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Ktl..: '-.•yiV i :i 





VOL. n. 

iputlie^eb far tfi'C ^onclif 


Mlta. NUTT, 2J7 STKAKD (Foreign Ayent), LONDON ; 



At a Meeting of the Council of the Surtees Socibty, held 
in the Castle of Durham, on Friday, the 14th of March, 1863, 
John Hodgson Hinde, Esq., hcing in the chair; it was ordered 
" that a volume relating to Hexham should form one of the 
puhlieations of the Society for 1863, and that the Secretary 
should be the editor/' 

At a General Meeting of the Subtees Society, held in the 
same place, on Monday, tKe 15th of June, 1863, Sir William 
Lawbon, Bart., in the chair, it was ordered "that the forth- 
coming work on Hexham should be divided into two parts." 










,RE Tre proceed to the documents in 
this volume, aonie prcfatorial re- 
marka upou them may be of use 
aiid interest. The Lihei" Niger, or, 
as it is commonly called, the Black 
Book of Hexham, derives its name 
merely from the colour of the covtr 
which it wears, like the Blue Books 
of the present day which are familiar 
to every one. Similar appellations 
were common enough in old times. 
We have the Black and Red Books 
of the English Exchequer, the White 
Register of York, the Red Book of 
Durham, and the Black and Red Books of Hexham. The 
Black Book of Ilexham is a carefully drawn up rental of the 
possessions of the Priory. The Red Book is mentioned iu the 
twelfth centuryj -when wc hear of some jurors taking an oath 
Upon it." It acems to have becQ a copy of the Gospela, a relic, 
perhaps, of some of the early prelates of the place ; aud it 
probably perished during some inroad of the Scots in the thir- 
tee]ith century, as it is never spoken of afterwards.* The Red 
Book of Durham, whieh the student in history longs so ardently 
to diseover, contained the aiiuala of the see in SaxOn timea." 

* Sea bote to p. S^. ' Vol. I,, Appendix, xxv. 

' Qii^t. Duaoliu. Buir. Tr>e£, ai>|)L'uilLx., coiKiixii-v. 



It is probable enougb that some similar cliroiiide was incor- 
poi'atecl iu the Lilier Ruber of Heshani. 

The Black Book of Hexljam is a rental of all the Ifuida and 
posseaaions of tlie Prior and Convent of that place, wherever 
they might be. According to the titlcj it dates from the feast 
of Pentecost, ll/g^ but from internal evidence Lt is plain that 
tbe materials for the survey were being gathered together at an 
earlier period. Iu two places it is stated that a certain rent 
would become due for the first time at Pentecoat, 1477,'' so that 
tins portion of the document ia at all events prior to that year. 
The canons of He.'cham had landa in places very widely apart, 
and some time would elapse before all the portions of tbe rent- 
roll could be prepared on anytliing like a regular and sys- 
tematic plan. The work, probably, was going on for several 
ycsars, and was not completed until 1479. The document itsell' 
ia not by any means one of an unusual character, as every 
religious house had a similar rental. The Black Book merely 
took the place of an earlier document. We find in it a mention 
of the Old Holl." 

These eurveys were usually compiled from the rolla of the 
bailiffs of each, particular manor or estate, who were probably 
desired to be more than ordinarily csact and minute in a stated 
year ; the rolls would be examined as they were sent in, and 
the information they contained would be arranged by the ter- 
rarer. It will lie observed that there axe now and then in the 
duciiment inequalities of description. Of some places there ia 
a fuller account than of others. This ia easily explained by my 
Bupposition that tbe survey is merely a codification of the 
various baUiils' rolls, which were drawn up with more or less 
care, The terrarer made the best he conld of them. 

The estates of the Priory of Hexham may be divided into 
two parts; the lands attached to tbe prebend of Saltou, and 
those bestowed upon the cauons in other places, and by various 

- pp. 8. W. ' p. 72. 



The preliend of Salton in tLe catTiedral churcli of York was 
annexed to i'he Priorate of Heshom Tjy archbishop Thurstan in 
tliG twelfth centurVj and it was not ojily thp most honourable 
posaeasion of the Priory, but it was also one of the moat lucra- 
tive of the estatea belonging to it. The Prior of Hexham could 
generally rely upon the regular payment of his YorltshiTe rents, 
as there were no Scots or thieves in that connty to make his 
lands unprotitable. The corpus of the prebend consisted of the 
manor of Salton, and of property in Edston, Great and Little 
Barugh in the pariah of Kirkby-Misperton, Flaston in the 
parish of Boaaallj Millington, and, perhaps, at Giveiidale, All 
these places, eave the two last mentioued, are in the North 
Riding of Yorkahire. 

Salton lieg among the hillg, ahont five miles from Kirkby 
Moorside, and almost midway bctweeu Ilelmsley and Malton. 
The Prior of Hexham had two residences there, one in the 
village, and another at the north end of the manor where there 
was a. gaest-haJl with a camera, and divers other buildings 
attached to it. In the village itself there was a hall, with three 
chambers and a chapel, of which many remnants are in ex- 
istence. We have some intereBting materials for the history of 
the place. The hall seems to have been reserved for the uae of 
the Prior and his officers, but the guest-hall was let in 1479, 
with the exception of a portion of the great bam, which was 
needed for the tithes belonging to the Prior, The Prior selected 
a steward or bailiff for the manor, who sent in an annual ac- 
count roll,/ and he choac bcaidca alc-gricves, water-gricvca, four 
jnTors, and a stock-keeper. The tenants, in addition to their 
rents, were to contribute towards the purchase of a palfrey for 
every new Prior, to give to aids, to caj'ry victuals for their lord 
and his anite when travelling in Yorkshire, to supply beds for 
his guests at Salton, to attend to the mill, and to carry stone, 
flint, and all kinds of timber for the repaira of the manor- 

' Vol. I,, Appendisj uii., xsiii. 



hoTiae.^ The otlier constituent parta of the prchcnd were to 
make themselves similarly useful according to the extent of 
theii' laud. Aa prebendary of Salton tlie Prior of Hexbam Lad 
u Jiouse in York appropriated to hie stall. Tliia was let in 
1457 to the parsons of the Minster; and the college of St. 
WiQiam, I believe, occupies its site/ The Prior would he veiy 
rarely in the archiepiscopal city, and would gladly be free from 
the incumbfance of an official residence, which he was bound to 
Iceep in repair, although he could not use it. I must leave the 
history of Salton to the Yorkshire topographer, and turn north- 

Before I enter apon the general question of the estates of 
the Priory of Hexham, it will be well to clear the way a little 
by enumerating what may be called its eccleaiastical property, 
and to state the number of linngs that it possessed. There 
are many documents relating to these livings in this volume, 
and the following list wiU he of some service to the reader. I 
have gpoken elsewhere of the wretehed system that prevailed of 
malting no formal endowments for viearagea, which was esceed- 
ii^ly short -eigli ted and reprehensible. 

Hexham. The Priory itself was the church of the parish, 
and a portion of it would be specially devoted to the use of the 
iuhabitanta. Every monastery^ I believe, was in itself a parish. 
Subordinated to the parisli church of Hexham were the chapels 
of SS, Mary and Peter in the town," and those of St. John Lee, 
St. Oswald's, Eingficld, and Alwcnton. In 1286 archbishop 
Romanus ordered the parishioucrs of Hexham to keep the 
chapels in repair, save the chancels, which the Prior and eanons 
were to attend to. They were also to tod a missal and a chalice 
lor each,-' In 129 J; the same prelate cited the Prior and Con- 
vent that they might shew cause why vicars were not properly 
instituted at Hexham and Alwenton.* In the heguming of the 

I Sm pp. 7a-&, also pp. 83-4, 164-S. * rr- 153-3. 

' Vol- I., PI). 14-15 i IT., V- 133. J Sw ijp, 103-3. 

• Ihii. 1M.7. 



next centirry archbishop Greenfield again took up the question 
of the vicarSj but he was stopped by the production of a bidl 
of Alexander IV., releasing the Prior and Convent from the 
duty of creating them.' 

Alston, b. Northnrabrian rectory. The advowson was given 
to Hexham by Ivo de Veteri-Poutc, together with the chapel of 
GerardV Gill." It was reuovcred from the Prior and Convent 
in a suit at law by Edward I.j hut was restored to them towards 
the close of his reign." In 1335 they begged Edward III. for 
leave to have the revenues of the hving appropriated to them." 
This did not take place until ISrS^ when it was done by Thomaa 
Hathcld, bishop of uDurliam, A proper endowment of the 
vicarage was not made until the year 1420.-P 

Wakden. This chnrch belonged to the Priory by the gift 
of Adam de Tindale.' A pension of twenty marks, per annum 
out of it was reserved to the bishops of Durham, and this was 
granted by King John in the sixteenth year of hia TGigu to 
Robert Morell.' In lji43 there was a re-ordination of the 
ricarage, and the stipend of the vicar was fixed at thirty-six 
marks per annum/ As Warden was so near to Hexham, it was 
fpcuuently held by a canon. According to the Augustinian 
rule, no canon could live out of hia Tnonastery, unless he bad a 
brother with hira. In 1337 this rule was disregarded, and its 
observance was ordered by archbishop Melton.' Dependent on 
the church of Warden in 1297 were the chapels of Staueroft, 
Haydcn, and Langley." 

CuoLLERTON, This liviug, together \vith ita ohapela of 
Birtley, Chipchase, Gunnertou, East SwinburOj Little Heton, 

' rbid.p 131, etc, "■ Hodg^an's NorthumlKrland, iii., partii., 38. 

• See p. 119. • lint. Pari, ii., 77- 

' Hodgson's North umberlaQd, ti., part ui,, 83-Bi whora tliese documents are 

* See p. 110. ' Sec p. fll. 

' Hoilgsim's NortLmubLirlund, li., part iiL, 150, ttc. j iii., pari H., 406. 
' Vol. I., AppeDdix, xaiix., xl. " Ste p. 110. 


and Colwell, waa given to Hcxhttni by Oilonel d'Umfi-eviUe.* 
The deed of gift and tlie ordination of the vicarage are lost, 
and there is but one document in esisteiiee relating to the place 
iQ connection with, the PrioTy, and that lefera to the chapel at 

Stamfohdham. In 1245 Nicliolas, bishop of Durham, ap- 
propriated to Heiham the titlies o!" East Matfcii, Neabit, Ulke- 
BtoD, Hawk well, and Bitchfield, a payment of fifty marks per 
annum to be made out of them to the bishops of Durham/ In 
the 33rd of Edward 1. tlie king granted the advOTVEon. to the 
Priory, having recovered it in a court of law against tie bishop 
of Dniham, and Edward II. confirmed his father's gift.' In 
IS-IO bishop Bury, in a time of emergency, reduced the annual 
payment to himself out of the living from fifty to forty marks/ 
Stamfordham was a vicarage uauaUy b^ld by a canon of 
Hexham, and the same order was made about it in 1311 and 
1337 as was made about Warden." 

Slaley, This chapel was ^ven to Hexham in the time of 
Henry III. by Gilbert de Slaley.* 

Ottnqham. Thia bringj whichj like those already named, 
k in Northumberland, was appropriated to ilcxham in 1378 by 
bishop Hatfield, the presentation having been previously given 
by Henjy Percy, earl of Northumberland, Gilbert d'Umfrerille, 
earl of Angus, was the originator of Earl Percy's giftj and the 
three canons and the vicar who were placed at Ovingham were 
boimd to pray for the two earls and Richard II, Ovingham 
Was tbus made a cell of Hexham/ 

Tdb HosPiTAi. or St. Giles at Hexham. This place, as 
the name of the Saint betokens, was built for the reception of 

■ B«e p. 111. ■ See jip. 98-9. 

' Ibid., pp. 115-116. Hodgson's Nortliiiniberland, ii., partiii., 105-7. 
> See p. 118. - Ibid., 136-7. 

■ Tol. T., Appendix, xxxix, xEr. ' See ji. 112. 

* ToL Ii, Preface, c-ci. Hodgson's Norlhumbcrkiiil, ii., part iii., 97-101. 
I buvo no't rapriuted llie doe4 of fippropriatititi, as Mr, Kodb-Buii gives it with 
suDBoient Tulne^s. 



lepers. Tbe founder was one of the early ai'c'hbistopa of York, 
probatly Thomas II. or Tliurstan. There is a deed preserved, 
by wliiflhj on Yeh. 16th, 1200-lj King John allowed the lepers to 
be exemp-t in all that they buy or sell from the payment of the 
tolls of pontage and jmssage on the royal lauds in Yorkshire 
and Northumljerland.'' In 1320 an enquiry waa made into the 
condition of the hospital, which tells us much about its history. 
The name of its founder was lost, for the muniments of the 
plate had been Carricti away by a brother, who fled from the 
Scots. They caught and tilled him, and his freight perished. 
The eatatea of the hospital were literally nothing. All its 
arable land could easily be cultivated by a single plough. An 
annual rent-cliarge of lis. 2d. on property in Hexham, Fallow- 
field, and Portgate produced nothing, as the placea were waste. 
Before the war the brethren received daily from the Priory four 
loaves of black bread and four lagente of secondary beer or ale, 
aud a layena when any oiil' brewed on the Prior's land in 
Hcsham : now, they got notliing save six black loaves and two 
lagen/e of secondary beer a week. We leam^ also, that the 
hospital was founded for pooi' sick husbandmen, bom within the 
libctty, who were lepers. Etu^h. archbishop and each prior could 
appoint two of hia own tensuts, aud no more. Thus there 
could not be more than four brethren of their nomination in 
the hospital at one time, but :i,ny one might be admitted by the 
leave of the master on paying a sufficient sum for his main- 
tenance. In 1330 the property of the hospital was barely suffi- 
cient for three brothers, and, to live in it, they were obliged to 
work bard. Formerly there were seven or eight inmates ; now, 
in their present poverty, none could be admitted without paying. 
They have but four affri and four oxen for their plough, two of 
each being lentj and their cam is scarcely aufficieiit for the 
jeai-'e sowing,' 

One or two orders from th^ archbishops for the admissiou-of 

See p. 89. 

' See pp. 180-2. 



brotliera tave been preserve d/ Tie fulJowiug is a. list of tLe 
wardens or masters of tlie hoHpital. aa far as 1 h.ivc bec?ii able 
to make it out. It aecms prob,il>lc that the office was occa- 
sionally Viieant. 

1274, Aug^ust 211. Dau Walter de Scrajiutort, collated by the 
archbishop iliiring his stay at He-xliaiii.J 

1313, June IL Robert lo Porter coHateii.* 

1318, April 26. Robert de Whelping ton, Prior of HexLaiiL, 

1331, July 4. Dan William, aon of Walter, the fulltr, <jf 
Hexhem, priest, coll.-' 

1334, July 14. Dan Robert do Ferghau, of CorbriJg&, c!ia]i- 
lain, coll.* 

I31S-J, Feb. 2. Daii Robert de Perghan, of Corlridge, chap- 
tain, apparently re-appointi;i3.' 

1354, May 5. Roger ile Clone, domestic ehaplaiii of the arch- 

1354, July 20. Mr. William de Feuton collated on Clone's 

135!), August a. John, son of William do Itidsliawe, sen., 
coll. He resigned ia 1377-8." 

When. Ridshawe resigned, a great cliauge took place in the 
condition of the hospital. It was so poor that it seareely con- 
tained any inmates, and few, if any, cared to be master. Areh- 
bidhop Neville, therefore, made it over to the Prior and canons, 
obliging them to maiutaiu two poor men either within the lioa- 
pital or their priory^ and to find a chaplain to perform aervice 

f See p. 129. On Mureli 8, 1345-G, tli« corrody ield ty Eoliert de AJdencrawo 
during lils life in tha hospitul of He.tiam was ^niukij lo Joho do Fos.sretoa (Beg. 
oiobU'p- Zoualio, 292 6). 

1336, AprU 17. Brovo noy. dissois., Mr. ot Fnitws hosp. e. Prior, eb Conv. 
do llojdiam. Lib. tn^n. iu naxham (Sxtg. Meltua, 137' a). 

' Reg, arohleji. GLiTiird, IIS. 

* fteg. ■Greenfield, ii., 40 6. He is appointed to proviilo littinf austenaano for 
tLc brotlien* iinj jjjiefj. ' Eet;. Multon, -UK}b. 

3 Ibid.. 430 It. " Ibid., 43d, a. 

' Eeg Zoiiclie, iifl i. " Riig. 'CUonstbj, SG 6. 

■ Jleg. ThoreBljy, 264. • Hiitl., ai)2i. Beg. NuviUo. i., 'jliS, 

Mj*^ f**M4 jitt^e^Sl 

£i-i,.J^£tgrw^ vW-&PT/i J> re^-C'/ jry/itrtV-tt' '^■^, 

the: dlace book uf iiexham, etc. 


in tlic eliapel of tlie hospital oncc a week.'' This arratigemeiit 
Bcpnis only to h&vc been a tcniporary one, as I find several 

masters appaintcil subsequcntLy, 

ISDS, July 18. Jujliii Martjn, the arolibiBhop'e domoetit: cbap- 

Tiiomas Parker. ^ 
1409, JimB 28. Nicliolaa Tydd, cl&rk, collatod, excliaiiging for 

it with Pnrk+ir a stu3l in St. SepuiciiTe's clmpeS at Yorb.'' 
l-i09, July 24. Mr. John Stortliwajtfl collated.' 

The hospital, however, seems to have reverted to the Priory, 
and was in its possession at the Dissolntion, when it was said to 
be worth ISa. -td. a year; it comprised the house and thirty-two 
acres of arable land attached to it.' It then fell into lay hands, 
and is now the residence of the family of Kiieopp, bearing the 
name of the Spital. There are some fragments of old walls 
still preserved, and a figure carved in oak, supposed to com- 
memorate St. Giles. 

Renwick in Cumberland. This living and the next belonged 
to Hexham certainly in tie thirteenth century. The Prior and 
canons made out their title to tliem before the bishop of Carlisle 
in 1359." 

IsELL, in the Bame county, 

SAtTow, in the North Hiding of Yorkahire. This living, 
attached to the prebend, belonged to Hexham from the time of 
archbishop Tburstau. There was an ordination of it made in 
ISIS."" In IS-l-i it was retaxcd on account of the Injuries done 
to it by the Scots," The records of the visitations of the church 
and parish in 1473, 1481, and 1519 have been preserved.-' 

Edstok, in the same district, was granted to He^tham in 
the twelfth century. The donor is etated in one place to have 
been archbishop Roger/ in another Hugo de Twithe.' In 1310 
there was an ordination of the vicarage, great irregu]aritie.»t 

" Seo pp. 1 15-7. ' Ueg. Burope, 106 n. ' Keg. Bowot, \. , 271 a. 

• Ihwl. ' Seep. 159. " Ibid., pp. 112-3. " Ibid., p. ia§. 

•■ lUd.. [1. 138. ' Ilji(i„ pp. 155.T, ' Ibid,, y. 8(i. 

' Cull.Toj.. el Geneal., vi., 39. 



having existed previously." There is an inscription in Saxnu 
characters on a sun-dial above the church porcli. 

Ilklby, ill the West Riding of Yorkshire. The canons had 
the right of presenting to this living by the gift of Henry 
Percy, ca.rl of Northumherlancl. JnlS^S HTcLbiehop NcTille nt 
their urgent request appropriated the living to thpm, and made 
an ordination of a vicarage.' 

We now come to the landed estates of the Prior and Convent 
of Hexham, which were situated in four of the Northern coun- 
tica, Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, and Cumberland. 
With regard to three of these counties it will be unnecessary to 
say much, Paaaing hy the manor of Salton and its appendages, 
the Yorkahire property of the Priory of Hexham was only in 
four places, Great and Little Brougliton, the extinct parish of 
Kirkby in Cleveland and Ingloby, This, which was of no great 
annual value, was given to the canons by various persons in the 
twelfth and thirteenth centuries. They had at one time a house 
in Goodramgate in York of the gift of Suunulphus the priest ;' 
unless we are to suppose, perhaps, that this was the official resi- 
dence of the prchendary of Salton. In the cotiiity of Durham 
tliere was propei'ty belonging to Hexham at GrecD Heley neat 
Mugglcswick, Fenhall and Maidenetanhall in the parish of 
Lancte&ter, Kimblesworth near Durham, Stainton le Street, 
a house or two in Hartlepool, and some valuable lands in Silks- 
worth and its ^inity, whieh were given hy the f^tz Marma- 
dukes.' In Cumberland some lands in the parishea of Isell 

■ See pp. 12B-ft. ' Ibid., pj.. 147-1&1- ' Vol- 1., 59. 

' Among the esidonces of the Dean and Chaptar of Durlsm, iii., 7, Spo-. 
cisliuiQ, is the following deed, wliiob ia preserved t^cre because tbe Prior asd 
ConTent of thai plaoo had lands in Silksworth ; — " Ha.'C indflntura t^istatur quod 
Kioardus filius Jolianuis fllLi Mormaiiuoi reniisit — Priori ot Conveutui (le Heslil. 
ddaha.m totum jua et clamium quod haltuit— in omoibus terris et tenementia quec 
proedicti Prinret Convontina habuity— de doiio et ooncessione nntewssorum sm> 
rmii in Silksworth. Eeinisit eLiam— inliim jtis el. cliiiiiurn qugd hubuit— in 
mdJitu ciiJHsdBTn paris bnliinim — iiujl uuiii Lnullura el sucta inoleDdnii sui in 
Silkcsworth, Dat!i Dunalmia; iiij die meneia Aijrilut, sniio Domini rarccxij"." 
(Small otilI sea! of the Priorale ef Hatham, engraved in Vol. 1, Preface, cil.) 



and Renwick belongetl to them, which had probahly been given 
by WaUleve and Alan his son. They "h&A also, at one time, a 
herring- fishery somewhere on the coast of AUerdale, which can- 
not be traced. In Cai'Iiale they had one or two plots of grouud 
with a house or two upon them of the gift of David king of 
Scotland and Henry his son/ 

But it was in Northumberland that the Priory of Hexham 
had the bulk of its property, and it was very large indeed. It 
was chiefly in Tindale ward, and it is not too much to say that 
iVom the borders of Ciimherland to Newcaetlc-on-Tyne there 
was no psirish in which the Prior and canons had not a large 
interest. They could not have had less tlian twenty thousand 
acres of land in Northumberland. To know how all these came 
to the Priory we must look at the great Inspeximus of 1297, hi 
which, immediately after a. Scottish iuvasioa in which the mu^ii- 
ments of the canons had been consumed, their posaeesiona were 
formaUy settled and assured to them by the yerdiet of a jury. 
We thus have not only a list of their Northumbrian estates, but 
the names of the persons who gave them. The greater part of 
these benefactions seems to have been made in tbe twelfth cen- 
tury or soon after it. Passing by the archbishops of York and 
their numerous gifts, we find among tlie donora many of the 
great potentates and barons of Northumberland. First and 
foremost is David king of Scotland, with his son and grandson 
prince Henry and William the Lion. Superior to his royal 
masters in mmiificerice was Adam dc Tindale, who bestowed 
upon the Prior and canons the manor and church of Warden 
with its numerous ehapelriea, and his lands at Byres. The illus- 
trious family of Umfreville had many claims upon the gratitude 
of the house of Hexham, and the canons at Ovingham, when 
they prayed for the soul of Gilbert UmfreviUe, the last earl of 
Angus of that line, would call to mind a noble ancestor of their 
benefactor who bore both his names, together with Odonel and 

Ibid., ii., 11. 



Richnrrl Umfrpville/ who were lia- 
rons of reuowu in (be diijs of 
HeiLTj' II. and hia ill-fated soiis. 
Ricliai'd Camiii, who with HcxtiWn 
hia lady gave to the Priory the hjun- 
let of Carraw, and other lands at 
Stonccroft and elaewliere, was a. per- 
son of great note as well in him&elf 
as in hia posterity. Tlie bcde-roll 
of the Piioiy eontaincd the great 
names of BalJiol, Mcrley, Bertram, 
Vipont, and Bolbeck; and, l)cneath 
them, was a goodly undergrowth of 
ancient gentlemen and knights, the L'lsles^ the Tliirlwallsj the 
Delavals, the Fenwicts, and the Fetlierstanliaughs, 

Snljaequent to the great Inquisition of 1297, very few 
estfltea seem to have been acquired by the Priory- The extreme 
po'verty in which the numerous invasions of the Scots had 
plunged it CToked au occasional gift, but land at that time was 
of Uttle Talue in Northumberland, and the stringent law of 
mortmain was a great bar to its being acquired. Some estates 
indeed did accrue to the canons, and theii' ecclesiastical property 

^ This seal, repreaenting tho Tude eioquefoil of the UmfreTUlea, in aa white 
WES, anii is appended txi its deed by green silfc striii!;^. The documeot is among 
tho vast and prii^eless stores of the Dean and Chuptcr of IJiirbiim, and runs as fol- 
lows. The numtpr is i., 3, Speoialium;— "Soiniat iirmaentea et futuri quod ego, 
Rioardns dc HuiufraiiFilla concesai, et dedi, ct bao pnesetili carU oonErma^i 
Willelmo filio PiiguHi, prti htunagio et servilio kuo, nexdocim (toraa terrso et 
(limidiam in carapo de Prudlioii, quna Ricanlua Ilelle teniiit, cam commmii 
jiastiira, ft omnibus Bliis aysiamcntis nd yncdicUim villsm piertinentibiis. Pfso- 
terea conceiisi el dedi pncdioto Willelmo octo ncras terriE de vasto meo, ei orieo- 
tali parte tetrw qiiam dedi Nicholno filio Huctredi. Tflnendum — ~ — reddeaJo 
inde anniiatim railii et hwnGdvbiia mew unam libmm pif^ris — pn> omni sDrvilio, 
cKcejjki TarmMico pervitin, (|iiui:tLtiji poi'tiiiot ad titiitaiu Icrriini in cuileoi rilln. 
Mdlot otiam ad mo-leDdinum mcuiu sin& multurn dunJii, at tmiulua crit de 
punnn^Q proprionim porcnrum auonua. — IliJii tealibus Ciaulj'ido filio Gatil'ridi, 
Gnuiridg iv Luui, OtrU«ro de Insulii, BolMrlxi lilio Ii<jburti, Od' d(.- Uurui;lid«iiei 



beeame more extendied, but we may fairly aseimie that the 
Black Book contauis nearly tlie whole of their posaessioos. It 
is, thercforcj especially to the Northumbrian antiquary, a docu- 
ment of exceedixig value. Tlie i-emarks that I shall now make 
upon it are merely sng'gcstive of farther enquiry^ and must neces- 
sarily be brief. 

In the first place it is evident that the rent-roil of tlie Priory 
was decreasing. Places arc mentioned aa lying waste whicli 
were at one time in ciJtivation and productive, and the receipts, 
generallyj were lower than tliey had heeu.^ This no douht was 
caused in the first instance by the misery which followed the 
incursions of the Scots, and these inroads were succeeded by a 
complete disorgauization of society in Tindale, Thieves and 
marauders were plentiful on both aides of the Borders, but 
Hexbamahire aeeras to have been their stronghold. The farmers 
and tenants mnst have been poor men. They only held a. few 
aejes of land, and of these acres the produce was precarious. 
Oftentimes the sleeper was aroused by the crackling of the 
flames in the roof of bis straw-thatched cottage Or hie bam. 
Oftentimes the steer or cow, which was left at night in the little 
toft or croft, would, eve the morrow's sun, be threading the passes 
of lledesdalej on its way to a Scottish market, Loasea made the 
tenant careleBS, and capclessneas made bia scanty rent a burden 
to him. It sank lower and lower, for the canons found it better 
to get a smaller rent than none at all. The inmates of religious 
houses in general were easy landlords, and that on the bigheat 
grounds : live and let live was their principle, and they con- 
sidered that their tenants had an interest in their lands as well 
as themselves. In this manner the proverbial hospitality of 

Wftltero Batail, "Emlwrfc da Fanwio, Petro rte Insula, Wilklmii de Suetope, 

Hugoae de Ilcle, Joliniiiie de Herle, Thoiiiii Danenll, Henritx) de AlemnnuiB, 

WiUalmo do Hnw^ltun, &t nmltis alii*," 

r Tha Hime IlillinK off is obserTabIa in tLe IteQtnl of the Priory of Durham 

rniule in 11 IS (Hist. Dunelm. Scr. Trc!', nyiiendis, cdiisia, et wgg.)- I' ""* 

|)rodiiMd, probably, by the same causes. 





HexhaiQ was cxem|illfied on every estate that it posaeaacdi A 
leuieut laadlord, however, was not the person to have such 
tenants as were to he foiuid in Tindale. Tlie rents fell, and, 
although small, were often unpaid. Land was neg-lcctedj and 
tL-eu passed out of cidtivatioii. Houses became ruins ; the very 
sites of villages were ploughed up ; and the population would 
gradually deerease. It is said that, a century ago, there was 
Trnt little tillage laud in Tindale. The Biaek Book will etew 
that oven in the dark days of the canons of Hexliam a very 
diftcreiit atatc of things prevailed. If this evidence were want- 
ing, the lay-riggs, aa tliey are called, which the rich sward of 
untold years has heen miahle to ohliterate, still shew decisively 
that in days long gone by the ploughman and the sower liave 
been there. 

To form some idea of the manner in which the Prior and 
Convent of Hexham wished to arrange and manage their eatates, 
it will be well to take aa an example one or two places which 
were contiguous to their abode, and consequently under their 
own eye. It is raasonable to suppose that these would be re- 
garded as model farms or eatatea,' Take, for iustaneG,the system 
that iircvailcd at Anwiek, Kirk-heaton, "Dalton, and Nesbit. In 
all places the land is divided out between three kinds of 
tenante, whom we may call faraaera, liuabandmen, and cottagers. 
It is most ol)5ervahle, that every person secras to have bad some 
portion of land, and there was no better way in Tiudale to make 
the land productive audits cidtivators honest and iiid iistrious. 

1. The farmers at Anwiek were the canons themselves : at 
the other places tliey were persons who held the lands either by 
homage, or hy lease. They were the chief persons in the 
villages, a.nd had the lai'gest share of land. 

' I'lie oilier ilivisions of land were diing out, tn 1297 tlie camcatc wits ctira- 
mon enough, fu? wo Icnm by the Irflpeximiip. Tt is Dnly mt'ntinQcii twi«) in. the 
Blnok Book in connpction mth Nortlmmbcrland. Bee pp. 38-9. At Wlinllon a 
'!aru(,'ote is sajd tit liave ponaietcil o! 105 ittrefl. We find tsuiical^a and osgaiigs' 
retsined on the Yorksbtre estates. 



9. Hashands or husbandmen. A Imsbanft-laiifl was a stated 
quantity vaj^iflg. according to the landlord's will, aud scarcely 
"tlie same in aay two places. In Anwick there were twelve 
Eiusbaud-limda, eacli of sLsteeu acres of arable and meadow 
land. In Dalton tliore were nineteen Imsband-landa, eleven of 
tweuty-three acres and eight of sixteen. In Xesbit there were 
uinetecn husband-lands, each of twenty-five screa. In Sa-ndhoe 
and Bingfield a husband-laud consisted of twenty-four acres. 
In Kii'k-hcatoii it was as much aa thirty-four. As the number 
of acres waa larger^ the rent per aare was lower, thus shewing 
that the best land was let in the smallest quantities. In Pres- 
dale, near AlatoUj a hush and- land contained twenty-four acres, 
Or two osgaugs, 

3. Cottagers. In Anwick there were nineteen cottagers to 
twelve husbandmen, each cottager having his cottage and a 
portion of land. One haa aa much a.s nine acrea, but most of 
tlie others have less than five. In Dalton there were but seven 
cottagers, all of whom save one had a cottage and three aerea 
of land. In Ncsbit there were four cottagers, each with a cot- 
tage and three acres of land. In Sandlioe there were twelve 
cottagers, each having a house and an acre of land or less. In 
Bingfield there were twelve cottagers, most of whom had six 
acres of land. In Kirk-heaton there were eight cottagers, each 
having' between three and seven acreK of land. One has aa 
much as thirteeu acres, hut it was waste, Origiually each 
cottager in this place had seven acrea of ground. Oeca.iionally 
a garden appertains to a cottage. 

The annual rent of these lands, and of all the other meadow 
and arable ground in Northumberland belonging to the Priory, 
ran from sispeiice to a shilling an acre, and the rent of a cottage 
seems to have been eighteenpence or two sliillinga. In addition 
to this there were various aerrices and duties for which the 
tenants were responsible, and which varied slightly in different 
places — a few days' works at tlie mill or at liedging, and the 
gift of a coek or a hen to the landlord — but in no eaees were 




tliey biu'deneomc ; and the addition to the rent wliicTi tliey 
caused would in no case exceed twopence p&r aci"e. We have 
thus a pretty good idea of the sums which accrued to the canons 
of Hexham from their best land, and of the way in which that 
land was portioned out. 

Another claas of persons peepa out now and then, for it still 
existed^ and that is the serfa. In Eaehwick they lield certain 
portions of land called bondagia (there were seven of them), 
each liondar/ium consisting of twenty-four acres of arable land 
and meadow.' The serfs also appear here aiul there throughout 
the whole rental under the title of nativi dwnini. It is. evident 
that, whatever tlieir social position was, they could hold land, 
and they are generally to be found among the cottagers. And 
yet in the eye of the law they were really slaves, and belonged 
to their lords as much as the negro did to the planter. At an 
earlier period I have discovered several documents in which an 
arcLhishop of York sella a naticus and hia wife and children, 
hag and haggage. Such trausactioua were common enough. 

As a general rule, the Prior and canons let all their lands in 
a pai'tiRular plaee to one person or set of persons. The lessees 
had their own sub-tenants and cottagers, but that was a matter 
in which the caiiona of Hexham had no interest, and such mat- 
ters are not mentioned in their Rental.. They content them- 
selves with making a most minute description of the vanous 
lands that belonged to them in every plaee, We see also that, 
like other monastic bodies, the Prior and canons appropriated 
estates to the use of various offices within their house. Several 
belonged to the buraar and the eacrist, The cellarer of the 
kitchen Lad, very properly, a lar^e share, and the spiccry of 
the convent was not forgottea. 

It 18 very difficult to understand how, with all their care, 
the canons, or any other landowners in the North, were able to 
understand what lands were really their own. Even that part 
of the country which was under cultivation was very often 

' See p. 45. 



Tinenclofled. Thig accounts for the very careful way in wliich 
the bouiKlaiies of so many of the estates of Hexham aa"c stated 
in the Black Book. If the owners of land had now and theo 
as a limit one of the few hedges that existed (there were no 
stone walls), or, tetter than that, the course of a brook or 
burnj they were most fortunate ; very often tliere was a syke or 
ditch that separated them from a neighbour, hut frequently 
there seems merely to have been some imaginary line pointing 
to a saugb or willow, or some standing stone, as it was called, 
the relie of a still wilder age. Mercs or boundary stones were 
common enough upon the moors. Mote puzzling than any- 
thing else seems to have been the possesaion of balf-acreSj or 
roods, or perches in the middle of a field. It seems probable 
that several landowners combined occasionally to assart or rid a 
piece of moor or woodland, and that they divided it among 
themselves iJi small portions, one adjoining to or overlajjping 
the other, like the allotments in the common gai'den of a 
Tillage, although far more difficult to distingTiiBh.J To ascer- 
tain the rights of the several landlords, it was Customary te 
take the verdict of n jui^.' The canons seem to have had no 
idea of uniting their property, as they might have done, by 
exchange or othenvise. Probably they had no desire to part 
with even a fragment of land which had been made solemnly 
Over to them; and they held it on, as its donor mahed, often 
with little or no profit and at much inconvenience. It is sin- 
gular that when their lands were in this condition, and their 
ancient muniments lost, we find so few attempts made to wrest 
any of their poase&sions from the canons : but many others were 
in the same plight. 

The Prior and Convent had many wild moors within their 
territories, and on them it was even more difficult to say what 

* This aystem was necessary to allow to each tenant liis portion of each kind 
of land, jiistfls ifi modern ennjopures uf lajmuiyn.'! a mnnoIUn g^ts a piece of Ibe 
mope otiii u tiiooe nl' Lhe tejs iinjirovable kiud. — W- H. D. L. 

* See |ii>. II, So, 



really Iielongcd to them. The mcrcs were insecure boundaries, 
and it waa for tlic moat part iioccssapy to Tiave an mijlerstsmding 
with the adjaceiit proprietors, by wliich their cattle could. eitLer 
have their rake together, or, if they transgi'esscd, that no mis- 
chief should ensue. Tiierc is little said of the native wooila with 
which the country must have abounded, filled with oaks and 
ashea, and with a goodly undergrowth of hazel and holly, yew 
and ivy. We find little allusion to the game, which must have 
been plentiful everywhere. The canons had two fisheries for 
salmon at Newbum, but the vicar of that place had his nets, 
and paid well for his sport.' Above that place no fisheries on 
tlie Tyne arc recorded, although that river was open to the canons 
wherever their own nud the ai-chbishop*s lands adjoined it/ so 
tliat it is probable that the loclt at ByweU was in esistence, 
■which checlted the ran of the Baloion. The canons, bowerer, 
had enclosed parks of tlieii' own, and by an early grant of 
Edward L they had the right of free iifarren on several of their 
estates.™ The visitations of their house shew that they were 
oidy too ready to join in the chase." Tliey would look with 
some envy upon Master Peter de Inaula, who, with his brother, 
Sir John, had a wider range thiin themselves, and could follow 
the chase over the wliole of the 
archbiahop'a lands in Hexhamshire.p 
SeverEd objects are mentioned in 
the Black Book whieh served now 
and then as landmarks, and to these 
a peculiar interest still attaches itself. 
A wayside cr&ss occurs here and 
there, and seems to have occupied 
the place in which we so often erect 
a milestone. The accompanyiTig en- 
graving shews one that remains in 
a garden at Wardeiij to which it has 


' Se& p. S6. ' 

" Vol. I„ xix. xxiviii. 

See ri'- 104-5. - See pp. 1 03-1. 

I" Rotr- aruhiep. Grwiifitild, ii,. 54 a. 



becu removed from its o!d position. The staiidiiLg-attines are 
memorials of early British or Celtic tiibes, and some of them 
still exist to remiud us paiiifiillj how eutu-cily ignorant we are 
Oif the history of the earliest inhabitants of our island.? The 
Roman wall is mentioued once or twice, and the Prior of 
Hexham, from his tower at CarraWj could look out upon an 
extensive reach of that magnificent harrier, out of which, no 
douht, his fortaJice wae constructed. The occasional occur- 
renco of the word Chester appeinded to a, place maliea us tliink 
that we have the site of some mile-eastle or camp iu con- 
nection either with the wall or the WatKng-strect/ That sin- 
gular word Deer-street is several times nsed for the Watling- 
street.' It occurs also in Syrneon's History of St. Cuthbert,' and 
in a deed connected with the ahbey of Melrose. Does it mean 
the road to or fcora Deira ? or the Forest Road ? Tliafc aucEeufc 
and mysterious boundary the Black-dyke is also mentioued, 
and we have the Maiden-gate, and the Cnrli&le-gate," whieh is 
the {^cat Homan road between Carlisle and Newcastle. 

The Black Book contains but few notices of unusual eervieea 
and tenures. Some of the tenants in Durham and Yorkshire 
were bound to provide lodging, bay, straw, fuel, and candles 
for the Prior when he paid them a visit. No races of ginger, 
nor grains of pepper, nor a rose in the proper season of the 
yeafj are mentioned : an occasional cock or hen for the Prior's 
larder is, perhaps, the only addition to the almost imiveraal 
money -payment. The Prioress of Lamhley, in return for some 
privileges at Byrea, supplied a decent towel or board-eloth an- 
nually for the Prior's table." One curiona custom must not be 
forgotten. The wife of the lord of Dissingtou was bound to 

t Tbem Btones gcnemUy plain, but at Ciscbeloa (p. L7) tUere wasa armss- 
slondlng elo'ait. 

' See pp. 7, 31, 37, 48-9. ' See fp. S, 7, 9. 

' Apud Twyadan, coll. 70, 1'k Mr. Longstaire iDronna me that tbe mm« 
iKwiir» iu Sj kes's Liwiil IlouorJs unibr tlip year 1716. 

• Sw- pii. 7, 13, 17, aa. 23, " Sec ii, 22. 

*-^ aSt.,/^ .!«^ 



present at the high altar of HexLam on St. Andrew's day two 
corporax cloths, to free the Prior's teuants at Eachirick from 
any charge for moultcr. For the same reason the husbaud of 
the lady was to rise whenever the Prior of Hexham met hJra 
and to offer liim his seat, unless his ecclesiastical superior cod- 
deBcendGd to bid him retain hia place." May not thia cuatora 
have been some kind of a perpctioatioii of an acknowledg-ment 
of the offence of Edgar, sOti of Earl Coepatric, and Robert and 
Uctred Fitz Meldred, who asBaulted the suite of the Prior at 
Dissiugtou in the twelfth eentiuy, and slew three of his servants?* 

The names assigned to the different liehls and portions of 
oatatcB in Tyndale will attract the attention of the philologist. 
The ingenuity of succeaaiTc lajidowncra must have been often 
tased to create ao many appeUationSf and it would be interest- 
ing to know whether, as a general rule, they arc still used. 
Occasionally moat suggestive names are found. At Colden 
there was a curiously-shaped rock called Colden Kirk, and in 
the same place there was a Trow-hill and a Trow-hnrn, a trow 
being a fairy." In Presdale, near AktoUj th^re was a Hendsi'- + 
fell/ which carries \^ at once to a less gentle influence that that 
of the good people. Dedmanayke* makes the lover of good 
Border ballads, even though they are occasionally spurious, 
tliink of the Deadman's ahaw, at which one of the Fetlieistau- 
haughs ia said to have been killed. Ravenstan-more* tells ua 
of a resting-place of a bird which was at one time a regnlar 
inhabitant of many parts of the county. But ravens and red 
deer, and many of the birds and beasts, which were once so 
common in Tindale, are no longer to be found there. 

The Black Book must now be left to the reader. To throw 

more light on the subject of which it treats, I have appended 

to it all the deeds connected with the Priory of Hexham and its 

estates that have occurred to me. It will be seen that they 

have been derived from many sources, and that they are by no 

" See p. 49. ' Vol. 1., p. 95. v %^ p, 3.1, 

' Ibja.„ II. 20. " Ibiil., p. 4a. ' Ibid., p. 50. 

THE Bi^CK Book of hexhaoi, etc. 


means numerous. No trouble, howeverj has lieen spared in. 
gatliering tLem together. The greatest number is to be found 
m tlte registera of the arcthisbopa and the dean and chapter of 
York. When Dodsivorth, the antiquary, visited Hexham in 
1638, he made notes of some deeds which he diseovered in the 
pOBsesaion of Sir John Fenwickj the then lord of the manor. 
A most eareful aearch after theae documents has been altogether 
fruitleas. They are not in Mr. Beaumont's munJment-box, nor 
are they in the possession either of Sir Walter Calverley Tre- 
velyan or Sir Edward Blackett, tlie representatives of the two 
lines of the family of Blackctt. 1 have also been unable to find 
them at Castle Howard among' the papers belonging to the 
faraoua Sir John Fenwick, which came into the posseaaion of 
hia lirother-in-law, the carl of Carlisle. It is probable that 
these charters have been dcsti"oyed long ago. There is no ehar- 
tulary of Hexhara in esiatence. I muat^ however, make an 
exception in favour of a fragment of a cliarter-book formerly 
belonging to Ralph Thoresby, of Leeds, and now in the possea- 
aion of Mr. John Gough Nichols, one of the treasurers of this 
Society. A pretty full abstract of this is printed in the Col- 
lectanea Topograpliica.' It consists merely of fourteen folios 
of a email quarto size, and it relates exclusively to the York- 
shire property of the Priory. I ghonld have liked to have 
given this manuscript entire, but its owner htta unfortunately 
mislaid it. 

The registers at York contain many documents relating to 
the archbishop's regality of Hexham and his officers. These 
will probably he given on some other occasion by themaelvea. 
It would be perplexing to mix them up in this volume with the 
papers which relate cxeluaively to the Priory. 

Vol. -vi.. pp. 38-46.. 




The chief entrance to the close was formerly tlirougli a gate- 
house on the north side of the conventual church, now partially 
ruined. It appears to have bcKii built about the close of the 
twelfth century, and was divided inside into tWee bays, the 
archways at each end heing aemi-circuiar. The first bay from 
the north formed an open vestibule or porch, crossed,, at its 
eastern extremity, by a thick M-all, now removed; In which, 
when Mr. Hufcehinaon wrote his View of JJorthumberlaud in 
1778, was " a large gatewa^y for horsemen and carriages, and a 
narrow one for foot i>a33eiigcrs."'' A walled-up doorway ou the 
west aide communicated with the porter's lodge, of which no 
other traces remain. The vaulting has been removed witliiu 
memory, but Mr- Hutchinson describes it aa " of ribbed arch- 
ing, luecting iu the centre ; the interstices filled with tliin. 
atones or bricksj such as are seen in Boinan works." Mr. Pen- 
nant sayB that " this gate is of the old Sason architecture, and 
perhaps part of the labours of the great Wilfrid.-" In a fence 
wall, built after the Keformation, and leading from the east 
side of this gate-house towards the chiu'ch, are many large 
atones which evidently have formed part of a Sason building. 
Similar stones may be also seen in the westeni boundaiy of the 

The earliest church at Hexham was begun by Wilfrid in 
6?'4. The most iutelllgiblc deBcriptlou of it has been given us 

-< Vol. i., |.. im. 



by Prior Richard in his Hktory of the Church of Hexhara, 
altlioiigli many most desirable paxticidai's are omitted. He says 
that it was an edifice of immense len^h and height, and divided 
iato three stories, in which we recogmze an arcade, and conse- 
quently aisles, a triforium and. a clerestory. The capitals of 
the columns and the " arcus sanctuarit" were enriched with 
sculptm'ea and painting. The nave was surrounded (he does 
not say whetbcr continuously or not) " appentiliis et parlicihus" 
which may have been a series of chapels placed at right angles 
with the navcj and on each sido open to it. In tlieBe append- 
ages or porticoes, which must have been chambered, — since 
eome of tliera retained so much elevation as to appear like for- 
tresses and towers in Prior Richard's day, — Wiltrtd instituted, 
both above and below, altai's in honour of the Virgin Mary, 
St. Michael the Archangel, St. John Baptist, and other holy 
Apostles, Martyrs, Confessors, and Virgins. The elmrch had 
also "cochletB," or lofty round towers, probably placed at the 
west end, in a similar position as the " cochlet^" represented iu 
a plan of the monastery of St. Gall, which will be found in the 
fifth volume of the Arclueological Journal. This monastery 
was begun in the year 839, and its arrangements may form 
suggestive illustrations of Prior Richard's desenption of the 
church of Hexham. The founder also suiTOiuuled the atriimi, 
or site of the church, with a wall of great subetance and strength, 
and conducted water tlirough the towu in a stone channel to the 
offices of the monastery. Not many yeai-s ago, some earthen- 
ware pipes were found fitted neatly into each other in situ, in 
the vicinity of the Manor office, which are supposed to have 
formed part of this aqueduct ; hut the peculiar mode in which 
the centre or Core has been screened out of tlie tube reserablea 
that found in Roman examples,' which, however, Wilfi-id may 
have copied. When our author wrote, the estenaive founda- 
tions of many other of Wilfrid's buildings were apparent, wlich 

Throe nt Uiese tubes hit iinsx in tlie iiusscaaioo nf M>. Faii'Iess. 



Lad beeu devastated and ruined during the lapse of QeRnyfive 
iundred years. 

The building of which Wilfrid was ttc founder seems to 
have been completed by Acca, hia Mend and successor. It 
continued uninjured until the year 875, when every part of the 
monastery, except the stoue-workj was destroyed in an invasion 
of the Danes. It is possible that some attempts at restoration 
may have been soon made, but they did not Buccecd, Some 
years after the Conquest, Eilaf, the priest of Hexham, was the 
fir&t person to renovate hia ruined choreh. lie put new roofs 
on the old walls, and did his best to make things seemly and 
decent. . Thia brings the architectural history of Heiham down 
to the time of Prior Richard in the middle of the twelfth 
centmy. It is evident from his description that the stone-work 
of the Priory in his day was the same that Wilfrid Iiad erected 
in the sevonth ccntiiry. ; . , 

I shall now speak more minutely about the reinaiiis of Saxon 
work at Hexham. This, ia a point of the veiy deepest interest, 
heeanae at no other place, in England do we find Cliristian 
architecture brought into closer contact with the handiwork of 
Roman buiJders, native as well as foreign. Wilfiid, we are 
expressly tokl, had a number of Italian and French masons in 
hia en^loy, and I think that some of their work may still be 
recognized. At Bipon, when any exeavatiou is made on the 
site of "Wilfrid's monastery, a number of small white teaaei^ 
are discovered such as are only found in thia country in or near 
Roman camps. In the chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, close 
to the same town, before the altar, lies a coloured teaselatcd 
pavement which cannot hut be traced to the same source, and 
which has evidently been constructed to liU a position such as it 
at present occupies. At Hexham Wilfrid and his band of 
artizana found on the spot, and in ita immediate vicinity, the 
romadna of Roman buildings of considerable grandeur and im- 
portance, and his workmen would recognize with pleasure the 
workmanship of kindred hands. There arc a few sculptured 



atonee at Hexham, -which will be alluiled to hereafter, which 
it is difficult to appropriate with certainty either to Cliriatian 
or Pagan hanrls. With regard to the church that Wilfrid 
built at Hexham, we ai'c told plainly that in this country it 
was unsurpassed ; and that in sculpturej painting, and archi- 
tecture in general, there was nothing like it on this &ide of 
the Alps. It owed nothing, in fact, to Pictish or Irish taste, 
nor was it intended that it ehonl-d owe auythingj for it was 
obTioiialy Wilfiid's wish to aaaiinilate English architecture to 
the French and ItaJianj just as he had united tlioae coiintriea 
in ecclesiastical uses and observances. Hciham was the first 
church that he built in Bernicia, and at Hesham, therefore, we 
may expect to Had some traces of French or Italian ai't. The 
principal remains that we have of Saxon sculpture are fragments 
of crosses, and at Hexham we olisene on them that peculiar 
use of the vine which is ao often seen in the earliest churches 
on the Continent. This is shewn by the croaaca whic^h are 
engraved in the first volume of this work, and by one which is 
still preserved at the Spital. In the ease of the cross wliieh 
may possibly hare commemorated Acca, there ia a beauty of 
execution and design which suggesta at once its foreign origin. 
The same thing may he said of the sculptures represented on 
the following page, which are now iu the possession of Mr. 
Fairless. The larger of the two was used for steps oji the site 
of St, Mary's church. There is a classic severity of style in 
the treatmcDt which is at once observable. The same ioSucnce 
may be traced on the banlia of the Tyne, where, the religious 
suaes were, through Benedict Biscop, coimected immediately 
rith Home, The scidptuj"CB at Jarrow bear strong testimony to 

tthis. There is one in particular representing two dovea seated 
an the tendrils of a vine, — a design which ia seen frequently in 

|Italy and France. 

That it was the design of Wilfrid to bring a now character of 

larchiteeture into England, and that he did so to a great extent 
iccessfully, is evident, I think, from the similarity between 



the greater part of the Saxon sculptured remains that have beeu 
discovered in tlie tract of countrj' which was ruled over hy the 
Ijiabop or archbishop of York and Lis Buffragaua. That tract 
conapriaed at one time the whole of the Lowlanda of Scotland 
lip to the Frith of Forth. Beyond that barrier, the atonesj 
eovered with myaterious symbols, arc found in grea.t ahundaiice : 
on this side a very different class at once begins ; and at Aber- 
com itselfj the seat of a bishop for a very short period, we have 
on a cross a vine represented in the same remarkable way in 
which it la treated at Hexham. The same pattern may he seen 
at Bcwcastle and at Dkley ; and I may eayj g"enerally, that the 
croeaea from the Frith of Forth Bonthwards, throughout North- 
nmberland, Durham, and Yorkshii'e, hear evident traces of 
huTug been created by the same school of art. The iaflocncc 
of the monks of loiia upon the old kingdom of Northurabria 
lasted for too short a time to enable them to make such a 
school ; nor is it likely that plain simple men, as they were, 
should have Wilfrid's mao;uificent spirit, or any wish to make 
architectui'e a direct means of nursing' devotion. It seems to me 
that Wilfrid was the originator of the heautiiiil forms that appear 
at Hexham and other plaeesj and which overran Northmnbri*. 
I do not say, foe one moment that sculptured €ro38«3 had not 
been in use in that conntry before his time ; far from it. They 
had come into it perhaps with Paulinus, perhaps firam Ireland ; 
but in the hands of "Wilfrid's foreign masons they appeared in 
a now character, with foreign deaigua and ornamentation. The 
Icsaons of taste which these men gave must have been soon 
lost, as the croasea in Northumbria are often somewhat rude. 
There is little of that marvellous beauty ■which characterizes 
the sculptured memorials in the north and east of Scotland, 
and which, although derived perhaps more immediately from 
Irelandj is at the same time of an Eastern character. I am 
not speaking now of the etrange symbols which the zeal and 
inteUigence of the Scottisli antiquaries will, 1 trust, be soon 
able to explain. 



The cat, which is given helow, repreacuts a stone in the 
cliurchyard at Warden, irhich has evidently bceu at one time a 
RoHiiui altar or sepulckral memorial. The surface has been out 
away, aud it has been changed with Uttle difficulty into a Saxon 

It ia not easy to say what the afcoiie, No. 2, lias been. It 
is now in the possesaiou of Mr. Fairless. ■ 

No. 2. 

The pieces of baluster work which occur below are" appa- 
rently of Saxon, character, but are father unusually treated. 

The Tuost remarkable and distinctive Sjiecimeii of S^oa 
ftrebitccture at Ilcxliani ia undoubtedly the crypt; though a 




(luestioii may he rained wlictlicr a portion of the extreme 
western anples of tlie choir, where it joins the north and south 
vringa of the transept, may not he of this early date. The 
eontig;uous piera of the tower are not bonded ioto these walls 
behiDd tbera. Iiuleed, if the church which the Early Englitih 
btiildei'a of the choir began to recoiistruot hnd a eentrid tower 
iji the poaitiun of that which now remaius of suhseqiient date, 
they could not have removed this portion of the pre^nous clioii' 
without damaging its enatem superstructure. The ividth of 
the apace betiFcen these augles, greater than that which might 
be supposed to have oeeurred in a Saxou fabric, does not aft'eot 
the queatiou ; for the ehuieh which Wilfrid buUt, and which 
probably was repaired and uol altered materially in plan after 
tlic Norman ooiMjuest, Mtis of iniuaual dimensions; and in the 
present church of Stowe, in Lincolnshire — "the only example 
now remaining of ivhat a Saxon church of the largest class 
was " — the ■nidtb of the clioir, as determined by the Sason 
piers of the centrnl tower, is twenty-four feet.-''' Moreover, it 
will be remembered that the capacious centre tower of York 
Minster rests on piers containiu;;: in their cores similar angles 
of Norman work, which could not safely be removed when the 
luljaceiit parts of the fabric were reconstructed. 

If this supposition be correct, Wilfrid's church — or^, at all 
events, one which retjuired rebuilding at the end of the twelfth 
century — must have covered a considerable portion of the 
Space occupied hy the Early English structure, the central 
square of each being of the same dimeusiouB ; and this idea 
may derive some confirniation from the relative position of the 
older and the jircsent choir and the crypt ; for if a line he 
drawn eastward thi-ough the centre of the latter, it will fall 
midway of the tower and these presumed angles of the Saxon 
dioir. It is improbable, also, that WiUnd's ci-ypt was origin- 
ally placed in any other than in its present relative position, for 

' AteiwialNl Ari'U, ^'''ii', Kcii.irlrJ, vul, i., |i, giG, 




had it beeu inti-odueed uuder the eastern end of his church, as 
found in churcbee of subsequent date, the Eai'ly Kiiglish 
rebuilders must have rejected westwai'd, beyond theif wallB, a 
coneiderahle portion of a hallowed site which had far more 
that! ordiuary claims on their rpneration and assidiioua pro- 

Both Eddi and Prior Kichard seem to have been especially 
struck with the apartments which Wilfi'id /Gonstructed deep 
down helow this chureh, and it itiay have been thut he firat 
iiitJ'oduced such features in English churches. Eddi, speaking 
of the church, aays : — " Cnjns profunditatem in terra cum 
domibus mixifice politia lapidibu3 fundatam," etc. Kichard 
speaks more explicitly of crypts, undergi'omid oratories, and 
winding passages. Of these, with their appurtenant passsgea, 
only oue is now known, and that so recently discovered as the 
year 1726, although, most probablyj it will be found at a future 
day to communicate with another. Whatever position it may 
have occupied with reference to its original superstructure, it 
■was left by the early Euglish rebuilders at the eastern extremity 
of their nave. That portion of the church is now destroyed, 
and the crypt is therefore now entered from the churchyard. 
There is no object of similar character in the kingdom, except 
one in the cathedral church of Ripon, which unquestionably 
owes its origin to St. AYilfrid. The annexed plans^ will describe 
better than words in what respects they resemble each other; 
but it must be remembered that the approach to the crypt of 
Ripon was altered when the central tower wa^ erected above it. 
As to other points of difference in detail, the chapel of the 
crypt at Hexharu is rather larger than that of Ripon, measuring 
13 feet 4 inches by 8 feet, against 11 feet 3 inches by 7 feet 9 
inches. It is also placed much deeper jn the ground, and is 
constructed almost entirely of atones brought froBQ a Romau 

'Myreaiiersmust be reTerrtxl to Ihe goaeral iikn of the church for a groimil- 
plsrt or th<i crypt al HcKlmiu. 




building, wliereas the other is formed of the grit stone of tlie 
country. In the one,' the cells at the west end of the flanking 
passages have triangular roofs; in the other, the cells are not 
defined from the pasaages hy arches, and are covered with Hat 
stones. At Hexham the aiiti-chapel has a barrel vault, at 
Eipon a aemi-vaalt only. In the one, two pasKsgea lead east- 
ward and one southward j the other has hut onp outlet towards 
the choir. In this cryjit the heads of the niehes are flat, and 
there ar& none in the eastern wall ; in the otherj they hare 
semi-circular heads, and there is one on the north side of the 
apace once occupied hy the altar, and a larger one above that 
space, in the middle of the wall. But both the crjijts have 
obviously proceeded from a coiumon type, although the idea ia 
more elaborated nt Hexham than at Ripon. Both chapels have 
their entrances in the same positions. In both, the eemi- 
circular heatle of the doonvays, which are of the same height — 
6 feet 3 inches — are cut out of horizontal slabs. The passages 
in each agree in width within an inch. Both have funnel-lite 
apertures in the heads of the nicheSj and deep round basins in 
the bases. In both, the north-east niche is -pierced through to 
tlie passELge behind. Both have a small rectangular opening 
in the roof of the anti-chapel, which may have hceu connected 



by a flue with the floor of the church ahove, and both have 

bsGQ plastered throughout. 

Irrespective of the general interest "which must attach to 
this Crypt as one of the earliest and moat curious of the Sason 
etructurea that we possesSj it is remarkable from having been 
built almost entirely of stones which have been used in au 
earlier work. Two of these bear Roman ioscriptiona, and tlie 
rest are presumed to have had the same oiigiii. Evidently 
they have been used here as the moat eligible materiala which 
"Wilfrid TOuld command, andj as ia shewn by their positionsj 
not for the sake of ornament or enriching the character of his 
design. The lesser inscription contains fragmciita of fire linesj 
which have been so injured by insertion in its present position 
as to be unintelU^ble. The other is on a stonej which forms 
the coTer of the aouth-caat angle of the passage which ilanka 
the crypt on the north. It is engraved iu Horsley's Britannia 
Romana, together with a Boman altaij dedicated to Quintua 
CalpuraiuB Concesainua, apparently a prefect of a troop of 
Corionototari, which was observed also by Stukely and GalCj 
when they visited the crypt in the year in which it was dis- 
covered, hut which cannot now he found. 

Of the sculptured and incised stones which are to be 
observed on all sides in the crypt there are two pieces of a 
Roman eornice in the southei'n passage, of which an example 
is engraved in the Archseological Joiu'ual/ together with two 
patterns, of which Mr. Hudson Turner there saya : — " Though 
some doubt may be entertained, we are inclined to consi<ler 
thera relics of that debased style of art which marked the 
works of the Roman legionariea in Britain." 1 cannot enter 
into his doubtftilncssj being unable to conceive from what 
Saxon building they could have bee)i brought, or what builder 
could have produced aucti works between the departure of 
the Romans and the advent of Wilfrid. Within tlie last few 

• ViA. i., y. 210, 



years many raorfl iuoistil etoucs have Ijecn denuded of the 
plaster witli wliich tlipy were covered, aud singular dencea 
exposed, best expressed by the graver, by wbicli ihcy most cer- 
tainly Jiliould be perpetuated. 

ThiR prypt was- discovered in the year \7'^G, in digging for a 
buttress to support the west side of the tower. When 
Hutchinson' vieited it iio. 1776 he eays. it had "for several years 
past been used as a private burial-place, aud the entrruice is 
covered with a table of marble of pi-odigious size, which is not 
usually moved but at the denunciation of mortality. The 
massive clauslram was heaved from the mouth, of the vault by 
iron croTca and i-oUcrs, at which the ground trembled over the 
arches." This covering is removed, but immediate access to 
the crypt is only obtaiucd now, as it was then, by descending 
eighteen feet by a ladder, in a pit or ahaft, 2 feet 7 inches wide, 

'Vol. i., II, ina, 



Blink above tlie foot of the original entrance from the weet, 
eeveral of the steps of which, prolonged to their former length 
in the plaOj may still be seen. After passing tlirough a narrow 
doorway or opening in the wall with a semi-circular bead, devoid 
CTen of the accompaniment of a chamfer, the visitor enters the 
anti-chapel, a chamber with a barrel vault 9 feet 2 incbea long, 
5 feet 7 inches wide, and 9 feet in estreme height. Nearly in 
the centre of tlie vault, which shews some atones of the cbarac- 
teriatie Saxon dressing, are tracca nf a small rectangular open- 
ing, like one in a similar position in the crypt at Ripon; but for 
what purpose it baa been used (the coincidence inclining me to 
think it ia not merely accidental) it ia not eaay to conjecture. 
In the south wall is a small rece&s or niche, with a flat head in 
front, hut hollow like a funnel behind, and with a deep circular 
cavity ot basin in the base. This niche, which resembles all 
the rest in the crypt, is al^o perfectly uuoriiamented. From 
this chamber we paas by a doorway oppoaite to that by which 
we entered, and of -simdai' size and character, into the chapel 
or main body of the crypt. It is vaulted, like the anti-chapel, 
and to the aanie height, the length being 13 feet -l- inches, and 
the width 8 feet. There is a niche in the west wall, on the 
right hand as we enter. The only membci;' on the north side ia 
a niche towards the east end, in all reapecta like the rest; but 
with this additionul peculiarity, which appears not to have been 
noticed by previous, writers on the crjpt, that, like the cele- 
brated " St. Wilfrid's Needle," exactly in the same position in 
the crypt at Ripon, it is voided to the passage ou the other side 
of the waU. For what pnrpoj^e these pecidiar openings may 
have been originally used it is, perhaps, now useless to inquire. 
Certain only It is that, in this case, tfie uicbe haa never been 
applied to the piirpose for which that at Kipon was enlarged 
lUid hceame faiuoiis, as the wall behind is not cut away so as to 
allow a person to be drawn through the orifice.' There are no 

i See seotlons of the " Needle " and tln' other iiichR? in tlie trypt si Ripo-U) 
et0,i ill Arch. Insl- Vtoc. at Torlt, IWS, 

TIIK l>HV:i'.lLI!, PART II. 

remains of tlie altar, but ou the north sick' of it,a site a plain 
Be nii- octagon a! hracket is ioserteii it* the wall, above which, the 
disposition of some drilled boles, oue retaining a. piece of solder, 
snggeatB that a priicifix had once been placed there. On the 
aonth side of the cliapcl, a doonray, like those befori? mcntioiied, 
with a niche in the wall a little to the left, npcna into a cell 
5 feet 4 inches long, by S feet 6 inches wide, and roofed with 
large flat stones, inclining like the sides of a triangle, the 
apex of which is 8 feet from the floor. Hence we pass east- 
wai-d, through an archway, into a passage 3 feet G inches broad, 
and corered with large atones placed horizontallyj leading in the 
same direction for tlie space of 8 feet 6 inches, witt a gentle 
ascent. At this point it turns sontbward, and further pi-ogress 
was until recently arrested by a dry wall, probably placed 
there, like one in the passage on the opposite aide of the crypt, 
wlieri the ■western piers of the tower of the cliurch were 
strengthened by the superincumbent buttresses. We can, liow- 
ever, now sec that the western side of it continues in the same 
southern direction for the space of ten feet and more, and that 
near the point of divergence another passage has gone forward 
towards the east; but the unprotected state of the earth and 
etonea overhead prevents further investigations from this side, 
though the Bouthem passage might probably be traced by an 
excavation opposite the dooi-way which formerly led from the 
sonth transept to the clolatcr court, "Returning now to the 
anti-ebapel, we pass throagh a doorway, lite tlioae we have 
Been previously, into a cell 6 feet long by 3 feet 6 wide, with a 
triangidar roofj eimilar to that of the little chamber on the 
south side of the chapel. Hence a passage, covered with flat 
stones, leading east, rises so considerably, that, behind the voided 
niehe in the ebapel, the floor is level with its base, as occurs in 
the crypt at Ripon, At this point, too, it tiirns northward and 
riaea four steps, the roof becoming semi-circular and sloping, 
parallel to the graduation of the stairs. After four more steps 
eastward, further access is closed, lint so little of tlie passage 



remains iinesplored that a person statioaed in it can distinctly 
hear wonis spoken in the transept of the church. It is very 
desii'able that this outlet should he restored, for many persona 
might thereby be enabled to visit the crypt who cannot use the 
present very inconvenient mode of entrance. 

After a very careful examination of the church, I have been 
unable to discover any traces of pure Norman architecture, or 
any materials that might he supposed to have been used in a 
bnilding of that character. It is entirely Early English, com- 
mencing with transitional detail; but how far the gronnd- 
plan has hceu suggested from the previous structure, there are 
no fact* upon Tvbich to base a definite judgment. The work of 
reconstruction commenced with the choir, at the very end 
of the twelfth century. Then followed, at respective periods, 
very briefly removed, the south transept, the west side and the 
end of the north transept, the south side of the same transept, 
the central tower, and the nave; hut whether the latter por- 
tion was completely tranafonncd or not wc are not now able to 
ascertain. In sui-vcying the building I shall proceed in the 
same course, describing first the external, and then the internal 

The elevations of both the north and south sides of the choir 
exhibit six. bays, the eastern one of each having been recently 
rebuilt. In the aisles they are divided by shallow fiat buttresses, 
or Yjila&tf rs, rising from & splayed base, the heads dying into the 
cnrbel tabic. In each is a lancet light, under a plain head 
supported by single cylindrical shafts, and covered by a hood 
moulding, which passes from light to light continuouBly over 
the buttresses, like the string course on which the windows 
stand. About midway is a pointed doorway walled up on a 
plane with the enclosing wall, but as it hEis neither been moidded 
nor splayed in the jambs or the architrave, and has no hood 
moulding either witbiu or without, it may have originally heen 
introduced for a temporary purpose. In the clerestory the divi- 
sione are made by narrower pilasters than those of the aialeti. 



reeded at tlic angles, witt tri[ingidnr heads, each having the 
face relievfid with a sunken trefoil. In each bay is an ai'cade 
of three pointed memhera siipportpd by single cyliiidrieid ^liafta, 
— the central and widest one enclosing a lancet light, AbovCj 
is a corbel table and plain coped parapet. The eastern fafade 
lias been recently rebuilt, but an idea of its general character 
may be formed from a north-east "prospect" of the cliurchj 
taken about the ycai' UlGl,^ The central Gompartnicnt seems to 
have been flanked by two large buttresses staged only onee on 
a level with tlie parapet of the clereFtorj, above which point they 
aesmne the shape of lofty square tnrreta with pyramidal heads, 
not unlike those which their btiilders may have admired in the 
transitional Norman work of their patron, archbishop Bxjger, at 
Ripoii. On the apes of the gtihle was a lai'ge pinnacle with a 
niche in front, surmqtinted by a plain Latin oross having three 
smaller erosaes at its base, — one on each aide, and one in fi^nt 
attached to the head of the niche. How faithfully the artist 
has rendered the detail may be a question on which different 
opinions may be entertained. The same observation will apply 
to the great east window, which is represented in the same 
plate as divided into five Lighb; under two intersecting sab- 
archea, the space in the head of the main arch, above the point 
of intersection, licing filled apparently with four quatrefoila; 
while the rest of the tracery is formed by merely doubbng the 
number of the mullions of the lights below. The inaccuracy 
which occurs in many of the plates in the Monasticon, especially 
in the d.elineation of tracery, need not indeed have raised a 
doubt whether such a window was inserted at tlie close of the 
flffcee]ith century, when t!ie fittings of the choii- appear to have 
been renovated, had not a window of an earlier character actually 
oceu]iie(l its place luitil about thirty years ago, when another of 
somewhat similar design was substituted, and in its turn was 
superseded at the recent rebuilding of the gable. Wrightj in 

* JDnjidiile's Man. AubI. Yet. cd.. ii., IS5. 



his History of Hesliam^ says of tlie window which lie saw in the 
year 1823, that it "is singular ia this, that it is, or appears to 
be, broader at the spring of the ardi than at the base of the 
columns. It i& likewise distingiiislied by that ornameut com- 
monly called the witches' wheel. It is divided by 'slender 
shafts of shapely stoue,' as usual : but the great oriiaoieut of 
sueh buildings, and what ought paiticulai'ly to distinguish them 
—painted glass, ia totally wanting." He then goea on to 
" lament the nmtUaied state in which it is/' a fact which iu one 
resjiect corroboratea the opinion exprcased to me by a competent 
observer who had examined it,, that the tracery had remained 
unaltered for a much longer period than that which had elapsed 
since the publication of Dngdale's engrax'ing. If a conjecture 
may be hazarded on an object of which we have a very impertect 
description, I would suggest that the old window was inserted 
soon after the spoliation of the Church by the Scots in 1296, in 
the place probably of two tiei's of lancet Ughts, anrmotmted by 
a wheel; and that iu the enlargement of the s-pace to obtain a 
lighter efi'ect, while the walla and shafts between the lights were 
diminished to mullions, a semblance of the wheel was fondly 
retained in the disposition of the tracery by which it had been 
displaced. Mr. Fairlesa haa seen a piece of pot metal glaasj 
taken from this window, painted with a brown pattern in the 
style which obtained in the latter pai-t of the thirteenth 

As to the eastem ends of the choir aisles, their windows 
are obscured in Dugdale'a view, bat each outer angle ia Hanked 
by a large buttress wliich rises above the roof in the shape of a 
square turret with a pyramidal cap; there appears also to have 
been a light on each side for the use of the triforium, flanked 
on the outer side by a pointed blank recess. 

Rinining along the eastern wall there was formerly altind 
of eastern trausept, 59 feet long by %<> in width, called the old 
school. It probably took the place of the sanctuary, or shrines 
behind the altar, in which the remains of the Saints of the 



church were for aivhUc deposited.' When they were rcmored 
and laid in closer proximity to the lugh altar, the site that they 
had once occupied seems to have been Tcserved for aacred pnr- 
pnaesj and a sehonl was erected there; for the Augimtinian 
canons were ordered to pay particular attention to learning md 
edudatioa. It is said that this school was bu-fued hy the Scots 
in 1296, when the achoLara were within it. This is the more 
probable, because, after the demolition of adjoining houses, 
the exterior of a building of this description was exposed, with 
five square-headed Decorated windows of three Ughta each 
looking' towards tiic cast, and DUe of four lights in the tiOrthem 
and southern gables, of the customary shape. Under each of 
tlicse windows there was a door. It may be presumed, there- 
fore, that this is the bnildiug which was erected in the fourteentTi 
century, when there was a temporary rest from invasion. Like 
its predecessor, it was used for the purposes of education. It 
appears in Dugdale's view of the church in KiGl. For some 
years the restoration of this curious adjunct to the choir 
was contemplated, hut from want of funds the project was 
deferred; other counsels prevailed, and it was ultimately demo- 

On the east side of the eouth transept the clerestory ranges 
with that of the choir, and is made into bays by flat huttresacs 
witli pyramidal heads, but without a trefoil in them. The triple 
arcade, which in each division carries the light in the centre, 
is not supported by shafts hewn from a single stone, as. is usually 
the ease, and as they appear in the choir, but by semi-octagounl 
projections walled in courses. The corbel table, above which is 
a plain parapet, is continued ft'om the choir, A peculiar appear- 
ance is imparted to the aisle by its incluBion, in the southern- 
most of its three hays, of a passage and chamber above, which, 
in most othei* conventual churches, are found intervening between 
the south transept and the chapter-house. In its lower story 
JB a doorway with a semi-circular head, between two narrow llat- 

' See Tol. I. 



topped lights. AIjovc ia a triangular receaa, aiid theu come two 
windowa of the same shape as those beloiv^ but of larger dimen- 
siona. The buttress which flanks this compartment ou the 
north is eemi-octagoual, rising from a rectangular baae, but it 
has not the singular footing for the diagonal sides which appears 
on the CEist aide of the north traoseptj nor any other peculiarity 
about the head, ■which merely sinks into a flat pilaster below the 
corbel table. The buttress, however, nest to tKe choir, is triple- 
gabled at the stage where the octagonal chang^cs into the flat 
surface. The windows are of the Bame character as those of 
the contiguous aisle of the choir, but n&ither the string course 
on which they stand, nor that which eonnecta their hood 
mouldiiag, ranges with those of that earlier portion of the 

In the south face of this transept the most prominent fea- 
tures are three plain lancet lights in the upper part, a very con- 
siderable space below having been flanked by the chapter-house 
and an apartment above it, the high pitched roof of which 
encroached on the tower portion of the central light. There 
are octagonal turrets at the two angleSj and the gable has been 
lowered and eornieed like that of the north wing of the tran- 
ecpt, at the cud of tlie fifteenth century. 

The west side, which originally formed a portion of the 
boimdary of the cloistcr-c^onrt, preaeuta, in its basement, a 
eontiuuous arcade of pointed members of varying width ; the 
largest encloshig the doorway which once opened into the 
cburchj and another, of leaser size, that which leads into the 
passage above mentioned at the extreme eud of the transept. 
Above, are the corbels which carried the pent-house roof of the 
eastern cloister. At the height of two courses of masonry work 
above them is a plain string courae, and at the distance of seven 
more, annther, on which, without a divisional buttress or ac- 
eompauimeut of any kind, etand the four lancet lights of the 
triforiura passage in the wall. Above theae, on another stiiiig 
couiae, comes the clerestory, having four seta of triplets with 



maaoniy for shafts, as ou the oppnsitf side, and a similar corbel 
table and coped parapet as appear there. 

Of the nave nothing more remains above-ground than a 
fragment at the west end, which defiuca little more than the 
length of this part of the church, before it was burnt hy the 
Scots in 1390; and the I'act, otherwise ohvious, that it had an 
aisle on the north side. Whether the absence of a con-espoud- 
ing member on the south side was occasioned by some arrange- 
ment of the buildings on the west and south sides of the, 
cloister-court, which would uot admit of encroachment on its 
space ; or by some reason connected with the structure of the 
original Saxon nave ; or by «ome custom which prevailed 
among the Augustinian canonsj cannot perhaps be determined ; 
but I may remark that in the conventual obiireb of Bolton-iu- 
Craven, of that order, the nave baa no Bonthern aisle; and, in 
that case, the adoption of the plan must have been voluntary, 
and not dictated by pre-existing' arrangement. Be tliis as it 
may, it la obvious that this pecaliarlty must have produced a 
different design in the elevation of the northern and southern 
Gidesj and liow these were detailed — if the nave was eniirehj 
rvhiilt in. the Early Eugliali period — -we may form a tolerable 
opinion by examining tliose fragments of the two main walla 
which are now embedded in the great modern buttresses which 
support the central tower. On the' south side, the three string 
eourses which define the several peculiar divisions of the west 
side of the contiguous transept are prolonged into this remnant 
of the uave; s^uggesting the idea that, both internally and 
externally, the south side of the nave was of the same design as 
the present west wall of the south transept. Both, too, must 
have been similarly affected by their engagement with the 
cloister. Of the north side, we can only infer that the cleres- 
tory was of the &nm^ chsiracter m that of the contiguous west 
aide of the north transept, troai the continuation, as in the 
other caae, of the string; course \mder the windows, and also of 
the corbel tahlc, The pitch of the navp roof Is defined by the 



■ffeather moulding on tLc lace of the toner, and that of itn aiale 
by the same kind, of iudicatioii in the wall of the trauaept. 
There appeura to have been no tower at the west end, and, moat 
probably, the gable was flanked externally by two turrets, like 
those which existed formcily at the opposite extremity of the 
church. The wall which now stands upon the fuundation of the 
»Outh side of tlie nave, bo as to form a screen and carry the 
cloister of the quadrangle, has been built in the fifteenth 

The north traiwept is of graceful and effeetive character, 
and in several respects differs in design from the opposite wing, 
It rises from a bold basement, at a. libber level than that of the 
choir, into which a dog-tooth moulding is introduced. The 
main front is flanked, on the west hy a flat buttress, on the 
east by one of semi-octagoual form, wliichj after assuming a 
more slender substance below the base of the clerestory, be- 
comes a slight flat projection, the top of which ig sptayed to the 
wall. The doorway, placed in the centre, was erected by the 
Mercers' Company of Loudon, to which the patronage of the 
lecturcRliip in this church belougs ; but it appeaT.s from Dugdale's 
plate that, in the year 1601, one with a semi-circular head had 
occupied its place. Immediately above, and filling the inter- 
mediate space under the base of the clerestory, are three very 
long lancet lights under an arcade of pointed arches, the mem- 
bers containing the lights being the widest; but the cylindrical 
shafts, bauded twice in theii' elevation, which must have added 
materially to the design, are all destroyed, with the exception 
of a nook shaft in the western angle. The clerestory has three 
lancet lights under an arcade rising with the inclination of the 
gable, the members being divided, aa in instances previously 
noticed, not by shafts, but by serai-octagon al masonry. To- 
wai'ds the end of the fifteenth century tlie pitch of tlie gahle 
was lowered, and decorated with a cornice of concave moulding, 
charged with quatrcfoils, which rises frora two plain octagonal 
turrets with pointed heads, hut part of the Early English work. 



It is remarkable that these wiuJows, like all tUe rest in tire 
transept, whei-e a patliway crosBed the eill in the ititenor, are 
walled up to about the height of six feet, not improbably after 
the Scottish iunirsion lu 12!)fi, and for the purpose of shclter- 
iug those using the passage from arrows or other missiles that 
might othei'wisc haye been aimed at them bj those mai'auders, 
from whom the canons must have esperiencerl frequent amMnr- 
ance. The north faec of the attendant aisles is enclosed be- 
tween two Hemi -octagonal buttres&es, tlie head of the eastern 
one being adorned with a peculiar little finial. There ia one 
light under a triple arcade, and another above, with a hlunlc- 
pointed areli by its west side, whieh formerly lit the tnforiura, 
but ia now walled up, like the wbole of the clerestory lights oii 
the east aide of the transept. At what period this was done, 
and for what purpose, has not been aacortained. 

The west side of this wing of the transept is dirided by 
three buttresses. That which flanks the outer angle is flat, the 
others in a great degree resemble those on the east side ; and, 
after rising in a semi -octagonal form from a rectangular base, 
diminish to a smallei- substance, retaioiug, howcvcr, the same 
form, and then reeede to the wall to divide, in a flat shape, the 
bays of the clerestory. They difter, however, from the but- 
tresses on the east side, in the three outer faces of the upper 
serai-oetagon ending in a triple gable. The three long lancet 
lights whieh adorn this fajode ai'c not placed under an arcade, 
but are enrmoimted merely by a liood moulding, which moa 
continuously from end to end, passing over tlie buttreasea. The 
elcrestoiy resembles tliat of the opposite wing. 

The same arrangement is followed in the clerestory of the 
east aide of the north transept, where the aisle has three semi- 
octagonal bnttress-es, on rectangular bases, banded by the string 
course which runs at the sills of the windows, the foot of each 
diagonal face being turned up with a curious ornament. The 
heads recede to the wall, and one of them has a amall finial of 
foliage on a slender etcra, rising like a plant out of the upper 



laPEHH /tiStOEMCt: HfR, 

•un Pil ust 


-tci OF IHE -iiVi 

and /iiiilditifs at 

MQOERN ailTTBF.Ss « /i«n Uu Ternr. 
ANCIENT Sr/llftCASM it Sormtlery kc 
CH4FTER HO\fS£ raH.Uin.jJtumtd 

nEKmns Qf ji SEFtCroFr 

HHHH ftCfECTORlSS ^n^ favi^u frm^ iht 
i.:it'ijin-j -iunjf,-ii ifi'tji Hthj aa im ^teii 
fir\ ir-yitimil neur ti-ctt-flieti as Wi-t,* rrllarj. 


K iSOy CHaPEL.J}rM\.ot,^Kf,i,JSe& 


Tt ia remarkable that these wiudows, like all thg rest in the 



part, but not from the apex or estrerac upper surface of the 
frout face. The tliree lancet lights are each placed under an 
nj-catle of three members, the mouldrng which decorates the 
jam'bs and heads of the windowa being continued at their bases. 
The corbel table, prolonged horisontaUy acrosa the north face 
of the aiBle, is of the plainest eharacter. In Dugdale'a plate, 
a high buttressed wallj apparently of mediieval work, nina firora 
the north-east angle of the transept for a considerable distance, 
pa^rallel with tlie clxoiT. 

The tower, placed at the interseotion of the choir and 
transept, rises little higher than its square above their roofs, 
from which it emerges as a mere mass of plain masonry. A 
little above their ridges it ia slightly contracted, and each face 
eshibits, between two flat buttresses, a pointed arcade of five 
members — divided by triple shafts of masonry— of which the 
second and fourth are larger and liig;her than tlie rest, and 
contain in each a pointed window, originally subdi-v-idcd into 
two pointed hgbts by a miiUion now destroyed. The corbel 
table is Hurmouiited by an embattled parapet, enclosing a 
low pyramidal roof. In the plate just mentioned, the roof, 
which was then covered with lead, assumed the form of a 
spire, about as high as the width of the base of the tower. 
TJpon this was placed a cross aurraounted by a vane of con- 
Biderable height. These, however, like the present battle- 
ment, must have been erected after the church was burned by 
the Scots. 

The old bells, which have been for some time melted down, 
were six in number, and, according to Mr. Wright, three of 
them bore the date 1404, St. Mary's bell was the largest, 
weighing as much as 70 cwt. It was called the fray bell, and 
was rung specially when there was an alarm, particularly of a 
foray or inroad. Ita last peal was at the marriage of Sir 
William Blackett, when it was cracked by the boisteraus 
demonstrations of the ringers. St. Audrew^s hell, the next in 
size, was rtmg at f«iieraU, and was called the haly or Iioly bell. 

VOL. II. d 



Mr, Wright in bia Hietory of Hexham"" gives the following in- 
scriptions from the bella, the inaccuracies of which caimot be 
now corrected. Several of the legends are striking. 

iD PBiuos OAHTira p(Eo)TTaiX iroa hex oiosioaus. 








A, D.MCCCcrni. 


A. D. M OOCC Tin. 

It may here be observed that the roofs of both the choir 
idid transept were formerly covered with lead, and that on its 
being Bmelted, a quantity of silver was obtained from that 
which waa taken from the choir. 

Interior of the Church. — On entering the choir, we 
infer by comparison of the sections of mouldings, and other 
detail, that the south side ia probably a little earlier in date 
than the other. The five columns which divide it from the 
aislea on each side all stand on rectangnlar baaes, a.nd arc com- 
posed of eight members or shafts, not rounded, but shaped in 
section like the end of a lance. On the south side, all the 
capitals are quite plain, hut on the north, foliage of an incipient 
character ia introduced. The eastern rpspondsj indeed, judging 
from the modem edition of them, must have been of tran- 
sitional Norman character, ^' The originals are said to have 
been more spirited." On both sides the abacus ia rectangular 
over those shafts of the pillars which face the cardinal points of 

" pp. 100-S. 



the compasa, but, over those that intervene, it follows tlicir 
pomtcd scctiou. The mouldings of the archivolts, which tbese 
pillars Bupportj are boH and well eomposcdj but their arrange- 
ment, on the south side, differs a little from that on the north, 
and it has also a serrated, instead of the plain hood moulding 
wLicli occurs on the opposite side. 

The triformm — stroagly savouriug of Norman influence, 
both iu the genera! design and the large space which it occupies 
between the arcade and the clerestory — eoutrihutes to this part 
of the church a dignified and powei-fiil effect, not unheeded by 
the huUderg of the transept at an advanced period, when a 
modified form of it might otherwise have been introduced. It 
is divideil, on both aides, into hays hj triple shafts resting on 
semi-cylindrical bases, with something like three nail heads 
projecting from the face of each ; and these again are suppoi-ted 
by floi'ifttod brackets, the string course intervening. The 
mouldiugs of the semi-circular arches, very little inferior io 
span to those of the ai-cade below, riae from two cylindrical 
shafts in the splay and two in the soffit, corresponding with the 
two shafts, jflaced one behind the other, which carry the two 
pointed sub-arches; between which a sunken quatrefoil appears 
in the apandril. On the uorth side there is no decoration 
attempted, except the naU-head ornament in one member of 
the arch, common to both aides, — and iu the last bay westward, 
where the angle flanking the nook shaft is oiiiameuted with 
dog-tooth work; a treatment which obtains tbi-onghont the 
southern triforium, 

Both sides of the choir are lighted alike with plain lancet 
lights on a nail-headed string course passing over the dividing 
Taultiujj shafts, each light appearing in the middle of an arcade 
of three raeinbera. It is s.up[iorted by shafts tripled at the 
level of the head of the pathway which passes over the sill, hut 
single from that point to tlie springing of the head of the 
window. There are consequently two seta of capitals. Bcloir 
the point of springing, the jamb of the window is splayed or 




shoulilered, so as to form a trefoil head towarda the interior, 
and to admit more light. 

The east end having been rebuilt needs no other comment 
than that it is of a more advanced character than the lateral 
walls, aud appears to have been compiled from various portions 
of the church, vrithout observing the difl'erent sttiges of develop- 
ment which it presents. As the modem character of the work 
is obviouH to the most careless obaerver, no sncb misconception 
can arise as must be caused by the prolongation, at the same 
period, of the nook shal'ts at the west angles of the chair, which 
were formerly pendentive, and the introduction of the wall 
oriiitment, which occurs only in the latest portion of the church, 
in the north transept. The reredoa behind the altar seems to 
have been suggested from the arcade of the aisle of that portion 
of the church. It is composed of seven trefoil-headed. archeSj 
supported hj shafts, except the central one, which rises in a 
cm-vilinear direction from the wall, without the interposition of 
either capital or bracket ! 

The aisles of the choir have single lancet lights, enclosed 
within a moidded head, supported by cylindrical shafts-, with 
capitala of tranaitionaJ Norman feeling, and a rectangular 
abacus. Thej stand on a bold string course. Both aisles are 
vaulted with stone, supported by pendentive shafts, which varyj 
in section on the respective sides. In the diagonal ribs of the 
groining a large between two smaller reeda appears; in the 
transverse rih^ they are of equal size. The bosses are adorned 
with foliage. In the third bay from the east, on the south side, 
ia a doorway inserted, in the Decorated period, hut now walled 
up, with a trefoil-headed piscina on its west side. Each aisle, 
no douhtj had its altar at the east end, with the necessary 
appendages, but as the bay in which they would have been 
enclosed has been rebuilt, we find no other indication than a 
large locker on each side, the heads of which, however, from 
some whim, not to be explained, were changed in that work 
from the flat to the semi-circular form. 



Towards the cloee of the fifteenth century, while Ko'wland 
Lescliman and Ttcunas Smitheou eat in the Prior's stall, the 
whole of tte woodwork of the church seeniB to have been 
renewed, including the roofa of the choir and transept. After 
the Refoxraationj time and neglect wrought their usual effect's 
upon it, though probably some definite idea of the general 
nature of the arrangementB might have been still obtained htid 
not the recent alterations swept away all that reeted on the 
floor, except the rood-screen, and left it only for the student 
to examine the ruin in tragments. This screen, — certainly 
one of the most singular and interesting eomhirkations of 
eandng and painting in the idBgdom, — stands betweea the 
eastern piers of the central tower, and projects or cavea over, 
both to the east and west^ for the salse of obtaining greater 
space in the loft; forming thus on the east aide a continuous 
canopy for the stalls. On this side, the screen shews only a 
panelled front on each side of the central doorway, and appears. 
to have been *' restored." In front, over the entrance, projects 
a ae mi-octagonal jube, the panela of which and the rest of the 
loft, sixteen in number, are each painted with the figure of a 
Saint, archbishop, or bishop, but I could not distinguish their 
particular characteristics from the floor. Being not immediately 
accessible, they remain in a good state of preservation, hut 
require cleaning to bring out the detEul." In the heads of the 
pointed doorways iu the sides of the porch, are two large 
picturea, one of the Salutation and the other of the Annuncia- 
tion of the Blessed Virgin. The west side of the vertical part 
of the screen under the loft ia divided into three bays, the 
central one being occupied by the doorway. The lower portion 
of the rest eihibit a row of sbtteen panela, each containing the 
picture of a mitred personage, — some of them nimhcd, — and 
about 2 feet 4 inches high. A few of their uamea are painted 
on them, but the light ia seldom sufficiently powerful to 

■ Id the^e jmneU there are sorae ^liicIdB of arms ) on« eshibitiog a uo&t of 
Neville, aootbor a kind of vulliire grasping; an mniilet in fe daws. 



enable them to be readj or tte symbols connected with the 
figures aBcertained. St. Ciitlibertj however, stautls obviously 
prominent. Above, the pointed be&da of the panels between 
the shafts which support the fan-traccrj ceiling below the loftj 
arc filled witli blank flamboyfint tracery of exquisite composi- 
tion, but still more charming when the back-groimd retained 
the colours with which it was filled in." Tlie ceiling is still 
coloured in coutraat, red and green, the face of the ribs having 
been originally gilded. The fi-ont of the loft stands upon a 
cornice, in the concavity of ivhich are inserted, along with 
yuatrefoila and roses, the following letters, each with contrac- 
tions, or letters entwined, forming a monogram of a whole word^ 
carved in relief upon a separate square tablet : — 

o(BArB) i-Cao) a(i.tma) d(om:ini) t(iiom^) s(MiTnso[f) 
i'{aiOHta) B,(ujrB) eCC".B8Ij:) «(t;i) ^(ecit) h{oo) 

It is decorated with a series of twenty-one niches, with the 
frontsi of all the canopies cut away, though sufficient is left to 
tell how beautiful they once have been. The spaces between 
the niches, delicately ornamented, have been coloured al*o red 
and green. Above this arcade ie a broad fillet of fine flam- 
boyant tracery work, surmounted by a cornice enriched with 
quatrefoils ia the hollow, ton^cthcr with the letters T S and 
another object which I coald not make out. This was, origin- 
ally, the termination of the work; but there has long been fixed 
upon it a continuous row of twenty-four panels n'itli tracery in 
their square Leads, containing a aeries of pictures, like those in 
the base of the screen, painted on the wood. Five of them in 
the central part represent as many subjects in the " Dance of 
Death/' aud are engraved in Mr. FaiileBB's Guide to tlie 
Clim'cli ; the rest, which all appear to be single figures, arc so 
obscured by dirt a? not to be intelligible from below. 

* This tracery pcesente za atlnpt&Uoa at the totaii fuiiud in the grenL vfs\, 
winUdw fir T'lrk totiMter. 



According to a plan of the pews taken in the year 1830, it 
appears that there ivere four stalls oil eairli side of the west eud 
of the ehoLP, fourteen on the north side and sixteen on tlie 
aouthj but both series terminated at the same point eastward; 
though, on the north aide, two stalls were included witliin. the 
tliird intercolumniation from the west, hut three witliin the 
same space on tlie opposite side. Thirteen of these stalls are 
now placed at the eastern extremity of each aisle of the choir, 
hut they have no tabernacled heads or canopiesj and, judging 
from the plain surface of the elbows or divisions hetwccn each, 
it does not appear that they originally had such a protection. 
It may have been that they had a panelled screen behindj some- 
thing like the blank tracery workj with a coved ceiling of fan 
traeepy projecting, like that on the weat aide of the rood-screen ; 
but the hcada of the west stalls hare been, so mangled that tliis 
is little more than conjecture. The miaerereB do not attain the 
general iutereat of that class of objects, being chiefly foliage, 
though one bears the figure of a bird which liaa been supposed 
to be a memorial of Edward Jay, the last Prior. The font 
formerly stood immediately in front of the northern groups of 
the wcatern stalls. 

Of the lattices or screens which dinded the main hody of 
the choir from Its aisles, not one now remains in position. 
Probably they exhibited such flaraboyaot tracery as still happily 
remains on the west side of the rood screen, combined with the 
pictured panels whieh hfiye been, and with others that wiU be 
hereafter, alladed to. Some fragments of them, which are 
still preservedj must evoke as high an admiration of the skill 
and piety of those who produced tlicm, as of the opposite 
feeling towards those who destroyed the worts of men into 
whose minds they eonld not enter. 

Before the late "restoration," the sedilia stood under the 
easternmost hay of the choir, on the south side. They joined 
the wall at the east end, and left a passage between the opjx)site 
end and the pillar, not being wide enough to fill the spiu^. 



The base under the seat was of atone, but tlie superatnieture of 
wood. Of the latter a reimiaut La now preaefved in the north 
transept, in the ebape of a bencli irith a plain back, like & long- 
settlcj divided Into four seats by three open-work partitions 
resembling flying buttreasea-j eacli end having a similar termi- 
nation. Two elbows or finials of the lower portion of these 
partition^ remain; the one Tesembling a nondescript animal sit- 
ting on its haunches ; the other an angel holding a shield charged 
with a bugle-horn, stringed, between three Roman letters, W; 
the armorial bearings^ perhaps, of the family of Woodhome, 
though the style of the work forbids their assignationj in this 
case, to the Prior of Hexham of that name. A piece of open 
crest-work, engraved at p. clsiii of the Preface of Vol. I,, 
bearing the same shield in connexion with an eagle, was taken 
from the fi-ont of a gallery above the objeet now under descrip- 
tion, but whether it originally formed part of it I have not 
ascertained. Each of the seatB was originally surmomited by a 
Bema-sexagonal canopy, divided from each other by a tall pin- 
nacle which rose from the hinder part of the partition, and 
ceiled with fan tracery, now mutilated, except the bosses, in 
which are introduced two human faces and as many roses. 
Until recently, the sedilia were occupied by the churchwardens. 
Considering the limited space that could be allotted to pri- 
vate altare, iu consequence of the absence of a nave, there 
were probably several screens passing transversely across the 
aislea of the choir, leaving only a processional path between 
them and the wall. Two chapels indeed remained in a tolerable 
state of preaervation until the recent period to which we are 
compelled eo often to allude ; when one was mangled and re- 
moved to another part of the church, and the other waa wan- 
tonly torn in pieces and dispersed, as "old materials," I 
prefer, however, to describe them here in conncsJon with their 
original sites, that the reader may be in some degree enabled 
to recall those ancient associations of the choir wLlcb camiot 
now be enjoyed within its walls. The large&t and moet iute- 



resting of these encloguies stood on the north aisle of the choir, 
TcitKiu the aecond bay from the east endj and was popiilarly 
called " Prior Richard's shrine," Whether this appellation had 
its origin before the Eeformationj in coimesion -with a recorded 
fact or tradition that this celebrated member of the house was 
interred in this particular sp&t, or -waa aBsociated otherwise with 
it, will probably never be ascertained. Certain only it is, from 
the late presence of the initials of Prior Rowland Leechman on 
the roof, that it was erected by him, either as a chantry chapel 
of his own foim.dation, — for which I am not aware that the 
reqijisite licence remains on the Patent Rolls, — or as a recon- 
struction of some pre\'ious enclosure connected with Prior 
Bichard] which obtained, therefore, especial attention from 
Leschman when he renewed the woodwork of the choir, and 
which received his mark, like other parts of the fahricj in token 
that — " This made Leschman." The chapel filled the whole 
intercolumniatiou, and projected on the south side beyond the 
biLses of the pillars, having an entrance from the choir at the 
cast part of this front, which was stopped up within memory, 
when another entrance was made irom the aisle, at the east 
end. It did not free the aisle, but a passage occurred between 
it and the wall. As it now stands in the aisle of the south 
tranacpt, the " shrine" raeaBurea 13 feet 6 inches long on the 
BOutb aide, II feet on the north, and is 11 feet 6 inches high, 
and upwards of 6 feet wide ; but how far the sides retain their 
original proportions and respective positions I am not clearly 
informed. I note this only, that in a plate of the shrine which 
may be found in Wright's History of Hexham, p. 78, the base 
of what is called there the south front is now the north front, 
with a doorway at the eastern extremity of it, of which there 
are no traces at present. The plate, however, in other respects, 
is extremely inaccurate. In an architectural point of vicw^ the 
work is of a very debased character, though some portions of 
the flalahoyant tracery of the lattices are beautifully designed. 
A etoae basement, 4 feet 9 inchcH high, bounds the chapel on 



the sides, wliirli iliffer cntiiT'tv in design •. that which now fronts 
the south being the inoet decopated. It is divide*! into three 
stories or atagca. The lowest is hut plain masonry, 1 foot 5 
inches high, m front of which, at intervals of about twclye inches, 
as regards the fii-st four spaces from the west, — for the rest ai-e 
smaller, — sit a aeries of luue grotesque figures, having the effect 
of supporting the Buperstructure. The tirst is a grim-lookiug 
lion : the second repreacnts a fellow with a rude smirk of aatig- 
fection on his countenance, plajing the bagpipes : the third, a 
fox in a pulpit, caped and hooded, preaching tofourgeeae cleverly 
grouped helow : the fourth, a man sitting on a low stool playing 
on a harp : the fifth, a rude representation of a man with three 
faces, — the middle one the largest^- — hut with little or no body, 
in a fitting posture, apparently on a eouchant animal : the SliLth, 
a man sitting on the ground in a crouchmg posture, the relative 
position of his heiLd and arnia to his body passing all description 
by the pen, hut affording an excellent material embodiment of 
the nightmare : the seventh, a man aitting on the ground with a 
small animal iu hia hands, and wearing a long cap with a t&ssel 
at the top tumcd over on one side ; the eighth, a. woman sitting 
on the ground holding an unintelligible object, rescmbbng dra- 
pery, over her head, the nude arm presented towards the spec- 
tator, exposing the shoulder, below which the dress is rolled up 
in the shape of a wreath or forae : the ninth, a nondescript 
monster, like those fouud in Norman work, and prohably 
copied from such. Immediately above this curious basement is 
a fillet of foliage, not, as usual, interlacing or miuiiug hori- 
zoutally, but every leaf, like those of the aspen poplar, risea 
vertically from a stem passing in a wavy direction from end to 
end. Above this courae is the chief member of the design. It 
is divided into eight panels by moulded vertical projections of 
conaidcrahle auhatance resting on corheia or baseB, not bevelled 
or splayed at the under surfaee^ hut projecting and disengaged 
horizontally as far as the heada of the suppoi-ting figures I have 
just described. The capitals of tlicse rude shafts or ribs are 



ronnccl by repreaeiitations of human tieacla, equally prominent 
as the bases. The panels thus uuehisfld are Etjiiare-headed, but 
not of ecjual width, and though their inner hcails are of a trefoil 
bhape, tbey aTe all detailed differently. Tbc fii*6t subject, pass- 
ing friom the wi;3t end, re^jTesents St. George slaying the 
dragon : the second, a piece of Saxon knot-work, surmounted 
witb foliage : the third, the Ancient of Days with streaming hair, 
crowned, holding onr Blesaed Saviour in a most uingnlai" pos- 
ture in His lap ; the fourth, a Saxon knot, enclosed witMu 
another, twisted into the form of a. loacngc-shaped wreath or 
toree, the apex being collected into the semblance of a trefoil : 
the fifthj an ape sitting on a. curiously shaped etool with one 
paw resting on his knee, and the other applied to his mouth : 
the sisth, the lily, with foliage aynibolical of the Blessed Vire^n^ 
rising frooi a T^Ae, with a siugLe handle and epout, precisely 
resembling a modem, pitcher ; the seventh, a tonsured front- 
faced figure, holding an unintelligible object in his right hand : 
the eighth, a front-faced figure in a go\m, with no particular 
eharaeteristie. Above these panels is a bold embattled cornice, 
not less tlum a foot deep. The present nortliem basement is 
much plainer in character, though equally singular in its design 
as the one just described. Upon plain masonry, 18 inches 
high, 13 a deeply recessed arcade of eight members, excludiug the 
half panels at each end. The dividing ribs are flat and rudely 
moulded with semi-circular moulded bases but rectangular 
capitals merely chamfered. In the heud of each arcade is a 
compressed trefoil, enclosed unskilfully under a cinquefoil, thus 
giving the effect of a cornice without its projection; the lower 
part is filled with a trefoil -headed arch -with a plain ogee canopy, 
the tops decorated with a series of heads of men and animals. 
It ia to be remarked in connexion with an object shortly to be 
desenbed, that the pilaster which bounds the east etid of this 
northbm basement is ornamented with a piuiel defined by 
incised hues with a semicij-cular head. If this aide did actually 
face the choir when it stood in its origuial position, this pilaster 


must liave formed one jamb of the doorway aa clepicted iu 
Wrighfs platCj and the upper portion of the ■Compartment in 
which the door waa placed must have been destrojed at the 
time of the "Restoration," thus causing the present disparity 
in the length of the aides. Upon tliis basement, on each side, 
stands a wooden lattice or Bcreen of more than equal lieight, 
that on. the north remaining the most perfect. It ia now mtide 
into six vertical diviaiona by panelled shafts decorated with 
hlank tracery, resting on brackets, in the form of bewls. Each 
of these ogce-hcaded spaces was divided by a mullioDj enriched 
in tlie hollows with quatrefoils, into two eemieircular-headed 
openings, not foiled j the space between and the cornice being 
filled with delicate flamboyant tracery. There is a flat booi'ded 
ceiling over the chapel, originally ribbed, but all the membcja 
Lave been destroyed, and now only one perfect centre boss 
remains, decorated with a red rose, with seven half bosses at the 
sides, and two comer bosses, all representing well designed 
fohagej and painted, Mr, Fairlcea fortunately possesses a cast 
of One of the centre bosses which assigns the erection of the 
shrine to Prior Leschman. It bears the device of an augel 
holding a shield, charged with the letters V and [ iu saltire, 
their disposition having been perhaps suggested by St. Andrew's 
cross.'' The same idea may have croaaed the fancy of the 
designer of that elegant piece of woodwork, engraved at the 
176th page of the Preface to "The Priory of Hexham/' where 
two objects, supposed to represent barbed arrows, are placed in 
saltire with an R above and an L below the point of intersec- 
tion, not improbably allusive to some trade or occupation in 
life from which the surname of the Prior was derived. Mr. 
"Wright, in his History, published in the year 1833, says that 
the " north side and west end of the shrine are entirely de- 
stroyed j" but, in the flrst instance, he can mean no more than 
that the wooden lattice had been much despoiled, as ia now the 
ease on the aonth side. 

r This ia engiBvad on the title of YoL I. 



At the east end of thia chapel — where it was placed before 
its removal from the choir — is a remarkable stone altar, occupy- 
ing its entire width of 5 feet 3 inches, and 4 feet 4 inches high, 
the cover or slab being slightly chamfered, and bearing- the five 
crosses. On the north side of the Tcrtical face is a square- 
headed openingj 1 foot lOJ inches high, and 9^ inches wide, 
continued through the whole substance of the altar, and pro- 
bably once used as a place of deposit for the sacred utenails. 
On each aide of tlie aperture is a sculptured pauelj the other 
exposed side of the atone formiug part of the inner face of the 
opening, having another panel of like chuacter. That on the 
north side contains a most archaic -looiirig Sason acrollj copied, 
no doubt, from one existing at the time in the Priory, facing 
the spectator ; and, inside the recess, an ape sitting. Opposite 
to it is a hare squatting under foliage ; and, outside, the eame 
stone presents a pilgriiQj with hi* gtaffj wearing a wallet and 
Cap, both with the badge of the escallop shell. lu " the dork 
ages" of English archEeologj) Mr. Hutchinson^ sagely con- 
jectured these figures to be of Roman workmanship, the ape 
representing Silemia and the pilgrim Jupiter : but they are 
obviously of the same date as the rest of the chapel, and pre- 
cisely of the same character as those found on its south side. 

The wKole space between the altar slab and the roof of the 
chapel is occupied by a piece of wainscot, 7 feet high. The lower 
panel, filUng the whole width, contains a singular painting, not 
to be properly viewed witliout artificial light, hut which Mr. 
Wright in his History saya "represented the sufferings oi 
Christ. The Saviour in the centre, his hands crossed before 
him and tied, crowned with thoma, etc. ; on his right hand 
cords and scourges are cross-tied to a tree ; above are thii'ty 
pieces of silver. lu the foreground a figure like a monk in the 
attitude of prayer (not iiuprobglily intended to represent Prior 
Leschman) holds a conspicuous etation. On the ground are 
pincers, etc. On the left hand of the Saviour the garments 
• View of North ambarlnnd, a.d. 1776. vol. i., p. 97. 



haiig; here, toOj arc the ladder, the spoar, and the sponge, tied 
to a reed; and bo particular hiis tlic artist been, tlial the dice 
are still Tisible, and it is woi-thy of remark that three dice are 
dlsceruible, not Iko only, as at jircscnt in use. Gilded rases 
are senttercd over the wliole piece,'*' On three npright panels 
above is a figure of St. Andrew, between St. Peter on one side 
and St. Paul on the other, hut much obscured by time and 

There is now placed within this chapel a low altar tomh — 
of the latter part of the fifteenth century — 5 feet long and 2 
feet 5 inchea wide, which, previous to its removal at the late 
"restoration," iit&yd against the wall, towards the eastern 
auglc of the north side of the choir. The base and eomice 
wliich support the cover have simple niouldinge, and there is 
no other feature about it, except that at the west end of the 
Buuth Bide is an armoiiail shield, bearing the letters R. L. in 
saltirCj and most probably appropriating this as the tomb of 
Prior Lesobman. A3 it has neither base uOr Cornice on the 
south aide, we may conclude that the end which now faces the 
west, at that time was turned towards the east. 

Upon this tomb rests the mouumeutal effigy traditionally 
aaid to represent " Prior Richard." In Wright's plate of " the 
Shi*ine" (History, p. 78) this figure is shewn lying in front of 
it, on the south side, and on a alah, which never could have 
been intended to represent the tomb just described; and in a 
plan of the pews, taken in 1830, it ia introduced on the same 
Bite; but I have been told that some time after, when the choir 
was re-pewed, it was removed and placed upon the monument 
ou which it now rests, When Hutchinson ■»-iBlted Heihamj 
in 1776, it would appear that both the monuments were 
placed aa they are now. "Within the choir," he writes, "is 
the recumbent effigy of an eccleaiastio, hooded, on a table 
monument of black marble (wliich the present is wot) in relief; 

' Wright's Hextsm, pp. 78-9. 


In the Pre&ce to Yd. I. thu effigy is 



at the foot, a shield witt uncomniOD. annsj ot rather an em- 
blematical device to denote mortaiityj being the rescTnljlauce of 
croag bones. The people who keep the doorSj say it ia the tomb 
of Prior Richard, an historian of the twelfth century. The 
device on the shicldj if it is preaumed to be the tomh of Richard, 
will then appear to he the letters r i placed one over the other.'" 
But, whatever changes may have been made in the relative 
positions of these monuments, it appears evident to me, unless 
the work had been erected, at first, in a, moat unusual and un- 
skilful maimer, that the eflBgy never formed any portion of the 
altar tomb onginally; for not only is the latter complete in all 
its component parts, and properly flnighed by the slab above the 
cornice, but the lower surface of the slab on which the effigy 
rests is disproportionately larger than the upper Eiirfac'e of the 
tomb, and has its own proper cornice and set of mouldings, 
of a more ornamental character, around its aides and end; 
whereas the altar-tomb has been originally placed against a 
wall, and on that side ia wholly unadorned. It is. to be ob- 
served that the crenellated portion of the moulding around the 
bed of the effigy appears only on the west and south sides, 
Buggeating the idea that thc&e were the portions of it originally 
the most exposed to ■view. Mr. Wright, speaking of tliia efSgy, 
says (p. 90), ia the year 1833 it stood ■" exactly in front of the 
shrine on the north side of the centre aisle of the choir, Tfiia 
was not ita oriffinal situation. It uow covers another tomb, on 
which it reeta, and this impropriety of place has caused much 
confusion in the accounts respecting it." Unless, also, " the re- 
cumbent effigy of an ecclesiastic hooded," whi&h Mr. Hutchinson 
saw, " immediately adjoining" the shrine, was one which is now 
destroyed, — a thing extremely improbable,— -he must have seen 
the figure now under consideration in a detached form. For in 
speaking of the tomb at the we^t end of the north aisle of the 
choir, then presumed to he that of Alfwold, king of North- 
umberland, he aaya, " I measured an e^gy which (aye near ih'ia 
tomb, aud found it answenTig exactly in length. Tfie tffiifj/ 



represents an ecclesiastic vnth lii» hood ihroum back to his fore- 
head, his haud$ elevated, and robed to the feet; the folds of 
the drapery thrown into excellent order, easy and ele-gant." 
Whether Mr. Hutcbinson has fallen into confusion in making 
the two statements I have quoted or not, he evidently had 
considered that the effigy last mentionedj which corresponds 
exactly with that now under review, was not then placed iu its 
original position. 

There stood "near the altar" in the year 1776, and until 
recently, an uncouth statue of a man in an erect posture, about 
3 feet 8 inches high, now removed into the aisle of the north 
tranBcpt. He is represented as wearing a long coat, buttoned 
in front firom the neck to the waist, having three coils or clumsy 
ligatures of what may have been intended for hay or straw 
hand rouud his ancles ; and he holds e)'ect vitli both hands a staff 
or club as tall as hioiaelfj expanding- to a large knot at the 
upper end. His cap is like that which appears on one of the 
figures on the south side of the chapel just described. The 
stone out of which the figure is carved is i-ough and undressed 
on its right hand side, as if that part had jutued a wall or other 
masonry. The opposite side retains two iron hooks, the points 
of each beut in a different direction, and is ornamented with an 
incised panel nith a aemi-circul ar head of precisely similar 
design to that which — aa previously alluded to — appears on 
what waa once the eastern jamb of the doorway leading into 
this chapel; suggesting the idea that this figure may have been 
connected with the eastern end of that enclosure, wliich has 
been long since removed. Mr. Pennant, in hia Tour in Scotland, 
made in the year 1772, in allusion to this statue, says, "Against 
a pillar is a ridiculous figure of a bai'efooted mau with a great 
club : perhaps a pilgrira." Upon which Mr. Hutchinson, four 
years after, remarks, " It in nowise represents a pilgrim ; he 
carries no scrip, and weart* a cap or helmet ;" and afterwards 
says, " This, I apprehend, is the figure of Pan. It is reason- 
able to conjecture that they," — that is, this and the figures iu 

ibe tabric of TDE PRIOIir, 


front of the altar aboTC mentioned, — " have teen saved from, the 
ruina, when the Roman reraaina m the vatdts," — tbat is to say, 
the Sasoii crypt, — ""were obtained/' Mr. Wriglit, while per- 
ceiving the " evident identity "" of the fign^re " with the other 
sculptures of the shrine/' ttinka it was "intended to represent 
an offieer of justice, with his staff and plume, his feet bftred 
and manacled, to ebeiv that within the bounds of sanctuary Le 
dared not move towards hia design, and that there his authority 
availed him not. This figure is placed within a short distance 
of the stool of peace." 

Beyond the highest limit to which living memory can 
extend, and moat probably for sis centurieB more, tliat most 
venerable monument of antiquity, the weU-known Frith-stool 
of Hesham, used before the Reformation for the unasaadabla 
security of persons seeking the sanctuary of the church, 
occnpicd a position immediately in front of the last pillar, east- 
ward, on the north aide of the choir, its face being' turned 
towards tte south. Soon after the year 1830, however^ when 
the cburch was re-pewed, neither the unusual local intereet 
wliich attached to it, nor the fact of its being an almost unique 
example of its kiad, could preserve it from removal into the 
north aiale, immediately behind the pillar in front of which it 
had previously stood. Hence it was again recently removed, 
and placed, where it now stauda, in the aisle of tlie south 
transept, at the angle of its junction with the contiguous, aisle 
of the choir. At some distance it has the appearance of a 
cnbical block of atone, out of which a seat has been heivn ; but, 
on closer examination, it will be found to be composed of the 
stone which contains the sedile, of very close grit, and three 
stones below of somewhat eofirser material. The whole block 
is 2 feet 74 inches long, 1 foot 9 inches wide, or firom back to 
front, and 1 foot LO inches high. The plan or section of the 
seat resembles the vertical elevation of an elliptically- headed 
areb. The upper surface, on which the elbows of a person sit- 
ting in the chair would rest, is decorated, on each side, by an 
VOL. II. e 



interlaced scroll, at the end of wMch, beliindj is an interlaced 
Saxoii knot of pointed trefoil shape. Inclosing this desi^, 
round the oiit«r margin of the surface, and continued round 
that of the concarity of the aeat, are incised parallel Lines, 
f^iving the idea of a slightly headed moulding ; and lines of a 
similar kind fullow the maTgiit of the simple elevation in front. 
According to a plate shewing the horizontal and Tcrtical faces 
of the Frith-stool, in the Sancttmrium Dwiielmense et Sanc- 
tuanum Beverlacense, published by tlie Surtees Society in the 
year 1837", it appears that either then, or at some previous 
period TV-lien the drawing was made, a large concave moulding 
or cornice intervened between the sedile and its base, apparently 
of Perpendiculaj or Tudor character, and the base appears to 
have been formed of one stone. Be ttia as it nsayj I think it 
is questionable ivhethcr, in the original design, the lines of the 
ornamentation in front were not prolonged into another vertical 
stone below and returned at its base. I may remark here, 
more for the aake of fiiture enquiry tlian otherwiae, that ou the 
sloping side of the elbow on the north aide of the chair I fan- 
cied I could feel some incised letters, perhapa, after all, of no 
moment ; which, in consequence of the darlc situation, I was 



not alile to ol^Bcrre by the eye. I have no doubt whatever tbat 
this is the cathedra of the Saxon bifihopa of Hexham.' 

Until the recent " re eto ration,-" a couaiderable space below 
the third arch from the last, on the south aide of the choir, 
was occupied by a chantry chapel, whicli was always kiLown by 
tha name of " the Lord of the Manor's pew/' until the dis- 
covery of the armorial cresceuta of the Oyle family upon it 
gave it the name of "the Og!c ghrine." From a drawing 
of It, made by Mr. Fairlesa, before it was riithlcByly destroyed, 
it appears that it was of the same Tudor atyle as charac- 
tenaed the rest of the old woodwork of the choir. The eleva- 
tion OB the north side remained much less perfect than on. the 
Kouth, but both bad presented a base of sis panels, merely 
divided by strips without tracery, upon -wbich stood as many 
detached shafts with ogee heads and plain tracery in the »pan- 
drila. Above this was a cornice, returned at the wcat end, 
enriched with qnatrrfoils, as were the beam -which divided the 
panplb'd basement from the lattices, and the outer faces of those 
which supported the east end. The 'chapel ia not r&membered 
to have retained its altar, but on etripping off the baize from 
the pew, before its demolition, a fine trypticli which had sur- 
mounted it was discovered; the removal of wldch from the 
ehureli, as " old materials," was the subject of much indignant 
comment in the jnnmals at the time. It is thus described in 
the public prints of the day :— " This interesting relie," says 
the writer, "is a tryptich of the fifteenth century. It has a 
massive frame of oak, 4 feet 3 inches by 6 feet 6 inches, of the 
same character of moidding and carving as the aereenwork 
empaling the shnnc. The three panels of the picture arc of an 
uniform size — 1 foot 10 iuches by 3 feet 8 inches, and the sub- 
jects in each are confined within, an outline of a vesica forra, 
and enriched with diapered backgroundp. The centre compart- 
ment represents Christ in the act of rising from the tomb, the 

' Tho Frith-iitool at BeTerlej m nlmoat ideotical with th&t of HexUiMn in 
slupe, hut it 13 entirely devoid of oFna-mGiit. 



lower half of the figure heuig concealed liy the decorated side 
filal]. The eyes are closed and liead bowed down, an espression 
nf ineoueeivable sorrow and compaseion pervading the features. 
Blood streELiuB from the crown of thorns and from the wounds. 
Above the crown of tboniaj wliich is curiously raised in alight 
relief, is a gorgeous nimbusj wliich, it is CTitleat, once blazed 
with gold. TluB ornament is in hold relief, as are two candle- 
stickB placed on either side of the tomb. Below the tomh and 
behind the nimbus and in other interstices there is a diaper of 
gold stars. A wavy vesica of clouds confines the wbolCj which 
stands out thus eloud-encircled from & deep crimBon background, 
diapered with hesagoaal sombrc-eolouxed rosettes, each roaette 
containing the letters I. H, C. painted m the same tint. The 
compartment to the left of this contain* a full-length figm-e of 
tlie Virgin holding the Infant Christ on one arm, and a sceptre, 
annotmeing her sovereignty aa Queen of Heaven, in the other 
hand. The nimbus of this figure is also in high relief, and is 
more elaborate in design than that upon the head of Christ. A 
raised nimbus surrounds the head of the Infant, and the eccptre 
is richly ornamented in relief. The robe of the Virgin is of a 
crimson colour, and has a small geometrical pattern upon it. 
It is fastened upon the breast with a row of embossed eiasp 
ornaments. Over the armj on which she holds the Cliildj and 
below her M-aist, falls a piece of amber-toned drapery covered 
with fleure-de-lys. Thia figure is siirrounded by a double border 
of golden raya following the same vesica outline, behind which 
the background is diapered with starry circles. The third oom- 
partmeut is filled with a representation of St. John. He beiLTs 
in one hand a chalice, in the other a palm branch, The edge 
of the chalice, its stcnij and its base, together with the nimbus 
of the Sadnt, arc all rendered in the same character of orna- 
ment as that of the other Bubjects, hut of different designs. 
The vesica outline of this painting is formed by a flowing scroll- 
like pattern. The diaper of the background is similar to that 
of the Virgin's panel. Portions of the curious raised ornament 



(LTc loatj and the base of tie centre panel hag been tised roughly," 
Above tliis tryptich waa an horiaontal teater-likc canopy, rising 
tiglier tbaii the lateral lattices^; its concave face towarda the 
west divided by libs, clecorated with quatrefoila; the interme- 
diate spaces between them being boarded and painted with 
crescents, which, so far as I could judge from a faded specimen 
which I have seen, were of a white colour. 

Near the site of this chapel may istill be seen a marble dab 
in the floor with tills inscrijition graven on a plate of brass : — 
"Hie Jacei RnLerius Ogle, filiua El^ne Berlraiti filie Rolierit 
Beriram militis, qui ohilt in vigilia Omnium Sanctomrn anno 
Domini 'm''ccec°se°, cujaa anime propicietur Deua. Amen."' The 
corner pieces, which are known" to have borne the arms of Ogle 
a.nd Bertram quEirterly, now retain only the latter coat. 

Mr. Hodgson/ in lufl descriptiou of tbe chureh of Heiliam, 
published about the year 1809j Baya, ""The bishop's pew, and 
the oratory near Prior E.iehard*8 tombj have been ornamented 
with paintiugs, at present muet defaced by time and bad usage ;" 
theae are, probably, the two chapels which have been described. 
He mentiatiB also, " TIte Litany desk, at present placed on the 
west Bide of the transept." This remains there still, hut I 
prefer to mention it here, in comicrion with the other ancient 
furniture of tbe choir, fi-om which it has at some time been 
dismembered. The desk itself is of polygonal form, like the 
jnbe in the rood screen, with a s<!reen projecting laterally on 
each side, which, if they occupied thia position origiiialiy, must 
have intercepted considerably a free passage in the choir. The 
whole is formed of fourteen oaken panels, having ciuquefoOed 
ogee heads with plain tracery above, and divided by neatly 

• There ia much to 1» said aliout Sir Eabert Oglo. He was much employod 
bj tliB arclibishopft of York. Isabella, tho widow of kia grandson, Koberfc, Ergt 
lord Ogle, do^irod to bo IiuTi&d in ib& monnst-ery of Hexham in 1477-8 (SIS9. 
LaJisdowoe, cccsivi, iYd 6). 

■ Wright, nist(«'y of Hexham, r- SB. 
■ " Topogr. and Iliat. DosoriptioQ of NorLhunibarlimii. Beauties of Englund 
aiiil IV'ides, p. 163. 


THE PREFACE. — P.lflT 11. 

moiiUled styles, wreathed with labels of divers colours, but 
apparently without inscriptions. It ia of the same date as the 
rest of the ancieiLt woodwork of the choir, and lias been painted 
ttrougliout, like the coseval rood-screen. Each panel contains 
a full-length figure of a Sainted personage, about two feet high. 
Some of them, have been designated by inscriptions, as in the 
unneceasary instance of St. Peter, but they are all nearly worn 
out, or so obscured, like the symbols which many of the figures 
bear, as to be illegible, witliont cleaning or the application of a. 
powerful artificial light. Like the other paintings I have pre- 
viously mentioned, and others about to be described, tbelr 
execution is not of mder character than might be expected fi'oin 
their age ; but they appear to me to be of considerable value 
for the illustration of English art, particularly as praetised in 
tte religiouH houses, at the close of tbe fifteenth century. For 
although, it is hardly within the verge of probability that they 
may not have been produced by English artists, or independent 
of any foreign feeling, still at least it is infinitely more probable 
ttat this should he so in tbe ease of a large seriea of bulky 
objects of this connected character, than in that of many de- 
taehed and portable pictures of a aimilar date, of the purpose 
and origin of which we can know nothing, neither whence they 
may have been imported. The panel in front of the de 
represents our Blessed Lord holding a croas and pendent' 
strcamerj and elevating His hand in the act of benediction. 
The nest to it, on the north, has a pictiu-e of the Virgin Mary 
with our Saviour in her arms. The interstices between the 
tracery of all tbe panels have been coloured alternately red and 
green, like similar work on the rood-screen. 

At the time when Mr, Hodgson wrote, there were placed 
"over the Litany desk full-length portraits of the Saints 
Wilfirid, Jolm of Beverley, Aeea, Fiidbert, Gilfrid, Alcmund, 
and Eata, with this inscription above their beads, ' Ftmdatofeg, 
hujtis loci.' " I presume Hutchinson" had previously alluded 
" View of rfo-rUmmbcrknil, \.d. 1776; vol. i,, ji. aSi 



to tlicBO pictures when he indulged iu the singular observation, 
" TliErc are some grirn and lion-iikc Saints painted in tLc aisles, 
among whom stands St. John of Beverley, of hideous aspeot." 
Mr. "Wright* says that, in the year 1823j they were "more 
advantageously disposed above the screen." Bccently, they 
have been placed — for they are iin two divisions — iu what we 
hope is only a temporary position, one reared before the other, 
at the west side of the north tranBept, where the foremost of 
them can only be conveniently examiuedj though probably they 
are objects unique of their kind. It is a wooden tablet between 
eight and nine feet square^ framed of oak boards, enclosed ou 
the aides and at the top in a frame, of which the concave 
moulding, inclining inwards, ia enriched with quatrcfoilsj whilst 
at the front of it is a sleuder pinnacled buttresBj to which a 
lower one of "flying" character ia attached. The superficial 
surface is occupied throughout by a very curious paintiagj 
divided by pitmacled and staged buttress strips or etylea into 
four corapartuieiits, each 4 feet 9 inches high and 1 foot 10 
inches wide, and surmounted hy a light and elegant &emi- 
hexagonal ogee-headed canopy of wood, the fiidal of which rises 
to the upper cornice or frame of the tablet. The subjects 
below, executed in the time of King Henry VII., and in excel- 
lent state of presen-ation as regards desigu and colour, represent 
four full-length figures of aa many bishops of Hexham. The 
first, mitred and nimbed, wearing the pall and holding a crosier 
or cross staff, may be supposed to represent St. Wilfrid. The 
refit are nimbed and all bear staves, hut the heads are not 
clearly discernible thi'ongh the coating of dirt. I was itifoimed 
that the spandrila between the heads of the canopies contain 
the armorial insignia usually assigned in the middle ages to the 
prelates represented below, and that the name of each waa 
inscribed below t!ie bracket, at hia feet, but the imperfect light 
which reaches thh part of the church did not enable mc to trace 
the one, nor the position of the tablet to sec the other. These 
•■ Hislorj lit lli'shain, |i: 71, 



brackets are of «emi-octagooal form, and of Bimilar width and 
pTOJection as the canopiea above, and perhap3j on particular 
occafiioiu, may have supported lights. Behind this tablet is 
placed another of precisely similar design, but of three com- 
partmcnta only. In tlicir original poaition, they do not seem 
to have been joined closely together, bo as to form a eoutinuous 
subject ; for the outer transverse face of each side of the frames 
is orDamented with the quatrefoil moulding ; a fact which also 
BUggeets that they have been placed, at first, like ordinary 
pictures^ agaiiiat the face of a wall, and not inserted between 
pillars or other masonry ; in which case the outer margin would 
have been left plain, to join the stonework, Mr. Fairlcsa wae 
told, long ago, by an old man whose recollection extended 
beyond the period when Hutchinson wrote, that he remem- 
berod the^e pictures to have stood near the east end of the 
choir. It is a somewhat singular circumatance with reference to 
the period when they were executed, and the church where they 
were exhibited, that, at the very time, Huby, abhat of Foun- 
tains, in rebuilding a portion of the church which had been 
erected hy the founder of Hexham at Ripon, introduced aeeries 
of inscriptions comuisnioratiiig the sainted persona who had 
been monks in that monastery in Saxon times, — St. Cuthbert, 
St. Eata, St. Wilfrid, and St. Willebrord, two of whom are 
depicted in these tablets at Hexham. 

The whole of the ancient sepulchral monuments in the choir, 
whether raised above the floor or forming a portion of it, have 
been either ruthlessly destroyed, or removed to another part of 
the church. Mr. Wallis,'' speaking of this church in his Anti- 
quities of Northumberland, published in 1769, observes, " The 
floor is mostly covered with ancient gravestones. Many have 
been inlaid with brass, and othera with croziers. They are very 
entire after they have been trod underfoot for ao many ages ;" 
and Mr. Wright,' even bo recently as the year 1823, tells us 
that "the floor of the ehui-ch is flagged with stones, at one 
1- Vol. ii., p. 96. • History of Hexham, p. 83. 



time nearly all moDumental, Plat coffin-shaped stoaea laid 
even with the paTemeut, on which were simply inscribed the 
name and rank of the person buried, are the moat ancient 
funeral monnmcntB foundwithin our churches, and these appear 
to have been numerous in Hexham j but whpt remains of them 
amouuts to little more than nothing." The " oldest" of theacj 
as he conjectured, waa then " viaible in the floor of b pewj at a 
short distance from the organ loft, raised a little from the 
common floor— long, flatj and cofQu-shapedj in length 6 feet, 
in breadth 2^ feet, divided longitudinallj by a deep cut. On 
the left side of this division is a cross fleury -withgut a shield, 
horder, or any ornament. The inscription is between two amoll 
croaBcs in one line along the opposite eide of the division^ and 
announces aimply that + JOH'3. MALeRBe JACGT HIC." 
This stone is now placed in the al&le of the north transept. 
Mr. AV right goes on to say, " In the south aiale of the choir 
aa-e two table monuments. From one the effigy has been re- 
moved ; and on the other ia the recumbent figure of a knight of 
the holy banner — supposed to be a member of the baronial 
family of Umframville." When Dr, Johnston of Pontefract 
visited Hexham, about two hundred years ago, he found this 
monument ia tlie same aisle, so that probably this was its 
original position, According to Hutchinson-'s account, the 
particular spot where it stood was a little above the inlaid slab 
of Sir Robert Ogle. It is now laid, without any base of 
masonry, in the aisle of the north transept. The head of the 
effig'y rests on two cuahionSj the one placed like a lozenge on a 
square, without supporters. The lower part of the crossed legs 
is broken ofl', and there is no trace of an animal or other object 
againat which they may have rested; in fact the requisite space 
does not seem to he afforded. There is nothing peculiar ahout 
the costume, which eshibita a suite of link mail, partially covered 
with a sleeveless surcoat strapped round the waist. The sword 
is suspended from an undeeorated belt, and the shield, which 
has a narrow gdigc, is charged, in reli&f, with a cinqucfoil, 6ur- 


rounded by a niimbor of crosses much batterer!, hut it is to be 
remarked tliat oiiewhich remains uninjured is not a cross croas- 
hi, ae aubsequently "borne in the arms of Umfreville, but a. 
cross jiatee. In Ralph Brooke's" Catalogue and Succession, 
etc., he blazons the arma of Gilbert llinfre\illc, earl of 
Angus, lord of Prudhoc, Ottcrbumc, Harbotle, and Redesdale, 
whom this effigy probably commemorates, "Gueulles a une 
quinkfoUe, & le chamjje croise le patee d'or;" and iu a Roll of 
Arms, of the time of Edward tlie Tliirdj " Le Contc de Angcsse 
jiorte de gonlcB ove irn quintefoil d'or et croiesletz d'or." The 
eiBgy rests on a slab, the chamfer of which ia decorated on the 
south or right side with two semi-glohular objects at the upper, 
and two at the lower end, hut so much worn down as not to be 
positively identified with the " ball flower ornament," At the 
Cast end of it is the crouching tigure of a dog ; the rest of the 
deeign, if any, being lost, through a comer of the slab having 
been broken oflF. On the chamfer, at the head of the stone, are 
three objects, but only one, apparently a dog with something 
before its month, is tolerably well defined. In a particular 
light, another seems like a squirrel with a sprig of foliage. On 
that on the left-hand side of the figure are three auiraaU, pro- 
bably dogs or wolves — for their present situation close to the 
wall of the aisle forbida an accurate examination by the eye. 
This chamfered slab rests on another boldly embattled, but at 
the headj foot, and right side only^ as if the figure had originally 
been placed against &ome object on the north side. It is, I 
think, extremely probable that these auimale introduced on the 
chamfer may have allusion to a very peculiar tenure, by wbich 
the Umfrevillca held lands, in grand scrjcanty, of the Crown. 
Madoi in his Bai-ouia Anglica, p. 244, says that the eastle of 
Harbotle and the manor of Ottcrburue were held of the king, 
in eapite, by Robert Unifi'e\ille, in 1128, by the service of 
keeping the valley of Redesdale free from wolves and robbers. 

P»ge 16, 

.,T--.^>-- . -,*.■»; 

rAfllLIC I)* THH fUlOKV. 


ftt tlie Tpsta 3e Nevill, compiled from luquieitions taken in tlie 
reigns of Henry III. and Edward I., it is said that " Ricardos 
de Umfiramvill tenet Viillem de Eedeadale, per acmtium ut cus- 
todiat vallem a latroiiibus, dc antique feoff'araento;"* and it ia 
elsewhere entered in the same document/ "G dc Hurafranivill 
tenet Redcsdal per rcgalem potestatem," but no mention is 
made there of wolves, neither is the Berjeanty mentioned in a 
plea of Quo Warranto, relating to the franchise of Redesdale, 
held at Newcastle on the morrow of St. Hilary, Slat Edward 1/ 
Mr. Hodgson," howeverj after remarking that the printed copy 
of tlie Testa makes no mention of wolves or foxes, adds, "hut 
a Harleian MS. of the time of Henry III.j aaysj in one part — 
' Idem Hemicua tennit de rege in capite in com. Northumbriffi 
manerium de Laxtou — per sergentiam ad fugand. lupitm cum 
canilms suis per quatuor com./ and in. another part — 'idem 
Vitali tenuit manerium de Laston— dc rege in capite per ser- 
jentiam cujTendi ad Itqmm atl mandatum regis.' " It may he 
also added, in illustration of this statement, that on the tower 
at Elsden in Northumberland is a sculpture — dating in the 
fifteenth century — of the arms of Ifmhrevillc — a ciuquefoil 
within an orlc of cross crosslet&, xvitli a cinquefoil for the creat 
— supported by two wolves. 

This effigy appears originally either to have beeu covered 
with a herse, or certainly with aome kind of canopy; for there 
still may be seen on the surface of the chamfered bed of the 
figure four pieces of iron soldered into it, a portion of the stone 
around being also cut away to form a firmer footing for the 
shaft which rested upon it. The two uppermost of these apikea 
are on a level with the bottom of the lower cushion, which 
supports the head of the figure; the others proportionately 
placed at about thirteen inches fi-om the end of the elab in 
which they are inserted, one on each aide of the legs. Metal 

* Testa do Xevill. p. 392. ' Ibid., p. 385. 

* Placila de Quo 'Warr., p, 600. 

■ ToiHigf. undHUt. DeBorirtion of Worthumtioirknd, p. 1-10. 



also seems to have been let into a little holcj midway the slah, 
by the right tiiigh of the effigy, an opposite shaft having pro- 
bably rested on tlic back of the middle anima! in the chamfer. 
Besides these indieationa, there ia a lump of aolder, aTjout 3^ 
inches by 1 inchj let into the lower supporting cusMoii for the 
head, in the centre of the vertical part of its west end. Gilbert 
de Umfreville, earl of Angus, whom this effigy may be sup- 
posed to represent, died in the year 130*, and before the 8th of 
November, when hia son Robert was designated by that title/ 

The vacant table near the tomb of UmfrevUle,^' mentioned 
by Mr, Wrightj Traa supposed by him with great probabiiity to 
have been originally occupied by an " effigy of superior work- 
manship, repreaenting a lady;" which, in his time, was placed 
not faj- from " Prior Riehard'a shrine," but now near the tomb 
of Umfreville, in the north trauBept. The head, which reat4 
upon a. large rectangular cushion without supporters, is attired 
witlt a coverchlef ; tlse chin, neckj and ahouldera hcuig enveloped 
in one of those wimples or gorg-cts which provoked the satirical 
poets of the time of Edward the First. The body ia enveloped 
in a, loose mantle with tight sleeves, drawn np under the arm- 
pits, BO aa to throw the drapery mto very effective folds. The 
feet rest against a mutilated animal, pai'tly environed by the 
skirt of the robe. There are no data which will enable iia to 
conjecture whom the effigy commemoratea. 

Another sepulchral memorial remained in the choir in the 
year 1823 which cannot now be identified. Mr. Wright says, 
" stepping out of the shrine, you tread on a stone sculptured 
into a cross hound with garlands. This is hidden by the pews 
Upon it and about it.^' 

In ooncluding my observations on thia part of the church, I 
may remark that there is suspended, above the former site of 
the shi'ine, part of a helmet, which is traditionally said to have 
been worn by Sir John Fenwick, who waa slain at Maraton Moor, 

/ Seo a nolioQ ot him ia Dugdale's BarimngB, vol. i,, p. 504, and Palgrava'e 
Pftrl. "Writs, To3. i., p. B76. Vincent upon Brooke, 



and wliicli shews an indentation said to correspond in position 
witli a fracture on his skull, recently, and, perhaps, stillj pre- 
served at the manor-office here. It sccoib to be two centuries 
older than, his time, but, no doubtj has been aet up as part of a 
funer.ll achievement. Although I am not aware that it Ltis 
been connected with this object, I must add that I am in pos- 
seaeiou of a cnrious mediaeTal swordj given to me by an old 
person, whose father said he had obtained it &om Hexham 
cburcli. It has a rnde iron ppmmel, hut no ero&8 bar at the 
hilt, and bears on one aide of the upper part of the blade thia 
inscriptioiij in letters inclining to Longobardic form : — 

SO : ivsTici ■ FLoaer - so ■ ist • al ■ wsl ■ in • ne ■ wgrlt. 

and on tbe other the Bame sentiment in old French : — 

SI • ivsTice- esT ■ abondc ■ tovt ■ esT 'BieN ■ A' Le-MONDe. 

Dr. Charlton, of Newcastle, has a copper chalice which was 
found, a few years ago, in forming tbe warm air flue in the 
choir. At the end of the Preface to the Mrst Volume there is 
an engraving of a small plate of Bilvec, now in the British 
Museum, which came from thia church. It bears tbe figure of 
a Saint, and Is of a vei^ early date. I have reason to believe 
that many other relics have been discovered within the Priory 
wMch have been, most nnfortunately, diapersed. 

The south wing of the transept Eccms to have been, com- 
menced very soon after the completion of the choir. In conse- 
quence of the passage, which generally occutb in conventual 
churches between the outer end of the traitaept and the chapter 
house, having been included here within it, the last southern 
bay is occupied, in a singular fashion, by a platfonn over the 
vaulting' of the passage, rising as high as the pUlara of the east 
aisle. It is approached at the west end by a wide stone stair- 
case of thirty-two steps, which forma a most picturesque object 
from the opposite extremity of the church, and is protected by 
a parapet wall that does not slope in the usual manner, but 
rises five times vertically, to form horizontal stages, and is 



finislicd by a plain coping, with a roll at the apex. Umler tl]( 
ataircaae arc four recesses, or cloeeta; the higlicst aiid largest 
has a Beml-circulax head ; the next one of elliptical form ; those 
of the lowest hciug flat. From the west end of the platform 
access is obtained to a geometrical staircase communicating 
with the contigiioua triforium and clefeetoryj and, tliroogh them, 
with the tower. At the oppoaitc end of it a rudely- formed door- 
way admits ua into a chamber, measuring ahout twelve feet by ten 
feet, -nith a barrel-vault dirided by a single transverse rib. It 
is lighted by two very narrow, eiinare-headed openingSj which 
apparently have never been tilled with glass, unless it hung in 
in a frame upon crooks, which stiil remains in one of the lights. 
It is not kni>wn, traditiouiiUy or otherwise, to what uae it was 
anciently applied; hut it may not be a very improbable con- 
jecture that it waa used as a Hanctuary chamher. 

The introduction of the platform curtails the lower portion 
of the east side of the transept within three haysj wliilst the 
trifarium and clerestory have four. The pillars that divide it 
from the aisle have octagonal hasea, and are formed, like those 
of the choir, of eight members, hut have four semi-oetagona] 
faces with as many tripled ahafta intervening. The capitals 
are merely moulded, and the orders of the arches cbamferedj 
without any ornament whatever. The triforium is of the 
same general design a? that of the choir, but 19 a little more 
advanced in the development of the mouldings, and has only 
one pillar to support the suh-archee ; while, in the arrangement 
of the triple arcades of the clercstoryj a stilted arch in the 
middle supersedes that supported by shaft above shaft. The 
fourth bay of the triforium, snrraountiug the entrance to the 
supposed sanctuary chamber, contains only two plain lancet 
openings. The vaulting shafts dividing the hays, now much 
mutilated, have heeu single cylinders above the level of the 
capitals of the arcade of the triforium, but B-priug from brackets 
in a tripled form below. ^Vliere the string course below the 
triforium joins the pier of the tower, is a fragment of another 



■with a square face, but wtether of much higlier antiquity^ or 
the initiation of a work that was iraincdiatcly discoutiriued, 
cannot, perhaps, be determined without the remoTal of the 
whitewash. In the latter case, however, there is no apparent 
reason why it should have heen retained. 

The aisle of this wing of the transept hEia two lancet lights, 
like thoae of the choir, but enriched with a convex moulding 
"between the nook shaft and the glaas. Triple shafts, with a 
fillet in front, resting on moulded bracketsj support the vault- 
ing, which has no bosses at the intersection of the groining 
ribs. The string course on which the windows stand ia not 
prolonged from that of the contiguous aisle of the choir, but 
commences, as the other ends, abruptly at the angle, with a 
ditferciit section, and at a rather higher level. The manner in 
wliich the junction of the vaulting of this aisle with that of the 
choir was effected is worthy of examination. The last bay, at 
the south endj is now enclosed for a vestry ; and, judging from 
the uumoulded extremities, it would seem that the lattice on 
the north side is in its old position. It is of Tudor date, aud 
has nine compai'tTuents, divided by neatly panelled mullions or 
styles, with tall pinnaclea. 

Where the passage of the triforium crosses the south end of 
the transept it is lighted from the church by two groupes of 
lancet-headed opcuiugs, the middle arch being wider than that 
on each side and stilted. The triple supporting shafts have 
filleta in front, and, in the eastern gronpe, the nail-head onia-. 
ment appears between the reeds of tlie shafts. In the cleres- 
tory are three tall lancet lights, the central one higher than the 
rest; the interveniug narrow panels, recessed for about half 
their height, being- supported by triple shafts. 

The basement- story of the west side of the transept is 
engaged by tic staircase before mentioned, at the base of which 
a lofty doorway once opened into the cloister. It seems to have 
been the original intention of the architect to build the tri- 
forium after the same design as that of the south end, as shewn 



by the arch which joins it, but he afterwards chfknged his plan. 
It dOw presGiita ibur laacet lights, hetwecn vrliich are three 
lancet-headed openings of inferior height. Like thoae enclosing 
the windowsj they have a plain hood moulding:, and their inrpoat 
moiddings are prolonged to the jambs of the arches between 
which they are placed. 

The clerestory ia composed of four bays, each lancet light 
appearing in the middle of an arcade of three members, tlioae 
on each side being lower and narrower, but all much stilted 
above the capitals of the shafts. Itis part of the church retains 
its old roof, of the same date and character as that of the choir, 
but the bosses are more effective, being not bo flat. 

Sis interesting monumental slabs ai'c now preserved in the 
south transcptj aU of them disinterred within the last few years, 
having: been found on the south side of the church. One of 
them, engraved in the Journal of the ArchsologicaJ Institute, 
vol. v., p. 257, is in as perfect condition aa when it left the 
hand of the mason. It has an Early English moulding round 
the margin, and is iuacrihed 4- HIC ; JACei MATILDA : 
VXOIl i PHILIPPI i MeitCeBARII : with a pair of shears 
incised after the final word. The other stones are of ruder 
character, but they merit perpetuation by the graver, aa valu- 
able examples of incised liongobardic letters of the thirteenth 
Century. They taper but slightly from head to foot, and three 
of them have plain margins; another is beaded slightly. All 
the inacriptions rnn down the middleof the stoneSj enclosed 
within parallel lines, and are as follows : — 
^ JOH'S -: Ue : DALTONA. 

^ . . . V. De weL 




There is also here half of a very massive gravestone, slightly 
chamfered with the words RICARDVS ■ DG . . . ., iucised be- 
tween the deep grooves or channels. 



In comiiai'iaon vTith the south wiug of tLe tracaept, tlie 
northern one shews much progression in style, together with 
some alteratioua Iq the design. On the west sLde^ the base- 
ment, — with the exception of the space occupied by the arch, 
which once opened into the aisle of the nave,— is enriched by a 
deeply-recessed trefoil-headed arcadcj of which the shafts and 
hasea with the bench-tahle are destroyed, if the latter is not 
concealed below the modern fioor. The spandrils are filled 
with plain recessed qnatrefoilsj helow each of which a smaller 
quatrefoil of foliage is embossed. TLe pier of the archway, 
once opening into the nave aisle, which ilanka this arcade, 
is of the same date, hut the opposite one appears to be of the 
later date of the west side of the tower, into which it is 
honded. Over this arch are three blank nichesj standing on a 
string course. The triforiuni is lighted by three tall lancets, 
appearing under an arcade of BCTcn members, bo that the cen- 
tral one is flanhed on each aide hy a donble recess of little less 
altitude, but much less width. The shafts by which they are 
supported rise no higher than the ceCing of the pathway, 
causing^, therefore^ the interveution of a vertical and unmonlded 
space between their capitals and the imposts of the arches, of 
such con&idcrable altitude that the latter can hardly come within 
the denomination of being "stilted." The clerestory — similar 
in character to that of the west aide of the opposite wing, save 
that the mouldings are much holder and more effective — -is 
composed of four bays; the opening for the windows in those at 
the estremitieg being flanked only by one arch, the reat by two. 
A continuation of the ai-caded basement ornaments the 
north face of the transept. Above are three tall and uaaTow 
lancet lights, ranging with those on the west side, but divided 
by triple and handed shafts. They have a monlding at the 
angle of the jamb, and another next the glass ; and the passage 
that traverses their sills ends abruptly, and does not pass into 
the triforium on the east aide, which is at a much higher levdj 
and is approached by a staircase descending from the clerestory. 
VOL, ri, / 


The PHRrAtg. — pakt It. 

Tiiesc windows are surmoutUed by three other lancets, of similar 
widtb but lesser height ; the openings much stilted in the heads, 
and supported by clustered shafts. 

The junction of the north side of the ti-anaept with that uf 
the cast ia bo miBkilfully managed, that we must that 
both, had not hcen erected as one work. The l&ttcr, however, 
ig more ornamented than any other portion of the chiirch, and 
it has an aepect which may suggeat to some that either the 
cauons had not heen iuftttcntive spectators of the works m 
progress at York minaterj or that the influence of their illus- 
trioua patron, arehhiHhop Walter Gray/ had been more directly 
applied. It ia divided fi'oin ita aisle "by three columns T^ith 
octagonal haeea, tlie circular neck being adorned, on the hori- 
zontal surface, with acmi-globular objects, but so worn down aa 
not to be certainly identified with the ball-flower ornament. 
Each of the pillars is composed of four semi -cylindrical mem- 
bers, with as many triple shafts intervening. The last, towards 
the south, has the addition of a uail-hcaded moulding in tlie 
baacj and the respond a semi-octagonal face like the western 
responds of the ehoir. No ornament appears on the capitals, 
but the archivolts are full of moiddings more perfectly developed 
than those of any other portion of the church, and their hood 
mouldings differ aUo, in rising froDo. bosses of foliage. Like 

r It is remarkBl)le that we finil at York a carpGnlsr of the niimo of Gilbert de 
Corbridge. Arolibishop Gray in the followiftg do-cument rewards Tiim for Iiis 
services. It ia dated nbout 1250. 'We ma.y reasunobly presume tlint lie would, 
Eot be brought to Totk until he bad made hLmsalf knowoand usBfuiatHesham : 
" Omniliuti, etc. Noferitif uaa dedlsse, conce^bee et pnceeuti carta mi'iifijiiuiR.'ie 
Gilberto do Corbrif, earpentario, prohomaifio et sersitiosuo, diias bovatas et duas 
aaras le-iTEe cum pp,rtiQeiitlia la villa de Milford, Ulaa videlicet (luaa Nidmlnus 
filiua Job:!iDn]s qiinndiLm. tenuit ; <3t duodecim acraa et dimidiam ciim pertiueQtiid 
in Colepit-haghe de novo assarto nostro ; (flEendum et babeudam de nobis et 
succ«Bsoribii» noetris sibi et bwredibHw mU, libere, qiiiete, psoiiice et integro jure 
hrereditorici in jierpetuum. Iteidendo inde BnnuiitiiQ nobis et BucceKsoriiiuB nos- 
tris XT solidna y denario?, solycndos ad duos anni tcrmiiiina, TJdelicet medietaleui 
ftd Ffistum Sanoti TIarlmi in hyeme, et medietatera ad Pente«st«ji ~~ — -" [?. d. 
anno jotiiij. Ex Eot. Minora "Wftlteri Gmv, in dorao], 



the same niGmber of the east side of the south transept and of 
the choir, the triforium exhihits four large, wide, semi-cii-cular- 
headed openings, hut much i-icht-r in the rcdaphcation of the 
moiddlng's ; and the two pointed siib-arches of each are enriched 
with dog-tooth raouldinySj their shafts being tripled and finished 
with octagonal capitals. The vaulting shafte, abo, are tripled, 
and spring from beantiiuUy foliated bosses. The clerestoiy 
resembles that of the west side of the Bouth transept, and the 
roof that of the opposite wing. 

Ill the aisle, the head of the basement arcade oceiu^ at a 
lower level than on the other eidea. It has been highly deco- 
rated in the spandrilg by Bculptured foliage, and probably other 
subjects, much of irliich has been barbarously and wantonly 
hewn away, and the rest choked with linaewasli. The support- 
ing shafts are single cylindrical columns. There are three 
small lancet lights towards the east, moulded at the margin of 
the jarah, and another towarda the north, hut with a trefoil 
head within, formed by shouldering the arch. The vaulted 
roof has riba of several reeds, and bosses of foliage of slight 
convexityj that may have suggested the section of those on the 
Tudor roofs of the choir and transept ; the shafts resting on 
beautifully designed braekets, Tlie aisle haa formerly been 
di\ided— probably soon after it was built — into three chapels, 
the brackets for Btatues still remaining. On* at the south end, 
introduced by Prior Leschman, hears his initials disposed in the 
form of St, Andrew's cross, as occurs in other iuataaces before 

Between the end of this aisle and the eontiguoua aisle of 
the choir is a tomb filling the whole space between the pier and 
the wall. The masonry of the base supports a slab incised 
with a croMj elegantly adorned with vine leaves, engraved in 
the first volume of this wo]'k, page 3G. It ia canopied by a low 
elliptical-headed arch of the Decorated style, with a continuous 
impost, havhig a bracket for a statue on the west aide, towards 
the north, and one at each side of the jamb, towards the south. 



The top of the tomb is. coped liorizoiitallyj with a panelled pro- 
jeetion in the centre of eaeh diagonal face^ whieli may have 
supported a figure. A century ago, ae it would appear from 
HutchinBoii's accountj tluB waa supposed to be the tomb of 
ElfwaJd, king of North umbria, who ivas alain. in 788, and 
buried — "cum niagno hoQore " — in the church of St. Andrew 
of Hesham. I regard this, Lowevor, as a mere baseless coiijee- 
tnve. For, if the eanoua of Hexham, at the memorable traos- 
lation of the relics of their chtircli iu the year llo4, paid no 
especial mark of respect — aa we may infer from the silence of 
Aclrcd, wlio chi-onicled tlie ceremony — to the remains of King 
Elfwald, over the place of whose murder they were told that 
a, ''mysterious light was seen to hover aiid to shine," and 
even a church was huilt; it is very difficult to imagine what 
was the nature of the impulse which could iuduce their aucces- 
sora, or, indeed^ any person, to prefer his commemoration toJ 
that of any of the aaiated persons that are resting; here, and to 
have erected such a monument after he had moiddered in his 
grave between five and six hundred years. Moreover, if 
Camden, when he made his survey in the time of Queen Eliza- 
hethf aud in earnest scai'ch of historical monuments, never 
noted such a auppositiou, while he recorded tlie pre.seuce of the 
effigy of Umfrevillc, aud even ila cross-legged position and 
charged sliield, it is fair to infer that it has arisen in subsequent 
timea. Dr. Johnston, also, who visited ilie church about two 
centuries ago, makes no mention of it. 

At the north end of this aisle, a cross-legged effigy is now 
laid ou the floor, which, moat likely, lias occupied this or an 
adjitcent site at least for a similar period, for Dr. Johnston 
observers, " In the north cross of the conventuall, now the paro- 
chiall church of Hexham, lyith this ethgie with a free stone," 
the same being identified by the armorial bearings on the shield 
-=-a feat* charged irith three garbs. When Mr. Hutcliinsna saw 
it in 1776, it was " in a pait behind the north door;" and Mr. 
Wright reports it, in 1823, as being "near the north door, Wi 


1x1 rv 

moved from its table." The head, which rests on a rectangular 
cushion without sapportea-a, is attirei in a round-topped mail 
hood, hound with a fillet, aud overlying the supcoat. The body 
ia Tested in a suite of mail, covered with a. eleeveleas surcoat, 
fastened i-oiiud the waist by a etrap, which contracts the plaits 
below 8-0 as to appear like a row of fiisila; the hands are ele- 
vated in prayer. A large shield, on which the fesa is sunk so 
that the face of the three garbs with which it is charged is on a 
plane with the fieldj is snspended by a guige over his right 
shouldei". Tlie sword belt is embossed with large mund plates. 
One of the crossed legs is broken off, hut the otheij armed 
with a spur, rests against a couchaut lion. Judging^ from " his 
shield ur hearingj a feese azure with three garbs proper," though 
no colour is now visible ou it, Mr. Hutehiueon conjectured* 
that this effi^ commemorates " one of the Aydena of Ayden 
Castle,"— about five miles tiorth-eaat of Heshiim — " the anna 
assumed by the Edcns of the north at thie day being greatly 
aiinilar." And he goes on to say that " the male line of the 
family waa extinct in Edward the Pii'st's time ; and Emma, the 
heiress and reliet of that family, was by bini, na a royal ward, 
given in marriage to Wallis." The Testa de Nevill has men- 
tion only of Geotfrey de Ayden, as tenant of a caincate of land 
in Whelpingtou, within the barony of Umfreville." I do not 
remember to have seen any ancient roO of arms that confirms 
Mr. Hutchinson's assignation of the heraldic charge on the 
shield, but until the subject can be efi'ectiially investigated, it may 
be remembered that, in Somerset Glover'e Roll, the barou of Tin- 
dale is said to bear the singular coat. Argent, on a fess or, three 
garbs sable— and that he resided at Langley Castle, above six 
miles west of nexham. This barony was held by the family of 
Tindale until about the year 1233, when it appears from the 
Pipe Roll that Nicholas de Bolteby — bo called from big manor 
near Thirsk, in Yorkshire — who had married Plnlippa, daughter 

' View of NorthiiToberland, a.d. 1776. Vol. i., p. 9S, 
' Testa de Nevill, pp. 383, S90. 



and co-beit'esa of Adam de Tindale, paid twenty marks for his 
relief, and for obtaiiiiDg scisiu of her eatates. I think that 
the effigy represents this Nicholas Bolteby, who died in the 
last year of the reign of Henry III., a period to -which the 
costume of the figure may be assigned. Be this as it may, 
I need BC&rcely add that Mr. Walli* was obviously mistaken 
in supposing this effigy to represent the duke of Somerset, 
who was beheaded after the battle of Hexham, in li&t^ al- 
though, ]>prhftps, it had been ao reported for several genera- 
tions before Lis time ; for in " A Relation of a Short Survey 
of Twcnty-Bix Northern Counties/ made by three Norwich 
soldiers," in the year 1634., they said that, in this church 
"much defaced and decay'd, and now uiiseamely kept,'" is the 
mouuraeut " of a Duke that was elain in a battle against the 

In Mr. Wallis'a account of this clmi'ch, puL]is.hed in the 
year 1769, he says that, " near the north door on the right hand 
is a flat funeral atone, very ancient. It has a crozier upon it, 
and this inscription — Hic jacet Thomas de Dbvilstonb."* 
Mr. Hiitchiuaon also noticed it " iu the pavement of the cross 
aisle," together with " another with a crosier aud chaliecj in- 
scribed 'Johannes Dew,' with the usual legendary prayer in the 
margin — Ofate pro anivia,"^ etc. But both the stones were 
missing in 1833.'" It is possible that both theae topographers 
may have mistaken some other object for a ci"oaier. At all 
events., there is no such person aa Thomas de Devilstone on the 
list of the Priors of Hexham, and, if he had held that high 
office, it would have been recorded on his gravestone. Tlie 
other stone, wliich, as Hutchinson tells na," was " inscribed in 
very rude characters, Hic jacet Johes dew" etc., may possibly 

i Lansdo^^Ftie MS., 213. 

* Nnt. Hiat^ and Antiq^. of WortliumbeTlan:!, vol. ii., p, 96. 

' View of Northumberland, vol. i., p. 98, 

" Wright's History of Hesliam, p. 83. 

" Tour til the I-akes, p. aiO. 



Lave covered the remams of Prior Jolm de Walworth, who died 
in the year 1358." 

There are now preserved in the north transept several de- 
tached moimnients of considerable iiitcrcat which Uave been 
found within late years in or ahout the church. Of these the 
most ancient is part of the head of a Sason cross. On one 
side ft bo89 in the centre is surrounded with au interlaced scroll, 
on the other the scroll appears without the boss. The edge 
around is left plain, hut a fragment of the shaft attached to the 
lower arm shews that it has been decorated with scroll work, 
and there are traces of an inscriptiou. A delineation of this 
relic irill be found on p. xxxi, no. 3. 

Of later date ia a fragment of a ridged tonih representing 
the roof of the domvs ultima, the horizontal lines of the tegn- 
lation being- rounded. On one side may be traced the letters 
4- EMI, and on the other SENT. Also a portion of a foot 


.stone, one side bearing a rude cross, whicli heralds would 
describe as a cross patee fltehee, the other being rough, to face 
the grave. 

To the SMon era al&o may he referred a large sculptured 
stone, greater in height than width, which apparently has 
covered a grave* The bottom of it is unwrougbt, as if for 
fixture into the earth, but the aidea and top, which haa an 
cUiptica! swepp with a convex projection at each end, are 
covered with a vci^ singular kind of mdc onianientatiou in 
relief, of wliich au adequate idea can only be conveyed by the 
' See Vol. I., jj. clivii- 


pencil. A sonit!wLat Himilar stoue is engraved in 'SCt. 

volunie of Incised Slabs. 

On tlie upper face of a semi -out agonal or ridged stotie, that 
may have Covered tlie grave of u Nornian t-liild, is inscribed 
PVer IVRDAN'. Kach sloping eide beaj-a a cross of patee form, 
aotiompunied on one face with an incised pattern of vertical and 
diaffQiial linos like the letters I and X united; on the other by 
an object which lias been supiroaed to represent a Bword. 

Next, in point of age, comes a slab, 5 feet long and 1 foot 
7 inches wide, rebated at the margin aronnd, that bears a 
deeply incised or grooved representation of a cross with its 
pedof^tal shaft and head, hut without any omameutation-^con- 
taining thus the germ of the design that was so richly and 
tastefully developed in the thirteenth, century. 

There arc alao here two alaba incised with Early English 
crosses, and three massive gravestones of tlie same period. 
One to the memory of Johu Malerbe has been already men- 
tioned iu deaeribing the ehoii", where it was formerly laid. The 
otbera have, respectively, these inscriptions iticised in large 
Longohardic letters iu & line down the middle of the stOne : — 


•I- aOBeRT' . De . GISeBVHNS . 

Amon^ these sepidchial monuments is a large octagonal 



stone basin like that of a font, apparently of Early English 
date. It lias been supported lay a, circular ehaft, and may have 
been used as a holy-water atoup in some part of the conventual 

I may mention also that in the west wall of this transept, 
within the basement, an iron staple remains, fixed, with a fetter- 
lock attached, but for what purpose it has been used I have 
not ascertained. Probably, during the conftiBion of the civil 
war of the seventeenth century, prisoners may have been eome- 
timea kept in durance here, for a temporary period. 

The central tower has been apparently erected after the 
completion of tlie choir and both wings of the transept, and on 
the site of one which covered the same area. Each face of its 
semi-piers ia composed of five serai -circular shafts with plain 
capitalB, and an abacua of the eeime form above the whole; the 
basea, like thoae of the pillars on the east side of the transept, 
being nearly bui-ied by an elevation of tlie floor, which detracts 
much from the effect of this part of the church. On ita eastern 
side, they appear to have been inserted, and are partly detached 
from the walls of the choir and transept ; and fi-om the abrupt 
disconnection of the base of the hood moulding above the 
western a,rch from that on the north, it may be assumed that 
all the sidea have not beencarried up at once. It will be ob- 
served also that the archivolt above the rood-sicreen is more 
richly moulded than the rest. 

The CoNVTisruAL BtriLDiNas. — The ruins of the conventual 
offices now Only remain to fee noticed. Of those erected by St. 
Wilfrid, probably no more remained after the incursion of the 
Danes than the foundations which Prior Richard aaya were 
visible inhisday.P Indeed, Aehred, in hia Account of the Saints 
of Hexham, says that his father Eilaf, at the restoration of the 
church, in the early pnrt of the twelfth, century, "offidna 
rcligioni coavenieniia, lignea lamen, prOprVta consiruait ma- 
nibus;"^ and these, we may infer from a passage in Prior John's 
F Vol. r.,p.l3. ' Ibid,, p. 1S2. 



Chronicle/ were re'cdified ia stone by Prior Aslsetill, wteo 
archbLshop Thurstan first established Augustiiiian cauons bere. 
All traces of these structure& Viere, however, most probably 
swept away at the re-building of the conventual church in the 
thirteentlL century, when the principal offices were ranged 
around such parts of the qiiailranglc — defined in the annexed 
plan-^as were left unoccupied on tie south side of the nare and 
transept. And if the portions of some of tbem above the 
basement -9 toiy wei'e then composetl of wood and plaster, like 
the ordinary doracBtic buildings of the timCj we may presuise 
that after the Scots burnt the cLurch and town in. 1296,-' con- 
siderable renovation would be required. Although, at this timi 
tlie nave is traditionally said to have been burnt down, the ruin 
scarcely could have been bo complete as to have affected the 
outer walls to their foundations; and perhaps, therefore, that 
■which protected the northern alley of the cloister may have 
remained until the tifteenth century, when another of sufficient 
height for that pm-pose was erected, which still remains based 
on the old foundation of the south aide of the nave. Midway 
in its leng-tb it contains a large recess, covered with a four- 
centred arch, that may Lave served for beeping the books in' 
temporary use in the carrels or studies of the canoua.' Danes 
says in. hia Description of the Ancient Monuments of the Mo- 

' Ibid., p. l(ff. • rhid., Pre&ce, p. IxxxH. 

' I can only trace two Polllmes whicli were B.t Honbam. 

I. A Bible, of the folio size, about 13 inches bj 9, and of tlie writing of the 
IwelPtli centMry. Jt is in doublo colamii, and if imperfect, Tratitinf; the first pages 
ol' tbo books of GpnesUand St. Mattbow, whinh probably contained lar^ illitmi- 
notlonfl. SflTcral other initial tettera have also been abrtraoted. Eaoh booi 
"begins with an initial letter referring to some biBtMieal event wlioh it containB, 
The other initials are btu6 or red. with long margioal deoGratiouB of the reverajj 
colouf. I'he TOlumo ii now in the parish library at tlie church of St. Nioholas, 
NewcasfJe-on-TjT)e, The foOovritig inscriptinns lu it attest its history. 

"LiHBE SijucTi Ahdkee de ILexham " (maauseM. IV.). "LraaiTMHOiC 
VETuaruM ET BACBis acRrprrBis befebttju, olim Sattcti AnsttES db 


vnTEsiMO iiiE Acoi'Sn. inno BoKini 1666. RicaiKDCs Maieew atup- 



uastical Churcli of Durhanij tliat in '^the north alley of tlie 
cloiBteTs, opposite to the carrels iu the clnirch walls, stood great 
EiLmericB of wainscot full of booka;" and the same kind of 
art'imgement existed at Foimtaina. At the west end of the wall, 
a doorway with good perpendicidar mouldings has afforded an 
immediate passage between the quadi'angle and the area of the 
mined nave. 

The chapter-house, though a roofleae ruin, remains in better 
couditiun than might liaye teen expected ; for, after having 
suffered successive injuries through the unseemly puiposea to 
which it has been appliedj "to such base uaea" did it "coma 
at lastj" that, within memoiy, it was used as a butcheps' 
slaaghter-houae. Fortunately, however, m yet it has escaped a 
projected "restoration." It ia immediately adjacent to the 
south face of the trauseptj the passage which usually intervenes 
in conventual churches having, as before explained, been in- 
cluded within the church. It does not aasamc an octagonal 
form, like the chapter-houses of the canons of Bolton-iii -Craven, 
Thornton -ou-Humber, and probably of Bridlington, &ince we 
are told the latter waa "coveryd with lede spere facyon;"" but 
is a parallelogram, like that in the same style which must have 
been among the glories of Kirkham. Until, however, the sites 
of many of the Augnatiniau Priories are relieved of the rubbish 
which must conceal many monuments of antiquity, it will be 
useless to speculate whether the octagonal form was adopted by 
a resolution of the Chapter-Creueral, or otlierwise. It has been 
erected at the same time as the south trauBept, the courses of 


"Ex DONO Thojls; Mathews jtxii Bicabdi Mathews" (iu the hand- 
writing of Er. Ellison, vicar of Newoartle)- 

II. A copy of 81-. Augustine Da Caritat*. A plain unocnameuted MS. of 
tlie twelfth fenturj, in 8vo, and written ia aiogle column. It is lu the library 
of thedeau and ohapt*rof Durhim, and eonrtitules MSS. Hnater, No. 57. After 
the prefaue, on the first leaf, is writtaii •■ Libeb ScI Asdr' de Hextiidesham." 

" Cbpler-hniLi^c Mi^rdl, Booiv;- Vvh- Hoc. Qffii^. Vol. A, 3, 1^>, , , 


-<-Mi^ J-A- 



their masonry being liondet!; ami was approached from the 
eastern alley of the cloister tlirough a lofty pointed doorway, 
decorated with dog-tuoth work, and flanked on each side by a 
lancet-headed window, or rather opening, which Las never con- 
tained glass. It vr-M probal)ly covered with drapery in the form 
of a ciirtain. The same arrangement may be seen at Kirkstall 
abbey, and probably once existed in many monasteries. The 
outer face of each of these openings — ^the jambs and bases of 
which are much fractured — waa perhaps^ originally, diiided by 
a mullioit into two of similar form; for that arrangement 
occurred in the interior, in consequence of the shaft of the 
arcade nnder the bay in which the opening was enclosed, stand- 
ing in front of it. The apartment was divided into three aisles 
by two pillars on each side, which have been broken down, to- 
gether with the vaulting which they supported. Each of the 
bays not occupied by the doorways was aubdividcd by shafts into 
two lancet-headed panels, the base of the arcade forming a seat. 
The east end, Uke the west, has a doorway placed between two 
openings, and as the wall of the transept extends beyond it on 
tlie north, and that of a cnntignous building ca of equal leugthj 
there liaa not been a glazed window in the place. I eoujecture, 
Jiowevcr, that what now rem.aiiiii is but the vestibule to the 
chapter- house, though it may have served as such since the 
burning of the church in 1396, when, or at some subsequent 
period, it would appear that the eastern portion has been broken 
down. For, it must be observed that, not only both the esterior 
and the interior faces of the eastern end are arcsded and 
benched, but both the arcade and bench appear to liaTe returned 
and extended at least as far as the end of the aisle of the 
transept. A few inches only of the bench table on the north 
side, indeed, remain J but its plinth, projeeting slightly from 
the wall, may be traced throughout. And n.^ the masonry 
abuve is now perfectly plain, without a trace of either panels or 
vaulting, tbougJi apparently not in the same condition as when 
originally constructedj 1 presume that the caelern portion of the 



clitipter-liouse has never been rebuilt; and tliat ao miict of tbe 
transept wall as formed its northern side was rcfaced, and left 
da ive see it now. It ia evident, also, from the fractured south- 
east ang'le of the buildingj that the southern wall has been 
prolougedj but how fai', the removal of a heap of nibbish 
alone may shew. There appears, however, to be a thick wall 
embedded in itj of what date is not evideut, running cast and 
west at a few yards' distance from the present termination of 
the ruin. 

Ahc^h^e preeeut portion of the chapter-house has been a 
chamber, wfth a. high-pitched roof, that encroached on the 
central light of tbe transept. It was approached from the plat- 
form at the south end of that member of the chiorch; and 
BOme portion of it, if not the whole, may have been used as a 
Bacriety for the preservation of the sacred veaaela and the veat- 
menta, and many other purposea connected with the religions 
serviceH of the convent. 

On the south side of the chapter- house has been a large 
vaulted apartment, divided by a row of four columnfl, with n 
recess in tbe western wall. It has apparently had no cOTDian- 
nieation with the cloister, and, perhaps, may have been used as a 
cellar, or for the reception of stores. The auperatructure, no 
douht^ was the dormitory of the canons^ who, had that apart- 
ment heen placed elsewheTCj could not, in consequence of the 
rteeti-uction of the nave, have descended readily to their noe- 
tiirnal services in the chm-eli. 

The basement- atory of the modem houaes, which atill de- 
fines the western boundary of the cloister, has apparently served 
as part of the store-liouses and offices of the Prior's lodgings, 
and to have eacaped ruin, from this portion of the monastery 
having been chosen hy the royal grantee. Sir Reginald Carnnby, 
for his residence in the year 1539; when, as iippears from a 
dated panel of his arma, he made some additions to the house, 
The lodgings of the Prior of Bridlington and of the abbat of 
Sawley were iu the same position; and here^ as at the former 



place, the tipper story was moBt liVely occupiefl l)y a hall, 
dining-room, chapel, and sleeping chamber, Mr. Hodgson, 
writing in the year 1809, sajR of this house, then as noiv called 
the Priory, ^' Its cloisters and chapel were to be seen not many 
years since ;" anci adds^ " Here is a finely-carved oak hedstead, 
around the fringe of the tester of which is this inscription in 
(rothic capitals^ , , , . , Bhm'uccnsis ilit^seicig meiiit hoc opiis 

A , . , . omini milliaimo quingint The imperfections 

were caused by an ignorant worlimau, who nailed the &ing;c to 
the posts of the bed without the moulding, which formerly 
went between them. No part of the old building remains 
except the mauor-offioe, the refectory, and a small specimen of 
the cloiatGrs."" In the year 1823, Mr. Wright obsen-es, "A 
tew years ago the walks of the cloister might be traced; and, 
within the memory of man, an elegant oratory stood on the 
south-east side of tlie garden. Its roof of stone was richly 
ornamented, and supported by four lonie columns." After 
some unimportant rcraarka, he goes on to say, "the large room 
in the present building ia suppo&ed to haYB been the refectory;'* 
and tells ua tliat the houBe " was altered and repaired by Sir 
Walter Calverley Blackett, Bart., about 1730— burned by 
accidentj and entirely rebuilt by T. R. Beaumont, Esq.j — again 
burned, and again repaired within these few yewa.**" 

It ie to be regretted that the&e accounts are not giveu in 
auch particular terras as might have enabled us to have inferred 
more clearly the condition of the house within the present century. 
It would bave been especially interesting to have known more 
about the chapel, and the oratory with the ornamented roof, "sup- 
ported by lonie columns." If the latter, however, did actually 
exist in this form, and the volute of the capitals wae not mis- 
taken for a somewhat similar effect that occnrs in Norman aad 
transitional-lNormau work, it may have been only a garden- 
building or summer-house, constructed, partly, by some of the 

• Description of Nortiiimberlfitid, p. 166. 
' History of n«isham, p. 1S5. 


owners of the pi-operty out of the ruias of the Priory/ I appre- 
he-nd that wKat Mr. HodgaoB calk "a small apccimen of the 
cloLstcrsj" maj he a very beautiful lavatory, which still remains 
at the extreme southern end of what was once the wall of the 
western alley of the cloister, and on the right ha:nd side of the 
entrance into the refectory ; in which position an exquisite work 
of this kind may still be admired at lCirk!mm, The lower por- 
tion) containing the basin, has been Walled up in comparatively 
modern times, hut the tead or canopy remains perfect, in the 
form of an arcade of seven members, all apparently in their 
original position, the central one being the largest. The ■semi- 
octag^onal panelled shafts with spiral beade^ enriched with 
croelcet& and finiala, that divide the compartments, stand on 
short columns with beautifully ecidptured capitals, which rest 
on fine brackets, projecting like gurgoyles, in the abape of 
human and animal forms. Each of these compartments is sub- 
divided, hy blank tracery, into two trefoil- headed panela with a 
pointed trefoil above each, the rest of the sweep of the aj-eh 
being filled with a circle containing a roiuided trefoil ; and the 
whole is covered with a triangular head with crockets and 
iliuala. As it is very Improbable that the canons wmdd erect a 
work of this character fox many years after the ravages of the 
Scots in 1S96, when their utmost resonreeB must have been 
Bevcrifily taxed to provide for tbem^elvcs, and more necessary 
works in the Church ; it, perhaps, had only been just completed 
when the house was visited with this calamity. In 1312, the 
town of Hexham was burnt in a predatory incursion by Robert 
de Brus, and the goods of the Priory having been totally eon- 
snmtd or stolen, the canons were obliged to di&perse, and in 
1320 were atill unable to retuj-n.!' Collectora were even wau- 
dering about in the country in 1336, with the archbishop's 
brief, in quest of funds for the canons and their Church.' 

• I tave been iaformeil by a verj competent authority, that the manor house 
contained an intere^tirig relic of tha Prioi'V' in the aJiflpe of b painted fihflmber. 
r Ibid., lis— I* V. = Ibid., ]i. Ijxr. 



The refectory stuI kitchen of the coiiveut proliably flanltcd 
the. south aide of the quaclrangle, but the site of the buildiiigs 
is now laid level with the sward, together with that of mauy 
other offices ttat would he iieeeaaarily required for the domestic 
and tt^rif'ultural jHirposes of the House. In consequenee of 
probable alterations made by owners of the property after the 
Suppression, it ia unsafe to pronounce a decided opinion on 
appeai-auces that now present themseh'es in the contiguous por- 
tion of the Priorj", hut it may be noticed that the very small 
fragment of the south aide of the cloister does not bond or 
course witb the west^ra wall. And, judging from the truncated 
form of the east abaft southward of the lavatory, it would aeem 
thiit the aoath wall nnty have been erected before the other, the 
shaft being therefore accommodated to a projection above it. 
In this fragmentj the jamb of a doorway of the Early Decorated 
period occurs, at the heig'ht of ein;Lt courses, but, for the reason 
just stated, it e^nnot be positively concluded that it was that of 
the Tcfectoiy. In Kirkham Priory, the refectory of the canons 
waa entered at tliis point, liaving also a lavatory on the light 
band side ; and, like that of the canons of Eaaby, anil of other 
houseSj was placed above a basement story, occupied as cellars, 
the sides of the apartmenta also being parallel with the conti- 
guous alley of the cloister. It is nevertheless uncertain wbetLcr, 
in these two cases, the declination of the ground may uot have 
influenced the position and elevation. 

Tor nearly the whole of this article" on the fabric of the 
Priory the Society ia indebted to the able pen of one of its vice- 
presidents, Mr. Walbran of Ripon. The publicatiou of this 
volume has been delayed for some months until this architec- 
tural description could be made after a regular survey of the 
church; for in these days of change and destruction, it seemed 

■ Th« editor is rei^pougible for little more tlian the acuuutit of LI18 ^aion 
sculptured stones at the besimnin^ or the artide nnd some rcites. 



to be most desirable that what remains of a place which possesses 
liistorical aasoeiations — equal certainly to those of any other 
church in England — ^hoyld bie properly notefl down. It will he 
seen fifom tlie preceding pages that it taa been cruelly dealt 
mth. But not, the Editor must guard himself here, in an 
ung;cnerous spirit. The coutrihutora ui general, and one family 
in particulaj- — the first in importance in the district — were most 
ansiona to preserve the characteristics of & building of which the 
whole of North limb crl and was justly proud. To secure this 
object large euma of money were munificently proTided, It is, 
however, yery greatly to be regretted that modern arcLitecta 
are so fond of trying to displace by their own work the choicest 
remains of Christian antiquity. They ncTer gain by the eon- 
trastj and the word "restoration" is now, unhappily, only syno- 
nymous With destrtl>ction. In twenty years sCarC&ly one old 
church will be left in the whole country. 

It is much to he I'cgretted that Hexham did not find an 
annalist in the late estimable and kind-hearted historian of 
Northumberland. Mr. Hodgson welL knew the grandeur and 
the iraportatice of the subject, and he was most anxious to 
make himself fully acquainted vrith all its dctaiis. In his last 
Tolume he observes in a note, — 

" The archives of the see of York hive not, I apprehend, been rfi7i- 
fftntf;! searched for materials for the Iiiatifftf 0/ Ike church and franchise 
of Jlexhum, I wish some ffenerons antiqufii'ian Bjnrit icoiild spare me 
that Iro'ihie,"* 

In the ordinary course of the History of Northumberland 
Hexham waa the next place that Mr. Hodgson would haye 
taken up. His naind waa turned especially towards it when his 
health gave way. He was unwilling^ however, to give up so 
favourite a theme without a struggle, as is shewn by the follow- 
ing extracts from a letter which waa addressed to my father : — 

''7/exAajrt, Sept. 6, 1841. / have been. here, a wetk, con/ineil almost 

' Hintnry nf Nnrl.lnimherlanJ, iii., pttrt ii., JOS. 
vol.. 11. ff 



f^iitirelij to house, or heil by !nilispt)sition and had wmthtr, I huve etfn 
nolhiii-tf, and, till to-da.if, unable tn satf when you might exprct to see me. 
Fray, write to mc at the Fast Office, Hexham, whether j/ok could nuet 
VIC ht^re on Thiirsflai/, and at whit hour, and I will be nt the station to 
meti you. The ' Blnch Book' I hwe- had , lint, tijler 1' copied a part of 
it, I dare not collnte it; doing so hitrts mj/ head."' 

The result of thia letter was that Dr. Haine went to Hesliam 
on the Thursday, and the Editor, at that time a boy, Eiccom- 
pauied his father, and paid his first visit to Wilfrid's cathedral. 
Our stay at Hexliam was but a short one, as we returned to 
Durhaoi in the evening; but the Editor well remembers how 
much he was impresaed with the architectural features of the 
graud old church. Its " rcatoration" was at that time in agita- 
tion, and this waa, prohably, one of the reasons of Dr. Raine'is 
journey. Tlic following extracts irom a letter addi-esaed by Mr. 
Hodgson to the chairmnn of the committee for the " restora- 
tiou," have TCference to the proposed work, and shew how the 
Btck man's fancy preserved much of its old fire and Bpuit, 
althoitgh his memory was at the time dulled, and liis power of 
expression enfeebled. They will be read with a melancholy 
pleasure by those who knew the amiable writer, when they are 
told that Hexham was the place at which his pen dropped from 
his gra£p, and that this was, perhaps, One of the last letters that 
he wrote on any topographical subject. The committee seem to 
have applied to him for information and advice, and, dcliglited 
with what was then before him at Hesham,'' he urged the 
members to draw up a graphic account of the natural and Mb- 
torie gloriea of Hexham and its charclj. 

" / would remind them of the exceediitrf richness, as well as lavdiness 
tind slreiijjith of the situ.ation. its eitflieel history is lost ia the (iLH^al 
light of lime ; its foreground and Jields stilt cotUiiuie bright in their 
undent glorij, its qvecn-holds and poet' s-ste, the diadem that ntiltire give 
her, when Noiih lifted the ffi-otinilsi out of the sea, and the two T^iies 

e life o! Mp. Hodgsan, by Dr. Eaioe, ii., 42&. 
■• Tlie letter was vtritten i>a Sept. 10, 1841. 



joined together to build her palace, and fiv'tifn her walla; on one sr'ds 
the rlctr, in bivad inirrorB rtfiecting the moods ami bfinhs thai Jioat 
around the skirts of her garments ; and im the other has set a hrcok, day 
and nifjhl to be the song and gmtrduui of her citadel. The Seal v:na 
the garden-place, that nature planted far soliive and her joye. When 
the Britons began to stixnglken her wulls nnd till her fields, all traces 
seem to be lost: that the Hojuana iuilt a station and a temple ken, 
teriiltn monuments remain in tablets belotc the fowidationB of her first 
Saxon church. Ilislori/ how can begin to tell what poes>/ ceased to sing, 
when irar began to build icith stfnie, when nature Jied from the clani; of 
iron anns and iron tools. One Roman altar is here, and one iuipenid 
tablet, found in 17'25, besides another tahkt, cvt bi/ (he mrtsons who halt 
the erupt in its present form ; arid of which chapel Dr. Hunter said to 
Mr. Audreios, the lecturer of He^-ham — 'J a.m persuaded i/our church 
stands tiponvian'/such vaults.' Another iioiunn inscription Mr. Fairlesa 
shewed me in a ruinous part of the chapter -housp, built in the English 
Btgle — the translation of it is, ' Being jireaent (or attendant) Flavius 
Hifginitia Ike sii^th legion cictoriuiis.'' The inscription is probably onhj a 
fragmmt. — Of the Saxon church, I traitsliiled Richard of HejdianCs 
Account ill some minntea I made about ffoitr town iit ' The Beauties of 
England and Wales' in 1310. Richard's account is very citrious, niid 
deserees a very correct copj/. Mr. Bird long since promised to giue ine 
a transiatio/i of John and Jii^har(ta accounts. Jiichar^e histon/ of the 
church of IIciguBtald, cap. 3 and 4, are the parts most interesting tot/ou : 
perhaps nil that can be found respecting the cathedral church in the 
Sason times are those of Richard. 

" / copied muni/ gears since in the British Muscunt an ancient manu- 
script tnlitledy *■ Miractda Sanctorum Patrnni qui in Ecclesia Ilagus' 
taldensi reqimsctint.' It is in thirteen chapters, some very short, all in 
the original contracted Latin. The late Mr. Iledly had my copy and 
written to it. If I am itnt mistal-en they arc to he found translated in, 
Cressefa History qf the Briltnh Church. The remaining part of the 
mamiseript which I copied were extracts of Sede's account of himself, 
writings, etc. Of the Priory church the most curious acroimt thtl I have 
respecting it and its monies wax given to me hy Jasper Gibson, Esq., of 
Htxkam,frorn. u Stamped ujjice copy, and is entitled ' The misdemeanours 
(jf the religiom persons of }Ie.rham, in the county ij/* Northumberland, 


28 Sep., 38 Hen. VIII.' It is a capital paper, and sliotdd you be not 
lack of room for printing it, would anstver t/oti capitally icell ; youwill 
fnd that the brave sub-prior had brave monks to assist him, and some of 
the parts are very grotesque, as the comvtissioners 'found the gates and 
doors fast,' etc. And now that my letter is got into war and arms, it is 
time for a broken-headed man to get out of the sound he hears; ami to 
assure the Committee and yourself how unable I tan to be of any use to 
their very interesting undertaking. 

" lam, dear Sir, 

" Yours very truly, 

" John Hodobon." 

The Editor cannot conclude without expressing to the 
members of the Society his grati^cation at the kind reception 
■which the first volume of this work has met with at their hands. 
He can only wish that the second had been issued to them 
long ago, as he hoped and expected it would j but all who 
are conversant with literary work and literary societies are well 
aware that punctuality, however desirable, cannot always be 

J. R. 

YoKK, Febkuakt, 1866. 


Tlie Black Booli of HeKhnm 1— BS 


X. A »virvcy of (.lie katb belonging ia the prebend of Saltoa 
in Torksliire, wlich was attached to the Prionite of 

Hexlmni. S3-4 

II. A grant of Carraw troia Eichard Cumin, to the Prior asd 

Convent of Haiham &-t-6 

III. A grant of kad at Wiitlflw to the ubureh of HeKham by 
Adam de Tindsle 65 

IV. A qLiit-ckLm fro-ra John the Frior and thQ Couvent of 
HiGxhaia, of the pension ^jayable ta tliem out of the atcb- 
deaconiry of the 'West Eiding 66 

V. A ciaiter of William tlie Lion, liing of SiMitlmd, granting 
tlie manor of WliitEe'd, et<f-, tp the PritiT and Convent 

of Heaham B«-7 

VI. A grant of tliie manor of Whitfield from the Frior and 
Cvnvent of Sexbam to Matthew, son of Robert, the 

chaplwn ofthe Coujites* Ada 87-8 

VII. A deed from John, Prior uf Uusham, and his conventj. 
granting a hoi«e in Ti^rk to William, choplatH of arch- 
bishop Geoffrey Ptantagenet 88 

VIII, A grant of land at Fethprilaatiaiigh Co the Prior and 

Convent of Ilex.ham. by 'Eiioi de Fathers tan haugh .... Bi) 

IX. A grant of freedom from tolls, etc., ffl the hospital of St. 

Giles at Hesham sy 

X. A grant of landE to l;hQ church of Hexham mado by 

Thonuisde Denlntone 89-30 

SI. A quit-clnim from the Prior and CoHirent of HaxholU of 

their interest in Eskingseles 90-1 

XII. A fl;rant by King Jclin of a pGnsion out of the ohurch of 

Wafdoo ..,., 'Jl 

mi. Four grants t* the Prior and Convent oi Hcsham, from 

Waller Gray, amhbishop of York 01-3 

XIV. A deed, from tlie Prior and Convent of Hexham rielating 

to some eiohsngcs between them and art;hbia!ioj Gray. - 03-t 



XV. Two grants to 1Mb Prior ind Coayalit of HenbatD ffaul 

artlibialiDp Gcnj , . ■ * . - 95 

XVI. A lease of the demesne lands et IlBxliani gniDtol by arch- 
bishop Gmj lo the I'rier and Coiiveut 9G-7 

XVll. Two deeds relatinK to Byres, between the Prior and Co-n- 

veiit o/ HeJihaiti anil tha Prioress and Nuob of L.imbl*';' 97-8 

XVIII. Licence from Bernard, Prigr qf HejUiim, otid Isin Couyoiit 
to FBt«r and ]t.oh«rb ile Iiisula, aiitliorizitig them to have 

n chaatry ut Cbipahase .. SS-9 

SIS, Two JefJa rektiag to rroperty at Edslon hetweeu the 
Prior and Convent of Heiham and Ihe Prior and Cori- 

Tsnt of Malton 99-100 

XS. A grant of Isad from J&hn, the Prior, and the Convent 

of Heihatn to Jolio. bod of Eicliird of Eas-t SBinhurQe 100-1 
X XT - An Bgreemt-ut between arehbishop Gmy and the Prior 

and Consent of Hexham > , lOl 

XXH. A licence from Hoary III. for tha Prior aud Convant of 

Ilexbam to acijnire the ninniDr of N-ei^bit. ...,..., 103 

S!X1II. An ordimtioii iif the imrish tliureh of HexliBm 103-3 

" XT T V. Lieeuce from Edward I. for the Prior and Convent of 

Hexhaia to ncquiro liiudd in Nortb Miiburn , 103 

3lXV. a grant of free niirreu from Edward I. to the Prior and 
Convent of Hesham iu their esta tea at Byres, Warden, 

Jlatren, etc IM-i 

XiVl, An ttgreetneTit between irehbishoii Romanusaad Ihe Prior 

and Convent of Heihim abant divew lands md privilogea 104-6 
XXVU. Citation cf the Prior a.iid ConTent of Hei]iam for not 

hsving vicars instituited in their churches 106-7 

XXVIII. Licence from arolbishop CorliridgG for the Prior atid Con- 
veut of Hesham to use his quarry at Aiowood fortho 

mill-dam at Hesliani IC 

XXIX, The .great charter of Inapexinius jjniiited by Edward I- to 
the Prior and Convent of EleiliLini, conflrmint' to tliem 

thoir land!i and possosaions in North umherliind 10/-117 

XXX. A grant of the advowson of i\ic living of SLamfordhnni 

from Edward I, to the Prior and Convent of Hciham . . 118-19 
XXXI. A grant of the advow«on of the chi.iffL-h of Alut^n by 

Edward I, t<3 tha Prior nnd Convent of Hesham 119 

XXXrr, AtL Insiesimiia of the charter of Ivo de Veteri-pODlie, 
gniiiting lands at Alstoti to the Prior and Convent of 

Hexham 120-1 

XXXITI. Tlirep (iocumenta relatiog to the appropriation of tho 
cbureh of Hesham nnd its dependent chfipela to the 

Prior and Convent of Hexham ...........<,.. lZl-4 

3t Jt. -\1 V . l>ecree of archbishop Greenliold a^taiast thu Ici^'ulity ol' the 
stipend dlotted to the oHiciatiKg minister si St. John 
Lee IS'l-e 



dii ^^^ 

^^^ XXXV. 

An ordinntioL of the vicarage of the clmrcli ot Edslon. , 

125-8 1 

^1 XXXVI. 

128 M 

■ sxxvir. 

Aq ivriki- frtina archbishop Oreonfielil for Marmadnkci 
callcJ the Serjeant, to bo admiltaJ into the hospital of 


129 1 


Licenc* from Edward II, for the Prior und Convent of 



Hexham to awjiiire tialf of ILe manor of HeUm Parra., 

129-30 1 


An etniiiiry bj onbr of arcbbtsbop Srelton iuto llie etate 



130-2 ■ 

H XL. 

liuenco from Edward 11. for the Prior and Cooveot of 

Heshrvm to acquire divers k>ids in Kirklielon, Nesbit, 


^^^ XLI. 

132-a ^^ 

A list nf the lunils, «tc., bcloD^iig' to tbe Prior and Con- 


sent cf Hexham b; the ^ifti etc, of the arvhbuhopG of 



133-6 ^^m 

Aa agreemect between archbiBbop Meltnin and the Prioi' 


and ConTGnt of Hexbam ubout the lilhe of ha; ia the 



forests belonging to the irchbiahop in, Heihsmahire . 

ii& 1 

H XLin. 

Eelon^e from. Eichard do Hurjj, bishop of Durham, l« the 
Prior and ('onreiit of Heiliam, -ol a part of the [tension 



136-7 ^^B 

^^^ xuv. 

A writ ftom Edward III. milhotbing the taiting sCresh 
i)f the church of SultoQ, on occauut of the injuriee done 



138-9 ^^U 


A rwogaitiffl by the Prior of Hexbam of Ifie ser^ic^ 
due !))- him to the arcbWshoii of Torli, for lunds which 


i3g-.L0 ■ 


Licence from ¥,rchbisbop Tboresb; lot the Prior and CoJi- 



140 1 


Permisaion from Th-omas Hotfleld, bishop of Durhnra, for 
i\ts Prior aod Conveul of Hpxham to aoiiitiro ten marks' 



H xLvni. 

Iiioente frum Edwoi'd III. for the Trior suid Convent of 


Hex.hiuB to aviiuire laadti in Bachnick, Whitish ester, 'etc. 


^^^^ XLTX. Tlie Prior itud CoDteiil of He-tham establisk tbeir title U> 


the living of Tiutll and Sonwiolc hefor^ the bishop of 




An n^reement between the prebeadarj of Salton and some 



^^^L^ LT 

The apprupriation of the hos[iilal of St. Gilea at Hesham 
to the Prior and CouTeut of that place by archbishop 



Commission to Ir^nt with tho Dean and CViapl.or of Tofk 


for the appropriation of the church of Illcley to the 



147 i« V 

^^^^ LllI 

Appropriiitiou of the cUureb of Ehley to the Prior aad 


Conrent of Hexham by aroUbishop Neville 

14.9-61 1 


LIV. Lioenoe from archbishop Bovret to the Prior and Convent 
of Hexham to acquire certain lands belonging to bis 

fee, et« 151-2 

LV. A lease of the prebendal house in York belonging to the 

stall of Salton 1B2-3 

LVI. Aq order from archbishop Neville for the ei communica- 
tion of those who have burned the village of Acomb, 

near Hexham 153-1 

LYII. A short survey of the prebend of Salton 154-5 

LVIII. Three visitations of the parish of Salton 156-7 

LIX. Portions of the survey of the estates of the Priory of 

Hexham, taken at the Dissolution 157-8 

LX, A survey of the estates of the Priory of Hexham, made 

at the Dissolution 158-169 




riding tbe title. A view i>[ the interior of Uie I'riorj ribm"!:!! looking aowiw 
the trs.Dsepta. From Views uf Places In Diirbanij Nortbumberland, efu;., Jiy 
Pisher and Allnm. E^touohed. 

On t!io tilJe. The ariu3, (vr v»t, ef Tlioruas lord Bacre, of tlie North, tlie 
archbishop's steward of tlia roKalitj of nesham. Carved in stone nn a house in 
HGiliiini- Draivii bj' Mr. Lotfrstaffe, and engnived by Messrs. Uttirnj, by wlioiu 
ihe reft of thnj ciit^ biLve bg^n prgpuredi liii1$ks it is othorivLse etikted. 

p. V. Initial letter from e MS. in the lihrarj- of the I>eaD and Chapter of 

p. ati. The seal or Richard de UmfreTiUe. From the original in the treasury 
of the Dean and Chapter of Durham. 

pp. mviii-is. A eroas now preserved in the .garden of the Spita], near Qexli&m. 
' £toh«d on st«el hy Mr. J. H. Le Keux. 

p. m, No. 1. PortLOnn of a lar^^e soiilptured stone ol Saxon worltmandhip 
in the posseaaion of Mr. FfiJrleJS. Finind among tha riiios of St. Mary's church 
in Hesbam, vyhere it was used a£ a ateji. 

p.ixx. No. 2. A frajTment of Ssison Fculptiire in the posBeasion of Mr. 

p. isriii No. 1. Sason work disoovprad in lafirt in the garden of Dr. Stiikoe 
of Hoshata, nt the north side of the Priory, and now Ln his- poawssion. 

[), xsxii. No. 2. Pragment of an early Ssxop cro»« fouQd in the fjhoij of the 
Priory cburch, aud now in the possession of Mr. Fairloss. 

p. saaii, Nu, 3. A portion of the head of n croaa now lyin^ in tha north 
tmowpt of the Friory church. 

p. EnUi, A SajLon monument now Id the churohyard of Wnrden, luaJej 
proba,bly, oat of a Eomim nltar. 

p, x.'udii, No, 2. A fragment of a croga fb^und in the. nave of the Priory 
'chun^h, and now in the po^eBsion of Mr. Pairless. ft ia marked with eheqnera 
'like the fninona cross at Eewcastle, &nd it is, therefore, fairly attribntahle to St, 
"Wilfrid'a own tiiao. 

p. xsiiii. Two [jleces of Saicon balnalfir work, probably striuK-ooiiraBS, found 
in the Priofy church, nml now in the poss^s^gn of Mr. Fairies^. 

p. xssvi. A gronnd-pkn of tbo Soion urypt erectod by St. WOfriid at Hipon. 
Lent by Mr. W. Harrisoji, of Ripon. 

p. nxviii, A wooduul a? one of the chambers in the urypt id Heilmm, 
From Dr. Ttruce'a History of tbo Ilniuati Wall, and lent bj' him. 

VOL. IJ, h 



RENTALE ■ yy^ 








[HEXTrLDESHAM.] IdeTD PnoT et Conventus habeiit in IleKtil- 
desham diversa tenementa et terraBj quEedara diniidsa diversia 
tenentibuB, ut iiiferius patct ; et quaadara terras iu propria 
euitura ; et molendiniira aqiiaticum de Tyim, cum sticta midturje 
tarn tenentiiim doiuini arcliicpiscopi quatii ipsoi'iLiu Prioris et 
Conventus iu villa de Hextildeshara. Et inoleut grana sua ad 
viceaimuni vaa, Et si quis tcueus dictse v'diie rctraxerit se a 
dicto molendino cimi grano siio, causa moleiidi alibi, eo ipse 
forisfaciet equam cum sella dumiiio arcbiepi^cupo, et sacciini 
cum gi'auo domiiio Priori,. 

' * TUia ia the rental of IJbe Prior ami Convent of Hexhani which !!< Empwii as 
tlie Blank BiMli t>T Eexliiia. It ia the property of Mr. Beniimoiit, who inhei-itwL 
it as lord of the manor and owner of the seite of the Priorj of Ueshan. The 
maiiufieript is n tUin fuliu, twelve iuohes ia leni^th by niao in wiilth, and is ttaallj 
written on parolimeTit in a Linilbriu hniid, n.nd with a widp nmrgin. There arfl in 
it Mventjf-live folios, Tlie book has sides of thick blnclt leither (whence- iH 
name), now much fadoJ, mil the Imok is of wood. The sides are lined ii'ilh coarse 
ciiivue^, The volurne is folded double, and is secured hy a, leathern Hup. It is in 
a good stat-e of preseETdtii>n. Tlio rentnl tas been Kligdtly »>v\ by Mr, Hodgson 
in hid H,itit(iiy of N orthuinberliind., bat it baa uever been printed eiitife, anii it 
amy be r6i^fd<?d M nn unknown documaiit. The dale ascrib&d to it on the title 
is onlj an ajiprosimnte one, as Bcvural olher jKirs are mentioTiied iu tli« MS. 
From meiuoraudu in the voliinio it nppears lUat it haj* been jirtjJiiL'uii in evideiiue 
on the fdllofriiiR octBRinnR : — " Oct. 19, 1632, Sir John Fonwictc, knight. «. Julia 
Swinburne, esq., and John Hnwhiinie. — In Clianfierv, Lough, gen., r. Hndgiiont 
jren.. and Bird, 27 Sept., 1?43 ; Feiiritlu produced.— Chanu. Thoa. Conlos el il. 
V. \fm. Ramisay, ma., et bI." 



PREaTTi>tYf-L, Thomas Monk tcuet j tcnementum m Prest- 

pofill, et l^lilit per iiuiium xviijd. Mariota Wer' tenet j tene- 

meiitumj'i'iijd. Joluiuiics Lavcrok. Patriciua Laveruk. Thomas 

Monk. Thomas liarthelemew. Juhaimes Greene. Johannes 

W,anl^. Archbald Dikson. Robertu^ Milnar. Itetu de eodcm 

■^>C)'-gaT(liuQ. Rogerus Biacliop. Johannes Hurde. Hei' le 

!TiIrpyii. Johaiiiiea Lee. Willelmii» AVhytHkalez. Willclraus 

'■Chaumer. Archbald Biksun. Johannes Whyt, siitor. Jo- 

' hamies Wbyt. Thomaa Monk. Rclicta JoliamuB Whyte, Jo- 

tanuca "Whytskalc. Johanna Niithode. 

Johanna Huton. Hie' Arinstrang. Ric' Hunter. Thomas 

PoEDVNQ Raw. Johanna Gladow. Willelmus Chaiunyr. 
Patricius Laverok. R.ollaTid Watsmi. Johannes Wataiin, clienf . 
Johannes Scot. Item est ibidem uuum vastam. Johannes 
Lcschman, Relicta Rohcvti Hyn. 

Willelmus Spavyne. Robertus Niiiolsou. Roberttis Stokall. 
Johauiiea Patonaon. Thomas lilysuu. Juliannes Elysun. Alicia 
Hudson. Willelmus Symsou. Johanna 'fiataun. Robertua 
Barkav. Johannes Lytill. WiUcliaus Gladow. Thomas Ilyrd, 
Alicia Hird, Item sunt ibidem iij ganlina. Willelmus Jonsun. 


ventus tenent in propria cultura apud le ^ferc-hiik x acras. 
Item iji territorio de Prestpoflc apud Wyud-myln-stoh, cs utraque 
jiarte ytss, viij acras. Item tciient ibidem j acram terree ara- 
hilis. Item t,* apud Harelaw in eodcni tpiritono v acras. Item 
t. ill temtorio de lleucotis, in looo qui didtur Hayoyuof-croftc, 
ij acras. Item t. in Oiin-bous-giit iiij acras. Item t. 1(3 Miln- 
flatte, cum ij aeris prati ibidem, cont. in toto xij acras. Item 
celerarius t., juxta le miln-fleme, portioiieni prati quod ron- 
titiet di, acram. Item Johannes de Walworth t. ibidem, ex 
dimissione Priorisj ij aeras. Item t. inter le Hall-orehard ct 
Halywell-dene vj acra* prati. Item t. quandam poi-tionem 
pastarge vocatam lez Staners, inter aquam de Tyue et le milu- 
flemej et coiitinet per jeatimationem xx. acraa. Item t- j 
clausuram, ex parte bnriali aquae de Tyna, voc. le Jledhop, et 
eont. per Mist. xiiij acras, quarum v acra", pertinent ad viliam 
de Aynwyk, Item tenent ij aeras terrte ad finem stagni molen- 
dint Tyne, jaceates in le Harthorn-flatte, juxta regne.'' 

* Where words Iftfl teaetif. teaet^ etc., oocur fyequtntlj, I have not norupled 
io abriiige lUeni in this mBDUcr. So also with reddil and redduKt^ eolagiam, per 
annum, titf. 

' On Pell, 7, 1347-&, archbisUop Zijucho grtiiitpd a writ Li> liis justicca at 
Hurfiam to a4i'"^''^''P '" i*P"'t between John, Prinr "F Hesliiint, and Jrjlin d-e 
floacel&VB, about four uiark-i of i*eiit in Ilexliiim iind Grconrigf; (Ro|^. Zoiiplje, 
as 6). 



Item t. gntngiara dp Aynwyk, in qua sunt diversfe domus 
redificat^ et pomaria et columbaria. Item t. j barcai'iam, cum 
j gardino claoao crnn niiu-o, cont. ij aei-as, ei orientali parte 
graugi-EG, Item t. in tadem gmngia j gardinum claiisum cum 
muro versus orient., et coiit. j acr. Item t. in eadcra ccxviij 
acr, et di terras domiriicjE in culturaj et 1 acr prati dominici 
jacentee in divcms locia, unde viij acrte espendnntur ad opua 
grangiae, et slij expenduntur in ah(b)fltliia de tlesham. Item 
t. ibidem xl acr. tenie dotolnicce, qua; includmitur cum le 
Medhop. Item t. xxx acr. terrte in territorio de Corhrvg, quee 
vocautur le Bisschopprck, et junguntiir culturee de Aynwyk. 
Ifnde summa integi'a tam de terris dominids quam de pratis — 
cccLxiij acrre ct di. : qute quidcm acrse specificantur per parcellaa 
et mctaa *;t suas di^isaa. 

In primis ex australi parte magiite grangiie jaceiit j acra et 
di., et j barcaiia, cum j gardino clauso cum maris, cont. ij 
acras. In le Beeu-garth iiij acrse. Et in le Cotia-flatt sij aciw. 
Et in le Pingar iiij acrae, In Ho viij acrse. Et in Hem-ea- 
dene cum le Toftcs svj acwe. Et sub poi-eo de Beuanfront xiij 
acrcE. Et super Clavertge siij acrse. Et super Haetrij^e sij 
aei-se. Et super Colstan-ilatt viij acrje. Et super Harbugli, 
cum dc WctlandcBj stj acrte. Et sub le Lajigsyd, juxta le 
Pul-medoUj v acris, Et in !ez Estelys xx acr*. Et in le 
Thoriie-bankya viiij acrse. Et in Scolelirad, ubi aitum erat le 
connyn-^artli, iiij acrae. Et super le Seveu-rigges iji acrse. Et 
super Edeu-rigge xs norm. Et super lez Eet-flort's kx acrae, 
Et super Icz Wcst-flores xviij aerae. Et super Melniir-pul siiij 
flcra;. Wlwarde-tlionie xiiij acras. Et super le Rede s acne. 
Et super Malabrelandc iiij acrse. Summa de terra arabili 
supradicta ccxlviij aera; et di. 

Specificatio tebbjvhom, Et sunt ibidem in territorio ejus- 
dem grangise diversa: aerse prati, epecificatse inferius, per eerta 
loca; ct dimiaaa. In pvimis in le Ben-garth v acrse; et in le 
Hol-medow, juxta le Cottis-flatt, j acra et di. Et in Hors-rayrea, 
ex utraque parte rivTili, ix acric. Et eub lez Kuolles ij aerse et 
di. Kt in le Brad-medow, cum le Carrac-acre, ii acrae. Et iu 
le Pul-medowe siij acrje. Et in le Myln-raedow ij acrsE et di. Et 
in le mcdoTv sub grangia vj acrse. Et in le Countc's medow j 
acra et di. Samma acrurum prati 1 acrje. 

Item habent j viam ab esitti villie de Aynwyk per medium 
hav!e dc AUwod, a barearia de Aynwyk directe ac|uilonGU], 
ustjue comrauncm pasturain ultra Birkbunic, quje cont. in lati- 
tudine X perticas. 




PisTURA acFAiiALts. Item t. duas paaturas in aeperali, 
qiianim una vocatiir le Eateleu, et altera vocntur le DT&kncue ; 
et cont. per rest, ciiciter xx\ acias. 

Dominica pertinenteb villjC. Item eiint ibidem xs acrse 
et iij rodse domiiiic'iE ilimissEe tenentibus villas, etjacent inter 
graugiam et villiiiii ile AyiLwyk ; et reddimt per annimi in 
grosao xjs, ixd. ol). qua. 


aunt iliideu) sij terixe huabandoruni, quaniin ([uailibet cont. xvj 
aeras terrse aiabilis et pratij et qu^libet teiraruni pi-Bedictarum 
Dpcfabitur per j diem cudi j homine in stagtio molendinij cum 
neceese fuerit ; et facict le hegc-yard ubiqiie ; et dabit j gallum 
et j galliQaui ad lestiiui Nataliu Domini ; et carriahit molares 
molendini de Aynwyk ; et facict parietes dicti mulendini, suis 
propi'iis expensis; ct cooperiet nicjlendinum proiiriis expeiiais 
coopcrtiira doiuini. Et qiiieliliet teiTa liusliaud ambit cum 
ai-atro suo per j riit^ni, quolibet anno, cum requisitiis fuerit, in 
Bolo grangise prfedictfe. 

Terr^ husband. Jobamiea RobinsHO. Rieardns Sourlje. 
JnbanncB Ileyde. Robci-tus Sourbe. Tlioinas Robsun. Alauus 
Kell. Jobanues Ci-reeni?. Willelmus SourliK. Johaiuies Copdeii. 
Johuanca Stodard. Thomas HobiuBuii, Eogeyus Kobiusun. 
TssabeU Gibsun. 

Opeiia cotaoiorfm. Et euiit ibidem six cota^Sj et quod- 
libct cotagium tacict eenitinm ct npcra ad inoleiidinum prse- 
dictum, sicixt terrse husband piu'dit'tie. Cotagia. Tliomaa 
Stobart t. j cot. et di. ncr. terrse, et reddit ijer ann. xxjd. Idem 
Thoraoa t, j cot. et di. aer. terrse, et rt'(tdit per anu. xxjd. 
Idem Thomas t. ij cot. et ij acr. et di. terrffi, et r. per ann. tiijs. 
"Willelmua Smytli t. j cot. et vij acras tense, et r, per aim. 
iiiJB. ixd. Jobanues L'ouper t. j cot. et v acras terr*. et r. per 
aim. v)&. iiijd. Agnes dc Cheeburgh t. j eot. et j acr. terrse, et 
r. per ann. xxjd. Willelmus Oxbyrd, nativus domini^ t, j cot., 
iij acr. et iij rodae terrEe, et r. ijs. vjd. Sjniond Clyde t. j cot. 
j acjam et di. terrje, et r. per aim. ijs. xd. Idem t. j cot. et iij 
rodas terrse, et r. per aim. ijs. vjd. Alicia Stobard t, j cot. et 
iij rodas terrw, et r. per ami. xxjd. Joliann-es Sprot t. j (cot.) 
et ij. acr. teiTJe, et r. per ann. ijs. Johannes Roger, nativus 
domini, t. j cot. et iiij voAas terrje, et t. per ann, jjs. »ijd. Jo- 
hannes filius Alaui t. j cot. et v, acras ten-Ee, et r. per aim. 
ii)B. vjd. Alicia Stobtyrd t. j cot., rt r. per ann. sviijd. 
Thomas Milnar t. j cot. et rij acras ct di. terne, et r. per ami. 
vs. iiijd, Thomas Schiphii-de t. j cot. et ix acr. terrpg, et r. per 
ann. vja. Johannes Steele t. j cot. et v acras terra', et r. per 
ann. iijs. iijd. Thomas Schiphini t. j cot. et j acr. tprrse, et r. 

TUB BiACK naoK. 

per. ann, iijb. Idem t. ij acras terrse juxta le Schep-brig^ et r. 
per anil. sijd. Symond Clyd t. ij acraa terras ibidem, ct r. per 
arm. xiiijd. Jnliaiines Alanaon, nativus domini, t. j acr. prati 
voc. MiilubreuudoQ, et r. per ann. yijd, Jobaanes Sprete t. 
tiuaradam parcellam prati voc. Petillislaw, xijd. 

Terr.« DOMINIC*. Hieardiis Plummar t. iij acras sTih parco 
de Bc'ufront, et r. per ana, aja. Item, t, ij acr. iu le Langeaj'de, 
et r. per aim. xxd. 

Bb^cinagicm. Johaimea Couper t. commuuem braciiiam 
villje de Ajnwjk, et r. per ann. vs. 

MoLENDiNUM. RicoTclus Fdrester de Akome t. moIcadinuMi 
. . . , et r. per arm. Isxiija. iiijd. 

Johannes Vaus tenet ij acras et di. . , , de Beaufront, r. ijs. 

PANNAQiirM. Tcncntea de Aynwyk dabunt pannagium eo- 
dem modo sicat tenentes de Hexham, et Talet comnumibus 
aonis Fjd. 


Alicia 'Webetcr t. j acr. et di. terrse in le TVerres-crofte, et 
r. per aim. xxd. Symoa de Sandoiv t. j acr. ten-ffi, et r, per 
aim. xijd. 

Terr* oomintcalis, Omnes tenentes villje t. le Cot-garth 
et le Cotes-flatte, qu^ coiit, per Est. iiij acr., ct r. per aim. 
ijs. vjd, Et est ibidem j tiatte iuter Harelaw ex paite australi, 
et HatliqiTi-fur ex parte borialij et le Der-stretc ex parte orien- 
tali, et le husband-landes ex parte occidental], quie flatte vocatur 
le Bas&tan-Byde, et cont. per seat, xxx aer, Et est vasta in 
manu domini. Et est ibidem j alia flatta vasta ex oceid. parte 
le scliep-cott, quas vocatur H orme-scbeles, et cont. \iij Bcras. 

Opera et coNSiTETimiNEB, Sunt ibidem xiij terrEe hnsband, 
quarmn quselihet coHt. xxiiij ac^ras teirse arabilis et prati. Kt 
qiiaelihet terra faciei opera et consuetudinea ad niolendiiium de 
Aynwjk, ut tenpiites ejusdem villse; et qnajlibct ten"a husband 
dabit j gallum et gallinam domiao ad festum Natalia Dotuini. 

(TerrtB husband). Simon de Saudow, nativue domini, t, 
j terr, hu&baad, et r. viijjg, vd, ob- Opera ut supra. Adame 
del Hall t. j terram ibidem, et r. per ami, xs. vd. Willelmus 
del Halle t. j terram ibidem, ct r. per aun. viija. vd. ob. Adam 
de Halle, Willelmus de Wall, Adam del Hill t. j terram, et r. 
viijs. vd. ob, Adam del Hill t. j terr. ibidem, r- per aim. 
viijs. vd. ob. Joharmes dc ByTvcU t. j terram ibidem, et r, per 
ann, viijs. vd. ob. Symon de Sandow et Thomas Ijitilskill t. j. 
terr., viijs. vd. ob. Johannes de Matfcn, nativua domini, t, j terr., 
el r. viijs, vd, ob. Thomas LItllskill t. j. terr. ibidem, et r. pei 



a-nn. viljs. vd. ob. Joliaimes \Vhj-tvug"eliaiii t. j teir, ibidem, et 
1". viije, vd, ob. Joiianties Bywell et Symoti de Santlow t. inter 
ac j. terr. ibitlem, r. vLijs. vd. ob. Omiics tcueutEs i-illie t. 
inter ee ij terras ibidem, ct r. per ami. xija. vd. Summa 
vli. vija. vd. 

Ofera coTAOiORi'M. Sunt ibidem xij eotagia, et qiiodlibct 
cotttgium fariet opeia ad molendiijum de Ayinvyk, siciit terne 
husband prffidictse, unde in temira. 

laaabei] de Stellyng t. ,] cot. et di. acr, dl fsic) terrK, etr. per 
arm. xviijd., j gallum et j galliaam et opera. Willclmiis de 
Matfen, nativna doraini, t. j cot. et j acrara terne, r. xxijd. et ij 
gall. JohaniieB de "Wliyttingeliam t. j cot, et j grardiuium, et 
r, per anii. viijd. Symon de Sandow, nativus domini, t, j cot,, 
et r. per ann. sijd. Alicia Webster t. j eot., et r. p. a. xiiid., 
ob. Alicia Scliipliyi'd t. iij eot., et iij rodas terrse et di. ; et r. 
p. a. X8. xd. ob. etij gall. Robertua tie Matfcu, nati^Tia domiui, 
t. j eot. et di. acr. terrie, et r. ija. et. ij fjall. Adam del Hall t. 
j cot. et di, acr. tcrrre, ct r, p, a. viijd., ij g^al(l)iua8. JoIiaiincB 
de Matfen, oiitivus domiiii, t. j eot. iii rodas terr., et r. p. a,, ijs. 
vjd., ij gall. Isaabell de Stellyiig t. j cot. et di. acr. terne, et 
r. p, a. sKijd. ob. Symon de Saudow, nativus doraini, t. j 
letchj et r. per aim. ijd. Idem t. j rodam ten-iB justa le Hau- 
yarbume, et r. p. a. iijd. Idem t ij sykes prati, et t. p, a, iiijd, 
Adam del Hyll t, j &yk, et r, p. a. ijd, 

Pannagium. Et tenentes vill^ daljuiit paunaglum siuut 
tenentes de Ayuivyk, coinimmibus aniiis vjd, 

Est ibidem j plaeca terric vasta in le lonyng, versus moram, 
approi^ata de vasto domini, et aolet reddere p, a. vjd. 

Item doraimia Petrus de Goiiivarton, capellanua paroeb, dc 
Sant John Le, t. qnamdani portionena terra; ibidem voeatam 
Kvrk-lEEud, -videlicet glebam ecclesise priedicts, et €ontinet viij 
acras, scperalea onini tempore aoni: et locatur eidera in suo 
stipendio per ann. xiijs. iiijd. 

Item tenont terram adjacentera ecclesise Sancti Oswaldi, 
vOcatam Kirk-land,. tt est gleba dictpc eOclesiEe ; ct coiitinet per 
BS8t. ii) acras terrje arabilis. Et domiiius Robertjis de Dieaiug- 
tou, celcbrans ibidem, r, p, anu. pro dictis iij acria viijd. 


Tenent ctiam ibidem j manerium, in quo dlversa? domus Bedi- 
ficantur, et j capcUa, cum tribus gai'diuis cs orient, parte, et j 
^ardinum es parte oecid., cont. in toto per Beat, ij acras ; et est 
ihidern j grangia deeinialis. 

Et sunt ibidem In dominico sj", xviij acne tcrrie arabilia, 


et s-vj acrae et iij rodcE prati ; luide super Crawlaw, ex parte auatr. 
juxta Ercan-brig, jaeeut xxx acrse teiTic ai-abilis. Et ex parte 
oecid., juxta manariumj xxiiij acrse. Et ex parte >jot., juxta 
Essewell medoWj super le Sandilaadea, v acrai. Et ex parte 
occid. le Liii-barne, ?upcr le Toftes, tj a«rie, Et in le LinlJuni- 
flatt, iiij acrffi, Et ei parte occid. le schip-cote, super le Ley- 
acre, xij acrse, Et super le Cotis-flatt et le Cote-hill, 3sx acKe. 
Et ex parte aust. Halideu-wajj super Twystes, vj acras. Et 
super le Half-Fiirlany, juxta le Cote-leeli| iiij acrje; de quibus 
■Tohannca Oxhird t. j acrara cum cotagio 3uo. Et ex orient, 
parte de LiubiLrn, super le LiubiuTiCj super le Lang-flatty et 
super le ij Schort-buttea, xxiiij acrae. Et super le Brere-flatt, 
versus bor. pai'tem, x acrs. Et super Warin-law-syd, veraug 
occid., iij acrffi. Et juxta rivulura de Ereane iij acne. Et ex 
utraque parte via; q^uje ducit ad Tillam de Riellj super Ic Lang- 
lyes et le Wallaw, xviij aClEe. Et ex austr. parte ejnsdera viie 
versus orient., sujier le Lan^liombes-flatt, vj acrse. Et ex 
eadeui parte viaj cjusdem versus occid,, super le Goa-Croft, iij 
aerie. Et juxta le Brad-medow, super Halle licstir-bauk, iiij 
aerse. Et ex parte aust. de Cam-medow, super Cammislaw, ."dj 
acra:. Et ex eadetn parte versus or., super Halyivel-flatte, inter 
villam de Biugf'fld et Todrige, xv Bci-se, Et ex parte or. ejusdem 
v\\\x, juxta Ic Brad-medow, xv acrse. Surmna acrariim terroe 
arabilis xj*'^j sviij aerse. 

Pft,VTA DOMTNicALiA. Et qusedaoi portio prati, vocataWhit- 
wel-mcdow, abbuttat super Craulaw, cont. vij acras. Et in le 
Colt-medow, prope prredictum pratum, ij acr!E. Et sub lez 
Toftes, in le Hole-mcdow, ij acra: di. Et ex parte or. le Linburiic, 
in. Ic Ful-raedow, ij acrffi j roda, Et in le JJrad-medoiv iij acrje, 
quarum ij acrse jacent in pai'te occid. in parte or. Summa acra- 
rum prati (blankj. 

SepeRjvlis PASirKA. Et sunt ibidem xyj acrie de pastura 
seperali inter Eryane et Craulaw, ex parte bor. et aiintr., et le 
Dere-sti'et ex parte occid., et le Graystanes ex parte or., inter 
priodictam paaturani et pasturam Rogeri de Widryugtou. Sum- 
ma ocrarum pasturts xvj acrse. 

ToiiRYGE. Et est ibidem quaedam portio terrae arabilis jacene 
inter Grotyngton et territorium vill^ de Byngfelde, ex antiqno 
Tocata Litil Grotiugtou, modo vocata Todrige; et est seperalis 
doniini ouini tempore auni ; et continetur inter has diviaaa ; vide- 
licet inter Ic BlaUc-dyke ex parte or. ; et bip, deacendendo per 
lez Oppots et Todryge-burnj ad. le Haljwell ex pai-tc bor. j et 
exiudcj ex parte occid., ascendendo versus or., per le Grerie- 
lecli ex parte austr., iuter territorium dc Boclyvc et Todryge- 
feld usque le Btak-dyk prius nominatuni. 




pilnius. de Lertotne, et Wlllelmus Talyor ile Eryngton tenent 
inter sc, conjunctim et divisilll, totaiu granglam dt Byngfdd, 
cum omnibus teriis, pratia, paaturis supradictia, et profiniis, ad 
tcrminuTll xiij annomm ; reddendo inde de tribua pirimis- annia, 
quolibct anno, vjli. Et tnbiis secundis annis, quolibet aoiio, 
^Hjli, vjs. viijd. Bt pei'YJ aequentea annoa, quoHliet anno, viijli., 
primo terraiuo eoliitionia incipiente ad festuni Pentecostes auiio 
Domini m" cec. scptiiagesimo sfptimo. 

Item est ibidem qujedam portio terrEe, vasta^ quic vocatur le 
Grene-came; et jacct inter lez husband-landes ex parte occid,, 
et Donnia-morc es parte auetralij et le fote del Swete-lccLe, 
buttando super "Wyne-aore-baiik, ex parte or., et lez Imsband- 
la-ndes ex. parte bor, ; et contiuet per isst. iiij acrae, Et est 
ibidem j flatta terrae vast:e super le Gryndstan-law ; et jaeet 
inter Doniiis-more ex parte oceid., et Ic Swete-lechc es parte 
anstr., et le Grcn-syde ex. parte bor.; et lez liusband-landes ex 
parte or. ^ et coiitinct per test, xviij acras. Et sunt ibidem svj 
sellioncs, vocatie Anglice ridges, jacentes snper lez Schellcz, 
justa le Solpark ex parte aust, ; et cent, per sst. xj acrns et di. 

Et sunt Lbidem, super lez Schellia pvEedietaa, xsv eelUonea; 
nude iiij sellionos jaeent ex parte bor. le Scliellawe ; et sxj ex 
parte aust. ejusdem Schcllawe; et coiit. per sest, sij acras et di. 
Et estibidemj flattajiista Halyden-waj; et buttat super rivolnm 
de Eriane ex paite l)ur. ; et buttat isuper Wariu-Iau-ajde ex parte 
austr., inter lez Kusband-landea ibidem; et cont. per sest., vij 
acrasj et dimittuntnr Willelmo Bewmonde pro tiijli. 

Item est ibidem j barcaria cum j gardiuo coiitinente iiij 
acras; et jacet auppr rivulura de Eryanc -VTrsus occid. ; a qua 
barcaria de Byngi'eld Prior et CoTiventua habent liberum inti'O- 
itum et exitimi per territoriuni villse de Colwell ad enramuniam 
pasturie dictie vUlfe de Colwell, communicand' iu eadem omni 
tempore anni, ubique, ad qnadringentas oves, et triginta bovea 
et I vaccasj ■cum j tauro, ut ex"'' in cartis, 

Et sunt ibidera xij teiToe busbandorum, quarum qujelibet 
cont. xxiiij acras tcrr^ arabilia et prati; et qutelibet terra carri- 
abit meremium et lapides molares pro portione sua; et susten- 
tabit molendinum in mnria et coopertura, suis propriis expensis, 
prteter siipcr le loatlire ; et mundabnnt stagnum, et adducent 
aqaam ad molendiimrQ, quotieuei opus fuerit; et molcut blada 
sua ad molendinum domini : nndc in temira. 

Willelraug d^ Lcdom t. j ten", busband, et r. p. a. xjs. vjd., 
unde pro miilttira xljd. Johannes Lam t. ij terras hu^baad^ 



unde una sinp niiiltxira, et r. xxiUjs. xd, db. ; pro raultura vjtl. 
Joliaiineg, filiua .Johanaia Thomami, t. j terrain cam multura, et 
r. p. ». xvjs. xd. ob. ; pro multura ijs. vjd, WUIeltnus Leene t. 
j terram cum multura, et r- p. a. x\]s, xd. ob. ; pro multura ijs. 
vjd, Adam Kempe t. j terr, siue multura, et r. p. a. xiiija. iiijd. 
Walterua de Sandow, nativua domiiii, t. ij tcrraSj miam sine 
multura, et r. xxxiiijs. \jd. ; pro multura, xijd. Willelmus, 
liLius Ricardi de Hall, t. j terr. &ine multiira, et r. p. a. xvijs. j 
pro raultura ijs. TJd. Johanues Osehii-d et Willelmus Trout t. 
ij terras sine luulturflj r, p, a. xsijs. %'jd. Joliaunea Thomson t. 
j terr., et r. p. a. xvjs. ; pro multura xijd. 

Sunt ibidem xij cotagia, et quodlibet eotagium faeit a.eTvi- 
tium ad moleudiuum modo quo terrae husband. Undc in tenura. 

Opeb.\ et coNSiUETirDiNEs. "VViUeEmua, fiJiiis Rieardi del 
Hall, t. j cotagiuni vastum, et r, p. a. xijd. Idem t. j gard. 
"vastum, et r. p. a. ijd. Johauues Lame t. j eotagiiim etvj acras 
terrffl cum miiltura, iiijs. vijd. ob. Marjoria de Law t. j cotagium 
et vj acras ten-se cum multura, et r. p. a. iiijs. ^ijid. ob. Jo- 
lianues, filius Johainii^ Thomeou, t. j cotagium et vj acras terrte, 
ct r, p. a. iiijs. vijd. ob. Willelmus de Rokehope t. j cotagium et 
vj acras tcrrx cum multura, r, p. a. iiijs. vijd, ob. Johauues 
Tliomson, lang, t. j cotagium et vj acras terrje cum. multura, r. 
p. a, iiijfi. vijd, ob, .idam Kemp t. j potagiiiro ct vj acras terrse 
cum multura; r. p. a. ijs. Idem tenet ij rodas terne, et r, p. a. 
iijd, Willelmus Colstane t. j w)tag7um et vj acras teme cum 
multura, r. p. a. iiijs, vijd. oh, Johannes Oxhyrd t. j cotagium 
ct vj acrae terne cum multura, r, p. a, iiije. \ijd. ob. "WiUelmuB 
Araok&on t. j cot. ct vj acr. terrEe cum multura, r. p. a. iiijs. vijd, 
ob. Johannes, filius Joliaiinis Tborasoii t. j cot. vastum cum j 
roda terrae, r. p. a. ijd, Walter de Saudow t. j acr, terrae, et r, 
p. a. xd. Robertiis Colstane t. j cot, vastum, r. p. a. jd. Jo- 
hauues, filius Johaiinis Thomson, t. j cot. vastum, r. jd. Adam 
Kempe t. j cot. vastum, et r. p. a. jd. 

BKACiNAUiuM viLLii, RobertuB CoUtane tenet bracinam 
villie pro voluntate domiui, ijs. 

MoLENDiNUM. Johannes Oxhird de Byngfeld t. molendinum 
aquaticum, r. I6. 

Tencra aaPARA-Lia »E Grotyngton. Item teneiit Gro- 
tyngton, quje iucluditur infra has diriaaa ; videlicet, inter 
rivulum de Pout ex parte aust. ; et le Dere-strete ex parte or.; 
Ic lonyug dict^ Boclive et lez Grnystanepi, jaoentea inter prte- 
djctum Grotyngtoji et Codlaw-more, ex parte bor. ; et quod- 
dam foesatum antiqiuim inter prtedictum Grotyngton ct prK- 
dictaui moram ex parte oecid. Et Thomas Henreson t. totam 
prsel[lictam Grotington, cum omnibus profidis euis, ad termimiTii 



triuTD atmonim, redd, iiidc primo auuu sU.j et iion pins ipso 
aiiiio, quia jedificabit novam domura ibideru euniptilms suia 
propriis; et dnobiis aiinis aequcntibiis, quolibet aaiii), Is., priiuo 
termino solutionis ad featura Peiitecostes, aiiuo Domini ra"^ ecc 
septuagcaimo acjitinio. 


Item teneat parcum de Dotlaod, prout incladitur intra aia- 
bitam muTorum ejusdcm, cum omnibus libertatibus ct juribiis 
parco pcrtiiieiitibuB, cum xs\ij acris et j rod& inclusis iu «&dcm. 

CuNSDETUDiNBS. Suut ibidcm X ten-ae busband, qiianim 
qusclibpt cont. xv acTas terrje arabilia et prati, et quselibet terra 
dabit j ^allum et j galliuara ad i'eatum Natalis Damini. Et 
moleiit biada sua ad molendinuia de Wbytlcy ad xiij vaa. 

Marraedueua filius Heiirici, nativua dominij t. iij terraB, r, 
svB. JohaimcB filius Bobeili t. ibidem ij terras, r. p. a. xe. et 
consuetudinee. Johannes filius David t. ibidem iij terras, et 
r. p. a. xvs. Willelmue filius Heurici de Dotlaud, iiativus do- 
miiii, t, iJ terras, r, xb, 

Simt ibidem x cota^a, et quodlibet eormn dabit j gallinam 
ad festum Natalia Domini, unde in tenuTB. 

JoLannes Alius Diivid t. j cot. et iij aeras tcrr»e, et r. p. a, 
ijs. Idem t. j cot. et j acram et di. tcrrffi, et r. p. a. xviiid, 
Idem t. j cotagium et j acram terne, ct r. p. a. xvjd. Waltcrus 
Cbamebreleyii t. j cotagium 8Edi(i(!atum et j acram terrse, ct 
r. p. a. sijd., gall. JohanntH filius Roberti t, j cot. ledificatum, 
cum j gardino cout. di. acne tcrrje; v. xviijd., galJ. Willelmus 
Breuster t. j cot. EediScatum et iij acras tcrne, et r, p. a. ije. 
Walterus Chambreleyn t. j cot, cum j gsardino coiit. di. rodee 
terraej r. vjd., gall. WillelmuB films Hcnrici, nativus domiui, 
t. j cot. ledificatum, et qiiatuor acras terrsa, r. iijs. Walt-enia 
Chambreleyn t. j cotagium iEdificatum, et di. acrse t^iTaa, et r. 
p. a. vjd. Idem t. j eot. tedificatimi, et iiij acras terrse et di., et 
r. p, a. ijs. jd. 

Dqteland Deene. Est ibidem j locua boscoau.s vocatus 
Dotlande deene, in quo milliis tenens amputabit viride sine 
liceiitia domini et visa propositi. 

Kst etiara j campus inter Dotland-fetd et Dipdcn, veri^us 
occidentem, in quo conetructua erat qaondam hameiectus de 
endaiu raodo, Est etiam j Iocub in Knyt-Icch in quo aoltbat 
case barcaria cum j gardiuOj cont. per rest, iiij acras. Eat etiam 
ibidem j locus, qui voeatur Randalphs-i'ydyng, et jacet inter lez 
croftea de Dotland ex parte bor., et communes pastnras ibidem; 
et cont. XT acras et di., sol. r. p. a. ijs. Item est ibidem j 



campus sub Dotlaud versus austnim, cout. iii se iiij'* et i acras 
ten's aeaecarii; et jacet inter caTapum de Dotclaud ex parte 
occiil., et campum Henrici Hunter ex pttrte or. Item est 
ibidem j campus sub Dotland versus or.j oont. in ee Ix acras 
terrte ecaccarii axabiLie et prati, quern teneut pro emendatioue 
molendiiii de "Whitlye; et jaeet iiiter campum Koberti de 
WoUon cs pai-te or. ; et eic per quendam rivuJum, vocatuni 
SmalbuTDj asceudendo per partem bor. usque Smalbui-n-heuod, 
ad campum dc Dotland prjedictum. Kst ibidem in eodem 
campo qutcdam parcella terrse, cont. xxsiiij acrae tcrne ecac- 
carii, inter pitedictum rivulum ex. parte austr, ; et viam quie 
ducit de ]!lward-law, inter praidictam tcrram et Dotland park, 
ad ■com^uiunem pastuTftm de Dotland more. 

Yarow-hyob. Sunt ibidem TJ terrae husband, quarum quje- 
libet cont.. — acras terrte arabilis et prati. 

TebRiB HuaBAwn. Willelmus Culgatli t, j terram husband, 
ct r. p. a. vjs. Heuiieus tilius TLomaa t. ij terras, et r. p. a. liijs. 
Willelmua del Abbay t. j terr., et r. p. a. vjs. Johannes, de 
Culgath t. j terram, et r. p. a, vjs. Omnes tenentea villie t. j 
terram inter se, et i". p. a. vjs. 

Du.« ACR^ PRATI, Item tenent ij acras prati jaceuteajuita 
Nobbolv-eehelcs, pro pctis ibidem ponendis ct siccandis. 

Item tenent ij molendiua aquutiea iu Neulandea, videlicet, 
raoletidinum de Ncubigyug et molendiuum de Whytlyc, cum 
tota secta multura; omnium tenentium in Neulandps; quorum 
j est vastum et alteram dimittitur Roberto de WoUoue fld tir- 
mani, pro quo r. p. a. vij marcas — eellcr'L 

Item teucut j placenm justa molendiuum de Whytlye pro 
ductu aquBE usque molciidinum, et vocatur le Milnelsj et 
incipit subtus prtedictum raolendiimra es parte or. ; asceudendo 
per le Smythous versus bor., usiiue le bcge-garth dc Daltou- 
feldj et sic per le liege-gartli versus occid. usque tenurani 
quondam Symoiiis Swye ; et sic, deseendeudo versaa auatr., 
us([,ue le myln-flenie, et aJc mylne-fleme directc ad Rouly-burn; 
et sic per dictum rividum versus or. usque molendinum supra- 
dictum. Et dimittitur ad firmara Johauni Ilaumond, et r. p. 
a. vjd. 

RouLYE. Robertus de Ogle t. j terram husband in Roulje, 
et r, p. a. iiijs, 

Memorandum quod dominus de Cocelye tenetur solvere 
Priori et Conveutui iiij marcas annuatim, pro licentia habondi 
molendiuum in doraiuio suo dc Cocelye vel Lanbope, ct pro 
sccta mtiltur* ejusdom dominii. 

Item tcuent situm unius domu$ in %'iUa de Alwentou e-x or, 
parte eeclcsiae, prope eaiidem, cum j gardino et j crofto cont. di. 



aCFEe teiTffi ; et eat gleba ecclcBiEe prffidictEe, et locatiir capellano 
celebranti ittidem in stipciidio suo per aiiii. vj». viijd. 

Akome. Item tencnt j graiigiikni decimalem in villa de 
Akome cum j gardino ; et eont. iu toto j rotUm terrse ; et 
domimia Petrus de Gonwarton +. gardiiiiiiu pnedictoin, et r. 
p. a. xijd. 

Walt.. Item t. in \-illa de Wall j grangiam decimalem cum 
j gardino adjacente ; et emit, in toto j rodam terrse, et r. p. a. vjd. 

Kepewtk. Item t. j grangiam decimalem lu villa de 
Kepewyk cnm j gardino adjacente, cont. j rodam terra;. Et 
Eogerds Underhill t. herbarium dicti gardini, r. vjd. 

Halibbn. Item t. j gi-augiam decimalem in vUIb. de Hali- 
dene eum j gardino adjacente coiit. j rodam ten-se et plus. Et 
Jobamiea Lorimer t. herbagium dicti gardinij ct sustentabit 
muros ejusdiem, ct r. p. a. ^d. 

RouLY. Item t. j grangiam decimalem in villa de Rouly 
cum j pardino, et jaeet ex parte or. ^illaa, et vaet^. 

Cahuen. Item t. j graugiam decimalem iu villa de Cadden 
cum j gardino et vasto. 

Nysbenkys. Item t. j placeatu in Nynbenkcs pro j gtangia 
decimal!, cont. in toto j rodam ; et jacet ad fiueni villffi versus 
ocdd. inter villara et molendirmm. Et Johannes Bales t. prffi- 
dictam placeara, et r. p. a. iiijd, 

LiBGRTATEa iNKRA Hexham-sch vHE. Habsnt c*iam infra 
HextildcBham-schyre socum et sacam et alias libertates, videlicet^ 
emendas assisaB pania et cervisia; ; ct servientes suos virgam por- 
tantcs ad faciendum districtionesj summonitionea, et attachia- 
mcnta; et omnium emendationes transgreaaionmn de omniljus 
tenentibus auia in curia Prioris. 


Ravenwyke. Teaent ibuletn sitiim rectoris in quo ij domus 
iedificantar, cum iij gardiiiis circumjaccntibiia, et j domiis cum 
parvo gardino infra dictum situm, vocata le Prest-hous. Et tj 
aor. terr. arabilLs vocatas le Kyrk-crofte justa WItliwayte-feld 
versus bor. Et j acr. super Godrik-How, justa ibsaatum quod 
ducit ad moranij ex parte austr. le louyng. Et iij rodasj quae 
in medio le flatte tie Braythwate, Et v rodaa terrse super 
Havirberghe. Et j aeram super le Lauglandes, juxta le thomej 
ex occid. parte caajpi. Et j acr. auper Moure-sflatj juxta molen- 
diuQiu. Kt ij rodaa super Pcte-mir-half-acre versus austr. Et 
j acr. super Douald-crofte versus bor. Et ij rodas super 
Johnsliona-hous-bant. Et j acr. prati in Kilngille. Et ij 
rodas prati in Avenames. 

Scales- Tbbrje aeabiles. Et t. ibidem v acras juxtale 
Redcrosfte, quarum ij jacent versus or., et iij acrse ex parte bor, 
prope le Crosae. Et j toftum ct croftum cont, j acr, ten-ae, quae 
in medio villas. Et j acr. super Scbarlow, ex parte bor. Et iiij 
acr. in diverais locia ibidem, quarum una portio jacet in medio 
le flatte de Der-hoWj et alia portio super Icz Monk-toftes, et alia 
portio ad Kingil-henede. Et pradictte domus et teiTSe dimitt- 
untur ad firmara Adse Thomson, de Ravenwyk ad terminum vj 
annorum, et r. p. a. xa, 

IsALL.' Gleua eccle9i« ccm COTAGII8. Tcneut etiam ibidcm 
Bitum rectorias, et omnino est vaetuni. Et ij aeraa et di. terne 
arabilis de gleba ecclesise. Et vicariua ibidem t. j tcnementura 
in villa et prsedictaa ij acras terrse et di. ad firmam, et r, p. a. 
iija. vjd. Willelmus Hudson t. j ten. ibidem et di. acr. terras, 
et r. p. a. xijd. Agnes Mason t. j ten. et iij acr. terrEe, et 
]■. p. a. iiJB. Jobannea HenreFoa t. j ten, et iij acr, terne, et 
r. p. a. xviijd. Johannes Thomson t, ibidem j ten, ct vj acraa 
terrffi j lodam, et r. p. a. iiijs. iiijid. Hctiricus Morland t. j acr. 
terrse vocatam Hoggis-crofte, et r. ixs. Idem t. j campura 
TocatuiQ le Prior-feld, ad flnem or. viUie, ex parte bor. aqus de 
Der-went, circumfossatum per metas Buaa, in quo ffiditicantur ij 
clomus, et r. p. a. ss. 

Eat ibidem j bank boacoaua, vocatua le Prior-bauk, ex eadem 
parte aquas prsediette, inter prEedictum campuni et lillam ; in 
quo iiullua tenens araputabit viride aive licentiaeustodia ibidem. 

Et est ibidem j campus jacens inter le Prior-feJd prsedictum 
et viara quffi ducit ad Svmdreland, et vocatur le More-wra, et eat 

' Id • more recent hand. 



Habent etiam conimunani pasturic m omiiibus vastis ei 
paaturia iliidem extra partiim rie I»ale, de novo iiidiisum. 

Habeiit etiam turbaiiam ct pctariam ihidenij pro sc et 
■teneutibiis suis ibidem, ad omma sua iiecessaria, sive ad 
foBsatam claudendum, bive ad commune bracinagium ibidem 
sua tine iidum ; proiit pertiiiet libcro teuemento Prions ibidem. 

Et cat etiam ibidem j campus ad fiueni orient, vlllie, ex 
parte boi". pi-aedictte vise quie ducit ad Sondreland, et extendlt 
usique novum pai"cum domiui de IsaJc; et vocatui- Aldeby; et 
est omnino vastus. 

Teneiit etiam quartam partem molendiui de Plumland cum 
Bceta multurcc ad dictam partem pertinente, et valet com- 
muuibus annis svs. 

Habent etiam in villa de Alneburgh j toftum vastuni cum 
uno crofto aAjacente, coiit. in toto per lest. j acram terras; et 
jacet ad finem or. villgc ex parte auetr. ejusdcm, justa tofhim 
Thomffi Spilgild. Habent etiam in camjio ejusdem villa; per 
sest. xit acras- terrse arabilis et prati, quaiiira j acra terrre ai'aliilie 
et prati jacet ad fiuem or. cujusdam flatte vocati le Ganell : et 
apud le atan-brig ij acras terrfe arab. et prati. Et super le 
Gresse-flatte, expartcor., juxta Wilken-busk, j acram etj rodain 
terrK a-rab. Kt super le Midil-bolme, justa Mat-wraj j acr. et 
di. terra! arab. et prati. Et super dictum Midil-bolme, ex 
parte nortliwest del Hasaokis, j aeram : et ex parte bor. del 
Mat-wra j acram prati. Et super Hexham -crofte, cum le 
Olyayk, iii acras. Et super le See-flatte, cum quadam portions 
prati adjacente inter dictam flatt et rivulum de Alne, per seat, iiij 
acrasj et r. p. a. vjs. viijd. 

Et Johannes de Fau&yd (et) TVilleluiua Parcar de Isale t, 
decimas garbamm parocliise de Isale, cum omnibus tenia et ten. 
de Isale, Plumblaiid, and Alneburgh prsedictis, et r. hoc amio 
pro omnibus sxij marcas; uude cellerario coquiuBe xli, 

Ettencntj ten. cum j crofto iu civitate Karleou. in Cald- 
wel-gat, ex parte auatr., juita rivuluui vocatum Donsbett. Et 
diicittitur ad firmam Roberto Goldsmytb de Karlcol- ad term. 
XX annorum, et r. p. a. xviijd., et non plus, quia iedificavit super 
dictum tcucraeutura unam uovam domum s-uraptdbus suia pro- 
priis: solebat r. p. a. iiijs. Idem Robertus r. unum annuum 
redditum de uno ten. ibidem juxta ten. prjedictum annuatim 
eseuntcm, pro quo aolebat r. p^ a, iiijs. ; modo, propter debiUtatem 
et vastationem, p. a. ijs. vjd. 



Item liabeiit uiium aimuum redditum xnjs. iiijd. exeuntem 
aumiatim dc moleiiclino de Eller^'ngtoii, ex dono quondam 
Niclitilai de Vepont, qiiem redditum dommus ejiisdem moleadini, 
qui pro tempore fuerit, tenetur solvere ad terminos usuales. 

Itrm t. j toftum in yi\\a de Staiicroft, et xi acr. tense pro- 
pinquiores prrcdicto tofto versua le south-eat ; et incliidantur 
infra haa divisas. Videlicet, incipit es parte occid. cmcis stantie 
in Karlel-gate, vocatEa Doddis-cross, et sic directe versus Tjoi*. 
per quemdam limitem inter Doddis-feld et prBedictam terratiij 
usque Stancroft-burn. Et sic, descendeiido per dietura bumej 
versus or, usque le Nonncs-fcld. Et deiude per quemdam 
limitem inter le Nounes-feld et dietam terram versus austr. 
usque Karlel-gat. £t sic, aequendo Viridem Viamj ueque occid. 
erucis priedictae. Et Joliaimes Thomson t. prsdictam terram 
ad firmam, et r. p. a, viijs. 

Item teuent apud Sadlyugstancs j toftum ad finera occid. et 
ex parte bor., et j acram et di. terrie arab. proximani cidcm 
tofto, ex parte bor. Et iij acras prati juxta Fenlulles-law ad 
partem aquilonalem, et ad orient, duaj'um aerarum, quas idem 
fsicj elemosiiiarius piiiis halauerat. Et pasturam ad quatuor 
vaecas et xx oves : et dimittuntur ad firmam, ut patet iuferiuB. 

Item t. ibidem j toftum prope toftum supvadictum, es paa-te 
or. ejusdem tofti; et xx acras terrse arah. ibidem, quarum vj 
acrae jacent juxta prtedictum toftum ex parte bor, Et iiij acne 
jacent justa Fleppe-leclic ad or. ; et v acrse in Hoddcs-flatte; et 
V a,er8e juxta Bere-crofte ad aquilonem, Et iiij acras prati, unde 
in Haudcn-ayde, in medio, j acra; et j acra jacet ex pai-te occid. 
lapidia vocatffi Sadlyngstane; et j ao-a jacet ad occid. de le 
Ileppe-leche; et j acra jacet ex parte austr. Hoddes-flatte. Et 
halient pasturam ibidem ad eentum o^es et sxx averia et iiij 
equos. Et Joliannes Forestar de Neuburgli t. ad firmam ten. 
et teiT. prsedictasj et r. p. a. in grossa ss. 


Robertua dc Ogle t. ad firmara de eiadem Priore et Conveutu 
quanulani parcellam paatiiric de Carraw, vocatam Fethre-acbaue, 
inclusam in parte or. parci de Sewyng-shelea ; et tendit a rauro 
parci parte prsedicta iiaquc fontem de Come-strothre ; et per 



rivulum dicti fontiw vcrsits Ijor. iiaque ]e Croliid-hiinie; et a' 
foiite prtcdicto versus austruni per j siltettum iisq^ue Sewyn- 
BclieleB mosa ; et sic, sequcndo le raoes versus or., usque miiruin 
parci in Fetlirca-schaw-syd poaitiim prius uommatum ; et r. p. 
a. viijd, 

Item t, totam viUam de Carraw; et est seperaEs oiuiii 
tempore ajml per totum campum dictie villx, ex parte austr. 
muri Romanorum, infra bus metas et dirisas, lacipiendo ex 
parte or., sieut fona defluit a dicto luuro in Tliormer-strotlire ; 
et a rivulo foutis pnedicti versus ocdd. per quoddani fosaatum 
inter le Graysyd ct campum de Can-iiw ; ct sic, sequendo 
dictum I'oaBatmn veraiiB le south-west, inter moram de Stau^ 
crofte et le Syde usque le Laiig-strothre; ct deinde per metas 
lapideas iule Lang-atrothre positaauaquc foasatumdcGrensyde; 
et exinde per riviU-iim occideutaliter versus bor. per lapideas 
metaa vocatas mers, poaitas inter campum dfi Carraw et nioi-am 
de Houden, usque murmn supradictmii ; et sic per dictum 
muium versus or. usque dictum fontem prius uomiuatum. 

Item t. paaturam de Can*aiv, et eat Bcperalis cjusdcm villae, 
except' pro iiij" aniiaalibuB de Tepermore, Et mijiera in dicta 
pastura, sive carbomim aut turbanim, solummodo pcrtiiict dictis 
Priori et Couventiu. Et includitur infra has divieas : videlicet, 
infra Dridcn, ex parte or. j ct le Crokebunie ex parte bor, ; et 
Sewyng-achelt;s park ex piute occid. j et murum Roniauorum ci 
pai-te austr. Et Thomas Hof^gerson, Joliamies Couper, Ric' de 
Gosden, Adam Proktonnau, AVillelmus Jouson t. ad fimiam 
totam villam pr^dictam, et r. p. a. iiijli. 

Item solcbat esse ibidem molendijmin aquaticum, et omnmo 
est vastum defcctu cursUs aqu^. 

Habcnt etiam communam pasture per totam paaturam de 
^Syde ad omnia animalia excuntia de Carraw oram tempore 

Habent j annuum rcdditum eseuntem de terra de Alde- 
scheles junta Teket, es dono domiui Henjici Grrahaiu ; unde 
dominus WiUclmug Heron est hseres, et tenetur 3olvei*e dictum 
redditum, videlieetj ^iija. annuatim ; ct est a retro xl anuos. 

Item t. j toftiun et croflnm in Teket, et decern acras terrte 
in coltura qure dicitur Postulou,€t jacet inter liaa di visas; vide- 
licet, incipiendo ad quoddam fossatum, siciit ascendit a Fen- 
wyk-bume versus austr., inter dictum Postolou et campum 
Nicholai de Ridle, qui vocatur Kinren-howe, usque Aldscbelea 
bog. Et esLind^ per dictum bogg usque quoddam sikctum; et 
sic per dictum siketum versus bor. sicut descendlt inter dictum 
Postolon et Aid Teket in Fenwik-burn ; et sic, sequendo dictum 
bum, usque le fote dicti fossati prius noiiiinati. 



Item t. j rodani teme in dominico tofto m Grcudon in parte 
OCcid., ct dimittituf ad fiimEtm, 

Teuent etiam in territorio de Hennislialgh, ad fiiiem occid. 
viUffi ibidem, quandain parcellam terrre vocatam Haniysytle, 
jacentem inter Hamyburn ex parte or., et le Temple-reyne ex 
parte oceid.; et cont. ix aeras et di. terrBe arab, cum j acra 
prati, et jiinguntur teiiuree de Rischeles, 

RYBcecLEa. Item t. omnia terras et ten. de TLi^ehelcB infra 
territorium de Heuuishalglie, quae incliiduntur infra has divisas ; 
iuei])iendo, -ridelicet, ad or. partem de le Lud-yet inter Ryachela 
ct riolmishalL-raw ; et exinde usqiic aiistr. ad le Cross-standane- 
atan usque le south-est, per quoddam antiquum fossa-tura usque 
la More-"bak, qUK atat inter Cauapum Thomai Hardor et dictam 
Rischeles; et sic a ta Hac directe usque le atrothre versus 
occid. usque le Eond-i-ydyng ; et a le Boud-ridyug vcraua bor. 
naque le stane-gatc quje dicitur Karlel-gate ; ct sic per eaiidem 
riam versus occid. usque Miltrige-bum ; et sic, ascendflndo per 
Ic burne versus bor., usque le heued-yarde de Riacheles j et 
sic per Ic heued-yard versus or. usque or. partem de la Lid-yete 
priua nominatum. 

BiMissioitfBS HE HENNESHAI.OH ET Rtbchelez. Et Roberlus 
Pikiyng t. quamdam parcellam dictamui terramm, ct r. p. a. 
siijs. iiijd. Willelmua Nicolson de Haltwesyle t. aliam par- 
cellam earumdem terrarum, et r. p. a. vj3. Adam SmytlmiaHgh 
t. tertiam parcellara earuudemj et r. p. &. vijs. viijd. 


Tenent ibidem quxdam terras et ten. pocata Wardrew cum 
j elauaura vocata Orbelaw-acbawCj et ineluduntur infra has 
divisas ; videlicet, sicnt le syk ad le Frerie-law-lieuede disccndit 
versus austram u^que le Burre-clougt ; et exinde usque le 
Temel-liopes et sic, BCquendo le dike de le Temei-liopc, versus 
occid, usque in aquam de Yrthin ; et isic, eequendo dictam 
aqiiam, versus bor. usque le Ovir-yard-clough; ct indc usque le 
hege-yard ; et esinde versus or. usque Wardrew-houa ; et deinde 
usque le sik ad Ic Frere-le-heuede prius nominatum. 

Pbatum de Cii.iKDALE. Teneut etiam iljidem ,] portionera 
prati inter campum Alexandri Jonaon ct canapum de Warde- 
anak-colfe, vocatam Crakdale, et cont. per aeat. j acram. Et 
Johannes Clerk et JohauiieR Mahsou, frater ejus, tenent terras 
supradictas, et r. p. a, xva. [Vide cart' pro aliia tenia, liie nou 
expreasis. in murg,) 

Philippus Badkok t. Wyrcb-sTiakc-CoIfe, sictit includitur an- 
tiqiia foaaatuj-a ibidem ; et t. etiam j parcellam prati jaeeiitera ad 
vut, I J, C 



le nortli-CBt syd de Wertlunaybe, et coat, per test, iij rodaB 
et plua, et r. p. a, va. 

Tliornaa Jonsoii de Thrilwall t. "Wyrthkeryne per liomagimm 
et fidelitatem; et debet sectam ad curiara de Ajiiwyk bis in 
auno; et r. p. a. iiija. 

JohanDeB de Thrilwall t. parcellam teme ibidem vocatam le 
Prior-bank, jaccntem ex parte bor. propn castd de Thrilwall, 
per liomagium et fidelitatcm ; ct r, p. a. lijs. 

Habcnt etiam per cart&B quod t^nentea Prioris in Tlirilwall 
molent b!ada sua rA moieritliiium de Tbrilwall, sine multursj et 
omnibua consuetiidiiiibua et demandis, ut in cartis. 

Tenefit etiam ibidem j llocum Tocatiim le Welbouse, in quo 
eat j domus de novo coBstructa cum j gardino ex parte bor. 
ejuedem, et j croftum ex parte or. ejasdem domua; et c-ont. per 
Best. di. aerie; et j aorani ex parte bor. e)usdein donrns vocatam 
le Swyn-lande&; ct j acr. vafitam juxta pi^ffidictam atram \ersus 
occid.j et j rodaia jaceiitera in ke Cruwtes justa WardogLe- 
elgartb. Et TKomtta Bourdalc t, prffidictam domum ct teiTam, 
r. xviijd. 

Tenent etiara qiioddam ten . vocatum Croymagh, sive Coom- 
houCj in quo ij domu3 «:dificantiir, et certas terras ibidem. Et 
omnia iiielnduntur infra has divisas ; videlicet, incipiendo ad le 
salgh stantem in le hege-gai'th ex parte occid. cjiisd(.!ni domus, 
sic, descendendo per le liege-garth, versus or. usque le syk ex 
parte occid. Adfe de London j et sic directe vcraus bor. usque 
munim Eomanonim. Et inde per dictum murura versus occid. 
usque quoddam syk inter Craymok-hill et terras de Croymiigli 
prajdictas; et sic per dictum syke versus austr. usque le salgli 
piias nomiuatuis, 


Tenent etiara j acram et di. teme arab. ad pedem de 
Flaghon-bnmej qui decurrit es parte austr. communis pastmre 
dictae tenurae ; et jacet ex utraquc parte le burue. Et Johannes 
Mody t. piiedictft terras et ten. ad termiuum vltiej et r. p. a. 
vjs, viijd. 


Tenent etiam totam quartam partem de Wardog-hall cum 
tofto sedifieato et crofto, in boscia, plania, vastis, et aaaartis, 
pratis, pascuis, moris, et marescis, et totam quai-tam partem de 
Clealtet, cum omnibus arabilibua, prout dividitur inter teneutes 
ibidem infra limites de Wardog-hall, ad quartam partem prae- 
dicto tofto spectantem. Quarumunaportioprtedictaruni terranira 
quarts pai'tisi, videlicet croftum, jacet ex parte bor. domua prse- 



cHcti tofti, et cont. in toto j aeram ; et alia portio jacet ex parte 
occid. juxta ^angiam, (li. acr. Kt tertia pars jacet ex parte 
occid. partis prosiraie antedictae. Et aHa para jacet ex parte 
austr. le Wall in divei*si8 locis super le Croke-hilles, Et aJia 
para ui le BerghoLmej j acr. Et alia pars jacet super lez Bankes 
in duoTjus lotia, j acra. Et alia pars jaeet in le Ilole-dall, iij 
roAie. Et alia portii^jacet sub le Schaw, dl. acriE. Et alia 
pars jacet in le Bradeflale, j portio, di aer. Et in Wardog-hal- 
achawj versus or., Tiua 'pfirtio in duobuR iocis, di. acra. Et, ex 
paite occid. ejusdem Schaw, una portio. Et Eiiper Cow-garth, 
dc terra vasta, una portio. Et j acra prati jacet ex or. parte de 
Wardog-ball juxta le hege-garth ibidem. Et alia portio prati 
jacet sub le Scbawe, juxta Poltresk-burn. Et Wilielmus Hen- 
reson tenet omnia terras et ten, prsdicta, p. a. siija. iiijd. 

Pasttjra- Habeut etiam communam pasturjc inii^a totnm 
feodum de Thrilwall ad iiij*^ averia et tutidcm equas; et, ai 
minor fuerit numerus dc equabus, supleatur de aliis auimalibua 
cum sequela duorum. annorum et di., et iiij"* porcos, et ad xl 
eapraa cum sequeUj tam porcorum quam caprariim, unius anni. 


Item tenent in villa de Knareadale totam terram cum pas- 
tnra infra bas tlirisas ; aeilieet, incipicndo a marchia tcrrarum 
domlni de GUtialand usque iu le Lanerd-sete, sicut aqua coelestis 
dividit Fcaen-hope et Glenden; et sic dc Lanerd-fotej descen- 
dendo, u&qne le Mayden-gate, ubi propinquius fuit iiiventam. 
Et dc le Mayden-gate versus aquilonem usque Clendeu-burn ; 
et sic, asccndeudo per dictum burae, usque preedictas divi&aa 
marchise de Gillisland prius nominatse. 


Willclmus de Whytlaw t. totam Whytlaw per homagium et 
fidclitatem ; et faeiet sectam ad curiam Prioria apud Aynwyke, 
videlicet ad duas curiaa capitales annuatini ; et r, p. a, iiijs. 


Mattheua Whytfeld t, totam Whytfeld per homagium et 
fidclitatem ; et faciei scetam ad curiam Prioris apud Aynwyk 
aunuatim; et r. p. a. xvjs. viijd., unde officio saeriatie peraun. 
iija. iiijd., et officio celerani coquiuie xiijs. iiijd. 


Tcneiit etiam certas terras et ten. in villa dc Aldeneaton, ex 
parte or. aquie de Tyna, per has diviaaa ; scilicet, sicut rivulus 




de Natres-gille cadit in Tyniim versus austmm ; et ita, desoen- 
dendo ex parte occidr, usque ad antiquum poutem sive locum 
autiqui poutis ; ct exinde, ascendeado per antiquum fossatmn, 
usque terram Saucti Johannis ex parte bor, ; et per dictam ter- 
rain directe usque loagum fosaatum versus or. ; et sic, sequendo 
louguua foasatum, iijsque rivuluiu de Natics-gill priua nomi- 

Dl Ml 98 10. — 

Tenent etiam in eadem villa certas terras et ten., ex paiie 
occid. de Tyna, infra has ditiBas ; scilipet, ineipieiulo ad occid. 
capuil antiqui pontis, sive locum antiqui poutis ibidem ; et aic, 
ascendeudo per viara regiam et foBsatum, usque qaemdam ri\ti- 
lum vocatum Foule-eyk, qui decurrit ex parte austr. de Croeae- 
land ; et sie, desceudendo per eundem rivulum, in aqiiam de 
Tyiiaj et sic, desccudcndu per Tynam, usque locum autiqui pontia 
prius iiomiuatum. Et est in teuuxa. 

DiMlSSTO. — 

Pastuba. Item habent ibidem comniunam pastune pro bc 
et tenentibus auia ad xl raecas ct x equas et centum ovee, cum 
sequela omuium priedictoruni, duorum auuorum, per totum 
Aldcaton-niore, ratione teiTanim domiDicamm ibidem. Item 
habeiit pastiu-ain pro se et tenentibus aula ibidemj ratione cotag', 
ad xsiiij vaceas et Is matrices ovea,, cum acquela sua triura 
annorum, per totum Aldeston-more. Et omnes teuentes 
Prions ibidem iiiolent ad moleudinura domini de Aldeuston 
ibidem Bine multura. 


Teneut etiam ia Gerard-gill unum toftumj quod voeatur 
Tkruawell, ct pasturam ibidem ad x vaccas et duas equas cum 
tota sequela sua duorum aunorum. 


Tenent etiam totum Presdale, et eat sepergle omni tempore 
anni; et, si quia dcpasnierit cum bestiis aliquibus aliquo tem- 
pore infra di^-isas paeturfe de Presdale, debet attachiari ad 
curiam Prions ibidem et juatificari. Et continetur iufra baa 
divisas. Incipieudo sub Esgjl-heued, sieut aqua cceleatis 
dividitj usque Edestau : et inde ueque Rurnliop-heuyde per 
llard-rode, sicut aqua dividit, usque Broun-epot-lane; ct inde 
uaqne Ic Crokyt-buru-lieued ; ct per dictum Crokit-buru usque 
ill aquam de Tese; ct sic ab ingrcssu del Crokit-biirnc iu Tese 
Oflcciidendo usque in summitatcm du Feudcs-fe!l ; et exinde 
directe usqne Wak-stan-eglic ; ct inde U8([uc fontcm de Kex- 



hiir-wane; et exinde usque Groagil-heued ; et indej ei tratis- 
vcrso muggffi, versus or. usque Ninistancs : et delude usque 
Cokeley-tell; ct exinde, descendendo per Ellir-burne, usque in 
aquam de Tyna; et sic per Tynam usque iu Esk-gil-fote ; et 
exiude, aBcendendo per Esk-gillcj usq^ue Esk-giU-heaede prius 

Habent etiam liberum ingressum, tranBitum, et exitum per 
totum feodum de Aldestoue ad pTSsdictum Presdale, sine impe- 
dimento alicujus, et ad homines priedictoniiu Prioris et Cou- 
veutus, et ad umuia genera animaKum suorum : uec ealutup- 
uientur vel vexejitiir, sive iu redeundo vel transeundo, moram 
faciendo die vel nocte iu pastura de Aldenestone cum averiis 
sTiis extra di^as de Presdale prius nominataa. Et pnedicti 
Prior et Conveutus habent eomnmnicar' per totam pssturam de 
Aldeneaton-mure eum omoibus animalibus suis exeuntibua de 
Presdale, singulis diebusj pro bcneplacito sue, a eolis ortu 
usque ad oCcaaum, absque coutradictione cujuseumque. 


MORE. Habent ctism prasdicti Prior et Con\entu8, et fcoruiu 
borainca in villa dc Aldaeeton raaueutea, in boscls de Aldneatori 
estoveria ad ffidificandum, et ad domos ct ad aepea auas susti- 
neudas; et ad omnia alia neceasariaj prout opus habucrint, sine 
contradietione cujuscumque. 

Tenent etiam iu villa de Chestrcbape in Rcdesdale ij tofta 
et ij crofta. Quk quidem erofta cum toftis jacent adinvicem, 
quia in medio villas, ex auatr. parte Ic fordj in le petL quod ducit 
ad communam pasturse, jac. ex parte bor. dictae peth : et duas 
bovataa vocatas j tuaband-land, cont, di. acr., ut cictcrfe terne 
husband in eadem villa, scilicet xsiiij acras. Et jacebant vastae 
fere per xl aunos; et dimittuntiu' omnia adinrieem in grosso ad 
termiiium x annonim, reddendo inde annuatim xa. Et iiide 
rcmittuutur Ad^e de Lee, teneuti eorumdem, per Priorem, pro 
bono cousilio suo et scrvitio, quolibet anno durante tcrmiiio 
praediptomm s annorum, vja. viijd, Et sic solvit de elaro per 
cosdcm annos iijs.. iiijd. 



Tenbnt ten. vocatimi le Byrce cum tenia, boacis et pasturifi ; In 

quo est imus parcusj qui habet litiertatem et omnia jura sibi, 
Bicut cffiteii parci. Et si quis depascat cura bcetUs suis infra 
pnedictaa terras et pasturaa absque liccntia Prions aliquo tcm- 
poPB anni^ debet per ballivum Prioris attachiarij et pro dampniB 
in curia Prioris ibidem jiLstificari; cxccpto quod Priorisaa et 
CouventtiB de Lamblye habebunt ex coucesaione Priori& et Con- 
ventus pasturam pro averiis suis propriia exeuntibua de Lamblye 
in paetui'ara Ae Byrea, vocatam le comou-pastmr, videlicet ex 
parte austr. de Litd-blak-bum. Ita quod dictee Monioles, ygI 
eanim seirieutes, uii prEesumant, capiant, eitrabant, vel damp- 
nurafaciant in boacis dictie paeturEe, nequequoquo modo parcum 
ibidemj aeu ex parte auatr. dictse bm-ue, cum suis averiis intrent. 
Et dictum tenemcntmu;, cum Bingulis particulis suis, incladitur 
inira has di\isas: scilicet, iucipiendo ad Fanen-hemp-hcd per 
Elden-burne, s-icut descenditj vei'sua or. usque Mayden-gate; et 
indc per le Mayden-gate versus bor. usque Litil-blak-burne; ct 
exiude, aequeado le Threp-garth, inter pasturam de Lamblye 
ct dictum ten. de Byres usque Hartely-bume, ad fiuem or. de 
Carslye; et delude, sequeiido le hegfje-garth, usque le Midil- 
yale inter campum de KcUaw et compum de Ulgham ; et ex- 
inde, sequendo le begge-gartb, usque Stod-hird-clogher-beucde ; 
et deinde versus auatr. usque Foul-pote, sicut dccurrcbat autiquO 
tempore usque Miklo-blak-bume ; et sic, sequendo dictum 
Mikle-blak-burae, uaque le over-uoke de le Coli-close ; et 
exiude, aequendo murum del Park, uaque le Pykit-stauG; et 
cxinde, sicut aqua dividit inter GiJJi&land et Ic Byres, usque 
Eanea-hemp-hed priua norainatura, 

Et Priorisaa de Lamble praedicta solvit annuatim camerse 
Prioris uiiura manuterf!;ium decent pro meusa dicti Prions^ et 
t. de dieto domino Priorc per fidebtatem. 

Item dicta Priorissa i. quamdam portionem pasturoe ibidem 
ad voluntatem Prioris, ex occid. parte le Mayden-gate, super 
Litd-blak-burne, iuter dictam. jVIaydeu-gatc et quoddam novum 
fossatum per dictam Priorisaam eonstructura infra dictam pas- 
turam ; et cout. per neat, ij acras 3 ct r, p. a. iiijd. 

Tcnent etiam quoddam ten. cum terr' et pastur' juxta le 
Byres, vocatura TJlgliehamj et eat scpcraiis om»i tempore anni ; 



et iticliiditur inter has divieas; seilieet, incipiendo ad le Eyrra- 
lid-yat, per le licgge-gartli Tcrsus or. usque le Midil-garth inter 
campura dc Kelloue et dictum L'lglieham. Et exiude, per le 
Mydil-garth, vereua bor. usque Kcllau-burue ; et bic, aaccndendo 
per dictum bunie, usque le fote del Lanburue nbi descendit iu 
KcUaa-burne; et aicj sequcudo le Lanbuu'ue versus occid., usque 
le heg^gc-garth tenur' de Laugdene; et sic, sequendo le hegge- 
garth veraug austr,, osque le Bires-lyd-yete prius nominatutn. 


Item t. qiioddam ten., com certis terris et pasturis, seperal' 
omni tempore anni, justa Ulgheham, et vocatm- Langdeue; 
et iocluditur infra liaa divisaa; videlicet, incipiendo ad le fote 
del Ic Lanbumej ul)i descendit in KeUau-bume ; et exinde^ 
sequendo uuum syk veraus bor. inter campum de KelloTF et 
campura de Langdene (antiquo tfiaporc Tocabatur Preut-kcpit- 
syke^ raodo Tooatur Thude-schawe-syk) usque Carlel-gate. Et 
sic 80 dicta fsicj Karlel-gate veraus occid. usque Prent-kepit- 
law; et esinde versus auetr. per lez staudaiide stanes inter 
Gillislaiid et dictiira Laugdene ueque le heuede de Stod-hirde- 
Lighe, quod est ad finem occid. del Byrea-feld ; et exinde, 
Bcqueudo unum hegge-garth versus or., usque le lyd-yete del 
Byrcs-feld. Et est iu tenura, 

Et praedictie Ulgeham et Langdene cum omnibus pertinentiis 
r. p. a. in grosso xsxiijs. iiijd. Et dicta Langdene solet reddere 
p. a., quum Bedificatum fucrit, pro quatuor ten. hasbaiid et j 
cot. xlijs. 


communam paaturae per totum feodum dc Fcthirstanlialgh ct 
etiani in terris quondam de Lucye, jacentibus extra diiieaa 
del Byres, UlgheLam, et Langedcne, ut ex" continetnr iu cartia, 

Tenent etiam quoddam ten, in Whynetle, iedifieatum, cum 
crofto ex parte Ic north -est dicti ten., ex parte "bor. Lad-manuis- 
gate ; cum certis tenia et pratis ex austr. parte dicti ten., quse 
includimtiir infra has divisas : incipiendo, videlicet, ad orient, 
finem dicti ten., sicut quidam limes dividit dictas ten-aa et 
quamdam pareellam tciTse quam WillelmusdcKedcscliawe tenet 
hbere de Priore et Couventu, vocatam Perot-land, tisque in Ijinle- 
leghe. Et sic, asceudeiido veraus occid., per mctas lapideas 
positas inter campum dicti WiUelmi de Rcdesckaw et .Tolaannis 
Basccnthwayt, usque ad oppositum ex parte bor. dc Wbpietle- 
laiT ; et cxiude usque bor., per mctaa lapideas poaitus inter 
campum dictorum Wilklmi et Johaunis, usque Blaklial-clonghe ; 



et Bic, sequendo dictum c;loughc, versus or. uaque ad Umitem 
ex parte or. diet! teu- |irius noroinati. Item t. iij acraM torrae 
voc&tas le Lajiji;-dalc adjaoentes dicito t*n; et jaeeat ex parte or. 
juxta parcellam liberi teiQ. Willcltiii de Redcscliaw, quud t. de 
Priore, ut auperiua dicitup. 


LiBEBA IBIDEM. WUleliiiua de Redcscliawe t. quoddam ten, 
ibidem per fidelitatcm, Tucatura HoldeueB-liuidc, et r. p. a. 
ijs. vjd. Idem t. aliud ten. per fiiielitiitem vocatum Mihiers- 
lund, autitLUO tempore vocatum Perotis-laud, ct r. p. a. sxijd. 

Pastltha luiDEM. Haberit etiam ibidem pro seet teiieiitibiis 
Buis ad octo bovee, et ml vigiuti quatuor vaccaa, et ad centum 
oves matrices, et ad qulnque equaa, et ad quinque suesj cum 
scqueh onuuurii prsdictorum uilIu? aani. 


Tenent etiam in villa de Hayden vij acraa teme et di, ; 
quarura quatuor acrffi jaeent eirea ecclesiam «le Hayden prre- 
dicta; et ij acne ct di. jaeent ad finem or. de Hayden-touii 
versus bor., jiixtii le lonyng; et j acra jaeet in campo de 
Raton-raw, Cx parte or, le lonyng iljidera, et vocatur le Croa-acre. 
Et Thomas Smytli t. prxdictas terras, et r. p. a. iiijs. Solebat 
r, yjs. viijd, 

Grangia decimalis. Habent etiam ibidem j grangiam 
decimalem aidificatanij stantem ad le north-est, justa oimiterimn 
ibidem ; et diraittitur. 

Pastura in Havdbn. Habent etiam eommunam pasturje 
ad trigiuta avcria et centum oves eum eorum sequekj prout es'/ 
coiitinetur in cartis. 


Tenent etiam molcndinum de Allerwasslie cum sttigno et le 
inodir-dame ejuadera molendiiii, cum accta et multiu'a cujus- 
eumque generis bladi crescentis in Allenraasbe et Allerwasse- 
schelez ; quorum teueiites molent bladum siiuni ad tcrtium-deci- 
mum vas; et tencntur facere, reparare, et austinere stagimni 
ejusdem moleiidini quotiena Opus fuerit, et prtedictum nioleii- 
dinum cooperire^ prteter sujira le louthrcj ct parictes, et alia 
nccesaaria dicti molcudiiii sustinere. Et Tivedye de Aller- 
wasscbe t. prjcdictum molendlnum ad firmam, ct r. p. a. pro 
ditto moknidiuoj et pro terris dicto molenditio pertineiitibus, ss. 

Terra aejacens molendino de Allehwassche. Teueut 
etiam quasdam pareellas teiTse adjacentcs dieto moleudiuOj cout. 



per fest. quinque rodaa temej quarum una parcella jacet ei 
oceid. parte le myln-raw ex utraque parte le myln-flerae, et . 
vocatur le myln-dame ; et j portio jaett juxta prffidictum molen- 
diinim, inter quemdam rivulum vocatura le West-bume dicto 
molcndino ; et dimittitur in gMsso cma prffidicto molendiuo, ut 


Tenent quoddam ten. vocatum Olmerase cum terris, boacis, 
pratia, et paaturis seperalibus, quEe includimtur iiLfraliaiidi\i3a8j 
videlicet, indpienda ad le heuede de la lief^gG-garth ex parte 
auatr. de Wirtoa-loajng ; et per dictum liegge-gartL versus 
occid. usque le croyb; et hide per mctas lapideas ibidem positaa 
uaque Colpott-flatt ; et exinde dircctc vcraus occid. usque le 
Vepont-bum; et, sequcrdo dictum burue versus austr., ad quod- 
dam antiquum fossatum ascendene de la Blak-leehej et deiflde 
per dictum fossatum versus or. uaqTie ad quoddam fossatum ex 
parte occid. de RederBdyng- veraas bor., usque le est ende de 
Pesse-flat-end ; et exinde, sequendo clauaui'am Olmers pncdicti, 
ad bogtium aula; ibidem; et exinde, a parte occid. dictse aulie, 
per lez liege-garth, usque ad le beued del hegge-garth ex parte 
austr. del Wyden-lonyug priua nominati. 


Tenent etiam ibidem quamdam parcellam terrfe arabilis et prati 
TOcatamLitil-Olmara, sicut includitur perquamdaiu fosaaturam; 
et jacet ex parte le nortli-est preedicti Olmers, inter le lonyng et 
campum de Allerwes-schelea. Et sunt in tenura, xxiiJB. 


Tenent etiam ibidem maTierium do Wardon, in quo (liyei'sBe 
dorauB sunt Eedificatse, cum terris, boseis, et pasturis : infra 
ciijiis divisas cat unua parens iucluaus, vocatus Wardon-ivode, 
qui Uabet libertates ct jura generalitcr parco pertiucntia. Quod 
qnidfjm maucrium, cum siiia quibusdam pareellis, iucEuditur 
iiifia baa di\Tfeas; incipiendo, videlicet, apud Wardon-ford; et 
sic, aseeudeiido per medium aquce de Tyue versus occid. usque 
Ic Prior-dyk; et sic, scquendo le dyke, versus bor., quousque 
pen'cniatur ad le WestTe-eomer de Wardon-wori; et deinde, 
scquendo clauauram dictie wod, uaque perveniatur ad partem 
or. do Yekesyde ; et exinde verens bar. per unum reygne jacena 
inter campum prBedictfe Wardon, ct quaudara parccllani terrie 
jacentcra inter dintum reyjruc ctprajdictum Yekesyd, usque per- 
veniatur ad lez croftes-endea de Wardou Superiore; et dciudc 


HEMoaiAi.s OF nsxnjtM. 

per metas lapideas inter dictos croftoa ct campum manerii anie- 
dicti usque qiiemdam loeum boscosum voeatum le hotte de 
OvjT-Wardon : ct exiade per j reygne usque perveiiiiitur ad 
viam quEe ducit ad Walwyk. Et iudcj sequeudy dietam rianij 
versus bor., quousque perveuiatur ad poutem lapideuni ij,ui jacet 
ad iutroitum dc Walwyk-feld. Et eiinde per quemdain rivulum 
cuiTeiitem inter campum de Walw fsicj, et quamdam parcellam 
terrse quondam vocatani HoUemarsse, modo vocatam Holmers- 
croftfij sicut decidit in Tynam ; et exiiide, seqiiemlo medium 
aquie de North-Tyne, quonsq^ue perveniatur ad Wardon-ford 

Le Caos-FLATT. Teucnt ctiam in campo de Wardon Supe- 
riOTi, cstra divisas prrenominatas, qiiamdani parceUana teiTse 
JHiCeotem es occid, parte de Walwyk-waye ; et vocatur le Cros- 
flatt, cout. per seat, iiij acraa terrBSj et adjacet manerio antedlcto. 

Lang acre. Tenent etiam quamdam parcellam terrfe eKtra 
divisas prsetactaa es parte bor. ; prope le Cros-flatt praBdictiim, 
super viam priedictam; et con.t. per seat, j acram terrsEj et ad- 
jacet mauerio antedicto. 

Tene^it etiam quamdam parcellam terrce ei auatr. parte del 
South TyDC, vocatam HardJialgh; et jaeet inter quamdam par- 
cellam da WLarnelye, vocatam EWen-halghe, ex p!U"t€ occid., 
et Cocelye baak ex parte aiistr., et aquam <le Tyna es parte tor. 
Et cont. per seat, s aeras terrse ; et juuguntur culturae tnimerii 

Villa de "Wardom. Sunt etiam itidem in villa de Wardon 
— cotagia ; et qiiodlibet cota^um metet cum j homiue per 
quatuor dies singulis anuia in autumpno, cum requisitus fuerit, 
escepto quod vicarius ibidem pro quadam parcclla quam t. de 
domiuicis ibidem nullum faciei servitiiim. Qtiec quidem terra 
cont, xij acraa et iij rodas; et jacent eS parte auatr. de Yeke- 
syde, et ex parte ausir. de le tejgiie quaa dividit campum de 
Wardon Superiori et tcTram pnedictam. 

Dominus Ricardus Morlande, vicarius ibidem, t. xij acras e.t 
iij rodas terr^ de dominicia, specificatas, ut supra, et coutinen- 
tur infra divisas pricnomiii atas. 

Idem t, j cotag:ium in villa ibidem Eedificatum, et iij acras et 
j rode terrie ; quarnm j acra et j roda jacent ex anstr, parte pne- 
dietarum xij acrarum et iij rodarum in tenura ejusdem vicaril. 
Et j acra terrse jacet es austr. parte parci inter pnedictum par- 
cum et aquam de South Tjne. Et j acra jacet in Hardlialgbe 
pnenoniiuato, et r. p. a., iiijs. et opera et consuetudinea. 

(CoTADu) Beatrix Wryght t. j cot. ibidem et j rodam terrse 
jaccntis proportion aliter in locia auperius in tenura vicarii spc- 
cificatis ; et r. p, a. iiijs. et opera. MatiWis <lc Paris t. j cot, aedi- 



ficatucn et iij acras et j rodam tertse jacentea divergis locis, pro- 
portion aJiter, ut supTa; et r, p. a, iiijs, et opera. Johaimea de 
Sciialdfurth t. j cot. iij acras et j rodam terrse, proportionaliter, 
et locis, ut supra, et r, p. a. iiija. et opera. Johannes de Ledom 
t. j cot, iij acras ct j rodam terne, locia, ut supra, et r. p. a. iiijs. 
ct opera. Est ibidem j locua vocatus Clerk-place. Gitljertus 
Schcphird t. j cot. et iij acras et j rodam terrse eidem adjaceiites, 
ut supra, et r. p. a. iiija. et opera. Est ibidem j cot. cum iij 
aeris et j roda terree eidem adjacentibus, ut eupra. 

Bateii-a de Wakuon. Alicia Coyk, Rob. Bacward, tenent 
batellam de Wardon, ad terminum x annorura, ct r. p. a. sxb. 

De cujus mauerii antedicti fructibus et proventibus aasij;- 
nantiir otficio celerarii coquinse sitigulia aiLDis ad termiiios uBuales 
solvendij et r, p. a. vjli. xiijs. iiijd, 


Habentetiam pasturam communem in pascuis de Walwjke ad 
cc"" oves et sexdecem boves et x vaccas eseuntea de manerio prre- 
dicto dc Wardoiij cum liberia cxitu et introitu ad dictam pastu- 
ram omui tempore auni commuiiicand', ex couccsaioue Ricardi 
CorajTiCj prout liabetur ex" in cartis. 


Tenent etiam in Sclavelye diveraa tenementaet di eariicatam 
terrfBj et alias certas acras, ut in cao^is Coiiveiitua, et paaturas ad 
ccrtas ovcB, ut in cartia continetur. 

JohamiCB Forister do Corbrig t, j messua^um cum cortis 
acria arijac, voc. Dalton-place (et jacet ex parte auatr. villfe, 
propc fiiicm or.), libere per fidditatem, et r. p. a. xijd. Johannes 
Dobynson t. j toftum ibidem ledificatum cum j crofto, cont. iu 
toto iij rodas ; ct diversas acraa terne cont. j terram husband ; 
quanim j roda jacet ex parte occid. prope dictum croftum ; et 
rid Wade'B-crofts-eudis di. acr. ; ct super Ic Paraon'a-lawe di. acr. ; 
ct ex parte or. juxta le FoxUc-well dl. acr. ; et super !e Thoren- 
knoll di. acr.; et es parte bor. le Cote-garth j roda. Et iu 
Pat-ryding, justa le Cote-garth, j roda. Et in Pat-rydiug, juxta le 
Cote-garth, v acrse. Et super lez Clicstrez j roda. Et ad le Holle- 
lech j acr. Et ad firem occid. del Hoghtoti-croftc diacr. Et occid. 
parte pnedictffi di. acr,, inter quamdam parcellam terne Roljerti 
de Wollowe, jiic. ex parte or., et qaaindam parcellam terriG domi- 
nicte ex parte occid., ij acr. Et ad finem crofti Ricardi Gibbisou, 
j a,CTa. Et fuper le Myln-tlatte, ad finemauatr, de le Iloghton- 
crofte, j ncra. Et in le West-crofte, justa vj acras iu tcnura 



Ricardi Himtcr, quaa t. de PriorEj ij acr^. Et super Schelde- 
scliaw Buut diversse acKe vastte m teaura ejitsdem. Et dictus 
JubaLinea t. prxdicta tofta et teTra-a ad termmnim trium atmo- 
rum, et r. p. a. xb. 

PitBST PLACE. Willelmus Wallar t. j toftum cum j crofto 
adjaeente, et vocatur le Prest place ; cont. in toto j acram et di, 
terfffi, ad term, triura annonun; et r. p. a. ijs. 

Lombard's place, Henricua Ilanson t, toftum sdJiicatiini 
cum j crofto adjacente, cont. in toto j acram, vocatara Lumhiu'd 
place ; et jacct C3 parto occid. ccclcaiae justa toftum piitdictum, 
&d term, trium aimorum ; et r. p. a. iije. iiijd. 

Terh^ qcsband. Ilicardus llmiter t. j toftum vastum 
cum croftOj cont. in toto j acram et di. ; et jacet es parte bor. 
villEe ad finem occid. ejiisdem ; et diveraaa acraa cant, j terram 
husband, quariim j acra vacatur Matfennes-aere, jaeens in Ig 
west ayde del North-feLde. Et in le West-crofteSj inter qnamdam 
parcellam terrte dominicfe gs parte occid., et quamdam parcellam 
tcrrffi J&hannis de Neuton ex parte or.j rj acrs, Et in le 
Sehel-feld, ex parte or, juxta le Parrok, j acra vocata Prior-acre. 
Et KEteraj acTEe pertineiitcs dietre tcrrse Imaband jacent vafitie 
super Scheld-schaw. Et domiuus Ricardus t. pra^dicta toftum 
ct terrag ad term, iij ann., et r. p. a. iiJB, 

Hahent etiara Prior et Conventue et eorum tenentea ibidem 
fodere in petariis et turbariis infra communara ibidem, ct capere 
estoTeria sua, et omnia neceBsaria sua^ etiam si dominua do 
Sclavelye vel ejus tenentea capere noluerunt. 

Eakcaiua db Sclavelye. Habent etiam j barcariam ex 
parte bor, villfe, ad finem or. ejusdem, cum j gardino adjacente, 
cont. in toto j acram terrre; et communam pastiira! ad COtn- 
muiiioandum in eadem omni tempore anni. Et ad commuui- 
candum infra omnes divisas de Sclavelye tcmporibns congruis 
ad XV" score ovea. Et modo nil r. quia in mana domini pro 
bidentibua ibidem existentibus. 

Barcaria de Stelb. Habent etiam ibidem j barcariam iix 
le Stele, prope finem occid., cum gardioo adjacente ex parte 
Lor. ejusdem, cont. in toto j acram terrre; et communara 
pastune ad xv^ oves omni tempore anni; et communam intra 
onmes divisas del Stele, ut supra in Sclavelye. Et praedictfe 
ovcs, tam de Sclavlye qnam de Stele, commmiicabnnt utrobique, 
conjunctim et dinsim, tam infra limites de Sclavelye quam de 
Stele, pro bencplacito Prioris et Convcntus. 




WillelmuB Ayrike t. totam Stoke&fdde per horaagiiim et 
fidelitatem, et r. p. a. xiija. viijd., videlicet ad fcstiim Nat. Sancti 
JohiiiiniB iiapt. v^s. viijd., ct ad fcBtum San<!ti Cuthberti in 
Septembre vjb. viijd.; luide ad warduin castri, xijd. 


Tenent etiam in Proudehowe, ex parte occid. villie, prope 
finem bur., j toftum et certas acras in campo ejusdem sedificatas, 
cum j crofto, cout. m toto j acrara et j rod&m terra; ; et ei 
parte aastr. del Raybill-syde j acram et iij rodas vocataa 
Hexham-land ; et es parte bor.j juxta le Bradwyner, ex utraque 
parte le Viner'-wayc, ij acras tcme ; et es parte oceid. pi-se- 
dictarum acravum, ex transverso viffi prffidictsBj et buttantes 
aiiper le Lytiil Vincr', ad finem auatr. ejusdeni, ij acras; et 
super le Smalrodes, buttando super le Bradwell-medouCj j 
rodaiii ; et super Icz Ulynidee, buttando super terr. dominie, 
iliidem, 3 rodam; et es parte orientaii, justa Cokrel lis- well, j 
rodam ; ct ex parte occid., prOpe dictum well, j rodam ; et ex 
parte or. vlUse, sub gardino Roberti Hyne, di. rodie. Et r. p. 
a. viija. 



Teneut etiam in Corbryg certa ten. et redditus, unde in 


Johannes Meryngton t. j burgagium liberum in Sant Mare- 
gate, ex parte oCcid. prope pontera, inter burgagium JohanntB 
Fayte es parte or. et burgagium Roberti Fayte es parte occid. ; 
et r. p, a. iiJ8. (C'elerar' in marg,) Gilbertus Fayte t. j burg, 
in Syd-gate, ex parte austr. ejusdem, inter burg. Hoberti 
Milncr ex parte oecttl., et burg. Hoberti Hiidespeth ex parte OT., 
et r. p. a. xijd. Magot Spryug i. j burg, ibidem, es opposite le 
we&t-kyrk-style, inter burg. Willeluii de Bleukhowe ex parte 
austr., et burg. Thoma; Cliepuian ex parte bor., ct r. p. a. xijd. 
Willelmus Hogg t. j burg, in Fischarables-gatj ex parte bor. 
ejusdem, quoudam vocatuin Mongwe-akcly- place, inter burg, 
Jokanuis Faj^^et burg, domini WiUelmi Heron militia ex 
parte or., et r. p. a. xiijs. iiijd. Johiuues Forestar t. j burg, in 
eadcm plaeea, inter bur;;. Johanuis Fayte ex parte occid., ct 
Imrg. Willclmi Hunter ex parte or., quod Hbere teuet de elemo- 
ainario, et r. )). a. iija^ WJUelinua Hunter t. lihcrcj burg, in 



eodetn tico, inter dictum biirg. Johannia Forester, et viiitn qiiffi 
vocatur Prcnt-atrcte, et r. p. a. ijs. vjd. ; et post terminos con- 
tcntos in auis indeiituris, et r. p. a. vs. Adam Lauaou t. libcre 
j bm'g. in Narow-getCj ex parte or. ejusdem, vocatiira Adam- 
Palmar-place, et r. p. a. iijs. Nichol Walkar t. j biirg, in 
Thomeburgh-gate, ex parte austr. ejusdem, inter burg, (blenk), 
et r. p, a. x^-iijd. ; et Robertue Walch t, dictum barg. (Offic, 
elemos' in marg.) 

Tenent efciam j burg, in Cole well- chtire, C3 parte austr. 
ejusdem, juxta venellam. quEB dueit ad TjTiam, in maim domini, 
et Bolct r. iiJ8. Jobaiines. Foreatar de Corbrigg t. j burg., 
quondam in tenura Adie de Dyghton ; ct solet r. p. a. iijs. 


Tenent etiam totam terram de Deaumond tn tcrritorio dc 
ChoUirton; ct est gcperalis omm tempore aQni, et continetur 
inter has divieaa; videlicet, incipiendo ad pontem de Erianc, 
aacendendo versus bor. pei" le Dcre-strete usque Foule-brig ; et 
dejnde per j syketum vocatum Beaumoiid-burQe usque pratum 
Alesiandri de Swynburn, versus le south-west ; ct inde versus 
south-est per metas lapideas positas inter dictum Beaumoiid ct 
pratum dicti Alesandri, usque le Sandiiand-eiides : et indc per 
j parvum siketum versus occid,, inter dictum pratum et quam- 
dam parcellam prati de Beaumond jacejitem iuter pnedictnm 
syketiim et aquam de Erianej usque le wjthe-busk stantem ex 
parte or, prope le Skotis-ford. Et inde, sequendo aquam dc 
Eriaiij usque pontem dc Erianc antedictum. Et scieadum est 
quod Prior et Conventus et eorum teneutes manentes in Beau- 
mond habebunt Ilberos exitus et introitus, cum omnibua suia 
averiis, ad communem paaturam de Chollii-ton, ad dictam pas- 
turara omni tempore communicandum. Et tcnentca villse de 
Chollirton tenent pTBEdictam cum suia pertiuentiis ad term, trium. 
annorura, termiao primo solutionis ad festum Saneti Martini, 
et r, p. a. liije. iiijd. ; aolebant redderc t maicae. 


Tenent etiam in Chollirton divcrsa ten. et terras; unde in 

Hugo Colistane t. j ten. ex parte austr. viUse, proximum 
cimiteno Gccleaise, cum j gardinoeont. per sest. j acrara et plus; 
in quo quidcm gardino in fine or. stat grangia decimalia. Et 
idem t. xxvij aeras terra? arab., pertiuentes ten. prsedicto; 
quarura ij aorse ct di. acrse ex parte aiietr. ri\ida; de Erianc, ex 



opposite le grangiEe (lecimalisj buttando super Coklau-feld, Et 
super le Kiln-flsite, ex parte occid., di. acrae. Et super Horalaws- 
pule di. acr. Schot-lialgh-bankys, et super Nitlire di, aci-ae, Et 
super Over-schotlau-bankes di. acrte. Et super Ic Blaklaw, ex 
parte or. ejuadem, di. acrse. Et ei parte occid. ejusdera j acra. 
Et ex parte or. le Lotis . . . aiie j roda, Et ex parte or. Brons- 
laue-mcdouc j roda. Et super BrouBlaw-flatCj ex parte occid., di, 
acrfe. Et ex parte bor. Bronslaw-medouej buttanda super 
codera, iij rodfe, Et super le Cauon-tiatte, ex pai^te occid. le 
Mo9se-way quse ducit ad Swynhum, j acra et di. Et super lez 
buttea, jaxta le dyk, ad finem bor. del KUu-flatte, di. acrse, 
Et super lez beucd-landcs de Broimeslaw-flatte, buttando super 
le Canon-fiatte, j roda. Et ad capud del Mayu-flatt, ex utraq^ue 
parte le Messe-waye, di. acrse. fct ex parte austr. le Crasae, ex 
utratjue parte vise ibidem, j roda. Et super Holiuere-bank, es 
parte or. dictae Crosse, di. acree. Et iu Harlaw-hop, buttaudo 
super le Messe-way, di. acrse. Et es parte occid., ju-tta le 
Harlaw, di. acrce. Et super le Mesi-waj, super eaiidem, j roda. 
Et ex parte or. le louyng-ied j roda. Et super Ald-chestrej 
ex pai'te auatr,, iij rodas. Et ex parte occid., super le Stobi- 
thom, j roda. Et super Morelaw, ex parte or. ejuadem, but- 
taudo super leclie, di- acree. Et ex parte bor. de Dueld-rigge 
di. acriE. Et ex parte or. le Smyttehop-side di. acrse. Et in 
medio Craustrige di. acrte. Et es parte or. de Westraustrige 
j acra. Et super Estraustrige, ex parte occid,^ j roda. Et ex 
parte or, Fartir-mere-thoroe, buttando super Crauster-mer- 
leclie, j acra. Et ex parte austr. teri*je proedictie j roda. Et 
iuter Ealter-mere ct le? MerUpottcs j acra. Et gk parte bor. 
lez McrUpottca j roda. Et iu medio Wayu-rig iij rodae. Et ex 
parte or. le Brere-ryg j roda. Et ex parte or. lez Hudes-rodea j 
acra. Et inter lea Korn-billea j roda. Et in medio le Miln-rig 
di. acrse. lit super Ful-rig iij rodie. Et in Swyuburue-feldj ex 
parte bor. le croese, j acra. 

Item t. di. acrae prati, ex parte austr. riv'uli de Eiianc, jaxta 
ij acras et di., primo in sua tenura liominatas ; et j acram ad le 
milH-dam-bede ; et j rodam super le Prcst-leche. 

Item t. j cot-, ex parte bor. viUje, ad £nem occid. ejusdem, 
cum j crofto adjaceute, cont. In toto per sest. di. acrs. Et 
pertinent ad id cotagium iij aerie tcrrae arab., quarum iij rodaj 
jacent ad Brouues-lau-medoue. Et j roda jacet ad lewest-syde 
del Kylnes-flate. Et super Holraer-bankes di. acre;. Et ex 
parte bor. le crosse in Swyubiirn-felde j acra. Et pnedictie 
acra; specificata! junguutur terris luisband aupeiius nomiuatis. 

Item t, j cotagium ex cadem parte vilUej — tcnura Alani 
Hoghyrd, cum j crofto adjacente, et cont. in toto j rodam et di.; 



et dictus Hugo r. p. a,, pi-o omnibus terns et tenemetitis prfe- 
flictis sxviija. ; unde pro terris liuabanclorum iSvs. ; et pro cot' 
iiJ8, Solebnt reddere iiijg. 

Alanua Hoghird t, j toftum ffidificotum, cum j gardino et j 
crofto adjaeeute, inter pricdii^tti cotagia; et cont. per teat, j 
acrara tepr&e. Et sxviij acras terrse arab., qnarum j rodajacet 
super le Kylu-flattc. Et super Hors-lawes j acra et j roda. Et 
in le hatf^he, ex parte austr. rivuli de Ereane, juxta ij acraa et 
di. Hitgoiiis de ColatauCj ij acne ct di. Et super House-laue- 
polo cU. ncrje. Et super Nethi'e-srot-halffh-bank di. acr;;e. Et 
ex parte bor. del Horalawe, huttando super 13arcnB-fiirth-waye, 
iij rodie. Et ex parte occid. ejustlem viae di. acrae, Et super 
Over-aehot-halgh-bank di. acrae. Et ex parte Or. del Bkk-lawe 
di. acrfe. Et ex parte occid. ejusdem j acra. Et ex or. Brouns- 
lawc-mcdowe j roda, Et ex parte occid, Brons-lau-flatte di: 
acrse. Et ex parte occid. le Mesae-way, quse ducit ad Swynbiim, 
super le Canon-flatte, j acra et di. Et super lez buttea ad le syk, 
ex parte tor. le Kiln-flattc, justa le Mesae-waye, di. atrre. Et 
super lez hcued-landes de Brons-law-rtatte j roda. Et sub Schot- 
balgh-lyn j acra. Et ad capud de Maju-flatte, ex utraquc parte 
!e McBse-wayj di. acrje, Et es parte austr, le Crosse^ ex utraque 
parte viffi ibidem, j roda. Et in Harlaw-hop, buttando super Ic 
Messe-waye, di. acrte. Et ex parte occid., juxta le Harlawe, di. 
acrce. Et prope eandem tcrram, super le llesse-waye, j roda. 
Et ex parte or. le Lonyng-beuede ij rodte. Et ex parte auatr. 
de Agehestre iij rodae- Et ex parte occid.j super le Stob-thorne, 
j roda, Et ex parte or., super Mori-law, buttando super le Icche, 
di. acrse. Et ex bor, de Dueld-rige di. acrre. Et e.x parte or. 
de Smethop-syde di. acrsE. Et in medio de Crawstrig di. acne. 
Et ex parte or. de West-crawstrig j acra. Et ex parte occid. de 
Eat-crawstrig iij rodB3, Efc ex parte or. Farter-mere-tliorne, 
buttando super Crawstrige-mere-lecbe, j acra. Et ex parte 
anstr.j props tcn-ajn praidictam, j roda. Et inter Farter-mere- 
tlionic et lez Marl-pottes j acra. Et in tiiedio "Wayn-rige iij 
rodre. Et es parte or. le Brcri-rig j roda. Et ex paite or. de 
Hodes-rodca j acra. Et inter lez Corn-billes j acra, Et ex 
parte austr. lez Corn-billes j acra. Et super lez Coru-billea j 
roda. Et in medio de MUn-rig di. aci'Ee. Et super Ful-rig j 
acra et di. 

Item prcedictits Atanns t. j acram, iij rodas prati, participando 
lequalitcr, ut in tenura Hiigonis Coletan, certia locis et metis 

DiMJSsioNES, Et pr^dictus Alanus t. prsedicta tofta et ter- 
ras, ct r. p. a. xxxs. 

Et sciendum quod omues terree superiores, in tenura Hugo- 


nia et Alani apecificat^, jacent conjunctim et flivisim per pai'- 
cellas in locis et limitibus. superius aiinotatis. 


Tenent etiam in Barousford j ten. sedificatum, cum xxx acris 
terrte arab. et j acram prskti; qnod quidem ten. jacet ex parte 
bor. villte propc finem or,, justa le i>ole, cum j gardijio adjacente, 
coiit, per ffist. iij rodas terra!. Et de prsedietis xx.s acris teiTEe 
iiij aci-BB jacent in le West-egge. Et inter lez Houghes xij acree 
et iij rodse. Et in Holfiirth-hegf!;e iiij acrse. Et in Seteege- 
flatte is aci"0e ct j roda : et prsedictEe acrae prati jacent iu tribua 
partiljua; yidelicet in Harden-liole j particula; et in le kaiT, 
qni Yocatur Sekcyge^ alia pat-titnilaj et ex. parte bor., subtus 
gHrdiminij tertia particula. 


de pnedictis terris ibidem molet bladutn suum ad molcndinum 
dotnini ibidem sine multitra; et quietus erit a pannagio dando. 

Habent etiam ibidem j grangiam decimalem, es parte bor. 
villsE versus occid., justa lez pottes., eum j ^ardino adjaeente; 
et cont. in toto di. acrte teiTEe ct plua; et dicta graugia est in 
raanu Piioris pro garbis deeimalibus observandia. 

Et idem Johannes de Barassfurd t. preedicta ten. et terras, 
cum veSitura gardini grangiae decimalis, et r. p. a, xsa. ; unde 
officio bursarii ija. ; et speeiebus Conventufl, x^iijs. 


Tenent etiam ia Gnuwardton j ten. Bedificatum ex parte austr. 
viUse et capellEe, cum j gardino; in cnjns parte austr. stat grati- 
gia decimalis; et cum j crofto adjacente cont. in toto per test. 
iiij acras terrje. Et ij terrEe husband cont. in acris aicut weterffi 
terrae husband ibidem; quarum v acrEe, vocafce le Prior-flatte, 
jacent ex parte austr. jaxta dictum croft. Et ex parte bor, viae 
inter Barousford ct Chipches, super lea Wyndilandea, iij acrae. 
Et super lez SandilandcBj ex parte austr. Sebirrewel-strandes, 
buttando super aquam Tyna, v acrEe. Et ex parte occid, le miln- 
ayd ij acrte, Et super lez ScLol-brades ij acrae. Et ex parte or. 
justa Eulfurd-syde j acra. Et super le Gibhis-niore, ex parte 
or. de Michcls-bank, buttando super le Sclate-ford, viij acrae. Et 
super Harden-way, fere in medio, ex transverso vife ibidem ([HK 
ducit de Gonwaiton ad Chipchesj ij acne. Et es parte austr, 
de Mullan-wod, super le dyk, iij acrie. 

Et ad le heucde del Schirrewell j aer. prati. Et in Fulfur- 
&jde, juxta pnedictam acram teiTse arab. ibidem, dt a^rte prati. 
Et e,et in teuura xsja. 

VUL. 11. S 




Tenent etiam iu Byrtelye j ten., sedificatum ex austr. parte 
villffi versus (mem or., cum j g^ardino et j crofto ex parte aiistr. 
ejusdem ten. Et croftum eont. ^■j acras terrte arab., quie jacent 
inter tenuram "Willelmi Lyghtfote ex parte occid., et tcrr. Adse 
de Lee ex parte or. ; et buttiit auper Dunley es parte austr, Et 
tenentea Prions molent blada sua ad molendinum doraini ibidem 
sine TDiiltura; et quieti enint a pauaagio dando. Et eat modo 
in teinira ys. 


Teueiit etiam in Cliipcheu j g;rBTigiam deciinalem ad finem or. 
villEe, ex parte bor. vise quie du*it ad Gonwarton, et cum j gar- 
dino adjaeente ; et cont. in toto minus j rod. terrffi; et est ia 
niaiiit domini pro decimis garbarum inti-andis. 


Tencut etiam totum Golden, et eat sepereiis omni tempore 

aiirii, et includitur infra lias di\"iBas; videlicet, incipiendo ad 
finem or. del Trow-liille. Et inde, aifut antiquum foasatum 
tenditj ad le Trowe-buriie; et inde per le dictum Trowe-biiriie 
versus occid. usque le Ley-acrc-dyk ; et inde versus austr. per lez 
Standand-stanes, stantes inter moram de Britle et le Newfeld 
de Golden, usque le Laiige-syk : et exinde per le Lan;ie-syk 
versus or. uaque Colden'bunie : et iude per quoddam antiquum 
fosaatura inter moram de Gonwajiioa et dictuiu Cokleil, usque 
quoddam parvum siketum ex parte bor. cujusdara parvie rupis 
vocatffi ColdcTi-kyrk, usque le Per-etrcte. Et inde per le I>erc- 
strete versus bor. usque le Trow-hill priua uomiuatiim, 

Habent etiam liberoa introitus et exitu3 de dieto Golden 
nstjiie moram de mora dc Gonwarton ad v score averia, videlicet, 
lioves. et vaccas, ad prtedictam moram, cuin dictis averiis oraui 
tempore depaaccndum, Et, si prsedicta averia intraverint le Pri the 
aliquo tempore probibito, pro eschape non ideo iuparcabautur, 
sed sine strepitu vel dampno libere et pacifice rechaciim debent 
(per cartam Indcntatam et concordiam faetam inter Priorera et 
Conveutum et Jobanuem filium Jobannis de Gonwarton. In 

JDiMiasio. £t est in teoura Alaui del Strotbre pr^dictuni 
Golden cum omnibua suis pertinentibns, et r. p. a. Ixvjs. viijd. 




Johannes de Midelton, dominus de Swynbum Est, t. totam 
Steldene per homagium et fidelitaterii, mmul cura tofto et cfofto 
quod Samaon de Swynblime aliqUa,ndo tenatt, cum omuibus 
pertiiientiiB suis, extra barcariara Prions et Coiiventus in Stel- 
den, ct ptLsturam dictorum Prions ct Conveiitiis in mora de 
Gcuwarton, cum liberis iatroitii et exitu ad ovca dictoinra 
Prioris ct CoBvcatus ad dictam barcariara commorauteBj et r. 
p. a. pro terris pncdietis xls. ; unde Abbati de Ncmnostre per 
annum xssiijs. iiijd. : et, in defectu solutionis, dictua Abbas 
reintravit et dimisit dictum Stelden, ut jus suum proprium et 
justitia req^uirebat. 


Habent etiam quamdam parcellam terne ibidem, cont. iiij" 
pedes in loufritadiiie, et iiij'^' pedes in latitudine, pro g:rangia 
decimali ibidem coiistruenda; et est ad linem occid. cimiterii 
capellie Omnimn Sanctonim ibidem versus bor. Et Jordanus de 
Barousfoi'd t. preedilitam placcam, ct r. p. a, jd. 


Habent etiam in Collewelle paaturam ad quadringinta oves 
ubique in communi pastura ibidem, et ad xsx bovcs et x vaccaa 
cum j tauro in eadem villa, cum liberis introitu et exitu de villa 
de Byngt'ekl ad prsediotam pasturam comramiicflnd' otnili tem- 
pore aniii [per cartam Gdherti de Urafravill in mar//.'] 

llabent etiam ibidem j graugiam deeimalcm cum j gardino 
adjacente ; et cont. iu toto minus roda, Et eet es parte bor. 
jus.ta Chollirton-waye ad le aoiith-weat-end ejusdem villie, et 
buttat super Ice meres ad le Bouth-end eorumdem, Et Willelmus 
Smert tenet vestmam dicti gardini, et p. jd, 

DiMisaio. Hseres Rogeri de Wodryngton t. j messuagium in 
villa de Swyohnrne West, cum certis acria terrs eidem perti- 
nentibua in campo ibidem, per bomagium et fidelitatem; <i\iod 
quidem mesuagium jacet ad finpin occid., ex austr. parte viee, 
et ex opposite le north-est-corner rauri circumdaiitis castrum 
ibide-m. Et nuper oral in tcnura Adte Scihald, et r. p. a. iijs. 
Bpeciebus Conventiia. 

Ghangia decihalis. Habent etiam in eadem villa j grangiam 
decimikleraj et jacet ex parte del north-eat capellae ibidem, et 
eat vaatum. 

\cRA TEBR« IN SwYNBTTRN West. Habent etiam in campo 



ejusdem villEe j aertiin teme, et jacet e\ parte hor. juita le 
erosee ; ct juTigitur tenui-ie Hugonia Colstan in Cliullirtoiij ut 
ibidf^m patet. 


Tenent etiam in Kyrk-hetou et Cald-strothre integrum 
dominium, videlicet in homafjiia, sen'itiis, rdeviis, custodiisj 
escaetifl, \illinagiis, cum omnibus libcrtatibus ad dittani ^iUarn 
jiertinentibus, et cum ojBuibua servitiis foiiiieeciaquihuacumque. 

Johannes ele Strcvelync, miles, t. certas terraB in Kyrk- 
hetou pro tomagio et fidelitale. Thomas de Horsle t. ibidem 
certas terras pro bumagio et fidelitate. Johannes Kemp t. 
ibidem certas terras et tpiK pro homag^o et fidelitate. Johannes 
(le Marlaye t. ibidem eertaa terras et ten. pro homag-io et fide- 
litate. Thomas de Beckeburnc t. certas terras et ten. in Cald- 
etrothre pro bora, et fid., et r. sinfjalis anniB ad festuni Natal. 
Domini jd. Johannes de Dalton t, certas terras, et ten- pro 
liom. et fid. Thoraas de Hikb-cton, miles, t. certas terras et 
ten. ibidem pro liom. et fid. Et omnes pi'iedicti debeiit eectam 
euriie Prioris ibidem. 

Terr*; husband. Et Biint in eadcm villa ssxiij tenie bus- 
baud, et quaelibet terra cont. xxxiiij acras terrte arab. ot prati, 
excepta terra iu tenura Ricavdi Atkynson ; quae r|uidcm terra 
continet vij acras quondam adjaeentes cuidam. cotagio. et xviij 
acras de for-land ^ et nunc adjunguntur teiT: husband. Unde iii 

Johannes HaatynsDnc t. isj terras huab., et r. p. a. xxss. 
Ric. Atkynsone t. j terr,, [|UEe jungitur terr. husb., et r. p. a. 
viija. Johaunea de Christiana Scot t. j tern, et 
r. p. a. ixs. Rogerus Johnson t. ij terrasj et r. p. a. xxs. Jo- 
hannes de Esachelez t, j terr., et r. p. a. xs. WiUeJmus de 
Babynton t. j terr., et r. p. a. ss. Willeloma Gilessoiie t. ilj 
terr.j et r. p. a. ss. Henricus de Scbaftow t. j terr., et r. p a, 
xs. Johannes Wilkynson, nativus dominij t. iij terr., et r, sxa. 
Robertus Seenaane t. j. terr., et r. per a. sb. WilleJraue Jonson, 
nativus domini, t. ij terr. et r. sxs. 

Sunt ibidem viij cotagia et ij crofta. Unde in tenura. 

Johannes Hastynaon t. j cotagium ^dilicatum cum iiij acria 
terrje et dl., et r. ija. Idem t. j cot. vastara et v acras terne, 
et r. p. a. ija. JohariDea WylkjTison, nativus domini, t. j cot 
vastum et iij acras, xviijd. Johannes de Babintoii t. j, cot, et 
sdij acras terrae vastK, et r p. a- iijs. Johannes Morell t. j cot. 
aedificatnm, et iij aeras terrai et di., et r. p. a. iija, Willelraus 
Dndden t. j cot. aedificatum et vij acrae, et p. p. a. vjs. Chris- 



tiana Stott t. j. cot. vastum, et iij acras terrse et di.^ et r. p. a. 
xijd. Willel-imiB Beene t. j cot. redificatura et vij acrae temE, 
et r. p. a va. RobertiiH Atkinaou t. j croftum yocatura le Cot- 
garth, ct r. p. a viijd. Item t. j croftam voeatum Natrea- 
crofte, et r. p. a., xijd. 

Prata bomtnica. OmneB ten^Tites tjIIeg teiient tonjunetim 
vij acras prati et di. de domiuicia, et r. p. a. vJB. 

Yabt' phat\ Ha"bent etiam quandam portionem prati do- 
minici, vocatam le Hcgh-sid-lech, et est vastum. 


endum quod neque comes de KiddesdalCj nee haeredes aiii, ant 
eonim balHvij in villa de Paira HetoD et Cald-atrothrej pro 
aliqiio etTvitio forinceco domiao regi debito, vel pro commum 
Firamevciamento coram justiciariis itinerantibua ad doniiuum 
regem pcrtinente, sen aliquo alio modOj siiis propriis auetorita- 
tibtis, secundum coufinnatioiiem cartarum anteceBsorum domini 
comitie qui nunc est, aliquatenua distringere debeant. 


Teiieiit etiam iu Parva Babyngton ij totlia ^edificata ad finem 
oceid. villsG, et es parte bor. ejusdem, cont. in toto per Eest. j 
acram terrx. Et j toftum vastum, prope finem or. yiWss, et es 
parte bor., cmn j gardiao adjaeente; et ix acras terne arabilia 
et di., quamm lij acrsE jaccut s-uper le Toffces, Et puper le 
Houy-landes di. acne. Et juxta le Hare-well j acra. Et super 
lez Chcstrea prope Gibbis-kihie j acra et di, Et super GoBe-croft 
j acta et j roda. Et super Godi-lawe ij acrfe. Et super les 
Morilandcs j roda. 

Pasttjha. Habent etiam comniunam pasturse in territorio 
ejusdem ad xv averia et Is ovea, et ad ij equoa, omni tempore 

Et Willelmus de Sehafthow de Babynpton tenet prsedieta 
tenemeiita et terras ad voluutatem dominij et r. p. n. iJ8. atticio 


Teneut etiara iu Neuton in Cookdale j toftuni Tastwrn cum 
j CTofto adjaeente, vocato Dians-croft ; ct jacent ad finem occtd, 
de Snthre Neutnn, ex parte austr. le loiiyng ibidem, inter toft' 
et oroft' Johanuis de Berehaigh, sicut dividitur per unum balk 
es parte or. ; et qnoddam sikctum inter ten', dommie. curaitia 
de Aiigoee iu Hii'botle ex parte austr.; et communam iuotk 
dictse Neuton es parte occid. ; et le lonyng quie ducit ad dictam 
moram e\ parte bor. ; et cont. in toto per seat, iiij acras. 



Tenent etiam in campo ibidem j pnrucatam terrse arabilie ct 
prati, etjacct inter has dirisas, ail finem or. de North-Ncwton- 
felde ; videlicet, indpieiido ad queiidani parvmo Eiiketiini inter 
cnmpum Wiilteri Tailhoiac ct €a.iii]jum de North Newton prae- 
dictura, versus- bor., per metas lapideas positas inter campum 
ds North-Newton et dictam camcatam tcriie, usque viam quae 
ducit tie Kethreton ad ecolesiani de Alwenton, Et inde, se- 
quendo dictam yiara, versus or., uaque qnendam parvuin sike- 
tiim descendentem inter dictam carucatam terrffi et campum de 
Buroudon. Et exinde per djctum dketum, versus austr., usque 
quendara aitetum vocatnm JJiana-dene. Et sic, sequendo 
dictum siketum versus oeeid., sicut descendit inter qnamdam 
portioiiem terne Johannis de Berehal^h, et dictum eampnm 
Walteri Tailboiae, usque metas lapideas priua nominntas. Et 
Johannes de Berehalgh t. prsedicta toft' et crofta cum dicta 
carucata terrs, et r. p. a. xiijs. iiijd- 


Tenent etiam iii Temple Thornton dJversa tofta ct terras, de 
qiiibus j toftum Bedificatnrn, cum j g;ardino et j crofto arljaceute, 
jaeet in West-gat, prope finem bor., ex parte oeeid. ejusdeni ; et 
cout. iu toto per teat, v rodas. Et aliud toftum sediticatum 
jacct dircete ex parte austr. dicti tof'ti, cum j gardiiio ct crofto 
adjacente, et eoiit. in toto iij rodaa. Et tcrtiiim toftum jaeet 
vaatum directe ei parte austr. dicti tofti, cum gardiro et crofto 
sdjacenLe ; et cout. in toto per lest. iij rodas. Et ij tofa vasta 
c\im ij gardinis adjacentibus jacciit in eodem vico adinvicem, 
ad finem austr. dictKYiie, et ex parte or. ejusdem; et cout. in 
toto i acram tcri'EC ct di. Et ij acrte, terrEe, pertinentea dictia 
i} toftes vastis, idee croftorura, jacent adinvieemj ex transverso 
"VVotton-decne, buttaEtlo super Ic West-deene. 

Tenent etiam diver-saa terras arabilcs et prata, quarnm j 
acra jacct super le Ridyng, buttando super le "West-deeue. Et 
super Jakis-flatt, ex parte occld. del Cross-e-lande, v acrae. Et 
super \ez Wlle-pottes, ex parte bor. vire vocatre le Moukcs-way, 
ij acrte ct di. Et Ake-wel-syd, ex parte occid. ejusdem, but- 
tando super lez Medou-baiik, ij aer. ct di. Et in le llpigand- 
Bjdc, quia in medio, j acra et j roda. Et super Ic Kyrk-way, 
ex transverfto ejusdem, j aera et di. Et .T-d partem anstr., justa 
le Well ij aerse et di. Et auper le South -deene, buttando super 
le decn, vi) acrse vocfttse le South-croft et North-cmft; et super 
le Toft-thome ij acrse et di. Et super le Wel-myre, es parte 
auatr. ejusdem, ij acrEB et di. Et apud le est-end del We.II- 
mjre iij i*odte. Et apud le eet-syde ejuedem iij rodae. Et es 



parte occid. dictst myre v rodse, Et ex parte anatr. ejusdem 
well ij aerse et di, Et super lez Furlang^s j acra et di. Et 
apud Elges-well v I'odic, Et super lez Soutli-deeD-baQk, but- 
taudo Buper Hartburn, v acrfe. Et super lez Milii-liill v rods, 
Et super Hildes-well, del north-end ejusdem, es transverso Mor- 
peth-wajfj j acra. Et apud AJd-thom-law, ex parte occid. ibidem, 
V rodze. Et super lez F3orea t rodfe. Et ex parte hor. lez 
Flores ij acrae et di, Et in lez Purttalgh v rodse. Et super 
lez Twystes, buttando super Brere-Iaw-medou, ij aci'se et j 
roda. Et super lez Seven-acreaae, ex parte aiistr. eorumdem, 
T rods, Et super Lyut-lawes, quia in medio, ijj acraa. Et 
super le Hole-medoue, es parte austr. ejusdein, ij acTEe et di. 
Et ex parte occid. ejusdera medoTpe j acra et di, Et ex parte 
auatr. ic Haltou-lawe iij acrEe. Et super Hmiguge, es parte 
auatr. ibidenij iij rodte, Et super le Forlanges, juxta le Miln- 
waye, t rtidte, Et super lea Furlandes, es parte or. Ibidem, v 
roda;. Bt super lez Tbrep-more, es parte occid. ibidem, iij 
aci'se. Et ex parte bor. ejusdein ij acrie et di. Et super le 
ScbcllB-lawe ij acrss et di. Et sniper lez Smal-balf-acre, quia 
in medio, ex parte austr. del Morpeth-way, ij acrte ct di. Et 
es parte occid. del Cot-wallea v acrs. Et in Hesewell-croftesj 
ex parte austr, ibidem, ij apr?E et di. Et in Sewcll-syd, q\ua in 
medio, ij acrs et di. Et apud le Propp, ex parte austr. de 
Morpeth-way, iij rod^, Et ex parte auatr, dc Clowgh-lech ij 
aci-ffi et di. Summa lotalis acraram iiij'* xj acra:, et iij rodee 

Pr.ita. Et in Heasewell-atrotlure iij acr. prati : et praedicta 
tofta et terrse dividuutur in quinque terras tusband. Uude in 

Willelmua Smyth t. j toftum sedificatumj j toftum Taatum, 
et ij terras cisdem pcrtinentce, et r, p, a. X3txs. ; uude, pro qua- 
libet terra husband, ss. 

DiMissio. Thomas de Hertburii t. j toft-uni redificatum, ct 
j toftum vastum, et ij terras eisdem pertinentes, et r. p. a. xis. 


Teoent etiain in Wbalton j toftum icditicafcum, cum j crofto 
et gardiao adjacente; et jacet propefiuemjDccid. es austr. parte 
villse, ct ex parte or. comraunia viie ; et cont. in toto iiij acraa. 
Tenent etiam in campo ejusdem vlllEe di. carueat^ terra, vide- 
licet Hj acras terrae ct di. ; quarum euper Liiides-lawc, es parte 
occid. ejasdem v-illte, jacent iiij acrEe. Et super le Floreg, ex 
parte occid., prope dictas acras, ix acr. Et iu le West-feld, 
inter Walwyk et Levcrchildj xiij acrse, vocatge le Bum-flatt, ex 



parte austr. moleudini ibidem, xiij acr. {sic}. Et auper le 
I'lu-ae-law, ex parte or. viJlffi ejusdem, xiij acraa. 

Praia. Et ex parte bor. molciidiiii, inter Midnpe et le 
Miln-dame, jaoeiit j a.cra ct iij rods prati- Ht super Ellia- 
duu-syd iij rods:. 

Habent ctiam commuiicra paaturam ad treucentaa ores omni 
tempore anni, et agnis Garumdem, iis^jue festum Nat. Sancti 
Joliatinis Baptistse. Et tunc erat in Ubito retinere agiioa in 
eadem pa&tura, et removcre de ovibua justa numcrum agiiorum. 
Et Robertus Milncr t. prsedicta tofta ct terrae cum pertiucntiia, 
et r. p. a. xs. officio coquinfe. . 

Bedditus tiiib. in villa db Whaltqn. Hftbent ctiamj 
ibidem aanuum redditum viij solidorum, aiiuuatim eseuutem 
de manerio ejusdem villae, solutuin per Henricnm Scrope, do- 
minura villse preedictajj o£6.cio Kacristai. 


Tenent etiam in villa de Newbig-gyne:) prope finem or. yOAx, 
et ex parte austr. ejasdeaij j burgagium; et jacet iuter burga- 
^um JuUansB Puddjug et burgagium Maijoriae Bane; et eet 
vastum; ct cunt, v rodas terrst juxta moi-am burg, ibidem. 

Tenent etiam j burgagium ibidem, iu le soutb-west-eud 
ejusdem villffi, inter ij molendiua veutritica; et jacct inter bur- 
gagium Joha-nnia de Wangefsford et burga:^itLm Willelmi Serjant j 
et cont. iij rodas, juxta morem burjj. ibidem; et diniittitur pro 
iJ3., Tindc pro libera firma dietomm burg, damino villfe r. p. a. 
ivjd.j videlicet pro j roda ijd., officio eellararii. 


Tenent etiam in Stanynglion j toftiuu vastum, ad finem occid. 
del Cat-rawe, cum j gardino adjacente, et es parte bor. ejusdem ; 
et coat, per Best, j rodam et di, Tenent in campo hiijus vill^ j 
terram husband, ct cont. in acris-j sicnt cffitcrse teiTse husband 
ejusdem villse; quarum in le West-feld, super Ic CaatelUflatt, ex 
parte or. lez Castell-way, buttando super eandem, jacet di. aer. 
Et ad ftiiem or. di. acra, j rode. Et super le Dnji-luioU, es 
parte occid., prope Maym-medow, j nid. Et super Esahen-done- 
yard, buttando super le Wod-way, j roda, Et es parte oceid. 
del Burn-way quifi ducit ad Belacys, buttando super dictam 
viam, j roda. Et ex parte oceid., prope le Foul-brig, justa Rays- 
land, j roda. Et BU[jer Dunscalej quia in medioj di. aerse. Et 
ad finem de Dunscale sunt ij buttae, quarora j butta jacet jnsta 
le balk de miln-fleme, et alia butta jacet ad finem bor. de DunS' 



cale, COnt, j rDtlam terric. Et super lez Flores, €x parte bor. 
del Bel iisys-waj', buttando super le Wedloch, <li acrse. Et ex 
parte occid, del Tlorea di, gcrse. Et super lez Wyndy-hepes, ^x. 
parte bor. ibidem, j acra et di. Et ex parte austr., juxta Bely- 
ays-way, di. acrae, Et super lez Over-floTCSj quia in medtOj but- 
tando super Wliyt-rig'-waj, di. acra. Et ex parte austr., prope 
le El-crosHe, di. rodffi. Et ex parte bor., justa le Lame-pottis, 
j roda. Et ex parte occid, de Killea-crolt, buttando super Blytb, 
di, roda:. Et es parte oeeid.j justa Grtu-law-dykea, di. acras. 
Et ex parte occid., juxta BlaJt-lnw-more, j roda. Et in le Crok, 
videlieet ad Mem or. \Tllie, j roda, Et ex parte bor, de Metbre- 
lecb-bii^ j roda. Et, super Netlire-pes-Iandea j roda. Et 
super lez Over-peBB-laud, juxta rodam pnsdietanij di, aerse. Et 
ad finera austr. juxta le Hall-flatt, j roda. Et ex parte bor. de 
Brade-mere, buttando super le raedow, j roda et di. Et ex parte 
or. dietarum rodse ct diniidiEe, ex transverso del'wray, j 
roda et di. Et ex parte or. de Vikeris-flatt, buttando super 
eondem, di. acraa. Et super le Hcretheme, quia iu medio, di. 
acrfe. Et ex parte or. de Brad-miere, buttando super eandenij j 
roda. Et es parte or,, buttando super Why tt- horn- leeh, di. 
acrai. Et ex parte bor., juxta Ic Akin-schawc j roda. Et ex 
parte occid., juxta le Lady-dene, j roda. Et ex parte austr, del 
Lady-d en-more, j roda. Et ex parte or. del Blak-lawe, but- 
tando super lez lies, di. acrte. 

Et, memorandum, quod residuum terrEB husband pnedictEe, 
hie non specifieatte, jacet inter vasturo prjedieti campi; ubicum- 
que jacet aliqua portio terrs de Rayslaiid ibidem, es parte occid. 
immediate jacet Eequalia portlo terrEe Prioria per totum campum 
ejusdem viUje. 

Tcnent ctiam ad iinem occid. de Clifton-medowe, et es parte 
austr. ejusdem, ij aoras prati, pertiuentes tid terrara supradietam. 

DiMisaio. Et Rieardus Addi t. prEedicta tofta et terras cum 
omnibus auis pertinentiia, et r. p. a. vja. cellerario. 



Item habent in Clifton unum annuum redditum sviijd., es- 
euntem annuatimde cantaria B.M. in. ecelesia de Stanyngton, pro 
quibiiadam terris et ten. quaa capellauua deservicna dicta; cau- 
tarife t. in CliftoUj ex concessioneBemardi, quondam Prioris de 
Hexham. Et dictus eapellanua tcnetur dictum annuum reddi- 
tum, qui pro tempore fuerit, adfestum est Petri ad Vinculadum- 
tasat solvendum, Et Rogerus de Both, capcllanus, occupat 
prsedicta ten. et terras dictee eantariee pertinentia, et est vasta. 




Habent etiam in viUa do Sctoii unum nmmnm redditiim sla. 
anmiatira exeuntem de tota vtHs de Scton, ex. dono Bprnanli de 
Balliolo. Quffi quidem villa modo dividitur luter ttes dominosj 
Tidelicet Elenam de Setoii, relictam Willelmi de Burgoyue, quae 
t. tertiam partem priedictte vilhe ; et Adam de Seton, qiii t, 
aliam tertiam piu-tem f jiisdem ; ct Robertum. de Ogle, Jo- 
iianiiein de Wodliurue, et prasdictara Eleiiam, qui teucnt inter 
BC divisim reliquam tertiam pnrtem; uiide qudibet prBedictorum 
tenetur solvere pro rata poitioiiis tciiuris euiB in villa Bupradicta 
officio celerarii. 

Et uotandum qiiod in cartis prsedictoriim dorainonim liabetitr 
plenarie espreasum de dicto rpdditu aolvcndo pro dictie suae 
tenuras rata portione. 


Habciit etiam unum annuum reddituun xiijs. iiijd. in molen- 
dino de BreiikLawCj ex dono Hearicide Ferljngton; qoiavastum. 


Tenent etiam totam graUi^iam de Nor th-Miln burn e cum 
omiiibi^ pertineiitiiSj in pratia, paseuis, pasturis, merlenis, aquis, 
viia, semitia. Et includitur infra has diviaas : videlicet, iiicipi- 
endo ad partem or. dictae grangiie ad qucradam locum vocatum 
Ic Eedc-li&gh. Et inde, per quoddam tbssatum versus or., iuter 
eampum de Hegliara et dictum Milneburue, usque pervenjatur 
ad quoddatn f'oaaatum vocatum le mayii-dyk de Craklawe. Et 
iude, sequeuda dictum innyTi-dyk, inter teiram doTiiinicam de 
Crablawe et dietimi Milnbunm, versus bor., usque pprvcmatur 
ad le esteracr del Mydd-more. Et exindc, setjuendo uumn 
antiquum foasatum versus ( — ), inter campura de Craklawe et 
Newham, uaque perveniatur ad te Lan^-ayk. Et iude, aequeudo 
dictum, aykj versuB occid., usque quoddam autiqnum fossatum 
jacens ad finera occid. campi dicti Miluburiie, inter eampum de 
Newliam et eampum dictffi Milnburue. Et inde, versus austr., 
seqiiendo dictum foBsatum, usque perveniatur ad le biirne voca^ 
turn Milueburne. Et exiude, scqueudo dictum burue, versus 
or. usque perveniatur ad le Rede-hogb prius noraiuatiim. 

Habent etiam communara paaturae infra moram de Craklaw 
et tiirbariam He Mordes-fene pertin. ad gran^am prjedictam. 

Habent etiam per cartara licentiam situandi unum molendi- 
num super le bume de Milnburue infra domiuium ibidem, quum 
et ubi sibi viderit melius expedire. 


Et Kobertua Horale t. praadictam graugiam cum pertinentiisj 
et r. vl. vja. viijd. Item aol. habere j barcaiiam ibidem ad opua 


Tenent etiatn juxta prsdictuni Milnbume, extra divisas 
prBEnoiiiinata.a, queradam campum terrsc arab. et prati vocatum 
le Bjreafeld ; et est parti-eula dietie gnm^ie et pertineus fidera, 
et jaceus infra lias diviaas; videlicet, iucipiendo ad le fote de 
"Wtityngdon-Hjk, ubi deseendit in le bume de Mibiburne. Et 
inde, seqiieodo dictum syk de Whyttyndou, sicut deseendit 
usque austr, inter del Soutb-Mylnburae et lez Byrcsfeld, usque 
perreniatur ad le kyrk-waj de Pouteland, Et iiide, aequeudo 
dictamwaye, versus or. usque perveniatur ad le Ded-raanis-dyk. 
Et inde, eequendo dichim dik, sicut jaeet inter campuai de 
Caldcotes et lez Eyresfeld, usque viam qua; ducit de Dysyngton 
ad dictam Caldcotes. Et inde, scquendo dictam viaiUj usque 
perveniatur ad j siketum ad finem or. dicti Bjresfeld, inter 
dictum fcld et dictum CaMeootea. Et esiude, sequendo dictum 
siketunij versus bor., usque perveniatur ad le burne de Miln- 
liiUTie. Et inde, seq^ueudo dictum burac, versua occid., usque le 
fote de Whyttidcii-syk piiua aominatum. 

Et doininua Ratlulplius de Euere t. prsdictum Byresfeld in 
allocatioue xiija. iiijd. pro certis terria ibidem in nianu Prioria, 
et r. p. a. x\'iii9. 

Habcnt etiam unutn redditum duorum corporalium atmuatim 
per uxorera doniiiii de Dissington, et uxoies baeredura auorum 
ad fcstum Saucti AudreiE summo altari in ecclesia conveiituati 
offerendorura, pro nmltnra borainum Prioris morantium in villa 
de Ecbwyk, CiCepta multura de dominie, ibidem Priori:^, quo- 
runicuroque manibus fuerit. Qui quidcm tenentes dictarum 
terrarum domiui^^arum ad molendinum de Dissyngtone, proximo 
post domluum et sine midtura {"ficj. Et, similiter, idem 
dominus de Diaeingtoiij qui pro tempore ftierit, pro dicta coa- 
cesaione multurEe tenetur assurgere Priori de Hexham super- 
venieuti in curiam, vel ubieumque ftierit, et sedem suam eidem 
ofFerre, nisi fuerit priEventua districtiorie superioris. 

Et, si aliquis dietorum tenentium de Ecbwyk abatulerit 
multnram suam de oiolcndiuo dicti doraiui de Dissington, debet 
propter hoe in oiria Prioris juatilifiari. Et, si convictua fuerit, 
debet ad reatitutionern dictie mnltnrffi dieto domino facie-ndam 
eompelli per seueacftUum dicti Priorie, et dicto Priori de foris- 
facto eatisfaeict. 



Bhacinxrium. JolianiLos de Brenklaw t, braeina^iun viUfc 
ejnsdem, et r. p. a. xijd. 

CoMMUNA PA9TUiL« IN Whitchestre. Item Prior et Cou- 
ventuB, et teneutes sui in Ec-liwykj Labeut commiiiiani pasturie 
Biipcr commuiii mora, jiiceiite irtter Ecliwjk et Whyteliestre, ad 
coram unicanduni cum beatiis et ayeriis auia ibidem omni 
tempore ajnui. 

TuHBAKiA. Idem etiam Prior et Conreutus actipient 
brueram de pnedicta mora et tiirbas, ad omnia sua necessaria. 
TcnenteB vero de Echwyk noil accipient brueram sive turbaa in 
prtcdicta mora, nisi teneutes domini de Whytcheatre inde 

Memorandum, quod JoUannea dc Faudon, dominus de ea- 
dem, dederat cuidam Willclmo de HogKton, et hffiredibus buis 
de corpore bug legitime proereatis. omnia terras et tenementa 
sua in Wliyttihestre et Hirlaw; reddendo inde aiinuatim dicto 
Juhaniii, heeredibiis et aasignatia buis, xjtvjs. viijd. Et si con- 
tiiifjat dictum Willelmiimj sine hffirede: de corpora suo legitime 
genito, decedere, dicta teuenienta efc terrse preedicto Joliaiioi et 
rectis hseredibua suis integre reverterentur. JKtj postmodOj dic- 
tua Johannes de Faudou dederat Priori et Conventui praedictiB 
redditum xxvja. \-ilijd. ; ac etiara reversioneoi pnedictorum 
tenementorum et terrarum, si accederit, dederat domino Gil- 
berto de Minstre-acrea, capellano, et Tbomse de Eaneton, hsere- 
dibu5 ct a^isiguatis Euifij qui qiiidem GLlliertua et Thoinas con- 
ceaserant ct dederimt dicto Priori et ConTentui revei'sionem 
dietorum teneraentonim et terrarum, una cum servitiis onmium 
liberorum teuentium ibidem. Et dictua Willelmus de Hoghton 
obiit absque liberis de corpore suo f^enitie ; sic reveraio dictunim 
terrarum et tenementorum remanet dicto Priori et Conventui ; 
aed posaeBsioncm. terrarum (et) tenementorum praidietorutn non- 
dum Buut conaecuti, per defectum licesitise iutrandi comitis de 
Angos, domini immediati, uondum petitie, Et prffidicta tene- 
menta ct terras sunt mortificatre abbatliiEe de Hesham per car- 
tarn domini regie, pront patet in carta ejusdem re-gis facta super 
mortificatione terrarum in EcLewjk. Et sciendum tjuod omnia 
prsedlcta tenementa et terrsBj quondam Jobannis de Faudon, 
concessa Priori et Conventui^ ja^ecut diacontimie per carapum 
ibidem in quolibet loco suo semper propinquius aoli. 


Habent etiam totum manerium de Daltoiij in quo est j capi- 
tate mcsuagiumj et diverste domus sedificatEe, cum diversis gar- 
diiiis adjacentibus, et vij" arariB terrte arab, et prati dominie; 



qaarum ix acrae jacent euper le Bera-flatt. Et super Lint-lawes 
iiij acrse. Et super Scliib-eser-inwe iiij acr. Et super Kiplaw- 
flatte xvj acr, Et siiper lez Milii-djlceB x Et super lez 
Toftes xij acr. Et super Skutt^slileue vj atr, Et super Ded- 
mans-lau-erok iij, Et super North-de-man-laweiiij acr. Et 
6\iper Half-forlang ij acr. Et super Le Cros-flatte xij acr. Et 
super Cok-lawe iij acr. Et super lez Cart-rige ij acr. et di. Et 
super Sterling-strothre-tiatt iiij acr. Et super lez Breches iiij 
acr. et di. Et super le Croe-flattc iiivicem jaceut vastte xsx acr. 

Pbata. Et in le Milii-medowe iij acjiE prati, Et in Ic Brad- 
luedowe iij acne prati, Et in Horse-pol-medowe ij acrje, iij rod. 
Et in le Flore-medowe j rods. Et in le Toft raedowe iij acrBB, 
Et m Sterling-ati'othre-niedowe ij acrie. 

Et Willelmus Scot, Jobaunes Bigle, Tliomas de Heworth, 
et JobaimeB Elder t. omuia priedicta ten. et terras inter se, et 
r. p. a. k. 

Joliannes de Dalton t. libere ibidem j nicH.j cum certis 
acris terrtE, videlicet vij acris et iij rodis terr*, nnper in tenura 
Agitetis de JohnLy, et r. p. a. vd. ; et nou plus, quia dicta Agnes 
et Willelmua Nippet dederunt Priori et Conventui xj acraa et j 
rodam terra, qu^ oUm inserts eraJit tenurae prffidictffi ; et tUQC 
Bolebant r. p. a, sd. 

LiBBBA piRMA. Eobertus Ogle t. libere j mess. Toe. John- 
Colynsmt-landf et viij acras terrte eidem pcrtinentes, et r. p. a. 
viijd, Agnes Baxter t. libere ij mes. et xviij iicras terrje, et r. p, 
a. xviijdi, sed remittuntur eidem pro vita sua per doininum, eo 
quod dicta mes, et terrje remauebunt Priori et Conventui post 
mortem dic^se Agceti^. JoUanneB de Dalton t. libcrc iij acraa 
terrac, et r. p. a. iijd. Idem Jobanues libere (t.) j toftuiu et j 
aeram terrffijinquotoftoRobertusBatirsuysreBidet, etr. p. a.jd. 

Terh-'E husband. Sunt etiam ibidem xisterrre husband, de 
quibus quselibet terra de xj terris coat, xsiij acras; et quaelibet 
terra de viij tcrris cont. XTJ acraa terrie arab, et prati ; et tenentur 
eariore molares moleudini ibidemj et facere parietea ejuadenij et 
cooperient ibidem propriis suis expensis. 

Alanus dc fxallewaj t. j terr. husb., eout. xvj acr., et r. p. a. 
■vjs. viijd. Idem Alanua t. j terr. et cont. xxiiij acr., et r. p. a. 
iiijd, Solebat r. ixa. iijd. ob. Thomas de Heworth t. j terr., 
cont. xvj acr., et r. p. a. va. viijd. Idem t. j terr., cont. xxsiiij 
acr. terr., et r, p. a. iiijs. Johannes Eldare t. ij terr.j utraque 
cout. svj acr,, et r. p. a. xijs, Idem Johannes t. j teriv, cont, 
xxiiij acr., et r. p. a iiijs. Johannes Bygglye t. j terr., cout. xvj 
acr,, et r. p. a. vs. Idem Johannes t. ij terr. husb., utraque 
cont. xxiiij acr., et r. xs. Jolianiies Todde t, j terr., cont svj 
acr., et r. p. a. vs. Idmn t. iij terr. hush., qualibet terra cont. 



xxiiij acr., et r. p. a. xviijs. Willclmus Scotte t. ij terr. hiisb., 
iitraque cout. xvj at;r.j et r. p, a. siija, iiijd. Idem t. ij terras 
liusb., utraqiie cont. ixviij acr., et r. p. a. is. viijd. Alanus de 
Gallewaye t. j terr., cont. xxiiij aor., et r. p. a. ts. 

[CoTAOi.i,] Sunt ibidem vij cotagia, et quodlibet eormn 
faciet operEi ia reparatioiic moleudiui, sicut terrx liusi). auperius 
notatse : unde in teniira. 

Mauritius Sootte t, j cot. sedificatum., et iij terras, et r. p. a. 
xsjil. Idem Mauritius t, j. cot, cum tofto vaato et iij acraa 
tcrrjE, et r, p. a. ijs. ijd. Alanus de Gallewaye t. j cot. adifi- 
catum ft iij acras ten'se. Idem t. j cot. cum tofto vasto et iij 
acr. turrae — et r. p. a. iijs vjd. Willelmua Scott t. j cot. asdifi- 
catuiii et iij acras tcrne, et r. p, a. ijs. \jd. Alarnia de Galle- 
waye t. j. cot, cum gardlno, et r. p. a. Jiijd. 

MoLENDiyuM AQUATicuM. Robertus Batirsyse t. raolen- 
dtnum aquatieum ibidem^ et, r. p. a. Ivjs. viijd. 


Habent in vOle de Hoghe quamdara portionein terrse, to- 
catam Dedi&yd, cont, xsx. acras terrse arabilis et prati, et 
jacentem inter baa diviaas ; Tidcliect, inter "riam quse ducit de 
Heddon ad dictam viUara de Hoghej ex parte occld. ; et Heddirs- 
law-nicdow es parte bor. ; ct Dcdisyde-leche ex parte or. ; et le 
Lang- strotl ire ex parte austr. Et Johannes Robinson del 
Hoglie t. prffidictaa tciTas, et j toftum cum crofto in villa de 
Stanfbrdbam, ut ibidem patebit inferiua, et r. p. a. iiijs. 

Tenentes in Hoghe, Habent etiam in eadera^Tlla di-veraa 
ten. jacentia ei parte bor. in villa ibidem; Tidelicet inter 
tennram eliirieorura Baliol., Oxon., es parte oocid,, et tenuram 
Tbomse de Falofcld ex parte or. Et etiam queedain ten. jacentia 
ex parte austr. villie ejusdem, inter teniiram Johanaia dc Dalton 
es parte or., et tennram vocatam Tbi-illwal lea-land ex parte 
occid. : et omnia ten. prsedieta dividuntiu- in vij terras husband 
et ij cotagia, prout inferiua patet. 

Habent etiam in campo ejusdem villse viij'^ aeraSj is acras 
et di, terrse arabilis et pratl; quajum super lez Lint-lawcB iu 
duobus locia jacent ij acrse, Et in le Midcl-kenyll, in ij placeis, 
ij aerEC. Et super lez Nortbre-yardes del Hoghe j acra. Et es 
parte occid., super Ic Brery-syde, j acra, Et ex parte bor. de 
, Dalton-medowe j acra. Et ex parte bor. dictarum acrarura ij 
acrae. Et ex parte austr. de Dalton roda. 

Et ex parte or. super lez Elichestrez, juxta marcbiara de 
Dalton, in diversie locts ij acrae. Et cs parte auetr. dietorum 
Ches,trez, buttando super ponte, in diversis locis vj acrse, Et 

THE ULACE book:. 


siip-er Luatre-Iaw-syde, quia in medio, ex tranaverao vife Ae Dal- 

ton, j aera. Et ex parte uccid., JM-ita dictara acritm, j acra. Et 

ex parte occid. le Lustrc-law-Bvde in diversia locia ij acrje. Et 

iu le Estrt-leche, biittando super Hec-leche, j acra. Et ex parte 

or. (lictie Icche j acra. Et ci parte bor. le l&iiyng de Staudford- 

hain j aora iij rodie. Et ex parte occid., juxta lez Mayna de 

StaiiilfordhaiUj j atra. Et ex parte or., juxta le Stauridand- 

atanc, j acra. Et ex parte occid., juxta le Kjrrk-ivaye, prope 

nllam, j acra. Et es parte aiistr., prope dietam acram, ex traii&- 

verso dictiE viacj j aera. Et ad fiiieni occid. villte j acra. Et ex 

parte or., juxta Mabelicstrc-Lawc, j acra. Et super le Thorne- 

lawe j acra, Et ex parte or,, juxta le Gren-waye, j acra. Et 

sub le Ula-furlang in divereis locis iij aerte. Et ad le Bony-lech 

et aiiper Icz Alony-laua, lu diiobus Uwis, ij aci-ie. Et ex parte 

occid. le Netly-lawG j acra. Et ex parte or. dictie luwc di. aene. 

Kt in le atrotkre dc Netteli-lawc j acta. Et super \ez Craue- 

laiules in ij locis iij acne. Et super lez Bak-staiies in diversis 

locis iiij aci-ffi. Et super lez Ei-landcs, e^ transverse vis de 

Staufordliam., j acra. Et sub \e7. Hallyardca, Imttando super 

dictum yard, j acra. Kt super Scherweut-dimpyU in divcrsia 

locis iij acne. Et ex parte auetr., super Scherwcut-law, j acra. 

Et super Scherwent-Iaw-eyd ij aene et di. Et super Rede- 

laiides ill ij locis ij aci^se. Et super le Half-f'nvlang in diversia 

loeis vj &CVVS et di. Et super te HollaivPj ex parte oeeid. ibidem, 

j acra. Et super lez BlicheBtres, ex parte occid. ibidem, ij 

acne. Et ex parte or. dictamni aerarum ij aerie et di. Et 

&uper dictum Klichefitre-lavF j acra. Et super le Stohbe in 

diverais locia viij acrze. Et super le Kiiott-lawe j ana, Et ex 

parte occid,, super Bla-lang-fiirlang-dyk, j i-oda, Et ex parte 

occid., juxta Heddon-way, in ij locis ij aorEe. Et super Lang- 

fltrothrc-syd in diversia locis iij aci-ie. Et super dictum Btrothrc, 

ad Ic Flore-wcllc, j acra. Et aub gardino Jobamiis Nippct, 

Ijuttando super euudem, j acra. Et ad tiuem or. de Ovyr- 

grip-clieatres, juxta moram, iiij acrse. Et ex parte occid., super 

Dedi-syde, juxta Hedrton-way, in divei'sis loeis iij aeTie, et di. 

Et ex parte or. de Thrilliswall-land, liuttando super Wrechit- 

inan-medow, j acra. Et ex parte austr., juxta dictum inedow, 

j acra. lit auper le Cros-furtatig in diversis locis v acrfe. Et 

ex. parte occid. de Crassc j aera. Et ex parte or. dictai Crosse, 

buttando super Heddonc-burue, j acra. Et in Hethr«slaw- 

ehestrcsj et in lez Ilemp-twystea, super dictutn biirne, in" 

diversia locia v aevae. Et super Hordlaw-syde, ex parte or. 

ibidem, in djversis locis iij acne. Et ex parte oc<:id. del Havyr- 

balk j acra. Et super Ick Karlaws iu diversis locis v acne. Et 

super Goueld-cliesti-es, inter qiiamdam portioneni tenfe fJalfridi 




fie FarlfiwG cs parte or., et quamriom portionem terrre Ac tenia 
domiiiicis cjnsdera villie ex paHc occkl,, jacet qujedam portio 
teri-aj cont. per sest. xv'j acras. Et super iVythopp, inter quam- 
dam nioraiQ vocatani llaTcn-atan-morc ex parte or., et qiiam- 
dara portioTicm terni! vocatie Tlu'ilhvalUlaud ex parte oreid., 
jiicct qutedam portio terras per Ecst, v aciie. Et super Ravca- 
staii-nioro, ex parte oct'iil., juxta Four-stanea, jacet qiuedam 
portio teri'se contr per le^t. ■\'iij acraa. -Kt ad fincm or. dietaj 
mone jacet qiiaedaiu portio terra: cont. jier sest. v acras. Et ad 
fiiiem or. del Ybrakea jacet quiedam portio tcrrse cont. per aest. 
V arras. 

Prata. Hahent etiam ibidem quamdara (portionem) prati, 
vocatam le Ilol-iucdow, cont. per ieat. iij aeraa, et r. p. a. iiijd, 

Sepekalis Pastuha. Habeiit etiani quamdam portioucrm 
morse eeperalis, et jacet ex parte or. del North-more, juxta 
Yiigow-lech; in qua nuUiis teuetijs iljjdein debet fodere turbas, 
vel capere brueruiii, siue licentia Prioria tcI Terrarii,* 

Adhuc de Matfes Est. Sciendum quod ai dominus de 
Fenwylc, qui est, ct dominus dc Matfcu voluciint redigere in 
cuUnram vaatum in priedicto campo, quod dicti Prior et Con- 
ventus accipiejit partem suam jiro portioue sua in ilia cuUnra 
seeundum eortem; sicut prirao feceruut in aliia cultiiris; vide- 
licet juxta asaertionera vetenim, iu oniui looo tertiam partem. 

Prata. HaUcnt etiam apud Knoker-liitl, ad fiaiem occid, 
ibidem, x acras prati. Et in medio magni prati ibidem vij 
acras prati. Et apud lea YIcs, prope fiiiein or., vj acras. Et 
apud le Rou-brigj ex parte or. ejusdem, in quodam prato vocato 
Ic Litil-medow, quia in medio, j rodam. 

Habeiit etiam ibidem iij toi'ta cum g-ard' adjae., qure jacent 
adinviocm inter tcnuram. vocatam YligQW-lande ex parte or., 
iu tenura Thomse Matfen ex parte occid, Quornm i^uidem j 
toftiim limitatuT pro j terra huab. ab antique, ct ij tofta liiui- 
tantur pro ij cutagiiu. 

Ilabeat etiam vij cotagia vasta c\ parte austr. viUiB ibidem, 
et ad iinem occid. cjuadem. Et j.iceiit iuter tcuuram quondam 
Kiiokers-land ex parte or., et tcuuram quondam vocatam Yorkes- 
laiid ex parte occid., adiuvicem jac, cum vij gai'dijiis adja- 
ccntibua; et cout, in toto per test, x acras terrae : quae quandoquc 
erant in tenura; redd,, prout inferius patct. Unde, 

WilJelmua Troute t. j toftum aediiicatum, limit, pro j terra 
husband, et xiiij aeraa terrie arabilis et prati de terris superius 
specificatis dicto tofto assiguat., et r. p. a. xiijs. iiijd. Idem t. 

' After tbin there ie a bliMili page; M'liiufaijudgiug' froui the next enlTj,ough1> 
Id Lave buuti filled. 

THp: ulack nnoK. 


ij ectasia justa dictum toftuiii, ct iiij acraa teiTse et di. de tenia, 
ut supra, eisdem aBBtgnatis, et i'. p. a. vje. vijjd. 

Et "viji cotagia vasta, ut prainiittitnr, qiioadam crant, vide- 
licet — 

Hadiilptiis Scbiphrd tenebat j cot. ct j acTam et j rodani 
terrs, ut supra, et r. p. a. ija. Johannes de Gallewaj- tenebat 
j cot. et j acr. j rodara teiTSCj ut supra, et r. ijs, Jobaiine& 
Kittcson t. j cot. et j acr. terras de terra, ut supra, et r. ija. 
Issabell de Tynmoutli t. j cot. ct j acr. terra, ut aupra, et r. ija. 
Agnes de Rome t. j cot. ij acj'aa terrie, ut supra, et r, iijs. 
Willelmua de York teuebat j cot. et ij acr. et di. terras, ut supra, 
et r. iija. Johannes Rue t, j cot, ct j rodam teri^iE, ut -supraj 
et r. sijd. Et Johannes de Fenwyk, domiuus de eadem, t. 
omnia pnedieta teu. et terras, et r. p. a. iiijli. xiijs. iiijd. 

P.-iSTT7R<\ coMML'sis. Ilabcnt ctiam commUnaln pasturffi 
ibidem, ad communicandum eandem cum xxiiij hobus, et qua- 
tuoi' equis, €t cum j eqtio, et ij vaccia cuatodis dictie gran^LC. 
Et cum uuo ovili orium. Et cum uno flok porcorum onmi 
tempore anni. 

Habeut etiam comraunam pasturic Ibidem ad commimi- 
caiidum eaudem a festo Omuium Sauctorum ui^quc festmn In- 
ventiouis SanctiC Crucis, qiiollbet anno, cnm j armcnto slve de 
bovettia, stirketia, aut vaccia, ad placltura Pi-ioria ; excepto quod 
bI dominua de Peawyt vohierlt claiidcre tcrram de Wcetir- 
mo3t-Wlflatt ab ocrid. parte raor^ usque ad novam cniccoi 
lapldeam versus occid., ei bcuc liceblt ; ita q^uod dicti Prior ct 
Coiiveutus Iiabeant coniuiuuam ui ilia pastura, quousque clausa 
fuerit corapetentcr. Et si, propter defectum clansuras, avcria 
dictorura Prioris et Conveutos, vel hotninura sucrnm, pasturam 
ipaam iutraverint, sine calumpula vel irapedimeuto aliquo re- 
el laeientur. 

Item liabent eommmiam de Pet-rayrc ibidem pro ae et bo- 
mluibua buIs ad fodiendum et capicndum lude jietaa in austr. 
parte dicti Pct-rayrc ad omnia sua neeesaaria, 


Habent etiam in campo dc IlaukwclLj acram tenw arabilifs; 
et jaeet versus fiuem or. campi ilildem, juxta viam quae ducit 
dc HaukwcU uaque Dalton, ex parte austr. dictse vite; et buttat 
super Cherlaw-lcclie ex parte occid. de Charlawe. 




Ilalient c-tiam in tampo de IHkrston j acrara ternc nraliilis, 
et jnopt sui>er Beryng-llattc ad finem or. canijii ejusdcm; et 
ex parte del iiarth-est, prope 1« Deryng-thome ; ct hiittat snpcr 
Ic WaryneTc, quia in medio. 

Petaria [im>EM, Hahpnt ptlam ibidem, iiij acras. petarise : 
qUffi quidcm acrie jaPCiit iu pctai-ia ibidiem, et Gxtfnd«nt kg 
versus occid. ad pctarlam de Matfen versus or., ct conimunnjn 
pastTirjB de Ulkeston. 


Haljctit ctiani maiicriani do Chctcburglie, cum omnibuB 
suie pertiiieutiifij in quo diverse domua itdificauturj cum j cupclla 
et j columbnri, et quicquid ini'liiditur infra luis diviaasj et eat 
seperale omui tempore aiiui; videbcet, incipienda ad I c south- 
cat comer muri dicti mauerii ; et iude, aequcndo \ liini qua? ducit 
a dicto raanerio usque viam quae ducit ad villam dc Ncsbit, quo- 
usque pcrvcuiator ad quoddam siketum quod dtsceiidit ad fiiicm 
or. diil Stob-Hatte, inter eampum de Echwyk et lea Maynes 
dicti inanprii j et txiride vemus otcid., sequcndo Tiam quffi 
dicitur Corhrig-way, per tnctaa et limjtes inter campum de 
NesbitE et campiim dicti mauerii, usque pErvcniatur atl qnem- 
dam balk qui jncet inter campum de Ulkeston et lez Mayna 
dicti mancrii ; et iiidc,, sequeudo dictum balk versus bor., per 
metas lapideas et untiqnoa limites usque pcrvcuiahir ad fincm 
bor. del AVet-rtiitt ; et cxinde versus or., sequeudo j bulk inter 
campum dc Haukwell ct lea Mnyus dicti mancrii, usque per- 
veniatur ad quoddam law vocHtuiD Scbapp-law ; et iiidCj ae- 
quendo j balk, ustjuc pcrvematur ad qucmdam foutera Ruentem 
uaque ad fineni or. del Tlirep-heued-laiid : et lude, sequcndo 
quemdiim pnrvum nvubvm dcscendentem dc dicto fonte, et per 
metas lapideas ibidem, usque perveuiatur ad qucmdam rivuluna 
vocfltum CLerlaw-lecb : et iude, Kequendo dietum leebe, usque 
perveniatur ad mTilum vocatum Pont : ct iudcj sequeudo dictum 
rivuliim, versus or, usque perveniatur ad pedem eujusdam IcchCj 
dcscendentis dc quudam Ibntc in dictn manerio in pi-eedictum 
nmlum de Pout : et iiide, sequeudo dictum Iccli versus austp., 
UBque perveniatur atl le est copuer muii manerii antedieti : et 
iude, sequendo dictum murum, usque le south-conier prius 
nciminatiim,« ex parte urientali uraxgi.e. Ilabent etiam alias 
tciTas es parte or. dicti mancrii, uou seperalce ; videlicet, ad 

' BrroTieouslj' Ch^reburghe in the MS. HcxIiQ Cheesebarn. 



capud auetr. del Ilclawes ij acraa, Et ad finem occid., super 
lez lirokes juxfa Tuoram, iiij acrae. Et super caiidcm flatte, cs 
parte or., propo dictas acrjis, iiij acras. Et super Niks-flatt 
XX a,c!i'as. Et est iliideni quoddam strothrd^ vocatum Whitlaw- 
Btrotlire, et est pastura byum manciii praidicti. Et inter le 
lech quae dcacendit de mancrio pvasdicto et Dalton-way juxta 
I'ivulum de Pont iiij acras. Etex parte or. super Whitlaiv-lhitte 
iiij acras. Et iut^r Whitlaw-thornes iij arras. Et ex parte 
bor. de WLitlaw-thoi'us ij acras. Et ad Le est-lieued de "Whit- 
law-Elatte, super lez Lame-rodes, ij acras, Et ex parte occid, 
de Wart-heghe, super lez KnokeSj iij acras. Et super dictum 
Wart-htg:e iiij acras. Et ex parte or. dicli Wart-lieghe, but- 
tando super Pont, ij acras. Et ad fiuem or. dictarum acramm, 
super le Homel-tUicrue, j acram. Et es parte or. dictse acrse, 
juxta riYulura de Pout, v acras. Et super Lyiit-lawea xt airras. 
Et ex parte Occid. de Ljat-lawa ij aCras. Et ex parte bor. dictte 
Lj'iit-laws, buttaiido super Pout, ij acras et di. Et in Lynt- 
law-hope iiij acras, Et sub le Tod-hoghe, in le Halt-a<;re- 
medow juxta Pout, j rodam prati. 

Peslaw platt. Et in carapo de Nesbit eat qusedam flatt 
vocata Peslaw-flattj et cont. per rest, vj acras, et dimittitur ad 
tirQkam ten. de Neabitt, ut iuferius patebit — et in tirimescrok 

PASTra* ET VAST.E. Et sciendum quod omnes vastte ja- 
centes JTixta ri^Tilum. de Pout, Tocatai le Hu^lia, ah or, parte de 
Lyut-law-hopp, usque muruin manei-ii preedicti, auut pertinentea 
et appeiideutcs terris manerii autcdicti. 

Joliauues Rotbrcfui-tb, Ricardus Clark, Tliomaa Cristall et 
Johnnncs CHstaJI t. inter se totuni pra;dietain nianerium cum 
pertiuentiis, et r. p. a. vjli, Tenentca prscdieti moleut blada 
sua eresccntia sujjer terras dieti manerii ad moleudinum de 
Dalton ad viceaimum vaa. 


Habeut etiam totam villam de Nesbit cum omiiibuB buib 
pertineiitiis et servitiis liberorum honiiiium ia cadera : unde, 

LiHEHA piKMA. KicardiiB Fremau t. libere j moe- et xij 
acras terne per homaglum et tidclitatcm, ct faciet sectam ad 
tree capitales curias in Ayuwykj et r. p. a. iiijd. 

Tebb.-e Hi'SBAND. Et suiit ibideui xix ten*EB huabaud, 
quarum qiiuelibct cont. X.XV acras terrai arabilis et prati : unde 
iu leuura, 

Willelmua HamlTii t. ij terras cum tofto Eedificat., et r, p. a. 
iviijs, Joliannes Ketehird t. ij terraa cum tofto sedificat., et 


Ml^MOKlAL^ 01' HEXDaM. 

r. p. a, leva, JolianneB de Pikryng t, ij tprpaa cum tofto Bedi- 
ficat., et r. p. a. xvjs. .Tohamies Jaeaon t. j terram ctiin tofto 
sedificat., ct r. p. a. viijs. Ricardus Fremau t. j torrani cum 
tot'to Kdificat., et r. y. a. Ixs. Johannes Micljelsoa t. j terram 
cum tofto vast., et r, p. a, vjs, Willelmus Thoaison t. j terr. 
cum tofto vast., et r, p, a. ■TJe, Idem Willelmus t. j tciTani 
cum tofto Ecdifieat., et r. p. a. ixs. Michael de Whilchcstre t. 
ij terras cum tofto jedificaU, et r, svjs. JohanncR Miehelsoii t. 
j terram cum tofto asdificat., et r. p. a. vjs. viijd. WillelmuB 
Brade t. j terram cum tofto scdificat., ct r. p. a. ixs. Kicardus 
Fremau t. j terraai cum tofto adificat., et r. p. a. vjs. y'njfi. 
JohaoMB Jacsou t, j teiT. cum tofto jedifieat,, et r, p, a. ^iijs, yjd. 
Robertus dc Rcdcsdale t. j terram cum tofto aid., ct r. p. a. iss. 
Ricardua Freman et Willelmus Hamelyn t. j terram cum tofto 
vast., et r. iiijs. RoWvtua de Rcdisdale t. ij acraB et di. prati, 
vocataa MaldtB-medow, et r. p. a, iJB. 

Pkslaw-fljIT. Omnes tenentcs villa; tenent iutersevj acras 
torrfc domiuicie, vocataa Pricjrs-pcB-flattE. 

[CoTAGiAj. Sunt ibidem quatuor cotagia et j gardinum ; 
iu teuura. 

Willelmus Hamelyne t. j gardinum, et r. p. a. ijd. Johanuea 
T^outliird t, j cotagium ^'aatum et iij acras terrae, et r. p. a. xvd, 
Willelmus TLom&on t. j cotagium va^tum, vocatum Smytli&- 
cotiiyCj et itj acras terras, xidijd. Rictti'dua Preman t- j cota- 
gium vaatum, \'oeatum Carrous-cotagc, et iij acr&B terrse, et r. 
xviijd. Ricardua Freman, jun,, t. j cotagium ledificatum, et iij 
acras teri-aj, et r. p. a. svd. Johannes Jacson t. j cota^um et 
iij acras terrte, et r, p. a. xvd. 

MuLTURA. Et quilibet tenena pjusdera viUse molet hlada 
SHii cresceiitia super preedictas terras ad molendiuum de Dalton. 
ad xiij vas, 


Ilabent etiam totum mancrium de Stellyng cum omnibua 
suis pertinentibuH ; iu quo diversae domus aidifieantur; et eat 
aepcralc omni tempore anui, Et continetur infra has diviaas ; 
videlicet, incipiendo ad finem or. eampi dicti maoerii, ad quem- 
dara foDtcm vocatiim Jlolburne-well : et indc, ascendnndo vc-rsas 
occid., per j parvum ailtetum et per metas lapideas positas iuter 
campum dicti manerii et quemdam campum de Neuton-hall, 
TOCiitum le More-hous-fetde, usque perveniatm' ad quamdam 
balk jarentem ad finem or. del Lampot-Iech ; et inde, sequcudo 
dictnra balk versus auatr., per metas lapideaa positaa iuter 
campum dicti manerii fit campum de Neiiton-liail, uaque per- 
veniatur ad le Wbye-well: et esiiide, ■sequendo unam aliam 

riii^ la^cK &OUK. 


baikj siciit jacet ex pa,rte occid. del Notthyng-lawe, nsque per- 
veuiatur ad le Thornlaw-flatt : et inde, 8&queudo aLiam baSk, 
siout jacet ex parte ocrid. del Farnclawc, inter prsedictum law 
et quarndam flalt vociitarii Cokia-bow, usque perveniatur ad 
Abom-leclie : et inde, sequendo dictum leche versus or., usque 
le Stokwell : et iude, acquetido j antiquum fassatuai, usque ad 
capud elausiu^ campi dicti manerii : et iade, sequendo j anti- 
quum fossatiitu versus bor., usque perveuiaturad dictum fontem, 
vocatum Holburn-ivell, prius nominatum. 

Pastura. Habent etiam communaiu pasture dicto manerio 
pertiuentcni per totam baroniam de Bywellj ad coraiuuuicand. 
diptara paaturam cum avcriis jui* omiiimodie, dicto manerio 
pertiiientibus, omui tempore anui. 

UiMissro. Adamarus de Athcdell, mdes, t. prsedictum ma- 
nerium cum. mrmibuB suis pertincntiis, et r. p. a. iiij marcas. 

Item solebaut liabere molendiiuim aqnaticum in Naifii'tou; 
ad quod pertinebat tam midtura dc Naffirton quam de Wbit- 
liitl, et j cotagium ibidem vocatuin Miluer-erofte ; et aunt vasta. 


Ilabent etiam in villa de Tlu-okelaw j toftiim et croftiim 
oout. in toto j acram, et medietateni uiiius tofti et crofti ibidem. 

Habent etiam iu campo ojusdem villas Ij acras terrsc et prati 
et di. acrje et di. roda^, Quai-um iij rodse et quarts para rodffi 
jacent ex occid. parte de lonyug, et bc esteridunt usque ad 
mui'uni. Et in or. parte ejuedem loiiyng jacent v aerse et di., 
ct j i-oda et quarta pars rodse. Et se extendit usque ad Sebuke- 
alade. Et inter nmros. j acr. Et super Throkerigej acr. Et 
super Morlge v acr, Et super lez Pletea iiij acr. et j rod. Et 
in OP. parte de Midcl-flatt v aer. et di. Et in or. parte de 
Deulaw-rig:e ij acr. ct j, rod. ct di.> quje se estendunt usque le 
liradiseliawp, juxta pratum ibidem. Et viij acrse jacent in 
campo ejuadem villfe. Et sunt ilia: acree quas quondam Wol- 
dewes' tenuit, quse vadiatai fiicrant leprosis de Novo Castro 
cum tofto. Et vj aci-BE jacent in Baketan-scliaw. Et iiij aci'ie 
jacent iu Grunis-flatt, justa le Law, prox. orient. Et iiij acrse 
in medio de Schele-flatt. Et ij aciie in medio de Sigges-flatt. 
Et ij acrse iu le Lang-schawe, pro.\. earapo de Newbunic. 

PiLATA. Ilftbent etiam j rodam prati iu "VVallynges, et totum 
pratum jaceus inter le Brade-scLawe et le Brade-gate ; ct pratum 
jaeens inti^r muros ibidem. 

I. f., Wfildevus or WaJdeire. 




Habciit ctiam in Newbuxne duas piscarlas voratna I^iyle ct 
Drypmtillp, cum quatlam ]>ortioiie priiti ex parte bor. Tytie 
ibidem pro siccatione rctiiim piscatorum: et jacent in-tcr qiiam- 
dam portioiiem prati, vocataui Oi-unes-greiie es parte opcid. ; ct 
tcrraa douuiiiculcs de Eat-halgh ex pErte bor.; et qaanidam 
portiauem prati vocati les Crokyt-apechyaes ex parte or.; et 
Bladeu -banker ex parte austr, Et portio prati prffidicti cont. 
per SEst. di. acrEe. 

Et domiiiuB Ricardiis, vicarius ibidem, tenet pTEedictaa pis- 
carias cum pncdicto prato, ct r. p. a, xxvjs. viijd. 


Habeot etiaui infra territorium deBenwcU quamdamplBceam 
vocatam WodTiall^ in qua una dumua sedifieatur ; et coiit. in 
toto, cura Tjosgo, quattior acras et plus; et non est sepcralis 
omni teoipore anni. Et coiitiactur infra has divisas ; indelicet, 
incipiendo ad pedem cujusdam parvi rivuli desceudeiitia in 
Tynam inter dietam placcam ct hoscnm WUlelmi del Vale, 
mUitiej ex parte occid. : et indc, sequendo dictum i-ividuui vci*6us 
bur,, usque perveniatnr ad quoddam antiquum fossatum stans 
inter dicitam placeam et quemdara boscum vocatum Ilarpares- 
wode : et ijide, sequendo dictum fossatnm vei-sns or., sicut jniret 
inter dictara placeam; et per dictum boscura voratiim Harpara- 
wod usque perveuiatur ad le lonjng vocatum le Mci'e-l<.iiij'n|t : 
et esinde, sequendo dictum lonyng versus austr., neque in 
I'ynara : et indc, sequendo ripam de Tyne versus occid., usque 
ad pedem dieti rivuli prius nominati. 

Et r, p. a. absque vasto iuibi facicndo vs. 


Thomas Wodman t. j burgagium in Novo Cast™, ex. parte 
occid. del Cale-crosse, iutcr le Coke-rawe et le Souter-raw. Et 
jacet inter burg, quondam Hugonia dc SadlJ^lgst.^tlesJ modo 
Rogeri dc Fulthropp, es parte auati-., et burg, Laurcntii Akton 
ex parte bor. ; et r, p. a. iiijs, officio Sacristie. 

Idem tenet ij liurgagia es parte or. de Sandhill, pi-o-pe le 
Keye, nuper Hcnriei Wodmaii ; et jacent iuter burg, Robcrti de 
Kellessowe ex parte austF., et burg. Johauuis de Eulkhain ex 
parte bor., ct r, p. a. iiijs. officio Sacristfe. 

Etj nota, quod dictus annuus rcdditus credittu- veraciter 
exire debcre annuatim, quaniqiiam dictus Tliomas astrunt dictum 
annuum redditiuu de aliis buigagiis prosenire. 


Robertus Fleahewer t, j burg, ad voluntatem Prioris in 
Fleshewer-gate, ad finem auatr. ejusdem, inter burg. Ricardi 
Scott ex parte bor., et quamdam parvam venellam jacentem 
inter dictara Fleschewer-gate et Skynnar-gate ; quse venella est 
introitus de dictis viia ad le Bere-markate-gate, et r. p. a, xxs. 

Johannes de Howdene t. libere j burg., et r. p. a. xija. Idem 
t. j burg, juxta prsedictum burg., ex parte auatr. ejusdem, et 
r, p. a. vjs. 

Henricua Barbor, alias Wyngatis, t. libere j burg, ibidem, 
nuper in tenura Koberti de Peureth, et r. p. a. lija. vjd. 

Item solebant habere j annuum redditum, exeuntem de 
burgagio quondam Johannis Cornfurth, et mode nil, eo quo 
situs loci dicti burg, ignoratur. Solebat r. p. a. iiijs. 

Item solebant habere unum annuum redditum de le atan- 
hous in Westgate ; modo nil, quia situs loci ignoratur. 



Habemt etiam j toftum ciira j crofto adjacente in Heley. 
Croftum vero cont. per test, j acrara tenriE, et jacet es: parte 
bor. viltae ex parte or., proximiini tofto vocato le Almor' [jlace 
Uimclm, Et Liibent j acrara terrie Ijoscosse in AldcD-erok, 
vocatam Dcven-croftej et jacet es parte cccid., prox. le Almo- 
ners-land Diinelm. ibidem. 

Huljp.nt etinru ss acras terra: arab. et prati ciim omiiibits 
aisiamcntis in pasturis, aqaiSj boscis, et Bimilibna ; qiiarura xij 
acrae et iij rodjE jucent in le Scele juxto ie Seggc-strothrc, but- 
tando Bupe-r Vman — -le iiorth-west. Et vi} acrte et j roda jacent 
jiixta stangnum veteris molendini, dflsccudcndo versus boT., ex 
parte or. parvi siketi ^ocati Cliapell-well. 

DiMiasio. Joliaiuies de StreTelya, railcsj et domina Jacobft, 
uxor ejus, t. omnia priedicta ten. et terrasj ad totara ntam 
ipBOrmn, et utriusqne diutius viventia, ct r. p. a. vs. SacriiStiE. 


Habeiit ctiam in Grcnerofte unum mea., vocatum le Feii- 

hall, cum certis pratis et boacis ; et ineludmitur infra has divisas : 
incipiendo, \idelieet, ad fiuem bor. de Gregori-croftj ubi le 
bege-garth dcaccndit in Smalbop-bnmc. Et inde, Bcqucndo 
dictum bnrne de Smalhopp^ versita bor. usque le fote del Stole- 
rydyng-Iecbe. Et inde, scqucndo dictum Iccb, versna or. per 
metas lapideae positas in dieto leeb inter campiim Roberti de 
Kcllow et cumpum de Fenliall priedicto, usque perreiiiatur ad 
quemdam earapum vocatum Dawbler-feld. ]^t Inde, sequeiido 
j fossatum antiqmira, versus &«str., usque perveniatur ad Holdcu- 
burne; et inde, sequendoj foasatum antiquum, versus le south- 
west, inter campum de FeribaU prtedictum, et Maldes-close, et 
commmiem paaturam ibidem, ct le lonjng de Laugchestre, 
usque perveuiatur ad le fote dictse hegge-garth prius nominataB. 
Et quicquid includituj- infra has divisas est seperale Prioris et 
Conveutus onmi tempore aniii; excepto quod ecclesia de Lau- 
chcstre habet di. acram terras arabilis eidem pertiiiciitem infra 
has divisas prsdietas. 

DiMtsaio [et] aEHYiTiiTM E.i[7&DEM. Et Nicbolaua de MoFP- 
ayd t. omnia prjedicta mesuagia et terras, et r. p. a. sxviijs. ; 
unde libera firma iijs. Inde domino de Greiicrofte pro feodi — 



firma espimte annuatim tie dicta FcnhaJl iiJB. Et inveniet 
clomiuo Priori et Terrario eufflcieus hospitium in dicta placea, 
foiaum pro equis, strameiitum pro leetLa, focalia et albam 
caiiJeiaLa, quotieaacumque illuc declinare contigeriut. 


Hatent etiam iu Langcli€stre j mea. vocatum Maydcaatan- 
Lall cum tcrris, pratis, boacis, seperalibus omni teiiipoi'e anni, 
eidem pevtiucntibus. Et includuntiir iiifra has divisas ; vide- 
licet, iucipiendo ad le West-lyd-jete dicti campi atjintem super 
Snialhop-burne: et inde, aseendendo versus le north-GStj per 
quoddam aiitiquiim fossatum iiitei" terrain dominicalem pcrti- 
nciitem deeano de Lanclicatre, et eainpum de Maydenstan-liall 
pra:dicto, usque ad conimuiie stratum quod ducit de dicta villa 
de Laiigc'hostre versus Dumdm. Y^t indcj sequendo quoddam 
fbasatum antiquum, vei^sUS aUstf. iutef COnimuueni pasfcui'am 
dictae viUiC de Lanchestre, et quamdain tiatt in canipo de Majd- 
enstan, vQcatani \c Kcmster-leygbes, et lez Rydjngee, usque 
perveiuatur ad carapum Juhaunis de Lewyue. Et iudc, sequendo 
quoddam antiquum fossatum, inter dictam tiatt del Eydyng, et 
tenuram dicti Joliaunis Lewync, usque pervcniatur ad qucmdara 
rivulum vocatum Broune. Et iude, sequiendo dictum lividum, 
versus Qccid., sicut dictua mTilus dcscendebat ab antiquo inter 
campum dictse May denstan -ball et oampum de Hamatell, ct le 
Fortlie-fcld, usque perveuiatur ad loeum ubi dictiia rindus de 
Broue descendit iu Smalhop-burne. Et inde, sequendo dictam 
bume, versus bor. usque Ic Wcst-led-yatc prius uouiinatiira. 

Ricardus de Aldwod t. dictum mee., cum terris, pratis, et 
boecis eidem pertinentibus, et r. p. a. xxsje. iiijd. : uude scac- 
cario Dunelm. iiijd. fm miirg.). Unde scaccario Dunelui. cpis- 
copi, pro libera tirraa annuatim exeunte xxiija, Et speciebus 
Couveutus de Hexham, annuatim, viijs. 


Habent etiam in villa de Kymelsworthe j toftum ffidificatnm 
es tribus domibus^ cum j pomcrio et j crofto adjacentc; ci'ofto 
vero cont, pc:r Best, j acr., ct jac. ad fiuem aiistr. de Weet-rawti j 
et liabcnt ihidem iij aeras terra; ex parte occid. dicti tofti. Et 
omaia pitedicta induduutur infra has divisaa ; iucipiendo, vide- 
licet, ex parte hor. dicti tofti, ad quoddam antiquum fossatum 
inter dictum toftum et terr, Robcrti Cuksyde. Et inde, ee- 
quendo dictum fossatum, versus occid. usque le Laug-felde del 
Erie-house, Et inde, sequendo j antiquum fossatum, versus 



austr. ueque le Dceu-bnnip. Et intle, aequendo dicfnim biimo, 
versna or., usque ad quaindam balk hcggeatuni iutpr dictiiiu 
tofhim eb terrain Ilobciti de Coksyde. Et iude, aequcado 
dietam balk, versus bor., usque mtroitum villte de Kyoieles- 
worth antedictaa. 

TEHR.K AiiABiLEs ET PHATA. Habeiit fitiain j aeram terrae 
arabilia et ij acHis prati per ffist.j jacentcs ex parte or. Ic lonyng 
qme ducit dc Kymeleaworth a*l \illam Duuelm., justa coni- 
muQcni pasturara. 

Habcut etiaai commiiiiam pasture ad ccc nvcs et octu bavea 
pro caj'uois Prioris aut ejus teiieutiuin, ad commuuicaadtun 
omni tempore anuij ubicunque animalia doniini dictie villBC 
ptisci coutigerint. Et liabent estoveria m bo&eis ejusflem villie 
pro 56 et tenentibus aula, ad aedifieaudum ct conibureiidum , per 
Tisum et liberatiouem forestarii ibidem, ubicumqiie doniinufl 
dictce villffi estoveria eua accipere contigerit. 

DiMissio. Et domiuus Hadiilpbus de Euere et Johannes 
Lewyne, maa&a, executor TUorase de Coksyd, teneut prsdicta 
ten. et terr., ad turm. coutentum in indentuins dicti ThomEe, et 
r. p. a. xs, 

Et invenieTit domino Priori et Terrario anfficiena hospitlura 
in dicta placea, foeuiim pro equis, etramentum, focalia, albam 
candelam, quoticTiacumquc illic dccliuare coivtigeriut. 


Ilahcut etiara ibidem ij tofta redificata in iij domibus, emu 
j g-anlino adjacentej et jacct super le Wcst-rawe, propc fincm 
austr.j iuter ij placeas vocatas Mason-places ex utraque parte. 
Et abud toftum jacet super eandcm rawe, inter toftum Willeluii 
Smyth es parte austr., et toftum Thomje de Elstobbe ex parte 

BovATA TERR-E. Item babeut ibidem iiij bovatas terrte; 
et quEElibet coiit. xviij acras terrffi et prati ; qunram super North- 
man-croi'te, inter Aukelaud-gate etGreudcu-more, jacet di. aciEe. 
Et super le Mor-acre-fore j acra et di. justa Aukelatid-g;ate, 
propc di. acram priedictam. Et in lez Crokea, juita dictam 
gate, di. acr. Et super Netbir-ozroTiT, ex parte Imr. ibidem, j 
acra. Et ex parte o€cid. de Diirbam-gatCj buttando super 
dictum Ozrowe, di. aera. Et ex parte or, dicta; gate j aera et j 
roda. Et ex transverso, super Elatob-rode, j acra. Et ex 
parte bor. del Gren-dyke, buttando &upcr eandem, iiij acne, Et 
super Bi'akenbeiy, ex parte bor. il^idem, ij aerie : et inter le 
Ledy-flatt, eum terr. cotag., buttando super Stillyugton-gate, 
ij actK. Et Super le Wathom-flatt iij rodie. Et super North- 


den-ba.nk j roda. Et super le Lanj-fiatt et le Clay-botlnitn j 
arra ct di. Et circa ctclcsiam j acr. ct di. Et euper Ick Ficlie- 
buttcs Ft le Miln-way, bultando super pi-aedictas Fichp-buttps, 
j acra et di. Et ex parte austr. de Aukland-gate, inter diotam 
gate ct If ililu-way, j acra. Et super le Lousy-lawe ij acrfie ot 
j rodn.. Et super le Ley-hrnkcs iij rodse. 

Et ci parte bur. del Lytil-mcdowe iij rodee, Et ex parte 
augtf. ejusdera mcdowc iij rodee, Et ex parte or. ibidem di. 
acra. Et in Okir-deu-bank, ex parte bor. qusdem, x acrfe. Et 
ex iitraque parte de Okir- den-bank ij acree, Et super le Pot- 
eyde j acra. Et SUpei* le liradeLey ,j acra. Et super Tbomas- 
hoHS iij rodie. Et ad finera or- de Thoraas-hous j roda. Et ad 
tiacm or. de Sandi-flatt di. aCra. Et gup^r le Scli.Qrt-ali'-acre 
di, acra. Et ad fiiiem occid. de Sandi-flatt di. acra. Et super 
le Jlcdous-syd iij acrEE. Et super le Sevtrell, buttnndo super 
eundem, ij acrs. Et super le Dmiwell ct Ic Forgar j acra. Et 
super le Ci'oftcs, ex parte occid. dictoriim toftonun, ij acras. 
Et super Gilbert es-tlatt vj aci'se. Et in Lousy- law-carre, ex 
part-e austr, ejusdciiij di. acra, Et super HartL-stan-tlatt j 
acra. Et auper Owtborne j roda. 

Et ad fiiiem or. de Crrantirs-danc-beued, et super le Brig- 
flatt, in divcrsia locis, iij acrffi, Et ex parte aUstr. de Derlyug- 
ton-way, super le Mildil-furlaiif^e, j acra. Et super Red-kuoll 
di. awa. Et ct parte austr, de SmaldcJic-grave j roda. Et r:i 
pai-tc or. de Crokyt-balf-acre di. acra. Et super le Red-kuoU j 
acTM. Et super le Schort-bothum, ex parte bor, de Man-flatt, j 
acra et di. Et super Hauka-lawe, buttando super eandenij j 
acra. Et ex parte occid. del Haus-medowe j acra. Et ex parte 
auatr. dc Waldy-way j roda,. Et auper le Lang-flatt j acra et di. 
Et ex parte oeeid. de Derlyngton-'way di. acra. 

PaATA noMifjrc*. Et in Ic Lytil-mcdow juxta Biascbopton 
j acra. Et in le Forgare di. acra. Et iu le Brad-medow di, 
acra. Et ad fiiiem auetr, de Gran tire -den -lieued di, acr, Et in 
Ballok-karre di. acra. 

Et iiotnndum quod CBetene portiones prati pertinentes ij 
bovatis terrffi jaccnt proportion aliter inter lez husband-dales, . 
juxta quod alias tcrrse husbandorum ibiidem inter se eapiuut. 
Et notandnm quod teuentee Prioria et Convciitua ibidem liabe- 
buut j equum pnseentem in le Oxou-pasture, pneter bovea per- 
tinentea ad quatuor bovatas tcrree ibidem ; quauiYis cseteri 
tcnentes ibidem nullum equum babebimt in preedicta pastura. 

Et Thoinaa dc Lc^ard t. omnia prasdicta terras et teik., et 
r, p a, xU. officio Celerarii. 




Johannes (le He&iWen t. j ten. in Ilertilpolc in le South- 
gate ; ct jaeet inter ten. qiioudiim Roberti de Seton ex parte 
occid,, et ten. Petri Legeate ex or., ct t, p. a, xijs. Joliannes 
Dible t. i ten, ct jacct intEF ten. Petri Legeate ex paite Ofcid., 
ct ten, Willelrai de Heddone es i>artc or., ct r, p. a, iJ8. Celt 

LmKRA FiBMA. Habent etiatu j aimuura redditum in dicta 
teimra dicti Petri, modo vastum, et modo nil; et aolebat red- 
dere p. a. vs. 


Habent etiam infra territorium de SilkyswortL imam 
granf^am, vcicatam Fareudo!i-gra7ige, jae. inter villam de Hc- 
ryiijrtou et dictara villain dc SilkTSworth ; et dicta grangia 
cum terris arabilibus suis iQcluduntnr fsicj infra has divisas ; 
incipiendo, videlicet, ad portam auatr. dict^ grang^se, et iude, 
Bequeudo j antiquum fossatam es parte oceid. del Bam-crofte, 
juxta sitinn vctcris ortci versus austr., usque perveniatur ad 
qnaindam fossatam antiquani descendcntem (!c Halmer-stank, 
Et inde, aequcndo dictam fos&atam, ver&us or., sicat jacet inter 
dictum Bara-crofte et terras de Silky eworthe, nsque de Rodcs- 
more. Et inde, seqaendo j suleum inter terras husband ibidem, 
et Kod-landcs et le Gren-eyd i-illie prttidictie, et qnam(dani) 
ilatt grangiee prtertietie, vocatam Stepliaues-tlattj usqne le Kyln- 
Bele, Et iudcr scquendo nnum suleunn inter dictas Rede-landes 
et quamdam Ilatt dietaE grangiiE vueatam Ic Wliarell-Hatt, usquG 
Grendon-rode. Et inde, aequendo dictum rode, inter dictum 
Wharell-flatte et dictaa Reii-rodes^ usque le north-eride dictoroun 
Red-landea. Et sequendo j sulcum versua le — , inter dictum 
"Wharell-flatte et carapum do Silkiswortli, usque ^iam voeatam 
Castcl-way. Et inde, sequendo chctani ^-iam, versus bor. usque 
le Ca — . Et iudcj sequendo oram dictse morje, inter dietam 
moram et le Wbarei-flatt, usque qiiemdam antiquum ibsaatum 
inter dietam moram et le Park-fiatte, Et mde, sequendo 
dictum fiissatumj versus bor., usque le Loury-busli. "Et inde, 
8cquendo j antiquum fossatiim, inter dietam Park-flatte et 
dictum moram, versus oceid., usque le Pillemore-flatte. Et 
inde, aequendo oram de Cauon-niore per dictum Pilmor-flatte 
et le Miln-flatte, usque per\'eiiiatnr ad quemdani parvTim sike- 
turn inter Ic JlUn-flattc et Bnsaet-flatti". Et inde, Ki?quendo 
dictum siketum, versus oc{;icl., inter dictum Basset-tlatte et le 
Miln-flatte, usque quoddam fossatum vocatuni Ic Canon-dyk. 
Et inde, sequendo dictum Caaon-dyk, versus austr,, usijur 



quemflaiu more vocatum Harlaw-more, Et lude, sequendo j 
fosaatuja inter dictum more ct dictEe Faroudosi- grange j 
usque perveuiatur ad purtam austr. dictEe grangiie prius nomi- 

Haljent etiam unum more vocatum Canon-more j et ja*!et ex 
parte or. dc l<"aroiidon-f;rangB, voteus AVermouthj inter uUam 
de Silkisworth et le Ford. Et est eeijerale Prioris et Conveutiia 
omni tempore anni, exccpto quod domiiius dc Silkisworth, vel 
(|ui tenuerit tciras doraiuicaa ibidem, habebit xxiiij boves pro 
carucis pasceiites in dicto moro, sine additamento quorum- 
cumque aliorum animalium. 

Seperale de Mobhous-pott. Habent etiam ibidem quam- 
dam portiouem t-emEf vocatre Morlioua-pote ; cont. per seat, ij 
acras et di.; et est seperale Prioris et Conventus. 

DiMissio. Willelmua Mortimer ct Wilielmus del Hall 
tcnent inter ee omnia priedicta ten. ct terras eum paatur', et 
r. p. a. Issiijs. iiijd. 

MuLTuaA EJi'SDEM. Et prjiidicti tenentes moleut blada atia 
crescentia super praedictas terras ad molendiiium Prioria ibidem 
ad sx va&. 

Habent etiam ibidem moleTidinum ventriticura et emolu- 
mcntupi cjuadem, ct r- p- a. xxvjs. viijd. 

Habent etiam in villa de Silkyswortti iilf terras buaband, 
jacentes discoutiime inter eotagia ibidem ct tofta dictsrum ter- 
rarnm busbaud; cum cotagiie jacentibiis adinvicem ad fincm 
bop. dictas viUre : et qwelibet terra evacuabit terrara circa le 
milu-pQst ; et cariabit luolares moleudini prtedieti, et le post 
ejusdem, et omne meremium versatile aive curreiia pertiiiene 
dicto moleiidino. 

V,t niolcnt blada sua crescentia suiwr terrnm pnedictam ad 
mi)lciidiiium prredietum; videlicet, fnimentum quod cxpeiidunt 
domibus suia ad liij vas. Item super terras Prioris ad xvj vas ; 
et dahunt pro quolibet quarterio ordei vciidito di. — ordei pro 
mult lira: undc in tcnuFBj 

"VVillelmus AVedowson t, j toftum iedificatum et Ixj acras 
torra; arabilis et prati, et r. p. a. liiijs, iijd. Robertu.i Wilkyn- 
aon (le Tunstale et Jobaniies dc Hoghton tencut intLT se j 
rodam tsdjficatain et sx acraa terrffl arabilis et prati, et r. p. a. 
-XXfi. Ricardua de Durham t. ij tofta, quorum j a.'(liticatur, et 
Ixiiij (acnis) terrse arabilis ct prati, et r, p. a. xli. vja, viijd. 

Habent etiam iw eadem villa xij cntagia ; ct cjuilibet cotarius 
moltt blada sua ad raolendiuum Prioi-is; ut supra. 

Matildis Manncduk t. iij cot. aidificata et viij acras tcixEe et 
iij rodai*, ct r. p. a. ijs, Robertas de Berdenc t. j eot. fedifi- 
catum ct ij acras et iij rodas ternc et di,, ct r. p. a. iiijs. 


Willelraus Dcyc t. j oot. ffiflificatuni et v acras terrre et di,, ct 
r. p. a. vija. vjd. Willelmua WmIowsOii t. ij cot. icditicata ct V 
acras tcrrje et di., ct r, p. a, vijs. vjd. Jolianiies Soiiter t. j rot. 
redificatum et iiij acras terrae ct di., ct t. p, a, ts. Willelmus 
Wcdousnri t. j cot, ct ij acr. et j rodam tcrrse, et iij Todas terrte 
jac. super le Lnng-deiie, et r. ]). a. iijs, Ricardus Huntei- t. j 
cot. sine gardino ct j rodam terrfe^ et r. p. a. siiijd. Agnes 
KichEii'ds-wyfe t, ij cot. 9?diJieata et iiij acras terrae, et r. vja. 

Est ibi etiara j parvum cot. vastum juxta commuae funiiun; 
solehat reddere viijd. 

HiibcTit etiam ibidem unum caramuiic furmira pro tcncntibuB 
Prions ibidem. 

Habeut etiam ibidem commuue bracinagium pro dictis 

Habent etiiim inrilla dc West-neiyiigton yiij acras prwti 
sccuiidiim cartas, jarentca discoiitimic inter prata difta: V'illa^, 
(iirca Ic Kai-re ; cum liberis iiitroitu et exitu ad foenum dietanim 
acnu'um falcandiim, Icvandumj et cariandum, ■abicumque inde- 
bitiir espcdire ; cam omnibus aliia libertatibus ad dictum pratum 

DiMissio PRATORtiM. WiUelmus Mortimer et Willelmus 
del IJall t, inter se praidicta prata, et r. xxvs. Item hnbeut 
curiam suam de te]ientibu3 euis iu Silkisworthj cnm amereia- 
weiitis tidcm pcrtineutibus : ct etiam omnia amci'ciamcwta 
dictortim teneiitinni, si amerciati fuerint in curia domini de 
Sintiswoi'th, nisi tangat propriaiu persouam prsedicti domiiii. 



Habent etiam maneiium totum de Pajva Broghton, cutn Tio- 
luagio et servitiis Nicholai de Semer et htereduin sunrum, Wil- 
lelmi de Flaxton hieredumque Huomm, cum moleadiuo, cum 
carfiu aquje ad dictum iiioloufliiuim. Et cum tota &ecta et sooa, 
et cum toto prato et pastura in cadera villa ct extra. Kt cum 
wardis et releviie, eachaetis, servitiis forinceeis, eectis ciiriaruni 
et molendinorum, cum onmimodis libertatibus et ajsiameiitis ia 
lioscis, plania, pratis^ viis, semitis, pascuU, aquis, moris, in 
oranibiis locis cidem manerio pertiiientibus. In cujus totto 
dominico diversa: iIotdus ^edificautuTj cum j pomerio in quo 
tremulicrescunt in numero copioso. Et cum j colurabari et j 
gardino adjacentc, vocato Ic Barlj-garth, cum j crofto dicto 
tofto afljacente, eont. per test, vtj acraa terrse arabilis. Et etiam 
divcrsaa flattes terrae arabilis ct pratij cum yaatia corumdem, 
quae sunt aeperalea omui tempore anni ; videlicet, super le 
Cotcs-flatte xx acras terrae arabilia. Et super le Lang-flatte 
XXX aeraa. Kt super le Threpland-flatte sx aeras. Et ■super le 
Whete-bill et le Brant-thome, et le Schole-brade xxx acras. 
Et ex parte anstr., jiixta le Whete-hill, ij acres prati. Et ad 
liiiem bor. de Brant-tLofn-Hatte j actum prati. 

Sunt etiam diversse flattes, non seperales, jacentes inter 
terras husbandorum ; unde super Moubray-flatte, justa toft, 
doraiuic, vj acrse. Et super aliara Moubraye-flatte iiij acrse. 
Et ad fiuem occid, del Spanlan^-crofte j acra, Et auper le 
Dale-bank iij acrse. Et super le West- Ian g-crofte, ex paite or. 
de Lind-bek, ij atra!. Et super le Croft -sjk-flatte iiij aene. 
Et super le More-svk j acra et di, Et eupcr RaveiiB-acre j acra 
et di. Et super le Lang-Ian d-beueddaod j acra. Et 6U]>cr lea 
Laug-laudes ij aci'ie. Et ad le Miln-dure j acra et di. Et 
super la Mecote-lieued-land di, acra. Et ex parte bor. del 
Milne, buttaudo super le Milu-syk, iij acraj. Et super le Milu- 
pote iij acrw. Et super Ilastyug-gartlie x acne. Et mijier 
Wliyt-lftwc, ex parte bor. del Skald-tlHfrnp-niore, j acra et di, 
Et super lics-karre iij acrfE. Et super Whit-law vitj acree. Et 
super Whitlaw-syke iij acne. Et etiper le More-nyk ij iicrs, 
Et super lez PcB-laridcs iij acrse. Et napcr Hercotte iiij acne. 
Et super ("ok -tbonie ij acrat. Et hii|M.t Bentca-crHftc et HentPA- 
flatte \i acrde. Et liiiper Halle- bumc^pavcll iij acne. Et super 
Feldyng-watb, buttando super EllerVick, j acra et di. 
vuL. II. r 


Casseholme. Et est il^idem anus locus vocatas Casseliolme, 
et cont. ij acras «t di. Solebat r. p. a. sd. 

PsATA. Et in le Trenches et lez Damnies t acrae prati. 
Et in Alanes-acre-yog j acra et di. Et super AA'hathiU ij Jtcne. 
Bt Baper Beutea-yng j acra et di. Et preedictBc acrse prati sunt 
quieta? a eolutiotie deeiniBe, pro qua qusedam portio prati aseig- 
natur parochiali ccclesiie iltidem. 

DiMissio. Thomas Hunter t, pnedictum toftum dominicum 
cum terria prBenominatia, et r. p, a. Ixxiijs. iiijd. 

Sehvitia MANERii. Et etiain inveiiiet domino Priori et 
Terrario Itospitiuiu aufficiena in dicto nianerio, et fenuin pro 
equis suisj et stramentum, focalia, et albam candelam, quando 
ct quotieiiscumqiie illiic declinare ccintigerit, 

Libera fibma cum hecta citric. Thomas Hiinter t. j 
toftum — bovatas terne liberff, quondam Hetirici Foxdon, per 
lioniagium et fidel itatcni, et r. p. a. jd. Idem t. j ten. ct vj 
bovatas terrK libersc, quondam Nicliolai Semer, per homagium 
et fidelitatem, et r. p. a. iijs. viijd. 

Et aunt ibidem ix mesuagia husbaud et wvj bo-vatfe terrse; 
de qiiibus quseHhet bovata tcrrEE de xxiiij bovatia cont. viij acras 
teniG arabiiis et prati; et de duabus bovatis remanentibus utra- 
que cont. ix acvas, Et qua:Hbet bovata pro portione sua cariabit 
molarea molendini, ct faciet parietes ejusdem ; et dictum uioleD- 
dinura coopcriet, prsEter super le loutUrc, auis propriia 6nmptibti& 
ct eipcnsis, quotiens et quando necesse fuerit; et muiidabit 
stagnum molendini pnedicti ; et inolet Mada sua ad xaij ras. 
Unde in tenura, 

Jobauues "Wliyte t. j ines. et ij bovatas terrse, quondam in 
tpmira Boberti Whythcucd, et r. p, a. viijs. Adam Maner t. j 
raea, aadifieatum et v bovatas terrse, et r. p. a. sviija. Johannes 
(sic) t. j toftum ffidificatuni et quatuor bovatas terr^, quondam 
iu tenura Nichotali Snawhall, xvije. Idem t. j flatte, vocatum 
Moubraye-flatte, et r. p, a. xvije, Idem t. ij bovatas terrse cont. 
xviij acras^ et r. p. a. xvijs. Idem t. j mes.j quondam Johanuis 
Snawball, et iiij bovatas terrse, ct r. liiijs. Idem t. j mes. et j 
bovatam teiTsr, quondam Thomie de Colte, et r. p. a. vs. 
Kogenifl de Berwyk t. j mes. tedifieatum et j bovatam terra?, et 
r. p. a. vs. Johannes "VVhytc t, j ten. et ij bovatas terrie, voc. 
Carlton -place, r. p. a. ixs. Thomas Gollane t. j mes. sedificatum 
et iij bovatas terrse, et r. p. a. sijs. Johauncis Whjte t. j rae- 
Buagium ct ij bovataa ten-Be, quie quondam tennit Petrus Mody, 
et r. p. a. vjs. 

Opera. Sunt ibidem xj eotagia; et quodlibet cotagium 
molet blada Bita ad moleudiuum ihidcun ; et faciet opera et eou- 
suehidines ad dirtnm moleodiinim, sicut tenentes facinut pro 



liovatia ttme superiila prffinOminatis j ei faciunt seiTitiaj ut 
iaferius patet ; uiide in teiiura, 

Johamies Whjtc t. j cot., quondam Johamiis Mek, et r 
acras teri-se, et r. p. a. vs. Idem t. j cotagiiim, vocatum 
PondaT-place, et ij acraa terriB e-t di., et r. p. a, iijs, (opera in 
autucDpno — in marg.) Idem t. j cotagimn, quondam Johaunis 
Gelle, ct iiij aeraa terriCj iijs. Idem t. j cota^urn, quondam 
Matildae Parlien, etyaeras teri-Bc crnn crofto, r. p. a. iijs. Idem 
t. j cotagium, quondam Robert] Neteliyrd, et v aeras ten-aj cum 
crofto, et r. p. a. vs.; et quatuor opera. Idem t. j cot., quon- 
dam Willolmi MilnePj cum j erofto et iij acras terriEj f. p. a. va. 
et iiij Opera. Idem t. j cot. cum ,j crofto, quondam Christianae 
Skanser, r. p. a. xviijil. Idem t. j cot. cum croftn et iiij acras 
teme, quondam Johannia Walkatj r- p- a- iijs. ilijd, et opera- 
Idem t, j cot. cum j crofto et viij acras teiTBe, qnondam Aliciie 
Abbote, r. p. a. vs. et opera. Idem t. j cot. et iiij acras terras, 
quondam ThomBe de Bekke, r. p. a. iiija. Idem t. j eot. de novo 
appropriatum per Thoraam Jonsoii ibidemj r — . 

DiMissio. Et dictiis Jobaanes Wbytte i. omnia prsedicta 
teneraeuta Rt terras, cum bovatis terrEe prEeuomiiiatis, prout 
superlus Bpecificatur per tcnuras suaa; ct r. p. a. in grosso pro 
omnibus LtxB. viijd. 

Est etiam ibideui unum uioleudinum aquaticum pertiucns 
maneriu pnedieto, et iip acras terrje priedicto molendiuo per- 
tinentes, vocatas le Miln-holiue, et jacentes versus occid. a 
dicto molendino, et ex parte bor. de EUerbek in campo Magni 
Broghton, et r. p. a. xiijs. iiijd, 

JEt aciendum quod Wcariua de Kyrkbe in Cleveland habet 
ibidem diversa tenementa et xxviij acras terr^, pro quibus idem 
Ticariua tcnetur facere qualibet aexta feria celebrari uuam roia- 
sam in capella Sanctse Margaretae ibidem; et etiam faciet pro- 
uuutiari in dicta capella Evaugelium dictis parochi (an) ia qua- 
libet die Dominica; et aquam beuedictam cum pane conslmili 
els fieri et miriistrari ; et in festo Pur, B. M. iavenict liiium 
capelJanum ad recipiendum oblationes candelarum ibidem an- 
nuatim; et etiam oblationes palmarum iu Dominica in Ramis- 
palmarnm; et etiam ad audiendum confeesionea parochianorum 
ibidem singulis annis tempore Qiiailragesimali. 


Habent etiam {in) Magna Brogbton j eapitale mes. sedifi< 
catum, et jacens es parte or. ejuadcm villre et ex parte austr,, 
juxta le ovrt-gan^ versus Parvam Brogbton, cum j gardino et j 
crofto adjacent., crofto vero cent, ij acr, prati, 




Habent etiara iij bovataa et di. terrie atahilis et prati dicto 
mcB. pertmeiites ; unde ij aerae et j roda prati jaccnt discontinue 
inter prata cotnmunia husband ibidem : et quEclibet bovata 
cont. sviij acras terrte araljilis et prati : uiide super le Lyng-hill 
in ij locia jaceiit iij acrre. Et ex parte or. del Mykil-mere, 
super Whit-lawc, j atra et di. Et super Mykill-mer-hill, 
Tersua ar.j cum j butta super le Post, j acra et j roda. Et super 
Gude-monondaycSj ck parte or, ihidenij j acra et j rodit. Et 
super le Crosse-gart-hill, quia in mediOj j acra. Et ex parte or. 
del HeU-kaiTE, justa Lytil-brogbton fcld, j acra. Et super leu 
Postea di. acra. Et super ler Toft j acra. Et super le 
Standand-stane, quia in medio, j acra. Et super Scbof-fiirdale 
et le Dale-acre j acra. Et super Braubi-forris iij rodffi. Et 
Buper Mikil-rigge, quia m medio, ij acrce in diver&is loci&. Et 
ex parte occid., juxta Trans-sykc, j acra. Et ad Jacgart-heud, 
super Mal-kuoll, di. acra. Et super lez Flores di. acra. Et 
super lez Schort-hordea di. roda. Et super Schort-mosse-fen 
di. roda. Et super Lang-mos-fenne j roda. Et super lez 
Schort-rodea di. roda. Et super le Ovjr-weudikes di. acra. 
Et super le Wych-busk, in divcrsis locisj j acra. Et super le 
Milu-hill, versus, finem or.,j acra. Et super Eez Lathe-buttee, 
quia in medio, j acra et di. Et super lez Laiig-landes ij acrte 
et di. Et Buper lea Leiieiidalea di. acra. Et super Wyudes- 
ierse di. acra. Et super Smyth-stedes di. acra. Et super le 
Miln-gavcU j acra et j roda. Et super le More-hrck di. acra. 
Et super lez Smytb-stcdes, es parte austr. ibidem^ iij rodae. 
Et jujLta Hi llerbck- bridges J. ex parte bor,, j roda, Et super 
lez Scbort.rodes ij buttes j roda, Et super Saude-landes j acra 
et di. in diversis loois. Et super Row-carre di, roda. Et super 
Alward-acre in tribus buttie iij rodie. Et ad le Falu-erosse di, 
acra. Et super le Thorne-dyk di. acra, Et super le Lang- 
lialf-acre j acra et j roda. Et super le Tbom^bank iij rodie. 
Et super Kim-acre iij acra>, Et super lez Big-landes in diversis 
locis j acra et di. Et super Lang-abbow j acra j roda. Et 
Buper Schort-abbow j roda. Et super le Canon-fiatte iiij acrte. 
Et super Nauware-law iij rodee. Et super (josmodre di. acra. 
Et super lez Layre-pittes in diversis locis j acra. Et super le 
Laug-pole j acra. Et Nocthorne j roda. Et super le Wattir- 
fall in diversis locia j acra. Et super Gren-rige j acra et di, 
Et super Swyn-bo!mps in ij locis j aera j roda, Et super 
Lauibe-Icz j roda. Et super Estwyn-holnie j aeia. Et super 
Skal-rige di. acra. Et ex parte bor. dictse di. aerte j sera. Et 
super Litd-holdale j acra. Et ex parte oeeid. le Cot-garth, 
ante portani grangise Abbatis de Ryvaux, buttando iu le uiiln- 
dam, di. aera, Et super le Mii--?yk j acra. Et in medio ter- 



rarum domimcarum grangise prffidictsB, buttando super le cote, 

TersQs occid, Et super Kllei'-ayk, versus or., j acra, Et enper 
Hurig-leysCi in ij locis, j acra. Et ex parte occid., justa le 
Grangc-flatte, di. aera. Et super "VThayt-hill j roda, 

CoTAGiA COM TERKA ArjAfENTB. Habent etlani ibidem ij 
cotagia in eadem villa; quonini j jacet sedificatiun props finem 
bor. diets villiB, inter placeam Abbatia de Ryvaiis ex pai'te bor., 
et pkceain Teraplacionim es parte anstr. Et sunt aci'ae tcrrse 
ai'aljilis pertineiites dictu cotagio; qnaram super lez Hert-breks 
jacct j acra. Et super le Standaud-stau di. acra. Et ex jiarte 
or. de Mikle-rige j acra. Et super Icz Schort-boTdes, buttando 
sapcr Tran-syk, di. acra. Et in le Helle-karre j roda, 

Et aliud cot. vo^^atum Tabfird-plaee jacct juxta grangiam 
Abbatia ibidem versuis occid., cum j crofto adjaceute, et r. p. a. 

Et Johannes de Appilton t. omnia prsedicta teaementa et 
terraSj et p. p. a. in grosso xniiijs. 

Habent ctiam in campo Magni Brogbton siiij acraa terr^ 
arabilis sine toftOj qusE solebaut esse in mauu donitni, eo quod 
Auut tcrrffl dominies, ad dimittGodum ad firmam cuicumqnc 
placuerit; quanim super Godemononday, ex parte or. ibidem, 
jacent %j acn*. Et ex parte occid. del Crosse, ex uua parte vice 
de KypK-gate, j acra et di. Et es parte austr. del Lowyk-karre, 
buttando super eundem, ij acrte. Et ex parte bor. dictie Karre 
j acra et di. Et super le Lang-mos-fcne, biittaudo super 
Tran-syk, versus oecid,, j acra et di. terrae arabilis et prati. Et 
Bupcr Scbort-mos-fene, ex parte or. ibidem, ij a<Tffi terrse 
arabili.'^ et prati. 

FaATA DOMINICA. Habcnt etiam Ij acraa et iij rodaa prati 
dominici ibidem, pcrthicutea pnedictis acris terrse dominicaj; 
q^arum in le Lang-strotbre, ex parte austr. ejusdem, jaccut j 
acra et iij rodae, Et ei parte occid. de Lyn-bek, buttando 
super Lyn-bek-Tratbe, iij rodffi, Et ex parte bor., juxta easdem 
rod as, j roda. 

DiMissio. Et Johannes Whyt t. prsBdieta terras et prata 
cum terris specificatis in teuura sua in Parva Brogbton, et r. 
pro omnibua in groaao, ut patet. 


Kabent etiam in villa de Ingleby j tofEuna sedificatum, et 
jacens ad ftnem austr. villae, ex parte occid. ejusdem, cum j 
gapdino et j crofto adjacente, coiitr in toto per ffist. j aeram et di. 

Habciit etiam in campo ibidem j bovatam terrse arabilis et 
prati, cont. xv aeras terrje ; quarum, ex parte occid. de May- 



belt, jacent "v acrfe. Et super Lilil-red-howc, quia in medio, 
buttando super Rede-how-Rvk, iij rortic. Et ex parte or. de Bel- 
rigc, buttarwlo super Me-bet, iij rodai. Et es parte bur. tie Red- 
liow-gate ij aerae et di. Et super le Bryg-syk, quia iu medio, 
buttando sajier Ic Blind-keld vctsoa au'str., j acra. Et super 
lez Wate-landeSj buttando super Esby-raarcbe, j acra. JEt 
super Haystangaftli, ex parte boT. de Ingleby-feld, j acra. Et 
«uper llaystanfrartli-hill, buttando super Esby-waye, j acra. 
Et super difitUQi Hiistyngwth, cs parte austr. del Thorues, di. 
acra. Et &uper dictum H astyngarth, ex parte austr. prope di. 
acram. prtedictam, buttando super le Kound-bolnie, j acra. 

CoTAGiA. Habent etiam j cot. sedificatiim ibidem ct jaccns 
ex parte or. villte, et ad finem bor. ejusdem, cont, in toto per 
ffiat. di. acram. 

Habeut etiam ij acraa ten-te et di. pertinp-utes eidem cotagio ; 
quarum super lez Lam-cotes jacent j acra ct j roda, Et super 
Giidrc-cost j acra et j roda. 

DiMiasio. Et Pttrus de Batbcbon t. prsedicta ten. et terras, 
et r, p. a. viijs. Unde pro bovata terrse vs. Et pro cotagio 
cum terra cidem pertinente iija. 


Habent etiam j tfu. asdificatum cum j gardiao et j crofto 
adjacentibus, eorit. in toto per seat, j acrana ; et jacet ex parte 
or. villte, inter plnccam Ticarite dictte villEe, ex parte auetr., ct 
placeam Jobannia Tuidm es parte bor. 

Habeut etiam j bovataiu terra; arabilis ibidem cont. xij acraa 
terrse; quarum super Fulburne et lez Dykeej roda. El super 
Hay-bek di. aera. Et super Dymplcs j roda. Et iu le fcclak 
del gate j, roda. Et ad Ic Wynd-myln-blll, ex utraque parte 
vise quEe ad Stokeslaye (ducit), dL aera, Et ad Uellerberk- 
beiied, e\ traiisverao dictie vite, di. acra. Et super HiUcrbek- 
landcB iij rodte. Et es parte oecid. dictte Hillerbek-landcs j 
acraj roda. Et super Helle in duobua locis di. acra. Et super 
Lang- span- bow di. acra. Et euper Schort-apan-bow j roda. Et 
in lez Botbomes j roda. Et super Magodes-leyae, buttando 
super leu Dykes, cli. roda. Et super Wyndynges, justa le Ald- 
bek, in diversis locis, yj acraa. Et iu lea Pet-pottes di. acra. 
Et ex. austr. dictarum Pet-pottea j roda. Et super le furiaug de 
"VTcse-belfj in diversia locis, di. acra. Et ex parte austr. del 
Acre-tliorne di. roda. Et snper lez Over-toftes j roda. Et 
super Somerell-buttes iij roda:. Et in lez O^'cr-brotes, qida in 
mediOj j roda. Et ex parte oecid. del Bere-rige di. acra, Et 
in medio ejuadem di. acra. Et iu lez Brotes j roda et di, Et 



super Scliort-ljerige j i-oda, Bt super Laiif^-lUlyuges j roda. 
fit BTipcf Scliort-liiliiiges di. roda. Et ex parte or, le lonyuKfi 
de lez Euge-gates j roda. Et ad finem austr. villse, ex parte or. 
del Dykes, di, acra. 

Prata ibidem. Habent etiam lij rodas prati jacentea dia- 
continue inter husband ibidem; videlicet in Ipz Plodres j roda. 
Et 111 Icz. Laug.rodes j roda, Et in lez Schort-i-odes j roda. 

CoTAOioM. Habeut etiam j cotagium ibidpm ciira j crofto 
adjaccnte, et ,pacet ex parto occid. villae prEedictie, versus iinem 

auatr. ejuadeni villjB, inter placeam JohaTinia de ex parte 

bor., et placeam .Tohannig es parte austr. 

DiMissio. Et Bobertus de Yiigrame t. omnia prsedicta ten. 
et terrasj ct r. p. a. in gros&o pro omnibus ixs.J 

Opeka et consuetudenes, ut PRID3. Johauiies Talyor t. 
j. tasss., et facit OpCra in autumpno, ct r. p. a. ad t'eatum Nat. 
Domini xx ova, et ad festura Pasclise; et etiam r. p. a. ad ter- 
minos conauetoa xijd. Johannes Drewepy t. j cot. iij acras 
terrse et prati cum j herbar'j r. vd. et opera. Johanues Kyell t. 
j eot., et r. p. a, sijd, ct opera, ut snpra. Johannes Colynaon 
t. j cat. iij et di. (acraa) terrse, et r. p. a. iiijs. ijd. et opera. 
Johannes Hare t. j eotagium, ij acras terrajj et r, p. a, ijs. vjd. 
et opera, ut supra, Johannes Kyrkhe t. j cot. iij acras tcrr^e ct 
di., et r. p. a. iijs. xd. et opera, ut supra. Idem t. lirgas juxta 
ripaa dc Donfe, vocatoa apechyusj \J3,, sine operibua. Raj- 
naldus Robertsun t. j cot. et j acrani terr», et r. p. a. iijs. et 
opera, ut supra. Issabella de Stane^cve t, cotagium, et r. p. a. 
xijd. et opera. Nicbol Nettebii'd t. j cotagiura, et r. p. a. sijd. 
et opera- Johannes Lepare t. j cotagium, et t. p. a. iJ3, et 
opera, ut aupra. Idem Johannes t. herbar' ortorum ad Hnem 
villie, ct r. p. a. in festo S. Martini iijs., sine operibua. Wil- 
lelmu3 Talyor t. ij ortos, ct r. p. a. ija., sine operibus. Cel 
Feruiig* t. j cot., et r. p. a. ijs., sine operibus. Johannea "VVayde 
t. j cot. iiij acras terrse et di. acram prati, et r. p. a. iijs. vjd. et 
opera. Johannes Moris t. j cot. cum diversis f^arditiis lierbarum 
ad finem villse, et r, p. a. iiijs., sine operibus, Willeliiius MUner 
t. j cot,, et r. p. a. xijd. et opera, ut supra. Joliamies Mere t. j 
cot, j acram terrse, et r, p. a, iJ9- ct opera, Domiuus Petras, 
vioarius, t. lez Pcel-g^artli, et r. p. a. iiijd., sine operibua. Wil- 
lelmua Acaatre t. j cot. juxta cimiteriuin, et r. p. a. ijs., sine 
operibus. Johannes de Kyrkbe t. j tot. et j gardinum ad occid. 
finem villie, et r. sxd., sine operibua. llieardua Durefu t. ij 
gardiriDs ad occid. finem villae, ct r. p. a. x™jd., sine operibus. 
Willelmus Durefu t. Ketilgnrth, et r. p. a. xiijd., eine operibus. 

J ARai this tliiorc a a likiili pagtt, and n loaf li&^ b«ea cut out of the MS. 

Redditus solitcs es ANTiquo. Et scicTiflum est quod quod- 
libet cotagium de pnedictis Rotagiie, jaccnis al}squc terriB ad- 
jacentibusj solebat aiiEiquia tempopibus diinitti ad tirniam pro 
xijd, per ami. et operibus, vel pro ije. sice opcribus, lit patet in 
antiquo rotido. Et oiniics ganliui praedicti sokbaiit dimJtti ad 
fixjnam altiorem. 

Dommus vicarius tenet Adcs-crofte, et coiit. ij acras terrre et 
di, per sest., et r. p. a. iiija. iiijd., sine ojieribus. Solebat red- 
dere yjb. 

Commune furvuih. Johaiiuea Moris t. commune furnuin 
yillie, et r. p, a. iijs. vjd, 

Et quiHbct Ijrjiaiatrix, sive super terram bond'' vel cota- 
Kioriim, de quolibet bracionagio dabit domino es conauetudine 
ij lagenns eGrvisiie. 

Julitmncs del Stable t. tnolendinum aquatkum. 


Hahcnt etiam manemim in villa de Salton, ul)i diversae 
domuB ffidificantwr, videlicet una aula cnm trihns camerig et 
una capella, coqiiina, pistriaa, bracina, maguum stabulutn, 
unnm poraerium, et uiiam gardiiium vocatnm le pen-giirth. Kt, 
ex parte bor. dlcti manerii, una aula vocata le gest'ball, cum 
una camera in fine, et le gate-lious, et una magna graugia, 
boscar', porcar' ; et uuum torale noi"iter iedificatuin ; iiuuan 
pomerium vocatum le kyln-garth ; et unmn gardinum TOcatum 
le ben-garth. 

Sunt etiam ibidem xvj bovatEc teiTEe daminicse arabilis; 
quarum quElibet cont. ix acras tente ; unde ooto bovatfe jacent 
in quataor flattes, vocatis lez Dikes et lez Miln-croft. Istie 
prsedictse flattfe, vocatse Bla-pule, jacent juxta Croasow-brigge, 
inter terras tenentiuiUj et sunt seperalcs. Et cieterae viij bovatae 
terrai jaceiit discontinue per diversas partes inter terras teueutiura 
ibidem . 

Sunt etiam ibidem xij acrsB prati et di. In le W , prseter 

duaa aeliouea rcdactaa in pratum^ et sunt seperalea onini tempore 
anni. Sunt etiam ibidem viij aerffi prati in lez South-euge, 
jacentea in una Hatta inter prata tcaentium, non Beperalia. 

Eat etiam ibidem una clausura^ vocata lez Miln-clos, et est 
seperalia omni tempore anwi. 

Fhensholme. Est etiara ibidem jboscusTQcatus Frens- holme, 
cont. per seat, ij acras et di. ; et eat seppralts ouilli tempore aOni. 

Bahcaria JUXTA CAMFU31 DE EiiESTuN. Est ctiam in caiupo 
ibidem j plaeea terrEe, vocata Cote-gartbj ubi dotninuB solebat 
liabcre unam barcariam. 



DiMissio. Willelmus de Daventre t, lez gest-hall cum ora- 
nibiia aliia domibua ibulero, ex parte hor. antcdicti manerii, cam 
lez kyln-gai-th et lez beeu-garth; escepto quod dominus haliebit 
finem australem magnte grangise pro decimia suis intraiidis, 
quatiens opus faerit. Et etiam dictus Willelmus t. omnia terras 
et prata prsedicUj excepto quod donainua habebit vj acras prati 
in WcBte-rige pro equis suis; ct cKCeptia Freus-holme et placea 
pro barcaria justa campuni de Edestonj et r. p. a. ad terminus 
S. Martini et Pentecostes xsxiijs. Et ctiam r. p. a,, videlicet 
ad Ptir. B.M.V. et Pasca, per fequales portionea, vj quartrria 
frumeiiti et mixtilionis, iiij quarteria ordei, et s quaiteria 
avenarum; et molet blada sua ad molendLnum (lomiui ad — - 
vas ; et faciei sectam ad L-uriam ibidem. Sunt etiam iii villa 
ibidem Ixsiij bovatse terne, uude lliij bovatai sunt de bondagioj 
et iiij bovatEe per sest. sunt in lez For-landea ; et teneutiir ut 
boudagise: et xv bovats terrje aunt dc dominicis; nude quse- " 
libet bovata terra de dominicis cont. vij acraa et di. terrce ara- 
biUs et prati. Et quselibet bovata dc bondag, et dc lez For- 
landea cont, ix aeras. Et, pneter liiee, ij boiidagite et di. per 
Best, divisse sunt inter cotagia ibidem. 

Et qiiaElibet bovata tcrrPEj secundum coneuetudiuera manerii 
ibidem, pro portions sua, tariabit victualia domini ubiquc infra 
eomitafcura Ebor. pro domino et eqnitaturis suis. Et etiam 
carriabit mercmium aerratum et quadratum pro asditicatione 
manerii de Salton ; et etiam molendini ibidem. Et carriabit 
molarea ejusdem molendini ; et reparabit stagnum ejuadeni mo- 
lendini ; et faciei omnia opera terrca pertiuentiadicto molendino. 
Et mundabit couductum aquie ejusd-em etagui ex utraque parte. 
Et cooperict dictum molcudiuum coopertura domini. Et etiam 
inveniet Icetos boncatoa pro hospitibna domini quotiens illuc 
accesscrit. Et carriabit petraa et calcem latoraorum, et omne 
raeremium pro dumibu9 in prsedlcto maneria construendia et 
reparaudis. Et etiam eliget unum ydoneum eervientem pro 
mauerio prEcdicto eustodieudo, et alios, [iraepoaitoa pro denariis 
colligendis, Et ale-graves, wateve-gravcs, et iiij juxatOB, omnia 
pra^sentatilia fsicj in curia et in capitulo de Salton; ei uuum 
staurarium pro stauro domiui custodiendo ibidem. Pro quibus 
HUpradictis sic electis tenentea ibidem respondere tenentur. Et 
etiam nullus tenens ibidem carriabit bladum suum in autumpno, 
priusquam bladum domini fuerit carriatum, nisi licentia a 
domino petita ct optcnta, Et etiam quwlibet bovata pro parte 
sua mundabit fossatum circa Freus-holme, et molet blada sua 
ad molendinura domini ad xiij vas. 

JloNQAGU. Jobannea de Cravin t. j mess, et ij bovatas 
terrae et di. de bondagiie, et r. p. a. xb. Idem Johannce t. ij 


Bcrais terrse de for-land, et r. p. a. ixd. Idem Johannes (t.) j 
Todam et A\. prati, et r. p. a. ija. Idem Joliaimps t. j cotagium 
cum fore-laud, ct r. p. a. ijs. vj^d. Rogerus Bell t. j mess, et 
iij "bovatas teirte dc bond., et r. p. a. sijs. Idem Rogem* t. j 
Iravatam terrtE de doiniiiicis, et r. p. a, vjs. Idem Rogcnia t. j 
Iierbariam cum meas. pt ij boratia terrse de bond., et r. p. a. jd. 
Johannes Elynson t. j meas. et jj bovatas terne dc bond,, et r. 
p. H. viijs. Idem t. j. bnv, teme de dominieis, et r. p. a., cdni 
j lierbar., va. ob. Idem t. j pkeeam terrs, vocatam Hawykea- 
crofte, ad Toluutatem domiiii, ad incrementum tcnunc bucB, 
quia debdlB ; et nil ; aed solcbat reddere ijs. ilijd. Eelicta 
Robert! Watson t. j mess, et iiij bovatas terrae de bond., cnra 
barbarja et for-land, et r- p- a- xvjs. jd. ob. Johannes filius 
Rclierti Wataun t. j mess., xijs. jd. Idem Johannes t. j bovatam 
terrai de dominiciSj et r. p. a, vja. jd. Robertiis dc Malteby t. 
j oicas. et ij bovatas teri'sc de bondagiis, et r, p. a. Yiijs. Idem 
Robertua t. j bovatam terrse de dominicia, et r. p. a, vjb. Idem 
Bobertua t. j cbere-garth, di, WodH-busk, et j Wddir-land, et r. 
siiijd. Johanoes Smyth t. j mess, et iij bovatas terne de bond, 
cum j herbajHa, et r. p. a. xjs. ob. Alicia de Ottriugton t. j 
mess, et ij bovatas terrae de bond., et r. p. a. viija. Eadem 
Alicia t, iij bov&tas terriB de dominicia, cum le for-land, ut in 
rotul' ciiriie, et r. xvijs, qua. Willelmus de Thimeham t. j 
racSB. cum j girs-garth, inehisura, ct iij bovataiS terrffi bond-, r. 
liijs. Idem WiUelmua t. j parcellam de tor-land, vocatam Ic 
Brade-tofte, et r. p. a. xviijd. Idem t. ij aeras terrte de 
dominieis, et r. p. a. ija. Thomas Enyaun t. j bovatam teri'Ee 
de dominieis, et faeit ij opera in autumpuo, ct r. va. Johannes 
de Stable t. j mess, ij bovatas terric de bond., et r. p. a. viijs. 
idem Johannes t, j bovatam terrse de dominieis, et r. p, a. vjs. 
WiUelmua Talyor t. j bovatam et ij bovatas terrse de bond., et 
r. p. a. viijs. Walter Cattesun t. j meas. et ij bovatas terrae de 
dominieis, et di. bovatte ten-se boud., xjs. Johannes de Craven 
t. j mess, iij bovatas terraj de bond., cum le for-land^ j herbar., 
xa. vjd. Henricus "Wyotte t. j mesa., iiij bovatas terrx bond., 
et r. p. a. xvja, Johannes (.Tanton t. j mesa, iij bovatas terrje 
de bond., et r. p. a. xijs. Idem Johannes t. iiij acras terrse de 
dominicia, et j Brade-toftc, et r. p. a. vs. Willelmus Durifen t. 
j me^s., iij bovataa de bond., et r. p. a. xijs, Idem Willelmus 
t. j bovatam terne et dominieis, et j acram. de for-land, r. vjs. 
Idem WUlelmiis t. j parcellam prati juxta le West-yng, voeatam 
Crok, ijs, Willelmns Riotte t. j meea. ij bovatas terjTC de bond., 
quarum j bovata nuper in tenura Rcginaldi Lowe, cum for-laud, 
et r. p. a. xijs, viijd, Idem Willelmus t. j aeram terrte de 
dominieis in le Noith-feld, ct r. p. a. ixd. Idem Willelmus t. 



j acram terrte, Tocatam Stoure-land, et r. p. a. xd. Idem 
Willelmus t. j buttam terrse ad le West-croft- yet, et r. p. a. ijd. 
KicarduB Durifen t. j mesa., iiij bovatas terrse de bond., et r. p. 
a, svj!j. Idem Rieardaa t. Brade-tot'te, cum quadam pareella 
prati. vj buttaa tenre super Doufe, et v buttas in Le SoutK-feld, 
et r, p. a, iijs. iiijd. Dominus Petrus, i-'icariuB, t. ij bovatas 
terrte dc bond., ct r. p. a. viijs, Et sunt in mana domini, 
defectu, ij bovatse terrae bond. : solebant r. p. a. viijs. Item in 
maau domini j bovata tcrrx domLiiicie, cum for-land : solebat 
r. vs. ijd. 

CoTA<JiA, Et BUiit iix eadem villa xxxix cotagia, -imde xvij 
ledificantur, lix non EedificantiiTj dimissa pro herbagio; et iij 
cotagia omniiio vasta et sine tenura; et quodlibet eotagium 
facit opera ad molendinuni et stagnnm ejuadem, pro parte sua, 
sicut et bondi; et alia opera et coiiaiietudineBj sieut inferins 

Johaiiues Talyor t, j cot., et facit iiij opera in aatiuapno, et 
r. ad fe&tum Nativ. iiij gallinas, ct ad festum Paschse XK ova, et 
etiam r. p. a. ad consuet. xijd. Johannes Druiy t. j cot., iij 
acraa terrse et prati, cum j herbciria, et r, p. a. iiijs. vd. et opera. 
Johannes Kyell t. j cot., et r. p. a. xijd. et opera, ut supra. 
Johannes Coljnison t. j cot. iij aeras terra; ct di. tern", r. p. a. 
iiija. vjd. Johannes Hare t. j cot. ij acraa terrfe, et r. p. a. ij&. 
vjd., et opera, ut supra. Johamies Kereby t. j cot. iij acras di. 
terne, et r. p. a. iijs, xd, ct opera. Idem t. Tirgas juxta ripas 
de Doufe, voeatas lez Bpecliyua, r. p. a. iiijs., sine operihu&. 
Raynaldua Kobcrtsuu t. j cot. ct j acram teiTic, et t, p. a. iijs. 
et opera. Isabella dc Stayngrafn t. j cot., et r. p. a, xijd. et 
opera. Nicholaus Netehird t. j cot., et r. p. a, xijd. et opera. 
Johannes Lepai' t. j cot., vX r. p. a. ijs. et opera. Idem 
Johannes t. herb, ortorura ad fiinem vill[e; r. p. a., ad festHm 
S. Martini, tantum iijs., sine operibna. Willelmua Talyor t. ij 
ortos, r. p. a. ijs., sine operibua, Cecil Fening' t. j eot.f et r. 
p. a. ijs., sine operibus. Johannes Waude t. j cot,, iiij acras 
terrae et di. acram prati, r. p. a. iiija., sine operibus. Johannes 
Moris t, j cot., eum diversia gardiiiia hei'b. ad fiucm villajj r. p. 
a. iiijs., sine operibna. Willelmus Miluer t. j cot., et r. p. a. 
xijd. et opera. Johannes Trere t. j cot. et j aerara teiTse, et r. 
p. a. ijs. et opera. Domiuus vicarius t. le Peele-gartli, et r. p. 
a. iiijd. Willelmii-s Acastre t. j cot, jus.ta clmiterium, ct r. p. 
a. ijs., sine operibus. Joliaunes de Kirtbe t. j cot. et j gar- 
dinuDQ, ad aoatr, finem villse, r. p. a. x.xd. Bicni'dus Durefene 
t. ij gardiiia, ad oecid. fiiicm villge, r. p. a. xviijd. sine [operibus]. 
Willelmus Durefa t. Ketil-garth ad voluutatem dominij r. p. a. 
xiijd., sine operibus. 


Et sciendum quod quodlibtt cotagium de prsedictia cotagiis, 
jacenis absque tcrriB adj aceiitibuB, solebat aiitiquis tetuporibiia 
dimitti ad firmam pro xij denariis p. a. ct oporibus, iit patet- 

Et omnes gardiiii prffidicti solebant dimitti ad firmam al- 

Domiuus vicarius t. Adea-crofte, et cout. ij acras terra: et 
di., et r. p. a. iiijs. iiijd., sine (operibuu). 

Commune turmum. JoLanncs JTorise t. commvine fiirnuin 
villas, et r. p. a. iiijs. iiijd., sine opmbus. 

Bracjnagium. Et quilibet bracioaatrix super terras bond, 
vel cota{^. dc quolibet bracionagio dabit duos, ex coiisuetudmcj 
lagenos aer visile. 

MoLENDiNUM AQiTATicuM. Johannes del Stable t. moleu- 
dinum aquaticum ibidem cum eecta multurpe ejusdem, et r. p, 
a. iiijli. vjs. viijd. 

Domiuus vicarius de Saltou t. piscariam ibidem, et r. p. a. ijb, 

AoisTAMENTA IN L'EZ EsT MoftE. Et notaudum quod lez 
Est-mope est seperale domini, a festo Iiipentionis Sanctae Crucis 
usque featum Sjiucti Petri ad Vinculaj exccpto quod quilibet 
teneiis de j bovata iii Saltou babebit in eadem per dictum 
tempua, pro qualibct bovata quaui tenet, ij bovea et vaccaa, ex 
cousuetudine, Et si aliquis tenens ibidem habeat aliquas 
bcatiaa, ultra quod habet ibidem pro tenura sua, ut prseraittitur, 
solvet pro qualibet bestia vjd. Et pro quolibet stirk ij annorum 
iijd. Et quilibet tenens ibidem habebit umim jumeutum ibidem 
post pullulationem per iij dies, ex cousaetudine, infra dictum 

Opera bt consuetuuines, Et notaudum quod singulre 
binie bovatEE terrse ibidem do bond, facient j carectam pro 
carriagio doraini dc mcremio quadrate. Et pro victualibiis 
domiiii carriaudia quselibet bovata terrse bond, iuveniet j equum. 
Et iiij bovatffi terras invenient j bigam pro dtcto carr', cum opus 
fuerit, super le Burd-land, nil faciendo de dictis operibus. 

CoMMDNE ATTXiLiiiM. Et pTffidicti tenentes, secundum anti- 
quam conauetudinem dictge prebeuda;, debcnt dare portioiiem 
de summa decern marcanim argeati pro palefndo emendo 
domino Priori, cam noviter fuerit elcctus : vel alias ad commune 
ausilium, cum necessitas cogerit ipsuta petere ab eisdem; vide- 
licet, qiulibet juxta portiouem tcnuTEe sueb, 

ViBouiTuM CUM VABTo. Communitaa villEe t. virgas circa 
ripas aquiE de Doufe, et herbagium devasto in campo de Salton, 
et r. p. a. — . 




Sunt etiam in villa de Brawby Ij liovatae terrje et iij acrs 
terras, unde octo bovatre ct iij acrse terrse aunt de ten-is domi- 
nicisj et xliij IxivatBe tie bondagiis, Unde tres bovataj tcrrae per 
sest. dividuntur Id for-laud, quse dimittimtur inter tenentes 
viUec, tit inferius. Eat etiatu ibidem una clauaura in tenura 
Robert] Acastre, quse cont. in (sp) j bovat. terne. Et qutelibet 
de pi-sedietis bovatia cont, in se m terra arabili ct pratis ix acras. 
Item eat ibidem ima elausura in mora vooata lez Cot-garth, nbi 
Holebat haberi una barcaria eedificata. Item domiuus babet 
ibidem pistrinum commune, et r. p. a., prout contiuetm' iu- 
ferina. Item quilibet tcnens prsedictarum bovatarum terrae 
faciet singula opera et conaiietudinee pro portioue ana ad molpn- 
dinum de Saltou, sicut tenentes de Saltou faciunt pro bondagiis 
auLs ibidemj prout auperins speeificatur. Et quilibet tcneua in 
villa de Brawby teHetur tnolare blada aua ad molendinam de 
Saiton, qiiamdiu nou tabetur molcndinum apud Brawby, sub 
pcena perditionia totins grani versus lez niultir-grafe, et sficclli 
Teraus molcndinarium, et amerciamenti versus dominura. Et 
cum fuerit molendinum apud Brawby, tunc tenentes ibidem 
debeiit molare blada sua ad id raolendiiiura, ct f'acere opera et 
consuetudiucs ad dietura; moleudiuuni, sicut tenentca dc Saiton 
ferciunt ad moleudiiium domiui de 8alton. Et, dikrante molen- 
dino apud Brawby, tenentea ibidem nou teneutur ad aliqua 
opera vcl cousuctudincs, neque sectara cma blado molend, de 
Saiton, prout ordinatur in curia domini ibidem. Et quilibet 
bovata terrie ibidem faciet omnia opera et couBuetudiiies, tam 
cariiagio quam in aliia servitiis, pro portione sua, Bcoundum 
quod tenentes de Saltou faciunt pro bovatis teme ibidem, lit 
superius es^t espresaum. Et teuentur dare ad commune auxilium 
et pro palefrido eraendo domiuo Priori, qTiilibet jnita portionem 
teiiurse sum, prout tenentea de Saiton, sicut superiuB est 

WillelmUa Courtman t. j meas., iiij bovatas terr*, j her- 
baria™, et for-la.nd, et Hors-poile, r. p, a. xvija. vjd. Tbomaa 
Talyort. j mens,, ij bovata? terrie, cum for-land, r. p. a. viije. 
vjd, ob. Johannes Wath t. j mess., ij bovatas terrie, cum lez 
for-land, cont. di. acram, et r. p. a. isa, Jobannes Knaptou t. 
ij nieas., iij bovatas terra; dc bond., cum lea for-land, et r. p. a. 
xija, ixd, ob. Idem Johanuea t. j bovatam terrie de dominicis, 
r. p. a. VH. Johannes Water et Johannes Kuapton t. iij bond. 
terrse cum for-land, et r, p. a. xijs- sjd, ob. Thomas Brown t. 
j mea., ij bovatas terrae, cum for-land, r. p. a. ixa. ijd. Tbomaa 
Ronfere t. j mess., iij bov. terrte de dominicla, cum for-land, r. 


p. a. XV8. jd. Robertus Castre t. j tuebs., ij bovntas terrae de 
bond., curn for-laud, iij acrae terrre doniinicie oum j crofto, r. 
p. a. xiiijs. -lijd. ob. Idem Robertus t. ij bmataa tcrne de 
dominicis, r. p. a. xs, Johanme& Symaon t, j mess., ij bovataa 
tcrrsCj et for-lnud, r. p, a. viijs. vi^A, Robertus Walsch t. j 
mess.j ij bovatas terrEe de dominicis, cnm for-land, r. xs. jd. 
Johannes de Haltun t. j mess., lij bovatcis "trri-Ee, cum for-land, 
r. xiijs. jd. Jolmnnes Huge t. j mess., ij bovatas ten'se de 
bond., cum for-land, viija. vjd. ob. qu. Johannes Rayucrson t. 
j mesa.] ij bov. terrte bond., cum fbr-landj viiJB. vjd. ob. qu. 
TUotnas Talyor t. j mesa., ij bovatae ten-se bond., cum for-land, 
r. viijs. vjd. ob. qu. Willelmua Symson t. j mess., ij bov. ten's, 
cum for-land, viija, xd. Robertus Loge t. j mess., ij bovatas 
teme cum pistrino, iij bov. terr:e, et cum for-land, xvjs. iijd. 
Johamies Water t. j mess.., ij bov. terrre, cum for-laiid, viijg, 
vjd, ob. Robertus Talyor t. j meas,, ij bov. terne, cum tbr-laiul, 
r, p. a. viijs, vjd. ob. WiUelraua Symsoa t. j mess., ij bov, 
terree, cum for-land, r. p. a. viija. vjd. 


Schepliyrd t, j cot,, iij acras terrae, et r. p. a. sxjd,, j gallinara, 
et ova. Idem t. j gyrs-gartb et j aeram terpte, et r. p. a. svd., 
sine operibua. Idem t. cot., ij acvaa tcrne, et r. p, a^ siijd. et 
Optra. Alicia Nortliyni t. j cot., iij acras terra;, t. p. a. ijs, jd, 
et opera. Johannes Kent t. j cot., vj acras terne cum prato, et 
r. p. a. ijs. iijd. et opera. Johannes Broune t. j cot., vj acras 
terrffi, r. p. a. iijs, sd, et opera, Isolda Bereart, j cot,, vj acras 
terrte, j acram prati, r, vja. iiijd. et opera. Cecilia Liepare t. j 
cot,, j buttara terrse, r. p. a. ijs, iijd, et opera. Thomaa Broune 
t, j cot, r. p. a. vjd., sine operibua. Idem t. iij acraa tciTBS, r. 
p. a. xijd., sine operibua. Communitas villiE t. virgas juxta. 
aquam, et vastum ibidem, r. sja. xd. Thomaa Talyor t. le Cot- 
gartb in heremo, et r. ijs, pro voluutate domiui. Johannea 
Water t. j cot. vastum cum j crofto, r. ijs. Johannes Knapton, 
t. j cot. vastum, et r. p. a. xijd. Robertus Talyor t. j cot. 
vastum, et r- p- a- isd., et opera, Willelmus Courtman t, j cot, 
vastum, r. xd, et opera. Johannes Raynersoii t. j cot, vastum, 
et r, p. a. xijd, et opera. Sunt ibidem v aene terrie, vocatee 
Gild-land, in manu domini. Solebat r. p. a, iijs. iiijd. 



Sunt in villa de Edeston xl bovatse terrffi, unde qua^libet 
bovata cont. is acraa teme et prati; qme nnlla opera facinnt 



neqiie consTietudines, aicut alise bovatae pertinGntes manerio de 
Saltoii, eo quod noa sunt de priebenda, 

DiMrssm. Henricus Gamill t. j mess, et vj bovatas tcrrse^ 
r. xxvijs. Johannes filius Walteri t. iiij bovatas tcrrje, et r. p. 
a. xxs, Johfinnes Wilcocsua t. unum. nicss.^ iiij bovatas terrse 
et di., sxs. \jd, Johannes Gamill t. j meaa., iiij bov. terrte et 
di., T. p. a, xxs. RobfrtuB Oven t. j mesa., iiij bov. teir^, et 
r. p. a. s:s3. Willelraus Arnald t. j "bov. terrfs, et r. p, A, iiijs. 
Rohertiis Michell t. j mess., iiij bov. tciTBe, r. xviijs. Robertua 
i^e Oven t. iij bovatas terrae, et r. p. a. xiJB. Johannes filius 
Alicise t. iiij bov. terrfc, r. p. a. svjs. Item sunt ij bovata? teiTje, 
as^ignatx vipario de Saltou in relevamen portionis susBj pro 
beueplacito domiiii. 

Susanna Wilkyiisori t. j bovatam teirae, r. p. a. iiijs, Wil- 
lelirius filius Walteri t. ij bov. terracj et r. p. a. viija. Alicia 
Dauson t, j bnttam terrje, et t. p. a. ijtl.* 

Sunt ibidem ix. cotagia. 

Willelraus Aniald t. j cot., ct r. p. a. ijs. Dominus WLllel. 
muB, ricarius ibidem, t. j cot., et p. p. a. ijs. Eiifamia Wilbyn- 
aon t. j cot,, et r. p. a. ijs. Willelmua Arnald t. iij cot. vasta. 
Solebat r. p, a. vjs. 

Prata jJOMiNicA. Johannes Watsun t. ^Hij acraa prati domi- 
nici, vocatas le Savage-yng, et r. p. a. ssiiijs. 

Terha LiBtRA. Dominus Peert t. j parcellam terra; iuclusaui 
infra manenum Johannia Holmej et r. p. a. vja. 


BosDAOiA. Sunt in Magna Eergh xxiiij"'' bovatte torrse, et 
quffilibct bovatarum prajdictarum faciei univcrsa et singula ser- 
vitia, tarn ad carnic' quain ad moleudinum de Saltonj sicut 
bovatEP. faciunt manerii de Saiton priedicto, ut euperius est nota- 
turn; unde in tenura^ 

DiMissio. Walterus Colman t, j mes. et ij bovatas terriEj 
r, p, a. vjs. jd, Johannes Smyth t. iij mes. vj bov, terrae, et 
r. p. a. x™js. iijd. Willelraus Nyghtgale t. j nieBs., iiij bov. 
tense, r. xijs. ijd. Thomas Carre t. j mess., ij bov. terne, r, p. 
a. vja. jd. Willelmua Wand t. j mess., iiij bov, tcrraej r. p. a, 
iiJ8. ijd. Jolmimes Tynlc t. j mess., iiij bov. terrte, r. p. a. 
xija, ijd, Adam llogh t. j mes., ij bov. terxEe, r. p. a. T\s. jd. 

CoTAGiTTM, Est ibiduui cotagiuni qiiod faciei omnia servitia 
et opera, sicut cotagia maiierii de Solton, ut superiua espws- 

' After this there is n hlanlt page. 


D1MIS810. Adam filius Ilugonie t. j cot., et r. p. a, iijs. 
LiHEiu. TERRA. Walterus de Bergh t. ij tofta, super qiiie anU- 
ficatum est mauenuni ipsius Waltcri, r. ij. a. ijs. Idem Wal- 
terns t. j placeam terrge, vocatam Sclior-place, quae jacet inter 
j^artliuum bthuh et gai'dimim nuper Adfc de Whyttooj r. p. a. iija, 


BoNOAGiffi, 8uiit in Parva Bergh iiij bovatas terrae, quanim 
ilj "bovataj aunt de bondag : et faciunt opera et servitia, sicut 
infcrius patet. Et una bovata tei-pae extra bond,, qu^ iiuper 
erat in tcmii'a Walteri de Bcrgli, ut infcriwe patet- 

Eat ibidem j bovata terne, nuper in tenura Walter! de Bergh 
per cartam, qua; solebat r. p. a. sja. ^iijd. : et qiTia videbatur ei 
niuiis cara, jacnit vaata nil reddendo; sed modo diniittitur per 
custodem manerii Jolianni Proude, r. inde p. a. iiijs. vjd. 

Bond. Sunt ibidem iij bovatEe terrte de bond., quamni 
quflelibet faeit opera et servitia, tarn in caiTeeta quam ad molen- 
dinurii de Snltouj ut bovats manerii de Salton prsedicta, prout 
euperiua e&t expressura. 


LrBERA FIRM4. Ricardus "Plaice t. per cartam j toftum etj 
bovatam terne, r. p. a. viijs. ; ft ioveniet domijio, quotiene iliac 
aceesserit, canieram corapetentcm et honestam pi-o ae et familia 
sua, strameii pro lectia, albaju candelam, fiEHum pro equia. 

Tbbu.e ARAnjLES. Sunt etiam v bovate tfirrse de boiid.j et 
queelibet bovata cont. per seat, sv acras terrse et prati ; quarum 
iiij et iij rodse jaceut anper le Lang-crofte \a medio. Et super 
le Stob-keldea iij acrse et di. ; super lez Lang-landea, in medio, 
iij acrse; super lez Ha^ge-breliea, in inedio_, iij acrie; super lez 
Thiyaytca, in parte austr., j aera et di.; super lez Rongeff>rd- 
gates, in medio, iij acrffi. Et es parte austr. Thonitoti-more, 
buttando super Lilling-dik, j acra ; super Gretcmar-buttes, in 
medio, buttando super dictum dyk, j acra; super lez Angromea, 
inter Thornton-more et Ftaxton-ryse, ij acrje, j roda. Item in 
le Brod-feld, super lez Craseildes, j acra. Super lez Diglaudea 
iij acrffi, Super Ic Ajlt-bnskcs iij acrse. Super le Bratau-hill 
aera et di. Ex parte austr. de Thorntou-more, buttando super 
Flaxton-dyk, ij acrse, Super Flaxtoa-buttes, ex parte bor., 
buttando auper Thomton-ftld, ij acrae. Super lez Erabrayth, 
buttando super Thornton-balke-', iij rodBe. Ex parte occid. de 
lea Weatil-carris j acra. Ex paiie or. dicti Ylc-cavrca, but- 
tando super euudera, j acra. Super le North-bret, in mediOj ij 

BCTfB, j roda. Super le Medel-dalea iij acne. Super Ig West- 
brek j acra di. Super lea Watidalcs iij rodse. Super lez 
Brutes, in duobiia locis, vj acne. Item in le Croft-fcld, in lea 
croftesj vj aeraj. Super leu Sclioi-brades j acra di. Super lez 
Hen-bayncs di. acra. Super lez Coft-heucile-iand j acra et di. 
Super Icz Gray-staiies j acra et di. Super lez Fun-rodes j acra 
et di. Super lez Wrang-landea ij aei'te, j roda. Es utraque 
parte le Green-hill, buttando super euudem, di. acra. Super 
Petir-flatte, juxta le Coter-kdd, iij acne. Super lez Kirk-hilles 
iij acroe. Super lez More-huttes, inter le Kirk-hill et Barton- 
flatte, di. acra. Super le Swyn-sty-buttes di. acra. Super lez 
Clibherrca j acra et di. Super Barton-flatte iij acne. Super 
lez Ly-gatca iij avne. Super lez Wandalcs j acra et di. Et 
ultrttj super lez Sindirli-buttea di. acra, Et super lez Sand- 
lande& j acra et di, 

Prata. Quicdam portio prati jacet in le South-yng, et alia 
portio prati in le Schole-brad.yng ; et tertia portio prati jacct in 
le Nortli-yng ; et in Ic Waudale di. acra. Et terra; et prata 
pnedicta jacent discontinue per cainpos praedictos^ inter terrain 
Ricardi Bernard, et terras mouialium de iBumeholme, ut 
supcriuB specifieatuT. 

DjMTsajo. Ricardua Plaiee t. ij tofta cura ij gardiuis, prope 
finem austr. dictje villie, juxta placeam Ricardi Bai'uard ex 
parte bor,, et ij bovatas terrse de pnedictis t bovatis, superiue 
nominatia, et r. p. a, sija. Willelmus Raynersune t. ij tofta et 
rcliquaa iij bovatas tcrrse de superius nominatiSj et r. p. a. xviij&. 
Et solebat reddere — . 

CoNsuETTTDiNES ET BERviTiA. Et pricdicti tenen1;es debcnt 
faeere sectam ad curiam de Salton de tertia septimana in 
tertiam septiuiannm. Et etiam, si quie eorum notatus fiierit 
super aliquo delicto, eujus correctio tanget forum ecclesiasticura, 
debet citari ad capitulum de Salton, et ibidem puniri. Et 
etiam debent dare coraniuue auxilium pro palefrido emcndo 
domino Priori, cum novitcr ait electus, t&l alias TOgati fucrint 
per dictum dominum Priorem pro aliquo auxilio couferendo. 


Sunt ibidem ij bova.tEe terrBe, quarum utraque oontiuet — , 
et j mes. vastura. Quod quidem mes. cum erofto jacct es parte 
bor, cimiterii ecclesiie ibidem. De quibue quidem bovatia j acra 
ct di- JKceut Lu Duii-liolme. Et super lez Wrang-landes j acra 
et di. Et aupcr lez Bla-landes j aCra et di. Et super Swyn- 
gil-more j acra. Et super lez Lange-rodes et le Wod-lieuede j 
acra. Et si.ipcr lez Sugge-dales, in duobus locis, iij aerie di. 

VOL. !l. O 



Et super lez Knolles, in duobus locia, J sera. Et cs parte bor. 
ccclosiae jij rodae. Et ad firiciu occicL Tillas j rode. Et ad 
Fukcl-heued iij rode. Et super le Swyues j rode. Et super 
lez Eggjs iij rod. Et auper Kiln-MTll-milii-buttia j rod, Et cs 
utraque parte FulkeUsyk j rod. Et super le Peter-hill di. rod. 
Et Lillyng-brest di. acra.. Et super Skilbuxu-keld-licued di. 
acra. Et ad Scla-tliom-heucd di. acra. Et super Cliffton in 
duobus locis j acra. Et super lez Bland- com-l and di. aera. 
Et ad Threle-dnJe-heucdes j acra. Et super Icz Houle-landea 
cli, &crn, Et super 1(!Z Foul-daylea ij acrse. Et in Ifz Brotes j 
acra ct di. Et super Haver-flek-more di. acra. Et in Icz Dales 
j aora. Et aeiendum quod dictje portionea terrte prBeuoniinatte 
ct diveraEE purtiones terrte Tastie super . 


Est ibidem j toftura, diveraia domibua jedificatiira^ cuin j 
gardino; quad quidem toftum jacet inter placeaiu bflrrmis do 
Oraystok cs jiarte or., et plaecam Sancti Petri es parte oecid. 
Et annt iiij bovata; tcrrsEj quse jacent in campo ejuadcm, quarum 
quielibct bovate cont. — : nude iu Grindell -dikes jae. . . . aer- 
Et super lez Hou-laudes j aera. Et super lez Hnl-landes ij 
acrce. Et super lez Wandcls j acra et di. Et super lez Graynea 
j acra. Et super le Por-land, ex parte austr., iij rodaj. Et super 
lea Brekea j acra. Et ex utraque parte del Hiuig-ir-liill iij acne. 
Et super le North- wife -acre ij aeric. Et super lez Soiith-pese- 
landes j acra. Et super Icz Crosse-laiides ij acrse. Et ex parte 
austr. lez Greu-gat-landcs ij acne. Et super Thom-houB-huttcs 
j acra. Et super lez Staau-laudeSj ex parte austr, le Stafuie, j 
acra. Et ex parte aiiatr. le Green-gate ij acrfe. Et ex parte 
bor. le Mykill-ayt j aera. Et super le Gare, buttaudo auper le 
railu-dam, ij acrce. Et auper lea Lyniikes di. acra. Et inter le 
Jirig-keld et lez Keldes di. aera. Et auper lez Cattetayle-landea 
di. aCra. Et sub Ic Prcat-garth j roda. Et super Ic Clcrk-niyu- 
liindes j acra. Et super lez Kape-keld-hilles j acra. Et super 
lez Gyaat-laudes j acra et di. Et super lez Bul-daylea j acra. 
Et super lez Over-bul-daylea j acra. Et super lez Skal-beres j 
aera. Et super lez Lang-laadeB, versos le Swyn-kcld, iiij acrse. 
Et super le Schere-bratb et lez Stand -laud -buttes j acra. Et 
super le Northir-skald-beres et le G arth-heued-laud di. acra. 
Et in le Clerk-myln-dame j acra prati. Et sciendum quod 
residuje terrse pertinentea iiij l>ovatia prjedietis jaceiit inter 
terraB buahand loci cjuedem diacoiitiiiue, aed iieacitur quot acraa 




PKioRATE or HEXHAM.' [MSS. Cotton, ClaacUus, B, iii., 

Pr^bendarius de Saltona Iiabet ecclesiam de eadem, et per- 
cipit omnes derimsB, tam mnjorea quam minores ; ct Ivabet 
jiirisdictioiiem ibidem in omuibus causia spirit iialibiis. Haliet 
eriain in villa de Saltona maiierium suum domijuonm. Habet 
etiam de terra dominicaj qua: eulta est, duas carucatasj et de 
prato xiij acrsts. Habet etiam quaudara placeam incluaam, quie 
"vocatur Preni?liolm, quse coiitinet ij acraa et dimidiam. Et 
liabet molendiinim suum. Habet etiaiu garermam in omnibuB 
terris suia. Habet ctiam in Saltoaa xx husband, t|uoiiini qiii- 
libet tenet unum toftiim et ij bovatas terra;, et reddit per amium 
Tiij BoLidos. Et cariabuiit niecremium. domini ad doflium con- 
struendanij et ledificia reparanda, ubicunque fuerit emptiun. 
Et cariabunt cybum domini ad Ebor., et alibi, quotienscmique 
fuerint requisiti. Haliet etiam tmum tcncntenij qui tenet iij 
bovatas terrte, et reddit per anuiu xijs., et faeit BGi-vitiunij ut 
supra. Habet etiam uniina tenentera qui tenet unam bovatam 
terrae, et reddit per annum iiij soHdos, ct faeit, ut supra. Et 
repaT'abunt atagnum molcndini quoticns opus fuerit. 

Habet etiam in eadem x grestoanni (sicj, quorum quiJibct 
tenet mium toftiim, et unam acram terrffi, et reddit pifir annum 
xvj dcuariosj ct facit iiij opera autumpnalia, et dat unam gal- 
linam et xx ova per annum. 

Habet etiam dictus prBEbendariuB iu Brauby xj tcnentes, 
quonim quiLibet tenet ununi toftnra et ij bovatas terra;, ct 
reddit per annum viij solidoa, et facit in omnibus aicufc et ca:teri 
de SaLtoua, Item Labet in villa de Brauby duoa tencntca, 
quorum quilibet tenet iiij bovatas terne, et reddit per annum 

' Thiw survey is nritton lo n bijld and beniitlfiil hniid, iiiHiSiably in the t«"plfth 
ojiitury. There are similitr documente in exLatence relating to tlie other stalls aX 




xvij Boliiloa, et facit, ut supra, Item habot in e^em iij te- 
nentesj quorum quilibet teuet iij "bovatas terrsB, et rcddit per 
annum xijs., et facit scrWtiuni) lit supTa, 

Item idem praebendariiis habet in villa de Brauby viij gres- 
meriiii, qaonun quilibet tenet unum toftiim ct miam acram 
teiTBC et dimidinm, et rcddit per aiiuum xviij deiULiioSj et facit 
duo opera autumpii alia, et dat unura gallum ad Natale Domini, 
et xs ova ad Paacha. 

Habet etiam dictus prEebendarius iu Bergh Magna iiij te- 
nentcs, quonmi quilibet tenet iiij bovatas terree, et reddit per 
annum xij solidos, et facit in omnibus nt homines de Saltona. 
Habct ctiaiu in cadcm iij tcuentca, qUunim quilibet teuet ij 
bovataa teri'ie, et reddit per annum yj &olidos, et facit in om- 
nibus, ut supra. Ilabet ctiam in eadcm iinnm tencntein qui 
tenet unam bovatam tcrrse et reddit per annum iij solidoa. 

Habet etiam in Litel-bergh uuum. tenentem, qni tenet ij 
bovatas terras, et reddit per annum viij solidoe, ct facit servi- 
tiura, ut supra. Hahct etiam in eadcm ij gresmanni, et quilibet 
istornm reddit per annum xij dcnarios, 

WilleSraus de Neutona tenet do eodem prffibendario in villa 
de Neutona xsiiij bovatas terrse, et reddit per annum 1 solidoa, 
et facit sectam ad curiam de Saltona. 

Item dominua J. de Steyngrave tenet de eodem in viUa de 
Neutona nnam cnlturam qnie vocatiir Scarlet, et coatinet in ee 
^•j bovataa, et Teddit per annum siij solidos, iiij denarios. 

Idem prtebendaiins habet in yWIh de Flaxtona iij teneutes, 
quorum quilibet tenet ij bovatas terrie, et reddit per annum de 
toto Ixvj solidos, viij denarios. 

Item bteredes Gilberfci de Gevildal tenent de eodem prte- 
bendario in villa dc Milington vj bovataa teri-ee, et reddunt per 
annum s. solidos pro omnibus, aed quod faeit BCctam ad curiam 
de Saltona. 


AND COKVENT OP H£SHAM." [MSS. DodsWOTth, xlv., 33 tt.] 

EicarduB Cumin omnibus homiuibus anis salutem, Notum 
sit omnibus vobia me, concilio et assensu iixoria mcEe Hestild, 
et araicornm, et hominum meorum, conceaaisse et dedisse, et 

" A deed of the twelfth penlury taken from one of l>0ilaworth's MSS. in tUe 
BodleiiLn Library. It also apiwars in a volume of the coliBolioiis of llie same 
learned Bnliqiiary amnog the Lansdowne MSB., No. ct'CJisvi,, lOB &. lie then 
stales wbere he fuund it In cariin Johannis Fempyke,, inHHis ft barofiett, apud 
Sexhain restroati-r, 6° Jtir- 1638, in a while tax marked <p. In dorso ; J'l'iwiff 
Carta. Ihh ch&rter has tieen printed in liugdale's Mtrnn^lican, vi., ISl, nnd in 

pnesenti carta coufirraasse ccclesiie Sancti Andrese de Hexta- 
dclahanij et canonicis ibidem Deo aervieutibus, dc campis villEe 
mere de Stancroft terram illam qute jacet juxta locum qui 
dicituf Charrail, ct tendit jtlxta murum RomaQorum Yei'HUs 
occidentem per diviaaa eis ostcnsaa, in elemositiam perpetuam, 
etc. Confirmo etiam eis dimidiani carueatara terrK de feado 
meo in Hedeiieshalch, quam Aguilfus, miles meus, dedit eis iu 
elemoaiuani. Hoc autem bcnt'ficiutn eta conferOj quia me, et 
uxorem meiim Hext"", et fratrem meum Waltemuij ct hoeredes 
meos, iu pleQariamfratcniitatem rcceperuDt, ct iu vita, et post 
mortem, Teetea annt Hugo de More^nllaf Giliebertua de tJm- 
framiiU, Odonell dc Umfram^Tll, Willelmua de Siimervill, Wal- 
teiTis dc RidEill, AVillolmua de Liiideseia, Walterua Cumin, 
Aguilfus et Nicbolaus fratcr ejusj Walterus filius Ramilfi, et 
muUi alii. 


HAM BY ADAM DB TIMDALB." [MSS. DodaWOrth, xlv., 

Sciaut prsesentes et futiiri quod ego Adam de Tindale dedi, 
etc., ecclesiffi Sancti Andrese Haugustaldensi, et cauoaicis 
ibidem Deo acrvientlbua, totam dc Witclawe, quam emi, cum 
pei'tiucntiis ; per eas divisas, etc.; et cum. libcTO comTDumoue 
in toto feodo de Fctberatanbalc, cum ucmore ad ledificandum 
et comburendum, Testibus W dc Ravenest, Hugone de Grcn- 
don, Ada de Tiiorn^afton, Hauulfo filio cjua, Matheo de Wite- 
feld, Hudaido de Willimotlimc, etc. 

Hodgson'n Northuinberland, iii., part ii., S06. At p. US there are Bome notices 
of Cuniln and Ian fumUy- 

DiKisworth saw aLw the following charter among Sir John PsowicWa doDda 
(MSS., kIv,, 33 6, nnd MSS. Lnnsdowoe, coerivi., 109). It was m&rkcd oti tlie 
Jiiiok vj" carta: — " OmLiilius Cbristi Melibiis, etc., Eicaidus Cumin saliitem. 
Novopilis ma concsssLxse, et«., occlesiip Siiiicti Aiidrere. eta., t-errani de Kariawor 
n pni-><)(HiQ!Hsoribm niou inde collaUui, per divisas perambiilatiis a. quatuor It^galibus 
honiniihiis nucirameato super Rubniai Librum de Be^tc Ides ham, etc. Teslibus 
ilciiiiino Willclmo Cumiii uoioutfi do Buohan, Ada de Tiadal, Itiiburhi de Anlteny. 
jDhaime ?rat, Nieolrw de WilIemol<!vvic, Siajooe de Rumccci-tTe, MtLtlieo de 
Witofiild, Adnmn Aa^ EIrin|?ton." 

" Sn&, also, MSiS.Lans<limnft,oeei[ivL, 109 o. Taken from Sir Join Penwiok's 
chsrtcM, and endorsed PHiiut- Carta. 

Tliero is an ugmhiiI of tlie Tindnloa in Hodgson's Nortluiraberland, iii., part 
ii.p 3G4'5. AmoBj^ Dodswortli's eitrucla from tbe chartulaiy of Lanurcost ill is 
said UihI Adam de TiudJo confirmed to thiit abbej "calumpiuam Biiara in mors 
de Breukibeih versus RobiTtuDi de VaUibup" (MSS. I>wl!iw,, kIv., 8 i); and Ivo 
de Velerijjonte, knight., at tlie ret^uest of Ki»bert de Velerifonle, liia brother, 
granted tw lijifl the vill of Boneffill. whicb his inoflier, Matddn dt Vuleriin.iow, 
jtAVfi hiiu (ibid., IS b). To tlie first of th9?e two dwdri a atal it; appended, n bar 
letiveea two cIigss rooks. See Hodgson's Korthunibei-landj iii., part ii., 356-7. 





Album penes Dec. et Cap. Ebor., pars i., fol. 40 a, 6.] 

■Tohanuea, Prior, et Conventna ecctesise Sancti Aadrese 
AlgustiLtlii," omnibus has literaa liauris vel auiiitiiviB salutera. 
Ad iLotitiam vestrain pervenire volunius iioa quietiira clamaase 
dominUDi Rogenim Ebor. archiepiscopum, et omnes suecessoreg 
6U0B, a preeatatione centum eolidoniTU, quoa ipse de arcbidia- 
conatii Westrithing Qobis solcbat rcddcre ad vestitum fratrmn, 
es eonstitutione prsedeceBsonim suorum, Tliomse jumoris, ct 
TurstiiLij archiepiscoponim : ipse nanique, prsetaxatus archi- 
epiecopas, sicut vir bonus et prudens, volens providtre tarn 
utilitati et quieti ecclesiffi nostrfe, quam ecclcslBe Eboracensia 
(et) succeasorum suorum, ad petitiouem uostriim, boi: intuitu 
concessit nobis et ecclesiie noatrBe impci"pctnuni ccclosiam de 
Edestona, turn. omnibuB pertiuentiis, quiotam ab omni serTitio 
ct consnetudine, praster iiij solidoa sinodalcs, ct pvEctcr iij solidoa 
quos annuatiui deb emus redderc ad Conred arcliidiacomim. Ita 
videlicet quod nas praescntabiiDua arcbiepiacopo capcllftnuni, 
qui ei respondebit de cura auimarum. Caetera autem omnia 
ill llsUs noatroB cedent, Hiia tcstibiis Roberto decano, Willclnio 
cantore, Jolianue archidiacono_, Alano, MainardOj GeroldOj, 
Ilaraone, Nicholaoj StcplifiEOj caQonicls Ebor., David, Kicardo, 
canonicia AugustaJd'. 



AND CONVENT OF HEXHAni. [From tbe original in the poa- 
seasion of Mr. Orde, of "Whitfield hall.] 

W. rex Scottorum,'' omnibus probis liomiuibus totiiis tcirae 
8u«e, satutcm. Sciant prsesentes et futuri me concesaisse, et 
hac carta mca confirmaase Deo et ecclesiae Sancti Aiidreaj Ila- 
guatald', et canonicia ibidem Deo scnieiitilms, in perpetuunij 
totara Witefeld, cum, bosco et piano, cum prato et pastura, 
cum molcndino, et cum orauibua eidem rillse de Witcfcld adja- 

' There U knottier oi^j of &m de^ in Ibe same votume, iiart ii., 23 a, and 
in MSS. Cotton, ClaudiUH, B, jii., IS t- Tbey -vary but little. Tlie H'o last read 
JLvffvMaiiiiii i ustead of Algtutadii, jind tlie naiue of af clibifiliep Tluuistan is rot 
insprted. Tliis paj-ment is meutiimeU in Vol. I., fi8. 

r Mr. Hodj.'son (NorUiumbcrljind, iii.. psit ii.. 17-18) gives Bitriipla frnm 
EoiD'O nlheT ohurtiorii rukLiag to Wliitfield. Tbey lire merely taken from tran- 

centibus, prreter lllas terras quas Holjertus filius "Willelmij et 
Johftlmes de Corcbrig de matre niea tcnent in villa ilia. Te- 
neudum de matre mea et hseredibus ejus in feodo firmo, et in 
perpetuunij libere et quicte ab onini scrvitio et couBuetudine, et 
ab omnibus auxiliis, et ab omni geld, per eaisdem diviaas per 
qiiHS mater mea tenuit illam de Henrico eomite, patre meo, ct 
postca de me ; et per illsis divis&s per quae Robertus, capellanua 
matris mese, tenuit j et sicut illam quammotGr mea et Bobertus 
ca.peUanus per eam de dominio grast H. comitis, patria mei, 
coliierunt et inhabitaverunt. Reddendo inde anmiatim matri 
nuiffi, ct hffiredibua suis, \*j libras piperis, ad festum Sancti 
Micltaelia, aicnt carta comitissse matris meie tcs-tatur, et con- 
firmat, Testibus David fratre meo comite, Wald{evo), Hugone 
Ridel, Ricardo Cumin, liogei-o de Coignercs, Waltero de Win- 
(tlesoure, Hugone Giffardj Liolfo filio Macc°, Gilebcrto filio 
Bich', Gitebcrto de Umiram^-ill, Wiilelmo de Haia, Willelmo de 
Mortemci*. Apud logias de Dmieliveshaleh. 

[Remains of tbc royal seal, much defaced and broken, 
appended by Htriugs of wbite silk.] 



in the possession of Mr. Orde, of Whitfield hall.] 

J, Prior Hagustald^ ecelcsiie, totaaque Couventua canoiii- 
corura et fratrum, oranibue sauctaa matris ceclcBlse filiis, salutem. 
Notum vobia fieri volumue nos dedisse et eoneeBsia&e, et bac 
carta nostra confinnassc Matbeo filio Rodbcrti, capellani Adse 
comitissfe, et hicredibu* sais, totum Whitefeld, prreter terram 
H iigonis et Rodberti, in fendo et hajreditate, tarn plenarie quam 
illad tcuemtu de Ada comitiMa ; scilicet, cum boaco et piano, 
et prato et paatura, et cum molendino, et cnra omnibus eidem 
willEC de Witefeld adjacentibua; libere et quiete ab omni 
Bcrvitio et conauctudinc, et ab omnibus aosiliia, et ab omni geld, 
per caedem diviBas per quas prsenominata eomitiasa de Henrico 
comite, viro suo, tenuit j et postea de Willelmo rege, filio buo; 
et sicut modo noa tenemnsj reddendo inde annuatira Deo, ct 
Sancto Andrefle, et canonicis, unam marcam argenti ad duos 
tenniuos ; scilicet, ad festum Sancti Martini unam dimidiam 
marcam, et ad PenteCosten aliam. Pi'ffitereft vcro in manii 
nostra toftiim et sex acras terrse, unam arram de prato, et pas- 
turam triginta vaccanim retinemua; quas priedictua Rodbei-tus 
ciipellanus coram comitissa nobis douavit. Volumus autem et 


coneedimus ut hreredeB ipsius Mathei, seilicet Alius ejus rel' 
filia, frater vcl aoror, nppoa vcl ncpta, hoc prsedictiiru 'Wl.itefeld 
post mortem ejus per unam marcam argenti relevcnt, et sie cum 
piieclicto senltio aiiie occasioue dc hserede in hieredcm, scilicet 
ill oraiie posterum in pci-petuuiu teneant et lialjeant. TcstibtiB 
Ahrahara presbytero, Godetridti dc Biagafcld ct Paganero, Rod- 
berto liertram, Cospatrleio Honial et Waltero et Gregorio filiis 
ejus, Thurkd iiLio Archilli, ct Adam filio ejus, Urnebrand de 
Eiiiewic, Benedicto clericOj Briauo, AacLttillo, Joianne dc 
Castelo, Johanne famulo Prioris, KeiBaldo sencscaldu, Horm 
de Whitefeldj et aliis multia. 

[Sigillum deest.] 



AacuiiiBtioF SEOFFKBY PLANTAGENET. [From the Original 
in tte poBBession of the Deaii and Chapter of York.] 

Johaimes Prior, et Conventua Hangustaldcnsis eccleaise,* 
omnibua sanctse matris ecclesiee filiiSj tam prfKsentihua quam 
futuris, salutem. Universitati veatrse nottun fieri voluiniis noa 
dedisse, ct coacessisse, et prjesenti carta nostra confiritiasse 
WillelmOj capellano domiiii G. Ehoracenaia arcliiepiecopi, fratii 
noBtro, et hferedibiis suiSj videlicet qiios hseredes constituent, 
uuaUi manBUraln tefrffi quam hah'Cmus in Eboraco, in vico qui 
vocatur Gudherim egata, in feodo et jure h^reditario ; de uobis 
tencndam, pro tribus solidis annuatim reddendis, liberam et 
quietam ab omni alio servitio et consuetudine noa contingcnte. 
E-eddet vero dimidium trium soUdorum ad festam Saucti 
Martini et dimidium ad Peiiteeoaten. Quiaquis autcm hajrcdum 
BUOTum haiic tcrram tenuerit, fidelitatem ecclesise noatrEe et 
nobis faciet, Hiis testibua magistro Simone dc Appulia cancel- 
lario Eboracensi, Willelmo archidiacouo NotiogahamisGj Petro 
de Ro3 archidiacoQQ Carlioleiiai, magiatro Erai'do, magiatro 
Lisiardo, canonicia Eboracensibus, magistro Rogero Arundel 
canonico Suell, Alano capellano, Radulpho de Wjgcthot, ca- 
nonicis de Jilpura, magistro Johaniie filio Otiu, Nigello clerico, 
Benedicto capellano, Rogero de Bavent senescallo arcluepiscopi, 
Radulfo de Welleiric, Hugoae Gema^ot, Ricardo dc Wivill, 
Ricardo de Luterinton, Rieordo de Hudeleston, Hentico de 
Muhautj militibus, et multis aliis clericiB et laicis. 
[A fragment of the seal,] 

f See Iha Prafaoe to Vol. I.. uUi-iii. ThLs deotl must Iibtc been (jkccuUhI 
betweuD 11S9 and 1191. I liare engraved ihe rragmeat of the seal. 




[MSS. Dodsworth, xlis., 25 5.] 

EgOj Heljaa de Fethirstanlialchtj' do et concede Deo et 
ecclesiEE Saucti AiDdiese Hagustiddensia, et fratribus ibidem 
Deo servientibus, illam terram meam de libero feodo meo de 
Fctherataneshalcbt ; quae terra includitur per baa diviaaa. Ab 
oriente, etc. Et iidero fratres receperunt me, et filium et 
baercdem meum post mCj in fratemitatem cjuadem ecclesiEC, 
TcBtibuB EuBtacio, Papedi, Beuedicto, et Willelmo, capellauis, 
Ricbardo archidiacono, Boberto, Rogero, Waltcro Hamer, 
Huctredo de Hcrynton, Rannidib de EbintoHj Reginaldo de 
Wardon, etc., Willelmo Luvellj et aliia. 

OF ST. QILES AT HEXHAM. [Rot. Cliart., 3 Jobn, IQ. Li.] 

Jobannes Dei gratia, etc. SciatialiOa coticessiase leprosis dc 
Estoldesbam quietanciam de theloniis passagii, et pontagii per 
teiTam iiostTam dc Bbor. et Northumbrcland, de omnibus hiis 
quBG ad usiia suoa proprios emerint vel vendiderint. Et ideo 
firmiter prajcipimas quod in quieti sint. T. Hugone Bard', ct 
Eustaeio de Vescy. Apud Estoldesbam, ivj die Februarii. 


THOMAS DE DEYILBTONB. [MSS. CottOll, ClaudiuS, B, Lli-, 

28 A.] 

Sciant prBBsentes et fiituri quod ego Tbomaa de Diveleston' 
dcdi et concessi, et hac carta mea confirmari, Deo et eccleaia3 
Saiicti Aiidress Haugustaldensisj et canonicis ibidem Deo serri- 

' Soe Hodgson's Norlhuniterlaiid, vol. lii., part ii., 354^ etc. Tills deeU seems 
to have been made about 1215- Thtre is a.nottier *opj of it in MSS. Laasdawue, 
CccKXvi-, 305. Wben Penis worth saw IheorigibaJatrelherstauhiiiiigh it liad «_/[«!■« 
leaf.t icHh a man On hOrnehU'.-ke. Dodfiworth ffivep Ivvo oth&r dtied;- relating lo 
Hpxbaiu (Ex cartia Albniii FetiiGrstanliough do FeLlierstanhouifh, esc]., I Augusti, 
163a). Mr. HodgsoD has printed bi)th or ihem pretlj correctly. In the last, 
insteiid of Bnlece*«>ru]n Muoi-um read ineomm. 

' A lieed made in tba eurly part of Ihe tliirffflnth cEntmy. Thera is anottior 
copy of it in the Reg. Ma^. AllbiEiu. pajli ii., ^h. 

JJevilfltun is tLe same name bs Dibtoii. In 1239 Simon de Pevilptooe puye 
fiQOlci Adam 13«jrtnuu rpr liis interest in Lilaton. In tlie tim^ ol' Edward 1. 
SimiTi de Uovilstono Rninta to Thnmos his won and beir, and l»Lucy duugbter of 
Sir ^\'illinui Ilerfin, )m uioiior -nf Dilston. Williniu da Tinduio nns tlie PRnsin 
and heir of this ■rt;omiis (MSS, DodsirotLh, xlv., Ilfi-IT). Tbere was formerly a 
niuuumDDt to Tliotruu de Dovdstone io the cburcli of Hexbom. 



entibuB, totam EskilcsoaJesj cum oimiibua pertinentiis sais; 
tGnendam sibi in. puram et perpetnara elRmosmain, libcre, 
quictcj ct solute ab omuibtia ser\itiis et consuetudiiiibus et 
exactioiiibna in perpetuura; pro salute animie moie, et aute- 
ccaaonim tneoniTn, et haeredum meomm : salvo servitio domini 
Eboraccnsis archiepiseopi, et successorum suoruua. TeatHnis 
liiis, Rimrdo dc U rnffaniTilLa, Hugoue de Bolbec, Otlmero de 
Insula, Roberto Dela val, Roberto fratre siio, Da™l de Grabam, 
Matlieo de Witcfeld, Petro de Siaucto Claro, Wilithiio de 
Hawelton, Raanulpho de Diveliaton, Roberto Bertram, Adam 
Bertram, HcUil de Frinton dc Cattedcnej et multis aliis. 



Claudius, B, iii,, 29 a.] 

UniverBiB Christi fidelibuB ad quoa prBeaeuB acriptuiu' pcr- 
venerit Willelmus Prior de Hextilde&ham, et humilis ejuedem 
loci ConTCntUB, ealutem in Domino. Noverit uuivcraitaa vestra 
nos remisisse, ct quietum cUmasse in perpetuum venerabili 
tiostro dominOj WtilterOj Eboracensi archiepiscopo et Anglise 
primati, et successoribus siiis, totum jua et claraeum quod 
Iiabuimua, vel habere potuimua, in villa de Eskingselcs, quam 
emeranius a Thoma de DivelestO'U; cujus inBtrumcuta q^use itide 
liabnimns eidem domino nostro arcMepiscopo reddidimus. Et, 
in excambium dictxe lailas de Eskiugeacl, dcdit nobis idem 
tlominus arcLiepiscopus quater viginti ct quioque acras terrse, 
BCcttndum divksas in carta memorati domini arcbiepiscopi nobis 
inde conieeta contentaB. Praeterearemisimus et quietum claraa^ 
vimus Bi&pedicto domiUD arcliiepiseopo, ct successoribuB euis, 
in perpetuum, totum jus et clameum quod babnimus, vel habere 
potuimus, in uno miUenar' ang(u)illarum/ ct quatlior solidatuiis 
redtbtuSj qoas singulis aniiis iu Bererlaeo percipere cousue- 
vimus; et, in excambium tam dictarum aiiguillarum quara 
quataor solidaturanim redditua, dedit nobis idem dominus artrhi- 
episcopua trigiuta aeraa teiTBe, juxta rivulum snbtna Yaru-rig, ad 
aquilonem. Quietas etiam clamaviraua dicto domino arclii- 
epiecopo, et successoribus suis, tree aeras et dimidiam et sexdecim 
pcTticaa terrac, juxta fontem Sancti AudreEe, quas eia dcdimua 
iu excambium trium acrarum et dimidlte, et sesdecira perticarum 
terns in culturaj quie vocant Sele." Et, ut hsc noatra reuiiseio 

' There is a oop^v of this deeil in the Rg^. Magnum Albunt, part ii., 36 b. It 
must be taken in coonectirm wil.U llie preceiling tlooumeal. 

- See Vol. L, -p. SHi. 

' "Qiiie wtafetr Sclu" (Ra^- Maga. Album). Thia ia the Md coaliguaus to 
the Prior V. 


et quieta clamatio rata et stabilis perseveret, earn sigilli noatri 
munimine diisimua coiifirmandam. Hiia teatibus Roberto de 
Gray, Ada de Tindal, WUlelmo Marcel, P. de Vallilma, G. de 
Stanlakj, canonieis Ebor., R. de Bcreford, A. de Stanlo, Ada 
Bertram, Kicardo le Fossur. 


OF WARDON. [Kat. Chart., 10 John, m. 6.] 

J. Dei gratia rex Angliffi, etc. Sciatis nos intuitu Dei con- 
ceBsisse, et, quantum ad nos pertiuet, dedisse, et liao carta 
noatra confirmas&e, dilecto derico nostro, magistro Roberto 
Morell, Tigiiiti duasmarcas de ecclesia de Warden, pcrcipicndas 
per annum per Priorem de Hextildeshara ; quas epiacopi 
Dunolin. coiiferre consuevemut per eompositioncm quondam 
fiictam inter cos et Priorem et ConTentum de HextildefthaiQ;. de 
pnedicta ecclesia de Wardon; quam eia in proprios ubus con- 
firmavernnt : reteutis sibi et euccesaoribus suis praedictis viginti 
duabus marcia conferendis ; et quEE de nostra Biint doaatione, 
ratiouc cpiacopatiis Dunoliu. vacantia et in manu nostra exis- 
tentia; Labendaa et tenendas omnibus dicbus >~it?e au^ inpuram 
et perpetuam elemosioam, adeo bene_, libere, quiete, et integre, 
BieutaliquispraedecesBorurasaomm eoa unqaam melius, Uberius, 
quictius, et integrius tenuit. Teetibus dominie W. London., 
P. Winton., J. Bath, ct Glaston. cpiscopisj Willelrao de Kantil', 
Juhannc Marcle', Simone de Kima, Henrico filio Coraitis, 
Thoma de Muleton, Data per mauum magiatri Ricardi de 
MarisCOj CanccUarii noatri, apud Goldefordj svij" die Jan., anno 
regni no&tri sexto decirao. 


Majore archiep. Gray. In dorao, No. p.] // 

I. ^ 

Omnibus, etc. Noveritis nos dediase, eonceesisse, et praj- 
aenti carta nostra confii-mnsae Deo et ccclcsiie Beati jVudrcse de 
Hcstold', ct canoiiieie ibidem Deo serviciitibus, septiea viginti 
et quiuque acraa ct dimidiam tcrrje; de qiiibus quadraginta 
acra; jacent inter villam de Ajmewik et hayam iiostram de 
Akwod usque aijuilonera ; et quater vigiiiti et decem acne de- 
BHjicr Dotelant versus austrum ; et qulndccim acne et dimidia 
Biibtus Dotelant versus aquilonem; tenendas et habcndaa. de 
nobis et succcssoribua nostris in perpetuura, libere et quiete ; 



reddendo nobis et snccessori'bua nostris quatuor marcas argeni 
per annum J pro orani aervitio et exaetione, mcdietatem ad 
featum Sancti Martini, et medietatem ad Pcntecosten. Pne- 
terea conceasimus eiadem caiioiiicia imam viam ah esitu villffl 
BUEE de Aynewik per medium liayse uostree de Akwod, a Lercaria 
Bua directe verfiua aquilonera, usque ad eomnmniam ('sic/ pastxiram 
Buam ultra Kirkcburn, quee coutinet in latitudine decern per- 
ticatas. Pro hac autem donatione et concessionc remiBenint 
nobis et succesaoribus nostria pracdicti caiioiiieij pro se, et suc- 
ccssoribua sula, et liominibua suis in perpetuumj totiim jus et 
ciamium quod babueriutj vel habere potuerint, in haya, nostra 
de Akwod; scilicet ab exitu villie de Sandhou per divisas Petri 
de Vallibus usque Kirkeburn ; et de Kirkeburn descendendo 
usque ad moleudinum dc jlkum. Conceaserunt etiam nobis 
iidem canonici quod non reclamabuut, neque cod tradiccnt 
de cffitero, pro aliquo aasarto quod hucuaque fecinius inter Hex- 
tildcsham et Dotelaud, vel alibi; vel quod fecimus, vcl facturi 
aumus nos, vel successorca nostri, ultra Doteland. PriEterea 
dediinus et concesaimua eisdemcEmomciBquoddammolendinuni, 
quod de novo construximus supci" magnum rivulum inter Dote- 
land ct villain de Kulei, cum tota multura homiuum iiostrorutn. 
de Eskinacica, ct omnium hominum manentium in omnilras 
assartis uoatris, jam factis, vel in fiitnro facicndia, in atistrali. 
parte de Tiiiej escepta tota Alwcntedat eum omnibus ad cam 
pcrtincntibuB : tenendum de nobis ct succcsaoribna noatria ad 
feodi-iirmara pro decern marcis nobis et auecessoribus nostris 
annuatim ad pr^dictoe terminoa rcddcndis. Et si forte proceasu 
temporia idem locus fuerit minus cougmua ad molendiimm, 
liceat cia alibi super eundem rivulura molendiimm construerej 
ubi magia sibi xideriut expedire^ per consilium nostrum et suo- 
cesaorum uostrorum, vel capitaHa aenescaUi nostri, Et nt hsec, 
etc. Data apud Knarreburg, pridie nonas Augnati^ aimo rj. 

Omnibua, etc, Noveritiis nos dediaae 

- Deo et Sancto 
Andrefe Hextold', et cauonicia ibidem Deo servientibus, omida 
aniei'ciameuta, et oranes escaetas quas babuimus v*;! habere 
soLebamus de tominibua eorumdem canonicorum, quaiido jua- 
titiarii nostri itiuerantea placita in partibus illia tenere sole- 
bant; scilicet quEtndocumque dominus rex justitiarios suoa iti- 
nerantes in Norbumbriam destinavcrit nd placitandnm. Ita 
quod omnia placita qnse coram justitiarLis soleboiU teneri, in 
curia corumdem canonicorum ad hostinm ecclcaicC, de caetero 
tencantur in curia nostra coram justitiariia nostris; ct quod 
una sit curia de boininibus noatris et suis, ct amerciamenta 




lioiainTim suorura ponaiitiir per justitiarios nostroruin de eonsillo 
I'rioris, secundmH quaiititatetii delicti, et salvo wamigio et cou- 
tencmento auo. Et ipsi canonici ea de elsdem Jiorainibus suis 
recipiant per manura ballivorum eiioi-ura. Pro hac autem 
doiiatione et coin>e3Biorie dabimt nobis et auccessoribus noatris, 
ipai, et successores sui in perpetinim, duodeeim marcas argeiiti, 
quotieiiBCumqiie juatitiai-ii noetii, vel succesaorea noatronim, in 
partilras illis priedicto modo placita tenebunt. Et ut Lsec, etc. 
Data [[Uffi prius. 


Omnibus, etc., Noveritis no?, carit&tis intuitu, dediese 

Deo, et ecclesife Beati Audreie de Hext"", et canonicis ibidem 
Deo aervientibus, Ixiiij acras, quas jacent inter villain de Dote- 
laud et e(B]sartum eorum de Tirsterl; teneiidaa et habendas de 
nobis et auecessoribus noatris in pei-petuunv in purain et per- 
petuam elemosinain, cum omnibus conimunibiie, libertatibus et 
aysiamentia, seilteetj in communtbuSj boscis, et pasturisj aicut 
aii<[ua elemoeina liberiua et quietiua daii vel poBsideri potest. 
Et ut hfec, etc. Data quie priua, 


Omnibus, etc., Noveritis nos, Divinse pietatis intuitOj con- 
ccasisBC Deo et Bcato Andrea; de Hextold, et di]ectia filiia Priori 
et canouicis ibidem Deo eervientibus, omnes dceimas et deci- 
matinncs tani bladi quam leguminis in omnibus esaartia, qnie 
vel uos, vel lioininca nostri feciinua, vel in futuro faeiemus ubi- 
oumqiie, in HextoLdaira, Et ut Ltec, etc. Data qufe pnus. 


BisHOP GBAV. [MSS. CottOEj Claudius, B, iii., 43 ft.] 

Omnibus ad quos prieaens scriptum"" pervenerit, Bcrnardiis, 
Prior de Hextildcsham, et ejusdcm loci ConvcntuB salutem in 
Domino. Noverit univcrsitas vestra noa recepisse a venerabili 
patre noatro, domino Waltero Ebor. arcbicpiscopo, Anglise 
priraate, de done ct conctaaione ejusdcm, septiea viginti et 
qiiinque acraa tcrrje et dimidiaro ; de quibue quadraginta acrse 
jacent inter villam dc Ainewik et haiam suara de Acwde versus 
aquilonein ; et quater ^-iginti et decern aerse deauper Doteland 
versus auslmm ; et quiudecim acrte et dimidia aubtus Doteland 

• Tbis deod initst be taken in oonneotion with fhe preiiediQg number. There 
is B copy vi it ill tbs Iteg. M^n. Albam, part ii., Bl b. 



versua aquilonena ; tenendaa et habendas de ipso domino arcHi- 
episoopo et succesaonbus siiis iu jierpetuum, libere et quiete ; 
redilcudo eiln ct auccessoribus suie quatuor marcas ai';;cuti per 
anuum, pro omni scrvitlo et esactione, mcdictateio ad festiim 
Sancti Martini, et medietatem ad Penteeoaten. Pi'seterea con- 
cessit nobis unam iiiam ab cxitu viUae nostrse de Aynewik, per 
medium baig; siis de Acwde^ a berearia nostra directe versus 
aquilouem, usque ad communem pasturara noetraiu ultra Birk- 
hurn, (juse quidem continet in latitudine decern perticas. Pro 
liac autem donatione ct conccssione remieimus ci ct succcb- 
aoribus, pro nobis, et sncceesoribus, et bomiJiibus nostris in 
perpetuuni, totum ju& et clamcum quod babuimus tcI habere 
potuimuB in baia sua de Acwode; scilicet, ab exitu vi]}ss de 
Sandhow per diTisas Petri dc Val(I)ibHs ufsque ad Kii-kcbum; 
et de Kirkcbum descendeudo usque ad molendinnm de Akum, 
CoDcea&imua etiam eidera domino archicpiseopo quod non re- 
clamabimuR ncquic contradicemua de CKitero pro aliquo esaarto 
quod hucusque foeit inter Hextildesham ct Dotelaud, tgI alibi, 
Tel quod fecit, vel etiam facturus est ipse \el aueccssores aui, 
■ultra Doteland. Prseterea dedit nobis et coucessit quoddam 
niolendinum quod de nopo conatrusit super magnum rivulum 
inter Doteland ct villain de Ruley, cum tota multura bominum 
Euorum dc Eiskinscbellj, et onmium LDtninitui suoi-um mancn- 
tiimi in omnibus csaartis suis jam factis, vel in futiiro faciendiB, 
in australi parte de Tine, e^cepta tota Alwentcdalc, cum om- 
nibus ad earn pertinent ibus ; tenendum de ipso et Buccessoribua 
in perpetuum ad feadi- firniam pro decem raarcis, sibi et suc- 
cesaoribus suis annuatim ad pnedictos termtnos reddendis, Et 
si forte proceaau tcmporis idem locus faerit minua congraus ad 
moiendinum, liceat nobis alibi super eundem risTdtun molcn- 
dinum construerej ubi noljis videiimus magis expcdirc, per 
cQusiliuQi suum, vel succcssorura suonim, vel capitalis senescalli 
8ui. Protestamur etiam quod in baia cjusdem domini arcbi- 
episcopi de Westwod nichil juris vendicamus, nee de CECtero 
quicqnam in ea vendicare potcrimua. Ne igitur bree in pos- 
terum in dubium poseint convert!, prsesenti soripto sigilla nostra 
apposuimus. Testibus domino Nicbolao quondam Mamiise et 
lusularum episcopo, magistris Ricardo cancellariOj Godardo 
pcenitentiario, et Waltero de Taney, canouicia Ebor., Willelmo 
oapellano, et Ada de Stavel, canonieis Suwell, Petro de Val- 
libus, Willelmo de Widindon, Petro Hareng', Ada Bertram, 
Rogero de Bingfeld, Thoma de Wytingtou, et muttis aliia. 
Dat' apud Knareeburg, nonis Augusti, anuo Domini m" cc 
licesimo sexto. 




FBOM A&cKBisUor QRAY, [Es B.ot. Majore arcMep. Gray. 
In dorso, No'. 48, 49.] 

Omnibus, etc. Noverit univerBitas vestra nos caritatis in- 
tuitu dediBge, eoneesslaae, et pncseiiti carta nostra confirmasse 
Deo ct ccclesiie Beati Andreae de Hextold', et canonicis ibidem 
Deo serrieiitibusj in liboram et perpetuam elemoainaui, ad 
emendationem firmie qnam nobis solverunt pi*o molendino quod 
de nobis tenent prope Doteiand, sexaginta acras terrs, quae 
iacent inter villain de Doteland et assartum eontm de Tomebj, 
infra istas diviaaa; scilicet,, inter Ormes-lecche et Smaleburne 
et Thy«tcrley-ljiirne, et prffidictum assai-tum eorum de Torneby. 
Et, pi-ieterea, dedimus eis, et concessimiia, et prassenti carta 
nostra coufirraavimus, in liberam et perpetuam eletuoeinam, 
xxsiiij acraa terree residuas, qum jacent infra easdem diviaas, 
com omnibus pertinentiis suisj libertatibusj et aysiamentis in 
boacis] ct pasturia, et omnibus aliis commuuibus, eolvcudo nobis 
et succcBaoribus dc eisdem xxxiiij acris undecim solidos et 
quatuor denarios per annum, scilicet pro qualihet acra iiij de- 
narius. Habendum ct teiienduai de nobis et suecessoribuH 
Tiostris, libere et quiete ab omni servitio et c:iactione et de- 
Tnanda, prffidictam tantummodo firmam reddendo. Et ut haec, 
etc. T.J etc, Data apud Hextold', ij kaleudas Septeoibris, 
anno poatifiicatua nostri qaartodccimo. 


Omnibusj etc., . Deo et eeclesise Sancti Andreai de 

llext', ct canonicis ibidem Deo servientibus, in liberam ct per- 
petuam elemoBiuamj duodecies \igiuti et quuique acras terrse 
inter Langhop ct Elrintouj reddendo iude annuatim nobis et 
BucccasoribuB noatris pro quatibet acra quatuor deuarioa, Dedi- 
raua etiam eiedeni^ et conccssimus, et prfcsenti carta nostra 
confirraavimus sibi, in liberam et perpetuam elemosiuam, q^uad- 
raginta acras teiTse in eodera loco, reddendo indc anuuatim 
nobis et succcssoribus iiostris pro qualibet acra duos denarios. 

Et, praitcrea, dedluma eis viginti acrae terrfe in eodcm 

loco pro deciniis omnium dominicorum foeiiorum nostrorum in 

Hcxthausire . Noa autem, et suceessorea noatri, priedietam 

terram cum iiertiucntiis suis coutro Omnes honiinea eis pCx- 
petuo warantaniua et defendimus, nee dc caitcro trrram ali^ 
quam dabinms nos vel euccessores nOstri, uec ad firtnam .... 
inter praedictam terram ct villam de Cattedcn, sine eorum 
aaeensu et voUintate. Data apud Hcst', per manum magistri 
Simonis, kalendit* Septcmbris, auuo quarto dccimo. 





Rot. Majoie arcliiep. Gray. In dorsOj No, 64.] 

Anno grati^e millcsimo ducetitesimo tricesituo secundo, ad 
Pentecosten, facta est liaec conventio iuter dominum W, arcM- 
fpiscopam Ebor., ex una parte, tt Priorem et Conventum de 
Hextoltl', ex altera-: scilicet, quod prEedictus domiiiiia arcLi- 
episcopus concessit et dimisit dictia Priori et Convcntui totura 
dominicum suum de Hextold', infra culturas subscriptas con- 
tentum, ad iirmam, usque ad tenninum xv aTinonnri. Videlicet, 
in magna cultura, inter domiuicum mansura domini arcLi- 
episeopi et Tynam, Liij acraa de avena seminatBs: in cultiira 
juxta Tynam, inter villam et hospitale, eei acraa de frumento 
seminatas ; in Heyninfc-croft qnindecim acras de fruraento semi- 
niitas^ ia cuLtura dc Widtalc viginti acraa de frumento semi- 
natas : in cultura juxta fontem Sancti Andreae, ex aquilonali 
parte exitus viUje, ^ox aeras ct dimidiam de siligine stminatas: 
in aquilonali parte Tyne, juxta pontem, quatuor acraa de sili- 
gine aeminataa : in oeeidentali et orientali parte pontia Buper 
Tynam noTem acras de arena seminatas : in cultura juxta 
llarcBtan, in australi parte exitus de Preste- poffel, aeptem acraa 
de avena seminatas : in australi parte de Preste-poffelj In una 
cultura, quinquaginta acras de terra warcccauda, cuin preeariis 
carucarum et herciarum, et cum me&Bionibua et opcribua au- 
tumpnalibug ; et cum pastura ad Bexdecim boves in Acwod ; et 
cum CBtoveriis (?) ad tractus boum duarum carucarum iu M'^eat- 
wod, per visum forestariorura capiendis ; et cum omnibus aJiis 
pertinentiia et aieiamentis ad dictum dom.iiiicuiM spectantibus, 
exceptis pratis dominieis, a fcsto Purificationis Beattc Marlfe, 
quQusque fcena carientur ; reddendo inde annuatim pro qnalibet 
acra finimentali et siligiuosa apud Hest' unam tawam de fru- 
mento ejusdem tenrie, vento et eribro pacabiliter purgato i et 
pro qualibet avenosa^unam taTPam fariuaa pacabilem ; medie- 
tatem ad Annuntiationem Beatx MariiCj et medietatem ad 
featum Sancti Johannis Baptistte, pro omnibus aliia servitiie, 
consuetudinibus, et demandis. Corapleto igitur tcrmino qiiin- 
dccim aunorum, prE&dicti Prior et Convcntas prEedictura domi- 
nienm cnm vestura tantummodo, sicut illud recepenmt; et cum 
tanta terra wareeeata, quantam rcccpcTTint wsreccatam, domino 
arcliepiscopo restitucnt. Si vero prredicti Prior et Conventus 
per werram, vel aliquo alio niodo, per defectum arebiepieeopi 
aliquid in (licto dominico aniiserint, omnia pcrdita ct dampna 
inCra firinam proximo a Priore et Conventu pacaudam, et in 
Tcstura restitiieuda, pleiie et integre computabunt per consi- 



dcrfttiOTiem proborum Tirorum et legalium. Ut igittu- hjec 
conventio, etc. 


LAMBLET. [MSS- DodawOftll, xUs., 5^3 fl.] 


Anno gratise m" ce" xxsixV ad festum Sancti Martini. 
Noverit uniTersitas fideliuni quod lisec est couveiitio facta inter 
PrioTein et Conventutn de Hextild' ex una parte, Conventiim 
ct Priorissam Sanctimonialiumde Lambeley, ex altera: scilicet, 
quod priedicti Prior et Canventua concessecuntj et ptjesenti 
scripto confirmaveruntj praefatia PriorLwae et Sanctimonialibus 
coramuuiam pasture barbagii, cum ipais et eorum teneatilms, 
ad averia sua propria infra divisaa tenementi illomm de Byres 
iiominataB et sabscriptas; scilicet, de Maydcne-gate per Blake- 
burne a&cendcndo Uaque ad Moriley-bui'iie i et aic, asccndendo 
per Moriley-buriie, usque ad Moiiky-burn-hened, Et inde 
extra boscum, directe ex transvcrso morce, versus austrum, 
usque in GJeodewe, per divisas petrosas jaxta Glendew positas. 
Et per Glendew desceudcndo uaque in Maydcne-gate ; et aic 
per Maydene-gate versua aquilonem usque ad Blake-burnc prius 
nomiuatum. Ita quod pnedictEe Monjalca, vel eai'uni aervieutes, 
nicliii capinnt, vel nliqaod dampnum in. bosco praidictorom 
Prioris et Conventiia alicubi faciaiit. Habendum ct tenendum 
prffidictia PriorissK et Monialibus de priefatis Priore et Con- 
veritu ad feodi-firmam, reddendo inde annuatim prajfatis Priori 
ct Conventtii, m recognitione hujus eoncessionis et gratiio, unam 
tualiam dcccntem ad cameram Prioris die Sancti AndrcEe apud 
Hextild'. Pnedicta vero PiioriBsa fecit eiadem Priori et Con- 
ventui fidelitatem super priemissia, quod et ejus successores 

' These two deeds, wliicb are of the eatne date, were oojiisd by Dodawopth on 
Augus-l 27tb, 1639. frum tbe munimeiits of Albuny Fottierutoiihiiut^'li of fetUer- 
etoubdUKli, 8sq. Tbero are trnnscriplB of Ihcni in M-S8, Lansd., cwjuvi., 79-SO. 
See Hodt'Boii's Northumberland, iiu, part ii., 94. 

Tlio fullowiDf document relates to the uame^ place-. "Anno griiliffi m" co" 
Ixuy^i die Sitnuli Petri ndVincuLa, SiinotimonuiliKi fcemiuit Prioriasa et Con-- 
ventuB de Lambelpj, cliniiwjruQt pro »e et 5uofE*ioribua Buia, quod Prio-r et Con- 
Ve[itu$ cle Hostili&iham niurum buuid (winstruant quotiens — necesse fuerit j qu-a- 
cumiiu& CBMU. dirntum, refliditi(>ent, etc., incipiendo, etu. El pro hue eonceest^niTit 
pnndietL Prior ot Conventus rieHa.ttiJiJef^lTaiu, ([iioil si iveria, priiKlicstamm Sencti- 
mooiabum per osffliinpiuiu ultra, nvuluia de Morileybume uaque ad inuruni quein 
super omKlem riTulnn), etc. 'fustibua Tlioma de Fetherstanhnloh, Willelinn de 
KellawB. Rubtrio de Boceland, Oilberlro cBjiellano, Uctred tunc serviento de 
lAiabolly, Henrico del Sjde tunc ierviante del Hires, et aliis" (MS8. I^nstlflmTiei, 

CCQXSTU. 30 a). 

vol.. 11. H 



similiter facient. His teatitus magistro A. arehidiacono NortE-"" 
umbriaa, Henrico decano de Novo Castro, Htigone \icario de 
Onngeham, Ricardu filio Alesaiidri ballivo de Hextildesham, 
Adam de Thirlewall, Thoma dc KetherBtoiilialt, Adam de 
Ellington, Hugone de Calflawe, Raiinulfo de Blenkeoehop, 
Johaime de Yngeliowc, Richardo fitio Thiustlni, Roberto Maris- 
calla, Roberto de Ebiu^on, et aliia. 

A., Prioriesa H Conyentua Sanctimonialiiim dc Lambeleya 
Kaliitera, Ad univeraitatis vestras volumiis devenire notitiam 
iliiod cum uoB, ex. mera liberalitate et permiseione Prions et 
Canouiconim de Hextildesham, aliquando liabuimua ayeiamenta 
paBturffi ad averia nostra intra divisae terrarum SMarum de Byres, 
iios, liberalitate eorura et permiasioiie ingratae millatciuis existere 
voleiit(J3, Tcrognoscimusj quod mdliim jus vel elaraeum. infra 
diWsas terrarum priedictoium Priovia c.t Caiionicorum liabemus, 
iiec dcbcmuE habere, uiai de mera eorum gratia et benigiiitate, 
Tcatibua magiatro A. arcbidiiacoiio Northumhcr', Henrico decano 
de Novo Castro, Hugone vicario de Ovitigeham, Ricardo filio 
Alexaiuln ballivo de Hestildeaham, Ada de Tbirlewall, Tlioma 
de Fct beret anh alt, Ada de Elrington, Hugone de Calflawe, 
REiriulfo de Blenkenebope, Jobanne de Yughowe, Rieardo filio 
Tburstinij Roberto Mariacallo, Roberta dc EIrington, et aliia. 



cccxxvi., 43 i.] 

Nos B.,* Prior, et Conventus Haug', concessimus doiuino 
Pctro de Insula et RobertOj tiUo «jiis, et bseredibua buib, habere 
perpetuam cantariam in eapella dc Cliipclics, quulibet altera die 
ill Bcptimana, per unum capellanum, auniptibus matris epclesiae 
de Chelvertona j aalvie m omnibus jure et Ludempiiitate ejusdrin 
roatris ecclesis, secundum usiim et cousuetudinera archidiaeon- 
atuB. Prsedicti rero Petrus et Robertus, et eorum Laercdcs, 
omnia nccessaria ad administratiouem dictte capcUse eompe- 
tentia, BufScienter in omnibus ct per onniia, providebunt et 
invenieut, exceptis capellano tantumraodo et cicrioo. Testibus 

* Doiiswortli foiiuA this tleeU in the CliipcliRse boi, among tte (leetk of Mr 
Hermii the owner nf that phce. On Sundnv after the feast'of Sl„ Eeiiih, law, 
Ili>berb do Insula of ChipcbaBe, olerk, quit-claimwl to Sir William Herou of Foril, 
knight, all h,j« ititereat in the nwnor oi Cliipciiase, 



domino S. abbate de Noto Monasterio, magistro H Ae Stanbrig 
TCctoTc ecclesite de StiinfordhatUj magiati-o ATjcl rectore eciiIcsicB 
de SyinoiidbuTne, doraLno Othvero de Lisula, Willclmo vicario 
de Biwcll, Willelrao de Sancto Johanaet SyTnone de Hext', 
Willelmo capellano de Haydon, capeilania, WiUelmo de Gun- 
warton, elerico, . . . . , et aliis. 



CONVENT OF MALTON. [Ex caitulario de MaltoDj MSS. 
Cotton^ Vesp.j D^ xi.^ 114,a,b.^ 


Oniiiihaa= — Bemardua Prior, et Conventua Hanguatald', 
Balutem in Domino. Noyeriti» noa remieiBae, et qiiietara cla- 
masse Priori et Conveutui Maltou omniiaodam esBctionem de 
quibusCUiiqiie eeryitiis, ad <]m& Willelmus filiua Willehni do 
ttedeburn sex bovatas teiTie iu Minori EtlestoQ per cartam suam 
nobis confeetam obligaverat. Quas quidem bovatas idem Prior 
et Conyentus MaJton teimit ex ipsius Willelmi doiio jure per- 
petuo, casaata pcnitua omui objcetione quam super prasdit'tia 
servitiia movere poeaimua in perpetuum. In cujua, etc. 


Sciant nniverei — quod cum discordia esset mota inter Priorera 
et Conteiitum Maltotii, ex una parte petentes, et Priorem et 
Conventum de Hangustaldeusem, et suos comparticipesj ex altera, 
tenenteSj euper pastura quadam, qure dicitur Mariacua, jaceilte 
iuter terram arabilem Majoris Edestou et pratum Miiioria 
Edcstoii J et super quadam alia pastura jaeeutc inter Colcbeo- 
sike et terram arabilem Parvae Edeston, eub hac forma sopita 
est. Videlicet, quod Prior et Conventus Haugustaldeusis, et 
Hui comparticipes, remiserunt a ae et succeasoribuB suis in. per- 
petuum Priori et Couventui Malton, et suis successoribua, mo- 
dlcam illam pasturara quae jacet inter ColebeC-sike et terram 
arabilem Minoris Edeston, sine oraui calumpuia in fiiturum. 
Ad pacis antem pei'pctii» hinc inde conservationcm, dimidia- 
bitur alia pastura, jaceus inter terram arabilem Majoria Edeston 
et pratum pnedictUTOj simul eura tota terra arabili usque ad 
afjuam de Dime rerBiis occidentem linealiter inter partes prte- 
dietas adjeeta medietati Frioria et Conventus Haugustaldenais 

' Tlifl firat of thase deeds ia cndortied Qvist-n tlamafio Pnorixfi Convtntiu 
Hagtatatdeniiit de i2«ib»sdan- txnfiianilmt : the second, Campoiitio iti/rf ito» el 




et comparticipum Buorum, de medietate Prions et ConventuB 
diniidia acra pasturie. Ilauc vero pasturanij aimul cum terra 
aral)iii, potcrunt partes prtedictse, vel altera, quEE voluerit, foB- 
sato iiicludere, ct ea uti pro sna vohmtatc. Concessit autcm 
prsedictuB Prior Haugustaldensis, ct sui comparticipes, priedicto 
Priori Malton, et puis sueccssoribue, viani sufficieutem ad oc- 
cursuin duarum biganim omistarum, ex parte nieridionali fos- 
aati Parvse Edtstoii, ab egressu Parvaj Edeetoii Tersus meridiem 
usque ad Colbe-sjck^ eundo et rcdeundo versus pratuni et pas- 
turam Pafvie Edeston. Ita <]\xod pnedictus Prior et Caiionici 
MaJton facicnt fo&satum noTmn aumptibua propriia, ab exitu 
villjE Edeston usque ad Colebee-sytke, ex auBtralL parte prse- 
dictse viee. Pro conccasionc autem aupcriua coutcntorum con- 
cessit Piiop Malton, pro se et Buct-easoribua suis, adquietare 
Priorem et Conventum HauguBtaldcnsem, et buos succcsaores, 
de aervitiis ouinimodis, consuetudiuibus, et esaetiombus septeni 
boTatanim terrae, quaa habent de dono AVillclmi filii Willclmi 
de B-edbum ; ad quanim dcfensioucm assignavit dictus Prior 
Maltou Wiilclmum de Kiikeby le Romuyu, qui oiius ietud 
super se et bEEredes suoa susccpltj onmes terras auas, res, ct 
possessioncs, quaa tempore tujus coufecticmis iuEtmnienti Itabuit 
ill Magna Edeston, et in Kirkeby Misperton, et alibi iibicunque 
terraa habuit, obligando. Dicti autem Priores, pi-o se et Con- 
ventibuiS suia, bona fide coiiceaseTunt pacem mutuam inter se 
imperpctuum obseiraudaiu de OTaiiibus posseaaionibus, terrisj — 
unde fuerant in possessione tempore hujus scripti confectionis ; 
cassatig oranibus quicquam pars altera po&sit objieere super 

prEedictis in perpetnum. Acta apud Ehor. comitatum, 

anno gratite ni" cc" xlij", in octabia Saiicti Miehaelis^ in prae- 
aentia domini H de BatLo', tunc vicecomitis Eboracensis. Iliia 
testibua, etc. 



swiNBUBNE. [Ex MSS. Hodgson.] 

Seiant prBesentes et futuri quod ego Jobannes, "Prior, et Cor- 
Tcutus An gust aid en sis," counnUiu Consilio Conventits uostri 

dedimus Johauni filio Ricardi de Swjiiebume Orientali, 

pro homagio et scrvitio auo, totam teri'aTn nostram, cum capital! 
mesuagio quaoi B.icardu8 Foasator de nobis quondam tenuit ; et 
totam terrara nostramj cum tofto et crofto quam Sampson de 

• Taken TroHi the MSS. of Mr. HwlgsMii the historian of Nurthumlierlund, 
who found the charter at Caphenton auion^' the e\iileuc(is tit Sir Jahn Swiuburoe. 



Sayneburne de nobia aliquando iennit in eademVlU*; et totam 

terram nostram de Steldenc ciim pert. ; exw^tvbercaria 

nostra dc Steldene, et pastura nostra in mora de G<ihewarton, 
sicut carta Abbatia de Novo MouEisterio, quam inde haberaus, 
testatur : — cum libera introitu et esitu ad oves nostras ad pEee- 
dictam bercariam commorantee. Reddendo annuatim xia. '-et 
xijd.^ — -Faciendo fonnBecum servitium, quantum ad prtedicCae 
terras pertinct. Hus testibus dominis Hugone dc Bolcbeek; 
Boberto de Inaula, Thoraa dc Oggil, Thoma de Fennewyke 
militibus, Johanne de Svrynebiime Occidentali^ "Waltero de 
Suetehope, M'illelmo de Colcwelle, et aliis. 



B, ill., 934, et Reg, Magnum Album, pars iii., 11 o.j 

Notura sit omnibus prsesentea literas visuris vel audituris/ 
quod CTim contcntio mota tssct inter veneTabilem patrem, do- 
minnm Walterum Ebor. arcliiepiscopam, Angliae primatem, et 
Priorem et Conventum de Estoldesbanij anper quibusdam liber- 
tatibus quaa idem Prior et Conveutus dicebaut ad se pertinere, 
tandem eadem eontroversia sub hoc fiue quievit. Quod cimi 
diptus dominus archiepiBCopus miscrit ballivoa buos ad tenendum 
asaisas suas apud EstoLdeahara, eligentiu: ab clsdem ballikHs xij 
liberi et legalea homines de m auerio et de aoca de Extoldceliam ; 
qui, jurati, veredictum suum facient de omnibus placitis quae 
emerseriiit in manerio illo, et in soka, tarn de terris archi- 
episcopi quam de tenia Prions et Conventus, ad Coronam spec- 
tautibus. Et (si) per illonim veredictum aliqua placita emer- 
serint, quBe pertLiieant ad aliquos de hominibua Prioria et 
Conveutua, ballivus Prioris et Conventus, vel canonicns ad hoc 
deputatus, esiget curiam ad ostium ccclcsiBe ; et hoc cou- 
cedetur ei de omnibus bominibus Prioris et Conventus super 
omnibus plaeitia spectantihua ad Coronam qUK contra coa 
emerserint. Dabitur ei ad hoc diescertus ad priedictum locura. 
Finitia vero a8{s)isia de homiuibus archiepieCOpi, balliYi arcbi- 
epiacopi venient ad ostium ccclesitc, et ibi placitabunt placita 
pcrtinentia ad homines Prioria et ConveiltU9. Cum autcm con- 
tigerit aliquos homines eorura ease amerciandos, amerciabuntur 
per sao'amentum se^ legaliura hominum ex parte archiepiaconij 
et sex Icgalium hominum ex parte Prioris et Conventus, salvo 
eoutiucTneiito et waynagio ruHticomm ; qure videlicet araercia- 
mcuta pertiuebunt ad archiepiecopnm qui pro tempore faerit, 

* A very oiirious campnct between the two grenl autihurilLesat Hexliam about 
the faoldiog of tosim mid trink there. 




.[Rot.- Chart,, 39th Hen. III., in. 2.] 

. ,"*-p^ archiepiacopiSj etc., Batutem. Scintia nos conceseisse 
.■/et'.eonfirmaBse Deo ct cccleBue Sancti Andrcse Ae Hestildcshani j 
■-■.'et canonieia ibidem Deo aervLentilius, donatiouea siibscriptas eh 
■r*.'- factas ; videlicet, de dono ct conctasione Johanaia dc Norman vile 
.•-_*' et Roberti de Iiisida, totum manerium de Nesebyte, cum om- 
nibus pcrtinejitiis suis ct libertatibus, in domiuicia, lioraa^is, 
BCrvitiiBj custodiis, releviia, et ciun omnibua eacaetis 8uis, siue 
aliquo retinemento ; etj de redditioiie ct asBigpiatione Walteri 
iilii Walteri de Nesebyte, totum jus ct clam.ium quod idem 
Walterus, vel hseredes sui imquam liabuerintj vcl habere po- 
tucriiitj In mancrio pTjedicto, cum pcrtineutiiaj sine aJiquu reti- 
nemento; sieut cartpe pi'iEdictorimi Johaiinis, Roberti, et Wal- 
teri, et oonfirmatio JohamuB de BayLlol, quas prsedicti caiioniri 
inde habentj rationabiliter teBtantur. Quare volumna et cou- 
ccdimus, pro iiobiB ct hseredibus uggtria, quod prsdicti Canonici, 
et eoruin succesaores, in perpetuum habcatit et teneaut manerium 
prajdictum, cum omnibus pcrtiliejitiJa suiSj sicut prajdictfc eartte 
ct confirmatio priedicta ratiouabUiter testaiitiir. Hiis testibus 
Willelmo de Fortibug comite Alberaarl, Hugone le Bygod, 
Stephana de Mciiiiyl, Johanue dc Lesiuton, llogero Bertram 
de Mitford, Willelmn de Grey, Fulcone filio Warini, Bartho- 
lomeo le Bygod, Willelmo Germim, et aliis, Data per mauum 
nostram, apud Novum-Castrum-euper-Tynam, Etv die Septem- 
brie (1S55). 


[Reg. archiep. Eomani, 92 A.] 

UniTersis pateat per prteacntea quod nos, Johannes de 
Craucumbe, offirialis curiEe Ebor,, Robertas de Pikcring, et 
Robcrtus de la Ford, clorici vcncrabiUs patris, domini J., Dei 
gi'atia Eboracensia archiepiscopi, etc., in eapella Beatee Mariaa 
apud Hextildcaham dc tota libertatc ejnsdcra lisitatiouis et 
inquiaitionia officium, idee et auctoritate priedicti patriSj die 
Luufc proximo ante I'estum Beati Cuthberti in Septcmbri, anno 
gratiffi m" cc" octogeaimo sexto dcbitc escrcenteB, ea quie in 
capituliB corrigenda craat justitia coircsimua exigentc. Et, 
inter ctetera, per deeretura pronuntiavimus statueudo, quoJ 
parachiani eccleaiie Augustaldcnsis teneantm* de etetero orares 
capellas libertatis et parochiee ejuaderaj prseter presbiterium seu 



cancellum eararadem capellarum, (quarum cancelH reparatio scu 
conatructio ad Prioi'cm et Canonicos de HextildcBham debet 
pertinere,) quotiena opua fuerit, coiistruere et reparorc, aeu etiaiu 
reforniare. Inveuiendo iia eisdcm capellia Miasale et calicem 
sub pcena c aolidorum, pro parte parocliiauoruni, et quadragiuta 
Bolidoniro, pro parte Prioiis et Con v^entiiSj domino archiepiseopo 
aolycndoruDQ, ei praiinisea iioii feccrint, ut tenentur. lu cujus 
rei testimouium sigiUura prsdicti patris pTa!aentibii8 est ap- 
penauTU. Data apud Hextildc&liam, iij idua Septembm, anuo 
grfttise Bupradicto, et pontificatus ejusdem patris primo. 



Pat,, 13th Kdward I., membr. 19.] 

Rex omuibus ad quo3, etc., salutem. Licet de commimi 

coiisilio rcgni nostri proiT-deriiniis, quod non. liceat viris reli- 
giosisj 8eu aliis, in^redi feodum alicuju&, ita quod ad mortuam 
manum dcveniat, sine licentia nostra, et capitalis doraiui, de 
quo res iUa immediate teiietur ; volentea, tamen, dilecto et 
fideli nostro Thomse de Develeeton gi-atiara facere specialem, 
dedimus ei liceutiam, quantum iu nol^is est, quud viginti 
libratns tcrrse cum pertiiientiis in North-milnebum dare posslt 
et assignare dilectia nobis in Chiiato Priori et Convcntui de 
Hestildesham, tenendas et habendaa sibi et successoribus suis 
imperpetuum ; et eiadem Priori et Conventui, quod pnedictaa 
viginti libratas terrs ab codem Thoma recipere poasiiit, teuore 
prEeseutium similiter licentiam coucedimus specialem. Nolcntea 
quod idem Thomas, seu pncdicti Prior et Convcntus, rationa 
statuti prjedicti, per uos veL haeredes nostros iude occasioncntur 
in aliqiio vel graventur ; salris taraeu capitalibus domim» fpodi 
illius scrvitiis inde debitis et consuetis. In cujus, etc. Teste 
rcge apud Westmoiiasterium, vicesimo quinto die Mail (1285). 



avKES, WARDEN, MATFE.N, ETC. [Rot. Cliart., 14th Ed- 
Ward L, n. 13.] 

Rei archiepiacopis, etc., salutem. Sciatia noa concesaisse, 
et hac carta nostra confirmasse dilectis nobis in ChTisto Priori 
et Convetitui de Hextildcsham, quod ipai, et corum suceessorca 
imperpetuum, habeant liberam wareuuam in omnibuB dominicis 



terria auis de Byres, Wardon, Matfenn, CoUlen, Cheseburgh, pt 
MilacbuTD ID comitatu Norliiimbrise, et in omnibus domiiiicis 
terria suia de Saultoa, et Broghtoa in comitatu Ebor. ; dum 
taraen terrie iUtc nou aint infra metas torestffiPOstrje, Ita quod 
nullua intret terras illaa ad fug^andiim in cis, vcl nd aliquid 
capiendum quod ad warrennam pcrtjneat, siiLe liceiitia et volun- 
tate ipsorum Prioria et ConventuSj vcl auccessoruui snonim, 
Bnper forisfacturam noBtrara decern libranini. Quare volumns, 
etc., dum tamen, etc.j ita, etc, super IbriBfacturam nostram 
decera librarum, aicut prsedictura est. Hiis teetibus venera- 
bilibus patribua R Batbon. et WcUciin,, G. Wygorn., et W. 
NoTwyeen&i epiaeopis, Edmundo fratre nostro, WiUetrao de 
Valencia avTinculo nostra, Edmundo eomitc Comnbiae, Gilbcrto 
de Clare comite GLouc' et Hereford, Henrico de Lacy comite 
Line', Rogero de Eigod comite Norff. et raai'iscallo Angliasj 
Roberto filio Johanuis, Petra de CbaumpTcnt, ct aliis. Data 
per maimni, apud Westmonastcriura, xsviij die Api-iliB (1286), 



iRiviLEsES. [MSS. Lansd., ccecii., 14 a, i.] 

Omnibus Christi fidelibus hoc scriptum Tisuris vel audituris, 
Johannes, perm issioiie Div-ina Ehor. archicpiscopna, AngUs 
primas, Halutem in Domino, Noverit universitas vcstra noa 
dedisse, concessieae, et hoc pitesenti seripto nostro confinnaase 
Deo et eccLesise Saneti Andreae de Hextildesham, et Pnori et 
Canonicis ibidem Deo servientibus, xxsv acraa et unam rodam 
terrte jacentes justa terram suani in campo de Dottelande, et 
duaa de waato nostro versus parcariam snam, ad iucludendnm, 
et iu suo seperali omnibus diebus anni retinendum ; reddendo 
nobis ct suCccBsoribuB nostria annuatim pro prsedictis tiiginta 
quinc|ue acria et una roda terne ftrmam inde debitam et eon- 
suetani, videlicet sjs. ct is denaiioa; et pi'o prsdictis duabus 
acris de wasto viijd., scilicet medietatera ad Pentecosten, et 
aliam mcdietatcm ad fcstum Saneti irartini in hyeme, pro omni 
alioservitio et demanda: videlicet, quodprocjualibet acraquatuor 
denarioa, flicut aliae terrae ibidem censiialesj reddnnt. Dedimus 
etiam eisdom Priori et Canonicis xv acraa et £res rodas de vasto 
noBtrOj quje jaeent circa graiigias suaa de Dottelanrij in escam- 
biuni pro (|mndceim aeria ct tribua rodia terriE suic arabilis, qiias 
nobis et suecessoribiia nostria dederuiit : qiiK quidera quiudecim 
acrte et tree, rodre terrae jacent in orientali parte terrae suse in 
eadem villa de Dottelandj propinquioi'es teiTse nostrse de Warde- 



lalte. Concessimus autcm eidcm Priori et Canonicis quod ipsi 
includant et includere posairit quandam partem terrie suae in 
Dotteland, et prtedictag s^:^ acras et unam rodam terrEe, aimul 
cum pnedictis xv acris et tribus rodis yasti, et eas in soli /'sicj 
aeperali omuibus temporibus aiini tcncant, per divisas sub- 
acriptas : videlicetj incipiendo a aiiperiori parte cultiirai Prions 
qute vocatur Erdeley, versuB orientem, usque ad terrain nostram 
de Effardes-laire J et sic, descen (dea) do versus aquiloueuij per 
sykettum ex orientali parte ejusdem, usque in Thrjsteley-'bum ; 
et de TLristeley-biirti, ascendeudo es parte boriali, Tereua occi- 
dentem usque ad parcam ipsius Prioris ex occidental! parte; et 
sic, ex tranarerao, versus aiiatrum ex oecidentali parte grangia- 
rum ejusdem Prioiia, usque ad superiorem partem cultura; de 
Erdeley pTEGuominata. Prseterea concedimusj pro nobis et 
Buccesaoribus nostria, quod prsedicti Prior et Cauonici includant 
graugias suaa in Prioratu suo et tofta vasta justa easdem, circui- 
eiido culturam suam quae vocatur le Seel ; et sequendo rivuloin 
a porta sua auatrali usque ad torrellum suum pnKdicti Prioratus ; 
reddendo nobis et succeasoribus nostris annuatim pro pratdictia 
toftia quatuor solidos, ijd, et ob, argenti ad praedictos termioos 
pro alus aervitiis omnibusj operationibus, aux.ilii&, tallagiis, et 
demandis. Et quia accepimua per Bollempneni iaquisitioncm, 
■quara fipri fccimus per aacrgmentum quatuor hominum de liber- 
tate nostra de Hextildesham, quod prEedicti Prior et Canonici 
habere debentj et praadecessores eui habere eonsueTenint tres 
gurgitea in stagno molendini aui dcExtildeaham, a tempore q^uo 
noQ exstat memoria, concediraus eis quod liabeaitt de caetero 
duos gnrgitcs in etagno prtedicto ; ita tamen quod non exultant 
prtedictum per quod molendina nosti-a in aliquo disturbentur vel 
deteriorentur. Et iidem Prior et Canonici concesserunt quod 
plures guFgites quara duoa de ctetero ibidem non habebunt nee 
clamabunt, Volumus ctiom et concedimus quod libere possitit 
piscari in aqua de Tyne, uhicunque piscatoree uostri piacari 
possmit, prout in cartia priedccessorum iiostrorum plenius con- 
tinetur; et quod habeant quoddam raolcndinum suum le Hame- 
buni, et quandam placeam juxta moleudiuum suum de HextiU 
desliam, quie vocatur le Stanercs, prout per prEedictam inquisi- 
tionem invenimus quod habuerunt et tabere coneueveruot, sine 
impedimento uostri, aut successorum UOstrorum. Prieterea 
conccdimnSj pro nobis et successoribus nostris, et pi"Besenti 
Bcripto coufirmavimus cisdcm Priori et Canonicis omnes alias 
terras^ tenemcnta et possessiones suas, quas habuerunt die cou- 
fectionia hiiju& scripti, de dono prEedecessorum nostromm, sen 
aliorum quoruracuuque in Hestildescliam-achire, in pcrpetuam 
elcmosinam, sicut earta; Bme et feoffamenta »ua rati onabi liter 



testantur; Balvin tameii nobis et Buccessorihus nostris scrvitiis debitis et conj^uetia. Et pro hac donatioiie, con cess iouK, et 
confiimatiouKj prjedicti Prior ct Canouici dcderunt nobis duo 
toft& jacctitia juxtn maQcnum suum de Kextildesham, ad dlla.- 
tationem ejusdeai luanerii nostrij ita tamen quod habeant qiiaii- 
dam viam Bufficicntem in priedictia tofbis ad dueeudiim blada efe 
alia uecessaria sua per aumraafria ad raoleudiiium suum de Tyiie, 
quandocuiKjue voluerint. Reddent etiam pricdicti Prioi' et 
•Canouici, et eorura succcssorea de ctetero, nobis et auccessoribus 
nostris annuatira, sij marcas argeiiti, ad tcrmiuoa pra^dictoa, pro 
moleadino de Hamebarn et terra adjacente ; pro quo prius red- 
derc solebant s marcas taiitum. Incujus rei testimonium parti 
bujus script! cyrographati peues prjedictoa Priorem et Canouicoa 
reaidenti siffilliim nostrum apposuimus; altera parte sifjillo pne- 
dictoram Frioria ct Canouiconim aigiiata penes iiOs remancnte. 
Hiis testibus domiciis Jolianne de Haultoa, Tlioma de Dyvelleston 
militibua, Diagiatris Willclmo et Koberto dc Pykcring, Roberto 
de la Forda, Johanne dc L^thegrayaes, Waltero de Stoltes, 
Jotanne Sampson, Willelrao dc Kclhou, Tboma de Pychebum, 
Jobannc de Insula, Roberto de Skyptoti ballivo, Johanne de 
Vallibus, Joliaunc de EiT'ngeton, ct raultia aliia. Datum apud 
Burton, quiuto ydus Aprilis, aiuio gratise m" cc° lxxx° yij", et 
pontificatua nostri anno seciindo. 


arcbicp. Romani, 98 a.] 

Officiali libertatis de HeitildesLam salutem, gratiam, et 
benediction.em,= Cum non{n}uIli ecclesias, quEe per proprioa 
consueveruiit gubernari rectares, in usub eorum conccsaas, ut 
omnia quie ex appropriatis sibi ecclesiis proveneruut absorbeant 
et consumant, dimittaiit vicariis destitutaa ; nos, et animarum 
salurij et ecclesiamm atatai diligentia, qua possumus, ex officii 
Doetri dcbito prospicere cupientea, vobia injungimus, quod 
citctis pcremptorie Priorem et Conventum de Hestildcsham, 
quod sufficienter et legitime comparcant coTatu nobis, vel eom.- 
missionariia noatris, in nostra Ebor. ecclesia, die, etc., jura 
aufficientia, &i qu:e pro se habent, quare in ecclesiis de Hestil- 
desham et Alwenton, uoatrBE jurisdictioni subjcctia, curam 
habontibus animarum annesanij quas iidem rdigiosi in uaus 

' A oitoti'Qii lulled in 125i to require the Prior and Cnnveat to ensner ibr 
thoip conduct in not hB.fiag vicare Pc^ulariy instituted in their livings of R«xham 
knd Alwcnten. Tliere aro other documoutG on tba mitop subject. 



proprios optinentj non tabent vicarios juxta juris esi^entiam 
canonice institutos, prffipositim, tic super prsemiesie, et aliis eibi 
objiciendie, ex officio responsuri^ fticturi, et receptm'i quod 
justitia suadebit. Et nos supers etc, data, etc., supra. 



MILL-DAM AT HEsBAM. [Keg. arcliicp. Corbridge, 92a.] 

Suo ballivo de Hextildesham salutem, gratiam, et bene- 
dictionem. Si dilecti filii, Prior et Conveutus dc Hextildesham, 
praedcceBBorum nostronim temporibus, de gratia eoruuidem, 
aisiamentum quarrera; noT^trte de Acwod, ad sustcntatioiiera 
stangni moleudini sui de liextildeehanij habuerint, placet nobis 
qiiud, abec|ue irapedimento, aiaiameiitum hujusmodi habeaiit ({e 
gratia ista vice ; proviso quod gratia liujusraodi iioii pro debito. 
Bed pro gratia aliis iuuotcscat. Vale. Data apud Cawod, iiij 
kalendas NovembriSj pontificatus nostri anno secundo. 



NfmTHCMifEBi.ANP, [lYom the original in the posaesaion of 
W. B. Beaumont, M.P.]-' 

Edwardus, Dei gratia res Anglise, dominus HibeniiEC, et dux 
Aquitaniic, arcbiepiscopis, epiaeopia, abbatibus, prioribua, coini- 
tibus, baronibus, juatitiariis, vicecomitiljua, prsepoaitis, miuiatris, 
et omiiibus ballivis et fidelibus suis salutem. Inapeximus quaii- 
dam inquisition em quam per dilectos et fideles nostros Gui- 
cbflrduiu de Charriin et Adam dc Crokedayk nuper fieri fccimus 
iu hffic verba. 

IiiquiBitio facta apud Novura-Castrum-super-Tynam coram 
Guicliardo dc Charron et Adam de Crokcdaykcj die Vcuerie 
proxinia ante festum Exaltationis S. Crucis, aiino regui regis 
Edwardi filii regis Henrici viceaimo quiuto, per Wilklmum de 

* Noit to the Black Booli, tliis is the rawt valuable dooument in this volrnna. 
The former gives Lbe eitflot of the estalca of l.ho Convoat ; this shews how t\ey 
came into its jjosseswion. It afipcars tlint the niuniraents of the Priory wore 
destroyed \tj the Scots in 1296-7, and, to kvap the caaona of Hexham safe, th« 
kinK isaqeJ a comioi^on to aacertaip whst the lands were to wliiuh Ihey wor* 
renlly en tilled, nil J hy whom thoy warn p^von. This is tlie roBiillr of the- enquiry. 
Thodoi'iiment hac liean printed by Mr, Hc>d|iwin (vol. ii., part iii., 15G-17U) from 
n very inou-rrect cojiy, which is full of tiliLoderE. 



Halton, Nicholaum de Yntteham, Willelmimi de Swctiop, "Wil- 
IcLmum cle Tyndalj Ricardutn de Doceland, Ricardum Turpyn, 
Ricardimi filium Alani, Willclmnm de Echewjk, Tliomam Fe- 
thcrataiihaigh patrcm, Tliomam filiuni ejua, Robertum Mange- 
vileya, et Willelmum Bataillie, per breve domini regis in Laec 

Edwardus, Dei gratia rex AngliE, domtmis Hihernla;, ct dux 
Aquitaniie, dilectis et fidelihua suia Guicliardo de Charrom ct 
Adie de Crokcdajk salutem. Quia cs querela dilcctoniui nobis 
in Chriato Prioria et Conveutua de Hextildeabam accepimuft, 
quod omncB cai'taj ct uiuninieiita aua, per quae ipai et pnedeces- 
Bores sui terras, redditus, et tenemeata eccleaire sua de Hextil- 
desham tenuejTint, uuper in LnTasione Prioratua illius, et diversis 
iQCcndiiB per Seotos ibidem nequiter perpctratis, combusta 
fuerunt, et consumpta; per quod eisdeia Priori et Conventui, 
et ecclesiffi sasa prtcdictje, eshaircditatiouis pcriculum de facili 
poterit ini(m)inere : nos, statiii eorundem Prions et Couventus, 
ac ecclesia3 sme prffidict<e pio compatieates affectUj et eidem 
providere volentes in hae parte, asaigtiavimua vos ad inquirendum 
per sacramentum proborum et legaUum hominum de comitatibus 
Nortliumbr*, Cumbi'', et Ebor., per quo* rei Veritas melius seiri 
poterit, quaa terras, quoa redditns, et quae teiiemcnta idem 
Prior et ConTeutUB tciiuerunt tempore invasionis pi'tedicfffij et 
a quo tempore, et de quibus, et per quieservitia; et quas terras, 
redditus, et qu» tenemcnta iidem Prior ct Conveatus tempore 
prajdicto tcuucrunt per c&TtM et munimeiita, et per quae cartas 
et quae munimcuta; et quas terras, quos redditus, et quae tene- 
raenta tenueruut sine cartia et munimentis; et qnalitcr, et quo- 
modo, et in quibua locis terrie illae ct teuemeiita existunt. Et 
ideo vobia mandamus, quod ad certos diem et locum, quos ad 
boc provideritis, iaquisitioiLcm illara faciatis, et earn distiucte 
et aperte faetam nobis eub sigillis veatris, et sigillis eorum per 
quoa facta fuerit, sine dilatione mittatis, et hoc breve. Mauda- 
yiraus- enim viceeoniitihus uosti-ia comitatuum praedictorum, 
quod ad Certos diem et locum, quoa eia scire faeictia, venire 
facient coram vobia tot et tales probos et legaks homines de 
comitatibus prn&flictis, per q\io» rei Veritas iu pncmissis melius 
sciri poterit ct inquiri. In cujus rei testimonium has literas 
nostras fieri fecimus patentes. Teste ineipso apud Westmo- 
nasterium, duodecimo die JuUij anno regni nostri ■vicesimo 

Qui dicunt super sacramentum suum quod prEedicti Prior et 
CoTiventus tenent eeclcBiam de Hcxtildeaham in proprioa usus, 
et Prioratum suum de Hextildesham, cum omnibus snia perti- 
nentiis, in Uberam, puram, et perpetuam elemosinam, de dono 



domini Thome Secundi, Eboracensis nrcliiepiscopi ; et iiide 
tabuenint cartam dicti domiiii ThomEe, et confirmationem capi- 
tuli Eboracensie; et tenucmnt a tempore quo non extat me- 
moria. Dicuut etiara quod tetieat manerium et villain de 
Aynewyk, cum omnibus suia pertineutiiB, et villaa de Sandhou 
et Yam-riggj cum suis pertineutiis, iu campis, Biii-is, boscis, 
aquis, viis, atmitis, et molendino de Tynfi, cum stagno ejusdem, 
et cum tota secta quse ad illud pertinet, vel pertiuere debet j et 
dccimam Dmnium rerum tarn episcopi quam aliorum infra liber- 
tatcm de Hextildesham esistentium, in liberain, puram, et per- 
petuatn elemosinam, de dono domini Tbomie Secundij lilbora- 
censia archiepiscopi ; et inde habuerujit cartaro, et coiifirma- 
tiouem capitulL Kboracensis. Habent etiam, de dono prsedieti 
domini Thomse archiepiscopi, eok et sak, et alias libertatea, 
videlicet emend' aseissaj pania et cenrieiEe; et aervientes snoB 
vi]'§^am portitntes ad faciendum diatrictionea, somraonitiones, et 
attachlamenta; et omnium tranBgressiouum emendationea de 
teneutibus suis in curia ipsius Pxioris, Tenent etiam qaaadam 
terras in villa de Hestildesham, scilicet totum vicum integnim 
qui vocattir Cokeehou. Tenent etiam iu eadem villa viginti et 
quatuor mesuagia, cum pcrtinentia suis, in vico qui vocatur 
Prestpofi'el. Tenent etiam quatuopdeeim meesuagia in vico qui 
dicituT Vicus Fori, cum pei'tiuentiis. Teneut etiam iu eadem 
Tilla sexdeeim mesuagia, cum pertineutiis, in vico qui dicitur 
HeunecotcB. Tenent etiam totam villam de Dottclaud, cum 
pertiuentiisj et Knitelhesell, et utramque GrotintoOj cum omni- 
bus suia pertiuentiia j et decimam OmQium auimaliiim. infra 
libertatera dc Hextildeaham ; in liberamj puram, et perpetuani 
eleiuosiuamj ex dono domini Tturstiai, quondam EboranccneiB 
archiepiscopi ; et tenuerunt a tempore quo non eictat mcraoria, 
sine aliquo siEculari servitio facieudo. Teneut etiam medie- 
tatem ■villte dc Byngefcld, com suia pertineutiis, in liberam, 
puram, et perpetuam eleraosinam, de dono Ger{raundi), a tem- 
pore quo non extat memoria, BUie aliqUO servitio eaaculari 
facieudo; et inde habuernnt cartam, Tenent etiam sex mar- 
catas redditus in villa prsedictade Bjngefeld, in liberam, puram, 
et perpetuam clemosinam, ex dono Roberti de Skipton/ et eas 
ten^ierunt per decern annos et amplius pev feoflamentum ipsius 
Roberti; et inde habuciomt confirm atioaeni domini regis nunc. 
Tenent etiim duo molendina aquatica, cum suia pertinentiis, iu 
Hambume et Neubigiug, et quater-riginti acras terne in eiadem 

• York, 6, 271h Dec., 1289. Uuence for Robert, bailiff of Hanham, to eivfi 
" septeujmerL'ulaa lorriD " to the Priory, if ho can got the rojh'al lieence (Refr. 
arcbiep. Rflm&ni, 94 b). 6kiptaii, for siicli was the donor's name^ died a year or 
two afl*nviirda. 



villia, ctiin secta omnium terramm iiovarum assartaroiiij et 
asBB rtandarum, ad ilia duo moWtidina prmdieta, ex dono doralni 
Waltcn le Gray quondam Eboraucencis arcliicpiscopij per ser- 
vitium duodeeim marcarum per annum ; et tenueruut per c&r- 
taiQ ; ct tenueruiit teaementa pFEcdicta a tempore H. tegis, patri& 
domini regis uunc, Tenent etiam uuam placiam, qu<e coutinet 
unam rodam ten^, in villa de Akum^ et uuam placiaia cod- 
tlnentem uiiam rodam in villa de Walle ; et unam placiam coo- 
tincntcm unam rodam terra in villa de Halideuj et unam 
])laciam contincntcm luiara rodam terrse in Repwyk ; et unam 
rodam terne iu nlla de Cattedenj et nnam rodam terrce in villa 
de Nincbenk ; et uuaai rodam terrse in villa de Rouley pro 
grangia decimali ^diScanda, de dono dominunim Walteii Cfray 
et Walteri Giffard, episcoporum Eboraceusiuin, uuamquamque 
per sCj per SGrvitium quatuor denariorum per annum tantura, a 
tempore regis H., paths domiui rc^s nunc; de quibus Labue- 
ruiit cartas. Tenent etiam manerium mtcgrum de Wardon, 
cum omnibus Buia pertinentiis, et ecclcsiam ejuedem looi in pro- 
prios usua, una cum capcUis Buis de Stayncroft, Hayden, et 
Langlcy, in libcram, puram, et pcrpetuam elemosinam, de dona 
dumiui Adm dc Tynda.1 ; de quibus ipsi habuerunt cartara, et 
confirmatiionem domini epiecopi Duuelmeneis; et teiiuenmt a 
tempore quo uon extat memoria, Tenent etiam quadraginta 
acraa terree, et aci acraa prati, et duo measuagia, in Sadeling- 
etancs, de dono Adse de Sadeling-etan, in Liberam, puram, et 
perpetuara elemosinam ; et inde liabuermit cartam; et tenue- 
runt a tempore quo non extat memoria- Tenent etiam in 
ftivyneteley duo mesuagia, et quarlragiuta aeras terne, cum per- 
tineiitiia, et decern solidatas redditns, dc dono Adaa de Thorn- 
^rart'ton, in liberam, puram, et pcrpetuam elemoainam ; et inde 
iiabuerunt cartam ; et tenuenmt a tempore quo uon extat 
meraoria. Tenent etiam totam terram del Byrea, per suEia 
rectas divisas, et etiam communam pastane extra divisas terrae 
prajdictEft, cam pertinentiis, de doao domini Adse de Tynd<d, in 
liberam, puram, et pcrpetuam elemoainam ; et inde habuerunt 
cartam ; et teiiuerunt a tempore quo iion estat memoria. 
Tenent etiam molendirium de Alrewcss, eura pertinentiis, de 
dono Uctredi dc iUrewes, in, libcramj puramj et perpetuam ele- 
mosinam; et inde habuerunt cartam; et teniicrunt a tempore 
quo noD. extat memoria. Tenent etiam uuam earueatam terrae 
in Alrcwea, cum aiiis pertinentiis, in quodam loco qui vocatur 
Oulemers, dc dono Ricardi-'' quondam baUivi Hextildeshamj, iu 
liberam, puram, et perpetuam elemoainam ; et inde liabueruut 

f Probably Ricbard, Hon of Alexander, nho was bailiff cjf Heiham m the thir-' 
teentb ceuturj. 




cartam ; et tenuerunt a tempore quo non estat memoria. 
Teneat ecclesiam de Cholvertou cum suis capellis, Bcilieetj 
Birteley, Cliipchcsse, Gonewarton, EBt-Swyneburne, Par^a 
Heton, et Colewclle, cimi suis pertiucntiis, in proprios ubvlb; et 
octo bovatas terrse, cum pertineatiis, in. villa de Cholverton, de 
dote ipsius ecdesiie ; una cum quiuque acris terrie, quro voeantur 
le Michel-croft, es boreali parte iUius ecctesiie, in liberam, 
puram, et pcrpetuam elemoainam, de dono Odenelli de Um- 
framvill ; et inde hp-buerunt cartam et confirmationeci ; et 
tenuerunt a tempore quo uon extat memoria, Teneiit etiam 
totum bamlettum de Bemnondj cum suia pertincutiis, per suas 
rcctas divis^, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam elemoBinam, de 
douo Gilbert! de Umfranivill ; et inde habuenuit cartam ; et 
tenuerunt a tempore regis H., paths domini regis nunc. 
Tenent etiam unum toftum. et septem acras terr£e cum suis per- 
tiiitutiia in Birteley, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam elemo- 
Biuam, de dono Ricardi dc Umframiill; et inde habuerunt 
cartam ; et teuuenmt a tempore quo nou extat memoria, 
Tenent etiam totani tcrram et pasturam de Golden, cum snia 
pertnientiisj per suas rectae divisas, in liberam, puram, et per- 
petuam elemosinara, de dono Kicardt de Umfrainyill ; et teuue- 
nmt a tempore quo nou estat memoria j et inde habuerunt 
cartam, Habcnt etiam coramunam paaturse in mora de Gonc- 
warton ad quinquies viginti averia eseuntia de scalinga de 
Colden, tam tempore clauso, quam temjiore aperto, de dono 
EadulG de Gouewartou; et inde habuerunt cartam; in liberam, 
puram, ct perpetuam elemOBinajn j et tenuerunt a tempore quo 
non extat memoria. Tcncut etiam duo tofta et triginta ncras 
terrf!, cum auis pertinentiis, in villa de Bai-weforde, in liberam, 
puram, et perpetuam clemosinam j et inde hahuerunt cartam ; 
de dono IMargcrise lie Umframyill j et teuuerunt a tempore 
regis nunc. Tenent etiam duo tofta, ct duaa bovatas terree cum 
pertinentiis,, in villa de Chestrehorp, in liberam, purara, et per- 
petuam elemoBinam, de dono Radulfi de Goiiewartou j et inde 
habuermit cartam ; et tenuerunt a tempore quo uou estat 
memoria. Tenent etiam unam carncatam terra, cima suie pcr- 
tiuentilB, in Neutou-in-Cokedal, in liberam, puram, et per- 
petuam elcraosinam, de dono Wslteii de Insula ; et inde h^buc- 
nmt cartam; et tenuerunt a tempore quo non extat memoria, 
Tenent etiam commimam paaturaj ad trigiuta et duos boves, 
decern vaccas, et ad ducentas ct quadraginta ovesi in Colewell, 
in liberam, puram, et perpetuam eleinosiuamj de dono Walteri 
Corbet; et iiide habuerunt cartam j ct tenuerunt a teaii>ore H, 
regia, patris regis nunc. Teneut etiam manerium de Parvn 
Heton et de Calde-strotber, euro pertinpntiis, in liberam, puram, 



et perpetuam elemosinam, de dono AHuk de Bolum, et Jacobi 
(Ic Caus ct Aliaiie uxoris suie ; et inde habuerunt cartam ; et 
tcmieniut a tempore quo uon cstct racnioria. Tenent etiam 
uiuim toftum et sex aeraa terrtt iu Parva IJabington, de dono 
Stephani Bataillie ; et teneut in eadem villa duo tofta et tres 
acraa et dimidiara, cum pertinentiis, cum communa pasturic ad 
quiudeeim averia, sexa-ginta oves, et ad duos equos, de douo 
Gilberti de Wirceatre, in liLeram, puram, et perpetuam clemo- 
Binain ; et iiide habueruiit cartam ; et tenuerunt a tempore quo 
nun extat mcmOria. T-eneut etiam tria tofta cum grangia deci- 
raala, ct duaa bovatas et duodecim acras terrae, cum pertiuentiis, 
ill vUla de Oojicwarton, de dono Radulfi de Gonewarton ct 
Thiu-killy de Cadeiou ; et iude haliueruut eai-tam; iu liberam, 
puram, et perpctwam elemosinam; et tenuerunt a tempore quo 
iioa extat raeraoria. Tenent etiam ecclesiam de Slaveley*' iu 
proprioa usua, et unam carucatam terrsCj cum pertinentiis, de 
dote ejusdem eccleaise ; et communam pasturie in eadem villa 
ad ducentaa ct sesaginta oves ; et coramunam pastiars iu le Stele 
ad ducentaa et sesaginta ovea, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam 
elemosinam^ de dono Gilberti de Slaveley ; et inde habueruat 
cartara, et confirmationem domini cpiscopi et capitnli Dunel- 
mcnais ; et tenuerunt a tempore regie H., patris domini regis 
nunc. Tcne-nt etiam unaju dommn et unam acram tcrriE, cum 
pertinentiis, in villa de Cliipches, in liberamj puram, et per- 
petuam elemoainam, de dono Roberti de Insula ; et inde Labue- 
rnnt caitam ; et tenuermit a tempore domini regis H. ; et, 
etiamj quadraginta et tres aolidatasj et quatuor denariatas red- 
ditua, escuntes de octo mesuagiis in villa Novi-Caatri-auper- 
Tjnam, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam elemosinam, de dono 
diveraonira ; et inde habucrunt cartas j ct tenucruut a tempore 
quo non extat memoria. Teneut etiam quadraginta et tres 
solidatas et duas denariatas rcdditus, exeuiitcs de qnindeclm 
mesuagiis in villa de Corbrigg, de dono diversorum ; et inde 
liabuerunt cartas; et tenucmnt a tempore quo non extat me- 
moria. Tenent etiam unum mesuagiunij aeptem acras terrse 
cum pertinentiis in Hayden, et comraunam pasturae ad duceutas 
ct aesagicita bideutes, iu liberam^ piu'am, et perpetuam ele- 
mosinam, de dono domini Adse de Tindal; et inde habuerunt 
cartam J et tenuenmt a tempore quo non extat memoria. 
Tenent etiam unam acram teme iu campo de West-Swyneborne, 
in liberam, puram, ot pfrpetuatu clemasilLam, dc dono Johannis 

' Meraanmiium quod xsiij die Novenibris, sduo Domini mi)le*inii) ccC xij", 
conceasit dominiTS xl dies iii'liilgentiai omnibus eonferentibus da Iioiiis ^^uis- ad 
fa'Ticam eoclesbe de St&Teleji Duaeimeiiaia dioaeaiod (Beg, Kdliine at Durham. 

cbahtess aw other docdhbnts. 


tic "Wirceestre ; ct indc haljuerniit cartam ; et tcnuenint a tpra- 
pore regis H., patria doniini rrgis uunc. Tencnt etiam tutiim 
manerium de Nortli-Miliieburne cum pertineutiis, et cum com- 
muna pasturtE in mora de Crekclagh, ex dono domini Tbomfe de 
Pyveleston, in liberam, puranij et perpetuam elemoainani ; et 
infle hal)«erunt cartam, ct liceatiam doraini regis nimC ingtc- 
dicndl, noa obstante statute doniini regis inde edito ; et tenue- 
rnnt a tempore domini regis mine. Tcueut etiam totam terram 
de Steldcn, per certaa suas di visas, in escambium pro servitio 
viginti et trium Bolirionira per anuiunj ex coneeaaione Abbatis 
No¥i Monastcrii ; et inde habuerant cartam ; et tennerunt a 
tempore quo non extat memoria. Tenent etiam et liabciit do- 
mininm totiua villae de Whitefeld, ct sexdecim solidataa et 
quatuor denariatas redditna, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam 
elcmosinam, de dono Willclmi regis Scotiae ; et iudo habuerant 
cartam j et tennerunt a tempore quo non extat memoria. 
Habcnt etiam quandam moram, quaa vocatui* Karrauc-sid, in. 
suo seperalij in libcranij puram, ct perpetuam elemosiuam, de 
douo prKdictt Wilklmi regis Scotise ; et ii\de habueruiit cartam ; 
et tcnucrant a tempore quo non estat memoria. Tenent etiam 
quoddam hamdcttum, quod vocatui* Carrawer, in suo seperalij 
enra suis pertinentiia, in liberam^ puram, et perpetuam elemn- 
ainam, de dono Hicardi Comyn; ot habcnt do dono ejuadem 
Ricardi unara carucatam terra; cum pertinentiia in Risclieles, 
per anas rectaa divisas, una cum commnna pasturai de Hethcnea- 
halgh, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam elemoauiam; et inde 
habuemnt cartam ; et tennerunt a tempore quo non extat me- 
moria. Tenent ftiam unura toftum et triginta acraa terra, cum 
pertinentiia, in StajTicroft, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam 
deniosinam, de dono praedicti Iticardi Comynj et inde Labue- 
runt cartam ; et tenucrunt a tempore quo non extat memoria, 
Tenent etiam acx tofta et unam carucatam terrie, cum pertinen- 
tiia, in Thirlewall ; et communam pasturae ad quaterviginti 
averia, quaterviginti jumenta eum secta, et ad quadraginta 
porcoa, et ad quatervigiuti capraa, in liberam, puram, ct per- 
pctiaam elemosinam, de dono Bricii de Thirlewall et Rogeri 
filil ejna; et inde habuemnt cartas; et tcnuerunt a tempore quo 
non extat memoria. Tenent etiam qnandam pasturam qnie 
vocntur Prcsdalc, Cum auis pertinentiia, per sUaa rcctaa divisas, 
in suo seperali, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam elemosinam, 
de doiio Ivonia dc "S'^cteri-Ponte ; et inde habuerimt cartam, 
et confirmatiouem domini regis H., patris domini regis nunc; 
et tennerunt a tempore quo non cstat memoria. Tenent ctiara 
octo mesuagia et unam carucatam tcnie cum pertiuenliis in 
Aldeneston, in liberaoi, jmram, ct perpetuam elemosinam, de 

VOL. II. i 



dono Ivonis tie Veteri-Poutc ; ct imlc Iialjnenint cartatn j ei 
tenueruut a tempore quo non extat niemoria. Habeiit ctiaiu 
octo aoliilatiLs redditus, cum iicrtmciitiis, iu Tckct, io Libcram, 
pm-aiUj ct perpctuam clemoEinaii), de dona Laitrentii de Teket ; 
et inde habuerunt cartam; et tenuerunt a tempore quo aou 
estat mcmoria. Habent etiam tresdecim solidatas et quatuor 
denariataa redditua in raoleiidino de Elrington, in Uberam, 
purauij et perpetuain eleniosinam, de dono Ivonis de Veteri- 
Ponte; et uicle biibueruut cartaiu ; et tenuerunt a tempore quo 
non extat mcraoria. Haberit etiam octo soKdataa redditus in 
Ald-acheLj in liberam, purain, et perpetuara eleraosiuamj de 
dono Henrici de tirabam; ct inde babucrunt cautam; ct tenue- 
runt a tempore quo non e\tat memona. Teuent etiam medie- 
tatem manerii de Ecbeivjli, in liheram, puram, et perpctuam 
eleroosinam, de dono Robert! filii Huberti de la Vale, ct 
Ricboblce, matria ejus ; et inde Iiabuerunt cartam ; et tfuueruiit 
a tempore qno non extat memoria. Et tcnent m eadem villa, 
de dono Thomse de Echewyk, decern aeraa terrie cum pertinen- 
tiis, in liberam, purara, et perpctuam clemosinara ; ct septem 
acras terra; in eadem villa, ex dono Petri de FnudoUj in Kberam, 
puram, ct perpctuam clcmosinam, a tempore domini regis H., 
patris domini regis nunc ; et inde babuerunt cartam, Tencnt 
etiam tresdecim solidataa et octo denariatas redditus in ^dlla de 
Stokest'eld, de dono Willolmi filii Boaonia, reddendo inde per 
annum ad irardam caetri septem solidoa; et inde habucrnnt 
cartam ; et tenuerunt a tempore qno non eitat memoria. Tenent 
etiam et babent tree solidataa redditua in villa dc Stokcsfeld, in 
liberam, puram^ et perpctuam clcmosinam, de dono Jobannis 
tilii Helipc de eadem ; et inde habuemnt cartam ; et tenuerunt 
a tempore H. regis, patris domini regis nunc, Tenent etiam 
quinqvie tofta et decern bo^'ataa terrSj tres acrae prati, cum 
pcrtinentiis, in Tbomton, in Uberam, puram, et perpetuam 
elemosiuaiD, de dono Willelmi de Insula; et inde babuerunt 
cartam, et confirmationem domini Waltcri de Bolbek ; et tenue- 
rmit a tempore quo non extat memoria. Tenent etiam unum 
mauerium et trcs aeras terrEe, cum pertinetitibuSj per suaa 
rectas divieae, de Hugone de !a Vale, in Beneucll, in liberam, 
puram, et pei-pC'tiam elemosinara ; et inde babuenmt cartam ; 
et tenuerunt a tempore regis H., patris domini regis nunc. 
Habent etiam in villa de Tbrokelngb duas acras terrse, et aex- 
decim solidatas. redditus, cum pertinentiia, in eadem, de dono 
Roberti de Iveatanca et Cristiante de Throkclagb, in liberam, 
puram, et pcrpetuam eleraosiuamj et inde babuerunt cartam; 
«t tenuerunt a tempore quo non extat memoria. Habent etiam 
iu Est-Mntlifen unum raatierium, aex mesuagia, et tres cam- 



cataa teiTfe, cum p-ertiiientii&, in eadem, in liberam, piiram, et 
perpetuam clemoainsira, de tlono Tliomie de Fenewjkc ; et iiule 
habuerunt cartam, et conlirmationem domini Roberti (!c Insula ; 
et tenueraiit a tempore rogi& H., patris domini regis nunc:. 
Habeiit etiain ia villa de Stam(n)gton iinum toftuin et duas 
bovatas terrse, cum suie pertiuentibus, iii liberam, puram, et 
perpetuam elemosinani, de doao Rogeri de Mcrlcy^ et inde 
habuerunt cartain; et tenuerunt a tempore quo iiou extat 
memoria.* Ilabent etiam in eadem ^iila decern et octo dcna- 
riataa redditue, de doiio ejnsdem Rogeri; et inde habuerunt 
cartam; et teuuenmt a tempore quo noii extat memoTia, Ha- 
bent etiam in molendiiio de Brinkelagh iiisam marcatam red- 
ditus, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam elrraosinam, de dono 
Ilenrici de Ferlingtou ; et inde habuerunt eai'tara ; et teuuerunt 
a tempore regis H., patris doraiui regis nunc. Tenent etiara iu 
villa de W'lialton unum toftum et croftum, et quadragiuta et 
duas acras et dimidtum ten'ie, cum pcrtiiieutiis, et commuuam 
pasture ad quadrlngentas ovea matrices et ad agnos earumdem, 
in liberam, puram, ct perpetuam elemosinam, de dono Walteii 
filli WiUelmi et Tsahellffi usoris ejus ; et inde habuerunt cartam ; 
et tenncrunt a tempore quo non eitat memoria. Hiibent etiam 
in villa de Riplen^ton octo aolidataa rcdditua, cum pertjneutiis, 
de dono eorundem Walteri et laabcllaJ uxoria ejusj in liberam, 
puramj et perpetuam elemoainam; et inde habuerunt cartam ; 
et tenueruTit a tempore quo non extat memoria. Habent etiam 
duas piscariasin aquadcTyncj et unam placiam ad Bic(c)aiidum 
retia sua; quarum piacariauua vocatur Dripiiittell^ altera Foul; 
in liberam, puram, et perpetuam clemosinam, de dono Rogeri 
Bertram; et inde habuerunt cartam; et teuuenint a tempore 
quo uon extat memoria. Habent etiam et teneut in villa de 
Stanfordehara nimm toftum et duas earucatas terite, cum per- 
titieutiis, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam clemoaioara, de dono 
Johannis de Normanvill; et inde habueniiit cartam; et tcnue- 
mnt a, tempore quo non extat memoria. Tenent etiam mane- 
rium de Cheseburgh, et de Ncsebith, cum pertineatiJa, scilicet, 
iu domiuicia, aervitiis, boudis, et omnibus aliis snis pertincntiie, 
iu liberam, pm'am, et perpetuam clemosiiiam, de dono Johannis 
de Normanvill; et inde habuernnt cartam, et confirmation era 
domini de Balliolo ; et t<;nueruiit a tempore quo non extat 
memoria. Habent etiam quandani portionem in ceclcsia de 
StanefordehaTDj videlicet, decimas garbanim quijique villarum, 

* Soger de Merlej.the Third, mwle an endowmeat for achapIaiQ to celebrate 
at the oLtar of the Virj:Ln in the cliurcli oi StaauingtoQ. A part of tlie erjdovv- 
ment wb* " decern atirop Wme cum pertinentiis in villu tie Clifton, qims Unbw de 
dono Prioris et CoDVeotua HfltiguBtaldenBit."' Thi? cbnplair waa to pay 18d. to the 
Prior nnd Cftftvent, annually. The f^tinrter of eadowment ia printed in Hodt,'so[i'8 
Nortlkumlwilflud, vol. ii., part iii., 71-6. 


scilicet, Mathfcn, Est-Ncsebith, Dlkcston, Haukwcll, ct Bechc- 
feld, ex coiicussionc ct ordinatiouc domini Nicholai Dimelmcasis 
episcopij ct inde hahuenmt cartam, ct coafirmatioiiem oapituli 
Dnnelmt'iisiii ; in Hbcram, puranij ct perpetumu clemosinam; 
et temienmt a tempore quo noii extat niemoria. Habent etiam 
et teneiit maneriuin dc StcUing, cum suis pertiueTitiis; ct in 
villa de Ncwbi^iiig-super-mare unum toftum et duas acras tcrrEe, 
cum siiis libertatibus, et omnibus aliiti pertiiicntiia suis, in 
liherara, purani, et perpetuam elcmosinani, dc dono Bcmardi 
de Btdliolo ; et iudc Tiabueruntoartam; et tcnncrunt a tempore 
quo non cxtat memoria. Habent etiam, de dono ejusdem Ber- 
iiardi, qiiudi'ag-iiita solidataeredditus in villa de Scton, in liberam, 
puramj et perpetnam elemosiuain ; et indc liabuenint cartam ; 
et tenucnint a tempore quo nou cxtat memoria. Tencnt etiam 
tertiam partem villae de Dalton, cum pertincntiis, in liherain, 
puram, et perpetuam clemoainanij de dono Radulli de Gone- 
warton; et teuent, etiamj in eadem quytiior bovatas ternc, et 
qninque salidataa ct sex denariatas redditus, proT45uientes de 
niolendino ejnfidem villiEj de dono "Willelmi de Didton, in liberam, 
puram, et perpetuam clemosinam ; et inde habuerunt cartam ; 
et tciiucnmt a tempore quo non cxtat memoria. Tenent etiam 
in villa dc Prodebou unum toftum et octo aeras terrse, cum per- 
tinentii^, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam elcmosinam, dc douo 
Eicbardi de Umframvill ; et inde babuemut eartam ; et tenue- 
runt a tempore quo non cxtat iKiemoria, Habent etiam ho- 
mag;ium Jobaunia de Swynebume-Est, et barrcdum suorumj et 
aervitium duodccim deuaiionim anmii redditua pro eapitali 
messuagio suo de Est-Swyncburae, de dono Hugonis de Balliolo, 
in liberam, puram, et perpetuam clemosinam; et tenuerunt a 
tempore quo uon extat memoria; et inde habueruut cartam. 
Habent etiam bomagium barred' Nicbolai de West-Swyneburue, 
et aervitium trium solidorum per annum pro eantaria eapellee de 
"West-S wyneburne, ex conccssione Jobannis de Wircestre, in 
liberam, pui-am, ct perpetuam elemosiuam ; et inde babnerunt 
cartam; et teuuerunt a tempore regis H., patris domini regis 
nunc. Habent etiam bomagium Johannis dc Cambhou, pro 
terns et teiiementis quie tenet in Paeva Heton et Cajdestrotber, 
de dono Alinse de Bolonij Jacobi de Cauz, et AlesiK iixoris suse, 
in liberam, puram, et perpetuam clemosinam ; ct indc habue- 
runt cartas; et tenuernnt a tempore quo non extat memoria, 
Habent etiam bomagium Eicbardi de Thirlewall, et tres solidataa 
smuui redditus pro terra quam tenet de eis in Tbirlcwall, in 
liberam, puram, et perpetuam elerao&inam, de dono Brieii de 
Thirlewall et Eogeri filii ejus; et inde babucrunt cartas; et 
tenueriint a tempore quo non cxtat memoria. Habent etiam 
bomagium Adie de Whitelagb, ct aervitium quatnor solidorum 



anniii reLlditua de eoclemj in liTicranij puram, et pei-pctnam ctc- 
luosinam, tie dono Adie de Tindale ; et indehabuerunt €artam ; 
et tenuermnt a tempore quo non extat memoria. Habent etiam 
homagium TUomEe filti Ricardi fiJii Bricii de ThirlEwaU, pro 
terra (juam teuet de eia in Thirlewallj in liberaiHj purani, et 
perpetuani cleraosinamj. de dono Adse dcTiudale; et inde La- 
bucrunt cartam; ct tenuenuit a tempore quo non extat me- 
moria, Habent etiam homafpum Joliannis de Normanvill pro 
terra de Stokcsfeld ct Apetre-ley, per aerritium treadecim 
solidonim et octo denariorum, in liberain, puram, ct perpetuam 
cleinosinam anuuatim, de dono Willelmi filii Bosonia ; et iude 
Lalmerunt cartam j et tcnuerunt a tempore quo rioa extat 
memoria, Habent etiam homa^um Roberti de Uibilj et servi- 
tiura ilecem aalidorura annui redditus, et tres sectas ad euriam 
Frioris per annum, in liberam, puram, et perpetuam elemo- 
sinam, de dono Theophanise de la Batailliej et inde babuenmt 
cartani ; et tenuemnt a tempore quo nOn eitat memoiia. Ha- 
bent etiara homagiuin Mathei de Wliitefeld, pro teiTa et tene- 
raentis in Whitefeld, cum pertinentiia, quae dc eis tenet in 
eadera, in liberamj puram, et in perpetuam elemosiaiam; et 
iiide habuerunt cartam Willelmi regis Scotife a tempore quo non 
cstat memoria. Habent etiam horaagium Roberti de Tlirokclagh 
pro terns et tenemeutis qure de eis tenet in eadem, in libpram, 
puram, et perpetuam elcraoainam ; ct inde habuerunt cartam ; 
de dono Roberti de Ivestanes et Chriatianse de Tbroi.elagb ; ct 
tenuemut a tempore quo non extat memoria. Teuent etiam 
quandam grangiam dccimalcra cum gardiiio in Tilla de Est- 
Swyufburne, in liberain, puram, ct perpetuam ekmosinam, de 
dono Hugonia de Balbolo; et inde habuerunt cartam ^ ct tenue- 
mnt a tempore quo non extat memoria. Nos autem prti-miei^a 
testifieari, et veritati volentcs teatimonium perhihere, ne prse- 
ilicti Prior et Conventus, ant Bueccssores Bui, vel ccclesia eua 
pricdicta, per defectum carEurum et munimentorum auorum 
pnedictonim, sic combustonim, danipnum aut csbtereditatioiiia 
periculumfuturiatemporibusineurrant, iuquieitionem prHedietam 
sub sigillo nostro dusimus exemplandam. Hiis testibns vene- 
rabili patre W. Covent' et Lichcfeltl' episcopo, Gilberto do 
Umframvill comite de Anegns, Johanne Tregoz, Waltero de 
Bcllo-Campo seiieacalio hospitti uostri, Willelmo de Either, 
Waltero de Huntercumbe, Kustachio de Hacche, Waltero de 
Tcyc, Johanne dc Merk*, ct aliis. Data per manum noatram, 
a.pud Noviim-Castrum-super-Tynam, viccsimo tertiodie Novem- 
bris, arTio regni nostri viccsimo septinio. Per ipsnm regeni, 
Et dupplicatiir. 
[Tbc great seal, in white wax, alightly damaged, is appended.] 





HEXHAM. [liot. Chart., 33r(l Edwartl I., No. 20.] 

Rex archiepiscopis, etc., salutem. Sciatis quod cum iiujter 
m curia nostra, per considerationem ejuadera curiae, recupera- 
verimiis advocation em ecclesite An Staunfordhatn," Duiielm. 
dioce?ioa, veraus venerahilem patrem Antoiuum eptecopum ejus- 
dem loci; et dilecti nobis in Christo Prior et Conventua de 
Hestildcaham postmoduni asaerucrint coram, nobis prffidecessorca 
auos aliquo tempore veroa patronos ejusdem ccclcaiie, ct in pos- 
sessione ndvocatiouia ejusdem, \it de jure ecelesiie suie de 
Hestildestam, fuisse; et advocationem illani super prsedictos 
pried ecesjBorea per Nictolaiim,.' quondam ppigoopuni Dunelm- 
cuBem, prEedecesaorem prEcdicti episcopi, fuiajie occupatam to- 
Itiiitarie et detentam ; noa, visia et exaniinatis coram conailio 
iiostro cai'tis, qnas dichis Prior coram eodem cousilio ad de- 
clarationera juris sui protulit in hac parte, per fineni quom idem 
Prior fecit nobiscum coram thesaurario et baronibus nostris dc 
scaecario, dedimus et conccBsimus prsefatiB Priori et Conventui 
advocationcm prscdictam ; babciidani et t^DCudam &ibi ct suo 
cessoribus suis imperpetuum. Q.uare volumus, et firiniter prse^ 
cipimusj pro nobis ct hajrcdibns nostfis, quod Prior et Con- 

' There hid "been s Btnigglo tpLween the king an4 Anthony Eek, biBliof of 
Durham, for the advowson of thw. cLurch, ind. the tiishop had lost liiBwiHSG. 
The Prior and Convent novt claim it as their own in rijjht of a grant from 
Nicholas, hiehop of IlarhBm, and their ^jlea is ftllowed. 

In the Eei^Btry of the Deun bhiI Chapter of Dsirhom there arC' snme unia- 
terestiag detaila of the suit wilh bishop Uck. It appears, moreover, frtitn a 
oliiirter now lost, tlial thflt prelate himself iippnjpriit|«d Stamrirdbam to Henlinni 
to repoir "lamsiitibilenistatuiu eiiftlesifo et monasterii eoraiadtni, jior rejiBiitinam 
iBceniiii vornginem jam con.=mnpti." Dntel ot Sonwrtoti, Ort. 2, 13€7 [MSS. 
Dod^worth, iIt., 33 a. MSS. Lnasl., ceeixvj., 108, taken from Sir John Fen- 
wiok's deerls). The bishop, it appears from this, irati deterrainud Dot to givo in, 
Bad miLkes a present of what the law had deprived him. 

Edward II., a.* the fiiUowlni; deed will shew, followed up what his father hnd 
done; — "Pro Fr'wre de Srrtiid^ahain. Ecs, o^mnibus ad quos, eto., snluteni. 
Si-iatis (juod dc p;ratia aoslra apOTJali -tpncessimn?. et Ucentiam dfrfimuB, pro 
lii>i>iB ell Hseredibus Unrttria, qiiantuni in nobia est, dilfctia nohis in Christo Prion 
Bt Conveului de HextildeahiLm, qaod ip^ ecdesiam de Stniinfordham, turn jier- 
tiiienLiisj eajiis advoealionem habent de douo et ooaeessione domini E., quondam 
regLi Angliir, jatris nostri. appropriare, et in usus proprioe teaere posaint. sibi 
et EUceessoribma suis imperpetimia, sine ocauiDna vel iaipedimaQf* nostri vel 
hiereduni nostrorum, juitltiariorum, esmetonim, vioecomitmn, aut aliorui.Ti 
baUivoruin sen miniatroiriiin noetrorum qiionimcLimque ; slatuto de terris et 
tenemeutia ad iiianuni-mortLiarn. n^n paneadis eilit-o non olistmito. la cujus. et». 
Teste TUf^e apud Mortelak, siLj die Mail. Per brqve de private sigillo.'" fRut 
Pat,, 2nd Ednarii II., part ii., meiubr. G.) 

J The deed of thie bisho[i, ajipropristinff the livinf; of Stamfordhftm lo Hex- 
ham, is priQl«ii in Hodgson's Northumberland, vol. ii., part iu.., 105-7. It nas 
eieuuLed in 1245. 

chahtebs and m 


Tcntus, et Buccessores sui, habeant et teneant advocatLonem 
prEedictam icipeipetuam, sicut prEcdictum eat. Hiia testibus, 
vencrabilihus ])atj'Ll}us R. Caiitiiar. archiepiscopo, totius Augli^ 
primatej W. Coventr' et Lych', J. JCarlioP cpiscopis, Henrico 
de Lacy comitc Line, Ilumfrido de Bohun comite Hereford et 
Esses, Adomaro de Valencia, Jobannc dc Tiritannia juniore, 
Huf^one le Dpspenser, Roberto de Clyfford, Johannc Buteturte, 
Roberto de la Warde sencaeallo bospitii nostri, et aliis. Data 
per manum uoetram, apud ShenCj vij die Octobrie. Duppli- 



[Kot. Chart., 34tb Edward I.^ No, 13.J 

Res archiepiscopis, etc., aalutem. Sciatis quod Cum hob 
nitper in curia uoatraj coram Hugoue de Cressiugbam et aociis 
8uia, justitiariis noatris, ultimo itineraiitibua in oomitatu Cum- 
briiE, per considerationem ejusdcm curiHe recTiperarcmua versus 
Priorem de Hextildesham advocationem ecclesia: de Aldeny&ton/ 
Dunelm. diocesios, ut jus nostrum ; ]ios, ad hoaorem Dei et 
Snncti AadreiE, ae ob devotionem quam cr^a euudcm Sanctum 
Andream, iu cujus honore ecclesia dicti Prioratus dedicatuPj 
gepimus et habemua, voleutes prsefato Priori et Conventui ejua- 
dem loci gratiam in bac parte Bpecialenij dedimus et coiicessiinua 
eisdeni Priori et Conveiitui pro nobis et baercdibua nostris, ad- 
vocationem pnudictam, et cam eia reddidimns ; habendara et 
teneudam sibi et successoriltus suis imperpetuum, sine occasione 
vcl impe(dimento) nostri ve! hEcrcdum uostrorum, aut raiiua- 
troriim nostroruni quorumcumqne. Qnare volumiis, et firmiter 
pixecipimus, pro nobis et hsercdibus nostris, quod prredicti Prior 
et Conventua, et successores sui, babeant et teneant advocationem 

proedictam imperpetuura , Hiis testibus venerabili patre 

W* Coventr. et Lycb. episcopo, Henrico de Lacy comite Line', 
Adomaro de Waleucia, Hugonc le DespenBcr, Roberto filio 
Rogeri, M^illelmo le Latimer, Roberto de la Warde seiiescaUo 
hospitii nostri, et aliia. Data per manum noatram, apud Lanre- 
cost, viij die Octobris. Per breve de private Bigillo. Duppli- 

* See Hndgstm's Nnrthiiinlerliind, iii., pirt. ii., 36-7, S7. This i« lint one of 
tnnnv csaas which shen what a ]ire«iriou>i posnei^ion an advowson v/ns. Tha 
(;hiiri'li was not aecureljapproprialed to Hesbuni iiulil tlietimeof tishop Hatfield 
in 137R, The deed is printed in Hodi^n, vol. ii., pnrt iii., 83-7. An ordiufltiim 
of Uie jili;>en<l For lh« vicar utm no), made until 14JL0 (Ibid.) 





CONVENT OF ii£XUAii. [Rot. Chart., 35th ]i!dwar(] I.j No. 


Rex arcliiepiscopis, etc., saliitem. Irsppxiimis cartam Ivonis 
de Vcteri-Poiite, quam feeit Deo et ecclesise SAiieti Ajiilrt-jc 
Hauguataldeiisis, et canomcis ibidem Deo servientibus, in htec 

Omiiibtia sanctse matris eccleaiffi flliis Iianc carttini Tisuria 
vel audituria, Tvo de Veteri-Ponte' aahitera in Domino. No- 
verit univerBitaa ve&tra me, oaritatis intuitu, et pro salute 
animse meffi, et aiitecessoriim et successorum ineoram, dedisse, 
concessisee, et hac pnescnti cai'ta niea confirmasse Deo et eccle- 
sise Saaeti Andrete Haugustaldensis, et canonicie ibidem Deo 
scn-ientibus, in Hberttm, puram, ct perpctuam clcmosinam, 
totam terrain illam de dominico meo in villa de Aldeniston per 
has divisas; scilicet, sicut rivulus de Natercs-gile cadit in Tyne 
versus austrum ; et ita, descendendo ei parte occidentali, usque 
ad pontem ; et, ita a j>onte, asceiideiido per antiquum fos&atum, 
usque ad terraTn Sancti Johannie ex parte aquilonari ; et per 
terram Sancti Johannis dJrecte usque ad longum fossatum versiia 
orientemj et sic, eeiiucndo loagum fosaatmn, usque ait rivuJiiia 
de Nateris-gile prius uoniinatum: et eommmiem pasturam ail 
quadragiuta vaccas, ct ad decern equae, et ad centum ovea, ciim 
omnium prffidictorum sequela diiorum annonim : et totam terram 
illatn ex parte occidentali de Tyae infra 3ia* dLvi^as ; scilicet, 
inclpiendo ad oecidentale caput suprrioris pontla de Aldenestou ; 
et ita, eircumdando et ascendeudo per viam et fossatum, usque 
ad rivuJmii proximura juxta cmccm ligneam versus austtum; 
et ita, deseendendo per rivulum, usque in aquam de Tync ; et 
hie, in descendendo per Tyne ex parte orientali, usque ad 
]ioiitem prius dictum ; ita quod libere faciant et disponaut sine 
impeiiimento de omuibua iufra prEedictas diviaas cuiiteutis, in 
omnibus, et per omnia, ad coramodum et ad aisiameutiim 
illoruTO, sicut melius sibi viderint expedire. Haljeudum et 
tenendum prsedictis canonicis de mc et hseredibus meis iibere, 
quictc, paciUcc, lionorilice, ot solute, Cum Omnibus libcrtatibue, 
et commuuibuSj et liberis aisiamentia iu omnibus loeia ad prse- 
dictam villam dc Aldeneston pertinentibus, aicut aliqua demo- 
sina ab aliquo liberiua, purius, et honorificentius dari poasit vel 
teneri ; eum libero ingresau, et transitu, et exitu per totum 
feodum meum dc AldeuestoDj sine impedimento, ad homines 

' This deed wa« jntde enrlj in the thirleeatli Getttury. 



prsBclLctorum canonicorum ; et ad omnia, genera animaliuni 
Buorum. Et raolent bladum suum, quud super priedicitas tcpi-aa 
crescct, ad molendiimm de Aldeneston, libere, et sine nixiltura 
danda. Et Labebunt prjcdi-Cti canonici, et homines eorum iu 
prgedicta terra niauentes, in bosco nostro de Aldeneston, per 
visum servientis mei, ad sedtficandum, et ad domos et ad sepes 
suas sustinendas, sine contradicticine ; et ad alia necesearia, sine 
vasto, quantum opus liabueriut. Ego vcrt>, et hairedcs mci, 
omnes priedictas terras, cum omnibus prKdictis p€rtinentiia 
auis, et integi-is libertatibns, et aisiamentis praenominatis, pr^e- 
dictis canonici^ in liberam, puram, et pei^etuam elemosinani, 
contra oranes homines imperpetuum warantizabimuset defende- 
mus ; et ad perpetuara bujus rei securitatem prEesentem cartam 
sigillo raeo attentico corroboravi. Hiia testibus domino \V. Karl, 
episcopo, domino B. priore Karl., ma^istro G. arcliidiacono Karl., 
AValtcro Cumyn, Roberto de Castcl-Kajroc, Roberto persona 
de Wliitefeld, Johanne Ptat, Ranulpho de Haltton, Nicholao 
de Wylmotewyk, Hicardo filio Alexaudri, Adam de Thirlewall, 
Jolianne de Whitefeld, Laurentio de Veteri-Poiite, Willelnio 
dc Kirkchalch, Hugone de Buckecastrc, AUno Alio Joelis, Adam, 
de Elrington, Johannc dc Rideteye, Ricardo filio Thurstani, 
Roberto de Elrin^ou, Johaiiae de Haytou, Roberto Mareaea . , , 
Uctredo dc ChcrdjurUj Johannc de Stivelyngton clerico, et 

Nq3 autcm donatiouera et concessioncm pnedictaa rataa 
Labentes et gratas, eas pro nobis et lisredibua nostrisj quantum 
iu nobie est, concedimus et confirmamua, sicut carta prtcdicta 
mtionabiliter testatur. Hiis testibuj vcnerabilibua patrihus 
W. archiepiscopo Ebor. Angliffi primate, W. Coventreiisi et 
LichefeldeuBi, J. Cicestrensi, J. Karl., R. Loud, episcopis, Hen- 
rico dc Lacy comite Line', Guidone de Bello-campo comite 
WaiT., Hugone le Despenser, Roberto fiUo Rogeri, Rogcro de 
Mortuo-mari seniorc, 3Iugone de Curtenay, et aliis. Data per 
mauum Bostram, apud Karliolum., sx die Martii. 



Greenfield, pars i., 30 «, 50 A.] 


WillelmuSj permissione Divina, etc., dilcetis flliis custodi 
spiritual itatie nostrre dc Hcstildesham, et domino Tliomai de 



Kringtcni, virdrio erclesite ile Ilertebum, salutera, etc. DuAam 
vobis ill iiRgiitio contra Priorera et Couvectum de Heitilde- 
wham," iifiBtrse (lioccaios, super appropriatione quanundam eccJc- 
BioniRi, in quibus non BUJit perpetui ricarii instituti, ex offirio 
nofftro muto, tentium examiiiationeiii ex parte dictontm reli- 
^iiD'Onim coram vahis productorum moiiiuiDas comtnisisw ; 
4]inin;iin attcBtatioiiibna nobis per yds transmiesis seriatius iutel- 
li'ftis, invrniniuB clictos tPBtes examiiiatos fuisse super quibusdam 
iirticiilis miiiun [jlcne. Nos, itoque, volciites in eodem negotio 
plniiua infomiari, vobiti arl rccipicniluin iterato in forma juris 
cosdcm testes, prius In codem per voa esaminatos negotio; ct 
jUtoH quos dicti reli^iosi, ccrtis die et loco ad hoc per tos sibi 
Icpitimt! aaaignatis, dtiserint prodnoendos ; ipaoaque snptT arti- 
piilit* ill cedula coiiteutis prreacntibua iuterclusa ex noatro plenius 
c<c.atiiinaniliim officio; et ad compellendiim eo&dem, si se gratia, 
ijilio, vt'l tiiiiorc aubtraxcrint, veritati testimonium perhibere; 
vubis nonjunctim committiraus vices uosti'as cum cohcrrionis 
canonic^ potcetatc. Proviso quod dicta corumdcm testium iu 
scriptis dietiiicte redacts, et sub vestris Bigillia inclusa^ nobis 
citra festum Saucti Martini proximo sequcna, unn cum vestris 
Uteris certificatoriiB, harum sencra contincntibus, fidcliter trans- 
mittatis. Valctc. Data apud Ottcleye, dccimo kaleudoe No- 
vembris, pontificatus noatri auno quiuto. 


Alexaiader, papa Quartus, servua aervorum Dei, dilectis fiUis 
Priori et Coiiventni de H estildea}] ara, ordiiiis Saiicti Aiigustiui, 
Ebor. diooesioe, fialtitcni et Apoatolicam benedictioncm. Devo- 
tionis vcBtrie wucentas promcretnr ut vestris petitioulbns, quan- 
tum eiim DeO pOssumua, favorabiliter aunuamus. Hinc ei?t 
qutid vestris precibus inclinati, ut in eedesia vestra de Hextil- 
desbanij ciiraTn h&bentp, in qua personality rcsidcntcs Domino 
doHcrvitiis, niilliiNj auctoritate ordinaria, vel litterarura Aposto- 
HcBQ Bedisj viearium de novo inatituere ssecularera, aut vos »d 

" These d ooiiinenta are aJl that have hesn preaeryed out of a long series. Tbo 
Prior and CoilVdDt of Hexhum wore in pi».'44>sr!ii)il <jt lliG [larlBh^Liurgb of Hmi min 
Bnd ilH dopeiidout iihQjiolB, holding tliem in Iheir own hands, and sippnintinft lift 
vicars ar plcrgy, biili iiGrfciroiiiig Lho nocGSitiTy ollieaa and dutius tiiruiitid Iheir 
own eaiioQH or some af the elerii'y attacheii to the nnjTiiwterj. The HnjLibisht)|i, 
Willi wise jirowiiition, wishes to liavo vicarn formally appointed, hut the oa-nona 

tirmluoa a hull frojii AlexiiniJer IV., sftuclio'ning the stat* of thingH tliea existing, 
'u this Iihi) aruhbiHtiop was obliged lo submil. Hence the poverty of the living* 
and uha|JeIri(ia ia the neighbourhood of Eoxkum. The R^formuUon cuia?, ani 
tHie titlioR, uh^.,, ivhioh s-hoidd huve beca d^vot^d to thp ^tidowmont of liic livingSa 
went, awrt^ friiOi tlio mnilnetery inW lay hand*. The system, too jil'evalent among 
l.lie re1i);ious hau:iG«. af pro'vciiting^ pndowmcnts heing mado^ ii^ much to be 





ipsiim instituenrlum ibidem compellere valeat ; diiramotlo ibidem 
nee aJiimanim cura, ucC Divini obscquii celebritae iie^ligatur; 
nisi ecedem litterffi. specialem et [ilcnam fecerint de hac iudiil- 
gentria meutionem, auctontate Tobis prfesenti-Um indulgernua, 
Nulli i^tur omnino hommum liceat hanc paginam noBtrse 
conoessionis iufringere, vel ci auau temerario eontra-ire. Si 
quis autem hoc attemptare prsesumpserit indignationem Omni- 
potentis Dei, et Reatoriini Petri et Pauli Apostolorum Ejus, 
se uoverit incuraiirura. Data Anaguiaej id. Julii, pontificatus 
nostri anno primo. 


In Dei nomine, amen. Oliro nos, WiUelmus, permissione 
Divina Ebor. arcbiepiscopua, Anglise primas, ex ofiicii noatri 
debito monasterium Saucti Audrese de Ilextildesham, nobis 
pleiio ,iurc aubjertum tam in capitc quam in racmbris, lasitautea," 
eomperimtiK quod religiosi viri, Prior et Conventus monasterii 
praedicti, ccclcsiam parochialera dc Hestildeabani, cum capellis 
Saiicti JobauniB de Lega, Saucti Marise de Hextildesbam, 
Sancti Oswaldi, Byngefeld, et Aliventon, in quibu^ ecclesia et 
capellis non sunt ^'icariw! pcrpctuEB ordinals, aut vicarii instituti 
itifra jorisdictionem nostrani de Hextildesbamj contra jus com- 
mune possident atque tenent. Nos, ita{jue, super prsemissis 
volentes procederc contra cob, mandaTiraus et fecimus ipsos 
coram nobis ad judicium evocaii, ad propoueudutu et osteudeii- 
dum jus speciiue, ei quod super prsemisBia babebant. Paitg 
vcro ipsorum religiosorum coram nobia in judicio comparente, 
objectis et cxpositis capitulis, liteque legitime contestata ; nec- 
non de ealurapnia et de veritatc dicenda prEestito juramcnto; 
produetia per partem eaiidcra teatibua, et eis in forma juris 
admissis', juratis, ct examiuatis, eorumque att€3tationibus pup- 
plicatis; nonnuUis etiam literis tam Apostolicis quam prffldeces- 
sorum nostrorum ct ■capituli ecclesia; nostrse Ebor., ac quam- 
plurimis aliis autenticis et pupplicis instniraentia esliibitis aeu 
produetia J prEefis.o quoqiie tcrraiuo campetente ad propoucudura 

" On April 1st, 13<)7t tlio arcbblahop ordered the cifficial of the liherty wf 
ITc;ihi>.m to summon all the islerfiy of tlie churobea and ohapels witlimtlie liberLj', 
tojfethor with eight trust worthy jic-rsons from the tovpn of Hexlialii, and two or 
tbrep fmm wioh viliage wthin the jurisdietion, aMording to its mze, tonjipearat 
a vi^itiitioti In tlie (<liiiri:li of Hexhiim bvl'ore Uia nrnhliL-ihop or hie alcrkii, on 
the Thiirsdnv aft«r the Sundny on wliiuh Qnali Mado WiU sung {XIg^. Greenfield, 
i., as a). 

On Dec. 16. 1310, th,e archbishop ordered Eoger de Folitnn. keeper or the 
BpiriLuulity of UpxIlbdi, to visit the chnpeild of St. Marj at HexluLtn, Alwuntoii, 
81. Julin Lee, St. Osn-Bld, Biid Biiiulield, tlie roofc, book.", VRstmenl.'*, and oraiit- 
m^ntH of wltLi^h were ilefoclivc, and ti> i:uiDpel the piLriHlLioners to aiuetiil iind 
supply what was wautlnfr oi.' wronjf (Ibid., i., 51 a). 



et iatroducendum omnia qtiibus utl volcbat pars prsdicta; ct 
dL'mum in facto coiicJuso, ac ad diffinitivatn scntcntiani audi' 
cndam cMto termiiio assi^ato ; iios prooessura prsedictiini, et 
omnia extiliita ct producta cxatninavimua, ct examinari iecimiis 
dili^ciiter. Auditia igitur et jjltnius intellectiJs me-ritia neg;oCii 
supnidicti, do juris- peri tonim nobis asBidcntinin coasilio, CItristi 
iiuininp iiivocnto, dictam epolesiam de Flextildeshamj cum 
Biipradictia capclliB ct omnibua pertineutiis ejusdera, pnet'afcis 
religioBiB, et conim monaaterio fuiage et esse canonice coucessain 
ct asaifcnatam in uaus proprios possideiidatn; eosque religiosos 
ipsam, ut pnenQissum est, licitc atque juste tenere, et iu prsefata 
ecclesia de Hcxtildcshani omni prasdictis capellis posse et dobere 
per preabltcroa stipendiarioa, absque alia tasatione scu ordiua- 
tione v-iearim, oou^rue deecrvire ; ac super piwmissis oiunibus 
snfficienter muiiitoa case ; ct super eis in poatcruin imp . . . noa 
dcbcrc pronuntiamus et declaramua; eosdem relig'iosos et eoruni 
monasterium super prajmissis omiiibua et singulis Bententia liter 
absolvcntes. Lecta, lata, ct in Beriptis pronuntiata fait ista 
seiitetitia per na& arcl liepiscoputn aupradictum, pxEeseiite pai'te 
religiopornra praidietDrum apud Scroby, decimo quarto die 
meusifl Novembris, anno jiratite millesimo trescentesimo decimo, 
et poutilicatua noatri quinto. 



AND CONVENT OP HEXHAM. [Reg. Greenfield, pars i.^ 51 6.] 

In Dei nomine, amen. Noa WiUelmuSj pcrmlasione Divina 
Ehor. arcbiepiacopus, AngliiE primas, dudum visitationis nostrse 
olliuiuni in monastcrio Saucti AudreEe de Hcstilile&bam, nobis 
pleuo jure subjecto tarn iu eapite quam in menibris, cauonice 
ejcercentcs, COmperimua quod Jobanncs del Clay, jircsbiter, 
portiones aliquas in capella Beati Joliaimia de Lega, quse ecole- 
Biffi parocMali de HextUdcsham e&t auncxa, ct ab eadcm de- 
pendcns, tamquam vicarius percepit, ac etiam oecupavit, absque 
aliqua ordbiatione vicariai) seu institutione canonica iu cadem. 
NoSj itaque, arcliiepiscopua supradictus, super pra'misais volentcs 
ex officii uostridebitopi'oeed^re, contra,cuudeiii.T()baniipiii[, 
fecimua coram nubLa ad judicium legitime erocari, ad esLibenduni 
ct oatendcndum pro termiuo praiciso et pcremptorio quieqidd 
pro Be babe ret canonic um super dictarura portionum rctentionem 
et oceiipationem J ac ad faciendum ulterius et reeipiendum quod 
JHStitia suadci-et. Ipsoque prcsbitero coram nobis pcrsoiialitcr 




eompai'CTite, oTijcctoquc sibi articulo, et facta re&ponsioue atl 
eundein ; nicliilque ex parte dicti preabiterl propoaito vcl ostenso, 
per quod dictaa povtiones, tamqiiam lieai'iiis perpetuus, valeat 
occiipare ; sell quadam litcva Prioris et Convcntus monasterii 
pneiiifti per euudem exhibita, per quam apparuit dirtos Priorcni 
ct Coiiveutucn priefato Johaniii ccrta£ portiones ejnsdem capellie 
pereipiendas, quoad vLsciitj absque cujuslibet ordinarii aucto- 
ritntc vcl consensu, contra statuta canoiiica assignasse ; liabitoqiie 
postmodum processu legitLme, et juris ordine qui requiritur in 
hac parte, justa qualit^tem negotii, ip omnibus obserrato; ac 
demum ad difBnitiratn sententiam seu pi-onmitiationem nostram 
andiendam in codcm negotio dicto jircsbitcrn competenti tcr- 
miuo assignato ; noa processum supradictum exaniinari fccimus 
diligeuter. Auditis i^tur, et pleniuB ipaiua uegotii meritia in- 
tellectia, Chriati nomine invocato, pronuutiamus et declaramua 
pREdictum JohannGm presbitorura jus in dictis portionibna nou 
habere, "vifcaiiumquc perpctuum pnefatae cjipeUee non ease, nee 
fnisse ; sed eosdem reli^iosos prEedictse capellse per presbiteros 
Ktipcndiarios pOsae et dcbcrc, absque tasationc vicaria; in. eadem, 
futuris temporibus congrue deserve; assignatioiiem portiouuin 
prsedictarum, quatcnus per prsefatoa rebgiosoa perpetao facta 
inerat preabiteru memorato, irritaai et iiiiiuem peuitua decer- 
nentes. Lecta, lata et in scriptia nuntiata fiiit ista senteutia 
per n03, archiepiscopum sapradictum, apud Cawodj prtesente 
procuratore dictorum religiosonim, et Johamie del Clay, xiiij 
kalcndas Februarii, amio gratiic m" ccc""" x", et pontificatus 
nuBtri quinto. 


EDSTON. [Reg. archiep. Greenfield, pars i,, 99-lCX).j 

Univerais sauctse matris ecclesia; filiis, ad quonim notitiam 
pTEEsetiteg litterK pen'cnerint, Willelmusj permissionc Divina. 
Ebor. arcbiepiscopus, Anglise primas, salutem in Domino sempi- 
tcmaiD,' Ut in subjectia nobis ecdcaiis, qviibua armnanim cura 

• This ordiniition of the vicange of Edwttm in Yorkaliiro whp foroej ujion llie 
Friur und Ciouveiit of Uoxbani by tLe vigiknoe vf aruhlfiahup GriM^nlield, lie 
hnd u Ji.'i[)ute ivilh tlio Cunvtnt iilwiit it. tli6 canoiis beiiiy Mpreienteil in the 
coiit*>at by two members of their body, William do Alwenton and NioliolaH de 
Mislerton. The TolluwiDi; ilncumoTit abenn the groiindg of the irchbiahop's 
ooDiplaiiit : — "Seijtimo die Octobris, anno eodpiii (1308), -apud Lu-num, noraia 
nobi» W., etc., in negoUa ei ullkio iiioto, contra Friorem et Consentum d& 
IleytildeflhaiD, Willelmum de Poynton, olim vicarium ccclesia; de Edpstoii, et 
Riiuunfra de SaultoQ, nunc Itneotein vicnriain pncdiotarn, super quihusdara. 
arLioulie in Tifiit«tiiPTi(» nnFitni Dompcrti)!, qui liic Lafi'tiiif sunt ci>rucripti. 

" WiDelmiw <le Poytikm, i>re*l>iter. i.liin vioftrius eoclesiiv dt Rdcston, anaa 



im(m)met, religiosis pcrsonis in usus proprios coucfssib. ordi- 
nandi per DOS et institueudi viearii, pro snstisiitatioiie sua 
perpetua, coiigriiani tie ipaarum ecelesiorum proventibiis assif^- 
iiatain Bibi habeant portioncm; eo nos convenit studiosiorem 
operam adhibere quo in ipsia eisclesiia assidue servituri, et facturi 
continue residentiaai perBonalcm, de commi&sa aibi per nos ani- 
mamm cuiaj nedum pro iae-ipeia, verum ctiam pro nobis, et 
successorilms nostria, tcneantnr in districto vcntmi Judicis exa- 
mine rcspondere. Sane dudum ex officii nostti dcbito in diocesi 
nostra visitatiouiB oflficium exerceutes, compcrimus, quod re- 
ligioai virij Prior et Conveutua monastcirii Sancti Andi-ete de 
HestCdesliam, ecclesiaui parochialem de Edcston tan([uam sihi 
appi'opriatam per nounidia teropora teiraenmt ; in qua non e?t 
perpetuus vicariu3 iiistitutus, nee quivis alius ad aniniarutu 
cnram in parochia diotse eedeaise Gxcrccndara per loci ordinarium 
dcputatua ; sicqne dicta eccleaia, non absque iioatro et auimarimi 
parochianorum ejusdcm ecclesisB pericido, , , . , regimine hac- 
tenus estitit desolata, Cupientea igitur tarn periculoao defectui 
oongruum remedium adliibere, felicis recordationis domini Octo- 
l>oni, quondam legati in Augliara, vcstigiis inhserentes ; qui 
super ecclesiis religiosis. domibus in nsua proprios concessis pie 
et provide inter cE^tera uoscitur statuisse, ut in eisdem per loci 
ordlnarioa perpetui instituantur viearii, ordiuata eis de ipsai-um 
ecclcsiarnm pjoventibua sufficicnti et congnia pojtiouc, ex qua 
hone&te suatentari vaJeant, et incumbentia sibi onera eupportare ; 
perpetuam vicariam in dicta eeclesia parochiali de Edtstou, 
vocatis legitime religioais prtedictisj invocato Christi nomine, in 

dupso et ampliuH, odmisit eiwleaiam de Aldestou, inarohiidiaconatuNorthumliriDB, 
BpeRlfinteni ad iireteentatiouflm PrioriB da EexiUdeslinni, per oujus reaeptimiiaa 
Tooayit Ticnria prmdiL'ta ; a quo tfjmpore liucuajiie idem WLlleluiua dc i^Ui 
tenuis viniifiMiii illaifl, ol, ff iiotua peMftjut. 

"Item diiiuiniis Simo de Sallnn tenet niiiin viwirinm illam ex a8?ipiation« 
Prinm dG HMtildc^hiLiii, iLbsqiiQ alia instil i it iuue uiuunlcu ; uw ipss, oeo pne- 
decisssores sui fuermil instituti per aruhiapisoopum. 

" Item Prior dc Hestildeshttm, rector ebclesia; de Edestntt jirBcdicta, per 
malta tempora, witna prsidiotam vicariftm \ac!LDtem, fraudulontor oniisit ppr- 
Bunam idane&m domino arckiepiecupu pru.''i<enture ; et posiiit ibi vicarios, aue- 
tocitote ptitpria, pro libito votiintntis, io elusionem et coutemptuui domini arclii- 
flpisoopi." (fieg. Deu. etCapit. Ebop,, sed$ vatsmt^, JSSi-) 

Th& rasTilt ol' thin nontest was the present ordination »f tho vicaraj^e. 

The Prior u.nd. CooveQt, us will ha Been i'nini tlie Black Kdok, liada con- 
siiiombLe eslaLe in Edston. Tlie following is the noLieo of tlio placo in im early 
cnpj of KLrkbj's Inqueal; in the pussesaion of Ihe Dean aud. Chipler of Vork 
[f'ol. 37 i) : — " Edigton. In EdistiOii sunt viij cariicata? terrtc de feodu Rof,i;ri 
Hy^d i uaJe Prior de Heithid tenet v oaiucatjia terrti! et j bovatam mm jrclil de 
libeit&te Deati Petri, £t Friori^a leoet v bovatas t«rrs; aua Kold. Et Waterii^ 
Bonmjn tenet ij garucatiia terne g«ld de Ricnrdo del^ronline; et Riairdiiade 
comity Alhem', et cnraes de ■oouiite de Bygod, et DyiJ'i.d da fege iti (ai|iiI-(> ; ticde 
ix oaruriatfe l«rra> IliyiiiDt fouduiu milltis et rudddiil ad flnera wtipp. ijs." 



forma quie aequitur duxiTrins ordinandam. In priniia atatiiinius, 
dBcemimus, et etiam ordiimmiis, quod vieariits perpetuus in 
dicta ccclesia de Edestou, per nos et auceeaaorcs nostroa qui pro 
tempore fuepint, ad preeseutationem dictoram religiosorum iusti- 
tutionetn. liabeat ; et percipiat omnea rainutas decimaB, videlicet 
lanfE, aguorum, pullanorum, vitulorum, poTcellorum, aucarum, 
ovorum, colurabarum, lini, canabi, ct aliorum quorum curaque 
fructiium in ortis et virgiiltia cresceutiuui ubicumque iufra 
parocliiam autedictam; necnon oiunes oliktioues, ac mortuaria 
qusecumque, et alias quaacmnq^ue minutas decimaa ad dictam 
ecclesiam quaiidocumq^ue obveoiente^, seu quoraodo3ibet per- 
tineutes; dccimia de quibualibet anlmalibus dictomm relig^o- 
aorum exiatentibus seu commorantibus, infra, priediotam paro- 
chiam provenientibusj duntasat esceptia ; de quorum aniaialiiim 
auorum inerementla iidem religiosi vicariis, qui pro tempore 
fiieriut in cadem eccleaia, decimas solvere uuUatenus teueantur. 
Decimas vero gai'barum et fojjii totlus parocUiai ipeia leligEosis 
iutegraliter volumua remanere. Ordiuamus inaupcr quod prie- 
fati religiosi illud toftum, jaceiis prope ecclesiam pi"£edictam ex 
parte auatrali, inter toftum Henrici filii Rogeri ex parte occi- 
deiitali, et aliud toftum dictorum Prioris et Couventus ex parte 
orient^; CQutinenSj ut dicitur, decern pcrticas in lotigitudine, 
et tres perticas cum dimidia In latitudinc ; quod toftum, una 
cum crofto eidem contiguo, ex parte australi adjacente, et 
duabus bovatis terne, quae et quaa Willelmus Freman in eadem 
villa de dictis Teligiosis quondam tenuit, eidem vicarise, et 
vicariie qui pro tempore fueriiit in eadem, deputamua perpetuo 
ac etiam assignamua, justa ordiiiationem cujuslibet vicarii, iu 
eadem institueiidi'' iu&a anuum a data prfeeeufcium, compctentcu 
ffidificare, et claudcrc propriis eorum aumptibua teueantur. De 
oneribus inguper ecctesisE prtediette iiicumbentibuH sic duiLimuB 
ordinandum; videlicetj quod dicti rcligiosi canceUum dictie 
eccIeBiffi, qiiotiens optis fuerit, reficere, ae etiam, si necessitag 
inimiueat, de no\o coiistruerc tcueautui*. Vicaiius vero, qui pro 
tempore fuerit, libros, vestimenta, et ctetera ipsius eeclesiffl 
ornamenta, quatcnua de consiietudine patri^ ad reetorea ecelc- 
siarum pertiuet, invenire ; procurationem que arcbidiaeono loci 
pro visitationc aua dcbitara solvere; ceeteraque quoque oncra 
ordinai'ia aubire et aguoscere annis siugulis teneatur. Estra- 
Drdinaria vero onera dicti religiosi, quDtienacuniq,ue ciuerseriut, 
solvere teueantur l iustitutione et destitutione vicarii in ecclesia 
memorata, ac etiam omni jure et jurisdictione epi^eojjali, tarn 
iu ipsara ecclesiam quam in quosMbet ejus ministroa ac paro- 

' On Feb- 3, X310-U, John do SfflUrn was instilii(«d lo the viiiarage al lite 
preifCiitaUon of tho Prior and ConvBSit nl nexhun {Reg. Gi^nfleld, (., loO). 



chianofl, nobis et ecclcsia; nostras Ebor. nostrisque sncccssoribus 
in [icrpctiium rescnata. Hanc antcm onlinationem nostraiti, 
in omiiibua ct singulis suie flrticuHs, ratam, firmjim, et illibat;nm 
futuria perpetuis tcmporibiiH stutuinms et deccTniniua pennancre. 
In quormn. otrniiurti testimonium liuie orriinatioiii sigilliim 
nostrum duximus apponcndum. Data apud Caivod, xiij ka- 
Icndas Feljpijariij anno gratiie millesimo tresccntesinio deeitan, 
ct pontiQcatuB nostri quinto. 



Domcariay book, penes Dec. et Capit. Ebor., 94 b.] 

Universia pateat per pneaeiites quod die Dominica, proxiinii 
post festum Sancti Bartlioloraei Apostoli, anno Domini mil- 
leiiirao ccc™" duodecimo, ordinatum fuit per dob R,, Priorcm de 
H eitildeaham, priebendarium de Salton, q^iiod dotuinus Jo- 
liannea de Tweng,) perpetuus vicarius in ccclcsia nostra Ae 
SEdton, per nos. aecunduQi consuetudinem et statutura eccleaia; 
et capituli Ebor. admiasua ac novitcr ordinatriSj habeat et per- 
ciplat totum alteraKiutn ejusdem eedesiEe in minutis decimis, 
oblationibus, ct mortuariia quihuBcutuquo, ae etiam deciraam 
foeni de Salton et de Brauby; salvis nubia et Buccessoribus 
nostris decLmis snliscriptia; videlicet, decima lante et agnonim, 
nccnoii omLimodia deciimia garbariim cujnscumquc bladi, sivc 
in campis sive in ortie crescentis, per totam parochiam ; una 
cum decimia de Omnlniodia dominicis rebus et aninialibus 
nostria quibiiscumque; et denariis Sancti Petri Ordinatum 
c&t, inauper, per nos, quod idem vicarius solvat penaioncm 
aiinuam decern aolidorura, debitani eccIesiEe de Normanby ; et 
quod inv&niat ornamenta aurami altaria dietie ecclceiEe tie Salton 
per nos corianeta et debita inTcniri : item luminaria in choro, et 
htipeiulia clcrieoruraj una cum vino, hostiia, et cfEtcris Diviuo 
otfldw op(p)ortuiii3; ita quod ab omnibus aliis oiieribua, ordi- 
nariis et extraordinariia, dietua vicarius penitus ait qui^tua. In 
cujus rei testimonium huic ordinationi nostrte indcntatae aigillum 
nostrum sub altematione dusimus apponeudum. Data apud 
Saltan, die et aaiio preenominatis. 

^ Tweng, or ThwonK- was admitted Ut thBriorniae in cra«tino feati S. Bar- 
tirihn;, 1311 (Lititr intitiilnl.. T. penes Bee. et, Cajiit. Ebor,, 20(i). This is u 'piiat 
Utile armngemDnt bcitvi'oen blie jinibondarj ot Saltan anil his vicar, 





HOSPITAL OP ST. GILES AT HEXHAM. [Reg. archiep, Green- 
field, pars ii., 37 a,] 

"W., etc., (lilecto fiUo ballivo nostro de HestildesTiam salutem, 
gratiam, et benediction en:. Quia intellesitnus a fidedignis 
uostris quod Marmaducus, dictus Serjanut,' iioljis ct priedpccs- 
soribus nostris in officiis sibi commiseis fidditer et laudabiliter 
diutiua desemiit; qui jam senio adeo est confrartiis, et Bui 
ipsius impotenSj ae paupeitate dopressus, quod vietum sibi 
quairere jam noa valet ; volumns, et mandamus, qiiatinus eun- 
dera Marmaducum in bospitali nostro Saueti Egidii de Hextil- 
dcfibam ponatie; ct, juxtafitcultatcs cjusdeiu bospitalia, faciatia, 
quoad rixcrit, vitse necc&sairia niinlstrari, Valete. Data apnd 
ivrimkctoiij ij idui) Scptembris, poQtiticatus uogtri aimo scp- 


HETON PARTA. [Rot. Pat., 7tb Edward II., membr. 14.] 

Rex omnibus ad quoe, etc., salutem. Licet de conimuni 
coasilio, etc. ; per finem tanicn, quern dilectus nobis in Chrieto 
, , . Prior de H^stildesbam, fetiit nobiecumj ooiit'essimus,. et 
liceutiam dcdimus, pro nobis ct htcrcdibus uostiia^ quautum in 
nobia est, Jolianni de Cambboii, quod ipse meiUetatem matierii 
de Parva Hcton, oum pertincntiia, dare poaait et aasignare 
praeiato Priori et Conventni ejusdem loci : habendam et ttnen- 
dam sibi et auccoBsoribus Buis imperpetnum : et eisdem Priori 
et Conventui, tjuod \pm dictam inedietatena nianerii illiua, cum 
pertiiieutiis, a prsefato Johanne rccipere posaint et tenere, sibi ct 
»uccc8?oribu3 snis imptrpetuum, aicut prEedictum eat, tpnore 
prsesentium aimibter liceiitiam dedimus epecialem : nolentea 

" Several documeata corneii^ted with the hospital nf St. Giles oocut aubse- 
quTdtly 1 ari], dwifthere io this volume. I propope t-o i^re a short account of tlie 
fouiidntiun actd a Ytst of Ha mael-ers. The old wrvant, fur wLom the ^irchbwhop 
finds E res ll hi;, pi He*, iiiul [irobnbly lieeti one of llip serjeiinls of llie tiywii. I give 
another mandiit* of Lha anmo charaiiter ; — "WillelimLa, etc., dilectU D<ibh in 
Clirislii ballivo niPtro tie Hextildwhain. et fralri Tli<imno i^e Appeltnn. yustwli 
spirit II ulitatis nostno itiidem, snhitem, urftliam, et benediction etn. Quia Eicardo 
Teliwe lie Aciim. harum bnjulo, intiuilu laritaliH onncGssimua, <|_itod ut umis 
lepruaus tn b-inipLlnU ito^lro do Hextildusham percipere vnleati et in uoilcm iiio 
perpptiio imniorari; Tobls mandamue (luat.iniis ipBUm Rieardum in diclo hos- 
pit&li, vic4i nostra, id statu bujnsmodi coUocot.ia, Vaktc, Dnt* upvid Cawod, 
oclavu idiiB Martii, imno grnlji^: lu* wkj™" isij". e* iJOiitifiCiitus nostri Keito." 
(RejJ- Melton, 411 a.) 

VOL. U. &. 



qHod prEEilichiH JolianDcs, vcl haaredes eui, aut prscfati Prior 
Coiiveutua, vcl auccL'saores sm, TSLtioiie statuti pi-jedieti, per nog 
vcl liieredcB mretma inde occaaioncntiir, molcstcntur in aliquo* 
seu gravemtiir : ealvis tameii, etc. Ill cujus, etc. Teste rege 
upud Bcvei'lncum, xxLx die Aprilis. Per ftucna &x marcarum. 


[Reg. anihiep. Melton, 399.] 

Venei'atili in Christo patri et domino, doraino W., Dei gratia 
Ebos". ai'chiopiscopo, Angliie primati, &uus Radulphus de Emping- 
ham/ cauuniL-us inoniisterii de Hestildesham, custos spirituali- 
tatis auffi inde, ealutenij . . . rcvcrentiam, ct Lonorcm. Man- 
datum vcstmm vij idua Octobris recepi, tenoreni eontinena 

Willelroii3, pcrraisainne Divina Ebor. archieplscopua, Anglige 
primasj dilecto filio custodi epirituali talis nostras de Hextildc- 
sliam, aalutcra, gratianij et bcnedictioncm. Super statu lios- 
pitalis de Hestildesbam voleiites effici certiorea, Tobis commit- 
tiniHS, firmlter injinigentea (iuatiuus super fLiiidatiojie, rebus 
etiam, redtiitibus et posscssionibus ejusdem; quis, videlicet, et 
quo zelo; quorum auctorittttibua interveuientibua ; et ad quos 
usus illud primitHs ftindavit; quot etiam et quae persoiiae retipi 
potueriiit, consucverint, et debuerint in eodem, ac jam liabe^ 
antiir in ipso ; et qnse bona ac facuUatcs jam exstant ibidenk pro 
sustentatifine prKseiitiuin pcrsODanim ; ct ad quot ultra sufficcre 
potuerit admittendos, per vLros fidedignos, nou siispectos, per 
quos* liuJLis rci Veritas melius sciiri potcrit et iuqairi, juratos, et 
diligentiua cxaminatos, pleuam veritatem exactiua inquiratis. 
Et uoa de tota coiitiuentia dicti hoapitalis, tarn iu pei-sonis, quam 
rebus, ac aliis cu-cumstantiis singulis, in prtemissis, vel circa 
ea, quomodolibet attendeudia; ac onini eo quod invcneritiia et 

' A (Jijouineiit or the greptest joR.'iible interest, tlia only one, in fact, wbioh 
giVM us any in!!ij,'Lt into the biitopy of the old hospital of St. Giles at. n&Klfflm. 
luliall jpeak nl' it elsewhere. Tbis- is the orii^Qiil ruturn mnda by Einpingliani, 
aiiii mliln.isjied Ui the HR'hbislioii. It is iiiswrtuil between two leaves of the- ro^ifter. 
The foliovving dix'ument relate.*!, nlsn. ahghtly to ibe bospilnl:-^" "VVillelmiis, 
etc., liUectiis liliis uUitiidibus cdriic utislr* libor., et ejus oDaimiBsario gouerali, 
snlutem, gTati[im, et beQeditilioneuu. Ei parte Priori* Qt Couveiitus ile Heitil- 
(li?iham iKibiB estilil flupplicatum, qiatMl ctmlni. qiioslnm husbondea de wtilem 
Priori ot Conventui fieri fucorcimtf JLi^titiw coiuplciuentum; iiiiod ronuero no- 
lumus, nee etiatn kiu nef|[ure; iirtii-ico tiiraon quod status cl jura hofl-pitaJia ooalri 
do Hextildeshara. ad se dcEenderidiun, iit apcftpiniua, i tij pollutes, in nostra, ftb- 
seutia nou deuidaai. quovia modo. VaJete. Data apud WoatmonaatoriUTn, i 
k:uleiida» Mail, iJcmtiflcntus noetri anoo nono." (Hog. MelUm, 570 a.) 


ercritis in prsimissis, ad singulos respondendo articulos eertifi- 
cctiB per Tcstras litpvas, ■quee Jiarum ecricm rcpi-sEsentent. Valcte. 
Data apud Crathoru^ Ij kalrudas OctobriSj amio gratiee mil- 
leBimo CQC""" vicesimo, et pontifica-tus uostri qiiarto, 

Hujiis igitur auctoritate inaTidati, ij idua Octobris, anno 
domitvi siiprndieto, apud Hcxtild', in plpno loci capitulo tunc 
ilndcm celebrato, per viros fidedigrioa ijifrascriptos, juratos, et 
noil suapoctos, super prfemissiH ct ea contiii^etitibiis inqiibi- 
tioneui feci fieri diligeiitcm : videlicet, per Antonium dc Erin^ton, 
Robertum de Vauz, Johauneni de Faiufeldj Henrieuin fiiium 
Radnlfif Thomam Crane, Jolianncm piscatorein, WilleltQum del 
Burn, Thomam de Coquina, Adam Co , . , , Tbomatn de Goaae- 
den, Laurentium sutorcm, Willcluiiioi de Ewarde-lan e, et 
Ricarduiii de Falufeld : qiii dicunt^ per sacrameutum suum, 
quod quidam archieiiiacopus Ebor. ab antiquo fundaTit prie- 
dictiim hospitale, cujus notuen ignorant; de cujus fundatione 
habuerimt factum eJHsdeni archiepiecopi, et confinnntioncm 
capituli Ebor., nc qua;dara alia privilcgia a curia Romanaj quie 
quidem tnunimcnta, una cum omnibus aliis cartia et scriptia 
dictum hospitale tang;entibu3j a qiiodam fratre domua pi-EedictEe, 
per ScottOB in ppincipio gucri'se fugiente ct intcTfecto bostiliter, 
fueriint aeportata. liicittit etiam quod totam terram arabilcm, 
quam habent ubiquc, de una caniea de fncili possuut colere, et 
eo ampliua ai baberent. Item dicunt quod habueruut in viUis 
de HextildcEham, Faliifeldj ct Porteyate qnenidam anmium 
redditum xjs. ijd. de dono diversorum; de quibua nicbil nunc 
percipiunt, eo quod loca hnjusraodi jacent vasta. Item dimmt 
quod solt'bant percipere et habere, ante guerram Scotiie, eiiigiili^ 
diebus per annum, quatuor panes nigroa et quatnor la^cnaB 
cervisiffi secundaiiae de Prioratu de Hextild' ; ac etiam unam 
lagenam cervisiae de quobbet bractantc super terram Prioria in 
Hestild', quotiena bracia%'erit ; de quibus nunc uon pcreipiuiit 
nisi sex nigros panes et duas lageiias cervisiie eecimdariie sin- 
gulis septimanis. Diouut etiam quod caritatis intuitu I'ucrat 
praidictura hospitale fandatum, auctontatilius domini arcbi- 
episcopi ct Prioria tunc tcmporia intervenientibus, maxirae pro 
paupcribus busbandis, infinnis, et Icprosia, per inopiam dc- 
pressis, videlicet, de libertate piiedicta oriundis ; ita quod do- 
minus aTcbicpisCOpua, qui pro tempore fuevit, possit poiiere 
duos de Iiujusmodi tcueiitibus suis infirmis ibidem, et Prior 
alios duos de euis, et nou phires, cxistentibus ipeis vivis. Item 
dinint quod bona et facultates domus, quoad pra^eeiiR, vix suf- 
ficiunt pro suBteiitationc trinm pcrsoiiarum, nunc iu dicta domo 
existentium, et non propter eos, nisi quilibet eonira fortius 
laboraret; nee debent ibi esse nisi nuatuor fratres ex assigna- 


tione seu oriliii atione doTtiini arclnepiHCOpi ct Prions, una rice; 
Bcd si nliqiiis aliu* de libertate, vt) cxifs, qui bona sua dk-tis 
fi'atribiis et liospitnli, pro BUstciitatioiic ntie auBe in emU-m 
optiucuda, conferre v&luerit, liccat niagistio et fi-atribTis dictte 
tlomuB ipsum pro utilitatc domus ause sic admittere, coiisultn 
super lioc tantummudo ciiBtode suo per doniiiium arehiepiBcopum 
dcputato. IHoiint ptiam quod solcbant case m dicta domo 
aliquaiido scptcnij aliqiiando oeto fratres, setmiduTn majuft et 
Tuiiius, prout ihcuUiites domus tuiicteniporiahabundabajit; scd, 
diebus et rebua se habentibus ut nunc, plurea iionduin bene 
admitti poterunt in eodem, nisi confcrendo dictia fratiibus de 
bonis 8tu9, ut superius est exprcseum. Item dicunt quod non 
liabcnt in prteaeuti nisi quatuor eqiios aflVoa, it <.]Ai(itiior bovea 
pro eorum camca, et unaiu vaccam taiitiini ; de quibiis dun cqtii 
ct duo boves sunt ex commodsto pujusdam WiJlelmi le "Walde, 
pro voluntatc sua rcvocandi. Blndum ibidem mine iiiventum 
vix Bufficict pro semiuG bujns anni ct suatentationc eommdenj. 
De aliia circuuiatanciia ueaciunt plua dcpoiiere requiBiti, JCt 
sic mandattim vestnim reverend oiu justa vim, formam et 
odiciiini cjusdirm rcvcrenter suiu, prout coudecet^ cxccutus. 
Conservet Altissimus vitam ve&tram diu prasperam, ad hoiiorem 
ct regimen cccle^siie suie sanCttC. Data apud Ucxtild', die et 
anno prLeiioniiiiatis. 


16th Edward U,, mcmbr. 4,] 

Rex omnibus ad quoa, etc,, salutem. Sciatia quod cniin per 
literas Jiostraa patentes de ^atia nostra speciali, in aubsidium 
relevandi atatum domuB de Hextddcshain, coiicesseri mua^ et 
lieeutiatn dederinius, pro nobis et hseredibus nostris, quantum 
in nobis eat, dilectis nobis in Chriato Priori l^^I Couvpntui loci 
prsdieti, quod ipai viginti Hbvataa tcrrse et redditus, cum per- 
tiaentiis, tam de feodo suo proprio quam alieno, (exccptiB tcrrie, 
tcnementis, et redditibns, quse de nobis tenentor in eapite) ad- 
quirere possiut; liabcudaa et teneiidas sibi ct succesaoribus suis 
iraperpetuum, statiito de terns et tenementis ad mauum- 
mortuam non ponendis edito tioii ol>&tante, prout in Uteris uob- 
tris prsedictis plenius continetur; nos, Tolcntes con cess lonem 
nostram prajdictam debito cffcctui mancipari, concesBimua, et 
liccntiam dcdimus, pro nobis et ha^rcdibus nostris, quantum in 
nobis est, Willelmo Hecson, quod ipse duo tofta et novem acras 



term cnra pertineTitiis in Kyrk-Leton ; Gilbcrto de Babjiiton, 
quod ipse Tinum toftum et novcm acras terrffi, cum pertitieiitiis, 
in cadem ^illa; Roberto filio Hugonis dc Cambhowc, quod ipse 
duo mesuagia et decern ct ooto aeraa terr^, cum pertinentiia, in 
cadem. vilJiij Willdmo de Shafthowe, quod ipse duo tofta et 
qiiiiiqua^iita ct qoinque acras tcrraa, cum perdututiis, in Neshjt ; 
Ileurifco Derlyugj quod ipse trea acraa prati, cuin pertiiiejitiis, 
in Est-Matfen; IVilielmo de Belyiicliatn, quod ipse uuura me- 
auagium et decern ct octo acras terrie, cum pertiiientiis, in 
Ecbeivyk ,■: et Roberto de Appelton et Johanni Fissherj, quod 
ipsi mcdietatcm villae de Dalton justa StaufordhaiQj cum perti- 
nentila, quie de nobis non tenentur in capite; ct qaae quideuL 
mcsuagia, tofta, terra, et pratum, valeut per auiium in ommbus 
exitibus, justa vcrum valorem eorumdem, quadraginta ct duos 
soUdos et oeto denarioe ; et pnedieta medietas tempore pacig 
"valere cousue\'i't per auumn, justa verum valorem ejtisdem, 
ceutum solidos, et nunc iion valet per annum nisi viginti eolidos, 
sicut per inquisitiones de maudato noatro inde factas et in 
cancellaiia nostra retomatEiB pleiiius est compertiim j dare jnos- 
sint et assignare prEefatis Prioii et Conventui : habendum ct 
tenenendum sibi et successoribus suds imperpetuum, in partem 
HatisfactiomB viginti libratarum terrje ct redditus prffidictorura. 
Et eisdem Priori et Couveutui, quod ipsi pj-aidicta mesuagia, 
tofta, tcrram, pratum, et medietnteiUj cum pertincntiis, a prte- 

fato WUlelmo -, etc., — -reciperc poasint et tenere, tenore 

prseaentium licentiam dedimua epecialem . Teste rcge spud. 

Pontem-fractum, sij die Februarii. 



ARCHBtsHoPB OF YORK. [Rcg. arcbicp. Melton, -126 A.] 

Tcnemua in liberam, puram, ct perpetuam elemosinam 
eeclesiam de Hextildeahauij et Prioratnm eju&dem, cum oraxnbus 
pertineutiis suis, de douo domini Thomie Secundi, El)op. arch- 
episcopi; ct ind« habuimtta cartam dii'ti domini TIiothegj et 
tennimus a tempore quo non cxtat memoria.' 

Tenemiift, etiam, duas villas de Aynewik, eum omnibus suis 
pertinentiia, et Sandbou et Yerurige, et quicquid ad eas pertinet 
in cnmpia, ailvis, et aquis, et raoleiidinis de Tyne cum etagno 
ejusdera; et cum tota secta quie ad illud pertinet, vel pertiuere 
dcliet; et decimam omnium rerum, tam, domini arcbiepiscopi, 

' Tiis rental » undakrl, bul it (WOum among the doouments gf tlip yaai 132:a. 
It la a siiigiilnr iDUture of French and Latin. 



quam alioi'um infra libertateni de Hext' existeotium, de dono 
diL'ti domiiii Tliomic ; et iiide liahuitjiua cartam ejusdem, et 
coiifirniatioiicm capituli Ebor., et tcimimua a tempore quo oon 
extat memoria, 

Hahuimusj otiam, de doiio ejusdem domiui Tliomas archi- 
episcopi, a tempore quo uoii extat memoria usque tempus gnerric 
iiltiaio ortte inter ilomiuiim regein et ScotoSj sok^et sak, et alias 
libciiateB, videlicet, emeiidaa aasisjc paiiia et ccrvisiffi. 

Tenemua, etiam, iu villa de Ilext' quasdam partes teme : 
-i-idclicet, totum vicuin integrum qui vocatur Koxhou; xxiiij 
meeuagia, cum pertinentiisj in vico qui vocatur Prcstpolfil; xiiij 
meeuogia, cum pei-tiiientiis, in vico qui dicitur Villus Fori; xvj 
mcsuagia, cum pcrtincatiis, in lacci qui dicitur Ilcncotea; et 
illara tcrram ul>i conatruotum fuit hoapitale peregriQorum," cum 
pertincntiis; et totam vilUm de Dotlond cum pertinentiis de 
Knytellieail ; et uti-araque Grotyugtoii, cum omuibus siiis per- 
tinentiis; et quendam agrum (juxta) Tyne fliimen ; et quietuiu 
pastum propriis porcis iiostris et porcis villiconim horainum 
uostronim in terra Sancti Andrese manentium, dc dono domini 
Thurstiui, quondam Ebor. arcMcpiacopi ; et tcnuimus a tempore 
quo non cxtat nicmoria, s-ine aliquo eseculori B€rvitio faeiendo. 

Teueniua, ctiam, vij acras et dimidiam tcrrse in quadam 
cidtura quffi dicitur le Sele, libere ct quiete, sine aliquo acrvitio 
facieudo; de dono doraini Galfridi, quondam Elior. arcliiepis- 
eopi ; ct inde halmimua cartam cjuadcm at eoufirmationcm 
capituli Ebor. ; et tenuimus a tempore quo won estat mRmoria, 

TeueiDUB, ctiam, mcdictatem villa; de Bjngfeld, cum suis 
pertinentiis, iu liberam, pnram, et perpetuam eleraosinam, de 
dono cujusdam Germundi; ct inde habuiraua cartam ejusdem, 
ct confirmation cm domini ThuTstini et capituli Ebor. j et teiiui- 
nius a tempore quo noii extat memoria. 

Nous tcnomsj du doun I'ercevesqiie Wauter, vij*" v acres 
ct dcmye de terre, c'est asaver, xl acres eutre Ayneivyk et 
Akwod (levera le north; et iiij" x acres deaous Dotlaud vers le 
Buth ; et Kv acres de terre et di. ileaonz Dutloud devera lo north ; 
par feaiite ct lea services de iiij marcs par an p' touz aerviees, 
de qui nous ne proismes profiat de gaigncorye ces xxx auns 

Estre ce nous tenoms les molins de Hambum et de Neu.- 
bifi^g, oue la seute que a ens apertiegncnt, par feaute et les 
Bcrvicea de x marcs par an p"" touz servicea : lez qucus molins 
ne valent nul, an commuuement xxx^. 

Eetre ce uoue tenonie. Ix acres de terre, que nous fcureut 

* TkU is lihe niily i>lace Iq rahirli IIue Losjiital ie montioned. Tor it seems t« be 
distiDot from thnt dcdiciited to 6t. Giles. 



clonez en fraunclie et perpetiiele aumoBiie, en ameudeTiient de 
la fermc des TOoHns avantditz; pour quele terre nous sumea 
cliargpE de deiix marcs par an ; de quei noos lie proismes nul 
profist CDS xss anna. 

Estre ce nns tenoms ]tx>-ij acres de terre j rode, enclos denk 
notrc ]»ark de Dotland^ par lea Bcrvieea de «s, jd. par an p"" 
toiiz acrviccs ; et un Estiepliiie del Hill et isa soer, et Joban le 
fiiia Hawyse tenent viij acres dc terre: lea quolas nous feurent 
graiitez par I'ercevesqiie Johauj d'avoir encloa dcniz le dit park : 
p"^ qiiey uos avoms paye la lyn. iiijd, pour I'acre, tantqne en 
cea ; et lee autres gentz avantditcs tenent la terre avantdite, et 
paient la ferine due a ce que nous enteiidoms auxi come nona 
fesom&; par qui nOa prioms au seigneur que de ce8 ija. ■viijd. 
nous ne soioms mye charges deficome aiitrea gentz tenent la 
terre, ct paient la ferme a cc que noug entendoms. 

Estre ce noua tenoms deux acres dc terie waat devers le 
comune petere^ par les sarices de viijd. par an pour touz 

Eatre ce nous tenoms divera toftea deniz le Sde enclos, par 
les semcea de iiijs, ijd< o. par an ponr touz aervicea. 

Estre ce nous tpnoms une terre q'eat appellez Whetewang; 
pOuT quele nous eolioms. payer iiji9. par an : de qui nous ne 
prois-mea. nul pTofist ces sxs anus; par qui nous la reudonis au 
Beigneur par c'este Icttre : et prioniB a. sa seigneurye qil ce ne 
veoille a nial prendre. 

Estre ce nous tenoms rij graunges pour noz dismea en vij 
viUes, par feautc et les services de ija. iiijd. per an, pour touz 

Eatrc cf! nouB tenoms la terre, qui fcust a Rolaert de Skiptou 
en Byngfcldj par foialte et les servi de di. marc par sue, pour 
toua Bcrriccs. 

Estre ee nous tenoms aacunes menues parceles de terres et 
toftes en Hexf, appendantea et assignez as officera; des queux 
nous ne pooms nneore savoir la verite combien yad, uc queux 
services de ccux s.0Qt duz ; car nous p'entrcmeiUasmes unques 
dc eels offices mes a plus cost; que nous pouiroms ayoir la 
verite, noua serroma la conoiasance ausint volentrea du petit 
come nous avoms fait du reraeraunt. 

Estre ce nous tenoms sxxiii) acres de terre entre la ville de 
Dotland et I'asaart que adonciue feust de Thomleye, par foialte 
et les services de xja. iiijd, par an, pour touz scrviceSj du doun 
I'ercevesque Wanter : Ic quclc terre adgiene waste ces xsx anus 

Pnetcrea ooncesaimus eisdem canoiiicis unam viaoa al) exitu 
rillffi suae dc Aynewyk per mediam Lays no&trBe dc Acwode a 



Iitrcaria sua directe versiia aquilonem, usque ad commimem 
pfishir^im siifim ultra Birke-bur^g^e 5 qu&e coutinpt iu latitiuliae 
tlfceiu pei-ticatas : pro liac autem douationc, ct concessione 
pemiaei'uut nobis et successuribuB nostris pnedieti eanouici, pro 
se et auccessoribua auis, et homiiiibus suis, iiaperijetuum, totum 
jus et cljimeum quod liabuemnt, vel habere potuemut, in ha.ya 
iioatra dii Akwudej scilicet, act exitum villae de Saiidbou, per 
divisBR Petri de Vallibua ueque Birkcburne, et de Birkeburue 
deaceudeudo usque ad moleLdiaum de Akum. - 



HAUsHiEE. [Heg- Meltoiij 432 a.] 

Usee indentura teatatur quod cum inter religiosos virosj 
Pi'iorctn ct Couventum de HesLtildeebani, pcteiites, ex ana psrte, 
et veuerabilem patrera, dominuiu Willcbmum de Melton, Dei 
gratia Ebor. archiepiHcopum, AngLiaa primatem, suos-que te- 
ncntes in forc3tia suia infra libertatem dp Hcxtildcaliam, def'end- 
enteSj ex. parte altera; super decima fiEui in eiadem forestia 
mota fuiaset materia qtucstiouia; ita inter dictaa partes couvenit, 
quod priefatus domiims arcliiepiseopus, et euccessores siii, a 
pra^stationc liujus decimie fteni de pratis, seu clausis, infra 
foreetae suas infra libertatem prsedictara proveuientia, pro tem- 
pore quo dicta prata seu clausa iu maiiibus euis teiiueiniit, liberi 
sint et immnnes, slcut prsedecesBorcs sui Ebor. archiepiscopi 
liberi et immiiueB esse coasueverant in hat parte j ct pro tem- 
pore quo idem venerabilis pater et euccesaores sui dicta prata 
Bcu clauaa aliis ad iirmam dimiaerint, tenentes ipsi decimas suas 
fceni, sicut et alias decimas suas, ecclesiie suie parocbiali de 
Hestildesham integralitei' solvere teneautur. In cujua rei testi- 
monium tain dictus veuerabilis pater, et teuentes sui prajdicti, 
quafu dicti Prior et Conveutua, buic iudeutuife alternatim sua 
eigilla apposueniut. Data apud Ripon, decimo kalendaa Aprilisj 
anuo gratis milleaimo ccc""" xssj". 



[Beg. Bury at Durham, 331 &.] 

Ricardus, permisaioQe 01^8 Dnnolm. episcopus, dilectia 
nobis in Cbristo Priori et Conventui de Hextildeskain saJutem 



in Atictore salutis. Cum friictus, et rcdilitusj ct pTOventiis cccle- 
siie dc Staudl'ordham/ nostrae dioct'sios, <le qua iuiima pensio 
quiuqiiagiuta marcitriini aterlingorum nobis et ecclesia! nostrae 
debctur, siut propter fi'equeiitea Scotorum iiicursuSj (et) varia 
esactioniiiii oncrttj quse hiis diebue plus solito iuvalescuut, et 
alia iiicom(m)otla, ita tenues et eiilea, quod supportatis i|jsius 
ecclesiae, qaara in usue proprios detinetia, oriiEi'ibiis, hospitalitate 
debita et eousueta scrvataj dictaque pensione soluta, nichil aut 
parum vobia Bupererit in usus iUos convertendum pro quibus 
vobis appropriatur ipsa ecclesia; ainit fida ct trequens nobis 
relatio patel'ecit. Nos ad prffimissa oousiderationis uostne aciem 
provide convertenteaj vobis et eccleaias vestrae dc Hextildcsham 
dt? dicta pensione, es eauais pr^missis, et de gratia nostra spe- 
ciiili, decern ma.rca3 anuis einjjulis, qnanidiu rcgimini ccclcsiEe 
iiostrre Duuolm, prKfuerimus, condonamus, et remittimus per 
prsesentca, sigilli nostri appensioueiuunitas. Data apud No-vum- 
Casti'uni-super-Tj'Tiam^ nono decimo die Jdii, anno Domini 
millesimo trescentesimo quadrageaimo, et conaecratiouis nostrae 

' Iq coDsequenco of the luJMry raiiised bj the Scottish invnsions, ani the other 
troubles ol the limes, Itichard de Hury, the scholar -Wslwp of Hurham, rcdutea 
tbd annual pension du^ to l)im uul of tb^ cburuli of Slamfordham, during hia 
tenure of the see of Diirham, from ILfLy marks to forty. The Ibllowing fejtiract 
ftom the Koll of the Eepaira made on the bishop of Durhim'd ostatftf, eto,, from, 
the 5l.h lo tbe RLh nf Edivard TI., thus alludes to Sljuiifiwdliara t — 

"■ The pliavnseli oj Staiiaerdeit. Payd lo ono gliiwr by Arthure Shuftowe for 
comjiig to tftj'ke luioiire at the wyndois, mid for niajkyiig of lij fciytte of new 
f\aese; and fur wirkyrj^c ix dHjes in inpiidyuge of old wjiidok, booitb for hi3 
b(ird-wag«js *nd his daye-wniKis, piyd Lo Arthiire Sbflftow by Mr. Clmanseler 
comaucidnteut, ^txiiJE. v}d. paid far th'one half of the ParaJiWaefi of Ertumua 
vjs. Payd for th'oue half of the Oybyll vijs. Summa, xxxvi. yji." [From ths 
arL);iual roll Id tho Auditor's utBce si Durham.] 

Among tlie rawcollnneous dot^uoiBnts in tJie poseossioTi of the Dean jLnd 
Chapter of Durham, No. 4305, is the following undated letter (written in the 
fifMienth <«ntury) from the collector of sorao tax on several of the livinfs helong- 
ing to the Prior and Conveut of Heshnna. The writer seems to have been a 
brother of tlie house : — " Seipsum t^tum in Doniino Silutari. Juita disLTotum 
tit oiroumHpcctuiii i^nsiliuni v^trutn, connpiitaito [ler noa junta fcstimatioucni 
Boatram v*ro valore Mclesiarum nostrarnni, videlic*l. Cholvorton xsili; eujua 
priestatio hae virai txxs. -. WH.rdon iiiiijli; pujiis prniBtatio iiiiijs, : Slaveley ; 
oujuB pni'Ktatio iija, vjd. : Staafordhnra nil, ijuia domiuus episeopus ot vieariuB 
orane percipinnt emulnnnjntnTn. Quibus compulatis, sio mitiimns vobis per 
prcusecitcm bajulum Ivijs. vjd., per vos, si placet, vel per pTocuratorcm veftrTim, 
eecuiidum ordinationeiu vestrani dosninis i»llcutoriliuE permlvendw; »ub Epe 
gmtiK et retaeitii per voa escojjitati, .■^i clems, Deowlonte, tirca ipsa duaerit 
insiiittwdtun, Et, si o^iuB futrit, in uniiuna nostras jurare poltrit ijuod fld 
valorem, vel prop<ij so liabe-nt, otonibus- «omputatis. Pro e.Tpensis in imo pnrte 
contribuandJB, bursarii domi respoudobniit, prout viderit eipedirg. Vulate." 
[Si^Uum deest.] 





Zouche, 156 a.] 

li!(lwarduB, Dei gratia rex Atifjliffi et Francite fit dotninlia 
Hiiberiii;e, veuerabili in Christo patri, W., eadem gratia archi- 
episcojio Kbop.j Anglic primati, ealutcm. SuppUcanint nobis 
dilccti nobis ui Christo Prior et Conventus de HextildesTiam 
quod cum parochia eeelesiio pi^beiidalis de Salton, vestrse 
diocestoa, quara tciient in usus suos proprios, fuerit ct sit per 
invasioned Seottorum et Inceiidia pLurinium dcstrui;taj inisera- 
biUtcr ct collapsa; et licet aiiEe ecclcsiaj tlictanim paxtium, sic 
dfstrucbe, fuerint taxatse de novo; et priniK taxationes eorura 
mitigatEe, jnxta valorem tunc currentcm ; dicta tamen ccclesia 
de Saltou, per negligentiam tune Piioris loci pncdicti agentis in 
remotisj tasata uou estitit, iiec eius tasatio mitigata, in grave 
darapnnm dictoruin Prioria et Conventusj cum justa antiqaam 
taxam (licet dicta ecclesiii propter destine tion em bujusmodi 
tantuin non valeat), in singulis pnEstationilms ct irapositioiiibus 
dedtute clero dictae vestrsedioecsios factisj solvere sit compuUa; 
velimiiia eia super hoc dc remedio congruo providere. Nos, 
corapatientes tleprcsfiioiii dieti Prioratua, ciii per guniram Scotise 
noBcitur subjacerej et provide voleutes cum ipsia Priore et Con- 
veutu iu hac parte agere gmtiose, vobis maudamus, quod super 
vcTO valorc dictae ecclesiae de Salton, quantum, videlicet, valeat 
hiis diebus, diligentem faciatis inquisitionem ; etj juxta eom- 
perta per inquisitiouem illam, pr^fatam ecdeaiam de Salton 
taxetis randeratc, proiit prius. factum est in aliis beneflciis eccle- 
Biasticis dictarum Jjartium. sic deatructis: taxation? m inde per 
V09 de novo facicndaiu nobis in cancellaria nostra sub sigillo 
vestro remittentea cum hoc brevi. Teste ineipso apud West- 
monaeterium, xsviij" die Augusti, anno regiii noatri Any:liie 
decirao octavo, regui vero nostri FranciEe quinto. 

Ceriificafio ejus-dem. 

Excellentigsimo priiicipi et domino auo reverendissimo, 
domino !Edwardo Dei gratia regi Angliie et Francis illustji, et 
domino Hibemiffi, WilielmuB, permiB&ione, etc., ti^utem in JEo 
per Quem reges regiiant et prineipes dominantur. Breve ves- 
truni mipcr recepimua hiis annesum, cujua auctoritite super 
vero valore ecclesiie praibendalis. dc Salton, et aliis articulis 
omnibus et singulis in dieto brevi contcntie, justa vim, forniam, 
et cffectiim ejusdem, per rectores, vicarios, capellanos, ct cir- 
cumvicinoa, ae parocbiauos ecclesise de Saulton prEedicta, tam 



clericos qiiam laicoa fidcdifrnoa, in hac parte juratos^ et distiiicte 
esaoimatoB, inijas rei liabeiitea notitiatn pleuiorem, iiniuiri 
fctimus diligeiiter. Et quia per iaqaisitionem hujusmodi com- 
jicritniia, quod dicta ecclesia dc Saultcra, per invasiones Scotorum, 
et incendia, aicut alise ecclesiBe circumvicinte, plurimum jam 
dcstnicta; cujixa taxatio, sicut aliarum eccleaianim cirRuni- 
vioinarum, ob neglige iitiam Prioris dc H e-stildesliam, rcctoria 
dictiG ecclesiEe, qui tunc fuerit in retni>tis agensj nulJatenus alias mitigata, vis valet xxli" hiia diebus; ipaam ecclesiam 
(le Sanlton, ad viginti libras sterling duutaxat taxarimus; quam 
quidera tasara excellcntiee vcetrEe regife iniiotescitniia per pfiE- 
sentes, sigilli nostri appensione munitas; ut ulterius, quie in hac 
parte requirentiir, vestra exequetur si placet, regia ceUitudoj 
quam ad rcginicu ecclcsiie populi siii Altissimus diu dingat et 
coiiserviit. Data apud Cawode, octavo die mcnsis Octobriaj 
luuio Domitii Euille^irao treaccutesimo qnadrageaimo quarto* 



archiep. Zouchej 297 a.] 

Recognitio Prioiis cEe HestUdesliam de servitiia snia debitis 
domino arcbiepiscopo Eboracenei pro terria et tenemetitisj quffl 
de ipso tenet infra libertatcni de Hextildesliam.' 

In primiB, pro quibuadam toftia inciosis infra Priorataru 
euum, io loco qui dieitur le Scete, reddendo per annum quatnor 
Bolidos, dii03 dcuarioa, ob. pro omiiibuB aervitiis. Item red- 
dendo pro vij^' T acris tcrrte di., videlicet, xl acria terrae iuter 
bosRura dc Akewode ct villani de Aynewyk, et iiij" x aci'is snb 
Dotland versus austrum, et xv acris et dimidia enbtiis Dotland 
versus nquilonem, liijs. iiijd.j pro omnibuB. Item pro xxvij 
acris et una roda ten-je inclusfe iufra parcum ewum de Dotland, 
isa. jd., pro omnibus. Item pro xxxiiij acris teirse inter villam 
de Dotlaud et Tkoraley xjs. iiijd., pro onKubus. Item pro 
duabns acris. vasti justa petrariam viijd. Item pro aqua ver- 
teLda ad molendinum de AVhiteley xijd, Item pro vij placeia 
terrffi in vij villnlis pro grangiis decimalibus, ijis, iiijd., pro 
oranibufl. Item pro terns et tenetnentia, qmc fuerimt Roberti 
de Skipton in Bjugford, reddendo per auuum vja. viijd. pro 

" By sm earlier taxation, without dute, the church was valued at 80 marks 
pernnn,, nod tiwf4 at -L&s- 84- (El Ijljro iolituluUF T. jienes Deo. et Copit. 
Ehoc, 78.) 

' The same register conliuns two othef oopies of this rwognition. 


hgmokiaLs or HI 

omuibua scrvitiia, Itcra jiro raolendinis de Hamljumo t>t Neu- 
big^iijg, cum secta pertiuentej x marcas per aikiium, pro 
omnibus. Item pro trilms toftis, qiite sunt in manJbus SacristSB 
et ElcmoHinarii, qute jtitcut in vico Saiicti Egidii, et quodam 
toftu in Henootes, cum una roda terrfe adjaccnte, reddendo per 
jiiiiium xiijd. tli. qu. Item pm duabus acris terrse in campis de 
rienc-ott'H, quifi rocantiir Ilaynyng-croftj in raanu Elemosinarii; 
et pro diiabus acris ten-xe qUEC vonantur Cou-croft; et pro qiio- 
daui loco, qui vocatur DudmatiH-knoll ; ct quadam places terra 
qute dicitur Beaumondj in maim cjuadem Elemosinarii, red- 
dendo per aiiDum ija. ijd.j pro omnibus. Et protcstatiir dictus 
Prior, qnod, si in pnsteriim conatare sihi potcrit ab uliqua lirnia 
nlteriuB debita, quie a rt'tro fuerit propter mnnimenta ana com- 
buata, vcl ex quavis alia eaiisa, fidcliter in eveiitu dictnm 
doininum suum rcddct certiurcm, et eani cognosoet fidelitL^r, nt 
tenetur. Eshiblta apud Cawode, xxviij" die Mail, anno poutifi- 
catus domiui WilleLoii la Zoache octavo. 



[Eeg. Ttoresby, 299 A.] 

Johannes, etc., doraimis libertatls de HestildesTiam, ad quoB 
prEKentea literae pervenerint aalntem, Sciatis quod COngeasimus 
et liceiitiam dediraus, pro nobis et auccessoribus noatris, dilectis 
nobis in Chriato Priori et Conventui de Hextildea"bam quod ipsi 
qiiendam boscara suum, vocatum DoiUand park, infialibertatem 
iioatrani prasdiotam, jam miiratum, altiori muro iududcre;* ct 
parcum indc facere; et boscum illmn, sic indusum, et parcum 
iiide factumf teiiere possint sibi et succesaoribus suie imper- 
petuam ; sine occasione, vcl impcilimcnto iiostri, vel BueceBSOinini 
nostrorum, seu ballivormn, aut ministronun qnorumcunque j 
dmn tamcn boscus ille infra mctae aHcujus forestfe uon existat. 
In cujua, etc., lias literas nostras fieri fecimuB patentea. Data 
in manerio uostTo juxta WcstmoQasteriumj aexto die Octobris, 
aano, etc.j ut aiipra, 

* The Dean ami Chapter of York oouflrmed this in^nt on rjuly 6tli, L355, 

Till! an:ti.liisliop iua<ie Ll in tke previous jear (Auta Cap. Ebur., G"/, la b). 




marks' worth of land at la?; CHESTER, CD. DUJinAM. 

[Es: Rot. A. Tho. Hatfield, episc- Dunelm., in Cur. Cane. 
Dunelm asservato; sch. 3, iio. 13, m dorao.] 

TLomaa, Dei gratia episcopus Dunelmenais, omnibus, etc. 
Scijitis quod de gratia nostra Kpeciali, et per finem, quem Adam 
dc Bowes fecit noljiscum, couceesiraus, et Liccntiam detlimus, 
pro nobis et suceessoribHS nostm, quantum in nobis est, eidem 
AdoB, <]uod ipse Umim meauiLgiuiD, sesaginta acras terrffi, 
quatuor acras prati, et sexdecim acras bosci, cum pertinentiis, 
in LaDgceetre, quic dc nobis teaCntur in capite, dare possit tt 
assignare dilectis nobis in Chriato Priori et Conventui de Hei- 
aUlesbam, in liberam, pm'am, et perpotuam clcmosinano ; La- 
Ijendum et tenendum eiadem Priori et Conventui, ct succcs- 
aoribua suia, in liberam, puram, et pei'petuam .elemosinam 
imperpctuum : et ciadem Priori et Conventui quod ipai me- 
Buagium, teiram, pratum et boecum a pra^fato Ada reeipere 
poseint et tcuere, sibi etsnccessoribiiasuiB pricdictie, inUberaBi, 
puram, et perpetuam eleoiosinam imperpetuum, aicut prBedictum 
est, teuore prjEsentinm scilicet, licentiara dedimus specialem 
statuto de terris et tenementis ad manum-mortuam nt>n po- 
nendia edito non obstante. Nokntes quod prsefatus Adam, vel 
hieredea sui, ant priefali Prior etConscntus, sen succcasores sui, 
ratione atatuti prtcdicti, per uos, vel auccessores nostros, etc., 
occasionenttir, raoleatcntiir in aliqno, sen graventur. In cujii!* 
rci testimonium, etc., — pat. Data per mauum Jotiauuis dc 
Sculthorpf priiiio die Mail, anno supradicto (13^7). Per ipsum 
domiDum episcopum. 


cii ESTER, ETC. [Rot. Pat. 21st Edward III., part ii., 
meinb. 29.] 

Uex, omnibus ad quos, etc., aalwtcm. Sciatia quod cum 
dominus E., nuper res Anglise, pater noster, per bteras suas 
patentcs couccasisaet, et licentiam dcdisaet, pro sc et tEcredibua 
Buis, quantum in ipso fuit, dilectis uobia in Cluiato Priori ct 
Conveutui domua de llexttldcsliam, quod ipai viginti Librataa 
terrre et redditus, cum pertiaentiis, tarn de feodo suo proprio 
quam alieno, (esccptis terris et rcdditibus qnse (ab) ipso patre 
noatro tciiebantur in capite) adqiiirerc possent — Btatuto, etc.. 



— ikon olistante — conceasinous — Gillierto le Milnestoiiacres, 
capelloiio, quod ipse novcm mpBuagis, centiim et sexa^nta et 
imam acras teiTffi, quiuque acras prati, et qiiadrELginta soliclatas 
i-cddituB, euro pertinentiis in Etliewyk, Whiglitdiestre, llirlawe, 
et DaltoQ, qxiBB de nobis non teneiitur, et quae ad sicxaginta et 
BOX Bolidos et octo denarios extendiuitur per annum, ek'Ut per 
iri(|iiisitionem iiidc per dilcetum ct iidclem nostniiu IlohcrtUni 
IJertram, escaetorem nostnim in comitntu Noitliumbn^e, eap- 
t.'iiii, et in cancellnria nostra Tctornatam, est cotdpertiim, dare 
possit et assiguare prsfatis Priori et Conveiitui — in valorem 
octo maTcaniiii, in partem satisfactionls vij^ti libratanim tcrnCj 
etc. Teste custodc prEcdicto apud Iledyng, xs die Jauii (1347). 



THE BISHOP OP CARLiBLE. [FroiB the register of bisliop 
Welton. at Carlisle, 27 «.]' 

Uiiiversia, etc., Gilhcrtns, pcrraissioiie Divina Kai' 
episco]>Ufl, salutem in Domino sempitemam. Cma uos, dioccsiii jure noatro diocesaiio iiuper visitaiites, inveiiimiis re- 
ligioaos virOB Friorem et Convcntum monasterii de Hextildesbain 
ecdcBiaa parocliialcs dc leale et Ravenwyk, diocesios noatrae, 
tanquam sibi appropriatae habere et tenere, cum omniljus suis 
juribus et ijcrtinentiia ; ac de frurtibuaet proventiljuseanimdem 
eeclesiarura dieponere; et eOB percipere et poasidcre, tauquam 
I'eroa rectores et posseBHorea eaniirdem : volentes, prout ad nos 
pertinet, certiorari de jure et tifulo ipKonim religiosonim, quibus 
eccleaiaa ipsas fuerint ct Bint asaCcuti, cosdcm rcligioaoa ad 
certoB dies et Icica, ea occasione, ad proponendiim, ostendetiduni . 
et exhibendura causas ratiouabilos, jus, et titulum; ct quicquJd 
alind pro be liaberent super occiipationc, retcntionc, asse- 
cutioue, posscs&ione dictamm ccclesionmij fecimus coram nobis 
ad judicium legitime eToeari. Quibua diebns et locis, dictis 
relifiiosis per procuratorera eoniradem sufficieiiter comparcn- 
tibus., fuit ex parte earumdem per ipaum procnratorcm, noiuiiie 
procuratorio, allegatum, proj^osituni, et EuSicdenter pi-obatura, 
quod iidem religiosi hnjnamodi ccclceias justis et sutbcieutibns 
tittilig, eisdem religiosia et eorum monastci'io canouioc appro- 
priatas, eiim omnibus urns juribiia et pertineutiia obtiiiucrunt, 

' Thr Prior and CooTont uf He.'tliaui. witiiiilain l.lieir tille bofore tbi; bi.'Lojj of 
Carlisle to tUe lirinKs uf lie]] and Henwick in Cumbarlunii. At the rbtdo time 
IliG bishop e!ii;iisfflt Wllliaui dt Keniial, tlie Prior, froiu appsupiflg at synwls ia 
his diooe^. 



retinueruntj et adhuc oljtinent et retinent in prieaenti; ac ipsns 
ecclesiae, sicut eis appropriates, canoniee possetlenint, a tempore, 
et per tenipus, cujus contrarii inemoria liomiimiii iion existit, 
pacilice et incoiicussc, et Bilhuc poasiflent; seieiitibus, pciiait- 
tentibus, et non contradiceutibua, sed expresse approbautibiia 
episcopis, loci diocceaniEj omnibue et siii^Iis qui per dictum 
terapua successive estiterant iu cccLeaia. Kiirl. — Super quibua 
occeipiLtioiie — dictonim cccl. — dictus procurator quamplurima 
instnitneilta publica et muuimenta loca probationis coram nobis 
judiciiliter ostenderit et exliibiierit ; et, nichilomiiiue, ex ha- 
buudanti testes quiimpliircs super po^scseione ipBorum religio- 
Horura, quara per totum tempus supradictum Labuermit in 
ecclesiis prscnominatie et adhiic Jiabeiit, produxerit ; quibua jn 
iorma juris admissis — ac etiam Tocatis omnibus et singulis, 
qui faerunt evocaudi, nalloque coiitradietore iu die comparente, 
deratim — ipsaa eccleaiae, cum oninihus suis juribiia et per- 
tinentiis, eis iGgitime appropriatas, ^juste habere, et retinere — 
judicia-liter prouuntiamTis et dcclaramua. In cujus, etc. Data 
apud maneriuni iioatrum de Rosa, quiuto die mensis Aprilis, 
anno, etc., lis. 


[MSS. Cotton, Claudius, B, iii., 203 a, A.] 

A toutz ceaux q' cestes lettres verrout ou orroiit, "Wiltiam, 
Prior de Hcxtildcebaui, et Covcnt de raceme le beu, ssdutz en 
Dicu. Com debate eattnt mue pnreiitre uoa et noK teuanntz dc 
llrawbj do notrc prcvendrc rfe Saltoii, sur divers articles et 
poyntez toclianta la droit dc notre dite proveyridre : la qud debate 
jiar divers tretiae parentre uoz cliiers sirrz Richard tie Morland, ct 
Thanina de Cave, no?, con-clianonisj et altrca de notre consaile, 
eii notre noune, d'une parte, et uoz ditz teuauntz d'altre part, 
est accorde et fynee en nianere q'snauytc. 

Ha^c indentura testatur, quod cum qiiiedam disseiisionpa ct 
dis-cordiie ante lioec tempora exortte et motie fuerijit, inter Wil- 
lelraum de Kendale, Priorem de Hcstildcsham, praibcndarium 
prsebendffi de Salton in llidale, in ecelesia Beati Petri Kbor,, ct 
ejusdcm loci Coiiventum, ct quosdam tenentcB ipaius prsbcndBe, 
Heeundum conauctudineju prgebendse prEedictic; jam die Martis, 
proximo post festum Circumcision is Domini, anno Domini mil- 
lesimo ccc""" sexage&imOj facta est concO'rdia aubscripta inter 
prsedictoa Priorem et Conventum^ ct tenentes suos de Brawby 
in prtebenda prasdicta. Videlicet, quod quandocunque aliquis 



Prior dicti loci obierit, ct post ejus decessiira aliqiiis Pi-ior 
electus fuerit, Ipse Prior elwtits capiet in prinio adventu suo 
apud Sattou de tencutibus de Brewby et BergU, in priebenda 
pnedicta, ad qucmdam palef'ridum, qiiatuor marcaa argenti 
tantum, nomine cognitionis. Cessaiitc vero aliqiio Priore dieti 
loci, alioquc l^riore loco ejnsdcm cessaiitis clccto, prsedicti 
tpnentes de Brawby et Bergh nicbiL solvent eidem Priori tunc 
electo pro cof^rui tioiie doiuinii. Item coucordiitura est quod 
omnes et Bingiili teiicotes de Brawby in pi'asbcnda. priodicta 
dcbent niolere blndasua ad molcndiiium ipsius Prioris de Sidton, 
solreudo midturam, prout alii tenentes pi-aebendie pnerlictae 
Bolvuntj absque cariatioiie liipidum niolariunjj sen repai-atioiie 
stagni dicti molendiui, vel coopertura dieti molendim facieudii. 
Item concordatum est quod prwdicti tenentee de Brawby de 
CFctero exonerentur a ninrdatione fossati circa clausum, Tocatum 
Frense- holme, faeienda. Item foncordatum est quod dc Cffitero 
ci'unt duo collectores denarioniin ipsius Prioris in Brawby, 
tanien absque toe qaod aliqui eonimdcm teuentium de csetero 
eligantur, cessend' fsicj milnegravea latbegraves, vel aliqui alii 
servientea pro compoto reddendo. Item eoncordatum est qnod 
preedicti teneaLcs de Brauby poseint facere blada sua et avenaa 
in propriis tenia auia crescentia in brasium, absque tolueto 
solvondo, vocato kylit-mulntre. Et si aliquis tcncutium prae- 
dictorum emerit ordinal vel avenaa ad faciendum in bcasinm, 
vcl ad TiUenus mercaudizaudum, ipsi tenentes eolyent niulturam, 
prout pertinet ad xx"' vas. Item concordatum est, quod cum 
prsedieti tenentes dc Brawby metierint blada sua, et ea aduna- 
vcriut, prffidicti tenentes pitemaniri facieut prjedictum Priorem, 
vel ministros suos, per luium diem antequam blada sua cariare 
debeant, pro sahatione decimae ejusdera Prioris ; et, poht pne- 
dictum diBm elapsnm, iidem tcneutea eariabmit blada sua absque 
aliqua perturbatioue facienda. Item concordatum est quod si 
praedictus Prior, qui nunc est, vel aliquis sueee&eonnn suorum 
apud Brawby, de novo conatruxerit, vel ffidificarerit molcndimim 
aquaticum seu ventriticuni, ipsI tenentes de Brawby facicnt 
BEctajn ad mokudiouni ipsius Prioria ibidem, et alia npera ad 
eundeni mnlendinum pertincntiaj prout temporibus retroaetis 
(Jicti tenentes, quando mokndinum facrit ibidem eibiatiim, 
facere coiisuermit : et quod estnnc oinniuo exonerentur de aliqua 
eeeta ad prEedictnm molendinura dc Salton facienda. Item con- 
cordatum est inter dietoa Priorem et Convcntum et tenentes 
praedictos, quod pra;dicti tenentes de Brawby, simiU cum aliie 
tfluentibus dictee pnebendie, cariabunt mercmium domini ad 
domos conatruendas, et sedificia rcparanda tantum, iibieunque 
fuerit emptuni ; et cariabunt cibum domini tantum, simnl cum 



(enentiljus prfehendie praidictHi apud Ebor. ct alibi, quoticns- 
piiiique fuoriut requisiti ; prout aute coiifKctioriem. Inijus con- 
eordiie faeere consucmnt; ct prout in quodam libro de teniiris 
libtu'tatis Beati Petri Ebor., voeato Doin-eBclay," pleniuB pon- 

Sacliez nos. avoir assigne ct ordcine noz ehiers, les ditz 
Richard et Tliomas, noa concliatioij^iioz, ou run d'eus, 1102 pro- 
ciiratorB et attoniez, a conoi&trc la dite accordc en la chapitre 
del eglise Seiiit Pier d'Eucwykj devaut les clianoi^ea de ycele : 
et la dite acorde par uoz et noz siiccesaoure fiiiier et establer 
a toii2 joura ; ct, ultre ceo, dc rcqiier les ditz cUaiioigneeque la 
difcc acorde en perpetuele memorie ptiys estre registi-e devant 
eauSj eaunt ferme ct estable ceo que noa ditz eonelianoignez, noz 
procuratoiu^ et attomez, ou I'un d'eaux, serra ou serront en les 
ehoHEz susditz. Eii tea-tmoifrnanntz de quel cbosez, a ccstez noz 
letti'cs patcntcz STonia mya uotrc comunc scale. Escnpt a Hex- 
tildesliara, le vynteayme primer jour de May, V&ne de grace mille 
trcicent Bcxaunt et primer. 

Et sciendum, quod octavo die meusis Juuii, anno Domini 
millesinio ccc"'" scxagcsimo primo, coroparuerimt coram ca- 
pitulo Thomas ilc Cave, cauonicus aupratl ictus, ex parte dic- 
toriim Priori^ et Conveutus, exhibens omnia et singula supra- 
acripta iu qundam litera, BigiUo eommuni dictorwm Prioris ct 
Conventua sigillata ; in prtesentia plurimorum tenentium prje- 
dictonira dictum capitulum humiliter reqaisivit, quatiiius pne- 
dietam concordiam, sive compoaitionem, in registro ipaiua oa- 
pituli, ad perpetuara rci memoriam, rceristrari ct conacribi 
mandare et facere dignarcntnr. Quae quidem concordia, ad 
iiistaiiteni roftatum dicti fraU'is Thomse procurator is, et tcnen- 
tium prffidictonim, hie extitit, ct est iid perpetuam memoriam 
de mandato ipsiuj capituli plenarie regiatrata. 



AHCiiiHsiior NBYiLLE. [Es tegistro apjifopriationura ccclcB., 
etc., penes Dec. et Capit. Ebor., ciii titulus T'^y., 92.J 

Alexander, permissioue Bivina Ebor. arebiepiafajpus,* AngliES 
primaa, ct Apostolietc scdis legahw, dilectia filiis Priori ct Coii- 
vcntui mouastcrii sive Prioratua Sanctl vVndreie de liextildesbam, 

■ Tbia ia the Rgroeinent in No 1. 

* Thfl LoBpiUl of St. Uilea is so miiob out of order ilast nrabbishop Neville 
daspairs at being able to mend it. Ub giviis it u|) to tLe I'riur rmd CVaveut iu 
tlic hope th*t thej may \>(i able toc do fiuOKithiiih' with it. Tlie uliapler of York 
couHrm tUis dood of fl]<jiropiriotioD on Jaa li'tb, 1377-S. 

VOL. II. I. 



ordiiiis Sancti Augiistitii, nostrte diocesios, salutenij gratiam, et 
Lpnc'dietiouem. Niipcrifama [Jiiblica rcfcretiU;, rccepimus quod 
liospitale Sancti Kfridii justa Hestiklisliam, nostranim colla- 
tionii* ct juriBdictioiiis, per unum magietrum 9ive cu^todem 
soUtum gubeniari, ccrtia terria et tenemeiitis et redditilDus pro 
austentationc ipsiiia magistri sLve custoflia, ac quoruradam pau- 
pfrum et miserahilnira pcrsonanmi in eodcm hos[)itali degentium 
aliolim fimdatiirti et dotatiim, per liostiles incursus ScottoruBij 
pEirtibus ipsis vicinoruni, ac diversnruia mortalitatuin pestileu- 
tiaa, adeo in auis fticuUatibus miserabiliter est coUapsum, quod 
ex ipsiiiB posBeasioiiiljiia, fnietibua, redditibus, et proventibas, 
ultra susteiitfttionem necesaariani unius custodia, via aliqtii 
paiiperea et miscrabilcs parte hujusiuodi jam poteriiut sustentari : 
nee aliquia idoueus, qui ipsms. liosjiitalia curara gerere velit et 
custodiam, ejusquc oiicra auppartarc modcriiia tc;mponbiis 
potcrit iavcniri; sicqiie a siistetitnlioue panperimi bujiismodi, 
ac aliis piis openb'u& in codcm hoBpitali fieri coaauctiSj totaliter 
necesaario cesaari oportebit, nisi celeriiia eidetn de op[p)oi"tuuo 
remedio suceurratiu*. Uiide hob, Alexander, archiepiseopus 
aupiadictus, desolationi dicti hospitalia paterno compatientes 
afletitu, dum ad debitro considerationia esamen peduxiraiis qaa- 
litcr raederi possit, ne pia fuudatoi-ura ipsius Iio&pitalis iiiteutio 
8U0 frusti'L'tur cffpctu ; nobis pium et espediens vidcbatiir ipsum 
liospitale, cuiu euis posscesiouibus, redditibus et proieiitibus 
imivcTEisj vobis et vestro TnouasteriOj ad aupportationein oiieruin 
eidera bospitali iticmnbciitium, aii(ii)ectere et imire; atteudeutea 
qnod ipsuiu liospitale est vcsti-o monasterio satis propiuqunm, ct 
quod vos absque sumptibus magnis possitis frnctus et proventOB 
ejiisdem in usum jiersonaruin miacrabiUmn dispeiiaare; ct alia 
ouera eidem hospital! incumbentia supportare. Jilt proptereaj 
sub.ser[ucnter, super sic nobis per fiLuiain publicam delatis, ac 
omnibus aliis et singiilis suprascriptig, per viros fidedignos, 
juratoe, esamiuatoa, rei bujua uotitiam pleuiorein habentesj 
voeatisomnibns quorum intererat, inquiri fecimus diligeuter; ao 
plena CiUis.[e cognitionc perliibita, ipsiaque veria iiLventis, et per 
uos approbatis, deereto iusuper per nos interposito, ac aliis 
solcmpnitatibus eubsecutis quae in conceseionibus hujusmodi et 
alienationibus reruni eccleaiaaticanini in boc canonicc juxta 
juris cxi^cntiam in qualitatem n^gotii requiruutiif, et adbiheri 
debent de jure velMe consuetudiue in omnibus observatis; ba- 
bitoque super prpeniiasis per nos cum dilectis tiliis capitulo 
ecclesiie nostrse Ebor., decano cjusdem in reraotia agiente, 
solemni tractatu et diligenti juxta qualitatem ue^otii et naturaju ; 
ac submissione vestra ordinationi, arbitrioj laiidOj decreto, pro- 
uuneiationi, et diffinitioni noatria in Lac parte factis; invoeata 



Spiritus Sancti gmtia: quia iuveaimns quod evideus utilitaa et 
iirgeiis Tiecesfiitas unioiicra hujusmoiU fieri csposrunt, de eon- 
seuau espresso dicti capituli nostri, prffidictum boepitale Sancti 
Egidii juxta HextUdeaUara, cum suis juribua, pertinentiis, et 
dependitiia, ac coiiuiioditatiliua et lihertatibua univereisj vobis. 
Priori et Conveutui, ac monasterio aive Prioratui vestro pra3. 
(ticto, vipstrisque e-uccessoribus, auctoritate noati-a ordinaria et 
■(loutifieali, concedimua, annectiiDiiB, et unimiis. Volinmis etinm 
et ordiiiamus quod exmmc, vigore pnesentia eonceasionisj uuioiiia, 
et armcctiouis noatrarmn pi-sedlctia, fructus, redditus et pro- 
TentQB, jui'a, libertates et oommoditates ad priEdirttini hospitale 
spectftutes, (salvia nobis et succeesoribua iiostris Ebor. ai-clii- 
episcopis mineria plumbi, ferri, et carlioniira inira terraa et 
tenements ipsiue hospitaiis existeiitibus,) libere percipere ct 
habere [wssitis; nostra, ve! auccessorani nostrorara Ebor. arclii. 
episcopunij aut alteriua cujuscunque, ulteriori liccntia per vos 
petita minime vel optenta. Ita tamen quod onera eidem hospi- 
tali ineumbentia] in qunntuni ipBius Lospitalia aufficcre potemnt 
facultatesj supportaie ct subire teneamiui infLitiimm. Et ne de 
liujusraodi otieribus per voa inveniendis in futurum dubittitionem 
exoiiri contingat, Tolumue ct ordiiiamiis quod uiium capellaiium 
idoneiim, singulis septimaiiia mio die in capelk dicti hospitalis 
raisBas relebrantera, ac duos pauperca et miscrabUes peraoiiaa 
infra septa Prioratua vestri, sen in eodem lioapitali, in escu- 
leiitis, et poculentis, ac vc&titu, ct caeteria euia nccessariia de 
redditibus et pToventibus ad dictum hospitale spectantibna in- 
venire teneamiui in perpetuum ; absque aliquaLi onero ulteriori, 
ratione reddituura, fructuum, vel proventuum ipsius hospitalis, a 
vobis vel successoribua vestris esigtndo. In quorum omnium 
et singulorum fidein ct teatimonium, prffiseutca nostras literas 
patentes cindcm Friori et Conventui fieri fecimua testimoniales, 
ailipUo nostro cousignatas. Data apud Cawod, nono die mcnais 
Januarii, anno Domini millcsirao ccc"^ scptuagesimo septimo, 
et iioatrse consecrationis quarto. 


Neville, pars i.j 92 i.] 

Alexander, etc., dilectia fUiia, magiatriB TLomse Salkeld, 
commiasario curiae uoatrae Ebor., et Johanni de Houden, jiiri- 
BpcritOj saluteoij etc. Exbibita nobia ddectorum filiorum Prions 
et ConveutuB de II cxtildeaham, no&tne juriadictionia, petitio 



coutiiiebatj quod possessiones, redditus, et proventus iiiuuas- 
terij sui in loco noa multnni fcrtili, uoii longe a marchia Scotiie 
ftitiiati, per frcqiientcs uiva&iones Scotorum, et gucrrarum dis- 
criniina iliidcm quasi coiitimiaj ae nioi'talitatuni postes quio in 
partibus illis notoric vigucrurit, emit adeo notabiiiter et enor- 
miter dimiuulij quod iidcm Prior et Conventus non possunt ex 
eis cuni{in)odc eustcntari; nee iu dicto moDasterio^ ad quod 
inibi lio«pitefi, tam nobiles qnani alii;, juxta morem iUaruni 
p&rtililUi, indies couHuunt, hospitslitatciu tcnerc, et oiiera eis 
iiecessario incurahentia supportare : quare noLis hutoiliter sup- 
pLicanint ut eeclesiam partwhialcin de Hklay, nostrK dioceeioB, 
in qua dicti Prior et Conveutiis jus optinent patronatus, ijisis 
Priori ot Convcntui ct eomm soccessoribiis, ac eonim mouad- 
teriOj es causia pncmissis, pcrpetuo unirc, approprinre, et an- 
nectere digiiaremur. Nos autem, variis et arduis ncgotiis im- 
pcditi, quominus ad tractandum cum dilectis flliis capitido 
ecelesite iiostrie cathedralis Ebor., depano cjusdena in remotis 
ageiite, ad pi-seseus Jnteiidcre valeanius; uec ad dictam Ebor. 
ecclealam personaliter declinare, ad conim solpDipnem et dili- 
gentcm ti-actatura cum eisdem, hac iustauti die Sabbati, proxima 
post featum Sauftie Lucis Virginis, cum continuation e et pro- 
rogatione dicrum aubsequcntium, si neccase fucritj ineimdam, 
tenendum et liabendum, super appropriatione sua hujusmodi, 
si licucrit, in eventu facienda ; nccnon ad c^aminandiuu et 
diHCutiendum, prout jiistum fuerit et fli)probaudnm, cans as. in 
miggcstione superiua espreasas, de quibus per dominum Jo- 
Kaniiem Porter, capcllaimm, inqiuri fecimus, pront per nierita 
inquisitioiiia liujiomodi et attcstationis inde Laliitai-uiu vobis 
liquere vidubitur; ac iti casu quo causas hujuamodi veras et 
Ipflitimas dicti capituli appro baveritis, ad eouscntiendum pro 
nobis et \icc nostra appropriation! hujusmodi per iioa facicndee, 
indempnitate ecclesife nostiie Ebor. in omnihiis semper salva ; 
ncenon consensum dicti capituli ad prffiinissa reqaircnduia, cou- 
seqiienduni ct admittenduui ; cieteraquc omnia, etc. : Tobis, 
terore prEGsentium committiinus vices nostras : pronso quod uos 
de omui eo quod feceritie et iuv^eucritis iu prremiseis, ac de toto 
prociesBU veatro in Lac parte habeudo, expedite ncgorio, distiiicte 
et aperte certificetis per hterag vcatraa patentes Larum serietn 
eoTitlnentes ; inquisitiouem, et attestatioucs prsedictaa nobis 
similiter remittcates. VaJete. Data apud Cawodc, prinio die 
mensis Deccmbris, anuo Domini miUeElmo £001"" Isxviij""*, et 
nostra: cunseciationis quinto. 





[Ex reg. appropr. cccl., etc., penes Dec. et Capit. Ebor., cui 
titulus Vy., 98 A.] 

Alexander pormissionc Divina Ebor. arcliiepiscopus,' Anglire 
primos, et Apostoiica; sedis legatus, dilcctis liliia Priori et Con- 
Tcntui monastcrii de [lex-tildoshatn, nostriE jurisdictioms, sa- 
Ititem, gratiam, et bcnedictiouem. Suadct PiiTna pietaSj et 
pastoralis officii debituoi nos aramonet et inducitj ut depree- 
Bioiiibuaj et faeiiltatum defeetui Christi-fideliura, et prEeeipue 
rfligiosurutu peraonarum Diviiio cidtui jugiter ineisteutium 
proviyionc patcrna miaori cord iter occiirrentes, eorum ueces- 
sitatibua relevntionia aubsidioj prout cum Deo poestimus, con- 
sulamus. Sane vestra nuper nobis exhibita. petitio coiitinebat 
quod possessioucB, redditus, et provcntus monastcrii vestri in 
loco non multum fertili, iiee longe a marebia Spotiae, in trausitii 
publico eituati, per frequcntes Scottoruin invaaioneSj et incnrsua 
liostllcB, qui (loraos vestras interdum coiubmTintj yestros ho- 
juincB, et teneutea, et aniiualia, rea, et cetera bona vestra 
fiiepiiis more praedonio eapiunt, abtgunt, et cousumnut; et quasi 
per eoutiana guerrarum diserimina, iieenon pestileutiam et epi- 
demiam bominuin, et animalium vestiorum mortalitatem, qua; 
nuper iu veatria pnrtibus contigerunt ; ae per gi-ave ses alienuai, 
quod ex prfemissis et aliis urgentibus causis vos contralicre 
o]jortebat, aunt adeo (timlmiti notabiliter et esbau&ti, quod voa 
ex eia com([D]odc Busteutarij nee iu dicto mouasterio, ad quod 
hospites tarn uobiles qnam alii divites et paiiperes, juxta moi'em 
iUai'Utft partium, hospitalitatia et recreatioiiis causa, indiea con- 
flunut multitudine copioaa, liospitalitatemj et alia pia opera 
caritatis ibidem per voa fieri consueta, non potcatis quomodobbct 
sHstiuerc ; nee oncra vobia necessario incumbentia supportai'e, 
nifii aliunde vobis de alicujus aubveutioiiis uberioria reraedio 
Bucciirratur, Unde nobis bumilitcr supplicastis quatinus ecclc- 
siam parocbialeni de lllilay, nostiie ilioeesiosj in qua es colla- 
tione nobilis et potentia viri, domiui Heiirici de Percy, comitis 
NortliurabriEe, canonice vobis et niouastcrio veetro facta, jus 
patr&natuB optinetis, ad aliqiiale releyamen veatrum, et oncrum 
vobis incumbeiitium, vobis et monasterio veatro anneetere et 
iinire; ac vobis in usus vewtroa proprioa perpetuo possidendam 
concederc paterna bcnivolontia dignareiuur. Noa, igitur, qui 
mynasterioTuni et alioiuui locorum rcligioaormnconBervationeiu, 
et Btatiim prosperura appetiraus, Tcstris supplicationibuB iu- 

Conftrnwd bj the tlispter of Tof k oti Feb. 25lh, 



clinati, super causis pnE<Iirtis appro prmrion is ccclcsiaz dc Ilklay 
faeieiKlie per vos allej,'iitis, per viros fidcdigiLCo, jui-atos, et 
siiivillatiii) examinatna ; vocatis ominbus qtiorum intcrerat in 
forma jiiriaj inqiiiri feoimua dili;;enter ; et, aiibsequenter, super 
apprapriatioiie hujusmodi facicnda, ac causis praedictis, iipcnou 
depotiitioDibus hiijusniodi juratorara, cum dilectis filiis capitiilo 
ecclcsi^ iiOHtnc Ebor,, decauo ejuedem in rcmotia a^ente, dili- 
gentPin tractatum habuimus et solcninein. Et quia, pr^missis 
solcmnitatibuB, et aliis tiiiic in hujtisniodi cOuCcesiouilms et 
appro priationibus faeicndis adbiberi debent de coiisuetudice 
v(-l de jure in omnibus obscnatiB, per deducta allegata, per- 
ducta et probata corato nobis et dicto capitido, invenimiis causas 
pnedictas vccas, k^itimas, ct cauonicas, ac Btifficieiltcs, ct pleno 
tore proliatas; quodque cvidens utilitas et urgcns iicccssitaa 
appropriationem dictffi crdcsitc dc Ilklay fieri exigant et ex- 
poscant; de voluntate et consensu espresso capituli nostri Ebor. 
pnedicti, ac de ctjusilio peritoraoi nobis assidentium, iiivocata 
Saucti Spiritus gratia, dictam ecclcsiam parocliialeiu de Ilkelay, 
cum snis jnribus ct pertinentiia univepsiSj ex caueis pr^dietia, et 
prapler eas, aitetoritate nostra ordiaaria aunectiraus, unimtis, 
et incorpnrannia per decretum, vobis, et mouasterio vesti'o, et 
»iic(;e8Soribua veatris, ia usiis vestroa proprios perpctuo possi- 
dendain. Voleiites et indulgentes quod, cedente vel decedente 
rectore dietse ecckaise de Ilklay, qui nunc est, Ucoat vobis auc- 
turitate vestra p]'opna corporalem possessionem dictte ecclcsise 
apprehcndcrc ; ac ti'uctas, redditua, et proventus ejustleni per- 
cipere, et in usus veatros et raousisterii vestri convertere ; nostra, 
vol succefisorum uostronim Ebor, arcbiepiscoporum, arehidiaegni 
loci, scu cujuseiiiique alterius Eccntia vel assensu miuirae ac* 
quisitis : rescrvata ordinatioui nostrte de ipaius eccleaiEe fruc- 
tibus, proventibus, et redditibus. pro perpetuo ncario in ipss 
ecclesia perpetuo s-ervituro, et in vicaria liujasmodi canomee in- 
titulando, portione corigrua, ex qua idem vicarius congrue bus- 
toatari valeat, et ouera aibi iucurabentia debite aupportare. In 
recompeiisationcm vero iKsionia cccleeiae nostr-je Ebor. priedictse j 
et propter uidcmpnitatem ejaedeni ; ac in sigimm suhjectionis 
cccleaiffi de Ilklay antedictse, quse amplius non yacabit, auuuuiu 
CBusum sive pensionem viginti solidorum argenti de irnctibus 
dictffi cccleaije de Ilklay; (quorum tresdecim aolidi et quatuor 
denarii nobis et successoribus nostris Ebor. arebiepiscopis, qui 
pro tempore fixcrint, plena sede j et, ea vacante, decauo ct capi- 
tu.lo dictse eeclesige uostrse Ebor. ; vel ipsi capitulo, decano in 
TeTHotia agente, ut custodibaa prtedietje sedis, futuro arcbi- 
eiiiacopo Ebor. liberaudi : ac sex aolidi et octo denarii dictis 
deeano et capitulo eeelcBise uostrse Ebor. ; vel ipsi capitulo. 




^ecano in remotis ngente, per vos Frioreiu et Convpntum mo- 
uastcrii tie Hestildcsbam prtefatos, ac succeasores vestrOs, ad 
feata Peutecostes et Simeti Maiiini in yeme per aequales por- 
tioneii pcrpetuo peraolvautur,) tie ve3ti*o coiisijQsu expresso spe- 
cialiter rcservaraus. Qucm quiJiem ceiisum sen portionem 
aniiunm ccclcsite de Ilkloy prKdictre, postqvam ipsina possea- 
alonem haljucritia, ac fructua et proveutiia libere perceperitis de 
eafkm, de consensu vestro espi-eGso adjicimus, et imponimua, 
ac dccemimus futuris pcrpetnis temporibns, per voa et succea- 
aorea vestros in forma pi'iemissa prEeBtandura fideliter et eol- 
Tentlura, Quod si pricsens appropriatio ecclesiie de Ilklay prae- 
dicta aliquo modo casaata, revooata fuerit, veL anmillata; vet 
VOB in allquo canonice eam ainittere coiitigerit in futuris ; 
voiumus quod a pi-iestatione et solutioiie dictse portiouis, iu 
eveiitii ainisBionis, caasatioiiia, anullationis, vel revocatioiiis ap- 
propriatioiiis praedietse, sitis extuiic llberi totaliter et immunes : 
.^uribus, libertatibus, statu bouoi-um, et diguitate dictie eccLesiffl 
noatrge Ebor., in ommbua, et per omnia, semper aaU'ia. Iu 
quorum omniuui testimonium prtesentea literad per Hcuricum 
de Aiiliolin, elcricuni, publicum auctoritate Apostolica nota- 
rium, subscribi; ac signo et suliseriptione ejusdem, ac nostri 
aifrilli appenaionc feeimus communiri. Data et acta in manerio 
noBtro de Cawode, daodeeimo die menaia Januarii, aimo ab 
Incarnatioue Domini, secundum cursum et coniputationem 
ecclesia3 Auglicanje, millcsimo triccntesimo septuafipsimo octavo ; 
indictione secujidiij poiitiiicatus sanctissimi in CUristo patria et 
domini nostri doiniui Urbani Di\ni]a providentia papai Sexti 
auiio prime ; et coiisecraitionia nosti-ae quinto. Piiesentibus 
dilectis filila magistris Johanne dc Clifford thesaurario ecclesiie 
nostwe Ebor., Jobatine de WaltUam caitonico ejusdem ecclesise, 
Jolianne de Scardburgh, et Roberto de Manfcld clericia nostria, 
testibua ad pi'scmisso voeatis spccialitcr et rogatis. 


TO HIS FEEj ETC. [K,eg, Bowet, pars i.j 276 6.] 

Henricua, perraiasione Divina Ebor, archiepiscopuBj Angliie 
primos, et Apostidicic scdia legatiis, donunua libertatia de Hei- 
tilde^bam, omnibus ad qims jtriesentea literse pervenerint aa- 
luteoi. Sciatia quod dc gratia nostra speciali, ct in aubsidiuni 
relcvandi statum domua de Hestildeshamj coiicessimuBj ct 
liccutiitm dedimus, pro nobie et aucceasoribua noatris, quantum 
iu nobis est, dilectia iu Cliristo Priori et Conventui ejusdem 


If uesbam. 

lo(.'i, qiioil ipsi liecpm libratas terrte et rcdditiis, cum pertinon- 
tiis, tiioi (I;; Itodo uostro ju-oprio quBiu alii^nOj infra libertatcni 
nostraiii tic Hcxtildpsham (exccptis tautiim tcrris, tenementw, 
et rcdditibuB, quse <le nobis teuenltir in capite per servitium 
militare), ailquiicrc jiossint : habendum et tenciidun), sibi ct 
eiicccssoribuB auis, in Hberam, puram, ct pcqictiiani clctuosiii tini 
itDpcrpetimm, statuto de terns et teneiiieiitis acl maTnim- 
inorttiaiii iioii pminidis noii obstante, Ita tiimeu quod per 
iiKluisitioiicin, itide in forma di'bita facientlam, ct in ranccllaria 
nnetra et siicceasorum nostroiTim rite retomifiidHrii, comiiertum 
Bit, (]uod id fieri potcrit eiue pKPJudicio noalirij vcl aiterius 
ciijuBCumque. Iti cujue rei tL'stimouium has Lteraa noatrag fieri 
ftciraus patc-ntcs. Data in caatro iiostro de Cawodj uudceimo 
die mensis Janiiaiii, auno Domini millesimo cccc"* duodeeimo, 
et nostne tranelatiouis anno sexto. 

TO THK STALL OF SALTON. [Ex Hcg. Coufirni., CtC, pCUCiS 

Dec. et Capit, Mhot., 252.] 

Scimit qiiod fgo, Tliomas Farronr/ Prior monasterii 

sive Prioratiis Saiicti Aiidresc de HextiJdesbam, canonicus 
ecelcsiie cath. Kbor., ae priebc?ndarius prahejidce de Salton in. 
cadem ccclesiiij ct ejusdcm mouagtcrii, aire prioratus, Con- 
ventus, lieeutia doraini nostri regis prshabita et ohtenta; de 
consensu, ct asscnsu rcvcii'fudissimi in Chri&to patris et domini, 
domini Willelmi Eboraceusis archiepiacopi, Anglife primatis, 
et Apostolic* sedis legiiti ; nccnon de eonseusu et asscnsu vene- 
rabLliuni virorum decani et capitnli dictjc ccrleaia; catli, Ebor. ; 
unaiiinii asacnsu ct consensu dedituiis et hac pTje^cnti *>arta 
nostra iadentata confirmavinius supcr^nsori et saeerdotlbiis can- 
tapia« in pncdieta eccleeia eatt. habentibiis, vocatie pfj'sones in 
y' kyrk of York, collegii Sancli Willelmi in dicta ecclesia 
uoviter lundati, totam illud tenemcntum, donium, placeam, sive 
habitatiDncm ad priedictam nostram prEebcndam pertincntein 
aivc spcctantcnij et dictie pTfebciidjc annexam, appropriatam j 

cum gardiiiis, ccdificiia, ct pcrtinentiis nnivxrais et singulis 

situatam inter donios prjeb&ndales de Langtoft ex parte occi- 

■' It apjieara from this deed that tlie oollego of St. Williain occiipiea Lhe BitSi. 
or nearlj so, of (.he haune formerly apprcpriatod l<i lhe prebendary of SulUin. 
Tbifl deed ivna conlirmeA tj tbe archbisliop oo Jan. Slst, mid by lhe «;liiiEil*;f uf 
York i'\ Feb, 4tii, Propi tlju auttie MS., p, 277, it npfiears that Prior "Vl'ellus and 
I his Convent renevFtMl the lenee upon the saiuo terras <in JMaj ISlUp litil. It was 
confinneA bv- nrchliishop NevtlJu on Mny SiOtU, 1-I(j6,_[iud by tlic (iltaptcr uu 
AIiLTuli lUb,' 141)6-7. 



dentsili, et do Hustliwaitc et teilemcnta vicai-iorum in clioro 
cccl. catli. prpedictfE ex parte oriental] ; ct in longitudinc a 
Tenclla qusa ducit a dicta eedcsia catliedrali versus regiam 
strjitaoi de (rotltL-njragatc ex parte australi, ante usque ad 

regiam str^tam de ITf^glefoi'd ex parte boriali a retro red- 

deiitlo iiidc priedicto Priori et Couventui, ct succesBoribus suib, 
quadragiiita stjlidos pep anuum — ~. Data apuc] Ilcxtildosliamj 
in domo nostra capitularij Jan, 26, l-t5B-7. 


AcoMB, NEAR HEXHAM. [Reg. Gfio. Neville, *iSA.] 

GeorgiiiSj etc., vencrabili ct rcligioso viro, Priori Prioratua 
de Ifexhara/ caacellario noatro, ac omnibus et singulis rec- 
toribua, vicariis, ciu'atis, et capcUaiiis quiljuaciimque per juris- 
dietioiiera iiostram in Hexliara et Hexliamshire coustitntia, 
aalutetn, grutiam, et bcnGiIictiouem. Tama publica et facti 
notorietate referentibiis, ad uostrnm niiper pervenit au(Htuni, 
quod quidatn iiiiquitatis filiij quorum uomiua iguorautur pariter 
et persouK, Deam praj coram ocnlia noii iiabentes, Dei timore 
postposito, quaiDdam villam, rulgaritcr AcoiQ nuacupatam, in. 
Hexljamsliire prawlicta situatain, ad nos et eeeiesiam iiostram ' 
cath. Ebor, pcrtiiientem, maliciose no. nequiter incendprutit ; 
ac ipsan] eornbiu'i efc destrni cmdcliter nempe fcceruut ; uon- 
nuUaqiie bona ibidem inventa abstulerunt ; sententiaiu excom- 
munieatioiiis ipso facto danipnabi liter iucurrcndo ; in suarum 
intpritum aiiimaruin, libertatis ecelesiasticie riolationern maiii- 
festatOj atquo plurimonim perniciosuni exeraplum. Vobis, 
igitur, eommmiiter et dirisim, in virtute sauftse obedientiee 
firmiter injnugendo mandamus, quatiuns in singulis ccclesiis 
ventris, diebuB doininlcis ct fcstivis, intra missarum solcmpnia, 
dum major affnerit popidi multitudo in eisdem, umiiea et siu- 
gidos Imjusniodi iTirendiores, maJcfactoreSj eorumquc autorea 
efrfautorcs; eisque auxilinm et conailium in pnKmtssis dantcg ; 
in dictam excotumuiiicationia majoria sententiara incidisse; et 
occasione prEeraissa sic escorarauuicatos ftiisae et esse, dicbua, 
horia, ct loeis aiitedietis, pulsatis canQpania, candelia accciisia et 
estinctia, ac in enruin vitiiperium in terram projcetisj crnoc(]nc 
in niaaibus reverenter erccta, ut moris est; publice et eolcmp- 
niter deuuncietis; et sic denunciet quilibet vestrnm, quoticua et 

" An autrogc by ivhioli the nrchbisliop vrwi the Kretttfisl satTariir. A maraud^ 
iug party 'had burned the Tillnga of Acoral). ncbf Kt^xHs-in. 


UEMuniiLS or dexc^m. 

qimudo super lioc fuerltis rcqiiiwitl, sub pceua. coateniptus; 
qiionim absolutioncm nobis spccialitcr rpservatnns. Data nostrtj, 
ctr., in mfLticrio iiostro dc Scroby, iiniiio die JIartii, auiio Domiui 
luiUcsimo cccc"'"' Ixvij", et noetrae tranalatiunis auiio tertio. 


THE FiiEBEN^D oi' 8Ai.T0>j. [Ex libro intit. per JiLC. Turre 
G''y, penes Dec. ct Capit. Kbor., 34.] 

Pr«hen»a ee Saulton/ Prior de Tlexsani, pra?bc;ndarius 
do Saultoii, est rector ecclcsire dc Saulton, et domiuus totius 
villse. Et babet maneiiam suum ibidem, et jurigdictiouLHi 
totius familise suje commoraii-ti3 in eodeni. Et habet jurisdic- 
tioncm -ricaria; et vicarii ejusdem, ct totius famiUie ipsiii* vicarii 
commorantis in eadem vicaria. Habet Ptiani dominium ct jiuie- 
diiitionem utramquc totius yillaB de Saultou, et omnium et 
singiiLorum commoraiitium in eadeni villa. 

Uhatjby. Item prEebendarius prffibcndie de Saulton est 
rector et dominus totius villas de Brauby, et babet utramque 
jurisdictionem in eadem, et in ommbua et aingiilis eummorantibua 
ct inhabitaufcibus iu eadera viUa de Brauby. 

MiKKii;-BEB.on, Item prrebeudariua prEebcudEe de Saultoa 
babet iu Mikil-bergb p!ura tenenieuta tarn vasta, [quae solebant 
ffidificari et inbabitari,] quam ffidificatd ; et oninia ilia teiiemeuta 
tam vasta (quEe solebant aidificari et inbabitari), quam iedifi- 
cata; et omnes et singuli morantes et inhabitautes in casdem 
Bunt de jm-isdictione dicti priebendarii dc Saulton ; et Idem 
ppsebeudarins habet in eiedcm merum et ruistam imperpetmun : 
quorum teneutium nomina aequuntur.. 

Alitda Sbeplnrd tenet j teu. et ij bovatas terrte. WillelmuB 
Nigbt-gall tenet j ten, vastum et ij bovataa teixse, et solebat Eedi- 
ficari et inbabitari. Rioardus Paber tenet j ten, et ij bovatas 
terras ju^ita, ex parte orieutali. Smit ibidem j ten. vaatum et 
ij bovatffi terrse, qua? Jobanues Smytbe dudum teuuat, et solebat 
ledificari et iiihabitari ; de eadem juriadictione. Willclmus 
Baystan tenet j ten. et vj bovatas terrsBj justa. Sunt ibidem 
j ten. vastum et ij bovata? ten's, quondam Willelrai Wand, et 
solebat a&dificari ct iubabitati, etc. Willelmus dc Kepwike tenet 
j teu. et iiij bovatas terrte, juxta, Jauiiius tenet j ten. cum 
gardiuo adjacente, et bnttat super esitum villEe prffidJetBe. 

/ This surrey is undated, but ii seems to hove lieen made in the Inttcr part of 
tfao irtcfiiLth cjeattirv- A similaj' description ia given of tli>e po^itoi^i^il^ (if uU til's 
stalls at Yu.rk. 


WalteriLs de Borgh tenet ij ten. ibidenij quse "Willelmus Nigbt- 
gall ttnet de eo. 

Newtos in PAROcniA OE Stanegrave. Item prssbendarius 
de Saulton habet dominium et jiirisdictioriem totius villie de 
Newton in paroeliia de Stancgrave, et omniiiin et siiigulonim 
nini-antLura ct inhabitantium in eadem villa; qui percipit an- 
imatini Is. igd. de Roberto dc Newton pro toto domiiiio ejusdeiu 

Flaxton. Prgebcndarius de Saulton habet in. Flaxton in 
mora ij ten. et vj bovatas t^rreej de quibus Johannes Plaice 
tenet ibidem j ten, ct ij bovatas terrfe ex. parte orieutali viilaa, 
ad flnem australein ejusdem ; et "Willelmns Wat<on tenet, j teit. 
et iiij boYatas terrre juxta eum ex parte boriali ; et liabct juris- 
dlctionem eommdem, et omniura et singulorum commorautium 
in eisdeni, 

Geteldall. Item prBebendarius de Saulton habet in Gerel- 
dall juxta Millyngton j ten. et vj bovataa tcrrse, qiire Willelmns 
de Gevcldall tenet ibidem : qui teueates, et omnea morantcs, 
et inhabitantea in eisdera, eimt de jurisdictione dicti prjebendarii 
dc Siiulton. 

Johannes Forater raortuus eatj et decanua probavit testa- 

Akysoii de Flaxton. 


Libro Visitat. penes Dee. et Capit. Ebor.j 17, 67, 187 i.] 


Frater Johannes Wellos, Prior domus de Hextildeeliam, 
pnebcadarius praabcndie dc Salton, nullo Tnodo compariiit. 

Willclraus Smytbj firmarius ibidem, nidlo modo comparuit, 
quia ill longinqnis partibus moratur. 

Dominus Laureatiua Facok, vicanns ibidem, pnestitit obe- 
diciitiain in Ibrma uaitata; ct titulum eam incumbeutim ac 
literas ordiuum suonim exhibiiit. 

RobcrtuB Speulove, clericus parochialia, prKstitit obedi- 

Thomas Katerynson, Thomas Browne, Wiilelmus Lude- 
ryngton, Johannes Talyor de Salton, Robertus Uare, Robertus 
Lnderyugton de IJrawby, Robcrtiis Frank de Mikil-bcrgli, 
"VVillclmiis Salton de Litil-bergh, Willelmns Thornton de Newton 
gcncrosns, Petrua Clerk de Colton, Willelmua Thomson de 
Nawton, Robertua Thomson de Wymblcton, eit Wiilelmus Est 
de GryinraeBton, 



DEtECTA. HaiiBum prtebeudalc est raasime minosum ui 
omtii siii parte. lt<;iii caucellus ecclfsia: de Saltoii est ruiDOsus 
iu muris ct tcturis, ac ptsHa in choro deficiunt. Item navia 
eci-lcsiBi est cU-fectivus in tcctura plumbea. Moniti sunt pa- 
Tochiaui qnod reparavi faciant navcm eeclesite citra festum 
Wicliiiclia sub pccua iijs. iiijd. Item dicuiit pnrochiain quo<l 
pricljFiidariua tcuetiii' fiternerc cccksiam cum stramiue bis an- 
iiuatiin, via., in fcstia Natalia Dumiiii et Pasch^. ; quod noa 
factum erat per duos aoiios ultimo prEeteritoB. 

Item Joliannca Wartre de Fiyton et Ricardus Carter de 
eadeiu, servieiites domiui Hadulpbi Ashton, vice-comitis comi- 
tiitua Ebor,, iiitvarunt libcrtntfiin Saiicti IVtri lufra vLliain de 
Saltou y'l ct arniia, et queudam JoliaiiDcm Bollaiid, de Saltnn, 
juniorem, per eoBdcm ibidem violenter captuni, in rippis ibidem 
posuerunt ; et eum sic in cippis aedentcm diraiserutit ; tibertatem 
Sancti Petri notorie infriiigendo, et sententiam majoria excom- 
municationis dam pnabi liter iucurrendo. 

Item c'imitci'inm non est SLifBcieutcr clausum. Igitiir mo- 
niti sunt parochiani quod competeiiter clauderelaciant cimiterium 
citra festum Pcutccostis sub pcena cujusLibpt nou facicntis partem 
anam sijd. fabricis eciclcBiae Ebor. applicaiidoram. 

Item ordiiiatum est de consensu parocliianorum_, quod uullus 
de csetero utettir ludis iiihonestia et iubibitie infra cimiteriumj 
ut puta, pilo pedali vel raanuali, aut luctatione ; sub poena foris- 
facturx ijd. de quolibe^t ludccte, ycI dc magistris, aut parcutibus 
eoriimdem levaudoriim ; et per cosdem Meliter et absque mora 
fabncae ecclcsife dc Saltou pcrsolvendomm. 

Item ordinatum est quod uuUus pretendat litig;are, aut ciil- 
tellum, gestrura, vel aliml defeusibile tralicre infra ecclesiara 
aut ciraitcrium dc Saltou, ad aliqucm pcrcuBaieudura ; sub pcena 
eujuslibct sic facieritis iija. iiijd. fabricis eeelesiarum eatk. Kbor, 
et de Salton iequialiter applicaudonim-. 


Jacobus Itird dc Sbirefhoton, cum compHcEbns suis, intravit 
libcrtatciu Saucti Petri in Saltou in profesto Kxait. S. Crucis, et 
fregit domum liabitatiouia Thomae Browu ibideiu, ac ti et aniiis 
rcpit Willcbuum Brown ; ct ab cadem cum du\it ad eastrum dc 
Iloton, libertatem S. Petri violaudo, et scutentiam cxeommuni- 
cationis majoris dampnabiliter incurrendo. Item canccUus 
ibidem eet defcctivua in muris et tcetura plumbea. 


Oriiamenta ecclesiie sunt defectiva; viz uniim Biiperpelliciuni; 
quod liubet dc novo fieri. 


15 r 

Item feneatrBE vitreae in navi cccleaite suut defectivffij frnctie 
per veiitum. 

Item fona baptismalis caret sera. Emcadcutui- iiKcmlBsa 
citm featiim MicEmelis sub pteiia xiijs. iiijcl. 

Fenestra! vitrca; in cltoro emendentur citra festum MichacUa 
proximiici sub p^ena vs. 

Porci, sues, vcninnt in cimiterium et flchonestant illml. 
Eiii^Qflettir cLtra festiim Asceusionis Domini sub pceiia iijs. iiijd. 

Item usi sunt infra cimitctinm ludt iiihoncsti, prout pili- 
ludua pedalis, ct manualis, v"iz tuttes, ct Iiaiidball ac Peimjstoii. 
De&istant quoad biijusmorti ludou, sub poena ■excomtnmiicatioius. 

Item parvi iiifantca, portati ad ccclcaiara, in eadcm clamant, 
et turbatit Diviinvm officium, et alios oraiitea. Porticus ecclesi^ 
ibidem emendetur citra festum MictacLia proxiraum &ub pcena 
xiijs. iiijd. 

Johanna Cattail, uxor Tliomse Catall, de Brawby n&aaliter 
in eccleaia eomniunicat cum eis (^ui has communicatioiLea non 
audire fgicj. 

Jobaniia Mason, aoluta, de Salton, concepit proles tres per 
divcrijos preebyteros. 

Johanna Barkar de Salton suspicatur super foniicatione 
cum Willelmo Boz, nupcr capellano parochiali de Salton. 



Misc. libr. in cur. Augment, cccxix, 210; ccclsssiij 8, 19.] 

Com, Nortliumbri*. 

In libra supei'vi&oi'is divcrsorum moiiasterionim ibidem, 
mense Julii, anno i-eyui regis H. octavi xxviij", iuter alia 
coiitiiietiir prout inferiua patet, 

Mouasterium de Ilcxham. Esitus terrarum, teuemcntorura. 
et posscssionum, tarn spiri tualitim quam temporalium. 

Terr^p domlnircE in maim monaslerii occvpalte, Scitus mo- 
nasterii ibidem, euni j oolumbari et divers graing' sive orrers, 
j poniarium, et j gardinuni infra prcecinctum dicti raonaaterii, 
couf per fflatimatLOiiem ij acraa terra;. Et valet pep aunurn 
iiiJB. Item habcnt propc HexLam unum hoapitale Sancti 
Egidii continens j mesuagiuia, cum j claiiso ct certis terris; et 
valet per annum xiijs. iiijd. — .wija. iiijd. 

Item babent ad firmam dc arcliicpiscopo Ehor. certas terras 
JLixta He.\liam, videlicet j dausum vooatum Cow-fold, j ciaiisum 
vocatiira Cote-fcid, j clansum vocatum Dotclandc parkc ; ct red- 



diiiit per anuum .... isiiljA ctj ultra, de incrpmento per an- 
num niliil. Stt7rtTrtfl xrijs. iiijd. 

Temporales possessioncs in diversh comiliitibiis. Et habeiit 
in Hc^tiftiT) viLla divcrsa bnrgaj^ia, (juse rpililinit per aimum 
xijii, xiiijs. vd. Item fiabeut Lii villii de Saiidowe diversa teiie- 
meutii, quie r. per a. c\J9. viijd. Item Labcnt in nlla dc Anjk 
diversa tenementa, quse rcddunt per ann. viijli. siijs, jd. Item 
in villa de Yarwithe j teu,, quod valet p. a. sUja, viijd. Item 
in villa de Dotlande, etc. 

Ovyn(/tham, celta de Heajham. Seitus mancioiiis et decim' 
gran' ibidem vjli. xiiijs. viijd. I''ociio decimali xs. Agnail' et 
Ian' liiijs. Vittiil* ijs. Gallin' xs. Auc, vjs. ; Decim' eal- 
mouura viija. Oblationea rainutffi, privatiej et CEetera decim', 

ut in lihro Paschali, xls. in toto. xiijli. iiija. viijd. Summa 

stijli. iiijs. viijd. 

la penc' soluta cpiscopo Dnnolm. ssa. Priori Dunolm, xs. 

Arehiiliacono Dunolm, pro sinod' et procur" xijs.^ slijs. 

Suinma xlijs. 

Kt valet elare xjli. ijs. viijd. [Ex' cum tenore record', et 
coQcordat, per Jacobum Rokcby aud.] 

per Willelnium Grcne rcj?. 

Saltan. Prsehmda in comitaiu Ehor. Spirituatia. Ilcctorla 
de Salton, xidellcetj in decinaatione granorani villat' de Saltou 
iiijli. :EiiJB. iiijd,; Edston iiijli. xiijs. iiijd.; ct Brawhy Ixs. ; ac 
in deeimatione agneilormn et lanse totius parocbJai de Salton 
prsedieta xxja. iiijd. Valet in toto per spnum, lUtra rcprisasj 
xiijli. viijs. 

Temporalia. Manerium de Salton eum terrie domimealibus, 
pratis, pascuis et pasturia ordin' manerio pertinentibiis, modo 
in tenura Jacob! Hideley. Valet per anuara, ultra rcprisaa, 
sixli. svjs. Terrffi et teiieraeuta, cum pertinentiis, in tenura 
rlivcraoi-nm teuentium in lillatis de Edston et Bi'awby, valent 
per annum, ultra reprisas, iiijli. iiija.— — xxiiijli. Summa 
xsxvijli. viijs. [Ex' cum record, per me Jacobum Rokeby, au- 

Tbe rent of Hesbara, hesydes, ccxxviijli. xnjs. ijd. 

celxvjli, vs. ijd. 


MADE AT THE DISSOLUTION. [From a transcnpt of tbe 
orig;inal in the poeseseiou of W. B. Beanmont, M.P.] 


acitc of tbe saide laonastcrje, w^ all maiier of edificez, oi 



dofe cootGj OTIC granngc, one orccyerd, and one garthing, con- 
teyiiiiig in all ij acres of grounde; and is worthc by yere, iiijs. 

The liospita.ll of Sayinut Gyka adjotiiiig the Bayde mouas- 
terye i that is to aaye, j mca,, ivythe a clooae couteyuiny ij 
Kcrez pasture ; and in the fifldcs of Hesham in diverse places 
xxs" acrse teiTpe arrabilis ; and ie worthe by yere xiija. iiijd. 

Tlie pi'offc'ttes of diierse landes belonging the archebyshope 
of Yorkc, late in the handes of the saydc monasterye ; that is 
to save, dyvcTBe landes airabEe, in the f'eldes of Hesliam ; j 
cloose callyd Con-fdde, one eloose callyd Dotland parke ; whyche 
in all rcnttics unto the sayde archebisshope xsiijii. by yere; and 
ia worthe unto the aayde monasterye yeTely of increase,, nil, 
Sumitm xvijs. iiijd. 

Hexham: burgago. The wyfe of Wyl!i[Lm Herryeon 
lioldythe a cotage thcr withe a gai'th cont. j rode, and common 
upon the niorca and pastures, and rcutteshythe yere atMartyn 
and Pcnthecost, equally, iiija. Alexauiidre Leisman holdjth a 
cotage there w' one ganh cont. j rode, and comonj etc., hy yere 
va. Tlitimaa Nicholson holdytb a teuenieut ther, w' j gartlic 
cont, j rode di., ij acre land in the fclde, w* common and pas- 
ture thcruiito belongyng, and rcnttes hy yere xa. iijd. Thomas 
Smythe holdyth a outage ther w' j garthe., cont. di. rode, and 
comori there, by yere ijs- riijd, Richarde Leisman holdjth a 
tenement ther w"- edificcz, j elooac cont. j acre, iij acrez land 
ai-rahlc in the feldeSj and comou of pasture there, etc., xjs, vd, 
Ihighc Irjngtou holdyth a tenement ther, w-ythc j garth cont. 
di, rode and rcnttes by yere, etc., ijs. John Armestronge 
holdyth a tenemeut ther, w' a garthe cont. j rode, and renttes 
Ly yere iiij&, The wyfe of John Levenwood Lohlith a tene- 
ment there vrythe crtificcz, a garth conteiiniiig one rode in the 
feld, and x acre, w^ comon and pastur ther, and rcnttes viijs. 
The wyfe of llichardc Miliier holditLe a cotage there, w' alitell 
garthe ther, iiijs. Rowland Swan holdythe a cotage ther w^ a 
Jitell garthe, and rentes hy yere iija. William Browne hotdithe 
a house V a littell garthe there, and rcnttes hy yere iijs. iiijd, 
Edmund Gibson boldithc a eotage there wythe one iytell garthe, 
and rcnltca, etc., iijs. iiijd. Edward Hirste holdithe atencment 
ther w' edifieez, one crolt cont. one rode, ij acrez landc in the 
fcldia, w* conjon and paeture there, viijs. William Ellesou 
loldithe a eotage there, w' a litell garth, and rentes by yercj 
etc., ijs. Kichajd Davyson hoUHth a cotage ther "n-^ a litell 
garthj and rentes by yere ijs. John Stevenson holdithe a 
cotage ther, w' a garth cont. one rode, and rentes by yerfij etc., 
ijs. isd. John Yarroo holdith a cotage tlu-rc w' a litell garthe, 
and rentes by yere, etc., xvjd. John Laveroke holdith a shopp 



tliere, viijtl. Thomas Laverotc liolclith a cotagc there, n' g 
{jnrtlic coiit, j Tude, and TLiites by ycrc ijs. ^iijcl. Robert 
Ste\'j'iiis.un holditli a cotiij,'*; tluTC w' a gftrthe, and.renteis by 
j'LTe iija. Jolin (irrne hidditli n cotrige thrre wyth a gai'th, aiid 
rentes by yere iijs, iiijrl. B^bprt Waiiles hcldlth a cotag-e there 
w' a. btcll tfartlie, anil rentes by ycrcj etc., Wijd. The wyl'e of 
Rowland Grcuc holdiihe a cotage tliere w' j lyne garths coiit, j 
i-ode, and rentytb by ycre, etc., iijs, Thomas Robeon holJitho 
a cotage tber, w' a litdl gartlic, coiitcyning di. rode, and retitL's 
by yere sijd. Jefi'rayBcU holdith a eotag;e there, wythe a littU 
{^ai'thc, and reiitithc by yere, etc,, ija, Tiiomas ^'alUs hohlith 
a oatage there, w* a crofte eoiit. j rode, and ij aercs Land in the 
fchlca, w' comon and paaturc there, vjs. viijd, Cooke wyfe 
Uoldithe a Rotagc ther, w* a crofte eoiit. j rode, and rentes *by 
yere, etc., ijs. Henry Levcnwood bolditlie a cuta^c ther, 
w'- a liteU garth, and rentes by yere, etc., iija. Richard Coi'byc 
lioldith a eotagic tf' a Ictill g^iu'the, and rentithc by yere, ete., 
sijd. John Whiclielles holdilh a tenement there wjtbe a iitetl 
gartli, and rentes by ycrcj etc, iiijs. Thomas Robaoii holdith 
a tenement there w' the edificcii, j eloose cont. j acre, et iij 
aerez land arrable, w' pasture and eomon there, atld reuty'thc 
bj yere, etc,, "viija. viijd. The ivyfc of Rowland Craync boldith 
a tenement there, j eloose eont. ij acren, and iiij acres lands 
arrable, pasture in the Wcste-moore, and comon, xss. John 
Wilkynson holditbe a tenement tberCj w* j eloose tout. di. aere, 
and iij acrez lande air,, "W* comon ojid pasture in the Wcste- 
inoore, xs. Roger Pigges holdith a ten, there, w' a eloose eout, 
j acre mcdoo, ij acrea land arr., wythc comon and pasture, and 
rentes by yere viija, iiijd. Thomas Bedell huldithe a cotage 
ther, w' a lyne gartbc, and rcntce by yere, etc., xijd. Cbristofcr 
Leighton holdith a tenement there, j clooac cont. di. acre, ij 
acrez land arrable, and rentes by yere vju. viijd. iidivard Litle 
holdith a ten., w' j garthe cont. di. acre, and rentes by yere 
iiijs. Alexamidre Annestrong boldithe a tea, there, j clooae 
cont. di. acre, ij acrez land arrable, Ttythe comoti and pasture in 
the Weste-more, Tje. viijd. "Williara Robynson hnldith a ten, 
ther, j eloose cont. di. acre, ij acres land wyth comon there, vjs. 
Robert Lighton bolditlie a ten. there, j eloose eont. iij rode, ct 
(blank) acrez land arrable, wythe comon and pasture, and rentes 
by yere, etc., vjs, iniji. John Patenson bolditlie a ten. withe a 
Litell garthe, and ceoteth by yere, etc., Xid. Thomas Laveroke 
holdith a ten. ther, w' a litcU gai'thc, and rentes by yere, etc., 
xsd. Robert Johnson holdithc a ten. there w^ etitfiecz, j eloose, 
di. acre and ij acrez land arrable, w^ comon and pasture, and 
rentithe by yere, viijs. isd. Alexanndro Armeatrouge holditlie 



a cotage ther w' a litell garth, aiifl rentes liy yeve ijs. vjri. Ed- 
ward Ridley lioklithe a ten. irith cdiiices, j litle garthe cont. di. 
acre, ij acres lond arr, in the feldes, w"^ coruori of pasture tlicre, 
and rentes by yere nja. Hugh Johnson holdithe a tea. there, 
wythc j garthe coiit. j rode, ami eomon of pasture in the West- 
moore, and rentes iiija, Tlie wyfe of Edmouad Stokeall hold- 
itlie a cotage ther, w' a litell garthe, and rentes hy ycrc iiijs, 
William Ellcson holdithe a ten. there, w^ a cloose eoiit. di. acre 
in. the feldis, ij acrcz lond arrable, and rKntes hy yerc vijs. 
Nicholas Patensoii hohlithe a ten. there w* editiees, j cloose 
cout. j acre, and ij acrez land arrahlc, w* comon, and rentes 
yJ8. Miles Leshemau holdithe a ten. ther, j litell lyne garthe, 
and comon, by yere iijs. iiijd. Anthonys Johnson holdithe a 
ten. there, w' a litell garthe, and rentes by yerc xviijd. William 
Johnaon lioldithe a ten. there w' n little garthe, and rentes by 
yere, etc., iija. ijd. The wyfe of Anthony HudBon holdithe a 
cotage there, w' a little garth, by yere ijs. viijd. Robert Hirde 
holdithe a cotagc there w' n litle garthe, and rentes by yere, 
etc., ijs. Robert Pigge hotdith a cotage there, wyth a litell 
gai-tli, and rcntyth by yere, etc., ijs, ^*iijd. John Syinond 
holdithe a cotage there w* a litell garthe eonteyning one rodde, 
and renttcH by yere ija. viijd. Item there is ij cotagia Ute ill 
the holdyiig of (blank), and rentes by the yerc vs. ixd. Summa 
burffagiorum et tentmentcrum ibidem xij/. xiiijs. vd. 


S\NDnow. John Errington holdith a ten. there w' edifice?, 
j cloose cont. j acre in the Law Ingea, iiij acres medoo ; and in 
the Tow iie-feldis xsiiij acre land arr., w* comou there, and 
rcntteB by yere, etc., xsvja. ^lijd. Richard Hudchonsoti holditli 
a ten. there, w' j cloose eoat. j acre in the Law Inges, iiij acre 
niedoo; and in the Toime f'eldis xxiiij acres land arrable, w' 
comon ther, and rentes by yere, etc., xx'V'js. viijd. Robert 
Butcland holdith a ten. thei'C, j cloose cont. j rode in the Law 
Inges, iij aerez medoo, s^iij aerez laud arrable, and comon there, 
etc., xxs, Robert Sowrehy holdithe a ten. there, j litle clooae; 
and in the Law luges iij acre ; in the Touue feldia xviij acre, 
and comon there hy yere, etc., xxs. John Stevynson holdithe 
a ten. ther, w' bithe '(sic) vj acres land arrable, and ij acres in 
ye Law Infjes, w' comon there, and rentes by yere, etc., 
xiijs. iiijd. Summa cvjs. viijil. 

Anewyke villata. Thomas .Siiayne holdithe a ten, there 
w' editices, ij acres nicdoo in Eat-myres, .tiiij acres land arrable 
in the feldia, w' comon in Tntland moore, and rentes by yere 

VI) L. 11. ^ 



xrija. 1(1. William Iluclmisou liolditli j ten. tlier w' edifices, 
xj acrce land atr. and comoii of pasture in Cntlaiid moore, and 
rentes by ycrc xvs. ijd. Jnhn Smythe holditlic a ten. there 
w' edifices, xiiij aercs land arr. and eomou, by yere xvjs. ijd. 
"William Greene liolditli a ten. tlicrc w' edifices, ij acres mcdoo, 
and XV acres land arr. w* comon there, by yere xviijs. iijd, 
Robert Sowerby holdith a ten. tber wythe edificcB, ij acrez 
medoo, and xiiij aeres la.tid arr., withe comon, and rentes hj 
yere, etc., xva. ijd. John TbomBon holdithe & t€n. ther callyd 
Bellea leez, conteyning vj acres land arrable, and rentea by 
yere. etc., xs. Eoger Robinson holdith a ten. ther wyth edi- 
fices, ij acres medoo, and sviij acrez lande arrable in the fcldis, 
and rentes by yer, vf' comou, xxvijg, John Sowreby holdithe 
a ten. there withe edifices, j acre medow, and xv acrez land 
urable in the iij feldcB, with comon ther, and rentythe by yere 
xvB. iijd. John Spayne holdith a ten, there w' edifices, ij acrez 
medoo, and xviij acrez land arrable, withe eomon, and ren.tcs 
by yere, etc., sxvija. Thomas Soureby holdith a ten. there, 
withe vj acrez land arrable and comon of pasture there, by yere, 
etc, sjs. liijd. Summa. liijli. siijs. jd. 

YflnwjTH viLLATA. Cuthbpi't StoTteliall bolditb a ten. there, 
withe ij acres medoo, v acrez land arrable, and comon ther, by 
yere, etc., xs. George Tayllor holdithe a ten., j acre medoo, 
T acrez land arrable, with comon of pasture, and rentes by yere, 
etc., xs. William Wilber hokhthc a ten. there irith edifices, j 
acre medoo, v^ aerca land arr., and comon there, and rentes by 
yere, etc., xs-. George Rcll holdith a ten. there, with j acre 
medoo, v acrez land arr., and eomon of pasture there, and 
rentes sa. Jtem there is eerten landea in the boldiuge of the 
teanantes there, by yere, etc., ^'js. viijd. Summa xh'js. viijd. 

DoTTLAXD VILLATA. Ricfaard Cokemau holdithe a ten. 
there w' editices, on acre medoo in the Small Ingea, v aorea 
land arrable, and comon La Depestonc more, and rentes by 
yere, etc., viiiJB. iiijd. Thomas Greene holdithe a ten. there 
w' edifices, ij acrea medoo, vij acrez lond arr., and comon of 
pasture, and rentes by yere, etc., x\js. liijd. George Robsou 
holdith a ten. ther tf* j acre medoo, v acrea land arrable, and 
comon ther, and rentes by yere viijs. iiijd, Alexandre Rowlle 
holdithe a ten. ther, ij acrez medoo, vij acrez land arr., and 
comon of pnstm-e ther, by yere, etc, xvjs. viijd, Alexanndre 
Lcddell holdithe a ten. there, j acre medoo, and v acre land 
arr., w' eomon, and rentes by yere, etc., viija. iiijd. Hnghe 
Donne holdithe a ten. there, j acre of medoo, and v acres land 
arrable by ycrc, etc., viijs. iiijd. Summa l.tvjs. viijd. 

Beyngfelbe. Nicholas tierrington holdith by indenture 





the capitall meese withe demanes tlier, coiit. iiij". x acrpz, Ht 
liijs. iiijfl. by yere; and also iiij ten. there witlie iilj fruntcB, v 
acrez medoo, and iiij". j acres lande arrable, withe comon of 
pasture in the Peldia, Longc-moore atid Downez-moore, at 
iiijli. vja. viijd. by yere, in all, vijli. 

Eeaufronte. Edward Ilirste holdith a ten. there, ivith ij 
acrea mcdoo, v acres laud arrable, withe oommwi of pasture in 
Bh'ke-bonie niorez, and rentes by yere xs. William Leegh 
holdith a ten. ther, ij acrez mcdoo in the Myll-fall, viij acrez 
land arraljle, withe comon of pasture, and rentes by the yere la. 
Summa iijli, 

Grottingtos. The wyfe of Thomas Harryngton holdith a 
ten. ther, withe x acres medo in the Moore-flate, ssx acres 
lande arrable and comon in Douncs moore, and rcntith by yere^ 

Milbhrnb DK.ANNOE. Edmund Horscley holdith a ten. 
there callid Mylbonie grannge by indenture under Convent 
seale, w' a cloose callid Hye-cloose, cont. v acrez in the Est- 
inges, X acres medoo, and in the feldes sxx acrez land arr., 
w' comon of pasture iu the Long^e-baukeSj and rentes by yere 
cvjs. viijd. 

KiHKflETON viiLATA. Wilham Musgravc holdith -viij ten. 
ttiercj sv acrez medoo callyd the Law luges, and aerez land 
arr., withe comon in Hyudes-fcll, and rentes by yere vijli. 
Summa (of the three) xiiijli. vjs. viijd. 

Aleston MOORE. William Lawson holdith a ten, there 
withe edifices, iiij acrez medoo in the Wrauge cloose, and i 
acrez iu the Long-medoo, w' comon in Aleste moore, and rentes 
by yere isiijs. iiijd. Henry Teysdalle holdith a ten. w' edifices, 
j cloose cont. v acre, and in the Long luges xv acre?., w' comon 
there, and rentes by jere, etc., xs8. viijd. William Walton 
lioldith a ten, there, with j cloose callid TtTje cloose cont, v 
acrez, and xij acrea in the Longe Ingea, w' comon there, and 
rentes by yere, etc., xsiiija. viijd. William Milner holdith a 
ten. there, w' a cloose callyd the Calfe-clooae, and xv acrez 
medoo in the Lonj^e luges, withe eomon there, hy yere xxiiija. 
viijd. Sufjtma iiijli. siijs. iiijd. 

Dalton villata. John Bonnton holdith a ten. there w' 
edifices, iij acrez luedoo, x aeres lande arrable, and eomon 
there, by yere xxs. William Wallis holdithe a ten. ther with 
ij acrez mcdoo, and x acrez land aiTal)le, w' comon in Rowle- 
bome, by yere, etc., xviijs. Robert Atkinson lioldith a ten. 
there, w' ij aerez medoo, and is acrea land arrable, w' comon 
there, and rentes by yere, etc., xvjs. John Smyth holdith a 
tpn. ther, with ij acres medoo, and x acrez land arrable, w' 




comon ther, aud rentes by yere xviijs. The \vyfe of Edwarde 
Wayles holditk fi ten. thcr, ij ft(?res. mcdoo, is acres land arrablc, 
BTid comoQ of pHatiirc in Koiille-boriie, and rentes by yere x>-s. 
John Wallig holditli a. ton. thore withe cdifieea, ij acres medoo, 
and xij acres land arrable, withe comon tberc, and rentes Iiy 
yere, etc., sss. Koljort Wullts lioUithe a ten. tliere, iij aerez 
medoo, and xij acres lond arrable, withe comon of pasture in 
Kolle-horne, and rentes, etc., xxb. The vicare ther huldith a 
water corne myll thcr, and rentes ycrely, over and hysides all 
charges, ils. There is eprteyu landea in the holdyng of the 
anme teiinaiiteSj and rentes by yere, etc.j -vja. viijd. Summa 
viijli. xiijs, iiijd. 

Neyseby, John Altinside holdith a ten. there, iiij acres 
medoo, kv acres lond arrublc, and comon of pasture in Matfen- 
morrc, und rentes hy yere xxijs. jd. Wiliiam Bntler holdith a 
ten. there, withe iij acres medoo, xij acres laiid arr,, and comon 
there, etc., xxs. jd. Mathew Rieherson holdith a ten. there, 
iij aercH medoo, and suj acres hind arr., withe comon there, 
and rentes by yere, etc., sxjs. jd. John Okenwood holdith a 
ten. thei"e, \v' iij acres medoo, and siij acres land arrable, 
w' comon of pasture there, by yere xsljs. jd. John Collyng- 
wood sen. holdith a ten. ther, w"^ iij aCrcs medoo, xiij acres land 
arrable, withe comon ther, and rentes hy yere, etc., xsja. 
Swmma cvjs. viijd, 

Chksbokse-ghannge, Gawyn Swyncbome holdltlie a ten. 
ciiUid Chesborne grainge, v acres medoo, Iv acres land arrable, 
w' comon of pasture of Stimcfell by indenture under Covent 
seale ; and rentes by yere at Martyu and Pent, cvjs, viijd., and 
hy the first survey but iiijli. 

Leez Stelltng. Thomas Swyneborae holdithe a ten ther, 
ij cloosis cont. iij acres nicdoo, x aerea land air., s^-iij acres, 
w' comon of Welliu w-moore, mid rentes by yere xxsiijs. iiijd. 
Sumina (of both) csiija. iiijd.. 

EcHE"WTKE vjiL-iTA. Kichard Walters holdith a ten. there 
with edilicies, on.e close conteyning di. acre niedow in the Laive 
"West feld, v acre arrable lande, sij acrez, w' coraon of jiastnre 
in the West-moTe, and rentes by yere [at Martyn and Pente- 
cost) xvjfi. iiijd. The wyfe of Nycholas Clerke holdithe a ten. 
tliere, j cloose eont. j rode ia the Weste-felde, iij aercB medoo, 
and x acres land an-ahle, w' comon of pasture, by yere xiijs. iiijd. 
The wyfe of Robert Bowre holdith a ten. there, j elooae cont, 
di. acre in the fekles, iij acres medoo, and xiij acres laiid arr.; 
and rcntithe by yere, w^ eomon there, sxja. viijd. Robert 
Walles holdith a ten, there, wyth j garth cont. j rode in the 
feldes, iiij acies medoo, and x acres land arrable, wythe conaou 




there, and reiites hy yere sxja. Tjd. Thomas Ellcson Iiolditli a 
ten. there, j crofte, cont. j rode in the West-t'elde, ij acres 
medo, and viij acres land arr., w' comon in the moore ther, 
aud rentes by yere, etc., xijs. \jd. William Boure hulditlie a 
ten. there w* cdificesi ij acres medoo iu the West-felde, and. iiij 
acres land arrable, w' comon, and rentes by yere, etc., yiijs, 
Summa Ixvjs. 'viijd. 

Ingoo-millne. Williaia Story holdith the mylle there, and 
rentes by yere xiijs. iiijd. 

PuRi>oo. iCdward Bell lioldith j ten. there, j crooft cont, j 
Tode, ij acres mcdoo in the mylle-atede, nj acres laud arr., 
irithe comon in Pordoo moore, and rentes by yere viijs. 

QuALTon. Robert ToUand holdithe a ten. thoi-c withe edi- 
fices, j croi'te cont. di. acrCj viij acrez land arrable, and ij atrcs 
medoo, w' comon in Qualton morez, and rentea by yere xs. 
Summa (of the three) sssja. iiijd. 

Newcastell. Thomas Atkinson holdithe a ten. there, 
w' edifices, and rentes by yere, etc., sija. The Tpyfe of Richard 
Milner holdith a ten. tlier, and rentes by yere, etc., viijs. John 
Watson holdithe a ten. there, aud rcntith by yere yijs. 
Tliomas Benyke holdithe a ten. there, and rentes by yere iiijd. 
John Almere holdith a cotage ther, and rentith by yere iiijd. 
Summa xsiijs, viijd. 

Est Mati'en. Gcrerd Fcnwykc holdithe a ten, there, j 
close cont. di. acre in Morton-syde, iiij acres medoo in tbe 
feldea, sv acres land arr., w' eoraon there, and rentes by yere, 
etc., xsyjs, viijd. Thomas Ruttcr holdithe a ten. ther, ivith ij 
acres medoo, iiij acres land arr., and comon there, and rentitli 
by yere vjs. viijd. Thomas Archer holdith a ten. ther, ij acrcz 
inedoo, v-iij aerca land arrable, wythe comon there, and rentes 
by yere siijs. iiijd. The wyfe of William Rutter holdith a tea. 
there, T^ythe j acre medoo, and v acres land arrabilis, and 
rentyth by yere, etc., vjs. viijd. Summa liijs. iiijd. 

Weste Matfkn. John Thomson holdithe a, cotage ther, 
w' j Htcll garthc, and rentes by yere, etc., svjd, 

Stavelle. George Hirde holdithe a ten. there, ■»■* ij acres 
medoo, and v acre land arr., and rentes by yere vs. 

Stokei'elo HAi-t. John Newton holdithe a ten. ther, with 
edifices, ij jipri?3 medoo, v acres pasture and loud arrable, 
w' comon in Slevally more, and rentes by yere siija. iiijd. 

BjitTr.LEY. Thomas Lee holdithe a ten. there, j acre medoo, 
iij acTCj; land arrable, w" eoraon of past' in Birtlcy moore, by 
yere, etc., iljs. iiijd. ; and now Lettyn unto the same for vs. xd. 

Newborne. John Daltrm holdithe a fiiishinge ther, Bud 
rentes by yere, over all charges, va, Summa (of all) xxviijft. 



Stannymotom. Thomas Robson holiditli a ten, ther, witli ij 
acres land arr,, aud common of Staiujngton-mooreK, and reiitrs 
by yere vs. 

GuNNERTON. William Cooke holdeth a ten. tlier, j acre 
medoo, and iij aerea land arr., w* comoii! in the West-more, and 
rputcs by yere, etc, vjs. viijd. John Cooke holditbe a ten. 
there, j acre medoo, and iij acres land arrab., w* comon, aud 
rentes by yere, etc., tJb. viijd. Summa xviija. iiijd. 

Wardon. The vicar of Wardon hoIditL a ten. tber, w'j 
cloose conteyniiig ij acrfiz, \ acrez laud airable, withe comon 
upon the morez tbcr, and rentes xvjs, viijd. HoUand Stokeall 
hoMith a ten. ther, w' one cloose conteyning one acre, x acrei 
laud arrable, withe comon there, and rentes xvja. viijd. Tlioraas 
Kiraop boldith a ten. there, w* iij acrez medoo, xj acres land 
arr., w' comon t]iere, and rentes by yere, etc., xiss. iiijd. 
Robert Kiraopc holditli a ten, witlie the edifices, one erofte, iiij 
acrez medoo, s acres lond arrable, w' comon upon the mores 
there, and rentith by yere xvj3, viijd, Tlioraas Pikeryng boldith 
a teii. thercj iij acres medoo, and s acres lond arr., wythe 
comon there_, and rentes by yere xvs. John Crake holdith a 
ten. tliere, iij acrez medoo, and x acrez lond mTable, w^ comou 
ther, and paith yerely svs, Nicboles Ledbitter boldith a ten. 
there, iij acrez medoo, and X acrez lond arr., tmd comon there, 
and rentes by yere, etc., xvs. William Ledbitter holdith a ten, 
tliePj iij acrez medoo, and s acrez land arrable, w' comon, and 
by yere xvs. Robert Hcslcy bolditb a ten, tber, one acre 
medoo, ij acrez loud arrable, withe comon tbcr, aud rentes by 
yere iiija. iiijd. Summa vjli. xiijs. viijd, 

BvBEs PARKE. William lorde Dacre boldith a ten. thcr, 
iv' certeyn laiidce medoo and pastui'e theruuto appcitenyug, and 
rentes by yere xxsiijs. iiijd. 

CoLLERTON. The vicar of the churebe of Collerton holdith 
a ten, ther, w' appurtenances, and rentes by yere xlvs. 

Temple Thorneton. Richard Cowper holdith a ten. there, 
iiij acrez racdoo, and viij acres land arrable, w' comon tUer, by 
yere, xiija. iiijd. Robert Hclpcll holdith a ten. ther, iiij acrez, 
aud viij acres land arr., w' comon of past\ and rentes, etc., 
siija. iiijd, xxi'js, viijd. 

Kaubslby. William Sliaftow bolditb a ten. ther, with 
certen grounde aud comon theninto belonging, and rentyth by 
yere vjs. viijd., and now lettyn unto the eame Will, for xviijs, 
Suntiaa cvjs. viijd. 




FAHNE]DALt.E HAiLE. William Blakcstoii holdith by iuden- 
ture imder Coveut seale diverse ten. aiid landes tiiereunto be- 
longing, and rentith by ycre c^js, viijd. 

Staymhtoh. John Dubbye bolditii a ten. there, w' edifices, 
and certen landes thcruuto belonging', and rentes by yere 
xxvjs. riijd. 

Launchbster. John Smerte holdith a ten. there w' edi- 
fices and certen landes therto beloeipng, and rentes by yere, 
etc., xiijs. iiijd. W'illiam Smert holdith a ten, thcr, w* apjnir- 

tenances, and rentes by yere, etc., xiiJB. iiijd. xxvjs. iiijd. 

ThoDaiLs Porster holdith a ten. there, w' Ccrteyn landes thertu 
belonging, called the Manested hall, and rentes by yere, etc., 


LlTELl, Brodghton. Wdliam Warden holdith diverse ten. 
ther by indenture under Covent aeale, w' certen Imidea thcninto 
belonging, and rentithe by yere xijli. xviijs. iijd. ob. 

Evkelev BEcToftiA. The personage of Eykelcy Icttyn. by 
indenture by Covent scale unto Thomas Meryng, and is worthe 
by the ycrc, over all reprises, cs. Summa xwjL vjs. iijd. ob. 
[A line or two tarn.] 

Item the tithe eoniez of Anewyke \t. Item the tithe eornc? 
in Saimdchowe is worthe by the yere siijs. iiijd. Item the tythe 
curnez in Acome, lilja. iiijd. Item the tythe coruez in the 
townc of Walle is worthe by the yere slvja. viijd. Item the 
tythe of eornez in the towne of Cokeley is worthe by the yere 
xs. Item the tithea of the towne of Kepike xiij&. iiijd. Item 
the tithea of Irryngton by yere xxa. Summa xiiijiT, iiijs. viijd. 

Item the tithez and olfiring^a bclongiug the chappell of 
Alwendalle, Icttyu by Covent scale unto diverse persona ther^ 
and is worthe by yere, xvli. Summa palvt- 


Item the titbez of agnell eommyng of all the parishingca 
within Ilexhamshere ia wortlic by yere Ixvjs. viijd. Item the 
titliez of woll of all the pa.rishinges aforesayde is worthe by yere, 
over all charges, xxvija. vjd. Item the personall tytlicz,oblacons, 
Lentyn titbez, w' other profectes in the parishinges aS'oresaydc, 
ia worthe by yere 'iX.1. Item the titbez and ofieriiiges win ye 
chapell of Sancte John, by yere, sliija. (a line or two ffonej. 
The offeringes and tiihcz within the cliapell of our Ladye in 



Brengfclde is wortlie by the ycre Ixvjs. viijd. Surama ^xijU. 
vs. iid. 


Item tlic personage m tithp comez belonging tlie cliiirclie iii 
Aldstoue-mooTC is n-orthe yt-rdy Ixvjs. viijd. Item tlic tithe 
cornez of NewburgLe, lute in t'liandes of the lorde, is worthe 
yerly xwjs. \\\]A. Item the tithe comez of the towne of Aler- 
withe, late in the ha.udf^s of the sayd liouse, and is worthe hv 
yere xss. Item the tithe comez of the towne of Ftjurstoiies In 
t'haudca of tordc, and is worth by yere, over all charges, 
xiijs. iiijd. Ittm the tithez of the towne of SlavcUe, w' the 
clmpelL ther, Icttyn hy Coveut scale imto John Swynboriie for 
the yerely ferme of iiijli. Item the titliez comez of ChoUcrtoa, 
late in t'himd of the lorde, and La worthe hy yere xxvjs. viijd. 
Item the tithcz comez of Bareftirtli, late iu t'handcs of tlie 
lorde, and is worthe by yere ssxiijs. iiijd. Item the tithcz of 
oorues of Chipchesse, Stewden, and Bii'tlcj lettyii by Covent 
scale iiuto Jolm Heron hy yere, iiijli. vjs. viijd. ■ Item the tithe 
coruez of Guniicrtoii is worthe by the yere xla. Item the tithez 
of coruez in the towne of Coiiiewell, lettyn unto Sir Joliii 
Witringtou, wythout Coveut sealle, and is worthe by yere xls. 
Item the tithe comez of Heyden brigjies, w' diverse parcelles 
of tithe cornez vrithin the lordship of Langley and the parishe 
of Heidon, lettyn unto Sir BaynoSde Caruaby, knyght, hy 
indenture under Covent sealle, and is worthe by yere xvijii. 
xiija. iiijd. Summa xsxis/. v^s. viijd, 


Item the tithe eonica of the pariahe ehurche of laell within 
the diocez of Carlesle is worthe by yere ca, Swnma ca, 

Su/anta tolatis rcnlahsf de Hexham cam periinentiia ccxxix^, 
xiiijp. vjd. — De qu'ibus. 



Idem computat in redditu resolute Doiuino regi pro wanl 
castri exeuute anuiiatim de terria in Saltoa, per annum siijs. 
iiijd. lilt in aniiuali pencione eseuutc de prEebeuda de Salton, 
ad mauua oapitiili Ehor., per annum xk. Et in annnali pcu- 
cione soiutn ad manus choristararaceelcsiao mctropoliticse Ebor., 
exeiinte de pi*iebenda de Salton pnedieti;, per annum iiijs. Et 
iu annual! peneiane eolutn epiacopo Punollni.,'exfiinto de eecle- 



BUS de Wardoiij Chollerton, and Aldstoiij per anu. xxxiija. iiijd. 
Lt iu annuali pendone soluta Priori de DunoHin., exeuiite de 
eccleaia de Aldstaiie, cum iijs. iiijd., et Ovlngliani Eid xa. p. a., 
xiijs, iiijd. Et in peiicioiie aniiuali escunte de capella de Slevele 
aoluta abljati et eonv, de Albylaiid, p. a. xsiijs. 

Smmna \}l. lijs. Disalloeatur qiiousque ostendepit — ... a 
cancellario ct coiisilio curife Augnicntationiira . 

Salabia capellasohom. Et ill salario ciicati eapellae aive 
ccclesiie Ac, Ilesham dicto raonaaterio pertinentis iliidem iiijli. 
Et in salario unius capellaui servientis curam auimarUTu infra 
capellara S. Joliannia ibidem, p. a. iiijli. Et iii &alaria uuLua 
capellani servientis curam animaruni infra ecclesiam deBengfeld, 
dicto nionaaterio pertiuenteia, p. a. iiijli. Et in salario uaius 
capellani servientis curam aniraamm infra capellam de SlaTcle, 
p. a. iiijli. Et in Balario unius capellani iorvientig curam ani- 
raaruiu infra parocliialem ecclesiam de Alaiidal), p. a. iiijli. 
Summa xsli. 

Sainma allocationum xxli. Et respondtre debet ultra dare 
de ctis/. xitijs. vjd. 

Concordat cum rentali facto auper dissolutione dicti rniper 
Prioratus, etc. 

R. HocHoNaON, auditor. 




Amb, St., — **ii Heshara bishojvs. 

AooTB, Akum. xoi, cU. 

Adu, couutes^, dii. 

Adam, abbnl,, — see Dundronnan. 

Ailamson, Mr., xlis. 

Adeliilf, Isn, — j£f Carlisle fehops. 

.Aelred, abbat of Eicvaulu, x, ixxviii, 

lit, liii, K*ii, Ixi, Uvii), Uslii, Ixiiv, 

kxv, Usvi, cslii, esliv, cilv, d, clvi. 
Aidari, bishop, iv, xviii. is, jckI, ixiL 
Albemarie, William of, Isxxvi. 
AIIktic, Card,, lx%, i.'Xli, irilit, «I. 
Alcfrid, prince, xii, ixviii. 
Alubmiind,— *He HoxliBm liialiopn. 

, tlie martyr, nsvj. 

Alcre4j king, xsxv, xxswi. 

Alciiiiij ixiviii. 

Alden ton-mo re, icii. 

Aide work. ici. 

AldJ'rid, tint,', xxtI. 

Aldhune.^-jce Durham tiiehops. 

Aldroil. sitcrist of Duriiuin, ixTiiii — 

rw lieihacn callous. 
Aldiilf, xsivi. 
Alssander 11,, pope, csi. 
Airpod, king, yIv, xlvi, xlis. 
AWio.—aM York arul ibis}] ops. 
Aliie, river, xii, ixiii, xlvi. 
AluMJuk, ADwick. Isiii Ixiv, cxxuv. 
Abton, IsiKTi, c. 
Alured, fil. Woslon. Ahred Liirwii, — 

lei! Durlmn ssoriiiU, »iid Uexliam 

Alwend, Eat, o. 
AJwend, West, a. 
Alwentdnle jjark, mv. 
Alveotoa, kxviii, lucix. 

', Ke Hexliaro canons. 

ATomfruvill,— BM UmfrawiHe. 
AjincletH?!, antipope.— wp Lponis. 

Angloseo, prior flf, ratv. 

Atifji IS, earl of, GDbart d'UmfniTille, C. 

Amsfflrley, — »ee H&ihinn canons. 

Antiooh, bishop t>f, Ualiyliii!, IxKiii. 

A]i|jlel-on,=-»w HesUam priora. 

Apulia, — aeff York obanoellorn. 

Arkill, li. 

Ann.stranj;, Jolin, -cviii, els ; Pertajvell, 

iitx; UoUaud, uii ; Satide, uix; Tbam, 

flit I Wiile, cviiii cis, 
Ap&udaiaoa, MV, 
Arouaisse, pxiii. 

Ariiiidol.^ipe York arohbLshops. 
Aa-k, Ijtio. de, xi;vii. 
Asketill, — tea Hexliam priors. 
A Leila, Uxsi, 
AugustoLdia, AugiinlAndiiuu, — we Hox- 

Augusdnifln oanons, liji, Uvi, ]xvi\, 

o«, tixiv. 
Axelodiaiium, s. 
AjfdiiTp, xxxriii. 

Babjian, — »et Antionh- 

Badulf, — ifi >Yliitheme liishopa, 

Bftlo, sssiiij bixv, csi[B, vxlv. 

Balliol, Edii-., king ol Suciland, «cvi, 

Ball her I liii. 
Biuiiboroiit'Ii, c, cni. 
BarTi^'all, neiu Camhridfife, ciliL 

, prior a!, eUvjiii 

Barton, iisKit. 

, , see Hexham canonK, 

Bales. Qjiwan, nix. 

BatesoD, Jnhn, cix;, cix, 

Ho, Edu, rviii; Nicoll, cviii; Peter, 

Beaumont, W. B,, H.P.. Ixxvii, Umvi, 

utxiii, olxxx. 

^^^H 173 OUNCKAL IM>EX TO TUB rRLlACK, VOL. I. ^^^| 

^^^^ Dpok, bishop. iMctvii. 

Briinne, sbUnt of, cxiii. ^| 

^^M Iti'^<lciri;^liiUTi, Kimon d(v, xnv. 

Bni^. IC^lHrt do, vii, t, lO- ^H 

^H Dude, Venerable, xi, x\% tix, iii, xxv, 

Biiprti, iliv, ^^ 

^^m >,iri, XXI, ixxi, iiicii, ixxiii, xlii, lii. 

Burjaed of Mercla, :iliT. 

^^1 ci\v. cilviii, cliii. 

Bunic, Geo., cviii ; prior of, cxv} ^ 

^H BuIUn^n, Iv. 

>Vj]l«, cix. fl 

^^1 Uele«tre, ulxi. 

Burscou^b priory, clxri. ^^^B 

^^H Delv(>ir ca^tla, clix. 

Burton, near BeVerler. Ikit. ^^^^H 

^H llenodict,— ws lleiham etnons. 

Biirv, — <M Durbam tiii:ho|>Jt. ^^^^| 

^^1 ItcDoiLict XIl..iiope. ciii, cxvkii, cx^iTi, 

Butiauii, ChriaU)!], eviii. ^^^^B 


Byrtm aniily, (iii. ^| 

^^1 Gorj^h,^?? HexhniQ canons. 

Bywell, Dsnr He:i1i;iiD, vi.<'xiiij, olsxiv. H 

^^M llcrnaril, — diw Henham priora. 

, k JrC J-lCAlllLUI ^riiirai ^H 

^^1 UerDi'^m, xL, xvi, sru,, sviii, six, xxiii, 




^^B ^rtra,iii, Adam, clix. 


^^M Ikinvik, oiiii. 


^H Beverley, xxvi, wiii. Ixiii, Ixvi, xcvi. 

Cadwalla, xi, xii, liii, iv, idT. ^^^^H 

^H , canon of, Ric. do Milton, Ivii. 

Cttliitiw II,. pojw, Iviii. ^^ 

^H Boninlc, Tlio., vi. 

Cinibrid^, uiiv. cx«ii. 

^M Bilff id, liii. 

' ^ — ~, earl «f, Edmund. <;lxix. 

^H Birskll. Q. 

, Oorjius Chrisli Coll, itt, 

^H BiecQ|iF Benedict, ijmi, xl, xlii. 

cilv, cxivii. dUi dvii, clstKi. 

^H Uiiwth, — 3ee Uo:ihati) nriurn. 

, St. MicliuHra churiih ut, 

^^M BiAliDpt'hor;>a, TI]or|>, :iT(\vi, c!l. 


^H Uhrfcctt. Sir Edw., bart , cimi. 

,TIjiivcrBity(>r, oilvii, olisxi. 

^H Bin nt^li land prior^', UTiiii. 

Camdea, x. 

^^1 Ulibiirgti. prior of, civ. 

('upella, Will. da. Ixiii. 

^^M BlitbiiiLin. Will., clixviii. 

Carliam on Tweed, o. 

^^M Buisil, — lee Metrose priors. 

Carlisle. V, vii. iv, lix, ^xx, Ixe, l.tiii. 

^H Dnll>ec, Walter de, iixliii. 

U^vi, liuvii. buii, Ixixriii, cixii. 

^^1 DultoD priory, cxii, c-iviiir csix, 

ci^xvit ckH, i^Uvit, rtzsi, olsxKi. 

^^^^^H 1 TlTTf^*" III ^^-VVir ^TVXTTF AIhtJ" 

, ar^Ld- of, K&udall, Wilt, de, 

^^^^^H f jj 1 ll/[ Ul T L^^JAJif t"iV 'IVg '^IHV, 

^H B(M^'th, lliil])}i, — ten York u.rcti(lea(!uaii! ; 


^H Will.,— «es York n.retibi9lio[«. 

, bishop of, IxiiSj cltrii ; 

^H Bona, — lee York hisliops. 

AdtilulJ'. lix. 

^^M Bo\\at,^sef Yurk archbishops. 

^^B Bcmman, Ilnh., cix. 

1 JliLul till !•* V P 

^^1 BraiicwudDi Qea., cviii. 

^^1 llracUhaw, Mr. H,, clxxii. 

Carnaby, film., L51IV ; Mr.,curi; Mrs,, 

^^M Bruuitium, prob. of, l:(vii. 

cxiviij Sir H^j^iaald, oxivi, e»»vii, 

^H ■ , Moor, batilc if, cili. 

asii-iii, cSSi. 

^H liraneittpfth, priedt of, LlGmmin}r, li. 

Carre, Will., c\'iii. 

^H Bniud, — iiM Clevelnnii ardiJeacbms. 

Cartraell priory, cxix. ^^^H 

^H Br&wby in Eijednle, clxiii. 

Castle Hoivard, diixi. ^^^^| 

^H , , see HpilmiQ priors. 

CaM.«den, IE. lie. dviii. ^^^^| 

^H Brrwer. Eev. J. ."^.i clxiixi. 

Cawood, bixviii, loiii icvi ; Will del ^M 

^H Bridukirk, Joliii,— «ee Htitliiun ]iriora ; 


^H Tlii>. do, dKTiii, 

CbtiJiif^jep York bishops. H 

^H llridlinglori, Walter de, oUvi. 

Cb3|iiniiil, Jolltl, rlxxviii. ^M 

CbiLrltnn, Cherltun, Ecl.or, Ixxiiv; Mr, ^M 

^H c:!K, c&xuviii. 

Cheken, Ilob, oii. ^M 
ClLCst«r-le-alreet, »lv, xlvi, xlvii, siriii, H 

^H curi; Melicunthorp, Hen. lie. cxxii. 

xlix, 1, ciilvi. ^M 

^^1 thorp. Peter do, fii.\.in. 

Ciiei/Wre, lii, xiv. ^M 

^^M ICritikburn priory, l-&lx. 

Cliipuba^e, iixxT, uKxvii, civiii. ^M 

^^1 Unioie, ReT, J. C, clixii. 

Clitiilr.'i-t'in 1 rilviii, clix. ^M 

^^1 Bt-iiau.uoll, Jobn, (iviii. 

Cburukynrd, Johu of the, Isxix. ^H 

^^^^^^^^^^oenbhTt^sdh^^^th^trbmc^^ol^^ 173 ^^^1 

^^^^ithle^cester, Scjiietester, \Mri. 

Davies, Mr. Hobcrt, ohxxi. ^^^^B 

^H OliLrvQiiLx, [\\i, cxli, ciliij, 

I>aw:jDn, Jarerdi cix ; John, eriii ; ^^^^B 

^^^H 11 LP A 1 riA 

Lorrre, CTiii; Bolle, CTiii; "Will., 'uix< ^^^^B 

^^H 1 nuDub Cllj — -*ee drltGUi 

^1 Claiiloa, Th<j, de, ckvi.ii, clxix. 

Dut's, Mt., (;1\xx. ^^^^B 

^H Clay, — *eF HeilianD pniirs. 

DGim, xi, xvi, xvii, xviii. ^^^^^| 

^H Clere, Halj<ii do. dviii. 

Dcniacs burn, liii. ^^^^B 

^M Clevelond, arclid. of, Brand, WiU., 

Deor-street, xi. ^^^^B 

^H t^liiiil. 

Derby, cliarcb ot St. Alclimund at, ^^^H 

^B Clifton, — sw Tork canoas. 


^H Cackco on the WcuTr Ixii. 

DertventdHle, evil, ^^^^H 

^H Cucktrhaoi, prio'r oi', HeiltaniF WilL de. 

Derrrenl water faiu., \i. ^^^^H 


Devibtun, Tlia, d», elviii. ^^^^| 

^H CoolLsliBn bum, X, xi. 

Devili^mateT, cvi. ^^^^^| 

^H C'lldLQ^Itnis priory, liii, clxviir clxxiii. 

Uil:itan, vi, x?ixiv, cuiii. ^^^^H 

^B Culeixster, iixi'i, li:\vii. 

Ui%«ini^{in. Ixk, cxVi, cxlix. ^^^^H 

^H C<)illa,D, — fte Hoxhcuu provogts. 

Bcibbos, Uobetrt, 'Cliciii. ^^^^B 

^M Co'llinf^nootl, Sob., cxxiii, cxxiv. 

Dobson, Cutbb., ^^^^B 

^1 Colmaa, — (si? LlQilislVrDe bi^liopa. 

DoDca^tefi xoii, cvii, cxxis. ^^^^H 

^1 ColumliB., ST. 

Dorrliester, ^^^^H 

^1 Colyiig^oii. SlatliQ, CLX. 

D'llliLud, ^^^^H 

^H Colj'os, Martin, cUxvii. 

Drax priory, cxii, cxvili. ^^^^^| 

^M ConiiiheBji prlAr^', csix. 

Uu^nie, ^^^^1 

^r ConatAnline, kingr of Suotlnii'd, ilviii, 

Duiidrcnnnn, &libat of. Adam. Ixxix. ^^^^B 

■Uo(il!e, Enitra, uviii. 

DurliBia, xix, iiU, x£iev, xlii, xlvij!, ^^^H 

Corbet, Walter de, clis. 

lii, liii, liv, It, Iviii, lix, Ixij, Ixvii, ^^^^B 

^L Cortridge, Ch<jresbrjge, vi, i, xsjc.i, 

kviiii Ixxiv, Ixxvii, xdv, xoTii, cixxvi, ^^^H 

^H xxjLvLii, :(li], ;flir, ilvlii, ilii, Uli, 

cxlii cxlii, dxxi, clsiiv. ^^^^B 

^K Ixxvi, Ixxxi, Ixxxii, IskXTii, Ixxxii, 

-^^^.^^^^.^^^ ll,Qli.nn rtf 1 Ivr, Iktffl "Vr^l, ^^^^^^^^^^H 

1 Uu11^1l|r Uif If l^kit JJkiVL, X^Vj ^^^^^^^H 

^H Kc, cs«ii, UKXT, d.ivii. 

suvli ; Aldhiine, li ; Bur^, Kio, de, ^^^^B 
an; Edmuiid, xlvii, liii; Egelrio, ^^^^B 

^^^1 11 - - V-jl, * iiii,I.1>i i|,n«.-, 

^^^^K , , Hftit ■.lim ]b I^U BtIdU VI F?,i 

^H CcKjutric), earl, Ixx, ctlL. 

liii, Iv ; E^olwin, 1?, Ivi ; Flumbard, ^^^^B 

^m . Kheriff (jf TuvictOale. li. 

B«u., Iviii ; Hatfield, Tho. ie, vuviii, ^^^^| 

^B Congarth-burn, in. 

c, clxxii; Kellnn', BLo. de, Ixxxix ; ^^^^H 

^M Cuwley, V. 

Puisetr Hu^'b di», c^v; St. llnrbe^ ^^^^B 

^1 CrauGoiube, Juhn J^, clx. 

WUi de, cxliiii St. Cttrikpli, Will. ^^H 

^P Cra;ykD, xix. 

de, Ivi, Ivii.; Wddier, Ixiii, ^^^^B 

^^ Crudogtinfe'i 1,)i*l»(>]i of Meti, oii. 

Croiuwdll, Mr-, seoTetiurj, cusii, tsuis. 

cfltiiedraV diici^ cls»iu- ^^^^| 

^^ Cru«<eii, (nt. 

^^ CiunberlAiid, Ixti, luix, tuui, cxxii, 

, dean and obapter tit, ml, ^^^^B 

^B cxMTiii. 

cliix, ^^^^B 

^B Ciunbrin., zr. 

^H Cumbriaiii hilU, lii. 

1 |;riur vLi Uli J ^ < jjutt rciiuui ^^^^^^^h 

^B Cuiniiii tWi 

- gIy; W&a.^(i^onj — . cxn. ^^^^M 

^B Ci.inuice{(tr«, xM- 

J suli-ttriWh Muuri*:;*?, Iwiii- ^^^H 

^B Currdr, Hugh, oviii. 

^fl Ciabheard, biiibiop, x1vi. 


^B Cutts, Rev. E. L.. alxuil. 

, sacrist of, Aldrcii, Ixviii; ^^^^B 

^B Cynewulf, — tee Lipdisrnrne bbhur^. 

Alured Lnm-a, xxxv. Hi, liii, lir. ^^^H 



, treatfurer of, Eilav Iiarwo, ^^^H 


It, — tee lluibum imixi.^. ^^^^B 

^1 Dalston, ulxTii. 


^H DultuUi Jcibu Ad, — see Hexham ti&itODS ; 


^B lialE>h de, xci. 


^B Baruy, Johu, liIjii. 


^B Dnvid, kiiL^ arSctntland, Uix, Ui, txn, 

EadlMEt, Ennbert, Osbert, — Meg Hex- ^^^H 

^H lixli. Ixxiii, hxiv, Ixxii. xuTii, cili, 

baiu tiii-Liiiis. ^^^^B 

^H i.'Alix, dij rlrii, i.-livi. 

Eitdljucd, Ijisliiip, lYli, xviii. ^^^H 


Endred, — i f? Hexiwm bi«l)ope. 

, MD of CoLlfln, li. 

, son of Ettrdnlf, li. 

Enille's Mount, — see Emeshaw, 

Eiiidrod, pTiDcc, ilviii. 

Eaulmld I, 1 „ , ,,. , 

Eanbalil 11. /-«« ^^^^^ archbuhops. 

Ennreil, kin^, iliv. 

Eardull', — nee LisKti^rame bia-hops. 

1 VJn^, xixyiii, 

, son of Ltiiikwd, li. 

EuH, St.,— OT* H-L'ihara bishopn, and 

Lt nil is far lie abbots. 
Ebba, abbciss, Uii. 
El>cliestcr, levii, 

Ecit'rril,1i, kliiGli liv, xvii, xviii, xii, ixiii. 
Eddi, sri, s,n, xt\x, xsuii, cxlv. 
Eden, loden, 8<;li1.Ii, xlii, 
Ede^cin, Stephen, cxi. 
Edgar, In, uxli. 
Edoiriiolm'e, cxliii. 
Edm.i>ui], — gee Durbtun bishops. 
Edric, — ise York csinous. 
EiLston, Divlii. 
EilniLrd, king, si is, 
Eiiwufd tbe ConrfiaKir, IxxiT. 
Edwnrd I., Ikkyvi, 
Edward II., oUx. 
Edward III., icwi, Mvii, icviii. 
EJwiird IV., OTJi. 
llgelric. — «M llurbam bisliopiii 
E>rrod, khiy, i\i. 

Eilaf I'l f '"^ HesbiUQ i"iries.ta. 

Eillin's Hole, Uii. 

Elfwold, Alfwald, kinsf, issvi. 

Elphin, bi.uliop of, Eobert, obtiiiv. 

Elveley, c.U-v. 

Elwiok, Tbo., cvii. 

EtnpinKhara, — »ee Heiham cunons. 

Epiacum, x, 

Er^Ltb, cii. 

Ernashow, Eagle's Mouot, Ilames- 

Imlgh, St. JoknLee, viii, xiv, lixvi, 

Iklt, ciivii. 
-, St. Michael'8 chapel at. 

xiT, XIX, xixii, 1X13.. 
Ecriugton, lxi,oix. 
, Edw., ciii Gylb., cisi (iyh., 

cis ; Mr. John, tsbixta ; Rob. de, 

Kix;. Itynzcn, c!x; Sir R. S., cbiKxi ; 

Tho., n« i , oxuvii. 

E^orop, Galfr-ld., aVu:; Simon, clix. 
Enkinpieles, cWiii. 
EssclKirna, prioress of, cxv. 
Erhelbert, — see neili&m and Wiiit- 

heme binhops. 
ElbeldreiU, ijoeea, xivi sv, s\i, sy'i'i, 

^vii, xlvi, Klvii, 

l^thel^ttiB, abbwH of CoUingbuti, liii.-i 
Ettaelrctd, king, xixyiii, xliv. 
EMiulwiiId. III. ViUav., li), Ixviii. 
Etbin^&hiim, xxxii. 
Eugenius, pope, clvii. 
Exfelilei^biuu, Extolde^ham, — tee He 

]i^ceby, John, obutTiii. 
Fnirloss, Mr. J., xliv, uCixx. 
Falaller, Fhalaller, Hen., cviii ; 

Faiitosme, Jntdnti, Invi. 
Fame i^hrjilii, ULLii. 
FaTueliaiii, IVill. de, cUviii. 
Pelley, prior of, cxjcriv. 

, pnory, ciii. 

Fen wick, exliii. 

' ^-= — , fara., oil? Sir John, clxxxij 

Tho, de, — lee Heiliam priors. 
Ferrer, Ferroiir, — «* Hex bam prioM. 
Fetber.^tniibalgrli, Tho, ilia, aovi. 
Fiiithole priory, Uix. 
Pita Alexaoder, Hie, cliiii. 
Fitz Dwnenti, Will., tr, Ms, cilij. 
Fitz Herbert, Will,,— aw York Asoh- 

Fit!! Meldred, Uob., Ltt, cxli j Folred,.] 

Irx, cili. 
FitKphtlir. Siril-jb., lii. 
Fitz JLoharh, Matth., clii. 
Fits Sampaon. S^iPpsdn, clviiL 
Fitz Ulf, Will., cxliii. 
Fitz Walileve, Malcolm, (ilviii. 
Fitz WiOiaiQ, Wdhsr, clii. 
Flamlmrd,— .lee Durbam bishops. 
Founlaias abbey, cxli. 
Fnx. 'EhonHis, xdii, xcv. 
Fonhiilea, — ate Newburgb priors. 
France, xvi, xsTiii, lixiviil 

, queeu of, L^svii. 

Pranltlj'n, Will., Ixxxiv. 

Fredenbert, liiiii. 

Frederick, emperor, cxlv. 

Fresfill, John, cviii. 

FretLbert, — ,ire Hesliam bisIio|js. 

Frietiliind, xsix, 

Fritli of Forth, sviii. 

Prniide, Mr., cii. 

Fulgeretus, capellnnus, dis. 

FjnilGrn, Sir Tho., cvi, 

Fjsbe, Sir E J»"., csi. 

QftiufurJi xlv. 
Galloway, xviii, lis, Ixxx. 


■ Gamel Elde, 1 „ ^ 

lIaiigu9taliluin,Qiiii^(i4aldiiiiiiii3, — j(« ^^^H 
Hexham. ^^^^H 

^B Gnt«^li«iui, xlii, oliii. 

HanUnpriKe priory, fxir. ^^^H 

^H Gaveslon, Peter tie, lo. 

Ilawn.rd. Rof,>CF, diKi. ^^^^| 

^H Gcdlini;, ixxii. 

H^cJaugb Purk. priory, ciiii, anx, ^^^^M 

^1 Genseriu. Uxxi. 


^H Gfloffrey, — see York arclibisliops. 

Hearrabalcli, xxxviii. ^^^H 

^V German ucean. lis. 

HeavEDSeld, Heveofeltii, si, xii, xiy, ^^^H 

^1 Giffiird, — tee York a.Kh.\mba^ 

xlrii. ^H 

^B Gillet-edus, nbbos Kelfresham, ilix. 

Hcd^elcy-moor, civ. ^^^^H 

^M Giabmr^'li, priory of, iciii, csviji, e*J, 

Hehsteeidesig'e, — tti HeKLam. ^^^^| 

^H ouiviii. 

Hi^luc^iey, Reinsloy, HuneUc, Ivi. ^^^H 

, Georgs. cix. ^^^^| 

^M dQ> clxxi. 

Hcniesivelt, Bic, clxt. ^^^^| 

Hemingburgb, Walter of, cii. ^^^^| 

^H " , prior or, CKV» Cxll ; i^Urs- 

^M ^h\a, Kob, de, cxix. 

Uemming, — see Dranccpeth. ^^^^| 

^V Gisbiirue,— fee Hesbani cauons. 

Heii^esteldem, — see Keiliom, ^^^^| 

^M Givendnle on the WolJ^t <iil<iii clii- 

3(^uriquG£, biiT, oily. ^^^^H 

^1 Glouuoster, St. Oswald's priory at, 

Hf^nr}' I., Iviii, cxlii, cli. ^^^^| 

^B uimviii, Dlxiii. 

Henry II., cuxii. ^^^^| 

^M Gosfurlb, dii. 

Henry III., lixviii. ^^^^| 

^M Grandon, dxx. 

Henry IT,, dii, dxxi. ^^^H 

^^ Gray, Lionel, cixiii, cxm; "Walter,— 

Henry VI., cir, cv, en. ^^^^| 

^B tee York archbbhopB, 

Henry YIII., cixw, cizii, ^^^^| 

^m Qxe^ry, iKrjie, iTii, Jixrii. 

Henry, bishop, — jee WhiUiemo. ^^^^| 

^H Green, Groue, Hub., uix j WiII.,cxEul. 

Henry, t^mi^ror a! G^rra^tiy, ndt, ^^^H 

^1 Greenfield,— ^jea York rtr^hbishops. 

Henry, s. monk, — see DiLrham. ^^^^H 

^U GreGDwell, IUt- Will., cluii. 

Henry, prince of S'Cotland, c]\^l. ^^^^| 

^H Grey, Sir Ralph, avii. 

Henry, — atv IIeAli)iiu priors. ^^^^| 

^1 Gruttini^tou, Iit, 

Hcrebald, — eee Tynemotitb nhbats. ^^^^| 

^M G-utlired, kins', *^^' '^^^^ 

Hereford, bialiop of, Itobert, In, civ. ^H 

— -= , Com', icii. ^^^H 

HeretGii, ur Itikud of tho Stag, — lee ^^^^M 

Uiirtlu;>oo]. ^^^^1 


Hermibit^c, the, viii. ^^^^H 

HeroD, John, criit, cxty, cxsvij cxrni. ^H 

^r Ifaden, Geo., cviii 

Hert, John, elnv. ^^^H 

llaig, Dr., iLiv, 

HeD^asteldein, — tee Hoihaio. ^^^^| 

Ho-iles. nbbat of, oiii. 

HexitjLm. Aiij;iistaldia, Au^usl«tidium, ^^^H 

lloiciaiilU cvi. 

Exseliic'^tiQin., Exioldesbam, Hal^'-ul- ^^^^| 

IlnJi'dene, xliii. 

fUidt, UidguL'<tadt> Uaii^ulddum, ^^^H 

^B Ualgartli, llalj^'ut, burn, xix. 

IlnuKiif'ti^l'diiiiiun, Udiatcalile&i^, ^^^^| 

^M UsIgUlRtadt, IJalgulstiidl, HaugustoJJr 

Jl&ii)^(!.=1i!l<l'i^iii, Heu^e^U^liloiik, Hex- ^^^^H 

^M — ifB Hcxbam. 

liltlBsbani, Uojitnlde^liuni, — pamiTit. ^^^^M 

^1 HslLden, Hiilvdcne, \iii, cviii. 

I'tntlla ftt nm ^^^^^^^^^^1 

p (.lEIliLm *jLj Oil- ^^^^^^^^H 

■ . Will. ai. WW. de, olii. 

Ksliaton priory, oiix. 
HalLingbiD, xiii. 


1 Uiuuri^u. ui a^ll xviMt uu|.uAiif ^^^^^^h 

^^ Hnlton, uixv, ciKvi, cuTii. 


^M Ilambum, IxAvii, 

, Eillan'ii GaU at, Ivii. ^^^^| 

^M Hard(!ii, prioT of, cxv. 

, Graiuiniii.r Bobool at, Ixiix, ^^^^H 

^M lUnliD);. — see Bridika^n couona. 


^1 HiLTueRUalg, — me EraesLiow. 

-, Hospital of St. Giles at, vili. ^^^H 

^1 Kaqdiam,, mv. 

, tbe Spitnl at, clxxii. ^^^^| 

^M HBrriMiD.U.en'isoD.E.eugli,oviiii Will., 

Heiham, Jnbn dc,— neHexli&m conmie ^^^^| 


and priors; Will, de, — tee HeiLam ^^^^| 

^H Hartlcpiiol, kIU> 

canons. ^^^^| 

^1 ILnruiidd, Henry, dii. 

H^^KHA.M.abbntar, Eiita,uiii; Tilrcd, ^^^H 

^^ Jlstil«]d|— K? Piirlinin bL'^Loiis. 

xlii ; Wilfiid, xxit, ^^^^1 




1Ieiiia», bniliir or. LpIorl. Tho. de, 

ivm; Nevill<>, 6ir Ilumpli,, cvii. 
. bialiop of, Aaca {6lL), zix, 

xxrii, u;i, III, mi, xsiii, iiiiij, 
iiiiv, mv, ixiyi, xxkli, iliii, lir, 
In, Ixii, liiii, hviii, Ixxiii, lixv, 
lixxii. citiv, diIt, cx)vi. 

-, AlL-limuiid (7tli). iiTJi, 

a)XT, xxxri, xliii, Lv, Uviii, Lxxidi, 
-, Eiiilbert, Eanbert, Os- 

, , Eiidrei! {10th ), iixii. 

-, Ealtt (2nd), xTii, xviii, 

111, It, XZl, XXII, XXIU, XXIV, XXV, 

mi, xivii, iiviil, iliii, lv, liiv. liv, 
Ixxili, cilv, (jilvii. 
, , Etlielbert(9th), xxxviii, 

■ , Pretlibert, I'redenbert 

(Glh), iixy. 

-, , Jobn, St. (, xix. 

iiT,n^!, iivii, Tlii, fljiv. 


mil, xl, cxlvi. 

-, Tilbert (8tb). xxxvi, 

luviii, liiiii. 

-, Trumbriht, (l»t), six, 

-, VrHtiii, St. (Sril), ii, 
IIP, itf, iv],3vLi, lii, xxi, xxvi, iipii, 
xiviii, xxii, XXX, xxxi, iiziii, xxxix, 
iliii, ilvi, ilvii, lv. lix, Ixi, ailf. 

canon of, Aldred, ]ii, Ix, 

Ixiv; AJwenton, llir. de. eUv; Aoia- 
lurley, Juhii, clixii; AiJiiLetoii,— «es 
priors; Barlon, Jubii, cluiv; Bcne- 
diot, cxliii ; Bergli, Will. de,. plxii ; 
JHlUiila, Job. de, Pixxvii^ Empjng- 
Imui, Ralph de. dxv; Gi.'biirne, Eob. 
de, cxsivli ; Ucxlmni, JoLn de, olicii, 
— ses priors; Will, de, iciv, — see 
Cockerham and Leicester; noiii^hton, 
Hugh do, clxiit KiTkebrido, Bob. 
de, cxsxviii Lesthmaa, — asff priors; 
Malerbe,JybTi,?xxiviii Taiwan, Hud. 
de, cjJCiWi 1'yvprinj;ton, Rio. do, 
eli; Wdtone, Hen. de, oixxvii; 
WalvForth, Joiin do, dxsii ; War- 
den, Tbo., dixLii. 

-.priest of. A!iirefiLarwa,xxx'f, 

U, lii ; Eilaf I.. Eilaf Larwa, xxiv, 
li, lii, lv, Ivi, Ivii,. Iskf; EiWII., lii, 
Iviii, Is, hi, Uii, Ixiii, Lsviii, Jxii;, 
1i;;iiii, Ixsiv, hxv, cxli, cxlU, onlvii 
Camel Elie, liii; Uainet Jiin^o, IHi j 
Sproli, lv. 

-, prior or. Appleton, Tho. ile 

(13Ih). uUiv, oUv, olxvi; Asketilliis 

(lut), [x»'i, hii-ii, cxI. i-xli : Beriijml 
(Clli).cl¥iu,dij[; Bisett. Eob. (2ud>. 
LAvii, [AS.I.iJi,o*li,csliL,clviii Braw' 
bj, Jcihudr(:iOth;,cl£jEii; Bridckirii, 
Jiibn Je (UUO. tUvij B.vwell. Will, 
de (23rd), cisiv, cnxvi, dxiW; 
Clay, Will, del (9th), cli ; Tenwiok. 
Thci. de (10th), exiiiv, eiuLxviii, uli, 
dxi, dxiv; Ferrer, Fernour, Tho, 
(31st), ciiiT, di:iiii; Hctirv tSlJi), 
da; Hexham, .lolm de (18tli). dii, 
oiAxiv. (ilxij clxsii Jay, EJw. (SSth). 
osxK,<:lxsviii i Joim (4th), Iksi, cm, 
ct.xxviii. eifjixis, exlii, criiv, indv, 
eitlvii, tlii, cliiL, div, civ. clvi, dvii, 
diiii; Keniinl, Will, de (IGih^, clxvU; 
Laseultj, .luliii de (7tb), elii ; liesch- 
mail, Eijwlaud (2+lli), clixi*, duv, 
flssvi, cliiini : Marlon. Alex, do 
(17th), ciL, tiii, oixsviii, alivii, cliv-iii, 
ckii, dcci Pimteburgh, Boroiigti- 
bridge, Gilbert df (lltb), kxxi*, 
oiiii, uiirriii, d.xi, olKil,i;lxiii,clxiv; 
Richard ^Srd), k, ivi, iviii. xYxiii, 
iniv, il, xlsi. ivii, lii, Ixii, bcviLi, 
lui, cii. cjjnviii. cxbt. cxlili, cxliv, 
csIt, ciItI, cilvii, cxlviii, axhx, d, 
cli, dii, diii, cliv, ah, dvi, clsii, 
di?riii SlIllthso^,Tb(^. (25tL),clisviit 
olsxvuii WjJworth, Juhn de (15Lli), 
dsvi, dxvii i Welleii, Joliu (22nd), 
ciiivi, dTsiii, cbciiv; \VhelpiH";tufl, 
Eob. de (12th). csxsv, dsii, cUiii, 
clmv ; Williiim (5th), diii, civiiij 
Woodhorne, WiQ. de (ISth), clsx, 
duu, dxsii. 

-, Hub-prior of, Ebor, Forki 


Bic. de, l^asiii, mwii. oJxt 

-, prov-ost of, Collun, U, liii. 

Kiv ; Uotred, li, Ivi ; UlkiU. U, Ivi. 
Hexhanishir&, si, ssiii, sliii, xliv, slvi, 

1, Ivi, liiii. Ixix, Ixkx, Ixxxv, l™vii, 

Isxsii, icii,3cvi,icvii, c-vi. cvii.csAi, 

cxjVi cxxn, cxivii, csxYiii, cuix, 

dx, diT. 
Ilo^tild. Heslold, brook, x. 
Hnstilde^ahuiii. H^stoldeshim, — rge 

HigbaJd,— jes LiadLsfiimo bisliiajia. 
nii^en,— sea York deniLs. 
Hilda, abbess, xiv, slii. 
IlinJc, Mr. J. H., Ivi, cisxxi. 
Hddeii. Elii., csiv, csvii; Tba., imT, 

IIdilerne3B, c*ii. 
Holme, dviii, 

■, A^nos de, uriiii. 

. proh. of, I™, Ixv, 

Ilolsteniiis, cxi. 

^^^^^^^^OEVSBAI^m>E?T^HE FREPACEj VOt. I, ]7?' 


Hoiyrood, crv. 

Kent, xijti. 


Ilorck'y, x. 

KiTif's Meadows, v. 


^K Iliispiiimn, cxi. 

KirVebriiie,— «e Hexham canons. 


^1 Hotspur, cLiJ. 

Kirkhura jiriory, e, i^sviii, cxul, csxxviii. 


^H Hou^hkiii, — ««s HexLam utiione. 

Kirkhnugb, clxviii. 


^M nttelioiLSoti, Ciitlil)., cTiii; Heiigli, cviii; 

Kirsop, Kynrnjip, Mw., gLitsij Eic, 


^V John, cviii ; WiUe, cviji. 



lIudsoDj Air. W., cbacai. 

Kuj'ghton, — »i?s (Buioni;. 


ntigh, the chnntrtr, uHt. dviii. 

Kyiae, earl of, Sir Will. Tnylboys, c!vi. 


Hii;^, aUbas Hospil. Jsri'm, clix. 


Hull, Hulfragaa bj), of. Puraglovo, Bob., 





Huiuber rivt^fi Ivi^ 


V Uitnred, 1. 

Lncock, priuress of, csv. 


Lumblpy nunnery, Ixile. 


Lamplough, Gaweo, oviL 


Iluntitigdun, liri. 

LaiiD&ftBr, duke of, Hen., xoiv. 


, prior of, cliyiii. 

nn,-! *.f ..^.l! ,» 


f cUI J UJ . AtiH V . 

Luaeham, dxi. 


Hvirde, Geo., oil ; jclia, ds. 

Lunercost., LeoTierdcxDste, priory, st, 


_ ILjne, Will,, cIsst. 

Ixxxiii, xcTii. Bsix, uxxix. 


^ 1 u&nons ot. ixxsti. 


Langbainc, Gerard, IxiT. 



Loaglt^y, cvii, cixviii. 
, caaJs, osxvu. 


tUiley, 0. 

Langtflft, Peter, litssii, cki. 


lodamwood., xxvi. 

LanKton, Ric, de, xiii, oI.kv. 


Innocent 11., ]iope. cl. 

LBScnliy,^ — see Hesham priors. 


IohilIb,. I'elcr dc, clviii. ; Eob. de, clii, 

Liwrence,— »fle Durham priora. 


_ cUiii. ; Will, dei ckIiu. 
B (("don, Soiilli, — ser Etlen. 

Lun'Bon, Sir Will., clxxxi. 


Leuder river, its. 

^^^H Will., CTii. 


Irtiiing, river, Ivtsi. 

1*0, — iree York ttrc:llbi^;ll^ll^a. 


Italy, xvi, £xk, xxsi. 

Lees, Eev. .lotin, clsssi. 


^L Ivjchufch, oiiii. 

Leicester, Ixxxiii, ci:v,psLt,c!«, elsKviii. 
alibey, Auiv, oi^iii, cxxi. 



J "CT \ TT'll .1 


1 t&uon 01, XLeAUEim, TfiLiitic. 


x«iy; KiLvghtoD, Hen. de, Uxxiii, 


■ Jat'Oiii Jolin, CIS. 



H Jarrcw, eu, liii. 

X* Kqiix, Mr. ,1. H.j clitwi. 


H .lay, — JB« lleihsm priors. 

Lelnnd, xiii, lixiv, Ixs^i, e, clvii. 


^M Jedburgh, Ixxivii. 

Lolom. — see Heshmi baililE. 


H Jciuniiea, Dominic., the Florentioe, iccix. 

Leoiiis, Fet.rus, the anti-pope AnBEletug, 


John, kinit of Knglnmi, kxvi, ksvii. 

ct, clvii. 


John, kiug of Scotlaihl, l.ixxiv. 

LeaclmiDD, Lpyshemnn, Anl«ny, eriii ; 


John, St., of Iteverlcy,— jee Uesbtim 

Eollaad, cviii, cIut, — tee Hex ham 




L'Es leo, Walter, o, ol. 

Leth in, bishop of, Hugh, claiii. 


John,^je« Hftihiio pnors. 


^fc Jumi^Q, WilL. at, cxlix. 



Lpyghfij Hie. cix ; Tho., cia. 



Liin'olnshire, cisTiii. 



Lindiftraroe, w, jvii, sviii, xix, xx. 
xjciv, xxvii, xxTiii, xli, xliii, xlv, ilvi. 


H KeU, A1ex.,mii.,dx;, Edvr., cii; Gcu., 

xlrii, (idvt. 


^B cix; JiLtncE, uix i Fercevell, cixr 


H Kdkw,— w^'' Unrbatn binhojis. 

bftm liishops- 


^B KoRiji, — ore York (ir«h Ilia hops. 

, hishftp fit, Colman, Mtt ; 


H Kentlal,— «ra CarUale arohd.. and Ilex- 

Cynewulf. iisv ; Eardulf, si, xllii, 
uv, sMi lligbald, xirvi, xxxi\. 


^K hiMii priori. 







Lindis&rae, prior ot, Cuthbert, xxiii, — 

tee St. Cuthbert. 
Liudsey, iviii. 
Linaels, qt, cvi. 
Linstock, Ixxix. 
London, elxU. 
, prior of St. Bartbolomew at, 

LoDgstaffe, Mr., ux., 1, cri, clux. 
Longton, clU. 
Loretto, vii. 
Lowther, luut. 
Lucy, Anthony de, xcii. 
Ludimm, — tee York archbishopa, 
Lutton, Gilbert de, clxi. 


Maban, the muaioian, xui. 
Habillon, Ixxiv. 

Malcolm, kiiig of Scotland, Iviii, lix, 

Malerbe, — tee Hexham canons. 
Malmesbury, Will, of, ix, xvi, cslii, 

Malton, prior and convent of, clviii. 
Marchall, — tee Tork canons. 
Margaret, queen of Hen. VI., civ, cv, 


, queen cf Scotland, lisiv. 

Marton, prior of, csvi ; Melkanthorpe, 

Hen. de, cui, cxxxiv. 

, priory of, cxviii. 

,,— aee Hexham priors. 

Matfen, cxliii. 

Maton, — see Beverley and York canons. 
Maude, empress, Ixix, cilii, clvii. 
Maurice, — see Durham sub-prior. 
Maiden-bradley, prior of, csv. 
Meaux, near Paris, xxix, xxxi. 
Melkanthorpe, — tee Marton priors. 
Melrose, abbat of, Eata, xx, xxiii, — 

see Hexham bishops. 

, abbey, xv, xii, xxii, xxiv, liji, 

, prior of, Boisil, xx, xxi, xxii, 

xxiv, liii; Cutbberfc, xxii,— »ee St. 

Melton, — tee York archbishops. ■, 
Mercia, xxx. 
Merley, Eoger de, clix. 
Metz, cxi. 

Middleton, John de, cvi. 
Moleyns, lord, cvi. 
Molseby priory, cxix. 
Monstrelet, cvi. 
Montaout*, lord, civ, cv. 
Moronia, Andr. de, Ixxxiv. 
Morpeth, clxxi. 

Mounsey, Mr. G. Q., clxxxi. 
Murdac— «w York archbiahops. 


NaSerton, ci. 

Naamithj xciv. 

Neuton in Olendale, clix. 

Neville, Chas., cviij Geo., — tee York 
archbps. ; Sir Humph., — tee Hex- 
ham baili^; Bad. de. xcviii ; Tbo., 

Newark,— »ee York archbishops. 

Newbiggin, Ixivii, xci. 

Newburgb, prior of. Foxholes, John de, 

■ pnory, xcm, cxix. 

■ Will, of, cxx. 

Newburn, v. 

Newcastle-on-Tyne, v, xlii, xliv, Ixxi, 
Ixxxvi, xci, cvli. 

, church of St. Nicholas at, 


, the Sandhill at, ovi. 

Newlands forest, cii. 

Newminster, cxxii, cxli. 

, abbat and oonv. of, clix. 

Newstead, prior of. dxxviii. 

priory, cxix, cxx, cxxxv. 

Newton, John de, clix. 

Nichols, Mr. J. G., cxlii. 

Norfolk, duke of, cxsviii, cxxii, cxxx. 

Norham, xlix. 

Northampton, cxiii. 

Northumberland, xix, ili, xlv, xlviii, 
Iviii, Ixix, Ixx,, Ixxi, Ixxviii, Ixxx, 
Ixxxii, so, xciii, ciii.cvii, cxxiv, cxxvii, 
Dxxxvi, clxiii. 

, duke of, Ixxvi. 

, earl of, ciii ; Percy, 

Hen., xcix, ci, cxxviii, clxxi. 

Northnmbria, xiv, xvii, xviii, xix, xxiii, 
xzvi, xxix, iixiv, xxxvi, xliv. 

Norton, John, clxxiii. 

Nostell, canon of, Boroughbridge, Gil- 
bert de, ox xxi, clxi. 

, prior of, Farrer, Bob., cxix. 

, priory, Ixvii, Ixxiix, xciii, c, 

cxi, cxviii, cxxxv, cxxxviil, clxtii. 


Ogle, Bob. de, xcvi ; Tho., cviii. 

Orde, Bev. J. A. B., clii, clxxsi. 

Ordericus Vitalis, Ivi. 

Osbort, king, xliv, 

Oswald, king, xi.xii, xiii, xiv, xxxi, xlvii. 


^V Osviy, kin^. xa, kmI. 

Rirliuril.iDti, Hob,, o-viij, ^^^^| 

^p Oudoby, Eulph, nil. 

Eiril^y, ILydl^y, Arclb., evil; Clem., ^^^H 

^■^ Oudiit, lisv. 

dvxy; Gilt)., uvii: Jtilin, isLcxv; Nic, ^^^^| 

Ouiidle, xut. 

diif ; Un<jer, cix. ^^^^| 

Overton, Jssii, 

Riev^iulx, nbliat ol', — jee Aelred ; Will., ^^^^| 

^L Overy, prior of St. Mary's, ccyi. 

Ixviii» Ixxiy. ^^^^| 

^M Oringliam, vi, c, cxiiii, cixxri. 

UUCICjTi LXVIil, IXKIVb usr. ^^^^^^H 

^K -, Master of, oi, cxaiv, 

n VT' ^^^^^^^H 

' — ' , mUuX Oil llLG., JJCSIUb ^^^^^^H 

^B OKfoM, csvii. 

fiiple^, Geo., czz. ^^^H 

^^^ — i^n wlinfkl nnll fi^ f^li mu\ i^TiiiV'^li 

RipuD, stvii, jcviii, xxi, icxTiii, xsx, xcvi. ^^^^H 

, abl)a.t or, Tatlilicrcbij vtvuL ^^^^| 

Itobert the Scribe, ptk. ^^^H 

oivii, piTiii. 

EobsoD, iEoirer, oil.. -, Thorn., duL, ^^^^^ 

, oLn jimry & ^apii. nii^ UKiVf uj[«irf 

EobyusoD, Itullaail, cviil ; t'bo., criii. ^^^H 


Roger, — see Yarli arckbbhops. ^^^^| 


Kokeby, James, cicj^iii. ^^^H 


E.amaiius, — see Yurk archbisiiofiH- ^^^^| 


Homi^ xvi, xvii, xrvii, ixvili, ssix, ^^^^| 

■ Pngi,i'Ivi. 

sTxi, xi, brsTV. ^^^^M 

■ Paiiar-u, Jubn. card, l^ute, bmi, odlil. 

Ehxis, lord, -ovi. ^^^^| 

H Parker, archbp., cxlyii, uli, olvu; J.H., 

ILotLbury, Ixxri. ^^^^| 

f clxKxi' 

lloliindo, Kic. de, clir. ^ ^ ^^^| 

PutonaoB, KoUe, o?iii. 

ILoule, Rovvle, Geo,, criii; Heiigliei ^^^^| 

PutriciuH, deriou.9) clix. 

uiiii i HollD-ud, oviti. ^^^^| 

H PBtiila, izi. 

ILonliCv-iiViitur, ^^^^B 

^1 Percy, -doni. do, xcvii i Hen. de, xcvtii ; 

K.oibiir^b, Rcike&bur.gli, Ixzxviir eO. ^^^^| 

H Sir lliilph, civ J Sir The, oiviii. 

Huu^iii, rl.'Esviii. ^^^^H 

H ret«, John, ociii. 

Rupert, ubbat, uii, udii. ^^^^H 

■ Phulnller. Willc. criii. 

Ryion, ^^^^1 

^M Philipsaii, Itic, ctixviii ; Kob., cviii. 


^P Pickering, — wb York caTiooa. 


^B P(rDl«tiiiriJr, Uorouglibridge, — km Hex- 


H Uum priori. 


H PonLefract, chuntry ubaj>el ut, :cciv. 

St. Agntbe, priory of, csxii. ^^^H 

H Porter, Rob., ici. 

St. AiubrosH}. ^^^^1 

H Prudlioo castli', ri, Ixicvi, ci. 

St. Andrew, Ixsxii, cs], dkU, uMc. ^^^^| 

H FHiset. — »ee Durhiiui bLiliops. 

St. Aiigustiae, oi, cxi, cxii. ^^^^| 

^B Pur^'lova, — aee Gisbiirgli priors. 

St. Unrbe— Miffi Durhaiii buliaps. ^^^H 


St. Benediuti, 3xii, Iwii, ^^^^| 


St. lieTmLCdi Ixriii. ^^^H 

St. Carilcph, — see Duriiam 1}i9lio|>s, ^^^H 


St. Cutbbert, xii, xx, xxi, xxii, xuii, ^^^H 

^^ Queen's hkv^, cvi. 

Exiv, xsiriu, TTTviii, xlii, iliii, sllv, ^^^^| 

^1 Queen's letiita, tlie, «vi. 

kLt. nlviii, klix, 1, lii, 1ui, lix, Ixxiv, ^^^H 




St. David's, bisliop of, iP^rrer, Kub., ^^^H 

■ ^ 



8t, Jolm of Goverloy, — nee Hextuin ^^^^| 

H Racial tlie Dane, KlviiL, 1. 


H RuTidul, Mr., oi. 

St- Jobu of Bridliup^n , oxx. ^^^^H 

H Redc*diile-, 1ra, liisi, cvi, aicii, oiatiii. 

St. Johii-Le^.i^B Eraesbon. ^^^| 

H Rt<ile«)iAwe, Oolland, cix. 

St, 0)<wald, xxsviii. ^^^^| 

H Reduir. iing, xliv. 

St. Oswald's ascbe, xii, xiii. ^^^| 

^^ Ko|;iQaJd, xliv, Li, Iv, Iniv. 

St. Oswin, liii. ^^^^| 

^L Begunld, — we Vorlc cudohs. 
^V BMard U.. c. 

St. Yictior, lliiKli lis, c^i- ^^^1 

St. 'U'illiani, — see York arclibLKlioiH^. ^^^^| 

^r niiiliurd,— (00 lIokbiiLU irrion. 

Snlinbury,. dioi:. cif, c^iiii, ^^^^| 

^^ Itiuliard, a Clutiiau muiik, vili. 

Naltgii in Uycdalo, hv, ^^^^| 



Vong. Anth,, cviii- 

Yuton, a f:u.nt, Ixsvii. 

Viirk, jvii, iriii. sis. Eraviii, xli, Ixi, 

liiii, btiv, Irvii, lui, ict, c. cvi, »vii, 

OKiiiii, oijtun'i. cum, oxivii, clviii, 

cliii, cliTi, clsix, clxxt. 
, church of All Saintfl, Kurth 

street iti, olsTiii. 

, Goodraraf^t^ in, vm- 

mjnstei'i Ixvi, cMxii, cxliii. 

-, see at, iv, rsv, wevii, Isiii, 

osli, clxii. 

archbishop of. Alfrio, tlvii : 

Arundel, The., cii ; Boot.b, "\Till-, 
cxliil; liowet. Hen., mil, diii; Cor- 
bri^fie, Tlin., Ixsi™, cj Eaubald, 
iliv; EiuibBldl., nm; EnnbaUll., 
iiKviii; Gwlfrey, cliii Giffiird, 
WaJteeilKJCfTiiieKJiivjGTaj, Waltor, 
Issvii, liKviii, clviii. clix ; GraoTifleld, 
Will.. Isxiviii, Ixxiii, ici, loii, iciii, 
Kov, eM, fllriii, oliv; Keaipa, John, 
plmi.clniij; Lee, Bdw., cxsi, cwii ; 
Liiiilaani, Godft'.<le, Uiviii; Meltuu, 
Will., »niii, SLciv, ict, Rcvi, »ovii, 
oIav ; Murdao, Hen,, Usii, c""s, 
GXltii, elv, ol-Viii «Iviii j Neville, Aloi., 
elxviii ; Neville, Geo,, c, nviij ckviii ! 
Newark, Hen. de. Uxiv ; Koger, 
olii ; ILo-EiinQus, Jaliii, biviii, Unix, 
liM, Irtn. cli ; Thoioas I., Ivi. Ivii, 
Iviii, Uiii; Thomas II., Lii, kiii, 
liiv, livi, c*lvi ; Tlwreaby, John, 
zcTii, clxriiii TbHrstAO, Iviii, kv, 

\fvi, uil, exivi, cUv, olvi ; Tiffmund, 
»liV|; Waldhy, Roh.jCii, eliii : Wick- 
wuitife, Will., lnviit; Si. W'illiain, 
eiiii>, Gitli, elv, oi™, dviii; "ffolsey, 
Tlio., cvii. oxvi, civil, oiriii, i'»», 
cixv, ciixiii, cli3\; Zoiiche, Will., 
icT, icvji, clsri. 

-, araUdemoan of. Booth, S^pli, 


, bialicip o-f, Bosa, ivii, aivii, 

ix* ; C'hadd, xis, irviii j Wilfrid,— 
tee H.Mham biJiholis. 

cnnons of, Clifton, ^\'ill.. 

cLiiTiii;Edric, litii; MarchnU, Jolm, 
cluiil ; MatoD, Eic. de. Mi, Ixi, Ixii ; 
ritjkerintf, Kob. if, clui, claiL, cWiE, 
cbi? i Reyoald, Jo., clxxTii, 

, chnnwUor of, Apdis, Simou 

de, olii. 

-. ilenD ofjHigdcTi, Bria.!!, dncriii. 

-, duan end chaptnGT of, csuiU, 

oliiii. ciU'ii, cbc, cisiv, cl«\, dsii, 

clijt, clnii, ciiivii, cluil 

, duko of, cbtviii, nkin. 

, Kifhard de, — see Hexham sab- 

Yorkshire, Ixsxvi, sglI, umn. 

Zouclie, — eee Tork archbishops. 
ZuDg-go, oil 

^^H OF ^^^H 

^^^^B voLXJivrii: ^H 


Ashetill, 88, — «w Hexfaam priors. ^^^H 

^ ' ~ ^ 

AtbeiJeli, Sir Adamar de, 55. ^^^H 

Abbay, Will, del, 11. 

Atkinson, Kic, 36; liob., 37. 163; V 

Abbote, Alicia. 67. 

Tho., 165. ^^* 

Abel, — see Sj-mondbiirne. 

Aubony, K-nb. de, 85. ^^^^| 

AbraUam, presb., S8. 

Axibolm. Heur. de, 151. ^^^H 

Aiastre, R«b., 77 ; Will., 71, 75. 

A.vden, ("aniilv, Ixxitv: Emms, Ixsxr; ^1 

Atca., St., — see lle-iliam bifihop^. 

Ada, cmnilis'iil, 87. 

AfDwj'k, Job. de. 4-1, ^| 

Addi, Ric„41. 

Ayrike, Will., 29. ■ 

Aelreii, h^ssiv, liixix. 


A^ilfiis, 85. 


AkLuiide, Job., 164. 


Akome, Jub. de, 36. 


AktoB, Laur., 66. 

Jiahjnlon, GOb. ie, 113 : Jr>li. de, .llii J 

Aliin, 801I of Wiildove, sv. 

WilE, de, 36. ^^H 

AluTi. — Mc llipon and York oniKiii6. 

Bacnaril, Eob., 27. ^^^| 

Alnn-wii, Job., 5. 

Badkok, PbJ., XT. ^^H 

Albemiirl,' Albem', com. d&, 126 ; Will, 

HhIcb, Job... 12. ■ 

dfl Fortibiifl, 102. 

Jiulliol, liaj'Hol, Eernard de. 42, II64 ^^H 

AU'mund, St.. Is*. 

dnm. dn, 115; Hugo de, US, 117; ^^H 

Aldeiicrnw, Rob. da, lii. 

Jub. de. 102 ; — I—, xvi. ^^H 

Aldmod, Ric. de, &9. 

Bane, Mnrj., 40. ^M 

Alcuumnb, Hc>n. de, xviii. 

Baro^furd] B&rousford, Joh. ie, 33; ^M 

m Alexander IV., popn. ii., 122. 

Jord. de, 35. ^^^^^ 

^M AlfHcild, kin^, IxiJi, 

BnrbE>r, K^or. 67. ^^^H 

H Almere, Job., 165. 

Bdrd', Hugo, ^. ^^H 

H Aircwi!p, Uctred de, 110. 

Bnrknc, Jobunna, 157^ Bub., 2. ^^^H 

H Alwenton, Will. d«, 12:5. 

Rarnnird, Ric. 81. ^^^H 

■ Amokson, Will., ». 

Barthelemen, Tho.. 2. ^^^| 

H Angus, — ArjS!ii», AnegoB, com. A^, 37, 

BasceutUivayl, Job., 23. ^^^H 

H 46 ; — »e9 Uinfreville. 

BsUiil. BatiuUie. Steph., 112; The&idi. ^^M 

H Aiinotiwii, Job,, 45. 

dek, ll7i Walter, xvii i i\"ill,, lOS. ■ 

H Appelton. AppiiUii), Job. de, 6D ; Rob, 

Bath, et Gli^-^tcn., eplsc-, •!., 91. H 

■ de, ISP; Tho. de, isy. 

Butboii. et Wi^llcin, >opisu., R., ID-t, ^M 

^^ Apulia,— »^e Torlt cbnnaellfirs. 

Batlio', Heur, de, ricenoiues. EboT., 1(M>, ^^^H 

H AF(^li<^r, Thn.. 165. 

BiLLtaebnn, tetr. de, 70. ^^^| 

^B Arnieatronip.'e, AruiHlrang. Alex., 160; 

Batirsaj'E, Kob., <17, 46. ^^^| 

■ .loh., V-td; Hie, 2. 

Bali^iin, Job.. 2. ^^^H 

■ Arnold, Will., 7il. 

Bavciit, Boji. de, -SS. ^^^^| 

^1 Arundel, — «fp Soiilliwell onnons. 

Do-Kteri A^ii.. 47. ^^^H 

■ .^i^ht^jn, Sir Uiid,, l&G. 

Bnyiititii, Will,, 15-i. ^^H 

184 INUKS OF KAMESj TOL. II, ^^^^^^^B 

BeauiiKjnt, MrT. R.. loiv ; Mr. W, B., 

BridliiiKtuo, [•nor of, »ciii. 

XXV, 1, H17, isa 

Ijriluiiuiii, Juli. de, juD., 119. 

Uockebunic, TLo. de, 8C. 

U^o^lh^lc, Hie. dfl, 12ti. 

lliKlcliiil', Kuh. df, 1x13. 

Brown, Uroiiue, Jo-h., 78; Tbo,. 77, 

BudfU, Tbio., IGO. 

78, 155, 15(3 ; Will, 166, 15*. 

licBLie, Will.. S7. 

Jirus, Rob. de, xat. 

Bek.— jpF I'lirlittm biihups. 

Buobnn, mm. de, Will., 85. 

Dekke, Tbii. Je, 67. 

BuakcfMBtrei Bugo de, 121. 

Bell, Edw., 165; Geo., 162; Jeffr., 

Bulkliam, Job. de, 66. 

IfJOi R^t-er, 7*. 

Burgojne, Will, de, 42. 

Dello Cflmpo, Guido de, 121; Wiilt 

Burn, Will, del, 131. 

tie, 117. 

Buruthdoiie, Od' dcj ivi. 

BL'lj'iicLttin. Will. dc. 133. 

Bury, — *w Durhnra bishops. 

Henedict, cleric 88 ; cbapl., 88. 89. 

Butelund, Rob., 161. 

Benyke. Tlio., 165. 

BttteLurle, inh.. 119. 

BenJeuB, Rob. de. 63. 

Butler, Will.. Ifil. 

liorear. Isolila, 78. 

BvgQil, Barlhol.le, \Q2,\ Huko If. 102; 

Berefori, R- dc, 1)1, 

R(>wr, 186 1 Pog. do, fom. Norfolk, 

Eecebalgh, Job., 37, 3S. 


Beryli, Wdter de, 80. 

Bywell, liiwcll. Jab. de, 5, &; Will., 

Beriiajd, — ife HcxtiHm priore. 

viiair. de, 99. 

Bertrnm, fam., iri; Adnni, 89. 90, 91, 

M ; Eleca, IiLk ; H<ib., Ixix, S8, 90, 

111! ; Koger, 103. 116. 


Berwjk, Hog- <lc, 66. 

Bemuonde, Will., 8. 

Biffle, Eygglye, Job., -17. 

Cadeiou, Tburkilly dc. Ha 

Bingfold, Bingafeld, Godefr. da, 88; 

Cfllfiawc, Hufio de, EI8. 

PiLgiiH de, 88 ; Rog. de, HI, 

Catnbliou. Job. de, 116, 129, 130 ; Kob. 

Bird, , 1. 

111. Huh- de, 133. 

BiM:liop, Ro'g., 2. 

Camden, luLriv. 

Bishop, Benedict., xiii. 

Cauttiur, srciicpisci, B., 119. 

Bkuki't, BirEdw., asv; Sir W,, slui. 

Citrli?lej KnrU, Kitrliol', ardid. nf, 0., 


121 1 Pckr dc Kw, 88 j enri nf, 

Blakeatort, Will., 167. 

SKV ; episi!., Gill>ert d^i Weltoii, l-t2 ; 

BlenieD<\h(.p, Itnnn. de, 9S, 

J., liy, 121 ; W., 121 ; priur of, It., 

BleTi"khoiie, Will, de, SH. 

121 ; Gdodeliour. liv, 

BoiielaDd, Eia. de, lOS ; Rob. de, 97. 

Camabv, Sir Rayn., sciii,, 168, 

Bohun, Humfr. Ue. cum. Hereibrd, el 

Cnrre, ITio., 7a, 

Esws. 119. 

Ciirlor, Eic, 156. 

Bolliec, Bulebeck, Eulbecki Hugo dc, 

Cusi el-Karroc, Rob. de, 121. 

90 i Sir Hugh de, Ifll ; Waller Ue, 

Custulo, Jub. de, 88. 

111; , si-i. 

Castre, Rob., 78. 

Bojlaiid, Joli., I5G. 

CfiltAll, Jdhnnnfl., lS7i THo., 157. 

Bolteby. Kic. de, Isyiv, Unvi. 

Cattesun, Wiilttf, 74. 

Ro!iira.Alinaile, 112, 116. 

Cans. AlL=ia de, 112, IIS; Jac. ii«. 

BoniitoQ. Job,. 11)3. 

112, lis. 

B'lr^li, Wult. de, 156. 

Cave,— .tee Hexham canons., liog. dc. 41. 

CLflTuebreleyn, Walt., it). 

Bothe,— 4e<? Vork nruhbi^fliops. 

Chariton, Dn, Ixxvii. 

Bourdde, The, L8. 

Charrun, Guiclmrd de, 107, 108. 

Bone?, Adum dB> 141. 

t'iinnmer. Chuurajr, Will, 2. 

Bdwet, — see Yf>rk arthbiBhops. 
liowre, Bowre. Rob., 164 ; A'ill,, 165. 

ChfliiiupTont, Petr. de, lOt. 

Cli#rraan, The, 29. 

B<a, Will.. 157. 

Cherobum, UctPwl de, 121. 

Brad«.WiU., 54. 

Clie-sbiirgb, Agu. de. 4. 

Bretikl&w, Juli. de, 44, 45, 46. 

Ciuealreusis, e]'isc., J., 131. 

Breiistcr. Will., 10. 

dure, Gilb. de, com. Glouo. el, Hcmf.,, 88. 


^^^^^^"^ ISDES OF NAMES, YOL, II. 185 ^^^| 

^ Clnrk, Rip., 5.a. 

D&itenti, Thn., n-vii. ^^^H 

Clay, Joh. liel. 124-, 125. 

Daiisun, AliR., 79. ^^^^| 

[^ Cleric, Job.. 17; ?Jic..l&4; Petr.,15B. 

BavenLre, W'ill. de, 73. ^^^H 

H Clifford, ClylTord. Hob. de, 119;— im 

David, carl, 37 -.—see H&xbniD canons. ^^^H 

^V Torlc Treasurers. 

Hand, ki)ig ol' ScolUtid, xv. ^^^H 

Clone, Eoger tie, lii. 

I)a7Vtiau, Kic, 139, ^^^^| 

1 Clyiie, Svtii-> i5. 

Delavat., De la YbJIo, Hugo. 114; ^^H 

^ Coatee, Tli4,. L 

Hidiolda. lU; Hob.. 90; Rob, SI. ^^H 

^1 Cocelyp, doiii. i^e, 11. 

Hubcrli, 114 ; —, ^vi. ^^^H 

^" Coign'eres, Roj^. de, 87. 

Derlyn^, Heat., 133. ^^^H 

Cokemflii. Ric, 162. 

Uegp^nser, Hii^o le. 119, 121. ^^^H 

^ Cnlsyde, KoJi , 59. SO; Tlio. de. 60. 

Deye, Will., 64. ^^H 

H ColewellQ, WilL de, 101. 

Dikimn. Archb., 2. ^^^H 

^F Co]lia^wo[>d, Job., 1G4. 

Dibton, Darelestan, BcTilstone, BiTele- ^^^H 

Colman, Will., 79. 

Eton. DvTelleRton, Ibinn. ih, 90 ; Sim. ^^^H 

Colst&n, Oolatiine, Kugft, 30, 32, SS; 

de, Ba r Tko, dt'.LLEcTi, Sit, UO, 103 ; ^^H 

Bob.. 8,0; Wi]i., 9. 

Sir Tbo, lU, 106. lia. ^^H 

ColU, Tbo, de, GG. 

Diasin^tAu, lor-d of, xxiii t Sob. de, 6. ^^^^^ 

^_ Cnlynson, Job., 71, 75. 

Dobpn^oii, Joli., 27. ^^^H 

^fe Comyn, Cumyiie, Curuin, Hoitild, xvi. 

Dod^nortL, xilv, 85, SS, 97, 98. ^^^1 

■ 84,55; Ric. xvi, 27.94,80.87,113; 

Bonne, Kii^o, 1G2. ^^^| 

■ 'Walt, de, 85, 121; Will., oom. do 

Bolland, Will. fil. Henr. de, 10. V 

^P Bucban, So. 

Drewerj', Drnrj, Job,, 71, 7a. ^| 

ConcessiHua, Quint. C, iiiTii. 

J)iibbye, Joli., I'fl?. ■ 

Oqured, artbd,, 66^ 

pM<ld^n, Will, 3e, ■ 

Cooke, Jch. leSi Will., ICGi ,1C0. 

Diigdnlo, xlii, slili. ^M 

Cppdcn, Job., 4. 

Dorefsv Durel'on, Durefii, Diirifea, Rio., H 

Coiiuina, Tlio. de, 131. 

71,76; WUl.,71.7*. 75. ^^M 

Corbot, Walt., 111. 

Biirbam, ILic. de, m. ^^^1 

Corhridge, Corebrig-, GUb. de, Icsjcil ; 

. archd. of, li58. ^^H 

^L Job. de, 87 ; — see York arcbbisbops. 
W Corbye, Ric, 160. 
CoroTiii-lb, Juh., 57, 

, bisboi) of, 110, 158; Aatb, ^^H 

Bek, 118 ; Ric. de Uury, x, 13G, 1S7 j ^^H 

Tbo. Hntiidd, is, s, 1 19, 141 ; Nioli., ^^H 

Coraubiici tidni. eoni., 104-. 


^_ CoHjiatrie, o&rl, !(xiv. 

B Couper, Jub., 4, 5. 16. 


■ Cfiurtmiin, Will., 77, 78. 

^M CoTenl' et Licbcfeld' epiiw., W., 11?, 

IDy^bton, Adam, de, 30. ^^^H 

■ 119, 121. 


Cow-per, Rk'., IfiC. 


Uoyk, Alio.. 37. 


^B Co . . „ Aditm, 131. 


■ Cmk^. Jdh., 1G6. 

Eata. St., \Tt\, Imi. ^^^H 

■ Cntui?, Cniyne, Bow!., IGO ; Tbo., 131. 

EatLBwyk, Tlio. do, 111 ; Will, de, IDS. ^^H 

^B CfuueU'iubo. Job. de, lOZ. 

Eddi, XXXV. ^^^H 

^ft Craven, Job. de, 75. 74. 

Edea familv, Ixxxv. ^^^^| 

^1 Creasiniiliaiu, Hugo de, 119. 

Ede^toii, vicnr. de, Will., 79^ ^^^| 

■ Crbtiill, Job,, {>3 i Tbo.. 53, 

Edgur, son of earl CuHjiatric, xxir, ^^^^| 

. Crokednvlie. Ailam du. 107, L0&. 

Edmund, &at. Ediv. I.. 101. ^^H 

CuU«tL, JqL. de, U ; Will, de, 11. 

EJwtii-d 1., is. X, aiai, 103, 107, lOfl, ^^^M 

^_ Curtenav, Uugi> de, 121- 


^fe Cuthbtn, St., Ixxii. 

Edivurd II., a, 118. 129, 133. ^^H 


Edward III., ix, 13S. 141. ^^^1 


EiLaf, — lee Hfixbaoi prieata. ^^^^| 


Eincfrio. Eruebraiid de. 88, ^^^^| 


Elder, Job., i7. ^^H 

^V Bacre, Will., lord, 166. 

ElfvFnld, kio^', Uxxiv. ^^^^| 

^1 DnlLon, Job. de, Ixktc. 3A, 'tT, M, inS; 

£UeKOD, EIj-Miti, JdIi., 2, 74; Tbo., 2, ^^H 

■ Will. d<sUG. 

IGS; WUI., 150, 161. ^^H 

^B 11 


^^^H 186 fiv ^^^^^H 

^^^^H EHisoD. Dr.. 

t'tl. RmIuM, HeDf.. 131. ^^^1 

^^^H Elrinton, Elrin^lon. Aduu. 85, frB, 1:^1 ; 

Pil. Ruiiiiiti, WuLt.. tig. ^^^B 

^^^M "R&v.. dc, fi!) 1 Robert lie. Sfi, ISl. 

Fil, Rich', Oilb., S7. ^^H 

^^^H ElstoblK, Ttiv. i3«^, CO. 

Fii. K«b«Tti, Jyb., 10; Math., 87. ^i ^ 

^^^^^^1 iEtnpSnghanj, — -ire Heslinm GanaUB, 

Ktib., xvL 1 

^^^H EnyMin, Ttio., 

FU. Hfiyeri, Hciir, 127; "Bob., 11(1. 121. ^ 

^^^^^H Eniril,— »v Yurie cnwine. 

Fil. Tliomre, Heur., 11. ■ 

^^^^H EriD^'toa, Eryn^etun, Ant, de, 131 ; 

Fil. Turkilli, Adam, H-^. ^M 

^^^H Job. <1l*, lUC. IBl : The. de. 121. 

Ftl. Tliurstiui, Kin., 93, 121. ■ 

^^^^H !Eii«clickz, Jcib. de, 3ti. 

Fil. "WalUTi, Job., 7a ; Will., 7iJ. ■ 

^^^H Eat, '\VilI,. l&S. 

Ftl, Wurini, Piiico, 102. ■ 

^^^H £\ierc, Itnd. de, 43, GO. 

Fil. "WiUelrai, Bob., 87; VT^ilt., 115, ■ 

^^^^^^M EaKl^ice, '.-biijil., S(l. 

Fibber, Job., l:t3. ^B 

^^^^K Edrrnrd<^-lawe, Will, de, i:il. 

Pitv-Me1'3reil, Uob., xxiv; Ueteed, ^B 


FIbiIoii, Akynsonde^lDa; 'WUL'de,6B. ^M 

Fleshewbr, Btdi.. 57. ^B 

^^^^^r Fabor, Ric, 154. 

Foiliton, ltD|,r. i!c. 123. ^B 

^^^^^1 Foirlei^.i, ^Lt., xsrni, sds., Exiilii xliiii 

Ford, Uul). de \a., 102, 106. ^B 

^^^^^B \xi Ixvii, lxaii< 

l''ore^ter,Jub.,15,27,£a,2d,30; £ic.iS. ^| 

^^^B Pulofdd, Falufeld, Joli. de, 131; Ric. 

ForKter, Job.. 15S ; Tli..., 167. ■ 

^^^B de, 13] i Tho. de-, 4S. 

Fortibus,— «en Albduiarl. ^B 

^^^^1 Parliiwc, Gvlfr. de, 4<9. 

FosfaVir, ForJ^iiT, Ric. le, 91, 100. ^M 

^^^^^B iForruur,^ — se^ Kv^hMa priors. 

Fo^scutun, Job. da. xa. ^^^^B 

^^^^1 Fn-Udun, Job. de, 4^, 46 ; Petr. de, 114, 

Fniujnn. Kenr., tiS. ^^^^B 

^^^^^B f'niisjd, Joli. d», 14. 

Fraok, Kob., IIjd. ^^^H 

^^^H Fajt«, Gi)b., 25 ; Job., 23 ; Bob., 2d. 

Freer, JoL, 75. ^H 

^^^^1 fekwf, Ric, 129. 

Fremau. Kic, aa, 54; Will., Ib7. ^^^B 

^^^^^1 Feiit[)ii, 'Will, de, xii. 

Fridborb, St., Ui. ^^^^H 

^^^^^^1 Fenwiick, FeuneivTke, Feuwyk, Gerard, 

Fniitgn, Ueiiw ^9, 90- ^^^H 

^^^^^B 1C5 ; loll, de, Bl I Sir Jobn, ?c^v. 

Fiiltbropp, £c>^, de, SG. ^^^^H 

^^^^H Ixxi'i, 1, 84, 85, lis ; Bob. rle, xvii ^ 

Pvchcburn, Tho. de, 101?, ^^^H 

^^^H Sir TUo. de, 101. U5, —^, ivi. 


^^^^^B Fcrgkati, Botert, dc, xii. 


^^^^1 Ferlin^'ten, Hear. d«, 4S, 116. 


^^^H Pening', Col, Coell. 71, 7S. 


^^^^^B FetberstoQh8u^li,Fethir8taiLha]i;lit,Pii- 

Gale, xxsvii. ^H 

^^^^B tliirKU-iiUnl^ii, AlbuBy, SO, d7 ; SHas, 

GuUcwRy,Alai]*lc,47.4ei JoL,de,$l. ■ 

^^^B HeljBS dc, 89 ; Tho. de, 97, 9S, IDS ; 

C^iiniill, lIi!Lir„ 79i J oil., 79, ^M 

^^^^^V , svi, syU', 

GanCon, Job,, 74. ^B 

^^^H FiL. Aln-ni, Juli., 4 ; Ric, 108. 

GoHq. Job., 67- H 

^^^^^1 Fil. A,lexai]dri, Hie, 121 ;— «e«'H.eiljBm 

Geoifroj. — we York urtbbiaLoiJS. ^B 


Gurmund, IW. Ui. ^M 

^^^H FiL, AUriiL', ,tQli., 79, 

Gerna^t, sir Uugb, 88, ^B 

^^^H FiL. Archilli, Thiuldl, 8S. 

Qurnum, WUI., 102. ■ 

^^^H Fil. ]li>»>iiis, WLII., 114, 117. 

GeveldsU, Ocvikkl, Gilb. Ue. S4 ; WiU. ■ 

^^^^H FiL, Coiiiitis, Uenr., 91. 

de, 15S. H 

^^^H FiL I^nvid. Job.,. 10. 

Gib}ion,GibbtMii,Edm., lS9j Isab-.i; ^M 

^^^^H Fil. GaiirriJi, G^iilV., nvi. 

ma., 27. ■ 

^^^^fl Fil, Hiiwjse, Jobnn., 135, 

Gilliird. Hu^,S7; "VTfilter,— ms Tori ■ 

^^^^H Fil. Henrici. Bluriu., 10. 

arclibishoEis. ^H 

^^^^H Pil. Hiictredi, Kic xvl. 

Gilbert, lie cbapt, 97- ^B 

^^^^B Fil, Hugonifi, Adam, SO. 

GilcR^one, Will,, 36. ^B 

^^^H Pil. iodis, Akii, 1,21. 

Gilfrid,St., Ixi. H 

^^^^^1 Fd. JnUiiunis, Nig., Ixxxij; Sgb,, 101- 

Gi^btiroe, Itub„ de, Ixxxviil, ^H 

^^^H Fd. Mflcc'., Liolf, HI. 

Gladow, Juh., 2 ; 'Witi., 2. ^B 

^^^^^M Fil. Msrniuduci, fiia, RL Joh., xiv. 

Godard, — see York cunona. ^H 

^^^H Fd. Olin, Juh . m. 

GoldstnyUi, Kob., 14. ^B 

^^^^M Fil. Pu^iii, ^Vitl., xTi 

GolliiTie, Tb'Q., GG. ^B 

^^^^^^^^^ INDEX nr NAMES, VOL. 11. 18? ^^H 

Goadfilraiir, — we ParluiLo priurs. 

HefiliLiop, Tliu., ^^H 

(Jonwartou, Uunwnrtiin, Job. du, 34; 

HewaTtb, TI)o. de, 47. ^^H 

PMr. de. 6, 13; Rad. de. 111, 112, 

Hcihiim, biiOiff o.\; Ric. 111. Aki., QS, ^^^1 

116;, »». 

110; S^ipli>n. Rob. de, 109. ^^H 

GoBceleje, Jahu de, 2. 

, bi-iliuiJ or, St. Aoca., icxvLii, ^^^^| 

Oosden, GoB»eden, £ic. de, Id; Tbo. 


de. 131. 

Gni'hniii, I^avid de, 90; Uenr. de. Iti, 

115 ; Ilavid, 86 ; Ei3jpiiit,'l)aiiii, Uad. ^^^B 


da,130; Mbrltiiid,Ri<\de, lis, liSj ■ 

H (irnv, linb. lie, — nee York pntiniw; 

£L<:)iiu'd,e«, ..... ■ 

^H W:filt, de, — Jn< Yorlc niclibishopB. 

^1 Gra^'dtok, baron Ae, b2. 

■ Gi^ne, Job., 2, 4. ISO; Ilanrl., 160 i 

nurd, -il, m. US, 99 : Furruur. Tho.. ^^H 

■ Tho.,162; Will, 158. 162. 

152; Jay. Edw., \v; Jabn, Ixxxix,. ^^^^M 

^H Gre«TiHcliL, — nee Ycrk a.rclibislio])3. 

2,86,87,83.100: Keuiilul. Will. do. ^^^H 

^1 Greiidiiu, llu^ de. 8!i. 

1'13, IIS; Leeuliiiian, R'lnl., lii, Ivii, ^^^^| 

■ Gre.v,, IOl\ 

Ix, Isi, Ixji. lixiJii ; Hicbardi Kxvli, ^^^^| 


nitv'iu, snxr, Ivi, Ivii, Ixii, ixiii, Ixix, ^^^^| 


IxriTJ, Ixxsix ; SitiltllMn, TLo., ILi, ^^^^1 

H ^ 

livi WeUm, Joh,, 1,^2, 1G5; WfiU ^^H 


north, Juh. d(i, Ixxxvii ; Wkplp- ^^^^| 

^H Hncchp, Eiislane de, 117. 

in^on, ICob. do, 12)4 ; Willinm, MO. ^^H 

■ llaia, Will. de. 87. 

■ Hn1].Adamdd.&.6; Eio. de, 6 ; Will. 


■ del, 5, 'J. &i, ei. 

llextild', Svm, lie, 99, ^^H 

^B Hi^lkin, H'4lttnii, Hi^ulton. Hawdtun, 

Hildrtlw, Sir Tho, de, 36, ^^M 

^1, 7!^ ; SirJi^)!. d?,10r>; Rami. 

Hill., Hvli, Ailom del, &, 6; RitiepLino ■ 

■ de, 121 ; Will, df, urn, 90, t07. 

del, 13E. ^ 

■ HiimoV, Waller, 8U. 

Hird, Hvrd, Alio., 2 ; Geo- 166 ; Jne., 

^M n&mlyi).. Will,, 53., 54. 

ISB; Boh., 101; Thu., 2. 

^U Hamo, — xef York canons. 

Hirst*. Edm., IM, 163. 

^1 tLiamto, HenT., 2S, 

Hodgson, Mr. ,£,lxir, Iks, hciv,icip,icv. 

■ Hariou Tlio,. 17. 

j<erii-(i. 1. 86. GS, 100. 107 ; , 1 . 

■ Unre, Joli.. 71. 75 ; Bub,, Ut. 

Roifg, Will., 29. 

■ ITiruDi;', Pc-lr., 94. 

HofjgprsoTi, Tlio., IIR. 

^M Harry njfton, Herringlou. Htryntoo, 

Ho)!h, Adnm, 73. 

■ m<!.. Hi2 ; Tho., 163 ; rotred de, 89. 

Hoghton, Joli. de,63; Will, dc, 4«. 

^M Jluilynsimfi, Joh., 36. 

Hophyrd, AliTi. 31, 32. 

^M Hallield, — see Durham bislioi>8- 

H.ogi-wonnB, Will., 45. 

^M Haiiiuoud. Jul].. 11. 

Holme, Joh,, 7!). 

^H HaydoD, Will. cupclLuD. de, OS.. 

nomal, Cospatr., 88; Greg,, Sfti Wal- 

^h Baytnn. Joh. de. ISl. 
^■HecBOTi, Will., 132. 133. 

ter, 88. 
Hr,rseley, HorslCj Edm., 163; E«b., 

^g Beddonf. Will, ie, Q2. 

43 ; Tho. de, 36. 

^M Hel«, Ui^lle, Hti^ de. xrii ; Joli. de. 

Houilen, How-dDne, Job. de, 67, 147. 

^M jnii; Rin., xvl 

llnwhiirne, John, 1. 

■ Heliiell, Rob., 1G{>. 

Hiiby, , flbbnt of Famfaios, Isiii. 

■ Henrewn. Jnh., 13 ; Tho., 9 ; WilJ., 19. 

Uudelskin, Sir Kic. de. SS. 

^1 Henry IT., xri. 

UaJesipetli, Rob., Z9. 

■ Henry UU x. 103. 110, 111, 119. 

Uiidson, Alic, 3; Ant., Ifil i Will, 13. 

^^ Houcy, — tea Newt-aaUe denim. 

Huge, Joh., 78. 

Eleiir. comeH, 87. 

UiiDWr, ll«(ir,, 11 ; Rio., 2, 28, 84; 

Henry, son of David kiiip of Srotl., tv. 

Tho., 66; Will., 39. 

Heron. Joh„ 168 i l-ucy, 8U : Jir.,9B; 

Hunlerciimbe, Walt, de, 117. 

Will.. IS; Sir Will., 29. 83, 08. 

Hurdnr, Jnh., 2. 

K Herryjijn, Will., VaB. 

Hut^hinsou, Hwhoasiiiii U ucfayneon. 

■ lUrlliiirn, Tho. Ae. 3J. 

HLiduhi>n»uii, Mr, xxri, lUTiii, Ixi, 

^m IleaildKii, Juli. d&, Q2. 

Ixii, Ixiii, l.vir, U.\xiv, Wnw ; Ric, 

■ llc^ly, Rob.. IGti. 

161; 11., ICD; VVdI., 1G2, 


Uyn, Hyuo. Bo!:-, 2, •£}. 

]iwik, Job, Ae, lo6 i Sir John dc, uii ; 
Othuer do, svi, 90, 90 i Peler Je, 
XTii, wii, 96 ; Sic Rob. di;. US, 101, 
108, 112, J15i ir niter de, llli WilJ. 
dc, ni- 

loiiu, muDke of, jo.'s.i. 

Irj'tifrtoo. Hugh, 159. 

IvesUncs, Bob. de, IM, 117. 

J&Mon, Joh., 51. 

Jaiiinu^, 151. 

Jay, — <M HeiUatii pnors. 

JflliD, liiD^, ii, li, 89. tM. 

John, — ree Heslmta priom, 

John, St., of Beverley, Isx, Ixxi. 

Jvlinbj, A^n, de, 47- 

JolnisoQ, Jmniiiii, Ai*x., 1 7 i Ant., IBl ; 

Hut,'Ii, 16!; Eolv, ISO; Rog., 36; 

Tlio., 18, 67 : Will., 2. IB, 3S, 161. 
JuiinatoD, Dr., liiiii, lixiiv. 

KariUl', WiU. de. 91. 

KaierytiKiii, Tho., 155. 

Kail. Alau, 4. 

KellatTe, KeUioii, KoUaw, Rob, dcr 58 ; 

IViO. df. 97, lOfi. 
Kallessow-i, I{al>. de. 56. 
Kernp^, Adim, 9 ; Joh., 36. 
Keoda],— «« liexhata priors. 
Kent, Joh., 78. 
Kepwike, Will, de, 151. 
Kerebj. Joli., 75. 
Kinia, Simon de, dl. 
Kirkeliride, Rob. de, lsx». 
Kirkebj. Kirkbt;, Kyrki-ty, Job. de, 71, 

75 ;— JCB Malton priufa. 
Kirkelialch, Will. de. 121. 
Kirfopp, fam., siii, Rob., 166; The, 

Kitt«sori, Joli,, Bl. 
Kiiftpton, Joh-, 7T, 78. 
Eyell, Joh., 71, 75. 
Krrkb« in Clevelaodi Petr. viuar. de, 

'71, 75. 

Lacy, Hen. de, com. Line, 101,119,131. 
Lani, Lome, Joh.,, 8, 9. 
Lombley, LiimblyE<, prioress ol, x<Lii; 
A., 98. 

l^iiiUcy. prior, el oonv, de, 22, S7. 

Lftoelicsire, d«in. of, 69. 

LalmiCT. Will. !e, 119. 

lAurentius Kutor, 131. 

Laverok, Job.. 2, l&fl; Fatric, 2; Tho., 

Lair, Uaij. de, 9. 

LawMu, LausoD, Aduu, 30) Will., 1(K(< 
Ledbitlor, Nic, 166; Will-, IBS. 
LeddeU,Aleit., 163. 
Ledoifl. Juli. de, 27 ; \VUI. de. S. 
Lee. Ad»m dii, 2X, 34 ; Joh. 2 ; The, 

Leegh, Will., 163. 
Leene, WUl, 3. 
Legeste, Pekr, 63. 
Legiard, Tbo. do, CI. 
Leifililon, Chj-., 160. 
l>eiRman. Alci., 159; Hiu., 150. 
Lepare, LLejuire, Cecilia. 78 ; J"oh., 71. 

LiMciiman, Le^bemnn. Job.. 2 ; Miles, 

161 ; Bowl., — *fle Uexham priors. 
LfvenwootI, Henr., 160 ; Job., ISS. 
Lewyne. Joh. de, h&, SO. 
Irfiiul^iQ, Joh. lie, 102. 
Light™, Hob,, 1GI>. 
Liudeseia, "Will, lie, S5. 
LiBiardas, — see York canons. 
L'Isle, xvi, — wf Insula. 
Ifltilskill, Tho., E. 
Iitle, Lvtill, EdiT., 160; Joh., a. 
Irfge, Iiiij.b., 78. 
LondCb, Ai^Hin do, 16. 

, ftfifit),, H., 121 ; V,'., 91. 

Longstaffe, Mr., xiiii. 
Lorimer, Juh., 13. 

Lougb. , 1. 

Lowe, Hegiu., 74. 

Luci, Lucye, Gwiilrid. de^iTi ; — ™., sa. 

Ludoryngtgo, Uob., 15^; Will., 153. ton, Sir Biu. de, 88, 

Luvell, Will., 89. 

Lvghe^rayno^, Jtjh. da, LOG. 

Ly^lilfole, WUl., 34. 


Hab«>u, Joh.. 17. 
Mftinard, — -tee Tork caOODS. 

Mulei-be, Job.. Ixxiii, Limviii. 

Malteby, Rob^de, 74. 

Multon, prior ol', ICirkby, W"ill. de. LOO. 

, prior and i;onv. cf, 99, 100. 

Maner, Adaia, 66. 
Manfeld, Rob. de, 15L 
ManKeviloyn, Rob., 108. 
.Manniii; ct IiL-jiikr. cjiii^., Nic, EH. 



^V Maroel,— *M Turk cimona. 

Nicboks, — jee Durtiam. bisLops, aad 


^M Mnrels'. Joli.. ill. 

York cmoas. 


^B Mare^RQ RoK, 121. 

Niobolit, Mr. J. G.. xsv. 


^M Mariscallus, Uob.. Sfi. 

Nidiolson, R*b., 2; Tbo., 159; Will., 


^1 Man.-«o. Kia, de, ^1. 



^H MarJAjo. Job. de, Sd, 

Nigell, dericiis, 88. 


^B Manaaduke tlie serjearit, 129. 

NiKht(,-an, NyghtpUe, Will. 79. 154, 


^H Marm^ilii);, Jlatilila, 69, 



^H Mui-tyii, Joh., xiii. 

Nippgt, Iah.,4S; Wil!., 47. 


^1 Mmon, A^., 13 ; Jah.. 157. 

Normanvile, Joli. de, 102. llS, 117. 


■ HatreD. Joh, de, &, 6 ; Eoti. de, G ^ Tha., 

Nortbunibria!, arfihid., A., 98. 


■ 50 ; Will, de, 6. 

Norlbyrn, Alice,. 78. 


^M Muthew.i, Bic, xc, xd ; Tho., ici. 

Norwic.. episi:., W., ICM.. 


■ Mek,Joli.,67. 

NottinfjbHn, arcLd. of, Will., S8. 


^H Mell<in,^iFe Vorlc arcUbishapB. 

Nmbodc, Job., 2, 


■ MBduyl, Stepli. dc, 102. 


^M Merccrarii, Matilda us. Phil,, lixn. 


^M Mareera' Comp., Lottdon, tlvii. 


^B Mere, Jnh., 71' 


■ M^fk'. Jci.)i. do. 117. 

Octolmaus, dam., 126. 


Meriej, Ituger de, 115. 

Ogle, Ogyi'- family, kviL; laab., lidn ; 


Moryug, Tho,, 1G7. 

Btib. de, liis, n. la, '1.2. 47; Sir 


^— MerrDgion, Job., 29. 

Robert, l!i.<ciii : Hubert lurii, ]smi. ; Sir 


■ Hichell, Bob., Ti. 

Tha. de, 101. 1 


^B MiclielsaD, Jali., B4<. 

Okell^yc«Hd, Job., 164. ' 


^B Mideltoa, Job. de, 3S. 

Orde, Mr., 87- 


^B MilTier.'MLliiar, A(, 45; Kio., 1B4, 

Ottringtaa, Alice de, 71. 


■ J65; Rob., 2, 29, 10; Tbo..4; Will., 

Oven. Rub., 79. 


■ 67,71.75, I&3. 

Oviuj^liiim, vioar. de, Hiigii, 98. 


^1 MilnestnnscrDs, Mln»t«r-acreg, Gilb. do. 

Osliird, Oxeliird, U-iliyrd, Jok.. 7, 9; 


■ ik, 40, \4i. 

Will., 4. 


^1 Mi^tEid-iiu, Nic. J.C, 133. 


H Mody, Joh., IS^ PdtT., 66. 



■ Monic, Tho., S. 


■ Morell, Job-. »»; Eiib.,u, 91. 

Pacok, IflMir.. 155. J 


^B MoTCsj'd., Nic. de<, 5S. 

rajicl, Ibe cLn^iluin, S9. 1 


Morevilla, Hii;,'a de, 155. 

ParciLr, Will.. 14. 1 


Mom, Jol]., 71, 72, 75. 7fi, 

Pitri:i, Matildn, Sfi. | 


Mcrland, Hepr., la ; Horn. RJc, 2fi;— 

Parker, Tbo., siii. 


«e? HcxbuiLi caaone. 

Parlieu,M!itild., 67. 


Mortimer, Will., 63, 6*, 87. 

PAtsnioa.Puloiiaon, Job.,2, 160; Nia,, 


Mortuo-inaH, Jtti^. ds, ten., 121. 



Muhiut, Sir Hear, de, 88. 

Poert, dora., 79. 


K Muletnn, Tlio. do, 91. 

pEniiant, Mr., siri, Uiw. 


■ Musgraire. Will., 163- 

Fonretli. Hob. du, 57. 

Percv, llenr. de, com. NorLhuiabr., s. 



liv, U9. 
PigKG, Bob.. 161. 


^H NafTirtoD, JoL. de, 44, 

Pigtfea, Boger, 160. 


^B Neseb^tc, Walt, de, 102. 

^B Netehird, Netfihjrd, Noutltird, Juh., 

Pikepinf;, Rkrynp,, 54; Rob. 


de, 17, 102, 106i Tba., 166; Will. 


■ 63, 54 : Nio., 71, 7a ; Rob., 67. 

de, 106. 


^H Nopiltc,— Eee York arobbisliopif. 

Piscator, Job., 131. 


^H Newburne. viear. lie, dota. Ric. 50. 

Plaice. Job., 165; Itic, 80,81. 


^B NeW'OasCle, doaa tif, IlenTy, 9S. 

Pluraaiar, Hie, 5. 


^B NewmonstrE^, Novo Morjfulfirio, nbb. 

Purter, Jub., 148; Rob, le. lii. 


■ de, 35, 101, 113; S..S9. 

Pojtiton, 'Will, de, 12^, 126, 


^B Newtou. NeLlton, J4)h. i6, 28. 16ii ; 

Prat, Joh.. S.^, 121. 


^B Rob. dc, 155 i Will, de, B4. 

Frioria, Joh, lamiilus. 88. 



Priiktoniun. Ailim, IQ, 

Pru.!.!-!, J..U., HO. 
I'uiiiljii^, JuUiatu, 4U. 


Hainir, Dr., icrii-Tui. 
Bunny, WiU., 1. 
BancUni, Tho. de, 46, 

Httjnenon. Job.. 7§: Will., SI. 

Hedebum. Wilt, de, mt, 100. 

K«deN!hflwc, Will, do, 23, 2-U 

RfKlndAle, Cob. ile. hi. 

Eoirinld, w-npucaldus, KS. 

Kcj'iIl', Joh,, t, 

MibA, Ltob. dc, 117. 

Bicar4. cano«ll.,— «« York canoui'. 

Riebard, uehd., SQ. 

llidhnrd, — lea HestiBDi cflnaDs and 

Eicliard IT., X. 
Ttkhard'H nvfp. &f^., 64. 
KwilitrHdii, MftiU., 104 
KiJull. Wall. cle. S5. 

Midlpy, Ui.k-li-ye, Ridlo, Edw„ IGI; 

Jat',. 1j»; Joh. do. 121; Nic, du, IC. 
Ki'Uluiw, Joli., lii ; Will., iii 
Uiiilte, Will., 71, 75. 
ILi|i((ii, Ripiim, caiiira of, Alan, 88; 

Wiis-r-lbot, Itiid, de, 88. 
aitW. Will, do, 117, 
Brtltert, 89, — *iBo York raiQooH. 
ttijtoft the chufilain, 8?. 
R'llHsrl^un, Bojn., 71, 75, 
Itvibiri-TOii, Job.. ■!., 48^ Bog., i, 162; 

Tho,, 4i Will., IflO. 
Riilwmi, Geo,, 1112 ; TLo., i, 160. IGfi. 

lifiX'Bfi JnU.i 4. 

Ro^TGr, ai>,— iwfl York oTolibialioiis. 

Boivob(', Jnc 158. 

Riikuhopo, Will, de, 8. 

Rornuiiti*, — ice York urolibinhops. 

Rornnjne, Wntflr. 12B. 

UoiDO, Au'n. lie, 51. 

Honrere, Tlio., 77, 

Sxia, Roaso, Amnbill tin, 45 ; Petpr ile, 

—MB (.'nrlirtle archd. i Will Je, 45. 
Itotbrcrurih. Joh., 63, 
Unwllo, Alex , 1S3, 
Ruo, Joh.. 51, 
Rimie«»'lre, Him. de, 85. 
Uii1.l*r. Tho., 165; Will., IBS. 
Ryvaux, nbhas (If, 68, 69. 


SAdctin^'-staii, Sudlvni^-BWies, Ad. lEe, 
llOj Uiigode, W. 

Salkeld. Tbo., 147- 

Ssltnn. SaHltoii, Job, de, 127 ; Sim. dt. 

125, 12<!; Will., I&5. 

, ]in'lif Qil oC 83, SL 

Saniixuid, JuL.. 106. 

Bonrto.flaro. Petr. de.M. 

fiaiii;to>Jvliiiime,. Will. Ae. 99. 

SBodDtr, Sjm. de, 5, 6 ; Wilter de, 9. 

bnlev, nbbol or, ipiii. 

ScardWrirb, J..|i, .le, 161. 

Sohaldiurth, Joli. d^, 37. 

SdbaM. Adam, 35. 

Snot, Scotte, Cliristi&na, 38. 37: Joh., 

2 ; Maur., 4S; SAc. 57: Will., t7, 4S. 
Scmpetofl, WnU. de, sii. 
ScrtJiie, Henr., *0. 
Sciiltborfi, Joh, de, 141, 
Secuiniie, ]!«b.. 36. 
Scntcr, Kic. i]«, 65, 6C. 
Serjant, Will, 40. 
Scton, Adam dct, f£; Eleii. de, 4S: 

Eob. de, B2. 
SliflflUowB, Schaflcnr, Arth.. 187 ; 

llt-nr. de, 36; Will, dp, 37, 133, IB6. 
SlieiihirdiSchcphird.Scliiidiirde, Scbip- 

lird, Adnn, 7Q-. Alic, 6, l&i;; <Jilb., 

27 i Rod., SI i Tbo-, 4, 
Sinimi. Mr.. 95. 
Sliiinuci", CliriKtiBna, 67. 
SJc_v)ilon, Ikib. de, 106, 135,— ■«« Hax- 

iiam MiElTx. 
Sklev. SIovelRT, Giih. de, i, US. 
Pnifrt, Job., 187 ; Will., 35. 1C7. 
Siiiithrti>u, — aee HcAhnia priora. 
Sim-iii, Joh., 7'1. 10. 154, l&i. 163; 

Hnj;., 41; Tho., 24, 159: WJU.. 4. 

39, fiO. 155. 
SmvUiiiiniish, Adam. 17. 
Simnliall. Joli., 6G ^ Nic.,6& 
Souiersel. duke of, Ixuvi. 
Sourbe, Sowreby, Jul]., 163; Bio., 4; 

Kgb.,4, Ifil, 162i Tlio., 162i WilL,4, 
Soiiter. Joli., Gl. 
SoiiLhwell, Suell, cnnaiLs of, AfUtiiitlla 

Eocer, 88; SUvel. Adam de, 94; 

Will. 94. 
Spavyne, Will.. 2. 
Spaj-Tie, Joh., 162 ; Tho., 181. 
Sp£'n love. Hob., 153. 
Spilgild, Tho,. 14, 
Sprfit*, Job -I 5, 
Sprot, Job,, 4. 
Sprvut;, Mityot, 29. 
Stable; Joh. dol. 72, 74. 7(1. 
Stanbrig,.— jsff SUnfordhani. 
Stanegrevp, Stftj'iigraro, Steyngrav 

Isub. de. 71,75; J, do, 84. _ 

StanfordlisuB, reoWir ile, U. da ^tsnbriiir 




Sbatilak,— am Yorlt eoooiw. 

SUvel, — nee Southwell canons. 

SteeEo, Juh., 4. 

Bcelb'niii liob. de, S. 

SteTen»}n, St^v^'n^u, Job., 159; Bd1}., 

IfiO, lUl. 
Stivelvn^ton, Job. de, 121. 
Stobard, StolMirl, StJjbhyrd, Alic, 4; 

Tlio.. .1. 
Hlo'lnrd, Joli., 4. 
StnitDll, i^ttikcall, Stokenll, Stoketiiill, 

Cutlib., 162i Edni., 161 5 Bob., 3; 

Utwi,, las. 

Slokei?, "Wsater de, lOS. 

Sloki^reld, Joh. liL. HeUee ds, 114. 

Stiifiliwflvte, Jo-b., xiii. 

SLiirv, "\v'i]j., 16&. 

8lrevt:lj'iie, Jucoba de, 59 ; Sir Jab. de. 

36, &S. 
SlrutlirG, Abn de, 34. 
Slitkely, :asvii. 
Sui.-t«bo['Q, Siietcpe, S'lt'etbop, Walt, de, 

101 i Will, de, !tvii. 109. 
Siiniervill, Will. At, S3. 
Simiinliihiis ibe iiriost, liv. 
Hwran. Kdwl., 150. 
Swinburne, Soyiieburne, Swynoborne, 

Swynbiirn, AIck. dc, 3iJi Giiwi-ti, 

164; Jnliii. 1. ICS; Sir John, 100; 

Sami^on do, 35, 100; 'i'tio., l&i. 
, tEiisl.), 101, IIC; 

Soh. fil. Itio. de, 100. 

-, (Wast.) Niu. do, 116. 

Sivve. Symon, II. 
Syie. Hetir. tM, 97- 
Syinond, Joli., 161. 
SymondbuToe, riMilor de. Abel, 99-. 
ayrneun. Job., 78 ; Will., S, 78. 
Syre, Jgb-. 46. 


Tailboise. Walt.. 38, 

Tulkan, Uad. Af. Isiaviii. 

Tiilyiir. (fioo., 162; Job., 71. 75, 155; 
JtulH,. 78 i Tlio., 77. 78 ;. Will., 8, 71 , 

Twify, — tee York ciidoqs. 

TekeU Lmir. do. 114. 

Tenit>[iirs, tbe, 69. 

Teye, WulLdc. 117. 

TeVMlolle, Heiir., 168. 

TliirUvall, TLrilwall, Adam de, 98, 121 
Uridiij dc, 113, UQ; Jt>li. de, 19 
Ric. de. lIBi Jtog. de, 113, lis, 

Tlw.fil.!. l}pi(;.d&, 117; , 


Thirnehnm, Will. de. 7-1. 

I'bnmflsll., — »tNe York arcbbiBlioiip. 

T!ii*msun, AiliLiii. 13; Juh., fl, 13, IB, 
1IJ2, I6B-. Bub., 155; Will.. M, lo5. 

Tlioreaby, J olm, — see York arubbistoiis; 
JtdpU, x.xv. 

Tk<jrii>,'rall(iti, Adiuii de, 85, 110; Itu- 
fiulrde, 85. 

Tliopntou, Will., 155. 

Tlirotelagli, Christmn de, lU, 117; 
llo.b. de, 1 17. 

Th-urstau, — nee York nrchbisbore, 

Tbweng, Twpiig, Job. de, 126. 

Tiddak'.Tyiidol, riii.iLiLyof,lxxsT; Adsm 
df, ix, XV, Ixsxvi, &&, — Bte York ca- 
nons; PbiJipjin de, IrxxV; Will, tie , 
Stl, 108; , 110, Ua, 117. 

Tmlde, Job., 47. 

Tolland, Eob„ 165. 

TrKtoz, Job., 117. 

Tccvclyati, Sir W'. C, liv. 

Troiit, Will., S, 50. 

Turner, Mr. Huiisun, xxxvii. 

Tiiriiin, Her' Ic, 2; Ek,, 108. 

Turritti, Job., 70. 

Twedye, , 24. 

Twitbe. Hugo de, xiii. 

Tydd, Nic, siii., Job., 7a. 

Tjmnoutb, Isab, de, &1. 


ITetrad, serv. de LaiDbell*,', S7. 
t^mfreville, HiinfmiivLlls.Uuirrarorilk', 

Giib. de, K, XV, liaiv. Uit. Ittvi, 35, 

85,87,111, 117.— m-e Angus; Marj;. 

cks 111; OdoiHiU dc. s. »v, 95. U I ; 

Eio, de, xTi, IxxVjStO.lll, IlCi Rob., 

Iniv, Irrvi. 
tTuiIerhiil, Eflg., 12. 
Urhuji, poiio, 151. 

Vale, i;\'ill, del, 56- 

Viiloneiii. AUoinnr de, I IS ; Will do, 

YallibuB. Vaus, Yavi, Joh. dp, 5, 106; 

Petr. d&, »■!-, l.fSi P. de,">!M York. 

u&noiLS ; lixib. ile, 85, 131. 
Tescy, Eustnce. du, 89. 
Vii>ont. Ycterii'Diilc, Vopont, Sir lyo 

de, i«, 85, 113, 11-1, ISO; Lniindc^ 

121; Malild. de, 85; Nio, dc, 15i 

RtA. de. 85 i , xvl 



^H VJ2 OF ^^^^^^^^H 


Wilk)-ii>ii)n,ELifam.,79;<Ioh., as, 160: ^M 

Uub.,6di Sii»[].,7t». V 

^^^^^^VSw^ran 1 Mr,, 

Witlebrord.St., Uxii. ■ 

^V "VTuldi, WxitKh. Hob., 30, TS. 

William,— JWB Nottingbntti ftwbd- ^M 

^m wtiij^-. wm. le, i3i. 

the chaplain, 8S, S9. ^M 

^H Wiildevfi, WoWowcii, TV, 55, 87. 

. «^ He^hnm priors.. ^H 

^H Widlfi^r, Joh., 67; Nic, 30. 

• , tm SuutbvQll canuns. ^H 

^B lYdl. Mill, tie, 5. 

^H WflllCT, V\-alJBr, Math.. 4o : IVill,, 28. 

Williiiui tbe Lion, king- a£ Kcotland, xv, ^M 

^H Wullis, IVdIPS. JqIi., 164; Mc. Iixii, 

mi. 1L3, 117. M 

^1 Ixicxvi; Kob., lSl;T])o., 160 i Will,, 

Willimn. ton of Walter the fuller, sji- ^H 

^H 163 :~huv. 

Willjmolbwic, Wvlciotewyk, Hud, dei ^^^B 

^H WnlUra, Eic, Ifii, 

S3 : Nil-, de, Sb. IZl. ^^^1 

^^1 Wnlthfini,— j<e? Yi>rk oftDon!;- 

Wiiiid!e>M>ui'ii, Wiklt. de, B7. ^^^H 

^m ySalUin. nc>Dr. de, lux [ WUl., iS3. 

M ioton., ei>i*e,. P., 91. ^^^H 

^^1 Watwortli, Jiih. de, 2. 

Wirteslr?, Gilb. de, 113 ; Job. de, 112, ■ 

^M WBiiii.wiii.,7g. 


^H Wingesfora, J(ih. do, 40. 

WilriTijrton, Sir John, IfiS. ^H 

^H \Pbii1o3, JoIl., 2 ; Eub., 160. 

W'ivill, Hit Rig. de, 88. ^1 

^M Wards, Coll. dt^ lo, 119. 

Wcdbiirne, Ml. de, i2. ^M 

^M Warden, Will-, 167. 

Wodwaii, Hpur., 66; Tho., 56. ^^^B 

^^M WnrdkJU, Kijigu). ilt, S9. 

Wcnlryngtijn, Uenr, de, 36. ^^^^M 

^^M Wflitrc, Joh., 15ti. 

Wallnn, Kuli. de. 11. ^^^H 

^1 yfster,Ja\i..T7,7&. 

Wollowe, Itob. de, 27. ^^^H 

^M Wntti, Job., 77. 

Wamlhorue rum.. Ivi. ^H 

^H Wul^in, .lull.. 2. 74. 79. 165 ; Kob„ 44, 

Wrigbt, Wrjjiht, Benbrix, 26; Mr., ■ 

^M 45, 7'!^: Roll., 2; Will,, 165. 

xlii, xXlit, Is. btiii, Ixiv, Ini, IsKiii, ^M 

^^U WauOe, Juli., 75. 

kxTi, Ixxxiv, sci^. ^^^H 

^^1 Wayde, Jgh,. 71. 

Wygurn,, tj-if^-, (v, IM, ^^^H 

^H V/ijhs, Edniird, 164. 

Wyotl^, Henr., 74. ^^^^| 

^H Webster, Alie., £, 6. 

Wf tington, Tbu. de, 91. ^^^H 

^H Wedowwn, Will., 63, 6 1. 


^^1 Wdde, Jul)., xc. 


^^M Welles— Af¥ Uexbuni iiriors. 


^H Wellewic, Kir Ead, de, ea. 

^^1 WeltO'ii, — sM Curliale bialiups. 


^H Wer', Marbtti, 2. 

Yurrovr, itoli,., 1S9. ^^^^H 

^^1 Wlielpi-igtuD, Rob. de, nil, — rp<' IIox- 

TuUehua], Nio. de, 108. ^^^B 

^^1 ham priors. 

YiigchuiTe, Job. de, 08. ^H 

^H WhicbdHoii, Job., 160. 

Yiitinime. liob. de, 71. ^H 

^H M'liitL<lie.4['e. .Mich, de, SL. 

York, Wi)l, de, 51. ■ 

^H Whilefcld, Wlivtfeld. Witefeld, Horm 

York, arcbbiehqitif. Booth, W., 1&2 ; ^M 

^H ili;, 8S; Job. de, VZl; NaLb. dc, 19, 

Baviet, Hen., 151; Corbridge. T., ^M 

^H &&, UU, 117 ; Ikib., perrana de, 121. 

107 ; OeiiBirej Plautageuet, S8, 134 ; ■ 

^H Wbitela^'li, Wbyiliiw, Adum de, 116; 

Giffarti, Walt,, 110 ; Gray, Waller, ■ 

^H WUl. de, 1@. 

Isi^ii, 90, 91, £13, %, 96, 101. 110, ■ 

^H Whyl,, Wk/M, Job., 2, GG, 67, 69. 

134, 135; Lli'aeutlcld. W., lx, ]31, ^M 

^H Wbythcuod, Sab., 66. 

123. l:>4, 1S6, 120; Uhn. 136; ■ 

^H Wbytsknle, Wh_j'Ukal«, J«h.,2; Will.,2. 

Mdl«ti, W., ix, 129. 120. l^ifi 1 Ne- ^M 

^H M'hyl.turi, Adam de, S(f. 

vilJG, A,, xii, xiY, 145. 146, U7, 149; ^M 

^^1 M'hyLyngeliain, Job., (3. 

Neville, G., 152, 153; Rogur, xiii.slii, ^M 

^H Widindun, WiU. de, U. 

85; ItoDiauus, J., viii, 102, 104; ^M 

^^U Widi'^u^rtDu, Rog, d«, 7> 

Tbomns 11., lii, 86, 1(KI, 183, 134; ■ 

^H Wit^tiiot,— see Hipgn caDODS. 

Thureiiby, J-, HQ) Thuretan, vii, xi, ^| 

^H Wi]ber, Will., 1G2. 

:i;;i, xH, 86, 109, |.?4; W., 121; ■ 

^^1 WiloKiEun, Juh.. 79. 

ZoiLchc, W., 2, 138, 139, HO, H 

^^1 Wilfrid, bLeboji. xxvi, xxvii, isviii. xiis. 

Inrk, arnhdescon of, John. S6. ^H 

^^B xxxi, ixiiv, xxxT, x^xTJi. lix, lixi. 

, uinuiL of, Alan, B6 ; Ernrd, 88 : ^M 


Gen>Id,86; Godnrd, pcPTiitenlinriiis, ^M 



94 J Gray, Rob. de, 91 ; Hamo, 86 ; 
Luiardus, 88 ; Mainard, 86 ; Marcel, 
Will., 91 ! Nicholas, 86 ; Bic, can- 
cell., 91; Staiilak,G. de,91i Stephen, 
86; Taney, Walter de, 94; Tindal, 
Adam de, 91 ; Yollibua, P. de, 91 ; 
Waltham, Jo. de, 151. 

York, chancellor of, Apulia, Simon, de, 

, chantor of, William, 86. 

York, dean of, Robert, 86. 

, dean and chapter of, 88, 140, 145, 

, treasurer of, Clifford, John de, 


Zouchei — *ee York archbishops. 




Abercom, nai. 

Ai'nm, AcDmb, AkomF^, S, IS, 92. &i, 

110, I2h, 136, 153, 187 ; Akum-lccbo, 

A|,t!lieatre, 32. 
AkewDoil, Acwde, Akwod, 3, 91, 92. 

as. 9't, 9G, 107. 134. 135. 136. 139. 
AlnttdBll. 169. 

Aldficlide^ Ald-aohcl, 16, 114, 
Atdrostoa, 120. 
Allerdale, xt, 
AElef^ttSrthe, Alpeswess, Aletwithe, 21, 

1 10, 1C9 ; Allern^si}-3c)tal6z, 21, 25. 
Alne river, I'l. 
Aluebiiryb. 14. 
AlsUm, Aldeston, Aldeneston, Alde- 

nyston, Ateston, ii, lii. ixit, la, 20, 

21, 113, 119, 130, 121, 169. 
Alfitoa, ALdunnestun, Atdstone, Moor, 

15, 20, 21. 163, 168. 
Alwentfiilfilo, Alweu.Wle, 92, 9-1, 167. 
Alwunton. viii, 1 1, 38, lUfi, 123, 
AiiE[jniiij. 123. 
Anwirk, Ainewik, Anj'k, Aynwyk, 

iviii, x:i, 3. 4, 5. 6. 18, 19, 53, 91, 

92, Q3, Si, 109, 133, 134, 135, 139, 

153. 160. 1B7, 
Ajictre-lej-, 117. 
Aukclafld-^pile, GO, Gl. 
Ayden castle, liirv. 


Bubinpl.oti, Babynjrtfli'.Pn-rvii, 37, 112. 

Barefortli, 168. 

BoToiisford, BELrvF-Bforde, 33^ 111. 

Batugh, Great, vii. 

Bitrugjih, Litlle, vii. 

BBaumuiid, 30, III, lio. 

Beaumond-btirne, 30. 

Bcinvfrimt, Beiwjifroiit, Deii/ront, pari, 

3, 5, 1G3. 
BecheMd, lis. 
Bd&cje, 40. 
Belasya-way, 41, 
BelliLi(;Qlia.m'3-la'nd. 45. 
BccyWd, Breu^lelile. 16fi. \m. 
Beowull, Beimwdl, 56, 1L4. 
lierfjU, 144. 

Borgli> Lrtill, 80, B-i, I55. 
Bi^T^b. .Mikkil, 79, 84, 154, I&S. 
Berniuia, xxlx. 
BUTerlej, livi, 90, 130. 
Boweaatle, msi. 
Birkbum, 94, 136. 
Birke-lwi'tie-intjrM, 163, 
Hirke-burtje, 136. 
Birtley, Birtle, Byrlfllye, ii, 34, 111, 

165, 168. 
Biascbupton, Gl. 

Bitelifidil. X. 

Bklio-bufiic, 97. 

Blake-dyk&, ytm, 7. 

Boolyvo, 7. 

BoIIon-in -Craven, xhi, xoi, 

Basdall, til. 

Bra-uby, Brawby, 77. 7S, 83, 81, 128, 
145. l-W, 151, 155, 137. 153. 

BrenkibotU, 85. 

Brenklawe, Brinkekgb, iS, IIS. 

liridlingtoD, x-oi. 

Brille-moor, 34. 

Briiughtoji, Brog-bton, 104. 

Brougliton, Magna, xiv. 67, 69. 

HmiightoTi, Tarva, xiv, 05,07,6(1, 167. 

Braun-8p(ii--lnne, 20. 

Bromuo rivul., 59. 

Blirnbolme priory, SI. 

Bufntiofi-beuyde, 20. 

Biiru-wny, 40. 

Burton, lOG. 


^^^^^^^^^^ INDEX OF PLACESj VOL. It. 195 H 

H Byland, Aid, abhej, 169. 

Corbridjre, Corbryg, sii, 3, 27. 23, 112. ^^H 

■ Byugford, 139. 

, Adam-Piilmcr-plaftO in, 30 ; ^^^| 

■ Bj-fires, SF, siLi, 22, 23. 97, 98, 103, 

Call well-{7 hare iu, 30; FischamU^- ^^^| 

■ 104, 110. 

gat in. 29 ; Lyil-gate ia, 29 ; Mod){- ^^^| 

■ Byr«sf«ld, 43. 

wcskely- place la, Z9 ; K'iLraw-gtiL& la, ^^^| 

^1 Bji^'lid-yat, ZS. 

30 ! Prent-sl.rel.e in, SO; St. Maregato V 

^M Byres ptLrk. 166. 

in, 29 i Thurnebiir(rli-KiLta in, 30. H 

^B Bfwell, sxii, S5. 

Corne-strmlhre, fnti9 de, IB. ■ 

CDlland-mKii', 161, 163. ■ 

CrakUivife, Crowlaw, 7. 42. 1 


Crei*]a^ti-moop, 113. U 

Crathom, 131. ^^M 

Caddet), 12- 

Craviuok-liill, 18- ^^H 

CitldcDtos, 45. 

Crukelinrne, Crokid^buroe, 16, 20. ^^^| 

Cald-strothre, 36, 37, 111, 116. 

Croesknd, 20., ^^^| 

Canon-dyk, G2. 

Cumberland, siv, xv, 13. lOS. ^^^| 

CnjiLeiton, 100. 


Carlisle, iv, iiiiij 14- 131. 


cstliedral, liv, 143. 



-, Cal'iivel-gat in., 14. 

Dalton, z\m. lii, 46, 43, 51, 53, 116, ^^M 

132, 133, 142, 163. ^^H 

, ^miUI-^U;, XalJLt 1, f*>. 

C&rraw, Cliarmia, KornLwer, svi, xxiii. 

Den/Lnituifi-sliavr, xxiv. ^^^| 

15, 16, SI. B6, 113. 

Dedraau-iyke, Ded-m&uis-dylw, xilv, ^^H 

CflrraitS-aid moor, 113- 

43. ■ 

Carslye, Kanwlay, 32, IBS. 

Dwjn-l]iirne, 60. 1 

Caswlwime, 66. 

Deer, Dero. -street, xriii, 5, 7, 9, 30, 34.. 1 

Cartel-way. 62. 

Deira, xxiii. ^^^B 

Castle Howard, txt. 

t>ei]e9toni>-mo<tr, 162. ^^^H 

CiittcJcLo. 90, 95, 110. 

Derlinglon-way, 61. ^^^| 

Ciiwo<l, 12&, ISS, 123, 139, 140, 147, 

Dinnri-dotie, A&. ^^^H 

148, 151, 152. 

DiJtjtDti] Devilston, 89. ^^H 

Clinpel-well, 59. 

BIpdcn, 10. ^^^1 

CliJtrlawe, 51. 

Disfliu^Ti, Dysyugton, xxiv, 13, 45. ^^^| 

Cliorkwe.-K'c!!. 51, 52. 

Dounid, !Dr>iine°, -Tiioor. 8. 168. ^^H 

CL«e.'!e-lurn, Clie^&burglio, 52, 104, 

Doi.eland-deene, 10. ^^^| 


DoktaDd-uion;, 11. ^^^| 

CLraborne ernnsB, 1G4. 

Dotland, 10, 11. 91, 02, 93, 94, 95, m 

Choatre, Aid, 31. 

104, 105, lot), IH 135, 139, L&S, M 

ClMi'strpliOiie in H^dosjale, 21, HI. 

162. ^^ 

Cli«stre2. lea, 27, 37. 48. 

DotlAna-tMLrlr, 11, 1-IO, 157, 159. ^^M 

Chollt-rtor. ClioUirton, Chelwerton, 

Doafa river, 71, 75, 76. ^^H 

CLolvertoii, CoUcrtoD, ix. 30, 36, 

Uridyl, ^^H 

as. 111. 13T, 166, 16ia. 16tl. 

DrijiinttoLI. Drypiotille, 56, 115. ^^M 

Chullirtiou-vraye, 85- 

Buiielwesbulcli, 87. ^^^| 

C!ayeri|^, 3. 

Iluubj, 34. ^^H 

Cleveland, 65> 

Diini^ivte, 4iO. ^ _ ^^H 

Clifton, 41. 

Durham, xiv, .\xLii, sxxi, ^9, ^. ^^^H 

Ctidlaw-Bifti-e, 9. 

Iti4'hArt^i,^ fif fiH. fli. ^^^^^H 

Cokdey, Coijelye, 11, 167; Cocelye- 

— , <!l]urch of, 137. ^^^| 

baak, 26 ; Coksley-rell, 21, 

. di^ice:^ lit, 1. ^^^H 

Golden, riiv, 34, 104, 111- 

. see or. L37. ^^H 

Durham-jjalie, 60. ^^^| 

kjrke, niT, 34- 


Coleboc-sika, tW, 100. 


CoIeiiiHiuehe, Laxii, 

Ccilletvell, CoKvd), Colnowell, x, 8, 35, 

E ^^M 


111, 168. 

Eachwick, EeLiwii;k, as. sxiv. 43, 4-1, 1 

Cultnii, ISS. 

46, 52, 114, 132. Ul, M2. lf>4<. ■ 

3 tins 005 u^ j^g^" 




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