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—" " Private 

Accession 1?007)| 1 911 

#8l.M$5 REV£fLL£-l9l3 


Class 1^03381^165^0^11 ' 




Class LD338l«M65 Boo'- I 

Accessio n " "Q^"' 


E- A. Whisht Bank note Co. 




private 1913 




Jfflfesta*tppt 0. anb JR College 






gfe a tribute to tfjeir character anb as an expression 
of our gpmpatijp, toe bebtcate tins bolume of $rtoate 
1913 to our members tobo toere unable to grabuate 

Mentor Class 


: B 




Class $oem 

I am sad today, as I sit all alone, 
And adown the dim future gaze, 
Remembering that soon there will only be left 
The memory of by-gone days. 

We have spent many happy hours here 
On campus, in classroom and hall, 
And we sigh, for fear we'll soon be forgot 
By "Professors," cadets and all. 

But when in the future you turn to these scenes 
May memory our image recall, 
For we wish for you long life and success, 
Nor misfortunes your life e'er befall. 

And as these classic walls we soon leave, 

And our life work endeavor to find, 

May the bonds of friendship we have formed here, 

Be stronger cemented by time. 


Class ikmg 

Tune — Old Kentucky Home 


Oh! the sun shines bright on the dear old Senior class, 

Our four years together is a dream ; 

May we get the best of the good things as they pass 

And may be loyal to our "Old '13." 

The moon sails on and is drifting through the clouds 

While we court our sweethearts serene ; 

May we ne'er forget when we promise to be true 

Our loyalty to "Old '13." 


Dear old college classmates, 

Our companionship's a dream ; 

May we get the best of the good things as they pass, 

And be loyal to our good old class '13. 

E. M. R. 


<^ j g> 




(33 L ts> 


- i- 

EUGENE CARTER ANDERSON Csnterville, Mississippi 
Civil and Mining 

"Pap" joined our class as a Sophomore in September, 1910, 
and since then he has proved himself a good student, and a 
good friend to all who know him. In his studies he stands 
at the head of his class, and some day he will be a great 
Civil Engineer, for he knows his line of work better than 
an}' man in his class. 

In this his last year a great change has taken place. It was 
thought that Cupid would never play an important part in his 
life, but since school opened in September he has fallen deeply 
in love. We consider the young lady in this affair very 
fortunate in winning his love, and we congratulate her upon 
her good choice. 

Here's luck to you "Pap, old boy." If you make a great 
success in life as you have in college we will expect great 
things of you. 

Wilkinson County Club; Y. M. C. A; M. A. S. E; 




Memphis, Tenn. 


Although Estes has only been with us since our Sophomore 
year he is well known by all students and members of the 
faculty. He is a great musician, military genius, and an Agri- 
cultural Student combined. We expect to hear of him some 
day, startling Caruso with his wonderful voice and appalling 
Paderewski with his divine touch. Besides these he is a 
great student of Agriculture, and a lover of the fair sex. We 
wish him success in whatever he may undertake. 

Agricultural Club, German Club, Cotillion Club, Lee Guards, 
Sabre Company, Orchestra, 'Varsity Baseball 'n-'i3, First 
Sergeant's Club. 





"Shipman" claims "bona fide" in that part of the delta 
where cotton grows twenty-nine feet tall. He is an energetic 
student, and a successful worker, and has shown himself 
worthy of all the esteem and friendship of his classmates and 
associates. He expects to practice medicine at some future 
time, and at present he is one of Dr. Hand's disciples in 
Chemistry. He is a favorite with the old maids and the re- 
cipient of much love and admiration. To all those desiring 
receipts for making hot chocolate and fudge we fully recom- 
mend him. 

Le Flore County Club, Inter Nos Club, Swamp Rabbits' 
Private Detective Bureau, Dialectic Literary Society, Agri- 
cultural Club, Band. 





Richton, Mississippi 


"J. F." hails from Richton, where the timber grew so 
dense and tall that he had to grow considerably in height 
in order to be "survival of the fittest." 

"J. F-" joined us in our Junior year and has been a hard 
working student ever since. As a society man he is equaled 
by few and excelled by none, however he did not make 
debut in society until late in his Junior year. Backstrom is 
a good natured, whole hearted fellow, well met with every 
one. He is a very bright student in the class-room and won 
fame in_the Literary society, where he devoted much of his 
energy. We feel that he has a bright future before him, 
and we wish him wealth, health and fame in anything that 
he undertakes. 

Agricultural Club, Dialectic Literary Society, Reflector 





Sumraix, Mississippi 

Electrical Engineering 

"R. O." has been an ardent member of the class for four 
long years, and has during his career, made a record equal- 
ed by few, and surpassed by none. He is a great musician ; 
he is said to have made "Paderewski" wonder at his divine 

This specimen has never taken a very active part in society, 
although he is sufficiently game for this stunt. We hope 
some day for him to return to South Mississippi and put 
into practice some of his electrical knowledge, which is much 
needed in that devastated wilderness. Each member of the 
class wishes "R. O." success in whatever he may undertake, 
even though it be matrimony. 

Band, Glee Club, Dialectic Literary Society, Inter Nos 




Salt Lake City, Utah 

Civil and Mining 

R. A., or better known as "Dad," hails from distant Utah. 
He has been with us four years and a member of the band 
during the entire time. Evidently he believes in "tooting" 
his own horn. Although "Dad" is from Utah he loves old 
Mississippi. He is not the most brilliant man in the class, 
but can be depended on when exams, come around. From 
all indications nothing need be said of his social "stunts." 

In our endeavor to lengthen this write-up we need only 
to say ???? 

George Rifles, Band, Sabre Company. 





Memphis, Tennessee 


Although this young man is now a howling metropolitan 
swell, he first came to these "Knowledge Works" as a deni- 
zen of Starkville. Some time later he saw the error of his 
ways and moved away to a great city. Gene is considered 
one of the best students in our class and is a true friend 
to all. By several Main street maidens he is said to be "most 
lovable." The ambition of his life is to edit the best farm 
paper in the South. 

Lee Guards, Town Preps, German Club. 





McCool, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

"Come thou Mirth and bring with thee 
Jest and youthful Jolity." 

Long and lanky, with great capacity for pie and for work. 
Although "Shabod" was an A. & M. cadet only two years, 
he won the reputation of being the best student in his class. 
Thoughtful yet jovial, confident yet unassuming, he is an ex- 
cellent mixer, a good friend and a born companion. We ex- 
pect great things of "H. M." when college days and gradua- 
tion are things of the past. 

Philotechnic Literary Society, Choctaw County Club, De- 
mosthenean Club, Exchange Editor, "The College Reflector;" 
Vice-President and Critic P. L. S., ioii-'i2; Anniversarian P. 
L. S. ioi2-'i3; President C. C. C. IQI2-*I3; Y. M. C. A. 





Starkville, Mississippi 



"Critz" came to us as a Freshie and has been in the bunch 
ever since. Few have played the Stellar Role as has this town 
prep. He can be depended on in class-room to do his 
part, and also on the diamond. Although "Critz" is a town 
prep he is always here on time, and is a firm believer in go- 
ing to chapel and in filing irregular schedules. We hope 
to see this town prep wearing a tiger uniform in a few 
years' time. His good nature and excellent preparation in- 
sure him success. 

Town Prep Club, Agricultural Club, 'Varsity Baseball 'ip- 
'13, Captain 'n-'i3. 






Yazoo City, Mississippi 

Electrical Engineering 

It was in September, 1909, that our Mr. Cole of Class '13 
made his debut at the A. & M. Since that time he has been 
a hard worker both on the athletic field and in the class 
room. In athletics he is "King Cole," and as such will be 
long remembered, for his brilliant plays at short and for 
tackling that University guy so hard but it is his studies 
that he has excelled. In these he has always led, mathematics 
being his hobby and standard by which he measures all 
things — except love. 

He is a "square" jolly good fellow, loved by all, and so his 
friends hope that as he pursues his studies higher in some 
Northern University that all pleasures and successes without 
the usually accompanying troubles will be his, and that after 
he enters life's swim, he will electrify the world, in his 
chosen profession — Electrical Engineering. 

Captain George Rifles, Captain Sabre Company, M. A. S. 







Iuka, Mississippi 

We gladly point to "Bob" as one who has always done 
his duty well since he joined us four years ago. He has con- 
stantly remained at his post during these four years, and 
has won the friendship of all who come in contact with him. 
His name has never appeared on the delinquent list, which 
speaks for itself as to his promptness and strict compliance 
with all rules and regulations. His highest ambition is to 
stand at the head of some great cotton-mill and thus con- 
tribute his part to the cotton-mill industry of the South. 
We hope for him much success in his chosen profession. 

Philomathean Literary Society 'io-ii, Textile Club 'io-ii, 
Secretary and Treasurer Textile Club 'n-'i2, Magruder 
Medal 'io-'n, Class Treasurer 'i2-'i3. 




Memphis, Tenn. 

Electrical Engineering 

This good-natured and intelligent youth hails from our 
sister state, Tenn. He joined our class in the Sophomore 
year and has been a staunch member ever since. Edwin's 
neat appearance and pleasant disposition not only have won 
for him the admiration of the class, but of the fair sex of 

Edwin's special study is Electrical Engineering, and he in- 
tends to take an apprenticeship course after graduation. He 
has been a faithful and painstaking student and we feel that 
success awaits him in any undertaking. This youth is Cap- 
tain of the Lee Guards and has shown much interest in this 
organization. His favorite pastime is hoeing a certain 
Prof's garden to get a ride in that Prof's automobile. 

Cosmopolitan Club, Captain Lee Guards, M. S. A. E., Y. 
M. C. A. Sabre Company. 





Russum, Mississippi 


Warren hails from some remote, unheard-of corner of 
Jefferson County, but from his amiable nature, unerring 
generosity, and unprecedented modesty one would term him 
from some Utopian district. Since he joined us four years 
ago, he has proven himself a hard worker, an honest and in- 
dustrious student. Some day we expect to see him well es- 
tablished on his ideal dairy farm. Warren has not taken a 
very active part in society, but the periodical "Billet Doux" 
he receives from Okolona would suggest that "Cupid" plays 
an important part in his daily thoughts. 

Y. M. C. A., Dialectic Literary Society, Agricultural Club, 
Jefferson County Club. 





Hamburg, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

Walter, commonly known as "Pigeon," entered the class 
in 1909, to pursue the course in Pedagogy. He has a strik- 
ing appearance, is popular, and is a friend to all who come in 
contact with him. He is a brilliant student and among the 
few who have never been found deficient on an examina- 
tion. We are looking forward to him for great things in 
the medical world. The best of wishes go with him and may 
he always succeed in the future as in the past. 

Franklin County Club, Inter Nos Club, Demosthenean 
Club, Dialectic Literary Society, Inter-Collegiate Debator, 
Y. M. C. A., Private Detective Bureau. 





Batesville, Mississippi 

Civil and Minim 

"A. B." came to us as a Sophomore, and has been here since 
that time. He is a hard working student, studying ten 
minutes every night that comes. "A. B." smokes his pipe, 
and pictures himself in a lovely home surrounded by beauti- 
ful children and a charming wife. A bright future is in 
store for him. 

Lee Guards, Engineering Club, Ye Rounders, Hungry 




MARVIN LEONARD ENGLISH Aberdeen, Mississippi 

"Doc" has been a member of the class for four years, and 
had made a good record as a student and as a twirler. In 
"Doc" we find a pleasant associate, a good dancer, and a 
big heart. He is a lover of "English i and 2," having taken 
special work in them both. 

We feel perfectly safe in predicting a bright future tor 
this lad. 

German Club, Lee Guards, Cotillion Club, Agricultural 
Club, Monroe County Club, Baseball. 





SUSETTE FOWLER Starkville, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

Susette is a loyal member of class '13, beloved by all for 
her gentleness and intellectual attainments. She respects duty 
as a sublime word. The hard work of college life never had 
its evil effects upon her serene and sympathetic nature. The 
magic power she had of keeping perfect harmony between 
her many suitors has been a mystery to some of the A. & M. 
cadets. She appreciates the value of a purpose in life and 
nothing less than great success awaits her, with all good 
wishes from her class-mates. 

Class Historian 

'i2-'i3, Philotechnic Literary Society '11- 





Hamburg, Mississippi 


"H2O," "Hall Orderly," or whatever we feel disposed to 
call him, came from the well known county of Franklin. We 
know him to be a quiet, industrious and thorough student, 
but he has never been predisposed to over-tax his cerebrum. 
Starkville society forms a portion of his weekly ration, and 
the one thing that he loves more than his books is the fair 
sex. Upon leaving college he expects to assist in extending 
the knowledge of Agriculture to the young people of his be- 
loved state, and we believe that some day his name will be 
written on the roll of "Fame" (?) 

Y. M. C. A., Franklin County Club, Agricultural Club, 
Demosthenean Club, Dialectic Literary Society. 










Stonewall, Mississippi 

Mechanical Engineering 

"Bob" joined our class in the Junior year. He has been 
successful both in the class-room and on the athletic field, 
making the 'Varsity football team both years. As a half- 
back he was a terror to his opponents, and considered by 
many one of the best in the south. "Bob" has captured the 
heart of one of our fair "Co-eds." He says he is going to 
Canada and farm. Luck to you "Bob." 

Ye Rounders, George Rifles, Captain of Class and All- 
Class football, 'Varsity football, baseball and basket-ball. 



HORTENSE GLADNEY Starkviixe, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

"Horty," our beloved co-ed and most loyal member of class 
'13, joined us in our Sophomore year. Beloved by all for 
her gentleness and intellectual attainments she is happy, 
good natured girl, exceptionally modest and refined, who al- 
ways looks on the bright side of everything. "Horty" is an 
excellent student; the hard work of college life never dis- 
turbs her calm, sympathetic nature, nor prevents her from 
having an open-hearted hospitality. She speaks her good will 
to everyone by always having a pleasant smile. Here's to 
you, with our best wishes for a successful future. 

Class Poet, Reflector Board, Philotechnic Literary Society. 







F. C. GRAHAM Waynesboro, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

"Eft See" came to us as a Junior and immediately assumed 
the role of the leading Pedagogue. One of his most indi- 
vidual characteristics is walking fast on his way to the Li- 
brary, where he spends most of his spare time. In his medi- 
tative moments he quotes "Shakespeare," but his great- 
est delight is reading love poems, and writing to certain 
friends (?) in Wayne County. Withal he is an earnest and 
efficient student. Quiet and reserved, but tenacious in his 
purpose, he accomplishes whatever he sets his heart upon. His 
future success is a certainty. 

Wayne County Club, 'n-'i3, Pres. 'i2-'i3, Philotechm"c 
Literary Society, Corresponding Secy. 'n-'i2, Pros. Atty., '12- 
'13; Pres. 2nd Term 'i2-'i3; Y. M. C. A., Class Representa- 
tive Commencement. 




StarkviixE, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

Mabel came to our class in the Sophomore year and has 
ever since been one of its shining stars. She is gentle, 
sweet, and lovable, and always meets you with a smile, so 
alluring that you at once fall in love with her. Her favorite 
pastime is keeping a certain ex-senior from catching his 
train. She is very fond of studying History of Education, 
Elective (?). We predict a most successful future for 
her. In love affairs she has many suitors, and in study she 
is very energetic. 





Artesia, Mississippi 


Newton is one of the last of "Peter Parley's" disciples 
and has had a long rocky road to travel. 

He says his home is in Artesia, but we are inclined to be- 
lieve that he spends most of his Sundays when he goes 
"home" in Columbus. 

When he closes the deal with his better half and settles on 
his farm, haymaking will be his favorite pastime. 

In college his specialty has been the Glee Club and as a 
result we often hear his melodious voice ring down the dor- 
mitory halls. A bright future lies before him and he carries 
the best wishes of the class. 

Y. M. C. A., Dialectic Literary Society, Sophomore and 
Alumni Debator, Representative Crystal Springs Chautauqua, 
Loundes County Club, Glee Club. 




JOHN C. HARDEN McCool, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

Choctaw County sends "Jack" to us, and during his three 
years here, he has become a well known "Pedagog." He is 
a jolly, good hearted and good natured fellow, possesses a 
pleasing personality, and is well liked by all of his associates. 
Medicine is his chosen profession and with his pedagogical 
training, we expect in the future to find him teacher in a 
medical college. While he is neither a "heart doctor" nor 
a "heart breaker," it is supposed that through his guidance 
Cupid's dart has entered the heart of some fair damsel. 

Choctaw County Club, 'oa-'i3, President, 'io-'ii; Junior 
Club, 'n-'i2; Philotechnic Literary Society, 'io-'i3; Vice- 
President, 'i2-'i3; Sophomore Debater, 'io-'ii ; Demosthe- 
nean Club, 'n-'i3; Educational Club, Tennis Club, Y. M. C. 
A., 'io-'i3; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 'i2-'i3. 







New Orleans, Louisiana 


Blair has not confined his labors to the study of Agri- 
culture solely, but has taken an active part in many other 
phases of college life. His everlasting good humor, untainted 
sincerity, perseverance and willingness to perform his por- 
tion of a task have won for him the love and admiration of 
his fellow students. When not reading good literature he 
is more than likely in Meridian, but his summer address is 
"Wheat Fields, Kansas." Blair made an enduring hit with 
the ladies when he brought back the hair cut from the latter 
place termed by someone "a la bang." Since he is very taci- 
turn we have no idea what he intends to follow, but all of 
us wish him much success. 

Dramatic Club, Lee Guards, German Club. 





Columbus, Mississippi 


"Pee Wee,'' as he is known in all parts of "D" "Co," first 
broke into the lime light of public notice as the first ser- 
geant of the invincible J. C. Hardy Volunteers. Under the 
noble tutelage of his noble captain he developed into the 
"Little Giant" he now is. Although small in stature this is 
counteracted by his verbosity. The noise of a skirt or the 
rattle of bones are the only things that will distract his eyes 
from his books. For four years he has been a faithful mem- 
ber of the Y. M. C. A., but the club that he is most proud 
of is the S. O. L. C. His favorite vocations are "making 'em 
weep" and indicting epistles to Spartanburg, S. C. The medi- 
cal profession awaits him with open arms. 

Dramatic Club, German Club, Lee Guards, Y. M. C. A., 
S. O. L. C. 




GEORGE B. HIGHTOWER Agricultural College, Miss. 

Industrial Education 

Although "G. B." has been with us only one year, having 
entered last September, he has proved to be a diligent stu- 
dent and a good friend and companion to all who know him. 
He is not a real "Ladies' Man," though he enjoys their com- 
pany occasionally. We have been told that he is going to 
pursue the course of Law. Here's hoping you success in 
all that you pursue and the good wishes of class '13 will al- 
ways be with you. 

Lee Guards. 




SARGENT PRENTIS HUFF Centerville, Mississippi 
Civil and Mining » 

"Kitty" came to us from the pine hills of Wilkerson 
County at the beginning of our sophomore year, and before 
he had been with us many weeks, he had made himself 
quite popular among the student body and the faculty. In 
his studies he is unusually bright, standing well at the head 
of his classes. 

He is a well known figure on the campus, and can usually 
be found on the bench, entertaining a bunch of "preps" with 
some new yarn that he has manufactured. We will remem- 
ber Huff as a good student, a straightforward fellow and 
an excellent classmate, and one we all wish success in life. 

Engineering Club, Wilkerson County Club, Inter Nos 





Hazelhurst., Mississippi 


Joe hails from an unknown corner of Copiah county which 
will now become a spot on the map, famous for having pro- 
duced one of the brightest men in our class. Quiet and un- 
assuming Joe has found his way into the hearts of all his 
class-mates. He has found time while worshiping at the 
Shrine of Chance to make himself one of the best equipped 
men this college has turned out, and when that dark eyed 
southern maiden finally persuades him to settle down he is 
going to make a piece of southern Mississippi blossom like 
a rose and put even "Eckie" to shame. Luck to you Joe. 

Copiah County Club, Y. M. C. A. 





Lexington, Mississippi 

Civil and Mining 

F. L. joined our class as a Sophomore. He is known by all 
his friends as "Major," because he loves nothing better than 
to tell a bunch of fellows about his experience with Major 
L. Fontaine during the war. He has developed quite a talent 
in cracking jokes, and we firmly believe that if he keeps on 
at his present speed he will some day rival Tom Murphy. 

So far his heart has not been pierced by the arrows of 
Cupid, but we would not be surprised to hear that he had 
been wounded by this invisible god of love. In his studies 
he stands well and we hope that some day he will return to 
Holmes County and apply his knowledge to the topography 
of this wilderness. 

Lee Guards, George Rifles (Resigned) ; M. A. S. E., Y. 
M. C. A., President Holmes County Club, Junior Club. 




VICTOR HUGO JOYNER West Point, Mississippi 


The subject of this sketch hails from the near-by metropo- 
lis of West Point. "Vic" has been a steady member of the 
class for five years, having been initiated in "Prep." Like 
others of our number, he has been overtaken by misfortune, 
but yet he has held on with the tenacity of a bull-dog. He 
is a strict believer in good times and takes life easy. We 
wish him great success in his chosen work, and some day 
we hope to read, "Dr. V. H. Joyner, Master of the White 
Plague," or something equally as marvelous. 

Junior Club, Lee Guards, German Club, Clay County 




JOHN H. KIRKPATRICK Louisvuae, Mississippi 


The subject of this sketch hails from Winston County, 
which is famous for ? "Kirk" joined us as a Sopho- 
more and we were glad to welcome him among our midst, 
and more so since we have found his quality. He has a 
strong will power, love of industry, and a very independent 
nature. We may sometimes be disposed to call him "Book- 
ish," but a close acquaintance reveals him as being naturally 
so. In the classroom, he always "Fessors" when he does 
not thoroughly understand the proposition. 

His smiling good nature and independent "head work" 
upholds the fact that he will be successful in almost any 
line of Agriculture he pursues. 


Agricultural Club, 
Club, Y. M. C. A. 

'io-'i3; President Winston County 




Vance, Mississippi 


Rob Roy came to us as a Sophomore and has long since 
been a standby. He is known for his many good traits, and 
is one of those fellows who believes in having a good time. 
Roy is a lover of good looking women, and has done his 
part toward showing the Starkville belles a good time dur- 
ing his stay here. He enjoys boasting of the fact that he 
lives in the Delta where cotton grows twenty-nine feet tall, 
and where there is money on trees. Combining his good 
nature and his knowledge of Agriculture, we are sure of his 
success in whatever he undertakes — even it be matrimony. 

Lee Guards, German Club, Cotillion Club, Swamp Rab- 
bits, Dramatic Club, Sabre Company, Y. M. C. A., Agri- 
cultural Gub. 







Greenville, Mississippi 

Mechanical Engineering 

"Jew" has been with us since our Freshman year, and 
has been an ardent student. Although he has not been 
quite as successful as some of the rest of us, he has done 
his part well. He has been a standby on the class football 
teams, and is a great terror to his opponents in this game. 
If the "Jew" hits the line of life as hard as he does the 
football line, we are certain that he will succeed. 

Engineering Club, Swamp Rabbits, Sub 'Varsity Football 
and Class Football. 





Kosciusko, Mississippi 

Mechanical Engineering 

Once a lad stood thinking; and even as he thought a 
train pulled up to a station, and this lad gritted his teeth 
and swore that some day he would create an engine more 
powerful and efficient than has ever been made. Embedded 
with this spirit, "Luk" came to A. and M. in our Sophomore 
year. Since that time he has been making marvelous strides 
toward his ideal. His marked originality has always been 
admired by all, and more than one time he has assisted his 
class. After finishing school, "Luk" intends serving an ap- 
prenticeship with the I. C. R. R. Be not surprised if you 
should read of the "Lucas Valve Motion," or something 
equally as marvelous. 

Ye Rounders, Engineering Club. 





J. ELMER MA JURE Dixon, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

Elmer entered with the other "green Fresh" in 1909. He 
is not a brilliant student but always manages to pass his 
work. He is absent quite often, and says that he was sick. 
It may be, but we rather believe that it is "heart trouble," 
as he is very fond of the fair sex. We do not know his 
chosen profession, but wish him success in all his undertak- 





Michigan City, Mississippi 


A noted characteristic of Daniel is to be calm, quiet and 
very reserved. Benton County may well be proud that this 
lad hails from her midst. Mason is one of the advance 
guard of this eventful Class of '13, having risen from the 
ranks of "Prepdom." In the classroom he has never been 
a shining star but could always be depended upon to do his 
part. He has never made known his future intentions, but 
it is a very easy matter to picture him in front of a large 
fire, surrounded by happy children, and gazed upon with 
admiration by a loving wife. 






Jackson, Mississippi 


"Mac" is a Hinds County product, who joined us at the 
beginning of our Sophomore year. He has not only made 
good in academic work, but on the athletic field he has also 
done his part, and, as a result, he holds several medals of 
distinction in track work. "Mac" is a natural born "prep," 
and his everlasting smile will long be remembered by those 
who know him. In viewing this specimen from the society 
angle, we find him just making his debut in Starkville so- 
ciety, and in a very timid manner. However, judging from 
the amount of nerve that he exhibits on the gridiron, we feel 
sure that he will not only make a success in this line, but 
will make an unlimited success in life. 

Hinds County Club, Capitol City Club, Track Team 
'io-'i3, Scrub Football 'n-'i3, Agricultural Club. 




Little Springs, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

"Tom" is what his classmates call a "pedagogical peda- 
gogue." He intends to teach when he leaves, and to pre- 
pare himself he pursues elective work in Pedagogy. He 
not only studies hard, but tries to make himself an ideal 
student, and one must not term him exclusively as a "book 
worm." We fancy that he will tell his students what he did 
when in college, and that he will emphasize the fact that the 
fairer sex played no important part in his thoughts. 

Franklin County Club 'OQ-'i3, Handbook Committee 'i2-'i3, 
Y. M. C. A. 'n-'i3. 




MARSHALL STONE McKIE Holly Springs, Mississippi 
Civil and Mining 

Mac entered A. and M. as a Freshman in 1909. He says 
that he had two good reasons for coming here to school. 
First, because they would not let him be a "Co-ed" at the 
M. S. College, and secondly, because he wanted to be a civil 
engineer. In his endeavors to become the latter, he has been 
quite successful, and he has almost ceased to regret his 
failure to become a "Co-ed." 

Mac is noted for his ever neat and fresh appearance. Mac 
likes to boast of the fact that Dan Cupid will have a hard 
time getting his goat, but his room-mate says this has al- 
ready been accomplished, for he always looks at the inside 
of his watch, to see the lifelike appearance of his to be. We 
all join in wishing him great success in his chosen profes- 

Engineering Club, Y. M. C. A., George Rifles (Resigned) 
Dramatic Club, Marshall County Club, Ye Rounders. 




WALTER G. MIDDLETON Hazelhurst, Mississippi 

Mechanical Engineering 

"Pete," the subject of this sketch, is one of those fellows 
who is liked by all who know him. Though he has had a 
hard road to travel, he has been faithful to the end. His 
jolly disposition and stand for the right qualities have won 
for him the admiration of the class.. 

"Pete" hasn't yet decided what he will do in the future, 
besides taking on a "better half," but we feel sure that suc- 
cess awaits him. 

Bugle Corps, Inter Nos Club, Copiah County Club, Engin- 
eering Club. 





Holly Springs, Mississippi 

Maurice began his career at the college as a Soph., and 
has since been a popular man with classmates, students, 
Faculty and Starkville girls. It is a great pity this bril- 
liant youth has not donated his services to one Literary So- 
ciety of the college, for his greatest pastime is Arguing, al- 
ways taking his own views. "Possum" has another great fac- 
ulty in addition to Arguing — that is singing — for any infor- 
mation regarding this phase of his pastime, ask the SeniOi 
who sits by him in Chapel, and his room-mates. He enjoys 
boasting of his "long and short" girls in Columbus. This 
bright youth intends returning to the stock farm and estab- 
lish a principle known as "Millerism." We wish him much 

Y. M. C. A., Marshall County Club, Agricultural Club, 
Private Staff, Class Football, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Cupidus 
Club, Bible Study Committee, Sabre Company. 





Beauregard, Mississippi 


"Dewitt" came to us from Copiah County. How he ever 
found the college remains a mystery. Since he came to us 
he has won many friends among both students and Faculty. 
This lad has taken part in all the phases of college life as 
his record will show. His greatest fault is spending too 
much time in the English Library. "Dewitt" is an ardent 
admirer of the fair sex, and he has spent many an hour dur- 
ing the past four years explaining the advantages of co- 
educational colleges. This is one of our best men and we 
will predict a great future for him. 

Y. M. C. A., Vice-President 'n-'i2, President 'i2-'i.3, 
Dialectic Literary Society 'oo-'i3, Secretary and Treasurer 
of Class 'io-'ii, Vice-President 'i2-'i3, Inter Nos Club 
'oo-'ii, Demosthenean Club, Class Representative at Com- 





Church Hiu,, Mississippi 


"Old Man," known to some students as the "Tinker," but 
fetter known by his classmates for his brilliant record as a 
cadet and student. In the section room if he doesn't under- 
stand the topics of discussion, you may as well listen to 
him interrupt the Prof, with " 'er, 'er, 'fessor, I do not un- 
derstand that," and ask his question, which, when answered, 
he always remembers. Those who happen to desire infor- 
mation regarding his society career, are respectfully referred 
to the young lady whom he escorted to the last Y. M. C. A. 
reception. The "Old Man" expects to return to the farm, 
going into the dairy business, and we all know from his 
untiring efforts in college, that success awaits him in his 
chosen profession. 

Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Jefferson County Club, First Ser- 
geants' Club, President Senior Class. 




EUSTACE W. MINGEE Church Hill, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

"Red" entered as a "Prep" at A. and M. and has been one 
of the star men of his class for five long years. He is 
a conscientious, hard working and sincere classmate. Our 
success in basket ball work has been due largely to his steady 
and consistent efforts, contributing not only by his own 
ability, but also by working up the interests of others. 
"Red" has a big heart and loves all the girls, so he says; 
but we feel sure that one of the fair "belles" of Starkville 
has captured his heart. Independent and determined, he 
will succeed in whatever he undertakes, for he is always 
cheerful and light hearted and will have friends wherever 
he goes. 

Jefferson County Club, Philotechnic Literary Society, 
'Varsity Basket Ball 'io-'i3, First Sergeant Club 'n-'i2. 





Church Hill, Mississippi 


Willie has been a member of the class for five years and 
has been a good standby. In his books he has played the 
stellar role, few men in the class having surpassed his bril- 
liant marks. Willie is a self-made man and enjoys the- 
pleasure of boasting that he is "21 years old." As a society 
man, he is a great admirer of the fair sex — at a distance, 
having made his debut in society in some Oklahoma town. 
Combining his characteristics and chosen works, we feel 
perfectly safe in predicting him a bright future. 

Y. M. C. A., Jefferson County Club, First Sergeant's Club. 





Hattiesburg, Mississippi 

Fred made his debut into the cadet corps some four years 
ago; it is said by some that he hafls from the County of 
"Ink-drinkers," but he pleads not guilty, and claims "bona 
fide" residence in the "Hub" city. Frederick has made an 
enviable record in the classroom, and has won much fame 
as a musician, the Preps declaring he plays the piano in 
five different languages. He is also a member of the Glee 
Club, and a great orator. His courteous manners and hand- 
someness have won him a host of friends, and we believe 
that they will also win for him a certain Meridian girl. 

"Mitch" will enter the U. of P. next year, making the Vet- 
erinary course his choice, here's luck to you. 

Philotechnic Literary Society, Y. M. C. A., Cupidus Club, 
Student Editor-in-Chief of "Mississippi Agricultural Stu- 
dent," Editor-in-Chief "Private '13," Glee Club, Forest Coun- 
ty Club, Agricultural Club, Demosthenean Club, Junior De- 
bater, Chapel Pianist, Sabre Company. 





HARVEY E. NASH Kosciusko, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

Towards the middle of "September, 1909, a train rumbled 
into Starkville on its northward journey over the I. C. 
Among the passengers deposited at this way station was our 
genial Harvey. He began a grind of study which was continued 
through three long sessions, but last summer a dream came 
to him and as a result a new being entered into his life in 
the form of a fair maiden. This conquest has probably re- 
claimed him from the ranks of inveterate bachelorhood. 
He is undecided as to what profession to follow, but there is 
a farm down near Kos'y and a desire for a better half which 
will probably decide this all-important question for him. 

Attala County Club, Philomathean Literary Society, First 
Sergeants' Club, Student Teachers' Association, Y. M. C. A. 




Lexington, Mississippi 

Electrical Engineering 

"Pee Wee" came to us in our Sophomore year. At that 
time he said his greatest ambition was to become an expert 
electrician and to that end he labored very industriously, but 
recently his ambition has turned in an entirely different di- 
rection. Now he is contemplating becoming a turf man. 
He says he believes his greatest talent lies in horse racing. 
It is commonly whispered among the boys that his ideal was 
conceived by a certain young lady who visited on the cam- 
pus recently, for "Pee Wee" says his greatest racer is going 
to be named Jessie. 

We are exceedingly sorry to lose ( ?) Neilson to the en- 
gineering profession, for we are sure he would have made 
a great success, but we all join wishing him the greatest suc- 
cess in everything he undertakes, be it horse racing or 
what not. 

M. H. A. Engineering Club. 





DeKalb, Mississippi 


Charlie, or better known as "Full-back Street," hailed into 
our midst as a lad of two hundred and fifty pounds, but 
with one year under the strenuous life allotted to the "Preps," 
he reduced to normal dimensions. As a brighf prospect he 
entered as "Fresh" with great zeal, and has kept his foot on 
the top step, and success shall be his goal. Street con- 
stantly boasts of his capacity for horticulture, and love, and 
is a battle-scarred veteran in the same. Class '13 sends out 
many strong men, and Street we sum with the first. 

Kemper County Club, Class Football, Agricultural Club. 



WILLIAM A. OWENS Tishomingo, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

"Bill" is a conglomeration of a "Pedagog," "sport," 
"ladies' man" and "wit." We are aware of the fact that he 
is one of the best men in the class. He is a pleasant asso- 
ciate and has a jolly word for everyone. "Bill" has been a 
favorite with the professors, co-eds and Starkville ladies, 
but his heart was touched with Cupid's dart long before he 
ever heard of Starkville and her feminine display. He be- 
lieves that he possesses the ability to teach and we all hope 
that he is not mistaken in his belief. 

President Junior Class 'u-'i2, President Cap and Bells 
Dramatic Club 'i2-'i3, Philotechnic Literary Society '09-' 13, 
Inter Nos Club '11-12, Y. M. C. A. '09-'i3. 




Oka, Mississippi 

Electrical Engineering 

Ora, Mississippi, is responsible for the subject of this 
sketch. "Pep," as he is called by all his classmates. He has 
been with us so long that the oldest members of our class 
have forgotten when he entered school. He has been a hard 
worker while here and is now ready for the great reward 
which the many years of study had in store for him. He is 
not only advanced in the theoretical and practical lines of 
E. E., but also made great headway in scientific and practi- 
cal applications of the great game which we call love. 

We all think that "Pep" will be a good engineer, as he is 
well up on all topics of his line, and we hope that he will 
return to Covington County, the home of his childhood and 
do great things in the advancement of electrical engineering 
in this uncivilized part of the State which needs his assist- 

M. A. S. E., Y. M. C. A., Covington County Club. 




Aberdeen, Mississippi 


Elzie came to us in our Freshman year, and has since 
proved one of our best students. He has made good in every 
line of work he has undertaken. He became noted as an 
orator soon after coming into our midst, and has always 
stood as one of our most brilliant men. Formerly it was 
his greatest desire to accomplish something in the study of 
animal husbandry, but at a recent date from some mysteri- 
ous source he seems to have become a great lover of 
Agronomy and Horticulture. His aim is high and we are 
expecting great things from him in the near future. 

Y. M. C. A., Dialectic Literary Society, Agricultural Club, 
Alumni Debater, President Monroe County Club, Class Rep- 
resentative Commencement. 




ROBERT LEE SAUL Montpeuer, Mississippi 

Industrial Education. 

"It is easy enough to be pleasant 

When life flows along like a song, 

But the man worth while 

Is the man that can smile 

When everything goes dead wrong." 

"Bob" illustrates this in many ways, but the most striking 
incident is that of smiling after having to sacrifice his cor- 
poralship for an onion. From this his classmates conclude 
that his future lies neither in horticulture nor military, but 
they are aware of the fact that his pleasing personality and 
wit will be influential in all that he undertakes. 

Dialectic Literary Society '09-'i3, Clay County Club '09- 
'13, Vice-President 'i2-'i3. 






Mantee, Mississippi 


"Lut" possesses many qualities in addition to his knowl- 
edge of Agriculture. He is a musician of great renown, 
having won fame both as a "Banjo Picker" and as a mem- 
ber of the Glee Club. He is a lover of both Geometry and 
English, having taken special work in these subjects. "Lut's" 
favorite pastime is eating hamburgers, compressing "Drum- 
mond," and discussing the fair sex. He has done splendid 
work here, and our prediction for him is a bright future. 

Y. M. C. A., Webster County Club, Agricultural Club, 
Glee Club. 





Ash wood, Louisiana 

"J- W.," although a member of the class from our sister 
State of Louisiana, feels almost like one of our own, as he 
was born, reared, educated, and we expect will marry in 
Mississippi. His greatest delights are writing his name 
running gas engines, making butter and making hot choco- 
late; while his greatest distress comes in answering "Bully's" 
questions, answering a certain girl's letters and rising be- 
fore the battalion enters the mess hall for breakfast. He is 
another one of "Bully's" special dairy students, and we feel 
sure that he will make a great success in the work of dairy- 

Dialectic Literary Society, Agricultural Club, Y. M. C. A., 
Louisiana Club, Cosmopolitan Club. 





Moscow, Tennessee 


The subject of this sketch is a representative of Marshall 
County, who entered this institution as a "Prep" -five years 
ago. Louis is a very quiet fellow, and will have .to be known 
to be appreciated. He is a faithful student, more of his time 
being devoted to study rather than work on the athletic 
field. Louis is very shy of the fair sex and it is generally 
believed that his life will be that of a bachelor. He fre- 
quently pictures his future farm to his room-mates and 
friends, but never mentions the subject of matrimony. Louis 
has friends among both students and Faculty, and it is the 
hope of every member of the class that he may find a mate 
to join him on his road to success. 





Greenville, Mississippi 


"Bo," as he is commonly called, came to us in our Fresh- 
man year, and has since won many friends among both stu- 
dents and Faculty. He is not inclined to be a "ladies' man/' 
and the subject of matrimony never troubles his mind. He 
has the characteristics essential to the making of a great 
chemist, and doubtless he has acted wisely in choosing the 
the science of Chemistry for his special work. "Bo" has 
long since proven that he is the master of his chosen work, 
and he takes great delight in working out complicated 
chemical actions. Here's wishing him a brilliant future. 
His present address is (according to the Commandant) 
"Jew Solomon, Chicken Bone Alley." 

Washington County Club, Swamp Rabbits. 





Daleville, Mississippi 


"Ags" came to us four years ago, and has been one of 
our hardest working men. In him we find portrayed those 
sterling qualities of character that tend to develop true man- 
hood. He has a striking appearance, very generous, and is 
well liked by all who know him. He tells of future career 
as an Agriculturist and hopes to display his oratorical abil- 
ity along these lines so as to make a hit. We are all sure 
of his success for his special subject, "English," has enabled 
him to overcome his timidity and make his debut in society. 
So here's to you old boy, may your future steps lead to prog- 
ress, and your ambition never meet with disappointment. 

Y. M. C. A., Dialectic Literary Society, Agricultural Club, 
Chairman of Mission Study, Lauderdale County Club. 





Lauderdale, Mississippi 

Electrical Engineering 

The subject of this sketch originated in Lauderdale about 
twenty years ago. "Steve" joined the ranks of our class in 
1908, and has been an earnest and painstaking student. Some 
day he intends to show the Government how the Bureau of 
Standards should be operated. He has an excellent voice 
and made first tenor on the quartette with perfect ease. It 
is said he could break the barriers of any feminine heart 
with his charming music, but he has never been so disposed 
He was once entangled in the web of Cupid, but to his 
amazement four hundred and twenty-seven of his dear let- 
ters were returned one day, and the broken-hearted "Steve" 
henceforth turned his thoughts of love into alternating cur- 
rent problems. He is a loyal classmate, popular among all, 
and we predict for him a bright future. 



JOHN HENRY SWAIN New Albany, Mississippi 

Civil and Mining 

"Icky" came to us from the wilds of Union County in 
our Sophomore year. He has proven himself an industrious 
student and one who is always well up in his classes. He 
is noted for his rangy stature, freedom of speech, and hearty 

J. H. enjoys boasting of the fact that he has never been 
with a girl since he has been here, but he will not talk of 
the little damsel back at home. Let us hope that such con- 
sistency will have its reward. "Icky" has proven himself a 
loyal classmate, a good fellow in general, and broad-minded 
man. We feel sure that he will attain a high plane in life. 
Wishing him great success. 

Union County Club, Engineering Club, Y. M. C. A. 





Osyka, Mississippi 


Willie joined us four years ago as an insignificant piece 
of raw material from one corner of Pike County, but will 
soon go out as one of Class 'i3's best men. He stands out 
prominent for his good nature, open heart, and tranquil 
disposition. He is a friend to us all and it has been a pleas- 
ure to have him in our midst. We do not know his future 
intentions, but we bet on his success, for he made a hit 
In Kansas wheat fields. 

Y. M. C. A., President Pike County Club, Agricultural 





Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Mechanical Engineering 

Carol joined us in the Sophomore year. He comes from 
the famous "Hoosier" State, and possesses all the charac- 
teristics of his people. This Carol boy is some authority on 
indicating engines and setting Corliss valves. After finish- 
ing his course here, he expects to accept an apprenticeship 
with the Pennsylvania Railroad. 

Cosmopolitan Club, Engineering Club, Class Representative 
at Commencement. 





Fayette, Mississippi 


Daniel was one of Peter Parley's last Hatching of "Preps," 
and has been laboring for five long years for that coveted 
"Dip." He is a very hard student, often times spending as 
much as fifteen minutes in studying. Daniel is a good, lively 
companion, and always believes in a good time. He is not" 
a heart smasher, but occasionally he gets a long letter from 
the I. I. & C. We have been told that he is going back to his 
farm in southern Mississippi and improve the agriculture of 
that vicinity. The good wishes of the class are with him, in 
whatever he may undertake — even if it be matrimony. 

Jefferson County Club, German Club, Lee Guards. 





Kosciusko, Mississippi 

Mechanical Engineering 

One day there came a terrific explosion, sounding as if 
the earth was bursting open. After the noise had subsided, 
a brawny spectacle lad emerged from the debris. This was 
none other than 'Grandmother Dear," who was trying a 
new gas engine he and Prof. Tinsley had just completed. 

"Grandmother" is one of those quiet and bright fellows 
that we have in our class, and is a firm believer in the old 
adage, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto 

Engineering Club, Attalla County Club. 




Water Valley, Mississippi 


Jack drifted down to us from north Mississippi in our 
Freshman year. He at once took a prominent part in col- 
lege activities and has won a host of friends with his giant 
smile and sunny good humor. There are two requisites for 
gaining the ladies' favor; he has so much of the latter that 
he has always been a prime favorite with the girls. He is a 
good student, but has been classified as a parasite on the mili- 
tary department. Though handicapped in his gait, his many 
friends feel sure that he will be a winner in the race of life. 

Y. M. C. A., Treasurer 'i2-'i3, Inter Nos Club 'ii-'i2, 
Agricultural Club, Eafayette County Club, President '12. 




EDGAR LAFAYETTE WATSON Seminary, Mississippi 

Edgar, better known as "Dummy," entered A. and M. as a 
"Prep" in 1908 and has since been one of the leading men 
of his class. He is a steady, conscientious, hard working 
student ; a man that can be trusted and a friend that is worth 
having. While here "Dummy" has taken an engineering 
course, but we believe he should yet be a doctor, for he is 
deeply interested in hospitals. 

We soon hope to see "Dummy's" success as marked and 
as inexhaustible as his supply of lively jokes. 

Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Engineering Club, First Sergeants' 
Club, President Covington County Club 'i2-'i3, Editor Y. 
M. C. A. Handbook 'i2-'i3, Private Board. 

□ [ 




Natchez, Mississippi 

Industrial Education 

"Whit's" present home is in Natchez, hut he has been a 
resident of many parts of the State, and for the past four 
years his good nature and wit have Seen of much pleasure 
to his college associates. His plans are to become an ideal 
physician, and for this he possesses the personal magnetism. 
This not only makes him popular among the boys, but mem- 
bers of the fairer sex from Winnsboro, Louisiana, to Stark- 
ville are affected. His afternoons are spent in carrying 
books for a certain High School girl, and this is permissible 
for he is not delinquent in his work. 

Tennis Club, Butinsky Club, Junior Club '11-12, Thirteen 
Club '11 -12, Lee Guards 'i2-'i3, Wilkinson County Club 
'i2-'i3, Philomathean Literary Society 'io-'i2, Y. M. C. A. 





Natchez, Mississippi 

Electrical Engineering 

Adams County is responsible for this production. "Jeff," 
or better known as "Duty," joined us in our Freshman year 
and has been a diligent and hard working student ever since. 
He is a star of the first magnitude in the social firmament, 
and his irresistible smile and bold disposition has made him 
an object of admiration among all the ladies. Although a 
little handicapped by being a little tongue-tied, he has al- 
ways made himself understood and never gets mad when 
the boys mention "whiz book" or "differentiate." His special 
study is electricity, and I might add he is fond of Eng- 
lish (?). Some day he will startle the world by harnessing 
down some noble Southern stream and make it turn the 
factory wheels, furnish light and current, run electric rail- 
way and do man's bidding in a thousand ways. 

Lee Guards, Sabre Company, Wilkinson County Club, 
Tennis Club, Engineering Club. 




Clarksdale, Mississippi 

Civil and Mining 

"Wiggle Woggle" is a hardy endorser of the old saying, 
"If pleasure interferes with your business, give up the busi- 
ness." "Wiggle Woggle" is one of the best natured fellows 
in the class, and sends all of his troubles skyward. He is 
one of the disciples of Cupid, and in his years at college 
love has no doubt displayed its hand. His favorite challenge 
is — I will see you after the class. 

Lee Guards, German Club, Swamp Rabbits. 




JOSEPH RICHARD WOOTTEN Brookville, Mississippi 
Industrial Education 

Joe first joined us after the holidays of our Freshman 
year, and at the end of the session he had passed off all the 
work. The following year he did the same way. In addition 
to his grades having always been of the highest in the class 
he holds that seldom-held honor of not a single failure on 
examination. During the last few months we have all mar- 
veled at the great change that has made of our erstwhile 
recluse a devotee of society, with special attention to Ep- 
worth League meetings. Good wishes for his future. 

Noxubee County Club, Assistant Editor-in-Chief '12 
Reveille, Junior Club, Y. M. C. A., Student Teachers' Asso- 




Utetorp of tfte Senior Claste 

N September of 1909 each train brought in a crowd of new boys 
who were to begin at the foot of the ladder for their upward 
climb. These boys came from the rural districts, from the 
villages and towns, and from the cities. 

In a short while we were called together, chose our leaders 
and were ready for work. Each man started with a deter- 
mination to win. 

Most of the first year was spent in preparation, in adjusting ourselves to 
conditions of college, and in laying a foundation for the coming years. We 
took an active part in Y. M. C. A. work, in literary society work, in athletics 
and in all academic duties. 

In 1 910 we came together for the second time. This year our number was 
smaller. The weaker, who were unable to stand the pace, fell out, while new 
members were added. Besides these men we had three young ladies to join us, 
we being the first class since 1901 which could boast of this number. 

Most of this year was spent in hard study. Difficult problems confronted 
us, but they were soon mastered, and we came out again better and stronger 
men. More interest was taken in athletics than before. Even though we were 
"insignificant" Sophs., we furnished some of the best men on the 'Varsity teams. 

Our Junior year stands out as the brightest in our college career. More 
interest was taken in athletics, in academic work, and even in military duties. 
We will long remember the painting of the tank and our trouble with the 

The most important feature of the Junior year, the event which drew our 
class together more strongly than ever before, was the Junior banquet. It was 
at this time that we appreciated the responsibilities that were soon to rest upon 
our shoulders ; and in order to bear these responsibilities we realized that 
"united we stand, divided we fall." 

Full of enthusiasm and the brightest of hopes, we assembled for the last 
time in the fall of 1912 as Seniors. During this year we have borne the respon- 
sibilities as best we could along all lines. In athletics we have a number of 
representatives on all teams, and further, these men are among the best in the 
class and stand at the head in academic work. 

Many of the Senior classmates did not complete their college course this 
year. We all regret the loss of these men very much, and they have the best 
wishes from each member of the class for a most brilliant future. 

One thing that has not bothered our minds has been military. When Uncle 
Sam, in 1914, looks over his little roll he will shed many tears when he finds no 
'13 Senior's name inscribed there as a distinguished lieutenant or captain. 

Such has been our past and is our present. Mingled with joys have been 
sorrows, but we are turning out as strong a class as has ever left or ever will 
leave the A. & M. 




Hast OTtll anb Testament of tfje Senior Class 

of tfje jWtesfeStppt Agricultural 

anii iWecftantcal College 

Know all men by these present : 

'E the Senior class of the Mississippi Agricultural and Mechan- 
ical College, being of sound mind and memory, and of body 
not quite so sound because of the many nerve-racking hard- 
ships that we have endured, being mindful of the fact that we 
are soon to leave these surroundings for a life of trials, tribu- 
lations, matrimony and soothing-syrup, to take up those arduous 

duties of which we have heard so much in Chapel speeches, do hereby make 

this our last will and testament : 

To "Billy" for his strict adherence to the College Regulations we bequeath : 

1. Sole right to monopolize Chapel exercise. 

2. The right to limit Chapel speakers to five-minute talks. 

3. The right to see that all irregular schedules are filed. 

To "Eckie" for his untiring efforts to beautify the campus, and to furnish 
the Mess Hall with onions on Sunday, we bequeath : 

1. Exclusive fishing and bathing privileges in Lake McKay. 

2. Sole right to dynamite all water mains for the purpose of planting shade 

To Dr. Robert for his great animosity toward the boll weevil, and for his 
Carusoic voice in Chapel singing, we bequeath : 

1. Sole right to make all Agricultural Seniors take at least 72 hours per 

2. The exclusive privilege of packing the engine on his automobile with 
blotting paper instead of asbestos. 

3. The exclusive right to watch all the drain water percolate through the 
pores of the tile drain and to seal up all joints of same with cement. 

To "Pap" for his extensive work along economical lines, we bequeath : 

1. An original definition for Economic Distribution. 

2. Sole right to use his and Prof. Moore's farm to illustrate every point 
in Economics. 

3. The exclusive pleasure of disagreeing with the author on all occasions. 

To Col. Musgrave for his untiring efforts to put the College in the "Q" 
class at annual inspection, and for his pleasant smile to all "Buck Privates," 
we bequeath : 


i. Special Senior uniform. 

2. Exclusive right to look sour on any and all occasions. 

3. The sole right to make all Seniors drill in ranks and carry artillery on 
their shoulders. 

To "Buzz" for his regular attendance at Chapel and his staccato singing, 
we bequeath: 

1. The sole and exclusive right to name all his bird-dogs "Cosine." 

2. To monopolize the word "see." 

3. Sole right to frighten all new men out of their wits when same are 
being classified. 

To the Juniors we bequeath : 

1. A good dose of "Nervine." 

2. A chance to take any and all ranks that the Colonel may see fit to give. 

3. The sole right to do the society stunt and to wear civilian clothes. 

To the Sophomores we bequeath : 

1. An insight to all Senior business. 

2. Our good manners. 

3. Our wishes for a section of "Co-eds." 

To the Freshmen and Preps, we bequeath : 

1. All corporalships in the regiment. 

2. Sole and exclusive right to monopolize the sidewalks and to call the 
battalion to attention and march same to Mess Hall. 

3. The sole right to shear all horses' tails. 

To all Underclassmen we bequeath : 

Sole, exclusive and undenied right to monopolize all Senior seats at lyceums, 
shows, lectures and motion pictures. 


. \ i '-> 

Senior ©tiittv# 

G. H. Cole Lieutenant Colonel 

W. M. Mingee Major First Battalion 

H. E. Nash Major Second Battalion 

E. S. Roberds Major Third Battalion 

H. S. Gentsch Captain and Adjutant 

P. E. Roper Captain and Quartermaster 

D. S. Hall Captain and Ordinance Officer 

J. R. Wooten Captain Commissary 

E. W. Mingee First Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant 

M. E. Miller First Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant 

J. Lamb First Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant 

D. Mercier Second Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant 

B. E. Armstrong Second Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant 

B. Harrison Second Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant 

G. C. Mingee Captain, Company "A'' 

W. M. McDonald First Lieutenant 

W. W. Dent Second Lieutenant 

W. A. Owens Captain, Company "B" 

C. A. Overstreet First Lieutenant 

E. C. Anderson Second Lieutenant 

J. W. Riley Captain, Company "C" 

F. L. Jordan First Lieutenant 

S. F. Dupree Second Lieutenant 

G. Bodie Captain, Company "D" 

E. F. Hurdle First Lieutenant 

R. A. Latimer Second Lieutenant 

E. L. Watson Captain, Company "B" 

R. M. Coman First Lieutenant 

T. F. McGehee Second Lieutenant 

H. H. McMurphy Captain, Company "F" 

J. D. Whitaker First Lieutenant 

F. H. Whitaker Second Lieutenant 

A. G. Spinks Captain, Company "G" 

F. G. Wingfield Second Lieutenant 

F. Mitchell Captain, Company "H" 

C. M. Tinsley First Lieutenant 

I. McKinnie Second Lieutenant 

M. S. McKie Captain, Company "I" 

O. D. Sullivan First Lieutenant 

L. Harrison Second Lieutenant 

W. N. Williams Captain, Company "K" 

J. E. Conaway First Lieutenant 

W. E. Dove Second Lieutenant 

H. O. French Captain, Company "L" 

J. H. Kirkpatrick First Lieutenant 

K. H. Best Second Lieutenant 

J. C. Harden Captain, Company "M" 

R. E. Lipe First Lieutenant 

D. M. Mason Second Lieutenant 

R. A. Brading Captain, Bar 

R. O. Bethea First Lieutenant, T " 

W. G. Middleton Second Lieutenan 1 


®apg! ®ap£! ®ap£! 

For simple sadness there ne'er was found 
A sweeter strain than that clear sound. 
O muse and musician, give 'tentive ear! 
Tis music and melody that you hear 
When "Taps" is blowing. 

Why is it, my lad, my lad in gray, 
We feel so sad? Oh! can you say, 
Why it is that we hold our breath 
In this hush so still, as still as death, 
When "Taps" is blowing? 

Listen, my lad, and you shall hear 
Just why it is we drop a tear, 
As if gathered round a new-made mound, 
We bow our heads to its sacred sound 
When "Taps" is blowing. 

Full many a thousand heroes brave 
Were brought from battlefield to grave, 
And there, with no loved ones to weep, 
Were left to their eternal sleep, 

While "Taps" was blowing. 

Through the ages its sad notes have blown 
Amid death and destruction, until it has grown 
That when we hear those notes today 
We listen to death's soft lullaby 
When "Taps" is blowing. 

Are we not drifting, nor stopping to think, 
Until we have reached the eternal brink? 
Have we convictions and lived to them true? 
Then there's no fear when 'tis whispered to you 
That "Taps" is blowing. 





=============== Mississippi ====== 

Agricultural said Mechanical 

=============== College — — 

Organized 1880 



To 'Promote the Liberal and 'Practical Education of the Masses 


The Agricultural The Mechanical The Textile 

Industrial Education and General Science 

Theoretical Instruction in each Course, supplemented by the Practical Work in 
Field, Garden, Shops, and Laboratories. 


Applicants must be 1 6 years of age, and of good character. Five units are required 
for entrance into the Freshman Class: one unit being the equivalent of one subject taken 
for five hours per week for at least 36 weeks ; one unit required from English, one from 
History, and one from Mathematics, and two additional units to be selected from English, 
History, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, or Science. 

Those who have not fully completed these studies may enter the Preparatory 
Department, provided they are not in reach of a high school. 


The average cost of board per month for the last session was $7.10. 

The cost of uniform, board, books, furniture, etc., for the entire session is from 
$135 to $150. Many students earn enough by labor in the farm and garden to 
reduce their expenses below $ 1 00. 

The College has Dormitory accommodations for 1 ,000 students, and its equipment 
for Literary, Scientific and Practical Instructions is full, varied and excellent. 

Correspondence is cordially invited. Address all communications to the President 
or Secretary. 

'Postoffice : 

Agricultural College, Mississippi 

G. R. HlGHTOWER, President W. J. JENNINGS, Secretary) 



Lilley Uniforms are the 
Standard College Uniforms 

C| The leading colleges in America wear Lilley Uniforms 
and recommend them for perfect fit, style and wear, and 
praise the entire satisfaction our Uniforms give through hard 
service. "Best materials and skilled workmanship make 
Lilley Uniforms the best Uniforms to buy." 


Columbus, Ohio 

Charlottesville Woolens Mills 


High-Grade Uniform Cloths 


Army, Navy, Police and Railroad Purposes 

And the largest assortment and best quality of 


Including those used at the United States Military Academy 

at West Point, and other leading military schools 

of the Country. Prescribed and used by 

the cadets of the Miss. A. & M. 



' ■ - 

R. K. 8c F. L. WlER 

Druggists and Booksellers 

Starkville, Miss. 


We carry a complete stock of 
Kodaks, Brownie Cameras and Photo Supplies 



"The Popular Place Uptown" 

Special attention given to orders sent to us 
for Pennants and College Novelties during 
the holidays from ex-A. & M. Students. 




Main Street Druggist 

Starkville, Miss. 


Beit Soda Water, Ice Cream, Candy, Cigars, 
Jewelry and Fountain Pens sold in Town. 







Bookseller and Stationer 
Holiday Goods and Huyler's Candy 

The REXALL Store 

Security State Bank 


Capital, Suplus and Undivided 

PROFITS, $93,500.00 


Stephen Lane Folder 

Club and College Pins and Rings 
Gold. Silver and Bronze Medals 

180 Broadway, New York 






Write for Catalogue and Price List 
address A. B. MCKAY Prof. Horticulture 

College {Boys Always Welcome 



Dealer in 

Staple and Fancy Groceries, Notions, 

Shoes and General Merchandise 

Cold Drinks 




*-ft-J£ gjVB 







All Photos Appearing in the Private" 
Made by 

Phelps & Hatcher 

Meridian, Miss. 

Makers of 

High-Class Photographs 

Let us bid on your Annual or Class Work 


Wier Jewelry Company 


A Complete Stock of 

Watches, Jewelry, Silverware 
College Novelties 

Repair Work a Specialty 




3 2278 01040 7744