Kalmucli ftce, and wua indined to be cirpulfjot — ia a word, 
diBpluasEd her tJLste in evapy way — by franlil? admittin^ tlisaa 
objeCtiOEö to be inCODtestuble facta, but ndded, with peraaaBiTo 
«[uaDimity, ' All you saj is qiiite tru«, mj child, büt tliat aort of 
detail doea not uAttarr I aflsura you, in a qumtion of the kiud wa 
are diBcussing^. It would matter terribly to him if you were Btupid 
or ugly, or incltncd to be fiit ; but in a man — in a huaband — in 
tbroe moutlii)' time you will not evtsn obiKire it. Indeed, m a 
fortnight yoa will Le bo u&ed to Litu that you will not tliink 
wbether be ie handenme or ngly. Familiaritj ia a magiciBn that 
IS cruel to btjauty^ but kind to ugliiieas, Ae for being iuclm^ tO 
corpulence, he is very tall, hö will Carry it off very well ; and as to 
gambling, hö will never f^et to ttie bottom of bis aalt tninsfl and 
mby minss : that ia the chiet' queation. And after oll, my dsar 
Nadine, a man who will never interfsTö with you and never 
quarret with you is a pearl eeldom füund anionfrsttbe hiuks ; and 

whan the pearl ia aet in gold 1 would not tor worlda peTsusde 

yoQ, my dear, to raarry merely for cRrtain worldly connderationB, 
Bucii aa the ifreat place and tlia great wealth of Platon Nichoiai- 
vitch ; but I woiild earceflüy adviae you to marry early and to 
mam- for peace, aad wheo peaca and a coloBsal fortutia ara to be 
foitnd ujiitvd, it seems to ma a gisat mistake to throw tbem both 
away. äomabady eise will take them, I fluppOaö yüU df&am of 
love an aU young gij*]s do ; but—' 

* Not at all : I ktiow tiiia is only a qnestioD of marriagB,' flaid 
Nadine, with rbat terrible earcosm an hsr lovely young lip£ with 
wbich lEBny tbings sbe bad .^eeo Ln her mother's hoose had armert 
bar for the battle of lifä whitat sbe was still but a child. 

She did not thiiik aboat love at all ; aho was not ronianl3C| 


ifafl alrea^j tliought it vieux jeu\ l]u.t alie hod a Wain aWvs tbe 
nvora^, and she Inncisd tliat ehe ß^bould like> the mna to wliom 
shs was giTcii to le sutpetliLDg great in intellectual powor,, not 
moiely in tlio eense of millipna niid of rank, But ft ^fl of fiixtoen, 
boro and "bred in bh BTntjE-ssy, reofed in tbe most brilllatit citiee ot" 
the wotMj having Seen tUe great pftnoTftma oi sociiity paaa berore 
ht-r cyae from her bnbyhood, is. liowöver innocent in other "waye^ 
not unsophitticatPd enouprh to ignore Ibe Tast adTantapes of such 
a poshioQ and bucIi wealtU aa tlw Prince Napraibe ofiered to her. 
Ueaides, bor fattisr Tviübed p&saionateHy Eor tlia accept&nce of 
JSapraune ; lio bimself was ueeply In debt, aad ]mew tliat hn 
conatilutiou liad tbe gcrro» of a mortal digeaae, 

' Vlä, ma petit^j' hij Said to her gravely oBa luornin^, 'ja ßUlfl 
criblä dedetti^T je peux moutir dem&in. O'est mieui que tu la 
präüDäs- etiSn, c'eet un assez bon gar^on.' 

It waa not an entbusiastin eiilogy of bia desired son-in-law, 
butba Hever fipolia cnl.hueiastjc&lly, and bis cbild kiiew very well 
tbttt uüder tha negligeüt flüght pbrasae there ran a Iceen and vivid 
diisire, ptirliape evtio a carkiug^ and unacknowledged care. By tha 
end of that evening sbe had aUoTred berseU to be perBuaded, aad 
IQ Lbree raontbs' iime vt&a marricd to Prlaoe KapraxinOj not 
knowiag in the least wLat ia8rrifflj,'e waa, but ouly repardäüg- it aa 
an entry into tbe world with unlimited jewela and thc power of 
going to any tkcat^ed sIib <!boBe, When ehe did liuow wbnt it 
was, it filled ber witb an inexpreesible diagust aild mülancboly. 
Sbe was very joung, and her tamperament was compoaed of that 
niin^ted hauteur and apiiituality in -wliich tbe Benaea ßleep sUent 
lonp-, Bometimes for ever. 

She bore two eone in Ibe first two years of hftr marriage, aai 
tlien coliisidered berself free from further obügationa io provide 
beirs for the vnst Nüpraxine propei^ties, Her husband had b«en 
ardeclly but limidly in love ; T\'tien sho intimated to bim tbat 
tbeir Union sbould be restricti^d to going to Courta tngether and 
beiug^ aeoD m iLo samo bousea eX discreet iatarvale, bä eufTered iQ 
bla afTectiocfl as well oä in bis ptida, but be did not dare to rebeL 

Tbifl lovdy youn;^ womajij who was like a gurdenia or a nar- 
cis^iia, wlio vfRs Eot niueieen, nnd declared tbat all tbe carosBes 
and Obligation» of Iütö were odious to ber, could Ätrike terror and 
enbmiBsion intö tbe soul of Ibe bi;:; Piaton Naprftxine, who stood 
Bix feet three inchea, and bad been no UBhuroic Boldior in tba 
froaty Oaucasue and on tbe banka of Eupbratea and Indtia. She 
was unusuaLly clever, clever by nature and culture, by intellect 
and insiglit, beenly, delicalely clever, wilh both aptihide aud 
appeüte for leaminfr aad Bcbolfirahip; and within the tirst tweaty- 
foiir boiifs of ber marHaßB, aba haa taken bia measurement, moral 
B.Dd mental, witb mercileBS accuracy, Htid bad decided to heraelf 
tbat fiha tronld never do but whnt she cbnge. He wai a big dog, 
ft £{>n eitfaitt, a good-iuitiu^, good^tempertd cinber, but be wol k 



gremt bora. And abe put Hm aslde out ot hat llfe alion;t>U:er, 
except LBaamuch &a it was abfiolutol; uecessar^ tu Bit Baaiötiiue>3 at 
tii& eamo tyl^le witli liim, und bai^e bis orclms bla^e ^>jeidti bar 
iamoDda &t State balla ; ami tlie friapds of Üie Pjiaca Nnpraiiae 
envi^d "^GT, oC all her vuJiiable poss^saian^, iionö So much os tbat 
of be£ bufibilndr whoae reveuueä ivers intixhaufitible, and wliosä 
good-ntttüre and patienco wera equally «ndlesB, 

Lookiii^ back to ber sevantt^eiitb jear sbä alivaja admittäd 
tbat ber motber bad iudged riglitly. 

' Poor Platoa I ' ebe would say ta berself som«time^ wben abe 
thougbt 60, "witb a little possuij:^ llkker of sometbiug' hke com- 
puncüoQ, Wbat bad ahe gipec bim m retum for bis ^jcat name, 
bia enormous weslth, bb mB^ni&cent gifta of tili kiiida, bis h'oneat 
düvotion, and bia üifinite docility ? Beiug vcry boofst, wbea in 
Äelf-öomanmion of tbis Eort, eba was obbiped lo CoiifeBS to beraelf 
— nolbing. Her own moaey was all settled on btrself; Üieir 
jsnk had hoan quita eqiml ; there were liundrodg as pretty as 
heräelTj and she coidd not Qow recollect tbät in ai£ y&äca of mar* 
riage ehe b&d giveQ buu 011& aflt^ction&te vrord. 

' The fault ia not oure,' abe would say j ' it ü tbe inatitution 
tbat isBO stupid, Feopla do not Imow bow eLsa to managa about 
pToperty, and ao tbey itiTented tbe mairiagei etate. But it la an 
altogetber illo^cal idoa, biiidiu^ down tivo etrangers side by eide 
for eveij and it caoDOt be aaid to wotk well. It kS'Spa propertj 
togetber, tbat ie all ; eo I gupposo ib ia mad toi tbe world ; but 
cectainly Ladividuola euETcr for it more tuan perbcps propmty ia 

Her two little boya were »Iwftys IßA in tha Krimea with the 
motber of Napraxina? tbey were much better tbere, eba tböught, 
growing up robust and bealtby Uke two young" bear cuba (wbicb, 
to her eyesj they mncb refiambled) in tbö pure braezea from tbe 
Black 8äL Wben «he did sae tbam abe was alwaya amiabia ta 
tbem, eren tbougbt sbe falt fond of tbam, as sbti did of tba steppe» 
and tbo woWas; but like tbe steppea aad tbB wotrea tbey wen 
certainly moBt interesting in tbeory and at good long' distanca. 
They were too like tbeir father to be welcouiB to ber. 'They 
bava tbe Tartar face, and tbey will be just &s big and juflt bi 
atupid/ abe thought, wbenever ehe aaw tbem. 

Whnn Mehiܫ, wbo Uad beeu long intimate with her fratnily, 
(old bsTf aa be very often did^ tbatjt'was her dilty t^ faave Uie 
cbildren naar h&e, and to inter^t bereelf in tbeir education, ahfl 
alwaye repl ied : * Tbey ftre exactly lilcö Piaton ; notbing I could 
do wou]d make tham dlBerent. They arö psrfectly well cared for 
by bia motber, and brDuq;bt up much bot^tai than I could do it. 
1 was expecled to give bim aD beir: I bare f^iv«n bim two bein, 
I do not BSG tbat anytbitig more is required of me/ 

And wbea Melville would fain hava icaisted oa tba usual 
bgumeutg aa to tbe obligiatioiia of jnateruity and educnÜQD, sbi 


inTariably lüterrupted him, and once said st ful] length, ' If thA 
(hildren were oiido oiUy and not Platon'^s, 1 coald maka aom»- 
IbiDg of them. Hut: they are fnrmed in tii« iinag« ; excwduigl; 
good, entireiy uuiiiterefltmg. Tliey wiü be Priiicea Napraiius, 
and BO the world will adore tLem, tbouprh tbe; be ab stupid u^ 
mules Riid aa u^'ly^ aa hedgehogs. Tbey do cot iDte^eet me. Oh^ 
you are abocked ! Et6ü you, tliö motit orj^nal pf Cburehmeüj 
cauaot g6t overyiiur prejudices. Beüeve me, ^ Vitir da la NottWt 
dorn not apeEik to öTerybody. It doee Dot Hhy atiylhing at all tö me.' 

' 1 will be ati hünetit woraaui it is niucL moi-e cAi>7,' sh« had 
siüd to berseU' in tbe ßr»E year of her mamage in the bet);>']it of a 
I'ana -winteT, as sbe bad looked sroutid her oo society, wiih ber 
biülinnt indolent eytis, whieb eaw »o clear]y and ao far, and eur- 
Teyi^ ajid appraiäed kertoDt'miiiporaries. 

It would bü eccentric, but distinguif^bed. To her delicdte, 
ftotiric&l, tVatid-ious tB^t-Of tbera waa p. sort of Tulgarity iü boin^ 
compromieed. Sbe dld not go fartfaer tbatf oe hig'ber tban 
tbat. Tbe thiii^ waa common, -was low ; tbat waa quite enoagb 
agatost it. Sometbing tbat waa batf Biiirituolitv, bnlf bauteiir, 
mada the deci^ioD eiiay to ber. Ä certaili cbUlliee& of tdmpeT 
ftidio^, her refeolvö bad been kept. Sbe lind bean ha loyal a wift to 
Princa NaprnxiDe aa thougb she had loTfld bim. Man did not 
obtain aoy bold on ber. Sba flirted desperatsly sometimefl, 
BmuBed berBslf alwaya, but tbat Tvaa all. Wben thay tried to 
poas frum couitiers inio lovers, tbey fouad a barrLer, impalpable 
but impnasable, comäiouudBd of he? iDdifrtsrPDC« aad her rdiÜery, 
ever »et between her and tbf>m, She faDcJed that it would be quite 
int<'*l«röbl6 to hei; for any living bdng- to believe biuäfalf Deceeaary 
to ber happineae ; besidee eha did nät mucb bcdieva in bappinesa. 
Tbe World waa pleaBant anougb; tike a well-cu.sbioii'ed ealßcin* 
carrisge od a well-oidered Line of rail; Dotbing more. You tra- 
Telled onward, maiffri vatts, and you slept comfortably, and your 
ultioiate deetinatioD yDu could not avoid ; bot if you escapad any 
preat dieasler by t>iB way^ and if nobody WQke you witi a sbock. 
it was all you wftuttd. Sba did Tiot beliere in tha pc^sibUity of 
atiy fpr^at bentitude Coming to you gn that veiy mOnötoDOUB route, 

Bbe had tbat fldmirable tact eoiipled with tböt rttined but 

Onspäring^ inßolutice whicb daunts tbe world io gtüoer^ to gilenc« 
and Tö»?|j«ct, Tlie preatest blaifuenr od the Bouleval'ds öepeF 
dared lo hiiit at a ■wa&kneaa or a conceasion jn ehe part nf tbe 
Princeea Napraiine. And women, thoufrh they envied her 
bitteriy, revilt>d ber unapanuffly^ and abiveräd under tba ating of 
ber dlBlicüte iajpertineace or her pregnant epigram, yet were psp- 
fectly conaciouä tbat she bad ui^ver ahnred thsir folhes, Passion 
had na yet uo placo iii her conaplex and delicata orgonism. She 
could not, op -would not, undsratond why pHsaioo should POt b* 
content to amiiiHt) aud wurebip her, juet S4 & t'urnaca Üre may gnlj 
hake t ptm^lain eup oi call t» lif« a gardenia bloaeom. 


Nowuid tben tlüs rafiii^ of Wra u. ouuiprehend wb&t slie 
inspired endfid in dlie tragftiij. Nrvw adiI tlii^Q soroe OTia kilted 
büaself becausd ehe hnd Inug'tedi. Nqw and then two people 
werfi Billy enough to ügbt a duel aboiit a glove ahe hnd droppM, 
or tha ri^ht b> täte L«r down the etaire at tbs npttra. Buitbis 
Väi aiways lamectabls and foDlisb in bür Biß-ht; only its cunse- 

J[iieoce&, tbouuh ehe regretteJ theo), did not. alter her. Il'eha had 
oTßd hfir hudband h<ir vicliniii wgiild liftv^ bee» l63S mortiäed; 
but tbey all Eedqw verj well ihat Platoü Napraxin^ woa po more 
tö ber tbs.n oue of the chaira m her drswinji-room. If she had 
even loved the world elia lived in, her culdriösa woald have teen 
more intelligible; but abe did not. H^r magnitice^nt jewele^ ber 
marralloaa toilettee, her niniij beaiitiful bousHi, her power of 
gratifyiiig any whim aa it formed itäelf, ih« way iieople looktsd 
aft«r her postdUoDs in tbeir blue velvet jaciiuta, tlie pi^rpetual lete 
of wbkb Bociety was made up for h^'T, all diverted her but 
moderately. Sba wa^ miandaint to the üpu of bur liutcera, bui nut 
enthuBioBticaJly bo, only bo t'rum häbit — bb abu woie sük utockiugs 
or had roeewatec id b&r bn.tb. 

* I bave eeea tbe wbole thiog mwin I was siiteen ; how Cd» it 
entertais nie oiui^h P ' eba eaid to tbooe who marvelled at h^r ia* 
diSereDce. "When it waa cibjerf!t«d to her tliat tbero weir« miuiy 
■who had Seen it ffom sixteen to sixtj, und yet thought notbiiig 
eles wartb seeio^, flbs ebrogged har shouldüra. Oii tba wbole ahe 
^mderetood the sect of tbe Skoptzi bettar; they had an id»d, 
Wbat ideal had her world P 

gh» kept her exquisite tint and her lorely eyee iinapoUt^d by 
the endlesB täte bours and ths incesjant axt^itutioDB in wlitch 
women of tbe monrfe yü ^fm iamv«« luat; tböir yöutb ia % jöar or 
two. She ate verj nimplj, draiijc litüe but water, rod« of tlrtve 
HO iniitteT what weather, refimed forty-nine out of tit'ty of ftU tha 
inTitatioiia ßhe rec^ved^ eeldom Or neror taadd auy bouse vi^itlb 
and epent many boure in perfuct napose. 

' Why shouid you go acd rtay in other peoplö'fl houBes?' eb« 
alwayB eaid to her Eng'lieh frianüs, in whom thia mania is mow 
rampant thaa atnongrat any othet nationality. * Anotber person'H 
hfiLue ifi baidly bitter than bd hotal ; indeed, very oftän it ia 
worae. If you don't like tha dinner-hour, you cannot chippe it ; 
jf you ara (även bIow horaea, you caunot cramplahi ; if yoH diaiika 
youT rootod, you cmmot all-er tb«m ; if you tbiuk tbe Ma/ a bnd 
ODE, you caunot eay Bo; if you fiad all tha bouse party oorö you, 
vou camiot get rid of tbem. You must pretend to aat all day 
loDg; y.>u must pret^cd to fe'ßl aouBble from tioon ta midcight ; 
yon muBt bave Jl kinda of plaDiB mada fof jou, and auhmit to 
thöco; you can tiefer read but in your own room, and, getierally 
RpeaMnir, there la nothin-y in the libTsry — if it be au EngÜM» 
Inirary — f>icBpt Tennyaoc, Wordewortb, arid Mr. Darwin, I 
Himot ima^'^inB bow any reAdOuabla h«ii]^ aubjecti hen^lf tg iuah 


■ mut^ilom oiily becauae äome'body eise fiadB tlieir eoimtiy \ laor 
dull witLout people.' 

Slie lißd al&u iiigi&fiitniBlj Bslabllshod ö tepctatioo for very 
delicjite hcalLb, whicb ^he foüud bäjutid atiythiiir uEi^ful to sp&rei 
Jier fram being iDored, and to escuse her abeencö from aoj g-aüier^ 
jng wbieb did, »ot speciallT attract her. 

'I hftve a d^nf^ d« /er, ahe aaid once to b friend, *but happilv 
I look \ery fra^^'ilej, au'd phyMcinDs^ if they think you -wiiäh it, wiu 
alwRfB pronim you aa^^ma pectoris or tuWclea on jour luage. I 
have an encbautiiig doctor in Paria — ^yaa Iknow Mm, de Tkincra — 
he is Yerj fumous ; lie will aTialra hia head over mo aa if I were 
doomcd tq die in ten nUnut^j, actt he frightecfl Platon out of bis 
witß — lie getfi a gnuit tnanj rouleaul ftt tbe ead of tbe eenagn— 
«cd he Eiiid I Iflok aa grave aa tUo two auf>ura, tliough, Jiko the 
sugura^ we are boLh longic^ to laugh. It \& m useful to ba 
tliou^ht Tfiiy delicate, jou have tm excusa for everythmg-. If at 
tbe last niomenit you don't wiah to po anywhere, nofcody can say 
juij'tldEig if it be yüur bealth that giVea way. They woiüd never 
forgiTä mß my coctüiiial absetice from tlie Court at Petersburgs 
and I cürtaiuly sboiüd not receive my perpetual paaaport, if Ihey 
did not siucerelj believo in the tuberclea which tie XLiriers kas bd 
oliJkißgly foiind fpr me» Do go tq de Tliiviers LT you are q^uite 
'weil and watit td be ill ; bä imdoretimdä all tbs,t eoit of thiug so 
Wäll, and lie Barer betrays yoiL Ha \m co'iiTinced Platoii Üiat I 
wn poitrinaire* 

AjQd between her reputation for a dangeroua diaeaae in liar 
System^ aud lier really iatüHigent care of bar liealtb, ahe bad the 
patha of lifa niade very Bmootb t-o her, and was in&iitely freer irom 
tuij genuine indiapoaitiou than miclit have been expected from tha 
fra^iillity of lier aapect, and tei KuBäian love of not rooma and 
yellow teji, StUl, a^ a grcsat comedian will 90 identify bimaelf 
with hia ppjt Üint he at timea li^aHeves himeolf the tbiag whicb he 
Tfipregdntä^ &he did at tiinee olmost par^uada heraetf^ aa &he com- 
plötely perstiaded othöT^, tbat she had BOme gteat conatitutioQEd 
ttelicacy to eoutend -R-itb, and ehe would play at medicdne witb 
little unedles for morpbia, or a few g-lsssea of water at Badda-Baden 
or Ems, aa B.h6 would play now ßDd! tben at baccarat oT ^^^lötta 
in bor drawiuff-iooma, 

'Nothing' ia bo useful,' ah« would Gay in moments of confidence. 
^ Look st Ibä quantity of wearinesa Üiat thera ia in the world from 
which HO otbcr poeeible plan wi^l aet you free. Palac© diimera, 
dlplümatic banqueta, great maniagea, country-hoiifle yisilB, aelf- 
invited princeöi imperial corotLfLtioDs, royal boptisma — ^you caanot 
lefufle tbara ; tbe lawa of socdiity forbid ; but if yoa are inown to 
Iw in delicate healtb, no one can be off'iiDded if, at tba last moaieDt, 
quit« unexpMtedly, you get a chill and muflt not etir out of youj 
own room, ^^entbere U Mjme tmuttarabie Bocial t^cUum looa^ 



mg on tLe LorizoD, I always telugnipb ibr ds TlÜTlen, and hs \t 
alwaye equ&l to tlte occasioa/ 

In. tlija^ 03 in otber matten, abe arranged Iier life to her own 
AatlüfactiotL, ^ilhout any kiEii of miagiviiig that tue ßelf-abaorp- 
tiüQ WAd «goü&lictll. iLrBVyLbing bad coiubLned tg make her an 
egotißt. An onXy child, adored by her Zither, admireJ ainl n ÜLÜe 
feared by her mother, wtiof a mögt iutinaatß et^crets »lie bad dfrined 
wrtli all ihe ke«Q intuition of her natural mtelli^eoce ; Burraundiwl 
from her earlieat year^ 1:; n court of dependenta and serraiiitfl wLo 
aeemed oiily to li^e to minister to ber eapricea^ üatlered from her 
labyliood bj all bei tatber'e frienda, eccrotariäd, and attachäs, ehe 
h&d imbiltttfi eeJSsbneaa as ineviiably asajounjs' willow fiuclis iu. 
ths maistnrei from the B^tream bj wbicli it f^rowfl. Thera w*b 
öotbia^ in a loveleßs mairingB and in tlie cJum&y and irritating^ 
dcTOtioQ of a maa who wm ardeütly in 1ot6 with her, wliilat etia 
only viawed bim witb contompt and disÜte^ to couiitBract the 
iüEudüCäS of lief fiAfliet' yenra. The wbole world coospired to 
induce the Princeas Kapraxine to live citily for heraelf. 

That ehe occafflonally bad raomeDlfi of eupreme g^aBToeltT, and 
E capacity aeldoin or never called out for heroic courage, did not 
alter the moin fact Üiat her life 'was esf^olintly eelfish. Sbe uevar 
did anything: that ebe did not wisLi to do; tba great waat in her 
exiätence, to borseif, wm thüt ahe &q very esldom fcJt any wish for 
SEvthiog. "Whea bLb did^ abe gratified it witkoat luiy acruple or 

Hör mind was too clö&r »od logicffl for any craed to o'btain 
any hold upon bsr j nomiDaDy, of coctabj sbe waa of tbe Grcek 
Ohurcb, and bad too mucb good \s£\& to Crente any Bcandal by 
openly eeparatiii^ bergelf &om it ; hut her iatellifreüce, aa critical 
and iBsubtla as VolteJre'a or Bolinf^brüku's, tvould do more bsTe 
Bubmittod to tbe bciida;;o of religioita superfltition and tradition 
than die wou]d bare clothed her ^ac^ful person in one uf tlia 
'DiScrocbez-moi-fa' tbat hang in the Windows of Parifi elotbes- 
ahopg. In moralityj also, fibs did not much btliuTo; abe read 
Stuart Mills plert for the Utility af virilio oncSj and amiled aa ab^ 
dosed the book witb a raentftl verdict of ' non-provea,' 

Pride (tbat pride wbicb km bciön bappily defioed by a French 
Writar &apas tfor^icii, rmiia de la Jieri^), and the dcUcacy of her 
tastfi, wlti her profound itldiflarence^ eupplied tbe place in her of 
moral laws, and prohably acied oü bef mucb more eflbctively tban 
tbej 'n'oiildi bare done, Prlncipla ie hut a pali^ade j temperament 
is a Btooe bastion. 

' Las bonn^ites gena m'conuiant et lea mauvaisea gena ma 
d^]laiäent/ Bfas wo^ woat to say, with a frank confeasion of wbat 
iDRDy other& have feltj and havö oot had the courage to say, Sha 
bad no more rigidjty of prLnciple than any other pejson wbo bei 
Ijeeti röftred in the Eoid^t of n witty, elegant, and corrupt *>ciety ; 

but Iier ^rfcct Unte eupplted Ihe^ plare of moTti canTictions. tbi 
gTiOHenesB of vice oßend^d Ler like a b&d odaur, or a Ptaring colour; 
ftnd e-T4^rjtliiDg- loom Dr coaise ueemisd b> hur an affroat lo iste^ 
U^ence and w refinemeDt. 

Sometimea the eJmoat enried tbe womea wbo coald pluiif^ 
tbetnfldve« into tbe bot vfv'wgn of a posaioii, oq); it «eemed tä 
her vul^r; ibe BttToe änrt nt' vulj^ärity m swiminiii|f in pulilic in ft 
rosä-coldured mtiülot. ähe could awim lika an otter, bat sbfr 
nBUBF öwam in public, nie noisj and nrtg-mt-eful pleasures which 
delig'ht modern ßodaty eeetmed to hur eliäer Imbäcilities, whilrt 
Bbs would as eoon bave descended to an intrig-tie nith b«r cook or ' 
her coocliman tt» hnre m&de an amorous appointment in a prirata 
rooiu nt a cafö, or bavti mouuted tbe atain of a biied bouse to 
nieetB Luvulace of tbocliibs. * I'e-ai-on etre jAtis bete \ ' ahewoald 
sftj, with euprecne diadain, whenever sbe bi^ard of tbe Tulg^Britiaf 1 
ivhich u^ually occntnpany Apate acd PliUolae in timae tba waninf 
veara af tbe ntueteeDlb Century. Slie quite understood thi , 
PaiieienEe in ' Frou-frou/ who, tempted to mftke an B9ai<?natio% 
H-waksa to a aense of it4 coaTSsneüs and cwmmoDiieaa when ahe 
ficds that theteuiple oTlüve iß ujiod tbe thiid Üoor iiü tbe Rub da' 
PotJt HuHaur, &nd that ttia wal!-f.aper hos fivö-and-twenlr I 
Poni&towskya jumping ioto tba Eletar lepeated on evaiy len^tAJ 

' Id tlmt Bort of aÜair/ ehe said onc«, ' tou muBt bare e'ttber ' 
aecrecy or a ecacdal ; botb to me eeem id bad taate. Aod tbeu, 
with tbe ODB you aro &t tha aiesrcy of your maid, and with tbe 
otber you ana at tbe mercy of tbe aewspapers, To be s.ur6,' sbe 
added^ ' I cannot, perbapa, meELBure tb« ibrca of tbe temptation, 
fOT I bave neveT iü my bf» yäau any buman bsiog to meet whom I 
abouild bave ever tbought it wortb wbile even, to ordäroutmj 

lonumerable livefi haddonfl their utteimoBt to äntwina thenv ^ 
eelroa in hen, and had ocly broken tbemaelves belplesaly on tbe 
rock of ber euprem'ä indiüerence, like so many ahlpa upon iceber^ 
^hs WAS A charmaresee in tbe utt^rmoat £eiiB9 of tbat axpreaaiTB 
Word, but sbe was BC4tn;ely a coqitette, thoug'b tbe most mercilon 
CDquetry mißibt have doas m.u<iä lam bai*m tkan ehe did. A 
coqo^ttö de^irea acd atriV'äB to pleiLse; Nadine Nspraxina faaci- 
nated otbör livas to bera witbout effort if without pity> ^^he had 
ona auppame and^-to eodü^vom' to amiise h^rBulf^ äod she bad 
obb üntuidin^ appetite — tbat of tbe atudy of cbaraetHr. Sbe aa 
ealdoiD fiucceeded in aciuäing^berself tiiat abfl came caturally to 
tbe concluelon tbaC moEt character» contaiued no amming ele- 

' Vout irCenmiytz ! ' was bor üine-le word of eiplicntioq to thoaa 
«rbose boniHge sbe bad perimtt«d for a wbile, only to &Qiid tbem 
cdrift wilbout a eig-Q oi cnopaseiioD or contrition. To her tbe 
tJUTfle words leenied antiiely comprebeDSiTe. Wben some an« 



mo» darinfr than the otbera had osce ventiured to lemmd li^r thst 
lie had not b««i] quite bo hAtsfiil to her onlj a brief wbUe before, 
bIiq bad eaid, wito Bome impatience, ' Oaii oue kiiaw thnt ■ book 
is dull uiJeea oue looka at a ftjw paj^s ? It ii Dot oao's fuult if It ba 
ill-written. I cannot say wby jau all weprj mij, but if JDU dO| 
U ia bot Tay fault uitbar.' 

Wben OQce they wefmed her it -wat of no yse fortbem by anj 
mf^Duity, fliibeervieiicy, ordeepair to attempt to r&giän ber favour, 
Ber path, like thüt of all great victor«, waa strewn with unregaidiCMi 
■rätima. Now and theo hör compoaure bad beeil niffledf wben 
tbe i&iB of som« ons of thesü had roused tbe adversa commentB ai 
the worldr and tbe iaeue of some duel or tbe fact of eoioe suicida 
had had ber name, by common coneent, coupltd with it. Sho 
disUbetI tbat kiiid of uotoiiety ; BLCverety disliJkeid it with aJl tba 
bauteiir and dis^et of & very proud änd seDaitiv^ tQ^num'aat \ büt 
it Dever mede ber cbnoge tbe t«Bor of her ways. 

' If you do not like ^u ;wii*i,woulditnctb& better — to — to^öot 
to giVB rise to it P ' Napraiilie himself bsid ODce bunlbJy TentUTod 
to euggeot wheB abe waa excef^eiTely anf^enjd bucauas tue Jüumals 
of ttw houT bad ventured to introdiice her name Into th^ir narra- 
ÜTea of a du«l ending in tbe death of the youn)^ Friiicipe d'lvrea, 
who had bäen. ver; populär and bcloved in kreuch and ItaUan 

' Iftipotm l ' &be had ecbred, ' Why paomit you aay ecand&l? 
Wbat sanea is therein shin^'^ ? Give rise to itP Ivreawos a nica 
boy, but LFHsciblB likä £iül ItohaDa, a&d intenaely vain ; tba laost 
Word irritatad him. Ile choae to proTokö de Praogina bwiauaö de 
Prangins teafied bim, and the old man bae been too etroDg for tbe 
roimg one. It ia a great pity 1 be had a pretty face and a pretly 
rnannur, but I bare no more to do with hia d«Ath than tue f^llt 
arrow on the top of tbe bouäe. Myealf, 1 would inuch ratber be 
bad külbd da Prangine.' 

Napraxine bad preserred a reverential gilence ; he biew that 
tbere wag anotber elde to the etary, but he did Hot T>QntiiFe to s&j bOf 

When the jealausies, feüda, and quiurrfs wbich it amusödher 
to eicite and foment arrived &t any auch tragical conclueion o« 
thia witb wbich the Duo do Prangiiis bad disembarraäsed ber 
^lona of a youth wbo nf late bfiid growli tOO preäomijjg, she was 
alwajft entirely innocönt of heinj^ tba causa of it. ' I always teil 
tbfiiD to Ukä eacb other/ abe would eay pladdlj ; but tberain thej 
did not obey ber. 

She TflJued ber power of destruction vä tbe ouly possibk meana 
of ber own amuatdimänt. It roconciled ber to hereeli wbon shewaa 
moBt disposed to te diacontented. Her d>?l)cat9 Ups emiJed witb 
iuefiable diedain when ehe saw otber women ^e tordtmt cemme de* 
foi^tetf &0 abe eipTigsaad it, in th^ir efTort Co fiBCuie tba admii^ti^q 
OT retaiii the paseioDe of tueti, while .ehe, mei'ely lifting tbe clpud 
ttf b«z bladk laabea ia ths aucie^uEe hy tbe labe, oi sitting atiU a* 


marblti u the shadow of Iiat box at the ' Frac^ais/ could BnchoT 
dowii bj her for erer tlie thDiighta, the deaires, tbe ragreta, tha 
defitioiea of youn^^* acid old, of fii^ud and eueiiiy, oi' etmuger and 
familiär, mcrely % the paBaive uuLguetism, of tliat charm. vhich 
Katurs Lad giTen lier, 

'Miirie Stuart,' sbe Bald once wben ehe closed Chaeitlavd,^ % 
■orcereael Pooli 1 Thiey make rauch toomuch of her. She bad 
chorm, I BtippoßB, hiit. eha Qould not bave knowa how^ t-q uae itj oi ■ 
fthe Would tieVüt bnvü iniirried eithor Darnley Or Botbwell^ und 
«he woiild nerer Luve allowed herödf lo 1» beaißn by Elizabeth— J 
R ^rey-haired virgia and a maitnist. f&mrnt I ' 

All women ßeBised to lier to have been very weftk: Josepliiiis 
HoiDiliatHäd at Mtdmaiaon ; Maria AntomcUe, od tlie tumbril of 
deatb ; Hetoise, in her cn^ll of Poraclste ; Lndy Hamilton, dying of 
waDt m üaLiis; Lady Blesain^ftüa, poor and miäeiablo in Taria : — 
what was tho u&e of ' charm ' jf it eaded lito tliat P 

' I shall rüi^Q BS lou^ as I ÜTe^' slie fiodd to berBelf. ' Aud if I 
live to eii^bty msn will be still ea^ei to lieox lue tolL' 

onAPTEn m. 

' Tsia Toora is slißingf, it ia «o smnll; and ycb there are lioTTibl« 
drau^hts in it. I dara say tbe ridlculous walla are not an incli, ' 
thick,' smd the Princass Napiaziiia uow, a^ aha roae from tlia 
brcakfoßt^table, and drew her delicato akirlB, wUh tbcir unda- 
lating' wrives and fuam of lace, out tbrougb tlie glaea doors and 
over the marblo of Uie terrace to llie sheltered aoolt in vbicb »ho 
lad beeo älLtiu^ bßfore breakfaat, where a erjuaro S>uymacarpet 
was plflCed uudor Several cushioiied lounjjiDg-cbaira, It wbs only 
two o'dockj and the alr was wärm and füll of brilliant sunsbine, 

*■ It 13 all in dreadfifd taste,' ehe said for the himdredtb tLnia» 
* TbJs 60rt of mock-Syi'ian scaEBry, mixed up with cbiUeta, Tillrta, ' 
and hotels, Iias euch a lock of the eta^. ItBoemsmadeon purpoBa ' 
far maqmilies benutiea, dyt-d and pampored gamhlere, and great 
IftdieB Tvho are Tec&Wöd nowbera eise, Placea have all a phy-, 
aiognomy, moral as well aa physical. The RiTiei-a must hare 
been enchautirig^ when there waa ou^y a muIiO-track as wide as m' 
rihbon bbtweeu the hilla and 1ha B#a from Marseillss to Oenoftj. but 
now that tliB moral eni&nationfl of Monte Cnrb and pf the cinq 
heure« 4tt all the nondeecnpt hous^^ and of the ba<:«arftb groupa in 
the clithfl whlqh are not bs exßliiaivB aa ihey mig^ht be, hava epraad 
all fdoüg- tha coast Yik& miasma, the whola tliing ia only a diccr «jt 
fc^ndj, the T^ry g^ardena are maac^^ueradiag' aa £gypt, aa DamaaeiU) 
u Palermo. It is all pcaliche.' 

' You ara very ciaal, Madame,^ marmurwl MelTÜle. 



'That ifl thß orJy tbing^yqu can ony of you ßnd to reply when 
I MV anjtliiut; ihat ib true ! ' Baid tlie Prjncpßs, wjth trimupll. 
'Tbö dö Vounee are. jour neärest üeigliboiurs/ eugg^ted her 

' IMd you meäin that Ori-Oi is bien natwvf ' ßhe said, with 
her littld low laug-h, ' I faar neither of thera -will contrihute any- 
ihiDff lo redeem tlie chiuactäT of Üie place für eilher rnrnjuUlnge or 
gamblin^ ' 

'Wiiy wDuld ;du come to HP' h& aaked, -vritb all a mnn'a 

* Wiy do people wer Bsk oob wby oae does tTiiii;r8p' elia 
intfilTupted, itntatly. ' One iraaginea one ■will lilje a tliingj ona 
getfl it ; and ditecüy, of COursi*, uiie does Hot lil;a It, Tlia,t Ib n 
krnd of ^neial law, Mouflienore Melfiilo will teil ua, I auptmse, 
tliat it 13 to preiient ua attaching oiu'Sielvfa to tue pl^ogur^g of Üiis 
World i but OB it lüso opemtps in pre-cBUtiog one'a aitacliing one. 
eelf to anTbody, as wall aa anjtliiüi:, T do not baowtliBt thöresult 
ü aa admiTäble ks be would imaginti.' 

' I never seid '' begnn Melville. 

*0b, 110, but you is-ould say if you werein the pnlpit,' abe 
replied, befoTQ becould bcish bia eeutence. ^ Ydu waiild say tliM 
tven enniii and eutiety and depre^siua have tbeir uses if ttiey Isad 
thöBoul to liaaTon; but that ig juat wbat Ihey do not do; tbey 
önly leftd to morphia, tblora.!, dyspepM«, and Katlsbad. It M 
gutta impos^ible — -it must be qiüte impoBHiblp, eren for youj 
Monaipnore — to considar Karlebfid as an iuitechanilier to beaven 1 ' 

MeWillfl tried to look eboclred, tut did not aucoeed well, aa 
he tt-AS a little JRabelEiisian and Montaigröst at beart, and not in- 
teaded ty natiire for a Cliurcbman. 

■ WLat are we going to do P ' eaid the Prince, aa Le atretclied 
Limself in Lis cliair, and It^^bted acotber cigaietta. 

" Stfiiy "wbere wq are,' eo^geeteti Göraldine, wbo desired nothing 
Iwstter, aa a lete-ä-tete waa B fuTour cever accorded to him twiee in 
tweniy'four hotirs. 

'Üh, not I, indeed ! ' eried Napraxine;, wilb m mnch alacrity aa 
was posaible bcaeatb liia Leavy ' envelop+i of tle^li.' ' I aball go to 
Modtä Carlo, I lifLTO told them to barneaa. If you like to 
come- ' 

At that monoent a aervant bro»i»^bt bim a catd. IIö read what 
waa written in peccillcd lines upoa it j tlien raised hia head ivith 
a pleoäsd exdacuntion. 

■■ Je Vota le äonns en rniUe I ' he eried, * Nadiue, wbo do you 
tbiuli is bere ? ' 

* A gooae -wilh ft diseasL'dliver, or »bundred ^een oyateisP' 
aaid luB -wife, comtamptuoualy. ' I can imagjne no Issser boutcb 
for ao milch radiacce. 

The Prince regardleaa of BarejiBra, or tompacod to endunuic« 
of it by long habit, answered placidly ; 

* Nu ; it ii' Ofhrnar." 
TJie face of Nadüit» Nupraxinft chninf^od oonRiderabt j ; tlie moat 

astnte obserrer could aol have decided wbether aniiriyance or 
graUücBtioTi wag tlje moat Wsible expreaaicm; her pjes lig-hted 
Wtk a, look diI1:eT»Dt to tliQ mild Amüsement wttU whlcli she had 
greetfld Gsraldlne. 

' Whe™ can he have come iromP' eoatinried her buäbikiid, 
'Ile wna in Asia a little wbile Kf^a Oaa is alwnjs so g'läd to Aee 
bim. Ha ia ao uulika otber pfiople. It ü only jou, NB4inef wha 
do not appreciate him." 

'Ha IS posmr' eaid abe with UnguoT. 'But I do oot kiiow 
whettier Uiat u ranson eDoiigb to keep him waiting st tlie 

' I forgot.,' BEiiil Napraxine. 'Thers ia no ojiQ les5 jwmmm", I 
■«Tireycm. Clever aayou. are, yoii feOrDetimeamiatake. GHgor, 
heg Coiint Othmar ta join ns bem.' 

The sarrant withdrew. Priocasa Nadine put a large pwcocir 
faQ betweeu her atid tUe isun ; &h& janr^ed a little. 

' Seven raintitöB for Gregor to aend dowö to tbö gntö, Mven 
minutcB for OthmFir to come up from, tbe g^ate^ s minute and a btiir 
more for liim to traverae tbs bouaa ; we have fifteen minutea and 
a half in whicb to villfj our comlDg' friend, aa modsni bnapitaüty 
lündß *v* to dp. I«t U9 be(^D. We muat be stupid indeed iJf we 
caimot; kill anjbodj's character in a quarter of BD aour.' 

* There in no character to kill,' beg-üc her hiishüTid. 

' Pardon me I No one ce,n Aay he ia cbartictürlBi». H« Iq ■ 
Tery marked characlei.' 

' That -WM not wbat I meant,' aaid NapTaxinG. ' I meont that 
DO one could aay otlierwise than good of liitn. And if there were 
Bucb a oue, be aboiüd nnt say it before mtt.' 

Nadioe Naprajüne let her eye rwt on her buabaod with ■ 
pecuUar aipi^MioQ, half jpity, half derisioD, which mjirbt hava 
^Tan bim plentüijl food fpr reSectiou, bad be bwo, a ihbil who 
Wer retiected. 

'PooT Platonl Hb baa all the antiqiie Tirtuea!' abe eaid 
softly, 'He even tbinlcB it neoBanftry to dofsnd bia acquaiiitänceH 
bäbind thetr backe. Qtt^l ttfpe admirahU \ ' 

' Whj do you likö Othinar, Prinoe?' ßaid Geraldiue, ahruptly. 

' lodeedP ' aaid Napraxine, in surpr'iae. ' You mtut be almoett 
mlone, tben. Wbat do you aee to dislike ? ' 

Geraldioe ^kuced at bis bcMitess, but ahe reftiised to aiicapt tba 
chällengv of bis< n^rd. She wae lookbg out to aea witb a littla 
dreamy amuaed ^mile. 

'I bata all önaDciers/e^d G^eraldin^, mäodilj and lame^y, *La 
ffrande Juiverie ia oaa gipantic Hest of briguntlB ; tbüBs mgn get 
eTerytbin^, whUat we loaa eren our old acreB.' 

* Perhaps tbat ia your fault,' aaid Prince Piaton ; ' and Otfamar, 



betiere tso, bna iiotbiog \o do with tht3 Juioerie ; tb>ä Otlim&i «re 
pure Croftte ; Crcwits loathe Hebrews/ 

*He isvery fortiiiiate,Prince,to huve yoor pdinirnt-änp und your 
iCOTiBdeilKi,' Said Oeroldine, with a eaKToam, lost ön the pac^Ljder^ 
roatous placiditj of hia host. 

'I hftTe alwaTfl liked Ütlimar dcee one div, of wlxich I wUl 
teil you wlien wa have more time,' answsred Naprflxine. 

' Pleaae teil ua now,' aaid hie -wife. ' I hsTS alwaya htatk 
curioua to know tba artinity batwean you and Üthiuor. It » b 
wUruB gämbling with a etag.' 

' Am I the walrus P It is an nw'kward Roirnftl,' aüd her hua- 
baod good-budouredlyd ' Ko, the tale ctm wait ; he will bi* bare 
in t moment/ 

' If he were an Admifablü CrichtOB he would be det^tuble, if 
only becatise he is 80 hideoualy rio-h,' intemiptöd GeraldinSj with 
eulIeoiieBH^ ' and tlie Princess bo-B alrsady spokaiii of another defact, 
tb© greatest a man caji Lava^ tö my tbinkiD^; hö ia jwjÄeiir,' 

' Psliav/ 1 ' aaid tbe Pxiiice. ' How P what do you iii«ui F 
Othmar, I ahould say, never thraka of himaelf.' 

■ Oh, ba ia poaeur, certainlj,' aaid Geratdine, with an undie- 
giuaed cruel exitltatiijü Id the cruel >epitbGt. 'He is a Ürcesua, 
and he po^ea for slmplicity ; he is a äuancier, and Le posea aa a 
giand-&ai^iieijr ^ he is gorged witb gold, and he pOBe-? aaa Spartan 
OD block brtith. The wbde hfn ol' tbe maa ia anöcüitioo. Hia 
lumility ia aa detys(a.ble oq hia prida ; bis liberalitioB »tö m 
oS'^nsbVH aa hie poseesBioDa.' 

' Tiene, iienaV mormured Naprßxine, tafcingf hia cigur out Df 
hid moutb, ' My dear friöud, you are undor my roof, of at leaat 
on my termce, bo I catinot qiiarrel with you. I caii only asik you 
liitidly to rem^tabnr wbat I said a littla while ago,and to spare nie 
hgs.ia. recatliDg* to you that Otbmar bIbo ia my frisod. You will 
und erstand.' 

Qflralüine coloured slighUy, coiiscioue of haviug heen ill-bred, 
and (nutlered aiillfliüy, ' I bug^ yaiir pfirdon.' A more tart and 
VtJJlging retort was on bis ups, tu the etieCC that tbö Dew camöt 
woa the last man od earth whom bis host should welcome, but hia 
»we of the Princeee Napraxine represaed it, Sbe beraelf g-äve her 
husband a güanc? of more appreciatign tban she hnd. ever caat nü 
him, and etxid to höraelf, 'Tlifl walnia ia the cliicasiefit and the 

Äupidest of all ütIdjj creaturea, tut it ia so honeat ' and said 


* Verify your quotatione, was the advlce (rfTen by & <lyinf? don 
to ao Oxfurd. studcnt. Gemldiae quoted from me, bat be did not 
irtAT to veiifj wbat ha quoted. I apoke in b&ste. Othmar ia a 
tuiy trifle of r pusei^r. tut it ie quite onconsciously; it is the 
CorueqaenCB of an Bniomalous positiou, AH bis icalincta refuse tQ 
he tbe^ Samuel Bernard of bis gBneration, atid he ia equoJlj bdrri^ 
tidd t£ the idea of uppearing; ^ 4 Sidoma, If ha had onJy tan 


thoiuand franci & yeor to-morrow he would Iw bappT and ehtm- 
ing. Ajb it U, witH hia ten millions or hia ten hundred mÜlioniy 
there U always the eense of that wall of ingots filliog up th* 
background, and keepiog, as he thinks, the sunsbine out of bis 
life. OccaaioDally it makea bim see eveiything yellow, like the 
jauttdice, and to everyhodj eise it makea bim seem a oolossosy 
which ia diatreasing to him, aa he ia of ordinary etature/ 

' He ia eren taUer than I am/ said her husbajid. 

PrinceBB Kaprazine, who bad made her little speech languidlfi 
looking at tbe aea, and extended fuU lengtb on her Indian cane 
chair, said with a Uttle amile : 

' Mj dear, I spoke metapboricallf . I did not mean to nnde?' 
rate your Mend's centimdtres. I meant merely to explain that if 
he do lock occasionally Aposear it ia tbe fault of Europe, which, 
ever nnce he was bom, baa persisted in worsbipping hmi aa one 
of the incamations of Mammon. If he bad belonged to Ia grande 
Jwverie he would baTe been mncb bappier. Jews can awallov 
any amoimt of flattery aa they cui wear any number of rings. He 
likea neitber.' 

'Oount Othmar/ announcedQr^or, aacendingthe terrace atepi 
from the gardens. 

The person announced was a man of aome tbirty years old« 
with deUcate and handaome features, and an ezpresäon at once 
gentle and cold ; bis beight was great, and hia tiearing that of a 
ffranä utgneur. He looked weary and dissatisGed; yet bis life 
was one of tbe most envied of Europe. Ile greeted Napraxine 
with warmth, the Pnncess with grace and ceremony ; Geraldine 
and hia eiater with a ratber cold courteay. 

Nadine Naprazine bad flusbed a little as be kissed her band ; 
a lovely faint üueh which made her cheeks like two pale-jpink sea- 
Bhella. Geraldine noticed that momentary cbange of colour, and 
tbought hitterly, * She never looked like that for nw I ' 

Naprazine waa not ao obaervant ; hia hoapitable soul waa filled 
witli tue pleasure of welcoming bis fiiend, and he feit angered 
with bis wife because ehe said so indüFerentlv : 

' I wonder you did not stay amongat the Mongola, Othmar. 
Tbey must be mucb more original tban we are. xhey ride all 
day long, don't they, over deaerta of grasa ? How enchantiag t 
I wonder you could tear youraelf away? 

' Perhaps it would have been wiser to atay,' said Othmar, with 
K meaning which she alone understood. 'But I fear "the worid 
bolda US " too strongly for ua to be long content eren with a Tartar 
mare and a fat sheep's tail. I am fortunate to find you all here. 
I came from Egypt ; I saw your name in a newapaper, and could 
not resiat driving over to La Jacquemerüle.' 

* You haye your " Berenice " r ' 

* Yea ; she has behaved very well ; we met with a typboon üt 
(be Indian Ocean, and were nearly lost ; but abe has been patcbed 


np and ran boioe 1:rarsl^. I Bare lefb her st ÄTaiseülM to b« 
tüorouglily overhauled/ 

^ You \pül iiare to trr ber in a aatcb with Geraldim'i 
*' Zoster»;' ' 

*1 could not hope to compete "with Count Othmar/ aud 
Oeiräl<Iinö, suU^iiIy ; for kiin iLe skieB wsre overcBstj the eiin waii 
cloiided, tlie pretty marbls teir&ca witli itä gAy awoia^s igeßmed 
dark with the ^loom of nigtt 

Ha hated La Jacquoivorille whicb lia hsid "beiCTi sr> ^get to 
persuade bis frienda tö inbabitt -wbo could have told tbät tbia 
man would drop on thia Medi terra obb-q fibora wittout note of 
'wamLap', at a iDoment when bB was auppoeud tQ be safe on the 
BBody eteppea of Moa^lia ? ' Aa Count Utlimar never, I believa, 
ehot oBjtbine iu big bfe, I cannot perceiv© wbat poasible attrac- 
tioii an; wild life cac bara for biim, ba added now, in a tone' tbat 
WOB agf^TQ^siTe' and impertinäct. 

OtUmar L'lanced at liim "with a regard wbtcb »»id njuch, ss Iie 
replied simply : 'I bave ebot the mögt DOxious aQimal — man; I 
hava oeveFf 1 cqnfess, fibot wood döTBS or toiflö pheaeante.' 

^ GeialdiDe will ehoot doves all tbe week/ eaid tbe PriDPefla^ 
with a seDSG that La Jacq^uemerillB had hecoma interasting, Bhe 
loved to fee men od tba brink of a qiiarrel: aometimea ghe re- 
Btrained them froni paseing' tbe brink ; aometEmpfi eba did not; 
KtmetiuLea ehe bulpod tbem aver it witb a little imparcepliUe 
toucb, Üght a3 the touch. of a featber, wbicb yat hud all the powar 
of electrifity. 

*Tbat ia mwiciu liBigbtbood,' eaid Otbrnar. 'I prefei iny 

' My bPotbeT is Eagligh,' Baid Lady Brancepetb, to arert dia- 
agreeablo rejoitidara ; * ba ftlwAyn roaiiiids raa of tbe old Frerch 
ca-rlcatuTs : " It ia a boautiful d&T ; let us ?o and kill eome- 

' Othmar la more EngUab tban Crcat/ BAid NapTaiine, 'bat h» 
doM not ItüJ thinj^fs, be prefei^ to paint tbem/ 

' Cresas douf)!i de GorOt.,^ murmured liis wife, 'Otlimar, have 
you fihetchcd any Mongol JadieaP ara tberö bucL beings f or aro 
tbej nnly aa tbat terriblfl Dinaaa haa it, lafemelle de fromme P ' 

■Only la frmcUe de Vhommp, Madame. Tbey cancot ba PäiJ 
to be women in any civilised senae of that temi', tbey onlj 
Ieqow tbe datias of maternity, and nro ignorant of thfl Tictoriea of 
coöuetry. Yoq will pciceiye tbat tbey are an entirely elementary 
am mal. 

PruicesB Hadlce beaTd with n litlla emile; ahe knew wtAt 
alluaiana to herself were contaiaed in tlia worda. 

* You ahonld bare maniiad one of tbetn,' abe aaid, alowly mov- 
ingher big fan. ' It would have bean toopictureaque; tbe owiier of 
two husdied miliiona dwelliag by cboLce under a pole and a pieca 
of bluB clotb, aad ' 


' Gumat yon forbear to quote my inillionB P ' said OthmuL 

' You would not rspraoch. a hunchbRck with bis biimp.' 

'Thoiii|;h it ia tbe ouly tkiri^ vbich makes liim noticflable.' 
EDUttered GeraHine, but tEe feiu of hts hoatesa made him apeub 
tO€ low to be ovärheurd aave hy Othmar, wbo did not dei^ to 
Dotice the iiuoleuce. 

' YoQ tbiull money is not mteraetiag/ B.a!d thaPrinceaa Nadine» 
' but you arQ< wrong. It ia tha Härouu al RABchid of our day. It 
U the wabd of Mi?rL-iiry. It is tbe eucahific] of lüb. Otily faucy, 
Otbrnar, if jou cLosts you oauld raake tke desert bloasom like Üw 
70B6j yoQ cotild call up s. clty llke Paris ic tha centra of your eteppea ; that is very inteTeatirig iadeed. Money iteelf 
ia DOt flo, tut whaa ooe cooBidars ita enormoiis ioEueDce, ite fao- 
teatiejpcwe'ra, it ia eo; it is eveo more, It ia poattively bi^witcbing/ 

' "Wliea it comes out of auytJiing so fairyUke und icviaible os 
tbs Priace's saLt-cry atola it may ba,' replied ÖtEimär, ' buC not wlieu 
it ia taiDted by comniBrcs. Rsmember, Princeaa, yoiir Mo'rciiry 
wu tbe god of tbe mart and of tbe tbievea.' 

' That was in, the Bomaa decadeoce.' 

' And al^ wo not io a dt^eadence f ' 

' It ia the foflliiü» i^o 64? so, but I am not satt. H&ve wfr 
de>cayed ? and, if wa liavö, from what P The last Century Gt>i> 
tained notbiog noble,' 

' Even tha burnin^ of Mobcow belorga to tbis/ said Otbmar, 
with R bow ta Napraxine, whoaa grandfather bad been one of tha 
foremoat generale nt tbe defüDC« of Moacow, and ona of tba chiüf 
eouD&ellora of that heroic eacrltice. 

• Otbmar elwaya remamheT^ whRt JB fiü6 in hiatory and in hja 
friends/ soid tha Priace^ well plea^ad. ' Ha ia not like Niidiiie 

' No, indäed,' eaid Lady Brancepath ; * she alw&ya likea to sea 
that A graat man ta a littla one aomewb&ia; ehtt wül atwaya (ind 
out tba «pack on tbe bandaome roey apple, tba yellowatain on tbe 
iroiy, the rift in tha lute — that is her way. Sba would never 
have admired Dr. JohusDii, ahe would have only laughed at 
hia uncoutbueee and bia dishea of tea, and only aeea tbat ba 
touched aü tba poata in tha fltreati,* 

' I cannot balp it if I am observant, and Br. Joimaon certninly 
woüld bftve bored ma,' eaid the Piiaceaa. 

' L«B d^icfite flont niBlheiireax : 
Ri«& ab Baiualt l«a aatufaii«/ 
quOted Othnisr. 

• Than you and I ara both pjofoundly miserable,' aaid Nadine 
NapraxinB. * 1 beÜiave wa have never faiiind anything that aatiaäöd 
«ither of us/ 

' Escept. perliaps, eBt:h otbar,' muttered OeraldiDer in a aniotb- 
•rad voice, bia jealouay conquerintf bia prudanca. It wab a pbrase 
vhioh uo CQ,e Leud axcept uia hoetvi^, wbo waa aaq^ukkat hbdriog 


Finp Eui, Sbe did npt deign to tokt» 




notice of it ; it CDuld 


' Wiiat an idiot be is,' ahe thougfht j ' aa if ihd tona coiUd ever 
nuxaed witb me I ' 

Sbe hod beriw»lf become amiued, eeretie, ^ood-tempered, imme- 
diftEelj, that with tb«' entranuä' of Otbmnr the twin maeJu of 
tTDgädy and comeidy bad appaared to her presciäDt ejei to lü 
apon the etage of tbe terrae^ of L& Jacqut^me rille. Tlie wbole 
plAcö cbauge-d to ber ; tbe yiew wm beautiful, tbe houae waa 
düAIDt and füll of colotu* (kud variety, tha or&nge WOod wa& a 
dälightful bit of local coIdui*, the marbli» coloticade aad tba hrqwn 
woodes balconies werö absurd certainly, tut gatlandeid about with 
all thoae sweet American creepgis tböv hnd a gracräfu! e^üüct ; no- 
wbera «Ise in Decembär wonld yoci {^«t in^es and i^raniuma and 
wbit« mAräles and blue wavee, and a tbarmometer at 2(f H^aumnr. 

Otbrnar had brouic-ht tbat dramulic element into b^r lifä with- 
oat wbicbf deapit€ liäi reelly vary hijzb intelli^änce, ennuL waa apt 
to deectind upon ber. Wbeo. bis eyes ^jocQtmtered tlmt look tb'Sy 
becama very cold, and bad a cballenifi'e In tbem: tbe cballenge of 
4 man wbo deEes a woman to makt^ bim agaJc tbe elave oE' her 
capricea. Her husband aaw notbio^ af iboae glaucM. Goraldine 
ftaw moiö evan tban thaire wob to &&q^ and beaamu muody and 
dejäCtäd. Ha ünly roUsed bimEielf ncw ^nd then to sa^ wbat bä 
thought migbt be Koaüla ot disaf rB^abk to t^e nuw comer. Hin 
rem&rka were ignoräd by (Jtbmiar, wbich incTeaaed bia iTritstion. 
Tbe Frincese waa amused, as abe was, {iccasionally, at a good 
theatre, by tbe iu!Il«nne9.a of the one maa and br tiie coldnesä of 
tbe utber. Botb bad äleiiiBiita, porbapa, of tragody and comedy. 
Shs feit B «uddeiL äxhÜaratioa and incieoäe of mtemst, eucb bs a 
peraqD food of 4 tbeatre l'^ela wben tbö grest actor of tb^ bpui müibe» 
Edi äDtry OD tba ecena, Geraldine wa^Tiery UBefid^abe had knOwn 
bim eevetal years: be was alwJijs hopel&salj in love with bar, 
tunid, derotäd, nnd obedietit; but be bnd no oripinality of cba^ 
riuitet to raabe bim Terr int«restirifr. He was extreiaaiy (Tood- 
looking, Tary populär, and very aniiabie, butbe waacommnnplofe^ 
ba bad not tbe ^it of bis Eäster. ab« had admitted bim mto her 
intimfuij becauia be waa bumble, bandssme, and uaually io docile 
that be eeldom initated ber, but be guTe no btäi-eat to ber life 
wbataver; wbereaa Otbmar — ebs bad scarcaly ever confösaed it 
eTen to herseif — biit whilat Otbmar had been loat to sigbt in tbe 
wUda <■ *■ Aeift, aociety Lad «erotd to ber even more stupid tban 

Od« bad been in Iqt« with her for ä v^At ; tho otber two yeAM 
before had loved her. There was a conaderable ditferance in the 
two paflsioDs, wbicb abe, with her analytical mindj, could perfectly 

For the one sbe was quite eure of b^r s^ntiment im retum. Hs 
wu good-lookiDg, agi'äeable, useful, subauüBiTe ; ha divertad her 



■otaetimen^ w^e^Ifid hei* occn&toD&ll^, oba^ed her olwftjs. Sb« 
Hkäd Mm, &nd lilced bolter atilL to teaae him. Tha otLer hftd 
broüg'ht into lier lifa a aenae of la etormier emotion than ahe cared 
to raise. IIa hßd been niore in earnei^t tlian sbä cboae to allow; 
he had loved ber imperiouäly, ardenUy, unreosonably ; whea abe 
bad mode light of if, he bad left bar witb indißTiation and econi. 
Hfl bad been one of tliose wbo had foiight a duel about her, tbougb 
BODQ but Jümaelf end bis adversBry bad ever Icnown that ehe waH 
tbe cause oF itj a card at icari^ having- eerved ag tba coHourable 

Eiteteit. Sbe bad never been quite eure what alle hftd feit fop 
im; ftdtdiraüon in ü wiiy, pcrhapa, but more, fibe tbomgbt, dis- 
like, Süt bLa bnd be&n otie of tbe conquesta wbicb hod rnosi 
fiattered lier. Wben he had left all bis habÜa and friends And 
poasesaioüi to planne into Aüiaa solitudes, aba bad feit tliat her 
power over Lüu wa.s ilUmitable, And now be bad returned and 
told her, witb aa miicb cbiU asaertion oa a regard could eonvej^ 
th&t her power existed no mora for him. Sbe did not care, bui 
tbe cb&Dga interesttid hex, and piqued her. 

' Poor Qtbmar 1 "" ebe had aaid ofteu to beraeir, wben remem- 
bering tbe psssagea which bad p^ssed between them, acd tbinking 
of him iii Aeia ; and now hu waa back from Aeia, and eitting- on 
her garden-terrada at La JacqiißmerillB, and Tras tellin^ her by 
amniiör and by glanca — perhnpa telliflg- her too pcraisiiintly and 
insitttanlly for it to be entirely tmo — that he bad vanqniabed bJa 

It had been a etrong^, if short-lived, madness, born firat m a 
cQuntry-housü in the ArdennM, in autumn wooda and tapesüried 
guUei'ies and the statsly revetriea of a Leß;itimist purty of pleBBurei 
fanned by her own yi\\^ into flame in tha conrae of a brilliant, 
giddy, inaeuBQtei winLoF season in Peris. Then witb spring bnd 
coma thadeciBiFB moment ■when be bad declinied to be content any 
longer with blsi positiün, and Le had been li^htly laugbed st, 
dUdainfully jeated witbj and had i'eToUed^ and brä, g-one out of 
Europ« aft&T a duel '^bicb bad niada even her tranquE pnlaea beat 
& Httle qnickly in Apprebenaion of tbe poeaible iesiie. 

Witb her ueual consüminate tjict ehe had so borca heraelf that 
tbe aii or eigbt montba' d&votion^ in which Othmar had been tha 
ehadow of her eTery Etep, had attracted no injuriona notice from 
her hualand or her world. It waa tnown that be waa passion- 
ately attached to her, but eo mnny wera &o alao^, that bcyoiid & 
little mare attention thnn. usual, beimuge he wa» a more couspl- 
CU0U9 person than most, tbe ffrcat wortd of Pfi,ri& only emUed and 
watfihed to aee if tba SnOwilakB üöelted. It did not mslt^ and ha 
w#nt to Aßia. Tbe duöl had only cotne out of a trivial diaputo 
at B club, Bo every one belieTed, Prince Napraiina «a innocently 
BA tbe reat. 

It was öfter tbe dapartiire of Othraru that her societT tw>k to 
baciing hei tbe JUiCtm eU ntige, It wemed atrangej botb to nwa 




■nd womea, tliat Ottimar ahould hare been bo near her so long 
utd have l«ft co icipression od bar liTe. Ile Lad u^ualLj n etrong 
induQQca ou fliose wliom Le Bought; in tkis LaeUiDce ha Lad beea 
tbe tDBguetiaed, not Che m&gnetiaer. 

Mea always qitoted Princeffl Nadiiia to their wItm aa ui 
eiamplg to be follawed, for tte öörene itidifferoiice witU which aha 
flirted all thö y&ar through, jet never WBB comproniieed ty S 
braath of c&lumny. Tbeir wiyg^ Bometiniee rctortttd tkat ebe had 
no heart, so coiUd cot lose it, 

' I promifie yoii I will never be cömpromiBed,' slie hnd said to 
her father a fsw tuoiitha afCer her morriafEa ; snd lic, a verj caaj 
aod pliiloeophic niac of the world, Lnd answercd: 

* 1 am stire you mcan what jou aay ; tut thö test of your tbbo- 
lutioa will come ^heasver you aholl meat Üxe peraoa wbo pleasea 
you. Ät preseutjou laugh at them all.'' 

' I do not tliiiik I shall ev'Or care/ s}ia bad said, with much 
acciirutä kiiciwkc3ge of hi^raclf. 

Ütbmar, momeDtarily luvß^ Lad tbrowa blmaelf in rais aguicat 
tbis indiGürance; the ice of her ttitmpommeiiC bad not cluiiicwl 
under t!ie Tolcanic firea of hiä.. Ail tboes airy notbing-s, tuat 
CApriclous frieodsbip^ that unreCompanaEd posItion of eeryituda 
wEicK fi.he eSerfid hmi, he would häTfi uon^ üi, and told her üo with 
pa^siou and forcs. 

'And I will haTfl no melodramatic paasione to dieturb mäj' flhe 
had Bud. ' Tiay are absurd. They ore out of date. They ai'a 

Wounded and iticensed, be bad ts.ken her at her word morä 
eomplctely and mstantüy tlian älie liad iutended ; and sbe lad uofe 
known whether to feel re^ret or relief. Sbo hod feit a good deal 
of triumph. And oow he Lad retiuned, uochaiiß-ed ia appeaiance, 
hsudsonjer CTen for that dyökJer Lue "whieh the desert sub bad left 
on tbe marble of big f^turaa (md shej tmd be bimselfj "nOCS 
ailently wondering — was sha gkdP 

Hb thought fiha was amiojed ; NapTaiine thougLt so tooj 
Oeraldine olone, with a lovüir's aelf-paiuing- penetTatioH;, fslt that 
XÜä h&d g^TCH HwCBter snd mo^ &timulating tO hi^r, ihat hßt 
languid intereät in esietence bad gTOron quicker of pnlaa and mu« 
«ontent with ita own atmoepbere since ber huabaud bad read aloud 
tbe name of Othmar on the pencilled card. 

PerLapa, tbought he nläo, witb a lorer's aelf-torture, whiit ba 
bad Ibimd in her of ioditferencs, of disdain, of lack of sympathy, 
bad been dua to the absanca of tbe eole per&oa wbo posseeäüd 
the power to touch her dormaut emotions. 

In reality> Madame NapmxmQ at tLiit Dioment feit no moie 
tban the Tag-ue expecttttios and p'atiificatioq of & epectatoT at s 
tbeatre, who seeä a drama Complii^ate itaelf, mii^gled with a Ce^ 
tain sense of ctirioeity ae to why Othmar eought to ditplay tö her 
to confpicuo^aly bU eecape fram ber aorc^rj, Slix^ wm not mcTtl- 


Söd; afae waB aocuBtoroed to changq her adorers into her frienda, 
■nd ahe was of n calnre tao integrally proud to Iw cap&ble of emftll 
thuiBH. Sb© olJy wondered — and dounted a little. 

Could pTiyotie who h&d Inved her once faü to love hei all liii 

6b« thonght, not, Yat eh» whb not tiüd. 


Thb "Zostera" Inoks tamptinff in tJie euralitne,' aaid Nadine 
P^Apni.tttte, 0H sbe rosB and leanäd On the marble balustrade to ^&se 
over tLö sea, where tbe ßtfttelr eftilmg jacbt of Qaraldine wds *t 
Anchor outside the little bay oi La JacquemerillQ^ whicjh waa toü 
diallow to be aat^red, ' I will go öut In ber in ten minuteä* tims. 
1 prefer to wat^h the f^unt^et frotd the eea, and tbe eunatit. will b« 
teiy fina to-day, for ihers are s few cloiida a1ioTe<; tha sky is 
usüftüy 80 terribly nionotououe here, it is lilia sn aulogy of yotir 
predflceeeor at tbe Acadijuiy: ü y a trop de bleu. Monsignore, I 
will talie yoii back to Nice bj tbe coast. 1 dialike coasting uäiially, 
but aloQ^ tbiB ehiTQ it ;ä pretty, anct b€aideG,it lb too lat« to go far 
outto eea. Lord GemHinSj go »öd j^ive your men tbe otder, I 
wUl g'O and cbangB my clothoa. Wilkea, yoq will come P ' 

Gsraldinti eulleuly obeyed^ and went down the stepa to irhepe 
hja long boat wm etÜl in waitiog-. In & vety few rarnneuta the 
Princesa Napraxina ratumad, not clath&d in aey ranritiiBe faabion, 
for sbe tboitgbt tbat sort of thtn^ tbettrical, fotilish, and Btarin^ ; 
tut wearing a dark ser^e gown, ßtting with mErrfilloua preciflion 
to tbe perfect coctour and Iiii«a of ber tbrm, and carrying a scarlet 
parasol large eUDUg-b to abtilter tbe dignity of aay Obinese maDdaiia, 
She wore je^hüng ßboes and scarlat etockinga ; ber feetj, like her 
bands, were »uch «* Bculpt<irs dream of but seldoo aee. 

' Tall them to put in my fürs/ eba eaid to Garaldine. ' Am 
you ready P It is olways eo cold bere when the aun bM gone 
down. We will take Ooiint Otbinar ftod Moueignore MelvUle t* 
Nic&. It iä a bc&Utiriili day for a sail, just wind anough and not 
too much. Plftton gom to bis adored IripoC ; I wonder he atayed 
to eat liia breakfast. 

' Tbe " Zo3terB,"of courae, is at your commands,* raurronped 
GeraldiDe, with iU-disguiaed ill-bumour. * For myseLf, if you will 
eicuse me, I will accoiupaay the Prince,' 

She amileril, UDdereUindiiig fcU Ul-hiunoor well enoi^rb. 

' How inmioi^l they are f ' aba said to Melville. ' The teille d* 
feit by dayligbt ia monatroua; but aiace jc h their form of hnpfü- 

' HsppiDew 1 ' mnttered Ganldiiu between bis taet^ 


' All joor pT?acliing aod mina will not alter tbenir' ahe Mn- 
tinued. 'Itia an extraordmary tbitig; neitber Flaton cor Lord 
Qaraldiiia carea a straw l'or mocey ; cettliar of tbem would Awaha 
a wbit merriidr if thäir furtunes wer« qusdrupled to-morrow ; Kod 
;et tLejr £tid Absolute intoxicntioD la plajiii^ l'or moue; I What 
an ipexplicBljle ncQmiUf I Othmar \» f&r mgr?' coD^igtent, He 
dsapifisfi hia Qwn fgltune and tha table of M, BIkqc vitb equal 

' I do not deapise weflith, I dialike it,' said Othmar. 

' Wby sliciula you do either?' eäid MelTiUe, 'Look at tbo 
immense potentialitißsof great richea.' 

' That ia what I eaid tbi^ morma^/coDtitiaad Ftincese Nadine. 

' Surely preat ricliea heLp one Tery Dearly to bapjiineBa,' con- 
dnued M^vule. ' \ do not uieitn ifoca 'ik&lumrgmii paiBt oi view^ 
but e)iiipl; becaiiK theiy remove so maay mateiiol obataclea in the 
way of faäpplQses. There can ba hardly any great difficultieB for 
a very rieb mw\.. Ha ^oäs wbere ba cbooaes, be cau purdiEbae 
wbataver he desiras ; there are sw^pt aeido from hü patb for ever 
all tbe tliougaad-aad-ono annoyancee and büidrancea whicb beset 
tha mau who je not rich. üuly imaginia & p^raöü who CBDiiDt 
FBACh bis dying child becauiia he has not möllej öDOUrh for thUi 
journäy ; imagme anothei: wLo haa fale boini^tead Mftd« mtolemble 
to bim by the ereoti&n of a sttwm-mill, and yet ia obliged to eni 
bifl dayg in it became he oAimot aflürd to moTe; Lmagine yet 
anotber with weB.k lunge, wbo would recoTer bis etreiLgtb if ha 
coiild take a boiuiä in tbe country, in tbe a:)uth, and y«C csanot 
leave bis baBineaei, which chaina bim to a city in tb>d nortb. Tbose 
arö tbe eort of eorrowe from which wealtb öete free a ajan or a 
wooum. One may SBy rcmjrbly, I tbiiik, thßt if his health be good, 
a TsTy Fich persGDi i$ >Qzempt from all other miEifortlttjes tbalL thoeei 
which come to bim from hi« alTaotioDa Of kia friendähif a ; hia 
ttoubles are, in a word, entirely tbose of eentiment/ 

' Precisely/ aaLd Nadine Napraxine. 

* Un Kol 6tre »fc niort et toat «tt d^panpM I ' 

minrmurad Othmar; 'you will not allow^ or ü^imot compräheGd 
Uiat, Ppineess ? ' 

' I can imogitia th&t a mftn mig'ht fancy so for twenty-foiir 
houT»; but Bven if tbe fancy andare, a rieh man can enjoy hia 
desolatian wbile a poor mau cannot. Pait of tb« adTactagw of 
tbQ rich maa coosist in bi» haviog the laisura aad tbe luxury to 
muae upon bis own unhappiueaa. 1 tbiak you forest what a greafc 
happinesft tbat La t "^ 

* You beHeva neitber in love oor In sotrow/ «aid Otbinsi?, 

* I am awana they exLst, if you QieaD tbat,' sbei replied^ ' bat 
tbeir existänce chiedy depf nd» upOb the imogiu&tiülL,' 

Othmar ga?e an impatient geatura. 


' And, llke all pleasurefl of tbe im&pBatlon/ filie added, * te- 
quJre leiemre for tteir d^velopKietit. Tha rieh man dt wohiad 
OTJciy& tbiit leisure, and if ^lö Of ehe Üke to maö a gigaotic muflli- 
]raam under g-la^a, in tha wsv of eiapgerated aBectiona or senti- 
tnetital le^ta, they arg at hberty to do bd. Beeide«, mirelj, no 
one can deny tbat thers is a captirating eense of power in vast 
richea; the fancy can talte endlc^a Ülg^bte in tJiat golden ppliere; 
we do not buow tbat delijrlit, bccmiac, thougb people thmk ua 
rieh, in reality wa are no awch thinf*; io reality our oipenses lieep 
for ever ahead oJour iticome, es I tbtuJi rtieydowith most peoplp; 
Imt Otbmar, ivlia ib nctiiftUy, paaitively, fabulaualj ijcht ivho ia all 
alone, wbo Gpends nothinj^ od hliu&filf — at Icifiat, ha USöd tO Snetid 
MOthing — why, bö could biüld joa a cathedrnl, WoßBignore Mel- 
tUIo, m overy city of tUa wurid, of jaapeT and chalcedoay, "nhatp 
efer tbey a™, acd Böver be a Boii th& poorer for doing it.' 

* Are you iaclined, Oount Olhuiar P ' said Metvillß. 

* If it woiild makö oll men like you, 1 abould he eo,' eaid Oth- 
mar. ' But I regret to Bee that the FrinceEe Napraxioe has 
apparently retained cnly on« recollection of me, sjid tbat one ü of 
my " wall of inerots," aa she tarmod ib, wLich appeara to eepnrate 
me froDi her sympätbies.' 

' Did you liear tbat ? ' ebe aalii, not Tory well plcosed, tbough 
jt "wiia pot in human pawar to confusnj her. ' Wb will let thoöo 
peciplo g^o tfl Monte Cailo, and we will havö a nm hefore the wmd 
*iid leavB you and MonMgrnore nt Nico.' 

* But it IS not my own yacht.' 

'But it 16 miue when 1 am in it, and I invits you bottu 

Othmar herätatcd tili eHs g-ave Ulm a littls ]ook, one hri^f 
Heelin^look, Two ycara secmcdl to hav« üod imay; lie wa3 again 
QQ the afaiicase of tue Giond Üp<3ra, &be gare him her fan to carry, 
jhe had oti a cloak of Boft white featbers', a ^ardecia dropped out 
of her bonquet, he nicked Jt up ; tu tbe whole glitteripg ibbm of 
Paris hä Dnlj savi tust one delicntß face^ pale aa a Daruiaaua, witb 
two wonderlül liquid eyea lilri3 nig-ht j and, with a aopt of ehDck, 
ha Töcollected liiciö^ülf, und realised tbat be was etaading on tb© 
terracfl of La .TaequeraerjUc bealdo a wtiinan TrhoPi ha Lad vowed 
to put out of hia life for avet und aye. 

* Come ! ' aaid PrinceM Nadine, and he did ncst reoiat her. 

Hfl foUowed in her ehadow down tbe Gigbt of niarble st^pi 
leading to tiie eea; wbtle GeraldinSr '^i'^b a tempe^tiioua ra<^e 
itified inhiiB heart, drove Napraxliie (whoneverdrove Mmaelf), sa 
furiously SB RuHäian horsea cao bo driTsn, along the flunny road, 
sb&dad -with oÜFea and caruba treee, wbich Icd from La Jacqua- 
merilla to the pambler'e paradiae a few ruilea Wieatward on the aboPB. 

' Wben boyfi Bulk, they Bhould alwayß be pmiiabed/ tbought 
tbo Princesfl Nndina with ailent diTereion, B9 she heard the plunge 
und rush of the hore>^ on tlis other Etde of t^iä gardona, oud 



dlvined th&t theic Anvet was alreody Tepenting* of the momeDt of 
^tulaoca and of jealousy i:i whicli lie liad exiled liimBelf frooi her 
*^ltTefiaDC9, hikI coad&mued bimself to tbt^ aocioty of her Jord. 

' Foor riatou is tbe duHeät of compSDiouä, and (jemtdtne 
thinks it dans ton rvle to det^st bim ; nnd yet he goeä wif h hita h/ 
way of fhowiiig hiB pirjtia ag'aiast Othmar- llow etupid, how iii- 
ieiiselj etiipid | ' sbe llinugbt, nitb excceding atnuseiai^nt to lit^r- 
■elft oe film descetidt>d tlie water-Etairä aüd fik>pped üitti QQraldin&'a 

It was droll to bcr that anyljodT ehould eitlier Antesi at envy 
her hiusband, Iia was so inflmtesimaUy Httla in huT owr lifo. ESlia 
leadiiy did justice to bia g^ood liumour, Uis loyiütj-, bis coiirapc, 
I ftnd hifl honestj ; but tboso quoliliea wäre all obacm-cd bj' his dul- 
aesB aod heariuess, and also ^j tbe Bicipla foct tbat ba vaa her 
Iiusbaiid, aa tbe good poi^ta in a landscupe are blotted out bj n 
fog. ' liogs' virtuca ! all of theoi/ ahe callod thcm, witb a mixtura 
of aBteeni aad impAtiäUcaj of appräciation and cDiitempt. 

Tbe boat g-lided thrqugb a quarter nf a mile of blue wfttar, and 
-btoogbt tbem to tbe aide of Geraldine'a yaclit, a buautiful racer- 
' like Bclmoncr witb cadvele wliit£ aa foaoi, fitid il^ing tbe pmiiiaa of 

*My poop "Bcrenice" waa once aa elegant and apotlaas aa 
this/ eaia Othrnftr, ' but ahe baa becn throuf^h sora strcRa of 
w^ather. Her sail^ ars ritga, ber ei&oa are battered, her niddcr la 

fme, Sbe raads n sorry fipectacle when we bovö to Iiiat nif,'ht, but 
ATD attacbed to her, I Bball not buy auotbäi yacbt/ 

'You alwBja take tbinge ao aenouely/ &aid Prlcci^a Nadioe^ 
' A yacbt is a toy liko any of haf ; -wbeQ ono is trokeii got anotber. 
"Whj sboald you Iw ettachiBd to ^ thiug of teak and copper ? ' 

' Sbe baa served me Well/ he eaid aimply. * YoU do not imdcF* 
ttaod aLtacbment of BtiT kind, Priiicesa,' 

'It is only an amiable form of prvjudice, CücUinW I do nnt 
imdgrstAnd wbj jou ahould be attacbed to a tbing made of wood 
and meu.1.' 

'^Or to a tliiDg made of fleab and blood I I belleve tbat ia 
Muftllj ridiculoua in tbe eyea of Madame Napraxinc/ aaid Otlimsr, 
mth Bome b]tterness. 'Mayl ask, how are youi cbilidreiif' ha 
added after a pause. 

'Mytwo ugly littlo boys? Ob, quita well; they are nevor 
Miything- also. T'Ley are as ßlrong as poows, Thej iure ve;y uply ; 
they hBTö tbe Tartar fa^, wbicb is tbe uglioet in Europe ; tbey 
■ra 80 like PlatoQ tbat it is quito absUfd/ 

Otlimar waa sileüt ; tbe worda dld not eeem to bim ia hat 
WasH perfectiy good taete, Tbey did not accord witb^ thfl deli* 
cate, oiireiaaiia-likß faca of their apeakar. 

* I remember that you. never carad for your cbildren," he said j 
And added, aftcr a pause, ' Noi for nnytbiug that bad Üie mlofoE- 
tace to loTe you.* 


'\ du aot tlibk tbe cliiMren Inve me at alt/ eba eaid, with • 
■mile. ' Wbj should (bejP TheLr fathar tbey adorS' bocauM 1» 
odores tbem. It Is alwnys gin^rj pi-c guc in an; love/ 

' Not alwaye/ eaid Otinuar, cuctly, 

'Ab, you love me still,' tliought Princesa Ködine, with-out 

AJoud ehe said : ' It tnmt Ira, or tbe tliin^ ia ab«urd ; it dies a 
natural deaib, or mtlitir, isslarvüd to deatb; nothin;^ ona-mded 
hAS UTiT ßtrength/ 

' I think you ha^e bboh many livbig nroofs to the contraiy,' lia 
anewered. ' But pride miiy strang'l'Q a love wltich is not shared ; 
Lt ii a yiülent daath^ but a eure aoa.' 

' Wh; will QieD alwHTB tßlk of LoveF ' sba said, with Bom« im- 

Satieac«. ' After tülr how liCtlio place it büias up in real Ure I 
Linbition, eociety, amuBtimemt, politics, money-raBking, a hundred 
khin^fi, take up a hundredt'old more apace.' 

' It LB not to every ous the unnecetigary moli&calo that it ü to 
Madams Napriixine/ eaid CWhmar, 'You have ßeen a glasa of 
^vata tDUcbfld by a sinfrla drnp nf quiniue P It ie only a drop, 
but it embitters tbe wIidIb ^lassful. t)o do tbe AttBctiiDantiB af 
lifo embilter it/ 

'If you put the drop in, no doubt,' said Princeaa N&prexlDe, 

' Or if Bome one eise put it in,' muttered Othmar, ' b«fore ooe 
knows wbat ose drinks,' 

*0h \ oijs miut Bevar let othersi m^ddle with one, eveii in 
drinioDj^ s glase of w»ter/ replipd bia tormeator, Sbe knew verr 
well tbiit htt meftnt to reproach ber, but bIiq bore llie reproach 
lig^htly. If tbe remembrance of ber embitt'ßred any man's ejiqt^ 
6Dce, it WAS Eiat her iUult; it was tää fault of thoea who would 
not bB coDtößt witb adortag bar ss tbe poor people of thia fi«a- 
«hore ndored their MadonnA, ahnt away biehind n glaaa caB«. 

' Bj tbs wnT, OthniAT, have you not a villa borä ? ' eba said, 
euddenlly remerabüriTifj; ttie fact. ' I bütiieve you hava fi^e hundrad 
and äftv-üra bouät» alUt;f^ätl]>eTr have you not f \s theia not Bome 
plftCB noar Nico tbat belnnga to you f ' 

* S. Pliaramond P Yes. It i^ wbere I f>lept iHflt nightr My 
father bought aome olive and piaa wooda, aad huilt the hoiue id 
the nüdat of them. It haa a üa» view fieawaid/ 

' Tben wa eliall be neipbboura ? ' 

* Ifl do not go to Parifl.' 

* Of courw you will go to Paris, hat you will po one day and 
com« hack anolLer, like ev^ybody eilige at ibis et^aenn \ though, to 
be eure, I dare eay you arä loi]|S;ing for & ameU of tbe a^phalta 
aftei a cyclft of Cniiiny.' 

' No; the aepbnlt« is not nacABsarT to me. It ia more idodo- 
toooue, on the whole, thaa the dpat-rt. 

'AJkl you Ware oeTer a T'uninm porrnnmanf^ you ven 



iJwBja m revolt againat Botnething ot tuiotherj ttouph one DATer 
eould UTiderstand very well wbnt, When you DcindE>BceDdi)d to 
qnr antusanientfi^ it was with tbe air of ft Ihbii w^bo, ta please % 
ebild, playB wilb titi eoldiert; that 8ort of air of coütetaptuoas 
condedCätiuion has lu&da jou manj anemiea, There U nütbin^ 
m&kea the world ao anpj? &8 indidärönca to wb&t U thinks de- 

' Yoü bare oßeniled it in that -way youreelf, PriaceBa.' 

*OfteQ; but not quite with your iaBoleiice. A man wbo pn- 
fersiÜB library to the clabs is beiyond oll pardDQ ; and, beaidea, I 
UD semi ©verywbere where it ie worth wtiile to be seaa f you bpb 
— or were— KeDerally cciuBpicuous by jour abaence,' 

' I imagiiia tba world baa grü^ni as isdiflereiit to meai:» I a^m to 
it ; and, haviDß fürgätteti, baa äa forgireti me. 1 have Ijean away 
^bteeD üiontba.' 

'Ttie wciyld iiBTer forgetp its rieb meiL, my dear Otbmar, It 
may for^t it« great Onea j will forpet them, iüdeödlj unlees tbej 
have a drum beateö very loüJly beforo tbem. You tnigbt be praat, 
I tbink, if yon lüed ; you bave ao many talente, so much power,' 

^ I Diight buy a kbgdom the alz« of Morocco or MoutenegTo P 
Very libely : such fiovereignty doee iiot attract tne.' 

'Ofcourse I do notmea-n tbat : you do not wantto bea FriniOfi 
Floriatan ; yoti do not lovs the raco of prlDCf^s well enough. But 
wer» 1 you, I ehould sst Bome ^eat ambitiaa before me.' 

' P^don me ; you would d^ no euch thiug if you were in my 
poejtion, You would feeJ, p* I feel, the numbingböueGce of what 
you called juet now the "blank "wall qf in^otd," When you can 
ouy men you. da Hut estimatö tbem hi^hly enoUgb either to »erve 
OT nilö tbem. I baftt all I can poasibly want^materiaüy. I bavB 
HO reasoD to aeek anjlbin^,' 

' Why do ICiiglifb Doblea enter public life P TheT wantno- 
tliiag, tuatariallyr eitber. Snine of them K!% of TRnk, also, so bigh 
in place tbat aotbin^ can be added to tbeir poeition.' 

* God knows why they do/ aaid Otbiaarj *■ except that I think 
tbe EnptiebmBo is an ammal like tha beaver, not bappy witbout 
work. Besides, I thiiik they iinagine thattfaey eerve tteir couotry 
— a delufiion, but aii bonouruble one, which muat maks tb'Qm Tery 
bappy, Ab I ha-ve no country I cannot be attacbed to it.' 

' Yoa could cbooM oce ; ycm are sUied to eeveral.' 

'Tbat would QOt be tbe sama tbing. To adore tb& tnOtba>- 
land oue muRt have kncwn no nnufl, na heartA but bfirs ; no coun- 
try \%. ttiore than a «tepmotber to ine.' 

' You &T6 B Very mucb envied man, Othmar^ bat yott uv& not % 
hap^ man.' 

Hb looked her atraig-ht in tbe eyes. 

* I bave beea unfaappy, bat X bavs conquered my foUy, It ia 
ingr^titude to fate to ba wrelclied whil« one bae bodtb ftod 
«tnogth lad no mat^iial caiM to contend wlth.' 



* All the fl&me, you ara not liappy cow,' abe thougbt, but bIm 
•Rid, witli her eweetest smile, * You admit that you have »H you 
vant materially ; all the Test: ia a dream, not worth keaping awaka 
about for one bour. By tha vay, as yuu epeak of cauulries — you 
are FreQi::b now by law, I tliiiik r ' 

* My graudfatlter wb3 uatumllaed for liis own latereata, aa you 
know ; but our ptople wero Oroat pt^aeantg,' 

' I know I liave heard you »Iwaya eay bo j but I beliüve it is ■ 
fable. I'ou do not coma from aoy pDoaantrj; beeldeSj SUreJy 
Sdavonia ia otd eDOUgh HLd dim. utlDUga to giiVä yüu. nuy niysUcdl 
hecoic atifleßtry yoü may prefer.' 

'Tbey lui^lit be robnere,' said Othmsrj, * I do not know. TLere 
iB not mach to chooi^B.' 

' Ererybody "wbo ia noble comea fiom roblierB of aome SDit^* 
Biiid rriuceaa Napraiüie ; ' wbot wore tlie IIoLenstauffen, Iha 
Hohettxolleni, tlie HababuTg', tbe Gnmaldi, tha Moatefeltro, tba 
Colannai' Kobbers all, iittiog* on big-h in tbeir foTtresaee, and 
B-TCOopin^ dowD like Imwka on tba forda, od tbe bighwaysi, oa 
mtjorliiuds, oa tbo foreets, on tlie Utile tawna below them. You 
may ba quito auio that Is wbat your people did in Croatia.' 

' You &rö Vary kind to trv and console me/ eddÜtbmar. * No- 
bility, I Lbinlc, CQnsißta jii beirg able to traco the past of youT 
foreEathers and to have yöiiF cbarlsra ; tljB paet of miue b loüt ia 
darlnicsat and my cbartors ara loat with them. TmtbfulLyj wo 
can oaly date from 1707, when Marc Othtnai', who dealt in borses, 
bej^an to l&cd mDafly in A^am. It 19 not a lofty biBginitix)^ ; it ia 
not etea a creditable one. But 1 da not tbink that to pretenl 
that Marc Ütlii]iii,r, tbe borsa dealer or bor^ eteoJer, was n hero 
and saiiit would meud mattors. I accept bim aa what he wae^ but 
I cannot be proud of bim ; svea Gometimee I am on the ere of 
cursinfT bim ; at dl eveutä, of wiebliig bü tad never eKiated.' 

'My doar OÜunttr, yau gre vcry atrangg Homatimefl— — ' 

' Ain I P Ouö JB naver content with wbat one has, Tbere il 
notbing' atrango in that, If you will deign to Tomombor m? aC 
all, you ■will romembör tbat I waa neTer pleased with being tbö 
Lead of tbe bousa of OtlmiaF j I would give all ita tnilliona foz aa 
tmbleimsb&l diBGcent.' 

'Then you are nngratoful to your forturies, and do not tmdeP- 
■tand youT own timea/ 

'' Pßrhapa I understand tbent too well, and that ia wby I despia« 
wbat tbey over-estimate.' 

* And OTör-esümate yoarself wbat they have found worth but 
little. Look at most of our coatemporarisa and asaoctaLes. Havs 
tbeir unblemiabad n&aieä &erved tbom in much P How maay bare 
temombered tbat npiJewe oi%« ? How maay of tbem ally them- 
aelvea with the ccud of the eartb for tbo aalcQ of larjre dowries P 
How many morT^^age thdr old laoda. tili tbey have not ft eod 

left wbiob tbey can ca!l theip own P How mwiy WMte all Üieir 

margies and eil thelr liealth in a routine of oüserabla Rod atupid 
FoUies wLidi ate liardly eTeu to \x- di^ilied as ^*ie P ' 

SliQ apoke witb aounation ; htr cheeka ha cl b faiat fliwb, deli- 
cate aa tlmt of the ■waxon boUa of tho bpgunja flgvera, Ijer eye» 
were füll of llght, Othmar looked at her witli a poaaion of re^ret, 
If ötily ehe had loved hini,lie thougbt he could haveconquered the 
World, tavfl renewed tlie imposäibiUtiea of AJesacdyr, liare dona 
all tlint TisioDaTy boys dream of däing;as tbeyread tbeir Euripidaa 
or tbeir jf^ächylus in a «umTiteT noon under lülosBOmini^ lime treea. 

' You ■will toke from Home wliat you youraelf have carried 
therCp' Baya a German tniter, acd it is wjlb Iovq tbe aaoie tbiiig ; 
you take fcom it wbat you carry to it, you. g«t out of it so mucb 
HpiritunlitT, aad no morO;, tlian you lear thareto* To others 
Nadine NapraiinB wm d coquette, tt mondaine, a mere Mi'janti; of 
tbe elegant wörld-j, but to bim sbewaa llie oeo woman of thaearth; 
abo could have inspired bim witb any beroiam, ehe could have 
moved bim to any sacrifice, sbe could bavQ compengatad bim for 
nny löBa ; he eAw m her a iniHiün possibilitiea whicL DO Citie ever 
B&w, whieb migbt be only Ibö fruit« of bis imo^iimtion, but vet 
were -wholly real to him, ua^eakablj lovely nnd attractiTe. iShe 
bod oSended him, alienated bim, trented bia ardoiir and bis eame.'^t- 
neäs aa a baby treata its toys, and hla reneon condemned ber in- 
eiorably and oftra ; yat ahe was tha one wciman on earth. for him, 
nnd ba had tried to hata bor, to drire b'Ur out of his memory, aiid 
had thoug'bt tbat bo succeeded, and bad only fatled. 

^ K jou were like otber men of your generaiion/ ehe piiraued^ 
'you would be mucb more content. You do not cara for any of 
the things whicb tili up their time. Ton have magniScent borses 
but you EBTer raca witb tbem, you niövep cTön bullt. You care 
nothicg for cards, or for any games of hnaard. You do not shoot 
flxcept, aa you jusÜTobaeiTäd, a feUow-creatuTe now and tben when 
ha proTOkea you. You do not care to have youraelf talked aboat, 
wbicli 13 tha eupTeme felicity of the age you live in ; Tour solitary 
eitravoganoo ia to hava operaa and concerts giYcii in your own 
housea witb closed doors, Iüjq Ludwig: of Bß-vn-ria, and tbat eeera» 
ratber an eccentricity than an extmTjiganc« to tba world at large. 
You are n grctat student. but you caro about tba cont'ents of your 
booka, not about tbe biotÜD^ or tbe dato of their editiou, so that 
you, jjever ccnnroit tbe foUiea of a biblioptÜe. You do not cara 
about any of your fine plactifl; you have an Idea tbat yoo would 
lilp B cottage jiiat becäüöe you are tited of pfilneeiä. Y'ou Tot 
women by your indiß'erence to tbeif sttractiona, and men by your 
ifidilTerence to their parsuita. Eeoauae circumstanca bas mada you 
a coDspicooua peTSon witb an electric li^bt alwaya upon you, you 
Bgh to be an homme cTini^insui", witb no ligbt dd you at all ercapt 
that of your own beartb. It la Louia Seizo aud thalockamith, Do- 
mitian and tbe cabbag-e-garden, Hoiioritts and tbo bcns, ovur again. 
Hiatory alwayarepeataitself, and bow oaewiabee that itdid noit' 


*I Bin Qattered, Madame, tbit jau dtii^ra to draw my portrsit, 
KItCf) it Ehowa thnt you hava not whoUy for^attan mj features," 
BBjd Othfliai, with ftnnia bitteniesB, ^ At preseot 1 ltn.TenotdW 
Covered tbe buQj. the Crabba.^-»^ or the keyn thftt will make li& 
woith living to ine. No doabt tbiö fault iTea with myaeU".' 

* l thiiik yoii bare not th« dramatic inatioct wbich alone makea 
life mt«reÄtiiig/ reiiliöd Nsfüiie Napraxins. * You do not divert 
yourweif with tUe fflultB, the foUies, and the meRnneases of inen; 
jou sigh Dvor tbem, aad your regret is ko poi^iaiit tliat it preveote 
youT Beeing- how iuüiiitely droll their bluaders are in realii^.* 

*I tbink,' she contiimod, ' tkat tbere are ooljtwowayBof look- 
ing on life wbich rnnka it uiteru&tinK', or eveo endurablOr Tbe one 
ifi tbe wiiy of OD>t>t, wbicb adrires Natura, and can find an äbBolute 
ecataey in (.he aoil&d Cif the wind ard tbe play of the Bu&ahiDe, and 
uka notbiTig more of fata tbati & raiU-atreain and a handful of graen 
leavßB. Tbe other iBtliQ wtiy of Rocbefoucauld and of St. Siman^ 
whißh finde infinite and unending diversion in watehin^ the feebl^ 
ne« fttid tbfi miatake£ of humati natüre, -«fliich Kgaids the world 
with wbat I call the dramBtic iustmct, and amuses itself endlBssly 
with the attitudes and gBnuftectione of ita coiutieTa, the false 
phr&aes and the halked calculatiuna. New, tbough you nre a Teiy 
cleT<^r man, my deor Othmar, you cannot be put in eiiber of these 
efttetroriiö3. You bnow too much of th» -world for tbe firat, aod 
joa bave too mncb softucE« of haart for tba »ecoad. Now, were 
yqa liltö Baron Frita^ — ' 

'My uncle ia the ühu purf&ctly happy man tbat I havp ever 
known,' replied Othmar. ^ It \b K»Cfl,ii&H be ie the MOst perfect of 
iflgotiata. ÄccordinFT tä bim tha sun slüneä ouly for tbe Othmar, um 
Joebua fancied it only sbone for the XaraebteB. 

'It ia not only tbat/fiti^i aaid, ' it is becanse be baathedramatic 
inatinct. Ha eeee the dramatie aide to oll ihat he does ; euppÜant 
moimrcbi, bat^krupt atate^menj intri^uing diplomatistB ; mea wbo 
carry bim scbemes to tuime) tbe earth from pole to pole, «nd great 
lAdiee wbo wanthim to Imid tbem monuy an tbürl'amilydiamoDda; 
they are all eo many comudiuna in tbe eyea of Baron Frit£. He 
pullB tbdr Btrixigs aod makea tham dancs &t bis pleasure. I quit« 
underetand how tba wbola comedy amuaea him so greaUy tbat be 
Can never be Cönscioua of a mament of ennnx. It is a gi'eat pity 
thatyou are not like tbat. Yoa wonld leave sueh witty memoirsT 
— for you can be witty— or you would ba if you were not alwayB 
so melancholy.' 

'Z re)*^ret, Madame/ eaid Otbmar, 'that I ßinnot alter tbe 
Daanüer üf my life evoD to bare the honour of amuaing you aftet 
my detUb ] ' 

Acrofis the bowa of tbe * Zoatera ' at tbat moroent tbere pasged, 
perilouäly uear, anä of tbe late^n-aailed bnat^s bo oommon an tha 
oout, with tbeir frei^bta of fruita, of fiab, of oHvee, or of market 
poduce, Tbe boat was fall of lamoEui and of oraDg«e, wbicb 


pte«m&d Uke v\t^\j\ gold m the brig-ht eiLiuTiiii« cif tha trasquil 
»rt^srnooDi A peaaant woman waa mamiging the mÄ\, a youug girl 
w&a Btoering, 

' Wbat A beatltirul fafie 1' asXd, Nadioe Napraxinfl, wlia iind n 
great lova of b^utv, And fi frank aieknowl^^iD'Bii.t of il of % 
vooiKD higli aboTä aLL püSBibUitiee of «avy. 

Othmu* I^ioked wbert^ she poiDted. 

■* A veiy lovsly face/ he eaid bdifferenüy. 

' She do«a sot look litt^ a peaaaDt,' contiDued Mme<. Napraxtne ; 
•that IJttle grev g^wa epsaka of öome conTeat. Sbe attiera weU, 
for thfiy were terriblj' aear, Wbo ib that very pctitty child, Mon- 
«gaore P I eupposa you kaow all tbe flock of waich yoa ara giv«n 
'Üie wister ehepnerdio^/ 

'Pcay do not itmk^ ras respcmalble for all tlie blaok eb^eep of 
these abor»s,' ^id MalTilie, dmwin^ xienj and lockiag at tbe boat, 
wbich was going slqwly «cd benrily apain&t the wind, and labouiv 
iu^ under a waighty load« He Boid aa bu did so, witb a Jittle 

' Why, that ie Teeulla d& Valogne ! ' 

' Yseuite de Valog^ne I What a nAine of the ßomaunt de la 
Rose and black-lett^ Chromcles! Fray wbo may ^be be, may I 

■•TLey call her herftCendrÜlon/ said M«lvüle,alitHfl sadly. 'Ab 
fir her aama, tbu dö Valcgija belong- to French biatory ; aurely 
you rem«mbtfT to bave beard of sonie of tbem ? Aymar, wlio feil 
st tbe combat of tbe Tbirty ; and Adh^mar, who waa Cocetable of 
J^näs ander Louis XII, ; and M^ximin, wbo was a Gentjml uxidior 
Condä ; And Olli, wbo was ruined by bis dlsplay at V^rsaiHea, b 
Odonel of tbe Guard and a gruat oERuHt of State. Tbe fiunily ia u 
bistoric aa tbe Loiivre Iteelf, but the [h>ot child id literallj aavu U 

' So tbat sbd ia reduced to seil oran^tiB P ' eaid Nadina. ' How 
TflTy touchiDg] Otbmar will purchase Imxnediatäly sBTenU 

'No, abe doea not seil oiRüges,' eaid Mdvillej, 'but perbaps ebe 
ia more to be pitied tban tlioüe wbo do. A great uame and no 
dowor — -it iB to bare rälver beUa to yotix aboua but od Btocklogs 
inaide them.' 

' Surely ehe must have stockioga, I mean relRtionR P ' 

*0ii1t Tsry dbtant onee, 9be ifl a f ar-off couain of yOuf Mend 
and neighbourths Duchease da Vaiinea,wbo briuga bcrup; tbat ia, 
■enda bar to ber eonvent, paya for ber fjocks, and allowa her to 
na«B her hoUdaya at one of de Vaniie^e' äotintiv-bouBee. I do not 
■EDOW tbat we coald reaeonably eirpect tba Üuchfl^ee to do mor«, 
only there an two waye of doing- a thing, and sbe does not do thia 
in thfl best po^ible maoner.' 

' Ori-Cri caou ot love a very pretty girl ol slxteen ; it would not 
tw in uatuie, certainly not in her natui-e,' aaid tha Piiaceeaf with 


ona of her momenta of franknefH. ' I imngio'e tbey will mako Iwr 
Binbracc tlie relifrious ]ifö ; wlint elae can they do wilh her P ' 

^ It is wlittt lliay will probably end witb/ a&id MelvUle, witli S 
tinge of saibaess. ' It ie liard for a i^irl of noble blood and na 
dower to ond ottierwiBO in France. Tliamen wlio ought to naany 
her, her e!quala, will mariy ioBtend äomä AmericanB with dollsn, 
wbofla fathcra werö stokerfl orpoi-k-bulchera.' 

' But are tharft no other de Valopne P ' 

' None ; abe is tbe l^t of e family which was ae extravagant 
u it WKS diBLirgiüaheJ. OtUmar maj Iiiltö heard of her fatfaer, 
tha last Oomte de Yalorae; ha was h liocur enragi, and fini^lma 
tho littla that badteen Idft by Count Gui, tbe liero of Versailles, 
Rod tbe fortuoe of bis wife fia well, who was a de CreMsac. She 
died in childbed, Her nnotter bad tbe caro of tbe child, and ha 
Went OQ with hia life of plc-osurie untilha hroko bia Deck riditlf; at 
LaMarche. Tbe old Mftrquiße dö Creusac, wiien ^0 also diedi 
couM not lea^e her grandiiaugUter b fartjjting, The dö Creuaafl 
had "been ruined in tne Revolution, and tbe Bona of thö Marquise« 
who would üever hATo anjlbing- to do with their brother-in-law, 
■weie both killed in the war öf '70. Thers was no one left but llis 
Ducbesee de Vannea, who "waa a thlrd couain of de VftlO|fjtie, to do 
anyttiing. She took the child in her cbarge, aa I bave aaid, aLd 
lios behavod odmirably, iu the letter of charity, if Bometliiag boB 
becD iQfkiug' of tbe EpLcit So ]oi]<^ astbe girl is belüg eJticated 
the tHng is easy ; but wben the tima comea wben she mugt leav* 
her oonvent, aa she will h^ye to ^Q in tWQ yearQ* tim^f tha pro* 
bleoi will not ho &Q eäsy of Siolution; they ^ill hiLve to decida OQ 
bor future. At preeefit h(iP fate haa beeö eaaily Bettled, but aoon 
tba teTiible queation will arise^who will marry her without a 
dower ? I beliebe thsy mean to make her enter the religioua life, 
aa you eaid ; for tbe men wlio probably would murry bar for sake 
of alliaace witli the da Vaiuieß, will ba ihoae with wbom tbe da 
Vannea woiald uttsrly rafuse to ally themselvea.' 

' A conTeDit I Qood heaTena, for a dtild like a Greuze picture I ^ 
eiclaimed Otlimar. 

Melvillij addcd fiadly : 

' It is a refuge ; but iDyBolf, I would cevcr have tEis reli^ouft / 
life embraced ODly for its aafety. 1 nsTOr approve of loolcinnf ot 
JJeity aa a superior 8ort of cIiBperon, If all the eonl bo not 
aSpirant of ite own accord tö ä epiritnal eacriÜCO tbe voWa are a 
mere shibboletli.' 

' What eoul fihrmpd in s Uealtby body would ftspire t« tha 
cloiatür at »ixteen? ' tbought Otbmar, as tbe FrincftSB Bold, 'All 
thia ia \ery interestinp, Monaignore, but it doea not explain how » 
p>otiff6e Ol my neiebboura, the high and migbty de Vannea, com» I 
to be Towing in a Doat futl of omngea.* 

' Ah, tbat I cannot Ml you/ said MeKille/ but I bolieve b« 
fbater-motb» hu a iMutids uear Nico; it maybo ibe ia with b«r.j 



foater-aothei now. I kneir ber wellwhen slia was % little cliUd, 
liviiig' withthe old MartjubedeCreusftcin thot eitrenio"butrefiDed 
uid reäörved pOTcrty of wliich onlj the plJ noblesaei lias tlig 
eacret. The Marquifla waa orte of tbe eweetest and most pigua 
womtöIhaTeaTerlKid thebonour tokrow ; butebecould, ifneco»- 
flMry, havo withered a king into tha enrth with a glnnce. Tha 
cbild prornis&d to be lika h'^r, bjt bi^d aometUing bouillante and 
Impetuoue, wbich liäd coma to hör from her father, and 'wbtcb, 
benaatb hat liig'h-bied mauDer aad her clioateued taus, mode h^r, 
u a baby, inleuFiely interestnig-,' 

'I>enr Moüäi^ore/ aaid tlie Ihincpgs, wJth ft Mittle i mpatience, 
'Bufely ypu LavB mistakäD ygiir TDcation, and sbouM ItuvB been a 
■wtiter of novsla; you draw portraits wilh tha ßkill of Octar^ 

' I have only enid what I liaTfl ?egü,' fluid Molviltfli güod- 
llliraöuradly, ' Probritily Feuillet Olily «Jobs tbe sitae." 

Tlie "boat with tbe orangfa badpasaed ab^ad towards ihe 
ibore^ itji Venetian red tdde waa dipping^ in tba troujirh of tha 
■waves, its old fltriped aail was swaying in Iba wind ; tbara was a 
Bpeck of pold in the eun where tbs oraB^fiwere. 

^ You had hättet rescue tliia distrefi»ed damsel and marry her^ 
Otbmarl' aaid the Princess Napraxine, with »n unkiod littla 
laugb. 'She SPemg made on purpose foryoq. Sbebaa the imaul" 
Ued deaCent whicb you flJia alwaya sighing foi', and you cfirtE^ittljT 
(An diäpensöwith a dot,' 

For ajMWür ha only loolied at her; but ehe underetood hia 

Melvillfl T&gTiely understood tHno tbat in bis innoc&nt praiftea 
of hia Oindewlla be bad uEwittinffly etnick a lalae cliord, and he 
was tGO mucL a mau of the World not to be grured at hiä inro- 
luntary failura in tact. Tbe boat meaqwbile was fast growmg to 
ft mere speck of red and ypUow colour, aoofi to be wbolly kat in 
tte bluB radinnCB of fiea and aky, 

'Youhava attitnea houg-ht some Grenzes^ if I Tsmember/con- 
tinued tbe Princeaa. * Tbey are pietty, BoFt, conTenliana!, but I 
do not kQow that your gallery is mncll tbe ricbep föt tbeni.' 

'Theybelong to another time tban oura/ aaid ülhmar. *I 
inaa^tne TaUeyrand woa rigbt when be eaid that no one born Binca 
"BÜ car, know bow aweet huniaii Hfe can bi'come.' 

'^Atid bow elegant human maimera can be/ added MelrillB. 
' Cendrillon baa aoiuethinp of that old grace: when sbe waa twq 
yaarBold ahe curtseyed ae tbongb glie weie SevignöBself.' 

' What R puragi^u f ' aaid Madame NapriiKine. ' PoTei-ty fllld 
all the QniCBB ! An iiTasifitiblä combinAtion. Tb« time I should 
bava Uked to ItTti in would bare been Louis Treize's; what peiv 
fbet coatume, wbat picturesque wars, what aduiirable srcbitec- 
tore 1 la tbis cbild at Sacra Gceur, did you saV) MonsijiaorB ? ' 

'Tbat would be too extravagant fut her place aa Uecdnllon/ 


repHed Melville. 'No; I tHnk thej wero wiae not to pQt her 

amidet sU tlioee frreat ladiea iu enibiyo; ehe has 1»eea edticalöd bj 
tfae Damea de Sie. Atme, at b remote TÜlsge c&lled Fsiel in tho 
Morbiban* Sbe b&a Iiad a pale ^rlliooJ there, litfl the anjm-rlUj 
tbat IblossomB under the moas-grown oaka,' 

' How poBtic yöu Bre ! ' dftid tba PrincePS NftpmiioB, with « 
imile whico brought a flush of emlu^rtasfimeüt even to the worid- 
bronztid cheek of MälvUle. ' Men are ho mudi more rom&ntic 
tli&n wQineii, Here sre Ololilde ds Vaanea and I, Tnho only eea 
thatt a« thia youiig pirl lias no dower, tüa veij bast plHce for ber 
in the world isa coaventj, melancholy bnt ineTitable ; wbereaB you 
and Otbmaar, merely becauaa ehe tiaa prettj hür which the buh 
■hinea on aaalie ^oea paat amooggt heroraugea, and alread; think- 
iufT ttftt somß Qne ougbt to Hm out of tbe eea to marry her, with 
^duke's couronru in one band and n Teil of old d'Alen^on Inc» la 
the otherE Csrtamly those tbiogs do bappeu. Ifabe were aa 
lEnpudeat^cui/^*at Ilangler'a, or a Califormaa whppever haJ a 
firandfather, the duka'3 cana-tmne would Go doubt appeW On ber 
horizon. By the way, tuending her etemal «tfeat, doea Cri-Ori 
■llow hs7 tn be ae«n ftt aU F ' 

' You will probably aee her at Millo. I saw her tbera last 
WMk, and madeber cry by remioding her of her babjliood on the 
igle; audof her fn"*T^i™'Otber, whrim alle adored. Sfia iswith the 
Ducliess» now, becauae there ia ^rihua fef er at tlie convänt, and 
the pupiU are üU diRp^reed ; but MiUo ie scaicäly a cougemal aii 
fcr Ä poor relfttioD, who ig also k proud odq.' 

' Ah I fthe iH n g'oad adTörtiaament of Cri-Cri's Tirtues, eile «i 
fl bseoin' eaid tbe FriDCäaa Napraxinei, vitb her merciless littlä 
laugh, ' And de Vanaiw, whst doee he aay to ao pretty a rslatiTe P ' 

' A man like da Vannsa never eeee thst ■ jouug ^1 of that 
type exiBta/ 

' Hum — m — mph I ' ahe murmured diibioualy. ' That dependa 
on a jreat many on^uiTiHtAncea. Propioquity and ennui will make' 
Ste, Scholaatiqua herseif eoupiht like the KrauBa ot Jeaaiie Granier, 
MiUo 18 certaioly n Tery odd kind of a boEie for your woodland 
arum-lily. If ehe ba^e AQy iuteUigenca at all, and relate wbat 
tbe UQS wben she geta back to Fa"el, the g^od Dame« de 3te. 
Amia will have the mona^tic «njoyment of »aodal gratiäed to 
the uttetmoat*' 

*I believeaba live« entirely intheBchool-roottiwhilst fttMillOj' 
aoid Melvilk, a bttle impätiently. He wiehed he had nerer 
Bpoken tba narvie of Ysäuite de Yalogme, tbe lume wbicb fieemed 
to helong to It t«mps quand la Jie\n& Bertkeßin. He bad ooa o£ 
thosQ instincts of haTmg- apoken iinwiBely, one oif thone presenü- 
meGts of impaoding disaater, which conie to ünely-orgams^d acd 
Diucb-expeneDced miada, and are called by blunt-jE and olower 
braiiia mere nei^QUj noneesae. 

Wb«ii th« otbäE day tb« t*U itctory cliimtwy fall at BradfoK 

pxmcESs flr^pjp4X/jvs. 


du Hrdfl wliich built in it had flown awaj 'before thei worlnuAfi — • 
■tupidly «atuig tLeir breokfa^ts tili the bricka tumblad about (b«ir 
'bad looked up and eeen aoy dtuigar. 



^V A^ Othmnr laaned sg-E^mst the nda of tlie T&cht aad let bis eres 

^f dwell OD bar fncfit imäieiaQ bj bim so lon^, bis re^rct let iBometlun^ 

'^ of tbe emotiori whicb bö feit eacape bim, «nd betrayed thftt tho 

cbUI ißdifletanee w'ith which be bsd met her ftgäin hnd b&ön tut 

tbe meTä mafik of pride, thoiig'h it migbt be a mask wlüch bä woiild 

be fltrong enoug-h nlna^a to weftr in hat presenCB. 

' Yrißderia S. PbaramoDd/ he enid, coEscious of biftraotni^Titär» 
loM of aell-cotitrol, fta he pointäd to aome louTid towera wbicb roiie 
ftboTB Wood* of Hex trees and maßTiciIiaa. ' If von would allow 
them to land cie tbere iastead of at Nice I ebould be priaturiil, and 
perbapa jou would bonoar me mtli kodicg* too: tbe bDuae Ib 
BOmewbat neglected, aa I baTo baen away bo Loiig^; bat thej will 
^ be at leoat abte to givö you » cup of tea.' 

^H ^ Witb pleaaure, if Wilkea ILkeB iL,' gaid tba Friuc^!», u ibo 

H jaitiäd bar fiiend. ' I nevfir knew jdii had b place ti^wii tbia eonat ; 
H flurely you nevsr named it wben — ^when I Imew you firat P ' 
^P ' Moat likeJy not/ said Otbiuar, ' I ba^a be>&ii aeldam tbere, It 

' wu B &TOurite bouaeof my fatber'a in bis rare momenta of leiaure, 

j but I hav6 never cfi-red für tbe axr or for tha world of JNica. I 

^K haTa lest It eomeümfis to my frienda.' 

H * Wbat do you not lend to vciur fricTidäP In that reapact yau 

" hare mwJe yourself hooeyj m«! tbe Him Imye eaten you. witbout 

^m * If tbe boney h& not in tbe bive it ougbt to be eatan. Tbere 

^p ie a landmg-place in my grouiida., and tbe bouae is not mora ttian. 
^^ a qHftrtßT of & milß dietaat, if aifb a diatancs do not alarm yau. 

I kiiöw tbat jou arö bo great pedestriftn, Princeaa.' 
^^ ' Wby ehotild ona be wbea thare iltb so many mora a;^eabte 

^1 modea Ol progrep^ion P On na doitjamaia se punir pau?' rien,^ 
H ' I bare -walked twenty milftB for my own pleaaurö very often,* 

H aüd tady Brancepätb, wlio approaclied tbem. 
^V ' Ob, tut you ara Üugliah ; we were just sajing tbat all Eni^lisb 

people are lik*) beaTers, you muat be newing and drillin^ and huild- 
mg BJid drapgJDg poruetbinp or other aU ibrougb tba lenfth of your 
dayfl. I Gouid walk, 1 tbiiik I Cnuild walk right acroas Ruesia, if 
tbere wepa any wiae object to be obtaincKi by it, but simply to walk, 
u • mn.d dog: rune, from a aort of blind impulalon 1 — no, tbat ia 
IwjoDd ma.' 


' Yon are such a cimons nnioD, Nadine, of languur andenergy, 
of indifierence and of potentinlitie?/ began her firiend. 

* My energy is latent,' ehe ßaid, intemipting her. ' I do not 
<raste it on everyday trifles, as you waste youTS. Yoa alwaya 
use forty-horse power to boil an egg or make a boz of wax matches. 
That J8 an Engliah idea of enei^.' 

' Your grandmotber, tbe Prmcesse d'YBslngeaux, was Engliab 
by bjrtb.* 

' So waa Othmar^B mother. Tbat ia why he and I bare some- 
thing of the beaver in ua, hut calmed, controlled, kept in reserve ; 
we do not waste cur time and timber damming up tbreads of water, 
hut we ehall be ready if an iDundatlon occur.* 

'Othmar, perhape,' said Lady Brancepeth. 

' I bave a great deal more energy than he,* aaid Nadine Ni^ 
praxine, with a amile, as she leaned back in tbe wicker lounging» 
chair, looking as indolent as a TurMsh woman, and as delicate and 
uselesa aa a painted hutterfly. 

Tl^ schooner in twenty minutee' time landed tbem at a creek, 
with a little marble quay, shadowed hy great pinea and eucalyptus 
treea : there was a pavUion on the small pier, a pretty kioscjue 
all white and blue and gold, with twisted pillara and Mooruh 

*Rememher, notbing here is of my taste or cboice,' said 
Othmar ; ' I have not been at tbe place for ten years. Would you 
like to reat P Tbey can bring yoxir tea to you ; or would you come 
up to the house at once P ' 

* Va pour le ckäteau* eidd Nadine Napraxine ; * I never care for 
the preface of a story.' 

'1 fear you will find it a duU story,* aud he, aa tbey left tbe 
quay and passed up a steep path, always under tue shadow of the 

' What a miafortune for him that he inberited so much I It 
prevents him enjoying anytbing,' she sald to Melville ; who replied, 
a little drily : 

' I do not tbink it ia what be inberited which prerents bis en- 
joyment, Frincess \ it ia more probably what he encountered and 
aigbed for Tainly. Life holda many of tbese ironies,' 

* If I were he,' she continued, ignoring tbe reply, * I should care 
for nothing but that power which be, in common with other great 
capitalista, possesses. To be able to make a war poasible or im- 
possible by tbe mere inclining of your wand of gold — tbat must 
De tbe moat interesting of all pos^ble Mnds of innuence.' 

'Yes, the financier is tbe modern Merlin, but then there ia 
Tivien ' 

' In Mr. Tennvson'a poem, not out of it,' said Prineees Nadine, 
aoeptically ; but she knew very well that Vivien was then Walking 
nnder tbe shade of her own great red parasol, with ita groap oc 
hnmming-birda embroidered <» ita left aide. 



The pathway bscended Bteeply tbrougb the wooda, bordered 
with dstufft and gefaüinm, wbich wera alill blusäoimQg ^Uj ; here 
atkd tliere Tvoa b wooden beQLsb, & majoUca seäC, a Uttld atatua; 
ihe ground was of shiniag aliingle; it lad beea Jtept in perfect 
Order, ftwaitiag its oiinier, for tan years, After about a quartcr 
of a mile It end^d on a l«v<^l spac« of tLe red rock up whicb it bod 
cUmbed, Here had beeii laid out a üiirf-Iike and fantastic g&rden, 
I&whb, palmB] fomitains, waUls of t^bruba, and groves of cameUtaa 
aad azaleas, spreaiiiqjf before a cliäteaut wHcb wag, in ttrcljitectun&, 
■. müniaturs MaintcnoDj and in pOsitipil ehiod Iiigh anougli to look 
OTer tbe aea in frOQt of it:. 

* Wbat a deljcious place I ' said Nadine ; 'aad in a month or 
two, when all tbose fiaaleaa flower — if Ibad knownyou badowned 
«Qch a bijou, 1 would bare told you to lend it to us. It makea 1a 
Jacquemerille a meTa trumpery tov.' 

' I would lend you notUbig^/ eaid Otimiar, in her ear ; ' I would 
haT« piven jou eTerytbing — once/ 

Then bs added aloud, ' Thia iB somewhat trumpety also, I fear; 
modern tUinpa are so apt to baye tbat lootc. Tbay are IiItb the 
urticiet de l'arif, 'vrbicli CQ3t ^normously, but ai3 ociy pluah and 
■ormolu ftfter all. Ilowsver, Viollet la Dfic built this bouse ; 60 it 
iDBy be a ]ilt!e lettw tlmu ita Eel^bböurB, Oaly 1 gboiild Uko 
etetelif^r and elnipler gardäSä myeelf; I abould likakigh box bedjjea 
«jid old'fasLidniid plouCa, But I auppdss tliej would not go with 
tiie Meditßrrauaau. 

' YoQ Ute anythinfTfiiaiplfl andhomely; youwillhftTe tomarry 
Margot, or Pbcshe, or Gretlielj. otTa farnif' aaid tlia Prinoase, with 
iooia coDtecnpt. Sbö waa a hotbouae äower hersälf, aad despifiad 
thymö and do^-rosee. 

' I misbt do ifoT&o,' Bald OtboiBir, as be ushöred them into tLe 
houBB, ■wbich contaiaed aome wociierful cMnsj, eome admirable 
mwlarD pictur^aj soma fina istntuary, and moro fraucb luxuiry tksiii 
itfl master Csred to bare aiirroucd him. 

' It ia exquisite/ ßaid the Prieceae, after wandeiing' through it, 
find teturoiiig^ to b tootd opening on the pardenB; a room huug 
ivith tnwny plußb, emlroIderBd witb whLle rosea and blue iriBcs. 
Tba cbaira and cöuches matcbed tbe waEa, a gilt cornice ran round 
tha Oval ceiliag, wbich waa palnted in teinpera with the story of 
Undüoe. *How many more houpea baye you, Othmar, etandins 
Ukfl flO many opeii erapty caskets wititic^ lor you to put tbo jovtel 
of life iato tbam P ßeally, how maiiy have you ? Coino, teil me ! ' 

'1 haye too maEy,' eaid OtbmHr. ' But escesg nlways carrieH 
iti own retribution; amowg&t tbem all I hava ng bome^ iions tbat 
T fee3 bouie-lilia, I cjlh imagiae wLat it iß — fl ches gai tbat 0D9 
coTüa about and desiiea to relum to— Ijut I do not poSBOSS iL' 

' Miike it,' snid MülvUle ; ' that is alwaya in the pawur oi every 
man who ia not a priest.' 

' l euppose it is,' eoid Qtlimar. * Cut it has uevai eeemed vei^r 



etis; to me. The fire qf tJiä hearth ia Uhe tJie cool from the Altar i 
U Cöioee fronD Ueavau, and can scarcel; be eommandwl.' 

He g^lADDed ob bespokä st Nadiae Napraxine, wlio waa iTiug 
badt a^inat the goldtio ^lt<amfl of the pluBli of her (^oucL[ ; ab« had 
a tiMp-iose in Ii&r band wliich alie tiad plucked i^m tbe )^rdeD>, 
Sha looked dream-lik« aiid eth'ereal. Bhe bad oii ber Up» that 
littlfl nnila which meant so mufili arnJ y©t said nothbg, and wa« 
half coiapRieaigD and Laif dibdsiD, and partially, alro, anjtlBem'diit. 
If ahn Lad tjeen ciiitresa bare alid in all bis ather houaijs, ha 
tbüufrbt, Bach aoa of them woiUd Lave been Jilden to him. But 
tbat liad nßt been MelPÜle'a meRiiinsf. 

At that inom«Dt hia e&rTanU brought in tba tea nauelesalj 
and quickly: liltla Saxe cupa, frng.le(l cakee, farccd BtrawberTLefl, 
appearing on great old platsaux of ^Id — ai tbougii ha kad beon 
BäTVäd tbe^re ev^ry da; uietend of Imvitig' beea nliwut tea yeara. 

' Reallj, Othmar, yau bava b Utile of tha Haroiin al Raschid, 
thouifh yeu da not cttie for jour throne,' eaid M&lvillo n *who 
wouJd bare unaiftQ^ that, returDinnc &oixi A«Ia laat night, you 
would have tea all ready mrtde fijr Tout üieDdi ? ' 

* My frienda recoaeile me tö ray housflj' aaid Otbmar \ ' you will 
läftTB almoat a pai'fmue of home befind you ; tbaäfi cooDia will Beäm 
louely no more.' 

' The rooms are quitfl perfect,' «aid Frinc«8fl Nadine, ' but *till 
I think we will bave our tea out of dooiB ; the sua ia etill bnUiant. 
We have qow and tben little ütB of rurality ; when wa bave tboBis 
we »t OQ a teriäcu aud take tea; Lhat ia aa Lear rusdcity as we 
Care to po.' 

Sbe wulkad tbi^iigh otie of tbe doorways inta tha air es ab« 

To Othmor the golden-cnlottted room witb ita white toma and 
blue irisesi seem^d to grow dark as sha left it. 

Al aha pasaed out to tbe f^ardena his people broufiiht him a 
not«; it was inaide a flilvei^^ey envelope, wich a eilrei cowwin« 
upoD It, acd on ■ ulrei^^ieiy card was writt'ijn a very pTeasing-ly 
worded invitatioQ to diimer tbe following night with Lia nej^b- 
bouia tbe Duc and Durbease de Vannes. They had juat heard of 
bis atrivftl; they would have a few people; tbey beg-g^d him not 
to be formal, &c., Äo. Tb» cb^ieau nefi-reet to him waa Millo, 
theiir jarourite wint-ar rptreat i a porgecma tcd funtaitic pJace, 
witb lUAciy a ^diid Cujiola and ahiniiig dorne 'whicb CBU^ht tbe 
eimehin« hota (he e>a&, am'idBt (^roveA of caa^alla and wooda of 
ilaz, IL« had not been to Millo for teil yenra. WbäD ba bad 
b&en laat there the Duc bad been juat mam&d to a famous bäatity, 
and be had liuown tbem very well in Faiia evai Bin<'s tbat tima. 
Tbey were not people for whom be ca»d mach ; Alain de Vatinei 
wb« a aportiit^ mau. and hiawifewaa one of tbe leadera of faBbion, 
witb balf a hundröd lovera gtven to her, rigbtly or wrcnfflT, by 
toport. llief warsj boweru', Itegitimot is pohtica to the Wlfr* 



ttone. NeilHer of Üieir fam^M^'S bad üvur psnduted to Emperoc oi 
EtjsJe, ftod tbey were, diMpite tkeir easy laoiHile and tbeir pro- 
found indiüereDce to «ach atlier, exc>eedin^ly eiclusl^aj A^dj with 
ttU their nunubalftuca, even anogact. 

^It iDuat beAStr&iiga housefoF tb&t poor littig ^rl.'hätliatiglit 
u be threw thacurd aaida^ and lemArabered the Or^uza face in 
the Venetian Ted boat. MUlo was not mn»' thsn a mile otT hiiD; 
«t ooa psijit thelr woods and bk jcin'äd, Büd looHn^ fmm bij 
teTTacfi' BOT day he c^iuld see the ^iLded rainEtri^tfi and tba Tari- 
liolaured tUea of their vülaa abimug in tb« ligbt lagaüut biüows of 
dsrk eT^rgreea foliitß^ 

' How eoDD thui^ know yoa an httre ! ^ BÜd Kadine Napraxin», 
H he apoke. af the lovitation to her. ' Yoq "wiU gOt of wurBeä joo 


'I do not know; ye«', perbspa. I aover make np my müid 
nntÜ tba laat howr. Poople aty ii ia cruöl wboa they bave düiperB ; 
it leaves & place blaiik ; out how cnji you be BtlTe wbat you 'wlah 
to do unül tba naomect öomes? I detest dinnerBH Wböti wb bara 
really becoiae civiliaed we Bball each of ua Bat in Sßlitude, ot, at 
thfl least, each behind hü own scrBsn. Why aboiiid ona of tba 
unloTeliäät of tha operatlona of tiatUTe< be performed in public 
The äo-merB, end th« pTate, and tbe foolmen cannot really amb»l- 
liab it; Ladöed, tbey ouly makt» it the mors groteaque.' 

' How droU jDu are, NaÜDe t ' aaid Lady Lia^cspetb. * Yoa 
bnv9 certain^y & monopoly of sin^lar iduaa.' 

'I wiab my idtjae -werg ^enerai/ «Dswprod tho Fiiuoaaai 
' When tbö World boa t^ally f sbaüd itsalf it will Iwk on our ea^ 
illg in eociety t» we hiok uow ou savag-ea eatiD)^ with tbeir äugem, 
Some of OUT friBads cannot even have a little Iotö afFaii but tbsy 
must go And eat pTawna, and quaila, and pttüiferurt tof^ather in a 
cafä ; and if & h^^ro comee bonie from a war anywheTs hia coüintry- 
men at once maka him eaC B.nd dtink in public by way of abowltig 
their respect ior bim, The wbole thin^ ia absurd. Tba ooly 
creatiim that ia not oiTüneivs wbeu it sata ia a bird. Juist onglittls 
dive in a cob&, or under & viue-leof, aLd it hofl bieaJifaated. Lut 

* Wbeu n very pretty wniran eata a atrawberry, tbebird ia not 
¥ejy much ber Buperior,' murmured Melville. 

'EeverBnd father,' eaid tbe Priucöas, ' you havs no businc« to 
know whetbaf oao ia pretty or Bot, Fruit, perliapa, doaa keap 
BOrafttbing' of the golden R«e about if ; but ouf ditiuüra E — vrera I 
a mau I would revar et^ the wotsaa I adojirod t&M££ her ahareof 
diseased üt^fb, toitured üeb, slaiiErhtared aon^ti^ra, Thay ara fond 
of writiBH- nowadays about a higher buinanity -which will aucceed 
to ours; mit my idea of it would ba that it abould he fsd lik« 
Pönelon'a ialander» by only breathing- Bweet odouis. IThat would 
b^ fivea bdtt^r Htm ths biid's d)p tu tba kw/ 



' Then yoQ will not go to MiUo P ' persUted Otlimw. 

'Wbo knawa whftt one may do in twantj-four hoursP ' 

Tlie earrfttitfl Lad cairied tbe i^old traya out into Ibe ^rden 

«fter ber. Sleävilie and Ludy Brüncepetli, who were more ccitn- 

foitable in thg embrac« of tbeir pldeh couches, returDsd withiu- 

doon; Otlimar diaw hia chaii Lieai>ar to Lere, and DÜürtid her • 

^ Rurality bIwu^b wants thia conaolation, Piiaoeßs,' liö sali, ai 
he did SQ. 

* Tba&ka ; not tili I ha^ä finishäd my EtnwbßTtiea, Tliej an 
deliüioufl. IIow do yoii manage your liousehoIdfiP If we go 
homd uneipectedly anywhera ive always find thfl satTaiits away, 
the maior-aoma diunk, ths Louse topsy-turvy, and doC a tliing- to 
eat witUm twcuty mil&a. IIow dtd j'ou Jkeep them at tliis point 
of perfecLion? ' 

^They are never eure that I may not arrive at any momeat. 
If servanta he not ready at any bouT of Üie day or night they bj» 
not wortli their salt. Then I Üave very fuithfiil filewaida ' 

'One ma-iTül does not explam another. Ths üdelity is perhapf 
more astoniBhinfir tlian the perpetusl rejidictfl»!' 

* I reward üdaiity; mögt people liuiit themHelvea to accepliDg 
it, If jQU da Hot pay jüuC eervant well he ^11 help hiiuPEli.' 

'I am flure wo [lay — pay undleaely. PlAlon ej^^iida Ileareo 
faiowB wiiBt OD the servants, hut he gcU only a mols of TOgues, 
wbo roh bim right und Mt.' 

' I havö no tight to aupposa the Priiifie leaa wise than myaelf j 
Imt p^rhnps there la oth^r payment aa wqEI aa moniey in wbich ha 
doos not deal. Ilet the hiimbleet man in my sürvice hnvo ptenty 
of hopc ; there is no rooraJ tonic so liracitig ; each of tJiBm knuwa 
that ho may riße if he ooly doservo it^ Then, Hg'SiJ^, I am heedfid 
to h&Vß my houäS-etswarda mem of blgh chatacteF; & boufio 
itaward is ooe'e viceroy — one cannot he too citeful in chooftiug hlm,* 

'I should never have ewppoßed you cared ahout thoea rhingSp 
Othmar/ she eold, in much eurprlsa, asebe fitared at bim, a Gtraw- 
beriy hdd uneaten againet her Ups. 

'OnsmiiatthmliflhouttheoiürbeBt warwith one'a consciGnce/ 
be answered. ' Tliat is the teditun of life ; ita dutie£ are so icex- 
orable and bo weari^ome.' 

•la an eßäy conaci'&nce absolutely neKSsary to you P ■■ 

'No; Icoiild easilyimapne circumstancea linder wbicli a^uÜty 
om would make me carry it ligLtly.' 

A gleam pf tbe old passionate emotion wbic'h ehe hnd onc» 
koDwn in Lim pasaed Tor a moment lata his ey^a with glocm and 
fire ming-led. He repi-eßsed it; he did not wiah her to belJevg 
tbat Bbe bad atill tlia power ovör hia life wbich shs aclually 
poasessed. Uü heard Jiei voico eayiug alwaya : ' I will bnva no 
melodramatic pna^ious to dlüturb me ; they are ahauid, they ft» 
out of dato, tbsy are tireaoiii>Q/ 



And abo had a^d it out of qo Tirtue, onlj out of ebecr sliallaw« 
ne^ and indüference. 

' Tbat ifi 3 Teiy sbockbg seutimeDt/ ehe aaid demurely dow, m 
*1)d ate anot^er Btrawberry. *At laist, one ie bound toaayeo; 
Wpn&ignocB in there would certainly esy eo* Indeed, trom Mon- 
eignOre'a point of tibw, one would certainlj tliick itso ; but as ^ 

all Bo completeiy of one mind tbat we know we &re only autoiaA'tn.j 
mode up of nerve-centres and different gasee, I do not see why 
we ebauld nec^asArilj haTa consciencps at aJl, do jou? Wby 
ihould we bave one ao^ tnoxe tban the zostära from wbicb I naincd 
fchat yacbt P ' 

• Oaiy becaus« tlia zoatenc bare uo tr&dltions of a conBcience, 
all mea aave,' 

' All lUQD P Siira^es bave not, primitive roceä bavQ not ; and 
how ebould we know wbätlier tbe zoBtera Los or baa not P Kba 
may bave a verjr perfect System of etbica, eiltb^j on ber roc-ka 
in reoch cf the Udo — I abould Ibiiik, imdticd^ abe bad a sort mI 

'Tounamedtbat yacbtP' be issid abrupU^t 

' Yes ; QeraMiae bad ber built last yeur. He js not like you ; 
La boa not a ^upgr^tition tbat qe« Ib bound to ^o on aniling la 
Üie 6IUD6 aliip all one'a lÜ&j bowover oU-fiiifibiunod fibe mny ^öw*' 

' Lord GfiTiüdine ba.i tnanj superiorities orer me. IJe htifi tlio 
patienoe to plny at Piatonic ciüisboism aa cbüdren play far 
eountftTB,' Said Orbmar, "witb a bnisqua contecupt, 

' Tbat ia neitber a wcll-bi^d epeecb nor a true one,' eaid 
Nadine Naprnxina very calmly, as sbe sot down her cup. 

'Ita breeding I conEot defend, ils trutli I do/ he anawcrcd 
coHly. ' Tbere ara men wbo cao apend tlieir Uvea carrying a 
womBc'fl faD, and ask for notkinf^r niore at ber band&; tbej buva 
meritsj no doubt, buf ihoy are not tbosa "wliicb I rappreciate.' 

' Poor Halpb I U he Lcard yqu I ' Ehe aaid, witb a little yftwn 
wbicb alia coidd not control, ihougb sha tried to etifla it witb a 
cigareüe, * Ha Üiiidffi bimsdf far more nianly than you becausa 
he fihootS' fur and ftiatbcPf 4Qd you do Dot kill anytling — except a 
tnan now aud tben 1 ' 

' I öJfty tet add to tbe list öf thö ktter/ flflid Otbraar. 

'Thö MoEgoÜRha bare tuade you vory aavage/ &be eaid, aa sl» 
lightf^ the cipareUe, ^ Aud you uwd to bä so gentie,' 

^ I ueed to be many thinga tliat I have ceaaäd to be aince Ihe 
twentietb of April, a year and eipbt montlia ago/ eaid Ütbmar. 

Sbe bad forgoltea tiie date wbicb he renvembered so acctiratelv, 
tbe date of the day on wbicb tbey bad parted in ber own room m 
Paria, witb tbe emell of tbe üloc gf tbe avenue Coming in tbrou^ih 
thß opGn Windows, and tbe aiiOßet paya, aa tbi^y eaino tbron^^b tba 
rosfl-colourßd biiiids, toudiiog her fiijr face, und tbe curl of bet 
long dark laebea, aud tba beautiful moutb,, witb tb$ littlaf cruel^ 



lang^id smil^ ob it, as abo liad iAid^ ' I will liav« nq mGlodrAmfctle 
pfceione tu disturb me.' 

&he looked &t Lim now with thfl domim us-solfcouBcionaneei 
of & cbi Id, 

* Ah ] I never could remember dsten,' aha njunnuMd, * I wcj 
the dogpair of uU my gr^Tameasfli, I had such a bad memorj.* 

*lt iB couvenieat BometiiacB/ BHid Otbmor, a little bittarlj. 
"WTiy were all tbga« past hgurs written od hii remerutjraace as tLe 
chistj writes ob *toDe, while bIib bad elittlcen off tbeir memorieB si 
ttv bird shalcea a BummBr tbIh offita wicgs ? 

*AQd how/ he added with AH «flbtt^ *with auch & defftCtiT* 
lir»iii aa you deacnlnSj hava yo« become ore of thö modt cultüred 
women of Europa t* Cöea fii^etfiilDäai of — dfttea — echsnca Üia 
power of acquiiiiip otlier kiiowledgs P ' 

^ I think it leavc« the lire-in freer,' ehe atuwersd, in tbat seretia 
Wfty wlilch sha had with Ler when eha was inttinding^ thjit a man 
ahould nerar tbr^t hw whatsTer she mip^ht cLonitt) to fordet. 

*No doubt/ he ea^d inipatiently, 'No doubt le&niiäd woman 
haTe never leen very teuder oriös.' 

'Lsornedf wbat & teniüc word. Waiild you call a men 

fcior frivo!r)U9 morMiaine Ukö rae ty the enme Word that deacrihad 
^y Jane Grey and Mr&. Sonnsi-TiUt^P I kuow s few IftDjrUüg«« ; 
I bad bGnnoB üf eviuy cntion wbeD I wag 4 bq,by ; and I have read 
Schapenbauur and Herbert Spencer^ and I aasurs you tlint ooa 
bored me as much as the otlier. But laflnieiJ I would a ba» bleu 
eat your ütrftwberriee or amoke your cig'arettaii P * 

'Or takd all my heart ard my soul out of ma F" ha thought, « 
ha anawared, ' No ; certaialy your one gruat Bcience, Madame, waa 
rever leamed »ither id tba nursery or out of Scbopanbauär and 
Herbert Spencer. It ia tbe perfectioa af bit^h art ; and you., lika 
ätl auprema artistB, csmot pauao to remember what yoiit ftudiee 
may coät to yqur eubjecis,' 

Sbs did Hot aak him what art or a^^itiCe he meant ; nhe lighted 
a eecond cigarette, aod suid, in "h^t aweeteet vnice, ' I do not tbink 
you aie quitja ao «ven-tatii perfid asyou used to be, Count Otbmar. 
Look, th? Sun in low; it ü lims Ut he Bfoiii^ bomewurd, What 
•X6 ÄToiiBigTiöra and EtöItd dmjig P Will you call theßi, plaaae P ' 
'Stay jf&t A little whila : I huva not aeen you for flo lonp,' he 
mormuTfHi, asbamed and ii'iitBited at bii uwo w^akusfia in Ultiog 
tha vorda escape bim. 

'Naturally you liavenot/she Baid^ witb a gay lftugb,*flinc9 
you have betau in Aeia and I in Europe. Why did you go to Aaia f 
People do cot do that sort cf tbiieg nowadays. If they be anuoyed 
they walk down to iheir dub and play hard, or tbey ride a horee 
at a Bteep5ecbftBB, and io a weei tbey think no more about it. 
And why did you har« tkat duct with d^ SäD6l&c P It was varj 
impradent. I had told you I could not bear tbat kind of 
melodraDut. Nobodj knew, c^rtAÜily, but' that was only bMitti« 


ttej wcTfi all stupid; an^one luight have known. AndSändM 

□evur Iflft hiB bad for sis moQtlis ^ and hnra you keard that he wiQ 
limpf they iiay, for ever ? ' 

Othmar, witb & ge^ture, ictimated t1mt the müfortuae of liii 
lata ftdveraarj wu a matter of utti^-r üidilfdreDce. 

* If jou ba fiorry tLat be limps,' Le äsjd imputieiitly, 'be sony 
that yoü gftve bim your loiiquet Co carry Piincess, you are very 
fond of ptyctological atudiita, but you do not Ute lo ba remindiid 
of whüt othera pay for tbani, Yoq know WfU enough wbat m^Q 
tuflä? foF yäu, and thmii^h yöii, but you da not cbooe« ev9r to 
bUme youreelf for maldng Uiata do so. The World ha« DOt 
chm^d ; tb& moda of axpre^flion may hiive altered, but DieQ feel 
as they feit in the daya at David er of ^»chylua. Lots is what 
it vaa tbea, a toere pa^sing ph'^nBuri? or paiD to many, but to Homa 
tbe beirald of kwiTea or <u hell, tbe b«igetter of haroiam. oi of 

^1&^ dear Otbmar, pray «xcuae me/ iaid Nadina Napraxine; 
' ^a talk beautifully, you alwaya dld, but I cauEot atay to heu 
you. whea tbe bqb la jiisE g-oinp dowc, aad we bftvo oo!y a yacbt 
that craivia to taki^ us bnipe to dinii@r. It is my ftLuIt that U 
orawla: be would hav@ bad a eteam one if I bad Dot preveoted 
bim, I detest smohe asd maohin^ry^ but Atill Certaioly wLthout 
tbem oQG crawU. Moneignorej will you come if you liave tinißhed 
t&lkio^ abüut the Littla Siaters of tha Pof)r?' 

Othmara facio ^w coM, a anmbra displeaaure darkaned hii 
eye»;, he draw back and let Melville join Miidame Napraxine. He 
hiiDfielf walk«d beaide her üieiid do-wu tha path throu^b tha wnoda 
talkins', but not flensibls of wbat be eaidr watcbiog- tha red BuuBhaäe 
with ita embroideräd buniiiiiiig-birdt> ptise before bim undoi the 

Aü they near^d th« qiiay ha taok &ctTn tbe banda of ona of hlt 
Enätt two bouqiieta of gurdeoiia and orchida, and ofteTäd tbem to 
the two ladit^A; they w«re in pretty corrbuocipiaof nlvered wick9> 
work. Anyon« would hAva tbougbt that tbai« had beeil the pre- 
paration of a week for this »rtem^on. vieit. 

*' You txü hon firine«* aaid Madaraa Napraxine m slie taok bar 
orchidfl, 'wby will tou preterid to b& a barbarian? Tha littla 
^Bcef\il amenitiu of tbe world become you, and you do tbem aa 
well, though you do tbeim w nelv^om ; wby wiU you tas^i» ynureelf 
Hfl komme dt fayer — m<mqv-6? It is mucb nicer,' ahe added üi a 
low cnurmur, • to giTe m« & bouq^uet tlian to aboot acothui mau for 
c»rrjjinp one.* 

Ue did not answer« Her J6stR jarred on him, 

Wben they reaclied tbe quay tbe aUn wae aetting, tbe boat wfti 
waitinp, tha Bailöra immovAble, thf'ir oara bsld Mraigbt ia ihe sis. 

'Ädieu, Othmar 1' aaid tbe Prince^s Nadiue fT^ily. 'Your 
•h&teau ia marrellous, your orchidH are exr^nisilep ardyour tea wai 
HtchviUiig} W4 will Wäve fuu all alomi in your jiovtic »uiiiud«! 


pjiiNCESs JVJpj?Axry£. 

■nd wLen ron want pioee and soclet? jou will come to L« 

' VViLi you not honour me ugaia P '' he said, angr; tt bis own 
weako^aa. ' Would you nct dine with me to-moxruw night ? Ox 
tte day aftcr to-morrow ? I Üimk tha Priaee would cooie.' 

' üb I Platoa would come cerfaialy,' anid Nadina Napraiiae, 
with n emUe ; ' you aro bis eepacial friöndt He shall come to you 
tilonQ ; thcn you can t&lk to liioi aä Imich ns yüu like abaut ih« 
bumbg of MofiCDw and — &nd — all those other datea for whicb yott 
have 60 admiraMe a meinory I ' 

She woiild ßay no niore tb&n tbat, And btüT musicBJ filigbt Uu^h 
tantolised bia <?ar as tbe boat puabed otl' in tbe deep bluä water, 
uid tbe S(>anaBii b^iiit abova tlieir osra. 

Otbo Otlimar Isanod agHimt tbe marlil« Laliutrade aod watched 
tham row away towards tbe acbooner,ivitb aa anger in wbicb vain 
regicU and baßl^äd du^iräs wäre minglad diacoriBolatelj, Ile tb- 
maicM tbere. tili the aiiQ vms gono down, &ud tlie white cauras of 
tha yacbt liad pasaed out of ai^bt round a band of tba Hhore, 

Wlien liB retraced hia etepa to bis eolitury Uouse, be e&w a tea- 
1060 lyicgf beeide tlie plded parden ctutr wbicli eba he^d oocupjed 
na Eib^nte lier BtrawberriBa, It wilb tbooDawLif^b she bad gntbered 
and dropped. IIa picked it up and put it in bis coat. 

* Quand on. aiaia o» n'a que vingt an»,' he thoug:ht witl isconi 
for himEelf. 

Ue anUired the goldtin dmwing-room, wrote a formal note of 
inTitatioD to therriiice and Princesa KapraxiDe,and said to one of 
bie sorvantSj, ' Send a messen^ai over witb this lütter tbe ürat ibitig^ 
in tha jQornin)^ to tbe villa tbut is called La Jacquemerille,' Yet 
lie Lad cöme froin Asia "with tbe ürm resolve tO' abow the PriDcae» 
Napraxine thnt bß bod cotiquer^d kU pagsioa for herj ssd be WH 
not ou tba wbole a waak meuL, 


Hü dbed fllope ; b, few telegrams would have filkd hia roome, but 
be did Dot oore for öocietj, wtiich 1ib thoucht oply came to bim 
bec&ug$i he wna nnö of tbe löW owners of miLliarda in Europe. He 
Bat aloQe afterdinner in the ealon wblcli &hb bad oArahsAf with 
the Hfjlit of half a kundred wai candles brißgiiig; out tUa golden 
gleams iü tbe plush, the coloura of tlis emhioidBred iriBes, tbe deiid 
guld of the coruica and panela, wblla b üie of olive wood glowed 
imder the carvinga of tba mmitelfiiece of porpbyry. Thu plusb 
curtajns, witb tbe l»i?e lieneath tlieni, veilM, tlie ehuttered wln- 
dowö; outaide tbe iiiglit wpa calm.) tbera was no eound ntjywbepei, 

The wo7d£ of AlelriU« camo back to bim fta b& saE tbeie in th» 



midet öf thö luxurj and of tbe Ionelin>?B9 .' ' Xo maliB a Eome is in 
the Tiower of anv man wlio ia not a priest.' 

It did not Eeem to him to Ha in ins. Ile could fa&Te boiig'lit a 
principalitr, tut he conid cot buy n home. Iätb aäticia could 
create tliat, and tlie oaly womaii Iis had loved for yeara waa 
Nadioe Nnpiniiitie. 

If ahe liad been what be wialied to Lim, would bIib hnTS mada 
bJra tJiis ideal home— ahe, cnpriciuup, indif^rent, diädniaful, mon- 
daine, aa she had aaid, in everj Latit, thought, und attitudö of her 
lue ? PerhapB doC ; probably Eot^ he line^v ; yüt ebe alona "srould 
have hftd power to make a molodj out of tbe diacoi-da of Li* deelrea 
Rud liia discöntent ;; ahe alone eceraed to him to fill tba vacant 
plac'ed, to sTEÜß acrcia the solitarr rooia, to hara left tba lin^ering 
peifurae of her presence there, oa tbö oranf^a fiowers left thair 
xragrance in the cabiiiet m ^Licli Ünsy waie laid for a monisnt. 

Otho Othmar -naa one of the riche^t men in Europen be waa 
often dispoeed to regret it, aa many peraons reglet that to wbich 
tbev have been bora. He did not tbink it a tbicg' to be vain of ; 
be wa3 even occasionaily ae^mmeil of it. It seemed to Iura that 
wbea jou were eo mucb ricbi;r tban moat of yoiir fellows you 
were required to be Tery miicb bett-er thnii theyj and it ia not 
alwaya agreeable^ nor oftfln eaSy, tö ba eo. Wbeü he äigoed 
'Othmar'it was aa wh™ an empürör si^na bia nome, and witk ft 
BtTolia of tbe pnn be coiild give away milHoca wilb aa mucb eaaa 
aa lesser mortala can Bcattey pence. Thia facility waa no pleasura 
to him. Thotigh he was well aware that ricbea are the one ruhnjf 
power of tbe modeni world, and comprise in thcmsBlvüs the wiab- 
IB? cap and tha ma^lciaD'e wand, Excnlibur and Ho1y Grau, ba 
did not greatly prize bis possesaion of tbem ; perhapg Iwcaiise tliey 
bad been alwaya befoie him irad »bout him in profusion from bw 

ThB Otbmar furtuüß had been Btendily growlng for n eentuFy 
Vid a half, At the coinmaBcemenl Mate Othmar, a Oroat, native 
of Agjam, had been a poor man eiiough — a horse dealer, sjme 
Hijd a horae etealer — what precisely naver waa known. Agram ia 
»ot a \BTy grefitly freqütmted place, and recorda ^at easUy mil- 
dewed and dim in it, vVhetber ha hegan life na pedkr, ot paasant, 
or, aasome aflirmed, aa a rohhar of wild colta, Marc Othraar at 
forty yeara old was a tnoney-tendftr, coinmiaalon a^iit, and backer, 
and at eixty Lad become a millionaiie, known of far bejond 
Oroatia, and bäd laid tbe foundationa of ooe of tbe great finaui^ial 
bougcg of Eostem Enrope. 

Hin son quadrupled his pnase^ioüa and eitended liia Operations 
WftBtward and dortbwHi-d. Hia grandsoa feil upon the hard timea 
of the Napoleonic watR as on a bed of roses; and from, the misK 
foituoea Ol Auistria and Frussia, and tbe nocessüties of Fitt's 
England, mside g-old ob rapidly aa tbough bü had had tbe pbilo- 
■opiiei''B atoue in a ciuciUa. He grsw iato a ve-ry coIobbui of 


rlcltefir Bud hu faoiieea did their bueioera in Vienna, Paru, London, 

and Fratikfort. FI« marriad tlie daughter of a French duke, Rod 
msde liU central houa« of buaineaa in Paria, 

Ilis eldeBt Bon SUifaü« who iohii'rited all bis astutane??^ aui>-' 
ceeded hjni in duecoureo in the djreciion of affaira, nUy seconded 
bj hie brotheP Friederich, and m bis tcm mamed tliffl dlau^liter rS. 
ap EDgUeb tJoUemiui, by wböm be had onö gon, Otho, who was 
cbiefly educftted in England, Eind wha h&d Uttle or Dothbg of tha 
Otlinriar tjpe ia feature or in charactpr, 

Ue wae a boy of iniiniite proiiiise, and of qq ordinarr mind^ 
biit, daepite hia personal acd iotell^tüal (rift», be waa a biLter di^ , 
appctntmeat to hiB falber ; and the mdiiti;reDC&, wbicb at timH' 
deepened into CDntempt, with wbich ths lad reviewed the on^iu ' 
and tiie froplojment of the fortuoRs of big hnnsB wetned to him | 
nothin^ short of blaBph^m^i Stefan Othoinr fainifielf waa A man . 
of Bicesaiva Brrcig'6DCB, but it was a btmrgeois arropance, proad o£| 
its owa eource» Bud doinioion, and capable o£ infijiite eelf-ahai^-j 
meDt in the pursuitof Belf-interest. Tbat bJA boj sboiild revoltl 
B^ainat hie descent ftbd de&pi^e tbe fiitlire befora him waA a fftt^t so ' 
hidieotis and bo aQLaiiinß' in hia si^bt that, had he not kaown hii ' 
dned wife to bare been tha pure&t and coldest of wocqbd, ba 
would aimost baire douhted tbat bü own blood ran in the Teina cl'^ 
*hifi degeneratä beir. 

Aa ütbo grew towsrdB. meiibood the diBtance betweea tbem 
widened mora Bnd mora. That 4 fagtidioua Jane )reritlefann,& fftn- 
tofitic and futile dreämer, a mera Ti^nnärj and dilettanro, ahould , 
Ido thä OutCätne. of A hüDdröd and Üfty ;eara of dnnnciaJ SuoCeM 
and ambjtion eeenaed to Ooiint Stefan so fri^htfid a motfeöTT of 
fortuDB, tbat he curaed hie own folly in having wedded a patrician, 
iDstead of flome wonuin of a common but amhitioua stock who 
would have ^veo him ßucc&B&ora content, and aolely content, witt 
the auperb position of princas of BBan.ce, and capuDla of doubling 
Aud qaadrupling tbose many nLÜIionH whicb were bi» owd ecatosy. 
Tbo Tery virtuea of bis eon alarmed bim ns bardly any vict« ' 
would haye doneL The youth was aCi deilcatB of mind and täStfif 
SO deTOut nud chatte of habit, bd meditutive and eo solHary by 
etioicGi that hia father grew alarnted leat h>8 ahonld actualily do 
what he. At tinses threatened, and CoUsäiCrate himgelf tO tha Oatbo- 
lic prißsthoöd. He toolt a Tiolent remedy. 

He went to one of th« raoüt eeductiva and most vanal woman 
of the day, and aüd to her, ' Win thie boj from hia dTBama or ha 
will become a nionlc.' 

Sbe uodertook th>Q miBsion, and Bocceeded in it. Sbe deatioyed 
all tbat WH» flpiiitiial aud innocent In him with the mercilaat 
witchaty of the courti^^^sn^ which ia lllie Uie tida of bnrning lavA: 
110 grasa will epting wbere tiie acoria haa apread. Ha awoka !■ 
hüT anna without a fiLith. Hö never again dreamed of the »• 
Ji^ua life^ Shs eamad well tlie eatate in Fianche-ComU and 

fRmCEss NAFnÄXJfiS, 

Cbfl Inr^e snm in rouleaux which bis father eettled on ber; but 
nothiii); in aftsr-life cDoJd ever pre him bock tlioae hearenwsjd 
aepirntions, thftt purity of eoul, wüicb she hnd owept s-wayua witb 
a wQve of fire. Lika tbe yonn^ l'teicliFitadt befcire bim, h& Imd 
vnated all tbd Bplendour and iDDOcence cf a firat pi^Bsion an a 
w&ntOQ trbo häd betfajed him for ^old. The tirst passbn of k 
boy coloura aU bis futurei the bitwr-sweet flavoiu? of thia re- 
ntaiaad with him thrDugb all hia later years. Love without it 
wu tuteleae ; 1ot9 witb it wu vorChleas. Ha taid once to bii 
fatber : ' You had better hava hllled me than bare girsa ma to 
San Vemon.' 

' Who pas&es bj tbe gatea of diaUluaion hos died twice.' Hia 
fatlier bad poebed bim with a burd band tbrougb tbose pitea, 
believinp t!n.v thej led to th« patb of aelf-knn-wled^ and of empiie 
6Tfir men. 8t()faD OtbiDar had not 'wscted a poetf a Bcholar, a 

ShilantliTopist, or a priest for bis BHCcassor ; be hnd wanted a cold- 
earted, c^lear'bQndBd, unscrupulooa, uiiyielding linancier to told^ 
and BTOU to increaee, th« miglity pnwer& änd poeöeäsioilB of wblcb 
the nAtne of OtbmaF woj a eymbol to tbe 'world. 

But the crims ha ha^d committed did not obtain fw him what 
he dasired. The meiciless cynicism wich whicb bs hnd deBtroyiBd 
tiifi f&ith and tbe purity of hii aon did not in^ure ita obJei:t. The 
jouth Tem&iiied ae aJoof io raiiid from tlie tr&ditioiia ol hin hDuse« 
Kod &B disdäiulul in eptrit of tliGiD,Tis ba ha.d beeo befbre. He coc- 
iented, iudeed, with apatbjj to put bis eigTJature to th« deeda which 
msda bim gne of tba chii^fs of tboi tousC) faut tbat wna all wblch 
Stafoti Otfamai' ^ained bj his GODd immteaurable Xatm- Soma fouf 
yesM iitef, *vhän Otho waa two-and-twöoty yeara of afre^ Stefaü 
Othmardied Buddenly on the at^pa of bis gre&t hotel in tue Boul*- 
Tard St.-Germain, aa he wa» ascending them aftsT an audieDce at 
tlieTuileriee,in whichhehad been tbe icasterof tbeiaituationf and 
Nipolöon Troifl the Buppliant, He died of fulminant apopiaxy, 
witbont ac iiiBtßTit a WArning ; but hie afl'iüre wero left iq the moat 
perfect order. His brotber Fritz renmined, who had besn hia aüer 
effe bII hiB life, and notbiog was altüi'^d in the HßuBG of Othmar, of 
^bich hb SÜD beciuae aupreiDB ms-Bter. 

The young bimi received the oew* Ar away in tie forest receafle! 
of JLahore, at the cgart of sn Indian prince, wh^ra he waa being 
fbasted witb royal honoum in che course of bis travelä over the 
World. Ttiere had been oo Bvfflpfttby between hia father and him- 
eelf; tfaeir t&mperamema had b^isii aa oppoait« as the pol«i; little 
aeatiment of peTj^onal aftectioD nninglledwith hia suddea condctoiu- 
□esB tbat be was absolute lord of hia own de^tiniea. Hia tiiat im- 
polae was to use the power iuto wliich he had eat^red to deBtroy, 
at a blow, aU tbat bia forefatbera bad been a Century and ß half in 
b^flilding up foT him. 'It is a px^s of Korruption ^ it aball periab/ 
be AHJd to himäetf, witb ibo rutbieee IDtegTIty, tbä UnBpariti^ faOA- 
ti6Lun,ofag;ejieToiuaiidbägb-fiouledyouth. But wliati ha reiumed 

«4 rsmCÄSS liAPÜAXWB. 

to EcgUoiI and csme fac« to face with all hia rssponaiiiJlitlea and 
powers, he found ibat which ha hfid tbough ho eaey waa quita im- 
poe^ible to acconipHah sa ho desirad to nccompliah it. liia first 
UDpnlse waa to tlirow the whole into liquiilation and elTace tlia 
E-HooseofOlbmariromänanciAl existence for ever. Butto doaowsa 
kut B dream ; tLe Enacctal world would oot bare relensed bim irom 
liie oblig'ationfl; hia only living' relative, h'n f&tln&r'ß brother and 
partoer, Btiron Friedericfi Otbmar, etoutlv refueed to auffer that to 
%Q dona wbich wouM, )d bia BLgbt, b&vä De>eLi a greatai^ Otimg tbäQ 
mauy tourdera. 

Againet hia desirM and against bis conscience, he had, on reach- 
inj hiä majority, been lialf-persiiaded, balf-coöre«!, bj hia father to 
asdociate hiniäelif in legal form ■wirb tba hoiise, 'i'be act had been 
one of ülial nacrificp, and it bung lilce a wallet of stonee about hia 
neck. Ha fouiid that hia power had ita linnkfi; Ümt he could no 
more disengagg himself from all tha Operations and eDgngementa 
of his finn than a young king can emaiicipnta himself from tba 
trammeU of court and coaatitution. He had a right to ruin Mm- 
■elf, but ha had no right to miii all thoaa who^e fortunes wero 
interwoTen with the eaterprisea of hia predaces&ora. IrritBted und 
disuppointed he TBRignusl himgelf to tba jnöTitablRj and remaiin&d 
tbe '^mBifltfirof milliardsj'wilh ns tuucbre^et bS theyCiufif Francis 
Joaaph accepted thediademof Austtia. The cloth of gold in which 
tbej, hia forefatheTa, had wrappod hlm remained upon hiiu, and 
Bometiine.9 be tbougbt it a very abirt of NassiiB. 

SometimeB he was almost tempted to täte the tow of porerty 
for Iba auke of getting rid ol it, hut ba was TEJstrained oy two 
recollecüoQs — one that he liB.d uo Bpiritual faith, tb'O other that 
mankiad in general would bare voted biin insane. A proibund 
molancboly^ without any definite or special cauuia, grew upop bim ; 
La fßlt lh@ sen^a of an imrq^Dsa reapOßeihillty, wbit^b he saw iiä 
luann&r of usiEg with proportignate naefdlEeea. The sopbism that 
dutsea unsought may te djaregBrded did not aatiafy his conadencB, 
Tvhikt hia knowletlgo of the world told bim that to do härm ia aa 
easy aa to kiss yoiir hand, whilst to eifect any grent good ia aa bard 
BS to aovö tbö tnoimtaitiß from their bases. Public charity only 
tiLls thö pockets of greedy apecutatord ; private chajity too oftea 
raiaea up a testering innsft of inipostuTfl. The rieh mao gota thi-ongh 
tba world ss a shettp tbrough briara in apring time. Il" he be s 

Eerfwt egoiiat, be ia bappy enoiigb ; if he Luve tbought and fe^^lLn^i 
18 depressed by the uüivera&l greed around him, and hy tue 
i.bdolut^ impotance of all roUgiong to bridle it, 

Otho Otlunor remained always ßeuaible of a bitter iiritatioTI and 
degradalion wheiiovet he reoÄlled tbe aourcea of the weaith bö en- 
f.Joyed : tbe ruin of prosperous countrieB, the wbolesale alaiigliiter of 
wara, the diatreaa or disgrace of ancient nobilitießj, the iinpoTerisb- 
meot of nalioHä. True, tb«re waa another aide to tbe tbrone of 
Floti]Q,(HiwLicbhia fatba» liad watedtiienuelTea; by their mearui 





to doubt^ anberpikea iiad been canied out fcr wliich humanily, on 
tliQ whole, wQä mtiterially, If not fipiritaally, tlie better. Canale, 
i^eaerts, mUies, citiea, c(*Ionie3, ocean-woys, had feit Üie ■riviilyiDg 
powere of tlie great Ollitnar loan»; büt tbe evil sppe&red to him 
rar td Outr-balatics tbe ^ood, and hU tbo wealth BEiemed tP him 
tainted, H& had considörable mide, in a sLapewItb whlch men 
would not have ByrnpathiBed, Hb funeied tiiat thö Jnuherited Qobil- 
ity of hia French and Enfflisb blood waa alwaya at war with the 
bloodof tha Oroatbranitera by wboni he Imd beenbegolten, Tboagh 
Lb poBidDii was ona wtucb almost all ttta world envied, it "VfiLs one 
wbtob gnlled himBeir. Titks bad been offeired him, but he had 
eontemptuously lejected tbem. He was Otbmar j tbe name spoke 
to all tbe enta qf Europa; hö did not conaider tbat the story JE toH 
COUld be eitlier ^hang^d or buried bj HniOtbering- it uadymentb the 
blaze of Booie princeehip ot dukedoän. IIa did not evöti call bim- 
self, na ötbera eatled him, Oount Olbmar, and be put neither corO" 
net op öseutebeon öq biß carringBa, bis platäj ot bia writiBg-papMt 
Hfl was far too proud to be proud in that way, 

HlustrioiiB. alliance^ bad been proposed to bim, htit be bad 
rejected all ; tbe world expficted Min to marry greatly, but he re- 
mained tba horiBfiud the deäpairof all tfaeEuropean nobibtiea, whD 
would have wiUingly accorded him acy one of tbeir fair Tirgißa. 
Thelr en^rnesa bn.d early givea bim a cyoical diedpin for tbe 
»ristocraciäs to whicb hig tasten &t.tractad him; be hs-d na lesa a 
difidain fjr tha Unanciol order tö wbich ttaditioD allied bim. On 
thö wbole, ftltboügh he bad ußver Jiad anj epeeiftl sorrow, he woa 
flCArcely a happy man, thongb the whole world waa readj to ffra.tify 
and amn^e hun. He had been alwaya able to iddid;:^ bisfancies to 
the utternsoet, but all tba venal boauty wbich allected. adomtlou 
foi him laft bia beart cold. 

Tbough gentle in mariner and chnry of apeecli, he Could ph 
provocatitm atvy caustic trutba which ciit lilia auTgaona^ IcmveB. In 
genoTsI, bowevej-^ ha waa iadulgent to folÜM which bfi did not 
ahare. He Hved alwaje a littlö apart fFom, tbe woild in wbich be 
WAS BD conapicuous a iSgurej, and he judged it with good natore 
rnther than with symparhy. 

ÜccaaiDnftUy, ua Nadioe Napraiine had said, il voyait pnjaune; 
the hitteme^s ot' Bpiiit whicb coTuea ov^r all wbo see tbeniselTea 
»onght for what they possesa pasaed over bim also, but ita peasimigm 
Derer lasted long. Tbat human nature wa9 trivial but not evil 
was, on tha whole, tha residt of biä exp^Tierices, 

By one of tha odd c&prices in whicb di^etiny delights, a letteröd 
«038 wouldhavB baen thg utmoEt ho would have taredto commaud. 
Tbe incBsaant demanda which ä great fortuns alway» bringa upon 
its possesBor were to bim itkaome ; wherever ha went manlkiDd 
puTfiued him hat in band and band outHlrati^bed. He conld arrira 
nowbare withont pstitiona and iavitatiora rainmg' in on him; ob- 
Kurity wu not to be enjoyad eveu in Moogolia^whaie tbe Foreign 


MinifiterB st the ChineM Oourt and tbe Celestial Emperrir biraiell 
Beet mouQted mesaeagere alt^r him to seetbat iie came to nolmmi. 

irrilfited hina perretuallj ; tho iffiposaibility of securinif privacy, 
to bim förmpa tlie gTftveat öf aEno^aticös. Ilia intolsranöe öf 
püblicitv made bioi almoat deteat the wbole hiimati race wbich 
coEbbiued to lefuse it to him. To be comp^Uäd to liv« in a ß-lnsfl- 
hoose appeared to him t^ destroy the very örat requisita for tife's 
enjoymeiiti. I]ti cioncealnd thia eouBitivanesa under a cliüliuesa of 
roanoer TChich did iujuatica to tlie rsd wormth of hie eyiapEthiea 
Tbere was mucb that was utonce attrnctive BudirritatiQ^to womeo 
in IMb yoaii[c niaa wbnse fortunea wcrg eq immi^Dae and powar eo 
eilendeci, who yot pß,^sed tbroii^h the ■world with aq UDnifßCted ftn 
i£idifrere)iiT& lö liiti DWb advatiTiigtfS iit it, and wbo had tlia mdan- 
choly and romantiß fenturea of a Ruy Blas or of a Kolla. With 
men« hia psrl'eCt Bimplicity of elpfBeeioll, hia unpreteDÜOiiB Courage, 
%üd bis nafailiDgr ganerositj, commanded roepect, wbilst bis poaition 
äxciled tlieir envj ; hat vvhile he compeUed thutir eeteera, he did 
ootr && a Tille, posä<:^B tliair aCtnchment. ' If tts are in a po&ition 
to serT9 mpn grefitly, we ehall never be fmmtly loved by tbem,' 
aald Melvilla to biui ouce ; ' wa ähaU malie ti>o many iugratcs, even 
tliDii|,^L we da our Ijest noX to make oa«. Men, aa a rtile, love moBt 
■what they caiisfi'ord alitü« to döspi3e,andbÄVe bo cause wbntever 
to envy. l)o yoa reiiienibiir livhen tlie anarchiata of '4Ö CBme Uj 
old Rüthscbild at Fürri&rea aod demcinded bis fortune for the peoplo 
of Trance, ntid he very quiully toolt up hia pen and mada aloudliis 
calculatioD tbat his fortune dividt<d thua would give everyone just 
four franta and ahalf eacli P Well, the fault of the Tery rieb man 
to tba World la alwiiyp KothscLild'a to the anarcbiBta ; cTeryona 
ejcpecta be can bestow oa aach of tbem ten milliona, whiUt be can 
onlj reoHy g'ive four franca and n half. The calcnlatioa may be aa 
elear afl daj, but tba fact i» one never forjjive?i.' 

Otbmar traderstood tbat very well w^ith ble reasOn, but be wa3 
DOC reconciled to it in bia bpArt; be would h&vB dealred «ometbing; 
different. Tbe immense liotel whiuh bis fathör had buüt, with its 
ceilin^a pninted hy Ingrea and Delnrocha, ita ^ardeaa aloping to 
the gFäiiiä, its gemiitie tleEieorefl of art, its douWe atajrcase, ita cour 
d'h.onntvr, its etablea built on ibä model of Cbantilly, was eo bettör 
tban a barn to bim ^ he deteated it with a aort ot petutaTiGe ; ha 
Dfiver willingly reaided in it. Ita network of commmiication with 
tbe bauks and tbe bureaus., laid with all tlie facilitiea wbich modern 
BcißDca Gould Jnvetttj lind uo iDti&reat for him. Ha did not fe«l tba 
filip-hteet piroiJon slxiiit ony pul>lic event tbat could posailoly 
happen, wbötlier wars and rumoura ot weits, or tbe botting of ä 
Tace-<;0UT9ä. Ile lisid aooe of thoBe taates wlitcb may maks a rieb 
man populoi for a sännon aiid ruiu'äd in a twelvemoTitb. To bia 
miatre^ses he wa* invarialily ganeroua, hut tbeee extravagancisi 
•ULTai'ly made luore impiüäaiuü on hia vaet foituna Üian a £ä*f 


pRileruII täken fjfom th? sea mske divünution in ita Tolma^. Hia 
gr^Ateet jplensiue, OQ whicb he apect hia monaj mgst lur^tily, WftS 
muäc. Wliereter he waa he gstlidred p-cnt auij^sra and muaiciftng 
BTourid him. She lind libeDed hio> \o Ludwig of Bavaria. Elia 
capricsB were not quite sä ecc^etitTic, but bis prefui^öücä wo« almo&t 
uurigiudginj?!;^^^")^'^'^- Hebad etadiedmueic tä&oreticBllT and 
profoimdly, though he had cever touched ttny iDstnunant anä had 
uev^r written a bar. It was od« of thoae tastäs whic^h to bia fatber 
had appcared sn aliaolute iDsauity. H« ako epent much upon liu 
llbrnriea and hia boreesj Rs the Prmce*'» Nftpraiine had a&id to bim. 
But fflcce ha was not a bibliophÜB, and did not carö for rare äditiona, 
and Devar raced of loade wogerfi, hia expecditure «veu hare vru 
moderate as compared »ith bis powers, From Üio tjme of bia 
Barly and bitter pasaion for Sara Veraon he had avoldad thoae 
fomouB sorcertiiBaes whu cau beg'gar Crceeue xnA dlscrown Cssar \ 
they recalled too vividly to bim tlie ititenaa HuHaTing of hia boy hood, 
wbaa be had foand hisaaelf bätr&yed bj what he adoi^d. To the 
few wouiea whom he had ever notic^ be had been inTaTialily 
geaeroua eTSU to ezcesa, witb a genaroälty thab atrove to make 
ameiidB for tb& acoro ho had for Ihem ; but be had had none of 
titoseJoag-eadoring Uaisims which cliog ILke ^e octopua acd dmia 
Jike l!iö Vampire, Tbe Iniowledge that so many wopian woold 
bave drunlc tbe drega of infaiuy at hia woid for tbe aake of bia 
gold, bald him aloof from tbem ; he wb6 cocBCious thnt they pill^ 
Hued him &3 the eword-fish pursucs tbe fish enttuigled in & fiaine. 
Tbere was no Venuehur^ which would not have let him enter into 
ita encbantment with hie golden kej \ and tbla untempt-ed Tann- 
hauserttiTLedawayindilferent. Ailtbe rest which attracted otber 
mea — ^Biii'bliDg,feaatiiig, drinHiLg',racii]g, livingtogetbürinfsveriali 
dowda — uppüared to bim ridiculooaaDd tiresome. All ths populär 
Ticea of men of hia rank eeemed to him duU aud vulgär, trivial and 
fltupiä ; the life of the niuscadin^ Qf the maaber» Beemed to him, OD 
tkfl whole, mcire etiipid tlian iha Tartar'a. There was a csrtain 
aidülarity betweec hiJfD audNadüiaKapraxine. Theworldappewi&di 
Co them both very narrow and ita reaouices few. 

For her the reault of thia jmpreSHion took the ehapo of ^fldftin^ 
in him of regreL 

In her it was a thirat of tbe mind, in bim it was h hun^r of 
the beart, wbich ledthem to think that tbe land aiouud them was 

Hia Meudfi called bim jestiuglj as Chateaubriand was äalledi 
'tegrand fnriui/£,' but it was preciaeiy hie vague disdonteiit witb 
|he paeriljtiee and the Tul^ariüee of eiißtencs whicb made hia 
affiiuty to Nadine Naprmxiiie. Sbe had much the Beme contecipt 
tiT all thoae wbo eurrouiided baT, and who made &d miicb of all 
tlieir littlo atubitäotis, wbo crowned themaelves witb atiaw and 
tboi'p)it f lipj «* igaed, who Bet their bouLs on a winninj^ horf^t ■ 
poliuc&l mäasiice, a policy, a jprojuct, or a eoup d'Hnt, wbiiät ib« 

» a 



boroa vaa to her taste a^ much woKb Tnutlng 111000111 OQ M th* | 

If he liiul höiird of bis own tntal ruiti lie wmild tavB put r] 
Hciraca ia his pcicket ainl walked oiit of tliö ^tnüi broHKO Risnni»*! 
unoö g-ateä of his palftce witli s fierenlty wliißli would iave lliaii 
in it noChing either atrained or ftlTocted. Hb whs no ascetic oT 
philosoplier, but bis great fortuDee bored lilm, aad their origin^ 
Rnnojed bira. IliiS t-atHp^rftment woiiM praLubly bave led U> 
higber ambitionä if he hvA aot beeo beim to so much poases^icn 
tlat ambition hnd no ecope. He wag wcmt to cit-o aa tlie wifleet ' 
man Ihe world bad known the g-ay pLjßician of tbe Fronde epocL 
Gui Patin, who sat tbroiighoat tbat troublous timö, pöncefuf ftiu3 
amuaed, bfcneath bis owti cherrj-treM. Hut fata bad seated liim, 
bimseir, beiie&lb tbe g^old pjigoda-tree, KaA tbairee seanoed to hintj 
a sterile one ; it bnd neütber fm^rance nor sbade, yet a miUioii ' 
eagep Lands were ahraya tryin^ to pluck from it, and for bim wbo 
tat under it tbure wm uo qiiiet. HoiHie ona wbs alwaya wantinjf » 
bim fo fibalte down tha fruit into tbeir handa. 

He had bad nne great miafortune: he bitd known aatiät] 
almoat before ha bad knowc onjoymenti and men wora ao bent 
upou mnkiii^ use of bim that tbey did not taka time to attadLl 
bim t-o tbem beforg thgy dispu-sted bim. The world in generrd did J 
not litcB biin much ; it followed bim andleasly^ but it tliniipfTit bi» 
reaervB anropftiice, bis flimplicity of taste aflectntion, and liifl di^ 
like to diaplay avarice. It did not compreheiid in tba leaftt tli»J 
üiuplö trutb tbat Othmar would bave shaken bis ^Id oS bii 
if bd couEd have dona bo like ao mucb miid. In the Croat' 
cbaractec tbi&re ars both romanca and religion; bö had more of 
tba üroHt tbaa tbe Englisb temper in Mm ;; but,. like most men of 
bis time, he bad no bebef at all, thougb it waa a boitow to bim, 
not a boast f and tbg romance of \m impulsea bad beon enriy 
cbilled fflnd eilaüCed by tba vennl paasiona ofTered to bia boybooo, 
for fiftke of bia wealtb. He learnea loo early tbat tbere ia scarco]?'^ 
anything' wbicb may not be bougbt. It la a knowlBd^ta wliicM 
bardenB tbe selli^b, but aaddensthü gencTotia, natuve. Tbö irr**! 
sistibla conTictioa that money ia after all tliG one great power ofj 
tba World Ü9 not an ■osbüftratmg; or a coosoling fact for thougbtful' 
or Tieionary niinds, 

Hb knew very well tbat ba mig'bt have been tbe moat Ticioi 
brultj, tbe moat brutal tymnt, ths moät nwrcileaa of men, «nc 
nianldcd would have äerved, fcUowed, and flattered bim none tba ' 
lesB ; be cQuldhave parcbiiBed immuiiity for moet criraeH, cotidonar' 
tion for moat iniqnitiea. So long as he had reamioad master of 
bia fortune and of bla poageeaiona^ he knew tbat men would bayo^ 
Bougbt bim none the lesa eageriy tbough be bnd had tbe vicea of 
a Flelit^BbaJua ; and that woinen would baTe givän thamaelvea l* 
bim nnne tha läse willingly thougb be had btwn aa hideouß aa tba 
Vttilfid Fiophat It did cot m&ke bim cynical | but it made bim 


tndlHareDt, and it moved Lim iX Um^B to a vipia B&dßäB«, It 
Kemed scarcely worth wfailä Tor bis foreiJubere to h&Tä r&ised that 
mouQtBiiii of g^sld, only that £>?iu its eiimunit iia mighc eae the 
nakedDtiBS of tJie irorld of men. 


At eig^bt o'clocli OH the following niglit Othmat wolkcd aciv>sä bU 
cAidäua, uiider a starlit elt^, townrda tlie adjacöut grounds or 
Millo, A few [oods üf plautatiou patbed hia froni thaire ; in tbe 
1t>ouiidarj fencs tLere was a 8iiib.I1 gate, of wlüch liiä major-domo 
hnd remUided bim tltat a key exieted. Tbe udg-lit wes joiiug^, but 
the atnrg already wero many, anl s ßlender mooii Lad nsen in the 
deep eeräDe blae oftbe bcavaDs, Tliougli it was tmdwinter, tLe 
■.ir woa aweet witb tlm saLeLL of oraoge orcbards in. Eowar, and oC 
the amTHatJc plne-woods of Lia owii ciidasiire&. 

' Will sbo be tiierö ? ' be tliougbt a bimdrad timaä, 
Hä bad kspt away früm her all tba daij, bmd bu&ied bimsolf 
■with bis Bailore, with bis ttewfirdj-wilb the condiiion of tbe plaoe;, 
but be loaped to sea that eaüla wliicb evan in ita m/illc6 was 
aveeter to bim than all tliu kiudnees of otbers, to hcar again tbat 
Toica wbicb was music to bLe eor, sr^n in its cbill, indÜTeränt 

He bad an intititiva belief, 'whlcU bad ti^en ahakcn but not 
dwtiDyed bj bis owu fdJuce, tliat \a bei natiirs tbara w^re doptba 
to be reacböd, ptisaiona to ba awakeaed, thovipb a blaud and cruel 
indideiBcca at preBäot veUed tbem. He bad been mtblee^ly 
betfayöd bjr bar coqutBtrv^ profoundly woiiaded by bep eoldHes6^ but 
be belitvad in her still— epea still believed in mm&ölf &9 tha maa 
whom iiltimalaly ehe would love. ile had retumed to Eiiropö witb. 
tbe reeolution nerttr to be in ber prefence except wben Iba tiazarda 
ofsodetf abould bring tlittm psrforc-äintbesauieatniciephere, but at 
tbe £int ckarm of bar regard ba Lad forgotten rU ni& reaolroB, 
lost all Lia wiadom. Lifa oulj aeemed wortb Uvin^; if be cCiald 
Lear tbat ona Toioe, so Bwe«t in it^ modiilatioDS, ao cbilly in ita 
perfect barmony, It was, perbn-ps, becauau be was one of the föw 
men wbo could giutifj all wishea, capnccH, acd ambitiona ns fiiBt 
BS such aroaa, tbat tb;B one tbing^ wbnÜj danipd to litiü, wLolljr 
inaccesaibia, Lad sueh force of ftttraction for bim. Yet he waa 
bittetlj ang'ered oguinst bituaolf for hia own Bubniiasion. Slie was 
Int E oupreme coquetta, a 'woman pÜH» du mande, despite all ber 
charm ; bat abe could maka her carelcas liLtle nod, gr a bolf- 
ironical smile, mora prizad from ber tbao the utmost tender- 
tteaa of otber women ever was. Tbera was about her that air m 
of OQO ao whoHy iiidiJlürcnt to all tbe TuljjfBiities Tvbich otbärH 
eftteem triuDiplliB that wben vbe e^et d:fiig£ied to notux tbAt a man 


exietäd, Iie was more flattered ttan by the fondHi^t cöncessiOTn it) 
his moet ttrdent ndorerfii 3^6 liod been aasailed by ftll tbg powera 
and Tmütieg of paBsiün, but eltä Lad alwaya ^iven it at raost tbnt 
cool littlf» .amüs-^fioiiietiiues tliö sinila had 'Neu compossion&'te, 
more often it had hma. cruel. Women bad auccutnbed to bim aa 
fuU-blown roBea fall before the toucli of a careleaa band ; for this 
tfliuon tbe cbillnesB of Nadiria KapraxiDe, wbtcli e&6me<d cbastitj, 
bad bad eo ati-oitg- an aEtractioD Ibr bim tbat for a'n'bila it hnd 
eeemed to lim Bweeter to woit upon iia caprjcea th»m to obtain 
fuläer respoiisa fTOlU them4 But uo mau tarriea long'Rt tbis etagä 
of liia aflüctions, and tliEi tima bad Cdiub wlinn he had gfown im- 
patmut of a pui-fiuit wiUiout eiid, of an ftllegitiEGe withont lecoin- 
]p«:nae. It waa lilie an empty cup a\ exquieita form and trAusparent 
beauty, foc ever -without wine in it: to tbe eonnoii^seur the gern ia 
psrfect tbua, but to tbuse athirat it brb^ littlo ddi^bt, 

Tbe unabutteTed windowH of Millo -wera pÜstenrnff with lif^bt, 
wbicb flhone tbrough tbe thickeU of roBe-ls.iir&l and bay aa bs 
approacbed tbe houee, and a flood of ligbt was poured out Bhiniue 
on tba BtoQe ^Ton,CBirpöted and BCTöened clofiely by roaenaDlaured 
awcings from tbe air of si^bt. Aft^r a year EDd a half irpODt dd 
tropic aeae and !ti d'as^rt landg^ tbe retum t? eociety bas alwaye a 
balf-sWeet, balf-bitter, flavour. Waa it ^rorlb wliilsj ba tbougbt, 
toleaveall tbe routine and tediuai and emptinessof tbe world 
onlj to drift back agaiti into ite friTiuaHtiea acd fo]!i«sP 

Hs bad, LowäTar, no cboica left in tbe matter, for the servacta 
in tbe aatecbamber were bcwing low to bim and taking bia furred 
coat &oaL Kim, and in another moment tbe Ducbeasa de Vannea 
waa w(*komhig bim witb all th« g^miine plensiira wljüch a hoateea 
foelB in baving the firat viait froffl a porsoP loög aba^Mit, and lijgh 
emougb in tbe ^»cOrld'B favour ta nialia his retum tO tbg WQrld sn. 
«Tent of eocial interest and of publics importanne. 

AuTore de Vannea, called (Jri-Cri by her friends, was a very 
pretty womaii, aa rauch and os delicately painted aa thu fan gbe 
camed ; ebe 'n'om & marvellouis coetume of cream-coloured velvet 
blent with japonlca-coloured eatin, and bad japonicaa in bei bair 
and at her boeom ; ebe wore aleo £cime vary fine rubces. 

When be entsred tbe drawiDg--roomR of Millo there wbtb \ 
dozcn pereona aä^mbkd tbere, nio3t of whom be Icnew, but 
amonpat tbtiu was not tbe Priuceaa Noprasiae. There waa laraeatr- 
ation for her absencß, bat DO aurpiise at it, becauae her capricaa 
W&re BO well knöwB. 

Afl he entered a little böte had eutered bebind bim; wben 
Madame de Vannea had said all her pretty greeting^B to him aha 
l^lanced at iit. 

'"Dö&olöB — migraine — tempa dÄteatable,'" she muroäured, aa 
fehe ran he» eyea over it. ' Of courtte I ' abe aaid, aioud, ■ that ia 
felwaja Nadiae's wbj — sbe doea it on purpose. She lovea to dis- 
•ppüint people. 8he wu out ridiug^ vm afteniooD ; I eaw hei in 



the dUtance with Boris Seliedofi*. Shs tre&t«d tba Slmpresa in 
that fftäbion kat wiiitcr at Peteraburg-, and wben tUe Damea du 
Palais told bm thnt tbe Tsarina was ao dbploBätid tliat ehe would 
excludo ]ier from Court, N&dlue snid tö tbeai quite aimply: 
" Trop de bontä [ Je mTiftfeitne äi nml k ces corvötai'lii," * 

' And has ehe beeii aicluded P ' asktd i3ti9 of tbe guest-ö. 

' Chif I ' ctied tbe Duchpsso da VanneSj ' I %^q jou do nDt know 
her. No emprefla in tlia world wouid dare tu eiclüde har, Imug^Qö 
bow Bbe would aveiije berself t Couna caimot aifürd lo be brara 

Othmar heard eteiy syllable ßhe Baid na he convereed with de 
Vacnee, a tall man of eoma aigbt-and-tbirty ^pears oM, with a look 
of extrem'S dlalJoctiDU and of ae fiapreixe fali^uä, ' Wbo is Born 
SeÜedoiT? ' Im thougkt, with the reatlesa jealouay of an unflaÜBÖetl 
paeaion. Eo regrt>tted Uia tent in Tortöry : tlio elegant roome, 
tli9 perfiimed air, tlit» prettj women, tbü low \i\vil of coDTeräEtioii, 
the lUtle bredke of kujilit'er, the artiüciaütj, tbe mocotoiiiy of thu 
whole tbing, wearied hua already. 

The dinDBr wae gay and even briHiant ; to him ftlime it seemed 
tedioufl. Why hftd ahe Eot comeP be tbouglit, atid tbat diöurt- 
poiiitmeTit alona occupied him. Ele wdJä ang^ürud that ahe Bhoiildl 
oav« so much power to mdie ha, piiüe et lo ttau ttmips of his tima 
Kod of bis. mooda, 

•Ifl Othmar cured bj Central AäaP' aaidona nf the ciieats to 
the DuchäSäB de Vannea wbo lüoked acroas the tablo at bim, luid 
Bnawered, ' I ehould aay not. He would hanily be \ritbm live 
leaguee of La JacqueinerillB if he were so. Baaidea, Nudijie baa & 
power of iqnkiiig hörself reraerabereil which I havi} seeii in no oüe 
eise, It ifi bcN^iiui^e s^be r(<icgmbe]-8 Qothitig hsi^aelf, Tbü law of 
contrasta Is tht» Uw of afEnity/ 

* Mfidam« Napraxine ia the only womao in whom vrrtue doM 
not look ridiculoue/ mid an old gectteniari to bia neighbour, over- 
hearing* her nama. 'But tben, true, tbis ia hecaüSti it 13 not Virtua 
•t all, but eotaething much mors dtsdainM and uDuppronchiLhle. 
Eave you amn b puacock raTaga a flower-gardeo P EI0 doea noE 
care for any one of the Howöra, but aU the satue tha caroatiotia 
and roKM and geraniuma fall in ehowers aa he goas, atrawing ihem 
right and ieft,, and drawing big plxmies carelea^lj over tbo wAsta 
he hoj njadö behind bim. Her IciTera ara no more to Madima 
Kftpraiiae than tbe üowera to tha peacock ; hut tbe ireault is tha 

' Ia that a (m&üty yoft would rank very higbly P ' aaked the 
peraoß next bim, 

' Tbftt iJepöiide on your etaadard/ he answered. ''It is a powej 
■which ia to her jnst wbat plumaffiä ia to the peacock — atimethinfr 
quite beyond Imitation, aad roval in it& diadeiiiful benutj, I die» 
Dot think men were «Ter bopeleselj in Iötb in ibia centuty, bot 
vith her 1 poiceire th»t th^f aia su.' 


' OtLmaT * begau the other. 

'OthmarP'repeated tLe old diplomat, * Ottmar temiri'ls m« 
of & mau 1 oDce kuew, wlio wss a collector of Doiuiätiirefi j tbö col- 
lection haa Tspco diBfiereed dott bj unworthy häirs, bat sonis 
tvreßty yeara ago it wna a marrel of ccicaploteaeBB, Every admir- 
ftlile miniaiurjfit wbom tlie worlJ hiiB possaeeed waa rspra^ectcd in 
\t hj bis fineat exämptes. It bad tjiken him tliiity-five jeara and 
mora millionfl to make it wbüt it woa. Anyone eJae would hava 
ihought it periect. Ha did not, becauBs h« hcid uot an exampls 
Eraongßt it of Kürl Iluth. You niay aever have lieard of Karl 
Hutli; I Beyer Lad. J£e wae a GermEm miuiatui-Lst of tlie bli-! 
taenth. Century; lie dwelt at Daunenberg, a Buiall plnce on tliB 
ilte. TbatB ia notblog- of him iü Btiy uiuseum, and liiere wnj 
fluppoBcji to be DotUJn» of bira anywhere biit bis tradition. For 
tbirty-fiTB ye&ra mv frieud hunted North and Soutli Gprmany far 
a Karl Uuth. At löngtli^ aüch "waa Iiia perseverance Uiat he did 
fiüdiuD uudämabla Karl Hutli, in tha lamily of a tradeaman at 
GiiofFenfiB^en, in a. UtÜe porlrait of a woman, on ivory, tliö size of 
a wolnut, and si^ed aud dntod. Ilia joy was immiitnati; tut, 
alaa I it vas of ehort duratioii, Xbe burgomaater who owoed it 
woTild not pari with it.. My friODd oiT^red suma autold for tbci 
ibree inuheacif ivory, would bav^ aold hia eetatea to purcbaae jfc, 
Btoppcd Bt tiot.biil^ in liia fratitic oHera; but tbe burgomoster wM 
ricui too, and inflüsibla ; he would not seil tbe Karl Hutb. 
Tbere waia Bome fable in hia fanüly about it Two obatitiadeB mat 
fvith a siioek liäe the ibiäheada of two clephanCa m coinbat; of 
courae tbe Teiiton ob&tinacy beat the Gaul'a. Tha Karl Ilutk r&- 
nmioed in tbe burgoma&ter's possesäion^ and my friend had euch 
an escesa of raire nnd deepair tliat it brougUt on gout and killed 
him in an inn in tbat obaizure PomerauJan town— «Q becauae witli 
threa thou^aTid livä bandred famoua miiüaturea he< iaik'd to ao 
quire ona obaoura eiaraple. Now Madame Napraxiue ia certainlv 
not ohacure, neTerlhdeee sbe ia the Karl Huth of Othmar. He u , 
one of thosö raen wbo can coTumand and enjoy everything ; tbere-. 
fore, of courae, he hns set bis beart an tbe only woman, proh&bly, 
in Europe wbo will not amüe oiu bim. All his grand collection 
became wortbli&ss to my poor friend when once he faütid to taclQda, 
in it that aingle Karl Hutb.' 

Othmar, meanwhile, unconBcioua that they talked of bim.eTea' 
nncqngciouB tbat hia paseipn for hie frisnd'a wife had beon ever, 
Buspected by bifl wopldj foimd tbg dinner tedioua, and waa aot 
diatracted by liia neighbour^, botb of wbotn were lovely women. 

Whan they returned to the saloua ab tbe furtber end of thol 
great central drawinj^-room, whicb waa all white and eilvör, whh 
aatiu panela emtroideTfld witli Hilver tbreod, and doora mada of J 
mirrora painted with groupB of flowera, thtra waa seated all alona] 
et otie of the little toblaa a very yoiing girl, who wore a piain, 
white gtiwii> wilL a plain black aaab tied oraund hei TJÜst, 4. 

ftn/ofit, and a black ribbon boldlug up tbe Üiick nLBssca of her 
fair hair. 

' Tbat i& CeHdriUoD,' tliouf^Iit OtlunftP^ moved to a VBgTie intcreat 
u he recaUed th» Biorj wliiek M^ItIIIq li&d told ; and ha lauked 
on bcr moFä Btt-eiitifely. 

Äs fiba ro^a &t tbe üntrance of the Duchesse he baw tbat ehe wu 
very tnll for her age ; tha alitn, Etraight, miomaniented frock he- 
came her: .sha b4iil seither awlcwardnesfl nox aelf-coDBdQUfiHQBs, 
neitb'er mach timidity nor sny auli'-a.ssartioü. Tberd waa a look 
about her of apirited hut roetrained life which wna patletic, the 
look of anj btgh-couiagcd youcg; auimiLl which ia too earlj aod 
too rudelj Umed. 

'PuxT chUdl' thoug-bt OthmpT ia an involuntBry pity, as ho 
iftw tha DucbaflBö po «p to her, tap hat cfEjelt'SiRlv on tbe eLoulder 
mlh a fac, present her to anothtir lody and witb tbat other kdy 
tum awoy indiflcrenUy &ft«r a few woi'da. Tbe giil curtaiud low 

witb perföct grace, Atta Teflumed her Eeat; ßha &ppcnred used tp be 
for^oltsn. SUe sat quite bIlU, nultlier embarrtsötid by aeglect or 
sobcitoufl of altcDtioTi. Sbe might have heen a etatua hut for her 
holf-reiled Bjes, of a lunamoua goldeu brown ^haded by loBff b]ack 
laahas, and her moutb like a rom, wbichhad made bim call her a 
Greuza pictura aa sbebad paased bliii in Üiä boat. Sbe bad looked 
mach happier in tbe boat thaii ahe looked navt m tba drawicig'-niom. 

Otbmar watcbed her a litüä wliUa No ouö approachcd her: 
the njenpregeat did not care for vu/Mucs ; Üiö wniueaj itia needleas 
to say, cared etill leea. The Duchesae did nnt tbiijk ib necessary 
to traüblä betsölf äbout n cMSd vha 'w!\6 etill in a couvoot and 
Tould loon ba in one lor tba reat of herdays. Sbe was not averse 
tö auch an evidence of her own cLaiitj as her yoimg cotmn pre- 
HDtad sittiDg there, carefully dressod, admirably ediicated, in liring 
teeliüiocy of tbe benavoJätice of Aurore de Yacnes ; but tbcre -was 
no nsed for more thnni th^ tap witb the fan and the good-natuiod 
mdißerent C<f7nmerU vii-t-on ce soir, pcitte? 

Otlimfvc waiLed Borae ten ox twalve minutea, tbgn &ppioftcböd 
hia bOätcsB, 

' Du.che^ä«, will you äo mB tbo bonour to prcaont me to Mdlle. 
de Vßlogne ? ' , 

Shfl etarad at bim in aetoniöbment. 

*Certftinly — yeSf wby nnt? Hut bnw did you know hei 
imine ? And sbe Is only a cbild at Sacri Ctßur.' 

* Mölville told ma hör ead littlö äiory and of all your amiahility 
feowarda her. SureSy eba will eocm he a very heautiful woraan P ' 

'Eile n'est pas jnai,' eaid the Duchesse, aoroöwhat irritably. 
* Blelvill'e ia alw[ij& ronumcing", you kiiow ; tbere is uotbing^ to be 
^mantic about ; ehe ia deatined to tbo religiouB life ; it was her 
«andmother'e wisL, and is her own. As für presenting' you to 
her, abe ia only a cblld ; it would not bo wqU to maka h<&r tbiuk 
herself m tbe World. If you would excuae me ' 



'Praj present me, DucheesA,' he peraisted. ' I ossure tou I da. 
not eat childTen; and if sbe ba dooined to tahe the veil ra soon, 
tbe -wcrld will lose Iiar aayhow. But will jou bave the tmart to 
cutolfall tbnthairf" 

' You will BlwBvaliaTe your ownwuy/eaid Madame de Vanneai 
yrho knew very welJ tlmt he did not bavo it wüiere moet iia cared ; 
Üien ehe took tiiu wross to whero her you-cg cou&m &at, and eajcL 
'Taeultej Oouiit Otliuim wiälies to lumw 'S^^i, hß is s &iend qX 
Monsigtiora MeMÜßV 

The^irl ta^Aa him tlißfiänne gmcd curteey'nMch eholiad mtiAm 
Iwfbre, only b littla leas low thua eh« had ^ven to the lacty. Thca 
ebe ee&ted heraelf oace mom, and waited for bim to spenlü fiist, u 
■WB wait lor & myal peTeon to do ao. 

He apoke to uür of Melville, divininp that ttie way to her coni 
fidunce would bs througb bis re^''Brd for tbe early peiiod of bar 
chÜdbood. She listsned with pleasure to hie praiaea of bar grand- , 
molbdr's frieod, and anawered bim in few sjllables ; but ttie t&- ! 
itruiut Beenied to bim tbe rasult at'itlier of timldity nor oFwant of •! 
Lntdligence, but of the reEsira wMch bad been imposed apoD bsf 
»like at her coflveLt and here at MiOo, whore no one beecSed hör 
UEleea the Duc tlirew her a g>c)od-Datiired ^lanca, or tbe Dijcbe&94 
& ptitulant word of cen&ure. It Vas ^asj tu aee thaC on a natura 
foroied für light and lauf»htar,the söhsü of bdng unaeedEsd and un- 
desired in the home of otbers bad aarl^ cost Bbadowei too dsep foT 

*How veiT handaoine ehe iai* he tbougbt, aa he apoke of 
MelTÜIe and bis many aobla works. Closa to her he coiüd see 
the exceedin^ regularity of her featuieä, the aplendour of her ajes,. 
tte purlty of her cooipl^axioa, wliicb wba not the Darcissua wbite- 
Heee qf Nadiua Napraxjiie, but tliRt cbUdük+j faime^s under wbicll 
th« cgIoQX niantleH at aoy p[LB£<iiig; tboiight, or aiiy effort or eiörcisei 
Hör form, too, bad all the glecderoE^Bs and iudeciHion of f outh, but 
it had also the certainty of a magniücant womaahood. Har low 
draaa ahowad h^r white shoiildecs, bar quickly-hieatbiag nbiMli kü , 
IffB&Ht, her beautifut tbroat. 

'All to be waaied iü a ßloiat«!' he thought, witb repiignaöca» 
It Beemed a 8ld agaiDst natura's (mipat wark, youlb'a moet gracioua 
grace, To be Bix.teeD je^ra old, and to have a Cice as fair aa a 
flower, and to be thä last of a great race, aad yet to ba doocued ta 
bo joy]es9, loTerkas^ ciii]dlesf), &om birth uota deatb^becaiue s. 
littb gold and eilver Tvera lackiug' to her] To the madtei üE' 
tmUioms it seemed tbe cruelest irouy of fate Umt Uo bad ever e^^^* 
count-eied. Wly ehonld tbe abaurd. codra aiid prejudlcea of the 
TPOrld make bim powerlea« to glve tbis uuhappj child out of bif 
abiindttnce the little wlikili ahewoiild need totftlcö her place amidat 
thoGe common huinaD joya whicb the pooreat cnn attain, bot which 
the eelÜEibnesa of man and tbe cuatonus of fiociäty forbade to her, 
m^iti'ly bticause Bbe< bad been noblj boro F He was tbiaktng of 


ker fate all tbe vhUe tliat \^ t^lksd to lier of Melville ; he vw 
lliinlriny; of that eupple Blendflr form disgiiispd uoder tbe nun** 
ieavy i^U'l>> of that albuDdaiit hnir gIiofd aud fplliogr to tlie atoiiv 

[•floor. Coiüd thoSB G;aytgöOii-natilred,idIei ep&ndtlirift paopla whft 
concJemned her eo hg^Llly to bucIi a Aacrifice, not surrKiider one oj 

I tlieir liuTiriefl, one of their folliea to sive hee ? 

Tfaen he pictured to bims^lf, with a imile ftt his own whimsical 

; «onceit, thä tatlorB* büla of Madame de Vannea curtailed, her 

I eapricee aacriüced, her «quipagöa diminiahad, her partigg ä« chasM 
diacontiDued, Ler superfluotis jeweliS Bold, to fumiah witli the raeult 
attaised. b dowei to her itortionleäa cousiol Tliesä i^od poopls 
called tliemselves CHiristiaiiB ; nevertbeleBs, euch geimrosity would 
bare eeemed to them %a impOs^Llil^i as to go oat an to tbe bpulevardfl 
LD tbä ^oftl'akiil of Job:i the Baptist. Would there ever ha b, 

«ligioD tbftt should influence the Uvea of ite professors !* Christi- 

anity had had ita own vfaj fof nigh twO thousand yeara, and had 
BcarcäLy laft a moik on the world 00 f ar aa practic&I renimciatioa 

While he nrnsed thus, he tatked lijrhtly and tindly to tlia pirl, 
bat ha met with little response. The conTätit educatioD had 
tau^t her fUence, and elie tliought he had onlj come to her aide 
becsuae he had pitied her aolitude ; that tbought made her &h.y and 
ptoud. With all hifi good-will, ba failed to moke much waj into 
oer friendehip, or to ellcit CDUch mor^ tban moaosjllabic rapLi», 
md be would have feit his beneToknicB wearisomij. Lad it not beeu 
that tbera was iso mnch triie loveliness In her featitr@B and in b&T 
form tbfit he waä bot glad of bis Taleasa when gbe was c^alled by 
the Diichesae to the piano. 

' Cotild you make anythin^ of YesultfiP^ aaJd tbe Duo da 
Vannea to him. ' She ia the tnie wffSnue of the novelist and 
diamatiat; ahn knows nothiog beyocd the fcur walla of the coa- 
nnt. It is a type fast disappeiariug, evea wÜth oh, under the 
influenco of American womeD ajid English romancee* I am not 
Bure that it ig not to be regratted j it ig aom^thing, &C leaatj to h^To 
ft girlhood Uka a white lose.' 

'But you are gomj? to eet the roie to wither before the aano 
taary of Maria ^ * «lid OtbmarT still moved by Li» oca ide». 

The Diic ehrn^ged hie nhouldeia. 

'Oh, that ia my wife'il aflalr. Mysßlf, I tbink it ia a pitj. 
The child will be a mag^nißfient wonian ; but thsn^ you aeej she 
has no dower. Wbere can ehe go except to the cloiäteTsf Listen I 
ihe singa weU.' 

Bhe waa ainging then, and her Toice roae with ein^ar ricli' 
vesa, like tha noteaof a ai^htiu^la Fmitjug- the sEence of a ^Iden 
■outhero dood. ITie qiiality of her \oic9 was pore aad stroDg, 
with a aound in it ae of unshed tearAj of Feetrained, and perhapi 
tmcooecious, emotioD. 

* And ehe will oiüj aipg the XöW Deo aqd tUe -ffyjt'e Eleiwi*/ 


thought OÜumur, ' and no one will heor her azcept a few scont 
of Bad-bearted, stupid women, who will succeed in "»i^Vi^g her oi 
aad-hearted and aa etupid as themselves I * 

What «he rendered was the sweetest of all the simple NoeU 
written by Boumanille, the son^ of the blind child who bega her 
mother to take her to see the Enfont Jösus in the church, (md to 
whom the mother long replies, in chiding and hardnesa of heart : 
' What use, ünce thou canst not 8ee P ' Saint-Saeafi had set tbe 
naive and pathetic worda to music which was penetrated with 
that ttprü m-oven^ai which hta in it ' lea pleurs du peuple et lei 
fleurs du piintemps ; ' and the Toice of the girl was pure, tender» 
•nd folemn, iu unison with what she treated, 

* Je saU qa'au tombeaa seul fiait ma Toie obscnn ; 

Je sais encor 
Qae je ne Terrsi paa, diviiie cr^atai^ 
Ta face d*or. 

*liaia qa'ert-il beeoin d'yeaz poor adorer et eroim ? 
Si mes yeux sont 
A te Toir ImpaisBanta, mes maina, d Bleu de glotre^ 
Te toachenmt I ' 

L*aTeugIe k aes genoax pleore ä fort, et prie 

Sur im tel ton, 
D'an air si d^cbirant, qne )a m^ attendrie 

N'a plus dit nim. 

Oh I comme la paoTrette, en entrant daojs la grotte, 

En tressaillait I 
De J6sus sur sod cceur eile mit la menottet 


Of all thoee who listened to her, the old minister, who had 
■poken of Karl Huth, and Othmar himself, were the oulj persona 
touched by the Hkeneas of the words of the Noel to mo destinj 
which awaited the singer of it. 

' Je fiaia qa'aa tombeaa senl finit ma vole obscnie,* 

Othmar repeated to himself. 'Poor child Ithere will benomiracla 
wrought for her.' 

It aeemed to him pathetic, and even cniel. 

She had sung with science and accuracy which were in con- 
tiast with the verj youthful cadence of her Toice, and when ahe 
oeased there was a murmiir of applause. She blushed a little, 
and with a composure that was almost dignity accepted the cotn- 
pliments paid her, and went back, without a word, to her seat. 

' She would make a name for herseif as an artist if ahe were 
not the last Comtesse de Valogne,' thought Othmar. * Poor chUd I 
it is hard to bear all the hamesa and curb of rank and have non« 
of its gUded oats to eat.* 

A pretty iUgantt was now singiog a song of Judic's with even 
more su^estion by gesture and of glance than the original Version 
of it gave; the air of the drawing-ioom rippled with her ailvery 



notea ind tli^ir respoDsa of eubdued lau^^htär ; ßverjone P«gg? 
MdUe. de Valogfßß aüd the Proveaf^il Noel, WLen OtUmsr 
loobäd agnia tot her, sbe was gone : the salou saTV her no moiei 
that night. 

' You were eoon tired, OtliraaT,' ^aid tLe DucTiesaa. 'Natirr- 
tily: whnt ebouB you und to say to a cbÜd from a convantP 
Sbe hB3 not two idena.' 

'SLe apea^a littlflj certntiJy/be anawered ; ' bot I am not botb 
thst it \ä from wniit of idfaa ; aud even if ebo bnve no iieaa, 
•wliat doea » benutiful womEui want witU tljeiti P — aiid aha is beau- 

' I thought yoo liked oIötgt women.' 

' Clever 1 Uli, what a comprehensive word, It ia like that 
balloon thej advertise, whJcb you can ehher fold up in jour 
pocket or float ns biji^ii oa tbe moon. As for Mdlle. d'B Valo^e, I 
ehüuld tHnk ehe was Terj- intelUgent, to judgö by her bruw and 
her ejBB, Hut conrectfl da not nouriEh tbeir pii[>il8 on Benan 
aod Huz]By.' 

'KfiinanP'aaid tbe Uucliesse^^ wÜtli a charmiDg* afTectation of 
if^nurance. ' Oh, tbat ia tlie man who writes so many Toliimea 
aWut himaelf to eapbiin wby be CBunot hrini,' himsclf to bpUevö 
»yme etory aboyt Mi almund boug;b tbat ewallowed BnalcieB l 
"When Vollaire bep;aii tbat eort oi tbing, it eeemed ebocking^ but 
it wafi naw ; nowadays it ig not new and nobödy is ehocked ; it ia 
only tiraaome.' 

* But you, Madame, who laun;b, yet rcßpact tbe Cburetenough 
to aacrilicB & Tirgin to it ae ttia Üreek to tlie MinotaurP^ 

' Ibere iano otbex retreat posaible for pirla of good fansÜjwho 
aro porlionless,^ Bald tbe Duchessä yerypoMtiTely. 

' B«t there are many men who da not marry for a dower.' 

' Perbaps, but not witb us ; it woiild be quite impoggible, an 
linheard-of tbinpj'said the Dncbesae, scaudaliHedataucdi & Bugge^ 
tire violation of all etiq^uctta aod fis.DiiLy digtuty. 

From time immemorial tbe yoiiii^er Rons or the uninarriage- 
abld daujjbtoraof the Valogne, of'tbe OieusaCjOf tbed'Autbamnnt, 
of all tbe graafc races whDsa blood met in tbia child, bad 
hidden their narrowed fatcs witb decorum and etatßliness in thei 
refug^ of the cloiatera; wiiy «honld eha, becange sbe had been 
bom in tbe latlar bßdf of tbe ninateentb Century, rebel against eo 
just adisposalF And abö did not rct}eil at all, would not, uidesa 
■üme man mada Iotb to her and put relbellion io her bead. Tbat 
mau WQuld Qot be Otbmar; he hud anJy ona tbougbC — N&dina 
NapraxinB, If aba had not been Äure of tbat, abe would not even 
baTO preäeated bim to bar joutif^ coitain, for tbe was a Tery proud 
woman deapite her &iToüty, and to seek a rieb alliance for a poor 
TelatiTe "woold ha-v-e seemad to her tbe laat of de^adntiona. Xler 
»WQ people and her busband'a bad alwajs mamed aa soTereigni 
do, accöptin^ aiid couferrinig equal advantages. 

* PovBTty hftfl thö ri^bt to bö as proiid aa it clionRea eo lonfj- *» 
it Accepte nüLbingi whan onea it hae accepted anjthiiig', it Lna 
^ome mg'iid.icity,' had snid ofteti the old Marqinee de CrBiisnc to 
iiBT granddaug-hter, and YiieuUa would not do dishonour to tbat 

' One can tniBt her implicitlj/ Said MadBine da Vojidw onea 
fto ber kusbaad, who had an^wered ; 

' Oh, y^s, mj daar ; tbat \^ the rasult öf an oM-fBahioned ädu-« 
cation, WliBn yöui BlaTichette rjnd Toinon are at her Rg-e, tbey 
will know evervthing objiicticinabla under tbe aun, but they will 
bot Iflt you ktiüw tbat tliey knom it You oie brin^ng them uf 
»lora britarmioü I ' 


TsKiTLTB DB Vi-ioGiTB, waküi^ tbs next momin^ and looMog 
tbrough tbe little panes of her big-h 'wdndow in tbe roof Rt the iand- 
Hcape whicb the red loaves of the Canadian yina fnunad in qricaaoli, 
yiVt9 conacioua die. new intereat in her Ufe. SooaaoDe, fiba didnot 
know who[fl, for in her confueion ehe had not heard hie name, had 
apoken to her witb kindne&B, and tbat deferenca to her incipient 
woraaabood which ia tbß aweetest fiattery to a very yoiinp firl. 
Otbmar, wiLh tbe s-mce of bis manuer, tbe i^hotiaDBas and coldaesa 
■wlucb, madä bim diHerent to tbe man of bia tima, aud hia band* 
Boma featUTea, to which ao babitual reaeiva had given tbat expraa- 
aion of eelf-contTol »nd of mökacboly whjcb moat BttrBctahweei, 
facd Beemed to ber imagiDatiGii bke eome grociöus knlght of oIq 
becding to pity liöt loaelinesa, and to succour tbat timidity ■whieh 
waä in 80 much düe to her piids and her unwillisrnäae to be 
iQgardäd with compassion and to her draad lest aha should emra 
to seek attentioD. 

&he tbou^ht of bim witb a Tague perflonal int^reat atronger tban 
ATiy nba had iitU in ber eltuplfl and mocotonoue Hfe, siocB berchjld- 
bood on tbe lle St. Louia bad become to h&r like an old book of 
jrayer, abut up iiEused, witb tbe lavender and southem-wood of 
long d^ad eummera fndod and dried ineide it. Tboug-b eb« was 
only aixteeu, tbat cbildbood aeemed ao far, so Tery far, away. Ifi 
woald bftve apiieitred tc) Bknchette and Toinon, witb tbeir artifl- 
cial, ©xcitJäd, hlnt6 littje bves, a diiU and austere cbjldhood enou^by 
pasaed beeide tba iD&rmitiaa and inoapocitie^ of n^B, and with BO 
other acdve pleaauia than to ^ntber marguerites on tbe gra« 
ieland* of the Seine or to bear a Magnifioat aung at Notre Dwne. 

Tbe rooiiiB they lived in had besä aarrow and dark, tbeir food 
bad! Iraen of tbei aimpleet, tbeir days iflgulated witb exact and: 
Kvere pi'cdsiDD. But abe had betjc au happy ! When her fjjTaadr« 



motPiar^ with the wbita hair like apan eillt and the tliin nnntl 
lixLude, ua whlch one |^Q&t diamoud apnrkied — sole rehc of ft 
splendid paet— enid, with a Bmile, 'C'est bien lait, mnn aQfauti'iUl 
the imiverae could bave Eidded notliirig to lier content, 

Wben tie old maBservaiit BtJnoit lind takaii lier out to th« 
Samba Chapelle, üf tLe ^raves at the Abbaye^ nad told liar tflea 
of how har fürefathetabad died öU tlia ecutiold, in tbe. tiny^de*,0& 
the batlift-fiölda of Jemappefi, or m tho aUughter orQuibörODj, ahe 
hud knowD that puT'Bst of uÜ pride, wliicli Tejoicea in the bonuur 
and loyalty of the dead who have bef^otten ua. All the air a.bouG 
bar bad beäti redolect oTtielity, oFcourage, ofdignity. &be bad 
brsath«d in that tioe denr atmoepbere of inte^ritf aa tbe trana- 
paieot djaathua driuka in tbe eea-water wliicb tba simbaamoi 
pierce with TiTif;ing ffold. WlieD tbe Marq^uiae bad Bcnuetimea 
taken, out of old oaEdal-woodcofTerg, aotique brucndKs, dusky old 
jewel», füded yoUow letterä, ^rbapa a ribboii aod a Btar of äome 
extinct »rder cace wora at Mai-lj or Aiaboise, tbs cbild bad lia- 
teaed "witli reverent ear a&d beatjn^ beart to the EtoriaH wliicU 
weat witb tha rolics and ke^psakea, and it. bad olwäyS eeemed to 
bei AB iraoinfi perfume of tbe pn^t eutöred her Teil», as itB fmgmneei 
ie poured upwarde from the root mto the fiowöT. Nof bctd it 
been alwaya raelanolialj, that innocent^ tranquil liie; g^ntleman 
of tbe old courtlj habits bad mada their bow bumbly m tbosa 
naiTOW rootua, and tbe old ffaieti gmäoise bad laugbed eome- 
times beneath tbe aad seremtj of la«aea nobly borae. Tböre bad 
bseu merry days wbeu Bduoit boid toliea her in oue of tbe boata 
whicb crosä the Seius in suuiiaQi'j imd bad row^d to ooe of tboae 
q^uiet noolcs of whicJi he had the secret, snd bad IßEded witb ber 
■midst tbe tall hay graaseR, aud b^d aet ber unQiiday ra^ thera — 
a Sittle fruit and roll of bread — watchingthepoplarö quiverin tbö 
light, and the womenwork upoti tbe ahore, andtheclumsy brown 
briga come aad go on the brnwn breast of tha rirer^ and ehe had 
eliasped a gre&t »heaf of may and daisieB and fam^cups ui her arms, 
ojid bad niB bith«r and tbUber in. a very ecatiisy ol limbß Bat iree 
Bud eyes dsligbted, and Lad criad bei deligbt aloud to tb& oM 
Dian, who bad nodded and eimled and «aid, ' Oui, oui, c'est beau,' 
"but hod thougbt, wltb a pang at bis faitbM beart^ ' Si jeimease 
eavait ' 

Then, wbtiat .she waaetill ajaungcbild, tberebad fallen ncro» 
bör life the darkiiesa of llie ' bddöö terrible.' Tbe Marquise de 
Oreusac had btan ^i once too hmve nnd too pocir to quit Paria 
whan tbe wall öf iron nnd of fire bad cloflad io around it. Her 
sonfl had diad, oaa at the cavabj charge of FiEesebw eiler, tha 
otbsr during tlie sii'gö of Straaburg; ebö herseif ne^er roae from 
her had diiiing that gbastly wintär, and her last breatb laft her 
lips as tbe Frusbiians «ntered Paris. Tbe boTrur of that tima 
crtidd naver wboUy pass fiotn the mind of Ye«ulte. Böoott bad 
trftVEilIed with her to tba {^atoau of Boia l«a Koie, and pj&ced boi 



under tbe roof of lier ooTy Hving relatWe, Aurote de VottnM, wlift 
horeelf waa moraeatarily Bgddenod and tmuched bj tbe miaroitucea 
of tbB country and tbe loaa i>f naanj of her kißSnlail, and jn t]j»t 
chaatenad mood "wa^i kLcider to thö littlö friündleßa fogitivfi tban 
Blie mi^bt liova beeti at anuther and lesa d&apöinite time. 

AÜ tbaittluflc aeamed very far away to YseuKa now ; to earlieat 
youtb a few yeara aeem like tbe gap of a Century» 

B4noit wiia dead now, lite tbe miatrosa ha had adored aud 
eerved, with that loya^l Bcrvbe which, in tbia la!tec timc, dub claaa 
baa lost tbs power ta iTi9pLr& and tbe otber clivas baa lost tba 
capacity ^o render ; but tboee happy midauiminer hniUdays. on tbg 
ialtita of tlia SiiiEe were olways iü ber mind whöneyer ebe feit tba 
touch of die frtöb ab or fimelt the acßfit of growing learea. They 
had aj)Pe[id a fragrance liltö that of aummer iill over her memoiiei 
of philillinod. S]ie pitied Blartchette and Toinon, wbo cared no- 
tbing for daiBie^ and kingCiipa; ttIiO tired SO 60011 of tbeir COStly 
playtbings; who knew their Ttou^üIb and Binrriu bj heart{ 
who^ 'when tbey played at their gamea, weTo eitber peeviah ot 
bored ; and who lorik&d witb all tbe storn of faabionable eight- 
year-oldeTa on a toiliette wliicb was a aüo^on out of dato. Ulau- 
rhötte and Toinon wou!d dia without ever having been yoxine ; 
their couain, wbo ataistjen was stUl euUirely i child, h&d to die 
to the worhl ti^fore ahq bad begun to livo^ 

Sbo leaaed out of her window in the cldll of the early mom- 
ing:, aud phö watdiöd the aea miste curl up aad drift away befora 
the aun, tbe moiintaine come forth slowly froiii the clouds obanu^ 
in^ tbem, tb9 Hglit touch and reveid one by one the law Tvhita 
boatid^ftfl, tüie grey oÜve yarda, tbä bosciucta of oranR-e EndJemon, 
the iielda where the young comalready waa epreadirg-j ths fautaa« 
ticbuildinga which divewiSed oud Tulf,'-Hrised tbe leaiity of the 
Bcene, acd tbe grey towers of S. Phnramorjd aober ar.d Bevere 
pmidat Its ile^ woodaby coutragt wlth tbe COnnetterieS ftnd moHßy 
phantasier of ItiB neigbDOur3> 

'I tFOnder,' she thoujbt for tbe hundpodth time, *if it wsra 
OTily becausö he pitied me that he talked to me P ' 

She ■weut on wondeniig' w^Iig Tie wae, whnt he was ; shö did 
not evcn honw that bö owned S. rharamond, and dared ask no 
ona about bim ; all tbe g-ay, thoughtlees, infiLiieitiTfl qneationa 
"which youth lorea to put, wliilst ofteu too impatient to wait for an 
anawer to them, had been too peTpetuolly froseo on Tier lipa for 
^enc'd not to bava l>ei?nni'» ^ sacond natiite to her. 

' What yo»' can obsctve is vreU,' her grandmotTier bfl4 oftea 
Aaid to her ; 'it ig the wti^Bi you bave g;]oaiied^ and yoa havQ S 
rig;ht to it- ?Jat hbwpjt P"*™ knowled^ by nakin^ quasriotia ; it ifl 
tihfl short cutacrofla the iielda which only treapaaseira take.' 

AI tbe cnnvaat any ititfirroga.tion& wbich sne had been tempted 
to make hod been repVesaed as too appüäita to be conveiüent, anil 
of tba Duchesae de Yaanes aho would tura no mors bare asked a 






quefition or a, faTour tlian ehe "woiild liavB afiked one of tha laj 
EgTires OD. wliich tba Duchesse's marvcllouß costumea were built up, 
bit lij bit, OS idea succeedad to Idea in tbe brnluB of great artütt 
of tho toUf.'tte. 

She^ liad acarcely- lienrd a doxen ßaatencea from Madama 
Aurore in tbä half-dozeD yeät^ tliioiigli 'wftich ehe bad spent boi 
MUTtimer Tacationa at tbeir greät Castle in tlia Vosgw, a Icaalj 
plsica where aha liftd uBüally only the hoiifla-ßervant« aa com- 
pnnioQs; but in winter at Millo she h^d been aiwaya bappy, tot 
neir Millo dweJt her foüter-mother, a SaToyarde, wlio had becoraa 
well-to-do flince Üia time wüeu, a poor young uaweiided inother 
aetray ou the mercy of Paria, ehe bad bst^u g'lad to gire her broa^t 
to the motberles& child of the ComteaHo de Valogne. TkroiigU 
the influenca and aid of tbe Marquiße de Creusac the womau 
Nicola had ultimately maPripd bar loTer, a Bturdy peasunt of tba 
environa of Nice, anii by thrü't and hard work and gook luck and 
good busbandry combined, tbey oow owncd » bnatide and an 
oraBgfß'Oichardj andcould receive ^lapetite Comteasa ' witb honey 
and eream and coüsarv« of their ovm rnftnufactura. Tbey bad 
HO cbüdian, and MdUe. da Valogue eüU blled in tbe beart of her 
fdater-mothsr the place wbicb bad been empty ard cold wben a 
month-old baby badg&sped out ita Inst breatU of feeble lire in a 
Paris bospital siiteeu yeaia hefore. 

' What ifi tb'e good of it aU, the pitiot ifi dead and gase F ' said 
Nicole Sandroa many a time, lookicg- over her hiTes and ben- 
boueea» her rose-beda and ber greea peag» aü blooming for tbe 
Pan$ marlret. Bat tbia mood was trnHaient ; tbe pStt'ui wafi not 
tö be TMalled by Tegtut, and the solid debgbt of e&rly Tegetablea 
and tbeif Talue reaiained to her. Sba waa a good woman, tbougk 
bard in Bome waya and greedj ; but ebe waa the only creature 
■who (^ve Yeeulte da Valogne anytbirig of the comfort of hnman 
aOectiOD, and tfinder, blind, unreaüomag admiratisn. To Nicola 
' moD onfint la Comlesae ' -waB an object of honest edoration, to 
be waited on, worsbipped, pettedj alaved for if need ha ; aud tliia 
wbolly eincure^ if clumay, d&votion bad alwftja baen to tbe starred 
heart of the girl aa the onö ecrap of moea on tbe fraaen se& and 
ahore is to tlie lonely and loet voyageri 

Wben tbe dark, b&rd-featured face öf Ibß Ni^oise pTSßented 
itö&lf at tbe cüDvent gittes of Faiel, Büd with ber load ot'oraDg^a 
or Btrawberries, of camdlias or roeea, ehe caraa out of tbe bot sun 
into tbe quietnesa and dusk of the pnricnr ard atretched out bor 
big Bturdy arme to her nursling, the pninid eyca of Y&eiiite filled 
with tears aa no oise eise ever aaw tham do, Sbe -woe a littla cbild 
once niore ctinginff to hai niirae'i akirta in tba old panelled rqoma 
in tba Ile St. Louifi. 

'fbe low white walla of tbe haatide were set upen a hill-üds 
not balf-an-bQur'fl walk from Millo, a öagraut, pleaaant, bomalj 
piac@> witb TiO'latd cullntred Ulis cocn. iod roeea grovn like cur- 


ruit-liniiheH for the dower-ahopAfif Paris and the pureliue of the 
fomignera in Nice. The mere pre^ence of Nicote made her Tirata 
to tlie afMitliern aUore kii>ged for aiid eojoyed, and compenwitpd to 
her for tha fretful t'Casini; of her llttle couäiaflr ^^ tll-coDcaaltHl 
enmitj of their goveraeBSE«, the perpetual WTiäe of beiii|^ tindesirad 
by Biijone there, find tLe mnuj eliphtw wbich the hjdiflöreDce dt 
her faoBta muda üi*!m CTreltjas of inflicting- Aurqre de Vannw 
would Lave enid, if remoiiBtTi^ted witli, tuat the ^irl Coiil<) want 
for Dathin^. Sliö had two pietty roäoia all to he^reelf, aad b pj&no 
in otia of tliem; Uad aa m\£aj gowna ae ehe could weap, thougb^Df 
couTSBr B-t her a^o thoy wera the ffocka of a ;)f>tMia9m.(ifrri ; and 
could pa89 her time in tlie echoolroom or in thsg&rdens verymuch 
at her pjflnsure ; ah«^ could evan drivs out in th» baKlcet-carilH^e if 
l^lszicht^tto and Tuinoii did Dot waut it. Tlie exiH^tence muet, ahe 
vDuId hare argiied, tkt aaj zata be rery mudi livelier tbao tbe 

Ia the firat winter ehe lifl.d psased at Millo dq one bsd com« 
tlure bat heraelf, and Blie bad apeut her tim« älmoät whüUy wiüi 
her foBter-motbeir ; later oDr wheo the bou&e woa füll — aa it wan 
DOW — fihe obtained in her bolid»y8 & large onumnt of libcrty, from 
UiB fnct tliat it wofi DO one'9 tüspticijLl duty to looli äj^er lior. £?he 
uääd her fff-edam inuocBfitlf «moDfrh, and alwäye toolc tho patli 
undßr the oltvös which l«d to tlie HoweT-farm of the Sandrui. 

Onoe che Diichesse had Bsid to her irritfihly, * What charm do 
you find iu peasBiit« grubbinpf emoTig pea,^talka and growing' 
ealad P ' But ehe hiiid oot waited for an aiiaivur, which was fortu- 
riate, as Yaeulta would havs besD too isby ti> give the trutii oue-^ 
tbat thej loved her a Uttle. 

Tbe Duchesso concluded tljat the gDvamesaes of b^r cbildrea 
did the!r düty Id attandin^ on her Toung cou&lu. The govemeeaeB, 
howevpr, ^era williug ihgt one wbo was only au extra charge to 
them gbnuld do aa ahe chose ao Long afi ehe hroui^ht üd tronble on 
themselvBa. F&w toortiiiiga p&flsetl witbout her findiog her way 
to the welcome of her old nurF«, to ait at pl^asu» undBr the 
ahadow of tbs orange leaves, or diift througb clear watar in th«' 
bi(f marltet bnat, 

Mftdftnie de Vannes was, aa the world iD g^neral woiild have 
Said, Tfry peneroiis to her; her education was of ths best, the 
clothea pravided for her were elc^iiTit and stiitahl«, her lint^u wa^ 
of the fiofifit', her br>Dtä luid aboee were the jprottiedt poi^aihle ', tlie 
BuchüGiae' did evur^tbing welL tbat ehe did at all; butbByood a 
remark thnt her hüir was loo low or too high od her forehead, or 
that ahr* did not wear th& right glovea with Üie rifi;bt frock, 
Yfiftultfl could ecarcely tecall twenty phrasos that she had hEsard 
from her auguat cmi&iH. Now and lh«n the heurt of tlio Rirl hüd 
tiaBD in an imputw of ardour towards liherty, towaida inde- 

nadäDoe. She wnB con^cinua of more talent tban the rnanner of 
r fldrujnüaii had developed^ in a vague way aha Boinätimaa 



Ancied tbe world miffbt bold eome place for her, 8ome freedom of 
effort or attaiument; but oll the Imbit* of obedience made a cage 
foP her as am'äly aa tLe l&ws made OEe. Her grandmotlitfr had 
writtaQ witb ti haud litdf pinreilybud by death to ccmuDend Usr to 
the care of hwr relative, and amongst her djinj^ worda thecoilt« 
mand ; ' Obey Aurore as you liavo ohejed me^' had betsn oftea r». 
p«ated. Any thoiight of rebellion waa atiiled by her scn&e of dutj 
u Boon aa it arose. 

Thia momliig', as ahe leaced out of her window ilie eould see 
the wliit« hoiiä6 of the SauJicz, half a taa^ue awaj, amon^t the 
qHvb follagif, and what was etill more to her, ths tioy bell tower 
of a litüe wlitewasäied church, tUe pariBh cliurcli of S. PhRTii- 
mo&d, in whoBB purlsj) ^f^llo ako !ay. Tbe one cracked bell 
sousdln^ feebly for niiitinä r^iLlled haj to tba pres^Dt boiur^ and 
remiDdäd her tbfi.t th« morrow wes tha feast dJay of S. Cäcilia^ to 
whöra the huilding waa dedicated. 

' He -wiU be so vexed if thij fUtitit b« bot drgaeed/ ahö thou^ht, 
The old prieit of Millo was occustoined to look to her for that service. 
TheDucbasse atwaTSgave kim two thotis&nd Aa-nca in g^Id for bia 
poor at New Year, but there her heed of hervicai anded. Yseiüte^ 
wlio bad ßo p-cld to gi-ve, brougbt bim Üowers and bou^hs for hia 
iititl«, dusky, loDely place, where only a fiiw Iläheriiiejii and peusaata 
ever knelt, niid she sooietimeti saug at bia OiÜceB. 

Wben sba remeicb'ired the day, sbe waated do mora time at 
the wiiMiow; sbe drack tbe eup of milk »od ate the roll wbicb the 
maid appoÜil'Od to har servier brougbt, and putting on a little hat 
of fuF, went out through the houae wherß even Blanchette aod 
Toinon weia still aslöep, änd only & l'äw of tha unde; earraDts were 

It waa cold, but already grown briglit, with eunsblce, and tbe 
proraifie of a varm noonday. 

Tb» gard<eDS of Mitlu, with theÜr autumn luxuiiance Bt'iU pro- 
losged, were aparkling with euubeaaiB and dew-dropa ; tbeir aloet 
■nd Cftcti pierced with broad Bi^oid-blades the blue clear airT tbe 
Uteet roBeß Ideeed tbe earliest cajneUiafl j the pitik, the ambör, tlie 
white, the purple, of grovea of cbryaaiithennuma, glowed in tlie 
parterre» ; but sh'e dld not dare to give tbem even a glaoce. No 
oüB ever plucked a flower there. 

She went quickly tbrough thö alleya, and avemies, over tbA 
lawnä, and imdar tne bsrceauo:, and aftet- Walking about a müe 
(Äine to wherß the boündai-y of MiUo was tiied by a bigh wall of 
cloeely-püpped arbulua, and only tho Hmail iron gate which Othniu. 
had unloclci-d the praviouB night gave accesa to tbe lands of 8> 
Pbaramond, which Jay beyond. 

'Tbere will besureto be aomething bcre,' ehe thought, » ehe 
tumed the latch of the gate which he bad unthmHugly left opaü« 
snd pasäed throuf!:h tbe apertiure iiito the thick Was. wood oa tUe 
otbw aide of tbe bearberry walL Sbe woq not aurprisad to änd it 

« 3 



npen, for tlie ^rdencrs of tlie twa Iioubös often "held wmmunic*- 
tioJi ; and ehe bad been Coustanily pcrinälted by ÜiOb« of S. PliMfl^ 
mond to tpandt'P abciit its g-"^uud8 aßd pluck its commonerpUuta, 
It -wftfl a (.Iiiii;^ fba bad done a hundrcid times in tlie wintere elia 
hud posaed al Millo. 

There were all Itinda of pliints growing iip rit Nicole's bastide ; 
Init aa abe tiad no money to pay, thu cbild liad alwaye &lt s deli- 
aicy in aaking für Ihem. Utii foatei'-iDcitLer would ii]de>dd hava 
röfuaod her DOtblng; but to talte as « g-il't Ibe kte-come quatr^ 
etti$iin9 roae, or tlie earlj-blooming cluchettt^s, vthlch tlie Sandrua 
eould seil Bü liigljly by äßadiug tliBm nwily in little fiiMight tin 
bosee to Parifl, wotild luive app«ared to tli& generous temper of ths 
last of the ValngnsH a verj iingeneroua act. 

OthniiLr, who had slept ill, rose early tbat day. "Wben ha had 
balbed anJ dr9s.eed,he atrolled out on tobis terrace, ■whereNadine 
Naptfixine liad eatcn her atrawberrisSh Though winter, thB mom- 
ing wafl mild, the flunriae pIorinu&. Tbroiig^h the great gloom of 
bla ilei grovea be could eee tlia &iiarIc]B of bluo ■wavee. It was not 
tbe ecenery he carsd most for ; be liktd the ^^reat windy ehadowy 
plaioq of eaetem Europg, tbe sdow of mountaiua luore Eombre and 
severe than tbe&9 bjEtcmth-bued maritime Mos, tbe giginntic grey 
wallfl of AtlantJc rollera breakJng od rugged rocks ot Sp^bi, qX 
lirittftny,or Seotland ; but bu was not iceenaiblö to tha preäcnt 
beauty whicb Burroundfld bim, if itwere brigbter and palerof bua,, 
gayer of tone, softer in character, than Ihe Eceiiea bo pref-errad. 

He atood and lookad tdly, and tUmkingj ' If I -were -wLsa I should 
go to ParU tbis morning;.' 

What was the use of lettLng- all bis yeara Isjiguish and drift 
aimlesely nwey toi an-lte of a womroi who nmde sport of his pain P 
Tonder, bidden, by tbi; curve ofa di&tant cliUj wa* Lb Jacquemerille, 
and !ta miBtre&a of tba moment was, nü doubt, sleepin^ soundly 
enou^b aiQöng&t the lace and C£.nibric and siiAlti ot bar bed, aod 
would not bftve lain awalta one moment tbinMng" of bim, thotigh 
he bad tboug-bt of her all iiio;ht. 

' Were people ever aleepiesa for lore ? ' sbe bad eaid onee witb 
her piettjy cynscftl «mile. 'Tbat miiat have baen very long" ago, 
before the themists bad gWen ua chloral ! ' 

Aa be atood and tbiis ni&ds bis picture of her in bis mind aleep- 
ing', B9 the naiclsaus wbicb slm rescmbied aleepa m Ihe moonlightj, 
he saw a äg^iro undemeatb (be lies, bmigha fvhicb waa not hsn, 
but bad a grace of its owa, tbough wbolly unlike her, 

It waa tbe figtire of a girl in n grey cloae dreea wbich deßned 
th6 outlins of hüT tall ällin litubS: Sbe worä a iu^ batj. and bad 
«oma flir abaat her sbouldera ; tka «uubeaaia of tbe eatly day 
tOQcbed tbe gvld in her bair and sbone in her baz,el ejea, She ivb« 
gatberiii^ now one datura, now aiiotber, of tbcsa apared by Ihe 
Uecember miatral, and coming' iip to a bed of rnnieUiaa, paiiaod 
daablfully beton tbeii blos^oma ; ahe oame there llke ouc accuäiomed 




to tha plac«, and wlio uier^ilf did wltat alie bed often done before. 
Her gre^T gown, hei Buiiny lialr midcr it^ crown of eable, ber banda 
tilled wLta ätiTvem, muidQ a pictiiiä undümwtb tJia pabns, amidAt 
the Btatues, a^in^t tbti üux darkness. 

Uo reco^iRtd tbe cbild wlium be Lad last seeo in bi^r wUte 
eown with the black eaah a fow Louix teforo la Üie Diicb>eaae'« 
3r« win gr-ro oiua. 

For tba motueiit, liä put on hei' fi.ppeAi'änCe tberO tbat conslTU'O 
tion wMcb a man, aiibject from his uojLood to tba advancea and 
KjlicitatioTifl of tliö otber sex, wae moöt öpt to coacetve of eiHih ati 
unsoupbt TLsit. But aa be aaw how unconcGmed, rtatiiml, and 
cbüdlike ber tLO^emeute were aa eha paused, now bj tbis fclirub, 
and now by liiat, or e»t down on a bench to arrauge ^me aalers in 
bar backet, bs as rapidl^' dkcarded bU siispicioas and guesaed tba 
trutb, tbat »be bad been ignoraDt of wbg be wklb tbe 'prevloua 
eveniiig, and bad come to liia g-ardeua bj cbatice or by cuetom. 

A^ be bcrälated wbctEier to deaccjid üud make ber welcome, or 
to rätreat uuaeen icto tba bouss and teil bis eerraal« to saj ni^tbing, 
ehe loo^ed up and saw bim. Sba dropped bec flgwers on tba graHBp 
aad tumed lo fud awoy liJta toy alarüed nympb in clafiäic Tarse, 
IhUt he wag too i^uiizk for ber ; he bad dsGCended tbö few eteps fiocn 
hie tBTtace nnd bad appioacbed her böfore eUö could fly from bim. 

'Do Dot he 8o luikiiid to me,' ba ß^d, with deferBnce and 
courteay, for he diTinad bow asbamed sbe was to bare bean found 
tbere. ' There ia little in tbese gaiden^ after bebifi^ swept by tbe 
miatral, whiob ia a cmal LorCicultuiIät, but tba holboiiaes, 1 bope, 
may siva you aometbiug' wortbier jour accaptani»/ 

'I b&g' your pordoii/sbei mui-uiuiäd^''tuei'S bas beeu do odo 
lere » bng — — ' 

Ile bad apoken aa tboug'h ber presenca was tha mo&t natuc&l 
ibing in tbö w^orldj, but neither hiß composed aaceptjincB of it Ol 
hia courteoufl welcome conld teconeilö bar to tbe poation eba occu- 
pied. Sbd colourt^d paiDfullj, and her bientb came and went in an 
Kgitation eba could not svibdue. 

' I beg- yotir pardon/ ahe stamiuered again ; * I did not koow — 
last ni^bt I did out bear your name — there bas hmxi no ona bare 
H long, Ohj wliat can you tbink of me 1 ' 

Her eyes were Elled witli audden tenrs -, ber colour fnded as 
eaddenly aa it b^id come. äbe waa only a cbild, oud bad beou 
nared by etern fonnalitiee aud by cÜilU precepts. 

' Tbiäk f * ecboed OtboiBr ; ' tbüt you ara bind enoup-b tö tnaat 
me OS B nai^bbchur. Kui^bbours are not aiways fiieiida, bat I bop^ 
■wp obftÜ ba go, Tbat little gäte hfks no uLsa in it unleea itbe an 
Dpen portal for friendfibip to pass lo and fro ; I wolked tbrougb it 
to Millo laet ü.igbt.' 

Btit hiä good aatura and g^ntlecess could not avail to conaol« 
her for wbat waa in ber owd eyss, aa it woold bare betüi in tbofie ot 
ber lelatirefl, an un^ardoBabl« mid iniamoua mjädemeanour. Now 


ihst sbe FecaenJBed ki the Speaker tbe D&oaä p^Eeou whom her caudn 
hftd preeeEtea to her the pravioua evernng, ehe lotig^d for the lawn 
dJiB etijod oü to open and caver her. A piteoiia dietmy took posae^- 
fiioD oF her ; woiild he ever believs that ehe had not kcdwh bim u 
thfl owner of S. PharanioadP Would he ever believe that S. 
FhaTamond had b^n that moming, ae far B3 her knowLedge had 
gone, «tili unoccupied as ic had begn for teD mortat yearsP 

All the laasonia of her coDTäDt ILf» niade her &ct app^r m h«r 
owneyes OBB of iueicuflftbleftudacjty, uaspeakaWe horror^to bave 
come mto fbe ^«rdena of b stianger wheü Ue wbb hitoBeU" there to 
toke liis flowers ! 

Tlie kiiidneaa di hü ga26 bnd thö conüalitj of bis welcome 
cnuJd do nfithing' to consolehar; ehewaa barelyconecioiiaof them; 
th€ colour in "htiT facä raounted to the loose curla eacapiof^ from her 
littla für cap; ebelaid her bagketdown and joined her handa in an 
uucotucioiia supplicntion. 

' There hfts been no one bere m lonji^,' ahe eaid yet agam with 
pathetic appaal in her Toice. ' I thaii^ht I did do härm ■-, M. Duti^- 
ieroy, the head-f^rdener, haa alwayi Ist me com» wheii thete ia a 
feaet day. Indeed, I bave nsTar taken the rar« Sow^rs, only those 
which ha did not want. tt is the ]rafl&li church of S. Pharamood, 
loo ; I did natkuow I didwiong — praydo Dotblame the gardeDera/ 

' Blame them, wben I am so mucb Uieir debtor ! I wiab joii 
would beliave that jf>u are tha quaen of all the ^ardeoa here* 
Why, even still you are heeitating to pluck the caraaUiafl t ' 

* Becauae they told me nevpv Co toucti them ; I oaly looked at 
them ; I chink M, DuTeUäroy eende them to Kice to eell. lodeed 
— iudeed — I have never taken but what he told me I raight havö.' 

iVhat Bcemtäd so vary terrible to her was that ehe mußt appear 
in the owner of 8. PbaramDud aa a tliißf of hi.s flow^rs I A TAgne 
idaa daebud acrosa her miiid, tbatpeihapa ahe might pay for tbo 
\aluB of them — but then eliB Lad no mooey I The cid jewela of 
haf mother wäre to be bere^, indeed ; but wbeo P Sbe liad not 
bY&ti. aesD them ainci» her graadmother had (Lied ; peirtapsi th^ 
wwe to bö sold to dafray tliö coat öf het entranca into conTeot 
lif«} jjhe did not kcow, The great trouWSe of her epirit -waa 
reSected lo her face, which wag füll qf conRtctiiiff emottons^ her 
mouth, which had bean too ailent the night before, trembted a 
little i tlia teara prlaamed undar her long la^ea. Othmar thought 
här mucb m'Drn intereBting with all this expreesioQ br^akin^ iip 
irom undß'r tbe maelt of white niarble which the coDvent had 
made her wear In her bewilderraent sbe becama aJtogelher a 
ohild ; Aod thi^ stateiy auiot of hier mancsr feil aw&j A'om her üka 
an embroJdeiiiÄi ermiiie-lined roba too heavy for her yeara. 

' Do they teil my caraelliaa — the roguea f ' he Bald with ■ 
fmile, 'Of couree you «ball g'O »way i/you wiUj but Dot empty- 
liaiided. Thera mtist b« oomething bettei wgfth hariiig iEhs 
tlMM» jroit-bitt«! row- '' 




Hb collodl a mftQ wbo was «weeping up lenre« on & Iowa here. 

*Go and teil your c-bief to cut Uig HrieBt orchtde and bring 
them in ^ basket to !cb hiiuEeli r smj otb^r rftr9 thjng ho may in the bons^ be cäQ cut al&u. Modemoiselle,' be esm, 
tnming to tbe ^tl, 'you muet not. go back to Milio wHh sucb » 
pöOT opinion of my {^rdeiis, la the IJiiche&se weil? You römgm* 
Der that 1 b&d the bonour to ba presanted to jou by lier üsat 
evening P ' 

* You are Oount OthraBr P ' 

'Hen call me so' he repüpd, for he rerer lored that titla 
which Boemed to bim bo cootümptible a tbin^Tf g'iven, eis it had 
been, in the beginning of tlte Century by the ürat blmperor. • I am 
happv to be the owner of S. Phnramond, eiiice you aeign to Tiait 
it. You are at Millo eveiy winter, I tbink ? ' 

'I am; they itTe not/ eb'ä eaid, re|3:[tiiiing^ her composure a 
little. * I did not Itenr yoiir naote iaat night I Ihoui^ht yuu wera 
«me gentleman from Paris,' 

'I Hve oftenest ba Paris/ he l-GpÜed, 'but ftt tliB present 
moment 1 Come from GelltFftl Aftift. 1 am a friend of Moßsipnora 
MelVille, da I told you ; aod I hope you will beliebe me wbön t 
Bay that, if only forhia regard foryou^ you would be welcome at 

He spoka without compliment, eeeing that any compliment 
"woMld only «care her mors. 

■•You hslp mj jiariBh church, did you aayp' he contmued. 
■ It ia very disgnicenü oT me never to have knowii it ; w© will get 
Melville to come aud preach there. Doea the curS want for any- 
tMug'f — 18 there nothing I coiild do P ' 

' He wantg a new sovlane Tery much/ she aidd with beätatioiii 

'Then a new aoviane be eball bara b^fore the Tvorld is a wflek 
olda»'/ eaid Othmsr. * Why will you go away? Ära you too 
ftfraidof me to venture iato the houesP Woald you not hava 
soroa craam, aome cakes, aome strawberries ? Wnat do youDg 
Gracee like you live uponP Commaiid anything you wül,* 

' I hava had some hiead and milk ; I want uotling \ you ara 
very kind.' 

' If you tbink me Bn, you muet not treat me bo dlatuTitly. Yon 
Diuat mske me a friend of youia. The Duc^hease herself preseutad 
me laet night. You söem determined to lorj^et that.' 

She stood ioclined to ro away, unwiMiEg' to eeem ungrateful, 
yetafraid to reuiain^ a charming^ pictura of confusion and iadB- 
cieion, miagled with a gTftvity and a grace beyoüd her years. 
The Qreuze face whicb, he had eean ia the boftt bore the füll forc« 
of the momica li|fht as a toea beata it, the pure tinte only 
deepeoed and illumined by it, Under tha etraight eimple linea 
qf the gPBT BtulF gown the biidding" beauties of a etill chiLdiah 
fftna could ba dirined; in her embarTasement her colour atiU 
aams and went ; har laige tsyes, of a golden hazel, wera almoat 


blacli üroiu the aliailDw of tli'i^lr InaLea. So ^ os ■ man wbom 
beurt and eouses ars eagrossed by od6 woman can 1>e d,U\<? tG ihn 
lovelineea of aoother, (Jthmar Tvna aenaible of tlüs yoqtbful and 
poetic beauty, wLitli eeemed to bulorre^ to Ihe firat fresh hours of 
tba jBonÜHgj pnd to be bom of it as thfl KSebuds were. 

' I bope you will not bo angry,' ehe fiaid fluxicuiflly. ' It wm 
jii|^ fault. At MUIo DO one miist touch b eic^la äower, and tbe 
cürÄ likea to Bee the altir pretty, niEd eo one day — ob, (hat is 
quite a lorp iita^ ago^ thrca -n-iiilera ago — X bappoiied to ece tha 
^ate opeu into IbeE^a g^oundf, (md I aaked M. lleuri if I mlgltt 
gathcr nbat he did not cara to mWt and ho said tbat 1 wm 
wflkome alwajg. to tbu cohuboii flgwefs, Ypu will not tlatne Mm, 
jf jou plGage, lor it was altogBthef my fault,' 

Sbe had eddana ttindä & epescli so loii^ in her life, and slie 
pauaad, Rphamed of the eouna of hör Toico in tlia qtiiet of the 
IDomin^ sir. Sbß feared nlsO tbat ahä wb,h doing wrODg tO apfiak 
at all ta tbia etranger, all owner of S. Fboramond thougb he 
migbt be. 

* All that I am inclined fo blania bim for/ anawered Otbmar^ 
* iB for having- laid any restrictionB tipon you ; he has no rigbt to 
»eil OTen a sprlg* of mignooatte. Thesa gardeua aro not kept for 
pro£t; they ciin have qo happier uee thaa to contnbute to your 
plenflure aud to tbe altars of tbe cliurch. Prayi do not go; wait a 
momeUt foF this crimLoal to brinfj ua tbe orchÜS.' 

But abo oiily gröw more alanued at her owa intfUBion tbere, 
Tha eaay, kindly pallantry of hia matmef swiTcely rea&sured her; 
ahe waa but a child, and a child reaiod m formal and severe codes. 
Sbo doubled that she rvas giiilty of aomo graue offenca in etaiidin<>' 
linder a palm-trea boüide a group of camelliaa witb a peraon whom 
abe bnd Bcarcely seea befoie. Sbe bad oeitber tba b&Hts of the 
-World nor tbo convantiocial bodinage whicb could bave mct bis 
court^y on ita own grouDd and rep3ied to i£ in a faw caraleaa 
pbraseä. But it Eaemed to Hm tbat her eilenca was golden, a« 
^Iden as the gläftMS in her cbfungeful h&zol ey^s a$ tbo Sun iSmote 
on them, 

*If you iTould ciUow me to ^o,' ebg murmured, *I bave quite 
enough Soweni bGire. It ia aiioli a smatl cbi^n;Ii> aod tbe occkids 
Tould be mucb too rarö — — ' 

' If tbe orchida were mada of rubiefl and pearls, wbat bappier 
fate could tbey a&k than to fall from yo^r banda on to tbe altarit 
of tbflMadojuuiF' aaid Otlimar, as ha broka oä' tba hloBBODu of 
liis camellias with na epeiriug band. 

At tbat momeat tbe büad-^ardcnar, alarmed and disturbed at 
tbe messa^fl wbich he bad received from bia ma&ter, came ia sight 
with a baaliet hurriodly ßUed witb Borae of tbe ctoicsBl treaBurei 
of hip forcüijlj-houfiea, Othmar took it from, bjm ; 

'You did quite rigbt/ be öaid in a low toni?, 'to make loy 
moda weleoma to tbe jaidens in my abfiencei, bat anotttor tinw, 


M. DuTallaroj, make them welcome to the liest \ da uot rc^arve it 
for the maThete Bnd t!iö tiorist ehopa of Nice,' 

Tbe moii, gaütj^ aad tnlieo &t a düaijtvimtflg«^ Lad no time to 

Ereparo & lie ; be ^^w rod, ood ata.mmer>>d, and waa ibaaliTiiil foi 
ia moater'e gi;3tur>a of dianiUgal as ÜCliiuar tufütd ijroni biai 
jmpwtjpnlly tLod oflered tlie Orchitis tO tliü gtrl. 

' YoD ai-Q äugiy with bim/ dio said, amJät^ conqueriug hei 

'NotBO; I am pralofal to hitu,' eaid Otlimar. 'But I ehaU, 
perhflpfl, be acgrj with my hoiiao-B Leward, whose diity itis to keep 
theee roj^uea clean-handed. ]f he had givea you his beät flowprs 
I would have pei:sioiit>d tum for life^ but to limit yoii to takug' 
wliat be did oot -wont to sellj was to disgrace S. Pbaramond.' 

' ludecd, bo haä bt^a very kind all thca^ thrta« wiuLers/ the 
jaurmured, in infimte dit>lr?&9 st tlie thougbt that ehe liad inod- 
Tertentiy iujured tlio maa ic hiä uiaslai-a opinioa. 

'He ahall weartke ordär of St. Fiocre if joii hka, if thero ba 
auch an order to reward f,'ood ^rdeners,' said Oiinnar gaÜy, aeeing 
her geQuice anxiety on ihe man's ti-lialf. 'I may come and «ee 
TOiii decorationg to-morrow. Shall I fiend you a load üf ilowerfl? 
Thftt would be better 1 thini.' 

Sba loolied alarinsd. 

'Ohnoj oh priiv, do not I ' elie eaid wiLb oarnestnesa. 'You 
are rery Idnd to thnik of it, Monsiour, bat it woiüd frighten the 
cnrä, and we ehould not Imow wbo-C to do witb so lUäuj^ Ibei 
chuTch iB Bo very amaU ' 

&he hesitated a momoat, the colour in Iier cHeeka grew warm 
u sba addod: 

' My Cousin doea not kti^w thnt I come hcre. I do not mean 
that it 19 auy occret, but ahe uight titiuk it wioQ};^ lutiuatTQf 
imptiirtiri ent — - — ' 

'Shöcould tbinlt nothiiig of the eort,' aaid Otbraar. 'They 
are threa worde whicb no oae could associate with Wdllö. de 
Valogna \ I am dollp:hted my d^'^ercad houaa could be so lioiioured. 
Mußt you gflP I flhall not eaaily forgiTB myaeLf if I fiigliteu you 
away. Let me eocis wirb you to the ß:ate at least.' 

He walked beaide htir uadiBf the palma and on the fibaTen pra* 
down an alele of clipped arbuFu^, carryiog for her the camelüaH, 
white and roae, whicli he bad broken off tbeir placta with no care 
for the appearaace of the group to wbicli tbay belonped. 

Sbe waa aikat ; ahe waa subduod by au uji'wouted oensO' of 
wrong-doiug ; eha faccied that sie had committed Boma terribla 
indiecretioD ; but bow wag abe to Lare Itnown that he was there, 
when for tiirea winters tha canielliaa had blöEsomed Uüseen in 
thoea ßilent evargreeu ways wliich no 8tep but A g^ardener'a had 
ever diäturbed, aud wliero she had come to watcb the blackhirda 
trip over tbe fallen learea, and the fouctains dance in the aunsMne, 
aiM. the tea-roses ahower petala of cream and of gold on tha 



teiTB<»e, vxih Du taAi^ thought ot- heaitaüoD tban eha h&d ^oae ts 
tlie nlivB-jardä of Nicole Sfcndroi P Rer cDufiiäon had aoLhiD(f ol 
«wkwardnBsa. It wm very gracafiil, aliaost stRtalyj in ita Bileace ; 
it wiis the grftve icnncunce, xh« atartSed hesitation, of tbe youiig 
nynipti Burpriaed in the saBctuarf of the grore. 

Sfae acceipted tue orchidä witb a aeiioiu pratitude^ wbich 
eeemed to him qoitei out of propcrtion to tbe sieDdacneoa of tha 
gift ■ but wiien Leaaid as much ehe Lotermpttd hito: 

* Tbey ßre so beaiit il'ul,' she ssid <;ftr3iently, * It «aeniB cruel to hii¥a 
HluD^ed them. Ooe fanuetu tlioy wÜl take wiug Lika thä butterüiw.' 

* You »re Tcry focd of flowere ? ' 

* Oh yea — aod pDople waate them ao, At roy couam's bau laat 
week liere wera five tbousand Kusaa, I aaw tiiem in tho manüng j 
they wenj quit^ dead.' 

' IHd you not see theM ftt fiight ? ' 

' At uig-ht, no ; how Miild I P I am not in the world ; I imw 
«haU Le. Soumtituea tbey teil me to ba an hoor in tha receptioD- 
rooniH after diuntür ; that is all: I do not cara for it.' 

' But do you not wish for tha time of LaUs to come P Every 
yonng ^rl doea/ 

' I try nevi^E to thiak about it/ ßbe Bald Bimply. ' I know it 
WÜl nover coma for me.' 

Thera was a resigniitiou in bor word« whicb waa moie patbetio 
than any regrets^. 

Then with the colour bot ia her che^ikH a^ain, taioembenng 
that ehs was Epeakiu^ too much to a strangarr ehe opcned the littla 
pate iD the arbiitus walk which led into tli^ grounoB of Millo, 'I 
tbimk you very mach/ sbo murmured. '\ asaure you I will asTer 
come sj^BLü.' 

' Atid Unlesä yOu Come a^^n, I äBS'Lif q you thit you will teil 
nie tjicitly that I bare hnd tha miafortimö tn displeAHö yoü,' Said 
Othmar, ae ha held opnn the pÄte, and bowed low to her; hu baw 
that it would ba only imIdndaaBB to d^tAia har or to aocompany 
her. Bhe was aa uneaay as a Mrd which haa flowu by mifitaka 
Lato a conaervatory, 

'I will come to the church to-morrow,' he «dded. 'Do yoa 
not ein^ there eomatiraes P ' 

' Now and tben. Thero ia no one eise to diig. But tny coiuia 
doee not »pprove of it. Sbo thiuka tliore maybe peop]e over Irom 
Nice ; hut there never are, Thtre ig no ona but the peaaantfl.' 

* Tb« Buchesse vill uot mind m«/ aald Üthmar, ' Let uB say 
nw rnmir ! ' 

He kiesed her band wltb a careleas gaUantry which mada her 
COlour ovtr heSr hrow »nd throat, and let her le&ve hlm. She spod 
like a frighteaed fawn over tbe türf and waa soon loat to eigbt in 
the biTiequetö of Millo. 

Othioar stroUed badr to the hooae. 

'Aiitomb«Hu seil] Unit ms toi« obsonre.* 
bi repeated to himeelf ae h» looked after her ; the pBtho« of ba 


destiny gavä beP Bi äpiritu&litj aud a lADctitj in hk slght, and th« 
toDg of tliB blind ctild and ita yoang sioger for n few üjoraent» 
dieputsd ft place io hi* memoiy with che vision of Nadine N&pr&xioa 
u ehe b&d plucked the tea-rosea on bis tarr&cä to let them fall. 

' Th&t jouDg girl vould not let a rosa fade,' bft thourbt^ ' and 
her own roaea are to withar between conTent walle I Wbat arbi- 
trary c&pricee has Fata [ If tEiej vould oolj let ine giva haz a 
million ' 

But they woold not even bare 1b£ him giye her orcbid« and 
caiueLüaB had they knowa it. 


QniUA.B wcait into hia house, but Wot« taliin^ hla co^ee sent for 
hia ßteward, ajid gave bim (v brief but aevera reprimftod for bavinn 
parmitted Duvalleroy and hk undetlmgä to uäe the goidena as ■ 

' Tte gtoundfi nifty be flacked to pleaee my frieade,' be said, in 
Concloeioa. 'Butif a eingle camation be sold for a aiuglefleritioie, 
it is not tba eeller who will be diemlsaed, but youreelf, whn are 
paid bl^bly orJy that yoQ may sava your «ubordinstea fram thoee 
temptations wbicb kill boneaty and ehould ba no more left in tbe 
patb of poor men tban potsoaed man^olda in a sbeep-äald. 

Tbe notioD tbat bis Lotboueea and ^dsua lia.d fumisbed tbe 
flower-eellöre af Kice with materialfl for tböir iuyriad& of bouquöte, 
irritated bim disproportionately, He ivould Iiave takfinbisoath 
that OD Done of bie estatea did bis paople ateal a fiutbing's wortb. 
Tbey were all bi^bly paid, aod tbose set in autbority over tbem 
were all men wbo had neen cbosen and ecricbed liy bis fatbar; he 
had often epoitaD of tbsir probity and a^ectioD with pride ; and 
Qow they cbeated bim for a&ke of eelÜDg' a boiiti]uet t 

It WM a mere triBej jio doubt He wouJd hava cleared bis 
gard«na at a stroka to pleaaa auyoiie bö liked ; and he wOuld häve 

g'vBD B poor maD willingly tbe v&lu6 of all bis forcJngi-bDUMe: 
it the knowläi!^ that bta hiieUnga aold bis. Diignouette and hia 
heliotrope to proßt themselTeB irritated him, and even quite em- 
bittared life to him for the moment, The moat g«nerous minds 
feel the moet acately betrayal in amall tbings, aDd resent moat 
TiTidly tbe contemptibla robheries wbicb take advantage of truat 
and opportunity. That th>» rieb man ie m aeldom bonaatly eerped 
goea uirther, perhaps, to redre^ tbe baiance between bim and tiu 
poor man tban tbe latter, in bia ignorancer ever auppo^aa. 

' After all;,' he tbought, ' perhap,B I only feed roi^uea, lika Na- 
piaiina/ AndlhathougbtwaBpainful to bim, for bafed tbemwaU. 

It waa primarily hid own fault for so oeldom comiiiif to th« 
ploc« \ perbapg it was natural that wb^iD yean rolkd on and they 


DfiTaraiwtlieir m&ater thejBbouM leafn to coiuider Lü posaesaloai 
M almoBt tlieir owd. Dut be bad eo many pkcea the.t he could 
DDt ÜTO in tliem all, rUa Catlierg had Wnplit them, oo^ out of 
yespößt to tlioir niBinoripß, be izoiild Hot g^et riJ of them. He bad 
% great bou^ on iba Boukmrd St.^rärmabl ; AllCither great böUM 
iß Picca']i]ly: anotbfcf tu tba Teroaian Platz of Vieiinai ha had 
cätAtea in France, lün^land, Germany, and Austria, u Scotch moor, 
a Flemiab fortfst] a cbuteau on tbeeboTes of tha Dalnmrian Ädriatic, 
B TilU at Itiarritz, a Castle in dense -wDoda on Ib^ Mosaik, aud 
vbola t'Dwua, villagüs, plaina, nnd bills in Oroatia itu&lf. üdw 
was he to Livo nt all tbese plncü« P Ile lent tbum liberally, butba 
could haxJJy Bell tbem; tto bead of tfie buu3» of Otlitnar couM 
noC sali ivbat be bcid inboTitad, If ba h^ eoid them ba ^ould 
QnljbavB bod more niUllioDa'wilh wbicb bä WOuld Hut bavQboQWll 
wbat tu <Iü. 

Wben ba bsd dnink n cup of oofTee and » pkee of icod wotor, 
lie "went for B 'oEfJ ride, mouiiting bi[;b up into ILb hüls uiitil tb^ 
fte«. lay far bL'low, blne as a ^eat bed of mysntifl, and tba (ci^ded 
cupoliis of La Jatjqaömi^rilb^ plittercid üi his eiight far beneath the 
darhcming" slopee of pine. Wbfln be rettinied to bis one n'doclc 
breakfaat, he Knund that bis house was des^rt^d no moro. IIa wu 
told tbat bid unclc, tbs Xiarou Tri edi> rieb, bad arrired bj tba rapiät 
from Paria, IIa was not gready plcaaed.biit te prejiared to do 
bia dutieä »a a ho^t witbotit betrayln» hie ophm tbut the new 
COmer waa not pröcÜgfly in barmpcy witb a romautic retcöftt nmidst 
Eiyrtb-B, c«melliBi*i, find brotaaliaa. 

ßiit be ßlfio foreaaw a ledioua dny and evening, and be did nofc ' 
eare lo hava tbs beon bbie öyea of bia fatbera i(rother fixed on bim 
at H moment wfaan be wua sendin;^ t^Se^ama m all diiactiona and 
eommanding- all kinds af norel divärsiüDB to\ise and receLTS tbe 
Princesa Naprasine. 

* HavB your tnivels tendad to convinca y oti tbat Euiopeaca ar» 
wroB^ netto lettbetuilaof äbsep fatt^c and appeai attbeir tiible^P' 
eaid hia UDbidden gueat, comin^ out of tbe housB bs though tbey 
bad parled tha previoua night in&toad of twanty mpTitbs beibre. 

Thara was no tigiirei bott^r known in Paria tban tbat of thft ' 
Baron Friederich Otbmarj iamillar to eociety sU over Kuropa a» 
BaiOQ Fritz; a taU and porüy ßeuxe earriad witb thg aoae and 
^d|Kour of manbcod, tbou^k a^a Iiad whitcued tbä baii*, th&t wOM 
6till abimdant, on tha htindeoina beod abovö, IIa never flttonjpled 
to eonceal hie lig-ü : ho defipLäöd ftU viaquilUfge, w all bealtby and 
all clever va&n do; and if hh ekin wa^ as fair and bis bands were 
•a white and eol't as a dncbeea'a, it waa becauee naiure bad made 
tbem ao, aad a lila temperate in ioduljraace though entiröly im- 
Bcrupuloue ia morala bad preaerrod biä bccllh and bis aticngth 
Uöimpaired aave by occn^ional twingea of tbie ffout. Witb old 
G^ulDia blood in bim, Priederich OtbmBr woa a tborougb parimaji 
bi lubit, tastei, and manu^ ; but be wu a true Slav ia Btipfliwea^ 



mgiicity, nnd profound secretiveness, Otbraar thouglt t!mt tliero 
waa QOt on tliü face af ite earth anotlier miui ■witli euch n bideous 
power of dissLaiulftlion 03 hls ll3lcI^3 ; whllat tlio eldcr man, on Ibe 
COntrary, looked Upoü Slicli tliefiujulntioa as thu mcre mark 'n'bicli 
cüstingTiißlieB the chilistd beiag from tha SHvßga, ' Dissimukiion 
lies at the root of all gaoA roncneTa,' he was wont to snj in momfints 
of üuilnieBB. ' Yoiii frienct bor&a you iD^nitely ; you anaile, and 
appear cliarmsd [ Xf joa do not, you are b boor. Diseimuliition 
\s the easeiic« of Cliiistiamty ; you ara eDioLncd to turn orte chet>k 
aft«7 another, nnd not to sbow tbnt yoa »mo-rt. DisBlmulation ia 
the oiüy tbing tbat junkea sodetj possible ; without its MuöiiitieBi 
tha wotM TTOuld be a beiii'-jjarden/ 

On tbe BoiiTse 'Baroli Frlta' was draaded HBlbe teenest-witted 
fioIof3U3 of ünance in hll Ktirope, Ilis ficmncri wna unerriaf; ; hlB 
mind wae as EenEitive to the chnn^es of tbti pollLlcid attnospli^re 
aa an electnö wirB tO höat. Heperceived lonjj beforo anyone elao 
the little cloud, not 80 big aa a mßn's band, whicb vraa prefjnant 
■with atorm Trhilat yet the alty waa dear j hö heird Idh^' bd'ore 
anyone elee the low treoior in tbe bowela of the earth ■wliicb pre- 
fftced tha eeisniic codylübIou, aa jet undream<?d of by a fleepinf,'- 
World. Therefore, with BTipremo tact and mntchlc^ instinct, Lo 
tiad mode tha House of Oihuiai the eiivy of all its pcers, ' Wliat 
Brestateamanwitliout ueF ' eaid Fried'^^ricb Othirar. 'TheycaDnot 
more, thay canncit etrilcej unlass tbe öoBTicieTa eiiabTe tbt'm to do 
■0 ; all tbeir cumbitiations cmmble like a drppt bird's-neat innlesa 
Wb Ma wilüag to eustaitl tbeni. If GennaDy had lind no mocey, 
could Bha bave crosBed the ItbiniS ? The fineet ai-my in the worlri. 
ia HO mOTe thSin a cbild'a ßet of metal soMiers if it ba not röitlant 
aur Vor. The Btrktesitien are thought to ba the nhief riilerB and 
prirae matora of tha fate of the Tvorld, but they can but act aa 
■WB who Bje behiud them permit : they drag tbe coacb ; we drive it.' 

*That Iknow/nnewered Othmar. ■" WebaTOtbe uiaet Ricantic 
TeBpoDBJbility united with tbe most utterly qüirupt looral podo. I 
grant tbat we (iröj in a way, tlia CfE&Brti of tJie modeTIl World, but 
we arö beatially selfl&h ; we ara bog-lilie in cur reptetion, aa all 
Ctesars become, Ko finander evei" risked min for a noble impolae 
tn for a lofit caUfiO. If he did^ he would £eem luad tö hiä ^ildj, aa 
Uljaäea to bis compatüoTis.' 

All tbe enjoymert and aonae of power whioh Othmar eontempt- 
natuly Tejected h\s nncia appreciated totbofuU: he 'vcas, in ciis 
own way, a Woläey, a Kichelieii, a Bismarck. Nothing' of much, 
ioaportancä had besE donö ld Euroria for the last forty years witlliaut 
Friederich Oilimar bcin^ beneath it, in moro qf lesa degree, for 
weul or woe. Ha iiad tbcHe imerrlng- inBtißcta whicli imioimt in 
their ovnk way to geniuie, 

Endowed'Tyith one of tboaa Iffien, lo^cal^ yet ima^atira 
braios, whicb are as necesaary to tbo i^eat tinandeT na to ihe 
great stateemU;» he hud work^d unwfiariedly all bis lue long for 



tbe saice and for tlie glorp- of the houaa of OthtuaT ; lia was in no 
wajr of bid uepbew'e upiuion; he coosldered tlmt tbo World lield 
nottikig- äaer than the fortuoea wbich had beea built up out of 
Idarc Otlunar's kreutzera tili i( was solid aa bo mfuiy towera of 
liullioii; ha coTifiidsred the poaition of t^is cftpitalbt who can, 
tefuEa a liing, euatain a natiöc, frucHf^ great enterpriseS, o^d Coib^ 
rttr&in iit teätraiü groat WAtä, was tinb tu bö excliariged nith an^ 
othöT power undar tha sun. In rioftuco he was inexürabla, unerr- 
ing*; füll of tbe fineaC penetrAtmn, and tbe inost piercing acumeit' 
Btern aa cTanitti, piertlng aa eteel. In privAte lif^ ue waa an amisble 
cjnic, wlio caredfor verv Jittle «icept the reputjitwn of bis dinnera 
and hie coUecdnn of watoir-colours. Baron Fritz waa CGTerreall^ 
coDtBDt out of his Ültle bob?], wbich wafi' aa cos; ob a satin-lined 
bag", and where by Btrel^üiimK' out a filier to toych an ivory 
liuttoa be could pat tipaselfia coiummnication with alj the cantrea 
of änajice in Kuropa. Witbout movuig' jrom hia Ti^lvet cbalr or 
takmg hia foot fnim ita ^ut-atool be could con^erss with hia 
'brotber capitAliats at all qimrters of the globe, and change tbe 
fate of nationa and the öui-taca of eventa. in tbe rourse of a win- 
ter'e foraopoD during' a paa^a hetween twö ci^&rettes. Tcv he abifl 
to do 8ü Aeemed to him tbe rery flow&r and perfäCtiOQ of life. It 
■waa to play chesswitli tbe worldforjour board, and to eaycbeci- 
mate to livii]^ and crowned kjn^s. 

Whenaver he expatiFited on that theme to hia nephew, Othma* 
only replied tbat he himself did not csire for any gameR. 

For tb« reet, bia ooa graat eocial BmusemHnt wa« wbist ; he 
could never wm wby men forsoDk tlieir cluba becsuso bay was 
being mown and coro reaped and prapea gatJiered. You bongbt 
fbragB, you ate bread — very Jittle of it — «nd you drank wime, but 
why because tboae tbree tbings w^ere all In tbeir embryo Htata evary 
citv lo Europa ahoiild bßcome ampty, he had nOt patience to com- 
prebend. Noplaca waacooler, ehadier,qiiiiettr,thaQyourcluh. Tbe 
Tast green eilent country whicb hia nephsw loved wm to him an 
DDter darkne5.s ; he detested h prmnnGn with all tbe maLcloueneaa 
ftgain^ it of a bom £,nd bcad Parisian, 

To ee&a breazy common on a aii-lacli Square of David Oor.or 
ft brook pnrling amongvt rushaa by Bonnint^ton, waa to baT« aa 
much of ths coiintry as he cared to enjoy. The ston<M of Vienna, 
tbe aapliatte of Fariü, were tbe only gpround he cared to tread. 
He had educated bis cook into perfect excellencej and never tra- 
Telled auywbere without bim and bis battoiy of silver saucepans. 
'Becaoae you aleep in a stränge bed tbera is no reason wby joii 
»hould let yourself be poisoned by streoge disbge/ beinTariably 

Oq tb« wböla he had bd a hsppy a&d enviabk life ; he waa ■ 
perfectly Belfisb man, with one greac uneelßflb lovftlty &et in tha 
■Bidet o? biß ee^otism, like a rein of pure marble among'st a masaat 
landatone. ' To benetit tb'B House Frita wnuld tat himaelf ht 


I'riyed m a mortar,' bie brotLer Und often Bftid of him; in pr'iTitA 
lue, OD tLe cotitrary, ha wAa entjrely öelf-abaorbed, bS became A 
m&n wbo was m\Q of tbe most notuble pereOTifl iTi Psrie ; bft bad 
never beea knowa fo lend a flvö-ftanc piecö, biit he retb chciica 
dinaerä threä timäa a veokr wbich cost twanty napoleons for eoch 

aometimea Ue tboug-ht with a pang of terror of what wouid 
lecome of tha Houbb of Otbraar wb«ii he biinself should be no 
more. He was aeventy jeara tild ; Le would be imabla to live 
for ever ; hia araecal of wirea cootained no ivory buttoc by ■wliicb 
he could BUDunoa eternal Life ; ho had gtiut in bia »ytrieD:!, Bnd ba 
did oot di^guisD from liinjaelf tbat any &a.y big coole, wjtb tbo 
eilver g^i]CQpan&, bis prptty atjuarebea, bia gigantic opemtioiiS, bifl 
int«Dää Joye of life, might oüe otid all be powerlesß to keep bim in 
hie place, and theo 1^ — oll tbe magtiitiide and migbt of tbe House 
of Otbmar would depand ßolely and entirely Od one ^apricious and 
URstAble young' maD,wboonlyüaröd fora Greek poet or b German 
Opera ! 

On tha« melanelioly dajs -when he remembered tbiSj he 
Toluntarily duprived bimaelf of hia hurgirndy^ and ata only of two 

He waa mucb attached to Othmar, hut he woa ünpatient of 
him. Ho was annoyed by ^bathe looked upon aa hia crotchet« 
snd CRpricea ; be was irritated by the unconcertled Bpnthy and even 
Bcorn witb whjcb big nepbi^w regardied hm owd euperb poettiou in 
tbe worldf Tbe dlBaatiBl'ftction ivitb wbicb Üie origip of tbeir 
House fiU tbo head of it was to Baron Kritz dmost incorapreben- 
rible and wbiniRical equeftmiahneia. If be revered BKVtbinfj in life, 
it waa tba traditioTi of cid Marc Otbmar amaseirg bis dorina tn 
th& balf-barbaric city of Agram. 

'For Bugbt we kriow he -waa a Tchipan, a Romany,* his 
Denbew had eaid to bim OTice ; and be had rt^plied nnf^rily, ' And 
if De were a gipsy P la thera blood more aacient P 1% tbere 
» people froer P lä there bd lEtelligenco more cpmplaxP Wh^t 
onotba European rBCQ3 beflide üie OriButal P But you k&ow vsrj 
well thnt be wB.a a ptura Croat,* ha bad coDcladed, with intoler' 
able irspAtience of euch depreciatiau of tbe founder of tbelr 

Althoupb it- bad been tba babit of biß Ijfe to follow and Study 
the miadsof nißSi even in thetr mOTS flectet tbougbtfl, be had no 
Patience to attempt to ucdtBr^and tbe capricoa of bis nephew'B, 
Itwaa, ha thougint, tbat Ititid of ingralitudäto fate wbicb ia almoat 
a.D. irsanit}' ; th« anme eort of fractioiu wilfulnesa wbich made 
Jamea of iScotknd lore to wander dieguised in bis o wo towiia,Biid 
MSt Domitian to a plot of cabbag'ea. 

To Deron Frits the power and migbt of the Houee he b«Iong^ 
Co bad eTer beea in tba atead of aiiy otber TsUgionj, craed, rr 
Mtai^bmeDt I he wh DOt perwnally an cmbttioUB ot An avariciuiu 


mW, be Iia3 eflaced litmaelf for hiB "brother'i sabe, ae lia «rill 
plaved fos Mä brother'a bok ; t tc celelirity of tlio TlcHjae of Otbraarj 
tJieir power, he&vy && An elaplianfa tresd, fubilä oa All el^ctrig 
eurmiit, the miit^ of tbe oi>eratiüna wrMcli they eitLor uoder* 
took or impcded, tliö rpapect wiüi wliich Europe regarded thenij 
Üie weicht of tlieip own gmile or frown — all these things w^re tha 
vür,T breath of liU ViSa to liitn. IIa bod rätnainedT and alwaja wil- 
liiifilj remained, a Bubordmate ; be bad never reeented tha aups« 
rioritj of hia elder bmüier an power and poßitiou ; all !ifl bod cared 
tci do waa to give bb j'i;ars^ to t-be Service apd ap^gmndiaement o£ 
biß raßB ; ba would biive becn very ostoniBbed if be bud been told 
tbftt it wna in ii^ w^j^ after all, cbieflj a form of fieiitiment vhich 
BClu&ted bim. 

Betwean bimaelf and Otbmar tbara waa tbe alfection of coi> 
sanguinity, but no eympatby wbat»veT, To tbe eider man tba 
youngei eeemed ulmoat blafiptiiGiaoiiely uawortby of bis beri'» 
tagä: tbe generosiciea and tbe scruples of such a raßnS eeemed to 
bim tbäi perveTiBODeaa of a cblld. Usually, Otbmar willin^ly aban» 
doned to bim tbe ffuidacca of tbelr great argoay, freigbled with 
tbe gold of the worid, but twicö or tbiice siiica bia mujority be 
bnd interftdred wben be bad coüsidered aloim immoiul or an eoter- 
pri&e cojTupt, BEid bad made bis vyto, aa bead of tba IIoiwe> obey«! 
JOTciblyt Tbogs few times bad bgen unpardonable tg tbfi Biü^D 
■wbo bad not bis ecceiitrie aad {[uixotic principles. 

' AJlaira aro affairs,' be aaid. * If you couduct tbem according 
to tbe folliea and pbantafica of tbe Btory of Artbur — adisu.' 

' I would willingly aay adLeii — an eteinfd adieu/ bad retorbad 
Otbmar. ' But you bave told tue repeatedly tbat 1 cannot witb- 
draw mj Ilouaü from buainesa witbout cauaicg' ruin oa tbe Boureea 
of Europe, nnd dbboiioiiriiig' our nome by annulling and repudiat- 
iLg oax engB^menta.' 

' Of courae you cannot/ bad siiid the Baron, "to wbom tbe mar« 
idea seemed Utö r pieparption to blow up witb dynamita all tba 
tnauQtiiLiia of Europa and of Aaia» ' I>o you suppose yoü can 
cliace iSMcb an ißätitütion oä our flnancial eiialencfl f You migbt 
as well say tbut n soTi^eign, by dyijig, could will hia couütry intaj 

' Then as I cannot toucb tba enpgemeEtfl of tbe psst, boweTsi 
tnucb I condamn tbcra, I will at leaßt Iceep pure tbe oblif^atioQB of 
tba futUTe/ Otbmar bad anawered i and thoee trausactiona wbich 
bia niom delicnte eense of bonour did Dot allow bim to approve ba 
Tiäfuäed tu permit to be UDdertalceo. 

Baron Frilz, who bad tbe ordinary fiiiaiLcIär''ä coQBcience, tbat it, 
wbo would hme done noüiing coRnneTCielly diabonoiirsble, but wbo 
cared not a atraw bow initjoitoiia niight be tbe reäidta of an opewi^ 
tion, ao long aa it was leg-al, clever, and lucrativö, was beyond 
meaaure irritatüd by tbia occafltotial interfcrence of one wbo wa» ; 
Ico fine a gentlaman, too indolent a dreamer, to bear ony of tl 

p/amcEss NAPj^AxrNS, 

frets nnd bürden at kabitual attention to their gigantJc operationa, 
But there waa no ha!p for it ; Otlio Othmur wiLa the head of th« 
Hauae, aad, wbat was a grenter Rriaf ßtUi to Lia uucla, the onl/ 
living-onB of tha name bcäi-dea himaelf. Tliej,who could hiiTa 
giTen fortiines and posltion to b, score of younger branche?, who 
could ba^e ^ad tbeir sotifl aüd brotliera objtjcta of power and wop- 
flbip in all thB capitaU of £urop6, hfid boeu so yiaited by deatb aod 
destiny that of tWm all there only rataaioöd tlia young man who 
waa Otbiaar to all the world, and the olJ one wbo was Bamn 
Fritz to bla intimate Msoclales, aad Baron Friederieb U^ &li tbd 

* You sbould marry, Otho/ Bald Uie Baron to Hm now. 

' I have DO iDclinatiou to du so," ha auawei^ and tliougbt dt 
Nadlne Napraxine. 

* lüclltiation ! ' e£{Jfumad üie otlier irritaMyj ' Wliathaa io-« 
clin^tioQ to da witb it f Is InclinatLoit conaüdüred or waited for in 
tbö mai-i-Iagpa of princea P You ore a pritice in your own way. If 
yoit died to-moiraw^i your racB would ne exdiiCt,' 

'That woüld not much matter,' snid Otbiößr. ' Wa bATö neTsr 
been conspicuoua fox aQytbiiig öxcept for ama^slag' goldfae a ship's 
keel coUecta bamaclea. I ßiippose I had better lua&e a wlU, You 
ihall bavQ everytlilng for your lifätime, nnd tben it Hbeil all go to the 
FreDcb ßepublic, wlilcb ia tbe oulj uatioaal instjtutioii I know of 
that ia capable of muddling away two huadred milllarda La a year, 
witb notiiiEg- wbatevar to abow for it afterwarda.' 

BatoQ Fritz made a ceaturo of irritafed contempt, 

' Yoü OUght to bave nad leg^tiicate beirö ben years BgOi You 
do not belot]^ to yourself, You bikve nd rigbt to bye and dig fvitb- 
öut raiaicg up poetörity,' 

' I do not See the Obligation/ aaid Otlimir, ' and I do not care 
enougb about the name, Trhich you thiiik so very £ne, ta greatly 
gneve over ita probable eitiactioE.' 

IBaroQ Fritz bad bcard tbis ofteo, but be Derer heard it fresblf 
■without aa iowardebudder, such aa a religioua man feels before a 
blaspheniy. OtbmR.?, merelj aa » man, eaeiued to bim ft fancifiiil 
dreamer, an imBatiafactory anomdyj au unpbilosopbic tbinlcer, 
wbose tbeoriea were alwaya playing- tbe deuce witb hia intareat, 
and wbose aympathies rau away ^vjtb bim lilio balf-broken borsaa, 
But OtbmaPj ög the chigf qf bia HouBa, tioidd do Lo WTOng, and bad 
to be obeyed, fiven if be Tuaböd On hiö own deatTilctiön. 

* Töu eboidd marry for salre of posteritv,' he reiterated^ * You 
are so happUy and exceptioually gituated that you can cboosa 
wberaver you please. No living woman would refuse you. You 
ebould eeek pnyaical cbarma for aake of your ofti^prlTig: and bigb 
lineage also ; tbe reät is a lueie matter of taste,' 

*Tbe regt is only a triße! Only character, mind, and feeliog— 
the tbree tbir^wLicb dcteraiine happjnesa and iiißuence life mora 
Uian anythllng etaö.' 



Enron Frltü made b Httle g^shira of indifference : * T ima^m« 
wyoiifl bica flepf woiild not srr in «ny of these pointa. IIappm«*M 
otie ufiuitlly ÜTids witb tb» -tpirea üf olliera. Not that I ivoiild di»- 
couTBg^ you if you be inclined ' 

' 1 am not irurlineüj' «aiiJ Otbnjar, brnsquely. * I ody aay that 
cliaracter is neTercnnBiderad lij mya aod wouieawhen theymarry; 
yet it 19 what makeß or niara a Iifß, When a m&rria^ 19 annoUDCcl, 
whht is discuaaed P The r&apei?.tir& fortimea of^ comcem^, 
thetl their good loollB or their Iflf^k of them ; pörliapa Bome öhb adds 
Üiftt he ift bon gar^tm, or someone Fiaya «ß ffsilh 6gt jolie^ OT, ou thö 
oClier band, tbey niay say be is & TdoI, or «he hajB ugly ftifit ; but jou 
never bear a word aa to tbeir citaractera, their eympathiea, or their 
pricciples. It is wby all marrjuirea are at best bat acompromiae 
oetweeD two ill-sisaorted dispo&ifions.' 

' Make jouriS well-ßssürt^d,' Said Enron Fritz, ^If you attacb 
■0 mucb to chnracter, l^'^t cbaractar 1» your study ; myscif, I bure 
always coiiEiidered thatojarrisi^e ifi a mearaof coatinuiiig a race, eio 
that it leg-allycaa coatiaue to traBsmit property ; I hara never 
known wby people impnrled Sne eontimetita into r lejral trauBdic- 
tton« It 19 tflJdiifr ft folee vievr öf ft fiöcial duty to look for personal 
plcMure Out of it; ladefldf if a man he in love with hißwife bewill 
probably communicate bis paasion to her, which is uitdäFiirahlef 
becflOBä it awakena ber eenses, and ultinaately leads to heT taking a 
lo^er, or lovers, whict f^in introdiic« uncertainty into tbe legal 
enjoyment and transtniasion of property.' 

Lhthmar sniiled; 'Räally, ßarcn, you are the moat profoundly 
iminonü man I ever met. Tou would alwfiys, too, aubnrdmate 
litimamty to property. AD hunmn actiona should, occording to 
youj only tend to the c;oriHf>lida.tion and CJUicaiitniÜon of fortune:} 
POW, tliBTö IS EO posaible theory of human aet^on more demofalifilng,' 

' That ie a matter of opmion,' eald the Enron. ' Bat ualess your 
forefsthers had carried that tlieory into practice, joii iroTild now he 
taraing; wild horaea in Oroatia, or pTohtifely you — Otho Otbmar in 
TouT entity as you are — wonld not exiat at all, for certainly youT 
father woüild not haTe Tredded. with an Eiigliflli aristocrat.' 

' It ie a humiliatiag refluctio'nj' said OÜiinar, ' that one's exiet- 
«nce depended on the accidental imion of two persons; indeed, T 
dedine to beliere it. I am convinced that the real cjo, the im- 
penonal entity which has besä cnlled the bouI for want of kaow- 
ing' what tornU it, miiat have had its own independeot exiatence^ 
the enveiope it 19 elipped into ia tbe accident -, let ua think so at all 
eTBUta. It in niore consnlin^ than your nollnji that tbe eUtire lifo 
of Ä. depended on the nhanco of B. cohabiting with O. ; and that 
if B. had weddsd D. iustead, A. wonld never have exieted at all, 
tut anothet and totally diffarent beiug would bare done so — fay Z.' 

The Baron slirugged hia shoidders. Why, he wondt-red, why 
on earth sLould a man care ahout a pre^oxifitence, or a epiritual 
exieteoce, at all^ wlig had evär^thing that hia heart could deeir« 


(n hifl terMBtrial lifoP Ha could iniBSTiie tbnt atarvin^ poets or 
bunpTj tlieolo(,naDa comforted tiieniaelreB wilb thoaa faucles, but 
OthinaT !— - 

' You iifiould bftve be^n & MontaJflrabert ar n LamoimwF»,' h» 
■nawered, wLiich wna a polita way of sajing- ihat be wna an im» 

' WitliQut being eithier the one or tlie other, one may carry inb> 
raivata lifo tlie sams Bort «f hooour wbicli even jou tbick incumböQ 
4D one io public lile/ said ÜtLmar. 

*Not at all,' pajd big relativt). ' TUa code for one has never b«eit 
the Code for tbe atber, A man in private life may not aeiid another 
ntui to be elain beüeiii^ it suita hiä purpcjae ; n man in public Efe, 
tha.t ie, ae a war mimster or ae an ofbcer commandirir-in-cliief may 
Sand ten thoiipaadr bfly thoueftTid, tnön to certain aknplitar. So 
has a dtplomatist erery title to lie oa miich as be may afle.d to do in 
the pubüG Service, but he hae ao right to deeeivB bis peJaonal frieDd 
in a pri^fttB matter. Thia is not mere cBäuiatry -, it iia commoo aenfiä, 
Indi^, all eSectivB caeuiatry is haaed on comtnoii ftaiuM).' 

'Tbe moat dangeroiis caauiBtry ia so, no daubt,' said Othmar. 
*Becauae whon it ia ao boaed it \s irresistibla in its appeal to 

' I do not know why you u«e the word dangeroua,' repHed t!i» 
SatüIi. ' Nothü]^ Is eo w^liolesoma as to teacb men to taliu caxtf of 
thöip öwn intoreats, If fcbat le^san ■nere lUiiTer,saIly unileratutidp 
thsTö woiild be iiftitlier pauporB nor crimlnalw.' 

' Wb abould bave b world of bankera,' «aid OtliniiiT, ' AVith, aU 
dttfertsnce to yoii, ■aven that would not le n MiUBnnium.' 

TLe ÜEiroii tnafitänted witli ;ffo<>d hcEiour tbat it would (srtainly 
□ot be Qoa, einCG tb^re would be no inTeätmsnta of any kicd pca- 

Tbe day was tedioas to Othmar, ITb had to GiBminB many 
pMjecta, and append bis signntiirB to many dotumenta. Hfl bad 
not diöappeared into Oentral Aßia for ei^htöen montba withciiit 
haviiij); broiig-bt upon liimself the penalty ot' many arrsaris of alVaire. 
Hie assetit -wm merely jiro/^pffirf, but tha foriniila was nece^ary. 

* He is in üove «tili with Madfiio ci Napraxine/ thoug'bt bis urcle, 
finding bis attention hard to fix. He was not sorry tbr that. At 
Otbmar 8 age he was aiire to Ijb In Iovb Tvitb eomeona, and tbe mora 
he waa in Iqtg the Icsa likaly was be ta meddla with tbe tranf^no 
tionfi of tbe Houäa. 

The BaroQ could ba exceasivelv fttniü^ing, and was so tbis day 
flf bja «rrival Rt S, Pbftramond ; ijut Otlimar woiild gladly bave 
1?^R free of biB preB^nCe. He Imaw tbat tbe old man woiUd eee At 
V glftüce, Lf he and Nadina Naprtxina coet bäfore bim, that tiaie 
Lad not cured him of paBsion ; and the malice and the contempt uf 
tu uacle were bötb diaagreeabla to iiim. Moreover, Otbin/ir had 
been loo perpetually sgreed with aU bie lif« to be plua»«! by tb€s 
COüBtant enuLciation of opinions and BentLooenU tbe revarea of hi^ 

& S 



üwn, Thero was that in tlie tranquil cyniGism of Biron Friedericli 
ivblcH left iiim with a seßse of moral natiB?a, Men, it is true, wen 
Eotworlh miich; bat lia coiild nerer get occuslomed lo llie calm 
jnanner in wUcli hia uncle waa htibitiiiilly ready to BBcritice all 
their intereäta — their Ijodiea, too, had tbera beeo nnj question of 
them — to wliftt- Le considered advaiitcg^ous to limiself and to li« 
Houae in public lÜe and finauco, 

n© dia not caro für the iibw Rufisian lonnt foF tllä new Tutkifth > 
loBn, for tbß great nnyal dockyards (o l)e tufidö liy Germaay on, 
the Ba!lic, for Uie railway that "woa tc ba driTon alonf? thö ancient 
bed of the Oxue, nor for the Deceaaittes of the enipire of Braüilj 
nor for tlie developicent of Oanadian forests. It did not interesi ' 
liim that leticli and euch n soveiuign wouldbe a cripple "withoiit Lifl 
help, or such and s'ich a country aa virtuaUj iu panu to Min atf 
thougk it had b^eea a pledged estate ; tLat the assmtaDCB of hif 
^Id could enaUa s Miniatry to lieep ita tanure of ofBce, or the reJ , 
fiiaal of it could precipitats a Stato into leToLution; to Buroif j 
Fritz it was like boldiug the reina of tlie universe, biit to Otbmat 
liimself it Wtt3 eJCeijs&ivQ^y dull work, The Iie'ir of fuiir ^GiiemtionS \ 
of moEOT-leEders, he was absolutely Ifidiftetent to the imtiiäilBäl 
powBT which laj in the stroke of hia pea ; tlia g-enius of financ»! 
<was inharitäd by bim, tboii^h dormant m bim ; even his uncJe did 
juatica to the accuracy of hia Tiflion, to the certainty of his in- 
stiiict ; Lut it -waa pemua unufled ; be had no taste to emploj 
ita capacilies. Europe waa ob iudiiTärent to bim aa a mouud of 

' We only do mischiefj nnmitigated mischief,' he aagerted Terj 
Of^Q' 'Look Qt tba Ognal of Suez ; it ias only bfed wara nnd 
preteits for ■wars, aad will pmbably embroil England aod Fratica 
for the next Century — iiTitil, indcied, India fhall htire become Ru9- 
eian, or the African negro liave avenged Abd-el-Kadir. Then 
E^ain talca the Panama project ; it will set Grent Brilain and the 
tlDited Btatea at eacli olher'a throntalike two btill-doga.' 

' You are euougb to mak« your fathei riäs ii-om hia grave,' £ttid 
Baron Frit st, 

'It Ib only ariatocmts who do that,' retumed Othmar. 'The 
fnancier aloepB soimd on the remeuibrajice of bU own virtu6;S — and 


The toemoiy öf hifl father wag titter to tim; Ib Could not 
fcfg'et the injury doBB tO liini in hia eariiest youtb by eubj^ting 
him to the charms and the corraptiona of Sara Vemon. 

'Youmuat maTry, and then you wUl eee thinj^a diffGrently,' 
his uncle insisted, rerertiug- to the Eimplicity of leiteration. 

"What a cruel thjn^ waa destin;^ i Thniisanda of men who 
hndi not a crust of bread hegut Jegitimata ofTäpring; in the mofft 
reirtiless and profiiao mncneT; »nid tho one man for whom lawful 
höira wäre an absülutö neceasity aud duty obätinatelynegleCted hil 
ohiigatioQi to family and to the world. 



It wfts tio£sib1*, även proliabloi tbat the last of Üie OlUumn 

would remain the last of hig race. 

'M&try ist me,' Bnid Othnaar. ' 1 will give all we posaes« t<j 
any couaiBB tdu may give mfl, and keep only enougli mjfaelf to 
li\e peaceaWy in Arabia Felii. I bave aiwaya wiahed'to liTe 
tbere ; tha cUmate U diviue : and, nfier all, tLcre ia Dotliing tLat 
ü of 60 mucli consequenco a^ cliniate.' 

' Yoo will alwnja iest ! ' 

' Mögt pi^ople say t am ioo eeriouis. I am not jcatlos at all. 
We bnve öU » sort of eupecstition Ümt wb wüst live in Kuioao, 
but itia only a Supärsütiäa, Tbere ia a greut. di-al fioer weatuer 
els^wbeißj, and without liue weatliör lifo t& intalcrabla,' 

'Hare jou nevez eeen o woinan jou would cuairyP' a^kod 
Baron Fritz. 

' Ferbapa I Iiats/ eaid Othmar, who nerei lied. ' But nerer 
OQö I coiUd maiTy.' 

' Ah!~someonß elae'a wif^I Tbat ia juat like you. If aba 
were not uHfittaicabla sfia wüiild have no more attraction. tlian 
anyona eise. You aifl so whiiasical,' 

' I hope not. I dislika ■wüitnsical people. Tliey are alwaji. 
asking for tha windowa to ha sbut, or xiuDgining tliat tbcra is a 
draiupipe open. Üb t soms day I may tuariy. I do not pledjjfs my 
futuFBr But I liave m> incHDa.tion to msrriniiB, aad you will con- 

the head of the Iloiise,' 

*CiirsB tha Housel ' said Otbrnar, tbougli be was a man wbo 
never ueed acy oatbs, great or amalb But it Beemed to bim tbnt 
tbe llousa of Otbmar Wiu fO'r erst on bis sboiilders Ilke Sindbad'a 
burdeu; that b« could do nothing' freuly aa other muB. did; tbat 
|ro whera be would hecoiild uever wbolly gecaps fromtbe mepbitic 
seid which adiJ&lJoiL and importanity exbole, and could nevet 
ffaJQ th&t simplicity o( ^xiat^ncB wbicb, precisßly becaufiB it was 
d,eDi>&d to bim, ßeBmed to bim tbe chiäf good oq eaith. 

* Yo^ speak aa if the Ottmaia liftd been pluntjigenBtfl at Com- 
Denil^ bß continued, 'Itis not quita two ceutunea agü tbat thö 
■world did nat aven know that a Croat boreo-dealet bülö tbat 
namö I The last time I was at Agram^f I loöked into tbe arcbWea 
of tbe cJty ; üobody erer did so; tbey were crabbed and hard to 
decipher ; bct I paaaed a day ot^t tbem wten it w&s ramitig and 
blowicg so bard tbat tbero was n<^t a aool abroad b tha etree^ta 
except 1iiQ BBctrica. In t!i& miuilcipal documeota for tha year 
1730 I found au accoant of a famius wbiclli bnd beeB the reBiüt nf 
floode euch ae wo Lave seeo in otic own day^ for wiecce, dfter ali, 
makea llttle Waj against natural Oatastfopb^. It war dürin^ 
thia famiae, whea everj (rrain of wJieat was worth treble ita weig^bt 
in gold, tliAt your bero Marc OÜuu&r made lUa fixst great ci9U^> 



He had oDiMaed moDey buroTB, liut this was the gnnd concfiptioBi 
which üret Iat^i^I^^ äuriL-Led laini. He bad bougbt enormoualy in 
com, toK^^emug \ -w^t E«aaon aiid 'h&A. barvusts. He liad mon 
that) ha had boped lur — fae had tlit» wbole coiuilry ander watar. 
Ile hod BiLmobt a mouopoly of ^rnin. lu those days Ooverniiieat' 
hid t;öii]diiotcom« ty Bbiuiu, nndjbetiidtajOr^&lia h&d just tlien no 
Goverument. Id tlieeo recorda H is qt(Lt«il that upwardß of fortj- 
ÜTö thoUBand peraoa», clii<!ily women iWiii cliiMi'eTii difd of sta^ 
- VBÜon ; and all iIib while tiiej Wure dyiiig Mure Olluuar fihut up 
hie ^am flud ouly ßold it ßflok by sftcli, at an averöge rata of » 
deaÜL s bui^bül. You änd that admirable; I do n-it. I conCau, 
eTöT eiiice 1 jiut tbeoe facta togtsthor out üf tUe friiginents of pul)- 
lic biätory^ it hus aüemüd to m« as if there were aii earthy smell 
B.bout oll our muiiüy ; you know the Iwifge of people wlio die 
Btarved a}wBy3 do 8m«ll like decdymff mqiüd, It ia purti faiicy — 
I am quitä aware oftbat. Btit bvü» putting fiincy out of tho quee- 
tiaUf 1 du uot aee anytbiag baroic »boiit t]ie üyure of cur foußder» , 
Hö is Dot Hug-h Lupua or (rodfreydi* Bouinoo.' 

Baron FVita'a pntii^iicfi had searcaly Bodured t.lie ütraki upaa lt. 

' I Buvbr heard tlie etofy. I beliwv'B yüU bava ißVäiited it/ he 
Said irritftbly. ' If il be tnie, wß hava no Axplanalion, eo we caii- 
UQt übrm a coirect juHfmient At tba moat, accepting it as you 
reJate it, no more was doii© tbeo by Miirc Othmar tbäii «Tery 
jarjoer or peaBtiDt proprietor id Europe and Amnirica does wken- 
iBTer be pi^tB a cbaneu. N^ot so mucb a& was doae by FErdioaad de 
Xiiiflsepe wbeo Le «Bürißeed ibe föllaha to bqbJib big EpypUan OwjbL 
Vou cannot cocduct ariy trade od abstroct. principl^ ot ^Btbßti>Q 
laoraJitii^. Yilu tniiell: buy cbeäp atld äell dear, or cotDinBi'c» falla 
to thü ground, and tbo wboli) 6Uf ergti'ucturb of soclety falle wiib it. 
As tbe lawyer cannot reivse to conduct a ca^a becauaa bä dia- 
AppTOT^B of tbe nioralL4:y of it, eo a ticanäer cannot let paaa a 
fiivourable operslion because he may not approve eutirely of its 
wopti ; 43l1J be ha» t^o azamine are it9 wiadom and utiÜty. Wben 
üusx yoii enler llie re}j;ioD of iQoliTe& aiid of priuciplea, all \a 
coalustoii. No iwo (höxj bsivo tli« Eoime vscws &9 to wbat is rigbt; 
vpu niugt proce^-d ou broadur lines tkan tboäs of faDcifuI Gthiu. 
For ijistaiiccr nothjng' ig more clearly ituiunral thaa tbe marrJneB 
of two difBii^ed persoDGj bat the priest or tbe joayor T»ho Bbould. 
refaaa to [>erfrtriQ ihe cerömoniaB detaanded of bim becau^a !be 
conceived tbat tba bodily bt^altb of tbe people who came befora him. 
waa uaaatisfactory would be clöarly oTerpassinfr the bouiidaries of 
bis funotinos, wbich are limited to tbe conaidfflration of eimply 
löpal oh&taclwa. Bo, a rotm of biisineaa who once concema himae« 
witb tbe vatnie Bioralitici^ of bis Gpoculatioiia \& lost ; all be baa to 
occupv himaelf witb is thair solveiicy^ tbeir te^ity, and their 
probaiiiljtiea of eucKöas or failura. Maxe Otbmar, no doubt^ 
regarded bia üiTfestruanta in com in that purely practica! bgbt.' 

' For a Tery ckrei mau a« ^ou are,' rätiuned OtbcaäT, ' you lu« 



Curiaaalj nncoaBciaus af vhat a ealire jour theories a,re on nJl that 
Tou raoBt admire. I tun &a eutiiely convinced asyou cao be that 
MaK Otlimiir oevuc gave b thouj^ht to the twenty-ÜTti thoueand 
p&ople wLo starrcd to deaLh wliila bis com welb sLut up in 
graiiarisB acd burgbä ; aU the diflereace' betweeu ua is, th&t 70a 
tJijnlf thiä siugleueis of eye Tor bLi owii intei^ut was beroic, ood I 
tbiuk it was not ao — that it was evea aa near t'iufi Jitdlieh wicked- 
Deas ae biunaiiity can g^o.' 

'TliaPe '^ iieithur wiclradneaa üor virtUa in queStioHfl öf änaace,' 
BCÜd Bajoa Friedöricb, witli distress ttt bis üäpbe'w's obtuguHess. 

'Tbere la carifürily do virtue,' said Othmar. 

' NeiUiftr wickedneaa nor virtue,' repested tho Banra. ' They 
are pure abstractiO'iiä, lik« polititial Bcocoioy, To talk of thä 
immorality of a epeculatioQ is like tdking of tba vicea of a rock- 
crjalal. Tbera ia only ona em in a ürauciai opiiration ; it auia i£ it 
be uDsound.' 

'Financial moraÜkj'r then,' Bäid Otbrnar, *kna at leaat tlxi* 
od^jita^e orer social morality, that it ia v«iry mucb simplified t ' 

' IL IS siuipls &B yoiir sitable^.a doctrine^/ ropliäd tbe Baroo. 
' If a horee b<j tiauod, he iä a good horae ; If bä ba cot eaund, he 19 
a Bcrew ; ELotbJn^ can bo eimplcri And tbtt moment tbät a man 
legiiis tq CGofuae biinablf witb oskine any more cumplax questiana 
tbui tbia onä, " lä it eauiid P"— ^vbetber be eagage in a graat 
öpemtioD of finaoce, or wliether he be ouly biiyiag- a Toadstör, hö 
wiU be inevitably bewiMöred witb bis own multUbnu requite- 
menta acd will fall uito ths banda of meira peiauasivB ehfirpäre/ 

' I can buy a hcrsiei/ fiaid Othmar, ' but 1 -will leava änaitca to 

* Not always,' aaid Barua Fritz, grimly, witb TiTid recollectiong 
of more tbua du» oocaaioQ on wluch bis nepbaw bad intcrfercid 
with a perBmptory veto to prevent eome contempUtaä operadon 
ef wbich tbe morality wob more doubtJ'iÜ than the eipadiency. 
The occasioüe bad been rare indeMd 4 but they had laft an inafface- 
able aoräDeäa on tbe uaind ofthe aM'sr man ; nay, be votild acarcely 
have foTgiTen tbem bad it not been tbat bis derotion to Otho 
&a the bead of the HoUöa bad ßometliitig' of the irrational and 
patient loyalty whioh the Russian nation rondexB bbndly to ita. 
ynBeeD Tzar. 

As foT Otbmar bttofidlf, he wils ton Impatieot qI bis uncte'a 
l&xity of prmciple and consci'äncs to do füll justica to the fiua 
guaJities wbich accompanied tbei«. 

Tbose buge »tone palacea whose port&la bore tba maizic nsmiB 
of Otbmar 'wara sacröd to Boron Fritz aa bia teniples Ea a Qreell* 
TttH nepheiT never passed through tbe great doörß of aüy one of 
tbem witbout a senBö of impatitjoce, of diatoäte, witbout b remem- 
bfance of tha twenty-five tboufland peoplß wbo bad died of hun^^r 
in Oroatja wtiilst Marc Otbmar was hiiiJding; up bia pUea of ducnts 
and florias. The TBiy homafe with which he was himseU' mtit 



witbm tlieür wtüls initated bim. £« thoitglit Kit all tha debashig 
wonsliip tbfl eurth bsfl eeim tbe wursLip of ricbes w&a the moBt 
Corrcpt. ' If I worö a lepor they wovüd kisB my uicera k) lonp as 
my h&tid could sipiii a cheq^ue/ be thougbt. After all, wLea Majro 
Oihmac bod ueed up hucitaa Urea in tbä fiLr]i,acQ cf hia specul&üooa 
be had u&ed up material wbicb ivua but of üttle wortbr 

Yöt de&pite tbe disdaiii whicli honjan iiaLure caiinot do otbcN 
wiße tbfVß awßken hi tbrkso wbo nre tlio oljjt'pte of ita inlulntion i( 
tli^y kücp tbeir sensca clc^ar amidät Ibe idc^dsb fuiuüA, bia beart 
was empty. 

* Yüu uaTO peoplö bere to-niglitP' aeltad tUo BaTon, a Httla 
later, bis vigilant eyee porceiviui? iha preparütions Tvbich wera 
büing mada iu tbe bttle tbeo-trii altached to tlie cbbtt'Bii. 

*Tn-inorrow iiiyht/ Ruswerad OtbioQr. *A Bumll dinner; I 
hopa you will reiuniu for it. And n» T&lßzac, Semliricb^ and 
other good emRera ara at Nice düponiblea, wa &haU bnve some 
muaic aftei-warcis and a few people ; for tltit you will not care.' 

'Th'Q NapraxiDes nie beraP iuquired bia unclc, witk a llttla 

Otbmar wob anDoyod to feel Ibot be cbftpged Coloor deöpite 
bimEelf, ag be aiiswered in Uib aflinniitive, 

^H&TB yoü fl^cn her?' ötiid Frlederäcb Otboiar,^ cardessly, 
' How do you find her i" 3faiadiee as usual P ' 

*Therö iä no woman livirg lesa maln/iiwe,' aaid Othmar, ivilh 
Roma iiritaüdii. ' Bbe is ^Lad to niake tbe care of bcr baaltb a 
pretext wben abe i& disiricliaed for tlia ■woi'ld; that la all.' 

^Ab, iiideedP' eaid tbo eider man. 'All great rulera ara 
allowed tö be JU at. tbeir owd conveuieace. TVill bhe be iil or well 
to-morrow tjißht P ' 

*Time wUl abow/ repU'Od OIhmEirj in a tona wbicb eloe$d tbe 



It WM a tiny cliurcb whicb bore tbe nama of S. Cmris at S. 
Pbatamood, and was percbed on an olire-cotered knoll, wilb tbe 
rolIiaffwood$ of tbe chßteau dTrtbmar atits hase and tbe p;ardeaa 
of Millo on ita rigbt. Kicok Sandroz ard a few otber faniiÜM of 
Iba petiie culture ^atbered tbere on Sundaya and boly dajB; bot 
tba great people of Willo, with tbeir boutebold, tad tbeir own 
priyate cbapel, and tbe frie-uda to wbom Ottmar lad lent bia 
höiisa bsd neyer troubled tbemaelTeato äud tbeic woy to tb© Uttle 
■whitewaahBd, wind-Wown aancluary aud tbe lowiy prefibyt«ry 
tbat leancd iip ßgainat ita soutb wall. 

Otbmar binwelf, wLo bsd ■ ecore of ecclesinstiitB in r mo» flf 




iiJacM looking tfl him for pupport, had hartily known that ■ÜUa 
Btlie church and i*j old purblicd peasa-nt-liuTn curd Teere upoQ 
the coafines of his eßtate. He bftd, tiaid evory year n large eum 
for tbe niaiiiteiiB.EC6 of S. Phavamond^ os for tbat of cKcb of bis 
Hoasea »od eatates, but lio hnd nover examtued tbe detsite of the 
«tpenditure. The advantBgeofan immense fortanoie that you can 
leave all such mattora to your secratorießt Ha pöid them mor« 
heeä thän inniiy ivould bave done l«iCaU«a of tho ticwb he enter- 
faüDfid oa the dmios of ea^ing othcr peo[;*!Ie from temptaticn ; but 
S, PharRmond, witli all ita lusuriRB, ülpganrjep, yardeLS, carciagea, 
und cons^rratories, was only to him as a raerti cottage, a mere tny. 
He bad, inde«^, almoat forg'oltflii tbnt Lß had owned it, ustit, 
beating up the Bay of Genoa in a storra-tossed and almost dis- 
abled Tceaelj be bndauddcoly rcmembored tliat aomQwbt-Te ontliis 
coaätwblch slid awny in tbe dusk to tbe Kcetward bs liad a 
liarbour and a quay all bis owa if he choaa to go tbitber. 

Tbe Lttle cburch wa^ i^^Iyi poor, and had beeQ Ijuilt elnce the 
Eerolutioni aü that redeemed it was a great climbiBgroao wbich, 
covered tlie wbolc of ita front, anJ was even flinping audacious 
bMmcfaea upwardiH 1a the crqas upon the Toof, Id euniQier tbe 
rosa tnade the litlb piain square place a glory of pink hloom, 
laßide thcre wore a few deal tencliftB, a few bad prints, a humblo 
Jittle altar^ and aome pewtör candlEatlcka ; tlia presbytery ■»»aa 
equalty aa bare. 

The old vicar lirod with odb eerrant as old aa himEflir; he 
toddledout amongEt the ftirmp, and ws.s ecoiitcd and flcowled at 
by aome of the pcusanta, -pstted and welcomed. by otbers. Ile dJd 
HO h&ric, and wes quite happy if oub of bis pttiisblonerä gavobim 
a basket of figa or n dlsh of sealiale; be could almo&t bare 
COUDted his flock On bis fingere. Tbe nien about tbero weFQ very 
ladical and hard^^headed ; tbey were all fimall proprieto;», who 
ctmed MiUo and S. Pbaramond all ths year round, thoug'h 
neitber tbe TÜla nor tbe chäteaii did them the .sli^htest barm. On 
tbe contrary, the atewarda of hotb the Diic de Vanuea aod 
Otbmar had ordera to ^ifq owsy any rare seeds, aid in auy 
irrigation-woika, or contj-ibute to any need that Ihere migbt m 
in the Deigbbouirhond. £ut tha Duc waa a diike and peer of 
France, and Otbmar woa a arclümiÜionaire ; the pHite cultura 
liated the aight of tbeir gilded brcozo gntcs and their glittering 
liigh-pitchod roofk 

* It ie for you that we pay to^Tea ! ' raarled one of thetn Onöe 
to the Duo de VanncB, "wto laugbcd and answered : 

' Oh, my friend I If we compare notea I think jon would find 
that it 18 I who pay them for you and youra, I have not ths 
■lightest objectioD to do so, only do not Ict ua mtsrepresent 

But tbey did not want logic, amd tbey bafed the ateep shininff 
roofs aud tUe gatee with the g^Qiled ßcroU work, What th^y did 



mt hatä wu TAeulta da Valügna ; all cdunteaa thou^h »he ww 
ttiej pordoned her iliEkt dtiiiict Däcause Blia h&d alwAya i-ömaijiMl 
for tUem /n jt&liott äe Nkoie. They uiideratüod that sha waa to 
1>o eacriticiid lü thepride of her relativi^^i tbut becauäe ehe wu 
poor, ea poor, she was to hä refutied all tlm joya of her youLh acd 
ner stix, and nurreiidertidtu tbe Cburcb. that slie m%bt iiüt oir»ad 
Üie ßjAndeur o£ hör family bj makiiig a porttoolGsa m arrioge. Tlüs, 
wliicb tbey Lud learueiJ, with m&ny es.a^^er&lii:)iiu of ita euormitj 
frora Nicoltf and from tliü eervauia uf Millo, (jave hi^r tho hulo of s 
martyr io tb&ir ay&aj sh^ was Bocriliced to tbe noblrane^ aud tlLsC 
fiLCt ivaa anoug'Si tti niAkö he!" Sncrcd to th&ra evaa thoug'b ehe 
belonged to Üib deteuted ordar Uuröelf, and had not n, tittle of it* 
liaulHur. lieäidöB, Li^r t^ndernesa to th&ir old penpla, tliö little ^ifte 
Bba made at the cunvent and broug-ht to tb»ir little ones and tht^ii 
vomen, berialxt<piditf iu casas of aickii'CBa ui tbose winttira wben 
she was alone at MiJuo — a mers child, biit with tha coiira^ of 
g^fmts, aa Kicolä laved to tell^-ftll tUetis, joined tri b&r päraanal 
elegimcB, wbicb miule ber aa unUke tbamsulväs aa tbe orcLida in 
ÜChmar's botbouaefi wcre unllke tba Bwoet p&ae and tbe kreuder 
growing under tbeir paacb tT<eua, bud combrned to make of the 
last Ccmteäae da VoJLi^e the idol of tbat patiie cuitwe whiob, 
vith few exc^ptioas, luathed and exwratad tke biilBaat idl^rs 
who rede and drave OUt of thä ^ated of Millo, and carriad thi^ir 
light lajjrhter, tbeirpainted ffLua, theiy blBaiiig- jewele, their grace 
andtbeirluxuilefi^QuCion totheilliiminatedtarrftceSjiuidärtbapaliias 
and th9 arautariaa, uniid/jt tlie lümpä and t]i>d rnuäic, regardleaa of 
tbe people ib tbu diätaut buta and boueea on tba surrf^unding hilla 
vfbo, li^g to tbäir wurk ob tbey W'Bnt to tbmr beds, aworiB 
eavnifelj ogamat thma with all iao imchüuged rancocous dUa»- 
liiLtred of the Terror etill alive in tbtjm ftud unsatisfiod. 

' But, Nicole,' the girl aaid oftmi to her foetet-motber, * if tbere 
W«re no rieh jmople, no gpeat piioplo, wbo would buy yoat 
primeurSf your December peaa, jour Jänuftry aaparaguaP ' 

' Wo ßhould eat thöEQ oürBedvee,' aajd Micoie, atertilj. 

' You mig^ht do that iiow ; but I do not tbink thut eating: 
tbem would payyou for all they Goat yilU,' Yfiöulte, üot vefy 
Bure üf liöP groimd, aiid tbarefort» timid in treoding it. 

' Wb ebould not grow tbem ; theie woiild ba no noad to grow 
tbem,' eaid Nicole, obetinntely. 'Everybody would have hia 
cabba,ge in bis pot iftbers were nottboäe peätdemt ari»U>crats and 
rieh l'olks.' 

' But you might plant cabhagea now,' icsitited her j^etioiB. 
*Why ebouid you not plant cabhflgaa everywhere Qow if you 
Hke? Ooly you alwayä aay it la only tbe pri?newi tbat pay 

'Ohj ma tniof you belong to tbemj bo you deiend them l ' 
^rumblad her fütjlöf-motiier, tinding tÜbB argument gO a^inat bef, 
'And wbat, ars they going to do rfith jouf Ottt Qil'.ibU yoxa 



Iw&titiful h&ir, &nd cram jou between four stone walla all yotir 
life, beosus« it Buit* thoir pride to ^öt ritt «r you 1 ' 

' One cannot live better tLan in God's Betrice,' Baid Yeeulta, 
ifiüi a paasiD^ bluab, 

' Oh, yes, one can,' muttered Nicole, ' when one ia eixteen 

!'eara old aod hos & fflc€i lUts youra ; oce could bnTe a ^alloDt 
Dver, and a loyal lord, a homs of ods's own, and clLÜdieD ooa 
fcfter aaotber at oüe's brea3t.' 

A colour like that of tli& red winter roees wEicb 9be WM 
TtiindiBp up for the Nioö luArkets cftine intq tlia girl's clieake* 

' I am qiiite hftppy to dedieata tüy life to Diir Mathor aad her 
pooT,' she aaid, iß that toue wlaicli /ilwayo awed and fiUenced 
Nicole. ' All that I fear ia, not to be worthy. Thera have beon 
holy women of my rnce. I may iiuver content tkem as tbej' 
watch tue from tieir plivceaat God'e right band.' 

The coarae blunt t'aähion ofsfiiiecli of her fost^r-mothür, and 
the crude dasa-bati^-ds and polirir^fi! animoaitise which Nicola had 
Imbibed from her buabundj uA'^u paincd and ollended tbu delicacy 
and the pride of tbe pirl ; tut tlie roujrb woraau lovad her, waa 
ftlmotit the only creftturu that did love ber, aavB some of tbo 
YOungBr cliildran in the consent ; P-nd Vaeulte bqra wiÜi her 
jaultQ with tbat icdnJgent alfuct^ion n^bich ig not bünd^ but pati€4lt 
And Bver forj^Tin(j:, 

Sbe apoku ia siiüpllcity and äincerity ; ehe bad iuen eo drillBd 
to behötd I16T only futura in tbe relii^ous lifo, tbut ehe prayod 
itight acd day to he worthy of auch election; aud if a iJiriU o( 
longing for utiknown freedora, for ummA^nnabla joys, aomi^tim>eH 
came OTör her she loyally Blitled iL ere it could, grow to any 
Btrength. From her babyhood eh« had bc^a taught to coiuider 
hturself couaecrati^ tu tbe Uburcb, and that knowli^ge koid alwaya 
iflpt her a little apart from othera, nuadö her more flerioua, more 
SeafitiTe, more meditative, tbsm ber nge uaually js. 

* And, to ba SUre, it' there ha any up tliere wliO do know, it Ü 
A ciring ehfliiie that they do not int^rftire,' muttered her tbutep- 
mother, only half abaahed. But Yaeulte did not hear her : ehe 
liad let the rosäs IIa od her lap, her handa wäiä molioüÜoea, her 
flyea wtjre looldiif!: fur awny, fariher thaii the enow whichcrowned 
tbe difitant mountainä ; ahfi was tliiulting of that ealnt by whoni 
her cbildhood had been «bültered ;, could it inde^d ha that so 
great a loV'ij aa her (rrandmotber^ä had heen had periHh^äd utterly, 
liad gone whither it Inicw rothing;, eaw nothini;, had uo power to 
warD or bbvb 'i If it were bo^ ahe waa aloue iadeed. But 

' Nay, do DOt tbiak of them/ aaid Isicjle, roiighly ; 'wbat ia 
dead 19 daad, my sweet; be Jt a pig orbe it ft priocess, when the 
Ufö iä out the fieoBB is oat with it ; It rots, hut it doeS' DOt wckn.* 

' Hueh I ' Said the girl, with u little frOWn asd a ^ii3a of pain, 
fts ii Bhe had bt^atd üoma foul irrevArt-nce. Tb« dead wera all ehe 
had to care for : half her yömi[j life wae pasaed in tbiiilring crf 



Ifapin, iD prBvici^ foi tliem, m wondaring if tlisy approved f^at 

wbicL abfl did. 'Christ will gjvti jou jour downjr, her gnuitl- 
iDOther had aaid uften to hcjr, k littig eavBn-year-oId cbild, who 
had va^ucOy understaad tbttt her future was plüdged to beaT&D ; 
»tid that fihe must Derer ba fractjous, or nnisy, er suläeii, or giva 
way to Appetite or misfliicf ae othsr cMIdren did wbo were lesa 
bonoaredt. It had made ber noithcr aflected nor hypocritical ; 
only palliötically doulitful of bereelf and capable of rtproEsdng hm 
nntumll; huojaiit £^ptrita iivith nn iucredibJo pntieiice' whlcb wai 
nlmost Leroism, hut wont always unrewarded. 

Fud was a part of tlie old world of Bretagi]?^ wliere tte läfid 
ii ßreen end deoply wooded, and tb© daya bfo mis.ty and »oft and 
&tiLl; it lies inloDii, and hsiä Ho aighb oftho &ea; it is tra^erfed bj 
tiarrüW roada eunk down low between moas-growa walls of 
vordiire; it seoma aücüverod iip with nooss Hud feina andbouglia; 
ibere ia always iDoisttire In the air and tbero arä alntoet always 
clondfl in tbß eliy, but it is a ßWfat^ teüdoP, if mournfal countiy, 
aud iu tha late-arrtving epring becooies a vary bower of flowers. 

In tha beart of thie greeu couctiy tha Rcoient villag'e of Faiel 
beld tha equaUy acdent convent of the Holir Litdies of St. Anne, 
with its loDO- grcy stone walls, ita etäep shiulug mt^tal rotifB, and 
ita high belfry Tvilh its cr03a of ^ilded brosa towering aboTO \ha 
low quaint cöttagea wbich cropt humbly up beneBlh it many 
centuriea ago* Tha foiindation owed its origin to Anna of 
Bietagne herself, and year after year, Century after tentmy, Ull- 
diätürced by wnrs ot revolutioEa, and unrendhed by any chanffa of 
libought or manneTH, iha pioua ladiea of Fuj'el, in Iheir habite of 
hlack and white, bad reared the joung daiig^hters of ths BrifttOQ 
□ohility and gentrj in tbe wajs of God, and in euch secular 
leamiug as seeiued not too profane. The conununity waa aevare 
in itB rulos fliid austeiUy simpla iu all its customa ; but tha 
cLLIdren were hiippy Ü" not ^ay ; tbe green, leafr, wleot co^ntry 
wftB bßtween tbeiH and tbe world, tbe si&ters were khjd and genlle, 
tha young girla muitnured togethoPj joyously^ unteprovadj lika 
Tonng Bwollowß chirpirf^ under tha eaves in midfiummeT. Tbia 
floly bouse in pious Morbiban waa wbolly unlike thoae fashioDabl» 
COUventg of Paria^ asd near it, irbgre all thä pomp^ and TanitifiS 
of the wötld find their way, atid it« jealousies and its livaiHee fret 
and fume in miniature mimicry. Tbe DamiSB dö Ste, Anne had 
all tbe primitive faitbs, tha unhlemi^ed loyalties, tha devout 
beliefs in tradition of tha Middle Ages ; they taugbt tha biatory 
of France from relipicus inatead of eacular records, and the hiBtory 
oftbe eaintB frcm tbe Golden liegend; they worked eLLver lilie^ 
on white bannara, and in tkeir cbp.pel every day a Mftsa waa paid 
for Henri Cinq. Their little m&ldötis becamei under tbeir handa 
«limpla, eamtt^t, gravc^ and n^ost innocent and ttiitbfid ctöaturä-i, 
ignoraut, uo doiibt^ in msny thinga, but posseasing a perfect 
Courage luid a t^eautiful candou; j Biich Ewdsng m in tbe old daya, 








Eroiu tbö Camlxit des Treuta to Qui^ieron, bad beccuue the -wiveB 
und mothera of tlio Bmton st-i^-tiiiurie, and Imd, ü' need were, 
defended a caatte and lioaded a eally of mfln-at-amiB in the boly 
rauaeof tlieir duke or of iLetr Idcg' ; Tpomen Hke tho amm liliea 
tliat covered tlie damp green eartli in their native wooda ; women 
erbose eyee look sX ua Etidl, aenoua and äerene, from the gx>M 
blozonrieB of illuii>mHted missals, "wlisre their miniaturBS hn^a 
been painted berte&tb tbeir acutclKOOS «üd tlieir crowDB, 

Ol theaa cliildrenj ^beD they Lud passed from tliß gates of 
Faiöl for the last time, eoiiie want to pass all tliciT years ia tba 
61U&13 sfiidudt^d chäte&ux or the dutl etoog-Ijuilt towng of the se?- 
ahoie or ths iutotior ; ßome, Unding' a wider fliglit, & bolder fate, 
weut iiito the lifa of the world and Uved that liie. But wh^erBvei* 
tliey went, whatever they became, nonsof tliem everwhollj furgot 
Faiel; all of tbem when llmj bore chüdr&n aaid, as the; looked 
on their little daugTitera, ' Tbej ehnll go to the Damea da Ste. 
Anne;' eo that generation after generation came to tbe f^eat 
Gothic gntoway, and passed witbin and dwelt tbisre for eigüt or 
ten peaceful yeara ; and the fiiBfcrs, thoug-h deatb mada cbargea 
amidfit tbcm, yet eeemed alwaja the suma. 

Yeeulte, wbo was a fanciful child lllie moat of those wbo bavB 
a lonely childbood, used to beüöve tbat tieywere like !hal wooiau 
of tlie time of CIotib ivhö leamed the secret of eteroal Life fsoxa. 
listeniiig to tbg sin^dtlg of tbä forest birda, 

Shfl tiaed ta loolt througb tbö j^mting down the deep ^^m 
«bada of the woods wiLhout, acd thiak^ 'Tbat is why tbey 1(vb bo 
long, TThj tbey are always content/ 

One day siu old peasaut, -who -was calied a -witch in Faisl, saw 
her looktßg' bo and beaid Iier aay sometbin^ of her tboiighta to 
ber coaipanlDD, and tbe old crona ahaok bar bead wisely. ' Do not 
wiah tD UTe long ; triab to live so that jou hava all heaven in one 
bour ; it is not tbe birds, nor ia it the woods, nor ia it the soiiits, 
that will giTB jou tbat-' 

'"What does ßkö mean P ' flßld Yfi6idtö, 

* In the Tillitge they say ßbe has been a wiekod womaD/ said 
the glrl wlio was beaide ber, 

Yseulte poüdered often oa the my^tetloua wOKb, but sbecould 
tLGTer uuderetand tbem. 

At Fftiel bar daya and yeaTB went by witbout anj eorrow, if 
withoDt any pkasure save such aa youth and perfect health and 
wiUinfiiiess to acconnplj.sli all allotted taeka cnn bring^'nith them. 
Sba alwaya wore grey or black or white ; no colours were aver 
»een, no oraaraeHta were ever allowed withiii tbe sacred walla. 
Sbe waa regarded oa certain to eDter the rellgioua life. * Tu aeraa 
des notreii^ fiäid the huqs ao often to her tbat before sbe was ten 
^thT& o1d tsbä bad grown sd imbued witb tbä idea that sba bad 
DeveT dreamed of reeisting isuch a deetinaticin. Uer life was ao 
antirely aimple, vx ji waj so harren, that the spititaal world 



aaiicned & proportion in it wbicb would. liave liMii morbid IiEid not 
tbe high cauToga and liadily benlttiruliii^»9 of h6:r resUt'ed thegloom 
which tliüsa whn hfid lo do witb her deemed mOat fittinjEr to tha 
loDeliDefta of her lot She cfime of & racß of g-av nobles, oi recUcleäg 
uldien, of high-handed äei^neura, und ectnä inatincte of tlieir 
coRTAfre, of their temper, of tneir imprudance, stirred in her now 
•nd then betieatli tbe calm of cloiatrol babit and the apiritualit^of 
her Datural tamperament.. 

*• Do jflu think ths tLaui;htor of Gin da Valogne will aver "be a 
fl&intP ' tbe Duc de Vaimea oftea a^d t'O hifi' wifa. He thau^bt 
tbat blond would out even benentli the ceif of b Cßiniielite. Hib 
wife roipliüd that tbe Valngiia bad alwivyH kept their women pure, 
if nt thö Bword's pnint, and that among'Gt tÜBni tbere had neeö 
more than ohö canonised ; be.?idBa, slie fulded, Ysfliilte waa a cliUd 
both grave find g;oodi aba would ncver kuow t]ie world or ita 
temptationfi ; sliä would liva and die od a Uly did in a cOnVetiC 

The Dan ßhrofrg^d bis shoulderü; 

'Slie bfts ber father'a bloi>d in bar,' he Bnid, 'uid lie would 
have suited no clolster but Roi?By or M&dnienbani,' 

Ha believed in T?eTy faw tbinga, but hia oiia belief was bia con- 
YictioD tbat tbe bia^ of a race goes witli it aa do ita diseases or ita 
Kscellöncea. Moat rscing- mea are implicit believers in liereditary 
Iußuence^ ard tlia Duc^ wbo bad bred winners flt Olmiitdly and n-t 
A&cOt, did not Credit that thB daußjhter of Öpi da Valogiie would 
contontcdlj bacome a Ste. Catherine or a Sceur Rnse. 

' Of couree you raay ebut her jwrforca in a röligious hotwe ; so 
mif^lit you ahut ber in a coflln. To be Bure, tbe one murder ie 
legal and the otber would not be ao,' be Said, with some ill- 
hmnonr, tbe nig:bt after Othmar noticed hia youug couarn witb her 
long black ß'lo<?'B&, her atatcly curteey, bor auah d ^infai^t, and bsi 
beautiüil ligarerwhich had tbe elimnessof a child and tbe piomise 
of a goddess. 

' I believe jou are almoat in Iot9 with he? youraelfi' aaid tbe 

'I woadsr no one elseifl wlunlTy/he anawered, with petiüance ; 
utd he wrirtö to big jeweller in tUe Ilue da la Poii for n lockat^ a 
wttI'b locket; BometuiDg witli peulfl. Ue tbouglit even a MotJifil 
Superior could kafdiy object to pe&rls, 

Yseulte» ftil luiconscioufl of tue perilous honoiir prnjected foT 
her by her couein's lord^ pasaed tbe wbolo day up at the little 
cburch, flirang'ing tbe flawera wliicJi UtbniA! bad given her in the 
mortiinp, aort otliers which bis men, hy bis ordsrs, bad brought 
thitbtirin tbefaretioon. SbewaBhappiertbanabebad beensince her 
grandmother kad died. A warm bmnaa interaet bad come auddenfy 
mto tha monntony and aolitude of her exl'Srtcnce, Sbe worked at 
the deCoration of tliö Uttltj pTftCö with ardour and deülght, 8ha 
bltd ii0Tfir hefora pöHseaaed audh flowera a^ tbeaß ; the wuoda baid 





S'eltlBd ftll tlicieö wTiith Lad evsT d&clted the altar of tha eliapel ät 
uel. Sha had only aeen such ^roi^eous bloflsoma as tliesö in the 
glass-houae &t Mi1In„ wh«re ehe woiild no more b&Ts dreamed of 
g«.therin^ them tliaa of weariTig her couain'B diamotidj, 

' Hö HÜftli eee how beautiful it lookfl t-i>niorrow,' abe thoiipht 
with each bloMom tliatehe added,eiicb laaf she toiiclied. ThatLe 
wonld come ehe never doubtad ; a promi^a, erer such a Httle oiig, 
■was Bo eacred lo hereelf tbat for any pleiige ta ba forgotten would 
hftve aeemed to bar quite imposgiTale. 

Thv oÜd vicar catne bdci 'went, tbe eficriätan und tlio ltou9(^ 
keeper stood aad ebattered atidtold her for the hundrtjdth Eime aU. 
the» household trcrablea; thö pay euasbine streamed in pasl the 
open door and throng-h tlie dullnd grey gUsA of tha emall witidows^ 
agoat trotted up the HisJe and nibbied at tbe bay botigha wbicli 
flhe bad tied toretber. The mormn;;- passed Iure a pleasaot dreacn ; 
it Beomed not December to bw hut May. She was but a cbild, 
and for once the weight of her future feil off her yoanp eboutdera. 
ßhe laughed — floftly, because she Ftat oo the altar etepfl — but ßhe 
laug^hed. ' God ia eo good,' she thought, ia the dmplB Bmcsntj Qf 
her ^d gratitude. 

'You -will let me eitig, m^ reTerend, &t ilII tbe oflicflaP'she 
B«id to tbe old mau when «be b&d ßnisLed her -welcome Inbours 
and etpod with htm witbjn tbg stone pon^h "wbil^ UlS Bun WOS 

*Suraly, my csMld,' he eaid willinjly. *It does me good to 
hear yoar Toice, and I Chili]; it muet eTen ba pleoeant to 'Üie 
asgels toa,' 

She went happüy along tbe une-ven little path which led 
down the hill under great oljve traea and warm STsning Buaset 
Kkiea to Müto. Ost feet went ao rapidlj tbat tha maid wbose 
duitj it WB8 to »ttend ber out of doora could ill keep pace with 
her. Her heart waa BD light; she bad tlie viflion of the beautiful 
ÄowerB alwftys hefore her ajes, of tha altar whicb fibe had luada 
like & gardöii. It tnatterBd nothing^ lo bsi" tbat when ehe entered 
the bouää i^ä waa meG by a Teprimand, tbat fibe fouod her simple 
mppeT cold, tbat her little couains were maliciotis, q^uarrclHtime, 
unkmd; all tboae were triflea. Sbe bore thera with perfeßt 
patience, and with never a wurd of harah reply ; and she went ta 
hBT bed und slept soimdly, dreaming of roaes and lilies, and 
8. Oecilia, and of a world öf atipels wbo leaned on tha eunbaama 
u OD golden ap^nrs, and lookcd down od her and smtlod. 

3lie wnfl uplcin^ bofora tbe firat gleam: of coinin|( day ligbteRed 
the ©astwafd seaa, No one ever forbade her going to tbe cbnrch 
fta afben as abe chosQ ; tbey deemed. it m uniisou with her future 
VDC&tian, She had attacned bßreelf tO thia rüde, Icinsly, little 
place in the wintBia whicb she liad paftsed tliere imder the Charge 
t>f Nicole Sandroz. Her cousin bad sßid once tbat it woidd be 
better if she attäiided inatead tbe «jfficea of tbe houee cbapel, but 


ibe kad not tnalsted, and Üie chUd, who had a certain obstinacy im 
her afiections, had perserered in her loyalty to the pansh church 
vnder its ülvery mut of olives. 

This moruing her foster-mother was in waiting to accompanj 
her. The cold was keen in the greyness of the dawn ; the sun 
which at noon vould viviff the winter landscape to smnmer-like 
warmth, was Btill hidden m the nether world, the earth aad thd 
«ea were dark, the stars still lingered in the shadowy skies. 

' What folly, pitiote 1 ' muttered Nicole, who had her lauthom, 
< to get up out of your bed to go and sing an ave I If it were to 
pack a crate of oranges there would be some sense 1 ' 

'Hush, please/ eaid Yseulte gently. 'Ferhaps grandmiie 

The memoTj of the old Marquifle alwaya tooched and ülenced 
the irreligioua grumbling of Nicole. She said nothing more, bat 
toüed on stoutly, her lanthom twinkling amongst the rough gnut^ 
wbite with passing froet. 

' The child would be best in her bed^ ' ehe tbought ; ' but tbere ü 
one thing — she never takes cold. One would like to think the 
sainta hwl a care of her^ but that is all rublnsh ; even our mayor 
says so now, and he u such a dunderhead, what he cannot 
stomach nobody can.' 

Still Nicole, who came to Maas for her sake, thoogh the good 
woman in her soul hated the bigots^ Üie black-bwties, of the 
Church, held on herway up the hill^stumhling over the roots of 
the old olives ; it pleased tue pStiote that she shoold come, and 
after all it coudd do no härm. 

Eager, proud, joyous — more joyous she feared than was meet 
for the sanctitr of the hour and the errand — Yseulte led her into 
the church as w& first pale light of day break spread itself over the 

' Now you will See how beauüf ul it ia t ' she mormured to 

Alas, the fair garden she had made and left at twilight was a 
ruin now 1 Where she had caused the metal and the wood and 
the stone to bloom as with the blossoms of Paradise,' there were 
onlypoor pale yellow withered things colourless as ashes 1 

The frost of the night had Stolen the glory &om the flowers aa 
the band of the Ohurch would strike the youth from her life and 
leave it hard and dumb as a Btone. The blossoms had died of 
cold like little childreu lost in the snow, like bright butteriUes 
beaten down and drowned in a stonn of haih 

A low pathetic cry of grief escaped her as she saw the lovely 
things, which sbe so ignorantlv and innocenüy had slfün, hanging 
their folded petals in the chill glimmer of the early <^y as the 
limbs of infants hang in death. 

Her eyes filled with bot quick teais that ran down her choekft 

' Ob, look 1 Oh, look I ' she ciied ^teously. 



* WTiat coulJ Tou eipect, pitiote,' Baid Nicole with rough 
mmpRtfay, * if you brln^ LoLhouse Üowera from under tbsir ^laas P 
Our nigbt« ara cold^my uian aiiid Inst nipbt it waa two IkIow 
*ero by the marciiry tube in qur wall. Do nqt cry, m'ffitpnne^ 
you Muld Oot Iielp it ; jüil did nOt thinü of it ; cbildren uever do 
thinfc. But baj and laurel and all tbose coßimoa ahrnba aie best 
fit to Et&nd tke cold of the cburoh. Thase thing^ are onlj 

Nicola cbeclced beraelf; alie rememtered th& Marqniae da 
Creuauc, with the frost of povortj and cruel Inoa upon ber, mest- 
iD^ misfortane with eerene couraj^s and uncbaDgin«* dignitj ; hin 
comparisoii^ gbe eriw, halted and l'ajled. 

YeeuItB did not hear ; aha waa tbinking^pUeoiuelyj * A^id I did 
to want bim to sa& how bsautifid Ic all tooked tlirougb bia Idnd' 

Slie was qiiitö eure tbat Otbnqar wonld Comö to ona ofiELca öt 
KDOtbeF duringf tbe dfty. 8be vf^A asbfimed to bd SO DCCUpiäd 
■with thia oue thought when tha drone of tba acolyta was chant- 
ing- in nifraotonoua Bing-aong" the openin^ words of the Maas ; but 
it was BtTonger thnn heraelf, Sba tbuiiglit of nothing; eise, to her 
owfl Burpri.-ie and coufuaion ; ehe Traa whoüy unabk to koep her 
miad to tba holy ofEces of the hour ; for tbo £rst time, tba 
Bonoroua Lntin worda ftilled to carry her soul with them ; sba 
■was glancing- wbHe ehe kp^lt at tbe closed rickety doox, sba 
"^3$ Wondering wbikt sba saDg tbe ' Agniia Dei,' would he comeP 
She bftd talien flach inlinita pains ivith th& flöwers, aad now all 
their beauty waa gonal — thaj wexe onlj faded, belplees-Iooking^, 
tnelancbolj wrecks of themselTea, disfignring tba altnr rather than 
ieadiDR" it grnce and dory. 

'Poutra piiwteV ihougbt Njcole, fingerin^ her beada, aud 
bandlDg her stiü'knees £rom habitr 'Tbs frost will coms ja^tlilia 
tbat to her, and nobody will caxe. Ol'ten hav« I a mind togo up 
to Millo ßnd t«U them it ia a ebame, a vile shacaa ; but tkey 
woüld not ciin&f tbey would have ma turned out for an old mad 

Tba chupcb waa very dark ; the few ligbta tbere were did not 
diflsipate tbe sbadqwa gf thedjLwu j tho clea» melodious Toica of 
Yaeülte ro&ö ia tbe g-loom aa it nijrhtüigalo'fl doDa in '^iB lovelwr 
dufllr of a mideumtuer daybieak. 

All her heart thrillsd out in it, and wlien tbe lut notcs aank 
to sLläDce there was a tremor ae of teara in them. 

Nicole a beart swelled toa aa she heard, half with paia^ half 
■with rag^a. 

'I woTild Boonsr ebe were 8inping'"do*, do', Tenfaßt dor' I" ly 
her babj-'a Cradle,' tbougbt tbis beathen. 

3kö «ttended ererj oifice of tbe ebureh durinp thö nsxt twelre 
bouTA, but Othjuar carae not to one of tbsni. With Vespera all 



höpe of ifiBinghira thare — soch a va^nie, iniiix-ieiit, balf-cnnafiious 
hope aa it wbb — lind pembed quite, Itke t ba orcliidt' oii tlie nUar. 

The day was over t the churcb had once rnnre no lipbt «sMpl 
that of it* twinkling caniUra; Ihe pynaantB dhtiffltid l;o thelr feet 
and clattered out over the etones ; Nicole bepin to cliAtter to tha 
BiBJd ; theqld irjcar h»d tottered iiJto iLeMcmty and was pulUngj 
off bis veatto^ente ; the laßt olTicö was done ; the butterfly orohida 
were dying in thö atocch of the spiittering cundlewiclH ; tha 
flcolyte — A ploug-bboy in a fihort lioen tuoic wliich ahowed hia 
bobnailad boots — heg^an to put the wlcJcb aat witb a brast ex- 
tinguiübar lix^ at ihe ead of b long eticki eUci thcm^kt ebe 
woiild oever Irijlg flowera tJiere ony mqre — it waa craul — tbtiy 
wittiQTed and fnded, nod w^hci could teil wliät tb»y oüg'ht sufli^r P 
She had never teiEeinbered that befoPfl. 

Tbe flonera lind äied in the eerritüä of the Church; so would 
#be, [t hftd seldom Beemed faard before. 

Wbile the two women cbatturöd in low tones of the nJoings of 
Milla, sbe tUFsed quickly back to ihe altar-Bteps acd knult <lowii 
tbere and Faid ona laat prayer conrtisedly, couRcioua Uiat ahe had 
been at fault all thmi]p:h tb6 Ma.^ in t}iiui[iog of otber thinga tbui 
the liüly Service in which ahe had taken p[ut. 

Slie lose, with tlie tears in her eyee, and went out through tbe 
little dark aiale betwaen the two women, leaving-tha pöor ]o9t Towers 
in n tüODfused aDd Hhrulawy m&eti Upoü tbe altoF ontil dawn, to be 
tosaed awayand tbrustout undartheeaciist&D'B broom to the dost- 
heap. Othmar had not coms. 

He was mtüng at hie own table, with the Frincesa Naprazinä 
tt bla right band. 

The ßirl could aee the lighted Windows of hiacb^teau as ehe 
walked down uoder the oHt^ throu^b thö diiaky furrowa, allready 
dotted with blades of corDj the women i?tiU chattering' as they came 
böhiod her, tbe woddä of Millo black under tb^ mopn, tbe atara 
shining, a diataat »atcbdog giinng töofue. 

' You are lata, pitiöte^^ eaid her foBter-motbep^ kissing her band 
at the door of the house, * ßut it will not raattar ; tbay ar* all 
dinins at Gönnt QtbmDir'a ; tf no one of tbo»e cata of gouTflrnant«? 
teU tbe Duchesse, sbe will be none the wiaer.' 

'Tb'Ore ie notbiitg to conceal,' cried Yseulte a littla eoldly. 
' My couBin knowa tbat I go out to Vespers bb wellasMaaa. Qood 

Hbe bissed her nuiBa oD tbe cheek. and weat up the etaiicaae 
of MUla. Her haart hadcontractad wltbaeqrt of pnug aa sbfi heard 
the idle words, ' They are all diablg at Gönnt Othmar'B.' Sbe did 
not wonder tbat he had not inTited her \ do one Intited her any- 
where; ehe waa a echooEgirl now, and would be a nun later on; 
abe had noüiing to do with tht» world, and yet her beart ached a 

Shci did nut touch tbe ci>irca aod the cakoi tbat her maid 




firniieht her. Bhe sat Rt the wintidw of her own little room, 
Hod looltedeväry now and theii out iuto the chilly nlirlit nncl bcitobs 
llie iDOontit lH.Ti<lsfftpe to the towers of S. Phn.r;Linocd. Tkero 
were nniüt« of light of all colourtj 8p»rk)i[j|^ in the darkneeg round 
the chäteaii, TLey were the lampa of his gardi^ns, which wi^re 
UltuniDated down to the very edg« of tha b^b. She feit i^ gteat 
lon^ii^ to cfy lifcö A littk ehild ; but Ehe would not yisld to it. 
Only two ^reftt tean) roUed rIowIj down her ehiWlcB. Sbn knew 
that abe bad bi?en Tery fnolish to expact him at the chuTch ; an]y 
he had aaid that be wnuld coiue ! 


A FKW raomings later^ a,fter his noonday brpftkfast, Alain de 
VaiiDea flauiitered out into the rose g'ardena of hiäwife, havio^aeeo 
tbere the ügiire of bia wife'a young- cousId in her demiiregrey dreaa 
with tbe cnpe of B*ble, wbicli he waa juQt theo ia the mood to 
thluk iha pTetrtLSBt f^niBie ^rb in tbe World, Ha wact up tq her 
with eas^ ftüd güCid-baiiiQured cöurteaj'^ OS beCAdie bAf kinäiuail 
ftnd ber hoat. 

'Mj coiiain,' he fluid tenderly, 'yoii have no trinkets and pretty 
thingSf aa a little IredT of your yeara should havH. I believa there 
are all that nre it?ft ot* the Valogne jewels Tvaitinir for you in stroug 
coffsrs, but meaatime bora ia a little bird tbat will wülapei to you 
prettT thiugs if you will listen to him. Toa may wear a dove, 
Tou KDOW. at ih© caovaot itaelf. It ie the bird of tbe Holj 

And with that he ^ävo her whiit he h&d tebp's.pböd for fpom 
Pftfls, a locket cf blue anttinel rlmmed with pearla, and a doTe,. 
mada of pearls, dying on it; it biuig- frora a thick gold chaiiu 

Sbe waa so aatonished that ehe could not Bpea,k. 

The Duc watched her with ainuaenjert. ' Pardieu 1 ' ho 
thought, *it iäiüiich raora entertaining to pvB totbe tni/^wetban 
to the heilt petita. What woiider, what dalight, what inooceat 
gratitnda I and thg othera only boi yo«r eara if the diamqnda he 
not big- eaough or tha emeraida do not pleaae thein, ReaJly we 
are fools.' 

YÄöuIte meanwhila had ööt apoken y*t ; what moved her sei 
intensBlr was oot the gift of the njedallion itself, spleadid though 
it wasr Itit the idea that anyone had had ^o mucb remembrauce 
of her, She had scarcely bad more notioe tban a careleaa bow or 
a briet' ' bon jour ' from hur couain'a Lusbind in all her üfe, and 
now be brought her tbia ni&iJpiilJcent preflentr And yet, how 
mucb sooner abe would bave had ütbnjar remember to go aod 



* Weü, tmj^M-innflj'BBid the Duc paily- 'You look &ä if yOti 
were not sure -wljcthüT you were in eorth or in JieaveiL Wo »re 
not, wIiQiL we look st jou.* 

* It iä most Rood of yoa ; il is moat Iwantiful,' ahe aftid, with 
teaittttioD. 'Tliot joutihciuM hnyetLodgliC of idb la snkmd'p but 
I fear I ouglit not to vißat it 5 ygu know la tWO years' timä I AUL 
to iHntet tha üaTmelite comaiuntoD.' 

* NoTiflonae I 3t ifl tbe bhii of tlie Holy Spirit/ aald de Vannes, 
with an amliipiioufl aniile. 'Ithiak you may wear it wlien^-oa 
are an abbsjsa — Jif 6Tor you ba an abbuss^ Ah, my child, it ib a 
cruel thing to doom you to the TeligiouB Ufa; odIj u^ly wpciien 
should go there, and you ore bo handsomejjJ^itWe — jou will ba 
ao JioTsdsome ] ' 

' Ob, öO t ' eba Said, quiijily ; fiLg blusheid Tfliy mUcTi ; ßllö had 
been olways lold tliat it was a sin to tbiDk of any phyßical cbaTme, 
acd yet s!i9 had enoiigh of tba inatincte of s beautifiil woiaaa in 
her to tnke an uDCansciciua delight in thö whitetleES of äer litübfl, 
tbö tbickness of her hair, the ßmile of her o-wn eyes from a mirror. 

*0b, jeeT aaii da Vannea, still "witb that emile which va^eljr 
hurt bar. ' You will ba maTTelloualy handsorna, Yseitlte ; I ttiiaK 
thßt is the cliief reaBon Tvhy the Indiea wiah you in the cloister 1 
It waa certfdiilT the reaeoa why thsy woiild not talre you to 
Ütbniars Itvst mglit. To be aure you are not in tbe world, but in 
tlie eountry they mi^^ht have umde na cxceptioD ; you fl*e seen in 
Dür drawing-rooma,' 

Slie UftM ber eyea with eager appeal. ' Did be ask me ? Did 
he tbink oE me ? ' bqb eaid, ander her breath. 

The kesD g-laiice of tlia Duc äashed over ber&ce, and grew 
hareb aad euapiciouB. 

•Becauae lio apoke to you once,' be thoug^ht, 'I Huppose, 
tboTJgli ^ou be a joiirg aalnt in embryo, you ara not proof a^ainst 
hiB tnilhoüs t You are dU aülie after all^ you women, even m the 

Aloud he aflidi ' Tes; I beligre OtbniBr bade my wife bring 
yoa Perhnpa ebe tboü^bt it waa too much ILkö Ibe great wotld 
for yon ; it wM & brilliant aftair— all done for the Princeflo 

* Who is tbe Princesa Kapraiine ? *■ ebe aeked, Burprieed at her 
own temerity. 

' She is fi iady of Othmar'a dreams,' said de Vannea, -with au 
unMnd nalisfactioD* *Yon are Enre to see her Lere aomatime. 
"Wbat did ytiu tbink of bim tbe other night P You inow, I 
BUppoBe, tbat he could buy up all Francs If be cboae.' 

'I did not know/ fibe muimured. 'Nicole, I thipt> 94id that 
he wed rieh. ' 

' Eich l ' echoed tbe Due, witb deriaion, ' That is not a woTd to 
d^cribs Othmar, He baa abeut a loilHon millions, und be woidd 
(icobably be happier if he wero the blind beggor of the Font Neuf. 





nia miniaoa do sot do aBTthing foi liim witb Nadme Napraxice,, 
lud ixi is oaly fot Nadioe Naprn,xiiis Uiat lia exists/ 

Tben ba paused ; tlie leapect for la Jaine JtUe, hj wliicb. tLe 
mo&t di39olute of liia connliyman ig reatraJn&d from long habil, 
tnaMng bim rapreös tÜiS ßenteoce he Lad on liis lipg ; tittt momeü- 
tary flush imd ligbt happinesa at hemg remembered by OÜuaar 
which he had Been on bis young' couam's facö bad made htm bitter 
B^Binat hia neighlioitT and friend, Bod he would wUlic»!}' hute ccrn-^i 
tinued bis BaicasiDS on a man wbo, with all tbe world at his ieet, 
carcd only for anolher maa*a wife, who laug'hed at Mm. 

Yseulte liäteued witb Bf^rioiia and wiatful sjes; £he dld not 
know enougb of lua meaning, uor euoiigb of ih& sympathy wbicli 
had ftttractod her tawarda Otbniar, to understaaid wby abe feit 
a vaguf» pajn at bectili^ these thin^ £&id üf him miagled with ft 

d*lig-htea g^ratitude thst he bsd rememloered bor, It waa not to 
haye gone to hie porty thnt bIib c&ied for, but to be remembered 
ly hiin, 

Tbs children and their goTEmeasea approncbed hfii at that 
moment, and tba Suc aomewhab huiriedly tumsd away. 

' Do not let these fools sea your bcket,' iiä aajd quickÜy, mean- 
ing hj that epitbet tbe wisa women wbo aducated bis daiig:htera. 
' ll' Ori-Oii ]iotica it, teil her, of courae/ 

Tseulter Burpriaed at tbe iujaDction,loDked at him m wondar ; 
bat ehe ud-w 30 miich irritiitioQ in Ma üxpfüsaLoa tbat,, bulug 
»CCUatomed to obey tbe ofdera pf otJiers witlicmtcorailieiltj zud ta 
ba taugbt tbat siteijic& was one of tbe drst dutiea^ ahe put bis ^ift 
JQ b'är pDckät aa tbe cbildrän approached, aiid their fitbar, witli a 
petulant Word or two, turned away, ligbüng a ejgar. 

' What waa j?e£f"it papa BBying tx> yoii? ' cried. tbalittle eiatera 
in a braath. 

lliey were pretty chDdrea, with cIoudB of hair and flBucy 
peevisb littls face». Tbey wore Bailor drefssSj mads very sbort 
at the knee aod ebowiM: lega v&ry sbapely tbougb tpo tbin. 
BloEcbetta TCog blpnde i XaiDon was & bttk dafker and TQsier. 
BlancbettB wm tha mora elegant and the more witty by fer; 
Toinon wag tbe sturdi^r and the Daughüer, But Toiafm had still 
fiOmetbiag- of cbjldhüod left in bar; Blancbette bad lost every 
atom of berayearB hefaie^ thou^b ahe weis only tänyeara cid now. 
Toinon loT&d hoTäei, dogs, boata, and U spoi-t generally; 
Blancbette ocly catäd for smart frocks, thing^ whicb coat a great 
deal of money, scoudal wbicb &he ovcrbcacd, and wbicb faacmated 
hei in proportion aa it waa uniutelligibla to ber> asd the aense 
tbat abe waa looked at admirljij,'ly aa eha drove bebiod the ponieä 
ii} tba Bo)9 or waUiedf witb a cöurt cf emall bäyi9 bgbitid betf 
down the planka at Traiiville. 

Bütween her twö ctnidiüa and Ysöulte de Valogne tbere was a 
preaC ^ult'fixed, that g:ulf into wbicb tbera bas falten so mucb of 
Üja iüBocenco ofyoutbj of tbe prace of gLiod macEBrajOf tieckano 



of girlhood, nod oF tlie pbligatiäD qf tioliility; that gulfuvärwMch 
modern socit^tj d&acäs <bü lightljF, blind And isdinerent tö all it 
tiHfl Inat, 

* What WM wtit papa savingP ' eried Blanchetle and Toinon 
in ona breü-tli, thelr üyeH wiilu opeu witb uurioaity and iiparkling^ 
with auapiciun. 

Yneultci b«^i-itntüd ; Bhie Bcarcely koew what to say, and a kind 
cf üppredsioi] cuine upi^n ber witb ibe seuee of the gift uid the 
Bticret which &lm biid ta Icuep and coaneal, 

' He WBs telliOyiue tbati Wnsiiivited — there — last night, ' aho' 
wid, BS bIiö loüked iicroffl at tbö tree« icf ä. PUammmid ; ' but tbey 
tbouglitme not old tfiiou^h/ahe add^^d, nitb ad unt^ouäciouB aigh. 

BLancbolte turned up bei Littlia drUcate tiosa in tbe air. 

' Grunde nii/andf^, va 1 ' ähtr aaid coutflmptuously. * You will 
nover be ao^tbin^but b big biibj, jou I When I am as old aa 
you, I ehnH buve bfeu mniried a wb'd« year to ii crown prince, 
and bave goDe to &1\. the IhmLtrtü, aud read aU tbt» at^witpapera — 
every oiie ! ' 

'But äbe will nevvr iee a Dewspaper, and n&ver g« to a 
tbeatCQ j Dever, nevyr, nevur — » bi;i nevwrl' critd Toiniia, wlio 
waa tyo yenra yOUn^t ihaa BlaiicbeCtej &e ahe clappad her biuida 
and Oiptfüd. 

'' She d{it»9 not, sbe Is euch n atupid,' said BlanchBtte, with 
all tbe piipmiority of mijaüiurtiliiHS bcoth. 

* Fapn waä gHing' you üomQlliing: wbat dld be gire youP 
Said ToinuD. 'He nnxü yo» wem baud«uiti9 tbe otber night to 
mamipa, I beard him, Maaiiuii was atigry/ 

'Mamma did niit cars^' bald Blancbetta, 'If it bad baen tbe 
Marquis Bajmond ! '— — - 

Tben the little eietere laugbed. 

Tstiulte whh ditbculty eecapcd fnim bar little toTmantoTB^ and 
watidered alone tliroUL'b the pr»tty ^grounda ; wbille tbe doesd 
BbuttQTs of tbti villa of Millo aliowsd thut ber couitin and bar bouse- 
p4)rty WT'd still ekepiug aftei thü cotilloa witb whicb Othmar's 
party hod clo^ed ; an impi-yvised and imexpectäd cotill'oa. for 
whiub, iiBTt;rthe1esa, th^re bad been all mauner of admira]>le 
«■urprisei*, murvellous novellier, aiid co&tly presenta. 

AVnien abe was unita alurg nlie took out her pearl (nediiHioa 
ajüd loakiid at it wilb alt a cbild'a raptur<3 at a t(iy aud aoiQ£i<tliifi^ 
of A wcuDaii'fi ple^uru iü a jt^wsi. Tha IdndDesa of her fiDUtiin da 
Vannea overwliälmed her. Sbb> had known bim now and tben, aa 
ebe paBsed che door» of tba billJArd-roO'm, or watch^d tlia drap 
roll out of tbe courtyard, gire her a careläss, g-ood-teiiipered nod 
and a lazy word ot two. but tiever any more tioüc» than thflit, 
whicb was an mucb sa Biauchette aiid Toinon öTer receivud from 
bim. Ae auch timös m he had comö down to Bola le Roy or MUlo, 
when sbii was tbere, sb» bad bväi-d of bim &^ a man oaly devoted 
i» butatie and dugg, to ä^ott of all oorte, to hÜs stiij^'-bouDdi 



»Uli botiT'LQuads and otter-boaiiiiB, to bis coach and hla Btud ftnd 
bis ^0»t chai*it» ; ahe kn&w thut he wna a vtvry gruiid jjentleman in 
Pana, and at Boia lo Roy — desplte all revylutioiis^wiiL» a kind of 
king. And ha liad tbou^ht a1x]iit her eo mucb that bä bad 
bought her & locket I She could scurcely believö it. 

ähe sst in o little nook made bj ma^nolijLei Lhat ovsrhung' tbe 
RüAp and Aaw Lhe simehine on ber dore of pearle, and wnudtired if 
abe woudd dars to w^ar Lt ; would tbe Duchees approva of itP 
Thera was only one thing' whicb diäturbed her, it was hia nH»ia- 
mendatiDD to silenca; tLera hfld. baea a look üi bis eyea, too, 
wht:a ha hud eaid, ' Toü ure Vary haTida«aie,^/c«e/ whicb baiinted 
ber witb a vague uponänasflr She wa* too utterly baocant to b6 
alojsted by it, but a c^rtain iustinct in hur Bbrask ^K>ju tli>a re- 
membraücB of that räG;ard. It WäS tbe Ürat look qf SGOftuiil 
admiratii^t) wbich bad D6äa Bver dv^u her, und thau^h be had 
ftddöd, * (Jf course you miist tail Ori-Crii' hö had Bald it grudg- 
irigljj aa tbou^b bo would willinf^ly, if bö cöuld bave veotured 
to do so» bave biddöJi hör köep liia gift a auoret from hia wifa. 

'Are youcüuiiitlng joui jewald, Mademoiatiile da ValogcbP' 
Eiaid thb voice of Otbninr. ' Leave tbat imtil you are tbirty ye&n 
older and Deed tbeir aid.' 

Wilbout acf thou^bt of her hahad beaD atrallLii;|{ on tba Ttxk& 
aboTB tha iittile harbour wbicb büloiiged oqually to a. Pbaram jud 
andtoMillo, He had bn^n batkioj^ and äwiiuiöiiig', and waaro- 
liirniQ^ to Ma Lousi^, wh«a b& cuuglit oigbt ofkor äuuted büneath 
tbe magnoliaa, 

Tseulte coloured, And roaa to her feet^ drappinc tbe medalliqa 
m bßF surtirii^e &a hia voice sta-rtJed ber from W medltatlDn. 
Otlunar picK'ud it up acd returced it to her, 

^What a happy trinket to Lold jour thou^bta so long/ be aaid 
a» he did so. 'I bavis btiuii watcbiug j^ou foi a quarter of ou bour, 
and TOu bave Dovar ceased to look at tbat moat fürbuuatA juwol.' 

' My cousio, tba Duc de Viuipes, gave it to m'e * mooiaat e-go,' 
ehe aaswerad bim, vu;^ tbat bo sbuuld äuppoBu ehe coald care bo 
miich für auy triÜe. 

^lle Vanaasr ecboed Otbroflf in fioma aurpriwi 'I dld not 
kuDW be bad so mucb good taet« in the aelacbiioiii eitber of big 
gifts or tbair rwipianta- It is s very pretty msdalHoD,' ha 
addctd, notuäiig bar liwk of diätTtiaS and üf twwiMiäröiMdt, * Tbe 
dova is admirably doufi j I hopeit will be an timbtem of th» peaca 
whicb "will alMüys recuain with you/ 

äbe did not spuak; tbe quick seuäitivaneas of ber imtincti 
mada her feel tbe ».atire of hia felicitatlons, and become coqbcIoub 
tbat fareouia rt^ab^üu or anotber be diaapprovt^d tho gift wbicb ehe 
bad receLved. 

< I bave nevar bad ony present before from anycttia/ abe «ittd 
hlujplyt ' «ü it is a (^ruat plttuiuftj^ tQ m». } (Jo UMi, v^ij^k 0(11/ 
Ueattio it ia pretij^—' 


<But l)ecaii8e of the affection it representaP I understond,' 
0sid Otbmar, while he thought to himself, ' That goailleur de 
Vannes ! — must he even bring hifi mdecenciea to Millo and trj and 
eorrupt a poor helpless ehild P The man would not spend twenty 
francB out of mere good nature, nor look at her twice out of meis 

He looled at her himself now wbere she sat under the 
magnoUa hranches ; and it seemed to him as if she were the dore 
and he Baw the hawk descending. Alain de Vannes could be 
Beductive when he choae; he waa good-looMng and eztremely 
distingoiahed, waa accustomed to conquest, and had tktA charm 
of manner which the habit of the world and the society of 
women make second nature, If bis fancy bad lighted on bis 
vife's coufiin he would not be likely to pause because she was 
pennileBS, lonely, and consecrated to a spiritual life. 

'One uught to put her on her guard, and yet, who coold 
venture to do tiiat,' ne thought; he, at all events, had no title to 
do so, and if he had, be could not ^lingly have been the first to 
teil her that under the roses there were vipers, that behlnd the 
dew and the sunrise tbwe were evü fires burning. 

' Will you stay long at Millo P ' he asked abniptly. 

' I came here for two months,' she said. ' We were all sent 
away — there was ferer; I have been here often before. I am 
very fond of Millo.' 

' Why would they not let you bononr me last night P ' 

'I do not go into the world at alL I never shall.' She 
hesitated a moment, then added timidly,'It was rery kmd to 
tbink of me.' 

'It would not be easy to fbrget you/ said Othmar with a 
sincerity which surprifled himself. ' I wish you had been with us ; 
yours is the age for Bauteriei and enjoyment. I should Uke to eee 
you at your mnst ball.' 

*I shall never go to a balL It would not be thought right' 

'And do you never rebel against so harsh a destiny ? ' 

She colouied to her eyes as she answered almost inaudibly, 
' Sometimes— yes — but then I know that it la I who am wrong 
and they who are right.' 

' Who are they P ' 

' The Mother Superior ; my unde, de Oreusac, hy hia will ; my 
Cousin Aurore ; eTeiyone that I belong to at all : my grandmother 
especially desired it. 

' It makes one wish all tbe world were agnostic I ' 

• What did you say P ' 

Agnostic was not a word she had been allowed to hear. 

* I flay that it ia a cruel thing to foree on you such a choice. 
At least you should be allowed to know what you do, ere you do 
it. You should eee what the world is like before you renounceit. 
I cau fsQcy that women tired, sorrowladeo^ unlovely, unloTOd« 



kelle of healtbj, msj be glad of the leTug'a of reUgioua liAi ; but 

'Do you tWnk One elmiild only givß God wb&t ifl "weary and 
wom QutF' Bhe eaid Boftly^ ' äm'el^ u&e qIioijM gjive cneif 

OlbmRr ■was touclied bv tlie worda and the toue. To Lim, 
whoee Ixiykood b&d been filled with spiiitual faiths and hop«!i3, 
and whose matkbood Lad tlie pain of knowledge ibat all tlieaa 
gracioua myths and wistful dtrsires wera but mera dreama, theri) 
was tbä echo of rsmembered adoratiooB, of exqui^te ucreasoniag 
beliefa, in tb^ eimplö ausTrer wliicbi bespoli'e thüt faitli in heaväu 
wbicb a chUd hw m its moth«]', uut^ueslioniii^, ULdoubtiug, 
implicit ük obedieDt^ and in truFti 

Beside tbe cultiired mind of tlie waman Lq lored, idth its fine 
w^pticUm^ ita delicata ironiea, ita contemplucus rejectionä, itä 
inteUectual acom, no dqiibt tbis simple, iiaTrciw, and ucintalUgQEt 
faitb was fooJish and ähildigh, and out of date ; jät it toucbed 
bim; in Yeeulte d* Valo^e it liad an imconscsoua heroiemj a 
beaiitÜul repose, wMch Ufted it out of the cramped rigiditj of 
ctdeda &nd the ap&thj of ignarance. 

Tliere were beneatli her gravity and Fpirituality a Tparmtii;, a 
Titfllitv, & latent fcrcSj whicbfieemed tobim to cry aloud faTeDJDj- 
ment and expausion. SooQerorlater all t]mtteeinuig'lif'Baluiabe> 
ing in Ler would awake and demnnd ita common n^Vi& ; no 
Creitura perfectly orgTuÜBad and fuli of liealtb aqd Btreiigtb can 
foregO the natural jöyS üf buman existönGB w^ithoiit aufliinng a 
tbouaand deatiis. Aa yet^ no doiibt, ahe waa aa iünocent, aa 
i^orantp of the tyiannj of tha aenseSj as any aball tbat laj at tbe 
bottom of the blue WBitgrs yonder. Sbg might have fallen from 
heaven tbat day foi aught B.he tnew of all wMch, in her uncon- 
edouaueäB, aba wb>s ready to reaouuce. Bat anj bour tliat diTiiia 
iaaciceaca migbt be de&troyed bj a word, banisbed at & touch. 
Alain da Vfmaea» oc any other, lui^bt chooßä to find Bport in 
wakiag and in alaying it j Qnd Ü16U, how uobappjf ahe woiud ba I 
IIow ILkfl & bird fi'd&bly captured, and beatiug itaelf to deatb 
agaiDfit tbe barsl 

It was only lü France tlmt a bigb-bora and beautiHügirlcould 
b& ^acrifiücd tbuö böcftusa sbe had no dower. ETeTywhera eise 
women ■without dowera ■wera Eoug'ht aud takan in marriage every 
daj. Ab if a few hundred tbüusand frfnics were necdfiil to maka 
youtb, and lorelinssa, and puiity, and higb lin&age, o^ceptable to 

* You know my cousin tba DuC Tery Trell P ' ehe ßsüd timidlj 
after a long- Bil^nce. 

' We bave liyed in the ßfmie world ; I hnTa not bcen kümata 
%rllh bim.' 

' I)<i you tbink ba woulJ be very Tsicd Lf I aaked Kicolfr^— tböt 
1», ipy fodter-motbeE— to fieU tbi* locket for me ? ' 



' I Tear he would not be best pluand. Vfhy sbould vou wuh to 

8ha heeitated, tben aiiäwered : ' I wiiot to buy tha v'icur that 
new fTQwn ln> wunte eo mech- He will never epend a ceotioie on 
himaijlf, Bud Lia g^wD hns Ii^bd iiii:tiidi;d aud nn^nded aud meo^od ; 
itlB all & pßtCibwork^ and even thnt ia dro'pplng tö piecea, snd the 
bifibop'fi Tii'^iLaKon ia neur &t band. 1 thought the valua of thia 
locket wonld liuy a priest'ß gowu, iT my coosin de Vannös wauld 
not be angry.' 

' Tliüt is a pretty thought of you ; it would certairly buy matiy 
nni^an««/ eidd Ottmar, "But I thinlt Alnin nouid oot he at aU 

flessed if you euld bia pne^aänt ; Bud I tnld yo j tliit) otber day tliftt 
will givB tlje ciitS a now powo myself wrtb the utraoöt pleasurö, 
Yau aay ttint 1 bölong to bis parist/ 

8be Bmiled ; nevertheleaa^ ahe beaitated 1o ftCf^ept hla ofläT. 
'You Piust hftve 60 many tbin^a Co give. Kicole a&y« tli^'t 
(»eoplu fire alwaja MkiE^ you for tliinßa.' 

* Tlioy do Hot BlwnyH gel tliem,' fepliöd Üthtuttr, with ft atflile, 
'If they wisLed oidy foP euch usefiil and harmleaa thingg m 
tütitane^, tliey ehould oIwajB hare their wißti.' 

'Are you so imnienBäly rirrb thäa}" ehe Aslcad bim, opeDb^ 
widely hör goldaa-brown eyas^ which looked aa if the euiuhiDe waa 
alwavä sbiDui^ in them. 

*To my mierortuiiB,' eaid Otlimar, Bnnoyed. CouM aot evan a 
child of aliteen out oF a coiiveiit forget bia richBS? Was il 
pcDBaible sh« tno wd.^ ^uing to Ciäk him foc BOiuetbiiig' P 

She looked at him gravely. 

* I wond ar you do not hiiild & c&tbedral/ ebä aoid, after a pAuse, 
' A cnthedril! I ' h« echoed, in surpriae. ' I woiild if I had ths 

&ith of thofift who ußud to dti bo.' 

'Itiawhat I would do if I had money,' ea^d ahe, Btill vory 
gravely. ' I would build oub in the heart of b f^roat, witb (he 
dfitr and tlie hirda all round it; rot jammed up amonget atreata 
and Crqwdö hke Notre-Duma pr Ghartrüa.' 

Then a eudden atnse carae over hftf thiit shö was TJoUtillg' all 
ihe ruW (jf propriijty hy wbich bei lire was ordered in thaa Hpeak" 
ing out her tboiiplita to oae wbo was nlmost a 6trati|^T ; in tarty- 
in<f at all hy tliiu ädit of a nran who waa of no parentsizfl to her. 
Sbe roBfi, A littlo liurriedly, hiit with the stately gTAC» which woi 
natural to ]ier ; the grafie of old, Värsaille« and Marly. 

' I tbitik I mußt ^0 back to the houaa,* ahe aaid, witb a HtÜs 
ebyutiaii. ' Aly couün doüs not li^o ma to be olone, or to ttUk to 
Baytjne ~-^' 

*Tiie Bucbi^^gQ will not ntjjfct to ma,' eaid Otlimar, with the 
enTüfi t^oible ag he hi^d had wbuD luin^ the bhiiiq woids a few daya 
b^?«!!!«. * Busides, Madömoisune, you aro in fiTiorber wurld than 
y lur cunvwut. At Millo timo are uot thouutbt drafifotia and tiffuri. 
\Vv »lü pLfor cruutur«!!^ iudtied, but Uac|iUät>e ; vaov^ injured tlas 



injiiring. Do nut be so »lonned. I wnDt you Uj t«!] me % grtat 
doal mqre about aas vicar. WLeni um I tg get hie meaauiefor 
hisgowD? Willi htj ba BUrprit^ed witli it? Will you not let ma 
•end it to joii tliatyoumay lak& it to himP Ishould be a6banii?d 
ta da eo. I haTa nevei beea kiäidä Mb chutch, eveu to Learyoa 

' No, yon naver came ve^-terdaj I ' fbe enid, iviih a Bi^h, 
iunocäctly revi^aliiig tbat äL» b;tLd n^marlcod bis absenca witb 

' To mj ^baine and Uiss, T did not. I bad mj uncle with me 
jJl tbe day, BJid at v^giil a dimnjr, b cooccrt, aad tbe sdufene, to 
wbicb 1 iiopüd yon would bave been broughL' 

'But ] cannot dance," eoid tbe cbild, LluabiDg vaiy much h 
sbu madä tbg biiiuUiäiiiig' confe-B^ion. 

'So niuch tIiB bettar,' enid Othaiar, inconflistenüyi *I vn 
eure, however, tbdt jiju woüld dfLöu« witli admirable i^ace if jou 
daticäd at all, Anyone wbo movea well can daaGe wnU," 

TbU time th« coloiir io her cbetilu waa that of pl^nBure at his 
praiae. Sbe was aüent, looking at bim a little -wiätt'uUjj recaUing 
wliat de VBiüDes bad eaid of th« PriLcesa Napmxine. 

Tbe kindlineaB of liiä tone, i^s miD^ling of Inmiliarity and 
revereiice, mell-ed her leserve and diyanaod ber ehypeits, Thera 
bad beeo tbat in tba complimeiit of Alain da Vanuea whicb Lad 
Btartliad and alarumd her ; but in tbei almont paternal i^entlfjae^ 
and frieDdllnßsS af Otbmat's word« Üiwre wafl botbing to do bo^ 
IIb had Elitle to ber of tbe eliilbiwsn atid lacfftiid irony wbioh 
DftciD fri^'bteDed even women in bim, wbilat be bad all tba grace- 
ful cnurtefiy of a miio pi>[iiHhed by all tbe babita of ths great 
World, and accuiatfliu<id tu tLat ^rtf-f^miiienca wliicb girea aupFemä 
eoee of mansör, To Ler OtbiLiar aeeoied a horo, a king, an Ldual 
snjonp meD ; when her couem bad aaid to bar tb&£ tbia pereoa, m 
pDwtrful, eo J^reat, a&d so rieb, yuaa also vinbappy, ba bad said tba 
only tbing nei^ded to coinplütti bia fudciuiitioil for ber and to maka 
bim tbe maatel uf lier di-eaniB. 

Ha büWüd low befara har witb a eeuee of sometbing holier 
than waa often mttt witb in tbia WQrld, and looked aftar her Ol 
bLc f,ped over tba lawns to tba bouB«. 

* A bwaiilifül cfuature, with a tender beart in ber breast:/ he 
tbought. ' Wby ciiuld I not moat her and Und my hejiveti in 
poGBaaÜJig her, nu^t-ead of carin^ only for a woiuiin who boä no 
more poBBioii cir pity than thoBe Alüxican alo«; P ' 

Ah bo wBilked hom« tbe ramembrance of Nadino Ntipraxlno 
leeemed Uka a little addtr growingf in bis böart, aud ths )»rg-e eyea oi 
YseulLfl de Valogne aaemßdtolook inhobis ßoial witb tliuir golden 
BUti-raye. IlewaspaBeionately iti lovewitb tbeoiio,bittbrlj, aiiffrily, 
re««ntfullT, in love , i'or tbe otber bu fült an extretne pit^, a ävm- 
patby, whicb wilh prtipilioiis circmustiiniies itiipbt biscoiue atleo 
tiüUj. ED aduiiriLliuu of tba tva^sn whicL Juii-'-bt -with Lima tw 


heightened I» desire, an inoliaation to take her in his amis and 
MTO herfrom her fate as he might have taken up a wouuded bird 
to Bare it from the trap. 


Tbetltb the next day wae Bitting wrltiag a Germui theme in the 
children's room, of which the windowa opened on the gardene, 
wheo Alain de Yannes, with a dgarette m his mouth, pushed 
open the glase door and aauntered in Ixom the open air. 

* Weli^ my couön,* he said gaily. * Heie you are, ahnt np 
like a little mouse. What nonsense it isl GenuanP What 
good vUl that do youP When the revanche comes, we shali 
•peak with htillets and tbey will understand ae we understood. 
Pardieu I When they bumt mj wooda in Ofaarente 1 — I had a 
ball in my libs at Saarbrück ; did you know it ? Where were 
yon ^ In Paris ? — during the Bi^;e P A baby lilce you I Is it 
poaäble t ' 

' There were many other little children thrae,' said the girl 
with a ehudder ; ehe had been such a little child theo, that the 
horror of the time had left an ineßaceable mark upon her. 

' Of course, of couree,' said the Duc, seating himself on the 
edge of the table. ' But not majiy of youi nmk. Most people 
got away. Ab, to be eure, I remember your uncles de Creusac were 
both sbot } yes, we all lost heavily ; it ia no use thinldng of it ; 
but I would giTe my life to enter Berlin. Tient I this is not what 
I came to say, but you make one serious; why will you not 
laugh P Do yoii know that we have a ball nezt week F ' 

' I heard Blanchette saying so.' 

* Ah, the little cat I She knowa everything. Now, this ball 
— ^would you not like to come to it, instoad of being shut up in 
your room writing CTabbed Germaa characters P ' 

' It is impossible.' 

While sne said the cmel word firmly, her heart gare a great 
leap of longing that was almoet hope. 

*Not impossible j perhaps difficult,* said de Vannes, with a 
smile, as he threw his cigar out on to the giass. ' But I Üiink I 
could pereuade Cri-Ori ; it is a shame for you to be shut up ; you 
will have enongh ofthat all your life if ^ou go where they say.' 

Teeulte was silent ; her heart was still beating tumultuously, 
she breathed qulckly. 

' How bandsome ehe is 1 * thoi^ht tbe Duc. ' She only wanta 
that flush of life to be perfect. Women are like alabaster lamps« 
unlit until they leam envy and deäre. When that fiame ie 
lighted, then the alabaster glows.' 

He Btooped bis head and kissed her hand, but he did it with % 



dilTerent touch to Otlmiar's, and eba colDured witb ö dense of pom 

' 3/« mje I ' he ipurmure^l, ' I ^'ül urtdertnke to combat ftuo* 
CeBsfuHj tbs ßCruplca of jour coiisin ; you ahall flee the ball Beit 
■week. Oii-CrJ sLall find yoa a frocii, and jeveelfl jou waTit none ; 
yoii liar© ilifi «upreme jawel — yoiilli -, crowra ara dull without it ; 
and, let our dear wotneE usb ^hat arts they may, tbey canTiat 
ccunterfeitit. 1 Tvillbtr yourgood genius, Vseulba, andopenyoor 
priaoa doora. You ■will not rütuso me n Httla gratitude — b litüe 
goodwülf Something quita almple and commonplaca will con- 
teot nie, you aee, but yoii mugtg^ive It ds InnewurJ 

Tiie worda were U&rmleea, nLd ßnid little, but hja ejea H3 they 
Wera "beut upon her aaid iDiicb ; mucli mOte tiian hö knew, Thete 
vras B look in them wliich lip;bted their pale hluöwith a fipe from 
■tvhicli flhß fihrank hy instinct, aa from aomethiii^ -wliich acorched 
fiüd hurt her, The eyes öf Alaiü de Vftßnoa, like tliosö of most 
tuen vi\io JiBve lived bis Ufa ftnd had liie experiences, were cold, 
jaded, pasfiicmleas in reposa, hiit when. amorous, WBte cruel, eo^-er, 
rapacioug. Yseulte di-ew her hand from him ; her Iieart aank five 
fatboma deep, biit ehe gatbered up all her caiirage. 

' You ara vtry goodj Jl/. mcn eousm,' ehe eaid witli b cere' 
jnonioM coldnesa wortby of ona twice her yeHm. 'But do not 
tronbla youraeU for me. Thut gpft of pleaaure would not accord 
with the life tbat I nm always to Icad, I do not know the world ; 
I do Bot -wifib to kuow it ^ It is never to have atiy thing' to do with 
me; it ia better I should tot evön see it, I might only regret.' 

She aaid the little epeech brarely, not faltering onca, thoiigh 
to maka itcost her a pang, but she crusbed mit all her natiu-B;! 
longings, ali her ■wistful inatincta, all her youthful dreams to do 
BO ; flowers plucked up by the roota aind turown down at the foDt 
of the altara of MariBr But even at this monieqt tba aUar still 
Bestned to her that which she bud been »Iwaya told that it wa&, 
» fefuge gweet, eafe, anfailing. A ifefuRö from whatP Ehe did 
not kaow, but a vague fear bad assailed her. 

Da Vannea looked &t her with atcrprise and irrltation ; at the 
bottom öf bis heart he was biinselE ftahamed of the Tinholy wishaa 
•which bad awakeiied in bim, of the treadieroua temptationa which 
ha had bcgun to put in the path of a Rirl who waa lia own pueat, 
hia wife'ß rekliTe, and whoae poaiticm oupht in ita aheer dafenee- 
lesatcess to have beeu hsr best aofe^uard -with any man of bonour. 
He was not without houour, in a looae fftshtou) but he wasvei-y 
ansH^^upulo^s whea hk fa-ncy was eicitcd. If before her retire- 
maut to the rpliglous Mfe aha abould bave an ' öfhiir«,' and if that 
' affaire ' ahould häva himself for its hero, it did not emm to him 
that anything terriblB would have taken place. What waa the 
1136 of oocupying a high poaition if one could not aucceaafully con- 
duct and corer a littl« intri^ie liSke that P 

At (he aame tüne he hiavf Üiat Lia de^ign» would Bcaicely 1» 



oondnnwl, BTen by th8 vpry light-mimlfiil est atnonyat wliich Iw 
lived, if it wer« Eeriniißl; Imowii tlint he hnd «ndi>&vaured to bw 
the first to corrupt bis joTing cüunin. Therefnre hi?r worda ntruck 
% certAiD nervo of ^luscepUliilitj within bim ; be Mt a kind of eom- 
punction btirure (hat fißrioua. and ^UelesB p5|rBrd. Tet ha wjm 
Terj nn^yt He» Alain de Vannea, who never Inciked at a 
ßüette, whc» nflvet- delgned to notiee any leaser tbingtbati aome of 
tbo famnua ba&iitiefl of tha prunt world, or of tfae brtlf-world, had 
taken the infinite trouble to distinuiiish thin cliiEd, to ^eek ber and 
to ottw bar lii* iiifliieoc« and prot«^t:tioiT, and slxe liiid repulsed hitn, 
witb her hande \yia^ crnesea on her Of^rmao b^iokfi and hsr mse* 
leaf cbeekft growing- neitlier the warmer nor the colder for bis 

Ha roae, and bis ayebPowa CöDtracted in n hp.avy frown. He 
vasft gond-humouivd mmi nnnnlly, tut in flucb fare tiraes as hw 
will waa crossed be liad the petulance and the molict^ of « epoiled 

* YoQ ai-B not v!\se, ßtlette^ be said, with » littlö laugh. 'I 
TTOiild be ft good friend to ynu, snd you may want ons befoire yoa 
are eafe in tbe boeom of Our Lndy. I woDdflr tha bnll did not 
tempt ycin. You would bave seea your friäüd Otbmar — and 
Madame Napraxine/ 

Then bei puUed tbefi:l[u>a door opea with an iispatieiit handj 
and went out into tJae grüunds witfiout, Waviop beliiud bim tho 
odour of biß cigjirette und tbe etiiifr of bia last wnrda, 

DlflTipbütCa peaped in frtim biibind a ftilk curtnin; her aaucy 
bab^ieb eyes were ftill of ciiriosity and wonder. 

* Timii, Ysealte,^ ehe eaid, mrinirif? up to bar coneio, ' I heard 
all papa eaid. Why sbould he want you at tbe bnll, aod why 
Bhoüld Tou üob go P Y011 are a goose, Glich a proose I You Jinow 
papa Clin alwaysi niake maoimit do wbat be cbooses. He always 
threaitina to send away M. de Pranffin^.' 

Than Blanchette laugh.fid, curling up in a little ball At bpT 
Conain'a feet. 

'You ehould not eay sncb 'wicked things, BJanehette,' B(üd 
Yseultfi ; ' and it ia very shameful and diBbonaurabl'Q toli&tsn any« 
wbere utiseen -' 

Blanchetlft laadfl a jr\ed de. npz witb her littlöroflj fingers, with 
»11 the mockfiry and inBolencB of Qnvröche blmself. 

' You are Tulgar ae well aa wicked,' said her couain aadly, v 
ahe looked away. 

' It iB diäticguished to be Tii!|;ar, now,' enid the little ten-year- 
old F^'Tialeane. ^ All tbe ^rreat ladies are, except Madama 
Napraxine ; ßbe ig alwsys wrepped up ID berseäf, tjlie haa no 
entfdiyif eba cares for nothing, Slie ia not at all my raodeh 
Lmten.] If you w^re not suüb an idiot, you would »ee tbnt priÄ 
piipa is in lov» with you, ever so nanch m love 1 Wby dan't you 
gtit all kioda of tbiuga out af bim wbxle be is in th» bumourF 



Hb would buy you all the Palais Roy»l if you knew how tn 

iitrtnAg^ lii^ and maaima will not eay »nytbing as Igug bA tli» 
■Mitrauia Itajmond in btTe/ 

' BlanchettB I ' cfitd the girl, irniTg'nantly. She ro» to hör 
feuti a flood of Gbame si^emed tD roll over bttr. 

The msolent, malicioiifi turqucisti eysa of Blanchetta amused 
themseWes with b^horror and troubla. 

* You are auch a babv I ' aaid tbe diild aß'ain, conteraptuoiuily, 
' Vou Derer seeoi. to lunlürS'tHiKl aaything-, Me, I uDderstAtid it 
alL I tbaU do k all wb^n I am uj^rrkd. I äliftU be juat Jiks 
lunmuia. It is the Marquia Raymond now; it was tbi* Prijice 
Jacques last yeftir. I lilsüd tliö Prlnce Jacquea best, 3b i^ts 
me &□ orcbe^jfli of monlcöys \ jou wüiiDd it up acd all the tnankeyB 
played — ^äfo, drum, cfariDnet, Üute, too-too, too-too, tra-la-la-la I 
Thä Tnarquiab&sneTergiven tne an jthing-^ except afiacli of bonboiu 
he miglit hsTB bougbt at St. Cloud. If he du not give me enme- 
thin^ very good at new j^ar, I shaJl eay out loud in the eaLon, 
whan a tot of pesple ars making- vUits: "You are not aa mce as 
Frince Jacques I " And how bd wUl look, becauaa he alwaja 
üreta and fumes abotit tbe priuce I I tbink tbey fomgbt nbout 
raamnjft. Ob, it. lanät be siicli Am to b© b wonian I I wish, I 
wiah, I wieb I were fiftaeo, I would be so paug'bty, they woiJd 
h&ve to marry ma to-mOrrow I If yriu wäre not a poosö yOu 
wgijd be R9 naughty aa STer you eottld ba. Tbey would g«t you 
a buatiAiid then ; papa would aea to it.' 

'Blancbetto I eried Yseulte, apfain, in deaperatinTi, DOt fcnow- 
ing how to atem tbe tide of the child'a woTda.. Sks^ Likei 
Blancbetta bereelf, wa» ignoraDt of all tbe borrible Import of thoM 
vordä wbicb tbe litt)« thisf^ used^ half in maUcioua precocioiia 
knowledge, and half in absolute childlab iguorance \ but tbey 
terrified her and appalled her botb ia tbauas^lves acid for thair 
(rpeattarj and fot all wLieb, eveü to hör ionocenfie, tbey Suggeated 
of ntiapeakfthle incoEceivable sbameriilaefW. 

* HLancbätte 1 ^ echoed th'B child, mimickm;; tbe Horror and 
flxpoatulation of bercry. 'Oh, how g'lEtd I am I haue Schemmiti 
and Brawn to teFich me iastead of goinär to s cosfent to be mado 
a gooM of like you. Scbeciniitz and Brawn are old owla, but I 
keep my «yea and my eara open at TrouviUe,atBiarritz, in Paria, 
hM'e, aaywhere, everywhera. Now, io. your nunnöry you See no 
more, you Lear do more, tban if you were & sttttue in b cbapel, 
Tbat jg why yqu axe ao stupid, TYwjj! Wby did plpa Call 
Ooüüt Othmar yoiiT frieiid P Iß he your frieLd ? You are aa etill 
as a mouee aboutsverythiQg.' 

Her quick glance gaw tbe colour mount into her cousiii'fl face, 
BTid the cruel child laug-hed triumphantly. ' Oh, how you blosh, 
oh-oh 1 Nobody bltiEbe^^ nowadays. Oue must be old-faabioiLed 
lik« youto be^ aill^. IshaU oeverblunh. Tli'nu, Yseulle I taU luv 
at] nbciut it aad I wdl nnt taU Toludu.' 



' Tliere \a notbing^ to teil,* sald Yaeulte, tiliiiOB.t lo&n^ bet 

*Papfl cevör ciits anj-thing- -wlthout meatiiDg ficuaethiDg "hj it,' 
laid Dtuneliiette, aagueiously. * And if tbere ba nothirrg, why 
«houldyoii tliialiP I bnow all filiout Count Othmar^ he ia ricn 
— oh, Bo rieh 1 Nobody -wiis ever eo ricli ontaide the Juiwrie ; I 
benrd ttom eaj «o thiä Rutumu nt Ai:c. Bat all he carea s'bout ia 
Priüceas Nnpraxine. Hbtö you e-ver aeen Prlnceaa Napmxine? 
SKe drivea in the Boia with threo horses in the Russian way ; tlia 
Que In the faiddlß ie & Littla in fjrant of the pthersj (uid thcy bavä 
oDly little bits of bütgc fo7 karneaa^ ftnd thöy äy — ouf I Imsan 
to raany a Bcsainn.' 

'Ib ehe »o very "beautifiil ?' said Yaeulto, in a low tone, 
asiiAmad of queationing the cliild, and yet impelled by an irresiet- 
Lbls düsire to hearmore of thia wondrous soreri&igTi. 

' Pas tant •que ea\' B&id Blanchotte, critically. ' But elia u 
much more thsn oaly hnnd^ome. Sho makea ereryone ihat gaes 
near her mod ahout her. She la pnlo, and haa ßxeat eyea; but 
thero iB DO ono liko her^ they eay. Whnt do yoa tiiint thpy call 
her? They c&H her Flocon d« Neige, Slie carea fornobody, you 
knOw ; that is ^hat tliey meac S^a is öot at all wb&t I admin! ; 
wliftt I fldidira is tlie Duchesae d'Ambiräo. Slle sai£ sc faire une 
Uti \ ' conlinued Blanchi'tte, grov/in^ bmathlesa, and powerleais to 
expiC'Sa her immense admiratian. 

Madame d'Arabr^e wits a blonde, witb tprofuaLonof real goTd 
curla, cheeks admirably tinted, and a tmy Oupid'a bow of a uiouth ; 
a great limitress, a great awiiumer, a great ;sm.okcr ; Bba bad vary 
eitrftvapant toilettes, and very loud nrnnnera, and waa b reiilly 
great lady, witb tbe language of a canUni&re : bLö woe tbe object 
of tlie cb'ild'B idölatry. 

' I will be just lilca iTiat/ Blancbette eaid to bereelf wbönerer 
ehe saw Madame d'Ärab^^ walbtog on the plaiilra at TroüTille, 
going" iuto tba cnBino at AiXf or driTicg her piebald pcraiea round 
the Boiä. Blancbetta admired her own Tnotbier kcmenaely, but 
ehs admired the Dncheäse d^Ambr^Q ^till more. 

* Maman lauge v,n pen* alie oftt-n said to her Biater, with 
a little Bcornfiü Bmil©. Bhe Imew tbat her motäierwaa twenty- 
eiglit; to Bltmcbette tbat Qge seemed to be q^uita bopelesa d»- 

' yaeulte/ ehe said , auddFnly now, ' if you do not give me your 
ailver prayer-böoli, I shall teil mnmma nböut you and pap». ZHt 
dönc, »öis Bage. Gire m& the ^ilver Uoiira/ 

The Ell ■per prayer-boolc had belongod to ß Mnrqnise de Greusar, 
in the time of Liouia Treize. It was adomed with Uluminated 
letters, and the coroDet and initiaU wera set in opalfi on one siiJ9 
of the öilvpr Cover. Yaeultö had been giyen tne book by her 
grandmotbet on her death-bed ; aheuaed it alwaya,anditwaaüia 
«bjeot of BlftEchette'a desiree. 



' You know thftt I cannot ffive it jou,' sioid Yaeulte, gentJy, 
' Tt waa my grBEdmotlier'a Inet g^ift ; it la an h^irloom.'' 

Blancliette looked up from uader lieryeUow hair. 

' You bad better give it me. Sota ta^e I ' 

StiB bfid tho satrie espreasioD — half meaace^ half malice — tbat 
Iier ffttter üad had. 

* I canrotj' repeated hei* coiifflfl, 'I btLve told you &0f dear, a 
htindred time?. I should not huve a möment'a peaoe If I parted 
witb tbat took.' 

Bl&nchette said nothiDg moTü, but shci made s wbesi of herself 
on the acbool-TOOtn Üoor, bs sLe had seen tbe bojg do on the pare- 
niSQt in Paria. * Comme on est bete ! Oomme on est bete I ' sba 
kept tbiDldug ic lier ahrQwd little mind, as ehe stood on htar wise 
little akull with uU the deiterity of adj etreet-boy. 

Blanctotta B.t ten yen-rs old had alreAdy resolv ed tbe problem. 
of life witb prent isimpllcity ; its Bolution eeemed to her to conaiBt 
in getting wimtever yoa wnnted bj beiDg detestabla wbflnaver you 
did not gBt it- 

On the nigbt of tba baUj w1i<jn tba firat carfiftgea rolled up to 
tbejJWTort of Millo, Yseulte^ wbo biad goua to lad at ten o'cloot, 
but liad not slopt, roso and went to her wiadiiw, Tvbich looked on 
tbe front of the house, Tbe illunünaticina of tbe buüding and of 
the grounds were so brilliant that the li^bt waa almost as ßtrong 
aa day. Tbe awniagä bid from her aäght the stepB at wbich the 
arriviog guests desccnded, biit ahe could ees the carna^si a^ thej 
came up tnwurdB theui, find ehe could hearthe Suisse bawl out tho 
uaraee oi' those whrj arrived nu& öfter Bnothyr; RmoDgat thera. 
gqma of tha greatqst oam^S af Earope, At tweiva she heurd thft 
naniö fif Othma? ; büt sbe üad not seen liini ; foi" tha hlinda of hia 
brougbam wäre down. 

Au honr and a hnlf later, almost tbo laßt of tha appnrently 
endleas Eticceesionof cbampinp^horapg and lainp-Ut conp4s, aha aaw 
one carriagü of which tba window nexE her was lowered na it 
droTe up ; sha could eea witbin it a very lovuly waman, ivith a 
Htfle tiara of diamondj on her beod, and a gr^at louquet, mßde 
entirely of gardemjis, in bec bjtnd, aol a claak of gold tisaue, lined 
with ermiße, drawn up as high aa her moutb. The lady's prafila, 
delicata aa if it wbtb cut in ivory^ with aomething satiiicnl aud 
mutiiioua in ita eipressioHj w&a aÜ that Ysculte cöuld eefl of her^ 
biit ßhe feit that in thftt momönt she bsd bolced on the Princesa 
Mapraiine. In ctTeot, aa tlie ca.TTMn;B rolled beneath tbe nwa- 
ing-, the flonoroua Muscovite Dama waa ahotited by tbe w&iting 

The girl witbdrew from th^ ciisemeut and ahnt tha ahutteiB \ 
aha did not waot to aee any mors. 

She la^ down agoin, bnt ahe did not sleapi The aouad oF 
dnüca musifl, pla^ed by tbe band of the ball-rooro, ecboed tbrough 
^ the vUIAi whicb fTas a light modezn ntructure, nod bad littla 


mmcfiss j^APKAxmi^. 

Boliditjf in it. Slie did nnt rare foT thedarcing; she bardly linr-* 
what ]t wdß liko; but «Itb (liouglit pf tli^ loTi'Ij wriman with tlie 
pretty con («mpUiouH protile, und Um diamrinde and tlie ^rdeliiaä 
iii lief Imir. Sil« rould «inl sle^'p for thiiiltiiifr nf lierj fthö waa 
th»f<) bblow in the light, Atiii(Ut tlie niitsic atid tlia flow«<rfi, otid 
0:hmar w&a there too. Thc" viait-aiita wbich Al&in de Vaunea hnd 
wisbed fbould go to her, enry and re^t, ent^rtid her innocent 
snul, and made fad Tava^es there, aa wbeii a rat Tims Amidat a 
wlii'te row sad pulb iU blup^nnifi dowo. 

Sleep tept aloof from lier; ehe wfw aslmmed of her own 
tI]OU){b.tB^ bitt the dawn found her witli bot nide^open Bjf». Tlte 
mil^JC TCOä etil! Soutidilig', iike & tirelvsa, irtiniartal tbin^' tliat 
shouted and laughed for its plpfiaijre, It waa onlj ths tirÄt aotea 
of tbe cotillon ; but to YAiiiltfl it aounded like the song- of 
triumph of thö world—that world ■which she would neter Jmow. 

All her nuiis and priüflts could not perhaps Lav« read her a 
50imder hooiilj tban the hoiise mulely Bpoue irheii sbe weial 
tämidly dowDfltairs iind thro'iph its many nioma at eunrise. 

Tbfl äowera covering the baluätradea and wailsof the 6taTrcn!>e 
were dyitig ; the sleepy servant^ were turtiiiiß; out tbe paa, putting 
out. tbe was candles.; other pervBnta wcre drsukiog- cbatnjiii^nB 
and amikinp ci^-arä &a ibey liurried tö cleal- away the »upper 
tablea ; in tb« ball-roiiDi there wn* a litter of dropped dawer9,torn 
lace, dincard«d cotillon toya, fttamü of fnng;e and of riibbon wbich 
looJted Bcarcely bettar than ra^ ; tbs torcbea were atill flaming 
aiiiiongßt tbeecorcbedciueteranj azaieaH and roBca; intbevestibul« 
two geotlemen wba bad atayed to drink eome Hack eoÜee TveK 
putting on their iura Ecd yBwr^ing- miBeralöly; Alain de Vaanet, 
aa he eautitered iipetairg, was njutterLni^^ ' C'eat erevant! — unbal 
cbez sni : — oe ne me reprendra jnniaia! ' und & maid pf hia wife'fl 
wafi recoaDtirg' her priefa to a tn.ll powdered Iflcltej^ with ßobs of 
raf^e: ' MadQ.nie m'a doiinä doa ß'ißi'fl, maiiü des gitiesl — eotiD — 
eile tomba de eommeil, et puiis 3e petit PrangtDB ■ak paa &i& güotil 
pout eile du tout, du tout, ce eoir-läl ' 


Na-Dittb Napbahbtb meatiwhile rolled home in the pale light of 
tlie winteP Mominp, whicb had dawned over a quiet eua and a 

Cceful couTitry. Sbe waa neilber latigiisd dot ejEbilaxated by a 
wMcb bad been one of those Eorg* triiimphs to wbich sbe waa 
iBo well uaed. She lookfd as catm, a^ cool, ae ddicate of hue, aa 
pny Lenten lUy that opeEs betwFPn tbe anow and tbe moss on an 
April mominti Site wa« oiie of thosa^women wbq cbd ga throug^h 
incvedilil« lACi^rue, Tvbelbec oi' pJiz'n^ure or of travdj. williiout abj 
pdTAuuU tsoi^&a Ol it. 




^TiiiJst her comp&nion, Laily nrancepetli, nodded aud filum- 
berfld, »he looked out nt t!ie lBiidficii|>a over whJch the buh waa 
tJowIy dawDing, driviug' bafore its rays the white mistB whieh 
■tretchöd ovsr eea and mountain. Tbere were jraopls moviEfr in 
\% : womeD came down tlie eteep stona Jaddera of their tields bearmg 
lieayy Ipada qf oranpes or of vegytAtles 1 mule earts plodded along 
thfi Cäctue^liued pntba; tisheriiLen ners pußhing bo&ta into deep 
water; ehurcTi bells wöre ringing;. Sha, wi^ her deJic&te and 
keen perception of what wna beautirul, fouai plensure iu wstcb- 
iDg ihe eiiDpIä hard; dgureB wLich were eaen far ä moniaiit BJid 
then disRppeared beneath the mist, in he&rinj^ the ball« answöT 
WKi ftDDtlier ringbg acrosa the white douda mat were touching 
tbe eartb. 

' What does it feel lifce/ ehe wondarad, * to deep eaund rU 
»ig-llt on a Tat of sackingj, and gat iip in tbe duak, Rüd gx> iato tli« 
wet fieMs ftnd laboarP What do theae peoule thiiik abuut? 
"WLat do aheep think Bbout, or D:cen ? It rtjust oe mucb the same 
thlQg. WillceA, wlmt do äßld-labqurera tbluk aüioyt P — ^JQH havo 
pot ever ao Kany at home, you ■oiig'Iit to know.' 

Lady Brancepeth feit icroeB at being aronaed and cross at 
luTin^ been asleep : 

' Thmk about?' ah& murmured ; *ohjI don't know; beer, I 
believe with us, beer and bacon ; here I abouJd eay francs, no- 
thing but fcöaca, probabJy. Wbat put tliem in your beadf And 
(bero are 00 labourere herg in cur Banse of tha word, you Imow ; 
it ia moat of it. laptiite eKUure^ you know. I n^ver beliave it ia 
good fop the eoil, certalnly not it the lang run ; it cftn't be; tbey 
get everythiiiff out, tbey put notliiDg in, Of cour&a they thint 
only of tbe nuirliat of the day ; tbey don't think of the future, 
thoee people. Tbat will be EÜwaya the' upshot of peaeant pro- 
prietore, they will alwaye ruia the soU.' 

Nadine Napraxice laughed: 

' What a öne tbiD^ it ja to be an Ecg"ligbwoaiftii ; you think 
of political economy and of " ihe eoil " tbe Töty tnotnent tbat you 
wä.ke Out of a doze ! I euppoda the earth will cartainly last ouz 
time; what doeg the re?t matter P* 

' You are 00 — bO— bo figotiatic and autocrattc, Nadine.' 

The Priüceea laugbed. 

'Oh, 1 don't know; I don't ttink so. I like a despotism, I 
was bom nnder it; it saves so rauch trouble, and one big deipot 
ifl very much easier to deol with thän & bcdiq of little Qri^, e&pa- 
daliy when yoü Btaod -well at bis Court. It is olway» bettet to 
bo j'idged by a jud^e Lnstead of b juryt but ramplatöüB will not 
flee that.' 

' But Iots- caa one jui^ge, howBFer just, rigttfiilly judge ■ 
nation of miUions unlaee he baTe tbe eyea aod ears of Vishnou f 
I think you really are a despot by nature, bat you are so -very 
iispatatioue tbat you are alwaya ready to repudiste youp paoat 

tii pnmcsss tfÄpRÄXWS. 

cheruhed opinioDS for aheer B&ke of argument. You should ImT« 
been a eopbiat.' 

' Ere^ question is polygonal. Look at that gleam of ligbt on 
that sali, and all tbe rest of the veseel loat in fog — kow charmingl 
— it is like a picture of AlTanoffskr's. That is wbat I like in li^ ; 
nothing Said out, nothing laroadfy and rudely done, everythiiig 
ä demi mot, everything auggestion, not assertioii ; that is the ozxlj 
way to exhaust nothing, not to be wearied/ 

' You like impresdons, not pictures ; that is the new sdiool. 
Everyone is not satisfied with it. That there are people to whom 
these Tague waTy lines, thoae dim waahes of colour, teil Uttle ' 

' Ob, the people to wbom one must ezplain I Let them oll go 
wbere the sheep of Fanurge went.' 

* I wish you would condeecend for onee to explain sometbü^,' 
HÜd Lad^ Brancepeth, and paused : Princess Nadine heard with 
a look of inßnite ennui. 

'You mean to revenge yonrself for havtng been avakened 

out of that doze. I never ezplain — erifin I ^tdl me what you 


Ünder tbis sligbt enconragement Lady BTance;^th gtüned 
courage to plunge straigbtforward iato a queetion which sbe bad 
long meditated. 

' Will you teil me, my dear Nadine^ wbat you mean to do 
with my brotherP' 

Madame Napraxine turned a little round in her ennine and 
gold brocade, and looked aolemnly in her companion's face. 

' My dear Evel;p, you amaze me ! Do with bim P I P With 
TOur brother ? — with Loid Geraldine P Wbat sbould I do with 
nim P I)o you want me to make a good marriage for bim P Bat 
you are tbere to preside oTer that ; and, besides, be will make one 
nimself — some day.' 

' Speak serioualy for a moment,' sald Lady Brancepeth with 
impatience. ' You are very clever, and are fond of demi-mota ; I am 
a blunt, stupid woman, and so I like piain ones. It is two years 
BiDce Geraldine haa bad any otber tbougbt tban yourself. Wheu 
will you be merciful and unmagnetise Imn P ' 

' Does that depend on me ? ' taid tbe Princess Nadine, with a 
little laugh. * Do you want me to make a few passes in tbe air 
with my band P I can do it if you wish, but I doubt tbe result.* 

Lady Brancepeth made an impatient movement. 

' Foor Ralph is only one amongst many, I know, my dear ; bot 
for that Tery reason surely you migbt spard bim ? xou do not 
care the least Uttle atom about bim ^ 

' Tbe least little I I am a Bussian, but I do know that ig not 
good Englifih, I speak better English than you do.' 

'You do ereiything admirably well. You are the most 
intelligent as tou are tiie most interesting woman that I know ; 
but you are also tbe most heartleas/ anawered Lady Bnuioepeth 



with soma lieat. ' I am not a prüde \ I c&n understaDd («mptatloii 
aad tlia waakue^a thnt cedes to it ; I c^n undärstäod Iots nud tha 
forc© that it roaj eierciae, and I caa forgive even ita foUies ; but 
your kärd of coq^uetry I cannot forfiive, It ia tLe eiercige of a 
IBercIteea poivei whicb is aa cbiH üb U \Ivi£ectDr'B attiüide liefore 
hia victim. You hfwe no eym|»atlij of compaa^ioa; youtiavsooly 
%. sort of cynical amu&eoieiit: iii what you do ; you mäke jGuraelf 
tbe centra oF n man'ia life whh do mors ellcrC th&o you use that 
fan-T tbe mniL Ls noibmn- to ^ou, DOlbm^' oq eartli ; l3Ut you 
destro; all hia paace, aU hia fiiture ' 

'Dear Wilkes, do not be eo trüg'icl' mimuured Princefla 
Naprnsiae, ■with a liltle jawn. 'I dislike trogedj ; I nevär hy 
any cUance go to Perria'a wban they play oush li' luen ace foad 
of ma— aa yoa Bay ' 

' As I Say J ' ejftCiiJated Lady Brancepöth. 

' As you &ay; it ia meroly becausa— a3 you "wisely if ungram- 
Dtaticilly obgerved — it ig becauae 1 do not care tbö "leaat bttla 
atom " aboiit aüy one of them. I ahuuld hava BKceediEgly liked to 
oare for Platoti j it woüld have beea anmething' new ; it -would 
hava a^e«i with my nrog-mmrae of Hfß \ it "woiüd Lave suited me 
in eTerj way ; but n'atfne pa& ^uiveut \ who fxuid care für Platon P 
Doea anyhody eter care for a good-natured, very big, and eatircly 
iiDinlerestiQg peraon '«clio driiiks hrftudy aiiä growa bald P ' 

*Toa beg- my qiieetion/retortedLady BraLcepeth; ' yoii knovr 
Töry well that I am uot talkiiig of your kuabaad.' 

' Theo you uught to bo if youhenott Youare a Teryimaioriil 
womSn to recOmmeDd me to cpre for snybody eise,' Bald thö 
PriDCtss with her soft, quiet littlö laugh, tbat was ^ gretty as tha 
icoo of a wood-doTö but hy no maana eo harmlejs. 

' You woidd exaaperate a aaint,' cried her comp&mon. 

'Inevar mat one,' said Nadine. 'Tha nesrest approach to 
one tliat I know ia Melvill^, &nd I cati put hiin out of tsatpsir' 

*I bavBEodoubt you ean/aaid Lady Braacepethj 'I think 
you would anyone; you do euch immeaaurable härm, aad are all 
th0 while OB demulQ afi a rahbit, and 33 inFiocetit-looliing. JVIy 
dear Princeas, you aw tbe cmelleat woman that livee [ Flocpn da 
Neige they caÜ you. TLoy miglit mticb niore cppropriately call 
you Goutte de MorphinB, Yoa enervafo, Bind you kill, and all tlia 
■whilo, wLat do you caräp Yoü care no moro than the morphia 

' Did the ball hora you too so dreadfollj that yon ata ao Tery 
vcldiid P A rahbit acd morphia t Your aimilefl ara mixed, my 
ds&r. I am ncTfiT a flirt; a äirt ia a very rulgar thiag. No mau 
liirea, I can assure you^ who could eay he ever had a wocd of 
encauritgeuieDt fi-oiu me. That is not at all ipy way,' 

* No l ' aaid Lady Braccepetb, bittedyj ' your wsy Ls morely to 
look at taea atid d&Stroy them, avd thau laugh a UtÜo when they 
•ra apokun of ; I never lapioeched you. with ordinary coq,üetry; I 



»proftch 70U with somätbini? much mü» anbtle, arrojc^nt, cold, 
«nd cru«l. Thare la a giiia of tlie East adTertised whkh doea not 
kill äle?, only attractg tbem, sotliHt t-le; ding to it hy mlllioDB, 
&Dd bang tbere atupidly in a tliroi^r tili thuy die. That gum is 
varv llke toui pow^ aver rour lov^re ; itia just as pa&Bive>Ju9tH 

* Tbe goQi and I wer« miu!» ns w« are by nature, Blnni^ 
nature, The itLea aod tliQ fli&i woiild do Warae xf they did QOt do 
that. ÄJid pray do not talk ftTxjut my loTtjrd ; I havß none.' 

^ You hftTä bo serfs in KitHsiftr tiiit you kpive moujiks ; and it u 
Btilltnucb ttie aome thing, as far as th<>ir submi^ioB goos/ 

'You are renJly too sarcnstic, Wiltes. Was Cri-Ori'fl Cham- 
pagne Ijud f 8ur«lT not. But tliero muat be Bometliing you bave 
not digtatiitt. Pörbapa it ia tliö cavuire Bondwichea. Here wa 
prBj at Lome. Do go tobed and dream of your gum, your rabUt, 
and Tour bottla oi' morphiiie. Nuun of tlie»a tliio^ coq awiiu, but 
I, wbo am d uombiuation of lliem, can ; and I aholl ba BwinualDg 
under yoiir wiiidow whilat you i^lrep.' 

Thö CüTriflge stopped at tliB foDt of tho terrace of La JaCqiie- 
merilla, and öLb descended, aidfd by GeraMine, wbd, with har 
husband, had amved u föw minutes earliei*. 

Lady Bmocepetb hurried iiidoors, cocacious, with tbs (uni- 
»cioiißiieaB t>f tUirty-fiTö yeara, tbat the morning' bjrht was not 
becouiing' aft&r a balL Nadirm NapraxiBe, witb tlie equallj 
conacipuE» ItuioKaity of ao eixq uisite complexioa, nod of t)iBt bind 
uf beauty wbJch U Uko a eea-shell, urnivoui^d Üie lacs from about 
her delicate bead, siid pauaed tQ tha doorway, looldjig' aenWBi'd. 

'lehallnot g-o to böd/sbe said, aa thö mya of tba ftütiriee 
toached tLe gUdtid pimuuileA and vaties of La Jacquemerille. ' I 
f^hall go and get into a pei^noir, thän breakfast, and tben batbe. 
It ia so stupid to CO to bed wheD tbe sun ia up. PLaton, you louk 
übe a bear awaked bsi'ore b« ha^ dona hyberoating, Did you not 
get Hletjp em^ugb iu de VaHiiea'/itiJioiV]' * 

' i npvtir gyt ßleep eaough,'replied Napraxine, good-bumouredly 
but drowHÜy; 'and you do a very fooliah tbing' if you stand 
tbaro, Pduceeaj iji a froatj at sgvbh o'clock, after üve boiirs of the 
Cotillon I ' 

'Tbete is nofroBt ; Inoli at tbe garaniunisj aiid I ngver take 
cold ; tbat !s DOt niy mnlady a.t all \ I aSD bOt so siUj.' 

Napraxinö OifflUöd bis aleepy eyee. 

'Wien yoücannot Uvöiti Ilufiaiabecausa the tubercleaonyoui 
longa ' 

' Dr, Tbiviera is responäbla for tba tuberclea. Ona ia obÜged 
to eay Bometliing civil to get away from a Court, It la alwaya 
Bftfe to afty one auJEsra with ona's lungs ; nobody cuq Bsk toluok at 
tbt*m. Pray |yo to bed. and draam of Nirvana, if yuii tiiow wbat 

it ITI"flIlR,' 

'iiiö i'riuc» übtjjud, aud diaiippuaiwl yäwmnj;. UeraJdinft 



renuhlaed, gazirg* at tbie elegant figure on tbe isürbla step, with 
ita aortie du bal of ermine aqd goW eilk filded abouC it, and the 
face with ita tue of a whltö tua-rose, wliicli could defy ao aurelj 
tlie BeitfcLmg momiBB IJpIiL 

She ßlanced at him in ratara» und lauphed. * How drpll yoa 
look witJi your claqui and joiir uUler; you ara not hnrmoniouB 
with the lardwttpä, my triand ; and you took sulky. TliiU ball 
Böeme to hav« diaa^acd witb aU of you ; yet it was a very gofxl 
liall, Bä boiUs ^D ; ]£ ia impoesible to civti aiij vari'ety to a ball. 
Ballä and fnuoralij, -fs pp rem^nHe trcpF 

She drew the erminB OTer htr pretiy cbin, tho diamonds 
Eparkled in her haic ; the bditqu'aC of ^ordBiiiaa aw^uug in her himd. 
Tiie eyeaofGerftldine ^ew vety soaibre and covötous. 

* I am florrj I am a blot: on the sciiüti/ he aaid, tDOodily. 
'Eng'lifibtneii ar» alwaya uupicturesfjue. I tiiiiad RtilE o-Tid gaz^ 
■t you all uigbt, but ua doubt I onEy looUtid lilie a policäman ur i 
fool ' 

* Ot haxh,' ehe murmured, with a smile. 

He coDtinued luibeüdjngly, * Whila your friend Otbmar, who 
did preciaely tha aame thin^, looked, oi cuui'äu, to you and to 
evCTybody, Eke a Titiaiireausüileted,' 

' Ottunar ia not aspwiully lilte any Tltian thrit I bave over 
WBTi/ Baid Madame Napraiine, 'hut he knowS how to sbißd with 
gracö, which no EügUaJtman ever did know yut. You are quite 
rij^ht i your penple da not " compaeö " well, «swpt when thay ara 
in the huDtiD£r-tield,or plaving aome TWy roii^'h g'aLimi biit you 
need nut sougterioi compllments; you are viry good-looking — in 

' TLanks,* mattared Gtii-aldine, Id a tooe wbich would baye 
betttr suited an ipprycatjpn. 

Otbmar hud not dmicüd onCe with her; be bnd indeed only 
mOved Eelöctautty thruü>;li a cimti'e'da^uv witb liia hoöt^aa^ bitt 
tbe miärring instinct of jealouay made tba euvy of Gdraldins 
iHSten on him rather tbon on any otber of Um crawd for wboia 
tbe ball at MiUf) büd only iiieant f lincesa Napraxiite. 

* It ia a llttle chilly,' said tbe Priuctäss oa sb^ turued. froni tba 
opän door. 

Geraldine cau^bt hör band whicb beld the fsin : * If you would 
but bfc'ÜBv« all tbatyour lüa leto ui9, vou wouM «nt ruii such niud 
Tiske B9 thiij TKw cold fag cifter sballl Htid 1 bemi PlatüD, I 
would buv« carried you to your rwnni by m^in l'uccti.' 

Tbe tat« of Nadiiie Napruiino g-rsw vttrycold. 

* Yoii are mit Piitict* Napraxiiie— happily for myself and you> 
■elf; HLid I do not like »optfitinunctis. Qo aiid sLioku, and recovttT 
your jjutKl TuannefB.' 

'You wOT« kinder to mw bufore Othiaar chli>> liomel' eeid 
Geraldiue, wilb injudicionB icpruacb. 

' You have vety lad iQttmterBj' said tbe FJriut^SB cabolji as aJiP 


irathered up her ermine and drew bar flower-laden train orer tLtt 
Uttle haU and ap the staircase. 

She smiled as sbe pasaed upward. 

' How babyish they all are 1 ' ehe reflected. ' Ab if to cont- 
piain of anothier man were not the very way to cement a woman's 
preference for bim — if abe bad anj preference. Tbat poor bor 
has no tact ; Lf bis eister bad not said anytbing about bim i 
woiild send bim away ; be is a bore. To be sure, he ia bere to 
take Flaton off one's bands, and smoke witb bim. AU men are 
tiresome when you bare known tbem a montb or bo ; all buman 
beingB are tiresome. Nobody erer tizes of me, and I tire of oTery- 
body. Perbaps * 

Sbe remembered tbat Otbmar bad ^one never tired ber ; be 
bad been too romantic, too presuming, too prone to fancy he bad 
rights and wronga ; bat be bad nerer wearied her. Most men 
were so absurd wben they were enamoured of her, but be was not 
BO ; a little too, Uke Buy Blas perhapa a litüe too inclined to he 
Berioua and impasaioned, to the vieux jeu in a word ; but Btill he 
had kept bis grace aud kept bia dignity. He kept tbem still ; be 
would not let ber play with bim. Sbe was tbe one woman on 
eartb for bim ; hut be did not hecome ber slave. 

She bad her batb and wrapped herseif in a loose gown of aatin 
and lace and went out into tbe garden witb a rose^oloured bood 
over ber bead. It was certaihly cold, and tbe miata bad not al- 
togetber cleared ; bnt it was a point of bonour witb ber to do 
what ber pbysician and her fiienas denounced as most dangeroua. 

'Flaton is snoring,' sbe thought contemptuously, as she 
glanced over tbe closed ebutters. 'And I dare say Öeraldine 
mores too, if one only knew. I dare say they both took soda and 
hrandy. Men are certainly unlovely creatures. As long as we 
are young we are a little hetter tban they ; we look pretty aaleep, 
and we don't snore. How maquülSe poor Cri-Gri was last night, 
and tben she really tbrows her beart into tbe affair witb de 
Prangina ; notbing erer ages a woman Uke tbat ; and I am quite 
eure he does not care a atraw about her,' 

She walked up and down her terrace, tralling ber rose-colonzed 
skirts orer tbe marble ; ehe waa a little sleepy, a little bored ; but 
sbe wisbed to sbow to ber fiienda tbat abe could dance all night 
and breakfaat outofdoorawithoutmorefatipue than anigbtingale, 
after einging all night, feels as be trips across tbe grass at sunriae. 

Sbe thougbt, witb a little amusement, that, if Geraldine were 
i'eally as wasting with deapair as be professed to be, he would bare 
been out of bed still on tbe mere cbance of ber reappearance. Tbe 
Tarious degrees of passiona in her lovera direrted ner ; abe bad no 
vanity ; ehe could disaect and weigh their emotione with perfect 
■CGuracy and philoaophiae upon tbem with a cleamess of under- 
«tanding wholly beyond tbe reacb of vain woman. Analyas 
dirertod ber much mxm tban conciuest. Some bad lov^d W 



tngi»!!;, aoms liad died through hei if not Ibrlier; abehsd hiid 
genuine triumplis,, gceat euou^li and costlj enough to satkfj tbs 
pride of oetoiib ; therefore ehe could ümuGO Leraelf Tcry well with 
tue contradiction wLeo som(3lio«J)'> ■wtn deekrtjd tliat lie oalj livtnd 
for her, neverlbele&ö dranjc his claret with rBÜsli ; or ioniebody 
eise, wbo ^'Ab for ev^ ät här feet, növertbeläss oeosed ngt to lü 
cridco-l of Ms cigEirs, 

^Poör Othmarl ' elie thought nowj *he would atay eleeploes 
in the etrest all nig'ht on tha chajic« of seein^ mj ehadow on \ 
wiadow blind I ' 

That wns the vieuxjeu ; romanticism which did not suit; iliPir 
worldj wliüJi Sven made her impatiout of it aa indilTerent peopLe 
ar^ ttlwayä' imipRlient of e4!.ri]eiBtiiciJä. Bat it waa EdG' nftsr oll: 
finer tban Geraldme'a sulkiness whicb kt Lim go to eleep. 

The ftir waa very cold, Ijuttbe morning' was fair, arid the mistg 
were liftisg' higlier &Dd hlj^her erery inameiit; aa her akirtä 
hniähed tlie bay liedgö It gave fortb a sweet odouTf aoowdrops atid 
höpatica llüSSOtued Uüder tbe big- aloes, and ^rqund ivy was green 
nwut tha nteiafl of tha pulms ; the iDöuatains graw tba huö of 
BumtLier ro&eß uiider the fiim'ä approiichjtliön paled into aoiethyst 
and pearly grey ; tt was intßiisely quiet, thare waa no ßornid but tii 
some uaeeeii ^ardener Bweepirig up deftd leay^ ; tha yellow winga 
of an oriolti üaahed among' tbä glo&ay läarefi of a pltoapemm. 

' Tha World looka as if God wasböd it denn every moruicg/ 
ehe tlioiight. ' It gsta ßoiled beforG noon. Decidadly it is ouly 
tha hirds wbo are Laaoceut eiiiough for ths BuunsQ.' 

The latent sadnesB of tUe Ru^ssiau characterwtia in her, benentb 
her insatictanse aad her peasimjsm mnd her irony : aouietiices sha 
w^iahed ahe had not byen born to tbat world in which aho lived, 
whete them ia do pnusß for rgdeciion, but oaly a continuüas 
Fuccession of BpectauJes, excitatjone, reY&Iiios, wlier© no ona in 
ever alone, whera no ona haa ever time to tiote a wild flawer 
grow or a aun sink iX) tbe weet, wbere iha babbla of aociaty is for 
ever on the aar, aad Natura liaa uo place at aÜl axcept aa a dic^r 
ife (A^cfi'rfl of which no odb thmka more tban tbe actor tbinkig of 
tbe paicted canraa behind him wLtb Its biidgg ot its g-arden or itd 

' I do beliava I ehauld h^tTö Uhed to hara been a paor woman 
und have mamed eiücb a man aa ilillet or Corot,' ehe thougbl. to 
herself now as bIiq wijked alopg tbe alley of bay that ran pafiiUel 
with tbeeeiL. Tbeü &ha laogbed at tbe idea af hergelf, hvtng in 
a cottaga in b French wood, without any lace, without any 
diamoDda, witbout any toiletteSflooking' for a duaty footsora artiat 
Coming home throit^b the treea to his pot aufeu. Somehow tha 
artist in her fancy bad tbe fea.tur'es of Uthmar — of Otbmar, who 
was B prince of the Üoiirsea and could no mora escape the woild 
than she cuiald! 

It tH^Dircoly BUTprised her wUen ulia sa^n lüm in persoHf aa 



Üiougb hei tbtMUfbta b&d coiDpelled him to come thither. He 
was aloQe, in a littte boat, wliich drifted bIowSt puit the mu- 
terwce of Ls Jacijutoterille; lib iiarida re&ted idly od the otkrsi 
and bis eyea v&na lonkio^ iip^'ard Bt tha bouso- 

Sh» leaiiüd dowu tbroü^^h one af tha openinge of tbo woU of 
clipt b&v, attd tliTuat bt^r niBn BikLm hood uvüf the watur. 

' la it jou, ÜlLmarP 'fllie Kdid to hiiu. 'What ara you doinff 
on rh<j sea ftt<eigbto'clockP ilow Hatonisbed yrMi look 1 Du jou 
wondar wbat I am doing m tha open airp Tbey ara all aelesp 
coicfurtablf, tbougb ttiey Üüiik t am cuurtiug deatb. Kow lÖ 
iba etaire; you can Venkfast witb me.* 

IIb heeltated, loukiufr up at her wilh bU hend uncovered and 
biä »tt'B djizüilsd by tba delicate face tbat was peeiicjf foTth from 
tha traniftwürk of closo-sbeared biiy boug-bs. 

' Com« r ' Bald Madame NspraiinB. Her woicö tsould be Terj 
imperlouBj and was sg n<jw. 

He obeyed ta eiletice, pasaed to ibö landfnp-place a hutidred 
jards fartber down, und tu üve uinutea' time apptuacbed her 
wider tha arched roof of tha bay cbarniilJe. 

' But you were only back from tlie ball an bour ar Lsasl ' be 
Bald, aa he bowtid beifora Lcir. 

* I was not indmed t4> go to bed ; tbe momiTii;; ia das, 7ott 
er« up betimejä, too. Wbeti did you leave MiUo f ' 

' I laft wbaii yoii did,' aaid O tlmi nr, with üignificancg In tbe 
bravity af tba reply, 

'ThöTi you cann^t have bceakfiiftted eitbsr. You will broak- 
faat with tue'; I w&a iuet goin^ back to tbe bouse.' 

It waa precisely tha eort o? coup de icin« which would amase 
her; btiir bimbiLtid and (rsraldine lounf^ing- downitaira, lata, croaa, 
nud eaäily ruü^ed, fo Qjid her alonu wiib thalr ud^^hbour ^m S. 
PlUnr4i.mijnd. It was oue of thuse ansiisiug little iiiddeata which 
l*rovidorce, wtio, ehe wfts aure, vm kiud to her, wh« alwaya 
Building h&r to naliev» tbe moncitony of hiunai] life. 

* Whftt were you doing' ncder tbe s&ii wiJl P ' ehe puraued. 
' Ia it your habit, too, never to go to bad P You muFt bave besn 
rowjny BoniB tioia. We ara two sea leagUea at \e&tst firoin yoitr 
place. Wliat did yoii ibinlt of Ori-Dri'a ball] ? Tbat cew fij;'ure 
with tha colüured baopa was pretty^ but tba Duo leada a cotilion 
bottdr than aayoas* 

"AdoiirabLß pre-amineacel ' &aid Othmar. 'I eaw yoa with 
tha coloured boupa. You. niadu thum louk ae if Ariel hadjust 
brougbt theni from Titaiiia. But I do DOt tbiiik tbe charm wua 
in tbe hoopa tlieiiiBelvea.' 

' If yoii bfLd uaiud to lead a cutilloo, Othmar, you hiight h&V9 
beer n hapiiiiin- raau.' 

'Thati do uot doubtj tbe frivoluua fociUtj ia a verj happy 

< At all aveatB, thougb you despifis it, you an> iuilul^ilL to iL 



Tou geiTe ua süperb pr>e!ienta at your owii föte. Come in to brealr- 
fust, I would DDt adioit it If PlatoQ wore bere, but it ü cold.' 

' Aad sufely it ie Dot very wi^a to be in tba cold after a ball ? ' 

'Tbat ia what tb't;y all sald, so T cams. I h&Te not mucb. 
cympathy with ctUdreo, but I do undergiand wby tbej like to do 
a thmg Tor no other reaBon tlisn tbat tbey tue told not tO d[> it, 
Ny pbysiciAlis pretaüd that taärniu^ &ir ia AA bad as dump sboedf 
but I beliöTö thsj eaj that to bö ar-ireuaMe to tbeir patlanta i*Lo 
turn tiif^bt into day. It ia not ocly Mciiiere'ä doctore wbo ßra 
cliarlatniiH. I Ltno^ne it is tbt> perpetual aifectutiDD of aympathy 
whxch. dcx:b>rs are compelled to put ob wbLch makea tbam bypo- 
iiiites, Comti into tbä bousie.' 

Hewent oa In eileBCe beside her aloiißr tbe bay paih. He 
coiild Dut easily talk of tiifl«s witb hur ; ehe bad fiMed &U bis Ufa 
for two whole yeanj; ha loTed ber oa be bad loved co otbef 
woaiHU. Wben be bad returned bome from tbe MUlo ball, ba 
had balht-d aiid ewum in tbe littlu bay of S, Pbarjuuond, ard tb>»i] 
bad roWiEid lumEelf alon? tbe coost in that vague iiresiätible deeize 
to pass aear where ahe dwelt wbich every trua lover feela. 

Ha bad rearilTed to enöäitcipate bims^f irom her power; an he 
bftd watched her tbrou^h tbe Digbt be had told hiinaelf that to 
cire fir keT waF< to waste life on a baaeless and ungratäful druam. 
Tet, wbäD ebu had louki^d dowa from bei evargreäu ramport, aud 
bad snid *Oociq I ' be bad beti^u uuable to resiet. 

As te pacöd beeide her now, tbe delicnte perfume of her lacQij 
tbe iioatmp, iiidtifiuite Unea of tha ro&e-s&tin amperinja, tbe glUapeu 
öF bäT piodle vrbicb tho bood fbow^d, bar tilgender feet in tbair 
r<iatHJoloiired jHjafl-aewD alippara, whlcb Btepped bo lightly over 
the shinJTig ebinglö of tba patba — ona and all tbay coüquered bis 
calmctiBfl and bis TäBolves, os tba fuiiiäe of new wine tuoaut oTer 
tba bmia and edotb tbe sensua. ^Iie ivalked on, provocatiTe as 
Vernix, uDattAinablä as üiin, speakiiig idly of tbiä tbiog and of 
tbat, kuöwm^ very -wall wbat rnnde bis answers all at random 
and hia colour ohaogre^^u3. Otbüt w^ümen migbt iined to uae all tbo 
Bits üf conqaeBt ; migbt nued to woo with tkeir eyes^ ^^ cbAFdi 
witb tbeir smitee^, to wücit wilb their g-laDces. She bad po such 
vuljj'ar faabions; ßbö moTed, epoke, Joüked, aa iba möment 
actuated her, and Doüced her lov^r^ bardly more tiiaO eba üOtlcäd 
the Uttle df)g tbffit ran aftef her skirta^ To esift and to be seeQ 
was enough to leecure bar morB victori&s tban abe chnse to count. 

If abe noticed (hbniar moie ibau otbera it was btfcauaa be bad 
rone away Jrom ber^ he bad rebuked her, he had appaared to 
defy ber, and ha had dared to ttiU ber he loved ber witb moiQ 
reproacb and raora bitterDeas of soiil tlnui any other bad ever 
done. 8b&did not iirteiid to ivccept bis üfe, or to give liim bwrej 
but she did not jiil^ud tbat tda Bbuuld ba uiiabla tg dbtacb it.'^elu 
And all tha white ehe talked to bim wltb thitt f asy, even kiiidaeiP, 
1(8 of a friüiidj mib thot^u ligbt pbilo«opbi»a of u vvomtu of tbs 



woild, which were to Üie passianaof % maa Rsetlier spray tlirowii 
upoD & lava-äood : and alio took bim loto breakfasC witb her u 
tboueb he were her brollier. 

8q@ occasloliiillv driink hei* cbocülAte in &. bondoir cipeiilDg oi 
tä the tarmöQ t a litctü neät of nbitä s&tin aad lookiotf-^lBBs imd 
S^cö cliioai thö ceiling waa a miiror paintöd wäth litüa doves 
■Lud fi,otFerji; the carpet wag of lamheiiiTia ; the comera trere 
fiUed vnth azaleaa^ rua« and irLit«, like bei gowc. Sba looked 
oaly a lErpper Üowcr eta büb eaak ^owd oq oho of the couchea. 
The chocoltnla WRafi«rvedoii MoorieL traja, id Ttirkish cups,. by 
a Httle DEgro wbo, gorseous in hie dreaa and immoviililö as a 
Btatue, Tvaa oftna taten bj new coniers for an eDamelled brouee 
ßMt bj BarbÖdiennfij eo mOtIcjnleBS did be squftt böfora tbe door öf 
«ny rooro «he occupied. Othmar almoat eavied that little 
African meni&l tha riglit h« hsd to m% hifl naistress po^a avtd r^pa^ 
a bimdred tim^ a day, j^adiae, in her noacbalaDt wayt wa^ kind 
tö tbe boy, 

' Ue will die of pnöuraocia— they alwaye do/ she Said now. 
' Poor dusky little beetltis, thöy only live by their bot sand and 
their bot Bun ; to be siire, cur bousee ineide ure aa bot as A£:ica, 
but outaide, tbe east wind Wowe, and üue daj it will blow too much 
for Mahmoud. I euppose it would be a terrible tbiog for civiiisa- 
tion if the Eaat avor again s«rged over the Weet ; but the East has 
Tcry nitiüb ta aveoge, and I am not öiire that civUieation woiild 
Ibä nny grdat losfl. It Iiqib discovEired tbat man ia Outy a sort of 
liotbod ibr bactcria, and tbat butter can be madö out of rivßp 
mud, and coäee out of powdered tan.' 

Sbe had take:i tbe bood oQ' hsr bead ; aha was as chtirming aa 
ft cbild fresbly out of a batb, witb her eyea brilliant and her 
cbeeks a littlo' warmed by tbe tinnaition from the cliili air of 
earlj moroiDK' to the roocu beated to 8U° R^numur. Sbe had 
tossad herseif backwürd» amongst tbe white salin cushiong. Iler 
ejes, wbicb were like onji, dwelt on bim -witb a gleam qt 
Amüsement; her b^&utifitl moutb b,ad the amlle ^vbicb wU BO 
eDiamatical, £ä gay, and y^t so Gold. Sliö hdd bad a diäeient 
smile wben ahe had eaii to little Mahmoud, ' Cover youreelf 
warmly here ^ thougb tba eun abiiieef it ia not Afiicail-' 

'WbntbaAihat bl&ck br^t düLä that you axa so meiciful to 
Mm ? ' aakäd Othmar. 

Sha Mplied: 'Tbat black brat ia aTiciimof civiliBatioiu 1 
luttä ciTÜisAtion, os you know. It eTen adiilterateB trulHes.' 

* Did you ever smile flo kiadly on yoiir own children P ' 

*tcaimoteay. I do DOt cuunt my amUea. Tbat poor little 
alsTö ifl interestiag, he ia aia cxik, and he will dio in a year op 
two ; my Kliildren SM iQBuCerably uaiDterestiTig ;, they bave un» 
changcable bealth, intensa etupidityj, and wiH grow up to hava 
every defliie fiilülled, every caprice E-mtilicd, aud to hecome that 
iire^ndble, tueless, tyraumcal ^inicbi'onlgru — a Rugslan noble. 



Perhßpa tliäy will "be gorid ^oWiera and tili ö acotö of AsUtica. 
Perhapfl. ihey will only dijiik brandy, anil gflinble.' 

Otümar did BDt reply ; he was fooTring at thö e'xquUita gr&M 
of her form, t!i6 tea-roee tiöt öf her cb^eks. Waa it pos&ible that 
ehe could bö tlie motlier of two fltout, ujjly, Tarlar-faced boTB? 
It eeemed to liim a profanation ; a hideoua incnngntit;. IIs did 
Dot Iike to thtBk of it. If ahe had had a cliüd at all it Bhouid 
IiKTe been soma bloasom-like creatUTCi, aäBriDg* IbeE own grace aa 
the catkiD abarea tlia willow^fi. Tha fubtleat charm about her 
WBB tbat etbereaüty, aa ol' a virginal goddeäs, wbicli wbsi Went in 
Jier Willi all iho Jin&sesB of soductioa aiid of miad, Tbe boMeat 
Juan feit tEiat m NadiB>Q N>ipi:^J[in^ tlia aenSea bad hardly mi>rö 
empire thaa itl tba ivoiy Venua of tba Greelis. 

Tlia ej'ea of Otluüar dwelt oa ber dow yearningly, aombrely, 

' It iß of DO DflG,' he eaiä, abru;ptly, ' I dii wroag to oome bere. 
If yoa wiah for men who mh, wbilst tbey adora you, ait and 
drink chocolatß and tolk epigrftm^, seek elsGwhere \ 1 emi not one 
of thera. I can wear a ■raask',feut it must ba of iron, not of ralTSt.* 

*The iion mask waa of relvet,' said ehe, eorrecting' hinij iin- 
inored by the repiossed p&ssion in hia voice. ' All our üliisiotiä 
Tanisli under tlie electric Upht of liiatory, luid thei iron mnak Js 
one of them. I daily expect to hear that Marie Antoinette wrs 
peveT gnillotinedj bnt sun^cutnlied at eeventy to dTopay at Schbn- 
taruDn \ We knOW it iä pröved that Jeanne d'Arc mnrriad aad died, 
AüMjie hourtjeoise, at Oriöana, and her fnmüy eDJoyed a pension for 
threa genaTatiooa from the town. It is very distressing, but it 13 
bU proved framtliearchivea, Wfiy ahoüldn't youdrickchocolate? 
PernapB you do not Jiko it. Menlüre nothinp tbat baa sugat in 
it, Bictpt flattery. Eing, They will britsj^ you anythiiii? bIbb.* 

Othmar looked at bar without apeakicg'. Sometliing of tba 
impotent rage agaiuBfc her with wliich he had lyft lier iu Paria 
Aw^oke in bim uodar the atin^ of ber evcr diUcet tonßs, iawhich a 
Httlfe tonaof mockery cpijd M ffjlt rather tban heard. 

He roEB abruptly. 

' Have yau nover lored dnyO'Be ? ' he aaked. 

Shelifted her eyehrows with impntience und flStOTltslimeTlt, 

* Viia» voila embnU&\ Dene Otbmar, I fihould like tou so 
ÄiiiGh if yoTi woiild not alwaysrevert tothatold tbeme. You ara 
■ man of the world, or you oiigbt to ba one. Be Binuaing. evea 
ba iaatnictive if yon like ; I do not mind being in&tructcd, but da 
not ba romantic. Nobody is Qowadaya ;;. not e?en the novelistfi,' 

Othmar appeared eearcely to hear lier. 

* Did you peyer love anyonö f ' ha repeated, 
Sba laiigbad a lttt!e, 

* You spüak as if I were foTty yeara old, with a cabinat füll of 
old lettera and faded roaeal No; I n^ver loTed anybody, not 
«Ten Piaton I ' 



The Tiotion supf!;6i?ted in Iiar Jast worda tickled her famtiT m 
nuch that ahe Inii^hed oatrig'lit. 

'I fluppose,'' abe contitiued, 'BcmfiwFieTa in the world thern 
are womtin who bave loved Pklon; but it weinfl t<»o funny. ITa 
18 alwajs eating" wboD h(3 is not driiiklaj; ; he ü alwaya sinoking 
when he is not eleepins ; odmett^ns, dmrCf that Uupjd muat flj 
6om hi5 pre^ence, How grave yqu loolc. I believe you bava 
■ometliing of thä Eoetem in you, aad think that all womuii eboiiM 
be prastrate h^Iord their laiabnndiS. Tbere Üa (l^ood dea.1 of thftt 
idea among the moüjifrfl; it miist bä rery agre^We — for th? 

' Whj did yon marry him P ' naid OthmAT, gloomily ; It hurt 
bii Benfl6 of honour to speak of Napraxine' ia Napraxina's boase; 
yet be coutd not repres» tbe ijiie^tioii, 

' Oh, my frietjd, w!iy do pirls alwaya maiTy P * elic aaid, iiH 
difliiitintly. ' BecauB» the niajriaffei b th^re ; becacse Xlm tamilira 
hav« arranged it; becau^e one does not kaow ; becauseooe wisbes 
for fieedom, for jewele, for tbe World; becauoe onö does not care 
to be ^fdleife^ chaperoned atovery stap, Thepe aro nmny reaaons 
|t!istni.ake Oflö marty: it is the tbing tO do — averyone doGs it; 
■whEn a girl eeea the yaimg luarriöd ■women, ehe eöes them ftirtad 
"with, eougbt, monDpohaiDg everytMng ; it \s lika Standing behind 
a shut door and hearing peaple Inughini^ aad singinfr on ittei otber 
Bidti, while yoQ caiiiiot pet to tbom ; besidüB, Flatoii did as well aa 
anybody eise, be ta niore ^ood-natured tbao mo&t ; be uover inttir- 
feres ; he ia veiy peii^eable^ * 

* How loap ago jb it ? Five yeara— eil P TiVty eould I not 
meet you before r ' 

SShe emilftd, not diapleneed. 

' It i& BBven ysara, Oh, 1 do not think it would baTS döne at 

all; you ure too arrogant; we Bbniild haTö quarrolled before a 

nonlh was out. ßesides, I ftmutd bare tormsDted you to do all 

'xnannsr of inipaasihiiiti«s ; witb your immeDse power, I abould 

have expected yoii to biiy me an. empire.' 

Ütbrnar was very pale 5 the poapibility of "wbicb ehe jesfced wJ 
airily wae one be coi^d not ibmk of without a müet beforä bis 
(«yes^ B qutckening of bi9 beart. He beaitated to aay wbat rose to 
hie IJpa ; ßhe wöuJd only call it vtaisjea, 

' I tbink you might'be a gieat inan, Othm&r, if jou wei« not 
OtluüaT,' flbe pureuad. 

* I do not feel the capabilitiBH,'' be replied. 

*Tbat ia because yon ara what you are^' ahe answered. ' You 
ars aometliiiig likei uie lönff of Enj^land. A Mag of England 
might have tul tbe talents, but be could naver be a graat man 
'becaiuiß bis positioD binds him band and foot, acd malit;a e, lay 
£gii7ä of him. TouL ara not a la.y figiirö, but the Tery fact tbat 
jrou are Otho Othmar prevante jour beiag «nythiug beaides. I 
tblnk, if 1 -were you, I ßbould buy eome great sunshiny fantastic 



*apr*rti k^npdnm, and reign tbere ; you miglit lend the life of a 
HivroTin al Itupchid, and l'orger. all sbout oiir fltci|)iil Europa with 
iu biß dioners, \\» blimderiog polirics, its uuit^nl icligioiie^ Htid ita 
Uideous dre^.' 

* A cUarmiop; dream — Lf jou were wll h me/ 

^Oh, no; jou would not want me; yoii wöuld Lave two 
tLousand alavea, eoch n^ore beautiful tlian tii'S ollicrs.' 

* All my life I sIklU want yoü 3 ' 

Hb HpoKB linder hje Ijrea^li, He was Ipsningliackin hiaclinir; 
his face was Cold, almnät stem, but hia ejea wäre at^ent and füll 
öf pasedon. All nig-btftt Millo hö hftd sworö tohimsolf tlmtnever 
RgFun "would he auccumb tf her intliifiTic« or allow her to triumpli 
in the power ehe poEsessed ove^r iiim, biit in her prBaetice he waj 
UQTitirvBd, und unable ti> keep sil*jnt. Sbe, lyiupr bock nmongst Lur 
cushiaiis, g-ianced at lilm uiid^r ter long JaBliuä, »ad uaderatool 
very -well the stnf« wlilcb went on in bis soul ; the prida of man- 
hood wbicb conibated tlie impulses of piLssioo ; tbo inipetiia 
which could not be resiöt«!^ the irapatiencB of tia own -wedkneea 
wbicb vibrated tlirough bis confGEaion, 

' WTiat was the ueö of your going bo Mongolia; you COüld DOt 
eacapß m*-,' ebo thdught, witb alitlle of that coDtemptiioiia iiidul- 
genca which sbe alwaya fslt for herloTera' foUi&fl, and a little of a 
iiAworaDd mare perBoiiaJ ^atiücation \ for Othniar rotiched a certain 
cbord in her tnind, b certnin pulee in her be&rt, which othere had 
not doiie. Thera was notbiiig cotamonplai^e or trivinj in him. 
'i'hsrs was a vagne power, UDUsed but existent, which comiDanded 
her respect. Nüdine Napraiine despised tbs World too lieartU^ 
heraislf not to have eympathy witb tue indilference he feU for hie 
Own pOtetitialitifta and poGseasions. Hb wae one pf the mastera of 
tbe World, and he only wiahed for one tbing on eartb — beraelt 
Th^re was. a Üattery in that whioh pleaBad eTen her, aated witb 
compliiueDt tbough shs was. There were momenta when ahe 
tboun-ht that if ehe had met him before, aa he said, there would 
liave been le«a ennui and mora warmth in her Ufa. *Only we 
B.hould have been so sureto have üred of eachother,' ehereflectad. 
' Fsople alwaya do ; it is tha fault of mam^B ; it compßU peoptö 
at the onset to eee bo mach of one another ttiat tbey bave nothuig 
new feft with wbicb to meet ihe future. If jou beard tba best of 
Bttch evetj day, you wonld (ret to hato Bach aa inteofiely as JOU 
täte a etieAt organ ; the mcsie woiild Btill bo ptrföct, but it could 
not withBtand ince&sant repetition. We ehould have been quite 
idylicall; in loTe for a few montbe ; I am sure we should ; but 
thea we ahotild have each gone cur eeveral wajs, and ia ths ead 
he would have becn liardly hetter than Platon. 

Aloud, bowevei, sLo onlj eoid, with a litUe eniUe: 
' Yovi Bhoiüd pavei" aay things Mraight out lilie thöt, Othm{U^> 
You ahoüld iiever go bejond & eugguation. The world haa apoilB 
pu so gteatly that it has let jon g&t hSunt. Tt ia a pitj. WhäD 


I talk to pdople I always feel as Boacher said he feit wlien li9 
talked witb bis ladj-love. " J'iüme toat ce qa'elle va dlre ; je 
n'aime rien de ce qu'elle dit." If w© conldonly alwayaremam at tho 
■tage wheQ we are j ust f^oiag to epeak I ' 

Othmar did not reply. His face was very palej it had s set 
Btem look, aa thougb ne exercised great eelf-repiession. He was 
angered agBitist himself for being tiiere ; for hsving let her lead 
bim thitheT merely to be made the aport of her sabtle and sarcastic 
intelligence. It eeemed to bim tbat if bis pasücmwere anwelcome 
to ber hia presecce should be imwelcome too. 

Sbe gueased hla thoughts with tbat rapid intoition wbich ia tbe 
gifi of Bucb misda as bers. 

' Oh, I am not like tbat/ ehe süd, with some anspoken amaae- 
ment ; ' I am not startled at a confessioa like yonrs, as a horse 
Starts at a pistol sbot. It saema to me tbat men are never happy 
anless tbey are taUdng in tbat kind of way to some woman whio 
does not Mlong to them. Tbey are so like chUdren t In Peters- 
Inirg, last year, I saw Sachs crying for a seotinel's cartoacbe- 
boz because he could not haTe it. He had all Giroux's ahop in 
bis own nursery, but tbat did not do. Tou are like Sachs. 
Oaght I to ring the bell and dismiss yon P Wby sboold I P I do 
not think so. Only Teiy primitiTe beings take fright at declant- 
tions, Berädee, yoa made me so many in Paria, and then yoa 
went to the Mongols. I never knew wby you went to tbe 
UoDgols ; wby did you go P ' 

* Wounded brutes always get away somewhne to be unseen as 
long aa their wound bleeds,' said Othmar, with some bittemess. 

' How Sachs cried for tbat cartouche-boz I ' sbe said, aa she lit 
ft cigarette. * ffis women scolded him, but I süd to them, " "Wby 
do yon scold bimP He is a male creatnre; therefore he must 
weep for what he cannot get." Some chUdren cry for the moon ; 
a moon, OT a cartoache-boz, ot a woman, the principle ia the 

Othmar rose and approached ber. He seemed scarcely to 
bare heard her jest. 

' Nadöge, hear me a moment,' he said, in a low tone, through 
wh(»e eniorced calmnesa there was the thriU of an intense pos- 
sion. 'You are not alarmed at declarations; tbey are notbing 
to you, you neither requite nor reject them ; tbey amuse you, tbat 
is all. You are used to do just what you please with men; I 
understand that you desplse them so far as you d^gn to think of 
them senoualy,' 

* Despise, not' she said, with a little gesture of deprecation; 
' that is too strong. "Wby should I despise them for acting accord- 
tng to tbeir naturea P I do not deüre cartouche-bozes myself, but 
I did not despise Sachs.' 

' I told you in Paris,' pursued Othmar, ' that I would not add 
<me to the list of those whom you have made ridiculous in tbe 




eres of the World. I will be all to 3 womaüj, or pottiag to har, 
You would haT9 let me ewuU tha eorti5ga tbat markg your tii- 
ampbai possage ; you would hava let me äü tha placö ihat Lord 
GBraldiiie occupiea uow. You would hsTe ullowed me to drifla 
■witL you, diae wlth you, come in and out of your housB, taie 
your hueliaQd away wLen Jie bored you, do everyihing- that Lord 
G-er»ldiaa ig permittcd to do eow ; and you would bave repaid 
me 84 you repny binij by & ütUe lauglli, & Eruilo uow aud then, B 
TftgTiö likiag wLiL^b wouJd ba-ve grown, little by liltlfl, into cou- 
tömpt I I would not JiCCept tli&t plata in your hoa&eliold. I would 
not then, I left you^ thougli it oost ma more tliau you would eyei? 
kncjw or pity, for t?ou do not undisratoud what love ia. I went 
Bway; 1 d^iäired to oscape from you. I did escape. I deaired 
also to forget you, but I could not forget. You are not a wonian 
wbo caa M forgüttea ; you uro ILke one of tboBo mia^-tcordes with 
wbich tliey stabbed meu in ttie Valoia days, tlmt Look like mera 
threadä of silvcr ahoaüiäd in velrct, and yet can go home tlirouß;h 
br^east uaU Isoiie, and Mll more S'ureSy ttian awordj ihat are aa 
blgh ns a man'a Shoulder ' 

Hb paiiaed a mament; he 1}r«athed qniokly aud h$&vily; tha 
looied up, bolding her littla cifjarett« Siiapanded : 

' I am like a great maoy thiaga,' ahe murmuTed ; * I thonj^ht 
Wilkcs eihausted all poagibilitiefl in comparison. thU morninp^. 
Go on I you «re very enirepr^nant, but it ratbi&r becomes you ; jou 
nmy go on. if you like.' 

Ha dropped du hia Imos heside her : 

' No, I would not be what Geraldina la^ you tolcrate him 
now, to Bcorn him immeasurably ber&after. His own weiilmese 
Trill be the meaaupe of your scorn, Ho has BQTer dared to eay 
to yoU what 1 said to yOu in Paria, what I any nOw ; 5ova ma, or 
1 will not aea your fiica again^ exee]>t aa aüciBty may compel me 
to sea It in a crowd, Listen, Nodinet I love you, only you; I 
naveT thoiight to love atiy womaa bo; but I loye you aa men did 
in the old timee, and tliere Ia □otliing' I will not surrender to you 
eave my own self-respect. ü to mcet you, to toucb your band, 
to liear your voice, I must com& and g-o liJte a dog iu youc bua^ 
1)and'a hoiisa, pett^d one day, chiddon the next, ahaum in m? 
own aigbt and eniaaculated in tbe aghtof othera, I will wrench. 
my love for you out of my life if my life goea with itl Last 
night I beard someone whg did not Imow bi^i inquira who Gerald- 
in^ waa? Bomeoiiß elaö aiiswered bim, " Oh, that is one of Prin- 
ceas Napraxine'B ensoioei^t; ahe neTer looks at him, but lie is 
content lo Ibllow her shadow." You know me very Httle if you 
Jbelieve I wmild ever let thö world epeak of me lika (hat. I told 
you in Paris 1 would never be the trerabling valet of a bloodlefls 
PlatouiBDi ] ' 

She looked at hlm, and a gleam of admiratioD passed into her 
Bjea toz B moment ; ahe breatUäd a triSe more quickly ; ehe tbought 



to bereclf: 'He ü tuperb whoD he louks and speaJra like tlifttl 
CiW' wn homitne crlui-lä /* 

3be dld not epeak, sba Icaned "batik Amongst h^t oiishiotia with 
k Httle loük of expectancv üpon her fnca; the whulo thing- pIwRSöd 
har^ &ä floiuf« ndutiratlB piece üf acting on tlit) bosfds ot' Lhe Thäätre 
Fnm^ia pleaaed st oncä her eye, her enT, ruA her toäfa. 

Buc OthaiaT was pHssianatt^ly in eamBat j oll hU heart was in 
bis ups, aUi bis passiona had Toundl voice. He could acorcely eee 
her for t\is red mist tbat swam befure bia eyta, for the tumult of 
hia Benaes. JTe dropped on hh knee b^eaide her. 

'Nü-dinSf' he murniured, &fi bis Türehead touched her hsod, 'I 
hflTe toM you what I will Hot do ; let me töIl you w^Iiat I will do. 
I will do aa jrou aay, I will buiy eome smilit langdom fac »way in 
tbe heart of Aaia, and I will tafee you to it and obay every breatb 
of your mouth hb my cne divine law. I ttUI turn mj back on 
Euf ope oTiee and for ever j I will let tnen call me a cowArd, s 
fool, an inüdel ; irbal ih^y will ; I will giva all niy prpseut and 
all mj future to you acd to you abne ; all I po^esa ehall only 
extet to mimater to you^ I wUl be your alava, body aad miad aod 
will ; tut only ao — oaly if you. give youraulf to me na at^olutely 
in retUTD, only if you come witb me where notbint^ of tbii worlä 
wbich we hava known shaü pureua ua to roniind me tbat you 
WOre evär elm than mme.' 

His foTöhead burned her band aa it touched hei-, hie voice wfi« 
pasHionate in i\s emotion and eloquence, hiä heairt beat ao loudly 
tbut it was nudible in tbe Btillnääa around tbem. For ance ah'e 
was touched, almoüt awed ; for once the electricily of the pEsaion 
ühe excited cooimuiiicattid aoaifithing of ita üie and tbrill to her. 
Sbe was a'üevt & few moments, ber eyslida cloesd, her hpB parted. 
ßbH feit a T&gue plyasure ia the contact of Üiie intenss and 
iraparioua love. He qaw upon ber delicata Töatur^ & cbnug^ of 
ColoUT, ei flickfiF of emotioo, whi<^h no one eise had ever eeeli 
there ; hut abö motioßed bim farther away firota ber witli tbat 
difiiike to any concession and that eenaitiT'a haat«iir wbicJi bat 
added to her charm, 

Sbfl flmiled a little, liut thets was aa accent whicb waa altnoat 
tendernewj in ber voice as ehe eaid to bim: '"C'eat de ne riön 
ptsrdre de beaucoup prierl" You evidenEly haTe telief in thftt 
BBymg. It n to ßsk a very |?reat dual, btit then you would irLva 
a fireat dml in your tum. Go away now ; I wÜl thiuk. No, I 
fiball not e-nswer you; 1 waat time for thougbt. Be ßatiüäad 
that I am. not oHended, and go, l ought to be so, I ßuppoge, bat 
I am not. G o.' 

' I loriy come bafilc P ' 

nis beart beat engerly and exultantly. ITe was not refused or 
diamisai-d I '(^lüLlfctm qut parla, fttnime qui öcoute' — tbe old 
proTerbdriftei ibrough bis thoughta, all coufused aa they were in 
A tUUiUlt of hope and di^dre, and triumph and doubt. A momeiif 9 



uitreääes from a bunibkr wüuitLn. 

:,uru in a fortni^Lt — at tliis timu — in tbis room, then 


/üu tttay 
will toU 

' In & fortnigbt 1 ' — ^it eeeioed ti> Lim to be ten yeara. 

* Bb tfaankful for so mucli/ ake said, aa she gava bini the tipa 
of her ÜDg'era. ' Now ifo. Mahmoud ia in the antechauaber.' 

He JdeSed hef h&iid with lips tliftt bumed like firSj bowed low 
and obeyed Iiöt, Nadiue Na-prasiue töTnained motinnleasj, ber 
BfaB were closed, her luouth gnuled ; sbe aeeined to drä&m. 


Whütt her huBband and her |*uestB cuma down^tiiira at oue 
o'elock, tbey found tka Priflaees N&dine lookiiii^ hat luvelitsBt. 

' Ob, you Ifflzy WTOpla I ' ehe crlud to tbeni. ' Are you sny the 
better for eleepicg' Tike that P Look at ms. I have bäun awimaÜB^ 
Laif an bour; I bave dictated tweatj lettare ; I have Bcold^d the 
g'ardauers, and I havß eeea three boxea ftom Worth unpacked ; \t 
U otily oue o'elock, aad I cati olready feel ai good a conacieiice ai 
Titua. I bave alreadj enved my day,' 

' I dare say yon hava only Ijean dning^ miscbief,' ea'td Ijady 
Draaceputli. ' I ahould like to seö tho lattera büfore I judge of 
tha eiftellence of yoiu? actione.' 

' Äiiyona miRbt sae the leltersj they ar© all ordera, or invita- 
tioDB, or Töfnaala of invitations ^ quita etupid, but Tbry UBefut; 
epiatolary oinnibuR borsea driran by tbe secretary. Wben I bud 
doce witb tbem, t bad my half bour'a »wim. What uonwDBo tbe 
doctoiB tolk aboüt not Bwimmiug; in winter : tha cbUl qf tha 
water is detidous. In sumts^ one alw^aya fancies the aen Luls 
been boiled. Platoo, if you had not g-one to bed^ you wnuld hsTa 
eean your Mead Ütlimar. Ha was bere for half Em hour.' 

' Utbiaar [ ' eickiuied tbe Priaca. ' Eere at that time of the 

* Ha do«$ not WBut to g:o to aleä»,' sih& retortad. ' Ha had bu 
ehößolate witb ma, and then rowed. hirasalf back to 9. FbAramood 
and Baron Frits/ 

Lady Brancepeth g'lanced at her. 

' You Lava certüinly dona a p-iäat deal, Nadine, -while we hav9 
läen only dosiDg-,' ßhe mid drily. The Priuceaa looked at bsf 
gijod-humouredly, witb her little dubioua amile, 

' Tbera ia alway» »oiiiethin^ to do if odb aiäly look ftiT it. 
Tou feel ao satiRÜiid Wfüi youraelf too wben you bava been usefiil 
WofQ QDQ ü^cbiük.' 



' 0\hm^v ! ' repeated tba Friücä. ■ If I liad ImowQ, I woidd 
have come downsiairfi.' 

' My de&r Piiitoii, ^ou would liave dono nolhing of tho kiad j 

Sou would bavfi eworn Bt ^our man for difitiirbing' 7011, and would 
ave tumed lound and ^tis to aleep agam. Beyidea, wbat do jou 
WEiDt with, OtUniarP Yüu do not cara aboiit " gettiuj oja a good 
tJüs^r" nor aven about eti^estiu^ a loaD for Ode-aga.' 

•I Hke Oibmar,' said Kapra-xine witb perfect iincerlty. Hia 
Tplf© loolsed at bim, wjtli her littlB dutioug emilö. * It ü alwaya 
eo with tlieuri,' ete tliought. ' 'i'liey pJwftjfl lika jufit Ihe OQö raan 
of allüthera I ' 

* I euiipoaaj if I Lad dono quite wliat I ouj^'lit, I ahould hava 
asked OlLnaar to "put me on «omething/ ahe said aloud. * It 
IE not erery Any tbnt one tina oniB of tbe m&stBrs of thä world all 
elone at eijf^^ht o'clock in Lhti morning.' 

' Thß ciast'era of tlia woild always find their Cleopatrafl,' said 
I:adj Braucepeth. ^ At La Jacq^aemerille, perhaps, aa well as in 

' Cleopatra mnst haTe 'becn a Tsry ehipid womBii,' aaid Nadine 
Napraxice, ' to ba allci U> tlüak of uotliini^ bat that aap] ' 

'I do not know tbut it was eo very atupld; it was a good 
richiTte. It Las eent ber name down to ms.' 

' Änthooy bIoob would bavB doüö tiiat. A womati Uvea "by 
her loTörs, Who would ba^e heatd of ffiloiae, of Beatrice^ of 
Loonom d'Eate f ' 

' You are Tery modeat for im. Perliaps without thö women tho 
men might n&ver bave been iramortal.' 

' I euiiEot ih.h\k wby you eent Otbmar away,' repeatod Prinne 
Naprasine, * 1 waiited capocially to Imow if tbay take up tha 
Ruaaian loan ' 

' I dJd Dot send him away, La went,' repHed bia wife, witb a 
little eniilia ; ' and you know be will naTer bUow anyong to talk 
ünauce to bim,' 

' That iB yafy tibsüTd, Hc oatintit deny tliat Ma Hoiise liTSfl 

* He would certairJy never deiiy itj but ha dialikes tbo factj 
yOU cauuot forcö it on liim, my dear Platon, in tbe courso of 
Dreakfo.'^t chit-ehat. I um sure your ttiaünera are battor tban. 
thnt. BesidöB, if you did comiait such a TudenesH, jou wouJd gct 
nftthirig by it. 1 balieTe ba nerer teils a falseboud, laut be will 
ne-yer teil tbe tnitli unleae be chooees. And I auppose, too, that 
finaneiära are lika cabijict mtnijstars — tiiey bava a ligbt to lia if 
tbey liko.' 

' I am eure Otlimar does not lie/ snid Napraxlue. 

' I dato ßny he is aa trutbful 03 most men of tha worid, Tfuth 
is not a eociid virtiiä ; tact i^ q mucb tnore amiublo quAlity. Truth 
Baya to ona, " You. havö not a f^ood faaturo in your face ; *' tact 
saya to one, " You bava aD exi^uisite äxprcssioB. ' Terbapa botli 



facta ftre eq^ually true ; hut the ona only seea wliat la nnpIeosanC, 
the otber onlj seee wliat is a^ef^aiile. üiers can bs no q.aeetioD 
whicli 18 the pleasanter mmpaubn.* 

' Othmar las adtnirablB tact ' 

' How your mind maa upon Otlimar ! Kings (reDerally acquira 
R greät deftl of tact from the Obligation to gaj somelbing agreöibb 
to eö mnny etröupere aU tlieir Uvea, He ia & kiod of iirig in hia 
way. He hag learnt tte liiii(;a' fti"C of aaying a fewphraaea chartQ- 
ingly with all hig thqughtB elsöwhere. It ia creditabla to liiw, fof 
he haa nö need to be populär, hs is so rieh.' 

' Aek hüa to dluTier to-morrow or Sunday.' 

' If you Wieb. Btit he will not come; he dlslikes diniiGra fu 
mucb as 1 dß. It La the mo3t baibaroos metJiod of sedng odg's 

' TLare m no othsr so genial.' 

Sbe roaa "with a littla Ehrujf of her sbouTdera. SLe seldom 
bonouTed Naprasina by converamg eo long with him. 

■ Order the horaijs, Ralph/ eha aaid to Lord Geraldine ; * 1 wimt 
ft long gallop.' 

' tobe haa Lad aome decisiva Bcene withOtbmar/tbouglit Lady 
Bjancepetb, ' aad ehe ia out of Immour; ete always. rides like a 
Don Koäsack wteii sbe le irritated/ 

' Thera is do leäl riditig here,' said tha Priücess, as she weüt to 
put oa her habit. ' Oeo almoBt Iotos Iln&aia wben one thinia of 
tha wav one can ride thera t nf thoao pfreen eternol ateTipea, tbosa 
illimitable plains, with no limit but tna dim grey honzon, your 
black Ukrane boTSSj bounding' like a deer, flying^ like a zepbjr ; it 
ia worth while to remain ia Huasla to gallop so, oa a midsummar 
ni|^ht, with nota wall or b fäiice aU tha wayl^ctwacn you and ths 
Caspioü Sea. I thiok if I wero dwaya in Kussia I eliould 
become euch a poet ilb Mm3ioff: tliose j n i ni iBaB'a distaacefi are 

8he rodo vntli $xi^mBit$ gTACä and epint; ; an dd Kosaack tad 
taugTit her, äa a ehildj the iojs of tbe eadilk, on thoee loaely and 
dreamful plaim, "ivHch liad olwayslield änce n certaii] place in 
lier heüTt, ThiLt latant enei'^ and daringj wllich foimd üo scopö 
in the life of the world, ttuiide her Scd pliSiiauro in tliö etrung 
ßtride of tha horsa bsEeath her, ia the cleaving of tbe air at top- 
moEt epeed. The most indolent of mandaines at all other time.?, 
when fibe ^rnrg- tuto tbe soddlü aa ligliiUy aa a bird oa a bough, 
ehe was trau^farmed ; har alonder handa oad a grip of eteel, hex 
delicate f&Da äushed with pleasure^ thu £«ry fioul of her fathera 
woke ia her— of the meu wbo hi^d ridden out witli tbeir troopera 
to Lqnt down the Porsian and Ihe Ohüiu^iaQ ; wbo lud Bvrapt 
likß etorm-clouda over thoso ehadowy ef^ppes whicb eha Jovm; 
wbo had Lad thetr patt or shaira in all tha tiagic annale of 
Btisais i wbo hsA slain their foes at th'B stepB of ihe throne, io thd 
hoUness of the cbietar; vrho hod beea amonget those -rhoM 


iworda tiBd foimd tlie lieart of Catäierine's aon, and whose ToicM 
tnd diäd M tbu^ |iäople in che' wiutei'A moTiiiDL^, ' PüoI, tiie Bon of 
Peter, k dwftd ; pray for hÜe Boul I ' If ölie wera cxuel — now srnl 
then— waa it uat in lier blood P 

Meanwbile Y&eiilte waa Iwlping- her foater-motter to padi l ■«- 
Tosej, to go to EugUud for a f^reat ball, in theic litLlu hßrmeticAÜ^^ 
aealed byiefl. Tb© roee& were üot wliully opeaed burom they 
wen ihus sliut aw^j from light and air iDto darkuess. Tbe^ 
wauld not withar in theb airleaa Cells, but tliey would pale k 
little. in that duU nad voyage from ihe emiBbine to the froat and 
fog. AAübei Uid tlio roaubuda — pink^ whita^, and pale jbIIow — 
one bj on« od Lheir beds of moss, .she tbougbt for the £ret tima 
wiatfullj that har fata wa& Tery like theira; oaly tLe rosebiid^ 
perbap^r wb«n they sboiild b^ taken out of tbeir prl^ooB Ht tbeir 

Ioumey's end, thoug'h they irould KsTe but & very faw houra of 
ife befora them, yet woiild bloom a little, if mourufiilly^ in the 
nürtiiem land, and see tlio li^^ht again, if oiüy for a day. But bar 
lifo wouJcJ be ahut into »ilences and durknena for ever; elio would 
cot uven live tlie lose's liiei ' i'espace ifun mutin' 


When Olhmar -went out from b<ar preaonce, he was mora ni''sr to 
bappiaü»^ tliaii be had bet^n in hie wbole tbiity yeara of Ufe. Hb 
was tiUed 'with Tivid, patpitating, intoxicated bopa. Ha waa 
paBalonately in loTe, B.nd almoöt be beHöved hmaMlf boloyi&d la 
Xvturo. A.e iDuch os sbe Ijad sJlowed to him ßhe hiid certninlr 
aüowtid to DO living man. Tlie Ttry forflö of hia paaaion, whiL'U. 
had driven him to scoru tba cotiTentional oourt whieli ha m'ight 
hiave piiid hei in common with so many otbera — tha spaniel'a 

El&ce o£ Geraldine, the slave's place of Boria Ssliedod^ — ruDderad 
Im ae willing to Mt no limita to the sacrificas wbich ehe sboold 
be iree to exact from tiim, and ha ba proud to maks, Onty hs 
would nevtir ebare her, eveü Ln Dominal imion with her lawful 
lord. Hb would be all to her, or nothinpr. 

He loathed the conventiooal adolterias of his time aad of bia 
Society; be «i^hed iinpntieatly for tho meoua to provo tbat tba 
öld feiirlees, high-banded, eiDgle-hearted pfkesioo wnich aeeB io tha 
whole teeming worW only oug lifo, was not de&d> but lived ia hüu 
For bi^T. 

He foresaw i\l] tbe loAS of fro^düm and of fair r^utä whiciL 
WDiüd be entailed nn bim by the Burrender of hia Ufa to her^ ha 
Jtnew wbU tbat slie was a woman who would be no docila eom- 
panion or umesacling mistresB; he knew that thers wäre in her 
tbehablte of dominauce, the inatinctä of egotism, and that e^rit 



ffmtailiciir ^bich CDmpelkd her, almost dospite h^^r'^elT, to jest at 
vhiit ebo admii^d, to ridiculs her better emotioiiä, to niake s 
dKJckery of the verj t.tii[||.'ä whict« were t.he dcareet to her. Me 
did DQt. becanae bm Invett b^r Immxiqih bl^nd to &11 tbftt waa cold, 
merciloas, an J Capridoufl in hör n&ture \ h« was cCiiisciouB tliut sha 
Woilld ütiver losti liar own identily in lioy pft&^iojl, DSFef Burreüder 
her mmd, even if she i^ave her puTson, to anj lovörj het knöw that 
fihe would alwaya remain outeide lihose tropic tempeefä of lova 
which she aroused and coiitroiled, aud which oßended her or 
flattared her, according to the imiod in whicli thay ftmnd her. 

He kaBW HÜ these tliinj^H, and was awore tlunt bk future would 
not be ODe of peace. But ha loved her, and ftgitatimi, jealouar, 
eyffering braide her would, be feit, beeweetertg LimtliaD cniyrepose 
beaida another. !Kven thi^ae dütt^ta, the^a dangera, which he 
clearly perc^ived, added to her sorcery for him. It ja tlie mistreßa 
who ifl mdilTerflrJt who e!ccit<^a the mögt ■vahsmpnt desires; andj 
ly reßsOn of Jiia i^rnat fortunes, TvOiusn hfid been alwajs to him 
Bö faeCe, so öß^Bp, ftiid so easily woa, that Ehe coldness of Nadiae 
Naproxine, wmcb he kitöw was a thm^ of temperaraeut, not oF 
alleßtation, had but thö more irreaiatihle power over him. The 
Tery seuse witb which ehe impresaed evöryonö, himaelf aa wall aa 
otheTs, of bäiug nn mort> to ba h^ld or relied upou tbao the ibqow- 
fiakä, to which her world likened her. attracted s man who had, 
frtiiD hi3 boyhnod, beeü weariüd ty th« fiduUtion, insistencej cmd 
sycophancy of almoet all who approaehBd him, 

Tha few diiyB o£ hiö prohntioo pasSed alöwly oyef hia he&d, 
ieeming as tbough thsy woull uäver end. He w(u rgstlaee, 
feveriöb, and fthaeiit of mied ; Friederich Othraar.whOjContrary to 
all hia usual h&bita^ remained at ä. FharamoDd, tranquilly ignoc- 
iog the Ti^iblfl impatience of hia hnat at hia usaahed presemce, was 
Borely troubled hy the altaroate ezhilaratioii aiid auxiety of spirit 
which all the resarvQ and eelf-ipoasaääioa of Othm^r bimself coi:ild 
nut whoUy conceal from the penetnitioq of » peraon accusttimed 
to diTiTie and divB iulo thö indertnoßtreCeusea of the mindsof tnaB. 

' What> in Q-od'a name, is he maditatmgp' thought hia imde, 
'Sornu inmnity probnWy. I ehoiüd beliüTe hö was about to di«- 
appQsr from tlie world wjth MmjELine Napfaxine if 1 WfifD not, ao 
pBröiisded thftt her pride aüd her fteirishDess will never pertuit her 
to comrait & folly for anyona Morality is nothitif; to her, but her 
Position iB a great dfal ; h'är delip^ht in being insoleot will nevLr 
allow her to losp the power of heilig so." 

So acciirately did this mau of tha worM read a chi>nu:tQi whicL 
hafflod most persoiiB by its ictricocy and its auomalieSr 

Td Friederich Uthmar human nittu^e prefiented ipany abnirdi- 
tiea büt few socvöts. 

Ilc rem&intid at 3. PhäiTamond, despita hia own abhorrence r>f 
Vüy plac» wEiioh was not b oapitAl. He paasod hia mornin^ in 
thä {uneideratioQ of his cürTti^poadäiice and hia tälegntphic de- 



cpatchos, but in the later bours of the daj acd iu tJia eveninga he 
was ihat Eijrreeable memfaer of Eiciaty whom eociety had known 
and covirteii for so ruriny jt^ara ; and baueath Uta pleasant enb-and 
wit acd hisadmiraUe oianaer hw acute peuetrahou wa* for ever 
«1 vfdeitB to penetrato Uia uephew's purpoBa aßd preaccupation. 
But a lover, on liis gunrd, will baffle cm obflerver whom tba 
keeaeat of Btateameti tvduM, in TaiD, ßeek to doceive or mklaad, 
imd tbä Baron learned nolbiii^ of Qtbmar^a inmoat thoug-bts. 
AHhough Olhni&r asd Nadina Napraidne tuet twica er thrice in 
hispreseTiCfi at otber peoplo'a liou£ca, and onca at ä. Pbaramond 
itaelf, wbcre eome more cLoice murac waa giren oLe eveDing, tbe 
Bcutö bluB eyes of the eider man laüed to redd the imderetaiidini 
wJiicb esistdl botwesn them. All ho bq-w was that ehe appeareq 
to treat Othmar, before qtliei^j with more raillei^ and morö noii- 
chokiiCe thoJi UBuid. He resiatküd that OtbmiLr did not oeem 
eitber hurt or ßurprieed at tbis, 

' Since he ia ae much in love wlth her iis mer, he muat l^e awarö 
of sumo intloiacy between thsm "which renders him Comparätively 
ipst'Esible to her treatmeat of him in sociaty/ thought thö sa^acity 
of bis UQcle, who wna alarmed and dlsquiated by a (act vhJca. 
would hare Teasaured less dna obserFcrs — the fact that tbe maater 
of S. Fhäramond dld uot once, duriiig- üftEjga dnys, cmaa the mile 
Ol two of oIivö-wt>Dd, OTnagä orchard, aod hanglug Eeld whicb 
alone separated Tümfrom La Jacquemarille, 

* No loTe ie ßo patiünt but on eome promise/ be mQected. He 
knew tberomantic tunsof OtIimni'''a cbaractcT, ond be föared ite 
MBulta aa othere -would fear the iesus of sume mortal or hereditary 
diisease. A ■weeh or two preTioua tbe mimaterB theo, preaidio^ 
wer tha fortunes of France had metj, at bis IHtla house in the Rua 
du Traktir, tba TQjpreaentatires of two great Powers, and in, the 
newspapere o! tha bour that informiil meeting, which had lad ta 
many importaut reaulte, bad bean caUed tbe Unwritten Treaty of 
Bbjdd Fritz ; and yet, nt sucb a moment, iDatead of being ea- 
trancäd with auch inlluenc« na each a riclmame implied to hia 
Hoiise, Instead of being' occupied with tbe power, the might^ aod 
the miflsion of tbe Othmars, wlaicb that g-athering aroand tba 
library-tahle in the Riie du Traktir diaplajed for the tea thoii— 
Baiidth time to the dazakd eyes of suppbont and trembling Eorope« 
Otho himeelf cotild only tbinli of a Waman with larger eyea and 
■maller hands than uiüual^ but a woman fibeolutäly uaele&s to him 
in anj amlütions — likely, rather, to be hia Tuinin all ways 1 

* I coiild undaretaad it were ahe one of the great political forcea 
of the World. 8ame womea ara tbat, and roight fio, to ua, be of 
Tery high valiae,' thougbt Friederidi Othmar, ^but Madaraa 
Napraxine is aa iEidifiTereat to ilU poHtical moTemeot as if she wen 
mada of tha ivory and motbet-of-pearl which her akiD rcsemhlea. 
If ßhe be anythiDg, ehe ia that honible thing' a Nihilist, only 
becftuse NitiiliBTn embodües an endläss and irrecoacÜable «Ügcdv* 



tect, whlcb finds in her BQma secret corner of vague eympathy, 
But for politica in our meaning" of the -word slie Lna the uaost 
complete contenipt. ^Vhat did she siiy to me the other day P '''^ I 
am a diplomiitlst's datigliter. I hiive eeea the attiaga of &I1 your 
puppeta, 1 cansiot accapt a Polichiiiöllo fop a Bichelieu, as you 
aU do." Ami eba decläred that if tbere weis no .at&teBineii at h\\^ 
and no journalists, 3ifö would go Emootbly ; everybody would 
attsnd to theirown afliiira, tka world woull be quiet, ncd there 
"would be no w&ra. Wliat biit di^aater cau fiucb a wooiaii vith 
euch rieivB bricg' iiitD the liro of Otho, nlready paraljaed oa it ia 
bj poco-curantism P ' 

Ho B&ked the QueBtion of Mmself in hia own mcditutiona, and 
Could givo himEtiLi HO anfir^Br &&\ü oüq which griGT^ scd alojrnied 

OÜiffiar hiiuself hcetowed ob hia g-aeat but EtHe thouebt 

>KIcapt a pais^ing impntience tbat hia unel« ehnuld haTB tnJceu thttt 
jnomBHt, öf all otheifl, to kistal hiinßelf at S. Pharamotid. 

He hfid not tho cyniciara Bor the insüudancB of tho ■woman he 
adoTöd. Ho did not attempt any BophiBtna with big own con- 
eciencp. üektiew that to do a man diehanour waa to do bliu a 
fiolence UBkinder, and perbapa ercn in s way baaer, than to tako 
bis Ufa. But ha was r^ELdv to pledg-e hlmaeli to tbct 'which, ui- 
like bar, be atül eonsiderel waa a sia. Ha waa entireiy masiored 
bj a force of passioa which ehs could hfiTö underatood hy the 
ßubÜetj of her mleUigance, biit wqs not lüüly evcT to &liare hy 
lany fibrß of her ndtiire. Eew^B Inst In that "whirlpoul pfeniotion, 
aBticipatioH, ajidryanThichcarried hiäiniiöP lifo away an it, al- 
though hia outer life remained in appearaiiM calm eaoug^h for no 
eysA eaTe those of tha Bama to penetrato tha diaguiae of hia 

Yaeult« he hadforgottsB. 

The simple and innoeent tcudem&ae which abe bad moraentarÜy 
arouaöd in lilm could not hold ita placo besido the OTerwbelaiinfr 
pasaion which goTemed bim, more than a elendep eoft-eyed dove 
caa disputft poesession wilh the fierce, Btroug'-pitiiöüed falcoa. 
Oace or twice te eaw her and epolie to her with kindness, but bis 
thoiights wc^re far away from her, and he did doE linger heside her, 
ftlthöugh each time he chanced to mcet her on tha way tö helf 
foßter-mother's, io lonely lüv&ly eounixy patha^ which niight well 
have tampted himtotanT'. 

Ott the thirtesnth day of bis pTobation, the priest's pown 
which, to plttasB her,habad otdaredibr tbe church of S. Fbara- 
mond, arrived at the chäteau, and, hia attention being drawB to it 
by bis servant», h^i romembeied bjB promi&a to her. It was tha 
Iflflt day of the year. A paseJEg- remembrauce of pky came over 
bim OB ha thought of hör ; ehe waa so entirely äloDe» and ehe 
WOüld gQ to the Ufa of tha cloister ; B fancy c&me to h'ni to do 
■ome little tbiii^ to g'lv» h^r pleoigur^; tt t&ero cTAüeäcent breath 



of inDocGnt impubei whicb pns^ Like the cool breeze of nn 
April day, sweet witb ßceat of ßeld ßower«, ecm&a tbe heati'd 
floingpbBre of desira and expeC!t,atiQn In wliicb hia noul was thea 
livin^' Convetttion al etiquetta had äeldom troubled him greatly^ 
]ie had elwA-ys «njoy'ed üometliin^ of tb&t; eeiise whicb priocea 
hnvd, that vhatever be did the woild would coudone. A man of 
tkä exceptional ^ower ivbicli lie pussessed can nlwajs exercis« ocl 
Jiig conteujpoiflJ'ias mora or leea of hU owa wÜL Wlnitever ba 
migbt haTä doDe no one woiild bave said af him an^thiuf^ more 
«evere tbani tbat bö waa eingiüar. 

When he wen* into Wica tliut day he chaucad to we a verj" 
pretty thiitg, modüm, but admirBble in taate aiid ^xecution — s 
cafike^t of ivory tnountad OD feüver, with a littlu atigel in aÜTier oix 
thesümmit. On ita «idea were po-iiitöd in dälicnte miniattiree r»- 
productione of Fra An^eliu> find Botticä)li. It naai aignsd by a 
f{imoti9 miniatiiriiBt, aiid Cöst ten cbnu;i^ntid fraiics. utlitnar, to 
«botu the p7ic6 seemed no moro tban tan ceuticnea, bought it at 

* It will pleaae ber,' he ttoiu^bt. ' It abaU ijo to ber witb tha 
aoiitane ; ' and be ät^iit it witb the vestmeot to Mülo, addreaeed to 
Madtiuoi^blia da Valo^ne. His kDuwJerlge of etiq;iiettG' tcdd bim 
tbat be ougkt to «eud it, \i he ftont it at all, tbrotish the Ducbe*« j 
but liadid not cbo<j9B to oboy »tiquatte; ha bad dlaearded Bocial 
rulßs, moiTs or lesa, all bis bfo, Ktcordiug to hia iuclinatinn, and 
peopla had not resent'ed hia robiiUion eimply becBiise he was wbo 
he was. Ha iitterly diaobeyed etiquatte now, and eant hia present 
diract lo YBfiulte very eurly on tbe morning of tha New lear. 

It did not occur to him tbat be migbt otily nin tha riak of 
cnielly compromisiog' tba poor {ihüd. H^ g:aTebardly morethou^ht 
to the actioD llian b© would have givea to & rose wbicb be nügbt 
bare brohen dff it« istalk to ofier to ber. AU hifl bi^iurt had gone 
^itb tha basket of fiowera wbich be had sant at fiunria^ to Nadin^ 
ftaptaxifiej wbo allowed un otheP ufTeriijg. 

Thö chftccea were a million to one tbat bis casket would nevisi 
reach ita deBtiDation witbout bein^ seen, if not intarcept-ad, by 
tha govefitifflr^^jaB; but &£ it happeimd, bis tDääseng^r (^ave it. ta 
the |2;>it«kedper, and tb« gatekeeper gava it in tum to the wcman 
wbo serred her as ntaid diiring bar etny at Millo, and wbo vras 
piiBAing tbrougti tba gat«e, on btiirwaybome from matiiis. TJift 
vornan waa attacbed to ber; iodeed, beinjs^ a religiouH pereoa 
ierself, constdüred that Yaeulte waa tbe only creature wbose 
praßencfl eaved Mülo from the fafe of Sodom and Gomorrabi 
tbeTäfoK^, pleojie^d that the girl ahpuld have plaaaure, ehe oarried, 
the packet atraipht to bar aa shB toee frora her bed; ftad iti thflt 
cold, miaty moiniiig of thu New Year tha lirat thing that greetei 
tha aijtODiabed eyaa of Y&eulte was the Coranation of tbe virpn, 
gtowing liko a kwel on tbe aide of tbe ivory casket. 

Thfl wbola day piLdaed to her in M. eacbäated raptura. 



In the lar^, idle, cumleää liouiti-lioM there was ■ p^er&l 
CJ[ctiaD);ce o{ coiif^mtulatioiiB aad itmtnti, and a pleasant tumolt 
of good wisbea and jnenijiiGnt. Blancbette »nJ TgiooD dsuced 
»bout befora a pyrainid qf bonbons and costly playthinfra) *nd tba 
Diicbesse, deädreodin^ st bcf usual hour, two o'clock, ß&ve and 
reculved a multimda of fsüritationn, gift«, and vkiJa. 'The moet 
tedioua dny of the whole thrcu LiiinLTed aad Bixty-'fiv6,'^ eha aaid 

EettiBhlj', gLving her cheek to tbe touch of her childrao's pale 
la the many occupationa and enniiä« of the day no one beard 
or kaew amythjug of Othmar^ä piesemt. At dood aome bouqueta 
■ifiOiSEis and GOTTje orcbids, linid oa a plata of old cloisonni enamel, 
■were trought in bis name to Madame de Vaonffl, but ibe bwew 
not.liin|( Ol hst Coiieili'.a goüket, M^^nnwliile cothing could hurt 
Ysfliiltö. Tbe coatempt witli whieh liet littla courins rfceirad the 
(pfbs she hnd mada for them in the COEVent, tha ohlivion to 
Vfhkli öhe ■WBB consigüEd by avary onsj tha Careleaßlleää with 
which the Ditchew!e rueeived her timidly-oflfefed good wipbeH, the 
Beverity with which ths ^ovemßEsefl foTbadiö her to go out in such 
weither to ses Nicole er atterd Mass in the little cburcb, the 
uaconcealod iil-temper with which AJftiD de VaniieH fiiiog- her a 
Word of greetiag — noiie of theae thinfra bad any power ta woacd 
her ; ebu scarcely perceived them; abe was lifted up int-o a world 
all ierown. Unnotitad in the gena-al hranlit^han of the day, ßhe 
liaBEed the hoiire, when eha weis not at Mh4b in tba chapal, locked 
ß&felj in her OWn room, befall her tteilsure, in a rnpi liäppijießft, 
in A wondar of ecstasy, wbicb weie so int<ä£iBä tbat e!a& feArad 
they wflTö Cardinal aina. 

The weatbt^r was {;o]d, eome anow had even iaUen, and the 
north wiiida blew, makiag- all the chilly forei^ars (jißthered on 
thoee shores abiTer and ^umbls Hke creatur«« defrauded of Üieir 
ligbta; bxt all tbo grey, cbcerl^ss, misty laod^cape, acd tbe fo^ 
lipon the a&i^j appeared more b^uljl^ul to her tban 1Jiey had bvb]' 
doDä bafore in itä SunBhifia. From her window ehe louked at tbe 
towere ofS. Phsramond, and ön her table — all her own — was the 
ivriFT caeket. 

Tba DuabeSG^ de Vannea, waking iu tho forenoon After the 
JoHT de rÄDf cToas, peeviab, eleepy, and vöt eleöpless, which ia, in 
it«e!r, the moat irritfiting and di&piriting of all human conditions, 
and morbidly conBcioua tbat, a& her little dau^hter had aaid, ahe 
waa begmiüng to haisser wn peu, was in a mood of natural re- 
bejitment ablest all cieation in g^nsral and tha bumaQ niGQ ia 
particular, &nd qiüte rendy to vent her ill-humgur on the firgt 
object which ouered it&e^fi Tbat fir^t object waa ona of the 
little ptim Diotea by wbicb her cbildfäd's Lnstmctresaea were wont 
to comnjutiiüate any tetrible event in the echoolroom, or anj en~ 
treaty forguidsTicö nhen HademoiaeUe Blancbette had inaifitedon 
ridiDgtlia wooden borf^e at i^ villape Tuir, or Madsmoi^allti Tuinon 


bi\d dresaed herself op in the Bmallest f!proom''a cloUtes^ 'N9 

to'ennuyez pns; voui eavez tos davoire,' waa the tmly replj tliey 

4Ter receivM ; bnt tlie good women coatinued to write tue nötefl 

U a relief tö thEir cQnflpiencea> Tliay wrolB Oüa Jioiv, aignsd in 

their Joint HAtncfl, humbly eotreating to bö infortned if ifc were tha 

' jleasure of Ma-dame In Duchess» ttat Mdlle. de Valapne should 

' recsl™ presenta of which tho donor wiw imlinowTi, Mdlle. da 

Valogna was iß passesaion of a new and vsry valunbla lockat. ; 

tiiej baÜBTed alao tliat sha was in tbe Labit of poing to tba 

garaena of 3. Phnram^cd ; tliey Lad deemed it Üieir duty tQ 

' Kcquamt Madame la ÜLichesse, >&c., &c. 

Blancbette, wiLh tba moet imiocent face in the world, had 

Said to tliBin, * I havo bcoh IIiq big pearl locket of Ysflulta I OA, 

Woil Wlien lam aaold, I will oot lüde niy batidflome tbiafjs oa 

^ihe does. Wbo pavß. it hör? Wlio do you thinlt coiiEd give it 

■toboE P Bba 13 frjenda witb tliat gentleman at S. PharamOSid — 

I fbo ouö tbat ia as rlc^ a9 H. de BotkschiLd, I think he gave it 

her! Do yOü teil marama.' 

BlancliBttö ^esEcd very ahre-wdlj that her father had giren 

. the locket ; but sbe wm Iöo wary to oiTend him. BIftnchatte was 

)iks the litt]a cata wbo eteid roxmd and round to tb^ir mou^a by 

äevious patbB irnseen. ßbe bad alsimed tbe goveroea^ca, and tbe 

prim nots was tba coDscq;ueiice. 

WbaQ tbe Ducheaso read it, sb« flang' Lt away m a comer. 
* To« dVmi(?«7ea,' ebe eaid, contemptuougly ; tben etiid to oae of 
hfip maidsj *Ile(juB3t Mdl^e, de TaJocrie to come hitbor.' 

Yßailltö was presonted in a fortuitoiiB moment aa ihe whippiri^ 

boy on wbom could be spent all ttat useleaa initation wliicb eh« 

eould not epend on tbe rerd offendera, ber iaeffactivö cbloml, ber 

'increaaing wrinklesj and the indiüerence of Baymond de 

1 ^ronfciciB. 

'Mntnma ta alwaya eroaa/ the 'mm little Blaiicbette had 
leflected. ' Sba is alwaya anpry, even for notbiBg. Tbat great 
'baby will gct a locture, and ab» will be auie to aay it wna papa ; 
^e ßlwaja teils tba truth — such & simpletoa t — and papa will hata 
ter for ever and for ever I ' 

Tbeii BlBnehfltta müde a piid de n« all by berself in her littla 
bedroom : wben you were a cbild you could not bare msmy 
, things your own waj, but you could spoi) otber peqple'a ttiaga 
I Tery neatly wjtb a little pat lierej, & Httle poke ther9> if you loobed 
all tho w^nüe lika your pictura by Baudryj bei innocant cberub 
I iiritli sweeC cmiling eyee, who could not haye made &pied de fwsj 
to aave your lifa. Blancbötte had alrsady acquired the kaowledgg 
I that tbifl was bow the world was most eaeily managed. 

When Yeaulte wna auinnioned io her couBm's presenco, tbe 
[girl was gtarüed to aaa bow old sbe lookod^ for it was Bcarcely 
■ 900^, and tbe baadaomö face wbich * Cri-Cri ' was wont to present 
' tobei ßwn wofld bad Bcaicely receiv&d its fiulsliiiig toacbÖH bom 



tbe Tarioua eiiil>e]liij.liij3g petits tecreU aliut up ül theii BilTBr Imzg« 
acd tbe^ir china pote^ wMcb weis etrewD &bout imder tba great 
Dresden-framec! luirror \n front of her. 

' Good-day,' flta ßüidj -with icritation already in her Toice, as 
Taeulte timidlj klssed her banii. * Ib tbie tme wliat tbey teil me, 
thit jou reeeiva presecta withoat my knowledge »nd coaeentP 
Do you cot know that it is pcrfcctly inconveimhh ? Aia you not 
taiight enougli of the World in your cocvcut to bs aware tJiata 
young giri ctttmot do sucli tLinga without beirg difl^p-Äcad 
etärcatly P WLat ia it you iiav« accepted P Is it a jewel ? Gsn 

you reaiisQ the enormity of your blcüoii ? * ahe paused, iD nome 

irritatioQ and UEcertaiuty. ' Well, wby do you cot apeak? Cim 
von eicuse yourselfp "VVbßt 13 it you have takau f From wtom 
iiavQ you t&lten it P My psople hava told me you. have 3 nBw and 
\alualjle jewel and Tefuae to ßaj wbo gave it' 

'MycoiiSJD, M, le Duc, gave it aie,' gaid Tseulte. 'Hb Bald 
ÜLftt I was to teil you if you aaked me, biit not Bnyooe eise/ 

Sbe spoke frojüily, witbcsut auy besitation, llie Buchaoae 
BtD-rcd ftt ber, Laif roEo in bec Ftmozement ; her face was dork with 
Migar for a moment» tUen cleared into a sudden lan^bter, 

'My liuebandl' ehe echoed, * A JUlstie likayoul And tlbey 
say thcre are no miraclea uow l Co you absolutely mean to aay 
tbat Alain j^ave you a jewel P ' 

'Ile was Bo good na to giTo me o locket — yee/ murmtiTed. 
TMulle, conscioua that her coiisin was anf^ry, insoleiit, and deriiiTe, 
and alraid tbat the Duc woiild lao itritated at tho isauo of hb 
kindnesa to her. 

'Praj, haa lie given you onylliinp elae P ' echoed Madame de 
Vannes. 'Hoa he given you tlie dmmqnda ho bad bouglit for 
Mdlle, Rullis, or tiiö couj}6 from Beuder'a which ha meant t'of Trt 
gritnile Lfture ? ' 

' Ha has not given me anytbing ela&,' anawersd Yseulte, to 
Trhom theee tarrible nameä coQTeyed no meiLaing. 

' Whiöre 19 tbifl locket ? Kbow it ikb.' 

' It is in my room. SUall I ftitch it P ' 

' No, no. it does not matter. You can eend it ms. I wÜl 
send A^ea for it, Ths idea of Alain having- »Ten looked at yoa 1 
—4t mhksA one laugh ; it ia too ahsurd,' 

Sbe continued to laug^h, but tlia laughter did not convey to tliä 
ear of Yeeulte any impression either that ehe fma pardoned or 
tbat her couain was aiHUaed, It wiis a kug-b eipreaaive of irony, 
irritalion, wonder, coBtempt, rancour, all ia one. 

*You abould not ha^e lakeii it. Y'öii bIiouIlL bavc told ma/ 
Continued ibe Duchesao. ' To he ?uto, faa is yonr coiiain. Bat it 
isnot proper to taka a m;in',s ^ifta. It ia not bacoming-. It ia too 
foTwam. It Ja eren immodest. Ia tbat the Bort ot* thing the 
Dames de Ste. Anne have taucht you P Surely you migbt bava 
known better.' 



TIiMe pUrnjsea sbe utterej in a «tai^a-to rapid succeasian, u if 
Hne tkuu^Dt liUle. of wbat ebe ^jd ; Eiliia waa indeed thinkjng ha \ 
liie girl etitod beforö h^r; 

' WliBt n «kill ! Wbat ahouldere ! What a throat] What 
a tbing* it is to ba eixueii 1 Wb; did not U bon Dieu make oll 
tliBt last longur with usP It goefi too hood; so horribly aoon; 
after ona ia ÜTe-aud-twenty it ia all oae can do to make up 
deceDtly. If it were only the complexion wbicb went it woula 
bot matter ; tbnC OHiQ CSU eaaily arrftnge ; bitt it Ia the featurev 
tbat ctmng'e ; they grow out ar Ümy prow in ; the tuouth getB 
thiii or tlie chöelts got broftd; tbe very ünea alter somöhuw, aad 
we canaot (ilfi>r that; nnd theo to mrk]» oneeelf up je aa much 
trauhiti as to build a houRe, and the house has to be built anew 
every da}- [ — it is horribly bard — and yet ona hna compeTisatioiis, 
revensea; it ia not tiioae children wbom mea care to loob ot 
thaiiga they ara freah as roeea ; at least not uaually. Alain^ I 
fluppoee, do6S — what cur ha mmin by giviiißf her a rnwJalHon ? ' 

WbUt^ thase thoughta nto. tbrouf^h her miiid, abs waa atarin^ 
luLcd at YBäult« tbroug'b ber ejeglasa, as thoug-b tbey had ntiver 
mel before theo. Tb» g-Lrl had colourtid ecariet at tbe epithel 
• immode^V but it tad made ber a little angry, witb the rignteonai 
iDdä^DaCioii of icDQCiQiica- Ke^pect kept b«F muta] but ber faC% 
Bpoke für bet. 

' AlflJD was right ; aim U really bandeonis,' reSected tba 

Bbe was heraelf only eigbt-and-tweDtr, but in tbe world as 
on tba racecourse it ia tba pace tbat kill»-, and befor» sbe bad 
pBfieed tbraugh all tboae arduous proceasea wbicb abe bad rif^btlj ' 
compsTed co buildlug' a bousä anaw eveiy day^ ahä laiaw veiy 
wdl tbat «be looked cnielly old^ thoug'b after two o'elock in tbe 
day öhe waa sitill ooe of tbe great böButies of France. 

SliB had boen itamenied in plaasures^ pastimes, and exiCiteniDiitf ' 
from tbs day of be; mar^aga ; sha bad livisd. in a cfowd, sho haäi ' 
tambled not a little, and sbe hikd bad ceTtaiu inttigues, of whossj 
dangers ebs bad fit Tlmaß a^ivld and anxiouB cOTiflciousness, for tbQ 
Duc. Waa iadiflaraiit but Dot baae, and migbt any day be raijäed if 
he cama to be aware tb&t men laug^bed at bim tnote thaa ha 
liked. Aa a rule, ab« and he understood sach other very well, 
and tBcitly condoned each othet'a üididcrtitioiifi ; tut tbere migbt 
come a timo wb^n be would break tbat cocvenie^nt compairt, as 
Bbe feit dispoaed now to r^iaect bis admiration of her youn^ 
couain. Du tho whole, perhaps, abe lauäad, ahe had bean wran^ 
to d(j fio ; sbe would let the girl keep hm preeent; ho migbt, u 
abd Dfovoliad bim, luaist tbat T^aymond de PraoiHiiQ äbould leava 
Millo. AU tbeee feÜsOtionfi. occurred to bef aurin^ tbat otie 
misuta in wbich hex eyegla&s watt^äd tbe icdi^Btion ri^a itk| 
yeeulta'a face, 

*ilave you Bäuii M. de Vaune« aluiiuF' ab^ reannjcd. with k 



■QvpTieBH in ^fii Toice, due rathor to her owra mum of the girl'ü 
iHtaii'y tbun. to her kaowlt^}:;o o/her busbsnd'a l^d)Ili^Htioa für it. 

'Now »nd Lhen/said Yöpulte, without beaitfltioH. 'Hö Iwm 
come iiito tlie sehoolroom ^* 

' For a lessim in A B C, I äüppo&e P — ot b ccp of Bfown'e 
gr«eateaP' Mild tlie Duche&se contemptuoufllj. 'Welljba May 
conter te»ßeiirette» aülsur», I should häve thouj^lit he bad hau 
better taste thati to begin in bis ovm houB» i howsTer,' eli» con- 
tinued, interruptiji^ hereelf, a3 alie renienib&red thal ehe waa 
su^'^eatm^, ''I do not auppose it is vou who are to Uama. But 
auüther tiiue, aak mj püffumioo beloiö you accept ttnjtLinp;' from 
nnybody. I will not deprive you of tb« Duc'b. gift. He is in s 
nianuar your couaia — your gTJiardian — of coUrBe he meant very 
kindly, but anotlär üme retuämber to come to me. You will tcfl 
tbe Duc tbftt I 8wd eo.' 

' Qood faeavanB ! ' fibe wAs tbm1tiü(l[, ' wbo woiJd bave Suppcaed 
tbat Alnin ba.d & faate for a ereaLiira übe tbat, bdf a eaint aud 
half A baby f To ba eure, bei eye« ara sup^rb, and tbe throat acd 
boBom — what beautiful hnes tJiey ba^e ; "why did they send her 
bere P She eball g^o kic^k next week Tha wkkedness of tbe 
thitig would cbarm hlm ; tbe nearer it was to a crime, tbe more 
of H cioii it would be. Ta pliay Faust uuder tho respijctable abado 
of Brown'e teapot end tEia biji- dictionarica wowld bö auru to 
entbral Lim, out of ita vgry droUerj — men are madu Ulio 

Tb&n n rßDieuabr&nca of S.Fharamond pafisedoTarher,&ii:d gb« 
eaid aloud, witb an uokind earcoara La böP voice : 

' l'erbapa you bare otber friends ibesidfl M. da Vftunea P Pray 
teil me if you bare. 1 fully appfticiate tbe elfeorfi of the eduea- 
tüin whicb tbs Damea de St^. Anne bn-Te j^ivtin jou.' 

YeeuJte coloured scavlet, and tlie Ducbesati's eyee ecanned hör 
face ae Blancbette's bad doue, witbout mere^, 

' Pray teil me,' »he CoDtinued, witb 0. cbill dignity, iffbicb Wflfl 
in abarp contraat with tbe sntcasm and railing of ber previoua 
tuannor. ' You will be so good as to remamber tbat I Btnnd in tbe 
place of your motbBI'^ your iudiscretione are Hot alone pniDfal to 
me, but coEapromising to me. Is it trua tbat you aro iatimat« 
witb Otho Otbmur i* 

* He baa been Idnd to me/ munmurad Yaeulte, an a^ony at her 
heart and tha hot teara etauding in ber eyea. Sbe did not under- 
stand euouffh ol.' the world to juatLfy hereelf by tbo fact tbat the 
offtindep bad beeo pTeseuted tp ber by bor caugin höreelf ; nor, if 
ebe bad doue so, would tbe poaititin Bbt3 stood in towards MfidnmiQ 
de Vanni^s bavij allowtid bör to ute aueh & JuatiÜcation witliout 
apparent imperünenca. For eight yeaia sbe bad owad sveiytbiüg 
to the Ducbeaae. 

' Kind to you 1 ' ecboed her cauain, * a moBt fortuitous pbrase, 
bot ucit ODti that yotmg girla cau employ excupt to tbeii owu 



rldicole aod injury. Pray Itow b&5 ha beeu kiad to youP liaa \» 
g'lTßn jou a locket P ' 

YbcuUb luight easily havo told a lia; QO ana knBw of the 
caelietj no one could teil of it ; ehe loved it moro dearly tltta any- 
tliincr abe hod i^T^r pg^sesäed, Hut aLe liad bseo tauget in ti^T 
childliood tbi^t falsehood was COwaidice, and thi^ couraga of tbe dt 
Valogne was in lior; tliernfore she anawered, with bq unsMadj 
Toice iTideed, but witli entira triitbfLjnüeH, ' IIa baa giTcn ih« a Tery 
beBuliful box ;it 13 mada of iTory and painted, it came yeaterday * 

Madame de Vamiäs biuat iuto aootber laugb, TirLicli jorrad oa 
tha ctiild^a ear : 

' Kaallv,' aLe crted, reUpbg icto Üie mnDDer moat natural to 
\x&t, * yoQ "begm well I Uthntßr and my huabaud I aod you are not 
quite aiiteen yet, and we all tlioiigüt you euuU a Uula demure 
BiLint in yonr grey clolbea I Seöd the casket to ino^ Von cftnnot 
receUe praaeatä in tbat way. From your couain, pneae ena/re, but 
trom. a man like Otlimar — you migbt aa well go «nd guji witK 
Jiim at Bigijon'äi Gaod büüiveDBil "^liat afe Scbemiiiirz äüd 
Brown aljoiit tbatttay bavö let you mtet bJmP Wberbhaveyott 
ßeen bim ? IIow havö you becomb inttmata with bim P' 

Yseulffi bad becoms very ^ala, Sbe bad dnae her duty ; dona 
wbat bonour, truth, obedience, aml graliüidö all rec[iüred; tut it 
Lad cost her a ^reat eH'ort, aad abe wouUl loae tbe coi^ket, 

''I ksTb ouly §eea kloi three timea/ abe aaid, with ber colouT 
ebanging : and 9be went on to teil the etory of ber viait to bi» 
^Rideiu, of bis conversatina witb har oa tbe Beaslmr^j of tbö 
priost'fl soutauBj and of their öieoliii^ at the housB of NlcöIe. It 
wios a very siiaple iooireasive litüe atoij, bat it hurt ber ffreatly 
to teil it ; coBt ber quite aa miich as it woiild haTe dona Kladama 
de Yannes to unfoH all her maiiifold indiäcxetians in £uU con- 
feasion bafore a consgii defamUle. 

' He haa boen Ter^ kind to nie,' eba auid tiiuidly^ as she ficished 
her Utile tale, 'and if— if— if you wDuld ouly let ise koep iha 
coaket aad take it to Faii'el P ' 

Tho Ducbease Uugbed once more : 

^ Y"oa do Dot care to keep tha Buc'h locket — ^Iiow flatteriog to 
himl 'RoaUy, ßilette, jQM ure sagacioufl tetirnua ; I would noTeof 
have belkwed you BucrÜ a cunnlng HUle cat! Did you Icam au 
tbat Dt the convent? you coriTGnt^p;irla are niore nwr^eJ tban SO 
mtiny rata t Othtaar, of all inen of tha worldl My dear, you 
inigkt (IS well wiak for an emperor. Tbere ia not a marriß^eablo 
vornan in Europa who does not sigb for Otbnoarl He ia ao enor- 
mously rieb I There ia no oiie eise rieb ILku tbat ; all the other 
fiiiD.ncicra hare a tribe of peoplo Leloiiffing" to them. ** Tbe fsniily " 
is eTerywkerBj, at Pari&,at ViencB, at Btrlin, at London, and bayö 
tta mänj lirancbf 5 aa tliß oak ; but Otliiiin.r lg abaolutely alöne — fof 
oIJ Baron Fitz doee not comit — ba Ia absolntely ftlone, tbat ia 
jvbat ia uniq^ua in bini. Wbo^vor marriee lum will ba the mcwS 




forfimats womau in Eufope. Tee^ I gay it advi^edlj, it 33 furtime 
tliat is power nowadaja^ oüp da^f in overj wo do uot eveu Jead 
Bociety any ion^er,' 

Tue colour had ruelied "back into Tsetiltö's faco ; the DucUeftSä's 
worde tortured her aa only a very young and eeaaittTe creatüre 
caa Ise tortured by an indelicata and cruel suspicion. 'I never 
tLought, I aayer mecLiit/ ahe murmuTed. * You unow^ my cousin, 
I am dedicated to the religioiis Ufa ; jou caanot cuppoBS Üiat 1 — 
I ^ Tlie warda cliolc<jd ker. 

*Keplewnichespas,Asgrdcs]' pntd the Duchease LmpatiGnEly. 
' I havö üD doubt yüii liave taJiell fi.ll liindB gf Jmpü^ilouilies into 
your liöad, girl3 are ßlwaye so fcwUsIi ; but you may bg ßure tiat 
tlie g-ift of the ca.alcet mcang notliicg — nothln^. OthtUdr ia always 
frivin^ away, riglit and left ; moat Tfliy rieh man are msaE, tut 
he ie DOt. It was a wrong: thiii;;, an impertment tbing^ToT him to 
do, BHd it niiiet be retucned to him insHiutly \ but if jou itnagiiie 
you have mnde any impression upon liim, I c!in aa^uia yonyoTi are 
Tery migtaken ; he oiily thinlta of Nadina Napraxine.'' 

Yseulte xemained very pala ; her eyea were cast down, lier Ups 
were pressed togethcr. Biia liad done her duty and told the truta, 
but sbe was not lecompenised. 

ll]e Duche&sö rang- for bar mBida, To the oes wlio aoswered 
tbe 6miiiiioii&, shg HaiJ : 'Accompany MdÜö. de Vdo;<n9 to bor 
rooia, B-Cid bring ma a CfteliGt slie ■will give yoUj TvliicSi is tO bo 
Bold for tbö Little Bistera of the Poor, T'n-i'-en^ Yseulte.^ 

Sba put out her band carelessly, and the girl bent oreü her, 

' fily consinl I bare never aeen Lim but thrca times,' eha 
KuriBured ag'ain. Her face U'as very pale ; abe hod Iwenwoundad 
proföundly by tba Pucheaae's woids, nven thouj^h their fuil muttn- 
iflg was not knowa to her. 

Madame de Yamieä kughed again; tben, iivith an assumptioo 
of dignily, wliicb ehe could taka od at will, eaid coldly ; 

' O&ce was too mucb, Nfver ftccnsa accideot j iio ona beKsTeB 
in it. Eemömber also thütj m onB vowed to tbß acTvice of HeaTeD, 
it Ig already Btu in you if von harboiir one eartlilj tbought. Go, 
and send roe the caaket.' 

Witbont äaotber word Yfleulte cuTtsi'sd and witbdrew from 

when the maid raturaed, sbe brougbt bei miatreaa tbe ivoij 
caskct ; but iv&ida it was the Du'C's medalüan, Sladame de 
Vaiinea langhed yst again kb sbo snw, 

*The littla obstinate I' eha nminnured. 'It is not often that 
Alain tbiowa psfirla, or ftnytliin^ elaa away. Ani "wibat a caaliet ! 
HeaveiiB 1 it la £t for a wedding gift to a queeu, h it pgaaiblei 

tbat Othtnar ? No, it ia not posäble ; ho would nevar tbiok 

of a chiH Jlte tbatK Perhapa be did it to roüfia Niidtne. What 
it cuiining little pole-eat Iheaa üUES have sant nie 1 ' 

Hut A JilDd of respect awakcneA ia her towarde her youig' 



comün- A girl wfto cniild chaTta AIud At VaniiiM «nd OtLranr 
Wfts not u be dj><mif(a^ Acornfully as a nüvice &nd a babj. Thu 
DiicL«t^j)B drsw Bdinü note-papw to her, Mid wro« a liitlu lettar 
to her nßig-tibour, in whicili Hiii*axprüa,-'t^(J lierself vöry aiimirahlT, 
witb dig'QLt^ aiid grace, ab tlm guanilau of a iiioth»rIc.aR child 
wbo was d«dicatfld ta tbe eervice of Hsaveo. Sbe suggoated, 
witboiit actii&llj pRying- eo, (hat be had faütd ia revereiicatowardH 
HeaveD, and towards tbe Maison de Vanmea and tbe Maison de 
Creiifliic, in permitlinir himsßlf tn ofTer j^fta to Mdlla, de Valo^e; 
bIiö rt^alled to liim, williout any poRltlve EatpreSaion of the wjrt., 
thiit a yoiiiig- girl of tinble duAceut tould not be «pproached wiib 
ffift^ HA a v<^iiii^ ai^tmina mi^bt be, and tliat if any hnd been otferud 
tliej ahould bave, at leaat, beeo oftered throuj^h herselt 

She -wfke hficusatJy irritat«d wäüi Othinar for havmg- thua befln 
wantlngr ^ ^he caiiii«dt!n<rl, in füll reapect for thoae ^eat familiidB 
from which Yai^iiltfi de Valogna bad apnicg'. She waa exceösively 
auRTy witb Iier children'B gx>v«me»Büii, wliOEJe negligence had reu- 
dered it ptiftsible for the girl to waader about aloiiöj and elia gave 
tb'ttiii a Huort but ver^ t^irible audleiice \u berdressing-rooin; vöt, 
on tbe whoJe, tbt> alfair amused her a Httltj, and tlio bigh-breeding 
in bi;r made ber du jii.^tice to tJie honour wbjch bad forced L«r 
ynnng cc^ueiD to teil imimlc&d ail the tmth. 

Later an &he had & littla BCeinä witb her husband, half mmic^ 
half tragic, in wbich tbey flung the tu ^a->qn6 liberally one at the 
ntber, apropos of many Tagariea leas innocent tban Üie fancy for 
Ysüulte da Valogne ; but ehe did nnt teil him about Othmar'a 
caaket, for abe re&eoned, witb admirabla knowledge of men^a 
DBturee, tbat they cared eo mucb more if theytbought anyoue 
elae can^d too. 

Meanwbila, Yseiilte, haviiig iprtven tbe caaket into tlio banda of 
the tnaid withoat a word or Btjm of regret, lock^ hßirsQtf iu, 
tbrew^ höreelf oO Ler bed, aud nobbed BS piteouety as tbough tlia 
ma^c box had baen that of Faudora, ADd bore all hopä away 
witbin it. 


NiJ>iin Natjiastwh. kept her promiM to Othmar. Sha did for 
faim wbat «he had done for oo otber human bcing; abe meditatM 
OQ hia antreatiei^ as a tfaic^ which migbt poBaibly bo granted by 
bat. Sbe looked for fl littla whila tbrough tbe pky ojid the glgw 
of hie impassioD«d words as tbpough aome painted wiiidow into 
Bome agTöaable lacd wbith*T, perehacce, sbe might travel. 

The very atenmesa and daring of bis manner of dataasd bad 
ita attpfictian for her. None of her courtiera had wooed her quite 
in thnt wtiy; ^omu liad Ijl-lu tou liiuid, fiume too aubiuLeuiiivu, tünie 



too worldly-wiße. The insane deaire to fly with ber from the 
World to eoniB l'ar-away, tn^mi-barbaric, m^j^lerious Etieii ot' biä 
owu uuiking bad uever been eo buldly oud uiitiompnmLisiiigly etit 
forth to ber by ftiiy lover m now by Uthiuar. U Lad s tMJrtiim 
fBBcinotiop for her even wSiila tlae philosophj and Lrony in her 
ridiouled thß idea. It respitjidod to llia vairue but Vöry real dia- 
e«tiBfaij:tion witb which lue, ha it was, tillüd !iar, gbe waa ti^l^d 
of the murine of it. Evoryone said the üamo tbin^. Im very 
triurapha wer« so moDotoiioiLH thac, thej mig-ht jmt oa well Iiatb 
baec lailiires. Half lier provocation and cruelty to men ArnsB 
fcum a wiah wiiich alie cuuHd DOt reitst, tu find sooietliiii^ vivid 
and näw to intereat her, i:jLe succeoded La caualn^ trag^^dies, bat 
ali6 did uot succeed id Ij^Ihj; iatere^tt^d in tbem liersälf, 

Otiiroftf did iuterest ber — ia a ni'ifMure. 

He bad dont» bo from t!ia tirst luoment that ehs aaw bim 
Coming ic — fall, di[;bt, grave, witli great repoae and more dignity 
thaü most meu of hia day — througb^ tJwi va^uu ligbt, cMfre cAm^ rf 
Voi^, iuto tbe hall of a country bouiie in the ^reen henrt of tUe 
Ainlennifs, where slie and ler hoeta Arid a grcftt tiJltty, weaPtöfJ tUo 
ruMCt and pold and pale blue of thair bunEing diilbea, were wait- 
jng for the süj^nal ßf the eur^e frnm the tarracöd without. 

He bad inutrec^ted ber tben and always üi a degree; but oalj 
in a degree. 

'^It eertaialy caunot ta love that J" feel/ eha eald to hewelf, 
with ragret. 'I am gla.d when he cnmea becauae ha — almost — 
excitea me, biit I aoi gkd wbeu ba ia frone liecause he—alraoal. — 
diaturbs tnt!. I co-n IniEigina cartain tblliea bt^mg p<.^s)ble \o raa 
wheD he ia herB, Imt tbey iiever quite becomo poäaible, If I wera 
611P6 tbey «ould beCOme e», and in becoming 60 bo agräeablti to 
ine, I woidd g-o away with him, Biit — but— but ' 

The obJMtions ßeemed raany t^ her, in a way iosuperahle; 
they lay in berself, not in him, aud bo appuared never to be 

She respected lum Tjecause he would liave scoraad one of those 
intriguea Bcreened under conventionid observaucee, of wbiflh the 
World l& so füll. If she coiild hara entirely parsuaded heraielf rhnt 
Mb Ufa was absolutely nüceasary to here, alie would cot have heai- 
tated to let snciety become Bware of tbe truth, She had no graia 
bi hör of the bypncrite or of tbe cownrd- 

But sho was uot Hura: and to treak up youT life iirevocably, 
to throw it into a furoacM atid fus« it ißto a wboUy lläW shape, to 
fling^ yottP flau») to all tbe hounde who fed on tb« offal of ealumny, 
uid then to find, after all tbia iiturm uvd Vra-ng, that you had 
only made' a miatalie, and wcra only a UttJa mora boz«d tban 
before t — tlm posaibility see^med lo be at ouca ao dnia^y And io 
ridiculous that bIiö did cot daru to put it to tbe yroof, H-jr own 
potendal weariness in tbtJ futurc \o w^hicb hg wocwid. her, Toa* 
Defora her ir a gbnstly ehapo and bu'rnjd \\ui way, 




Sbe pondäred on ihe anitter fiillj and ^ncerely for eome dsj«i 
daja in which notbing pleAsed liar: doya in which her ridinfj- 
horae feit her e^mtb, and ner friande ber eaica^ms: d&js in wbich 
her toitettea had Jjtüe power to intercat Hw ; Worth himaell 
leemed warn out; iier odmirable tire-womaa did notliiiig wall; 
and her huabnnd fißemfid to hsi to have grown heavier, etouter, 
atnpider, more Kalmucltj aad more iotoleraUe thau ever duriog 
the hours of brenkfiist and dimierj which wePö tiie oüly toura 
weiglited bj bis preßence. In thosö few houra slie feit almoat 
^jflrsuftded to take Iiar lover ßt bis word. Piaton Nnpraxinö wai 
£o densely, 80 idioticBlLy, sa proTDcativelj unalarmed And ^ecure t 
He woiila b&Te tsmpted alniost; auy womaji to rnuke him Euddenly 
awake to änd lumself ridiculoua. 

'He would bowl liko b wounded bear P elia thougbt con- 
temptuouely, ' and tlien Bomebody would bring him brandy, and 
Bomebody would mention the lables, find Bometody would tatk 
about Mdlle. Ohoeo, aitd ba wuuld ba all ri^bt agaiii. Ha ia too 
stupid to fcel. Tbere ara pi'&ü'io do|f&, tbey Bay, wbich baidly 
Jraow whea tbey are shot or beatan ; Ii'b hm got tbe equI of 00a of 
theiDc BäcaciS'ü I hnve mairiüd bim ha ih coQviDCed tbat I Ab&Il 
never bciTa liim ^ — la helle raisonl Th&ie ara so manv meo like 
that. Tbey inarry just aa tbey buy n cane ; they put tte cane in 
the stand ;, it ie boiigbt and it caouot mova ; ttiey ata Bure it will 
alwaye ha there. Qa& uns Aay Bome oce cotaea and lakt>B it ; tbeu 
Ibey Etaro and tbey sweni becauaö tbey bava baen robbed.' 

Xbia tima of UDcertaißty and doubt, whicb was to Otbmar 
fraugbt witb euch wild altematioBS of bope a^d of feaTj, wLick 
now BwuDg^ bim in h'ia fancy bigh as beav^n and naw aiink him 
deep in the darknofss of despairj. waa to her a period ratber of the 
moät mitiute aualyßbj and oJ tbe most eubtler eelf-exnmination. In 
thfl na'ii'etS of ber profound and unconspiona cgotism ehe nover 
oncB CDiiäidered bis loss ot gain : ehe w&s entirelj occnpied with 
tbe consideration of ber own wisbes. Evary tbing bored ber j would 
Bba,if fiba took tbis etop, wbicbtD moät warnen woiiJd bava looked 
so b:g witb fate, be l^a bored — or mors P Tbia eaeiaed to Iiar tha 
one momentous LBaue wbich trembled micartaio at tbe ^te of 

Sbe considered it tbou^LtTiilIy and dispaesionately. Sbewos 
not troubled by any moial doubts^ or any euch reaaoris for beeita» 
tion £13 would h&vß beaet many women of myra prcjudicea and of 
lesa intBÜliftEDCe thttn berself. All tbesß tbinga were le vietu: ypu. 
Shö was far too cleflr-mgbted and too bighly-cultured to be ecared 
Iry such fcogi^ea aa frip;bten narrow minde. She cjlw no eanctity 
■whaterer in the marriage ties which bound her to Platon Maprai- 
ine. You mi^bt as wijll talh of a, contract for eg-ga and buttar, 
or an Operation oo tbe Bourse, being- aacred t No himiaQ ardinoDce» 
can very well be eacred, Biid we caunot bo siiro ihore ara any 
diviiifi onea, logically^ all tha probftbilities are that tbeM are nonei 





Bo sbe certaitilj iroidd liBve aaid Iiad aDjone cballaoged her viewii 
on such a iulij'Qct. 

In &. manner, tlu« örisia of har lifo »mused her lue a comedy. 
The uncönSf^iaUäDfiBS' of her hiiB^^ttd whilet the un&een eolda of 
destiuy wem tig:htemiig' about lian ; the revolt and irapatience of 
Othmar, conTeyed to her hj many a restleaa glanca and half- 
ntteredword u tbey posaed each otb^er in big drawin^i^-TOom« or 
in those of othera; ttie ignoriincs of her lovers and lier frienda; 
aod her owu meditatiouB a£ to tb« maoT commenta tliat tbe woild 
would make if evei it knaw: all tbese diverted her. 

What ttlone troubled her waaber owd pride. Would sbe erer 
1)9 »ble to endcre any losg of tb&t ? ' Ja $erai konnte femjne,' sha 
bed aoid to her fatber in her chUdhood, £.nd "wbea ahe bsd IQ- 
peated theworda in her womatibofKi h&v tamA bad been mude up 
not so much by coMiiras, chnstity^or dellcacy oa by hautBur. Sbe 
COold not bsTö endared to feol that there "weTe anydooEain 
Eüropö wbich could be sbut in her face, or tbat ehe could not abut 
her own whenaoevör and againet wbomeoever abe mig-M cbooee. 

Hk tsrm of probation to an end ona morniDg wbän tfaa 
daybad notbiog of winter sare ita date; a mornmg loay and 
gojden, witb diatant mista transparent aa a tcU, aad tbe mild air 
BDundlesä Eind wiudluBä amon^ät tbe mimosa&ud eucalyptusgroTes 
of tlie grouDds of La Jacquemeriller For oiice Nadice Napraxine 
coodesct^udi^d to be true to an appointment ; ■whUa^ tbe d;vy wa« 
Btill young acd bU tJiB Iftiy wOrM of tbo modern BaifB still dpzed 
OT, fit Ibö utmost, yüTimHd itself awiike, eha movod, witb tbat 
loTely lengiior wbich waa as mucb a portion of ber as iba hreatU 
sha drew, along tbe eea-terrace of ber house, and smLLed to eee 
OtbmaT alrefid^y atanding- al tbe foot of tbe sea-ftep. 

'What cbildren men aiel' ehe thought, Tvita that ridicala 
wbicb tba ardoui of her loTers was alwaya most apt to awake in 
her, as be baut ovcr her band aod pr^iss^d oq it lipa wbidi 

'It mnat hereany deligbtful,' übö continuad in ber own re- 
fleeüonSj ^to be able to be eo Tery ea{?er and ßo -verj mucb in 
eameflt about ftoythißg. loitee-d of abuaing uä, men ou^btto be 
in&nitely thänkfül to us for giving tbem emotione whinli do, for 
tlie timo ät leaatj eclipse tbose of baccarat and of pi^eon-abooting. 
In h tüöiuent or two be will ba iuclined to bäte me, bat ha will m 
Tery wroa^. He will alw&ys ba my debtor tbr üfteen daya of tba 
moat exquiäte agitaüon of bis life. Tweaty years henca be will 
iDoi back to tbis time, and aay, " Oh, ie ieau tem^ia ^uandj'&.aia 
n malheureux\ " ' 

Wbilat aha so mused ehe was äaying litüe carelese, easy phraae» 
to bim, paclogher tercD^Q elowly, wit£ her great maatle of iri»' 
colonred pluah^ lined "witb eil^er-foi fur, dtawn c^oso nboiit her, 
and ila bood ftbotit her face, like ita epatbe aroand tbe narciasus. 
^j^e wu sereneii nüahle^ noochalant j he wtte sUäDt, aod deepif 



iigitated; hd pa^sionarely enger for hU fata to be npolieD, tlisi he 
cnuld tind no lig-btjsentencen with which to »nswer liera. 

' He looks VBET well Ln that kiod of osLciteineiit,' »be tboufi'bt, 
M slia prlan«xl eiifewftva at hlin, 'He ta poetic in it, inatead of 
beinp nnlv awttwii.rdl, liJto|ioor liö-lpb. RuiJlj, if oeb coiild oqly 
bo euru ot ones «F'äf ' 

Öbw amiL^ud hprAi>lf »whlla "hj' kefpiiiff hlm upon the töirace, 
on whicli alli tliö Windows nf th^ hchune tookäd, koA wbtire r^a.rd 
for h«r niuat pttrforce reätraiu him froeu nny beirHyal of hi» OWD 
eiiiotiL>tiH. aha ffkaA if ftliti hfsld in leru^h inm^ pantin^, RtriTin^t 
deacrt aiiLmail wliicib hIiu forc»!d tn pr^^aurvt» tiie menaured pac« and 
decorouB stilluesa uf tamed creaturea, 

At lengih, compassioa or prudenoe me4e hw relent, and enter 
ths little Drient^l room where a\& ^lnqueDt STOwala had beeil möda 
& fürtiii^ht btffora. She closipd the gljwte doora, thfow oft' her für», 
Böd Btoodiu Ihe Bubdm-d HpUt und tlie beat,f>d nir of the room, 
eooij piilrtj delifatö aa tho Aprjl tlowßr wlittb she reaeiuljled, long 
trailiuh! fuld^^ iil' tliB priturriBB-Colmiifd satin wbich tortnfd böT 
niDminK "'^y'.V^ '"alliujf from her tbroat tfi her ieat In tha long 
lineä thftt pAiititi^m liive ;, nne ^reat peifirl fftstened & few FprajB of 
Btephanotia et her throRt. 8be ennk into b chair which stood 
Aj^intiC a tree of flcariät azalea Mt in au antiqne vküb of brasa. 
She was oiie of thoee woiueu who iDiturall^ make picturee of 
ihamBt-Ilvea for every act and in every »ttitude. 

The ranmeiit they were eeciira fpom obsarvülädii Othmar knelt 
at liipr feet and ki^ü^ her haiids agni^ ; his eyesi uplifledj. told 
their ta]e of raptiire, hopti, fyar, and Emploring prayer aioro 
Tiafiäiotmtfjtr than any worda. Hä would havö cut liia heart outof 
liis breit-^t u ühB had blddea him. 

She g-lnuced down cid the agitatiün wbich hia feahires could not 
epiii!«al with a muss of that wonder which never faÜed to come 
td her before tbe iittenaity of feelitig with which ehe Lnspired 

' liVhen I rftilly do nirthin^ to make tbeni like that ! ' ehe re-i 
fießted for tliö hunilredth tirae bafore thö tempeet wbich eha 
nüsed tiliTiost witbout endesTouLr. 

Otbrnnr liad recovered hi« praflcnce of mind, though noBa of 
big tranquilhfy ; hiBWOixis, iai}H"'lUöiiHfperaii[jflive, at üjoiea brokun 
hy the force of hia emotion, at timea eloquunt. with the eloqiiencu 
Jiatiiral to p,<ij*6ion, fall im her ear iinintemiptfd by hur. She 
Jist«ried, much as bIiö might hava listened to tbe flonorou« Bwell of 
the Marche flu Suj^ftice oi }5er]ioz, or any other harmony whicb 
ebould have plenayd her ts-^ite if only by coutrast of ite own vebe- 
mence atd streng'Lh with tlie ßerenity of her owu nature. Sh« 
IiHtened, withoiiL nny st^a of any sort, aare of qo muüb acquiss- 
cence na imig-ht hu iiidiiCntfd ijy the geatlunaBfi of her expeseion 
snd the paasiveEieee with whiich fiha left her band in hiB. He 
beliered her Bileiioe to ba aseent^ 



'Tliie i« wbat ] haTO alwuys fnncied might conauer nie,' ibe 
tliought, -whilst \m ardöDt protestations and HiitreatieB hdd her 
for the momfent pleaH&d and fascmated. ' And jat, I do not know. 
To ieare the world, to be always lögüther, to go, Heaven knowa 
where, into a sort of MALoinetan pnradise — would iteuitmeP 
I am afraid cot. Th« iden pl<»ase8 one La a waj, but not qulte 
enoufrli for that AJwajs togatlieT, and ßloue — one would tira of 
BLO on^l \ ' 

SoeliLl she was, »sthe6e tbougbte driftad tlirou^iih bermLud,« 
nnreeiötingly sbe kt bU forebead, and thun hie ljpa^ lie on her 
band, tbat be beliared bimsalf aucceaaful in bia prayec. He 
liE^ad bis ejes and looked at ber wltb a gaz« fuli dC raptiirou«. 
Liglit, of adoratioD and of gralitudiö* 

'Oh, mj loTöl raj lovel'hö murmurod. 'NeverÄball you 
regret an houT your naercj to mö ] ' 

Hia Hpä wöuld bave sou^bt be^s &a bU words ended in a fiig'h, 
the lovere dgb of bappine^a, but ahe inoTed and dieenguf^ed her- 
self quicktj^ andmotian«! to bim to rise. On ber mouth tbere 
wae the eliglit smile be knew eo irell — the emlle that waa the 
enemy of mes. 

* Älydear fritjcd/ ehe eaid, in ber melDdioua voice, swoet o? tha 
Boutb wind, aud rnavec aws«ter than wben U uttered cruel trutb« 
to eats tbat were wounded by them, ' 1 "wiU do yoü tbe justice to 
grant tbat I qiute beliave you cftre very mach for me ' (ba mada 
oniudignozit geatur^) ; '^pell^ tbat you Lovä mfl uti pcu, beaiicoiipf 
passionnSfiiPTii, na tbe cOnTent ^rla eaj tO tbe daieiea. But I am 
eqtially conviticed tbat you do not luid^rstnnd ma in the laast I 
underatand ray^elf tborouphlj. We ars all enigraas to others, but 
we otight to beabia to read our own riddle ourselves. I cao rond 
mine; wany people ne^er can r^^ tbeLra all tbeir ÜTea long, and 
that IS why tbey mnke bo mB.ny mistaicea. Now» I do know my^ 
B*jlf io very well. I know tfaat no kind of aiß, if tbere reaJly M 
iucb a Üiing- m mu, would frightenrae mijcb, Ithiai my nervaa 
would gtand evec b. criniB without^nGiDp, if it wera a bold ona. 
Iftba worid threw stones at me, It would amuae me. I cannot 
fiiQcy ßnybody beinß-unbappjr aboutU. Tberefora von will com- 
prebtjnd me wbes I lay tli&t it m not any kind of commonplace 
fiobaeDse about düic^ anytbini;^ wFOn^ wfaich movea me for a 
moraant, but — I bave thouplit of it all very mucb and very 
aerioüsljj and really with a wiab to try that otbar bind of Life you 
Kpeftk of, but— I cannot go witb you I 

Sbe Said it an qaletly and as Itghtly aa if aho woro Baying tbat 
ahe could not driva witb iiim to tbe Co) di Cruardia tbat rnnmifig, 
Öbo was amlÜDg- hei pretty, ali^bt, mysterlouB fimila, whict migbt 
hnvö land-at anytltinf^, from plty to derieioa. Slie had a &ft\g or 
two of tbe leafloea cidycantbuB in her ünf^rs, wbich ahe played 
with BS sbB spoke^ Hs bftted tbe fiagmnca of that Winter blosaoiu 
etef alturward^ 


'You cannotP Ton caimotf he murmured almost tmcon- 
■dously. * And why f ' 

Be did not well know what he said, the paraljma of & sndden 
uid iatense disappointment was upon Mm ; ne forgot tbat he had 
DO right to interrogate her, that no faintest breath of promiae from 
her had erer giTen him title to upbraid her ; the noise aa of n 
nüllion waves of etormy eeas was eurging in his eara. 

< Why P ' ehe repeated, with the eame serenity, and with a Idnd 
of indulgence aa to a wayward, imperioua child. ' Oh, for so many 
reasona I — not at all« beliere me, from any kind of hesitation about 
Piaton ; he woold do very well without me, though he wonld try 
to kill you, I BuppoBB, becaose men have euch odd ideaa ; besides 
they are alwayiB frettäng about what the world thinJre, juat aa 
when they play hilliaras they think about the opinion of the 
ffalerie-f no, not for that, beliere me; that is not my hiud of 
feeling at all; but I have thougbt over it all very much, and 
I have decided that it would not do — ^for me. I shoold he 
irritable and unhappy in a falae poeition, because I should have 
lost the power to shut my doors, other people woold Bhut 
theirs inatead ; I should he quite miserable if I could not be 
disagreeable to peraons whom I did not care to hnow, and no one 
in a false poätion ever dares be that ; they smile, poor creatures, 
perpetually, like eo many was dolls from GiTOnz's, Of course the 
moral people Bay it ia the loss of self-respect which makea them 
Bo anzious to please, but it is not that : it is really the senae that 
it is of no use for them to be rüde any more, because their rud&- 
neas cannot vei anybody. I quite understand Marie Antoinette ; 
I should not mind the scaflbld in the least, but I should dislika 
going in the cart. " Ze rot avait uru ckearette," you remember.* 

Othmar had risen ; as she glanced up at him, even oTer her 
calm and courageoua temperament, a little chiU passed that was 
almost one of alarm. Yet her sense of pleasure was keener than 
her fear : men's souls were the chosen Instrument on which she 
chose to play ; if here she Struck some deeper chords than usoal, 
the melody gained for her ear. Profound emotions and eager 
passions were unhnown to her in her own pereon, hut they coi>< 
atituted a spectacle which diverted her if it did not weary her — 
the chances depended upon her mood. At this moment they 
pleased her ; pleased her the more for that thrill of alarm, which 
was so new to her nerves. 

Othmar did not speak : all the etrength which was in hi m was 
taxed to its breaking point in the effort to restrun the passionate 
reproaches and entreaties which sprang to his lips, the buming 
tears of bitter disillusion and cruel disappointment which ruahed 
to his sight and oppressed his breath. What a fool, what a mad- 
man, he had been again to throw down bia heart like a naked, 
twmbling, panting thing at her feet to be plaved with by her. 

* How well he looka like that I ' she thought. ' Most men grow 



red wlefl they dre bo angry, but he pfiows like marlilej and liU eyes 
hum — ÜLers are i^eat teara in them — he looka Jike Mounat-Siüly 
BS Hippolytuig.' 

Odcs mora tLe momentarj inclbii.tion csiitiG over her to trust 
herseif to tliat Btorrny forca of lova whicli migbt lead to diipwretli 
and mi^ht kad to para,di8ie< ; there wera d beauty, a force, a Jo^cl- 
nation for her alsout him aä he ätood there In bia eileiit rage, Ma 
eyes pouriag dowa oa her ttielig"btning9 of hia reproach ; tot the 
impulee "waa not etrong engugh to conquer her; tbe world slie 
Would liave given dp with coiLtemptugiia mdificreECO^ but ahö 
woüld EOt surrender her öwd power tö di[;1:iil& to the world. 

Uer soft traßciuil voice went ou, aa a watorfall may gently 
imirmur its silyery eong while a tempest slrakcs the gldea. 

*I know you thißk that love is enoiigh, tut I assura you I 
ehould doubt it, eveii if I dld — lova you. Kouaaeau has Baid long 
beforeuathatlovelackg twothing^a — permaneiice andimiuul&bilUy; 
theyseem to me ayuonymous, and I do Luttliinkthat theirabscnc:» 
LS n defect ; I tbioi it areu a niörit. Yet, aa they an abaent, it cbq- 
not bo worth wbEe to pay bo very much for aoTory defocti^e a thing.' 

' God for^iro you 1 ' cried her lorer in passionate pain. ' Yüu 
betray me with the cmelest jeat tbat wonnLn ßver plcyed ofF on 
man, and you tliink tbpt I can stand ßlill to hearfcea to the pretLy 
tiuklLüg bell» of a drawinK-room pliilü&ophy ! ' 

* You do not etand sXi\\' slie aüBWerBd laaguidly, *you walk 
to and fro like a wouuded panther ia a psg;e. 1 have io no way 
betrayed you, and I am not jestinj^ at all, I am eaying tbe vary 
eiDiplest trutb. You bare asked me to do a momsntouß aud 
irreviKahle tbicEf; and I bafe anawered you truttfiiüy that I 
ebould not sbrbk from it if I weis coaviiic^d thßt I ahould never 
regret it, But I am cot convinced * 

' If you loved me you would bo eo i ' he said in & voice wtich 
was cbolied and abnoSt iD&udihlB« 

'Ab! — ifl'aaid Nadine Napraxine 'witb a emile and a Uttla 
iigb, 'Tho wholfl secretliea in tbat oqc conjunction ! ' 

HiiS teeth elencbotl aa h$ heaid her aa if in tbe iutoIerablB pain 
of mwM mcftol woußd. 

' Beaidefi, beaides/ ehe raurraured, half to heraelf and half to 
him, ' ray dear Otbmar, you ara charming, You are like no one 
eise ; you please me ; I coafeaa tkat you please me, bct you could 
not inauie me afjainat my own unfortiiuate capocily for very aoon 
tiricg' of eTcrybody, and — I baro a conviction thst in tbrea 
montha' time 1 shoutd be Hrrd 0/ you ! ' 

A ßtroag ihudder paaaed over tim from hgtid to foot, asÜiQ 
Woxda Struck bim witb n greater abück than tbe blow of a daggef 
\si bifi eidiä would hava gireu. He realised tbe bottotniesä gulf 
wbich Bepaiated him from tbe woman he adori^d^ — tb© cbasm of 
her own absolute indiflaience. 

He, in hia exaltation, was ready to gi^e up «11 Mb future and 


fliag Bway all bis honoor for her sake, acd would have aake^ 
Dotoitig more of earth and beaven tban to bav« passed life and 
eternity at her feet ; and sbe, swayed momentarily towaida him 
by a faint impulse of tbe aenses and tbe sensibilitiea, yet could 
draw back and calmly luok outward into that visixin of thie poasibla 
future, which dazzled him aa the mirage blinda and mocks tbe 
desert-pilgrim djing of thirst; abe, with cbUl presdence conld 
foreaee the time wben bis preseoce would become to her • 
wearineas, a chain, a yoke-fellow tireaome and dull t 

Sbe looked at him with a momentaiy compaasion. 

* Dear Othmar, I am quite stire you have meant all you saidy 
sbe murmured softly. 'Bat, beüeve me, it would not do; it 
would not do for you and me, if it might for some people. I am 
not in the least shocked. I tbink your idea quite beautifuL like 
s poem ; but I am cOTtain it would never suit myselC I tue of 
everything so quickly, and then you know I am not in Iotb witb 
yoa. One wanta to be so much in love to do that sort of thing, 
we sbould bore one anotb» so infinitely after the first week. Yea, 
I am Bure we sbould, tbough I know you are quite üuoere iu 
saying you woald like it,' 

Then, still with that demure, satisfied, amused snüle, ahe 
tumed away and lifted up the Moorish chocolate pot and poured 
out a little chocolate into her cup. 

' It bas grown cold,' sbe said, and tinkled a hand-bell which 
was OD tbe tray to stunmon Mahmoud. 

Otbmar, who bad sprungto bis feet and etood erect, seized her 
wrist in bis fingers and tbrew the bell aside. 

' There is no need to diamins me,' he aaid in a low tone. 
* Adieu I You can teil the story to Lord Qeraldine.' 

Hia &ce was quite colourleas, ezcept that around bis forehead 
there was a du&^ red mark wbere the blood bad surged and 
eettled as thotu'h be had been Struck there with a whip. 

He bowed low, and left her. - 

Sbe stood before the Moorish tray and ita contents with a 
Sense of cold at her beart., but her little aelf-satiafied smile waa 
still on her mouth, 

< He will come back,* ehe tbought, ' He came back before ; 
tbey always come back.' 

Sbe did not intend to go witb him to Äüa, but she did not, 
eitber, intend to lose him utogetber. 

' He waa süperb in bis fury and bis grief,' she thought, ' and he 
meant erery word of it, and he would do all that be said, more 
than he said. Perhaps it hurt bim too much, perhaps I laugbed 
■ little too aoon/ 

She was like the cbild who had found its Uving bird tbe beat 
of all playthings, but had forgotten that ita plaything, beinß; alive, 
could also die, and so had nipped the new toy too cnielly in care- 
lese little fingers, and had kifled it. 




fVi'-^ i'ü, fis lie left La Jaoqueinerill«, foi^ot tlie boat in wbich he 
Jiftd opiiie iJijlJiHP, Hfl walked mecbauicnlly tliroiiph tlie house, 
and oitt liy thti tir^t gal a wi!i[?h be aaw hBÜire bim. Ha was \z. 
that&tatäof febrile excil-ution Id wliich the llinbs move williuut 
the wUl iu ftl) itlfitiüCtive ellort to find oiiller to mental psin io 
■bodily esörtiün, Tbe (>at« be hfid paiviud tbr<>u)^b opaned into s 
little wood of pines, wlißace n nairow path löd upwurd int-o the 
hilla above. Witb littk con^HcioiiJ^n^SHol -wbiit he old, he ascimdi^d 
tha mule-road wbich row Iwfore bim, and the cbill of tbe raorning 
BIT, oa it blew throii^h tbe topa of the Bwn^uig^ ulubb, was welcome 
to bim. Ha tmd (.hat cruel wouud withia him wliicb a pnjud 
man suflacs from wljen b& baa diai'losed the iiiDeniiufltfiecretB of 
his heart io a rars uiom'eikt of imp'ulaä, aod Laa sesn thom lighttj 
and coniemptuoiiply played wilh fnr b jeut. 

He lifid gtnifj llipouf^b lifo racöiving mucb odulation but little 
eympjitbj, and ^viiig ils little contidence ; ia a mnra] iBulntion due 
tÄ tne delicacj of hiö own outure aiid to tbö flflttßry bö received, 
whicb hadearlj made hiui witlibold himgolt' from intimata firiend- 
sliips, fearicg' to trugt whäm he would be anlj duped. 

To her, in an unguarded hour, ba had ebo'wc the lonelbeaB 
and th& longiitf; wbich be ftilt, hs had disclosud the emp^ place 
whicb no powera or vaDitieii of the world coiüd fiU ; ue bad 
fitaked tho whole of bia peace oii the caprice of oue waman, aud 
be knew tbtit, iu the rouph phroat) wliicb men would have iitted to 
bim, ha hiu3 bceTi tunde a fool of in n^tum ; hi; bad be^l^rayed bilD- 
Eeli'^ Bnd had nothing in retiiru but tb^ meniory of ft little low 
laU(i;ht«j*, of a trütiquil Tüice, suyinjr; ' JwuJt cda f^eat le. ttteuX 

He -aever knew Tery weü bow th&t day of the Sod of January 
paseedwiLh bim. He was sensible of walldo^ long, of clitubiu^ 
Bteep paLbfi go'mg townida th'S bisher mountaina, of dnnkingp 
thirfltily et a üttlö woodland fountai«, of sitting for boure quita 
motionlera, looki^ig down nn tbe ahoi*« far bdow, wbora tbe olue 
B«a apread in the suiiliß'bt, and tLa Lowi^ra oi' H. Pharamonil n^era 
merö jiny poLuls amld^t a crowd of evergteeo and of adverj' 
leaffd trepfj. 

Tbere was an irony in tbe sens« tbat he Could have purcliBBed 
tbe wholö pioTinee whicb lay bmiK-atli bis fuöt, could havö bought 
out tbe pruDCBling' wbo reißriied iu tbat little kingdom under old 
Turbia, as eosil^ bs be could have bougbt e bouquet for a woman, 
could have »et emperora lo war ■witb one «iiotber by merely caat^ 
ing hifi goM iuto the ecul^'ä of peace, could bave created a rity ia 
IL barren piain witb aa litUo «Ifort w » cbild buildä up a toy 
villB;gQ oa a. ttibk, and yet waa powerleat to cominaud, or to 



KTOueSf tbe ouly tliüig od eartli wliich be deaired, 0119 wlüt of 
feeliflg^ in tha womm be loved | 

It WB^ lata in the afternoon when bö tqok bJÄ "wsy bomewarj, 
baTinff eaten notbi»^', only tlrunk thirstllj of watur wherever o 
littla brouk had mode a wqU amoo^t the tufla of Lepatica ia tlia 
pme woods. He waa a man capabla of s Hpiritufd love} if ila 
nad rematned aloof from bim for lioaoui'a suk^, biit had carod tat 
hitn, he vrould not baTe demarred tu tier cboice, bub would 1iat4 
accepted bis fate at her liaiids, imd would bave Berv&d ber loyally 
'with tbe derotioQ of ti. cbivalrouB natare, 

AU the pnasloD, tlie paia;, ew of a boy'B first love, blent in him 
with tbe bitter reroltB of icature KBoboodt He beliered tbat 
NadinQ Nraprnxine had narer intended mufa thäu tö arauae berself 
Tvith hia rcjeC'tiaii; bä bälläved tbnt for tbe eacoüd time be bad 
'beea tbe tny of an unacrupulous coquBtte. Wbatever faidt tliera 
jDigbt be in bis loyafor bereit was love — abeolute, etrtiDg, faitbfulj 
audcapäble of anetörnal lojally ; b&bad lald bia heaft bar« befara 
bor, and bad meant in tbeir ütmoeE meaniog all tbe ■words wbißb 
bfl bad uttered, all the ofTera whicb be bad mado. Despite bis 
knowlledge of her, he bad allowad bimself to be befjTiiled into a 
Becond confession of tbo etiipiie sbe pusacR^ed over biiDf and for 
tbe BecoQd time be bad htaa not alooe rejestedr but g'sutly ridi- 
culed witb thiit quiet aaniEöd irony whick bad beeß to the foroa 
und Iieat of hU paseion libo » fing epiay of ice-cold water falling- 
Qa iroa at ä ■wkite-beat, Öhe bad Eot alone wounded aad fittlDg 
bitn ; elie bad bmuibat(;d kim profoundly. If ähe had rejecCod 
bim from hnnour, duty, or love for any other, he would hava 
IwiTifl what men have borne a tbousand timae in eilence, and witb 
HO senee of sbame :; but he was conBciona tbat in her absolute in- 
digciänce ske bad drawn bim on to tha füllest rsTelatioD of bU 
ke feit for ker, oeIj that her xeady satire miglit find food in bis 
folly, Hod ber üue wit play witb kia £u£eriji^, as tbe aiig'kr plajB 
tbe trout. Ske eeemed to bim to bare betrayed bim in tka 
"basest manner tbnt a woinnu could betray a m%n wbo bad no 

{lositive right to her loyalty, She bad kkown bo well bow ba 
oved ber. He bad told ber so many timea ; uuless slia bad been 
■willin^ to beftp the tale a^ainj -why had sbe bidden him coma 
tbera jn tbat chajmad Golitude in tbe hiiah and freahoesa of tha 
early üjorning P AVhen women deeire not lofä, do tbey eeat 
tkeir lover böaido tbem wbon bU the wovld ekeps ? Ee bad beafl 
cbeabed, laughed at, Bnmmoncd, and tban dismiesed ; bia wbola 
frome thrilled witb hmniliation wben be recEilled tbe Bmiling anb- 
diiod mockiery of her Toice aa ehe bad diamiasad bi m . 

He bad teea willm^ to give bor bis Jife, bia p'ood repute, bis 
pOBce, lu9 bonou^^ bia very bouI ; and ehe bad eent bim away with 
the ealm, cool, IüILIb pbraäea witt wbick ehe wOtJd kave rejected 
ft clumfiy Ti^lser for a cotilloQ 3 
. Bs bad Uttb v&aityj bat be "ko^m himaelf to be oa& of tbosa 



to whom tiifl World crlnges ; ooe of tho&e of wlipm moclem life 
has made it£ Cfflfifira; he knew tba.t wliat Iiä bfiil be«li willin^ to 
Bürreadlep to her liad been no little thlögr that he would hive 
eaid farawell M tlia whGle of maukicd for her anke, aad would 
haTB loTsd her wifh the lomantic devoted fciixie aud fenlty of a 
franker and äercer time thnn hia own; and elie haddrawn liim od 
to agaiQ cQiifcsa this^ af^xäa. oßer tliiB, and all it had seeined to her 
■was vieaxjea, an archLoe tbiofr to Jaugb at, to yawn at, to be in- 
dulgeat to, aad tired hy, in a breiith I 

He wog « very proud maa, and a man who bud aeldoca or 
never ahown what Le either deaired or eufiered, yet lia had laid 
hia wholfl heart hura to her ; äud ehe, the qnly livio^ hein^ who 
had either power over him, or real tncwledge of himj, hnd looked 
Bt hira witii har littJe cool fiinüe, and uaid, ' In three montha I 
ahould be tiiad of you,' 

If, wheii thfi knijrht had tilled Hi9 falcon foi- hia lady, ahe had 
acoiTed at it and throwa it out t^s feed the rats and sparrowa he 
■wöuld havB BTiffered os Othmar aufiered now. Ha had killed hia 
honour and hia pride for her Enko, and ahe had held them in har 
handa for a moment, and tbau had laughed a httle and had throwa 
Üiem Rway. 

Where be aat all bIouq ho feit Hs cheelcs biim with the wasb 
dE an uaendurabk mortiäcatitm, At thb momeut, for nug-lit ba 
kaew, &fae, with h^ admirable mioiicry and her merciless sarcastn,, 
migbt be reacting' the scene for t]ie diversion of her corapaniong! 
Passion wils but vieiLV jeu] it cQuld eipect nö highgr difilination 
tban to be Tidiculed oa cotnedj by a watty woman. Did not the 
universe only exist to amuae tha languor of Nadiiie Niipmiitie ? 

The World, had it heaid the atoiy, would have blamed him foT 
an unholy love, and praised Ler for her diamissal of it; but be 
Jmew Ibat he had hden as utterly betrayed as tkorigh ha Iiad be«u 
Said by bcr into tlie handä of asäassins. She had drawn bim on, 
aud OB, Bild OH, until all bis life had been kid at her feet, and thgn 
sbe had looked at it a littls, 'Cerel'^äi^ly, idly, and had äiid ehß had 
tio u^ fof it, as ehe tnlght hav^e Baid c^f any goa-wost« wa^bed up 
DU tbe eea-atepa of her teirace witli (hat noon. 

Of Cdurae the world wouM have pj'aiaed he?; no douht tbö 
WOtld would have hlamed bim; but hn knaw tbat women who 
alaytheif lovers aftcr loving tham do acoaraeT but b kinder thinp, 

It woa nlmoat durk ns he dd^condcd tho roodto S.Fharamoßd, 
intecdin^ when ha reacbed home to moke Eome excuae to bis tmcla 
and leave for Paria by the nipht espress or by a special train. The 
path be took led through the oranf^e-wood of Saudroz, which 
Btt«df in u triangulair-^liaped pleca of ground, betwaen tbe boun- 
daries of bis own I&nd and thnt of Millo. Absorbed ob he wan in 
hifi own tbongb ts^ he rect^^iised with sürpTißö the tigure of Yseult* 
u liö ptisbed hia wfly under the low boug^ba of the oFfiüga trees, 
nidflawhwwithmayardofhim, Bhe waawithtke woman Nicple, 


i'/i-J^/CJISS ^JPHAX/.VS, 

Slie did not »F*e him untü he wa« close to hör, wlieifl «h» wt 
an a low stoiici witllt tltti WDDiitD stniii]iii^ in Tront uf hf^r, Wlien 
eha did so, Imr face ajiokfi for lieF; itsaid whal. NudiueNapmxinHV 
had ni?T«f faid. Tlie tuniitioii of joy and timidify üiiiiK"lttd Utuebt^d 
hlm Iceönty in that momeDt, when hi>, with bis ciillions of gald 
BTid of trjeiidf», hxkd f^o Btronf^lj reEili'j&d bte awn lonelineas. 

' Ä'A« lo\'e» me m much aa ahe dar« — aa raucb as Bhd can, wilh- 
Dut ^in^ couecioua of it,' be thoujirht, na hu pauai^ beifdde Ler. 
8be did aot epeak, »lie did not movi^ ; but her colcuir cbanjzed and 
her brwitb cftme quickly, Sbe bnd «lipped otf th« w»U njid »tood 
irreaolute^ iLa tlioii)^h indiiiäd to run awiiy, tbe (^Iqbsj b'avtMi 
ftnd tba utarry Wussome of t!ia trees coasecrated to TiryiriLfy 
irere (dl ftbove her and Jiround her. 8be gtaucBil rtt liim «iili äiit 
iiidtitintte füAT; ahe fii[ndi>d be was an^red by tba raturii of tbe 
caaket; he looJied paler and etemer than ahe bad ever Been him 

He paiiKed a moment and eckid eome common place ward. 

ThäQ he saw tliat her eyes yseaft wet witb tenra, aud tbat sha 
lind bean crying-. 

* What la thä matter P ' he eaid, gentlj. ' Hhb an/thing- vexed 

' They are senditig her away/ B»id Nicole Sandroa, with indig- 
pant teara in herown eyiea, findmpT that ahe did not ruply for hyr- 
Balf. ' They are seiidimg' her fco tbe Voetjesj where, aa MüiisLuiir 
Jcilüwa Teiy w«II, I makö no doubt» thö very hnrea and woIthb arii 
frosten in the wood,? at this montb of tbe y^ar.' 

* Are you iiideed iroinff away ? ' he aßked of Yseulte herseif, 
She did not «peak : elis ciade a lictle alhrumÜTe gesture. 

' Wby ia thatf Bois le K07, m tbia &eaauu, "will hti a crael 
prieon for you,' 

' My coiigiö wiahta it,' eaid tbe pir]. She spoke with effbrt; 
ehe did not wi^h to cry before bim, the memory of &1! that her 
Couf^in had^aid tbat morriiiig vitm with her in mercileBS distiiictn^iSi 

Nicola hroke out in a torrBot of «pöech, accusitlg the t^iTHnts 
MiUo in impjiMioned and hömoderat« hmguage, and devoting; 
tham and theira to untoM miaeriea in Tetrihiitign^ 

Yaeulta atopped htjr with authnfity : ' Yciu ara wrön^, Niöölö ; 
du nnt speafc in ein^h a manner, it is insolent. Yütt forget lliat, 
whether I am m tba Voe^es or heTo, 1 eqtially owe my conäa 

ähe paiieed ; ehe was no more tbao a child. Her departure 
waä Tery cru^l to ber; she had heen humiliated and chastia&d 
tbat day büyond her power of patience; elie bad said nolhing, 
dona nothing, h«t La heiT heart bLü had relipllöd pitegionately wheu 
thwy had taken nway her ivory casktit. They hpd 3eft her the 
heart of a woniau in ita stüad. 

Othraar was ignonuit that bis cflsket, fatefuJ aa Patidora'j, had 
lieen retumad, but be divinsd tbat bis ^ift bad disjdeiisad tiiose 



wbo diip(if>ed Cif bdr dtüaliny^ nnd Lad brougbt aliout dll'OCtlj or 
loilü'äCtJj bitr exJla from Millo. 

' When dfl yoQ go P ' bö asked abruptlj. 

* To-moTTOW,' 

Ab ehä anawared him tha tears she could Dot aItDg;etbar reatram 
rolled off her laabe«. Sbs tumed a-n'OiT. 

' Ijet OB gw in, Nicole/ ehe murmured. ' You know Henriette 
jis WHiting for mö/ 

' Let IJer wRJt, the cockured'Up Parisiennej wbo eLrieks if bIio 
iee a pip" and has byetarips If sliy get e 9pot of utud oq Jier stock- 
jngB [ jjrumbled Nicole, who was tbe swora fge of tlie whole Pari»- 
bom and Paris-bred h^diaebuld of Milki, But Yseillte hiid alreody 
moved towarda the house, WLan aho bad potie a few ynrAs rwüjf, 
however, ehe paaB«d, retiimed, and approached Othmar. SÜe 
looked on Ihe ground, and her Toice trembled aa sbä spoke: 'I 
öught to thonk you, M. Otliüiar— I do tliauk you. It waa veoy 
beautiful. I would hava kept it all my llfe.' 

' Ah r fluid Othmar. 

He imdiirstood ; be wns moved to a tiuddsn ao^r, vhicb pene- 
trati^d ev^D bis inteut)« preoccupatioa. Hö lind lui^tiEt to do thia 
poor child a kindaesa, Biid hö liad only done ber ^reat härm, 

Tseulte had turiiMl away, anii h^d gOUQ rapldly througli thö 
oranpe-trsea towarda tlie liouse. 

' Shü ia iiot Lappj P ' sald Otlimn.r to her foster-motherj whöM 
toDguö^ once luo^ed^ told iiim nith tlia gloqtiäisee of iudignation of 
all the 80IT0W8 Butternd bj her nuralicg. * And tbey wiE niaka 
her a nun, Moneieuri ' ehe cried ^ 'a nun! Tbat child, who lb 
like a June lily, For m% I say notbin^ apainst the black aiid 
gny womtiD, tboufili Saudroz calls tbem bad cnmea. Thi;rc elt» 
f^Dod womet) amoi:ig^at them, nnd wLen one liea mck in hoepitsil one 
ifl gldd cf th^m \ hut thflTe are wonii;]! ^niiugh ip tiiis wocM who 
bava Bin« and sbatsä to repent tbem gf to fill all tbä CDUTeiiita 
from here to Jerusalem. Tberft ara all thö ugly onefl too, and the 
eickly OTiee and tba deformed ones, and the häart-broken ; for them 
it 18 all very well; tba cloiater ia home, tlie Teil ie peace — they 
muat think of beftven, OT gö mad ; it ia be&t they should think of 
it. But thia child to be a nun l^when sbe ahould he mnDiDß- wiEh 
her ovn «hildren throu^b tba dtdßißa — when abeebould be playing 
in the aimslilne Like the lambs., like the kids^ like ths pi^eooB E ' 

Othmar heard her to the end; then witLoat anawer he hjvde 
her good-day, aud descended tbe aloping gress tüwetrda bia 

' They say he haa a million ■ year/ aald Nlcole to herstulf, aa 
ihe looltad after him. ^ Wellj he does DOt seam to he happy uran 
tt. Tbe lade that hriag up the rage on their heada from tbe ahip 
lock gayer than he, all In che etench and the muck ae they are, 
and QeTer knowini^ that they -will eam their biead and wine from 
one day to aunber.' 


She Iddced a stcsie fram her patfa, and hnnied after Iwr 

tHff uling , 

Otbinar went qnickly on to bis own voods. 'Tbej oould not 
ereil let her hsre thst toj/ he thooght with an emotion, rague 
bot üocere, oateide the conBiet of paanon, wimth, and mortincft- 
tion which Kadine Napraxine had arooeed in him. He sair the 
nidden bappinet^ ao Boosi T^led beneatii teeerra and tinüdi^^which 
had ahone on the giri'e &ce as die had fint seeoi him under the 
firange bonghs. He safr her beantifnlgiddenOTeBinJBtywiththe 
tean ahe baid had too mach conrage to abed ; be aair bsr elender 
throat ewell with aabdned emotian aa she had approached him and 
laid ihjly, ' I wonld bare hept it all m j life.' -^ 

AU her Hfe— in the stcaie cell of aome bonae of the Dangbters 
of Obiiat er the Sisteis of St. Marie t 

* To lore is mOTe, jei to be lored ii HBicäliiift' 

be tbongbt. ' Wbat treasorea tfst one'a beert and eensee are in 
her— 'if one oonld only care T 


Whev bereached bome tbat erening be foond oa bis vriting^ 
table the ivoir casket and the letter of Madame de Vannes. In 
the pain and tne passion which wrestled togetber against hie man- 
booa in bim, he scareely heeded eitber, yet thej brought before 
hia memorj tbe face of Tseulte, and the sound of her Boft grave 
voice with that sweet thrill of joutb in it which is like tbe thriU 
of tbe tbrusb's in the woods at spring-time. She had jouth, but 
ibe would bare no spring-time. 

And in the etrong and impotent rage wbicb consiuned bim, in 
tbe pain of brulsed and acbing nervee, and the sickening void 
wbica the certain Iobs of wlmt ^one is loved brings with it, 
Otbmar, seeing the ivoiy casliet, and glancing at tbe letter which 
bo bad had no paüence to read throtigh, thought to hlmself, ' Tbe 
cbild loTeß me ; ehe will bave a wretched liife ; what if I try to 
forget P They threw virgins to the Miootaur. Shall I tiy to 
appeaae with one this cruel fire of love, wbicb leaves me no peace 
or wisdom P ' 

It was the act of a madman to attetnpt to make one woman 
take tbe place of anotber to tbe senses or to tbe beart, but in that 
moment he was not maater of bimself. He was only sensible of a 
cruel iuBult which he had received from the band he loved best on 
earth: of a cruel betrajal wbicb was but tbe more mercileas 
becauae wrougbt with so sweet a smile, so apparent an uncoa- 
BciouAness, so seeminglj innocent a malice. 



He passed tho night nnd tLe nait morning^ locked \n hia own 
toom ; wliec Le kft it, and met Ihe Baron Friederich, he fl&id 
to bim : 

* I ]jaTe tliouf^ht over all you said tbe otlier dar. Yoii ßre 
iTg-hfc, HO doiibt. Will you go acroEs to our neig-bbours nt Millo 
ftnd flsk of ttiein tli6 hoijüur of tiie band of their couaiu^ of Made- 
moiselle de Valogne ? ^ 

The Baron stared nt bim witt « little crj of Dumze. 

' For you P ' he stamwercd. 

' Jor mö,' Said Othmar, * \Vbat haire you said youtgeir? 1 Ja 
not waat wealtli; I want goodbloQdjheoutv, sod inuMeuce; Uiey 
are all posse^aed "by Mademoiselle de ValoCTie. Go I yaur errand 
will pleaae tliem. Tbey will pard&n seine DieacKof etiquette. It 
will PS a tnigsion wliicb you will like.' 

Aa Ihe Baron, b little lat^r, roUed throug-h tba gatea of Millo 
in füll Bt4ter hia ebrewd kuäwlcdge o£ m^n and theii madnasaai 
made him think : 

* So the Piineess Näpraxine eyidently will bsve notbing to bot 
to hioE, A la banne keure I Tbere sre som^ honest women lefc 
theD amon^st Elie grent Indiea. Bha cotild go >6iLäi]y havs riimed 
him E Hb takes a droU way to eure hiraself, biit it ia not a bad 
on«, Tba worst \n, that tlila sort of eure never lasta long, and 
when ebe caq make the unbappineaa of two per^na, instead of only 
the happinesa oC one, peihape Madama la Frincease will 1h) tempted 
tu make it ! ' 


Os tb© foUcswIng- day Pktoü Nü-praxinfl droyft bome from Monte 
Carlo at Banset «ith a pieca of Dewa to carry thetö whieb amiiaed 
Aud unustially ammated him. 

He went up tbe stone staira of the terrace of La Jacquemorillo 
witb the qviick atep of oue who ia eager to deliver himself of bis 
tiding^, and approachod, with a rapidilyunfrecjaeot witli him, tho 
apot wliere hi^ wif« Bat with her giiesta under the rosa and wbitu 
awDing beside tiia raarbla baluatrade and tbe Tariegated a]oe&. 

The FrjßDQBa Nadine waa also fall of unwouted animation ^ 
her cbeek bad its sea-shell flush;, her eyes a vagua and pkaaed 
expecttancy ; ehe was laughiDg a Utile cind lläteiiing a good d&al j 
beädea her usaal companions, she had there a group of Auatrian 
and ßuasian diplomatiatB and soma Parisian boiileTardiera. They 
were juat taking their leava aa she waa taking- her ten, hut it waa 
not Tery greatly of them tbat &he waa thinMnfr ; ste was thlnking- 
u aba beard tha roll of bar buaband 9 carrißge wheeU bencath tb« 
carouba treea : * Tea to ono Othinnr mil ratiirn witb hiirii' 

3he IfBt her gay eipTession ua she eow that he waa aloiio. 


All tlia dar sha Imd espected theioaii wbomalie had baniälied 
to rettim, Sae wm accus tcrnied to BmoieU who crawled humblj 
up aft«r a beRting tu policit aootber beatJHg ratber than remain 
lumoticed. She hnd diBmissad n cerlain apprebßnQtOP which bad 
told her thittahe had föüe too far with th« reÜeCtiaii Uiat tfae mAu 
wbo lorad hör onc« did so for evär, and that., aa ha h&d rötumed 
Erom AbIa, so he wDuld retum tbla mormcg, howäT«r great bis 
offience or hia huiuiliation might hATe been, 

' He u tnore romnntic than most,' ahe had ttoa^ht, ^ but AftaT 
al!;, he muet be mada of tbe Mme atulf/ 

NapraiinB appronched her burriedly, aad scarcely givirg- him- 
seH täme to fcrmall^ greet tbe j^atleiuäD theca, cried to h^r aloud : 

* Ectmttz dmCf Mndams l You will uever gnesa what ha» 

*It ig of DQ use for ue to try ifcen/ e(üd bis w^i'e^ 'Ton atb 
BTidonÜy go7\ß6 with aomo tremendoue iatelligencB. Pray un- 
burdan youreelf. Perhftpa tbe flociöties for tbe protection of 
anLmals oave b&d Stroisbiirg^pd/^A made illegal P ' 

' X bava BOSD thti Ducheflf^j I hava s«en Baron Frjtz, I bAve söeit 
MßlTillß,' Atiswetöd her hußband impetuoiulj and tTiumpbäLÜy» 
' aod ihtj all aaj tbe aame thing;, so that tbere cannot be a doubt 
ihaX it is true, Othmar marriea that littla couain of Ori-Ori: the 
DIU üf wbom tbey meaiLt to tnake a nun. WbAt luck for her I 
But tbey Bay elia lb vary beautifui, snd only Kxtiöen.* 

Tbe people aaBambln^d aroimd her table rajs^ a chonia of 
exclamation and of commeBt. NapraziDa siood amidat tbem, 
deligbted -^ bis little ßocial bomb had Durst with tbe brilJiancy *ad 
tbe noifiä that hä bad Aiiticipated- 

Nadine Napraxine tumed her bead wtth an JDToluntajy inoyfi" 
ment of eiirprise, 

'Othmarl' aherepeated; ha? larg« black ejes opened fiilly 
fritb a perpkxed expreasion. 

'It nrnst be tbe giil who wae in th^ hoat,' eüd Lady Brance- 
peth. * Sbe was Tery bandaDnia.' 

Qeraldina looked at Madame Napraxine witb curiodty, eag«z^ 
nesB, atid gratiäcatiou. 

* MTho told you, Platon P ' sbe asknl, witb a certoiD impatience 
in bor toLco. 

' Tbree of them told me ; M&viUe first, tbeu Cri-Cri heigelf, in tbe 
Sälle de Jen. Sbe did not geem to know wbetber to be affroated op 
pleased, Sbe aaid tbe wbolo tbrng was a greal surprieej but tbat 
bIiö COidd not refuää Otibmar ; sbe dHclarfid that her projeCta Wetö 
all upsBtj tbat her yonog conain had been alw&jfl. destined to the 
reÜgioua liföT tbat ahe regxetted to have bör turo&d from ber 
Tocation ; ia ehort, &ha -talbt^l a ^at deal of noDeenae, but tbs 
upebot of it all wae that Baion Fritz had made formal proposalä, 
and that ehe hnd acv«pted tbam. Xn the gardeofl, comins away, 
I iXiet Um Bktoii biioseir^ be waa ins ätatuof ecstasy ; allbacaiaa 



for U the p^rpetuation of thö name of Othmar; "but he dedsren 
that MadsraDiaelie de Vulogne la eTerythlog ha coiUd deaire, tbat 
ahe was eicäSÄivel/ timid, and acarcelj spoke a word wlieii the^ 
allowed him to »ee her for ÜTa minutäa, out that it traai s rerf 
^aceful timidily, and füll of ftielin^.' 

* Baron Fritz in tba nperatic T<iU of Padrone d'Amora ü 
iofloitely droll,' soid Nadine, with a LitÜe. coLd Jaug-h. 

'Of courjg Otbmar waa obli^ed to luan'yeoiDe time/continued 
Napraime, wUo did not eaeily nbandon a aubjact wlien onapleM«! 
liiiEu * And hfi ia— liow old ig be P — I eaw the Baron as I löft ; he 
ifl dälighted. Hs sayä tba poor cbUd f^inited whäo tbey told h&r 
ehe waa to be safad from a religioua life.' 

' My de&r Platon,' said hie wiJe impatietitlj, ' we can read 
Daudet or Henri Greville whan we wanc tbia aort; of thing. Pray, 
fipara iw, I hope Baron Fritn eipLiined to her that all ahe ii 
wanted for ia to contiiiue a raca of Croatian money-lendBEB wUch 
he ooneiders tlie pivot of the world. If ehe fall in doin;^ that he 
■will counseL a divorce, i Ui Bonaparte.' 

' He mi^ht niarry an archduclitiäa/ aaid one of tbe diplomatistu. 
* Surely, it is throwinfc himaelf Bwav.' 

' It iDUft be for love/ eaid Oerafdiue^ with an tronicnl Bmile. 

' The de Valo^e wm a preat lace, but impoTerisbed loog ag-o/ 
iaid 8 Rosaian mimgtdr. '1 think^ if ba bod msmad at tUl, he 
üboidd havB made an ällianee ^rbich would bava brou^bt büm tbät 
nnasätdlably great ranic wbich ia uaually tba ambition of all 
finaucieis. Für a mftn of hia poftition to raake a mere romantio 
'maritig& d'mnaur iä abguid— out of place ; — acd who knowa if it 
be evea that P ' be purautid, with an involuotary glani» at ths 
Princess Napra:cme'. 

* Wby on earth aboiitd we doiibt it ? ' »id her husbaad. ' Ife 
cannot be anything elae, Bcd they eay tbe girl ia quitu beautiful. 
SuTely, if nDycnre can aiford to marry to pleose Mmself, that ona 
13 Otbmar,' 

' At aüy rate,itia bis üwn affoir/flfljd Nadine, in a Toice whieh 
WM clear and eweet, but cold as at&el. * I cannot eee wby we 
BhoaldoccupyauTBelTeBabout it, or why jou&boiildbaTe aonounced 
it afl if it were tbe dissolution of tbe WOrld/ 

' Mad&moiafclle da Vnlogne ts very beaiitiful,' said Geraldine. 
' I bare aeen her once at MUla, Whj should they preteod to 
heeitate P ' 

•They heätatad becauae ahe m mu^b ö Marie,' replied 
Napraiine, * acd also tba de Vanaea and tbe de Creuaa« scaccely 
recogniaa the priucea of finance ea tbeirequala. Still the marriage 
18 magniüceDt ; tbev feit tbey bad uo tigbc to legret it sicce it 
füll to tbem from HeavGn.' 

* Dq you (rtill balleve, Platon, that HeaTen haa anythinjf to do 
with marriago P ' aaid hls wifa, witli her little sig'iLifi.caot emile ; A 
eliirht colour bad coma upon her cbeeks, tingiog them as blush* 

» a 



■Kaea ara tiDged with tho faictest flufh 3 ter eT«f! retalned tlnit 
aatoniälicd and anucycd expres^doD^ of which liei busliaüd sa.« 

' Heaven mndB mme nt käst/ Ke «üd, witL tia imfoiling; good- 
bumour, and & bow in wbicli. lliäre waa some cfrace. 

* LouLs QuaLorzo couJiI not hAveanswered better,' said Nadine. 

■ I ca^Tiot firty I sefl tho band of Heaven mysalf in it, but if you do, 
io much tlie bflüer. " Leä illit^iona £ont dea läroa, maü c'eat avec 
lea 2.Äras qu'on fait les boaux cbiiircs.'"' 

'I doii'Ot Imow'wfietliärMB.denioiädle deValogne bas illogioDHf 
but bar Hettlemects will oertainly bave de henuic chifret,' con- 
tinued Napraxiao, wbo was sliU füll of tba lidingg be hsd brciu^bt. 

■ Vlä Otbuiar say notbkig- to ;0U tbä otb$r mgrDicg' of 'nb&t he 
intended to do P 

'Nütluo^^ wby ehcidd beP I am. no relntion of hia or of 
ÄladeDioJaelle da Vsbigne,' 

' Ile cnig^ht bäye doDo fio ; liQ woa & long time alone witb 70a. 
Ferbaps bö did not ktow it bimself.' 

' Perbaps not/ 

' It scema a coup da tite. Madamd de> Vamiea told tna tbat ha 
bad only Seen ber cou&in fuur times.' 

' Tbttt ia Ihrea limoa more tban i& necessary/ 

' Tbej flay tbe gii-1 ia Tcry mucb in loye witb liiai, and btirat 
iuto tears wÜen tbe? told ber of hia propoaala,' 

*0b, my deat Platon ! Tbst tbe gifl marries Othmax oße 
utiderBtaiids ; äbä wouM be^ an im^uile, a lunntic, tQ rafusa ; but 
thftt ehe weepa bec&u&e abö will enjoy one of tbe bukest fortünea 
in Europe — do not mabe aucb domanda on our credulity ! ' 

' Tbey say tbeir acquaintance baa been an idjl; quita kori 
d^vsdffe; tliey botb niet in kia gardens by cbance, and ke ' 

'Ubaaca? I tbou^bt it waa Heaven? You niay be quite 
mire uoitber bad aajtliiDg; to do witb it, Aurorö ia a vBiy clsver 
womaq^ sbe knew very well wbat sbe did wben sbe broug-bt ber 
eoueiii down to Millo tbiß winter ; jf tbe girl had been bonefitly 
iHiuSe a Maris, ^ould tbaj hava kad ber in tbe drawing-rooQi aftai 
tkelr dinnei'-pftTtiea P üälpli eays lie has eeea bef tbei'e.' 

' Wall, if it wäre a cocspiracYj, it bog. gucceedad,' 

'Of coursa it haa fiuccöeöed. Wbßti wömDn eondeMend ia 
conspire, men alwaja fall, Our IlussiaD histoiy will abow jou ttal/ 

Beiag, however, au obstinate man, wbo alwHja adbered to hia 
own opinion, even in tritlea -wliicb in no way eoncei-ned bitD, 
Napraxins reitarated tbnt Harun Fiit^ had dxpreasod bixuael/ 
Bati^Ged tUat tba p;ii'l was in love witb bi$ nepbew. 

' And wby not.P' ke said stouily, "wiLb moje coura^ tban be 
TiacaUy ebowed, 'Most woraan wodd öoon eure for Otbmat if 
he wiahed them to do bo.' 

*0b, prand dadal' imirmured Nadinp, in supreme diadain, 
wblkt her eyt'a i^knüe:] over bim for a maiucnt vi-ltb au eKprcs&ioii 



»tict, bad ha beeti wiae eapug-h to re&d it, -would liiTe mode him 
Ie«s eager lo ostol tlie abseut. 

* Aittif all/ sliQ eaiii aloud, ' what ia hia marriiLgre to us, that 
we ehould tnlk aboiit it ? I «uppoeö it ie the eole act of big lifg 
which \rfnüd hafe no elTflCt on the BourS'es. We got into very 
bsse ]ial}~Lts of discu^ing our uelgblioiira' alfuira. l/st us saj, occa 
foT all, tbftt he hoa done a yerj cbaritaHe action, and Ihat W9 
hopB it will bayo a hnppy resull : e öasta.' W& mll cbU &t 
Millo tomorrow. I am curiouatosae thefutareCouiitessOtbimLr. 

' Tbey eay abe ia yery sby,' 

' Oh, we all know Ste. MouBseline,' eitid Nadiiie rfapraxine, 
witb «jorn. 'Besidee, ccniTent-rearad gülß aie all of the aama 
type. I cmly hops tJri-Gri wEl not ossame any hypoctitica! aira 
of rej^jet before me; tha only regret sba can tonlly hftTö ia Lbat 
BlnDcbotta was not old encugh to bare won tbia raatximoLial 

' You alwÄje ppeat so alighting-ly of OtbmaT,' eaid N&praxiiift, 
wilb eome reproach. 

'I really tbougbt Ipaid hira a Ligh complime'nt,' eaid hia wife, 

' Why baa ba dona it P' aaid one of tbo llussiaa diplomati^ta 
to anotber, wb'sa tbüy bad takan leave of tba f riuccsa and ber 

*I imagiro tlint Madamo Napmjciiie piqued htra/ eaid auotlior* 
' Tou kntjw bß bos beto madJy in love witt bcr for two jears.' 

' SbB does not eeem to likß hia marrififfä,' 

^Tbey Dflrer like it/returned thö lluasian tninietöi'. 'Tboy 
may üot look at you themselTeSj luE tbey never like you to look 
ftt anyona eise.' 

' if be marry ber heca.vsB bs is in \ove elsewhere, and if sba 
bave tbe Frincesa Nadiua for an eusmy at Ülb oostit, tbca poor 
child'a patb will not be of roaes/ 

' ähs will be almost tbe Hobest woman in Euiope ; tbat must 

' Tbat will depand OQ hör cbamcter.* 

'Itfl-ill depend il Uttla On wkethcr ab&wllltö In loTö Witt 
Emt busband. Jf ehe bo not, all may go amootbly,' 

* Do JOD tpow what I tbongbt OB I lookod Bt Madamo 
Napraiina Äußt now ? ' said tha yotiDger man, ' I thought of that 
Peffiian or Indian tala whcra the wonia,n^ kaning over the miiwic 
tup, drapped a p€B.rl from her ni?cklace inta it, and epoilt tbe 
whola cbarm for all eternity. I dare say it will be only a pearl 
whicb fibe will drop into UtbmuE's futuie bfe^ but it will ^poil tbe 
whoSe cbarm of it for eyer and ever.' 

* You. never liked her/ a&id the eldgp man. ' She is a wQmutt 
capable of an icGnitude of tbings, gaod nnd bad. Sbe baa tbo 
miafortcDe to bav6 a Twy excellünt and very stupid liushand. 
Tbere \ß nothing bo injurious for a clever wcsmaa A bad mm 
«jLohadill-trfiatad her woiUd DOt bisve doüa her half asmacb barm. 



Sie WDuld tftve hfid cournge ■od energy to meet ab (jnliuf py f&ta 
luparbly. But k [ierfet:tlj amiable foot vrbom she disdains frODl 
«JI the heiffht of hdt ewn adtnirabla wit, coupled wtth tbe liabit« 
of nur idioiic watld, which is like ft noount^n of wool st«e|>ed in 
Opium, lütu which rJie etrougeet sinkB indoIeQt and nnfeebled, fatVA 
ab t^Dc^d to confirm her in her egotüm and liar dbdaiii, and to 
■end to aleep all her man noble Jmpuleee, Wbatever men may 
Tk, wotnen c&a only be " Havsd "hj jailh," aod what faith hai 
Nadiue T^npraxina «xcept her perfect (aitb in ber own iiresUtihle 
and inpompiTRljte power oyer ßtr jnmimerulJe loi^ere ? ' 

'Well, eaJd ibe yoiing^i^r ibbd, 'if elia chose to drop tbat 
pear) iß, aa I säld, I wouJd not givä mucb for thxt cLaucaB af 
Otbmar'e wife agabst her. I bave fi&en tha girl. She ie very 
lovaly, fiärioua, simple ; so match at all Againat euch a woaiaD u 
FrincesB Nnpraxina.' 

' Sbö will havB the advjintagB nf youth, and «leo — which, 
perhaps, will count for Bomethlng with euch a man as Othmar, 
though it woiüd not with mo9t men— sbe will 1« Llb wifa.' 

'Perhapa, He bas Wen alwaya ecc«Dtric,' rejoined tlie other. 

Walcbing biär wiUi olL tlie k^en auxiety of jealousy Qeraldiae 
bad btieo (mahle to discover tbat the intelli^'eaca of Othmar'i 
mBirrLB,g& rainsed her nnj more sicrpiijia ot inlerc^t thao any O^W 
gf the bundred and ODe itamB of newB w^hicb make up tbo dülj 
pabulum of Bociety. But tben be kaew v&tj well tbat ?lie ww 
of such a cbsracter Ihat tbough abä mügbt have eulfered intolerably 
Bhe would bnvä sbown no sign of it any more thaii ^e woidd 
havß ehown auy fear bnd b doztiD nakfid eabrea heen at her ^lesxL 

Left pitiiii^ be^ids hia eiet-ar for a moment, be said to her, witb 
doubtin^ impadaace : ' Does ftbe csre, do you thiuk P ' 

' Wbat alfaip ia it of youra if sbe doeaf retumed Lady 
Brancapäth. ■* Doeß she »ver care foi anjtbingp And why 
ihould Eih(} GKK herßP Othmar haa been bnowii ta be violeDtlj in 
loTe wirb her— aa you are— buc no oue bas av&r bad the alightest 
reaeon tr> auppaF« tbat eba bad any feeling in retum for hÜm, K? 
do«e a fDoli^iQ thinj^in marrying anewanian whileheloTeaanotbar. 
Soma men bare faith in tbat eure. Myself I sbould haTs none- 
But wbatever hia reaaans for tbiB audden chotca of Mdlle- da 
Valo^m«, I itnBgine tbat hia marriage is a mattar of as perfect 
iiidi:äüR*nce to Nadine m your own. would be.' 

Oeraldiue grew red, and bi^ mortification kept him eilent. 
Bitt tbe iueig-bt of a man in lova toM Iiim tbat bla keen-eyed üater 
Was for tfnce io error, 

Nndina ^apraziue hereabf b^d gone to bgc own roooiB tD' 
cbang« her gown for dinnBFj but sbe dismisaad har maide for 
twenty minutea »nd threw befreelf oo a couch in her bedroom. Sbe 
waa bersalf uncertaiu what sbe feit, and ang^red tbat ebti ahould fael 
anyibio^. Ehe was conACkoua of a eensa of olfenee, irritatioii, 
amazenteDtj almasL cbagrln^ whicb hurt her pride and alarmed Ilcc 




ii(pit^. If a moDth liefare ehe liad beän told that OÜtnjar wwf 
d^kd, ehe would hafö f»lt aa more th&n a momeutaiy regret. 
But the fttrength of his paasion in the moraing baterpiöwa with 
härliiid touched Bome fibrcr fiome' nerve in her, nhich had been 
dumb land niiml} 'befarfi. Again and o^d gIia Lad recaUed tlia 
accenta of Im TOJce, ttie Bombre Üre aoa patbetic ectreaty sf liü 

SeB ; they had not moved her at the tiEQ«< to auythiog- more Üian 
e Tague artistic pkaäure whicb ehe would bav'6 taksn in anj 
emotioq admirablj teudered in art or on tha ata^e, but in remom- 
brancß tbßy had hnunted her and thrilled tbrougli ber with aome- 
tblDg; morti ueorly re^em-blirig re^pipnw than bad STOT bees sroused 
in hfli*. 

The expectatjoii of bis return Isad b&en ae BtroEg as ceitaintj; 
tba secBb that ehe had gone too far with bim had heightened tae 
intereet with wbich ehe h&d awaited her next meeting wlth him. 
Oneof the grea^eat triiimphs of hier faacination had been the power 
ehe bad eiercised over him. Sha was the only living peraoo 
who could &9.J to thia Tnan, whQ could bsTe purcbaeed Boula and 
bodies as he could bare puicbaHtid «trings of uc^iärced pearla 
i£ he had chosen : ' You daaire aomethlng; of which jou will 
never be maater.' 

That ehe had had inSutmce enough on auch n csreei aa bis to 
drive him oirt from the World where all hie inteieste, pureiüta, 
and frjendsbip laj, bad pleaaed her with more kaennesg, in ber 
pleaauia than ßimilar Tictofieg often gave her, Sha had ^en hifl 
returü to Europe with luuuBemant, ev^n with demiüD ; i^a had 
Seen at a g'liuice that he had flsd in vein fram her ^ ahe bad been 
divwted, out ehe bad reaialned indifferent. 

In tbose moniing houra when ha had addiesBed her with an 
almoat brutal c&ndour, he had tAken a hold upon her admiration 
which he had never g:aiiied bdore. Hia accenta bad ÜBg-ered on 
her ear ; hia regard had burned itjself into her rememhiance ; abe 
hftd begiin to lock forward to his rext approacb, efter her re* 
jectioo, with eoiEetliillR' more thon the merelj intelleCtualcaridäit^ 
with wblnh befora sha had Btudied thö reftulta of her influence 
upoü him. The cews of bis iütetiiiect msrriage came tö her with 
a Eenee of aurpriee and of ailrunt which was more ubäpIt regret 
tban BDj sentimemt ehe hnd avex exp^enced. It eeeiQCia to hei 
äupremely ridiculoua that a man who adöfäd het ^hould se^k or 
hope to find sny oblirion elaewbewij sbe Bven underatood that 
it was HO eiiQh hope which had actuated him, but rather his 
wounded pride which had rebelled agünet hereelf and beeo un- 
willing to allow the world to consider him bar eUre. Of the 
more d&ticate and more tendcr motivea which had ledhim tow&ids 
Yäeulto da Valoßrus ahe could know nothUig; tut of those mora 
eel£^ and embittercd dlba she comprshec^a^ acourately all Ui« 
•ourcea and all the ex.teat. 

' Hb doe* it lo eecape me/ abt» tbought ae the eat in eolitiida 


vliUß tlia last faiut crimBon of the winter's sunset tinged Ihe lirfit 
cloiida befoie her Windows; a emile cama elQwly on her beauttüil 
moutb — a «mile, proud, unkind, a littla bitter. Tbera was re- 
Katment in her, and Uieria waa also thüq, two emotious liitheirtO' 
Btrungers to her heart; but beyoad tieBO, and deeper than theso, 
thsre was a caiistic contemjit ibr tbe dsn'a cöwBrdicft in seekinr 
a&ylum in SU unreal Iqvi;, m cnd^tivoiiriag to chäat Limsalf aoat 
inother into Irelißf in a feiRned pawänn. 

* I thoiicht him mnta brave ) ' slie Äftid bitterly to herself. * Ha 
ü like a DeatäD wanior wLo niakea a rampurt of a Tirgin'g 

And yet, in tbat momoDtfllie was oearar love ibr Mim lliau alia 
had BTflr been befüre<. 


BlASCuaüTTE was dftßcmg round her couajn in Ite twiUglit of tha 
Jaauary day, making her j«pc2 de nes triump^antly, but pauding' 
every now and tben to look up in her face wita her habitil^ 
mquiaitiyenesö, yi't wilh s lespcct quito Döw to Tier. 

' Tiene,!ttnif, fietis 1 ' eha waa crylng in her little elirill voicef 
lÜB the tiriest of eilrar iTurapels, * To tbinkyou are Roing to ba 
marned after all I You will be e\ei eo tducIi richer than mamma, 
they 8»y ; joa will be B9 ricli aa itU tbe Jucvrie put together, Bnd 
Tou will bü as great n lady m »H the »/randcs ümnea, Yoa will 
fiave eanmaj-jewels aa Jiladaaie de TaUcyrnnd ; you will have aa 
jDAdy boraes. and liousea an Mä.dnme de S^igan ^ yon wUI baya 
two new gowaa erery day if you like. HaTe you seen ths Ilötal 
Othmar ? I havs aeen it j it ia as big aa tbe Louvre. What wiU 
yau ask him for firpt? Ifl were you, I fihould askbLiu for aropa 
of pearts, all as big* as pigeon'a eg-g-a. What are the Othmar 
liverieaf t never saw them ; tbe etate ÜTerias, I mean. I lika 
conary-colour best, and Louia Treize trüoi-nes. What wUl ba 
Bettle an you P He will gi^e you what you wieh ; I heard mamnuh 
itty ßo. Mako bim give you S, l'baramoud for your Tary owuJJ 
I am eure you will not get half you might, you are auch u alUy 
little eqipe j you are ae tall ag a VenetJaD mast oa a fenat day, 
bat you. are a aiinpleton. You cried wbeB dikibiiiq told you 
ia woLÜd marryyou. Tbe ideal You eboijd have danced for; 
loy» It would ba deliciouB to marry biiu if he i^ere aa old ss tta^ ] 
iüJlfl and aa ugly as Funch, but ba ia not old and ba la hatidaDme :' \ 
tSLi^tpar-dessm ie panier, and thirty thousand fianca a day,' 
Juli^ ^ye ; Qud Brown and Scbemmitiz wan(äd to kias your band H 
"What fan Tou wovild luake of them if you were me, You ahoulÄI 
efcip and enout all dayj^I diould, To be sure, be ia dßra id\ 
finance.büt tbej are tue only rojaltiefl nowadojaj I bBrebe 



DDanimft B*y HO. AVLatever mh he eee ia jou? Yoti rfb pTsttf 
ind tall, bat ifdu don't know it ; ;du staud il!1<] etsre like aa owL 
*rith yüur big ejeß. What can he waot ■with you ? IIa will 
give yon ererything, 1ib must be a BimpIatDn, too I La migbt 
marry somebodj quite grest \ none oF them can imagiEe what he 

TTBDts you for ' 

*0h, BlsDcliBtte r Baid Yeeult« de Yalogne, with a look of 

pain, as elie tried to silence her little tormentor, wbose wovda abe 

ily VAguely heiird aa ahe stood lost in tbs goldea ims<b of an 

' Vim\' eaid ihe cniel Httlo ctild. ' Notody can think what 
he CAD e^e Ln jou. It lä Mndame NapraxLne -whooi ha Icve«/ 

Yseultfi colouredwith sudden aiiger, and a lookof severitT and 
atercneas cama an her youlhful face, whUe iU happy "wietful eyea 
loflt tbeir ligbt and grew cold : 

*You muBt not aay the&e tbings, Blanrfiette,' shs said stomly ; 
'you may laugh at me aa jou lik?, bot yau muet respect M, 

The red de>Bp«Tied in her clieelis as she epolce, and realiaed 
thatsbe bad theri^rbt ta defead hiansimethita, Shewaa thinking' 
in hersalf aa bEib did bo : ' If it wcra true, if I thoug:ht it woru 
tiue, I would bury niyeelf in tbe CüDveut for över.' 

ilie quick liitla mlnd of Bliuichctte divioed iha direetion oF 
haj thoughtSj and dearly as tba ctJld loved to do miscliief and tn 
tonufiot, sbe loved biir Own plcnsuro and gjiin beMer. Shß bfwi 
HO wish for thia tcnu ntarifjge lo be broken off, as »he foreeaw 
from it endlesa diversion^ ^ifts, and bonbone for berself. 

' Otbmar will giTe üb each at leaät a medallion with diamonds 
on tbe hack,* abe reÜected ; and ehe was ccnaclous, too, that if 
tho marriag'S foll tbrougb by any duiug of hers, her motbcr would 
Ttie UDSpftring in her paLÜ^bnieiiit, of whicb not tbe least portion 
wonld ba baniehmeat to Bois de Koy ; iop Blaacbetta adored her 
tpfing'tima jn Paris, hpr summ er montb» at DeftUville and 
itombiirg' and Bianitij her wagers on the jieiiüa ehevaux, her 
HXploita in tbe water, and th« many whispers of BCandals and 
naughty witticisraa whicli gbjj caugbtj when apparently engroased 
with bißr toy balloon or her ball, bebind tlio chaira of her raother 
and othfT great ladiee on tbe eand by tbe sea or under tlie treea of 
thfl rnsbionable inland batks. 

%Vith B rapid reraenihrance of all that ehe herself would loae 
if tbere were no grand wedding at wblcb abe would asslst at the 
Hadeleine or S. Philippe du Houle, aba tbräw her Hima aboat ber 
eouain with her moat coaiing cäUnerie: 'It was only my fun/^be 
wbispeföd'j *pray, doo't teU anyone, cÄ^r«. IC was yearg and 
yoars ago that Ebay laughed äbont Afädame Napraiine j öf Courae» 
it ia you he loves now. AVby ebonld ba many you if he did not P 
He could marry anywbeTo, anybody, — mamma ßaya ao. And you 
ar« band^ome, if you would onlj ttjnk it ] Mamma aaya wbea 



you aballliaTsbeeii marriod a weck, ud have all jonrjewals, joa 
will be Auperb/ 

Her cousm'fi faca fluslied moro Wftrmlj tül it wm the bil6 oC 
tbose Cliiu-lee Rfiytiaud roae^ whlcb abe had Used to päCk foc 
Nicole» Her beart beat in Ümt tumult of emotiuü, of jojj. nod of < 
TagTie, Moet fiWMtj fear, in wbich *he hfid lised for tha last 
tweaty-four hoiire. She tbougbt : ' ^V'by, if h.% did not cue for 
Ae, vbj, indeed^ should he &eek me f ' 

It setiniiöd m&rvsllouB to her that it islioiild be so, bot slia ' 
could not doubt it. 

Blie biLd üuly Seen biis for ten miaute« that mormDg, in tha 
presßiiM of tbe Diicht-sse de Vannea, but tUoug-h har confuaion. bnd 
De«n toQ ^eat to l^t her ajes meet hia, tbc fuw 9oft grav? wcirdf 
b« bad spoken, atid the tducK of bia lipä on bef luuLd, bad la^ 
witb hör aa inetrabla peiiäe of protection and aff&ction recaJTed. 
If Lt ^ere soc for I079, wby eboLdd he bave paueed od bLs way to 
tbruet back tba gatea of tbe convea). and tnke ber to bimselfp 

Afl for beTseff, ths tifliid, pure, half-unconBcious föeltng ivliidvi 
he bad fiwaJtened in ber was (^powing in strength -with every hon* > 
now tbat it Lad recoi^'niBed ils awn existticcw and bean permitted 
ita sxp&nfiioD without sLiame. It rsmained u abj and fearful aa 
■ frasoly captured wood-dove, but it bad iu it all tha ekmeDlx of 
■a intense ukL daroted paadon. 

Sbedid not henr tbt> cbüd'e cbatter, wUich rippled on libe » 
liltle brookf aakiug ber a thousAnd queaticma of wliji-t sUe woidd 
do, üf wbat sbe would Vear, of ^bat ehe would giya h.wäj'j 
Blftnebette waa heteölf half eympathötic, half bütIoub; diBpoa«^.] 
to reseot h^r couäin'a Budden and Bplendid chäiige of dastinj, yefe ' 
incliaBd to r«joit:e in it, aa it would si^cura to horealf a apectacle« 
B new co^tume, and a coatly gifc. Sbe liept looking- at tbe girl 
cnlicaUy, with hnj head on oue eida, aod affecting to help her 
osly biodered her, as abe drE^asäd fgr tli>e tliet ceremomoua ainneE 
Bt wbich sbe had evec fisületed. 

' To tbink you ca-u dress joursolf ; how queer I * cried the littlo 
Censor* 'I caaniit put on a letocldn^, nor Toinon eith^r, I oeref, 
meaü to do it. ASamma could not td finVQ ber llTe. HoW maM' , 
women will jou beve? TwoP tbre& P Never Ict your maid« i 
carry your jewel-hoi; büYe it alwaj,& put in thei train by yom, 1 
major-dccaG, betwetvti two footmeii. MammA aäyi& all tbe rob^ 
beriee ate done by the mmda, "Wbat are you g'oingr to put on r 
You Lave only wbita frocba, Don't you long^ to wear eatin and, 
THlrcit P Oh, you are eo atupid ;; you ou^bt to niRrry & ahepherd« 
and wear lambs' wool that you spmi yourflslf. You inust riut ba, 
BD aiimplä. A Ctmnttifis Otbmsr oug^ht to be Tery mag^iiilicant. 
Tbe FiuaiLCa ia nothing if it da not look gorgaoua. Oh, what oim 
' you doing- P You Diußt not püt a black aasb on ; you are ^ßtmcitt, 
[Have you got Eothiug but blaclif Wuit « miuatei I nUl fu)$ 
Uid get one of ming/ 



' I have always worn som^thing blfick or grey Bince my prand- 
mother difd,' said Ye^iulte, a littla eädly. 

But Blancbette mada hjnrouette. 

' Hanri IV. est sur lePoat-Naufl ' alie cried. ' Oh, you äjly t 
Yqu wsre (Jeadrillon yeaterday ; now you are the pnDce's ba- 
frothed. Yeaterday you wera a little "brown grub ; iiow you are a 
butterfly. I wiU g-u and gvt my aasK' 

Tliecliüd fliew crnt oJ' tlia room acd left ITeeulte Btauding b** 
fbrß tia miirOrj looking^ stjly at her avrn reflectioD aa thtiugll she 
iaw ft stranger. She laltj indöed, a etraBgör to höreelf ; eo 1008; 
ah.B bad fceen reaigned to tba religioua life, bo long eha had tieen 
accufitomed to regärd obsAuriTy, neglect, andness, lonelinefis, aa her 
natural lot; eo long- sh« Lad leen traiiied to BubmiGeion, lectured 
to the ebade and Üiä s'üenxcB oi redgiiatioD, and to be tliua Budd&aly 
caUed out iiito the Ilgbt^ and liflad on to a pede^tal, da^zkd and 
almcsC paralysed liär. 

It Beeiiiaa to her eb thQiip;b it could never be heraälf, Yseulte 
de Valni^iie, to wLom her couaixi bad BRidf with aa admiratiDn 
thttt was almoat reverence: 'You will be the mnsrt enviahle 
wqman in EuTopo. Do you understand all you have dooe fop 
yoaraelf P ' 

She djdnotunderstaad itf aha ouly imderstood that he bad 
Tfisoued ha- frcimthecoLveDtiiallifej.aöd that helored her — surely 
be loTed her, or he would not wiah ? 

Kanchett« flaw hnck into the rüoca, accompanied by the maid 

' Yseulta I Yseulte I ' aba ahrieied, waviiig a blue aaeb in one 
band and witb the other clasping-to her a gquars parcel tied witb 
gDver coidi ' Her« La soraetliiog ha senda you : FraDfoise wa* 
bringmg it. Open jt quict, quick, Ob, what a happj creature 
you are, and you otily ^taud aud stare lihs the ätatuea in thä 
Luiembourg- 1 Opeo it qnicilt I It is eure to be aomethitig worüi 
thoiisacda and thouEBJidä of francs,' 

* Hufib, Blancbette 1 ' eaid the girl, ivitb a look of pam, u she 
toolt the pacliet and undid ita coiering. Witbia was the ivory 
cBsket; aiid within the casketwaa a nechlitce of ^reat pearls. 

A liCtle note lay on them, -vrliich eald tuerdy: — 

* No ane can digfimsess you of the cmliet noiü. Eecmve vhat i» 
VBÜhines a eyinhol of yvar uivn injiticenca tmd of tntf reverencf for it. 
— Ymtrf, wüh devoliim, Oihmab.' 

On tbe oiber aide of the paper waa writien roore hastily: — 

' Pardon mc that I viugl hav? imtnediately Ziffer dhvaerfor Paria 

and tJiall not Aet you fitr a few daye, I kaue e^ained to thä 

Yeeulte g;r6w very pals. If tha ejea of her little tflTmentoi 
and of tbe wom&n Franpoiae bad not been on her, sbe "trould Lava 
kiued bisQote and fallüu od herknees and wept. Ae it was, sha 
axood ptiU in lilenc«, reading the Uaefi aj^aiu and agakij mtb 


aweet, warm faars in her eye«. It waa Blancbette who took out 
tbe pearla and held tbem up in the lamplif^ht, and appnüsed tlirär 
Talue with the keennesa of a jeweller and screamea in rapture 
over theirsize andcolour. 

' They ar» the pigeon's ej;^ t ' ahe^ cried, ' and four kpm of 
them; tney must be worth an empin. Tbev are aa &ie aa 
mamma'e, and ehe bas only three rows. I wiU marry into the 
Finance myself. Oh, wbat a happy creature you axe I Brown 
says it all came out of your going to gather flowera in bis garden, 
Ifl thftt true P How clever it was of you I Who would ever 
have helieved you were so clever, witb your ailent waya and your 
cnuntryfied acruples. Let me see bis noteP You will notP 
Wbat nonsense I You must put the pearls on. Let me fasten 
tbem. Four ropesl They are fit for a Court balL What % 
eorbeme be will send you I * 

As ehe chattered she clasped it round äie throat of hw eoxmOf 
who grew red, theo white, as the pearls toucbed her stdn. They 
made her realise the immense change wbicb one short day bad 
made in her lot. They made her realise that Otbmar henceforth 
was her lover. 

Whüe Blancbette cbirped and skipped around her, directing 
her toilette with tbe accuiate instinct in decoration of a litüe 
Parisienne, the eyes of the glrl were suffused witb unsbed tears of 
gratitude and tremuloua joy. 

* Wbat caa I reader thce, princely giver ? ' 

she was saying in hör heart, although she bad never read the 
Portuguese sonnets ; wbile her little cousin babbled on oF jewela 
and ball-dresBes, and horses and establishments, and dowriea and 
Settlements, and tbe rigirw. doieä, and all tbe many matters wbich 
meant marriage to the precocious comprehenüon of Blancbette. 

' You will have your hoz at all tbe Ibeatres, will you not P 
You have never been to a theatre, but I have. Mind that you go 
tbe evening after your marriage. When will your marriage be P 
I beard mamma say that he wlsbed it to be very soon : but tbea 
there is all your lingeiie, and all your gowcs to be made. I 
fiuppose mamma will give you your trousseau ; she must. Ob, bow 
happy you ought to he, and you look just as grave as an owl 1 
Nobody would guess you were going to be the Countess Othmar, 
Bo you know that he could be made a prince if he likedP You 
have never leamed to ride, Yeeulte. What a plty 1 It is so chie 
to ride early in tbe Bois. Well, you will have a coupi for tbe 
early mormng, and then you will bare a Baumont for the after- 
noon, of course. There is notbing so pretty as postiUiona in 
Telvet jackets and caps — if you only knew wbat colour his liverie« 
areP Won't you have out-rideraP I do not know, tbough, 
whether von can ; I think it is only amhassadressea and priacesses 
of the blood who may have out-xider»— You might have % 



epretdl traiii every doy,' coniinupa Blaticbelte, eicit'mj? taraelf 
wilhherowUTisioES, 'TbeTeiailoHilnuauch fiin aaaspecinl f min ■, 
"WB Lad öue wLon pjTacdiLifra was dyiug at 13oiä le Iloy aE in * 
momant and wanted to eee us ; it is so diverting' to go OTij, on, on, 
throug:h aU tbe stationa, past all tLe otbcr tralna, nerer Etopplog — 
pr-T-r-rut ! ' 

' Oh, hush, Blauciiette ! Wtat do I care titout thosa tliings ? ' 
murmured Yaeultp, as etie put liu note into tLe caskat, locked it, 
aud slip^ied tbQ littk BÜTer key in her Ixtsom, laluskiDg very much 
fts sbe did SQ. 

It seeiQed eO very wonflerfiil to hej- thät giicli lineS ebould hftvä 
beeDWiitttia to her. Slie want^ to be all alüiiQ to muse iipou 
th.e marrd ofit. Slie remembered n üttle nook in the fronvsnt 
^Tden where a bench was fised againat ibe hi^^h etonö wall, uuder 
the 'brancbea of an old medla.r tree ; a place tliat sbe had g-ona to 
with her sorrowSf ber fanciee, ter Tiaioas, bor tears, Tery often ; 
ehe would have ViktA to bo-Ta gone now to sflme such qui^t and 
Bolitary nook, to realise in peaoa thia mixade whtch nnd been 
■WTOught for her. Biit tbat waa impossible ; the^ had ordered her 
to dine Tcith thiem at eig-Lt — hcir nrst great diDoer. Sba moat 
Buljmit to bs gazed at, camicsuted od, camplimerted, felicitated. 

The eensitivöj delicate nature of tho child &brHnk from tbe 
pylilicity of her tfiumph ; but ebe ucderstocd tbat it was her 
Outy, tlittt bßücefortb tbese tbing-a wDuld ba a promiceEt porlioll 
of her dud&9 ; the trifä of OttuDar coiitd not live fibut away fL'om 
the "World. 

Blancbette tosaed her golden head witb, irnniieasTirable coutempt. 

' It ia all "thoae thing^ " that make a gratid mariaffe, If jou 
tliinlr you do not core now, you will caie tu a jcor's time. Mamma 
aüd BD, MammA Eaid ycu will be juet liko aaybody elao wheD 
you eboll bave been m tha wcirld aii months.' 

Tseulfa ebpok h« liead wltb ■ &mile, but aha PJ^Ued a liftlg 
»]flO I it pfllued bef tbat the world, aiid all it ^h-re, ivaä So inter- 
mlDgled wilh thia beautiful, iocredible, drearo-likfi joy wbicb bad 
uoma to bar like eome Tision brought by angtis. In the amglenega 
find rinceritj of her yoiing heart shc thought: * Äh I if only ha 
■were ponr I — ^how I wieh he were poor !— theo they woidd know, 
•Dd ha I ' 

Biit he was not poor, and hfl had sont her pparls wortby of an 
etnpreas, and Blaiicbetle was dandn^ before her m eavy, locging 
to ijB aiiteen yeara old too and betrothed to an archi-roiUiocaire. 

Sbe cast one loät timid glaaco at herself and dt ibo graat petiTb 
]jing betieath the elender ivory coliimn of her throatj tben ebe 
dröw on her long giovesi find went, witb a quio:kJy-bcatiüg' heirt, 
down tbo stairca^e, Elauobette ehoutüig' afcer lier Judic's «ong — 

On ne peat paa BiLvoir ia que e'aet, 
Si OD b'a pas psi3s4 pur Eil 


pnmcEss SAPRAxms. 

vluch tbe cIiiM knd cnught up from tjjq ecboes oF tbe baqlenrdi. 
And «lUig wilb Qfl much bj-plAy and moAiliii|f 44 Jodle IierM^If 

CQulil hfiTe put intü it. 

ThoTB wäre sooia twanty peopl« ssaembledin the ovaI drawmg- 
room whän Yaeulu entered it. It was not of tliüoi ah« wiu afmid \ 
it wu of HeeiD^ Othmftr befoia them. Tbeni wa« b muimur af 
admiration u &ba appeAred in her childiflh white drass, witk tha 
euperb necklace on, wliich a queen taight have vom at a Oourt 
IhII. Har sbyueas did cot impAir her frrace; the etateLmeaa and 
pridb wbich wera m her btood gava ber composure evea in bei 
timiditv : her ejM were dwk and floft witb conflictJnp fee]ing|9, 
ber coiouF cäme nnd went. Sbe itever spoke sudibly One» in 
aDewaf to all the u^mpImiBDt atid felicttstion abe recuived, but 
aha lotifc^ed 60 lovely aiid ao j?^ounp thiU ho one quatrelled witb her 
tiilence. Wiieii Qthmar gave her his arm she trembled from head 
(o foot, but no oi)& nöti>Ot;d it afLTe OchiDat himself. 

' Ho bot be afraid of me, mj cbild,' ha muraured, and for tia 
firat tima she tooli courag« and looltßd at bim witb a rapid jj^ce 
UiaC waa liba a beam of aunlifi;ht. Tha \ook said to him, 'I am 
aot afraid, I am g^rateful ^ I love you, only I diire not aaj bo, and 
I hardly iinderetacd wbat baa happened.' 

Tbe dinner aeemed botii to her ood to him iatenDiaable ; ahe 
waa quite ailent tbrough it, and ata aothing^. She was coDScioiiii 
of a suHen i^aze wMeh h«r couaiu, de Vanne^, fastenad on bar, and 
whicb rnnd» her fe«l tbat, by kirn, aho waa ucforgiTen. She w^ns 
ooöfused by tbe fi.orId epaech niada ta hur by the Bornn Frie- 
dench, wbo waa ao anchanted by ber tbut he put no msoaura to 
hia aadibla AdmiratioTi. Otbmar, aented beaide her, said \stj 
littla. Tke party was gay^ and tbe conTeraatioa ammated. Tka 
silence of each of Üiem passed ucnoüced. llie Ducbesse, wbo 
■lone rem^ked it, said to Kaymomd de Pran^ina: 

' It ia lliöir way of beiug in Jove ; it 18 the old way^ whick thoy 
kaTö copied out of LamarÜno Bud Bömardin de St. PieTre, It u 
Ünji]]it<ü!y droU tbf^t Qthmar ahould play tha Eoctimantäl iove'rf but 
ka doea. I want Nadine Napraxiaa to 6e€ him, lika tbftt I 
asked her to dinner, but thej kad » djuner party at home. She 
INPt Die a littlei lin^ juat dow, promiain^, if her peopla wer? guna, 
to coraß ioi an hone iü tbti eTäning. Tha cbild looks Well, doea 
aba oqt ? What jewela he haa gii-en her I they are bigger tbao 
mine« It ia the laust he can do ; the Financs is bniicd to bny hitg* 
jeweifi. Wko would «Tar bave auppoaed he would bave eeen 
auything in tbat baby, thut convenb moue&F To ba aare, sbe ü 
kandsoiiLe. Suck a marriage for that little mouse to makel a 
mere baby like tbat, a chUd proud of beiag- tbe m6datiton nf kor 
convent yesterdsy 1 After all, nothiDp taltM eomu meo Ute tkat 
air of itmooflnce wUich bores tbem to dvath as sood bs tbey bave 
put an end to it. It is Mke dew ; it ia like driiildüg milk in tba 
meadow in the moroingi we don't cape for tba milk, but th« 



tloctfira Sä}' it ü good fo^ ua, and Aä I wonder ^hat elie ia 

thinfeiDg ftbout. Aboiit her gtiwtifl, I dftre any, op aboiit her 
iewels. 8he ia just like a viffnötte out of " Piial et Virßinie." 
She need nnt pretend to be in lova with him ; no One will beliere 
in it f he "will not believe in it hitnself ; he is too rieh. Wüat cau 
he have seen in her more thaa ia ütb thoußaadl otber fiU^ttet he 
might h&ve matrled f To be eure eha lä htLodsome. She will be 
baadaomer ' 

She put up her ej^lasa and looked down thei tabla at Iter 
yoanjf coijsia with amufieiuent and envj, miagled aa tltev ming'leii 
m little Bl)ii]chetta4 Tbe ^stn&BmeQt wa^ at th'O girle eviäeat 
fiDlbiUTaaaiDeiit^ tfae eovy waa of hec jouth^ of lleT CorapIftxiOM, of 
W form, of all wlicb told her own unerrtDg instincta that Y&ttulte 
in a faw year^, eveo in a few months, WQuId be one of tbe mo£t 
beautiful woman of ber world. 

And eha eitid nugrily to de PrangiiM, 'Some men like chil- 
dren ; it ia as boja like greeii spplea.' 

' At iBBst tha gT6eii appW are not painted^' thought tbe young; 
man aa he miutmured aloud a -vag-iie compiimeDt. Raymond de 
Prangins, lilce most men of bis age, had nerer looked twice at a 
ßUetlt ; he had been tbree 'wt^ks in tbe sama houae with tbia 
chUd and had nevsr addres&ed a word to ber or Eoticed whethe* 
her eyes were blßck or brown ; but now that slie bad becomö tbe 
betrothed wifo of Qthinf)!', ^vä cbarm pf tbe forbiddsn fruit had 
eocQä to ber ; ebe bad Buddenlj become an object of inteieet in hia 
liight ; he was oever tired of findJEg oiit her beaiiües, he waa 
abeorbad in atudjin^ tbe ehape of her tlitciatp tbe ccJour of her 
hair, tbe whiteness of her Shoulders, wbicb came so tlmidlj and 
with a Uttle sbiver, lika ehom Liimh.s, out of the first low l>i>dica 
that she had «tsi worc. Tc kitow thät she waa about to belon^ 
to asotber man, guvß her all at once importaucej encboütici^iiit, and 
deaf ability in hia sight. 


iHiaEDTAXEtT that tbe dinner woa OTer Otbmor jnade bis KccoaaB 
and left Millo to take tbe ni^bt expresä to Paria, Wben once ehe 
knew that he weis abseat, ahe loat all foar. 

Her innoceiit Iqts was. at ttat &tage wheü the presönce of a 
loTöT ts füll of troubla and iLlarmjacd tbe bappies^thours ara tboae 
in wbich hie abfence penaita its dre&ias to wander about her 
niemory imdisturbecl. Wbon he was there be waa still^f to her, a 
ntrangei wbose gaze embaTTaaaed her, whose touch confuaed her, 
whoaa aeaod&tion with herself was uofamiliar acd unreal ; but, 
awaf from him, thace waa notbiog to check or dismfl)" thoaa 



ipiritual and pooUc fanctua wliicTi hsd lodged tlieir Meal in him. 
No one of thoM aioiind lier wDuld evcr hav« iiDAgined that eh« 
tiad theaa fanc^ie^, or wouLd bare itnderätood tUem tu the äligbl^st 
derree : tlioy oEly Uioug-bt thut alis was very caturally enrapturoJ 
to De clioscn Ly a verj rieh man, and did not doubt that in her 
miiid ehe was mueiu^, bs Btancbi^ttB had eug^sted, on the cobul 
of her livarica, the Dutuber of her boiseg, Ibe plACes of her 
leflidenM, ftcd tbe prögpBct of tor jewels. 

Beltou Fritz, who niBde her bluäb, witli the ferroiu of lits com- 

Jilimente, and waa so deIif!;bW!d with Iier thfit ha muM not cea»a 
rom paziDg nt her as ihoiJQ;h thä was a water-colour of CapIflT 
Fielding's, wiu alone aufliclentlj a;j'mpathetic, despite all liu 
«öFentT yeara of cytiicism, to percüive tliat tlia thmga of thi» 
World oadlittte place in herlUougbtä, audba thcughttoliimaelf aa 
lie look&d at bsr: 

' Will Otbo Ifl wiae enougb to apprsciate all tliat P He irlll 
have tiie camation iii ita bud, th© peach ia ita flower; be will 
lualco jiiBt what he pl^asesof tliem ; the wors€ will beif ke sbould 
loave thEira altogether alone ; tben tbe caraslion will unfold, the 
peach will riptn and come out into fruit uuEoticed, acd "if W be an 
lUSTtttOj tbey will both eoma to tbeir perfeCtion for Bomeonä alae^ 
wbicb will be a pitj. The ebild 19 in Iots with bim — pdt'ifcu I — h% 
doe8 not deaerco it -, he oiily carea for bia Kussian woman, hia hot- 
house' narciBSUB ; he only wanta to eure hiniself of Nadine 
Napraxiue; as If one bluali ofthi^ chlLd's cheek WLire not worih a 
csntury of Madojue Napraxioe^ laugtiQi t ' 

Ajid bo feit a pa^iog' regret that he was not forty yearl 
youngef and in the place of bis oephow. 

After dinnet he seatod binLäelf besida Yaeulta, and tallred to 
her of Olbmar, of hiä boyhood, of bis talents, of hia opportimiÜea, 
and öf biß dastimea, witb bo much tact and ao mucb altill that aha 
was itiared to an at^bctiünate gratitude Conarda the Speaker and 
to a ^easH of infinite awa bet'oie all the ambitiona. and respon- 
fiibi!iti<i}s with whicb he fiUed her fiiture. 

' Sbe is a baby^ but ehe is cot a fool,' tboupbt the wise oM 
man. ' 'm^ea the love ft^ver hza pai^^ed, we ahall make of her 
jiiat what we want^ provided only that ehe lüis iiiUtienco over 
ütho. But will ehe liave üTiy P In marriaffa Üiere \ä ftlwitya ona 
wbo rdes tbo other; *' unquise laia$e,et Patiire qui tmd la joue* i 
and it ig jdwaya the one wbo carea wbo goaa mider,' 

Even aa be bctd ßalen bis triiffläa and drnnk tbo fine winsa 
grown on the da Vaunee' estatea in Qironde, he bad been inoTe 
troubied by an iinpeTsoual aniiety than ha had erer allowed him- 
Belf to be in tbe wliole course of bi^ exiatetice. Tbe child bad aat 
oppo&ito to him, looJäog' so youtbful beeide the facea, more or lesa 
maquH^^M, of the womeu around het^ with her eoft Hurpriaed er^^ 
hopgty aa those of a cbild that wakoa from Bleep, and her colour 
Coming and goiag, duUcate aiul waTm : ' Aud h« will uot Blä.y 

itere to see, just becauae t!ie desire for anolher wcmüD is ia hloi 
Hie ft fly in tlie ear of a IhitsbI' liad thougiit tbo Bafon im- 

Sfttiently. He gueEsed Ti^ry accur&tely that the depafture of 
thmar was dae t« a reatlesB uinviümgneHa to face the fata which 
he hsid TolunUrily made for Limself. 

He himaelf tad hnd no lieed of Othmar^ä marriage eicept aa ■ 
meajis of leg-ally eotitmuing big race ; liis only notiou of a woman 
Wifl Napolöon's, tliat slie etiatild bear many children ; but BS 
he loolced at yseult« de Valogne, eamethiug Itiader aad dora 
pitifal Htirred in liis Belüsh old boftrt ; ehe ^eemed to liim too gäod 
to be sacriäced so ; he underßtacHl tliat tliere would lia otbfir 
tbiugs tlian money and children i^hlch tbia BeiisitiTe plant woiild 
■want; aad worldly, uiiemotional, and unprinciplpd &s he ivas, 
BaroQ Fritz was t)ie ocly person preäent wlio divinsd fiometbing 
of the dreanifl whicli blie waa dreaniiog find ftlt fi. compBsaionata 
regtet for theiDj as for flowera which oj)eiiiüd at dawa to die pe> 
force at Loonday. 

About eleven oVlock in tlie eveningj wbeo Taeialte waa begin- 
tUDg to feel her eyellda grow heovy, and was tbinking- wistfully of 
hef littla white bed amidät tbe nmriuur of CdnvBi&ation uuia- 
töUigiblä to her and th© stßre of inqiiisiiive eyes^ ahe liaard Tvith a 
little thriU of an emotinn quite new to her tlia vöice of tlie groom 
of the Chambers, vhica announced Madame la Frincesse 

Jcalijtiay she was too yaun^, %do aimple, and too ianocent to 
kuow; biit a etrange eog-emeas and an uiiaua1ys«d pain moved 
her BS ehe eaw the wumaa whom they Baid that Ottmar loved. 

* le that really Madame NapraxUie P ' sbe Said in a low tpim 
to the Baron, who was besidß her, 

* "Who has told you of Madaiuö Napraiiöe P ' he thought, ai 
he answered her : ' Ye.9 I that ä the name of ths liidy corajug^ in 
DOW ; Ehe ia a famoua European heauty, tbough to my taste &1ls ia 
too slender nicid too pale.' 

The girl did not rejily ; her eyes followed ths trail of Priocesö 
Nadine'a pale priiaroäe-coloiired flkirts laden with lace, and 
faatened heie and ther'ä wLth large ILtiea and lilac. B'^fora that 
iiumitable graco^ ^^^ exquiäita langitai and ease, that indeecrib- 
abte alr of indifierenco and of euipire aiid of diadain which made 
tbe pecuHar power of Nadine Niipraxiiie the poor child fult her 
Own insigTiificfince, her own childishnesg, SieP own poweriraäUßsa ; 
ehe ffiütted sIiB must look rustic, awkward, stupid : ehe prew very 
pale, aod her ihroat swelled with pain under her lorer'ß pearls. 

' It ia too eariy for you to bave that adder in your bretiat/ 
ihougUt FriedericU Othmar, as be watched bar. ' What a coward 
he was to po away, iustead of etanding bis prautid beside you I 
Aftar all, wby \% everyOTie 30 afraid of ihia Rus^iaD woman f 

Aloyd) he only eaid ; 'The Prineesa iacominfi^to yöu; coürft^e, 
moB enfani, A woman of the World ia ceitainly an alarming 



BnimaJ, but yoti -n-lU hnvo lo ineet m&ny auch, and jou wLU b« 
one younwlf before vwrv Icniff.' 

*Fil!ette^ come auä 1» prenerteil to Mdrae. Naprasine; ehm 
wiBli&a it," *wd bur cout<ia st tb«l njoment id her ear, Tbe girl 
slirank bm^k a llttle, und t!i« cqIout Came intä har fiice ; fthe coAe^ 
QQVarthclesa, öbedietLtly, 

Nadine Naprftiiiie catuö Iialf-way to meet her, with a,n indul- 
[^t Uttie fimilä, of wbich the CD[D]paflsioii and disdnlD peaetrsted 
tbe iniDOBt Bfnil of Yseulte wltb a cruel Bcnee of inferioritir. Tet 
had eb« not iDcen bo buml>I(ä snd bo emlurrasaed Bbe might have 
Seen n look of Rurpriae 'm tbe e;« of her nvjü, Nbühb bbw at a 
gUnce tliat b tbb cbild Ibem wae no ' Sainte Mou^tfUiie ' to ba 
eaaily derided exiü cQtjtemned. 

' Ilow beautii'uTl a woman fhe will 1)6 in & yeftr OP tMrO 1 ' »h& 
tliouglit, with that cfl-ndour whicli wna nevw lacldng in lier in lier 
judguients of ber g;rää,l6at foes. ' Ile is ^oin? to poesesa all that, 
and lie «tilj fligbs in bis soul fdr me ! — nhat lnols men are I ' 

■While ehe *o tbou^ht, ehe waa etill smiüng' aa ahe came to 
mest Tßt'ulte witb that elow, soft, indescribable fjraca of which 
Bfaa had tb« teeret. 

' I am an old friend of Coant OCbmU'''£; ya\x must let me ba 
youra in tba fnture,' sbe eaid with i^acioua kindÜDesfi. ' Shall I 
oDend you if I venture to say that I am eure he le a Tery bappy 
and fyrtnuBita personP I diire Bfly I sball pba» you bettw if I 
EBy tbat be deserves to be so,' 

Tbe girl could not bave foünd vi-ords to answei* to eara ber 
Ufa. Inetinctively she made her grand eighteentb-century ctiTtsey 
in RcknowledpriieDt. Sbe was varj pale ; ber heart seemed to 
sink within hür as she realiäed all tbe chartn of thia her tival. 

Mdme. de Vaones murmur&d a few amiable words, aad leß them 
ppposits to one another; tka glrl trembied d'öepite berself, &b thoeg 
indolent lu&troue eyes ecauoed bor witb mtircilesa iuveetiy-ation and 
«Euiled at her embairasfunent, 

It wfla her ütp-t eKperieTi[;e of that Obligation, ßü conatjint ia 
thK wnrld, to mtiut nhat i& ilreaded cmd dieliked witb euarlty and 

' I am a gröflt friend of yOur cousin, t«o,' coEtiDued Nadine 
Napraiins, witb (dl thö amiable condeaetüision of a woman of tfia 
■woräd to a cbild. ' Wa ehall be Bura to mset coii^tantly in tbe 
yeai'B to come, whicb will leare you so youag ond niate iiB so old ! 
Where bave you üved f lo an old Ilreton coaventl' I wiah t 
had lived in a Breton convtsnt tdo I Come and eit by me and talk 
to me B Uttle, Do you know tbat I am bere to-ulgbt on purpoM 
to aee yau. I h&d a tiresome (ünoer, bU of Rusetan people, or I 
should havs come bera earlier.' 

Sbe drew tbe p'irl down beside her on a aofa with that prettj 
imperiousuene of wbicb wocmn asw^ll aa men of^«n falt tbo cbarm 
uid tliQ command. Siie waa moat kindly, moet gentle, most tlatre> 



top, yet YeBulte sufiered undar all her ffraciouB complimente aa 
undor tho roMt pQifi^innt irony. She aiiBwered io mnnoeyllables 
»od Bt randora ; slie wb-'j iU at enae and coufused : sbe looked down 
with the fawüiiiatioiL of a Mrd piizmf; at a Bniike oiitlie bnad vfaich 
lield hera — Blieb a elender band in ila tan-coloBr«d elova njld ^th 
its cirelea af pvrte-hnTihenra above the wiiBt, aai. ita henvj bt&calßla 
crowdini^ one acother almost to the elbow. 

She could not have epoken raore than Tea of No to aave her 
iife, aud aba eaid even theee in the wrcmg" places; but Nadine 
Napraiiaedid not m&ke the mistaie afthmJringheriitTipidjaa leaa 
mtalügent womtiiD would have doue. 

Bha studisd bei eurimidy whilat ahn coctinued to HpeaJc thoea 
amiable and c&reltsa notbmg;^ which ara tbe armoury of social life ; 
toj weaponH of wliiiih tha young Imow ueitber tbe U9e nor the 
iudnite valuö. Sbe h&d aU tbe kini^ly condasceneioDj the good- 
humuured, amused judulgayce^ of s g^own womati of the world 
for a acbdolgirL; by datea ahe waa only seren years oldw tliftu 
Yeeulte de Valogne, but in eiperiönce &nd knoisledge ebe was fifly 
yaaTB her senior. 

' £Ue est vraimenf. tria bien' ehe sud, as ehe tiimed away &oin 
the ^t1 and took the arm of Friederieb, Otlimar. * At preaent ahä 
ifi Hke a ataüie in the clay, like a aketcb, Üke a magnoUa Bower 
folded up ; but Otbmar will chan;^ all that. You mu^t be ao 
glad ; hi» marria^ muet bave besn aach an enxiety to you* Sup- 
poee bei b ad mamed a. Mongoll What wnuld you baredonsP ' 

'It Waa not pmcisely of the Mongol tbat I was moat afraid^ 
Madame/ teplied tbe Bafoti. * Da you tbink, too, tbat a mamag^ 
iB a tenninatioD to an^one's anxietiE«? Surely, tba dang^roua 
romance begins afterwards in lifs as in novelB,' 

'It would ha TBiy dull readin;]; in either if it did uot/said 
Madtttne Napraxina. 'Butwe will hope that Mademoiaalle aad 
yournepbew will read tbeirs tO|?etbeT, and eachew tbe dangeraj 
that ia posaible eometimes; and ehe will bave one ß^reat adv&nt^ä 
for the neit ßve yeärs j shö will be handsomer avery year.' 

'It will bo a great adTuntaga if he tlnd her eo, butperhapa 
only others will find her ao ; marria^ does not lend rose-coloured 
fipectaclu5 to itfl diacijilt«,' tboiiRbt tbe Baron, m he answered 
aloud, ' There can he no nrie'e opitiion tbat h« could valae aa mach 
BS h& is Bure to do that of Madame NaprnxinB.' 

*I ima^ne ray opinion mattera LOthing at all to him/ ahe 
answered, with htir ei3i;|!;matical smite. 'But when I ss^ him I 
ahatl cartainäy be able to congratulate him with mqcb more triith 
tfaan oae can uaaally put into tbo3e coDTeDtionalitiesr Mademöieälla 
de Valogne ia very beauliftJ,' 

Tha Baron aaiüy recalled the sayin^g of that wiao man who waa 
qf opiniün tbat il tiifike« httle diflarenco after three mooths whether 
jma wife be a Vanoa or a Hottentot; but he did not uttei this 
UHphemj to a lorely woman. 



The girl remained on her Bofa g&zing wistfully after tUs 
4UffaHte who bod all tbe knowledge whicu she lacked, and who 
impressed her so sadly with an indefinite dull aenae of inferioritr 
and of helplessnees. She put her hand up to her throat and feit 
for bis Pearls -, they seemed like frienda ; they aeemed to asaaie 
her of hie afiection and of the futiue. People tbought she was 
proud of them hecause they were so large, so perfect in colour and 
shape, Bo royal in their valae ; she would have been as pleased 
with them if thev Had been stringa of berries out of the woods, 
and he had sent them with the same meaaage and meaning. 

She watched Nadine Naprazine with ÜGuscinated ejes; wondeiv 
ing where was the secret of that aupreme aeduction which eren 
riie, in her convent-bred aimplicity, could feel was in her. In the 
few worda which had been addrMsed to her she waa dimly con- 
•ciouB that the other disdüned her as a child, and derided Otbmai 
as a fooL 

Madame de Yannes roused her &om her preoccnpation with ft 
tap of her fan. 

' How grave you look, ^llette' she aüd with aome impatieneet 
'YoQ muBt oeTer look hke that now you are in the world. 
Everyone detesta grave people. If you cannot alwaya amiloi atay 
in your convent,' 

'I beg your pardon,* mormnred Yseulte, waking from her 
meditation with a little shock. ' I did not ^low — ^I waa think- 
ing- * 

* That 18 just what yoQ moat not do when you are in aocsety. 
What were you thinking of P "You looked very eombre.' 

Xhe ^1 coloured and hedtated, then ehe said very low : 

' The other day — ^tbe day of the casket — ^you atüd he lored her 
— waa it true ? ' 

She glanced across the room at Nadine Napraxine as ehe spoke. 

' Did I say ao P ' answered the Duchesse, with annoyance at 
berself. * Then I talked great nonsense. But how was I to know 
then that he waa thinking of yoa P Listen to me, ßÜette,' abe 
continued, with more real kindneas in her tone than the ^I had 
erer heard there. * You will hear all kinds of acandals, mainua- 
tions, Btories of all sorts in tbe world that you will live in ; never 
listen to them, or you will be perpetually uritated and unhappy. 
People say eil sorts of untruths out of eheer idleness ; they most 
talk. M. Othmar miist certainly bare aome very especial esteem 
for you, or why should he choose yoa out of all womankind for 
bis wife P That is all you have to tbink of ; do not perplex yonr- 
seif as to whom be may, or m^ not, bare lored beforehand. AU 
your care must be that he sball lore no one eise afterwarda. Toa 
are tired, I tbink ; go to bed, if you like: you can slip away aa> 
noticed. You are only a child yet.' 

Yseulte went at once, thankful for tbe permisnon, yet lookiiig 
wistfuUy atill at tbe delicate head of Nad^e Napraxine, as it roM 



MelvUle, wi th 

muaic room, where a little op^rettEt trag being' gir^Dj wiLb a TpLgufi 
eompasaion etirritig in bar, 

* I Bin eure tlie old Murquise couM not liave snven ber more 
moral advitie cIihd I,' she tlioiight, ' but I am afraid. the fliUy child 
will bare trouWe, ahe ia bo oIii-f[isMoned, Why carniot ahe marry 
the man, and enjrjy UiU. he will g-iv» her, Trithout perplexing hereeu 
BS to vhat fanciea lie maThaTe bad for oUier peopla? ^Vllat 
doei it matter ? Sbe will uare to gst used to tbat eort of thiiig. 
IT it be nqt NadJne wlio makes her jealous, it will be someone 
eise f tut oiie could not teU ber tliftt. IIow riglit I wng nqt to 
aead BlaDcbeite and ToIddd to b convQDt t Tbe boly women inak@ 
them eo romAutic:, so ätuatioDal, so pleiu'7tichfuse*\ ' 

At thö Bftnie momeut Nadiue NapraxUie aaid, whan ehe had 
left her and woa speakiu^ to JUelvUlä c( her : 

' Sbö is very tuteresting. Sb© will bftva plenty of character ; 
he tbinha thaC he is marryiü^ a cblld \ be forgetä that ehe will 
grow up, and ihat very rapidlj. MarriageiBahothoiise forwomen 
■who are joung. I waa married at her ag-e ; in tlir&a months' tüne 
1 feit aB old — as old — or old m I do dow. Nobody can feel older I 
You are siity-ÜTe, you sty, aad you ara 6o Tounp, That ia be- 
cnuse you are not marricd and can beliebe in Faradiae/ 

'Ilou mefiu tfiat I hope fux compeDsation P ' said MelvU 
hifl pleasant laugh. 

'Of tliat yuu keep ycur üluBionB, Tbcre h ^ much in that 
PeoplG who du are alway« foaüg« I do not tbink I evei had auj 
to loEä ] ' 

' It ia great Gmotionß wbich make happj ülusirras, and I beliöTO 
you liave DflFer permitted thoee to approaob you ? ' 

' I have viewed tbem irom afar on, aa Lucreüua saya oca ought 
to eoe a et arm." 

' I do not doubt you have eeen them very ofleD, Princese,' saii 
MfllviHe, with fiigaiiicaiice. * But aa you huve not sbared tbenif 
Ihey have puBflfid by you Ulfe ^rent wnves which lea^e no mark 
vpOD thö &mnotliaDSß of tlie &and on wbicb they brealt.' 

^Perhapg/ehe &aid, whüe her mind revert^d to the ftceno of 
wTticb her boiidfir bad been the theatre t^iree dnys baforfl 5 then 
ihe ndded a little DbrcpÜy : ' You know Mdlla. de'Valogoo well — 
yoE arp inttfeateii in her? Wha.t do you think of her marriage?' 

'I have knortn her from tha timö ahe waa four years old/ 
replted Melville. 'I have seea her at iutervala at tha couvent o£ 
FaieL I am conriacad ahe has no common character : she ia very 
unliks tho young* ^rls one sees in the worJd, who hava bad tb^ir 
courae of DeaUTiBe, Aii, and Biarritz, She ia of the antlquö 
Frönch patriciaa type ; perbapa tbe higbe6Erhura(\Ti type that tbe 
World bas evar goen, and tlio most. cupahlg of seif- räStra Ißt, of 
herolam, of trae diatinotion, and of loyalty. I fancy Elizabeth 
da france muflt baTd h€e& jUitsuchagii'lABiLBYEQulted.e Yalogno,' 



'Whit enlogyl' retumßd his nnrnpanion, with k Uttle m* 
(LTediüaus AGctiDt. 'I liave aJwajB woodered tbat yoiir C^liareh 
did tiot c&nocize the Princesa Iilliz&beÜu £ut jou da not teil me 
whfit 70U think of tlie marriBge.' 

Melvillt) funilttd. 

*1 mig^ht T^uture to nropbefly if tba sucoess of a maniAge 
depended ou two personi, out it depenift oa w many otbera," 

' You »Je yery injEteriams ; X do pot aae wliat othars hava to 
do with iL.' 

' And yet,' tbou^ht MeUille, * how often you have strötehrd 
out yourdelicatfi finf^ers änd pueheddown theiuoatfiDely-wroughl 
wflb of humaD hnppmeBs — just für paatimtil ^ 

AlQudhe^Baid: ' It'fibe and he wero about t4> live their livee on 
ft detiertiülaud, I am conrixiced tbey would be eatLrely euited to 
encb other. But as Ibey will tive m the world, and perrorc«» in 
wbat they call tlie great world, nUo abalJ presuioe to say wbat 
tJböir mariiape wiD boeome ? It may paas iuto tliat icdiffenjut 
aod amiable frieDdäliip vbisb \% tbe mo^t ueual iseua af eucb 
marnagea, or it muy grnw iuto that direct ButBgoaiam whicb ü 
perhapa ite etiÜ common^r reeult; on tbe othtr band, it nany 
becocna that p^rfect fiowBr of buuinD eyiiipalhy "whicb, like tbe 
alc>6, bUiäsoma ouce in a Century ; but, U' tb&l tntmclo bappen, 
mich äoweTfl ats not immorta.] \ an uokmd grasp wUJ euffii?« td 
break tbem oir at the roat. Dn tb'ä -whola, I am not «apeciall; 
bopeful ; i^be ib too vouni;, and be ' 

* And bü P * süd Nadine Napiaxiue, with. a gleam of curiüsity 
in her (^iance. 

' I am not bia eoofessor; I doubt if hu ever cmifeag — to hia 
Own eez,' mplied Melviltei ' biit if I bad beea, I aEiouId b«.ve 
aaid to bim: "My eoE, ona doaa Dot cur« stroDg fevers with 
meadow-daiisiieB^ wait tili yniir &011I Ib cleanüed buibr« you ofier it 
to a child whom you tfike from God." That ie T^bat I ebould 
have Said in the confepsional ; but I only kaow Otbciar od tbe 
neutral grouEd cf eociety. I cannct preauma to say it there/ 

'You are too aeriouB, Monälgnore,' Bbid Nodins, with ber 
euijE^aticnJ emib. ^ UmrifigB ia uut »uch a v>e<ry emdoua thing, I 
UGura you. AnIc riaton.' 

'Prince Napraxios is excöpttonally bBppy," said MalviUe, 00 
gravely iLnt ahe laugbed gaily in hie face. 

Meannbils Yseulte diemis^ tbe maid, undreased beiself 
^wly, kisaed tbe poarLa wben ebe bad Uliclasped tbem ; and, 
kiweEmg down undtfr her cnicitbtj anid nittuy pmyers for OtbmM, 

Sba waB fiOOü asltiOp, Uko a tired cliild, and sLe bod bis ngta 
linder ber pUlow; neTertbüIuee, elie dröiimtid of Nitdhm Napraxine, 
aud hör aleep was not tbe imre unbroken reet that sb« biLd alwaya 
bad before. Ouce abe awoKe iu a gi'^at teiror, her heurt beating, 
Lei limbB treiiibliug-. 

^il'budid uoi lorti nwt' ah« crisd alood; tben iliei li^btof 



ihe lamp feil od t1iQ open cuaket^ od the iiBcklaice of pearla. They 
eeemed to ^^ to bt^r^ ' WhBt flliould he waut witb f ou, uolefin ha 

ghe fdl &äle«p ti^iüii> sad with a smilo (m her face. 


*feB fortntght ptaewl Rway rajiMly snd dizzily for hw. TTiey 
tOok her Ht oace to Paris, aud ^ave hur no t-iiqa für thDU;;lit. aha 



bla-ze of 

invöniöOt, Mrliicb dazzLed hsr 
tireworka wüiud dazsla a tureat doe. Alt tliä proparatioDs of k 
gieat marrio^s -wara perpecunülj oround her, and elta bef^ftn to 
raaliäe that tho ■world thuugLt h«: Imt most enviable and rare, 
orten her head ached and her eara wera tir^d with tho pnr^etusl 
■tream of compliment and felicitation, the continnal dämands 
made od hi^r time, oq her patience, oa bar g-ralitmla. What 
wotild bare betiu ecstasy to BlaDcbetta was to her verv oGorly 
pam, Tberc WE^re momentawtea she almoat long-i^ far tbe greiat, 
&Ü1L, "walled g^rdöiis of t>ie Bamee de Ste. Anne, für her liftle 
whitewiudmd ronjn, hör riUib chair iu the cbBjitiJ, her poof grey 

Then elie tbooght of Otbrnai', and ttia colotir came into her 
face and ahe wcna happy, thou|2;h alwajs iLti[|utat aud a little 
alarmäd, aa a doveie wlien its owner'« band ia eti^tched out to iL 

To Y^uLte be woa a bero, a saint, an ideal. He bad come ao 
Buddeiiiy into bur Ul'u, b«i bad traDüfbrmed it ao compLutelyr that 
be had aoDiättiing cf a maijrical fa^cination and glory for her. 
She knew nothing of tbo Houw of Oihmar, or of ibüir poaition in 
Ünnnce ; if aho' liod nodi-TBliood it, sha would buvu disliked it \rith 
tllo iufitinctiya pridb of a daug-htef of ' J!e* jwöiu: ; ' ehe had a 
TB^jiie, confuäed idea of Uiiu as the posaesanr of grwit power «nd 
wctaltb, but that tajnt of cnmcneroB, wbicb in Othiuar'a eyeä aulled 
evwy napoleon hö touchedj bad not dimrned big niajeety for Iier. 

äbe -vm üsvär allüwed to stiö iiim aloue ; her coiHin inäisted 
on the Htric:eBt obsßrvaiite of 'irfs cöniieii<inc6i,' and though u 
Komeo would hava foiind rnöaria to circimiTwut theae rulea, her 
iover did not. He was glud of the atJlf' hiwe of et^uette wbicb 
forbade him unwitnoasäd iaterviewe. He feit tbut if abe Hdköd 
bim Btmig-htwBj, with hwr clear «yw ou bis-, wliat löve he bad lor 
hi*r, a liö would not cotue eaaily to hia lipe. He wiüi lavifih of all 
olftiringB to her, aa tliQunb to atotie üiateiially fov tbe feeluifr that 
wau WBDtiD^ iu hiin. Tbti Diicbesäa was hentelf asnmiHhed at the 
nnvijtiiliceiicti and frexiuiimjy of hia gifta. Unaakad, he eetüad Ö. 
Fhaiauiond and an etit&ta in S<:^in« et Oiäa upoa her id absolut« 
poaeesBioni -nbila a coiuiiien^uiat« uiuujujj waa aecurtd to her to 


lender ber wbolly independent in the futuie of anj vhim or wiS 
ol his own. 

'He is really very generous/ aaid the DachesBe to henel£ 
'But what perplexes me is, he U not in love; not the Teiy laut 
in lore 1 II he were, one would understaad it all. But he is not 
in the vety BÜghtest d^ee amouracAS; not half as mach aa 

But ahe was heedful that no su^estion of this fact, whiob 
her Observation made clear to her, should escape her hefore 
Yseulte or anjone eise. If he were not in love, jet still wished to 
manTf it was bis own affair ; and she was not hu keeper. 

To Yseulte, it was absoluta shame to find tbat she waa 
regarded by all who approached her as having done sometliing 
clever, won aomething enviable in tbe lottery of life. A vague 
distress weighed on ber before the motivee wbich slie feit were 
attributed to her, 

When her couun said to her, ' Fälette, you were really very 
audacious wben you went to gather those flowera at S. Phaia- 
mond. But audacity succeeds — Voltaire and Napoldon wen 
light/ she could have wept with humiliation and indignatioD. 

' Perhaps be thinks as badly of me, too 1 ' she thougbt, in that 
perplezity wbich had never ceased, since bis gift of the ivory 
casket, to torment her. 

'Tbere is storm in the air,' said tbe Duc once to bis wife. 
' Othtnar will be Übe one of those magicians who nsed to raise a 
force that they could neither guido nor quell. He is makiog a 
chlld woTship him, and forgettmg that he will make her a woman, 
and thftt then she will not be satisfied with faeing buug about 
witb trinkets, and set ankle-deep in gold like an Indian goddess. 
I am quite sure tbat tbis marriage, wbich pleases you all so 
much, will he a very unbappT one — some day.* 

' You tbink what you wish — all men do/ said bis wife. ' I 
have not a doubt that it will be pei-fectly happy — as happy as 
anv marriage is, that is to say. She will adore bim ; men like 
tobe adoreo. You can only get that from somebody veir young. 
He will never say an uuMnd word to her, and he will never 
object, however much she may spend. If she cannot be content 
with tbat ' 

The Duc laughed derisively. 

< Gold I gold I gold I Tbat is tbe joy of the eahoüne, not ol 
Yseulte de Valogne. What sbe will want will be love, and he 
will not nve it her. With all deference to you, I see the 
materiala for a very sombre poem in your ipopie.' 

*I repeat, your wieh is father to your tbought. In the 
theatres women do rebel, and Stab tbemselves, or other people, but 
in real life they are very much more pliable. In a year's time 
sbe will not care in the least about Otbmar himself, but ehe will 
have grown to like the world and tbe life that she leods in it 

Fbe ^ill h&TB leamt to amu&a herself; aha njll not frat if he 
pjisB liia time eleBwhare ' 

' You are entirely -wrcmg-/ said da Vaniiüa, with irritatioii. 
' Bhe 19 a cliild ddw, Init in & ievf weekfi iba will lae & womaOi 
Then lia will find tliat you caonot ligbt a fire on rtsm Rnd UaTfl 
the eorth uDSCorclied. Sie has tlig blood of Gul de Valogne* 
Sho will not Tue B eaixit alwaya If slie find bBtseif B^lected, aliö 
will not forgive it wbeD ehe shall iinilerstiitid whftt it mefiüÄ, 
Jf he be her loveF efler mariiapo, «11 may be weU. ; I dn nol 
Biy the ■contrary. But if ha neglect her then, aa be neg^lecU her 
now ' 

'Pray, äo not put such follies icto her bead. N?glected] 
"WLen not a day pasaea that he doca not send her the moBt mar- 
Telloiie pr^aentÄ;^ does not empty on her half Lhe j^iwellena' coaea 
out of Europe imd Asia.' 

' He m&Kefl up in jeweU wbait he wncts in wBrmth/aaid Alain 
de Yamitia. 'At pretJCiiit Abe ib a baby, a little suint^ au iii<no- 
cent ; ae iijnorttiit aa ber ivory Madonaa ; but iu six moollia' tjme 
ehe will be Tery diilerent. She will Tipow that ehe bolongB to a 
mau who doeä not Cfira for her; she will want all that he doM 
not giva her; ehe will bc like ft rieh red foeö opeuing whera all is 

'You goto tbs tbeatree tili jou get mcsIodramBlic/isaid hia 
wife, witb contumpt 'I do not beliuve she v.-iU. aT&r ha\e any 
f ofi^auB at all -, sbo will alwavE hß tbe irory Mint,' 

Alain de Vannea Inaghed giLmly. 

* Women who are baautiful and have good healtb axe never 
laJntB,' bä Said, ' and aainta ars nct married at sixte(?Q.' 

'Fcaa^oise Romaine was/ aaid Mb wife, wliD alwaya bad the 
last wnrd in aay disciiasion. 

Ollimnr was more reatleeo than he bad evör becn iu hia Hie, 
lUOre disfatiqSed, and mora impalient of fate. Yet he was nOt 
BUTä that be would bavä undöiio wbat he bad done, ercn if henoui 
woyld haTe allowed bim, 

Tha tenderneaa which Yseulte bad awahened in bin], tbougb 
it could not compäbs witb the pßssioD anothei hod npoused in 
hitO) made bim feel a cbnnn in btr pn^ence, a Bolace in her youth- 
fulne^. The reelriclions iitipoßfd on their intercourse eustaiued 
tba myslic spiritual grac« which tbe yourg- girl bad in bis oyes, 
and it prevenled aay poesible chnnce of diaiU.ii.aioD or of fatigu» 
on Lia part. Hera waä rtally the Tirginal purity, els of n wbito 
roeebtid wliicb hsa blosaomed in tba äiade. Hewoa not insen- 
toble to ita benuty, even whjjst a beauty of aaotliGF hind had fuller 
etupim tipon bim. He had dona an nnwise thin^, biit ba said to 
himßelf coKtinually, ' At least I bave made one iaaoceat credture 
happy, and surely I Aba.ll be able to continue to do so; &hc can 
haroly be more ditScnlt to content tbao a dore or b fnwn.' 

Hs forgot, aa so many mea do forg-etj tbat in thie Ufa, wbicli 


nemed to him like the dore's, lUie the fawn's, there would be aU 
the lateat ardoura of womanhood ; that in the folded rosebud 
theie wu the rose-tinted heart, in which the bee would sting. 
Tbej met st ceremonies, hanquets, great &mil7 röoniona, Bolemn 
lestiTities, in which all the rauboui^ took part. She was in* 
tensely, exquisitelj, bappy when she was conscious that he ww 
near her, but she was as silent ss a statue and as timid as a hiid 
when he looked at her or addreased her. Eveiy da^, erary boor, 
was inoieasinc what was to become the one absorbmg passion of 
her life, but he was too indifierent, or too engroaaed hj othei 
thoughts, to note the growth of this innocent love. Alain da 
Vannes saw mach more of it than he. 

She had the apiritual loTeliness for him which S. Cecilia had 
in the ejes of the Roman centurion who wedded with her \ a more 
delicate and more etbereal charm than that which onlj aprings 
from the provocation of the senses. A caress to her seemed almost 
a profanity : to disturb her innoceut soul with ths grossness of 
earthly love seemed lihe a eort of sacrilegA. 

The whole of this time was a period of Tesdasa doubt inth 
him, and the sense that he had not been honest with her reboked 
him whenever he met the timid worship oi her wiatfiil OTefc He 
thought, ' She would not give herseif to me, if she knew f ' 

He was impatient to have all Üie tumult and foUy which pro- 
cede a great marriage orer and done with. Every detail annoyed 
him ; every formula irritated him. 

' All I entreat is, that there m^ be no del^,' he said so oflen 
to her couün, that Madame de Vannes eoded in believing that 
he must bemuch moreenamoured tban hismanner had betokened^ 
and said with amusement to her husband : 

' It bas often been disputed whether a man can be in love with 
two persona at one time: Othmar is so, unquestlonably. It is 
like the bud and the fruit on the same bough of camellia/ 

* It is to he hoped tbat when the bud is a flower the fruit will 
fall/ said de Vannes, with a grim smile. 

' You are not sincere when jou say that,' said the Ducheese, 
' and you know that both always fall — after a time.' 

' A law of nature,' said her husband. ' And it is a law kA 
nature also that others come in their place.' 

' Mj dear friend,' said Aurore de Vannes, with good-natoied 
contempt, * when Tseulte shsll bare followed the laws of nature 
in tbat way, believe me it ia not you who will profit by them. 
You were good-Iooldng ten years ago— or more — but absinthe and 
bacarat do not improve the looks after five-and-twenty, and TOtt 
have crow's-feet afreadj, and will eoon bave to dye your hair if 
you wish still to look young. Yseulte will never tbink of you 
ezcept as a vieux coustn who was kind enough to give her a 
locket — if she will even do that when she has got all t^e diamondl 
tbat ebe will get as Countess Othmar,' 


HeantiiDe, Dthmor bimfiölf waa cocfittmtlj ssying to the 
DuchoB^ : 

' I put mjself completely in your tands; only, all I leaeecli of 
you, MadatnB, is not to delay my marrisgo longier thaD yoa ara obliged/ 

' He do6s tjöt SAV hia happineaa,' ttought Madame dö Vatinee^ 
u ahe Bald alotid^ ' Well^ vhat will fieeoi ienibl» to you P I tMuk 
I ougbt to exact k delaj of at leaat eix montha. &he ia so verj 

' It Ib her youth that ie dsli^htful to me,' he repUed abrupüy. 
' I am old ejiough to necd its chftrm.. 1 Bbould Be glfi.d if you 
wpiüd coDseot to our nuptiala very eooQ — saj withia a fortaighu 
1 hckTe olrfindy ioijtriicted mj eoHcitars to m>ei!t you and tO ma^B 
whatever eettiement.B yöu aoid tba Duc de VaxiiiGä Duay de^Q upOD 
Mademoiaellü de V&logne.' 

' What ! carlB blanche P ' tboug'bt Cri-^M, witb awondeTwbith 
sbe took Care tu i^oiiGeat, whüe E^bu objeCted tbat sucb apeed as ha 
deared was ittipossibte, was qiiita unheard of, wodd he iDdeeoroits : 
tbere weie ao many things to ba done ; bat in the end ebö raläntnä, 
coneented to came that day montb, and reüected tbat he ähould 
pa-y tbr bU haate io the marriiigib coDtract. It would make no 
diü'erönce to LeTBslf whsthür La aettted tan aütliDna or ten p^uce 
OR her youDf^ cousin, but it seenied to her tbut sho wo^ not doing 
ber duty unl^a, üi coodea^^iidiag' to ally hc^raelf with la FkiauCB, 
she did not ebear its goldab äeeces unscnipuloufily, 

It] her Dwn :uiiid ähe rcdactöd that. it waä &9 well tbs matriKg? 
Bhould take place apeedily, for ehe pereeived tbat hia htiart was 
Dot much in it. äbe divioed that some alien motlTe actu&ted htm 
in hia desixti for it, and ahe would have regretted if any breach bad 
occurred to prs'veut it; for, although sha professEid to her iutimate 
frieods tbat sht? disliked the albance exc&ssive1y,fihe wosn'ävärthe- 
leaa very griitified at bar owb relative having borim o(T auch & 
great prize ob Otbmar. Une neyar knew äitbar bow u^eful euch a 
CoDoectiüD as bid mtg'bt QOt bectiiua. 

' I wouid iievöP bave let her manr iato the t/m'jjmc,' ehe said 
to her hiifiband. ' But ÜthmaT iia quite difTüTent ; his motbur waA 
au English duka'a daughter, hin graudmüther was A de Soiesons- 
ValettA ; he bae really g^ood blood.' 

'And besides that,' said de Vannes eavagely, ^he is a man 
whom all Europa Uaa sigbed to marry ever aince ho came of age. 
Why do you talk auch uonaense to meP It ia waat« of good 
octiafrl ' 

* Ab you waeted your tniiialtion^ Bflid bis wifo, witt a mali-^ 
c\oua eiijayniieiit, ' If bIih hiid tnlien tlie veÜ, yoii would havB 
been quitH capabla of elopiog wLth bar, the very infaTiiy of the 
ti^tioQ wuiild iiave dellg-btäd you. But Otbuiar viiQ curtainly not 
let yoii uaakä love to hia w|fe ; h« ie juat tlu aort of miw tu ba 


* Of N&dine Napraxine, not of hU own wife I ' said de Vsnnes, 
with an angrr laugh. ' Many tbem quicklj, while he U in the 
mind, and before Madame Napraxine can gpoil the thing. In aix 
moDtha' time he will retum to her, but tbat will not matt«r; our 
little Cousin will be Counteas Othmar, and will probably leam to 
oonsole berself.' 

' You are not bopeless P ' said bia wife, mncb amnaed. ' Well^ 
I do not tbink witb jon. I believe tbat Nadine Na|n«zine faaa 
never been anytbing to Otbmar; tbat the cbild, on tho contrary, 
ifl pasaionately in love with bim ; and tbat the marriage will he a 
Tery happy one.' 

Alain de Vannes sbmgged bis Shoulders. He was very angry 
tbat the matter had tumed out aa it bad done ; the more Kogrj 
that it was wbolly impossible for him to diaplay or to expreaa nia 
discomßture, and tbat he was compelled to be amiable to Othmar 
and to all the worid in relaüon to it, and bear bimself before 
everyone as the friend and guardian of hia wife'a cousia. Hia 
fimcy foT her bad heen a caprice ratber than anytbing BtrODgo', 
bat it was reaentful in its diaappointment and impotence, and 
niight eTen be capable of some vengeance. 

Fuel bad leifc sweet, aolemn memories with the girl: the 
gieen gloom of the fem-brakes and the wooded lanes, the soffc 
grey summen, and the evenings with thetr myateiious silTerr 
shadows ; the silent corridore, uie tolling bella, the altars with 
their white lilies, the pathetic monotonons voices of the nons — all 
were blent together in her recollection into a pictore fuU of holi- 
nesa and calm. Now tbat ehe koew wbat the gipey woman had 
meant, sbe wished to he there for a little while to muse upon her 
Taat happiness, her woudrous fiitiire, and consecrate tbem both. 

Sbe asked for, and ohtaioed, permission to go to her old eon- 
Tent in retreat for the two weeka before her marriage. Madame 
de Vannes was inclined to refuse wbat sbe r^arded aa excessive 
and eccentric, but Othmar obtained her consent. 

It pleased him that she sbould pass her time before her 
marriage with the boly women who had trained her cbildhood ; it 
was not so that Nadine Napraxine had spent the weeka preceding 
her sotilless union. 

' You wish not to see her for two whole weeks P ' süd the 
Dachesse, suspidously. 

'I wish her to do always wbat she wiBhee,'he answered. 

' Sbe will be a Tery happy woman then,' said Cri-Cri, drily. 

He added, with a little besitation : ' It is her unlikenesa to the 
World, her apirituallty, which bas charmed me ; I wish her to 
retain tbem.' 

'It will be difBcult/ said tbe Buchesse, with a laugh. 
' FiÜette* she said with amusement to her young cousin, ' I do not 
know why yoa are so veiy eolemn about it all ; I assnre you the 
loul has Tery little to do with marriage, as you will 6nd out sood 



enöitgh, Wliy sbquld jou go in retreat m if you were alwut to 
eutcr relifpunP ' 

Yaeultö coloured; flhe auswered timidlj ! 'I am föTgrötting 
God; it ia un^leful ; I am too bappj j I möan — I gfow seläsh, I 
wänt to bö quiet a HtlJe while to riimomber ' 

Tbä Ducaesse lauglied, much amiLssd : * You oiigbt decidedly 
to have tak«a thß, veil; jou mü Iw la religieuse manqvi6e\ At 
yoiir ag^ 1 thought of ootEin^ but of my bulls acd my bouqueta, 
Bud oftbecDatutnes tliey gavü me, and of tbe ol£cer.B oftbe Guides 
— AJalß was m tlie Guidas, lie woa very Eood"lonlriiig at ibat time, 
J inugt My Oüiniittr and joii aio like no lovera in tbe world thftt I 

However, ahe gn?e h«r penniBsioii;^ and TeeuTte went to the 
■ncient Btonebuilt fortrese-^ke housa of Faj'el, wliere t1i6 qmet 
comdora wera filled with the smeli of dried herbs from the nuns' 
distiUery ajid tlie little grey Sgurea of tbe childreti played noise- 
leaaly undei tha lecUasa cbestimc aTenue« of Clie trauquil gardena« 

It WIL9 all so wi&lcomß to her after tbe babble of Blonchetta, 
the tumult üf coQgratuktion, tba auccesaion of ccmplimetits, tba 
perpctual seose ai btiing* exbibited and exammed, discuäSE^d aod 
deprecdatcd ^ but it did not cbäuge her tboiigbta very much, for 
evea in her prayers her wondrous change of fate alwaya seemed 
witli lier, Kud elia fguiid tliftt even amonj^t ber pipua and un-^ 
Worldly Dttmeade Ste. Atme tbs betraCbed of Count OthmAt waa 
Mceiväd as a very difTerent bting to the dowerleaa Yaeulte da 
Valogne ; and sonietbm? of tlint bittemess whicU so often cenia 
to ber lover reached her tbrougb all her guilelesaoesa, Etbh 
Nicole, al30, embraclDg her witb ardotir and teiiderneB,9, witb tba 
tcara rimoing down her browo cbeeliä, aud pltioding for tba right 
to send ber pHiute the orHoge-blosBonis and liliea-ot-the-Talley for 
herbrJdaUdreM, yet amidat ber jojful tenr» and tearful joy Und 
Bot fqrgottan to whiaper ; ' A^id, da drmc, nta miffnaitne, yail 
will Äfiy ft Word aow to tha Goünt Othmar to g-et my hiisbaad the 
mimicipal concMsion to put np thö eteam mill ? It will make out 
fortune, my angel, and I know wbat a bappinesa thaC will be to 
you 1 ' 

' A fortona I Money, mooey I It aeems all they think of in 
the worM I ' the ohild reilected sadl?. ' Wliat can Nicole and 
Bandi-os want witb niore money? "fbey are -vary well o(f, and 
they have no childjeu, na relations even ^ and yet all they tbink 
about 13 laying by one napoleon on tbe top of anotber I It ia 
horrible! Eveu tbe Mother Superior bas nerer eaid to mö how 
rqod he is, how klud, bow geni&rouiB; Eibe only eays that I ata 
färtüDate because bi^ is go ticb | They mäke Tüä ie&l quita wickäd. 
I want to teil theaa how meAii they are I "Why am I ao much 
better and ^eatST in tbeir aijifht be(!ause I am going to becoma 
rieb too ? I tbou^ht they cared for Done of thoae thin^ But 
tui KäTerend MoLbtir asks ma for e usw altor serv'ice a& Eli>iichetta 



uked mä for «. tiirquolsfi necklace I I underetATid 
wayfl a litrle aad. He thinks no onecar^a for hlm, for 

And, after mnny daya and niplits of mmit anxinua thoupht ajid 
moRtti'ntri.mtiiig prnycr, fhe ffatL'i'irüd up all htT cnurap:« and wrote 
a litile tetl»r ts Othrnnr, the onty one whtch siie had «rar 
addressed to hitn; ihe wm afmid it was s atmufo tbing to do, 
and one per^pB unmsidenlj, but she could not: resi^ b^r Idnj^iii^ 
to saj that ana tliiitg U> bim, Abd so fihe wTota ; 

' Moiuneiir, — I do not know whetber I oug-bt to say it, and I 
bope yoo will forgiv© tue if it be wrong to eay ao, but I hava 
thuught ofti^ii eiüKre T bt^ars-nd 4ei3 ho piut^li oT joqr ^cre^t wealtb 
tlmt perlmps — ^jierliäps — you may imag'iDe it iiAl-bst wbicli I care 
for: DUt ißdeed 1 do not ; if you war« quiTö pocir, Tery poor t<^- 
morrow, it would be juf^t tbß e&me to me, and I abould be jiut ■« 
bappy. Ido pray you to hüüäve thla, 

' Yoare, in affection and röverance, 

' YsEtTLTB.* 

She bad lesitRted rery long beforg ibe Tectured to iign hö> 
•elf so, bntiii th» t-nd it seetned to ber tbät it Opuld Dot b? Tery 
wroog äs it ätöod: aliö owed bim both aäectioD and reveroncg — 
BT&n the Mother Superior lierself would sayso. 

She ecclosed tne little note in a lattar to her couflin tli« 
Ducbesfie, knowing- tbat otberwise it wouldnot be allowed to paan 
tbe couvent walle. Wbou Mad&me da Vanues received it aha 
loobed Bt it witb suapiciott, 

' If it ßEioiild feö aiiy nonsenee Bbout Nadine Napraxine P ' ehS' 
tlLüu^bt witb ularm j ' if It abould be nny folly tbat wöcild break 
tbe marriageip ' 

Bko decided that it would be unwise to annd it to Otbrnar 
vitbout knowiug wbut it said, so abe broke the little' BeAl very 
curefuUy and read it. Something in it touched bsr aa alie 
peruHäd tbs HiiQpla''woTdB, wriLteo 9» eTid«Dtly with a band which 
trvmbled aad a keart that was fulL Sb'ä eealed it ajE'aln and ds- 
Bpatched it to ita dentination, ' Poor little aimpleton,' slie 
thou^bt, ' why did sbe take tbs troable to aay tbat X She wül 
not make bim believe it ! ' 

But he djd believa iL 

It waa becauBO eba mildä the bäliaf poflmble to hlm tbtit the 
child had Afietiied to him like a joung anggl who brougbt bö^ntf 
on her wiiigB ; and the love wUch djd not venture to avow it*el?j 
but yet waa viäiblo in evary one of these timid sentenceB, weat to 
hia beart vitb äweatugES and anconscioiie reproacL. He wrote 
back to ber : 

' I belieye you, aad X tbauk yoa, Yoti giTe nie wbAt tba 
World caonot gwe Dor command,' 

And he added worda of tendemeas wMcb, if tbey "womld biTÄ 

pprmBss NAppAxmn. 


t*tain«I Pflld to an older or b Irs3 innoCBnt teclpient, wliollj COJl- 
tentod her, and Bumiied tO her liks a bmath from beaveu. 

Tliö fortiijg-ht eoon paased, and after it« quiet daya at. FaleT, 
fiHed with thc' aouncU hö faiuili&r to her of tha drowsy bella, tlie 
rolling' oTg^n «well, tha plaintive nionotonoua chauata and 
prayers, the pucitig of elow fitep* up anddinvn longetoiiB paBsagea, 
the ^inding of tiiij winch of the great well !□ th« arju&re court, 
ahe feit calmed aod etrecigtiheiied., and not ftfruid wb^o the 
Mother Saperior Bpoke of ail the respoueibilitiea gf her futiire. 

To her, marrioge was a my^tic^ spkitual Union ; nll elis llUüW 
öf it wad gatherel from tha axpressionfl borrow&d ffom it tO 
^nnbolise the uüiüü of CliTLBt and Hia Bainta. Khe went to it 
witb AB rsligcoua and innoccme a faith aa p^he would have taken 
with her to the cloister had they aent bar there. If any humaa 
ciaature can be as pure as ßnow, a very young girl wliio tiEö beea 
reared bj siiupla and pioua womon La so. Even the Ducheeaa de 
Vamie« falt a vagiie emotion hefora that abaolute ignoraace of Ihe 
BetJSM and of the paKsioca of life. 

' It Ib Httipid,' she said to har^elf. ' But it is lovely in its way, 
I caa fancy a man likee to deätroy it— Bkiwljj cmglly — jaat u & 
boy pulb ofi' buttciräiea' wmgs.' 


TflB first dajB of Febrcary canae all too aoon for the vogue feara 
of YBeulte, which tbrobbed iu hur aa tha iieart beata in b bird 
which feah) a captor'a band appromcbiflg. All tlie ridicule o( 
BlBßchette and Toinou, all tha good-natured hüiitep of tbeir 
mother, and ail theendleas congratulationa oföociety which rained 
OD her Uiia tbe akooiid blodsoms which wüts falling in showers rä 
Üsx^ wiDd, could Dot make her oüierwiee than bewildered and 
alanned, aod aa tha tine of her muTiiage drew closer and cIoböt 
her terror almo^t ob^cureil her happinese, No one would have 
believed in it ; everyniie, had they known tie secrats of her aby 
and BÜent nund, would UaTQ laugbed aC it as hypocrisy ; but with 
her it was mcisit real. 

Away from Ottmar, ahe adored him; but near him, sbe 
dwiaded him aa a etrnDger who was about to lead her into tbe 
BtrangüöE and moBt leTribla myste^riea of lifo- Bot time stuya Hot 
for thfl ainlring or thö fluttermg of any pooif huiD&n Leart, &ad 
tbßy brought her from the dim, cold, miftty Breton country back 
into the gay and crowded world of Paiis; and the great Toonia of 
her Cousin 'a house, filled by brilliant tUrongs for the signing of tbe 
coutract, broueht home to h«r the inexorable fact tbat hv 
muTiaiji^ wüuld iteelf tAks place in aootber foTty-eight houis. 


* YoxL are so pale, ßUette I * aaid the Dtichesse in some im- 
paüence. ' One would tbiok that we were forcing jour inclmar 
tionsl ' 

Yseulta said nothing ; aha could not have explüned tbe 
tumult of i^tation which was in her. She was maTTellomtj 
happy: andyet 

A iover who had loved her would hare divined at^ pene- 
trated all those nüngled emotiona, which were nnintellinUe to 
herself ; but Othmar was too diatrait and too absorbed in thought, 
wbereiji she had no share, to de so. Xhough ahe was the ceaitre 
of the world around her for Uie moment, the child rematned in an 
absolute solitude. 

Friederich Othmar, studyinA: her with bis exquisite power (rf 
Penetration, alone perceired her trouble, and thought with 
pleasure : ' The poets are not quite the fools I deemed them ; 
there m such a thing os a virginal soul in which the sensea do not 
■peak, and to which the gewgaws of the world eaj nothiag either. 
I ahould never have heliered that, but I see it. He has found a 
pearl, bat he will not care for it. He will abaorb it into the acid 
of bis own disappointed passions, and then will be surprised if it 

If he had been told a month earlier that he would have had 
auch sentimental regrets, he would have been wholly incredulous, 
but aomething in the slght of the young girl, in her imiocent 
gravitv, with her wistful, changeful eyes, touched him, as she 
stood by the table where the marriage contract was ngned. Sbe 
seemed to him too good to be wedded with indifference, tanght 
the fever of passion, the suffering of matemity, and then be for* 
saken — aa she would be. 

' I am glad that I did not meet her, er one like her, thirty 
years ago; ehe would have unnerred me,' he thought, aa he 
Btooped and wrote his own name. 

Amongst the nuptial gifts had been one of great value from 
the Princess Napraxioe. It was a gold Statuette of Lore, 
modelled by Mercid and standing on a base of jade and agate. 
It had all the cruelty and irony of the modern Italian school 
in it, for the poor Amorino was trying to drink out of a gourd 
which was empty, and the expresäon of his disappointed, dis< 
tressed, patheüc featurea was rendered with admirable mockeiy 
and skUl. He tumed his sad eyes ruefully on those who looked 
at him ; some withered passion-flowers and a little asp were 
near his feet. When Othmar saw it, his face darkened ; he 
thought it a Jest at himself, nor had the giver aelected it wi^out 
Intention. iBehind the gold Amorino he seemed to see her 
■mUing, serene, jewel-like eyes, her delicate contemptuous mouth« 
which said : ' Va donc ! Cett le vieuxjeu ! ' 

' The only woman that I shall ever love I ' he thonght with • 
thrill of remorse, of sbame, and of anger, all in one. 



What right had he, -while hia Tfliaa were hot with tlioM 
unlioljr Srea, to BimidatiB love for an iunoceat Bnd Tirgiii lifo P 

TEe laoniiEg' cnme for which Blancliette and Toinon had beeo 
loEginc' für a mootli ; ond clothod in palest blua Telret, carrylog 
wbile wuQueU as larg^ es tbemselvas^ the^' woro at tbeir tiiroats 
tlia new dii&mcind loclretö üf tiipJr niubitioa, witb tUe miniature of 
tlieit eousin withiß eacbj fo? wbich tieycared notlüj^g at all. But 
tho dinm>oads were as large änd &ä numßroug 09 evar their bearta 
could dt'fiirß. ' Vrai / 7i eJt hou prince /' thej cried in cbonia na 
ihbj ekipped roimd each otber, aud made theeim sparkle in thu 
jewel«, and san^ tbe socg- of Judic. 

Then they went to tho cburch of 9, Philijppe de Eoule, and 
mada tbeir Üttls uaugbtj facGs as grave aa nuca that eee a CAtj 
fvbüo tbe incensfi roK) and tbe orgaa pealed, mid tba Latin worda 
rolied out soporously, and tie palü wintry eunstiaa ehone over tba 
brilUant crowd aKsambi^ tbem for tbt» marriage. 

Yseidtä berself loolied li^e a atendor wbite Uly. 

Tbe deep peace and eerenity of her couvent daya bad come 
tbera witb ber; <^rta.Üt instmctQ of h'BC mcB' kept her atill and 
camposed with tbe eyes of isa maüiy stfaD^erS tlpon hef ; a dignity 
tbatwaa esqulsitely gracerul blendäd with her childiah air; &ho 
loolted like some jöuiig princeßs of the VnJoia time, sucb aa poela 
and pointßra fitill bs& m their dreauia. 

Öne üf tbose Gpecial traicB wbich Blancbette thon^bt the 
Eupi?Ene privilege of maniage bore tliem witbout a pause tbrougU 
the wintry landscapea bätweea l'aha and Bloia. 

Tbe day was tme acd wiadlesa ; there was a scsut of spriag' 
whicb brenthed tbrough the lenfies poplars and wiUowB^and OTer 
tho frostt'd fields and vitiyyardß, with &weet, va^o promiao ; here 
fiiiid tb^FB biLTst in to slg'bt, out &om el forest glade beside sOme 
ch&teAu^ aome g-aily-ckd huntiti]^ pattf, tba last of the seaaon ; 
ever acd anon tbere was sotue littl» town, witb ita old ruined 
Castle, oc its monasttr cburch, shut in, in leaSeaa orcbards. Tbe 
luoad rirar gUstened in the %hC under the bürden of itä mniiy 
isUnde, ita breaking- Wocka of ice drlftinp on turbid greeu wnters, 
ita flood of mud and melted hdow roÜing beavily beneath tbe 
coUiers and the merchant craft, whicb made tbeir way elowly 
againat the floes. In the draar blflckened Tineyarda, püftaantSjHka 
picturas by Millet, wäre at work: eomatimes a woman with 
mggo\£ oa ber bowed flhouJdera atraEg-atened berself to watch tbe 
Bwiftces3 of the train, or a blue-frocked herd-boy etopped bia cattle 
Bt a crossiog^. 

All tbeaa pictuFea passad before ths eyes of Yseulte like the 
panoracDa of a dream : tbe early ■moming honrs had heen one long' 
bewiMcrtnent to her; though ahe had carried berself ao braTsly, 
her heait hnd beaten nIl the while like a caught bird's: eTen oßw 
tba Bcent of tbe incenae, the wavea of eouotli frum tbe oir^n^thg 
Kuoraua roice of the great prelate in ita admonltioiis, eeem^ ta 


rJf/J/C^.'^S ÜAPRAXrNS, 

crime with her into tlie Btill, brown, fn-sh rountry; th& iwniw of 
Airua inlinite and etilvtiin Obligation, accbpUid acd JrruvocableT was 
upon lier. 

Th«^? bnd left Pnri^ immedbtely after tbe ceremonr; aad the 
evemnn emi wks pluwitjg in th« wBst and li^htmjf the pnstcml 
country n il,b itn li!Hlii,'S9 woodii and glnnd^n}^ rivei^ ^^ tbej raachod 
tbg cbÄteau, 

Ainyi'it WAA B place of Ajeat beAaty ind titstelineni ; it bad 
fiMti büik foT Pnin<{^oiA Premier, and had Üiß snlummidor and the 
crown carved on ita KtriDes nnd bkzoned on itf< metal work ; it was 
Burrounded by w8l>:T lika CbeDonuaux, &Dd in tha siiTi.«iet-glO'W ita 
pinnacIi'S and tow^ra oud bij^h steep roof g^Uam^d lu if made of 
gold; it etijod ou s liill nmidet f^nt wtiods, oTertooking tbs fruit- 
ful TBlleTB niid ferüle pliiias whicb üe Iwtween t^ie Loire and Cher, 
find in it4 ^rdopn all the art tbat modern borticultura can boi<^ 
WIM unJted to tbe stately nvenue^. tlie clode'S'honi turf, the Ioq^ 
grev sloue lerracee witli the njotto of the Vätloie and the fleur- 
d&-lifl of France carvyd upon tbüLr pilast^^rs, which bad in tlieir 
dar aeäii the migntma of Henri II., and feit tlia foät df Diane de 
Poitiera riod of Miu-y Stuart. 

Amyöt WOB a pomu, epic and f^popt« in ona ; aha had never 
Been it before ; she ^va<eA nt it with etitraticed eyes, ji^Iad that her 
bome wouJd bo ia such a place; thunübe looked tmüdlyatOtbmar. 

He waa not loykinjj Rt her, 

Slifl sighod, bardly kttowinp wbj, but with a vague senne of 
ne(rlec!t nnd diaftppointment. Wlie waa in n traoee of tniugled joy 
and dreftd. 91iö saw the dußky Bvecue of jöwg thjoiigh which 
thej passed, th« long linee ai luaifwLiß terraceB, the ßheeta üf 
glancin^ wat^r, tbe mafflea nf camelufiä aod &za]u(ifi, brought from 
the hothoueea to mnica the wiutry t^rdeDs hloom for that momen- 
touiA hour, the TH^it fuctaetic scjleinn pUe towering up agsinst tbs 
evauiiig- ükiea. She b^lw them all aä In a dream ; Bbu waa wooder- 
iogr wii^tfullj in her ignoraiice whether it were poatdbls that ehia 
lutd ofTendtid bim, or poBsible tlitit already be xegrett^d what he 
bad done. Sha ahraol a Uttle from him^ aod eat qoite öUent u 
llieir caniftge loUed undar the ^eat atone j^teway. 

There hnd be^n enongb in hja caiosaea, in bis word&, as tbey 
fand CQme thither, Xo etartle här izmopent ignoranpe into aome 
fieuae of the lueaniu^ aiid tbe deiuanda of love, huE ttiey bad left 
her ditnlj alrtrmcd and trouhled, as h&fore sotna gTiöat lujstery, 
aod h>ä had auou grown abfitract«d, almoet inditrerünt, and bad 
abandooed hlniBelE to hia own thouyhtti. 

Aiiiyßt, eveo in ita wintfif silence and Buuibrßneaa, was a place 
where Invers could well fiirget the world j yews and bsy traea 
madfl perp<3ti]al verdure aroiuid itn lawna, nnd orangeriea and palm- 
hoiieee luade censeleae euminer wüthin it« walle \ in ita baUa and 
galWiös old tapieatriös aud Eastern bauginira Lrmfll«d (tvery aoimd 
ud ewJuded tjvtiry draught ; aud in (ha wai^m air of it£ cbjunhiS'r^ 



Oeiied with cedar-woad, emlionB^ with tliB flfilRmftndftr, hwA tlie 
'FC in Ri>lid p'jld, Bud imvmir embaycd wLiulu>*f, ull kukin^ 
slraig^l] Lway eoutli ovtjr tlie Loire ivator, tlie winter's landwBpn, 
aeeo tbroutrh ita paLalüd »laeui^ntfl, wae tut BS a dscoiatirs sctime 
seE tliete für tlie atroug cburm of coiurast* 

Tiiey piiM«d throug^h the ranlte of the howiug servants, and r^ 
m&itied at last aloue in the greai fluite of drawing-riromH, whoae 
oriel Windows all looked southTPard. TLey wera roomH hung with 
palB aatin», etill ceijpd with cedar, and keeping the ValoiD crowu 
and ariDB upoa their i^iided carvings and lofty archwayB. They 
preserred tlitj stjle ard cliarnL of Übe ap^B which bitd be^tten them. 
Bhe WHfl in hurtnony witli them ae sha moved tüere, the dull red 
ligjit whicb precednd evenji!^ IhHin^ throiljfli the piünted punas *iJi 
tfce düve-hmid velvat and dusky fura ol her travplling-gawri, and 
touciiiup the ligLt gold ol" her ffiir hair coiled in a i^e«t biot aboTe 
her thjQAL 

lle, whan hia servants bad retired, Idsaed her himd with A 
CCTemoiiy wliich Beemed, eveü to her itmocence, very cold, 

' You are at home,' JUe Aaid gently. ' Kere it will bti for yoa 
to commaud, for all to obey.' 

She stood btifure bim in oneof the embraaurennf tlie wiadows; 
the creacu-hued Telvet of her traTcUliig-dTtisa triimned with eable, 
eaught tbti niys of the ^tting eiiQ. 

* You fire cLatplaine of Amyöt,' he ndded witU a sniile. ' Hera 
T fihalL ba hut tha fiiat of your servants/ 

Tlie "words were pmeioiis, ftrd evBn teulder, ItUt they touclied 
he? with n fvaase of eliillnees ; ehe feit, wiilmnt knowinf; wLy ehe 
feit it, tbat it: was uot witb Chia CDUTt^oue caremony lliat he would 
laTö welcoraed Ler if bebftd loved her — much, 

She eacd iiotbingr thoug-h she caloured a Little as he kiased ber 

She moi?ed to one of tbe great Windows aud loolted out a littla 
wietftilly towardß tha rollins; wntert, thp defcp, dark brown foresta 
with their purple ßbiidowB. Tha ditn aft^rnoon light Bpread over 
thä landAc-ape witbout, atid thTßugb the gorgeoua and mageaud 
Ohamlterfi, which bad onus heard the \av& words of the Väloie. 
She bad laid her hat down on a table near, the tingering^ glow of 
the dying day feil on hi?r whit« tJiroat, on hp^r cheek with ita 
changing'colQiiT, on the Imot of orange bloaeom fristened among^t 
the lacB at her breaat; ehe thrilled tbmug-h all her nervea aa she 
auddeiüy n^alised tbat ahn was altogvthür hie, to be tiaed äs hä 
cho«e, ne-ffer to be npiirt from Lim unlesg by bis wiah. 

She pazyd at tbe acene arqund her^ troiibled, perplexed, wistr 
fillly, vagtiely alarmed^ afraid ßbe knew not of wbat; whilst he 
walfhed iier with a cE^rtfiin futilu an^er againet hiniFielf that her 
loveUnem did uot exciie bim and content hini more, a remoreeful 
eense that be was not the lover Fh& m-arUffA and äbould have wom 

A sort of eell-repToach moved bim as he Luoked at her in hej 



irtnöflönes, whicli Becmed too boly a Ihin^ to lia pKif&ned by tfaii 
grcNWueBS of apneual Bpptoach— on 1J10 morrow ehe would not lock 
•t Mm with tliose aerenSj cliildlike eye«. 

It aeetsed to him almoel cruel to rouae that perfact ümoc^icB 
&om itfl unsuapiciouö rerose. 

ßeroTQ he couid speA R>;ain bIis L&d tcimed towards him ; her 
ups Ir-j^mbled a little as ebe gathered her coureg-« aad said aloud 
■whnt bad beeo in her tbougbts all Ibedaj ll(rogf,'b. 

' Jt will bo far tao to obej/ slia murmuröd, wiUi tbe coloUT 
d^epenüig' in ber cbeeks, * Acd 1 will da iE aJw&ya, 60 gliuily: 
but would you teil nia one tbiag : did you— 1 mean^tf you had 
noticared forme alittle,BcreIyyaii would oever have wiabed P' 

She pftiised, overcom» by tke aenEe of her own bardibood, and 
her eyea lilltid witli teara; sbe loneed to aay to him, 'Instead of 
all ;our jewels, iuBCeiid of all tbia luxuiy, ^ive nie one fond woid,' 
but her tiiuidity and bar modestj would not let ber Ups frame tha 
auppIicAtiotL Qe was atill as a etrangei to her — a voäSk whom ahe 
bsd &e^n acaice a dozeo timoa. 

Tbe qiieatioD ia iba timid cotnmeacemeut bad aaid enough : bis 
conacieucö ebrack from it ; be bad alwaya dfeaded tte moment 
ioatitubli^ of the fattil — 

■]f thiB bo toTC, teil mfl liow mach.' 

* Would you teil meP' ehe repeated Tery low, then pauaed 
wltb au ovürwbülmiDg' Eenae of her owu bikrdihood acd great 

Sbe made a beautil\jl picture as abe atood beTore him ; the 
eream-bued satin falling' about her, the wann cedar-wood pan^ls 
behiud her, tha red lig'bt of tbe eiiHEet sbed lüce a glory upoo bet 
head and shining- about her feet, 

' Wbo would not Iotö joü, deßr P ' he marraured, witb & hMita- 
tionof whicb her own coöfueion ep&red ber from bälng cooaciotis. 
' Narer doubt my affection. I have not been as happy aa tha 
World tbiaka m%, but if I be not bappy beside you, fate will indeed 
und Eue tbamkless.' 

Nor was it altogether untrua \ ehe loolted infiiiitely lovely to 
bim In tbut moment, with tbe tears ebining in her upitüsed eye«, 
and tbe blue verna of ber tbioat swelUng where the orange Towers 
tcucbed them ; and all tbis was bis — bLa as wboUy &s tba bLidding 
primrow in tUe woods ia tbe cliild'a that £iids it and nmy pluck 
vid rill@ it &t willi 

An emotion that wssmore nearly psLsS'ioi) than hebodbitheTtä 
fdt for hsr rooved him 08 be looked on ber, 

Witb a Bndden impiJße of tbe joy and mastery of posaeßsioB,. 
warmer and more eager thnn any sbe had Touaed in bim bt>fQr?, 
he tooj^ her in bis erme and kis^ her throat where tbe oranga 
Qowers were faatened, and, with a tende^r toucb, unloosed them. 




* ÖTiiuAR ßiani U parfaU amour while ha gathara wet Tloleta 
undcr Ha Yalo:a wooaa, ia a truly adnürnljle idyl I ' said Ih» 
Priacesa Napraxine, wilb her unHncL littlä Bmik, a month later, 
■whilo Uer eyee, from under an umbrella coveiöd with old point 
ducheose, went indolentjjr from tlie eliining' sea upon her riglit to 
the Iwtßaiitic gor^e l^ding up to diattint pe&lc8 of ÖBOW, wliich 
eould be Seen ou herleftthrou^hboiig-hsof oiicolyptiiflanduiiimoaa. 
She waa seated od thiS wMte terracea of r famoua TÜla, crowning 
a promontory vbieli camed luxurmut and fantaatic gardeoa fap 
out into tbe )azy Uue water, acrofts whose 4hen ismiling plama of 
azure ligbt it lookad etmjg'ht aouthwnrd to the doud wliich Tsa 
OorsicB. It ims tbe tUIa of tmother BussinTi rati^iite, Prüice 
Ezarh^ne, with wbom tbera w&9 nt that time staying a mig^htj 
atateaman at whoae nod or &nwn Europa breathed Üglitlj or lield 
her breath ; aod undär the j^uU« of & breakfaat thera woa an 
mforiiiEil conferencQ of dipboiättsts at kU houae that day. 

Friedericb Othmar woa etayicig at S, PhamraoDd for two daya 
to moet th« ^'^E'^ RuBäiaTi, aiid couduct, ovbf 4 oiga^catta and 
H glasa of kümmel, Otiö of thöeä delicate and mtrlcate negotiatioiia 
in wbkb finaace and diplomacy had e<|ual parla, and wbioh wera 
the delight of bis eoiilj and raade the apecial fame of tba Houae of 

The great BtatesmaTi was a cbarming peraon, Oriental in 
moralB, Athenian in mind, lujd French iu mannera ; and Nadiue 
Naprazice, who so aeldam CQuId be persuadtxl to |^ anTwhera, 
bail dei^ied to come aad breakfast with bim tbeis and allow Lita 
to recn-Ü her cliildboQd, 

' You would never givB ioö & smile/ ho Said to hsr. ' At fitä' 
yeaTB old joü wöre aa cruel aa vou are now. I remombei takin^ 
you what I thcughc au irresiatlble bribs ; n gardener in Snxe 
driTing- B wbeelbfirrow of honbonB. Biit you just looked at it — 
BinileleM — atid Said cruBlly, ** MercifMonaiom* — maitj'en ai tont l " 
You were flve y^ra old thön/ 

* " Tant " and " trop " are the ßpoilera of our exiatence/ ehe 
ropliftd. 'I remember as a child 1 never cnred foT bonbona; I 
used to say that if they hung' up ivhere the churck bella were, and 
one cnuld DOt :^t thom, one would care ^ 

'My Intention wm R'ood,' said tke great man piteously; 'you 
migkt havö gmiled on me for that.' 

'That would have böeo very COramoii place, everybody ia 
araiabla iD that kind of wayj I am not amimble, they Bay, aad yftt 
I am i3t>v&T out of temper — Tvhich seems to me the Grst requi^itö 
for amiahÜity.' 

* Sareiiity U uukiiid wh«n It meaLa indiJfüience.* 



' nut indifferetice ia so comfortHtle to tH« indiflereDt I ' ake Lad 
repJied, &□<! tlia r«plT admittel cf ao rufutation, 

N«w, -when (Le ii^ciinar, wticb bad bean tbe preteitajjd Cover 
of the lUomiLi^e mlbriatiL bitt pre^iuuit dLtCiissiDD woe over, and 
■lu was abouti Ut go to ber cnrriap«, eh6 had atniled with gentlä 
condaw^nsiaTi on ibe BuroQ, artd asked hm cbe üdtng« of Arafat, 
Friodetich Othmar, m bis anawera, bad be^o incnutioual^ and 
unuflually «mthu^i^tic in tbe heäiiiig of a pernau w^o to all 
enthusituiu was mtfraJüRs ; tbä moi'o mercUttsa, becaiue in a far- 
dowD and neT^r-iDreatig-ated corner of ber own aaturu abe waa 
a litllä cQDBcicma tliat ehe alao could bavs beaa eDthuaicifitic — i£ U 
had beeo vtoHh wbile. 

Sbö Uud biuglied a little unldndly, and bad made tbe ^inarli 
about the wet violete; tbe Burod, aliijtiUj' irritatöd and COfleider' 
Ably in Banient, had roplied, that to ^atb«r violeta with your own 
wifö w^ Xnäs excifing, but pL^.rbaps swßdter, and i»rtaiiily wifler, 
thpXi to purcbaee orchid^^ für ttiä wifo of iJOm60ilä eise. 

^ A moBt nioral apinion, tarn»fd with classic elögance, andquits 
mdbputablit)/ it^aid Miuiainä Napraxine, witb mucb auiusamdiit. 
^ And orcbids are ßo tüburt-IKad I Do you tbink Lurae-grown 
vktlela liye lon^erP Dear Baron, I büh öq glad to ü&e you so 
pleaeed, and sa i^Ktetical; Napoli^B's desire for iin bt^ir maäe bim 

?i)ite brata.1 ; ygqr deaire (av your QöpliHw'a heir miJiea jou qiiile 
jH of preUy Htaiitimeat'. Pray go on, yoa interest mo 1 it ia u if 
UDH heard ßiamarck playiiig a guitar t 

' Liltö Napoldon, I disliliB If^s amdin «förtüpj,'replied Friedericlj 
Otbroar, with a sniÜle. ' My nupbew was in dangtur of letting Ida 
Ufa drift away lii a drcAm ; I knnw no meanä of recallii^r a man 
to tbe praclicuil bappinese of exiatenca eo elUcu^iaiu && & yoimg 
g^brl's beauty.' 

' You 3Pe verv primitive in your tden«, dear Baroo, for & persoa 
who Laa lived all bis life in Paris,' aaid tbe Princess N&dJne* with 
her little air of fpitigTie and of irony. Sbe koew vary weli wbftt 
bad l^äua implied in bia word^, and &b6 tfimtit^A fh&m. 

' N^Cure IS pritaltivö, M&dFune/ said the Baron. ' Butaftäroll, 
we du not improve on her, nor exciude hsT, do what we may.' 

* You thittk notP' säid Madame Napraxiue, miich amuBedf 
' Well, for ray pait, I have neTer been ablö to distiiver tbat 
Nature U viery cbarmin^ : if tf^ aCtended to her, abe would make ua 
eat with our üiigera, öght with our teätb, drinfc otily water, and 
wear ud cüolhes ; ehe wüuld certoioly, also, give Otbo Otboiar a 
flcore of wivea. inetead of one Sainte Mouaaeline. Do not tak« to 
admlriDg' Nature, Baron ; abe ^11 lead you a^tfCLy. It is too lat«^ 
for you tübegin; pq one ftftei twenty can eat gre^n fruit wi(b 

' Bainte Mouseelitia I ' ecboed tbe old man, witb mot& taiupei 
tfaai] prudence. ' Surely that epithet would nut apply to Taeulte I ' 

' Of Bourw not now, oaid Niodine, «enaely. ' ^jnt« Slcruaw- 



fine haa giveo way to the nupciAl 'whjle eatm. Ofili? jou spolie c4 
Natur« ; — andif I wereyou I wQuld not wiähfor NatiiFetüprevail 
too much at Amy6t, for Natura hea a eod trick or being- eooii 
BatiRlied, and ditfHHtJHlied, and disposed to chanpe. You know it 
ifl önly tbe poetä wlio invenlöd <lcii!ij.tiinCT, at tlie aume tiiua tliat 
tliey crentedf tbe I'htenix und the TTippiigriftV 

'If I tboug'bt tit) could Iw uTii'aitbi'iil to eo muct youtb and eo 
much innocfcnce / bo^n the Baron, with aome heat. 

' He will not be eu yc't, at all aventa,' wiid Princa Ezitrli^diue, 
'Men are not quitö ko fiokle ae Alridattn^ N»i3iim tliink^^.'' 

' Men are what womeE maliö Iböru,' ahe replittd, wiUi her moBt 
contemptuous tranquilhty. ' As B mie, tbey ats alwajB faithlL'GB 
to women -whn loTa them. It is tirfisomä tn ba loved ; " ya voua 
donne des nerf$.'" You ^t out of temper aad you go awsy ; Üiqix 
Billy people aay you are mcons'tBnt,' 

' You will adaii& tbat at ImLit it geeniB T(»ry lika it/ saidBazon 

Tbe great statesman, st«itding- nesr, looked a llttla wietfiilJy 
■t ter. He thought that he would not have foiind it tirwome to 
be Joved by tbe wife of Napraiino. 

* Tha Oounteaa Otbni&t will be too youD^ to underetfuid all 
th&t,' EoDtiöUfid Nadine. ' Slia will give too much of heraelf. 
Slis will not have tbe fir3t ertseiitial: aitnotp sn repremire, Ijot« ia 
like aU other fiue arts— it should he treated acientifically. üoyoji 
Mmeraber ÖergiijÄ VeriatiTi©? He was devtited to th© Princesa 
Platoff^ — my coudin Sophia. All at yn\c& hs hroke with ticr. Soiae 
one a^ed bim why be did eo. He anawered boneätly : " Ud jour, 
eile &iiBaJt la faul« de ma prier de reeter quand je vouVs mVn 
ftUer," Serge Veriatiiie put tho wbola of male hurnjin natura inta 
that BBntence. Otbmar's wiffi will be alwayB heffging him tu etay 
whoD hö will waßt to g^o ; ahs is eo youap'. She ia, of coutö«, ia 
love with him ; very nmc^b in love with Lim ; and ahe ie no un- 
bappily inexperienced that ahe will be suie to teil hita er» a 
hundred timaa aday. Kow, howevar pretty a atory lb, atill wben. 
you hear it very often it grows du£l : yoa Bee abe iebägiuuiag with 
an immense mi^ake : Amy6t in ths wiDter t ' 

* Atuyüt is \iXa cliuit« aa much asbaro,' said Friaderich Othmar. 
•You know he alw^iyB likedaoUtude. They wiU be m Paria tn tbe 
üsat doya of April- ' 

* Two moDths, or to speak precisely, seven weeka, of Atnyöt in 
midwinter ia pracJaely tbe niistjibtf tbnit a very yonng girl would 
hfl eure to make,' Continued bis tfirmentor. ' Amyflt is ä döligbt^ 
ful placö in its way ; it lb liJre a pag^ of Brauti'iniö. I remiemtwr 
tbe ftdmiTabla h^nitiiig partiea hu jrava there for ths Orleana 
piiucea. but all tbe same, aeven whole weöka of Aniyöt in Iba 
raiu of FebmaiT and Marcb would dnmp any nrdouT that b» 
mivbt begio with — do you thmfa ba bt;gaQ witb very mutb? 
WbM ft pity there waa ao goe to taU bvr that a aukn ii bonid •» 



BOOH I Anil Othmftr ia like Chatenubriand ; be ü Ih» ffrcmd^ 

«umiyi juet bccitiis« bi^ ideal« &re so bigh tbat it U wbaUf 
impüSäibU to tind acytbing like tL«m auywbarä. I am guite suta 
thnt be baa iniAg'taed in tLis poor cbÜd h.ii an^ und a goddeaa ; 
a Irin J of üreek cympb aod CJmstkn Tiiyin Ment in od9. "Wlien 
liefiuda tbatebo is ouly a cliild, wlio hsa hsd tha narrowest ofall 
•ducations, nnd ü not even a waman in ber coiQg^bi^ii&ion OF her 
«ympalhies, be will >ie mlMlerally weariöd. 11' uiey were m tbe 
-wnEid, the dmlluaicm mieht be poetponed ; at Amyöt it muet coma 
in two dftjB/ 

' You ara rery clever, Madame,' eaid the Haroii with aome 
irritntion, ' bu£ even you may^ perhapj^ for once ba mist-aken. Sbe 
ü TWj joan^, ti3 you bat ; but for tbat very reason sba will ba 
like c3ny in bia bands wbicli bB caa laould ati be will.' 

' If be takQ the trouljle to model it at aU/ said Nadia'O Napraiine, 
'If tbe Bculiitor do not touch tbe claT;r i^ ^^^ '^^ ^ luiup ue^lected 
tili Bomäbodj eise comi^s. Stia "n'ill not know, I fear, bow to 
ttmpt biiB to make BDjtlibig of bar, Do vou suppoee ther bave 
taucht her tbe art of provocfttion in ber Braton convent? Sbö 
will only sob aloud if ba go awAy foP ara bour^ and be plunged 
ihtD deepalr if biä ikisfie» be ona lisa in numbör. My dear Baron, 

Jrou last all youT ■wisdum when you failed to persuade tbem to 
aavB Amyßt. Thty &By there ia no liTin^ womnn who caa ba 
aeen at «unrisQ after u ball and hc»p hat lover ; 1 am eure tbeis ia 
UDt one wbo caa be £but up witb a man for two moutbs ia tliä 
country, IQ Tvinter, ßnd cetam bia belief in ber.' 

'■iou are Voly leatned JD tbcM pisttere,' e&iij the BaroQ, 
xaorö and more irritated, ' and yet BTeryöne kaowa tbat thfl 
Frincefis. Napraxi&B bas alway» hefiself deepieed all human aflbo- 
tionB [ ' 

^ It 19 not neceeea^ to bave sat in the midüt of a maelBtrom to 
hflT© atudied the lawa of wbirlpoolp,' said bis tortnentor. 'And 
wliat bave huma^i afll'ectioDS to do 'wiLb it P You know aa well as 
I do tbat humanily bas only capricea and paäsiona^ witb tbeir 
natural iesu'e, disill Urions/ 

Friedericb Othmar tbougbt of tbe tarrace at Amy&t and the 
fac« of Yaeulte, 

Walkicg witb bar for a momignt^ alone, in tbs sft«ruoou sun- 
abinej be liad veutiued oa b word of couhböI. 

' My dear child, you are Tcry young. Let an old man teil you 
eometbiu^. Qtbq lute ona Eerioue maiädy ; say^ do Dot look so 
alarroed, it \& only tbe toaliidy of hia geDeration — Cäptica and 
ennui. Ha liaa not an idea tbat lie ia capnclDii,a, but be ia «o. 
Da not !et bis caprices pain you ; but, as far aa you can, Tary witb 
hie varying mooos; I tbirJc tbat is the Beeret of eympstby. Juat 
Bow it ia bigb noon with you ; so there are no sbadowa ; but 
ehadows wül fall, I wnctyoii to undarstand tbat. Utbo ia nct 
perfect } io a w&y, ba is veij weak, tbouigjb be has more istsUect 



than moBt men. Do not make a \^fA of Lim. You will cnly 
ipoU him and blind youreälf.' 

And then ehe liad looked at bim witb tbat \qq\ wh.ich lie re- 
c&Qed nciw bs be si^t by Nodino Naprasjnij, and bad Bald with % 
dignity of reproacli wbicli Imd eat voiy prettUj qd bor joutbful- 
Vßm : ' If be hava faulte, I shajl never eee tbam — ^you may be eure 
of lliBt ^ and if you will teil me bow tö pleoää bim, I will nm^z 
tbiok of myeelf.' 

Ecmemlj&ricg^ tlds, ths Biaron, who had never in bis life cared 
greatlj for &Dy woman or beiieved mucli in one, feit a rasüagä 
utger a^Dät tbe prophetees of woe. 

' Wlien tbey predict fire they have alreody laid tlie powder,' 
he tbouglit, itnpatitintly. 

Frieclerich Qtlimar was Burpn-'^ed Limäelf ab tlia fe^Ung of 
B^ection aad of anxiely wbicb Y&eult-e bad arouäud in Lim. He 
had wiehed OLhmar to marry tbat tbe migbt b& coutiQuod, 
bui be bad iioyer supposed tLat wx^ youDg' girl woiild fiÜ. Lim 
witb tLe 5olidtiiile for uer owu weUkpa whicL eba ntädo bioi feeL 
for hera. 

Women bad alwaye lieeö la femeUe de VhammR with bim ; uO 
marfi ; bö waa astonisbed at llirneetf fop bei (lg mavßd by a genuiüB 
desire to eecurö for ber ibose more ßubüe joya of tba eoul wliicJi 
he had always darided. Befora her he feit ashamed of bis owa 
grosser convicüoiia (wbicb a moctb befora would bare been so 
confideat} tbat sbecould want mothing more tbau tlie riches her 
marriflge confeircd oa her. Tbou^'h be had been a man of Uttle 
feeHog ba wins not altO'getbsr Tcitlioiit JundlineBa, and hla keen 
Penetration told Lim tbat bers was a natura which tbe cloriea aad 
gewgaws of tho world would do verj liLÜe to conaole if ita affec- 
tiana were staryed öt \\A bigbßT inätiäCta bumiliat^, and tli^ 
ptophK^iaA of M'adine Napcaxine laut irritated bim. morö because 
he Knew that her roerciless intelligente waa as a aäiamograpbio 
penduluEß wbicb foratold tmly the conrulsions of tha futura, 

' Surely,' aha continued, ' 8. Pbaramond would have beeu a 
more oatural place to aelect at tbia aeoson. Amyöt ia euperb, but 
it must ba sunk fatboms deep in snovr.* 

•Tbere is no Bnowj it was open weatber, and even mild,"^ 
repUed tbe Baron, who was rcady to declare that rosea wBre 
blaasoiuing- in the ditoLes of tbe OrleanDaia. 

' But wby did Le not come to S, Pbaiamood P It is a pffradiae 
of asaleae and tuUps at tbe preäent raoment.'' 

' It ia ft pretty place/ be priswered ; ' bat perbäpfi mDPfi fiQ^69« 
tive of Apatea and Pbilotes than of tha trua Eros. 

* Tha Ticinify of iha tnp{>fi hardly aocorda with the eolemmtj 
of Hyman P Do you tnean tbatP ' sbe eaid, witb her eni^atical 
little amila. * WLo would ever bave thought to live to bear Baron 
Friederidi mentioa ErosI ^^''elJ^ wa will hope tTiat tbe trod für 
DDCe mU Ibe like Üie Salamander wbicb ii emblazoned, and cfiiTsd 



■d uberaUj, tW. ovi>f Aniyöt. \Vtt will faopä th« üra tbat feeds hitD 
niav nfit go outj biit, I iini sfraid the motto reftUj meaiu tbat 
what nouriahe« p-xtinpiiitiliiea/ 

Weih that übe roHfl and tt>nlc h^rMlf and hw sunahadSf with 
it« pcjitit diicl](!4ts«, luid her niorvc^UriuB ^'owii with Its coscadea of 
Imta and g'ift pule buius, like te» rn3«*B. ht-r provoc-fttive Lw^iior, and 
her iidmirable prauij, fmui the t«rnices tif tbö Prince EÄarli6iline. 
f^be WBA fnllriwed by 1oiigiu|c t-yus anil u eilii^nca wUicb was tba 
truäHt <>f CDtDpllm eilte. To mora tlian one thera, tbe atin h»d QOt 
vli6D^ver ahe hnd paMi-d fmm t^»ir si^ht. 

' What oiaki» theworld of iiio>n sr> fiiimtic about thatwomBn?' 
Rsked Friederich OthmHT.eKhaliTig all the uiiapokeii grievarces of 
hu own saiil in a ruda grumble, aa rhe sound of the whirling 
vheelfl of her cnrriHfre diad aw&y. ' WliyP Why P Tliore are 
numbt^ra inore benutifiil; few, pörbupe, with bo p^rfect a form, 
yet tUfsra aro aome who (jqunl ber öv&n in tlmt. Sha in aa cruel ae 
dfatti, BS cold o fn>at ; oo one srer saw b lluäh on Ltir clietk or B 
twir io tier eye-'', and wLen ebe smilen it i* like tbe wirocco and (ha 
north wiud Ijlunt tog«tLer; a]id yet ttera Ib no womim eo hUndly 

' Yet, ! ' flchoed PrincB EzharhÄüne. ' Surelv, yOü «hould Uly 
* iherufdre." Thn airocco and tbe north wind W«nt togetbar ata 
elcctric «hocke to thä raoj^t autüd Bannes.' 

■■ Ye«,' addijd the preit BCutesniftTi who -wob bis nueet, * and if it 
will not «ziund too peid&ntLc, I will add also why it is. Hliä ia to 
her bvere very muc^ what the worship of Isie became to tba 
tarJMEi, Sbe hlt^nds an mÜuite eubtlety of Hentimeat wiüi an 
iniinitfi pntentinlity of BeD.wHl deliffht.' 

' Stinsual I S.he Iß s» cold as anow ' 

'1 know^ shö haa that fiobriqüet. Büt avflryone feals wbat 
B parhdiFe would liö wttbb if tbö anow wera melted. Everyone 
hopes) — moTe or leaa eonscioua o>t rnicomwiouH of bis hope — to pas 
llmt frnüty barrier. I think if Madame Napnniiie ever loTed any 
man, sbe would makü such a btiflve» for bim that b« wonld be 
tLa moat eoviäbla of all btiman beioi^s. Bat it would only laat a 
nionth; perbapi^ eis weekH. Altlioug^h,' ha add^, wilh a faint 
aipb, * it would be worth loäLQg' all tbe r^ of life to l>a t^@ com- 
paiiion of thfjse eix weekB.' 

* If I may dUlor witb yuu, Priiice, I wnuld eny tbat-, on the 
coutTBrjf if Bver Madame Nadlne c»d ha tonchpd to love «ha will 
hc most teiDLcioua nnd moat cooatant^' aaJd Ezarb^dlnä. 

' PerhBp& too tauch fio for the felicity of tbo pemon whom sbö 
mi^lit bottour,' added the Bamn, Mritb & Bmila tbat was a Uttle 
imperttnent. He had alwayA dblikc^^ and dreaded her; eb» hod 
wauted two yeara of hia nephö-ts^'s life, and be ^Iirewdly «uRp''ctpd 
that Bke wa& tbe crubb of Otbmajr'B too bligbt nxdütir towards his 
youne; w!fe. 

MiMiJiwhile, the eubj'Bct of thdi meditationia and dubiiei} wai 



faoine hf her fleet boraes o?er the seo-rood UDtaöWJird ta JäOäiio- 
merille. Sha feit &«toiii8had, irritated, ogendod at tho idyl of 
Amyöt. To have Soved bärsellT and then to beconteJLt slmt ap 
withiD the stüDe walls of & coiiutTj-houBa with a, girl taken &oid 
a conveat 1 

' Hä U Uke Güles de Iteta/ aho thouj^bt, ivith bitter diedain. 
' He tnkes tbe wjjito fimh of a child 4o try imd eure hia maJady .' 

It Menmc! tu her cowardly, eeiiwual, c^oüttjraptiblB. 

S^ei drove homeward throu^h ihe alivea aud Um lemOD-yards 
ftnd the gremi Helds thnt wurä fuU of acemniies aiid narciaaus and 
of the brij^lit g^old aiid eea-shell huc^ of the crocus. Tha giay 
tomera of ti, l'haiainoiid wereoa her läft: aa slie weut, and bejoud 
thflm thä fantastic ptnnacles aad ^lde>d crocketa of MUllo. Slia 
looked aC tbtiin with an anger for*3i^ to har cbaracter. 

' Who could have dreamed Le would havs dane eo abauid k 
thin)^ F ' äbe tbought, irritaled againet bim acd a^ainBt hereelf. 
NeTQr berore in her life had tlie Hciioiia of anr otlier person bad 
tlie aUgbteat eS'ect upon her owo fbulin^ 3be had not li^ed yexj 
longr it ifi true, but to hersetf sht: eeenietl to bava an iSlimitalila 
eipürience ; and witbin bar memory tbere was uo record of o.wj 
tiuLe Eit whicb fiba Imd car^d acvt ^traw wh»t aDutLer did. That fiba 
eliould Cbth iiow, Qver fto eli^hÜj, irritated her pride asd wOimdBd 
bmf delicacy. Sbe waa ä woiaän at all timea trutbfiü witb bsraelf, 
bowever it might bß bar amusöment to mislead otbars. Sbe waa 
quLtäoacruel to heraelf as. to anycna eise in her unrulentingand in- 
qiiisitiTs iD^ntal diAsection. She pursued her Belf-Analysis witb a 
mereileeäneea whicbj bad ahe b*eu leas witty and Ibss worldly, miij^bt 
haV'S been morbid ; and Aia did not diti^ui.:« from beriSHlf now tliat 
the tidiog-B of Amy'jt wyre an irritatii™ if nut & pain to her, She 
did füll juaücB to tha lQVbjliii«M witb whjcb Othmar had sought to 
findoblivion of her owil; and «he knew tbat it mipht vecy weil 
be that, as the Barou bad aeid, be had become tbe gaVs lovcr aa 
w&U m her bushacd. 

' Men ara auch poor creature^,' ahe thought with scom. ' The^ 
ara all tbe elavaa of tbeir een&ea ; thay have no character; thpy 
are only aniniftls. Tbey talli of their aoula, but thtiy Lave got 
none; and of tbeir constancy, bat thej am only constaat to tJieir 
own «jlf-iiidulgence.' 

Tha coDtempt of a woman, in whom tbe BeoHS bare naver 
awakened, and lar wbom all the groäjier app^titos bnvs uo attrao- 
tiop, for ihoae easy cipasolationa which meu can find in tba oiero 
g^ratification of thoee appetitea, ig very real and Tery unforfrivinfi. 

Hör Bcorn for Othtonr, seehin^ forgetfulnesa of neraelf in tbe 
Irebh aud budding' life of a child of siiLteön, was equal ta that 
which fihe fttlt for Napraxine Unding eolace for het owti indlf- 
ference in the purchasable charms of tbi^ belle» p^tiio»; tbe oue 
neiaed aa trivial to fasr ab the othar. Wben men epoke of their 
darotioni they c^ly meact tbeir ovn pasaiont | if theiee wen d^* 



■U events partiäJly cönfioled thätD, fSbä thoug^bt öf bim wJth 
increaaiiig mtolerance. She anawerad oulj b/ tooociayUfthlea to 
the reot&rka of ber compaiiions, &ud her mind wandered x'VKf 
ta tbnt etatflly pl&ce wbera Ufa miglit well seem b lore-U-T of the 

' lle will Boon be ti»id/ ehe muaed, witb cruoL wiadom. ' la 
s wei'^k th« cbiild will bove Ijecome & romnuce read tbrougU ; n 
pefwh witb ite bloom rubbed ol\'; a. poor liLtle Ijird whioh boa ooly 
inti3 DOtu, Bbd boa sung tbat oue tili Ita mnster i^ roady to wriii^ 
itä tbro&t. It is alwßya au. I Derer seä & baW run thfougb thÄ 
fitidfl guthörini^ daifiieÄ find tbrnwiiig ibem düwü but wbat I 
tbiuk ot' men with tbeir loves. Tlia only passion tb&t last« with 
them ia oae "n'bichis dumed,nnd uvi^n that iä a poor aOair. To be 
iure, «imetimea tliej tili thuicselves, but tbat is ratbeT out of 
l^tn thnn out of auy higber deapAir. And for one wbo ktlta faim- 
seif for 119 tbere are a Imndred wha kiU tbemacWeH fortheirdebta. 
Otboar nerer can bave %Ti.y diübu, eo be inveuta woes for bimstilf, 
and captivity for bimBelf^ aud be will die of odtber, 

Yigit, coDtauiptuoua of liiiu for wbfit seemed to her Ms wealmees 
ind bis unreasoa as öbe was, her ibonghta &ttached thamBelve» 
p^rü»lunllj to liiiD, Ilt^wo» tbe only lirimg bein^ who bad ddvqP 
^wearied ber, wbo bad always perfofce interfißt«! lier, wbo had 
BflPmed to böT unlike tlia rest of the world, and capabla of a 
master-pSrsaiO'n, wbich migbt bave riBanbeyODd madiocnty, IIow 
woiUd it luTs been wiib them if ba had Btood ia the staad of 
Naprasioer wbilat sb& was vaguelr ojie^n to dlm and aoble ideals, 
to Bpiritualomotions, to bumaa aiTeictioDBp 

'Poohl' 8be tboupbt. ' It wotdd Lave beea just the euns 
tbing^^ JjcpvB 19 ^oss and abauni in Its intinmciBe^ ^ it ig Iike tba 
bero to biB ralet. Matercity ia first A malady, ^id tben an snnui ; 
tbat htche blanche at Amyöt will leara tbat aa I le&med 'iL He 
■would baTfl bcön much more poetic tban Platon, and much more 
a^eetiiblö; but I dam say be would havs been miicli more exact- 
ing, and much more jealous.' 

Yet the remembrantie of Amy6t paraued her, and made bar 
reetleas ; witb her lips she liad ridiculed the idea of suptial joyi 
ensbrouded in tbe wib:t woods and faULnir mists of the OileaDnais; 
butio her beart sbe dtd not laii^b; almoäl — almoBt — eba ecvitsd 
tbat cbild, witb tbe iDnocent, serioua eyes, whom sbe calUd cou- 
ifiioptUQH&ly la bicht blanche, who was leamjDg tbo languaga of 
love in tbe oarüipst dawn of womanbood, 

' Oüly he doea tiot lüvfl bör I ' ßhe teflected^ with pity, diadain, 
and afttisfaetioD, all coiamingled. Nol Pia loved üereslf. Sha 
iKiliaved in few thin^s, and in few emotiona ; but Bbe beliered 
tbat Bo Iqd^ as Otbmar lived ha would loTO her alona. 

' QuBnd on iisjit la drarfie haute l ^ atie thoiifrbt, "witU her «n- 
kindest flnula at tbe IractiouGiieäs and ixigraUtude of mL>n, aa aha 



heard her servants Rtty^ 'M, I9 üomt« SeliedDÜ'&WAitd M&dam« la 


BoEia Fädohovich Sj^iiedopp wbb ayoung-coueinofNapraime'B; 
he was tw8Dty-tvo j^are old, to^ and "weil made, vHh 41 beaütiful 
fttce oa bis bröod ahouldera, a Toce givöD him by a ßeorgi&lL 
mother. He had been an imperial pa*», and was now a lieutöaaüt 
in the ImpeTial Quard. He waa an arAj sod, and hia father was 
dend ; ha nad a great pnsition, and waa iqucIl indiil^ by all hia 
vorld, acd was aa httädätroiig- and as aßbctionate as a cMld. 
Nadine Niüpraxiiia alone did not indulgß bioi, and be adored ber 
nilb all the blind ecstasies of s üret lore; bs had obtaixted bis 
leave of abB«nca only that hä miglit follow her Boutiiward. He 
waa extremely tkoid ia bis deTotion^ but ke was impassioned 
»leo; tbe moreJ questiou of hie lovo for hia cquBin'B -wifa weig'hel 
HO more 'wilh him tlmn It weig^hed witb Othm^r. Hia world wfts 
not giyen to cüUBideratiau of euch ecrupleä. As f&t as ehe could 
be entertAined bj euch atala things, she waa amueed by the 
worakip of thia boy. In Rusaia hg had done the maddeat foltieA 
at her wbim and word ; once be had come from Petersburg to the 
EJimea only to be able to dancQ one vaLaa witb lier at a ball at 
her vilJa on tbe Black Sea ; be had ridden bis borsa up tbe st^r- 
caeo of ber bouae is Petersburg, aiad taken au incredible leap over 
ik river in Orel^ becauae ehe wished for B etalk of foxp;lore growiogr 
DU tbe othev banlf \ ha had tislied Ufa and limb, paaiüoii and 
honouTj agftin and ag^aiTi, to attraot her attention at to go whöre 
aba wae, and ehe had emiled ou bim the mors kindlj the more 
headstr^nir were bis acta and the more periloiis hia foUiea. 

Once Naproxine had dared to aay to her: 

* Oould yau not Bpare iJona ? He is only a Ud, and bis mDther 
tmetB to me to keep liim out of barm/ 

Sbe had answered in hei cbillieBt tones: 

' l'ray keep him ea, I do not think, bowever, tbat you pivo 
him tbe beat of esampleB. Your clab?, jour play, your Tarioua 
dietractionsj are not »U of tbem vsrUousP ' 

And ha had been dnmb, afraid to off^nd bef morej tbougb ba 
was vftgiielj uneasy for hia younj; cöufliti. Thfl lad was terribly 
in eamest, and ebö only saw in hiiu a youcg lion-wbelp whosa 

iiirenile ardoiirB and furieB weta bnlf-f^otesq'iie, half amusin^. 
fapraxine knew tbat if the lion-whelp went too far, or it aha 
tir^ c^f hia rago and frot, ahe wQuld atrilie bim with a wbip lika 
any otbercur. But be dared not retnonstrate more; and Boiii 
SeliedoiTj od a brief teim of leave, h&d followed tbem to thg sea- 
iJigreH of the aoutb-weatj and was fretting bis fioni in futile ta^ 
befoF9 the indiJTeBeiioo of bis idol and the preeenca of ber other 



tovera. It woiild bftTö "been very hwt nt the outMt to hiiT* 
clirt-ked Ite f^'iwili of thü» boyjnh paswlon, b«t she hnd diwrr.'d 
ht^r86ir Willi it, ]>enuiLt>'d it«Kx:ig^rijrftti'iiiLfl, RoilIcidatitH esca)>ad»H, 
faiLiit.'d it%i tireä as eha »o well kiiew how to do, and it had sprun^ 
to & friant growtb in pinnt ptrerielh. Tina day, wben eho drovs 
hotnewiird irom tlia br^akfoEit jlI. KzarhiSidme'B, be wm wuitinff for 
ber &t La JAcquBiDi^rLll». For anyciDa to wait for har vead b tliin^ 
|>ie deteBted ; it was A di»j)bedi(;ncw to aU tlium un.'tiHiJieii lawa 
Wbich ahe required her coiirtierfi implicitlj to olwy. She eTpected 
•TarjüTie, ot' wbicbeTfiT sex, of wbittuver rank, in bawever hi^t k 
3egTeeof favmir, w betUe bumbl(^Gut!r of berco[umAada,the Dieek 
Bttendaiit of h^r pleosuTa, To bii' wiütöd ibr witlmut ber d>a9ireB 
Iwiii^ previoiisi; ancerlaiD'tKl, mad« bar ioetaiitly id a cbill aud 
iiril-ikbla mood; it was a presumption. 'W\a tnorDing- tba wafl 
wpe^laUj reFidy to be irritatad, WheQ ßb« mw tbe t^ll Hf^iura of 
tb^yoim^soldibrpaciiig to andfro, witb fursriab steps, tbe marblQ 
pwTim uf her villa, fihe grew 8.uilder»]y «nd disiiritportioTiately angry. 

' Tbe bov becomas audnciüna — iiitolerabls — impertiiient,' aba 
tlioug;ht, < X ebciuld linva taken him to Kzarh^djine'H if I bwl 
wemted bim. He bfts had too müch flugrar, bb oeiBdA tha wbip.' 

AU tbat waä moät cruel, moat intolerant, moBt tjrannit;al in 
ber^camäwith a cold burd look upon her dttlicate featiiree; tha 
teniper of tbosw cif b^ar pftopl© who hjwl tbrust tbtiir aworda into tbe 
boily of l'üul begmi to awake in h»r. Kbe wbj) in tbB bumäur to 
hurt souiethiiigj tbe firat tbiiif? öbe eaw ; ber ejes ■wera füll of 
I Bcam und of {lomniqTid && tb^^y l^olced kaiiiglittly ftt SeUädoff, uui 
Vjrested biin by & g'Iaoce ns be ßprao^f towarda höi', 

' Who tüld you tbat I sent for you ?' she esiid, \vitb tbat cbill 
cnntemptiious gaze whieb froae tbe boy ajid magnötiöed him in 
tbfl samei nioiiient. 

' No one,' bö aaid piteoai^ly; * I tboujjbt — ^limapned ' 

' You ima^ed you wera alwaye welcome ! ' sbe repUed. * A 
Vary eironeoufi imagmatioQ, You. ma-y be bo to Pnace Näpmxine, 
yoa nre hiä cou-^io ; bat as tbe hauae ia mioiQ, I aliall prefer tbat 
you »hall &wait my ini'itH.tioti.' 

Sba apoke sligbüngly, and mtb a coldueäa like tbe Ntiw Ye&r 
y» of RuB^ia. 

Brnfl SeliedofTfitoad and g&zM at her helplepaly, fascinated tj 
tbe BD^r of tbe ^m whicb Bwept civer bim in such aupr^me cou- 
iempt. He bad before oftandtid, before had aeen wbst her 
capncea and her unkicdnese could beccmne wbftD Bbe was dis- 
pleaaad ; but all tboae previou» Diamenta b^^d been as BUmmef 
ibowBrH compared with this ^Iscinl (^eDaure wbich fruüe all bla bot 
joiiQf; blood. So often Bliehad been contant t-o ß«ie bim j so oft«« 
■be bad laagbed at him with indulgecce and benij^nity ; so often abe 
had called bim ' hmii cnunn,' ' cAer mfant^ and muilitd at bis hiuite 
aod ea^meHH wben be bad dnne mucb mom tban tbia, Mi;{bt 
uot aiiy etrai!i)t;er ba^e waited to sea her pa^^ to be4kr her aj«i&kf 



ffrlAuce, pBJv;ed acnisa tbiä marble Soor, aud «nU^red thi-i>ii^L llia 
open glasB douro of the )iiiu.«e. &Le .Haid Duthiiip: murf^. 'Y}>a 
youiip &eäiedoir, who had grown first very red, tlien verj pA]e, 
followad b«r timidlj lik'O a cLldden bound, nnd pAustid upoii tha 
tbreshold, Lesitatiag ; he sctireeiy veutured to eater al^o wiiLout 
Btime ai^ fruBi ber, But ahe gave liim Done. She pnesed on 
throuirh tha sb-Ioof^ änd aacouded tha Iqw broad stairciifie nitbout 
Tieatowing ött him a Single frlatice. Tben he kuew tbat she w&l 
(ii^iie tn ber own ftjmrtjaeutflj wbere no man livinj,' dared follow 
her. Borifl SBliedotl'jttole into a littla snlon liumbly and tbrew 
himaelf down on the tirst seat he eaw. He cctvered bis face wilh 
hie bjuide ; there were tears in bis eyea^ wbich feil «lowly tUrough 
bis clasped t]no;er6. 

He was ayoungditre-devil who hadentmi fire and played with 
death, and brid hewed dowii mea and women and cbildren with- 
out mercy by Skoböleil''a side ; but be was a mere l'rip;btetiedf 
timid, wret^bed lud Ibeueatli the lanh of her diepkaHure. Us 
wondd have crawled for Jter p»rdon iike her epaniel, eTcn whihit 
ii9 grapad aljgut iü benilderiuent and dfi-rkne.^ lo discover bia 
oWn oneiiCe, and COUld not teil what jt had been. An older man 
W(*uld havö tüld him tbat it bad only böeti the eupreniB fault, öt 
KTiTirg at ths wrong moment. 

How \0Tig he aat thpra he never kaew ; be wait^ in tbe 
Tague hope of a ^ntler ward, a more ]rind dismisaal, at teast for 
pi^rmiäaion to ratuiii. Hb did not recuambei that be would only 
jDcrease hia ol^ence, prolang bk error The bricht day waa 
eliimng without on aU tbe gay array of ftbiniEi^ murblea. uiRoy- 
co1our«d BKalaas, daiicmg waves, vvbitq sails, blug tdtii^; withiHf 
the fibaded light füll äubdued and roseatä on the poroelaiuB, th^ 
tapöatriea, tbe bronzes, tha etanda and bowle of üowere, all tba 
fant&.!itic detailä of modern luxury. He mig'bt have böun in & 
päasanfs itha in the roidst of a frozen plain far aiig'bt he knew. 
Two or threa clocka chiraed five, nnd tbö cartUoti in the atahl&- 
tower of La Jacquemeiüla anawi^rad tb^m ; foi auything' he could 
t«ll, he might oave been thera a whole day ot only fiAeen 

WhiUt it was atill quit« daylig^ht, eervants came in and 
hrought lampB with rose-coloured slmdea and set tbem down 
noiBeleealy and went Bwpy. SnUedoff raifed Jiie head, but be did 
not leDVQ bis place ; be eat Iike a ßgtire of stoae. He heard a 
round or voiraa and of Iftußbter; llitaiigb thö parted curtairfl oi 
\h.e portik-es he saw tlie viata of the tbree drawin^rooniB wtiich 
■opened out of the firaall one in which he waa. People wera coming 
in and standing- about conrernng with one anouier in tbe rose- 
hued ligbt of cb« lomps, lit whilst tbe sun was etill shming-. He 
then remembered tbat it wae Thursday, her day, on wliith, from 
ETBto BQVtiii, the demu dupanwr coiitd come ihent aud idlfl und 

(Urt BCid «ip CEtfflvaQ tcOf or eyrupa or ttqueurs^ Knd Lavo tlie 
lionüur i)f u Word froai her, perliai>a ©vea af & word of welcom* 
Aft iia loolied »nil rememberHa, sbe liereelf eoteißd tha littte room 
id tvbieb Le aat, p.[id wlitcli wog th^j cearedt to bar own apor^ 
Ktentä. Sbe caet a glanc? upoD iilni| äeverö, batotiiähed, tbao 
pawed througli to tbe larger aaloaa, She wore a palö mauve- 
cMloured Telvet gown, with a jahot of oM poiDt Iacs, Aad tlie «ame 
laoB peapia^ btire and tliere ^rom tLe folds oi ita ekirte ; aUe tmd 
Borna natural yellow rofles n.t her throat; atia hud her hair 
4 femmr*; ebe Jiad nev^r looköd lovelier, colder, more utterl/ 
b&yocd the ünitation of olher TFotneQ or tbe soücitatioDS of meo. 
Ho wfttched ber receive tlie litüe crowd of wople already thai^, 
aad tbose wbo cama after tbctn; he haard lier awtiet chÜl Voicä, 
now ftnd tUmi bur luugli ; be snw all tlie raen wbom be bated 
gntliored about ber j aml Ibe umnüitr of tba voices, ttia whieperfl 
of tha discreet mirfb, tbe scunt of tbe flowei"-ladeii air, tlie rosy 
glß&me of tiie Lamp-ligbt, the frou-frou of tbe dreSääB, thö tinkle 
üf tbä tea-cuips, came to bis ear as tba sounda of tha onter woild 
coniB to a eicic maTi in forisr, 

GeraldLüB waa noC there. Sbe h&d alwniys prohibited biB ap- 
pearance ciiorethaD otite a tDonth at herjour. 

' 1 will bnre no oiie seon in my rooma aa rG^-ulftrly acd cor- 
tainly as Paul,' b1i6 had always eaia to kim. Paul was her groom 
oE tbo cbambera. ' Wb^nev« any maa b aeen pierijetiwllj any- 
Tvlierei aa tmmovabLf aa tliaugh be were a clfxik or a braclcetj ue 
becom&s ridiculous ; aud tho wgm^n wbo allowg Mm to be tbäM, 
fitill moPB so' 

Qeraldine had bean forced to obey, with wliatever reluetance; 
usnatLj he bcnd cousolsd himaetf, as wall oa ba could, witb the 
tripot. A man ia not often jealoua of a daj id wbich be knowa 
thers Gxiata taz him, ia bia abseiice, tbat safety wliicb lies ia 

Boris Seliedofi' Bat on wliere be waa with do^ged persiateDce, 
his eyea rivetted on tbosa pratty bbIoqs ib wbfcli tbe comedy oi 
Hocie^ was beiug acted,. and wbiirs be perceived nothiDg save that 
DDeform, when it C&uiq witbiu hia sig^ht, with the giace of mOr$- 
ineiit,tbecbarmofiittityd0, whjch wtreeepecial lo Nadifie Nsprax- 
in«. IXq tbougbt tlie Qn mintr aod goinK "^^ ^^■^ niany guesta wau]d 
naTerend; th&t tbß busz of Uie many voic^cä WDiud QBTär ce&ae. 
Oneo or twice mcn and wonien wliora be kaew canie into the little 
Tootn, and en.t down Ihere for a föw mom^mts ; then he was fnrced 
to riae and a^ieak to them, to aay ba knew not wbat Eut ke took 
bis öcat agaJQ ioitnediately, and reaiimad hia silent vigil. Sorae of 
t liem looked at hiia in surpriae, for bis expresälon waa atrauge, and 
bis bl[»ck Geojgian eyes were miaty yet üierce; tut be waa not 
conacioüs of tbe notice he eicited, he was only coroecioua that ehe 
UPTer ^lascad tOWards him, jiever auinmoned hiiD, once, 

llie two hours seemed to him andlesa. WhiSn sevön had etnick, 



tlie Ie«t cfirriage roHed away from before tha Windows, Eha last 
ÜD.tfM'iiig' viaitor, tlie Uuc de Prangina — be who had tiUed young 
d'Iviet — ^ntade iiia priifouad bow üvtr lier liantl, and toak hirsaeu 
■nd liia ele^rant witiiciauw aftd hia rtdiairable mamiere back to tla 
Hotel de Paria at Morte Carlo. ^V)Jen tbs doora had cloaed on 
him, Nadine NapraxicB etood a moniant sloue iy tUe ceiitre of her 
Bialon ; then awiltly turoed, aiid caine towarda SeUedoff. ITe rose, 
aud Bwaitäd hur sullanlv. 

Her rigbt liand was' clenched as thougb it graaped the ha,ndla 
of ü kDOut, and waa about to ose it; a terrilile anger ahoce from 
tli© lustre of her eyea ; lier lipa were pale witli the farce of her 

' How dara you ] how djire you I ' ilie Bald betweeE her t&eth. 

So tni*lit flu finipreag Lava BpotEen to ff moujik, 

To liaTö waited unbldden m her tooia, aeen by aJl th« woi-ld, 
Aulkiüg thete na thougb liö were a loTcr once favoiired, dow dia- 
poarieE&edj; m&klllg' cf himaelf b. spectncle, a ridicule, a thcmg for 
the commant and chatter öf eoGiety — it B&emed to bet »uch in- 
tolerable pTesiiinptioTi, such iaÜBite imolencse, tbat ehe could have 
Struck bim with beT dsnched hand if har dignity had cot forhada 
her. For all her Tvorld to see this love-Hclt hoy balf-liiddeu. in as 
inner room^ eis tboii^h by hier welcome aiid autiiority I Sbe, who 
bad di-^mlssed Mags tiä otbers dismifiä lackeys wbsn fiba had fotiDd 
tbem too preaiimLiig, could und HO cbastiwment rast eaougb for 
feucL a sin itg^aLaBt bar autbarity and. her rcput«, 

Selieduiy was but li epoilt cbild ; ba had hnd bis owa will and 
way uachacked all ble filiort llfe, and sJl hiß compatiioos and eer- 
TantB had ezist&d ooly for his pleaeure, A foiAiBh and dotin^ 
tnotber bad netei bridled hia wishes or tamed bis passitms. Befor« 
Kadine Napraxiuo aloue had the arrogant young Qoble becoma 
BubmiasiTQ, äuppliant, acd kumbls, Now, in hia torture aud bii 
Knie of wTong, the UBturai adf-will aad fury of a- apoilt tbild 
croBsed, of an adoring youtlj cbeckad and repudiated, btoUe ttway 
from tbe boüds of fear in wbiob aha bad always held them. Hfl 
anawered her ^ith a torrent of words, imconsidered and tinwiae, 
beyond eil pardoHh 

' Yoti bave tmatäd me lihä a do^t ' be eaid in concluaion, bii 
Toice cboked ia hia throat^ the Teina of biß forehead injected. 
* You haTe careased rae, cnlled me^ allowed me eveiy liberty, been 

Ele&sed witb my evsTy folly j and eow you turn me out of your 
ouise aa yoa would turn tlie dog if ha misbehüTed bimeeif. Bat 
I am not a dog, I am a maa, aud that you eball hnow, by 

God ' 

He came nenrer to her, hia eyefl red acd cöTetoue, his boyläh 

fiico inflamed wilb fierceet passioit, hia aruis flung out to Baize her. 

Sha looked at bim, gucV a look aa eba would hare güven tc s 

madman to coutrol, asd awe bim; he pausH»d, trsiuhltid, dared not 

drsw neaiQi to her. 

She wii« ilfwply, impüncAblj ofT^nded by wliat had pnaiißd. Pnf 

her ati ijitrili'mtjW nii iiiniilt «« if tlie AiVirfin bijy in her eervice htwl 
dAred to diflol]^!^ li<^f' It was the lir.«l lim« Chat RiiyoTiä bad eveT 
TQntured to iUHlllt fanr^ it initated »11 her deli<?aCy, iDfuHiiled h\l 
her pride, SI10 «ev^r pAused to tliinlt what proviicfttion ahe liad 

Ca; ahe would have stnictc hira d&ad witb & glimce h&d ahö 

*You sra unwell, nnd dplirionn/ nhe snid in her Hren^flt, 
cbülest tonefl. * Yoii kimw ueiibwr what V'Xi do or say, 1 hftvt 
been bind to jov, aml ytm Imvc ppupunied to raiBinterpret roy 
kipdness, Ynur c^nieiu would treat you Uku ft hound, if ba kaew, 
But you nfB iU, So dierä \s ojiCMBa far ynt), Qo hont), and I witl 
send vou my pliyRiiiinulSi.' 

Tben fihö ranp; and when a aerrant enlöTed. fiwm the ante- 
chämbeT »he turnßrl to hlin : 

*M. le Comt« Söliftdofl'd&sirea hia curringe.' 

Tlifl bo^ looked &t bar wiih s. terrtble look in hia ejea — ^pitirii], 
baffled, ioiploring, dflliriouB. 

'Nadinft, Nadiiie,' he wbiepered boarsely, 'will yoa send ma 
RWftj IL» lha.t — to die P ' 

ßut filia had paPHed, wilh her ölow cnft grace, ioto tbe adjüin- 
ing- rwim. He baard her eay to Melvilla, who had beea twltöd 

' You are Rfter my honi-B, MöDeigiiore, bat yoü sre «Iwaya 

Seliedofr, with a miBt likö blnod befoTs hia ejee, W-nf^gersA out 
of the little s&}ou iiito l}ie mild primrofle-scented evening air,be&r- 
ing-, u in H dreom, tha voicea of the serraiite wbo told him tb&t 
biB hpraee. waitcd. 

• Sha -will never forgive ; ebe wUl Dever forgive/ he tbought, 
witb a Pli^kBiilD^ i^TiBa th&t tliia one momeat of iTiganity had 
Heverad bim fof pyer firtm iJie ■woman be würahipped, 'She will 
nerer forpfirö^ l t^hdll never enter her bouBi^ ngnin V 

All tlie 1oTe]j Acene atretehin^ before him in ita peat^e snd 
lujTiFianCTS, A.S Üia etST« c&lue out in the deep blus akiea and the 
dftyli^tat atiD lingared upon abore and enttf weis bloited out far him 
by a. red boxe om of hiooa nnd of tean. 


MiAWWBTLB Melville, wbo b&d come to take bis leavfl befoTS 
proMMÄÜnff to Paris under Orders from tbe Vatican, fouad Lij 
hoHtsHB evidantly ennutfie; &be -was aot io her uaual wreae 

•Wiat bae irriUted you, Piinöe»P' lii»t very obeervant 






pwTBon prepumed at Ia.rt to anli. ' Hutb you fwütuslly discfiTered 
rJiat doubleJ ruse-leaf of wlmae existenca you Lsve Wn alwäys 
»ure and I iilwaja acepticiil P ' 

' Tha douljla roatj-leiif in tliat enormons nulsBncia, la hiiia* 
fiumaine,' Blisreplied witL ennui, bre&kidg' ofT soaie blosannia of 
KD DdiiEiroglosBucD Standing near her, ' It ig lilte tlikj fog in Lon- 
don, it p^netrateä evörywhem, you Ciinnot eacape ib; thpre has 
betia no roae-^lasa modä whicli could tihat it ouC If Balzac had 
written for rantUTi^, ha wouM never have (>omä to an end of it. 
Do you BTöE liud any vuriety in your confesHionaJ P 1 naver do 
inmy drawing-roima/ 

* And yec who should find it, ifnijt Madame Napraxine? ' said 
Btälville, w^ho, wb^n in hia wprldly moodji, did not e$peciajlj CBre 
to be rdiniilded t!mt Iib yras a clLiirclimaii. 

'Ido not knrtw vrho Bhould— 1 kno* tiiRE I nevfif do/ she 
nplied. * I have made ia cha^se ait t^arnetih'e ever sinpe I waa old 
enough to büoW what cJinract-ermeant ; and my önly wOüder is 
how, out of such a &&itiänäA% of matüriBl, St.-^imon and Jj& 
Bniyi^re aud Ste.-BflUTe, and all tbose peopla who wnte so well, 
Bvur were able tu miikesuch entertaininp books. [ fliipposö it is 
dona by tbe Bsmesort of science which eiiablua matSiftuiaticLaoa fa> 
make endl&3» piirniutationa out of four numberä. For jnyeeLf, I 
«hould like otlnar numbere tUan those we kiiow by rote/ 

'Oood heavana I ' th{iil:t^bt MelviUe, * -wlieii man liavB dietl 
lMCB:iiri9 b\i& l&u^hed I la tkat 80 TBry cnmmonplace P üT, ia it nut 
'b-agic tinough ? ' 

Aloud Le eaid, in hie courtlieat manner : 

* Frincess, 1 fear the saiceneeA of hiinian nature triefi yoa so 
Bteatly bscsuäa of tka Bämäuess of «^motioiu wbicli you excite in 
it ; I can imagiue that t.>o much adoratioQ nis.y cloy Hk«' too n^ucli 
ßugar. Also, in your ckene tm camct^e you hava^, like all who 
Lunt, left bebind ynu a certain little bourg-eoia qtiality callt^d pity ; 
an absQtd little q^üality, no doubt, still One whicb helps Observa- 
tion, i am SUIS you have read Tourguenieff'B littla storyof the 
quail P ' 

'Tefl; bot one eatsthetn still, you kiiow, just tha flameaAif 
he had nüver writteo it. Pity may be a micraecope, I do not 
know ; beaides, you muBt admit tbat a quail ia a much loveüer littlo 
life than a man's, and so can exdte it ao much more eaßjly. A 
quail iiB quite a cliarmiog little bird. Myaelf, I never ent bird« nt 
ul ; It ia barburoua.' 

* WliBt I meant to eftv wns,' aujfgested MelTille, * that, in tbat 
tisy TRla.TourgruemeffilLke a pnet, äbIib was, at beart, dencribea 
pracisöly what eytcpatliy wiil do to opan the intc-Iliirence of tks 
closed 'hvm of athurft, wlietbär birl or man Perhnp!), MBdam«, 
«ympatby would even do aometbing* to smouth the craases out at 
yonr roae-leaf — if you tried it." 

I Buppose I am not aympathetic/ aaid NadLiie NapraxicBp 



Stripping the petals of thd odontoglossum ; ' thej all aar so. ßut 
I toink it ia tnür own fault ; tbe; are so uninteresting/ 

' The quail/ said Melville, ' to almost evenrbody is only a iittle 
jaicy morsel to be wrapped in a Tino-leaf and roasted ; but Toor- 
ffuenieff had the Tision to see in it the courage of devotioii, tha 
fieroism of matemitj, the lOTeliness of ita life, tbe infioita pat^oa 
of ita death. Yet, tbe exceptional estimate of the atadent's view 
of it was quite as true as the general view of tbe epicum/ 

* Am I an epicure P ' aaid Nadine Napraxine, amosed. 

* Spiritually, intellectually, you are,' replied Melville ; ' and lO 
notbing escapes the fastidiouBneaa of your taste ; yet perhapSy 
Madame, something may escape tbe incompleteueas of your 

' That ia very possible ; but, aa I obaerred to Lady ^aneepeth 
when ahe made me a eimil&r reproach, one ia as one is made. 
One ia Tourgaenieff or one is Brillat-Savarin, all tbat ia amnged. 
beforehood for one — somewfaeTe.* 

Melville had leamed the ways of Üie world too well not to 
know how to glide eaoly, with closed eyes and averted ears, orer 
auch irreverencee ; but he ventured to aay : 

' One cannot cUspate tbe fact of natural idiosyncrasy and in- 
clination, of course ; but may not one's aelf-cultore be as mucb of 
the cbaracter as of tbe mind P Might it not become as intaresüng 
to strive and expand one's moral as one's intellectual horizon P It 
eeems so to me, at the least.' 

She laughed, and rang a little silTer bell for Mahmond to 
bring tbem Bome fresh tea. 

'My dear Monsignore,' abe aaid, with amusenoent and admira- 
tion ; ' for enwrapping a kemel of religioos advice in an envelope 
of agreeable aocial coDTorsation, tbere la not your eqaal anywbere 
— ^you may well be belored of tbe Propaganda I But, alas I it is 
all waated on me.' 

Melville reddened a little with Irritation : 

' I understand/ he anawered. ' I fear, Princess, tbat you an 
like Virßchow or PaiJ Bert, wbo are so abeorbed in cutting, bnm* 
ing, and electrifying the nerves of doga tiiat the d(^, aa a sentient 
creature, a companion, and a Mend, is wbolly onknown to tbem. 
Humanity, poor Humanity, is your dog.' 

' Will you bave some tea P ' abe said, as Mabmoud brought in 
her Service made by goldsmitha of the Deccan, wbo aat on mata 
imder their banana trees, with tbe green parrots flying over tha' 
aloea and tbe euphoibia, and wbo produced work beside which all 
tbe best wbich Europe can do witb her overgrown Workshops ia 
clum^, inane, and vulgär. 

' What you suggested was very pretty,' she contlnued, pooring 
out tne ciear goldMi stream on the slices of lemon ; * and I had no 
right to laugb at you for wrapping up a sermon in nougat. Of 
course tbe character ought to be tiained and developed jost lik« 



Ihe hody and the iniii'i], only noliO'dj tbinks so ; no educatioQ iä 
cfiodiicted on tbose Imea. And bd, thau|j;b wa overstmln tlia 
iacond, and pampfir tbe tbird, we wholly nef^lect tba firat. I 
imagiue thAt it never occuira^ to anjoiie out of the eclioolroom ta 
laflCmn a bad impake or uprsoC a bad qualitj . Why sbould. it P 
We are bU too Ijuay in trjiu^ to Ibe nmusad, ocd failing'. Do you 
not tMnk it wae dlwayg so in the worldp Do you BUppose La 
Bruyere, for instance, aver tiiraed hia microacope on hioiaelf P 
And do you tliiak, it" he tmd dtme, tlmt aiij- utnount of Belf-Bcmtiny 
irould havH made La Bruy&ra Pascal or Viiacant de Putd ? ' 

' No ; but it nuß;bt bsvä made Lim compcelLBnd tbcm^ or their 
likenessea. I did not mean to moräliae, MÜdama; I merely meant 
tbat the isbub of üelf-aualvaia La sympatby, wbilst tbe isaue of 
tho anatomy of otlier Qrg-uidsiitbna iä cruelty eveu wbere it may 
1]9 wiadnm. 

' Thflt m,iy be true in ganöral, and I dare aay is ao ; but tho 
exception proTea tbe rule, aod I am tbe exceptioD„ Whsnaver t 
do tkiuk about myself I oply arrire ftt two concluflidM ; tLa one, 
Üiat I am not aa well amused aa I au^lit to be considerlog tbe 
meuna 1 liaTB at my dispo&al, and tbe OtlieP Isthat, if I wer^ qnita 
Bure tbat aaythiag vroiud amiise ma vepy mnclij I fibould aanntieo 
öTerytbbif^ tlsö to tnjny it. Ntither of tbose resultä ia objactive 
in itB aympatltiaa; aod jou irould not, I auppose, call eilber oi 
them moral.' 

'■ 1 certainly sliould not^' said Metville, ' except tbat tbera ü 
■Iwaya a c«rtaiQ amauat of moral bealth in auy Jdnd of perfect 

' I am al tfa.jä perfectly fraitk/ s&id th© Princeaa Nadine ; ' n> 
ja Biismarck. But tbe worll haa mado up its miad that wo an 
botb of 113 alwaya feigning.' 

* That ia the world'ö reTenge fop baing rulöd by e&ch of yoii.' 

* Iß it permittöd in tbese eerioua daya foT churclinien to malt* 
pTettvapeecheaP IprefeTyoiir8enIdingB.,tlieyaTaniorö uncommon.' 

' Ibe hindnesa wliich permita tbeta ia uucomtuou/ Boid MelviUe, 
aa h& tooli up bis tea-cup. 

' Ab I I eaa he kiad, Said Nadine Napramne. ' ÄBk Mahmoud 
acd my litüe do^. But theo Mabmoud is dumb, and tha dog- ia — 
a dog. If liLiamm.ty ■were my dog, too, aa you aay, I abould make 
it ap/ione] ' 

'Poor iLumanityl* aiid Melville, witb a aigb. 'If It would 
not offeod you, Pricceia, thera are two Jinea of Milrger which 
alwaya Bocm to me to exuütly d^f^ribo the attltude, or rathei tbe 
altitudä, froDi wbicli you regard all üuJf fiorrows and folÜBA,' 

' And tbey are ' 

* They ara thosa in which he tliinka ha hearsi 

" Le Crre ati Bon sign railler da Tiolcmcelle, 
Qui pkuresoii4 rkrchet sunotes de cryatal •," 

onlr we muet aubatitute for ai<^ some prettier word, say ptrli.' 



Ste 1iiu;flie<l, tiimkiug of Boris ScHedoi^ wttb nore perct^pKoft 
of liifl Abeurdities tbtvn of hi« oSeoow. w ber Amt movetu^dt uf 
m&tll •obnded inlo llmt iroDi^al Buftioily wlüch woa looet OAtuf^I 
to her of 9II hei v&ryln^ tnooda. 

* Tho Tiol'^nceUo doe» DAt bnow iuelf why it weiip«,' aL«^ replied, 
'bc wby «bouJd the tifä not lau^h 4C it ? I were not so 
bn^tious a beingT I vould jom yoiir CUuicli iot tfae mer« plt^sure 
ofcoafearing ta 70U; j^oti have euch finepeDetrattoOrSucb dulicate 
■aggeKiDD. But üien. ther« ie uir lirmg' beiui^ who understsiids 
■HCfineD as a Cntliaüc prjeat doee who i? ftl»o & man of ibe world> 
Atdiau X or raüier, I hope, au retxnr. Vou are gninjr xvikj iot 
Lent? OiiTB will soon be bere. I sbock eTery RuBaUn becauM I 
p4j DO heed ut ita ä&nctity. Did you ev«r find, eväD amongat 
TOur people, uij creaturea ho BiiperetitioitB in tbeir reügioa aa 
RuBBiansi' Platoi] lb ctirtainly thu lea^t tanrsi man the eun ebinea 
OD^ but he Wüuld not viclat« a fa»t uor Ds^rloct a rite to save bi» 
lil'e. It is too fuDiiy ! Myself, I buTe lietb frorn tbe B&ltic and 
ai)upa^ ('very imsly oDea) from Petersburg, uid Aa^m tliat quite 
couceHiian ^nouf^b to Careme. My dtjar Monsignore, wby thoald 
tbere be Kulvatioa in aolmün asd üa in n w/rriw^' 

Melvillö waa Dot at nl) williDg to enter ou tbat gruve and larga 
qu^tJDO witb 60 ineorrig^lble a mocker. He took bis l)?aTä, and 
bowed bimwlf out fi-om ber prunenee; wfailet Nadioti Ndpraxiti« 
*ent to her uwri tooüib to dre^a for dinner aud louk at the docnino 
wbicb äbt) wDuld wear aome houra later at a maeked bfdl 'wbicb 
waa to take place tbat nig-ht in her owc bouae in celebration of 
t^iB la&t ereuisg of tbe Catbolic Caruivoi. 

' I^ nmaqUc «et u\ charmant (|tifl J''kL |3eur du visage,^ 

abe muroiured incouäCiqueDtly, as abe ^lamü^d at tba eIe|i[Biit di»» 
a*i\m and tbe Venecian coatuma to be wom beneath it wbicb 
bad beäB provided for her. ' Tbat ia tbö aort of feälis^ wbicb 
Diie likei to inepire, and wbicb one aliio preft^r^ to feel. Alwaya 
tbe vamk, emilii/g'. crj'öteriDH?, uaJot't-niginly.Beductive, Huifgeutiva 
of tili kinda of unre&bi^'ud, and tbprefnre of UDQxbuusted plBasiiree ; 
never tba fac« besbätb it, tbe lii^e wbich Itowds and wespa aod 
ebow» evierjthinp, m uiilovely, only jiiat becaitse it is knowa aud 
iBUBt in diie timH ever grow wrinMed and yellow, How aprott- 
abla t]ie World WuiJd be If üo Oüä ever took otf tbeLr maeika at 
Lbäir g-lovea I ' 


Ob tba fbllowinp dfty »9 ahe returned from her drive, »bö wm met, 
to her great surpriee, by NaprasinOi "vfha descecded tbe atepa of 
tbe bouae withafncäiiuusuuUypaltj, aQdauisjiceruniuiuaUygraT« 



' WhRt can poa^itlj be the matter, Platon P * she aaid, wlth ■, 
TFigu6 eenae bf alarm, but with her ineritable mockery of him 
domiciHtm^ li>är trtiDäieiit aiiiiäty. ' Hare you bod a euXotit 
yondur F Hna Atheaai^ gxmti away witli my jewel-fiafe P Or hava 
our frieods the Niliilista fired Zaraiaofff ' 

NapFaxine gnvQ htfr hia haiid to kelp her tg aljght, 

' Do üOt je-it,' he «[lid simplj. ' Baris hoa shot hlin^^lfi' 

' Boris P—Boria F^öro^itch P ' 

i^hä fipoka in aatoniebmeat and angi^-r rather thnn Horrow: an 
impatianC frown coDtract»^ her deliciite browa, though aha grew 
Bibati pale. Why wuulU cneii do tbeae things p 

Napraxina waa siteiit, but wIiqd they Jiad enternd the houjH ha 
epoke T&ry sodlj, almoat atemly. 

' This aftemoon he bad lost b. bundFed tbouasiid fr&qce ; no 
doubt OD purptiae to Imv« aaaiciifia, TliBmaecandöceivenobody, 
A Count äeliedotf cK>uld loso as mucb all day für n yuar, atid DtaiiB 
uo fl!},T2, Hfl ahot bimseif in tbe gurde^nB, within a fow yards of 
U9 all.' 

Ha pauaed atid lüoked At bü wlfä. A ahadow pasaed over her 
face without cbao^Di«' ite carcisaus-lika fairnesa; sbe ahrufi^ed 
her hhüiildärs ever ao f^li^litly, her eyee had bad for a monit»nt an 
expreseioQ of awe at]d re^iret, but, beyond au> oUier utuitlmeat 
witb her, wara her impatitjuce and Irritation. 

' Wliy will men be so atupid P ' ahe thought. ' Aa if It did 
anj good 1 The toolieh boy ! ' 

'Nadine/ murmurfd biir huaband in a Toice that w^aa tiniid 
ereil iaita expoätulatioD and reproocb. 'I am eurry fnr BoriA; 
for tbe otbet I havö never Cired, tiut fop Boria ; — yoü know that I 
promised bia mothör to takö what cara I could of him — and now — 
BD 1 DOW' — and ao 70011? aa he waa t — find how ahall I teil harf — 
My Qod t ' 

She was aUent ; ageauine palii was on her faca, tbougb atill 
mingled with the more pärsonol emotioDi of iiupaUunca and an- 

' It was no fault of youre \ ' ab« aaid at last, t£, aha saw tWD 
great teare roU down lier hu^bRiid's eheplts. 

' Yea, it waa,' muttered PlatOD KuprAsdae. ' I löt him know 

Tbe direct »cvu^ation baniahed the softer pain which had fnr 
tbe niiiiiite movad lier; «be waa at all Um»» intolerant of cenauTa 
or of what öhn resented aa a tr>o iatimale interference; and hera 
her own «iirprist^ at an imlooked-for tragedy, and bar own sulf- 
conedousnees of having b^^n raore or leaa iho cauHe and Cl^fatreaa 
of it, atung her with an UHwdcotiie and intolöraljle triith, 

' You ara ioaoleat,' ehe said^ with ihe refrurd which olwaya 
dftUDted Napraxine, and made bini feel binise^lf an oä'etider «g uin'd t 
hur, eveu wbön be was eatirely in tb& riebt. 

' You aj^ iueolentf^ ahe reptiatud. ' X)u joa umu) to ioaiuuat« 



that 1 am reaponsibl© for SeliedofTs aiiicide P Oflfl would suppoM 
you were a journaliat aeolürp chantmje I ' 

The power wLicU sLeat ail timea possesfied oTer her liLiBl>and 
making liim unwilliiip to in-itate, ft&aJd to ofland her, and 'withoufcj 
cournijo befoTo Iier alightast ftig^D of angör, Tendercd him tim id dow. 
He UuBitatüd aad grew pnlö, liut tbe grent sorrow and repentance 
vbibh Vera Bt work in Kim gave him mora r^BoLuIioD tlma UBual ; 
he vu Ter; ]mlä, aud tlis tnars loUed down hb clieeks uncliwkod, 

' ETBTTonB kDQw& tliit Boria loved jou,' he aaidj HJmpl/. ' AU ■ 
the worJj knowa that; ha was a Lmy, ha could tot cooceftl it; 
I CAnnat tüU what ^qq did to Lim, but something wbich broka 
bis heail. You knowl ßeTcr sftj anytbiiig-i yoii give niB no tiüa. 
I ftiQ as iniäcb of a slrangtr to jou na if wa hfid met j-fißterday; 
and do not fancy I am ever — jealotui — na meri ttre sometimed. I 
knciw you would lattgb at msr and beeidea, you eure for oone of 
tltätn anj juora tliaD you care for ma. t ahould be a fool to wiek 
für moTfl tiiKD that; — if it bfl alwaya like that, I ehatl nevar »7 
anythin!;. On!y you mipht hnve spared thia led. ilo -was atf) 
jouug and my cousin, and tlie only one left to bis mQtfaer/ 

Ile pauaett, in i<Lron(^er aji^itation than Iie cared to allow her to 
Aee, It was Ine first timö fgr yfliir& thdt he had ventured to speak 
10 her in n.iiy sort of ei^msotaesB or of iipbraldlug;. She b&d allotted 
hliu bi& sliare iu her Lire, a rery distatit Dbe ; and bä had OCffQpted 
it without disputö or lamoDt, if not without inward revolt; it waa 
for tlia iirtit time foi yi^^ars that he presutned to ahow liei ha Lad 
obpörved her actiona and liad di&approved th-im, to hint that ha 
Tvae not the mi^re ky Egure, the mere gaod-natured dolt, ' fto» 
t(»nmt du paiiif^ Euid 03 common place, which sha had alwaya cdo- 
aidäred Jiitn. 

Sha liioked at him a llttla Curioiisly ;. there waa a dans^rout 
initatioQ in her gknce, y&t a touch of emotiöii wnß Tiaibla in hesf 
» sha aaid wiih impatience, ' You are KTö''^Qe thcatrical. It doei 
not ibceome yoa. Baria woa a boy, foolish aa boya are j hc had no 
mind ; he WM a mere epoilt child ; ha waa grown up in inches, 
not in üharacter ; ao many KusBiaLB are, If ba hare killed liim- 
pelf, who can haJp itP Thej should bave kept bim at home. 
Why do you p]tty yourself ? Ile ia not tbe first.' 

' No, na is not tlie ßrst,' Said Napraxina, with a curt bittemeas. 
' Ha is not tbö firat, and it was not play ; ha only played to hava 
■u eiCKfle. IIa tliought of yqur name, perbaps oi raina; he did 
not wish tJie world to Jmow he died bocaufla you laugbed at Lim.* 

' Laughed I I uaed to lauph ; why not P Ile wag amuaing 
befora he grew tragical. I labüked him jtsterday, for he deaerve^ 
it. Eyeryone Koida to^a. It ia good for tliam. No one sup- 
p03M — -' hat toQe waa iin|iatiant awd contemptuoua, but her lipa 
q^aiversd a littla^ abe waa aorry that tha boy waa deßd, tUoiig;h 
ihe would not öayao. It hurt her, thougb it aamiyed her more. 

'I>id l"« — did he auflerf ebu asked, abruptly. 



Naprsiine took out of the breaet-pockat of hia coat a sheet o£ 
note-paper, and gave it her. 

'IIa died ia&tatiüy, if you mesa that/ he answeräd. 'IIa 
knew etiougli to oim -well. Thej birouglit jna that Dote ; he had 
written it liLst ni^lit, I tbJDlt.^ 

Iq the broQ,d, ludo lumdwriling of tlie yoirng' Scli'edoff there 
wae written :— 

' Pardoimet-moi, moo couam; jaradore, et ella ao moque do 
racii ; je na peiu pas vivre, mala j'auraä Born que le monde n'eQ 
Sactia riätL, tioignßZ ma pauyr« ci^ra. Taut k tCiub de ccenr 

'Bonifl FfinonoviTciL' 

SliQ read it wltli a raiet bofore her ejee, ncd gara it back do 
him without a word. 

Naprnxine looked at her wistfujlj; he wonderod if he bnd 
kÜlcd himeolf wbetber ähe WDuId bava cared mots than elie caied 
now — 'HO, he knew ehe would havo aa Httle^ even leBS. 

' You Haj nothin^ P ' he muTmured ■wUtfuUj'. 

'Wbat 19 Ihare to say?' ehe anawered. *It waa a boy'a 
blundör. It was a grieTous foÜy. But no oae could forcäee it.' 

'That 13 all ths lament you. givß himf ' 

• Would it pleBSö yom better if I were wecping over hia corpae P 
I reg^rct liU dtfsih profqundly ; bat I conresB tbat I Bm also iin- 
ineakabty anDoyed at it, I deteat melodramas. I deteat (jBgedies, 
The worM will aay, üs you haya the good taate to £äj, that 1 haTs 
been at fault. I am not a coquctte, aud a reputation of being- ona 
eivea me no Bafiafaction. Äa tod. justly obaervödj nö ocü will 
believe that a Oount Seliedoff destrajed hia lifa becanae ha loat 
inüney at play. Thcirefore, tbey will aay, as you hava been eo 
good BS to BBj, that tke blame lies with ms. Aud auch accuaa^ 
tioDB oO'eiid me.' 

She epolie very quieüy, but with a tone which eeemed chill u 
ihB ■Winter Tslnda of tbe Whitg Sea, to Kapraxine, ■wbose soul waa 
filled with römorsej diam&jj äüd böwildered pain, Tben ehe made 
him afilight gesture of i'arewell and left him. Aa uaual, ha "waa 
antirely Tight in tho repronches he hod made, yet ehs had had the 
power tD miike himsälf f^ at once foolish and at fault, at oiice 
coarse and theatrical. 

' Poor Bona I ' he mutfered, as ha diew hia band ocross hia wet 

Htid it been worth while to die at three-and-twenty Tsara old, 
In fidl comraand of all which the "world cnvies, only to hava that 
cruel ancrLQcG callad a boy'a bluuderP Hia hsart acbcd aad hia 
Ihopghte weot, he kuew not why, to bia two joucg- cbildrea away 
in the bireh forQgtg bj tbe Black Sea. She would cot care any 
morö if Bhß heard on tha moTrow tbat thoy wltb aa doad in tlieir 
infancy as Borifl Seliedoffwaä In hia yoatli, lyiug- imder tho aloea 
and the paJraa. of Monto Carlo iß tbe eoutliem sqnahiae, 

Piaton Napraiire was a Rtupid man, a man not very aetiaitiT« 



or verj taudcir of feuliog', a tüan who could oftaa cuiidota hinuelf 
wilii coarw ploasiirL'ii and purvliHjiable charme for wümida giväD to 
hie aM'iiCTioiiB oi hie pride; but b« was a luaii of quick compuac- 
tioD and wurm enmtioni;; bu f«ilt befure tbt» ludifierenca of big 
wil'ti aa tbou^h Iie atnitcbL^d out bis band to tuucli a wall of ic^ 
wban wliat be' lon^^ lor was tbe i^ymp'vtliotic: anawerlng dcup oi 
bumBii tm{i;0r9, ü" brn^ihed I^lx» iiiLii,»ual itminhire iv^xa hig eyi», 
Bod ivent U> fiilfil all tbriRä imuLiuersble ämnll obaervancea wliich 
Go aoviroD, üinbitterj ftnc) diaünieh ihe digtiitj of dealh ta ths 
friendu of övery (iefid crtiature, 

Meaiiwhllu, Naditie pllaät^d ou to ber own rooiua, and let lier 
waitiii^-woiLan cbant;^ ber cJothee. 

A ninnieiitart n-i.ifa, wifkf«! as a. venomous Eaake, and swiA itl 
firti, bud darted tbrüii^li ber tbou^'bCa. 

' Why had not Otbioar diöd likf>thatP I would tiavä loved 
Iiia nieiut>ry all mj lifel " ehe tboug-ht, with iuconflistency. 

Tboi];;h Ahe iiud ulmüät rcluäud to acknowled^e it, tiie fiuidie 
of äi!)]iLuioll' paümd acd saddenud l}«r. Foretuoüt of aU was h«r 
irritatioD tbat ebe wbo diJ^lik^ tragtidiee, wbo abburred pubücÄtyi 
wbo d^8Wit!■v^^d in powsioD, eliould l* tbu» »ubjwt W bavinff he? 
Hauie in tiiQ moulbd cl nmn in coimecl-ion wIlL b mialudramBi which, 
terrible Bia it was, yet t>lfi3ii!!ed btir by itu vulg^nritv aad it# 
Btiipidity. Tba bour and tUw scühö cliowin wtre vulgär; the 
trant^parency of the pret^^xt wftä Mupid. It wa« altogeLber, aaab#<j 
liad aaid, s boy'e. btunder— & bluiidtir, frigbtfjl^ irreparable^ with] 
tbe lioiTor of youlb lui^pent and UFe i^^likltibtroyed upoD it-— e 
■ bluadtir, 3hü tLihug-ht, with impatieoce, that Tvbat they 
lovw wiiB only a epiiilt cbild e wLim and pasnionate outcry wbich, 
dcuiied, erdfcU in a cbil«r& wild, ftioUsU üt of rage, with HO lliore 
wiAdoru in it tban the cbild bas. 

AU Europe would aay Üiat, iQdirectly, shä bad b&äD Üid cause 
of V\& daath ; evat^oua bad eeeu bim, mopin^ and mieerable, in 
lier roumiB th» prävitius day. She di»likad a HmiiBalioiidl tTiiimph, 
whicb was tit for her hu^tead'a nÜHträBrte«, fnr Lia, for Auröüe, for 
la bulle Ftimaadt). Mvn were füwayd duiiig tbetw foolii^h tbin^s 
fcir her. She had been ao^ry c^rtainly: w!io would not have beea 
■oP He bad bütfii ridiculou^, aa youtb aud intenae «motioa and 
Uure4iBon»ble huir^riii^ couetaiiüv are in ibe eij^ht of D4h«rB. 

Tböru liad betm nnly oiitj maa wbo had not aeennsd to her 
absurd whön paefiion bad moved, biiu, aud tbat bad oaly böeo be- 
(auae be bad rumiiidud ma^tar of hiniaetf stsil iu bitf f^ioateet 'Wlff J 
abatidniuneiit. If it bad beüD OÜimar vrlio btid beeu lyingdead. 
there with the bullet iß hi& breaatj fibe would have feit— abe was 
not 8ure what ahe would have fßlt — fioms ploaaure, aonae pain. 
Instead, b« was at Am^öt findini^' wbat pl&asiirea be mi^rbt in K 
virfrlaal love, likö a spring- snowdrop, titnid and afraid, She, who 
always analy^ed ber qwti soul wilhout iodiü^ncei or self-delueiou, 
WM disguflted »t tbe impulaeä which movud htr hüw« 




'After all/ ehe thoug:btT ' Goetbe wu right; w» are alwtji 
jifiiibl« cf crim«, even tlie best of un ; only od« meist be Qoetbe to 
be CBpable of ocknowted^f; tbat.' 

SuB t&t ivlciDti swldle, tlionghlful and regrelfal ; indii^oeed to 
Bi^a^pt tiia blajue of o(litirn, vüt niil uriwjlliji^ fj cen^ui« LereeLf if 
bIiu ^a'w cause. But sbe s&w na t-uiise bere; it nva^ hq fault of 
hers if niL'il loved her as ebe pa^aed bv lliem witTuoiit att-iEp iLey 
were there. TruH, äLb bad tuten annoyeJ with tbo youth; sbe 
bod beeo irritat^ bj him; she had tteäted liim ii tittle aa aome 
vacDvii rr^at a dcy, — a sniile nn« day, the whip tlie rest ^ but ahe 
hiifL tbou^bt so little about him all tbe time, t^xct^pt tbat bis bi^b 
Bpirits were infectiaua aod bi^ ftico was boyiahJy beautiful, aiid 
Üiftt it bttd diverti^d Jier to nnnüy Geraldioe. But who could bBTa 
puppc!fif;d tfaat itwould ejid tbuap Atad Hmidat h»r püilL im(3 ber 
bStctliäbiEäDt waa forenioat agreat iLTitationatkis wBnt Qf tbought 
tat ber. 

The jounialB, witb tbeir innueTidoes, their initials, tbeir traii^ 
parünt mj'sturiiis : the MTiduh-ni-e« aiid tbe ciirlrttltit» of h« own 
■ocidty ; tbe rejiroach^H iif hU fkuiiJy ; tlm Uiiigj; uuremiibirtus 
Riuslan moiiTDing aud UuBFian rit^e — ' QueUi' car-v^o l ' abs 
rauTCDurud impReietitJy, ae at fozae p«hbb in her embroidered. 
sboe, at somti vlove of ^«-arlic iu her dtdical>t) diuner. 

After aM, were the preat eorrows of lite onu-half ao uuendur- 
■blo iu thtfoitielvea »3 tbe tireöoiae eanojauteti witb whicb the 
fDoüeh habitB of idke Lava eiivironi'd tbem ? 

Tbat duF frit^jid dies is paio «Qoufrh, wby lUllS't wa baVQ alflO 
the Duiäänce üfMIciwim^biä I'uni^ral ? 

'Man only tljmk of tliomaelves ! ' ebö eaid initably^ in ber own 
uncoii^muB e^utiNm. If iknin Snliüdoir bail couäÜdered ber f\ä be 
ahould have doue, be woiild not hava killed hiiaseif within thrae 
milea of her gHrdäa terraci;, at a. mouMtLt when all tbeir own 
eoflsiping World was crowding on the sunny sborea of the 
MediterrBDean, A et-nee of the wrcu^ deine U* berseif dividtid the 
regrnt, tinged sJmost with reniorse, wbicli weiglied on har, 

Ae ebe tnoved tiiroug-b ber boüdoir to writ« the inevitable and 
Taoei difEcult laCtsr wbicb um-nt h» p<:ntLt^ to hi« niotber far sway 
iii tbe proTiuc« qf tbö Kkateriiioblat, a ]i)iQt,a^rHpbf in a franne of 
bluH plush, CAiiglit ber eye na it bIoöiI äimctig^t »'1 ^^f* prelty 
costly üotbiutrst of her writiu^^ table. It was a phot^pgtaph of 
Selif^doS'; it liad bccn tinT«d with a» artiat's sklÜ, and diu boyisb 
baudsooie mouth äiiiilt<d T^indtirly aiid gaily at hur. 

Für aloioat the lirat time in ber life vbe feJt the tea» riso tu Lu 
■yös. Ske laid tbe pictiire face dowoward, and wept. 


miNCE^s itAPAAxme, 


A nsw Jbjb later whon tho remaias of Boris Söliedoff had iMen 
p^ninved to RiiasiA, thero to ßnd tlieir Last boma ja t!i3 niiimbral 
mäusoltium of bis ismily on tlieir voat estatea in EkaterinDalai^ 
Geraldine, who was ome of the few who were Bdmitted to Ia^ 
Jacquemerille in tbaee dnye of mourDb^, coming' tbilL^r oan a^r-j 
noQi) to lind her in tbe c-ardeii slona aud to eotreat for penniBsioiltj 
1o füllow her in tlie Tanoue traveU which she wag aljoat to UEder-^ 
take, siiice the Riviera hnd prown diatasteful U} her, was occQeted 
W her ftbruptly, if iii bex dclicjlte lauguor sLe could tiVer be tßfmed 
tSrupt : 

*My daar Kalpli/ sU© fliüd triafly, ' why do r<iu not go 
home P ' 

Oeraldmo drew liia breath quickly and Atar^d at her, 

' Go IioEue I ' Le repeüted etupidW. 

' Wellj jou Lftvafi.bome; you have Bevernl bomea,' sbe said, 
vitb her luiial impatienca nt oein? queationed or miaimdäTätood 
by wita alower than bcr own. ' Yau ara an Englishttian ; you 
ttiU9t havij A miUidti acd oua duüeä. It ia ultarly wroii^ to live 
Bo iDuch Bway iiom. your properties. "VVo do it, but I do not 
tblnk it matterfl wbat we do. Wlietbor wo be bere or theroj it ia 
KlwnyB tliE Stewards who fule ore^fytbiaj^, but in yoiir couiltry it 
jfl diiiereDt. Your sister Bäya jou can du & great döftl of goöd. 
I caiinot imag-ioa wbat good you sbouM do, but ao doubt fibs 
Icnows. I do not libe England myßelf. Your ctiäteaux ara very 
tinflj, but tbe life ia them ia Tery tiresome. You all eat far too 
much and far too often, and you hnye Ungering aiiperslitiona 
about Sunday ; your womcu ara alwayä tbrea montba befaÖDd 
I'ojia, and never wear shoea lUie tbeir gowne ; your talk ia alwaya 
of ganiea, &nd filiootiDo-, and fiBt-rticinff. You ara not an Bintisinff 
people ; von never will be, You have tOo mncb qf tbe TyutOD, 
Knd the HoLlBiider, and the Datie i^i you. Youf stiig'e makea ono 
yawn, your bookg make ono Hleep» your qoyntry-bouües make ona 
do bolli. Your WOinen clotho' theDiselvefi in Nawmarhet coats, 
pet red fftces, önd like to go over wet fielda ; your men afe weil 
built rery ofLen, but they moTe iU ; tbey kavä no didnnaUure, 
tliey bave no cliarni. Tha whole tbing* ia tireaome, I shaii nevier 
wüliTigly go to England ; but you, aa a greaC Eng'lieb noble^ 
ougbt to go there, and atay tbera- ' 

'Aad marry tliere!' aaid Geraldine, bittarly. 'le that üia 
uiedicine you pre&cribe for all youc friends P * 

' Of COttTBe yoti will mairy soma timp,' phe anid indÜTerenUyi 
' Men of your position alwajs do ; they tbluk tbey owe it to tbßir 
Cüuntry, £ut wheUier you mariy oc bot, go bome ond bo udeful. 

r/i/A'C£SS NAPSAX/l^E. 


Töü have idlcd (julto too niuiili time ttTvay in foUowin^ourcLaDgea 
of reaidBQco.' 

He tumad pale, aad hia eyes grew liark with subdued arger. 
' You waut to be rid of ma J ' 

'Ah, that is just tJio kind of rougli,, rudg thiiijf wliich an 
EaglJäbman always eays. It is tho reaaon wby BilE'äishmen do 
not pleasG womeQ miich, No ItnliFtn or FreQGhman or Ruasiati 
wi-mld make such, a stupid, almost bnital, remaTk aa tbat ; he 
woiild reepect bis own diguity and tbe courte&y of words too 

'AVe arö unpoliabed, even Bt our beat; jon havfl told lae so 
llft,y timca,' hs eaid, fiulJönly. ' Well, let me ba n savaRe, thsn, 
Bua aab for a savape mercy; a pkin anewer, You waut me 
Bway P ' 

Nftdine'a eyes grew very cold. 

' I nevtr say utitivil tliitiga/ slie anßwerad^ with an acCent 
that was cbill as tlie mifitml. 'But smca for once you divinß 
one's meaning, I will not deny tbe accuracy of your divination.' 

Sie blaw n little cloud Irom a tiny cigarette ds ßbe paused. 
Sbe eipresaed, oa clearly as tbaiigh abe had epokert, tbe fact tbat 
her compauioa ■^voa ae liLtle to her &s tbat puiFof aiuoJie. 

' Doee eiqgerity couBt for DOthing P ' he muttered etupidly. 

'SiDcerity ! ' sbe ecboedr 'Ab! Bi^gliäb people alwaya fi^peak 

as if tbey bad a mondpoly of eiucBrity, lue R mnnopoly of ealt or 

a monopoly of coalJ My dear Lord Geraldine, I am not doubt- 

in^' your äDcsrity in tba veiy least ; iE ia not that wbicb ia waut- 

lüg- in you ' 

' Wüßt is ? ' h.e aalced in desperation. 

' Sa mucb 1 * said tbe Ftinccsi Nnproxine, witb a littla compra- 
hensive Boiile and sigb. 

*If you wosild deigrn to spealc deönitely — — ' Le murmured in 
bittei" pnin, Tvbicb be strove clmu&Uy to make into tba Libenesg gf 
«reni^ and irony. 

' Ob, if you wiab iai details I — It is j ust tbat kind of wieh for 

details wbich abowB ivl&t you faü in bo Tfliy mucb ; tact, finegae^ 

Observation, floxibiLity, My dear frimd, you are thorougbly in- 

fiular I Evörything- ia compiist^d in tbat I ' 

He waa eilent. 

' I have not tbe leaat wiab ta Tei you,' ebe continued. 'I am 

qiiite sorry to res you, but if toh l^■'ill presa mc A painter 

toascd me tbe otber dny to go to bis studio and eiee what Lq bad 
doue for tbe aaloa. I made hiai polite eicuaas, tba weatber, my 
bealth, my engagementa, the uBual pbrases, but be would not be 
Bdtiefied witb tbem ; be continued to ioeist, an at last be had the 
tputb, I told liim tbat I deteatad almost all modarn art, and that 
I did not know why aayone enconra^^ied it at all -whga it waa within 
everyone'a power to bave at leaat liDe-engravin^ of the oM mastara. 
Ue waa not pleosed — take waming, Do cot be as atupid as be.' 



OoTAldiiie underBtftnd, and liis tannpd chpek grew white with 

E.iD. lle wüa a firüuJ Jiiau, iktid liail It^tfu niade vaia by bis worlrl. 
d WM bitterly and cmeUy huinbted, ^mt tJie love ha bad for her 
mad« faininliiiuat utiüoK^ttiums oJ* Uih otrwirato b!JH,8D overwhelm- 
iag in ittü cmally whs tlia «ent^ocä oi" n-n Je wticli hy ret-eived, 

Hödid Dit BjiHuk at nnCB, für hö tnuM ugt be sure to com- 
maud his voiiift, arjd hf ^lirank froio betraying- what lie l'elt. She 
rusd, and thrt^w tlie ci^jirette over th'ü Liilii^itrAdu iikto tlie eea, aiid 
turned to ^n indiK^T». ähe bftd anid wbjLt her wiRlies wera, and 
ahü expL<ct:(>d to havt» Ihotn obeytHl wltbout more diäcustiion. Bat 
tlie youD^ mau row tou, aud burred ber way. 

Hü Lad onlj oae c<infii,tiousriess, that he was na tbe point of 
baiÜHbiuenl. frain the only womiin wlinni he had eared fnr tbrougb 
twowbole yearti, It had bi-cnma BointHyrn! a jiiirtof bis Ufa tbaf be 
Bhould follow Nadiaa Naprüxmii aa th« muoa folhirtfl the eaPtbj 
that uxila from bar praeenoei seBcned to him tbe maet terriblu of 
diaafiterB, tbe moHt uU^admäblu nl cbaaUseniiiiiits. 

* Aftäi* all thii^ tiiHP, du }'aii onlj teil me to go away P ' be mul* 
teredf conficious of the lami^Tidsa and impotency of bia own worde, 
which mig-ht well only raov& hssr laiighter. Jiut a certain an^iur 
rathar tbiin ainuflitmäiit waa what th^y ätirred In her; tbere waj 
iii tbem an ioipliiid ri|^bt, 4I11 iiDpliijd reproach, whicb wart) boLb 
what ehe waiii utierly iiiidi''}>i>g(^i^ to iidmit hia tititi to ust?. 

' AH tliia time 1 ' hIüb ecliopd ; ' alj whmt tiniB ? Von ara leadiQg 
A TB^ idle life, Rtid all youi exculltjnt ttienda eay that you leave 
cnoJiy dutif« nöj^löcted ; \ advi-^ü jou 10 return to ibeiu,'' 

' Is it tka eiid of all ? ' he s&id^ whilä bis Ups trumbled in hü 
own de^uit«. 

' AllP AJl what? ITia endf No; it ifl Ihe end to notUnjr 
that I know of ; 1 ähould rather auppuEte tbat yoii wouM niske it 
the beglimintr — of » ]iHv-fecUy proper tifm at home. Kvölyp Branco- 
iKfth ea.y» yuu oug^bt to reduce ail your farmera' reiitB ; go and do 
it ; it wiU raakeyuii ponularm yourowncoimty. I knOW yOu yood 
Ejiplish always fancy tbiityonCMin dUBDcbpeviilutioQB witli a littlö 
wenk tea of Üiat aort. Aa if piäopte who bäte you will not bäte 
you just tbe saiae wbEitljor tliej psy you balf a ffumüti, OF half a 
crown, for evsrv sod of proimd I Our Tflar Aleiaudar thou^ht the 
ume Aort of thing tn gvand, and did \t\ but it lias DOt aaswered 
with him. To be sure^ he was even slllier — he erpect^d nlaves to 
be grate ful l ' 

' You really lueaa that you ara tired of my presonce P ' he said, 
with HO 89n?e of anytbicg except the iinnjßpae deaolatioo whicb 
nemed Buddpuly tu cov^r ftU bia Hfa^ 

' Yoii TM^i put tbß dotfi on all yöiir i'« I ' flh& fftid impati^ntlT. 
*That kiad of love of explaoafion ia ßo Eut'li&h ; all yüur poü- 
tical EDen'a üme is >vaf>.täd in \i. Nobody in England imderflLaiui£ 
ä i^mw-fnofi or appieciatce the prettineaa of i hiiit,' 



I unJorafftTid well ennitigh — tno wpll,MiiJ mn'tered, with ft 
ijpli that waa clinlit-d in ila liirLh. • But- — liut-— 1 euppciBQ I am 
A fiiol ; 1 did not tliiiife jo\i l-<^fl.!ly t^nred murh- — yet 1 nlwaya 
facciM — I Huppoee I lad no right — but siirely we have beea 
frienda at tbe leaat ? ' 

HiB hnowledge of the World and of womea ouf^ht to haTo 
rtopped tbö queaüon imuttared j but a great pain, an iDtensa dis- 
tcppoiutment^ hod mastered hlm, äsd Uft kirn witb no> mora tact or 
w^QjD tbao it üe Etiid beea a tuere lad treab frow. colleg:e, It coat 
liim much to ro&ke bis reproiicli en nieoBiirt^, liis worda so iuof- 
fensive. He l)epaTi t» uiidorntand wbv mun liad Wiid tlißt Nadina 
N&pr&xine was more periiauß in her chaatity aUd hec Bpiritual 
caruelty tKan the most iiupaasloned. Alciua. 

She look«d at him wilh a little astonisluQent mingled witk t 
greater Dtfence, 

' Friend.« P cattaitily ; wby not t ' sbe sajd, ■with entire indif- 
förence. ' Who m talkiug' of emnity ? In plain wordß, aiiic& you 
liJte tbem äo tnuch, you do — liore me just a little; you are 6oo 
oftanhere; you have a certain manner in soctety wLich nii^'-ht 
Duike gosBipa remai'k Lt. Yoii do not aeem tu comprebead that 
one may &ee too mucb of tbe most agreeable iwreon under liie 
■un, It 18, perlmp», a miatake ever to aee fouch of anyone ; at 
Isaat, 1 tbink igo, Briefly, I do not wiab itfl have any more storial 
foif Niw and its neig-hboiirhnad; thL*! ona of Hoiia Seliödofl" is 
q^uite eEotiph 1 Tbey are tugiuning to give me a kind of rapota- 
tioTi of being' a ta#nse iThormnes. It ia so vtilijaT, that Irind of 
tbing. They are befrinning to call me Maria Stuail.; it is abaiird, 
bat 1 do not like tbat sart of absurdities, I brtd nothing to do 
with tbe l'olly ol poor Boria, but eo ona will ever bulieve it ; be 
will alwRva he considered my victim. It is trwtf yon are eertain 
Hot ti ki]! youTself j Eüg'lisbmcn elwaya kiti a tiger or a pig if 
they äfe unhappy, ußver themBelvoa. I am Lot afraid of yout iiolng 
any kind of härm; you will only go böme and aee yonr farniiirs 
kdA pl«>B&e youT famüy; atid you will giTe big bmakfasta in un- 
comfortabie tante, and be toaeted, and your county newupapers 
■will havfl all 6orts of amiabl« pampraphs about you, and nome- 
tima or other you will marry^wbj not ? Pleafle stand back a 
little and let me pase ; we shall meet in Paria next year wben you 
t&ke a hüläday on your rediiced renta.' 

Sba lauifhcd a littlt), for tho Erst tims aince SeliedofTe suicide; 
her owD wordfl ffimueeKl beif. Tboae poor Eng'Usli gentl^men, who 
fancied they wouM Bteoi the gre&t eaU tid« of cl«sa batred, tha 
BYar-heavinp; ocean of plabtiiaa enyy, by thö little papör feiice of a. 
reduced rental ] Poor Abele, deludiog tbemselves with the idea 
Ibat tbey cO'tüd di^&nä tbe jealouay of their Oaina with a ailTttr 
pcinn; I 

liiit tbe tliougbta of Qeraldiue wen hr away from »aj 



pnllticAl ironies vith wbich &he might eßtertün Iist own difcur* 
RiTO mind. 

*Kodma, Nadioe,' liB 8Bjd atupidly, 'you cannot be ao erueT. 
I iiave alvra^s otey^ tou ; I h&Te nsrer murmured ; I hara been 
Hke your dop; I have ueen coutant on so Uttle. Otber man would 
h&Te rebelled, but I — I ' 

Wmt latiguid ejos opened wülely apon him in haugbty- aurprise 
«ud Tflbube, 

'Nowyou tflit lUce ajfe«nejwwMiflr of tbe Gymiiaea t ' ßhe sw^i 
contemptuoiisäy. * Itebelled ? Content p "What words are tJiose P 
You havfl been a plc-asniit acquaintancß — iLmoügfit mäDj. You 
eannot say you have been ever more, If you hjive tegua to mi^ 
underetand tliat, ^o nhere you can reCDver youT gtiod eeriae, I 
have liked you ; so liaa Fnnce I^apr&ÜDe, Do not force lu t» 
coufiidcr our esteem misplaced.' 

Shä epoke coldJy, almost eaveraly ; then, with an äochantin^ 
fimile, «ha beLd oiit Ltr band. 

' Come, we will part üriendB, thouf h you are disposed to h<twler 
Hkeaboy. YouknoTO- BomctLing ol' tbo world; learii to look u 
Lf you LudLeaiued at least ita lirat lessou— good temper. Afiect it 
if jou bftve it not ! And — never outsf ay a ■welconie 1 ' 

Ho loolced at bar and bis cLest lieaved witi a henvy :agb Uiät 
was almoat a Bob. Fassianate upbraidlliß rQ£a to hia lipe^ a 
thousand reptüBches for deluslv» atlabittüäfi, far pKtientlT^udured 
capricea, fof waatöd bouia and wasted bopes, aaa waated unergiea, 
all rose to bis luoulh m bot liard words af Be]nBeleas, irrepre8s.ible 
paiii, but they rejnaiaed imuttered. iFe d&Tcd not oliend her 
boyoad pardcu, ba dared cot «xile himself beyotid cecall. He waa 
cooscious of Üie ftitility of anj reproBcb wbicL be could britig-, of 
tiie abfiöocB of any tiüe wliicli ho couM ßUege, For two jiöiira bo 
hnd Inen bor boildsjuaqj lier äpELnial, bier submiasive servant Iq tJio 
füll Hig^bt of tbe World, yet loolting backward he could not tfiCAll 
any sign or word or gläßco wbich could buTö juatified Lim in tbe 
xij^'bt to enll bimself her lovor. Slie had accepttd bis aervicea, pep- 
iEiJtt«d biapTäsence — uo more; and yet, be f^t Limself a^ bitt«rly 
'nrongcdf aa cruelly deluded, eis ever man could bavu been by 

Tbere is a Jittle aonp whicb hos besn given world-wida fame 
by tbe fiweeteat emfrer of our time : tbelittle eong wbich is caUed, 
* Si vLnu iCaves. r-i'en d m& dire.' Ju3t so vamie, and so mtecae, aa 
ia tbe reproacb of tbe bod^, woa tbe cry of bis beait agaiiiat ber 

If she had ncfer cared, had never menct, wby then"-— 

But bedttred not forraulate hia injury in woMs; he knew that 
it TPOüld Condemii hlm never to see lier faca a^in oiCapt in crowda 
&.& ßtrangera aaw it. Hb Lad Derer really beiieved tiiat eba "would 
care Jbr bim aa he cared for ber, but it had alwavB eeemed to bim 
that liEbit WDuld in tha end become afiection, tnat tba continuul 



»Tid familisp intereourfiö wlijch he had obtainei witt her would 
beCDme in time necaasury to liet, an aaaociafJon, B custom, n 
friendgLip not llglittj to hn diKardcd. Ile lial belleved tbuit 
pntiencö would do more for bim than pasaion j liö hiid endured all 
hercapiicea, followed. all her movsni'fMitfl, inciicrad Ihe ridicule of 
me^n, andr 'what waa worse, bia own Gelf-contempt, in th& beÜBf 
thftt., vfith her, Festina lente was the aole possible Tule of victory. 
And nQW she cost hiju aaide, with uo moro tliougliC than ehe left 
to Lei maida a &11 of dld old foebipD, a glora tlmt liad Leen wora 
once [ 

She g'Bve läm no ünie to recover t!ie Bhock wilh wLicL Le Lud 
heard Iiia ßpntencQ gf eiile, btit^, witli a llttle kiotUj" iadllfereiit 
geäture, passed him aöd wont into tlie house. 

Ile hfld not the coiirage of OLUmar ; he had neTcr had as much 
title OB Othmar to daem üimself preferred to the multitiidfl ; look- 
ing back on the twro jeafe wliich he had Consecrated to her 
niamnrj aöd liet iservicö, hacould not honeetlj TGcall aeinple word 
or glancö or sign which could have juaüöed Him in beÜBTiog him- 
seif betrajfld. 

She had a^capted hia homa^e aa s^he Jiccepted tba bouqueta 
which men sent her, to die in massi^s io her ant^chamhera. 

iliä piira was intolaraHe, bis disappoiatruent was altogetber 
out of proportioD to tbc frnll, rague hupeä which he hitd cheriahed ; 
but he feit also that his posidua -w^aa absurd, uutenahle ; hs bod 
HBYer beenher lover, be had none' of t^ie rlg^bta of a lover; he wm 
gnly pDß of niany wbo had failöito pleaae her, who hnd iincOB- 
iSeioualy hlundered, who had oominitted tbe one UDpELrdo nable BÜl 
■of wöaryiiig her. 

Keaistance eoiild only make hitn Tidicuioua m bar ejeg. Sbe 
lud plainly intiimated tbnt sha wastired of hia acquaintance and 
compKnioDsbip. It was au iDtecso EutTeTing to biui, hat it Tras 
aotoDB ■wbich he could ahow to the world. or in which Le could 
Bcek thö world'ä sympathy. If hs bad f^ed to please her — 
failedi. despite all hia opportunitiea, to obtam any hold upon hef 
nympatbies — it was such a lailure as ia only grotesquo in tha 
«steem of meu, and cootempühlo in the dp-ht of wonieri. 

' A ffui ia/aute? ' ehe would have said heraelf, wiLh » pililesS 
aumaement, which the world would pniy Iiatc echoed, 

Itwaalate in Fehrurnry, but B.lrBa.dy epriiig in tba Riviera; 
» brilliftnt bulq wafl daucing on all the tülllion aiid nnfl prettT 
thingsin her hcHidoir, föT ehe liked Itght, and could aflbrd, with 
har öiquisitö complöxioti and her üower-like moutb, to lauf»h at 
tba many leaa fortmiate of her sex, who dared iiat be aeen without 
all the devicp^ of red ^laas and nise-coloured trausparenciee and 
muffig &uchepiiii3. Sho caresaed her little dog, and bade tho 
aegro boy bring- her aome tea> and etretched beraelf out on & lony 
low chalE with a pleasant sqqb^ öf ffaedom £rom b di^i^iaeabl« 
duty done ftod ovali 



'I will neTä¥ be intidaate with an Englialiman a^Ain,' di« 
tbaught. 'Tfany canaot ucdentfuid-, they tbink th«y must bd 
eitlibir jöur CffitAr or «uZ/iu : it ib so stupid ; and thui^ wbfln tou 
■je tired, ihev grumble, {Jthpr uiau eay nothing lo you, but toey 
öeht aomebodT ebe — wliicb i» ao mucb bätteT. It ia only tba 
Enj^lis^TnAii wbo ^umbiea, aod Bbuaea you ub if yoa wera the 
weather I ' 

Tha idea smuead ber. 

Tbrough her open windowg iiba pnuM si>e tha eea, She biiw 
Üie boat of Oeraldine, ^tb its red-capped crew pulling Rttaii^bt- 
way to tha wüstward \ he was going- to bis yicht; the affoir was 
ovef peitceablyj ha woutd not ][iÜ kimealf ILke Seliedotf. Her 
liiiabaad woiüd miea him for a Üttlä timej but he wna uaed to man 
who made tliemsiülveä hiä ardent acid asäduQUB frienda fara few 
monthe ot mara, snd then wBre no more seen aboub hia house, 
haing' baniahed by her; ha wad wert to call auch viotinm the 
Zephyre after that «luadron of the mutinoua iti tlie Algerian array, 
whicb receivea all those ccadamued and rsiecbed by tbeir chlefa. 
He would aek no questioaB; he would onaerBtand that hia oM 
compamon had jaincd the rwt ; be bad nevor cared for the fate of 
aay .bhvo for that of younir 3öHedoffk There wuib always men by 
thfl scnre ready tO ara^lBa^ distractj, and feaat with Prince Napf axine. 

Sbe drank her y^illow te« with ita aliiM of leinonj and etijoynd 
the unwont'öd r^pn.'^e of half an liour'a solittidfi. 8b& was conaciouB 
at once of a certaic relief in th^ definite exile of her late com- 
panion, yist of a cürtaiD magnanjmity, inaainiich bb she would 
enable otber womeu to preaume that he had grown tired of hie 

Byt the latter consideratian wclgbed littla with her; ehe had 
be^D too eatiated witli triumpjj not to ba bidi^rent to it. aad sbe 
iraa at all tintea caj^tes^ of tfae opimons of othi^rs. Sba would 
mlee him a linta, as Qne misses a wiall-trained servaoti but tbero 
would be 60 many oth^ra ready to fiU bis place. WhenBTör be» 
gToom-öf-th'ß-chnmberfl told her hall-porter to aay 'Madaine 
rejoit," her rooms were filled with young- men ready to ober her 
alightest ai^ or wildeat whim os poodlea or ^aaielA thoae of'^thelr 
niAAtera. Tbere W6re not a few who, lilie ueraDdins, Tfigulatäd 
tbeir eeasTMia and thelr eojourna by tbs capricioos movemeDta of 
the l*riiiceaa Napraxina, as poor wmgbted ebepherdB foUow the 
gyratiooa of an i^1]li3-fatuuB. Whather north, aouth, eaät,or weat^ 
wherever sbe was raomeutarily resident, thsie was always leea 
her «wrpM de gardet 

As she Bat aloTia do^ for tbe liri^if half-bour before her ubuhI 
drive, bar pa-rt drift^ed before her recoHection in clear coloiira, b4 
tbouRb flba wöie quita old. She remeniljered her cbildhoad, sptnl 
at the embaastes of great cities, wbem her father w&a the id<» üf 
all that was diatiiij^tehed and of muäh that was diäsolut«; the 
Bwat courtly^ tbe moät witty, tha mo*t slegant, of great diplo- 



m-ilifta. Slie reminnberad how, eitting in her mother'e baroueho 
in the Bolfl or tha Prater.or pötted and carssöed by sovereiffiis and 
Btati3»ia«ii iD her motlier'a drawiag-njoinB, ahe had seen so much 
witb heropnHJl« eyeSjheard eo much with hier Be«-shell-li]te ears, 
snd liadj at tan jeara cid, aaid to Connt Päatoff, * Je »%rai hoTm£te 
famtne ; ce serct pijis ekic ; ' and haw^ hia paa! of laugbtar had dis- 
concerted her owa eeriuua mood and aolwaioity of reflolTe* Then 
ebe remembered how, -wlieu eha wse seveateen yeara old> her 
mothär had advL&ed her to mariy her coiiHio ; aod how her 
fftther, when ehe had been tempt«d to ask his Bupport of her own 
■drerae wiahea, had twiated hia ailken white mauetacbes with a 
little ehrug* of hia ahouldtrs, aod liad anid: 'Maia, moa enlant, je 
□e aais— noDS sommea piesque ruiUH^:; ^h ibg plaira — et im tuari, 
c'est ö» peu d(j ehose ! ' 

' Si peti de chime T ehe thou^bt, aow; and jet a bullet thnt you 
drag after you^ d aote of discord alwavs in jour music, a Btooa in 
your Ijall elipper, dance juu ever so ligliüy— aa iaevitable ennui 
aJwaya awaitingr yau 1 

' If tliäy hsjl not be^Il in 6UCb haatö, [ ahould have met Othtnar 
and ha?e caartiüd bim I ' aha mused, with that frankiJesa which waa 
never missing l'roni her Bälf-communion. ' Life wnuld ha?ö luo&ed 

difTörenÜy; 1 would bave made him tbe foremosC man in 

EuTope ; hu haa the -powera needful^ bui he baa do aDil^tiona ; hia 
milliona havs sdQed tbem,' 

Bhü tho'igbt, with i]oitit;thing that waa almoat envy, of tbe fate 
of Yööulte, Mid with a Teinembnince, whicL was almaat disguatjof 
tha »Lrly hours of her own marringe, when ^! thß delicacy ittad 
purity of her own girlhood had revolted agnmst tbe brutality of 
obligatione whicL eha had in her ipnonance eubmitted to accupt, 

How cQuId ehe care for tha chilAren bora of that iotolärable 
degradation to which no babic or time bad had power to recondle 

In her own eyes sbe bad be^n aa mucb violated aa any slare 
bought m tha market. 

*If I hud daugbtera, they phould at laast Iniow to wbat tbay 
HurreDdered theuisülvea betöre they wäre given away iu marria^e/ 
aho had oftan reÜectedj with a bitttjr remembraLca of the abaolute 
innocaiDCf) in which g.he harßelf had reppated tJW vowb, and brokeTt 
the glasBj which hfid indiasolubly uaited her to heTcousin PlätOn. 

ITiöd, with the irony evea of bei-ßelf, aad the doubt eren of 
hfiTself, which 'were ationgier than any other inatincta in her, she 
laoghed at her own momentary semtimeDt. 

''I dare say I Bhould have been tired of bim in bix months,' 
abe ibc'tig'bt^ ' and very Ukely we ahould bave bated one another in 
■nother eis. He woiilid aot have beyn as eoay aa Platou ; he 
would h&Tß had hia. prejudicaa ' 

Before bei* mind there rose the vifiioh of a place abe hiul OHM 
MBU aa ahä had uiled iu a yacht down thä Adiiatic one cool 


autumnal moDth ; a place not far ttom Kegusa, somewliat; farther 
to the southward ; a fimtastic pUe, half Gieek, half Turkish, with 
an old Gothic keep built by Quattrocentisto Venetians rUing in 
its midst ; gardens of palms and wooda of ilex sloping from it to 
jneet the lapis-lazuli-hued sea, aVtSa of all the colours of preciona 
Btonea towering up behind it into the white clouda and the daz zl i n g 
Aunebine. Fascinated bv the aspect of the place, ehe had asked iä 
nsme and ovner, and the Austrians with uer had answeted her, 
/ It is called Zama, and it belongs to the Othmars.' 

She had often remembered tne Herzegorinian cftstle, lonely m 
Miramar after the tragedy of Quetaro. 

* I irould not have lived at Amjöt, but at Zama,' she thonght 
now; then, angry and impatient of herself, she dismissed her 
fancies as jou rani&h with a light clap of yoor bände a flock of 
importnnate biids, whicb, fly awsy aa fiist u they hare come. 


' AsB JOU xtiTj bsppj P * Said Baron Friti to Yseulte in hla 
occamonal visita to Amyöt. And she anawered without worda, 
with a bluah and a smile whlch were much warmer than words. 
He saw that she was perfectly happj, as jet; that wbaterer 
thoms tnight be beneath the nuptial couch, thej had not touched 

He did not venture to put tbe same qnestion to Otbmar. There 
were timee wben he would no more have inteixogated bis nephew 
than he would have put fire to a püe of powder ; he had at ouca 
the vague fear and üie abundant contempt whicb a thoroughly 
practica!, artificial, and worldly man bas for one whose dreama 
and deaires are wboUy unintelligible to bim. 

' Otho/ he Said once to her, ' is like an Eastetn sorcerer wbo 
faolds tbe magic ring with whicb he can wish for anythins- under 
heaven ; but, aa be cannot command immortality, all bia Iife alipa 
throiigb bis flngers before he has decided on wiüt is most worüi 
wisbing for. Do you understand P ' 

Yseulte did not understand; to her thia aorcerer, if not be- 
lügnant to himself, bad at least given all her aool deaired. H^ 
treated her with the moat conatant tendemess, with tbe moat 
generous delicacy, with the mcwt aolicitous cars ; if in hia love 
üiere might be some of the beat of passion, some of tbe ardouis of 
posseseion, lackiog, it was not the apiritual afiection and the 
childish innoeence of so young a girl wnich could be capable oi 
miesing tbose, or be conacioiu of üieir abeenoe. To Yseult^ Ioto 
waa at once a levelation and n {«ofanatäon; abe sbrank from it 



tT«ii whJJst ahe vielded to it; it, woä not to emch a temperameci: 
&a höTfl that anyloTer could äver haTe äeomed c^JIlj:. 

Sbe did not underatand her husTjand ; pliysical famiünrity Iiad 
not brought much mental companionahip. Shö adored him ^ the 
distant Büuad of iiLa etep ttiriliöd her witii eieitömant, Lia lighteet 
toncli Ülled her witli dulight; the iatenae lova eha bore him oftea 
held her eilqnt sud pale with an excess. of emotion which she 
Tpould havB been afraid to render mto BpeöiL evea Ü" sbe had been 
abla to do SD ; and ehe waa utterly upnble, for the etreugth of her 
own feelinge alai-msd lier,and thempde of heraducation hadmade 
her reticent. 

Ile was to her as a god who had euddeulj döäcended opon her 

üfe, flnd cbaaged aU ita poor, dull pathwaja Lnto fialda of Ught, 

That ehe gar«, or that she migbt ^Iva him, mucb more thau kä 

i^vo her, never occurred fo her thoughta. That any ardouF of 

. adiuiratian, ot force of eoiotion, mi^ht be ab^eut in bim towards 

har, never auggeated itaslC to her. Such love aa he heatowad on 

her, mdllferent tliough it waj in raallty, seemed to her the very 

lieight of pssäion. She could not teE that niera aeuaual indulg« 

^encas miiigled wUli QÜecttonate comiiaaaiun, maj praduce ao ^ir a 

ainmlacTum of loTO for awhjJe that it will deceive alilie deceiver 

'and dßcdived. 

Othmar ktiew that nothing tönderer, purer^ or neäror to Lis 
idealj could have come mto bis liF© than thia gracBfol and most 
iDDocent fdrl. She s&tiaQed bis taate if not bis Diind ; ahe was aa 
p&eah as a sca-shell, aa a lily, aa a amumer-dawii ; and he feit an. 
~ entire aad illimitable p«>BSCSs:oa in her auch aa he had nerer feit in 
anj IJTiiJB woman ; sho wob ao youcg, it eeemed like drinlring tha 
Tarj dew of morumg ; and jet ne could not have tuld whothnj: ha 
■Waa most raetleaa or !B03t ia peace at Anijöt. 

' Xjgvb me a Uttle, daar ; I häve no one,' ha b&d KÜd to hsr oa 
tlie daj cf their bsCrathal, and it hnd alwaya seemed to him that 
hfl had no one ; all hia mi&tresiJ.öa had neTsr cared for hinij, bat only 
for the gotdeD ^od whicb waa behiud bim; or,. he bad thought ao. 
And nowj, ehe lored him with nn mnocenceacd a fervour af which 
ha could not doubt the truth ; and he -vcas grateful, aa the mastöra 
of the wotM are uauaUj gratefiil, for a bandful of tha aimpla dallv 
liread of real afl'ection ; and ahe gave him all bar joung untouched 
loveüneae in pledge cf that, os .she miglit have ^iveo him a roasbud 
to pluck to pieces. An.d he feit th.'d s-\vt>(;tnefi9 of tbe rosebud, ho 
' teugued blmaelf to the crharm of the dawu, and e^dea'vou^ed to 
Wieve that be wm happj ; but buppiueas eacapad bim aa thg 
Vennilion buea qf tbo evening ahy maj escapa the dreamer'wätch-' 
IDg foC them, who looka toö cloaelj or looka tOa fftr. 

Yöt he remaiatd willingly at Amjöt throuj*h theaa wiatör 
veelia; as willingly as though ha bad bean tha moat impfiaräoned 
of bvers. Ämyät n-aa os far from tha world, if he chose, aa 
though ita piiatuiea ami avenuäa had been an Isle in the greal 


Boutb Ocean ; he wished to forget the world with the iTory amu 
of Yseulte dnwn about his tliroat : he would ffladly have foi^tten 
that any other woman lived beeide thia child, on whose iimoceab 
mouth, flweet aa the wild roae in apring, he atroTe to atay tha 
fleeÜDB- fragrance of hia own youth. 

'No man bad erer aweeter phyracian to his woea,* he thought 
aa he looked at her in her eleep, the red fflow from tbe aogry 
winter aunriae toucbing with ita ligbt the whitenesa of her 
Bculptoral limba. But what drug eures für long P 

Friederich Otbmar often went to tbe cbäteau for a few houra 
on matters of huainess, and waa persuaded that the shining metal 
roofs of tbe great Yaloia bouae of pleasuie aheltered a perfect 

' But jou muat not remain for ever bere/ be aaid to his nephew. 
' Th^ will fiiTe you eome foolish name wbich will run down the 
houlevards uke magic: they will say you are in love with your 
wife, or that you are educating her ; we all know wbat comee of 
that latter attempt.' 

'I 8tay at Äjoyöt/ answered Otbmar, 'hecause I Uke it, 
hecause we botb like it.' 

* My dear Otho, aince you have pleased yourself persistently 
all your life, it is improbable that you will cease to do so at an 
age wben moat man are only jiiet able to begin, Atuyöt is an 
hiatoric place, yery old, admirably adapted for a muaeum; but 
önce it LS to your taste, well and good ; only none will comprehend 
that you Btaybere^on^ Uparfait amour for two montha. If you 
continue to do so, Paria will ^lieve that yoor wife bas a ciuh- 
foot or a crooked spine.' 

' You tbink sbe must sbow tbe one in a cotillon, OT tbe other in 
Bomething tri» coUant ? ' said Othmar. 

' Are you afraid oftbat P ' aaid the Baron, wbo knew by what 
meana to attain bis own ends. 

' I am not in the least afraid/ replied Othmar, with impatience. 
' But I confess Amy6t, with the cuckoo crying in its oa^ woods, 
aeems a fitter atmosphere for her than tbe endtahlement of Paris.' 

' You could retum to tbe cuckoo. I am not acquainted with 
bis babits, but I sbould preaume he is a etay-at-home, oountryfied 

' You do not underatand tbe spring-time,' said Otbmar, wltb * 

' It bas alwaya seemed to me the most uncomfortahle peiiod 
of the year,' confessed the Baron. ' It ia an indefinite and transi- 
tory period, such aa are seldom agreeaUe, ezcept to poeta, who are 
naturally unatable tbemaelYes.' 

' I Buppose you were never young ? ' Sfüd Otbmar, doubtfullT. 

* I muBt have been, pathologically speaking,' replied Friederich 
Othmar. ' But I have no recollection of it ; I certaiuly nerer 
remember a time when l did not read of the state of Curope witb 



rnt^reirf. ; I tlilnk, an tLe CQntriuj,, tbeie WOB uever ■ time IB 
which you took äny ItiterBat io it,' 

' Europa ü euch a very Btuall fracüoii; üf auoh &d inuaesauitvblfi 
whole ! ' 

'^ It ie OUT fractioii, at lea^t ; and bU we have/ said the Baton ; 
aüthegietof tha matteT eeemed to liim to lie in that. ' Yoa 
wDuld like to Hve iit Vänos, orjouniey to tbe lioga of Satiim, but 
mt present scieDCB limita üb tof^th.' 

' Can you DOtnsrauadä bim to take aoy lutereat in manldcid f ' 
ha contimied to Yeeulte, bü ste sjiprosched them at that momeiiL 
IIa was about to I^av« Amy^t ai£sr one of Hs biief and necossarj 
viAltA^ and stood stEokLng a lülgarette befbrei bis dapnutUTä iu ihe 
great cemtral Iiall, with ite dorne pabted by Primaticcio. 

' Id maskindP' sha repeated witb a aniile. ' Tbat U ver^ 
comprebensive, ie it not P I am auTfl,' ebe added with heaitation, 
far sha was afraid of ofTending her tusband, 'he ii very good to 
Iiis öwn pecple, if you mean tliat P ' 

^Hb doee not mean that at all, my dear,' said Othmar. ' He 
means that 1 ehould be vary ea^^er to min eoma states and upraise 
othars, tliat I »hould fomeut war and disunioD, or uphold auarchy 
or absultitiäm^ as eitbei best ei^rred me, that I sbould fres tbe 
baTida of otie and tie the baiida of anotber; do not truuble your 
lieiad about Iheipa mattere, my child ; Igt im ^o in tlie woods amd 
lonk für pfimroees, whick J^liäll reOUild you of iJie green lanes of 

Yaeiilte, wkose iDtereet waa vaguely arouaed, looked from ou 
ta acotheT. 

'IfyouTeally can do so mucb u that/ abe aaid timidly, 'I 
think I would do it tf I wera you ; becauaö eurely you might 
Klwaya serve the rigbt cause sud help the weak peopla.' 

Otbiuar fimiled, weU plejised. 

' My dear Baromt thie m not tbe advoc&te fJint you wigh to 
aronee. B^member Mephiät^ipheleH fail^d Gigimlly wbeü hä 
enterpd a Cuthedral.' 

*\ do not deöimlr; I ahall liave Pari« on my eide,' said ihe 
I3arön, iij he made bie ffträweLlB. 

The day waa brigbt, and & warm wind was atirring araMßt the 
brown buds of the ttees and foreat^ ; the great foreata wora tbe 
piirjile bftze of »prinfTi frnm the terracea of Atoyöt, where once 
Francis and the Margusrite deis M arLiieviteB liad wundered, the 
imajenßa visw of the valleye of the Loire and of tbe Ohar wm out- 
Bpread io the noon sunli^bt, white toiuella and grey church apire 
nfliiig up from amid tbe hike of golden eir Ulte * eilver sail» 
lipon a eiuninej ses,' Froin thpse etatyly terrac^f raisad bigh an 
criiloiiii5()eB of marble, "with marlilB HtittiieB of mailed tnefi-fit-armfl 
Standing at int^rralfi adawn tbeif Itiiti:)^t.b, th^ eyuB could t»X\^* 
över all tbat ehanjpiüfTii couiiti-y which lies open like a cLrojuclfl 
of Fraiice to tbose who bjve stiidied her wn,™ luaid djunHtwa. 


Yseulte loved to come there when the sun wu bright aa 
«hen it wob at its aettinjr, sod dream her bappy dreams, whilat 
fraziog over the undulationa of the great foresta Bpreading solema 
and huahed and shadowy, away, far awaj, to the eilTer Uue of tbe 
Tast river and to the confines of what once was Tourame. 

'What do 70U find to think so much of, you, wlth your ahort 
life and your hlameleas conscience P * aaked Othmar that day, 
looking at her as she leased againet the mnrble parapet. 

She might have answered in one word, * You/ hut love worda 
did not come easily toher Ups; she was very shy wlth him still. 

She answered eTasirelv : ' Does one alwaya think at all when 
one looks, and looke, and looks, idly litce thia P I do not beliere 
reverie is real thinking; it ia an enjoyment; eTerything ia so 
still, so peaceful, so hright — and then it cannoi go away, it ia all 
youn ; we may leave it, it cannot leave us.' 

* You are very fond of the country P ' 

' I have never been an^bere eise, except when I was a little 
child in Paris. I love Paris, hut it ia not Uke this.' 

'No woman ÜTes who doea not lore Fans; but I Uünk 
Amyöt Buits you better. You have a Yabia look ; you are of 
auoth^ day than oura. I should not like to see you grow like 
the women of your time ; you are a true patrician — you have no 
need of chien* 

He put a hothouBe rose in her bosom as he spoke, and kissed 
her throat aa he did so. The colour äushed there at hb touch. 
She etooped her face over the rose. 

' I do not think I shall ever cbange,' ehe sfud, burriedly. ' It 
«eeniB to me aa if one must remain wbst one is bom.' 

' The ivor^ must ; the clay changes,' said Othmar. ' You 
are very pure ivory, my love. I robbed you from Christ.' 

He was aeated on one of the marble bencbes in the balustrade 
of the terrace ; she Btood before him, while hia band continued to 
play with the rose he had put at her breast. She wore a white 
woollen gown, which feil about her in soft folds, edged with 
crmine ; a broad gold girdle claaped her waist, and old guipure 
lace covered her heart, which beat warm and high beneath bis 
touch as he eet the great crimson rose against it. In an innocent 
way ehe auddenly r^ised her own charm and its power which it 
gare her over any man; ehe lost her timidity, and ventured to 
ask him a t^uestion. 

* What 18 it tbat the Baron wiabes you so much to do ? * she 
said, as she stood before bim. ' I did not understand.' 

' He wishes me, instead of putting roses in your corsage, to 

buay myself with setting the tordi of war to dry places.' 

' I do not underatend. What is it you can do P * 

' I will try and teil you in a few words. There are a few men, 

dear, who have such an enormous quantity of gold that they can 

arrange the balanoe of the wotld much at pleosure. Oue man, 


ealied Vander'bilt, could, for iastance, make such a country es 
England banknipt if he cbose, merely by throwing his ehares 
-nrholeeale on the marliet. The Othmar are sucb men as thia. 
My forefathers made immense fortunea, mostlv yery wickedly, 
and by force of tbeir own unscrupuloiisness nare managed to 
Ijecome Qne of tbese powers of tbe world. I bave no sucb taste 
for any such power. It is witb my indiSerence tbat my uncle 
reproacbes me. He thinks that if I bestowed greater attention 
to tbe State of Europe I could double the milliona I possess. I 
do not want to do tuat; I do not care to do tbat; so agreat 
chasm of di£ference yawns for ever between him and me.' 

* He loves you very mucb P ' 

'Oh, in bis way: but I irritate bim and be irritates me. 
We have scarcely a point in common.' 

'Ferhaps,' said Yeeulte, amazed at ber own boldness in 
siuvesting a fault in him, 'perbaps you have not quite patience 
with bis difference of character ? ' 

* That i» very possible,' said Othmnr, bimself astoniahed at her 
inught. ' I coiüa pardon anything if he would not speak of the 
Otlmiar as Jewa speak of Jebovah. It is so intolerably absurd.* 

* But they are your people P ' 

' Alas I yes. But I despise them ; I dislike tbem. They wer« 
intolerably bad men, my dear ; thoy did intolerably bad things. 
All Ulis,' he continued, with a geature of bis band towarda Ulo 
mighty building of Amyöt, with its marble terraces and its many 
towers dazzling in tbe sunligbt, 'they would neTer have pos- 
sessed save through hundreds of unscrupulous actions heaped one 
on the otber to make stepping^stones across the salt-marsh of 
poverty to the yellow sands of fortune. Oh, I do not mean tbat 
Amyöt was not bought fairly. It was bought quite fairly, at a 
Tery high price, by my gp:eat>-grandfather, but the wealth which 
enabled htm to buy it was ill-gotten. His fatber was a common 
Groat home-dealer, which is a polite word for horse-stcaler, wbo 
lived in tbe last Century in the city of Agram. There are millions 
of loose bomea in the vast oak woods of Western Hungary and 
the immense plaina of Oroatia, and to tbis day there are many 
men who live almost like savi^es, and stea! tbese half-wild horsea 
as a meana of subsistence. There were, of course, many more of 
tbese robbers in tbe last Century than in thia. Marc Othmar did 
not actually steal the borses, bat be bought them at a tenth part 
of their TsJue from tbese rough men of the woods and plains 
when Stolen, and the iaive profits be made by tbis illegal traffia 
laid the foundations of the much-envied fortunes which I enjoy, 
and which you grace to-day.* 

He bad spoken as though he explained the matter to a child, 
but Tseulte's ready imagination supplied tbe colour to his bare 
outlines. Sfae was silent, revolving in her thoughta what he had 


' I would ratber your peopl» had been warriora,* ahe aaid, whh 
hesitation, Üiinking of her own long; line of cnunders. 

' I would rather Üiot had been peasants,' lie retarned. * But 
bÜDffwhat tbej were, I muat bear uieir burdens.' 

'Tben what is it he wishefl you to do that you do not f ' 

* Be wiahes me to have many ambitions, but aa I renrd H, 
the tortunes which I have baen hörn to entirely smotber amoition : 
whatever emiaence I might achleve, if I did achieve it. would 
never appear hetter tban so much preference purchased. If I had 
been as great a soldier as Soult, they would have sud I bonght 
my Tictories. If 1 had had the talent of Balzac, tbey would have 
eaid I bought the press. If I had writteo the mumc of the 
" Hamlet" or the " Roi de Labore," they would have said that I 
bought the whole musical world for my claque. If I coald have 
the life that I should like, I should chooee mich a life aa Lamar- 
tine's, but a rival of the Rothachilds cannot be either a poet or a 
leader of a roTolution. Tbe mongtrari digito niioB the peace and 
comfort of life : if I walk down the houlevard with the Comte de 
Paris the fools cry that I wiah to crown Philippe VIT. ; if I speak 
to M. Wilson in the /oy«r of the Francis they scream that tnere 
ia to be acoocession for a new loan ; if the Prioce Orloff come to 
Iveakfast with me a Russian war is suspected, and if Princs 
Hohenlohe dine with me I have too Qerman a blas. This kind of 
notoriety is agreeable to my uncle. It makea him feel that he 
holds the stringB of the European puppet show. But to mywlf 
it ie detestahle. To con>e and go unremarked seems to me the 
first coodition of all for tbe quiet enjoyment of life, Imt I 
have been condemoed to be one of those unfbrtunatea who cannot 
drive a phaeton dowu to Cbantilly witbout the presa and tbe 
public becomiug nerrous about the intentiona of M. d'Äumale. 
Last year, one veiy hot day, I waa passiug through Paris, and I 
asked for a glass of water at a little cafd at the barriäre. Th^ 
Btared, and brougbt me some. When I told them that I only 
wanted water, tbe waiter said, with a emile, " Monaeur ne peut 
pas etre särieuz I noua avons llionneur de le connEutre." The 
World, like the waiter, will not let me have piain water when I 
wisb for it. I dare say my wißh may be perversity, but, at any 
rate, it is always thwarted hy the rery people who imagine they 
are gratifying me with iadulgieuces.' 

' But eome of the people love you,' ehe insisted. * Did not the 
workmen of Paris give you that beautiful casket the other day f 
Was it not bought by a two-soua subscription ? ' 

' That was more a compliment to thia Muson dX}thmar than 
to myself. We have alwaya been populär in Paris ; so was Louia 
Napol6oQ — once. We have much the same titlea as he had ; we 
buve committed many crimes, and caurnd immeaaurable miaerTt* 

' Not you,' she said, eoftly. 

* I inberit tbe results/ mid her huoband. 



' But you liaTfl doHe greftt tlimfrs/flhe aaid tiniMly. 'Tha 
curö here waa teJimg me vesterday of all you liave dooe for tha 
poar of Paris. He sajs that Ihe buepitale you liara fourtded, tbe 
cbsrideä you Diaiutain ' 

'The curß liDowa bis wtiy to yoxir h^art and your purse ! My 
dear, tba Empi^ror Napül^oo Tioia thoug'lit tliAt he did a grsat 
tkjng for tLe poor nf Parie when ho piüled down thöir raoieriBB 
and nuilt thera tine and heaJtliy difs aam'^fft ; tWre waa oilJj OUB 
thirg thö Emjieror cOuld cotdo : he could not make the poor Ütö 
in them ; and llie Cnnvulescent Iloniö he ötected at VlacBoneB did 
not sRTö him from Sedfin, or Paris from tlie Commune. Wo who 
are rieh simll ß Imva tlie EmparaT'B fate ; we eLhaJl buüd aa 
much as w» liE:&, aud äi^end aa mucL as wt» likt;, but we sball iiev«r 
reacb tbs hearta oT the ^eat uiultitudegr wbo all bnte ua, It ia 
Terj natunü thej shoold. Never say a word aboiit wbat they call 
my cbarities. Tliej ara bluüdera like tbe Ejuparor'e, mauy of 
which aeem now tn be very abäurd. onea. If 1 ever coroe to my 
Sedan, they will oot be leniemberec! für hq boiir. Tbe niie tbirig 
I can do, &iid will do, is, tbat I will preTflut^ na lonj: bb 1 live, tbe 
tlBö of the great mill of gold whicli wb piod belog tumed tO 
umnorftl puipiRss— euch purposes, for iastiwiCfi, &a tbe oppreeaion 
oi peopltis^ OB t!m barter of nATionallti^ä, a« tbe Bupply^ of tlie einewe 
of UDjust and unboly wäre, aa tba oiany inlfilerabla iniquitiea 
whicUr wbilst prolessiiig CbiiHtianity, modern etate-smeti emidoy 
ander apuricua uaiuefl to moat intolcrable erid». So much I 
caa do ; aod, ibr doln^ it, I am tbou^bt a foal. All tlie real \s 
wtolly iDtlilferönt to me. The niacbine ewiiig'a onaBitwill; it 
isAD admirably oi^aiiiaed tbat it nj<juirefl little guidance, aad tbst 
little Baron Friederich ^iToa, ■wLjlst T sD] freö, my de&r, to etay 
at Arayot and gntlier yall anothar rose, for I biiTe spoilt tliia Ooe. 

He bad spolcen more g-aily, franldy, and fuUy tlian was hia 
wont, and kiastid ber ßoftly on tbö tbroat otine more. 

Yaeulte'a thougbt^ wbre with Li'' variier word&; her eye» were 
moiet, and very iterioua. It wßa Lbe tirst time tbat be bad evar 
alludßd before to hiä famlly or bis po^tioo : »be bad never at all 
uaderetood wbnit tbey bad meant ariiund her -when tbcy had 
ipokeo of la FimiDce : Bbe b^d eeeii tbat be wiia l.ri--t fframi sri(fneur, 
and waa treitted, wLerevur ha moved, witb tbe greatest niiirba of 
deferonce. It eeemed very stränge to her tbat so mucb power 
and Btnte ehould be possible without unblenniubt^ de^caat : it waa 
outeidle of bor creed aiid ber comprcheneion. If sbe bad loved 
hiiii leaa, it woiold havO abocked lier, 

' 1 am Borry,' slie said softly, ' Lt miist bave troubled you so 
miich, 1 ucderstAiid wby you are soTnetimes ^ad. It muat be 
^ike boldicg liglitTiing in your bandfl ; and tb«n tbere ü tbe fear 
of usbiK it iÜ ' 

' My gi«at€«t fault baa boen to be too carelvss of it/ lio an- 
■wej-'Sd. *To havB uEctl my power auitbw waj, ueitb^r tbr good 


nor Ul. I have comforted myself thst I have done no harai ; — • 
negatire praise. Come, let us go nnd choose another roaa for yoa : 
or ahall we go into the woods r You like them better. Do not 
troulde jour soul with the gold or the crimes of the Othmar. Yon 
are come to purify both ; and you will make youi children in 
Tonr own likenesa out of that eonseciated ivory of whioh Hearen 
naa made you I ' 

' She ia the first womau of them all/ he thonght, as they de- 
scended the marble stairs towards the glades of the park, 'the 
firat who haa had any sympathy with me. They hare all thonght 
me a fool for not tuming round like the sluggard, and lying 
drugged in my golden nest. She understanda very little becausa 
she does not underBtond the world ; but she can imagine how all 
which the Tulgar thinli so delightfiil drags me down uke a wallet 
of Btones.' 

' Yseulte/ he süd aloud, ' do you know what all my müliona 
cannot buy, and what I would giTO them all to be able to buy F 
"Well, aomething like the mort mr U champ ^hotmeur, which waa 
Said for a hundred and fifty years when tue name of Philippe de 
Valogne waa calletl in the roll-call of the Grenadiere.* 

The memory he recalled waa one of the most glorious of her 
race ; one of those traditions of pure bonour which are common 
enough in the nobility of France. The Gounfs de ValcKrue had 
been behiiid none in high courage and lofty codes ; and me local 
history of their proviuce waa studded with the ezploits and the 
martial self-sacrifice whereby they bad continually redeemed their 
extravagance and their idieness as com-tiers and men of pleasure. 

She tumed to him with her brightest smile, and her band 
touebed bis with a gesture caressing and timid. 

' He is mine ; I will give him to you,' she said, with a cbild's 
abandonment and gaiety. * 1 am so g^ad that I bave something 
to give l ' 

'You will give bis blood to my sona,' eaid Othmar. 'So you 
will give it to me.' 


Mbltille came one day to Amyöt, 

' You have followed my advice,' he said to Otbmar. ' Yon 
have made yourself a home. It is the neorest likenesa to Heaven 
that men get on earth. BelieTe a homeless man when he teils 
you so.' 

Othmar smiled. 

' It is odd that you, the pnrest prleet I know, and my unde, 
the worldiest of philosophers and money-makers, ebould coincid« 
in your coonsels. Perhaps to mate a home is as difficult as to 



nake a dbcovery m üstronotny or inottematics, or to Bpproointe a 
luiiriae or ßunset.' 

' Do yoii raean to say ? ' 

'I meftn to aay nothing^ in especial; eici^pt tLnt one'a lifo, na 
ttfl ■World f^oPB, Qoea not üt one to be tlie hourlj companion of a 
perfecÜ; Tirgiiml mied. My dear Melvilk, ebe m&keji me a£ha-med : 
my eociet^ seecDS InBnltely too coarse for her. I bare nerer eeemed 
to o^y^^ sucIl a brüte.' 

* Tliat 19, 1 fenr, because jou ore not tsi^ much in loTS, and bo 
arft at liberty to aüalyw your own aecaatiüiia : a lover would not 
f^l thoae ecTuplefl,' reftected MelviUe; but li3 merelj aaüä aloud : 
'Jt a womaD Lava not a littla of tba angeUc, sbe pose ne&r to 
hiTingfiomeUÜBg-of the diB-Tjolic. Wümön atealwajaiaeitrsmaa,' 

' Her ßOTil is tke a crjstal/ eaid Othmar, * BttC in it I aea my 
own Soul, and it looks unworthj/ 

He could not say even to MelTÜle^r trfed plijaciin of sick soula 
aa ha WM, thftt tbere were nioments whBa thß perfect puTity ot 
ihs joung' ghl wearied him, when her mDocent tanderneea frettad 
Iiim, and failed to GuppLy sU tbe stimuliuit to bis sensea that 
womoD lB3ä loreJy tut mora versed in amoroiis arts cauld haTQ 
Riven, wlian ha waa, ia a wotd — \he moat fatal word love ever 
Htara— wearied. 


* OtftUAR eufiSant te^ marffueritts aux boial* eaid Nadine Na- 
praxine, witb bar most luiliitid smile, wlien she lieard tbat ba 
remaJced uoder tbe Valoi^ wooda tili autumn. 

Slia hereelf was. in Russin; forced also to gatber dei&iea in Ler 
Oiwtl manner,, whith alw&ye wearied her, It was n^cEia&ary to bo 
Been awhile at Tsaikoe Selg, ox -mlieteTer tba Imperial peöplu 
were; and theo to visit for a few montlia tke imiuöDse estatös of 
Frince Napraxine. Tliej bad goni^ thither parlier than usual 
tbTOügh tke Bulcide of Borie .SelJedofF, wliicb lad taat many noble 
nortlieiTU familitia into n]oumbg,BDdIiad for a Moment chiUed tUd 
fiäeling of Europe in general towards liäref>lf. 

^ It WOB so inconfiidcrate of him ] ' ehg eaid moie tban once, 

* Eveiyone waa sure to put it lipon ms [ ^ 

It Beemed to h^r Tsrf unjuBt. 

Sbe bad hssn kiiid to tba boy, and then liad relnked lüm ■ 
UUle aa anjbody eise woold bave doce. Who could imssins 
that ba wouid Mow bis bmjna out under tbe pftlms and «loee,lika 
any dScavS witbout a fraccF 

She waa eicöGdiügly anpry that tbiö world ebould fenturo to 
blama her. When ber Imperiftl miatress, recaiving her fi»t Tistt, 
gETe Bome expr^ssioa to tbiä geiieral aeutimeut, and preauracd to 


bftzard 8ome phrases which Bug;geated a hlnt of reproof, Nadine 
Kapraxine rerolted with all tbe prida of her temper, and did DOt 
ecruple to respoad to her interlocutor that the Platoff and th» 
Napraxine both were of more ancient lineage and greater tradi- 
tionB in Russia than those now eeated on the throne. 

To her alone would it have heen poeäble to make stuh a replj 
and jet rectnve condonation of it, as she did. There was in her a 
force which no one redated, a maguetism which no one eecaped. 

She was, however, eztremely angered, both hj the remarks 
made to her at Ck>urt, and about her in European sodetjr, and 
witbdrew herseif to Üie immense Bolitudes of the pronnce of 
Kaluga in an Irritation which was not without dignitr. Mea 
who adored her, of whom there were manT, noticed that ner self- 
exile to Zaraizoff coincided with that of ÜÜimar to AmrÖt ; hut 
there was no one who would have dared to aay so. Genudiüe 
had ffone to North America, which had amused her. 

'^«will not ahoot himaelf,' she thought. 'He will shoot a 
Tast number of innocent beasta inatead. Seliedoff was the manli w 
of the two.' 

Zaraizoff was a migbty place set amongst the endleu wooda 
uid roUing plains of the north-eastem provinces ; a huge rambling 
Btructure half fortress, half palace, with the viUage clustering 
near aa in otber days wben the Tartara might aweep down on it 
like vultures, Tbe wealth of the Naprazines had made it within 
almost oriental in its luxurj ; without, it had much of the barbaric 
wildnesB of th« country, and it had been here in the firat two 
intolerable years after her marriage that she had leamed to love 
to be drawn hj half-wild horses at lightning speed over the snow 
plains, with the bay of tbe wolves on the lur, and the aurety of 
fatal &ost-bite if tbe fürs were incauüoualy dropped a moment too 

At Zaraizoff, wben she established herself there for the 
Summer, she brought usually a Paiisian housebold with her, and 
inviting a euccesBion of guests, filled with a great movement and 
gaiety uf life the aombre Courts, the ailent gaUeries and chambera, 
the aotique walls all covered with virid pamtings like a Bysantine 
cburch, tbe long low salons luxurious as a Persian barem. But 
this Summer it saw her come almost alone. Her chUdren came 
also from southem Russia, and Flaton Napraxine at leaat was 

. _ it posnble to be uglier than that ; not suiely among tbe 
Ealmuckst* ehe thoaght, looking in the good-tempered little 
TartAi^like faces of her two small sons. 

They were absurdly like their father ; but, as they pronüsed 
to be also, like bim, tall and well-built, would probably, ag they 
giew up, find many women, aa he had found many, to teil Üiem 
they were handsome men ; but that time was far off, and aa yet 
tbcT were but ugly children. Sachs and Bliti (Alexander and 



uDgniiiiy little Ikijb, with flut blunt fetitures, in Tvliich tlie Tariu 
bloud of tte NapmxiDe waa proiwicBnily visible, Tbej lind r 
rBtiniiQ oftutoPatgoverneseea, onnnes, aml ßttttndBDLa of all kinda, 
and hod keea änrlj iüiprässed wiitb tbö apinlon Üiat a Napraxln« 
bad QO BupurioT an «arth ^ave tbß Gospod&r. 

' Its iMt prii ia peiiie de »aiti-e ! ' qcoted their mother 'with 
conteiiiipt aa ebe bebäld their arrogant Bttle pompoaities : she 
CüuM Tiöver forjitiTa them thatthey bad donB so. It was natural 
thaC wliGii ahü looked in ber mirror sbe cuuld acarcely bring ber- 
■eir lo beliöve thnt tbuj bad beea the isaiie of her own Ute. 

' 1 euppqäß I gu^bt to adora tlieiOj but I ceriaiaJy do nt<t,' ehe 
flaid to Melville, who^ having been aent on n miäsion to Peters 
buTg by t.ha Vftticftti itl tb« vam hope of mLtiprBting bj the chana 
of bis. mfinner the Lard fete of tha OothoHc Pole&, liftd pftused fOF 
K dny atZaraizoff to obey the BiumnonB of ita miati-eBG, Ira^elliiiK 
nome extra thous&Dd Terats to do SQ. It w&a to bim that eh^ baa 
mcuiä tbd remarlc about tba daiaies. 

Melville, tbough he was a priest whose Towa were truly 
ucred obli^tions in bis eyes, was also keenlj alive to tboae 
anjoytuentä of tbe ffracea and luxuriös of life which bis frequent 
employmeiit in dlplomätic uiiaainua i'or tbe hsaä. of bis Ohurcb 
mads it not only perii] isdble but deeirable Tot liim to induJg« in 
at tisneB. Hla bnef vi^it to ZarstizolT, and other similar iGrsi^ 
aiona, were agxeeable epiftidea in moiitbg of Spiritual eftbrt and very 
aeriouä intelleetmd work, and bs abeiDdoned biip^lf tO tbe aiiiU3&" 
saöut of Aucb occasiotial reward.B \Fitb tba youthfLtl ardour whicb 
Bxty yeaTB had not famud in bim. 

Nadine Napraxiiie waa not only cbarming to hia ejos and 
taste, aa to thoee of bU men^ but sfae intereEted bim nith tlie 
attraction wbich a comylicat«d aad not-enany-unrnvelled cbaractar 
pcääG99es for all iutelJectuEl peoplfl. LE^ hEid perceived in her 
ikom gifVs ment»! ecd moral whicD, uniler suitiiWe oircamstfinceBi, 
mali'a the nobleat nf temperamenta, and be alao perceived in her 
■UL icdufinite potentiality für cruelty aad for lyrajinj ; the conflict 
betwuen tbo two intereated him as a p^ychological study. Ho 
CQuld not but cenaiire ber iDtoIerauce of Naproiine; yet neither 
cöuld be refilHe to aymprtthise with it, Tbe Piince waa tbe laat 
töttn on eartb to bava bean abüa to attain any power oveTf tbat 
■vwifible, (»ntemptuoua, aiid tubtle temperament and över an 
intellig^nce retined by eulture to ths utmost perfectJon of tafltö and 
byperciriticism of jadf^meDt. He adored her indeed, but c'eet It 
pire difaut in such coä&a; and s bippopotamus in hia randdy 
edgea miglit bave done ho, with aa much hope aa he, of excldog 
anylbin^ inore tbun her impatience and couteinpt. 

' I certainly do not,' abe reptated, aa she lay ou a divan sfter 
dinnarj in a gratid hall iniitated froiu thö Albambraj with a copy 
kf tbe Liun füuutain in whita marbls ia the enhire, and grovau *k 


palms in white marble Taaes lifting their green bannen arünst 
the deep elow of the manj-coloured fretwork and diapered gold 
of the walls. ' Ther Are two quite uninteresting children, stupid, 
obstinat«, proud, already convuiced that a Prince Naprazine nas 
only to breathe a wish to see it accomplished. At present Üiey 
are eood t«mpered and aie fond of eacu other, but tnat will not 
last long ; they will soon feel their dawe and use them. Thej ara 
quite wondeifullr ugly; — an ugliness flat, heavT, animal, alto- 
gether Tartar. I Imagine I could have been fond of a child like 
any other woman, but then I think with any mother it must be 
alwaya the child of a man she loTesi it miut be the Bymbol of 
qrmpathy and the iuue of joy ^ 

Sbe spoke dreamily, almost regretfullTfher delicate head Iving 
back amongst the pillows of golden sSk, whlle she sent a little 
cloud of Bmoke into the air. 

Melville looked at her : he thought that there weie penona 
who were like the Nera river-, the I^va doea not freeze oi itaelf, 
but it haa so many huf^ blocks of ice tolled down into it üom 
abore that it looka as if it did. 

He heaitated a moment ; he was too Baffadous a man of the 
World to intrude hia owu beliefii where they would only have 
met with imbelief. 

' What can I say P ' he mnrmnred. * Only that I suppose 
matemal loTe, after ^, like all other love, does not come at com- 
mand; human nature haa always been nnder the Illusion that it 
waa a spoutaneouB and irreeistible growth.' 

' Human natura has so many iUusions,' said Nadine Napraxine. 
' Bat I have never heard that much reason underlies any one of 

* But does not onr hap^üness P * sadd Melville. 

She laughed a little. 

' Do you believe mach in happy people P I think there ars 
passions, Tanities, titillationa, desires, successea — tbose one sees In 
füll motion on the earth, like animalculse in a drop of water ; bat 
happiness, I imagine, died with Faul et Virginie, with Ghoctaa 
and Ätala. To Ira happy, you must be capable of being unhappy. 
We never reach that pomt; we are only irritable, or grow 
animiqM, according to the variety of oar constitutions.' 

'I knew a perfectly happy woman once,' eoid MelviUe; 
' happy all her life, and ehe lived long.' 

' Oh, you mean some nun/ eaid Nadine Napraxine, with im- 
patience. ' That is not happinesa ; it ia only a form of hysteria 
or hypogastria.' 

'Not a nun,' replied Melville, making himself a cigaratte, 
while the sun played on the red saeh of hia gown, the gown whlch 
Kafiäel deeigned for Leo. ' Not a nun. The woman I mean waa 
a aervant in a little dir^ TÜlaffe near Grenoble ; ahe had been in 
the aeivice of two croaa, miserfy people erer aince ehe waa fifbeea. 

At ttiß time I Iniew her Erst slie was fortj-sevan. Tlio oli peoplo 
liad a amall sbop of geueral necessarieä ; elie attended lo tho sbop, 
cooked, and clcane<Jj and waeüedj and apun, dug, too, in a vegetaLle 
g^rdeti, and tpok care of n donkey, and pigs, flud fowls. Wben 
ahA was ftbout thJrty, the o!d man tirM., and tlien the old womaiij 
beeaiöB incapable, from paraJjflia. Boae — ber name -waa Rose — 
worked on harder than ever. She had many offers of better ser- 
■vice, even oirera of marriage, for ßlie waa a famoua houaswife, "but 
ebs refusäd them ; aho wauld not leave tke old people. They wero 
poor ; they Lad never been good ot grateful to her ; they had evea 
oeatea bec whea ehe ttcs a frirl; b«t ehe would never leave Ihem. 
Sbe hndbeen a fnundliu^, and theiTe had been the ooly form of 
hunuui ties that she bad^ver kfiown. She ^as peifeftÜy happy all 
the äüj long, \ad ahe even found time to do many a goöd tum for 
neighbaura irorse oß''tban heraelf. Shehad never had raore than 
twenty fratica a year in mocey, but then, " You See, I live well» I 
want GOtbm^," she said to me once. And such livmg I Black 
cabba^ and black bread I Well, ehe was perfectly happy, as I 
eay. You do not seem to helieTfl it ? ' 

' Oh, yea ; so is a snAÜ/ said the Frinct^ss Nadine. ' Besidea, 
you know, if ehe had beea a prettj woman ' 

Melville feJt ßlmMt »ngry, 

'You are Tery ciuel, Why will you divoree Ireaaty and 

* I do not diTorCa thenn, üature uBTiplly does,' she answefed, 
Ämnsed, * they divorce themaelTee, Wgllj what lecame 
of this paragoa P ^ 

'Shewaa do paraf^on/ asid MelvUle, Jtnnojed. 'SLo was a 
hard-working', good, honest woman, perfectly content with a 
hoiriblB lot, Boid loyal unto death to two tjrannical old brutei 
who never ihajiked her. AVhen tUey dled they left all tbe little 
they had to a cephow in tbs Jura, who bad taken no notier of 
tbem all their days— a rieb tradesman. Poor RosAj at fifty-thre* 
yeora old, "waa aent a^rift on the "world, She cried her haart out 
tQ hsTe to lenvB the houw, and the a£s, aüd tbe chickeae. I got 
bar Üie grant from the Prix Montycm, and ehe was eet up in a 
tmy flhop of ber own in her own mlßge, but she did cot live long-, 
" Quatid on a StS heureage^ apr^a — c'es^ tonff" ahe said in heP dyiHg 
houT, 8be was afpaid tö fieeta ungratefuJ, but " sans mei vieux" 
u aha said, apologeticallj, her lifä was done. It aaeinB & terribls 
life to US, but I cfln golemnly declara that it was one of the lew 
hap-py onea of whäch I have ever been witiiess. There ia a siia- 
taimng;, viTifying forca in duty, Uke tho beat of tbe Bun, for those 
■who accapt it* 

*For thoBO who acceptj no doubt,' said NödinB Napraj^ing, 
drily ; 'but then, you aeBf ray dear acd revereud Melville, it ra- 
quirea agme orgna lü Oüfl'fl hrain — auperstitioQ, I think, Of 
OCediüity^-llKfdre one cm do that, Er^rjone ia not Hesaed with 


tlut oresTi. Prsy beJif^ve/ «tie rentimed, with her »rter »milev 
perceiving a Texad ehadow on bis race, ' I am not imvnsibletn ttie 
qitiet unconscioufi herciiKm of tlifwe Itrwt; IJver* nf tJevotioo. They 
are alwayi toucliLap^. Those revetal-i^ma which the eiüf-tmrr of tba 
Prix MoTitvon girb from time Uj tiuie stwayn mähe nue eDTbiisof 
BO much beViüf, o{ ao mucli eJiditrance, of so mucb unolitriisivß luid 
unKltie^ goodueBH. Qut, tlion^li I dura bat jou vill be Tä?y 
anffry, 1 eancot help remimlinp you thftt what makM thö ipwTOw 
very l^&ppy woüld haPä no sort n^f effect on the Awallow, eirt^pt 
IbAt he wciuld Teel reeUefe and uncomf^rtsble^ and also that — 
pray fnrgiTe me, for tou are a priest — to be contented witb doinjf 
onä B duty oce must oolieve in duty ns- b Divina ordiunnce. To do 
tliiit one miut. have — weil, j'\^t that bnmp of credulity f>f which 1 
BDoke — of eft*iy, unqueMioniiiff, uuiuleÜigent^ creduUty. Now, 
tu&t It w a bappy quality I am certain, but la it — ia it^ ati in- 
tellMtUftl üQe ? ' 

She flpoke very «n^eetly, but witb a demim smile, nhich made 
Melvilla feet thatthere w&a & ßTpnt dpal taorö wbich sdie did tiOt 
Bny out of respect tot biA fiacred caliing and bis pöeition ae her 

* Do not repeat ovcTto me all the atoclc ar^ments,' ahe aiüd 
qiiickly, as he opened hia BpB; 'I hsTfl Leurd th«n all ten 
thotißand tämeä, 1 hive tha ßreatest pnaniblä rß^ard for your 
doL'f riiies, which have satisSed ChateaubriRiid, Lacordwire, Mfinta- 
iHmbert, Manmng-, Newcnan, lujd jourself, but I hare alway« failed 
tn imderBtand büw ihey did fiaüsfyaoy of yoit. Bot we will Dcib 
diseuss theolü^. Yo«r poor Kose provea, if eh^prove anything, 
that HeBTsn is not Id a hurry to reward ita BeirTitors. P^rhapü, 
after aLl, sbe mip-)it have been wiser if ehe had niarried aoine 
JettDBOt, all ottiT liaur orcoal dust, and had half a dozea cbildreu 
Bud fiifty grandcliildren.' 

' There is common bnite enjoyinent all over the eartb/ Mid 
Mdville, ttlioost loamg hie tpruper. ' It tnust be well that it ahould 
be liiATQced b>Bre and ibera wilb Uvea of aublima aelf-sacriGcQ > atie 
herolcor UDäelüäb not raiei^e the wbolä of huniaii uatiUe witb it.' 

N&dine Naprasioe took a cigai-attö. 

* Thero are t^n tbou^nnd euch acta in Rupsiä eVety yoar, but 
Ihey do not produce mnch öflect. Jag^etiiQiith rolb an ' 

MelviJlo looked at her quicklT. 

'Tou bare a certein 5;^mp&tliy with the people, thong^h you 
deride my poor Kose.' . i 

' I do EOt derida her ; I admire bar within certain limits. Ooly«' 
I aecribe bei acüiiua more to ignomncä and to )4uper,^tition, wberetui 
you apcribe them entirely to b clpar-ered devotion, Tea; I 
cünld have beeo a rk-Tolutioniist, I thiükt unly all the tradition^ of 
the Plaloft^and the N-ipraxitie forbid it; aöd iheü, aa I soid to 

Conce before, I do not ILkö Pallidn Marx carried about in a bat- 
or 1 aardina-case. It ig grotesqua. Witbout je&tiTi(;'.' «be 



eontifiued, ' I thioli if I saw mj -wAy tq do oomething tmly great 
or a( llistifip bttiufit, I ehould be te&äy to sacrifico my lif« tfl k; 
buc tbera is Düthitig'. If b. Priiict^sfi Najiraxiiie jöined ihe Kibiliats, 
ehe woiild ddIj cause an intoLerBble ücandal nnd set Att exnnipla 
wbicli wouldfcä very injurioua to tlie couutry at large. Some 
da;, Ru»iin will b« in a rtj'volt from one end to another, but the 
da; 18 not yet, aud I doubt much tliat any good wüL hs done 
wlieu ]t comes. Ths evil lie^ too deep, m the< drunteuness, in the 
lyiEp,ira the beaüality ■' 

She Bftw a look oi Burprise od Melvffie's ftu^Qj and conünued 
quicklj : 

' Dil youauppoae IneTer tWnkP I balievß I iave read erery 
Mcialistic TOriter from RoiiaBeau to Bakrjuam^. They do not qon- 
TÜice me of anything- except of the utter improbability that aay 
Tsal litM^rty -will evor be obtiiinable from any conpreRation of men, 
Hnmaiu^ ia tyrannjcal and filftTiBh at onca ; itn^oveimmeTiU atä 
cteated inits own likens;«, it makes Utile diffurence wfaat tbey 
are called, tbey are liamaQ ofiapriag, so tbey are narrow and airo- 

' Poor Lumanity I ' said Melville. * It is oaly we prieata wbo 
CBD letid it winfja,' 

'Because yoa fiay to it, Jikö Schiller, "Cheftt yaüraelfj and 
dream," ' sbe replied, "But e-ven thete how üarrow etilll Töu 
«ay tci f.ach unit, " Kave Troiiraelf t " ' 

' Well,' Baid tbe Englislinian -«1111 pood tamper, 'if everyone 
eweep out bis crwn little chambei, the whole city wUl ba clean.' 

* Tbe city will be for ever imclean. Tou knuw tbat es weJl sa 
I do. Uoly, all Obiirckmeu can bids tbeir «yes ostricb-like in tbe 
sand of BODoroiia phrasea, Your CkrietiaDity bas been toilinjf for 
ai^bt^en centurieä, &nd, one may say^ bns accomplislied noLbiug, 
It moutbfi Ol ffPeat d'eal, buC pracitical reault it hfis scafcely auy. 
Itfi difficulty haa alwnya been that, being illogical in ita i^ssence 
and tr&ditione, it muBt be reatrained to worda, Beduced to prac- 
tice, all tbe modern world would fade away, rlcbea would diaap- 
pear, effort would be impoasible, and the whole machiüery of 
eiviliABtion come to a standAtili and entire diauae. You ara aa 
a'ware of tbat aa I am, only ynu do not like tu aay so* 

Sbe roee, amuaed at bia dificomäture^ and üfrbted anotber 
cigaretta. Sbe «moked as gracefully aa a bird pecks at tbe dew 
in a roee. 

'Qh^ ig the only wonljtn whcj makes cqb irtitablfif' the courtly 
GervasQ Melvilla had oticb mlä. of her, and he might bave saia 
^flo, 'the only woman wba rednces me to eilenc&' 

* Allöw, trinceaa,' be aaid irritably ncw, ' tbat wbether wo 
uoredit Chrietiamty with it t>r nat, tbe life of pooT Rose in her 
woodeo aboes wjib mucb more uaeful tbau youra is 'm thoBe pearl- 
•mbroid^Kd mriie«' 

* Ab,' abe aaBworad with a smile, * Yoil Vta indeed worated in 

j-eur logic if you rnuat deecen-l to perionftlitk« I Certainly I gWDt 
(hat; D]f lii'e da of a moet absolutD iDutüity. It is, peibaps, udw 
and tboü uficful ta my tailors, becauise I g'ive tbem ideHB they 
wüuld Dot bavB without iup, ]Iut to no one eise, ^ ^i In/auitf 
I Bfrived in tlii» world without tiaj optioD, Aa Mr. GJadetOQ^ 
Baid whan b« waa an Eton Ijoy, räBpoiiaibilities wbich arä tbrust 
lipon US do not exact our obßdience. It ia the onlj sendraent of 
Mf. GlodätoDfi with wbich I h&Tet eynr bcen able to agree. Lifd ia 
clcoily thrust upoD ua. We noiie of us OMk it, that i» certnin. If 
VB are aHile to diaport ourgehe^ in it, Ulce buttijxflif^a iu a Bouth 
wind, it saya mucb in prais« of the lightDeaa of our beaiEa.* 

' Ür of the levity of oui couscieace»/ eaid Melvüla, a littla 

' Otinscieuce lä Only tbe unCOHflCicma cerebiul actign of tra£4* 
mitted In,):] ueDCe, is itP Oh, I bavä rß'ad tbe Bcientiäta as well aa 

tlio Socialiöts. They are not mucb moro conviacißg, if one goea 

to tbcm "witb aC unprejudiced mind — * 

' Does yOur PöneciBDOe nöVei" teil yOQ tbat ytm llSTO ddttö aftj 
bfurd, PrinceasP' 

* üb, Tery oftan — a great deal,' ebe answered cjindidly. * But 
it dcfßs not teil nie tlint I ougbt not to bare doniQ it. 1 euppoaa 
iny chnin of iransmitted inßuencea ia not aa atroDg aa it abould Im. 
Serioualy,^ ehe c&iitinuDdj 'I do not tbiiJi bereditary inftuencea 
arö nearly suf&cienlly ailüwed für at any time, Tbink tvliut my 

fieople wtre for Rges aad Bg^&; tbe moet masterful of autocratie 
ordfl wbo bad no rnnff^e law 8ßve tbeir own pleofiuje, and TvhOf 
wben tbey bslp&d alay & Tzar, Ware ■washing out »onie blood-feud 
öf ibeir family ; pleasure, vice, bloodehöd, cdü«ir6 no doubl, rough 
justice perbapa, were all tlieir livta knew ; they lived in tba sflddle 
ur besiao tbe drinkin^-hrim; tbey rode like madmen; thej bad 
buge castiiia eetin nlmo^t etamal imowa; tbey were the jud^ and 
tbe esecutioDsr of every wroEg-doer in their fanaily or tbeir pro- 
Vinco ; it wna not imtU Lettera came iu witb the great Catherine 
tb»t the least touch of civilissitioii eoftüned tbem, and even (ifier 
Catherine tbey were umd'iigBt tbo älayers of Paul ; for tbougb they 

could read 1-toesuet and MannOütel, tlieir culture was but tbo 
merest vamish ßlill. Nyw, I coma from the&e men and women» 
for tbe women WePe üot better tliaa the menv I)o you Huppose 
tbeir leavan is not in meP Of coutae it ii, thougb I am — ^parbapA 
aa civilieed bs moat people.' 

MelTÜle loolced at her with a smile. 

'Tea^ certaiuly ciTJüsatioa bas in yon, Princeas, renched Jta 
most exquisite and moat Bupnsme dereuirinieiit ; the botbouae can 
do no moro. You are ita mosb pürfect flower. Are w© really to 
Credit tbat yoü hsvB boneath all that th« fcrocity and tha 
deapotiam of a thouBiuid eenturies of barbaric Boyars P 

^I have no doubt aomstbing' of it,' eaid Nadine Napraxin«, 
whilBtthe darh veLvat of her eyea gr&w eombre aud her ddicät« 



baud cleaclied on sa imapnoiy knout. *I could use thiU Boma- 
tämiiB,' sli'a wid with signiäcauca : MelriUe uude^retood wliAt sba 

<Yoii can hüit mgre tbau with the kuotit, Prioceaa,' ha 

Nadiiie Napraxiu^ timiled. Thö äugg^^tlan plaa^d h^t-, 

Then a cartaln re^rötfiilnflsa cacüe upon her, 

'I thiak I miglit hava hesn tendör-henrted,' öhe efiid involim- 
tarilf and iucousiä^teutly, wiLh b pnthos of which eba was unconr 
■doua. ^I do Eot know — perliaps uot — 1 am not compassionftte.' 

She forg'ot that Melrillo wab eaatöd on b divun near her ia the 
grc&t golden room of MoorUh work, whoae Hic:h<ea onened. on to 
tbe marHe cpurt of Uie Lioa. Sbe tbong-ht of kar spailt, artificial, 
frivaloiia cbildtiOad, Bpeot in gl'ent drawiDg-^OOma li^tening ta 
pollücal riTallies and calun^nioua atories and wit thtit waa filwajfl 
polislied bftt Dot alwajadeceHt; elie thoug-ht how lier teeu ejeg 
Lad UDiäTBUied all; tlia tlirenJs of iot.n^uB about her, and Low bär 
bftatt bad ficoraed tba duplieity of Ler motber ; wbeu £ba Lad been 
only eigkt yefira old, fiba Lad knowa by Intuition her mother'a 
■ecreta and Lad abut thom oll up in her little silent »oul vnth 
Tftgue ideaa of LoiLOur aod disbonour, and never had siiid aiiythlng 
toller iatber — neverj never — not ev«E wiiun La lay on bis daath- 

Aad tben tliey liad mariied her to Piaton Napraxine ag st ton 
gitrfim. ' Ob, ai bon gar^n, uo doubt ! ' sLe Lad tLougbt contemp- 
taoualy tLec ob ehe Üiougbt now — oxüy he Lad outnig^d Ler, rti- 
volwd Ler, difiguäted her. Hermarriago night etill remaiaed tö 
Ler a memory of ineffaceablö loatbirg. 

SLe tookiBd up to aea the intfiUii^eiit eyea of Mclvüle üxed oa 
her in some perpiexitj. 

SLe laugued aud walked out on to tLe mnrbla paTomaEt of tke 
great court, above wbicb eLune tbe LIuh^ of a nortbem sky ; be^ 
youd ili coloiioades wäre iiDoiense gaidei^j and Lejoiid thosa 
etrelcbud tba plains lüte a greeu saa cuverod with foreste of blrcL 
ftad wiliow. 

'I thiuk I should havo liked to h^ yaui Eose,' aLe aaid, as shs 
did ao, ' AAer all, ehe miiat Lave bean coateut with harself when 
fehä died* A philosopher caa be no morä.' 

'A philosopLer can raroly be aa iducL/ aaid MclTille. 'Ife 
niBj La resiguM, but ceaipQiiüoa and content are BS difFerent aa a 
cüld kund and a ■warm aiio. Mj poöf Kose was certaioly conteut 
wLilflt ehe lived, biit not wken ehe died, for ake thought abe hsd 
not done naarly euougb in retiim foi all tha blaasings wbicL aha 
!t|ad r^cmved tkrougbouit ker Hfii.' 

' Now you cannot gat tbat kind of ab&iirdly gratefiil feeling 
witLout pure ignomncB,' eaid Kadino Napraxine, a. Lttlo triuiu- 
phanüy. ' It would be iEapoa&ible for an educatßd persan to think 
(hat misary yFfts anafoit ; ao you afiä, «ftar aU, ignoniiica is at the 


PRmcESS N4ffiAXmE, 

bottem of all virtue. Now in your hewt of Iwart«, yoo caitfipt 
denj thnt, iKcauae, thoujrh you are b priest, you ato bejond aüy- 

tbü))( u mati uf tba worlii P ' 

MeKillti did DOt dialike Xa be calied a man of th« worM, Tot he 
VM one, and lÜE'äd to prnvö, or tbiiik he proved, tbat worldl/ 
wüdom wai not incompaiibl^ with tlie «^iritual life. 

At that [ComeDt Kupraxme crossed tiie court. ItwBS the firat 
of the brief bours Ijelwuea Biiiiwt and simnee; thers wbh a füll 
mDOii in the midsupimer «kies; he waa emoldnff a chenwt, snd 
t&lfaln^ witli etime ynuDi^ men, nBi^hbouriDg frentleutHD, who had 
dibed there ; hu loalc^id bi[^ and Coan^e, Rild Lu facti waa red ; hu 
wif« giiKurt fit bim with an iutottjrant dialilcei bo couJd bare r 
grand maniiLT wlieti hs cbofi), hut in tbe country he 'let biiufielf 
(jo ; ' he did not rememher tliat he was in the presence of ihe most 
inHXorabl>ä of \A& critic«, of tha mo.^t implacAble of liie etiemled, of 
tliA one ptirfiou in th« wholfl world whoiu it would hnve h^ita most 
defiirable, anid waa moet imprü^ible, for bim to pmpiti.'i'tti. 

' Saclia tiirned tht» itmfH round aud roucd in the wolTa throat ; 
ha did, im my honouir, whila it waa alivs ; wo blooded faim at fire 
yeaiB oM, and tba child nevar winköd, WhöD the bluod splashed 
Iiiiu be Hhoutt^d!' he wa9 aaying audiblyp with tnu(;h pridej to oi>e 
of hia puetjts, aa be loun^ßd aCroi» tlia niiirble cöurL Sachs Waa 
hiß oldest eon. He waa relating^ a bunting Esxploit, crowned bj 
the prusenoe of hü h«ir. 

Nadtne glanced at Melville with an expression of sovenüga 

' Ituitihsrs before they can epull 1 ' ehe eaid, -with inef^Kble dia- 

* Shall I venture to eay anytbin;? ?' ha murmured, 

* It wDuld ba of DO use, Sbiughter is tha COuntry geHtlemau'a 
god. Ppincö Naprnxinfl ie jußt üOw wii(illy/ti«m* in bis charactur 
of a coutitrj gentletuau. It vs perbaps aa ueeful asthat of s Monte 
O&rlo ganieistär. Only hera the baaats euli'er — there^ tho fools. I 
prefer tbfit thä fixild B^iuuld do so/ 

Thd yotmg man ^aüiered about her; Napmxina approached 

' How doea tha Othmar maniage eucceedP* he oaked. 'I 
Buppcise you bave eeen tbem f ' 

' 1 have been oncö to Amyflt/ retumed MelTiIle, 'You know 
Atnyöt? A tUBpnificant p3u™, They appeared vary happy, Sbe 
Beems to bave grown yaare in a montb or t*0.' 

* That of coiirae,' «äld Nupraxine^ with bis loud Iftugh. ' Hhe 
ifl verv haßdaüme. VVbyon earth dothöy stayonin theprnvinces? ' 

* Sbe ia foiid of Ämyöt,' r«phed Melville. ' Frobably he 
thinkfi that ab ehe ia ao yuu&g, there ü tlma aud to spare for the 

' Pi^rba)« Nwdiinj will Iwüeve now tUat it ia« love marriageF* 



' Did I fiver a&y it w&b not P ' äJie replied» with ä. little yawu. 

' I do not fiee, if it were not, why it aliüuld [fnHaiUy havö taken 
place/ fiüd Melnlle. ' Üthm&r la lofd of himäelf.' 

■ WLth a ilave for Lia niäBter ? ' sbe munuuTud, too low to be 
heaxd by the not quicb aars of her husbani^ 

Mtilvüle hearü, and the doubt croaätid bim wheCber Othmsr 
QÜgiii tiot have been tbe lover of tbe Priiicesd Napiaxioe, and the 
mama^a arraugod by ber, ^ great laidiu» ot'len RrrFiili)^t) «ucli 
matUir? to disariii eusjiiciDO \ for Mt)lvilli^^ liuäpilä tbe Q.cuii»?i> nn 
which he prided bimsull', did not bv äUj raöftoa wbollyundertitiind 
thä Tßry conipLicated ehaiacttir of üia hoaujös, iß wbich a eupreme 
cuurage waa to tha füll as etTOng sa werti it« disdoln and itfi in- 

äbe ahook off the importumties of the young noblee, who 
Geemed ruatlc and tiresome eaough to a woman to ivhom the 
witti»at Society of Europa bad seemed dull and too tamt;^ and 
atrolled by heiäalf cJirou|!;h th>d balf wild gardäiis, nhj{:h reacbiud 
wid toucbed t^& yir^in Ibreata of the Eaat. Her iCofsack Hetman, 
wbo ii^vBT lost hör fiom eight wben ehe wa» out of doore, pactd 
ata reapeclfuldi&tancä bobind her, biit liu wa^ no iQorB b> hi-r 
than a btg dog* would be to otboi«. The bißh BeediEg* gra^ whtch 
grew in tliia unuaed patlis acreeciöd liiio frora ei).--!]!. 

Aa she looked hack, the moonlit mosa of the Tat^ bouea 
eatliered a di^nity and auEttärity not it^ uwn by daylight, bul tu 
her it only näseioblöd a priaon. She hated it : slie woidd havo 
liked to lase it to tbs ^rouad aud make an iind of it. Thure waiä 
£io many pmousia Uus^ia I 

Sbe Uughed a Uttl« to herseif, not mirtUfully, aa ehe Btroll«di 
tbrougb tue iDteDSB Ügbt of (ha Nortbem niirbt, her Koeaack 
foUowiiig like bot febaclow. A j^ioor drudge likB th&6 SeFvaiit 
womau in Jura bad besii conteut with her lifi), wbilßt äbe, the 
Fiinc«a8 Napraxiiie, iig all th» perfetitiou of youth, beauty, ami 
great rack, waä alten so dlamtistiBd with it that ehe could have 
<liu.|r^cd bürä€lf out ai it wirb morphiiiei from sheer euotii I 

Wlat was ttia use of tha big'heat culCure, if tUat woe rü it 
brou^lit yoti? A whimsitad fancy craHa««! her that eh» wiahed 
bor Koseock woiüd try aiLd astia&äicate htr \ it would bio ^omtf- 
ihing- ntiw, it luight loake herlif'äaeQm wortb tbe having, if agmo^ 
body would try and take it away. Bhe waa ooly thcet-and-twbnty 
years old, acd her future ««enied öO imiDens^ly lon^ tb&t abe fält 
tired at tbe vory prtieptjct ofit, «ib one fe>äla tired vX tho aight of a 
loiigduil road wMoh ono \a bouiid to follow. 

Thö btemai monotoiiy of iLo greac world would be for sTer 
mbout b«r. Wba bad too great rank, too preat richee, for 
anibition to prtüaeut aiiy priz«B to her. To attmiupt' to tbruHt 
l'latou Napruxino inlo bü^rh oflicea of tbj.« Stut^ would have 
been ftA i^bäuid a4 Ui QiakH nlx^r out uf FiuLaur] n nüigi^tratä 



tiave wlt enou(;;b even to plnj a decent himd etwhiat, muolileeä to 
üOiwiuct B EfKutJatioEi or sway « Couucil- 

' Oel(3 migiit havo bad nrntiition fof Qthm&r,' she thougfat ill- 
vülautttrLl;, OB liifl imu^eroeu uneummoued from the aeu of ölvery^ 
Bhadows aroutid her ; ' be Lad nonö for himself, but ha noi^bt hav» 
böen Bpurred, Btlniulaited, seducsd, by a woman be bad lovdd. 
Tbere woitld b&vfl be«ii nmii; tbiug-a poseuble to bim ; tlie ünaDcier 
ü Üie kiu}^, tbe Mtizliu, of tbs nuodtjm woild, Bud migbt becoma 
itfl Arlbur aJfio/ 

Siie tbouglit with Impatiance of tlmt Biuumcr i^igbt, oa it wis 
sbiniD^ OQ ths towers aod wotlda of AmjfJt, Bbe feit aa if som&- 
thiDg of her own bad bean etolsD from her, sotaö aÜAgiacca duo 
to her unlawfuUy tratwfaiTed. He eliould hava bad paüßnce, be 
ahoitld have waited od ber will, he shouLd have Bjxajited b'ö; 
rebulte, he ahoiild hava foUowed b>Br Steps tbraugb liie &a tbe 
Kossadi was following ibera thi-ougb tbe dewy gTasa. 

Foor stupid lieraldine would bare been gratäüi] to dd aq 
mucb, or SeliedafF, or bo mauj otbera. Othmar alone haddared 
to fiajr to Iier, ' I will be notliiuij- or alt' 

Therefdie bifi luetuory abided witb her and moved ber, and 
liad )>ower over her, aod at iimü>a au irritable guawiug sgose of 
&orntitbiHff wliieh mi^bt baya be<iD stolg upoo bur, AVLat eould 
that child eive Ipm nt Amjüt? — wbite Hmbs, clear eyea, a rose- 
blootw of blueliesj but besidea? wbat synipatby, compröliaoaioD, 
iofipiratioD P Ti^bat of tbe Ligher df^lig'btfi of tba pasaicms P 

Tbö thonght of bim in-itated her. Tbere wns a doßance, an 
insoleuce, iii bis aasmoption of bcing able to commaud hia deetiny 
in indeueadeiica of beraelf, whicb olTtiiided her ; it woa unliJte 
whai otberB did. She was awaro Ibat it wus dous out of brarado, 
or BO flbß belleved ; but it was not thu» tbat tbe fatca an wbich 
ehe bnd deigned to la.y her fin^er bad usiifdlj bdea closed, Some- 
thhig evea of ocntempt for bim at E>äekiiig such a cofug'e from 
hereeirming^ldd wlth hfli Irritation. It seemed to hurweäkand 

' Madame,' aaid tbe voice of MelvUle tbroog'h tlie ahadowe, ' ig 
it quita eafe to ramble so lata, deapita the trusty Ka$saok and bis 

Sbe tumed, her bead ecwrapped in go^samer, tUl bß e«w 
nothiDg" but tha cloud of laoi aud tlie two daaky, jawal-like eyoä. 

' I woa juat wiahiDg^ almoat wiabing*/ sbe aoswered, ' tbat tha 
truflty Eoaaack were of tbe new doctriaes, and would take 
advautage of tbe opportunity to make awaj with bia barvaa, I 
am not sixrg tbat I wuuld bavä callüdout} it would haro eaved 
one ftgreal deal of samöii'esa When my cbocolate comes to my 
'bedeide I always think of Pierre Loü's cbildisb protesit, '^ Toujoon 
M lerer, toujoiira se coucber, et toujouia cianger da la «oupe qui 
n'cBt yaa bDnuifi I '^ Our soup ia good, perbapa, It is rathe^rtha 
ftppcUte wblcb is laclaiig,' 

rnJircEss nap^axink 


'YoiU gensTatiga ig botü tjred,' a&id Mälvillä. 'Mia^t wu 
b&ppier; it beüeved in tllä poSaibLlity af enjOjiaeQt — An illuaiotly 
DO doubt, but one wMch ctieera lila conaiderftblj. Princeae, I 
wiofa jou would pajdoD me kh indiscmtian ; jou bi^ alwayseo 
merciml to me, you imake ms over-bold; but I have alwaysMi 
mucli wanted to koow wbetiier a story that I laard, of a wint&r'a 
jourBQf of youra acrosa Kuaaia, waa truei It waa in tbe newa- 
papets, but oue nerer know^ wliat ia true there^ anil I waa in Indla 
Bt the time.' 

ShesdilBd. 'Otl I tnow what you maap,, Y©a, it was truö 
ecougk, That waa nothing: ; nöthin;^ at alL I had all kioda of 
peopla to help me, Tliere was no diffictdty of any aort. It ^aa 

' It was a vflry hetoic thing- to do/ aaid Melrille, gravely. 

* Not at all,' ahe intsTrupted quickEy. * There was no EieroiBm 
about it. The Taar -wab always very kiind to me. I had erery 
saslstance, eveiy comfort on my joumey, You, imngiaative 
twiBg', liave a picture inetantly in yoar miiid of me as eQduring- rU 
the daDgers of poor Klizabeth in tliä Francb classic ; on tbs 
CDtitrary, I alept nearly all tlio way, acd read a noval the rest.' 

^ AÜ tlie same/ saitl MeWüle, ' no one but yoiirsolf will düuy 
that it wa3 & TSry sohle tbing to traval in Novetuher, tbs mo^t 
hideouß part of the yenr, tlirOugh mud Aad finOW^ ri^'ht &CtCs9 
Bussia, to baTö a föw facta reacb tbö Emperor in iheir trua 
BHpect, aDd then post to Tobi:]lsk with hia pardon, that a dying 
mothär miß'ht know her Bon waa free before abe died ' 

Nadicia NitpTnxine skTU^^ed her fibouldera elightly, witb a 
gestuTQ of indilfurcnce. 

'It amosed mo. I had s faucy to seo Sibäiia in wiuter. Tlie 
pity W63 that Fedor Alexawiteh Boj^anof was an ug'ly acd 
UDinteteetmg'/ellow — witü pleoty of biaiaSj ludeed, ^rhicb hrOiight 
hts ruiD, btlt q^uita ogly, raCher misabäpec, and blesacd with tive 
cbildren. If the hera of my joumey had only beeo a fine officer 
of coiraBsiere, or a romantic-looking revolutioiiLBt, tbe story would 
hare been detightful, but poor Boganof no oae could tum into a 
jeune Premier ; not even tbe gosaipa of Peterabui^. He waa only 
B claveT writer, with a mother and a wife who idolised bim. The 
trath ie, I had read hia noveL and liked it ; that ia wby, when hia 
paoplä came to me, I did wliai I coutd. Anybody who kuew tbe 
T^sr aa well aa I could harn dono aa much, Ae fcr ^oing to 
SLbsria — ^well, I weat mjself because I Lava a profound di^trust 
of Ruäsiäo ofSciftls. Kveu an Imperial pardoa has a knaclc of 
arriring: too late whetl it ia dasirabla that it sbould do ßo. It waa 
certainiy a dieagtoenble seEtson of the year, but behind Gtrong' 
horsoa one doea not miud that. Very eoon Slberia will have lo^ 
^- 'Ab tf^nora and its romancs ; tbärs will be a raiLway acrosa the 
^B ürale, and all chance of the Httle excLtameots att<endaiit on euch 
^^ B jouTDey as mine wilü be irrer. Wheu the OuveuioT saw me 

•flU Pfi///C£SS i^APRAXlHE, 

»ctuaUy in Tobolait, te cowld not believa bis eye«, 1/ his bciwd 
hat! not beAii dvtii), il would have turn«! ivLite witb tlie extremity 

pf Li» otu Kzemcht. I tbärk bä could Imve uiider&toCid my tftkilig 
thd truuble it' it bud bääti for s Tchm-, but for a mum ectibbler <al 
buoks, ft ine>r« XkW^x of etoritiS I I told kirn thnt Uocuer, aod 
Ahosto, and Güutbe, and evsT so many otlie» bad bmu nnty 
teUers of atories too, but tbat produced bo iiiipreä»it3D oa hioi. 
lie Wüa cpnipulled to let Dogacof ^, bücause tbe TiRr ordei-wl 
him, but he could not aea any vßlid reaagn wby Doganof ahoiüd 
tiot be Itdl tä rot uw&y, broüi downv ards, uoder tlis }ce.' 

Sha lau^i^hed a ütüit at tbe rtKoÜectioD or it all; tt had been 
callbd an enüceutria häir-brfiined thing at tbe tiiuu by all ber 
fvnrld, but ishe bad taken Ikiganof back witb ber in triiimpb, and 
had not IcR bim until sb» bud suea him Hsttid by tbu Blove of bu 
owa bumble bouäs iu Odeaaa. 

It bad been one of tha be^t momsnt& of her \£% — yee, certaioly 
— but it did col Bätini to her tbat abe bad done anythlnir »mark- 
abls. It lind been au absind to send a man to dwell amidBt 
etcraa) eaow>8 aiid tiecui-eteritRl darlmesa becauea be bad writteu a 
clavör novel in whi(;L tbe wi&escrt!» of tbe tbicd »ecüoD had aeen 
£t to diseover j^volutioatiry doctriaes, ibat wben Xhi& wife and 
uotbär of BrrgBQof, knowin^ her inlluenc« at Court, and Laving 
cbance of acceäs to bar tbrou^b her st«ward^ ibrew tb^maiilTefl at 
bar ftiet one day, and besought här aorapassion and asäibtance^ ahe 
had been HurpriHiKl iato iirotnjoing ber aid, frora tbat (j:euen)sity 
and eymjmtby witb couiJLge wbich alwaya lived bt^nnatb the 
arliüciaüty and indifl'ereoCB of ber bablts and t«iiiper. Nu doubt 
tbey bad aiicciiedi;«! becauae they bad come «pon be? iu a &«i 
tttomtint i üO dQubt tbey might have found ber in moods in wbiüb 
lilsy loi^rlit M WE?11 bava ap|>BBled to tha Japii.Tle0e bmnZt-S in 
her Vestibüle j but, baring- wen töUiiUed and Büirprißöd icto a 
pioEuise, fibfl bad kept it throug'b oiucb dilbcultj and witb au 
«uerg-y which bore down aU Opposition. 

' Übt) looka Bä frail oä a rtod, but ebe baa tbe force of a l&Tice, 
the autocrat to wbom eh& app^aled, and wbo w«a at tbe oneel 
utterly oppos^d tu ber {i^jtitioiif bud thought aa be liad ouawered 
bei coldly that tiogauuf was a daaguroua wtiter. 

•So wtjre all the Encvdoptedigtg ; but tbe great Catherine wm 
not afraid of tbain; will you, tbe Fatber of your people, refima 
to ooe of tbr>«j tbe protcCtioD which abe wqh proud to grant to 
FröochmeEp' ab 9 bad eaid to tba Emperor, witb toany another 
perauaäive aud audacious ar^^ument, to wbicb he bad listunwi witb 
a bniile becau^ tbe lorely moutb of tbe Phncäss Napraxioe bad 
8]X>keD IbtEu. 

' It was u Vary noble tbiii^ to do,' repeated Melvillo. 

•Ob, HO,' abe uleu reptMit^id ; • it aumued me, It fripbtenoij 
evteifylnidy elae. Tho Tzar was at Livadia unuäually lato; tbere 
waa tti'tit to mo Uj büu liviu hum^j vthnix I Täucbed Livodiai Im wu 


«rery thing Ihat wae küid to me per&maliy, but I foutid bbn terribly 
au^'ered afainst tbe poor novellst, and all bis courtiers were of 
cuursü reiwJy to ßwee>r that Bo^auot' was Sutan \ poor mnocent 
Boganof, vrith hia Ujuder lioart always acbing over the Borrow» of 
tha poor, and tha myaterioe of animal ^.uifbringt I told tb'S 
Emperor tbät Bof auof was, on the coatrarj, a type of all that wna 
bi^st in th€ Uussian people ; of th&t obudiunca, ot Chat, faitb, of that 
fortitudfl, wliicb the Rus^ian posseflsda in a etroQ^^ör degree ihau 
any otber or Üie racöß of mau. Whöre will you und as you find 
iD Kuaaia tbe hftroic ailmice undi^r torture, thu unn'aTeimg adber- 
«uce to a lost caue«, tba power of dyiDg mute für enke of an ides, 
tbe unciimplamin^ eurrendöT of youth, uf beauty, of all enjoyDiant, 
pftea of rnnk and ricbts^^ to » •npixi iiupergODftl duty f '^Luey ara 
all B^üriüced to dreiirna, it ia true ; but tbt>y are heroic dri^iiLS 
wbidl hav^ a greaUieaa tbat loaks und in tbem, befiide tbe vulgV 
ffTöedsj and tha vulffar content of ordinary lifo. I SHld aoiiietbiD(c 
to tbat ut^lect to the Txap, *' Yoo Ell your mines and prbcins, 
eir, -witb tbesa pesple,"! aaid to him. "GrBecawoiJd have raisad 
altarsto them. Tbey are tbebratbers of Urtrmoditiä; they are tbs 
ei»iterä of Lffina." I aupposo it ia wonderfiil tbait ba did uot 6&nd 
me to tbe priBOuu; I dura aay, if £ bad been an uj^ly woman b« 
would bavsdoDe; he waB, oii tbe contrary, very indulg%nt, and, 
thou|rb ho was hujil to mova at bist, he eudod with the uimoat 

'I wiuB teally quite in earnsat at tlw time,' she contiiiued HDW, 
witb a littlo wondering äBtonishmani at euch rem>t-iDbrani^s of 
hermolf. ' I urged ou the Tziir tbe truth that, wben th« iatellect 
of a nation is suppru^sned and persecniad, the natioa '^dies from 
tbe top}" iika Swift. I think 1 conviuoed him for tba mocueiit, 
bat tbeu them wäre so caany other people alwaya at his ear to 
peraiiade him tbnt uulv^räal convulaian waa only to be avoidsd by 
vorking all the iulbottle«, aud putticg all the wrttörs and readera 
down tbe mbea. Prince NdprtiKiuB, ty tbe Vfi^j, wjis in a türriUe 
tAäta wheO be beard of it all. Ue was away in Paria at tha tinm, 
und yO'U saay imagiCie tbat I did not teleLtaph r« ask hia conaent. 
Indeüd, be ärst leamt wbat 1 bnd dopiJ ironx tbe HuaaifLT) corre- 
apotidKUt <if J'lif/orö, and took the whole story for »na of J-^ifiirat 
impudent lictioiia. Ile weilt to the bureau in b toworirg- Tage, and, 
I think, broke a Makcca cane aver a eub-editor. Tbeit bä tele« 
grapLed to me, and found it was all trite enouß^h ; h» might tncrn 
wiBely bavs telepraphed Erst, for tbe aub-«ütcir brougbt ao action 
for os^Bult Ag&inat bim, and he had avafit deal of moQeT to pay. 
Ha abhöre tbe vury immie nf Boganof. Last New Year'a Day I bad 
all Bogimof 'a uovels in thu Rjä^Jan tes.t, honud in Valium, as a 
pnaetit from bim ; I tliouybi. b« tvouU havö had an apoplcutic ÜL' 

Hwr prt-ltyj, ebill lau^bter cüiupIeUd tbe amitfincü. 

' My lioueaty. however, crioipi«!» am to Coufeaa,' ah« continuod« 
'tbat Icijr au uoberuic btiitieimri4ur uud ä bUoiig-ly couäärraüVB 



tchin Liltä tUF liOäb&Dd, thfl poaitiflD wu a trjing one. He abhon 
literature, llbenü doctrinefl, and nevp?raper pnbticity; and ttd 
■toryof myjouraey for and with.Bopinoi nietliim LieTwyj'OurDiü, 
in every club, in arerTcity of Burope. The publicity annoy«! ma 
myself veiy miicb. 1 tbink th^ iray in wliicb jouraalist» scua 
OD ererythiu^r and exappamte jt \o their own purpoäee will, in üma, 
prCvBDt ojjy action, n litlle out of tlie common^ ßvär takmiir pltice nt 
all. Peo^a vill «Imt themaeWöa up ia tkeif own sbella liko 
ojatflis. I ehmild have left Boganof to tlie gorernor of Tobolak^ 
wlio vu eo luixious to lieep hiiu, If I hnd eF&i* foreseen Lbe attnoy- 
■iicB which tha Press was üfistiiuid to wiiisa mö about bim. WhBn 
I mat tha Teit afterwacia lie Baid, " Well, Priuceaa, are you etUl 
CDDTincfld now tbat th<ä iiulc-bottlo conttiiue tbe most bannless and 
holy of fluide P " and I auBwered bim tbat I B^ranted it mig'bt con- 
tun ft good doal of gas and a good deal of gEÜS, yet etill I tbougbl 
it wiaer not to cork it.' 

' PrinceB«/ aaid Melville, witb n litüa besitnUoa, 'oiia caanoC 
tut regret tbat n peraon capabla of aucb fino sympatby and euch 
Hoble elfort as your^elf abniild poss noarly tbe wbola of her i^XBA 
in ieduloiu^ly andeavoiirbg to peisuftdu tliä wadd tbat sbe bo« iu> 
beATt aad bersölf Umt ebe bas eo souI. Why do you do it ? ' 

Sha ffftva a UtLle conteiu'ptuouH gBature. ' I do not beliera i 
bare eitncr/ sbe aaid. ' Wlmn I was a tiny cbild, my fatberBaid 
to me, "Douclilta, you wUl liave no dowör, tut you will bare 
plenty ol* wit, two big eye3, and a wkitu Bkiur" Tb«i posseBaloii of 
tbeee Ibree tliinj^s has alwnys been tbe oaly fact I hava evOT boen 
Biira pf^ really [ Do not begln to talb tbeologlcally ; yCm are 
dell^litful aa a tnati of tbu World, bitt A& a pfiäst yoii WOuld bore 
ma iaünitölv. Oiie tbiuks out all tbat sort of tbm^ for oneeölf; 
ostensibljr I am of tbö Groek Oburciif actually, 1 am of Victor 
Hugo'a cracd, wliicb has never been able to bnd a kc^y to tUe 
mystery of LbBuniverse," Quelle im adonnf In bete effarUAChcmma 
vntelt Tbe borae suaina and abivera ander tbe wbip, tbe brnud 
druskard klcka bim in bis empty BbamEicb : God looka on, if He 
flxlBt at allf iu entLre indiflarence tbrougboat tens of tbousBDcU of 
ages. Yoa say tbe patient ammH.1 bas qd eoiil, and tbnt tbe sodden 
djrankard baa one. I do not admire your religlonj wMcb enables 
you placidly to aocept 8acb an absurdity, aod sucb an injuatice, aa 
■ Diviiie cre^ÜODi Bo not say tbat poeta do no ^oud; tboy dfr 
inoro Uiau priesla, my deftr friftud. I bad becn reiiding' tbat poem 
of Hugo'sj tbe Mdiaxhaiiaf at the momeat wben Böji;anof 's wife 
and DtOLbör brong-bt tbeir petition to me. It bad made me in a 
mood for pity. You knov tbat ie tke utmost a woman erer haa 
of any goodDess — a mere mood. It b wby we «ra so dangBroua 
iu revolutions : we s^lay oua minutB, and weep tbe uext. und danc« 
tbe next, (ittd ere aincere enougb in it all, If tbey l^ad corae to 
ma whan 1 bad bcen acnoycd about FLnytbit)^, Or ^lim I biui bnd 

« tQJlettö I die]ik«d, oi a Viaittbftt hod weatied me^ I aboiUd bara 



#nid " No," ftiid left ria^ftTiof in SilffiTia. It Trag Ihe meiert cliftnce, 
tSie mBraet wMni-— älJ diie to tho Mrlanslolüi.' 

' Whimj Ol" will, I am eure Boganof was ^ateful P ' iaked 

Her voice fioftenedj 'Oh, jea, poor bouII tut he died aii 
monthfl afterwarda of tubercufar conaamption, brougrht on by 
eipoaure and. tad food in Sileriin. Tau aee, imperial pardona 
may arriva too late, even if one cany thcm onsäelf I 

■ Bat li9 died at home/ said Melville ; ' think how much tliat 

'Fol" ÜiB Beüümeötaliatfl,' eliß added, witli ler cruel llttle 
^mjls, tut hef e;^Gä w^re dim &A bha g'lauc^d tipward at Uie sttvrs 
in Üie north. 

' Poor Bogftnof r fllifl aaid, after a pause, witli s TilaTation of 
nnresifited emotion in her voice. ' There ia another proMem to set 
iDemde your Roae. The world ia füll of them. Your Chriistiacity 
doea not esplain them. He "was the eon of a country proprietor, 
a poor oiie,l)Ut he had a little esüite, enough for bis waTits. He 
vaa B man of most siraple taati^s. and innocent desires : he might 
JüRTs Ured, Sä Tour^ueiiielT mlg-ht kavo ]ived, hFippy all hia liumble 
days 00 hia owu laude ; hut lie had geoius, or souiething oear it. 
He telieved in bU coimtTyand io mankiad; lie liad [lasöioaate 
bopog and passiocata faitbB; he knew ha would losa all for aayill^ 
the truth oa Iie eftW it, but ]ie COuld iiot help iE; ; tUa tmth in him 
waa etronger tUa.n he, ha coüld not Trestraia tha firB that was in 
him— ft holy fire, Ttiire of all personal greed. Well, ha haa died 
for beiBg: so simple, bi?i.Dg- eo loyal, being eo imperBouAl and so 
unaelfiBh. H he hnd h&en an egotist, n tiTEe-sem'T, a ^ycophaint, 
he fvould hare lived in pcace and riebe». Tour Chnstinnity haa 
DO explanetioa of thatl Wusset'e " etre immohüe ijtti regards 
fffou}-»'" ia all wo ses heLind the tt-ernal specCucle of u&elesa 
sullermg and uIiaTailiia^ Iüb^,' 

She tiurngd and drew her laces cloffiT aboiat her head, anJ 
paased quickly thrnugh the ehadowa to the honae. 

MelTÜle in answar aished. 

Thftt nl^'ht, when MLdville stood at bis windowe loolriag OTer 
the immenea flat landscape, green with waving' carn and rolUiig 
graGS lands and low birch woods whiob atretcbini hefoTs liiin 
Bilvered by the eflulgence of a broad white raoon, ha thought o( 
Nadine ^apraiins curloualy, wistfuUj^ woadecingly, ae a mau 
wht> pkjs irbe^ well puszles DVersome cbe^a probl«ni that ia too 
intrjcftte for him. The explnnation we give of ouTaelvea \s rarely 
ftCäepled by olherfi, and ho did not accept hera of herseif; that 
aba wae tbe creatare of tha impreBsion of the momant* It ae^med 
to him rather that hera was a natura with noble and hetoic 
imputfee crueted over by tbe habits of the world and v^Ied by 
tha aasumption rather tiinn the actuaLity of egotiem, Sbe, too^ 
Qould hav^i beeu a mater of Lsena, he thought. 


WtiRt WAüt« wu her» of K fine natura, flerlalmifilj foTCtrrg^ fteelf 
lUid otliPTs t(i beliPTe thnt it wM worthleas, weftri«d by tb» 
pl«iL«ure» whi(!li yvt miulü ita only hinjirdoRi, cjnicAl, lonely, in> 
cn^uloua, whiUt st Um lieig-ht of youtli tQd ol all possfiseioD I 


OimcnR, faithful to law Word» reraaTined 4t the chAteam öf AmyAt 
tbräiiK'iißut the eprini^ and aummer monthB, indifferent to tha 
Iftugliter of tbe world, if it did lau^li. ile divined very RccuratelT 
that one peraon nt leii44t la,U|rbed and lu&de mauj a aatiric aketck 
to her fnend» of himsHlf ßUmt U parfnit amuar, and gfstbering 
Wood vioIütSr ^^>od RuaiuonQs, wood atrawberrieEi, beneath the 
ehiLdciwa of bie Valoie irvos in f^IntJe.^ wliich had been old wben 
tho orif^nal ijf Jean Goujou's Diane Cbafsere&w! bad been youopf. 

Aoiyüt ßeein«d ta biru \n auit tbe youtb, tbe g^aee. nnd tbo 
gravity of YeeultB lütter th&n rtaj babble of thö great world; — 
Amyöt, wbicb was likö a Btftt«]y illuinmatpd chrouteie of kißgly 
aad kni^Iitly faialory^ which iraB ss gilent aa the grave of a king' 
in a crypt^ and wliicti waa nliut out tiom the fret of inankmd 1^ 
tbe acreen of iU Merovlngian foreate. 

He waa scarcel; coDeciuue tliat be linfrered in tbü «eduäon 
from Bn unRcknowlt'dffed unwillitipteHS to ^o wbere be would eeo 
and Xx&B.t of anothßr woicia,n ; iia persuaded bin>self tliat be cboao 
to Bta^ OD iß the pföTincee pAltiallT beCause tbe tumult of the 
World was aLwaya pulg-ar, noisv, ftud onensive to bim, ehififly 
becauea nuwbere tü^b in tbe world so surely as in one of bis own 
countTj hoii^eB could he be certain not to meet tbe woman who 
bnd wonndiid liim mortaUy, yet wbom iie lored far more tban ba 
bated ber, 

' It 29 abaolutely peceesary tbat yo« sboiiM ba eeea ia Pori^ 
aad tbat jou sbould receive there ; it la abaolutsly necesSEOy tbat 
jou flhoiild Siiet*iil jom pMitioü iü tbe World,' said Friedflrieh 
OUitnar, with much emphasifi aa he ^at at Doon oue day on tbe 
^aat termäe of Au^yöt. Othmar laugh«! a Uttle, and ehrugged 

* Amyät ia iiia|rnificentlT kept up— that I admit/ continued the 
Bldnr man. '' It lä a place that it ia ivell to bare, to «pend six 
weeka of the autuinn in, to entertain princea at ; it la quite royal^ 
and was one of tbe best puichases that my fathar ever mada. 
Bat to bury yoiiraelf herel — wheD the KBiser comee to Paiia, to 
■rbom you, oive by tradition every courteay — — ^ 

* Tbe OtbmftH! were never receiTed at the CoüJt of Yiönna.' 
The Baron rnadä an impatient ge&tnre. 

' We are PariaiaTu, but wo aie C^ata before all, 3ometiiiHt 

P/?mCK.':S NAPRAXfNn, 


jrou nrs plensed to iDriet Terj atronirly Ihnt we are Cronts, sod 
nothin^ eise. If we are so, tne Emperor is our govgpeigii.'' 

' It L* di'*ptited in OrOHtla, wliich hn* nevoT beert tnci loyal ! ' 

' Oroaliia l)e— — -/ said Friederich üthniar, with dittlculty 
restraimng tba oath becatias Yseulte wa* aeatöd witliin litiiirihgi 
ind fee retumed to his old ar^minftnla, which were all bmup-lit to 
bear upon tbe fiwt that ßt tbe approach of winter Ottimar ciwed 
it u a dutj to Bociety and to hiiDaelf to throw op«ß tbe doora of 
tbat vaal botet on ths JtouleTard St.-Qermaiu, ^hJcti bad alwaya 
Beemed to üim tha most bateful emljodinieiit of tlie wenltb, tha 
unacruputousneas, and tbe psst biatory of hid mca. 

Thn hotel liad Ibcd purchasad fiom tli'9 Duo da Coigny dnriil|f 
tlie Whifa Xflrror by Marc üthnittP fof a nominal price; and ütider 
die i-eign of Loiiia Philippe, Stefan Othmar, dteming it neitbar 
«and oor luxuriüus anougb, bad bad it cban^ed and redecorated 
IT Ihe worat taale of the epoch, and^ in tbe early daya of the 
Seooad Empire, liid farther eQlarjjred and oTerloaded it, untü ta 
bis aoD it waa as a verj nigbtrDare of gildin;^, marble, and aUs- 
gorioa! pfiiuting-, a Gretan labyrinth. of «normoufl anduninbabitable 
chambera, üt for auch motley cro^da aa cram the Ely^äe in tha 
days of Gi'^vy. 

It was ona of the abow-hoyses of Psrifi, jmd bad, indeed, njany 
real treafturtja of art »midHt \%a overloaded luxuiy. hut Otbrajrf 
hated it in its entirety, froin ita •porte^-cockh-fy whera tbö arma 
which tbe heralds had fnund fiir Maro Otbtnar had replaced tha 
ebiäld aad crown of tlie Uiics da Ooi^niy, to the itnnaensa library, 
wbich did not contain a eing-le volume that Ite cAred to open ; 
aa ' uphnlfltärtjr'a lihrary,' ivith all its books, frora Tacitus to 
Henii Mardn, clad in tba eame liverj of vellum. and tooled 

* Abaolntflly neepagary to auRtatn yout roflitlon in the iPDfld \ ' 
Wpeatad OLhmBr when bia uncle had left him. 'That 19 alwnys 
the iacaBt^tion with wbich tbe fetisli of the world obtaina ita 
aaoriticafl. Tranelatfed into cociiunu lanj:;iiage, he meana tbat as I 
havfl a gieat deal of money, othar peopla expect ma to apend 
nauch of tt upon tbam. 1 da not see tbe Obligation, at leaat not 

*Do you deaire the life of Paris?' he added alnruptly to 
feeulte, who he&itatc>d, coloured alig'htly, and aaid with timidity ; 

' I ahould prefer S. Pharamond.' 

'S. PharasBond 19 your^/ ssüd Otbmar with goms emlnftTTiwB- 
ment, knowiijp wby every rood nf tbat suniiy and flowaring sbora 
aMtned Mi bim naiiseoue with aickening miemoriea. 'S. Phai^ 
niond Is youra, my d^iar ; but 1 scarcely thiiik tbat we can pau 
Üiia wintar tbere. There are tedioua dütiiis from which we ciu- 
Dot eacape ; to entürtain in Paris ia oce of them.^ 

Ad oldar waman would hav« percaived that be contradict^ 
binuetf. tiut YsQulte wo» bliiided to aucl) anoiualiea by h(»r «dora- 



moet LumUe. 

' I km flo perfoctlj hnrpy bare,' abe anawared, witU hcatation j 
•lut ' 

8fae ^M not actuated Iit tbe Bectimest wUcb he attributed to 
her hesitation ; bIiq inänitely pr^i^rred tfae country^ to tli« cit j, aa 
all meditative asd poetic tempers do, and ibe little she bad aeen of 
tbe great world at Millo made her dreod her entry JBto it in Fanv. 
What aba wi^bedj but lacked tlia Coum^ to enj, waa, that ah» 
[wrceived thAt tlie Countrj did not Satlslj him himHelf. Sbe waa 
not io dull of conjprebeneioß tbat slie did not see tba melancholT 
of her husband, tbe liätüeea iudiUereTiCfl, tbe imapoken ennui^ 
ivhich spoiled hia yeaia. to bim, and left him witbout energy or 
intereat in life, She rould diacern tlie wound ehe Jniew Eot bow 
to eure, and Friedoricb OtbrnEhr in bin couverantiona vitb lier bad 
repeatcidly as^ured ber Ihat the vie de provinne atUIed the intelli- 
g£LC3 of a nuin aa moas grows OTcr the truck of a tree. 

* 1 am eo liappy here,' ehe anawered now witb besitatioo, • bnt 
still ' 

'Biit itiU you are a daughter of Evb/ he ailded with ipdul» 
gencei ' My poor cbild, it is quite natural, jou nre ho youOg"; all 

Soujig- girlß long; fof tbe lifo of the worid. It roba them of their 
lies ftod rofteSj it drawa biatre ebodowa under theif ejes, it makea 
them oM befora tbey are twenty, but Ptilt they Icira the feet of 
thär Molooh I I do not tbink, tbough, tbat you will ever he hurt 
\}j the worJd youiBelf, Yoit are Coo BerlDus, aiid hara at onos too 
much humiliity andtoo mach pride: they are aala wardera at tbe 
door qf tho flQtd ; you "wiil not easily become a mondairuj 

* What is tbe diäarenceP ' 

'lu the World, wben alie beloügfl tfl it, a wOman a-tishes 6m 
aool OS she t^iiifbes h^ waist \ she ta a lutLerfiy^ witb tb& Hfing of 
an asp; chä -waatea her brain in the councU-cham'börs of her 
tailoie, and her time in a kaleidoscope of amuaementa tbat do not 
even amuse ber ; sba would easily make tba most bideous thin^ 
beauLiful if slie put it on once, aad tbe most üagrant vice the 
fushioB if she adopted it for a week; she liaa gi^'en the hi^heet 
culture poasible to her hody and to her brain, only to epeud her 
year& ia an enniii and au imtatioa beslde wbich the lU'e of the 
South Sea ialacders would Beert] utilitj and wisdom ; ehe lias the 
cleareat TiaioE, the fineat inielligence, the ihrewdeet wit, only to 
set her sjQbttipn qd havisg B wholö audifinca of 4 tbeatie forgfit 
the etagB hecauBe ehe haa etitöfcd her box, or the entire jounialfl 
of a city chroTiicle the euicide of some nmdman wbo has taken bis 
Ufa becauae sha CTossed out his name on her tableta before a 
ootilloQ ' 

lie pauB^ abniptly, becondng euddenly cookioub that he wta 
wpeaMng in no genoral terms, and hsd oidy before bis thoughta 
tbe Vision of ona fvomaa. 



■No, Dfly deajTj' he eaid Idadlj, paseing bis band over tha ahin- 
Ing trfiSSöfi of Y^öultä ; ' I am not afraid tLat you will beccms a 
coquette or a Icdtw of follj ; you will DOt learn tlie glmifj of tbe 
hour, or yellow yoiir white alüa wi th vanquillage \ yoti will alwajra 
te tLeyounp- patrician of tbe tiraa of the Lady of Beaujeu. You 
Khall gD to Parb if you wkh, and do juat wliat you lilia there; 
you must not blame me if it do^g not suit you. Iratter thun it eiiita 
thosa rgsee wWch your foster-mother eeadä up in moEs from her 

' Pöor cliild ! ' he (Jiouglit, with a pang of coascieace, *SLe 

World will be a play-ploca to her; if .ehe can malce fof Lärself 
frieadsi, iotereeU^ paetimea, I aLouId be tbe last to praTent her. 
Soonsr or lat^r ahe will find out tbat ehs ia so Httle to me. She ia 
conteQt now becnuse ^h^ tnlies kindntisä for love, and becausa, in 
ber iunocence, slie cannot conceive bow one's aensea may be 
rou£ed wbile oce's heart mfty Ue dumb and cold aa a atone^ But 
when sto ie older sba will percaive all tbat^ and then tlia mara 
Elends ahe böa found, änd tJiB lesB ehe leana on ms, the less un- 
happy wiUfihs bö. IwiU gife hex e^erythin^ tbat abig can wish 
for 'y all Tromen grow contented and absorbed in thu "world.' 

So be at^ied with bimeelf, but be kuew all the while that he 
was to blnme in deBJriiiu^ that aort of compensation and conaolatioa 
for her ^ aod tboit ddicacy of taate, whicb bas orer somQ t«mpera- 
meats s etrouger coutrol thun coniscieTjce.mttde bim feel tliftttbei» 
waaaliiod of vidg-arity Ie tlii^ persuadiu^ biinself tbat mntälial 
giftJ. and material triumpbg WQuld Atona ta bet foi' the indiiTerent^Q 
of hiafeelinga and Ehe absenca ofbis eympathy. 

It waa aomething^ better than niere material poaaBssiDna and 
indolg^nce whicb bo bad meant to gire ÜLe cbild THioae londy 
fate bäd touched bim to bo mucb pity undei the palm treea of S. 
Pbaramond and tbe giided roofi of MiUo. But m "Sigmiggad tbo 
tebuJcB of tbia mamojy wilh impatiieoCe. The World had BO te- 
peätedly told bim that hlfl gold waa capable of purohaeing heaven 
and earth, that, tho»gh be found it of no avail mr bimaelf, be feil 
instinctively iiiio tbs error of iolagitiinf!^ that with it ßt least ho 
cüiild heal all wounda not bis own. She ebouJd have all her 
fancy could deslre. Hia experienfie of women told bim that aha 
wotild be veiy unlike tbem if, in all the jvleasure of acq^tiisitiou, 
emidatiori, aiid poase3ai1.n1, ehe did cot Und at laaät a fair eimu- 
lacriuu ofhappineaa. She.wciald be one out of a miUion — but if 
abe w^re tliat ods P Tb^D her aoul miishC: etarre in the of 
»11 ber luzurica and pägeabtä, like B bird in a gvjlden cagB that 
diofl for watit of the drop of water whicb tbe common brown 
aparrow, fljing orer tha ploughad brown field, can find at will. 
But he did not think of tbat. 

He tuew that it waa imwortby to aoeculate upoa tbe ^wer of 
tbe lowei Ufa to abaorb Lata itself a soul fittod by ita aJEnities to 



discoTer aftd e)ij'>J thü !ii«;ltcr, ITa ahrank froiti bis own apKuU- 
ticmii ^ U) tht^ )to^)-ihLlily of the wi>rli] rti^pläcin^ bi^uself in her 
lETet'tiitnB. IJe had Iturittstly iiiLeodtid, vlidD he had lAken lier 
extileDCeüitij bis cbar/»}, to study, revorenc«, luid j^uida tbiä tnoHt 
innoceat and dicile nHture<; and endeavour, besida her, lo »eek 
out Bome trace nf llie purar ideale whjch hud l(»uDt«d bia youtii. 
And ha fcl% with remon^Sj tlint tbs failure to do so lay witu liim- 
■ulf, not with her. She Kmaiaed üutsidu hiä IKe ; sbe had lUt 
■orcery for bim. 8he w&a a ]üvd1v and AlmofiiC faidtläsa cruature, 
bur hUb was not wliat he lored. tlti realided, witb bitter B6lf-r&- 
pmacli, tliat in a momHiiltifimpuIs.«, not iji^niübla in itsälf, but un- 
wiae, liä bad biirdeiit^d bis owti lata and perbaps uucuLscicualy 
doae B ^r^at wtMnK to b»r, ^ince, in the yoars to come, b1i« wniild 
H«k Ht Lia bsndfl thy brend of lifa and he wouJd only Im abla to 
gjva ber a Btmie> 

Sbo herseli" bod M yet do Idea tbut ehe wm not "beloved by 
Othmar witb a Ioubt'b love, She knuw natbin)^ of men and tbeir 
pa^alons. 8be had not the groasaF intuitiona n'bicli could httpö 
»uppUöd tbe placö uf öiperieiice, Sbo did nüt pecceive tbat bii 
KDderness bnd littLe ardour, hii embraces cothirg of the ferrour 
aod tb« BH^tiTTieBH of dtilighted pnaseRäinn. äha hjid do Standard 
of compan!K)n by wbich to meaaure tbu cnldiieaa or tbe wanntb of 
the deairt» to wLilci:j sfa^ euirendertid berwU, aud it wob not to tK» 
BpiritUid a tymperfiment as b«rs th&t tb« fÄmiImnties of love could 
ever hava ae^iued cold. But her nervea wem ßenaidve, biir per- 
CspliiJhB quiek ; and tbwy tnade her CotiScbus tbjtt uienUilly aiid IM 
feeling' Othmai was altoji^ther apart from ber; ihat ii] aorrow aba 
woiild aot havä consülbd him, and tbat in hia meditatioD^ she 
narer bad any place, 

' Wbeii I am older he will troist me mura,' abe reflectad, in lier 
innocencö, srid öhe had btien eo loo^j u&ed Eo repreHsion aud obe- 
dience tliat it dorC ber mucb Ibes tbaii it wnuld bav<3 cq&\. moat 
wonien of her yeais to accept^ UDUomplaimDg'ly, that kunible placä 
böfor« lb& abuL duors nf bis lif«. 

Sbe was too modeat to bG ofiended at a diatroclioTi wblch 
^oiüd ha've b«en ceritain to excitti the oDence and the eiisptcion uf 
a lAore aelüeh or attlf-coiiacioua natura; and she was too yotin^ to 
bö liltely ti^ p>3Tiatratä by intiiition tha secret of that eTident joy- 
leBsnwsfl whicb uiiRbt wall bava eicited ber jealousy. It was 
rather tbä hiiriij a^nae uf pity n'bich had come to bar forliiiu id 
the weekH befuru byr maniape wbjch frrew etroBgeat in bar m tb* 
moutbia pnsaed ou at Amyät, He 'Bajoyed and pQsaeBßi^ ao mucb> 
Jet could nut ernjöy Or pftSfteSft hifl awu aoul in päocä, 

' I do not thiiili he la bappy, and it ia uat I wlm cau naalte hUa 
happy,' &he sAid once, vary timidiy, to Friederich Otlimai, who 
aiiawcred with i:on,äidurablä impatitiuca: 

' My luve, the fault does uat lie witb yoa. Otho, wbo believH 
himwlf» Uk«? Hamlet, out of Joint witb bis tioLe, La ia reaüty % 







Bum of bis tun^a in eTerjt.buii? ] Lbat ia, b« U n pe.^siniist ; be Iina 
■ meutAl nerrose, to borraw tbe jai^on nf sfieiitist.^ ; In; Iiiib »n 
cultivatcd hm cnn^icii(-(^ cit i]\» eitp^natt of liia ri^aßLiTi, tbat I Bi:jm&- 
timea beliava Le will be satiHlied wjlb tiotliiuj^ but tbe äbandori- 
nmnt of aU be pLiB8eB.gfia ; aad no doubt bö Would havö tried thia 
Kmedy loDg^ &i)iC6, only he hae no baljef in any Deity -who would 
Rw&rd him forit^ The misfrirtuiiB of all the tbougntful men of 
Otho'i generatioD if, that they combina with their fretful con- 
flcititiaea an autira diebeliof iti tb^ir siwla, £0 tbat tliuy are a mosB 
of irritablö anomiilitiä, The mirlbt'iil acepiics of Au;;tist>au Rome, 
of VoltaLrian Frauce, and of Bülingbrjke's England, were all con- 
sÜtQnt pbilosopbeir^ and voluptuariee; they diebelieved iii tboir 
aoiils) buE thay balieved in thair bodiea, aJid were amjily content 
with tbem. They never talktJ notiaenae about duty, and tbey 
piiased gfl-ilj, ^i'ac«sfiilly, and coiisiatGntly tlrough tbeir lives, of 
wbich they muda tbe best tliey Cüuld maturiolly, whicb iß onlj 
raftsonable in thoea wbo are convißced that the present is tbe Bola 
eentiänt exiatence thay -will evar enjoy. But the tender-nervtid 
pesaimistß of ütho'a kiiid and aga are wbolly incoTifiiatünt. Tbay 
behev^ in nothingr ^nd yet tht^y ara iroubLed by a mullitude of 
mie^vinga ; tbey tblnk tba bouI is merely a roiaaiitic word for tb« 
taflex actJoD of the braiii, and yet tboy dfetreaa ihemselves with 
Imagining tbat tb« biucan animal h.aa innuiutjralile ditti&H, and 
thoudd have iiiDuniarakle scruplea, wbicb is ridiculoLiä un tba 
fbOb af it, for, reii^ion apart and Deity damed, there ia no poseible 
KASon why man »hnuld haTO any mora d^tiea tban a finail bne, or 
a hare. The apm^stics of the predent gtinaratlon do uut perceivo 
thia eontradicEion in themäelves, and thiit is wby they look wi 
incoDsiiitant aod so eotirely vaietudiDnriaii beeide tbe robust 
Atbeism of the paat Century^ and are, indieed, tbe m©re maiadfg 
imugätaiyes of ibü moral boapitiil,' 

• If I cöold only niaka bim aa hftp^y &s I am rayseJf,' fibs Said 
again j but &be bad not tbe taliflnian wbich the woman wbo iR 
bölovad in retom bolds in the hnllow of hej hand. 

* She iß too yoimg'/ tbüught FriedCTich Otbmar, angrily. ' She 
ia too iiinocont; ahe iä a daiay, a dove, a cbild. She fcnowa 
nothing of perjiuAäon or pTovocation ; she ia not even awara of her 
ewn charma. Sba waita bis pleasnre to be careased ivr Ist alone \ 
Äe knowB neither how to deny beraelf or malie hereelf desired. 
Sbo weaiiea bim only becauae aiia doea not küow Low to torm*nt 
him. He wül drift awfty to soraeone eise who doe,«, whila he will 
Bxpäct bar — at iertiDtt^an I — to be satiafifid with bearing him 
Obudran atid ownin^ hia oame 1 ' 

A ftiw montba before, the Baron bioiaelf would have empbaü- 
cftlly declared that iio livinp^ woman could or abonld ever need cnore. 
But biß nepbew's wil'e had toucbed r softer nerve in biro ; aome- 
tbing wbich was stiDfiöt tBudöriiegü and almost ire^it amotö him 
nhfiD be «aw tbi» tall, graceful foroi of YBeulla like a gardeu Hly, 

T 9 



itandlDg bIoöö ia tlio wanntli of the eunset ön tha terracea at 
AmyÖtfOr sawOCliniar, wLen Le apprüfiched afti^f ftdayV sli&etict^i 
la»H her Land wkb tbe calrn and eerlous couitasy whicb he would 
havß dispUycd to auy fitTanj^oT, and tum away früm her witii aq 
ladiSdiencfl -^liicli all lila deference of mAnner and careful pr^ 
voyaace of thouj^ht for hoc could uat codcciU from thfi keec «^-ea of 
tue eider man. 

' He givea b&r bis caresBos, not bia compamonstip/ tliought 
tho oM men, öTi^ily, but he was too prudent and too wise to 
draw bei attention to n fault ügaiuat he^raolf of wlücli: eba W 

A tew months eaTÜBP he would h&ve eaid witb NapoMon, 
* Qu'eäe ncata daruu det marmott: c'ejti le nScessaire.' But befoni 
tbia young mistreas of tUis etatßly place aa she mored, in her white 
gown, witb her gr^at bou^uet oi roaes iu her band and bei clear 
eyefi fimiling^grarely dq tbeae men wbo so brief a whilo before bnd 
beea unlaiown to her, and now hetd all her de&tiny m their banJa, 
Fiiedericb Otbmar for the firet tims in bü llfe eaw a litüa way 
into a Eoul un&oiled, aiid bpgan to dirnly comprebeDd some deärea 
Uotwbollypbysicill, BOtneliecessiLies sli>E>QTly of tb? tnind atid heart, 
The imprcß&ion cama to him— a purely eenti mental one^ for wbich 
he chid hiiuß^lf — that this cblld waa enliTsly alon« ; inore ulons in 
bm wedded liXe perbaps tban she would bäY^been in the moDaatie. 
She was Biirrounded witb every apeciea of mtvterial Lndtilgencei 
daj ßfter d^y bor busband gD.Ye her nevr pÜeasures^ as pQOple give 
cbildrsn n&w toji ; if ehe had wiuhed for tbo impossible ba would 
bave endeavouied to obtam it foc her; but FriederJcb Othmar 
twice or thricB in bia burried ^Laita to Ämyßt had foond bor in 
eolitudä, aud Walking alone in tbe stately gardene os aitting alood 
in some Utile rustic temple in the woods, and th>Q &ct, thougb 
inBigniUcaDt eaouj^h, seom'od to bim i^ndicative of a loreÜDeai 
wbich would certaisly become ber fB;t«i ualeaa abe learned, as to 
many otb'er womeo bare learDed, to coofiole hareel/ for naglect by 

' And thfflt &he will not do,^ the öld man aald to bimaelf. ^ Sba 
i9 B pearl ; but a pearl tlifown, Mt befora awiue, but waated on a 
peseiiniätf an ennuydf fk d&licat whom Dotbin^ pleaaes except tbat 
wbich he cannotpoüfiosß.' 

Hb pitied her for what he foreaaw would befall her in the 
futiire, rather tban for anytbing- wbich troublsd her at that prä- 
sent tims', for altbough '^ag-uely conGcioua of a certain dtscordancie 
and dia^atiaf actio u iu her huEboiid'a life, Yseulte wo^, \a ber owa, 
(13 happy as a very younggicl cao be to wbom kiudliii&Bä Mama 
löfö and the exterpöl beouty sucrouüdiDg her appeare like a iovely 

Ofhmar left. her oFten to sbut himfielf in hi« lihrary, to lose 
him&eli in big foreaLa, or to go for the ailliirß of bia House to Paria j 
but hä was always gentle^ generous^ and Idad j he wb3 ey&a pr(^ 



diiral of cnrsGS&a to her, bocnnaei tbej epared "hini wotde in wIioh 
o.UeraDce' he feit himEelF untnie'; and if tlie reflox: of his qwh 
Badnesa füll at timea acxass her,Bi3lf, it beca-nie a tig-ht soft Bbadüw 
vithout Dama, äucb aa seQuiBd to suit 1>atter than uisra vulgär j>ojfl 
the silenco of th« gitrdetia rdI the grandeur of the courta, where a 
üfe of the past, opce so grögicm^j eo vivid, ao impasäoned m lore 
ftiid ao llg'ht in laughtar, had been eKliiiguiehed like B torch burced 
DDt in tliö higlit. A riabous of äxuberant h^ppmeBs "vrould uot 
hava ao well pleaaed her nnture, made earioaa bejond her year» 
whilfit yet BO mere a cbitd, by tlia paina of poverty, thö com^ 
panioDeliip of old age, nud tha siß-hts and eounäs of the eiega of 
Faiis. Tha loc^, ligtit» warm daya of spring and buiuiubt ab 
Amjät, witb all the flornl pomp around ber, aod tha cbjlCeau 
itscÜ riäisg, g'filden Bud ailvery in the "btüliant air, historic^ poötic^ 
fflagitiflceiit, BLFy ob a niRdrigal, martial aa sJt epiCj were dkys of 
BD ecatatic but of an »Iiaoat reügioua joy to her. 

' What hava 1 doiie tliat aU thia Biiuuld Romo to DJ0?' ehe Said 
ofteli ia her wonder and humility, and Ottmar Beemed ever to 
ber A3 a m&^cian, at wbose touch tbe biiara and bramblöa iti Iisr 
p&th hsd bloeaomfid like the almond and. the maj. 


WlTH Octobep daya an accidönt h9 he» boat crossett thö Lono 
watcr, wIibh llie ftutumn curront« wero rolling ätroög and widu, 
ferought OH the pTöinature delivery of a cliild, who barely brsatbed 
foT a few moments, and thea took witb bim into darlcnesa the 
hopes of tbe Maison d'Otbinar. Tho fury and tlio priof of Friede- 
neu Otbmar wero bo great tbnt they fsr aurpasaed tlie modamte 
regret hIiowd by bis aepheWj who appeared to him mtplaTsbly Citld 
and llttle moved sars by bis üytcpatbj with thö BOfrow of tb^ 
flhüd's yoiing mOtbäf. 

*Tau WQuld care, I believe, notbin^ if there were do ors to 
iucce^d you wh^n yoa die I ' eaid the eldej man wltb indJgiiatiDni 

Otbmar gave a gestürä öf inditTäfSllCB. 

*I bojw I should care for my eons as much aa most men cara 
for tbeire,' ha teplied. ' Bat the " auccesaioa " does not eeem to 
ine to be of vital importance. If yoti would only beliave it, 
wa are not HobenzolUma nor Quelfa, and eveo, tbey would be 
ea^y repkced, thougb perbapa Moltko or Wolfioley woiild not 
be Bu.' 

*Why do T, irdeeJ, care So littkP' Said Otlimar to hitcBelf 
when he waa aloDö. * I Am neitbsp inhuTnan nor heartleSa. I used 
lo be qmckly touched to aiiy Mnd of f©e]!iii(r; but the wbolö of 
^e Menm c<ud to ma^ and profitieBB. 1 was dry-eyed whüst thftt 


poor chlW wejit ovur tLftt littla,frail, w&icen body which wm k 
miicEi to her; wouM h&vä be«Ti so mucb to bur if it hsd Itved to 
lie od her breast. It ia tbe mnat pathetic of all poBsible tbinfra — * 
eirl atill sbcteen dorrowing J'or btiir □ffapriug 'wlikb Lu^ perübed 
oefoie it bad anv ^psrat» exiBtence ; ha9 diod before it Ij-ved ; and 
yet, I foal bÄrdfy more tban if I bad seaa & bird fljing round au 
ampty liest, or a brood qF leveiet« waüicg Id an eroptj form. I 
thiok she togk my heorC out of my cbeat tbat day *he fooläd mej 
and put ä atone ther a ■ ■' 

Bti nie^jit Naimg Napmxine, wtio rematned tbe oilb womfln oa 
tlia eartb tbr hira. 

A vODiac of uüBtable inipuläSB, of iDcolculable caprices, of an 
inSnitä intälligencs, of aa iDÜDite aa egotiem; »bsorbed in bereolf, 
flBve ßo fnr na hw mercilesfl eye» ncannud the wbole world a« 
f layera, wbilut ber ruLslidioiia taste found tbem tbt^ poOrest playera, 
and j udped tliem ineiorably fte dunc«e and a« focils ; a womtui who 
had traated tbe tmyödy flf Ina own pna^ion ha a mara Camady, and 
bad lietened to it serioiwly foc a tnomeiit onlj tfaa btstter to tum il 
into ieat, 

Yet tbe ohö woman upon eaith whom he adored, whoin ba 

For love iB fate, and wiU neitbei ba commanded nor goiiuüd. 


Wheh Yfteiiltö had reooTered «noup-h to tTJUvel, he took her to the 
ItRÜan lahea for awhile, to reatore hei to her u^ual health and 
ftrurg^li, Diid distract lier thnu^i^hts fiom wbat bnd befaU^n her at 
Amyöt. With the begiimiiig af wiDter they returotid, aud msda 
tlitfir boiDe for awbik in the great hotel of iJia Bouievard St.- 
Gvrmjiiii, "whiiib he hftted. arid -wherö he ioteoded to retnain for 
the briefeat lims that cculd eutlica für the fulHInwnt of those social 
diitie« of "which Friederich üthmar növer ceaSed to teOiind him, 
Thöre hifl mntheT'fl apartm^nl« bad bti;n prepared for hiawife, and 
ö\ety prace and attJ^actioa that the art and the taste of the day 
could add to ibem had ln^eu added, as thoup-h thö most Bolicitou* 
aJfecticiTi had pre^ded over tiie preparation of them. AJl the pre- 
fereticea she fand ahown in tlin country bad been remenibered aod 
gratiäed; wbatever Bbs' bad lüred best in colour, id lr«itiii4JDl', ia 
art, in flowers, in luarble, had been coDSulted or reproduced in 
PftFia ; and even a largy doff to whicb ehe Iiad taten a fancy at 
Amyi'it lind Ifcen bryiiylit tbi.'nce frum (he kuncela, and wa* lying 
before the fira when she eutfr(jdr 

A much ftldep and t'ar wisei- woman wouM have been peff- 
■uaded to believe, aa eb^j believed, that in all thla dclicate jtr^ 



wmanca fax her plea.-*area and her preferenrps tiie tendercst lov* 
had epoben. 3ba could not divino tb« eel -repmach of her hus- 
band'e conpcience, wbkb maiJe him ^enBiblstbnt be perrorcedenie'i 
her so much thfit WEw her due, and nisdy hjna proportioQfitelj enger 
to »tonfl for Uiat dt*EiaI! by every maturia] enjojmeTit ntld ciutward 
mark of aiTeclion ftrd of lioraRfB. All ttiasa who ßurroimfiod him, 
&11 hiß acriiiftiiitflndarf, hia hf.n^ehüldj and tiia dsperdeiiLg, imspined 
tbüt bfi löved hia yornig' wife. The peiaria wlio was m nowisa 
dfictiiTed was Friederitli Otlimiir, 

' lie U üb» a Sultan,' thoupilit the old man angrilTi ' a Sultan 
who loade the warnen of bis KPnana witb ropee of pearlR and 
«meralde ss big- M pigwoo'? egg^^, tbßt tljey may not perceivB thrit 
he ooly viait^ them twico a yearl' 

By the law öf the attrastion of Contr&stfl, there \it\A Krisen a 
Kiutuftl attachmeat betwaen her and Tttirtm Fpita : tue uuficnipu- 
loufl old luai], for whom a/j for Turcarot the wbole wotM waa 
composed of eharehöIdBra, feit more reveraoca &iid tenderneBB for 
Teeulte than he ever feit in bis life for anyone \ and aha, who 
orJy aaw his devoHnn to O^hmar, hia admimble Tnanneira, hia 
■hrewd wit, and hia patemiil kindne^ to lierself, crew fond of, 
and prateful to, hiiUr and woa wbolly ißnorant of tnat mercilena- 
neas and eolüabne^ wbich woiild bare immotated all manlnnd to 
tbe Service of lii& peiBOiial »rubitioDs, end to which tnU morolity er 
humanitj appearea aa abaurd aa tljey did to Fomiuet or to Tal- 

Friederieb Othmfir incesaantly atrove to inspire her witb hia 
own pasaion for ths Houeo he adorcd, and tbougEi he failed. hecaii?« 
sba was too tboronjzhly pntrician in all b«r instincta to eanilj 
welcome sucb iraprössions, and wa« more apt to ahare her hua- 
band^B diadäin for all such amhiliom, he did eiicceod in peisuadiiig 
her tbait ttie future cont-ent of Othmar Mmaelf woöld depeud on 
tb<} nitüt^uTe of the ii^t-er^t whick ho would ta^ in thoae gr^t 
fortunes of whicb he bisld the key. 

' Undetetand tbis, my cbild,' he would aay, ' a man in old a^e 
Dever fcirgiTOiS himaelf for the oocasiona which be haa let slip in 
youth ; and every man whö in yonth \b d^siBuvrf^, f^J^ f"'^ it 
hüflvily wben «ge hfw com«, Othr> ii^ a cl&ver biah, bnt he baa the 
aickneee of hia Century ; be is indifferent to everythinfj' {*even la 
yotil' he thoupbt iuiptitiently). ■• We call it the maiady of the 
time; I do not kuow that wä are rigbt. It exiated in Petroniiu 
Arhtter'B, but it bad no «listence in our irenjadiete forefaEhert*', 
However, you do not care for fibötract diaenflaiona; yoa Care. fnr 
Otbo* Weltj let na confina ouTBelvea to Otho. Nowadays, ha ia 
etil! a yOuii]^ man; be thinka be can alTord to deapLaa al3 tiilngs 
becAüse be has atrenglb, and health, und every fomi of enjoynirtnt 
acceaaible I.0 htm — tind. he is cei-tfiinly nck eonugb to play at 
cytüciHm »11 dny if it amtiM him most/ 

* He ifl no cyuic/ esid Yaeult«, quickly. 


Baron Fritz smited. 

"A little of AJceate, öorelyP Tou rond "Le Misaatlirope/ 

even at your conveatj I illIl^giLle? My dear cliild, people bIwbj». 
deElTä tLe fatetbcy h^va uat' Alfred Aq Vigny, witb aLBaLiteen 
quartonng^ wa^ älwnya in relK'ililiäD a^iDät tbä fal«^ or tliö |ioot 
g^DtlemEui i Otho, 0!i6 of Uie Eichest man in Europe, is ftlwnjj 
I^;^lIiDg iigaiDBt Lis ricbes 2£ a cbaiQ acd a speciea of diBlionour, 
Now, it ia for yoti to reconcila him to tham ; iC ia for yoa b> pe:^ 
euade him Ibat iu tha inter'Oata of hifl Houfie lie tboae occtipationa 
and oliligatiQUä wkich will not poU unon bim as be growa older. 
I Lavo knowji mea weRry of Idto mitf ploaBurc, but 1 tava neyer 
kconii tlieni weary of äjnbltiuli. Otlio bCöiHs Tulgac ambltioQfl^ 
"hat tLcirä ara tlioea whlcli Fifa uot vulj^ar, lii finauce, aa in lifa, 
thefö ia EOstRcdin^ still. In liia pieaent mood lie would be der- 
liglited U ruin war^ posäible to U6 ; it ü not priGcilile. Sliort of a 
Kuropean war that etould last ihiitj yeara, uothing caii härm U3 
much. Stilt, no (j^reat bouBe can long stand without a cbief wlto 
cares tbr its welfare aüd honour. Like Catbsrma II., "je lis 
Tarenir dana \n posää." A wisQ et^atcsinaa baa iiJiwaj>s tbe paat of 
tba World aprEiad out befort» bim Wka an ordnanca mo-p for bia 
j^uidance. So may we oko, in tha pa^t Li^toTy of euoh hoiiees aa 
OUT oTVitj 699 wbat has led to tbäir f ain, aod bo ^uida Ouraelvea to 
üTCiid thosä evila ia oiir own caea Now, notbitig baa been ao 
commooly tbe cause of ^<mA in tinanciAl eatablielimenca bs thöir 
bf^iuig amict^d wilh imprudeiiit or iDdiUerent members. Otho ia 
uot very oftea imprudeiit, but be ia eütirely üidiflerent. Cer- 
taialy/ coQÜuued tbe Biiroa, witU pnrdouabla pEide, ' tbe Maiaon 
d'Othnaar ig too aolidly efit&bliajiod, too ^atly important to tbo 
Tiublic liffi of IDuTüpä, to be eoaily imp^rdled by ft young m&n'iB 
loibläfi. Süll, I conriot disguisa from myaelf the fact that wli^o I 
•mno mora tberawül be no checlconbiä eccentiicitiea, noetimiilua 
to bia apatby. He will be ill served becauBä be will at onca ex- 
pect too much virtua from inen, and ühaerre them witb too little 
fiUspidoD. TLo ebip is aomid and aafo, and eure to bare fair 
wiuds, but if ibe man st bei heim be laadic^ fab« Horaco or bis 
La Brujere iOBtead of etceriog by lila cbart, tbe abip may founder 
in clear W3atli>&r acd calm ä^äa. You understaad me P ^ 

Metaplior wae very uDiteual to bim; be only condescended to 
iisb it für aakä of Making his meaning clöorer to tbe fsebl^Dcas of 
a. l'i^mmine mind. 

' Yea, I und&rätand quite wöU,' ehe rapliedj, witb a Uttle äali. 
' But I haye qo influence ; ha would tliißk me irapgrÜDent ; and I 
am aure oo one wül care for the honour of tha Houae more tnily 
than he.* 

' Commorctalily speakiog, tberQ arg two klnda of honoui,' süd 
Friedorieb Otbmar. 'The fantaatic oad Tiaioaary ona be -will 
alwiiya maictatHj but the practica] one, wbicb lies in doiiig your 
utmost for aE the interest« Ceatrod ia joore, ha wül neglect, If I 



were lo teil bim that wo muet collapsa to-marrow, he would give 
up eveiythiTig, down to hia pet editioa of Marcus AureiliuB, to 
Batisfy our debta ; bub if I were to tel] liim alao how many äaandal 
Kh^Eoea and cuaipaciss would fnll wlth tu, he "vrould ooly reply 
that the worlil would be esceedingly well rid of so m^ny ecoua- 
drele. Ilne bopour ia eaf^ß "with him, doubtless, but tfaä w^ITatq is 
Hot. 1 eliflll nob live fotever; I shaU probablj oolj live a vety 
fgw jears more. You must persiiade yoar huaband that hia trua 
dutiee and pleaflurea ml] lie in tboae KmbitioTie wliicli bie fathera 
have beque&thed to him. I know tliat he and yoti would lika to 
«xtinguiali tlie House of Othmar fiuauclally, and dwell at Amyöt 
wilh DO rememhiancB of the world. That lä a lover^ä drGam. My 
dsar^ Bimplicity and aolituds ar& imposdble in our Qocietj ; a ahep- 
faerd'a peace U not attainable ty a maa wbom tbnj world doösoe, 
If 1 were to dWto-moiTow, and Otbo to römaitl bA lodilfeTeDt tö 
hiaowQ iaterests aa he i9 now^ all thnt I have don«, aU ibat hia 
predecessora have douej would crumblB away in ten of twsiity 
TßBTS lilcB Bo muich eoft eaddiataiia in a SUilCf'^iOti of wät wintere^ 
Ha would not reseat it now, but wben he ehould be fifty yeare old 
he would reaent it bitterly; he wotild never pardon himself. It 
ii from this posGibility IhAt your infiuetice must protect him.' 

She heBitaled, vLCh a blui^h upon her face. 

'I hara no inäutiDCB/äho eaid timidly. 'Ha koow& &q mach 
better, bo much more tUan I ' 

'Obtaia iafluence over him,' said the oldmancurtly; 'forif 
you do not) eomeone elae will, Key) my dear j parJon me ; do not 
'd« haft by my pLäiu epeakidg-. äueh mnii a& Otho arg alwaya 
iafluBaced by women; he flboiUd be eo now by you; ha will be sd 
if you will leave oft" worahippin^ him timidly, malEing bim yaur 
law and youc religion, and realiea that tou. are an exquisitely 
loTely womaD, with miad cnough Eofe to ba tbe mere toy o£ auy 
man, You are veiy young, it \ä tiue, but you hara fpown tea 
yeara in a few moittho. You must remember that to be in lovs ia 
very apreeablo, no do übt, but you »tb not bia mistrcfig^ yoii are 
bis wiTs. You muat not tbink only of the inim^diatß mament, buC 
of tlio far future whoii be wiH not be in lovo wilh you, ma bdk, 
nor you with him, buE Tivben yott may Htili iodasnca lim tiObly 
^d wisely, ftüd he may üud bi you biä gafeat friend/ 

Yaeulte listeDod, with a llttle aig-b. 

It B«ömed to her as if all bor bappy illusiona were ia&ing winj;, 
like the ^up of amoriiü which flpw away from a weepmg nymph 
OD tba cedin^ of bor room, which had beeu painted by Boiigereau, 
Tbay were aeated ia one of her owo apartnients, e, very bower of 
prioirosea aqd whito lilac, panoUod in tlio Louis Selsä ^ylo'j witb. 
&rageFeau'B charming cbüdren in gTOUps WltMn each pausl 
tbove tha satin oouches. Detween the ciirtaicta, there wän 
g^limpMfl through ibe Windows of the cedars and weitmgloDiaB of 
the gaideno. Without, it was a ckiUy winters Aw.j, but withiiip 


||94|!|W1U Ml «uruninr. Indliiw wtlh sdft Coloiir, frftgr&tit witll 
iDUDinerable llowers; aven tothia Rreai iißtel of Üie BuuIöVftrd St.- 
Q^rmnin, wiiich bd.d alw&Te menied to Otbmar the raost opprea- 
aive &ud dct^Mable of all hls manj ninnBtan^, the adr«nt of 
y^eult» b&(i brougbt a ^nc-e and li^Jit und Bweetness &a of ;oun^ 
aiid iDitoceut liTe, a clianu of home> to thoea eploadid tmd d«.in]atfl 
«uiteB of roome. Bwr doge ky on tlie bearth, her voice called the 
pencocliBi in ibe loutily gardeaa, bcr «cores of Beetbov^D tud 
Schiibrrl And BeHlüS luy flp«n Oti the ^p^nd pianoa^ Kv«ii tha 
loük of Ihe (T^BAt bouqiititä in ttie Japanentt bowle snd the jnra of 
äax6 KDd 8eTT«B was dilferent : her bard b&d added a rose tliere, 
ft fern bere ; tbey -wen» flowere Tvhicb w«re tbere Wause she 
lor«d tbem, not odIj becauae they Nrved for decoratiom ^^uped 
b; »kilful eervanta ae mere maaaeä of colour, Tiiti great liouse, 
«ombre in its IJourboti atateüneufl, miieroiJicent in ita ftrtlutectnra, 
but opprusaive in itd too coRticual diaplay of weoltb, -wus na 
longar ' uii^ niaLeon aana musiqutj, luie rucbe ssm alieilles ; ' it hod 
gabed a charm whicb was imue the Itnes porceptible tecftusie nn- 
defioabla and impalpable« aa t1ie scent of t»a-roses in tbe tall 
Bfevr«?ÄJ&r». But Friedericb Othniar W48 more ^naible of tliia 
thaü was tho pDsäBsSfir of tJie houae ftnd of her. Friöduricb 
Othmar, ivho had lived for fifty yettra and mors wilbout perceiF- 
ing tbat he \\u\ never had, or wishwd to haTe, a home, perrei'red 
thjit bis nephew had one and acurcely apprecinted it. rrjediTich 
OtlirpftP bimself becaiue suddeDly aüve to the pleasuTe of finiiinp 
BomL^it hing honifilike iii that citr/ierof I10F boiidoir where abe drew 
» JapADäfiä i^creäii betweeiL bim and tlie drnuirbt from thä 
Windows, brought liim hie cup of greön ten, and lietened with an, 
interaet fresh and uiiföi<.riied to hia anecdotes, bis remlDiaa^Dce«^ 
and hia coutiisels: but Lc' found OtbniBf tbere lesa oftea than he 
would Lave wialied. 

' Me will bt! frlad of tbat (vin rfi* /cu floma day,' h© thou^bt 
■Hj^ily ; annoved üjy a neglect which Yseulte htirgelf did Dot 
perceivo. Sbe had been used to aoUtude; ^he wriö Eeither tmo 
HOr ^xactiug^ ehe undurS'tood tbat eveiythln^ could UOt be iD 
Paris aJtogeLher rs It had beeil &t Ainy/it ; aüd if übe gave a sifrb to 
that tueeeasity, ehe bravwlj and tranquilly Eicc^pted it. The grent 
vorld was nbout her wilb its dpinande, itä aolicitations, ilA 
tyranniüa ovef liuie And thmu^bt; fibe had little leieure for raedi- 
tation ', tha Couintös« Otbcaar coald cot eficape the eocial obli^B" 
tione of her position or avoid its cerenioniea and ita courte»iee. 

She remained much graver and Fimpler thaa her contenip 
porarifla were; ehe cared for nonö of the noiay HOUbsnmeQts of 
modern fEt^hion ; the worlil of pleasure seemed to her, on th» 
^rbolBj a Utile TiilpiT, n little tirn&rimö, (latonishingly monötonoiiA, 
eren in ita feTeriah f^tarch fpr ibQ untriad and tlitt ätartling^. But 
at tbe samo timo she coula not eäcape from ita detnande, and tbeir 
bffects lipon her, aiid tlio couneule of Friederieb Othmar ioceaaantlj 



nTDicded her thataheconld best aerve the lionour of the namfl 
jbe bore b; makiu^ Eim>pe odmire Bod praise li^r. It waa ■ 
counsel which cootained t^e eeedä kä daager ; but be read iier 
ohtu-acter arigbt, 

* Vulla iine qin He ra^cndera jajnai&,' »aid fha BaroD to bimeelf 
in hia töBpue of tlie BuiileTards. Ito waa itifinitely proud gf, and 
detifz-hted witli lier; he ga-ve her Tli« moet inftpnifiisent pteBent«, 
bou[;hr her tbe rarest ot'jewfiils. Lle accompanied her con^tatitlj 
in her dr'wes and to tbe opar», and evea in tbe Tieits which ahe 

' It ie Baron Fritz wbom Otbm&r^fii marriage haa Tefonned I ' 
■aid ft pietty woiaanj wlia bad lung coDaidüTed tbe silver-liAired 
fin^ncier aa her owa esijecjal prey. He tuok a patermü plenauja 
in th.B adniiratioii wIiiE?h the rara patrician grnces of tlia girl 
Awoke in tbat taut Paria whicb hä bad long CODuderäd thä law- 
giveroftbe univeTaa, 

' If jou bttd been Marie Äntoiüötte, thera might baye been. no 
MToIutioti,' he Said jeatjngly to hef. *Tou wouldnevBT hav4 
'Sirläd with FaiiBon, ncir would jou h&va plsyäd at ehö|ih'ärdeflaiiig, 
or wom a mask in tliä Palais B^ijal/ 

' I thiat I «bould only have tbougbt öf France,' she answered. 

* Wbich wQuld not have provented you from going to tbe 
guiUotine^ I dareiSRyr' saidtbo Baron, * flationa are tbe conceu- 
tratad di»tillation of tbe ingrii.titude of mec. Tbere is ouly otia 
tfaing w^bicb one can alwaya count on witb ab^'^obita COl'tsintjj 
Süd tbat ia, t^iä gCcerol and lüdividual tbnnk1es»ce£a/ 

Notbiag was furtber fiom bis Üioufrbt& tban to cloüd over tbe 
tnint, confidenc^, and faith of her innoceDt optimiem. He epoke 
aa h« tbought and fislt, and oa a long' esperiencd of manMnd bad 
tftup;bt bim to do, without reftectitig that be dropped the bitter- 
p^j^ of giUt into a fab and limpid eprin^, wbicb bad boe^q nctbing* 
ttbuve ite watere e&ve tbe wbite lily-cupe and the blue lieayena. 

' She ■will ba robbed rig^bt and laft endlessly if eba b» pot 
taugbt a little mistruet,' he said ta Othmar biniaclf, ^ho replied; 

* Let her be robbed of efletytbiü^^ ralher tban of her iüusbnfl, 
TbiB \s tbe only loss from wbjcb wa never recover.' 

' Wbat an absurd ideal ' tbought tbe Baron, wbo bad never 
cheriehed any iUusionfi ät All, and bad found lifä excäedlD^ly 
entertAimn)!: and enjoyable witbout tbfiin. 

Tbe pTHCtica) mind can no tuotö undäiatand the regrets of tba 
meditative one tban a manufactiirer, ependiiig bis daya by chciica 
ämidst tiliB roar of eteam vbeels aod tlm Klägers of a coiintiri^ 
boQBe, cao anderatPind tbe artiefa augmiüih -wben be ib abuf up im ■ 
City f^arnat whi^nee bo caniiot sen a ^unsf t or a suarij^e« 

' The woea of tbe body, 1 grant^ may bo too mucb for one'i 
philöflopby,-' the Baroii was woüt to say. ' Witb tbe goiit, or uen- 
ralgia^ or »ciatica, 8eneca'ji .seif migbt tail to T&iain aeremty. Jiut 
tb» soiTow» of the ematioDB or of tbe imaginaCioii a» Bo'6titir«J.y 



tfctitioua tbat anyonäj liy thß eXGfciaQ of a llttle fielf-COIltrolj DtIkJ 
put them oäLdä completöly,' 

* Whttt I Even the loescfl of death P ' objficted some one onca. 

The BüTOD emiled : 

' Dcath cariQot slTect 7011 rery greiittr unleaa you bava abcadj 
SDEOiuitted an ut of uDwiedom — Üint i», liave already alCaclifia 
yourself to some other life tban your own/ 

'Tlien wbere is loye P ' Bttid nia interlooutor, 

' When it hu Alw&ye been,' aaid Friedericli Otbmar, ' düäSj 
{n tbe Moses, partiiüly m tha mmj^infttion. When we bavä botn 
tbe aen&efi and the imagiiiatloD under tha control of our tamperate 
indgiDHEt, it e&iiTiot disturb uü oerinusly. In my youtli, and even 
ID my maturity,' he contiaucd, with complacaacB, * I Lave dallied 
with IdtC' aa well as 'Otbar ihbd, but tlie momcat that I feit that 
any oce pasaioo wa* likclj to exerciöo uudua inHuence uitou me, I 
withdrew myaulf from it. To break a cliaiii is düiictUt, but aever 
(0 let it be furg^d is euay/ 

He thougbt it bia duty to put bJa young favourilo 00. her 
gnavd eigningt all the dci^üptionH aiid deluBiocs wbioh tbe tvorld 
pTOpäres for ite noTiet'S ; be told h^v mucb more tbau ber biiabaol 
would havfi doua of all tbe intricaciee and meaningfa of Uie Taried 
Ufa wbicb was about her, give her the kej to maiiy of Lta Becietay 
tnd tb« hidden blo^aphiea of many of its personales. 

*■ You are in tbe world, you muat underatand tbo world,' be 
aaid to her; 'if not, it will be a mere labyriutb to you, and you 
■wtH bo l{jBt in it. You naed not becorae a moncJnin« with your 
heart, but you must bc^com« OQS with your b^sd, or tbe tium^atnc» 
wül devouryou. It ia not nieceaeary tbat you ehould gnmblö 01 
Bwear or g^t mto dobt for your pettjcoata, as they do; but it is 
necesaary tbat you fibould underatand tbe eociety of your tima. 
At Amyöt you may be a young saint, as lleaven ineant you to be, 
but in Faria you muat bo abls to bold your own a(!;iiiiiat tbofie who 
■le tbe rererae of Baiuts. Otho ou^ht to teacb you all tbb him- 
Bölf, but he will not, eo you must UstMi to loe. I have Hot been 
to eugTCSeed m tbe gold marki^t all my daya tbat 1 do not Lnqw 

la haute ffommedovfütQ tbe gT'^iQ'i- lü »^ leieure I hava al- 

ways gope into tha world : the boiuloir ot a prefcty woman is 
atwaye mucb mOre araüsitig ihüSl A card-table OP a pifltol-gallety 
L'£cole des Femtnes ifl tba one to whJch every wißa mau goö.' 

He paueed, witb a consciousness tbat ha uad bettar not pursiia 
tbat theme. 

' My cbild,' be nsumed, as tbs carrlags rolled down tbe Boia, 
' you are not aeventeen ; you aro in love with your buäband ; you 
»wBop yoiir eoaacienca every moraing with a palm-leaf to nücka 
eure tbera ia no Httla film of n cobweb left in it ; you tbink Ufa 19 
Bucb a simple and beaiitiful tbing- tbat you have ouly to ^t up 
and go to bed aa tbo BUn doea. You hear qiiantitifis of compll* 
menta, bat jou pay dq attention to tbem ; jou are altogetber u 



Innocont as a Qowar, bti'I you are quite exquisite Jike Lhflt — it euita 
yuu ; biit, nll 4ba same, you CBimot go od like that for e^Qi^r Men 
miglit Ict jauj for WB ara not Gib black aa we arG p&inlod, liüt 
women will Dot. It ia frooi woiuen that youT eorrowe will come, 
th&t jour perception of eTÜ will come, tbat your enemies will 
come. Satan, pardon me tbe word, would t&ke off hb iiat to you 
BJid poaa bj oo tlie otliGr sids^for Le, too, ia DOt aa black aa he limt 
■faeeu pamted, But women will not feel what Satan would feel j 
they are Dllicli more liard to toticli. It ia women whom jqti muet 
try to underatand ; you can aiiaJy.3e withaut imblbing, aacliemigta 
do poiaöna.' 

• Mußt one analysa at all ? ' aaid Yseulte, * little wiatfuHy. 

Sach abrupt and famili;ir alluBionfi to Satan diaturbed the awa 
in whicli ehe n%d been reared at Fajicl ; but ähs was growing' uaed 
to the percaption tbat all the thinga which ehe held most aacred 
were mera MotEier Oos^e'a tales to the world in g^eneral, and to 
iinderstand why her cuuaiü Clalhildö, who had her emblazonsd 
chair at Sa Pbilippe du Route and occxipied itao re||-uljirly^ and was 
BD heedfiil allLent to wear the atHeteet mouroiDg coetume without 
R ehrtid of lacß^ bud yet not a grain of real religion in bar. Sbe 
iegan to compräb&nd wbat BlaDch«tte bad meant by aE her 
yaptürouB felicitationa, and Böraetimea the proud and austere young 
Boul of ber was bnmiliated to thiuk tbat these mcra materi^ 
pleasnies should have any ettraction for her: ahe feit tbat her 
^a,ndmotber'£ a^etic and haughty teaching^ would have con- 
dämued such joya a& mundane aud vulgär. But the pleasure of 
tbem vvas tbere, nev ertheleea, and fihe wna too bonest in hör self- 
anHlysis t-o di^dinu^tß before her [»nBcieoCe. Unworldly aa tem- 
peraoiönt and educätioD alike made b^r, Yseulte w&s feminina 
fiDüu^h and acceaeihle enoug-h to euch Tauitlea for all tha poaaa&äiona 
into whioh abe enteTsd to amusa and pl^ase her with their novelty 
and tbö Mnae of power whith ttiey gave. Sba waa but a cHld ia 
ysai-s, and the larga houaeholda di^ferentid to heraligbCest word, 
the grand equipagee ready for her whim and fancy, the beauliful 
tpr&es wMcb oora her with the fleetneaa of tha wiudf the T4at 
houses througb whicb ehe eould waadeT, consciocis tbat ahe waia 
tbe miatress of tbttm oll, tbe innunierable beauüea of art which 
tbßy cont^ned, tba cnsliets and cqHbts füll of jewela and bauhl^aji 
all th^se thicga beguiled her timä and gratified tbat pride which a 
very young girl alwajs feeJa in tbe sudden nßBumption of woman- 
boöd. She began to ucdeietand why aU her conipaniona at Falel 
had tbought her so foctucate. Hör seriou» and apiiitual natura 
made her feel a little aabamed at fiiuding so mucb mtereat in such 
Mrthly tretieure&; inhersclf-exaniiniitioasha reproved heraelf, aüd 
almöst ccntemnad batsalf, But fhc wßä too joung not ia taka 
auch irr^gisliblc- deligbt in s^V^ ihem tbinga as a child t^ea in 
hucterHiea or poppiesi it waa d«lightful to aay 'I wiab/ and to 
ees her wiahea accompliahed aa \sy mopi: ; it was cbarming to givs 


awi7 rif^fat n.nd left, u oiit of ■ bottomleRS purae ; it wba Amusirg; 
fco comiiijind, to conttir, to be repiirdetl eis a source of nl] fiivoura 
ard all n>rtuue, ob tlie peonle of Anijdt and tlio ht^iiüebold of Puria 
Kfrardüd bar. In time, tne dvlicacy of her ta^ite, tbe «enoutme«* 
of lier iottvlliffence, mij'bt probal»ly malje tboc« poaHoasäona and 
privile^BE palL on lier ; m tima eho w^oiild fiee fijrcOpbancy \rfaera 
the tiow 8IIW ouly di*Töt«on, tind gro« weary of a bj-ftlty only 
ronu>d in Bf^ir-inttiro&t; but, &t tbe onset, life was to ber lUiä' ■ 
fftiry Btory, her Empire was ouä on wbich the aun nttrer Bet and in 
whicli tbe sprin^-tim« ntr-rer wansd. 

Otlimar D«var aaid ouie wonl wbich could bave BQired to dw- 
encbant her. CDUaeioua that he could not ^tq bor aH iIib Htiigle- 
nesa of love wbicb wns ber due^ 1ib PtriYo to ntone for any wrong 
ba did Isr bo by multiplyinp around ber every physical gratiÜcn^ 
tioD, and ^vinj^her nn uolimited power of eeir-'iiidulgeDC». 

In thig new life elie wm llke a chüi who etanda amidat the 
b^vtldermetit qf ita crowd of New Y«ar presönts ; sometimes aht 
tllotiglitof hBiasIf &9 filie bad l»i3a six: monthsi before, sittin^in tbft 
ihftdows of tha stowe cloistere st Faisl, in her duat-coloured cocveut 
frfwit, witb tbe blua rLbbon Qf in«rit crnaamg- her breast snd soma 
hoty book open on ber bands, -with a kind uf wond^rin^ ]>ity and 
itrani^en^efle, and a sense of "being heraelf tar, v«Ty far, away &om 
>ny kiDfihip witb tbat ead ^rey üj^ura. 

Tbat %n littlö of opotisra waa arou&ed in her in this bot-homw 
exixliitire wbicb abe \v4; was due to thu ^aiieriDäity and eiinplicity 
of her instincts, oü wbicb the cniitagian of w^orldly iiifluehiiea hod 
little powBT. To eend a ailvsr cracitii to Faiel, or a piece of tina 
laca to Nicole, still gave ber greater pleoflure than to wear her 
«wn ßreat diamonds or eae the crowde iu tlio ChampB ElyH^ea look 
mii«r hur öimAge witb itfl liTerie» of black v**lv(ät and white salin. 

MenDwhile Bbe had tba uaTural ft!<eliiig ot <>very uneelßab and 
g^eneroiia oature, tfaat ber life was not füll enun^L of tbon^bt for 
«theTS. It wng dJfficult for her at her age to koow what to do, so 
va to carry oaC tboäia tliL-ories of B«lf-ßacTißce wb>ch trainkig' and 
tempemins^Tit alik« innde a felig^ion to heT. 

Friwdpricb OthmaT, wban he dLscoverwl thifl» told ber, witb enta^ 
impattBDce, that tbe Houae of Othmnr alwaya did what WH 
■fiXiioctBd of it in Ihis respect, ftltd that ila wömen hiid no occBsion 
ta troublo tlieir heads with »ucb matteTs. 

* WhöreTer we bave been located w& hava alwaya been good 
eitizenp,' he eaid, witb truth. * We bave alwaya bniufl oiur duf»| 
•bare of puMic expgiidituio or public aima^iving ; perh^ps raora 
ti^an DHf diie share. Myself, I Delieve tbat all tbat sort of cLaritj 
■1» a TftBt mistake. It 18 int^HJded aa a wp to tbe wolves, but yoa 
C*iiant fi?ed wolvea on aops, Tbey will olwaye want yoitf Mood] 
bDWPTer they inny ück wp your mega/ 

Yeemlte retm^uiböred tbat S. Fvaiicift had proved tbat eron 
volvba luay Iw tanied iato »ffäcticHii and useTuluesaj but tboiurb 



■faiQ bp-Hsved firmly in tliat lepend, aho h^sitsted to put it forward, 
erSD na ar allt^g^oryj Jis evidcncB ag'tiiuFit t:bD »rij^himeiita of the 
Baron, yb« did mit lanli tonnige, nof eveti thai, Iriifwt cnumge, 
tfaa courage of opiiiiufi, liüt shö had tepn reaieii in rlie old tradi- 
tions ai bigl) brtteding, which malte coDtradii^tioii a vulgarity.and, 
ftum ihe youti-^ to tbe old, an oil'ence. 

'I hope jou wiU Dot niEike Tourael/ into a Bort of Judilh 
Monteßore/ contmued the Baron uritatily. ' We are not Jtwe, 
Jeva muet do Ihot bind of tbiog to get tliemsylveB tolernf^il. We 
Cotlld foTgive them tbu Orucifiiiaitj tut we cannot forj;ivB them 
their percenta^e. Thoug-h "wß Kne niit JewB, ütho lia& alfeAdy 
done Horae QuJiötic tlüßgä in the Motneflore faaliion. I hope yoH 
will DOt eacourAyt) liim to cöotiauß them.' 

' Teil TQä whnt they were/ fihe said, with the ligbt in her eyee 
aad the colour in her face. 

' Not I,' B&id the Baron ; ' I mach prsfer to ae6 bim nnoking i 
Lordr&fl at the Jockey/ 

'Had he ever any very great BnrrowP'aba ventiirad to ask. 

' Nnrme, my dear, but wLat lie cboss to malca für liimaelf,' re- 

flled Priederich Othmar, with contempt. ' Do you renLeoiher 
oubert'ü ri^et that he could not write liia thoug'htB on tha barh 
of tre<?9 by ini-riely looking nt thom ? — well^ ütho's (piefs ato racich 
BB baseLesa. As if,' ha added, ' iL» if tbere wträ any reol grifif in 
the World— wtcept the jeout [ ' 

' He ja like Obermann, Ute Amiel,' ehfi ßaid timldly. She had 
read paa°&4^ in the volmoeB of thoae dreamy and isolat^d thinkom 
in the library of Amyöt. Friederäch Ütbmnr »hrug^ed liia &hoiil- 
dsre ; thoae iiames higniiSed to him the vttry low^t dufips of human 
ineptituda and fully. 

' Mail wbii w^ere bo afraid of disuppoiEtmeiit and diäilünaiotl 
tiüit ihev would aEow themsulvefl to eiijoy nitthiug I It w<}uld be 
Kfl reaBoiiabls to let oneself die nf aturvatinTi &a a preventWe oF 
dysp«paial Such mva do not tbliik ; thuy anly moon. TliU'ca.ltle 
that he and f^se und«r the treea hava medi'HLliunsriiiit« aäuaeful. 
My chüdj' he addtjd, ' would you be wigo or fcoliali if you thrww 
all your diaciDDda lato the river in anger b6cau,9e they wave not 
ataraf That is whftt your huabaad does with big Ilfe. You muat 
Ifam to ptifBuade liim that tha stara are uniLttabable, and tbat 
the diaDiüida repreeaut a very fttir and frultful kin^oiD if nnt the 
powara qf the air.' 

Yaeulte eiyhöd -wifitfullT. 8be vaj^iely fcH that it was not 
witbin büF meana to recoticüa him wtth the world and fate; she 
had not the ma.^\c wand. 

'I am alwaye in draad/ continut^d tba Baron, 'that you, with 
your religioua ideas, and he> with his impatienca of bia pnsition, 
^rill do Bomethii]|r BjtrHürdinary and Qui-totic; will turn Wi 
PbaramOtid luto a maitvn de eanf^, or ibia botel iDt«^ a Itizar^ltouSa 
for cvtcvr. 1 eJiaU nevn} ba aurprieedatanymtdnefis of thatttort,' 


Teeulte siglieid & liltle. 

' Buij, tberg is tlio mlaery of tho wotM b11 BTouDd UB,' sbe 
VenlurL'd tö Boy ; * if wo could alleni&te xi, would it Dot 1» wortli 
Aoy BÄCrilice P ' 

' Mj deoT,' Äftid Baron Fritz, ' wKen Napoleon gaTiö thö opium 
at Jifla, ha cLid more to alleviste eutlering than all the pbilan- 
tbropieU liave evec doue. Yet it hu been alwBjs brongbt o^inat 
Lim OS tib worst actiou. I went ooce, out of curioaity, to Bee tbe 
IiicuralilBa at the hospitRl of la Salpetrifera. Well, if fiilsa 
B^ntimQDt did nqt prevetit the tri^atmeilt h la Jaffa taliinj? place 
tli$K, an itlfißitude öf bideoufi suJIsrio^ aui <if liideous dafiDrinlty 
would be mürelfallj ended. But the world is bo sentinDieclal thst 
it will Gend eevernl Lundred tkousaud of ^oung and befildij men 
to endure all kttida of tortures in •vai for a question of frontiärf 
Kit B matter of oätional eüquett«, ^ut it eateems ib unlawful to kill 
icüotfl or drii^ to doath lUCUiubleB cursed with elapbajitiaals ot 

YtteuUe'a clear eyes grew troubled ; these Tiawa of life wctb 
perpleiin^ to Ler. At Faiel elM Bucb coutrOidLctioDfl had boen 
Bimply occept^ oa ordain^ uuder ooo unquestioned Find divino 
Uw ; tbe conToreation of FriedeTicli Othmar deprcaaeJ and be- 
wilderad her, but obe could peic^iva its i-ea&oü. it mada hef 
reÜect ; it made bar mora of a womaD^ Icab of a cbUd. II* 
thouf^lit; that waa (ar th« best. If sbe were not gducated in scme 
worldiy knowledge, tbo worid wouli niake an öaay prey of her. 

■ Otho troata her &s if sbe iv«<re an ivory madoniÜBa 'wbo would 
remain aloof on ao altar all herdnjä,'heeaid toawoman be kuew. 
' On tbe contrpiry, ehe je a beautii'vü creature, about wbom nll thö 
World will buzz and eting lÜro beos about a lily, She must be 
tfliugbt not to tbfuw steay ter boiifly. Sbe la jüaE now in tbö 
clouda ; ahe ia very mucU in Iotö with a num wbo ie not in Xov^ 
fritb ber; ehe \s füll of ideals and imposaLbla ee^ntinients. She is 
half a cbtld, half bü angel ; but ta hold h'Sr own in tbe Tvorld aha 
miist be soniotbiug eise — aot so angellc and not so cMldiah — and 
Bbe must learn to eatcom people at tlieir valiie, wbich ia for tbs 
moet part very ewalL It would be eTeo well if alie could aee 
Otho as hä ia; ehe would take lifo more easily, Sbs would sot 
be Qo lilieHv to fßU hectdlong from a heareu of adoration into a 
atgiio well of dJeillusinn. Xrutbs lire Eit tbe bottom of tbesa 
wella, HO dotibt, btit tbey aP6 not a^reeable, äiid tbey givB a ahöck 
to eansitive people. A woiaan ie prottier wben ahe is Beaätiüfe, 
It is Uke piety or cbaiity — it ia an ea^nüally faminine omamsntf 
but it \a not a quality wliich wenrs well.^ 

Hia friead läugbed. 

' Do y QU think Ütbmiir ivill tliflulc you for so educating hiawifef * 

• Hö bas iiever thaaked me ibr anytbiog tbat I have done/ ha 
renlied,. * But that dose not ijrevent me fiom doing what I ooa* 
Huar ia mj duty, or ia moet wiäe/ 



'Siiy wisdom.'retumed thelady. 'TlmteuitiayoabBHcrtlianduty. 
Duty 13 ridicuIouB if you do not let ifc bon Dien poee behind it.' 

* 1 know people say soj' angwered tlie Baron ; * bat it iB only 
an idea. In pTiictic&l lii'e ä^aostica utid disljelieYGl? of evOry sort 
maka Juet aa good Citizens aa tlie pietifite.' 

With the fiecond week of December thera was o. great BocitiX 
«veot ia Faria. Tbe Hotel OtEimar waa opened to tlia norld. 
'The g-ates of Joauä uncLose,' eaid aue Trho deemed Mmf:e!f a wit 
in olluaioo to a war, tbeii io embryo, into vboEa comception and 
geetation the goH of the Otbmar wb3 coDsidered to eutcr äargi^ly. 

Tbä BqulsTs-rd St.-QeriDaiii andi all ita approaches were like 
riTCTfl of light, ftüd the saand of carri&ge wheelB w^a like the roU 
of ortilleiy. 'Tout Paria 'flocked thero, and eTen tba F&übourg 
diadained nob topassthrouglithose imB9en8aga.teaof gildedbronze, 
which were cickuamed of J&nue, nnce the mistreaa of the ealona 
within waa by birth incoii'tBstibly a Oomteeee de Valogne. 

'Tiena, tieiiSr tienaL' murmured Aurora de Vannea. 'Ia it 
ptMaibls (qt twelvQ moctha to have ao chau^d »^klte into a 
goddesal Eeally, ■ws wera aU wroDg", and Otlimiir was rigbfc. 
We »11 lbou(?ht her ^ pauvretU, to be put away iq a holy lioiise ; 
he had the eense to seo that ehe wöiild beoome Superh, fißd wöuld 
sat htm rigbt wifch ßU thß Faabourg. Tha Fauhour^ was alwaya 
weU inclinod to him, becaitse bis grandiBotheT waa a da Soisaona* 
Valette, btit hia marriiigQ h&s m&de him ane of them ; he ia 
defiTiiteij placed for ever. Really, 1 uever gnva him credit foi so 
much foresight wheo he sent that irory cadtet. I thoug:ht it was 
ouly 8 caprice.' 

*Othmar careanot a ßtraw fortheFaubouig/saidherliasbaüd, 
Out of thö pure fipirit of contradictioüj. ' Hu will Sever giTS biß 
inillioTia to carry on a Holy War ot restore tbe throca. He is 
moie ILkely to dieam of a gietit Weatem emptre witli Ita capital at 
the GoldecL Horo. Ho ia a SlaTophile.' 

' He ia whoUy indifi'ereqt to politic« ; it ie Baron Frita wbo is 
tbe polit.ical Cüngpirator/ i^tmned tba DacbeS&B. ' Otho ia a mero 
dre^amoTj and ha used to be a discontented ona. Ferbape ba is 
DOt 8o now,' 

'He does Bot loölt ßspecially bappy; she doea. I confesa I 
fihöiild bo sorry for him to becomo contented^ thö contemplatioa 
of his diacöEtent haa ativaya reconciled me with having nothing 
myaelf/ aaid a great diplamadat, whofa debta were aa coiiäiderabla 
is his taknta, 

'If he ha not conteoted * hegan tba Duc, and panaed, con- 

Bcioua tbat for him to aay Buythiiig except a jest of nny mArtiag^ 
Undar the avm would appear eupremety ridiGvJooa to hia com- 
pniünä, Yet hia admiratioQ for Yesulte was Dot daTnin.nt, and 
took a stnll warmer charact«T as ba saw her ia the grands ttnue of 
a woman of the» world, with the Othmar diamomda, long famoua 
ftjiid long uuaeen, on her fair hair and her white breast. 



her cousme in Uint ms^ficeat hocso: ebe had had an innocent 
triumph IQ flliowingbow well ahe could fiUlho juirtof awomnnof 
tba World ; eha ffclt Hko a chJld who hns plnjed a queaü's ppirt in 
»nme patfeont, And pkjed it Weil} eontethmg' of ibe iiiBidioua 
cliAnn of tha World lind" IwgiiTi to eteal on her; Homötbing of it ~ 
vantty and of its rivalry hnd Ijegun to attract her ; — very litUei'' 
for her nature wna t'xi proud, too pure, aad too BBrbua to yifild? 
eaailj to thaee temptatiDCB, but »oaietbiD^ nevertbeless. Omj : 
yet her one dominaTit tbouglit was of bim in it all, Had be also' 
"been canteat ; had tlieie beeö notbiug- tha( be Could bave de&iieil 
fllherwisB ? 

She turnod witb a eniiler bft^ timid etlU, as be knaciked at the 
daoT and entered her Chamber. Her attundants witlidrew at a 
Ngn fi^im him ; he took bar in hLa arma and kissed her. 

' I tbank you for sU jour triiunpbs, dear,' be iaid kbdlj. 
* IThey are mine.' 

' Öid I really do well P ' ehe said doubtfnlly, but joyfuUy. 

* Ftirfectly, pcrbaps nlmoat too well ; Paria will t^ too much 
of you.' 

* I forgot Dotblrig P ' ehe aaked, BtUl anziotiely. 

'You forgot nnthing, nnd you looked — ^much too beaiitifiil for 
mea ^uiekly to forgive ™e! No, dear^ I do not fiütter ycmj 
flftttpry woiJd be absurd from me to you^ I teil joiithe aimple 

'I am glnd,' ebe said slnjply^ 'for I ba^e notbing eise to 
reward you wjtb for aU you havö giTen to me.' 

Sbe Bpobö fibyly, for ebci wae alwaya in awe of him s littla. 
Her arm, uncovered to tbe eb^oulder aß tho loosa folds of the 
Bleeve feU awny from it^ atole timidly about liiö throat; ia all her 
careases tbeia waa the be&itatiqn of a proQd cnd deücate nature 
blent witb tbe lotigtiig of ftn ardent Iövö. Habit had not 
familiojrised her witb tbe relntion in wbich he Btood to her; the 
brutaliäng intimacy of marriHge had not dwarfed or dulled her 
ideal and adoration of bim. He TiraB stiU much tesB her lover 
tban her lord. 

Othmar took tbe hright gold of her beavyLairla hishand, 
and dj'ew it througb bis Negers. 

* Od cbßsse de race,' be Baid, with a amile. ' Tou recaivo a 
gT'O&t cjowd ßB if you had beeo le&red tu a court £rom your baby« 

'Tontold tnßwbät to do,' ahe answered Äimply, *It aeema 
Tery Eaey [ besidea, every one was so extramely kind.' 

'Tba kindncBS of aocie^/ tüougbt Othmar, 'tbe kiaa vH 
Jadftal ' 

But bo did not aay bo. Let her leoni for herself what it 
iFaa worih, he thonght ; tbe knowlnlgo woold come eooD enougb 
of itaelf. 

YaeuUe'fi face grew (ffftTö oa ahe Sät lo&I in tbought. 




* 1 do not think it in ri(?ht to dare for tüis mtt of thing,' slia 
taid, witb liäsit&tiou. * It ia only a eort of vanity. Aud then all 
these diauionds and the^e gi'äat peaxla— tliaj Bay they ara worth. 
millioDB — I do not lika to yibsx th«m 'wbiUt tlisre ax3 ea miiBy 
viUtout cloth&a or food of oiiy kiad ; oue Imowe tbat tLer» ie bo 
DLUCb miacry «11 ftboul ti8 bers m Paria. Ts it rigbt^ do joa Üüufe, 
to «ujoy oneself in this kind of way P I eeem to remember 
noäÜDg: but rdjfiölf all the day loug ' 

Otbmar fimilfid and Rin;bed. 

' Enjoy, my child, -wliile you can ; laaT« all Üiom gmve 
tüougbta foT your older years, If you iilte to aeli yourjewois, 
and ^ivQ tbem nll to tbe poor, you cau do it^ but waili a few yeus 
first j wait to eee moro o£ tlio world. Tbere ia^ a cruel Hcieaca, 
ftdled poütical ecooomy, whicb tbey certabilj did not teach you 
at Fbj'qI ; you ^ufit le&ra eameLlilug of tha(. before youtry to 
decide Ibese questione, wbicb liRve vaialy perpleied evaiy 
tlioiiglitful hulu sUiCB neb and poorwers togetber oneArtk, Acd 
Düw^ ähut your pretty «yes, and elöep and dream. of your 
triumpha ; tEiaj naT6 bean rerj ümocönt ones, you need not 
tepent tbem.' 

He hiBsed h&r agoin, and left her to her ds^lsieak Blumber in 
tbe warm, oronit^e-liower-scented air of her bcd-^bamlser; oad 
hiiDG^li' weat out into tbo cLull balf-frozou atreets of I'aiü on ona 
of ÜiDBa eirauds of mercy of fvbicb be iiever spoka to aay buman 
beingj and whicb wen» tue result of bis pity wr men raüier than 
of fluy beljef or failb or STinpatby tbat be bad wiii tbem. Ho 
wää one of tb^ f^w moQ wnom tb^ lawle^ c^ag^b^ of Fftriä bavo 
ever reapeCted. 

■Olbinar hbneelf coold go uiiliormed wbere tlio poIice would 
DOt faave ventuied to go sare in forCQ \ and in the dctys of tlie 
Commiuie tbo worst leädera of it Lad put a white croee on tbo 
great bouscs of wbicb he waa nuLgter, and epared them froja torch 
■nd gbell for Bake of tbe young- inan ^t-bo was wont to pasa 
throügh Üia TÜeat quartera of Paris, with bis band ever open and 
bis compaseion neTer deniad. They knew tliat if tbsir cmiches 
tocialea could bavß been an nccomplifibed fact, Otbmar hlmaelf 
would never have vighed tbe old atate of tbinga maiubiimed, 
but would bavfl acceptad the new with. indlETsräuce and periect 
oooTsfie, bimsflif glad to be rid of a bürden. 

Tliey foi^ave bim hia ricbea for saka of bia own coütempt for 
them ; bis courago, eren hia coldne^a, attract-ed them. He bad 
noJfejue; ha was entireJy eiccere; he nsTer attempted to eon- 
TBit tbem to anytbing; be aided Lbem witbout puttingf any 
price on bis aid, eitberof gratituds or doctriüe. They knew tbat 
he bäd neitber fear of them nor lova for them, but tbat he lud a 
profoLtDd B^nse of a comnaon bumanity witb them, whicb was in 
oia «yes aa in thelra another name for a coimuoo miafortuuB^ 

Thetimwwne 09|of jointfof hiui. ![rii9 hod beeu cxeated 


with Um oapaciljr of tvU^us f>ilh, be would bare bau williiiglj 
vhat KrAfiroi« Xivw-r nr Pfcrs LMordura Vera. Bat b* bod ths 
cWr arKt >rntical intnlli^'ue« of a nuta of Uw world ; tbe faUaa of 
faitb oould noifftvR liiui «inj mmtal pnbslitu. He took refuj^ in 
pilT; iC MHainftO him tliat nion waf9 bound Uida für one anothflt 
»t wMt a« muob m IttiDWIoM do, wbleb in tiouble ^tb«r aioand 
Iha wouadad ona» of the Iterd. 

Melvili« nloo« bnd found out aoniethtnfr of what he did; MaU 
Tille, wfaa allLü'U^'li tb« 8w<5ot««l-*i)ic«d. sofltw^-banded, of charcb- 
BBD and cuiirücrs tu mJoD and IwudoLr, uewr Ivared or fiüled U> 
dtaanaDd into tbe linunt« of iniquiiy, to ^Trapple with dimaae and 
etima. la euch pihces he nnd ütbiDsr bad mut bj cbanra mora 
Ottn once, and on oii© ocwiäipn MelviUe had ssid to himr ' You 
htve iDore inQiieiiw tlian I, becmisä Üi«y do not auapect you ; a 

Ericst U olwajB Auspecied of ttjiD^ ba oave «üoIq. only tu Barre 
IB own,' 

* ir I baTH moreinHuenoä tban yoii, the; are thanklees,' rejonied 
OtbmAr; 'fiTtr yoii oertninl]' lort» ttibin, and I core nathing for 
Ibam, aWliit«J/ Dothing,' 

^ Wby do yuu aorva (hem, tbea P ' aaked Melville, ia eurpiiae. 

OtLuinr aiebud imjMidtfUiJy. ' U wwms to tue that ohq U oound 
in bitiiour wbuti: fat« liits jiliicBd oaL'ae^ b^yond tiim|itaticiD ; — - 
be«:iidff. \.\\vf» reekijip bruerlin^-pens of i-fitUe in tbe midst of ouf 
Qwn luxciry Afü linrrlbl»! tbey ara cu-ncerA in thä vury womb c>f 
human uature. Yoiir (.^brntinnitj baa eudeavoured to cuTb tbem 
fcr eip)ile»ij Oecitiirien, nud biL9 iilitfuja faiied inisär^blj, Tha 
CMiicvr jrrowi and ffrows.' 

FtiW pursoiis «nv6 tbose of xh.t police, who were perforce 
aoiuatnted witb bis moTfloietitB, weraBwara of the üifimacj and 
inffuenc« be bad acquin>d with tbe tnost wretchcd aad tba moat 
dant-^rouB claams cif Paris ; tLe focxl of numvn* cmUttiiea and tbe 
eiDigrant« of NouTuSa. Uften Friederieb Olbmar wonderedwitbin 
bimst'lf whitber weot ihw lur^e suma which hin oepbew drew aud 
gpt^nC withQuE explünation ; whst he fipeot on art aud on ptt^asuie 
Was bnown, butthere vuvTo oftsl] grplt quAiititioa of money taltan 
by Otbmar, in the exereise of Ma nnquüriijonalile nghi, for tbe 
USA of which all the Biroo'a ini^Tuitv failed to tind an account. 
Kiimberles» familieö peddemod froia misery, many youtba aaved 
Siom crime and tbä gnllpy?, isnny f^T^'Wt] men aided la begin daw 
lives in other cliiD©f), and many a foul plnce piirged to moral and 
pbyoical cl4J'KnliLf>8a, swalbwed up we^ xniUiona of iiance^ ef 
whioh Ihn Qmploymeut remaiiied a aacnt to the argiis «yes of 
Bnron Frits. Th^re was a nnbility about tbe mdiffßrence of tbia 
Twry rieh man to bis riebea whicb coDQUered the batrad of the poQ^ 
even amontrst the Socialistic nrroadiHseiaent», whera auch bntred 
■nm the eole rfllif»'iQn rcoogniBad. Tbey Imew Üiat Othtnar biaiwtlf 
ivna a3. difldaiai'ui of eiiaTönt aociöty as they were thaoieälvaa, and 
lba( aLtbüugb forbune had ao faToured bim, ha waa no mor» bob- 



Iflot with tlie arraof^ement of the warld tbao tbey were them- 

mItm. Thay were contintwlly, bnitslly, iingralölul, but uuder- 
aaatb theiT gratiiude tbey liktid üim, and nuultl never bare 
harmed bim. 

Ab he waUced out dow mto tbu müty air of dawn, be recaUed 
thi) loTüly faca^ with ita sleepjr eyielida. of hi» youQji; wifa with % 
ibarp paiig of conBcienca, Wby could hu not bacoQt&ntwiLb tbat 
iiiiiCK:«nt and undivided loveP 

Hb recalied witb n »odbei of eoigitj pre3t fault Id him&elf bow 
«ntirely &ho wu nuteide hiä life, how littlu hold die had lipon bis 
pEweiona or bis emotione. Shu wag gnjujäte, sbe waa purity itself 
In body and äoul ; ha reaJi^sd bis qwu absoluta ]>QBei?t>sion of her 
ae ha b^d never doue tbat of any other woman. Ue bad beQD| 
tbat night, proud of ber j^i'ace bblbre tbe world, cbarmad by bei- 
maDHer, conecioua of her iocoiDparftble' diatinction ; and eh a waa 
btB aa pntirely aa any tiower tbAt ba might guther in a field. Far 
lüm hod been her firat floäb, bar ürat bias, ber ärat coDsciousnese 
oflove; and yetjE^hu walJted througb tbe strebte of Psris, leaving 
har to ^tnb to elt^op libe a bappy and ttred cblld, be woa conscioiis 
tbat liis beart waa indiffereDt to ber ; tbat, tbe tOerä sarly iOicbD»* 
doDs of tbe seüseH pacified, ehe b&d DO power to Touee in bim tnore 
thnn tbe kvndly and indul^nt atiäction wbich a child might bave 
c&Ued fortb by ita belpIuBenäss and beauty. 

Ue daaired earneatly to makfl her ae bappy aa any ereatinv 
could be oneartbr aad woujd havedenied her notbitLg-whicb could 
bare belped to make heF ^o \ but b« Could not CoTTimnod bifl Dwn 
p&esions, and he could üot jüAka bot tbe supmnw mititress of them. 
Bbe waa a most lovely and most innoceDt creature^ who waa 
welcome to enjoy all tbegreatiieasand tbe (fraceof life with wbich 
be could dower bar; ahö W48 a yoim}; eaiot wbo would bear bia 
cbildiea in her breast aa innocently as tbe pea^ b-blossom bear^ tba 
fniit ; abf) wob at all Cimaa botb de'ar to bim and socred to bim \ 
but love fn^r her waa not there. Ile sif^bed impatiently aa he feit 
tbat in aM bis worda and bis carsBaes ba nct«d b part witb her, 
tbat perbapa aooner or Idter, wIhjd tbe wnrld bad tAugbt bar 
better wbat men wers, ehe would know tbat, and watild ba no 
longer BO tra^üy dac»ived. 

Ab be bad watcbed heP tbat eyeniiig in her serenity, hsr grace- 
fulpws, her diffcity, he bad &1I at once rememberKd tbnt io tha 
great World joutb growe rapidly, aa a bower in a hotbous«^ tbat 
ah(> wouM be »urrounded by ninny ^vho w^ould a^k no Kappi^r taak 
thaa to eulight^n her ignorancö and embitter her contidoiice, and 
tbat if ab» ever came to learn and realise tbat abe hnd owed her 
loarria^ä pArtially to hia coiupadäion, and mors »tili t<! bis paseioa 
foT anoiber womao, her beact mig-bt break undar tbe bürden of 
ibat bitter knowtedge, but her pridy wciuld nsYer pardo» tb« 

Hfl be^an to feel aa tf he b*d wiun^ liar, thou^h Bältlur ty 


Act tiO£ ivord liitd lie bcso untru'» to Ler sicca lier mama^. Sbe 
wu eo ctaftmuDg in arery wa}', so delicAte of tfaougbt, eo graceful 
ia expreaaiaa, ao iatelli^iit even in hm ignonnce, so whoUf 
wortfay to iospira and retoia tko greate&t love of a luan'a life, Üiä 
he falt g-uUty befure her, Itnowing tbat his pu]«« beat po quicke* 
wbi^tl ho joiui^d her öfter abssncet tbat when her jaung hpä, fräsh 
ns rofieB, toiichad bia own, he omt them without ardour or emotion. 
He had wiäbcd society to attiact her; it s&emed to him tha 
qmckoflt and the easiest compen^aliou tbat becouliialTfli bar. At 
ibe root of tbe willmg^ess with wbicb he entertainod tbe worLdt 
be to wbom it was aa icditJareot na it was comminplace, was the 
unaclmowli^ged stsDÜnii^nt tUnt if Yseiilt« pläced bar happiüMBr aa 
her loiupuraute^nt wQiild Ic&d hör to do, in tba inoar liiakip tbe 
afTtictioDS and in iba sycnpatbleS, eba tvould be inövitably UuHt 
miAarabla bociu or laUt, «itico fioon or late sbe would diäcüver the 
poverty of bU own benrt; and hia heart was ricbly «ndawed 
enou[^b Ity OEitiiTa to itialcB bim afibamed to ihxctV thnt it mighC 
ever be eo. Frialcrieb Otbmar judged him barsidy but justlyj 
Jus indulgence and tcnderDeea to her wera not tboae of a lover, but 
wera tbe accatnulatcd gLlta vrith trbicb h'Q Btrova to make her 
blind to hiiS own caldaeBs. Tba more he hvcd with ber^ the more 
ba fett as tbough it were bu ucipardonnbla sin to have no lovo to 

EiTö her, aud the fartber the poaaibility of Buch loye receded from 
im. Ksteam, admirntioii, tundieriieSaj. ^\bU afiectLon, may all 
exist ouly to ntake tha afasonca of love itaelf tbo mora eaa.- 

Ab he went throuph tbe qmet streets, almoet wbolly deserted 
in tbo early hour of the^ moming^, Bud swept by a jteen wind, a 
wa^g'Qu th imd'ariiig aloug' at too rapid a pace for bo cliim^ a 
Töhicie caught tbe wboel of a cairiftge, ■whicb wruj Coming in the 
vppoeite direction, Tha sbock flimg tbe earriage on tbe berb- 
stoca; one of ita twö huises fall, the otbof aUTUg'g'lBd tiko a 
dümaniat! j tbe cwachaiaa and eorrant were tbrown to tbö ground. 
Ochm&rimtiirally boät&i'ied to tba spot. He woa tbe oniy päifion 
in aig-ht. Tba cariißge itself li&d oscillatad Tiotsutly, but waa not 
iipset^ ita Dccupaat had opcned the door of it bärore ha oould 
arriva at the apot, and had teaped li(;btly out, tbough wrapped in 
aable fura from bead to foot. Wb^en be reacbed tbo place, the 
fur-clad £giir& was standirg- iu cahn cDotecnplation of the barm 
whicb hau beon done, and of tbe etnig^ling borse^ wbicb tha 
coBcbmaD^ wbo had »prung to hb f@etj waa end'eavoiuüi^ to 

* Otbmar, ie it you P ' eald a voice wboee clear and aweet vihrft- 
ttan Bent the blood to hia tomplea ; and tbe eyee of Nadina 
Napraxiue looked at him from under the a&ble liningof her valrE^ 

Tbe wBj^n bad blundered od out of sig-ht, ita driver ia tenw 
of tbä distänt Üg^ure af a sergeact-de-Ttlle who Lad uow approacbed 




ihe acene. Tba faUea mea had bath ftnmd tbeir feet, and tlia 
bor&ee wäre etill tEirowir^ tbemealvea frum $idg to gide 'w!th 
btokan troc^ eind islippery paTCmdDt addiog to thö difBculty 
iacreised by their törror. 

Othmar'e ovn couji^^ wlilch had followsd him ot a disUnce, 
hnd now come up^ and hia aervanta assisted hais. He opeiied tha 
door of bis otra carriige. 

* Pray accept it,' iii9 sald hiirriedly. ' Tliay will driva you 
where you wisu; I will atay luid telp jour poople.' 

'My people »le idiots/ aha esid, ea ihe gave Ibem a diadainful 
^limce. ' Tte wajxKon waa large enough t(5 be seen, I WEiBCnniiilg 
from the Gare du Nord ; my womoü and the fowffoa» are "bebiiid 
me. Wlxat Eira you about at Ihla hour? Dooa the Ooimtefia 
Ottmar aUow you to be out so early— or so late ? ' 

Tbere waa a groin of malice id the accant of the worda ; Othmar 
colourad ddspitä bimsclf:, yat knew not whj. Ha folt bia wbole 
being^thrill at the mere soimd of tha sweet, cruel, vell-ieniembered 
toueB, and bated ber. 

8be looli'ed at bim as tboy etood togQther od ths kerbatone af 
the deaerted and fo^y atreet. Bhs w&a ecveloped ia her loog für 
m^Dt^e, nnd Boae oi tlis Lines of ber ßgure wera trnci?a'ble : ehe 
lisd Bo moro cnntour thoii an Bequimaux. Yfit, nevorthslaSH, thnt 
itiCätapa.rablH gracä whicb belODged to her — na H& mavem^nb to b 
bird, as ite fragraoicö to a fiower — söemtd to dgtacb itsälf, aad 
escBpe, eTöB fpom tha heavy shapeleea covering of tba travcUing- 
cluak iu whicb eha had be&n wrapped throus'boiit her lonfl' expret^a 
journey from Ruesia hither by way of Beilin aud ätraaburg-. 
rh^re waa uothing \iaible of ber except lier istarry eytie, and yet 
all the irreBistible power whicb ehe poaseseed made hia pulaea uet 
«od hiH thought coEfuaed ; ho BtroTa ageJcst bis owa weakDeea, äod 
liTfiSäai hiH oifar OQ ber nitb b ßoLd courteayf 

' Well, I will tttke it fiince yoii w^teh it,' shs aaid, as ahe entored 
}ü» caup^, ' You will sfiy who 1 am to tbis eergeant-de-TlIIa, and 
wbatever eise may he neceasary, thotigh it ia no case for tha polica 
äacB the wa^oner hns mado good bis eacape ; aud if be liad not, 
I csertaiiiiy ahould let hins alooe. Teil your men myaddre&s — you 
rememher itP Aurejtoir / I aball come and witness your bapplucaa. 
Mo^ tbinga from me to your wife.' 

Tbey were ooly tha usual worda of commonplace polIteDesSj yat 
to tlia aar of Othmar they were fraugbt with a tboi^aDd mesnlügs. 
*0'e5t 1q ton qqi fait lo chansoD,' and tbe tone of thaae perfecÜy 
eimplö eeotfiDceS bad foF him Lrony^ mackery, menacß, änd ridiculo, 
llemembär her addre^ t Hemätuber thä Jlotel Napraxine I Ab if 
to bis dyinf^ day he would fiver forget the sligbteat triÜe which 
had erer baen associated with herl 

Itis hor&ea etaited oif at a awift trot, and be loa* iar from 
fflght. Tbe questiona of tba polica as to tbe cause of th« BCcid>Qnt 
■tojted kim aa though Booi'eo'tie had spokoa to tim in bia aleep« 


WImd th« iDBtter was oter, Kod tbe diBabl«d eum^^ lud bwn 
dtifi^ed amr bj band, and Üia frightraed hixaea l«d boni«nrarda 
Inp tfaaiTCoacliiiwD, it vaa too late to bq wheoB be lud toteoded. 
Tie ratamed to bia owo boiue, bBthm, dre ai c dp and went tob» 
librMy ; but ba couJd not ^ivQ bü atteation to vbat ba read. Nor 
whant with Che early houn of t^iQ faT^DOon, Tsnoufi persane issmft 
to iMw> bim by appf^inlment, codld he CodÜdö bis tbou^bta ta tbS 
aubJMtfi uDd«r coaäid«mtiön. 

At nooa he ^t« bis cnrd to a wrvant, hod told tbe nuui Xo go 
and inquire at her botel if tbe Priiii!»Aä N&praxine had «nff^wd 
auy iDooQTenieiii» from tba accideut of ttist momkig. 

The MFT&nt broiight him back one of thä am&U piüe-roas-tintad 
notes, folded in tbre«, witb tbe crown emboBsed in süver, wbicJk 
heknew 80 w«iU. The f«w Uaeaiii itsaid only: 

* Merci bien I Von« €tea toujours preiix cbevatier. Je n'ai rieo 
BOuTart du tout I^ Prince voua reoierciera. — N. N.' 

It WM tbe merest trifte, a thing of no iraport, eucb m eba 
^Tote by ecori» »VierT ■weak to EumbiörB of iiidilftirent paopla; y<jt 
it had A soft of faficiiLKtian for bim. Ho oOuld änt dustroy it ; ita 
fiiiiic «ubcle «Cent, üke tbat of A täa roae, recalled «o vividlj tii« 
chorin of tba woraan wbo had written it; it äe«Tiaed to him aa if 
DO nne but Nftdin« ^aprAxioe couEd have aent tliat btüe note, 
colaurt<d lik« a »ear^huU, dtilii:»!« ae a butterdjr, witb ita miaiatuje 
and mtV/rKTfitn« «riting, Aehäiued ol'bia own w^aimesa, and an^TT 
witli himetlf for liia own coact«siociB, ha thraw it ioto a diawer (rf 
hj» biirtiHU and turned tbe bey on it. 

Ha had not eeen her for a year, and her Erp«JI was ußbroken; 
all he bad done to ewape irom it was of so avail. Oiia< 
glsiice of bar eje« from BeDealb tbe fura in tbat bleak, tP^JfJ 
misty daybreB^, bad EinjGc%d tO re-ti^Ablißh bar domminii. Hfl] 
waa crmscinus that life seoiued nu more the &ame to bini mDce tbat 
chooc» ancounter ; it would be mOre troubled, moro dicited, IBOTa^ 
distutbed, but it would cot bo ftf^ain tbe dull and evsn courat' 
"whidL ic had fieemed to be when ho had eutered abeent from her. 

* ] will seveT nea her, except in a crowd,' be i^id to bimaelf^ 
wMiHt bc remembäi^, nitb ttelf-reprorich, the tonder careaBoa of , 
Yeeulte, wbich left him so calm, bdu. eves in bis beart so coldt 

Of couree he bed kDOwn that tbe Priacwas Kapraiine, whowafl 
Uiore Pariaiisnne than tho PariaiaDoes, Tvould, BooiieT or later, 
Tutum to biir home tbefö; would soojmr Of later teappear in the 
Society wKicb ahe b^d alwaya prcfitrred to alt otbär« Rusaia bad 
sevur btild bt<r long^ acd tbe secltmioD wkich both häT tsst-e &nd 
liai irritfktiou had ninde her eeek aftäf tbä suit^de of tiäliedoff 
Oßuld not, in tbe natura of thkig?, have lAät«d lonjrer than ona 
aeasoD. Yet llie «eusä tbnt ahe was chere witbio a few eireeta of 
him, separated oiilv by a few road« cf bouae-roof from bim^ 
edected biin witb a Iüfco altogtitb^r unforeaeen. Ha realiaed in U 

, th«re ia no eure iu Hiin|ileB for atronf f^vera^ and Üiat tb« will 



Of fflftn ifaa tiaugbt sg^iÜTiiHt the domiDioii of pasaion, Kven thnt 
illgbt lelter. with ita otiour a« of pale rofle-biida, hiwd a power over 
tiini which all the lovelineee and itinocence of YüeuJte could not 
«xerciBe. The irn^iäEibl« Ibrce of lue own emotionB humiitatad 
Mm ID bis nwD eyea. 

He Bbraak a Uttle, with almoBt a sense of guiltiaesB, bb a Httle 
tap came od tbe päuela of the libraTy door, and from bebind tha 
tepn&try the fair Leod of bis younfr wife peeped cautioufllf. 

* Maj I come iu P ^ &be flsked, sa a cLdd laiglit have done. 
He rose with lEstmctive courts^ and opaaed tha door to her. 
It was noondiiLv, and ber few ioiirs 01 alesp had aufEced to 

banlöh aU her faügue, and to tnalie her aa freeh, as radiant, and aa 
tle&t-ejed Os she nad been id tbe aummer wpods of Amjöt, Sba 
bad ucitiD of thä ]&npirir whlch lata hours cauäö in later years; 
ehe hiid alept af soiindlj ai a j'oiiiig fawn tired witb its play, and 
'lad awakened hs Tefra'^hed aa a Hower that xiccloaeBi at sunrise. 
She wore a long loo^ gowD of palest blue, opaDing a littlu at the 
tbroat, witb much old lac«, of wbich the vellow tin^e mada 
wtiiter »tili tha whiu^iip^a of ber skin. Tbe gown vr4tB of aatia, 
and bEwJ gleoraa aud &Iibc!owb ia it m Bh-i moved. Her eyw 
Blnilad ; her cbii^ki werv dußhed &am bec bath ; her entrancO bad 

'Dö teil aie ag-aim thftt I did weil ladt mg'ht,' sba eaid, with a 
cbild'e lon^np for the Tecapitulatioia of ite ij^nocent tiiumphfl. 

Hä did cot look at her as he drew hur to him with a mechanical 

* Yoii did perfectlT,' he fcoaweredj abseully. ' A gTeat haU ia a 
womaa's Aüsi«rliü, I aup£>üse. Do not lei it make you in lore 
with the World.' 

' One cftnnot but likö it/ ebe SRid, -with her habitual truthfal- 
at»^, a Uttia wiatfuUy. 'Tba.t ie wbat I thought laat night; 
perbaps it ie wronji^ — ^wben so muny gufter - ■ ' 

*Thev Wiould not aurier & wbit lies« if you did not pve a T»!!,' 

She heaitatedi bäing- Btill sby witb nlm^ and afraid of that 
wbich ahä bad sever Betiii^ but wbich &he alwaya droaded, bis 

*But,' sbe Said Ünjidlj, '^whsn ona is bo yeiy bappy, onöwante 
to do BomethiuiKj to deSHrve it. You have mad« lor idb such » 

Erfect Hf«, I wiint to giva otbcrs ürimetbingf nut of it. 1 ehouJd 
ce to be UBüliil, to ^ow that I am pratefu]!^ not ooly t*j give 

away money ' 

Sbe pauäi?d, colouring a üttle at her owa temerity, She did 
not e.xpie89 ber&elf verj weU, bscauaü &he was eo jnuch in eameot, 
and fio uncerf.ain as to whetber it would eeeiD dieconteüted or 
vftiti in her to Bfty eo much. Iß an earlii'r moTnent the worda 
woiild havä totichud bis heart; h& would have prnbably ivplied 
bv admittiriff ber icto some asaocintioii with the tiHiirta of bis ch^n 
Uie, Rud Boaiie knowledg^ of hia own dasin» axid xägietg fgc 



bumftnitj at lai^o. Gut in tbat ioätsint he waa onl^ kuxioiu to 
be alone. Ile answered b ^Itle alisantl; : 

'My ebild, osk your ctmfäaaor these queatloua; be wUl aliow 
Toa manj way»; you tliink bim a goad man — I Lava too maay 
doubts rnjuelf to be ftbk to aolvü youra.^ 

IIb ßpoke with » ccrtain inapatiencei ; tlio hareher note grated 
on her Masitive ear. Sba feit tbat her ßcniplös, whicb weie Täry 
honest and eincero, did not meetwith tho eame sjüi^iathy froa 
bim tbat tUey hod leceived a few liours eiuLieT. 

A abadow poseed qvix bür face and sbt) wa^ äitect. 

' My deor,' contimiad Otlimar, h Uttla penlteully, a little iacon- 
HigtcDtly, ' I havo Lad such dotibta aa youra all niy lifa, Ijut no qdq 
haa ever reepwted mo für tbem ; Dot evea Uiobö m wlioaa interest 
tliny tomiBiited mo. Wb cannot be wjaer ihan all the worJdt If 
wü Btrippäd ouFäelvea Lare to found eome Community or eoma 
unirerBal aeylum^ we ekould only l>8 rldiculed aa rifflcitiariäa or as 
miscbluroLiä diäturbai« of tbe piiLUc psaca and of tbs balanc:« of 
fortune, Charity haa oftener croated a pioletoriat tlian it has 
increaRed prosperity. Thesa quostiona hav» hauntt^d ma all my 
lifs. WhtMi r bavQ foiind an acswer to tbam, I will teil you. 
Until tLen, eiijoy j'oitrsßlf. You arö at tbe age wben eDJoymaDt 
iB DLoat pofiBime and moat catiiral. I wish your dajs to be happj,' 

Hb Bpoke witb n cortaia dlätroctiQa ; he was tbiakiog Uttle of 
what he aaid, miich of (La cycs w^cL had lookeid (vt Lim from 
undsr tliö gloöm of the für id Ihe mlsts of thB dawa. He eigbdd 
uncoiisciouslyaB La fult tbftt tliia innocent young life beäd6 Lim 
was na more to him — hardly iiiore^*tban tlie flower wLicb aha 
wo» at her throat. He recognieed all ita beauty, Bpmtu&l and 
pbyaicalr Lut only os üe mlgiut Lava dooe tbat of a pictui's Le 
looked at, of a poem Lo read. 

'Enjoy youraelf, dear; wby notl" he added witli ündnesa. 
' You were made to &niile ta a piimEoeu ie made to bloaBgm, and it 
is now niid-April with you/ 

Ha Maeed her, and paaaßd bie band carelesaly ovet her Laif, 
tbeii he glaaced at the cloclc on hU ■wTiting--tablB. 

'I muat leaTe Tou, for I Lava an appointmeat to lieep. What 
are you gültig fo do with your day ? ' 

' Blancliette i& to coma to me. I Lava not Seen her j^et. TL» 
cMtdren are only now up fiom Bois le Roy, and Toinon la ilj.' 

Sbö anawäied bim with a littla ei^li. äbe wauted Lim to 
undcratand, aod could not better explam, Low her own iutenäe 
tbankfulEesa for tbe new joye of her life fiUed her eensitive cou- 
eciencQ with a trembline longmg to becoBäe mo)^ worthy of it all, 
and to let thä light whicb was about h«r etraam. into all dark 
places, and illumiHa them with lova and peace, But she feit 
chÜIed, and dücouraged, and eilonced; and ehe had boen so 
'a^u^atomed to keep all rebeliioua thoug^hta mute, tbat she did not 
dream of poteuing a thema to wbicli he appearad iudilTereiit. Ha 



hiEsed her Land and left her &hg acLiik down fot a moment on 
the writiiig-cbair bc had occiipied "böfore tho table, and leaued her 
foiehead oe her bauds "wiiii the firet vague eeiigatioQ of Jouelijjoss 
"ffhii^h hsd evai toiicLed h.isT since liet marriage da^- 

' If BDj littla cbild liad been tom alive/ elie tücpUE-ht, 'then 1 
fihoiild always have imown ivhat duty to do, what nee to te ' 

It was an infimle troubla to her con^ience that in thess ßjeat 
palaces of Ihe Othnaara she was os nseless in ber own sigbt &a anj 
ose of the green pmlm treea or tbe roS'S-hiied pairota in tbe cou- 
Bervotones. Sho could give moüoy awfiy, indeed— olmoat end- 
lesslj ; but tbat did nut eeem enough to do ; tbat counted to her 
as oothing, för it C08t no effbit. It hurt her to feel, ae «he did 
fed vaguely, that abe was eo more the comparaoE of her hußhand 
than the maTble statue of Athena which etood at ona end of bis 
great librarj'. He woa in&mtel^ indulgent to ber. He waa per- 
l'actly courteouB and Mnd, and genaroua eren to eicosa j but he 
never opeced bis beart to her, he never made her tbose familiär 
«Dfidancea which are tbe Bweateet homage that a man caii reuder 
to B womaa, erea when thej displaj bie own weakn&sa or un- 
■wiftdom, Sbe had too litüe experience to be nhle to laeaaure all 
tbat tbie ineapt, all of wUtcb it argiaed the abaencB ; but as much. 
pörcaption fta ^ö bad of it mörtified her. At Amjöt ehe had 
vaguely sufTered fcom it, hut höre, io Paria, he eeecaed Tery far 
awaj from her in thought and faeling. Sha feit that ahe wna but 
OTia of the omamenits of bis house, bj the azaleoa and poltna wera 
in thair giQat porcalain Tas«9. 

To be esquiaitely diesBed, to be tbe poeseasor of Bome of the Bneat 

i'ewels in thtj world, to be told to amusa bcrself aa ehe choee, to 
lavH the World at ber feet, önd all Paria kioli after her b3 ehe 
drove öTer its aSiphalte, WOldd have been onougb to moat womoa 
of her ftge to mtdie up perfect bappinesa ; but it wna not enouf;h 
foT the ^trl whose thougbtfül yeArs had been tiaeeed under the &ad 
and Kvenm akiee o£ Morbiban, and who bad tiie sense of duty and 
th« iDstinctfi of bonour inhent^d from (^cat racea who had penjhed 
OD tbo seaffold and on, the battle-teld. Tbere waa a peuBive 
Beriouanefls in her natura which woiüd not permit her to nbandoü 
Lerself wbolly to tha G^^lf-iodulgeiicssnndgaiGtiesoif tbo Ufe of the 
woild. Sho waß too grave and too spiritual to become one of ibg 
'butt<eFdie9 who flirt with foUy from nopnday tili night, Hep 
ch&Btened cbildbood in tbo darliened rooma oa tbä 1\& St. Louia 
had left a graiity with ber which could not eaeiVy nseimilata iteeU 
to tba lerity and tbe license of modeni Boclely, which oU'ended har 
tasta as it aQronted hei delicacy. 




A FRW minutea nfter Othmar h&d leffc ths hous« her groom of ths 
chftm^wra unliered into thö libniry the Duc d« Vanne» and bin 
nlder d&ufrhMr. Blancbett«, mulHed up to her daucini^ tiirciuDiw- 
CüJoured ejfii in Htalskin, »nd witb her small, impjitieaü feet ciwed 
in litÜei velvBt boot« linod with für, in ivhich coatume Carlofl 
Dumml viw- About t^ paiot ber portmit fnf the mldti^ wctli A b&i^k- 
I^UTid of snow itnd TtriHtöd lion^liA taken From the I^u, epTAii^ 
ftcrotfl the loDg todtu wirb the 9pe«d of & little greyboimd, &ad 
embraced her coufin ae if «iie' had never ]ot<m1 aDjooe m much io 
all cbe daja of ber life, Tbe^ liad not mat for aix montbR, for 
tilnncliette hnd bern b ;peiiit,ence with li«]* f^oTeriiesse» iind ths 
dowa^r Duch^Kte de Vnnn«a, in tlia df>ptbfl oT £he Jurn ; a chas- 
tiaeiueiit whicb liad oiil; sent her back to pHins two centimätnis 
taU«r, füll of resotutioD to aveng« bem']f,«nd tnore open-wjed and 
qujck-öftred tbrni fiTer. 

' Ah, my dearast I Ilow hBppy I am to üHi yüQ ai^in I ' ehe 
cried in <>os(A*rr Hftüi;; liui pretty littU pal« faceto be ktssed, in a 
traneport of aflf«tirn. 

' II faut 1a mätiag^r : eile eat ei riebe ! ' ahe liad aaid to Toinoo 
tbnt mominii;, whü was In bed witb a oold, and wbo had grumbied 
in anawttr, ' Aiitnpftiis eile ötait bi bpte ! ' to which Plancliettö bad 
judiciDuäly raplied, "On nest jamaia bpta quand on est nebe.' 

IJq Vannea, wbea tia little dauphters ecatinBiei* werfe bome'wbat 
epo-Dtr approached witb a amile and kis^d tbe band of Taäalte 
witb a lererentiSil but cnuaitüy fnmillaritj. 

' Out eo iearly r ahe Said in eurprise. 'Sureljyou neTer lued 
to see tbe outer aii tili two o'clackP ' 

' I broiig-ht tbi*i fi-u-fullii to enjoy your klEdnea»,' aaid the 
Duc, Hbftt r migbt bave tbe pletiaure of syeiog ynu before all tlje 
World daas. I WLsbed, too, to be the ärst to c^ongrätulAt« von, 
mv dotiäin, on your briUintit succees lose night. You were peilet, 
marvelloue, incredible I - — ' 

* 1 tbiok 1 was mucb like anyoce elee/ ea[d ysetilte, to ohect 
the torrent ijf hia adjectives ; * imd the aucfseea of the ball waa due 
more to Julien thaD to w? \ be was bu «ncbanted to have a ball tA 
or^aniHs in tbiä (rreat bouse ai'ter so many yeara witbout au; 

^Julien iB iin admirable nialtre dlidtel, uo doubt,' answered 
de Vaonea, «;'itb u smile ; ' and ha ia happy in pos^saii)^ a yotiag' 
mtatfuM who npprec!ia1eB hia zenl änd tldulitjj hob ic ia not of 
Julien thftt all Parie is iwlldni? atid nipbiTij^ thifi momiTig.' 

* Tbey inuBt be talklo;» und w^rbmg in their beda then/ said 
f aeulte, a little impatii^utly, ' I tlioiig:bt no one was up ao earlj 



u tJiia exMpt inyself, b tbe DucheBee wellP She waii m Hai! 
last Dij^tit; fibe pnve so much entmin — —-' 

' You knoAV I nurer nee lier tili diniior, if tlien, utileM I cb&DCö 
lO croaa her m the Bois,' niifiwBred the Duc, a littl« irritaMy. 

He hfid riecn tliree hours too early, and had bnr&d liimBetf to 
bnnL^ Ms littJe dau^ht^r Lere in hie (?öt«^i and he feit that so 
niuch eeir-Bacriüce was not likely to avu) him anythin^ exccpt 
that aa he looked at YeeuJte lie could aea for once m bis life n 
woman wbo 'was Rtill picittler in tbe moming tban at nifrht. He 
himaelt' did not bear that tiying %ht well ; the lities »bout hia 
eyee were deep and Dot to be hjdclen by eny art, his ejea wäre duU 
and b^vy, bia clieeka hollo^v, and liie lUüuabaühH djed. Dy ßigbt 
he was stül onß of the most ßlegiiiit of la haide t/tmtme, and hia 
natural dietinctian could never aIto}ri?tber iieava him ; but hia 
manneF of iife faad ag'ed him prematurelj, and hfl f«It old beäide 
the i'reahne.'is atid tba yöuth OJ Tseulte. 

Hia vaiiity and hia good aonae alilcß conspelled him to letira 
firam a posiüoii which woiild aTail bim nothing", but a certain 
malice, -whicb wa-i a part of hia character, and which hia üttla 
daugbtcr bad iulierited in iucreai^ed def^re«, promplied bim ßrst to 
tflke rtjprisftl for tb« ijidifl'ertJiice of hia reception. iBtulte reiDalned 
Standing, Lolding tlie band oi BlaiW-h^ttöj evidently not desiriiig 
that he ebould Iw lon^ therei nnd giviiij^ him an iDvitatkin to pro- 
tract hie viait until har bre-aklaat bour. BlBflchBtte'ß fliißchiuvoua 
eyea watebeit hpr father's visible aTunnvancö wtth böen appreciation 
ofit^ ahe had not for^tten thß medailion ßi^en at Millio, and ehe 
had p"uefl8ed very weJl wby sbe had received tlie extruordiiiary 
hoDour of a seat in bis brougbani a& h« drove to tbo Jockey. Sbe 
Lad beea jiiBl äbout to leave tbe bouee with b>äir maid wben tbs 
Ductpapsio^ ber in the vestibule, had eaid canjJesgly : ' Is it you, 
ytiulittlaoHt? Ab, you are ^ing to your couain- Well^jump 
in with me, and 1 wiU eet you down oa I paas ; 1 am gtiin^ to tlie 
Jockey.' Now Blanchette ksdw aa well as he did tbat the ^Af 
from their house to tbe Jockey Club did not by any meaiis lie 
paat the flötel d'Othmar; bat sbe had been too fthrewd to say 
that^ and too proud of drivin^ beaide her father, who »moked a 
big- cberoot, and told her about the little tbeatres. 

' Can I eee Otbmar ? ' iie asked now^ aa he made hia adieux to 

' 1 am eorry, but be is just f^as out,* ahe aneweied ; ' I tliinli be 
ifl gone for aome boure ; I do DOt know where.' 

' You will HtuDü learn not to e&y m' tbou^^'l' '^^^ Duc, rlivertod 
even in bis discomliture by her ßiiüplicity. He ßaid aloud ; 

' Do yon thinfc he iriay have gona to sfts tbe NapraxineBP Hö 
was alwaye a gnaX frie-nd of tbeira, and they arriTfld Ift^t night ; 
it ia in all the paperBj but theo you do not read tiie pnipera. 1 
oDly aak, becauBe I should be so gUd if I coiild ineet bim any- 
wliece, Tlie (*[-efwt if Nico wht^ia to ma about the baeiu ffi 



Slillö; naw S, FliaTamond liofi mucb more sea-front Abd miicli 
lATger aliare of iLiö Larbour tban we bave, and if OÜun&r would 
iiae bifl hißueDce, ona ward froiu bim ' 

' I will teil bim ; be will be aure to eoma to yon or vrita 
to you,' sbe aaid quicklj. Sbe hod filscli'öd & Uttle nt the aame 
of the NaprfoiiLe, whlch do ohq had epoken to lier fiiiice tbat aÜvar 
BtKtae of tliei Lore wltli tbe empty guurd had beeu seut to her 
bi^fore her mAririog^e, 

' Bieu joiti^, petit pfipa,^ tböught Blimchette^ witL undentand« 
in^ and appreci&uoc, aa btir fathur bowcd blmaelf out of Otbmar'B 

• Oh, bow tappy jou etb ! — how I wish 1 were von ! ' «he 
cned.üvo niiuuteä Wer, as ehe skippcd about ber cousin s boudotr^ 
'whila tbe glow o/ tbe üre af olivs-wood ehoiie on tlie paneLa whicli 
Bougereau bad iKimt«d thci-e with groups of tbose cbAnsiDg Duda 
clLlldxäii wbJcb Le can oet iro]lickmg witb olmost tba soft poelic 
gracB of CkjrreCT^o, 

Yseulteamued od tbe llttle Impudent face of tlie cliild, who 
leaned lier elbows oo her kneea aa ehe spote. 

• I am very b^ppj,' ahe säid, with parfect tpith, ' But 1 hope 
J011 will be aa muc^li ao oua day, BlaucbuLtä.' 

Blancbettfi nodded. 

' I sball morry into the Finance iao ; tbß Noblesse ih finiabed ;' 
papa says so. He snid yesterday, " Noub Bommea de Tieux bonzea 
— erabaltons-noLiB ! " ' 

Blßücbetti) tied her orma aod legs in a knot aa ehe bad aeen • 
dliiwn do, and tnadä a pautomliuiiv bIiow of b^in^ roUed away OH ■ 
wheel-barrow ; tböD &1ib ^athered be£aelf up and came and etood 
before bei cousiil and boätess, 

' Te voilä, grande dame I ' aba criod, looltm^ &t her with hat 
own little pert Qaxea head, wilh ita innuiDerable littls curla held 
on OHO aide critically, as ehe aurveyicd Yseulte from head to foot 
wilh a fraok astDiiiähmeiit and admiration. It was only auch • 
Jiltie while ago tbat Yeeulte had beea her hutt aod victim at 
MilLo ; that fihe bad lidicul^d her for her grey CoDTent dt'B^ 
her thtck Blioea, her primitive^ pioaa hahits, bi^ug-ht from tbi» 
Breton woodsj and Iq 1 — bere sbe stood, 'tifes ffrftnde damel' 
aa. Bl&ncbette, a ^ev^itö judgö in euch mnitefs, acknowledged Xa 
herself. So t(ill, Bo elegant, so attitely, 'wiLh ber feoautifiil aliender 
handa coTSred with great rings, and her mDrniQg-gY>wii a caseada 
of man-ellouet old lace. *Sbe looka quite twetity yoars oldL' 
thought Blaccliette. ' How nice it mual be to be married, if 
one geta grown up oll at once like tbat t ' 

Sbe wafl ao abäorbed in ber thopgbtg tbat ehe was UDuffuöUy 
quiet for a little timoidui'ingvhicbher teniblä ey^a Hcaüned evöiy 
detail of Yaßulte'e appearance, from the peail aoHtaire at her 
tbroat to tbe gald bncklas Lu. htm ahoes. Tbcn, with a ahriislc of 
laughter, ab^ cried aloud ; 



■ Do yOTt reOtem^er whi^u jou canie first to us jou hnd leatber 
I^O&B — leather ! — and Do heela, and mamma eaot JQU at cmce tO 
bare Aoaie proper ähdäAi and ho^ yOu could not w&lk a atep in 
them, and cried ? ' 

' i TeiHember,' eoid Yaaulta good-tumouredlj, " but I ■wonder 
you do — you were bo little,' 

' Oll, I nBver farget anjtMng/ repUed Blanchette, eagid;^. 
'Wliat beautiful feet jou liäve now, aiid you ara so gro-wn, so 
gTDWB. ! And I want to aee all your jewola. Manuaa eays tliej 
are woaderful, I love jewelß/ 

' You sball eee them, if you lue, ty-and-by. But you did 
Bää iuäny beforB my injUriilgeF 

' Bat mamma täaya la hna givoD you ever so Mtny mora amc4 
— that you were coTered with them at your ball.' 

'He ia alwsya generous.' 

Tflöulta emüed ab aliö spoliä^tha draamy üatwApective fimUd 
of one wüo recallB happy lioura. 

* Ti^te-lii, whila it loBts,' the fimaU cjnic beß>rd her, 
' Huab,' Said Ya«ulta, with Bome diegnst. 

*Papa nevei gives mamma Bnylhing-,' piKBued Blanchettö. 
'Papa giTea heapa of thiogs to MdUa. Fraisa; the ons they call 
.Hose Fraias. She pkye ; she hos eyea üka saticera; ahe ia at th& 
Variötöa ; ebe rldee a roan liorao in the Bois of a mornuig'. Dou't 
you gg tp the theötpJ flvery night ? When I inarry I sliall hltvQ a 
bux ät every houae, I liäve gcrna to Häüglar'a. Now ab^w me 
the iöwela, will jou ?' 

To humour the dii\A, YseulEa toolc har to her dresäing-room, 
wberfl the toitoiaeahdll and aÜver box^ which wab tlio outär abfill 
of the iTon l^re-prool' jewel caae, waa kept, and told her women to 
open it. Blanch'&tta remaLued in an almoBt reli^ioiEa ecetsay 
tefore the trettaures axjwsed to her adoritig eye». Nothing could 
awo thiB ttoB child of ber ceotury except such a diapl&y aa abe 
cow aaw of ropes of pearls, etreania of ßapphirafl, emeralda groen 
BB tba deap eea, diamocda in all poaaible settin^, rara Itohao 
jawäla of the Kenaissance, aod Byzantins and Pcraiao worlc of tlia 
mrflflt quality. Sbe vias, öfter an kour'e worship, with dilliculty 
peceuaded to leave theapot whare such divina objecta viera aliut 
nithin their aüver elirba defecded by Ghiibb'e loaka. 

' You are happy I ' ahe eaid, with a eigh. 

Yseulte gtanccd at & miaiatiira of Othmar whicb stood near. 

* That \& worth them all I ' ehe aald; acd theo coloured, vaxed 
that abe badbeLrayed hersalf to the artlficiol, fiatirical mockery of 

Büt Btänchstte iid not baar ; äh$ wa« -tbinkin^ of tba gT^t 
di&monds Ijing liko planats and comota fallen out of tho «ky into 
their velvet b^da. 

' Sil donCf ahe aaid abraptly, ' wbat ia joiit hud^t for your 
tulettes ? Ton wauld not l'eU ■na wlien you marri'ad ; tall ma naw.' 



* I do not think it couDemi you, m; dear, and your mamnia 
howst' repHed Yst^ulte. 

' Oh, it mado mainaiA very lUigry ; ebe Baid Tie p^T« yon tlireo 
timos as milch na ehe hns ; tbst ia wby 1 Wojit to Itnow wbat tt is, 
bM'iiiise tliün I abould know whftt hera \&. And I know ebe is in 
debl eo de«ip E ' and BUnchette held her tiLtie band big;h abüv» hef 
head. * Wliat ia the firet thin^ you ordsred, Teaiüte P Mö, I 
flhould ordar » pettieoat with val^^nciecnw quite up to the top; 
like that th^ are l^ree thoiuand iranca eech. Youra are like 
tbftt ? You bave (fot them in aJI colotir», and over bo many white 
natin aUBfl too ? If I wera you, I abould be all dsT long wjtb the 
linffh-fs and cottumiers, Ära you Höt Tvitb tbeni all day longP ' 

'No, I ha?e ordered notbing^; I mutant nothing j I have eucli 
quATitities of cLothes ^^-if I live to ba a bundiod I shall never 
■wear tbem out] ' 

' Wear tham out t ' cried B]!iiicliatt&, -with a screnm wMch was 
aa mlmitabla aa a Ehriek of Judic'g or Jeanne OrBititir'a, '' Wbtit, aa 
«zpresfflfiD [ One woald tbink you wbtb a doctor'a wife in the 
proviDcea. You know you can neTer wear anylbiap more than 
tbree tinieB, and a toilettt du toir Derer but once. Your maida 
Burelr teil you tbitt ? ' 

■'1 weiftr what they put out,' said Taöulte, qi litfle amuised. 
' But 1 doubt Tsry much Tpbethef I e)iall BTfir cars nbout ehiffont ; 
not in jour eeofle of cftria^, Bknchette. Of couroö I like prattj 
tbinc^, but therfl are ao many oth«r waya of apendin« money,* 

'What waysP' eaid the child sharply. TlayP Höre« P 
The Boursef Or do you buy "big' jewelsr It ia rery eafe to Imy 
big jewela ; you cau rua away with thom in revoÜutioii, Bown in 
your staya --' 

'There is ao jnuch to do for tbg poqr/ säid Tgeulle, with alittle 
hesitatjou ; ebe fearad to seem to ooaat of her owti chsrity, yet 
ahe thüught it wrong to let tbu child think tbat sfao ap^at all ilio 
hod selfishly and fVivolouBly. 

Blanchettfe'fi littla roey mouth ßfriimed. 

Tor the dootP One can ^uiter; tbat la always amuring. ] 
atood Bt the door of 3. Philippe after Mass laat mouth, and 1 got 
auch a bapful of napoleona, and I wore a frock ccwleur dtfea, and 
a H^iori-Troia bat, aad MonBEtigaciiir hiiuaelf kie^ed me — it was 
great fun — tbere was a crowd in tho street, aud ona of them mid, 
" 'Eat crßne, Is pötiote \ " It waa a bftker'e boy eaid it ; I tlirew 
hbn a napolgop out of tba bag:.* 

'Ob, Blauchsttel — oüt nf the almfl möoey I ' 

'Why üotp I put a drag<^B in instead, and I dars aar tfa« 
boy was poor, or he wouldn't have bad a boaket on bis kead, 
Mouaeigneur said to manuaa that I waa ooe of ths cbildren of 
Heaven I ' 

And Blanclietto mada her pieA de neSj and waltzed round on 
006 foot. 

pJimcEss /fAPkAxms. 



*Yoii coutd buy ÜiB wliolß of Simudm'a nnd not feel it/ sbe 
Twuiued eovloüeiy. * You could buy liatf Paris thay böj ; why 
don't yciu P ' 

* 1 have all I want,' said Yseulte ;, ' very muc^ more thau I want.* 
' TliHt ia noßsauBe ; one aaed never scop wiehing ' 

'Oue muBt be very un^atelul tben,' aaid Yseulte. *But 70a 
can wish as mucb &9 jo^i like thia aanraing; yau ehall hBiVe your 
wiahua, Only I gliouH likij to beor jou wish that ToinoD were 
with jDu. Poof ToinoHi &% hörne with her sore tliroett I ' 

* 1 doö't wiäh that at eiII,' said BlftDchetts stiu-dlly, ' 3ha 

fimchea^ aha gobblea, and ahe ia viilg^ar, if yoa like; sha eweara 
ike the grooma, You know our rooma ovt^rlook tlie atablea ; we 
cao hear all the men sn.y wben they are cleaning' the hoi^ee. 
Toinon makes si^aala to the En^lisli ü^^ Bob, aad he to Juer. 
Toinon will oüly marry aomeoae who keeps a tiiie meids and Rood 
colours for 1 buDting^rtsa. She oiüy lirea for tbe Coura 
Hippimie. She goC her aors throat becauae aha would go oa 
M. de RocbmoDt's bre&k wben it was raiaing.' 

' Poor Toinon ! You ought to be so fond of ench otheJ". If 1 
had liad a mstttr ' 

' Ali-hfth ! ' eaid BLanehelte ; ' you would liave hated har ! I 
can oerer have a acrap of pleasure in a new &oclr b«»us(^ Toinon 
alwaye bas one too ; I know I do not make baJf the effect I ahould 
do if I wäre all alone I ' 

'HuabI If 'rolaon dicd, ODiy tbink bow eorry you would 

Blaochette layghed in sileaca ; sLe did not dare to eay »o, but 
eil» tbougEit that if Toinon did die it would be a bora in ona "way, 
böcauisa deatb always dresäed otin in black, and ahüt one up in tha 
bouse ; but otherwifle — there weie quantiriefl of Toinon'a thinga 
which ahe would li]£e to poeasG^ heirsdlf, ntid in eapecial n &&i of 
piak coral, which Toinoa's godmother, tbe Queen of Naplea, hwl 
aivan her, which woa delicipus. B1anßhett^''8 own ^odmother wäa 
f/iit littie uee to her, beingn most reügioue and most rigid Mar- 
^lise, who dwalt oa h^r eiHtatea in a li^nely part of Ia Vend^, and 
pnly madö her presenta of holy books and orocifisea and relics in 
IkCtle antii^ue boxes. 

'Do you know, Yssulte/ ahe contimied, with her pereifitent 
prattla as abe hopped round the Tooni, e:;amin:tig and apprniüing 
u accurately as a dualer at tbe Drouot tbe treoaurea which it con- 
taiaedr ' they make betä about you at the clubs f How nie« tna» 
ia 1 Nobody is aDytbing in Pan-i tili tha dube do that. Papa and 
tbe Maroni? have a hundred thou8u.nd fnatlca OD it, AJld taftinüia 
laugha; — they think T don't heaF tbaee thinga, but I do.' 

" Bets on me f ' repeated Yeeulte in woader, ' Why should 
they bet about me P ' 

' Ob, they bet aa to whethex you will be the firat to ßtmqutr 
Gount Otbuiar, or he yoa. Tbey oitea make that aort nl' bet 


when ponp!e many. Papa is all for yoii ; he saji yoa will bo 
AanquSf:, and b&nr it lik« aa angd — "like a two-eou8 ptiiit of 
S. Warie I" iflid mfimmn,' 

Yaeulte culoured with natural indl^atioD. 

'You hava no riffhl to repeat euch tbing"« if you teoF them, 
Blaochette,' ibo äpid, with qiiIj a vogue idea of tho child'e 
Dieimuig^, ' Yoti iDigbt maka great miscliiel'. If Coont Otliniar 
Wort) 10 kaow * 

* Bali I ' Bjüd Blanelifltte. * Toq -mll not teil him. Yoq are ia 
lore with bim ; tht^j all aaj so ; it ia wbaC tue; l&up^h at ; it ia 
wliat thay bet about — low long it will last, wbo will get bisn 
Bwny tiret, -wLat you will do, wbether you. will take eompone 
eUe, Papa eaya you will not; mrunnm saya you will: tbey 
qimrrol ever eo often aliout it. Yon aee/ iCCiDtiiiued Blanchetts, 
wjth her mixture of Wa*(( cjnieieoi aad childiah ooiTetd, which 
tuadä her eay the mögt Ijorrible thingH with only a half perception 
of tbeir meauing, ' they all only marfy for thätr, to ba ablö to take 
aomeono eise ; that in wliy it doea iiot matter if one's Loaband ia 
es olJ ae ttia Pont Nöuf and aa u^Iy aa Punch. Yonbappen to ba 
in love nitli youra, and he is liandsoms ; but it oa!y maltea thsm 
laugb, and Iie waa neyer in love with you — matniua saya so; he 
mairiöd you bocauae ha was atigry with Mudame N&praxiiie. nad 
he wanted to do Bometbing' to Tei her,' 

Blanehotte, who uraa given to Buch rutlilesS analyais of Other 
peoplo, did not di&sect Uep own emotiona, &o that shö woö igDoract 
of tbe malice wbich actuated bei epeech, of the uiicouscioua 
longing which moved her to put a thorn in tho rose. Bba wanted 
all thoBö jewele for hereolf I She knew veiy well aha could not 
have tbem, that aha would be Inug-lied at by Toinou and evoiybody 
if it wero kuowo &he wiabed for tham ; etill, tbe longiog for tliem 
mode It plQasant to her to plant her litUo poieoued dag'j^er in tha 
bappy breast qf häi* Cüiuiu. Btit fibe patissdj for oiiü« fjrighteaod 
at tho aiidden pakaeps of her coasin'a face. 

Y'&eiilte gave a. littlo low cry, li^e a wouuded animal; aha f^lt 
the air grow grey, the room go round her, for a moment, with the 
iiiteDsity of her siirpriae, the »bock of her paJn. Bufc in anothtr 
moment ahe recoverad hür.5slf^ phe repiilsed, almost witbout 
pausing- to examiue it, a suaplcion which was an oft'ence to biuistilf 
&nd her, Sha laid bar Imiid oa the Uttlti gay ßgaro of the cruel 
clitd, and atopped hei inber airycircuitof the roonii with ageaturo 
eo gt-aTEj a rebuta bd calm, tbftt even Blancbette wna awed, 

'My littlo coiisin»' ehe atüd, with aa äutbority atid a eerenity 
which peeroed all at ouce to add a ecoro of yeara to her age, 
'you can jeat with me, and at me, as much aa ever you like ; I 
Bnall foijjiiro it and I ahall csver fordet all I owed occe to your 
mother ; hut if yoQ venture to speak a^aiu of my iiuäband without 
reapeot, I sbdl not forgiTO it. I eball cIobbi bis houae to you, aiiii 
T sbalJ teil yüiir pörenta wby I do bo.' 


BlaDcbette loolied fiirtiTely op in her face, and nuderstood. 
tbftt abe WI13 not fo "be triiled with. Shg beg^P to wbJmperj aud 
then to laugh, and theo to lUittiuui' in tliä tfOa:t:iäg way olie Lad 
wheB fihe liad been mo&t in fault. 

' How grand you have grown, aßd how old in twölira montlifll 
YoD know I only talked nonsense; I -amet heard tliem say a 
Word ; I ouly waated to teaze you ; it ia so BÜly, you nee, Yaetdtei, 
to ^ Bo in loYB with M, Othmar, it is so bourgeoisa and io stupid, 
Bud tbey all aay tbat it ia not tlie vray to keep him. Ho, when I 
lOdrry, I will alw^ye makc my huglatiüd CflU ma MttdatLe, BJid I 
»nll never let Iiiai toach but th« tip gf my little finper, end I will 
sat ovslera evöry day, and dtive the borae tbat wißa the Grajid 
Prix in my baafcet in the Boia. IHa,ä(mc! you ■wiü not töU 
mamma I aaid &nytbin^ naug-lity ? ' 

' I Bliall not teil her/ eaid YBeTilt&, wlio cou!d not eo quicUy 
emile. She feit as \i someone bad run a needlo fitraiglit tbrough 
her heart. 

Blancbette laid her ctirly bead ELgubütt ber cou^m'a breast : 

' I do love you, Yseulte,' Bka murmuced, * You ara always 
tma, and you ara alwriya bind, nnd you are so baudeaioe, eo 
handaooiei Merciö, &nd all tke eculptorg pay 50; and all tho 
pairteTB ton, Tbe Snlou will be full of your buets and your poi^ 
traits -, Madame Naprnsine iö only & palfl woman witb great bWk 
eyeß like coals in a tgiirö of enow ' 

' I desije you not to speok of Madame Napraxine I ' said 
Tseulte, with aTJolenca wbicb etartled beraelf and mömentorily 
ehook ber eelf-control. 

T^e child^ viho bod igaorantly meant to atone and to coBBola 
for her previoua affeace, waa genuinely alarmed at bor faibire. 

* I ouly meant tbat you ore much prettier, mucb bändäDmer, 
tban ebe ia,' abe ätanimsi^. 

* Madame Napraiine'fi beauty ia celebrated/ aaid Yseülte^ witti 
enforced calnuiiess. ^Leave off your habit of indu^ging in per- 
ionalitiea, Blancbette ; it is a very Tulgar fault, and it makes you 
malidonB for tbe pleasura of fancjiug: youraelf witty. CJome and 
feed my peacocks ; tbey are birds who will recominend tbem^alToa 
to youTeateem, for tbe^y are intensely vain, artilici&l, and egotü- 
tic ; tbey b«lieTe Üowera ouly giow tbat tbey may puU tbem tu 

' I don't care for tbe peacoc!iB,' eaid Blancbetts. ' Drive me 
in tbe Bois in the Dmimont witb tho four white borsQB^ and you 
can buyme eometbing et Sjraudin's aa we go/ 

' Afi you llke,' aaid Yseulte. 

Yaeulte bumoiiied tbe chlld'e captices, and drove ber out into 
the coM ßparkling' air witb the four white borsea, witb their 

SDstilliona in black velyet capa and jackets, wbich Blanchettecon- 
f«cended to proise as tbe most chic tbing in alt Foris. It was on 
Üie tip of her tongae to aay that tbciy were eren moia cMc tbin 



th« NnpraxiDe blnclc horwji und Russinn coachman, but nb« 
t-E«ttAmed benelf, UDwilling to olt^nd hercouam before they stopped 
oa tlteir rf^turn Crom the Bob at GirouVs, at diraudiuW, kud at 
Fontane'«, for Blaiichttlte wrs too «pnaitle to "be ^üftßed with 
tnVB and bonbcinB, itod set her Bflectiona OH tfai-ee mankeve In 
nlVer-ßiU. playJD^ ht nee-Aiw od k treä trimkof jode, wil^ litüfl 
cap« made of turquciAeB od ttatiir lianda. 

When flba hnd chattered bernelf tirod^ uid tlie dfty was de- 
nUninf^, she consented to allow hpi^elf to 1» drivea home, and 
YsBolte retum«^ aloHB to tLe Boulevard St,-Gerniiün* For the 
tirst tJuiB iince her mamHH-p her lieart waa henvy. Tbe eull^itbaet« 
aod creed üf hsr littla cümpanion were rDtbipgrnew to her, but 
they ood bi^n modti painfiillyovLdmit ii) thatdrivs tliroutfh Pari»; 
aüd tbe wound which the tibild }iad (liveiTi ber still Aiajirtöd, M the 
bw-Bting tHrotifi after ttie ina^t hiui flüwn awa^, It was not 
tlifit sl« believed vhat wob aaid ; ahe waa too loyaj and too 
innocenüy auro of hw büsbaiid'fl afTecLion to dtflhonoiir Bim Ij 
i^iich «uäpictdTi. Yet th« luera knowledgti that such thinga were 
t*&id oT Lim and hert^lf biirt her delicacy and ber pndecrDelly, 
and aha kiiuw 'vr^ll that, if tlie Buchesse de Vaontis aaid so, theii 
the World t^aid so ti^o. And lier heart caatracted a8 ^^ tliought 
iuvDltmtarily, ' Why altould thej apea-k of Mndarae NapraJtiiie at 
lUl in conneciion with njo, uuIbe^— unless he hod loved her P ' 

Yflevilte was tßo jOuiiff (o Lhink wilh CoaipoBure of tho womeiii 
who hftd preosdßd höreelf iö the affections of her huehaud; aha 
coiUd not ccmaole herselF, aa old^r or cotder womän wtjuld have 
done, wi1^h tha refleetion that every niftn lias many paflsiona, and 
that tbe past sbould be a matter of indifEereuce to one who was 
indiesnlubly united witb hiis pre^at ai>d his future. To her it 
wemed that if ha liad tjver JoT«d aoyoDe elae he couJd Qijt care 
for her; all tbe i^coranca acd axa^^eration of youth mode thü 
^em A certainty to her. 

She waa no longer tha calm and innocent child that ahe had 
baen at Millo ^ the psmiona of humanity bad become to atir in 
her \ lüVB, the gruat creator and the great deBtroyw, had taken 
po.sae6&ioD of her, and had rcu&ed id bor impulstta, jaalousiea, 
üi^rea, of wlioEe «xistfnce ehe had nerer drenmed \ her teiopem- 
ment, natumlly swtiet and apiritiial, had beneath it luiknown 
Bprinifa of Rnlowr and of pBSijiona : fa vin mmiM^ur, which her 
coii^io Alßin had ^aid "waa latent in be^blood from the impetiioua 
and voluptnouB race of her fathera. Sho could not wholly recover 
from the ahock which ehe hftd Teceived, d« from a holt tiiat fd^l 
from BiiDny ekies.. It bad been only a obild's &olhj fooliah 
cbatter, no doitht; yet the mere augf^eation made in it clung to 
her m(^mory with a cniel and ti^rrible per&isiency. She did not 
rlrtiiht that the cliild had only repeutad wKat aho had heard; aha 
liiifw that Tilanchpttr's memory was an «itentivö aö n telephoDO; 
nml if the ItnchetiBe dn Vunottä bad aaid it, theo the wprM bftd 



khou^e lt. Sbö liad not aHowfid Blntiähette to percäfd the püix 
tha.tshe liftd cflused; Tiut as her horses had flaehed throuj^h th* 
Chili brifi'lbt frostj air of Parie, and tha cbüd e ^ay shrUl voice had 
nb&ttered mce»jRiitljr beeide h>ar,ehe bad euÜ'ered the firet ToomentH 
of anguisb tlmt &h6 Irnd known aiai» her marriHge. Aa ehe drovs 
now tbrough tbe etxeets of Paria, Iq wliicii tlie laoips weie ba- 
gionb^ to spRrkla tlirou^li tha red of tbBwiat'Sr euDset, abe feit 
a «tranige eansa of Bolitude amidfit tboee gny and hurryiog crowds 
through wüich her poätboja forced their fietting hoTHes. 

At Amyöt, OD tUe days wLen Otlitnar bnd lefb her^ eha had 
never feit alon» ; ahe h&d atnused herstilf with the dogA, the l^ird», 
the faorses, tke woods ; aha had dreamed oTar her cIeissic luueic, or 
read soma boolt which b»bad recommeuded, and apent houra look- 
ing from the baluBtrAde of the great terraca, or from the auibrRjure 
of a window to watcb for the tirat appeuiunce in the ftveniw of the 
haraea which Fbould bring bim früm the etatioo of Beau^äncy. 
Sbe had uever feit aJoiie at Amyöt, but here in thecity which Bha 
loved from the aesociätiona of cbildhood, and as tbci scune of her 
piarriage, ia thia citj which regarded bar bs on© of the most 
fortunatra of its favouriteB of fortuiia^ ehe feit a B^nse of utt^f loiu- 
liöeaa Bä tbeCafrin^ rolled throu|^h tbagMeä. 

The Suiste lüld her tbat Otlitnftt bad Eüt come homa. 

Sha went upatiürs to her botidoir and threw oS her cloäe> 
ätting coat of s&bles and hei eahla bat, and aat dawD be,eide tba 
olive-wQod fire, drawing olf ber long glovea. The room was 
softlj ligbled with a rasd~tmted li^ht which ahone an Lhe gay 
children painted hy BouffcreaU;, the ^owered aatin of tbe curt^ina 
and coiicnee, tbe DresHen frauiea of the mirroTti, tbe murquetevia 
of the tablefi and conaolüB, the bour^uet'S of r09^ of all ^owthti and 
colours. Sbe ioolköd round it with a little ßig'h ; witb ttia Bama 
6öDBä of chiUnesa and sadneea, E\«ry thiug in it seemed to echo 
the cruel word*-. ' He only married you to anper hei 1 ' 

Id tbe morning tbe wtio!e cbaiubiir had 8et;mcd to smite at her 
from all the thousaud triÜi^s, which spohe in it of Iiia teuder 
thoughtfulueaa fot heraelf; nnw, the roaea La theip bowle, tba 
children oa tbeir panda, the etoorini IjuliIiBg iip tlie mirmra, tlia 
green pfttrnta swinping' in tböir rijiw> all euemed to eay with ona 
TOice, ' Wbat if lie nevar loved you P ' 

Uer BFCis realed od her kiiees &nd her fafie oa her handa, na 
fihti aat Im a low chair before the ßre wbich hunied uoder whita 
Tsarhla friazios of the Daphnepboria, carved hy the band of 
(^l^nger. She could nsTer aak bim, ehe could tiever aak anyoue, 
of thia cruel doubt, which hftd com« iiit^o bw perfect prace as a 
worni comes iuto n rofle. All btT prida ^lirauk fi'oai tbe tboug-ht 
qf Iftjiiig Wr« such B ■woun'3. Nol «ven in the cijnf43fleirnml couM 
tba have hruußliL boraelf l>o broathe a wlib^ter of it. Sha was not 
ytit 8eVtiut4^D ytiara old, aod ab« had alreuily a dotibl. which^ like 
the pÜDi of iualt9ri]it3>, ihe mu$t abut in het huäft and heat a« 

beetahe mig^bt alone. She b&d both couriLgQ and refligniUon Ea 
her nstiirc, and eha needed both. 

' It ia ioij^os^ibb t' ehe murmared aneon^ouely, IibU Hloud,i 
u the memoiyof n tboueand cnrcBsea tttid gestures^ 'which ^eenieaj 
to her to ba poof of the moet al^^lute Iot», rame to her tbcni^lHai 
wi(h irreBielibl© pereudeionj acd msde U« fpce prow warm witlj 
bluähes ereo in her enlitude. It was LmpdeslblEi tlint liä did not 
lore her — he who haA beeti frea to cLooso froni tlie wTinle world. 

^It is impoBj)ibleI ' eba naiirmiired, with her hcad lifted as 
tliouph in PDtD'S inalinct of combat ttpiftinst Borae un^een foe. 

• What u iniposaibleP'^said Othmar, as he entercd the Toonfc^ 
■od approacbed behind her, unaeen untll ha bod dmwn her hencli 
boekward and biased her oq the g^^s, ' What is inipopii'ble, vay 
child P ' be rspented. ' No wieb of yours if jou tpll it t« ibq.' 

She öoloured vprj mudh, ftnd foae, find reranined eilent. Her 
bewt vi-Äfl beatiii^ ftsC ; ehe did not Iraow what to reply. By the 
Jigbt of the fire hc did nrit see liqw red ahe ^ji'ew and tb^n lioW 
pale. He eeattd himeelf in n law chaif ftöd took her bj tbe band. 

■* What ia ao impossiblß,' ho said careleariy, * tbat 3'ou drenm of 
it in my absence in the dark ? ' 

* Nöthing- — at least— I would rathet not eay,' aba mnrmnred. 
'Ab joti ]jke/ aaid Othmai. 'You knDW I am not Bliie 

Eeard, my dear.' 

A preftt lonprinp riished through her to teil bim ivhat the 
BuFbeese da Yaniipa bn-d flajd, and dsk hiro if it were true or faTee 
—ha who alonä couM know tho secreta of bis OwH hanrt — but 
BBnsitiTeii'Sflfl, timldity, delieacy, pride, all taade her mute. What 
11^ tFould iC be to Oislr himP ITe would naTerveund bar wich 
the tmtb if the truth were what her cousiu had said. 

Othmar emilod kindly aa be loobed at her; aha did not know 
tbat if be bad loved ber more he wculd havä be^n more curiouH 
'befoK' tljts, her fir.9t secret, lees 'williEgly reügDed to be ehut out 
from benf conEdence. 

^Wbo buB heen iwitb yoti to-dayP' he fieked. 'Oh, I re- 
member, yoTi bava had little Blancbette. What a terrible child! 
ßhe ie an Elzevir rompendium of tbe ccnturv- Has ehe aaid wy- 
thinp to Tfli you P She ia bs m alictoue a« MajKariJle *' 

Ysfiulte touched bis bnnd timidlv- Thare was a gishn cf feav 
in her adoration of bim, that ftar which enters into all gt^zt love, 
tbou^h NadmB Napraxine and Madame de Yamieä wonld bare 
ddiculed it as 'jeu de Lac et do nacelle,'' Iba 'Tieux jea' of the 
lamBiitic^sta and gentiinentaliafB, 

' YoB do lö\e tna P ' elhe aaid, Tery Iöw, witb much hesitationj 
whilö her colour doepcned. 

Othmar looked up quiekly with a certain irritation. 

'np9 tbat pert baby totd you to doubt it? t!jin tbat ba a 
qTieGtian hetween you and m*P My deor Childs would you be lij 
me now if I üd üot do to P ' 



And he aoothed her agitatiOB by thoae caresses with whieh » 
iDAD cftn iBo easily and -with pka^urs to himself coucterf^it warmtb 
and tfloderneBS to a woman ^Iio ihaa jouth sucL grace and cbeelu 
u fioft aa Ihe wing of a bird. 

' feaulte,' ha aaid grarel^ a few momsntB tater, 'An not lUten 
to what other womeo say to you ; if you do, yoü will loae your 
beaLtiFul seremty and fret yourself Taialy hy doubta aad futiojea. 
Theie is notting cn eorth so crußl to 8 woman OB 15011160, They 
enTy yöii-^EOt for mS — biit for 'wbfLt you poäseea tliroiif^h me finii 
fof tba face and form ■with whieh nature haa dowered jou. Do 
not let them ppison your peace, I am not flimid Ibat they will 
eomipt youT heart, but I am nfraid täat they may difitrees and 
dietuTb you. We cnnnot liv9 all aur livefi in Hsclufioii at Amydtj, 
and tha woild muBtcome about you aoon or late. To be io tbe 
World meauato be Gurrouuded with Jealouaies, crueltjes, enmitiee^ 
ingratitude, and mnlice-, if we once lend our ear to what tbose 
will teil US, we ähall have bq mora bappicesa. You bare l>een 
lue your iavüurite, S. Ig;nace; ty reaaoD of your ow^ purityyou 
bare been oJlowed to hear tbö angela eing-, Do notlettheworld'a 
clftrponr ärown tbnt divine Kitig, for once lOBt üo OEß evöE bättra it 
Eg^Rin I Bo you DudeMläJid what 1 mean, my dear P ' 

Sbä eaid DOtbingr, but sbe hid her face on bis breast and burst 
isto taare, the first tbat faß had ever aeen from her 6yes. 

'Call they not let her alone,' he thoug-ht witb an^er, and a 
eense of vearineasi and üp^tr^ibenfLon. If the world taii^'Ut ber 
what men'e loTe could he, would ehe not dij^cover wbat wojj 


Wheh" tlio tbjfCö black bor&eg of tha Printess Napraxiae, with 
tbair maDfiß flytn}? in tho wind, their öyea flasbiag, and tbi^gr 
nostrila breathing fire, daahed down thö Cbamps Elje^ to mnke 
tbä touf du Boie, all Paris lonked after bor^and mitJtitudes wbo 
only knew her by rupute toök off their bats to bei* ab tbey bnd 
Uised to do in a bj^gotie time to the gülden-ha.ired timpresa. 

' Ah, if I had been in tbat wonssa'a j>itace in 'safecty-one,' she 
thoupbt once, ' I would not hav» run awny in a cab with Evans 
ibe dentiat; I would bare put on a white fcovn and all my 
diamonde, and (^oae out hefore ibem oa to the leiraca of the 
Tuileriefi — they would bave forgotten S«dau, and would have 
woraLipped me I I caanot forgive people wbo baTe the happmaas 
of greaC opportun! lieg foT not ristn^ to be oqnal to them. One can 
but die onca, and it must be eßsentially delightful tO die amidat a 
roll of druffifl, ft bla2e of eunset, a etorai of Melwme, The deatb 
of Des&ix frt MBtrengo is the ideal dee-tli.' 



There WM at the bottoraof her 80u3,dwpitehBrIaQj:uöT,eftrid, 
ftnd pvaaunüm, k, cortaüi huroic alement ; life seemMl to her Ki poOK 
h. thing, 80 stupid, so UlogicaJ, Üi&t üf it WAnt out iD tiie it vindW | 

* SomeliiaeB, do ^'ciu kßöw.'sbfi said cmoe tu k «ympatlietiecom- 

E&nioa, * I think I ini|;rht hava bAen Boraathing- great lT 1 bad bem.] 
uro in tbe time for it ; t.\\ depHndfl upoa. tliut. Mdlle. do Soui«- 1 
breuü would JiBve lived and di»d like ton tlioui^od otber Freiich.» | 
vomen, in tbe monotoDy of tbs vie de e/tüieaUf if bIi« b&d not 
happened to l» ^i'o undd^r tbe Terror. Whnt ])nBriibility of au« ' 
ffi^ntneds ia thera for a waman nho Uve«? nowtulaya in what CaII^ 
llnCilf tbe {p'eat World ? The very meo wbo have anj ^C'liiuä in it j 
BTfi dwurfed by it. Modem life la so trivial, jet bo abaorbinff ; it 
iBsiich a bed of down and «uch a bed of pricklds ; it \a euch 4 
Blevpiaj^-pcition acd auch a wbip of D«ttl«B, tbal we bavt* no tüna 
to tliick ftbout aDj-ihing' but iteelf. ¥011 nrnst live "ä labri d« 
bummea," if jrou want to be of hifcber «tature tban they are. 
lliamarclc i» a colossiiri, bccatis« ha eliiita bimself up in Varzin so 
conatanüy. It ia very hard cven for raen to rösist tiie prüaeace of 
tbe World ; even TuDnyeoa leavBS Farrlot^^fuTd in. tbe piimroM 
month to court a vulgär apotheosia id tbe LoDdoD drawin^-roonii ; 
pjid für a woroan who finds liarsolf firam birth iipwards in ibat 
miiieu th^ra ia uo reaietance pOSfjible. We ars boru to dresä, tO 
drive, to dioo, to daDce^ to eat tba faähian in all kind^ of things — a:id 
that La all. If we are clever, we do miscbiaf in mäddliflg wiLh tliq 
hiddea cardaof diploroacy ar atafecrftTt^ and If v« areligiit-inüideil 
we do a dilftiraDt nmnoer of miscbiaf in making all aorta of vicwJ 
lüok pretty and disüiig^uished to thoaa below ns, wbo are alw&y» 
endpftvounnfT to imilate ue ; but more than tbat we cancot do. 
Tbe morphine hoa been injt^cted ioto our TeiBa ; we cannot reaiat 
ila inlluence ; there m B kind of excLtemoat and Bomnulence, both 
at ouce, in the rootine of our World whicb none of u» can resist. 
If we häv& any brainG, porlLspa wtf mafce reaolutioTia to reeiet, bat 
we do not keep tbem ; tbe world w» liva in is Idiotie but it ii 
lireBif^tible. Wlien we wake^ we me tho be&p üf invitation oarda 
on our table; we jnwn^ but we yield, aad we fill up our boofc of 
ertgogfitnent« i tb>o dny is Crowdeä, so i& tbe year; &ud so life slipH 
away burried, tired, thinking itself BisuBed, Somutimee I thJuk l 
sboiild like to live amoTij.'ßt the oom-fieMs and the larcbwnoda, 
aod da good, and I dam sny I «hall when I am old, or, wbat ia still 
worfietbiin old, middle-aftiwl- Rut yoi knowone doea notdoffood 
iD thatway; ons alwayä ^atä impoeed on, and tbe Jew moaer- 
lender in tho csTitre of the YiÜage would be really tbe paison who 
wQuld probt by nn«'s c-hftritie'<«, It Ia qoie-e eitsy for stupid peopla 
to Ihji l>&|>py ; thf.y litdievo io fablag and lliey troL on in » be^tan 
tMclf liJ^e a borwi oti a trftitiway, Hut when you have 1101119 
ilittOli^'-ciiCfi, iiud bftV'ö IVLul ßonietbinir be&ideA jour brevlary, aoii 
ilBve titudiud tbe phüuBophy of lifu alittl^, it ifimucii murodilHt^ult 



tß «cnLent yonreelf, My frieDda who ate putting' on blistera and 
'bandAp'M at ths bospitals, fauc^ they aja oq tbe way to etemal 
aalvation, tut a politu^al e<:oiiQniiat would teil tli«m Uiat the; wera 
onlj doin^ a vaat deal of misclniir, upnettiaiü tHe nbely-bölnnced 
arraTi^'ömyjits of Nutiire. Myaclf, I Uilrk Nature hgis vüjt Utile 
to do wilb tbe world as it k in tb« ninetetiDtb cttntury in L,iirop<ä. 
I do üot thini Nature» laft to herself, wCmldcrBaTeeilbor cnpjileaOT 
eaiii»ra,öiiy mo» thaii slie woiild yok« hulJricksorcuttemers' taili' 
Sbe bad accomphtutid her friandfl tb« D&mes du Oalvaira mora 
than oQCe to rbofie hoBpital» whera 'patncian bands touched tha 
leiter"« sores and tbe idioT'a iiicer« ; but her deticate tnets had been 
zsTolted, Bßd bftr iutdlli^nce', nuTtured on ebrowd and Balirio 

Jibilosopliies, bH.d rejectod thti ii^ea tLnt acy g'Oci<J was ijaae bygru»>t 
adjes tranafornjiaj^ tbemselvM into aick nursea of diseBse. Slie 
tb<iught it muBt be infiiiitelj deli)ibtfiil to be abia to dnUide ynur- 
•alf in tbdt kiad of ■wBy, to tbJnk tbat vo« pleaaed Deity by pul» 
tiop on D- poulticB f(]id &Tcrted a eocjal cataclysm by wHabing A 
cretio, buC abe did not believe in tbat kiad of thin^ baTseilf. Sha 
did Düt see how auyone coidd do BC who bad tbought about Ufa, 
and th>i9 f^st ofit. 

' r data say I am quite uaeleaa,' Fihe woiüd reply to tbose who 
fa'ied to coDTiDce ber, 'but than ao iDany tbinga are, Who haa 
erer found out tbe um of butterRies, or of daiai>ea, or of a nautilua, 
or of B night in^ftle, or of tboaa cl)Kriniii|i:f Toay ciouda whicl) drifi 
about at aunatJti^ I do not aee tEia Utility of prolon^ng tbe 
borribJ» and miaerable Uvea of lepera and of idiota in hoftpitaU 
uid asyluma. Iluu^anity \& not in tbe Isaet SHcred ; it ia inucsh 
jnore oftra profourdJy uosious nnd disgHfjtJng. Kven ibo people 
who tnl^ alnut its sunctity, da not believa iti wbat thtjy uy, or 
war wüuld becoicä ad impcittübility, Jiüd fio would ^ tbe faictoriae 
wbicb, ae Victor Hugo baa efud, take tbe aoul out of jsaa to put 
it into macbmery.' 

Wben sbe epoke in thie wny »ba was *ery much in eamefik, 
0itd b@r ar^meutfl wsre yery bard torefuta; and aven Malvilla 
want Out of hef prfScnce with aa unccirafortAble, thoupll un» 
Bclmowävdged, ee^iea tliat h]9 whole life had beßn » mistakB based 
DD a bubble w^bich bad aJl tbg hues of tba raiiibow, indoed, but nO 
mora tbaji 4 bubble's aolidity. Wbfn tba meii of eciaJic», with 
wbom sbe sometiniea amiiBad lietai'Jf by pkiyto^^ tlie poct of tba 
gteat Cniherin» to tbe EüCyclopiGdJatA^ cam« into ber prwaenca, 
Ibey fared bo better tbaji the priesta, aud she did not beliova m 
Ibeto a whit the moro, 

't'ive hundred yeara hence, yuuT itieas and youT diacovexi« 
will all be refutod and ndiciilt^/ ^be satd to tbem, ' aa you sow 
refutei and ridicula the phyaiolopy of tbe Grepks and Latins ; yoa 
will not lind tba Icey to ih" niyi^Ltry uf crvntlon ty Uirturiiig dogl 
or cbniidn^ hcirftes oa a bed ol' iip;nny.' 

Aiid &be ÜBtcgied to tliätn, }mt &lie laugbäd at tiiBm. Xo Ui« 


Mtirica] clearueiss of her hifrUy-trpined iptellif!:«nf* tliö delirium of 
BcieDCQ VW ^uUe u mucii a msl&dj ai tliä mind u wera thv 
S-t^psodi^B of celtgion, 

'La BcienGB est ]a (rmudfi cSvrose dumoment} (& paesem/sba 
»aid once to OUudö Bemtird. 

In Paris, Nadine Kapraxine waa wtat the tpotM had iqeuIq 
liert ■hß' was the<^/(^j7nn^«of hsTperiod^akotLouse äofrerof fragil« 
Itenuty, of B-bBolute itidolenco, of hypercriticul taate, of utter and 
sntire usoTcss^neBS, In her crirrlafre or lier sleigli, uoder ber püe of 
lilrer fox skin«; oa a Tuesdaj at tha Fmo^ois, od b Saturdaj at 
tbe Grand Op<jFB; oq her Thuradayg at her'cinq haures/ whon 
the Hilfst eicIusivQ of crowdfl gathered in lier drawiug-romna i in 
thfl few gTfiat aflSembliefi iiid tJalla tö wliich ahe deipced tö CBtry 
hör listlusfl gKidö and her mnrTeHoufl jeweU; throughout her eelf-» 
abeorbßd day, which bej,'ßn Rt büoq and ended at dawn, sho waa a 
ConxUitte of diO moet exrj^uiaite ^atia and of tbe ntöst incredibls 
eitrarfl^acce, euch aa Paria had known her to be from tbg 
secoad jear of Iier marriafi^e. Her cnpricea wore miending, he* 
chacf^fulnesa woa iTtc&lcalMe, her expenditure waa enoruiDiia; 
tbe rcoat exa^gerntcd tiilBB wers told of her baut^iir acd of her 
eicliiaiTenoPB, yet ivera not much b&TüBd the truth; and man 
worsbippcd bar, nud womea latrigued for her notice, just because 
ehe 'vfM Bo uaa.pprciacha'ble and could be iaeolent. FrEgile and 
■wbite M Ihe narcL'^uä floiver, whicb she alwaya took üä her 
emblem, Iritb a voice evef aweet and low, and tbe mos.t perfect 
< manner in the world, shti could be äB ei^el iu all tha cruelUee of 
soöety asever her anceators liad beenwith knout and eteel intheir 
froßty fastneFiflee, It amusipd liar +o aee tbe timid recoil, tbö pre- 
BUtaptuoua ^brinb, tbe coctidentwither into humiliation, Wora tbe 
üdüImeBB of her ami^Cj, the terroT of bei few cald aoftlj-Bpoken 

*J am tbe oaly ecavenffar that Europa bna left,* ehe aaid once. 
'All tbe otbera baTö heen frightened hy the democracy, but I 
frigbtBa the deraocrficy^ or, at least, I Jre^p it out of my drawing-- 
toomfl. It may pet into thg " Almanac dg Gotha./' but it will not 
get paet my Sj(ifse nnd up my staircase.' 

Now and tban sbe hnd been liDown to do exceedingly kiad 
tbittgB, just oa in the midat of bcr worldly life she woaM ponow 
Bild thea to a disi^oitpea at tbe Äcademyorfa n BSEmce at th^ Sor- 
bonne. Bat thay had been al-vajs done to perfloiifi qtiite simple 
and frank, wbo naver aflrontßd her witb preeumption or dispnistid 
her withpretensioii. To a lie of any soft ehe weh inexoT-able. 

The a&tel Napraxine was one of the moat deligbtiul boiLsea in 
'EuropOi It atood Efiar tha entrance of the ATenue du Bot« da 
Boulogna, and was withdrawn from every inquiaitive ^luice wbich 
might be east on it from the road, witbin gardens larg-e ecou^h to 
contain grovea of limg treos and pliuie treea, foi]ntMa&, lawns, 
jffiTiliona, and tenacea of rofie-colöuied iiiajblQfi> No disturbiDK 

J*JiWC£SS I/APüA.'^mS. 


•cbo of tiie trafüc of Paria caiüd reacli tlia sensitiTO ear of iti 
BOTCTsi^ lady wlien elua sank to sleep iinder the white eatm oi 
I Ler äliell-aliapeid Ivoiy bed. 

All the üü&st Frencb aitists Liviiig liad been eummoüed to itj 
idorDBMJDt ■within* 

* AH modam toomg btö only like ao miiDy bonbon-boxes,' elia 
' liftd said, * At l^a&t mjr bonbun-boiea ^all oe well-jp^inU«!.' 

Ani MöiasoDier, Ducan, Bnudi-j, Civhnnel, Hetmer, Legros, had 
■1] siened aomo panel, soma üöIUd*, ßfuna staircase, chimnäy-pieM, 
DT salon-TCull in tbia most exquisUe of houaes. 

' It ia really diarminfr,' sha said to hereelf when sbe reacbed 

,1t on Üiat firat grej, cliUl, misty mortiiiig ai her luriral, and ita 

I delicioufi coloui aud wona air aud Eower-üEed twilight wekooi'ed 

. her after the lon^ dull journey acrosa Europe. It was especially 

perfect to lier tbiä day becauae for &oiiie fiftj boura st l^aat h^r 

fiuaband would DOt comä tbitlier. Tliere waa ouly one tbJiüg 

ever diecoTdant in its perfect barmoniet Wben PlntoR Naprasina 

COme yp tlie gtaircasa — with ita black-aad-whitö morblea, ita pal&« 

blu6 Telvßt OArpetä, its eculptureä by CMsiDger, and its wall-! 

I jainting-s by Baodry — whon lie cama up under ibe Iflaves of ths 

! tananaä and tlie palm^, and enteißd ber owq saiictuaryr bis broad 

t&lL form^ bis htjary Step, bis Kalmuck face weia diäsonant and 

Bbsuid in it all, and irritated her sease af Qtnees, aud auaoytid hsx 

like a fal^s notä in tbo middle of a clasaic eympbony. 

'PDorPlatonl' ehe thou^htmoreitbaiionce; ^ 1 have cortamly 
, beoD tbo most exp^rnive -nLioi that Le Üias erer Lad; and be baa 
iievef eot thö alig-hteat entert aiameüt out of me, I am very dia- 
tgreeaSle to bim ; I bare nlwaya bcQn diseigT^eablB to bJjn, I was 
BO at first because I could H(A, "belp it^ and I ann ao now beeause I 
like to be ao. £ut I graat that it has never lieen quita lair to 
him, Hö migbt just aa well bavo beoa all olono to aiuuae Kiimself 
with bia dancers, and comio siDEtifSj ftndpeople; I bave beea b 
Kbita elfpbant to bim. Certainly bo ba» a kind of trlumpb m 
pDasessLDg tbä vbita elepbanC ; ha liliea to feel I am hare ; when 
they all look aftei me in tbe Bois, or at tbß Opi^ra, be likea to 
think I belong to bim. Ae eomäbt^dy &aid, when p'ODple admiie 
*hat iB 0UT3, it ia aa if they adinirüd ua. I am very much to 
lim wbat tha blea cisi S&vraa for whicb be gave tan tbouflaad 
pounde^ must be ta Lord Dudley. The S^TTes ie of no eartkly uaa 
to bim, and ba woiild scarcely dare to toucb it^ and be wouldcer- 
tainly never eat Ms cutlet or bave his veni^ou aerred od it; bufe 
it is aometbing tliat sTerybody enviea bim, tbat Qobodj elf'9 Ima. 
"Wben pittton ipv&a grent dinpors to poTareigr]>» und all kinds of 
yrOi bünnets, and I am oppOaite tu bim, I am eure he haß tbö fidit 
of feeling that Lord Dudlej haa about that ölue oiel Service» 
A^er all, that ia something; though, na tbe Service w&a incoDi- 
plete m quantity, bo I am incomplete in aentiment:, And tbao, 
vlwa I meet him driviii^ MdUeu Choae in tbie Ohamps Ei^-säe3| t 



taeni ob if I did not m« bim ; and I nevfir aay & «yllahla of objae* 
tion if tlii^re aro r* huiidred parajiTttpha in the fUrti'txjiMiyutux abnut 
-hlnLHelf ftud nti}' nuiabur oi Mdlle«. Ohose. If I hnd ever Eiked 
hira, I slinuld be rnigry aiid luake a fuas. After aU, t« ougUt ta 
Imow thnt, if indiäereace ba not Qattery, it Is penve/ 

1^0 Bhe aootbed her conscieace, but not (ilwiiya eucceasfully j 

■he had r>con>9i(i[iaUy a paaaing tguch pf self-rejirouch, wheii ähe 

TBtDembered how very littlu alis lind f^iven her Lusband in nelurn 

for ttia tuagnißceüt forttine, tlie boundlu^ adruiration, and the 

perfect independence whtch rLh ow^d to him. älie Lad at tlie 

. Dottom of her beart, thou^hetiäsd and indiatinct, a ntore BenaitiTe 

..■od a biglier-tonod honour tban mnst womeo; tbat instinct of 

I hoDour told her Üiat ab« had been, at all tioiea, uDJiut and uH' 

Vgratefid Xo a loaa whoqe good quaJiti>ea »be läfused to aea, aad 

öftren did bor beat to dL-etrfiy, beeaufle bis raJatioD to her irntatod 

her tost« and t«iiiper^ sad hifl uffliiieas oiid. waiit of mtelli^nce 

fiUed bor with disdrtirt. 

* If I hßd a dau|*;litar,' 9be tbqugbt, in thosQ mcitnenta of Cffii- 
I doiir and compimctioni *I thinli 1 BbfHild Bay to hfir, "Commit 
'*iiy öin ftnd inciir Böy sorpow you likö mlher than tnake i 
niAiTiage without aympathy ; it \b tho one crime whicb eociaty 
has agreed to applaud as an act of wiadom and af rirtii« ; but it la 
B crime DevsTtbetuas. Oa>t» is so >0UDg, one dous not kcow; one 
li&tena tti peopU wbo ut^q all tbe advantagea of it, aod when one 
does know «t ia too lat«.'^ However,' sbe udded in bor own mu»* 
icg**! ' 1 ^"■'■B ßayp if I bad daugbtersi, whtn thsy wara t)ld enou^rb, 
I ahould do just tlie eanie as everybody elße diwa ; 1 shoiild want 
' tbem to malte « Asrtu fnariaijfi, and I shoilld teil them to dö it. H 
1 la the world which niakea oce lika tbat^ At the l'ait of Novgorod 
t oDce 8&V a bttle Simbirsb peaatint airested für stPAling & neck- 
Uce of blue and yellow bKadiS ; she bnret out Hobbin^r »tid Said 
i^« wouid not bava taken it, btit all tbe girla of bt^r rihn^e had 
aU their big beade, and ehe bäd bohqI In the bi^ world we do 
tbe Bapie. We want the biy beads bocausö otJiyr people have 
Üi>aira, It 19 pßltry ; but then anciety is paltry at its boet, Tb^ 
say, wbeu you b&T^e entered ßu opiutn house, you QiB,y 'hity^ madA 
aU tbe rtfsoltitiona you will ftgainät emoüng, you caimcifc teep 
tbem, the atmoHpbere ß'ains on you, jou yield, and amoliej and 
'*ink, like all th« rest. The world ia an Opium house.' 

NatUTö had deäijirn«! her for eomethingf bettar tban the opiom 
IttO'iaa, Her intellect, her cour^e, and bar chaatity wera all of 
freat aod fine quolity, 11]» tbe burnished blad^ of a sword, that ii 
' it once delicate and strong, But the world had nbsorbüd her, 
ftnd left littlei scope to tboss bif;'her asd nobler inetincts. Sha 
was ta her habita and her tastes a mere ^Ugmit^, Indolept, hard to 
■ileaeei, hypcreriticrilj ot lan^uid Constitution, of infinite ogctiem. 
Oiren the impatuä, thia languof cduld alter» aa by mag-ic^ iatci 
wdlourj force. and energy; bat tha tüotive power could rarsly ba 



found which could rouse her, nnd ehe ramained for the moet ttart 
of tier time & mere ntwMjniiw, of exquisite tsiaU^^ of irrmstibte seduc- 
tüoa, but ufie^eßs, idle, coiitemptuoii&,cyn3eiil, va^ueiy disa.ppoiuted, 
tbough all "wore at her föet, wanüng, petlilaHtly, fike Alexander, 
tnora worlds to conquer. Sometiiiios in th« enaui of the wJiole 
thingr Bod her diasatisfactioiD in it, Bhe was onlr regtrained from 
ftbsoiute evil by the consciuusness of ita vul^arity, and her own 
Bverftinci to tho3& mdulgHUcws in which moet Ibid tbeir etrongeat 
temptaücn, but in wliiich ehe only eaw a bumiliating* and a gro- 
teaque affinity to the brut«8. 

As ttt füUT yeura uld she had ehrug^d lier siodl ahoulders, 
with & aiphj belore the bonbon boxea — ' J an ai tant I ' — eo at four- 
BJid-tw«iity yesre old ehe wiia euperoUiouS tö the whole World 
becatiea it had given h^r eo much, and jat hcid nothtn^ bitter 
thFm that to give. And incradulaiu that thera was Hnywher« 
HHjthing better, ebö lived in bar colorÜ^re-heated roums, lik^ au 
orchid iu a hothousß, äud amused herseif as with a ß;aiuä bj the 
deairefl, tfaa paina, the repToaches, tha eolicitationa, tba ieiilousiee, 
whicb ^tted and futm^a thcmsälvea iu t}iftt JU'ena of her saloa, 
wbilstsheremainfidaa tranquii,a9 pitilaes, and aa mdiiTerent aa fute. 

No woman Lad the World more completely bäneath her f«et, 
yet BÜe, Jike Otbmar, wm coneumed by that etömal ennui wliieh 
Ifl tbe panälty of tb^ae who püase^s too diucb, bave se^n &Dd beard 
too mucb too e&rly, and bave been from cbildhoad the objects of 
fidulatiüTl aud of ispecidatiaü ^ — of all thos^, indeed, wbo bave 
mind and hcai-t ienongb not to find all tliißir intereata in sociaty, 
and yfet have not that pootic terapör which would ^ive tbem a 
fiure coneolatioB atid a safe reftigie in the unoloying' loTäiliTi'aBa of 

Ennuj ia unjostly IoDk(3d npon bs the characteriatic of the 
frisolouH type of humanity; on the contrary^ the frivolnuB cha- 
lacter ie pöTtVtctly content with frivolity, and never üreg of it. 
Bnniii ia ratbei the mark of those whoee taste ia too ans and 
whO'Se inetincta are too high to let thiam he satisHed with the ez- 
citement of, and the victoriaa of, eociely, and yet who have too 
Uttle of that Himplicity, or of that imperaccaliity, which makea 
the artiatic temiJeniment ca^iable of enürtly witiidrawing frum 
the World and üvinti^ ita own life, self-Bti&tained. 

This dülicate patrician had ths e^ed in her of gre^at ravit, of 
dauntlesB coiLspirators, of beughty territorial tymnte, of roeu and 
pf womea wLo had emptied throaes Mid fiUfsd thit*m, and givBn 
law for life and death to multitud^a of Tassala ; she Could Uot be 
altogether content with the mse-watermliticH of moiiem dmwinp- 
looms, with the harml'^.Bs liTaliy of toilettes and eqmpaa;ea, with 
HOb tnvial paatimea and aa trivial pasBiona of society. k^ha waa a 
woman of the world to the tipa of her Ungarn, yet ehe could not 
be alto^thi^c conteoit with od ^aisteDCä of Courts, chifftma, äirt»* 
tioai, eodie» eatertalomenlfl, and imlioiitBd expeiülitura. 

S» PRmcEsa NAPRAxms. 

' TLey find ua ecccntrie, capricious, autocral-ie, uA Buebiadb/ 
ihe skIiI one day. * I ds-re sfl.y we are ao ; they fordet (.h*t, not k 
Century agi>, out greaVirmiitlpareiita wgre Hlaymg l'icul aod Petor 
in tbeir [lal^iTa, &nd eould kiioQt to deiith wholö TiUogBs of mea, 
womeu, and children, at their mera frenk und fauc^. I thiok It 
u T£ry credit&ble to ue liot to be b thaiLaand times worsa than m 
ara; our blood ia made up of arack and of ice ; we an tbe roda 
pinea of tbe nortb French-polislied I ' 

It yfoa ttiree o'clock iu the day ; aha had giTeii ordera to be 
vcdistiirbed, Sbe had alept admirably for eight koura withoul 
imy morpbiue. She bnd batbed Lwica, an bor orrival and oo bei 
ftwaklugjQ warm water^ gpaque witb Otto of rosa ; ahe had bnok- 
fnsted off her usuilI cup oF CTeUm and taWä madä of milk, 8h4 
wna iD a dreamy, droway, amustid RUte of thought ; asd, aa ab« 
Uy on her couch in tbe boudoir^ wbich waa placed between bar 
librarj and her dreflaing-cbaimber, bar tboug'bta drü^^ ppisiB.tejitly 
to tbe meeting of tbe dami. 

She fslt vefy lika Fata now, os elia tbougbt bow odd it was 
thftt tha örst person ebe had met in l'aria had been Othmar. 

'IIa is Tsry much cbang^ for aa abort a tiiue. Ha la not a 
wbii tBDr& content,' abe raäected, witb pleaRure. 

Tbe littla room vitS) tba pretties^t tbiiLg iu all Paris. ' tt ia ■ 
cosbat for a paar],' oaa of ber adoreiB bad aaid, and it aoemed 
reaUy a pity tbat for eig'bt inoiJtba cut of tbe yeäi tbe casket 
ebouM be closedj and no ray of liaUt ever eater ia it. Jte furni* 
turfl was of ivory, like tbat of tb>a adjaiuiug library^ bedroom, 
and bathmotn, atul ita haTigin<:^ were of aÜTery eatin embroidered 
with pale rosea and apple-bloaaoiM. Uaudiry had paiiited tbe 
cailing witb tbe atory ot .j^Cdon and Prociia : tha ^laaa in tbe 
Tindowa vaa milk 'wnite, and tbe tloor waa coverad witb white 
beaTabiBa: tbe atmospbere was Uks tbat of a botbouae, aud a* 
odoroua; tbere wera alwaja a per&ct aeclusion and aileace in it; 
tbe only aouud wbicb erer came tbere was tlio e^plash of a foiiii- 
tain in tbe g-arden below ; it might baye been eet in tbe heart of 
tbe Island of Alctna rjitbar tba.ii in ODe of tb? gr^&t Avenue of 
Paris, Here^ lyinjf back on one of ber low couchea witb tbe ait 
around her tropica!, Taporovwj draaray, ahe mused within bar- 
fielf aa to bow fiha would deal witb Otbiüar^f a ^mile in bqf eyaa 
and a doubt in ber miüd. 

' Let bim alon«,' anid bor conscience. 

' No,' Said bor vanity, and pethapa aome otber emotäon also. 

'He nevar barmed you; be only lored you, and obeyed 
you, a-ad went away,' her conscience urg«d on her. But bar 
Vfiaity replied : ' Tbat was tbe worat olfence. Tbere are com- 
manda wuicb are moat bonoured by dbobedienca. Tbera aie 
woutids vbicb ougbt to be cberiebed, not hfioled,' 

Unleas eba ohosa tbat it ebotild ba otberwisa^ Othtnar, aha 
faiew, woiild b« a ab'anger to bse all hia lif«, They would mwti 





ferlira, in the world t&tj ofEen^ but thej wouli eichangfl com- 
iQODplsce courte^, and remain an fax aeunder aa two aliipa 
thfkt pasä each otb^er on the same ocean courss, anliBsa Ehd clioae. 
Her better &elf eeid to Ler, * Let him aloce ; he bm tried to maka 
ftDother lue for bim&elf ; he Las failed, no doubt, tut he has pro- 
■bably found a eort of peace, d, klnd of aJTection j if it can coasole 
Mm, do not diatiifb it,' But the Lfibits of aupcemaej' and of ia- 
trigue, tte love of domimon, tha mtaletanco of oppogjtioD^ wliicb 
ireiB inHCicctiTe in ber, and whicb all her mauj tnumpba and her 
permltt^d egutiäm bsd foatered and coofirined, forbade bar to re- 
Eign bereelf to auch iiaaaiTity, aud urged her tu t&ke up her Empire 
orer bis Life. 

And slio bad a vagne wish to «ee bim tbere ag'alTi beüde ber, 
a wieb not very alropg-, but etroog: enougb to mova her. It Tvas 
bere^ in tbia roDm, that he bad &rst of all toM bei tb^t be< 
loved ber, witb words more doriug and mors imperioua than nnj 
Otber bad Tectuired to uae in btr presence ; be was nsTer like 
Dtbef peOpIe ; be Was ptobablj Ho bettef^ certainly Do WorSe, tban 
otbar men, btit ba was didarent : be phased her Imagißatioia, ba 
toucbed her sympathy ; ha wöb the only man with wbom jt bad 
ever aeemed to her tbat her life migbt bare been bved bar- 
momously, -with wbom sbe migbt bar«^ undürslood Boiuetbiiig at 
tbat mysterj of Iotb ia wbicb sbe bad nsver belieri^d, To her 
temper it was the iatrigne and iutricacj of life wbich aloiie mckde 
it euduralle, the unroUmg of tbe libboo of fate, tbe waCcbing 
imd cöDtrolliDg of tbe coivcdy of cii'Oimgta&ceaj wbich al'ono luadä 
it wüFtb wbila to liäB iii tbö moming to tbä t€diiim of its routine. 

' le life woTth livinpr P ' alie wiid once, bearing^ of the title of a 
book of drawing-roüni phUoBopby. ' Yea^ I think it ia, if you are 
tba cat, if jou are tbe spider, if ypu are Üie eogle, if you are tba 
lot if you ore tbe mouee, or tbe ßy, or tbe \^xn\ or tbe 
Ijfa ia certaiidy wOrtb liviog, too^ if yOu röj^ard it fia wbat 

dog- 1 not u you ore tbe mouee, or tbe ßy, or tbe \9,xn\ or tbe 
harOt IJfa ia cßrtaiidy ivortb liviDg, too^ if jou röj^ard it fia wbat 
it 19, a dramatic entartainment, difersion. Tbis ia tbe tnie nse of 
tiches, tbat it enabled you to giTe yourself up to watcbing and 
coutroniog circiunetances &s if men and woiii^u wp're mmonettea ; 
it enableayDu toiait in your fautsiiil and laok od without moving 
unleas you wieb. I thick that life mnst be alwaya ratber tir^ 
Boms to anybody oTer taa yeara old, but tbe only pomibüe way to 
endare it ü to rei^rd it aa a epeclacle, aa b com^ny, or, m Mün-* 
teufiel boa said, that a general sittiug in bis Gaddle< i-egärda tha 
battlefield he goTems,' 

This waa wbat ehe fiaid and feit in ber cynical mooda^ and eha 
waa cynical now on her letura to Paria; ehe bad left her better 
■elf bebind her in the enow-drifta of bar own couutry. Tbe 
ivomao wbo bad apoken so tend«rly of Bo^cnof acarcely eiiated in 
ber ; sbe lived in an ntmoapliere of adutation, eicitatinp, ennui, 
Mid fi-ivoloTie occupatiLins, The beroicjprotectresB ol' tbe Siberiai 
ttil'0 bad ECaxcely a tiait in ccumnt^ii with ber; vbe speiit h&Lf thij 


diy in tbe discii!«8irin of new coatumea wilJi ter tailow, aod th* 
oih«r haif Burröuiided b; änttotürd cLod courtiei« ia tbe pursuit of 
new distroctious. 

AnalyaU wM eo »atiir«! to her tbftt jt o^emtid to her in ho 
iitUHtion or even crisia of her Ufa would abe hnve ftb&DdäHed it. 
Tbeie ifl a well-knowB pliysiologtflt, now hsad of a famoua laboni- 
torj, wba, f^ben hu jboh died, a boy of twelve, scarcelj weited for 
tbe cbild's lut braath to plunge hia ecalpel into tba Btill «-arm 
body in bopes of Bome düjcovary of tbe la.'T of life.^ IT ebs bad 
bod uiy timotioua ebs would bn^e doae a aimilar thin^; ah« 
woiitd have disiMiCted tbem aveo Lf tbey had epruog from her own 
lifei bbod. 


18 Madame NAptULiOie o. gtüad ^>FaI^llIl P ' e&id Teeultä timidly OD« 
daj in her üWn ürfiwing-rnom to Mfelvillie, whÜBt eb» cnloured W 
tha ejea as ebä pranounced tbe ninue. 

'Good, myduarl' echoed Friederich OtIiiDar,wbo overheard 
aod repljed to tbe quGstlQn. * Tba epitbetiacomjcallyincongTUOua. 
Sbe would lie ob borritjed if alie beurd yoii oa if 3011 called her 

MelviU« Ifttighed A Httlä döfipila himaelF, end h^aitated before 
giTiDg bJB Dwn reply: be waa e»i1mrrei£sedr How could he ha a 
pTieBt SKj to tbiä iiiiKiCtnt crcjitura what be aa a uan of the 
worid knew to be ths trutb ; tbat tba aimple cln«flitiaiitioiifl of 
ffood aiid bod can qo aiore sutHce to duacribe tbe varieüea of 
hiuuäD cbaracter ttan tb« shicipberd's aimple uamtie foi horb and 
floweT cäD auMce für the botaniBt's Horal aomeDclature ond com- 
pUcated eubdivt&ione. 

'Sbe haa Tery noblo oiialitic«,' he eaJd at letiRtb. 'Perhaps 
tbej are «omewhät obacured hy tbe habita of tbe «vorld. Sbe is of 
la ezceedingly complicated character. I fear 1 acarcely kiiow 
liar velL euou^b to d^ticriba ber witb perfect correctnefia. But I 
know Bonie noble acta of ber Hfe ; ona 1 may t«ll yau.' 

And he related to ber tbo epifiode of Bo^'-anof. 

Yseiüle JigtuTied withwoDder; ta heryoutbful iniag'iDaticni her 
aad eneiny appu&red in all the dnrk hue^with wbich joutb ever 

fiainta what it dielik^s. and dreade, exaggerated liko the rajnbow 
ight witb which it deck» wbat it lovee. AU the hiä-hest iiiBtuicta 
Ol her nature were toiiched to aympathy by -wbat ehe tiow heard, 
but ft paiu of wbicb ßlelriUe bnew nDtning cuctracted her beait 
ae abe thoug^Lt tbat if lier buBbaud bad iodeed \aveA auch ■ 
woDinn m tbiiij it was natural tbat ^a would fcr ever retaiii htt 
püwet OD him. 




'Azjd bBs 18 80 beButiful!' slie added, witli a littlß agh, 
Melvillä laoked Bt her !n Burpriec^, 

■* Who haa boen taltlnig to her?' ho woüdered aa he eaid 

'Tliere are women raoia beautifuL Ton baTe but to loab in 
yoiur mirror, my cLiilil. But ehe has a Eurpa^^iDfr ^nce^ an isr 
ctHDparnblö l'ascination, some of whicb Springs, periiayia, from her 
very düfecte. Sbe is a woman e.9SäEttially of tho madem type, all 
nerv^ imd Bcepticiem iatermlBorted ; LronicBl, incn^luloiis, indif- 
ferent, yet capable of heroic com/w ^iff tÜB\ dissatisüed with tlie 
^orldly life aad yet incttpable Oi Uvigg auy otlier ; the li^nft of 
■Chftteaubrißnd, made femala aod left without a God.' 

' Except har tfiilor I ' aaid Friederich Otbrnar, who appreached 
the little nook in TChich MeMlla waa sefitM in tfae boudoir. 

' PardoQ me/ fiaid Melville, with a smile. ' Madame Napraione'i 
taOoT iB but b&r elave, likö sväryoua eise wbom ebe emplcya or 
encouaierH. The king" of tsiuturierA trembles hefora her, he ie so 
aCraid of h^r diapleneure ; if she blame bis creations tbey Bxa 
tuiued. She mak^ Ai f^ut« e< de b&xa terrvps in the world of 

* And yet ühe could do whnt you saj for tbat unbappy maa in 
Säberia?' niurmured Yaeulte, who had listaned witb BeriouSiiie« 
ej)d eome perplßxity to all that hcid been said of oDe in whom her 
inätinct fälJ; WaA the enemy gf her life, 

* You Bhould underatand a chaiactBr whicb ie made up of con- 
tradictioM, my dear,' interrupted the BaraD; 'for you Wtb one 
beside you e-very di^ in Otho a. Tom own ia fonned witb just a 
fow broad, ainiple, feir linee, mied very Btraight on the old pattfira^ 
which was tu uee before the ReTolution^ or eveii fartber back tliüo 
tbat^ in the daya gf Anne of BretBgne and of Blancbia of Caatillt!. 
But youf huabäDd^a — and eonie other people'a — ia & täüKl'^d maEß 
of unformexi desireiS aud of widelr-oppoeäd quatitic^a whicb are for 
«Ter in cocäict, and are aa unsatie&ccory and aa indehnite aa aoy 
impressimmisteU picfcure.' 

Teäultfi did oot hear; she was absorbed in her own reflectioiiBt 
her face was very p-ava. 

* M. La Barun, j'ou cannot bsve eTerything/ enid MelvUl^ 
gaily. ' YoUT aga baa destroyed tbe fenane croyante. Natura, 
which alwaya aveiigea herself, givaa you the feitmis du. morule, 
whicb, in ita luwest sta^ea, heconaes the ctifMdine-, and in its bijä;hait 
juBt aucb an (^tb«^;nJ, c^pncious, taotulisipg comhiDation of the 
ficeät culttiTe and the moat laiLguid ecepticiäm^ as capdvAtäa ajüd 
torturea her world in the peraonof tbe Princess Napraxine,' 

' Eicuse me in my tum if I ßay tbat you are quite mistaken,' 
eaid F'ri'öderich Othniar, ' The two »pecies of wonoaukind have 
eiiated since tbe days of Athens and ol" flome, und modern theology 
•nd modern ecspticiifim ha-ire nothicff to do witb either of tbem. 
Pwelope ftßd Oirce are aa old aa the lalaiidiB and tha Boaa. If jat 

I S 


pnwcEss XApj?A.ri/rs. 

will not find nie impertidest, I cannot belp sa^in^ th&t eccleäoatiOE 
kiways läiniiid ma of the old etoi^ (I tbinli it ia ita Moore 's DIbit) 
of lliB prazier'ß boe who weDt to Swit»eirlajid, and wm oaJj 
iiEpreflf^td by one fuct — Ihat buUockä were very ftheap there. 
CbrietiiHiity Ls b purdy modern thing. WhAt aro eüghtfcen 
centuries i* tbö hiatory of tho worldP Yet every cliiirchni&ii 
refapa e?ery virtue and every vice of buman nnture to the irfltienca 
or thfl ttbaence of thia pur«lj modern crsed, which haa, after all, 
nat one täntb of tlie magnetic power of absorption of Buddhism 
and notbioc^ like the grasp du tbe mind of » mullUude wlüch 
Ldamisoj baa posBpgsed.' 

Priederich Othnmr hftd «Iwiiys nfi especial pleBöure In täfiZin^ 
Mekille, atid in conteiDpUtiiiy tbe address wJth whicU thö tmiusd 
tftlent of tlis tbiöologlnn vaulted ot« the ditßciiltieB wbich bis 
reMon was forcßd to acknowledge. 

As Melville was about to Teply^ Ihe ßroom of tbe ch&mbsn 
eatored and announced * Aladaiua Ia Pricceästi Napraxine.' 

Tflaulte rose witb a Startled lonlt upon her young face, wbich 
yrne not yet trntned to conceal -wbat eba feit beceatb ihat maak 
of seremty and emlling bdifiercncB wbiüb makeä the moet ünpene- 
tovble of all maelis. Ilercheek^äuabed, berejesbadamoiaeLtary 
loök qf bewilderment. Sba did üot b^iLr tba words of grac^Au 
gToetiag^ wilb 'wbicb ber vi^tor aoswered tbe courte^y abe 
mecbanicAlly mad&. 

Melville, wbo bimself falt alittle guilty, baatened tober reacue, 
and tha Baroa, aa heroUed a low cbair for Üie DewcomeT, thonght to 
bimeeltf, ' Wlifflt B pity Otlio ia notberej It b alwaya bettet tohaTe 
tboße aituatioiiH gono tbrougb, and OTer. Tbe poor childl^BO 
happy assbe baa betJil It will bq n pily if Circe come. Biit 
Circa alwaya comea. Flow can Mulville pMtend thpt Circe js 
anything new, or baa only aprunfä: into existcDce because women 
do not go to cburdi I Madame Kaprasine ia precisclj tha saine 
Mnd of charviereate that Fiopertiua used to write ödes lo on bis 
tablet* ; tbe type waa mora con&ietsnt tlien^ becauae in cur daya 
costmne ig incongmous, and lifo ia more complicated, and people 
aiB more tired, but itTCTnains. int^^^lly tbe CBiuei' 

Nadine NapTEisine meaiiwbile waa BayiEg : 

' Your people were imwining to let de in becflUBQ it ms not 
yoyi day ; but I insist-ed, TS'bcn anfl deeirea a tbing jery much 
one alwaya inaista tili one geta it. I find Paris talMng of notbing 
tut tbe Countesa Othmar; I waa eager to claini Crom ber tha 
priilJege of an old friend.' 

It WB9 eaid witb eweetness, apparent frankness, and aJl her 
own inLmitable grace. Sbe ligbtly toucbed, witb tbe aofteBt, 
Blicbteat kiea, tbe cbedrä gf Teeidtg, wbicb grew warm scd tben 
coid. Not appeariug to notice ber BmüarraBement, Nädin* 
Napraxina eontinued toBtrinB^her pretty, careleaBfOOürtöoiiBpbrasei 
tf^tber witb tbat tact Kbich Ia tbe moat uB^fiü and tbe nao«« 



paceful of all the talects. Teeulte bad all ag-irl'a ambarrBiisaient 
Defore lier, and that dl^itj wtlch woa au matiact ta hex became', 
by coDtrast, almost etill'ueBSr 

' SomeouQ baa told ber of me,' thouglit Nad!i[](?> with (uauae- 
ment ftnd Irritaticm coatbined* It at onc9 oäijndBd Hbt and 
plea^ed häf tbat eli6 iliauld ba a äJürce of päin td tliiä g'irl — tö 
bow maoy womea had ehö beait so, and without mercy I Well, 
■»hy would tliey not learn to Itcep to tiiemselvee the wandering 
thougbts of tbeir loTers and tlieLr lords ? ' Tbia cbild La beautifiil,' 
ihssaid to beräelf wilb caodour ; 'boTr ca.n slie fall with him. 
No doubt aha lovea liim hersalf t mea are rot tliankful. rena la 
t^affie haute ia tlie onlj motto for tLeir eubjectioD.' 

Sba Btudied TeeuUe w;tb attention and intereat, und witbout 
m!ili(;e> Sha frankly [ulmired tbIa bcmuty so difl'^rant to her own ; 
tbifi Union of high-bred etatelmess aod cbildisb BaiTet<ä which 
aeemed to her just aucb a mimmsr m eame yoim» cbätölaiue of 
e03xiQ old Breton or Norman towar ■would häve had iü the dayä of 
tha iieiae IsabeaU; äba did fuU justice to it. Tbe initatiün Sth& 
had falt when she hod walküd in tho moonliwht through the grasa 
Isndfl at Zurai'zoiT', and thouglit of tha chäteau of Amjöt, had 
ceaaed tha moment tbat sbe Eiad entar^d tbe atmoapbere of Paria. 
Uthmar bad believed IhaC be bad hesa cold m uarHe in. that 
momentaty meeting, but &he had aeaa in it tbat her power ovar 
him was ucdiminiahiod, She kasw very weU tbeit aoon or lato be 
v/ho Lad dääed bcr would Lö ouce more as a roed in ber banda. 
She waB in no bd^tö to try her force ; ebe coiild lely on it ia tha 
calmuesa of cortainty, Sbe was very niniahle to hiß wife ; bat she 
had a little täußh of good-oatured condeaceHsiön in her amiabiliitT 
wbich madö tbe -prida of tbe girl aliriiilc &s undex an atiront whick 
could not be resented ; tbe -very young alwjiya eufäer under a hind- 
n^BB wEiicb tacitly remiiida theni, bj ita unepok^D superiority, of 
their own isexperience nad tlieir own defect&. The ironicn! smile, 
tha elight auggestive phrnem, the Tery indulgeLCo, aa I-O a cbild, of 
NEidine Napraiina wctb aa so mnny thorns in ihe heart of Tseulta, 
wbo bnd none of that vamty wbich nüght have rendered her 
ißdifferont to them, 

It waß not so much an ßwotion, htit a cdii'tdD sentiment — half 
intertet, half irritatioB— wbich broüght her to tha great bousa of 
whicb, in a moment of impulse, he had made tbia child miBtreaa. 
' They try to givfi it a false nir of bome,' ehe thougbt, with her 
raercilesB accuracy of penetration, ' but th&y do cot auc^eed. It ia 
alwaya a barn — a barn ^ilded and painted like VeiaailleB: tut a 
baro. PerbapB thsy Bucceed hettexat Amyßt, and perbapa they 
do not. He alwaye bated tbJs buge houae, and he was very right 
in hiii tastä. It ia made to enteftaiD iü, ügt to be bappy m. If hö 
were happy he would g>i far away to that i-astle by tho blua 
Adrian Sea tbat I eaw witbin a few leagiiea of Mirorajir.' 

With Ihat thought sAiq had goae through tho succession at 


gTfiat nioniBp grand and tuiint^resting' ts tha rooma of tbe Escurialf 
UDtil ahe bad reached one of die drawin^-rooiDa, with it9 painted 
nuiela of cbildrao romplng in orcbards ftud ffardeus, and thsra bad 
iDUud Y&eulte HitttOf^ at ber tapeatry like ^me young dame qf the 
timo of Bflijard QT tbo Bäaj^^iiif a lai^ hoimd at her feet, tbe two 
old niBD bsaide baf. 

• Wbat colourinf 1 She ia Uke b pastel of Emilo LÄvy's 1 ' iba 
h&d tbougbt, witb an apprediüktion which vitls eQtirdy eincera, lu 
abe läsaed tha g'irl's reluctnnt, ro.'^eleaf-like cbeek: äbe really feit 
not the BjtgbteBt ül-will towarda her; an the contraiy, tihe waa 
movad to a compaseion, □oo'e tke leaa asuuine tbat it wa» 1l>EU9d 
OD BometJiing yery like disdain ; the diedtun of the wUe fgr Üie 
aimplef of ths ceTtoIoly yictonoua for tba predsstined vanc^ulBhBd, 
öf the Bnnku-ck armer for thoss vihia Ist tbe aunke kill thetü, 

With her raOBt charmhi^ grace, with that eeduction wbich 
modf) it inijjosflible for a-pyrnie in her preesiica +o be her enemy, 
abe rstlBwed her ocqii Eilet ildcs ■with the wifa of Otkraar^ apeiikilif^ 
pretty and graeious word« of reoogQitiöii and of admiratiüii. 
Ysemte preeerved a ßelf-control admirable for one an youii|j, to 
wbom tbe neceasitiea for euch reoerrB w&re a new acd paiiiful 
leasno ; but abe waa unable to k«ep tbe cbona« of calour in her 
cheeke, aad the äxproasüia in her candid oyea ostrayed her to the 
quick perception of hör puMfc. 

' \ au have coiue to honour Farla, PrincoasP ' emd the Baiuii, 
to Cover the emliarraßsuleliit aad Üie cotiBtraint of Yseui.Ce. 

' One alivnya comas to FariB, BaroQ,' anesvered Nadina 
'^apraxiae, raising her eyeglass and gazing at the girl tkroug'h it, 
jrith all tia ci'uel, carelüsa scrutiny of a woman of tlie worid ; 
hör lummouä eyea wautad uo aaäiatance of the £ort, but it waa a 
wiüLpyn — uukitid BS & dapp'er oa occa«cia. 'Ohö alwaya comefi to 
l'ariB. It ia tüie toy-ßhop wliere wo doUe of tbe world pet meaded 
when WB ara battured and bruiaed. We come for oup hair, fyr 
OTir t^etk, fnr öur Comploxioiie ; at aüy rate^ for our g^nwna; and 
then whiin we am^a -vg^ tatnmn. The Republio mity jmsb ite iroa 
Täller, aa Berhoz saye it dnee, oTer the world ; it rolU on wheela 
of lead ; bot it cftnnot prevent Paria from being alwaya an empire, 
and alwa^s the urb« for us. I do not love Faris as pAJS^Dtiately 
ad moat KiiSäiana do^ yet even I admit that there ia no othar citj 
whera one tinda ao little mnootony. Even in Paria, alaal u 
Marivaux eaid long ago, eTerykody hos two eyea, one noae, and 
one laoiitk, aod one rnghs in vain for a \\lW@ vanety of outline.^ 

* If I remember,' Baid tbe Jlarun, ' Marivaux wa« ranr© merciful 
t« hutnbnity tkan ifi MAdaiuQ N'nprnxiiie; ke adiulLIad that üven 
w-ilh auch hotnely materialä aa two eyes, a noae, and & mouth^ ono 
could obtAin intinite variety in expresaion; nn two pLysiognamiäa 
ftra oUkc.' 

' Perhape in Mimvaux's timu man did not iinitjLtu tbe chic 
anj/iaül' eaid Inadine NapiaxluB. ^I ao9 Tvry litLltj vari^ty mj- 


telf. Evörylwdy iä terriWy like eFeryone eise, except tbe GomteMe 
Othmar,' fthe üddöd, with her charmingr Bmile, 'wbo is craly Uiß 
Hope nuraing Love, or aome othur pictura af q fairer d^y thau 

Yaeulte, pain>ed at heraelf foT her WAnt of self-coituii^dj 
coloured boüy undBr the compUnjaQtjin wbich her aknned ßöDöi- 
tlveji6L'«8 faadi^d there was hldden a aarcasm. She did not know 
of what picturg Nitdinie NapFBlÜlie apoke, and elia tbought — 'DoflB 
QbaniQan tbat fiopa was iiarreu ai^d ftioUsh, that Ldts did not 
cöTe ? ' SBä srötQ^mböPed the älver amorüjo aad the ompty gourd. 

Directly appealäd to, a moment litter, ahe murmured aomuthJag 
at rftndonflj ehe did not weil know whüt; ebu graw fiiret pale, 
then ted ; aha eaemed constrained and stupid, Toid of ideae, and 
Btiif in mannar, Fri^derich Othmar could have brokan hia c&na 
about her shouldsre in hie T&xaüon. 

'HeBV>ans and earttil' ha thought, 'if you let youreelf be 
magnatised at tbe tirst aigbt of an inia^iiied rival, wbat will you 
do oefora tbo reality wben yoii m^et itP My poor littte girl I It 
19 not the womeo who adora a mtui^ sud ara otruck dumb becaoa« 
thay BiBB anotber Womaji ivliDm he haa gnce loved, who obtaiJi Any 
infliiencö övof hiüi, or poöftess ony chami whatarer for him^ Wlio 
iatotelt you tbat? wbo ia to open yoiir öyes and harden vuiir 
baart ? who ia to make you imderstand that you are as IfiTuIy aa 
the morning-, but tbat if yon do not acqniTa self-contrul, wit, in- 
düTeraace, bJLL tba aimoury af tbe 'world's waapona, äbe will paaa 
OTS'r you aa artillgry aweepä orer tbe daiav in tbe ^asa.^ 

But ba caiild not say bia üupatient tnou^^bta aloud ; he could 
not even, by bis own reodinesa of langiiftge and önsy parsülace, 
Contrive wbolly to hide the unBaBinesa and restlTJLiiit whiiili tha 
pFesancfi of herr gaest biought upon Yseulte^ and whicb abe heraelf 
was at once too youni^ and too frank to diasembla, They amuMd 
the Friucesa Napraxina, and tbey giatiGed bor iDfinitely, She 
Lad not tb>g sU^htaet pity^ for tli^m \ iahe had Derer euflbl^ &om 
«uy auch awkwatdae&iS heraelf. 

*You are cruäl, Friticesa/ Melville Tenturedto munniur b£ ha 
roae and bade her adieu, 

'Haveyou oßly üow dlsöjvered that P^said Nadine. 'And I 
do üoC know why you ahould discoTer it eBpeciiUy now, or why» 
even if it wäre truth, you sbould he in auy way aaUraiahed. 
Thirty years of the confesaicoal should bave taught you that 
wotnea are alwaya cruel. Are you nevar ctubI P ' aha aaid aloud, 
tumiag to YsBülta. * Ah, then, your dog will disolwy you and 
youjr liorsa run away with yti«. rny dear Comteeea 1 ' 

* Ia thera no power in alfecdon ? ' eaid Yaeulto hravely, fealin^ 
her coläur com» aodgu^aDdcoiiacioua that aha had niadoan abaurd 

Madame Nji>praxine emiled witb b little look of indiilgent 
unuMioent, which made Um girl tbiill to the tjpa af her finden. 


' You bre sMll In tba age of lUiuioiis, mj lore. I dare %A.y joa 
*Ten writa poetry. Do yoi* not write poetryP I am Bure you 
must have a littl« relvet book aad a aüver pencÜ aomewhera. It 
i» flo de%litful to BM anyone 90 Young't'elia add^d, with eflnoua- 
Sisee,, to Friederich Otlmoftr. ' "f ho childrön apö cot joung now, 
»re nevar young. I do tiot tiiüik I aver was ; 1 hftTS no recoUftc- 
tios of it. If I had daiij?;btera, I woidd send them to those Dames 
de Sainte Anna — nway in Brittary, is it not P — if it be they wbo 
have made yoiir nepliäw'a wife yvhsX alia ia. I did not b^Üeve 
tbere waa aar place left, eimple euough aud sweet and Bdlemn 
eaou^h to make a g-Lrlhood Uku b ^ardea Uly* Otbmar lias beern 
verv iiappy to tavo gathered tbe lüy.' 

Tkfltq w«ra both reality and admiratloii in many of her words, 
but the lagt phrasa wod not ao aincere. Yseulte, overbgArirhff, 
thought, with a pan^, ' Sha Imowa that he ia not happy I ' Her 
beart Hwäll^d' Sh^ feit that thia ejLquieitß woman, £0 littlehär 
eenior in actual jears, so immaasuifahlyhBr superior in knowüedga, 
tact, and pcwer, iMiglied at her eren aa ahe praised hcir. ' How 
could flhe unow that I wrote poetry F ' thought the child, conBcioua 
of mauy a poor littla verae, the ucäe^iD, carefuEy-hiddon, timid 
o^sprio^ of a h'oart too fuU, written witli a pencil in tha Leafy 
recesstfB of the wooda of Amyöt, in that instinctive loagicg for 
tul'ec[iiite ExpreasluD which ia doih of a eT^at Iov^f Xhe cbanca 
plirase pfav» Nadiae Napraxiiie in har eigbt all the irreEfistibls 
mBcination of a magician* She feit aa if thoee langaid, luminoui 
eyea could r^ad all the secreta of her soul — aecreta ao innoceTit, 
oll pi-Bgnant with the memoiy of Othmar — aecreta pure, who'la- 
Bome, and barmleGS ^ the violets that tha mosasa hld in the 
Valois waoda of AmySt. 

' Well, what do you think of her ? ' aakcd Friederich Othmu 
wleo shö hal kft th^ hoiiae, Yaeylte hesitated. 

' I cfin beliäTö that she haa a great charm/ ehe amwerad with 
Boma eöbrt '5he hae a fasciaation that oua faele whiOth^r one 
will or no ' 

8I1B paused and uncocaäoualy eig-hed. 

' Sha ia the greateat ckai-me)-£sse in EuTop©,' rapllBd Friederich 
Ot^ar. * No othei worda describe her. She 13 not a. Oleopatra 
Or a Mary Stuart. She would never bave bad an. Actium ot a 
Klrk'a Fluid. She would never have so blundered. She haa no 
paesionä} sbe would be a betler womau if shs had. Sbe ia 
entirely chaato ody hecause ehe is ah^olutely indifiereat, It 
creates her imcueiise power over meß. She reniÄiiia ica whüe abe 
casts them into hell.' He ßtopfied abruptly, remaiaböring to whom 
he spoke, and added, 'Her viait wae a moat rare honour to yoo, 
»y deat; ehe eeldom deigna to go in parsoa anywhere; her 
■erranta leave her cards, and the fortimata great ladiea who are 
thoTBcipientB of them may co oad see her on her day, aod take 
their cbanca of raceifins a W urorda fiom hei, Sbe ie ona (^ 



those exc^tional womeu who Lava cd iutimate iHoEds of tlielr 

own sei, or bardly acy ; lawx- ' 

He pftueed, iwked laoTe to Light a cigw^tte, »ud walb&d wjth it 
[iwlilla about the rdüm, Ysäulte did liot tAJ(@ up hüi unfinishäd 
phraae by an intenogation. 

* Have yoa no inquiaitivenesa P ' tlioiifflit Friedericli OÜuniiT. 
She was^indeed, füll of re^tlees and painfiil curiasity >coticeniing 
ibe woman wlio had juet lefb her presaiu:^, but she wotild not 
allow heraelf to utter a word of it. She ttooght it would ba 
dialoyaltj to h/äc busband. 

Some ifteeii minutea latsr Otbmar bituself euterod. 

* MadBm© Napr n j T J ji e bag juat bonoiu-ed us. in jiropiiä pertonä/ 
eüd tbe Bai'OD, lonkin^ at him witk intention, 

'Indeedt' fl&id Otbmar. 'It waa moat amiBble of he*/ ba 
fidded, after s moment'fl pause; but to tbe pünetmtion or to 

ibe imagiuatioii of biä uncle it ßemüfid tbat be spolra witb äm- 
barragametit and antioyaoca. Yseultö bad resiimeid her work 
fit her tapestry. Tha cniel fleuee that abe was not wanted 
there, tbat sbe bod beeti brought there only out of pity, aa a 
kind hand gives a stray anituEÜ a bome, weigb«d od btT mcirs' 
and more. Sba did not süb all tbat oihera eatt in bcr; kIL 
tbe Bttraction of ber youtb, aad her inaoceaca and h'er b^auty. 
8be had tos einceiQ a bumility for aiij idea of her own cbaroia to 
coaaole her. Sbe waa wiae enough to perceive tbat Ihe worll 
flattered her beeaiise ehe waa a rjcli mao'a "wife, but m ber owa 

Ses ete remamed tbe Bame tbat ah© Und been uoder tbo grey 
adowg of Faiel, 
' If I -were only myaelf agaln to-moreow, th&y wpuld Hevef 
think af me/ehe eud ^ bärg<>iir, trltb a wladom bom out of tbe 
TioTerty and obseurity in wbich her cbildisU yeara bad baen spent. 
Sbe was pasaioöBtely grateful to Othmar, aa well as devoted to 
hjm } but tbe EuggeAbOn tbat sba was in no wnj ueces^ary to 
bia bappineea, was eveu a biirden acd a cnnatraint to bim, had 
been barshly set bofore her by tbe worda of Blancbette, aüd it wna 
corrobomted by a thoueand triOe^ of look, and speech, and acci- 
do&t. Hjs very etitraace Into her lüom bad mothiäg of tbe 
warmth of a man who returnia to what he loses ; he csaie tber« 
eo eridently becauae ha feit tbat courtesy and coatom reqmred it 
of him. 

The Baron nnderetood Trhat wie pEiPsIog in ber tbou^bta aa 
ehe b&nt hex fair head over ber tapestry-frame^ the aeTerity of ber 
black Wvet gown serviug to enbance, by its controat, the wbite- 
nesB of ber tbroat, the yQuthfulaBsa of ber features, tbe supplenesa 
aad tigour of ber form. He locged to eay to her, * My child, do 
not fret because h^ ia no loiigei' your loTer — is eveo, peibapa, tbat 
of Borna one eise ; it ie aWays so ia naarrinfB, e^ven in Jove* ■Tberö 
18 alwaye ona who carea long, and one who carca little. It will 
not iDatter to you in iha end; yoii will lenm to l&itd youi own 



lifo; Tou wiD have your cbildreo. I do not think j-ou wUl lia.*« 
jrour luvetH, H most of ttem do^ biit y ou. will ^et n>c:oDcllöd to 
»cceptinj^ lif@ qq a laner plane tb&a youP JOutbfiil imsg'iliation 
ploced it on at first.' 

He would ha«6 Uked ta sa^ UiAt, and rauch more, to her, but 
ha did Dot venture, äba rawie no conÜdeDc», no appenl for 
BympAtbj ; and aft-ar all, for aug-ht be koew, eba mij^lit be enUrelj 
content witti her huüband'B tirdour, or hü leick ot' it. Sb'ä wa£ 
but a chüd etüt, and bnd liUle knowled^ of the pawloDs of mon. 

OLhinar did sot ea; tliat lie had mut lii» wifa'a gueet as ^a 
Inft Mu hou^a. 

She bad givgn bim bar prattieat stilile. 

'Tha CounttisB OthinBr is quitu Invely; and wbat a perfect 
mannerl ' abe kitd aftid. ' Wlmt äöä^slieeri)^ to all yoar peaamiemT 
to &U jour itruCcidti«? Doüa sbe underetand them P Yoii must 
send har to hear a course of GacD. Häi mind can hardlj be meta- 
pbyfflcal jat. Sba is &t tbe ag« to eat bonbom and expäct 

Tli^n she bad mnde bim a littla cftrßlesB bi^ of faTew«U|, and 
beTblack liors'js liad borne her tbrougb the graat gatcfl of gilded 
bronza of ths boufiü wbich always Beciued to Mm opprussife ai a 
g^Äoli The worrfs weie härmleös, pUjfuI> ainiabla ; yet tbey bad 
annoyed hiai. He understood that ehä ridicul^d hia marrlA^, 
and that «be divbed thut it bad but littlä place in bla afläctlonif 
aiid AB litlle huld inioTi diu tbonp-litfl. 

' Poor cbild I ' ha had aaid ijivoluntarily, ba ha mouDted hii 
ataircaae ta «üter tbä preaence of TeeuJt«. 


Viassf Nadine Nnpraüae came lato bar boudoir od New YeBr*i 
da7, eba aaüled a Lttle to aee it blocked witb Sowqtjji. 8b6 bad 
■Iways diwcouTitaaaiiciHJ aiiy otber giilts tban ßowers. Wboever 
hod preaiuned to olfür btir Eiiiything «Isa would Lave ruD the riak 
of Laviug biü name etruck otT her liet of acquointanc^i. 

* AU tiitse gros cudentix are ao vulgär^' alie waa vfont to aay, 
' A brauch of liiac — a toa-roae — notbiDg' eise. No ; you tnilst not 
tead the lilac id a cUtiaonnS Limoß;^ädi Tuee, ot the Toaea iii a fw- 
voutai BJIver bowlr, I ahould seud yoa your vaae ot your bowl 
nacis to von; you have no kind of right to auppose that I want 
vaäeaoT bowla; but Ju;^ttbä braDiJi,juat Cba loüe, you may aeod 
if you likü,' 

Tbey treinbltid, and dtirad Dot dlaobey ; tbo lüaca or tba to«b* 
CSmiä by tÜie Buurea, wUh tlie j^reateEit nnmt» of Enrope sttached ta 
tbtim \ and ^uf courti^if maoagcd iogtiPiously to Ep^ud m&n^ 

}'/!mcESS NA FR AX INE. 


thouBEnds cf firanca \j meaug of the rarest of the orcbidB, fol- 
fillia^ her commvcids ia the lettar, though breakiog tbem in the 

Ste amiled now as ahe CAIdb into lier faroimta roam thia möni- 
ingj wheii fog ftod frost together reigned without. All the orchid 
World wAift thera to welcome her, biUliant at^d ethereal aa the hiuift 
of ßiinrisa, 

*Thßy loTB to ba öitraTagant," abo thought, with a little con- 
tampt. ' If one limit them to flowers tbey mantiga to epend ai 
mucu aa if tbsy bouglit jewels, 1 1 is Terj vul^r, all that sort or 
thing. 11 1 c&red foronj ooe of them, I Bhouid like him to bring 
me a littls bunch ijf coro-KWcklee — ;juat by way of cliftnge.' 

Sbe glacced hera aiid there at a DB,iiie, bat, for the most part^ 
did not evun trouM& lisr^elf to look who w&s the Bsnd'Bt of thia or 
of thnt. 

*■ (7f9t tfttie la bände 1 ' ehe mumiur^, ^tb an impfttlsUt ftmUB^ 
meQt, kiiowini^ Lhat ev&rj Q]ivn iD Paria, witb TatiK aufficient Co 
ha abla to dare tn do bö, bad sent hia floral trihiite thara. 

She rang for her favourile aervant Paul; when he appaared 
ahe eaid to hm, * Take &11 those carda off tbof« basketj^ &nd bouq uet« ; 
they look as if they were ticketed foia borticultural ahow. So 
Paul, ahedient, Bwept away th>a visitii!« carda witb bis awiflb and 
BÜent touch, and the aenders of tbem were Dot eveo honoored by 
her cariiig to know their n&mea ; tbeir gifts wer^ all blünded in 
ona ouiäa of bloaaora m iodifl'tfreut to her oh them&elTes*, 

PähI, aa heretiradwitb tbeCJudBcniabed iubifihaiid,tboiigbtfa> 
himeelf with grim amusement, ' If only thoae feeaiu' ftiffssieurs -wotÜA 
undeistand that Nadege Fedorowna carea no morö for aoy oce of 
tbäm thon sha will caie for thoae flowais wben they are yeUov 
and witherttd to-morrow.' 

^ If Bomebody would bring me tha cora-cockles I ' shs herseif 
tboui^bt, with a little laugb. 

At tbat naomcnt thera came a timid tap on the door whioh 
fteparatäd b>ar boudoir from the great aalona. She reco^iaed it 
wttb a httle Bdiver, euch aa a cervons woman will ^ive wben ehe 
aeea an unpleasant or uncuuth animal; oTily eha waa not narvoui 
herfielfj ähß 'was merely impre.'uiunabla and ircitated. 

' Goma in,' ehe said impatitintly. 

Tba door opened bakmd the eatin hangis^, and Platoo Nb- 
prazine entered. 

' How many limeB miist I requa&t you to pay me the common 
respect of sending to kaow if I De Tisdble ? ' ahe pftid, witb that 
baiiteur which ht dreadedj as • ppigoner ia tbg fortresa of Peter 
and Paul dreadä tlio oi^ht ol tho knoiit 

*I heg your pmilon,' ho mKrmiirßd hnmhly. 'Jt ia not our 
d&y., hut [ tbou|r]it you woiild allow me to tako adTantußi^ of the 
l'Vünch New Y^ar tö— to — to bring you a little gift. Ih) not be 
aiHjTj, Nadiuä ' 



Hti epotie very eabmii^iTely and wilh a timidity whick made 
hü high-colouted cheeka grow paler. He bad for maay a year 
■bandoDsd all hope of beiiig- sdj nearer to the womHii wbo was bia 
wife Üum ib« marbla oC t-be Steps wbich she duaceaded to her 
Carrioge', yat he cnuld iiQt hslp harm^, epcry dow aud theo, 4 
foßliBh impul^a to approach büT m oÜ'eclioD, a wktful fancy that 
jkii-hapfl — perhaps— at last 

He laid on her knee as he «poke a velvet caasj with bar crown 
and initiaU in gold upon it. 

'JUy daar Flatoc, wbat uonsenae I ' ehe said, with sonie tbbI 
annojaiice, aud shö murmurod to ber^el/: ^ lu baÜ au hour Jit) will 
takä aomethmg- »<iruL]ar to baU a doZBU (wcm^^s I ' 

But she couJd do dq leea tlitui opea tbe caae, Tvbich ww fiHed 
by a necklnce» «airlD^, aod a small cfqwd for tlie hair in pink p»aik. 

Platon Napraxice WitWbed her Wistfully as bIiö lookud at tbem 
With & liatless indifl'erepce, If he coidd only ploase her once 1 
Xf be cQuld ouly ouce ^e that bgautiful ooniemptuoLis mäuth amila 
küidlr OQ bim, 

' There ia not one of tbem wortb her llttle Bogei,' he thought, 
meaniriff the companions and csouaolers of his life. 

'I tliink yau havs no pink pearla: it ia the only thing you 
baTS Dot,' hs said ; ai bumble füll 4b a chiddon dog*. ' WIU you 
not let ma wisk you boniiefete, Nadina P I * 

He took her band aüd carried it to bis Ups. Sbe drew it 
ftway« pot BDgiilj, but with a profoucd indüTtroace* 

' I t^BtiDOt EEiß ivbj oüe day in tbe ys^r is acy tnOfe tbaß &□■• 
flLber,th&twe sbould make g];«ecbea upon it,' ehe aaid, fihuttlD^ up 
the jewBl CBse. ' The pearls sre quite ckarming. It ia too good 
of you. Otdy, you know I do not tn tha lesest see why you abould 
pTö ma things ; I really do not waut tliem ' 

It was tba 'j'«t a\ tont' Qthss five-year-old phUosopby. 

' I kuow you do cot want tbem/ said her husbaud -rntli a 
Uaiik BKXSD of fooliäb digappoinitraenti fooliab becaiise big hope bad 
I^BSB fgoliab. ' Dut eüU most women p^ver have jawola epoug^h. 
I do not m€ian tbat I aver tboug-bt you w^ould carä for tbem, but 
0(ül ic 38 the cuatom — and— one never lilsfl tbe day to go by— if 
you wöuld say a kiail word ' 

' My d«ar Plütoc,' she said weftrily, yct with a cöttsin flmu&cH 
xaent at bis etupidity^ ' why will you pBräifit ia tbat eupefatition 
tbat one day is any more than all the othetfi^? — and not even a 
Hussian day eitbar I You, who aie auch a Slavopbil, ahouJd have 
ifinored a f'^anch Naw Year's da.y aa quite pagan and indeceot. 
Tbe peaile ara veiy pratty ; I will put them oa to-nig^fat, i£ that 
will pleaae you- ünlj — oaly — you inow I am Dot Tery fond of 
tbat aort af presautSi Are you eure you have notanother similffl; 
case in your pockst tbat you arö Foiag to take thia morning ta 
tbat Tary bandaoraä new hottse im tho Avenue Villien ? Äü tbo 
Louiee are new tbare, but tbat ia newest — — ' 



KAp]*aJtiiiG colaured duUj ^ith & du&l sense nf emliaTTasniient 
And ridicide. 

He was ailent. 

' Are jöu eure P ' s&id hia wife, with her faead leAoing badi oo 
her coahioDs and bei demure smile gleamitig beoeath tlie lashea of 
li6r balf-closed eyelida, 

* Nadice l ' etamiDered Nailraame, in mLogled dücomßture rmd 
eagernesa, wliicli made him blunder more Bnd more. 'Wbat cna 
one dq when you — you — aa God ig above ue, U" Jou tad HOt 
turaed me adrift jeara ago aa iif I werö p moösterj I would DöveT 
haTä loolced at anotber womao. You do not belisTe it, but 1 
would not, Even now^ I would l&ave theia all if you uid a 
■Word — if — if ' 

Bhs rose and l&id tbe CBsa of pearla down on a table near hat. 

' M; dear Priucsr' Bhe aoid in her iciest tones, tbou^h^ m her 
Qwa heart, eha could Tery willingly have laugbed aloud, 'laee 
TQu havs indeed miatalcsn your road to tbe Arenue de Villiers. 
Ibo you think you caa piircbBse my— liindnese— m you do thnt of 
your mistressea ? Piaj let tbis bß tbe last of aupb bliiiide:^. Tou 
Lave not been guilty qf tbem for manj yeare, Do not b*gill DOW. 
They ofTend me. You will osly ruffie, very dieagreeably and lu»- 
Iflssly, the amiable imdeTataniuiJg on which wa haTe agreed to 

' When did I erer agree ? ' 

Ilij9 face wa9 darkly {luBhed« Iiia Toica was huaky and had a 
tremor in it, sometbiog Gavage and imperioua bcgjiu to waks in 
him and teil bim tbat öfter alt this delicate und dlEdainM womaD 
waa bie;^biit her languid Uds opened wboBy, and her ealm, 
luminoiiS evea looked him füll in Ibe facö wilh that look with 
whtcb the kaeper can daant, by ehe^r power of will, tbe animal 
which could tramplä bim. Lato duat &ud t&ar him into atoma. 

* Pray, do not let ua re-oppn» diecxission which hna been closed 
for aix years/ ahe Said in beT ßortCät, Cüldefit TOice. * I am quite 
eure you meant well^ I never bear mabce; I will wcar your 
pearla to-night. We bare a dinner, I tbink ; for d'Aumale, ia it 
rotP Bonne ßte, tnon ami. Think wbat a -troublüd lifö you. 
would haTe if 1 caTed about that new bouw, and be gratsful. 
Flease eend Faul here. He must toke away fiome of thia lilac. 
So much of it will give me miaTainc' 

Napraxiue ati£ed ad best be could aome oath wbich he dared 
cot utter aloud, and weut elowly (lud euUeuly out ol' her presence, 
necaible of ^n igDominlouB dismiiflsal, Hia glaucie ae be Wänt dwelG 
■with fluapicion on the böskets aittd hoyoiiets which naade thö room 
and tba adjoming roome gaidenE cf orchids and odontogloseunif of 
gordeniaa sud of tea-rosea. 

' I9 tbere oue among them,' he tbooght, * for whom aha carea f * 
He was oothlDg to her ; but he would ha somathin^ to auch ui 
OU if ever be could und hiä focit 


pumcEss NApfiAxmn, 

Hb waa liiirt, wouDded, huintlijkted, iDroriltted, all in ODfl; 
Mi>B<^lrjua öf K dermal wliidi müde htm gTot.ej»)ue in ber sighf, 
aenmkle of ait sct of iiuwiKloTu and of aantliuätitality wbicfa fand 
odIj: (ilftcud him bwer tlian i.*Ter in tliu tjaüm&tjoD of flwuajo-D 
wliom ha vu furiousljr conAciotia tbat be adll loTsd and BtLtl 

When tiiB hangisj^ af the door had clo&ed bebind h'na, hla 
vife kug-bed with an BiQuaemeiit. whlcb her aense of courtesy had 
DoatroUed befon;, acd piit a i*i»,-ro»e in the bosom of her gawn. 

' How stupidf how iiiteneely Btupidj, to Comä to m'ä u he goM 
to hia cocottea,' ahö thoughtj with tbat irritatjon and ennui whlch 
wäre the only emotions wbich he evör aroosed in her. * And to 
renaw tbftt fiort af a:^ment aa if we wera two greenfirocere liTin^ 
Et Montmartre t Decidedlj, wben the bon Dien made ptxir PLatou, 
h« kft out of hia compcHition everj vwitige oC tact ; and roallj 
tact ig the ocly qualitj tbat it ia ab&oluteLy neoeiiearf for every- 
body to hnve to pievent thi^m from irritatin^ otheis. Wbo could 
faftTe imagined Chat atter üi yeare hewould Deg;iD agHiD like limt t 
— be has itlwaya a little acceaa of traiderneeB at t^ie «nd of tba 
year; last time he gare me a dre-O'lfiü Chinese idol aa "big- as him- 
aelfwith ^reen eye«; Mroedeftlerbadtold himitwasvery pr«ciouBT 
h^i did Eilt know, he neTBT ksows ; I ^rOBdet if th^i* wera any- 
body so stupid in all the wöfid ; I am ooly Bfitonifiked that he did 
not aend for Sacbä and Mit2 as an Bgreeable aurpFiäe for me 1 ' 

' Y'äs, Paul/ she said aloud, ' talie awaj most of tboee flowers, 
thoy nmlce my hend acb'ä \ and give that c&ae to Jeanne to put up 
in the jswel-aafe. Teil Fedar tbat I ahall waiit the horae^ in an 

• How Tery stupid aome -women must be^' sbe reflected often, 
'to let tbeniBelvee be dictatfld t<o, aiid dcnied, and bull led^ and 
woiried by tbi^ir busbands. Not!üng is ao easy to ninna^ fts a 
man, if you oaly befiu ia tbo right waj with luta. All dopend« 
(Hl how jou hegm ; it is juat like a horse ; if you do not make him 
feel that yoQ are hia auperioi at once, he will take advantage of 
you for ever. I rememlwr my mother aaying to me before my 
marriaj^ : " Manage ton mari, aois bien douce." Naw, if I had 
liatened \a bar, I ^hould bare had PlatoD od my ehouldera all my 
life ; I dare Bay^ eTen, he would have expected me to plea^ htm, 
aad to lifiHsQ to him, and to accept all hia ahsnrditieä. Bat i 
froie bim from the firät; he ba§ alwaye been intenselj nfraid of 
m^i Of twa people thETB is alwaye one wbo is afraid, acd I 
pröferr^ tbat it ebould be he, It just ^owa wbs-t mind caü do 
GTöT matter,' 

She looked listleesly at e pile of tele^rame which bar eervant 
bad brought in with bim and laid on tbe little tabtenear her, 

'Tlinüy will all eay tha same tbing'/ sbe tbuii^bt mdifferenüy, 
ae eha opened two or tbree wbich cont^ced the tisual greetinga of 
ÜI6 Ntjw Year fiqm bor innumsrable relativea aud frieoda in otbar 



cöiiDtrie? and at othei courts; no Rosäan, of coorse, amongst 

' If people miist liiLTe it that » yea* beginn, which Jö utterly 
absurd, «hy dki they dot t«,ke prettj pink and wljLtu April ittsteäd 
öf this u^lj', Bhivoriüg, frf>8(>bitwn .lanuary? ' slie siild to Uurdog 
DHQpbiD, as ehe glanced throuf^h the tedioue eotupliments of the 
telagTMna. At last, atnidst ttem, tbere vfia one wüich made her 
chaoge eoLour aa aha read it. It was from Lady Braocepetk, awaj 
OD IlQr estates Id the North of England. It was only a line ; it Said : 

' My brotiier b&a been kiilsd du tbe ice in tha Gulf of 3« 

Therö wen üa dötailA, otily th^ bara fact, fta it had lieen 
brou^ht witb the eame cruehiag ciutueaa by tbs electric ^bl& 
from the weatem to the eastem ßborea of the Atlantic. 

Nsdine Napraxine read ittbreetini'Bswithoutiat tbe firel realLa- 
ing OT believicg it. The newA ^ve her a Bhoch j not a gi'eat ouef 
butBtill akind of chilly palTi and Tsgut^terror. A mistswamfor a 
momeat before her eyea ; a sorrow, which waa quite aiacerej moTed 
ber as ths eetiüe of "what sbo read gr&duß,U7 grew more and mure 
disCiact. A aiidden renLembrunce sraote her of Geraldioe, Btt ehe 
hsd ^6D htm ürat some threij yeara earlier, standing od the baach 
at Uiarritz, clad in bia blue Gea-clolhe«, Wltb ihe fiull eLiioing füll 
OH bia faff fraak featoreeand iti bli clear, happy, candid eyea. Ha 
h&d loüked at her ; hie raster had beckoned to bim, and bad eaid 
careleeälj: ' ILalph^ is it poseible tbat you do not know Madame 
Napraxine P ' eca he hnd come up to tbem over the rough ivd 
mcEBf the aun and tb» wiud playingin hJB bright balr. And tben^ 
Ufa ha^ nsver agaln bean qaite tba t^ame to bim, and now it waa 
OTrer fiir ever. He waa detid, iust tbirty yeara old I 

*Pfl.uVte gftr^oO 1 ' aba BRla, mth gebiiine regTet^ aa abe bad 
Said the eama worda wbtu tbey had tuld b«F that tb'ä yoimg; 
Louia Napoli^oü bad been kill^d at laandula. It -was not tbe ra^et 
for which tbe dead mau, tbintdng of b>är as tb« fToz.en night had 
cloBed in on bim and over the wastea of ice-bound -walere, per- 
cbnnce hftd hoped. * Pauvre garyqul ' ebe muiinured where eba 
Bat, amidät tbe profusioc of Üi>ä ÜDwer^. For n iDOnient ehe feit 
coM JD her room, whicb was as warm aa a &iiramer day, and 
throughwhoBe double Windows of opftltscectglassno breatb of tbe 
«puter air coiild penetmte, 

' r Biippoa« ibiay will eay I did tbia too I ' ehe tho«f,'bt with 
impalience, her mecictry reverting to tbe dealb of j^i^ag öelied^tif 
•Ten wbilst ehe eaidagai» Twry softly to hereeli", ' Pauvre garfon !' 

Sbe was sinceMy sorry ; ehe feit cotLing of tbat mora 
pnagionnte and persona] pain whicb ODce Geraldine migbt not un- 
naturally bavQ boped tbat bi« deatb would excite in b^Fj, but 1 
■iucers regret niingled wltb a klüd of anni:iyaDeei that man whd 
bad loved ber woiild al^aya go and run aome tTaf!;ic ri&ka, so tbat 
tbey piitiabsd miaaiably: — ond theu tbe voxld blamed bei. 


pxr/rcEss j^APJiAxmE, 

* I, «ho detest traf^edlea 1 ' ahs idd to tlie üttlo Öog. ' IVbeD 
the m&JQiity q£ mea, too, «Iwaya liva too long, liv>a to bAve gout, 
■nd ose «peclftclea, and grgw liresome t ' 

' Pauvre j^HTCoii, pauvre gar^On 1 ' «ha dnurmtlFed obCg mo^r ™ 
the oülj threniidv ■roVich occürred tober: how could ha gt> ßnd 
get drowa^d in tte S. Lawrence^ where the ice waa eurelj aa thick 
*d in the IS'era P Sbe hnd always liked to pi&y at being ProTideDC» 
tober World, ft very capricioua snd unfemd Providence indeed, 
but Btill one wliich decided their dostiulea vithout aay refer- 
eace to their desires m Providence is olwsje perinitted to do. Sbe 
did Hot lika these rüde j^ats of iiBcallod-fof mxident Xvhich blew 
out tha lives 'whißh eh.& hdd m her h&nd &$ if th&j wer» ao mfinj 

* PftUVTB gKTf on ! ' 

He hsd grown very wenTiflome, h« had been ex«! diaposed to 
become ez&ctiog, he had wearied her, and ehe had not kncwnreiy 
well how to get rid of him j but still it waa a pity. He had had 
a gieat po&ition, he waa an onlj eon, hia own peoplfl were tstj 
fand of Lim, he waa better than mcet of tba mea of bia nge and 
rank ; she had for onco the H'eii&aticin that one feek wh'en ocie haa 
brokeu a rare piece of chinu — tbo Becsatiou of havic^ doue a 
mJHj thSsg, aa irreprable thing. 

' I never told him to go to Ca^ada I ' ehe &&id to berseK. No t 
■he had aülj told him that he wearied her. £>d ho bad wearied 
her; ho had navcr been too amuaing: at the best oftimcs. It was 
not her fault that he hnd bccome tiiesDiue; they all becameiw; 
they had no originality. SüU it was a pity; she ßaw hia fair 
fiank face, withite eyea so blue and so wktful, looklng at her aa 
ho h»d e^tood to hear bis eentcDce tbat la^t day we aaw La 

*I do DOt thisk ] Eäid sjiythlpg unlnnd to bim that day/ ehe 
Hflectdd ; and then the little amile that was so often OD hOE lipfl 
came on them a momgDt aa sbe tbought : ' To be sure, I told hua 
to marry somebody — anybody.* 

WüU, he WM daad, and" before he waa thiity; with aHl hia 
CöuragB aod gdlaotry and wealtb, and the many peopla who 
loved him at home all powerle^ to earo hiin from the black 
chaani of the jawniiig ice; and ahe waa not bo rery Bonr aftar 
aU ; aha boneatly wished she could feeL moro acirow, Slio bad 
ueTer known real aorrow biit ouce, wbea her fnthra had beeu 
foußd digad in his^ writi^g-röom in tho KmbaBsy at Viennä. 

* Plfttoa will be roore aorrj,' ebo thought, ' ha olwaya Ubea hü 
worat enemiefl ao muoh I ' 

Theo Bhe rang agnin for Faul, and told bim to take the tele* 
grsm to tbo Princo it' he waa atilL in the houae. 

NapraiiBe> in üto mLautea' time, not veaturiag to retura in 
penon^ wroto to her on the Itack of the piiuted mesEBge : 



'I um griered indsed. Would 7D11. deaire to po5t|K)iie tli« 
diiiDer of to-Digbt P ' 

Sha wrote back to bim : 

' Thftt wouH ba too infinitely ridiculoua ; though it m cartmnly 
ft great pity , he was bo relation of oure, only a bonns cennaieaaTuri I ' 

'A bünne connniaanc&X^ exct^med Napraiine when he rend 
the pencilled words. Thiit was all tbö requiem ^ven to the 
drawned man, ■whose battered and diafigured body was theo du its 
Wtty homawärd, on. tbe deck of a vaesel wliich waa plöughing a 
Btormj way tUrou^li duskr moitctainoua Ätlanlic waTca] 

Sbe Bat still a littlö wliilej lookmg throun-h the re[na.iniii{; telft- 
gromg nnd ca^sting th@ai asidu ; all the iwt wore tba mere con- 
gFatulatlonä of tlie e&a^n, 

' I wonder wiien people will lüvent anTtlibg new ! ' ehe 
thoTight u ehe tiurew tSe last asids. ' To thiiik that tlio Etomana 
fiVB'imd'-tweiity centiirieä ägo Wera aläü puaning about aod viait- 
lng and Kudiag cakas and taking' flowßira, b^cauae wkat tbevcalled 
a new year had come t I auppnae the world will nsTer überate 
itfielf from the camisoie deforce of idiotic cuBtoms." 

8ha WTOte a tel^gram of eympathy to the Bieter of Geraldine aa 
fite had written h letter of conduleuea to the mother of Seliedofi'; 
tbäo fib«[ had heraelf wrapped in aealakin fcom heud to ibot and 
piepared for her drive ia tbe Bota. 

* WbBn I tun gone, open the Windows, Paul,' she said to tho 
fieträntj wbo v/aß bo gfitqnialifd th[it bo Tcntared to ßsk ü be he&rd 
ariglit, knowing tbät bis Isdy lored 'warm nir p4 n p&lm doE-s, 

' Open the wiudows and leave them opeu/ sba repeated. Sbe 
lodlcäd at all the hot-houee blosaoma and tbougbt, wjth tbat 
cruelty whicb waa latent ia her Aide by aide witb her higher 
qoalitiea, * They will all be Tvithered in an bour. Paul will teil 
äU the yolfita, they will teil all tbeir maetfirg — — ' 

Tba faacy diverted her. Shö liked flöwere, but sbö liked a 
little croelty Jike tbifi much better. It wonld ba wholesnnia for 
aU tboae men to know bow ehe valued tbeir New Year'a gjfts. 

* Women nowoditya mnke Ihem bo vain,' aba add to berad£ 
^Ifit were not forme, they would neTeiRet alesKinat all.' 

To aom« the leason had been eerere, severe aa the aeverity of 
deatb ; but tbat fact ecarcely aUected her cocBcieuce. 

Sbe did not etop her carjifig-e to Bpeak to any of hei- acquaint- 
ancea, for ah^ fluppoaed Ihat the newaofGeraldiiiB'ß deatb would 
by thistime ba kncws in Ppria, wb&re he bad ro Ttmiij frienda, 
and kaew tbat eTeiycinB wouJd take pleasiire in Baying to her — 

♦Maisoamment douc? Eat-ce bien vraiP ' It would be » 


' I cannot belp it if they kill tbemaelvea I ' aha add to Lerself 
uä her borses eped along- the frosty Toada. 'Soriety will blamö 
tuB Dcw, but I iomgiug tl^y would iura blamed me much more if 


I Itad |?one away int« tw north-courtryiuipta with poor OeralJiu« 
M b« wiiiild liavä liktid ma to do ; h» welh ho iwiiäational, poor 
Ftfllow, &iid so ronmiilic under bis Iils^lish awkwnrdiieBä. Kng'Il'^li- 
men bto like tbat; tbey chji auWvm say nnjUiing tfaey mean prt»» 
perlT, ^ut they nre very romsutic unJfir it rH; they Are olwayB 
rtruif to comproroiM tSiEunSelvuSt de^pite their deConml, tsA th6J 
liÄF« jost tha dopped fidelity of their owii bulldngfl/ 

Hä had bcen bettei tbiu most of tbem fiärtAiTily. 

Shö feit n cart&tn psin u ehe w«nt through the chtll Bhsrp alr 
and he&Ty mbitü, and romembered huw matiy time.1 e^be kad ac^'^n 
(lenldine como ridin^ throufrh tlie trefis, and how buyislily bie 
füce bud iluebed w]it!neTer be had seen ber tirst [ Poor foolish 
fallow I to lüHVO pU bi^ posfleKsionq oad ißtei^et3 and duti^Q, and to 
|![0 öut to Ottawa, wliera be bad tio enrtldy busmasa to be, Hfi if 
fi^oing to Oltu-wa wart» ükely ta dtslivij)' him of her m&morj I Tbat 
was m tnily aD Kn^rliRbman'« idea^ tO nbang« Itlitud^ and longi> 
tude and tliiak you left betiind yoii any iiKwiiveiiielit paBBiOQ yolL 
niight be baunted with by merely cbaiiginfr your dimate and your 
food 1 ^ Poor llalpb ] Poor HiUph I X thmk there was nothin^ 
DU ^nb trafric, Tidiculoua, or abominable that be wotild not bave 
done if I liad ordered him to do it-— exriept that he would never 
bave Mllod l'laton. I do not think even t cotild bave müde bim 
hUI PlatUM, Th»t b tbo sort of scruple im Euglifibmaii always 
hafl, aloDB of all men in the v^rld.' 

'I BuppofK ahe knowB it, but ^e doev not Car^/ eald many 
peraons, loüking after hsr as tbeir vgnt was, aa sbe flaabed ]>a&t 
ihem, aotbing etarcely aeen of ber except har litminous eyae Iwjik- 
mj!^ out frum tba brown luetre of tbe sflnlftkins, wbitet «he made an 
lUiDosC imperceplible gesture of her bead to tbe iDnmnerable aalu- 
(.-LtionB tbat morked hsr cdui-eiQ'. 

' Wlien we get rid of the camisoU de force,* abe «aid to berself, 
' wfl ahall gel nd of bowing' to eacb ollier ; it is ineane, wheo 
everyöne meets everjoiiB hIbb moming, noon, and night, to ba 
obliged to jerk onB's baad fifty timc« BTery quartef of au hont 
ivhen OQfl is out of doora I ' 

Sbe ecarcely nioTed beTB, indeed, hut BtäU it -vtas a tioTible ; it