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Full text of "Catalogue of the printed books in the library of the Faculty of advocates .."

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I'rinteii by R. ^S; R. Ci-AKK, Edinburgh. 






A. Entries of a general character relating to 

THE History and State of England. 

B. Entries of a similar character classified 


Calendar of State 



Privy Council. 

Royal Household. 

State Papers. 

C, D. Entries relating to the CHURCH of 
ENGLAND, arranged as in A and B. 

D. Articles. 




Concilia, Constitu- 

















Romish Controversy. 


E, F. Entries relating to the PARLIAMENT 
OF ENGLAND, arranged as in A, B. 

F. Acts of Parliament. 
t^ ' Parliament, History of. 

Parliament, Mirror of. 
Parliament, Reform of. 
Rolls of Parliament. 
Parliamentary Blue Books. 
Parliamentary Buff Book. 
Parliamentary Companion. 
Parliamentary Debates. 
Parliamentary History. 
Parliamentary Intelligencer. 
Parliamentary Papers. 
Parliamentary Record. 
Parliamentary Reform. 
Parliamentary Register. 
Parliamentary Writs. 




ENGLAND. See alfo Britain, English, and the 
names of the various Sovereigns. 

A. Entries of a general character relating to 

THE history and STATE OF ENGLAND. 

B. Entries of a similar character classified 

alphabetical ORDER. 

C. D. Entries relating to the CHURCH of 

ENGLAND, arranged as in A and B. 

E. F. Entries relating to the PARLIAMENT 
of ENGLAND, arranged as in A and B. 

A. History and State. 

The prefent Hate of England, exprcfled in this paradox, 
Our fathers were very rich witli little, and we ])oor with 
much. 1627. \Harhian Miscellany, iii. 197.] 

A remonftrance of the ftate of the kingdom of England, 
1^)41. 4° repr. Edinb. 1641. 

A view of the prefent condition of the tliree kingdonies 
of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 4" Lond. 1642. 

A iuft complaint, or loud crie, of all the wcll-affe(Sed 
fubiecfts in England. Againft that falfc and fcandalous 
pamphlet, intituled, A complaint to the Houfe of Com- 
mons, and refolution taken up by the free Proteftant fubjeifts 
of the cities of London and Weftminfter, and the counties 
adjacent. 4° Lond. 1642. 

Matters of great confequence, and worthy of note to all 
England ... 4° Lond. 1642. 


A. History and State. 

Englands third alaim to warre : ftirring up the whole 
land as one man, to help the Lord, and his fervant David 
(all the faithfuU in the world) againft moft bloudy adver- 
faries, mighty hunters before the Lord ... 

4° Lond. 1643. 

An unhappy game at Scotch and Englifh ; or a full 
arifwer from England to the papers of Scotland. 1646. 
[By John Lilburne.] 

The jubilie of England. From Nafebie to the Mount 
in Cornwall, and round about : telling of the righteous and 
glorious aifls of the Lord, done for us within the circle of 
the yeere now pall. Naming the moneths and dayes wherein 
they were done, which are for ever memorable. The epocha 
to be in June 14, 1646. 4° Lond. 1646. 

Every man's right: or, England's perfpeflive-glaffe. 
Wherein may be feen, eveiy man's cafe, fice, birthright and 
juft liberty ... 4° n. p. 1646. 

A remonftnince concerning the grievances, and maiadies 
of the kingdome of England : rightly Hated in X. pofitions. 
With remedies prefcribcd for the fpeedy help of each of 
them ... 4° Lond. 1648. 

England's faithful reprover and monitour. 1653. \By 
Richard Samwaies.] 

A chara(fler of England, as it lately prefented in a 
letter to a nobleman of France. 1659. \By John Evelyn.] 

England's confufion : or a true and impartial relation of 
the late traverfes of (late in England ; with tlie counfels 
leading tliereunto. Together with a defcription of the pre- 
fent Y\arty ?\ ruling there by the name of a Parliament 
under tlie mailt of the good old caufe. Written by one of 


A. History and State. 
thf few Englifhmen that are left in England. The fecond 
impiefTion with new additions. 4° Lond. 1659. 

— [Scoll'j etiition of Somers' Tracts, vi. 5 I 3.] 

Some farther intelligence of the affairs of England : the 
death of the renowned Oliver Lord Protector of England, 
Scotland, and Ireland, &c. 4° Lond. 1659. 

The intercft of England ftated ... 1659. [By John 

Defcription cxadle de tout ce qui s'eft parte dans Ics guerres 
cntre le Roy d'Angleterre, le Roy de France, les E(bts 
des Provinces Unies du Payfbas, et I'Evefque de Munfter. 
Commcn^ant de I'an 1664, ct finiffant avec la conclufion de 
paix faite a Breda en I'an 1667. Avec iine introduction 
preliminairc, contenant I'exile et la reftitution du prefent 
Roy d'Angleterre ... 4° Amll. 1668. 

England's wants ... 1668. [By Edward Chamber- 
la yse.] 

England's imminent danger, and only remedy faithfully 
confidered and reprefented. By an impartial hand. 

8° Lond. 1671. 

The prefent intereft of England ftated. 1671. [By 
Slingfby Bethel.] 

England's appeal from the i)rivate cabal at White-Hall. 
1673. [By Sir William Coventry.] 

The grand concern of England explained, in feveral pro- 
pofals offered to the confideration of the Parliament. I. 
For payment of publick debts. 2. For advancement and 
encouragement of trade. 3. For railing the rents of lands 
... By a lover of his countiy ... 1673. [Harleian Mis- 
cellany, viii. 524.] 

Defenfio legis : or, the whole ftate of England inquifited 
and defended for general fatisfaftion. 8° Lond. 1674. 

Elcnchus motuum nupeiorum in Anglia. Ab Georgio 
Bateo. 1676. 

England's great happinefs : or, a dialogue between con- 
tent and complaint. Wheiein is demonftrated that a great 
part of our complaints are caufelefs. And we have more 
wealth now, than ever we had at any time before the re- 
ftauration of his facred Majeftie. By a real and hearty 
lover of his King and countrey. 4° Lond. 1677. 

Omnia comella a bello : or, an anfwer out of the weft, 
to a quefKon out of the nortli. Wherein the earth is ojiened, 
and the napkin found, in which the trading-talent of the 
nation hath been tyed up, and lyen hid for fome years laft 
pffed ; for want of wliich, all perfons in England, from 
the tenant to the landlord, from the weaver to the merchant, 
have languiftied of a deep confumption. 4= n. p. 1679. 

&sr,vuor,: or England's paffing-bell. 1679. [By Tho- 
raas Gilbert.] 

A dialogue between the Pope and a jjhanatick concerning 
affairs in England. By a hearty lover of his prince and 
country. 40 Lond. 1680. 

The Lords voice crying to England ; viz. fpeedily to 
prepare to meet him in the way of his judgments (and the 
rather becaufe of his late and wonderful appearances in mercy) 
and that efpecially by reforming our ways, if happily he may 

A. History and State. 
yet be appeaf d, and there may be a lengthening out of our 
tranquillity : fummarily and fuccinflly compafted together, 
for the eafier fubferviency to fo great and neceffary a work. 
By one heartily dcfirous, and eameftly felicitous of the nations 
weal. 4° Lond. 1680. 

Vox ))atriae ; or the refentments and indignation of the 
free-bom fubjeiftsof England, againft Popeiy, arbitrary govern- 
ment, the Duke of York, or any Popilli fucceffor ; being a 
true collection of the petitions & addrefles lately made from 
divers counties, cities, and boroughs of this realm, to their re- 
fpcctive reprefentatives chofen to feiTe in the Parliament 
held at Oxford, March 21, 1680. fol. Lond. 168 i. 

Vox Anglias ; or, the voice of the kingdom : being a 
compleat colleiflion of all thoie numerous addreffes lately 
l)refented to his Majefty, from the greateft part of the counties, 
cities, boroughs, and other coi'])orations and focieties in Eng- 
land and Wales, &c., exprefllng their thanks for his late 
gracious declaration. fol. Lond. 1682. 

An addi'efs to the free-men and free-holders of the nation. 
1682-83. [By Edmund Bohun.] 

The prefent intereft of England ; or, a confutation of 
the Whiggiflr confpiratours anti-monyan principle, (hewing 
from reafon and expeiience the ways to make the govern- 
ment fafe, the King great, the people happy, money plenti- 
ful], and trade flourilh. 4° Lond. 1683. 

The prefent cafe of England, and the Proteftant intereft. 

4° n. p. [1688.] 

— ■ [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, ix. 593.] 

— [Harleian Miscellany, i. 32.] 

Reflexions upon our late and prefent proceedings in 
England. 4° repr. Edinb. 1689. 

— ■ [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, ix. 1 7 8.] 

A memorial of Gods laft twenty nine years wonders in 
England, for its prefei-vation and deliverance from Popeiy 
and flavery ; or, a feries of marvellous providences, fhewing 
all the grand contrivances, and deep hellifli defigns, for the 
extirpation of the Pioteftant religion, and fetting up Popery 
and arbitrary government in the land : together with the 
manner how the Loid difappointed and fiiiftrated them. 

4° Lond. 1689. 

The defign of enflaving England difcovered ... 1689. 
[By Algernon Sidney.] 

An effliy upon the original and defigne of magiftracie ; 
or a modeft vindication of the late proceedings in England. 
By one who equally hates rebellion and tyranny. 

4° n. p. 1689. 

The hiftory of the defeition ; or an account of all the 
publick affairs in England from the beginning of Sept. 1688 
to the 1 2th Febr. following. 1689. [By Edm. Bohun.] 

A modeft attempt for healing the prefent animofities in 
England, occalion'd by a late book, entituled, A modeft 
enquiry, &c. In a dialogue between Teftimony, a zealous 
diffenter ; and Hot-head, a chollerick bigot ; Trimmer, 
moderator. ^.o Lond. 1690. 

Plain Englilh : humbly offered to the confideration of 
his Majefty, and his great council, the Lords and Commons 
in Parliament affembled. 4° Lond. 1690. 


A. History and State. 

The beginning and progiefs of a needful and hopeful re- 
formation in England. 1691. [By Edward Stephens.] 

The prefent ftate of England. A vifiun. 

4° Lond. 1692. 

Now or never. Or, the laft cart for England ... [By 
Charles Leslie.] [1692.] 

A brief account of the nature, rife, and progrefs, of the 
Societies, for reformation of manners, &c. in England and 
Ireland: with a preface, exhorting to the ufe of fuch focieties 
in Scotland. 1700. [By Sir Francis Grant.] 

The true born Englifhman. 1701. [By Daniel 

Divifion our deftrmf^ion : or, a fliort hiftory of the French 
fadlion in England. I 702. [Harleian Miscellany, viii. 

Faithful advice from England. By an honefl: Scots-man. 
1706. .Sff Scotland. 

Plain Englifh with remarks and advice to fome men who 
need not be nam'd. 8° Lond. 17 12. 

The Dutch better friends than the French to the 
monarchy, church, and trade of England. In a letter 
from a citizen to a country gentleman. 1713. [By John 

The fecond part of the Advantages tliat iiave accrued to 
England by the fucceflion in the illuftrious Houfe of 
Hanover. 8° Lond. I 72 I. 

Letters defcribing the charadter and cuftoms of the Eng- 
lifh and French nations ... 1726. [By Beat Louis 


An appeal to tlie reafons & confciences of all true 
Englifhmen : concerning their unhappy prejudices, & the 
fomenteis of them. By an impartial hand. 

8° Lond. 1735. 

The vifible purfuit of a foreign interefl, in oppofition to 
tlie interells of England, pi'oved from fafls ftated in a cir- 
cular refcript lately publifli'd by the young eleiSor of Bavaria, 
fetting forth the negociations of peace at Hanau in 1743, 
managed by the Prince of Hefle and an Englidi minifter. 
To which is annex'd, tlie aforefaid circular refcript done into 
Englifh. In a letter to my Lord B — e. 8° Lond. 1745. 

The important quellion difcuffed ; or a ferious and im- 
partial enquiry into the true interefl of England with refpe(5t 
to the Continent. 8" Lond. 1746. 

The ftate of England in i 588, in a letter from a prieft 
at London to the Spanilli ambafHidor at Paris ; giving a 
particular account of our warlike preparations ... 

8" Lond. 1748. 

England's path to wealth and honour ; in a dialogue 
between an Englifliman and a Dutchman. To which is 
added, articles relating to the Dutch herring-filliery. 

8° Lond. 1750. 

A fourth letter to the people of England ... 1756. 
[By John Shebbeare.] 

Tlie appeal of rcafon to tlie people of England on the 
prefent ftate of parties in the nation. Second edition. 

8° Edinb. 1763. 

A. History and State. 

An addrefs to the people of England, on the manners of 
the times. 8° Lond. 1767. 

Obfervations made during a tour through parts of Eng- 
land, Scotland, and Wales ... 1780. [By R. J. Sulivan.] 

A Chinefe fragment : containing an enquiry into the 
prefent ftate of religion in England. With notes by the 
editor. [By Ely Bates?] 8° Lond. 1 786. 

A comparative fl^etch of England and Italy, with dif- 
quifitions on national advantages. 2 vols. 

12= Lond. [i 794.] 

An addrefs to the people of England. 1796. [By 
Anthony Freston.] 

The real ftate of England, mdcccix. 8° Lond. n. d. 

De I'Angleterre. 8° Lond. i 8 i i . 

England may be extricated from her difficulties con- 
fiftently with the ftricftefl principles of policy, honour, and 
juftice. By a country gentleman. 8° Lond. 1 8 1 6. 

A comparative view of the focial life of England and 
France ... 1828. [By Mary Berry.] 

Social life in England and France, i 8 3 i . [By Mary 

England and France ; or, a cure for the minifterial Gallo- 
mania. 1832. [i?y B. Disraeli.] 

An appeal to the honeft feelings of Englifhmen, in behalf 
of the Queen of England. 8° Lond. 1832. 

England and America. 1833. [By E. G. Wake- 

A voice to the people of England, and a tentative docu- 
ment containing a true comment, on awful and important 
fafls, affefting this age and country. 8° Lond. 1833. 

The Ameiican in England. 1 8 36. [By Alexander 

The people of Ruiria, and the policy of England. 

8 Lond. 1836. 

England : the found of the trampet, being a prophetic 
warning or alarm to England, Scotland and Ireland. 

8° Lond. 1837. 

Is the ftrong heart of England broken that fhe does not 
rife ? Being a few words upon the want of high princi])le 
exhibited by the public men of the prefent day ; and foiiie 
remarks upon the tergiveifation of the periodical prefs. 

8° Lond. 1 844. 

Old England : a pidorial mufeum of regal, ecclefiallical, 
baronial, municipal, and popular antiquities. 2 vols. 

4° Lond. [1S45.] 

Old England's worthies : a gallery of portraits, from 
authentic copies, of the mofl eminent ftatefmen, lawyers, 
warriors, men of letters and fcience, and artifts of our 
country. Accompanied by fiJl and original biographies, 
with illuftrative woodcuts, and twelve fplendid illuminated 
engravings. 4° Lond. 1847. 

Englilli life, focial and domefHc, in the middle of the 
nineteenth century ... 1847. [7)|)' Mrs. Whately.] 

The truth in regard to England in 1 8 i 7. By a French- 
man [M. de la Vauguyon, fils aine]. 1847. 

A relation, or rather a true account, of the ifland of 
England ; with fundry particulars of the cuftoms of thefe 
people, and of the royal revenues under King Henry tlie 


A. History and State. 
Seventh, about the year i 5 00. Tranflated from the Italian, 
with notes, by Charlotte Augufta Sneyd. [For the Cam- 
den Society.] 4° Lond. 1847. 

England, a felf-fupporting countiy, or a method of turn- 
ing every perfefl grain into a plant, and preferving each 
plant till harveft, whereby a faving of two bufhels of feed 
out of every three, is effefted. By a piaftical farmer. 

8° Lond. 1848. 
The evils of England focial and economical. By a 
London phyficlan [James Howard]. 1848. 

The great state bark compared with an admiral's fliip 
at fea. 1849. 

The curfe removed. A letter to the manufadurers of 
Manchefter, on the (late and prof])e<5ls of England. By a 
citizen of Edinburgh. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1849. 
England and the Exhibition of 185 1, tefted by the 
Word of God. By an obferver of the times. 

12= Lond. n. d. 
England's miflion, and appeal for her own people ; or 
heathendom in Chriftendom. A voice to England on the 
focial and moral phenomena of Great Britain . . . Vol. L 

I 2° Lond. 1853. 
The penny Census ... 1854. 

England's fall is Babylon's triumph. An original intei- 
pretation of the Apocalypfe, witli a fpecial reference to the 
Greek church. 8' Lond. 1855. 

What (hould England do to enfure God's bleffing on ail 
her undertakings ? a fermon ... [7/2z. xxi. 11, 12.] 

8° Lond. 1855. 
England looking eaflward : impreflions of a year of war. 
[Verfe.] 8° Camb. 1855. 

" The dangers of England, and duties of Englifhmen." 
A letter addrelTed to the eleflors of Great Britain. By " a 
Britifh commoner." 8° Lond. 1855. 

England's wane and England's bane. Prevailing un- 
godlinefs in high places. Pride and avarice in the Church. 
Many fins of the nation. Unholy alliance for unholy pur- 
pofes. By the author of " A few words on the wai'." 

12° Lond. 1855. 
England's heroes. [5y Mrs. Gascoigne.] 1855. 
England's weather guide. 1 85 8. 
A voice from England, in anfwer to " L'Empereur 
Napoleon III. et I'Angleterre." By an Englifhman out 
of office. 8° Lond. 1858. 

" England's dormant ftrength : " with fuggeftions for its 
immediate development, remarks on our coafl defences, ufeful 
employment of our prifoners, fanitary ftate of our troops, 
etc. By an Englifliman. 8° Lond. 1858. 

Regulars and volunteers. Who fhall defend England ? 
By a civilian. 8° Lond. 1859. 

Lifts of foreign Proteftants, and aliens, refident in Eng- 
land, 16 I 8-1 688 : from returns in the State paper office. 
Edited by Wm. Durrant Cooper, F.S.A. [for the Cam- 
den Society]. 4° Lond. 1862. 
England's WORKSHOPS. 1864. 

B. History and State. Conftitution and Govern- 

Letters and other documents illuftrating the relations 
between England and Germany at the commencement of 
the Thirty years' war. From the outbreak of the revolu- 
tion in Bohemia to the eleflion of the Emperor Ferdinand 
II. Edited by Samuel Rawfon Gardiner [foi' the Camden 
Society]. 4^ Lond. 1 865. 

England's hopes and bleffings, and other effays. 

8° Lond. 1865. 

The progrefs of England : a poem. 8° Edinb. 1866. 

The ftatefmen of England ; comprifing fifty portraits 
principally from photographs in her Majel^y's private col- 
leftion, by Mayall, and others ; engraved on l^eel, by D. 
J. Pound, Efq. With biographical flvetches. 

4° Lond. [ I 867.] 

England and France in the fifteenth century. The con- 
temporaiy French traft entitled " The debate between the 
heralds of France and England," prefumed to have been 
written by Charles, Duke of Orleans : tranflated for the firft 
time into Englilh, with an introduifrion, notes, an inquiry into 
the authorfliip, etc., by Henry Pyne. 8° Lond. 1S7O. 

England anatomized, her difeafe difcovered, and the 
remedy prefcribed, in a fpeech by a member of the (fo 
called) Parliament. [^Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, vi. 

5 53-] 

The ftate of the nation confider'd in a letter to a mem- 
ber of Parliament. 8° Lond. n. d. 

The State Prodigal his return ; containing a true 
flate of the nation. 

A glance at State Affairs. 

B. History and State. Subordinate headings. 

Calendars of State Papers. See the general heading 
State Papers. 

Constitution and Government. 

The foiTne of government of the kingdome of England, 
collected out of the fundamentall lawes and ftatutes of this 
kingdome. 1639. \_Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, 
iv. 121.] 

An hiftorical difcourfe of the uniformity of the govern- 
ment of England ... 1647. [By Nathanael Bacon.] 

A brief enquiiy into the ancient conftitution and govern- 
ment of England ; as well -in refpe(5f of the adminiftration, 
as fuccefTion thereof ... By a true lover of his countiy. 

12° Lond. 1695. 

An argument to prove the affeffions of the people of 
England to be the beft fecurity of the government. 

8" Lond. 17 I 6. 

An addrefs to the freeholders of Great Britain, in favour 
of our conftitution. Occafion'd by the approacliing elec- 
tion for a new Parliament. Interfperfed with a fhoit hif- 
tory of the various attempts to fubvert it lince Oliver's 
ufunjation : with remarks on the Triennial bill, and his 
Majefty's late mefTage to both Houfes of Parliament. 

8° Lond. 1734. 

The ancient and modern conftitution of government ftated 


B. History and State. Conftitution — Crown. 

and compared. And alfo fome remarks on the controverfy 
concerning the dependance of members of Parliament on 
the Crowp. 8° Lond. 1734. 

An apology for government according to law. 

8° Lond. 1735. 
A feleft collecflion of the moft interefting letters on the 
government, liberty, and conftitution of England ; which 
have ajjpeared in the diffeient news-papers from the elevation 
of Lord Bute, to the death of the Earl of Egremont. 
With feveral remarks and explanatory notes. Second edi- 
tion. 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1763—64. 

An hirtorical differtation concerning the antiquity of the 
Englirti conftitution. 1768. [By Gilbert Stuart, 

An hiftorical efTay on the Engiiili conftitution ... I 771. 
[By Allan Ramsay.] 

Brief dedudions relative to the aid and fupply of the 
executive power, according to the law of England, in cafes 
of infancy, delirium or other incapacity of the king. Second 
edition. 4° Lond. 1788. 

The equality of the conftitution. By the author of 
"Anacreon in Dublin," &c. &c. &c. 1819. [Pam- 
phleteer, xiv. 173.] 

De la conftitution de I'Angleterre, et des changemens 

principaux qu'elle a eprouves ... par un Anglais [ 

Frisel.] 1820. 

Converfations on the Englifh conftitution. 

I 2° Lond. I 828. 

The fchool for ftatefmen, or, the public man's manual : 
being a complete guide to the conftitution (ince the Reform 
bill. By an old M.P. i 2° Lond. 1837. 

A catechifm of the Britifh conftitution ; explaining the 
origin, progrefs, and prefent ftate of the feveral branches of 
the legiftature, and of the inftitutions for the adminiftration 
of juftice in England, Scotland, and Ireland. 

I 2° Edinb. I 839. 

The child's guide to a knowledge of the Englilli conftitu- 
tion, with a fhort account of its rife and progrefs ... By a 
gentleman. 12" Lond. 1859. 

A handbook to the knowledge of the Englilli govern- 
ment and conftitution ... 12° Lond. 1S70. 

Crown. See alfo the general heading Crown. 

A brief hiftory of the fucceftion of tlie crown of England, 
... l68[J. [By John, Lord Somkrs.] 

The hereditary right of the crown of England afferted 
... I 71 3. [5_y Hilkiah Bedford.] 

The Englidi realm a perfeift fovereignty and empire, and 
the king a compleat and imperial fovereign. Proved from 
the exjircfs ftatutes of the kingdom, and tlie authority of 
the molt famous Englifti lawyers. With a full julHlica- 
tion of the docfliine of paftive obedience and non-ro(iftance, 
as prac^ifcd by tiic primitive Chriftians, and maintained by 
the principles of the Church of England. 8° n. p. 171 7. 


Ancient cuftoms of England. 1641. [I/ar/eian Mis- 

CELL any, i. 233.] 

B. History and State. Cuftoms — Government. 

Letters defcribing the charafler and cuftoms of the Eng- 
lifti and French nations. 1726. [^y Beat Louis Muralt.] 

A relation or rather ti-ue account of the ifland of Eng- 
land ; with fundry particulars of the cuftoms of thefe people 
... 1847. 

Government. See alfo the fub-headings Constitution, 
above, and E. Parliament, beloiu, 

A perfvvaftve to a mutuall compliance under the prefent 
government... 1652. [5y John Owen, D.D.] 

Some fliort confiderations relating to the fettling of the 
government, humbly offered to the Lords and Commons of 
England now afiembled at Weftminfter. 1689. [Scott'' s 
edition of Somers' Tracts, x. 273.] 

Agieement betwixt the prefent and the former govern- 
ment : or, a difcourfe of this monarchy, whether eleftive 
or hereditary ? Alfo, of abdication, vacancy, interregnum, 
prefent pofleflion of the crown, and the reputation of the 
Church of England. With an anfwer to objedlions, thence 
arifing, againft taking the new oath of allegiance. For the 
fati-sfaiSion of the fcrupulous. By a divine of the Church 
of England, the author of a little traft, entitled, Obedience 
due to the prefent king, notwithftanding our oaths to the 
former. 4° Lond. 1689. 

Some ftiort confiderations relating to the fettling of tlie 
government ... 4° Lond. 1689. 

A lords fpeech without doors to the Lords upon the 
prefent condition of the government. 4° n. p. 1689. 

Their prefent Majefties government proved to be throughly 
fettled, and that we may fubmit to it, without afferting the 
principles of Mr. Hobbs ... fliewing alfo that allegiance was 
not due to the ufuqjers after the late civil war. Occafion'd 
by fome late pamphlets againft the rev. Dr. Sherlock. 

4° Lond. I 69 I. 

The fource of our ])refent fears difcover'd : or, plain 
proof of fome late deflgns againft our prefent conftitution 
and government. Containing remarks on fome dangerous 
pamphlets publifli'd of late : and a juftification of fome 
pafTages in the preface to a book, intituled. The hiftoiy of 
the laft feftion of Parliament. 8° Lond. 1703. 

The prefent exigencies of the government confidei 'd. 

8 Lond. 1719- 

The ha])py government ; or the conftitution of Great 
Britain. 4° Lond. 1747. 

Anticipation of marginal notes on the declaration of 
Government on the 9th of January I 8 I 3, in the Amei ican 
"National intelligencer." [Pampletecr, i. 487.] 

The country without a government. 1830. [By 
Henry, Lord Brougham.] 

Government without Whigs. Being an anfwer to the 
" Country without a goveinment," and the Edinburgh 
reviewer. 8° Lond. 1830. 

A fynopfis of the various adminiftrations for the govern- 
ment of England, from the year 1756 to 1842. 

fol. Lond. 1842. 

The government and the Irifh Roman Catholic members. 
Fifth edition. S' Lond. 1851. 


B. History and State. Hiftoiy. 
History. See alfo D. Church History, heloiu. 


hi/lories of particular reigns lulll be found under the names of 
the fo'uerelgns. 

Cronycle of Englonde. i 5 i 5. \_By William Caxton.] 

Rerum Anglicaruni fcriptores port: Bcdam praccipui, 
edente Henr. Savile. 1 60 i . 

The hiftory of England ; the firft book ; declaring the 
ftate of the Ifle of Britain under the Roman empire. 1 602. 
\By John Clapham.] 

Anglica ... a veteribus fcripta ; ex bibliotheca Gul. 
Camdeni. 1603. 

Reram Anglicarum, Henr. VIII., Edw. VI. et Maria 
regnantibus annales. \^By Fr. Godwin.] 1616. 

Hiftoriae Anglicanae fcriptores decem ... edente Rogero 
TwYSDEN. 1652. 

Metamoqjhofis Anglorum, five mutationes varise regum, 
regni, remmque Anglias ... 12= n. p. 1653. 

The firft part of the hiftory of England ; extending to 
the conqueft of fo much of Britain as was fubjedted by the 
Romans ; with an introdudlory preface to the whole : 
written in the year 1666. fol. Lond. 1668. 

Memorials of the Englifh affairs ... 1682. \_By Sir 
Bulftrode Whitelocke.] 

ReiTim Anglicarum fcriptorum veterum torn. I. 1684. 
[Edited by William Fulman.] 

Compleat colleftion of papers . . . relating to the great 
REVOLUTIONS in England and Scotland ... 1 68 8 ... 1689. 

ReiTim Anglicarum fcriptores veteres ... opera Thomae 
Gale. 1691. 

Chronicon Saxonicum. 1692. fo Chronicle. 

The true fecret hiftory of the lives and reigns of all the 
kings and queens of England, from King William the firft 
called, the Conquerour. To which is prefixed an abftraift of 
the general hiftory of each reign ... By a perfon of honour. 
With a table of the principal matters. 8° Lond. 1 702. 

The hiftory of England, faithfully extraded from 
authentick records, approved manufcripts, &c. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1702. 

Foedera, conveniiones ... inter reges Angliae et alios 
quofvis imperatores, reges ... accurante Th. Rymer. I7O4. 

A complete hiftory of England. 1706. [By White 

The hiftoiy of England, from the beginning of the reign 
of Q. Anne to the conclufion of the treaty of union between 
England and Scotland. 8° Lond. 1707. 

The hiftory of the royal family ; or, a fuccin(5t account 
of the marriages and iffue of all the kings and queens 
of England from the Conqueft ... 8° Lond. I 71 3. 

Hiftoriae Anglicanae fcriptores varii ... editi ab Jof. 
Sparke. 1723. 

The hiftoi-y of England, during the reigns of the royal 
Houfe of Stuait ... By the author of the Critical hiftory 
of England [John Oldmixon]. I 730. 

The hiftoiy of England during the reigns of K. Wil- 
liam, Q. Anne and K. George I. ... 1744. \By James 

B. History and State. Hiftory. 

Medallic hiftory of England during the reigns of K. 
William and Q. Mary, Q. Anne, and K. George I., en- 
graved by J. Bafire for Tindal's Continuation of Rapin's 
Hiftoiy of England. [Title-page •wanting.'^ 

fol. Lond. 1745. 

Lettei's and memorials of ftate in the reigns of Queen 
Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King Charles I., 
part of the reign of Charles II., and Oliver's ufurpation . . . 
[Edited by^ Arthur Collins. 1746. 

A new hiftory of England, in French and Englilli, by 
queftion and anfwer. Extracted from the moft celebrated 
Englifh hiftorians ; particularly M. de Rapin Thoyras. A 
new edition. 8^ Lond. 1749. 

Defiderata curiofa ; or a coUeiftion of divers ... pieces 
relating chiefly to matters of Englifh hiftory ... By Fr. 
Peck. 1779. 

Hiftory of the political connection between England and 
Ireland ... 1780. [By William Barron.] 

A coUedlion of the wills ... of the kings and queens of 
England ... [Edited by John Nichols.] 1780. 

CoUeftanea curiofa, or mifcellaneous tra<fls relating to the 
hiftoiy and antiquities of England and Ireland ... [ColleSed 
bf\ John Gutch. 1781. 

Remarks upon the hiftory of the landed and commercial 
policy of England ... 1785. [By Jofeph Hudson.] 

Original letters written during the reigns of Henry VI., 
Edward IV., and Richard III., by various perfons of rank 
and confequence ... [Edited^ by Sir" John Fenn. 1787- 

The medallic hiftory of England to the Revolution. 1790. 

[By John PiNKERTON.] 

Illuftrations of Britifh hiftory, biography and manners in 
the reigns of Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, Elizabeth 
and James I., from original ])apers ; with notes and obferva- 
tions by Edm. Lodge. 1791. 

A hiftory of England, in a feries of letters from a noble- 
man to his fon ... 1793. [By Oliver Goldsmith.] 

Hiftoriae Anglicanae circa tempus conqueftus Angliae a 
Gulielmo Notho ... felefla monumenta ... 1807. A. ... 
A. Duchesne. 

A poetical hiftory of England ; written for the ufe of 
the young ladies educated at Rothbury-houfe fchool . . . 

8° Lond. 181 5. 

Miscellanea antiqua Anglicana ... 1816. 

Tra(5lat of a part of the Englifli Chronicle. 18 18. 

Original letters illuftrative of Englifli hiftory . . . with 
notes and illuftrations by Henry Ellis. 1824-46. 

A hiftory of England, in which it is intended to confider 
men and events on Chriftian principles. [By Heniy Wal- 
ter.] 1828. 

England in the fevcnteenth century ; or, a hiftory of the 
reigns of the Houfe of Stuart. 12= Lond. 1845. 

Letters of the kings of England ... Edited by J. O. 
Halliwell. 1846. 

England the civilizer : her hiftory developed in its prin- 
ciples ; with reference to the civilizational hiftoiy of modern 


B. History and State. Hiftory. 

Europe, (America inclufive,) and with a view to tiic de- 
nouement of the difficulties of the hour. By a woman. 

12° Lond. 1S48. 
Monumenta hiftorica Britannica, or the materials for tiie 
hiftory of Britain from the eailieft peiiod. Vol. I. . . . Pre- 
pared ... by ... Henry Petrie. 1S48. 

Aunt Anne's hiftory of England on Chriftian principles, 
for the ufe of young perfons. 8° Lond. 1849. 

The hiftory of England. Publifhed ... by the Society 
for proinoting Chriftian knowledge. 12° Lond. 1849. 

Hiftory of England. In two parts. [Gh-ig's fchool 
feries.'\ I 2° Lond. 18 50. 

Lectures on the hiftory of England. By a lady. Vol. I. 

8° Litdemore, 1850. 
— Vol. II. Edited by the rev. Charles Marriott, B.D. 

8° Oxford, 1854. 
The hiftory of England made eafy. By two fifters. 

12° York, 1852. 
The fountains of Britifli hiftory explored. 

I 2° Lond. 1852. 
Hiftory of England and France under the Houfe of 
Lancafter ... 1852. \By Henry Brougham, Lord 

The chronicles of merry England ... 1854. \By 
Eliza Manning.] 

The hiftory of England, in rhyme, from the Conqueft to 
the Rcftoration. 8° Lond. 1854. 

Annals of England ; an epitome of Englifli hiftory, from 
contemporary writers, the rolls of Parliament, and other 
public records. 3 vols. Oxford, 1855-57. 

The pidorial hiftory of England. 1855. \This is a 
new edition o/"The piftorial hiftory of England George 
Lillie Craik and Charles Macfarlane ... I 841.] 

Our native land, or fcenes and fetches from Britifh hif- 
tory, for young people. By the author of " Scriptural in- 
ftruaion for the leaft and the loweft," " Leflbns on the 
metals of the Bible," &c. z vols. I 2° Lond. 1 85 5. 

Aids to Englifli hiftory ; being an epitome in rhyme 
extending to 1688. With artificial dates. 

8" Lond. 1856. 

Hiftorical notes relative to the hiftory of England. 
1 509-1714. Compiled by F. S. Thomas. 1856. 

Vade-mecum to the ftudy of Ilnglifli hiftory, defigned 
for ufe in fchools and by private ihidents. Second edi- 
tion. 120 Lond. [1857.] 

The hiftory of England. Fourteenth revifed edition. 

12° Lond. [1858.] 

A hiftory of England for young perfons. 

12° Lond. [1859.] 

A Ihort introduc'llon to Englifh hiftory. School feries. 

8" Lond. [1859.] 

The children's jiiiflure-book of Englilli hiftory. 

8° Lond. 1859. 

Englifli hiftory in queftion and anfwer, including all the 
principal events from the Conqueft to the ])i efent time . . . 
By a lady. New edition. 12 ' Lond. I 860. 

B. History and State. 
Forty flip hiftory papers. 



containing four hundred 
queftions on the hiftory of England: with new chrono- 
logical and genealogical tables. For the ufe of fchools ... 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 

Chronological rhymes on Englifli hiftory. By the 
author of " Hiftorical reveries." Fourth edition. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 

Short ftories founded on European hiftory. England. 
3 feries. 8° Lond. [i86k] 

The picture hiftoiy of England ; in eighty beautiful 
engravings, accompanied by a hiftorical fummary, fuited to 
the capacities of youth. 8° Lond. 1861. 

Defcripti\e catalogue of manufcripts relating to the hiftory 
of Great Britain and Ireland to the end of the reign of 
Henry VII. By Thomas Duffus Hardy. 1862-71. 

A hiftory of England for family ufe and the upper clafles 
of fchools. By the author of " An introduflion to the 
hiftory of England," "The Knights of St. John" ... etc. 

8° Lond. 1864. 

The royal piduie galleiy of the kings and queens of 
England, from the eariieft times to the reign of Queen 

8° Lond. [1864.] 


Simple converfations on Englifli hiftory from the Conqueft 
to the reign of Vidoria. By a friend to youth. 

8° Manchefter, [1865.] 
Le livere de Reis de Brittanie e le livere de Reis de 
Engletere. Edited by John Glover, M.A. 1865. 

Facfimiles of national manuscripts from William the 
Conqueror to Queen Anne ... photozincographed ... by 
Colonel Sir Henry James. 1865—68. 

England as feen by foreigners in the days of Elizabetli 
and James the Firft. By W. B. Rye. 1865. 

Letters and other documents illuftrating the relations 
between England and Germany at the commencement of 
the Thirty years' war ... 1865. 

PidJures of Englifli hiftory, from the eariieft times to the 
prefent period. With ninety-three pidlures, printed in 
colours by Kronheim. 40 Lond. [1869.] 

A fynoptical hiftory of England, with the contempra- 
neous fovereigns and events of general hiftory, from the 
eariieft records to the prefent time. 4° Lond. I 869. 
Ballads from Englilh hiftory. 8° Lond. n. d. 

A poetical hiftory of England ... 12= Lond. n. d. 
Queftions on the hiftory of England ; from the invalions 
of Julius Cafar to the year 1852 ... 12° Lond. n. d. 

Reynold's outline chart of Englifli hiftoiy fi-om Egbert 
to Victoria ; Ihowing alfo the eminent perfons who have 
flouriflied, and the progrefs of fcience and art, during the 
laft thoufand years. S. Sh. Lond. n. d. 

Royal chronology in rhyme ; oi', the kings and queens 
of England (ince tlie Conqueft. 8 ' Lond. n. d. 

New reading feries. Englilli hiftory. [Publiflicd by the 
Society for promoting Chriftian knowledge.] 

8° Lond. n. d. 
The Englifli nation ; or a hiftory of England with lives 
of Englilhnien. Edited by George Godfrey Cunningham. 

Invasion. See the general heading Invasion. 



B. History and State. Laws — Topography. 
Laws. For Statutes, y^? the general heading Statutes. 

Inftitutions or principall groundes of the lawes and 
llatutes of England. 1570. 

Expofitiones terminum legoium Anglorum : et natura 
brevium. 1 6 27. See Law. 

Examen legum Angliae ; or the laws of England ex- 
amined by Scripture, antiquity and reafon. 1656. \By 
A. Boon.] 

The exaft law-giver ; or a manduflio to the perfedl 
knowledge of the ... law of England. 1658. 

Englands fafety in the laws fupremacy. 

4° Lond. 1659. 

Principles of the laws of England in the various depart- 
ments ... in the form of queftion and anfwer ... By a 
folicitor [Richard Sargent]. 1839. 

Ancient laws and inftitutes of England. 1 8 40. 

The complete piailice of the law of England ... 1855. 

Manual of the law of England. 1855. 

The cabinet lawyer ; a popular digert: of the laws of 
England ... 1856. 

Seleflions of the laws of England ... 

Privy Council. 

[Aft againft bonfires, 6th Nov., 1685.] 

S. Sh. Lond. 1685. 
[Aft againft kidnapping,'' 26 March, 1686.] 

S. Sh. Lond. 1686. 
[Aft enjoining all minifters and preachers prefbyterian 
and epifcopal, in Scotland, to pray by name for her Majefty 
the royal family. Kenfington, 21ft June, 1714.] 

S. Sh. Lond. 1 7 1 4. 
Proceedings and ordinances of the Privy Council of 
England. 10 Richard II. i486 to 33 Henry VII. 
1542. Edited by Sir Harris Nicolas [for the Mafter 
of the Rolls]. 7 vols. 8° Lond. 1834-37. 

Royal Household. 

Colleftion of ordinances and regulations for the govern- 
ment of the royal houfehold, made in divers reigns from K. 
Edward III. to K. William & Q. Mary ; alfo receipts in 
ancient cookery. 4° Lond. 1790. 

State Papers, Calendars of. See the general heading 
State Papers. 

Statutes. See the general heading Statutes. 

Topography. • 

A book of the names of all pariflies, market-towns, vil- 
lages, hamlets and fmalleft places in England and Wales, 
alphabetically fet down, as they be in every (hire ... 

4° Lond. 1668. 

The new defcription and ftate of England : contain- 
ing the mapps of the counties of England and Wales, in 
fifty three copper-plates ... To which is added, a new and 
exaft lift of the Houfe of Peers and Commons ... 

8° Lond. 1 701. 

A pocket-guide to the Englifh traveller : being a com- 
pleat furvey and admeafurement of all the principal roads 

B. History and State. Topography. 

and moft confiderable crofs-roads in England and Wales. 
2 vols. 8° Lond. 17 19. 

The Englifh topographer ... 1720. \By Richard 

A journey through England, in familiar letters from a 
gentleman here [John Macky] to his friend abroad. 1752. 

England illuftrated, or, a compendium of the natural 
hiftory, geography, topography, and antiquities ecclefiaftical 
and civil of England and Wales. With maps of the feveral 
counties, and engravings of many remains of antiquity, 
remarkable buildings, and principal towns. In two volumes. 

4° Lond. I 764. 

A defcription of England and Wales, containing a par- 
ticular account of each county ... and the lives of the 
illultrious men each county has produced ... 10 vols. 

I 2° Lond. 1 769. 

Obfervations made duiing a tour through parts of Eng- 
land, Scotland, and Wales. 1780. \By R. J. Sulivan.] 

An account of all the manors, meffuages, lands, tene- 
ments, and hereditaments in the different counties of Eng- 
land and Wales, held by leafe from the crown ... with the 
names of the lefTees, dates and terms of their leafes, real 
value, fines, &c. to which is added an appendix, never be- 
fore printed, containing an abftraft, which comprehends the 
aggregate value of the land revenue of the crown in Queen 
Mary's time, with a compendium of the whole revenues 
and profits of the crown in the reign of Queen Elizabeth ; 
as alfo a calendar to the furveys of the eftates of King 
Charles I. his Queen, and the Prince of Wales, taken by 
ordinance of Parliament during the interregnum. 

Oblong fol. Lond. 1787. 

The Topographer, containing a variety of original 
articles illuftrative of the local hiftory and antiquities of 
England ... i 791. 

Topographical Miscellanies ... with many engravings 
particularly of ancient architefture throughout England. 

The beauties of England and Wales, or delineations 
topographical, hiftorica! and defcriptive of each county. 
Vols. I.— VI. [Bedfordfliire, Berkfhire, Buckinghamfhire, 
Cumberland, Derbyfhire, Devonfhire, Dorfetfhire, Durham, 
EfTex, Gloucefterfhire, Hampfhire, Herefordfhire.] By 
John Britton and Edward Wedlake Brayley. 

8° Lond. 1 801-5. 

— Vols. VII. VIII. [Hertfordfhire, Huntingdonfhire, 
Kent.] By Edward Wedlake Brayley. 

8° Lond. 1806-7. 

— Vol. IX. [Lancafhire, Leicefterfhire, Lincolnfhire.] 
By John Britton. 8° Lond. 180B. 

— Vol. X. [Middlefex.] Four parts. By Edward 
Wedlake Brayley, Jofeph Nightingale, and J. Norris Brewer. 

8° Lond. 181 5. 

— Vol. XI. [Monmouthfhire, Norfolk, Northampton- 
fhire.] By J. Evans and J. Britton. 8° Lond. 18 10. 

• — • Vol. XII. [Northumberland, Nottinghamfhire, Ox- 
fordfhire, Rutlandfliire.] Two parts. By J. Hodgfon, F. 
C. Laird, and J. N. Brewer. 8° Lond. 1813. 


B. History and State. Topography. 

— Vol. XIII. Two parts. [Shropfhiie, Somerfetfhire, 
StafFordniire.] By J. Nightingale. 8° Lond. 1813. 

— Vol. XIV. [Suffolk, Surrey, Suffex.] By Frederic 
Shobrel. 8° Lond. 18 13. 

— Vol. XV. Two parts. [Wiltlhire, Warwicklhire, 
Weftmoreland, and Worcefterfliire.] By J. Britten ; J. 
Norris Brewer ; J. Hodgfon ; F. C. Laird. 

8" Lond. 1814. 

— Vol. XVI. [Yorkfliire.] By John Bigland. 

8° Lond. 1812. 

— Vol. XVII. [North Wales.] By J. Evans. 

8° Lond. 181 2. 

— Vol. XVIII. [South Wales.] By Thomas Rees. 

8° Lond. 18 I 5. 

— Vols. XIX.-XXIII. Plates. 8° n. p. n. d. 

— Introduflion. By J. Norris Brewer. 18 18. 

A new index villaris for England and Wales ; including 
alfo the fouthem part of Scotland : containing all the cities, 
market and borough towns ... parifhes ... principal ham- 
lets ... fol. Lond. 1804. 

Hiftorical and literary tour of a foreigner in England 
and Scotland. 1825. [By Amedee Pichot.] 

The parliamentary Gazetteer of England and Wales 
... 1845—46. With an appendix containing ... the cenfus 
ofi84i. 1848. 

The Topographer and genealogifl: .... 1846—58. 

The manfions of England and Wales ... By Edward 
Tycross. 1847. 

The baronial halls and picturefque edifices of England. 
From drawings by J. D. Harding, G. Cattermole, S. 
Prout, W. Miiller, J. Holland, and other eminent artifts. 
Executed in lithotint, under the fuperintendence of Mr. 
Harding. The text by S. C. Hall, F.S.A. Embel- 
lifhed with numerous engravings on wood. 2 vols. 

fol. Lond. 1848. 

The ecclefiaftical and architeftural Topography of Eng- 
land. 1848-55. 

A handbook of travel round the fouthern coaft of Eng- 
land. A pictui'efque, antiquaiian, and topographical de- 
fcription of the fceneiy, towns, and ancient remains on that 
part of the coaft. Illuftrated with thirty-five engravings ... 

8° Lond. 1849. 

An antiquarian and picturefque tour round the fouthern 
coaft of England ; illuftratod with eigiity-four plates from 
diawings by Turner ... and others. 4° Lond. I 849. 

Black's picturefque tourift and road and railway guide- 
book tlirough England and Wales ... Third edition. 

8° Edinb. 1853. 
The watering-places of England. 8° Lond. 1S53. 
Old abbeys of England. 8° Lond. 1859. 

Old caftles of England. 8° Lond. 1859. 

The port office direftory atlas of England and Wales. 

fol. Lond. [i 860.] 
Crucidey's county adas of England & Wales ... 

8° Lond. 1863. 


B. History and State. Topography — Union. 

Portable atlas of England and Wales ; with tourift 's 
guide to the principal places of intereft, fifhing ftreanis, 
fineft views and fcenery, &c. of each county. 

8° Lond. [1866.] 
Stanford's guide map to the conftituencies of England 
and Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Showing all the coun- 
ties, divifions of counties, parliamentary boroughs and uni- 
verfities, with the alterations and additions according to the 
" Reprefentation of the people a&s i 867—8," and the num- 
ber of members for each conftituency. 

8° Lond. [1868.] 
The railway and commercial Gazetteer of England, 
Scotland and Wales ... 186S. 

[Maps of the feveral counties of England, with their 
railways ; publiftied by H. G. Collins.] 

S. Sheets, Lond. n. d. 
[Philip's new feries of county maps of England and 
Wales, from the Ordnance furvey.] 

S. Sheets, Lond. n. d. 

Union of England and Scotland. See the genera/ 
heading Union. 


See a/Jo the general headings Church — Church-warder. 

A teftimonie of antiquitie, iliewing the auncient fayth in 
the Church of England touching the facrament of the body 
and bloude of the Lord here publikely preached, and alfo 
receaued in the Saxons tyme, aboue 600 yeares agoe. 

4° Lond. I 567. 

Certaine confiderations touching the better pacification 
and edification of the Church of England. 1 604. [By 
Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam.] 

A late dialogue betwixt a civilian and a divine, concern- 
ing the prefent condition of the Church of England. 

4'' Lond. 1644. 

De hodierno ftatu ecclefiarum in Anglia, Wallia, Scotia, 
et Hibernia, narratiuncula. [Imperfe^.^ 4° n. p. 1654. 

The truth unvail'd, &c. in behalf of the Church of 
England. I 667. [.5y Arthur Annesley, Earl of Angle- 

A (hort defence of the Church and clergy of England. 
168 1. [By Biftiop Robert Grove.] 

A remonftrance, by way of addrefs from the Churcli of 
England to both Houfcs of Parliament : together with fome 
remarks upon Dr. Sherlock's fermon, jireached the 29th of 
May, 1685. [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, ix. 19.] 

A fecond remonftrance, by way of addrefs from the 
Church of England, to both Houfes of Parliament. [Ibid. 

Good advice to the Church of England, Roman Catho- 
lick and Proteftant diffenter : in which it is endeavoured 
to be made apjiear that it is their duty, principles and intereft 
to abolilh the penal laws and lefts. 8° Lond. 1687. 

An anfwer of a minifter of the Church of England, to a 
feafonable and important queftion, propofed to him by a 




C. Church. 

loyal and religious member of the prefent Houfe of 
Commons : viz. What refpeft ought the ti"ue fons of the 
Church of England, in point of confcience and Chrillian 
prudence, to bear to the religion of that Church, whereof the 
King is a member? 4° Lond. 1 68 7. 

An inftance of the Church of England's loyalty. 1687. 
[Scolt's edition of Somers' Tracts, ix. 203.] 

A new tell of the church of England's loyalty. [l 68 7.] 
\_Scotl^s edition of Somers^ Tracts, ix. 195.] 

Some confiderations about the New tell:, &c. [Ibid. 

The trial and examination of a late libel, intitled, A new 
teft of the Church of England's loyalty ; with fome reflec- 
tions upon the additional libel, intitled. An inftancc of the 
Church of England's loyalty. [Ibid. ix. 206.I 

An anfwer to a paper, printed with allowance, entitled, 
A new teft of the Church of England's loyalty. 1687. 
\By Biftiop Gilbert Burnet.] 

The new teft of the Church of England's loyalty, ex- 
amined by the old teft of truth and honefty. 

4° Lond. 1687. 

The danger of the Church of England, from a General 
Aflembly of covenanters in Scotland. Reprefented from 
their principles in oaths, and late adls of Aflemblies ; com- 
par'd with their pradlices in thefe laft two years. By a tnie 
fon of the Church. 4° Lond. 1690. 

Queiela temponjm ; or, the danger of the Church of 

England : in a letter from the dean of to prebend 

of . I 690. [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, ix. 


The fpirit of the church-faflion detcifted. 169 1. [By 
Edward Stephens.] 

The charader of a true Chui'ch of England man. 1702. 
[By Samuel Grascome.] 

Union to the Church of England, freely offered, and 
eameftly recommended, to the diflenters from it, of all 
perfwafions ; but particularly to the occafional conformifts. 
By a minifter of the Church of England. 

8° Lond. 1704. 

A draught for a national Church accommodation ; whereby 
the fubjecls of England and Scotland, however different in 
their judgments concerning epifcopacy and piefbytery, may 
yet be united in regard to the Queen's headfliip over both, 
in one chuich and kingdom of Great Britain. 

4° Lond. I 705. 

A warning to the Church of England. 1706. [By 
Dr. Charles Leslie.] 

The charafter of a true Church of England-man. 1 7 1 o. 
[By Dr. Henry Sacheverell.] 

The danger of the church enquir'd into. 

8" Lond. I 710. 

The laft will and teftament of the C h of E d, 

with a preface fhewing the reafon of its publication, in 
fpite of all her enemies, &c. 8° Lond. 17 10. 

A ferious enquiry into the prefent ftate of the Church of 
England : or, the danger of the Church from the rafhnefs 

C. Church. 

of the clergy. In a letter to Dr. Atterbury, prolocutor to 
the Lpwer-houfe of Convocation. 8° Lond. 171 1. 

The faith and praftice of a Church of England-man . . . 
17 I 3. [By William Stanley.] 

A vindication of the orthodox faith and doi5lrine of the 
Church of England, againft the Aman and Socinian herefies ; 
as they are now reviv'd (and taught) among the Whiggs 
and diffenters ; as alfo, againft the new Bangorian errors 
equally deftrudlive of true religion, and of the eftablifh'd 
church. With fome account how the Church of England 
is affaulted and dilferted by her owti fons, in the novelties 
lately broach'd by the B. of B. By a prefbyter of the 
Church of England. 8° Lond. [17 13.] 

An antidote againft prelbytery : or, a vindication of the 
rites and ceremonies, the principles and praiflices of the 
Church of England, as fhe ftands at prefent diftinguifhed 
from all hereticks and fchifmaticks, for her fteady adherence 
to the true catholick faith and dodlrine. 4° Lond. 1 7 1 5. 

The fefety of the Church under the prefent miniftry. 
1 7 1 5. [By Dr. A. A. Sykes.] 

The lay-man's pleas for feparation from the Church of 
England anfwered : wherein the arguments of a late pam- 
phlet, entitled Lay-nonconformity juflified, are examin'd and 
cenfur'd. In a dialogue between a gentleman in the com- 
munion of the Church of England who was formerly a 
diffenter ; and his friend, who was educated in the com- 
munion of the Church, but has fince left it. 

8° Lond. 1717. 

The Church of England man's memorial ; or the hiftory 
of compreheniion and toleration . . . [By — Drake r"] 

8° Lond. I 7 18. 

The church-anatomy : or, a reprefentation of the prefent 
conftitution of the Church of England. Drawn up by a 
committee of Proteftant laymen. 8° Lond. I 7 18. 

The Church of England's advice to her children, and to 
all kings, princes, and potentates. 8° Lond. 1721. 

Free and impartial confiderations upon the Free and 
candid difquifitions [l/y John Jones^ relating to the Church 
of England ... I 751. [-5/ John White, B.D.] 

The grand and important queftion, about the Church, 
and parochial communion, fairly and friendly debated, in a 
dialogue between a worthy country gentleman, and his 
neighbour, newly returned from London. 

I 2° Lond. 17 56. 

The doftrines of juftification by the imputation of Chrift's 
righteoufnefs, and of the operations and indwelling of the 
divine Spirit, proved by the articles, homilies, the writings 
of the fathers, and the teftimony of the martyrs, to be the 
do(5trines of the Church of England : in oppofition to thofe 
who, while they profefs themfelves to be members of the 
faid church, are fapping its foundation, by innovations, and 
fchifmatical doflrines. In a letter to a brother. 

8° Lond. 1765. 

Serious and free thoughts on the prefent ftate of the 
Church. 1774. [Z?v Micaiah TowGooD.] 

Valor ecelefiafticus temp. Henr. VIII. 1810-34. 

The dodlrines of the Church of England neither Calvin- 



C. Church. 

iftic nor Amiinhin but Scriptural, endeavoured to be proved 
in a plain and liinple manner. By a beneficed clergyman 
of the Eftablillied Church. 8° Lond. 1819. 

A vindication of the Church and clergy of England 
from the mifreprefentations of the Edinburgh Review ... 
1823. [By Henry Soames.] 

A letter to the Primate of England ... on a fubjeft of 
vital impoitance to the interefts of the Eihibliflied CInirch. 
By a layman. 8° Lond. I 826. 

Letters on the Church. By an epifcopalian. 

8° Lond. 1826. 

Thoughts on the co-operation of the laity of the Church 
of England with the miniftry, in the fupport of religious 
inftitutions, difperlion of religious trails, viliting the fick, 
&c. By an incumbent of the diocefe of Canterbury. 

8° Lond. 1827. 

The revenues of the Church of England, not a burden 
upon the public. 8° Lond. 1830. 

Free thoughts on the means of reviving and promotinn 
the fpiritual interefts of the Church of England. By a 
layman. 8° Lond. 1830. 

A letter to the people on the revenues of the Church- 
By a layman. Being a reply to Mr. Cobbett's addrefs to 
the labourers of England, on the meafures which ought to 
be adopted with regard to the tithes, and with regard to the 

other property, commonly called Church property No. 7, 

of his " Two-penny trafh." 8" Cardiff, I 83 I. 

The extraordinary Black Book ; an expolltion of the 
United Church of England and Ireland ... 183 1. 

Plain words addrefled to members of the Church of 
England. By one of themfelves. 8° Lond. 1833. 

An appeal to all who can confcientioufly declare them- 
felves to be real friends and fuppoi'ters of the Church of 
England, efpecially to the nobility, gentry, land and tithe 
owners of England, and to members of her legiflature. By 
one of themfelves. 8° Lond. 1834. 

Remarks on a national church, and reafons why the choice 
of clergymen by their congregations, rtiould be added to the 
remedial meafures propofed by government. By a member 
of the Middle Temple. 8° Lond. 1835. 

Thoughts on fome of the recommendations of the Ecclefi- 
aftical commillioners, and on popular views of the Church. 
In a letter to Sir Rubeit Harry Inglis, Bart., M.P. for the 
Univerfity of Oxford. By one of his conlHtuents. 

8° Lond. 1837. 

Plain converfations concerning the Church of England, 
and " the fayings and doings " of her enemies. By a lay- 
member of the Church. \l° Lond. I 838. 

The choice : the Cliurch, or the meeting houfc. 

12° Lond. 1839. 

Part the firft of a defence of the Church of England, in 
a feries of cfFays. By a clergyman. 8° Thetford, I 84 1. 

Form of a parochial chuich union fociety, with an account 
of the hiftory and principles of the five parent focieties, etc. 
etc. By a clergyman of the Church of England. 

I 2° Durliam, I 84 I. 

Conferences of the reformers and divines of the early 

C. Church. 

Englifli Church, on the doftrines of the Oxford Traflarians ; 
held in the province of Canterbury, in the fpring of the year 
1841- 8° Lond. 1841. 

Some confideration of church principles, and obedience 
to them the fafeft rule of conduft during an Univerfity 
career. By a fellow of a college. S' Camb. 1842. 

Teftimonies to cliurch principles, felefted from epifcopal 
charges and fermons. 12'^ Lond. I 843. 

Church development ; or, how to reprefs Romanizing 
tendencies. 8° Lond. 1843. 

The right way to decide ; or the Church of England 
her own expofitor : a letter from a member of the Church 
of England to his fellow churchmen. 8° Lond. 1843. 

Remarks on the principles of the Eftablilhed Chuich of 
England. 8° Lond. 1843. 

Seledlions from a work entitled The ideal of a Chriftian 
church, &c. &c. Illuftrative of its tendency to promote 
dutifulnefs to the Englifh church, unity among her members, 
and charity towards diffenters. 8° Lond. 1844. 

Thoughts on Churcli matters. By a churchman. 

8° Lond. li>45. 

The Proteftantifm of the Church of England ; or a new 
"Tracft for the tiines ;" in reply to the charge of the Ld. 
Bp. of Sodor and Man, to his clergy ; with an appendix. 
By a lover of all good men. 12° Douglas, 1845. 

Church principles and church meafures : a letter to Lord 
John Manners, M.P., with remarks on a work entitled, 
" Part and prefent policy of England towards Ireland." By 
the author of " Maynooth, the Crown, and the country." 

8° Lond. I 845. 

A letter upon chuich matters to the editor of the 
"Times." By a countiy vicar. 8° Lond. 1845. 

The Church and the meeting-houfe, or a layman's plea 
for epifcopal authority. 12° Lond. 1846. 

— Second edition. 8° Oxford, 1853. 

The law of the Anglican chuich, the law of the land. 

12= Lond. 1847. 

The praying church and the preaching church ; or the 
Church of England and the Church of Scotland. Con- 
fidered with reference to their public fervices. 

8° Lond. 1847. 

Grounds for communion with the Church of England. 

I 2° Lond. 1 847. 

An appeal to the laity on the prefent attempt to diftuib 
the foundations of the faith, and alter the ftandard of ortho- 
doxy in this our Church of England. By a prefbyter. 

8° Lond. 1848. 

The liberty of Englifh churchmen : a letter to the people 
of England. By the author of " Trevor : a tale for the 
times." 8° Lond. 1 848. 

Obfervations on the queftion between the Church and 
the Committee of Privy council which appeared in the form 
of letters to the editor of the ' Guardian ' newfpaper with 
the fignature ' C Colleflcd and revifed by the author. 

8° Camb. 1848. 

The principles of the Englilh conftitution in church and 



C. Church. 

ftate, touching the royal fupremacy, the rights and duties of 
Convocation, and the prerogative of the crown really to 
appoint to vacant bifhopricks ... with an appendix of notes 
and authorities, in which is contained a brief hiftory of the 
mode of appointing bilhops by the fovereigns of England, 
from the earliell to the prefent times. By a lay-member 
of the Church of England. 8° Lond. 1S48. 

The true llatement of the Church leafe-hold quelKon. 

8° Lond. 1849. 

Evils of the policy purfued towards the Church ; in four 
letters to the rt. hon. Lord John RufTell. By a country 
paftor. 8° Lond. 1849. 

" Thoughts " on the conftitution of the Church (fuggefled 
by recent events in the diocefe of Exeter), for the folemn 
confideration of all Chriftians in thefe "perilous times;" 
and efpecially of the paftors and teachers of the baptized. 

8° Lond. 1849. 

The plain ftate of the cafe between the Church of Eng- 
land and the Committee of council on education. By the 
author of " A plain traft on Convocation." 

8° Lond. 1850. 

The judicial committee of the Privy council and the 
petition for a church tribunal in lieu of it. A letter by an 
Anglican layman. 8° Lond. 1850. 

What Englifh churchmen rtiould do. An appeal to 
churchmen, by a tiiie fon of the Church. [Reprinted from 
the John Bull.] 12° Lond. 1851. 

The Church, the ftate, and the Bible, a trinity in unity. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

Remarks on a tradl entitled points of eflential difference 
between the Church of England and the Kirk of Scotland. 

12" Edinb. 1853. 

The knot of to-day, and a hand to undo it : a letter 
addrefl'ed to his grace the Archbifhop of Canteibury, and 
to the clergy and laity of the united Church of England 
and Ireland; on "Church revival." 8^ Lond. 1853. 

The Church and the million ... 1854. [By Edward 

The branch-church theory : a dialogue. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

"What can I do ?" A queftion for church-goers about 
half-emptv churches. 8' Lond. 1 8 54. 

Churcli revenues. Remarks on the recent Church afls, 
and on the application of the funds of the ecclefiaftical com- 
miflioners. 8° Lond. 1855. 

The twenty years' conflidl in the Church, and its remedy. 

8" Lond. 1855. 

Church queftions : a letter to a friend. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

An appeal to Englifh churchmen. 8' Lond. 1856. 

How to make better provifion foi' the cure of fouls out 
of the prefent actual finances of the Church : containing a 
letter from the Bifhop of St. Afaph to the Marquis of 
Weftminfter, and eight letters in reply. By a " pauper 
clergyman" ... 8° Lond. 1857. 

Our difficulties, and the way to deal with them. By a 
working clergyman. 8° Lond. 1857. 

C. Church. 

A report fubmitted to the Mancliefter church fociety, 
by a committee appointed for that purpofe, on the royal 
fupremacy and church emancipation. In three parts ... 

8° Oxford, 1857. 

An appeal to the laity in reference to The report to the 
Houfe of Lords, June i8th, 1858 ... 1859. By Clericus 

Why are our churches clofed ? an argument againft clofed 
churches ; or, an appeal to thofe in authority to open the 
houfes of God throughout this Chriftian land. By a layman. 

8" Oxford, 1858. 

The Church : its duties, claims, perils, and privileges. 
Being the fubftance of the addreffes and fermons delivered 
at the fifth combined clerical meeting at Wefton-fupei'-Mare. 
With an appendix, containing notes of the Scripture difcuf- 
fion. Preface by the rev. Charles Bridges, M.A. 

12= Wefton-fuper-Mare, I 858. 

Converfations on legiflation for the Church, [ieiiueen^ 
M.P. and canon. Nos. I.-IX. 8° Camb. 1858-60. 

The Church of England compared with the primitive 
churches, as defcribed in Scripture. By a layman of the 
Church of England : author of " The dead and the living 
foul," "The photo-graph of the great Antichrift"... 

8^ Lond. 1859. 

Report of the third annual conference of the Church of 
England clerical and lay AfTociation, (weftern diftrift,) 
held at the Viftoria Rooms, Clifton, June 5th and 6th, 
i860. 8° Lond. i860. 

DeaconefTes for the Church of England ... Alfo a paper 
on the fupervifion and training of workhoufe girls by Louifa 
Twining : read at the meeting of the National affociation 
for the promotion of focial fcience at Bradford, 0&. 1 8 59. 

8° Lond. i860. 

The Church caufe and the Church party. 

8° Lond. i860. 

Let well alone ; or, removal of blemifhes from Church 
and ftate. 8° Lond. i860. 

Chiu'ch expanfion and liturgical revifion. Reprinted 
from the Edinburgh Review, No. ccxxix. January, 1861. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 

The Chuich as it is ; with fpecial reference to the 
judgment of the final court of appeal, in the cafes of Got- 
ham V. the Bifhop of Exeter ; Williams, appellant, v. the 
Lord Bifliop of Salifbuiy, refpondent ; and Wilfon, appel- 
lant, V. Fendall, refpondent. By a Worcefterfhire vicar. 

8° Worcefter, [1862.] 

Two years of Church progrefs. By the author of The 
Church caufe and the Church party. 8° Lond. 1862. 

The Church and public opinion. Reprinted from " The 
ecclefiaftic " of January, 1862. 8° Lond. I 862. 

Some thoughts on the " lay element " in the Church of 
England, and its " development." By an obferver of the 
times. 8° Lond. 1863. 

An effay on Church revifion. By a late Etonian. 

8" Lond. 1864. 

The Church of England in her fourfold afpefl, catholic, 
national, eftablilfied, Proteftant. 8'^ Lond. 1867. 


C. Church. D. Articles. 

The Church and the age : eflays on the principles and 
prcfent pofition of the Anglican Church. Edited by Ar- 
chibald Weir, D.C.L., and William Dalrymple Maclagan, 
M.A. 8° Lond. 1870. 

— Second edition. 8^ Lond. 1870. 

The ftate of the Church of Englande, laid open in a 
conference betweene Diotrephcs a byfhop, Tertullus a 
papift, Demetrius an ufurer, Pandocheus an inne-kecper, 
and Paula a preacher of the vvorde of God. 

8° n. p. n. d. 

Certaine advertifements for the good of the Church and 
common-wealth, well worthy the ferious confideration of 
the moil honourable High Court of Parliament late aflem- 
bled, and hereafter to be affembled againe. 4° n. p. n. d. 

Certaine confiderations to dif-fwade men from further 
gathering of churches in this prefent junfture of time. Sub- 
fcribed by diverfe divines of the aflembly, hereafter men- 
tioned. 4° Lond. n. d. 

A note of generall grievances in the Church, complayned 
of by diverfe men, and bills put into the Parliament Houfe, 
but never redd. [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, i. 85.] 

The Church of England's complaint in vindication of 
her loyalty. [Ibid. ix. 188.] 

An enquiry into the behaviour of our great churchmen 
fince the Reformation, in the enaifHng and executing of 
penal laws againll Papifts and Proteftant diflenters. [R. 
Baron, The pillars of priejlcraft and orthodoxy Jhaken, iv. 

The Church of England a national bleffing. \No title- 
/KTfc] 8° Lond. n. d. 

Tiie cry of the old churches ; a letter reprinted fiom 
the "Clerical journal." Pews and pew rents. [No tille- 
poge.^ 8° n. p. n. d. 

Teftimonies refpefling the Church of Englmd. 

12° Bath, n. d. 

The Church at home ; and the Church and miffionaiy 
in India, being arguments for the more pure worfliip of 
God in the fanifbuary and the family in England ; and the 
miffionary's work & the Chrillian's duty in India. By a 
layman. I 2° n. p. n. d. 

Counter-thoughts on Church matters in the diocefe of 
Oxford : a letter addrefled by a clergyman of that diocefe 
to a layman and magiftrate of that county ; with obferva- 
tions on a ])am]ihlct, entitled " Some romaiks on the vilita- 
tion of Cuddefdon college," &c., by the lev. R. Twojjony, 
B.D. ... 8° Lond. n. d. 

Papers of tlie Church of England protei^lion fociety. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

D. Articles, &c. See alfo the general heading Articles 
01" Religion, and the fuh-heading heloiv. Constitutions. 

Articles, conftitutions, and canons of the Church of 
England. 8° Lond. 1724. 

The Churchman's manual ; or, the fentiinents held by 
the Church of England on the doiftrines of the corruption 
of human nature, jullification, good works, and the influences 

D. Church. Articles — Clergy. 

and operations of the Holy Spirit; extrafted from lier 
articles, homilies and liturgy. 8° Lond. 1820. 

The Church of England weighed in the balance of the 
fandluary and found wanting ; being an examination of the 
Thirty-nine articles of religion, the three creeds, and the 
Book of common prayer. 8° Lond. 1846. 

Exceqjta Protellantia ; comprifing a view of the Church 
of England in the afpeift of her articles and homilies, and 
of her antagonifm to the Church of Rome. 

8° Lond. 1 8 48. 

The ftandard of doftrinc in the Church of England in- 
ferred from the canons, the oidination and confecration 
fervices, and the articles. 8" Lond. 1850. 

Documents relating to the Church of England by the 
Aa of uniformity of 1662. 8° Lond. 1862. 

The doctrine of the Church of England as ftated in 
ecclefiaft ical documents fet forth by authority of church and 
ftate in the RefoiTnation period between 1536 & 1662. 

8" Lond. 1868. 

Building. See alfo the general heading Church-building. 

A layman's letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, 
upon the prefent ftate of his Bill for promoting the building 
of churches. 8° Lond. 18 18. 

Fads and feelings, relative to the neceffity of churcli 
building throughout England, and the means of forming an 
affbciation for the colledlion and diftribution of funds to 
this end. By a lay member of the L^niverfity of Oxford. 

8° Oxford, 1836. 

New mles of the Church of England building and in- 
veftment fociety. Eftabliflicd, June, 1846. 

12° Lond. 1 8 46. 

The claim of the Incoqioratcd Churcli building focietv 
to more liberal fupport on the part of members of the 
Church of England, efpecially at the prefent time, advocated 
in a letter to the editor of the "John Bull" newfpaper. 
Reprinted from the "John Bull " of April 2, 1 8 53. 

8° Lond. I 853. 

Canons. See the fuh-heading Articles, above, and the 
general heading Canons. 

The Englifli Church canons of 1 604; with hillorical 
introdu(ftions and notes ... and appendices ... 

I 2° Lond. I S69. 

Catechism. See the general heading Catechism. 

Clergy. See alfo the general heading Clergy. 

A rcafonable motion in the behalfe of fuch of the clergic 
as are now quelHoned in Parliament for their places. [F'erfe.^ 
164I. [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, iv. 265.] 

An apologetick for the fequcftrcd clergie of the Church 
of England. Difclaiming and detciling the late unnatural, 
prefumptuous, unparallel'd, and antichriftian proceedings, 
againll: the lionor and life of the beft of kings, our molt 
dear and dread fovereign lord and king, St. Charles the 
martyr. Communicated in a letter to a religious and loial 
gentleman, his lionorcd friend. 

4° New-Munfter [Lond. 1649.] 



D. Church. Clergy. 

Tlie clergy vindicated, or the rights and privileges that 
belong to them alFerted ; according to the laws of England. 
More particularly, touching the fitting of bifliops in Parlia- 
ment ; and their making [iroxies in capita! cafes. 

fol. Lond. 1679. 

An anfwer to the Addrefs prcfented to the minilters of 
the Church of England. 1688. \_By John Williams.] 

A brief anfwer to feveral popular objedtions againfl: the 
prefent ellablilhcd clergy of the Church of England. 

4° Lond. 1694. 

A letter out of tlie country, to the clergy in & about the 
city of London. [A'o til/e-page.'] 4' n. p. [1694?]. 

The doiflrine of the Church of England, concerning the 
independency of the clergy on the lay-power ... 1697. 
[By Henry Dodwell.] 

The reafons of the abfenting clergy .,.1710. [By John 


The objecflions of the non-fubfcribing London clergy ... 
1 7 10. [By John S WIN FEN.] 

Univerfity loyalty : or, the genuine explanation of the 
principles and practices of the Englifli clergy, as eftablifhcd 
and direfted by the decree of the Univerfity of Oxford, 
pail in their convocation, 21 July, 1 68 3, and republilh'd at 
the trying of Dr. H. Sacheverell for high crimes and mif- 
demeanours. 8° Lond. i 7 I o. 

A new-year's gift for the high-church clergy : being an 
account of the fufferings of a great number of the clergy of 
the Cliurch of England, who were fequeftred, harralPd, and 
perfecuted, by the Parliament, in the late times of the great 
rebellion, for errors in dodrine, and vitioufnefs of life, viz. 
Armenianifm, atheifm and deifm ; ; drunkennefs, whoreing, 
fwearing, curfing, blafphemy, and fodomy. 

8° n. p. 1643 ; repr. I 7 I 2. 

Some confiderations on the danger of the Church from 
her own clergy. Humbly ofFer'd to the lower Houfe of 
Convocation. 8° Lond. 1715. 

Mifeiere cleri : or, the faftions of the Church. Being 
a (hort view of the pernicious confequences of the clergy's 
intermedling with affairs of ftate. 8° Lond. 17 18. 

- The miferies and great hardlhips of the inferiour clergy 
in and about London ... 1722. [5y Thomas Stack- 

A projei5l for better fecuring the trae intereft of our con- 
ftitution both in Church and ftate, by (hewing how ex- 
pedient it is for the government to have a regard for the 
honour and reputation of the clergy. By a clergyman of 
the Church of England. 8^ Lond. 1723. 

An apology for the clergy of the Church of England, 
touching their claims of fpiritual powers, as derived from 
Chrift. Addrefled to the laity of Great Britain. 

8° Lond. I 734. 

A fhoit view of the condu(5l of the Englidi clergy, fo 
far as it relates to civil affairs, from the Conquefl: to the 
Revolution. 8° Lond. 1737. 

A layman's charge to the clergy of the Church of Eng- 
land. 8° Lond. 1828. 

The conftitutional a/Temblies of the clergy tlie proper and 

D. Church. Clergy — Difcipline. 

only effeftual fecurity of the Eilablifhed Church. By a 
prefbyter of the reformed Catholic chuich in England. 

8° Lond. 1829. 

A plan for procuiing the refidence of minifters of the 
E(f ablifiied Church, without interfering with vefted interefts ; 
contained in a letter to Lords Brougham and Althorp, and 
refpeiflfully fubmitted to tlic confideration of both Houfes of 
Parliament. By the fun of a lawyer. 8° Lond. 1833. 

Remarks upon the prefence of the clergy in the legifla- 
tive affembly, and the conftitutional grounds upon which the 
bifhops of the Church of England fit in the Houfe of Lords. 
By a clergyman. 8° Lond. 1834. 

A churchman's appeal to his brother cliurchmen, in de- 
fence of the clergy of the Church of England. 

8° Lond. 1835. 

" Claims of the clergy," in reference, chiefly to the 
parilli of Hacknej', and Mr. Mackinnon's Health of towns' 
bill. 8° Lond. 1843. 

Addrefs from the clergy of the Deaneiy of******** 
to the parents and heads of families in their i-efpeftive 
parifhes. [N'o tit/e-pnge.'] 12° Tenby, [l 855.] 

An addiefs to the clergy of the Chuixh of England. 

4° n. p. n. d. 

The whole cafe of tlie unbeneficed clergy ; or, a full, 
candid, and impartial enquiry into the pofition of thofe 
clergy commonly called the curates of the Eflablifiied 
Chuich. By a prefbyter of the Church. 8^ Lond. n. d. 


Proceedings of the Church Congrefs, held in Manchefler 
on Tuefday, Wednefday, and Thurfday, Oiflober 13, I 4, 
and 15, 1863 ... 4° Manchefter, 1863. 

Authorized report of the proceedings of the Church 
congrefs held at Norwich, on Tuefday, Wednefday, and 
Thurfday, Oftober 3id, 4th, and 5th, 1S65. 

8° Norwich, 1866. 

— Wolverhampton, 1867. 8° Lond. 1867. 

Concilia, Constitutiones, &c. Set alfo under the 
general headings Constitutions aW Articles of Religion, 
atid the Jub-heading above. Articles. 

Provinciale, Cue conftitutiones Angliae. [End A Ex- 
plicit opus magiftri Wilhelmi Lyndewoode fuper conftitu- 
tiones provinciales laus dec. 

Concilia, decreta, conftitutiones, in re eccleCarum orbis 
Britannici, opera Hen. Spelman. 1639. 

Concilia Magnae Britanniae & Hiberniae, a fynodo 
Verolamienfi a.d. 446 ad Londinenfem 171 7 ... a 
Davide WiLKiNs. 1737. 

Convocation. See the general heading Convocation. 

Directory. See the general headings Directorium, 

Discipline. See alfo the general heading. Discipline, 

EccleCafticx difciplinse et Anglicans Ecclefis ab ilia 



D. Church. Difclplinc — Eftablifhment. 
aberrationes ... explicatio. I574- [-^y Walter Tra- 


Of reformation touching church difcipHne in England. 
1 64 1. [By John Milton.] 

A fhoit view of the prxlaticall Church of England. 
Wherein is fet forth the horrible abufes in difcipline and 
government, layd open in ten fedtions by way of quaere and 
petition to the higii and honourable Court of Parliament, the 
feverall heads whereof are fet downe in the next two pages. 
Newly correiSed with additions, together with a Ihoit 
draught of church government. 4° n. p. 164I. 

The judgement of foraign divines as well from Geneva 
as other parts, touching the difcipline, liturgie, and cere- 
monies of the Church of England. Whereurito is added a 
letter from Mr. lohn Calvin to Mr. Knox, concerning the 
Engliili common-prayer, after he had perufed the fame. 

4° Lond. I 660. 

Two papers of propofals concerning the difcipline and 
ceremonies of the Church of England, humbly prefented to 
his Majefty, by the reverend minitbrs of the prefbyterian 
perfwafion. 4° Lond. I 661. 

An addrefs to ... the Archbifliops and Bifliops of the 
Church of England, on the internal difcipline of the Church. 
By a low churchman. 8° Lond. 1835. 

The reftoration of church difcipline a moie effeftual 
means to church extenfion than a government grant: a letter 
to the rev. William Palmer. By a prefbyter of the 
Church of England. 8° Lond. 1842. 

Establishment. See alfo the general heading Estab- 

The church eftabliflimcnt founded in error. By a lay- 
man. 8° Lond. 183 I. 

A letter to tlie rev. Dr. D'Oyly, D.D., F.R.S., fug- 
gefting a flight extenfion of the ecclefiaftical eftablilhment. 
By the author of The apollolical catechifm. 

8° Lond. 1832. 

A reply to the diffenters in their attacks on the Ellab- 
lifhed church ; addreflld to the people of England, by a 
gentleman of Reading. 8° Reading, I S3 5. 

Tlie Church ellablifliment defended from the ftriiflures 
of a Congregationalill. 1836. \By the Hon. Arthur 
Philip Perceval.] 

The church edablifliment confidered in its rel.ition to the 
rtate and the community. By a layman. 

8° Lond. I 837. 

Memorials and communications, addrefled to his late 
Majefty's commilfioners of inquiry into the (hite of the 
Ellablilhed Church, from the cathedral and collegiate 
churches of England and Wales, in 1 836 and 1837. 

8" Lond. 1838. 

A few words to dilTenteis ujwn the flate-church queftion. 
By a churcliman. 12° Leeds, 1848. 

Church and ftate. Reprinted from the lad number 
(No. 68, for April 1850) of the Chrillian remembrancer. 

8° Lond. l8;o. 

D. Church. Eftablifliment — Hiftory. 

Trafts of the Britilh anti-ftate-church alFociation. New 
feries. No. i. Church property and revenues in England 
and Wales. I 2 "Lond. 1850. 

The eftablilhment ; or, the Church in danger : a fatire 
by an archdeacon. 8^ Lond. 1870. 

A threefold cord that binds me to my church ; or, it is 
not fafe, — it is not wife, — it is not kind — -to leave her. 

8° Lond. n. d. 


Church extenfion. A letter to Jofeph Napier, Efq., 
M.P., on the fubjeift of Church extenfion, from an Englidi 
county member. 8" Lond. 1849. 

Church extenfion in the diocefe of London ... 1S53. 
\By William Rivington.] 

Church extenfion : report of proceedings at the inaugural 
meeting of the Iflington church extenfion fociety ; with 
fpeeches delivered by the ... bidiop of London, and others. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

The truth about Church extenfion : an ex])ofui'e of cer- 
tain fallacies and mifftatements contained in the cenfus re- 
ports on religious worlliip and education. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

The difficulties of Church extenfion in the diocefe of 
London, confidered in a letter addrefied, by permiflion, to 
the ... Bilbop of London. By a lay member of the com- 
mittee of the London diocefan church building fociety ... 

8° Lond. I 859. 

Government. Sec alfo Discipline. 

The fecond part of the Intereft of England confidered, as 
it relates to the government of the Church ... 

4° Lond. 1645. 

The form of church-government to be ufed in the 
Church of England and Leland : agreed upon by the 
Lords and Commons aflembled in Parliament, after advice 
had with the Affembly of divines. 4° Lond. 1648. 

Complaints concerning corruptions and grievances in 
church-government, dedicated and directed to the King's 
moft excellent Majcfty ... by certain peaceably atlbifled 
prefbyters, of the Church of England, in the name of all 
the re(t of their brethren. 4° n. p. 1660. 


Plillorical colle<5lions out of feveral grave Protcftant hif- 
torians, concerning the changes of religion and confufions 
following thereon in the reigns of K. Henry VHL, Edward 
VL, Q. Mary, and Elizalx-th. 8° Lond. 1686. 

The ftate of Church-affairs in this ifland of Great Britain, 
under the government of the Romans and Biitiih kings. 

fol. Lond. 1687. 

Rcfle^.^ions on the Relation of the Englifii reformation 
[In Walker's Church-government], lately printed at Oxford, 
1688. \By GilbcrtBuRNET.] 

The reformation of the Church of England juftified, ac- 
cording to the canons of the council of Nice. 1688. \By 
Dr. William Savwell.] 



D. Church. Hiftory — Patronage. 

Anglia faci a ... \_Edited by'] Henry Wharton. 1 69 I . 

A compendious hiftory of the rife and progrefs of the 
reformation of the Church here in England, from Popifh 
darknefs and fuperftition. Together with an account of 
nonconformity, and the grounds thereof fmce the fiiid 
reformation. Alfo King Charles II.'s declaration about 
religion, Odlober, 1660. To which is added, a brief 
account of cathedral worftiip, with the rife and antiquity 
thereof. 8° Lend. I 7 1 5. 

An hiftorical account of the feveral attempts for a farther 
reformation of tlie Eftablirti'd Church. I 7 I 6. \^By John 

The church hiftory of England from the year i 500 to 
the year 1688 ... [By Cliarles Dodd, pfeud. nf Hugh 
Tootle.] i737- 

Valor ecclefiafticus temp. Henr. VHI. 1810-34. 

The progrefs of the Church of England fince the 
Reformation. Reprinted (with correflions), from the 
" Ecclefiaftic." 12° Lond. 1847. 

The Church of England in the reigns of Henry VIII., 
Edward VI., and Mary ; with preliminary notices of the 
eccleliaftical hiftory of our country from the earlieft times. 

8° Lond. 1S51. 

Hiftorical library. How did England become Catholic ? 
How did England become Proteftant ? Parts I.-II. 

12° Lond. I 85 I. 

Hiftoiy of the Reformation in England, containing the 
fubftance of notes made during a Univerfity career for B. A. 
degree ... with a brief account of the Irifh and Scottifti 
Churches. 12= Lond. n. d. 

Magazines. See the fub-head'tng Periodicals below. 

Orders. See alfo the general heading Ordination. 

A ftiort defence of the orders of the Church of England 
as by law eftablifti'd. 1 688. [^j Luke Milbourne.] 

A defence of the ordinations and miniftry of the Church 
of England ... 1688. [By Edmund Whitfield.] 

A plain anfwer to a Popifh prieft, queftioning the orders 
of the Church of England. 1689. [By Abednego 

The nature and method of ordination in the Church of 
England ; an addrefs to the laity and to candidates for 
orders, preached in the chapel of the Mercers' company, 
at an ordination for the diocefe of Rochefter, in Decem- 
ber, 1859. [Luke ■Si:n. 42.] 8° Lond. i860. 

A handy guide to the obtaining of holy orders in the 
United Church of England and Ireland, and epifcopal ordi- 
nation in Scotland, the Britifti colonies, and America ; the 
name of every diocefe, and the localities comprifed in it 
ftated. By a mafter of arts. 8 Lond. n. d. 


Church patronage. A letter to the rt. hon. Robert 
Peel, M.P., &c. By a fon of the Church. 

8° Lond. 1828. 
Thoughts on Church endowment and Church patronage ; 

D. Church. Patronage — Reform. 

in their relationfliip to Church extenfion and to each other. 
By a folicitor, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. 

8° Lond. 1849. 
The private patronage of the Church of England ; being 
a guide to all ecclefiaftical patronage in the hands of the 
nobility and gentry, coii)orations, hofpitals, and trufts. 

8' Lond. 1854. 

Periodicals. See alfo the general headings Church, 

The Church of England bulwark and clergyman's pro- 
tedor ... Vol. I. 8° Lond. 1828. 

The Church reformer's magazine for England and Ire- 
land. Edited by William Eagle. Vol.1. I 832. 

The Church of England quarterly review. Vols. II 

XLIV. 1837-58. 

The Church Sunday fchool magazine. Vols. IV. VII. 
VIII. 1849-53. 

The Church of England Sunday fcholar's magazine for 

Church of England monthly review. Vols. IV. -IX. 

The Church magazine. Vols. I.-V. 1859-63. 

The Church temperance magazine. Vols. I — VII. 

Rates. See the general heading Church-rates. 


A copie of two writings fent to the Parliament. The 
one intituled, Motions for reforming of the Church of Eng- 
land in this prefent Parliament : moft taken out of Irensus 
Philadelphus. The other, A humble petition unto the Par- 
liament, for refomiing of the Church of England : all taken 
out of the holy Scriptures. 4° n. p. 164I. 

Reafons (hewing the necefllty of reformation of the 
publick do(ftrine ... 1660. [By Cornelius Burges.] 

An anfwer to fome papers lately printed, concerning the 
authority of the Catholick Church in matters of faith, and 
the reformation of the Church of England. 1686. [By 
Edward Stillingfleet.] 

A difcoui-fe concerning the neceflity of reformation. 
1687. [By Dr. Nicholas Stratford.] 

Church reform. By a churchman. 1828. [By 
Edward Berens.] 

A letter to the Duke of Wellington, on the reafonable- 
nefs of a Church reform, and its peculiar fitnefs to the pre- 
fent times. By a minifter of the Eftabliihment. Second 
edition. 8° Lond. 1830. 

Safe and eafy fteps towaids an efficient Church reform : 
one more efficient than that of Lord Henley. By a clergy- 
man of the Church of England. 8° Lond. 1832. 

Hints for Church reform, addreffed to the people of 
England. By a country gentleman. 8^ Lond. 1832. 

A letter to his grace the archbifhop of Canterbury, on 
Church reform, in which is fuggefted a plan of alterations 
both fafe and efficient, by a non-beneficed clergyman. 

8° Lond. 1833. 



D. Church. Reform — Rornifh Controverfy. 

Hints on Church reform, addrefTed to churchmen and 
difTenters. 8" Lond. I 8 3 4. 

Modern Church reform: a poem. 12° Lond. 1834. 

Church reform and clerical delinquencies. By a mem- 
ber of the Church of England. 8° Lond. 1846. 

A letter to the rt. hon. Lord John Rudell, M.P., on 
Church reform : with reference to the Convocation, tlie 
Bifhops, the cliapters, and the clergy ; fliowing alfo how 
£700,000 per annum may be obtained for fupplying the 
wants of the Chuich. By a curate of the diocefe of 
Exeter. 8° Lond. 1848. 

A letter to Lord Adiley on Church reform. 

8° Lond. I 85 I. 

An addrefs to the laity of the Church of England upon 
the errors and abufes which exift in that Chuich, with fug- 
gefted refoi ms. By a layman of the Church of England. 

8° Lond. i860. 

A parte of a regifter, contayninge fundrie memoi'able 
matters, written by divers godly and learned in our time, 
which llande for, and defire the reformation of our Church, 
in difcipline and ceremonies, accordinge to the pure worde 
of God, and the lawe of our lande. 4° n. p. n. d. 

A k\v fuggeflions for Church-reform, chiefly as regards 
a relaxation of the AcTt of uniformity. By one who loves 
the Church of England, but laments her faults. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

Reviews. Sfe the fuh-heacUng abovf. Church Perio- 

Romish Controversy. See alfo Rome, Church of. 

A difcourfe concerning the unity of the Catholick 
churcii maintained in the Church of England. 1684. ^By 
Dr. William Cave.] 

A difcourfe about the charge of novelty upon the re- 
formed Church of England. 1685. \_By Dr. Gregory 

The Church of England truly reprefented, according to 
Dr. Heylins Hillory of the Reformation, in juftiiication of 
hei- royal highnefs the late Dutchefs of Yorks ])aper. 

4° Lond. 1686. 

A vindication of the Church of England from the foul 
afperfions of fchifm and herelic. 1687. [ZJy Michael 

An apologetical vindication of the Church of England : 
in anfwer to thofe who reproach lier with the Engiilh herefies 
and fchifms. I 68 7. [^By Dr. George Hickes.] 

An agreement between the Church of I'ingland and 
Church of Rome, evinced from the concertation of fome of 
her fons with their brethren the difTenters. 

4° Lond. 1687. 

Tlie ditference between the Church of l'"ngland and the 
Church of Rome. 1687. [/^v Billiop Jolin Williams.] 

A vindication of the anfwer to fome late ])apers con- 
cerning the unity and authority of the Catliolick chuich. 
1687. [5y Biflu)]) Edward Stii.lingfi.eet.] 

A plain account of the perfecution, now laid to the charge 
of the Church of England. [jVo ttlle-page.'\ 

4° n. p. [i 688.] 


D. Church. Romifli Controverfy — Services. 

An apology for the Chuich of England with relation to 
the fpiiit of perfecution, for which fhe is accufed. 1688. 
[By Biihop Gilbert Burnet.] 

The fchifm of the Church of England ... demonftrated 
in four arguments ... 1688. [By John Sergeant.] 

A [Jiclitious^ letter from his holinefs the Pope of Rome, 
to his highnefs the Prince of Orange : containing feveral 
propofals, and overtures of agreement betwixt the Church 
of England and the Church of Rome. [/lnd'\ The Church 
of England's anfwer to the preceding letter. 1689. \Har- 
leian Miscellany, i. 358.] 

The cafe (fated between the Church of Rome and the 
Church of England ... 1713. \By Charles Leslie.] 

A lay-man's plain remarks on a fine difcouiTe of a name- 
lefs author : intituled. The Church of l^ngland free from 
the imputation of Popery. 8^ Lond. I 72 I. 

La antigua converfion dc la Inglaterra en tiempo de San 
Gregorio el grande, comparada con fu pretendida reforma . . . 
1769. \By Robert Manning.] 

A reply to a letter to his grace the Archbilhop of Tuam, 
from " a fenior of the Church in England," by a lay mem- 
ber of the Church of England. 8° Lond. 1825. 

The Churches of England and Rome briefly tefted by 
the Nicene creed, as applied by Mr. Northcote. By a 
member of the Church of England. 8° Lond. 1847. 

The Church of England pronounced heretical ... 1 848. 
By Clericus, M.A. 

Suggeflions on the grounds of union among churchmen, 
(ince the change in their pofition, occafioned by the legifla- 
tive enaiffments of 1828, 1829, and 1832. By an 
Anglican prieft. 8° Lond. 1849. 

The windows of the Englifli Church, and the fhutters 
of the Papacy. Compiled fi'om authentic fources, by a 
layman. 8° Lond. 1849. 

The appeal to Rome. A letter from an Englifli clergy- 
man to a Roman Catholic friend. 8° Lond. i 8 50. 

Rome and England irreconcilable : an attempt to fliew, 
from the authorized teaching of the two Churches, that a 
true member of the Church of England cannot iiold "All 
Roman doftrine." 12° Lond. 1852. 

Shall England go back to Romanifm ? A letter to 
Engliflmien, on the figns of the times. 8^ Lond. l8;8. 

The churchman armed : a courfe of le<5lures, on die dif- 
tincflive Proteftant principles of the Chuich ot England. 
By eight clergymen. 8° Lond. [1864.] 

England or Rome. The reunion of Chriftcndom. Ad- 
drefled to the rev. E. S. Ffoulkes, B.D., and rcfpedfully 
dedicated to the rev. gentlemen, late of the Anglican, now 
of tiie Roman Churcli, and " Thofe halting between two 
opinions." By a lay member of the Church of England. 

8° Lond. 1870. 

Services. See alfo the general heading Prayer. 

A refpeflful addrefs to ... the Archbifliops, and ... tlie 
Bifliops of the united Church of England and Ireland, 
refpeiling the necefllty of morning and afternoon fervicc, on 



D. Church. Services — E. Parliament. 
Sunday, in eveiy parifli church in his majefty's dominions ; 
with a few thoughts concerning the lefidence of the clergy. 
By a churchman. 8° Lond. 1825. 

Hici-urgia Anglicana ; or documents and extrafls illuf- 
trative of the ritual of the Church in England after the 
Reformation. Edited by members of the Ecclcfiological, 
late Cambridge Camden fociety. 8° Lond. 1848. 

The day-hours of the Church of England, newly tranf- 
lated and arranged according to the Prayer-Book and the 
authorifed tranflation of the Bible. 8" Lond. 1858. 

A plain word to " The wife in heart," on our duties at 
church ; and on our Prayer book feivices. With thoughts, 
prayers, and hymns. Third edition. 8° Lond. 1 8 59. 

Inftiiidlion for the young on the offices appointed for 
the feftivals and fafts of the Church of England. By the 
author of " Travels of St. Paul," " A catechifm on the 
map of the Holy Land." 12° Lond. n. d. 


See aJfo Elections, House of Commons, House of 
Lords, Statutes, and the names of the various Sove- 

Rotulus Parliament! fummonitt et tenti apud Weftmonaf- 
terium in fefto Sandlas Fidis Virginis, anno regni regis 
Henrici quarti poft Conqueftum primo. i 400. [Sir Roger 
TwYSDEN, Hijl. Anglic, fcriptt. ii. 2743.] 

[Firft admonition to Parliament. 1572. By John 
Field and Thomas Wilcocks.] 

The conference held the 25th of February, anno 1606, 
betwene the Lords committees and the Commons touching 
the naturalizing of the Scots . . . \ScQti' s edition of Somers' 
Tracts, ii. 132.] 

Proceedings in the third Parliament of Charles L 
1627-8. [Ibid. iv. I 15.] 

The petition of rights, exhibited to his Majeftie, by tlie 
Lords fpirituall and temporal!, and Commons in Parliament 
alfembled concerning divers rights and liberties of the fub- 
je(fls with the Kings Majefties feveral! anfwers thereunto. 
[1628.] [Ibid. iv. 117.] 

A remonftrance prefented to his Majefty by the Parlia- 
ment in June, anno Dom. 1628, 3'= Caroli Regis. Where- 
in is difcovered, the great danger that England and Ireland 
then lay under ; and the Parliaments care to have fecured 
them. As alfo the names of fome of the enemies of the 
date, as Dr. Laud, &c. Whereby may plainely appeare, 
that alteration of religion and arbitrarie government was 
evidently forefeen in former Parliaments. [A^o title-page.~\ 

4° n. p. n. d. 

A briefe difcourfe concerning the powei- of the Peeres 
and Commons in Parliament, in point of judicature. Writ- 
ten by a learned antiquerie, at the requell of a peere of this 
realme. Printed in the yeere, that fea-coale was exceeding 
deare. \Afcribed to Sir Robt. Cotton, to John Selden, and 
to Sir Symonds D'E'wes.^ 4° n. p. 1 640. 

— \_Harhian Miscellany, viii. 604.] 

A remonftrance concerning the prefent troubles, from the 
meeting of the Eftates of the kingdom of Scotland, Aprill 
16, unto the Parliament of England. 16 40. 

E. Parliament. 

A meffage from both Houfes of Parliament, fent to the 
King and Queenes Majefties touching certain letters lately 
intercepted, and (as it may be conje(5tured,) fent from the 
Lord Digby, to the Queens Majeftie. Whereunto is added 
the anfwer of Don Allonfo de Cardenas the SpanilTi ambaf- 
fador ... to the late melTage fent to him from both the 
faid Houfes. [Febr. 21.] 4° Lond. 1641. 

The diurnall occurrences of every dayes proceeding in 
Parliament fince the beginning thereof, being Tuefday the 
twentieth of lanuary, which ended the tenth of March. 
Anno Doni. 1 62 8. With the arguments of the members 
of the Houfe then aflembled. 4° Lond. 1641. 

[Proteftation of the Commons, 3d May, 1641.] 

S. Sh. Lond. 1 64 1. 

Ten propofitions delivered by Mafter Pimnie, from the 
Houfe of Commons, to the Lords, at a conference : June 
24, 1621 [1641]. 4^ Lond. 1641. 

Eight articles of the Scots demands, lately put into the 
Parliament by the Scots Comminioners, 1° July, 1 6 41. 

4° n. p. 164I. 

A declaration of the Commons in Parliament : made 
September the 9th, 164I. 4° Lond. 1641. 

The fubftance of a confeience at a committee of both 
Houfes, in the Painted Chamber, Oflober 27, 1641, 
managed by John Pyra Efquier, and Oliver Saint-John 
his Majefties follicitor generall, on the behalfe, and by the 
command of the Houfe of Commons, concerning the ex- 
cluding the thirteene biftiops ... 4° n. p. 164 1. 

The priviledges and practice of Parliaments in England. 
Collefted out ot the common lawes of this land. 

4° n. p. 164I. 

A tnae relation of that memorable parliament which 
wrought wonders, begun at Weftminfter, 1386 ... 164I. 
\_By Thomas Fannant.] 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament, concerning the prefling neceflities of this king- 
dome, caufed by the traiterous and bloody counfels and 
attempts of thofe pernicious and defperate councellors, ftill 
about the King ... 7 Jan., 1642. 4° Lond. 1642. 

Some more new obfei-vations concerning the King and 
Parliament : being twenty confiderations of the dangerous 
eftate the kingdome now ftandeth in by reafon of a malig- 
nant party. And alfo feverall votes of both Houfes of 
Parliament, concerning the magazine of Hull, and Sir John 
Hotham governour thereof. Alfo the order of affiftance 
given to the committees of both Houfes, concerning their 
going to Hull. 4° Lond. 1642. 

Two declarations of the Lords and Commons aflembled 
in Parliament. The former being a full narration of the 
proceedings of the evill councellors about his Majeftie in 
many parts of the kingdome, with the neceflity that lyes 
upon them fpeedily to provide for the fafety of his Majefty, 
and the whole realme. The other to aflure the inhabitants 
neare Hull that they fliall be fully fatisfied by both Houfes, 
for what dammages may enfue to that county by Sir John 
Hotham's neceflary letting in fome tides from Humber, for 
fecuring the towne. Together witli their afllirance of pro- 
teftion and fuU recompence for all neceflary provifion that 



E. Parliament. 
(liall be fent in by land or fea, to the ufe of the fald towne 
of Hull. 4° Lond. 1642. 

The declaration and feverall votes of both Houfes of 
Parliament. Likewife the order of affiftance given to the 
committees of both Houfes, concerning the magazine at 
Hull, and Sir John Hotham governour thereof. [April 1 6.] 

4° Lond. 1 642. 

The humble petition of the Loids and Commons [23 
Apr.] to the King, for leave to remove the magazine of 
Hull, to the Tower of London ; and alfo to take off the 
reprieve of the lix condemned priefts now in New -gate. 
Together with his MajelHes anfwer thereunto. 

4° Lond. 1642. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons afl'embled in 
Parliament, in anfwer to the Kings declaration conceining 
Hull. [25 May, 1642.] 4^ Lond. 1642. 

A remonftrance of the declaration of the Lords and 
Commons, now aflembled in Parliament, 26 of May, 1642. 
In anfwer to a Declaration under his Majefties name con- 
cerning the bufmelTe of Hull, fent in a meflage to both 
Houfes the 21 of May, 1642. 4° Lond. 1642. 

The humble defires and propofitions of the Lords and 
Commons in Parliament affembled ; tendered to his Ma- 
jefty, I Febmary, 1642. With his Majefties gratious 
anfwei- thereunto. 40 Oxford, 1642. 

The humble defires and propofitions of the Lords and 
Commons aflembled in Parliament, for a treaty, and ccllation 
of armes for twenty dales, prefented to the Kings nioft ex- 
cellent Majefty, at his court at Oxford, by Sir Peter 
Killegrew, March the I, 1642. With two mefTages from 
Ills Majeffie, to both Houfes. And 7 propofitions concern- 
ing the fame. 4° Oxford; repr. Lond. 1642. 

A nieffiige fent from both Houfes of Parliament to the 
Kings moil excellent Majefty, the 16 of March, 164I, 
concerning fpeciall matters. 4° Lond. 1642. 

A conference defired by the Lords and had by a com- 
mittee of both Houfi-s, concerning tlie rights and privileges 
lit the fubjet'fs. Difcoinfcd bv Sir Dudley Digges. Sir 
Kdward Littleton, knight, now Lord Keeper. Mailer 
Selden. Sir Edward Cooke. With the objec'lions by Sir 
Robert Heath, knight, then Attorney generall, and the an- 
fwers. 3' Apr. 4 Car. 1628. 4° Lond. 1642. 

The declaration or renionffrance of tlie Lords and Com- 
mons, in Parliament affembled. With divers depofitions 
and letters tliereunto annexed. [ly May, 1642.] 

4° Lond. 1642. 

A declaration or remonfbance of the fhitc of the king- 
dome, agreed on by the Lords and Commons affembled 
in Parliament, the 19 of May, 1642 : and |)ublillu-d by 
order of both Houfes. With divers dejiofitions and letters 
thereunto annexed. Alfo, the votes of both Houfes of 
Parliament, the 20th of May, 1642. With tlic humble 
petition of tlie Lords and Commons in Parliament affembled, 
to the Kings moll excellent Majefty at Yorke. 

4" Lond. 1642. 

The heads of all the proceedings in both Houfes of 
Parliament, from tlie 23 of May to the 30, 1642, con- 
cerning the great affairs of the kingdom. With fome 

E. Parliament. 
remarkable pafTages concerning Judge Bartlett, Sir John 
Hotham, and the Recorder. 4° Lond. 1 642. 

The petition of both Houfes of Parliament, prefented to 
his Majefty at York, the 2 3 of May 1 642, concerning the 
difbanding of his guard. With the three votes of both 
Houfes of the 20. And his Majefties anfwer thereunto. 
4° York; repr. Lond. 1642. 

The petition of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliainent ]irefented to his Majeftie at Beverley, the I 6 of 
July, 1642. With his Majefties anfwer thereunto. 

4^ Edinb. 1642. 

— [Scoti^s edition of Somers' Tracts, iv. 365.] 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliament, fetting forth the grounds and reafons, that ne- 
ceffitate them at this time to take up defenfive arms for the 
prefervation of his Majefties peifon, the maintenance of the 
true religion, the laws and liberties of this kingdom, and the 
power and priviledge of Parliament. 

4° Lond. Auguft 3, 1642. 

A true relation of certaine fpeciall and remarkable pafTages 
from both Houfes of Parliament, fince Monday the i 5 of 
Auguft till Fiiday the 19th, 1642 ... 

4° Lond. 1642. 

An exaft and true diurnall of the proceedings in Parlia- 
ment, from 22 to the 29 of Auguft, 1642. 

4° Lond. n. d. 

A remonftrance made to the Parliament, by the Kings 
children, the 30 of September, 1642. Alfo the Parlia- 
ments anfwer thereunto, wherein their loyalty to his Majefty, 
and their great care of his Royall iffue is very profpicuoufly 
fet forth. Alfo the Parliaments declaration and proceedings 
touching the fequefteration of the eftates of recufants, and 
the reft of the malignant party, for their publique good of 
the kingdome. With tlieir feverall orders made thereupon ; 
fliewing alfo wherein they agree with fonner prelidents. 

4" Lond. I 642. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliament. In anfwer to his Majefties declaration, intituled 
His Majefties declaration to all his loving fubjefls, after his 
late viiftory againft the rebels, on Sunday the 2 3 of Ot^fober, 
1642. Together, with a catalogue of the names of divers 
of the colonels, lieutenant-colonells, ferjeant majors, captains, 
lieutenants, that are Papifts and commanders in tlie armv, 
under the command of the Earle of New-caftle. 

4° Lond. 1642. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliament, concerning the late valorous and acceptable fer- 
vice of his Excellency, Rolx-rt Earle of Effex, to remaine 
U])on record in both Houfes, for a marke of honour to his 
perfon, name and family, and for a monument of his lingular 
vertue to his pofterity. Alfo an order to the Lord Maior, 
that a fearch Ix* made in the city of London, and the fub- 
urbs thereof, for all ollicers and common fouldiers, under 
the Earle of liflex, to be immediately fent to the armv, and 
that no ale-houle-keeper, or other houfeholder Ihall ]>refume 
to harbour any of the faid fouldiers after nine of the clocke 
this prefent morning [i i Nov., 1642] as they will anfwer 
the contrary to the Parliament. 4° Lond. 1642. 

The declaration of the Loids & Conunons affembled in 



E. Parliament. 

the Parliament of England to the fubjefls of Scotland with 
his Majefties meflage to the lords of his Privy counfell of 
Scotland upon that occafion. [7 November : 6 December, 
1642.] 4° Oxford, 1642. 

The Parliaments refolution to the citizens of London, 
concerning his Majefties proceedings. Wherein they de- 
clare their full will and pleafure to unite themfelves with 
the citizens of London, and to enter into a folemne oath 
with God to defend the truth againfl: the Popiih army in 
this kingdom. Likewife, joyfull news from Winchelter, 
being tlie traeft relation of the great battle fought upon 
Thurfday lafl ... 4° Lond. Dec. 17, 1642. 

Proportions and orders by the Lords and Commons now 
aflembled in Parliament, for bringing in of money or plate to 
maintaine horfe, horfe-men, and armes for the prefen-ation 
of the publike peace, and for the defence of the King and 
both Houfes of Parliament. 4" Lond. 1642. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliament, for the raifmg of all power, and force, as well 
trained bands as others, in feverall counties of this kingdome, 
to lead them againfl all traitors and their adherents ... 

4° Lond. [1642.] 

The vindication of the Parliament and their proceedings 
... Or, their military defigne proved loyall and legall. 

4- Lond. 1642. 

A new plea for the Parliament : and the refeiTed man 
refolved : from the ferious confideration of the ftate of the 
controverfie, betweene the King and the Parliament. To- 
gether with feverall anfwers to fome common objeflions 
about this fubjefl. With advice to thofe who are yet un- 
fettled in their thoughts hereabout. By a wel-willer to 
King and Parliament. 4° Lond. 1642. 

A colleiHiion of the rights and jwiviledges of Parliament. 
Togethe]-, with the true and jufl: prerogatives of the Kings 
of England. Colle;5ted out of ancient writers, both divine 
and morrall. Informing the willing man, convincing the 
flatterer, and vindicating thofe that pray for the tranquillitie 
of this our Syon. Written by a gentleman that wifhes all 
happinefle and peace, to this diftracled kingdome. 

4° Lond. 1642. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliament, concerning his Majefties proclamation for ad- 
journing the terme to Oxford. Ordaining, that no judge, 
minifter, or other perfon belonging to the Chancery, his 
Majefties Exchequei', or any other court, fhall prefume to 
repair to the faid city of Oxon, or doe, or execute anything 
belonging to their faid otfices and imployments, but in the 
places ufuall for the doing thereof. 4° Lond. 1 6 42. 

The Parliaments defire and refolution concerning the 
Prince prefented to his Majefty at York by the Lord 
Howard of Char. Wherein is exprefied theij- loyall and 
faithfull intentions towards his Majeftie and his HighnelFe 
the Prince, his fonne. And their defire of his retume to 
Hampton-Court, according to his Majefties firft refolution 
and intention ... 4° Lond. 1642. 

A declaration and proteftation of the Lords and Com- 
mons in Parliament to this kingdom, and the whole world : 
wherein (amongft divers of his Majefties late illegall pro- 

E. Parliament. 

ceedings) is difcovered, how feverall commiflions under the 
Kings authority have been granted to many profeft Papifts 
(herein nominated) for places of command in this warre 
with power to raife men and arms, which in fundry places 
they have performed. Alfo, how Sir John Henderfon and 
Collonel Cockram were fent to Hamburgh and Denmaike, 
to raife forces there, and in other forraine parts, to bring 
into this kingdom. With the names of fome who have 
been proclaimed rebels in Ireland, now in great favour with 
his Majefty. For which and other reafons they are re- 
folved to enter into a folemne oath and covenant with God 
to the utmoft of their power, with the hazzard of their lives 
and fortunes to defend the truth againft the Kings Popifti 
army, and all that fliall joyn with them in the profecution 
of this wicked defigne. 4° Lond. 1 642. 

Inftruflions agreed upon by the Lords and Commons 
affembled in Parliament; for Sir William Brereton, baronet, 
one of the members of the Houfe of Commons, and for Sir 
George Booth, knight and barronet ; and the reft of the 
deputy lieutenants of the city and county of Chefter. 

4° Lond. 1642. 

Votes of both houfes of Parliament : with fundry articles, 
or aifls of Parliament to confirme the fame. Taken out of 
the Records of the Tower. Alfo, two orders of both 
Houfes of Parliament : the one, to all high ffieriffes, juftices 
of the peace, and other officers, within i 50 miles of the 
city of Yorke : the other in particular to the high ffieriffs, 
juftices of the peace, and other officers within the county of 
Lancafter. In generall, to all the counties of England, and 
dominion of Wales. 4° Lond. 1642. 

An ordination and declaration of both Houfes of Parlia- 
ment fent to the Lord Maior of London, for the religious 
obfervation of the Lords day, commonly called Sunday. 
And a command from the Maior, direfted to all church- 
wardens and conftables, in eveiy ward in the city of London, 
for the due execution thereof. Alfo concerning the elecflion 
of certaine new captaines chofen for the fecurity of the 
city ... 4° Lond. 1642. 

Propofitions of peace propounded by both Houfes ot 
Parliament, to the Kings Maiefty : for a reconciliation of the 
diffeiences between his Majefty and both Houfes of Pai lia- 
ment. 4- Lond. 1642. 

The refolution of both Houfes of Pailiament, concerning 
a pacification prefented unto his Majefty in a petition, by the 
right hon. the Earle of Northumberland, and the Earle of 
Pembroke, and foure of the Houfe of Commons. With his 
Majefties moft gratious anfwer thereunto fent by Sir William 
Killigrew to both Ploufcs. 4° Lond. 1642. 

Retume from the Parliament of England, to the Lords 
of PriWe councell of the kingdome of Scotland. 

4° Edinb. 1642. 

Retume from the Parliament of England, to the Com- 
miffioners of the Generall Aflembly of the Church of 
Scotland. 4° Edinb. 1642. 

A declaration concerning the generall accompts of the 
kingdome ... fince the firft fitting of this Parliament unto 
the I ft of June, 1642. [^Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, 
iv. 379.] 



E. Parliamf.nt. 

A difcouife concerning the fiicceffe of former Parlia- 
ments. [5_y Thomas May.] 1642. 

The declaration or remonftrance of the Lords and Com- 
mons, in Parliament affenibled. With divers depofitions and 
letters thereunto annexed. 4° Lond. 1642. 

The manner of holding parliaments in the reign of 
Richard the Second, copied from an ancient manufcript. 
1642. \_Scott's eilltion of Somers' Tracts, i. 7.] 

A declaration of the feveral votes and refolutions agreed 
upon by both Houfes of Parliament, being in all 32, for the 
fafety of liis Majelly's perfon, &c. I 642. [Ibid. iv. 458.] 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliament, concerning the eftates, rents, and revenues, be- 
longing to all the colledges and halls, of the Univerfity of 
Cambridge, [6 January, 1643 : printed, 8 .Ian.] 

4° Lond. I 643. 

.\n ordinance of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament, touching the excife of flelTi-viftualls, and fait, 
[9 .Ian. 1643.] 4° Lond. 1643. 

Die Lunfe, 22 Ian., 1643. An ordinance for regulating 
the Univerfity of Cambridge, and for removing of fcandalous 
minifters in the fcven afTociated counties. \Harleian Mis- 
cellany, iii. 236.] 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons, aflembled in 
Parliament : with inftniftions for the taking of the League 
and Covenant in the kingdom of England, and dominion 
of Wales ... together with the League and Covenant ... 5 
Feb., 1643. \Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, iv. 525.] 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament : for the laifing of a new loan and afleflment in 
the county of Middlefex, for the maintenance of forces for 
the defence of tlie cities of London and Welhninlter, and 
county of Middlefex. And for the future prefervation and 
fafety of the town of Uxbridge, and preventing of the in- 
curfions of the enemy hereafter. [Piinted Feb. 1 9.] 

4" Lond. 1 643. 

An order of Parliament for putting in due execution 
throughout the whole kingdonie the (tatutes made for the 
obfervation of the Sabath day. As alio an order of the 
Lord Major to the aldermen of the feveral wards in the 
city of London, to fee the fayd ftatutes put in execution in 
their fayd wards. [22 March.] 4° [Lond.] 1643. 

Inftrudlions agreed on by a comniitte of the I^ords and 
Commons for the committe for fequeflration of delinquents 
eftates. Alfo an order of the Commons alFembled in Parlia- 
ment, concerning perfons that lliall come from Oxford or 
any part of the King's army to London, without warrant 
from both Houfes of Parliament, or from his exccllencie 
the Larlc of liflex, fliall be apprehended as fpyes, and jiro- 
ceeded againft accoiding to the rules of warre. [Printed 
Apr. II.] 4° Lond. 1643. 

A declaration or ordinance of the Lords and Commons 
afTembled in Parliament that the committee for the militia 
of London flial have full power and authority to raife new 
legiments of voluntiers ... [12 A])ril, 1643.] 

4" Lond. I f)4 3. 

Two ordinances of the Lords and Commons aflembled 
in Parliament ; one, that tlie committee at M.iberdafliers 
Hall, rtiall have power to call before them, and appoynt 

E. Parliament. 
afTcfTors to feffe all fuch perfons as have not contributed 
propoitionably upon the propofitions, according to the ordi- 
nance of the 20 part ... The other ordaining additional! 
committees in feveral counties, to the ordinance for fe- 
queftring delinquents eftates. [2 June, I 643.] 

4° Lond. 1643. 

A facred vow and covenant taken by the Lords and 
Commons aflembled in Parliament : upon the difcovery of 
the late horrid and treacherous dedgne, for the deftruiftion 
of this Parliament and the kingdom. Together with the 
names of thofe members of the Houfe of Commons which 
have taken the faid vow and covenant. Alfo another vow 
and covenant to be taken by the armies and kingdom. \Ct 
June, 1643.] 4° Lond. 1643. 

A declaration and refolution of the Lords and Commons, 
in Parliament, in anfwer to the Scots declarations prelented 
unto them by the Cominiflloners of the faid kingdome, 
intimating unto them with what thankfulnefTe tliey liave per- 
ufed their carefull and brotherly advice in deiiring a happy 
union and conformity in both churches. Exprelfmg that 
their pui-pofe is to confult with a fynod of godly and learned 
divines that the hierarchical! governement may not onely be 
removed, but another fetled ... 4° Lond. June 6, 1643. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons afTembled in 
Parliament. For the calling of an afTembly of leained and 
godly divines to be confulted with by the Parliament, for 
the fetling of the governement and liturgy, of the Church of 
England, and for vindicating and clearing the doctrine of 
the faid Church, from falle afperfions and inteqjretations ; 
as fliall be nioft agreeable to the Word of God. With the 
names of all tlic minifters appointed for the fame, [i 2 June, 
1643.] 4° Lond. 1643. 

To the Kings moft excellent Majefty : the humble de- 
fires of the High Court of Parliament. Declaring the 
grounds and chief motives that induce them to jjroceed in 
this courfe of raifing a guard to defend themfelves againlf 
all fuch as fhould oppofe them, with the grounds of their 
fears, collei5ted into feverall heads. Alfo, horrible news 
fi'om Manchefter, declaiing a great fkirmifli betwixt the 
Lord Stranges forces, and the followers of the deputy lieu- 
tenants, luly I 9. Whereunto is annexed the Parliaments 
proteftation to the Kings moft excellent Majefty. 

4° Lond. [1643.] 

An ordinance of exjilanation and further enlargement of 
a former ordinance made by the Lords and Commons in 
Parliament, for fequeftration of delinquents eftates. A\ itii 
an oath for renouncing Popery. [Aug. 19, 1643.] 

4° Lond. 1643. 

A declaration and ordinance of the Lords and Commons 
aflembled in Parliament ; for the Ixnter preventing of l])ves 
and intelligencers, and for fequeftring the eftates of fuch as 
fliall go from I^ondon to Oxford ; or to the perfon of the 
King, Queen, or any of the Lords of the Councell, or into 
any of the quarters of the army railed by the King, without 
order from one or both Houfes of Parliament ... [Piintcd, 
Oa. 23, 1643.] 4° Lond. 1643. 

A declaiation and ordinance of the Lords and Commons 
aflembled in Parliament ; touching the great feale of Eng- 



E. Parliament. 

land. And that the faid feale is to be put into the hands 
and curtody of fuch commiflioneis, as are herein named by 
both Houfcs of Parliament. 4° Lond. Nov. 11, 1643. 

Jlecords of things done in Parliament (without the Kings 
confent) of higher confequence then have yet been done by 
this Parliament. 4° Lond. 1 643. 

The declaration of the Lords and Commons of Parlia- 
ment aflembled at Oxford according to his Majefties pro- 
clamation, concerning their endeavours fince they came 
thither for the peace of the kingdom, and the reafons enforc- 
ing their abfence from Weflminfter. 4° Oxford, 1643. 

A declaration and ordinance of the Lords and Commons 
in Parliament ; for the fpeedy raifing of a body of horfe, 
for the prefervation, fafety, and peace of the kingdom ... 
and to be under the command of the right hon. Edward 
Earl of Manchefk-r ... 4° [Lond. 1643.J 

The declaration of the kingdomes of England and Scot- 
land, ioyned in armes for the vindication and defence of 
their religion, liberties, and lawes, againft the Popifh, Pie- 
laticall, and malignant party ; by the honourable Houles 
of the Parliament of England, and the honourable Con- 
vention of Eftates of the kingdome of Scotland, in the 
yeere 1643. 4° Lond. 1643. 

The bloody Parliament, in the reign of an unhappy prince 
\ Richard II.'\ I 643. [Har/fian Miscellany, ii. 22.] 

Two ordinances of the Lords and Commons ... for the 
fpeedy demolifhing of all organs, images, and all manner of 
fuperftitious monuments in all cathedral or parifh churches 
and chapels ... 9 May, 1644. [Ibid. viii. lol.] 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament, for the better execution of the former ordinances 
for fequeftration of delinquents and Papifts eftates. Together 
with an oath that is to be taken within ten dayes after notice 
given of this prefent ordinance, by the feverall fequeftrators, 
committees, and peiTons imployed by vertue of the faid 
ordinance. [May 24.] 4° Lond. 1644. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament, concerning a new excife upon allum, copperas, 
Monmouth-caps, and hats of all forts, hopps, faffron, (larch, 
and all manner of filks or ftuffes, made in this kingdome ; 
and many other goods and commodities imported, made, or 
growing in this kingdom, not formerly paying excife. For 
the prefent payment of fuch preffmg debts as are due unto 
feverall handicraftfmen, and other perfons, for armes, ammu- 
nition, and for other fer\'ices of the ftate. [8 July.] 

4° Lond. 1644. 

Three ordinances of the Lords and Commons afTembled 
in Parliament, firft for the regulating of the excife upon all 
manner of fait, and fleih, viz. beeves, muttons, veales, porks, 
lambs, and other butchers meat kild for provifion of vidtuals. 
The fecond, for the conftant payment of 200 Ii. a weeke, 
towards the maintenance of maimed and wounded fouldiers, 
and relieving their wives and children, and widdowes, whofe 
hufbands are flain in the fervice of the Parliament, and 
other great affaires of the common-wealth. The third, 
being an explanation of the late ordinance of excife upon 
iron, tynne, hops, hats, &c. [3 Augulf.] 

4" Lond. 1644. 

E. Parliament. 

An additionall ordinance of the Lords and Commons 
affembled in Parliament, to a former ordinance of the 19 
of February laft part, granted to divers perfons of the county 
of Middlefex, therein named, for putting the faid county 
into a pofture of defence, by the better regulating of the 
trained bands, and raifing other forces of horfe and foot, 
for the prefervation, defence, and fafety of the laid countie. 
[Oftob. 25.] 4° Lond. 1644. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliament, for the true payment of tythes, and other fuch 
duties, according to the lawes and curtoms of this realm. 
[8 Nov.] 4^ Lond. 1644. 

The humble defires and propofitions for a fafe and well- 
grounded peace agreed upon by the mutuall advice and 
confent of the Parliaments of both kingdoms, united by 
Solemn League and Covenant, prefented unto his Majelly 
at Oxford, the 24 of November- laft, by committees from 
both Houfes of Parliament, and commiffioners from the 
kingdom of Scotland. 4° Lond. 1644. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliament: for the inabling of Sr. William Brereton 
baronet, one of the members of the Houfe of Commons, 
fpeedily to put in execution the ordinances for the fequeftra- 
tion of the eftates of Paplfts and delinquents, the fifth, and 
twentieth part, weekly affefTment ; and all other ordinances 
of Parliament, within the county of Chefter, and county and 
city of Chefter : and to take fubfcriptions for the better 
fupply and maintenance of the forces under his command, 
for fecurity of the faid places, and preventing the acceffe of 
the Irifh forces into thofe parts. Alfo allowing unto the 
faid Sir William Brereton the perfonall eftates of all Papifts 
and delinquents, in and about London, and within 20 miles 
thereof, as are not yet fequeftred, or diicovered in the fervice 
aforefaid. 4° Lond. 1644. 

All the feverall ordinances and orders made by the Lords 
and Commons affembled in Parliament ; concerning fequef- 
tring the eftates of delinquents, Papiifs,fpyes and intelligencers. 
Together with inffruftions for fuch perfons as are imployed 
in fequeftring of fuch delinquents eftates. 

4° Lond. 1644. 

A colleiffion of feveral ftatutes in force, with full and 
ready notes in the niargent, containing their effeft in briefe. 
As alfo the ordinances for the better obfei-vation of the 
Lord's day, and the faft dayes ... 4° Lond. 1 644. 

Certain propofitions of both Houfes of Parliament, con- 
cerning the railing of horfe, horfemen, and arms, for the 
defence of the King, and both Houfes of Parliament. To- 
gether with divers inftiiiflions concerning the fame. 

4° Lond. 1644. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliament, with the advice and concurrence of the com- 
mifiioners of Scotland, to publilh their proceedings upon his 
Majefties letter, touching a treaty of peace, and to declare 
their refolutions and endeavours, to put an end to the 
unhappy diftempers of the kingdome, by a fafe and well 
grounded peace. 4° Lond. 1644. 

Obfervations upon the ordinance of the Lords and 
Commons at Weftminfter. After advice had with their 
Affembly of divines, for the ordination of minifters pio 


E. Parliament. 

tempore, according to their directory for ordination, and 
rules for examination therein exprefled. Die Mercurij, 2 
Oftob., 1644. 4° Oxford, 1645. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliament, for keeping of fcandalous perfons from the 
facrament of the Lords Supper, the enabling of congregations 
for the choice of elders, and fupplying of defecfls in former 
ordinances and direiftions of Parliament concerning churcli 
government. [14 March, 1645.] 4° Lond. 1645. 

The generall account of the proceedings in Parliament, 
and prefent ftate of the severall counties of the kingdome of 
England, this prefent Munday, March 31, 1645. 

4° Lond. 1645. 

Two ordinances of the Lords and Commons aflembled 
in Parliament ; the one, for the enabling of the Commiffion- 
ers of the great feale, and the other Committees in their 
feverall counties, to tender an oath to all fuch perfons, of 
what degree oi- quality foevei", that fliall come into the pio- 
teftion of the Parliament. Together with the faid oath to 
be taken. The other for the difcharging of tlie members of 
both Houfes from all places both military and civill. [5 
April.] 4° Lond. 1645. 

Direflions of the Lords and Commons aflembled in Par- 
liament, after advife had with the Affembly of divines, for 
the elefting and choofing of ruling-elders in all the congrega- 
tions, and in the clalllcall aflemblies for the cities of London 
and Weftminder, and the feverall counties of the kingdom. 
For the fpeedy fetling of the prefbyteriall-government. 
[19 Aug. 1645.] 4° Lond. 1645. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament, concerning thofe that fhall come in from the 
Kings quarters, witliout giving an accompt thereof within 
five dayes to the committee at Goldfmiths-hall, to be taken 
as fpies, and be proceeded againft by martial law. [Nov. 
I 3.] 4° Lond. I ^54 5. 

Two declarations of the Commons aflembled in Parlia- 
ment, the one concerning the Court of Wards and Liveries : 
the other concerning fuch as fhall inform the Houfe of any 
member that hath taken any money or other reward, for any 
thing depending in the Houfe. [4 Nov., 1645, and i 
Dec, 1645.] Together with an order concerning fuch 
perfons as are come in from the Kings quarters, before the 
firft of this inflant December. [17 Dec, I 64 5.] 

4° Lond. Jan. 3, i645[6.] 

All the feverall ordinances and votes of the Lords and 
Commons aflembled in Parliament for the fpeedy ellablifliing 
of the prefljyteriall government. 4° Lond. 1645. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament. Together with rules and dirctHons concerning 
fufpenfion from the facrament of the Lords fu]i))cr in cafes 
of ignorance and fcandall. Alfo the names of luch niinillers 
and others that are appointed Triers and ludges of the 
ability of elders in the twelve clafles within the province of 
London. 4 I>ond. 1645. 

A collccftion of divers papers prefcnted unto tlie Houfes 
of Parliament by the Commiffioners of Scotland lince May 
laft, 1645. 4° Lond. 1645. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons afll-mbled in 

E. Parliament. 

Parliament to the whole kingdome, concerning the excife : 
witli additionall inftrudions for the better regulating of the 
fame. [22 Feb.] 4° Lond. 1646. 

Perfed diumall of fome paflages in Parliament, & from 
other parts of this kingdome, from Munday the 2 ift of July 
1645- ''1' Munday the 15 of March 1646. 

4° Lond. n. d. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament for the fpeedy eftablifhing of a court-martiall 
within the cities of London, Wellminller and lines of com- 
munication. Together with the names of fuch commiflioners 
as are appointed for the execution thereof. [3 April.] 

4° Lond. 1646. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament for the prefent fetling (without further delay) ot 
the prefbyteriall government in the Church of England. 
[5 June, 1646.] 4° Lond. 1646. 

The propofitions of the Lords and Commons aflembled 
in Parliament for a fafe and well grounded peace. Sent to 
his Majeftie at Newcaflle, by the right hon. the Earle ot 
Pembroke and Montgomery, &c. [ i 5 July.] 

4° Lond. I 646. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament ; for the ordination of minifters by the clafl'icall 
prefljyters within their refpecflive bounds for the feverall 
congregations in the kingdom of England. [28 AuguiL] 

4' Lond. 1646. 

Two ordinances of the Lords and Commons aflembled 
in Parliament. One for the aboliftiing of archbifliops and 
bifliops, within the kingdome of England and dominion of 
Wales, and for fetling of their lands and poflelTions upon 
titiftees, for the ufe of the common-wealth : the other, for 
fecuring of all thofe that fliall advance the two liundred 
thoufand pound for the fervice of the ftate. [0(.'tob. 13.] 

4° Lond. 1646. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament for the felling of the lands of all the bifliops in 
the kingdome of England, and dominion of Wales, for the 
fervice of the common-wealth. With the inftruftions and 
names of all the contracftors and truftees for the fpeedy exe- 
cution of tlie fame. [Nov. 16.] 4° Lond. 1646. 

Two ordinances [28 Nov. 1646] of the Lords and 
Conmions aflembled in Parliament : the firft, for tlie 
appointing the houfe of Sr. Richard Gurnic, late Lord 
Major of the city of London, fcituate in the Old Jury, for 
the ufe of the truftees, and contraftors, &c., for the fale of 
the bilhops-lands. The fecond for the alteration and ex- 
planation of tlie oath formerly appointed to be taken by the 
lurveyors of tlie billiops-lands. 4° Lond. 1646. 

Papers delivered in by the ComniifTioners of the kingdom 
of Scotland at London, to the honorable Houfes of the 
Pal liament of England : containing, I. Their anfwer upon 
the whole propofitions of peace. 2. Rcafons touching the 
militia. 3. The citations of feverall paffages out of the 
declarations of the honourable Houfes concerning the 
militia, and uniformity in religion. 4. Reafons why the 
refult of the Committee of both kingdoms at Edinburgh, 
28 Novem., 1643, is a treaty. 4° Edinb. 1646. 



E. Parliament. 

All ordinances and ordeis, for the better obfen-ation of 
the Lords-day, and the faft. [9 Dec.] 

40 Lend. 1646. 

Some papers of the Commiflioners of Scotland, given in 
lately to the Houfes of Parliament, concerning the propo- 
fitions in peace. 4° Lond. 1646. 

The anfwer of the Lords and Commons alTembled in the 
Parliament of England at Weftminfter, to feveral papers of 
the CommilTioners of Scotland. 4° Lond. 1646. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons alfembled in 
Parliament, for raifmg of twenty thoufand pounds a moneth 
for the relief of Ireland. [l5 Feb. 1647.] 

y° Lond. i646[7.] . 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons alfembled in 
Parliament : concerning the difbanding of the army : with 
inrtrudtions for the fame. As alfo two ordinances ; one for 
taking the accounts of the fouldiary of the kingdom. The 
other for releefe of maimed fouldiers and mariners, and the 
widowes and orphans of fuch as have died in the fervice of 
the Parliament. [28 May, 1647.] 4° Lond. 1647. 

An ordinance and declaration of the Lords and Commons 
affembled in Parliament, for re-eftablKHng the duty of ex- 
cife upon all commodities, except flefh and fait. Shewing 
the true grounds and reafons that neceflitated them to the 
erefting and continuing of the faid duty ; and the great 
benefit that hath enfued to the kingdom thereby. Together 
with an exaft accompt of what moneys hath been colleiSed 
from the beginning of the faid impolition to this prefent ; 
and to what ufe the faid moneys have been put. [28 Aug.] 

4° Lond. 1647. 

The plague at Weftminfter : or, an order for the vilita- 
tion of a (ick parliament, grievoufly troubled with a new 
difeafe, called the confumption of their members ... With 
a form of prayer, and other rites and ceremonies to be ufed 
for our recoveiy ... 1647. [ffar/aan Miscellany ii. 370.] 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons affembled in 
Parliament, concerning the papers of the Scots Commiflioners, 
entituled. The anfwer of the Commiflioners of the kingdom 
of Scotland to both Houfes of Parliament, upon the new 
propofitions of peace, and the four bills to be fent to his 
Majefty : and concerning the proceedings of the faid Com- 
miflioners in the Ifle of Wight. 4° Lond. 1647. 

All the ordinances and orders of the Lords and Commons 
aflembled in Parliament, for the indempnity or faving harm- 
lefle all thofe that have afted or done anything by fea or 
land, by the authority and for the fervice of the Parliament. 

4° Lond. 1647. 

An additional! ordinance of the Lords and Commons 
aflembled in the Parliament of England, for the more full 
indempnity of the officers and fouldiers who have afled by 
authority, and for the fervice of the Parliament. And alfo 
enabling a committee for indempnity in the county of Kent, 
to put the faid ordinances into execution. 

4" Lond. 1647. 

A declaration of the Commons of England, aflembled in 
Parliament, exprefling their reafons for the adnulling and 
vacating of thefe enfuing votes, i 5 January, 1648. [Scott's 
edition of Somers' Tracts, v. 167.] 

E. Parliament. 

Votes of Parliament, I4th[-28th], March, 1648. 
[Ibid. vi. 29.] 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons aflembled in 
Parliament, for the punilliing of blafphemies and herefies : 
with the feverall penalties therein exprefled. [2 May, 
1648.] 4° Lond. 1648. 

The copies of all letters, papers and other tranfaftions 
between the commiflioners of the Parliament of England, 
and the Parliament and committee of Eftates of the kingdom 
of Scotland, from Febiiiary 10, 1 647, until July 8, 
1648 ... 4° Lond. Auguft 14, 1648. 

An anfwer to the Scots Declaration or, a furvey of a 
paper prefented to the Parliament of England, with the title 
of Seven demands from the Eftates of Scotland. 

4° Lond. 1648. 

A declaration of the Parliament of England, exprefling 
the grounds ot their late proceedings and of fetling the 
prefent government in the way of a free ftate. 

4° Lond. 1648. 

A lift of the members of both Houfes of Parliament 
that were forcibly fecluded by the army in the year 1648, 
or fince excluded by a few of their fellow-members, con- 
firming that which they formeily difowned. [Scott's edition 
of Somers' Tracts, vi. 37.] 

A declaration of the Parlament of England, of their juft 
refentment of the horrid murder pei^petrated on the body of 
Ifaac Doriflaus, Doflor of tlie laws, their refident at the 
Hague, on the 12th of May, 1649. fol. Lond. 1649. 

A declaration of the Parliament of England, concerning 
their late endeavors in a peaceable waie, to remove all 
mifunderftandings, and differences between the common- 
wealth of England, and the kingdom of Scodand. Here- 
with is printed the laft paper of the Scotch Commiflioners, 
with the fenfe of the Parlament thereupon. Alfo the letter 
of the Parliament of England to the Parliament of Scot- 
land, with their anfwer thereunto, which is anfwer'd by this 
declaration. [July 14-] 4° Lond. 1649. 

A declaration of the Parliament of England, in vindica- 
tion of their proceedings, and difcovering the dangerous 
praftices of feveral interefts, againft the prefent government, 
and peace of the commonwealth. Together with the refo- 
lutions of the Parliament thereupon. [27 Sept. 1649.] 

4° Lond. 1649. 

The defires of the Commiifioners of the kingdom of 
Scotland : that both Houfes of Parliament may fit in free- 
dome for fetling of religion according to the Covenant. 
That King Charls the Second (upon juft fatisfaiffion given) 
may be admitted to the government of thefe kingdomes. 
Together with their proteftation againft all proceedings to 
the contiary. 4° n. p. 1649. 

A declaration of the Parlament of England, upon the 
marching of the armie into Scotland. [June 26, 1650.] 

4° Lond. 1650. 

The anfwer of the Parliament of England, to a paper, 
entituled, A declaration by the King's Majefty, to his fub- 
jefts of the kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland. 
Printed at Edinburgh, 1 6 50. Whereunto is annexed, 
copies of four letters to the King of Scotland, which 


E. Parliament. 

were found in the Lord Loudoun's cabinet. [20 Sept. 
1650.] 4° Lond. 1650. 

A narration of the moft nnaterial parliamentary proceed- 
ings of this prefent Parliament and their armies, in their civil 
and martial affairs. Which Parliament began the third of 
November, 164O, and the remarkable tranfaiflions are con- 
tinued until tliis yeer ... 4° Lond. 165 I. 

A declaration of the Parliament of the commonwealth 
of England, relating to the affairs and proceedings between 
this commonwealth and the States-genera! of the United 
Provinces of the Low-Countreys, and the prefent differences 
occafioned on the States part. And the anfwer of the 
Parliament to three papers from the ambaffadors extraor- 
dinary of the States General upon occafion of the late fight 
between the fleets. With a nairative of the late engage- 
ment between the Englifh and Holland fleet. As alfo a 
colleiftion of the proceedings in the treaty between the Lord 
Pauw, ambaffador extraordinary from the States General of 
the United Provinces, and the Parliament of the common- 
wealth of England. 4° Lond. 1652. 

The anfwer of the Parliament ... \^Scott^s edition of 
Somers' Tracts, vii. 20.] 

An anfwer to the declaration of the imaginaiy Parlia- 
ment of the unknowne common-wealth of England, con- 
cerning the affaires part betwixt them of England, and the 
high and mighty lords the States Generall of the United 
Provinces : wherein their fiivolous reafons are cleerly le- 
futed : and their injurt: proceedings in the treaty of the 
aforefaid affaires, as in all their aftions, manifeftly dif- 
covered. 4° Rotterdam, 1652. 

The names of the members of Parliament called to 
take upon them the truft of the government of the Com- 
monwealth, which began on Monday the 4th of June, 
1653 ... [Scott's edition of Some rs' Tracts, vi. 246.] 

Several draughts of afls heretofoie prepared by perfons 
appointed to confider of the inconvenience, delay, charge, 
and inegulaiity in the proceedings of the law. 

fol. Lond. 1653. 

A reprefentation concerning the late Parliament, in the 
year 1 654. To prevent miftakes. 4° n. p. 1655. 

Some fober infpeftions made into the carriage and con- 
fults of the Lite Long-parliament ... 1656. [By James 

A lift of the names of the perfons returned to fervc in 
Parliament, in tlie year 1 6 5 6. [Srott's eililion of Somen' 
Tracts, vi. 339.] 

The humble petition and advice prefentcd unto his high- 
nefs the Lord Proteflor by the knights, citizens, and buf- 
gefles, affembled at the Parliament begun and held at Weft- 
minfter,the I7tli day of September, 1656 ... 1657. [Ibid. 
vi. 402.] 

A narrative of the late Parliament (fo called) their elec- 
tion and ai)pearing : the feclufion of a great part of them ; 
the fitting of the reft : with an account of the ])laces of 
profit, falaiics, and advantages which they hold and receive 
under the ])refent power ... 1657. [Harleian Miscellany, 
iii. 430.] 


E. Parliament. 

A fecond narrative of the late Parliament (fo called) : 
wherein ... is given an account of their fecond meeting, 
and things tranfafled by them : as alfo, how the Proteftor 
(fo called) came fwearing, by the living God, and diffolved 
them, after two or three weeks fitting ... 1658. [Ibid, 
iii. 448.] 

— [J. Morgan, Phcenix Britannieus, p. I 2 5.] 

Opinion of divers learned antiquaries, viz. Mr. Juftice 
Doddridge, &c., concerning the antiquity, power, &c., of the 
High-court of Parliament. 8° Lond. 1658. 

A declaration of the Parliament affembled at Weft- 
minfler. Januaiy 23, 1659. 

4° reprinted Edinb. 1 660. 

The humble reprefentation and petition of the officers of 
the army, to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Eng- 
land. Prefented to them Wednefday the 5th of Oflober, 
1659, by Maj. General Difbrow, accompanied with the 
field-officers of the army, and fubfcribed by above two 
hundred and thirty commiflion-officers in and about Lon- 
don. Together with the Parliaments anfwer thereunto. 

4° Lond. 1659. 

The Parliaments plea : or XX. reafons for the union of 
the Parliament and army prefented to publick confideration. 
Wherein the whole matter betwixt Parliament and army is 
argued, and this new intcrmption condemned. 

4^ n. p. 1659. 

Some reafons humbly propofed to the officers of the 
army, for the fpeedy re-admiffion of the Long Parliament 
who fetled the government in the way of a free-ffate. 

4° Lond. repr. Edinb. 1659. 

Refolves of Parliament (April 26— May 8, 1660). 
[Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, vii. 429.] 

A proclamation [of the Lords and Commons, fetting forth 
their acknowledgment of the birthright, ^c, of Charles the 
fecond.^ May 8, 1 660. S. Sh. Lond. n. p. n. d. 

The qualifications of perfons, declared capable by the 
Rump-parliament, to elefl, or be eledcd, members to fujiply 
their houie. 1660. [Harleian Miscellany, v. 65.] 

A proclamation of both Houfes of Parliament, for pro- 
claiming of his Majefty King of England, Scotland, France, 
and Ireland, Defender of the f lith, &c. [8 May, I 660.] 
S. Sh. ; repr. Edinb. 1660. 

Votes, refolves, and orders of the Parliament, in the 
year 1660, concerning the prifoners in the Tower. (May 
1 4th-June 9th.) [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, 
vii. 434.] 

The remonftrance and proteliation of the well-affeftcd 
people of the cities of London, Weffminller, and other 
the cities, countries and places within the commonwealth of 
England, againft thofe officers of the army, who put force 
u])on, and interrupted the Parliament, the I 3th of Oiflob. 
1659, and againit all pretended powers and authorities that 
they have or fliall fet up, to rule or govern this common- 
wealth, that is not eltablifhed by Pailiamcnt. 

4° repr. Edinb. 1 660. 

The a&s and monuments of the late Rump, from the 
time of their lall lefflons, until the coming in of the fecluded 




E. Parliament. 

members. 1 660. [^Scolt's eilUlon of Somers' Tracts, 
vii. 98.] 

A narrative of fome paflages in, or relating to, the Long 
Parliament. 1 670. \_By Dudley North, 4th Baron 

Some confiderations upon the queftion, whether the Par- 
liament is diflblved by it's prorogation for i 5 months. 

4° n. p. 1676. 
The reafons and narrative of proceedings betwixt the 
two Houfes : which were delivered by the Houfe of Com- 
mons, to the Lords, at the conference touching the tryal of 
the Lords in the Tower. On Monday the 26th of May, 
1679. [No tit/e-/!aoe.] fol. n. p. [1679.] 

The humble addrefs and advice of feveral of the peers of 
this realm, for the fitting of the Parliament ; prefented to 
his Majefty at White-Hall, the 7th of December, 1679. 

fol. Lond. 1679. 
A letter to a friend, about the late pioclamation on the 
I ith of December, 1679, for further proroguing the Par- 
liament till the I 1 th of November next enfuing. 

4° Lond. 1679. 
A lift of one unanimous club of voters in his Majefties 
Long Parliament, diffblved in 78, very fit to be thought on 
at the next new choice. fol. n. p. [1679.] 

Reafons offered by a well-wilher to the King and king- 
dom, to fome juftices of the peace met at the felliones in 
one of the northem-lhires, againft addreffing to the King 
with a petition for the fitting of the Pailiament. January 
26, l6|.g. fol. n. p. n. d. 

The privileges and practice of Parliaments in England : 
collefted out of the common laws of this land. 

4= Lond. i58o. 
The inconveniences of a long continuance of the fame 
Parliament. 1680. [Harleian Miscellany, vii. 495.] 

Vox poptJi : or the peoples claim to their Parliaments 
fitting to redrefs grievances, and provide for the common 
fafety ; by the known laws and conftitutions of the nation : 
humbly recommended to the King and Parliament at their 
meeting at Oxford, the 2 ith of March. 

4= Lond. 1 68 1. 
The honour and courage of our Englifli Parliaments in 
the reign of Queen Elifabeth ... in defending of her and 
the Protertant religion : expreffed in fome of the preambles 
of the aifts for fubfidies, granted to that famous princefs. 
1 68 1, [/^ar/fwn Miscellany, viii. 16.] 

Vox populi, vox Dei : or, Englands general lamentation 
for the diffblution of the Parliament. 

S. Sh. Lond. 1 68 I. 
— [Scott' 1 edition of Somers' Tracts, viii. 30.] 

The opinion of the Parliament, about religion, twenty 
years ago, being the votes, &c., of the hon. Houfe of Com- 
mons : Febr. 25, &c., 1662, upon reading his Majefties 
gracious declaration and fpeech, &c. fol. Lond. 1682. 

[An adl for fetding the revenue on his Majefty for his 
life ; which was fettled on his late Majefty for life : 1 9th 
May 1685.] fol. reprinted Edinb. 1685. 

E. Parliament. 

The addrelfes of the Lords and Commons prefented to 
his Majefty, May the 23d, 1685. [On learning the 
Duhe of Argyle's invafion.^ S. Sh. Edinb. 1685. 

The duty of fubjeifts reinforc't, efpecially in the choice 
of their reprefentatives to (it in Parliament, in a letter to a 
friend, occafioned by his Majefty 's moft gracious declaration 
in Council. fol. Lond. ; repr. Edinb. 1685. 

A debate upon the qusere, whether a king elefted and 
declared by the Lords fpiritual and temporal, and Com- 
mons affembled at Weftminfter, 2 2d of January, 1688, 
coming to and confulting with the faid Lords and Commons, 
doth not make as compleat a parliament, and legillative 
power and authority ... as if the faid king Ihould caufe a 
new fummons to be given ... [Scott's edition of Somers' 
Tracts, x. 268.] 

England's great intereft in the choice of this new Par- 
liament, fol. n. p. [1688.] 

Parliamentum pacificum ; or the happy union of King 
and people in an healing Parliament. 1688. [By Dr. 


A letter to a perfon of quality, occafion'd by the news 
of the enfuing Parliament. [A tltle-pageS\ 

4° n. p. [1688.] 
A true lift of the knights, citizens, and burgeftes, fum- 
moned by the letter of his Highnefs the Prince of Orange, 
to meet at Weftminfter, the 2 2d of January, I 688—9. [Scott's 
edition of Somers' Tracts, x. 6.] 

The declaration of the Lords and Commons aflembled 
at Weftminfter ; prefented to their Highnefles the Prince 
and Princefs of Orange, at Whitehall, the i 3th of February, 
l68f. S. Sh. ; repr. 1689. 

Ai5l [23d Feby. 1 688] for removing and preventing all 
queftions and difputes concerning the aflembling and fitting 
of the prefent Parliament. 4° Lond. 1689. 

The addrefs of the Lords . . . and Commons alTembled 
in Parliament, to the King ... Prefented by the rt. hon. 
the Lord Marquefs of Hallifax ... In the banqiieting-houfe 
at Whitehall, the eighth of March, i68f. With his 
Majefty's ... anfwer thereunto. 

4° Lond. ; repr. Edinb. 1689. 
The grievances reprefented by the eftates of Scotland 
to the King's Majefty to be redreffed in Parliament ... 

Qu. Whether the King, Lords and Commons now 
affembled, be a legal Parliament, and may aft as fuch \ 

4° 1689. 
— [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, x. 206.] 
• The proceedings of the prefent Parliament juftified by 
the opinion of ... Hugo Grotius ; with confiderations 
thereupon ... By a lover of the peace of his country. 

4° Lond. 1689. 
Several queries relating to the prefent proceedings in 
Parliament ; more efpecially recommended to the confidera- 
tion of the Biftiops. [No tllle-page.'\ 4° n. p. [1689.] 

An account of fome tranfaiflions in this prefent Parlia- 
ment, in a letter to a perfon of quality in the country. 

4° n. p. [1689.] 


E. Parliament. 

The juftice of the Parliament, in infli(fting of puniniments 
fubfcqucnt to offences, vindicated, and the lawfulnefs of the 
prefent government aflerted. With fome animadveifions 
upon the fecond vindication of the magiftracy and govern- 
ment of England. 4° Lond. 1689. 

[An a^t for the exercife of the government by her 
Majefly during his Majeltics abfence. 20th May, 1690.] 
fol. Lond.; repr. Edinb. 1 690. 

A vindication of the proceedings of the late Parliament 
of England ... 1690. \^By John Somers, Lord Somers.] 

A wiftl for peace ; or, an efTay, for lemoving the prefent 
differences about the proceedings of Parliament. 

4° Eirenopoli [Lond.], 1690. 

A fliort (late of our condition, with relation to the pre- 
fent Parliament. [No tille-page.^ 4° n. p. [1693.] 

A colleflion of the debates and proceedings in Parlia- 
ment, in 1694, and 1695, "P°n the inquiry into the late 
briberies and corrupt praflices. 4° Lond. 1695. 

A fupplenient to the colle<5tion of the debates & pro- 
ceedings in Parliament, in 1694, & 1695. Upon the 
inquiry into the late briberies and corrupt praftices. 

4° Lond. 1695. 

Four quertions debated ; with an anfwer to feveral objec- 
tions concerning the power of Parliaments and conventions. 

4° n. p. 1695. 

Some cautions offered to the confideration of thofe who 
are to chufe members to ferve in the enfuing Parliament. 

4° Lond. I 695. 

Cafes in Parliament refolved and adjudged, upon peti- 
tions, and writs of error. 1698. [By Sir Bartholomew 

A true lift of the knights, citizens, and burgeffes of this 
prefent Pailiament, appointed by proclamation to meet at 
Weftminfter, on Thurfday, the 6th of February, 1700-1. 
[Scolfs edition of Somers^ Tracts, xi. 236.] 

[Memorial to the Parliament, 1701, concerning grie- 
vances.] S. Sh. n. p. n. d. 

A letter to a new membei' of tlie enfuing Parliament. 
(Dec. 23, 1701.) 4° Lond. 1702. 

The hiftory of the laft Parliament ... 1 702. [By .lames 

A fliort defence of the laft Parliament, anfwer'd article 
by article. To which is added a paper, called The candi- 
dates try'd, &c. 4° Lond. 1702. 

Seveial reafons why the fueceffion ought not to be de- 
clar'd by this Parliament, and all objei5tions to the contrary 
anfwer'd. Humbly offered in an addrefs to the members 
of Parliament. 4° n. p. 1704. 

The humble addrefs of both Houfes of Parliament, with 
her Majefty's anfwer to the Conmions adilrefs. [Wednefday, 
4 Dec, 1706.] 4" Edinb. 1706. 

A compleat lift of the Lords fjiiritual and temjioral with 
a lift of the Commons of Great Britain, both of the late 
Parliament, diffolved September the 23d, 1 7 10, and that 
fummoncd to meet November tlie 2 5th, I 7 i O. [No title- 
page.^ S" n. p. n. d. 

Advice to the gentlemen freeholders, citizens, and bur- 

E. Parliament. 
geffes, and all others that have a juft right to fend repre- 
fentarives to Parliament in South Britain. 8° n. p. 17 10. 

An effay towards the hiftoiy of the laft minifti-y and 
Parliament : containing feafonable refleiftions on I. Favour- 
ites. II. Minlfters of State. III. Parties. IV. Pariia- 
ments, and V. Public credit. 8° Lond. 17 10. 

A letter from a Scots gentleman, to his friend at London, 
anent the diffolving of the Parliament, and alteration of the 
miniftry. 40 Edinb. 1710. 

Confi derations relating to our choice, and the qualifications 
of our members of Parliament, by a Church of England-man. 

I 2° Lond. 1711. 

The Church of England man's vade mecum : or, a _ 
pocket companion for a member of Parliament. Containing 
an authentick lift of all the names of the members of each 
Parliament, from the year 164O to the reftoration of King 
Charles II. With a coiTefl lift of the prefent Houfe of 
Lords & Commons ... 8° Lond. 171 i. 

The hiftory of the proceedings of the Mandarins and 
Proatins of the Britomartian Empii'e at their laft general 
diet, with the charadlers of the chief members. 

8° Lond. I 7 I 2. 

A fliort account of the expiring Pari — m — nt. [VerfeA 

fol. Lond. I 71 3. 

A fliort hiftoiy of the Parliament. 1713. [By Sir 
Robert Walpole.] 

Cautions to thofe who are to choofe members to fen'e in 
Parliament, to which is added a lift of thofe that voted for 
and againft the Bill of commerce, as publifli'd in a late 
pamphlet intituled, A letter from a member of the Houfe 
of Commons, to his friend in the country, &c. 

8° Lond. I 7 I 3. 

Parliamentaiy right niaintain'd, or the Hanover fueceffion 
vindicated ... 1714. [By George Ridpath.] 

A colleflion of white and black lifts ; or, a view of thofe 
gentlemen who have given their votes in Parliament for and 
againft the Protcftant religion, and fueceffion, and the trade 
and liberties of their country ; ever fince the glorious Re- 
volution to the happy acceffion of King George. Second 
edition. 8° Lond. 1715. 

A lift of the Lords fpiritual and temporal, with the 
knights of fliircs, citizens and buigefl'es, chofen to kr\e in 
the Parliament of Great Britain, fumnioned to meet at 
Weliminfter, on the 1 7th of March, 1715. 

8° Edinb. [1715.] 

The Englifli Parliament reprefented in a vifion ... i 7 i 5. 
[By Charles PovEV.] 

An enquiiy into the original conftitution of Parliaments 
in England and Scotland ; with hiftorical rcfleifrions on the 
jiroceedings of the Parliaments of butli kingdoms during the 
rebellion from 164I to 1650. 8"^ n. p. I 7 16. 

A true and correel lift of the Lords fpiritual and temporal, 
as alfo of the knights, and commiflioners of fliires, citizens 
and burgeffes of the fii'ft Parliament of King George : 
fummon'd to meet at Weftminfter on the 17th of March, 
i7j->, and from thence continued, by feveral prorogations, 



E. Parliament. 

until the twentieth of Febmaty I7y?. With all the altera- 
tions which liave happen'd in either Houfe to this time. 

8° Lend. I 717. 

A compleat hiftory of the late feptennial Parliament, 
wherein all their proceedings are particularly enquir'd into ; 
and faithfully related ; with proper I'emarks, and many fecret 
memoirs interfpert'd, concerning the late times. To which 
is prefix'd, honeft advice to the freeholders of Great Britain. 

8° Lond. 1722. 

An exaft and compleat lift of both Houfes of the fixth 
Parliament of Great Britain ; or fecond Parliament of King 
George I. as they flood at the demife of his late Majefty, 
of bleffed memory, June the I 1 th, 1727 ... 

8° Lond. 1727. 

The neceffity of a new Parliament aflerted. Being an 
anfwer to a pamphlet, intitled, Some reafons for continuing 
the prefent Parliament. 8 Lond. 1733. 

The moft impoilant tranfaflions of tlie fixth felTion of 
the firft Parliament of his Majefty King George IL Anno 
Domini 1 7 33 ... Fourth edition. 4° Lond. n. d. 

A compleat lift of the members who voted for & againft 
the Bill for repealing the Septennial aft, & for the more 
frequent meeting & calling of Parliaments : with the fpeeches 
of the two gentlemen ^JVilHam Bromley, and Sir Join St. 
j1ubyn\ who moved Sc fcconded the queftion. Mar. 13, I 7|j5. 

8° Lond. 1734. 

Occafional remarks on fome proceedings of the laft feflion 
of the laft Parliament. To which are added, (by way of 
conclufion), feafonable, laconic hints to the eleiSors of Great 
Britain. 8° Lond. 1734. 

A inquiry into the fitnefs of attending Parliament : in a 
letter fjom a member to his friend, who has abfented. 

8° Lond. 1739. 

An enquiry into the danger of multiplying incapacities 
on the gentlemen of England to fit in Parliament. Occa- 
fioned by the late writings in favour of a Place-bill. In a 
letter to a member of Parliament. 8^ Lond. 1739. 

The dangerous confequences of parliamentaiy divifions. 
Occafion'd by refufal of the Place Bill, the Aft of indem- 
nity, Sec. 8^ Lond. 1742. 

A critical hiftoiy of the laft important feflions of Par- 
liament, which probably put a peiiod to B — ill liberty. 
With an enquiry into the conduft of the principal leaders in 
that political campaign. By a member of the Houfe of 
Commons. 8° Lond. I 742. 

Parliamentary abftrafts ; containing the fubftance of all 
important papers laid before the two Houfes of Parliament 
during the feflion of 1825. 8° Lond. 1826. 

— During the feflion of 1826. 8° Lond. 1827. 

Stability of parliamentary fecurities affefted : a letter to 
capitalifts, fuggefted by a bill now in Parliament for repealing 
certain afts for paving, &c. in the parifli of St. Pancras ... 
By a mortgagee of the rates. 8' Lond. 1835. 

On the expefted diflblution of Parliament, an addrefs to 
the members of the Church of England entitled to vote for 
members of Parliament. By a Churchman. 

8° Lond. 1835. 

E. Parliament. F. Afts — Mirror of. 

Rules for the guidance of members of Parliament, in the 
management of feleft committees, and the preparation of 
reports. Not publifhed. 8° n. p. 1837. 

Guilty or not guilty ? being an inqueft on the conferva- 
tive Parliament and miniftry. 8° Lond. I 842. 

Paftoral addrefles to the Britifti Parliament. No. IL 
The divine rights of the Chriftian church, the true principle 
of toleration, and the juft repreffion of crime, no perfecution. 

12° Lond. 1S51. 

Hiftory of the feflion 1852—3. A parliamentary retro- 
fpeft. 8° Lond. 1854. 

" In " and "out," or the right men in the wrong place: 
a letter on old topics to the new members of the Palmer- 
fton Pailianient of 1S57. By a Britifli commoner. 

8" Lond. 1857. 

The fix-year-old Parliament and its approaching difFolu- 
tion : a handbook for candidates and eleftors. 

8° Lond. 1865. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1865. 

Queflions for a reformed Parliament. 8° Lond. 1867. 

Ecce ! the New Teftament of our Lords and Saviours 
the Houfe of Commons, and the fupreme councel at Wind- 
for : newly tranflated out of their own heathenilTi Greek 
ordinances ; with their former proceedings, diligently com- 
pared and revifed, and appointed to be read in all conven- 
ticles. \Scott'i edition of Somers' Tracts, vii. 61.] 

A letter to a friend upon the diflblution of the late Par- 
liament, and the caUing of a new one, together with a lift 
of thofe that were againft making the Prince and Princefs 
of Orange king and queen. [Ibid. x. 254.] 

The charafter of an honeft and worthy parliament-man. 
[Harkian Miscellany, ii. 336.] 

Some reafons for an annual Parliament as the beft fecurity 
for Englifh rights ... [Ibid. iv. 174.] 

Memorials to the members of Parliament of the court 
party. [A'i) title-fiage.^ 4° n. p. n. d. 

England's great intereft in the choice of this new Parlia- 
ment, fol. n. p. n. d. 

Reafons why this kingdome ought to adhere to the 
Parliament. ^No title-page.^ 4° n. p. n. d. 

Whether the Parliament be not in law diflblved by the 
death of the Princefs of Orange ? and how the fubjefts 
ought, and are to behave themfelves in relation to thofe 
papers emitted fince by the ftile and title of afts ? With a 
brief account of the government of England. In a letter to 
a country gentleman, as an anfwer to his fecond queftion. 
\No title-page.'] 4= n. p. n. d. 

F. Acts of P.^rliamest. See the general heading 

Parliament, History of. See the fub-heading Parlia- 
mentary History. 

Parliament, Mirror of. 

The mirror of Pailiament for the . . . feflion . . . com- 


F. Parliament. Reform of- 

mencing 29th Jan. 1828 

— 5th Febr. 1829. 3 vols. 

— 4th Febr. 1830. 3 vols. 

— 26th of Febr. 1830. 

— 3d Febr. 183 I. 2 vols. 

— I 4th June I 8 3 1 . 3 vols. 

— I 6th Dec. I 83 I. 4 vols. 

— 29th Jan. 1833. 4 vols. 

— 3d Febr. 1834. 3 vols. 

— 19th Febr. 1835. 3 vols. 

— 4th Febr. 1836. 3 vols. 

— 3111 Jan. 1837. 3 vols. fol. Lond. 

— Second feries commencing with the reign 
ViiSoria. 8 vols. [Seffions 1837-38.] 

8° Lond. 

— Seflion 1839. 6 vols. 8° Lond. 

— SelFion 1 840. 6 vols. 8° Lond. 

— Seflion 1841. Vols. I. II. 8° Lond. 


Edited by John B: 
fol. Lond. 
fol. Lond. 
fol. Lond. 
fol. Lond. 
fol. Lond. 


irj'ow. 3 
I 83 I. 
1 8 3 I . 



of Queen 



Parliament, Reform of. See the ftib-head'ing Parlia- 
mentary Reform. 

Rolls of Parliament. See the general heading, 

Parliamentary Blue Books. See House of Com- 
mons Papers. 

Parliamentary Buff Book. 

Parliamentary buff book ... By Thomas Nicolls Ro- 
berts. 1869-71. 

Parliamentary Companion. 

The Parliamentary pocket companion for 1 8 4 1 ... By 
Charles Roger Don. 

The Parliamentary companion for l8j6[-7i.] By 
Robert Phipps DoD. 

Parliamentary Debates. See the fuh-headingsV \K\.\k- 
ment, Mirror of, and Parliamentary History ; and the 
general headings House of Commons, House of Lords, 

Parliamentary History. See alfo House of Com- 
mons, House of Lords. 

Parliamentary debates in 16 lo. Edited from tlie 
notes of a member of the Houfe of Commons, by Samuel 
Rawfon Gardiner [for the Camden Society]. 

4° Lond. 1862. 

The characfter of the Parliament, commonly called the 
Rump, &c., begun November 23d, in the year 1640, with 
a (hoit account of fome of their proceedings. 

8° Lond. I 72 I. 

— The fixth edition. 8° Lond. 1722. 

Sarcaftic notices of the Long Parliament : a lift of the 
" Members that held places, both civil and milit;iry, con- 
trary to the felf-dcnying ordinance of April 3, 1645 ; witli 
the fums of money and lands which they divided among 

F. Parliament. Hiftory — Papers. 

themfclves." Giving many curious particulars about this 
famous aflembly not mentioned by hiftorians or biographers. 
Reprinted verbatim from the exceflively rare original. 

4' Lond. I 863. 

Flagellum Parliamentarium ; being farcaftic notices of 
nearly two hundred members of the iirft Parliament after 
the Reftoration, a.d. 1661. to a.d. 1 67 8. From a con- 
temporary MS. in the Britifh Mufeum. 

I 2' Lond. 1827. 

A colleflion of the parliamentary debates of England 
from the year 1568 to the prefent time. 2 I vols. [Pui^- 
lyjjed by Torbuck, and ufually called Torbuck' s Debates.^ 

8° Lond. 1739-42. 

The parliamentary or conftitutional hiftory of England ; 
being a faithful account of all the moft remarkable tranfac- 
tions in Parliament, from earlieft times. Vols. II.— XXIII. 
l^Vol. I. ■wanting.'] 8° Lond. 1751-60. 

— General index. 8° Lond. 1761. 

An hiftory of the Parliament of Great Britain, from the 
death of Queen Anne, to the death of King George II. 

8° Lond. 1764. 

The Parliamentary regifter, or hiftory of the proceedings 
and debates of the House of Commons ... 1775—95. 

The Parliamentary regiftei', or hiftory of the proceedings 
and debates of the House of Lords ... 1776—94. 

Parliamentary papers ; confifting of a complete colledlion 
of kings fpeeches, meflages to Parliament, addieftes and re- 
prefentations of both Houfes to the throne ... from the 
Reftoration in 1660 to the diflblution of the laft Parliament 
in May, 1796. A complete ... colleflion of the Lords' 
protefts from the earlieft on record in 1242 to 1796. An 
accurate copy of the ftanding orders of the Houfe of Lords 
... A colleflion of rules and ftanding orders of the Houfe 
of Commons ... An accurate lift of tiie Speakers of the 
Houfe of Commons from the earlieft account to the 
prefent time ... In three volumes. 8° Lond. I 797. 

Cobbett's parliamentaiy hiftory of England, from the 
NoiTnan conqueft in 1066 to the year 1803. 1806- 

Cobbett's parliamentary debates, 1804— 12. [y/ con- 
tinuation of the preceding.] 

The parliamentary debates ... publillied under the fuper- 
intendcnce of T. C. Hansard. 1813-71. \/l continua- 
tion of the preceding.] 

Parliamentaiy hiftory and review ; containing reports of 
tlic proceedings of the two Houfes of Parliament during 
the feftlon of 1825 ... 8=" Lond. 1826. 

The parliamentary writs. 1827—30. See the fub- 
headlng belonv. Parliamentary Writs. 

Annals of Britilh legiflation ... Edited by Leone Ltvi. 

Parliamentary Intelligencer. 
The parliamentary Intelligencer 


Parliamentary Papers. 

See House of Commons 


F. Parliament. Record — Reform. 
Parliamentary Record. 

Parliamentary record, 1861. 8° Lond. 1863. 

— 1864. Edited by Charles Ross. 

8° Lond. 1864. 
Parliamentary Reform. 

Novum organon parliamentarium : or, a new catechilm 
for St. Stephen's. > 8° Lond. 18 14. 

A plan for the refoiTn of Parliament on conftitutional 
principles. 1816. [Pamphleteer, vii. 291.] 

Common confent, the bafis of the coniHtution of Eng- 
land ; 0]', parliamentary reform confidered and tried by the 
tefts of law and reafon. 8° Lond. 18 17. 

A ready and fure way to obtain a reform in Parliament, 
by conftitutional means ; with an effeftual plan for employ- 
ing the induftrious poor. Addrefled to the eledors of 
Great Britain. 8° Bath, 18 19. 

England's danger ; or, reform unmaflved. 

8° Lond. 1 819. 
Statement of the queftion of parliamentai-y reform ; with 
a reply to the objedions of the Edinburgh Review, No. 
LXL 8° Lond. 1821. 

An appeal to the eleftors of Great Britain & Ireland, 

upon the neceffary and indifpenfable reform of the election 

of members of the Houfe of Commons. By a member of 

the hon. Society of Lincoln's Inn. 8° Lond. 1830. 

Would reform in Parliament be a benefit to the countiy ? 

8° Lond. 1830. 
The popular demand for reform in Parliament, free trade, 
and repeal of the corn laws, fhown to have originated in 
the diftrefs caufed by the operation of the currency meafures 
of 18 19. England in 1830: being a letter to (the late) 
Earl Grey, laying before him the condition of the people 
as defcribed by themfelves in their petitions to Parliament. 
[^ReJ>nnleti/\ 8° Lond. n. d. 

An appeal to the common fenfe of Englifhmen, on the 
queftion of refoiTn. By one of the people. 

8° Lond. 1 83 I. 
A few laft words to the Lords, with a retrofpeflive 
glance at the paft hiftory of this country, to prove the 
neceffity of reform. 8° Lond. 183 1. 

Reform, with or without the confent of the Lords. 

8° Lond. 1 83 1. 
Obfen'ations on a pamphlet falfely attributed to a great 
perfon ; entided, ' Friendly advice to the Lords on the 
Reform bill.' 8° Lond. I 83 I. 

Reform not a new conftitution. 8° Lond. 183 I. 

Reform abfolutely neceffary : addreffed particularly to 
the lower orders. By a true friend of the people. 

8^ Lond. 1 83 1. 
Great Britain in 1S41 ; or, the refults of the Reform 
bill. Second edition. 12= Lond. 183 1. 

Six fpeeches delivered in the Houfe of Commons at the 
clofe of the debate upon the Refoim bill. Speakers Sir James 

Scarlett, knt., Pemberton, Efq., Alexander Baring, 

Efq., rt. hon. John Wilfon Croker, Sir Charles Wetherell, 
knt.. Sir Robert Peel, bart. 8° Lond. 1 83 I. 

The balance of power ; demonftrating that the " Reform 

F. Parliament. Reform. 

bill" of Earl Grey is falfe and unjuft in principle, and 
would prove fubverfive of the Biitifti conftitution. 

8° Lond. [183 I.] 
A praiflical view of the queftion of parliamentary reform. 

8° Lond. 1831. 
Reform. A letter to Ld. John Ruffell on reform in 
Pariiament. 8 Lond. 1831. 

A letter to Lord John Ruflell on the Reform bill. By 
a gentleman of the Middle Temple. 8° Lond. 183 I. 

Reform. A letter to Ld. John Ruffell on his Reform 
bill. By one who was a refonner. 8° Lond. 183 i. 

What can be done ? A letter to Sir Robert Peel on 
the Reform queftion. By a country clergyman. 

8" Lond. I 83 I. 
Letter to the Lord Advocate on the Scottifh reform 
bill. [Si^neii 'A confervative.'] 8° Edinb. 1832. 

Letter to a noble Lord who voted for the fecond read- 
ing of the Reform bill, on the amendments which it may 
be expedient to make in the committee. 

8° Lond. 1832. 
The fecond reading of the Reform bill. 

8^ Lond. 1832. 
Sixty-eight reafons for oppofing the RefoiTn bill. 1832. 
[By G. BuRGES.] 

Liberty's call to refoiTners. 8° Lond. 1849. 

Scottifh parliamentary reform : a letter to the right 
hon. Lord John Ruffell ... On the forthcoming reform 
bill. By a Scottifh county magiftrate.- 

8° Dundee, 1851. 
Parliamentary reform. The educational franchife. 

8° Lond. 1853. 
Parliamentary reform, confidered, under the views fug- 
gefted by evidence given before the eleftion committees of 
1S53. 8"^ Lond. 1854. 

The parliamentary and adminiftrative reformers' hand 
book, or Downing Street thrown open to the public. 

8' Lond. 1855. 
Parliamentary refoiTn. By a confervative. 

8° Lond. 1855. 
Parliamentai-y reform : what and where ? [By Heniy 
Rich.] 1858. 

Parliamentary reform. How the reprefentation may be 
amended fafely, gradually, and efficiently. Reprinted, 
with additions, from "the Globe." 8° Lond. 1858. 

Scheme for a reform of Parliament. By an ex M.P. 
and a Tory. 8° Lond. 1858. 

A few fadts and fallacies about parliamentary reform. 

8" Lond. 1859. 
Reform bill : an attempt at an equitable and fafe mode 
of reprefentation in the Commons' Houfe of Parliament, 
by one who loves old England. Second edition. 

I 2- Lond. I 859. 
The propofed new Reform bill, with a preface and poft- 
fcript. Third edition. 8^ Lond. 1859. 

The contraft ; or John Bright's fupport of the prefent 
government juftiiied. The performances of the Tories com- 
pared with the promifes of the Whigs. Parliamentaiy 



F. Parliament. Reform — Writs. 

reform and tlie [irogramme for next felTion. By a liberal 
M.P. 8° Lend. 1859. 

Reform. Look before you leap. 8^ Lond. 1 8 59. 

Reform. Finger ports and beacons. 

8^ Lond. 1859. 

Reform or not reform ? " that is the queftion," by an 
independent liberal. 8° Lond. 1861. 

Eflays on reform. 1867. 

Parliamentary Register. See the fub-heaJ'ing Par- 
liamentary History. 

Parliamentary Writs. 

The parliamentary writs and writs of military fummons, 
together with the records and muniments relating to the fuit 
and fervice due and performed to the King's High Court 
of Parliament ... Colle(5>ed and edited by Francis Palgrave 
[for the Mafter of the Rolls]. Vols. I. II. 

fol. Lond. 1827-30. 

ENGLAND (James), M.A. 

Claflical literature, a lefture ... 8° Lond. 1856. 

ENGLAND (John). 

Diflertatio medica inauguralis de hepatitide ... 

8° Edinb. 1749. 

ENGLAND (Rev. Thomas R.) 

Letters of Henry Eflex Edgeworth ... with memoirs 
of his life ... by the rev. Thomas R. England. I 8 I 8. 

The life of the rev. Arthur O'Leary, including hiftorical 
anecdotes, memoirs and many hitherto unpublilhed docu- 
ments illuftrative of the condition of the Irilh Catholics 
during the eighteenth century. 8° Lond. 1822. 

A fhoit memoir of an antique medal, bearing on one 
fide the reprefentation of the head of Chrift, and on the 
other, a curious Hebrew infcription, lately found at Friar's 
Walk, near the city of Cork, in Ireland ; containing (ome 
letters and obfervations of different men of learning on the 
fubjeft ; with divers tranflations of the characflers thereon. 

8° Lond. 18 I 9. 

ENGLAND (William), D.Y)., archdeacon of Dorfet. 

A fermon preached at tlie ordination of the Ld. Bp. of 
Brillol, in the Cathedral Church on Friday, Jan. 2S, 
1 83 I. [Co/, iv. 17.] 4" Dorchefter, 1831. 

ENGLAND (William), M.D. 

Obfervations on the funcftional diforders of the kidneys, 
which give rife to the formation of urinary calculi ; with 
remarks on their frequency in the county of Norfolk. 

8° Lond. [1831.] 

ENGLEDOW (Charles). 

Examination quelHons on the Graecac grammaticae 
rudimenta in ufuni fcholarum. 12° Lond. 1845. 

ENGLEFIELD (Sir Henry Charles), M.P., ajiro- 
nomer and antiquary, 1752 — 1822. 

On the determination of the orbits of comets, according 
to the methods of Father Bofcovich and Mr. de La Place ; 
with new and complete tables, and examples of the calcula- 
tion of both methods. 4° Lond. 1793. 

A walk thiough Southampton. Second edition. To 
which is added, fome account of the Roman ftation, Clau- 
fentum. 8"^ Southampton, I 805. 

A defcription of the principal pifturefque beauties ... 
of the Ifle of Wight. By Sir Henry C. Englefield. 
With additional obfervations on the ftrata of the Ifland, 
and their continuation in the adjacent parts of Dorfetfliire. 
By Thomas Webfter, Efq. Illuftrated by maps and 
numerous engravings by W. and G. Cooke, from original 
drawings by Sir H. Englefield and T. Webfter. 

fol. Lond. 1 8 1 6. 

ObfeiTations on the probable confequences of the demo- 
lition of London Bridge. 8° Lond. 1 821. 

englewood house. 

Englewood Houfe. In three volumes. 

8" Lond. 1868. 

Plain Englifh. 1690. See England, A. 
Plain Englifh. i 7 i 2. See England, A. 


The Engliih in Italy. 3 vols. 12- Lond. 1825. 

The Englifli in India. 1828. \By W. B. Hockley.] 

The Englidi at home. By the author of " the Englifli 
in Italy," &c. 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1830. 


The Englifli boy at the Cape ... \By Edward Auguftus 
Kendall.] 1S35. 


Englilli churchwonien of the fcventeenth century. 

8° Derby, i 845. 



The Englifli Flower garden. A monthly magazine. 



Englifli hearths and Irifh homes : life fcenes from an 
editor's note-book, and fecial (ketches for funny nooks and 
winter firefides. [Second edition of Leaves from an editor's 
notebook.] 8° I^ond. 186S. 


Nennii hifloiia Britonum ... 1838. 



Chronicon Ricardi Divisiensis de rebus geftis Ricardi 
Primi regis Angliae ... 1838. 

GiLDAS de excidio Britanniae ... 1838. 

Chronicon Walteri de Hemingburgh, vulgo Heming- 
FORD nuncupati ... de rebus geftis regum Angliae ... 

Codex diplomaticus aevi Saxonici opera Johannis M. 
Kemble. 1839. 

WiLELMi Malmesbiriensis gefta regum Anglorum ... 
I 8 40. 

The works of Gild AS ... 1841. 

Rogeri de Wendover chronica, five flores hiftoriarum 
... 1841-44. 

Adami Murimuthenfis chronica fui temporis ... 1846. 

Gefta Stephani, regis Anglorum ...1846. 

F. Nicholai Triveti ... annales ... 1845. 

Chronique de la traifon et mort de Richart II. roy 
d'Engleterre, avec un gloifaire par B. Williams. 1846. 

Florentii Wigornienfis chronicon exchronicisab adventu 
Hengefti et Horfi in Britanniam ufque ad annum mcxvii ... 

Henrici QuiNTi Angliae regis gefta ... 1850. 


Englifli homes in India. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1869. 

Englifh Journal of Education. 



Vindex Anglicus : or, the perfeftions of the Englifli 
language defended and aflerted. 1644. \Harleian Mis- 
cellany, ii. 33.] 

A treatife on the Englifh tongue, being an attempt to 
render the reading and pronounciation of the fame eafy and 
familiar to foreigners. 8^ Lond. 1767. 

Remarks on the Englifli language, in the nature of 
Vaugelas's Remarks on the French : to which is added a 
difcourfe addrefled to his majefty. 8° Lond. 1 7 70. 

An eafy introduftion to reading the Englifli language 
defigned for Sabbath-day fchools, in fix parts. By a 
fchoolmafter. 8" Wellington, 1845. 

An introduftion to aid in parfing the Englifli language ; 
forming alfo an elementary grammar ... By an educator. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

An elementary guide to the etymology of the Englifli 
language. 8° Lond. 1854. 

Englifli retraced, or remarks, critical and philological, 
founded on a comparifon of the Breeches Bible with the 
Englilh of the prefent day. 8° Camb. 1862. 



Mufanim Anglicanarum analefta. 1699. See Muse. 

See Englifli Presbyterian meilenger. 


The Englifli tutor ; in two parts. I. A fpelling-book 
... II. An Englifli grammar ... 8° Lond. 1747. 


Gazophilacium Anglicanum : containing the derivation 
of Englifh words proper & common. 8^ Lond. 1689. 

ENGLISH (Frances Mary). 1783-18 58. 

Tudors & Stuarts. By a defcendant of the Plantagenet. 
In two volumes. Vol. I. — Tudors. 8° Lond. 1858. 

ENGLISH (Henry Scale). 

The laws refpeding pews or feats in churches. 

8° Lond. 1826. 

Ancient hiftory, Englifli and French, exemplified in a 
regular difleftion of the Saxon Chronicle ; preceded by a 
review of Wharton's Utrum Elfricus Grammaticus, 
Malmeft)ury's Life of St. Wulrtan, and Hugo Candidus' 
Peterborough hiftory ; wherein the principal Saxon 
annalifts are now (for the firft time) identified. [Anon.'] 

12° Lond. 1830. 

Crowland and Burgh. A light on the hiftorians and on 
the hiftory of Crowland Abbey, and an account of the 
monafteiy at Burgh (now Peterborough) in pre-Norman 
times, and to the time of King Richard the Firft (i 193). 
In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1 87 1. 

ENGLISH (Peter). 

The furvey of policy : or, a free vindication of the 
commonwealth of England, againft Salmafius, and other 
royaUifts. 4" Leith, 1653. 


Dates and fafts of Britlfli hiftory, rhythmically arranged 
for finging or chanting. By T. Englifli and W. S. Young. 

12° Lond. [1854.] 

The millennium : will it be introduced or clofed, by the 
fecond Advent ? will it be preceded by a refurredlion of the 
juft ? &c. 12° Lond. 1856. 

ENGLISH (William Watson), M.A., curate of 
Ahboi' s Langley, Herts. 

Man confidered in refpeft of freedom, dependence, and 
a ftate of probation : with remarks upon Romans VIII.— XL, 
and fome notices of the views of the very revd. Dean Alfoi d 
and the revd. Canon Wordfworth on thefe chapters. 

8° Lond. 1863. 
An elementary treatife on moral philofophy ... 

8° Lond. 1865. 


The tme-born Englifliman. A fatyr. 1701. [By 
Daniel Defoe.] 

An appeal to the reafons and confcience of all true 
Engliflimen. 1735. .Jifif England, A. 



The roving Englifhman ... 1854. [^By E. C. G. 


The true-born Enghfh-woman : in a letter to the public. 
By a true-born Englidi-man. 8" n. p. 1703. 

The Englifh woman's magazine and Chriftian mother's 
mifcellany. Vols. I.-V. 1846—50. 

Englifii-woman's domeftic magazine. Vols. V. VIL 

— Ncwfcries. Vols. I.-IX. 1860-65. 

— Vols. I.-X. 1866-71. 


Notice Tur les graveurs qui nous ont laifTe des eftampes mar- 
quees des monogrammes. \^By J. P. Baverel.] i 807. 


A hiftory of the art of engraving in mezzotinto. [By 
James Chelsum.] 1786. 

Catalogue of engravings regiftered by the Printfellers' 
aflociation, from its eftablilhment in 1847 to 1863 inclufive. 

4° Lond. [1865.] 


Annales a. 680—838. [Pertz, Monumenta Germanic 
htflorka, i. 343.] 


Ewaurss 7£ja(rr(0j, mirabilis annus, or the year of pro- 
digies and wonders ; being a faithful and impartial collciftion 
of fevcral flgns that have been feen in the heavens, in the 
eaith and in the waters ; together with many remarkable 
accidents and judgments befalling divers perfons ... 

40 Lond. 166 I. 


Lady Enid Geraint, and other productions. By ' An 
Old Harrovian.' 8" Lond. 1865. 


Scriptural enigmas, defigncd to exercife the youthful 
mind in the knowledge of Scripture hiflory. 

4° Lond. 1829. 

Sphinx incruenta : or, two hundred and twelve enigmas 
and charades. 1835. [5_)i .lames Glassford.] 

The enigma, a leaf from the archives of the Wolchorley 
Houfe. By an old chronicler. 8° Lond. 1856. 

The enjoyment. \A poem. 
Hyde, Earl of Rocheller.] 

[679. \By Laurence 

ENNEMOSER (Joseph). 

The hiftoiy of magic ; tranflated from the German by 
William Hewitt. To which is added an appendix ot the 
moll remarkable and beft authenticated llories of ap])aritions, 
dreams, fecond liglit, fomnambulifni, predictions, divination, 
witchcraft, vampires, fairies, table-turning and fpirit-rapping, 
felefled by Mary Howitt. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1854. 


ENNIUS (QviNTus), Latin poet ; Jlourified in the 3 J 
century before Chi'ijl. 

Annalium librorum XVIII quae fuperfunt fragmenta 
collefla, correfta, compofita ab Paullo G. F. P. N. Merula 
Dord. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1594. 

— Ab Hieron. Columna conquiilta difpofita et explicata 
ad Joannem (ilium. Nunc ad editionem Neapolitanam 
MDxc. recufa accurante Francifco Heflelio, J.C. ... 
Accedunt pi'aeter eruditorum virorum emendationes undique 
conquihtas ; M. A. Delrii opinationes, nee non G. J. Vollii 
cafligationes et notaf in fragmenta tragoediamm Ennii ; ut 
et index omnium verborum Ennianorum. 

4° Amftelaedami, 1707. 

— TMaittaire, Corpus poetariim Latinorum, p. 1457.] 

— \Colhdio Pisaurensis, iv. 264.] 

— Cum caftigationibus et notis G. J. Voffii. [Scriverius, 
Colkdanea veterwn tragicorum, p. 8.] 

Medea, commentario perpetuo illuftrata, cum fragmentis 
quae in Heflelii, Merulae, aliifque hujus poetae editionibus 
defiderantur. AcceiTit difputatio de origine atque indole 
veteris tragoediae apud Romanos. Diflertationem fcriplit 
H. Planck. 4° Goettingae, 1807. 

ENNODIUS (Magnus Felix), one of the Fathers of 
the Latin church. D. 521. 

Opera ; a Jacobo Sirmondo in ordinem digefta, et multis 
locis aufta et emendata. [Max. bibliotheca veterum Patrum, 
ix. 312.] 

Poematum feu carminum liber I. [Colledio Pisau- 
rensis, vi. 91.] 

Epigrammata, feu carminum liber unus. [Ibid. p. 99.] 


Diary of an ennuyee. 1826. [By Mrs. Jameson.] 

ENOCH, the Patriarch. 

The hiftory of the angels, and their gallantry with the 
daughters of men. [Aristeas, The hiflory of the feventy- 
two interpreters'^ ... I7I5- 

ENOCH, Fieie. 

Lettres ma^onniques, pour fervir de fupplements au Vrai 
Franc-ma5on de frere Enoch. 12° Liege, 1774. 

ENOS. Pfeud. ofC. P. Stone. 


Enquire within upon everything ... [By — Philp.] 

ENS (Caspar), German theologian; Jtouri/led circa 

Rerum Danicarum Friderico II. ... terra maiique 
geftarum hilloria : bella Ditmarlicum & Suecicum maxim^ 
memorabilia comploflens : cum brevi lecenlione eorum 
ctiam qux in vitam et mortem prsdi<;^i regis incidei-unt ... 
Studio & opera Gafparis Ens. Acccflerunt appcndicis loco 




ejufdem argument! epigiammata loannis Lauterbachii, et alia 
aliorum elogia. 4° Francofuni, I 593. 

— [Gruter, Dc'/ilia poelarum Germanorum, li. 1236.] 

Deliciae Galliae, five itinerarium per univerfam Galliam. 

8° Coloniae, 1609. 

Deliciae Italiae et index viatorius ab uibe Roma ad 
omncs in Italia civitates, &c. 8° Coloniae, 1608. 

Deliciae apodemicae et index viatorius Hifpaniae indi- 
cans itinera, &c. 8° Coloniae, 1608. 

Deliciarum Germaniae tarn fuperioris quam inferioris 
index ... 8° Coloniae, 1609. 

Deliciae tranfniarinae, id eft, infig'nium aliquot maris 
Mediterranei, infularum, portuum, ac maritimorum oppido- 
rum defcriptio. 8° Coloniae, 1 6 1 o. 

Magnae Britannis delicias, feu infulai-um et regnorum 
quae Magnae Britanniae nomine, & . . . Regis Jacobi. &c. 
imperio hodie comprehenduntur defcriptio ... 

8° Coloniae, 1613. 

ENS (Johannes), Dutch theologian, 1682 — 1732. 

Difputatio theologica de concordiffima evangeliftamm in 
prasdido trinas Petrinae abnegationis tempore diffonantia. 

4° Lugd. Bat. I 706. 

Annales Enfdorfenfes, a. 1 184-1368. [Pertz, jWom/- 
menla Germanlis hijlorica, xii. 4.] 

ENSE (Varnhagen von). 

Sketches of Gernian life, and fcenes from the war of 
liberation in Germany ; felefted and tranflated from the 
memoirs of V. von Enfe by Sir Alexander Duff Gordon, 
Bart. 8° Lond. 1847. 

Meta's letters : a tale. 

8° Lond. 1867. 

ENSOR (George). 

Of property and of its equal dilbibution, as promoting 
virtue, population, abundance. 8° -Lond. 1844. 

ENSOR (Thomas). 

Ireland made happy and England fafe. Two letters 
addrefled to the right hon. Sir Robert Peel, Bart., M.P., 
and a letter to Daniel O'Connell, Efq., M.P. 

8° Lond. 1846. 

The cafe decided : proteflionifts and free traders recon- 
ciled ; a letter addrefled to the eleftors of Somerfet ... to 
which is added a letter to the editor of the Times, entitled 
" Ireland living : protedtion dead." 8° Lond. 1849. 

The crifis : conciliation the true policy ; or, fuggeftions 
defigned to promote Wefleyan unity. 8° Lond. 1853. 


Heads for a Bill to amend the law concerning taillies in 
that part of Great Britain called Scotland. By the Faculty 
of Advocates. 8° Edinb. 1765. 

A free difquifition concerning the law of entails in Scot- 
land ... 1765. [5y John SwiNTON.] 

Remai-ks on Scotch entails and the new notions ; or, 
roups, rackrents, and luin ... In letters to a learned friend, 
by a country gentleman. 8° Edinb. 18 18. 

Obfervations upon the entail laws of Scotland, and upon 
the Eari of Aberdeen's bill. 8° Edinb. 1828. 


Entanglements. 1865. [5)) Mifs Jolly.] - 


A letter concerning enthufiafm ... 1708. [By Robert 

Natural hiflory of enthufiafm. 1 829. [By Ifaac 


The enthufiaft ; or prejudice and principle. 

12° Lond. n. d. 
ENTICK (John). 1713-73. 

Spelling diftionary ; to which is prefixed a grammatical 
introdudlion to the Englifh tongue. 12° Lond. 1767. 

— Digefted in a new manner, by William Cracket, 
M.A. 12° Lond. 1795. 

New Englifh-Latin dictionary. 12° Lond. 1783. 


The entomological magazine. 1833—38. 


The tranfailions of the Entomological fociety of Lon- 
don. Vols. IV. V. 8° Lond. 1845-49. 

— New feiies. Vols. I.-V. 8° Lond. 1850-61. 

— Third feries. Vols. I.-V. 8° Lond. 1862-67. 

— For 1868-70. 8° Lond. 186S-70. 


The entomologift's annual for i855[-7 i.] 

12° Lond. 1855-71. 

The entomologift's weekly intelligencer. Vols. II X. 

8° Lond. 1857-61. 
The entomologirt. Conduced by Edward Newman. 
Vols. IL-IV. 8° Lond. 1864-69. 


Remarks on the Linnaean orders of infers ; forming a 
Ihort and familiar introduflion to the ftudy of entomology. 
By a member of the Manchefter natural hiftory fociety. 

4° Lond. 1828. 

ENTRAIGUES, Comte d'. See Emanuel Louis- 
Henri de Launey. 


Entretiens d'un homme de cour, et d'un folitaire, fur la 
conduite des grands ... Par I'auteur [Etienne Lochon] du 
Traite du la confeflion. 




Entries : or, ftray leaves from a clergyman's note-book. 

8° Lend. 1853. 
ENTRUP (Jo. Henr.) 

Specimen juris gentium inaugurale, quo praecipua ci\i- 

tatis gentium maximae, atque juris eai-undem voluntarii, feu 

politivi inde derivandi, fundamenta deftruuntur. Groningae, 

1765. [Oelrichs, Colledlo d'ljfertationum juris naturae et 

gentium, p. 1.] 


A report of the fanatory condition of the borough of 
Bolton, in a letter addrefled to Thomas Ridgway Bridfon, 
Efq., Mayor. 8° Bolton, 184S. 

ENTWISLE (Joseph), WeJIeyan mini/ler. 

"The fait of the earth." A fermon on Matt. v. 13, 
preached ... on occafion of the celebration of the centenary 
of Wefleyan Methodifm. 8° Tadcafter, 1839. 

* Memoir of the rev. Jofeph Entwifle, fifty-four years 
a Wefleyan minifter ; with copious extrafts from his 
journals and correfpondence. By his fon. 

12° Briftol, 1848. 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1854. 

ENTY (John). 

A defence of the proceedings of the late affembly at Exon, 
being a leply to Mr. Pierce's Remarks on thofe pro- 
ceedings ... 8° Lond. 17 19. 


Envy : a poem ... 1778. \^By Chriftopher Anstey.] 

ENYS (John S.) 

Remarks on the intenfity and quantity of the jundVion 
changes of Suflex' and Cornwall, confidered as mining dif- 
tridls. 8° Lond. 1863. 

ENZINAS (Francisco). 

El Nuevo Teftamento traduzido en lengua Caftellana. 
1543. See Bible, Verfions, Spani/1.\ 

Dos informaziones : una dirijida al Kmperador Carlos 
v., i otra, a los Eftados del Imperio ; obra al parezer, de 
Francifco de Enzinas. Prezede una fuplicazion a D. 
Felipe II., obra, al parezer, del D''- Juan Peiez. Ahora 
fielmente reimprefas i feguidas de varios apendizes. \^Re- 
formijlas ytnliguos Efpafioles, xii.] 8° [M.idrid], 1 8 57. 

EOBANUS (Helius), German poet and hifliirian, 
I 488-1 540. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delilidc poelanim Germanorum, ii. 

Pfalterium Davidis et Salomonis Ecclefiaftes, carmine 
rcddlti. I 563- See Bible, Verfions, Latin, h. 

Eclogx xvii. [J. Oporinus, Bucoliconim autorcs, 
xxxviii. 5 10.] 

EOTVOS (Joseph), Baron, Hungarian -writer. B. 

The village notary. Tranflated by Otto Wenckftern. 
3 vols. 8° Lond. 1850. 


Carmen Hibernicum ... anni circiter 10 57. [Charles 
O'CoNOR, Rerum Hibernicarum fcriptores, tom. i. Pro- 
legom. pars i. p. cxxii.] 

EON, D'. See D'EoN. 


Footprints of the horfe. 


8° Lond. 1865. 
8" Lond. 1865. 

Eothen ; or, traces of travel . . . \^By Alexander William 

KlNGLAKE.] 1844. 

EPHEMERA. Pfaul. s/ Edward Fitzgibbon. 


Ephemerides du citoyen, ou chronique de I'efprit national. 
6 tom. 12° Paris, 1766—67. 

— 1767. Tom. I. -XII. 12° Paris, 1767. 

— 1768. Tom. I.-XII. 12° Paris, 1768. 

— 1769. Tom. I.-XII. 12° Paris, 1768. 

— 1770. Tom. I.— XII. 12° Paris, 1770. 

— I 77 I- Tom. I.-XII. 12° Paris, 1771. 

— Sixieme Annee. Tom. I. -III. 8° Paris, 1773. 
Nouvelles Ephemerides economiques, ou bibliotheque 

raifonnee de I'hiftoire, de la morale, et de la politique, [re- 
dige par M. I'Abbe Baudeau]. 1775. Tom. I.-XII. 

12^ Paris, 1775. 

— 1776. Tom. I. -VI. 12° Paris, 1776. 

EPHESIANS. See Bible. 

EPHESUS, Council of. 

swyx.^arrjSiiarig h. hsTia/Xaroi ruv axiroxoaToitiiv /3aff/X;wi/ 
0ioboaio'j OvuXsvrniavou xara Nsffroj/ou roD aisiriKOj. 
Afla cECumenica tertia; Synodi Ephefi habita: ex fani5lione 
Augg. Impp. Theodofii ct Valentiniani, aduerfus Neftorium 
hxreticum : Grxce nunc primum e Rouclilinianx bibliothecx 
exem])lari peiaietufto fideliter cxprefla. [Inteiprete Theo- 
dore Peltano.] 

fol. (Heidelbergae), e typographeio Hier. Commelini, 
I 591. 

EPHORUS CUMAEUS, Greei hiflorian. D. circa 
330 btfore Chrift. 

Fragmenta. Collegit atque illuftravit Meier Marx. Prac- 
fatus eft Frid. Creuzer, 8° Caroliruhac, 1 8 1 5. 



EPHRAEMIUS, Byzantimu ; Jlour'iJJiid in the 1 ^th 

Ephraemius, ex recognitione Immanuelis Bekkeri. [Corp. 
Script. Hijl. Byxant. No. 17.] 8° Bonnae, 184O. 

EPHRAIM, Syrus, theologian. D. circa 378. 

Ta r6u odioM Taroo; E(p^ai/i to-j Suoou agog r?;» EXXaSa 
/liTaiSXrihira. St. Ephraimus Graece, e codicibus manu- 
fcriptis Bodleianis, [curante Eduardo 7 htuaites^. 

fol. OxonijB, 1709. 

Opera omnia quae exftant, Graece, Syriace, Latine, in 
fex tomos diftributa. Ad MSS. codices Vaticanos, aliofque 
cafligata ... Nunc primum fub aufpiciis Clementis XII. 
Pontifici maximi e Bibliotlieca Vaticana prodeunt ... Tom. 
I. II. Graece et Latine. fol. Romae, 1732-43. 

— Tom. I. II. Syriace et Latine. Syriacum textum 
recenfuit Petrus Benedidtus ... fol. Romae, 1737—40. 

S. Ephraemi Syri Rabulse epifcopi Edefleni, Balasi 
aliorumque opera felefta e codicibus Syriacis manufcriptis 
in Mufeo Britannico et Bibliotheca Bodleiana aflervatis 
primus edidit J. Jofephus Overbeck. 8° Oxon. 1865. 

Seleft works : tranflated out of the original Syriac, with 
notes and indices, by the rev. J. B. Morris, M.A. [Lib- 
rary of the fathers.'] 8" Oxford, 1847. 

Laudatio in Magnum Bafilium. [Gr. et Lat. Cote- 
LERius, £cc/e/ti£ Gr<eac moiiumenta, iii. 55.] 


Epicharis ; an hiftoricai tragedy. By the author [Thomas 
Henry Lister] of Granby. 1829. 

EPICTETUS. Stoic philofopher ; Jlouriflied in thefrjl 
century after Chrifl. 

Epicleti quae fuperfunt differtationes ab Arriano colledlae; 
necnon Enchiridion et fragmenta, Graece et Latinfi in duos 
tomos diftributa cum integris Jacobi Schegkii et Hieronymi 
Wolfii, feleflifque alioram doftorum annotationibus. Re- 
cenfuit notis et indice illuftravit Joannes Uptonus. 

4° Lond. 1 74 1. 

— Et ex deperditis fermonibus fragmenta. Port lo. 
Uptoni aliorumque curas ... recenfuit, Latina verfione, ad- 
notationibus, indicibus illuftravit Jo. Schweighaeufer. 6 
torn. 8° Lips. 1 799-1 800. 

Enchiridion, una cum Cebetis Thebani Tabula. Accef- 
fere Arriani Commentariorum de Epideti Difputationibus 
lib. IV. Omnia Hieron. Wolfio interprcte, cum ejufdem 
annotationibus ... \(ir. et Lat.] 8° Cantabrigia:, 1655. 

- — Quibus adjiciuntur hac editione Simplicii Commen- 
tarius in Enchiridion Epifteti. Item Arriani Commen- 
tarioinim de Epideti Difputationibus, lib. IV. Omnia 
Hieronymo Wolfio interprete ... [Gr. et Lat.] 

8° Lond. 1670. 

— Gr. & Lat. cum notis Wolfii, Cafauboni, Cafelii, & 
aliorum. Abr. Berkelius textum recenfuit ... Accedit 
Graeca Enchiridii paraphrafis, lacunis omnibus, codicis 
Medicei ope, a Jac. Gronovio repletis. 

8° Delphis Bat. 1683. 
Enchiiidion, apopthegmata et fragmenta ... cum inter- 

pretibus Latinis, et notis. 1683. [A-kkianvs, yirs taSica, 
iS'c, 1 68 3, p. 233.] 

Manuale et fentcntias ; quibus accedunt Tabula Cebetis & 
alia affinis argumenti, [G/-.], in linguam Latinam converfa a 
Marco Meibomio. Subjiciuntur ejufdem notae, emenda- 
tiones Claudii Salmafii in Epidtetum, notae illomm & alius 
viri dofti in differtationes ab Arriano digeftas ... cura 
Hadriani Relandi. 4° Tiajefti Bat. I 7 i I . 

Enchiridion, ex editione Joannis Upton expreflum, 
[Grac. Lat.] 8° Glafg. I 758. 

Enchiridion ; fcholia antiqua in Enchiridion et Epic- 
teti difteitationum reliquae. [Arrianus, Opera, torn. ///.] 

Epifleti Enchiridion, made Englifh in a poetical para- 
phrafe, by Ellis Walker. 8° Lond. 1692. 

Epidletus his morals, with Simplicius his comment : 
made Englifh from the Greek, by George Stanhope, 
D.D. S° Lond. 1741. 

Theatro moral de toda, la philofophia de los antiques y 
modernos, con el Enchiridion de Epidleto, &c. 

fol. Bi-uffelas, 1669. 

* Simplicii Commentarius in Enchiridion Epifteti cum 
verfione Hieronymi Wolfii, et CI. Salmafii animadver- 
fionibus et notis, quibus philofophia Stoica pafllm explicatur 
& illuftratur. 4° Lugduni Bat. 1 640. 

* La vie d'Epiftete et fa philofophie. Seconde 
edition ... 12° Paris, 1657. 

* Michaelis Rossal difquifitio de Epi(5teto ... 1708. 


The epicure's year book and table companion. [1868, 
1869.] 8° Lond. i868[-69.] 

EPICURUS, Greet philofopher, 337-270 i^/or^ Chrifl. 

Epicuri phyfica et meteorologica, duabus epiftolis ejufdem 
comprehenfa, Graeca ad fidem librorum fcriptonim et edit- 
orum emendavit atque interpretatus eft I°- Gotd. Schneider. 

8° Lipfiae, 18 13. 

Epicuri fragmenta librorum II. et XL de natura in 
voluminibus papyraceis ex Herculano erutis reperta proba- 
biliter reftituta, Latine verfa, fcholiis et commentario illuftrata 
a Carolo Rofinio. Ex tomo II. voluminum Herculanenfium 
emendatius edidit fuafque adnotationes adfcripfit lo. Con- 
radus Oiellius ... 8° Lipfiae, 1818. 

* Le jardin d'Epicure : ou le veritable caraflere de ce 
philofophe. 12° Cologne, 1699. 


The Epigoniad ... 1757. [By William Wilkie.] 

EPIGRAM, EPIGRAMS. See alfo Anthology. 

Epigrammata Graeca veterum eleganuffima, eademque 
Latina ab utriufque linguae uiris doftiilimis verfa, atque ... 
per Joannem Soterem collefta ... 

8" Friburgi Brifgoiae, 1544. 

Epigrammatum Giaecomm libri vii. annotationibus Joannis 
Brodasi illuftrati. [Adjeda funt in margine inanu eleganter 
exaralm, multorum verfiones Latino carmine expreffn, per Jof. 
Scaligerum, Bon. Vulcanium iS" a/ios.] 

fol. Bafileae, i 549. 



— Accefll'runt Henrici Stcphani in quofdam anthologiae 
locos annotitiones. fol. Fiancofurti, i 6oo. 

Seleifta cpigiammata Graeca Latine verfa ex feptem 
Epigrammatum Graecarum libris ... 8° Bafil. 1529. 

Epigramniata Latina, ex anthologia Graecorum pctita : 
Latino carmine reddita a Paulo Stephano. Eiufdem Pauli 
Stephani luuenilia. 8° Genevae, 1593. 

Epigrammata e purioribus Grsecs antliologix fontibus 
haulit ... Joannes Edwards, A.M. 8" Lond. 1825. 

Epigrammi Greci, tradotti in veifi Tofcani dal Conte 
AlefTandro Mortara. 8° Oxford, 1847. 

lipigrammata et poematia Vetera ; quorum pleraque nunc 
primuni ex antiquis codicibus et lapidibus, alia fparfim antehac 
errantia, jam undecunque collefta emendatiora eduntur. 

8' Parifiis, I 590. 
Nova epigrammata. Liber primus. 4° Lond. 1684. 
Epigrammatum deledlus, ex omnibus turn veteribus turn 
reccntioribus poetis accurate deceqjtus : in ufum SchoIsE 
Etonenfis. 12° Lond. 171 5. 

Epigrammatum feledorum libii tres. 

8° Drefdae, 1791. 
A colleflion of epigrams ; to wliich is prefix'd a ciitical 
difll'itation on this fpecies of poetry. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1727-37. 
Lucubrations on the epigram, 

'El /JjiD fjv /MaSiiv a bn 'raOiiv, 
Kai /j,Y] 'raDiiv, JcaXoK !)i/ ro (Lahiv 
'E/ bi &ii "zahiv a. 0' ri\i //.ahiv, 
T/ bii fj,ahiv ; ^o-/} ya^ •na.his. 

8° Edinb. 1808. 
The battle of the epigrams : Nov. 30, 1857. 

8° Camb. 1858. 
Epigrams and literary follies. [^Edited by D. L. Pur-vesJ] 

12^ Edinb. [1867.] 


An epilogue recommending the caufe of liberty to the 
beauties of Great Britain ; fpoken by Mrs. Oldfield, at the 
Theatre Royal. 4" [Lond.] 1716. 


Cataradtes de I'imagination, deluge de la fcribomanie, 
vomifTement litteraire, hemorrhagic encyclopedique, mondie 
des monftres. Par Epimenide I'infpire. 3 torn. 

12° n. p. 1779. 


Compendio de la esfcra y ufo del globo. 

4° Madrid, 1768. 

EPIPHANIUS, St., hipjop of ConJIancf, or Salamim; 
in the i/Iand of Cyprus. D. 408. 

Opera omnia ... Dionyfius Petavivs ... rccenfuit ... \Gr. 
Ijf Lilt.] 2 torn. fol. Paris, 1622. 

Liber de ponderibus et mcnfuris. [Ugolinus, Thtfaunis 
anliqu'itiilum fiicriinim, xxviii. 825.] 

* Tranfl.itio S. Epiphanii, a. 964, 965. [Pertz, Monu- 
mcnlu Germanla hiflorica, vi. 248.] 

EPISCOPACY. See alfo England, C. Church; 
Scotland, Epifcopal Church. 

Ceitaine reafons tending to prove the unlawfldnes and 
inexpediency of all diocefan c])ifcopacy (even the mod 
moderate). Together with fomc needfull points fuddenly 
fuggelled confidering the feafon ... 4° n. p. 1641. 

Two petitions to the honourable Coui't of Parliament in 
behalfe of epifcopacy. One delivered by Sir Thomas 
Afton from the county palatine of Cheftei-. The other 
from the citties of L[ondon] and W[eftminfter]. 

4° n. p. 1 64 1. 
Of prelatical epifcopacy .. . 164 1. [5j' John Milton.] 
Confeffions and proofes of Proteftant divines of Refonned 
churches, that epifcopacy is in refpeft of the office accord- 
ing to the Word of God, and in refpeft of the ufe the 
belt. Together, with a briefe treatife touching the originall 
of bifhops and metropolitans. 4° Oxford, 1644. 

— \Another edition.] 4° n. p. 1 662. 

A colledlion of fundry petitions prefented to the Kings 
moft excellent majefty. As alfo, to the two honourable 
Houfes, now alTembled in Parliament ... in behalf of 
epifcopacy, lyturgy, rights of the crown, and liberty of the 
fubjeft, in oppolition to Popeiy, prefbytery, anarchy and 
confufion ... Printed and publilhed by the Kings fjiecial 
command, in the year 1642, and now again publifh'd to 
precaution the ill-meaning zealots of this age. 

fol. Lond. 1 68 1. 
The original and pedegree of facred epifcopacy, an eflay. 

4° "■?■ 1703- 

Several reafons for maintaining the antiquity and necefllty 
of epifcopacie. 4° n. p. 1703. 

A query turn'd into an argument in favours of epifcopacy 
... 1703. [^By Alexander Cuninghame.] 

The divine right of epifcopacy ... 1705. [By Robert 

A conference between a minifter and his paiilhioncr con- 
cerning epifcopacy ; wherein the objedions againlt it are 
anfwer'd ; its necefllty demonftrated ; and its divine inftitu- 
tion fully vindicated ; by a learned divine of the Chuich of 
England. 8° Lond. I 70S. 

An apology for the foreign Proteftant churches having 
no epilcopacy : and an anfwcr to the unchrilHan and 
uncharitable principles of Mr. Heniy Canuel, M.A. ... 
denying the validity of their minifters orders. Together 
with a (hoit account of the ancient churches of the Valden- 
ccs and Albigences. By a prieft of the Church of England. 

8° Lond. I 717. 

The hiftory of the downfall and refurreftion of epifco- 
pacy in Great Britain ... With many remarks of the 
implacable hatred of all fedlaries to that holy oider, 
which they have perfecuted with the utmoft malice, wlien- 
foever it has been in their power. 12^ Lond. 1717. 

Epifcopacy confidered with reference to the inodern 
popular focieties. 1820. [Pamphleteer, xvi. 42 I.] 

The exclufive power of epifcojially ordained clergy to 
adminifter the Word and Sacraments, and confequently the 
divine authority of epifcopacy, dilcufled in a letter to a 
friend. 8° Camb. 1834. 



EPISCOPATE. See alfo Bishop. 

On appointments to the epifcopate in the colonies and 
mother country ; a paper, read to the incoqiorated Society 
for the pro])agation of the gofpel in foreign paits, at their 
monthly board, May l6, 1851. 8° Lond. 1851. 

Increafe of the epifcopate and right of free eleftion : a 
petition to the Houfe of Lords ; with notes and obferva- 
tions, concluding with the fuggeltion of a fcheme (for the 
confideration of the Church and Parliament), for nominating 
and eledting the bifliops of fees hereafter to be ereifted. 
The notes and obfeiTations by the Hon. Colin Lindfay. 

8° Lond. 1S63. 

EPISCOPIUS or BISSCHOP (Simon), Dutch theo- 
logian, 1583-1643. 

Opera theologica. Tom. I. Editio fecunda. 

fol. Lond. 1678. 

— Pars altera \editio pnma\. fol. Roterod. 1665. 

Antidotum continens preffiorem declarationem projirias et 
genuine fentcntias qus in Synodo nationali Dordracena 
afleita eft et ftabilita. Belgice primum in lucem editum, 
nunc vero non pamm audum et Latinitate donatum ... 
[^noii.'l 4° Herder-Wiici, 1 620. 

Confeflio, five declaratio, fententiae paftorum, qui in 
Foederato Belgio Remonftrantes vocantur, fuper prsecipuis 
articulis religionis Chriftianas. \AnonJ\ 

4° Herder-Wiici, 1622. 

Bodecherus ineptiens, hoc eft, evidens demonftratio, qua 
oftenditur N. Bodechenam, ut plus quam fervili adfentatione 
efficacem Contra- Remonftrantium gratiam demereatur, in- 
epte admodum & nugatorie Confeffionem Remonftrantium 
Socinifmi arceflere nuper effe agrefliim. [y/no?;.] 

J . . . ■ . 4°_n-P- 1624. 

Examen difputationis theologies Antonii Walasi, quam 
infcripfit De quatuor controverfiis Remonftrantium articulis 
vulgo notis, in qua ftatus controverfiae nude proponitur, et 
Remonftrantes ad Ecclefiae Belgicas unitatem invitantur In- 
tegra veritate. \yinonJ\ 4° Hardei-vici, 1627. 

Verdediging van de Confellie der Remonftranten ; 
Teghen de reden-en liefdeloofe Befchuldiginghen die An- 
tonius Walxus, profefTor der Theologie tot Leyden, in 
fijn Dedicatie-Brief aen de Hooghmog. H. H. Staten 
Gener. voor de verduytfchte Cenfure van de Confeftie on- 
langs heeft uytghegheven. [AnonJ^ 4' n. p. 1627. 

Apologia pro Confeffione five Declaratione fententiae 
eorum, qui in Fcederato Belgio vocantur Remonftrantes 
fuper prsecipuis articulis religionis Chriftianse contra Cen- 
furam quatuor profefForum Leidenfium ... [y/won.] 

4° n. p. 1629. 

* Memoirs ... By Frederick Calder. 1835. 


An epifode of my life. By an Indian officer. 

12° Lond. 1857. 

Epifodes of fiftion ; or, choice ftoiies from the great 
novelifts ; with biographical introduffions, and numerous 
original illuftrations ... 4° Edinb. 1870. 

Epifodes in an obfcure life, 187 1. [By Richard 


[Colleahn of Greek Epl/lles, Part Firjl .•] Eir/irroXa; 

ut ra ovi/j-ara sv Tr\ i^^s luorisiig eiXioi. Epiftolx 'diuer- 
fomm philofophorum, oi'atorum, ihetoram fex et uiginti, 
quorum nomina in fequenti inucnies pagina. 

4° Venetiis apud Aldum menfe Martis, M.ID. 

— [Part Second ;] 'E-~iaroXa} JiaSiXslou tou /j,sydXou. 
AilBom'ou roZ ffoipiSTOxi. 'X.linvog rou crXarww/CoS. 'Aie^ii/ou x,a! 
laoxgdrous tSjv prjroiav. (T?aXd^idog rou ru^dvtou. Bgoitrou 
101/j.alou. AcroXXww'ou rsii rvoLviag. lo-jXiavou rotj rra^a- 
jBdrou. Epiftolae Bafilii Magni. Libanii Rhetoris. Chio- 
nis Platonici, Aefchinis et Ifocratis oratoiMm Phalaridis 
Tyranni. Bruti Romani. Apollonii Tyanenfis. luliani 
Apoftatas. 4° Venetiis apud Aldum, M.ID. 

Epiftolae obfcuronim vironim. 1556. [Generally 
afcnbed to Ulric von HuTTEn.] 

Epiftolae claromm viromm feledlae ... [Edidit Lazarus 
Bonamicus.] 8° Coloniae, 1569. 

Epiftolae Apollonii Tyanei, Anacharfidis, Euiipidis, 
Theanus, aliommque ad eofdem. Nunc primum editae 
Graced fimul ac Latine per Eilhardum Lubinum. 

8° Ex officina Commeliniana, 1601. 

Epiftola Hippocratis, Democriti, Heracliti Diogenis, 
Crateris ... Edita Graece fimul ac Latine per Eilhardum 
Lubbinum. 8° Ex officina Commeliniana, 1 60 1. 

An epiftle of comfort, to the reverend priefts ... re- 
ftrayned in durance for the Catholike faith. [By Robert 
Southwell.] 1605. 

Illuftrium et clarorum viromm epiftolae feleftiores, 
fuperiore faeculo fcriptae vel a Belgis vel ad Belgas ... 

8° Lugd. Bat. 161 7. 

Principum et illuftrium virorum epiftolae. Ex prae- 
cipuis fcriptoribus, tam antiquis, quam recentioribus, col- 
lefta:. 12° Amft. 1644. 

An epiftle from a lady in England to a gentleman at 
Avignon. 17 17. [5y Thomas Tickell.] 

Epiftolae Jacobi Quaiti, Jacobi Quinti, et Marije, Regum 
Scotorum, eoruraq. tutorum et regni gubematorum ; ad 
imperatores, reges, pontifices, principes, civitates, et alios, 
ab anno 1 605 ad annum 1545. Interjeflae funt quaedam 
exterorum principum ac virojum illufti'ium liters. [Edited 
by Thomas Ruddlman.^ 2 tom. 8° Edinb. 1722—24. 

Sylloges epiftolamm a viris illuftribus fcriptarum col- 
ledli ... per Petrum Burmannum. 

An epiftle to a young nobleman fiom his preceptor. 
[Fer/e.] fol. Lond. I 736. 

Variorum epiftolae anecdotae. [Ayrmannus, Sylloge 
anecdotorum, p. 4 1 I.] 1746- 

An epiftle, with fome odes on love, virtue, and other 
fubjefls. [l. To Cloe, faifly accuPd. 2. To Celia. 3. 
The kind expoftulation. 4. To Celia, coy. 5. To Celia. 
6. The lover. 7. Old Hermippus. 8. On contentment. 
9. On virtue.] 4° Lond. 1746. 

Epiftles, philofophical and moral. 1759. [-Sy William 
Kenrick, LL.D.] 

Poetic epiftle from a little infolveat debtor to a great 
infolvent debtor. 4° Lond. 1795. 

An epiftle to a friend, with other poems. 1798. [By 
Samuel Rogers.] 



Poetical cpiftlcs ... 1814. [By Robert Morehead.I 
Epiftles in vei-fe. 1828. [/iy Richard Sharp.] 
Epiftola ad Auguftum. An cpiftle to his Majefty King 

Gcoige the Fourth. By Efq. 

8° Lond. 1828. 
Epiftolae quxdam haflenus incditas. [Schelhorn, y^mo"- 

nilates literaria, i. 287.] 

Epiftola; ahquot ineditse. [Ibid. ii. 497.] 
Dodecas epillolarum ineditarum. [Ibid. iii. 241.] 
Epiftolae quxdam inedits ex Bibliotheca Krafftiana. 

[Ibid. iv. 522.] 

Epirtolaj quasdam inedits. [Ibid. v. 177.] 

Epiftola critica * * * C. R. P. ad T. D. L. C. de 

jHindtis controverfis Kempifianoe praecipuis. [Ibid. viii. 


Epiftola: qusedam ineditas ex autographis in Bibliotheca 
UfFenbachiana. [Ibid. x. I 2 50.] 

Epiltols quasdam ineditse. [Ibid. xii. 628.] 

Epiftolae feptem variorum ineditas. [Ibid. xiv. 501.] 

Electa epiftolica. [Ibid. xiv. 603.] 

An epiftle from a gentleman at Twickenham to a noble- 
man at St. James's. Occafioned by an epiftle from a 
nobleman to a dodor of divinity. fol. Lond. n. d. 

See alfo Bible. 

A fhort explanation of the epiftles & gofpels of the 
Chriftian year, with queftions for the ufe of fchools. 

8° Lond. 1 85 1. 

On the epiftles to thefeven churches. 12= Lond. I 854. 

A general introduftion to the Apoftolic epiftles, with a 
table of St. Paul's travels and an eftay on the ftate after 
death. Second edition, enlarged. To which is added a 
few words on the Athanafian creed, on juftification by faith, 
and on the ninth and feventeenth articles of the Church of 
England. By a bifliop's chaplain. 8° Camb. 1861. 


E«ra^;a ; or a collection of memonals, infcribed to 
the memory of good and faithful fervants, copied on the fpot 
in various cemeteries. 12^ Lond. 1826. 

Collc(!:Hon of epitaphs and monumental infcriptions, 
chlelly in Scodand. [Contains a reprint of Monteith's 
Theater of morUility.] i2°Glafg. 1 851. 

Epitaphs, colleded from Holy Writ ... By H. L. S. 
... 1869. 

I'ipitaphs and epigrams curious, quaint and amufing, fjom 
various fources. [PuUiJlml by S. Palmer.~\ 

8° Lond. 1S69. 

Epitaphia principum et illuftrium perfonarum. [Mabil- 
LON, Vetera analeHa, p. 377.] 

Alia epitaphia. [Ibid. p. 379.] 

Epitapiiia Judaica Furthenfia Latinc I'eddita a .loh. 
Chriftoj)ii. Wollio. [Ugolinus, Thefciurus aniiquitatum 
yj/crarum, xxxiii. 1387.] 

EPITAUX (George). 

Tiie iioufekeepcr and cooks' companion. Receipts for 
making ices ... ■ 12^ Lond. 1856. 


Deliciarum gamicarum aureolus ... epithalamia exhibens 
... editus ftudio & opera H. Vigelii. 1620. 


The epitomift : a literary mifcellany and record of pro- 
gress. 8° Lond. [1854.] 


The great epoch predicted by the prophets ; or, the aj)- 
proaching conflifls and revolutions in church and ftate 
throughout the world preparatory to the reign of the faints 
for a thoufand years ... By the author of "The great year 
predicted by Daniel and St. John," " The feventy weeks 
of Daniel." 8° Lond. 1869. 

EPPS (E.) 

Practical obfervations on health and long life. 

8° Lond. 1855. 
EPPS (George N.) 

Difeafes of women and their homoeopathic treatment. 
By Walter Williamson, M.D. ... Revifed by George N. 

EPPS (John), M.D. 

Difputatio inauguralis de infania ... 

8= Edinb. 1827. 
The life of John Walker, M.D. 8° Lond. 1831. 
Horae phrenologicas ; being three phrenological cflays ... 
With notes by rev. John Piei-pont. 12° Bofton, 1835. 
Domeftic homoeopathy. Fourth edition. 

8° Lond. [1844.] 

— Fifth edition. 8° Lond. [1850.] 
Homoeopathy and its principles explained. 

8° Lond. 1850. 
Conftipation ; its theory & cure ; embracing the [jhyfio- 
logy of dlgeftion, and the injuries inflifted by the employ- 
ment of purgatives. 8° Lond. 1854. 
Confumption ; (phthifis) its nature and treatment. 

8° Lond. 1859! 
EPPS (Rk-hard). 

The iiomoeopathic family inftruftor 

— Appendix. 

8° Lond. [1864.] 
8° Lond. [1866.] 


A brief Iketch of the life of William Penn, the founder 
of Pennfylvania. [Preface figne(l'\ Epiilon. 

8" Lond. 1853. 
The moral government of God : lemarks on a late con- 
tioverfy "between the rev. J. Baldwin Brown, and tlie rev. 
J. Howard Hinton, in relation to the Divine government. 

8° Lond. 1864. 

Tlie defcription of Epfom, with tjie humours and poli- 
ticks of the place ; in a letter to £udo.\a. i 71 1. [By 

John ToLAND.] 




EpuUia. By the author of " Poems by Melanter." 

8" Lond. 1854. 


Equal to either fortune : a novel. By the author of 
" The man of mark," " Richard Langdon," etc. etc. In 
three volumes. 8^ Lond. 1 869. 


Propofals ... for remedying the great charge and delay 
of fuits at LAW and in equity ... 1730. 


A letter to a member of Parliament, ancnt the applica- 
tion of the 309885 Lib. 10 lliil : ilerl : equivalent ; with 
confideration of reducing the coin to the value and llandard 
of England. [20 Dec. 1706.] 4° n. p. 1706. 

An elTay upon the equivalent. In a letter to a friend. 

4° n. p. 1706. 

The anatomy of an equivalent. [By George Savile, 
Marquis of Halifax.] 

The equivalent explained. [By Heni-y Savile, Mar- 
quis of Halifax.] 

ERASMUS (Desiderius), 0/ Rotterdam, 1467- 

Opera omnia, emendatiora & aufliora, ad optimas edi- 
tiones praecipue quas ipfe Erafmus poftremo curabit ... fumma 
fide exafla, doftorumque viromm notis illuftrata. In dccem 
tomos diltindta. fol. Lugd. Bat. 1703—6. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delilttc poetarum Belgicorum, ii. 
2 2 0.] 

Lucubrationes ... 4° Argentorati, 1516. 

Parabolarum, five fimilium liber. 

4° Argentorati, i 5 1 6. 

Novum Teftamentum omne, multo quam antehac dili- 
gentius recognitum, emendatum ac tranflatum. I 5 19. 1541. 
See Bible, New Teftament and parts in Greek, a. 

Lingua. Opus novum, & hifce temporibus aptiffimum. 

8° n. p. I 525. 

Enchiridion militis chriftiani, whiche may be called in 
englysfhe, the hanfom weapon of a chriften knyght, reple- 
nysfhed with many goodly & godly preceptes . . . newly 
corredled. 8° Imprynted at Londo ... by wynkyn 

de worde ... i 534. 

Paraphrafis, feu potius epitome infcripta (?) D. E. Rot. 
luculenta juxta ac brevis, in elegantiarum libros Laurentii 
Vallas, multo quam antea fuit et caftigatior, et locupletior. 
Acceflit appendix utiliffima, continens feleflas copix for- 
mulas, in quibus multa funt per authorem adjeifta, nunquam 
antehac excufa. Addita eft & farrago fordidorvim ver- 
borum, five Augia: ftabulum, repurgatum per Cornelium 
Crocum. 8° Friburgum Brifgoiae, 1536. 

Apophthegmes ... tranflated into Englyflie by Nicolas 
Udall. 8° Typis Ricardi Grafton, 1542. 

— Selefted from the Greek and Latin colleftions of 
Erafmus. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1753. 

The firft tome or volume of the paraphrafe of Erafmus 
upon the newe teftamente. fol. Lond. 1548. 

The paraphrafe of Erafmus upon the New Teftament. 
2 vols. 4° Lond. I 548—9. 

Adagiorum chiliades juxta locos communes digefti, cum 
animadverlionibus Henrici Stephani. 

fol. Typis Wechelianis, 1599. 

— [Another edil'wn.'\ fol. Francofurti, 1646. 
Dialogus, cui titulus Ciceronianus, five, de optimo dicendi 

generc. [J. C. Scaliger, Adverfus Defid. Erafmum ora- 
tioiies duir. 162 I.] 

Epiftolanim ... libri xxxi et P. Melandlhonis libri iv. 
Quibus adjiciuntur Thomae Mori & Ludovici Vivis, epi- 
ftolae ... fol. Lond. 1642. 

Epiftolae feledliores excerptae ex majoii volumine, qui- 
bus aliundae plurimae acceflere. S"" Bafil. I 7 19. 

* Index et argumentum epiftolarum ad D. Erafmum 
Roterdamum autographarum, quas ab anno 1520 ufque ad 
annum 1536. cardinales, epifcopi ... item aularum papae 
... Erafmo familiares exararunt, et quae ab ipfo Erafmo 
fepofitae ac reconditas, poll: obitum ejus latuerant in Hel- 
vetia, Belgio, Anglia, nunc cum nonnuUis aliis ex Biblio- 
theca Erafmi autographis adfen-antur Lipfiae in Biblio- 
theca loannis Friderici Burfcheri. 8'^ Lipfis, 1784. 

Morias encomium ; cum commentariis Ger. Lillrii & 
figuris Jo. Holbenii. 8° Bafileae, 1676. 

Erafmus in praife of folly ; illuflrated*with many curious 
cuts, deCgned, drawn, and etched by Hans Holbein. With 
portrait, life of Erafmus, and his epiftle addrefled to Sir 
Thomas More. 8° Lond. [1870.] 

Moria eller Daarligheds Berommelfe. Skreven i det 
Latiniilie Sprog af Rafmus Roterdam, men nu allerforft 
overfat i Danlli, og for Tydeligheds Skyld med fornbdne 
Anmerkninger og Forklaringer ... udgivetaf L. [Barihold 
Johan Lodde]. 8° Altona, 1745. 

Colloquia familiaria, notis perpetuis ad modum Jo, 
Minellii inlulhata atque explicata opera M. Jo. Pauli Gum- 
prechti ... Accedunt Scriveiii Coronis apologetica pro 
Colloquiis Erafmi ; eiufdem differtatio de Colloquiorum 
utilitate ; Laus Moriae, vita, epitaphium ... Erafmi ... 

8° Lipfiae, 17 i 3. 

Colloquia felefta ... with an Englilh tranflation as literal 
as pofllble, defign'd for the ufe of beginners in the Latin 
tongue. By John Clarke. 8° Nottingham, 1720. 

— Nintii edition. 8" Lond. 1742. 
Twenty-two feledl colloquies, out of Erafmus Rotero- 

damus, pleafantly reprefenting feveral fuperftitious levities 
that were crept into the Church of Rome in his days. By 
Sir Roger L'Eftrange. To which are added, feven more 
dialogues, with the life of the author, by Mr. Tho. Brown. 

8° Lond. 1725. 

Erafmi colloquia feledta : arranged for tranflation and 
retianflation ; adapted for the ufe of boys who have begun 
the Latin fyntax. By Edward C. Lowe, D.D. 

8° Oxford, 1866. 

CoUoques d'Erafme intitules Abbatis et Erudite et Virgo 
/x/ffoya/ioj traduifls de Latin en Francois par Clement 
Marot. [C. Marot, QLwvres, iii. I 69.] 

Concio de puero Jefu, olim pronunciata a puero in fchola 
Jo. Coleti Lond. inftituta ... 8° Lond. 1 8 1 6. 



Pilgrimages to St. Mary of Walfingham and St. Thomas 
of Canterbury, newly tranflated, with the Colloquy on rafli 
vows by the fame author, and his charafter of Archbilhop 
Warham, &c. &c. 8' Weftminder, 1849. 

A traifl on preparation for death. Tranflated by the rev. 
.Jacob Henry Brooke Mountain, D.D. 8" Lond. 1866. 

De re<5ta Latini Grascique fermonis pronunciatione, dia- 
logus. [Havercampus, Sylloge, ii. 7.] 

Pamjihilus, five E»w;, ecloga. [J. Oporinus, Bucoli- 
corum autores, xxxviii. 47 3"] 

An exortacion to the diliget ftudy of Scriptur ... lately 
tranflated into Englifhe. 

8° Imprynted at London in faynte Andrewes 
paryfl'he befyde Baynards caftell by me 
Thomas Ranalde and Wyliya Hyll, n. d. 

* Life ... By Samuel Knight. 1726. 

* Vie ... Par M. Jean Levesque de Burigni. 1757. 

* Life. By John Jortin. 1758—60. 

* Life. Reduced from the larger work, of Dr. Jortin, 
by A. Lacey, Efq. 1809. 

* Life. 1825. \By Charles Butler.] 

In honorem M.- 

8° Oxford, I 866. 

ERASTUS \Germ. Lieber] (Thomas), German phy- 
Cician, 1523—83. 

Defenfio libelli Hieronymi Savanarolas de aftrologia divina- 
tricc, adverfus Chriftoph. Stathmionem ... Acceflit huic alia 
ejufdem argument! difliitatio ... 4" [Heidelberg], 1569. 

Thefes touching excommunication : tranflated from the 
Latin, with a preface by the rev. Robert Lee, D.D. 

8° Edinb. 1844. 

ERATH (Anthon Ulrich), German lurtter, i 709-73. 

Hiftorifche Nachricht von den im alten und mittlern 
durchlauchtigllcn Braunfchweig- Liineburgifchen Haufe 
infl)efondere zu H. Wilh. des alteren und H. Wilh. des 
jUngern Zeiten getroffenen Erbtheilungen. 

4° Frankfurth, 1736. 


Catafterifmi, Gracce et Latine. [Thomas Gale, Opuf- 
cula mythologlca, tS^c] 

Sanclioniatho's Phoenician hiilory ... ^Vith a continua- 
tion of it by Eratofthcnes Cyrenaeus ... [Edited by Richard 
Cumberland.] 1720. 

ERBADA (Ignacio de la). 

Las fantafmas de Madrid, y eftafermos de la coite. 4 
torn. 4° Salamanca, i 761—3. 

ERBERM ANNUS (Vitus), re^or of the Roman 
Catholic feminary iit FiilJa, 1597 — 1675. 

Antimufxus, h. e. Parallela ccclefia- vera; ct falfx ; 
quarum illam Catholici omncs juxia fymlxiluni apollolorum 
ultra I 6ooannosproritentur: banc a Protellantibus ante 130. 
annos confi<ftam toties interim convuifam, nuper D. Joannes 
MufsBus Luthcranus Jem theologus inllaurarc conatus c(l. 


Accedit animadverfiogemina : prior, in Anti-Kcddium ejuf- 
dem D. Mufairi : pofterior, in Ollenfionem fummariam D. 
Gerardi Titii Helmftadienfis. |foI. Herbipoli, 1659. 

Antimufasi pars IL h. e. Aflertiones theologies, quibus 
vindicatur a cavillationibus loannis Mufaei, fidei divinK a 
fcholaflicis tradita analyfis ... Praemittitur diflertatio, qua 
Biblia GeiTTianica, vemacula lingua per Jencnfes gloflata, 
impietatis convincuntur ... 4° Herbipoli, I 661. 

Jufta expoftulatio cum Proteftantium theologis (Jenen- 
fibus praecipue) quod tam atrocibus, quam patentibus 
calumniis falfique criminibus, defideratae concordias Pro- 
teftantium cum Catholicis in una fidei confefllone, praefrafle 
obfiftere non definant ... 4° Herbipoli, 1662. 

Trophxa Romana S. Catholicae Ecclefias qua Luther- 
anifmi propugnatoribus Jenenfibus, Johanni Mufaeo, et 
Andreae Wigando eripuit erexitque Vitus Erberman. 

4° Moguntise, [1672.] 

ERBIGNY ( d'). 

An eflay on the future deftinies of Europe : from the 
French. 8° Lond. 1831. 

ERCHAMBERT, French hiflorian. D. circa 74O. 
Breviarium regum Francorum (a.d. 7 i 5—880.) [Pert/., 
Monumenta Germanix hijlortca, ii. 328.] 

PERTUS, or HEREMPERTUS, Lombard hiftorian ; 
Jlourijhed in the i^th century. 

Hiftoria Langobardorum Beneventi port Paulum Dia- 
conum ad annum ufque 888. [L. A. Muratorius, 
Rervm Italicarum fcriptores, ii. 237 & v. I 5.] 

— Pertz, Monumenta Germanla hiflorica, v. 24O.] 

EcCARDUS, Corpus hijloricum mcdii a-vi, i. 49.] 

ERCILLA Y ZUNIGA (Alonso de), Spani/]j 
traveller and poet. B. I 5 3 O. 

La Araucana. 2 part. 8° Madrid, 1776. 

— [yfnother edition.^ 3 tom. [Biblioteca Efpahola, iv. 
V. vi.] 8° Gotha, 1S05-7. 

ERCK (John Caillard), LL.D. 

A repertory of the enrolments on the patent rolls of 
Chancery in Ireland commencing with the reign of King 
James I. Vol. I. part I. Edited by Jolm Caillard Erck. 

40 Dublin, 1846. 

ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN, MM., the compound 
name ajfumed by tivo French novelijls, Emilc Erckmann and 
Alexandre Chatrian. 

The confcript : a tale of the French war of 1 81 3. 
Tranflated from the l'"rench. 8° Lond. 1865. 

— [y^nother edition.'] 8' Lond. 1 8 70. 

— Tranflated by H. W. Dulcken, Ph.D. 

12° Lond. [187 I.] 

— And Waterloo, or, the invafion of France and its 
fequel " The one hundred days." New authorized tranf- 
lation by Theodore Taylor. 8° Lond. [18 "I.] 

Waterloo : a ftory of the hundred days. Being a fequel 
to "The confcript." Tranflated from the French. 

8° Lond. 1S65. 



— [Another edition.] 8° Lond. 1870. 
The ftory of Madame Therefe the cantiniere ; or, the 

French aiiny in '92. Tranflated from the work of MM. 
Erckmann-Chatrian. By two fifters. With an introduc- 
tion and edited by the rev. J. C. Ryle, B.A. 

8' Lond. 1869. 

— [Another edition.] 8° Lond. [187 I.] 
The blockade. (Le blocus.) An epifode of the fall 

of the firft French empire. Tranflated from the French ... 

8° Lond. 1869. 

— [^Another edition.] 8° Lond. [1872.] 
The outbreak of the great French Revolution related by 

a peafant of Lorraine. Tranflated by Mrs. Cafhel Hoey. 
In three volumes. 8° Lond. 187 1. 

The ftoiy of a peafant (1789); or the beginning of 
the great French Revolution. 12° Lond. [187 I.] 

A man of the people. A tale of 1848. From the 
French by the tranflator of " The Blockade." In two 
volumes. 8° Lond. 1871. 

The Foreft houfe and Catherine's lovers. Tranflated 
by John Simms. 8' Lond. 1 87 1. 

The invafion of France in 1 8 1 4 ; comprifing the night- 
march of the Ruffian army part Phalfbourg. 

8° Lond. 187 I. 

ERCOLANI (Francesco). 

Paradifo ferafico e relatione diftinta dell infigni fantuarii 
e fagra Bafilica di S. Maria, portiuncula detta dell Angeli 
d'Aflifo. 12° Spoleti, 17 15. 

ERDESWICK (Sampson). Z). 1603. 

A fun'ey of StafFordfhire : containing the antiquities of 
that county. Collated with manufcript copies, and with 
addiuons and correftions, by Wyrley, Chetwynd, Degge, 
Smyth, Lyttelton, Buckeridge, and others, Oluftrative of 
the hiftory and antiquities of that county. By the reverend 
Thomas Harwood, B.D., F.S.A. 

8" Weftminfter, 1820. 

— A new edition ; confiderably improved. 

8° Lond. 1844. 

ERDL (Michel Pius), German ph^uian, 1S15— 48. 

Atlas of the formation of the human body, in the earlieft 
ftages of its development, compiled from the refearches of 
the late profeflor Dr. M. P. Erdl by .Tofeph Kahn, M.D. 
(Vienna). 40 Lond. 1832. 


Ereighda Caftle : a novel. In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1870. 

EREMITA. See Daniel L'Hermite. 

EREMPERTUS. See Erchempertus. 


Remarks on Dr. Buckland's view of the Mofaic creation. 
1837. [5yW. G. C] 


Annales Erphesfiirdenfes, a. 1125— 1137. [Pertz, 
Monumenta Germanin hiflorica, viii. 536.] 

Ei'phurdianus antiquitatum variloquus, ab inido fundationis 
ejufdem civitatis fumens exordium. [Menckenius, Scrip- 
tores rerum Germanicarum, ii. 46 1 .] 

Chronica Erfoidenfis civitiitis, quorum audor creditur 
Theodoricus Engelhufius. [Ibid. ii. 561.] 

Chronicon S. Petri, vulgo Sampetrinum Erfuitenfe, ab 
anno Chrilti xxxi. five potius ab anno mxxxvi. ufque ad 
annum mccclv. [Ibid. iii. 201.] 

ERHARD (Christophorus Fridericus). 

Triumviros Halberftadenfes Clementem II. ... Joannem 
Semecam . . . Conradum de Halberftad . . . praeiide Jo. And. 
Schmidio ... delineates Cftet Chrillophorus Fridericus 
Erhard. 4° Helmftadii, 1575. 

ERHARD (Henricus Avgvstvs), pro/e^or o/phik- 
fophy at Erfurt, I793-1851. 

Academiam Erfoidienfem de reftauratis litteris tarn 
facris quam profanis faeculi XVIti. initio, optime ... meri- 
tam profert. 4° Erfordiae, n. d. 

ERHARD (JoH. Benjamin), German phyfecian and 
philofopher, I 7 66— I 8 2 7. 

IJber hohere Lehranftalten, deren Einrichtung und 
Zweck. 8° Berhn, 1 8 16. 

ERHARDUS (Georgius). 

Sylloge annotationum et obfeiTationum in T. Pctronii 
Arbitii Satyricon et Fragmenta. 8° n. p. n. d. 

ERIC IX., King of S'wedcn. D. I I 60. 
* Ifrael Erlaxdi Fil. de vita et miraculis Sanfli Erici. 

ERICEYRA (L. de Menezes). See Ludwig de 

ERICH (Augustus), fecretary to the King of Den- 
mark ; flourifbed in the I dth century. 

Klarlige oc vifle Beflcriffvelfe om ... Chriftians den 
Fierdis ... kongelige Kroning ... den 29 Augufti 1596 ... 
Fordanllvet, oc met Kroningens Ceremoniers Udleggelfe . . . 
formeret, ved ... Andieam BenediiSum Dailinum. 

4° Kiobenhaffn, 1598. 

ERICHIUS (Samuel). 

Epigrammatum centuriae aliquot. 8° Lipfiae, 1698. 

Epigrammatum Latino-Germanicorum, centuriae XXV. 
novae. 8° Brunfvigae, i 700. 

ERICHSEN (John), librarian of the Royal library at 
Copenhagen, 1728—87. 

Tentamen philologico-antiquarium, quo nomina propria 
et cognomina veterum feptentrionalium, monumentorum 
antiquorum, inprimis Iflandicorum, ope, leviter illul^rantur. 

8° Havnii, I 753. 

Difquifitiones duae hiftorico-antiquariae ; prior de veterum 
feptentrionalium imprimis Iflandorum peregrinationibus ... 
pofterior de philippia, five amoris equini apud prifcos Boreales 
caufis. i2°Lipfi2e, 1755. 



Deux dilTertations. I. fur I'origine du langage, et II. 
fur les Runes. Avec des effais fur divers fujets. [^non.l 

8" Copenh. I 767. 

ObfeiTationum ad antiquitates feptentrionales pcrtlnentium 
fpecimcn. 12° Hafniae, 1769. 

Ad ... Finnum Johannasum ... epiftola de chronologia 
Gunnlaugs-Sag<e ad Hid. Eccles. Ifland. torn. IV. p. 358— 
68 & Vitam Gunnlaugi Ormftungce not. 82, loi, & III. 
Acceni-runt Gunnari Pauli ... curs pofteriores in Gunnlaugi 
vitam & maxime in quxdam carmina antiqua in eadem obvia. 

4' Hafnix, 1778. 

Foifog til Forberedelfe til at befvare det Kongelige 
Dandce Landhuufholdnings-Selilcabs Sporfmaal om den 
befte Handcls-Indretning for Ifland ... 

8° Kiobenhavn, 1783. 

ERICHSEN (John Eric), profeffor of furgery, Uni- 
•verfity College, London. 

A praftical treatife on the difeafes of the fcalp. 

4° Lond. 1842. 
On the ftudy of furgery : an addrefs ... 

8° Lond. 1850. 
The fcience and art of furgery. Being a treatife on 
furgical injuries, difeafes, and operations. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1 861. 

— Fourth edition. 8° Lond. 1864. 

— Fifth edition. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1869. 
On railway and other injuries of the nen'ous fyllem. 

8° Lond. 1866. 

ERICHSON (Johann), Sivedijl} clergyman ; Jlouriflied 
in the I 8//) century. 

Bibliotheca Runica, worin zuverlaflige Nachrichten von 
den Scliriftftellcrn ilber die Runifchc Litteratur, und von 
den dahin gehorigen Buchftaben, Grabfteinen, Calendern, 
Handfchriftcn und Miinzen ertheilet werden. 

4° Greifswaid, I 766. 

* Antwort auf die Frage : ob des Herm Johann Erich- 
fons ... Bibliotheca Runica fiir volllFandig und zureicliend 
zu halten fey? ... 8° Greifswaid, 1 766. 


Erick Thorburn. In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1869. 

ERICUS (Johannes Petrus), German philologi/l ; 
Jlouri/hed in the \']th century. 

Renatum 1^ niyfterio principium philologlcum, in quo 
vocum, (ignorum ct pundlorum, tum & literarum maxime ac 
numerorum origo ; ncc non novum variariim rcrum fpecimen 
etymologicum forma dialogi propalatur. 8° Patavii, 1686. 

\vic;uitayXuTTOvia, five humanae linguae genefis. Partis 
primae tomus primus. 4° Venet. 1697, 


Evelyn Clare ; or, the wrecked homelleads : an Iiilli 
flory of love and landlordifm. By Erigena. 

8° Lond. 1870. 

ERIGENA (Jo. ScoTUs). See Jo. Scotus Erigena. 


Erin go bragh. [Verfe.'\ 8° Lond. 1822. 


Erin's hope. The Irifli church miflions' juvenile maga- 
zine. 1853; 55-57; 58; 64; 66; 68; 69. 

12° Lond. [1853-69.] 

ERITH (Francis Norton). 

The pleafures of friendfhip and other poems. 

8° Lond. 1849. 
Stray thoughts on life aflurance ... 8° Lond. 1854. 
An effay upon life affurance, 1 854. By Edward 
Baylis, G. Bermingham and F. N. Erith. 

The progrefs of life affurance ; developed in the principle 
of fuftentation, or the prevention of policies from lapfe : an 
effay ... By Francis Norton Erith, and John White Oram. 

8° Bath, 1855. 
The miffion of life aflurance : an eflay. 

8° [Lond. 1855.] 

ERITH (Lynn). Pfeud. 0/ Edward Fox. 

ERIZZO (Sebastiano), Italian philofopher and anti- 
quary, I 52 5—85. 

Difcorfo fopra le medaglie de gli antichi, con la dichia- 
ratione delle monete confulari, e delle medaglie de gli 

imperadori Romani. 4" Venegia, 1559. 

Le fei Giornate. 4° Venetia, 1567. 

Poefie. Vene%. 1787. [Parnaso //a/iano, tS'i'., vol. 

Le ftefl"e. 8° Milano, 1 805. 

ERLACH (Alb. d'), Baron de Spiez. 

Memoires hiftoriques concemant Monfieur le General 
d'Erlach, Governeur de Brifich. Pour fervir a I'hiftoire de 
la fameufe guerre de xxx ans et des regnes de Louis XIII. 
et de Louis XIV. ... 4 tom. 12° Yverdon, 1784. 

ERLACH (Jean Louis d') governor of Breifach, 

* Mcmoiies ... Par Alb. d'ERLACH. 1784. 

ERLAM (J. S.) 

Outlines of military fortification ... with a plan of the 
citadel of Antwerp ... and a notice of the fiegc by the French 
in 1832. 8" Lond. 1855. 

ERLANDI (Israel), Swedifb monh ; flouriflied in the 
I \th century. 

De vita ct miraculis fanfli Erici, Succix Regis : primus 
edidit, notifque illulhavit Joannes Schefll'rus, Argento- 
ratcnfis. 8° Holmix, 1675. 

ERLE (Sir William). 

The law relating to trade unions. 

8° Lond. 1869. 



ERMAN (Georg Adolph), German tra-veller. B. 

Travels in Siberia : tranflated from the German, by 
William Defl)orough Cooley. 2 vols. 8° Lend. 1848. 

ERMANRICUS, a monk of Reichenau. See Ermen- 


CUS, or ERMENOLDUS, abbot of Elwangen ; four- 
i/hed in the gth century. 

Dialogus de vita et miraculis B. Hariolphi epifcopi Lin- 
gonenfis, fundatoris et abbatis monafterii EKvacenfis. [Fez, 
Thefaurus anecdotorum novijjimus, iv. iii. 745.] 

— [Pertz, Monumenta Germanic h'lflorica, xii. II.] 
Vita Sanfti Solae Angli abbatis in Solenhoven, five Cella 

Solonis feu Cella Solae. [Canisius, LeSiones ant'tqun, 11. 
ii. 161.] 


Deutfches Lefebuch, enlarged and improved by the addi- 
tion of explanatory notes by A. Heimann, Dr. Ph. 

12^ Lond. 1843. 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1844. 

Ermengarde Sydney ; or, home fketches. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

Opufculum contra Waldenfium feilam. \Max. b'lblio- 
theca •veterum Patrum, xxiv. 1602.] 

Litterx, quibus abdicat confuetudinem, quam ab ante- 
cefforibus fuis habebat, capiendi bona mobilia et immobilia 
Epifcoporum Urgellenfium defuniflorum. [Baluze, Mif- 
cellanea, ii. 225.] 

ERMENOLDUS. See Ermanricus. 

ERMENRICUS. See Ermanricus. 

ERMENRICUS, a monk of Reichenau ; Jlour'i/hed in 
the gth century. 

Fragmenta ex libro Ermenrici ... de grammatica, ad 
Grimoldum Archicapellanum, ubi multa de viris illuftribus 
S. Galli. [Mabiluon, Vetera analeBa, p. 420.] 


* Vita ... By Anso. 


* De vita et miraculis S. Erminoldi, nobUis Suevi, in 
HirfauguenG coenobio monachi, abbatis Lorfacenfis, et poftea 
piimi abbatis in Prufeningenfi monafterio prope Ratifponam. 
[Canisius, Lectiones antique, iv. 91.] 

* Vita ... edidit Ph. Jaife. [Pertz, Monumenta Ger- 
mania hiftorica, xiv. 480.] 

ERMINRICUS. See Ermanricus. 

ERNALDUS, .^bbas Sanai Petri Vivi. 

Epiftola ad Archiepifcopum Senonenfem. [Baluze, 
Mifcellanea, vi. 430.] 


The ghoft of Erneft ... 1757. [By Robert Bolton.] 


Erneft Graham: a doftor's ftory. 8"^ Lond. 1866. 


Erneft Singleton. By the author of Dr. Hookwell. 

[Robert Armitage.] 

ERNEST THE PIOUS, frfl Duke of Saxe Gotha,- 

* Memorials ... by Thomas Lathbury. 1843. 

ERNESTI (JoHANN August), German philologi/l and 
theologian, I 7 O 7 — 8 I . 

Opufcula oratoria, orationes, prolufiones et elogia : ac- 
ceffit narratio de Jo. Matthia Gefnero ad Davidem Ruhn- 
kenium. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1762. 

— Novum volumen. 8° Lipfias, 1791. 

Opufcula philologica critica ; multis locis emendata et 
auifla. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1764. 

Opufcula theologica. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1773. 

Opufcula varii argument!. 8' Lipfix, 1794. 

Loci aliquot e Ciceronis De nat. deorum libris emen- 
dati, vindicati, illuftiati. 4= Lipfiae, [1737.] 

Clavis Ciceroniana, five, indices rerum et verborum 
phllologico-critici in opera Ciceronis. Accedunt Graeca 
Ciceronis neceffariis obfervationibus illuftrata. 

8° Lipfiae, 1738. 

Hiftoria critica operum Ciceronis typographorura formulis 
editorum. 4-"" Lipfiae, [1756.] 

De antro Platonis prolufio. 4° [Lipfiae, I 7 58.] 

Inftitutio interpretis Novi Teftamenti. 

8° Lipfiae, i 761. 

Principles of biblical interpretation : tranflated by Charles 
H. Terrot, A.M. 2 vols. 8° Edinb. 1832-33. 

Archaeologia literaria, editio altera emendata atque aufla 
opera et ftudio Georgii Henrici Martini. 

8° Lipfiae, i 790. 

ERNESTI (Jo. ChrisTianus Gottlieb), German critic, 

De gloffis facris Heyfchii diflertatiuncula. 

4° Lipfiae, [1782.] 

ERNESTI (JoHANN Heinrich), German philologi/l, 

Seculum Eleiftoratus Saxonici Georgicum. 

4^ Lipfiae, [1693.] 

ERNESTI (Jo. Henricus Martinus). 

Parerga Horatiana ; quibus continentur vita Horatii . . . 



Hiftoria Bomanorum per vitam Horatii. Cenfura novifli- 
marum obfervationum in Horatii Ejiiftolam ad Pifones cum 
Hier. Bofchii curis fecundis in Horatii lipiftolam ad Pifones. 
Prolufiones de ingenio poetarum Romanoi-um imprimis poetae 
Venufini. 8° Halis Saxon. I 8 i 8. 

Onomafticon poetarum illuftratum in primis Q. Horatii 
Flacci, five inteq)res rerum ad mythologiam, geographiam, 
hiftoriam, pertinentium. 8" Halis Saxon. l8l8. 

ERNESTINA (Louise). 

Nothing too finiple for God. The hand of providence 
feen in anfwer to the prayer of faith. 

8° Lond. [1870.] 

Erneftine ; or, the child of myflery. [By Mifs 


Emefto di Ripalta. A tale of the Italian revolution. 
1849. [By H. Geale.] 


Defcription and ufe of the key of mufical keys, a new 
apparatus for folving at a glance queftions about mufical 
fcaies ... 12° Lond. [1870.] 

ERNST (Fr. Gostav). 

The portable gymnafium : a manual of exercifes, an'anged 
for felf-inflruiftion in the ufe of the portable gymnafium. 

8° Lond. [1861.] 

ERNST (Henrik), Dani/h juri/l, 1603-65. 

DifTertatio de vera jurifpinidentiae et jurifconfulti aeftima- 
tionc. [f'^tiriorum opufcula ad cultlorem Jurisprudentiam 
adfequendam pertinentia, i. 65.] 

De pxnula epiftola. [Th. Bartholini, Commentanus 
de patiidtiA 

— [Gr^vius, Thefaurus antiquitatum Romanarum, vi. 


Breviores annot;itiones in librum prinium Digeftorum, una 

cum explanatione L. Princeps xxxi. D. de legibus. 

[Meerman, Novus thefaurus juris civi/is et canon'ici, vi. 

Vaiiarum obfervationum libii duo. [Otto, Tbefaurus 
juris Romani, v. i I 2 1 .] 

ERNULPHUS, bi/hop of Rocht/l,r. D. 112 4. 

Textus RofFenfis. Accedunt profellionuin antiquorum 
Anglix cpifcoporum formula;, de canonica obcdicnlia archi- 
epifco])is Cantuaricniibus prxlhmda ... Ex codicibus MSS. 
dcfcripdt ediditque Thomas Hearnius. 

8 Oxonii, e Theatre Sheidoniano, I 720. 

Collecftanea de rebus ecclefii Roffcnfis a prima fedis fun- 
datione ad fua tempora. [Henry Wharton, Anglia facra, 
i. 327.] 

Tomelius five cpiftola de inceftis coniugiis. [Dacherius, 
Spicilegium, ii. 4 1 0.J 

The pope's dreadful cuife ; being the form of excom- 

munication of the Church of Rome : taken out of the leger- 
book of the church of Rochefter now in the cuftody of the 
dean and chapter there. Writ by Ernulfus the bifhop. 
1 68 1. [Harleian Miscellany, vi. 493.] 


Eronania ; or, the crimes of ... Er and Onan ... 

8° Lond. 1724. 

Erotemata juris civilis, ex Inftitutis, Digeftis, Codice & 
Novellis : ab anonymo quodam profeflbre Regiomontano 
quondam collefta ... cum prxfatione Ahafueri Fritfchii. 
Acceflere cafus quidam praftici cum decilionibus. 

4° Hamburgi, 1677. 

ERPENIUS (Joannes). 

Repetitio juridica inauguralis L. Obfignatione 9. C. (ie 
Solution, et L. Plura 53. princ. D. de Obiig. et Ad. ... 

4° Lugd. Bat. 1650. 

ERPENIUS (Thomas), Dutch orientali/l, 1584- 

Grammatica Arabica. 4° Leids, 1613. 

— Cum Fabulis Lokmani, etc. Accedunt excerpta an- 
thologiae veterum Arabiae poetarum edita et ijluftrata ab 
Alberto Schultens. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1767. 

Provefbiorum Arabicorum centuris ii. cum interpretationt- 
Latina & fcholiis Jof. Scaligcri & iplius Erpenii. 

4° Leidae, 1614. 

Arcanum punftationis revelatum ; five, de pundorum, 
vocalium & accentuum apud Hebrxos vera & germana 
antiquitate diatiiba. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1624. 

ERREDGE (John Ackerson). 

Hidory of Brighthelmfton ; or, Brighton as I view it 
and others knew it, with a chronological table of local 
events. 8° Brighton, 1862. 

ERRICO (Scipione), AV;/;(7n />»(■/. B. 1592. 

De tribus hiftoricis concilii Tridentini au(ftorc Ca-faie 
Aquiiinio [Pfeud.] 8° Antverpix, 1662. 


Four leflures on the hierarchy of the catholic church, 
and the eSe&i arifing from the i.ite fublHtution of bifhops in 
ordinary for vicars apoilolic. Delivered at St. John the 
Evangelift's, Salford. 8° Lond. 1850. 

1 84 1, [.ffy Caefar 


Sketches in Erris and Tyrawly 


Yli^iafi/ia i'7riSr,tJ!.iov ; or vulgar errours in praiflice ccn- 
fured. Alfo the art of oratory compofed for the bonctit of 
young ftudents. 8' Lond. 1651;. 

Des erreurs et de la veritc ... par un Ph. ... Inc 

1782. [By Louis Claude de Saint-Martis.] 



Fatal errors, and fundamental tniths, illuftrated in a feries 
of narratives and eflays. 8° Lond. 1824. 

EiTors in fpeaking and writing correfled ; a few words 
on letters H and R ; with familiar fynonymes, and words 
of fimilar found diftinguiflied. 8° Lond. 1855. 

Chriftian errors infidel arguments .. . 1857. [5_)r Alex- 
ander Leitch.] 

ERSCH (JoHANN Samuel), German bibltographer, 

Verzeichnis aller anonymifchen Schriften und Aufsatze in 
der vierten Aufgabe des gelehiten Teutfchlands, und deren 
erftem und zweytem Nachtrage ; nebft einem Veraeichnifle 
von Ueberfetzungen der darin angegebenen Schriften in 
andi-e Sprachen. 8° Lemgo, 1788-96. 

Repcrtorium iiber die allgemeinen deutfchen Journale, 
und andere periodifche Sammlungen fiir Erdbefchreibung, 
Gefchichte und die damit verwandten WifTenfchaften. 3 
Bde. 8° Lemgo, 1790-2. 

La France literaire, contenant les auteurs Fran^ais de 
1 77 1 a 1796. 3 torn. 8° Hambourg, 1797-98. 

— Supplement ... 2 torn. 8° Hambourg, 1802—6. 
Allgemeine Encyclopadie der WifTenfchaften und 

Kiinfte ... heraufgegeben von J. S. Erfch und J. G. 
Gruber. 18 18-7 I. 

Literatur der Jurifprudenz und Politik, mit Einfchlufs 
der Cameral-Wiffenfchaften feit der Mitte des achtzehnten 
Jahrhunderts bis auf die neuefte Zeit ; fyftematifch bearbeitet 
und mit den nothigen Regiftern verfehen von Johann 
Samuel Erfch. Neue fortgefetzte Aufgabe von Johann 
Chriflian Koppe. 8° Leipzig, 1823. 

Bibliographifches Handbuch der philologifchen Literatur 
der Deutfchen von der Mitte des achtzehnten Jahihundeits 
bis auf die neuefte Zeit. In fyftematifcher Ordnung bear- 
beitet und mit den nothigen Regiftern verfehen von Dr. 
Chriftian Anton Geiffler. Dritte Auflage. 

8° Leipzig, 1845. 

— Philofophifchcn Literatur der deutfchen von der 
Mitte des aclitzehnten Jahrhunderts bis auf die neuefte Zeit. 
In fyftematifcher Ordnung bearbeatet und mit den nothigen 
Regiftern verfehen von Dr. Chiiftian Anton Geiffler. 
Dritte Auflage. 8° Leipzig, 1850. 


Erfilia ; or, the ordeal. 

8° Lond. 1867. 

ERSKINE (Hon. Andrew), third fin of the ffth Earl 
of Kellie, 1739-93. 

Letters between the hon. Andrew Erfltine and James 
Bofwell, Efq. 8° Lond. 1763. 

ERSKINE (Archibald), fe-venth Earl of Kellie. B. 

* A (liort account of his life and opinions. By George 
Gleig, LL.D. 1797. 

ERSKINE (C. F.), M.A., incumbent of St. MidaeFs, 

Sermons. With a memoir of his life, edited by the 
Bifliop of Brechin. 8° Lond. 1864. 

ERSKINE (David), Lord Dun ; one of the Senators 
of the College of Jujlice, I 6 7 O— 1 7 5 5 . 

Lord Dun's fnendly and familiar advices, adapted to the 
various ftations and conditions of life, and the mutual rela- 
tions to be obfen'ed amongft them. 12° Edinb. 1754. 

ERSKINE (David). 

An examination of the Edinburgh Review, numb. I., 
efpecially of art. VI., concerning Mr. Ebenezer Erflcine's 
fermons. [ylnon.'^ \_No title-page.'^ 8° n. p. [1755.] 

ERSKINE (David Stewart), eleventh Earl of 
Buchan, I 742- I 829. 

Eflays on the lives and writings of Fletcher of Saltoun, 
and the poet Thomfon ; biographical, critical, and political ; 
with fome pieces of Thomfon's never before publiflaed. 

8° Lond. 1792. 

Anonymous and fugitive eflays. Collefted from various 
periodical works. Vol. 1. 12° Edinb. 18 12. 

ERSKINE (Sir David), captain. 

Airyformia ; or, ghofts of great note. 

12° Kelfo, 1825. 

King James the Fii-ft of Scotland : a tragedy, in five 
afts. 12° Kelfo, 1827. 

King James the Second of Scotland : an hiftoiical drama 
in five afls. 12° Kelfo, 1828. 

Mary, Queen of Scots ; or, Melrofe in ancient times 
during the laft of the abbots : an hiftorical melo-drama. 

I 2° Edinb. 1829. 

James V. ; or, the wailike days of Hab o' Hawick : 
an hiftorical drama. 12° Edinb. 1830. 

James III. ; or the feudal times of Konrade of Rox- 
burghlhiie. Dryburgh Abbey 300 years ago ; or, the 
Nun o' Nenthorn. 12° Edinb. 183 I. 

ERSKINE (Ebenezer), founder of the SeceJJion 
Church, 1670— 1755. 

Seleft writings. Vol. I. Edited by'' the rev. David 
Smith. 8° Edinb. 1851. 

Sermons, moftly preached at facramental occafions. 

8° Edinb. 1755. 

The groans of believers, under their burdens, evidently 
fet forth, in a fermon from 2 Cor. v. iv. ... By a learned, 
faithful, zealous, and reverend minifter of the gofpel in the 
Church of Scotland. 8° Edinb. 1722. 

God's little remnant keeping their garments clean in an 
evil day, being a feiTnon ... I 7 I 4. \^Rev. iii. 4.] 

8° Edinb. i 725. 

* Marrow-chicaning difplayed ; in a letter to the rev. 
Mr. Eben-ezer Erfliine ... containing fome obfenations 
upon the preface to his fermon, entituled, God's little rem- 
nant, &c. 1726. ^By James Adams.] 

Chrift in the believer's arms ; being a fermon . . . \Luke 
ii. 18.] 8° Edinb. 1726. 

The backflider charafterized ; or, the evil and danger of 
defeftion, defcribed ; in a fermon on John vi. 66 ... 

8° Edinb. 1726. 

The tme ftate of the procefs againft Mr. Ebenezer 
Erfliine minifter of the gofpel at Stirling : fetting forth the 



proceedings of the Synod of Perth & Stirling againft him, Sc 
the aO. of the late Aflembly concerning him, & fonie other 
minilters adhering to liis proteft. Together with a preface 
& appendix, containing fome remarks on the preface to the 
two acts of aflembly lately jiublifli'd. 8° Edinb. 1733. 

The reprefentations of Mailers Ebenezer Erflvine, and 
James Filher, and of Mailers William Wilfon and Alex- 
ander Moncrieff, to the CommilTion of the late General 
Aflembly : containing their reafons why they could not 
retra<fl their protellation againll the decifion of the laft 
Aflembly ; as alfo, a plain confeffion of their principles, 
with a protellation for the nullity of any cenfure that fhould 
be inflided upon them ... 8° Edinb. 1733. 

A review of the narrative and (late of the proceedings of 
the judicatories againll Mi'. Ebenezer Erflcine miniller at 
Stirling, Mr. William Wilfon, miniller at Perth, Mr. 
Alexander Moncrieff miniller at Abernethy, and Mr. 
James Filher miniller at Kinclaven ; emitted by a committee 
of the Commilllon of the General Affembly. Wherein the 
reafonings of the faid narrative are examined, and the repre- 
fentation that is made of the proceedings of the judicatories 
enquired into. Publiflied by the forefaid minifters, for their 
jull and necclTary vindication. 8° Edinb. 1734. 

* A narrative of the procedure of the judicatories of the 
Church of Scotland, with relation to Mr. Ebenezer Erfliine 
& other minifters who have feceded from the faid Church. 
Taken from the records of the forefaid judicatories. 

8° Edinb. 1739. 

* An examination of the Edinburgh Review, Numb. I. 
efpecially of Art. VI. concerning Mr. Ebenezer Erilvine's 
feiTTions. 1755. [5y David Erskine.] 

Chrill in the clouds coming to judgment ; a feiTnon, 
from Matthew xvi. 27. 8° Glafg. 1776. 

* Life. By Donald Eraser. 1831. 

* Life. By the lev. James Harper. 1849. 

ERSKINE (George.) 

The reafonablenefs and necelTity of unity, and the evil 
and danger of fchifm. In a fermon ... \^Eph. iv. 3.] 

4° Lond. I 710. 

ERSKINE (Henry), mhi'i/ler of Cliirnfule; father of 
Ebenezer and Ralph Erfk'me, 1624—96. 

* Memoirs of Mrs. William Veitch, Mr. Thomas Hog 
of Kiltearn, Mr. Henry Erlldne and Mr. John Carftairs. 

ERSKINE (Hon. Henry). 

The emigrant. A ])oem. To which is added Dr. 
Smollet's Ode to Leven Water. 8° Glafg. n. d. 

ERSKINE. (J. Knight), captain. 

Poems. 8° Lond. 1862. 

I'RSKINE. (James), Lord Grange, a Senator of the 
College of Juflice, 1 6 7 9— I 7 5 4. 

The fatal confequences of minill'- influence : or, the 
difference between royal power and minillcrial power, truly 

ftated. A political effay, occafioned by the petition pre- 
fented laft feffion of Parliament by fix noble peers of Scot- 
land ... [^non.] 8° Lond. 1736. 

Extra(!ls from the diary of a fenator of the College of 
juftice. MDCCXVII.-MDCCXVIII. [Edited by 
James Alaidment.^ 8° Edinb. I 843. 

ERSKINE (John), of Carnock, profejfor of Scots law 
in the univerjity of Edinburgh, 1695-1768. 

The principles of the law of Scotland, in the order of Sir 
George Mackenzie's Inllitutions of that law. 2 vols. 

8' Edinb. 1 754. 

— The fecond edition. 2 vols. 8° Edinb. 1757. 

— The third edition. 8° Edinb. 1 764. 

— A new edition. \Edited by J. Gillon.] 

8° Edinb. 1802. 

— The tenth edition. 8° Edinb. i 8 1 6. 

— The eleventh edition. With correflions, notes, and 
an appendix \by J. S. More, Efq., advocate'^. 

8° Edinb. 1S20. 

— The twelfth edition. 8° Edinb. 1827. 

— A new edition, adapted to the prefent ftate of tlie 
law, by John Guthrie Smith. 8° Edinb. I 860. 

— Fourteenth edition, containing extracts from the 
leftures of George Moir, Efq., advocate, lately profeffor of 
Scots law in the Univerlity of Edinburgh, and notes by 
William Guthrie, Efq., advocate. 8° Edinb. 1S70. 

An inftitute of the law of Scotland, in four books, in the 
order of Sir George Mackenzie's Inftitutions of that Law. 
2 vols. fol. Edinb. 1773. 

— The fecond edition, enlarged by additional notes con- 
taining the later decifions of the Supreme Court on many 
interelling points, and improved likewife by a more ample 
index and the addition of a running margin, \by Alexander 
Frafer Tytler, advocate. Lord IVoodhoufelee^. In two 
volumes. fol. Edinb. 1785. 

— The fourth edition, with notes and additions. [Edited 
by ,1. Gillon.] In two volumes. fol. Edinb. 1805. 

— The fifth edition, improved with notes and additions. 
[Edited by IV. JlTaxivell Morifon.^ In two volumes. 

fol. Edinb. I 8 12. 

— A new edition, with additional notes by James Ivory, 
Efq., advocate. In two volumes, fol. Edinb. 1824—28. 

— A new edition, bringing down the law to the prefent 
time, by Alexander Macallan, Efq., advocate. 2 vols. 

8' Edinb. 1838. 

— A new edition, by James Badenach Nicolfon. In 
two volumes. 4° Edinb. 187 I. 

I'RSKINE (,Iohn), D.D., ehhf} fon of the preceding; 

minijler of Nett) Grexfriars, Edinburgh, 1721 — 1803. 

Confiderations on the fpirit of Popery, and the intended 
Bill for the relief of Papifts in Scotland. 8" Edinb. 1778. 

Sketches and hints of church hiftoiy and theological 
controverfy, chiefly tranflated and abridged from modem 
foreign writers. 2 vols. 12° Edinb. 179O— 97. 

Dodrinal and occ.ilional lermons. 2 vols. 

8° Edinb. I 799- 1802. 



Theological difTertations ; to which is prefixed an account 
of the author by Thomas Davidfon, D.D. 

12° Edinb. 1808. 

* Account of his life and writings. By Sir Henry 
MoNCREiFF Wellwood, Bart, D.D. ... 1818. 

ERSKINE (John Elphinstone), R.N. 
A fhort account of the late difcoveries of gold in 
Aulbalia ; with notes of a vifit to the gold diftrid. 

8° Lond. I 85 I. 
Journal of a cruife among the iflands of the weflern 
Pacific, including the Feejees and others inhabited by the 
Polyneilan negro races, in her Majefty's (hip Havannah. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

ERSKINE (Ralph), M.A., mmtjler at Dunfermline, 

The fermons and other praflical works ... to which is 
prefixed a fhort account of the author's life and writings ... 
2 vols. fol. Glafg. 1765. 

— A new edition. 7 vols. 8° Lond. 1863. 

Law-death, gofpel-life : or, the death of legal righteouf- 
nefs, the life of gofpel holinefs. Being the fubftance of 
feveral fermons upon Galatians ii. 19. 8° Edinb. 1724. 

The beft bond, or fureft engagement : a fermon preached 
upon Jeremiah xxx. 21 ... 8° n. p. 1724. 

The harmony of the divine attributes difplay'd, in the 
redemption and falvation of finners by Jefus Chrifl, being 
a fermon ... from Ps. Ixxxv. 10. 8° Edinb. 1724. 

Chrift the people's covenant. A fermon . . . 

12° n. p. 1725. 

Chrift's love-fuit reinforced and repeated ; or, his kindly 
gofpel-call renewed: a fermon ... [Song ii. 13.] 

8' Edinb. 1752. 

The main queftion of the gofpel catechifm. What think 
ye of Chrift ? Being the fubftance of fome fermons on 
Matt. xxii. 42 ... 8° Edinb. 1726. 

A fhort paraphrafe upon the Lamentations of Jeremiah. 
See Bible, Verfions, Englijh, b. 1750. 

A new verfion of the Song of Solomon, in common 
metre. 1752. Ibid. 

Job's hymns ; or, a book of fongs upon the Book of 
Job. 1753. Ibid. 

Scripture fongs. 1 2° Glafg. I 7 54. 

Gofpel fonnets, or fpiritual fongs. 8° Glafg. 1870. 

ERSKINE (Thomas), Lord Chancellor of England, 

Speeches ... at the bar and in Parliament ; with a pre- 
fatory memoir by the right hon. Lord Brougham. Col- 
lefled by the late James Ridgway. 4 vols. 

8° Lond. 1847. 

Speeches ... With memoir of his life by Edward Wal- 
ford, M.A. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1870. 

Speeches ... when at the bar, on fubjefls conne<5ted 
with the liberty of the prefs, and againft conftinidtive 
treafons. Collefted by James Ridgway. 3 vols. 

8° Lond, 1 8 10. 

. — \The modern Orator, i. 247.] 1847. 

Speeches ... when at the bar on mifcellaneous fubjedts. 

8° Lond. 1812. 
A view of the caufes & confequences of the prefent war 
with France. Eighteenth edition. 12° Edinb. 1797. 

* Reafons againft national defpondency ; in refutation of 
Mr. Erfliine's View of the caufes and confequences of the 
prefent war. With fome remarks upon the fuppofed fcarcity 
of fpecie. 8° Lond. 1797. 

* Letter to the right hon. Lord Erflrine on the prefent 
Ctuation of France and Europe ; accompanied by official 
and original documents. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 181 5. 
Armata : a fragment. \Anon.^ Fourth edition. 

8° Lond. 1817. 
The fecond part of Armata. [y^«on.] Fourth edition. 

8° Lond. 1818. 
An appeal to the people of Great Britain on the fubjeft 
of confederated Greece. 18 17. [Pamphleteer, xxiii. 


The defences of the Whigs, a new edition, with a pre- 
face. 1820. [Ibid. XV. 287.] 

A letter by Thomas Lord Erfldne to " An eleftor of 
Weftminfter," author of " A reply to the ' Short defence of 
the Whigs.'" 1820. [Ibid. XV. 3 I 7.] 

A letter to the Earl of Liverpool, on the fubjefl of the 
Greeks. Third edition. 8° Lond. 1823. 

A letter to the proprietors and occupiers of land, on 
the caufes of, and the remedies for, the declenfion of agri- 
cultural profpcrity. 8° Lond. 1823. 

* A poetical epiftle to the honourable Thomas Erdtine. 

4° Lond. n. d. 

ERSKINE (Thomas), of Llnlathen, advocate. 

Eftay on faith. 12° Edinb. 1822. 

Remarks on the internal evidence for the truth of revealed 
religion. 8° Edinb. 1823. 

The unconditional freenefs of the gofpel ; in three eflays. 

12° Edinb. 1828. 
— \Another edition.] 8° Edinb. 1 8 70. 

* A letter to Thomas Erfliine, Efq., advocate, con- 
taining remarks on his late work, entitled " The uncondi- 
tional freenefs of the gofpel." By a minifter of the Ciiurch 
of Scotland. 8° Edinb. 1828. 

The fpiritual order and other papers, felefted from the 
manufcripts of the late Thomas Erllrine of Linlathen. 

8° Edinb. 1 87 1. 
ERSKINE (William). 

A hiftory of India under the two firft fovereigns of the 
houfe of Taimur, Baber and Humayun. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

ERTEL (Anton Wilhelm), German juri/l ; flouri/hed 
in the I'Jth century. 

Theatrum fuperioritatus territorialis noviter exftruflum. 
4° Auguftas Vindclic. 1684. 


Eruvin ; or, mifcellaneous efiays ... \_By S. R. Mait- 
land, D.D.] 



ERXLEBEN (JoHANN Christian FoLYKAK?),f>ro/e^or 
of phdofophy at Gult'ingen, 1744-77. 

Anfangs-grunde dcr Naturlehre. 

8° Gottingen, 1784. 


Ad Conftantinum Hugenium ft Danielcm Heinfium 
viios nobiliflimos epiftols. Edente Marco Zutiio Box- 
hornio. Lugd. Bat. 1647. 


Fairyland & fairies, from fl<etches by Efa & other good 
authorities. CoUedled, corredled & impro\ ed. 

8' Lend. 1867. 

ESAIAS, the prophet. See Bible. 

ESAIAS, Egyptian monk ; Jlnuvifljed in the 4//^ century. 

Praecepta ad fratres qui cum ipfo vivebant, orationes 
xxix. [Max. bibliotheca veterum Patrum, xii. 384.] 

liSBACH (GoswiNUS ab), Geman jurijl. 

NotCE & additiones perbreves ad B. Carpzovii Jurifpru- 
dentiam forenfem, editio nova ... Ad calcem adjeftus eft 
difcuiTus politico-juridicus de jure maieft:itico circa leges, 
fol. Francofurti ad Moenum, 1703. 

ESBERGIUS (Johannes), StuediJIi philofopher ; Jloiir- 
iflied in the I %th century. 

Ulphilas Gothorum Epifcopus. [Johannes ab Ihre, 
Scripta veijionem Ulphdunam dlujlrantia. Appendix, p. 2 I .] 

ESCALANTE (Bernardino de) 

Dialogos del arte militar. 4° BrufTclas, 1594- 

ESCALANTE (Ventura). 

Difcurfo pronunciado en la Real Chancilleria de Granada. 

4° Granada, 1 808. 

ESCALERA GUEVERA (Pedro de la). 

Origen de los nionteros de Efpinofa, fu calidad, excr- 
cicio, prccminencias y cfTcnciones ... 4° Madrid, 1632. 

ESCANO (Ferdinandus de). 

Tra(5latus de perfe<flione voluntatis teftamento requifita, 
& de teftamento pcrfeiSo ratione voluntatis. 

fol. Hifpali, 1676. 

Remarkable efcapes from peril. i 2° Lond. 

ESCHENBACH (Andreas Christian), German 
theologian, 1663— 1705. 

Diftertationcs academicae, varia antiquae fapientiac ritu- 
uinquo gentilium argumenta i-xponentes. Accedunt oratio- 
nes binae, altera inauguralis, de immincnte barbarie literarun) 
declinanda, altera in funeie ... Caroli Velferi ... 

8° Noiibcrgae, 1705. 


ESCHENBACH (Johann Andreas). 

De fcribis veterum Romanorum diflertatio. [Polenus, 
Utriiifque thefauri antiquitatum ... fupplementa, iii. 851.] 

ESCHENBACH (Johann Christoph). 

Annalen der roftockfchen Acadt'iiiie. (3 Bde. 

8' Roftock, 1797 — 1807. 

ESCHENBURG (Joh. Joachim), German -writer, 
I 743-1 820. 

Lehrbuch der Wiflenfchafts-Kunde. Ein Grundrifs 
encyclop'ddifcher Vorlefungen. 8° Berlin, 1809. 

Entwurf einer Theorie und Litteratur der fchonen Rcdc- 
Kiinfte ... Vierte ... aufgabe. 8" Berlin, 18 17. 

ESCHENMAYER (Charles Adolphe), German 
philofopher, 176S-1854. 

Piychologie. 8° Stuttgart, 1S17. 

Archiv fiir den thierifchen Magnetifmus. In Verbin- 
dung mit mehreren Naturforfchem heraufgegeben von Dr. 

C. A. von Efchenmayer, Dr. G. Kiefer, Dr. Fr. NafTe. 
Vols. I.-II. 8' Altenburg, 18 17. 

— Vols. III.-V. 8° Halle, 1818-19. 

— Vol. VI. 8° Leipzig, 1820. 

— Vols. VII.-XII. Heraufgegeben von Dr. C. A. 
von Efchenmayer, Dr. G. Kiefer, Dr. Nees von Efenbeck. 

8' Leipzig, 1820—24. 
Re!igionf[)hilofophie. 2 Thle. 8° Tubingen, 18 18. 
Syftem der Moralphilofophic. 8° Stuttgart, 18 18. 

ESCHERUS (Johannes Casparus), Swifs politician, 

Exercitatio politica, de libertate populi ... 

4° Trajefli ad Rhenum, 1 697. 

ESCHINARDI (Francesco), Italian mathematician. 

D. circa I 7 00. 

De impetu traiSatus duplex. 4° Romae, 1684. 

lifjiolitione della carta topografica cingolana dell' agro 
Romano, con la eruditione antica e modema ... 

12° Roma, 1696. 

Defcrizione di Roma e dell' agro Romano, fatta gia' ad 
ufo della carta topografica del Cingolani ... In quefta nuova 
edizione accrefciuta notabilmente ... 8° Roma, 1 7 50. 

Refuinen hiftorial de la fundacion i antiguedad de la ciu- 
dad de Valencia. 4° Val. 173S. 

ESCOBAR (Antonio de), Portuguefe -writer ; flour- 
yi.ied in the I Gth century. 

Recopilacion de la feliciflima Jornada que la catholica 
real Mageftad del rey Don Phelipe hizo en la conquifta del 
reyno de Portugid, 4° Valencia, 1586. 

ESCOBAR (Juan de). 

Romancero e hiftoria del muy valcrofo cavallero el Ciii 
Ruy Diaz de Bivar, en lenguaje antiguo. 

I 2" Pamplona, i 706. 




ESCOBAR (Luis de). 

Las quatrocientas refpueftas a otras tantas preguntas, 
quel illuftrifllmo Senor Don Fadrique Enrriquez Almirante 
lie Caftilla, y otras perfonas, embiaron a preguntar en diver- 
fas vezes al autor no nombrado, mas de que era Frayle 
Menor... fol. Valladolid, i 5 50. 

La fegunda parte de las quatrocientas refpueftas, en que 
fe contienen otras quatrocientas refpueftas a otras tantas pre- 
guntas ... fol. Valladolid, 1552. 

ESCOBAR (Marina de). 

* Vida maravillofa de la venerable virgen Dona Marina 
de Efcobar ... Efcrita por el venerable P. Luis de la 
PuENTE ... 1665-73. 

ESCOBAR & MENDOZA (Antonius de), Span- 

ifii Jefuit, I 589-1669. 

Liber theologias moralis, viginti quatuor Societatis Jefu 
doftoribus referatus. Quern Antonius de Efcobar, et Men- 
doza Vallis k focietate lefu tlieologus in examen confef- 
fariorum digeffit, addidit, illuftravit. Ultima editio. 

8" Lugduni, 1659. 

ESCOIQUIZ (Juan de), Spani/Jj Jiatefman, 1762- 

Mexico conquiftada ; poenia heroyco. 3 torn. 

8° Madrid, 1798. 

A plain expofition of the reafons which occafioned the 
journey of Ferdinand VIL to Bayonne, in April, 1808. 
Tranflated from the Spanifh. [Spain. Some documents 
refpeSing the h'ljlory of the late events in Spain. 18 I 5.] 


Praftica del Confejo Real en el defpacho de los negocios 
confultivos inftruflivos y contenciofos. 2 torn. 

fol. Madrid, I 796. 


Refpuefta theologica acerca del abufo de los efcotados 
... Por un leftor de theologia. 4° Santiago, 1673. 

ESCOTT ( ). 

A full report of the cafe of Maftin v. Efcott ... By 

W. C. CURTEIS. I 841. 

ESCOTT (Hay S.), M.A., head majler of Somerfel- 
/l:ire college, Bath. 

A letter to a friend in doubt, on fome of the leading 
points of Chriftian evidence. 8° Lond. i860. 

ESCREET (John), M.A. 

* Memoir ... By Thomas Webster, M.A. 1823. 


Relacion hiftorica y panegyrica de las fieftas de Zaragoza. 

4° Zaragoza, 1724. 
ESCULO (Franciscus de). 

* Examen judiciale fratris Francifci de Efculo ordinis 
Minorum. [Baluze, Mifcellanea, i. 3 I 5.] 

ESDAILE (David), D.D., mintfter of Refcobie. 

Contributions to natural hiftory, chiefly in relation to the 
food of the people. By a rural D.D. 8° Edinb. 1865. 

— Second edition. 8° Edinb. 1867. 

ESDAILE (James), M.D., 1806-59. 

Mefmeiifm in India, and its praftical application in 
furgery and medicine. 8° Lond. 1846. 

The introduiflion of mefmerifm, as an anaefthetic and 
cui^ative agent, into the hofpitals of India. 

8° Perth, 1852. 
Natural and mefmeric clairvoyance, with the pradlical 
application of mefmerifm in furgery and medicine. 

8° Lond. 1852. 
ESKELL (Frederick A.) 

Scientific and painlefs dentiftry ... 8" Lond. 1869. 


E(]<imaux and Englilh vocabulary, for the ufe of tlie 
Arctic expeditions. 8° Lond. 1850. 

ESLON ( D'). 

Obfervations fur le magnetifme animal. 

8° Paris, 1780. 
ESPANA. See Spain. 

ESPAGNAC (Jean Bap. - Jos. Damarzit de 
Sahuguet, baron d'), French general, 1713-83. 

Relation de la campagne en Brabant et en Flandres, de 
I'an 1746. 8° La Haye, 1748. 

Hiftoire de Maurice, Comte de Saxe ... Marechal- 
General des camps et armees de fa Majefte tres-Chretienne 
... 3 torn. 4° Paris, 1775. 

ESPAGNE. ■ See Spain. 

ESPAGNE (Jean d'). See Jean Despagne. 

ESPAGNET (Jean d'), French magflrate and 
alchymijl ; Jlouriflied in the l 7 /A century. 

Enchiridion phyficz reftitutx. In quo venjs naturge 
concentus exjionitur, plurimique antique philofophia? eri'ores 
per canones et certas demonftrationes dilucide aperiuntur. 
Tradtatus alter infcriptus. Arcanum hermeticae philofophiae 
opus : in quo occulta naturs et aitis circa lapidis philofo- 
phorum materiam et operandi modum canonlce et ordinate 
fiunt manifefta. [y?«on.] [Albineus, Bibliotheca chemica.^ 

ESPEISSES (Antoine d') French jurijl, 1594- 

Qiuvres... Derniere edition, nouvellement reveiie & 
corrigee. 4 torn. fol. Lyon, id"]"]. 

— Derniere edition, nouvellement revue & corrigee. 4 
torn. fol. Lyon, 1726. 

ESPEN (Zeger Bernard van). See Zeger Bernard 




ESPENC^US (Claudius). 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitiit poetarum Gallorum, 1. 


Rccollcc^tions of my early days ; and Mabel Emflie. 
13y Efpcrance. 8 Lond. 1857. 

ESPERNON, Due d'. 

Hirtoire de la veritable origine de la troideme race des 
rois de France. Publiee par M. de Prade. 

8° Paris, 1680. 

La efpigadera : obra periodica. 2 torn. 

12° Madrid, i 790-1. 

ESPIN (Thomas Espinell), M.A., B.D., reaor of 
IVallafey., Birkenhead. 

A letter to the rev. James Thompfon, B.D. 

8° Oxford, 1851. 
Our want of clergy : its eaufes, and fuggelHons for its 
cure: a fermon ... With an appendix. \Luke x. 2.] 

12° Oxford, 1863. 
Clerical fubfcription and the aft of uniformity ; a fermon 
... With notes. [2 Tim i. 13.] 8° Oxford, 1864. 
Critical elTays. 8° Lond. 1864. 

ESPINASSE (Francis). 

Life and times of Frangois Marie Arouet, calling himfelf 
Voltaire. In three volumes. Vol. I. 8" Lond. 1866. 

'ESPINASSE (Isaac), of Gray s Inn. 

Digeft of the law of anions and trials at Nifi Prius. 
Second edition ... 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1793. 

— With confiderable additions. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1812. 
Cafes argued and ruled at Nlfi Prius in the Courts of 
King's Bench and Common Pleas, from Marter term, 33 
George III. to Hilary term 34 George III. with fomc 
additional cafes of an earlier period. 8° Lond. 1794. 

— From Eafter term, 33 George III. 1793, [to 
Trinity term, 47 George III. 1807]. (1 vols. [Vol. I. 
u o/'the fecond edition.] 8 ' Lond. 1801 — i i. 

A praiftical treatifc on the fettling of evidence for trials 
at Nifi Prius ; and on the preparing and arranging the 
neceflary proofs. 8 Lond. 1 8 1 9. 

— \_j'lnolher edition.'] 8° Lond. 1825. 

A treatife on the law of anions on ftatutes ; and on 
the (latutes refpefting copyright. 8° Lond. I 8 24. 

The five afts called Mr. Peel's afts (7 and 8 Geo. 
IV. c. 27, 28, 29, 30, 3 I,) reduced to diftinc't heads, and 
adapted to the arrangement of Burn's .lulHce. 

8 Lond. 1827. 

A report of the cafe of the county of Dublin elediion, 
before a committee of the Houfe of Commons, March 1827; 
with notes. 8° Lond. 1827. 

ESPINASSE (James), of Grafs Inn. 

A treatife on the law of bankrupts, as altered and 
amended by ftatute 6 George IV. c. 16. 

8° Lond. 1825. 


Atlante Efpanol, 6 defcripcion general, geographica, 
cronologica, h hiftorica de Efpana, por reynos y provincias 
... 7 W". 8° Madrid, 1778-83. 

Guia general de poftas y travefias de Efpana, para efte 
prefente auo de 1787. 8° Madrid, 1787. 

ESPINEL (Vicente), Spani/lo poet. D. circa 1630. 
Relaciones de la vida del Efcudero Marcos de Obregon. 

4° Madrid, 1744. 

ESPINOSA (Fr. Joseph Borrego). 

Oracion panegyrica, que en accion de gracias a Maria 
fantiflima de la Sierra, y a Jefus Sacrementado. 

4° Cordobo, n. d. 

Primera [y Segunda] jjarte de la hiftoria, antiguedades 
y grandezas de la muy noble y muy leal ciudad de Sevilla. 

fol. Sevilla, 1627-30. 

ESPINOZA Y MALO (Felix Lucio). 

Ocios morales, divididos en defcripciones fymbolicas, y 
declamaciones heroycas. 4° Zaragoza, n. d. 


The efpoufals. 8° Lond. 1856. 

ESPREMESNIL (Jacques Duval d'), French econo- 

1 2" Amft. I 762. 

mi/l. D. 1767. 

Sur le commerce du Nord. 

ESPRIELLA (Don Manuel Alvarez). Pfeud. of 
Robert Southey. 


De I'efprit. 175S. [^j' Helvetius.] 

ESPRIT (Jacques), French 'writer, 1611-1678. 

La fauflete des vertus humaines. 2 tom. 

12" Paris, 1677. 
ESPRIT (Laurens l'). 

Lc parte temps de la fortune des dez compile pour re- 
fponfes de vingt queftions coullumement faites et defirees 
fcavoir. 4° Paris, 1585. 


Buccaniers of America, or a tine account of the moft 
remarkable alfaults committed of late years upon the coafts 
of the Weft- Indies by the buccaniers of Jamaica & Tortuga. 


Tranflated from the Dutch into Spanifh, and now into 
Englifh. 4' Lond. 1684. 

ESQUILACHE (Franciscus Borgia de). See Fian- 
cifciis Borgia, Duke of Efquilache. 

ESQUIROL (Jean Etienne Dominique), French phy- 
Jician, I 7 72-1 840. 

Obfervations on the illufions of the infane, and on the 
medico-legal queftion of their conlinement. Tranflated 
from the French by William Liddell. 8° Lond. 1833. 

ESQUIROS (Alphonse), French ejiiyljl. B. 1814. 

The Dutch at home : eflays from the " Revue des deux 
mondes." Tranflated and edited by Lafcelles Wraxall. 
In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1861. 

The EngliHi at home. Tranflated and edited by Laf- 
celles Wraxall. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1S61. 

— Second feries. 8^ Lond. 1862. 

— Third feries. 8° Lond. I 863. 
Cornwall and its coafts. 8° Lond. 1865. 
Religious life in England. 8° Lond. 1 867. 
Engiifli feamen and divers. 8° Lond. 1868. 


A moral eflay, preferring folitudc to publick employ- 
ment ... 1665. \By Sir George Mackenzie.] 

Eflays upon I. The balance of power ; II. The right of 
making war, peace and alliances ; III. Univerfal monarchy 
... 1 7 o I . SJiy Charles Davenant.] 

Eflays ferious and comical ... To which are added, 
charafters fatyrical and panegyrical, letters amorous and 
gallant, mifcellaneous poems, the Engiifli cpigrammatift, and 
the inftruftive library, fitted to the humour of the age. By 
a perfon of quality. 8' Lond. I 707. 

An eflay upon the following queftions. Queft. What 
power has the magiftrate, about facred things ? Queft. 2. 
Do the faults of nalers, render their authority void and 
null ? Queft. 3. Are we to be obedient to magiftrates of 
a different religion from ourfelves ? And if fo, Queft. 4. 
What obedience is to be given them ? By a well-wilher 
of the country's peace. 4° Dumfries, i 7 1 5- 

Medical eflays and obfervations, revifed and publiflied 
by a fociety in Edinburgh. Vols. I. IV. V. 

8° Edinb. 1733-44- 

— Vols. II. III. Second edition. 

8° Edinb. 1737. 

— Third edition. 5 vols. 12° Edinb. 1747. 
Eflays and obfei-vations on the following fubjefts, viz., 

on trade, huftiandry of flax, raiCng banks againft tides and 
floods, hops ; direftions for making roads ; inftruiSions for 
making fyder ; obfenations on the linen manufaftory, on 
drefllng flax, on brewing. Publiflied by a fociety of gentle- 
men in Dublin. 8° Dublin; repr. Lond. I 7 40. 

Eflliys, moral and political. I74l- \By David 

Eflais fur la deftination de rhonime. 

8° Drefde, 1752. 

Efl'ays, I. On the public debt. II. On paper money, 
banking, &c. III. On fnigality. 1755. SJiy Patrick 
Murray, Lord Elibank.] 

Eflays and meditations on various fubjedls ... 1 762. 
\By James Mackenzie, M.D.] 

Eflays in verfe. I 769. [5j John Maclaurin.] 

Eflays and obfervations, phydcal and literary : read be- 
fore the Philofophical Society in Edinburgh, and publiflied 
by them. 3 vols. [Vol." I. is of the fecond edition, dated 

1 77 I.] 8° Edinb. I 770-7 I. 

Eflliys and diflertations on various fubjefts relating to 
human life and happinefs. 1771. [-5y John Bethune.] 

Eflays on various fubjefts. By the author of Refledlions 
on the feven days of the week. 2 vols. 

12° Lond. 1772. 

The polite preceptor, or a colleftion of entertaining and 
inftruiftive efliiys feleited from the beft Engiifli writers ... 

1 2-' Lond. 1776. 

Eflays moral and literary. 1778. [5)iVicefimusKnox.] 

Eflays and letters on the moft important and interefting 
fubjefts. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1783. 

Eflays, philofophical, hiftorical, and literary. 1789. 
r^V William Belsham.] 

Poetical eflays on the following fubjefls, viz. the princi- 
pal errors and corruptions of men ; the exceUency of reafon 
and of virtue ; the freedom and other powers of the human 
mind ; the fpiritual nature of the foul ; the foundation and 
reality of human knowledge and of human happinefs ; with 
a preliminary eflay in profe, containing a fummary of the 
author's principal tenets, and of thofe which he condemns ; 
with notes explanatory, &c. 8° Lond. 179 I. 

EfTays, by a fociety of gentlemen, at Exeter. 

8° Exeter, 1796. 

Three effays, on taxation of income, with remarks on 
the late a(5l of Parliament on that fubjeiff : on the national 
debt ; the public funds ; on the probable confequences of 
the law for the fale of the land tax : and on the prefent 
ftate of agriculture in Great Brit;iin ; with a fchenie for the 
improvement of every branch of it, and remarks on the dif- 
ference between national produce and confumjition. 

8° Lond. I 799. 

Eflays on the fources of the pleafures received from 
literary compofitions. \By W. Greenjield, D.D. .'] 

8° Lond. 1809. 

Eflays, religious and moral. I 8 I 5. \^By Ifiac Haw- 
kins Browne.] 

Eflays and flcetches of life and charaiffer. i 8 2 i . [5y 
Lord John Russell.] 

Effays on the univerfal analogy between the natural and 
the fpiritual worlds ... By the author of Memoirs of a deifl. 

2 vols. 8° Lond. 1826-28. 
Effays on a few fubje(5fs of general intereft ; to which are 

added Scraps and recolleiftions. 12° Lond. 1836. 

Effays on converfation, and on quackery. 

8° Lond. 1836. 

Twenty eflays on the praflical improvement of God's 
providential difpenfations, as means of moral difcipline to 
the Chriftian. 8° Lond. 1838. 

Effays written in the intervals of bufinefs. [5y Arthur 
Helps.] 1S41. 


Eflliys by the pupils at the college of the deaf and dumb, 
Rugby, Warwickfliire. 12=" Lend. 1845. 

Hlfays on various fubje(Ss by men:ibers of the Stewponey 
farmers' club, during the year I 844. By J. Mathews, R. 
Evans, D. Banton, J. Wilfon, W. Stokes, W. Griffithe, 
G. Thompfon, Oatley, G. Wharton, J. Amcry, J. 

Maughan. I 2° Stourbridge, 1845. 

Monthly prize cflays. [July-September, I 846.] [/»;- 
paJW/.] 8 ' n. p. n. d. 

Eflliys on play-ground duty : to which the two prizes 
were awarded, by the Council of the College of preceptors, 
.hine, 1849. 8' Lond. 1849. 

Eflliys from "Thetimes." [5_y Samuel Phillips.] 1851. 

An efl'ay for the times ; or, a teftimony for God and 
the Holy Bible, in oppofition to the philofophy, infidelity, 
and fpiritualifm of modern times. By a Bible Chriftian. 

8° Lond. I 852. 

Cambridge eflliys, contributed by members of the Uni- 
vcrfity, l855[— 58.] [4 vols.] 8° Lond. 1855-5S. 

Oxford eflliys, contributed by members of the Univerfity. 
i855[-58.] [4 vols.] 8° Lond. 1855-5S. 

Theological eifays: reprinted from the Princeton Review. 
Firft feries. With a preface by the rev. Patrick Fairbaiin, 
D.D. 8° Edinb. 1856. 

Gold and the gofpel. The Ulfter prize eflliys on the 
Scriptural duty of giving in proportion to means and income. 
Third edition. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Life's problems. Eflays. 1857. [5y Sir Rutherford 

Edinburgh eflliys by members of the ETniverfity. i S56. 

8° Edinb. I 8 57. 

Eflays by minifters of the Free Church of Scotland. 
Edited by rev. William Hanna, LL.D. 

8° Edinb. 1858. 

Prize eflliys and examination papers, on " alcohol, its 
place and power " — domelHc economy — water — temperance 
and the gofpel — and penny banks. Written by members 
of t!ie Frome Band of Hope. 8° Lond. 1859. 

Eflliys by working men. Helps and hindrances to home 
happinefs: being the feven eflliys, felefled by the adjudicators 
of the prizes ofi"ered to the hand-workers of Derby and 
Litchurch, by the Derby working men's aflociation. 

8' Lond. i860. 

Short eflliys on fliort texts. By a layman. 

Lond. i860. 

Eflays by a barrifter. (Reprinted from the Saturday 
Review.) [^j' James Fitz-James Stephins, Q.C.] I 862. 

Three eflliys: L Learning and fcience ; II. Science 
and language; III. Language and poetry. 

8° Lond. 1863. 

Eflliys on focial fubjec51s from the Saturday Review. 

8° Edinb. I 864. 

— Second fevics. 8° Edinb. 1865. 
Eflays on religion and literature, by various authors. 

I'dited by H. E. Manning, D.D. 8" Lond. 1865. 

— Second feries. 8° Lond. 1867. 
Military, medical and furgical eflliys prepared for the 

United States Sanitary Commiflion. 1862-64. 

8° Walhington, 1865. 

The critical eflliys of a country parfon. 1865. [By 
A. K. H. Boyd.] 

Eflays and leflures on Indian hiftorical fubjeiSs ... By 
an oflicer of the Bengal Ihiff coqis. 8° Lond. 1866. 

Eflays on reform. 1867. 

Standard eflays on (late-churches. By Ralph Wardlaw, 
D.D., J. H. Hinton, M.A., John Brown, D.D., J. Pye 
Smith, D.D., Thomas Binney, David Young, D.D., 
Baptifl: W. Noel, M.A., Jonathan Dymond, Alexander 
Vinet, John Angell James, Edward Miall, A. J. Morris. 

8 Lond. 1867. 

Eflliys on church policy. Edited by the rev. W. L. 
Clay, M.A. 8" Lond. 1868. 

Eflays on Englifli writers. 1869. [By J. H. Fris- 


Efl'ays by members of the Birmingham Speculative club. 

8° Lond. 1870. 
An eflliy on the reform of the law of real property, and 
the praflice of conveyancing. By a folicitor. 

8° Lond. 187 I. 

The Britifli eflayifts, with prefaces biographical hiftorical 
and critical by the rev. Lionel Thomas Berguer. 45 vols. 
[IVanls I.-IIL Vols. IV. V. Tatler Nos. 145-271. 
VII.-IX., XII.-XV. Spectator Nos. 62-253, 381-635. 
XVI.-XVIII. Guardian Nos. I-176. XIX.-XXII. 
Rambler Nos. I-208. XXIII.-XXV. Adventurer Nos. 
1-140. XXVI.-XXIX. World Nos. 1-209. XXX.- 
XXXII. Connoifleur Nos. 1-140. XXXIII. Idler Nos. 
I- 103. XXXIV. XXXV. Mirror Nos. i-lio. 
XXXVL XXXVIL Lounger Nos. i-ioi. XXXVIII.- 
XL. Obfei-ver Nos. i-i 52. XLI.-XLIV. Looker-on 
Nos. 1-I49. XLV. Microcofm Nos. 1-4O.] 

iS' Lond. 1823. 


Eflays and reviews. 8" Lond. 1860. 

— The fifth edition. 8° Lond. 1861. 

— The eighth edition. 8° Lond. I 861. 
■ — The tenth edition. 8° Lond. 1862. 

— The twelfth edition. 8° Lond. I 865. 
The reviewers reviewed and the eflliyifts criticifed : an 

analyfis and confutation of each of the feven " Eflliys and 
reviews." [Reprinted from the " Literary churchman."] 

8° Lond. 1861. 
The " Eflliys and reviews," examined, on the principles 
of common-fenfe ; with fome preliminary remarks on the 
mode in which infti-udions are conmiunicated from God to 
man. By one who wilhes to afcertain what is the " True 
faith of a Chrillian." 8 Lond. 1861. 

A critical examination of the " I'llays and reviews." 
By an American layman. Edited by tiie Dean of Cailifle. 

8° Lond. 1861. 
" Another Gofpel " examined ; or a popular criticiim ot 
each of the feven " Eflays and reviews." 

8° Lond. 1861. 
A reply to the " Eflliys and reviews " : or Cliriflianity 
vindicated from the fceptical attacks of the feptem contra 
Chriftum. By an M.A. of Cambridge. 

8° Camb. 1861. 



Anfwer to Frederick Temple's eflay on " The education 
of the world." By a working man. 8° Oxford. 1861. 

The prefent crifis : a letter to the Lord Bilhop of 
London, by one of his clergy, upon the recent judgment in 
" Eflay s and reviews." 8" Lond. [1862.] 

Replies to " Eflays and reviews." By the rev. E. M. 
Goulbui-n, D.D., rev. H. J. Rofe, B.D., rev. C. A. 
Heurtley, D.D., rev. W. J. Irons, D.D., rev. G. Rorifon, 
M.A., rev. A. W. Haddan, B.D., rev. Chr. Wordfworth, 
D.D. With a preface by the Lord Bilhop of Oxford ; 
and letters from the RadclifFe Obferver and the Reader in 
geology in the Univerfity of Oxford. 8° Oxford, 1862. 

— Second edition : with a note by Profeflbr Owen. 

8° Oxford, 1862. 

Dialogues on the Eflays and reviews. By one who 
values Chriftianity for its own fake, and believes it as a re- 
velation from God. 8° Lond. 1862. 

An anfwer to the " Eflays and reviews," fliowing the 
fallacy in believing the Scriptures are not written by Divine 
infpiration ; alfo, proving the truth of their pofition in the 
final reftitution of man. 8^ Lond. 1862. 

An anfwer to the quellions raifed by the " Eflliys and 
reviews " : being a fermon on faith, preached in Rochford 
church, on Sunday, July 24, 1864. \Heb. xii. I.] 

8° Lond. [1864.] 

Proteft of the clergy of the United Church of England 
and Ireland againfl; the teaching of the " Eflays & re- 
views." \Incomplete. No title-pageJ] 


A full and perfeft account of the particulars of the 
terrible and bloody fight, which the Chriftian annies have 
obtained over the whole Turkirti forces near the biidge of 
Efleck ... Written from a perfon of quality, who was pre- 
fent in the whole adion. ^-Another account ixiill he found 
under Darda.] S. Sh. Holyroodhoufe, 1687. 

ESSEN (Andreas), Dutch theologian, 1618-77. 

Difputatio theologica oftava, ad tit. XVI. de fanflifica- 
tione. 4° Ultrajefli, 1662. 

— Vigefima tertia. 4° Ultrajedli, 1663. 

— Vigefima quarta. 4° Ultrajefli, 1663. 

ESSEN (E. C. ab). 

Difputatio de onere flruflurae aedium facranam atque 
parochialium in Pomerania, praecipue Suethica. [Baltha- 
SAR, Tra9atus juris ecclejia/llci, p. 297.] 

ESSENUS. Pfcud. o/John Jones. 


A letter addrefl'ed to the eleftors of the northern divifion 
of the county of Eflex. By a non-eleftor. 

8° Lond. I 847. 

Port ofSce DIRECTORY of Eflex ... 1855-70. 

Handbook for Eflex, Suflx>Ik, Norfolk, and Cambridge- 
fhire. [Murray's Hand-books.^ 8^ Lond. 1 870. 

Essex Arch^ological Society. 

Tranfaflions of the Eflex archaeological fociety. Vols. 
I.-IV. 8° Colchefter, 1858-69. 

Essex Equitable Loan Association. 

Rules and tables of the Eflex equitable loan aflbciation, 
eftabliflied December, I 8 50, on new and improved ])rinciples. 

I 2= Chelmsford, 1 8 50. 

Essex Monthly. 

The EflTex monthly and home counties miscellany. 

ESSEX, Earls of. See Arthur Capel, and Robert and 
Walter Devereux. 

ESSEX (John). 

Treatife of chorography ; or, the art of dancing country- 
dances after a new charaifter : engraved on copper-plates. 

12° Lond. 17 10. 
The young ladies conduft. 8° Lond. 1722. 

ESSIG (Johann Georg). 

Kurze Einleitung zu der allgemeinen und befondern 
Welthiftorie ; aufs neue iiberfehen, vermehret und bis auf 
gegenwartige Zeit fortgefetzet von Johann Chriftian Volz. 
Zehente Aufgabe. 8° Stuttgardt, 1773. 

ESSINGTON (Robert William), M.A. 

The legacy of an Etonian. Edited by Robert Nolands, 
fole executor. [_Pfeud.~\ 8° Camb. 1846. 

The middle way ; or, the province of patriftic divinity 
determined. To which is added the Samaritan. A fermon. 
[Z,uif xvii. 16.] 8° Camb. 1847. 

ESSON (George Auldjo). 

Expenfes in bankraptcy ... [H. G. Bell, On the bank- 
ruptcy la'w of England and Scotland ... i860.] 


Our civil and military eftablifliments. No. I. Second 
edition. 8° Lond. 1855. 


Examination of the equity and expediency of ecclefi- 
aftical eftablifliments. Second edition. 

12° Edinb. 1832. 


Animadverfions on an eflay on religious eftablifliments, 
& on three letters to the author of the Confeflional : with 
obfen-ations, fliewing the Athanalian Creed to be a truly 
Antichriftian Roman doftrine, the foundation of tranfub- 
ftantiation, &, like it, fedudtive to idolatry ; & which creed, 
with other Antichriftian Roman doflrines, being retained by 
the firft Reformers, points out the neceflity of a further 
reformation. 8° Lond. I 769. 



Leftures on the nature, lawfulnefs, duty and advantages 
of civil cftablifliments of religion, with an application of the 
argument to the parochial economy of Scotland; delivered 
in Edinburgli ... With a prefatory difcourfe, containing a 
general Itatement of the cafe. 8° Edinb. 1835. 


Recueil d'eftampes d'ajjies les plus beaux tableaux et 
d'apres les plus beaux defleins qui font en France, divife 
fuivant les differentes ecoles ; avec un abrege de la vie des 
Peintres. 3 torn. fol. Paris, 1 7 29. 

Idee generale d'une colleiSion coniplette d'eftampes ... 
I 77 I. [By Karl Heinrich von Heinecken.I 


The Eftate-orators ; a town-eclogue. 

4° Lond. 1774. 


A catalogue of the lords, knights and gentlemen, that 
have compounded for their eftates. 8° Lond. 1655. 

Obfervations upon eltates for life, created by adl of law, 
as tenants in tail after poflibility of iffiie extinifl, tenants in 
dower, tenants by the curtede : created by aft of the party, 
as tenants for life — and tenants per auter vie, and tenants 
for years ; refpefting the doftrine of wafte ... 

8 ' Lond. 1777. 

ESTCOURT (Richard), 1668-1713. 

The fair example : or tiie modidi citizens ; a comedy. 

4° Lond. 1 706. 

* The infernal congrefs : or, news from below. Being 
a letter from Dick I'.ltcourt, the late famous comedian, to 
the Speftator. The fecond edition. 8° Lond. 1713. 

Prunella: an interlude ... 4° Lond. n. d. 


Chronicon Eftcnfe, gefta Marchionum Eftenfium com- 
plec'tens, ab anno 1101 ufcjue ad annum 1354 per anonymos 
fcriptores fynchronos deduftum et ab aliis auftoribus con- 
tinuatum ufque ad annum 1393 ... [Muratorius, Renim 
Ilalkarum fcriptores, xv. 295.] 

The hiftory of the Houfe of VAM ...1681. [By James 

I'STE (Rev. Charles), 1753-1829. 
A journey in the year i 793, through Flanders, Brabant, 
and Germany to Switzerland. 8° Lond. 179;. 

ESTEBAN, Don. 1825. [/(>. Llanos.] 


Oralio eximia de certitudine falutis, et perfcvcrantia 
fanftorum non intercifa, Cantabrigia: habita. [William 
Ames, Refcript'io fcholajl'tca et brevis ad Nic. Grevinchovii 
Refponfum, 1658.] 

i'STELL & CO. 

Tlie London commercial lift, i860, I 863— 64[— i 87 i - 
7 2, jfr//,^m(/fiftlWo twelfth years.] fol. Lond. 1860-71. 

The Liverpool commercial lift i866-67[-i 871— 72, 
^r/? /o Cxth years.] fol. Lond. 1866-71. 

The Manchefter commercial lift i867-68[— 1 87 1- 
72. Firft /o fifth years.] fol. Lond. 1 867-7 i. 

The Glafgow commercial lift 1869—70, firft and fecond 
years. fol. Lond. 1869. 

The Glafgow & Greenock commercial lift 1870—71 
[1871 —7 2, fecond to fourth years.] fol. Lond. 1 870-7 i . 

Index to banking accounts in London, 1869. 

fol. Lond. 1869. 

The Bradford and Leeds commercial lift 1870— 1871, 
firft and fecond years. fol. Lond. 1870. 

The Belfaft & Dundee commercial lift 1871—72, firft 
& fecond years. fol. Lond. I 871. 

The Yorkftiire commercial lift 1871—72, fecond & third 
yeais. fol. Lond. 1 87 I. 


Eftelle Ruflell. By the author of " The private life of 

8° Lond. 1870. 

Galileo." In two vols. 


DifTertatio academica de pifcaturis in oceano boreali . . . 
4° Lond. Gothorum, [1750.] 

ESTENSE (Leonello). 

Sonetti. 1784. [Parnaso //a/wno, vi.] 

ESTEPA (Luisa Centurion y Arias, Marquesa de). 

Metiica demonftracion ... en honor de el numen de el 
mas reverente rendido de fu excelencia Don Juan Pedro 

Marujan y Zeron. 4' Barcelona, n. d. 


Bands of hope : their vaft imjioitance, and how to form 
and fuftain them. 8' Lond. n. d. 

ESTEVE (Joaquin). 

Diccionaino Catalan-Caftellano-Latino. Por Don Joa- 
quin Efteve, y Don Jofeph Belvitges, y Don Antonio 
Juglay. Tom. I. fol. Barcelona, 1803. 

ESTHER, Book of. See Bible. 

The Book of Efther in its typical application to tlie 
Chriftian church : with remarks on the infpiration of Holy 
Scrii)ture. \y] fermonJ^ 8"^ Lond. 1859. 


Efthwaite water: a poem, in three parts ... By a lady. 

8^ Lond. 1854. 

ESTIENNE. See Stephanos. 

ESTIENNE (Charles), M.D. 

L'agriculture et maifon niftique de M. Charles Eftienne, 
et Jean Liebault ... Edition dernieie ... Plus un brief recueil 



des chaffes du cerf, du fanglier, du lieure ... Item, la fabrique 
et ufage de la lauge, ou diapafon ... 8° n. p. 159". 

ESTIENNE (Henri), Sieur de Fojez. 

The art of making devifes ; treating of hieroglyphicks, 
fymboles, emblemes, xnigma's, fentences, parables, reveries 
of medalls, armes, blazons, cimiers, cyphres and rebus. 
Firft written in French by Henry Eftienne, Lord of FofTez 
... and tranflated into Englifh by Thomas Blount of the 
Inner Temple, gent. 4° Lond. 1646. 

— Whereunto is added a catalogue of coronet-devifes 
both on the Kings, and the Parliaments fide in the late 
warre. 4° Lond. 1648. 

— [Another edition.^ 4° Lond. I 650. 

ESTIENNE (Robert). 

Caufes amufantes et connues. \ylnon.^ 2 torn. 

I 2° Berlin, I 769. 

The ready eftimator, for the ufe of aichitedtural defigners 
. . . comprifmg tables and data, with plates. By a clergy- 
man. I a'' Lond. 1855. 

ESTLIN (J. B.), F.L.S. 
Remarks on mefmerifm, in 1845 

I 2^ Lond. 1845. 

ESTLIN (John Prior), LL.D. 

A unitarian Chriftian's ftatement and defence of his prin- 
ciples, with reference particularly to the charges of the right 
reverend the Lord Bilhop of St. David's : a difcourfe de- 
livered at Langyndeirn, near Carmarthen, on Thurfday, the 
6th of July, I 8 I 5, at the annual meeting of the Society of 
Unitarian Chriftians in South Wales, and publifhed at their 
requeft. With notes. \A8s xxiv. 14.] 

8° Briftol, 1 81 5. 

On perfecution. A difcourfe ... To which are added, 
extrafts from the report of the perfecution of the French 
Proteftants, prefented to the Committee of diflenting minifters 
of the three denominations in and about the cities of London 
and Weftminfter ; by the rev. Clement Perrot. 

8" Briftol, 1 8 16. 

Familiar leftures on moral philofophy. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 181S. 

ESTOR (JoHANN Georg), •vice-chancellor of the Uni- 
■verfily at Marburg, 1699-1773. 

De hereditariis provinciarum Auftriacarum officialibus 
commentatio, nunc fecunda vice recufa. 

4° Lipfia;, 1737. 

Gedancken von den Rechten der theil-und untheilbaren 
T>ehen, wic auch von der Verwandlung der in befondere 
Stiicke vertheilten Lehen in ein Lehen. [Jenichen, 
Thefaurus juris feudalis, ii. 230.] 

ESTRADA (Famiano). 

Primera decada de las guerras de Flandes defde la muerte 

del Emperador Carlos V. hafta el principio del goviemo de 
Alexandro Farnefe, tercero duque de Paima y Placencia, 
efcrita en Latin por el R. P. Famiano Eftrada de la Com- 
pania de Jefus, y traducida en Romance por el R. P. 
Melchior de Novar de la mifma Compafiia. Tercera im- 
preffion de nuevo emmendada ... 8° Amberes, 1701. 

— Segunda decada ... 8° Amberes, 1701. 
Guerras de Flandes ... efcriviolas en Latin el R. P. 

Famiano Ertrada, y las tradueo en Romance el R. P. Mel- 
chior de Novar. Nueva edicion. Tom. I, 2. 

4° Amlieres, 1749. 

— Efcriviola en Latin el R. P. Guillelmo Dondino ... 
Tom. 3. 4° Amberes, 1749. 

ESTRADA (J. Ant. de). 

Poblacion general de Efpaua, hiftoria chronologica, fus 
tropheos, blafones y conquiftas heroycas. 3 torn. 

4° Madrid, 1747. 

ESTRADA NAVA (Antonio de). 

Vida de Thelefio, y Argides, eremitas ; en que trata 
que para fenir el hombre a Dios necedita meditar en los 
noviflimos ... 2 ptes. 8° Madrid, 1759-65. 

ESTRADES (Godefroi), ma^a/ of France, 1607- 

Lettres, memoires et negociations de Monfieur le comte 
d'Eftrades, ambafladeur de fa Majefte tres-Chretienne 
aupres de leurs hautes puiflances Meffeigneurs les Etats 
Generaux des Provinces Unies des Pa'i's-bas, pendant les 
annees 1663 jufques 1668 inclus. 5 tom. 

12= Bmxelles, 1709. 
Lettres, memoires, et negociations. 6 tomes. 

8° a la Haye, i 719. 
The fecret letters and negociations of the Marefchal 
D'Eftrades, Monfieur Colbert, and the Count d'Avaux ; the 
French King's Plenipotentiai-y-AmbafTadors in the treaty of 
Nimeguen. Together with his moft Chriftian Majefty's and 
Monfieur de Pomponne's anfwers and inllruftions. 

12° Lond. I 710. 

ESTRADO (D. Alvaro Telores). 

Reprefentation to H. C. M. Ferdinand VII., King of 
Spain, in defence of the Cortes. Tranflated from the 
manufcript of the author, by Charles Toplis, Efq. 1 8 1 9. 
[Pamphleteer, xiv. 305.] 

ESTRANGE (Hamon l'). See Ramon L'Es- 

ESTRfiES (Jean d'), French mujlcian ; jlourifbed in 
the I dth century. 

* Vie de Jean d'Eftrees ... 1786. Par Adrien 

ESTRfiES (Victor Marie d'). 

* Vie de Victor Marie d'Eftiees. 1786. Par Adrien 



ESTRIA (Henricus de), prior Eccl. Chrijli Cantu- 

Catalogus archicpifcopoium Cantuarienfiuni ex regiftro 
MS. Henrico de Ellria. [Henry Wharton, Aiiglui facra, 
i. S3.] 

ESTRUP (H. F. J.) 

Idea hierarchiae Romanae qualis feculo XIII. in Scan- 
dinavia prefertim exftiterit, geftis, legationibufque Guilleimi 
Sabini illuftrata ... 8° Havnicc, 18 17. 

ESTVAN (B.), colonel. United States Confederate army. 
War piftures from the South. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1863. 

ESTWICK (Samuel), A.M., LL.D., M.P. 

Confiderations on the negroe caufe commonly fo called. 
The third edition. 8° Lond. 1788. 

ESWYLER (Wilhelm). 

Excrcitatio jihyhca de mundi caufa fmali ... 

4° Traje(fli ad Rhenuni, i6gi. 
Exercitatio philofophica de idea Dei et mundi ... 

4° Trajefli ad Rhenum, 1692. 

ETCHELL (Mabel). 

Ten years in a lunatic afylum. S° Lond. [l858.] 


The cotton fpinner's companion, containing original 
tables, for preparing and fpinning cottons of every defcrip- 
tion, from 6 to 320 hanks in the pound. 

8° Manchefter, 1827. 
Etch'd thoughts. By the Etching club. 

4° Lond. 1844. 


The publications of the Antiquarian etching club, for the 
year 1S52. 4° Lond. 1853. 

ETERIANUS (Hugo), of Tufcauy ; JlourlPml in the 
17.1 h century. 

De regrelTu animarum ab inferis, liber. De hxrefibus 
quas Grasci in Latinos dcvolvunt, libri tres. [Ttfa.v. biblio- 
thcca veterum Patrum, xxii. 1 1 76.] 


All travellers to eternity : with a iccommcndatory pre- 
face by the rev. B. Philpot, M.A. 12° Lond. 1852. 


Ethel's (lories ... By the child's friend. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

i'.thel Woodville ; or, woman's miniflry : a tale for the 
times. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1 8 59. 

VOL. Ill, 

ETHELWERD (Fabius), Patricias; Jlouriflied in 
the Wth century. 

Chronicorum libri quatuor. [Henr. Savile, Rerum 
Anglic, fcriptt. p. 831.] 

The chronicle of Fabius Ethelwerd, from the creation of 
the world to the year dcccclxxv. [edited and tranflated by 
the rev. Jofeph Stevenfon, M.A.] [Stevenson, Church 
hiflorians of England, ii. 407.] 


The (hepherd's evening tales. I. Ethelwolf, a tale of 
the olden time. 8° Lond. 1842. 

ETHEREGE (Sir George). D. circa 1690. 

The works of Sir George Etherege, containing his 
plays and poems. 12° Lond. 17 I 5. 

Comical revenge ; or love in a tub. 4° Lond. 1664. 
She wou'd if file cou'd ; a comedy. 4° Lond. 1 67 i. 
The man of mode, or S'' Topling Fluttti', a comedy. 

4° Lond. 1676. 
— ^New Britlfl.^ Theatre, vol. xi.] 

ETHERIDGE (John Wesley), M.A., Ph.D., 
Wejleyan minifler. D. I 866. 

The apoftolic miniflry and the queftion of its reftoration, 
confidercd in an expofition of part of the fourth chapter of 
the Epiftle to the Ephefians. 12° Falmouth, 1836. 

Mifericordia : or, contemplations on the mercy of God, 
regarded efpecially in its afpefls towards the young. 

12° Lond. 1842. 

Horae Aramaicae : comprifing notices of the Aramean 
dialefts in general, and of the verfions of Holy "Scripture 
extant in them : with a tranflation of the Gofpel according 
to St. Matthew, and of the Epiftle to the Hebrews from 
the ancient Pefchito Syriac. \l^ Lond. 1843. 

The Syrian Churches ; their early hiftory, liturgies, and 
literature : with a literal tranflation of the four Gofpels, 
from the Pefchito ... 12° Lond. 1846. 

.leiiifalem and Tiberias ; Sora and Cordova : a furvey of 
the religious and fcholaftic learning of the .Tews ; defigned 
as an introdudlion to the ftudy of Hebrew literature. 

I 2° Lond. 1856. 

The life of the rev. Adam Clarke, LL.D. ... Second 
edition. 8° Lond. 1858. 

The life of the rev. Thomas Coke, D.C.L. 

8° Lond. 1S60. 

* Memoirs ... by the rev. Thornley Smith. 1S71. 

ETHERINGTON (George F.), M.D. 

VivifeiSion inveftigated and vindicated. 

8° Lond. 1S42. 

ETHERIUS, SpaniJIi bi/l^op ; fouri/hed in the Sth 


Etherii ... ct Beati,prcfliyteri, adverfusElipandum Archi- 
epifcopum Toletanum libii duo, de adoptione Ciirifti filii 
Dei. Primuni ex bibliotheca Toletana in lucem depromjiti 




ftudio .Petri Stewanii. [Canisius, Antiquae kclwnes, ii. 

■• 279-] 

— [Max. bihliotheca •veterum Patrum, xui. 353-] 


The principles of ethics, according to the New Teila- 
ment. 8" Camb. 1856. 


Catalogus omnium ^thiopiae regum, qui ab inundate 
terrai-uni orbe ufque ad noftra tempora imperamnt. [A. 
ScHOTTUS, Hifpania illujlrata, ii. 1278.] 

De regno jEthiopiae ac populo, deque moribus ejufdem 
populi. [Ibid. p. 128 6.] 


TranfacT;ions of the Ethnological Society of London. 
New feries. Vols. L-VII. 8° Lond. 1861-67. 

Journal of the Ethnological Society of London. New 
feries. Vols. I. II. 8° Lond. 1869-70. 

ETIENNE. See Stephanus. 

ETIENNE (Charles Guillaume), French poet and 
journalijl, 177S-1845. 

Les deux gendies, comedie. 8° Paris, 181 1. 


Etiquette, fecial ethics, and the courtefies of fociety. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

The habits of good fociety : a handbook of etiquette for 
ladies and gentlemen. 8° Lond. [1859.] 

The hand-book of etiquette : being a complete guide to 
the ufages of polite fociety. 8' Lond. i860. 

Etiquette for all ; or, rales of condud for every circum- 
ftance in life : with the laws, rules, precepts, and praftices 
of good fociety. 12° Glafg. 186 1. 

The laws and bye-laws of good fociety : a code of 
modern etiquette. 12= Lond. [1869.] 

Modern etiquette, in private and public ... 

8° Lond. [1871.] 

Etiquette for gentlemen. 8° Lond. n. d. 

ETOILE (Pierre de l'). 

Journal des chofes memorables advenues durant le regne 
de Henry III., roy de France et de Pologne, edition nou- 
velle ... [AnonJ] 4 vols. 8° Cologne, 1720. 

— Nouvelle edition. 4 vols. 8° Cologne, 1 7 46. 


Mufse Etonenfes ... 1755. Edited by J. Prinsep. 

Mufae Etonenfes, feu carminum delectus nunc primum in 
lucem editus. 2 torn. 8° Lond. 1795. 

A few words in reply to " Some remarks upon the pre- 
fent fyftem and management of Eton School." 

8° Lond. 1834. 

The Eton fyftem of education vindicated : and its capa- 
bilities of improvement conlidcred, in reply to fome recent 
publications. 8° Lond. 1834. 

A few words to the Provoft of Eton, upon certain late 
proceedings of his in the religious government of Eton Col- 
lege. By an Etonian. 8"' Lond. 1S43. 

A brief memoir of an Eton boy. Second edition. 

8 Lond. 1851. 

The Eton fchool lifts, from 1791 to 1850 ... By H. 
E. C. Stapylton ... 1863. 

Eton fchool days. 1864. [-Sj Bracebridge Hemvng.] 

Recollections of Eton. By an Etonian. 

8° Lond. 1870. 


The Eton bureau. [Nos. I.-V.] 8° Lond. 1842. 

ETON (William). 

Authentic materials for a hiftory of the people of Malta. 
Firft, fecond, third, and fourth parts : now firft publilhed. 
To be continued ... 8° Lond. 1802-7. 

A fui'vey of the Tuikifh empire, in which are confidered, 
I. its government ... II. the ftate of the provinces ... 
III. the caufes of the decline of Turkey ... IV. the Britifti 
commerce with Turkey ... The fourth edition, to which is 
now prefixed an introduiftory chapter. 8° Lond. 1809. 


Raccolti di antichita Etinjfche. fol. Fiorenza, 1777. 


Alphabetum veterum Etiufcorum et nonnulia eorumdem 
monumenta. 8' Romas, 1771. 

ETRUSCUS (Joannes). 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitia poelarum Ilalorum, i. 906.] 

— \Carmina illujlnum poetarum Ilalorum, iv. I 2 I.] 


Ettling's di-awing-room atlas of Europe. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

The feafon and time, or an expofition of the prophecies 
wiiich relate to the two periods of Daniel fubfequent to the 
I 2 60 years now recently expired : together with remarks 
upon the revolutionary antichrift pi'opofed by Biiliop Horfe- 
ley and the rev. G. S. Fiflier. 8° Lond. 1S16. 

ETTY (William), R.A., 1 787-1 849. 

* Life. By Alexander Gilchrist. 1855. 


Msj/a 'E.T'j'i.o'Koyr/.ov. Magnum Etymologicum GixCK 
linguce, nunc recens fumma adhibita diligentia excufum, et 
innumerabilibus pene dii5lionibus locupletatuni. 

fol. Venetiis apud Federicum Turrifanum, 1549. 

— A multis ac fcedis mendis repurgatum, perpetuis notis 
illufh'atum . . . opera Friderici Sylburgii. 

fol. e typographia Hieronynii Comelini, I 594. 
Editio nova correftior. 4° Lipf. I 8 I 6. 

— Ad codd. MSS. recenfuit et notis variorum inftruxit. 
Thomas Gaisford, S.T.P. fol. Oxon. 1848. 



ETZLERUS (Augustus). 
Ifagoge pliyfico-magico-medica. 


8° Ai-gentinx, 163 i. 

Some obfervations upon a late pamphlet intitled, A 
modeft reprefentation of the pall: and prefcnt flate of Great 
Britain, occafion'd by the late change in the adminiftration. 

8° Lend. I 7 I I. 

A letter to the Fiee-thinker \_Amhrofe Phirips\ ; with 
fome remarks upon his conduft. 8° Lond. 1 7 1 8. 

Thoughts on the prefent fyftem of academic education 
in the Univerfity of Cambridge. 8° Lond. 1822. 

— [Pamphleteer, xx. 301.] 

A letter to Philograntus, being a fequel to a pamphlet, 
entitled Thoughts on the prefent fyftem of academic educa- 
tion in the Univerfity of Cambridge. 8° Lond. 1822. 

— [Pamphleteer, xx. 343.] 


La perpetuite de la foy de L'Eglife Catholiquc touchant 
I'euchariftie ... 1672. \By Ant. Arnauld.] 

La foy de I'Eglife Catholique touchant I'euchariftie ... 
1684. [5_y Bruzeau.] 

A brief difcourfe of the real prefence of the body and 
blood of Chrift in the celebration of the eucharift. 16S6. 
[^V I^i'- Henry More.] 

Six conferences concerning the eucharift. Wherein is 
fliowcd that the doftrine of tranfubftantiation overthrows 
the proofs of ChrilHan religion. 1687. \By Jean de la 

A difcourfe of the holy eucharift, in the two great points 
of the real prefence and the adoration of the hoft ... 1687. 
{By William Wake, D.D.] 

A full view of the dodlrines and pradlices of the ancient 
church relating to the eucharift ... 1688. \By John 

A conijiendious difcourfe of the eucharift. 1689. 
\By Obadiah Walker.] 

Two difcourfes concerning the adoration of our B. 
Saviour in the h. eucharift. 1687. \By Abraham 


A compendious difcourfe on the cuchaiift. 1689. \By 
Abraham Woodhead.] 

The pi'opitiatory oblation in the holy eucharift tiuly ftated 
and defended ... 1 7 10. \By John Johnson.] 

The doiflrine of the Catholic Church in England on the 
holy eucharift, illuftrated by extraifis from her great divines. 
With an appendix on various other points of faith and 
praflice. 8° Oxford, 1 841. 

On the celebration of the holy eucharift. Reprinted 
from the "Theologian and Ecclefiaftic " of Aug. 1849. 

8° Lond. 1849. 

A redtification of Archdeacon Wilberforce's work on 
the eucharift. 8" Lond. 1853. 

The right of all the baptized to be prefent at the cele- 
bration of the holy eucharift. 12° Lond. I 854. 

The holy eucharift the enjoined wordiip of God in 
" Spirit and in truth," and the " Pure offering " of the gof- 
iiel covenant. A manual ... for thofe who lemain in church 

during the celebration of the holy communion, but do not 
communicate. By a parifh prieft. 8° Lond. 1855. 

A difcourfe on the doftrine of the eucharift, as revealed 
to the apoftle Paul and delivered by him to the church, 
[i Cor. xi. 17-30.] 8° Lond. 1856. 

A guide to the eucharift. 8° Lond. 1858. 

Paftoral teaching on the doftrine of the holy eucharift, 
addrefled to Icveral congregations fince Maundy Thurfday, 
1 8 60, by feven priefts of the Scottifh Church. 

8° Edinb. [i860.] 

Analefta hiftorica de obtinenda euchariftia fub utraque. 
[Gerdes, Scrin'ium aiit'iquarium, vii. i. 8 5.] 

Epiftola; feptem de venerabili fncraniento cuchariftias. 
{Max. biblwtbeca vetcrum Patrum, xxv. 312.] 


Eucharifton. Ueber das Verhaltnifs der gottlichcn 
Welt zur auflenweltlichen Gottheit. 8° Breflau, 1820. 

Belgian poet ; Jlouri/Jied in the l6th century. 

In laude Saluatoris a morte refurgentis carmen. [No 
title-page.'\ 4° [Gandavi], I 5 i I . 

In hoc opufculo contenta. Tradlatus de penitentia, ter- 
fioribus verfibus ... concinnatus. Duodecim articuli iidei 
fmgulis diftichis elucidati. Quinq. fenius in tetrafticho ex- 
preiH. Decem praecepta Dni in carmine elegiaco exarati. 
Decem plagae aegiptiacae in hexafticho. Septem facra- 
menta ecclefiae. Septem dona fpuflanfli. Quattuor virtutes 
cardinales, in carmine. Tres virtutes theologales. Odlo 
beatitudines. Sex peccata in fpiritu fanfrij. Quattuor 
peccata clamantia ad deum pro vindifla. Noucm ])eccata 
aliena. Ad zoilu tetrafticho. Ad Angelii Nericiu car- 
melitam carmen. De immatura morte magiftri loanis 
Dullardi nenia et dialogus carmine heroico compofitus. 
Epitaphium magiftri loanis Dullardi. Liuino Auftrico ... 
& Petro Cacfari ... Carmen. Ad ftudiofos niinciniae 
lacobi nutini epigramma. loannis Laftci ad inuidu hexa- 
ftichon. Ad Robertu Caefare ... hexaftichon. Cornt-lius 
grapheus Aluftefis ad difcipulos gregorianae feftiuitatis cul- 
tores. 4° Gandaui, 151 3. 

In hoc opufculo contenta. Liiiini feu Leuini archiepifcopi 
& martyris Gandauorumq. tutelaris diui vita . . . elego carmine 
cofcri])ta. Ad eundem cum laudibus fupplicatio. Bertulphi 
confefToris eorundemq. proteiSoris vita breuilllme elucidata. 
Ad eundem & commendatio & votum. In colletam virginc 
longe venerabile jiaean elegiacus. 4° [Gandavi], i 51 1. 

Charitis et Gandae fuper obitu Maximiliani Romanorfi 
Regis femp Augufti ob canonica elccfrione Charoli ex 
philippo filio nepotis, fe viciftiin cofolatiu commcntarius. 
4° Gandavi, 1591 [1519.] 

'EUCU.Y.RWJS, archbi/hop of Lyons. D. 454. 

Opufcula qux exftant omnia pia ad Sanflam Scripturam. 
Illuftrat.1, recenfita atque eniendata ftudio A. Schotti S. .1. 
Accedunt et Eucherio adfcripti Commentarii in Genefim et 
libros Regum. {Max. biblioiheca •uelevum Patrum, vi. 822.] 

Epiftola Eucherii E])ifcopi ad Fauftum, pre(byterum. 
[Ugolinus, Thefaunis aniiquilalum facrarum, vii. I 20 I.] 




Euchologion ; a colleflion of Prayers ... 1847. 
EuyoXoy/SB ; or book of Prayers ... 1867. 

EUCLID, of Alexandria ; fourified area I 300 B.C. 
Collective editions of the books of the Elements. 

EuZAS/OD'J STOf^llMV j3li3'A. IS. ITiTCin QidlVOC 'Sv'JOUSIUH. E/'c 

TO aurou to tpuitov, 'iz,rtyr,iLa,rta\ Yi'JO/.'Ko-j /3;,SX. 5. Ad- 
iefta praefatiuncula in qua de disciplinis matheraaticis non- 
nihil. \Gr. only.'] fol. Bafileae, 1533. 

\End:] Opus elementoru euclidis megarenfis in geometria 
arte. In id quoq. Campani pfpicaciflimi comentationes 
finiut. [Z«/.] Erhardus ratdolt Auguftenfis ... impref- 
for ... fol. Venetiis, 1482. 

Geometria a Boetio in Latinum tranflate. Paris. 1507. 
[Johannes de SacRo Bosco, Texfus de Sphera, fefc] 

Elementa libris XV., ad germanam geometriae intelligen- 
tiam, ^ diverfis lapfibus temporis injuria contradtis, reftituta 
... Acceffit decimus fextus liber de folidorum regularium fibi 
invicem infcriptorum coUationibus. Noviffime collati funt 
decimus feptimus et decimus oftavus ... de componendoium, 
infcribendoinim, et conferendorum compofitorum folidoram 
inventis, ordine et numero abfoluti, authore D. Francifco 
Fluflate Candalla ... [Z-a^] fol. Lutetiae, 157S. 

— Lib. XV. acceflit XVI. de folidoai regularium 
cujuflibet intra quodlibet comparatione : omnes perfpicuis 
demonftrationibus ... illuftrati, nunc itemm editi ac ... 
locupletati, auftore Chriftophoro Clavio ... [Z,a/.] 2 torn. 

8° Romae, 1589. 

Unacum fcholiisantiquisa Federico Commandino 

Urbinate in Latinum conuerC ... fol. Pifauri, 1619. 

Brev[iter et fuccindle demonftrati] op [era] Is. 

Barrow. [Za/.] [Til/e-page torn.'] 8°Lond. 1678. 

— Libri fex priores, item XI. et XII. ex verfione Latina 
F. Comniandini, fublatis iis quibus olim libri hi a Theone, 
aliifve, vitiati funt, et quibufdam Euclidis demonft'ationibus 
reftitutis a Roberto Simfon. [/.a/.] 4° Glafguae, I 7 56. 

— Libri priores xii. ex Commandini et Gi'egorii ver- 
Conibus Latinis ... Edidit, pluribus in locis auxit, et in de- 
pravatis emendavit Samuel, Epifcopus Roflenfis. [/,«/.] 

8° Oxonii, 1802. 

The fix firfl, with the xi. and xii. books of Euclid's 
elements demonllrated after a new, plain and eafy method, 
by Henry Hill. 4° Lond. 1726. 

The elements ... the firft fix books together with the XI. 
and XII. The errors, by which Theon, or others, have 
long ago vitiated thefe books, are correfted, and fome of 
Euclid's demonftrations are leflored. By Robert Simfon, 
M.D. 4° Glafg. 1756. 

To this fecond edition is added the book 

of Euclid's Data. In like manner corrected by Robert 
Simfon, M.D. 8° Glafg. 1762. 

[Books I.- VI. XI. XII.] With ex- 
planatory notes ; together with a feleftion of geometrical 
exercifes from the Senate-houfe and College examination 
papers ; to which is prefixed an introduclion, containing a 
brief outline of the hiftory of geometry ... By Robert 
Potts, M.A. 8° Camb. 1845. 

The firfl: fix books ... With explanatory 

notes. By Robert Potts, A.M. 12" Camb. 1850. 

Books I.-VI. XI. XII. ... Edited by 

Henry J. Hofe, B.A. 12= Lond. 1853. 

The firft fix books, with the eleventh and 

twelfth . . . With coirections, annotations, and exercifes, 
by Robert Wallace, A.M. 8° Lond. 1855. 

The firft fix books, and ... portions of the 

eleventh and twelfth ... With explanatory notes and quef- 
tions : together with a feleftion of geometrical exercifes 
from the Senate-Houfe and College examination papers . . . 
By Robert Potts, M.A. 8° Lond. 1861. 

[Another edition] by Robert Potts, M.A., 

defigned for the ufe of the junior clafles in public and 
private fchools. 12= Lond. 1864. 

The firft fix and ... parts of the eleventh 

and tweltth books ... With a new arrangement of the figures 
and demonftrations; the enunciations of the propofitions fepa- 
rately ; queftions on the definitions ; ainthmetical and alge- 
braical demonftrations of books II. and V. ; and a feleftion 
of geometrical problems for folution. By A. K. Ift)irter, 
M.A. 12' Lond. 1865. 

The firft fix books ... Edited by William 

Davis, B.A. 12' Lond. 1863. 

Elements ... in which the proportions are demonftrated 
in a new and fliorter manner than in former trandations, and 

the arrangement of many of them altered. [Books I VI. 

XI. XII.] To which are annexed plain and fpherical tri- 
gonometry, tables ot logarithms ... by George Douglas. 

8° Lond. 1776. 

Elements ... viz. the firft fix books, with the eleventh 
and twelfth ; in which the con-eftions of Dr. Simfon are 
generally adopted ... together with elements of plane and 
fpherical trigonometry', and a treatife on praflical geometry, 
by Alexander Ingram. 8° Edinb. 1799. 

Adapted to the ufe of fchools and private ftu- 

dents ... by James Trotter. New edition. Edinb. 1857. 

Elements ... containing the firft fix books ... with two 
books on the geometry of folids ; to which are added ele- 
ments of plane and fpherical trigonometry, by John Playfair, 
F.R.S.E. 8° Edinb. 1805. 

Seventh edition with additions. 

8° Edinb. 1826. 

The firft fix books of the elements ... To which are 
annexed a treatife on folid geometry, and a ftiort eflay on 
the ancient geometrical analyfis. By the rev. Dionyfius 
Lardner. 8' Lond. 1828. 

Elements [Books I.— VII.] ... with explanatory appen- 
dix, and fupplementary propofitions by W. D. Cooley, 
A.B. 8° Lond. 184O. 

Euclid in paragraphs. The elements ... containing the 
firft fix books, and the firft twenty-one propofitions of the 
eleventh book. 12° Camb. 1845. 

The firft fix books of the elements ... in which coloured 
diagrams and fymbols are ufed inftead of letters for the 
greater eafe of learners. By Oliver Byrne. 

4° Lond. I 847. 

The firft fix books ... With numerous exercifes. 

8° Lond. 1853. 



The dements [Books I.— VI. XI. XII.] ... with many 
addititional propofitions and explanatory notes. To which 
is prefixed an introdufloiy eflay on logic. By Henry 
Law. 2 parts. l2°Lond. 1853-55. 

Manual of Euclid : books I. and II. By the rev. 
.lofeph A. Galbraith, M. A., and the rev. Samuel 
Haughton, M.A. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Books IV. V. VI. 8° Lond. 1859. 

Elements [Books I.— VI.] ... explicitly enunciated by 
J. Pryde. 8° Lond. i860. 

— The firft fix books, and portions of the eleventh and 
twelfth books. With notes, an appendix, and exercifes by 
.1. Todhunter, M.A., F.R.S. 12° Camb. 1862. 

The definitions, poltulates, axioms, and enunciations of 
the propofitions of the firft fix and the eleventh and twelfth 
books of Euclid's elements ... 12° Camb. 1848. 

The enunciations of the ])ropofitions of the firft fix and 
of the eleventh and twelfth books of Euclid's elements ... 
with queftions on the definitions, poftulates, axioms, and 
corollaries. 8" Oxford, 1862. 

Editions of separate books of the Elements. 

Firft, fecond and llxth books ... demonftrated in general 
terms, with notes and obfervations, by John Walker. 

8° Dublin, 1808. 
The fifth book ... algebraically proved and fimplified. 

8° Dublin, I 842. 
Euclid's elements ... ( the firft three books ;)tranflated from 
the Latin of the rt. rev. Thomas Elrington, D.D. To which 
is added, a compendium of algebra ... 8° Camb. 1846. 

— (The parts read in the Univerfity of Cambridge,) 
from the text of Dr. Robert Simfon ; with geometrical 
problems for folution by the rev. J. W. Colenfo, M.A. 

12° Lond. 1846. 

The firft book ... fimplified, explained, & illuftrated, for 
the ufe of beginners ; with an appendix ... By the rev. 
William Trollope, A.M. I 20 Lond. 1847. 

The firft three books ... from the text of Dr. Robert 
Simfon, together with various ufeful theorems and problems, 
as geometrical exercifes on each book. By T. Tate, 
F.R.A.S. [Gleig's fchool ftrli-s.^ 12° Lond. 185 I. 

The firft two books ... printed cliiefly according to the 
text of Simfon ; with additional figures, notes, &c., by 
Nicholas Pocock, M.A. 8 Lond. 1852. 

The fynoptical Euclid ; being the firft four books ... 
from the edition of Dr. Robert Simfon ; with a peculiar 
typographical arrangement, by which is exhibited, without 
abridgment of the text, a perfpicuous outline of each demon- 
ftration, to facilitate teaching in clafit-s & private ftudy. 
Witli exercifes. By Samuel A. Good. 8" Lond. 1853. 

Thefirft, fecond, and third books ... 8° Lond. 1855. 

The geometry of the three firft books ... by diieift proof 
from definitions alone. With an introduiftion on the prin- 
ciples of the fcicnce. By Henflcigh Wedgwood, M.A. 

I 2° Lond. I S56. 

Gradations in Euclid : books I. and II. An introduc- 
tion to ])lane geometry ... with ... remarks on geometrical 
reafoning, and on arithmetic and algebra applied to geomcti-y ; 
praflical refults and exercifes : by Henry Green, A.M. 

8° Manchefter, 1858. 

Fourth thoufand. 8° Manchefter, [1870.] 

The fifth book ... treated algebraically. By a college 
tutor. 8° Oxford, 1858. 

Books III. -VI. praftically applied; or gradations in 
Euclid, part II., with algebraical and aiithmetical illuftra- 
tions, explanatory notes, and a fynoptical index to the fix 
books, fiiewing the ufes of the propofitions, &c., by Henry 
Green, A.M. 8° Manchefter, 1 861. 

The propofitions of the fifth book ... proved algebraically 
... By George Sturton Ward, M.A. 1862. 

The fchool Euclid : comprifing the firft four books : 
chiefly from the text of Dr. Simfon : with a new arrange- 
ment of the figures and demonftrations : defigned as a help 
to beginners and candidates preparing for examinations. By 
A. K. Iftjifter, M.A. 12° Lond. 1862. 

Euclid's plane geometiy, praflically applied ; book i , the 
geometry of plane tiiangles, founded on Simfon's text ; 
with explanatory notes, fliowing the ufes of the propofitions, 
&c. ; by Henry Green, M.A. 8° Manchefter, [1863.] 

Elements ... books I. II. III. IV. Bafed on the text 
of Dr. Simfon. With exercifes. [Scotti/h School-book 
Jfoclcihon.'] 8° Glafg. [1865.] 

— ... Books I. to IV. From the text of Dr. Sim- 
fon ; with an introduction and commentary by William 
Roffiter. 12° Lond. I 867. 

— An epitome of the firft three books ... H. M. S. 
Britannia. 12° Lond. 1867. 

— . . . books ii. and iii. With notes, explanatory re- 
marks, and a colleftion of geometrical exercifes, by J. R. 
Young. 12° Lond. [1871.] 

— ... for beginners ; defigned for the upper clafles in 
elementary fchools ... By Jacob Lowres. Second edi- 
tion. 8° Lond. 1852. 

Translations of the Elements. 

Les elemens d'Euclide expliquez ... par Claude Milliet 
Dcchales. 12° Paris, 16S3. 

Euclide Megarenfe acutiflimo philofopho, folo introduttore 
delle fcientie mathematice, diligentemente raftettato, et alia 
integrit'a ridotto, per il degno profefl'ore di tal fcientie Nicolo 
Tartalea Brifciano. Secondo le due tradottioni. Con una 
ampla efpofitione dello iftclFo tradottore di nuovo aggiunta. 
4° in Venetia, apprefio Giovanni Bariletto, I 569. 

Elementi piani, e folidi ... 2 tom. 

12° Fiienze, 1690. 

— Pofti brevemcnte in volgarc dal Abate D. Guido 
Grandi. 8° Venezia, 1780. 

* A new fupplement to Euclid's elements of geometry 
... 1840. [/?)' Jofeph Denison.] 

Other works. 

Euclidis elementa quaedam arithmetica. [Gr. and Lat.~\ 

4° Lutetiae apud Vafcofimum, 1554. 
EuxXs/oou ii-Ti/.a xal xaTo-r^ixd. Euclidis optica & 
catoptrica nunquam antehac Graece edita. I'iadem Latine 
reddita per loannem Penam. 4° Paris. 1557- 

Rudimenta muficcs. Secflio regulae haiTnonicie. Nunc 
primum Graece et Latine cxcufa, Joanne Pena inteqjicte. 

4" Paris, 1557. 



La perfpedliva y efpecularia de Euclides : traduzidas por 
Pedro Ambrofio Onderiz. 4° Madiid, 1585. 

Datoiuni liber cum additamento, nee non tradatus alii 
ad geometriam pertinentes. Curavit et edidit Samuel, 
Epifcopus AfaphenGs. 8° Oxoni, 1803. 

Introduftio harmonica. [Gr. ^ Lai.'] [M. Meibomius, 
Antiqiia: mujica audores, torn, i.] 

EUDiEMON-JOANNES (Andreas). D. 1625. 
Refponfio ad epiftolam Ifaaci Cafauboni ad Frontonem 
Ducaeum, de apologia Jefuitarum nomine Parifiis edita. 
8° Colonias Agripp. 16 1 2. 

EUDOCIA, mife of the emperor Theodofnis II., 394— 

[Eudoci-i] Homeric! Centones, a veteiibus vocati 'O/juti^o- 
y.isroa ; [Probas Falconire] Virgiliani Centones ; utriqvie in 
qujedam hiftorix facrje capita fcripti. Nonni Paraphrafis 
Evangelii Joannis, Graece & Latine. 

12° Excud. Henr. Steph. 1578. 

Homero-centones. [Z/rt^] Max. bibUotheca veteriim 
Patrum, vi. I 155.] 

EUGENE. Pfeuit. of Hugo Arnot. 

EUGENE, //-/■«« of Savoy, 1663-17 36. 

Vie du Prince Eugene de Savoie, Generalifme des armees 
Autrichiennes, ecrite par lui meme ... Troifieme edition, 
augmentee de notes et de la derniere partie de la vie de 
I'auteur, jufqu'a fa mort. 8° Paris, 1 8 10. 

Memoirs of Prince Eugene of Savoy ; written by him- 
felf. \Hiuit CS" Clarke's Autollographies, vol. viii.] 

12° Lond. 1S27. 

* Memoirs of the lives and conduft of thofe illuftrious 
heroes Prince Eugene of Savoy, and John Duke of Marl- 
borough ; wherein is included a full, particular and impartial 
account of their behaviour in the late wars, as likewife the 
military and gallant aftiohs of the Duke of Argyle, the 
Earl of Stair, the Lord Cobham, the Earl of Cadogan, and 
many other Generals, both Englifh and foreign, eminent for 
their courage and conduft ... fol. Lond. 1742. 


Eugenia and Adelaide, a novel. 2 vols. 

1 2° Lond. I 791. 

Poefie. Vene%. 1 787. [Parnaso //fl/rano, ts'c, vol. 


"Yr, Toam't^ovvrlojv -riXii iyxu/J-iagTixri 'ixp^aei;. 1 832. 
[EusTATHius, Opufcula, 370.] 


Obfervations on the foundation of morals ; fuggefted by 
Profeffor Whewell's fennons on tlie fame fubjeft. By 
Eugenius. 8° Lond. 1838. 

EUGENIUS II., Pope, 824-27. 
Ritus probationis per aquam frigidam, ab Eugenio Papa 
II. iniHtuta:. [Mabillon, Analecla Vetera, p. 161.] 

EUGENIUS III., Pope, 1145-53. 

* Gefla Eugenii III. papx, ex anonymi chronico Cafinenfi 
et aliis. [Bouquet, Rerum Gallic, et Franck. fcriptorcs, 
XV. 423.] 

Epirtoiae cxix. [Ibid. 426.] 

Epiftola ad Pctrum Regenfem et Bcrtrandum Forojulien- 
fem Epifcopos. [Baluze, Mfcellanea, ii. 222.] 

Epiftolre dux ad Abbatem et monachos Beccenfes. 
[Ibid. vii. 1 40.] 

EUGENIUS IV. (Gabriel Condolmerio), Pope, 

Bulla adverfus Profperum de Columna Cardinalem. 
[Ibid. vii. 513.] 

* Vita Eugenii PapE iv. fcripta ab au(flore coastaneo. 
[Baluze, Mifcellanea, vii. 506.] 

EUGENIUS, lljliop of Carthage ; in the ^ih 

Confeflio fidei. \^Max. hihliotheca veteriim Patrum, viii. 

EUGENIUS, bi/ljop of Toledo. D. 657. 

Opufcula. [Max. billiotheca veterum Patrum, xii. 3 44.] 

I 716-1806. 

lToi'^/i7oi Tr^i; /israpus/x^; i/ro 'E.vyiviou roxi BouXyaoitiig, 
oiay.ovciu 'in ItTog, ivia^ou B'/jjy.a.'yyjiXjtTOi toT; aiirou 

aurc(d'=Xp!iiv A Kaffra 17/01/, ii r/.oXaov Zur) xai Mi^a'/jX ... 
ri'-oi; iy.ooisura, i'Tisrasla'S'irv^idoii/oi fS'/.anTij. [2 T/j.ri/j.ara.'] 

8° EiiTirim, 1805. 


Church-pageantry difplay'd. 17 00. [-Sji James Owen.] 

Robert Samber. 

EUGENIUS THEOPHILUS. Pfcul. o/Theophiie 

EUGIPPIUS, Italian abbot ; fouri/ljed in the 6th 

Epiftola in vitam S. Severini, ad Pafchafium Diaconum. 
[Canisius, LeSiones antiqutc, i. 4I0.] 


Eulabeteon : a poem for the times. 8° Lond. 1851. 


* A flcetch of the life of C. Eulcnftein, the celebrated 
performer on the Jew's harp. 8° Lond. 1833. 

EULENSTEIN (Charles). 

An eafy introdudtion to the German language. 

8° Lond. I 839. 



— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1844. 

— Fifth edition. 8° Lond. 1863. 
Progreffive exercifes for fjieaking German. 

8° Lond. I 844. 

EULER (Leonhard), German mathematician, 1 707- 

Mechanics five niotus fcientia analytice expofita ... inftar 
fupplcmcnti ad commentar. Acad, fcient. imper. 2 torn. 

40 Petropoli, 1736. 

Tcntamen nov^ theorise muficse ex certifflmis harmonis 
principiis dilucide cxpofitae. 4° Petropoli, 1739. 

Methodus invenit-ndi lineas curvas maxiini minimive 
proprietate gavidentes ... 4° Laufannae, 1744. 

Opufcula vai'ii argumenti. 3 torn. 

4° BeroHni, 1746-51. 

Scientia navalis, feu tracJtatus de conftruendis ac dirigendis 
navibus. Inftar fupplem. ad Tom. L commentar. Acad. 
Icient. imper. 2 torn. 4° PetropoH, I 7 49. 

Theoria motus lunas exhibens omnes ejus insequalitates ... 

4° Petropoli, 1753. 

Inflitutiones calculi differentialis cum ejus ufu in analyfi 
finitorum ac doftrina ferierum. 4° Petropoli, 1755. 

Tlieoria motus coi-poium folidorum, feu rigidoram, ex 
l>rimis noftrae cognitionis principiis ftabilita et ad omnes 
motus, qui in hujufmodi corpoi'a cadeie polTunt, accomnio- 
data. 4-' Roftochii, 1765. 

Inftitutionum calculi integralis volumen primum, in quo 
methodus integrand! a primis principiis ufque ad integrationem 
aequationum diffcientialium piinii gradus pertraftatur. 

4° Petropoli, 1768. 

— Vol. II. in quo methodus invcniendi funftiones unius 
variabilis ex data relatione differentialium fecundi altiorifve 
gradus pertraflatur. 4° Petropoli, 1769. 

— III. in quo methodus inveniendi fun<fliones duaiimi 
et plurium variabilium, ex data relatione differentialium 
cujufvis gradus pertraftatur ... 4° Petropoli, I 770. 

Elemens d'algtbre ... t;'..duits de I'Allemand avec des 
notes et des additions. 2 tom. 8° Lyons, i 774. 

— Tranflated from the French, with the critical and 
1 hiftorical notes of Bernoulli ; to which are added the addi- 
tions of M. de La Grange ... Some original notes by the 

I tranflator ; memoirs of the life of Euler, with an eftimate of 
I his charafler ... 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1797. 

Theory of the conftruiStion and properties of veflels, with 
])raf);ical conclufions for the management of fhips ; tranflated 
from the French, by Henry Watfon, Efq. 

8" Lond. I 776. 
Opufcula analytica. Tomus primus. 

4" Petropoli, 1783. 
Letters ... to a German Princefs on different fubje(fls in 
phyfics and pliilofo]iliy. Tranflated from tlie French by 
Henry Hunter, D.D., with original notes, and a gloffary 
of foreign and fcientific terms. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1795. 

— With notes and a life of Euler, by David Brewfter, 
LL.D. Third edition. 2 vols. 1 2 ' Edinb. 1823. 

Introdudio in analyfin infinitorum. Editio nova. 2 
torn. 40 Lugduni, 1797- 

Recherches fur la mani^re de suppleer a I'adlion du vent 
fur les grands vaiffeaux ... Par D. Bernouilli, L. Euler, 
et Mathon de Lacour. I 8 1 o. 


Eulogium (Hiftoriarum five temporis) : chronicon ab orbe 
condlto ufque ad annum Domini I 366 a nioiiaciio quodam 
Malmefljurienfi [Thomas] exaratum. Edited by Frank 
Scott Haydon, B.A. 18 58. 

EULOGIUS, patriarch of Alexandria. D. 60S. 

Sermo in diem feftum palmarum, et in pullum afini. 
[Jlfax. bibliotheca 'veteriim Patrum, xii. 48.] 

EULOGRTS, archhifiop of Toledo ; fourijlml in the 
fjth century. 

Opera; ftudio et diligentia ... Petri Poncii Leonis ... 
reperta, et per D. Ambrofium Morales commentariis illuf- 
ti'ata. [Max. bilUotheca veterum Patrum, xv. 242.] 

EUMATHIUS. See Eustathius. 


A plan for the government of Bengal, and for the pro- 
teftion of the other Britifli fettlements in the Eaft Indies ; 
in a letter to the rt. hon. Lord North. To which is 
added, the fpeech of an Eaft India proprietoi", upon the 
extraordinary commifllon for regulating the Company's 
affairs abroad. [Signed] Eumenes. 8° Lond. 1772. 

EUNAPIUS SARDIANUS, Greek philofipher. D. 
circa 420. 

Vitas Sophiftarum et fragmenta Hiftoriarum recenfuit 
notifque illuftravit Jo. Fr. Boiffonade. [Gr. onl\'.\ Ac- 
cedit annotatio Dan. Wyttenbachii. 2 torn. 

8° Amft. 1832. 

EutfZOTOi/ TOM ^afdiavou B/oi ^iXosoipciiv xai GO(piaruv ... 
[Eunapius Sardianus De vitis philofopliorum et fophiftarum : 
nunc primum Graece et Latine editus, interprete Hadriano 
Junio Hornano ...] 

8° Antveipis, ex ofiicina Chriftophori Plantini, 

— [Gr. is' Lat.] Hadiiano lunio Hornano interprete. 
Grxca cum MSS. Palatinis comparata auiSa & emendata 
Hieron. Commelini opera. Nunc reccns accedunt cjufdem 
audloris Legationcs ... 

8° Apud Hieronymum Commclinum, I 596. 

Evvwiriou 'Sasdiavou 'laToaia; rr,; /jura Ae^i'H'^ov vsas 
ixdo^iiii; ixXoyai m^i rriSBiSsuv livoiv rr^ng Vu,'j,aiouc. 
E nova editione Hiftorix Eunapii Sardiani, qua Dexip])uni 
continuavit excerpta de legationibus gentium ad Romanos. 
E recenfione Imm. Bekkeri et B. G. Niebuliiii. Cum 
verfione Latina per lo. Claffenum emendata. [Corp.fcripl. 
h'ljl. Byzant. No. 15.] 8° Bonnas, 1829. 

The lives ... of ... ancient philofophers by Diogenes 
Laertius. To which are added the lives of feveral other 
philofophers written by F.unapius of Sardes. Made Englifli 
by feveral hands. 1696. 



EUNOMIUS, heretical li/hop of Cyzicum. D. circa 

Confeffio fidei [Gr. isf LatJ\ inteqjrete Henrico Valefio. 
[Canisius, Lediones antiquae, i. 178.] 

Apologia \Gr. is" Lat.~\ interprete H. Whartono. [Ibid. 

Scholion Enomii et difputatio Orthodoxi contra eum 
[Lat. o«/)'] inteqirete Fiancifco Turranio. [Ibid. 185.] 

EUNOMUS. P/eud. o/John James Park, LL.D. 


The ancient and prefent ftate of Oikney, particularly the 
capital borough of Kirkwall. To which are added, The 
petty tyi'ants ; or grinders of the poor. The charafleriftic 
new year's gift, or Lawrie's eledtions, and laftly, Free national 
thoughts upon Great Britain. 

8° Newcaftle upon Tyne, 17S8. 


Eunuchifm difplay'd ; defcribing all the different forts of 
eunuchs... 17 18. [5y Charles Ancillon.] 

EUPHR^NUS (Aleertus). 

Amor. [Gruter, Delitiis poetarum Belgicorum, ii. 


Euphranor : a dialogue on youth. 1851. \_By E. 


The Euphrates Valley route to India. By a traveller. 

12° Lond. 1856. 

Remarks on the propofed bill for admitting Jews into 
Parliament. Refpeftfully but earneftly addi'efled to mem- 
bers of the legiflature. By Euphron. 8° Lond. 1848. 


Euphrofyne ; or, amufements on the road of life. \By 
Richard Graves.] 


* Martyrium Sanfti Eupli. [Gr. et Lat.'] [Cotelerius, 
Eccle/ia Gritctt monumcnta, i. 192, 194.] 


Eureka: a prophecy of the future ... 1837. \By 
Robert Folkeftone Williams.] 

Euieka, No. II. : a fequel to a fequel to Lord John 
Ruffell's Poft-bag. 8° Oxford, 1853. 

EURIPIDES, 480-406 before Chrifl. 

Eu^imdov ffw^d/iEva u'zaiiTa.- Ay,Xoi/6Ti r^ayudiai I'/y.oei, 
•^tXtij ierd-rj, rraffai riXeiar Er; dr; /.a! a.-~o(!-aa,'MiTia rttiv 
aX'Auiv ■jiS-'-s TO.: f-jjzoira" Kai imerohai ■Trivri. airai 
ivv ro rrsuTOv -r^oaaoay^aipiisai. 'Syo}.ia rut '^tuvu&oxi/j.uv iig 

[Gr. is" 

irrra, rai crpors'saj rgayuj&'as, auXXsyevra sx dia(p6^oiv 
'iraXaiuiv fSilSXioii/, xai SuvasfJ.oXoyrii)ivTa Taja Afffswou 
a.^yji-itsxii'ttti-j ]Mov£//./3«ff/aj. Euripidis quae extant omnia: 
tragoedias nempe XX, praeter ultimam, omnes completae. 
Item fiagmenta aliai'um plufquam LX tragocdiarum, et 
epiftolae V, nunc primum et ipfae hilc adjeftae. Scholia 
demum doftorum viromm in feptem priores tragoedias, ex 
diverfis antiquis exemplaribus undiquaque colle(5la & concin- 
nata ab Arfenio Monembafiae archiepifcopo. Praemit- 
titur Euripidis vita ex variis authoribus accuratiiis defcripta, 
Etiam traflatus de tragoedia Vetera Graecorum 
Lat^ Opera & ftudio Jofuae Barnes. 

fol. Cantabrigiae, 1694. 

Et aufta ajjpendice obfervationum e variis 

dodlorum virorum libris collefta. \Gr. i^ Lat.] Curavit 
C. D. Becklus. 3 tom. 4° Lips. 1778-88. 

— Tragoedias fupeiftites ad fidem veterum editionum 
codicumque MSS. cum aliorum, turn prascipue Bibliotheca: 
Regias Parifienfis recenfuit ; fragmenta tragoediarum deper- 
ditarum collegit ... interpretationem Latinam fecundum pro- 
batiffimas lediones refonnavit Samuel Mufgrave, M.D. 
Accedunt Scholia Grasca in feptem priores tragjedias ex 
optimis et locupletifllmis editionibus recufa. [Gr. $5" Lat.] 
4 tom. 4° Oxonii, I 778. 

Tragoediae et fragmenta. [Gr. on/y.] Recenfuit, in- 
teqjretationem Latinam correxit, fcholia Graeca e codicibus 
manufcriptis partim fupplevit partim emendavit Auguftus 
Matthias. 10 tom. 8° Lips, i 8 i 3-37. 

Opera omnia, ex editionibus prasftantiffimis fideliter recufa, 
Latina intei"pretatione, fcholiis antiquis, et eruditonim obfer- 
vationibus illuftrata ... 9 tom. 8° Glafguae, 1 82 1. 

Tragoediae fuperftites, et deperditarum fragmenta. 
\Gr. on/y.] Ex recenfione G. Dindorfii. 4 tom. 

8° Oxon. 1832—40. 

TmytuOiai srTTaxa.lde-/.a, wk 'inai /isr" i^riyfjdiciiv. Tra- 
goediae feptendecim, ex quib. quasdam habent commentaria. 
[Gr. only.] 2 tom. 8° Venctiis apud Aldum, 1503. 

Toayo)o'iai oxraxaioixa. Tragoediae odlodecim. [Gr. 
on/y.] 2 tom. 8° Bafileae apud HeiTagium, 1537. 

[Another edition.] S° Bafileae, I 55 I. 

TragoedisE xix. accedit nunc recens vigefimas, cui Danae 

nomen, initium ... Grarce iunclim & Latine. Latinam 
inteqjretationem jEmilivis Portus ... correxit carminum 
ratio ex Gul. Cantero diligenter obfeiTata, additis eiufdem 
in totum Euripidem notis. 2 tom. 

8° Heidelbergae, typis Hieron. Commelini, 1597. 

Tragoediae, diama fatyricum, et fiagmenta. [Gr. on/y.] 
Recenfuit C. D. Beckius. Tom. I. 

8° Regiomonti, 1792. 

Dramata. [Tragoediae. Gr. on/y.] lUuftravit Erneflus 
Zimmermann. 4 tom. [Part IL of Tom. IV. -wanting.] 

8° Francofurti, 1808. 

Tragoediae. [Gr. on/y.] Recenfuit et brevibus notis 
inftruxit Auguflus Seidler. 3 tom. 8° Lips. 18 12. 

[Tragoediae -with tit/e :] Euripidis opera omnia. [Gr. 
on/y.] 3 tom. 12° Oxonii, 1852. 

Euripides. [Tragedies. Gr. on/y.] With an Englifh 
commentaiy by F. A. Paley. In three volumes. [Bib/io- 
t/ieca c/ajfica,] 8° Lond. 1857. 



— Ex rccendoiic Frederici A. Paley. [(7r. on/)'*] 3 
vols. ^Camhr'ulge Greek and Latin texts,^ 

8° Cantabrigiue, 185S. 
Tragocdiae feleftas ^schyli, Sophoclis, Euripidis ... 


Epiftols. [EpisTOL.t ApoUonii Tyanei, p. 46.] 
Tragedies, tranflated [by R. Potter]. 2 vols. 

4° Lend. I 78 I. 
Nineteen tragedies and fragments, ti'andated by Michael 
Wodhull. 4 vols. 8° Lond. 1782. 

The tragedies ... Litcially tranflated or revifed, with 
critical and explanatory notes, by Theodore Alois Buckley. 
\_Btjhns C/afs. Lii.] 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1 8 50. 

tJcleiS tragedies, tranflated fi'om the original Greek. 

8" Lond. I 780. 
Tranflations from Eui'ipides, by J. Cartwright, A.M. 

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gravii, Reilkii aliorumque cjuibus et fuas adjecit ChrilHanus 
Theopli. Kvinoel. 8° Lips. 18 1 1. 

— With fhort Englifli notes for the ufe of fchools. 

8' Oxford, I 870. 

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Nevins, B.A. 8 Lond. 1870. 

— Literally ti'anflated, and explained in fliort notes on 
the tranTlation, grammai', and parfmg. By a firfl-clafs man 
of Balliol College, Oxford. 8° Oxford, [187 I.] 

— Converfa a G. Buchanano, v. ci. ... 

8° Witebergae, 1 581. 
* — Burlefqued by Iffachar Styrke, Gent. 

8° Lond. 18 16. 
[See a/f'j Mi-di;a, 1722, 1871 ; Hecuba, 1577. 


Eusi--i&(i-j Aib^'i/Layji, The Andromache of Euripides, 
with fuygelHons & cjueflions ... alfo, with a brief intro- 
duiflory account of the Greek drama, dialefls, and principal 
tragic metres : intended to be read as a fird Greek ])lay. 
By the rev. ,1. Edwards, M.A., & the r-ev. C. Hawkins, 
B'.C.L. 12° Lond. 1852. 


Tiie Bacchae of Euripides, explained by F. G. Schone 
. . . tranflated frcim the German by the rev. Henry Br'owne, 
M.A. [ylrno/iPs Sehoo/ c/ii//ies.] 12° Lond. 1853. 

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Literally trvrnflated into Englifli, from 

the text of Dindorf. By a member of the Univerfity of 
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Editio correftior cui indices adfunt. 

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Editio nova con-eftior cui Schaeferi, 

Pflugkii, I^angei, alior'umque animadverflones adfperguntui'. 

8° Lond. I 847. 

— Literally tranflated into Englifli profe from the text 
of Porfon, with the original Greek, the meti'es, tlie order 
and Englifli accentuation. To which are fubjoined numerous 
explanatory notes. By T. W. C. Edwar'ds. 

8° Lond. 1822. 

— With Englifli notes. By the re\ . Thomas Kerchever 
Arnold, M.A.] [Arnold's School clajfws.] 

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fchools. By W. Brownrigg Smith, M.A. 

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The tragedies of Euripides. Conftrued liter-ally and 
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Hectrba, tranflated from the Greek, with annotations 
chielly relating to antiquity [by Thomas Morell, D.D. 
Dedication figned^r. M.] 8 Lond. 1749. 

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tranflated into Englifli profe from the text of Por-fon. 
Fifth edition. 8° O.xford, 1837. 

Literally tranflated into Englifli fi'om the 

text of Dindorf. 1 2° Lond. 1846. 

- — Literally trcrnflatcd by Rolcoe Mongan, B.A. 

8' Dublin, 

— The text clofely rendered, and the moft dirticult 
words parfed and explained. By a firft-clafs man of Balliol 
College, Oxford. 8'' Oxford, 1869. 




Ecuba tragedia ... tiadotta dall' Abate Mario Guainacci 
... con alcune annotazioni dell' ... Abate Anton. Maria 
Salvini. 4° Firenze, 1725. 

Hecuba, et Iphigenia in Aulide, Euripidis tragoediac, in 
Latinum tralatae Ei'afmo Roterodamo interprete. Mcdca 
ejufdem, Georgio Buchanano Scoto interprete. 

8° Paris, 1544. 

Helena. See Iphigenia in Tauris. 1851. 


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aliorum feledlas adjecit. 8° Oxon. 1828. 

[^i";" fl^ BaCCHAE, I 828, 1846. HiPl'OLYTUS, 1847.] 

Hercules Furens. 

Hei^cules Furens. Rcccnfuit G. Heimannus. 

8° Lips. I 8 10. 


XitnokKiTai SrEpavjjfogos cum fcholiis, verfione Latina, 
variis leftionibus Valckenari, notis integris, ac feledtis alioi'um 
VV. DD. quibus fuas adjunxit Franc. Hen. Egerton. 

4° Oxonii, I 796. 

— Emendavit et annotationibus inftruxit Jacobus Henr. 
Monk. 8° Cantab. i8i I. 

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Monk and the befl commentators, with a feleftion from the 
fcholia. By C. D. Yonge, B.A. ,8° Lond. i 846. 

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[By the rev. A. R. Webfter.] \ArnohV s School clajfus.] 

12° Lond. 1853. 

— With fliort Englifh notes for the ufe of fchools. 

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Euripidis fabuis quatuor fcilicet Hippolytus Coronifer — 
Alceflis — I])higenia in Aulide — Iphigenia in Tauiis. Ad 
fidem manufcriptorum ac vetemm editionuni emendavit et 
annotationibus inftruxit Jacobus Henricus Monk, S.T.P. 
Editio nova. 8° Cantabrigias, 1857. 

The crowned Hippolytus. Tiandated into Englifli verfe. 
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[See alfo Medea. I 87 I.] 


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Iphigenia in Aulide. 

Iphigenia in Aulide Graece, recenfuit . . . Jo. Georgius 
Chriltianus Hopfner. 8° Halae, 1795. 

\See alfo Hecuba, 1554; a/;^ Hippolytus, 1857.] 

Iphigenia in Tauris. 

Iffliytwa r, iv '\a.\joDi;. Iphigenia in Tauris. 

8° Cantabrigiae, 1845. 

— Et Alceftis 
Buchanan! Scoti ; ; 

— Ad fidem 
Ricardus Porfon. 

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Carolus Badham, A.M. 8' Lond. 1851. 

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German by the rev. Henry Browne, M.A. [ArnohVs 
School cliiffics.'] 1 2° Lond. 1853. 

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[6'ff ^^ Hippolytus. 1857.] 


Jocafta ; a tragedie written in Greeke by Euripides, 
tranflated and digefted into afte, by Geo. Gafcoygne and 
Francis Kinwelmerflie of Graye's Inne, and there by them 
prefented. 1 566. \_No thle-puge.^ 4^^ n. p. n. d. 


Medea et Phoenifl'ae Graeco-Latinae,cum fcholiis Graecis 
integris ... ftudio et opera Wilhelm. Piers. 

8° Cantab. 1703. 
; cum interpretatione Latina Georgii 
id optimorum codicum fidem caftigatae. 

8° Edinb. 1722. 
manufcriptorum emendata ... Edidit 
8° Cantabrigiae, 1801. 

■ Editio nova correflior cui lelcifts; Schae- 

feri, Pflugkii, Klotzii, aliorumque animadverfioncs adfpcr- 
guntur. 8' Lond. 1847. 

— Recenfuit et illuftravit Petrus Elmfley. 

8° Oxon. 18 I 8. 

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[Gr. £3° Engl] By W. C. T. Edwards. 8° Lond. 1 8 2 I . 

— With Englifli notes : from the German of Witzfchel. 
[By the rev. A. R. Webfter.] Edited by the late rev. 
Thomas Kerchever Arnold, M.A. [yirnold's School 
daffies.'] 12° Lond. 1853. 

— With fliort Englifli notes for the ufe of fchools. 

8" Oxford, 1854. 

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[Kelly's Keys to the daffies, xxx.] 

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— The Oxford edition literally tranflated, and the moft 
difficult words in the text parfed and explained. By a firft- 
clafs man of BaUiol College, Oxford. 8" Oxford, i 869. 

— Alceftis and Hippolytus of Euripides tranflated into 
blank verfe, with the choruses in lyric and other metres, by 
the rev. Henry Williams, B.A. 8' Lond. I 87 I. 

Medea tragoedia. [Lat.] \Colleflio Pisaurensis, iv. 

[See alfo Hecuba, 1554, 1807, 1831, 1831, 1846, 
1862; Heraclid/e, 1828; anr/ Phoenissae, 1866.] 


Oreftes, adjefta eft ad finem verfio Latina ex editione 
Jofuae Barnes. 8° Glafg. I 753. 

Oreftes ad fidem manufcriptorum emendata et bicvibus 
notis emendationum potiflimum rationes reddentibus inftru(Sa 

... [curante R. Porfon]. 

8° Lond. 1798. 



Editio nova conedior cui feleftjE Schaeferi, 

Hermanni, aliorumquc aniinadverCones adipeigiintur. 

8° Lond. 184S. 

— With (liort Englifli notes for the iifc of fchools. 

8° Oxford, 1854. 
[See a (fa He cuha. 1807,1846.] 


Plioeniffiie, emendata ex Mfs. ct Latina fafta ab H. 
Grotio. 8° Paris, 1630. 

— Ad fidcni manufcrijjtoruni emondata ... [ai Ricarde 
Porfon]. 8° Lond. 1799. 

Editio nova correftior cui feleftas Schae- 
feri, Klotzli, ahorumque animadverliones adfperguntur. 

8° Lond. 1848. 

— Interpretationcm addidit H. Giotii, Graeca caftigavit 
e MSS., atque adnotationibus inftruxit ; fcholia fubjecit 
L. C. Valckenaer. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1802. 

— Literally tranflated into Englifh profe from the 
text of Porfon. With the original Greek ... By T. W. 
C. Edwards, M.A. 8° Lond. 1823. 

— Cum fcholiis Graecis ... Iterum edidit C. G. Schiitz. 

8° Halae, 1821. 

— With fliort Englifh notes for the ufe of fchools. 

8° Oxford, 1855. 
The tragedies of Euiipides, conftrued literally and word 
for word by rev. Dr. Giles. IL PhcenifFa; and Medea. 

8° Lond. [1866.] 
The Phoenician virgins, liteially tranflated, by Rofcoe 
Mongan, B.A. [Kelly^s Keys to the chtffics, xxxi.] 

8 ' Dublin, 1 8 65. 
[See (ilfo Hecuba, 1S07, 1846; (7h(/ Medea, 1703.] 


Supplices. Recenfuit G. Hermannus. 

8° Lips. 181 1. 

Troades : accedit Seidleri, Matthiae, et aliorum annotatio 
feledla, cui et pauca quaedam fua fubjecit editor. 

8' Lond. 1830. 

* 2;^oA/a ruv 'su.n box.ii/,m f/c Wra r^ayuHlag tou Eug;- 
Ti'dou av'/.XsyivTOi, i-/. Hiafooinii '::aXaiu\i f3ij3}.!>i\i -/.al euvayj,(i- 

Scliolia in feptem Euripidis tragedias ex antiquis exemjjlar- 
ibus ab Arfenio archie])u Monebafiac colledlo, & nunc primCi 
in lucem edita. 8° Veneti, 1534. 

* lo. lacobi Reiske ad liuripidam et Arillophanem ani- 
niadverfiones. 17 54- 

* Curae fecundae in Euripidis tragoedias. Auc'tore 
Frederico Iacobs. 179C). 

* Metra Acfchyli, Sophociis, Euripidis ... Dcfci ipta 
a Gulielnio Dinuorfio. 1842. 

* Scholia Grxca in l'"uripidis tragcedias ... edidit Guliel- 
nuis DiNDoRi'ius. 1863. 

EUROPAIOUS (Lucius Cornelius). JyeiiJ. of 
Giulio Clcmcnte Scottu 

— Theil 



— Theil IV. 

— Theil V. 

— Theil 



Theatrum Euiopaeum, oder aufsfiihiliche, und wahr- 
hafftige Befchrcibung aller und jeder denckwiiidiger Gei- 
chichten, fo fich hin und wider in der Welt, fiirnamlich aber 
in Europa, und Teutfchen Landen, fo wol im Religion als 
Piophan-Wefen, vom Jahr Chrifti 1617 bis auff das .lahr 
1633. Bey Regierung der ... Romifchen Keyfern Mat- 
thiae ... Befchrieben durch Joannem Philippum Abelinum 
... Theil I. II. fol. Franckfurt am Mayn, 1635—36. 

Anno 1633 — 38. Durch Henri cum 

fol. Franckfurt, 1644. 
1638-43. Durch I. P. A. 

fol. Franckfurt, 1643. 
1643—47. fol. Franckfurt, I 707. 
VII. 1643—57. Durch Joannem 
Georgium Schlederum. fol. Franckfurt, 1652—85. 

— Theil VIII. 1657—61. Durch Martin Meyer. 
[r/i«7 VII. is" VIII. hear the title : Iienico-Polemograpliia, 
fiveTheatri Europaei continuatio.] fol. Franckfurt, 1667. 

— Theil XIX. 1710-12. fol. Franckfurt, [1714.] 
A brief defcription of the future hiflory of Europe, from 

Anno 1650 to An. 1710. Treating principally of thofe 
grand and famous mutations yet expedled in the world, as, 
the ruine of the Popifli hierarchy, the final annihilation of 
the Turkifli empire ... With principal paflages upon every 
of thefe, out of that famous manufcript of Paul Grebner 
extant in Trinity-CoUedge library in Cambridge. Com))ofed 
upon the occafion of the young kings arrival into Scotland, 
to fhew what will in probability be the event of the prefent 
affairs in England and Scotland. 4° n. p. 1 650. 

Difcourfes upon the affairs of Europe, tending to prove 
that the illuffiious French monarchy may be leduced to 
terms of greater moderation. 1680. [Harleian Miscel- 
lany, i. 41 I.] 

Memorabilia Europas, oder denckwilrdige Sachen, welche 
ein Reifender in den fiirnehmflen Stadten Europx heutiges 
Tages zu obferviren und in acht zu nehmen hat. 

12° Ulm, 1682. 

Nouvcaux interets des princes de I'Europe. 1685. 
[By Gatien Sandras de Courtilz.] 

The prefent (late of Europe : or, the hiftorical and po- 
litical mercury ; giving an account of all the publick and 
private occurrences that are moft confiderable in every court. 
[Oa. 1690-Dec. I 69 I.] Vols. L II. 

4° repr. Edinb. 1690-91. 

XXXIV. 4° Lond. 1697— 1722. 

The dangers of Europe from the growing power of 
France ; with fonie free thoughts on remedies, and parti- 
cularly on the cure of our divifions at home, in order to a 
fuccefsful war abroad, againfl the French king and his allies. 
By the author of " The Duke of Anjou's fucceflion con- 
fidered," &c. 4° Lond. I 702. 

A compleat hiflory of Fuirope, or a view of the af?iiirs 
thereof civil and military ... from 1701 to 171 2 inclulive. 
Aifo a catalogue of the nobility and Privy councils of 
England, Scotland, &c. With a lift of all perfons in 
offices, or places of truft in his Majefty's government ... 12 
vols. S" Lond. 1702—12. 



The montlily regifter, or memoirs of the affairs of Europe 
&c. digelfed from ieveral advices that came to England ... 
Vols. I.-IV. 4° Lond. 1703—6. 

» The prelent ftate of Europe ; or, a genealogical and po- 

litical defcription of all the kingdoms, ftates and principalities 
thereof ... Publiflied originally in the German language in 
I 704, and now rendered into Englifh. To which is added 
Guicciardini's Account by what means the popes ufuqied 
their temporal power ... Tranflated out of Italian. 

8° Lond. 1705. 

A compleat hilfory of Europe or a view of the affairs 
thereof civil and militai'y from the year 1600 to the treaty 
of Nimeguen ... Vols. III. & IV. 8° Lond. 1705-6. 

A compleat hiflory of Europe . . . from the beginning of 
the treaty of Nimeguen, 1676, to the end of the year 1 700 
... The fourth edition ... Written by a gentleman, who 
kept an exadt journal of all tranfadtions, for above thefe 
twenty years. 8° Lond. 1705. 

The ballance of Ew'ope : or, an enquiiy into the refpec- 
tive dangers of giving the Spanifh monarchy to the Em- 
perour as well as to King Philip, with the confequences 
that may be expedled from eithci'. S^Afcr'thed to Defoe.^ 

8° Lond. 171 I. 

Les foupirs de 1' Europe a la veiie du pi'ojet de paix 
contenu dans la harangue de la reine de la Grande-Bretagne 
a fon parlement, du -Ji- Juin 17 1 2. 1712. \Jiy Fr. 


Les foupirs de I'Euiope, &c. Or, the groans of Europe 
at the piofpeft of the prefent poflure of affairs. In a letter 
from a gentleman at the Hague to a member of Parliament. 
Made Englifh from the original French. 

8° n. p. 17 13. 

Les foupirs de la Grand Bietagne ; or, tiie groans of 
Great Britain. Being the fecond part to the Groans of 
Europe. 17 13. [Z?)! Daniel Defoe. The fecond part is 
in anfiver to the Jirjl.^ 

A projeiff: for eflablifhing the general peace of Europe, 
by a more equal partition than has hithc] to been propofed. 

8° Lond. 17 12. 

Europe a flave when the empii-e is in chains ; fhewing 
the deplorable ftate of Germany, from the in\'afion of the 
French, and the f ital confequence of it to us and all Europe. 
I 71 3. \_Harleian Miscellany, i. 348.] 

The fecret hiftory of Europe ... 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 17 1 2 — 13. 

A fhort review of the principal tranfaftions in Europe, 
fince the peace of Utrecht. 8° Lond. 1729. 

A letter to the author of a pamphlet, intitled, A letter 
to a friend in the counti-y, on the prefent pofhue of affairs 
in Europe, & on the conducft of our miniftry at home, &c. 
To which is added, a poftfcript relating to the cafe of the 
late Marquis of Tullibardine, as flated in the London 
Evening Port of the lOth of Oa. laft. With Mr. For- 
man's letter to a friend in Paiis, & fomc neceffary remarks 
on it. 4° Lond. 1734. 

The prefent (tate of politicks in Europe. With fome 
obfeiTations on the prefent poflure of our own affairs. 

8 Lond. 1739. 

The annals of Europe for the year 1739 ... Vol. I. 

8° Lond. 1 7 40. 

A key to the prefent politicks of the principal powers of 
Europe. Giving a fuccinft view of their conduft for 
many years part, and fully fliewing their prefent views and 
meafures, and the tendency of them. Tranflated from the 
original lately publiflied at Amflerdam. 

8° Lond. 1743. 

Some enquiries concerning the firft inhabitants, language, 
religion, learning and letters of Europe. 175S. \_By 
Francis Wise.] 

Les interets des nations ,de I'Europe, developes relative- 
ment au commerce. 1766. [5)i Jacques Accarias de 

Menioires concernant les impofitions et droits en Europe 
... 1768. [By J.-L. Moreau de Beaumont.] 

Obfervations upon feveral paffages extrafled from a work 
lately publiflied, entitled, A review of the charaflers of the 
principal nations of Europe. 8' Lond. 1771. 

A pidlurefque tour through part of Euiope, Afia, and 
Africa ... 1793. [By Aleffandro Bisani.] 

The political ftate of Europe for the years 1792—95. 
9 vols. 8° Lond. 1792-95. 

Voyage de deu.x Francais en Allemagne, Dancmarck, 
Suede, Ruffie et Pologne, fait en 1790— 1792. [Half- 
title: Voyage de deux Frangais dans le nord de I'Europe.] 
5 vols. 8' Paris, 1796. 

Pragmatifche Gefchichte der Europaifchen Staaten feit 
dem Anfange der franzofifchen Revolution bis auf unfere 
Zeit ; oder, die merkwiirdigften 20 Jahre Europcns. 
Heiaufgegeben von zwei Weimarifchcn Gelehrten. 4 Bdc. 

8° Gotha, 1 810-12. 

Plan for eflablifhing a balance of power in Europe. 
[Pamphleteer, iv. 287.] 1814. 

Die conftitutioneii der Europaifchen Staaten, feit den 
letzten 25 Jahren. Theile I— 3. 

8° Leipzig, iS 17-20. 

Volkerrechtliche Erorterung des Rechts der Europaifch- 
en Machte in die VerfafTung eines einzelnen Staats fich zu 
mifchen. 8' Berlin, 1821. 

Europe ; or, a general furvey of the prefent lituation of 
the principal powers, widi conjeftures on their future pro- 
fpe<5ls. 1822. [By A. H. Everett.] 

The profpeft of reform in Europe. i 8 3 i . [By Ed- 
ward Everett.] 

Dates and diftances, fhowing what may be done in a 
tour of fixteen months through various parts of Europe, as 
perfoimed in the years 1 829 and 1830. 

8' Lond. I S3 I. 

A chronological and hiftorical chart of modern Europe, 
from the year a.d. 827 to 1 830; fliowing, in parallel 
columns, the kings, queens, &c., of each country, with all 
the remarkable events, notable charaflers, etc., in each reign. 

4° Lond. 1832. 

The leminifcences of an old traveller throughout differ- 
ent parts of Europe. 8° Edinb. 1833. 

Reflexions on the European Revolution of 18 48. By 
a fuperior Spirit. 8° Lond. 1848. 

The Pope the future head of revolutionary Europe, with 
the ultimate union of infidelity, fuperftition, and prieftcraft. 
By the author of " Refleiffions on the French revolution," 
&c. &c. &c. 8° Lond. 184S. 



European remodcUings. A plan with a variation. 

8° Lond. 1848. 

Handbook for northern Europe ; including Denmark, 
Norway, Sweden, Finj.ind, and Ruflla. \^Jlfurray's Harid- 
loois.'\ 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1848-49. 

The Antichi'iftian kingdoms of Europe ; oi', the prefent 
ftatc and future profpedls of the nations of the fymbolical 
eartli. With an appendix. 8' Edinb. 1853. 

The powers of Eurojje and the world's great quarrel ... 
1855. [% David Pa E.] 

The obftiuftives and the man, or the forces and the 
future of Europe. 1856. [-Sy] Integer. 

Hiftoriae fententix ; or, the contemporary fovereigns of 
Europe arranged in chronological review, from the fubver- 
fion of the empire of Rome to the Reformation, with a bio- 
graphical notice of each potentate ... 8° Lond. 1857. 

Poetical Iketches of fome of the remarkable events in 
the hiftory of Modein Europe. 8° Lond. 1859. 

The prefent war amongfi: the powers of Europe ... 
1866. [5j. David Pae.] 

A general hiflory of modern Europe, being from the 
beginning of the fixteenth century to the year 1 864. 
With a preface by the very rev. Canon Weathers. Fourth 
edition. 8° Lond. [1868.] 

Anonymi epiftola hiftorica de eventibus et rebus per 
Eurojiam geftis Anno Domini, mcccclvi. [Pez, Thcfaiinis 
anecilotorum iwu'ijjlmus, 11. iii. 3 4 1.] 

Codex diplomatico-hiftoiico-epiftolaris, quo diplomata, 
chartae, epiftolae, fragmenta opufculoitim, epitaphia, et alia 
id genus Vetera monumcnta ... a feculo Chrifti quinto, 
ufque ad decimum fere fextum, continentur, totiufque pene 
Europae hilforia illuftratur ... [Ibid. vi. i.l 


The European magazine. i 7 8 2— i 8 2 4. 


Eurydice. A tragedy. [5y David Mallet.] 1731. 

EUSDEN (Lawrence), /K5i7 /<7«r£V7/f. D. 1730. 

A letter to Mr. Addifon, on the King's accedion to 
the throne. fol. Lond. 17 14. 

Verfes at the lafl publick commencement at Cambridge. 

fol. Lond. I 7 I 4. 

EUSEBIO (Juan). 

El primer minilbo de Dios en fu Patrocinio, San 
Miguel. 8° Muicia, i 71 I. 

EUSEBIUS, y;o-Hrtnjf(/ Pamphilus, hiJl.^op of Cdfnrea, 

Liber hidoriae ecclefiallicae ... qua beatus Ruffinus pref- 
biterdegrrcco in latinii tralhilit incipit. fol. Roniae, 147^). 

Ecclefiartica hilloria ... et EcclefialHca hirtoria gentis 
Angloru venerabilis Bede \IaiI. unly\ ; cum utr.iruque hif- 
toriaru per (Ingulos libros recolleiJta capitulorum annotatione. 

fol. Hagenaw, 1 526. 

Ecclefiafticae hilloria: Eufebii Pamphili lib. x. Ejuf- 
dem de vita Conftantini lib. v. Socratis lib. vii. Theo- 
doriti epifco])i Cyrenfis lib. v. Collec^aneorum ex Hllloria 

eccles. Theodori Leftoris lib. ii. Hermii Sozomeni lib. 
XX. Evagrii lib. vi. \Gr. on/)'.] 

fol. Lutet. Paris, ex officina R. Stephani, I 544. 

— Latine iam olim a dofliffimis uiris paitim fcripta, 
partim e Graeco a clarifTimis \'iris, Vuolfgango Mufculo, 
loachimo Camerario & lohanne Chriftopheifono Britanno 
eleganter converfa, et nunc ex fide Graecorum codicum, lie 
ut novum opus videri pofTit pei' loan. lacobum Grynaeum 
... reftituta ... fol. Bafileae, 1587. 

— \Gr. only^ Ex nova recognitione, cum alioium ac 
fuis prolegomenis, integro H. Valefii commentaiio, feleftis 
Readingi, Strothii, alioi'umque viroium dodHflimorum ob- 
fervationibus, edidit, fuas animadvcrfiones et excurfus, indices 
emendatos, ac longe locupletiores adjecit Fiidericus Adol- 
phus Heinichen. 3 tom. 8° Lipfiae, 1827-28. 

... ad codices manufcriptos recenfuit 

Edvardus Burton, S.T.P. 2 tom. 8" Oxonii, 1838. 

— Annotationes variorum. 2 tom. 

8" Oxonii, 1842. 
Chronicorum canonum omnimods hiflorias libri duo, 
interprete Hieronymo, ex fide vetuftifs. codicum caftigati 
... utriufque partis chronicorum canonum reliquiae Grxcx, 
quae colligi potuerunt ... opera ac ftudio Jof. Scaligeii. 
[.lo. ScALiGER, Thefiiurus temponim Eufebii, p. I.] 1606. 

— Opus ex Haicano codice a Doflore Johanne Zohrabo 
... diligenter exprelTum et cafligatuni. Angelus Maius et 
Johannes Zohrabus nunc primum conjvmftis curis Latinitate 
donatum notifque illuftratimi, additis Graecis reliquiis, edi- 
demnt. 4^ Mediolani, 1 8 1 8. 

Chronicon bipartitum, nunc primum ex Armeniaco textu 
in Latinum converfum, adnotationibus auftum, Graecis 
fragmentis exoinatum,opeia Jo. Baptiftae Aucher. [Giaeco- 
Armeno-Latinum.] 2 tom. 4° Venet. 181 8. 

^uaLyyiXr/.Yii ■rgrj^a^a.ay.iur,g jSi^. '^rsvTixaiosxa. Evan- 
gelicae praeparationis lib. XV. fol. Lutetiae, 1544. 

— Fiancifcus Vigerus ex MSS. codd. & laudatis ab 
ipfoniet Eufebio fcriptoribus recenfuit, Latine vertit ... 

fol. Paris, 1628. 

— Ad codices manufcriptos recenfuit Thomas Gaisford 
S.T.P. Accedunt Franc. Vigeri verfio latina et notae ct 
L. C. Valckenaerii diatribe de Ariftobulo. 4 tom. 

8° Oxonii, 1843. 
EuayyiXiK-/,; aToon^su: ^SijSXia dr/.a. Evangelicae de- 
monftrationis lib. X. fol Lutetiae, 1545. 

— [G/-. is" /-a/.] Quibus .accelTere nondum haiftenus 
editi nee vifi contra Marcellum libri duo. De ecclefiaftica 
theologia tres. Omnia ftudio K[icardi^ M\ontticulii'\ Latine 
fadta ... fol. Paris, 1628. 

— Cum verfione Latina Donati Veronenfis. Recenfuit 
Thomas Gaisford. 2 tom. 8 Oxonii, 1 852. 

Liber contra Hieroclem, qui ex Philoftrati hilloria com- 
jiaiavit Apollonium Tyaneum Salvatoii noftio Jefu Chrifto. 
Zenobio Accolio interpiete. [G/". is' LalJ\ \^Demoii/l ratio 
evangclica, \:>. 511.] 1628. 

On the theojihania, or divine manifeftation of our Lord 
and Saviour Jefus Chrift. A Syriac Verfion, edited from 
an ancient nianufcript by Samuel Lee, D.D. 

8° Lond. 1842. 

— Tranflated into Englifh, with notes, from an ancient 
Syriac verlion of the Greek original now loft ; to which 



is prefixed a vindication of the orthodoxy and prophetical 
views of that dilHnguifhed writer, by Sam. Lee, D.D. 

8° Camb. 1843. 

De vita Conftantini libri IV. et panegyricus, atque Con- 
ftantini ad fiinc^torum coetum oratio : ex nova recognitione, 
cum integro Henrici Valefii commentario, felecftis Readingi, 
Strothii, aHorumque obfei"vationibus edidit fuas animadver- 
(lones, excurfus, atque indices adjecit Fridericus Adoli>hus 
Hcinichen. 8° Lipfiae, 1830. 

The Hfe of the blelfed Emperor Conftantine, in foul' 
books, from 306 to 337 a.d. \lhe Greek ecclefiajlical 
hyiorians.^ 8 Lond. 1S45. 

Eclogae propheticae. E codice manufcripto Bibliothecae 
Caefareae Vindobonenhs nunc prinium edidit Thomas Gaif- 
ford, S.T.P. 8° Oxonii, 1842. 

Hiftory of the maityrs in Paleftine, by Eufebius, Bp. of 
Cafarea, difcovered in a very antient Syriac manufcript. 
Edited and tranflated into Enghfli by WiUiam Cureton, 
D.D. 4° Lond. I 861. 

Opufcula xiv. Nunc primum in lucem edita, ftudio et 
opera Jacobi Sirmondi. \^Max. bibliotheca vettriim Patrum, 
iv. I.] 

EUSEBIUS, bl/hop of Vercellt. D. 370. 

Eufebii ... Epiftola, dum effet in exilic, ad prefbyteros 
et ad plebes quafdam Italia- tranfmiflri, qua de llatu fuo et 
vita illos commonefacit. \^Max. bMolheea velerum Patrum, 
v. 1227.] 

EUSEBIUS, Emefenm. 

Homilire ad populum et monachos eloquentiflimas & rc- 
ligiofiffimsE. In lucem primum emiffje per Joannem Gaig- 
neium ... ab Andr. Schotto S. I. recenfitx et locupletatae 
feiTnonibus. [Ibid. vi. 618.] 

Ejufdem Eufebii, five alterius iplius coKtanei, horailiae 
in Evangelia totius anni ... [Ibid. vi. 686.] 

* De fide Eufebii Caefarcenfis in rebus ChrilHanonam 
enarrandis ... Janus Moller. 1813. 


* Vita Sandli Eufebii, prefbyterii Romani. [Baluzh, 
Mlfcellanea, ii. I 4 1 .] 


The aftual ftate of clerical education examined, and a 
remedy for its defe<5ls propofed ; in a letter to the rt. hon. 
the Earl of Liveqiool. By Eufebius. 8° Lond. 1826. 

dore Beza. 

EUSEBIUS ROM ANUS. P/W. o/.T. Mabillon. 


OnonialHcon urbium et locoruni Sacrx Scriptui-se feu 
liber de locis Hebraicis Grxce cum Latina interpretatione 
S. Hieronymi, cum notis .Jacobi Bonfrerii et Joannis Clerici 
animadverfionibus. [Ugolinus, Thcfaurus antiqmtatum 
facraruniy v. i.] 


Euflace Conway ; or, the brother and filler. A novel. 
1834. [By F. D. Maurice.] 


Euftace Fitz- Richard : a tale of the Barons' wars. By 
the author of The bandit chief, or lords of Urvino. In 
four volumes. 12° Lond. 1826. 

EUSTACE (Rev. John Chetwode). D. 18 15. 

A tour through Italy, exhibiting a view of its fcenery, 
its antiquity, and its monuments, paiticularly as they are 
obje<5ls of claflical interefl: and elucidation ; with an account 
of tlie prefent ftate of its cities and towns, and occafional 
obfervations on the recent fpoliations of the French. [Half- 
title : A claffical tour through Italy, An. 1802.] 2 vols. 

4° Lond. 1 81 3. 

— Third edition. 4 vols. 8° Lond. 1S15. 

Anfwer to the charge delivered by the Lord Bifiiop of 
Lincoln to the clergy of that diocefe at the triennial viCta- 
tion in the year 1812. [Pamphleteer, ii. 33.] 1813. 

A letter from Paris, to George Petre, Efq. Tenth 
edition. 8° Lond. 181 5. 


EuffrailMij %a.S '^ejuiia-: Ta/MVTiV dsa,u,a. Huftathii de 
ImenitE et Ifmenes amoribus libri XI. Gilbeitus Gaulminus 
Molinenfis primum Grasce edidit, et Latine vertit. 

8° Lutetiae Parifiorum, 1697. 

EUSTATHIUS, bi/fjop of Jntioch ; fiourlfhed in the 
i^th century. 

In Hexahemeron commentarius, ac de Engaftrimytho 
diflenatio adverfus Origenem. Item Origenis de eadem 
Engaftrimytho, an, videlicit, anima ijifa Samuelis fuerit 
ver^ euocata incantationibus Pythoniffae, de qua i . Reg. cap. 
28. Leo Allatius primus in lucem protulit, Latine vertit ... 

4" Lugduni, 1629. 

EUSTATHIUS, bijhop of Theffalonua. D. about 
I 196. 

Opufcula. Accedunt Trapezuntinae hiftoriae fcriptores 
Panaretus et Eugenicus ... Nunc primum edidit Theophil. 
Lucas Frider. Tafel. 

4° Francofurti ad Moenum, 1832. 

Commentarii ... See Homer, llias is" Oihffea. I 54O. 

Commentarii in Dionysium Periegetam, Alexandre 
Polito inteqjrete. 1741. 


MAGISTER ; a jur'ifl of Conflanthiople ; four'ijhedtn the 
1 Oth century. 

De varia temporum in jure civili obfervatione Euftathii 
olim Conftantinopolitani antecefibris libellus. \Gr. fs° Lat.'\ 

4° Roftochi, 167 I. 

EUSTRATIUS, metropolitan of Nicaa ; fourijlied 
about the beginning of the I2lh century. 

^■oeriuTto\i^j>.ui a'/Xtav -nut £ -;ff?i/ii*iv, •jso/j,vri//,a,Ta £/j to, 



Tou u-o-/iii/j,i\iov. Euftratii, et alionam infignium Peripateti- 
coium, commcntaria in libros decern Ariftotelis De moribus 
ad Nicomachum, una cum textu fuis in locis adif(5lo. [Gr. 
only.] fol. Venetiis, in sdibus harredum Aldi Manutii 
et Andrese Afulani foceri, i 536. 
Euftratii in [Pofteriora refolutioia Ariftotelis commen- 
tariuml. \Gr.,'wilh the iex/ o/" y/r//?., .Ioannis Grammatici 
Commenlarium.^ •534* 

EUTHYMIUS ZIGABENUS, Greek monk ; Jrjur- 

ijlied in the beghmhig of I he \Zth century. 

Opera. \_Max. hihUolheca -veterum Patrum, xix. i.] 
* Vita et res geftse fanfti Patris noftri Euthymii. [Gr. 

et hat. CoTELERius, Ecclejiie Grtccis moniimenta, ii. 200.] 

F.UTROPIUS, Latin h'ljlorian ; Jlour'ified in the i^th 

13j-eviai'ium Romans hiftoriae ab uibe condita ufque ad 
Valentinianum & Valentem Auguftos cum metapiirafi Gi'aeca 
Paeanii. Chriftophorus Cellarius recenfuit. 

8° CizK, 1678. 

— Cum Paeanii metapiirafi Grasca. MefTala Corvinus 
de Augufti progenie. Julius Obfequens de prodigiis. 
Anonymi Oratio funebris Gr. Lat. in Imp. Conftant. Con- 
ftantini M. ill. ... 8^ Oxon. 1703. 

— Together with an EngliHi tranflation ... by John 
Clarke. 8^ York, 1722. 

— & notis integris Elias Vineti, Henr. Glareani, Tana- 
quilli & Annae Fabri, Tho. Hearnii ; item feleflis Fr. 
Sylburgii & Chr. Ceilarii. Accedunt Sexti Rufi Brevi- 
arium, cum notis integris Chriftoph. Ceilarii, & MefTala 
Corvinus de Augufti progenie ut & anonymi oratio funebris 
in Conftantinum juniorem : ex MSS. bibl. Lugd. Bat. 
recenfuit Sigebertus Havei'campus, qui fuas & Chr. Aug. 
Heumanni notas adjecit. 8° Lugd. Bat. I 72 9. 

— Ad libros fcriptos editofque lecenfitum ... Edidit 
Carolus Henricus Tzfchucke. 8° Lipfix, 1796. 

— Iteram recenfuit ... C. H. Tzfchucke. [Corpus 
fcriptorum Latinorum cura Eichjladii et fociorum.^ 

8° Lips. I 804. 

— Recognovit ... annotavit Georg. Frid. Wilh. Grofl'e. 
[Corpus hi/loricorum Latinornm, xm.'\ 8° Lips. 1 8 16. 

— Ex editione Henrici Verhcyk, cum notis et interpre- 
tatione in ufuni Deljihini ... [F'a/py's Delphin clqfflcs, Nos. 
xxvi. xxvii.] 8° Lond. 182 1. 

Seven books of the hiftory of Rome : with a double 
tianftation for the ufe of ftudcnts on the Haniiltonian 
fyftem ... 8° Lond. 1827. 

Eutropii Hiftorix Romans Breviarii pi'imos quinque 
libros, notis Anglicis, et vocabulario ... illuftravit Gilbertus 
M. Gibfon ... 8° Edinb. 1845. 

— Libri feptcm. The fnft feven books of the hiftory of 
Rome: with Englilh notes and queftions. By rev. C. Brad- 
ley, A.M. A new edition, corredled and conliderably i-n- 
larged, by rev. J. T. White, A.M. 12° Lond. 1850. 

With grammatical notes adapted to 

the Public fchool Latin primer, and a vocabulary on the 
plan of White's Junior fcholar's Latin-Englilh dii^Honary. 

12° Lond. 1867. 

Eutropius and Aurelius Viftor [/-<//.], with vocabulary, 
by R. J. Neilfon, A.M. New edition, revifed and cor- 
refled by William M'Dowall. 12° Edinb. 1865. 

Justin, Cornelius Nepos, and Entropius. Literally 
tianftated ... by the rev. J. S. \Vatfon. [Bohn's Clajfical 
Library.^ 1853. 

* Hiftoriae Romanae breviarium ... Acceflc'runt ... anno- 
tationes Henrici Glareani & Eliae Vineti ... [Contains the 
annotations only. ^ 8° Bafileae, 1559. 

EUTROPIUS, Prejhyter Longohardus ; fourijhed in 
the 8th century. 

Tracftatus de iuribus ac priuilegiis impei'atorum in imperio 
Romano a.d. 900. [Melchior Goldastus, Monarchia S. 
Roman! Imperii, i. 8.] 

EUTYCHES, or EUTYCHIUS, Latin grammarian ; 
Jlourijlied in the Gth century. 

De difcernendis conjugationibus libri duo. [Putschius, 
Grammaticte Latina auSores antiqui, p. 2 1 43.] 

— [LiNDEMANN, Corpus grammaticorum Latinorum -uete- 
rum, i. I 49.] 

arch of Alexandria, 876— 9 40. 

Eutychii ... Ecclefiae fuae origines, ex ejufdem Arabico 
nunc primum typis edidit ac verfione et commentario auxit 
Joannes Seldenus. [Arab, el Lat.^ 4° Lond. 1642. 

Contextio gemmarum five annales ... [ylrab. et Lat.] 
Interprete Edwardo Pocockio. 2 torn. 

4° Oxonii, 1658-9. 


Eva; 01" the bridal fpectre : a tale. 8° Lond. 1830. 


Eva Defmond : or, mutation. In thi'ee volumes. 

8 Lond. 1 858. 
Eva Fitzgerald ; or, fcenes in Erin and the Sifter Ifle. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 

EVAGRIUS, yj/rwjm^i-/ PoNTicus. D. 399. 

De 0(5lo vitiofis cogitationibus liber. [Alax. bibliotheca 
veterum Patrum, v. 1233.] 

Capita. [CoTELERius, Ecclejui Gncca monumenla, iii. 

Rerum monachalium rationes. [Ibid. 1 03.] 

EVAGRIUS, y//;vMmf(/ ScHOLASTicus. B. 536. 

'EiTxpav'sug, -/.a! a-Tta i<!ra^y^av exxXrieiaari>:r]c iaro^iag 
7(1)1.01 (ST. [EusEBius, ^fr/j/zfl/Z/crt /i^or/m, ii. I 23.] 1544. 

Hiftoriae ecclefiafticae libri fex. [Lat, only.'\ [Max. 
bibliotheca veterum Patrum, xi. 961.] 

A hiftory of the Church, in fi.x books, fiom a.d. 43 i 
to A.I). 594. A new tranflation from the Greek: with 
an account of the author and his writings. [7'he Greet 
eeclijiaflical hiflorians^ 8° Lond. 1846. 

— ['I'HKonoRET, Hiftory of the church, 251.] 1854. 




Evangelical alliance. Report of the proceedings of the 
conference, held at Freemafons' Hall, London, from 
Augud 19th to September 2d inclufive, 1846. 

8° Lond. 1S47. 

Evangelical alliance : Britifh organization. Repoi t of 
the proceedings of the conference of Biitilh members, held 
at Manchcfter, from November 4th to the 9th inclufive, 
1846. 8° Lond. 1847. 

Evangelical alliance. Britifli organifation. Occafional 
papers, publifhed under the fanflion of the council of the 
Evangelical alliance. Second feries. No. 3. An earned 
call to humiliation and prayer at the prefent ciifis ... 

8° Lond. 1855. 

Evangelical Christendom ... 1847—55. 


The evangelical magazine ... 1829-70. 

The evangelical repository ... 1855-60. 


Evangelicalifm (fo called) a difparagement of grace. A 
letter to the rev. Hugh M'Neile, D.D., containing (hic- 
tures on his recent letter to the rt. rev. the Lord Bp. of 
Exeter. By a Liverpool layman. 8° Liveqjool, 1851. 

The philofophy of evangelicifm evolved from the rela- 
tions between confcience and the atonement. 

8" Lond. 1857. 


The fubdance of teaching, addrefled to the evangelifts, 
affemblcd at Birmingham, the 17th and 1 8th of May, 
1853. 12° Lond. 1853. 

The evangelifts of Italy ; or, the miffion of the Apo- 
ftolic Waldenfian Church. By the author of " Hints for 
the earned ftudent;" " Letters from the continent," etc. 

iz^Lond. 1855. 

The evangelill : being ficetches of fermons on various 
fubjeifts. By feveral preachers. 12° Lond. 1863. 


EVANGELISTA (.Joannes Baptista). 

Poemata. [GruTer, DeUl'tit poetanim Ilalunim, i. 

— Carmina. \Carmina tUuJlr'ium poetarum Italoriim, 
iv. 123.] 


Faithful and true ; or the Evans family ... 1864. 

EVANS (Albert Eubule). 

Pietas puerilis ; or, childhood's path to licaven, and 
other poems. 8° Lond. 1865. 

EVANS (Alfred Bowen), D.D., reSor of St. Mary- 
le- Strand. 

Diffent, and its inconfidencies. 12° Lond. 18 41. 

The dove, the Chridian's pattern. A fermon ... [Got. 
viii. 12.] 8° Lond. 1848. 

Chridianity in its homely afpefls : difcourfes . . . 

12- Lond. 1852. 

— Second feries. 12° Lond. 1854. 

War ; its theology ; its anomalies ; its incidents and its 
humiliations: a difcourfe ... 8° Lond. 1855. 

Leflures on the book of Job. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Voices from heaven to the fojoui'ners upon eaith : a fer- 
mon ... \^Rcv. xi. 12.] 8° Lond. 1861. 

Wearinefs in work: a difcourfe ... [2 Thefs. iii. 13.I 

I 2° Lond. 1862. 

The agriculturid a type of the evangelift : a haiTeft 
homily. [Pj. cxxvi. 7.] 12° Lond. 1863. 

LeiTons fiom Chili : a difcourfe occafioned by the awful 
calamity, on the 8th of December, 1863, in the church De 
la Compania, Santiago. \L,uke xiii. 1 — 5-] 

12° Lond. 1864. 

India: two difcourfes ... 8° Lond. n. d. 

EVANS (Anne). 

Eldcy ; or, fettled for life. [^Parlour Library.'\ 

8° Lond. [i860.] 

EVANS (Arthur B.), D.D., head majlcr of Market 
Bofiuorth School, I781 — 1854. 

Sermons on the Chridian life and charafter. 

8° Lond. 1832. 
The fifth of November ; or, the Romilh apoftacy, con- 
traded with " the faith once delivered to the faints." 

12° Lond. 1838. 
Leiceder/hire words, phrafes and proverbs. 

8° Lond. 1848. 
EVANS (Augusta J.) 

Beulah. 8° Lond. [i860.] 

Macaria. In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1864. 

EVANS (B.), D.D. 

The duty of Chridians in relation to war. A padoral 
lettei-. Second edition. 12° Leeds, 1854. 

Modern Popery : a feiies of letters on fome of its more 
important afpefts. 8° Leeds, 1855. 

The American revivals : a leftuie. 12° Lond. [i 859.] 

The early Englirti Baptids. 2 vols. [7Xf Bunyan 
library, \\\. viii.] 8 Lond. 1862—64. 

EVANS (Christmas), Baplift mini/hr at Caerphilly, 

* Memoirs. By David Rhys Stephen. 1847. 

* Memoir ... By D. Morier Evans. 1863. 

EVANS (Conway), M.D. 

Reports relating to the fanitary condition of the Strand 
didridt, London. 8° Lond. 1858. 

EVANS (D. J.), congregational minifler, London. 
Recollefiions of a good man : a funeral fermon for the 



rev. Profeflbr Watfon, of Hackney College ... on Sunday 
evening, Januaiy 30th, 1859. \/las xi. 23, 24.] 

8° Lond. 1859. 
The clofcd houfe and the heavenly vifitor : a fermon . . . 
[7?fu. iii. 20.] 8° Lond. 1862. 

EVANS (David Morier). 

The commercial crifis, 1847 — 1848. 

8° Lond. 1848. 
— Second edition, revifed and enlarged. 

8° Lond. 1849. 
The banking almanac, diredlory, year book and diary, for 
1856 ... Edited by D. Morier Evans. 

8° Lond. [1855.] 
The hiftoiy of the commercial crifis, 1857—58, and 
the (lock exchange panic of 1859. 8° Lond. 1859. 

Fafts, failures, and frauds : revelations, financial, mer- 
cantile, criminal. 8° Lond. I 8 59. 

Chriftmas Evans : a memoir : including brief flvetches 
of fome of his contemporaries, and glimpfes of Wellli re- 
ligious life : with feleftions from his fennons. 

8° Lond. 1863. 
Speculative notes and notes on fpeculation, ideal and real. 

8" Lond. 1864. 

EVANS (Sir De Lacy), lieutenant-general. 

The defigns of Ruffia. 8° Lond. 1828. 

On the praflicability of an invafion of Britifh India ; and 
on the commercial and financial jirofpecfls and refources of 
the Empire. 8° Lond. 1829. 

EVANS (Evan). 

* The two f ital brothers ; being an account of the 
notorious lives, [evil] converfations, and fhameful deaths of 
Capt. Evans, and William Evans his brother ... who were 
executed at Hertford on Wcdncfday the 2d of Odlober, 
1706, for robbing Mr. John Mackay, a cheefemonger in 
Hungerford market, on the high-way. [Tille-page torn.'\ 

8° Lond. n. d. 

EVANS (Francis). 

Furnefs and Furnefs Abbey ; or, a companion through 
the Lancadiire part of the Lake diftrifl. 

8° Ulverfton, 1842. 
EVANS (G. D.) 

Within the gates ; or, glimpfes of the glorified life. 

8^ Lond. I 87 I. 

EVANS (G. H.), M.A., rec'lor of IVooMeJer, Glou- 

Sermons, plain and pradlical. 8° Lond. 1863. 

EVANS (GiioRGi; William). 

A geographical, hiftorical, and topogra]>hical dcfcription 
of Van Dicman's Land. 8° Lond. 1823. 

EVANS (Rev. George William Davis). 

The clafiic and connoifleur in Italy and Sicily : with an 

appendix containing an abridged tranflation of Lanzi's 
Storia pittorica. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1835. 

EVANS (H. Smith). 

A guide to the emigration colonies : including Auftralia, 
Tafmania, New Zealand, Cape of Good Hope, Natal, 
Canada, and the other Britifh pofieffions of North America. 
Alfo the United States & California. Compiled from 
official documents: being the fubftance of a lefture ... 

12° Lond. 1852. 

EVANS (Henry Benthall), M.R.C.S. 

Our Weft Indian colonies. Jamaica a fource of national 

wealth and honour. 8° Lond. 1855. 

EVANS (Hugh D.) 

An eflay on pleading, with a view to an improved 
fyftem. 8° Baltimore, 1827. 


The beauties of England and Wales. Vols. XI. [Mon- 
mouthihire, ^c] XVII. [North Wales.] 1801-15. 
See England. B. Topography. 

Letters written during a tour through Noith Wales in 
the year 1798, and at other times, containing views of the 
hiftory, antiquities, and cuftoms of that ])art of the princi- 
pality. 8° Lond. 1 804. 

EVANS (J. C), M.A. 

Boy's firft verfe book adapted for beginners. Pan I. 

u. iii. 
8° Lond. 1864. 
EVANS (J. P.), B.A. 

The people mourning. A fermon preached ... on occa- 
fion of the death of the worfliipful and rev. William Yonge, 
M.A. [A^um. XX. 29.] 8° Swaffham, 1844. 

EVANS (Jacob). 

The Britilh herbal or medicinal book. Containing an 
excellent colledion of family receipts, i 2° Lond. 1826. 

EVANS (.Iames Cook), barrl/ler. 

Letter to Sir James Graham, Bait., on tlie education 
claufes of the Fa(5tory bill ; with nn ajipcndix, containing 
Lord John Rufil-ll's refolutions, with remarks thereon. 

8° Lond. 1843. 

Letter to the right, hon. Lord Lyndhurft, Lord Chan- 
cellor of England, on the propofcd altei'ation of the law of 
charit;ible truft contained in the DilFenters chapels bill, now 
before the Houfe of Loids. 8'^ Lond. 1844. 

Tranflation of the adl of accufation, and of the fcntence 

Second edition. 

8° Lond 

— Part 1. Third edition. 

12° Lond 

— Part I. Fourth edition. 

I 2° Lond 

— Part II. 

12° Lond 

— Part III. Second edition. 

I 2° Lond 

A key to the boy's firft verfe book 

. Pts. i. 



pronounced by the royal court of Florence upon Francefco 
& Rofa Madiai, for tiie fo-called crime of " impiety." 
With an introduffion ihewing the illegality of the fcntcnce, 
&c. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1IH52. 

EVANS (James Harrington), M..A., m'myier of John 
Street Chape/, London, 1 78 5 — I 8 +9. 

Letters to a friend, containing the writer's objeiSions to 
his former work entitled Dialogues on important fubjeifts ; 
together with his reafons for believing in the proper deity 
of the Son of God, and the divine perfonality of the Holy 
GholL 12° Lond. 1826. 

Checks to infidelity ; contained in four effays. 

I 2° Lond. 1840. 
Vintage gleanings : feledlions from fermons. 

8= Lond. 1849. 

— Second edition, enlarged. 8^ Lond. 1850. 
Chriftian folicitude ; as exemplified in the third chapter 

of the Epiftle to the Ephefians. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Sermons by the late rev. James Harrington Evans, 
M.A., thirty years minifter of John Street Chapel, London. 
From the original notes : edited by his widow. 

8' Lond. 1863. 
* Memoir and remains of James Harrington Evans. 
Edited by the rev. James Joyce Evans, M.A. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1855. 

EVANS (John). 

The peculiar obligation to ferious piety upon the children 
of good parents. A fernion preach'd to young people at 
Hand- Alley : on the 25th of December, 17 18. [i 
Chron. xxviii. 9.] 8° Lond. I 7 1 9. 

A fecond letter to Mr. Camming, concerning the regard 
which ought to be had to Scripture-confequences : in 
defence of the former. 8° Lond. 1722. 

EVANS (John), A.M., LL.D., Baptj/I minifler, 
I 767—1827. 

Pi(flure of Worthing ; to which is added, an account of 
Arundel and Shoreham, with other parts of the furrounding 
country. 1 2° Lond. 1S05. 

Sketch of the various denominations of the Chriftian 
world, and of atheifm, deifm, Mahometanifm, &c. The 
eighteenth edition ... corrected and brought down to the 
prefent day ... by the rev. James Hews Branfby. 

8° Lond. 1841. 

EVANS (John), M.A., -vicar of mixal/, Whitchurch, 

The ftatutes of the fourth general Council of Lateran, 
recognized and eftablifhed by fubfequent Councils and 
Synods, down to the Council of Trent. 

8° Lond. 1843. 

The origin and progrefs of Mariolatry ; being intended 
as a companion to the revd. T. H. Home's ' Mariolatry.' 

8° Lond. 1852. 

The principles of the working of vulgar and decimal 
fradions and duodecimals ... 12= Lond. i860. 

EVANS (John). 

Lancafliire authors and orators : a feries of literary 
llcetches of fome of the principal authors, divines, members 
of parliament, &c. conneifled with the county of Lancafter. 

8" Lond. 1850. 

EVANS (John). 

Cofts. Cofts in aflions not above £zo in contract, and 
not above £5 in tort in the fuperior courts; or, how and 
when to obtain a certificate, rule, order, or fuggeftion for 
cofts, with forms of affidavits, &c. 12° Lond. 1859. 

EVANS (John). 

Leaves in feafon : a colledion of mifcellaneous poems. 

8' Lond. [1864.] 
EVANS (John), F.S.A. 

The coins of the ancient Britons ... 8° Lond. 1864. 

EVANS (John). 

The doftrine of the ever-blefled Trinity of three peifons 
in one God, fcripturally proved : together with an intro- 
duflion upon the ftiidy of holy writ, and a right ufe of 
reafon in connedlion therewith, relative to the doftrine. 

I 2= Ofweftry, n. d. 

EVANS (John T.), M.D. 

Le<fi:ures on pulmonary phthifis. 8° Dublin, 1844. 

EVANS (Lewis). 

Zaida : a tale of Granada ; and minor poems. 

8° Lond. 1842. 
EVANS (Lewis), M.A. 

Notes on Thucydides, original and compiled. By John 
G. Sheppard, M.A., and Lewis Evans, M.A. 1870. 

EVANS (Marian). 

Scenes of clerical life. By George Eliot. \Pfeud.^ 
In two volumes. 8° Edinb. 1858. 

Adam Bede. By George Eliot. \Pfeui}.^ In three 
volumes. %" Edinb. I 859. 

The mill on the Flofs. By George Eliot. \Pfeud.'\ 
In three volumes. 8° Edinb. i860. 

Silas Marner : the weaver of Raveloe. By George 
Eliot. {Pfeud.'] 8° Edinb. 1 861. 

Romola. By George Eliot. \Pfeud.'\ In three 
volumes. 8° Lond. 1863. 

— Illuftrated edition. 8' Lond. 1871. / 
Felix Holt, the radical. By George Eliot. \Pfeud.'\ 

In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1866. 

The Spanifh gypfy : a poem. By George Eliot. 

[P/m/.] 8' Edinb. 1868. 

— Third edition. 8° Edinb. 1868. 
Middlemarch, a ftudy of provincial life. By George 

Eliot. \Pfeud\ 4 vols. 8° Edinb. 1 87 1. 

EVANS (Mrs. H. Lloyd). 
Laft winter in Algeria. 

8° Lond. 1868. 




EVANS (Morgan). 

Poems, by Morgan de Pembroke. [Pfeiut^ 

8° Lond. i860. 
EVANS (Owen). 

The adventures of Owen Evans, Efq., furgeon's mate, 
left afhore in 1739 on a defolate ifland : narrated by him- 
felf ; edited by the rev. W. H. Anderdon, M.A. 

8° Dublin, 1863. 

EVANS (Rachel). 

Clafs inrtruftion ; or, praflical methods of teaching in 
ladies' fchools, according to the moft approved fyftems of 
modem education. 8° Briftol, 1843. 

Home fcenes ; or, Taviftock and its vicinity. Illuf- 
trated ... 8° Lond. 1846. 

EVANS (Richard) & CO. 
Defigns of Cornice fringes. [1863.] 

EVANS (Robert Wilson), archdeacon of Wejlmore- 

The Church of God, in a feries of fermons. 

8° Lond. 1832. 
Scripture biography. \Theological Library, vol. vii.] 

8° Lond. 1834. 

— Second feries. [Ibid. vol. xii.] 

8° Lond. 1835. 

A fermon preached in the chapel, at Lambeth Palace, 
on Sunday July 3, 1836, at the confecration of the rt. rev. 
Samuel Butler, D.D., Ld. Bp. of Lichfield and Coventry. 
\J)eut. xxxi. 23.] 8° Lond. 1836. 

A fermon, preached in the parilh church of Ecclertiall, 
on Sunday, Jan. 28, at the ordination held by the Lord 
Bifhop of Lichfield. [2 Tim. ii. I 5.] 

8° Lond. 1838. 

Biography of the early Church. ^Theological Library, 
vol. xiv.] 8° Lond. 1837. 

■ — Second feries. [Ibid, xv.] 8° Lond. 1839. 

Hymns for the Chriftian workman. 

12° Lond. 1 8 40. 

A fermon preached in the cathedi-al chuicli of Chefter, 
at the ordination lield by the Ld. Bp. of Chefter, on Sun- 
day, Dec. 19, I 841. [6V. i. II.] 

8° Lond. [1841.] 

An appeal againft the union of the diocefes of Bangor 
and St. Afapli. 8° Lond. 1 8 42. 

The bilhopric of fouls. 8° Lond. I 842. 

A day in the fani^hiary : with an introduflory treatife 
on hymnology. 8' Lond. 1843. 

Parochial fermons, preached in the parilli church of 
Heverlliam, Weftmoreland. 8° Lond. 1844. 

— Vol. III. 8° Lond. 1855. 
The niinilhy of the body. 8° Lond. I 847. 
Confide! ations on the fcriptural princi])le of church col- 

Icflions. 8° Lond. 1847. 

A fermon jiieachcd in the parifli church of Kendal on 
Tuefday, Aui^uft 7, 1849, at the vifitation of John, Lord 
Bilhop of Chefter. [yA?j v. 20.] 8° Kendal, 1849. 

Parochialfketches in verfe. 12° Lond. 185O. 

A treatife on verfification. 12° Lond. 1 8 52. 

An exhortation on the Lord's day. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

A- charge delivered to the clergy of the archdeaconiy of 
Weftmoreland, at ... primary vifitation in July, 1856. 

12° Lond. 1856. 

— At ... vifitation in May, 1857, at Ulverfton, White- 
haven, and Kendal. 8° Lond. 1857. 

Self-examination and proof: a fermon on the occafion 
of the ordination held by the rt. rev. the Ld. Bp. of Ox- 
ford, in the parifti church of Aylefbury, on Sunday, Feb- 
ruaiy 17, 1856. [2 Cor. xiii. 5.] 8" Lond. 1856. 

Daily hymns. 12° Lond. i860. 

A fermon pi'eached in the parilh chuich of Banow-in- 
Furnefs, Lancafhire, on the death of his late royal highnefs 
the Prince Confort. \Jer. ix. 21.] 12° Lond. 1862. 

England under God. 8" Lond. 1S62. 

EVANS (Rowland). 

Phyfical education : an effay, to which has been awarded 
the bronze medal of the Athletic fociety. 

8° Lond. 1863. 

EVANS (Sebastian), ^WrnaZ^. B. 1830. 

Sonnets on the death of the Duke of Wellington. 

8" Camb. 1852. 
Brother Fabian's manufcript ; and other poems. 

8° Lond. 1865. 

EVANS (Thomas), bookfilkr, 1742-84. 

Old ballads, hiftorical and narrative, with fome of modem 
date, now firft collefted and reprinted from rare copies ; 

8° [Lond.] 1777. 
4 vols. 8° Lond. 1784. 

with notes. 2 vols. 
— Second edition 

EVANS (Thomas), lieutenant, R.N. 

Pradtical introduftion to finding the longitude at fea by 
lunar obfervations. 8" Liveqjool, 1814. 

An entire new and conedl map of Liverpool and Chefter 
rivers. 8° Liveqiool, 1S16. 

— Sixth edition. 8° Liverpool, 1829. 

The Britilh mariner's afliftant. 8° Liverpool, 1817. 

EVANS (Thomas). 

The wreath of the brave ; a poem in four cantos. 

8' Lond. 182 I. 
EVANS (Thomas Andrew). 

A (latement of the means by which the Nelfon coat, 
prefented by H.R.H. Prince Albert to Greenwich Hofpi- 
tal, was obtained by Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas, G.C.M.G. 
Together with copies of letters, and other original docu- 
ments, relating to Lord Nelfon and Lady Hamilton, now 
in the pofleffion of the editor, and intended by him as an 
appendix to the defpatches of Lord Nelfon. Alfo fome 
unpublilhed particulars of the trial and execution of Car.ic- 
ciolo, and the capitulation of the caftles of Naples. 

8' Lond. 1846. 



EVANS (W. Downing.) 

The Gwyddonwyfon wreath ; a monody on the death 
of the rev. David Rhys Stephen, and an ode to his me- 
mory. 8° Lond. 1853. 

Ode on the death of General Sir Henry Havelock, 
K.C.B. 8= Lond. 1858. 

Lyra (ilumm : poems. 8° Lond. 1867. 

EVANS (W. F.) 

The mental cure, illuftrating the influence of the mind 
on the body both in health and difeafe, and the pfychologi- 
cal method of treatment. 8° Glafg. 1870. 

EVANS (W. J.), M.R.C.S. 

A clinical treatife on the endemic fevers of the Weft 
Indies. 8° Lond. 1837. 

The fugar-planters' manual : being a treatife on the art 
of obtiiining fugar from the fugar-cane. 8° Lond. i 847. 

EVANS (W. R.) 

A century of fables, in veiTe. For the moft part para- 
phrafed or imitated from various languages. 

8° Lond. i860. 

Flowers of fable : a colleftion of choice fables in 
verfe ... 12° Lond. 1863. 

EVANS (W, Sloane). 

A grammar of Britifli heraldiy, confifting of "blazon" 
and " marfhalling," with an introduftion on the rife, origin 
and progrefs of fynibols and enfigns, £cc. 

8° Lond. 1847. 
A continuous outline of facred hiftory. 

12° Lond. 1848. 

EVANS (Dr. W. Washington). 

The evils of phyfic : the true principles of the healing 
ait difcovered, or, the antifeptic laws and the aftion of the 
vital eflence unfolded. 8° Lond. 1854. 

Confumption curable ; indigeftion and neiTOufnefs re- 
moved ... 8° Lond. 1855. 

Great difcovery for the cure of confumption ; fcrofiila, 
indigeftion, and nervoufnefs removed . . . the antifeptic treat- 
ment ... 8" Lond. 1858. 

An uncommon book : the will of God to the invalid as 
revealed in the Scriptures ; God's way of preferving health, 
and reftoring it when loft. 8° Lond. i860. 

Tlie blood of the ariftocracy ; its origin. Pure blood ; 
its origin. Difeafe ; its origin. Health ; its origin : and 
beauty; its origin. 8' Lond. 1861. 

A pure mind in a pure body, that is health ; a new fyf- 
tem of health and medicine : the antifeptic treatment. 

8° Lond. [1S63.I 

The virgin in relation to God's laws, purity the bafis of 
life and health. The Divine law in relation to agriculture. 

8= Lond. 1863. 

Cancer, lupus, ulcers, tumours, fcrofula, &c., cured with- 

out pain : the antifeptic law of medicine, and of all reme- 
dial means, newly taught ... Second edition. 

8° Lond. n. d. 
A new fyftem of medicine : the antifeptic treatment dif- 
covered by Dr. Evans. 8° Lond. n. d. 

EVANS (William), M.A. 

A trandation of the booke of natwe into the ufe of 
grace ; perfonned and principally intended for the benefit ot 
thofe who plead ignorance, or that they are not booklearned, 
or that they want teachers, and fo thinke to excufe them- 
felves in their fmnes. 4° Oxford, 1633. 

EVANS (William). 

* The two fatal brothers ... Capt. Evan Evans and 
William Evans. 

EVANS (Sir William David), ince-chancellor of the 
county of Lancafler. 

A general view of the decifions of Lord Mansfield in 
civil caufes. 2 vols. 4° Lond. 1803. 

A colleflion of ftatutes connected with the general admi- 
niftration of the law ; arranged according to the order of 
fubjedls, with notes by William David Evans, efq. 8 
vols. 8° Lond. 1817. 

The progrefs of legal education, confidered in a review 
of the third inaugural lefture [by Robert Hall, Efq., lec- 
turer on Common law, &c.] 8° Lond. 1848. 

EfTays on the aiSion for money had and received, on the 
law of infurances, and on the law of bills ot exchange and 
promiflbry notes. 8° Liverpool, n. d. 

EVANS (Rev. William Edward). 

An order of family prayer. 12° Lond. 1844. 

The firft revelations of God to man, confidered in a 
feries of fermons, on the firft chapters of Genefis. 

12° Lond. 1 8 49. 

EVANSON (Richard Tonson). 

Nature and art ; or, reminifcences of the International 
Exhibition ... 1 862 : a poem ; with occafional verfes and 
elegiac ftanzas. 8^ Lond. 1868. 


De comoedia & tragoedia. [Gronovius, Thefaurus 
Gmcarum antiqultatum, \'\u. I 68 I.] 

EVANTIUS, French abbot ; Jlourj/hed in the 1th cen- 

Epiftola contra eos, qui fanguinem animalium immundum 
efle judicant, et camem mundam efte dicunt. \^Max. bibl'to- 
theca veterum Patrum, xi. 1 092.] 

— [Canisil's, Lediones antiquie, i. 520.] 


Wahllabrook ; or, defolate hearts : a tale of the moor. 
In two volumes. 12° Lond. 1862. 




EVE (H. W.), M.A. 

A fhort German fyntax. 8° Lond. 1868. 

The Wellington College French primer. By H. W. 
Eve and F. de Baudifs. 12° Lond. 1870. 


Science revealed : a poem, defcriptive of the works of 
creation and the truth of Scripture record. 

8° Lond. 1863. 
EVELEIGH (Josiah). 

A vindication of Mr. Trofle from the charge of un- 
charitablenefs ; proving by ten arguments, grounded upon 
many plain and full texts of Scripture, that the dodlrine of 
the trinity, and true deity of Chrift, are fundamentals. 
With a preliminary difcourfe of Chrift as the Son of God, 
to confute the falfe fenfe of that phrafe, and to confirm the 
tine. 8° Lond. i 719. 

A fober reply to Mr. Peirce's angry and fcornful letter. 
In a letter to a minifter in London. 8° Lond. \1\<). 

An account of the reafons why many citizens of Exon 
have withdi'awn from the miniftry of Mr. Jofeph Hallet and 
Mr. James Peirce. Being an anfwer to Mr. Peirce's State 
of the cafe. Second edition. 8° Lond. 17 19. 

A defence of the Account, &c. in anfwer to Mr. Peirce's 
defence of the cafe, &c. \Anon?[ 8° Lond. 17 19. 

EVELIN (Sir John). 

Sii- John Evelin his report from the committee ap- 
pointed to confider of the printing of the Lord Digbyes 
fpeech concerning the Bill of attainder of the Earle of 
StrafFoid ... 1 64 1. '\^Scolt' s edition of Somers' Tracts, 
iv. 233.] 


Eveline ; or, incidents of Irifh convent life. By the 
author of" Poor Paddy's cabin"... &c. 8° Lond. 1861. 

Eveline. By tlie author of " Forefl Keep." In three 
volumes. 8° Lond. 1863. 


Evelyn Grey ; or, the power of Chriftian influence : a 
tale for giris. 8° Lond. 1866. 


Evelyn Howard ; or, miflaken policy. A domeflic tale. 
2 vols. I 2° Lond. I S42. 

EVELYN (Alexander John). 

Englifh Alice, a poem in five cantos. 8° Lond. 1852. 

EVELYN (John), o/'/Fo//on, 1620-1705. 

Mifcellaneous writings : now firft collefled, with occa- 
fional notes, by William Upcott. 4° Lond. 1825. 

A charaiffer of England, as it was lately prefcnted in a 
' letter to a nobleman of France, [y^no/;.] 1659. \Scoti's 
edition of Somers' Tracts, vii. 177.] 

Publick employment and an aftive life preferr'd to foli- 

tude, and all its appanages fuch as fame, command, riches, 
converfation, &c. In reply to a late ingenious effay \ly Sir 
George Mackenzie'] of a contrary title. By J. E., Efq. 

8° Lond. 1667. 
Navigation and commerce their original and progrefs. 

8° Lond. 1674. 

— [Reprinted in A feleB eolledion of fcarce and 'valuable 
trads on commerce, edited by J. R. M'Culloch. 1859.] 

Kalendarium hortenfe : or, the gard'ners almanac, direft- 
ing what he is to do monthly throughout the year, and 
what fruits and flowers are in prime ... Sixth edition. 

8° Lond. 1676. 

— Eighth edition. 8° Lond. I 691. 

— Tenth edition. fol. Lond. 1706. 

A philofophical difcourfe of earth, relating to the cul- 
ture and improvement of it for vegetation, and the propa- 
gation of plants ... 8° Lond. 1676. 

— Third edition. fol. Lond. 1706. 
Numifmata. A difcourfe of medals, antient and 

modern ; together with fome account of heads and effigies 
of illuftrious and famous perfons, in fculps and taille-douce, 
of whom we have no medals extant ; and of the ufe to be 
derived from them. To which is added a digreflion con- 
cerning phyfiognomy. fol. Lond. 1697. 

Silva, or a difcourfe of forefl: trees, and the propagation 
of timber in his Majefty's dominions ... In two books. 
Together with an hilforical account of the facrednefs of 
(landing groves ... Fourth edition. fol. Lond. 1706. 

— With notes by A. Hunter. 4° Lond. 1776. 
Pomona, or an appendix concerning fruit tiees, in relation 

to cider, the making, and feveral ways of oi'dering it. Fourth 
edition. fol. Lond. 1706. 

Acetaria. A difcourfe of fallets. Second edition. 

fol. Lond. 1706. 

Sculptura, or the hiftory and art of chalcography and 
engraving in copper, with an enumeration of the moft re- 
nowned matters and their works ; to which is annexed a 
new manner of engraving, and memoirs of the life of the 
author. 8 ' Lond. 1769. 

Fumifugium : or, the inconvenience of the aer and fmoake 
of London difl'ipated. Together with fome lemedies 
humbly propofcd ... 4° Lond. 1772. 

The life of Mrs. Godolphin. Now firft publiflied, and 
edited by Samuel, Lord Bifliop of Oxford ... 

8° Lond. 1847. 

. — Abridged by permiflion from " The life of Mrs. 
Godolphin, by John Evelyn of Wotton, Efq. ; edited by 
Samuel, Lord Bifhop of Oxford." 12° Lond. 1853. 

Memoirs illuftrative of the life and writings of John 
Evelyn, Efq. ... comprifing his diaiy, from the year I 641 
to 1705—6 ... To wliich is fubjoined, the private corref- 
pondence between King Charles I. and his fecretary of 
ftate, Sir Edward Nicholas, whilft his Majefty was in 
Scotland, 1641, and at other times during the civil war; 
alfo between Sir Edward Hyde, afterwards Earl of Claren- 
don, and Sir Richard Browne, ambaflador to the court of 
France, in the time of King Charies I. and the ufurpation. 
The whole now firft publiflied, from the original MSS. 
Edited by William Bray, Efq. Second edition. In two 
volumes. 4° Lond. i 8 1 9. 



— Reprint of fecond edition. London, 1 8 1 9. 

8° Lend. 1870. 

— A new edition in five volumes. 8° Lond. 1827. 

— A new edition [zullh the title : Diary and correfpond- 
ence of John Evelyn ...]. In four volumes. 

8° Lond. 1850. 
An account of architefls and architefture ; together with 
an hillorical, etymological explanation of certain terms, 
particularly affe(5led by architefts. \¥tiX&.KT, yl parallel of 
the ancient architecture -with the modern.^ 

EVELYN (John). 

Co-operation. An addrefs to the labouring claffes, on 
the plans to be purfued and the errors to be avoided in con- 
dufling Trading unions. 8° Lond. 1830. 

EVELYN (Lyndon Howard). 

Eflay on the beft method of eftablifhing and condu<Sing 


EVELYN (William John). 

A letter addrefled to the magiftrates of the county of 
Surrey. 8 Lond. n. d. 


Evening araufement : by the author of " Letters every- 
where," " The dove," &c. &c. with twenty illuftrations by 
Paul Konewka. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1 8 70. 


Evening converfations on the Apoftles' creed, the ten 
commandments, and the Lord's prayer. By the authorefs 
of " Truft in God and ufe the means," " Scripture charaders 
and letters." 8° Lond. 1871. 


Evening hours with my children ; or, converfations on the 
gofpel ftor)'. 4° Lond. n. d. 


Evening incenfe. By the author of " Morning and night 
watches," " Words of Jefus," &c. &c. 

12° Lond. 1856. 

Evening voices. To which is added, Sunday regifter 
for a year, feleifled and arranged by the author of " Sunfet 
thoughts." 12° Lond. [1865.] 


Evenings with the old ftory tellers. Seleft tales from 
the Gerta Romanorum. 12° Lond. 1845. 

Evenings at the tea-table. 12° Lond. 1871. 


The charafter of palling events. 8' Lond. 18 17. 
The chief events of ancient hiftory fynchroniftically 
arranged. S. Sh. Lond. n. d. 

EVERARD (Edmund). 

Difcourfes on the prefent ftate of the Proteftant princes 
of Europe : exhorting them to an union and league amongil 
themfelves, againft all oppofite intereft, from the great en- 
deavours of the court of France and Rome to influence all 
Roman Catholick princes, againft the Proteftant ftates and 
religion : and the advantage that our divifions give to their 
party : wherein the general fcope of this horrid popifh plot 
is laid down, and prefented to publick view. 

fol. Lond. 1679. 

The depofitions and examinations of Mr. Edmund 
Everard (who was four years clofe prifoner in the Tower 
of London) concerning the horrid Popilh plot ... 

fol. Lond. 1679. 

EVERARD (Edward), D.D. 

A prefatory Latin grammar. 12° Lond. 1 843. 

Religious principle the only fure bafis of civil govern- 
ment ; and the confequent duty of the State to provide for 
the religious education of the people: a fermon ... [i Cor. 
X. 31.] 8" Lond. I 847. 

Identity of church and ftate the Chriftian man's charter : 
with fuggeftions for Chiiftian unity. 8° Taunton, 1849. 

A poftfcript, fuggefted by the perufal of the rev. W. B. 
Noel's eflay, to Identity of church and ftate the Chriftian 
man's charter : with fuggeftions for Chriftian unity. 

8° Taunton, 1849. 

A letter, fetting forth that baptifmal regeneration, in its 
Cmple fenfe, is no caufe for controverfy : addrefled to the 
lay members of the Church. 8° Taunton, 1849. 

EVERARD (Edward Browne), M.A., reaor 0/ Burn- 
ham Thorpe. 

The paftoral chai-afler of the minifterial office : a fer- 
mon ... [John xxi. 15-17.] 12' Lond. 1856. 

EVERARD (Edward Cape). 

Memoirs of an unfortunate fon of Thcfpis : being a 
fl<etch of the life of Edward Cape Everard, comedian ... 
written by himfelf. 12° Edinb. 1818. 

EVERx\RD (Edward John), rector of Didmarton, 

A rural paftor's addrefs to his flock on Lord Ebury's I 
tition for a revifion of the Prayer book. 


8° Oxford, i860. 

EVERARD (George), M.A., -vicar of St. Mark's, 

Day by day ; or, counfels to Chriftians on the details of 
evejy-day life. With introduftion by the rev. T. Vores. 

8° Lond. [1865.] 
" Not your own ; " or, counfels to young Chriftians. 

8" Lond. 1866. 
Home Sundays ; or help and confolation from the fanc- 
tuary. 8^ Lond. 1868. 

EVERARD (Robert). 

The effeifl of free trade on the various clafles of fociety, 



in a letter addrefled to the members of the Spalding Pro- 
teiftion fociety. 8 Lond. 1850. 

EVERARD (Thomas). 

Stereometry ; or, the art of gauging made eafy by the 
helps of a fliding-rule : with an appendix of conic feftions. 

12° Lond. 1708. 

EVERARTUS (jEgidius), Dutch phyftdan ; flourijled 
in the \6th century. 

De herba panacea, quam alii tabacum, alii petum aut nico- 
tianam vocant, brevis commentariolus. 

4° Ultraje(fti, 1644. 
EVEREST (George). 

An account of the meafurement of two feflions of the 
meridional arc of India, bounded by the parallels of 18° 3' 
15", 24° 7' 11", and 29^ 30' 48". 4' Lond. 1847. 

— Engravings. 4° Lond. 1847. 

EVEREST (Rev. Robert), M.A. 

A journey through Norway, Lapland, and part of Swe- 
den. 8° Lond. 1829. 
A journey through the United States and part of Canada. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

EVEREST (Thomas R.), reaor of IVickiuar, Glou- 

A letter addreffed to the medical praftitioners of Great 
Britain, on the fubjeft of homoeopathy. 

8° Lond. 1834. 
A letter addrefled to Dr. Rofe CoiTnack ... 

8° Lond. 1851. 

EVERETT (Alexander Hill), U.S. mtmjler at 
Madrid, I 7 9 o- 1 8 4 9 . 

Europe ; or, a general fui"vey of the prefent fituation of 
tlie principal powers, witii conjeftures on their future pro- 
fpefts. By a citizen of the United States. 

8° Lond. 1822. 

New ideas on population : with remarks on the theories 
of Malthus and Godwin. 8° Lond. 1823. 

America : or, a general furvey of the political fituation 
of tlie fcveral powers of the wcftern continent, with con- 
jeflures on their future profpedls. By a citizen of the 
United States. 8' Lond. 1828. 

EVE R ETT ( Edward), brother of the preceding ; Ameri- 
can flcUefimm, 1795— 1865. 

The profpeft of reform in Europe. From the North 
American Review, publillied at Bofton, N.A., July i, 
1831. [y/non.] 8^ Lond. 1831. 

Speech ... on American inftitutions, in reply to the dif- 
cuffion in the Britifli Houfe of Lords : delivered on the 
4th July, i860, in the City Hall of Bofton, U.S., before 
the municipal authorities. 8° Lond. i860. 

EVERETT {GzoKGE),fhipnvright. 

Encouragement for feamen and mariners : in two parts : 

being a propofed method for the more fpeedy and effeftual 
furnilhing their Majefties royal navy with able feamen and 
mariners ... 1695. \Harleian Miscellany, iv. 373.] 


Panorama of Manchefter, and railway companion. 

12° Manchefter, 1834. 

EVERETT (James), Wejleyan minijler. 

The village blackfmith ; or piety and ufefulnefs exempli- 
fied. In a memoir of the life of Samuel Hick, late of 
Micklefield, Yorkftiire. The fourth edition. 

12° Lond. 1832. 

The camp and the fandluaiy : or the power of religion, 
as exemplified in the army and the Church : a memoir of 
Thomas Hafiter, formerly of the I ft Dragoon Guards. 
Intended as a companion to " The village blackfmith." 

8° Lond. 1859. 

The polemic divine : or memoirs of the life, writings, 
and opinions of the rev. Daniel Ifaac. 

12° Lond. 1839. 

— Second edition. 12° Manchefter, 1851. 

Memoirs of the life, chara(51:er and miniftry of William 
Dawfon. 12° Lond. 1842. 

The Wallfend miner, or a brief memoir of the life of 
William Crifter. Third edition. 

8° Manchefter, 1850. 

Pleafing and interefting hiftorie of three moft noble 
martyrs, to witte, James y<= Eveiette, Samuel y= Dunnite, 
and William y* Griffith. With a ftridl account of all 
y'^ fufferings, trials, troubles, and vexatious tribulationes, 
each had to endure in y'^ eventfull yere of Our Lorde, 
1849. Seconde editione. 4° Nottingham, 1850. 

Memoirs of the life and writings of James Montgomery 
... by John Holland and James Everett. 1 8 54. 

Memoir and funeral fennon of the late lamented rev. 
Dr. Beaumont, deliveied in the Wefteyan aflbciation chapel, 
Lever Street, Manchefter. [2 Cor. v. I.] 

8° Lond. 1855. 

The midfhipman and the minifter ; the quarter-deck and 
the pulpit. [A memoir of Arthur A. Reeves.] 

8° Lond. 1867. 

EVERETT (.Joseph D.), D.C.L. 

Key to the fecond edition of the Protean puzzle. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

The philofophy of teaching, or pfychology in its relation 
to intelleftual culture : being an eflay read before the Lite- 
raiy and philofophical fociety of the Univerfity of Glaf- 
gow. 8° Lond. 1858. 

Univerfal proportion table. fol. Lond. [1868.] 

EVERETT (Rev. Thos. Chivers). 
Memoir. By H. J. Crump. 1839. 

EVERGISLIUS, Saint, archbifbop of Cologne. 

* De tranflatione Sandli Evergifli ... [Pertz, Monu- 
menta German'iic hjjlorica, \\. 279.] 




Evergreen ; a feries of memorial (Itetches. 

8' Lond. 1857. 

Beautiful bouquets, culled from the poets of all countiies. 
The evergreen. 12= Lond. 1869. 

The evergreen ; a feleftion of religious and preceptive 
poetry. 12° Lond. n. d. 

EVERHARD (Nicolaus), Dutch jurifl. D. 1532. 

Solennis repetitio capituli, Quoniam contra falfam, Extra 
de probationibus ... opus ... illuftratum ftudio & opera Jufti 
Zinzeilingi. fol. Francofurti, I 618. 

Confilia five refponfa ... Acceffere huic edition! ... vita 
& epicedia autoris. 4° Arenaci, 1642. 

Loci argumentorum legales ... Editio quarta. 

8° Colonic Agrippinas, 1662. 

Syno])fis locorum legalium Nicolai Everhardi. Itcrum 
edita & locis adaudla ftudio Georg Adami Bmnneri. 

12° Reginoburgi, 1671. 

Confilia duo in materia monetaiia. [Budelius, De moneth, 
pp. 689, 699.] 

EVERHELMUS, abbas Mimontenfts. 

Vita Popponis abbatis Stabulenfis ; edente W. Watten- 
bach. [Pertz, Monumenta Gcrmama hjjlorica, xiii. 291.] 

EVERITT (Mary Ann). 

Wealth not happinefs ; or, vain expedlations deftruflive 
to peace. 


Everley. A tale. 

12° Lond. 1841 
8" Lond. 1855. 

EVERS ( ). 

A journal, kept on a journey from Bafibra to Bagdad, 
over the Little defeit to Aleppo, Cyprus, Rhodes, Zante, 
Corfu; and Otranto in Italy; in the year 1779. By a 
gendeman, late an oflicer in the Service of the lionourable 
Eaft India Company ... 8° Horfham, 1784. 

EVERS (Henry). 

Navigation and nautical aftronomy. By John Merri- 
FIELD and Henry Evers. 1868. 

EVERSDYCK (Gerardus van). 

Diflertatio juridica inauguralis, ad Leg. vi. t. de tranf- 
a<flionibus. Lugd. Bat. 1 732. [Oelrichs, Thejaurus 
dtjfertathnum juridkarutn, i. iii. 117.] 


Table of fees to be taken in the County .courts, under 
the orders of Sir George Grey, Bart. ... dated the 15th 
November, 1850... 1 2° Lond. 1850. 

EVERTH (Godfrey). 

The wedding bells ; with other poems. 

8° Lond. 1849. 


Epiftola ad S. Bemardum abbatem de haereticis fui 
temporis. [Mabillon, Vetera analeSa, p. 473.] 


Every-day things ; or, ufeful knowledge refpefling the 
principal animal, vegetable, & mineral fubftances in common 
ufe. By a lady. Second edition. 12° Lond. 1861. 

Every day : a flory of common life. By the author of 
" Ifmael & CafTander," « Color confidered," &c. &c. 

8° Lond. 1868. 


Eveiy week. A journal of entertaining literature ... 
Vols. IL-IV. 4° Lond. 1870-71. 

EVERY (S. F.) 

The art of netting ; with the method of making and 
mending firtiing nets practically explained ; and illullrated 
with etchings. 8° Lond. 1845. 

EVES (Charles). 

The derivative fpelling book. By C. and G. Eves. 

12° Lond. 1852. 
Queftions on the gofpels and the AcSts of the Apoftles. 
By Charles and Georgiana Eves. 12° Lond. 1854. 

Key to the School examiner. By C. and G. Eves. 

Lond. 1854. 
EVES (Georgiana). 

The derivative fpelling book. By C. and G. Eves. 

Queftions on the gofpels ... By Charles and Georgiana 
Eves. 1854. 

Key to the School examiner. By C. and G. Eves. 1854. 


Chronicon Abbatis de Evefiiam, ad annum 1 41 8. 
Edited by William Dunn Macray, M.A. [for the Mafter 
of the Rolls]. 8° Lond. I 863. 


Exanien de quelques propofitions nouvelles, tres-contraires 
a I'autorite des evefques, et tres-injurieufes a tout leur ordre 
facre, contenucs dans un ecris qui a pour titre : Inftruflion 
fur I'eftat de la congregation des peres de la doflrine Chre- 
tienne, &c. [A'o title-page.^ 4° n. p. n. d. 


Dialogues d'Evhem&re. 
DE Voltaire.] 

1777. [By F. M. Arouet 


The law of evidence : wherein all the cafes that have 
yet been printed in any of our law books or tryals, and that 
in any wife relate to points of evidence, are colleded and 
methodically digefted under their proper heads. 

8° In the Savoy, I 7 17. 

— Second edition. 8° In the Savoy, 1735. 



The law of evidence ... 1760. [By Sir G. Gilbert.] 
lUufhations of medical evidence and trial by jury in 
Scotland. 8° Edinb. 1^55. 


The parent difinherited by his ofF-fpring ; oi', an enquiry 
into the defcent of penal evil, with its tendencies to fubdue, 
and expel moial evil. 8° Lond. 17 28. 

The duration of evil. An elTiy. 8° Lond. 1855. 

An inquiry concerning the principles in the conftitution 
of human nature, which are the caufes of moral evil. By 
a layman. 8° Lond. 1856. 

What is evil ? Pofitive, comparative, and negative. 
Anfwered in 600 aphorifms. Addreffed to thofe who 
think. By the editor of " What is good." 

8° Lond. 1857. 

An evil : with fuggeflions for its remedy ; for the con- 
fideration of either fex in church and county. 

8° Lond. [i868.] 

EVILL (William). 

A winter journey to Rome and back, with an account 
of the opening of the Qicumenical council, and glances at 
Milan, Florence, Naples, Pompeii, and Venice. 

8° Lond. 1870. 


The poor man's four evils. [No title-page.~\ 

I 2° n. p. n. d. 

EWALD (Alkx. Charles), F.S.A. 

A reference book of Englifli hiftory ; containing tables 
of chronology and genealogy ; a diftionary of battles ; lines 
of biography ; and a brief diiSionary of the conftitution ... 
Second edition. 8° Lond. 1867. 

" Our conftitution : " an epitome of our chief laws and 
fyftem of government. With an introdu<5lory effay. 

8° Lond. 1867. 

The laft century of univerfal hiftory : a reference book, 
containing an annotated table of chronology, lifts of con- 
temporary fovereigns, a dictionary of battles and fieges, 
and biographical notes of eminent individuals. From 1767 
to 1867. 8° Lond. 1868. 

Wai"ne's bijou diftionaiy of the Englifti language ... 
Edited by Alex. Charles Ewald. 12° Lond. 1868. 

The complete guide to the Civil fervice ; with direiSions 
for candidates, ftandards of qualification, falaries and fpeci- 
mens of examination papers. The eleventh edition \of 
White's Guide]. 8° Lond. 1869. 

The guide to the Indian Civil fervice, containing direc- 
tions for candidates, ftandards of qualification, falaries, and 
fpecimens of examination papers. 8^ Lond. [1870.] 

The Crown and its advifers ; or, queen, niinifters, lords, 
and commons. 8° Edinb. 1870. 

A reference book of modern geography . . . 

8° Lond. 1870. 

EWALD (F. C.) 

Journal of miftionary labours in the city of Jerufalem, 
during the years 1842—3—4. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1S46. 


EWALD (Georg Heinrich August), German orien- 
tal'ijl. B. 1803. 

De metris carminum Arabicorum libri duo, cum appendice 
emendationum in varios poetas. 8° Brunfvigae, 1825. 

The life of Jefus Chrift. Tranflated and edited by 
Oaavius Glover, B.D. 8°Camb. 1865. 

The hiftory of Ifrael to the death of Mofes. Tranflated 
from the German. Edited, with a preface, by Ruffell 
Martineau, M.A. Vols. I.-II. 8° Lond. 1867-69. 

— Vols. I. II. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1869. 

— Vols. III. IV. Edited by J. Eftlin Carpenter, 
M.A. 8° Lond. 1871. 

The Prophet Ifaiah, chapters I. -XXXIII. From the 
German of H. Ewald. By O. Glover, B.D. 

8° Canib. 1869. 
Ewald's introdu(51:oi-y Hebrew grammar. Tranflated 
from the third German edition, by J. Frederick Smith. 
With the author's concurrence and corredions. 

8° Lond. 1870. 
EWALD (H. F.) 

The ftory of Waldemar Krone's youth. 2 vols. 

8° Edinb. 1867. 

John Falk. A novel. From the Danifti, by the tranf- 
lator of ' Noddebo Parfonage,' ' The guardian,' &c. In 
three volumes. 8° Lond. 1S68. 

EWALD (JoHANN L,VD\vic),German t/jeohgitJri, 1747- 

Uber Revolutionen, ihre Quellen und die Mittel da- 
gegen. 8° Berlin, 1792. 

Briefe ijber die alte Myftik und den neuen Myfticifmus. 

8° Leipzig, I 822. 

EWALD (Johannes), Dimi/h poet, 1743—81. 

Samtlige Skrifter. 4 Bind. [Fo/s. i vS° 2 are '■'■ Andet 
Oplag." 18 I 4.] 8° Kjobenhavn, 1787 — 1814. 

EWART (John), M.A. 

Biographical (l<etches of eminent charaflers : compiled 
from various authors ... 8° Lond. 1830. 

EWART (John). 

A treatife on the produce of beef, compared with the 
live weight of cattle ; the method of afcertaining carcafe 
weight of oxen by meafurement ; and on the ufe of the 
Aiding rule in computing carcafe weight. 

I 2° Newcaftle-upon-Tyne, 1844. 

Inftruflions for the ufe of the flide-rule, applied to com- 
putations relating to praftica! huftjandry ; and of the cattle 
gauge, for afcertaining the carcafe weight of oxen. 

8° Newcaftle-on-Tyne, 1847. 

A treatife on the arrangement and confti-uftion of agri- 
cultural buildings. fol. Lond. 1851. 

The agriculturift's afllftant ... 8° Glafg. 1857. 

EWART (Joseph), M.D. 

A digert of the vital ftatiftics of the European and native 



armies in India ; interfpeifed with fuggeftions for the 
eradication and mitigation of the preventible and avoidable 
caufes of ficknefs and mortality amongft imported and indi- 
genous troops. 8 Lond. i S 5 9. 

The fanitary condition and difcipline of Indian jails. 

8° Lond. i860. 

EWART (William), M.P. 

Taxation. Speech in favour of the fubftitution of a 
fyftem of more direfl: taxation. In place of the indireifl 
fyftem now in ufe ... May 28th, 1 8 47. 

I 2° Lond. 1847. 
Capital punifhment. Speech in favour of an inquiry by 
a feleifl committee into the expediency of maintaining capital 
punifhment ... in the Houfe of Commons, 1856. 

8° Lond. 1856. 
Settlement in India, and trade with central Afia : fpeech 
... in the Houfe of Commons, March 23, 1858. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

EWART (William), M.A., curate of Pimperne. 

Leflbns for writing from diflation. 8° Lond. 1 8 49. 
Anchurus and other poems. 8 Lond. 1851. 

EWART (William), /ar^^ran. 

On the prefeiTation of health. 12= Durham, 1S57. 

EWBANK (William Withers), M.A., mlnifter of 
St. George's Church, JSverton. 

The national reftoration of the Jews to Paleftine repug- 
nant to the word of God ; a fpeech ... 

8^ Liverpool, 1849. 

A commentaiy on the Epiftle of Paul the Apoftle to 
the Romans ; with a new tianflation and explanatory notes. 
2 vols. 12° Lond. 1850. 

A diftiniflion without a difference ; a letter to the hon. 
& rev. A. Montagu Villiers, M.A., reflor of St. George's, 
Bloomfbury, on a fermon lately preached in his church, in 
favour of the reftoration of the Jews, and entitled, " The 
covenants diftinguifhed." 8° Liverpool, 1850. 

EWERS (JoHANN Philipp Gvstav), Rti//ian hi/lorian, 
178 1-1830. 

Gefchichte dcr RufTen. Verfuch eines Handbuchs. 
Erfter Theil. 8° Dorpat, I 8 I 6. 

Das altefte Recht der RufTen in feiner gefchichtlichen 
Entwickelung dargef^ellt. 8° Dorpat, 1826. 

EWICH (Johannes), German phr/ician ; flourip^ed in 
the 16 th century. 

De fagaram (quas vulgo) veneficas appellant, natura, arte, 
viribus & faftis ; item de notis indiciifque quibus agnofcantur, 
& poena qua afficiendae fint, cenfura jequa & moderata. 

8° Bremse, I 584. 

EWING (A.), M.A. 

St. Bartholomew's day commemorated ; or the principles 
of Congregational difTent explained and defended. 

12° Halifax, 1845. 

EWING (Alexander), teacher of mathematics, 
Praflical aftronomy . . . Together with aflronomical tables 
of the fun, moon, and primary planets. 8° Edinb. 1797. 
A fynopfis of praflical mathematics, &c. Fourth edition. 

8° Lond. 1799. 

EWING (Alexander), D.D., D.C.L., Epifcopal bt/hop 
of Argyll and the Ifles. D. I 8 7 3 . 

A charge delivered at the firft fynod of the revived and 
united diocefes of Argyll and the Ifles. Held at Oban, 
8th Auguft, 1848. 8° Edinb. 1848. 

The Lamb of God. A fermon ... ^John i. 29.] 

8" Oxford, 1849. 

" Che til ma tuille :" a fennon on emigration from the 
Highlands and Iflands of Scotland to Auffralia. [Gen. 
xlii. I, 2.] 8° Lond. 1852. 

A letter to the very rev. E. B. Ramfay, Dean of Edin- 
burgh, on the co-operation of the Church fociety with the 
Committee of Council on education. 8° Lond. 1 853. 

A letter to the rt. rev. the Primus of the Scottifh Epif- 
copal Church. 8° Edinb. 1858. 

A charge delivered to the clergy of Argyll & the Ifles, 
... I 2th September, i860. 12° Edinb. i860. 

An addrefs to the younger clergy and laity on the pre- 
fent flate of religion : being fome contributions towards a 
defence of the Church of England. 8° Lond. 1865. 

Some account of the early Celtic Church, and of the 
miffion of St. Columba. \Vivcv.\.^v.s,The cathedral or abbey 
church of lona. 1866.] 

Prefent-day papers on prominent queftions in tlieology. 
Firfl feries. 8° Lond. 1S70. 

— Second feries. 8° Lond. I 87 I. 

— Third feries. 8° Lond. I 87 I. 

EWING (Greville), mini/ler of the Church of Scotland, 

Rudiments of the Greek language. 8° Edinb. 180 1. 

A Greek and Englifh lexicon ; originally a Scripture 
lexicon ; and now adapted to Greek claffics ; with a Greek 
grammar prefixed. Third edition. 8° Glafg. 1827. 

* A memoir of Greville Ewing ... 1843. \_By Mrs. 
J. J. Matheson.] 

EWING (James), of Sirathle-ven. 

* Memoir. By the rev. Mackintofli Mackay, LL.D. 

EWING (John). 

Sir William Wallace's addrefs to Caledonia. A new 
fong and melody. 4° Glafg. 1826. 

EWING (Juliana Horatia). 
Mrs. Oveitheway's remembrances. 
The brownies and other tales. 

8° Lond. 1869. 
8° Lond. 1870. 

EWING (Thomas), teacher in Edinburgh. 

Principles of elocution . . . Second edition. 

8° Edinb. 1816. 


— Thirtieth edition, revifed ... by F. B. Calvert, 
A.M. 12° Edinb. 1852. 

A fyftem of geography. 12° Edinb. i 8 1 6. 

A fyftem of geography ... including alfo the elements 
of aftronomy. Seventeenth edition. 12° Edinb. I 848. 

— Twentieth edition. 12° Edinb. 1 868. 

EWING (William). 

Some critical obfervations on the book of Job. 

8° Lond. 1844. 

The freedom of England, in contradiftinflion to Pitti- 
cifm ; addreffed to tlie freeholders of the county of Lin- 
coln in particular, and to the freeholders and eledtors 
throughout England, Ireland, Wales, & Scotland in general. 
By Ex. 8° Stamford, 18 18. 

EXALBION (Colonel). 

Garibaldi ; his life, exploits, and the Italian campaigns. 

8° Lond. [1859.] 


An examination of the principles and boafted difintereft- 
ednefs of a late right hon. gentleman ... 1766. ^£y 
Charles Lloyd.] 

Civil Service. See alfo the general heading Civil 

Guide to the civil fei-vice examinations ; with direftions 
for candidates, examination papers, abftraft of commiflioners' 
report, ftandards of qualification, amount of falaries, and all 
neceffiiry information for thofe feeking employment in the 
government civil fervice. 8° Weftminfter, 1856. 

Mercantile Marine. 

Notice of examinations of mafters and mates, eftablifhed 
in purfuance of the mercantile marine aft, 1850. 

8° Lond. [1850.] 
Hand-book to the Local marine board examination, for 
the officers of the Britifli mercantile marine. 

8" Lond. 1852. 
Military Examinations. 

Examination papers, ufed at the examination of candi- 
dates for appointment to the commifTariat. i860— 1866. 

8° Lond. 1861-66. 
[Examination papers ufed at the examinations of candi- 
dates for Dire(5l Comminions, and for admifTion to the 
Royal Indian Military College, Royal Military Academy, 
Royal Military College, and Staff College.] 
[Direft Commifllons.] 1858-66. 

8° Lond. 1858-66. 
[Royal Indian Military College.] i860. 

8° Lond. i860. 
[Royal Military Academy.] 1855-60. 

8° Lond. 1855-60. 
[Royal Military College.] 1858-60. 

8° Lond. 1858-60. 
[Staff College.] 1858-66. 8° Lond. i 858-66. 

Theological Examinations. 

Examination papers for the ufe of theological ftudents, 
on the fads of the Old and New Teftanients ; the dodrines 
and evidences of Chriftianity ; the hiftory of the church ; 
liturgies, tranflations of the Bible, &c. By the author of 
" Queftions on Adams's Roman antiquities," &c. 

12° Oxford, 1837. 

University Examinations. See the names of the ■various 


A letter to the Examiner. 17 10. [By Henry St. 
John, Vifcount Bolingbroke.] 

A letter to the Examinej-, fuggefting pi'oper heads, for 
vindicating his, mafters. 8° Lond. i 7 i 4. 

The free and impartial examiner : being a candid enquiry 
into the caufes of our prefent melancholy fituation, with 
regard both to domeftick and foreign affairs. Together with 
a word in defence of the Dutch's not entring into our 
meafures. [apparently by the author of Hanoverian 
Politicks.] 8° Lond. 1745. 

The Chriftian examiner and Church of Ireland magazine. 
Conduced by members of the Eftablifhed church. New 
feries. Vol. IV. 8° Dublin, 1835. 

— Third feries. Vols. II. III. 

8° Dublin, 1837-38. 


Example better than precept : a life agent's tale. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

The dial of the world. By Excelfior. 

8° Lond. 185 I. 
Excelfior ; helps to progrefs in religion, fcience, and 
literature. Vols. I.-IV. 8° Lond. 18 54-5 5. 


Excerpta Grasca. Editio altera. 12=' Eton, 1861. 


The real caufes of the high rate of exchange, and the 
only time remedies. 1804. [^_)i Thomas Smith.] 

Two tables (with explanations) illuftrative of the fpeeches 
of the right hon. the Earl of Liverpool, and the right hon. 
the Chancellor of the Exchequer ; fliowing the rates of 
exchange on Hamburgh, compared with the amount of 
bank notes and the price of gold, and with the foreign 
expenditure, and the value of grain imported from the 
year 1793 to 18 19. [Pamphleteer, xv. 28 i.] 

A manual of foreign exclianges, monies, weights, and 
meafures... i2oGlafg. 1820. 

A few queftions and anfwers on the fcience of exchanges. 
By an M.A. of Trinity College, Oxford. 

8° Lond. i860. 

The theory of the foreign exchanges. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 



The theory of the exchanges : the Bank charter aft of 
1844 ; the abufe of the nietalUc principle to depreciation. 
Parliament mirrored in debate, fupplemental to " The (lock 
exchange and the repeal of Sir J. Barnard's adl." 

8° Lond. 1864. 
The exchange ; a home and colonial review of com- 
merce, manufaiSures, and general politics. Vols. I. II. 

8° Lond. 1862-63. 


Forms (in plain Latin) of the feveral writs ifTued from 
his Majelly's Court of exchequer. 8° Edinb. 1729. 

The modern praftice of the Couit of exchequer, in pro- 
fecutions lelating to His Majefty's revenue of the cuftoms. 
By a gentleman of the Exchequer-office. 

8° In the Savoy, I 7 3 i . 

The praiflice in the office of pleas of the Court of ex- 
chequer epitomized ; with precedents of forms and bills of 
cofts. 8° Lond. 1824. 


The hiftory and myftery of the exchequer bills forgery 
examined : a letter to the rt. hon. Henry Goulburn, 
chancellor of Her Majefty's exchequer. 8° Lond. 1842. 


Animadverfions upon a paper, intitled, Confiderations 
touching his Majefty's revenues of excife. 1 660. \_Scolt's 
ed'tllon of Somen' Tracts, vii. 510.] 

The ftate of the excife after the Union, compared with 
what it is now. I 706. [By Daniel Defoe.] 

The rife and fall of the late projeifled excife, impartially 
confidered. By a friend to the Englifh conftitution. 

8° Lond. 1733- 
A review of the excife-fcheme ; in anfwer to a pamphlet, 
ntitled. The rife and fall of the late projefled excife, im- 
partially confidered. With fome proper hints to the 
eledlors of Gieat Britain. \_By Pulteney r"] 

8° Lond. 173 3- 

The reply of a member of Parliament to the mayor of 
his corporation : [concerning the Exc'ife-bill^. 

8° Lond. 1733. 

Some obfervations upon a paper, intituled, The lift, that 
is, of thofe who voted for and againft the Excife-bill. 

8° Lond. 1733. 

An appeal to the landholders concerning the reafonable- 
nefs and general benefit of an excife upon tobacco and wine. 

8° Lond. 1733. 

French excife : or, a compendious account of the feveral 
excifes in France, and the oppreffive methods uf'd in col- 
leifling them. 8° Lond. [1733.] 

Some feafonable animadverfions on excifes : occafion'd 
by a pamphlet lately publifh'd, entituled, Confiderations 
occafion'd by the Craftfman. 8° Lond. 1733. 

The nature of the prcfent excife, and the confequences 
of its farther extenfion, examined. In a letter to a mem- 
ber of Parliament. 8° Lond. 1733. 

A vindication of the conduft of the miniftrv, in the 
fcheme of the excife on wine and tobacco, propofed laft 
fellions of Parliament : with a general examination of the 

reafons which determined the faid miniftry to it, tlie con- 
fequences and events it would have had. Alfo the motives 
which engaged the miniftry to lay it afide : with the objec- 
tions of thofe political wiitcrs who oppofe the government : 
and refledtions on other faults imputed to the miniftry. 

8° Lond. 1734. 

The late excife-fcheme diffecfted : or, an exaft copy of 
the late Bill for repealing feveral fubfidies, and an import, 
now payable on tobacco, &c. With all the blanks filled 
up, as they probably would have been, if the bill had pafted 
into a law ; and proper obfeiTations on each paragraph. 
Together with an introduftion explaining the nature of our 
conftitution, and the methods by which it may be overturned. 

8° Lond. 1734. 

The excife guide for innholders and publicans : contain- 
ing explanations of the Adls of Parliament, and fome ufeful 
obfervations, relative to their bufinefs. By an accomptant 
of excife. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1825. 

Obfervations upon the laws of excife ; fiiewing I. That 
excifes muft be deftruftive of trade in general. II. That 
excifes are inconfiftent with the liberties of a free people. 

8° Lond. n. d. 


The excitement : or, a colleftion of amufing and inftruc- 
tive Icffons ... adapted to the felf-correiflive method of 
teaching to read, explained in the preface. By a teacher 
and friend of youth. 8° Prefcot, 1831. 

Excitement ; a tale of our own times. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1849. 


Reafons for his Majefties pafling the Bill of exclufion. 
In a letter to a friend. fol. Lond. 1 681. 

— [Scolt's edition of Somers' Tracts, viii. 211.] 


The exclulives. I 8 30. [By Lady Charlotte Bury.] 


A full anfwer to a printed paper, entituled, Foure ferious 
queftions concerning excommunication ... 1645. [By 
Herbert Palmer.] 

Some queries touching excommunication publiflied by the 
people of God (teiTned in derifion quakers). 1674. [By 
John CowiE.] 

The cafe and cure of perfons excommunicated according . 
to the prefent law of England ... 4° Lond. 1682. 

Forma excommunicationis. [Mabillon, Vetera analeda, 
p. 162.] 


The excurfion : a poem, &c. 1728. [By David 


Feigned excufes. 

8° Lond. I 8 56. 

EXEA (Andreas ab). 

Repetitio in rubricam de conftitutionibus. [Repetitiones 
in Jure Canonico, ii. 48.] 



Repetitio in cap. Canonum ftatuta, De conftitutionibus. 
[Ibid. ii. 176.] 

Repetitio in C. Cognofcentes, De conftitutionibus. [Ibid, 
ii. 250.] 

Repetitio in C. Cum onines, De conftitutionibus. [Ibid, 
ii. 296.] 

De paiflis. [F. ZiLETTUS, Tradalus utilveijl juris, vi. 
ii. I.] 

EXEA ET DESCARTIN (Josephus ab), Spani/lj 

jur'ijl ; Jlourtjlied in the \']th century. 

Rccitatio folemnis ad legem unicam Codicis de Palatiis, 
et Domibus dominicis, lib. xi. [Meerman, Novus thefaurus 
juris civi/is et canonici, iii. 397.] 


The office and duty of executors ... 1 64 1. \_By 
Thomas Wentworth.] 

The law of executors and adminiftrators. 

8° Lond. 1702. 

A praflical treatife on the duties and refponiibilities of 
executors and adminiftrators. 8° Lond. 1S23. 

Plain inftrudlions to executors and adminiftrators. 1 8 2 4. 
\_By John H. Brady.] 

The executor's account book, with fliort praflical inftruc- 
tions for the guidance of executors. By a folicitor. 

fol. Lond. 1855. 

EXELL (Joshua). 

Plain and exquifite [explicit'^ Sciipture-proof that St. 
John Baptift and the blelled apoftles, and all the primitive 
baptizers, did baptize by fprinkling or pouring water upon 
the perfon or perfons they baptized, and not by dipping the 
perfon into water. 4° Lond. 1693. 


The general exercife ordered by his highnefs the Prince 
of Orange, to be punftually obferved of all the infantry in 
fervice of the States General of the United Provinces. 
Being a moft worthy compendium, very ufeful for all per- 
fons concerned in that noble exercife of arms. 

4° repr. n. p. 1689. 

Inftruftions for'the carbine exercife ; the piftol exercife ; 
and the lance exercife. 12° Lond. 1844. 

Field exercife and evolutions of infantry, as revifed by 
her Majefty's command. 1859. 8° Lond. 1859. 

A ferics of exercifes for tlie regulation clubs. 

12° Lond. 1863. 

Inftru<5tions for the fword, carbine, piftol, and lance exer- 
cife ; togi-ther with ftanding gun drill, for the ufe of the 
cavalry. Revifed edition. 1 2° Lond. [l 864.] 

— [ylriol/jcr e(!ition.'\ 12° Lond. 1 86 5. 


I A plain manual of religious exercifes ; with devotions 

I for tlie holy communion. (Adapted for either the Englifli 
or Scotch office.) Compiled for the ufe of the members 
of the Church. 12° Edinb. [1858.] 

I Preparatory' exercifes foi' the religious profeffion ; a feries 

of meditations on the vows of religion, and the facred pafiTion 
of our Lord. Tranflated from the French by a member 
of the Ujfuline community, Blackrock, Cork ... 

12° Dublin, 1863. 

A defence of the reftor & fellows of Exeter College, 
from the accufations brought againft them by the reverend 
Dr. Huddesford, vice-chancellor of Oxford ; in his fpeech 
to the Convocation, Oflober 8, 1754, on account of the 
conduft of the faid college, at the time of the late eleflion 
for the county. 8° Lond. 1754. 


Thefaurus ecclefiafticus provincialis ; or, a furvey of the 
diocefe of Exeter, refpedting all matters of ecclefiaftical 
jurifdidlion and concern ... 4° Exeter, 1782. 


Random recolle(5lions of Exeter Hall, in 1834— 1837. 
By one of the Proteftant party. 8° Lond. 1838. 

Lectures to young men ; delivered before the Young 
men's Chriftian aflbciation in Exeter Hall. 1849—67. 

The May meeting guide ; or, Exeter Hall manual for 
1862 ... 8° Lond. [1862.] 


England. Exhibition of 1851. 

A flwrt ftatement of the nature and objedts of the pro- 
pofed great exhibition of the works of induftry of all nations, 
appointed to take place in London in 1851, and of its in- 
tereft to all clalfes of the people. 8° Lond. [1850.] 

The great induftrial exhibition, in I 8 5 i . The difaf- 
trous confequences which are likely to arife to the nianu- 
fadluring ti'ade of tliis country, from the carrying out of the 
propofed great exhibition of all nations, in i 8 5 I . Ad- 
dreffed to all ranks of fociety, more particulaily the manu- 
faiflurers & working clalTes of Great Britain and Ireland. 
By a late manufafturer. 8° Lond. [1850.] 

Exhibition of induftry of all nations ; to be held in 
London in 1851. 8° [Lond. 1850.] 

Decifions of her Majefty's Commiffionei-s on points re- 
lating to the Exhibition of works of induftry of all nations 
in 1851. 8° Lond. 1850. 

Official catalogue of the Great exhibition of the works of 
induftiy of all nations, 1851. 4° Lond. 18 5 I. 

— Fourth corrc(fled and improved edition, 15th Sep- 
tember, 1851. 8° Lond. I 85 I. 

— Redige et traduit de I'Anglais par G. F. Duncombe 
et F. M. Harman. Deuxieme edition entierenient revue 
et corrigde ... par F. Hilaire D'Arcis. 8° Lond. n. d. 

— Deutfch bearbeitet von Edward A. Moriarty. 

4° Lond. [1851.] 
Great exhibition of the works of induftry of all nations. 
1851. Ollicial defcriptive and illuftratcd catalogue. In three 
volumes. \E(lite(l hy Robert Ellis.'] 4° Lond. I 85 I. 

— Supplementary volume. \Containing tilj'o Firlt and 
Second reports of the Royal Commiffioners.] 

4° Lond. 1852. 



— [^Another eJilion.^ In three volumes. \Large paper. 
Prejented by her Majejly's Commlffioners for the Exhibition 
of M.D.ccc.Li. to the city of EdinburghJ\ 

4° Lond. 1851 — 52. 

Saxon feflion. Official catalogue ... 4° Lond. i 8 5 I . 

Guide book to the Induftrial exiiibition ; witli fadls, 
figures, and obfervations on the manufadures and produce 
exhibited. 8° Lond. 185 I. 

The Exhibition of 1851. The palace of induftry ; a 
brief hiftory of its origin and progrefs : with a defcriptive 
account of the moft interefting portions of tlie machinery 
employed in its conftmdion. 4° Lond. 185 1. 

A vifit to the Great exhibition. By one of the exhi- 
bitors. 8° Lond. 1 8 5 1 . 

A new exhibition. [Fcr/?.] 12° Lond. 1851. 

Belfhazzar's feaft in its ajiplication to the Great exhi- 
bition. Daniel V. 12- Lond. 185 i. 

The theology and morality of the Great exhibition, as 
fet forth in certain leading articles which have lately ap- 
peared in " The times " & " Record " newfpapers. By a 
fpiiitual watchman of the Church of England. 

8° Lond. I 851. 

The philofopher's mite to the Great exhibition of I 8 5 I . 

8 Lond. n. d. 

England and the Exhibition of 185 1 tefted by the 
Word of God ... n. d. 

Objeft leflbns from the Exhibition of the induftry of 
all nations. \No title-page.'\ 12° [Lond. 185 1.] 

Reports of the Juries on the fubjeiSts in the thirty clafles 
into which the Exhibition was divided. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

— [Another edition.^ In four volumes. \Large paper. 
Prefented by her Majejly's Commijfioners for the Exhibition 
of M.D.ccc.Ll. to the city of Edinburgh.^ 

4° Lond. 1852. 

Firft \and fecond]^ report of the Commidloners for the 
Exhibition of 1 851, to the right hon. Spencer Horatio 
Walpole, &c. &c., one of her Majefty's principal fecretaries 
of ftate. \L,arge paper. Prefented by her Majefly's Com- 
miffioners for the Exhibition of to the city of Edin- 
burgh.] 4° Lond. 1852. 

— • Second report ... [Another edition.] 

4° Lond. I 852. 

Leifhires on the refultsof the Great exhibition of 1 851, 
delivered before the Society of aits, manufaiftures, & com- 
merce, at the fuggeftion of H.R.H. Prince Albert. Firft 
feries. 8° Lond. 1852. 

— Second feries. 8° Lond. 1853. 
Notes & llvetches of leflbns on fubjefts conne<5ted with 

the Great exhibition. 12° Lond. 1852. 

The induftry of nations, as exemplified in the Great 
exhibition of 1S51. The materials of induftr)'. 

I 2° Lond. 1852. 

O ful, tru, un pertikler okeawnt o bwoth wat aw feed un 
wat aw yerd, we gooin too the Greyt eggfhibilhun, e Lun- 
dun ... Sekund edilhun. 12° Rachde, 1852. 

— Thurd cdilliun. 8' Rachde, 1856. 
The exhibition lay. 8° Lond. 1852. 

A reminifcence of the Great exhibition of 1 8 5 1 . New 
edition. [Verfe.] 8° Lond. 1853. 

Art and faith, in fragments from tiie Great exhibition. 
[No title-page.] 8 n. p. n. d. 

England. International Exhibition of 1862. 

Some account of the buildings defigned by Francis 
Fowke, Capt. R.E., for the International exhibition of 
1862, and future decennial exhibitions of the works of art 
and indutlry. 8^" Lond. 186 I. 

The International exhibition of 1862, a defcription of 
the building, now erefting at South Kenfington. 

8° Lond. 1862. 

Space requifitions : International exhibition. 1862. 

fol. Lond. [1862.] 

The compendium catalogue of the International exhibi- 
tion, 1862. 8^ Lond. [1862.] 

The International exhibition of 1 862: the illuftrated 
catalogue of the induftrial department. 4 vols. 

8° Lond. 1862. 

International exhibition 1862. Official catalogue of 
the induftrial department. Third edition. 

8° Lond. 1862. 

International exhibition, 1862. Official catalogue of 
the fine art department ... 8" Lond. [1862.] 

London International exhibition, I 862. Catalogue of 
the natural and induftrial products of New South Wales ; 
with a map and introduifloiy account of its population, 
commerce, and general refources. 8° Lond. 1862. 

International Exhibition, I 862. Catalogue of the natu- 
ral and induftrial products of Queenfland ... 

8° Lond. 1862. 

Expofition univerfelle de Londres en 1862. Belgique : 
catalogue des produits induftriels et des oeuvres d'art. 

8° Bruxelles, 1862. 

A catalogue of the contributions to the Ceylon court, at 
the International exhibition of 1862. 8° n. p. n. d. 

Expofition univerfelle de 1862 a Londres: fedion 
Frangaife : catalogue officiel. 8° Paris, 1S62. 

— Deuxi^me partie : oeuvres d'art. 8° Paris, 1862. 
Catalogue des produits des colonies Frangaifes envoyes a 

I'Expofition univerfelle de Londres de 1862. Extrait 
de la Revue maritime et coloniale (Avril 1862). 

8° Paris, 1 8 62. 
Londoner Aufftellung, 1862. Special -catiilog der 
gewerbliclien Aufftellung des Zollvereins, heraufgegeben 
von den Commiflarien der Zollvereins-regierungen ... Zweite 
Aufgabe. 8^ Berlin, 1862. 

— Tranflated into Engli/h. 8° Berlin, 1862. 
International exhibition, 1862. Kingdom of Itiily ; 

official defcriptive cat;ilogue : publiffied by order of the 
Royal Italian comniiftion. 8° Lond. 1862. 

Efpofizione intemazionale del 1862, regno d'ltalia, cata- 
logo defcrittivo pubblicato per cura del R. Comitato Italiano. 

8° Torino, 1862. 

Expofition International de 1862. Royaume d'ltalie : 
catalogue officiel defcriptif ... 8° Paris, 1862. 

Catalogue of the Ruflian fe(5lion. International Exhibi- 
tion of 1862 : with lift of awards. 4° Lond. 1862. 

International Exhibition, 1862. Catalogue of works 
of induftry and ait fent from Sweden. 

8' Lond. [1862.] 



International exhibition, 1862. United States : official 
catalogue. 8" Lond. 1862. 

A guide to the piiftures. \_No title-page.'\ 

8° [Lond. 1862.] 

A plain guide to the International exhibition : the 
wonders of the Exhibition iliowing how they may be feen 
at one vifit. 8° Lond. 1862. 

International exhibition. Report in i-elation to the 
entertainment in the Guildhall given by the corporation of 
the city of London, on Thurfday the 17th July, 1862, to 
the dilHnguillied foreigners and other eminent perfons vifiting 
London upon the occafion of the International exhibition. 

fol. Lond. I 862. 

Medals and honourable mentions awarded by the Inter- 
national juries ; with a lift of jurors, and the report of the 
council of chairmen. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1862. 

Reports by the juries on the fubjeiSs in the thirty-fix 
clafles into which the Exhibition was divided. 

8° Lond. 1863. 

Colleflion of printed documents and forms ufed in carry- 
ing on the bufinefs of the International exhibition, 1862. 

fol. Lond. 1863. 

Tlie practical mechanic's journal record of the Great 
exhibition, 1S62. 4° Lond. [1863.] 

O full true un pertikler okeawnt o wat me un maw miilris 
feede un yerd we gooin to th' Greyte egglliibifhun e' 
Lundun, e' eyghtene hundurth un fixty two ... be o felley 
fro Rachde. 8° Rachde, 1864. 

France. Exhibition of 1855. 

Expofition des produits de I'induftrie de toutes les nations, 
1855 : catalogue officiel publie par ordie de la commilTion 
imperiale. Deuxi^me edition. [In two parts.] 

8° Paris, 1855. 

France. Exhibition of 1867. 

Paris univerfal exhibition, 1867. Com])lete official cata- 
logue. Englifli verfion, tranflated from the proof flicets of 
the French catalogue, publifhed by the Imperial commilTion. 

8° Lond. [1867.] 

Sierra Leone. Exhibition of 1865. 

Induftrial exhibition at Sierra Leone, 1865; its hiftory, 
French and Engliffi catalogues, appointment of jurors, their 
reports, and lifts of their awards. 8° Lond. 1866. 


The illuftrated exhibitor and magazine of art ... Vols. I. 
II. 4° Lond. 1852. 

CafTell's illuftrated exhibitor ; cont;iining about three 
hundred illuftiations, with letter-prcfs defcriptions of all the 
principal objeifls in the International exhibition of 1862. 

4" Lond. I 862. 


The journal of an exile. 1825. [5)i T. A. Boswell.] 
The .lew exile ; a pedcftrian tour and refidence in the 
moft remote and untravelled diftriifls of the Highlands & 
Iflands of under perfecution. 2 vols. 

12° Lond. 1828. 
The exile of Erin ... 1S35. \^By W. F. Deacon.] 

The exiles of Lucerna ... 18 41. [By John Rofs 


The e.xiles of the weft : a poem, in two cantos. 

8° Lond. 1846. 

The exiles : the autobiography of Miles Spencei', and 
other tales. 8° Lond. 18 70. 

The exile ; or, the coronation of Elizabeth ; a drama, 
in three afts : adapted to Hodgfon's theatrical charadlers 
and fcenes in the fame. 1 2° Lond. n. d. 

The fettered exile. [By And. Steinmetz.] 


The purpofe of exiftence popularly confidered, in relation 
to the origin, development, and deftiny of the human mind. 

8° Lond. 1850. 
EXLEY (Thomas), M.A. 

Principles of natural philofophy : or, a new theory of 
phyfics founded on gravitation. 8° Lond. 1829. 

A commentary on the firft chapter of Genefis ; to which 
is added a Ihort treatife on geology, and a ffiort treatife on 
the deluge. 8° Lond. 1844. 

EXMOUTH, Vifcount. See Edward Pellew, Vif- 
count Exmouth. 

EXNER (Balthasar), German hi/lorian, 1576— 1624. 

Valerius Maximus Chriftianus, hoc eft, diftorum et 
fadtorum memorabilium unius atque alterius feculi impp. 
regum, principum ... libri novem. 8° Hanoviae, 1620. 

EXODUS, Book of. See Bible. 


The final Exodus ; or, the reftoration to Paleftine of 
the loft tribes, the refult of the prefent crifis ; with a de- 
fcription of the battle of Armageddon, and the downfall of 
Ruftia, as deduced wholly from prophecy. 

8° Lond. 1854. 


The lawfulnefle of our expedition into England mani- 
fefted. 4° Edinb. 164O. 

The expedition, an ode. 8° Lond. [174 .] 


Public expenditure confidered in connexion with public 
works &; buildings. 8° Lond. I 86 1. 


Experience. A tale for all ages ... 1828. [By Mrs. 

Chriftian experience as difplaycd in the life and writings 
of St. Paul ... [By T. S. B. Reade.] 1832. 

Experiences of a gaol cha])lain ; comprifing recollei5lions 
of minifterial intercourfe with criminals of various clafles. 
3 vols. 8° Lcjid. 1847. 

Religious experience in ficknefs and death ; or, vihts to 
tlic afflided. 12° Bath, 1849. 

Two queftions, briefly and pracflically confidered. I. 



Why (hould not the afl for preventing cruelty to animals be 
extended fo as to include thofe which are wild or un- 
domefticated ? 2. Does fporting necedarily entail cruelty 
to animals ? By " Experience." 8° Lond. 1859. 

Handbook of Chriftian experience ; or, maxims of ex- 
perimental religion, alphabetically arranged, and feverally 
illuftrated by comparative ftatements of the relative ex- 
periences of different Chriftians under fimilar circumftances 
of Chriftian life. By a country pallor. 8° Lond. 1864. 


Hand-book of amufing and inftraflive experiments ... 

8° Lond. 1861. 

EXPILLY (Claude), French magt/lrate, 1561-1636. 

Playdoyez, enfemble plufieurs arrefts du pailement de 
Grenoble. 4° Lyons, 163 I. 

— Sixiome edition. 4° Lyons, 1657. 

EXPILLY (Jeax-Joseth), French geographer, 1719- 

Diiflionnaire geographique, hiftorique et politique des 
Gaules et de la France. 6 torn. [A— S. j-J/I pul//i/heJ.^ 

fol. Avignon, 1763—70. 


The late gallant exploits of a famous balancing captain ; 
a new fong. . 4° n. p. n. d. 


A letter on the true principles of advantageous exporta- 
tion, in refutation of certain popular notions on that fubjed. 
[Pamphleteer, xii. 247.] 


Expofition of the falfe medium and barriers excluding 
men of genius from the public. 12° Lond. 1833. 


The expofitor ; an illuftrated recorder of inventions, de- 
figns, and art manufactures. Vol. I. 8° Lond. 185 1. 

The daily Scripture expolitor : containing a text of 
Scripture for every day in the year ; with explanatoiy 
notes, and brief reflexions. New edition. 

12°- Lond. [1865.] 


Vifit of a London exquifite to his maiden aunts in the 
country. Illuftrated by Theo. 4° Lond. 1859. 


The feven extinguirtiers, a poem. 4° Lond. i 7 1 o. 

EXTON (Francis), M.A., curate of Filby, Norfolk. 

A philofophical critique of the argument in Pope's Eflay 
on man : an eflay which obtained the Bumey prize for the 
year mdccclvi. 8 Camb. 1857. 

I. The Church of England on the fourth commandment, 
or an humble attempt to afcertain the fenfe in which the 

Church of England holds the fourth commandment to be 
obligatory to her members : and II. The Word of God 
on a fcventh-day Sabbath, or an humble attempt to afcertain 
the teaching of the Scriptures on a day of holy reft obli- 
gatory upon man by divine authority. 8° Camb. i860. 

Cattle-feeding and bird-keejiing : the prefcnt rainy feafon 
a call for improvement in the obfervance of the Lord's day 
in rural diftrifls : a fermon ... \Jfa. Iviii. 13, 14.] 

8° Lond. 1S60. 

A plain help to public worfliip : queftions and anfwers 
on the order for morning and evening prayer. 

8° Lond. 1863. 

EXTON (John), LL.D.,>4f of the Admiralty. 

The maritime dicxologie, or fea-jurifdii5lion of England, 
fet forth in three feveral books ... fol. Lond. 1664. 

— \_y4nother edition.^ 8° Lond. 1746. 

EXTON (Richard Brudenell), vicar of Cretingham, 
JFoodbridge, Suffolk. 

A difcourfe, delivered at the 1 6th anniverfary of the 
Framlingham diftrift committee of the Society for promot- 
ing Chriftian knowledge ... \John v. 39.] 

8° Woodbridge, 1832. 

Sixty ledures on the feveral portions of the book of 
Pfalms. 8° Lond. 1847. 

An eflay on the phyfiology of the fenfe of feeling ; as 
illuftrative of the wifdom and beneficence of the Almighty, 
in the gift of the fenfes to man. \ji poemJ] 

8° Lond. I 85 1. 

A century of fonnets on facred fubje(Ss : an offering for 
the altar of the Chriftian's clofct. 12° Lond. i860. 


Praflical remedy for extortion and intimidation, praiflifed 
by the aid of the fuperior law courts. 8° Lond. 1863. 


Extrafts from the works of travellers, illuftrative of 
various pafTages in Holy Scripture. 8° Lond. 1 841. 

The book of elegant extrafls. Illuibated by eminent 
artifts. 4^ Edinb. [1868.] 

Firft colleiflion of inftru(5five extra<fls ; being No. V. of 
a new feries of fchool-books. Compiled for the Scottifh 
fchool-book affociation. 8° Edinb. n. d. 

— Second colledion of inftrudive extrafls : being No. 
VL ... 8° Edinb. n. d. 


A difcourfe concerning the pretended facrament of ex- 
treme undion. 1687. \^By William Clagett.] 

EYB (Albertus de), 1420-75. 

Margarita poetica. 

fol. Bafileae, per Jo. de Amerbach, 1495. 

Report of the Committee of the London Infirmary for 
curing difeafes of the eye, occafioned by the falfe and 



calumnious ftatements contained in a letter addrefled by Sir 
William Adams to the rt. hon. and hon. the diredlors of 
Greenwich Hofpital. 8° Lond. 1 8 18. 

The obferving eye ; or, letters to children on the three 
loweft divifions of animal life : the radiated, articulated, & 
mollufcous. By the author of " The globe prepared for 
man, or a guide to geology;" " The pafTover feafts, or 
Scripture facrifices," &c. Fifth edition. 

12° Lond. [1859.] 

EYBEN (Christian WiLHELM),_/on of the fucceeding. 

De ordine equeftri veterum Romanorum difleitatio ; ex 
analedtis venerandi fui parentis magnam partem haufta & 
edita a C. W. Eyben. [Sallengre, Novui thefaurus anli- 
quitatum Romanarum, i. IO98.] 

EYBEN (HuLDERicus ab), Dutch jurijl, 1629-99. 

Commentatio de tutela foeminea ... 4° GiefTae, 1655. 

De titulo nobilis, an et quatenus is non tantiim ducibus 
ac principibus, fed comitibus quoque et aliis, curias Romany 
ftylo tribuatur, difquifitio exoterica ... Accedunt binas difler- 
tatiunculae, de feudo folari. Germ. Sonnen Lehn, quarum 
altera ex Eleftis feudalibus D. H. E[j'^fn] deprompta ; 
altera a Ahafvero Fritfchio, &c. feorfim edita. Notis ... 
illuftratas ab H. Eyben. 4° Helmftadi, 1677. 

Scripta, quae de jure civili privato, publico & feudali fin- 
gulatim edidit ex MSS. ipfius locupletata, & in tres partes 
digefta, cum praefatione J. Nic. Heith. vitam au(5toris 
complexa. fol. Argentorati, 1708. 

EYGUESERIUS (Trophimus). 

De difpenfationibus connubiorum lib. ij. 

4° Avenioni, 1172 [1572.] 

EYK (S. Speyert van der). 

Poema de ingenii humani praeftantia et fagacitate in 
variis artibus ac difciplinis maxime in mathematicis, phyficis 
atque aftronomicis confpicua. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1808. 

Carmen de natura. 40 Lugd. Bat. 1 8 1 o. 

EYL (Franciscus). 

Decas augufta ; feu luftrum geminum imperii auguftif- 
fimi Caroli VL cum accurata belli Turcici relatione. 

8° Viennae Auflriae. 

EYLERT (Rulemann Friedrich), D.D., German 

theologicin, 177O-1852. 

The religious life and ojiinions of Frederick William 
III. king of Prudia. Tranflatcd from the German, by 
Jonathan Birch. 8° Lond. 1 844. 

EYNATTEN (Maximilianus ab), cationicus Antuer- 
picnfis. D. 1 63 I. 

Manuale exorcifmorum ; continens inftruftiones, & cxor- 
cifmos ad eiicicndos e corporibus obfcflls fpiritus malignos 
et ad quffuis maleficia deiiollenda, & ad quafcumque infef- 
tationes dxmonum reprimendas : R. D. Maximiliani ab 
Eynatten ... induftria collegium; reuerendifs. aliquot Bel- 


gii antiftitum aliorumque doftorum virorum iudicio recenfi- 
tum et probatum. 8° Antverpis, 1648. 

EYND (Jacob), Dutch foldler. D. 161 4. 

Chronici Zelandias, libri duo. 4° Middelburgi, 1634. 
Poemata. [Gruter, Ddit'tee poetarum Belgkorum, ii. 

EYNDHOVEN (Petrus ab). 

De inani aftione propter inopiam, diflertatio theoretico- 
pradtica ad I. 6. Pandeft. d. dolo malo. 

8° Trajecfli ad Rhenum, 1688. 

EYOLFSSON (Glumr, or VigagHjivir), Icelandic 
chief ; Jlouri/]}ed in the loth century. 

* Sagan af Vijga-Glwm. [Agastar Fornmannasogur, 
p. 180.] 1756. 

— Vj'ga-Glums faga, five vita Viga-Glumi ... cum 
verfione Latina ... 4° Hafniae, 1786. 

— Tranflated from the Icelandic, with notes and an 
introduftion, by the right honourable Sir Edmund Head, 
hart., K.C.B. 8° Lond. 1866. 

EYQUEM (Mathurin), Sieur du Martineau, Bourde- 
lois ; French phyfician ; Jlouri/loed in the i ^th century. 

Le pilote de I'onde vive, ou le fecret du flux et reflux 
de la mer ; contenant xxi mouvemens, et du point fixe, d'un 
voyage abrege des Indes, et de la quadiature du cercle ; 
compofez fur les principes de la nature ; nouvellement de- 
couverts, et mis en lumiere. 8° Paris, 1678. 


Eyrbyggia-Saga, five Eyranorum hiftoria ; quam man- 
dante et impenfas faciente perill. P. F. Suhm, verfione, 
ledtionum varietate, ac indice renim auxit, G. J. Thorkelin. 

4° Hauniae, 1787. 

— Abftradl of the Eyrbiggia Saga ... by W[«//fr] 
S[co//]. [I/Iiifirations of Northern AtiTiQVims, ^. 475-] 

EYRE (Rev. Charles), A.B., 17 84- 1864. 

An illuftration of the EpilHes of St. Paul ; including an 
entirely new tranflation. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1832. 

The fall of Adam, from Milton's Paradife Loft. 

1 2° Lond. n. d. 

EYRE (Charles), Roman Catholic archli/Iiop of the 
Wejlern di/lria of Scotland. B. I 8 I 7. 

Tlie hiftory of St. Cuthliert ; or, an account of his life, 
deceafe, and miracles ; of the wanderings with his body at 
intei-vals during 124 years, of the ftate of his body from his 
deceafe until a.d. 1542 ; and of the various monuments 
erefted to his memory. 8° Lond. 1849. 

EYRE (Charles James Phipps), M.A., incumbent of 
St, Diary's, Bury St. Udmund's. 

Divine grace the light of the foul. A fermon ... [Ps. 
xliii. 3.] Second edition. 

8° Bury St. Edmunds [1843.I 




A fermon ... June 25, 1843. [Haggat i. 4.] Second 
edition. 8° Bury St. Edmunds, 1843. 

A fennon ... May 6, 1845. [Jo/m xvii. 22.] 

8° Bury St. Edmunds [1845.] 

Pure and undefiled religion. A fermon ... [James i. 
27.] 8° Ipfwich, [1846.] 

The rule and extent of Chriftian obedience : a fermon 
... [Matt, xxiii. 23.] 8° Lond. 1 85 I. 

A fermon preached before the church paftoral-aid fociety, 
at its anniverfary ... [2 Chron. xvii. 9, 10.] 

8° Lond. 1854. 

The prefent national crifis : a fermon ... February 4, 
1855. [Jer. ix. I.] 8° Bury St. Edmunds, 1855. 

Our Lord's defertion by his difciples : a fermon ... 
[John xvi. 31, 32.] 8° Oxford, 1857. 

EYRE (Christian). 

Irene's repentance. In two volumes. 

8= Lond. 1867. 

EYRE (Edmund John), comedian. 

The fatal fifters ; or, the caftle of the foreft : a dra- 
matic romance, of five afts. With a variety of poetic 
eflays. 8° Lond. 1797. 

The lady of the lake : a melo-dramatic romance, in 
three adls ; taken from the popular poem of that title. 

8° Lond. 181 1. 

EYRE (Edward), M.A., reaor of Larl'mg, Norfolk, 

The parables of our Lord tranflated into verfe, and ex- 
tended to their praftical applications ... 12=' Lond. 1849. 

EYRE (Edward John), governor of Jamaica. 

Journals of expeditions of difcovery into central Auftra- 
lia : including an account of the manners and cuftoms of 
the aborigines and the ftate of their relations with Euro- 
peans. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1845. 

* Report of the cafe of the Queen v. Edward John 
Eyre ... By W. F. Finlason, efq. 1868. 

* Life ... By Hamilton Hume. 1867. 

EYRE (F. Drought), M.A. 

The verdiifl of acquittal and the decifion of the Poor 
law board, briefly confidered in a letter to the State. 

8° Lond. I 861. 
EYRE (Francis). D. 1804. 

A few remarks on the Hiftory of the decline and fall of 
the Roman empire, relative chiefly to the two lad chapters. 
By a gentleman. 8° Lond. 1778. 

EYRE (G.) 

A new and complete fyftem of ftenography, or fliort- 
hand ... 8° Wallingford, 1840. 

EYRE (Sir .Tames), M.D. 

Practical remarks on fome exhaufling difeafes, particu- 
larly thofc incident to women. 12° Lond. 1845. 
— Second edition. 12° Lond. 18 51. 
The ftomach and its difficulties. 12° Lond. 1852. 

— Second edition. 

— Third edition. 

— Fourth edition. 

— Sixth edition. 

12° Lond. 1852. 
8° Lond. 1855. 
8° Lond. 1857. 
8° Lond. 1869. 

EYRE (Mary). 

Over the Pyrenees into Spain. 8° Lond. 1865. 

A lady's walks in the fouth of France in 1863. 

8° Lond. 1865. 
The Queen's pardon. 8° Lond. n. d. 

EYRE (Vincent), F.R.G.S., major. 

The military operations at Cabul, which ended in the 
retreat and deftruiftion of the Britifli army, January, 1842. 
With a journal of impiifonment in Affghaniftan. 

12° Lond. 1843. 
On metallic boats and floating waggons for naval and 
military fenice, with fome obfen-ations on American life- 
preferving cars ; being the fubftance of a leilure . . . 

8° Lond. 1856. 
EYRE (William Thomas), M.A. 

The reformed church of England. A fermon ... 
[l Cor. ix. II.] 8° Lond. 1851. 

" The prayer of faith (hall fave the fick." A plain 
fermon. [S. John iv. 46-53.] 12° Lond. 1853. 

EYRING (Jer. Nicolaus). 

Synopfis hiftoriae literariae. 4° Gottingae, 1783. 

EYSSONIUS (Henricus), Dutch phxfician ; flourijhed 
in the l']th century. 

Tradtatus anatomicus et medicus, de offibus infantis, 
cognofcendis, confervandis, et curandis. Acceflit Volcheri 
Coiteri eonindem offium hilloria. 1 2 = Groningae, 1659. 

EYTON (Charlotte). 

Notes on the geology of North Shropfhire. 

8° Lond. 1S69. 
EYTON (E. T.) 

Dates in Daniel and the Revelation. 8' Lond. 1855. 

EYTON (Edmund). 

Prophetical and other works quoted with reference to 
paffages in the Revelation. With a few remarks. 

i2oEdinb. 1854. 
EYTON (John), A.M. 

* RecoUeftions of a beloved paftor [rev. John Eyton] 
by one of his flock. Second edition . . . 

8° Lond. 1861. 

EYTON (Robert W.), redor of Ryton. 

Antiquities of Shrop(hii-e. Vols. I. IIL— XL 

8° Lond. 1S54-60. 
EYTON (T. C.) 

A hiftory of the rarer Britifh birds. 8° Lond. I S36. 
A monograph on the anatidae, or duck tribe. 

4° Lond. 1838. 




A fynopfis on the anatidae, or duck tribe. 

8° Wellington, 1869. 
A lefture on artificial or condenfed manures, delivered 
to the members of the Wellington Farmers' Club, Decem- 
ber iSth, 1843. 8° Wellington, 1843. 
The herd book of Hereford cattle. Vols. I. II. 

8" Lond. 1846-53. 

— Vols. III.-VII. By T. Duckham. 

8° Lond. 185S-69. 

— Second edition. Vols. I. II. By T. Duckham. 

8° Hereford, 1S62. 
A hiftory of the oyfter and the oyfter filheries. 

8° Lond. 1858. 
Supplement to Ofteologia avium ; or, a fetch of the 
ofleology of birds. 4° Wellington, 1869. 

EYTZINGER (Michael), German hyionan;Jtouri/lied 
in the 1 6th century. 

Thefauri principum hac state in Europa viventium 
paralipomena ; quibus Bavarica, Turcica, Anglica, Belgica 
& Bohemica imperatorum, regum, ducum, raarchionum, co- 
mitum, alionmique Europas procerum atque heroum {lem- 
mata continentur. 8^ Colonise Agrippinae, 1592. 

EZEKIEL, Book of. See Bible. 

The deftruftion of the French foretold by Ezekiel. 
1756. [By Bp. John Douglas.] 

An illuftration of Ezekiel's vifion of the " chariot " 
(years before the Cliriftian era, 585,) its literal meaning, 
utility, and fulfilment, in the nineteenth century. 

8° Lond. 1843. 

EZIJA (Pablo de). 

Verdadera compendiofa relacion de la portentofa fagrada 
imagen de nueftra Senora de los milagros y mifericordias. 

4° Madrid, 1 743. 

The dogma : or what is our faith ? By Ezion. 

8° Lond. 1871. 
EZPELETA (P. Anigode). 

Refolutiones praflicas, morales y doftrinales, de dudas 
ocafionadas de la Baxa de Moneda de Vellon en los rey- 
nos de Caftilla y Leon. 4° Madiid, 1654. 

EZRA, Book of. See Bible. 

EZRA, BEN-. Pfeud. of Emanuel Lacunza. 

A fpeech taken out of the Life of King William, fpoken 
by Mr. F. one of the members of the Houfe of Commons, 
about the abdication of King James. \^By Sir Join Fen- 
wide ?] [No title-page."] 4° n. p. n. d. 

F. (A.) 

Scotland's prefent duty : or, a call to the nobility, gentry, 
minilhy, and commonality of this land, to be duely affefted 
with, and vigoroufly to aft for, our common concern in 
Caledonia, as a mean to enlarge Chrift's kingdom, to benefit 
ourfelves, and do good to all Proteftant churches. 

4° n. p. 1700. 

F. (A.) 

Echoes of many voices from many lands. 

8° Lond. 1865. 
F. (A. P.) 

A memoir of the pious life and holy death of Helen 
Inglis. \By Alexander Penrofe Forbes.] 1854- 

F. (A. S.) 

Simple readings on the Gofpels ... Compiled from the 
works of the rev. J. C. Ryle, B.A., the rev. Albert Barnes, 
and other expofitory writers, by A. S. F. 

8° Lond. 1 87 1. 

F. (C.) 

A letter to his Grace the Duke of Monmouth, this i 5th 
of July, 1680. By a true lover of his perfon and the 
peace of the kingdom. [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, 
viii. 2 1 6.] 

F. (C), i.e. Catherine Foster. 

F. (C.) 

8° Lond. 1858. 

F. (C. E.) 

A few words to little children, about the feafons of the 
Chriftian year. 12° Lond. 1859. 

F. (C. L.) 

Help onward ; or, fliort meditations for every day in the 
year : compiled from various Chriftian authors. 

8° Lond. 1863. 
F. (E.), Efq. 

The Scriptures harmony. 4° Lond. 1643. 

F. (E.) 

A letter from a gentleman of quality in the countrey, to 
his friend, upon his being chofen a member to fei-ve in the 
approaching parliament, and defiring his advice. Being an 
argument relating to the point of fuccefKon to the crown. 
Shewing from Scripture, law, hiftoiy, and reafon, how 
improbable (if not impolTible) it is to bar the next heir in 
the right line from the fuccellion. fol. n. p. 1679. 

F. (E.) 

The hiftory of the life, reign, and death, of Edward IL 
King of England and Lord of Leland. With the rife and 
fall of his great favourites, Gavefton and the Spencers. 
Written by E. F. In the year 1627. And pnnted verbatim 
from the original. fol. Lond. 1680. 

F. (E.) 

A manual of devotions for fea-faring men. 1854. \By 
E. Field.] 

F. (E.) 

Amicable correfpondence relative to fome popular tenets 
as held by the united Church of England and Ireland ; 
between A. B. and C. D., beneficed clergymen, and E. 
F., a clergyman without cure of fouls. In two parts, with 
an appendix. Edited by E. F. 8° Lond. 1862. 

F. (E.) 

Shakefpeare ; fome notes on his charader and writings. 
1867. [By Ebenezer Forsyth,] 

F. (F. J.) 

Day dreams : poems. 

F. (G.), i.e. George Fox. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1 

F. (G.) 

Hibernis, five antiquioris Scotice, vindicix, adverfus im- 
modellam parecbafim Thomas Demfteri, moderni Scoti, 
nuper cditam ... 8° Antveqiias, 162 i. 

F. (G.) 

Prefbytcrial ordination vindicated. 1660. [By Giles 


The liturgical confiderator confidered. 1661. [By 
Giles FiRMiN.] 


F. (G. H.)— F. R. 

F. (G. H.) 

No antecedent impoffibility in miracles ... 1861. [5ji 
G. H. Forbes.] 

F. (G. P.) 

In obitum prematurum aceibumque nimis juvenis peril- 
luftris et fumma; fpel Frid. Ulrici Suhm. 

8° Hafniae, n. d. 
F. (G. T.) 
Moments with the mufes ; poems . . . 

8° Lond. 1865. 
F. (G. W.) 

An ode to Louis Napoleon. 8° Lond. 1852. 

Lines on the death of the Duke of WeUington. 

12° Lond. 1853. 
F. (H.), Handfworth. 

The village carol fingers, a mufical juvenile drama in 
two afts, by the editor of The young finger's book of fongs. 
\No. I. of Jwvenile dramatic library.^ H" Lond. 1852. 

F. (H.) 

The parables of our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift. 
With twenty-one illuftrations. 12° Lond. [1858.] 

F. (H. R.) 

Chriftmas dawn 1854 and New Year's eve 1855. 

8° Camb. 1855. 
F. (J.) 

Rules for explaining and deqrphering all manner of fecret 
writing .,, 1692. \By John Falconer.] 

F. (J.) 

A letter from a curate of Suffolk to a high-chuich 
member; concerning the D. of M. and Mr. W[a;^o]le. 
\By J. Faticourt F] 8° Lond. 1712. 

F. (J.) 

Notes, queftions, and anfwers on the Gofpels for the 
Chriftian year. New edition. 8^ Lond. [1863.] 

F. (J. E.) 

The life of William Fletcher, (the converted foldier) 
who was wounded at the battle of Alma, 1 8 54, con- 
taining an account of the battle, his converfion, his labours 
as an evangelift, and incidents of his life up to the prefent 
time. 8° Lond. 1865. 

F. (J. H.) 

Chambers's handy guide to Paris ... togetlier with an 
account of the Permanent expofition of 1863 and full in- 
formation concerning the routes to, and refidence in, Paris ... 

8° Lond. 1S63. 

F. (K. L) 

By the loch and river fide. 4° Edinb. 1866. 

F. (L. M. D. L.) 

Memoiies et reflexions fur les principaux evenemens 

du regne de Louis XIV. & fur le caraftere de ceux qui y 
ont eu la principale part. Nouvelle edition, oil Ton a ajoute 
quelques remai'ques. \^By — La Fare .'] 

12° Araft. 1755. 
F. (M.) 

Hiftoire des nouveaus prefbyteriens Anglois et Efcoflbis 
... 1660. [By Ifaac Basire.] 

F. (M.) 

Marion ; or, the fmuggler's wife. 8° Lond. [187 1.] 

F. (M. E.) 

Romantic tales of great men artifts, fcholars, poets, 
ftatefmen, etc. 8° Lond. 1855. 

F. (M. J.) 

Scattered gems ; or, weekly meditations, confifUng of 
gleanings from various authors, with a Scripture text, and a 
verfe of a hymn attached to each meditation. By a lady 
... Second edition. 8° Lond. 1853. 

F. (M. S.) 

Hints to promote a " life of faith ; " or, the ratification 
of the baptifmal covenant. By a member of the Church 
of England. 8° Lond. 1844. 

F. (P.) 

The purple ifland ... 1633. [By Phineas Fletcher.] 

F. (P.) 

A letter to the reverend Mr. Pyle, occafioned by his 
exceptions againft Mr. Law's Firft letter to the Bifhop of 
Bangor. I 7 1 8. [By P. Fuller.] 

F. (P. J. P. D. L. N. D. L. E.) 

Di<5tionnaire des proverbes Frangois ... 1 749. [By 
Andre Jofeph Panckoucke.] 

F. (R.) 

Imperiale ; a tragedy. 1 65 5. [^y Sir Ralph Free- 

F. (R.) 

The curate of Wilts his fecond letter to the rev. Dr. 

Snape : or reafons againft the bill now depending in the 

Houfe of Commons. 8° Lond. 1719. 

F. (R.) 

Obfervations on pauperifm. 

8° Lond. 1832. 

F. (R.) 

A memoir of Lcighton, with felciflions from his works ; 
alfo extrafts from the letters of Rutherford. 

8° Lond. 1859. 
F. R., i.e. R. Frankum. 


F. (R. L.)— FABER 


F. (R. L.) 

A few plain words on the facrament of the Lord's 
fupper ; more particularly addrefTed to the parifliioners of 
Handfworth, Staffordiliire. 12° Binningham, 1 831. 

F. (R. W.) 

Contributions towards a catalogue of plants indigenous to 
the neighbourhood of Tenby. 8° Lond. 1848. 

F. (S.) 

Tiie ftranger chieftain ; or, Lara and his page. A tale. 
2 vols. 12° Lond. 1834. 

F. (S. H.) 

Poems original and tranflated. 1S63. \By Sarah H. 

F. (Sr. T.) 

The praflice of the Exchequer Court ... 1 658. ^By 
Sir Thomas Fanshaw.] 

F. (T.) 

Reformation fure and ftedfaft ; or, a feafonable fermon 
for the prefent times. Shewing the life and death of re- 
formation. 4° Lond. 1 641. 

F. (T.) 

A letter from a perfon of quality on board the William 
and Mary in the Fare of Mefliha to a friend in London. 
Wherein is fet forth the prefent ftate and condition of the 
faid city. Alfo a tiiie account of the French fleet now 
lying in the port of Meflina. To which is added a brief 
difcoui-fe of the ifland of Sicilia concerning the feveral 
alterations of government and conquefts made therein. 

4° Lond. 1676. 

F. (T.) 

The compofitor's handbook ... 1854. [5y Thomas 

F. (T. R.) 

Hades and the rcfurreflion ; or, a voice to the church 
of Jcfus Chrift ; being a teftimony of the new covenant. 

8° Lond. 1852. 
F. (T. N.) 

Hymns and poems ... \By T. V. Fosbery.] 

F. (W.) 

The great Elijah's commiffion prov'd divine. i 7 1 o. 
[By W. Freke.] 

F. (W. A.), C.B., R.B. 

The Italian crifis : a letter addrefled to the Britifli 
Houfes of Parliament and to the Englifh nation. 

8° Lond. 1859. 
F. (W. D.) 

Lcben ... des Lucilio Vanini ... 1800. [By W. D. 

F. (W. E.) 

The new fchool-hiftory of England ; from early writers 
and the national records. By the author of " The annals 
of England." 8° Oxford, 1870. 

F. (W. E.) 

Obfervations on "A proteft," publilhed in different 
newfpapers, and bearing the fignature of the rev. Henry 
Er&ine Head, redlor of Feniton. 8° Honiton, n. d. 

F. (Agostino). 

Lays & lyrics. Tranflated from the Italian of Agoftino F. 

8° Lond. 1861. 

F. (Greville), i.e. Greville Fennell. 

F , The Hon. Mrs. 

An important appeal to the upper clafles. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 
F (Rev. A.), M.A. 

Confirmation according to Scripture. 

12° Oxford, 1857. 

FABARIA (CuNRADus de), abbot of St. G alien ; 
Jlourlfied in the I ^th century. 

Liber de cafibus monafterii S. Galli in Alamannia. [M. 
GoLDASTUS, Rerum Alamannicarum fcriptores, i. 76.] 

Cafuum S. Galli contlnuatio III. (a.d. I 204— 1 2 32). 
[G. H. Pertz, Monumenta Germaniis hjjlorica, ii. 165.] 

Catalogus abbatum qui praefuerant monafterio St. Galii. 
[M. GoLDASTus, Rerum Alamannicarum fcriptores, i. 91.] 

FABER (Mrs.) 

A legend of Dundrum Caflle, within the county of 
Dublin : being a chronicle of the Houfe of Bagod de la 
Rath. Done into Englifli by Mrs. Faber. 

8" Lond. 1869. 

FABER (Antonius), Sehufianus. See Antoine Favre. 

FABER (Antonius), German jurifl. D. 1635. 

De religione regenda in rebufpublicis five de optimo 
ecclefias ftatu, libri tres. 4° Jens, 1626. 

FABER (Basilius), Gennan -writer, 1520-76. 

Thefaurus eruditionis fcholafticoe ... per Auguftum 
Buchnerum recendtus ... Novam banc cditioncm poll binas 
fuas priores Chrillophorus Cellarius infinitis locis correxit . . . 

fol. Lipfiae, 1696. 

FABER (Cecilia). 

The fea-guU (La Gaviota), from the Spanifli of Fenian 
Caballero [FfeuJ.], by the Hon. Augufta Bethell. In 
two volumes. 8° Lond. 1867. 



FABER (Francis Atkinson), B.D., reBor of Saun- 
derton, Bucks; brother of the following. 

Memoir of George Stanley Faber, B.D. [G. S. 
Faber, The many manjions in the houfe of the FatherJ\ 

A brief flvetch of the early life of the late F. W. Faber, 
D.D., by his only furviving brother. 8° Lond. 1869. 

FABER (Frederick William), D.D., nephew of the 
following, I S I 4—6 3. 

The Refoi-mation, and the duty of keeping to its prin- 
ciples. 12= Lond. 1838. 

The ancient things of the Catholic Church in England. 
Second edition. i 2° Lond. 1838. 

The Church-catechifm a model of church education. 

12° Lond. 1838. 
The burial fen-ice, its dodtrine and confolations. 

12° Lond. 1S38. 
Confirmation a witnefs for obedience and unity. 

12° Lond. 1838. 
Tracfts on the Church and the Prayer book. Second 
feries. 12° Lond. 1840. 

The office of this generation in the church of Chiift. 
A fermon on education, [ft. Jude iii.] 

8° Lond. 1 8 40. 

Sights and thoughts in foreign churches and among 

foreign peoples. 8° Lond. 1842. 

The Styrian lake, and other poems. 8° Lond. 1842. 

Sir Lancelot; a poem. 8'' Lond. 1844. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1857. 
The rofary, and other poems. 8° Lond. 1845. 
The bleffed facrament : preparation, attendance, giving 

of thanks, fpiritual communion. Drawn from the writings 
of the faints. By a pariih prieft. \ylnon.^ 

8° Lond. 1845. 
An eflay on beatification, canonization, and the proceffes 
of the congregation of rites. 8° Lond. 1848. 

Jefus and 'Mary ; or, Catholic hymns. 

I 2° Lond. 1849. 
The fpirit and genius of St. Philip Neri, founder of the 
Oratory. Leftures ... 12° Lond. 1850. «. 

The fchool of St. Philip Neri. Fiom the Italian. 

12° Lond. 1850. 
All for Jefus : or, the eafy ways of divine love. Fourth 
edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 

The bleffed facrament : or, the works and ways of God. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1856. 
Growth in holiness ; or, the progrefs of the fpiritual 

life. 8° Lond. 1 8 55. 

Poems. Third edition. 8° Lond. 1857. 

The foot of the Crofs : or, the forrows of Mary. 

8° Lond. 1858. 
Etliel's book ; or, tales of the angels. 

8° Lond. 1858. 
The Creator and the creature, or, the wonders of divine 
love. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1858. 

Spiritual conferences. 8° Lond. 1859. 

Bethlehem. 8° Lond. i860. 

The precious blood : or, the price of our falvation. 

8° Lond. i860. 

Hymns. 8° Lond. 1862. 

Devotion to the Pope. 1 2° Lond. 1 860. 

Notes on doflrinal and fpiritual fubjeiSs. By the late 

F. W. Faber, D.D. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1866. 

* Life and letters. By John Edward Bowden. i 869. 

* A brief fiietch of the early life of the late F. W. Fa- 
ber by his only fui-yiving brother (Francis A. Faber). 

FABER (George Stanley), B.D., majler of Sherburn 
Hofpital, and prebendary of Salijlury, 1773— 1854. 

A differtation on the myfteries of the Cabiri ; or the 
great gods of Phenecia, Samothrace, Egypt, Troas, Greece, 
Italy, and Ciete ; being an attempt to deduce the feveral 
orgies of Ifis, Ceres, Mithras, Bacchus, Rhea, Adonis, and 
Hecate, from an union of the rites commemorative of the 
Deluge, with the adoration of the hofl of heaven. 2 vols. 

8° Oxford, 1803. 

A difleitation on the prophecies that have been fulfilled, 
are now fulfilling, or will hereafter be fulfilled, relative to 
the period of 1260 years ; the Papal and Mohammedan 
apoftaCes ; the tyrannical reign of Antichrill, and the re- 
ftoration of the Jews. Fifth edition. 3 vols. 

8° Lond. 1806-18. 

The facred calendar of prophecy ; or a difleitation on 
the prophecies, which tieat of the grand period of feven 
times, and efpecially of its fecond moiety or the latter three 
times & a half. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1828. 

— Second edition. 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1844. 
Remarks on the eflufion of the fifth Apocalyptic vial, 

and the late extraordinaiy reftoiation of the Imperial revo- 
lutionary government of France ; to which is added a criti- 
cal examination of Mr. Frere's combined view of the pro- 
phecies of Daniel, Efdras, and St. John. The fecond 
edition. 8° Lond. 181 5. 

The origin of pagan idolatry afcertained from hiftorical 
teftimony and circumftantial evidence. 3 vols. 

4° Lond. I 816. 

A treatife on the genius and objefl of the patriarchal, 
the Levitical, and the Chriftian difpenfations. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1823. 

The difficulties of infidelity. 8° Lond. 1824. 

The difficulties of Romanifm. 8° Lond. 1826. 

— Second edition \with title : The difficulties of Ro- 
manifm in refpect to evidence, or the jjeculiarities of the 
Latin Church evinced to be untenable on the principles of 
legitimate hiftorical teftimony.] 8° Lond. 1830. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1853. 

* An anfwer to The difficulties of Romanifm by J. F. 
M. Trevern. 1828. 

The teftimony of primitive antiquity againft the peculi- 
arities of the Latin Church : being a fupplement to The 
difficulties of Romanifm ; in reply to An anfwer to The 
difficulties of Romanifm by J. F. M. Trevern, bifliop of 
Strafbourg. 8° Lond. 1828. 

Some account of Mr. Hufenbeth's attempt to aflift the 



Bifhop of Strafbourg ; with notices of his remarkable ad- 
ventures in the perilous field of criticifm. 

8° Lond. 1829. 
A treatife on the origin of expiatory facriiice. 

8° Lond. 1827. 
The apoftolicity of trinitarianifm ; or the teftimony of 
hiftory to the pofitive antiquity, and to the apoftolical incul- 
cation, of the doiftrine of the Holy Trinity. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1832. 
Sound religion the only fure bafis of law and civil polity : 
a fermon ... \Habak. i. 3, 4.] 8° Lond. 1832. 

Recapitulated apoltacy the true rationale of the concealed 
Apocalyptic name of the Roman empire. 

12° Lond. 1S33. 
The primitive doflrine of eleiflion ; or an hiftorical in- 
quiiy into the ideality and caufation of fcriptural eleiftion, as 
received and maintained by the primitive church of Chrift. 

8° Lond. 1836. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1842. 

The primitive dodlrine of juftification inveftigated, rela- 
tively to the feveral definitions of the Church of Rome and 
the Church of England, and with a fpecial reference to the 
opinions of the late Mr. Knox as publilhed in his Remains. 

8° Lond. 1837. 

An inquiry into the hilfory and theology of the ancient 
Vallenfes and Albigenfes ; as exhibiting, agreeably to the 
promifes, the perpetuity of the fincere church of Chrift. 

8° Lond. 1838. 

* A letter ... containing fame ftriflures on Mr. Faber's 
recent work entitled " The ancient Vallenfes and Albigen- 
fes." By S. R. Maitland. 1839. 

The primitive doflrine of regeneration, fought for in 
Holy Scripture. 8° Lond. 1 8 40. 

Provincial letters from the county-palatine of Durham, 
exhibiting the nature and tendency of the principles put 
forth by the writers of the Traifls for the times, and their 
allies and affociates. 2 vols. 12° Lond. [1842.] 

Eight dilTertations on ceitain connecfted prophetical paf- 
fages of Holy Scripture, bearing, more or lefs, upon the 
promifc of a mighty deliverer. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1845- 

Letters on traftarian feceffion to Popery : with remarks 
on Mr. Newman's Principle of development, Dr. Moehler's 
Symbolifm, and the adduced evidence in favour of the 
Roniilh praiftice of Mariolatry. 12° Lond. 1846. 

A reply to a pamphlet entitled " A letter to the rev. G. 
S. Faber, by Cln illopher {Btthcl}], Lord Bilhop of Bangor." 

8° Lond. 1847. 

Papal infillibility ; a letter to a dignitary of tlic Church 
of Rome, in reply to a communication received from him. 

8° Lond. 1851. 

The many manfions in the houfe of the Father, fcrip- 
turally difcufied and pradically confidered. 

8° Lond. 1851. 

— With a prefatory memoir of the author, by Francis 
A. Faber, B.D. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 

The predi(5led downfiill of the Turkilh power the pre- 
paration for the retuin of the ten tribes. 

8" Lond. 1853. 


The revival of the French emperorfliip anticipated from 
the neceffity of prophecy. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

FABER (HoNORATUs). See Honoratus Fabri. 

FABER (Jacobus), Stapulenfis; French theologian and 
mathematician. D. 1537. 

In hoc opere contenta. Arithmetica decern libris de- 
monltrata. Mufica libris demonllrata quattuor. Epitome 
I libros arithmeticos diui Seuerini Boetii. Rithmimachie 
ludus q & pugna nueror appellaP. \End :'\ Has duas qua- 
driuii partes et artium liberalium precipuas atq duces cum 
quibufdam aminiculariis adieftis : curarunt vna formalis emen- 
datiffime mandari ad lludiorum vtilitatem loannes Higmanus, 
et Volgangus Hopllius fuis grauiffimis laboribus & impenfis 
Parhifii Anno f ilutis domini : qui oia in numero atq harmonia 
formauit I 496 abfolutuq reddiderunt eodem anno : die vice- 
fima fecunda Jullii fuos labores vbicunq valebunt femper ftu- 
diofis deuouentes. Et idem quoq facit Dauid Laux[r.'']ius 
Brytannus Edinburgenfis : vbiq ex archetypo diligens operis 
recognitor, fol. 

Artificialis introdu(51io per modu epitomatis in dece libros 
Ethicorii Arillotelis adieiftis elucidata commentariis. 

4° in Alma Parhifiorum academia per Wolff- 
gangum hopilium et Henricum Stephanum 
I 502. 

— \ Another edil\on."\^ 

8° in alma Parifiorum academia, 1543. 

In hoc libro contenta. Epitome compendiofaque intro- 
duflio in libros arithmeticos diui Seuerini Boetii : adiefto 
faniiliari commentario dilucidata. Praxis numerandi ceitis 
quibufdam regulis conftridla [by ludocus Clichtoueus Neo- 
portuenfis.] Introduflio in geometriam breuiufculis annota- 
tionibus explanata : fex llbiis diftiniSa ... Liber de quadra- 
tura circuli. Liber de cubicatione fphere. Perfpeiftiua intro- 
duifrio. Infuper Aftronomicon. [J. F. S.] 

fol. Id opus imprelTerunt Volphgangus hopilius 
et Henricus Stephanus in arte focii in Alnio 
parifionim ftudio ... 1503. 

In hoc opere continentur totius phylofophie naturalis 
paraphrafes : hoc ordine digefte. O&.0 phyficorum Arif- 
totelis : paraphrafis. Quatuor de celo et mundo comple- 
tomm : paraphrafis. Duoiu de gnati5e & corruptioe para- 
phrafis. Quattuor meteoror. copletor : paraphrafis. Trium 
de anima completorum : paraphrafis. Libri de fenfu et 
fendbili : ]iaraphra(is. Libri de fomno et vigilia : para- 
])hrahs. Libri de longitudine et breuitate vite : paraphrafis. 
Dlalogi infuper ad phyficorC : tu facilin tum difficiliu intel- 
ligentia introduftorii : duo. Introduflio metaphyfica. Dia- 
logi quattuor ad metaphyficoru intelligentiam introduflorii. 
8° Iniprefi"um in alma parhilioru achademia per 
Henricum Stephana ... I 504. 

Mufica libris quatuor demonftrata. 4° Paris, i 5 5 i . 

FABER (Joannes), French jiiri/l. D. 134O. 
ludinianu codice breviariii : multis elucubratum ac calli- 
gatum vigiliis : nee no torturarum ac queftionu infignis 
rejietitio cum de infigniis et armls Bartoli traflatu cxquifi- 
tillimo. fol. Parhifijs impreflum ... opera Andree Bou- 
card, 1 499. 




— [Recognitum ab Petro ab Area Baudoza.] 

4° Lugduni, I 594. 
In qvatuor libros Inftitutionum commentarii autographo 
colhiti. Accefleiunt multomm doflorum . . . notae . . . 

fol. Venetii, 1572- 

Defideratis fupplementis & additionibus nunc lecens 

renouati & illuftrati, opera & ftudio P.A.A.D.C. 

4^ Lugduni, 1593- 

FABER (Joannes), Malleus haereticorum ; German 
theologian, 1478-154I. 

Sermones aliquot falubres adverfus nepharios, at impios 
Anabaptiftas habiti, apud Moravos, in conventu Znoimenfi 
... 1528. 4° Lipliae, 1528. 

FABER (Joannes), Bambergenfis ; German phyfic'um ; 
Jlourijlied in the 1 6th century. 

In imanines illuftrium ex Fulvii Urfini bibliotheca Ant- 
uerpix a Theodoro Gallso expreffas, commentarius . . . 

4° Antuerpiae, 1606. 

De nardo & epithymo, adverfus Jof. Scaligerum difpu- 
tatio. 4^ RomcE, 1607. 

FABER (Joannes Rodolphus); French jur'ijl -, pmr- 
i/hed in the I ']th century. 

Clavis jurifprudentis ; five, brevis ac methodica Inftitu- 
tionum JulHniani explicatio. 4° Gratianopoli, 1638. 

Syntagma triplex juris civilis & criminalis, canonici & 
feudalis. Cui acceflerunt complures ... De fubftitutionibus, 
conditionibus, quartis, detraftionibus, imputationibus & prohi- 
bitionibus exercitationes. Unacum obfervationibus ad titulos 
D. & C. de edendo & in jus vocando . . . Adjunfta triginta 
legum Codicis de paftis methodica explicatione. 

fol. Genevae, 1679. 

FABER (John). 

The Kit-Cat club done from the original paintings of 
Sir Godfrey Kneller. fol. Lond. 1735. 

FABER (LuD. Henricus). 

De foris in univerfum, et praecipue de foro privilegiato, 
quod perfonis, miferabilibus diflis, concedi negans diflerit. 

4° Heidelbergae, 1 8 2 i . 

FABER (Matthias), German Jefuit. D. 1653. 

Conciones funebres ct nuptiales ... 

8° AntveqnE, 1657. 

FABER (Petrus), French jurifl, 1544-1613. 

Agonifticon ; five, de re athletica ludifque veterum gyni- 
nicis, muficis, atque Circenlibus fpicilegiorum tra<fl:atus, 
tribus libris comprehenfi. 4° Lugd. 1592. 

— [Gronovius, Thejaurus Gmcarum antiquilalum, viii. 


Semeftrium liber primus [et fecundus]. 

4° Genevae, 1660. 
De magiftratibus Romanorum commentaiius. [Sal- 

lengre, Novus Thefaurus antiquilalum Romanarum, iii. 
•I 13-] 

FABER (Petrus Joannes), French phyfician ; jlourijlied 
in the I 'Jth century. 

Myrothecium fpagyricum ; five, pharmacopoeia chymica, 
occullis naturae arcanis ex Hermeticorum medicorum fcriniis 
depromptis abunde illuftrata. 

8° Tolofs Teftofagum, 1628. 

Infignes curationes varioi'um moiborum quos medicamen- 
tis cliymicis ... curavit. \JSIyrothecium, 353.] 

FABER (Tanaquil), French -writer. B. 1615. 

Fabulas ex Locmanis Arabico Latinis verfibus redditas. 
AccefTere et alia qusedam ejufdem poemata quaecunque 
colligi potuere. 12° Salmurii, 1673. 

Epiftolae. Pars prima [et altera.] Editio alteia . . . Ac- 
cedunt & ejufdem auiftoris fabulae ex Locmanis Arabico 
Latinis verlibus redditae, cum quibufdam epiftolis nondum 
editis. 4° Salmurii, 1674—75. 

Vitae poetarum Graecomm ; ubi de eorumdem patiia, 
moribus, fcriptis, &c., perfpicue ac compendiofe diileritur. 
Ex Gallico idiomate in Latinum tranflatae. [Gronovius, 
Thefaurus Gritcarum antiquilalum, X. 7 4O.] 

YA.Vi^'K [T&.-HA.QVii.), fon of the preceding. D. 1672. 
De futilitate poetices. 8° Amft. 1697. 

FABER (Temple Christian). 

Cafte and Chriftianity. A looking-glafs for the times. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

FABER (Tim.-eus), Dutch jurijl, 1578-1623. 

Difputationes anniverfarias ad 4 libros Inftitut. imperial. : 
propofitae in Academia Franequerana. Editio quarta ... 
cum diatypofi annotationum feledlarum ad varia juris loca. 

4° Franekerac, 1 62 2. 

FABER (ViDUs), Pibracius ; prefident of the parliament 
in Paris, l 529—84. 

Tetrafticha Grascis & Latinis verfibus expreffa, authore 
Florente Chriftiano. 4° Lutetiae, 1584. 

Praecepta moralia, heroicis expreffa ab Aug. Prevotio. 

4° Lutetias, 1584. 

FABERT (Abraham), niarflial of France, 1559- 

L'hiftoire des Dues de Bourgogne. 

12° Cologne, 1687. 
Fabian's tower. 1852. [^j Mifs Kettle.] 


Trick for trick ; a comedy of two adls. 

8° Lond. 1735. 



FABIAN Y FUERO (Francisco). 

Coleccion de providencias diocefanas. 2 torn. 

fol. Valencia, I 792 — 3. 

FABIANUS, Genoefe theologian ; Jlourijlied in the 1 6/Zi 

De canibiis. [F. Zilettus, TraSatus univerfi juris, vi. 
i. 410.] 


L'ecole des veuves, diame en trois aftes. 

8° Paris, 1826. 

Fabiola ; or, the church of the catacombs. 1855. 
\^By N. Wiseman.] 


A letter to the right hon. the Karl of Buckinghamfhire, 
(prefident of the Board of commiffioners for the affairs of 
India), on the fubjeft of an open trade to India. By 
Fabius. [Pamphleteer, i. 599.] 

A letter to the riglit hon. Lord Byron, protefting againft 
the immolation of Gi'ay, Cowper, and Campbell, at the 
fhrine of Pope. By Fabius. [Ibid, xviii. 571.] 


The hand-book of tafte : or, how to'obferve works of 
art, efpecially caitoons, pidures, and ftatues. By Fabius 
Piftor. 8° Lond. 1843. 

FABIUS PICTOR. See Q. Fabius Pictor. 


Freaks & follies of fabledom. A little Lenipriei-e. 

8° Lond. 1852. 


Fables moral and political, with large explications, tranf- 
lated from the Dutch. 2 vols. 8° Lond. I 703. 

Fables and tales for the ladies, written by a country 
bookfeller. Second edition, with additions, to which are 
added, mifcellanies, by another hand. 8" Lond. 1754. 

Moral fables. I 7 84. [By John Stedman, M.D.] 

Fables inedites des XII=, XIII= et XIV"= liecles, et 
fables de La Fontaine rajjprochees de celles de tous les 
auteurs qui avoient, avant lui, traite les memes fvijets, pre- 
cedees d'une notice fur les fabuliftes, par A. C. M. Robert . . . 
2 tomes. 8° Paris, 1825. 

Fables feleifled from Dodfley, Croxall, &c., and carefully 
revifed. 12° Lond. 1846. 

The book of pi(ftures and parables ; one hundred and 
eleven of the beft fables, ancient and modern ; including 
fele(5lions from Fcnclon, &c. 12° Lond. i860. 

I^ittle fables for little folks : which great folks may read. 

12° Lond. [186 I.] 

Famous fables in modern vcrfe. 8° Lond. [1865.] 

Favourite fables, in profe and verfe. 8° Lond. 1 8 70. 

Bewick's feledl fables of iEfop and others : in three 

parts : I. fables extrafled from Dodfley's : II. fables with 
reflexions in profe and verfe : III. fables in veife : to 
which are prefixed the life of jEfop, and an effay ui)on 
fable by Oliver Goldfmith. Faithfully reprinted from the 
rare Newcaftle edition publiflied by T. Saint in 1784, with 
the original wood engravings by Thomas Bewick, and an 
illuftrated preface by Edwin Pearfon. 8^ Lond. [1871.] 

Beauties of fables in verfe. 8° Lond. n. d. 

When the cat's away, the mice will play. A fable, 
humbly infcrib'd to Dr. Sw 1. fol. Lond. n. d. 

De fabulamm, ludorum, theatromm, fcenarum ac fceni- 
corum antiqua confuetudine libellus. [Gronovius, Thefaurus 
Gmcarum antiquitatum, \m. 1694.] 

FABRE (Antonio). 

A legato de bien probado el monacato del grande doiflor 
de la igleha, mi aniado padre Aguftino. 4° Cadiz, n. d. 

FABRE (J. Ant.) 

Effai fur la maniere la plus avantageufe de conftruire les 
machines hydrauliques et en particulier les moulins a bled. 

4° Paris, 1783. 

Efliii fur la theorie des torrens et des rivieres, contenant les 
moyens les plus fimple d'en empecher les ravages, d'en 
retrecit le lit & d'en faciliter la navigation, le hallage & la 
flottaifon. Accompagne d'une difcuffion fur la navigation 
interieure de la France, et termine par le projet de rendre 
Paris, porte maritime, en faifant remonter a la voile, par la 
Seine, les navires qui f'arretent a Rouen ... 

4° Paris, I 797. 

FABRE D'fiGLANTINE (Philippe Francois 
Nazaire), French politician and poet, 1755—94. 

Le Philinte de Moliere, ou la fuite du Mifanthrope, 
comedie en cinq aftes et en vers. Reprefentee pour la 
premiere fois le 22 Fevrier 1790. ["Petitot, Repertoire 
du theatre Frani]ois, xv. 343.] 

FABRE D'OLIVET ( ), French mxifician 

and philologifl, I 7 6 8 - 1 8 2 5 . 

Le troubadour: poefies occitaniques du XIII'=, fiecle ; 
traduites et publiees par Fabre d'Olivet. 2 part. 

8^ Paris, I 804. 
La langue Hebra'i'que reftituee et le veritJible fens des 
mots Hebieux retabli et prouve par leur analyfe radicale. 
2 part. 4° Paris, 1815-16. 

Fliftoire philofophique du genre humain. 2 torn. 

8' Paris, 1824. 

Abrege de la Crufca ou diflionnaire portatif de la langue 
Italienne. \Fr.-Ital.^ 8° Lyon, 1759. 

FABRETTUS (Raphael), Italian antiquary, 1618- 

De aquis et aquaedudlibus veteris Ronix differutiones ties. 

4" Romas, 1680. 
— [GRiEvius, Thefaurus antiquitatum Romanarum, iv. 



De columna Trajani fyntagma. Acceflerunt explicatio 
/eteris tabellae anaglyphs Homeii Iliadem, atque ex Stefi- 
choro Arctino et Lefclie Ilii excidium continentis ; & 
EmifTarii lacus Fucini defcriptio. fol. Romx, 1683. 

laiithei \P/euil.] ad Grunnovium apologema, in ejufque 
Titivilitia five fomnia de Tito Livio animadverfiones. 

4= Neapoli, l686. 

Infcriptionum antiquai"um quae in aedibus paternis aflei- 
vantur explicatio, & additamentum. fol. Ronix, 1699. 

FABRETTUS (Stephanus), Ilalhin Jefmt ; flounfied 
in the iSth century. 

Lyrica et epiftolas. 8^ Lugd. 1747. 

FABRI (Felix). 

Hiftoria Suevomm. [Goldastus, Rerum Suev'icartim 
fcrtptores, p. 13.] 

FABRI (HoNORATUs), /'rcttirZi ?«i7/Zi««(7//V/V2n. B. 1607. 

Hennanni Conringii concuflio excuffa et Romanae fidei 
firmitas inconcufla. 8° Auguftae Vindelicorum, 1664. 

Dialogi phyfici, quorum primus eft de lumine. Secundus 
& tertius, de vi percuffionis & motu. Qunitus, de humoris 
elevatione per canaliculum. Quintus & fextus, de variis 
feleftis ... 8° Lugduni, 1669. 

FABRICIUS (Antomus). 

In theoriam & praxin beneficiorum ecclefiafticonim brevis 
& familiaris introdudio. 4° Turnoni, 1 6 I 6. 


Repetitiones Gailii ; five, enucleatio controverfiaram 
nobilium quE in Andreas Gailii obfijrvationum libris conti- 
nentur. 4° Gieflae, 1655. 

FABRICIUS (Franxiscus), redor of the Gymnafium 
at Diiffeldorf. Z). 1573. 

Hiftoria M. T. Ciceronis per confujes defcripta, et jn 
annos LXIV. diftincfla. 8° Coloniae, 1564. 

FABRICIUS (Franciscus), Z)«/c/j theologian, 1663- 

Opera omnia, philologico-theologica, exegetica, et ora- 
toria. Quatuor voluminibus comprehenfa. Quibus praemifTa 
eft Johannis van den Honeit oratio de vita et obitu Francifci 
Fabricii. 4° Lugduni in Batavis, 174O. 

Oiatio in natalem centelimum et quinquagefimum, five 
annum jubilasum teitium, Academix Batavae, quae eft Lug- 
duni-Batavomm, habita au(5loritate publica die VIII. Feb- 
ruarii I 72 5. in Templo Maximo, cum Reftoris Academix 
munere tertio abiret. 4° Lugduni Batavorum, 1725. 

Differtatio oratorio-theologica de exordiis, in oratione 
facra utiliter adhibendis, tertia et quaita ... 

4° Lugduni Batavorum, 1726. 

DifTeitatio oratorio-theologica ad Numer. 6: 23—27, 
de benediiftione facerdotali, in ecclefiis noftris adhuc adhiberi 
folita. 4° Lugduni Batavorum, 1727. 

FABRICIUS (Georgius), German poet and philologi/l, 
I 516-71. 

Virorum illuftrium fi;u hiftorioe facrae libri X. ... 

8° Lipfia:, i 564. 

Poematum facrorum libri XXV. ex pollrema autoris 
recognitionc. 2 torn. 8° Bafil, 1567. 

De re poetica libri VII. 8° Lipfias, 1589. 

De re poetica libri IIII. ... 12° Geneva, I 592. 

Artis poeticae compendium. Ex Georgii Fabricii Chem- 
nicenfis lul. Scaligeri et aliorum id genus authorum de re 
poetica commentariis, a ftudiofo quodani, in gratiam iuuentutis 
concinnatum. In quo praeter metrica, ethica etiam precepta 
traduntur. Acceflit index rerum et verborum luculentus. 

8° n. p. 1 592. 

Libelli duo, quorum altero continetur commentarius de 
epiftolis ad fialius Ciceronis imitationem confcribendis ... 
Altero Praecepta de inventione & difpofitione rhetorico ... 
Editi ftudio et opera Michaelis Boiemi Pirneniis. 

8^ Witebergae, 1593. 

Originum illuftriffimx ftirpis Saxonicas. Libri feptem ... 
Ex recognitione Nicolai Reufneri. fol. Jenae, I 597. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Deliti^poetarum Germanorum, lii. i.] 

Itinerum liber unus, quo haec continentur : Iter Romanum 
primum. Iter Neapolitanum. Iter Romanum fecundum. 
Iter Patavinuni. Iter Chemnicenfe. Iter Argentoratenfe ... 

8° Bafil. n. d. 

* Vita ... Studio M. Jo. Davidis Schreberi defcripta. 

FABRICIUS (HiERONYMUs), ab Aquapendente ; 
Italian phyfician, 1537 — 1619. 

De formato fcetu. fol. Venetiis, 1 600. 

De locutione et ejus inftiTjmentis liber, a loanne Urfino 
editus. fol. Patavii, 1603. 

De venarum oftiolis. fol. Patavii, I 603. 

De formatione ovi, et puUi traflatus accuratiffimus. 

fol. Patavii, 162 I. 

De bmtorum loquela. \No title-page."^ fol. n. p. n. d. 

FABRICIUS (Jacobus). 

.Tacobi Fabricii . . . et Chrift. Friderici Feuftkingii notae et 
obfei"vationes ad Jo. Adolphi Cypraei annales Epifcoporum 
Slefvicenfium edit. Colon. Agripp. 1634. [Westphalen, 
Monumenta inedita rerum Germanicarum, in. 379.] 

FABRICIUS (Joannes), Montanus ; S'wifs reformer, 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitiit poetarum Germanorum, iii. 

FABRICIUS (Joannes), Dutch mathematician and 
ajlronomer ;Jlouri/l:ed circa I 60O. 

De maculis in fole obfervatis, et apparente earum cum fole 
converfione narratio. Cui adjeda eft, de modo eductionis 
fpecierum vifibilium dubitatio. 4° Witebergae, 16 I I. 

FABRICIUS {J oASSSs), prof efor of theology at Altorf, 

Hiftoria Bibliotheca: Fabricianje, qua finguli ejus libri, 
eommque contenta ... recenfentur ... 6 torn. 

4° Wolffenbuttel, 1717-24. 



FABRICIUS (Joannes 'Lvno-vicvs), profejfor of theo- 
logy at Helddherg, 1632 — 97. 

De ludis fcenicis hiaki^ig cafuiftica quinquepartita. 
[Gronovius, Thejaurus Gracarum antiquhatum, viii. 1713.] 

FABRICIUS (.ToHANN Albert), prof i;ffor of eloquence 
at the Gymnafiwn of Hamburg, 1668 — 1736. 

Bibliotheca Latina ; five, notitia audtorum veterum 
Latinoiuni, quorumcunque fcripta ad nos pervenerunt. 
AccelTit appendix duplex qua de fragmentis & colleflionibus 
veterum fciiptorum Latinorum ... difTeritur. Obiter p. 180 
fqq. fuppleta ingens lacuna aliquot paginarum in fcholiis \L\x- 
llathii ad Dionyfiuus Periegetem. 8° Hamburg!, 1697. 

— Huic edition! Londinenfi ... adjefta ... ad calcem 
Procli philofophi Platonic! vita a Marino Neapolitano Greece 
fcripta ... 8° Lend. 1703. 

— Difb'ibuta in libros IV. et nova hac editione fic re- 
cognita ab auftore . . . ut novum opus vider! poffit . . . Vol. I. 

8° Hamburg!, 1708. 

Supplementum ... paginis fuperioris editionis 

jam emendatius recufae accommodatum. 

8° Hamburg!, 17 i 2. 

Volumen alteiiim, partem prioi'em fupple- 

menti plurimum locupletati complexum. Accedunt epillolse 
Q. Curtii ... 8° Hamburg!, 172 i. 

Volumen tertium ... reliqua fupplementi 

plurimum audi! complexum ... Accedit Aur. Cornel!! Celfi 
Rhetorica, ex unica Sixt! Popmae editione. 

8° Hamburg!, I 72 2. 
• — Nunc melius delefta, redlius digefta et aufta diligentia 
Jo. Aug. ErnelH. 3 torn. 8° Lipfiae, 1773—74. 

Codex apocry])hus Nov! Teftamenti ... See Bible, N. T. 


Centuria Fabriciorum fcriptis clarorum qui jam diem fuum 
obierunt. 8° Hamb. 1709. 

Memoriae Hamburgenfes, five Hamburg!, et virorum de 
ecclelia, reque publica et fcholaftica Hambuigenfi bene 
meritorum, elogia et vitx. 2 torn. 8'^ Hamburg!, 1710. 

Menologium ; five, iibellus de menfibus, centum circiter 
populorum menses recenfi;ns, atque inter fe conterens. 

8° Hamburg!, 17 I 3. 

Bibliotheca ecclefiaftica ... fol. Hamburg!, 17 18. 

Salutaris lux evangel!! tot! orb! per divinam gratiam 
exoriens : five, notitia hiftorico-chronologica, literaria Sc 
geograpiiica propagatorimi per orbem totum Chiiftianoruni 
fiicrorum. 40 Hamburg!, I 7 3 I . 

Bibliotheca Latina mediae et infimac aetatis. Accedunt 
Wipponis Piefb. proverbia ad Henricum Coni'adi Imp. 
filium. Vol. I. 8° Hamburg!, 1734. 

Vol. II. Accedit doi5lrina D. Sevcrin! 

cpifcopi. 8° Hamburg!, 1734. 

Vol. III. Accedunt vetcros rhytlimi de 

vita monafiica. 8" Hamburg!, 1735. 

— Vol. IV. Accedunt fuppiementum iomni! 

moralis Pharaonis, et Joannis Sarilliericnfis carmen de mcm- 
bris confpirantibus. 8° Hamburg!, 1735. 

Vol. V. Accedit Notger! Balbuii Libellus 

de illuftribus Sacrarum Scripturarum expofitoribus ... 

8° Hamburgi, 1736. 

— Cum fupplemento Chriftian! Schoettgenii. Editio 
prima Italica et Joanne Dominico Manzi ... correfta, 
illuftrata ... 6 tom. 4° Patavii, 1754. 

Sylloge opufi:ulorum hiftorico-critico literariorum, quae 
fparfim viderant lucem, nunc recenfita denuo ... 

4° Hamb. 1738. 

Bibliographia antiquaria, five !ntrodu(5lio in notitiam 
fi:r!ptorum, qui antiquitates Hebraicas, Graecas, Romanas et 
Chriftianas fcriptis illuftranant. Editio tertia ... 2 tom. 

4° Hamburgi, I 760. 

Bibliotheca Grsca, five notitia fcriptorum veterum 
Graecorum, quorumcunque monumenta integi a, aut fragmenta 
edita exftant, turn pleroioimque e MSS. ac deperditis ; ab 
audtore tertium recognita et plurimis locis aucfla ; editio 
quarta ... emendatior atque audtior, curante Gottlieb Chrif- 
tophoro Harles. Accedunt I. A. Fabric!! et Chriftoph. 
Auguft! Hevmanni fupplementa inedita. 12 vols. 

4° Hamburg!, i 790-1 809. 

— Index ... 4° Lips. 1838. 
Centifolium Lutheranum, five notitia litteiaria fcriptorum 

omnis generis de B. D. Luthero ejufque vita, fcriptis, et 
reformatione ecclefiae ... 2 tom. 

12° Hamburgi, 1828—30. 

FABRICIUS (JoHANN Chkistx im), prof ejfor of natural 
fctence at Kiel, 1745— 1807. 

Philofophia entomologica, fificns fcientise fundamenta ... 

8° Hamburgi, 1778. 
MantifTa infeflorum, fiftens eorum fpecies nuper deteflas 
... 2 tom. 8° Hafnia?, I 7 87. 

Entomologia fyftematica, emendata et aufla fecundum 
claffes, oidines, genera, fpecies ; adjeflis fynonimis, locis, 
obfervationibus, defcriptionibus. 2 torn. 

8° Hafnias, 1792-93. 
Voyage en Norwege, avec des obfervations fur I'hiftoire 
naturelle et I'economie ; traduit de I'allemand. 

8° Paris, I 802. 

FABRICIUS (Johannes), profffor of theology at 
Dantzig, 1608 — 53. 

Specimen Arabicum quo exhibentur aliquot fcripta Arabica 
partim in profa, partim ligata oratione compofita. Jam 
primum in Germania edita vcrfione latina donata, analyfi 
grammatica expedita notifque necefiariis illuftrata. Quibus 
accefTit judicium de foluto dicendi genera Arabum proprio 
ut et coronis de poefi Arabica hadlenus a nemine in Germania 
tradjta. 4° Rollochi, 1638. 

FABRICIUS (Johannes Sebaldus), brother of the 
preceding. B. 1622. 

Difputatio theologica de Deo et eius operibus' ... 

4° Daventriae, 1645. 

FABRICIUS {Otho), Dani/lo clergyman. B. I 744. 

Forfog til en forbedret Grbnland(l< grammatica. 

8° Kiobenhavn, 179 I. 

— Andet Opiag. 8° Kiobenhavn, 1801. 



The New Teftament tranflated into the Greenland dialeft. 
1794. See Bible, Verfions, Greenlaniii/h. 

Den Giondlanflve Oidbog, foibedret og foroget. 

8° Kiobenh. 1804. 

FABRICIUS (Philippus Conradus), German phyfi- 
cian, 1714-74. 

DilTeitatio exhibens praecipuas cautiones in fedlionibus 
et perquifitionibus cadaverum humanoiiini pro ufu fori obfer- 
vendas. Helmftadii, 1 7 50. Refpond. Urban. Frid. 
Bened. Briickmann. [Schlegel, Colledlo opufculorum 
feleBonwi, i. 1 2 5 .] 

Diirertatio de lethalitate vulnerum ventriculi fecundum 
principia anatomica et medica expenfa. Hehnft. I 7 5 ' • 
Refp. Aegid. Jungen. [Ibid. ii. 196.] 

Progi". quo cauflae infrequentiae vulnenam lethalium prae 
minus lethiferis ex fabrica corporis humani anatomica et fitu 
partium praecipue eruuntur. Helmftadii, 1753. [Ibid. 
iv. 79.] 

FABRICIUS (ViN'CENTius), German poet and jurifl, 

Orationes civiles ad Poloniae reges, nomine publico 
habitae. DlfTertationes argumenti varii : in quibus et fatyra 
Pranfus paratus. Epiftolae ... Poemata ... Accurante 
Friderico Fabricio Fil. 8° Francof. 1685. 

FABRICY (Gabriel), French antiquarian. D. I 800. 

Recherches fur I'epoque de I'equitation et de I'ufage 
des chars equeftres chez les anciens ; ou I'on montre I'incer- 
titude des premiers temps hiftoriques des peuples relative- 
ment a cette datte. 2 torn. 8° Marfeille, 1764. 

FABRITIUS (Karl Moriz). 

Denkmahl Paulo Sarpi. 8° Leipzig, 1791. 

FABRO BREMUNDAN (Francisco). See Fran- 
cifco Fabro Bremundan. 

FABRONI (Adamo), 
Dell' arte di fare il vino. 

8° Firenze, 1787. 

FABRONI (Angelo), Italian biographer, I 732-1 S03. 

Vitainim Italomm doiflrina excellentium qui faeculo 
XVIII floruemnt decas I. 8^ Romae, 1766. 

Lettere inedite di uomini illuftri, per femire d'appendice 
all' opera intitolata Vitas Italorum doftiina excellentium. 
2 torn. 8° Firenze, 1773—5. 

Vita? Italoram doftrina excellentium qui faeculis XVII 
et XVIII floruere. 14 torn. 8° Paris, 1 778-89. 

DifTertation fur les ftatues appartenantes a la fable de 
Niobe. fol. Florence, 1779. 

Laurentii Medicis magnifici vita. \Second volume : Ad- 
notationes et monumenta ad Laurentii Medicis magnifici 
vitam pertinentia.] 2 torn. 4° Pifis, 1784. 

Elogi d'illuftri ItaJiani. 2 tom. 8° Pifis, 1786. 

Magni Cofmi Medicei vita. [^Second vo/ume : Adnota- 
tiones et monumenta ad Magni Cofmi Medicei vitam per- 
Unentia.] 2 tom. 4- Pifis, 1789. 

Hiftoriae Academic Pifanae. 3 tom. 

4° Pifis, 1791-95. 
Leonis X. Pontificis Maximi vita. 4° Pifis, 1797. 
Elogj di Dante Alighieri, di Angelo Poliziano, di 
Lodovico Ariofto e di Torquato Taflo. 

8° Parma, 1800. 

FABROT (Charles Annibal), French jurifl, 1580- 

Notae ad tit. Cod. Theodofiani de paganis, ficrificiis, et 
templis. 4° Lut. Paris, 161 8. 

— [Otto, Thefaurus juris Romani, iii. I I 01.] 
Exercitationes xii. Accedunt leges xiv. quae in libris 

Digeftomm deerant, Graece & Latine nunc prinium ex Bafi- 
licis editx. [Ibid. iii. 11 37.] 

Replicatio adverfus Claudii Salmafii refutationem ; in qua 
mutuum alienationem elfe ollenditur ; de dominio dotis et 
de condiiftione traflatur. Item leges pleraeque et alia auc- 
torum loca emendantur et explicantur. [Ibid. iii. 1237.] 

Epiftola Car. Ann. Fabroti ... de mutuo, cum refpon- 
fione CI. Salmafii ad jEgidium Menagium. 

8° Lugd. Batav. 1645. 

Praeleflio in titulum Decretalium Greg. IX. de vita et 
honeftate clericomm. 4° Paris. 1 6 5 1 . 

— [Meerman, Novus thefaurus juris ciniilis et canonici, 
iv. 499.] _ ^ 

Difquifitiones dus : prioi', de jufto partu ; altera, de 
numero puerperii. 4° Paris, 1651. 

Juris canonici felefta ... opus a Joanne Petro de Mau- 
RizE inchoatum, a Fabroto abfolutum. 

FABRY (Ademar), Prince Bijljop of Geneva. 

Coutumes, ordonnances, franchifes et libertes de la ville 
de Geneve, recueillies et publiees en I'annee 1387, par 
Ademar Fabry, confii'mees par Felix V. adminiftrateur de 
cette eglife en I 444. Imprimees et traduites litteralement, 
fur une copie collationnee anciennement avec la bulle 
originale par deux notaires publics. 8' n. p. 1767. 


The hiftory and chronology of the fabulous ages con- 
fidered ... 1764. ^By Francis Wise.] 

FABYAN (Robert), alderman and Jlieriff of London. 
D. 15 I 2. 

Fabyan's Cronycle newly prynted, wyth the cronycle, 
aiftes, and dedes done in the tyme of the reygne of the 
mofte excellent prynce Kynge Henry the VII. fatlier unto 
our nioft drad Souerayne lord Kynge Henry the VIII. ... 

fol. Lond. 1533. 

The new chronicles of England and France, in two 
parts ; bv Robert Fabyan ; named by himfelf, the concor- 
dance of hiftories. Reprinted from Pynfon's edition of 
I 5 I 6. The firft part collated with the editions of 1533, 
1542, and 1559; and the fecond with a manufcript of 
the author's own time, as well as the fubfequent editions : 
including the different continuations. To which are added, 
a biographical and literary preface, and an index, by Henry 
Ellis. _ 4° Loud. 181 1. 



FACCIOLATI (Jacopo), profejfor of clajfical litera- 
ture in the univerfity of Padua, 1682— 1769. 

De optimis ftudiis orationes x. Accedunt laudatio fune- 
bris, commentarlolum de lingua latina, et exercitationes aliae. 

8° Patavii, 1723. 

Exercitationes in M. T. Ciceronis orationes II. pro P. 
Quiniftio & pro S. Rofcio Amerino. 1723. 

Orationes et alia ad dicendi artem pertinentia, cum prefa- 
tione D.Jo. Car. Nob. a Newenftein. 8^ Lips. 1751. 

De gymnafio Patauino fyntagmata XII. ; ex ejufdem 
gymnafii faftis exceqjta. 8° Patavii, 1752. 

Animadverfiones criticae in magnum P. Danetii Diifliona- 
riumLatino-Gallicum. Accedit mantifla. S° Patav. 1 7 59. 

Epiftolae Latinse. 8° Patavii, 1765. 

Totius Latinitatis lexicon, confilio et cura J. Facciolati, 
opera et ftudio Aegidii Forcellini. 1 771. 


Facetis facetiaram ; hoc eft, joco-leriorum fafciculus 
novus ... 12° Pathopoli, 1647, 

Facetiae. Mufarum delicis. By Sir J. M[ennis1 and 
Ja. S[mith]. 18 i 7. 

FACHINEUS (Andreas), German jiirijl ; JlourifJied 
circa I 5oo. 

Controverfiarum opus in quatuor tomos feiSum ... 

4° Lugduni, 1 609. 

Controverfiarum juris libri tredecim ; quibus omnes fere 
qusftiones proecipuae, ut funt, judiciales, contraftuum, ulti- 
marum voluntatum ; feudales, criminales, & alia: mifcellanes 
niira brevitate & perfpicuitate difcutiuntur. 

4° Colonias Agrippinas, 1649. 

Confiliomm libri tres, in quo queftiones intricatilllmae, 
civiles et criminales ... deciduntur ... 

fol. Francofuiti, 1 6 i o. 

FACI (RoQUE Alberto). 

Carmelo confegrado con fantiffimas imagines de Chrifto y 
ed Maria Sf'"^. 4=' Pamplona, 1759. 

FACIO DE DUILLIER (Nicholas). See Fatio 


FACIUS (Bartholomaeus), Italian hijlorian. D. 

De bello Veneto Clodiano liber ; ut et aliud parvi tem- 
poris bellum Venetum. [Gr/Evius, Thefaurus antiquilatum 
et hijloriarum Ilaliii, v. iv.l 

De rebus geftis ab Alphonfo Primo, Ncapoliianorum 
Rege, commentariorum libri x. Summo antehac iludio, 
vetuftiiFimis collatis exem])laribus, emendati, ac in lucem 
editi a Joanne Michaele Bruto. [Ibid. ix. iii.] 

FACIUS (Caspar), German writer, 1573 — 1646. 

Politica Liviana, quibus pacis & belli artibus imperium 
Romanum partuni, audum & multiplicatum ; inde quibus 
c] loribus ac vitiis arnidum fit. 4° Akenbuigi, 1 6 1 7. 

FACIUS (Joan. Freder.) 
Compendium dialeclorium Graecum 

8° Norimb. 1782. 

FACKLER (David Morris). 

A letter fiom David Morris Fackler, prelbyter of the 
Proteftantepifcopal church in the United States to . . . George 
W. Doane, D.D., LL.D., billiop of the diocefe of New- 
Jerfey ; vindicating the catholicity of the priefthood, in 
anfwer to the charge brought againft him of fchifmatical 
conduft. 8° Lond. 1852. 

SCRIPTS. See Manuscripts. 


Faftion difplay'd. A poem. 1704. \By William 

The hiftory of facflion, alias hypocrify, alias moderation, 
from its firft rife down to its prefent toleration in thefe 
kingdoms ; wherein its original and increafe are fet forth ; 
its feveral contrivances to fubvert the church and ftate 
apparently detefted ; and the fteps it has made towards 
getting into the fupream power, from the Reformation to 
the rifing of the laft Parliament are confider'd. 

8° Lond. 1705. 

Honefty the beft policy : or the mifchiefs of faflion 
(hewed in the charaifter of an high, and a low-church 
clergy-man. 8° Lond. 171 i. 

Fadtion detedled by the evidence of fafts ... 1743. 
[By John Perceval, fecond Earl of Egmont.] 


A voice from the faftories. 1836. [Poem /y' Caroline 
Elizabeth S. Norton.] 


Remarks on the propriety & neceffity of making the 
Faflory bill of more general application. 

8° Lond. 1833. 

Striiftures on the educational claufes of the altered Fac- 
tories bill. By a funday-fchool teacher. 

12° Lond. [1843.] 

An analytical digeft of the education claufes of the 
Faftories' bill now before Parliament, witli obfen-ations 
and objeiSions ; to which ai'e added, praiflical fuggeftions 
to the opponents of the bill. 8° Lond. 1843. 


The faiflory-child, a poem. 


12° Lond. 183 I. 

An efliiy on the faiSory queftion, occafioned by the recent 
votes in the Houfe of Commons. Addreiled to the ladies 
of England . . . [By l\Irs. Wulferjlan ."] 

8^ Lond. 1844. 

Fads and figures ; a periodical record of ftatiftics applied 
to current quellions. 8"^ Lond. 1842. 

Fadls and reflexions by a fubaltern of the Indian Army. 

12° Lond. 1849. 



Faifls without fiftion ... 1 85 4. [By John G. Hewlett.] 


A fliort view of the human faculties and paffions. [By 
John Bethune.] 

FACUNDUS, HJJmJ) of Hermiane In Africa ; Jourl/ljed 
in the bth century. 

Pro defenfione trium capitulorum Concilii Calchedonenfis 
libri duodecim, ad Juftinianum Impeiatoiem ; Jacob! Sir- 
mondi cura et ftudio nunc primum in lucem editi, notifque 
illuftrati. Contra Mutianum Scholafticum liber. [Max. 
billiotheca •ueterum Patrum, x. I.] 

Epiftola fidei catholics; in defenfione trium capitulorum. 
[Dacherius, Sp'icilegium, iii. 1 06.] 

FADDY (Peter), lieutenant-colonel. 
Eflay on the defence and military fyftem of Great Briuin, 
at home and abroad. 8° Lond. 1848. 


Sylloge leftionum Graecarum, glofTanim, fchollorum in 
tragicos Graecos atque Platonem ex Codd. ... MfT. Bibl. 
... Parifienfis ... emtorum ... Accedit obfen-ationum criti- 
carum fymbole in fcriptores aliquot clafficos et Graecos et 
Romanos nonnullarum. 8° Lips. 1813. 


Faereyinga Saga elier Faeroboernes Hiftorie i den ifland- 
l]<e Grundtext med faeroiHc og danflc Oveifaettelfe udgiven 
af Carl Chriftian Rafn. 4° Kjobenhavn, 1 832. 

FAERNUS (Gabriel), modern Latin poet. D. 1561. 

Poeniata. [Gruter, Delitiiz poetarum Italornm, i. 920.] 

— [Carmina illujlrium poetarum Italorum, iv. 127.] 
Fabulae centum, ex antiquis auifloribus dele(5lae, carmini- 

bufque explicatae ... 4° Petavii, 1730. 

FAESCHIUS (Sebastianus), Siuijsjurijl and antiquary, 

De nummo Pylaemenis Evergetae Regis Paphlagonis, 
eplllola ad ... Tobiam Hollandenam a Berau. [Gronovius, 
Thefaurus Gracarum antiquitatum, ix. 160 1.] 

FAETANUS (Matthaus). 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitiie poetarum Italorum, i. 944.] 

— [Carmina illujlrium poetarum Italorum, iv. 182.] 

FAG (Frederick), Efq. Pfeud. o/" James Johnson. 

FAGAN (Barthelemi Christophe), 1702— 1755. 

Le rendez-vous, ou ramour fuppofe, comedie . . . [Petitot, 
Repertoire du theatre Frani^ois, xxi. I .] 

La pupille, comedie en un afte et en profe ; reprefentee 
pour la premiere fois le 5 Juin 1734. [Ibid. xxi. 65.] 

FAGAN (William). 

The life and times of Daniel O'Connell. 2 vols. 

12= Cork, 1847-48. 

FAGE (D. F. la). See D. F. Lafage. 

PAGE (John). 

Speculum aegrotorum. The fick-men's glaffe ; or a 
plaine introduftion whereby one may give a true and infal- 
lible judgement of the life or death of a ficke bodie ... 
Whereunto is annexed a treatife of the foure liuinours . . . 

4= Lond. 1638. 

FAGEL (Francois Nicolas), ^i-nfra/. D. I 718. 

The Baron de Fagel's account of the campagne in 
Portugal of 1705, in leveral letters from the late King of 
Portugal, Queen Dowager, Baron de Fagel, the Dutch 
plenipotentiary, Schoonenberg, and others. With the 
reafons of the ill iuccefs of the fiege of Badajox ; and an 
exadl plan of that city and counti'y adjacent. Lately 
publifh'd in Holland by order of General Fagel, and done 
out of Fiench into Englidi. 4° Lond. 1 708. 

FAGEL (Gaspar), Penjioner of Holland, 1629-S8. 

A letter writ by Mijn Heer F., Penfioner to the great 
and mighty Lords, the States of Holland and Weftfriefland. 
Writ in French on the 9th of April, N. Stile 1 688, to 
the Marquis of Albeville, envoy extraordinary of His Majefty 
of Great Biitain, to the ... States General of the United 
Provinces. To which is prefixt an account in Dutch of 
the letter writ by Mijn Heer Fagel on the 4tli of Nov. in 
the year 1687, to Mr. Stewart ... Trandated out of the 
French and Dutch into Englifli. [No title-page.'] 

4° Amll. 1688. 

A letter wrote by Mijn Heer Fagel, penfioner of Holland, 
to Mr. James Stewart, advocate, giving an account of the 
Prince and Princefs of Orange's thoughts concerning the 
repeal of the teft and the penal laws. [Scott's edition of 
Somers' Tracts, ix. 183.] 

* Reflexions on Monfieur Fagel's Letter [to James 
Stewart.] [No title-page.] 4° n. p. [1688.] 

FAGELLUS (Simon), ^ourl/hed in the l6th century. 
Poemata. [Gruter, Delitia poetarum Germanorum, iii. 

FAGES-VAUMALE (Le Baron de). 

Aper^u general et raifonne fur la fortification de place. 

b" Lond. 1807. 

Fagging : is it hopeleffly infeparable from the difcipline 
of a public fchool ? 8° Lond. 1847. 

FAGIUOLI (Gio. Battista), Italian poet, i66o- 

Rime piacevoli. 6 parti. 4° Firenze, 1729-34. J 

FAGNANUS (Prosper), //a/fan canoni/l, i 598-1678. 

Jus canonicum ; five, commentaria abfolutiffima in V. 
libros Decretales. 3 torn. 

fol. Colonias Agrippina:, 1681-82 




Koitfattet norflc Konge-Saga fra Slutningen af det tolfte, 
eller Begyndclfen af det trettende Aarhundrede. Udgivet 
... af P. A. Munch og C. R. Unger. 

8° Chriftiania, 1847. 

FAHRENKROGER (Johann Anton). 

Nathan Bailey's DliSionary, Englifli-Gennan and 
German- EngHfli. G'anzHch umgearbeitet von D. J. A. 
Fahrenkriiger. 1 8 i o. 


Thouglits on the caiifes of the prefent failures. 

8" Lond. 1793. 

FAIN (Agathon Jean Fr.) 

The manufcript of 1 8 14. A hiftory of events which 
led to the abdication of Napoleon. Wiitten at the com- 
mand of the emperor. 8" Lond. 1823. 

FAIR (James). 

The robbeis of Kilworth, and other poems. 

12° Edinb. 1851. 

Poems, by Angus Fairbairn, the Scottifli finger. 

8° Greenwich, 1868. 

Crells of the families of Great Britain and Ireland, com- 
piled from the beft authorities by James Fairbairn, and 
revifed by Laurence Butters. Edited by Jofeph Maclaren. 

8° Edinb. [i860.] 


Hymns and poems. 8° Edinb. 1859. 

FAIRBAIRN (Patrick), D.D., prhuipal of the 
Free Church College, Gliifgoiv. 

The typology of Scripture, or the doiflrine of types 
inveftigated in its principles and applied to the explanation 
of the earlier revelations of God confidered as prepai'atory 
exhibitions of tlie loading truths of the gofpel. 2 vols. 

8° Edinb. i 845-47. 

— Second edition. 2 vols. 8^ Edinb. 1854. 

— Third edition. 2 vols. 8° Edinb. 1857. 

— Fifth edition. 8° Edinb. 1 8 70. 
Ezekiel, and his book of prophecy : an expofition. 

8° Edinb. 18 51. 

— Second edition. 8" Edinb. 1855. 

— Third edition. 8° Edinb. 1863. 
Prophecy viewed in rcfpeft to its diftinflive nature, its 

fpecial funiftion, and proper interpretation. 

8° Edinb. 1856. 

— Second edition. 8° Edinb. 1865. 
Hcrmcneutical manual : or, introduflion to the exegetical 

ftudy of the Scriptures of the New Te(tament. 

8'' Edinb. 1858. 
The imperial Bible dictionary, hiftorical, biographical, 
geographical, and doiftrinaj : including the natural hillory, 
antiquities, manners, cuftoms and religious rites and cere- 
monies mentioned in tlie Scri])tures, and an account of the 
VOL. ni. 

feveral books of the Old and New Teftaments. Edited by 
the Rev. Patrick Fairbairn, D.D. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. I 866. 
The revelation of law in Scripture: confidered with refpeft 
both to its own nature, and to its relative place in fucceffive 
difpenfations. The thirdferiesof the "Cunningham leaures." 

8° Edinb. 1869. 
FAIRBAIRN (Thomas). 

Britannia and Conway tubular bridges. Truths and tubes 
on felf-fupporting principles : a few words in reply to the 
audior of ' High- ways and dry-ways.' 12° Lond. 1849. 


Coal calculation tables .. . 8° Gatefliead, 1855. 

— Second edition. 8° Newcaftle, 1869. 

FAIRBAIRN (William), C.E., LL.D. 

Remarks on canal navigation, illuftrative of the advan- 
tages of the ufe of fteani, as a moving power on canals. 

8° Lond. 1831. 

An account of the conftruiflion of the Britannia and 
Conway tubular bridges ... 8° Lond. 1849. 

Two leiflures on the conftrudtion of boilers, and on boiler 
explofions, with the means of prevention ... Alfo a paper 
on the confumption of fuel and prevention of fmoke . . . 

8° Lond. i>S5i. 

On the application of caft and wrought iron to building 
purpofes. 8" Lond. 1854. 

— Second edition ... To which is added, a fhort treatife 
on wrought iron bridges. 8^ Lond. 1857 — 58. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1864. 

— Fourth edition, with additions. 8° Lond. 1870. 
Ufeful information for engineers ; being a feries of leflures 

delivered to the working engineers of Yorkfhire and Lanca- 
fhire ; together with a feries of appendices, containing the 
refults of experimental inquiries into the ftrength of materials, 
the caufes of boiler explofions, etc. 8 Lond. 1S56. 

■ — Second edition. 8° Lond. 

— Third and revifed edition. 8° Lond. 

— Fourth edition. 8° Lond. 

— Second feries ; containing experimental 
on the collapfe of boiler flues, and the ftrength of materials, 
and lecSures on popular education and various fubjeifls con- 
ne<5ted with mechanical engineering, iron (bipbuilding, the 
properties of fleam, etc. 8° Lond. i860. 

— Third feries . . . togetlier with treatifes on the com- 
parative merits of the Paris and London International 
exhibitions, on roofs, on the Atlantic cable, and on the 
effect of impaift on girders. 8' Lond. I 866. 

Treatife on mills and inillwork. 2 parts. 

8° Lond. 1861-63. 

— Second edition. 2 parts. 8° Lond. 1864-65. 
Iron ; its hiffory, properties, and proceffes of manufacSfure. 

8° Edinb. 1861. 

— [y/nolher ei/ilion.'\ 8° Edinb. 1865. 

— Third edition. 8° Edinb. 1869. 
Treatife on iron fhlp building : Its hiftory and progrefs . . . 

8° Lond. 1865. 
Lancafhire and Chefliirc, part and prefent ... By Thomas 
Baines. Witli an account of the rife and progrefs of manu- 




faftures and commerce, and civil and mechanical engineering 
in thefe diftrifts. By William Fairbaiin, LL.D. 1869. 


Improved, eafy, rapid, and delightful fyftem for acquiring 
the French language. 8° Lend. 1857. 

— Fourth edition. 8° [Lond. 1867.] 

— Key ... 8° Lond. I 8 57. 

— Key ... Fourth edition. 8° [Lond. 1867.] 

FAIRCLOUGH. See Featley. 


The troublers troubled, or Achan condemned, and exe- 
cuted. A fernion, preached before fundry of the honour- 
able Houfe of Commons, at Weftminfter, April 4, I 64 1. 

4° Lond, 164I. 

FAIRFAX (Ferdinando), Lord Fairfax. D. 1648. 

A miraculous vidory obtained by ... Lord Fairfax, 
againft the army under the command of the Earl of New- 
caftle at Wakefield in York-fhire ... fent in two letters to 
the honourable W. Lenthall, efq. ; Speaker in the Houfe 
of Commons. Alfo a letter of great confequence, which 
was found in Generall Goring's chamber, which was fent 
to him by his father the Lord Goring. 4° Lond. 1643. 

FAIRFAX (John), A.M. 

Primitis Synagogas. A fermon preached at Ipfwicli, 
April 26, 1700, at the opening of a new erefted nieeting- 
houfe. \Exod. XX. 24.] • 4° Lond. 1700. 

FAIRFAX (John). 

The colonies of Auftralia ; their formation, progrefs, 
and prefent ilate ; the difcovery of the gold fields, with the 
lateft intelligence from the diggings ; advice to emigrants, 
&c. &c. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1852. 


The elopement : a tale of the Confederate States of 
America. 8° Lond. 1863. 

FAIRFAX (Nathaniel), M.D. 

Tieatife of the bulk and felvedge of the woild, with 
an anfwer to Tentamina de Deo, by S. P. D. D. [i.e. 
Samuel Parker, Bp. of Oxford.'^ 8° Lond. 1674. 

FAIRFAX (Thomas), Lord Fairfax, 16 I 1-7 I. 

Letter to the hon. William Lenthall, efq.; Speaker of 
the Houfe of Commons ; of all the particulars concerning 
the taking of Bridgewater [July 23, 1645.] Together 
with a lift of the perfons of quality, and prifoners taken in 
the fight and town. 40 Lond. 1645. 

A declaration : or, reprefentation from his Excellencie, 
Sir Tho. Fairfax, and the army under his command. 
Humbly tendred to the Parliament concerning the juft and 
fundamental rights and liberties of themfelves and the king- 
dom. With fome humble propofals and defires. [June 
14.] 4^ Lond. 1647. 

An humble reprefentation from his Excellencie Sir 
Thomas Fairfax, and the councel of the armie ; concerning 

their paft endeavours, and now final! defires for the putting 
of the fouldiery into conftant pay ... Humbly prefented to 
the rt. hon. the Houfes of Parliament, by Colonell Sir 
Haidrefle Waller, and Colonell Whaley, Decemb. 7, 

1647. 4" Lond. 1647. 
A particular charge or impeachment, in the name of his 

Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, and the army under his 
command, againft Denzil Hollis, efq. ; Sir Philip Stapleton 
... members of the Houfe of Commons. 4° Lond. 1647. 

A remonftrance of his Excellency Thomas Lord Fairfax, 
Lord Generall of the Parliaments forces, and of tiie generall 
councell of officers held at St. Albans the 16. of November, 

1648. Prefented to the Commons aflembled in Parliament, 
the 20. inftant, and tendred to the confideration of the 
whole kingdome. 4° Lond. I 648. 

The Earl of Norwich, Lord Capel, &; Sir Charls Lucas, 
their peremptory anfwer, in refufing to furrender Colchefter, 
upon the Lord Generalls conditions. With his Excellencies 
fummons, and articles offeied them. Alfo his reply to the 
enemies laft anfwer. And all the fummons, articles, letters, 
and anfwers between his Excellencie, and tlie enemie, in 
Kent and Eflex. 4° Lond. 164S. 

A full nanative of all the proceedings betweene his 
Excellency the Lord Fairfax and the mutineers, fince his 
Excellencies advance from London, Thurfday May 10, to 
their routing and fui-prizall, Munday May 1 4, at mid- 
night ... 4 Lond. 1649. 

Short memorials of Thomas Lord Fairfax, written by 
himfelf. [Edited by Brian Fairfax.] 8° Lond. 1699. 

— ^Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, v. 374.] 

— [Maseres, Se/ed traBs relating to the civil wars in 
England, ii. 4O9.] 

The Faiifax correfpondence. Memoirs of the reign of 
Charles the Firft. Edited by George W. Johnfon, Efq. 
2 vols. 8° Lond. 1848. 

Memorials of the Civil war : comprifing the correfpond- 
ence of the Fairfax family. Edited by Robert Bell. 
Forming the concluding volumes of the Fairfax correfpond- 
ence ... 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1849. 

* Life ... By Clements R. Markham. 1870. 


Stories about birds. 

8° Lond. 1859. 

FAIRHOLME (George). 

A general view of the geology of Scripture, in which 
the unerring truth of the infpired narrative of the eaily 
events of the world is exhibited, and diftincHy proved, by 
the corroborative teftimony of phyfical fadls . . . 

8° Lond. 1833. 

FAIRHOLT (Frederick William), F.S.A. 

Lord Mayors' pageants : being collecftions towards a 
hiftoiy of thefe annual celebrations, with fpecimens of the 
defcriptive pamphlets publillred by the city poets. Part I. 
Hiftory of Lord Mayors' pageants. 8° Lond. 1843. 

— Part II. Reprintsof Lord Mayors' pageants. Edited, 
with introduftions and notes, by Frederick W. Fairholt, Efq. 
[for the Percy Society.] 8° Lond. 1844. 

The civic garland. A collection of fongs from London 



pageants. Edited, with intiodudlion and notes by Frederic!: 
W. Fairholt [for tiie Percy Society.] 8° Lend. 1 845. 

Collume in England : a hiltory of drefs from the earlieft 
period till the clofe of the eighteenth century. To which 
is appended an illuih'nted glolTary of terms for all articles 
of ufe or ornament worn about the perfon . . . 

8° Lond. 1846. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. i85o. 

The home of Shakfpere illuftrated and defcribed. 

8° Lond. 1847. 

Satirical fongs and poems on coftume : from the 1 3th 
to the 1 9th century. Edited by Frederick W. Fairholt 
[for the Percy Society.] 8° Lond. 1849. 

The Grimaldi Shakfpere. Notes and emendations on 
the plays of Shakfpere, from a recently-difcovered annotated 
copy by the late Jofeph Grimaldi, Efq., comedian, [v^no/j.] 

8° Lond. 1853. 

Mifcellanea graphica : reprefentations of ancient, medieval, 
and renaiflance remains in the polfellion of Lord Londef- 
borough. Drawn, engraved, and defcribed, by Frederick 
W. Fairholt. The hiftorical introdudlion by Thomas 
Wright, M.A., F.S.A. fol. Lond. 1857. 

Tobacco : its hiftory and aflbciations : including an 
account of the plant and its manufacture ; with its modes 
of ufe in all ages and countries. 8° Lond. 1859. 

Gog and Magog : the giants in Guildhall ; their real 
and legendary hillory : with an account of other civic giants, 
at home and abroad. 8° Lond. 1859. 

Up the Nile, and home again : a handbook for travellers 
and a travel-book for the library. 12° Lond. 1862. 

Homes, haunts, and works of Rubens, Vandyke, Rem- 
brandt, and Cuyp ; the Dutch genre-painters ; Michael 
Angelo and Raffaelle. Being a feries of art-rambles in 
Belgium, Holland, and Italy. S° Lond. 1871. 

Rambles of an archseologift among old books and in old 
places : being papers on art, in relation to archeology, 
painting, art-decoration, and art-manufaiflure. 

4= Lond. 187 I. 
Edited and illuftrated by 
8" Lond. n. d. 
8" Lond. n. d. 

A diflionary of terms in art. 
F. W. Fairholt. 

— \yliiolher editionJ\ 

FAIRHURST (Thos. Hartley). 

Chant book : a feleftion of Pfalms and hymns from 
Holy Sciipture, arranged and pointed for chanting. Third 
edition. 8° Lond. 1863. 


The recantation of a Brownift. Or a reformed puiitan. 
Written by one that hath altogether, bin led in the fame 
crronious oppinions for many yeeres together ... and now 
fince his converfion, hath meafured the pretended holy dif- 
clpline, by pallors, doi^ors, elders and deacons, (whicli the 
dilciplinarian nialecontents would obtrude upon our church), 
and hath found it far Ihorter, then the difcipline ufed either 
in the primitive church, or in this our Church of England : 
if all antiquitie be not reieifled. 

4° Lond. for Henry Goflbn, 1 606. 


The fortunes of Fairleigh ; a tale. In four parts. 

8°Glafg. [1857.] 

Gloflary of terms ufed in the coal-mining-diftrids of 
(firft:) South Wales, (fccond) Briftol and Somerfetlhire. 

8° Lond. 1868. 

Fairlop and its founder ; or fa<5ts and fun for the foreft 
frolickers. By a famed firft Fiiday fair goer. Contains 
memoirs, anecdotes, poems, fongs, &c., with the curious will 
ot Mr. Day, never before printed. 

8° Totham. Piinted at Charles Clark's private 
prefs. Fairlop's Friday, 1847. 

FAIRMAN (William), teacher of mathematics. 

A treatife on geography, the ufe of the globes, and 
aftronomy ; the order which the mutual connexion and 
de])endence of the feveral parts acquire, towards a perfeft 
underftanding of the whole. 8° Lond. 1788. 

Stocks examined and compared ; or a guide to purchafing 
in the public funds. 8° Lond. 1795. 


Cheap fugar ; or, Coolie immigration to the Weft Indies : 
in a feries of letters. 8° Edinb. 1859. 


Suum cuique : or. Church and State in the prefent afjjeft 
of their union, and our duties under it, confidered : with 
fpecial reference to the cafe of the Madeira chaplaincy. 
By Faiqjlay. 8° Lond. 1850. 

Fair play ; political thoughts addrefTed to moderate men, 
by one of themfclves. 8° Lond. 1852. 

Prince Albert — why is he unpopulai- ? By Fairplay. 
Second edition. 8^ Lond. 1857. 

A plea for the Britilh foldier. By Fairplay. 

8° Lond. 1859. 

The true ftate of the American queftion : reply to Mr. 
Thurlow Weed. By Faiqilay. 8° Lond. 1862. 

FAIRPLAY (Frank). 

A brief plea for the old faith, and the old times, of 
" Merrie England," when men had leifure for life, and time 
to die: &c. 8° Lond. 1846. 


The fairy book ... 1863. {By Dinah Maria Muloch.] 

Fairy Family. 

The fairy family ... 1857. {By Archibald MacL aren.] 

Fairy Footsteps. 

Fairy footfteps ; or, lefTons from legends. 

8° Lond. [1861.] 
Fairy Land. 

The giant and faiiy-land of our own times. 

8° Lond. 1 85 I. 



Fairy Library. 

George Cruikfhank's fairy library. Hop-o'-my-thumb. 
Jack and the bean-llalk. Cinderella. Pufs in boots. 

8° Lond. [1870.] 
Fairy Life. 

Fairylife and fairyland : a lyric poem. Communicated 
by Titania through her fecretary, Thomas of Ercildoune, 
fometime of Eildon, Scotland, and called, when habiting 
this earth, ' The rhymer ' and ' "True Thomas.' 

8° Lond. 1870. 

Fairy Queen. 

The fairy queen ; an opera. 4° Lond. 1 692. 

Fairy Tales. 

Fairytales. By fldmble fliamble. 8° Durham, 1869. 

FAITH. See alfo Confession of faith. 

A difcourfe concerning a guide in matters of faith. 
1 68 7. [j5)' Archbiihop Thomas Tenison.] 

An inquiry into the right reafon of faith, and the economy 
of revelation ; involving an inquiry concerning the reafons and 
confequences of the elfential difference between the ancient 
and the modern kinds and fources of religious evidence. 
By a layman. 8° Lond. 181 5. 

The fubftance of two difcourfes upon the nature of faith ; 
by a much admired prelate of the laft century. 

4° Lond. 1824. 

Formularies of faith, put forth by authority, during the 
reign of Henry VIII. viz. Articles about religion, 1536; 
The inltitution of a Chriftian man, 1537; A neceifary 
doftrine and erudition for any Chriftian man, 1543. 
[Edited by Chars. Lloyd.] 8° Oxford, 1825. 

Letters on the evidences of faith, and the impregnable 
fecurity of believers in Chrift ... Alfo, a letter from a 
miniller of the Church of England ; a letter to a friend ; 
and a letter from Luther to Erafmus. By a layman. 

8° Lond. 1826. 

An effay on the extent of human and Divine agency in 
the produiflion of faving faith. i2°Edinb. 1827. 

An appeal to the Holy Scriptures themfelves, on the 
dodlrines ot faith and works ... By a layman. 

8° Lond. 1830. 

Mores catholici ; or, ages of faith. 1835—47. [i?)r K. 

H. DiGBY.] 

The authenticated report of the difcuflion which took 
place in the chapel of the Roman Catholic college of 
Downfide, near Bath. Subjefts — the rule of faith, and the 
facrifice of the mafs ... 8" Lond. 1836. 

Annals of the propagation of the faith ... A continuation 
of the Lettres edifiantes ... 1839. 

Saving faith, as laid down in the Word of God, and 
maintained in confeflions of the Reformed Churches : being 
a feries of works by the following authors : John Anderfon, 
D.D., rev. Ebenezer Erfkine, rev. William Cudworth. 

8" Edinb. 1843. 

Oudines of the Chriftian faith, in fifteen ftiort le(5tures, 
by a clergyman of the Church of England. 

12° Lond. 1846. 

Faith and infidelity. Pait I. The 1260 years of the 

Apocalypfe. A fhort difTertation on the time of the tefti- 
mony of the two witnefTes ... 8° Lond. 1848. 

— Part II. Two differtations on the time of the end ... 

8' Lond. 1848. 

Faith and practice : being fundry thoughts in verfe. 
By a country curate, author of " Thoughts in verfe for the 
afBiaed." 8° Lond. 1850. 

Some firft principles of a Chriftian faith ... To which is 
added a clear and Scriptural expofition of the doftrine of 
baptifm, and of other fubjedls now agitating the Church. 

8° Lond. 1850. 

Faith verfus baptifm ... 8° Lond. 1851. 

Faith, the ideal, and ait. 8° Lond. 1852. 

Faith and woiks ; or, the teaching of the Bible the 
teachingof the church. A dialogue. I 2° Lond. I 852. 

The ecllpfe of faith ... 1 8 52. \_By Henry Rogers.] 

Saving faith, viewed in reference to the teaching of the 
rev. R. Aitken, and others. 12° Lond. 1854. 

The unity of the faith ; or, Jefus as the manifeftation of 
God in all ages. 8° Lond. 1857. 

Tales of fiiith and loyalty ; hiftorical epifodes in Brittany 
and La Vendee. 8"" Lond. 1858. 

Aids to faith ; a feries of theological effays by feveral 
writers. Edited by William Thomson, D.D. 1S61. 

Illuftrations of faith : eight plain fermons, by one of the 
writers of the "Traifls for the Chriftian feafons." 

8° Oxford, 1862. 

Faith and peace : being anfwers to fome of the " Effays 
and Reviews," by the following writers : William Edward 
.Telf, B.D., James Wayland Joyce, M.A., James Fendall, 
M.A., William Lee, D.D., Edgar Huxtable, M.A. ; with 
a preface by the venerable Archdeacon Denifon. 

8° Lond. 1862. 

The foes of our faith, and how to defeat them ; or, the 
weapons of our warfare with modem infidelity. By a well- 
known author. 8' Lond. 1862. 

The foundations of our faith : ten papers read before a 
mixed audience of men. By Profeffors Auberlen, Gefs, and 
others. 8° Lond. 1863. 

A layman's faith, doiftrines, and liturgy. By a layman. 

8= Lond. 1866. 

The rule of faith : being an eafy explanation of the 
Aportles' creed. 8' Frome-Selwood, 1868. 

The two Chriftian faiths of the world ; or, what is " the 
faith which was once delivered unto the faints ? " 

8° Lond. 1870. 

Our faith. 8° Lond. 1870. 

Faith Gartncy's girlhood. 
T. Whitney.] 

1865. \By Mrs. A. D. 

Faith, hope, & charity ? a tale of the Reign of terror. 

8" Lond. 1858. 
Faith, hope, and charity. By an old author. 

8° Lond. [1863.] 

Faithful and true ; or, the Evans family. By the author 
of " Win and wear " ... 8° Lond. 1 864. 




Faithful Chance: a time ftory. By the author of "The 
bread of deceit," " Firft Lent lillies," &c. &c. 

12° Lend. 

Verfe piftures for cottage walls. 8° Lond. n. d. 

FAITHFUL (Francis J.) 

A fermon, dedicated to the mofi: noble tlie Marquefs 
of Salilbury, preached at Bifhop's Hatfield, Herts. [l Cor. 
ii. 3.] 8° Lond. 1820. 

FAITHFUL (James S.), M.A., vicar of North 

" Wlio (hall cover our countiy's nakednefs?" A fer- 
mon preached on Sunday, 20th January, 1 8 56, on behalf 
of the London temperance league, in St. Mary's Matfe- 
lon, Whitechapel. \Gen. ix. 20, 2 1.] 

12° Lond. 1856. 


On fome of the drawbacks connefted with the prefent 
employment of women : a paper read before the National 
Aflbciation for the promotion of focial fcience, in Lon- 
don, June I Ith, 1862. Third edition. 

8° Lond. 1862. 

FAITHFULL (James Gra^itham), vicar of C/je/hunt, 
IVallbam Crofs. 

Juftification by faith, cleared from error. 

8° Lond. I 847. 
FAITHHORN {io»ii),furgeon. 

Fafls and obfeiTations on liver complaints and bilious 
diforders in general. 8^ Lond. 181 4. 

FAJANUS (Nicolaus). 

Traflatus per modum quaeftionis, haftenus non impre/Tus, 
An mulier tranfiens ad fecunda vota, dicatur cafte & honefte 
vivere. [F. Zilettus, TraBatus univerft juris, ix. 121.] 


The fakeer : a tale. 1756. \By Richard Owen 

FALBE (C. T.) 

Recherches fur I'emplacement de Carthage, fuivies de 
renfeignenients fur infcriptions Puniques inedites . . . 

8^ Paris, 1833. 

— Planches. fol. Paris, 1833. 

FALCANDUS (Hugo), Sicilian hiftorian ; fiouriflied 
ill the 11th century. 

De rebus geftis in Sicilis regno hiftoria ; cum Gervafii 
Tornacsei, Sueflionenfis dedicatione, cui infertum prooemium, 
item cjufdem Tornacasi Hiftoriae encomion. [Gr;evius, 
Ihefaurus antiquitatum et hijloriarutn Sicilid:, torn, v.] 

— [MuRA'roRi, Reruin Italicarum fcriptores, vii. 24/-] 

FALCK (Josephus). 

Mundus afpedabilis philofophice confideratus. 

fol. Aug. Vind. 1 740. 

FALCK (N.) profejfor of laiv at the univerfity of Kiel. 

Schreiben an den Henn Confiftorialrath Boyfen, R. v. 
D. in Borsfleth iiber feine neulich erfchienenen Thefes. 
Angehangt eine Eiklarung des Herrn Candidaten Wehner, 
die Kinderlehre des Herrn Pallors Harms betreffend. 

8" Kiel, I 8 18. 

Cours d'introdudlion generale a I'etude du droit, ou en- 
cyclopedic juridique. Traduite de I'Allemand fur la qua- 
trieme edition et annotee par C.-A. Pellat. 

8° Paris, T841. 

FALCK (N. D.), M.D. 

The ready obfei-yator ; or an infallible method for de- 
termining the latitude at fea ; by altitudes of the fun, at any 
time of the day, either fore-noon or after-noon, independant 
of a meridional obfei-vation. 4° Lond. 1771. 

A treatife on the venereal difeafe. 8° Lond. 1772. 

The feaman's medical infti'uftor, in a courfe of leftures 
on accidents and difeafes incident to feamen in the various 
climates of the world. 8° Lond. 1774. 

A philofophical diflertation on the diving veflel projedted 
by Mr. Day, and funk in Plymouth Sound ... To which is 
added, an appendix, (hewing the various methods of weigh- 
ing fhips in general. 4° Lond. 1775. 

A treatife on the medical qualities of mercury. 

12° Lond. 1776. 

FALCKENBOURG (Gerard), Belsian philologi/l, 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitia poetarum Belgicorum, ii. 

FALCKENSKJOLD (S^neque Othon de), Danifh 
nobleman, 1738— I 820. 

Memoires ... a I'epoque du minift^re et de la cataftrophe 
du Comte de Stmenfee ... Precede d'une relation des cam- 
pagnes de M. Falckenlkiold dans I'armee Ruffe contre les 
Turcs, en 1 769 et 1770, et fuivi de confiderations fur 
I'etat militaire du Danemarck ; avec une notice preliminaire 
iur la vie de I'auteur ... par M. Phil. Secretan. 

8° Paris, 1826. 

FALCO BENEVENTANUS, Italian hiflorian ; 
Jlourifljed in the J 2 th century. 

Chronicon (a.d. i 102— 40). [Muratorius, Rerum 
Italicarum fcriptores, v. 79.] 

• — • [Peregrinius, Hifloria principum Longoharjorum, iv. 

13 5-] 

— [Gr/Evius, Thefaurus antiquitatum Italorum, ix. i. 


FALCO (Benedictus di), Neapolitan hiflorian ; flou- 
riflsed in the I 6//j century. 

Antiquitates Neapolis atque amocniflimi cjufdem agri ... 

I lO 


Latinae ex Italicis faftae, cura Sigeberti Havercampi. 
[Gr^vius, Thefaurus antiquitalum Ilalorum, ix. i. i.] 


The Falcon family : oi', young Ireland. 1845- \By 
M. W. Savage.] 

FALCONBRIDGE (Alexander), furgeon in the 
African trade. 

An account of the flave trade on the coafl: of Africa. 

8" Lond. 1788. 

FALCONER (David), advocate. 

Decifions of the Court of Seffion, from the month of 
November I 744, [to 28th July 1748.] 

fol. Edinb. i746[-68.] 

— Vol. II. From ift Nov. 1 748, [to 21ft December 
1751.] fol. Edinb. 1753. 

FALCONER (David). 

The agricultural crifis : or landlords' duties and tenants' 
rights. 4° Edinb. 1 8 50. 

FALCONER (Edmund). 

Memories : the bequeft: of my boyhood : poems. 

8° Lond. 1863. 

Murmurings in the May and fummer of manhood. 
O'Ruark's bride ; or, the blood-fpark in the emerald: and 
man's miffion, a pilgrimage to gloiy's goal : poems. 

8° Lond. 1865. 

FALCONER (Edwin). 

The Cagot ; or, heart for heart : a play in five afts. 
{Anon.'\ 8° Lond. [1857.] 

FALCONER (Hugh), A.M., M.D. 

Defcription of the plates of the Fauna antiqua Sivalenfis. 
From notes and memoranda by Hugh Falconer, M.D. 
Compiled and edited by Charles Murchifon, M.D. 

8' Lond. 1867. 

Palaeontological memoirs and notes of the late Hugh 
Falconer, A.M., M.D. With a biographical (Ivetch of 
the author. Compiled and edited by Charles Muichifon, 
M.D., F.R.S. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1868. 


Ciyptomenyfis patefafla : or, the art of fecret informa- 
tion difclofed without a key ; containing plain and demon- 
llrative rules for decyphering all manner of fecret writing. 
With exaft methods for refolving fecret intimations by 
figns or geflures, or in fpeech ; and the feveral myflerious 
propofals for fecret information mentioned by Trithemius, 
&c. By J. F. \Preface Jigned John Falconer.] 

8° Lond. 1685. 

— \Another edition, -with title .•] Rules for explaining 
and decyphering all manner of fecret writing, plain and de- 
monftrative. With exaft methods for underilanding intima- 
tions by figns, geftures, or fpeech. Alfo, an account of 
the fecret ways of conveying written meflages, difcovered 
by Trithemius, Schottus, Lord Fran. Bacon, Bifliop Wil- 
kins, &c. With exaft tables and examples. 

8° Load. 1692. 

FALCONER (Patrick). 

The danger of refting in inadequate views of Chriftianity. 

12" Glafg. 1828. 

FALCONER (Rev. Thomas), A.M., M.D., /-//ow 
of Corpus ChrijTi College, Oxford, 177 I — I 839. 

The voyage of Hanno tranfiated ... explained from the 
accounts of modern travellers ... By Thomas Falconer. 

A letter to the rev. Richard Warner. [Anon.] 

S' Bath, 1804. 

FALCONER (Thomas), of Lincoln's Inn. 

Cafes of controverted eledlions, detemiined in committees 
of the Houfe of Commons, in the fecond Parliament of 
Queen Viftoria ... By Thomas Falconer and Edward H. 
Fitzherbert. 8° Lond. 1839. 

On furnames and the rules of law affei5ling their change 
... Second edition. 8° Lond. 1862. 

— Supplement. 8' Lond. 1863. 

* An anfwer to Mr. Falconer on the alTumption of fur- 
names without royal licence. 8° Lond. 1863. 

FALCONER (William), /o^/, 1730-69. 

The poetical works of Beattie, Blair, and Falconer ... 


Poetical works. With memoir by the lev. J. Mitford. 
\Aldine edition.] 8^ Lond. I 866. 

A poem, facied to the memory of his royal Highnefs 
Frederic Prince of Wales. 8^ Edinb. 1751. 

The Ihipwreck ; a poem in three cantos. By a failor. 

4' Lond. 1762. 

— [Another edition.] With life by Robert Carinithers. 
lUuftrated by Birket Fofter. 4° Edinb. I 858. 

[Another edition.] S° Lond. 1868. 

An univerfal didlionaiy of the marine, or a copious ex- 
planation of the technical terms and phrafes employed in 
the conftruction, equipment, furniture, machineiy, move- 
ments, and military operations of a fhip ... to which is 
annexed, a tranflation of the French fea-terms and phrafes 
... A new edition ... 4° Lond. 1780. 

— Modernized and much enlarged by William Burney, 
LL.D. 4° Lond. 181 1. 

* Life. By David Irving, A.M. 1801. 

FALCONER (William), M.D., F.R.S., 1743- 

Remarks on the influence of climate, fituation, nature of 
country, population, nature of food, and way of life, on the 
difpofition and temper, manners, and behaviour, of mankind.^ 

4° Lond. 1 78 1. 

A difTertation on the influence of the palllons upon the! 
diforders of the body. Second edition. 

8^ Lond. 1 79 1. 

DilTertation on St. Paul's voyage from Caefarea tol 
Puteoli ; and on the apoftle's fhipwreck on the iflandl 
Melite. Second edition, with additional notes by Thomas 
Falconer. 8' Lond. 1870. 



FALCONET (Camille). 

lifTai fur le bai'reau Gi'ec, Romain, et Frangois, et fur 
les moyens de donncr du lullre a ce dernier. 

8° Paris, 1773. 

FALCONET (Etienne), French fculptor, I716-91. 

Oeuvres completes ... precedees de la vie de Falconet 
par P. C. Levefque ... Troifieme edition. 3 torn. 

8° Paris, 1808. 

FALCONIA(Proba Valeria), Latin poetefs ;fonrtfied 
in the 4/^ century after Chrifl. 

Cento ex Vergiiio de novo et ueteri teftamento. Venet. 
Aid. 1 501. [C. Sedulius, Mirahilium divinorum Ubri 

— [Mich. Maittaire, p. 1654.] 

— [Colleaio Pisaurensis, v. I 60.] 

FALCONIBUS (^neas de), Neapolitan jurijl ; 
Jlourijlxd in the 1 6th century, 

Traclatus utiliffimus refeiTationum papalium ac legatomm. 
[F. ZiLETTUs, Traclatus univerfi juris, xv. i. 248.] 

FALCONIERI (Octavus), Italian archaeology}, 
I 646-76. 

Infcriptiones athleticae nuper repertae, editae et notis 
illuftratae ab O. Falconieri ; quibus accefferunt alije ex 
Africanis marmoribus recens defcriptae ; una cum diflerta- 
tione de nummo Apamenfi. 4° Roraae, 1668. 

— [Gronovius, Thefaurus Gracarum antiquitatum, viii. 
2290, and X. 673.] 

Difcorfo intorno alia piramide de C. Ceftio ... Lettera 
al Signer Carlo Dati fopra I'ifcrizione d'un mattone cavato 
dalle ruine d'un muro antico ... S^Appended to Nardini, 
Roma anticaJ\ 

— \Latine. Gr^vius, Thefaurus antiquitatum Ro- 
manarum, iv. I 46 I, 1483.] 


Obfein'ations on the process patented by M. Falcony, 
for embalming and preferring the deceafed. 

12° Lond. [1858]. 
FALETI (Girolamo). 

Prima parte delle guerre di Alamagna. 

8° Vinegia, 1552. 

FALETUS (HiERONYMUs), Italian hi/lorian and poet, 

Poeniata. [CyRVrvK, Delitia poetarum Italorum, i. 944.] 

— \^Carmiua illujlrium poetarum Italorum, iv. 183.] 

FALISCUS GRATIUS. See Gratius Falifcus. 

FALK (Johannes Daniel), 1768-1826. 
Auferlefene Werke. 3 Theile. 8° Leipzig, I 8 i 9. 
Kleine Abhandlungen die Poefie and Kunft bctreffend. 

8° Weimar, 1803. 


Verfuch einer Darftellung der verfchiedenen ClafTen von 
Raubern, Dieben und Diebefhehlern ... 2 Thle. 

8° Berlin, 18 16. 

Falkenburg ; a tale of the Rhine. 1 8 5 i . [5y 
Hamilton Murray.] 

FALKENER (Edward). 

Dsedalus ; or the caufes and principles of the excellence 
of Greek fculpture. 8° Lond. i860. 

On the hy])Kthron of Greek temples ; a paper read 
before the Archasological fociety of Berlin : together with 
feme obfei-vations in reply to the reviewers of " Djedalus." 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 

Ephefus, and the temple of Diana. 4° Lond. 1862. 

FALKLAND. Pfeud. 0/ Francis Perceval Eliot. 
FALKLAND, Vifcount. See Henry Cary. 


Papers relative to the late negotiation with Spain ; and 
the taking of Falkland's Ifland from the Englifli. 2 parts. 

4° Lond. 1777. 
Laws and ordinances of the Falkland Iflands. 

8° Lond. 1858. 
Falkner ; a novel. 1837. [^ji Mrs. Shelley.] 

FALKNER (Frederic). 

The muck manual ; a piaflical treatife on the nature and 
value of manures ... By F. Falkner, and the author of 
" Britilli hulbandry." 12° Lond. 1843. 

FALKNER (R. H.), A.B., curate of Loofe, Kent. 

The advent afpedl of the Lord's fupper. 

12° Lond. 1859. 

FALKNER (Thomas), w^owflo'- D. 1780. 

A defcription of Patagonia and the adjoining parts of 
South America ; containing an account of the religion, 
government, cuftoms, &c., of the Indian inhabitants, and 
(onie particulars relating to Falkland Iflands. 

4° Hereford, 1774. 

FALKNER (William), D.D. 

Chiiftian loyalty ; or, a difcourfe, wherein is affertcd 
that juft royal autliorlty and eminency which in the Church 
and realm of England is yielded to the King, efpecially 
concerning fupremacy in caufes ecclefiaftical. 

8° Lond. 1684. 


What was the fall ? or, a brief ftatement of the doflrines 
of divines on the firft and fecond death ; with obfenations. 



in which it is attempted to be (hown that the two deaths 
are to be Hterally undciftood. 8° Lend. 1S45. 

FALL (Thomas). 

The furveyor's guide ; or, every man his own road 
maker... 12° Retford, 1827. 

FALLE (Philip), M.A., redor of St. Saviour's, 
Jerfey, 165 5-1 742. 

An account of the ifle of Jerfey ... 8° Lond. 1694. 
— Second edition \w'ith title : Caefarea, or an account 
of the ifle of Jerfey ...] 8' Lond. 1734. 

FALLE (Philip). 

Rhymes and lyrics, chiefly on facred fubjefls. 

8° Lond. 1865. 

How frefli viflims are obtained to reci'uit the ranks of 
the fallen. By the wife of a clergyman. Reprinted from 
" The magdalene's friend." \No title-page^ 

8° Lond. n. d. 

FALLETTI DI BAROLO (Marchefa Giulia). 
* Life ... By Silvio Pellico. 1866. 

FALLMERAYER (J. Phil.), German hijlorian and 

Gefchichte der Halbinfel Morea wahrend des Mittel- 
ajters : ein hiftorifcher Verfuch. 2 Bde. 

8° Stuttgart, 1830-36. 
FALLOIS (Joseph de). 

Traite de la caftrametation et de la defenfe des places 
fortes. 8° Berlin, 1 77 1. 

FALLOON (William Marcus), M.A., incumbent of 
St. Bride's, Liverpool. 

" Remember and repent." A pallor's addrefs to his 
people. 8° Liveqiool, 1848. 

A pallor's warning, and a pallor's " word in feafon :" 
being the fubllance of two feinions . . . Third edition. 

8° Livei'pool, 1849. 

" Be not deceived." A pallor's addrefs to his people ... 

8° Liverpool, 1849. 

" Beware and be fledfafl:." A pafl:or's addrefs to his 
people ... 8° Livei-pool, 1849. 

" Confider what I fay." A pallor's addrefs to his 
people ... Third edition. S° Liveqjool, 1S49. 

Drops from the well of living water : being notes on 
(hort leilures ... 12° Liverpool, 1 853. 

Links of gold from the chain of grace : being the fub- 
flance of Ihort leftures ... 12° Liverpool, 1854. 

A good man : being the fubjeft of a feiTnon preached 
in St. Bride's Church, Liverpool, on Sunday morning, 
Odlober 29, 1854, on the occafion of the death of the 
rev. James Haldane Stewart. \Aas xi. 24.] 

8° Lond. 1854. 

Sunday fchool teachers ; their pofition, qualifications, 

refponfibilities : a fermon ... [i Cor. xv. 58.] Second 
edition. 12° Liverpool, 1S54. 

Hymns for children and for Sunday fchools. Arranged 
by the rev. William M. Falloon. 8° Lond. 1854. 

" The mighty hand : " a word to my flock, at the be- 
ginning of 1855. [l Pet. V. 6-9.] 

12° Liverpool, 1855. 

Are thefe things fo ? Or dignities and duties. Short 
ledlures ... 12° Liverpool, 1856. 

A prince and a great man fallen : a fermon preached on 
the occafion of the lamented death of the Prince Confort . . . 
[2 Sam. iii. 38.] 12° Liverpool, 1862. 

Echoes of the old llory : leftures . . . 

8° Liverpool, I 869. 

Confecration and occupation : being the fubllance of two 
fermons ... \Rom. xii. I, 2 ; Luke xix. 13.] 

12° Liverpool, n. d. 

FALLOPIUS (Gabriel), Italian anatomift, I 523-62. 

De medicatis aquis atque foffilibus traftatus, ab Andrea 
Marcolino ipfius difcipulo colledus. 4° Venetiis, 1569. 

FALLOUX (Frederic Alfred Pierre de). Count ; 
French hijlorian. B. 1 8 I I . 

Antecedents and confequences of the prefent flate of 
things in France and Italy. Tranflated from the French. 

12° Lond. 1861. 

A panorama of Falmouth ... being a complete guide to 
the harboui", town, and furrounding country. 

8° Falmouth, 1S27. ■ 

Falfe honour. A tale. 


8° Lond. 

Falfe pofitions ; or, flcetches of chara(5ter. In two 
volumes. 8° Lond. 1863. 


The falfe Hep ; and the fillers. 3 vols. 

1 2° Lond. 1832. 
FALSINA (Lazzaro). 

Diflertazione fopra I'antichitk e I'origine delle proceflioni. 
[DissERTAZiotii i/loriche, fcientifiche, erudite, isfc. ii. I 1 3.] 

FALSTAFF (Sir John). 

* An eflay on the dramatic charafter of Sir John Fal- 
flafF. 1777. [5_y Maurice Morgann.] 

* Life ... By Robert B. Brough. 1858. 

FALSTER (Christianus), reaor of Ribe College, 
Jutland, 1 690-1 7 5 2. 

Supplementum linguae Latinje, (we obfeiTationes ad 
Lexicon Fabro-Cellarianum (edit, novifs. Lips. a. 17 10), 
cujus mille aliquot lacunae, ex audoribus aureae, argenteas, 
et asneae aetatis fupplentur ; adjeflis paffim notis criticis et 
philologicis ... cum praefatione Severini Lintrupii. 

8° Flenlburgi, I 7 I 7. 



Amoenitates philologicae, five difcurfus varii. 2 torn. 

8° Amft. I 729—32. 
The SIEGE of Famagofta. 1858. 


Political fame. 1847. [By Rofe Ellen Hendriks.] 
Fame : an effay on the difficulties, dangers, and difTatif- 
facftion connected with the feeking after, and the obtaining 
the approbation of men ; with fome reflexions on the bene- 
fits of being approved of God. By a thinking labourer in 
the field of evangelical efforts. 8° Lond. 1853. 


Familiar things ; a cyclopaedia of entertaining know- 
ledge. 12" Lond. 1852. 


A fupplication of the family of love (faid to be prefented 
into the kings royall hands, knowen to be difperfed among 
his ioyall fubieftes) for grace and fauour. Examined, and 
found to be derogatorie in an hie degree, unto the glorie of 
God, the honour of our king, and the religion in this realme 
both foundly profefled and firmly eftabliflied. 

4° Printed for lohn Segate, printer to the uni- 
verfitie of Cambridge, 1 6o5. 

The head of the family. A novel. By the author of 
"Olive" and "The Ogilvies " [Mifs Mulock.] 1852. 

A story of a family party. 1852. 

The two families : an epifode in the hiftoiy of Chapel- 
ton. 1852. [By Mrs. S. R. Whitehead.] 


The family at the Lea ; a tale of home. In two 
volumes. 8° Lond. 1862. 

The flower of the family. 1866. [jBji Mrs. Prentiss.] 
The unfortunate family ; or the Devonshire tragedy, 
n. d. 

Family Economist. 

The family economift ... Vols. 1 1. -VI. 

8° Lond. 1849-53. 
— New illuftrated feries. Vols. I. -IX. 

8° Lond. 1854-60. 
The family economift an illuftrated weekly penny 
magazine. Vol. I. 8° Lond. i860. 

Family Friend. 

The family friend. Vols. I. II. VII.-X. 

8° Lond. I 849—58. 

Family Herald. 

The family herald, or ufeful information for the million 
... Vols. I. IIL-V. IX. XI.-XXIII. 

4= Lond. 1844-65. 

Family History. 

A family hiftory : by tlie author of " The Queen's 
pardon." In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1861. 

Family Paper. 

Cailell's illuftrated family paper. Vols. I. II. IV. 
fol. Lond. [1853-57.] 

— New Series. Vols. I.-XIII. 

4° Lond. 1858-64. 
Family Pride. 

Family pride, a novel. 1871. [5_)i Francis Derrick.] 

Family Sunday Book. 

The family Sunday book, or pleafant pages for Sabbath 


8 Lond. n. d. 

Family Treasury. 

The family treafury, or Sunday reading for i86o[— 62.] 
Edited by the rev. Andrew Cameron. 

8° Lond. 1860-62. 

The caufe of the prefent threatened famine ti-aced to its 
real fource, viz. an aftual depreciation on our circulating 
medium, occafioned by the paper currency, with which the 
war, the fliock given to public credit in 1794, the ftoppage 
of the bank in 1 797, and the bankruptcies of Hamburgh in 
1799, inundated the country, to accommodate government, 
and enable the merchants to keep up the price of their mer- 
chandize ... By Common Senfe, author of the letter which 
appeared under that fignature in the Morning Chronicle of 
September 2 7 on this fubje6t. 8° Lond. 1800. 

The famine as yet in its infancy; or, 1847 compared 
with the profpedls of 1848, 1849, &c. Addi-effed to 
every-body. 8° Lond. 1847. 


Bibliotheca fanatica : or, the fanatick library : being a 
catalogue of fuch books as have been lately made, and by 
the authors, prefented to the college of Bedlam. 1660. 
[Niir/eian Miscellany, viii. 69.] 

The charadler of a fanatick. By a peiTon of quality. 
1675. [Ibid. vii. 596.] 

The charafler of a fanatick in general, by what other 
name however he may be more fpecially dillinguilhed. 

fol. Lond. 1681. 

A caveat againft fanaticks under all denominations. Viz. 
preft)yterians, independents, anabaptifts, &c. Being an hif- 
torical account of their principles, and praiflices, both in 
Scotland, and England ... In two letters, humbly offered to 
the confideration of the Parliament. 8° Lond. 17 15. 

Semper iidcm : or, a parallel betwixt the ancient and 
modern fanaticks. [Harleian Miscellany, vii. 376.] 

Fanatic blunders ... 1710. 

The fanatic saints ... 1778. 


The rife and growth of fanaticifm : or, a view of the 
principles, plots, and pernicious ])iai5lices of the diflenters, 
for upwards of i 50 years. Alfo, an extracfl of tlie life of 
that pretended reformer Jolin Knox. And an account of 
the writings and life of Buchanan. Together with King 
James the Firft's Charader of the preftjyterians. 

8° Lond. n. d. 



Fanaticifm. By the author of the natuial hiftory of 
enthufiafm [Ifaac Taylor]. 1866. 

FANCOURT (Charles St. John). 

The hiftory of Yucatan, from its difcovery to the clofe 
of the feventeenth centuiy. 8° Lond. 1854. 

FANCOURT (J.) See J. F^scutt. 

FANCOURT (Samuel), Ji/fenl'm^ mlnjjler, 1678- 

The greatnefs of the divine love vindicated, exemplified, 
and difplay'd, in three letters. I. Concerning the poffi- 
bility of our common falvation. II. Concerning the im- 
portance of a firm belief of it. III. Concerning God's 
abfolute decree of the aftual fall and mifery of men and 
angels. And in a difcourfe upon I John iv. 9. With an 
appendix about original fin. The fecond edition. 

8^ Lond. 1720. 

What will be, muft be : or, future contingencies no 
contingencies. Or, a fhort review and fair ftate of the 
points in controverfy. In a letter to the rev. Mr. John 
Norman. 8° Sarum, 1 7 30. 

An appendix to a letter to the reverend Mr. Norman. 
The third edition. 8° Sarum, 1732. 

The apology : or, a letter to a friend ; fetting forth the 
occafion, progrefs, and impoitance of the prefent controverfy. 
The fecond edition. 8° Sarum, 1 7 30. 


A fermon, preached before the Univerfity of Cambridge, 
on commencement Sunday, June 29, 1823. \_Ads vii. 
26.] 8° Lond. 1823. 

The infecurity of falvation in the Church of Rome. A 
fermon ... [Px. cxxxvii. 5, 6.] 8° Leicefter, 1830. 

A fernion preached ... at the Leicefterfhire anniverfiry 
meeting of the Society for promoting Chriftian knowledge, 
and of the Incoi-porated fociety for the propagation of the 
gofpel in foreign parts, on Thui-fday, July 10, 1834. [i 
Tim. iii. 15.] 8" Lelcefl:er, [1834.] 


Stenography remodelled, a treatife developing an entirely 
new fyftem of fliort-hand writing on the bafis of grammar 
and the analogy of language. 12^ Lond. 184O. 

Idiography : a fyftem of fhort-hand writing, on the bafis 
of grammar, and the various analogies which form the 
idiom of language. 12= Lond. 1847. 

— [Another edition.^ By J. Fancourt. 

I 2° Lond. 1849. 


The exhibition of fancy ; a vifion. 4° Lond. 1776. 

The pleafures of fancy. A poem : in two parts. 

8° Lond. 1822. 


Lady's album of fancy work for 1850 ... 

4' Lond. 1850. 

FANDER (Rev. John). 

The proper ufe of fhall and will fully explained by two 

fliort rules and two German words, foUen & woUen ... in 
a letter to an Irifti ftudent at an Englifh college. 

8" Lond. 1858. 

FANE (C.) 

Bankruptcy refoiTn : in a feries of letters addrefled to 
Williams Hawes, Efq. Letters I. II. III. IV. 

8° Lond. 1848. 

FANE (Mrs. Cecil). 

The good almond in the rough ftiell. Adapted from 
the German. 12° Lond. 1858. 

FANE (Sir Francis). 
The facrifice ; a tragedy. 

FANE (Hon. Henry). 
The diftrefs and the remedy. 

4° Lond. 1686. 

8° Lond. 1843. 

FANE (Henry Edward). 

Five years in India : comprifing a narrative of travels in 
the prefidency of Bengal, an account of the late expedition 
to Cabul and AfFghaniftan ... 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1842. 

FANE (John), eleventh Earl of Wejlmoreland. 

Memoir of the early campaigns of the Duke of Welling- 
ton, in Portugal and Spain. By an officer employed in 
his army. 8° Lond. 1820. 

A letter to Earl Fortefcue, on his fpeech in the Houfe 
of Lords, Friday, July 24, 1857, refpedting a monument 
to Field- Marfhal Lord Raglan. 8° Lond. 1858. 

FANE (Hon. Julian Charles Henry). 

Poems. 8' Lond. 1852. 

— Second edition. With additional poems. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

Tannhaufer ; or, the battle of the bards : a poem, by 
Neville Temple \Pfeud,'\ and Edward Trevor \Pfeud. of 
Hon. E. R. Lytton]. 8° Lond. 1 861. 

* A memoir. By Robert Lytton. 8° Lond. 1 871. 


Fanfan ; or, the king's butterfly 

8° Lond. 1865. 

FANNANT (Thomas), clerk 

A true relation of that memorable Parliament which 
wrought wonders; begun at Weftminfter, 1386, in the 
tenth yeare of King Richard the Second : whereunto is 
added an abftracfl of thofe memorable matters before andj 
fince the faid king's reign done by Parliaments, \ylni 
1 641. \Scott^s edition of Somers' Tracts, iv. I 74-] 

— [Harleian Miscellany, vii. 244.] 

FANNIN (John), A.B. 

A harmony and expofition of our blefTed Lord's laftl 
prophecy, in which the difficulties, that ha\e hitherto per- 
plexed commentators, are fatisfadorily explained. 

8° Dublin, 1832. 

FANNIUS (Q. Rhemnius), Palxmonis. Grammarian ; 
Jlouriflied in the \Jl century after Chrijl. 

De ponderibus & menfuris, liber rarus & utililTimus. 
[A. C-Celsus, De re medica ... 1528.] 



— [BuRMANNUS, Poets Latini m'tnores, p. 143.] 


Fanny ; or, the deferted daughtei', a novel ; being the 
firft literary attempt of a young lady. 2 vols. 

12° Lond. I 792. 
How little Fanny learnt to be ufeful. 

8° Lond. [1865.] 
Fanny Dennifon, a novel. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1852. 


Fanny Hervey ; or, the mother's choice. I S 49. \By 
Mrs. Stirling.] 


Fanny Lincoln ; or, the mountain daify. 

I 2° Lond. n. d. 

FANO (Martinus de), Greeli jur'ijl ; Jlounjlied in the 
I Jfth century. 

De exceptionibus impedicntibus litis ingreffum. [F. 
ZiLETTUs, TraHatus unl'veij'i juris. III. ii. 1 02.] 

Traftatus de brachio, feu auxilio implorando per judicem 
ecclefiafticum a judice feculari, vel e contra. [Ibid. xi. ii. 

Traftatus de probanda negativa. [Herculanus, TraSatus 
de probatida negativa, Francof. I 664, p. 3^°"] 

■■ — [F. ZiLETTUs, Tradalus univeiji juris, iv. 12.] 

FANQUIER (Francis). 

* Obfervations upon the Fanquier's effay on ways and 
means for raifing money to fupport the prefent war ... 1756. 
\_By Jofeph Massie.] 


Fans of all countries. A feries of twenty photographs 
of Spanifh, French, German, Italian and EngKlh fans. 
[Publilhed] under the fanftion of the Science and art 
department ... 4° Lond. 187'!. 

FANSHAW (Sir Richard), 1608-66. See alfi 
Fan sH awe. 

Original letters ... during his embaffics in Spain and 
Portugal ... with divers letters and anfwers from the ciiief 
minifters of ftate of England, Spain and Portugal ... 

8" Lond. 1702. 

FANSHAW (Sir Thomas). 

The practice of the Exchequer court, with its feverall 
offices and officers. Being a (liort narration of the power 
and duty of each fingle perfon in his feverall place. Written 
at the requeft of the Lord Buckhurft, fomctime Lord 
Treafurer of England. By Sr. T. F. S^^ Lond. 1 6 58. 

FANSHAWE (Ann Harrison, Lady), 1625-80. 
Memoirs of Lady Fanfhawe, wife of the right hon. Sir 
Richaid Fanfiiawe, bart., written by herfelf. To wliicii are 
added extrafls from the corrcfpondence of Sir Richard 
, Fanlhawe. [^Edited by Sir H. Nicolas.] 

8° Lond. 1829. 


National fins call forth national judgments. A fermon . . . 
[Ezei. xiv. 13.] 8° Lond. 1845. 

FANSHAWE (Cyril Aston). 

The book of battle fongs, a colleflion of the war fongs 
of various nations, and a feleflion of curious popular lyrics, 
domeftic and warlike, chiefly from the languages of the North 
and the Eaft. (Rendered by various tranllators.) With 
remarks on the poetry of martial enthufiafm by Cyril Afton 
Fanfhawe. 8° Lond. n. d. 

Mes fantaifies. 

8° Amfl. 1768. 

FANTIN DES ODOARDS (Antoine Etienne 
Nicolas), French hijlorian, 1738— 1820. 

Hiftoire de France depuis la mort de Louis XIV. jufqu'a 
la paix de Verfailles en 1783. 3 torn. 8° Paris, 1789. 

Hiifoire de la Republique Francjaife, depuis la feparation 
de la convention nationale, jufqu'a la conclufion de la paix 
entre la France et I'Empereur. 2 torn. 8° Paris, I 798. 

Hiftoire d'ltalie, depuis la chute de la Republique 
Romaine, jufqu' aux premieres annees du dix-neuvieme fiecle. 
9 tom. 8° Paris, 1803. 

FANTOSME (Jordan), fpiritual chancellor of the diocefe 
of Winchejler • Jlourijhed in the I 2 //; century. 

Chronicle of the war between the Englifh and the Scots 
in 1 1 7 3 & 1 1 7 4. By Jordan Fantofme. Now fii'ft 
publifhed, with a tranflation, an introduflion, notes, and 
an appendix, by Francifque Michel, F.S.A. [for the 
Surtees Society.] 8° Lond. 1840. 

— [Tranflated from the original text, with preface and 
notes, by the rev. Jofeph Stevenfon, M.A.] [Stevenson, 
Church hijlorians of England, iv. 242.] 

FANTUZZI (iL Conte Marco), Italian antiquary, 
1 7 40- 1 8 06. 

Monumenti Ravennati de' fecoli di mezzo, per la 
maggior parte inediti. 6 tom. 4° Venezia, 1 801—4. 

FARA (Joannes Franciscus), Sardinian hiflorian ; 
Jlouri/lxd in the I 6th century. 

De rebus Sardois hiftoria. [Gr/Evius, Thefaurus anli- 
quitatum et hifloriarum Sicilite, tom. xv.] 

Tracftatus five nova opinio de effentia infantis, proximi 
infanti, & proximi pubertati. [F. Zilettus, TraSatus uni- 
•aerji juris, viii. ii. 388.] 

FARADAY (Michael), LL.D., 1794-1867. 

Chemical manipulation. 8° Lond. 1827. 

— Tliird edition. 8° Lond. 1S42. 
On the alleged decline of fcicnce in England [;'« anfivcr 

to Bahhage's " Reflexions on the decline," ^V.] By a 
foreigner [L. Dumas ?] [Edited by Michael Faraday.] 

8^ Lond. 183 I. 
Experimental refearches in eleflricity ... 3 vols. [Vol. 
I. is of the Second edition.] 8' Lond. 1849-55. 



The fubjeft matter of a courfe of fix lectures on the 
non-metaUic elements ... arranged, by permiflion, from the 
leiluver's notes, lent for the occafion, by J. Scoffera, M.B. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

Experimental refearches in chemiftry and phyfics. Re- 
printed from the Philofophical Tranfaftions of 1S21-1857; 
The Journal of the Royal Inftitution ; The Philofophical 
Magazine, and other publications. 8^ Lond. 1859. 

A courfe of fix leftures on the various forces of matter 
and their relations to each other. Edited by William 
Crookes. 8° Lond. i860. 

A courfe of fix leftures on the chemical hiftory of a 
candle ; to which is added a leflure on platinum, delivered 
before a juvenile auditory at the Royal Inftitution ... Edited 
by William Crookes. &° Lond. 1861. 

FARAM (John). 

EfFay on man's ideas of power ; being a new expofition 
of the principles of philofophy proper, on the bafis of three 
ideas ... 12° Lond. 1 85 7. 

FARB^US (Thomas). 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitiie poetarum Gallorum, i. 89 7.] 


Shepton Mallet : notes on its hiftory, ancient, defcriptive, 
and natural. 8' Shepton Mallet, [1859.] 


Recueil de farces, moralites, fermons joyeux, etc., tire 
d'un ancien manufcrit. 8° Paris, 1831. 


A fhort view of the Society for promoting Chriftian 
knowledge, in which its claims upon the eftablifhed clergy 
are confidered. 8° Camb. 1830. 

FAREL (William), French reformer, 1489-1565. 
* William Farel. By Wm. M. Blackburn. 1867. 

FARET (Nicolas). D. 1646. 
Recueil des lettres nouvelles. Tom. I. 

8° Paris, 1634. 
L'honefte homme ; ou, I'art de plaire a la cour. 

8° Paris, 1 640. 

Farewell to the outward bound ... 1849. [5y Thomas 


FAREY (JoHs), furveyor and geologj/l, 1766— 1826. 

View of the agriculture and minerals of Derbydiire, with 
obfervations on the means of tlieir improvement. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1811-13. 

A treatife on the fteam engine, hiftorical, praftical, and 
defcriptive. 4° Lond. 1827. 

Hiftoriae Farfenfes, edente L. C. Bethmann (viz. Con- 
ftmdio Farfenfis ; Hugonis opufcula, Ordo Farfenfis ; 

Gregorii Catinenfis opera ; Catalogus abbatum Farfenfium ; 
Annales Farfenfes.) [Pertz, Monumenta Germania h'ljlo- 
r'tca, xiii. 519.] 

Excerpta chronici monafterii Acutiani, five Farfenfis, 
in Ducato Spolctano. [Duchesne, H'tjlor'iit Francorum 
fcriptores, iii. 650.] 

FARGUE (Frances Harriet la). See Frances 
Harriet Lafargue. 

FARHILL (Edward). 

The fitter of charity ; the magic lantern ; a tribute to 
the memory of Lafayette ; with minor poems and tranfla- 
tions. 8° Lond. 1835. 

FARIA (DiDACUS Ybanez de), Spanifi jurijl ijlourtfbed 
In the I "Jth century. 

Additiones, obfen'ationes et notae ad libros variarum re- 
folutionum . . . Didaci Covarruvias . . . 

fol. Lugduni, 1676. 
FARIA (Francisco de). 

The narrative of Segnior Francifco de Faria, interpreter 
and fecretary of languages unto Gafper de Abreu de Frei- 
tas, late ambaffador in ordinaiy from the crown of Portugal, 
to his rnoft facred Majefty of England. Wherein is con- 
tained the feveral infoi'mations given upon oath before the 
right hon. the Lords committees, for examinations touching 
the horrid Popilh plot ... fol. Lond. 1680. 

FARIA Y SOUSA (Manuel de), Portuguefe hiflo- 
r'tan, 1590-1649. 

Epitome de las hiftorias Portuguefas ... dividos en quatro 
panes. 4^ Madrid, 1628. 

Hiftoria del reyno de Portugal ... 

fol. Amberes, 1730. 

The hiftory of Portugal, from the firfi: ages of the world, 
to the great revolution under King John IV. in the year 
1 640. Tranflated, and continued to the year 1698, by 
Captain John Stevens. 8° Lond. 1698. 

Imperio de la China ... compuefto por Alvaro Semmedo 
... Publicado por Manuel de Faria i Soufa ... 1642. 

— ^Another edition.^ fol. Lifboa, 173 I. 

Afia poituguefa ... 2 tom. fol. Lifboa, 1674— 1703. 

The Portugues Afia ; or, the hiftory of the difcovery 
and conqueft of India by the Portugues ... tranflated into 
Engliih by Captain John Stevens. 3 vols. 

8° Lond. 1695. 

Europa Portuguefa. Segunda edicion ... 3 tom. 

fol. Lifboa, 1678-80. 

Africa Portuguefa ... fol. Lifboa, 168 I. 

FARINA (Bartholomaeus), Italian 'writer ; Jlourl/hedx 
in the I ~lh century. 

De Bergomi origine & fatis commentarius, fuccinfte ex 
gravibus au(ftoribus, hiftoriis, ejufdemque urbis ailis publicis 
colleftus ... Ex Italicis Latine vertit Abrahamus Preigerus. 
[Gr/Bvius, Thefaurus antiquitatum et hifloriarum Italic, ix. 

7-] - 



FARINACIUS (Prosper), Italian juri/l, 1544-16 1 3. 
Opera omnia ... in tomos novem divifa ... 

fol. Francofurti, n. d. 

VThe above general title is given on a feparate title-page 
in the Jitjl vol. of the Jet, hut each vol. has a title of its own 
as belo'W.~\ 

Praxis et theoricae criminalis libri duo ... 

fol. Francofurti, 1622. 
Traflatus de teftibus in tres titulos diftributus ... 

fol. Francofurti, 1606. 

[ Cum Jedluris in librum fecundum 

Decretalium extra de teftibus & atteftationibus ... Cura 
•Toannis Viereggii. fol. Ofnabrugi, I 77 7.] 

Praxis et theoricae criminalis pars tenia. Secunda editio. 

fol. Francofurti, n. d. 
Operum criminalium pars quaita ... [Confiliorum five 
refponforum criminalium liber primus.] 

fol. Francofurti, 16 14. 
Confiliorum five refponfomm criminalium continuatio, 
five liber fecundus ... fol. Francofurti, 1616. 

Decifiones criminales Rotae Romanae ccclxxii. ... 

fol. Francofurti, l5l6. 
Praxis et theoricae criminalis pars quidem quarta ; aft 
operum criminalium pars quinta ... fol. Francofurti, i5io. 
OpeiTjm criminalium pars fexta ... 

fol. Francofurti, 1612. 
— Pars feptima ... fol. Noribergs, 1646. 

Traiflatus de haerefi, qui eft Operum criminalium pars 
VIII. ... fol. Francofurti, 1619. 

Decifionum Rotae Romanae ... centuriae novem ... 

fol. Francofurti, 1649. 
De immunitate ecclefiarum ... fol. Francofurti, 1632. 

Fragmenta criminalia ... fol. Ulniae Svevorum, 1646. 

A tranflation of the pleading in defence of Beatrice Cenci 
and her relative. [George Bowyer, ^ dijfertation on the 
flatutes of the cities of Italy. ^ 

FARINDON (Anthony), B.D., pafor of St. Mary 
Magdalen, London, 1596-1658. 

Sermons ... to which is prefixed the life of the author, 
by the rev. Thomas Jackfon, S.T.P. 4 vols. 

8° Lond. 1849. 

FARINGTON (Joseph), R.A. 

Memoirs of the life of Sir Jodrua Reynolds ; with fomc 
obfervations on his talents and charafter. 

8" Lond. I 8 19. 

FARINI (LuiGi Carlo). 

The Roman State, from 181 5 to 1850. Tranfiated 
from tlic Italian by the right hon. W. E. Gladftone, M.P. 
4 vols. 8' Lond. 1851 — 54. 

FARISH (William), M.A., proffer of chemiflry in 
the univerfily of Cambridge. 

A plan of a courfe of ]e<5lures on arts and manufacflures, 
more particulaily fuch as relate to chemiftry. 

8° Camb. 1796. 

— l/lnolhcr edition.'] 8° Camb. 181 3. 

FARISH (William Milner), M.A. 

A plan for immediately ameliorating the prefent dif- 
trefled condition of the agricultural poor, and permanently 
improving their moral charafter : contained Jin a letter ad- 
drefied to ... Vifcount Melbourne. 8° Lond. I 830. 

A thankfgiving fermon ... \_Lamen. iii. 22.] 

8° Prefton, 1S48. 


Grif; a ftory of Auftralian life. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1870. 

Jofhua Marvel. In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1871. 

FARLAEUS (Robert). See Robert Farlie. 

FARLEY (Edward). 

Imprifonment for debt unconftitutional and oppreflive, 
proved from the fundamental principles of the Britidi con- 
ftitution and the rights of nature. 8" Lond. 1788. 

FARLEY (J. Lewis). 

Two years in Syria. 8° Lond. 1858. 

The maflacres in Syria. 8° Lond. 1861. 

The refources of Turkey confidered with efpecial re- 
ference to the profitable inveftment of capital in the Otto- 
man empire ... 8° Lond. 1862. 

Banking in Turkey. 8 Lond. 1863. 

Turkey. 8° Lond. 1866. 

FARLEY (Richard). 
Tables of fix-figure logarithms. 

8° Lond. 1840. 

FARLEY (Thomas), B.D. 

The duty of peifefling holinefs in the fear of God ; an 
afllze fermon ... [2 Cor. vii. i.] 8° Lond. 1833. 


A voice from the font. Regeneration not neceffai'ilv 
connefted with baptifm ; proved from Holy Scripture and 
the articles and formularies of the Church of England. 

8° Lond. 1850. 

FARLIE (Robert). 

Kalendarinm humanje vitae. Kalender of man's life. 

8° Lond. 1638. 

Lychnocaufia ; five, moralia facum emblemata. Lights 
morall emblems. 8° Lond. 1638. 

Moral emblems with aphorifms, adages, and proverbs, of 
all ages and nations, from Jacob Cats and Robert Farlie. 


The praftical Norfolk farmer ; defcribing tlie manage- 
ment of a farm througiiout the year ; witli obfervations 
founded on experience. Second edition. 

8° Norwich, 1809. 

An inquiry into the caufes that have impeded the increafe 
and improvement of arable farms, and that have principally 
diftrcfled the landed intereft ; with fome fuggeftions for 
cftablifiiing a fyftem of pemianent relief. 8° Bath, 18 16. 

An adl to confolidate and amend the laws relating to 
fpiritual perfons holding of farms ; and for enforcing the 



refidence of fpiritual perfons on their benefices ; and for the 
fupport and maintenance of ftipendiary curates in England. 

8" Oxford, I 817. 
An addrefs to the landowners & the public on the large 
farm fyftem. By an obfen-er. 8° Lond. 1843. 

On the conftruflion of farm buildings in Ireland. 

8° Dublin, 1850. 
Farm life ; or, fl<etches for the country. 

12° Lond. 1861. 
Our faim of four acres. 1870. [By Mifs Coulton.] 
Groombridge's farm and garden eflays. [No Utle-pageJ\ 

8° n. p. n. d. 

FARMAN (Rev. Savivi\,), reSor of Layer Mamey, 

Conftantinople in connexion with the prefent war. 

8° Lond. 1855. 
Damafcus, and fome of its recoUeftions. 

8° Lond. 1857. 
FARMAN (William). 

Prayers, adapted to be ufed before and after fermon, or 
for private devotion. 8° Lond. 1837. 


The farmer's return from London. An interlude. 
1762. [By David Garrick.] 

The farmer's guide in hiring and ftocking farms. 1770. 
[By Arthur Young.] 

The farmer's letters to the people of England. i 7 7 1 . 
[By Arthur Young.] 

A letter of advice to the farmers, land-labourers and 
country tradefmen in Scotland ... i 7 7 1 . [By William 

Fanner's ha': a Scots poem ... 1776. [By Charles 

The farmer's friend : a record of recent difcoveries, 
improvements, and pra(5lical fuggeftions in agriculture. 

8° Lond. 1847. 

The farmers' real friend, fhewing how to brew with 
three-fourths barley to one-fourth malt ; fhewing, alfo, the 
malt-tax to be no tax at all to thofe who underftand what 
they are about. By a brewer of 25 years' (landing. 

12° Lond. 1847. 

Tlie freedom of the firmer not his boa(t nor glory ; or, 
the church that cofls nothing. \0n tithes.^ Third edition. 

12° Lond. 1850. 

The cafe of the farmer and labourer dated : in a letter to 
Benjamin D'Ifraeli, Efq., M.P. 8' Lond. 1 851. 



The farmer's herald and gardener's gazette ... 1855— 



The farmer's library. Animal economy. Vol. I. 

8° Lond. n. d. 
The farmer's magazine. 1801-71. 
The Britifli farmer's magazine. 1826-71. 


A friendly addrefs to the farmers of Scotland . . . i 759. 
The Scots farmer, or feledl efTays on agriculture ... of 
Scotland ... 1773. 

FARMER (Edward). 

A feledlion of original fongs, fcraps ... By Ned Farmer. 

8° Lond. 1846. 
— Third edition [entitled : " Ned Faimer's fcrap book," 
etc.] 8° Lond. 1863. 

FARMER (Hugh), difenting mini/ler, 1714— 87. 

Letters to the rev. Dr. Worthington in anfwer to his 
late publication intitled An impartial enquiiy into the cafe 
of the gofpel demoniacks. 8° Lond. 1 7 78. 

The general prevalence of tiie worfhip of human fpirits 
in the antient heathen nations afleited and proved. 

8° Lond. 1783. 

A diflertation on miracles. 8° Edinb. 1798. 

FARMER (John). 

The hiftory of the ... town and ... abbey of Waltham 
. . . from the foundation to the prefent time ; to which is 
added, the hiftory of abbies, abridged, from the year 977 to 
their difTolution, and down to the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 

8° Lond. 1735. 

FARMER (John). 

A gazetteer of the ftate of New-Hampfhire. By John 
Farmer and Jacob B. Moore. 12- Concord, 1 82 3. 

FARMER (Richard), D.D., 1735-97. 
An eflay on the learning of Shakefpeare. 

8° Lond. 1789. 
FARMER (Robert). 
The pleafures of melancholy and other poems. 

I 2= Lond. I S47. 
FARMER (Sarah S.) 

Tonga and the Friendly Iflands ; with a flcetch of their 
miflion hiftory. Written for young people. 

8° Lond. 1855. 
Wife to win fouls ; a memoir of the rev. Zephaniah Job. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

Farming for ladies ... 1844. [By J. F. Burke.] 
An hirtorical review of model farming in Ireland. 

I 2" Dublin, 1859. 

Pra(5tical famiing : in a feries of tieatifes by R. O. 

Pringle, ProfefTor Murray, and other diftinguifhed agricul- 

turilh. 8° Edinb. [18 71.] 

FARNABIE (Thomas), i 575-1647. 

Index rhetoricus et oratorius. 12° Amft. 1672. 

FARNHAM (Eliza W.) 

The ideal attained ; being the ftoiy of two ftedfaft fouls,! 
and how they won their happinefs and loft it not. Second! 
edition. 8' Lond. [187 I.] 


An elementary fchool hiftory of England. 

12= Lond. 1859. 



FARNHAM (Thomas J.) 

Travels in the Great Weftern Prairies, the Anahuac 
and Rocky Mountains, and in the Oregon Teiritory. 2 
vols. l2°Lond. 1843. 

FARNIE (Henry). 

The golfer's manual ; being an hiftorical and defcriptive 
account of the national game of Scotland ; with an appendix. 
By a keen hand. 8° Cupar, 1857. 

Pet Marjorie : a ftory of child life fifty years ago. 
[J,wn.] 8° Edinb. 1858. 

The Fife coafi: : from Queensferry to Fifenefs. 

8° Cupar-Fife, n. d. 

FARNINGHAM (Marianne). 

Life flietches, and echoes from the valley. 

8° Lond. 1861. 
— Second feries. 8° Lond. 1868. 

- — Third feries. 8° Lond. 1871. 

Lays and lyrics of the bleffed life : confiding of Light 
from the crofs, and other poems. Second edition, 

8° Lond. 1 86 1, 
Chats by the fea. 8° Lond. 1868. 

Girlhood. 12" Lond. 1869. 

Little tales for little readers. 12° Lond. [1869.] 

Home life. 12° Lond. [1869.] 

Boyhood. 12° Lond. [1870.] 

The cathedral's fhadow. 8° Lond. 1871. 

The Sunday fchools of the future. 12° Lond. 1871. 


Far off; or, Afia and Auftralia, [Africa and America] 
defcribed ... 1852-4. [By Mrs. Thomas Mortimer.] 


Farquhar Frankheart ; or, incidents in the introduftion 
of Methodifm into Yorkdfire : a tale. By the author of 
" Orphan Upton," " The heirs of the Farmftead," etc. etc. 

8' Lond. [i860.] 

FARQUHAR (Barbara H.) 

Real religion ; or, the praflical application of Holy 
Scripture to the daily walk of life. By the authorcfs of 
" The pearl of days." 12° Lond. 1850. 

Female education : its importance, defign, and nature 
confidea-d. 12° Lond. 1851. 

Poems. 8° Lond. [1864.] 

FARQUHAR (David). 

The torch of time : or, the temporal advantage of 
the Sabbath confidered in relation to the working clafles. 
Working men's effays on the Sabbath. Third piize. 

12° Lond. 1849. 

The workman's teftimony to the Sabbath ... 1851. 

FARQUHAR {Georgh), Jmrnali/I, 167S-1707. 

Works ; containing all his poems, letters, efliiys, and 
comedies. The tenth edition ... In two volumes. 

12° Lond. 1772. 

The dramatic works of Wycherley, Congreve, Vanbnjgh 
and Farquhar ... 18 40. 

The conftant couple, or, a trip to the jubilee ; a comedy. 
The third edition ... 4= Lond. 1701. 

— [New Britifii Theatre, vol. xii.] 

Sir Harry Wildair : being the fequel of the Trijj to the 
jubilee; a comedy. 4° Lond. 1701. 

The inconftant ; or, the way to win him ; a comedy. 

4° Lond. 1702. 

The beaux flratagem ; a comedy. 4° Lond. [1707.] 

Barcellona. A poem. Or, the Spanifh expedition, 
under the command of Charles Earl of Peterborough, until 
the reduflion of the city of Barcellona to the obedience of 
Charles HL king of Spain. 4° Lond. [1708.] 

The recmiting officer — a comedy. [New Britifii 
Theatre, ix.] 

The twin rivals — a comedy. [Ibid, x.] 

FARQUHAR (Maria). 

Biographical catalogue of the principal Italian painters, 
with a table of the contemporary fchools of Italy. Defigned 
as a hand-book to the piiture gallery. By a lady. Edited 
by Ralph N. Wornum. 8° Lond. 1855. 

FARQUHAR (Robert Townsend). 

Suggeftions, arifing from the abolition of the African 
flave trade, for fupplying the demands of the Weft India 
colonies with agricultural labourers. 8° Lond. 1807. 

FARQUHAR (William) 
Poems on feveral occahons. 

8° Edinb. 1794. 


Court of Chancery. The letter addrefTed to the editor 
of the Courier, on Saturday June 11, 1825, in refutation 
of the unfounded charges againft the right, hon. Lord Eldon 
... and the fyftem of the Court of Chancery. 

8° Lond. 1825. 

FARQUHARSON (James), LL.D., mwl/l^r of 
Alford, Merdeenjliire, 1782— 1844. 

A new illuftration of the latter part of Daniel's laft vifion 
and prophecy. 12° Lond. 1838. 

The pleafures of home : or domeftic fcenes and afl^e(5lions 
of the circle round the hearth. 8° Lond. 1846. 

FARR (Edward). 

A new verfion of the Pfalms of David ... 1S36. See 
Bible, Verfions, Eng/i/h, b. 

Seleft poetry chiefly devotional of the reign of Queen 
Elizabeth : coUefled and edited for the Parker fociety by 
Edward Fair, Efq. 2 parts. 8° Camb. 1845. 

Seleft poetry, chiefly facred, of the reign of King James 
the Firft : colleflcd and edited [for the Parker fociety] by 
Edward Farr. 8" Camb. 1847. 

The collegiate, fciiool, and family hiftory of England. 

12° Lond. 1848. 

— New edition. 12° Lond. 1856. 

Pilgrim battles : the crofs and the ciefcent. 

12° Lond. [1S64.] 

A memory fiieet of the great events of Britifli hiftory 



from the Roman conqued to the reign of Queen Vidoria. 
Edited by Edward Farr. S. Sh. Lond. [1865.] 

The manual of geography, phyfical and political ... New 
edition, edited by R. Saunders ... 8° Lond. 1861. 

The hiftory of England from the acceffion of George 
III. to the tenth year of the reign of Queen Viftoria. 
[The hiftoiy of England by Hume and Smollett with a 
continuation ... by William Farr.] 

Jephtheginia, or Jephthah's daughter : with other poems. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

Every child's hiftory of Rome : adapted for the junior 
clafles from " Mifs Comer's Hiftory of Rome." 

I 2^ Lond. n. d. 

FARR (Samuel), M.D., 1741-95. 

Elements of medical jurifprudence ... l2°Lond. 1815. 

FARR (William), M.D. 

An elfay, explanatory of a method whereby cancerous 
ulceration may be flopped, by the formation of crufts, and 
granulating margins ; together with obfervations and direc- 
tions, for the treatment of other analogous difeafes ... 

8° Lond. 1828. 

A medical guide to Nice. 12° Lond. 1841. 

Englifh life table. Tables of lifetimes, annuities, and 
premiums ; with an inti-odudion by William Farr, M.D. 

8° Lond. 1864. 

FARR (William). 

The hiftory of England by Hume and Smollett, with 
a continuation to the reign of Queen Viftoria by William 
Farr. \The general title is as above, but the Jeparate title of 
the vol. of continuation runs as folloivs : The hiftory of Eng- 
land from the acceflion of George IIL to' the tenth year of 
the reign of Queen Viifloria. By Edward Farr, Efq.] 

n. d. 

FARRAND (Banks). 

Man natural and fpiritual. 8° Lond. 1851. 

The Chriftian fyftem, or teachings of the New Tefta- 
ment ; a treatile on and book of quotation or reference to 
every doclrinal paflage, from Matthew to Jude ; arranged 
according to the fubjefls. 8° Lond. 1856. 

FARRAND (Rebecca). 

* A fifter's memorial ; or account of Rebecca Farrand. 
[By S. A. Farrand.] Alfo, drawn up by her, a brief flcetch 
of an elder fifter. 1857. 

FARRAND (Sarah Ann). 

A fifter's memorial ; or, a little account of Rebecca 
Farrand : alfo, drawn up by her, a brief ll<etch of an elder 
fifter. 8° Lond. 1857. 

FARRAR (Adam S.), M.A., frofejor of divinity in 
the Univerfity of Durham. 

Science in theology : fermons preached in St. Mary's, 
Oxford, before the Univerfity. 8° Lond. 1 8 59. 

A critical hiftory of free thought in reference to the 
Chriftian religion : eight le(5hires preached before the Uni- 
verfity of Oxford, in the year m.dccc.lxii. on the foundation 
of the late John Bampton, M.A. 8° Lond. 1862. 

FARRAR (Frederic W.), M.A. 

" The influence of the revival of claffical ftudies on 
Englifti literature during the reigns of Elizabeth and James 
L" : an eftay which obtained the Le Bas prize for the year 
1856. 8° Camb. 1856. 

"The truth iTiall make you free:" a fermon ... \John 
viii. 32.] 8' Camb. 1857. 

The people of England : a leflure . . . 

8° Lond. 1857. 

" The Chriftian doflrine of the atonement not inconfiftent 
with the juftice and goodnefs of God." An efTay which 
obtained the Norrifian prize for the year mdccclvii. 

8' Camb. 1858. 

Eric, or litde by litde, a ule of Roflyn fchool. Second 
edition. 8^ Edinb. 1858. 

Julian Home, a tale of college life. 8° Edinb. 1859. 

— Second edition. 8^ Edinb. i860. 

Lyrics of life. 8° Camb. 1859. 

An effay on the origin of language, bafed on modem re- 
fearches, and efpecially on the works of M. Renan. 

8° Lond. i860. 

St. Winifred's ; or, the world of fchool. \_Anon.~\ 

8' Edinb. 1862. 

Chapters on language. 8° Lond. 1 865. 

A brief Greek fyntax, and hints on Greek accidence ; 
with fome reference to comparative philology ... 

8° Lond. 1867. . 

Eflays on a liberal education. Edited by rev. F. W. 
Fan-ar. 8'' Lond. 1867. 

Seekers after God. 8= Lond. [i 868.] 

The fall of man and other fermons, preached before the 
Univerfity of Cambridge and on various public occafions. 

8" Lond. 1868. 

Families of fpeech : four leflures delivered before the 
Royal Inftitudon ... 8" Lond. 1 8 70. 

The witnefs of hiftory to Chrift, five fennons preached 
before the Univerfity of Cambridge, being the Hulfean 
leftures for the year 1870. 8° Lond. 1871. 

The people of England : a lefture ... 8° Lond. n. d. 

Greek grammar mles, drawn up for the ufe of HaiTow 
School. Second edition. 8° Lond. n. d. 

FARRAR (.Tohn), clajfcal tutor of the IVefleyan 
Theological Inflitution, Richmond. 

A Biblical and theological diftionary ... 

8° Lond. 1851. 

An ecclefiaftical didionary, explanatory of the hiftory, 
antiquities, herefies, fedls, & religious denominations of the 
Chriftian church. 8' Lond. 1853. 

A manual of Biblical geography ... 8° Lond. 1857. 

FARRAR (John Martindale), M.A. 
I The Sabbath: a fermon ... \Ifa. Iviii. 13, 14.] 

12° Lond. 18;?. 


i FARRE (Arthur), M.D., F.R.S. 

i On fome of the circumftances which have retarded the 

progrefs of medicine : an introduiSory leflure ... 
I 8^ Lond. 1849. 



FARRE (Frederic John), M.D., F.L.S. 

On felf culture, and the principles to be obfeiTed in the 
ftudy of medicine. An introduftory leflure ... 

8° Lend. 1849. 
FARRE (M. L. M. de la). 

Poefies. [Chavuev, Oeuvres et poefies diverjes. 174O.] 


Inftruflions for the ufe and application of Pyrimont 
SeyfTel afphalte. 8° Lond. i860. 

FARREN (Edwin James). 

Hiftorical eflay on the rife and early progrefs of the 
doftrine of life-contingencies in England. 

8° Lond. 1844. 

Life-contingency tables. Part I. The chances of pre- 
mature death, and the value of feleflion among aflured lives. 

4° Lond. 1850. 

FARREN (George). 

Letter to the Eail of Eldon, on the leport of the finance 
committee. 1821. [Pamphleteer, xxix. 227.] 

A treatife on life aflurance. 8° Lond. 1823. 

Obfervations on the importance, in purchafes of land 
and in mei'cantile adventures, of afcertaining the rates or 
laws of mortality among Europeans by chronic difeafes and 
hot climates ... 8° Lond. 1826. 

— [y^notber edition.'] 8° Lond. 1852. 

FARRER (Henrietta Louisa). 

Lives of certain fathers of the church in the fourth 
century, for the inftru(5lion of the young. Edited by the 
rev. Wm. J. K. Bennett, M.A. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1847-50. 

Tales of Kirkbeck. \_/lnon.'\ Third edition. 

8° Lond. 1851. 

Tales of Kirkbeck : fecond feiies. [y^«on.] Edited 
by the rev. Wm. J. E. Bennett, M.A. 8° Lond. 1850. 

Aunt Atta : a tale for little nephews and nieces. 
[yliion.'] 12° Lond. 185O. 

Coufin Euftacc : or, converfations on the prayer book. 
[/Irwri.] Edited by the rev. William J. E. Bennett. 2 
vols. I 2° Lond. 1851. 

Our doftor, & other tales of Kirkbeck. [Jnon.] Edited 
by the rev. W. J. E. Bennett, M.A. 8' Lond. 1852. 

Alice Beresford : a tale of home life. [y!iioti.~\ 

8° Lond. 1853. 

A commonplace (lory. [ylnon.] 8' Lond. 1853. 

" Our doiflor's " note book. [Anon.] 

12° Lond. [1857.] 

Rhineland and its legends ; and other tales. Tranf- 
lated from the German, [^y/non.] With a prefiice by 
William J. E. Bennett, M.A. 8° Lond. 1868. 

The life of Madame Louife de France, daughter of 
Louis XV. ; known alfo as the Mother Terefe de St. 
Augudin. [Anon.] 8° Lond. 1 869. 

A Dominican artill : a (l<ctch of the life of the rev. 
Perc BefTon, of the order of St. Dominic. [Anon.] 

8° Lond. 1870. 


Life of S. Francis de Sales, Bifhop and Prince of 
Geneva. [Anon.] 8° Lond. 1 87 1. 

The long vacation ; or. Aunt Atta again. [Anon.] 

8° Lond. n. d. 

Tales of a London parirti, etc. [Anon.] Second edi- 
tion. 1 2° Lond. n. d. 


Obfervations on the offices of the mafters in Chancery, 
with extradls from the books and notes of one of the 
mafters. 8° Lond. 1848. 

FARRER (James). 

Notice of Runic infcriptions difcovered during recent 
excavations in the Orkneys. 

4° [Edinb.] printed for private circulation, 1862. 

FARRER (Oliver William). 

Contributories, their rights and liabilities under the 
winding-up afts, 1848 and 1849 ; with the Ilatutes and 
notes. 12° Lond. 1850. 

FARRER (William), LL.B. 

Memorials of Auguftus Neander. Tranflated fi'om the 
German by William Farrer, LL.B., late ftudent in the 
univerfity of Berlin. 12° Lond. 1850. 

FARRESLEY (Thomas). 

A report of all the cafes determined by Sir John Holt, 
from 1688 to 1710: taken from an original manufcript of 
Thomas Farrefley, Efq. Alfo feveral cafes in Chancery 
and the Exchequer Chamber, fol. In the Savoy, 1738. 


The farrier and naturalift. Edited by a member of 
the Zoological Society of London. Vol. I. 

8° Lond. 1828. 

— Vol. II. [Enti/leil : The farrier and naturalift, or 
horfeman's chronicle.] 8° Lond. 1829. 

— Vol. III. [Entitled : The hippiatrift, and veterinary 
journal ; a continuation of The farrier and naturalift.] 

8° Lond. 1830. 
PARRIES (R. Spearman E.) 

Joint ftock companies ; being a pradlical treatife on their 
foi'mation, management, and winding up undei- " The com- 
panies aft 1862" ... 8' Lond. 1865. 

PARRIES (Thomas). 

A guide to drawing bills of cofts in nearly eveiy branch 
of legal praftice ... witli a full lift of fees allowed in 
Chancery proceedings, according to the orders of court, 
from the year 1850, to 30 January, 1S57 ... to which is 
added hints on bookkeeping, as to cofts and accounts gene- 
rally. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1860-67. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1871. 




FARRINGTON (Benjamin), B.A. 

Walked thou charitably ? An expofition of Romans 
xiv. 13-21 ... I 2° Lend. n. d. 

FARROE (Dan.) M.D. 

The royal golden inftruiftor for youth ... in order to 
furnifh them widi a compleat knowledge of then- mother- 
language ... 12° Briftol [1775-] 

FARROW (Morley). 

Hamperton the financier. In three volumes. Second 
edition. 8° Lond. 1867. 

Giant defpair. In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1868. 
Not time's fool. In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1868. 
After Baxtow's death : a novel. In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1870. 

FARSETTI (Philippus), Italian antiquary, 1705-74. 

Cannina. \Carmina illujlrium poetarum Italorum, iv. 

FARSETTI (Thomas Joseph), Venetian noble. D. 
circa I 7 75. 

Carminum libri duo. Editio emendatior. 

8° Paris, 1755. 

FARTHING (John), "late of Long Ditton in the county 
of Surrey, now of Chelfey in the county of Middlefex." 

The excife reftify'd : or, a plain demonftration that the 
revenue now raifed thereby, is capable of being improved at 
lead four or five hundred thoufand pounds per annum ... 

4^ Lond. 1691^. 


A propofition for the making of farthings, by the royal 
authority for publick ufe. 4° o. p. n. d. 

FARY (John), M.A. 

God's feverity on man's fterility ; taken from the parable 
of the fruidelfe fig-tree, and delivered in a fermon. \Luhe 
xiii. 6, 7.] 40 Lond. 1 645. 


Fafciculus temporum omnes antiquorum cronicas com- 
pledcns ... 1479. [5)1 Wernenas Rollewinck.] 


Rules for making fafcincs and gabions. 

8° Chatham, 1823. 

FASCITELLUS (Honoratus), modern Latin poet, 

Carmina qux exftant. [Jacobus Sannazarius, Poemata, 


— [Scipione Capece, // poema di principiis rerum, p. 

— [Gruter, Delitia poetarum Italorum, i. 952.] 

— \Carmina illujlrium poetarum Italorum, iv. 191.] 


Fafhion ; or a trip to a foieign c 1. A poem. 

4° Lond. 1777. 
The wreath of fafhion ... 1778. [By Richard 


The fchool of falhion : a novel. 3 vols. 

' 12° Lond. 1829. 
The perils of fafhion. 1852. [5)i Mrs. Atkins.] 
The freaks of fafhion. With illuftrations of the changes 
in the corfet and crinoline, from remote periods to die 
prefent time. 4° Lond. [ 1 8 7 i .] 


Englifh fafhionables abroad ; a novel. 1827. \_By Mrs. 



CafTeU's lefTons in French ... 8° Lond. 18 53. 

Tranflation, compofition, converfation. CafTeU's collo- 
quial French reader ... 8° Lond. 1854. 


The ordour and dodlrine of the generall fade, appoynted 
be the Generall AfTemblie of the Kirkes of Scotland, halden 
at Edinburgh the 25 day of December, 1565. 

8° Edinb. Robert Lekprevik, I 566. 

— ^he forme of prayers and mini/lration of the facra- 
ments. 1635.] 

An admonition concerning a publick fad ... with an 
abdraifl of Mr. Chillingworth's judgment of the date of 
religion in this nation in his time, and of a letter from the 
Hague concerning two feiTnons preached theje in the French 
church, at which were prefent divers of the Englifh nobility. 

4° Lond. 1 69 1. 

A fhort but plain difcovery to whom the due right of 
defcribing and appointing of fafls doth belong, viz. whether 
to rainidiy or majedracy, the prior is clearly proven from 
the Word of God. With particular application to that fad 
appointed the 14th of January, 1708 ... 

4° Lond. 1707. 

A feafonable adveitifement, concerning the late publick 
fad of the 25th of January, 17 12, publickly read and 
affixed to feveral church doors ... 4° n. p. n. d. 

The origin of the fads and fedivals of the church, 
arranged according to the calendar ... To which are added, 
a Iketch of tlie origin and nature of almanacks, and explana- 
tions of their chronological and adronomical terms. 

12° Lond. 1843. 

" Is the Lord of Hods with us ? " Thoughts fuggeded 
by the recent national fad. By a country redlor. 

8° Lond. 1855. 


An efTay for removing of prejudices, againd the keeping 
of days of fading and thankfgiving, when appointed by 
publick authority. By a lover of the country's peace. 

8° n. p. 1713. 



Remarks on farting, and on the difcipline of the body : 
in a letter to a clergyman. By a phyfician. 

8° Lond. 1848. 

Parting briefly confidered, in reference to its being or not 
being a duty of Chriftian obligation, and to the pradtice of 
the Chuich of England. By a piefljyter of the diocefe of 
Canterbury. 8° Lond. 1853. 


Fafti Confulares, ex duobus exeniplaribus diverfis in unum 
conjundli. [Eccardus, Corpus Jnjloncwn med'd levi, i. I.] 


Fait life : an autobiography 

8° Lond. [1859.] 


Fatal love, an elegy : by a gentleman of the Univerfity of 
Oxford. 4° Lond. 177 I. 


Fatal zero. 1869. ^By Percy Fitzgerald.] 


" Our Father." By the author of " Thoughts on con- 
verfion." [1864.] 

Father and daughter. 12° Lond. [1866.] 

Father's coming home : a tale. By the author of 
" Village miffionaiies," " Under the niicrofcope," etc. 

8° Lond. 1862. 

— \ylnother eilition.'^ 8° Lond. I 87 I. 


Father Darcy ... 1846. [By Mrs. Marsh.] 


Father Rowland ; oi', the force of taith : a catholic tale 
of North America. Edited & enlarged by a Catholic 
Bilhop. 8° Lond. n. d. 

FATHERS. See alfi Patres. 

A library of fathers of the Holy Catholic Church, an- 
terior to the divifion of the Eaft and Wert ; tranflatcd by 
members of the Englidi Church. Vols. II. -XL. 

8° Oxford, 1838-61. 

\l'he luorks puWiJIied in this feries are catalogued in full 
under their authors^ names."\ 

Lives of certain fathers of the cliurch in the touith 
century. 1847-50. [By H. L. Farrer.] 

Advent readings from the fathers. Seledled from 
" The library of the fathers." 8° Oxford, 1853. 

FATIO DE DUILLER (Nicolas), S-wifs mathe- 
matician, I 664— 1753. 

I'ruit-wails improved, by inclining them to the horizon ; 
or, a way to build walls for fruit-trees ; whereby they may 
receive more fun fliine and heat than ordinary. By a 
member of the Royal Society. 4° Lond. 1699. 

FAU (J.) 

The anatomy of the external forms of man ; intended for 
the ufe of artifts, painters and fculptors. Edited with 
additions by Robert Knox, M.D. 8° Lond. 1849. 

— Plates ... 8° Lond. [1869.] 


Devotion to the holy infancy of our Lord Jefus Chrift ; or, 
new month of Jefus. By C. L. Faucher. Tranflated by 
M. J. Piercy. 8° Liverpool, 1850. 

FAUCHER (Leon), French economifl, 1803-54. 

Manchefter in 1844; its prefent condition and future 
profpefts. Tranflated from tlie French : with copious 
notes appended by \J. P. Cuheriue/f] a member of the 
Manchefter Athenaeum. 12° Lond. 1844. 

Remarks on the produftion of the precious metals, and 
on the demonitization of gold in feveral countries in Europe. 
Tranflated by Thomas Hankey, jun. 8° Lond. 1852. 

FAUCHET (Claude), French hijorian, I 5 30- 1 60 1. 

CEuvres ... 4° Paris, 1610. 

Les antiquitez et hirtoires Gauloifes et Frangoifes. 
Contenant I'origine des chofes advenues en Gaule et es 
Annales de France, depuis Fan du monde mmm.c.c.c.l. 
jufques a I'an ix.c.lxxxvii. de Jefus Chrirt ... Edition 
derniere ... auec deux traiftes des origines des dignitez et 
magiftrats de France, cheualiers, armoiries & heraux ... 

4° Geneve, I 61 I. 

Declin de la maifon de Charlemagne, faifant la fuitte des 
antiquitez Frangoifes ... 8° Paris, 1602. 

FAUCHEUR (Michel C.) 

An effiiy upon the aftion of an orator, as to his pro- 
nunciation and gerture ... done out of French. [ylnon.^ 

12-^ Lond. n. d. 

— The metrical verfion of an old Englifti profe tranfla- 
tion from the French of Simon Foucher, of Dijon, who 
died at Paris, 1696. By Francis Orton, D.C.L. 

8^ Altrinchani, 184S. 
[// is a mijlake to attribute the above to Simon Foucher. 
See Barbier,fecond Edit. No. i 7,980, and Biog. Univ., art. 


Anecdotes fur la cour et I'interieur de la famille de 
Napoleon Bonaparte, [y^non.] 8° Paris, 18 18. 

— Tranflatcd from the French. 8^ Lond. 1 8 1 8. 

FAUDEL (Henrv.) 

A few words on the Jewifli difabilities, addrefled to Sir 
Robert Harry Inglis, Bart., M.P. 8° Lond. 1848. 

FAUJAS DE ST. FOND (Barth£lemy), French 
geologijl and traveller, I 7 4 1 — 1 8 i 9. 

Recherches fur les volcans eteints du Vivarais et du Velay ; 
avec un difcours fur les volcans brulants ... 

fol. Paris, I 7 78. 



Mineralogie des volcans, ou defcription de toutes les 
fubftances produites ou rejetees par les feux fouterralns. 

8° Paris, 1784. 

Defcription des experiences de la machine aeroflatique 
de MM. Montgolfier et de celles auxquelles cette decou- 
verte a donne lieu ... 8° Paris 1784. 

Eflai fur le goudron du charbon de terre ; fur la maniere 
de I'employer pour carener les vaifleaux, et celle d'en faire 
ufage dans plufieurs arts ; fur les differens pi'oduits de ce com- 
buftible foflile ... Precede de recherches fur I'origine et les 
differens fortes de charbons de terre. 8° Paris, 1790. 

Travels in England, Scotland, and the Hebrides ; tranf- 
lated from the French. 8° Lond. 1 799. 

Hiftoire natui^elle de la montagne de Saint-Pierre de 
Maeftricht. fol. Paris, 1799. 

Eflai de geologic, ou memoires pour fervir a Fhiftoire 
natureile du globe. Tome premier. 8° Paris, 1805. 


An explanation of the rational alphabet, and its ufes. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

Lettre a monfieur le Marquis de L. C. fw ce qui fed 
pafle dans I'affare de I'enipoifonnement arrive a la cour de 
Dannemark le 27 Mars, 1699. 12° n. p. 1756. 

FAULKNER (Sir Arthur Brooke), M.D. 

A ti'eatife on the plague, defigned to prove it contagious, 
from fafts collected during the author's refidence in Malta. 

8° Lond. 1820. 

Rambling notes and refledlions, fuggefted during a vifit 
to Paris in the winter of 1826-27. 8° Lond. 1827. 

Reply to fome clerical objedlions taken againft his Ram- 
bling notes, on the difcipline of our Church, with a glimpfe, 
in paffing, at St. James's Hell. 8° Lond. 1828. 

Letters addreffed to the Royal college of phyficians on 
their conftitution and charter : with prefatory obfen'ations 
to his grace the Duke of Wellington. 8° Lond. 1829. 

Vifit to Geraiany and the Low Countries in 1829-3 1. 
2 vols. 12° Lond. 1833. 

FAULKNER (Henry). 

Elephant haunts : being a fpoitfman's narrative of the 
fearch for Doftor Livingftone ... 8° Lond. 1868. 


The grave of Emma Vale at Havering Bower. Fifth 
edition. 12' Lond. 1859. 

Self-examination on the articles of the Chriftian faith : a 
fermon ... [a Cor. xiii. 5.] 8° Lond. i860. 

FAULKNER (Thomas), booifelUr and antiquary, 

An hiftorical and topographical account of Fulham ; 
including the hamlet of Hammeifmith. 4° Lond. 18 1 3. 

Hiftory and antiquities of Kenfington, interfperfed with 
biographical anecdotes of royal and dirtinguifhed perfonaoes, 
and a defcriptive catalogue of the colleftion of piftures in 
the palace ... 8° Lond. 1820. 

An hiftorical and topographical defcription of Chelfea, 
and its environs. Intei-fpei-fed with biographical anecdotes 
of illuftrious and eminent perfons ... In two volumes. 

8° Chelfea, 1829. 

The hiftory and antiquities of the parifh of Hammerfmith, 
interfperfed with biographical notices of illuftrious and 
eminent perfons ... 8° Lond. 1839. 

The hiftory and antiquities of Brentford, Ealing, and 
Chifwick, interfperfed witli biographical notices of illuftrious 
and eminent perfons, who have been boin, or have refided 
there during the three preceding centuries. 

8^ Lond. 1845. 

FAULKNER (William Beckford), M.A. 
The early dedication of children to God the true principle 
of Chriftian education : a fermon ... 1855. [/,«/■£ ii. 22.] 

12° Lond. 1855. 
FAULKS (Samuel). 

* The trial of Mr. Samuel Faulks before the Circuit 
Court of Jufticiary, held at Perth on the I ft Oclober 
I 853, charged with an attempt to rob the Dundee Banking 
Company on 31ft January 1852. With an appendix. 

8° Edinb. 1853. 

* Report of the trial, in the caufe, Faulks v. Paik and 
others, before the Lord Prefident and a jury, at Edinburgh, 
25th July 1 85 4. With an appendix. 8° Edinb. 1S54. 


Faults on both fides ... 1710. [^j Richard Harle v.] 


* Account of the trial of Mr. Fauntleroy for forgery. 
1824. By Pierce Egan. 

FAUNUS (Lucius), Italian antiquary ; Jlouri/hed in 
the I 6th century. 

De antiquitatibus urbis Romas, ab antiquis novifque 
auftoribus exceptis, & fumma brevitate ordineque difpofitis, 
libri quinque. [Sallengre, Novus thefaurus antiquitatum 
Romanarum, i. 1 90.] 

FAUQUE (Marianne Agnes de), French novelifl, 

La deiniere guerre des betes ; fable pour fervir a I'hiftoire 
du XVIII fi^cle. • 8°Lond. 175S. 

FAUQUIER (George Lillie Wodehouse). 

Scripture readings and addreflcs, to be ufed with the 
order for the vifitation of the fick, compiled from various 
fources. 12° Lond. 1859. 


Souvenirs du Nord, ou la guerre, la Ruffie, et les Ruffes 
ou I'efc lavage. 8° Paris, 1821. 

Souvenirs du Midi ; ou I'Efpagne telle qu'elle eft fous 
fes pouvoirs religieux et monarchique. 8° Paris, 1831. 

FAURIEL (Claude). 

Hiftoire -de la croifade contre les heretiques Albigeois : 



ecrite en vers Provengaux par un poete contemporain. 
Traduite et publiee par M. C. Fauriel ... [Colleftion de 
documents inedits fur I'hiftoire de France.] 

4" Paris, 1837. 

Jules A'HTOWE.'^,fon of the folloiv'wg ; French antiquary, 

Notice fur Jules F. P. Fauris Saint Vincens. \^/lnonJ\ 

4° Aix, 1800. 

Paul), French antiquary, 1718—98. 

* Notice fur Jules F. P. Fauiis Saint Vincens \par Alex- 
andre Jules Antoine Fauris de Saint Vincens.] 1800. 

FAUSSET (Andrew Robert), A.M. 

The written Word the infallible judge of the church, not 
the church the infallible judge of the word : in the form of 
remarks on certain objections, advanced by the Church of 
Rome, in common with the infidel, againll tiie Bible as a 
rule of faith. 8' Lond. 1852. 

Scripture and the Prayer-book in harmony. England's 
Church and houfe-book of Common Prayer and articles, 
the fcriptural antidote of facerdotalifm and fchifm. With 
a flcetch of its compilation. 8° Lond. 1854. 

A commentary on the Old and New Teftament. By 
the rev. Robert Jamieson, rev. A. R. Fauflet, and the rev. 
David Brown. 

FAUSSETT (Godfrey), D.D., Margaret frofejfor 
of divinity, Oxford, I 7 So- 1 8 53. 

The claims of the Eftablifhed Church to exclufive 
attachment and fupport, and the dangers which menace her 
from fchifm and indifference, confidered ; in eight fermons 

1 preached before the Univerfity of Oxford, in the year 

I MDcccxx. at the leisure founded by the rev. John Bampton, 

' M.A. 8° Oxford, 1820. 

\ Jcwifh hil^ory vindicated from the unfcriptural view of 
it difplayed in The hiftoi^y of the Jews, forming a portion of 
the Family library, in a fermon ... [2 Sam. vii. 23.] 

I Second edition. 8° Oxford, 1830. 

I The alliance of church and ftate explained and vindicated, 
in a fermon ... \Jfa. xlix.'23.] 8° Oxford, 1834. 

The revival of popery : a fermon . . . \_Rev. xviii. 4.] 

: 8° Oxford, 1838. 

The thirty-nine articles confidered as the flandard and 
teft of the do(5lrincs of the Church of England, chiefly with 
reference to the views of No. 90 of the Trails for the times. 

I Alcfture ... 8° Oxford, 1 841. 

YK\J&T [^ioH.^, Salenlinus a Stromberg ; German jurifl. 
I D. 1666. 

I Traiftatus de criniinibus. 8° Norimberga:, 1(176. 


FAUST (Maximilian), German jiirijl ; jlourijhed in the 
! 1 7 /A century. 

Confilia pro xraiio. fol. Francofurti, 167 i. 


Fauftina : or the Roman fongftrefs, a fatyr on the luxury 
and effeminacy of the age. 4° Lond. n. d. 

FAUSTINUS ; fourijlml in the i,th century. 

De trinitate, five de fide, contra Arianos. \_Max. biblio- 
theca veterum Patrum, v. 636.] 

Fauftini et Marcellini Libellus precum, ad Imperatores 
Vaientinianum, Theodofium, & Arcadium. [Ibid. v. 652.] 


Fauftus : a poem, with notes. 8° Lond. 1830. 

FAUSTUS, bijhop of Rie%. D. circa 490. 
Opufcula quas extant omnia. \_Max. biUiotheca veterum 
Patrum, viii. 522.] 

Epiftolae. [Canisius, LeSiones antiqua:, i. 343.] 

FAUSTUS (JoH.), Dr. ; fouri/Jjed in the I 6th century. 

The famed book of fortune of Dr. Fauftus ... tranflated 
from the original ancient manufcripts in the mufeum of 
Gottenburgh ... 8° Lond. n. d. 

* The hiftory of the damnable life and deferved deatii 
of Dr. John Fauftus. Newly printed ... according to 
the tnie copy, printed at Frankford ; and tranflated into 
Englilh, by P. R. gent. [Thoms, Early Englijh profe 
romances, iii. I 63.] 

* The fccond report of Doftor John Fauftus containing 
his appearances and the deeds of Wagner : written by an 
Englilh gentleman, ftudent in Wittenberg ... London ... 
I 594. [Ibid. iii. 309.] 

* Hiftoire prodigieufe et lamentable de Jean Faufte, 
grand magicien, avec fon teftament, et fa vie efpouvcntable. 

1 2° Amfterdam, 1674. 

FAUVET (Ad. Duhart). 

Poefies Frangaifes, pour recitations journalieres ; avec 
des notices litteraires ... 12° Lond. 18 70. 

— Deuxieme edition. 12= Lond. 1872. 

FAUX (W.) 

Memorable days in America ; being a journal of a tour 
to the United States, principally undertaken to afcertain by 
pofitive evidence the condition and jirobable profpefts of 
Britifh emigrants. 8° Lond. 1813. 

French juri/l, 1762-1831. 

Manuel pour I'ouverture et le partage dcs fucceffions, 
avec I'analyfe des principes fur les donations cntrc-vifs, les 
tcltaments, et les contrats de manage. 8° Paris, 1 8 i i . 

FAVART (Charles Simon), French dramatic author, 

Theatre, ou recueil des comedies, parodies, & ojieia-co- 
miques qu'il donnes jufqu'a ce jour ... 8 torn. 

8° Paris, 1763. 

Les trois fultancs, ou Soliman fecond, comedie ... 
[Petitot, Repertoire du theatre Francois, xxii. I 57.] 



FAVE (Alphonse), French Jlrategijl. B. l8l2. 

The Emperor Napoleon's new fyftem of field artillery, 
as fubmitted to the French fervice by Capt. Fave, and 
tranflated by William Hamilton Cox. 

12° Lond. 1854. 

FAVEL (Paul). See Paul Feval. 

FAVELL (Samuel). 

A fpeech on the propriety of revifing the criminal laws ; 
delivered Dec. 10, 18 18, before the corporation of the 
city of I^ondon. 8° Lond. 18 19. 

A fpeech upon moving certain refolutions to petition the 
Houfe of Commons for a reform in Parliament ; delivered 
in the common council of the city of London, on Wednef- 
day, the 26th of May, 1820. Together with a fpeech 
upon moving an addrefs to the Queen, on Wednefday, the 
14th of June, 1820. 8° Lond. 1820. 

FAVENTIA (PuRPURiNUs a). See Purpurinus a 

FAVENTINUS (Petrus Nicolaus). 

Ad S. D. D. N. Clementem VIL opus de immortali- 
tate animorum fecundii Platonem & Ariftotclem Petri 
Nicolai Faventini philofophi ac medici. 

fol. FaventijB, I 52 5. 

FAVEY (George). 

Short ftories from the hiftory of Switzerland ... By the 
author of " Amy's trials." From the French of George 
Favey. 8° Lond. [1861.] 

FAVIER (Jean Louis). 1720-84. 

Politique de tous les cabinets de I'Europe, pendant les 
regnes de Louis XV. et de Louis XVL ... Scconde edition 
... augmentee ... d'un memoire fur le Pafte de famille, 
par L. P. Segur I'aine, ex-ambafladeur. 3 tom. 

8° Paris, an. IX. [1801.] 

FAVORITUS (AuGUSTiNUs), modern Latin poet, 

Poemata. \Septem illujlr'mm virorum poemata.] 

— [Carm'ina illuflrium poetarum Italorum, iv. 208.] 


The favourite ; a charafter from the life. Addi-e/Ted 
to the fovereign minion of the times, on the much lamented 
death of the patriotic Earl of Chatham. 

4° Lond. 1778. 

FAVRE (AnToine), French junjl, I557— 1624. 

Tra<5latus de variis nummariorum debitorum folutionibus 
... advei-fus Carolum Molinsum ... Difpuuitio de patrui 
hereditate inter folos fratrum filios, utrilm in capita an in 
ftirpes dividenda. 8° Lugduni, 1598. 

Rationalia in Pandeiflas ... Tom. I. 

fol. Lugduni, 1 604. 

— Tom. II. fol. Genevae, 1619. 

— Tom. III.— V. fol. Aurelianae, 1626. 

Jurifprudentias Papinianeas fcientia ad oi'dinem Inftitutio- 
num imperialium reforniata ... 4° Lugduni, 1607. 

— Editio noviffima. fol. Lugduni, 1658. 
De erroribus pragmaticorum et interpretum juiis chilias 

... Pars III. 4° Coloniae Allobrogum, 1609. 

— Pars IV. 4° Lugduni, 1615. 

— Editio fecunda. Pars I. II. 

4° Coloniae Allobrogum, 1612. 
Codex Fabrianus definitionum forcnfium & lenjni in 
Sabaudiae fenatu tradlatarum ... in ix. libros diftributus ... 

fol. Geneva, 1628. 

— Poftrema editio. fol. Genevae, 1674. 
Conjefluraram juris civilis libri viginti ... 

fol. Genevae, 1630. 

FAVRE (Pierre- Francois), Siu'ifs pr'iejl. 

Lettres edifiantes et curieufes fur la vifite apoftolique de M. 
de La-Baume ... a la Cochinchine, en I'annee 174O; ou 
I'on voit les voyages et les travaux de ce zele prelat, la 
conduite des milTionmres Jefuites, et de quelques auties, avec 
de nouvelles obfervations, &c. pour fervir de continuation 
aux memoires hiftoriques du R. P. Norbert Capucin. 

4° Venife, i 746. 

FAWCETT (Henry), M.A., M.P. 

Mr. Hare's Reform bill fimplified and explained. 

8° Lond. i860. 
Manual of political economy. 8° Lond. 1863. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1 869. 
The economic podtion of the Britifh labourer. 

8° Camb. 1865. 
Pauperifm : its caufes and remedies. 8°Lond. 1871. 

FAWCETT (James), M.A. 

Early records of the Church of England. 

8° Lond. 1848. 
Difcourfes by William Samuel Powell, and James 

FAWCETT (John). 

Report of the proceedings upon an inquifition of damages 
in a caufe between the rev. George M:irkham, plaintiff, and 
John Fawcett, cfq., defendant, for criminal converfation 
with the plaintiff's wife. 8° Lond. 1802. 


FAWCETT (John), D.D., Boptijl minifler, 1739- 

The fick man's employ, or, views of death and eternity 
realized. To which are added devotional exercifes for the 
afflicfled, ana a fermon on the important journey from this 
world to the next. 12° Lond. 1837. 

* Account of the life, miniftry and writings ... compre- 
hending many particulars relative to the revival and progrefs 
of religion in Yorkfhire and Lancathire. 

8° Lond. I 818. 

FAWCETT (John), M.A., curate of St. Cuthbert'i, 
Carhjle, 1768-185I. 

Chriftian Life : or, the principles and praftice which 



diftingiiifh the genuine ChiKHan, illuftrated in thirty dif- 
courfcs. 8° Lond. 1846. 

— [Another edition.^ 8° Lond. n. d. 

An expofition of the Gofpel according to St. John. 3 
vols. 8° Lond. [1856.] 

An expofition of the Afts of the Apoflles. 3 vols. 

8° Lond. i860. 

FA WCETT (John). 

Letter to the right hon. Lord Brougham, on his Bill to 
facilitate the transfer of j'eal eftate. 8° Lond. 1858. 

FA WCETT (John), Lieut.-ColoneL 

Bolt and win : a tale of the olden time, when " John 
Company " was king. In one volume. 

8° Lond. I 87 I. 

FA WCETT (John Henrv). 

A treatife on the court of referees in Parliament, con- 
taining chapters on the prai5lice and jurifdiflion of the court 
... reprinted by permiffion (with additions) from "The 
law times." Together with a chapter on engineering and 
eftimatcs, and a digeft of the reports made by the icferees 
to Parliament, by R. D. M. Littler. 8° Lond. 1866. 

FA WCETT (Joshua), M.A., Incumbent of Wijbey 
Chapel, Bradford. Z). 1864. 

Church rides in the neighbourhood of Scarborough, 
Yorklhire. 8° Lond. 1848. 

"The flood came and took them all away" (St. Matt, 
xxiv. 39) ; a fermon on the Holmfirth flood. To which 
is added a detailed account of the awful difafter at Holm- 
firth. 18° Lond. 1852. 

Paftoral addrefles. Firft feries. 12° Lond. 1855. 

A brief hilbry of the " Book of common prayer," of 
the Church of England. 12° Lond. n. d. 

The churches of York, by W. Monkhoufe & F. Bed- 
ford, junr. : with hiftorical and architeflural notes. 

4° York, n. d. 

FAWCETT (MiLLicENT Garrett). 
Political economy for beginners. 8° Lond. 


FAWCETT (William Mitchell). 

A compendium of the law of landlord and tenant. 

8° Lond. I 87 I. 

Narrative of Captain .lames Fawckner's travels on the 
coaft of Benin, Well Africa : edited by a friend of the 


8° Lond. 1837. 


A cafe of melanofis ; with general obfervations on the 
pathology of this interefting difeafe. 8° Lond. 1S26. 

FAWKES (Francis). 
Original poems and tranflations. 

8° Lond. I 76 I. 

FAWKES (Walter). 

The chronology of the hiftory of modern Europe, from 
. a.d. 475 to ... 1793, in ten epochs. 4° York, iSio. 


The fawn of Sertorius. 1846. \By R. E. Landor.] 

FAWNE (Luke). 

A beacon fet on fire: or the humble information of 
certain ftationei's citizens of London to the Parliament and 
commonwealth of England, concerning the vigilancy of 
Jefuits, papifts, and apoftates ... to corrupt the pure doc- 
trine of the Scriptures ... by writing and publifliing many 
popifli books ... and blafphemous books of another nature 
... [Signed by Luke Fawne, Samuel Gellibrand, Jofliua 
Keiton, John Rothwell, Thomas Underbill, Nathaniel 
Webb.] 40 Lond. 1652. 

The beacon flaming with a non obftante : or a juftification 
of the firing of the beacon, by way of aniniadverfion upon 
the book intituled The beacon's quenched, fubfcribed by 
Col. Pride, &c. 40 Lond. 1652. 

FAWSIT (John). 

The faint's handbook to the crown. Second edition. 

12° Lond. i860. 


Refumen hiftorial de las edades del mundo. 

4° Madrid, 1 67 1. 
FAXE (Jacob). 

Difleitatio gradualis de comitiva dignitate prrefeitim in 
Sviogothia ... 4° Londini Gothorum, [1753.] 


The bridegroom of the Fay : a Roficrucian tale, in 
rhyme ; by a defcendant of the Count de Gabalis. 

8° Lond. 1827. 
FAY (Gerda). 

Poetry for play hours. 8° Lond. i860. 

Lyrics and idylls. 8° Lond. 1861. 

FAY (Theodore S.) 

Norman Leflie ; a tale of the prcfent times. 3 vols. 

12° Lond. 1835. 
The countefs. 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1 8 40. 

The double duel ; or, Hoboken. 3 vols. 

12° Lond. 1843. 
FAYDIT (Mr. ). 

La Telemacomanie ; ou, la cenfure & critique du 10- 
man, intitule, Lcs avantures de Telemaque fils d'Ulyfie. 

12° Eleuthcrople, i 700. 

FAYE (Ant. de la). See Antoine de Lafaye. 

FAYE (Jacques). 

Rcmonftrances, ou harangues en le parlement de Paris. 

FAYETTE. See La Fayette. 

8° Paris, 1608. 



FAY RE R (J.), M.D. 
Clinical furgery in India. 

8° Lond. 1 866. 

FAYUS (Antoninus). 

Emblcmat:i et epigrammata mifccllanea feledla, ex ftro- 
matis peripateticis. 8° Geneva, i6io. 

FAYUS (Jacobus). 

Defenfio rcligionis, ncc non Mods et gentis Judaicae, 
contra duas difll-itiitiones Joannis Tolandi, quaium una in- 
fcribitur Adcifidaemon, altera vero Amiquitatcs Judaicae. 

I 2° Ultrajcfli, 1709. 

FAZELLUS (Thomas), Dominican monL, 1490- 

De rebus Siculis decades dua: : quarum prior, accuratilTi- 
mam defcriptionem ; pofterior vero, hilloriam Sicili<E uni- 
verfam tidelillimamque continet. [Gr^vius, Thefaurus 
antiquitatum et hj/loriarum Sicilia, torn, iv.] 

FAZOLDUS (Joannes). 

Graecorum veterum lEPOAOriA : hoc eft, de plurimis 
Graecorum gcntilium antiquitatibus, ritibufque facris ; im- 
primis dc feftis diebus, facerdotibus, templis et aris ; de 
ludis item ac certaminibus, diflertatio, xii. decadibus com- 
prehenfa. [Gronovius, Thefaurus Gntcarum antiquitatum, 
vii. 521.] 

FEA {jAMt.s),furgeon. 

The prefent ftate of the Orkney idands confidcred . . . 
S' Holyroodhoufe, 1775. 

FEA (John W.), D.C.L. 

Eldoniana : a familiar poetical dialogue between a reformer 
and a Chancery barrifter in Weftminfter Hall. 

8° Lond. 1826. 
FEACHEM (George), M.A. 

A fermon preached in the parifh church of Dorking ... 
on tiie union of the Sunday and National fchools in that 
parilli. [Matt. x\m. 14.] 8° Dorking, 18 19. 


The right fear and the wrong fear. 'It looks so!' 
Goffip. By the author of ' Sunlhine in ficknefs,' &c. 

I 2° Lond. 1864. 
The antidote to fear. 1866. [By Newman Hall.] 
" Fear not ;" or, words of encouragement for thofe who 
are looking unto Jefus. i z° Edinb. n. d. 


Letters to the editor of the Invemefs Journal : by " Fear 
Raonuillich," and " Alfo a Fear Raonuillich," chiefly re- 
lating to the title of Macranald. 1 8 1 7, 1 8 1 8. 

8° Edinb. 18 18. 

FEARN (John). 

A review of firft principles of Bifhop Berkeley, Dr. 
Reid, & ProfefTor Stewart, with an indication of other 
principles. [Pamphleteer, iii. 345.] 1814. 

An efTay on immortality. By the author of A review 
of firft principles of Bilhop Berkeley, Dr. Reid and ProfefTor 
Stewart. 8° Lond. 18 14. 

Dcmonftrations of the principles of primary vifion ; with 
the confequent ftate of philofophy in Great Britain. 

4° Lond. 181 5. 

ElTay on external perception. [Pamphleteer, v. 55.] 

A letter to ProfefTor Stewart, on the objefls of general 
terms, & on the axiomatical laws of vifion. To which are 
added fome remarks on the Monthly Review on this fubjeft. 
[Ibid. xii. 231.] 1 8 18. 

Firft lines of the human mind, [.^non.] 

8' Lond. 1820. 

Anti-Tooke ; or an analyfis of the principles and ftrudlure 
of language, exemplified in the Englifh tongue. [yinon.'] 
2 vols. 8° Lond. 1824-27. 

A manual of the phyfiology of mind. 

8° Lond. 1829. 

A rationale of the laws of cerebral vifion ; comprifing 
the laws of fingle and of erecfl vifion, deduced upon the 
principles of dioptrics. 8° Lond. [1830.] 

FEARN (Joseph). 

Schifm and repentance a fubjedl in feafon. 

8° Lond. 1844. 
FEARN (Mrs. Joseph). 

Plain rhymes for plain people ... 12° Lond. 1855. 

Plain rhymes for plain people ; or, verfes on the five 
books of Mofes. With an introduiftion by the rev. Alfred 
M. Myers. 8° Lond. 1866. 

FEARNE (Charles). 

An efTay on the learning of contingent remainders and 
executory devifes ; with notes, &c., by Charles Butler, 
Efq., and Jofiah W. Smith, B.C.L. Tenth edition. 2 
vols. 8° Lond. 1844. 

FEARNE (Henry). See Henry Fern, D.D. 

FEARNE (Thomas Gleadow), M.A. 

England's church in Saxon times, anti-Romifh in its 
renovation, dodlrines, epifcopacy, and relations. 

8° Lond. 1848. 

FEARNLY (Carl). See Chriftopher Hansteen. 

FEARNSIDE (William Gray). 

Thames. 4° Lond. n. d. 

FEARON (Henry), B.D., reffor of Loughborough. 

Home comfon. Working life : how to make it happier ; 
a lefture ... Second edition. 12° Lond. 1857. 

Mental vigour ; its attainment impeded by errors in educa- 
tion : a paper ... 8° Lond. 1859. 

Sermons. 8° Lond. 1859. 



What to learn and what to unlearn. Some errors pointed 
out in the teaching of rich and poor: in three leftures ... 

8° Lond. I 860. 

National defence: a fermon ... [Ps. cxxii. 6, 7.] 

S" Lond. I 86 1. 

A fermon preached in the Town Hall, Loughborough 
... [on] the death of John Caitwright, Efq. [Prov. xxi. 
20.] 12° Lond. n. d. 

Permanence in the defences of our country : a fermon ... 
[Ps. xxi. 10.] 8° Lond. [1862.] 

FEARON (Henry Bradshaw). 

Sketches of America. Narrative of a journey of five 
thoufand miles through the eaftern and weftern ftates of 
America, contained in eight reports addrefled to the thirty- 
nine Englifh families by whom the author was deputed, in 
June I 8 I 7, to afccrtain whether any and what part of the 
United ftates would be fuitable for their refidence. 

8° Lond. 18 19. 

FEARON (Henry Bradshaw). 

Thoughts on materialifm : and on religious feftivals, and 
fabbaths. 8° Lond. 1833. 


The endowed charities : with Tome fuggcftions for 
further legillution regarding them. 8° Lond. 1855. 


Fefta Anglo- Romana ; or, the feafts of the Englifh and 
Roman Churcli, with their fafts and vigils ... By a true fon 
of the Church of England. 12° Lond. 1678. 


The feathers, a tale : or, Venus furpaffed by a beauty 
in Grofvenor Square ... 4" Lond. n. d. 


Tiie influence and power of woman ; a lefture. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 

The ftudent. A drama, in two afts. 

12° Lond. 1838. 
L egends of Leiceftcr, in olden time. 8° Lond. 1838. 


ObfeiTations upon the treaty of Wafliington, figned Aug. 
9, 1842; with the treaty annexed. Together with a map, 
to illuftrate tiie boundary line, as ellablilhed by the treaty, 
between her Majelly's colonies of New Brunfwick and 
Canada, and the United States of America. 

8° Lond. 1843. 
Excurfions through the Slave ftates, from Wafliington on 
the Potomac to the fiontier of Mexico. 2 vols. 

Lond. 1844. 
A canoe voyage up the Minnay Sotor. 2 vols. 

8" Lond. 1847. 


4° Lond. 1624. 


The Romifli fiflier caught and held in his owne net ; or, 

a true relation of the Proteftant conference and Popilh 

difference ; a juftification of the one, and refutation of the 

, . „ f fac't 

otlier in matter of -; _ . , 
( faith. 

Appendix to the fiflier's net ; together with a defcription 
of the Romilh wheele or circle. 4° Lond. 1624. 

Kara/Sry.'Tr/ffra; xardTTuaroi. The dippers dipt : or, 
the anabaptifts duck'd and plung'd over head and eares, at 
a difputation in Southwark ... 4° Lond. 1645. 

The league illegal. Wherein the late Solemn League 
and Covenant is ferioufly examined, fcholaftically and folidly 
confuted : for the right informing of weak and tender con- 
fciences, and the undeceiving of the erroneous. Written 
long fince in prifon, by D. Featley ... Publifhed by [his 
nephew] John Faireclough, vulgo Featley ... 

4° Lond. 1660. 

FEATLY (John), D.D., nepheiv of the preceding. 

A fermon of obedience and fubmiffion. Preached at St. 
Saviours church in South-warke, at a vifitation, on Tuefday 
the eighth day of December: Anno Dom. 1635. [Heb. 
xiii. 17.] 4° Lond. 1636. 


Febrifugum magnum, morbifugum magnum : or, the 
grand febrifuge improved. Being an effay, to make it pro- 
bable that common water is good for many diftempers that 
are not mentioned in Dr. Hancocke's Febrifugum magnum. 

8° Lond. 1726. 
Traite theorique et pratique fur les abeilles ... 

8° Paris, l8lO. 

FECHT (Johann), German theologian, 1636-1716. 

Hiftoria: ccclefiaftica; feculi a.n.c. xvi. fupplementum, 
plurimorum et celeberrimorum ex illo sevo theologoium 
epiftolis ad Joannem, Erafmum et Philippum, Morbachios ... 
fcriptis ... conftans. Divifum in viii. libios ... 

4° Durlaci, 1 68 4. 

FECHTER (Charles). 

Monte Chrifto : a drama, in five afts. Founded on 
Alexandre Dumas' celebrated romance, and adapted to the 
Englilh (fage. 8° Lond. 1 868. 

Black and white : a love flory, in tliree ads. By 
Wilkie Collins and Charles F'echter. 1869. 

FECKENHAM or HOWMAN (John de), D.D., 
ahhot nf IVeJlminJlcr. D. I 585. 

Oration, made in the Paili.iment Houfe, anno 1559. 
[ScotCs edition of Somers' Tracts, i. 81.] 

VtDt (Rene). 

Meditationes metaphyficao de animx originc, natura, 
beatitudine, oflicio, defe(5tione, reftitutione, & confervatione 
... [Lat. SS* French.] [/Inon.] 8° Amft. 1 686. 



FEDER (JoHANN Georg H^mKicn), prof ijvr of philo- 
fophy at GoUingen, 174O-1821. 

Inftitutiones logicae ct mctaphyficae. Editio altera 
emcndatior. 8° Gottingae, 1781. 

Philofoijhifche Bibliothek von J. G. H. Fcdcr und Chr. 
Meineis. 4 Bdc. 8° Gottingae, 1788-91. 

Grundlchrcn zur Konntnifs dcs mcnfchlichen Willens und 
dcr natuiiichen Gefctze dcs Rechtvcrhaltens. 

8° Frankfurt, 1790. 

Ober das moralifchc Gefiihl. 8° Kopenhagen, 1792. 

FEDER (Michael). 

Vitam Erafmi Neuftetter, diifti Stuemier, inde ab an. 
MDxxxxv. ufque ad an. mdlxxxxiv. ecclefix cathedralis 
Wirccburgenfis canonic! etc. etc. cnarrat Dr. Michael Fcder. 
Accedunt poctarum coivorum carmina notulis illuftrata, 
quibus Veritas narrationis confirmatur. 

8° Wirceburgi, 1799. 

FEDERER (Ioannes Iacobus), M.D., German phy- 
Jic'uin ijlourtjhed in the l-jth century. 

Brcvis ct compendiofa fcbris Ungaricae curandae cognof- 
cendse, et ab aliis febribus difcemends mcthodus ... 

8° Friburgi Brifgoiae, 1624. 

FEDERICI (DoMENico), 1739-1808. 

La vcrita vendicata da i fofifmi di Francia, rifpofta alio 
fcrittore delle pretenfioni Chriftianiffime contra i principati del 
Re Caltolico. [y/non.] 4' Napoli, 1667. 

FEDERICIS (Stephanusde), Ita/ian Jurj/l ; Jou- 
rijheil in the latter half of the I ^th century. 

De inter])retatione legum. [F. Zilettus, TraSatus 
univerfi juris, i. 208.] 

FEE (Antoine Laurent Apollinaire), French botanifl. 
B. 1789. 

Vie de Linne redigee fur les documens autographes 
laiflcs par ce grand homme, et fuivie de I'analyfe de fa 
corrcfpondance avec les principaux naturalifles de fon epoque. 

8° Paris, 1532. 


An exaft Uible of fees of all the couns at Weftminfter. 
Third edition. 8' Lond. 1697. 

A difcourfe on fees of office in courts of juftice. 

8^ Lond. 1736. 

Reports of the commiflloners appointed by an aft of 
Parliament to enquire into the fees, giatuities, perquifites, and 
emoluments, which are or have been lately received in the 
fcveral public offices therein mentioned, fol. n. p. i 793. 

Report of the committee of the Incoqroration of Solicitors 
in the fupreme courts of Scotland on the table of fees lately 
iiUied under the fanflion of the judges of the Court of 
Seflion, and propofed to be enafted by aft of federunt. 

8° Edinb. 1830. 

Report of the committee appointed by the Faculty of 
Advocates, on the propofed table of fees. 

S'' Edinb. 1830. 

New county court fee tables, to be taken on and after the 
firft day of Oftober, 1856, under Aft 19 & 20 Vift. c. 
108, s. 78, with the fees to be uiken in infolvcncy, and 
the cofts and charges to be paid to counfel and attorneys, 
&c. &c. 8° Lond. 1 8 56. 

FEHR (Jo. Mich.), German doBor of medicine, 1620— 

Anchora facra, five Scorzonera, ad normam et formam 
AcademisE naturae cuiiofonmi elaborata. Acceflit fchedi- 
afma curiofum de unicomu foflili J. L. Baufch. 

8° Jenje, 1666. 

FEIJOS ( ). 

The honour and advantage of agriculture. Tran dated 
from the Spanifh of Feijos, by a farmer in Chefhirc. 

8 Dublin, 1764. 
FEILD (Edward), D.D. 

An addrefs on the ftate of the country ... Nov. 28, 
1830. Second edition. 8° Oxford, 1S30. 

Help to the knowledge and praftice of pfaimody, for the 
ufe of fchools. Part L 12° Oxford, 183 I. 

Effefts of drunkennefs, fhewn in an addrefs read to his 
parifhioners, June 19, 1831. 12° Oxford, 1831. 

The Pfalms of David metrically paraphrafed. 1 8 44. 
See Bible, Verfions, Engli/l}, b. 

A charge delivered to the clergy of Newfoundland, June 
25, 1866. 8° Lond. 1867. 

FEILDE {3oHVi),fludent in diuinitie. 

Tlie three laft dayes conferences had in the Tower with 
Edmund Campion Jcfuite, the 18 : 23 : and 27. of Sep- 
tember, I 581, coUefted and faithfully fet downe. 

4°n. p. 1583. 

FEILDE (Matthew Henry). 

On the advantages of free public news-rooms, and lending 
libraries, with remarks on the Public libiaries aft, 1 8th 
and 19th Vic. cap. 70. 8° Lond. 1858. 

FEILDEN (Ph(ebe M.) 
Tales from French hiftory. 

8° Lond. 187 I. 

FEILDEN (Randle Henry), M.A. 

The civil and icligious privileges of Great Britain. A 
fermon ... \Jofti. xxiii. 11.] 8° Lond. 1830. 

Sin, the caufe of fuffering. A fermon ... [/f. lix. i, 2.] 

8° Lond. 1 83 1. 

Jefus Chrift the way, the truth, and the life ... A fer- 
mon ... [John xiv. 6.] 8° Lond. [1835.] 

FEILDING (Robert). 

* The tryal of Robert Feilding, efq., for felony. 

8° Lond. 1708. 
FEILING (C. a.) 

A complete courfe of German literature for beginners. 

I 2= Lond. 1842. 
A praftical guide to the ftudy and grammar of the Ger- 
man language. 12° Lond. 1845. 



A key ... 

12° Lond. 1852. 

FEILLET (Alph.) 

A French grammar. By Armand D'Oursy and Alph. 
FeUlet. [187 1.] 

FEIRABENDUS (Sthphanus). 

Poemata. [Grvtur, Un/illa; poelarum Germanorum, m. 

FEIST (Charles). 

Uffful rhymes for youtli betimes. 12° Lond. 1837. 

FEITH (Ever hard), Dutch antiquary ; JlouriJIied circa 

Antiquitatum Homericarum libri iv. 

8° Argcntorati, 1743. 

— [Gronovius, Thefaurus Gr^carum anliqultaluni, vl. 


FELDBORG (Anders Andersen). B. 1782. 

An appeal to the Englifh nation in behalf of Norway. 
18 14. [Pamphleteer, iv. 233.] 

* Poems from the Danifli ; felefted and illuftratcd with 
liiftorical notes by A. Andcrfen Feldborg. Tranflated into 
Englifti verfe by William Sydney Walker. 

8° Lond. 181 5. 

The hiftory of Norway ... by G. L. Baden ... 
Tranflated ... and continued to the prefent time by A. 
Anderfen Feldborg. 1 8 7 I . 

Denmark delineated : oi', (Icetches of the prefent ftate of 
that country. Illuftrated ... 8° Edinb. 1824. 

— Uit het oorfproukelijk Engelfch. Met platen. 

8° Haarlem, 1826. 

FELDE (JoH. a). See Joh. a Felden. 

FELDEN (Johannes a), German jurjj}, 1668. 

Annotata in Hug. Grotium de jure belli et pacis. 

12° Amftelodami, 1653. 

— Quibus immixtae funt refponfiones ad ftrifturas Graf- 
winckejii. I 2° Jenae, 1(163. 

Analyfis librorum politicorum Ariftotclis. 

1 2° Francofurti, 1 6 5 4. 
Compcndiofae manududlionis ad jurifprudentiam Ro- 
manam fediones piima ct fecunda. 2 tom. 

12° Francofuiti, 1683. 


Quacks and quackery iinmafliod ... and hints upon a 
" fimple method " in connexion with the cold water cure. 

8° Lond. 184Z. 

FELIBIEN (Andr^), French archil e(l and hi/lorian, 

Conferences de I'Academie royale de peinture et de 
fculpture, pendant i'annee 1667. 4^ Paris, 1669. 

Des principcs de I'architeiJhire, de la fculpture, de la 

peinture, et des autres arts qui en dependent ; avec un 
di<51ionnaire des tenns propres a chacun de ces arts. 

4° Paris, 1676. 

— Seconde edition. 4^ Paris, I 690. 
Defciiption du chateau de Verfailles, de fes peintures, et 

d'autres ouvrages faits pour le roy. 8° Paris, 1696. 

FELIBIEN (Jean-Francois), fon of the preceding, 

Recueil hiftorique de la vie et des ouvrages des plus 
celebres architeftes. 4° Paris, 1687. 

Les plans et les defcriptions de deux des plus belles 
maifons de campagne de Pline le conful. Avec des 
remarques fur tous fes batimens, et une differtation touchant 
I'architefture antique et I'architefture Gothique. 

12° Lond. 1707. 

FELIBIEN (Michel), brother of the preceding, 1666- 

Hiftoire de I'abbaye royale de Saint-Denys en Fi'ance ... 

fol. Paris, 1706. 

Hiftoire de la ville de Paris ... Reveue, augmentee et 
mife au jour par D. Guy-Alexis Lobineau, tous deux 
pretres religieux Benediflins, de la congregation de Saint 
Maur ... Divifee en cinq volumes in folio. Paris, 1 72 5. 

FIilLICE (Fortunato Bartolomeo), 1723-89. 

Diflionnaire univerfel raifonne de juftice naturelle et 
civile . . . Ouvrage compofe par une fociete de moraliftes, de 
jurifconfultes ... Le tout revu et mis en ordre par M. de 
Felice. 13 tom. 4° Yverdon, 1777—78. 

FELICE (G. de). 

The voice of the Bible-hawker : tranflated from the 
original French by the rev. C. W. Bingham, M.A. 

8° Lond. 1847. 

Hiftory of the Pioteftants of France, from the commence- 
ment of the Reformation to the prefent time. Tranflated 
from the fecond revifed and corrected edition, by Philip 
Edward Barnes, B.A. 8° Lond. 1853. 


I'eiician Alphery, or tlie fortunes of the Raleigh family. 
1828. [% Hewfon Clark.] 


De Ig fclicitc publique ; ou confiderations fur le fort des 
hommes dans les diflercntes epoques de I'hiftoire. I 772. 
YBy F. J. Chastellux.] 

I'ELICIUS (Hector), Italian jurift ; Jlouri/bed in the 
I 6th century. 

Traftatus de communionc feu focietate, deque Jucro item 
ac quaeftu, damno itidem ac cxpenfis, ab Angelo Felicio, 
auftoris filio, publici juris fie^us. 4° Francofurti, 1606. 

— Cum notis et additionibus H. Boxcllii. 

4° Genevx, 1677. 
Allegationuni juris tomi tres ... foi. Venetiis, 161 2. 




Revelations of Siberia. By a banifhed lady. Edited by 
Colonel Lach Szyrma. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1852. 
FELIPPE (Bartolome). 

Traflado del confeio y de los confeieios de los principes. 

4° Coimbra, i 5B4. 
— Segunda imprcflion. 4° Turino, 1589. 

FELIU ET CEREZO (Josephus), Spanijh jurijl ; 
Hourl/hed in the fjth century. 

Margarita variarum conclufionum jus municipale concer- 
nentium. fol. Ncapoli, 1 641. 

FELIX, ii/hop of yfpltwgitum ; Jlourijlml area 3 00. 

* Gcfta purgationis Fclicis cpifcopi Aptungitani. [Ba- 
LUZE, Mij'cellanea, ii. 81.] 

¥^\^Yj^, b'l/hop of Tubyzacum. D. 304. 

* Paflio Sanfti Felicis epifcopi Tubyzacenfis, qui propter 
legem Domini decollatus eft xvm. Kalendas Februarii, 
[a.d. 3O4.] [Baluze, Mlfcellanea, ii. 77.] 

FELIX of Crotuland ; flourijhed circa 730. 

The Anglo-Saxon verfion of the life of St. Guthlac, 
hermit of Crowland : originally written in Latin by Felix 
(commonly called) of Crowland, with a tranllation and 
notes, by Charles WyclifFe Goodwin, M.A. 

12° Lond. 1848. 

FELIX. Pfaid. ofN. Wanostrocht, junior. 


Felix Farley, rhymes, Latin and Engiifh. By Themanin- 
themoon. 8° Brillol, 1826. 

FELIX, Father. 

Why I left the communion of the Church of Rome ; 
or, a narrative of inquiries regarding the grounds of Roman 
Catholicifm. 8° Lond. 1868. 

FELIX (Charles). 

Velvet lawn ; a novel. In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1864. 
The Netting Hill myfteiy. From the papers of the 
late R. Henderifon, Efq. 8° Lond. 1.865. 

FELIX (Frank), captain. 
MuHngs on guard. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

FELIX (MiNUCius). See Minucius. 

FELKIN (William), mayor of Nottingham. 

The exhibition in 1 8 ; i ... its probable influence upon 
labour and commerce. 8° Lond. 1851. 

A hiftory of the machine-wrought hofiery and lace 
manufadlures. 8° Lond, 1867. 

FELL (Dora). 

The vifion of the wood-houfe. 1 2° Lond. n. d. 

FELL (J. Weldon), M.D. 

A trcatife on cancer, and its treatment. 

8° Lond. 1S57. 

FELL (John), D.D., bijhop of Oxford, 1625-86. 

The intereft of England ftatcd ; or, a faithful and juft 
account of the aims of all parties now pretending ; diftinftly 
treating of the defignments of the Roman Catholick, the 
royalift, the prelbyterian, the anabaptift, the late Protcdlor, 
and the Parliament ; with their effcfts in refpe(5t of them- 
felves, of one another, and of the public k ; clearly evidencing 
the unavoydable ruine upon all from longer conteft ... 1659. 
\jlnon.~^ [Maseres, SekH IraQs relating to the civil ivars 
in England, ii. 673.] 

A fermon preached before the Houfe of Peers on Dec. 
22, 1680, being the day of folemn humiliation. [Matt. 
xii. 25.] 4° Oxford, 1680. 

The life of ... Dr. Henry Hammond. 1 684. [Henry 
Hammond, Works, i.] 

The life of Richard Alleftree, D.D., fometime regius 
profeflbr of divinity in the Univerdty of Oxford, and 
provoft of Eton. 12° Lond. 1848. 

FELL (John), dijfenting mimfler, 1735—97. 

The juftice and utility of penal laws for the direflion of 
confcience, examined ; in reference to the diflenters' late 
application to Parliament : addrefied to a member of the 
Houfe of Commons. \Anoni\ \_Signed Phileleutheros.] 

8° Lond. 1774. 

Dasraoniacs ; an enquiry into the heathen and the 
Scripture doftrine of daemons ; in which the hypothefes 
of the rev. Mr. Farmer, and others on this fubjefl, are 
particularly conCdered. 8° Lond. 1779. 

FELL (Ralph). 

A tour thiough the Batavian republic during the latter 
part of the year 1800, contiining an account of the revolu- 
tion and recent events in that country. 8° Lond. 1805. 

Memoirs of the public life of the late right honourable 
Charies James Fox. 4° Lond. 1808. 

FELL (Rev. Richard Crampton), M.A., 1805—66. 

PafTages from the private and official life of the late 
Alderman Kelly, with extrafls from his correfpondence. 

8° Lond. 1856. 
— Third edition. 12° Lond. 1858. 

FELL (Robert S.) 

" Pafling the board," and preparing for judgment, a few 
words of counfel to Britifh feamen. 12° Lond. 1858. 

FELL (T.), M.A. 

The perfecuting princi])les and corrupt dodlrines of the 
Church of Rome. Two fermons . . . 

8° A(hby-de-la-Zouch, 1837. 



Faith on the earth. 

A fermon ... [Luie xviii. 8.] 
8° A(hby-de-la-Zouch, 1839. 

FELL (Walter William). 

A trcatife on the law of mercantile guaranties, and 
engagements in the nature of guarantie. 8" Lond. 181 i. 
— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1820. 


.lurifprudentia antique, continens opufcula, et diflertationes 
quibus K'gcs antiquae, praefertim Mofaicac, Graecae, et 
Romanai.', illuftrantur, curante Dan. Fellenbcrg. 2 torn. 

4° Dcrnac, i 7 60. 

FELLENBERG (Philipp Emanuel von), Sivifs 
philanthropijl and eilticationifi, i 7 7 I — I 8 4 4. 

* Tranflation of \jivo\ reports upon tlie principles and 
progrcfs of the cftablilhment ofM. De Fellenberg at Hofwyl, 
Switzerland. By John AtterfoU, Efq. 8° Lond. I 820. 

* What De Fellenberg has done for education. 

8° Lond. 1839. 

* Letters from Hofwyl by a parent, on the educational 
inftitutions of De Fellenberg. With an appendix containing 
Woodbiidge's (Icetches of Hofwyl. 12° Lond. 1842. 

FELLER (Dr. F. E.) 

Neueftes Tafchen- Worterbuch Dcutfch und Englifli . . . 
Achtc Auflage. 8° Lond. [i 87 i.] 

New pocket dictionary. Englifli and German. Eighth 
edition. 8° Lond. [187 I.] 

FELLER (Francois Xavier de), 1735-1802. 

Diftionnaire hiftorique, ou hilloire abregee des hommes 
qui fe font fait un nom par leurs genie, leurs talens, leurs 
vertus, leurs crreurs ou leurs crimes depuis le commencement 
du monde jufqu'a nos jours. 12 torn. 8° Paris, I 82 I. 

Catechifme philofophique, ou recucil d'obfervations pro- 
pres a dcfendre la religion Chretienne contre fes enncmis. 
CinquiCime edition. 3 torn. 1 2° Paris, I 82 I. 

FELLER (Joachim Frideric), German hijlorian ; fori 
of the foll'jiv'wg, 1 67 3- 1 726. 

Monumenta varia inedita, variifque Unguis confcripta, nunc 
fmgulis trimertribus prodeuntia ... 4° Jenae, i 714- 15. 

FELLER {L. Joachim), librarian at Leipfr, 1628-91. 

Vindiciac adverfus Johann. Henrici Eggelingii ... cen- 
furam, ut vocat, cenfurac myfteriorum Ccreris et Bacchi, 
nee non difquifitionis cpiftolicae de numifmatibus quibufdam, 
quae pro Neronianis ille venditat. 4° Lipfiae, 1685. 


The fellow-commoner. 1836. [/)';' J. H. Gaunter.] 


Fellow travellers ; or, the experience of life. 15y the 
author of " Margaret ; or, prejudice at iiome," &c. &c. In 
three volumes. 8° Lond. 1858. 

FELLOWES (Sir James), M.D. 

Reports on the peftilential difordcr of Andalufia, which 
appeared at Cadiz in the years 1800, 1804, 1810, and 
I 8 1 3, with an account of the epidemic which prevailed at 
Gibraltar during the autumnal months of 1804; alfo 
obfervations on the remitting and intermittent fevers made 
after the return of the tj'oops from tiie expedition to Zealand 
in 1809. 8' Lond. 18 15. 

FELLOWES (Robert), LL.D.,D.D., 1770-1847. 

The guide to immortality ; or, memoirs of the life and doc- 
trine of Chrift, by the four Evangelifts ; digefted into one 
continued narrative. 1804. SeeBiBi.E,Verfions,£tig/i/h,c. 

The hiftory of Ceylon from the earlieft period to the 
year mdcccxv. ; with charafteriftic details of the religion, 
laws, & manners of the people, and a colIei5tion of their 
moral maxims & ancient proverbs. By Philalethes, A.M. 
Oxon. To which is fubjoined, Robert Knox's Hiftorical 
relation of the ifland, with an account of his captivity during 
a period of near twenty years. 4° Lond. 1 8 1 7. 

The rights of property vindicated againft the claims of 
univerfal fuffrage ; with an analyfis of the principle of 
property, and new views of conftitutional intereft and general 
policy. 8° Lond. 18 18. 

The religion of the univerfe ; with confolatory views of 
a fijture flate, and fuggeftions on the mod beneficial topics 
of theological inftruftion. 12° Lond. 1836. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1864. 

FELLOWES (Robert), magi/Irate of the county of 

Obfervations on the plan for a more frequent deliveiy of 
the gaols. 8° Lond. 1820. 

FELLOWES (William Dorset), commander, R.N. 

A narrative of the lofs of his Majefty's packet, the Lady 
Hobart, on an ifland of ice in the Atlantic ocean, 2Sth of 
June, 1803 ; with a particular account of the pi'ovidential 
efcape of the crew in two open boats. 8° Lond. 1803. 

Paris during the interefting month of July, 181 5. A 
feries of letters ... 8° Lond. 1815. 

Hiftorical fla-tches of Charles the Firft, Cromwell, 
Charles the Second, and the principal perfonages of that 
period ; including the King's trial and execution. To 
which is annexed an account of the fums exafled by the 
commonwealth fiom the royalifts, and the names of all 
thofe who compounded for their eftates ; with other fcarce 
documents. Illuftrated by fifty lithographic plates. 

4° Lond. 1828. 

FELLOWS (Sir Charles), traveller and archaolog't/l, 
I 799—1860. 

A journal written during an cxcurfion in Alia Minor. 
1839. 8° Lond. 1839. 

An account of difcoveries in Lycia, being a journal kept 
during a fecond cxcurfion in Afia Minor. 184O. 

8° Lond. 1 841. 

The Xanthian marbles ; their acquifition, and tranfmilTion 
to England. 8° Lond. 1843. 



Lycia, Caria, Lydia, illuftrated by Mr. George Scharf, 
with dcfcriptive Ictter-prefs by Sir Charles Fellows. 1 847. 

Account of the Ionic tiopiiy monument excavated at 
Xanthus. 8° Lend. 1848. 

Travels & refearches in Afia Minor, more particularly 
in tlie province of Lycia. 8" Lend. 1852. 

Coins of ancient Lycia before the reign of Alexander. 
With an effay on the relative dates of the Lycian monu- 
ments in the Britifli Mufeum. 8° Lond. 1 85 5. 

FELLOWS (Edward), B.A. 

Sayings and doings of the Lord Bifliop of Manchcfter in 
the adminidration of his diocefe, but more particularly with 
reference to Ringley Chapel. 8° Lond. 1852. 

FELLOWS (Mrs. Frank P.) 

8° Lond. 1857. 

FELLOWS (Frank P.) 

On the impediments to the introdu(5lion of the metrical 
fyftem of weights and meafurcs, and the bcft way to remove 
them: a Icifture ... 8° Lond. 1861. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1863. 

The gun and dog. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

FELLOWS (Thomas Howard). 

The law of cofts, as afFeded by the Small debts adl, and 
other ftatutcs. 12° Lond. 1847. 

Convocation, its origin, progrefs and authority, legiflativc 
and judicial ; with a fcheme for amending its power and 
conftitution. 8° Lond. n. d. 


Fellowfhi]) : letters addreffcd to my filler mourners. 

8° Lond. 1868. 

FELTHAM (John). 

A tour through the ifland of Mann, in 1797 and 1798; 
comprifing (l<etches of its ancient and modern hillory, con- 
ftitution, laws, commerce, agriculture, fifliery, Sec, including 
whatevci' is remarkable in each paiilh, its population, infciip- 
tions, regifters, &c. 8 Bath, 1798. 

FELTHAM (Joseph). 

Guide to archery and other outdoor games. 

12° Lond. [1862.] 

FELTHAM or FELLTHAM (Owen). B. area 

Rcfolves divine, moral, political. With new and fcveral 
other additions both in profe and verfc not extant in the 
former imprcflions. The ninth impreffion. 

fol. Lond. 1670. 

Batavia ; or, the Hollander difplayed, being three weeks 
obfervations of the Low countries, efjx'cially Holland . . . (To 
which is added, a perfeifl defcription of the people & 
country of Scodand.) \/tnon.'\ i2°Araft. 1686. 

FELTMAN (Gerhardus), German jurift ; Jlourl/hed In 
the lyh century. 

Duorum fratrum Gerhardi et Thcodori Fcltman opera 
juridica ... edidit et prefatus eft J. J. van Haflelt. 6 torn, 
fol. Amhemiae, 1764—67. 

Tradlatus de juramento perhorrefcentiae vulgo fie didlo ; 
five de ejeratione bonae fpei ... 4° Groningae, 1669. 

Tradatus de feudis, & obfervatio fingularis de refponfis 
prudentum adverfario non edendis. 12° Groningx, 1671. 

— Editio teitia, accurante A. A. Pagenftechero. 

12° Colonias ad Rhenum, 1702. 

Tracftatus de jure in re & ad rem : i.e. introduflio ad 
jurifprudentiam veterem & novam. Editio tenia. 

I 2° Anrft. 1672. 

Traiflatus de titulis honorum duobus libris abfolutus ... 

12° BremJE, 1672. 

Tra<rtatus de cadavere infpiciendo ... Adjicitur difcep- 
tatio alterplex ad 1. per agrum xi. C. de fenit. & aqua : 
quarum prior eft de tranfitu exercitiis ; altera, de vehiculis 
fibi obviis ... 4° GroningK, 1673. 

Decas refponforum juiis ad rem militarem. Das ift : 
zehen rechtliche Bedencken von einigen meicklichen 
Zufallen, die fich in Niederland bey noch daurendem krige 
... zugetragen ... Wobey decifionum decades duae. In 
Oftfriefifchen fachen abgefaffet und anitzo zum truck 
befodeit ... 4° Bremen, 1674. 

Jus georgicum, de inclufione animalium aliifque rei agrarioe 
argumentis. 4° Lipfiae, 1678. 

Commentarius ad lib. Digeftomm feu Pandedlaram lib. 
I. et II. ... fol. Lipfiaj, 1678. 

FELTMAN (Theodor), German jurifl ; Jlouri/Jjed in 
the I "Jth century. 

Duorum fratrum Gerhardi et Theodori Feltman opera 
juridica ... 1764. 

FELTON (Henry), D.D., principal of Edmund Hall, 
Oxford, 1 6 7 9- 1 7 40. 

A differtation on reading the claffics, and forming a jufl: 
ftyle. 12° Lond. i 71 3. 

The refurreftion of the fame numerical body, and its re- 
union to the fame foul ; afTeited in a fermon . . . [ i Cor. 
XV. 23.] ... 8° Oxford, [1725.] 

A difcourfe concerning the univerfality and order of the 
refuneiftion : being a fequel to that, wherein the perfonal 
identity is aflerted. 8 Lond. 1733. 


On the portraits of Englifh authors on gardening. 

8° Lond. 1828. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1830. 
Gleanings on gardens, chiefly refpefling thofe of the 

ancient ftyle in England. 8° Lond. 1829. 

FELTON (Samuel). 

Imperfeft hints towards a new edition of Shakefpeare, 
written chiefly in the year 1782. [Anon.'\ 2 parts. 

4° Lond. 1787-88. 



Teftimonies to the genius and memoiy of Sir Jofhua 
Reynolds, by the author of, Imperfeft hints towards a new 
edition of Shakefpcare. 4° Lond. 1792. 

FELTON (William). 

Treatife on carriages. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1794-95. 

FELTON (William), mimjler of Zion chapel, Florence 
Place, Dcplfnrd. 

Truth defended : or the endlefs punifliment of the un- 
godly and finally impenitent confidered ... In reply to a 
pamphlet, publiflied by C. Skinner ... entitled, "Death in 
Adam, life in Chrift." 12° Lond. 1853. 


The female barbers ; an Irifh tale, after the manner of 
Prior. 4'3 Lond. n. d. 


Female efforts in the Saviour's caufe defended and en- 
couraged. By one who "is nothing." Gal. vi. 3. 

12° Lond. 1S38. 

Female happinefs or the lady's handbook of life. With 
preface by the rev. John Edmund Cox. 1854. 


Tales of female heroifm. 1846. 


The female miffion to the fallen. 12" Lond. i8()8. 


The female preacher, or the loft miniftry. 

8° Lond. [1862.] 

Females of the prefent day, confidered as to their influ- 
ence on fociety. Sec. By a country lady. 

8" Lond. I 83 I. 

An addrefs to the females of Great Britain. By an 
Englifhwoman. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1832. 


The Fen and Marlhland churches : a fcncs of photo- 
graphs. Witli lliort hiilorical and aichitedural defcriptive 
notes. 4° Wifbech, n. d. 

FENAROLUS (Ludovicus). 

Carmina. \Carm'ma illujlrium poetarum Ilalorum, iv. 

FENARUOLO (Girolamo). 

Poefie. Fetuz. 1787. [Parnaso //rt/iano, tS'f. vol. 

FENBY (Thomas). 

A copious diftionary of Englifli fynonymes ... a felec- 

tion of Latin and French quotations, with cofrefponding 
Englifh tranflations ; a lift of French and Englifh abbrevi- 
ations ... 8" Lond. 1853. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1864. 

FENDALL (Rev. James), M.A. 

Exemption from the payment of churcli rates on perfonal 
grounds, confidered in a letter to J. G. Hubbard, Efq., 
M.P., together with fome fuggeftions for the amendment of 
the laws on this fubjeft. 8° Camb. i860. 

Authority of Scripture : an examination into the prin- 
ciples and ftatements advanced in Profeffor Jowett's efTay on 
the inteqjretation of Scripture. 8° Lond. 1861. 

— \ylnother edtt!on.'\ \¥A.mi and peace. 1862.] 

FENCLON ( de Salignac de la Mothk), 
French diplomati/l, 1695— 1753. 

Correfpondance diplomatique. 2 torn. 

8° Paris, 1S38. 

FENELON (Francois de Salignac de la Mothe), 
archhijhop of C amir ay, I 65 I — I 7 I 5. 

Oeuvres fpirituelles. Nouvelle edition. 4 torn. 

12° n. p. 1777. 

Explication des maximes des faints fur la vie interieure. 
Edition nouvelle. I 2° Amft. 1698. 

The man-hater unmaflied. In a dialogue between So- 
crates, Alcibiades and Timon. 8° Edinb. i 7 i 4. 

Dialogues concerning eloquence in general, and particu- 
larly that kind which is fit for the pulpit : tranflated fiom 
the French, and illuftrated with notes and quotations by 
William Stevenfon, M.A. %" Lond. 1722. 

— Tranflated from the French, with a preliminary efTay 
by the rev. Alfred Jenom. 8" Lond. 1 8 47. 

Inftruflions for the education of a daughter. To which 
is added a fniall traft of inftrui5lions for the condufl of young 
ladies of the higheft rank. Done into Englifli by Dr. 
George Hickes. 12^ Edinb. 1750. 

Les aventures de Telemaqvie, fils d'Ulylfe, ornees de 
figures gravees d'apres les deffeins de Charles Monnet, par 
Jean Baptifte Tilliard. 2 torn. 4° Paris, 1785. 

— Soigneufement revues par Gabiiel Surcnne. 2 torn. 

I 2= Edinb. 1853. 

— With notes, by C. J. Delille. 8° Lond. 1854. 

— Suivies des aventures d'Ariflonoiis. Nouvelle edition 
accompagnee de notes philologiques et litteraires, et precedee 
de I'eloge de Fenelon par La Haqie. 

8" Lond. [1869.] 
The adventures of Telemachus, fon of Ulyffcs . . . tranf- 
lated into Englifh verfe ... by Mark Anthony Mcilan. 2 
vols. 8° Lond. 1776. 

— Verfified, by the author of the Pilgrim's Progrefs 
verfified. 8'' Lond. [1S49.] 

— Tranflated from the Fiench by E. W. S. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

— Rendered into Englilh blank verfe by the rev. John 
Lockhart Rofs, M.A. S'' Lond. i860. 

— In Englifli verfe. Book I. 8° Lond. 1712. 



— Done into Englifh blank verfe, by Logan Loveit. 
Book the firft. 12° Edinb. 1 809. 

'I'jyai 'Vrihsfid'^ou u/oD rou 'O&tKrs'sui, J) euiiyna. rr,; 
TiTd'TYiC /3//3Xou rrii 'Oduteiia.; roZ 'O/z^jou si; ^i^Xia 
osKCi lie raXX/xijv yX'Zeaav ewh/j-ha.. Tilioa T^Sjrov fiira- 
ipoaaSivTa eh '"'li' UrrXouars^av 'EXXjjv/zjjv yy.uaaai/ rra^a 
A. 2. 2 torn. 8° 'Kieri'rjffiv, 1 742. 

Abregc de la vie des aociens philofophes. 

I 2° Paris, 1795. 

A letter on frequent communion. Edited by the rev. 
W. J. E. Bennett. 8^ Lend. 1850. 

Counfels to thofe who are living in the world. From 
the original. Edited by the rev. William J. E. Bennett. 

8° Lond. 1851. 

SeleiSions from the writings of Fenclon : with a memoir 
of his life by Mrs. Pollen. Reprinted from the fifth 
American edition. 8° Lond. n. d. 

* Hiftoire ... Par L. F. De Bausset. 1809. 

* Life. 1 8 19. [5y Charles Butler.] 

FENESTELLA (Lucius). PfiuJ. of Andreas 
Dominicus Floccus. 


The Govemment proceedings againft Fenianifm. 

8° Lond. 1865. 
FENICE (Jean Antoine). 

Didionnaire FVanjois & Italien. 8° Morges, 1584. 

FENN (Rev. C. C), M.A. 

An urgent call for Chriftian miffionaries, being addreiles 
to undergraduates at Oxford. By the late General C. A. 
Browne, the rev. C. C. Fenn, M.A., and the rev. Canon 
Miller, D.D. [1866.] 

FENN (Charles). 

A compendium of the Englifh and foreign funds, and 
the principal joint flock companies, forming an epitome of 
the various obje(fts of inveltment negotiable in London ; 
with fome account of the internal debts and revenues of the 
foreign ftates, and tables for calculating the value of the 
different flocks, etc. 12° Lond. 1837. 

— Fourth edition, revifed, correifted, and brought down 
to the prefent time. By Henry Ayres. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

— Fifth edition. 8° Lond. 1855. 

— Eighth edition revifed ... by P. L. Simmonds. 

%" Lond. i860. 

— Ninth edition ... By Robert. Lucas Nalh. 

8° Lond. 1867. 
FENN (George Manville). 

"Cabby." 8° Lond. 1864. 

Featherland ; or, how the birds lived at Greenlawn. 

8° Lond. 1866. 

Hollowdell Grange ; or, holiday hours in a countiy 
home. 8" Lond. 1866. 

Original penny readings : a feries of fhort fl<etches. 3 
vols. 8° Lond. 1866—67. 

Webs in the way. In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1867. 
Chriftmas penny readings : original fl^etchcs for the 
feafon. 8° Lond. 1867. 

Bent, not broken : a tale. In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1867. 
Mad : a flory of dufl and afhes. In three volumes. 

8" Lond. 1868. 
By birth a lady : a tale. In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1871. 
The fapphire crofs : a novel. In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1 87 I. 
FENN (Sir John), 1739—94. 

Original letters written during the reigns of Henry VI., 
Edward IV., and Richard III., by various perfons of rank 
or confequence \the Pa/Ion family\ ... Digefled in chrono- 
logical order ; with notes, hiftorical and explanatory ; and 
authenticated by engravings of autogiaphs, paper niaiks, and 
feals. In four volumes. 4° Lond. 1787-89. 

— Vol. V. \lVith title : Original letters written dur- 
ing the reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., Edward V., 
Richard III., and Henry VII.] 4° Lond. 1823. 

FENN (Joseph), mmifier of Blackheath Park church. 

Sermons. 8° Lond. 1830. 

A fermon jircached at St. Peter's, Bethnal Green, on 
Sunday, March 24, 1850, on behalf of the National 
fchools of the difhift. [Heb. yi\i\. '].'] 8° Lond. 1850. 

A fermon ... [Pj-. Ixxviii. 11.] 8° Lond. 1850. 

Britain's burdens and caufes of punifhment : a fermon 
... \_Lam. ii. 14.] 8° Lond. 1857. 

A fermon preached in the parifh church of Chefliunt, 
on Sunday, April 24th, 1858, on occafion of the death of 
the rev. M. M. Prefton, M.A. [Heb. xiii. 17.] 

12° Lond. 1858. 

FENN (Joseph Finch), M.A., -uicar of Stotfold. 

The miniflration of the fpirit : a fermon ... [2 Cor. iii. 
8.] 8° Bedford, 1855. 

Chriflian felf-pofTcfTion : a fermon ... [l Pet. ii. 6.] 

8" Lond. 1865. 

FENNE (Francois de). 

Le fecretaire a la mode, contenant les lettres choifies des 
plus beaux efprits de ce temps. 8° Leyde, 1684. 

FENNELL (Greville). 

The rail and the rod ; or, tourifl-angler's guide to waters 
and quarters thirty miles around London. No. I. Great 
Eaftem Railway. By Greville F. (Barnes). 

8° Lond. 1867. 

— No. II. Great Weftern Railway. By Greville F. 
(Barnes). 8° Lond. 1867. 

— No. III. South-weflern Railway. By Greville F. 
(Barnes). 8° Lond. 1867. 

— No. IV. South-eaftem Railway. By Greville F. 
(Barnes). 8° Lond. 1869. 

The book of the roach. 8° Lond. 1870. 

FENNELL (.Tames H.) 
Drawing-room botany. 

8° Lond. 1 840. 



A natural hiftory of Britidi and foreign quadrupeds. 

8° Lond. 1841. 

FENNER (David), mwj/ler of Ebenezer chapel, 

Triumph of free grace : being a faithful account of the 
experience and happy death of Sarali Skinner. 

8° Hartings, [1846.] 
A treatife on the parable of the wife and foolifh virgins. 

8° Hartings, n. d. 

FENNER (Dudley). D. 1587. 

An anfwere unto the confutation of John Nichols his 
recantation in all pointes of any weight, conteyned in the 
fame, efpecially in the matters of doftrine, of purgatorie, 
images, the Popes honor, and the queftion of the Church. 
4° Lond. John Wolfe, 1583. 

A defence of the godlie minifters, againft the flaunders 
of D. Bridges, contayned in his anfwere to the preface be- 
fore the Difcourfe of ecclefiafticall governement : with a 
declaration of the bifhops proceeding againft them. \Amn^ 

4° n. p. 1587. 

The Song of fongs, tranflated into Englifh meeter ... 
1594. See Bible, Verfions, Englijh, b. 

FENNER (William), Puritan Ji-viiie, 1600-4O. 

A treatife of the afFe(5tions ; or, the foules pulfe ... 

8' Lond. 1642. 

A new fyftem of geography, or a general defcription of 
the world ... by the late D. Penning and J. Collyer. 
Third edition. 2 vols. fol. Lond. 17 70. 

The young man's new univerfal companion ; or, gentle- 
man's pocket intelligencer ... begun by the late Mr. D. 
Penning, and continued by the rev. J. Malham. 

8° Lond. 1788. 

FENNINGS (Alfred). 

Every mother's book; or, the child's beft dodlor ... 

8^ n. p. n. d. 

A particular of tiie ninety five thovifand acres of fenny 
and low furrounded grounds, lying within the great level of 
the fens ; which, by an aft of Parliament of the 29 of 
May, 1649, were allotted to William Earle of Bedford, 
his participants and adventurers for dreyning of the fame. 

fol. Lond. 1653. 

PENTON (Ben). 

Poems : tributes to Scarborough, odes on Wellington 
and Napoleon, &c. 12° Lond. 1843. 

PENTON (C. H.), eap/ak. 

The rudiments of rifle praflice ; or, a fyftem of cate- 
chetical inrtruftion in preliminary muflietry drill. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

FENTON (Elijah), 1683-1730. 

Poems on feveral occafions. 8^ Lond. I 71 7. 

Maiiamne; a tragedy. 4" Lond. I 72 3. 


— [Ne-iv Brilifh Theatre, vol. v.] 

Plorelio. A paftoral. Lamenting the death of the late 
Marquis of Blandford. [Alexander Pope, Eloifa to Abelard, 
P- 34-] 

PENTON (Gertrude). 

A wicked woman : a novel. 

8° Lond. 1 87 1. 
8° Lond. 1871. 

PENTON (Rev. J. A.), M.A. 

The conftitution and working of the church in New 
Zealand, being a paper ... 8° Lond. 1864. 


Adventures of Mrs. Colonel [Helen] Somerset in Caf- 
fraria, during the war. Edited by J. D. Fenton. 1858. 

PENTON (Richard), P.A.S., IVelJli barrjfter. D. 

A hiftorical tour through Pembrokelhire. 

4° Lond. 1811. 
PENTON (Roger). 

The Conway in the ftereofcope : illuftrated by Roger 
Fenton. With notes, defcriptive and hiftorical, by James 
Bridge Davidson. 

FENTON (Rev. Samuel), M.A. 

The excellent properties of faked brandy, as a moft 
efficacious medicine ... 8° Lond. 184I. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1865. 

FENTON (Thomas), A.M. 

Three plain anfwers to the queftion. Why are you a 
member of the Church of England ? Fifth edition. 

8° Lond. i860. 

Tiie French genders made eafy ... 

12° Wakefield, 183 1. 
A choice felecflion of fables in French, with a literal 
interlineary tranflation ... 12° Lond. 1832. 

The French fpeaker ... 8° Lond. 1832. 

FENWICK (George), B.D., redor of Hallaton in 

Help for tlie fincere ; in plain meditations both leading 
to and ftirring up the faith which works by love. 

I 2° Lond. I 737. 
Thoughts upon the Hebrew titles of the pfalms. 

12° Lond. 1855. 
FENWICK (H^ce), captain. 

The " field excrcife atJtt-esoIutions of the aiTny " illuf- 
trated in a fcries of field days ... being fpecially defigned 
for tiie inftruftion of officers of infantry, militia, rifle, and 
volunteer corps, &c. &c. 8° Lond. 1853. 

FENWICK (Sir John). 

A trae copy of the paper deliveied by Sir John Fenwicke, 



baronet, to tlie (licrifFs of London, and Middlefcx, on 
Tower-hill, tlie place of execution, Thurfday January 2 8, 


S. Sh. Lend. 169} 

* An account of the behaviour of Sir John Fenwick, 
at his execution on Tower-hill ; with the copy of tiie paper 
delivered by him to the fheriflTs of London, &c. 

S. Sh. Lond. ; repr. Edinb. 1 697. 

_ S. Sh. ; repr. Glafg. 1697. 

Contemplations upon life and deatii ; with fcrious re- 
flexions on the miferies that attend human life in eveiy ftation, 
degree, and change thereof. Written by a pcrfon of quality, 
in his confinement, a little before his death ; llicwing the 
vanity of the defire of long life and the fear of death ; with 
a true copy of the jiaper delivered to the (herifFs upon the 
fcafFold at Tower hill, on Thurfday, January 28, 1696-7 
by Sir John Fenwick. 1697. [//ar/«an Miscellany, i. 



The goblin groom, a tale of Dunfe. 4° Edinb. 1 809. 

FENWICK (Samuel), M.D. 

The morbid ftatcs of the ftomach and duodenum and 
their relations to the difeafes of other organs. 

8° Lond. 1868. 
The ftudents' guide to medical diagnofis. 

8° Lond. 1869. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 187 i. 

FENWICK (Stephen), F.R.A.S: 

The mechanics of conflruftion, including the theories of 
the ftrength of materials, roofs, arches, and fufpenfion 
bridges: with numerous examples. 4" Lond. 1 861. 

FENWICK (Thomas). 

Four eflays on pracflical mechanics ... Second edition. 

8° Newcaftle-upon-Tyne, 1802. 
A theoretical and praftical treatife on fubterraneous 
furveying, and the magnetic variation of the needle. 

8° Newcaftle-upon-Tyne, I 804. 

— Alfo the method of conducing fubterraneous fun-eys 
without the ufe of the magnetic needle, and other modem 
improvements. By Thomas Baker. The third edition. 
[IVeale's Rudimentary Series.'] 12° Lond. I 86 1. 

FENWICK (William), " ulter larrejler of Grays 

An exadt enquiry after ancient truths, both in Scripture 
and fathers. Touching the subfiftence of the church of 
God ; digeftcd into three parts : viz. I. True worfhip. 
II. Dominion, or divine jurifdidlion. III. Difcipline, re- 
duced from our father Adams time, through all ages, to 
thefe prefent times. 4° Lond. n. d. 

FENWICKE (John), Reutenant-coloneh 

Chrift ruling in midft of his enemies ... together, with 
Secretarie Windebanks letters to S'' Jacob Afliley, and the 
maior of Newcaftle ... 4° Lond. 1634. 


Traite du fer et de I'acier 

4° Paris, 1 8 04. 

FER (N. de). 

Hiftoire dcs rois de France dcpuis Pharamond jufqu'a ... 
Louis Quinze, enrichie de leurs portraits et faits les plus 
memorables, compofee de foixante et cinq planches en taille 
douce. 4^ Paris, n. d. 

FERALDUS (Joannes). 5f^ Jean Ferault. 

Explicationuni libii duo, quomm primus eft in Pandeftas ; 
fecundus in alias juris civilis partes. 8° Lugduni, I 56 1. 

— [Otto, Thefaurus juris Romani, ii. 497-] 

FERARD (Joseph), barrifler. 

A treatife on the law of fixtures, and other property, 
partaking both of a real and perfonal nature. 1827. 
\_By Andi'ew Amos and Jofeph Ferard.] 

FERAUD (Jean Francois). 

Didlionnaire critique de la langue Fi'angaife. 3 tom. 
4° Marfeilles, 1787-88. 

FERAULT (Jean), French juri/l ; fouri/bed in the 
16th century. 

Traftatus pulcherrimus de juribus et privilegiis regni 
Francorum. [F. Zilettus, Tradatus univer/i juris, xvi. 

1 74-] 

FERBER (Johann Jacob), Sivedi/h mineralogijl, 1 743- 

Befchreibung des Queckfilber Bergwerks zu Idria in 
Mittel-Crayn. 8° Beriin, 1774. 

Lcttres fur la mineralogie et fur divers autres objets de 
I'hiftoire naturelle de I'ltalie : ouvrage traduit de I'AIle- 
niand, enriche de notes et d'obfervations faites fur les lieux, 
par M. le Baron de Dietrich. 8' Straft)ourg, 1776. 

— Tranflated ... with explanatoiy notes and a preface 
on the prefent ftate and fiituie improvement of mineralogy, 
by R. E. Rafpe. 8° Lond. 1776. 

Mineraiogical hiftory of Bohemia. [Inigo Born, Travels 
through the Bannat of Temefiuar, Tranfylvania, and Hun- 
gary ... p. 229. I777-] 

An efTay on the oryiftography of Derbyfhire, a province 
of England. [Pinkerton's ColkSion of voyages and travels, 
ii. 465.] 

FERDINAND IL, emperor of Germany, 1578-1637. 

* Dedudlion, ou ample reprefentation des caufes pour 
lefquelles TEmpereur Ferdinand II. apres le trepas de 
I'Empereur Matthias, f'eft trouve defcheu de la couronne de 
Boheme, & de pays incoiporcz et de ce qui a contraindl les 
Eftats de pafTer en vertu de leurs libertez a I'eleflion de fa 
Majefte Royale de Boheme maintenant regnante ; trad. 
d'Alleman en Fran9ois. 4" n. p. 1620. 

* A cleare demonftration, that Ferdinand is by his owne 



demerits fallen from the kingdome of Bohemia, and the in- 
corporate provinces. Written by a noble-man of Polonia. 
And tranflated out of the fecond edition enlarged. 

4" Dort, n. d. 

FERDINAND III., emperor of Germany, 1608-57. 

* Relatione della follenne pompa, celebrata nelle nozze 
delle Maefta delli ferenifllmi regi Ferdinando III. ... e 
D. Maria Infante Cattolica di Spagna : nella citta imperiale 
di Vienna, il prefente anno 1631, mefe di Fcbraro. 

40 Roma, I 63 I. 

* Relatione delle fefte f;itte dall' eccellentilF. Sig. Mar- 
chefe di Caltello Rodrigo ambafciatore della Maella Catto- 
lica, nella clettione di Ferdinando III. re de' Romani. 

4° Roma, 1637. 

* Relatione delle allegrezze fatte in Roma dall' illuftrif- 
fimo, ed eccellentiffimo Sig. Prencipe di Bozolo ambalcia- 
tore ordinario della Maefla dell' Imperatore Ferdinando 
II. nella elettione di Ferdinando III. ... in re de' Romani. 

4 ' Roma, 1637. 

* Nuova relatione dell' elettione, e coronatione del nuovo 
rh de' Romani in perfona del feienlflimo Ferdinando re 
d'Ungheria, feguita nella citta di Ratifbona alii 22 e 29 di 
Decembre 1636. Con le ceremonic, ed allegrezze fatte in 
dette fimtioni. 4° Roma, 1637. 

* Relatione delle fefte, e fuochi, aitificiati fatti in fegno 
d'allegrezza per I'elettione, e coronatione della Maefta del 
re de' Romani. Seguita nella perfona di Ferdinando III. 
... dair illuftrifT. e reverendiffl Monfig. Cornelio Henrico 
Motmanno auditore di Rota, e refidente della medefima 
Maefta. fol. Roma, 1637. 

FERDINAND IV., king of the Sicilies. 

* Origine della popolazione di S. Lcucio e fuoi progrefli 
fino al giorno d'oggi : colic leggi corrifpondenti al buon 
governo di effa. 8' Napoli nella ftamperia reale, 1789. 

FERDINAND 111., ting of Spnin, 1200-52. 

* Chronica del faniflo rey Don Fernando, tercero dcfte 
nombre ... fol. Medina del Campo, 1566. 

* Memorial de la excelente fantidad y heroycas virtudes 
del Sefior rey Don Fernando Tercero ... Efcrivialo el 
Padre .loan do Pineda. 1627. 

* Vida ... Efcrita por Don Alonfo Nunez de Castro 
... 1787. 

FERDINAND IW ., king of Spain, 1285-1312. 

* Cronica del muy valerofo rey Don Fernando, vifnieto 
del fanfto rey Don Fernando ... fol. Vallodolid, I 554. 

FERDINAND V., king of Spain, 1452-151 6. 

* Hiftoire des rois Catholiques Ferdinand ct Ifabellc. 
1766. [.5y Vincent MiGNOT.] 

FERDINAND VI., king of Spain, I 7 I 3-59. 

* Ciha feliz de las dichas imponderables que fe promete 
la monarcliia Hefpailola baxo el fufpirado dominio de fu 
augufto foberano el Seilor D. Fernando VI. ... Jufta litter- 
aria, certamcn poctico ... 4° Salamanca, n. d. 

FERDINANDUS VII., king of Spain, 1784-183 3. 

* Memoirs of Ferdinand VII., king of the Spatns, by 
Don *****. Tranflated from the original Spanifh manu- 
fcript by Michael J. Quin. S" Lond. 1824. 

FERDINAND, Me of Bnmfivick. 

* [Plans of the campaigns of Ferdinand, Duke of Brunf- 
wick. 1758—61.] fol. n. p. n. d. 


Ferdinand Caftleton. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1S51. 


Ferdinand Franck ; an auto-biographical (]<etch of the 
youthful days of a mullcal ftudent. 12° Lond. I 82 5. 

FERDINANDUS (Aloysius), Comes Marfigli. 

Danubialis operis prodromus. fol. Norimbergae, I 700. 
Hiftoire phyfique de la mer. fol. Amft. 1725. 

FERDINANDUS (Ludovicus), Marfdius Comes. 

Differtatio de generatione fungorum ad illuft. Praeful. Jo. 
Mar. Lancifium, cui accedit ejufdem refponfio, una cum 
differtatione de Plinianae villae i^uderibus atque Oftienlis 
litoris incremento. fol. Romae, 17 14. 

FERDINANDUS (Valentinus), S. R. I. Liber 
Baro de Gudenus. 

Sylloge I. variorum diplomatariorum monumentoitimque 
veterum ineditoium adhuc, et res Germanicas, in primis vero 
Moguntinas, illuftrantium. 

8^ Francofurti ad Moenum, 1728. 
Codex diplomaticus exhibens aneftoda ab anno dccclxxxi. 
ad Mccc. Moguntiaca, ius Germanicum, et S. R. I. hiftoriam 
illuftrantia. Ex latebris in lucem protraxit notafque addidit. 
Valent. Ferd. de Gudenus ... 4 torn. 

4° Goettingae, 1743— 1758. 

FERDOOSEE. See Firdausi. 

FERGUS (Henry). 

The hiftory of the weftern world. The United States. 
2 vols. \Lardner' s Cabinet Cyclopitdia.^ 

8° Lond. 1830-32. 

The tcftimony of nature and revelation to the being, per- 
feftions and government of God. 8° Edinb. 1833. 

FERGUS (Robert Walter). 

* Nearer to .Tefus : memoi-ials of Robert Walter Fergus, 
by his mother. With a prefatory notice by the rev. 
J. Ofwald Dykes, M.A. 8° Lond. 1 870. 


The comical hiftory of the marriage betwi.\t Fergufia 

and Hcptarchus. i 706. [TJy William Wright.] 

FERGUSON ( ), Mr. 

A letter addrclT'd to every honeft man in Britain ; & 



moft refpe(Sfully fubmitted to the ferious & patriotal pei-ufal 
of the miniftr)'. Demonftrating, that not only the honour, 
the intereft, but even the prefcnation of Great Britain, 
abfolutely calls for a fpeedy & vigorous war with Spain ... 
By Mr. F— r_n. 8° Lond. 1738. 


Life's bye-ways, and what I found in them, being 
narratives from real life. With a preface by tlie rev. C. 
H. Spurgeon. 8° Lond. 1863. 

FERGUSON (Adam), LL.D., profefor of moral 
philofophy in the Univerfity of Eilinburgh, 1723— 1816. 

A fermon preached in the Errti language to his Majefty's 
firft Highland regiment of foot ... at Camberwell, on the 
1 8 th day of December, 1745; being appointed as a folemn 
faft. By the rev. Mr. Adam Fergufon, and tranflated by 
him into Englifh. 8° Lond. 1746. 

The morality of ftage-plays ferioufly confidered. \/1nonJ\ 

8° Edinb. 1757. 

* Some ferious remarks on a late pamphlet, entituled, 
The morality of ftage-plays ferioufly confidered. In a 
letter to a lady. 8° Edinb. 1757. 

The hiftory of the proceedings in the cafe of Margaret, 
commonly called Peg, only lawful fitter to John Bull, Efq. 
[y/non.] Second edition. 8° Lond. 1761. 

An eflay on the hiftory of civil fociety. Second edition 
correiled. 4° Lond. 1768. 

— Fourth edition, revifed and correfted. 

8° Lond. 1773. 
Grundfatze der Moralphilofophie : iiberfetzt, und mit 
einigen Anmerkungen verfehen, von Chriflian Garve. 

8° Leipzig, 1772. 
Inftitutions de philofophie morale : traduites de I'Anglois 
de Monfieur Ferguflbn. 12° Geneve, 1775. 

Hiftory of the progrefs and termination of the Roman 
republic. 3 vols. 4° Lond. 1783. 

— New edition. 5 vols. 8^ Edinb. 181 3. 

— Aufdem Englifchen iibei-fetzt und mit Anmerkungen 
und Zuf'atzen begleitet von C. D. B[<'r/]. 4 B'ande. 

8° Leipzig, 1784-86. 

Principles of moral and political fcience ; being chiefly 
a retrofpedl of ledlures delivered in the College of Edinburgh. 
2 vols. 4° Edinb. 1792. 

Biographical (ketch, or memoir, of Lieutenant-Colonel 
Patrick Fergufon. 8° Edinb. 181 7. 

FERGUSON (Andrew). 

Tables of profit, difcount, commiflion and brokerage, on 
an entirely new principle ... 8^ Lond. 1856. 

The buyers' and fellers' guide to profit on return ; 
fhewing at one view net coft and return prices . . . with a 
table of difcount. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1858. 

FERGUSON (Archibald). 

Particular redemption and the univerfal Gofpel offer . . . 
With remarks on the theory that Chrift died for all, but 
not equally for all. 8' Edinb. 1870. 


Evan Bane ; a Highland legend : and other poems. 

12° Lond. 1832. 
FERGUSON (David). 

The Lady Bark ; or, new upftart-lady. In a very merry 
and pleafant dialogue, betwixt a (kipper, a new-lady, a young 
fcholar, and a tapfter-lafs. [A'b tlile-page.^ 4° n. p. n. d. 

FERGUSON (Rev. Fergus), M.A., Dalkelih. 

Sacred fcenes ; or, notes of travel in Egypt and the 
Holy Land. 8' Glafg. 1864. 

The law of the Lord of the Sabbath. A difcouife. 

8° Edinb. 1865. 
Things new and old : a volume of difcourfes. 

8° Glafg. 1 868. 
Wanderings in France and Switzerland. 

8° Lond. 1869. 
Sermons. Second edition. 8° Edinb. 187 i. 


Effay on roup among fowls. 8° Lond. 1853. 

lUuftrated feries of rare and prize poultry, including com- 
prehenCve elTays upon all clafTes of domeftic fowl. 

8' Lond. 1854. 

FERGUSON (George), profeffor of humanity. King's 
College, Aberdeen. 

Introduftory Latin deleftus. 12° Edinb. 1843. 


The prefent diftemper among cattle, full diredfions for 
its treatment ... 12° Dublin, 1842. 

Blood-letting, as a remedy for the difeafes incidental to 
the horfe and other animals. 8' Dublin, 1843. 

FERGUSON (James), F.R.S., 1710-76. 

A differtation upon the phsenomena of the harveft moon : 
alfo, the defcription and ufe of a new four-wheel'd oirery, 
and an e(ray upon the moon's turning round her own axis. 

8° Lond. 1747. 
Aftronomy explained upon Sir Ifaac Newton's principles, 
and made eafy to thofe who have not ftudied mathematicks. 

4= Lond. 1757. 

— To which are added, a plain method of finding the 
diftances of all the planets from the fun, by the tranfit of 
Venus over the fun's difc, in the year 1 761: an account 
of Mr. Horrox's obfervation of the tranfit of Venus in 
1639, and of the diftances of all the planets from the fun, 
as deduced from obfer\'ations of the tranfit in 1 7 6 1 . 

4° Lond. I 764. 
The defcription and ufe of the aftronomical rotula, 
fhewing the change and age of the moon, the motions and 
places of the fun, moon, and nodes in the ecliptic ; with 
the times and phafes of all the folar and lunar eclipfes. 

8° Lond. 1760. 

— Altered and newly exemplified by the rev. L. Evans, 
of the Royal military academy. 8° Lond. 18 1 7. 



A plain method of determining the parallax of Venus, 
by her tranfit over the fun, and from thence, by analogy, 
the parallax and dillance of the fun, and of all tlie reft of 
the planets. 4° Lond. 1 7 6 1 . 

Le(5lures on felefl fubjeifls in mechanics, hydroftatics, 
pneumatics, and optics. With the ufe of globes, the ait of 
dialing, and the calculation of the mean times of new and 
full moons and eclipfes. 4° Lond. 1 764- 

— With notes and an appendix, adapted to the prefent 
ftate of tlie arts and faiences, by David Brewfter, A.M. 
New edition. 2 vols. 8° Edinb. 1805. 

— Plates. 4° Edinb. I 805. 
Tables and tradls relative to feveral aits and fciences. 

8° Lond. 1767. 

An eafy introdudion to aftronomy, for young gentlemen 
and ladies ... Second edition. 8° Lond. 1769. 

An introduiftion to electricity. In fix feftions. 

8° Lond. 1770. 

Seledl mechanical exercifes : fhewing how to conftitift 
different clocks, orreries, and fun-dials, on plain and eafy 
principles : with feveral mifcellaneous articles, and new tables, 
1. For expeditioufly computing the time of any new or full 
moon within the limits of 6000 years before and after the 
1 8th centuiy. IL For graduating and examining the ufual 
lines on the feftor, plain fcale, and gunter. Illuftrated with 
copper-plates. To which is prefixed a fiioit account of the 
life of the author [by himfelfl^. The third edition. 

8° Lond. 1790. 

A ilioit account of the life of James Fergufon, F.R.S. 
Written by himfelf. [Hunt and Clarke's Autobiographies, 
vol. vi.] 12° Lond. 1826. 

* Life. By E. Henderson, LL.D. 1S67. 

FERGUSON (James), majler of the Borough fchool, 

A complete fyftem of mental arithmetic ... 

12° Alnwick, 1835. 

Tranfciiption and felf-di(51:ation exercifes ... 

8° Lond. 1852. 

The microfcope its revelations and apjtlications in fcience 
and art. 8° Edinb. 1 8 58. 

FERGUSON (John Clark). 

Poetical works. Fourth edition, with additional poems. 

8" Lond. 1866. 

The empire of mufic and other poems. By Alfred Lee 
[/•/■«(/.] 12^ Lond. 1849. 

The plcafures of mufic, and other poems. Second 
edition [of the preceding']. 8° Lond. 1850. 


The ftory of the Lifh before the Conquelh From the 
mythical period to tlie invafion under Strongbow. 

8° Lond. 1868. 

FERGUSON (Patrick). 

* Biographical ftetch, or memoir ... By Adam Fer- 
guson. 18 17. 

FERGUSON (R. W.), B.A., incumbent of Llandogo, 


The divine authority of Holy Scripture : a fermon ... 
[Dent, xviii. 2 1.] 8" Lond. 1858. 

Salus mundi fumma lex ; and other efTays. 

8° Lond. 1866. 
FERGUSON (Richard S.) 

Early Cumberland and Weftmoreland Friends : a feries 
of biograjihical Iketches of early members of the Society of 
Friends in thofe counties. 8° Lond. 1871. 

Cumberland and Weftmorland M.P.'s from the reftora- 
tion to the reform bill of 1867 (1660— 1867). 

8° Lond. 1877. 

FERGUSON (Robert), ejeded nonconformifl divine. 
D. 1 71 4. 

A fober enquiry into the nature, meafure and principle 
of moral virtue, in diftinftion from gofpel-holinefs. With 
refleftions upon what occurs ... in three late books, viz. 
Ecclefiaftical policy. Defence and continuation, and Re- 
proof to the rehearfal tranfpof'd. 8^ Lond. 1673. 

An appeal from tlie country to the city, for the prefer- 
vation of his Majefties perfon, liberty, property, and the 
Proteftant religion. [Signed Junius Brutus. Pfeud.] 

fol. Lond. 1679. 

A letter to a perfon of honour, concerning the kings 
difowning the having been married to the Duke of Mon- 
mouth's mother. [Anon.] 4° □. p. [1680.] 

— [Harleian Miscellany, iv. 157.] 

* The Brethren's anfwer in London to Mr. Fergufon's 
letter. [Satire.] S. Sh. Lond. 1683. 

* Iter boreale : or Efq. Spare-penny's departure to 
the North. July the third. S. Sh. Lond. 1682. 

The third part of [the Earl of Shaflfburfs] No Pro- 
teftant plot : with obfervations on the proceedings upon the 
bill of indiftnient againft the Earl of Shattfbury : and a 
brief account of the cafe of the Earl of Argyle. [Anon.] 

4° Lond. 1682. 

* A letter to a friend, containing certain obfenations 
upon fome paffages, which have been publilhed in a late 
libel!, intituled. The third part of No Proteftant plot ; and 
which do relate to the kingdom of Ireland. 

4° Lond. 1682. 

* The nonconformifts vindication : or, Mr. Furgufon'.s 
[fic] fault no general crime. S. Sh. Lond. 1683. 

Robert Fergufon's apology, for his tranfadions thcfe laft 
ten years, both in England and forreign parts. 

S. Sh. Lond.; repr. Edinb. 1689. 

A rcprefentation of threatening dangers imjiending over 
Proteftants in Great Britain, before the coming of his 
Highnefs the Prince of Orange. 1689. [Scott's edition 
of Somers' Tracts, ix. 3 I 5.] 

A brief account of fome of the late incroachments and 
depredations of the Dutch upon the Englifli ; and of a few 



of thofe many advantages which by fraud and violence they 
have made of the Britifh nations fince the Revolution, and 
of the means enabling them thereunto, [y/non.] 

4° n.p. [1695.] 

Whether the Parliament be not in law diflblved by the 
death of the Princefs of Orange ? And how the fubjedls 
ought, and are to behave themfelvcs in relation to thofe 
l)ai)ers emitted (ince by the (tile and title of A(5ls ? With 
a biief account of the government of England. In a letter 
to a country gentleman, as an anfwer to his fecond queftion. 
[^non.] [No title-page.'\ 4° n. p. 1695. 

The extraordinary cafe of [/^a//on] the Bp. of St. 
David's, further clear'd and made plain, from the feveral 
views that have been made of it : wherein the articles 
againft him areconfidcr'd ; and his lordfliip vindicated from 
them. [^/wn.] 4° n. p. 1 703. 

A narrative of the plot, againft lier Majcfty, carried on 
by Capt. Simon Frafer, and others, from the firft difcovery 
thereof, by Mr. Fergufon, on the 25th of November laft, 
to the publilliing hereof. 4° Lond. 1 704. 

Of the qualifications requifite in a minifter of ftate : con- 
taining a modeft rei)refentation of what counfels it may be 
fit for a perfon in that ftation, to lay before his foveraign at 
this conjunifture. Part I. [Anon.'\ 8° Lond. 1 7^^^. 

An account of the obligations the ftates of Holland have 
to Great- Britain, and the return they have made in both 
Europe and the Indies. With refledions upon the peace. 
[Anon.] 8^ Lond. 17 i i. 

The hiftory of the Revolution. 

8° Lond. 1706; repr. 171 7. 

The hiftory of all the mobs, tumiJts and infurredions in 
Great- Britain, with the tryals of the ring-leaders and be- 
trayers of their countr)', from AVilliam the Conqueror to 
the prefent time. Begun by Mr. Fergufon, and continued 
by an impartial hand. S° n. p. n. d. 

A letter to a perfon of honour concerning the black box. 
[y^non.] [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, viii. i 8 7.] 

FERGUSON (Robert), M.D. 

Eflays on the moft important difeafes of women. Part 
I. 12° Lond. 1839. 

FERGUSON (Robert), D.D., LL.D. 

Popery and tradarianifm in their leading features. A 
traft for Proteftants. 12" Lond. 1845. 

The bleflednefs of departed fpirits : a difcourfe preached 
on occafion of the lamented death of the late Elizabeth Frj'. 
[/?«;. xiv. 13.] 8° Lond. 1846. 

Luther : his times, charafler, and work. 

8° Lond. 1848. 

New and popular hiftory of Scotland. 2 vols. 

8" Lond. 1851. 

Difcourfes on important fubjefls. 8° Lond. 1853. 

Sacred ftudies : or, aids to the development of truth. 
A fecond and enlarged edition of difcourfes on impoitant 
fubjefts. 8° Lond. 1854. 

Confecrated heighu ; or, fcenes of higher manifeftation. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 186 1. 

Nineveh and its ruins : or, the hiftoiy of the great city. 

4° Lond. 1855. 

Sacrifice : in its relation to God and man. An argu- 
ment from Scripture. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Equality with angels the condition of perfeifled humanity. 
A difcourfe delivered on occafion of the death of Mrs. 
Adkins, of Southampton. [Lide xk. 34-36.] 

8" Lond. 1856. 

Self renounced — God glorified : a charge delivered ac- 
cording to ulage at the ordination of the rev. Jofeph Ket- 
ley, jun., as paftor of the Congregational church, Farnham, 
Surrey. 8° Lond. 1857. 

The penalties of greatnefs. 8° Lond. 1858. 

Individual aftion. 8° Lond. 1859. 

The Redeemer's prayer and the believer's fafety : a fer- 
mon ... [Join xvii. II.] 12° Rydc, 1859. 

Life and labours of John Campbell, D.D. By the 
rev. R. Fergufon, LL.D., and the rev. A. Morton Brown, 
LL.D. 8° Lond. 1868. 

In memoriam : John Campbell, D.D. The funeral 
oration delivered at Abney Chapel, Tuefday, April 2nd, 
1867. The fermon : preached at tlie Tabernacle, Moor- 
fields, on Sunday evening, April 7th, 1 867, by the rev. 
A. Morton Brown, LL.D. [Ne/jem. vii. 2.] 

8° Lond. [1867.] 

The crofs and the crown ; or, the reward of faithful 
fenice : a difcourfe ... 8^ Lond. 1869. 

FERGUSON (Robert). B.iSig. 

The fliadow of the Pyramid : a fejies of fonnets. 

I 2° Lond. 1847. 
Tiie pipe of repofe : or recollecflions of eaftern travel. 

12° Lond. I 849. 
Swifs men and Swifs mountains. 8° Lond. 1853. 
The Northmen in Cumberland & Weftmoreland. 

8' Lond. 1856. 
Englilli furnames and their place in the Teutonic family. 

8" Lond. 1858. 

The river-names of Europe. 8° Lond. 1862. 

The Teutonic name-fyftem applied to the family names 

of France, England, & Germany. 8° Lond. 1864. 

America during and after the war. 8^ Lond. 1866. 

FERGUSON (Robert M.), Ph.D. 

Eleclricity. 8° Lond. 1866. 

FERGUSON (Samuel), Q.C, M.R.I.A. 

Lays of the weftem Gael, and other poems. 

8' Lond. 1865. 

The cromlech on Howth : a poem. With illuminations 
from the books of Kells & of Durrow, and drawings from 
nature by S. M. [f] With notes on Celtic ornamental art, 
revifed by George Petrie, LL.D. 4° Lond. n. d. 

FERGUSON (Victor), M.D. 

* A vindication of the preft)yterian minifters in the north 
of Ireland. Publiflied and recommended by Vidlor Fer- 
gufon. 1 72 1. [£y James Kirkpatrick.] 



* Moi'e light ; being fome remarks upon the late Vindi- 
cation. 1721—22. [5)1 John Malcome.] 

* Some general remarks argumentative and hiftorical on 
the Vindication jniblidi'd by Dr. Fergufon. 1722. [5y 
[Samuel Hemphill.] 

FERGUSON (William), m'wl/ler of the Congrega- 
tional Church, B'uefler, Oxoii. 

The impending dangers of our country : or hidden 
things brought to light. 12' Lond. 1848. 

Sijiritual ruin and pradlical Romanifm in the diocefe of 
Oxford. A letter to the rt. rev. S. Wilberforce, D.D., 
Bj). of Oxford. 8° Lond. 1849. 

The daughters who excel ; or, the mother, her daughters, 
and the boarding fchool. 12° Lond. 1855. 

FERGUSON O^illiam). 

Tables of intereft, for the ufe of bankers and others, at 
fourteen different rates, from a quarter to fix and a half 
per cent. To which is added, a table of commiffion or 
brokerage, at the fame rates, from one fliilling to one 
hundred thoufand pounds. Third edition. 

8° Glafg. 1858. 

FERGUSON (William Dwyer), LL.D. 

A treatife on the pradlice of the Queen's Bench, Com- 
mon pleas, and Exchequer pleas in Ireland in peifonal 
a(5lions and ejeflments. 2 vols. 8° Dublin, 184I— 42. 

A praflical treatife on the law of regiftration of judg- 
ments, decrees, orders, &c. 12° Dublin, I 845. 

National education in Ireland. 8° Lond. 1858. 


The Fergufons ... 1839. \^By E. Phipps.] 


A jufl: and modeft vindication of the Scots defign for 
the having eftablilhed a colony at Darien ... 

8' n. p. 1699. 
FERGUSSON (Alexander). 

* The religious ellablinimcnt in Scotland examined upon 
Protcflant principles : a trafl occafioned by tiie late profecu- 
tion againft the late rev. Mr. Alexander Fergufl'on, minifter 
in Kilwinning. 8° Lond. 1771. 

I'ERGUSSON (David), mlnijlcr of nuuf-rmlim: D. 
I 598. 

Ane fermon preichit befoir the Regent and nobilitie, u])on 
a part of the thrid cliaptcr of the prophet Malaclii, in the 
Kirk of Ltith, at the tyme of the Generall Adl-niblie on 
Sonday the l 3. of lanuarie Anno Do. 1571. 

8° Imprentit at Sandandrois be Robert Lek- 
preuik 1572. 

Scottifli proverbs ... 4° Edinb. 1641. 

Nine hundred and fouity Scottifli proverbs, the greateft part 
of which were firft gathered together by David Fcrguflbn 
... The reft being fincc added ... 12° Edinb. 1706. 

— \_A feleS colkaion of Scots poems, chiefly in the Iroad 
Buchan dialed. 1785.] 

Epithalamium myfticum Solomonis regis : five analyfis 
critico-poetica Cantici canticorum ... 8° Edinb. 1677. 

Trafts by David Ferguflbn, minifter of Dunfermline. 
' 563-1 572- [Edited by David Laing for the Bannatyne 
Club.] 8° Edinb. i860. 

FERGUSSON (Rev. Donald), Leven. 

Notes on evangeliftic work and evangeliftic agency ... 

8° Edinb. 1868. 

FERGUSSON (James), mini/ler of Kilwinning. 

A briet expofition of the Epiftles of Paul to the Gala- 
tians and Ephefians. 8' Edinb. 1659. 

A brief refutation of the errors of toleration, Eraftianifm, 
independency and feparation ; delivered in fome fermons 
from I Job. 4. i. preach'd in the year 1652. To which 
are added, four fermons preach'd on feveral occafions. 

8° Edinb. 1692. 

A brief expofition of the Epiftles of Paul to the Gala- 
tians, Ephefians, Philippians, Cololllans and Theflalonians. 
[Ward's Theological Library, vol. vii.] 

FERGUSSON (Sir James), of Kilherran, Bart., one 
of the Senators of the College of Juflice. 

Decifions of the Court of SefTion, from the year 1738 
to the year 1 7 52, coUedled and digefted into the form of a 
dictionary ... fol. Edinb. 1775. 

FERGUSSON (James), advocate, P.C.S. 

Letters upon the eftablifhment of the volunteer corps and 
domeftic military arrangements of Great Britain. 

8° Edinb. 1806. 

Reports of fome recent decifions by the Confiftorial 
court of Scotland, in anions of divorce, concluding for 
diffolution of marriage celebrated under the Englifli law. 

8° Edinb. 1817. 

ObfeiTations upon the provifions of the bill jircfented to 
Parliament, relative to the trial, in a feparate tribunal, of 
ifi\ies of fadt, arifing in aflions inftituted before the fupreme 
civil court of Scotland. 8° Edinb. 1824. 

A treatife on the prefent ftate of the confiftorial law 
in Scotland : with reports of decided cafes. 

8° Edinb. 1829. 

Obfervations on entails, and entries of heirs ajiparent 
cum benejicio inventarii : with an index of the rcgifter of 
tailzies, from a.d. 1685 to 1830. 8° Edinb. 1830. 

Additional obfenations on entails : with an index of 
the regifter of tailzies, from a.d. 1685 to 1830, alpha- 
betically arranged. 8° Edinb. 1 83 I. 

FERGUSSON (James), F.R.S. B. 1808. 

Illuftrations of the rock-cut temples of India : fcle<Sed 
from the bcft examples of the different feries of caves at 
EUord, AjunUi, Cuttack, Salfette, Harii, and Mahdvellipore. 
Drawn on ftone by Mr. T. C. Dibdin, from fkctches 



carefully made on tlie fpot, with the afllftance of the cameia- 
lucida, in the years 1838-9. fol. Lond. 1H45. 

— Text ... 8° Lond. 1845. 

The rock-cut temples of India. Illuftrated by feventy- 
four i>hotograi)hs taken on the fpot by Major Gill. 

8° Lond. 1864. 

An efTay on the ancient topography of Jerafalem. 

8° Lond. 1847. 

Pifturcfque illuftrations of ancient aichiteifture in Hindo- 
ftan. fol. Lond. i 848. 

An hiftorical inquiry into the true principles of beauty 
in art, more efpecially with reference to architeflure. Part 
the (Irft. 8° Lond. 1849. 

Obfervations on the Britifli Mufeum, National Gallery, 
and National Record Office, with fuggeftions for their im- 
provement. 8° Lond. 1849. 

An eflay on a propofed new fyftem of fortification ; with 
hints for its application to our national defences. 

8° Lond. 1849. 

The palaces of Nineveh and Peifepolis reftored : an effay 
on ancient AfTyrian and Perfian architedure. 

8° Lond. 1851. 

The peril of Portfmouth ; or, French fleets and Engiirti 
forts. 8° Lond. 1S52. 

Portfmouth prote<Sed : a fequel to The peril of Portf- 
mouth. With notes on Sebaftopol and other fieges during 
the prefent war. 8° Lond. 1856. 

The illuftrated handbook of architeiSure : being a con- 
cife and popular account of the ditferent ityles of architecfture 
prevailing in all ages and countries. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

Hiftory of the modern ftyles of architecture : being a 
fequel to the Handbook of architecture. 8° Lond. 1S62. 

A hiftory of architeflure in all countries from the earlieft 
times to the prefent day. [I'/jis is a neiv edition of the two 
preceding worij.J In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1865-67. 

Architeftural illuftrations of the principal Mahometan 
buildings of Beejapore. Executed under the direftion of 
Bartle Frere, Efq., B.C.S., by Captain Philip D. Hart, 
B.E., affifted by Alexander Cumming, civil engineer, and 
native drafifmen. Edited by James FerguiTon. 

fol. Lond. 1859. 

Notes on the fite of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerufalem : 
being an anfwer to an article in the Edinburgh Review, 
No. CCXXVIIL, of Oaober laft. 8° Lond. I 861. 

The Maufoleum at Halicamaftus reftored in confonnity 
with the recently difcovercd remains. 4° Lond. 1862. 

The Holy Sepulchre and the Temple at Jerufalem : 
being the fubftance of two leflures delivered in the Royal 
Inftitution ... 8° Lond. 1865. 

Architeiftui'e at Ahmedabad photographed : with archi- 
teftural notes by James Ferguflon, F.R.S. 1866. 

Architedure at Beejapoor photographed : with archi- 
teftural notes, by James Ferguflon, F.R.S. I 866. 

Architecture in Dharwar and Myfore, photographed. 
With architeflural notes, by James Ferguflon. 1866. 

On the ftudy of Indian architefture ; read at a meeting 
of the Society of aits on Wednefday, 1 9th December, 
1866 ... 8° Lond. 1867. 

Tree and ferpent worfliip ; or, illuftrations of mythology 
and art in India in the firft and fourth centuries after Chrift. 
From the fculptures of the Buddhift topes at Sanchi and 
Amravati. Pi'epared under the authority of the Secietiiry 
of State for India in CounciJ. With introduiftory eflays 
and defcriptions of the plates. 4° Lond. 1868. 

FERGUSSON (James), M.D. 

Grammatical exercifes on the moods, tenfes, and fyntax 
of Attic Greek. 12° Edinb. 1855. 

— Third edition. 12° Edinb. [1864.] 

— Key ... 8° Edinb. 1856. 

FERGUSSON (Robert), _;«n/or of Craigdarroch. 

The propofed reform of the counties of Scotland im- 
partially examined : with obfervations on the conduft of 
the delegates. The fecond edition. 8° Edinb. 1792. 

FERGUSSON (Robert), 1750-72. 

Works ... to which is prefixed a flcetch of the author's 
life. 8° Lond. 1807. 

Poems. [Edited iy T. Ruddiman.^ i 2° Edinb. 1773. 

— Third edition. 12° Edinb. 1785. 

— \ylnother edition.'^ 12° Perth, I 788. 

— With a life of the author, and remarks on his genius 
and writings by James Gray, Efq., of the High School, 
Edinburgh, author of Con a, &c. 12° Edinb. 182 i. 

A poem to the memory of John Cunningham. 

4° Edinb. 1773. 
* Life. By David Irving, A.M. 1 80 1. 

FERGUSSON (Thomas T.), D.D. 

A fliort hiftory of religion from the creation of the world 
to the prefent time ... Tranflated from the German, with 
additions. Edited by the rev. Thomas T. Ferguflon. 

12° Lond. 1854. 


Letter to Loid Stanley, on the dearth of cotton, and the 
capability of India to fupply the quantity required. 

8° Lond. 1S63. 
A reply to the addrefs of the right hon. the Earl of 
Shafteftjury and others to the right hon. Sir Charles Wood, 
on tlie projjofed law of contrad for India. 

8° Lond. 1863. 
FERGUSSON (William), M.D. 

Notes and recoUeflions of a profeflional life ... edited by 
his fon, James FerguflTon. 8^ Lond. 1846. 

FERGUSSON (Sir William), Bart., F.R.S. 
The introduiflory lefture, delivered at King's College, 
London, on opening the medical feflion of 1848—49. 

8" Lond. 1848. 
A fyftem of praflical furgery. Third edition. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

— Fourth edition. 8° Lond. 1857. 

— Fifth edition. 8^ Lond. 1870. 
Ledures on the progrefs of anatomy and furgery during 

the prefent century. 8° Lond. 1867. 



FERGUSSON (William). 

America by river and rail ; or, notes by the way on the 
New world and its people. 8° Lond. 1856. 

FERGUSSON (William), A.M., mh,i/l,r of the Free 
Church, Ellon. 

The beloved's little while. 8° Lond. 1867. 

FERIA (Ana Ponce de Leon, Condesa de). 
* Vida ... For el P. Martin de RoA. I 604. 

FERIA Y MORALES (Bart. Sanchez, de). 

Paleftra fagrada, o memoiial de fantos de Cordoba. 4 
torn. 4° Cordoba, 1770. 

Memorias fagradas de el Yermo de Cordoba. 

4° Cordoba, 1782. 

FERISHTA (Mahummud Casim), Indian hiflorian ; 
Jlour'ijlied circa 1 600. 

The hiftory of Hindoftan from the earlieft account of 
time to the death of Akbar ; tranflated from the Perlian of 
Mahummud Cafim Feriflita ... By Alexander Dow. I 76S. 

Hiftory of Dekkan from the firft Mahummedan con- 
quefts, with a continuation from other native writers ... to 
the reduction of its laft monarchs by the emperor Aulumgeei- 
Aurungzebe : alfo the reigns of his fucceflbrs in the empire 
of Hindoftan to the prefent day, and the hiftory of Bengal 
from the accefllon of Aliverdee Khan to the year 1786 ... 
\^rranjlated~^ by Jonathan Scott. 2 vols. 

4° Shrewfbury, I 794. 

FERLET (Edme), aW/. B. 1821. 

Obfervations litteraires, critiques, &c., fur les hiftoires de 
Tacite, avec le texte latin corrige. 1801. 

FERMAT (Samuel), Fretich poet and jurt/l, 1630— 

Difll'itationes tres ; quarum piima eft de re militaii, feu 
de quibufdam legibus Romanis ad utramque militiam, facram 
fcilicet ac pi-ofanam, pertinentibus ; fecunda, De audtoiitate 
Homeri apud juris-confultos ; tertia, De hiftoria naturali. 
Acciflerunt quacdam carmina. [Meerman, Supplemcntum 
noi'i ihifattri juris, p. 529.] 

(Charles), minijler of Fraferbtirgh. D. 
in Epiftolam 


Anaiyfis logica in Epiftolam Apoftoli Pauli ad Ro- 
manos ... 8° Edinb. 1651. 

— Tranflated from the Latin by William Skae, A.M. 
And a commentary on the fame epiftle by Andrew Melville, 
in the original Latin. Edited, with a life of Ferme, by 
William Lindfay Alc.Kander, D.D., F.S.A. Scot., [for the 
Wodrow Society.] 8° Edinb. 1850. 

FERMIN (Philippe), Dutch phyfician and traveller ; 
Jloiirijhed in the I 8//j century. 

Hiftoire natuielle de la Hollande cquino.xiaie, ou defciip- 


tion des animaux, plantes, fruits et autres curiofites naturelles 
qui fe trouvent dans la colonie de Surinam ... 

8° Amft. 1765. 
Tableau hiftorique et politique de I'etat ancien et aftuel 
de la colonie de Surinam, et des caufes de fa decadence. 

8° Maeftricht, 1778. 

FERMINEAU (Francois de). 

Le plan de I'anarchie Rochelloife, fondee fur les fablons 
de la mer. 8° Touloufe, 162 i. 

FERMOR (Edmund Augustus). 

Mifreprefentations correfled, or a refutation of certain 
jiaflages in a printed pamphlet, entitled " A letter on church 
methodifni, by Mark Robinfon of Beverley," relating to the 
rev. George Montgomery Weft, A.M. 8° Lond. 1829. 

FERMOSINUS (Nicolaus Rodriguez), bi/liop of 
Aflorga. D. 1669. 

Tradlatus duo de judiciis et foro competenti, ad lib. IL 
decrett. Greg. IX. ... fol. Lugduni, 1657. 

Traftatus primus, de legibus ecclefiafticis, ad quatuor 
primes titulos lib. I. decrett. Gregorii IX. 

fol. Lugduni, 1662. 

Traflatus fecundus, de officiis & facris ecclefis, ad tit. 
XXII. ... lib. I. decrett. Greg. IX. 2 torn. 

fol. Lugduni, 1662. 

TradJatus tertius, de probationibus, ad tit. VII. lib. II. 
decrett. Greg. IX. 2 torn. fol. Lugduni, 1662. 

Traftatus quartus, de exceptionibus, ad tit. VI. lib. II. 
decrett. Greg. IX. fol. Lugduni, 1662. 

Traftatus xv. ... ad lib. II. decrett. ... in quibus agitur 
de modo petendi, de caufis litigandi, quo tempore, de ordine 
judiciorum ufque ad probationum ftatum ... 

fol. Lugduni, 1657. 

Tracflatus criminalium ... 2 tom. fol. Lugduni, I 670. 


A plain and eafy account of the Britifti ferns . . . 

8° Lond. 1 S54. 

The fern coUeiftor's album ; a dcfcriptive folio for natural 
fpecimens of the principal ferns found in Great Brit;iin, with 
explanatoiy remarks to aid the colleftor in recognizing tiie 
diffl-rent fpecies ; the localities in which each fern is ulually 
found ; and fimple direftions for out-door and in-door 
cultivation. 4° Lond. [1S61.] 

Britifti ferns and moffes : defcribing their haunts and 
habits, their forms and ufes ; with numerous pi(florial repre- 
fentations. 8° Lond. 1 861. 

Fern's Hollow. 

8° Lond. [1865.] 

FERN (Fanny). Pfeud. r/ Sarah Payfon Willis. 

FERN (Henry), Y).B., li/Jjop of Che/ler, 1602-61. 

The refolving of confcience upon this queftion. Whether 
upon fuch a (uppodtion or cafe as is now ufually made, 
(the Iving will not difcharge his truft but is bent or feduced 




to fubvert religion, laws and liberties) fubjefts may take up 
arms and refill ? and whether that cafe be now ? 

4= repr. Lend. I 642. 
— Second edition. 4° Oxford, 1643. 

* An anfwcr to mif-led Dodtor Fearne, according to 
his own method. 1642. [By Charles Herle.] 

* A fuller anfwer to a treatife written by Doftor Feme, 
entituled, The refolving of confcience upon this queftion ... 
Done by another authour. And by him revifed and en- 
larged by occafion of fome late pamphlets complaining in 
the name of the City againft tiie Parliament. 

4° Lond. 1642. 

* Scripture and reafon pleaded foi' defenfive arms ; or, 
the whole controverfy about fubjcfls t;iking up arms : where- 
in, tx'fide other pamphlets, an anfwer is punctually dire<fled 
to Dr. Feme's book, intituled, Refolving of confcience. Sec, 
publiflied by divers reverend and learned divines. 

4° Lond. 1643. 

Epifcopacy and prelbyteiy confidered, according to the 
feverall refi)e(fts, which may commend a church-government, 
and oblige good Chriftians to it. 4° Lond. 1647. 

The Church of England man's reafons for his not mak- 
ing the decifions of ccclefiaftical fynods the rule of his faith. 
\Exlra{liil from Ferns tvorhs. Of the Sv'ifion hettveen the 
Engltfb and Romf]} church, ami Certain confideratlons of 
prefent concernment.^ 8° Lond. 1717. 


Margarita ; or, the queen of niglit : a novel of fenfation. 
Freely tranflatcd from the S])anifh of MefTrs. Fernandez 
and Gonfalcz, by Vifcount Pollington, M.A., F.R.G.S. 
In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1870. 

FERNANDEZ (Alonso), profejfur of di'vlnily aU' 

Tratado de algunos documentos y avifos, a cerca de la 
prudencia que el confeflbr deve guardar'en la adminiftracion 
del facramento de la confeflion con fu penitente ... 

8° Cordova, 1588. 

FERNANDEZ (Alon-so). 

Hiftoria de los infignes mllagros que la mageftad divina 
ha obrado por el rofario fantiflimo de la Virgen foberana fu 
madre ... 4° Madrid, 16 13. 

FERNANDEZ (Aloxso), of Placentm. 

Hiftoria, y anales de la ciudad y obifpado de Plafencia. 

fol. Madrid, 1627. 

FERNANDEZ (Diego), Spanifh hiflorian ; founfhed 
in the I 6th century. 

Primera, y fegunda parte, de la hiftoria del Peru . . . 

4° Sevilla, 1571. 

FERNANDEZ (Domingo), of Navarra, Dominican 

Tratados hiftoricos, politicos, ethicos y religiofos de la 
monarchia de China ... fol. Madrid, 1676. 

FERNANDEZ (Eleonora). 

Economy of the human mind. 8° Lond. n. d. 

FERNANDEZ (Rev. Felipe), M.A. 

Exercifes on the mles and conftradion of the Spanifh 
language. 12° Lond. 179S. 

Diccionario de la lingua Ingleza. 12° Lond. 18 17. 
A dii^Honary of the Spanifh and Englifli languages. 

8^ Lond. 181 7. 
FERNANDEZ (J. Patricio). 

Relacion hiftorial de los milTiones de los Indios ijue 
llaman Chiquitos. 4° Madrid, 1726. 

FERNANDEZ (John), captain. 

An addrefs to his Majefty's minifters, recommending 
efficacious means for the moft fpeedy teiTnination of African 
flavei-y. 8° Lond. 1827. 

FERNANDEZ (Joseph), B.A. 

Heniy's diflation lelTons. 12° Lond. 1865. 

Henry's fchool geography. 8^ Lond. 1867. 

Henry's Scripture hiftoiy. 8° Lond. 1S68. 

Henry's junior geography. 12^ Lond. 1868. 

Henry's junior dilation lelTons. 12= Lond. 1868. 

FERNANDEZ (Militon). 

Leccion poetica : fatira contra los vicios introducidos 
en la poefia Caftcllana. 4' Madrid, 17S2. 


Difcurfo de las partes y calidades, con que fe forma un 
buen fecretario. 4° Liftjoa, 1 6 1 8. 


Pra(fHca y fomiulario de la chancilleria de Valladolid. 

4° Vail. 1667. 

Portugal convencida. 4° Milan, 1648. 


* Life. [M. J. QuiNTANA, Lives of celebrated Spaniards. 


* Memoirs ... By Don M. J. Quintana. 185 i. 


Oracion panegyrica hiftorial a la vida y hechos de San 
Viiftorian, eremita y abad. 4" Madrid, 1676. 

Trabajos y afanes de Hercules, florefta de fentencias y 
exemplos. 4° Madrid, 1682. 


Soledades de Aurelia ... Crates, y hiparchia marido y 
muger, philofophos antiguos. 8° Madrid, 1737. 



Republica mifta. Parte primera. 4' Madrid, 1602. 


Rudimentos geomctricos y militares. 

4° Brufelas, 1677. 
Breve dcfciipcion del mundo y fus partes. 

8° Bruffclas, 1686. 
Breve tratado de geographia. 12° Bruflclas, 1700. 
Geographia, o moderno defcripcion del mundo y fus 
partes. 2 torn. 8° Amberes, 1709. 

El perfeflo artificial, bombardero y artillero. 

8° Amberes, 1723. 
Los feis primeros libros, onze y doze, de los elementos 
de EucLiDEs, amplificado de nuevas demoftraciones. 1728. 

Suma de geographia q trata de todas las partidas & pro- 
vincias del mundo ; en efpecial de las Indias ... 

fol. Sevilla, I 530. 
— \jlnolher eili/ion.'\ fol. Sevilla, I 546. 


Teatro clerical, apoftolico, y fecular de las iglefias cate- 
drales de Efjiana. Parte primera, continentc la hiftoria 
fecular y eclefiaftica de la ciudad de Palencia. 4 tom. 

fol. Madrid, 1679. 

Carta de Lclio Percgrino a Staniflao Boibio privado del 
rey de Polonia. 4° Madrid, 1625. 

Confervacion de monarquias, y difcurfos politicos. 

fol. Madrid, 1626. 

Hiftoria general de las conquiftas del nuevo reyno de 
Granada. fol. Madrid, 1688. 


El Duque Santo : pancgirico de S. Fiancifco de Borja. 

4° Madrid, 1807. 

FERNANDO (Marian Frances). 

A die to make a mint of money. 8 Lond. I 8 70. 

FERNANDUS (Berengarius). 

Lucubrationum libri quinque antchac in lucem cditi ; 
recens vero ab codem emendati et multo locujilctiorcs redditi ; 
quibus fextuni de futura conventionali fuccellione jiafla com- 
]>lexum adjunxit, opera crede, jurifjirudentias ftudiofis cum 
utilia turn maxime jucunda. fol. Tolofx, 1554- 

In legem, pa(5ta conventa, Digeftis de contrahenda 
emptione commentarii ... 8° Francofuiti, 161 7. 

Repetitiones [P. Limpius, Repelt. in var. iur. civil, legei, 
ii. 325 ; iv. 477 ; V. 303 ; viii. 335.] 


• Hiftorias verdadcras del Conde Fernan-Gonzalez, fu 

efpofa la Condefa Doiia Sancha, y los fiete infantes de Lara. 
Sacadas de los mas inlignes hiftoriadores Efpanoles. 

4° Cordoba, n. d. 

FERNAN-NUNEZ (Francisco Gutierrez, Conde 

El hombre praftico : o difcurfos varios fobie fu conoci- 
miento y enfenanzas. 4° Bmflelas, 1686. 

— [Another edition.'] 8° Madrid, I 764. 

— Tercera impreffion. 8° Madrid, 1787. 



8° Lond. [1867.] 

FERNE (Charles). 

Pofthumous works ; confifting of a reading on the ftatute 
of inrolments, arguments in the fingular cafe of General 
Stanevix, and a colleiftion of cafes and opinions, feledted 
from the author's MSS. by Thomas Mitchell Shadwell. 

8" Lond. 1779. 

FERNE (Henry). See Henry Fern. 

FERNEL (Jean), French phyftcian, 1497-1558. 

Univerfa medicina, tribus et viginti libris abfoluta. Ab 
ipfo quidem authore ante obitum diligenter recognita, & 
quatuor libris nunquam anti^ editis ... audla. Nunc autem 
ftudio ... Guil. Plantii ... elimata, & in libram thera- 
peutices feptimum . . . fcholils illuftrata. 

8 Lutetias Paris. 1567. 
Confiliorum medicinalium liber : ex eius adverfariis 
quadringentarum confultationum feleflus. 

8° Francofiirti, i 5S5. 
De abditis rerum caufis libri duo ... 

8° Francofuiti, 1593. 
Therapeutica univeifalis ; feu, medendi rationis libri fep- 
tem. \_TilIe-page •wanliiig.] 8° [Francofurti], n. d. 

FERNELEY (Charles). 

Speculations on fpeculative freemafonry, and on the pro- 
bable origin and import of ancient fymbolilni. 

8-^ Lond. 1866 
FERNIE (Edward). 

1868. The poll for two knights of tlie fliire to repre- 
fent the weftern divifion of the county of Statford in the 
tenth Parliament of Queen Vidoria ... 

8° Lond. [1869.] 

FERNIE (,Tohn), minifler of Dunfermline. 

A hilloiy of the town and parifli of Dunfermline. 

8° Dunfermline, 181 5. 
FERNIE (John). 

The fraternal memorial ; a memoir of the rev. William 
Fernie, late paftor of the church aflembling in Zion chapel, 
Frome, Someifet. 12° Lond. 1852. 

FERNIE (William). 

* Memoir ... by John Fernie. 1852. 



FERNOW (C. L.), 1763- 1808. 

Leben Ludovico Ariofto's des gbttlichen. 

8^ Zurich, 1809. 

Francefco Petrarca dargeftellt von C. L. Fernow. 
Nebft dem Leben der Dichters ... Heiaufgegcben von 
L. Hain. 8" Altenburg, 1818. 

FERNS. See Fern. 

Fernfide farm. 

12° Lend. 1856. 

FERNYHOUGH [Thouas], captain, 1777-1844. 

Military memoirs of four brothers, (natives of StafFord- 
fhire), engaged in the fenice of their country, as well in 
the New woi Id and Africa, as on the continent of Europe. 
By the fun'ivor. 8° Lond. 1829. 


Fernyhurft court, an every-day floiy. 8" Lond. 187 i. 

FERON (Jean le), French jurijl. 

Catalogue des noms, funioms, faits et vies, des con- 
neftablcs, grands niai(h-es, chanceliers, marefchaux et 
admiraux de France ; enfemble des prevofts de Paris, 
depuis Jeur premier eftabliflement, jufques a tres-haut, tres- 
puifTant, & tres-chreftien roy de France & de Navarre, 
Heniy IIIL ' fol. Paris, 1 598. 

FERRALL (Denis). 

Syftem of book, keeping by double entiy. 

8° Dublin, n. d. 

■ FERRALL (S. A.) See Simon Anfley O'Ferrall. 

FERRAND (Antoine), French mag'iftrate, 1751- 

Efprit de I'hiftoire, ou lettres ... fur la maniSre d'etudier 
riiiftoire en general, et particulierement I'hiftoire de France. 
4 torn. 8° Paris, 1802. 

Theorie des revolutions, raprochee des principaux evene- 
mens, qui en ont ete I'origine, le developpement ou la fuite. 
4 tom. 8° Paris, 1 8 i 7. 

Hifloire des trois demembremens de la Pologne, pour 
faire fuite a L'hiftoire de I'anarchie de Pologne par Rulhi^re. 
[Anon.] 3 tom. 8" Paris, 1820. 

FERRAND (W. Busfeild), M.P. 

The diftrefs of the country. The fpeech of W. Buf- 
feild Ferrand in the Houfe of Commons, on Monday, Feb. 
13, 1843, on Ld. Howick's motion upon the diftrefs of 
the country. 8° Lond. [1S43.] 

" The great Mott queftion ; " or the myllery unravelled, 
in a letter from W. B. Ferrand to the right hon. Sir 
James Graham, Bart., M.P. 8' Lond. 1844. 

Maynooth College endowment bill. The fpeech of W. 
B. Ferrand, Efq., in the Houfe of Commons on Friday 
evening, 1 8th day of April, 1845. 8° Lond. 1845. 

The corn laws. Mr. Ferrand's fpeech on Mr. Miles's 
motion in the Houfe of Commons, 1846. [No /i//e-J>age.^ 

8° n. p. n. d. 
Proteflion to native induftiy. The fpeech of W. B. 
Ferrand at Aylfham in Norfolk, March 4th, 1851. 

8° Lond. 1 85 1. 
The fpeech of Mr. Ferrand, prefident of the Bradford 
working men's confervative affociation, at the inaugural 
banquet, on the 20th November, 1866, in St. George's 


8° Lond. [1866.] 

FERRANDUS (FuLGENTius),^/7ian theologian. D. 
circa 550. 

Opera. [Max. bibliotheca veterum Patrum, ix. 475.] 

FERRAR (John), bookfeller. Limerick. 

Poems on feveral fubjefls. 8° Limerick, 1765. 

Hiftory of the city of Limerick ... Second edition. 

1 2° Limerick, 1767. 
A view of ancient and modern Dublin ... To which is 
added, a tour to Bellevue, in the county of Wicklow. 
Second edition. To which is annexed, a defcription of 
the principal towns and villages near Dublin ... 

12° Dublin, 1807. 
FERRAR (John). 

Nicholas FeiTar. Two lives, by his brother .John and 
by Doftor Jebb. Now firft edited with illuftrations by J. 
E. B. Mayor, M.A. 8' Camb. 1855. 

FERRAR (Nicholas), M.A. 

* Memoirs of his life. By P. Peckard, D.D. i 790. 

* Brief memoirs. Chiefly colledted from a narrative by 
the right rev. Dr. Turner ... 1837. 

* Nicholas Ferrar. Two lives by his brother John 
[Ferrar] and by Doftor Jebb ... 1855. 

FERRAR (William Hugh), U.A.,felloiu and tutor 
of Trinity College, Diillin. 

Baptifmal regeneration. 8° Lond. 1865. 

A comparative grammar of Sanflmt, Greek and Latin. 
In two volumes. Vol. I. 8° Lond. 1869. 


Chronica parva Ferrarienfis, feu chronicon parvum ab 
origine Ferrarias ad annum circlter i 2 64. [Muratorius, 
Reritm Italicarum fcriptores, viii. 469.] 

Diarium Ferrarienfe ab anno 1 409 ufque ad annum 
1502 ; anonymo audtore fyncrono Italic^ fcriptum et con- 
tinuatum ... [Ibid. xxiv. 155-] 


Programma di pficologia mcdico-forenfe. 

8° Napoli, 1834. 
Delia monomania fuicida trattato. 8° Napoli, 1835. 
Memorie rifguardanti la dottrina frenologica ed altre 
fcienze che con efla hanno ftretto rapporto. 

8° Napoli, 1836. 



— [Another edition.] 8° Napoli, 1838. 

— [yinother edition.] 8° Ginevra, 1 8 40. 
Sul morbo colera Afiatico rifleffioni teoriche e pratiche. 

8° Napoli, 1837 
Ricerche intorno all' origine dell' iftinto. ... Terza edi- 
zione. 8° Napoli, 1 838. 

Allocuzioni critiche dell' Abate Raimondo Fiduclielli 
fu'l moderno eccletdcifmo e fu di altre dottrine analoghe. 

8° Italia, 1838. 
II gatto letterato ; o vero, rAilftarco : giornale fcien- 
tifico letterario. 2 vols. 8° Capolago, 1839— 40. 

Annali di olTervazioni cliniche delle RR. Cafe de' foUi 
fituate nella citta di Aveifa. Vol. I. 2 parts. 

8° Napoli, 1839-40. 
Delle malattie della mente ; ovvero, delle diverfe fpecie 
di follie. Seconda edizione. 3 vols. 

8° Napoli, 1841-43. 
Diflertazioni fulla follia da fervije di appendice al trattato 
delle malattie della mente. 8° Napoli, I 840. 

Quiftioni medico-legali intorno alle diverfe fpecie di 
follie. 8° Napoli, 1843. 

FERRARI (Antonio). Autonym of Antonius Gala- 
teus. 1444— I 517. 

De fitu Japygise liber; nee non urbis Callipolis dcfcriptio; 
ut & de villa Laurentii Vails. [Gr/EVius, Thefaurus anti- 
quitalum et hijloriarum Italiie, ix. 5.] 

— [.ToRDANUS, RariJJimorum fcriptorum rerum NeapoUta- 
narum coUedio, p. 5 8 I .] 

FERRARI (GiAcoMo Gotifredo). 

Breve trattato di canto Italiano ... 8° Lond. 18 18. 

A concife treatife on Italian finging ... 

8° Lond. 1818. 

Aneddoti piacevoli e interefTanti occorfi nclla vita di 
Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari, da Roveredo, operetta fciitta 
lui medefimo ... 2 torn. Lond. 1830. 

FERRARI (Gio. Baptista), Ilcdian naturalijl, 1584- 

Flora, feu de floiiim cultura libri IV. 

4"' Amft. 1646. 

— Accurante Bernh. Rottendorffio. 

4° Amft. 1664. 

— Trafportata dalla lingua Latina nell' It:iliana, da 
Lodouico Aureli Pcmgino. 4° Roma, 1638. 

Hcfperidcs, five de malorum aureorum cultura et ufu libri 
IV. fol. Romae, 1 7 46. 

FERARI (Gio. Baptista). 

Vitae virorum illuftrium feminarii Patavini, cum opufculo 
de fingulari Gregorii Barbadici ftudio et amore in idem 
feminarium. 8° Patavii, 181 5. 


Delle notizic ftoriclie della lega tra I'Impcratore Carlo 
VI. e la republica di Vinezia, contra il Gran Sultano 

Achmet III. e de 'loro fatti d'armi dall' anno I 7 i 4, fmo 
alia pace di Paffarowitz, libri quattro. 4° Venezia, 1723. 

FERRARIIS (Albertus de). 

Traftatus devotiiTimus ac plus de horis canonicis. [F. 
ZiLETTus, Tradatus univerft juris, XV. ii. 559.] 

FERRARIIS (Jo. Petrus de). 

Praxis aurea rerum quotidianarum qux ad ufum forenfem 
pertinent ... AccefTerunt Franc. Curtii, Bernardini Land- 
riani, Jo. Ant. Mafucri & Theodori Medz annotationes, 
auftas & illuftratK ... 4° Genevae, 1626. 


Poefie paftorali e rufticali, raccolte ed illuftrate con note 
dal Dott. Giulio Ferrario. 8° Milano, 1808. 

Storia ed analifi degli antichi romanzi di cavalleria e 
dei poemi Romanzefchi d'ltalia : con differtazioni full' 
origine, fugl' iftituti fulle cerimonie de' cavalieri ... 3 vol. 

8" Milano, 1828. 

Bibliografia dei romanzi e poemi Romanzefchi d'ltalia, 
appendice all' opera ... intitolata Storia ed analifi degli 
antichi romanzi ... Volume quarto. 8° Milano, 1829. 

FERRARIS (Lucius). 

Prompta bibliotheca canonica, juridica, moralis, theo- 
logica, nee non afcetica, polemica, nabriciflica, hiftorica, de 
principalioribus, et fere omnibus, qutC in dies occurrunt, nee 
penes omnes facile, ac prompte reperiri pofTunt ex utroque 
jure, pontificiis conftitutionibus, conciliis ... accurrate col- 
le(5ta, adaufta in unum ledaifla, et ordine alphabetico con- 
gefta, ac in decern tomos diftributa. Editio noviifmia ... 
10 torn. fol. Venetiis, 1782. 

FERRARIUS (Franciscus Bernardinus), Italian 
antiquary, 1577 — 1669. 

De ritu facrarum ecclefias veteris concionum, cum prae- 
fatione Joannis Georgii Grsevii. 8° Ultrajefti, 1692. 

De veterum acclamationibus et plaufu, libri feptem. 
[Gr^evius, Thefaurus antiquitatum Romanarum, vi. i.] 

FERRARIUS (Johannes), fumamed Montanus ; 
German jurifl. D. 1558. 

Adnotationes in quatuor Inftitutionum Juftiniani libros. 
8° Lugduni, apud Sebaftianum Gryphium, 1532. 

Pandeflarum de rcgulis juris integer commentarius. 

8° Lugduni, 1537. 

In ufus feudorum colleflanea quodaniniodo methodica, 
tyronibus in juris dilciplina veifantibus non inutilia. Quibus 
etiam nonnulla de homagio, operis & pixcftationibus fub- 
ditorurr] adcefferunt, quotidie ufuvcnientia. Ejufdem in 
titalum Codicis Juftinianei, de jure emphyteutico fuccinfta 
& dilucida enarratio. fol. Francofuiti, 1554. 

— [F. ZiLETTus, I'ra&atus univerfi juris, x. ii. 93.] 

De republica bene inlHtuenda paraenelis ; in qua tarn 
privati, quani qui aliis prxiunt, ollicii fui non fine pietatis 
ftudio prasftandi, fecus atque a philofophis traditum fit, 
monentur ... fol. Bafilcs, 1556. 



De appellationibus & earum vera ratione ... [F. Zilet- 
TUS, Tra3atus unlver/i jurit, v. 62.] 

FERRARIUS (Joannes Franciscus). 
Carmina. \Carmina lllujlrlum poetarum Italorum, iv. 
25 4-] 

FERRARIUS {Oct amasvs), prof efor of phllofofhy 
at Padua, 1518-86. 

De origine Romanorum liber. [Gr^vius, Thefaurus 
aniiquUatum Romanorum, i. I.] 

FERRARIUS (Octavius), profjfor of eloquence at 
Padua, 1607-82. 

Opera varia ... emendavit Joannes Fabricius. 2 torn. 
8° Wolfenbuttelii, 1711. 

Prolufiones xxvi. epirtoloe, et forniulx ad capienda 
Doftoris infignia, item variae infcriptiones. Edito altera 
auftior et emendatior. 4' Patavii, 1668. 

— [xxvii.— XXX.] et epiftolae, pars teitia, accellit pane- 
gyricus Ludovico Magno Francoram regi didus. Editio 
fecunda. 8° Patavii, 1674. 

Minervae Clypeus, five pro literis et profefToribus apolo- 
getica, prolufio xxxi. 4° Patavii, 1674. 

Turbatas Palladis arma, prolufio xxxii. 

4° Patavii, 1 67 5. 

Veneta fapientia, five de optimo civitatis ftatu, prolufio 
xxxiii. 4° Patavii, 1 67 5. 

Veneta libertas, prolufio xxxiv. 4- Patavii, 1676. 

Origines linguae Italicae. fol. Pataviae, 1676. 

Euy>i|/'a five de bono fenecftutis, prolufio xxxv. 

4° Patavii, 1677. 

Eieftorum libri duo : accefieiiint epiftolas & infi:riptiones. 

4° Patavii, 1679. 

De re veftiaiia libri feptem ; quatuor poftremi nunc 
primum piodeunt, reliqui eniendatiores & auiliores. Ad- 
je(£lis iconibus quibus res tota oculis fubjicitur. [Gr^vius, 
Thefaurus anliqultatum Romanorum, vi. 605.J 

Analecfla de re veftiaria : five exercitationes ad Albert! 
Rubenii commentarium de re veftiaria & lato clavo. [Ibid. 

Diflertatio de vetenam luccrnis fepulchralibus. [Ibid. 

xii. 993.] 

Oratio de urbis Patavii laudibus. [Ibid. vi. iii.] 
Diflertatio de balneis. [Polenus, Utr'iufque thefaur'i 

antiqultalum ... fupplemenia, iii. 295.] 

Diflertatio de gladiatoribus. [Ibid. iii. 313.] 

De pantomimis et mimis difl"eitatio. [Sallengre, Novus 

thefaurus antiquilatum Romanorum, ii. 677.] 

FERRARIUS (Philippus). D. 1626. 
Lexicon geographicum, "a Michaele Antonio Baudrand 
emendatum & dimidia parte audtius faftum. 

fol. Paris. 1670. 

FERRARIUS (Vincestius). See Vincente Ferrer. 

FERRAROLUS (Ludovicus). 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitla poetarum Italorum, i. 968.] 

FERRATIUS (Thomas), de Jd-vocatis. 

Cautelse. [Cautela, TraHalus Caulelarum omnium, p. 


Cautelae novae ultra Cepollam. 8° Parifiis, n. d. 

FERREIRA (Antonio). 

Ignez de Caftro ; a tragedy : trandatcd from the Portu- 
gueze, by Thomas Moore Mufgrave. 8° Lond. 1825. 


Cirurgia mcdico-pharmaceutica, deduzida da doutrina 
Stahliana ... 4° Lifboa, 1 7 40. 


Comedia aulegraphia. Agora novamente imprefla. 

4° Lifboa, 161 9. 
FERRER (Bartholome). 

Curiofidades utiles : arithmetica, geometrica y archi- 
tedlonica. 4' Madrid, 1719. 

FERRER (Max). 
Robert Momay. 

8° Lond. I 859. 

FERRER (Vicente), Spanifh bifhop. 

Tratado de la vida efpiiitual. [Juan Taulero, Saludabks 
inflituciones.'^ 1 669. 

* Hiftoria de la vida ... por Andres Ferrer de Valde- 
CEBo. 1 760. 

FERRER (Vincentius). 

Novae falls proprietates : diflertatio phyfico-medica de 
falls Hifpani, vulgo de la laguna de la Heguera, mirabili in 
medendo virtute. 4° Metriti, 1780. 


Hiftoria de la vida maravillofa y admirable del fegundo 
Pablo, apoftol de Valencia, S. Vicente Ferrer. 

4° Madjid, 1760. 

FERRERAS (Juan de), Spani/h hi/lorian, 16 ^2-1 jt,^. 

Synopfis hiftorica chronologica de Efpana. 16 torn. 

4° Madrid, 1700—27. 

— [Jnother edition.] 1 6 torn. 4° Madrid, I 7 7 5. 

Indice general de la fynopfis hiftorica de Efpana [dt 
Juan de Ferreras.] 4= Madrid, I 79 1. 

Hiftoire general d'Efpagne, traduite de I'Efpagnol ; en- 
richie des notes hiftoriques et critiques, de vignettes en taille- 
douce, et de caites geographiques, par M. d'Hermilly. i o 
torn. 4° Paris, 1742-51. 

Anti-defenfa de D. Luis de Salazar, y continuacion de 
la crifis Ferrerica. 4° Zaragoza, 1720. 

* Reparos hiftoricos fobre los doce primeros anos del 
tomo VII. de la hiftoria de Efpaua, del Doft. D. Juan de 
Ferreras. 4° Alcala, 1 7 23. 

FERRERIUS (Jacobus). 
Tradlatus juris varii. 

fol. Tolofa, 1652. 



FERRERIUS (Joannes), P/frtfOTon/anuj-. B. 1528. 
Auditum \ifu piaeftare, contra vulgatu Ariftotelis placi- 
tum, acadomica difl'ertatio. 4° Parifiis, 1539. 

Academica de animorum immonalitate, ex iexto M. T. 
Ciccronis De lepublica libro, enarratio. 

40 Paridis, 1539. 
Cicero poeta etia elegans, nedu ineptus fuifFe contra vul- 
gatam grammatilhirum opinionem afTeritur ... 

4° Parifiis, I 540. 
De vera comctae fignificatione, contra allrologorum om- 
nium vanitatem, libellus, nuper natus & aeditus. 

4° Parifiis, I 540. 
Hiftoria abbatum de Kynlos : una cum vita Thomae 
Chryftalli abbatis. [Edited by William Dobie Wilfon and 
James Patrick Muirhead for the Bannatyne Club.] 

4° Edinb. 1839. 

FERRERIUS (Zacharias), moi/frn Latin poet, i 479- 


Carniina. [Cannina iHuJlr'mm poetarum Itahrum, iv. 

FERRERRO (Gabriel Maximilien). 

Diary of an officer of the brigade of Savoy in the cam- 
paign of Lombardy. Tranflated by the Comteffe Fanny 
di Perfano ... 12° Lond. 1850. 

FERRERRUS (Franciscus Maria). 
Augufta; regiasque Sabaudce domus arbor gentilitia ... 
fol. Augulla; Taurinonim, 1702. 

FERRERS (Edmund), reBor of Cherilon, Hants. D. 

Illurtrations of Hogarth : i.e. Hogarth illuftrated from 
paffages in authors he never read, and could not undcrftand. 
[/hwri.] 8° Lond. 18 16. 

FERRERS (Rev. J. B.), A.M. 

A fermon, preached at Beddington, Surrey, Oft. 9, 
I H 3 I , in aid of the funds of the Society for the propagation 
of the gofpel in foreign parts. [Mali, xxviii. 19.] 

8° Lond. 183 I. 

The neceflity and advantages of an immediate increafe of 
Queen Ann's bounty. 8° Lond. 1832. 

Obfei"vations on the piefent adminiftration of the poor 
laws ... 8° Lond. 1832. 

Alliance between chuich and ftatc : a fermon ... I 834 
... [l Cor. xiv. 40.] 8° Lond. 1835. 

FERRERS (Norman Macleod). 

Solution of the Cambridge Senate Houfe problems for 
four years. 1848-51. By N. M. Ferrers and J. Stuart 
Jackfon. 8 Camb. 1S51. 

An elementary trcatife on tnlinear co-ordinates, the 
method of reciprocal polars, and the theory of projeftions. 
Second edition. 8° Lond. 1866. 

FERRET I of Vicema. D. circa 1335. 

Hiltoria rerum in Itiilia geftarum ab anno I 2 50 ad an- 

num ufque 1 3 1 8 nunc primum e MSto codice Vicentino 
publici juris fafta. [L. A. Muratorius, Rerum Ilalicarum 
fcriptores, ix. 93 5'] 

De Scaligeroium origine poema, circiter annum 1329 
fcriptum ad Canem Grandem Scaligerum ... [Ibid. 1193.] 

FERRETIUS (Joannes Baptista), Italian antiquary, 

Muf^ lapidaria-, antiquorum in marmoribus carmina ... 
cum notis hiftoricis. fol. Veronse, 1672. 

Repetitio in rubricam de conftitutionibus. \_Repelt. in 
Jure canonico, ii. 25.] 

Repetitio in c. canonum (latuta. De conftitutionibus. 
[Ibid. ii. 144.] 

Repetitio in cap. Cum omnes, de conftitutionibus. 
[Ibid. ii. 271.] 

Repetitio in c. Cum M. Ferrarien. de conftitutionibus. 
[Ibid. ii. 397.] 

FERRETTE (Jules), of Damafcus. 

E-jyjXoym Aa,'j.aax.rivrjv. The Damafcus ritual : a 
complete liturgy, extradled fiom the Greek Euchologiuni, 
and fupplemented from the Englifli prayer-book. 

8° Lond. 1866. 

Ev^oXoyiov. The Eaftern liturgy of the Holy, Catho- 
lic, Apoftolic, and Orthodox Church, fimplified and fupple- 
mented ; containing forms deemed valid and orthodox by 
all churches, for the worftiip of God daily throughout the 
year ; and for the adminiftration of all ])ublic ordinances, 
including ordination. 8° Lond. 1866. 

FERRETTI (Giovanni). 

Sonetto. Venez. 1 787. [Parnaso Ilaliano, xxxi. 


FERRETTUS (jEmilius), Italian jurij}, 1489- 

Opera quae haberi unquam potucrunt, omnia ... 

4° i<"rancofuiti, I 598. 
In titulos ff. de paftis, tranfaiftionibus, probationibus, fide 
inftiumentorum, teftibus, tcftamcntis ; 1. Gallus, de liber. & 
pofthum. titt. de vulg. & pupil. fublHt. & ad legem Falci- 
diam prxlefliones ... fol. Lugduni, 1553. 

In titulos fF. de legatis primo & teitio prsleftiones. 

fol. Lugduni, 1553. 
In titulos C. de mandatis ])rinci])um, de edendo, de pac- 
tis, familix ercifcundx pra-lediones. 

fol. Lugduni, 1553. 
Libellus fingularis de mora ; ut ct ejufdem de interefle, 
quo poftrcmo continctur legis un. C. de fent. quae pro eo 
quod intereft profcruntur inteipretatio. 

8° Ofnabrugi, 1675. 
De mora. [F. Zilettus, Trailatus univerfi juris, \i. 
ii. 4 1 4.] 

FERRETTUS (Julius), A;//dn>ri//. U. 1547. 
De jure et re navali, et de ipfius rci navalis, ct belli 
aquatici praeccptis legitimis liber ... 4° Venctiis, 1579. 
— [F. Zilettus, Tradalus univerji juris, xii. 326.] 



De gabellis, publicanis, muneribus & oneribus. [Ibid, 
xii. 76.] 

De duello. [Ibid. xii. 309.] 

FERREY (Benjamin). 

Recollciftions of A. N. Welby Pugin, and his father, 
Augullus Pugin ; with notices of their works : with an ap- 
pendix by E. Sheridan Purcell, Efq. 8° Lond. 1861. 

FERRIAR (John), M.D., 1764-18 1 5. 

The Prince of Angola, a tragedy, altered from the play 
of Oroonoko, and adapted to the circumftances of the prefent 
times. 8° Mancheller, 1788. 

Illuftrations of Sterne, with other eflliys and verfes. 

8° Manchefter, 1798. 
An effay towards a theory of apparitions. 

8° Lond. 1813. 
FERRIE (Rev. William). 

Notice of the life of the rev. John Carftaires, minifter of 
the High Church, Glafgow : with a number of his unpub- 
lifhcd letters, and the letters of other Scottilh worthies. 

8° Edinb. 1843. 

FERRIER (Andrew). 

Memoir and fermons of the late rev. Dr. Ferrier, 
Paidey. 8° Glafg. 18 41. 


Du gouvemement confidere dans fes rapports avec le 
commerce ... Seconde edition. 8° Paris, l8zi. 

FERRIER (George). 

North Ber\vick ... with a defcriptive account of the 
Bafs rock, Tantallon caftle, and other objefls in its vicinity. 

8° Edinb. 187 1. 

Caravan jouiTieys and wanderings in Perfia, Afghaniftan, 
Turkiftan and Beloochiftan ; with hiftorical notices of the 
countries lying between Ruffia and India. Tranflated from 
the original unpublirtied manufcrijjt by Capt. William Jefle. 
Edited by H. D. Seymour, M.P. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Hirtory of the Afghans. Tranflated from the original 
unpubiifhed manufcript by Captain William Jefle. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

FERRIER (James Frederick), LL.D., profejor of 
moral philofophy in the umverfily of St. Andrews, 1 808-64. 

Inftitutes of metaphyfic : the theory of knowing and being. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

— Second edition. 8° Edinb. 1856. 

Scotti(h philofophy the old and the new, a ftatement by 
Profeffor Ferrier. 8° Edinb. 1856. 

A letter to the rt. hon. the Lord Advocate of Scotland, 
on the necelTlty of a change in the patronage of the 
Univerfity of Edinburgh. 8° Edinb. 1858. 

Leftures on Greek philofophy, and other philofophical 
remains ... Edited by Sir Alexander Grant, Bart., LL.D., 
and E. L. Lufliington, M.A. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1866. 

* Teftimonials ... for the chair of moral philofophy 
in the Univerfity of Edinburgh. 185Z. Second feries. 

8" n. p. n. d. 

* Teftimonials . . . for the chair of logic and nietaphyfics 
in the Univerfity of Edinburgh. 1 8 56. [Firft feries. 
Second feries. Supplement.] 8° n. p. n. d. 

FERRIER (J^r^mie), French writer, I 560- 1626. 

II catholico di ftato, overo difcoifo politico delle con- 
federationi del Re Chriftianiflimo, contro le cakimnie de 
gl'inimici del fuo ftato. 4° Parigi, 1625. 

FERRIER (Mrs. Mary). 

* Memoir. Including fltetches of a brother-in-law, and 
fifter. By a member of the family. 12° Lond. 1858. 

Gas economy ... 

8^ Edinb. 1870. 

FERRIER (Mifs Susan), 17S2-1854. 

The inheritance. [Anon.'] 3 vols. 8° Edinb. 1825. 

— [^Another ejilioti.^ [Par/our Library.] 

8° Lond. n. d. 
Deftiny ; or the chief's daughter. [Anon.] 3 vols. 

8° Edinb. 1831. 
Marriage. [Parlour Library.] 8° Lond. n. d. 

FERRIERE (Claude de), French juri/l, 1 639-17 1 5. 

La jurifprudence du Digefte, conferee avec les oidon- 
nances royaux, les couftumes de France, & les decifions 
des cours fouveraines. 2 tomes. 4° Paris, 1677. 

Le nouveau pradicien ; contenant I'art de ])roceder dans 
les matieres civiles, criminelles & beneficialcs, fuivant les 
nouvelles ordonnances. 4° Paris, 1681. 

Introduiflion a la pratique ; contenant I'explication des 
principaux termes de pratique & de coutume ; avec les 
jurifdidlions de France : par I'ordre alphabetique. 

12° Paris, 1684. 

La jurifprudence du Code de Jurtinien, conferee avec les 
ordonnances royaux, les coutumes de Fiance, & les dtcilions 
des cours fouveraines. 2 torn. 4° Paris, 1684. 

Corps et compilation de tous les commentateurs anciens 
& modemes fur la coutume de Paris ; feconde edition . . . 
augmentee par I'auteur, & par Claude Jos. de Feniere fon 
fils. 4 torn. fol. Paris, 1 7 1 4. 

FERRIERE (Claude-Joseph de), French juri/l ; fon 
of the preceding. D. circa 1 748. 

Nouvelle tradudion des Inftitutes de I'empereur Juftinicn 
avec des obfervations jxiur I'intelligence du texte, I'applica- 
tion du droit Francois au droit Romain, & la conference 
de I'un avec I'autre. 6 tom. 12° Paris, 1725. 

Di(ftionnaire de droit ct de pratique, contenant I'explica- 
tion des teimes de droit, d'ordonnances, de coutumes et de 
pratique, avec les jurifdiftions de France. 2 tom. 

4° Paris, 1749. 

Hiftoire du droit Romain. 120 Paris, 1760. 

— Tranflated into Englifli by J[oZin] B[fat)cr.] 

8^ Lond. 1724. 



FERRIERES (Charles Elie de), French hijlorian, 
I 741 — 1804. 

MC'moires. Avec une notice fur fa vie ... par MM. 
Berville et Barri^re. 3 torn. 8° Paris, 182 1. 


traveller. D. I 8 i 4. 

Memoires hiftoriques, politiques, et geographiques de 
voyages faites en ^J'uiquie, en Perfe, et en Arabic depuis 
17S2 jufqu'en 1789. 2 torn. 8° Paris, 1790. 

FERRIS (O. Allen). 

Elementary leflons in Englifh etymology with copious 
excrcifcs ... Part I. Separable words. 8° Lond. 1862. 

FERRIS (T.), A.B. 

A fermon ... \Jolin xiv. 6.] 

8° Lond. 1827. 

FERRONUS (Arnoldus), /'mif/. >/■//?. D. 1563. 

De rebus geftis Gallorum libri quatuor, ad hiftoriam Pauli 
./Emilii additi. 8° Parifiis, 1549. 

Commentariorum in confuetudines Burdigalenfes libii duo. 

fol. Eugduni, 1585. 
— Appendix. 4° Lemovicix, 1546. 


Reflexions fur la mauvaife qualite du platre, et fur fa 
caufe, et moyens pour parvenir a une meilleure fabiication. 

8° Paris, 1776. 
FERRUS (Antonius). 

Apparatus ftatuarum noviffimae in deftrui5lis Cumis Inven- 
tamm. Accedunt Commentarii ejufdem & differtationcs 
fuper eafdem, ut & defcriptio ipfius templi, in quo Hatuse hae 
quondam erant collocatse ... Ex Italico Latine veitit, 
praefationem indicefque adjecit Sigebertus Havercami)us. 
[Gr^vius, Thcfaurus aniiquitalum Ital'uie, ix. 4.] 


The Ferry hills : a poem in three cantos. 

8' Edinb. 1863. 
FERRY (Gabriel). 

Vagabond life in Mexico. 8° Lond. 1S56. 

Coftal, the Indian Zapotec : a tale of Mexico, during the 
war of independence. 8° Lond. 1857. 

FERRYBRIDGE (Mrs. Henry Nelson). 

Naples and Sicily under the Boui'bons : a feries of 
flvetches. 8° Lond. 1867. 

FERSIUS (Joannes), German lUvhie. D. 161 i. 

Traflatus de pi'sfeftura S. prastoiii. 

4° Francofuiti, 1 6 1 I . 

Ff'RUSSAC. See A. E. J. P. J. F. Daudebard de 

FESANIO (Merindo). See Benedetto Pasoualigo. 


FESSENDEN (Thomas Green), 1771-1837. 

An efTay on the law of ])atents for new inventions ; with 
an appendix, containing the French patent law. 

8= Bofton, 1 8 10. 

FESSEY (George Frederick), M.A. 

A feleiflion of pfalms and hymns, forthe"ufe of the con- 
gregation of St. Stephen's Church, Redditch. 

8° Bromfgrove, [1855.] 

FESSLER (J. A.), Hungarian hijlorian, 1756-1839. 

Abdlard und Heloifa. 2 Thle. 8° Berlin, 1806. 
Attila, Konig der Hunnen. 8° Breflau, 1809. 

Die alten und die neuen Spanier. Ein Vblkerfpiegel. 
2 Theile. 8° Berlin, 18 10. 


Grundrifs der hiftorifchen HilffwifFenfchaften vorziig- 
lich nach Gatterers Schiiften ... bearbeitet. 

8° Landfliut, 1802. 

FESTASIUS (Nicolaus). 

De sftimo Sc colleflis. [F. Zilettus, Tradatus uni- 
ver/i juris, xii. I 7 3.] 

TESTING (Rev. John Wogan), M.A. 

Whofe treatment of the Lord's fupper does St. Paul 
condemn? a fermon ... [i Cor. xi. 28, 29.] 

8^ Lond. 1866. 


The lawfulncfs and necefTitie of obferving the anniverfary 
fafls and feftivals. I 7 10. [By Robert Calder.] 

Remarks upon the ufe and abufe of mufical felHvals, by 
an Englifli churchman. 8° Briftol, 1843. 


Feftival talks. Publifhed under the direiflion of the 
Traft committee. 8" Lond. [i 8 68.] 

FESTU (Jules). 

A treatife on the French fubjunftive and its negatives. 

12° Lond. 1858. 
Practical leffons on the comparative conltmiftion of the 
verb in the French and Englifli languages. 

8° Lond. 1863. 
— Second edition, [enti/leJ, The French conftruiftion, 
with annotations and remarks on French compofition.] 

8° Lond. 1867. 
A fimple and cafy way of maftering the conjugation of 
French verbs, both regular and irregular. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1869. 
" In felto dedicationis," and other poems. 

1 2° Lond. I S64. 
FESTUS (Sextus Pompeius). 

De verborum fignilicatione libii XX. cum annolationibus : 
ex bibliotheca Antonii Augurtini. 8° Vcnctiis, i 559. 




— Et cum notis & emendationibus Andrese Dacierii, in 
ufum Dclphini. 40 Lutetix Paris. 1681. 

— [Fr. LiNDEMAN, Corpus gram. Lot. ii. I.] 

FESTUS (StxTus RuFus). 

Hifloriae Romanae epitonix Lucii Julii Flori ... Scxti 
Rufi Fefti ... 1607. 


Fetes et courtifani^s de la Giiice. 180 1. \_Par P. J. 
B. Chaussard.] 

FETIS (Francis James). 

Mulic explained to the world ... From the French. 

8° Lond. 1844. 
Notice of Anthony Stradivari, the celebrated violin-maker, 
known by the name of Stradivarius : preceded by hillorical 
and critical refearches on the origin and transfoimations of 
bow indruments ; and followed by a theorttical analyds of 
the bow, and remarks on Francis Tourte, the author of its 
final improvements. Tranflated ... by John Billiop. 

8" Lond. 1864. 

FETTES (James), minifltr of Ladhope Free church, 

The ChiilKan conqueror and his reward : a fermon 
preached in the Free church, Selkirk, on Sabbath, i6th 
Oftober 1 859, on occafion of the death of the rev. William 
Sorley. \Rcv.m. 12.] 8° Edinb. 1859. 

FEUCHTERSLEBEN (Ernest von), M.D., Ger- 
man phjlofopher, I 806—49. 

The dietetics of the foul. Edited from the feventh 
edition \of the original^. 8° Lond. 1S52. 

FEUERBACH (Ludwig), German phliofopher. B. 

The efience of Chriftianity. Tranflated from the fecond 
German edition, by Marian Evans. 8° Lond. 1854. 

— '^Another edition in Riiffian.^ 8° Lond. 1 86 1. 

FEUERBACH (Paul Joh. Anselm), German jurijl, 

Kritik des natiirlichen Rechts als Propadeutik zu einer 
WilFcnfchaft der natiirlichen Rechte. 8' Altona, i 796. 

Betrachtungen iiber die Oeffentlichkeit und Miindlichkeit 
der Gerechtigkeitfpfiege. 8° Gieflen, 1821. 

FEUERLEIN (Jac. Wilh.), German theologian, 

Taurellus defenfus ; h.e. difTertatio apologetica pro Nic. 
Taurello, atheifmi et deifmi injufte accufato, et ipfius Tau- 
relli fynopfis Arillotelis Metaphyfices. 4° Norimb. 1734. 

FEUILLfiE (Louis). 

Journal des obfenations phyfiqucs, mathematiques et 
botaniques faites par ordre du roy fur les cotes orientales de 

I'Amerique meridionale, et dans les Indes occidentales depuis 
I'annee I 707 jufques en 1 7 1 2. 2 torn. 4° Paris, 1 7 1 4. 

Befchreibung zur Arzeney dienlicher Pflanzen welche ... 
in Peru und Chili ... find, in dem Lande felbft aufgefetzt 
auf koniglichen Befchl. 2 Bde. 4° Niirnberg, 1766. 

FEUILLER ADE (Peter), reaor of Bygrave in Hert- 

The nature and neceffity of faith. A fermon, formerly 
preach'd at the church of Bygrave, in the county of Hert- 
ford ; and now publllh'd on occafion of the prefent contro- 
verfy with the rt. rev. the Bifliop of Bangor. [Gd/. v. 6.1 

8° Lond. 17 17. 

FEUILLET (Octave). 

The difguifed nobleman (the Marquis d'Hauterive) ; or, 
the romance of a poor young man. 8° Lond. i860. 

The Marquis d'Hauterive ; or, the lomance of a poor 
young man. 8° Lond. i860. 

FEUQUIERES ( ). See ManafT^s de Pas. 

FEUSTKINGIUS (Christophorus Fredericus). 

Obfervationes ad M. Adami Hiftoriam ecclefiafticam, ex 
editione Joach. Jo. Maderi, Helmfladii, A. 1670. [West- 
phalen, Motiumenta inedita rerum Germanicarum, iii. 385.] 

FEVAL (Paul), French novelfl. B. 181 7. 

The black mendicant. Tranflated from the French 
... by Eugene Plunkett. 8° Lond. 1848. 

The white wolf of Brittany. By Paul Favel [7?c.] 
\_Parlour Library.^ 8° Lond. [186 I.] 

Bel demonio : a love flory. Tranflated by Bertha 
Browne. 8° Lond. 1863. 

The duke's motto ; or, the little Parifian ; a romance. 
Tianflated by Bertha Browne. 8° Lond. I 863. 

The woman of myftery : fiom the French ... by John 
Stebbing. 8^ Lond. 1864. 

Thrice dead : a novel. In thjee volumes. 

I 2° Lond. 1869. 


Remarks on the giving vomits in fevers. In a letter to 
a friend; by H. C, M.R. Car. II. 8° Edinb. 1700. 

A new theory of continu'd fevers ... 170 1. \_By 
George Cheyne.] 

A new theory of acute and flow continu'd fevers ... 
1722. [5)1 George Cheyne.] 

Caution to tlie public ; or, hints upon the nature of fear- 
let fever ... 8^ Lond. I 83 I. 

FEVRE (J. le). See J. Lefevre. 



A few words to his contemporaries at college. By a 

late undergraduate of Oxford. 8° Lond. 1 86 1. 

FEYDEAU (Ernest). 
The fecret of happinefs. 

2 vols. 8° Edinb. 1867. 




Moeurs ct coutumes des Corfes ... Nouvelle edition. 

8° Paris, 1802. 

Ars poetica ad mentem Horatii compendio expofita. 

8° Ottoburse, 1798. 

FEYERABEND (Sigismund), German painter. B. 
circa 1526. 

Annalcs, five hiftoriae rerum Belgicarum. 2 torn. 

fol. Francofurti ad Moenum, 1585. 

FEYJOO (Miguel). 

Relacion dcfcriptiva de la ciudad y provincia de Tnixillo- 
del Peru. fol. Madrid, 1763. 

FEYJOO Y MONTENEGRO (Benito Gerynomo), 

Theatio critico univerfal, o difcuifos varies en todo 
genero de mateiias para defengaiio de errores communes ... 
Tom I. 0(5lava impreflion. 4° Madrid, 1753. 

— Tom. 1 1. -IV. Sexta impreffion. 

4° Madrid, 1752-53. 

— Tom. V. VI. Quarta impreflion. 

4^ Madrid, 1751-53. 

— Tom. VII. 4° Madrid, 175 i. 

— Tom. VIII. IX. Tercera impreffion. 

4° Madrid, 1749-50. 

— Nueva impreflion. 8 torn. 4° Madrid, 1777. 

— Nueva edicion. 8 torn. 4° Madrid, I 78 I. 
Jufta repulfa de iniquas acufaciones, carta en que mani- 

feftando las impofturas que contra el Teatro critico, y fu 
autor ... 4° Madrid, 1749. 

Demonftracion critico-apologetica de el Teatro critico 
univerfal ... 2 torn. 4° Madrid, 175 I. 

liulbacion apologctica al primero, y fegundo tomo del 
Teatro critico. 4° Madrid, 175 I. 

— \_Another eJillonJ] 4° Madrid, I 77 7. 

— \_Another ecJilion.] 4° Madrid, i 7 8 i . 
Cartas eiiiditas y curiofas, en que, por la mayor parte, fe 

continua el delignio del Teatro critico ... Nueva imprefion 
por Don Antonio Mufioz del Valle. 5 torn. 

4° Madrid, I 77 7. 

— Nueva edicion. 5 torn. 4° Madiid, 1781. 

* Indice general alfiibetico de las cofas notables, que 
contienen todas las obras del ... Feijoo ... difpuefto por Don 
Jofeph Santos. 4° Madrid, I 774. 

Effiiys or difcourfes ... tranflatcd from the Spanifli by 
Jolm Brett, Efq. 4 vols. 8° Lond. 17S0. 

FF.YNES (Henri de), French traveller ; Jlouryhed in 
the I "jth century. 

Voyage fait par terre depuis Paris jufques h la Cliine. 

8° Paris, 1630. 

The laft account from Fez, in a letter from one of tlie 
embaffy to a |)erfon of honour in London, containing a 
relation of Colonel Kirk's reception at Mefquinez, by the 

Emperour, with feveral paffages in relation to the affairs of 
Tangier. fol. Lond. n. d. 

FEZENSAC ( de), French general. 

A journal of the Ruffian campaign of 1 8 I 2. Tranflated 
from the French of Lieut.-General De Fezenfac, with an 
introduiflory notice of fome paflages connected with the 
campaign by Colonel W. KnoUys. 8" Lond. 1S52. 

FFOLLIOTT (Rev. William), B.A. 
Caitmel parifli, and parifli chuich : and fermons preached 
therein. 8° Lond. 1854. 

The Chriftian's dream. Second edition. 

12° Lond. 1 8 56. 

FFOOKS (Woodforde), M.A. 
The law of partnerfliip an obftacle to focial progrefs. 

8^ Lond. 1854. 

FFOULKES (Rev. Edmund S.), B.D. 
Chriftendom's divifions : being a philofophical flcetch of 
the divifions of the Chriftian family in Eafi: and Weft ... 

8° Lond. 1865. 
— Part II. 8° Lond. 1867. 

Occafional paper of the Eaftern Church aflbciation. No 
VII. An hiftorical account of the addition of tire words 
" Filioque " to the creed of the Weft. 8° Lond. 1 867. 

The Church's creed or the crown's creed ? a letter to 
the moft rev. Archbiftiop Manning, etc. etc. 

8° Lond. [1868.] 
The Roman Index and its late proceedings ; a fecond 
letter to the moft rev. Archbifhop Manning, etc. etc. 

8° Lond. [1869.] 
* Striftures on Mr. Ffoulkes's letter to Archbilhop 
Manning. By the editor of the Dublin Review. 

8° Lond. 1 869. 
Is the Weftern Church under anathema ? a problem for 
the Ecumenical council of 1869. 8° Lond. [1869.] 

Two opinions (Proteftant and Roman Catholic) on the 
Irifli Church queftion. By Charles Tennant, and E. S. 
Ffoulkes, B.D. 1869. 

The Athanafian Creed : by whom written and by whom 
publiflied, with other enquiries on creeds in general. 

8° Lond. [1871.] 
Difficulties of the day, and how to meet them. Eight 
fermons preached at S. Auguftine's church, Queen's gate. 

8° Lond. [187 I.] 

FIACCHI (LuiGi), Italian poet, 1754-1825. 

Dei proverbi Tofcani ... con la dichiarazione de' proverbi 
di Gio. Maria Cecchi ... Seconda editione. 

8° Firenze, 1S20. 
FIAMMA (Gabriele). 
Poefie. Vcncz. 1 7 87. [Parnaso //(;&;«o, xxxii.] 

FIARD (Jean Baptiste), French demonologi/l , 1736- 

La France trompee par les magiciens et demonolatres du 
dix-huitiimc fiecle ; fait demonMe par des faits. 

8° Paris, 1803. 



Lettres philofophiqucs fur la magie. Edition conigee et 
augmentee. 8° Paris, 1803. 


Shall the burial fervice he rev i fed ? an appeal to the ... 
archbidiops and ... bilhops of the United Cliurch of Eng- 
land and Ireland. By Fiat julHtia. 8^ Lond. 1S63. 

FIBIG (Gottfried), German jur'tjl, 1612—46. 

Collcnjum legale publicum ... 12° Jenae, 1663. 

ProcelFus juris, variis obfervationibus & cautelis piailicis, 
& formulis confuetis auiSus opera Barth. Leonliardi Suen- 
dendorfFeri. 4° Lipfix, 167;. 

FICHARDUS (Johann), German juri/l, 1512-91. 

Confilia ... 3 torn. fol. Darmlhidii, 1677. 

Vitx recentiorum jurifconfultorum qui poll recuperatam 
Romani juris ])rudentiam, eandem & docendo & fcribendo 
profeifi flint ad haec ufque tempora. [F. Zilettus, Trac- 
talus univer/1 juris, i. I 56.] 

— [B. RuTiLius, Jiiris-confultorum vitae, 225.] 

FICHARDUS (Raimundus Pius). 
Cautelarum centuria prima. [Cautela, Tradatus 
omnium cautelarum, ]). 42 4.] 

FICHET (Alexander), ^ro/f^r of humanity at Lyons, 

Arcana ifudionim omnium methodus, et bibliotheca fci- 
entiarum, librorumque, earum ordlne tributorum, univerfalis. 
Ad editionem quas prodit Lugduni ... m.dc.xlix. [Cu- 
rante Jo. Alberto Fabricio.] fol. Lipfix, 1710. 

FICHLAU (JoH.), German jurtft, 1628-79. 

DilTertatio juridico-politica de impeiio abfoluti & relate 
confiderato, ejufque jure ; contra H. Conrinj^iuni. 

4° Lipfije, I 65 I. 

FICHTE (Immanuel Hermann), ^ro/^r at Tubin- 
gen ; fon of the following. B. 1797. 

De philofophiae novae Platonicae oiigine. 

8" Berol. 18 1 8. 
Contributions to mental philofophy. Tranflated and 
edited by J. D. Morell, A.M. 8° Lond. i 860. 

FICHTE (JoHANN Gottlieb), 1762 — 181 4. 
The ])opular works ... Tranflated ... with a memoir of 
the author, by William Smith. 2 vols. 

12^ Lond. 1848. 
Einige Vorlefungen i.iber die Beftimmung des Gelehrten. 

8° Jena, I 794. 

— Tranflated ... by William Smith, i 2° Lond. 1847. 
Ueber das Wefcn des Gelehrten und feine Eifcheinungen 

im Gebiete der Frciheit ... 8° Berlin, 1806. 

— Tranflated ... with a memoir of the author, by 
W^illiam Smith. 12° Lond. 1845. 

Die Staatflehre, oder iiber das Verhaltnifs des Urilaates 
zum Vcmunftrciche ... Aus feinem Nachlaffe herauf^e- 
geben. 8" Berlin, 1820. 

The deitination of man : tranflated ... by Mrs. Percy 
Sinnet. 12° Lond. 1846. 

The vocation of man. Tranflated ... by William 
Smith. 12° Lond. 1848. 

The charaifleriftics of the prtfent age: tranflated ... by 
William Smith. i 2° Lond. 1847. 

The way towards the bleflcd life ; or, the doiftrine of 
religion. Tranflated ... by William Smith. 

8° Lond. I 849. 

* Memoir. \_By William Smith.] 

FICINUS (Marsilius), Italian philofopher, 1433-99. 

Opera & quae haftenus extitere & quae in lucem nunc 
primum prodiere omnia ... 2 torn. fol. Balilear, I 561. 

Libri III. de vita. I. De ftudioforum fanitate tuenda. 
II. De vita eoiiim producenda. III. De vita valida et 
longa ccelitus comparand:!. Omnibus literatis tam utiles 
quam neceflarii. 12° Francofurti, 1598. 

FICKLER (Jo. Baptista), German jurjjl ; Jlourijhcd 
in the l 6//j century. 

Theologia juridica ; feu, jus civile theologicum ... 

8° Dilingas, 1575. 

FICORONI [FKAiiCESCOD^'), Italian antiquary, 1664- 


Le veftigia e rarita di Roma antica ... 

4" Roma, I 744. 
Le fingolarita di Roma moderna ... 

4° [Roma, 1744.] 
La mafchere fceniche, e le figure comiche d'antichi 
Romani, defcritte brevemente. 4== Roma, 1748. 

— Ex Italia in Latinam linguam vcrfa. Editio fecunda. 

4° Roms, 1754. 
Gemmn; antiquas litteratx, alisque rariores, acceflerunt 
Vetera monumenta ejufdem atate reperta ... omnia collefta, 
adnotationibus, et declarationibus illuftrata a P. Nicolao 
Galeotti. 4° Roma:, 1754. 


Obfervations on works of ficftion in general, and particu- 
larly thofe for children and adolefcence. 

I 2° Lond. 18 I 3. 

Fiiftion but not falfehood. 12^ Lond. 1 8 52. 

Fiiflion for family reading. Edited by Mrs. Eliza 
Winstanley. 1866. 


Fiftitious and non-refident voters in Scotland. 1851 — 
67. [A'o title-page, A reprint of articles from the Scotf- 
!nan.~^ 8° n. p. n. d. 


Salus : an allegory, in three parts. By Fiflor. 

8° Lond. 1866. 

FIDDES (Richard), V>.V).,reaor of Haljliam, 1561- 

Theologia fpeculativa, or, the fiifl part of a body of 



divinity ; under that title wherein are exphiin'd the prin- 
ciples of natural and reveal'd religion, fol. Lond. I 7 1 8. 

— Second [jart. fol. Lond. 1720. 

The life of Cardinal Wolfey. fol. Lond. I 724. 


Queries offered to the publick, by a well-wifher of the 
prefent conftitution in church and ftate. \^Sig!u-iI : Fidelio. 
F, A, C. No title-page. A pamphlet on the P or terms 
moi-l I 2° n. p. n. d. 


The cruHide of Fidelis ... I S28. [By William Brockle- 
hurfl: Stone HOUSE.] 

Poetrv, women, and children. By Fidelis. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

FIDELIS (Cassandra). See Caffimdra Fidele Ma- 



I cantici. Vene-z. 1787. [Parnaso //^/wwo, xxv.] 


A few plain reafons for remaining in the Englilh Church, 
in a letter to a friend. By Fides. 12° Lond. 1847. 

FIDLER (Rev. Isaac). 

Obfervaiions on profelFions, literature, manners, and emi- 
gration, in the United States and Canada, made during a 
refidence there in 1832. 12° Lond. 1833. 


Thoughts on the inftitution of the Sabbath, and the 
ancient and modern obfervance of it. By Fidus. 

8° Dublin, 1818. 


Canncn vetus Hibernicum ... ex codice vetuftiffimo 
Dungallenfe. [Charles O'Conor, Renim Hibermcarum 
fcriplores, torn. i. Prule^om. pars i. p. xc] 

FIEDLER (Eduard). 

Gcfchichte der volkfthiimlichen fchottifchcn Lieder- 
dichtung. 2 Bde. 8° Zerbll, 1846. 

FIEDLER (Felix), .Jet;//}- /o,?/. D. 1553. 

Pocmata. [Gruter, Delitl<c poetanun Germanorum, iii. 

Muminum Germanias dcfcriptio. [Bernardus Holtorp, 
Pin^r'inationiim Sliinijlcii a Lafco liber.^ I 577- 

FIEDLl'lR (Valerius), German phyficuin, fon of the 
precedlny^, 1525—95. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitia poetarum Germanorum, iii. 



La clef des lois Romaines, ou diftionnaire analytique et 
raifonne de toutes les matit^res contenues dans le Coqjs de 
droit. 2 torn. 4° Metz, 1809— I o. 


The field book : or fports and paflimes of the United 
kingdom. 1833. [-&)' W. H. Maxwell.] 


The field natuialift. A review of animals, plants, and 
minerals, the ftrufture of the earth, and appearances of the 
fl<y. Edited by James Rennie, M.A. Vol. I. 

8° Lond. I 833. 


The field of life ; or, fowing and reaping. In three vols. 

12° Lend. 1861. 


The field of Mars : being an alphabetical digeftion of the 
principal naval and military engagements, in Europe, Afia, 
Africa, and America, particularly of Great Britain and her 
allies, from the ninth century to the prefent period ... To 
which is jirefixed, an efiay on the art of war, and a com- 
prehenfive fyllem of military and naval difcipline. Embel- 
liflied with maps, charts, plans, and views of battles. 2 vols. 

4° Lond. I 78 I. 

FIELD (Barron). 

The true tragedy of Richard the Third. With an 
introdudion and notes by Barron Field, Efq. 1844. 

FIELD (Benjamin). 

Sincere devotion : exemplified in the life of Mis. C. E. 
Maitin, of Sevenoaks. By her brother. 

I 2° Lond. 1862. 

The fludent's handbook of Chriftian theology. Second 
thoufand. 8" Melbourne, i 868. 

— Second edition ... Edited, with biographical Hvetch, 
by the rev. John C. Symons. 8° Lond. I 870. 

FIELD (Rev. C.) 

Scripture illuftrated by interefting fafls, incidents and 
anecdotes. With an introdu<5lion, by rev. Jolin Todd, 
D.D. 8° Lond. 1850. 

FIELD (C. D.), M.A., LL.D. 

Chronological table of, and index to, the Indian ftatute- 
book from the year 1834. With a general introduction to 
the (hitute law of India. 4= Lond. I 870. 

The law relating to Protelfant curates and the refidence 
of incumbents on tiieir benefices in England and Ireland. 

8° Lond. 1870. 

FIELD (1-.) 

A manual of devotions for fea-faring men. 

8" Oxford, 1854. 
FIELD (Edmund), M.A. 

The religious education of the middle clafies : a fermon 
... [Acls XX. 35.] 8° Brighton, 1859. 



FIELD (Edwin Wilkins). 
■ Obfcrvations of a folicitor on the right of the public to 
foiTn limited liability partnei fliips, and on the theory, 
pradlice, and coft of commercial charters. 

8° Lend. 1854. 
FIELD (Frederick). 
The mocking-bird and other poems. 8° Lond. 186S. 

FIELD (George). 

Teiroyma, or a brief outline of the univcrfal fyftem. 
1817. [Pamphleteer, ix. 101.] 

— [Another ed'ilion.'\ 8° Lond. 1846. 
The third organon attempted ; or elements of logic and 

fubjecflive philofophy. 1818. [Pamphleteer, xii. 47 I.] 

The analogy of the phyfical fciences indicated. 1819. 
[Ibid. XV. 1 1 7.] 

Aefthctics, or the analogy of the fenllble fciences indi- 
cated : with an appendix on light and colours. 1 8 20. 
[Ibid. xvii. 195.] 

Ethics, or the analogy of the moral fciences indicated — • 
compri-hending morals, politics, and theology. 1824. 
[Ibid, xxiii. 45".] 

Chromatography ; or, a treatife on colours and pigments. 

4° Lond. 1835. 

— \ylnother edition.^ 8° Lond. n. d. 

— \ylnother eJi/ion.^ ... By Thomas W. Salter. 

8° Lond. 1869. 
Chromatics : or, the analogy, hannony, and phiiofophy 
of colours. 8° Lond. 1845. 

Rudiments of the painter's art ; or a grammar of colour- 
ing, apphcative to operative painting, decorative architedlure 
and the arts. UVeales Rudimentary Treatifes.^ 

12° Lond. 1850. 

— Revifed, and in part re-written, by Robert Mallet, 
A.M., F.R.S. 8° Lond. 1870. 

FIELD (George). 

Poems and eflays on a variety of interefting fubje<Ss ... 
12° Stratford-upon-Avon, 1870. 

FIELD (Horace), B.A. Lond. 

Heroifm ; or, God our Father, omnipotent, omnifcient, 
omniprefent. 8° Lond. I 867. 

A home for the homelefs ; or, union with God. 

8° Lond. 1869. 

FIELD [i&.wi%),fergeant, 1768 — 1849. 

* Memoirs ... By Robeit Huston. 1851. 

* A devout foldier. \ji biography.'] 

8' Dublin, [1869.1 

FIELD (John). 

[Firft admonition to Parliament [Anon.'\ ; with the letters 
of Gualter to BiHiop Parkhurft and of Beza to Bilhop 
Grindall for reformation of church difcipline.] [IVo title- 
page.] I2» n. p. [1572-] 

FIELD (John). 

Pofthumous extradls from the veterinaiy records of John 
Field ; edited by his brother, William Field. 

8' Lond. 1843. 

FIELD (John), M.A., reHor of JVeJl Rounton, North- 

Prifon difcipline. The advantages of the feparate fyftem 
of imprifonment, as eftablilhed in the new county gaol of 
Reading. 8° Lond. 1 8 46. 

— [Another edition.'] 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1848. 
The revelation of all revelations ... 

8° Chudleigh, 1848. 

A report, prefcnted to the magiftrates of Berkfhire ... 
1848, and pubiirtled by requeft of the court. 

8° Lond. 1848. 

Subftance of a fpeech in reply to the objections againft 
feparate confinement, contained in the Icdtures upon prifon 
difcipline, delivered by Charles Pearfon, Efq., M.P. ... 

8° Lond. 1849. 

Bodily and fpiritual difeafes compared. A fermon ... 
[Luhe ix. 2.] 8° Oxford, [1850.] 

The life of John Howard ... 8° Lond. 1850. 

* — Abridged from the life of Howard, by the rev. J. 
Field. 8" Lond. n. d. 

Univerfity and other feimons. 8° Lond. 1853. 

Obfei-vations on the difcipline and management of con- 
viifts, and on tickets of leave : with remarks, in an appendix, 
on the more fpeedy trial and punifhment of larceny in cer- 
tain cafes. 8° Lond. 1855. 

Explanatory and praftical remarks on the Lord's prayer. 

12° Lond. 1857. 

Correfpondence of John Howard, the philanthropift, not 
before publilhed. With a brief memoir and illuftrative 
anecdotes. 8^ Lond. 1855. 

Remarks on imprifonment and penal labour. 

8" Lond. 1 864 

FIELD (John), M.R.C.V.S. 

An effay on the therapeutical effeft of purgatives on the 
hoifc ... 8° Lond. 1S56. 

FIELD (Leonard). 

Forms and precedents of pleadings and proceedings in 
the High Court of Chancery with ... references to the 
fourth edition of Daniell's Chancery pradlice ; and incor- 
porating the forms in Braithwaite's Record and writ pradice. 
By Leonard Field, and Edward Clennell Dunn, and John 
Biddle. Part I. 8° Lond. 1867. 

— Part II. 8° Lond. 186H. 

— Second edition. 8^ Lond. 1S71. 

FIELD (Lucy). 

Hephzibah : a chriftmas ftoiy for children. 

8° Lond. 1870. 

FIELD (Nathakiei,), dramati/l ; Jlouri/hed in the lyh 

Amends for ladies. With the merry prankes of Moll 
Cutpurfe : or, the humour of roaring : a comedy full of 
honeft mirth and wit. 4° Lond. 1639. 

— [Collier's ColleSion of old Plays, xiii.] 



A woman is a weathercock — a comedy. [Ibid, xiii.] 

FIELD (Richard), D.D., liean of Glouajler, I561- 
16 I 6. 

Of the church, five books. Third edition. 

fol. Oxford, 1635. 
— New edition, with additional notes and references, by 
the rev. J. S. Brewer, M. A. Vol. I. [ylll pulli/lieiL] 

8° Lond. 1S43. 
FIELD (Mrs. Rogers). 

The drainage of the valley of the river Lee ... By Mr. 
Bailey and Mrs. Rogers Field. 1868. 

FIELD (S. Fryer), M.A., reBor of Delach, Suffolk. 

The minifterial duty of feeding the church of God : a 
fernion ... [Gen. xliv. I.] 8" Lond. n. d. 

FIELD (Walter), M.A., F.S.A., mcar of Godmers- 
ham, Canterbury. 

A fermon ... [2 Chron. vii. 15, 16.] 

4° Hull, 1853. 
A fermon ... on behalf of the Ro5'al afylum of St. Ann's 
fociety, on Sunday, July 15th, 1855. \_i^^- Ix.xv. 7.] 

8° Lond. 1856. 
Stones of the temple, or leffons fiom the fabric and fur- 
niture of the church. 8° Lond. 187 I. 

FIELD (William). 

Memoirs of the life, writings, and ojiinions of the rev. 
Samuel Parr, LL.D., with biographical notices of his 
friends, jjupils and contemporaries. 2 vols. 

8' Lond. 1828. 

FIELDEN (John), M.P. 

The curfe of the facflory fyllem ; or, a rtiort account of 
faftory cruelties ... 8° Lond. [1836.] 

On " cotton fujiply." [W. Cobbett, Remarks on our 
Indian empire and company f trading fovereigns.l 1857. 

FIELDEN (Joshua). 

Renowned excellence : a difcourfe upon the charader 
and tranflation of the patriarch Enoch ; with reference to 
tlie fudden and lamented deceafe of the rev. Adam Clarke, 
LL.D., &c. [Gen. V. 24.] 8' Lond. 1832. 

The interefting declaration of a ClirilHan milllonary : a 
difcourfe ... occalioned by the death ot the rev. Thomas 
Ofborne. [P/jil. i. 2 1 .] ' 8° Briftol, 1836. 

FIELDEN (Joshua), cotton fpimier. 

Malt tax : a letter to the members of the Houfe of 
Commons, fliowing fome of the effcfls of the Malt tax on 
the labouring jjcople of this country, and expofing the mif- 
(latements of tlie Chancellor of the Exchequer and Mr. 
Mllner Gibfon, as to the relative prelFure of the duties on 
wine, tea, cutfec, and fugar, and the tax on malt. 

8" Lond. 1865. 

FIELDER (Rev. F.) 

Rays from the light of truth. Seledl fermons. 

8° Lond. 187 I. 

FIELDING (Henry), 1707-54. 

Works ; with the life of the author. In four volumes. 

4" Lond. 1 762. 

— New edition, in ten volumes. 8° Lond. 1784. 

— With an efTay on his life and genius by Arthur 
Murphy, Efq. : a new edition edited by James P. Browne, 
M.D. In ten volumes. 8° Lond. 1871. 

— Supplementary volume. Poems. 8° Lond. 1872. 
Mifcellanies. In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1743. 
Love in feveral mafques : a comedy. 

8° Lond. 1728. 

Rape upon rape ; or, the juftice caught in his own trap ; 
a comedy. 8° Lond. 1730. 

The Covent-Garden tragedy. [y/«o«.] 

8° Lond. 1732. 

The modern hufband ; a comedy. 8' Lond. 1732. 

Pafquin ; a dramatick fatire on the times : being the re- 
hearfal of two plays, viz. a comedy call'd. The eledlion ; 
and a tragedy call'd. The life and death of common fenfe. 

8° Lond. I 736. 

The hiftorical regifter, for the year I 7 36. To which 
is added a vei"y mci'ry tragedy, called Eurydice hiff'd, or, a 
word to the wife. Both written by the author of 
Pafquin ... 8° Lond. [1737.] 

An apology for the life of Mr. T C , 

comedian : being a proper fequel to the Apology for the 
life of Mr. Colley Cibber, comedian. With an hiilorical 
view of the ftage to the prefent year. Suppofed to be written 
by hinifelf ; in the llile and manner of the poet laureate. 

8° Lond. 1 7 40. 

A true ftate of the cafe of Bofavem Penlez, who dif- 
fered on account of the late riot in the Strand : in which 
the law regarding thefe offences, and the ftatute ot George 
the Firft, commonly called the Riot afl, are fully con- 
fidered. 8° Lond. 1749. 

An enquiry into the caufes of the late increafe of 
robbers, &c., with fome propofals for remedying this grow- 
ing evil ... 8° Lond. 1751. 

The tragedy of tragedies ; or, the life and death of Tom 
Tlumib the Great, with the annotations of H. Scriblerus 
Secundus. The fourth edition. 8° Lond. I 75 I. 

The cafe of Elizabeth Canning, &c. [No tille-page.'\ 

[8° Lond. 1753.] 

Don Quixote in England ; a comedy. 

8° Lond. I 754. 

Tlie adventures of Jofeph Andrews. With illullrations 
by Phiz. 8° Lond. 1857. 

The hiftoiy of Amelia. 8° Lond. 1857. 

The hillory of Tom Jones, a foundling. With illuftra- 
tions, and a memoir of the author. 8" Lond. 1857. 

— [Jnother edition.'] 8° Lond. [1867.] 

— Author's unabridged edition. 8° Lond. n. d. 
Gefchichte des Thomas .Tones eines Findelfindes. 6 torn. 

12° Leipzig, 1786. 



The mifer (a comedy) taken from Plautus and Moli^re. 

[AVw Br'injh Theatre, vol. xii.] 

The mock dodor ; or, the dumb lady cur'd — a ballad 

farce. [Ibid. vol. xv.] 

The virgin unmafk'd — a farce. [Ibid. vol. xvi.] 
The lottery — a ballad farce. [Ibid. vol. xvi.] 
The intriguing chambennaid — a comedy. [Ibid. vol. xvii.] 
* Life ... By Frederick Lawrence. 1^55- 

FIELDING (Henry B.), ic/ani/7. D. 1851. 

Seitum plantiiram : or drawings and defcriptions of rare 
and undefciibed plants from the author's herbarium. By 
H. B. Fielding, allllled by George Gardner. 

8° Lond. 1844. 

FIELDING (Sir John). D. 17S0. 

Extraifls from fuch of the penal laws as particularly re- 
late to the peace and good order of the metropolis. 

8° Lond. I 769. 
FIELDING (Newton). 

A diiflionary of colour, containing feven hundred and 
fifty tints compofed according to a fixed rale and with 
mathematical corrcc'tnefs ... 8' Lond. 1 8 54. 

Mixed tints : (hewing how they are made and their ufe : 
together with hints on the praflice of oil and water-colour 
painting. 8° Lond. 1855. 

FIELDING (Rudolph-William-Basil), dghth Earl 
of Denbigh. 

A letter to the right hon. the Earl of Derby. 

8' Lond. 1868. 

FIELDING [SAK!.»),fifl(r of Henry Fielding, I 7 i 4- 

Familiar letters between the principal charaflers in David 
Simple, and fome others. To which is added, a vifion. 
By the author of David Simple. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1747. 


Synopfis of praAical perfpeftive, lineal and aerial. 

8° Lond. 1829. 

— Second edition. 8^ Lond. 1836. 
Index of colours and mixed tints, for the ufe of begin- 
ners in landfcape and figure painting. 8' Lond. 1 8 30. 

The theory of painting : to which is added an index of 
mixed tints, and an introduflion to painting in water-colours, 
■with precepts. 8° Lond. 1836. 

On painting in oil and water-colours, for landfcape and 
portraits. 8"* Lond. 1839. 

— [Another edition.'^ 8 Lond. 1 8 46. 
The art of engraving, with the various modes of opera- 
tion. 8° Lond. 1 84 1. 

A pi(5lurefque defcription of the river Wye, from the 
fource to its jun(ftion with the Severn. Illuftrated by 
numerous coloured views. 4° Lond. 1 8 4 1 . 

Ackermann's manual of colours, ufed in the different 

branches of water-colour painting ... interfperfed witli hints 
on painting in landfcape, miniatures, flowers, &c. 

12° Lond. 1844. 
The knowledge and reftoration of old paintings. 

12° Lond. 1847. 


Grammatica Lapponica. 8° Holmis, 173S. 

FIENNES (Nathaniel), /o« of thf following, 1608- 

A fecond fpeech of the honourable Nathaniel Fiennes 
(fecond fon to the right honourable the Lord Say) in the 
Commons Houfe of Parliament. Touching the fubjeiSs 
liberty againll the late canons, and the new oath. 

4° n. p. 1 64 1. 

Monarchy alFerted to be the befl:, mod antient, and legall 
form of government. In a conference held at Whitehall, 
with Oliver, Lord Proteflor, and a committee of Pailia- 
ment. [^nonJj fol. Lond. 1 6 60; repr. 1742. 

— [Scolt's edition of Somers' Tracts, vi. 346.] 

FIENNES (William), Lord Vifcount Say and Seale, 

Two fpeeches in Parliament ; the firft upon the bill 
againft bifhops power in civil! affaires, and courts of judicature. 
The other a declaration of hinifelf touching the liturgie, and 
feparation. 4° Lond. 1641. 

A fpeech ... fpoken in Parliament. In anfwer to the 
Lord Archbifhop of Canterburies lafl: fpeech, and concern- 
ing the liturgie of the Church of England. 

4' Lond. 164 1. 

FIENUS (Ioannes), Dutch phyjician. D. 1585. 

De flatibus humanum coipus moleftantibus, commentarius 
novus ac fingularis ... 8° Sandlandreana, [1589.] 

FIENUS {Tho^\a%), Dutch phy/ician, 1567-1631. 
De viribus imaginationis traftatus. 12= Lond. 1657. 


Der Roman von Fierabras, Provenzalifch : heraufgegeben 
von Immanuel Bekker. 4° Berlin, 1829. 

FIERBERTUS (Nic.) See Nic. Fitzherbert. 

FIEVEE (Joseph), 1767— iS 39. 

Lettres fur I'Angleterre, et. reflexions fur la philofophie 
du XVIIL fiecle. 8° Paris, 1802. 


The LAIRDS of Fife. 1828. 

Wellwood's pai ochial directory for the counties of Fife 
and Kinrofs ... 1862—66. 

Valuation roll of the county of Fife ... for the year 
1864-65. fol. Cupar, 1865. 

Fragments of a profpeft from a hill in Fife. \Verfe.^ 

4° n. p. n. d. 




EcclcfialHcal records. Seleflions from the minutes of 
the Synod of Fife, m.dc.xi.— m.dc.lxxxvii. [Edited by 
Charles Baxter for the Abbotsford Club.] 

4° Edinb. 1837. 

FIFE (Sir John). 

Manual of the Turkidi bath. Heat a mode of cure and 
fource of flrength for men and animals. From writings 
of Mr. Urquhait, edited by Sir John Fife. 

H" Lond. 1865. 


Fifes and di-ums. [Ferft.] 8" Briftol, 1855. 


Hiftona monafterii Figiacenfis in dioecefi Cadwcenfi ; 
auftore incognito, fed vetufto. [Baluze, Mifcellanea, ii. 

FIGGESS (James). 

The excife officer's vade mecum ... 

12° Lond. I 78 1. 

The fight for the championfhip : a letter by a London 
clergyman. 8° Lond. i 860. 

FIGRELIUS (Emundus), Siuedijh hiftorhm. D. circa 

De ftatuis illuftriuni ac cumprimis doiftorum virorum in 
veterum bibliothecis. [J. J. Maderus, De bihlioth. atque 
archiv. lilclli, \S'c. 1 702.] 

FIGUEIREDO (Ant. Pereira). Sec Ant. Pereira 


FIGUEIREDO (Mangel de). 

Hidrographia, examc de pilotos ... Com os roteiros de 
Portugal pera o Brafil, Rio da Prata, Guine, S. Tliome, 
Angolla, & Indias de Portugal, & Callella. 

4° Lilboa, 1632. 

FIGUEIREDO (Mangel de). 

Theatro. 1 2 tom. 8° Lifboa, 1 804—6. 

FIGUIER (Louis). B. iSig. 

The world before the deluge. Tranllatcd from the 
fourth French edition. 8° Lond. 1865. 

— [ylriolher edition.] 8° Lond. 1867. 

The vegetable world ; being a hiftory of plants, with 
their botanical defcriptions and peculiar properties. lUuftrated 
... by M. Faguet. S° Lond. 1S67. 

Tlie ocean world : being a defcrii)tive hillory of the fea 
and its living inliabitants, chiefly tranflated from " La vie 
et les mirurs dcs animaux." 8° Lond. 1868. 

The infedl world : being a popular account of the orders 
of infefts ... From the French of Louis Figuier. Illulhated. 

8° Lond. i86S. 

Primitive man. Rcvifed tranflation. 8° Lond. 1870. 

Mammalia : their various orders and habits popularly 
illullrated by typical fpecies. 8° Lond. 1 870. 

Reptiles and biids : a popular account of their various 
orders . . . Edited and adapted by Parkei- Gillmore (Ubique). 

8° Lond. 1870. 

Earth and fea. Tranflated, edited, and enlarged by W. 
H. Davenport Adams. 8° Lond. 1870. 


Figure, tropi et fchemat;i. i2° Londini, 1616. 

FIGWOOD (John), Efq., harrijler-at-la'w, etc. etc. 
The prelude : being a contribution towards a hiftory of 
the eleflion for the univerfity. 8^ Dublin, 1865. 

FIJAS (Fernando Ricco). Anagram of Francifco 
de Ajofrin. 

FIKENSCHER(Georg Wolfgang AuGusTiN Alex- 

Gefchichte der ... Univerfit'at zu Erlangen von ihrem 
Urfpring bis auf gegcnwaitige Zeiten. 8 Coburg, 1795. 

VoUft'andige akademifche Gelehrten-gefchichte der ... 
Friederich-Alexanders Univerfit'at zu Erlangen von ihrer 
Stiftung bis auf gegenwartige Zeit. 3 Bde. 

8° Niirnberg, i8o6. 

FIL ALETE ( Andrgnico). Pfeud. of Guarducci. 

FILANGIERI (Gaetano), Italian jurifl, 1752-88. 

La fcienza della legiflazione. 5 tom. 

8° Filadelfia, 18 19. 

— Traduit de I'ltalien d'apres I'edition de Nantes de 
1784. 7 tom. 8" Paris, 1786—91. 

Delle leggi politiche ed economiche. [P. Custodi, 
Scrittori claffici Italiani di economia politica. Parte moderna, 
xxxii. 17.] 

FILDER (William), commiffary-general, C.B. 

Remarks ... on a pamphlet publilhed by Colonel Tulloch, 
entitled The Crimean commiffioners and the Chelfea board. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

FILERE (Alexander Paul de). 

DifcGurs contre les cit:itions du Grec et Latin es plai- 
doyes de ce temps. 8° Paris, 1610. 

FILESACUS (Joannes), dean of the Faculty of theo- 
logy in the Univerfity of Paris, I 5 50-1 638. 

Opera varia recenfita et aufta. Editio fecunda. 

8° Paris, 1614. 
FILGATE (William Henry). 

A popular treatife on the law of landloid and tenant in 
Ireland ... 8° Dublin, 1849. 

FILGUERA (Man. Amurosio de), S/ianiJh moni ; 
Jlouri/hed in the I 7/A century. 

Summa de cafos de confcicncia que fe difputan en la 
teologia moral. fol. Madrid. 1 671. 

Teforo catolico y moral. 8° Madrid, 1704. 




FILICAJA (Venienzio da), Italian jurifl and poet, 

Opere. Parte prima. 8' Prato, 1793. 

Carmina. [Carmina illuftr'ium poetarum Italorum, iv. 


FILICZKI (Joannes). 

Poemata. [Pareus, Deliltd poetarum Hungarkorum, p. 


Extrado de la primcia junta general de la real Compania 
de Filipinas. 4° Madrid, 1 793. 

FILIPPO II. See Philip II. 

FILLAN (A. D.), M.A. 

Stories, traditionary and romantic, of the two rebellions 
in Scotland, in 1715 and 1745. 8 Lond. 1S49. 

FILLASTRE (Goillaume), French prelate, 1347- 

Le premier \et le fecond'\ volume de la Thoifon dor. 
Compofe par reucrend pere en dieu Guillaume ... euefq de 
Tournay ... Auquel foubz les vertus De magnanimite et 
iuftice appartenans a leftat de noblede font contenus les haulx 
vertueux et magnanimes faidlz des Tiefchrefliennes maifons 
de France bourgongne et flandres que dautres royset princes 
De lancien et nouueau teftament.. 

fol. Troyes, par Nicolas le rouge, i 530. 

FILLEAN (Jean), French jurifl, 1600-82. 

Recucil general des edifts, arrefts et reglemens notables 
concemans les ecclefiaftiques, univerfitez, baillifs, fenefchaux 
... 2 vol. fol. Paris, 1630-31. 

Decifions catholiques ; ou, recueil general des arrefts 
rendus en toutes les cours fouveraines de France, en execu- 
tion, ou intei-pretation des edits qui concement I'exercice do 
la religion pret. reformee : avec les raifons fundamentales des 
dits arrefts ... fol. Poiftiers, 1668. 

Traflatus Cngularis de comitibus confiftorianis, ad tit. 
X. lib. xii. Codicis. [Meerman, Novus thefaurus juris 
civi/is et canonici, i. 335.] 

FILLEUL (Philip), M.Ps.., reaor of St. Helier's, 

Infant baptifm and confirmation, as adminiftered and 
received in the Church of England, vindicated ... in an 
addrefs to his parifliioners ... 12° Jerfey, 1855. 

The poor made rich by faith : a fermon . . . [James ii. 5.] 

12= Jerfey, 1855. 

FILLEUL (P. V. M.), M.A., reaor of Biddifham, 

Profitable bee-keeping on improved principles. 

12^ Lond. n. d. 

FILMER (Edward), D.C.L., yon of the folloiving. 
The unnatund brother : a tragedy. 4° Lond. 1697. 

FILMER (Sir Robert). D. 1688. 

Obfervations concerning the original of government, upon 
Mr. Hobs Leviathan. Mr. Milton againft Salmafius. H. 
Grotius De jure belli. Mr. Hunton's Treatifeof monarchy. 
[Anon.'] 4° Lond. 1 65 2. 

The free-holders grand inqueft touching our Sovereign 
Lord the King and his Parliament. To which are added, 
obfer\'ations upon forms of government ; together with 
dire(5Hons for obedience to governours in dangerous and 
doubtful times. 8° Lond. 1679. 

— [jlnother edition, under the following title : — Obferva- 
tions concerning the original and various fomis of government, 
as defcribed, viz. ift. Upon Ariftotles Politiques. 2d. 
Mr. Hobbs's Leviathan. 3d. Mr. Milton againft Salmatlus. 
4th. Hugo Grotius, De jure bcUo [Jie], 5th. Mr. Hunton's 
Treatife of monarchy, or the nature of a limited or mixed 
monarchy. To which is added. The power of kings ; 
with Direftions for obedience to government in dangerous 
and doubtful times.] 8" Lond. 1696. 

Patriarcha ; or, the natural power of kings. 

8° Lond. 1680. 

* Patriarcha non monarcha. The patriarch un- 
monarch'd : being obfervations on a late treatife and divers 
other mifcellanies publiflied under the name of Sir Robert 
FUmer, Baronet ... 1681. 

* A defence of Sir Robert Filmer againft the miftakes 
and niifreprefentations of Algernon Sidney. 1 684. fBy 
Edmund Bohun.] 

FILOMASTIGE (Ceselho). See Giufeppe M. 

FILOPATRO (Eusebio). Pfeud. of Giufeppe San- 

FINAEUS (Orontius). See Oronce Fine. 


The final warning and appeal. 8° Lond. 1 866. 


Reflexions politiques fur les finances et le commerce ... 
1 7 40. [By Dutot.] 

Vies des furintendans des finances et des contr6Ieurs- 
generaux, depuis Enguerrand de Marigny, jufqu'a nos jours. 
1790. [By Adiien Richer.] 

Epitome of a fcheme of finance ; whereby a confiderable 
revenue may be obtained, without taxation or any burthen 
on the country ... 8° Lond. 1816. 

Projedl of finance : or a propofed method of affording 
relief to the country at large, in the prefent crifis, 1 8 1 6 ; 
& eventually of raifing confiderable & increafing fupplies, 
without having recourfe to new taxes. 1 817. [Pamphlet- 
eer, xi. I I 5.] 



The finances and free trade of the United Kingdom at 
the beginning of the year 1852. Third edition. 

8° Lend. 1852. 
Trafls on finance and trade. Nos. I. II. 

12° Lond. 1852. 
The bubbles of finance ... By a city man. 

S° Lond. 1865. 

Praftical financial reform. 8° Lond. 1849. 

S])ceches at the firft general meeting of the Edinburgh 
financial reform aflociation ... 1849. 

Trafts of the Edinburgh financial refoiTn aflociation ... 

Financial reform trafts. [Part I. Nos. I- 1 2.] [No t'ttle- 
p'igi-'\ 8° Livei-pool, [1849.] 

Report of the fpeeches delivered at the public meeting 
held in ... Leeds, on ... June 18, 1S61 ... to receive a 
deputation from Liveqwol on the fubjeft of financial reform. 

8° Leeds, 1861. 
The financial leflons of 1866: a letter ... to ... W. 
E. Gladflone, M.P. By a city manager. 

8° Lond. 1867. 

FINARIENSIS (Petrus Antonius). 

De dignitate principum liber ... [Joannes Trithemius, 

Res gejla Fr'ideric'i Palat'm't EleSorh, Isfc. I 602.] 

FINATI (Giovanni). 

Narrative of the life and adventures of Giovanni Finati, 
native of FeiTara, v/ho under the aflumed name of Mahomet, 
made the campaigns againft the Wahabers for the recoveiy 
of Mecca and Medina : tianflated from the Italian as 
dictated by himfelf, and edited by William .lohn Bankes, 
Efq. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1S30. 

FINCELIUS (JoBUs), German phyfician ; Jlourljlied in 
the I (mIi century. 

Poemata. [GruTER, Delit'ice poctarum Germanorum, iii. 
I 53-] 

FINCH (Anne), countejs of Whichelfea. D. I 720. 

Mifcellany poems on feveral occafions ; written by a lady. 

8° Lond. I 7 I 3. 
FINCH (Catherine Irene). 
Juvenile dramas. 12° Lond. 1849. 

FINCH (Daniel), ytfom/ earl of Nottingham, 1647- 

The memorial of the (late of England in vindication of 
the Queen, the Church, and the adminiftration ... 1705. 
[Scolt^s edition of Somers' Tracts, xii. 527.] 

* Two letters on the fubjeft of the divinity of the Son 
of God. One to the riglit hon. the Earl of Nottingham, 
and one to the rev. Mr. William Whilton, (hewing that in 
the prefent method of that controverfy, they are both niif- 
taken ... 8° Lond. 172 I. 

The anfwer of the Earl of Nottingham to Mr. Whillon's 

letter to him, concerning the eternity of the Son of God, 
and of the Holy Gholl. Third edition. 

8° Lond. 1721. 
— The fourth edition. 8'' Lond. 172 1. 

* A letter ... occafioned by a late motion made by the 
archdeacon of London, at his vifitation, for the city clergy 
to return their thanks to his lordfiiip for his anfwer to Mr. 
Whifton. 172 I. [5_y Arthur Afhley Sykes.] 

FINCH (Lady E.) 

The fampler, a fyftem of teaching plain needlework in 
fchools. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1855. 


Memoiials of the late Francis Oliver Finch, with felec- 
tions from his writings. 8° Lond. 1865. 

FINCH (Emily). 

The laft days of Mary Stuart. 3 vols. 

12° Lond. 1 841. 
FINCH (Francis Oliver). 

* Memorials ... 1865. By E. Finch. 

FINCH (George). 

The flietch of the Romifh controverfy. Pai-t i. Con- 
taining the perfecuting principles of the Church of Rome ; 
and the corruptions of the Nicene chuich in the fourth 
century, and of the Church of Rome from the fourth century 
until the middle of the fixteenth century. Part 2. Con- 
taining extracSts from the fathers, extrafts from the Roman 
breviary, the Council of Trent, &c., explanatoiy of Romifii 
doflrines ; and miniature controverfial ficetches of " Tran- 
fubftantiation," " The mafs," " Papal fupremacy," &c. 2 
vols. 8° Lond. 1850. 

Concife obfervations upon the writings of the principal 
fathers of the fourth and fifth centuries. 8° Lond. 1 865. 

FINCH (Hsti'EAGE), Jir^ earl Nottingham, 1 62 1-82. 

An exaft and moft impartial accompt of the indiftment, 
arraignment, trial and judgment (according to law) of nine 
and twenty legicides, the murtherers of his late facred 
Majefty of moll: glorious memory: began at Hicks- Hall 
on Tucfday, the 9th of Odober, 1660, and continued at 
the Scfiions-Houfc in the Old Bayley, until Friday, the 
nineteenth of the fame moneth . . . [y^«on.] 

4° Lond. 1660. 

The f])eech of the Lord High Steward in Wellminfter 
Hall at the time of his pronouncing the judgment of the 
Houfe of Peers againft the Lord Vifcount Stafford, tlie 
7th of December 16S0. fol. Lond. 16S0. 

The anfwers commanded by his Majefty to be given by 
. . . the Earl of Nottingham . . . u])on feveral addrefles pre- 
fented to his Majefty in council at Hampton-court, the 1 9tli 
of May, 168 I. fol. Lond. 1681. 

The arguments of the right hon. the late Lord Chan- 
cellor Nottingham, upon which he made the decree in the 
caufe between the hon. Charles Howard, Efq; plaintifl^; 



Henry late Duke of Norfolk, Henry Lord Mowbrey his 
fon, Homy Marquefs of Dorchcftcr, and Richard Marriott, 
Efq ; defendants ; wherein the fevcral wayes and mctliods 
of limiting the truft of a term for years, are fully debated. 

fol. Lond. I 685. 

FINCH (Henkage), fecond ear! of fFinchi/fia. D. 

A true and exaft relation of the late prodigious eaith- 
quakc and eiuption of Mount Aetna, or, Monte-Gibollo ; 
as it came in a letter written to his Majcfty from Naples by 
the right honourable the Earle of Winchilfea ... Together 
with a more particular narrative of the fame, as it is collefted 
out of fevcrall relations fent from Catania. 

4° Lond. 1 669. 

— [^Scotl's edition of Somers' Tracts, viii. 605.] 

FINCH (Sir Henry). D. 1625. 

Nomotechnia ; ceft a f5avoir, un defcription del common 
leys d'Angleterre folonque les rules de I'art. 

fol. Lond. 1 61 3. 

— Done into Englifli by the author. 8° Lond. 1636. 

— [ylnother tranjlalion.^ Witii variety of references to 
both the ancient and modern reports, and occafional remarks 
where the law has been altered by later rcfolutions, or afls 
of Parliament. 8° Lond. i 7 59. 


Travels in the United States of Ameiica and Canada : 
to which is added, an effiiy on the natural boundaries of 
empires. 8° Lond. 1833. 

The natui'al boundaries of empires ; and a new view of 
colonization. 12^ Lond. 1844. 

FINCH (.Iohn), Lord Finch. 

* The accufation and impeachment of John Lord Finch 
... by the Houfe of Commons. I 640. [Scott's edition of 
Somers' Tracts, iv. 129.] 

— \Harleian Miscellany, v. 532.] 

FINCH (John), merchant, Liverpool. 

The feven feals broke open ; or, the Bible of the Refor- 
mation reformed ... 1853. See Bible, Verfions, Engltjh, a. 

FINCH (Marianne). 

A Lnglilh woman's experience in America. 

12° Lond. 1853. 
FINCH (Rev. R. P.), D.D. 

The Chriftian fabbath vindicated, in oppolltion to fcepti- 
cal indifference, and infidel praflice. 8° Lond. 1798. 


Finchale Abbey. By the author of " Where are our 
young men ■"' 12° Oxford, 1855. 


The priory of Finchale. The charters of endowment. 

inventories, and account rolls of the jiriory of Finchale, in 
the county of Durham. [Edited by James Raine for the 
Surtces Society.] 8° Lond. 1837. 

FINCHAM (John). 

A hiftory of naval architcfture, to which is prefixed an 
introduflory differtation on the application of mathematical 
fcience to the art of naval conftai(fHon. 8° Lond. 1851. 

An outline of fhip building, in four parts. Third edi- 
tion. 8'^ Lond. 1852. 

Direftions for laying off (hips on the mould-loft floor. 
Witii fome inftruflions for drawing (hips in perfpedlive, etc. 
etc. etc. ... Tliird edition. 8° Lond. 1859. 

FINCH-HATTON (George James), tenth earl of 
Winchilfea and Nottingham, 

Abd-el-Kader, a poem in fix cantos. 

8° Lond. 185 I. 
The deluge, a poem. 8° Lond. 1853. 

The poem of the Book of Job done into Englifli verfe. 
i860. See Bible, Verfions, Englijh, b. 

FINCH-HATTON (George William), ninth carl of 

* A word with the Earl of Winchilfea. By " One of 
the people." 8° Lond. [1847.] 

FINCKELTHAUS (Laurentius), German jurift. 
D. 1606. 

Pocmata. [Gruter, Delitia poetarum Germanorum, iii. 

1 57-] 

FINCKELTHAUS (Sigismundus), German juri/l. 
D. 1644. 

Traftatus de jure patronatiis ccclefiaftico. 

4° Lipfias, 1680. 
Programma & oratio de coUegioram juridicorum origine, 
aufloritate, officio atque utilitate. 4° [Lipfis, 1680.] 
Conclufioncs juridicoe de jure fepulturs. 

4° [Lipfia:, 1680.] 
Obfervationcs prafticse in dicafteriis Saxonicis. 

4° Lipfiac, 1680. 
Controverfias feudales, difputationibus xi. contents ; cum 
nous Jo. Emefti Norici. 4° Lipfix, 1680. 


* Vita. [M. GoLDASTUS, Rerum Alamannicarum fcrip- 
tores, i. 203.] 


Hiftoiy of frcemafonry from its origin down to the pre- 
fent day. Second edition. Revifed and preface written 
by D. Mun-ay Lyon. 8^ Lond. 1869. 

FINDLATER (Andrew), LL.D. 
Epicuius. [Ni/lory of Greek and Roman philosophy 
and fcience. ' "^ 5 3 • ] 



FINDLATER (Charles), mini/ler of the pari/lo of 
Newlanils, in the county of Peebles. 

General view of the agriculture of the county of 
Peebles ... 8° Edinb. 1802. 

Sermons, or effays, as the reader (hall chufe to defign 
them, upon Chriftian duties. 12° Edinb. 1830. 

FINDLATER (Eric J.), M.A. 

Highland clearances the real caufe of Highland famines : 
a fermon preached ... in the Free Church, Lochearnhead. 
[Eccks. V. 8.] 8° Edinb. 1855. 

Book-keeping by double entry explained. 

8° Edinb. 1868. 

FINDLATER (Robert), minifler of the Chapd of 
Eafe, Invernefs. 

* Memoir ... By the rev. William Findlater. 18 40. 

FINDLATER (William), mini/ler of Durnefs, Suther- 

Memoir of the rev. Robert Findlater ... together with 
a narrative of the revival of religion during his miniftry at 
Lochtayfide, Perthlliirc, in 1816—1819. To which are 
jjrefixcd, memoirs of his parents : by the rev. William 
Findlater. la-'Glafg. 1840. 

FINDLAY (Alexander G.) 

A claffical atlas ... 8° Lond. 1847. 

— With an index of the ancient and modern names. 

8" Lond. 1857. 

A diredlory for the navigation of the Pacific ocean, with 
defcriptions of its coafts, iflands, etc., from the ftrait of 
Magalhaens to the Arftic fea, and thofe of Afia and Auf- 
tralia. 2 vols. 8° Lond. i 8 5 i . 

A comparative atlas of ancient and modern geography, 
comprifcd in fifty-four maps ... With an introdudlion to 
ancient geography, and an index, in two parts. I. The 
ancient before the modern names of countries, places, etc. 
II. The modern before the ancient names. 

4° Lond. 1853. 

A modern atlas ; forming a complete compendium of 
geography ... Seventh edition. 8° Lond. 1858. 

A defcription and lift of the light-houfes of the world. 
1861. 8° Lond. 1861. 

FINDLAY (Robert), D.D., i 721 -18 14. 

Two letters to the reverend Dr. Kcnnicott, vindicating 
the Jews from the charge of corrupting Dcut. xxvii. 4, the 
fird of which was publidied in the Library for July, I 761. 
The fccond is now firft publidied, being an anfwer to Dr. 
Kennicott's remarks, in the Library for Auguft, 1 76 1: 
and a futher illuftration of the argument, [yinon.] 

8° Lond. 1762. 

A ])erfuarivc to the enlargement of ])falmody : or, attempt 
to (lu'W the reafonablenefs and obligation of joining with 

the Pfalms of David, other Scriptural fongs, efpecially out 
of the New Teftament. By a minifter of the Church of 
Scotland. 8° Glafg. 1763. 

FINE (Oronce), French mathematician, 1494— 1555. 

De fpeculo uftorio ; ignem ad propofitam diftantiam 
generante liber unicus. Ex quo duarum linearum femper ap- 
propinquantium et nunquam concurrentium colligitur de- 
monrtratio. 4° Lutetis, i 5 5 1 . 

The fine arts quarterly review. 1863-67. 


French ftudent's vade mecum ; or, manual of French 
verbs, with direftions for the formation of any tenfe, number, 
or perfon required. S. Sh. Norwich, n. d. 


FinelTe. 2 vols. 

12° Lond. 1835. 

FINETT (Sir John), mnfler of ceremonies to James I. 
and Charles /., I 5 7 I — I 640. 

Some choice obfervations touching the reception and 
precedence, the treatment and audience, the puni5tilios and 
contefts of foreign ambafTadors in England. 

8° Lond. 1658. 


Fingal, a Fine-Eirin : a poem in fix cantos ; with notes 
intended to delineate the manners and (late of fociety of 
ancient Ireland. 8° Lond. 1813. 


The fingerpofl ; or, dirc(5l road from John-O'-Groat's 

to the Land's End : being a difcuflion of the railway 
queffion. By ? ? ? 8° Lond. n. d. 

FINGLASS (Patrick), Chief Ju^ce of Ireland. 

A breviate of the getting of Ireland, and of die decaie 
of the fame. [Walter Harris, Hibernica, part i.] 

FINIAS (Saxo). 

Poemata. [Gruter, Deliti(t poetarum Belgicorum, ii. 


Handbook for Northern Europe : including Denmark, 
Norway, Sweden, l''inland, and Rudia. 1848-49. 

Handbook for travellers in Russia, Poland, and Finland. 

FINLASON (William Francis), barripr. 
A feleaion of leading cafes on pleading and parties to 
aaions. 8° Lond. 1847. 



A few words on the law, as it was : as it is : and as it 
ought to be : with fpecial reference to county courts fuits, 
and aiflions at law. 8^ Lond. 1 8 50. 

The Catholic hierarchy vindicated by the law of England. 

8° Lond. 185 I. 

Obfervations on chariuible trufts, and on a Bill for the 
better adminiftration thereof, lately brought into the Houfe 
of Commons. 8° Lond. 1852. 

The common law procedure aft, with numerous notes 
by R. Morris and W. F. Finlafon. 1852. 

The common law procedure afts of 1852 & 1854, with 
notes ... With an a])pcndix containing the common law 
procedure a(5ts of William IV., the recent ftatutes of e\'idence, 
and the new rules framed under both the late aAs of i S52 
& 1854, and an introdudion. 12° Lond. 1855. 

— And i860, with notes ... 12° Lond. i860. 

An eflay on the hiftory and effefts of the laws of mort- 
main, and the laws againft teftamentary difpofitions for pious 
puqiofes : compiifing an account of the debates in Parlia- 
ment, and of the inquiries of the feleft committees of the 
Houfe of Commons, and the moft interefting cafes which 
have occurred in courts of law. ' 8 Lond. 1853. 

The afts for the better regulation of charitable trufts. 
With notes ... 8° Lond. 1855. 

Parliamentary influence and official intrigue, as recently 
difclofed in the inquiry before a felcft committee on the 
affair of the Ameer of Scinde. 8° Lond. 1858. 

A brief and pradtical expofition of the law of charitable 
trufts, with fpecial reference to the jurifdiflion of the com- 
milTioners of charities, containing alfo all the charitable 
trufts adls ; with notes ... 12° Lond. i860. 

Reports of cafes decided at Nifi prius ... by T. Campbell 
Foster and W. F. Finlafon. 1866-67. 

A treatife on martial law, as allowed by the law of 
England, in time of rebellion ; with praftical illuftrations 
drawn from the official documents in the Jamaica cafe, and 
the evidence taken by the Royal commiffion of enquiry, 
with comments conftitutional and legal. 8° Lond. 1866. 

Commentaries upon martial law, with fpecial reference to 
its regulation and reftraint ; with an introduftion, containing 
comments upon the charge of the Lord Chief Juftice. By 
the author of the " Treatife upon martial law." 

8° Lond. 1867. 

Report of the cafe of the Queen v. Edward John Eyre 
on his profecution in the Court of Queen's Bench, for high 
crimes and mifdcmcanours alleged to have been committed 
by him in his office as governor of Jamaica ... 

8° Lond. 1868. 

A review of the authorities as to the repreflion of riot or 
rebellion, with fpecial reference to criminal or civil liability. 

8° Lond. 1 868. 

A diflertation on the hiftory of hereditary dignities, par- 
ticularly as to their courfe of defcent, and their forfeiture 
by attainder. With fpecial reference to the cafe of the 
Earldom of Wiltes. 8' Lond. 1869. 

The hiftory of law of tenures of land in England and 
Ireland : with particular reference to inheritable tenancy ; 
leafehold tenure ; tenancy at will ; and tenant right. 

8° Lond. 1870. 


Manual of French pronunciation. 8° Glafg. 1 86 1. 

FINLAY (Alexander S.), M.P. 

Our monetary fyftem : fome remarks on tlic influence 
of the bullion in the Bank of England on commercial credit 
and on the rate of intereft. 8° Lond. 1864. 

FINLAY (David Lake), L.R.C.S.I., L.A. 

Obfervations on the remittent, (fo called), and yellow 
fevers of the Weft Indies. 8° Dublin, 1853. 

FINLAY (George), LL.D. 

The Hellenic kingdom, and the Greek nation. 

8° Lond. 1836. 

Elfai fur les principes de banque appliques a I'etat adluel 
de la Gr^ce. 4 Athenes, 1836. 

Remarks on the topography of Oropia and Diacria, with 
a map. 8° Athens, 1838. 

Greece under the Romans : a hiftorical view of the con- 
dition of the Greek nation, from the time of its conqueft by 
the Romans until the extindion of the Roman empire in 
the Eaft. 8° Edinb. 1844. 

On the fite of the Holy Sepulchre. With a plan of 
Jenifalem. 8° Lond. 1 8 47. 

Hiftory of the Byzantine and Greek empires from 
Dccxvi to MCCCCLiii. 2 vols. 8° Edinb. 1854. 

The hiftory of Greece under Othoman and Venetian 
domination. 8° Edinb. 1 8 56. 

Hiftory of the Greek revolution. In two volumes. 

8° Edinb. 1861. 

FINLAY (John), 17S2-1810. 

Wallace ; or, the vale of Ellerflie : with other poems. 
[Jnon.] 8° Glafg. 1 802. 

— Second edition. 8° Glafg. 1 804. 

Scottifli hiftorical and romantic ballads, chiefly ancient, 
with explanatory notes and a gloflary ; to which are pre- 
fixed fome remarks on the early ftate of romantic compofi- 
tion in Scotland. In two volumes. 8° Edinb. 1808. 

FINLAY (Kirkman). 

Letter to the right hon. Lord Afhley, on the cotton 
faftory fyftem, and the ten hours' fadlory bill. 

8° Glafg. 1833. 

FINL A YSON (George), /ur^^on. D. 1823. 

The million to Siam, and Hue the capital of Cochin 
China, in the years 1 82 I— 22 : with a memoir of the author, 
by Sir Thomas Stamford RaiBes, F.R.S. 

8° Lond. 1826. 

FINLAYSON (James), D.D., F.R.S.E., /r^/^r of 
logic and metaphyfics in the Unmcrfuy of Edinburgh, 1751 — 

Sermons ; to which is prefixed an account of the life and 
charafter of the author. 8° Lond. 1809. 




Surnames & firenames. The origin and hiftory of cer- 
tain family & hiftorical names ; with remarks on the ancient 
right of the crown to fanflion and veto the affumption of 
names ... 8° Lond. n. d. 


The mai'ches day ; a dramatic entertainment, of three 
afts. As annually performed by tlic originals at * * * 
[Jmn.] 12° Falkirk, 18 I 4. 


A colleftion of anthems ... 

12° Dublin, 1852. 

FINLAYSON (Joseph), A.M. 

The voice of fads from the convent of S. Jofeph, 
Ranelagh, Dublin. 12° Edinb. 1824. 

FINLAYSON (Margaret). 

* Report of the trial by jury of the aflion of damages 
for alTault ; Margaret Finlayfon againit Michael Gilfillan. 

8° Edinb, 1825. 
FINLAYSON (Robert), M.D. 

An eflay addrelTed to captains of the royal navy, and 
thofe of the merchant fervice, on the means of preferving 
the health of their crews, witli direiSions for the prefervation 
of dry rot in (hips. 8° Lond. 1824. 

— [Pamphleteer, xxvi. 161.] 

FINLEY (Harriet). 

A fliort memoir of the rev. John Finley, with a brief 
account of two of his fons, who died before him, and notes 
of a few of his fermons. By his widow. With an intro- 
dudlory preface by the rev. Oftavius VVinflow, D.D. 

8° Lond. 1856. 

FINLEY (Rev. John). 

* Memoir ... By his widow Harriet Finley. 1856. 


The univerfe as it is, and the deteftion and refutation of 
Sir Ifaac Newton. Alfo the expofure and proved fabrica- 
tion of the folar fyftem. 8° Lond. 1830. 

The laft trumpet and the flying angel through the midft 
of heaven proclaiming the divine and true fyllem of the 
univerfe as it is : as given by God to the late Mr. Richard 
Brothers; and, alfo to myfelf. 8' Lond. 1849. 

FINN (Mrs.) 

Home in the Holy Land : a tale illuftrating cuftonis 
and incidents in modern Jerufalem. 8° Lond. 1866. 

A third year in Jerufalem : a talc illuftrating cuftoms 
and incidents of modern Jerufalem ; or, a fcquel to " Home 
in the Holy Land." 8° Lond. 1 869. 

FINN (James). 

Sephardim ; or, the hiftory of the Jews in Spain and 
Portugal. 12° Lond. 1841. 

The Jews in China : their fynagogue, their Scriptures, 
their hiftory, &c. 12° Lond. 1843. 

Byeways in Paleftine. 8° Lond. 1868. 

FINNELLY (William). 

Reports of cafes heard and decided in the Houfe of 
Lords. 1835-47. By Charles Clark and W. Finnelly. 

The adls 2 Wm. IV. cap. xlv. to amend the reprefenta- 
tion of the people, and 2 Wm. IV. cap. Ixiv. to fettle and 
defcribe the divifions of counties, and boundaries of cities 
and boroughs, in England and Wales : to which is prefixed 
an analyfis ... by William Finnelly, Efq. 

12° Lond. n. d. 

FINNERTY (Peter). 

* The cafe of Peter Finnerty, including a full report of 
all the proceedings which took place in the Court of King's 
Bench. 8° Lond. iSi i. 

FINNEY (Charles G.), preJIJent of OLerlin College, 
Ohio, U. S. 

Two fermons preached ... at Borough Road Chapel, 
London, on Nov. 22 and 23, 1S49. 

12° Manchefter, 1849. 

Le(5lures on fyftematic theology ... Edited and revifed, 
with an intiodui5lion by the rev. George Redford, D.D., 
LL.D. 8° Lond. 1851. 

The prevailing prayer-meeting : a fermon . . . \ylas i. 
1-14.] 8° Lond. 1859. 

Guide to the Saviour ; or, the fecret of a holy life. 

12° Lond. 1859. 


Hints to landlords, tenants, and labourers ... With the 
agricultural balance (beet. 8° Lond. i860. 

Hints on agricultui-e, for landlords and tenants. 

8° Lond. 1862. 
FINNEY (William). 

The ravages of man and time and other poems. 

12° Lond. [1857.] 


Rules and regulations of the Finlbury permanent benefit 
building fociety. 8° Lond. 1853. 

FIORAVANTE (Christoforo). 

Naufragio di . . . Pietro Quirino, defcritto per Chriftoforo 
FioiTivante et Nicolo di Michiel, che vi fi trovarono pre- 
fenti. [Ramusio, Navigationi et •vlagg'i, ii. 151.] 

FIORAVANTI (Leonard), Italian phtfician. D. 


Miroir univerfel des arts et fciences ... diuife en trois 
livrcs ... Scconde edition. 8° P.iris, 15S6. 

A joyful Jewell : tranflatcd out of the Italian by J. 
H[;7/]. 4° Lond. n. d. 

1 68 



Quefto libro e chiamato Fiore noueJo, molto devoto da 
Iczca' com certe predicatione, c tuto il Teftanicnto uechio 
comenzando da la creazioe del niondo per fina alia nioite 
de Chrifto cum pafli & euangeli. fol. Venefia, 1476. 

FIORENTINI (Francesco Maria), Italian hiftorlan 
and ph^ifidan, 1 6 1 0-7 3. 

Mcmorie della Gran ContcfTa Matilda rcftituita alia patria 
Luccheff. Seconda cdizione, ilkifliata con note critiche, 
c con I'aggiunta di molti documenti appaitcncnti a Matilda, 
ed alia di Lei Cafa, da Gian-Domenico Manfi. 2 torn. 

4° Lucca, 1756. 


Lo epitomcon ... tratto dalla conifpondenza di Tepandio 
con Pii'o intorno air amaui fua rOiene. 8" Italia, 1834. 

FIORI (Giovanni de), _/?our//ZW fliou; 1500. 

Hiftoria, in lingua Calligliana conipofta, et da M. Lelio 
Aletiphllo in parlare Italico tnidutta ... 

4^ Milana, 1521. 

— \Amther edition?^ 8° Vinegia, 1533. 

— Puefta en Efpanol y Frances ... 

8° Bruxelles, i 596. 

— Traduift en quattre langues, Italien, EfpaHoI, Francois, 
& Anglois ... 8° Anvers, 1556. 

\Anoiher editioni\ 8° Bruxelle, 1608. 

FIORLLO (JoHANN Dominik), German painter, 1748— 

Gefchichte der zeichnenden Kiinfte von ihrer Wieder- 
auflebung bis auf die neucften Zeiten. 5 Bde. 

8° Gottingen, 17 98- 1 808. 

FIRDAUSI or FIRDUSI (Abul Kausim), Perftan 
poet ; Jlour'ijhed in the 1 0th century. 

Das Heldenbuch von Iran, aus dem Schah Namah von 
J. Gomes. 2 B'ande. 8° Berlin, 1820. 

Epifodes from the Shah Namah : tranflated into Englifh 
verfe, by Stephen Whifton. 8° Lond. 18 15. 


The rules and orders ... in the cities of Hamburgh and 
Amfterdam, for fupprefllng the rage of fire. Tranflated from 
the original, printed by authority. 8^ Lond. 1715. 

Various methods to prevent fires in houfes and (hipping, 
and for prefer\ing the lives of people at lires, with an 
account of remarkable accidents by fire, in different parts of 
the world, felcfted hiftoric;illy, for the fjjace of one hundred 
and eight years to this prefent period ... 

8° Lond. 1775. 

On the means of guarding dwelling houfes, by their con- 
ftru(flion, against accidents by fire. 1815. [Pamphleteer, 
V- 399-] 


The lire-eatei-. \_By James Wilson.] 

FIRENZE. See Florence. 

FIRENZUOLA (Agnolo,) Italian poet, I 493-1 545. 

Profe. 8° Fiorenza, 1552. 

Canzone. Venez. 1 783. [Parnaso Italiano, xxxi. 

Sonetto. Venez. 1787. [Ibid, xxvii. 207.] 


Our own firefide. Edited by the rev. Charles BiJlock. 
Vols. I.-VIIL 8° Lond. 1864-71. 


Fire-fide fcenes. By the author of the Bachelor and 
married man. 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1825. 


Fireworks, and how to make them. 8° Lond. 187 i. 

FIRMIANUS SYMPOSIUS (Cjelivs), Latin poet. 

De fortuna. De liuore. [Poet^ Latini minores, ed. 
Wernfdorf, vol. iii.] 

Aenigmata. [Ibid. vol. vi. pars pofl:er.] 

FIRMICUS MATERNUS (Julius), ajlronomer : 
fiourifhed in the ^ih century. 

Aftronomicomm libri ofto integri, et emendati, ex 
Scythicis oris ad nos nuper allati. Marci Manilii aftronomi- 
coiTjm libri quinquc. Arati Phasnomena Germanico Caefare 
inteqjrete cum commcntariis et imaginibus. Arati eiufdem 
Phenomenon fiagmentum Marco T. C. inteiprete. Arati 
eiufdem Phaenomena Ruffo Tefto Avieno paraphraftc. 
Arati eiufdem Phenomena graece. Theonis commentaria 
in Arati Phenomena grece. Prodi Diadochi Sphera 
grtEcc. Procli eiufdem Sphxra, Thoma Linacro Britanno 
inteqjrete. fol. Venetiis cuia, et diligentia Aldi Ro. 

Menfe o<5lob. i 499. 

— Per Nicolaum Pracknenim aftrologum nuper ab 
innumeris mendis vindicati ... fol. Bafilese, 1533. 

De errore profanarum religionum, ad Conftantinum et 
Conftantem Augg. Joan. A. Wower recenfuit. 

8° [Hamburg], 1603. 

— [Ma.\: Libliotheca velerum patrum, iv. 164.] 

FIRMIN (GiLis), nonconformi/} divine, 1617-97. 

A ferious queftion ftated : viz. : Whether the minifters 
of England aie bound by the word of God to baptize the 
children of all fuch parents which fay, they bcleeve in Jefus 
Chrift ; but are groffly ignorant, fcandalous in their converfa- 
tions, fcofFers at godlineflc, and refufe to fubmit to church- 
difcipline ? The negative (with fubmiffion to better judge- 
ments) is modelHy defended ... 4° Lond. 1 65 I. 

A fober reply to the Sober anfwer of rev. Mr. Cawdrey, 



to A ferious queftion propounded ... Alfo, the queftion of 
reverend Mr. Hooker concerning the baptifme of infints, 
of parents non-confederate is cleared, and it may ferve for 
an anfwer to Mr. Cawdrey's diatribe, with him upon the 
quedion. With a poftfcript to rev. Mr. Blake. 

40 Lond. 1653. 

Prefbyterial ordination vindicated. In a brief and fober 
difcourfe concerning epifcopacy, as claiming greater power, 
and more eminent offices by divine right, then prcfbyterie. 
The arguments of the reverend billiop Dr. Davenant in his 
Determination for fuch epifcopacy are modellly examined. 
And arguments for the validity of prefbyterial ordination 
added. With a brief difcourfe concerning impofed forms 
of prayer, and ceremonies. 4° Lond. 1 660. 

The liturgical conliderator confidered : or a brief view 
of Dr. Gauden's Confiderations touching the liturgy of the 
Chuich of England ... Alfo feme reafons humbly rendered, 
why many minifters, as yet cannot conform to that liturgy 
... Second edition. By G. F. 4" Lond. 1 66 1. 

The queftions between the conformift and nonconfonnifl, 
truly ftated, and biiefly difcufled. Dr. Falkner, the Friendly 
debate, &c., examined and anfwered. Together with a 
difcouife about feparation, and feme animadverlions upon 
Dr. Stillingtleet's book, entituled. The unreafonablenefs of 
feparation. Obfervations upon Dr. Templer's Sermon 
preached at a vifitation in Cambridge. A brief vindication 
of Mr. Stephen Marflial. 4° Lond. 1 6 81. 

FIRMIN (Thomas), merchant, 1632-97. 

Some propofals for the imployment of the poor, and for 
the prevention of idlenefs and the confequence thereof, 
begging ... 4° Lond. 1 68 I. 

FIRMINGER (Thomas A. C), M.A., chaplain on 
the Bengal ejlablijhment. 

A manual of gardening for Bengal and upper India. 

8° Lond. 1864. 
— Second edition. 8° Calcutta, 1869. 


Firft and laft, a poem intended to illuftrate the ways of 
God to man. 8° Lond. i860. 


A fiift friendfliip. 1863. \By Henry Jackson.] 


Fird love; a novel. 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1 8 30. 


The (irfl: proteil, or [John Hoopi-r] tiie fuher of Eng- 
li(h nonconformity. 


Firll (leps toward a Church of the future. 1867. 


The fuftborn ; or, a mother's trials. 
■ My lady." In three volumes. 


By the author of 
' Lond. i860. 

FIRTH (Richard), M.A. 

Common prayer adapted to family ufe : with preface. 

8° Lond. 187 I. 
FIRTH (Thomas). 

This introduftory leflure was delivered ... and is mod 
refpeftfully dedicated to the members of the city of London 
Medical and chimrgical fociety ... at whofe requeft it was 
ordered to be printed. 8° [Lond.] 1830. 

FIRTH (Thomas) & SONS. 

Book of patterns [ofedge tools,&c.] 4° [Sheffield], n.d. 

FIRTH (Wiluam), fcrgeanf-a/-/a'W. 

The cafe of Ireland fet at reft. AddrefTed in a letter 
to the right hon. Robert Peel, M.P. 8° Lond. 1825. 
— [Pamphleteer, xxv. 161.] 

FISCH (Georges), D.D. 

Nine months in the United States during the crifis. 
With an introduftion by the hon. Arthur Kinnaird, M.P., 
and a preface by the rev. W. Arthur. 8° Lond. 1863. 

FISCHEL (Dr. Eduard). 

The defpots as revolutionifts : to the German people. 
[Jnon.] 8° Berlin, 1859. 

Palmerfton unmaflced : anfwer to Ifmael's reply to the 
Duke of Coburg's pamphlet. 8° Lond. i860. 

The Englifh conftitution. Tranflated from the fecond 
German edition, by Richard Jenery Shee. 

8° Lond. 1863. 

FISCHEL (Dr. M. M.) 

German reading book on an entiiely new principle ; a 
ftory by Franz Hoffman, literally tranflated ... 1855. 

FISCHER (Anselmo), O.S.B. ; fouri/hed in the iSth 

Spccus fanfti Benedidli ; feu folitudo facra : in quam 
religiofa anima fe recipit, ut ibidem eo liberiils fola cum folo 
Deo agat. Nunc denuo in luccm cdita opere et fumptibus 
monachorum Sti. Gregorii magni de Downfide. 

12° Lond. 1858. 

FISCHER (Christian August), 1771-1829. 

Reife von Amfterdam iiber Madrid nach Genua in den 
Jahren 1797, ""'^ '798- ^° Berlin, 1799. 

Travels in Spain in 1797 Sc I 798, with an appendix on 
the mode of travelling in that country, tianflated from the 
German. 8° Lond. 1802. 

FISCHER (Ernst GoTTFRiED),.Gifrmfln mathematician, 

Phyfique mecanique, traduite de I'Allemand avec des 
notes de M. Biot. 8° Paris, 1806. 


A new clalTification of all the nouns fubftantive in the 
German language ... 8" Lond. 18 19. 





Calendarium mufarum Latinum. Edidit J. N. Fifcher. 

8° Lipfine, 17S6. 

FISCHER (JoHANN Eberhard), profejor of hi/lory at 
St. Peter/burg, 1 697-17 71, 

Recherchcs hilloiiques fur les principales nations etablics 
en Sibciic ct dans Ics pays aJjaccns, lors de la conquete des 
Ruffes ; ouvrage traduit de Ruffe, par M. Stollcnwoick. 

8° Paris, n. d. 

FISCHER (JoHANN Friedrich), 1726-99. 

Oratio de Joacliimo Cameiario ... in auditorio colleg. 
Principalis Mai a.d. IIII. kal. Maias a.c. 1762 habita ... 

40 Lipfis, [1 762.] 

Animadverfionum ad Jacobi Velleri Giammaticani Gi-a:- 
cam fpecinien primum. 8° Lipfias, 1 798. 

— Specimen fecundum. 8° Lipfix, 1799. 

— S|)eciminis tcitii pars prior et pofterior. Edidit 
Chrift. Theoph. Kuinoel. 8° Lipfiae, 1800—1. 

FISCHER (KuNo), profijfor of philofophy at Jam. 
B. 1824. 

Francis Bacon of Verulam. Realiflic pliilofoi)hy and its 
age. Tranflated from the German, by John Oxcnford. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

A commentary on Kant's Critick of the ])ure reafon. 
Tranflated from the Hillory of modern philofophy ; with 
an introdm-lion, expIanatoi-y notes, and a]>pendices, by John 
Pcntland Mahaffy, A.M. 8' Lond. 1866. 

FISCHER (Ph.lippus). 

Differtatio, an deligatio funiculi umbilicalis in neonatis 
abfolute neceffaria fit? Ingolftadii, 1777. [Schlegel, 
Colledio optfculorum fekSorum, vi. 181.] 

An elementaiy German grammar ... 

8° Lond. 1867. 

Differtatio hiftorica, de proedria gentium Europaearum. 
4° Londini Gothoi-um, 1753. 


Fifcus Papalis, fiue catalogus indulgentiarum & relquaiiim, 
feptem principahum ecclefiarum, urbis Romae. Ex vetufto 
manufcripto codice vere & fideliter defcriptus. By a Catho- 
like diuine ... \Lal. ts° ^"S-\ 4° Lond. 1621. 


Reafons for taking off tlie prefent proliibition of curing 
fifli in Scotland, with Britifh fait, for exportation ; while 
the Englilh lie under no fucli reftraint. 

S. Sh. n. p. [171 7.] 

A plan for the better fupplying this metropolis with 
plenty of tifli by land-carriage ... fol. n. p. [i 763 ?] 

Second report of t)ie Affociation for the relief of the 

manufafturing & labouring poor, relative chiefly to the 
general fu])ply of fifli in the metropolis & the interior. 
1815. [Pamphleteer, vi. 541.] 

Tabular view of the order & families of firties. 

4° Lond. [1857.] 

Britifli fifli and fiflieries. i 2° Lond. n. d. 


The firft report of the committee refpeding the meafures 
to be adopted for increaling the fupply & ufe of fifli in the 
metropolis & its neighbourhood. 1813. [PAMPHLtxEtR, 

i. 445-] 

— The fecond report ... 1813. [Ibid. ii. 155.] 

FISH (Henry), M.A. 

The clafs-leader's manual ; being letters addreffed to a 
clafs-leader, on all matters relating to his office. 

12° Lond. 1849. 
Memorials of Mrs. Mary Sarfon Cooper, late of Dun- 
ftable ; compiled fi om her diary and correfpondence. 

8° Lond. 1855. 
The purchafe of the tiiith : a feiTnon. \^Pr<m. xxiii. 
23.] S° Lond. 1857. 

FISH (Howard). 

Tiie wrongs of man ; a fatire. With notes. 

8° Lond. 1819. 
FISH (J.), M.A. 

Government of the houfehold : a fennon . . . \Gen. xviii. 
19.] 8' Lond. 1865. 

FISH (John B.) 

Chriftian confidence in tlie truth and falvation of the 
gofpel. 8° Lond. [187 I.] 

FISHBOURNE (E. Gardiner), commander R.N. 

Naval conftruftion. A letter to the rt. hon. Sir George 
Cockbum, M.P., G.C.B., &c. 8° Poitfea, 1845. 

Lectures on naval architedure. 8° Lond. 1846. 

FISHBOURNE (Edmund), captain R.N. 

Impreffions of China, and the prefent revolution : its 
progrefs and profpedls. i 2° Lond. 1855. 


The Scriptural rule with reference to offences between 
Chriftians. 8° Lond. 1863. 

FISHER ( ),publl/her. 

Fiflier's drawing room fcrap-book, with poetical iUuftra- 
tions by L. E. L[andon.] 1833. 

Fiflier's colonial magazine ... 1 840-45. 

FISHER (Mifs ). 

Family failings. A novel. \ylnon.'\ 3 vols. 

8° Lond. 1849. 




Grammar, with exercifes of bad Englifli ... 

12° Lond. 1753. 

FISHKR (A'Court), C.B., lieutenant-colonel R.E. 
Perfonal narrative of three yeais' fereice in China. 

8° Lond. 1863. 

FISHER (Alexander), y;//yw« R.N. 

A journal of a voyage of difcovery to the ariflic regions 
in his Majefty's fliips Hccla and Giiper, in the years 
1819 & 1820. Fourth edition. 8° Lond. 1821. 

FISHER (Alice). 

Too blight to laft : a love ftoiy. 

8° Lond. 1869. 

FISHER (Anthony L.), M.D. 

The game of pallone, from its origin to the prefent day, 
hiftorically confidered. 8° Lond. 1 865. 

FISHER (Edmund Crisp). 

Military difcipline and volunteer philanthrojiy : a paper 
read before the Social fcience congrefs ... 1864. 

8° Lond. 1864. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1864. 

The Englifli branch of the United States Sanitary 
commiflion : the motive of its eftablifhment, and the refult 
of its work. 8° Lond. 1 86 5. 

FISHER (Edward), Cahmtftk divine ; Jlourijhedin the 
I 7/Z1 century. 

A Chriflian caveat to the old and new fabbatarians, or 
a vindication of our gofpel fefHvals ... Fourth edition. 

4° Lond. 1652. 
The fecond part of the Marrow of modern divinity . . . 
With a preface and appendix \by James Ho^;.'^ 

8" n. p. 1722. 

* The fcope and fubftance of the Marrow of modern 
divinity. 1722. [^By James Hoc] 

* The controverfie concerning the Marrow ... confidered 
in feveral familiar dialogues. 1721, 1722. \_By James 

* A full and trae ftate of the controvei fy concerning the 
Marrow of modern divinity, as debated between the General 
AfTembly, and feveral minifters in the years 1720 and 1 7 2 1 . 

8° Glafg. 1773. 
An anfwer to fixteen queries touching the rife and 
obfervation of Chriftmas propounded by Mr. Jofeph Hem- 
ing, of Uttoxeter. [y/noH.l \Scott's edition of Somers' 
Tracts, vi. 3.] 


Reports of cafes ... 1859-62. By J. P. Dii Gex, 
F. Fiflicr and Cadman Jones. 1861—70. 

FISHER (Fanny E.) 

Lonely hours : poems. 8° Dublin, 1864. 

Ainfworth's heir, and other poems. 8° Lond. 1866. 

Love or hatred : a novel. 

In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1 87 I. 

FISHER (Francis), vicar of Hilmarton, Wilts. 

The validity of Englifh orders ; Abp. Parker's confe- 
crators proved to have been acknowledged by the Church 
of Rome as lawful bifliops. 8" Lond. 1857. 

FISHER (Frederick George). 

A catalogue of the various articles contained in Clara 
Fifher's Shakefperean cabinet. Compiled, arranged, and 
the models executed by Frederick George Fifher. 

8° Lond. 1830. 

FISHER (Gzokce), fchoolmnjler. D. 1864. 

A companion and key to the hiftory of England ; 
confifting of copious genealogical details of the Britifli 
fovereigns ... accompanied with genealogical charts ... With 
an appendix exhibiting a clironological epitome of the 
fucceflive holders of the feveial titles of the Britifli, Saxon, 
and Englifli nobility ... accompanied with the various 
blazonry of their armorial bearings ... 8 Lond. 1832. 

FISHER (George Thomas), jWo;-. 

Photogenic manipulation : containing plain inftniiflions 
in the theory and pradtice of the arts of photography ... 

12° Lond. 1843. 

FISHER (Henry), St. Luke's, Leamington. 

"The ftrong man armed:" an addrefs to the working 
clafles. 12° Lond. [1864.] 

FISHER (Henry). 

Bank audits : the pradicability of a thorough independent 
fyftem confidered. 8° Lond. n. d. 

FISHER (Herbert W.), M.A. 

Confiderations on the origin of tlie American war. 

8° Lond. 1865. 

FISHER (J.), reaor of Wavendon, BucLs. 

Refidence. Two letters in verfe. [y/non.'j 

8° Lond. 1821. 


Afleflment of railways. Some obfervations on the judg- 
ment delivered in the Court of Queen's Bench ... in the 
cafe of the Queen v. the South-Ealtern railway company. 
With an appendix containing the cafe and judgment. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

FISHER (Rev. James). 

A glimpfe of glory ; or, a gofpel difcovery of Emmanuel's 
land ... 8° Glafg. 1777. 

FISHER (James). 

Poems on various fubjefls. 8° Dumfries, 1 790. 

A fpring-day ; or contemplations on feveral occurrences, 
which Ihike the eye in that feafon. 8° Edinb. 1803. 



A winter feafon ... to which is added an cflliy on the 
good things of this life. 8° Edinb. 1 8 1 o. 

FISHER (Jasper), D.D. 

Fuimus Trees, the trae Trojans. Being a (lory of the 
Britains valour at the Romans firft invafion. [Doiljlcy's 
feUa colUSton of old PLAYS, iii.] 

— [Collier sfelea colUaion of old plays, vii.] 

FISHER (John), tyhop of Rochejler, I459-I535- 

Defenfio regie afleitois cotra Babylonicam captiuitatem ... 
In qua rcfpudet pro illuftriflimo,eodcque dodliiTimo Anglorum 
rege Henrico VIII. fidei defenfore, ad maledicitiffimu 
Martini Lutheri libellu, in eude Rege fcriptii plufqua impudc- 
tiffime. 4° Colonise, in officina honefti ciuis Petri 

Quentell, 1525. 

Sacri facerdotii defenfio cotra Lutherfi ... 

40 Coloniae, in officina ... Petri Quentell, 1525. 

A fjK-ech made in the Upper Houfe of Parliament ... 
(November, i 529) in oppofition to the fu])])re(rmg of the 
lefler monaftries. [ScotCs edition of Somen' Tracts, i. 39.] 

Aflertionis Lutheranae confutatio ... 8° Paris, i 545. 

— Editio ultima. 8° Coloniae, 1559. 
The fiineral fermon of Margaret Countefs of Richmond 

and Derby, mother to King Henry VII. : with a preface, 
containing fome further account of her charities and founda- 
tions ... 8° Lond. 1708. 

— With Baker's preface to the fame ... Edited by J. 
Hymers, B.D., with illuftrative notes, additions, and 
appendix. 8° Camb. 18 40. 

* Life ... By John Lewis, A.M. 1855. 

FISHER (John), E'lfhop of Sarum, 1748-T825. 

A fermon, preached at the confecration of St. James's 
church, in the Ifland of Guemfey, on ... the 6th of Aug. 
181 8. \Col. i. 24.] 4» Guemfey, [18 1 8.] 

A fermon preached at the confecration of Chrill Church, 
in the parilh of North Bradley, by the right rev. the bidiop 
of Sai-um, on the 2d of Sepr. 1824. \JPs. cxxxii. 14.] 
\Preface'\ by the rev. Charles Daubeny. 

8° Lond. 1825. 

FISHER (John), A.M., reaor of Wavendon. 
The honeymoon. 8° Lond. 1840. 

FISHER (Rev. John). 

A hiftory of the town of Berkeley, its church, caftle, 
etc. etc. 8° Berkeley, 1 8 56. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1864. 
A hiftory of the town of Burford, Oxfordfhire. 

8° Cheltenham, 186 1. 

FISHER (John), Efq., Majham. 
The hiftory and antiquities of Mafham and Mafham- 
ftiire ... 8° Lond. 1 86 5. 

FISHER (John Andrew). 

* Report of the proceedings of the firft and fecond trials 
of the caufe of Filher againft Ward, mailer of the Ihip Fifh- 

bum, which was detained in Ruffia during the late embargo 
on Britifh (hips. 8° Lond. 1803. 

FISHER (John C), M.A. 
Liturgical purity our rightful inheritance. 

8° Lond. 1857. 
— Second edition. 8° Lond. i860. 

FISHER (Joseph). 

How Ireland may be faved ; or, the injurious effefts of 
the prefent fyftem of agriculture, on the profperity of Ireland 
and the fecial pofition of the Irilh people. 8° Lond. I 862. 

The cafe of Ireland, being an examination of the Treaty 
of union between Great Britain and Ireland ... Together 
with fome letters on the excelTive taxation of Ireland. 

8° Lond. 1863. 

The land queftion. 12° Lond. 1866. 

Where (hall we get meat ? The food fupplies of Weft- 
em Europe : being letters written in rejily to the queftion. 
Where is England to get meat ? duiing a brief tour in 
France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Holland in the autumn 
of 1865. To which is appended a paper on the produc- 
tion of food, read in the department of political economy, 
at the International fecial fcience congrefs at Beme, 1865. 

8° Lond. 1866. 

FISHER (Joseph), D.D. 

The path of the juft : a fennon ... \Pro%'. iv. 18.] 

8° Edinb. 1870. 

FISHER (Osmond), M.A. 

A digeft of the correfpondence on the management 
claufes, between the committee of the National fociety and 
the Committee of Piivy council on education. With the 
claufes in an appendix. 8° Lond. 1849. 

Two fermons ... With notes referring to the prefent 
crifis. 12° Lond. 1850. 

FISHER (P.), Efq. Pfcud. of\Y. A. Chatto. 

FISHER (Paul Hawkins). 

Notes and recoUedions of Stroud, Gloucefterihire. 

8° Lond. 1 87 1. 

FISHER (Payne), poet laureate to Oliver Cromiuell, 

Marfton-moor ; five de obfidione praelieque Eboracenfi 
carmen: cum quibufdam mifcellaneis. 4° Lond. 1650. 

Inauguratio Olivariana, five pro praefeftura fereniffimi 
principis Angliae, Scotiae, et Hibemiae Dom. Proteftoris 
Olivari carmen votivum. 4= Londini, 1654. 

The tombes, monuments, and fepulchral infcriptiens, lately 
vifible in St. Paul's Cathedral, and St. Faith's under it, 
compleatly rendicd in Latin and Engli(h, with feveral hif- 
torical dlfcourfes, on fundry j>ei-fons intombed therein. A 
work never yet performed by any author old or new. 

4° Lond. n. d. 

FISHER (Richard Barnard). 

A praflical treatife on copyhold tenure, with the methods 
of holding courts leet, court baron, and other courts ; and 
an appendix ... 8° Lond. 1794. 



FISHER (Richard Trott). 

Eleufinia. [yf/ioii.] 12° Lond. 1836. 

An ti& for die amendment of the law with refpedl to 
wills (i Via. c. 26): with remarks explanatory of the 
feveral claufcs. 12° Lond. 1837. 

The night-watch. An argument. 8° Lond. 1 845. 

The day watch. An argument continued. 

8° Lond. 1849. 

The minder, witii fonie common flowers picked in the 
clofc. 8° Lond. 1868. 

FISHER (Robert Alexander), /-///^e AHiiMe Temple. 

A dlgefted index to the reported decilions in the Houfe 
of Lords, Privy Council, and in the courts of equity, com- 
mon law, admiralty and ecclefialHcal, during the year 1855 
[-60.] In continuation of Harrifon's Annual digeft. 6 
vols. 8° Lond. 1856-61. 

A digeft of all the reported decifions in the Houfe of 
Lords, Privy Council, common law, equity, divorce, pro- 
bate, admiralty and ecclefinflical courts ... From Hilary 
Term 1S61 to [ — Hilary Vacation 1867.] In continua- 
tion of Harrifon's and Chitty's Digefts. 6 vols. 

8° Lond. 1862—67. 

A digeft of the reported decilions of all the courts. 
With a collection of cafes overruled or impeached and 
references to the ftatutes, rules and orders of court, from 
Hilary Term 1867 to [ — Hilary Term 1 871.] 4 vols. 

8° Lond. 1868-71. 

A digeft of the reported cafes determined in the Houfe 
of Lords, & Privy Council, and in the courts of common 
law, divorce, probate, admiralty and bankruptcy, from 
Michaelmas Term, 1 7 56, to Hilary Term, 1870; with 
references to the ftatutes and rules of court ... In five 
volumes. 8° Lond. 1870. 

The Stamp a&s of 1870, including the four ads of 33 
and 34 Vidloria, and the Sea infurance duties aft, 1867. 
With explanatory notes and cafes. 8° Lond. 187 I. 

FISHER (Robert B.) 

Traflarianifm oppofed to tnath, the fafety of the church, 
and the Protellant fuccclTion to the throne of thefe realms. 
A fermon ... \^Prov. xxiii. 23.] 8° Lond. 1843. 

FISHER (Samuel), Quaker. 

The fcorncd Quakers true and honcft account, both why 
and what he IhouLl have fpoken ... in the painted chamber 
on the 17th day of the 7th month 1656, before the Pro- 
tedlor and the Parliament ... \_No tUIe-pii^e.'\ 

4° [Lond. 1656.] 

FISHER (William), B.A. 

A fermon, in purfuance of the objefts of the Queen's 
letter ... [Mall. xxv. 34-36.] 8° Lond. 1847. 

FISHER (William), rear admiral, 1780-1852. 

The petrel : a tale of tiie fea. ]^yliion.'\ 3 vols. 

I 2° Lond. 1850. 
Ralph Rutherford. A nautical lomance. [Jiwri.] 3 
vols. I 2° Lond. I 85 I. 

FISHER (William Logan). 

The hiftory of the inftitution of the Sabbath day, its ufes 
and abufes, with notices of the Puritans, the Quakers, the 
national and fabbath conventions, and of the union between 
church and ftate. 8° Philadelphia, 1845. 

The Sunday queftion. [A'o title-page.'\ 8° n. p. n. d. 

FISHER (William Richard). 

The law of mortgage, as applied to the redemption, 
foreclofure and fale in equity of incumbered property ; with 
the law of the priority of incumbrances. 

8' Lond. 1856. 

— Second edition. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1868. 


lyjuoh,oa, or, the royal trade of filhing. Difcovering 
the ineftimable profit the Hollanders have made thereof, 
with the vaft emoluments and advant.ages that will redound 
to his facred Majefty and his three kingdomes by the im- 
provement of it. 4° Lond. 1662. 

The royal fifhing revived. Wherein is demonftrated, 
from what caufes the Dutch have upon the matter engrofled 
the fifliing trade in his Majefties feas ... as alfo from what 
caufes the Englifli have loft the filhing trade, to the 
endangering the fmall remainder of the trades they yet 
enjoy. Together with expedients by which the fifhing 
trade may be redeemed by the Englifh ; and piopofals for 
caiTying on fo great a work. 4'' Lond. 1670. 

— [Nar/dan Miscellany, iii. 392.] 

A coUeflion of advertilements, advices, and direiflions 
relating to the royal fiflieiy within the Britifli feas, &c. 
tranfcribed out of divers Englifh writers ... 1654 [mijlaie 
for 1694.] \_Scotl's edition of Somers' Tracts, xii. 33.] 

A difcourfe concerning the fifhery within the Britifli feas, 
and other his Majefties dominions, and more efpecially, as 
it relates to the trade of the Company of the royal filhery 
of England : offered to confideration in order to fubfcrip- 
tions for raifing a ftock, for carrying on the affairs thereof, 
upon the terms propofed. 4° Edinb. repr. 1 69 5. 

A propofal for improving the fifhery of Great Britain, 
and fupplying fuch as have jointures and fortunes too fmall 
for their occafions ; and fiir fupporting widows and orphans, 
and indigent and infirm perfons, by granting annuities upon 
the following articles and conditions. 8" Lond. 17 I 3. 

Articles of the co-paitnery of the freemen-burgelles of 
the royal buirows of Scotland, for carrying on a fifhing trade. 
Dated at Edinburgh, Stli, 9th, 10th, I ith and 12th 
Auguft, 1720. 8° Edinb. 1720. 

A letter from a gentleman in town, to a friend in tlie 
countiy, concerning the prefent ftate of the l-ifhing co-part- 
nery in North-Britain. 4° Edinb. 1723. 

Propofals for employing the remaining ftock of tlie filliery, 
fo as to be of univeiTal ufe & advantage to the nation, in a 
letter from a gentleman in the country, to his friend at 
Edinburgh. 8'' Edinb. 1725. 

Plan by the commifTioncrs and tiiiftees for improving 
fifheries and manufaduies in Scotland, for the application of 
their funds. 8° Edinb. 1 72 7. 

Reafons for improving the fillieries, and linnen manu- 



faiflure of Scotland. Wlieivin are (liewn, the advantages 
that mull accrue to England, by the incrcafe of the Scots 
linnen manufacfture. That the fifliing in deep water, is 
equally an advantage to all the fubjedls of Great Britain. 
And that England and Scotland are now fo clofely united 
in point of intered, that feverally they muft be direiflly 
affeifted in profit and lofs, by the profperity or fufferings of 
feach other. 8' Lond. I 727. 

His Majefty's patent for improving fiflieries & manufac- 
tures in Scotland. 8° Edinb. 1728. 

The Britifli fifhery recommended to Parliament ; fhewing 
the great imjiortance of it, to the trade and navigation of 
this kingdom : what has been formerly done, and what is 
ftill wanting for its encouragement ... 8° Lond. i 734. 

Confiderations upon the white herring and cod fiflieries : 
in which the dellgn of carrying on and improving them, in 
the manner propofed by a Society trading with a joint ftock, 
is fully explained, and freed from all objeiflions. 

8° Lond. 17+9. 

The wealth of Great Britain in the ocean, exemplified 
from materials laid before the committee of the Houfe of 
Commons appointed lalt fellions of Parliament, to examine 
into the ftate of the Britini filheries, and from the public 
records, and other authentic evidences. 8° Lond. 1 7 49. 

The fifheries revived : or, Britain's hidden treafure 
difcovered, proving that not only our future wealth, but 
fecurity, will depend upon that incftimabie trade. 

8° Lond. 1750. 

An exaft account of the greateft white-herring-filliery 
in Scotland ... 1750. [By John Campbell, LL.D.] 

The neccffity of founding villages contiguous to harbours, 
for the efFeiflual eftablifliment of fiflieries on the wefl: coafl 
of Scotland and the Hebrides, &c. 8' Lond. 1786. 


The fifherman's daughter : a tale. By the author of 
" Rofa, the work girl ; " " the Irifh dove," etc. 

12° Dublin, 1852. 
The filherman. 1 2° Lond. n. d. 


The fifhers of Derby Haven. By the author of " The 
children of Cloverley," " Fern's hollow," etc. 

8° Lond. [1867.] 
FISHING. See Fisheries. 

FISHWICK (Henry), F.H.S. 

The hiflory of the parochial chapeliy of Goofnargh, in 
the county of Lancafler. 4° Mancheller, 1871. 

FISK (George), LL.B., vicar of Great Malvern, 

A pallor's memorial of Egypt, the Red fea, the wilder- 
nefs of Sin and Paran, Mount Sinai, Jerufalem and other 
principal localities of the Holy Land, vifitcd in 1842. 

8° Lond. 1843. 
A lefture, generally introdu(flory, to further efforts for 
the moral and intelleftual improvement of the people . . . 

8° Walfall, 1844. 

A feven-fold afpeft of Popery. 8° Lond. 185 i. 

An orphan tale, told in rliyme. 8^ Lond. 1852. 

Twelve afpe(5ls of Chrill ; preparatory to tlie monthly 
communion ... 8^ Lond. 1853. 

Tlie brethren commended to God, and to the Word of 
His grace ... \Aai xx. 32.] 8° Lond. 1855. 

FISK (Plisy), nii/Jioimry, I792-1825. 

* Memoir of the rev. Pliny Filk ... by Alvan Bond. 

FISKE (Ernest Frederick), M.A. 

The refpedive peculiaiities in the creeds of the Maho- 
metan and the Hindu, which Hand in the way of converfion 
to the Chriflian faith : an elfay which obtained Sir Peregrine 
Maitland's prize for the year 1 8 48. 8° Camb. 1849. 

FISKE (Fidelia). 

Mary Lyon : recolledions of a noble woman. 

8= Lond. [1S71.] 

* Life ... Edited by rev. Wm. Guest. 

FISKE (Stephen). 

Englifh photographs. By an American. [Prefacejigned.] 

8° Lond. 1869. 

FISON (Mrs. William). 

Hints for the eainefl ftudent ; or, a year-book for die 
young. 8 I^ond. 1850. 

— Second and revifed edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 

Darknefs and ligiit ; or biief memorials of two blind 
deaf mutes : with fa<Ss relating to the origin of Moon's 
fyftem of reading for the blind, and its fuccefs in anfwer to 
prayer. Edited by Mrs. W. Fifon. 12° Brighton, 1589. 

Handbook of the National afTociation for the promotion 
of focial fcience. 8° Lond. 1859. 

Handbook of the Britifh afTociation for the advancement 
of fcience. 8^ Lond. 1859. 


Fifliana ; or, the oracle of the ring : refults of prize 
battles from 1700 to December 1 86 7, alphabetically 
arranged ... By the editor of " Bell's life in London." 

8° Lond. 1868. 

FITCH (George). 

A letter to the right hon. Lord Campbell, on the fubjeft 
of the Bill " to lefTcn the expenfe attending the transfer of 
freehold lands of fmall value." 8' Lond. 1843. 

FITCH (Joshua G.), M.A. 

The relative importance of fubjefts taught in elementary 
fchools. A leflure addrefTed to a Society of fchool- 
maflers ... I 2° Lond. 1 854. 

The fcience of arithmetic ... By James Cornwell and 
Jofliua G. Fitch. 1855. 

Arithmetic for beginners ... By James Cornwell and 
Jofhua G. Fitch. 1858. 

Method of teaching arithmetic. A lefture, addrefTed to 
the London afTociation of fchoolmifbefTes. 

8° Lond. 1869. 



FITCH (Ralph), Lomlon merchant ; Jlourijlml in the 
l6th century. 

The voyage of Mr. Ralph Fitch to Ormus, and fo to 
Goa in the Eaft India ... begun in the year of our Lord 
1583, and ended I 59 1. [Pinkerton's Collection of -uoy- 
ages and travels, ix. 406.] 

FITCH (Samuel Sheldon), A.M., M.D. 

Six difcourfes on the funiflions of the lungs ; and caufes, 
prevention ;iud cure of pulmonary confumption, afthma, and 
difeafes of the heart ; on the laws of life ; and on the mode 
of preferving male and female health to an hundred years. 

12° Lond. 1852. 
A treatife on the caufes and curability of difeafes of the 
heart, (bmach, liver, bowels, kidneys. Sec, and on the treat- 
ment of difeafe in middle aged and elderly people. 

8° Lond. I 861. 

FITCHETT {}om),folicitor, 1776-1838. 

King Alfred ; a poem : edited by Robert Rofcoe. 6 
vols. 8° Lond. 1841—42. 


Fits of folly ; or the aberrations of a philofophcr. By 
Anybody. 8° Canib. 1832. 

FITTIS (Robert S.) 

Gilderoy : a Scottifh tradition. 8° Lond. 1866. 

FITTLER (James), A.R.A. 

Scotia depifta ; or, the antiquities, caftles, &c., of Scot- 
land illuftrated in a feries of finifhed etchings by James 
Fittler fiom accurate drawings ... by Jolin Claude Nattes. 

FITTON (Edward Brown). 

New Zealand : its piefent condition, ])rofpc(Ss and re- 
fources ... 8° Lond. 1 8 56. 

FITTON (William Henry), M.D. 

A geological (]<etch of the vicinity of Haftings. 

I 2-' Lond. 1S33. 

The panic : a fecond fitetch from nature. 

Second edition. 

8 ' Lond. n. d. 
8° Lond. n. d. 

FITZBALL (Edward), </raOTrt/^. 

Songs, duets ... in the new niufical drama of Paul 
Clifford ... The mufic by G. H. Rodwell and J. Blewitt. 

8° Lond. [1835.] 

Michel Sciiwartz : or, the two runaway apprentices. A 
nautical tale founded on fafls. 12° Spalding, 1858. 

Thirty-five years of a dramatic author's life. In two 
volumes. 8' I^ond. 1859. 

Songs, ciionifes, duets . . . from tlie new oper.itic romance 
called Juallmodo, or the gipfy girl of Notre Dame. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

FITZCLARENCE (Lord Frederick), lieutenant- 
general, G.C.B. 

A manual of out-poft duties. To which are added I. 
Letters on out-po(l duties, addrefled to his lordfhip by 
feveral dilHngui(hed officers. II. Extrafts from general 
orders, fliowing the difpofition of Field Marfhal the Duke 
of Wellington's out-pofts from 1810 to 1814. III. A 
private journal of Genejal Craufurd's out-poft operations on 
the Coa and Agueda in 1 8 1 o, by Major-Gen. Shaw 
Kennedy, C.B. 12° Lond. 1 851. 

— To which are prelixed extrafts from general ordei's, 
fhowing the difpofition of Field Marflial the Duke of 
Wellington's out-pofts from 1 8 I o to 1 8 I 4. Second 
edition. 12° Lond. 1853. 

Suggeftions for brigade and light infantry movements ; 
to which is added a paper on the mutual inftruftion of 
recruits. 12° Lond. 1 85 I. 

FITZCLARENCE (George), lieutenant-colonel, af ter- 
wards jirjl earl of Munjler. 

Journal of a route aci'ofs India, through Egypt to Eng- 
land in the latter end of the year 1817, and the beginning 
of 1818. 4° Lond. 1 8 19. 

Memoirs of the late war : comprifing the perfonal nar- 
rative of Captain Cooke of the 43d regiment light infantry ; 
tlie hiftory of the campaign in Portugal, and a nariative of 
the campaign of I 8 I 4, in Holland by Lieut. T. W. D. 
Moodie, H.P. 2ift Fuhleers. In two volumes. 

1 2° Lond. 1831. 

FITZ-CRANK (Sir Crank). Pfeml. 

Food for the celeftials : Sii- Crank Fitz-Crank, Bait., 
his autobiography, growing out of a vifit to Baden-Baden 
in the autumn of '63. 8"" Lond. 1 856. 

FITZ-DAVID (Forester). 
Alice Littleton : a tale. 


« Killaraey ilcetches," etc. 

8' Lond. 1859. 

8° Dublin, 1862. 

FITZ-EUSTACE, 1-ather. 

EfTays. By Father Fitz-Euftace ; a mendicant friar. 
\By W. Frafer?'] 8° Lond. 1822. 

FITZ-EUSTACE (Randolph). Pfeud. 

The brides of Florence ; a play, in five 3.&.S ; illuftrative 
of the manners of the middle ages : with hlftoiical notes, 
and minor poems. [By 11'^. Frafer ?'] 8° Lond. 1824. 


Certain elegies, done by fundrie excellent wits. With 
fatyrs and epigrams. Lond. 1620. [Edited by E. V. 
Utterfon.] 8° reprinted at the Beldornie prefs, 1843. 

FITZ-GEFFRY (Charles), i 575-1636. 
The curfe of corn-horders : [three fermons on Prov. ii. 
26.] [Watits title-page.] 4° [Lond. 1 63 I.] 




Fitzgeorge. A novel. 3 vols. I2° Lond. 1 832. 

FITZ-GEORGE (George). 

Montauban and tho monk Hilaiio, a legend of the 13111 
century. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1828. 

FITZ-GEORGE (Geo. Wm. Adolphus), caplain, 
Royal IVelJh Fu/iliers. 

Plan of the battle of Sedan, accompanied by a (hort 
memoir. 8° Lond. 1 871. 

FITZGERALD (Augustus Otway), redor of Charl- 
ton Mackerel, archdeacon of Wells. 

Short leiftures on the church catcchifm. 

8° Lond. 1845. 
A charge delivered ... at his primary vifitation on 
April, 1863. 8° Lond. 1863. 

FITZ-GERALD (Charles William), marquis of 
Kildare, eldcjl fan of the third duhe of Lein/ier. 

The Earls of Kildare, and their ancedors : from 1057 
to 1773. Third edition. 8° Dublin, 1858. 

— Addenda. 8° Dublin, 1862. 


Eiiphranor ; a dialogue on youth, [^non.] 

8° Lond. 185 I. 
Polonius : a colle<5rion of wife faws and modern inftances. 
\/lnon.'\ 8° Lond. 1852. 

FITZGERALD (Lord Edward). 

* The life and death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald. 
By Thomas Moore, i 83 i. 


The courfe of divine love : an incentive to praflical 
Chriftianity. 8° Lond. 1868. 

FITZGERALD (George Robert). 

An appeal to the public : in which is occafionally intro- 
duced the conftitutional doiflrine of indidlments at common 
law, in contradiftin(5iion to thofe of ftatute law. 

8° Dublin, 1782. 

FITZGERALD (George Robert), "fghtlng Fitz- 

• The life and times of George Robert Fitzgerald, com- 
monly called fighting Fitzgerald. 8° Dublin, 1852. 

FITZGERALD (Gerald), YiIi.,profeJfor of Hebretu 
in the Univerfity of Dublin. 

An eflay on the originality and permanency of the 
Biblical Hebrew ... 8° Dublin, 1796. 

Poems. 8° Dublin, 1797. 


The timber merchant and builder's guide. 

12° Lond. 1849. 

Poetical palHmes. 8° Lond. 181 I. 

FITZGERALD (James Edward). 

A letter to the noblemen, gentlemen and merchants of 
England. 8° Lond. 1846. 

Irilh migration. A letter to William Monfell, Efq., 
M.P. 8° Lond. 1848. 

An examination of the charters and proceedings of the 
Hudfon's Bay company, with reference to the grant ot 
Vancouver's Ifland. 12° Lond. 1849. 

The native policy of New Zealand : a fpeech delivered 
in the Houfe of Reprefentatives of New Zealand, Auguft 
6, 1862. 8° Wellington, N.Z., 1862. 


The Apoltolic minifter's preparation for departure. The 
fubftance of a funeral addrefs, delivered on the occafion of 
tlie death of the rev. T. R. Matthews, of Bedford, with 
fubfequent additions and biographical notices. 

8° Lond. 1847. 

Man ftealing by proxy ; or, the guilt of our countrymen 
in upholding flavery and the flave trade, by the purchafe ot 
flave grown produce. 12° Lond. 1S50. 

An appeal to pious and devoted clergymen concerning 
the canon law and canonical obedience, as they exift at 
prefent in the Ellabliflied Church. 8° Lond. 1 85 I. 

Chriftian flaveholders difobedient to Chrift ; or, ten 
thoufand Englifh Chriftians invited to proteft adively againrt: 
the fin of the church in the United States : and to ceafe 
from purchafing the produce of flave labour. 

12° Lond. 1854. 

The duty of procuring more reft for the labouring 
claffes ... 8 Lond. [n. d.] 

FITZ-GERALD (John Purcell), M.A. 

The quiet worker for good : a familiar (Icctch of the late 
John Cliarlefworth, B.D., together with fhort notices of a 
few eminent contemporaries. 8° Lond. 1865. 

An apoftolic minifter : a tribute to the memory of the 
rev. John Gay, late paftor of the church in Crown Street 
Chapel, Ipfu'ich. 8° Ipfwich, 1870. 

A letter of eamcft remonftrance to the rt. hon. W. E. 
Gladftone, M.P., upon his appointment of a co-writer with 
infidels to a Chriftian bifhopric. 8° Lond. 1870. 


The kings of. Europe part and prefent, and their families. 

8° Lond. 1870. 

* A child of the facred heart. [^ biography.] 

8° Lond. 1868. 
FITZ GERALD (Maurice). 

* A true difcovery of the Irifh popifh plot made by 



Maurice Fitz Gerald of Killcowan in the county of 
Lymrick : as it was taken upon his examination before the 
king and council, Jan. the 20th, 1680. [Satire.'] 

iS. Sh. Lond. 1681. 
The pretences of the Prince of Wales examin'd and 
rejefled. In a letter to a friend in the country. \^non.~\ 
[No lilk-page.] 4° n. d. [1690.] 

FITZ-GERALD (Maurice), " the knight of Kerry." 
A letter to Sir Robert Peel on the endowment of the 
Roman Catholic Church of Ireland. By the knight of 
Kerry. 8° Lond. I 845. 

A brief argument againft the prefent law afFecfting 
marriage with a deceafed wife's fifter. By the kniglit of 
Kerry. 8° Lond. 1853. 

FITZ-GERALD (Maurice Purcell). 

The crowned Hippolytus of Euripides. Together with 
a feleflion from the paftoral and lyric poets of Greece. 
Tranflated into Englilh verfe. 8° Lond. 1867. 

FITZGERALD (Percy Hethrington), M.A., 

Roman candles. \Anon.'\ 8° Lond. 1 861. 

The night mail, its paflengers and how they fared at 
Chriftmas. 8° Lond. 1862. 

The (lory of the Incumbered eflates court. From "All 
the year round." 8° Lond. 1862. 

The rev. Alfred Hoblufh and his curacies : a memoir. 
By the autlior of " Roman candles," " The night mail," 
etc. 8° Lond. 1863. 

The life of Laurence Sterne. In two volumes. 

8" Lond. I 864. 
" Le fport " at Baden : a pifture of watering-place life 
and manners. 8 Lond. 1864. 

Bella Donna ; or the crofs before the name. A ro- 
mance. By Gilbert Dyce. [Pfeud.] ^ In two volumes. 

8= Lond. 1864. 
A famous forgery, being the ftoiy of " The unfortunate " 
Doctor Dodd. 8° Lond. 1865. 

Never forgotten. In three volumes 8° Lond. 1865. 
Fairy Alice. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1865. 

Jenny Bell ; a ftory. In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1866. 
Charles Lamb ; his friends, his haunts, and his books. 

8' Lond. 1866. 
Charles Townfend, wit and (latefman. 

8° Lond. 1866. 
The fecond Mrs. Tlllotfon : a ftory. In three volumes. 
Reprinted from " All tlic year round." Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1866. 
Seventy-five Brooke Street : a ftory. In thiee volumes. 

8° Lond. 1867. 
Polly : a village portrait. In two volumes. [y^now.] 

8° Lond. 1867. 
The life of David Garrick ; from original f miily papers, 
and numerous publllhcd and unpublilhcd iources. In two 
volumes. 8' Lond. I 868. 

The dear girl. In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1868. 


Diana Gay ; or, the hiftory of a young lady. In three 
volumes. 8" Lond. 1868. 

School days at Saxonhurft. By " One of the boys." 
Third edition. [Anon.] 8° Edinb. 1868. 

Autobiography of a fmall boy. By the author of 
" School days at Saxonhurft." 8° Lond. 1869. 

Fatal Zei'o, a diary kept at Homburg. In two volumes. 
[Anon.] 8° Lond. 1869. 

Proverbs and comediettas wiitten for private reprefenta- 
tion. 8° Lond. 1869. 

Beauty Talbot. In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1870. 

Principles of comedy and diamatic effecft. 

8" Lond. 1870. 

Two fair daughters. In three volumes. 

8^ Lond. I 87 I. 

The Kembles : an account of the Kemble family, in- 
cluding the life of Mrs. Siddons and her brother John 
Philip Kemble. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1871. 

FITZGERALD (Robert Allan). 

Jerks in from ftiort-leg. By Quid. [Pfeud.] Illuf- 
trated by W. H. Du Bellew, Efq. 4° Lond. 1866. 

FITZGERALD (W. F. Vesey). 

Eaftern policy and India. 8 Lond. 1861. 

The Suez canal ; the Eaftern queftion, and Abyffinia. 

8° Lond. 1867. 

FITZGERALD (William), T).D., fuccejively lijloop 
of Cork, and of KiUaloe. 

Holy Scripture, the ultimate nrle of fiith to a Chriftian 
man. 8° Lond. 1842. 

Praftical fermons. 12° Dublin, 1847. 

The connexion of morality with religion ; a fermon ... 
[Rom. ii. 15.] 8" Lond. 1851. 

Duties of the parochial clergy: a charge delivered ... 
at the primary vifitation in Odober, 1857. 8°Lond. 1857. 

The duty of catechizing the young: a charge ... 

8° Lond. 1858. 

Speech ... in the Houfe of Lords, on the 22nd March, 
1859, on Lord Wodehoufe's bill for legalizing marriages 
with a deceafed wife's fifter. To which is added, a reply 
to tlie remarks of the Lord Billiop of Exeter in his late 
letter to the Lord Bifliop of Lichfield. 8° Lond. i860. 

A letter to tlie laity of Cork in communion with the 
United Church of England and Ireland. Second edition. 

12° Dublin, i860. 

* A reply to a letter of the Lord Bifliop of Cork. By 
a layman in communion with the United Church of Eng- 
land and Ireland. 8^' Dublin, i860. 

Thouglits on prefent circumftances of the Church in 
Ireland. A charge ... 8° Lond. i860. 

The revival of fynods in the Llnited Cliurcli of England 
and Ireland: a charge delivered in September 1 861. 

8° Lond. 1861. 

Some late decifions of the Privy Council confidered : a 
cliarge ... delivered in Auguft 1867. 8° Dublin, 1864. 

A cliarge ... delivered in Auguft 1867 ... 

8 Lond. 1867. 
2 A 



FITZGI'RALD (Lord William), brother of the 
duhe of Lelnfler, I 7 9 4- 1 8 6 5 . 

Some fuggeftions for the better gowrnmcnt of Ireland, 
addrefTed to the Marquis of Kildare. 8° Lond. 1846. 

FITZ-GERALD (Right Hon. Sir William Robert 

The burning of Mofcow : a prize poem, recited in tlie 
theatre, Oxford, July i, 1835. 8° Oxford, 1835. 

FITZGERALD (William Thomas), 17 59- 1829. 
Nelfon's tomb, a i)0cm. To which is added, an addrefs 
to England on her Nelfon's death, by the fame author. 

4° Lond. 1805. 
The battle of Waterloo. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1825. 

FITZGIBBON (Edward), ''Ephemera," 1803-57. 

A handbook of angling ... with the natural hiftory of 
river fidi, and the beft modes of catching them. By 
Ephemera of " Bell's Life in London." 

8° Lond. 1847. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1848. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1853. 
The book of the falmon. Part I. The theory, principles, 

and pradlice of fly fifhing for falmon ... Part II. The 
natural hillory of the falmon ... By Ephemera, author of 
"A handbook of angling ;" aflifted by Andrew Young of 
Invcrlhin, manager of the Duke of Sutherland's falmon- 
fiflieries. 12° Lond. 1850. 

Mr. Barnacles and his boat. By [Ephemera.] 

8° Lond. n. d. 

FITZGIBBON (Gerald), mafler of Chancery. 

Ireland in 1868, the battle-field for Englifh party ftrife ; 
its grievances, real and faflitious ; remedies, abortive or 
mifchievous. 8° Lond. 1868. 

— Confined to the Church queftion. 

8° Lond. 1868. 
The land difficulty of Ireland, with an effort to folve 
it. 8° Lond. 1869. 


Reports of feveral cafes argued and adjudged in the 
Court of King's Bench, with fome fpecial cafes in the Court 
of chancery, common-pleas, and exchequer, in the five fii"ft 
years of George II. fol. Lond. 1732. 

FITZHARDINGE (Elizabeth), younge/l daughter 
of the fourth earl of Berkeley, by marriage Lady Craven, 
and afterwards Margravine of Anfpach. 

A journey through the Crimea to Conftantinople. 

* 40 Lond. 1789. 

Memoirs of the Margravine of Anfpach. Written by 
hcrfelf. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1826. 


The confeflion of Edward Fitz-Harys efquire, written 

with his own hand, and delivered to Dr. Hawkins, minifler 
of the Tower, the firft of July 168 I, being the day of his 
execution. Together with his laft fpeech. 

S. Sh. Lond. 1 68 1. 
— fol. repr. Edinb. 1 68 1. 

* The arraingnment, trial, and condemnation of Edward 
Fitz-Harris, Efq. ; for high treafon, at the bar of the 
Court of King's Bench ; alfo the trial and condemnation 
of Dr. Oliver Plunkett, &c. fol. Lond. 1681. 

* The examination of Edward Fitzharris, relating to the 
Popifh plot, taken the tenth day of March, I 68 J. 

fol. Lond. 1 68 1. 

Fitzherbert ; or, lovers and fortune-hunters ... 1838. 
\By Mrs. Yorick Smvthies.] 

FITZHERBERT (Sir Anthony), judge of the com- 
mon pleas. D. 1538. 

La graunde abridgement, colledle par le iudge ... 
Anthony Fitzherbert, dernierment conferre ouefque la copye 
efcript et per ceo correcfle ... 4° Lond. 1577. 

L 'office et audlhoiitie de juftices de peace, in part coUecft 
per Sir Anthonie Fitzherbert ... et ore le cinque fois 
inlarge per Richard Crompton ... A que eft annex loffice 
de viconts, bailifes, efcheators, conftables, coroners, &c. 
colled per le dit Mounfieur Fitzherbert in part ... 

4" Lond. 1606. 

The new Natura brevium ... together with the author- 
ities in law, and cafes in the books of reports cited in the 
margin. The feventh edition correfled. To which is 
added (never before printed), a commentary, containing 
curious notes and obfer\ations on the moft remarkable and 
ufeful writs, which illuftrate and explain many doubtful and 
abltrufe cafes, and points in the original. By the late Lord 
Chief Juftice Hale. 4° [Lond.] 1730. 


Cafes of controverted eledions . . . By Thomas Falconer 
and Edward H. Fitzherbert. 1839. 

The ifland minftrel. 

8° Lond. 1842. 

FITZHERBERT (Mrs. Maria Anna). 

* Memoirs ... By the hon. Charles Langdale. 1856. 

FITZHERBERT (Nicolas). Z). 1612. 

Oxonienfis in Anglia academiae defcriptio. 

8° Romae, 1602. 
De antiquitate et continuatione catholicae religionis in 
Anglia, et de Alani Cardinalis vita libellus. 

8° Romae, 1 608. 

FITZHERBERT (Thomas), coujin of the preceding, 

The firft part of a treatife concerning policy and religion. 

4° n. p. 1606. 
— \_Another edition?^ 4° n. p. 1615. 



FITZHUGH (Francis). Pfeud. of Francis A. 


Hints on life afTiu'ance, with feledled examples and 
illuftrations. 8° Liverpool, 1863. 

FITZ-JAMES (Edouard, Due de), French politician, 

Opinion of the Duke of Fitz-James, peer of France, on 
the propofed law relative to periodical journals. 1818. 
[Pamphllteer, xi. 536.] 

FITZ-JAMES (Francois, Due At), fin of the folhiv- 
ing, 1709-64. 

Catecifmo o expoficion de la dotrina Chriftiana : traducido 
en Efpanol por D. Juan Antonio Mayans i Sifcar. 

8° Valencia, 1770. 

FITZ-JAMES (James), marjjal of France and duke 
of Berwick, 1 6 6 O— I 7 3 4. 

Memoires ecrits par lui-meme. 2 torn. 

12° Paris, 1778. 

* The life of James Fitz-James, Duke of Berwick, 
marflial, duke, and peer of France ... Containing an 
account of his birth, education, and militai-y exploits . . . with 
the particulars of the battle of Almanza, and the fiege of 
Barcelona. Giving a general view of the affairs of Europe, 
for thefe fifty years part ... 8° Lond. 1738. 

FITZ-MAURICE (George William Hamilton), 
Vf count Kirkwall, eldejl fon of the earl of Orkney. 

Four years in the Ionian iflands : their political and 
focial condition. With a hiflory of the Biitifh protedlorate. 
Edited by Vifcount Kirkwall. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1864. 

FITZMAURICE (Henry Fettm), third marguefs of 
Lanfdowne, I 780—1863. 

A repoit of the fpeech delivered in the Houfe of Loids 
on the 15th of March, 1824 ... on a motion for the 
immediate recognition of the independence of the late 
S])anilh colonics in South America, by the Britifli govern- 
ment. 8" Lond. 1834. 


Recolledfions of a rifleman's wife, at home and abroad. 

12° Lond. 185 I. 

An efTay on a new method of adapting artificial teeth. 

8° Calcutta, 1S52. 

FITZPATRICK (James Coleman), A.B. 
The Pope, his riglits and duties : a letter to his eminence 
Cardinal Wifeman. Third edition. 8° Lond. i860. 

FITZ-PATRICK (Patrick Vincent). 
Thaumaturgus ... \yluthors name printed in the Irifh 

charaaer.] 8° Lond. 1828. 


Railway rights and liabilities arifing before an a& of 
incorporation is obtained. 8° Lond. 1845. 

FITZPATRICK (William John). 

The life, times, and cotemporaries of Lord Cloncurry. 

12° Dublin, 1855. 
The friends foes and adventures of Lady Morgan. 
[Jnoti.] 8° Dublin, 1859. 

The life, times, and correfpondence of the right rev. Dr. 
Doyle, Bifirop of Kildaie and Leighlin. 2 vols. 

8° Dublin, 1 86 I. 
Memoirs of Richard Whately, Archbifliop of Dublin : 
with a glance at his cotemporaries & times. In two 
volumes. 8° Lond. 1 864. 

"The fham fquire ;" and the informers of 1 798. 
With a view of their contemporaries. To which are added 
jottings about Ireland feventy-years ago. 

8° Lond. 1866. 

— Third edition. 8° Dublin, 1 866. 
Ireland before the Union ; with extrafts from the 

unpublifhed diary of John Scott, LL.D., Earl of Clonmell, 
Chief Juftice of the King's Bench, 1774-1798. A 
fequel to The fliam fquire and the informers of 1798. 
Second edition. 8° Lond. 1867. 

— Fifth edition. 8° Dublin, 1869. 

FITZROY (Lady Charles). 

Scriptural converfations between Charles and his mother. 

8° Lond. I 845. 
Chriftmas converfations between a lady and a cottage 
neighbour on the forty-fifth Pfalm. 12° Lond. 1848. 

FITZROY (Lord Charles). 

Ionian iflands. Letters by Lord Charles Fitzroy and 
documents from other fources, on paft and recent events in 
the Ionian iflands ; fliowing the anomalous political and 
financial pofition of thofe flates. 8° Lond. 1850. 

FITZROY (James), duke of Monmouth, natural fin of 
Charles J I. 

* An hiftorical account of the lieroick life and magnani- 
mous aiflions of ... James, Duke of Monmouth ... By 
S. T. 

FITZROY (Robert), a(/m/Va/, 1805-65. 

Narrative of the furveying voyages of his Majefly's 
fliips Adventure and Beagle. Vol. II. 1839. 

The weather book : a manual of piadtical meteorology. 

8° Lond. 1863. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1 863. 

FITZSIMMONDS (Joshua), larri/ler. 

Free and candid difquifitions on the nature and execution 
of the laws of England ... Witli a i>olHcript relating to 
fpirituous liquors, and the execution of the prefent excife 
laws. 8° Lond. 17 51. 



FITZ-SIMON (Ellen). 

Darrynane in eighteen hundred and thirty-two : and 
other poems. 12' Dublin, I 863. 

FITZ-STEPHEN (Willlim). D. circa 1 191. 

Vita Sanai Thoma: Cantuaricniis Archiepifcopi, a Wil- 
lielmo Stephanide, Johanne Sajifberienfi, epifcopo Carnotenfi 
ct aliis auiftoribus coaetaneis confcripta. 1723. [Jofeph 
Sparke, ////?. jinglic. fcriptt. ■varii.'] 

Defcription of the City of London, tranflated from the 
Latin original, with a commentary, and a dilTertiUion on the 
author [by Samuel Pcggc] 4° Lend. 1772. 


Chronicles of the mayors and fheriffs of London, a.d. 
1 188 to A.D. 1274 ... 1863. 


The Fitzwafters ... 1829. [5y James Norris Brewer.] 

Fitzwiggins. [5y W. Massie.] 

FITZWILLL-\M (Charles-William Wentworth), 
Lord M'tllon, afler-wardi Jifth Earl FilztulUiam. 

* A letter to the right hon. Lord Milton. By a whig 
commoner, on the rejedtion of the Reform bill in the Houfe 
of Lords. 8° Lond. i 83 i . 

Addrefs to the landowners of England on the corn 
laws. 8° Lond. 1832. 

A letter to the rev. John Sargeaunt. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1848. 

FITZWILLL-^M (William), Fi/count Milton. 

The North-weft parage by land :_ being the narrative of 
an expedition from the Atlantic to the Pacific, undertaken 
with the view of exploring a route acrofs the continent to 
Britifh Columbia through Britifh territory, by one of the 
nortliem palTes in the Rocky Mountains. By Vifcount 
Milton ; and W. B. Cheadle, M.A., M.D. 

8° Lond. [1865.] 

— Seventh edition. 8° Lond. 1867. 
A hiftory of the San Juan water boundary queftion, as 

afFeding the divifion of territory between Great Britain and 
the United States. By Vifcount Milton, M.P. 

8° Lond. 1869. 

FITZWYGRAM (F.), lieutenant-colonel, Inni/iilling 

Notes on (hoeing horfes. 8° Lond. 1861. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1863. 
Le<5lures on hoifcs and ftables. 8° Lond. 1862. 

— Second feries. ' 8° Lond. I 862. 
Horfes and ftables. 8° Lond. I 869. 


Hints for the improvement of village fchools and the 

introduftion of induftrial work ; fuggefted by an experiment 
made in the parifti of Shipbourne, Kent. 8° Lond. 1859. 

FITZ-WYGRAM (Loftus), S.C.L. 

Analyfis of the hiftory of England, (from William 1(1 
to Henry Vllth,) with references to Hallam, Guizot, Gib- 
bon, Blackftone, &c., and a feries of queftions. Second 
edition. 12° Oxford, 186 1. 

Limited liability made praflical. Reduiftion of capital 
of companies and the fubdivifion of ftiarcs ; with remarks 
on the 1 2th feflion of "The companies aft, 1862," and 
fuggeftions to " fliares to bearer." 8° Lond. 1867. 


Repetitiones. [P. Limpius, Repett. iv. 506.] 

FIVAS (Alain Auguste Victor de), A.M., LL.D. 
Fables et contes choifis ; faits memorables, anecdotes 
inftruftives, &c. 12^ Lond. 1838. 

— Dixienie edition [entitled : Introduflion a la langue 
Frangaife ...] 8° Londres, 1855. 

Modern guide to French converfation. 

12° Lond. 1843. 

— Third edition. 12° Lond. 1848. 
New grammar of French grammars. 8° Lond. 1847. 

— Tenth edition. 12° Lond. 1 8 50. 

— Sixteenth edition. 8° Lond. 1857. 

— Eighteenth edition. 8° Lond. 1859. 
Clef des themes de La nouvelle grammaire des grammaires 

Francaifes. 8° Lond. n. d. 

Beautes des ecrivains Frangais, anciens et modernes. 

8= Paris, 1848. 

— Neuvieme edition. 8° Paris, 1859. 
Le trefor national ; or, guide to the tranflation of Englifli 

into French at fight. 8° Lond. 1855. 

Clef; ou, partie Frangaife du Trefor national. 

8° Londres, n. d. 


Five to two. A comedy. In three afts. By the 
author of "Three to one." 8° Lond. I 85 I. 

Five hundred pounds reward : a novel. In three vol- 
umes. By a bariifter. 8" Lond. 1867. 


Fizgig, or the modem Quixote, a tale : relative to the 
late diftuibances, at Drury-lane and Covent-garden theatres. 

4° Lond, 1763. 

FLACCUS (Caius Valerius Setinus Balbus). See 
Caius Setinus Balbus Valerius Flaccus. 

FLACCUS (Horatius). See Horace. 

FLACCUS (M. Verrius). See M. Verrius 

FLACHAT (Jean-Claud). 

Obfenations fur le commerce et fur les arts d'lme partie 



de I'Europe, de I'Afie, de I'Afrique, et meme des Indes 
Orientales. 2 vols. 12° Lyon, 1766. 

FLACIUS or FRANCOWITZ (Mathias), Illy- 
r'lcus ; German theologian, I 5 2 O— 7 5 . 

Hiftoria certaminum inter Romanes epifcopos et fextam 
Cartliaglnienfem fynodum Africanafque ecclefias, de primatu 
feu poteftate Papae, bona fide ex authenticis monumentis 
colledla ... 8° Bafileae, [1554.] 

Varia do(5torum piorumque virorum de corrupto ecclefias 
ftatu, poemata. Cum prsf'atione Matthaei Flacii Illyrici. 

8" Bafil. I 557. 

Catalogus tedium veritatis, qui ante noftram aetatem 
Pontifici Romano ejufque erroribus reclamarunt ... 

fol. Argentinae, I 562. 

Hiftoria ecclefiaftica, integram ecclefiae Chriftianas con- 
ditionem, indc a Chrifto ex Virgine nato, juxta feculonam 
feriem exponens : jam olim per ftudiofos ac pios aliquot 
viros in urbe Magdeburgica, et alibi, ex vetuftiflimis et 
optimis hiftoricis, patribus, et aliis fcriptoribus, diligenter 
congefta ; nunc denuo per M. Ludovicum Lucium . . . 
fideliter recenfita. 3 vols. fol. Bafileae, 1 6 24. 

FLACK ( ), captain. 

A hunter's experiences in the Southern ftates of 
America : being an account of the natural hiftoiy of the 
various quadrupeds and birds which are the objefts of 
chafe in thofe countries. 8° Lond. 1866. 

The prairie hunter. 8° Lond. I 866. 

The cartaways of the prairie. 8° Lond. [1869.] 

FLACK (E. D.) 

The calculator, or extenfive ready reckoner. Second 
edition. 8° Mancheiler, 1S50. 

FLACOURT (EsTiENNE de), French traveller, 1607- 

Hiftoire de la grande ifle de Madagafcar, avec une re- 
lation de ce qui fed pafie es annees 1655, 1656, & 
1657. 4° Paris, 1661. 

FLAD (J. Martin). 

Notes from the journal of F. \fic] M. Flad, one of 
Bidiop Gobat's pilgrim miffionaries in AbylTmia. Edited, 
with a brief flcetch of tlie Abyffinian chuich, by the rev. 
W. Douglas Veitch. 8" Lond. i860. 

The Falafhas (.lews) of Abyflinia ... With a preface 
by Dr. Krapf. Tranflated ixom the German, by S. P. 
Goodhart. 8° Lond. 1869. 

FLADE (Christian Gottloii). 

Romifchcs Bergrecht in alien Perioden des Bergbaues 
diefes Volks ; ein Verfuch, nebft einer Vermuthung iiber 
die Bergwerkfmiinzen deffelben. 8° Frcyberg, 1805. 


The flag of truce : dedicated to the Emperor of the 
French. By a white republican. 8° Lond. 1862. 


The flag lift and its profpefts. A letter to the rt. hon. 
Lord Palmerfton, fecretary for home affairs, by an en- 
quire''. 8'' Edinb. 1853. 

FLAHERTY (Rodericus O.), 1630-1718. 
Ogygia ; feu, rerum Hibemicarum chronologia. 

4° Lond. 1685. 
FLAMANK (James). 

The natural influence of fpeech in raifing man above the 
brute creation. [Jnon.] 8° Lord. 1834. 

Mind and manner ; or, diverfities of life. 

8° Lond. 1870. 

FLAMINIUS (Joannes Atirosws), profefor of Mes- 
letlres, Bologna, I 464— I 5 3 6. 

Poemata. [Gruter, DelWue poetanm Italorum, i. 972.] 

— ^Carm'tna illujlrium poetarum Italorum, iv. 357.I 

FLAMINIUS (Marcus Anromus), /on 0/ the pre- 
ceding, 1 498-1 550. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Deliti<e poetarum Italorum, i. 984.] 

— [Carmina illujlrium poetarum Italorum, iv. 369.] 
Paraphrafis in triginta Pfalmos verfibus fcripta. i 5 46. 

See Bible, Verfions, Latin, b. 

In Ixx. Pfalmos paraphrafes, carmine partim a M. Ant. 
Flaminio partim a Sebaft. Caftalione confcriptx. 1555. 

Pfalmi Davidis, a M. Antonio Flaminio & P. Francifco 
Spinula, Latinis verfibus exprefll ... 1559. [Ibid.] 

Paraphrafis in duodecimum Ariftotelis librum de prima 
philofophia. 8° Lut. Par. 1547. 

FLAMMA (Gualv. de la). See La Flamma. 

FLAMMARION (Camille), French njlronomer. B. 

The marvels of the heavens. From the French by 
Mrs. Norman Lockyer, 8° Lond. 1870. 

FLAMSTEED (John), ajronomer-royal, 1646- 

De inaequalitatc dierum folarium dilfertatio aftronomica. 

4° Lond. 1672. 
Hiftoria cocleftis Britanniae. 3 vol. 

fol. Lond. 1725. 
Atlas coeleftis. fol. Lond. 1729. 

A letter concerning earthquakes, written in the year 
1693 ... to a gentleman refiding at Turin in Savoy, on 
occafion of the deftiiicflion of Catanea and many other 
cities, towns, and villages, in Sicily, in the year 1692. 

8° Lond. I 750. 
FLANAGAN ( ), canon. 

A hiftory of the Church in England, from the carlicft 
period, to the re-eftabliflimcnt of the hierarchy in 1850. 
In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1857. 



FLANAGAN ( ), agent to the Liverpool Pro- 

tejlant proteQ'tve ajfociat'ion. 

Report of a difcuffion ... between Mr. Flanagan, and 
Mr. M'Dowall, of Manchefter. Subjeift : auricular con- 
feflion. 12° Eccles, 1859. 

Second difcuffion ... Subjedt "Which is the one holy, 
Catholic, and Apoftolic Church?" 12° Eccles, 1859. 

FLANAGAN (John), reaor of Ki/leevan. 

The Bible, tJie Irifh national board of education, and the 
archbifhop of Dublin, being the reprint of part of a letter, 
written in reply to the alTertion of his Grace, that " the 
authorifed verfion " of the Scriptures is not " the Bible" ... 

12° Lond. 1 85 I. 

True faifts regarding the Irifti national fyftem of educa- 
tion : its origin, principle, and failure. I 2° Lond. 1 86 1. 

Voices of the pafL Warnings for tlie future. No. I. 
The coronation oatli & bill of rights. 8° Dublin, 1869. 

FLANAGAN (Stephen). 

Reports of cafes in Chancery, argued and determined in 
the Rolls court, during the time of Sir Michael O'Loghlen, 
Bart-, Mader of the Rolls, I 84O— 2- By Stephen Flanagan 
and Charles Kelly. 8° Dublin, 1843. 

FLANAGAN (T.), "formerly 0/ Dublin univerfly." 

Peace : addreficd to his Imperial Majcfty Napoleon 
III. and dedicated to her I. Majefty the Emprefs. 

12° [Lond. 1S60.] 


The queftion ftated with regard to our army in Flanders. 
1743. [By John, Lord HER\'Ey.] 

Flanders delineated ; or a view of the Auftrian and 
Frencii Netherlands containing a brief defcription of all the 
ftrong towns, forts, caftles, &c., to which is prefixed, a 
fummary of the hillory of the Low countries in general by 
an officer of the allied armies now in Flanders ; and at the 
end is added, a concife account of Bohemia, Bavaria, Moravia, 
and Audria ; as aifo of Piedmont and other parts of Italy ; 
introduced by a fliort hiftory of the Pragmatic fanftion which 
gave rife to the war in Germany. Illulhated with maps, 
&c. 8° Lond. 1745. 

Plans et journaux des fieges de la demiere guerre de 
Flandres, rafll-mbles par deux capitaines etrangers au fervice 
de France. 1750. [Par Funck et D'lllens.] 

The revolt of Flanders ... 1848. \_By Jofeph Robert- 

Genealogia comitum Flandriae edente L. C. Bethmann. 
[Pertz, Alonumenta Germanic hjjlorlca, xi. 302.] 

Varia de comitatu Flandrise. [Baluze, Mifcellama, vii. 


A pradtical plan for the peaceful ceffion of Judea, and 
the voluntary return of the Jews ... Part I. 

8' Lond. 1856. 

FLASSAN (Ga^tan). See Gaetan Raxis, Comte de 

FLATHER (John). 

The new Bankru))t adl, and the general rules and 
orders, with obfcrvations, &c. ; intended as a fupplement to 
Archbold's Bankruptcy. 12° Lond. 1842. 


Aritiimetical and commercial tables, forms of receipts, 
bills of exchange, promilTory notes, &c. 

12° Lond. 1848. 
FLATMAN (John B.) 

A few words of praflical advice to volunteers of rifle 
and artilleiy corps. 8° Hartlepool, n. d. 

FLATMAN (Thomas), 1633-72. 

Don Juan Lambcrto ; or, a comical hiftory of the late 
times. By Montelion, knight of the oracle. 1662. 
\Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, vii. 10 4.] 

Poems and fongs. 8° Lond. 1 68 2. 

On the death of oui" late fovereign Lord King Charles 
II. of bleffed memory, a Pindarique ode. 

4° repr. Edinb. 1685. 


The Paradife loll, of Milton, illullrated in a feries of 
fifty-four plates of the human figuie, for the ufe of fculptors, 
artifts, &c. fol. Lond. 18 51. 


A letter on flatulence, addrefled to the public. By a 
London phyfician. Lond. [1866.] 

FLAVEL (John). Z). 1691. 

The method of grace, in the Holy Spirit's applying to 
the fouls of men the eternal ledemption contiived by the 
Father, and accomplifhed by the Son. A fequel to the 
Founuiin of life, &c. 12° Lond. [1852.] 

The balm of the covenant, applied to the bleeding wounds 
of affliaed faints ... 8° Lond. 1855. 

FLAVIANUS, ii/ljop of Conflantinople. 

Epiftola fcripta ad Archiepifcopum Leonem veteris 
Romas. [Cotelerius, Ecckfta Grmae monumenta, i. 50.] 


Annales Flaviniacenfes, a. 382-853. [Pertz, Monu- 
menta Germaniit hijiorica, v. I 49.] 

FLAVIUS (Blondus), Italian hi/lorian and antiquary, 

De Roma triumphante, lib. x. Prifcorum fcriptorum 
leiftoribus utiliffimi, ad totiufque Romans antiquitatis cogni- 
tionem pernecefTarii. Romae inftauratx libri iii. De origine 
ac geftis Venetorum liber. Italia illullrata, five luftrata (nam 
uterque titulus doiftis placet) in regiones feu provincias diuifa 
xxiii. Hiftoriarum ab inclinato Ro. imperio, decades iii. 
Additis tribus pro argumentorum ratione indicibus novis. 

fol. Bafilese, I 559. 

De origine et geftis Venetorum liber ; ubi, quae a Venetis 
ab eorum urbis initio ufque fub aucSoris terapora, vel man, 



vel terra, vel pace, vel bello, fieri contigit memorabiliora, 
breviter ac fuccincle enarrantur. [GR^tvius, Thefaurus 
antlquUatum et hjjloriarum Itallae, v. i.] 


Progrefs of flax-hufbandry in Scotland. 

8° Edinb. I 766. 

The flax queftion, as afFedling Ireland & the colonies. 
[Extrafted from the Colonial magazine for January, 1 8 5 1 .] 

8° Lond. I 851. 

The rules to be obfei-ved by the flax-raifers appointed by 
the truftees for the manufaflures, and by all others who 
apply to them for a premium for raifing lint, &c. [No title- 
page.'] 8° n. p. n. d. 

FLAXMAN {iom), fculpior, 1755-1826. 

Compofitions from the tragedies of Aefchylus defigned 
by John Flaxman, engraved by Thomas Piroli. 

4" Lond. 1795. 

Leflures on fculpture. 8° Lond. 1829. 

— New edition. 8° Lond. 1865. 

Anatomical (ludies of the bones &; niufcles for the ufe 
of aitifts from drawings ... Engraved by Henry Landfeer, 
with two additional plates & explanatory notes by William 
Rdbertfon. fol. Lond. 1833. 

lUuftrations of the Divine poem of Dante ... 1867. 

FLEAY (F. G.) 

Almond bloifoms. 8° Lond. 1857. 

FLECHERE (John William de la). See Fletcher. 

FLECHIER (Esprit), hifiop of Nifmes, 1632-1710. 
Hiftoire de Theodofe le Grand ... Troifieme edition. 

12° Paris, 1682. 
Hiftoire du Cardinal Ximenes. 2 torn. 

1 1" Amft. 1693. 
Panegyriques & autres fermons. 3 torn. 

I 2° Paris, 1696. 

FLECK (JoH. Georc), profejfor of laiu at Heidelberg; 
Jlourijhed in the iSth century. 

Bibliotiieca juris civilis thcoretico-pracjtici ... annexo pro- 
cefiu civili & criminali. 2 vol. 

4° Francofurti ad Moenum, 17 13. 

FEECK (Margaret). 

The laft fpcecii and confefflon of Margaret Fleck, who 
was executed at the Howgate-Head of Glafgow on the 5tii 
of June 1723, for the murdering of lier own child. 

fol. n. p. n. d. 

FLECKIE (Andrew). 

An anfwer to the argument of Sir Francis Burdett, Bart, 
relative to the power of the Houfe of Commons to commit 
perfons not members. 8" Lond. 1 8 10. 

FLECKNOE (Richard), poet ,- Jlouri/Jjeil in the l~lh 

Ejiigrams of all forts, made at divers times on fcveral 
occafions. 8° Lond. 1670. 


A lift of the particulars of his Majefties fleet, as they 
are divided into fquadrons. 

S. Sh. Lond.; repr. Edinb. 1 665. 

A true nan'ative of the engagement between his Ma- 
jefties fleet, and that of Holland. Begun June the firft, 
1 666, at two a clock afternoon, and continuing till the 
fourth, at ten a clock at night. 

4° Lond. ; repr. Edinb. 1666. 

A relation of the engagement of his MajelKes fleet with 
the enemies, on the I Ith of Auguft 1673, as it has been 
reprefented by letters from the feveral fquadrons. 

fol. repr. Edinb. 1673. 

A lift of their Majefties royal fleet now aftually at fea, 
with the number of men and guns ; alfo tlie commanders 
names. S. Sh. Lond.; repr. Edinb. 1689. 

The late plot on the fleet detected, with the Jacobites 
memorial to the French king : and an account of thofe 
gentlemen, who invited the French fleet to invade our 
Englifli coafts, &c. 4° Lond. ; repr. Edinb. i 690. 

A lift of their Majefties royal fleet, for this fummer's 
expedition, 169 1. With the feveral rates, number of men, 
and guns : as alfo, the admirals and commanders names. 
To which is added, an account of the Dutch fquadron, that 
joyn the fleet of England. S. Sh. repr. Edinb. I 691. 

A true lift of the French fleet for the year 1692, com- 
manded by the Count de Touiville ... [Scott^s edition of 
Somers' Tracts, xi. 456.] 

An exadl lift of their Majefties and the Dutch fleet, 
deligned for the year 1692. [Ibid. 459.] 

Remarks upon the London Gazette, relating to the 
Streights fleet, and the battle of Landen in Flanders. 
[Ibid. 462.] 

A narrative of the proceedings of his Majefty's fleet in 
the Meditei'ranean, and the combined fleets of France and 
Spain, from the year I 741, to March I 744 : including an 
accurate account of the late fight near Toulon, and the 
caufes of our mifcarriage ... By a fea-officer. 

8° Lond. I 744. 

• — The fecond edition. 8" Lond. 1744. 

A few obfervations on the fubjeft: of manning her 
Majefty's fleet, and the neceffity of guarding againft a 
recurrence of the " State and condition " thereof, as it was 
in 1840. Addrcfled to the it. hon. Sir R. Peel, Bart. 
By a captain, R.N. I 2° Devonport, n. d. 


A brief account of the ancient prifon called " the fleet," 
in die city of London, aboliflied by ii(X of Parliament, 1842, 
(formerly the prifon of the Court of Star Chamber) ; the 
liberty of the rules ; ancient Fleet marriages, &c., alfo, 
remarks on the origin and fyftem of impiifonment for debt 
in this and other countries. 8° Lond. 1843. 

FLEET (Charles). 

Tales and fketches for firefide reading. 

8° Lond. 1S49. 

1 84 


FLEETWOOD (Charles), lord deputy of Ireland. 
D. 1692. 

* The humble reprefcntation of fome officers of the 
army, to the right honourable Lieutenant General Fleetwood. 
November I, 1659. 4^ Lond. ; repr. Edinb. 1659. 

* A letter to the Lord Fleetwood, from an officer in 
the army. 4° Edinb. 1659. 

FLEETWOOD (Everard). Pfeud. o/"Samuel Bur- 


The life of our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift : being 
an accurate and general hiftory of all the events and dif- 
courfes of our blefFcd Redeemer, as recoidcd by the four 
evangelifts, from his birth to his afcenfion into heaven. 
To which is added the lives, afls, deaths, and martyrdoms 
of the holy evangelifts, apoftles, and primitive fathers of the 
church : carefully compiled from original fources, and 
written expreffly for this work. 4° Leipzig, n. d. 

— Adapted for the young. 8 Lond. n. d. 
The youth's life of our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift ; 

from his birth to his afcenfion into Heaven. And Bible 
ftories for the young. 2 vols. 8^ Lond. n. d. 

FLEETWOOD (William), colonel. 

An unhappy view of the whole behaviour of my Lord 
Duke of Buckingham, at the French ifland called the Ifle 
of Rhee, difcovered by Colonell William Fleetwood, an 
unfortunate commander in that untoward fervice. 1 648. 
[Scotl's edition of Somers' Tracts, v. 398.] 

FLEETWOOD (William), D.D., fuccejfmely li/ljop 
of St. Jfaph, and Ely, I 6 5 6— i 7 2 3 . 

A complete colledtion of the ferraons, trafts and pieces 
of all kinds that were written by ... Dr. William Fleet- 
wood ... fol. Lond. 1737. 

— A new edition [entitled : The works ...] in three 
volumes. 8° Oxford, 1854. 

An account of the life and death, of the bltifed Virgin, 
according to Roniiih writers. With the grounds of the 
worftiip paid to her ; and a preface in anfwer to the Apology 
for the contemplations, &c. By a lay hand. 

4° Lond. 16S7. 

— [Gibson's Prefervative, xv. 244.] 
Infcriptionum antiquarum fylloge in duas partes diftributa : 

quarum prior infcriptiones ethnicas fingulares et rariores penS 
omnes continet quae vcl Gruteri Coi'pore, Reynefii Syntag- 
mate, Sponii Mifcellaneis, aliifque ejufdem argument! libris 
reperiuntur : altera Chriftiana monumenta antiqua qua hac- 
tenus innotuerunt omnia compleftitur ... 8° Lond. 1 69 1 . 

Chronicon pretiofum : or, an account of Englirti money, 
the price of corn, and other commodities, for the laft 600 
years. In a letter to a ftudent in the Univerfity of Oxford. 
[yfnon.^ 8° Lond. 1707. 

— To which is added an hiftorical account of coins, 
illuftrated with feveral plates of gold and filver coins. 

8° Lond. 1745. 

The thirteenth chapter to the Romans, vindicated from 
the abufive fenfcs put u]>on it. Written by a curate of 
Salop ; and direiScd to the clergy of that county, and the 
neighbouring ones of North-Wales ; to whom the author 
wilheth |)atience, moderation, and a good underftanding, for 
half an hour, [.^non.] 8° Lond. 1710. 

* The curate of Dorfet's anfwer to the curate of Salop's 
expofition of the 1 3th chapter of the Romans. By way 
of dialogue. 8° Lond. 1711. 

A fermon on the faft-day, January the 1 6th, 1 7^1, 
againft fuch as delight in war. By a divine of the Church 
of England. [Ps. Ixviii. 30.] 8° Lond. 1 7 1 2. 

Four fermons : i. On the death of Queen Mary ; 2. 
On the death of the Duke of Gloucefter ; 3. On the death 
of K. William ; 4. On the Queen's accefflon to the 
throne in I 703. 8° Lond. I 71 2. 

* Revolution-principles : being a full defence of the 
bifhop of St. Afajih's preface to his four femions. i 7 1 3. 
[Attributed to Lechmere.] 

The life and miracles of St. Wenefrede, together with 
her litanies ; with fome hiftorical obfeiTations made thereon. 
[Anon.] 8° Lond. 17 13. 

— Second edition. \Anon.'\ 8° Lond. 1 7 I 3. 
A fermon preach'd at Ely-houfe Chape! in Holbourn ; 

on Thurfday June 7, i 7 1 6, being the day of publick thankf- 
giving, for the bleffing of God upon his Majefty's counfels 
and amis, in fupprefling the late unnatural rebellion. [Ps. 
cvii. 2.] 8° Lond. i 7 i 6. 

A letter to an inhabitant of the parirti of St. Andrew's 
Holbourn, about new ceremonies in the church. [Anon.^ 

8° Lond. 17 I 7. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. I 7 1 7. 
Papifts not excluded from the throne upon the account 

of religion. Being a vindication of the rt. rev. the lord 
biftiop of Bangor's PrefeiTative, &c. in that particular. In a 
lliort dialogue. [Anon.^ 8° Lond. 17 17. 

A letter to the reverend Dr. Snape ; wherein the 
authority of the Chriftian priefthood is maintain'd : the 
uninterrupted fucceffion of bilhops from the apoftles' days is 
lineally deduced ; and the cavils of hereticks and fanaticks 
are anfwered. By a curate of Wilts. Third edition. 

8° Lond. 1718. 

— [R. Baron, T/ie pillars of prieflcraft and orthodoxy 
flxilen, iii. 5.] 

The curate of Wilts his fecond letter to the reverend 
Dr. Snape ; or, reafons againft the bill now depending in 
the Houfe of Commons. Being a full anfwer to [Hoadly] 
the biffiop of Bangor's late book, entitled. The common 
right of fubjecfls defended. Wherein the divine authority 
of our church eftablifliment, and the necefllty of continuing 
jjenalties on all diffenters from it, are demonftratively proved. 
[Ibid. iii. 79.] 

FLEISCHER (Esaias), 1732-1804. 

Forfog til en Natur-Hiftoiie. I.-VIII. Deel. 

8° Kibbenhavn, 1786-96. 
Bidrag til et Forfog over Mennefl^ets Hiftoiie. 4 Bind. 
8° KicDbenhavn, 1800-4. 



FLEISCHER (Jorgen Christian). 

Schediafma de pelliceo veterum Danonim veftitu. 

4° [Hafniae], 1707. 

FLEMING (Alexander), A.M. 

An hiftorical leclure on teinds, or tithes ... 

8°Glafg. 1835. 

FLEMING (Alexander), M.D. 

An inquiry into the phyfiological and medicinal properties 
of aconitiim nappellus 8° Lond. 1 845. 

Monthly rctrofpeft of the medical fciences. Edited by 
Alexander Fleming, M.D., and W. T. Gairdner, M.D. 
1848-49. 8^ Edinb. 1848-49. 

Queen's Hofpital, Birmingham. Introduftory addrefs 
delivered at the opening of the felTion 1870—71. 

8° Lond. 1870. 

FLEMING (Caleb), i 698-1 779. 

The fourth commandment abi'ogated by the gofpel. 

8° Lond. 1736. 

The oeconomy of the fexes. Or the doflrine of divorce, 
the plurality of wives, and the vow of celebacy freely 
examined . . . With obfervations moral and political. [y/w«.] 

8° Lond. 1 75 I. 

No Proteflant- Popery. A letter of admonition, to the 
rev. Mr. Samuel Pike. Occafioned by fome very offenfive 
pafTagcs in his Aflembly's Catechifm, analized, explained, 
&c., which are animadverted upon, and the fole autliority 
of the facred Scriptures defended. 8° Lond. [1756.] 

The dodlrine of the eucharift confidered as a dilHn- 
guilhing ritual in the focial worlhip of Cliriflians. With 
fome account of the erroneous and fupeiftitious notions 
which have obtained concerning it. 8° Lond. 1763. 

FLEMING (Fletcher), reaor of Grafmere. 

"God manifeft in the flefh." A fermon ... [l Tim. 
iii. 16.] 8' Lond. 1848. 

Chrift's lambs. A fermon ... [John xxi. 15.] 

8° Lond. 1848. 

The Lord's fupper ; its nature, requirements, and bene- 
fits ; a feiTnon ... [//U,ff xxii. 19.] 8" Kendal, 1849. 

Tiie parable of the pearl of gi'eat price, explained and 
a[)piied with reference to the Great Induftrial exhibition. 
[Mall. xiii. 45, 46.] 8° Kendal, 18 5 I. 

The church catechifm familiarly explained ... Second 
edition (enlarged). 8° Kendal, 1852. 

" Hear the rod :" or Chriftian comfort in the ufes of 
affliiiilion. 1 2° Lond. 1855. 

" The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in 
the way of rightcoufnefs : " a feiTnon preaciied ... on the 
Sunday after the funeral of the late Mis. Woidfworth, of 
Rydal Mount. [Prov. xvi. 31.] 12° Kendal, 1859. 

" Except ye repent, ye flial! all likewife perifh : " a fer- 
mon ... [Luke xiii. 4, 5.] 8° Lond. 1859. 

Sermons (being a reprint of fome which appeared in a 
feparate form, and a few additional ones). 

8° Lond. 1862. 

FLEMING (Francis), M.A. 

Kaffiaria, and its inhabitants. 8° Lond. 1853. 

vol. in. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 
Southern Africa. A geography and natural hiftory of 

the country, colonies, and inhabitants fiom the Cape of 
Good Hope to Angola. Together with notices of their 
origins, mannei's, habits, cuftoms, traditions, fuperftitions, 
religious ufages, languages, part and prefent conditions, 
manufa(5lures, weapons, &c. &c. &c. 8° Lond. 1856. 

FLEMING (George), F.R.G.S. 

Travels in Mantchu Tartai'y : being a fiimmer's ride 
beyond the great wall of China. 8^ Lond. 1863. 

Vivifedlion : is it neceffary or juftifiable ? being two 
prize effays publifhed by the Royal Society for the pre- 
vention of cruelty to animals. [By G. Fleming and W. O. 
Markham.] 8° Lond. 1866. 

Horfe-lhoes and horfe fhoeing : their origin, hiftory, 
ufes, and abufes. 8° Lond. I 869. 

Animal plagues ; their hiflory, nature, and prevention. 

8° Lond. 187 I. 

FLEMING (J. G.), infpector of Ir'tjl national fchools. 

A new feries of outline maps, with illuftrations of the 
mariner's compafs and folar fyltem, for the ufe of element- 
ary fchools. Tabular and explanatory notes by J. G. 
Fleming. 4° Dublin [1 860.] 

FLEMING (J. G.), M.D. 

Medical ftatiftics of life alTurance : being an inquiry 
into the caufes of death among the membei's of the Scottilh 
Amicable life aflurance fociety, from 1826, till i860 ... 

8° Glafg. 1862. 

FLEMING (L Plant), M.A., B.C.L. 
Tonbridge calf le to the year 1322: a paper read before 
the Kent Archseological fociety on July 28, 1865. 

8° Lond. 1S65. 
Analyfis of the Englilh language ... 8° Lond. 1S69. 


Acute ophthalmia, as it occurred in the left wing of 
H.M.'s3 7th regiment during I S 5 1-5 2, wliilft ftationed 
at Colombo, in Ceylon. 8° Lond. 1861. 

FLEMING (James), M.A., B.D., in.-umbent of Cam- 
den chapel, Camber'well. 

Bath penny readings : tiieir origin and progrefs. 

12<= Lond. 1862. 
Seleifl readings fiom the poets and profe wiiters of every 
countiy. Edited by the rev. James Fleming. 

8° Lond. 1863. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1863. 

— Second feries. 8° Lond. 1864. 
The camp: a fermon ... [Exod. xv. 27.] 

8° Lond. [186S.] 
FLEMING (James). 

Remarkable converfions, illuftrating tile power and will- 
ingnefs of Chrill to fave. 8° Lond. 1S61. 

The faint in funfliine, or, brief memorials of the blelTed life 
and happy death of Louifa Matthews. 1 2° Lond. 1862. 
2 B 

1 86 


FLEMING (James M.) 
Carmina \hx and other poems. 

8° Lond. 1871. 

FLEMING (Joannes), Be/pan poet. 
Poemata. [Gruter, Delhid poetarum Belgkorum, ii. 

FLEMING (John), minijkr at Jlri/rle. 
An enquii-y into the compofitions with which the praifes 
of God fhould be celebrated in his public worfliip ... 

12' Lond. 1 82 I. 

FLEMING (John), D.D., profejor of natural philo- 
fophy in the Free Church College, Edinburgh, 1785— 1 8 57. 
The philofophy of zoology. 2 vols. 

8° Edinb. 1822. 
A hiftoiy of Britidi animals. 8' Edinb. 1828. 

The Bass Rock : its civil and ecclcfiaftical hiftory ... 
[Zoology, by John Fleming, D.D.] 1848. 

The temperature of the feafons, and its influence on inoi-- 
ganic obje(fls and on plants and animals. 

8° Edinb. I 851. 
The lithology of Edinburgh. Edited with a memoir, 
by die rev. Jolin Duns. 8° Edinb. I 8 59. 

FLEMING (John), gardener. 

Spring and winter flower gardening : containing tlie 
fyftem of floral decoration as praiftifed at Cliveden, the feat 
of her grace Harriet Duchefs of Sutherland. 

8' Lond. 1864. 
FLEMING (John Casimir). 

Diflertatio academica de felicitate regni Svio Gothic! arte 
magis quam marte vel bello paranda ... 

4° Londini Gothorum, [1756.] 

FLEMING (Paul), German poet, 1609-40. 
Nova epigrammata Latina. 8° Amft. 1649. 

Teutfche poemata. 8° Liibeck, n. d. 

FLEMING (Peter). 

Syllem of land fun'eying and levelling. Pt. I. 

4° Glafg. 1 8 I 5. 
Geometrical folutions of the quadrature of the circle. 

fol. Montreal, 1850. 

FLEMING (Robert), of Camlujlang, 1630—94. 

The fulfilling of the Scripture, or an eflay fliewing the 
exaft accompliHiment of the word of God in his works of 
providence, performed & to be performed : for confirming 
the belccvers, and convincing the atheifts of the prefent time : 
containing in the end a few rare hillories of the works and 
fer\-ants of God in the Chuich of Scotland. The fecond 
edition. 8" n. p. 1 671. 

— [^nother edition.'^ \JVilh life of the author by Thomas 
Thomfon.] Vol.1. 8° Edinb. 1 845. 

FLEMING (RoBERT),yon of the preceding. D. i 7 i 6. 
The mirrour of divine love unvail'd in a poetical para- 

phrale of the ... Song of Solomon. Whereunto is added 
a mifcellany of feveral other poems ... together with fome 
few Pindariques in the clofe. 8° Lond. 1691. 

Poems : being mifcellanies & Pindariques. 

8" Lond. 1 69 1. 

0sozoar;«, or the divine government of nations confidered 
and improved, in a dlfcouiTe to the focieties for reformation 
of manners in London and Middlefex ... \jjer. xviii. 7— 
II.] 8° Lond. 1699. 

— The fecond edition. 8° Lond. I 700. 
Difcourfes on feveral fubjefls : the firft containing a new 

account of the rife and fall of the Papacy ; the fecond upon 
God's dwelling with men ; the third concerning the minif- 
terial oflice ; the fourth being a brief account of religion as 
it centers in the Lord Jefus Chrift. 8° Lond. 170 1. 

A difcourfe on the rife and fall of the Papacy ; origin- 
ally publiflied in [1701.] [Henry Hunter, A fermon 
preached Feb. 3, 1793.] 

— Edited, with a memoir of the author, by the rev. 
Thomas Thomfon. 8° Edinb. 1846. 

— [Another edition.'] 8° Lond. I 848. 

— [Another edition.] 12° Lond. 1848. 

— [Another edition.] 12° Aberdeen, 1848. 

— [Another edition.] 8° Edinb. I 8 70. 

* An attempt to prove the calculations of the rev. 
Robert Fleming, incorrecS, and to fliew the termination of 
the " Two thoufand three hundred days," — Dan. viii. ; in 
combination witli the other prophetic numbers. " At the 
time appointed the end fliall be." Has this " end " now 
arrived ? By an enquirer. 12° Lond. 1849. 

The bleflednefs of thofe who die in the Lord : a prac- 
tical difcourfe occafioned by the death of King William, 
wherein a charafter of him is given. To which is added, 
a poetical eflliy on his memory. 8° Lond. i 702. 

Chriftology : a difcourfe concerning Chrifl: : confidered 
I. in himfelf, II. in his government, and III. in relation to 
his fubjefts and their duty to him. In fix books : being a 
new eflay towards a farther revival and ic-introduiSion of 
primitive-fcriptural-divinity, by way of fpecimen. 

8° Lond. I 705. 

— The fecond volume, containing the third book : 
being a new but fcriptural treatlfe concerning Chrift, con- 
fider'd as Loganthropos. In two parts. To which is 
added, a new and peculiar diflertation concerning the prior 
refurreiflion, which is to commence with tlic Millennium. 

8° Lond. 1708. 

Seculum Davidicum redivivum ; or, the divine right of 
the Revolution evinc'd & apply'd : in a difcoui'fe, occafion'd 
by the late glorious viiflory at Raniilly ... The fum whereof 
was delivered in a fermon on the general thanks-giving-day, 
June27, 1706. [ I C/irc«. xi. 9, 10.] 8°Lond. 1706. 

A funeral fermon on the deceafe of the late rev. Mr. 
Abraham Hume, who died Jan. 29, 1705. Preach'd 
FebiTjary 9. [Philip, i. 21.] 4° Edinb. 1709. 

The hiftory of hereditary-right. Wherein its inde- 
feafiblenefs, and all other fuch late doflrines, concerning the 
abfolute power of princes, and the unlimited obedience of 
fubjecSs, are fully and finally determin'd, by the Scripture 
ftandard of divine right. [Anon.] 8° Lond. n. d. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. I 7 17. 



FLEMING (Robert). 

Tliree elegies : the firfl, to the memoi-y of Lieut. Generall 
Mackay. The fecond, to the memory of my Lord Angus, 
only fon of the Marquifs of Dowglas. The third, to the 
memory of Lieut. Coilonel Fullerton. Who were all three 
flain, at the attacque at Steenkerken near Enguin, on July 
24, St. Vet. Auguft 3, St. Nov. anno Dom. 1692. 

4° Edinb. 1692. 

FLEMING- (Thomas), D.D., mini/ler of Lady 
Yejlers church, Edinburgh, 1755—1^24. 

Sermons. 8° Edinb. 1826. 

FLEMING (Thomas S.) 

Daniel's difmidal from his work : a funeral fermon in 
memory of rev. Dr. Beaumont. Preached in the lefler 
City Hall, Glafgow ... \pan. xii. 13.] 

8° Lond. 1855. 
FLEMING (Thomas Willis). 
A marine militia, the country's bell national defence. 

8' Lond. 1846. 

The ftudent's chart of Englifh hiftory ... By J. W. 
Morris, and rev. W. Fleming, LL.B. 1863. 

FLEMING (William), D.D., proJe[for of moral 
phllofopby in the Univerfity of Glafgow. 

The vocabulary of philofophy, mental, moral, and meta- 
phyfical ; with quotations and references ... 

8° Lond. 1857. 
A plea for the ways of God to man : being an attempt 
to \indicate the moral government of the world. 

8° Edinb. 1858. 
The ftudent's manual of moral philofophy, with quota- 
tions and references for the ufe of ftudents. 

8" Lond. 1867. 

FLEMING (William), U.P. minifter, Edinburgh. 

Feeders of intemperance and how to deal with them . . . 

8° Edinb. 1867. 

Flcmidi interiors. 1856. [By Mrs. William Pitt 


Ideen zu einer kiinftigen Beurtheilung der Gallfchen 
Unterfuchungen iiber die Verrichtungen des Gehirns ... 

8° Berlin, 1805. 

FLEMMING (Georg August). 
Lehrbuch der allgemeinen empirifclien Pfychologie. 

8" Altona, 1796. 

FLEMMING (Oliver), /■«(?/;/. 

The liumble narrative of Oliver Flemming, knight ; 
fliewing tlie manner how I came to execute tiie office of 
malk-r of the ceremonies, with my comportment and fuffer- 
ings tiiercin for the fpace of near eighteen years. [Scott's 
edition of Somers' Tracts, vii. 499.] 

The humble petition of Oliver Flemming ... [Ibid. vii. 

FLEMYNG (Francis P.), M.A. 
Mauritius ; or, the Ifle of France : being an account of 
the ifland, its hiftory, geography, produdls, and inhabitants. 

8° Lond. 1862. 

Statuta civitatis Flenftjurgenfis, a Waldemaio IV. rege 
Danis et duce Jutii, anno 1284 confirmata, Gemianice 
et Latine fciipta. [Westphalen, Monumenta inedita rerum 
Germanicarum, iv. 1898.] 

Fafciculus diplomatum Flenftjurgenfium, quibus ftatuta, 
immunitates, et jura fingularia civitatis fupplentur et expli- 
cantur. [Ibid. iv. 1950.] 


Kort Berattelfe om det fa kallade Ste Knuts Gilldet, 
befynnerligen det, fom nu i Malmo florerar. Hwarwid 
afwen nagot ar anfordt om Gilden i Gemen och Staden 
Malmos gamla Markwardigheter. 8° Lund. [1743.] 

FLERONTINUS (Adrianus). 

Poemata. [Gruter, Dclitia poelarum Belgicorum, ii. 

FLESHER (John). 

The new and enlarged hymn book for the ufe of the 
primitive methodifts ... 12° Lond. 1853. 


Fleta, feu commentarius juris Anglicani ... fub Ed- 
wardo I. ... ab anonymo confcriptus ... Subjungitur etiam 
Joannis Seldeni ad Fletam Dilfertatio hiftoiica. 

4° Lond. 1647. 
— Emendatus, illuftratus et in integrum reftitutus. 
Liber primus . . . [Edited by Sir Thomas Clari.^ 

foi. Lond. 1735. 

FLETCHER ( ), judge. 

Judge Fletcher's charge to the grand juiy of the county 
of Wexford, delivered at the fummer allizes, July i 8 i 4, 
and containing a comprehenfive & important view of the 
ftate of Ireland. 1814. [Pamphleteer, iv. 379.] 

* A letter on the tone & matter of Judge Fletcher's 
printed charge. 18 15. [Ibid. v. 151.] 

FLETCHER (Abraham), mathematician, 17I4— 93. 

The univerfal meafurer. 2 vols. 

8° Whitehaven, 1752. 

FLETCHER (Alexander), D.D., of Finfhury Chapel, 
London, I 7 8 7 — I 8 6 o. 

* Trial of tiic rev. Alexander Fletcher before the United 
Aflociate fynod. 8^ Lond. 1824. 

Addredes to the young. Inimanucl : Clirift's names, 
titles and excellencies. 8 Lond. i 8 5 1 . 



The value of the human foul : a fermon ... [Mari viii. 
36. 37-] [No litk-page.'] 8° Lend. 1852. 

Sermons on the death and funeral of the Captain of 
falvation ; preached on occaCion of tlie death and funeral 
of the late Uuke of Wellington. \_Hi;b. ii. i o.] 

8° Lond. 1852. 

The annual Chriftmas-day femion to upwards of five 
thoufand children, at Finfbury Chapel, London ... \Gai. 
xxxii. 26.] 12° Lond, 1854. 

Clofet devotional exercifes for tlie young ... 

8" Lond. 1859. 

FLETCHER (Asdkew), 0/ Saltoun, 1653-1716. 

Political works. 8° Lond. 1737. 

Difcorfo delle cofe di Spagna, fcritto nel mefe di Luglio, 

1698. [y/iwn.] H" Napoli, 169S. 

A difcourfe of government with relation to militia's. 

[^mn.] 8° Edinb. 1698. 

— 8° repr. Lond. 1755. 
Two difcourfes concerning the affairs of Scotland ; 

written in the year 1(198. [v^non.] 8° Edinb. 1698. 

Speeches by a member of the Parliament, which began 
at Edinburgh the 6th of May, 1703. [Jnon.] 

8° n. p, 1703. 

Scotland's intereft : or, the great benefit and neceffity of 
a communication of trade with England. Being a brief 
account of the chief motives that ought to engage us to 
infill on it, at this jundlure : and of the danger of neglefling 
fo to do ... [^iion.'\ 4° n. p. 1704. 

An account of a converfation concerning a right regula- 
tion of governments for the common good of mankind. 
In a letter to the Marquifs of Montrofe, the Earls of 
Rothes, Roxburg, and Hadington, from London the ift 
of December, 1703. [^rwn.'j 8' Edinb. 1704. 

— 8° Lond. 1704, 
State of the controveiTy betwixt united and feparate 

Parliaments. Whether thele interefts which are to be united 
by the prcfent treaty, and thefe interefts which by the fame 
treaty are to remain feparate and diftinft, are more properly 
and fafcly lodged under the guardiandiip of an united 
Parliament, or under that of feparate Parliaments. [^«on.] 

4=" n. p. I 706. 
* Efiays on the lives and writings of Fletcher of Saltoun 
and the poet Thomfon ... 1792. By David Stewart 
Erskine, Earl of Buchan. 

FLETCHER (Archibald), advocate. 

An examination of the grounds on which the Convention 
of royal burghs ... claimed to themfelves the right of 
altering and amending the fetts or conftitutions of the 
individual burghs, and a refutation of that claim. 

8° Edinb. 1825. 

FLETCHER (Banister). 

Model houfes for the induftrial dalles ... 

8° Lond. 1 87 1. 
FLETCHER (C. J. H.), M.A. 

Love, the bond of Chriftian unity and the Chriftian's 
witnefs for Chrift : a fermon ... [John xiii. 35.] 

8° Lond. 1868. 

FLETCHER (Charles). 

An eflay on the eftates of truftees. 120 Lond. 1835. 


The feaman's medical friend . . . intended for ufe in (liips 
not carrying furgcons. 8° Liveqiool, 1857. 

— Tenth edition. Revifed by F. T. Roberts, M.B. 

8° Liverpool, 1867. 
FLETCHER (George). 

Time copies of the papers wrote by Arthur [Elphingston] 
Lord Balmerino ... George Fletcher ... I 746. 

FLETCHER (George). 

Studies of Shakefpeare, in the plays of King .Tohn, Cym- 
beline, Macbeth, As you like it. Much ado about nothing, 
Romeo and Juliet ... 12° Lond. 1847. 

FLETCHER (Giles), LL.D. D. 16 10. 

Of the Ruffe common wealth, or maner of govemement 
by the Ruffe Emperour, (commonly called the Emperour of 
Mofivouia), with the manners, and fafhions of the people of 
that countrey. The contents are noted in the table, fet 
downe before the beginning of the booke. 

8° Lond. I 59 I. 

FLETCHER (Rev. Giles), /o« of the preceding. D. 

Chrift's viiflorie and triumph in heaven and earth, over 
and after death. The fecond edition. 4° Cariib. 1632. 

FLETCHER (Henry). 

Poetic fi<etches ; or, thoughts in verfe ; written during 
the inteiTals of bufinefs. 8° Lond. 1853. 

FLETCHER (Henry Charles), lieutenant-colonel, 
Scots Fufilier Guards. 

Hiftory of the American war. 3 vols. 

8" Lond. 1865-66. 

An eflay upon the peace of 1783. Dedicated to the 
Archbifhop of Paris. Tranflated from the French of the 
rev. J. Fletcher by the rev. .1. Gilpin. 

4° Lond. 1785. 

FLETCHER (J.), Chkhejler. 

Echoes from the QLcumenical council chamber at Rome, 
1869. 8° Chichefler, 1870. 

FLETCHER (.Tames), 181 1-32. 

The hiftory of Poland, from the earlieft period to the 
prefent time. With a narrative of recent events, obtained 
from a Polifh patriot nobleman. 8° Lond. 183 I. 

FLETCHER (James). 

A fynthefis ; or, conjoint view of the points of dodlrine 
connected with the inftitution of the Loid's fupper. 

8° Bath, n. d. 



FLETCHER (James Ogden), M.D. 

Railways in their medical afpefts. 8^ Lond. 1867. 

FLETCHER (James Phillips), V>.\)., curate nf South 

Notes from Nineveh, and travels in Mefopotamia, Aflyria 
and Syria. In two volumes. 8 Lond. 1850. 

The autobiography of a millionary. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1853. 
National refponfibilities and national retribution : a fer- 
mon, preached ... on the day of humiliation for India, 
Wednefday, Oflober 7, 1857. [2 Sam. xxi. I.] 

8° Lond 1857. 

FLETCHER (John), 1579-1625. 

The works of Mr. Francis Beaumont and Mr. John 
Fletcher ... 1750. 

The elder brother; a comedie. 4° Lond. 1637. 

The coronation ; a comedy ... SjZlalmed by James 
Shirley.^ 4° Lond. 164O. 

The pilgrim, a comedy ... Written originally by Mr. 
Fletcher, and now very much alter'd, with fevcral additions 
^by F^anbrugh.^ Likewife a prologue, epilogue, dialogue 
and mafque, written by the late great poet Mr. Dryden, 
jufl: before his death, being the laft of his works. 

4° Lond. 1700. 

The widow — a comedy. Written by Ben Jonson, John 
Fletcher ... 

FLETCHER (John), M.D. 

Laurentii Jo. Rubi, L. F. epiftolarum Edinburgenfium 
libri III. 12° Edinb. 18 19. 

Rudiments of phyfiology. 3 parts. 

8° Edinb. I S3 5-37. 
Elements of general pathology. Edited by John J. 
Dryfdale, M.D., and John R. RuiTell, M.D. 

120 Edinb. 1842. 

FLETCHER (John), quarter-majler fergeant. 

Advice to the Britifh foldier, by a non-commiffioncd 
officer, ^yluthor's name Jigned at the fn//.] 

8° Lond. 1839. 
FLETCHER (John), D.D. 

A fecond letter to the right honourable Lord , 

in reply to his Lordfliip's Remarks on the author's letters 
on tranfubllantiation. 12' Lond. 1841. 


Letter to the right hon. Earl Grey, on tlie fubjcifl of 
emigration ; with a lliort liirtory of the colony of Port 
Philip ... (hewing its peculiar fitnefs for a large and exten- 
five fcheme of colonization. 8° Edinb. 1847. 

FLETCHER (John), M.A., p,mapal of St. John's 
IVood collegiate fchooL 

Vita mortalis rebus eft amplilTima immortalibus ; or, the 
greatnefs of ojiportunities in the ChrilHan life : a farewell 
fermon ... \B/Iatt. xxvi. 64.] S^ Lond. 1850. 

FLETCHER (John R.), B.D., vicar of QuethiocL 
The happinefs of true wifdom. A fermon ... \Prov. 
iii. 13.] 8° Lond. 1818. 

The judgments of God. A fermon ... \_Ifa. xxvi. 9.] 

8° Devonport, 1832. 

FLETCHER or FLECHERE (John William), 
•vicar of Madely, 1729—85. 

Seledlions from the works of ... fyftematically an'anged, 
with a life of the author, by Samuel Dunn. 

12° Lond. 1837. 

Six letters on the fpiritual manifeftation of the Son of 
God. 8° Lond. n. d. 

* Life ... By Robert Cox. 1822. 

FLETCHER (John William). 

Tryphena and other poems. 8' Lond. 1851. 

Flirtation, or the way into the wildernefs. 

I 2° Lond. 1854. 
The battle of the Alma ; a national ballad. 

8° Lond. 1855. 
— Second edition, revifed, to which is added, lo Psan. 

12° Lond. 1855. 
Cloud-fliadows ; Atcherley ; and mifcellaneous poems. 

8° Lond. 1857. 
Swedenborg : a ledlure. 8° Lond. 1859. 

FLETCHER (Joseph), M.A., D.D., independent 
minijler at Stepney, 1784— 1S43. 

Ledlures on the principles and inftitutions of the Roman 
Catholic religion ; with an appendix containing hillorical 
and critical illuftrations. Second edition. 8° Lond. 18 18. 

Leftures on the principles and inftitutions of the Roman 
Catholic religion, and on Pufeyifm. 8° Lond. 1S46. 

On the profpeiity of Chriftian churches, and the revival 
of religion. Tliree fermons preached at Stepney meeting. 

I 2° Lond. 1829. 

On the attention due to unfulfilled prophecies. A dif- 
courfe ... [l Pet. i. 10, II.] 8° Lond. 1S29. 

Porthumous fermons and valediiSory le(fture. Edited by 
the rev. Jofeph Fletcher, jun. 8^ Lond. 1846. 

Poems by the rev. Jofeph Fletcher, D.D., and his filler 
Mary Fletcher. With an introdudlory notice. 

8° Lond. 1846. 

* Memoirs ... Edited by Jofeph Fletcher, jun. 1846. 

FLETCHER (Joseph),>;., of Hanky. 

Six views of infidelity. 8° Lond. 1843. 

Memoirs of the life and corrcfpondence of the late rev. 
Jofeph Fletcher ... Edited by Jofeph Fletcher, jun. 

8° Lond. 1846. 
The hiftory of the revival and progrefs of independency 
in England, fince the period of the Reformation ... 4 vols. 

8 Lond. 1S47— 49. 

FLETCHER (Joseph), larri/ler-at-laiu. 

Education national, voluntiry, and free. 

8' Lond. 185 I. 
The tarm-fchool fyftem of the Continent and its applica- 



bility to the preventive and reformatory education of pauper 
and criminal children in England and Wales. 

8° Lond. 1S52. 

FLETCHER (Rev. Joseph), of Chrjjl Church. 

Life of Conftantine the Great. 8° Lond. 1852. 

For the Prince Confort : a lay. In memoriam. 

8^ Lond. n. d. 

The New Teflament commentaiy and pi-aycr book : con- 
taining an exi)ofition of the New Teftanient, with devotional 
and praiflical rcfleftions and prayers, for the ufe of fomilics, 
after the plan of the rev. Job Orton, S.T.P. The gofpels 
according to Matthew and Mark. 8° Lond. n. d. 

FLETCHER (Joseph), independent minifler, Ji^'inger- 

Food for the flock ; or, fcraps of confolation for the 
fpiritual Ifiael : with an account of the rife and progrefs of 
independency at Wingerworth, near Chefterfield. Edited, 
with preface, and life of the author, by Edward Nicholls. 

8' Bath, 1859. 


Thoughts from a girl's life. 8 Lond. 1 864. 


Poems by the rev. Jofeph Fletcher and his filter Maiy 
Fletcher ... 1 846. 

FLETCHER (Phineas). .5.1584. 

The way to bleffednefs, a treatife or commentary on the 
firft Pfalme. 4° Lond. 1632. 

The puqjle ifland, or, the ide of man : together with 
pifcatorie eclogs and other poeticall mifcellanies. By P. F. 

4° Camb. 1633. 

yi'he preceding contains, in addition to The purple ifland: 

Pifcatorie eclogs, and other poetical mifcellanies. By 
P. F. 4° Cambridge, 1633.] 

Elifa, or, an elegie upon the uniipe deceafe of S'- Antonie 
Irby : compofed at the requeft (and for a monument) of 
his furviving ladie. [Dedication Jigned P. F.] 

4° Camb. 1633. 


Ex otio ncgotium : or, Martiall his epigrams tranflated. 
With fundry poems and fancies. 1656. 


A few notes on cruelty to animals ; on the inadequacy 
of penal law ; on general hofpitals for animals, &c. &c. &c. 

8° Lond. 1846. 

FLETCHER (Sir Robert). 

* A difcourfe on the memoiy of Sir Robert Fletcher 
of Saltoun ... 1665. [By Gilbert Burnet.] 

FLETCHER (Robert). 

The hero's canticle, and other poems. 

8' Lond. 1855. 
FLETCHER (Robert). 

England and her colonies, or, progrefs in unity : a plea 
for individual rights and imperial duties. 8° Lond. 1857. 

FLETCHER (Shepherd), M.D. 

Confumption : its caufes, prevention, and cure. 

8° Mancheller, 1S64. 
FLETCHER (Thomas C.) 

Scientific farming made eafy ... 8° Lond. i860. 


Remarks on the unbelief of tlie age. 8° Lond. 1865. 

FLETCHER (W.), F.R.A.S., rector of Fofcott, 

Peace — not party. A new year's gift to the people of 
England. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1840. 

FLETCHER (William), of Dub/in. 

Lights, fhadows, and reflecftions of Whigs and Tories. 
By a country gentleman. 8^ Lond. 184I. 

FLETCHER (William). 

* The life of William Fletcher (the converted foldier), 
who was wounded at the battle of Alma, 1854. By J. 
E. F. 1865. 

FLETWOOD (William), recorder of London. 

The effedt of the declaratio made in the Guildhall by 

M. Recorder of London, concerning the late attemptes of 

the Quenes Maiefties euill, feditious, and dlfobedient fubiedles. 

8^ Imprinted at London by John Daye, dwelling 

ouer Alderfgate, [157 !•] 

FLEURET ( ), profefor of architedure. 

L'art de compofer des pierres fa(51ices auffi dures que le 
caillou, et recherches fur la maniere de batir des anciens ... 

4= Paris, 1807. 

Annales Floriacenfes, a. 626-1060. [Pertz, Monu- 
menta Germania hjjlorica, ii. 254.] 

Catalogus abbatum Floriacenfium. [Baluze, Mifcel- 
lanea, i. 491.] 

Chronicon Floriacenfe. [Ibid. ii. 303.] 

FLEURY (Andre Hercule de), cardinal, 1653- 

* Eminentiflimo Cardinali AndreJE Herculi de Fleury. 
[Ode.] 4» n. p. [1726.] 

* Memoirs of the life and adminiftration of the late 
Andrew Hercules de Fleury, Cardinal ... prime-minifter to 
... Lewis XV. In which are hkewife contained fome 
remarkable circumftances relating to the fall of M. Chauvelin, 
keeper of the feals ; and the rife of Cardinal Fengin. By 
an impartial hand. 8" Lond. 1 743. 

— The fecond edition. 8° Lond. 1743. 


Bouquet imperial, en I'honneur de I'empire Frangais, et 
de I'empire Britannique. 12'= Lond. 1855. 



FLEURY (Charles M.), D.D. 

Thirty fermons on the life of David, and on the twenty 
third and thirty fecond Pfalms. 8° Dublin, 1847. 

* The Pope the Antichrift, and the Church of Rome the 
great foretold apoftacy . . . being ftricflures on the rev. C. M. 
Fleui'y's lefture on prophecy relating to the Ruflian empire, 
delivered before the Young men's Chriftian aflbciation. 
By the author of " Coming events." S° Dublin, 1854. 

I am fo happy : a memoir of Emily B. D. 

12° Dublin, I 854. 

Six fermons on the laft days ... 8° Dublin, 1856. 

Jorafalem : part, prefent, and future, being the fubftance 
of a k&iwe ... 8' Dubhn, 1 8 57. 

Sin, Satan, falvation ; being the fubftance of a fennon 
... \_Ep/jes. ii. 2. James iv. 7.] 12" Dublin, i860. 

FLEURY (Cl. p.) 
Hiftoire du droit Frangois. 


12° Paris, 1674. 

FLEURY (Claude), prior of Argenteu'd, 164O- 

Les moeurs des Ifraelites. 12° Braxelles, 1701, 

Les moeurs des Chreftiens. 12° Bruxelles, 1701. 

Moeurs des Ifraelites et des Chretiens. 

12° Paris, 1808. 

Traite du cholx et de la methode des etudes. 

12° Paris, 1724. 

Hiftoire ecclefiaftique [avec la continuation, jufqu'en 
1595.] 36 torn. SJ^oh. I.— III. ivant'ing.^ 

12° Bruxelles, 1725— 40. 

The ecclefiaftical hiftory of M. I'Abbe Fleuiy, from 
the fecond ecumenical council [38 i] to ... [456.] Tranf- 
lated \J}y J. H. Newman^, with notes, and an eflay on the 
miracles of the period. 3 vols. 8° Oxford, 1842—44. 

Difcours fur I'hiftoire ecclefiaftique. 12° Paris, I 77 I. 

Droit public de France ; ouvrage pofthume ; publie avec 
des notes, par J. B. Daragon. 3 torn. 

I 2° Paris, 1759. 

Inftitution au droit ecclefiaftique. Nouvelle edition, aug- 
mentee par Boucher d'Argis. 2 torn. 12° Paris, i 767. 

Exercitiitio in poefim univerfam et Hcbracorum potiflimum. 
[Ugolinus, Thffaurus aniiquitatum sacrarutii, xxxi. 833.] 

FLEURY (Lame). 

Hiiloire de France, racontce 
edition ... par J. ChrilHfon. 
— Nouvelle edition. 

la jeunefil'. Nouvelle 
I 2" Edinb. 1844. 
12= Edinb. 1850. 
— Edition ftereotype, augmentee d'une table analytique 
de I'hiftoire de France. 12° Edinb. 1854. 

The liiftory of France, related to youth, from the French, 
by C. Fleming. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1849. 

L'hiftoire d'Angleterre, racontce a la jeunefte. Aug- 
mentee d'une table analytique. 12° Edinb. 1855. 

Hiftorlcal cha))tcrs relating to many lands. Adapted for 
children. Tranllatcd ... by a lady. IZ° Lond. 1855. 

andre Edouard), 1779— 1835. 

Memoires pour feiTir a I'hiftoire de la vie privee, du 
retour, et du regne de Napoleon en 18 15. 2 torn. 

8° Lond. I 8 19. 


Political adoration ; or, an addrefs to the devil. By the 
foul fiend Flibbertigibbet. 4° Lond. I 789. 

FLICKE (Robert). 

A report .,. concerning the fuccefs of a part of the 
London fupplies fent to my Lord Thomas Howard to the 
iftes of the Azores, 1591. [Pinkerton's CoUtBion of 
•voyages and tra-vels, i. 821.] 

FLIEDNER (Theodore). 

* Life of Paftor Fliedner of Kaiferfwerth. Tianflated 
from the German (with the author's fanftion) by Catherine 
Winkworth. 8° Lond. 1867. 


Fliegende Blatter. Vols. VHI.-XVII. ; XIX.-XXX. 

4° Miinchen, n. d. 
FLIGHT (Edward G.) 

The hoiTe fhoe. The true legend of St. Dunftan and 
the devil ; (liowing how the horfe Ihoe came to be a charm 
againft witchcraft. With illuftrations drawn by George 
Cruickfhank. Second edition. 8° Lond. n. d. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1 87 I. 

FLINDALL (John Morris). 

The amateur's pocket companion, or a defcription of 
fcarce and valuable engraved Britifh portraits ; alfo of the 
rare or curious books, as mentioned in the works of Gianger, 
Bromley, Noble, &c. ... 12° Lond. 1813. 

FLINDERS (Ann-e). 

Confcflions of an apoftate. By the author of " Felix de 
Lifle." 12° Lond. 1842. 

Naboth the Jezreelite ; and other poems. 

8° Bath, 1844. 
The field of honour ; or fcenes in the nineteenth century. 

12° Lond. 1844. 

FLINDERS (Mathew), f^/to/n, 1760-1814. 

Voyage to Terra Auftralis, undertaken for the puqiofe 
of completing the difcovery of that country, and profccuted 
in the years 1801, 1 802 and 1 803 ... 2 vols. 

fol. Lond. 1 8 1 4. 

— Charts. fol. Lond, 1 8 1 4. 

FLINT (Frederic), M.B. 

Modem medicine in its relation to h jmcEO])athy ; with 
an appendix explanatory of feveral princip'es of medicine. 

8" Lond. 1870. 
FLINT (James), yijrmf/-. 

Letters from America, containing obfervations on the 



climate and agricultuie of the Weftein ftates, the manners 
of the people, the profpefts of emigrants, etc. 

8° Edinb. 1822. 

FLINT (John), mmijler in Edinburgh. 

Quxftio ventilata, num oratio vulgo di(5ba Dominica, fit 
exemplar aut formula ? \j'lnon^ 8° Edinb. 170;. 

Examen doflrinas D. Johannis Simfon, S. S. T. in 
celebri Academia Glafguenfi profeflbris. 

8° Edinb. 17 17. 

FLINT (John), aJJUtant in/pedor of fchooh. 

Geography of produiflions and manufadurcs ; with ap- 
pendices. i2oLond. 1855. 
Manual of health ; or eafy leflons on fanitaiy matters. 

12° Lond. n. d. 
FLINT (John), Glafgotv. 

The art and praftical application of arithmetic. By John 
& Thomas Flint. New edition. 8° Glafg. 1862. 

FLINT (John). 

Notes, queftions, and anfwers on the colle<fts. New 
edition. 8° Lond. [1863.] 

FLINT (Robert), profejfor of moral philofophy in the 
Univerfity of St. Andrews. 

Chrift's kingdom upon eaith : a feries of difcourfes. 

8° Edmb. 1865. 
FLINT (Thomas). 

The art and pradlical application of arithmetic. By 
John & Thomas Flint. 1 862. 

FLINT (Rev. Timothy), i 780-1 840. 

Francis Berrian the Mexican patriot. 3 vols. 

12° Lond. 1834. 
FLINT (William). 

Treatife on the breeding, training and management of 
horfes, witli praflical remarks and obfervations on farrieiy. 

12° Hull, 18 I 5. 

FLINTER (George D.), colonel. 

The hiftory of the revolution of Caracas ... Together 
with a defcription of the Llaneros, or people of the plains 
of South America. 8° Lond. 18 19. 

An account of tlie prcfent ftate of the ifland of Puerto 
Rico ... 8° Lond. 1834. 


The law of real property. Vol.1. 8° Lond. 1839. 
The rife and progrefs of the laws of England and Wales. 

8° Lond. 1840. 
The hiftory of a flirt ... 1840. \By Lady Charlotte 


Flirts and flirts ; or, a feafon at Ryde. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1868. 


Flirtation ; a novel 

1828. \By Lady Charlotte 

FLITNER (Johann), German poet laureate. 

Nebulo nebulonum ; hoc eft joco-feria vernaculas nequitia; 
cenfura, carmine lambico depidla tipifque exornata jcneis : 
fccundo a:dita. 8° Leovardix, 1634. 

— Overgcfet uyt den Latynfchen in onfe Nederduytfche 
Tale door Petrum Baardt. 8° Leuwarden, I 63 4. 

FLOCCUS (Andreas Dominicus), canon of the cathe- 
dral of Florence, and fecretary of Pope Eugenius IV. D. 

L. Feneftella [P/c-«i7.] de magiftratibus facerdotiifque 
Romanoram. Pomponius Laetus itidem de maglllratibus 
& faceidotiis, et praeterea de diverfis legibus Romanoram. 

8° Lutetisc, I 549. 

— Cum feleflis notis et accurata recenfione S. Leeuwii, 
J. C. [Leewius, De origine et progreffu juris civilis 
Romani, p. 83.] 

— [Another edition, entitled ; De poteftatibus Romanorum 
lib. ii., haftenus L. Feneftellae, et falfo, et mutUi adfcripti, 
et nunc demum poftliminio integritati ac prilHno nitori et 
auiSlori reftituti, ftudio ae induftria Egidii Wiitfii, J. C. 
Brugends. Pomponii Laeti, Raphaelis Volaterrani, et 
Henrici Bebelii, ejufdem argumenti libelli, ab eodem accurate 
caftigati, adpreffi funt.] 8° Antvei^pix, 1561. 

— Tradotto di Latino alia lingua Tofcana da Francefco 
Sanfuino. 8° Vinegia, 1547. 


De Mowbray, a legend of Penwortham : and other 
poems. 8' Lond. 1854. 

FLOCKHART (Robert). 

The ftreet preacher, being the autobiography of Robert 
Flockhart, late coiporal 8lft Regiment ... edited by 
Thomas Guthrie, D.D. 8° Edinb. 1858. 


An exaift and circumftantial hiftory of the battle of 
Floddon, in verfe, written about the time of Queen Eliza- 
beth, in which are related many particular facfts, not to be 
found in the Englifli hiftory ... With notes by Robert 
Lambe. 8° Berwick-upon-Tweed, 1774. 

— With the various leadings of the difl^erent copies ; 
hiftorical notes, a gloflary, & an appendix, containing ancient 
poems & hirtorical matter relating to the fame event ; by 
Henry Weber. 8° Edinb. 1 8 08. 

— [Reprint of Richard Faques' edition,^ 

8° Newcaftle, 1822. 

FLODERUS (Johannes), profejor of Greek in the 
Uni-verfity of Upfala, I 7 3 1 - 8 9. 

Opufcula oratoria et poetica. 8° Upfalis, 1791. 



FLODOARDUS, French hi/hrlan, 894-966. 

Ecclefia; Remenfis annales five chronicon ... ab anno 
Chrifti D.cccc.xix. ad annum d.cccc.lxvi. cum appendice 
annorum aliquot. [P. Pithceus, Annalium et bjfltjriit Fran- 
corum fcriptores, xii. 109.] 

Hiftorias Remenfis eccleliae libri iv. opera et ftudio 
Georgii Colveneiii ... in lucem editi. \^Max. bibliotheca 
•velerum Patrum, xvii. 500.] 

Annales a. 919— 966. Continuatio, 976— 978. [Pertz, 
Monumenta Germaniis hijlorica, v. 363.] 

* Epitaphiana. [Baluze, Mifcdlanea, iv. 553.] 

FLOERCKE (Heinr. Ernst), German jur'ijl. 

Annotationes ad fyntagma civile Struvianum ... Acceflit 
difputatio autoris inauguialis de conftituto polTefrorio. 

4° Magdeburgi, i 706. 

FLOERCKE (Johann Ehust), German juri/I ; fon of 
the preceding, 1695— 1767. 

Commentatio de crimine conjurationis fpirituum ejufque 
proceffu et poenis. 4° Jenx, 172 I. 

FLOERKEN (Fried. Jac.) 

Die Leidenfchaften der Menfchen und Thiere. Aus 
der okonomifch-technologifchen Encyciop'adie befonders 
heiaufgegeben. 8° Berlin, 1806. 


Flogging, or fcourging, by human law, contrafted with 
the fame punilhment by divine law. Alfo, thoughts on 
the benign afpe<5t of the Scriptuies towards the poor. 

8° Lond. 1846. 
FLOHR (Apolline). 

The German Chriftmas-eve ; a pifture of home life in 
Germany. Edited by Mrs. A. Montgomery. 

8° Lond. n. d. 
FLOOD (Samuel). 

An expolition of the pathology and treatment of tuber- 
cular phthifis. 12° Lond. 1842. 

FLOOD (Samuel), St. Matthew s, Leeds. 

The Cliriftian watchman: a fermon ... [Ezek. iii. 17.] 

8° Lond. 1850. 
The Chriftian's treafure : a fermon. [Eph. iii. 8.1 

8° Lond. 1852. 
FLOOD (Valentine), M.D. 

Surgical anatomy of the arteries, and defcriptive anatomy 
of the heart. New edition by John Hatcii Power, M.D. 

12° Dublin, 1850. 
FLOOD (Warden Hatton). 

Hillorical review of the Irilh Parliaments, from the 
epoch of Henry IL to the Union ... Part L 

8" Lond. 1863. 

God's warning to his people of England, by the great 
oveillowing of the waters or floudes, lately hapned in 
South-Wales, and many other places ... 1607. [Harleian 
Miscellany, iii. 363.] 


An account of the great floods in the rivers Tyne, Tees, 
Wear, Eden, &c. In 1771 and 181 5 ... To which is 
added, an account of the irruption of Solway Mofs. 

8° Newcaftle, 1818. 


Flora's vagaries; a comedy. 1677. \_By Richard 

Flora and her mother ; or, thoughts for Afccnfion day 
and Whitfuntide. i 2° Lond. i860. 


Flora and Eveline ; oi-, leaves from the book of nature. 

8° Lond. 1864. 

Flora and Thalia ; or, gems of flowers and poetiy ; 
being an alphabetical anangement of flowers, with appro- 
priate poetical illuftrations ... By a lady. 

12= Lond. 1835. 

Firft fteps to the Biitifh flora : arranged according to 
the natural fyftem. By the author of " Wild flowers and 
their teachings," &c. 8° Lond. 1854. 


Icones plantarum ... Edits ab ... G. Chr. Oeder. 


Flora domefHca, or the portable flower-gaiden. 

8° Lond. 1S23. 

Flora medica ; edited by a member of the Royal College 
of phyficians with the afllllance of feveral eminent botiinifts. 
2 vols. 8° Lond. 1829-30. 


Flora parvula : or, gleanings among favourite floweis. 

8° Lond. 1847. 
FLOR^US (Jonas). 

Flores antiquitatis Scanics ... 8° Gotheborg, 1743. 


Floral fancies and morals from flowers. 

8° Lond. 1843. 
The floral magazine ... 1861—71. 


The floral world and garden guide. Vols. I VIII. 

8° Lond. 1858-65. 
— Edited by Shirley Hibberd. 1866—67, 1 869. 

8'= Lond. 1866-69. 

FLORAVANTES (Benedictus). 

Antiqui Romanorum pontificum denarii, a Benedido XI. 
ad Paulum III., una cum nummis S.P.Q.R. nomine fignatis. 

4° Romx, 1738. 
2 c 



FLORELLUS (Hieronymus). 

Carmina. \^Carmina illujlr'wm poetarum Italorum, iv. 


Iftorie di Firenze dali' anno 1 406 fino al 1 438. 
[MuRATORius, Rerum Itallcarum fcriplons, xix. 950.] 

Ricordi di Firenze dell' anno 1459 di autore anonimo 
... [Tartini, Rerum Ilalkarum fcriptores, ii. 719.] 

Notizia della vera libeita Fiorentina confiderata ne' fuoi 
giufti liniiti, per I'ordine de' fecoli ; con la fincera difamina, 
e confutazione delle fcritture a tefi, che in varj tempi ed a' 
noftri di fono (late publicate per negare, ed impugnaie i 
fovrani diritti dcgli augurtiflimi imperadori, e del facio 
Romano Impcro, lovra la citta, e lo ftato di Firenze, e il 
Gran Ducato di Tofcano. 2 vol. fol. n. p. 1724-25. 

Mufeum Florentinum exhibens infigniora vetultatis monu- 
menta quae Florentiae funt ... \_Vol. I. //.] Gemmae anti- 
quae ex thefiiuro Mediceo et privatorum daftyliothecis 
Florentix, cxhibentes tabulis C. imagines virorum illuftrium 
ct deoram, cum obfervationibus Antonii Francifci Gorii, 
publici hiltoriaram profefToris. [/W. ///.] Statuae antiquae 
deorum et virorum illuftrium, cum obfervationibus Antonii 
Francifci Gorii. 3 vol. fol. Florentiae, 1731—32. 

• — Antiqua numifmata aurea et argentea, praeftantiora 
asrea maximi moduli, quae in Regio thefauro magni Ducis 
Etrurias adfervantur : cum obfervationibus Anton. Francifci 
Gorii. 3 vol. fol. Florentiae, 1740—42. 

— Serie di ritratti degli eccellenti pittori dipinti di propria 
mano, che eCftono nell' imperial Galleria di Firenze, colle 
vite in compendio de' medefimi defcritte da Francefco 
Moiicke. 4 vol. fol. Firenze, 1752—62. 

Dijlla decima e di varie altre gravezze impofte dal comune 
di Firenze, della moneta e della mercatura de' Fiorentini 
fino al fecolo XVI. 4 tom. 4" Li(bona, 1765-66. 

The hiftoiy of the Council of Florence : tranflated from 
the Ruffian by Bafil Popoff. Edited by the rev. J. M. 
Neale, D.D. 12° Lond. 1 861. 

A ride on horfeback to Florence. 1842. \By Mrs. 


Florence: or, the afpirant. A novel. 1829. [5y 

Mrs. RoBERTON.] 

Florence. [A poem.] 8' Lond. 1 868. 

The ftepmother : or, will fhe be a nun I 

8 Lond. n. d. 

Florence Egerton, or sunfhine and (hadow. By the 
author of " Aunt Edith," " Clara Sunley," etc. 

8° Edinb. 1854. 
Florence Templar. 1856. [5y Mrs. Vidal.] 

FLORENCE of Worcejler. D. i I i 8. 

Chronicon ex chronicis, ab adventu Hengefti et Horfi in 
Britanniam ufque ad annum m.c.xvii. Cui acceflerunt 
continuationes du2, quarum una ad annum 

perdufla. Ad fidem codicum manufcriptorum edidit, 
brevique adnotatione pafTim illuftravit Benjamin Thorpe, 
S.A.S. [for the Englirti Hiftorical Society.] 

8° Londini, 1848. . 

The chronicle of Florence of Worcefter with the two 
continuations, [Ziy John of IVorctfler and John de Taxter] ; 
comprifing annals of Englifh hiftory, from the departure of 
the Romans to the reign of Edward L Tranflated from 
the Latin, with notes and illuftrations, by Thomas Forefter, 
A.M. \Bohn s Ani'tquar'ian Library?^ 8" Lond. 1854. 

— [Stevenson, Church hiflor'uins of England, ii. 171.] 


Crotalogia ; o ciencia de 
primera ... 

las Caftafluelas ... parte 
8° Madrid, 1792. 


Remarks upon the article termed " The baths of Lucca," 
by " Florentia," in " Colburn's new monthly magazine " 
for Februai-y, 1857. 8° Lond. 1857. 


Florentine tales : with modern illuftrations. 

8° Lond. 1847. 

Le premier livre de la cronique du ... Flores de Grece 
... mife en Fran9oyspar ... Nicolas de Herberay. i 5 52. 

FLORES (Juan de). See Giovanni de Fiori. 

FLORES (Joseph Miguel de). 

Cronica de D. Alvaro de Luna, Condeftable de los 
reynos de Caftilla y de Leon ... Segunda imprefion. 

4° MadJid, 1784. 

Florefton ; or, the new lord of the manor. 1839. 
[5_V Thomas Dolby.] 

FLOREZ (Henrique), Spanl/h antiquary, I 701—73. 

Efpana fagrada : theatro geographico-hiftorico de la 
iglefia de Efpaiia ... 29 tom. 4° Madrid, 1747-75. 

Elogios del fanto rey D. Fernando, pueftos en el fepulcro 
de Sevilla en hebreo y arabigo, con las infcripciones latina y 
caftellana. 4° Madrid, 1754. 

Medallas de las colonias, municipio.s y pueblos antiguos 
de Efpana ... 3 part. 4° Madrid, 1757. 

Memorias de las reynas catholicas. 2 torn. 

4° Madrid, I 761. 

Clave hiftoria], con que fe abre la puerta a la hiftoria 
eclefiailica y politica ... Decima edicion. 

4° Madrid, 1 780. 

La Cantabria ; difeitacion sobre el fitio y extenfion que 
tuvo en tiempo de los romanos la region de los Cantabros. 

4° Madrid, 1786. 


Las genealogias del nuevo reyno de Granada. 2 tom. 
fol. Madrid, 1674-76. 



FLORIAN (Jean Pierre Claris de), 1755-94. 
Oeuvres de M. de Florian. 2 i torn. 

I 2° Palis, I 784-1803. 
Vl'he above is the half-title ; the •works have each a fepa- 
rate title-page, as under: 

— Les fix nouvelles. \Oeuvres, 13.] 

12° Paris, 1784. 

— Numa Pompilius, fecond roi de Rome. Seconde 
edition. 2 torn. [Ibid. 15, 16.] 12° Paris, 1786. 

[ — Avec la fignification Anglaife des idiomes, et 
des mots les plus difficiles, au bas de chaque page : par N. 
Wanoftrocht. Dixi^me edition ... corrigee par M. A. 
Thibaudin. i2'=Londres, 1855.] 

— Melanges de poefie et de litterature. \Oeuvres, 20.] 

12° Paris, 1787. 
[ — Galatee — Roman paftoral — imitee de Cervantes. 
3eme. edition. Paris, 1784.] 

. Cinqui^me edition. ^Oeuvres, 1 9.] 

12° Paris, 1788. 
— - Theatre de M. de Florian. Quatrieme edition. 3 
torn. [Ibid. 10-12.] 12° Paris, 1791. 

— Gonfalve de Cordoue, ou Grenade reconquife. 
Seconde edition. 3 tom. [Ibid. 7-9.] i 2' Paris, i 792. 

— Fables. [Ibid. 2 1.] 12^ Paris, 1792. 

— Nouvelles nouvelles. [Ibid. 14.] 1 2° Paris, I 792. 

[ — Traducidas libremente e illuftradas con algunas 
notas curiofas e inftruflivas, per Don Gafpar Zavala y 
Zamora. i2°Lond. 1808.] 

— Eftelle, paftorale. Troifi^me edition. \Oeuvres, 
17.] 12° Paris, 1793. 

[ — Tranflated from the French, by Mrs. Sufanna 
Cummyng. 2 vols. 12" Lond. 1787.] 

— Eliezer et Nephtaly, poeme traduit de I'Hebreu fuivi 
d'un dialogue entre deux chiens, nouvelle imitee de Cer- 
vantes ... \^Oeuvres, 18.] 12° Paris, 1803.] 

Illurtrated from the French by J. .Tones. 

8° Lond. I S16. 
Guillaumc Tell par Florian. Nouvelle edition. Ornee 
de gravures et augmentee d'un vocabulaire Francais- Anglais. 

12° Londres, 1829. 
Oeuvres pofthumes, contcnant Rofalba, nouvelle Sici- 
lienne, plufieurs fables inedites, et le poeme de Guillaume 
Tell, avec la vie de I'auteur ... 12° Paris, n. d. 


Comedia nobilliflima et ridictJofa chianiato Floriana. 

12° Vinegia, 1526. 
Florian's hufband. 1863. [5y Mifs Barbara Gunn.] 

FLORIANTSCHITSCH (.Ioannes Stkphanus), de 
Grienteld ; Jlmirijhed in the I -jth century. 

Bofia lingua, five difcurfus academicus de pecuniis vetero- 
novis. 8' Labaci, 1695. 


The floricultural cabinet and fiorllFs magazine. Con- 
duced by .lofq.h H.irrifon. Vols. Vlll.-XXVII. 

8° Lond. 1840-58. 

Floricultural review ... 1852. 


A relation of the invafion and conqueft of Florida by the 
Spaniards, under the command of Fernando de Soto ; 
written in Portuguefe by a gentleman of the town of Elvas ; 
now englifhed. To which is fubjoyned, two journeys of the 
prefent Emperour of China into Taitary in tlie years 1682 
and 1683 ; with fome difcoveries made by the Spaniards 
in the idand of California, in the year 1 68 3. 

8° Lond. 1686. 

FLORIDUS (Franciscus S>&.mii\!i), Italian philologifl. 
D. 1547. 

In M. Adlii Plauti alioiiimque Latinas linguas fcriptorum 
calumniatores apologia ... De juris civilis interpretibus liber 
... De juris C. lulij Caefaris praeftantia libri iii. ... Lec- 
tionum fubcifi varum libri iii. ... fol. Bafileae, 1540. 


Poeticum florilegium ex Ovidio, Tibullo, Propertio, 
Martiali, &c. ... In ufum tyronum. i 2° Londini, 1744. 


Florimel ; a tale of the thirteenth centuiy. [Ferfe.'\ 

8° Lond. 1 826. 

FLORINDO (Andres), Spani/h ph^cian ; Jouri/hed 
in the I "Jth century. 

Addicion al libro de Eciia i fus grandezas. 

4" Lifboa, [1632.] 

FLORINUS (Joan. Matthias), profejor of hifiory and 
eloquence at Herborn. 

Exercitationum hiftorico-philologicarum tafciculus, de 
origine & propagatione linguae Graecx, & vitis quatuor 
Evangeliflaiiim. 4" Francofurti ad Moenum, 1 707. 

FLORIO (^GiSMvsDo'j, Jlouri/hed in the 16th century. 

Iftoria morale, nella quale fi difcorre di raaterie de ftati 
et di diverfe attioni de prencii)i, tanto Antichi, quanto del 
noftro tempo ... 4° Trevigi, 1599. 

FLORIO (.Iohn), " the refolule." D. 1625. 
Queen Anna's now world of words ; or, di(5tionarie of 
the Itilian and Englidi tongues ... fol. Lond. 1611. 

FLORIO (Michelangelo). 

Hidoria dc la vita e dc la moite de rillullrifl". Signora 
Giovanna Graia, gia regina elettii e publicata d'Inghiltcrra : 
e de le cofe accadute in quel legno dopo la moitc del re 
Edoardo VI. Nella quale fecondo le Diuine Scritture fi 
tratta dc i princiiiali articoli dc la rcligione Chrilliana. Con 
I'aggiunui d'una dottifl". difputa tlieologica fatta in OlFonia, 
i I'anno 1554. 8" n. p. 1607. 




The florift's manual, or hints for the conftruftion of a gay 
flower-garden ... 12= Lond. 1816. 

The Midland florift, and fuburban hoiticulturift, condu(5led 
by .Tolin Frederick Wood. Vols. I.-VII. IX. 

8° Lond. 1847-55. 

The florift's JOURNAL. 184O— 47. 

The florift. Vol. I. 8° Lond. 1848. 

The florift and garden mifccllany. 1849—50. [No 
numeration of vols, on title, but, at the fignatures, numbered 
vol. II. III., of the preceding.'] 8° Lond. 1849-50. 

The florift, fruitift, and garden mifcellany. 1851— 61. 

\ytt the fi^ntUures, numbered vol. I VI., New Series, and 

/Af/i X.-XIV.] 8" Lond. 1851-61. 

The Scottifli florift and horticultural journal. 1853. 

12° Edinb. 1853. 


Poetical epiftle from Florizel to Perdita, with Perdita's 
anfwer. And a preliminary difcourfe upon the education of 
princes. 4° Lond. 1781. 


De qualitatc vitse \carmen.] [PoetjE Latini minores, 
ed. Wernfdorf, vol. iii.] 

FLORUS, magi/ler ; of Lyons. D. circa 860. 
Carmina varia. [Mabillon, Vetera analeila, p. 4 13.] 
Opufcula. [Max. bibliotheca veterum Patrum, xv. 60.] 

FLORUS (Drepanius). D. circa 650. 
Pfalmi et hymni. [Max. bibliotheca veterum Patrum, 
viii. 667.] 

FLORUS (Georgius), Italian jurijl ; Jlouryiied in the 
1 6//1 century. 

De bello Italico et rebus Gallorum praclare geftis libri 
sex. [GRitvius, Thcfaurus antiquitatum cl hijioriarum Italic, 
ix. 6.] 

FLORUS (Lucius ANNitus or Julius), Latin hif- 

Lvtii Flori geftorvm Romanorvm epithoma incipit. 

4° n. p. n. d. 
Hiftoriae Romanae epitomae Lucii Julii Flori, C. Vel. 
Paterculi, Sex. Aur. Viftoris, Scxti Rufi Fefti, MelFalae 
Corvini, M. Aur. Caffiodori & Euti'opii. 

12° Officina Plantiniana Raphelengii. 1607. 
Rerum Romanarum editio nova, accurante Jo. Frein- 
(hemio ... 8° Argentorati, 1636. 

— Cl. Salmafius addidit Lucium Anipelium e cod. MS. 
nunquam antehac editum. 12° Lugd. Bat. 1638. 

— Cum notis integris Cl. Salmafii. Additus ctiam L. 
Amjielius, ex ejufdem bibliotheca. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1655. 

— [Another edition.] 12° Amft. 1664. 

— Cum notis integris Cl. Salmafii et feleftifllmis variorum, 
accurante S. M. D. C. additus etiam Anipelius ... 

8° Amft. 1674. 

— Interpretatione et notis illuftravit Anna Tanaquilli 
Fabri tilia ... in ufum Delphini ... 4° Paris, 1674. 

— Recenfitus & illuftratus a Joanne Georgio Grsevio. 

8= Trajedli Batav. 1680. 

— Ex recenCone N. l^[lanchardi]. Accedunt Claudii 
Salmafii aliorumque notae. 4° Franequers, 1690. 

— Ex recenfione Jo. Georgii Grsvii cum ejufdem anno- 
tationibus ... Acceflere notae integrae Cl. Salmafii, Joh. 
Freinfhemii & variorum. Necnon numilmata et antiqua 
monumenta ... in fine additus eft L. Ampelius ex bibli- 
otheca Cl. Salmafii. 2 torn. 8° Amftelod. 1 702. 

Acceflit praeter Ampelium libellumque varr. 

left, praefatio J. F. Fifcheri. 8° Lips. 1760. 

— Recenfuit ... F. N. Titze. 8° Prague, 1819. 
— • Item Lucii Ampelii Liber memorialis ; quibus fcleftas 

varioram notas, indiccm Freinfliemianum, et novam paflim 
interprctationem fubjunxit N. E. Lemaire. [Bibl. Clajf. 
Lat.] 8" Paris, 1827. 

— Cum verfione Anglica ... or a compendious hiftory 
of Rome by L. Florus, with an Englifli tranflation as literal 
as pollible by John Clarke. 8° York, n. d. 

— Libri duo piiores, ex criticorum obfervationibus cor- 
refli, cum textus ratione, notifque variorum hiftoricis, 
politicis S: antiquariis ; ... adornati & editi a Laurcntio 
Begero. fol. Coloniae Marchiae, 1 7 04. 

— Made Englifh from the beft editions and correflions 
of learned men ... Second edition. 8° Lond. 1725. 

— Literally tranftated ... by the rev. John Selby Wat- 
fon. 1852. [Sallust, Florus, and Velleius Paterculus. 

Delle hiftorie Romane ... colle notitie di Lucio Am- 
pelio tradotte gia da fanti Conti da Rocca Contiada ... 

12" Roma, 1672. 
* Chriftophori Adami Ruperti obfervationes ... ad L. 
Annaei Flori Reram Romanarum libros IV. ... 1659. 
[To F. is aljh afcribed by JVcrnjdorf the Pervigilium Vemrh.'\ 

FLORY (Joseph), B.M. 

The difcudion at Cambridge on the queftion — " Is there 
no falvation without baptifm ?" between the rev. Joieph 
Flory, Baptift Minifter, Somerfham, and the rev. Elder 
Edward Harding, a Mormonite ... \z° Lond. 1856. 

Clouds difperfed for the fearing ; doubts removed for the 
doubting : ouglit the rev. C. H. Spurgeon to preach at the 
Mufic Hall, Surrey Gardens ? being animadverfions upon a 
letter in the " Chriftian Cabinet" of November 21ft, 
1856: with general remarks upon the cataftrophe in the 
above place, &c. i 2° Lond. 1856. 

FLOTTUS (Adamus). 

Hiftoriae provincise Societatis Jefu Germanias Superioris, 
a P. Ignatio Agricola ... Pars teitia ... authore Adamo 
Flotto. 1734. 

FLOURENS (Marie Jean Pierre), French phvfologijl. 
B. 1794. 

On human longevity and the amount of life upon the 
globe. Tranftated from the FVench fecond edition, by 
Charles Martel. 12° Lond. 1855. 

How to live one bundled years, clearly proved and 
demonftrated from praftical refults of the philofophers 



Cornaro, BufFon, and Cuvier. Second edition, tianflated 
from the French by Charles Martel. 12° Lond. 1855. 


Les entretiens des voyageurs fur la mer. 4 torn. 

1 2 ° Cologne, I 7 1 5 . 
The flower of the family ... [By Mrs. Prentiss.] 


Flower emblems, or the feafons of life. Seleftions in 
profe and vcrfe from various authors. 8° Lond. 187 i. 


The Englifh flower garden : a monthly magazine of 
hardy and half-hardy plants. By W. Thompfon. Vols. 
L II. 8° Lond. 1852-53. 


Plans of flower gardens, beds, borders, roferies, and 
aquariums ; accompanied by rules and direflions for their 
formation, defcriptions of the fuitable plants, their arrange- 
ment and culture. By contributors to the " Journal of 
horticulture." 8° Lond. [1868.] 


Flower ftories and their leffons : a book for the young. 

8^ Lond. I 861. 

FLOWER ( ). 

Flower's political review. 

FLOWER (Edward). 

The coalition of the bead of the Apocalypfe and his ten 
regal confederates, and feme prophetical periods and events 
conneiftcd therewith examined. 8 Lond. 1856. 

Wonders of divine arithmetic : being an analytical ex- 
amination of the number of the facred name of .lefus, in 
Greek, 888, and its various correlatives ... 

8° Lond. 1857. 

FT,OWER (.1. W.) 

The fuitors' fund. A letter to the Lord High Chan- 
cellor, with reference to the inveftment of the cafh balances 
belonging to the fuitors of the Court of Chancery ... 

8° Lond. [1859.] 


Adam's difobedience, and its refults in relation to man- 
kind as fliown in Scripture. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1871. 

FLOWER (John), Jun. 

Biief notices of the life and minifterial labours of the 
rev. John Dennant, forty-four years pallor of the Independ- 
ent church at Halefworth, Suffolk ; with the funeral fcrmon 
preached to the church, on the Lord's day after his death. 
[Cor 2. iv. II.] 8° Lond. 1 85 I. 


Marching out ; a manual of furveying and field (l^etch- 
ing ... I 2^ Lond. 1859. 


The Great Exhibition of the induftry of all nations, 
viewed in relation to Chriftianity : a fermon ... [//a. ii. 
2, 3, 4.] Second edition. 8° Lond. 1S51. 

FLOWER (William). 

A key to the modern fliding-rule ... 8'' Lond. 1768. 

FLOWER (William), Norroy klng-at-arms. 

The heraldic vifitatione of y= countye Palatyne of Dur- 
ham, in the yeare of our Lorde God, 1575. [Edited by 
Nicholas John Philipfon.] fol. NewcalHe, [1820.] 

The vifitation of the county palatine of Lancafter, made 
in the year 1567. Edited by the rev. F. R. Raines, M.A. 

4° Mancherter, 1870. 

FLOWER (William Balmbro'), B.A., Briti/}j chap- 
lain, Baden-Baden. 

Sunday evening mufings and other poems : with an 
appendix on facramental efficacy. 12° Lond. 1843. 

"The works of the Lord are great." A fermon ... 
[Ps. cxi. 2 ; cvii. 8.] 8° Lond. 1847. 

A letter to the right hon. Lord John Ruffell, in reply 
to his Lordftiip's anfwer to the remonftiant bifhops. With 
a pollcript on Dr. Hampden's letter. 8° Lond. 1 8 47. 

A revival of old Church of England principles, no new 
faith. A few plain woids addrefled to thofe who think. 
By the curate of Stoke Damerel. 12° Lond. 1849. 

Life a pilgrimage. A fermon preached on the Sunday 
after the funeral of the late J. Smith, Efq. ... [Ps. cxix. 54.] 

8° Lond. 1849. 

Stand faft in the faith. A fermon beaiing on the duties 
of Churchmen at the prefent time. [1 Cor. xvi. 13.] 

8° Lond. 1850. 

The Chiuxh and the facraments : a firft letter to the 
rev. R. W. Needham, containing ftriftures upon his letter 
to the Billiop of Exeter, entitled, " The Church and the 
fynod." 8° Lond. 1851. 

" The work we have to do ; " a fcrmon ... [John ix. 4.] 

8° Lond. 185 I. 

What fliall be done to regain the loft ? A plea for the 
poor, or, hints for the better working of populous parifhes, 
confidered in a letter to ... Henry, Lord Bilhop of Exeter. 

8° Lond. 1851. 

The glories of the church of Chrift, a fermon preached 
by command of Henry, lord biffiop of Exeter ... at the 
confecration of S. James the Great, Stoke Damerel. [Ps. 
Ixxxvii. 3.] i2'>Lond. 1851. 

Non-epifcopal orders : a letter to the rev. W. Goode, 
M.A., in reply to his remarks on the addrefs of the Lord 
Bilhop of Exeter, to the ven. the Archdeacon of Totnes ; 
and alfo to certain ftatements in an article reprinted from 
the Chriftlan obfeiTcr for November. 8° Lond. 1S52. 

Lucy Alhcroft : the manufaifturer's daughter, a tale of 
the north. 12° Lond. 1853. 

An extraft from a fermon on the de.ath of H.R.H. 
the late Prince Confoit ... [Mall. xxv. 6.] 

1 2° Lond. 1862. 



The Church of England on the Continent, and the pro- 
pofed new church of All Saints, Baden Baden, Germany : 
a letter to the ... bifhop of Exeter. 8° Lond. 1862. 

FLOWER (William Brewer), B.A., reBor of 

A lit;my, and piayeis for penitents, intended for ufe 
during the thieatencd vifitation of the cholera. With feme 
remarks on repentance. 12° Lond. 1848. 

The prayers to be faid oi' fung. A plea for muficil 
fen'ices, in a letter to the right hon. & right rev. Charles 
James, lord bifhop of London. i 2° Lond. 1851. 

Choral fervice ; the facrifice of praife : a fermon . . . 
[Ps. 1. 23.] 8° Lond. 1853. 

The National fociety vindicated : in anfwer to the rev. 
E. Girdleftone. 8° Lond. 1854. 

A hillory of Scotland. 12° Lond. 1854. 

Peace: two fermons ... \^Mark iv. 39; Aas xvii. 
39.] 12° Lend. 1856. 

Choral fervices, and ritual obfenances. Two fermons, 
to which is prefixed an addrefs to its paridiioners on the 
prefent troubles in the church. 8° Lond. 1856. 

FLOWER (William Henry), F.R.S. 

Diagrams of the nerves of the human body ... 

fol. Lond. I 861. 
An introduflion to the ofteology of the mammalia : being 
the fubftance of the courfe of leflures delivered at the Royal 
college of furgeons of England in 1870. 

8° Lond. 1870. 
Introdudbory lefture to the courfe of compaiative anatomy 
delivered ... February 1 4, 1870. 8° Lond. 1870. 


The parr & falmon controverfy, with authentic reports 
of the legal judgments and judges' notes in the various law- 
fuits on the parr queftion ... 8" Edinb. 187 i. 


Deutfche Bliimchen auf Englifchem Boden. German 
flowerets on Englifh ground : a Cambridge Chriftmas vaca- 
tion divertifement, 1847-48. i2'=Camb. 1848. 


The moral of flowers ... 1833. [^y Mrs. He v. J 

Wild flowers, and their teachings. Second edition. 

8° Bath, 1848. 

Spring flowers and fummer bloflbms. 

12° Lond. [1849.] 

The flowers ; .or, a word on behalf of Jews and Gentiles. 
By the widow of a clergyman. 12° Lond. 1849. 

My flowers. 1 2° Lond. 1 85 i. 

Gathered flowers : a feledlion of Scripture texts adapted 
for parochial ufe. 12° Lond. [1857.] 

Wild flowers Ihowing where to gather them : how to 
preferve them : their ufes and feafons for flowering, and 
their medicinal ufes ... 8° Lond. 1861. 

Flowers for window gardens ... 1862. \^By E. A. 

Notes on wild flowers. By a lady. 8° Lond. 1864. 

Flowers replaced. By the author of " Angels ethereal 
and material," &c. 8° Lond. 1864. 

Thoughts in verfe upon flowers of the field. Illuftratcd 
by Mary Antoinetta, Marchionefs of Huntly. 

4° Lond. [1866.] 

— Y^lnother edition.^ 12° Lond. n. d. 
A handful of flowers and weeds, in profe and verfe, from 

a very old portfolio. By the author of " The falfe ftep 
and the fifters." 8° Lond. 1870. 

The language and poetry of flowers. 

8° Lond. [1871.] 

Flowers in their feafon. 4° Lond. n. d. 

Night-fcented flowers, and other poems and hymns. By 
the author of " Hymns and thoughts for the fick and 
lonely." 8° Bath, n. d. 

Flowers of many lands : a Chriltian companion for hours 
of recreation. 8° Lond. n. d. 

FLOYD (C. G.), M.A. 

Chrift's myftical body: a fermon ... \Eph. iv. 15, 16.] 

8° Lond. 1868. 
FLOYD (Robert). 

Reading, writing, and arithmetic and how they may be 
more fuccefl"fully taught in elementary fchools. 

8° Lond. I 861. 

FLUDD, or DE FLUCTIBUS (Robert), M.D., 

Tradtatus theologo-philofophicus, in libros tres diftributus; 
quoiTjm I. de vita. II. de morte. III. de refurreftione. 
Cui inferuntur nonnulla fapientiae veteris, Adami infortunio 
fuperflitis, fragmenta ; ex profundiori facranim literarum 
fenfu & lumine atque ex limpldiori & liquidiori fanorum 
philofophoinim fonte haufta atque colleifta ... a Rudolfo 
Otieb [^Roberto Fludo\ Britanno. 4^ Oppenheimii, I 61 7. 

Difcurfus de unguento armario. \VHikrv.\jM fympatheti- 
cum, p. 507.] 

FLUDE (James B.) 

Englilh and PortHguefe exchange tables. 

8° Lond. 1856. 

FLiJGEL (Johann Gottfried), 1788— 1855. 

Complete didlionary of the German and Englifh lan- 
guages : adapted to the Englifh ftudcnt, with great additions 
and improvements, by C. A. Feiling and A. Hcimann. In 
two parts. Fart I. 8 Lond. 1841. 

— Adapted to the Englifli ftudent ... by C. A. Feiling, 
A. Heimann and John Oxenfoid. New edition. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

FLOGGE (Christ. Wilh.) 

GefchichtedesGlaubens anUnfterblichkeit, A ufcrftehung, 
Gericht und Vergettung. 4 Thle. 8° Leipzig, 1794. 




Letters from Flufhing ; containing an account of the 
expedition to Walcheren, Beveland, and the mouth of the 
Scheldt, under the command of the Earl of Chatham. 
To which is added, a topographical and ftatiftical account 
of the iflands of Walcheren and Beveland. By an officer 
of the Eighty-firft regiment. 8° Lond. 1809. 

FLUX (William). 

The law to regulate the fale of poifons within Gieat 
Britain. 8° Lond. 1 8 69. 


Fly-fifhing in fait and frefh water. 8^ Lond. 1851. 


All the numbers of the " Fly fheets," now firll reprinted 
in one pamphlet. 8^ Birmingham, n. d. 

FLYGARE (Gustavus). 

DifTertatio de praedis et paroecis Aengfon. 

4° Upfaliae, 1766. 

FLYNN (Daniel). 

Deftiny ; or, the prieft's bleffing. 8° Lond. 1869. 

FOA (Eugenie). D. 1853. 

Contos hiftoriques. New edition, with idiomatic notes, 
by G. A. Neveu. 8" Lond. 1868. 

FOAKES (John W.), M.D. 

Gout and rheumatic gout : a new method of cure. 
Second edition. 8° Lond. 1871. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1871. 

FOCAS. See Phocas. 

FOCKEMA (Daam). 

DifTertatio juridica inauguralis de poenis, earumque diver- 
iitate ratione imputationis. 8" Groningae, 1793. 

FODEN (James). 

Mechanical tables ... 8° Liverpool, 1836 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. [1B67.] 
The boilcrmaker's & iron fhipbuiidcr's companion ... 

1 2° Lond. 1869. 

FODERfi (Francois Emmanuel), French phyjtc'ian, 

Traite de mcdccine legale et d'hygiiinc publique, ou de 
police de fante ... 6 torn. 8° Paris, 181 3. 

Traite du delire, applique a la medecinc, a la morale et 
a la legiflation. 2 tom. 8° Paris, 18 17. 

Voyage aux Alpes Maritimes ... 2 tom. 

8' Paris, 1821. 


The foe on the hearth ; a novel. In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1864. 

FOE (Daniel de). See Daniel Defoe. 
FOEBADIUS, b'lfiop of Agen in Gaul. See Phce- 


FOELIX (Jean Jacques Gaspard), French juri/I, 

Traite du droit international prive, ou du conflit des 
lois de difFerentes nations en matiSre de droit prive. 

8° Paris, 1843. 

— Troifi^me edition, revue et augmentee par Charles 
Demangeat. 2 tom. Paris, 1856. 

FOLSCH (Edward Gustaf). 

Refa i Nonige, ar 18 17. 8° Strengnas, 1818. 

FOERSOM (Peter), Danj/Jj aaor and poet, IJTJ- 
18 I 7. 

Digte, af Peter Foerfom ; udgivne efter bans Dod. 2 
Dele. 8° Kiobenhavn, 18 j 8. 

FOERSTER (F. F. Moritz). 

A new, practical and eafy method of learning the 
Spanilh language, after the fyftem of F. Ahn. Firft 
courfe. 12° Lond. 1858. 

FOERTSCH (Michael), German theologian, 1654- 

Manududlio ad theologiam comparativam. 

4° Jenae, i 71 3. 

FOGEL (Car. Joh.) 

Bibliotheca Hamburgenfium eiTjditione et fcriptis claro- 
lum, qui per tria faecula ad noftram aetatem floruerunt, 
curis fecundis ducentorum fciiptorum numero adaudla ... 
publici juris fada a Theod. lac. Fogelio. 

fol. Hamburgi, 1738. 

FOGG (Lawrence), D.D., dean of Chepr. D. 
17 I 7. 

Two treatifes : 1. A general view of the Chriftian re- 
ligion, in eight pofitions ; 2. An entrance into the doi5lrine 
of Chriftianity by catechetical inftitution. 

8° Chefter, 17 12. 

FOGGINIUS (Nicolaus), Florentinus. 

Mufei Capitolini [Gio. Gaet. Bottari] tomus quartus 
continens marmora anaglypha cum animadverhonibus [N. 
Fogginii.] 1782. 

FOGLIETA, or FOLIETA (Ubertus), Genoefe 
hyiorinn, 1518—81. 

De linguae Latinae ufu et praelhintia libri tres, cum notis 
Jo. Laur. Molhcmii. 8" Haniburgii, 1723. 

Hiftoriae Genucnlium libri xii. [Gra-.vius, Thefaurus 
anliquitatum el hijloriarnm flalia, i. 2 0I.] 



Clarorum Ligurum elogia. [Ibid. i. 745.] 

Conjuratio Joannis Ludovici Flifci. Tumultus Neapoli- 
tani. Caedes Petri Ludovici Farnclii, Placentiae Ducis. 
[Ibid. i. 877.] 

De facro toedeie in Sclimum libri iv. Variae expcdi- 
tiones in Africam, cum obfidione Melitae. [Ibid. i. 937.] 

Opufcula nonnulla varii argumenti, viz. De vitae et 
ftudiorum latione hominis faciis initiati. De ratione 
fcribcndae hiftoriae. De cauflis magnitudinis Tui-canam 
imperii. Tybuitinum Hippolyti Cardinalis Ferrarienfis. 
Brumanus, five de laudibus urbis Neapolis. De nonnullis, 
in quibus Plato ab Ariilotele reprehenditur. De norma 
Polybiana. Oratio in feflo die omnium fanftomm. [Ibid. 

'• "77-] 

De ratione fcribends hiftoriae. [Wolfius, ylrlis hif- 

tor'icdt penus, ii. 408.] 

De limUitudine norniae Polybianae. [Ibid. ii. 443.] 


La foire d'Aufbourg ... ballet allegorique. 
\By Dominique de Colon lA.] 


FOLARD (Charles de), French tadician, 1669- 

* L'Efprit du Chevalier Folard tire de fes commentaires 
fur I'hiftoire de Polybe. 8° Leipfig, 1761. 

FOLCARDUS, French monk ; Jlourljhed circa 1 066. 

Vita S. Bcitini abbatis Sithivenfis in Morenis. [Mabil- 
LON, ASa fanSorum 0. S. B. iii. i. 93.] 

FOLCH (Pedro Antonio). 

Relacion de la embaxada de obediencia que dio en 
Roma a la fanftidad de Clemente X., en nombre del ... 
Rey de las Efpanas Carlos Segundo y de fu ... madre, 
Tutora, y Gouernadora. 4° n. p. n. d. 

Panegyrico al catholico triumfo al magcftuofo aparato 
con que a la Sanftidad de Clemente X., en nombre de el 
... Rei de las Efpailas ... Carlos Segundo y de fu ... 
madre, Tutora, y Gouernadora, D. Maria Anna De Auftria. 

4° n. p. n. d. 

Oracion panegirica en la folemniffima fcftiuidad del culto 
gloriofo de offizio, y miffii, que N. M. S. P. Clemente X. 
ha congedido al fmto Rey Fernando, el Tercero de efte 
nombre de las de CalHlla, y de Leon, &c. 4° n. p. n. d. 


Gefta abbatum Lobienfium a. 6 3 7-9 So. [Pertz, 
Monumenta Germanic hjflorica, vi. 52.] 

FOLENGIUS (Theophilus), Italian poet. D. i 5 44. 

Opus Merlini Cocaii \Pfeud.'\ poetae Mantuani macaroni- 
conim. 8° Amftelodami, 1692. 


Carmina. [Carmina illuftrium poetarum Ilalorum, iv. 

FOLEY (Daniel), D.D. 

An Englidi-Irifh diflionary ... 8° Dublin, I 85 5. 
The people and inllitutions of the United States of 
America: a fummcr vacation tour. 12° Dublin, 1858. 

FOLEY (E. D.) 

The cotton manufafturcr's affiftant ... The theory and 
pradice of the whole art. 8° Mancheller, 1870. 

FOLEY (Robert). 

Laws relating to the poor, from the forty-third of Queen 
Elizabeth, to the third of King George II., with cafes 
adjudged in the Court of King's Bench, upon the feveral 
claufes of them. In a method entirely new. 

8° In the Savoy, I 739. 

FOLEY (Robert), M.A. 

A letter to Dr. Pricftley in anfwcr to the appendix (no. 
19, page 197) of his late publication, entitled "An appeal 
to the public, on the fubjeft of the riots in Birmingham. 
Part the i id." To which is added, a fermon. 

8° Stourbridge, 1793. 


The hand book of foliage and defigns, adapted to the 
ornamental & floral leather work. Second thoufand. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

FOLIETA (Ubertus). See Ubertas Foglieta. 

FOLIO (Felix). 

The hawkers and ftreet dealers of the north of England 
manufacturing diftrifls ; ... their dealings, dodgings, and 
doings. Second edition. 1 2° Manchefter, 1858. 

FOLKARD (Henry Coleman). 

The failing boat : a defcription of Englifti and foreign 
boats ... with notices of the caufes of capfizing, and other 
nautical information. 12= Lond. 1853. 

— Third edition. 12° Lond. 1 863. 

— Fourth edition. 8° Lond. 1870. 
The wild-fowler : a treatife on ancient and modern wild- 
fowling, hiftorical and practical. 8° Lond. 1859. 

FOLKES (Martin), 1690-1754. 

A table of Englifh filver coins from the Norman conqueft 
to the piefent time ; with their weights, intrinfic values, and 
fome remarks upon the feveral pieces. [To which is added, 
an appendix concerning the coins minted in Scotland fince 
the union of the two crowns.] fol. Lond. 1745. 

A table of Engiifli gold coins from the eighteenth 
year of King Edward the third when gold was firft coined 
in England, to the prefent time. With their weights and 
intrinfic values. fol. Lond. 1745. 

FOLLEN (Charles), J.U.D., profejor of German 
lileralure in Harvard Uni-verfily. 

Funeral oration : delivered ... Nov. I 7, at the burial of 
Gafpar Spurzheim, M.D. 8° Bofton, 1832. 



FOLLEN (Mrs. Eliza Lee). 

The fccptic. 8° Lond. 1853. 

The lark, and the linnet. Hymns, fongs, and fables. 

8° Lond. 1854. 
The well-fpent hour, a tale. 8° Lond. [1856.] 

New nurfeiy fongs for all good children. 

8° Lond. i860. 

FOLLERIUS (Petrus), Italian juri/l. 

De contraflibus cenfuariis. [Zilettus, TraBatus uni- 
verfi juris, vi. ii. 117.] 

FOLLET (John). 

The forrows and joys of a confumptive ; and other poems : 
with an introdu<5lory flcetch of the life of the author. 

12° Lond. [1845.] 
FOLLETT (Thomas Lisle). 

Elements of the fcience of good government. 

8° Lond. 1833. 


Following fully : an illuftrative narrative founded on faft. 
By the author of " Whifpers in the palms," " Which 
way," " The crooked ftick," etc. etc. etc. 

8° Lond. i860. 


Gefchichte der nienfchlichen Narrheit ... 1 785. [T^on 
J. C. Adelung.] 


* Fragmentum ex libro contra Folmarum, editum a Pctro 
Stewartio, Leodienfi. [Canisius, Antiqua leQiones, 111. ii. 

— \Max. hihliotheca veterum PatRUM, xxiii. 239.] 


California, and its gold. Part L 8° Lond. 1849. 

FONBLANQUE (AhBAtiY), former/y editor of '■'■The 
Examiner,^' 1800— 73- 

England under feven adminiftrations. In tliree volumes. 

12° Lond. 1837. 

FONBLANQUE (Albany), Jun., hurrijlcr. 

The man of fortune : a ftory of the prefent day. 

8° Lond. 1859. 

How wc are governed : or, the crown, the fenate, and 
the bench ; a handbook of the conftitution, government, 
laws, and ]x)wcr of Great Britain. By Fonblanque and 
Holdfworth. 8° Lond. 1859. 

— Revifed to prefent date and confiderably enlarged by 
Alex. C. Liwald, F.S.A. 8° Lond. 1869. 

Rights & wrongs : a manual of lioufehold law. 

8° Lond. 1S60. 
Tom Rocket, &c. &c. &c. 8° Lond. i860. 

Heftor Mainwaring ; or a Icafe for lives. 

8" Lond. [i860.] 
A tangled flcein. In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1862. 

vol.. III. 

The filibufter : a ftory of American life, and other tales. 

8° Lond. 1862. 
Cut adrift : a novel. In three volumes. 

%" Lond. 1869. 

FONBLANQUE (Edward Barrington de). 

Money or merit. The army purchafe queftion confidered, 
with efpecial reference to the recent commifFion of enquiry. 
With notes by Sir Charles E. Trevelyan, K.C.B. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

Niphon and Pe-che-li ; or, two years in Japan and 
Northern China. 8° Lond. 1862. 

FONBLANQUE (John), 1759-1837. 

A treatife of equity. [By Heniy Ballow.] With 
the addition of marginal references and notes, by John 
Fonblanque, Efq. 1805— 1820. 

Doubts as to the expediency of adopting the recommen- 
dation of the Bullion committee. 8° Lond. 18 10. 

FONBLANQUE (John Samuel Martin), commif- 
Jtoner of bankruptcy. 

Medical jurifpmdence. By J. A. Paris and J. S. M. 
Fonblanque. 1823. 

FONNEREAU (Thomas George), 1789-1850. 

A pradlical view of the queftion of Parliamentary reform. 
Second edition. 8° Lond. 1S31. 

The diary of a dutiful fon. 8° Lond. 1864. 

FONS (Petrus). 

Seleiftamm legum liber, omne fere jus mira brevitate 
compleftens. 8° Lugduni, 161 5. 

— Cum additionibus J. Mofnerii. 12^ Lugduni, 1625. 

FONSECA (Christoval de), Augufline monk of Toledo. 
D. 1616. 

Tratado del amor de Dios. 4° Salam. i 592. 

La vida de Chrifto, Seuor nueftro. 3 torn. 

fol. Madrid, 1605. 

FONSECA (Luis Enriquez de). 

Ocios de los eftudios, verfos i difcurfos philologicos. 

4° Napoles, 1683. 

FONSECA (Petrus), Portuguefe theologian, 1528-99. 

Commentariorum ... in libros Metaphyficoiimi Ariftotelis, 
Stagirita:, tomi quatuor ... [IFilh the text of Ariflotle, Gr. 
and Lat.^ 4^ Colonice, 16 I 5. 


A voice from the font. 1838. [By George Wilkins, 

Gleams on tiie font : a felcflion of hymns and poems 
illuftrating the lei-vices of baptifm and confirmation. 

8^ Lond. 1861. 
2 D 



FONTAINE (Alexis), French mathematician, 1705- 


Memoires donnes a rAcademie loyale des fciences, non 
imprimes dans lew temps. 4° Paris, 1764. 


St. Simonifm in London. Community of goods, or the 
organization of induftry. Community of women, or matri- 
mony and divorce. By Fontana, chief, Piati, preacher, of 
the St. Simonian religion in England. 8° Lond. 1833. 

FONTANA (II CoNTE Aldigherio). 

L'origine della facra et eminentiflima religione Gerofo- 
limitana, con la ferie de' fuoi gran maeftri edi Rodi, e di 
Malu ... 12° Bologna, I 704. 

FONTANA (Bartolomeo). 

The mufical manual. 8 Lond. 1847. 

FONTANA (Carlo), Italian archited, I 634-1 707. 

L'anfiteatro Flavio defcritto e delineato. 

fol. Haia, 1725. 

FONTANA (DoMENico), Italian architea, l ^■^7,-160-] . 

Del modo tenvto nel trafportare obelifco Vaticano, e 

delle fabriche fatte da noftro Signore Sillo V. libro primo. 

fol. Roma, i 590. 

FONTANA (Felix), Italian naturali/l, I 730-1 803. 

Opufcoli fcientifici. 8° Firenze, I 783. 

Analyfe de la malachite. 4° Paris, 1778. 

Traite fur le venin de la vipere, fur les poifons Ameri- 
cains, fur le laurier-cerife, et fur quelques autres poifons 
vegetaux ... 2 torn. 4' Florence, 178 1. 

— Trandated from the original French, by Jofeph 
Skinner. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1 795. 

FONTANA (Gianjacopo). 

II Vangelo di S. Matteo ; volgarizzato in dialetto 
Veneziano. 1859. 5^f Bible, Verfions, //rt//an. 

FONTANA (Gregorius), Italian mathematician, 

Difquifitiones phyfico-mathematicae. 4' Papiae, 1780. 

FONTANA (Publics), Italian poet. B. 1548. 
Poemata omnia Latine fcripta. 8° Bergomi, I'l^'i-. 

FONTANELLA (Joan. Petrus), Spanijh jurijl. 
DeciCones fenatus Cathalonia:. 2 torn. 

fol. Lugduni, 1668. 
De paflis nuptialibus, five capitulis matrimonialibus. 2 
torn. fol. Geneva-, 1684. 


Gefta abbatum Fontanellenfium (a.d. 648-842.) 
[Pertz Monumenta Germania hiflorica, ii. 270.] 

Fragmentum chronici Fontanellenfis (a.d. 841-859.) 
[Ibid. 301.] 


L'inganno fcoperto per vendetta. 8° Modona, 1 69 1. 

FONTANES (Louis, Marquis de), French poet and 
politician, i 7 5 7 - 1 8 2 I . 

Fontanefiana ; ou, recueil des opinions, penfees et reflexions 
de M. de Fontanes ... Par Cousin d'Avalon. 1820. 

FONTANIER (Victor), French conful at Singapore. 
B. 1797. 

Narrative of a miffion to India, and the countries border- 
ing on the Perfian gulf; undertaken by order of the 
French Government. Vol. I. [y^ll puili/heJ.^ 

8° Lond. 1844. 


Colledlion de vafes inventes et deffines ... pour fervir aux 
tourneurs et a ceux qui oment les vafes ... fol. n. p. I 770. 

FONTANINUS (Justus), Italian antiquary, 1666- 

Vindiciae antiquorum diplomatum, adverfus Baitholomaei 
Germonii difceptationem de veteribus regum Francorum 
diplomatibus, et arte fecernendi antiqua diplomata vera a 
falfis, libri duo ; quibus accedit veterum au<5lorum appendix. 

4° Romae, i 705. 

Difpofitio catalogi bibliothecae Jofephi Renati Imperialis 
S. R. E. Diaconi Cardinalis S. Georgii secundum scien- 
tiarum, facultatum, artium et rerum clafles. Romae, 1709. 
[J. D. KoELERUS, Sylloge aliquot fcriptorum de bene ordinanda 
et ornanda bibltoth. I 7 28.] 

Diffeitatio de corona ferrea Langobardorum. 

8^ Romas, I 7 19. 

— [Gr^vius, Thefaurus antiquitatum et hijloriarum 
Italue, IV. ii.] 

De antiquitatibus Horts colonias Etrufcorum libri duo ; 
ubi praeter hiftoriam Hortanam alia etiam non ])auca res 
Romanas Italicafque illuftrantia proferuntur. Accedunt 
Afla Vetera, inter quae decretum fincei-um Gelafii I. Ponti- 
ficis ex infigni codice V^iticano. Editio fecunda. [Ibid. 
VIII. iii.] 

Biblioteca dell' eloquenza Itaiiana, con le annotazioni del 
Signor Apoftolo Zeno. 2 tom. 4° Venezia, 1753. 

FONTANON (Antoine), French jurifl ; Jlourijhed in 
the I Gth century. 

Les edi(5is et ordonnances des rois de France depvis 
Lovys VI. dit le Gros ; iufques a prefent ... De novveav 
revevz ... et avgmentez ... par Gabriel Michel ... 4 tom. 

fol. Paris, 1 6 1 i . 

FONTANUS (Jac), FlemiJIi jurijl ; Jlourifhed in the 
I dlh century. 

La muy lamentable conquifta y omenta batalla de Rhodus : 



nuevamete facada de la lengua latina en nueftro vulgar 
Caftellano ... por el bachiller Chriftoval de Arcos. 

fol. Salamanca, 1526. 

— [Another edition.'] fol. Valladolid, i 5 49. 

FONTE (Alfonso di). 

Le fei giornate nuovamente di lingua Spagnuola tradotte 
del S. Alfonfo Ulloa. 8° Vinegia, 1567. 

FONTEIUS (Claudius). Pfeud. 0/" Jacobus Boileau. 

FONTEIUS (Jo. Baptista). 

De prifca Caefiorum gente commentariorum libri duo. 
Cum lulii lacobonii appendice. fol. Bononiae, 1582. 

FONTENAY ( de). 

Lettres fur I'education des princes. Avec une lettre 
de Milton, oil il propofe une nouvelle maniere d'elever la 
jeunefTe d'Angleterre. 12° Edinbourg, 1746. 

FONTENAY (Louis Abel de Bonafons), albe, 

Diflionnaire des ardftes ... 2 torn. 8° Paris, \TI^. 
Efprit des livres defendus ; ou, antilogies philofophiques ... 
\Anon^ 4 torn. 1 2° Amfterdam, 1777. 

FONTENELLE (Bernard le Bouyer, ou le Bovier 
de), 1657-1757. 

Oeuvres ... Nouvelle edition, augmentee, avec figures. 
12 torn. 12° Amfterdam, 1764. 

— Nouvelle edition. 8 torn. 8° Paris, 1790—92. 
Nouveaux dialogues des morts. 2 tom. \Anon,] 

12° Paris, 1683. 
* Jugement de Pluton fur les deux jjarties des Nouveaux 
dialogues des morts. \Par D. H.] I 684. 
Hiftoire des oracles. Nouvelle edition. 

12" Paris, 1698. 
The life of Sir Ifaac Newton ; with an account of his 
writings. [Engli/}} and French.'] 4° Lond. 1728. 

Theorie des tourbiilons Cartefiens ; avec des reflexions 
fur I'attracftion. [yhwn.] 12° Paris, 1752. 


A new guide to Fonthill abbey ... comprifing a defcrip- 
tion of the park and buildings, together with brief notices 
of the remarkable produdlions of nature and art, which are 
now depofited there. 8° Lond. 1822. 

FONTIUS (CoNSTANTiNUs). Sir Conlhintinus Pon- 


What food to buy, and how to cook it ... 

8° Lond. n. d. 
The value of good food. 8° Lond. n. d. 

Subftances ufed as food, as exemplified in the great 
Exhibition. 8° Lond. n. d. 


Daily food for the inner man. Second edition. 

8" Lond. 1862. 

Food for thought. A new theory refpefting the nervous 
fyftem. By a ftudent of the Univerfity of Aberdeen. 

8° Aberdeen, 1861. 

The food journal ; a review of focial and fanitary 
economy, and monthly record of food and public health. 
Vol. I. 8° Lond. 1871. 


A death blow to the laft remnant of the food monopoly ! 
An authentic rejjoit of the gigantic projefls of the new 
League bread company, for fupplying the ftaiTing poor 
with the mod wholefome bread at the lowell charge, with a 
complete fhow-up of the adulterations & roguery of the old 
mafter bakers ! and their fcandalous op])reffion of their 
journeymen. 12- Lond. n. d. 

FOOT (Mrs. ). 

Good in everything ; a tale. In two volumes. 

8" Lond. 1857. 

FOOT (Arthur Wynne), M.D. 

Symptoms and tieatment of the cattle plague, with a 
(Icetch of its hiftory and progrefs. 8° Dublin, 1866. 

FOOT (Charles H.) 

The (latutes relating to the powers and duties of grand 
juries ... To which is added, all the reported cafes and 
forms of procedure, together with a copious index. 

8° Dublin, 1 86 1. 

FOOT (Cunningham Noel), B.A., reilor of Dogmerf- 
Jit'ld, Hants. 

Parting words fpoken to the congregation attending the 
... fchool room. Putney ... the 19th of December, 1858. 
[2 Pel. ii. 20, 21.] 12° Lond. I 859. 

FOOT (Edward Edwin). 

The original poems of Edward Edwin Foot, of her 
Majefty's Cuftoms, London. 8° Lond. 1867. 

FOOT (James). 

Bromley prize eflays. The univerfal penny. 1S62. 

FOOT (Jesse), yurn-fon, 1 7 44— 1826. 

The life of John Hunter. 8° Lond. 1794. 

The life of Arthur Murphy, Efq. 4" Lond. i 8 i i . 

A letter on the necellity of a public inquiry into the 
caufe of the death of her royal Highnefs the Princcfs Char- 
lotte and her infant. As it appeared in the Sun newfpaper 
on the I 3th, together with fome additions. 

8° Lond. 1817. 



FOOT (Peter). 

General view of the agriculture of the county of Middle- 
fex, with obfervations on the means of its improvement. 

4^ Lend. 1794. 

Football. The tirft day of the fixth match. 

I 2° Rugby, n. d. 
FOOTE (Mrs.) 

Recolledlions of central America and the weft coaft of 
Africa. 8° Lond. 1869. 

FOOTE (Alexander L. R.), Free Church m'ln'tjler, 

Incidents in the life of our Saviour, illuftrative of his 
divine charafler and milFion. 8 Lond. 1853. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 
Clofing fcenes in the life of Chrift ; being fequel to 

" Incidents in the life of our Saviour." 

8° Lond. 1857. 
Chriftianity a life: a fermon ... \John xvii. 3.] 

8° Edinb. 1853. 
Chriftianity viewed in fome of its leading afpefts. 

8° Edinb. 1854. 
Views of faith. 8° Lond. 1866. 

FOOTE (James), D.D. 

A doiflrinal, experimental, and praflical treatife on effeflvial 
calling. 8° Edinb. 1846. 

Leftures on the Gofpel, according to Luke. 

8° Edinb. 1849. 

— Second edition. 3 vols. 8° Edinb. 1849. 

— Third edition. In two volumes. 

8° Edinb. 1858. 
Communion week fermons. 8° Edinb. 1854. 

FOOTE (John), M.R.C.S. 

The praditioner's pharmacopoeia anduniverfalformulary ... 

8° Lond. 1855. 
FOOTE (Mifs Maria). 

* Report of the trial between Mifs Foote and J. Hayne, 
Efq. for a breach of promife of marriage. 

12° Lond. 1824. 

* Fadts illuftrative of the evidence on the late trial of 
Footer. Hayne. 8" Lond. 1825. 

FOOTE {Samvel), dramali/l and aHor, 1722-77. 

Dramatic works. 4 vols. 8° Lond. 1 77 8. 

Tafte ; a comedy of two afts. The fecond edition. 

8° Lond. 1753. 

— [Ne-w Bri/i/h Theatre, vol. xv.] 
The knights ; a comedy, in two aifts. 

8' Lond. 1754. 

— [A'fzu Brili/h Theatre, vol. xv.l 
The author ; a comedy, of two afls. 

8° Lond. I 757. 

— \New Brilt/b Theatre, vol. xvii.] 

The minor ; a comedy. 8° Lond. 1 760. 

— [Neiu Briti/h Theatre, vol. xix.] 

* The metiiodift ; a comedy : being a continuation and 
completion of the plan of The minor, written by Mr. Foote : 
as it was intended to have been afted at the Theatre- Royal 
in Covent-Garden, but for obvious reafons fupprefled. With 
the original prologue and epilogue. The third edition. 

8" Lond. n. d. 
A letter ... to the reverend author of the Remarks, 
critical and Chriftian, on The minor. 8" Lond. 1760. 
The Englifliman in Paris ; a comedy, in two afts. 

8° Lond. 1763. 

— [New Briti/h Theatre, vol. xvii.] 

The Englifliman returned from Paris, being the fequel to 
The Englifliman in Paris, a farce, in two afls ... The fecond 
edition. 8° Lond. 1762. 

— [New Briti/h Theatre, vol. xvii.] 
The lame lover, a comedy in three afts. 

8° Lond. 1770. 
The mayor of Garratt — a comedy. [Netu Briti/h 
Theatre, vol. xvi.] 

The lyar — a comedy. [Ibid, xvi.] 
The commiflary — a comedy. [Ibid, xviii.] 
The orators — a comedy. [Ibid, xviii.] 
The patron — a comedy. [Ibid, xviii.] 

* Memoirs ... By William Cooke. 1805. 

* Samuel Foote. By ,Tohn Forster. i860. 

FOOTE (William). 

Suggeftions for the improvement of portions of the 
criminal law cognizable before juftices out of feflions, and 
for the reorganization of the rural police force. Second 
edition. 8° Lond. 1843. 

The general highway afl (5 & 6 Will. 4, c. 50), and 
other ftatutes afFefling the law in connexion with the high- 
ways in England and Wales ; with praflical and explana- 
toiy notes ... and a copious index. 12° Lond. 1 8 52. 

— Thiid edition. 12° Lond. I 862. 


An anfwer to the tears of the foot guards, in which 
that refpeflable corps are vindicated from the charges of 
puppyism & cowardice. Infcribed to Capt. Horneck and 
Enfign Richardfon. 4° Lond. 1776. 

The footman. 

I 2° Lond. n. d. 


The footpiints in the wildernefs : an allegory. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

Firft footfteps in the way of knowledge. 

8° Lond. [1855.] 
The divine footfteps in human hiftory. 

8° Edinb. 1862. 




The female fop ; or, the falfe one fitted ; a comedy. 
1724. [5y Sandford.] 

FOPPENS (Joannes Frasciscvs), Be/gian bibliographer, 
1689— 1761. 

Bibliotheca Belgica, five vironjm in Belgio vita, fcriptifque 
illuftrium catalogus, libroi-umque nomcnclatura. Continens 
fcriptores a clariff. viiis Valeric Andrea, Auberto Miiaeo, 
Francifco Sweertio, aliifque recenfitos, ufque ad annum 
M.D.CLXxx. Cura et ftudio Joannis Francifci Foppens. 
2 torn. 4° Bruxellis, 1739. 

FOQUELINUS (Antonius), French jur'ijl ; flourijhed 
in the l6th century. 

Prselefliones Aurelianx ad titulos de vulgari & pupillari 
fubftitutione. 12° Lugduni Bat. 1676. 

FORBES ( ), of Dijblair. 

An effay upon marriage, in a letter addrefT'd to a friend. 
[yfrwn.] [No tilk-pcige.] 4° n. p. [1704.] 

* A fatyre upon F — s of D — r, by way of return 
for his Effay on marriage. [By Allan.] 

The renegado whipt. A fatyre in anfwer to A — n's 
lybel on the author of the Effay on marriage. 

4° n. p. 1 7 04. 

* A curb for a coxcomb, or, an anfwei- to The renegado 
whip'd, etc. [By Allan.] 

Mack-Faux the mock-moralift. Or Pierce the traitor 
unmaflv'd and hang'd, a fatyre on A — n the renegado. 
[^non.] 4° n. p. I 705. 

Bang the brocker, or Bully Pierce alias A — n the turn- 
coat. A new fong. [^non.] S. Sh. n. p. n. d. 

A pill for pork-eaters ; or a Scots lancet for an Englifh 
fwelling. [Jnon.'] 4° Edinb. 1705. 

The rattlefnake, or, a baftinado for a whig. [Anon.'\ 

40 Lond. 1712-13. 

Some remarks upon a piece call'd Schema facrum ; 
with a comical dialogue betwixt Ned Wilmot and Dr. 
Martext. [j1non.'\ 4° n. p. 1728. 

FORBES ( ). 

* A ftiort account of the Univerfity of Dublin againft 
Forbes : with a full and fatisfadtory anfwer to all objcdlions 
made againft his degradation. In a letter from a gentleman 
in Ireland, to his corrcfpondent in England. 

4° n. p. n. d. 

* A fecond letter from a gentleman in Ireland to his 
friend in England : containing a farther account of the 
degradation of Foibcs, and fome otlier matters relating to 
the fccret condud of the Univerfity of Dublin, in that 
affair. [No lilli-pageJ\ 4° n. p. n. d. 

FORBES (Alexander), /,or(/ /"/V/Z/fo. D. 1749. 

EfTays moral and philofophical, on feveral fubjci^ts ... 

8" Lond. 1734. 

FORBES (Alexander), Efq., A.M. 

The religions of India : a plea for India miflions ; an 
addrefs ... 8° Edinb. 1865. 

FORBES (Alexander). 

A table of the quantity of Britifh plantation rum, (duty 
free) allowed to veffels outward bound, with the number of 
days allotted to the different ports of deftination, (alphabeti- 
cally arranged.) 8° Lond. n. d. 

FORBES (Alexander Kinloch), H.E.l.C. civil 

Ras Mala ; or, Hindoo annals of the province of 
Goozerat, in Weftern India. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1856. 

FORBES (Alexander Penrose), D.C.L., epifcopal 
bifljop of Brechin. 

Jefus our worfliip : a fermon preached at the confecra- 
tion of St. Columba's Church, Edinburgh. [Exoct. xxv. 
40.] 8° Edinb. 1848. 

The Chriftian's foundation : a fermon preached in St. 
John's Chapel, Aberdeen, on the occafion of laying the 
firft flone of a new church under the fame dedication. [ i 
Cor. iii. 2.] 8° Aberdeen, 1849. 

A commentai'y on tlie Te Deum, chiefly from ancient 
fources. 8° Lond. I 850. 

A (hort explanation of the Nicene creed, for the ufe of per- 
fons beginning the ftudy of theology. 8° Oxford, 1852. 

— Second edition. 8° Oxford, 1 866. 

A commentary on the canticles, ufed in the divine 
fei-vice. 8° Lond. 1853. 

A memoir of the pious life and holy death of Helen 
Inglis. By A. P. F. 12° Lond. 1854. 

A commentary on the Litany. 8° Lond. 1855. 

Semions on amendment of life. 8° Lond. 1S57. 

A primaiy charge delivered to the clergy of his diocefe, 
at the annual fynod. 8° Lond. 1857. 

— Second edition, enlarged with an appendix. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

— Third edition, with fome further additions. 

12° Lond. 1858. 

* Remarks on the primary charge of the right rev. the 
Billiop of Brechin. By a prefbyter of the Scottifli Epifcopal 
Church. 8° Edinb. 1858. 

Opinion of the Bifliop of Brechin, in the appeal of the 
rev. P. Cheyne, againlf the (entcnco of the Bifhop of 
Aberdeen, at Aberdeen, 5th Auguft 1858: with an 
appendix containing the prefentment of the rev. Gilbert 
Rorifon, &c. ; and the judgment of the Bilhop of Aberdeen. 

8" Edinb. 18 58. 

* Propofals for peace ; oi' a few remarks on the eucha- 
riftic doiflrine of Bifliops Taylor, Ken, and Wilfon, with 
reference to the recent partoral of the iJifliop of Brechin : 
with a polffcript on tlie cafe of Mr. Cheyne. 

8'' Edinb. 1859. 

The waning of opportunities, and other fermons, pra(5lical 
and dodrinal. 8° Lond. i860. 

Theological defence, for the Biflio]) of Brechin on 
occafion of the prefentment by the rev. W. Henderfon on 



certain points connedled with the dodlrine of the holy 
eucharift. [No tUk-page.'\ 8° [Lond. i860.] 

Reply to the pleadings in the cafe, Henderfon and others 
verfus the Bifliop of Brechin, before the Epifcopal Synod 
of the Scottifli Epifcopal Church. 8° Edinb. i860. 

The fanftity of Chriftian ait : a fcrmon preached at the 
reopening of the chapel at Roflin on Eafter Tuefday, 1 862. 
[Ps. xxvi. 8.] 8° Edinb. 1862. 

A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocefe of 
Brechin in fynod aflembled, in S. Paul's Church, Dundee, 
on the 27th of Auguft, 1862. 8° Dundee, 1862. 

Sermons on the grace of God and other cognate fubjcds. 

8' Lond. 1862. 

Our Lord; the fufficing manifeftation of the eternal Father 
in nature and in grace : a fermon ... 8° Dundee, 1867. 

An explanation of the Thirty-nine articles ; with an 
epiftle dedicatory to the rev. E. B. Pufey, D.D. 2 vols. 

8° Oxford, 1867-68. 

A plea for fifterhoods. 1 2° Lond. n. d. 

FORBES (Andrew Lankester). 

* The gathered bloflbm : an affe(flionate memorial [of 
A. L. Forbes.] 12° Lond. 1855. 

FORBES ( Archibald), ^'ourna/^. 
My experiences of the war between France and Germany. 
In two volumes. 8° Lond. 187 1. 

Drawn from life. In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1871. 

FORBES (Sir Arthur), earl of Granard. 

A true copie of two letters brought by Mr. Peters, this 
Oftober 1 1 . from my L. Forbes from Ireland : the one to 
the Houfe of Peeres, the other to the Houfe of Commons. 

4° Lond. 1642. 

FORBES (Sir Charles). 

* A letter to Sir Charles Forbes, Bart., M.P., on the 
adminiftration of Indian affairs. By a civil fervant. 

8 Lond. 1826. 

FORBES (Charles Stuart), commander, R.N. 

Iceland, its volcanoes, geyfers, and glaciers. 

8' Lond. i860. 
A {landing navy ; its neceffity and organization. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 
The campaign of Garibaldi in the two Sicilies : a perfonal 
narrative. 8° Edinb. 1861. 

FORBES (Duncan), of CuUoden. D. i 704. 

Ane account of the familie of Innes, compiled by Duncan 
Forbes of Culloden, 169S. With an appendix of charters 
and notes. [Edited by Cofmo Innes for the Spalding Club.] 
' 4° Aberdeen, 1864. 

FORBES (Duncan), of Culloden, fecond fon of the pre- 
ceding ; Lord Prefident of the Court of Sejfion, 16S5-1747. 

Works. To which is prefixed a biographical fketch 
of the life of the author, by J. Bannatyne, Efq. 

8° Lond. 18 16. 

Copy of a letter from a gentleman in Edinburgh, to his 
friend in the countiy, upon the fubjefl of the malt tax. 
[^;^n«/ Philo-Scotus.] 8° n. p. 1725. 

A letter to a bilhop, concerning fome impoitant dif- 
coveries in philofophy and theology. \Anon^ 

4° Lond. 1732. 

— Third edition. \Anr)nP\ 4° Lond. 1 735. 

— [Another edition?^ [Anon.] 8" Edinb. 1736. 
Some thoughts concerning religion, natural and revealed, 

and the manner of underdanding revelation : tending to 
(hew that Chriftianity is, indeed very near, as old as the 
creation. [y^non.] 8° Lond. 1 73 5. 

Reflcdlions on the fources of incredulity with regard to 
religion. Second edition. [Anon.] 8° Edinb. 1 7 50. 

* Memoirs of the right hon. Duncan Forbes, Efq., late of 
Culloden. 8' n. p. [1748 ?] 

* Culloden Papers ... To which is prefixed an introduc- 
tion containing memoirs of the right honourable Duncan 
Forbes. 18 15. 

* Life. By John Hill Burton. 1847. 

FORBES (Duncan) LL.D., J>rofefor of oriental 
languages in King's College, London. 

The Hindudani manual. A pocket companion for 
thofe who vifit India in any capacity. 1 8° Lond. 1 845. 

A grammar of the Hinduftani language, in the oriental 
and Roman chaiafter. 8° Lond. 1 8 46. 

Bagh o Bahar ... by MiR Amman, of DihII. To 
which is added a vocabulary of the words occurring in the 
work, by Duncan Forbes. 1 846. 

A diflionary, Hinduftani and Englilh : to which is added 
a reverfed part, Englifli and Hindultani. 

8° Lond. 1848. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1857. 

— A new edition, printed entirely in the Roman 
character, conformable to the fyftem laid down by Sir 
William Jones, and improved fince his time. Part I. — 
Hinduftani and Englilh. 8° Lond. 1 8 59. 

A fmaller Hinduftani and Englifh didlionary : printed 
entirely in the Roman charader, conformable to the fyftem 
laid down by Sir William Jones, and improved fince his 
time. 12= Lond. 1861. 

Oriental penmanfhip ; an eflay for facilitating the reading 
and writing of the Ta'lik charafler. 4° Lond. 1849. 

ToTA-KAHANi ... A new edition ... by Duncan Forbes. 

The Baital-pachIsi ... A new edition ... with a voca- 
bulary ... by Duncan Forbes. 1857. 

The hiftory of chefs, from the time of the early invention 
of the game in India, till the period of its eftablifhment in 
weftern and central Europe. 8° Lond. i860. 

A grammar of the Perfian language : to which is added, 
a feleftion of eafy extrafts for reading ; together with a 
vocabidary, and tranflations. Third edition. 

4= Lond. 1 86 1. 

A grammar of the Bengali language : to which is added 
a fekftion of eafy phrafes and ufeful dialogues. 

4" Lond. 1 86 1. 



The Bengali reader ; confifting of eafy feleiflions from 
the beft authors : with a tranflation, and vocabulary of all 
the words occurring in the text. A new edition . . . 

8° Lond. 1862. 

A grammar of the Arabic language : intended more 
efpecially for the ufe of young men preparing for the Eafl: 
India civil fervice ; and alfo for the ufe of felf-inftrudling 
(ludents in general. 8° Lond. 1863. 

Arabic reading leflbns, confifting of eafy extrafts from 
the beft authors, together with a vocabulary of all the words 
occurring in the text ; alfo fome explanatory annotations, etc. 

8° Lond. 1864. 

Catalogue of oriental manufcripts, chiefly Perfian, colledled 
within the laft five and thirty years. 8° Lond. 1866. 

FORBES (Edward), Y .R..^., profejfor of natural hlflory 
in the Univerfity of Edinburgh, 1 8 1 5—5 4. 

A hiftory of Britiih ftarfifties, and other animals of the 
clafs Echinodermata. 8^ Lond. 1841. 

An inaugural lefture on botany, confidered as a fcience, 
and as a branch of medical education. Read in King's 
College, London, May 8, 1 843. 8° Lond. [1843.] 

Travels in Lycia, Milyas, and the Cibyratis ... by T. A. 
B. Spratt and Edward Forbes. 1847. 

The natural hiftory department of the Cryftal Palace 
defcribed. Ethnology : by Dr. R. G. Latham. Zoo- 
logy and botany : by Edward Forbes. 1854. 

Literary papers by the late Profeflbr Edward Forbes. 
Selefted from his writings in " the Literary Gazette." 

8" Lond. 1855. 

Outlines of the natural hiftory of Europe. The natural 
hiftory of the European feas. Edited and continued by 
Robert Godwin- Auften. 8 Lond. 1859. 

A hiftory of Britiih mollufca and their fliells. By 
Edward Forbes and Sylvanus Hanley. Vol. L 

8^ Lond. n. d. 

* Memoir. By John Hughes Bennett. 1855. 

* Memoir. By George Wilson, M.D., and Archibald 
Geikie. 1 861. 

FORBES (Rev. Edward), M.A. 

Addrcffes on mifllons to the heathen. 

8° Douglas, 1850. 
Parting counfcl : a farewell fermon, preached in St. 
George's, Douglas, on Sunday, January 30th, 1859, alfo, 
a paftoral letter from Rome. 8' Douglas, 1859. 

Our title to heaven, what is it ? a fermon preached In 
Paris, November, i85l. \Jerem. xxiii. 6.] 

12° Lond. n. d. 

FORBES (Frederick E.),Y.K.G.S., commander, R.N. 

Five years in China, from 1 842 to 1847 : with an 
account of the occupation of the iftands of Labuan and 
Borneo by her Majefty's forces. 8° Lond. 1848. 

Six months' fervice in the African blockade, from Apiil 
to 0(;lober 1848, in command of H.M.S. Bonetta. 

I 2° Lond. 1849. 

Daliomey and the Daiiomans : being the journals of two 

miflions to the king of Dahomey, and refidence at his capital 
in the years 1849 and 1850. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1851. 

FORBES (George Hay), epifcopal mintfler at Burnt- 

Doftrinal errors and praiflical fcandals of the Englilh 
Prayer book : a letter to the right rev. the Bilhop of St. 
Andrews. 8° Bumtiftand, 1863. 

FORBES (Granville Hamilton), B.A., redor of 
Broughlon, Northamptonfhire. 

The goodnefs of God. An eflay which obtained the 
Burney prize for the ya^ir 1847. 8° Camb. 1848. 

Loofe him, and let him go ; or, the benefit of abfolu- 
tion : a fermon ... \Jol'" X'- 44-] 8° Lond. 1853. 

The way of foiTOWS : a fermon ... \Luke xxiii. 32.] 

8' Lond. 1854. 
"Jefus wept: " a fermon ... \John xi. 36.] 

8° Lond. 1854. 
Two fermons .... By Aftiton Oxenden and Granville 
H. Forbes. 1859. 

No antecedent impoflibility in miracles. Some remarks 
on the eflay of the late Rev. Baden Powell, M.A., on 
" The ftudy of the evidences of Chriftianity," in a letter by 
a country clergyman. \_Sigrifd G. H. F.] 

8° Oxford, 1861. 
— Second edition. 8° Oxford, 1 86 1. 

Village fermons. By a Northamptondiire reftor. With 
a preface on the infpiration of Holy Scripture. 

8 Lond. 1863. 
The voice of God in the Pfalms : a courfe of fermons. 

8"^ Lond. 1 866. 
FORBES (H.), B.A. 

Poland and the interefts and duties of weftern civiliza- 
tion : together with an appendix containing interefting 
documents. 8° Lond. 1863. 

FORBES (Henry). 

The rife, progrefs, and prefent ftate of the worfled, 
alpaca, and mohair manufactures of England. [A^o. 2 I of 
LeBures on the refults of the Great Exhibition of I 8 5 I .] 

8° Lond. 1853. 


Sir Goodwin's folly : a ftory of the year 1795. By 
Arthur Locker \^Pfeud.'\ In three volumes. 

8 Lond. 1864. 

Sweet feventecn ; a home and colonial ftory. Bv 
Arthur Locker \^Pfeud.'\ In three volumes. Second 
edition. 8° Lond. 1866. 

On a coral reef: tiie ftory of a runaway trip to fea. By 
Arthur Locker (J. H. Forbes.) 8" Lond. [1869.] 

Stephen Scudamore the younger ; or, the fifteen-year 
olds. By Arthur Locker [P/-H</.] 8° Lond. 187 I. 

FORBES (James), F.R.S., 1749- 18 19. 

Oriental memoiis ; including obfen'ations on parts ot 
Africa and South America, and a narrative of occurrences 
in four India voyages. 4 vols. 4° Lond. 1 8 1 3. 



FORBES (James). 

Report of the trial of James Forbes [Ss*;:.] for a riot. 
By R. W. Greene, Efq. I 823. 

FORBES (James David), D.C.L., principal of the 
Unlverjity of Si. Andre'ws, 1 8 09- 1 8 6 8 . 

Travels through the Alps of Savoy and other parts of 
the Pennine chain ; with obfervations on the phenomena of 
glaciers. 8° Edinb. 1 843. 

— Second edition. 8° Edinb. 1845. 

The tour of Mont Blanc and of Monte Rofa being a 
perfonal narrative, abridged fjom the author's " Travels in 
the Alps of Savoy," &c. 8° Edinb. 1855. 

The danger of fuperficial knowledge : an introduiflory 
lefture to the coiuTe of natural philofophy in the Univerfity 
of Edinburgh ... Nov. 1848. 8° Lond. 1849. 

Norway and its glaciers viCted in 1 8 5 1 : followed by 
journals of excurfions in the High Alps of Dauphine, 
Berne and Savoy. 8° Edinb. 1853. 

A review of the progrefs of mathematical and phyfical 
fcience in more recent times, and particularly between the 
years 1775 and 1850 ; being one of the diflertations pre- 
fixed to the eighth edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. 

4° Edinb. 1858. 

Occafional papers on the theory of glaciers ; now firft 
collefted and chronologically arranged. With a prefatory 
note on the recent progrefs and prefent afpefl of the theory. 

8" Edinb. 1859. 

Reply to Profeffor Tyndall's remarks in his work " On 
the glaciers of the Alps," relating to Rendu's "Theorie des 
glaciers." 8° Edinb. i860. 

FORBES (John), /)a/?or of MldiMurgh, Holland. 

Certaine records touching the eftate of the Kirk in the 
years 1605 and 1606. [William Scot, y^n apologellcal 
narration of the flat e of the Kirk of Scotland. 1846.] 

A treatifc tending to cleare the doflrine of jufKfication. 
4° Middleburgh, 1616. 

A fruitful fermon. 8° Amfterdam, 1626. 

FORBES (John), of Corfe, D.D., profeffor of divinity 
and ecclefiafllcal hlflory In the Unl-verfUy of Aberdeen, 1593- 

Opera omnia, inter quK plurima pofthuma, reliqua ab ijjfo 
auftore interpolata, emendata atque audla ... \PrtiJixa efl 
ipfius vita per Geo. Garden.] 2 torn. 

fol. Amrt. I 702—3. 
Irenicum amatoribus veritatis et pacis in ecclefia Scoti- 
cana ... 4° Aberdonia, 1629. 

Gemitus ecclefii Scoticana ; five, traftatus de facrilegio : 
ex libro oftavo Theologix moralis Joannis Forbefii ... 

4° Aberdonise, 163 1. 
Secunda pars libri oftavi Theologia; moralis five, Trac- 
tatus de fimonia : ubi etiam de jure patronatiis ... 

4 Aberdoniae, 1632. 
A peaceable warning to the fubjeifts in Scotland ... 

4' Aberd. 1638. 
* An anfwere to M. J. Forbes of Corfe, his Peaceable 
warning. [Date de/lroyed.] 4° n. p. n. d. 

Inftruftiones hiftorico theologicae dedoftrina Chriftiana ... 

fol. Amft. 1645. 

— [Another edition.] fol. Genevx, 1680. 

FORBES (JoHs), printer, Aberdeen. 

Cantus, fongs and fancies, to feverall muficall parts. 
Both apt for voices and viols : with a brief introduflion to 
mufick ... The third edition ... Together alfo with feverall 
of the choifeft Italian fongs, and new Englifh-ayres, all in 
three parts (viz.) two treebles and a bafs ... 

8° Aberdeen, 1682. 

FORBES (John). 

Tentamen inaugurale de mentis exercitatione, et felicitate 
exinde derivanda ... pro gradu dodloris. 

8° Edinb. 181 7. 

FORBES (John), D.D., mlni/ler of St. PauFs Free 
Church, Glafgotv. 

The thcoiy of the differential and integral calculus, 
derived fynthetically from an original principle. 

8''Glafg. 1837. 

FORBES (JoHs), fchoolma/ler. Fort Augujlus. 

A double grammar of Englifh and Gaelic. 

8° Edinb. 1843. 
The principles of Gaelic grammar. 

8° Edinb. 1848. 

FORBES (Sir John), M.D., D.C.L., 1787-1861. 

The cyclopedia of pradical medicine: comprifing treatifes 
on the nature and treatment of difeafes, materia medica and 
therapeutics, medical jurifprudence, &c. &c. Edited by 
John Foibes, M.D., Alexander Tweedie, M.D., John 
Conolly, M.D. 4 vols. 8° Lond. 1833-35. 

Of happinefs in its relations to work and knowledge. 

8° Lond. 1850. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1867. 
A phyfician's holiday ; or, a month in Switzerland in 

the fummer of 1848. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1850. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1852. 
Memorandums made in Ireland in the autumn of 1852. 

With a map and illuftrations. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1853. 

Sight-feeing in Germany and the Tyrol in the autumn 
of 1855. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Of nature and art in the cure of difeafe. 

8- Lond. 1857. 

FORBES (John), lA.-V)., profeffor of Hebrew In the 
Univerfity of Aberdeen. 

The fymraetrical ftrufture of Scripture : or, the principles 
of Scripture parallelifm exemplified, in an analyfis of the 
decalogue, the fermon on the mount, and other pafTages of 
the facred writings. 8"' Edinb. 1854. 

Analytical commentary on the Epiftle to the Romans, 
tracing the train of thought by the aid of parallelifm, with 
notes and diflertations on the principal difficulties connefted 
with the expofition of the epiftle. 8° Edinb. 1 868. 



FORBES (Hon. John), admiral. 

Memoirs of the Earls of Granard . . . Edited by Geoige- 
Aithur-Haftings, Earl of Granard, K.P. 

8° Lond. 1868. 

FORBES (John Hay), one of the judges of the Court 
of Sejfwn, under the title of Lord Medivyn, I 7 7 6- 1 8 5 4. 

A fhort account of the Edinburgh favings bank, con- 
taining diredlions for eftablifhing limiiar banks, with the 
mode of keeping the accounts, and conducing the details of 
bufinefs. [Anon.] 8° Edinb. 1 81 5. 

— Second edition. [Anon.] 8° Edinb. I 8 I 5. 
Obfervations on banks for favings ; to which is prefixed 

a letter to the editor of tlie Quarterly review. 

8' Edinb. 18 17. 
Poflfcript to a Letter to the editor of the Quarteily 
review. 8° Edinb. 18 17. 

FORBES (Jonathan), lieutenant-colonel, jSth High- 

Eleven years in Ceylon : comprifing Hvetches of the field 
fports and natural hiftory of tliat colony, and an account of 
its hiftory and antiquities. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 184O. 

Recent diilurbances and military executions in Ceylon. 

8° Edinb. 1850. 

FORBES (Lewis William), D.D., mini/ler of Boharm. 

Sermon pleached befoie his grace the Lord High 
Comniillloner and the members of Afl'embiy at the opening 
of the General Aflembly of the Church of Scotland, May 
17, 1853. [Heb.^, 26.] 8'' Edinb. 1853. 

FORBES (Patrick), of Corfe, epifcopal lijliop of Aber- 
deen, I 564-1635. 

An learned commentarie upon the Revelation of Saint 
John ; wherein both tlie courfe of the whole book, as alfo 
the more abftrufe and hard places thereof are more cleerly 
and evidently explaned than heretofore they have bene. 
Newly corredled, and tlie defe(51:es and errors of the firft 
edition fupplicd and amended. Whereunto is added an 
profitable treatife of the author in defence of the lawfull 
calling of the minifters of reformed churches againft the 
cavillations of Romaniftes ; and an epilUe to a recufant 
cleering and maintayning fome pointes of the faid treatife, 
challenged by a Roman Elymas Bai-jefus-it. 

4° Middleburg, 1614. 

— Latine vertit, & annotationibus illuftravit Johannes 
Forbefius a Corfe, Patricii filius & hasres. 

4° Amftelodami, 1646. 
Eubukis ; or a dialogue, where-in a rugged Romilh ryme, 
(incfrybed, Catholicke quelHuns to the proteftant) is confuted, 
and the queftions there-of anfweied. By P. A. Sj.e. Pa- 
tricius Aberdonenfis.] 4° Aberdene, 1627. 

* Funerals of a right reverend father in God, Patrick 
Forbes of Corfe ... 4° Aberdene, 1635. 

* — From the original edition of 1635. With biogra- 
phical memoir and notes, by Ciiarles Farquhar Shand, Efq., 
advocate. [Spottifwoodc fociety.] 8° Edinb. 1845. 


FORBES (Patrick), M.D. 

A full view of tlie public tranfaflions in the reign of 
Queen Elizabeth ... 2 vols. fol. Lond. 174O. 

FORBES (Patrick), D.D., one of the minflers of Old 
Machar, and prof ejpjr of humanity in King s College, Aberdeen. 

Confiderations on the conftitution of the Church of 
Scotland ; on the nature, intention, & advantages of an 
eftabliflied church, particularly of the Scottifh eftablifliment ; 
& on the mode of appointing minifters to vacant pariflies. 

8° Edinb. 1 84 1. 

FORBES (Peter). 

Poems, chiefly in the Scottifh dialeft. 

12° Edinb. iS I 2. 

FORBES (Robert), A.M., epifcopal bifloop of Moray. 

Jacobite memoirs of the rebellion of 1 745. Edited, 

from the MSS. of ... Robert Forbes ... by Robert