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Full text of "Private Prayers: The Primer of 1559, The Orarium of 1560, The Preces Privatae of 1564, The Book ..."

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^9V t1)f Hubiuaticn of tijf WHoxti^ or tfr :^aitcr« 
An& CTavtp (V^ntrrv of t^r HcTonMrb 












HlKOll CAHAK or TV! CtTbtblULi IKD 


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Tbe Piuface ..,...,- vii 

Tbe Primer of 1559 1 

The Orttnom of 1500 IIC 

Tba Preca Printie of Tfi64 £09 

The Book of Cbristiau Pn;ere ofUTS . . . *22 

Tlw Uiaaj ot 1544 503 



Dr Bii|1i^ PrM«»tflAt PriTJ^en ire mav coDsiJiftr. ihU 
ihmt ««r« tiro mHm, th» od« oHgtiuting with Ilcnrv the 
Eighth, in ir»*\ ihft or,hnr irilh Kiiw*rd Ih* Sitlh, In ISft-l. 
Hforr't rnmor wjli uTrrnl liinfA rqirinti^d, not only in Tlih 
own rcigtt, but in tbAt of hU hd. Ttxc Utlcr mprinti, how- 
•TOr. ought nihcr Ui Uq cilli-d improTod cdLtlonip uaco bj 
llw lll^rftlioiu ftuecoraiTDl^ m^E? in 11il*u] (which wcro f<>F 
tiie matt put doi'lrmAJJ ihvr t\ityiM ihn ti*!^y advaac<>' 
m«it of tlte KofurtnfLiion^ tog«lW nilh llio grjiilu^l |mriG<;^ 
Uoa (if tLe r«ligioui npiniani hol4 by <»nr Wadin^^ Prolij^unt 
diviMft. Id 1547^ Edwftrd'i fint Vnmnr (BrlcUli 3Iiu«uin) 
<UM DDt, priolrd 'At Lerndon. fAd ^^fr*' data of Nautmln-' 
fttid, like [i]nii:>5t &[1 tlio <y>pim of the earllr^r tcnta tmw 
Aiiitinf'. bj Gnfton, TLU iru a m;!ro rcpuhliaLtian of tho 
PrinMr of 154A, iDon do! faelog yf^t prf>piin>d, vro Trim^ 
mppOMv lo JtJtor whnt hiut Leon »a roconU^ km) uri «uoh 
U^ iPuUiorilj otUbliibfld. Two ;mr« lator GrftfUtn RonC 
forth ftttothcr rrijncr (Library of EmuionE^cl College, Ceuii- 
bndgc^, vhiob vu likcniio a idctv rapabllcatioa of tU 
pMdecovor. «ilb Iba vxcopUon of ouv porticuJiu-* bul that k 
moM iaportant ofl«. Tb« LiUsj^ of 124& (ivo p. jjl, noLo 
3) Ittd tiffM bTOOlIonii nii^rMMd to th« Vtrgh Muy. I<i 
}iif XMgvh^ &Q. ftnd lo PAtrtArdiii, ttt, Tb«e ir<r« now, in 
tlM9, oraiUfd, on thoy had pr«fioii»lj bnon omitted from tliA 
IjbUiy ntndtiCAd inLo tho fiirt ndiiion of tbo rrnycNEoDk 
piMMwd onljr * few uidhiIib before. LcL it aCsa bo men- 
tmed ia oomieiiioa with this aubjuct, tijat, ul iho ond of th« 
MOO jtnr, or wlj lu 15^0 (^ and 4 EdwArd \'L), an tut 
pHtod 'for Uw sboTithia^ and puttings awt^vd uf diuvrvn 
Sooka acd Imag^i^'m vhich ibcrowju ibefolluwiog cUai«^— 

■ WwAt, Mgittnau •vuTTillr. of tht rilsEcnn of Iho Priinrr nS 
IM^ br hb Ikl Atm aat oantala it, inform* n* {BotAt *-ii. ^ ^tOAJ, thai 
dv hfanf df I*t7 ■wtnMltf*d vat of tlrnijV Onmum. 



'Prouydfi j^wftjro, and 1m U i^nacl^d bv thnuctoritio aff>r«- 
w<1o, TlviLt Mij p*rw>rj or jwrBonii ranyc vn© k*p<* hELu« und 
reioynfi any Prymcre m tho Enpltnbo or Laii^no longuo i«t 
forthft by l>ic lato Kinga of fojnaun mnrnnrlo Kmjs^a Ht^nHa 
tbriffht; so ihul the wrHlonoDB of Invocation or iVajcir ut 
Sfunct<9 in ih& uuno prjojcre bo bluttod vr doroljro put out 

l-'rom tills porbil we porcftiwo a vory grefit improvt-mcnt 
in Lbo English IVitii«r. as to iti doctiinal tone ; *o UiAt, wbm 
Again publl^fld in 1551 (BritSih 31uicura), it ocmiainad B«l- 
(ber ihi nJigclic Mlatntion. ' llaH, Mary, full cf grftw/ Stc. 
with vdjrioua piia»ag<«, iniitlcativ'^ of nn iinAbAted rev«r«nco 
for the Virgin, nor iKxne of the othor obJMtionable TJiings, 
nhioh Fippcjtrod in tbo Primor of l^iti. In fiwt, groat mndU 
fliVktionji tlicn took pUco, Atrong 0,3 niaay of tbo doctHnnl '^tutfs 
montt Are, wbicb wore stJU permitted firr a timn to remain. A4 
ro^rdR tliQ JLUgolic AluLitlon, and \U retention lu U>i7 and 
1549. it EeviiJE nglit Il> citiart a pji£spge from Manball't 
I^rimor (Cmi?nity Library. Cambridge, 0. 3, 3£f) t 'Uurn 
Ibou leUt tbal in tho^ wonlca tia pdtiuon, bnl puro prayne* 
tkO^ bonoum ato fontoyn^l : lylcn mt in tb« bogyrtoyng 
Mid fyrjiW wordvj of tlio TAtcmoitor ii no pf!tition, Lot nntily 
pmyws, and dcclarynjio tkf tho godly fiuour and mnioiiip, thiit 
he it onr fo-thcr, and in bciicn. Thi^rfcrro wo can not call 
thiB Bnlutntion Ji p(*Eiiion, or nny prjLycrt [iropcTly and 
atrayghtly to t<pf^«> lb<*rofT l>icniJ40 il i^ nf^l lAnfull r'>r n 
to expounds ilittiw furtlior tlinn tlioy noLindo, And 
tlion tbo holy f-bojilQ dyd mako ihom/ Alcrcoior, tl mil not 
ba Jimiss to quote from tEuil trcrAlJAc, whkh LudorictiH Lava- 
torui publijiicd At Zuricb'in the br-ginnmg of I55Q| o(ititl<^ 
De ritihtia et imtitttJit rz-rJ^fta^ Ti^tnrithr-. Under tbo bead 
Sacrv cfinrit>n^4 ft prfi^fJi owor* Ihin pww«g«: — SaluUlto 
Angelica nd ocrtiim wq:\o tcmpun ah initio rorttAta full, S«4], 
Oblata OCCMlon^r ot pottTiltuitn Tioro»itA(j>, rri^pil prmtormilli; 
enm non dt ontio, ct n mnltii in aJiuxum imbntur. .Sniiji 
Auleni tonnUt mclionbua illia tomporibiu, an40E|uam divi invo- 
carontur) lucuin tnUr pmw non habui8B»< 

A fuurth Improv^on of th« lVJm<<r (lo conf!nv<iar«4il>«i to 
Kdward'a r<ngn) ivu pnbliihod in li&52 both by Gmfioa ajid 
IVhil'ibureli, Tbia Tniner bta not h^ttx met witli, and i*, 
Uioreforc, knoi*n to tb« Editor only from lU title, u quoted 

BMwt m ha odUion of Auttfl, pp. 634, 648^. Tlio 
tiil». bovtrcr, eonUiiu two poculkrtxiM: for it ii, 'Tho 

Aod lot <lergi«» lo bir uuglit li^arncd and r«ddo c^f uH hm 
lottDg cvUocMi a1 oth«t- Mt ^utri, cot-reoiod ocoording to ibe 
•ttlato nida In Iho tliirdf^ nn^l Jell. Your* nf our Aouoralpie 
lordM d» IcyfifEC* iiuuc!A(i» rotgnr.' t^«ipt a* ta the Oii«» 
divn. it W2A, meat probMbl/, a V0Tl>al rnpHnt of Iha PrinifT 

Wiih 15j3 coinmctwod tho second wriw of J*riincn rfl" 
ftrrcd to bofore- Ii^fnni'tf liacoou to Willima Sorco, vha 
w» UiaBQCtfbrirard to bo Ihis roj^&l printer lor Um diwcnpUoit 
ofb«ol9tiadU«d th* mtb of M*rcli;tnd by it b« U ^nuit«d 
lb* prMUgo of pnniiog *idl mannor of bookn of pziTat* 
|tij«i^ a^cd find usDOlljr taknn nnd reputed for PHmcra, 
whkfa ve Aii^l ihdl bo net forth oicrccjibic and accatdinz to 
lb* bogk of oommon prajren cstalilisHod bjr as in our htg-h 
otmrt of PvluuntnL' Tim I'rimor of 1553 TArito^ i;o(i!iiv 
ijftn.\ly, in noMy CMentiaJ |h>uiW from itc prodocoasors, ho u to 
WftltogvUMTof «quitoiLi0orentoljar^^:«r- Uko thaLof l&i^2, 
it kuk* Uw CBlocbuoi; but it luu nc't, uiidor tho ho&d of 
QrJMVt Ura Lonl'i I'nijorp the Creed, and ibo Ton Com- 
iwifiiniilii Hvs Iljrmiu Xqq tn kft uut; tho Uour* cf 
Pnijer. tbo Dirigo. tbu ('ummeudation*, &l\. with «t4rjr tliio^ 
timi4itiig ap«a «ithtfr prhj'*^'* f*>r thu d4«dr or tbo ofietu/ of 
|3M Sftiatr pi«7«n. Indeed, il a ituxjtU > book of pvivAM 
plAj'on for «*i^ dftj in the we^ck. bcginamg with SumUj-. in 
■OMe mail decree nftor tho tneieci modd, followed by iho 
CoUocU lor Suod&ja and ][olv D&ja tlirouj^bout bll tho r«kr, 
vitb MUidfj Oodly JVaycrB fur dirori purpuBin. Thuru ic 
VM iiagiiltr nrcuuiatanvo cvuuoutvd mih tbt: ?nuj<jr of 15u3. 
liUMJinlilj ftQ«r tLo Griote tfouiw » 'pro[wr*UTO unto 
psjor/ nnil tb«ft thk >ont«ri««. — ' And la tbjr Eulikfol prayor* 
nnMnibcr* TlxomM Cotlctfordc lbs preparer of tbio prepari- 
tiv«/ LituipM of K, Kdvanl VL p. 377, 

* No ooiqrof (he *Aiui ctf I4AS i> ovMd down la Mr DjcLIukoi/^ 
l«rrriMlca?<«fvk«Bcut:>.putD«1bilh>0. Pollor(ewlivu»p. 3Sa) 

' In the rtprtMiOf 1B40 lod iMi^ vhiHi mil W mpnli.inri) In n't]* 
DH, Il i»r 'iOMnbaV to r*sjo far Kljwihibg *ur uukt unciuiu 


Tha cornmonGomenL of EliMbolh'a rotgn, 155^, san a 

r^um to tb« fii^t scrios of Prim&ri« taking it up vtib» uid 
roprmtingH the Pritner of 1551. or rulhpr, perhapa, the IVjuiop 
of th« next ^ear, which, oh ro(njirk<s] before, «u, no doubt, 
onl^ h ropir ^f >'■ 'n IfiStf, AiKOT-dm^ to iia titl^pagc^ c^mo 
out ftnoMier Primer (Ilcrh«rt^ Araca, pn llflS), a.nj, lu w« 
Ir-Am from iLa colophon, a acoond edition in 1575, though «iirh, 
nftctf all, may bn tlio iruo date even ef the former Tolumc, Tha 
Bodleian haa iinporfcct copiia of LoUt. Palmer (Originos Litn^ 
fliojE, Vc»l. 1h p. 'JQQ, note) i[uaglD« this to b« a rciuut^ of tb^i 
Jfrimor of 155E*; but ii caroful colI^iLion of tba m'a baoki, 
which hu nus biuiEuli' novor io a position to moke, provra 
It not to b« thu CA«e. One of lb« diiTerence« bclffuon 
tfa«m, though by no mv&na the inoat icnporUtit, i-onsiBld m 
till*, that the Primer of IS'iG (or 1575), in a«ordiiric« with 
the vrording of ita tilte-poj^ "The Primer And ('fttcchiiun 
not forth nt Urge, &c." has the Cjiiechiim brforo th» ?LfiUin- 
•eTTico- The same Primer bus, mortov^^r, iniirad of "Tho 
ComRiondalion^,^ a tnknalalJoa of tboao tificrn l^uUmi, cam- 
pilod by t'i«fior, bishop of Kn;;b(mter, vrkb tho tnenEy--iMrond 
and the hniiiinxlth l^thn, wliidi aro to h& fotmd in tbeir 
original Latin, on pp- 31S — 36^, of tbo pposonl vohiTio, eon- 
htituting purl of the I'r^cea Prit'ata of 1573, A third 
I'rimor oxlaU, portaimng lo Lhe eame »orioi, and lo bo 
juontjonod in thii j^Uce- Jt v now in tlio poiMuien of tJifl 
Rqv. T, Jjiibbury, In whit year it irai prlnlud eutnot bo 
kiccrtaitiviJ. tiacQ the tido-page is gone, nor in thbro luiytbiag 
throughout the wholo hook to lupply tli« dulicioncy. The only 
point r«a)ly curtain about it h iu oonneiion ^ith Eliuthetb'd 
rtfugn, and, wliioh ia hy no mmna unlikely, with Uio cjirlier 
portion of that roign: but Gon^h, to whom it onro bc- 
jon^t^d. (on *hftt autliority wo know net.) bun uritton on tho 
fij'htait dial it is probably to ho aBsignod to bor ftral your. In 
tho charq^ctrr of its contunta this datduu iVinicr couiob much 
cloiur to tba IVitnur of li>5V. Uian dotttthuboUloiHii IVuiloth and 
au, ahK>, in rugard to \loclrino : Iho Prajors for the D^ijid^ 
wliich ara m both of tftrrn at llie «nd of DirLgo. being cntii o3y 

' H Tn«y he TermuVt^ly iw *«trrrri(*l_v tingiiUr, tlijit none of ihti VnrU 
Um kppt^r ti> hhrt- lpr#n Mwm- of ttir t*rimiT-p/ hllHlh?l]] oobtuiuiiiK 
PnjnK* Tur ihc Ve*d. Sl-o iu ptrl pn>t^ it£ lliit Ihs tiUu or frynav'i 
pubUcKiaXL AcatoBt Coohi'd Houn &f Prnyor, p, sUL 



oauUvl fnMB tL« oua cuinuiuulj talii tu lu prlulod in I500i 
AJI ihrM. bovtttvr, fArjr fmui uftch olliur in uiiLiiy rwpiwta. 

E4"Ani*A rarvrwud iVimvr of 1^&3 woh at Ivut tvtiue 
rtpruUd ia tb« rvlga of EJis&botb, iLa llml liiuu in 1500. 
And Again ifi lotitf; but ^ith Ibu jtJJUiutL of IIm '^vvvd 
PmIim^* lad vilh au alt«ratiun iu iLv Ldu-pagci. A aupy 
<if lb* Cernur mftj t« fouad auivuf; lie GruuTilIu oullwHiou 
ift Um BritAh Muheuia; of tli« Ui\»t, ia Uiu l^ulvuruty 

Id Uio vplwMCoatiUoiA^ the I^turglcsl S«rvJi:UH uf Queuu 
EllubcUk (preC pi, id. noU -J), il wa« Mid, Ib&t titiij gml oui 
h«r IVu&cr, u ii ii called, id 16l>0>; and the HUteiiiviit ru 
njuU on th* mippo^d suthoHtr of HcrWt'v Amoa. p. 003. 
He ibere monlioitt » he>ok with tho foHonrng titlo: — 'A 
rHowr «ir B^e of fmuRtc proicr nedcful to bo T)«d of 
•II tftf UifnH Climiinjii. M^hjche bot-ko U to b« vncd o( all 
oor lovjipft «ib3celrt. 1660/ This ippcared undf>nbttdly to 
r«f«r to ElimbrtH's IVini«r, which liturgipal acK&Ur* knew 
t« hftTO onM rxi&t«d, and trf wbic^h a frugmr^nt jct romain^d 
i& tHe BriiMb Mtismm. Such, howeter, nriw turns out not 
!• be tho case: for in Cbo tdiort titno trinco lb« rolumo of 
1847 WM publiihcd. two eopim of tlmt Primor, with tho 
date Ifi59 «n the title-pag«, liavo como to light; vno in tbo 
Ubrarj of ChrUt Chuirh, Ojtford, tfao other in the libtAry of 
Jmm Celli^ Caubrii^ Thin. thoii> tbe title jurt gUan £i 
tlM ljdetifa<ltir«reDt book, and, a>inayon>iilf bo shewn ovon on 
■ ■ligfaCeuiBiDaClonr botongttotho I'rnuor, which wn« atlirmnd 
bilore U> hftTD boon In the main ontj a ropriut of Kdwimj'a 

' Ii liMw^n. wUla COvrcctcDg * tarroeTtmr, ta oldcrrr^thAt Jnilur 
haboB ftbar* ^i»tti,p- xvltl, Mr MMkcll'«mp<p nf (hn tjitjn t*niffir 
B«ok of llOt^ b4*r Ib Itw HiJtUli MuVLUii, »» ttylvd 'uuitjavs' ud 
i«dkt p f faf, «* ObgtLt Rill I^ dnm ii to Ihs. N*v*rUwl44k v Clf 
■t ibe pocalMOce Uictv diKTibcd UT MDarnfd, th« library of 3t JobVi 
Callipt Oi^kr^Bi, paiMH*^ vtumg; thv Tki1ii<r TlaDk^ « copjr. lAhrrrttn 
lhiir«U i|1Hir, d(nni«il<M< lo liufAnt tnEopbfln. (ihil. i>. 4ltil): tb* 
iMlikBB In 1^ CbsMDanuiviimi or Bviwfjicivr^ ud fvr tfa* oltbm- 
Ika of tb* Loni^i Sapper hi funcniU. with iht KCfiad oolophoa aloim. 
aM WdagMUal, viHptioniumvript. Hurdurfi thd Ltfin PnkjnF iSoidt 
«f tAOO irmlJ mtD lo b«v« con* out In tbr«r dilf««&l fimnik Ttao 
WtiuB h«r4» aI*q nraprii* the Ku^IuIl IV^rt Hook, rTiotcd bj 
OvAoB b UA«^ ihvueb lae tnn^led lUlc uuUug the filUi kaoim 
f-p7 IU4.ii.lia 




Primor of 1553, TJio Oifopii ftn4 CamhriJgo copi<M of ifa^ 
iVim^r of !Wl> ftTO »omi}i*h»t tiiffctrflnt, rw lo iKelr ftUi« of 
prsMrvMton, ihtt fonnor vintin^ a lonf or (wo, whiUt tlio 
Ultfrr pofttM^OB tbfl ftdraoUg* of toing; in &1] ro4pi>cU perfoet. 
Th« lAtter hu, c&rwequontlj, bflnn roprintrd in this Tolumo', 

WiOn« in 1545, Honry Ido Rightli put out lii* English Pri- 



|>mi)iJcil tb.0 B^f B^rne fotirtno of praif njt;. 
Kiiif r>0)i^ in fAlIn aUo, to thc:Tit,onlo,* as lio sava, thai ho 
wou1<l 'hccs flll lli^ngni to nil pi^r^onea, Jind tluit iiEI partin 
mak flit large boo ftfttiaflod,* TKo lUIo of thb Iranalxition was—* 
OrHriiiUL, ft«u UboHuA pracatiunuuL, per rcglanj iiia)<!ALatc[u ct 
oloruto Ifttiao nrtiitue. I&IO. It^ imJUtlon, ^>robaltLjr, of hor 
fftlZior* Elixiiboth cau^od a lAtia forui of private praj^cr lo bo 
oompil«JH aluioit 0^ soon as ^0 vrLiasoutcd on tliotUrono^ Mi 
Lor publioaliou w^hs uoL Uko hjf, a more Torsion of thu Eug- 
liah rriroor priutod ia Uie pravioua jroor. Paloior (Orig. 
litorg. A'ol 1. p, «0^) ukos up, iaUootJ, Ibc convonu of tliU 
latter iLuvrtiuit. ouJ etjtui EUiAlKth'H iViuiur *a Uaojitatiou 
of tliA Onrium/ being oouiplctclf uua>TAro of Ui9 true iliU^ 
of her Frjuier* vrliicb li^d uot 3^vt b«oit diBCovor^jd* aud whkb 
procedud th<j Ufirium' l>y ouc yijar. That her Uriiriuin "M 
not Ibo Mmo book m kcr rrimor, i* a, fut, which ft v«r^ 
eOTfor^v e^ikmmarCion of boih, as reprintodinth* present iolum«. 
irill nmilUy c4lAbli«lj, OtbtT pumla of djffer«ai:e cui b« ftd- 
duc«d, but it wIU bo doomed suiliciant to coe&tlon b«ro ibo two 
followinff : — in llio rrimcipar* the f>irl;jo {fityl*d In lb« oarlior 
Ororliun of 1A4ri, Vigilijp Mortuorum), &nd tho Commonda- 
tion*, whifh tliti OrArinm ij^ wUbnnl; whlht the lattcp has thtt 
Cbtcohum, which ii not fonnd in Ihn formor. 

- Tho oiJjtonfin of tho Orariiim nf iri'^fl (Horbcrt's AmM, 
p. 6D3) has in laur timci bt^cn chir-tl; known lhr<m;rh ('uvln'a 
Hours of iVaypT, tho tltl&pi^o of whioh eonioiiiEi a duo 
aekxLowJodgiDout of his gbligAtJora tlioroto : — ' A C<jlluL-liou of 

' The finttvD iliHitortbH i«]inat lnv« ibu iiumMiuUua. wnl Lht 
old ifwUtnji of a r*w mrdi^ raUbfO v a foo-^mllo of tho original, con- 
IfWy la dlD Dfnul pmrti*^ nf lh» Pnrk/T Aviorj, 

' Id Lh» cbIkIo^i0 of lloncr'a bookt, luiw ia tht DgdleiJin Ijbnry. 
tbt rar Onrium ii eatend a» « rtcood vJilba of the olJirFi 





oiUeil tbo Hoon (^r PnkTur: U LliVjr ^reru aHur tliU inuuutir 
pobfiifaed bv tockOTiij of quMu EliuibuLli. 16U0. TuLou 
ODt of tba faolj ict^ortt, Uiv uiUuQt fulbtfn, ftud Ibv diriutj 
■crrke of our o«d churdi. LjAdoD. 16^/ Pr^iuift Ln ICIJS 
■Hackod Ihu publicaiivii bj- Ouftiu ; uuil il te«Qu advbabl^^ 
iiMO iho liro v^rka Aru bo ioliuiaiijl^v oonnocMd tog«th«r> 
■I otto^ tad in jaiu-poftli^^i, lu gir« tb» liUo a1«o of his 
koofc :-** A. Drlcfo SaruA^ %ad C^amrt of Mr Cowrn hU Con- 
MO&ng Unvtfvooj^ FrouLiig boUi tfa« foirm« and mutter of 
Hr Covons hit Booko of Pnuatt D*ui>ti&nf, or tho Ifottret ^ 
Pt9jftw^ laMlf pnbliibcd, lo ho meerolf pQpikh : to differ from 

ibt priufttiB Pnijen Aulhorir^^d bj Queens FJi^alcth I5fl0, 
1o b« Iruucnbrri nut of Po|nih Autlion, with whii^h ib^j Arc 
htt^ |BnMM: And to be MandaJoiu and p^f^ul<li(na[l to onr 
Cbtfvh, aad vliuniAgioiu onoij to tbo Church of EComci.' 

1ft hi* prc^M CoBin thai ng«in rofors to qiMon tUiuLbolli'iB 
Orariuni; "A part of irhwh ondBnt pioty iro Iboso djiily 
^•relkoi aad pnjers, ihot herOLflar follow ; pr]ij<:rd nhiob, 
■Itar tba nn« mifiner ud dUinon of hour«, as hci^ Iboy 
■n; lavij^ brmriofom b»*n poUaslied BiinoDg im by lilgb thnd 
iKTVd uMJiority* >to now U>o raoewed, and fiUly sot forth 
igftin.*' la ft side note k given, u if o portion of tho titles — 
* Hafwsm r^gk ftuiliorilat^ nUlum/ Iff- It u, porlukpa, bIii- 
goUr, lli«t ono, who pToftMM to h&v* oopiod largoly from the 
Ovsnum &f l^iMbotb, aod who nccuftny had dono no, ihould 
IttTo c]iio4od Ha tido baccuratdy, Soo p. 1 Itf. Coxin luakot, 
^■oTOr, mnothor uavrllon in iho taino notOt which ti> mAuy 
pvwoda will uppeir mich moro 8tn<^ii]Ar : " Tt^o llormio lot 
brtli with il>* quwn'e authority, l^rOU. and rcattwod 1573. 
IspL wiih prir^^« si London by WtUiftin So«n." For tho 
iV#«# PrivQtiJi* ifbich it U inAnU»t ba hwo mcADAi i* T*r©ly, 
if i4 ftl. b ibcid dfty* coiuiitltjTvd a reprint of iho OrArinm, 
Ibooi^ in Mvorftl pftTticuIon rcwnjl^Ung it> Indood, omn in 
yu in* odhioin. thil of 15G4*. it i« entirely without nny 
iSmtkm of the dototioiu imdor tho hojid of Houn. tbiU which 
MsMitutOl tbo dittzn^iihtng f«atarv both of tho OroHnm 

1^ * Caift wUiMtly 1ii»t no kDHrhrdft of lb* Iwo ■ftriEtr nlJtInn" of Itii? 

Pt-nrai /MflVttf, not I'rynDe (kc mil ]«8<c) «f tbd ivnipJ «ditiDU pal 




Aad cf Coaia'A ^otk, that also of irUirh in hU pr«fac$ be la- 
bourvJ to demomtrate the utUitv. 

Sleeps, in liis AntaU, Vol, i. p. •1£^7. lellj ua, that 'ft 
Tracer Book, called IIoranum\ wju pmted in 1£60. ' if not 
roprmtod.' referring, assuredly, (o the Oranum of !54*j. He 
ftftoniards alludca to Cosiu * nork ' of iho *ame oaloro with 
that JhranumJ" and, of coura^, follows him unhwitalingly in 
th^ OAertion, vihu'b, ereo in Lta own view of the cue, vu 
wrong, respecting a «4fcr<>7j^ edition of thi? Or&rium in 1&70 ; 
ihus affirming, thongli wUlimtt knowing rt, the id«nlily of (ho 
Orariurn and iho Pr^ce^ Pnvaiir^ In lii> second volume, p, 
SIO, Strjp* rorcrt* lo the auhject, dwelb tijoro fully on tha 
nacure of Conln'ft puhliCAtion, and Ihon flninhea hy ujrtng, 
that it ' bad llic A pprobi^tion and Liuoooe of Arctibishop 
[Goorgo] Af'f'ot, Fr.r^. 'n. 1H2(I' [1G27], when ho ou^ht ^^^ 
hato iftiii, of George [Mountaigne] bUliop of London, fl^H 

Hut* wJiatever notion may be chIuiUlIhoJ bjr OLirvt^lvOff,' 
we must Jiol lightly supjioao Coala's Afitieruun rfiimTth^^ tho 
JVccM PrivatiE, u naothsr edltiou of tlie OtHTUiat, lo bo an 
frrror. PryDao'a learning on llturgii.Ml matluix ootilil net havo 
dosorvcd lo he put m any coDiparlbun with tlial of tha then 
prebendary of Uurluun, and cluLplaio to Noile, biuhop of 
Winchester. NoverthelcsL** if vjb turn lo tui work bh^forn 
<]uotod. it nil] siwv ha idea hi the umtter: — 'the first Edition 
of the ilooko of Latine IVajen, published by Qtteenc /.Vuo- 
Ictfi in tho yeere I^Oh wok aiiled OiuniUK : Set', Libellusi 
PnjicATLUNLu in whLuh tl^uro i« ondy a briofo rocitall of the 
£rat; iho Ihitd; and tho ninth bower of rmyor' : But tbit 
r^ry Etooke, in tbe wcond, nud third ImprMBiona ef it ; in 
iJio y«vr4> 15C4. naj 1&T9. ImJ no other Talc, but ra-icKs 
pRLVjtT.r> In STT7nT0«i>RUil Gratum Collicta: and in 
tli«ao Editions which wcro llio lut and best. tb«ro la not bo 
TDQidi M any touch Ar mention, of thcw Canotii*^afi J/ow^n 
^i/' /Vay^. ,, Which doth pUinely onidenc* : that Uurto //oiutfT* 
wcro either iwrrotly friiAted \aift th^o prlnatA Frayrrf, aftor 
they wore llf^cneod for tlio Prrjwo: or else, that tlmy wrirn 
oucrslippcd by tho hmto and ooreleniMio of the U^nnnnr,' 
See pp. 5, ^'i. 

' It Prjnne'i ovount b OfrtEiAllj cAmfautJ with tbe Onniim, il iviU 




Tha /Vf<v« PriiHtfT, nlihongh rifled, ft3 wr ViAto wea, 
ttf Coxltt uid Prynn^, only Jinnihrr edition of ElixjtTjoth'« Ora^ 
Hon, U liMV r«^Jin1i*»l mt lUi indopcndcnt work, in dofi*r«neii 
to tfi* iMitiMi, (how mmrrf^rt cocvcr it nuij bo«) w)iich, fVorQ 
igwrWAt, par>iA|M, of lU suppo^ prrdor^enAr, in now gvne- 
nflj «Bit*fUinr<l. Looking at it in Ihi^ liglit, it mntC bi^ n)n* 
tfdmd Id liare bcnn pnlili^hsd for tho flnt timo in 1 r>f >4 ', U 
vsi^ bov«nT, frcr^nonLlj rfrprinicd, fts In inA8i ^'u^, tnd 
1ft74, If not nftcncr. HcrbcrOs Amc^ pp, Offr^ 7112, Of Iho 
tdkioftt jitti iiKniion*»l> only th« tirst ujid tliird, iho Iwo moet 
knporiAni oqch, h^wt hcea mmi with. Tho odilEon of I5T3 
k vriilcaUj iho be»t known: indatNj, tho Iftrgo proportion of 
fitor^iMl «d)oUr< know not of an/ otW; for copies oT it 
liMUM In ajbsr time* moro common than of tho rest, from 
Iks drcumaUiMo of its botng, acconling to tlio titI>vpa^-o« an 
Mkrged (qidbovJam in lodi fluclni], and m an cquni di^j^rov an 
IflvproTod, edkion. Tho copim of tho iVrr^ Privftl/v dated 
1579m ttovihenivdw of ooFiHidorAblftRkrit;, Sinoa thelhlrd 
•dkloo Aflen in a fow partiouljirv from tho Ar^t* IIjO«o additlom 
ba*« We boon Incorporated in Ihrilr proper placoA. in ord«r 
to ■akgi t^ proBUit roprbC gWo iho wholo text nf lioth. 

Is ibt aoeooat abovo gir»n ortheOrariuniof ITiOO, il mlA- 
Ukanad« trjr Strjpo waa noUccd, whorol>T,froni follontng CWn 
qvlM [splicttJf , ho unintcmtiontdl/ oonfoundcd llmt tioot^ with 
tho Pn«cv/>fiy)liir. When, thcrftforo. Iio write* ( Annul*. Vol. n, 
p. 3\0\ n^or tho ^to 1^79. 'Soido Book* ] find thU Yoar 
^1)Gsh«d. vbtroiQ RofrgioQ wa< concorood/ and IIjoi^ gvu« 
OB lo ittdaJa a skoqJ viiltion of iho Orarmiu uuun^ tjiuju, 
hv ii to bo oooudtrod (ai Wora romark^d) a« only ronUug 
frii vKfti h* vory natttrally d^i;niod ■uflit^Lcut autlioriir. not an 
giiiag vrliat of hi* own knowbdgo Vlc irould poiillvcly aucrt. 
Td provo ui04t conTtnmngIt that h« bod not himsolf ctAmlnod 
ioto Ibo lubject immediately after rcfcrrinf; to thii fuppt>ftOd 

■ By owr na Jt m node «f etlcvlaUoa it vould. pntboibly, Iw lAlU, 
loatfgvifc M <h« ifTtnlh jwtr <if Klinh«Cli, wliirh DrrEir^ m thfi coin- 
plum. 10 maA vTunlvly ia <l4rr (tw p. 4^), Waou oit Norcr:ibcr iha 
)7th, lAOii wbtfvfffn UivwoTk t^atng out brtvTVb fJul (Uj\ ud llw 
3Mh of lh« InteKaij T^liirdi. 

31 1! 


rcpublLCAtion id 1573> and to th? work wblcti Coals* hy hm 

own confcttlon. founded upon »hAt be rolU the earlier edition 
of I5G0, Sirtpofumiibra A <lcscripiloii of that book, to *hich 
Coain Itlmiicilf indiipLjinblv alluded in bia prdAC«. Iho iVroM 
PrivaUt. Ibid. p. 311. 

Strjpo, Uko bii prcdccevtors Coam pud PrjnnCp was clcxrljr 
ignorant of tlio Mvcral edition* of tL* y^yw* Privtum: hm 
hid onlv nMn tho ono pot out in 1^73, Of ihit^ bawc^ver, bo 
rsfriaU tb* titVpAgc« u)d tbc Knglkb of ibo iMe of con- 
Uini^, adding a few obi^rvjitioafl taken out of the vrork ilMlf, 
dMignod lo tAiaw tbu, notinihsTanding its boiog ontircljp io 
fjAlin, it bftd no connoiion nitb 'tbc Pofu&b Lotin Mui/ 
Tho* ho r*fer» to tho profacft prefitcd by the cdlt&r cr comfukr- 
(p. 2]]]; and nidi ^ttb telling us, thftllhercFvdtr t» rautioniJ 
ofcr and otp* sigain to uke notiro of the pr»TiT*» being in- 
t««d<s] Bnlelj- for their use, * who wcnff skilful ind Jrtudioon in 
the I^tin TongTie.* As in the *!fHo of EliT-aJmtb'i ?rim*!r and 
OraHum, no aa rogardi tbo fivcMji Pfj'mriT, we cannot m tli« 
lout tcU to wbom tb« care of dmwing it up wiu eommittfi}. 


The illttitrnted Book of Chmtiiui Prayer* wrut 6r»t pot 
oat in liSQO. in quarto, but agnin, lo Altered' ai lo bo niXly 
q«ite A nrw palHcation, in 157fi, 15^1, USD, ICOft, &c> 
The ewliort odition Dibdin doclafiei to be 'c-f the oitremotl 
rarit}-,' tvt bo woll mip;bl, from not haviog had the 'yood 
fortum? to rniMft wkh it;' and the nearcb. wbifh baa ofton 
boon iuB^tulcd Blue**, Joi^a not np^car to Imve brptn:Ut to ligbt 
luoru tbuiu u Biiiglo oopy. Of tho oditicm of 1 B7^ tb(vo in % 
oopy in Liio Budlutnu, ua irdl oa in tbu Brltir.U Musonm : tho 
blur udiliuiuf uro not no unrurniiiun. 

This tturk. witjrcly indt-ptadunt of its intrinsic vacnX, aa 
Ik uunual uf privutu duvuUon. poaHt^sea & very ^ruit pulnt of 
iniarott* wT^Ut^ ean bv Ijut f'linJy ropruaentud by tbo moat 
niiniiio and aconraU dcKrlplion, For, to rvtvr now to tbo 
Mcond ««iiUon, thiL vrhidi an ita ountuitta » boit kuowa to tbv 

* Pu M m fonlatntn; rnjvt* !n flvD fjtrli^ Lw^nilff*^ tbn nJii^n nf 
IMObTMjr 4lUli?TVAt frofD Ihat of L^TR, on>) cv^ry r«llvt»jnj( «])IIda, la 
arbcTTHprolA S^cnlv WrilJDgsof Dfadfiv^, VoLt, pp. SSn.MK 

gfloeral readerj wliich haa been here repnatedj and from vbich 
no sabfleqnGDt edidon toLFcelj con be said to hare varied^ either 
in ite wording or its embellishmenU, every page, not even ex- 
cepting the table of contents, ' la ornamented vilb neat wooden 
eats done from de^gne of tbe greatest masters.' Herbert's 
Ames, p- 645, Tbe title haa a broad wood-cut border of acrip- 
tnral characters ; or, to deacribe it more particularly, is ■ in a 
compartment, with tbe virgin and Jeaus at top, Jesse at the 
bottom, and bia descendants on tho aides.' The reTerao dis- 
plajB, as a kind of frontispiece, a beautiful portrait of queen 
Eliiabeth upon ber knees, which fills the whole page, and 
from the occurrence of which the publication ia more generally 
designated by the title of queen Elizabeth's Prayer-book>, 
Richard Daje's address to tbe Christian Reader has around 
it some ' flower-fancied borders,' these borders, or umilar 
onee^ being repeated at tbe top, and on the inner margin, all 
through the volume, except with the Dance of Deaths where 
they are necessarily of a different character. 

The wood-cnla chiefly occupy tbe outer margin, though 
jsometimea placed also at the foot of the page, and are of three 
kinds. 1. Some circumstance connected with the earthly life 
of our Saviour, from the tdrth of bis virgin-mother to his 
own ascension into heaven, occurs between two kindred snb- 
jeds out of the old Testament, This series, 'after Albert 
Durer and Agnes Frey his wife,* is repeated, and with a few 
additions, 2, The cardinal Virtues, with tbeir opposite Vices 
trodden nnder foot : the works of Charity : the five Senses, 
L'fce tbe cardinal Virtues, represented by female figures, and 
each one occupying a page : tbe Signs immediately preceding, 
and accompanying, tbe end of the world. This series lik^ 
wise is given twice. 3. Tbo Dance of Death' * after Hans 
fiolbeiD,' executed upon a smaller scale. Tbis we have thrice, 

' DoDce, in his Dodcc of Dnth, p. 147, d«clBn» such a litlv most 
niwnitablc, ' when it is rccolloctcd how aharply thia haught-r dame tv- 
bnktd [SajflpaoQ] the dean of Christ Churcli, [lie ought to have written, 
Kgwell, drtn of St Paul's], for prcaeDtiii^ a commoD pmyer to her, 
whicJt had been pnrpoMJy omameatcd n'ith cula hy hun/ See StrypcB 
AniuJbi, VoL L p. 238. 

^ Thfl ftkeJetomxed Death, with all the DnimBtion of a livbg persoD, 
forms thfl moat important peraona^ ; sometimes amusingly Indictoua, 
occaaionallj mischievous, but always busy and charactmsticslly o«U' 
pied. Douee» p. 82. 

though, llio but umtf, on ih& three ccodgding pflg« uv, 
Kuloid of wLai uri;urTifJ thurson before. Hie flnat trmmph o( 
D«atb, till.' iin;hart|;k«l «u[iuuiiiimg tho ^oad vilb tho punlih- 
ui^ut uf lliu wicked, and a more tlonGr^fitnoied border. E<orjr 
Mt uf figuruA li}iH iiiL ^kpfrrofimte dintlch^ uiobt commonlv ad- 
droftwd b^ Deiilb tu Ibe parlj whom be ia loaJing oif- Tb« 
oL-DjtmtiiiUl Uirdvr at the verv bottoia of tbo page bears no 

u«, OA well lIio lOMt, sliaims^vk, Huur de lis. nud portcullb, all 
(tuib!vt»e ^f LUsabelh, •& llio bear and ragged ttofiF. tbe i»g- 
fti^ant-w of htfr groat favourllo, LoicCKter, Ibe sfjtnch supporter 
vi thu I'uriUuB. 

Ill tbu quoUtiuiu made on ihs previous page from Herbert** 
Anee ih^ Bcripluml series of w^Kid-i^uU i> Mcribed to Albert 
Durer and liU nir«. as Ibo dsvigners. Dibdin, on tbe ccDtrarj, 
ivlio Uk«B no notice cf Agne» Fri^j («ho ' in not kooivQ irilh 
Uj oerlainlv to baTo prafHiseJ tZjo art of eni^rnvjEi^'/ P&il(«. 
p. 14T)» denioa thai »ucb could h*i the catei both bt^cauie * (he 
itjl« of art ia wholly difainiilar from what we ob«erte' tn 
Albert Du.rt>r's productiouBt atid becaiiEO hv died forty yean 
before the dale of the fini cdltjuu ot ibe book. Tj'p- Anli^. 
Vol. IV. pp. 109, 110: Decameron, V<^ L pp. 113, 115- 
The decision to wliicli h? came wa», that tbej 'are eiide&tl/ 
of fbrdga workiDanabip. as lu on^aviug; and in thai de- 
portmenc of llie Qernian tcbool. oT "bich Albert Duror mmj 
he considered tbo p!*renl/ In juslificalbn of our conneriing 
in »ome manner ihat celebrated paititer's n^nie with them, 
ia%j bo added what w<t ]«nrn eUowhere: he de^gticd and 
on^icd an wcvod thirtir^ti tllLt^lrallonA of the tifo of Chmt. 
which were an bcaniifolj that forgfr* arnso to ijitlAlc thorn, 
Ae regards the third acrim, tn which Dtbdin miikrs bnt a 
Tory alight allusion, Dourf mr-nlmns if* having hccn ' rnnut 
unwarrantably a^crihrd to IhdiKrin.* tbongh he nrtimllv did 
j)air:t a Dance of Death in the f^allcHos of iho ro3'al pnhuio at 

* 8E)inrthiiis fif thU iirnl opjwftri to hnun l^m ivfd^-J ^wn frfFin ilw 
nnt i uhnnr? flit nAniv uf mi LuiaHiu^rf ^■t^'fu^iiu t"*^'^' M>ujat>i/r, !■ cOU^ 
ttinUj vt^ui>l*rj wiJi Ilia ll4Dcc> Di It ofiginuWy fiiiitp], lliv tvrm 
Mat^brr. boweipr, noHly refm 10 Iht fi^nri'^, in^rMi] ef ihe poetrj, 
UiJ Till cArmpliun firr Xlflcuriii*, »n li^t.lL^in mtjnt »nd uith^oitr, fince 
th« figntv of tbii Mint JD Ub coll wb fii>l uiifrvqucuUy introducvd uit» 
tbv mJ> Diuinv for a nuon raoailoncd bf Doq« on f^ 3S. 



Vhfiilb^ Uu. Uk>, waA uot utjvu iu I5ti9. havl^ig dlud of Lhu 
|ill|pw in Z-onduu in 1551. This Uonca of DcAth ia 'tliOurent 
from vvtry Othsr cf ttiti kiuJ, cuid of ainguliLr intorttt, as vs- 
tobitJUDg lbs fOttimi* of iu tiiu^r niUi r^epoot to all mulu uud 
fiOodUiom* uf li£^ ojjiId oud fumuLI^' 

Th> fini ujrim uf wumi cuts has & fdTTt wliirli unc!nu1>tcd]jr 
Mttttilvt 41 <|ifl«riT[il Htjlti uf art Croin ttio rofit, and ii|Tpcar tu 

Iw HmiUi in ttwnctvr; oo tbo workii of Cliority, bcbnging 
to tlM MODViJv lUTD Wu dwlitrt-d to I>u 'in ralhi^r u FLumUh 
rijU of CMButiOD-' DvCBDiuruii. p. llfr. Tho foUi^tring r^ 
Mtrlu irnU«A b/ Duum uu Llio lly-lunf of hi$ oopj uf tlio 
QtfttlM Ft«j«rvD*tunL][r oociiu III liorv: *'l a.m «ilremclj 
vlllptTlllJldt^lluttlbucut of g. EliubatU [itjo p.ivn,], lad 
fvoliAblj 10019 of tie oihen in thi« book. ar« oiecutod by a 
fpniga Mint, vbos« moik u A- Xbe tamv artist not ooly 
col ft gTMt noiubvr of |>rioU fur forcigu bfioki. but fur mftuy 
pillttlhfd in thb country. This cut of tbo Quevn wju pre 
nrT«4 to lato aa lt;52." [bid. p. 111. The i>raseiit accooot 
«( th«a9 wood-cota may bo cIohhJ with a gt^ueral uppUcaiion 
«f Donc4*a cODcloding ^ordi ou tba Dan uo of Death : *'A]l ara 
faigMd in a mai^tcrlj inkzuivr^ and delicatvly eDgravcd : tlio 
■MMi of tb4 BUkDl^ffn arliitU tvcre wurlby of bouig tt^ 

To rtlmru lOffw to tbo iirit edition; ' CbrUtiiui I'rujert 
and Meditalaoitt Hi Ep^IuK FrcDcb. iUEuLii. Sjmnuh, iarvsk 
tnd LaLo. [mpriaCod at Londe:^ by John J^^ye. Aa. 156^*/ 
It £• almoat aa highly adortifld, aa tbe aubscquoat edition of 
1676fe thoagk ila wood-cut« aro nut bo varied, tiov a its innor 
bonier •(> bvUttfuL It haa marely llio a«r]« &f cuta illua- 
InktiTO of ■ob)«cifl from the acripCares, and tb« Duico of 
fiaoUi. Tb« Ittrmer, ho«er«r, «inbrac«a a AOmCHhnt widfr 
m^ and ooenn with aix rflp«titiona: vhiUl the latlcrr fa 
^vn bnt IfriiTT, haa nnU wtrb fimalo chirscfva only th» 
VttOftd ilmo, acd llirn ^nda with iliat of iho arclion^l, an4 
bu avfal trumprl 

Tko oofty, from wliieh tho f^iJICop T> ftnftb1«d Co matio iho 

' la IkrUrt't AmcB. p. eU, thu IiLJb of iLin Ant iKlitiati U ^lifTfrml, 
biifal*. III h>^. lilt Utle vf ibc Kfi>n<1 and rollonlnif tdEdoDfi Ihui uroiiG'ly 
iwdtf iht fmkr (v cunclurlr, tliAl *]I Ihr (diiinnA vdin »Kdy -qniilAr. 
Bb fai DiUinV Trp, AaLa. VoL iv. p. 109. ThU Ifl iWlf a priwf of ih« 



aVovo remarkj rwpecting the first edition of ihc UIustr«t«d 
Clirihlian TrajCT*, ii in llie arrfiiopist'opal UUrary at LftmbHb, 
Ko. ltU9. It ciisU m a terr prrfoct star^. with alliU iiood- 
cul* SJid bordcn bdutjfully, ai well as af!citnitoIy, «^ur«L 
Tiio l)i*.lor_v of tliii book U eitretnely intcPMtinif. It oaeo 
WlongftJ io quocQ J^lila1x^tl]H u tre are informed by a maoia- 
#cripl note ia an audcnt band onthof^y-lfof >->-'Qi)cc!ii KhtMm 
bolb bfiT owne PriTcr EooLe/ On this jiM&unl, ptrhap, it 
WM, iHut llie rojai arms appear both on the reierw of tb* 
titXo-pago, and at the end of the book. The queen bcrMlf^ 
M her dcyolbns, is on the revcra© of a leaf foUawiog the titli>- 
p^O. These lbro<: cuts ar« Iilcairiu cotcurod- Some one, 
man/ year* ago, wrote on a htmnk page: " This Book hftd 

CroiH QiUOno EliTAhplH** dayri rcmninrd in the U'ardrnpo alt 
Wltito4i^] Irll the dmc of [IromircU, and thr-n it wo* rewrred 
by Mr JoUifc one of ih* Kecpern of y* Wftrd-ropu, wbo 
•fflTno timo afl*r gave it t» tbe \Viffi of Mr Ixido»ic!c Qirlbila; 
by whome it wa» giiicn to Mn IliirirrH; by wbo<o direction 
it yrr^ Xakfn out of the old Cover & tbua bourid." Mn Bor- 
voll prcsencod the volumo to hw daughter, who madn thit 
«itry: " K]ii;»hfth Coitrrll. ginca mo by ray Mo*t kind 
Motber M'" Franrfi* BurirelL" Douce (Donca of Doftib, p, 
247) albidM to thii identical copy, a* boloncinjr i'"^ ibr fimt 
edition of tho work, and aayi, ibat archbishop Tilbuan pro- 
acnted tt to tbo lihi-airy. If Douco U correct in hii aUl^ 
inont« Mr Beriah Itoitiold tnu^t nurely be irrong : for hr tf'lla 
OS in hLA ■ Notci on the Cathedral I-ibraric* of Kngiand, l^n- 
<Son, IS-iD/p. 2fi3, that lbi,i Tohime woionfto 'inibepoutuian 
«f Queen Anne;' a ccncTiimon to which be may haro coro^ 
^m tbo circumjitanpo, that a mamiwript prayrr in }iflp own 
band-writing is alwnyv kept lonim in tho liook, Soo alii^ 
Loirnde?' liiblio^mpber* p^ 11!?fl, 

A furti>nr rf^mark ifl ncrossary in regard to ibo Tohime 
jn»t drucribed. Though it belanjEa. as ii generally affirmed, 
to the Drrt edition of the Cliriatiaii I'rayow, :i U rloaHy not a 
ttHnino&copy of that edition' Kor ptirtiona of it mil M^iiabrth 
bereolt', and no od^ ak«. 'J'be Litany, w fur as rclatei to the 
ijuttini, ia entlrvFy In lb« firal person, ' to k^^q* and i^tfvn^tben 
mo thy acrvant; of Lhja roalm by tbeo uniiiiiieil quvc^n aod 
goiemar ; to r^e my hcort,' ^c. &^ in tb« ' iVaycr for the 
Qii«nc« maiettje;' ' I bueeeb iboo with thy favour to bftbnbl 

•t UiAt I ttaj Taaqutsb/ &c. The 'I'raycp for wi»odnnin 
Ibe nalvo* is Ukcmrisc ihrcnt^^lioul in Iho flrit 
Wlixlct. thereforo, ibo rtat of tlm irapriMioTi wan 
frinted lor tho pubiio jc<^nonUy> this pu'titmlir boak mniit 
htive bc«n pKfHir«d gijifcssjf for tba qa«n. Krom Ihfi 
itateiMPli now mrulc, na wdl v frciTu ttio iinifnnn <irfrrnvn<'n 
Vf tboprtntd' J-lIizsbcUl Rt hor rlcrtotinni, wc? tmTc grind rr».«on 
to iaier, tliat bIio detitirttv anthotvcU the pubUmtlort xmdttr 
both it* fbniuL 

It b hnpoiiiblo to nntcr npon Ihn «abjc<(<t nf rm'ly ilhimi- 
■ried bcHtk> d* dorotion: ncTcnhDlcM, it in warib tn^ntionlnf^, 
dal IB Uio Hriliiii Mnimim. nmont; thi? Mulcctl hflak*, it % 
■ignftecnl oop/on ToUum of iho Il'jrut Ut^tivViri^nii .^UnJlk^ 
vhkh u cxactlj limilur tn ploD* n to it* ookbnllithmonU. nod 
ibo >n tiM order *nd Arnin^oD^cnt of tboM omlislluluiicrntfv to 
Ibft B«ok ofOotrtiaa I'rajcrs^ Etct-; pftgfi indcod, i^ adorned 
m Um Mao fnumcr, cud voum of tho cuti in ilia ktor crork 
eopiod fr^m tbc ciirlicr, vr both fram n publication nliH 
snckct (ban ealbcr; mid >o, of ono or two of tfio lK>riler9 
it Ibo boUoot of iho pl^;c«. The rcennrk about cop^ring pt^r- 
ipartiooUHjT Co tbov irood^uti, which roproMQl Ibo oFCnla 
with tho end of Ibo vorld. Tho Horai hn« rotluii^ 
Uko Ur^ porUon of ivhat i« <^)ntjuiiod ia tho 
diTMBOft of tJio orn«nioiiU lo tho Book of ClLriitinii 
ijcn, vboo rcfiaUiihod b l^T^. 
l>oiat«, p, 147. i» Knattf t&|K«cd to atlribnlo tho oompib- 
&■ Pt tluMT Oiriduii Vnkjtn to Jolin Koio; th^^nt^b, nhoa 
k» nggwiad Ibe use of FoJio, ho poviblj bod not iccii tho 
■ditioa of 1669. nor wu oron nwjtn?, th>t jinj copy of it 
txutod- Bot tkero n ft xtrj grcAt probabiHtjr agojAit 
F«ci«*i b^TiA^ hftd tnoob, if uj thin^ st mJI, to do with 
^ pablic&lM. A trtllo woHc mAjr bo k<ii in tho Uni- 
nmkj Ubnfj, CuobriJ|{«. (G.OL l'a>, »tth the folloiring 
tilk And eoloflioa :— *' Tb« PomaodiT of Pr«;cr. «rboroia U 
ooMftiDod Muj C^'f PmrcTiv wh«r«uQto an ftdd«d oer* 
Ifefflo UvdkaiiMi; csijlod d^ AogufiinX ohiob, hcyog roddo 

ttiomlbi V'u cam fiifuria t;HK«^|qit: 'I'IluW H JudJUi, « vUua 
■wA»B riS Bthaqiil»ami imprvt facrani FtfktU optrm h arte 
WmUUHibii. Inji iBih hw¥*d Vfci Sy^mJj Voiitn: comamtatfi 



■ilh a fwtwQt inytid^ wjU profjt nioch, aad rttir that 
to vertae. Anno. 1558. — fl Imprinted aX LcodoQ bj loho 
Dat*. Jwellrng ctict Aldersgato. Cnm priuilegio ad' impri- 
meuduu solum ' [I«rb«rt'? Am«^ p^ €2^- ThU wcirkt from 
the future of iu contents, and its airaag^mcnt. to mj 
nottiing of '\\a pMU\ier. maj aeem to hato been tbe origiOAl 
of ili^ Book of CLrirtiATi Prajer*'. The Poinaiider begioi 
with Ludoiricua ViTe*' prajerf; for the morning and erenlog. 
and other times of the d&v^ u truitlited bj Br*diord : tbcs 
come prayers to the screral Persons of th© TVinily : ' l*ard- 
cnkr pr^jer* to be aayde of the Slaglstrxtea,'' Sec, : ' General 
pnxen to be ^tide for the Grace and fauoure of Cod/ $cc.t 
•Certain godlic ifeditations made in the for-mo of pnren 
by S, AiigD*tine:' 'The ,it. Oea of 8, Bndget;' and the 
Uttn^- Wooflfota^ loo, ^et in all ropocta eitr^mt^lj inferior, 
verj anniMiniag, and unaeoompruiled bj any Konten^^ of 
Kripturc. are dLsjvjspd all round ea^b page. If the notion 
now ndvanrod bo crorrirot. tt nrc^ssarily follotrs, that th« 
Book of Clinslmn Prayers, in it) f:r«i stale, was a private 
Manoftl of derotion for the mo of Roman Calboltcs. Thii 
ifl orictent for sereral reasons. Tbe Ca^enciar, and Godly 
Prayont, which prcecMJa the Pomander, hare a d<?mded]j 
Roman Catholic ehamcter: the Pater noster, Avo, und Creiloi, 
ore enjoinnl to be taXii; moreover In the l.ilany (whieb, 
with iu following prnyeps, is neYortholes* tAkou from our 
oirn formularioa) we haTo tho three pL^litions (o llie Virj^a 
Mary, &o. C^e p. 51, nete G). nitb Uio nanioa of Pbilip 
and Mary- Ma»t likely, John Daye woa }mnfietf the com- 
piler of thid work: iLt atl ^renta, Foio could ngt be. Tho 
vofumo of 1569, ajoo published by Jobu Daye, oa stated 
hcforo, Jiuceecdud, Tho foundutEou uf thu Grnt porltoa 
of it wan BuIPd ClirlAtian Prayers and Medititfioiw, put 
Diit in 1566, nrhiuh it reaemblcH, too, in iU lillo. From 
Jhill vcro borroqed tbe pray«rs, tran»)ftlei^ Vy Bradford 
out of Lu^oTicud W'ltt^, and Hfenl of Ttradford'i ova 
AIudiUlionKi &e. The luJdOl?, biwdM tome prAycn from 

' For lh« jijjunclion Alvrij* to add thJf phnv. «» WilkinV C«n> 
rjlla, Vol. iiL p. TTT- 

< li nniit W mfiitioiwJ lumrvf r, Ibnl Dtivifl publiakedhis 'PamunJct 
^ ' ' ■ ', ihr wntriili of wlikh nt tb* »try •■'"• !*"• 

Vcitr iiUirtjv'^ Precm Sttfrre, (we p. 4)31, nolo 4.) oonetaEs of 
BMhiofc bat Ptiiimi ani tjuutBtiuiu fhiiii scripture, wbilat at 
ibo ettd an pmycrs b sovorol IvaruuU languugua. John 
Itejre mij lik«wua hu.ra ]>rDpcirc'd ttua oolluution« «Jtlicr by 
hnueK or irith tlio aniaiitiCQ of Ft^ic. In l-^TM cumo out 
what it » Bgreod tu oall a tivouad oditJun of Iho buok of 1209, 
bvl U cwi Wjr bo ao oalled iu a rttli-jaLud ^tn^, alncii tbu two 
w^rk* &ro Jikv «adi other oua^iJoraLbl^ uioi'U in (ho utituro 
of tlntr uubtfUialimuiiU tLau of iLuir uuutunU* In fjict, ibo 
book of \31& niil bo found* au coujjKiriiiKiti, to bvur a mntjh 
gnMor towutiLiocg. ju to Jla coutvuUi to tbu publidtUom 
of 15&dtlbc>oghaIWuiitii Cutbuliu Miiuual uf dtivglluu* tlidji to 
tb*t of 1&4>^: whoEK^ it may b« 4;on£idttri3d, aiid witli Huio 
ipp— rmf of truth, to b^ nth»r «i iioprovod ro-ittuo of 
Ibo Pwpaadf, **t ofTp ho«»ror, ud t^oriMtd, b^ tlio additioa 
■01 etJj cf th# nood-cuL* cf 1(69, but of ininy otbura 
•90*115 Uinciivo. Tbo ChrUiuin Pnjortof 1376 nu tlid 
wcrk of Dajo'i ton and »ucc<rMor, Hichftrd Da^«, M.A. 
(Herbcn*! Atdgo. p. rtSO), ju U otiJont from Ibo pr*f»iorjr 
AddrcM lo Ibe ChrUlian Rcadtf^ (p. 437}, whUli, from h*irJog 
bv Tuuee otibjoinod, «c kuiMr to have been hia i^ompouu&n- 

]n sa App«ndii to Hm volume a docLiment \» irnnrie^, 
vUdi, from lu MOtioiion with our Prajar Book, it neomoil 
^Banblo to rrfuHnt. though, bf rt^wtn of the dato of tu 
pibliOBlkn, it tomes nai ^ih'm tho preicnbod period. Thor* 
nirttd, bovorcr, ihe plater r«Ason fcr adding it, oa it com- 
ploUfl ibo litursinl urioi publiihcd by the Turker Sociotj-, 

tkoi tf*ftH*t tbe reader 10 form el rorred jud^m^t r^ 
our IVotcotuit cliurcb Mrticun, down to tho end of 
Ktebo<fc^ nisu- Tho doLmmeut in ^tii&tion is tho Kngltoh 

Utedjr of 1544, tbo tirit luiportunl btop tunurda the uao of 
Mr owB l—goage in tbe public mrvicwi of tliu (^ur<]h. 

Tbo Kuglob Ljtaaj', with ita UiliurUUL>n lo Vr^^vr^ Hoe 
L tncnUng to DilHilu (Tvp. Antii^j. VoL 111. p. 4G0)|. 
JuM tbo I^Ui, Ifi-ti ; ttiuugb, if ho mcint iU fint publi* 
tttioo. ko nUT liavo miido > mlitako, bccauio tho edition re- 
ptioled ia thta Tolom^ hiu tho 27th of >U^ in (he cotophour 
5«e p^ 576, On the 1 1th of June, Ueiur; wroto a lotter to 
Cnamtr, m which ho roquirtd him to ii4o thLi Liunj hbml/. 
t» w«D M to cAtuc hi) vuK-ag&iu %c H^ do; uid c^ th« 14tTi 


ef ihn tfLTKo montli, Crjinmcr aiidrt^Asm] tho&c mfft^agtfift 
ibnnigti llonncr, (who, as tiUhr^p of London, was rlcAn of tlio 
^•0O|Ki] college for ilic yvrovJnco cf f.*.Jvntorburv,) At the s&mo 
tlfnn dcndin^ each of thtm a rnpr of Uio book- Crmimor'iA 
Worka, rarkcr Society EJilion, Vd. u. p. 404. The king 
SftjR: "Being resolved lo liflvo nootinuttllj from hcneeforlb 
gonorol firaeeraionB' tn nil eitiea, totrnOf chufcliC!!. tuid puriiheni 
of thia our rcilm. wo havo act fortli ecrtozti fiodiv prnycra 
Ukd MiTTrii^es in our zuitiTo l'«n,|F'i>^i ton^nc, irhieh we send yon 
bemwith, not to he for a mouth or two obxurtrod, mid after 
iTendorly considorcdp bat to th* intent. tluU *a veil tlio Ame», 
jua onr other injimcijons. eoaj tamwtl^v be But forth by prcach- 
t&gi good cjdiortatioiui, and otlkurfftt}^ to the people. Whero- 
ibro wo niil and ceuuuand you, oe joa nil] aciGwor unto. us for 
Iha ODniruy, not only to cnueo tbcsu pmjoi^ aod Buffnigc* 
■fimttid io bo pu\iH«Uod frociuuntly. ^nd openljr u»ed in idl 
tcwna. churcboa. viUiLgeti, and puriihofv of your onn dioecn; 
but olfo to ugnify tbU our pIuR^urtt unto dL oilier bUhopR of 
jcur proriocu. willing mid commanding tUoin b our nmuo. and 
by nrtue boreofj to do mid exeouto the huqi? ncoordlugly.'* 

lu Ibc ftbovo vitract Ueory ■jwa.k», wo tnuy obwrtc, of 
thU Litnuy of 1514, ojt being * vet forlb.' and seal by hint to 
tho nrriiblal^op ; be, IiLvwIbo, opt^nly tlireatoiu lui^ prclaten 
fti prAUmcd to disobey Lia iiiAiidal?; curibO^ucully, tlm nu- 
iLijrity on wbicb ita qbo reitod »&» no otlier tban tbat of tbe 
kisg bimittir Mon. Hituki, Vol. n. p. ^G- StdJ, it appear* 
not nnmuoiiable to mppo» iltc couipo^ltioii of tho work to 
bav« proec«dtd orjj^inUJy from CrAnroer, &nd Umt it »m 
mcrelj forwarded to Ujo king, m •r^ryihing of iho kind fti 
that time van, for hiA Approvnl at rOviAion, We nuhj Judg* 
tbii Rvrm frnm the arebliUht^p'ft letter t<i Henry, dftte^l the Ttb 4^f 
October (Cnmmer'a Worka. Vol, it. p. 412), whewiby Veruia 
prorcuioni; to he luind upon featiTal Hrtyi^' whieh he biul partly 
imnrilnlnil iVom tho TAtin.mviMdnnUtni to theroyAl JLiilg;menC, 
ami, if need bn, to tho myal enrrrrnjon, Whnti^Y^ bonk wm 
ftUudud to jci tlio letter, lUiH llie paint la by no mejini tanj tn 
d«iertuiu(\ [lliB Jnto. no morfi ihati tho dcicription, npreriny 
vith eit}ii-r tbt) Litany', or Uio IVimer of lflJ5y) the wclx- 

• s» p. fiT^, UoTc 1 

' CuUJer. (Vol, » p. COtt), vrho tiMffa thu Idler 1a IfilA. noTcrth^ 
1m docs net liMfiMP, tboii|^, (Hbund]/, with Mule mwan, loMnnHt [t 



ritli \u cdnt|iU&Uon. tad thft£» ' acoording to 
jeor higluHM^ eommftndfn«ii|,' i> quiCQ ovidcoL Str^o wu 
osapleiilr Ignonnt oflliA work, irliioh D«[u-j teat to Craam«r. 
■ecmBputM hj lti« ]eu«r fint quc^t«d, uid vhidi ym no^ 
ftot ifettbl wu lh« LiUnjr of 15M ; j«t bo do» not hcutnto 
to |ir» 4n c-pdnE«D rcsp^og ii, ^mplj Irooi vhAt he &>nii- 
4«nil to b« tho iMUira r>f tht eue : " 1 har« not met with 
lliMt ■oBVigM; vhkh If I liaJ, I hhtmU h&T« been mcliaod 
to foMMi thorn kcn>, ftTir] the rAtlmv becauM I bdicvo tbcjr 
Virt •# rr*Bm^r"a nnn rompoilnff." ifwnor, of CroDfDcr, 
VoL t. p. 1£L4. On tlin utppofaUlim, tb^t t1i» Litany r«Any 
«*■ th» ftrchbUiop'n <?f)mi>iT(hiion \ no mhj mrt]^ tpUt to hji 
iMtiT of Ottobvr Uio Ttb fur ttn acoouiil of tho iTiutb&J oa 
vUeh bo prooeodod: "lit ittiivh tnuuUtion. fora^inuish as 
umaj of tbo prooo^D^ in tlio I^ttn woro br^t barren, aA 
PMWnpJ, and lltllo froilfot, 1 wa» ct)(iAtrALrj[i{l (^ iwu moru 
Umq Uio bb«rty of ik truiHlAtor: f^r iii i^oinci procoanionft 1 
hftTv ihorvd divers word*; in lomo 1 Iiato Added purt; \j\ 
■OBO t^OQ port wwtkji somo I lirLTo lofl out ifbolo, oitliot- 
for bj «uiu tbo mftturr appoorcii to mo 1o bo litllo to pur- 
poio^ or bj cnuM tho daya bo not with ui fcjrtivni-dftjs ; and 
MDO procMHoiu 1 bnTO ndJod wboIc> bocauw ] thoi^ght I had 
better nuitcr for ibo purpovc, tbjin nu tho procouton in 

Hotbisf; n»« rvmjimi lo Iho Editor, but to jrarfonntlM 
ptming dctv «l oipreoiutg bb obl't^tioDs to IboM grniilemfm, 
bj wbooo Idwl ■mtAQCO bis kboun bav« bcon fi^rvnrdorl. 
tTu rr&liFfb] tliank* iM io t)io ftr«t y^loro duo lo ib^^ Itc^v^ tho 
of Jmqs, 8t JoKn\ ftnd Kmrn-inunl Collcgca, Cftu- 

UliOJi MjfDgi Tlvnrj Wit it ■fvuix. givni vuiv ftrtliDr lU' 
I to t>anmtr ^xnit tluii MaEtptr.' Dr Jcnkym, oil iho cMinuy, 
ItMlfikMi l^t llmr^ h^ cMunjiiutrd hiH mic<tamt m Frufv to 14 cute- 

■ b i»1ll ODt W & pnitllcB or oohilnwdbf Ubuur ta oiiuimn iho 
\Mmjit 1M« with thp Liutttj Mntbbf^ la the ^t^nvAv of i^ i)?/!- 
hwifc «f IbmwuL: iJ**, «^th tU Kititnjr giTfii by bkbop EI^k; in 

biidge, who fkroored him with the lowi of booka from th^ 
recpectiro Ubranes : tbeu, pitrttcuUrlj, to the. Rer. Profrasor 
Come, VicG-cbancellor of the Univemty of Cambridge ^ also, 
to the Rot. Dr MaitUnd, the Ror> W. Hayward Cox, the 
ReT, T. Lathbory, aod the Rot. C. Hflrdwitk, fellow of St 
CAth&riiie*B Hall, Cambridge; to all of whom, in vorioua de- 
grees, and on different occuuoni, he haa been much indebted 
in the progreaa of bii worh. 




p. 86, line 28 hu 


p. 373, lut line £it 


p. 40A, tut liu Fnhari 


The Primer 

set forth at large, 

with many godly 

and deroat prftyen. 

Anna. 15^ 

f Imprinted at London 
by the assigns of John Waylaiid, 

forbtddiug all other to print 
thia or any other Priinor, 

C Cam privikffUr ad imprhrundum n/uin. 

£qU. EUZ. PRA7EU,j 

1509.] ^ 3 ■ 

C An 'Almftimck for .xri. y^^tt. 





M> P^ lis. 

ixri, Marrh, 




ILIk. Il 

riU^. A|>ri]. 




vi. April 



M.Sk liiL 

xjui. (xjttx.J March' 




xi. AprlL 



u. ti. ti^iL 

ilt£iL] April- 


B A 

u.tL Ivr. 

XKti, April, 



^H Ixvi. 

Tiii- [jtiiii,] Aprilh 




M.u. IxriL 

txx. MHnh. 




j|.i>. UTiii. 

TiU. Manh." 


D C 


«,liL Uii. 

X. ApriL 




■-». Ixx, 

zxTi. Marvh' 




M.^ boL 

XV. April. 




■■, H'Dl IkA 

Ti. April- 


P E 




it.D Ijmii. 

xiii> 3E&Ti:b' 




IblK bun xi. AyrlL 




T^ TBU bAlli -lit, M«tti>t DT .111. Weeki & one Uny-. 



[- Ib 1M£ <U, fvlLoHi 111- r^lcM-lu-- vkLJrt on tb« r4<«H cT the l1U> 

t^ tSif frfiil' 

Tfi- l-^»ll•. 

flu pkiAja of our l^n]*- 

CwMd gai\i pfi^e%, foe atfidry 



I— « 



^^^^^^^^^^^r 1 uOh 




TLq KftlQuiJdr^ 

KL' Juiiuu* lutL ,uil, daj*. 

UL Ftfbnurr h«ih rUri^, da;*. 



Cireum. ofChritz\ 





i'wf^'. O^ilUr lady. 














THk EfnyAanjM 









^ol in Piif^. 









Sot iM Jgua. 











K]ea. FohtMO-fii, 







kftlciiJ. MuflUt 









1 It. 



















3ra%, AportU. 




Conwr. y/'W- 



'J'1i« plow gf tho 














XI r. 








(1 lAt3 bv noi ' 'J'tiB lUlDndtir»' imB li hu ■ ulamq for tbe BovtD 


(■IdtAir, MfA «P^u[L*r for []i^ '1**% <if v«i-l' !"'>"! ll, J 


(* iM& hv JkTiii*rii^ whkh diifKLnd* QD KL^IUEJ. ngi^iul Ilic first Sitb- 


4aj UiT4T, A, 4n<l (0 af pTrrf mhr^r lui^nLli ] 


(* tUUflHUTB ptjt Im^lHd irf fei] IvtEcn, 1 



{' Itt IM.** fi-TTjltarj ja'uuud liprr. Tjiv nauiqi flfaffttrvJ hIilU «»■!■■ 


bivrC'il ^n (Ip* I'rlniH'Qf lL'«l.^jftAtMl1 Molhitr ttilnr«j tuiL il w ml iJvpghl 


BHC*aarj [d iBflDllun llleu la doUJL ■■■'^ ><■ liMir i«u]ier |ilAFea.J 


i> >ai 4 »4 1-tLtf 44; Ln lUy.\ 



{* Aj;>iittit Ibl- ilii; tLoh b *rBfet' Ib IMA. tiuJ«d ^FhL' 4jniiF«tii lU 



VOEqmd Id lk» CAUadtf vr vur Cn^LT-Uouk tiiiu iUd J^rw C^rthdar ur 


lOCl- 94n C-\aftVnjur JIodIi tlEnttrnud. p, 11, poipa; tml Tba minb*- 


t1i«4i LUikrjiiw, pp. «43*4^A Tti«»iiuQ p«ii>vti l« a[4vfi'«li]r- 1" ^Vi|^Ul«' In 


At Oiariiun of lAlfti b wiicTi lionL v>ra* mnH of !!»**• qnUBbflj b» llk*- 








The Ealendv, 

KL tfu«b hMih Jiul. dajL 

KL April haXh .xft. di.^ 











XI T. 

Sol in Jritt, 

Kftlen. Aprilia. 

Annvntiaiion tfour 















Sol in Tav. 

J/imt Evang- 

[■ 1543 ho bvR, 8. G«OTg« En rf4 )et1«n, trTdcb dmj wu oprBHlj 
ntiliwd, wIkd nwoT a(b«r holidairi van itingtlvd In 1A3S. WUUu't 



The Kolendor. 

EL UiLj bath .uil. daji. 

KL Juie hmtb .ui. daji. 



Philip and Jacob 




































^,&rnd^, ApottU*. 











KolcQ. Jutii, 






K&IflD- June. 








Sot in ffemL 






















AaJici/^ of taint 




















Peter and PattU 






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from DDT C>l«ldu, (faODgh EDBDJ C 

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The Kalendar. 


EL Jvlj I4A ju}- d*^ 

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kako. ficptemliriji. 







kalOHL Avgiuli. 







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Jftrjf MagittiUnK 












JamM Apttttim 



















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M IrtHfl^ ti lU <-.^^du of IfrUkJ 







EL Septamber luth .ui. dajt. 

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kaJ. OctobriH. 





jS^ in Libro. 








kal. NavembTu. 




Ltike Eva^elut. 




Sot in SaffU. [Scta- 








MaiAno AportU. 



















Simon and Juda 






ApoMtle [i]. 

[■ 'Tha Vntlulta of ou kdj,' 

Id rtd Ifttm, ii p]ftc«a Jicn by UMj.] 


The Kalandar, 

KL NDT«inbflF hath .iiv. Amjw. 

KL Dtcflmlwr liaUi -ixil, iajt. 


Ailhalh^Btn da^. 














































KaI. Decembrie. 


iCal. Juiiurii. 













Sol in Capri. 




























Natit^Ckrut. , 





S- John. 



xvi. j d 




S- Andrtm, apo. 





f ^ All Hllni daj, in red l«t(«n, coion han Ln 1H&] 

[' l^iS hu, Id nd leiton. & Klfbolu, Bod Th* Conceptloii of itar 

Ladv. B^iiit (h«ta daji mp»ctlT«Ij.] 

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j4lBKBttihfl aai ' TJn pralrr of omr Lm^,' wfal«h iDtrodnCM Iba Creod. 

5«a p. lA. 

■f A Pnbn, fctt. Bh ths «it thrva p^M, 

A ruii'^cE, Sec 

HLSHY TitE ^Vnr hv Ihi* trrwi- of aod kyn« of Kogludi. 
Fnunn. fln^l IniliuiJc. ildr^udcr uC Um GiJUi, luid in yinfth npracoQ 
hvdJc Af ^ c^hurcbv uf KuiclAUiti* ood IrcJuidp : to oU and aqn^nlm* 
(nar tnjliipnlf s u wdl at iho ckrgle w rJv of thfi lun ^ iritJjln tnj 
Wa Ounablfrni whM*»(iflr ihwi U^, irtljin. /r J^S Hit ivl* «f 
kynffDH (vrJivui tliu l>iriEv ImUi voiuiiLuttil At avttv 'vr puloara cf Ut 
pfKjptu.) Lii>{ uuvl^ lir iinX'uf* ihxi m ijuiuUt lad frwoMhlo Hfo Tadc be* 
|im1l> «f all hh vnlurtful lubiactni bul ibo tihn ttkeMmo lifi nuiic W. 
jhwiaI Dufir ^dlyn Ji^uouttly, A^ ui^rtuaimli m IHa Imf wonJtippji^ 
Uk<\ ■trvW nf L>ih1, TO iliD hnnntir of hfoij & lo lht< «iiiuEJfiyug ^ hn 
UVnis & Ui Ueo umirliiatyuK ikTuuciuu vC llivir oiTUn vvlfn. AT'TM 
gudly ikuuvlou tbvro bdoD^db uud i<obivt». vf wliiduj (bal lauir !■ 
ml tbci Imt tlitf whidm ituui'tli ^uml^ \ with piirfpitft vhrlrTvUni^ing 
nuke imjoaulon to t«oi) ibv Aillior^ am] of titf' Fialhout & -{c-upr of all 
gitodoaaB umcBtflj' rnuiLLli ^mho iltriiuiiii «■ 1k>» f^tint kh] for th< 
•oU* htalcb. for tXint futl*' nf ihc Liti.i iltat U bttiyu'l lo bnv wvH 
«Ht«l L & rvQiltuth lEionlu Utt tha huwuu^tmn g«H]>'n£ of t^itod tlTjmgn 
pur, ft olio fit l1in pLtttinif nwnSti nf {■iiillni, ^^ iJiorofDr* JoplJi ncr^ 
fin *utu guJ wiTii Ihi* lAltd & bumcd oftrrjrHiLf uf Uiu JljipH ifCT J* 
rumjfaiv tliprvf fQitMlntli in thia [toLnQtr, if iba biuuculy tklhn of 
lijfVitri bo wTiftbiyhjiod and icruej jidcordyofl lo tLn pr™m|ioion A 
appniDtiU^inPiiln i>r ibi wr>nnlii at Cnd, if wo bro narle St fMTViittitanit* 
ht lliii iH-boJt llut we* Iblkr with hiJii in uur iimit^ra iuiiurdj^ii|[ io bk 
wlUti iiftrr *h«* ftppnnri^tig if wr^ iFinTff> our pnion, vi* hum 
fuauivd Lnut A^ affiaiuioo (rit (bo wiiiyjijj uf Uiu AiwiIJb Iswhadi) that 
wp be* honrd of liym, AYtW proirr i* v«d or modp with right aod 
|irrfri4.-rc vEuk'mtoniJj^ne^ if wt i^ng Willi our spirit*, Jfc iinj[ wJth our 
□ajodf* or tndffmtjuiclyiitf, m» Dial th« ilt^m coat«[D|11u^D ur rvukli^nf 
of tbt loyi^i: fi>Luwc y jkilliintiafl at y* wiHirdnt. A: thc^ ^)djriu[ af 
TTiMon (E*H^ \"<(atf, li^-ftbrn lb<< nplritc dAoclh itiui; UMroyndi taktJM 
fruKiA nl nl. & tho {jurtlo >' TDilf'niUiiilrUi nni ibr pith or flffipctiutMi 
of Ihr tolkc j' hp fnuikp^ty mak?th wllb 4iod, uluui |w« u flii liaqw 
01 priHi, K*uO''ih' ■ k'uuir, but uut vuiItTiriaodinj; iIjd iioIk 7* St vLf 
hnthniJbto, A\D roraMuudic u nw banc bcfitaiml Tiglil^rmitp lobovt 
A dihfrivn ttlwnle atiiyag ■ {ET^-U'Tr irfjiigb in y'i>thrrpaitM<ifuur 
relijciou : wv hant IboDftlil Hood lo Uitowv out nvucvl liibuur in thl« 
]H«rtv «U>. brtjiug B Uorutf >■ fruJctvful ■■ tb* Um.iIuU UMUl llMl« knom 
botho vhat Ibfl pnlh ft oIm with trbol ifoovdw t Ian Ih^ngn a|iMliil 
enoEl ^ pFiurljnhl, bfynfenffnpptnlia ignunuine* of the woorAaij diouM 
not pfHffiiii^Utljr nomn ta t\w mjmdr & 10 lh» iaUWfMco of moo: or 
oU UtmK« UrjiiijK nolbjui; iv ilw puriK**-. (lor tvuii* adie (0 bo offrvd 
Tht» Gvdi vlivuld huv iJw Uvh flfhote irlih god brTn^ ibc Ai^ 
trfbDtoor of oU eiAc^ /*V touidenthu i^henif iw hv]f> vUo out A 
(E?ii«n lo OUT iit;hj»nei drtr naiiuEc fourmt v( ptiki^iu; in ihmr own 

A rkKFAVSj &c. 


to Lbtuli-iile llutL Bucliv M ftrv jKiuintml of hdj flmuD^r* 
ipvAf, miifi huntf what tti {imiJ' m -.i-'W ,-\<w iu'i|tiiuiiliii3 & 
ftgJllir lupin* wiih frulctfi & TniIcr<>LiLiL.jiji^ : a t<> thcuda ^* thcl 
ihal AOt oftv irslArad (bMynBllirivn-lLprDf y Tamra ^ hrrtn) nxithffr 

THKL-ESS, to ihontfnio tJmt lautit u tume vitdcmfludyn^ of iho 
Itfli* laan^ fifi iJ^iiukd that Ih^^i cvi ytiJii a midw finrm^nti^ titirit^^ makn 
ibclr priicM in t^At tminK^ mnii- tmnf whrrin 1o A<nte tiich 'ivuovUm 
I* Oodt bvfnc ifKXii iuxvpEuur nijUbBr uf hu^ iJcmuEiv tin luunj;: wq 
hav yriitoJ thmilf Hvim foimnv (^ pnlyojf to b« ocOa bntb tn 
Ui iIk^ vhidw m bibL afurv pultlimlinl ht rjiglialir, la ihrnilfflt*, 
Ihtf n moU b«# nil thjrn^r* tn fkLI pnwincA, ^ ihnt aII ^^utLv 
■■l*^ \gt^ bcvMttfSn!. ouil ha wrU tliu «viUu & ddliv uT UidIeu iJuit 
fBRvJB* liAtb tonniEn <■ ■l" tht< nn-T<MHv# uid Wit* ttf thciin Uiit 
4«M m>l i^intfttuk ttu laiiu. JjVX) « ;« tuiuc iutlk'L^it U !<' Iwv uT ik» 
ivaO tiRT f.>r th? noidj'nc of ^Itifr mid {'unitu^'inn. Eo haun one 
ImUwB ^ir— or ffiiLrH of |>MLJ>n;; Throa^hoLit all our 'loniLniuia: 
IMI a TfD^ pi»tt rf^oCiP it Emtb tu afjiini V]» lllu frE-|l«'n[l>ll(iW tjf 
I* m^wie, hf thi^ voufuHr niAiicr vl' [irulyD^ irtt: toiufulmt hui^HiEi wUli 
ibt ftlsihip or KQiuvJon af Yiidtr»i1jmi1>'i^)f : if tin farvuuiDnnwQ of tlt« 
jmitr bcfjvf «tA ptrcv4iu<l docv put dwaIv i^ udlomneBt or taintyag 
4f tlw ttjMb bHjrng nlhn*;^' fxr;ii|ik'il and <iim«l from pnuAr: if 
lb* plaMHUHar of iruil*rvUiJctyi>ti Jocv nuumt^* uid finJi thu buniyog 
kMla «f lb* fcont : & fiiuJJjr. If ttiu dwtvfulncse of «niHl inind^ni; y* 
vttbr fal ckoe avnlr oil ilDUihfbliKiv «f ih« myndc loforr jfAtJicRil. 
WHBKEFOBF. m fnato » uur will am) rire>vanIcnE-Mi lutU Imu 

mi Isdulri* Id bn t«««H«t wvU Ac frulclvftiily viLog tbfuAmu, tlmt 
«W«<I lltlofv li«th bMo prrpAAil nad wrfla fiiifriJ].Co llio t:]ori«or 
Gb4 & faf ^''iV velibfi : yMinrMfr* oncLy mAit tiot hcc ilaclu nr na^l^ 

g£\ar TUS hIGltr by Uie irmff of God Wynp of Kh^IiitliI. 
hMfu, aliJ tprlvxdff, d^r'ndi'iir ^f llin 6iL[ht ilik) uf thv dmnhp nf 
bl^iMi ABfl *]*> of lnlfeiid« lU ><'4'lli K\\t Hi|irvni0 lifiLdr, 'J'o 4II <ULd 
4malM* Ob' vubirdo, to*ul Arclicbi^ivii^*, lSi>hu|i|vi, dmfi««. Artrli> 

4aHB^ PnoMM*, pcnottM^ vIchw^ donbu, |tnc«u«) uid till otlii r of 
tiwflwyi ? itftluAHnlAlMriad J^pvM fiTihfl bur f>v,iu>(J E»chvj«vf 
5Mlb»iiitlliiUBfur vur r*4liun,dutuiiiiua^AiiiKvuitEFidvM^'LifiiMn ^\twx\g 
fta BwiM* liBiluuM, sod noftfv ftideLlw olTalrva HpEJonuavoff lo our 
Rtalt aaCbariUA uiil ofRi^ vc« nuelw tciutcryn,L( iha ycuilu^ of our 
IhAbii^ {whoa* fiivd Atanfidii abi Trrlnftiiv ^*y^iCj^^ *P tfH4oufit<lh 
•Hte hl^hlT^ to lb* hoiKiniv uid pniv of rkrcrijfhltP Gml^ fir diaRra^nod 
■ad tpcntUj- foe ihat Uib j>«fullK tj^ iiucn pcnpim w 


M.V wjr7»mo*r, itc- 

tunghL Lha Afp n«Ar (he ^«t JXriHa. Onfr, ■cd Ua «aiitm*nadp- 
mrnTf^an In Ln1fn. and not in En^liebr* by mAfin Himnrihimiio ore 
ni*f; !nw»5>it t^ in tfm kTHJ^rcIpJpi: of ihrir fiiilli, tlnlio And filir<Tirrvnt 
««]LL'Tviij w C'lirtklFn prniPD? oiLghl tn hrf^ ijEf^nnnnr.- Aciit for thjil avr 
|in4»|]]if niid iiiihie»ct*i which? hauG no Yiii[t>nLuiilyii)( i^i llio JaIIii touQn* 
nnd yet Jmno Ui« knowolAgo cf r?Dd[n^» uiiac pmlu In ihclr ^uf^n^ 
titnng. whk:hft £■ to thtim htit Itftowm : timl try tha mmno ilicrrof Ihri 
•hould tteetlie more piwiokfd lo Injp dp[n>rinn, flml T.hf?b*llrT*Bni* thrfi 
liertM ^pQCL lhi>^ ttiyu^nt Itinl Uiti pfuic for. And fmitlTy, fur l1w 
auoydyniT of iho dlar^nhfl of utimcr liokcs, that art? n*7* ftbjwjrlp, ^rh^nf 
Mm nlmnKti* mTnimflroJjta KiTltai whirlio tninlntcr aoPAslan of cniiTrnciflnfl 
ftQpl *aln df*piilnfiini>*, mlhPT Ih^n t" r-lifio^ ftTi*! fn hMifr tin" »ni[nriJi*» 
Unlit of nil •u^:^Hl l>Like4 tbfi'UEfhuut iJl <mr UumiiiluM, buthc tw t»o 
Cau^lit Tnt^ eliltdrcn. luirt bIm lo hi^o Tsrd fcir ordlDHT^' jmlon of all vnr 
prnplf^ Tint Imrnril in Thr Lntin l^uiif : hniin uriir forth thi* Primpr <■ 
tidka of prhifT* in Kn^tL»]ic tu fxv frvrjuciiT^^ uirl %iiin1 Ed and f Itnni^hmt 
dU rf'WQ* of cur Kil^ i%«lii]v« Kir] i] nniml vnn, aptw«1I nf thcr^rr pfHipIo, 
M uluu 4^f Lhu ^uuLlic, far Ihclr comoKin oini onllnikHo pmlm^ nilljntji, 
0(]imniiiii]i!rn,i7, mid ulrc^ghlly chnrgynjj, that fir tlin hnttcr bHngyn^ vj» 
oi youlbf in tlic 1mDW^1t-l>;fr of thrlr tiDliP T^wnnliv (Irnl. llu-ir pnnH^, 
aim) ftti (uliwr in Oidr itr^r«r, Piifry HholomAdTj-'r and bTynirnr rp of 
yoTcrLB li'^nDvn la tcimyoff> livxt* oflvr tboir ^. Jt. C now by ti »Iio 
K'tli! fUHli. dnoD Icnuho iMt prlui«r or bak« of Drilmiiriff pn^on Tnto 
th>*lm Sn KnfflWi(i, ftiiil thilt ihf yrmfho cmitnmnbTi' an J CTdlnirfl|r w* 
tliv*rrLF, vntiil thei linft of cwnpilpni mc^tnflindjn)! muI knn^rlMge to 
pvirrnhir ^t In Litbi. At vliBt tyiuv tbui ni«Ji? ■! ttivlr Iitii7rtli> vlthor vv 
thii rrimrrlD EngUufi, or that whlcltc !• by oar iiulIuiHtio likeviTB 
mi^n in ilkfT Jalln tonnsr, In all pclnr^lf « <vnTr«rp<)ruteRi« mta tMi la 
Tbif1iih?> AnJ fdrthHmorvv v^e tiripi^htly cbAFTc and fommfliLBdo 
t«in^ iJI anil nininihinr our mibiwlrt nnd kII'^tb <;r Inkotr u aJw ■! 
•dxtlcmuten And Ivaohon of yvvs^ obUlnn vttblu tlib out nalmv nd 
Dthrr our doRiinliin^ iw Ihrl r<Rt«ndfl ta hnnr onrfimAarand on'^Td our 
■Uip1«»nrc (y Ihr conLnLT^', ibni imnmliaU'ly alWr tliis our HtrJ rrtnwr 
ik pi]]i1uIla1 and iinjfnnlAla Uiii( tJiri nv any (if thi-im, hycv wU, ciMiiplEi 
ytv. iiurleocf^* pnnily OTipvlly any uUitr I'riiucr i'ii!l«iu KiijfliMht ur 
Iniin, thcib tlu^. tiuw by vh puhlii-bid, vv}iIrUii ^vhb ni> BTnaU study, in- 
niillc, and labor, wfc hauv pur])o«ly euaiIu it tbr Id^h lumanr and ^tj 
mi iiltnijEtitia C^ml, and 1Q llie cnnunoiliU Af airr Inirynn: aiiiI obrvti^nln 
■uIjivcibh Kod DdifiTur of f* Hni« in uudly oonteBiplftdoB 4ad t«Haottit 
HtrcuB ofimLifir, 

Ueuun al our PaU!(v of ^'latutitmlut' (liir ,«i- dniu vf May in 
Ibt JUEXvli- ynro of our rolgncj 



G An order for SlomUi^ pr*j«r 
dailj^ ittratigh the jvor. 

At wbiM IbK BcCTfr fl ilimcr doth irpenl him of Ma lUi, ft^m Ibo ««* nto. 
b>rtB»i of kk hMTi- ] inll put bU hi* wicVridDHi out rtf my r^mtuii. 

I Ju kuMrmiiH vtvn wIHtrdnpBi ud mjdokaJvayv aeb^^ ™^< f»ti^A 
TufB 1^7 fMe *w«j fruca ituf &iu (O L^rtl) imd lilcit ^ut *U our 

lUwl jnvr Iwit j. nJ nf^t jrour pirxDuuti^ ftinl luni U> Iho LdtJ your «''V'- "> 
Ga^bvAOKbf b^mlAr And mrrcifiil. hr li paticnl, Uid of mutfi iric^i^^ 
■od tMli » <cw lu j> m-TT foi your nflficEifnit. 

To ibHi. O Lord GtL btluji^-cth mcrv;r wul fi>:if rtOMit for we hava omm. 4k 
gaa« ui«]r fram Qwt^, anil h«*c not hivtkfiiitil ?o thy iril<v, wbcrrl^; w 
■riglkt ynik bt Xhj L«w^ wliL:^ iliuu liut nffr'"^''^'^'^ '"^ ^^^ 

C«nMi V. OLoiJ, uiJ y^^tlnthj Jnrjflment, ttol In ihy fuiy, lc« J-*^'> 
«« ihrtM ba KOHtfisd tod ImiiBhl lo aoUiiug- 

Amcad ]rMT hTn. far tbo KfaMpdmii of GoJ tt ai hmnl. ifa<^ <a 

I viU 00 (» bj fattivr, cod njr to hun, 6iEhi<T I harp unii?*] «ciiinnt L4*«a 
1l ■■■■■, Mil ndnit ILmi I «m oo mor* vgrthj^ to b« culled lliy mn. 

JGbMt Ml bMo jodfUHQl wlih tlijr BTVdiit^ Q Lord, for na Ai^^h i^ iv«/aw^* 
rif hit tw bi Ihy ^L 

If w ^ thiC w hftv* DO nin, vn dcociva oubalica^ itul Ibere m do i ■/«*& f' 
milfclft iHi 

DHdjr bdtvrd linchtfti, tlm Scrifirurc motcth tu in lu^jdiy |i]iiocii< 
m xhriiiitiillii And rDDf<« ou nuuilfold lint ruid wickf^lDm, uul iliai 
«v itiwiiil D*t ikn wniihXo am cUkt tbccn brfonc Itic Ika of fttmjglity (lad 
flvr liiwvalr FtUirr, 1ml toatvu them bIiJx on buiatiEi^ luwty, pniitcm, 
Vid <4c4im( baut« U> tlvnlvut llai m« ni4y obuin forfiTvam of tbo 
■tfftt, Vt hk UAoilE fotdbcB bdJ nuMvj. -Ind ijlthoogfi wv ought at all 
tfaa*^ hsmUy l* klbTwlrdga our vw bcfftrn C^dd, yrt might *^ miwl 
fUi^ •> to Ap> HihcQ wo jiABmbU qnd nuvl l^frihnr, td rerulcT lliunk' 
far the fM«t brfit^ thai w« haTv rtoriTnl r»t hht h*nds ti^ *-t firth hin 
MOol wKby twill, CO hmi lua rauM Ijoly vtinl, and i<i uaL Uiuk liiiiij^ 
viiuli W tv|«ttilo Ukt Mccaary^ v «irlJ fur tlx« body u tli« kOuU 
Wbvrdiim 1 |nj lUtJ hmcb you. m inniiy tm ht hen prtHViEt to «^ 
tiMf uy to* wkb « |>UK brwl toil humble n-ior^ udXo ih* Ibrono of 
iW bwvDly gnott myiag nftn lun. 

P A Mi nutfoil miiprinlof u for j. eat^wtthm.'i 
L* TbctvbVD unifdnuly iu q.uatu]g d;«Pialuii: tJUa outolioii M my 
6 pqn m dy tiWoC 'ibavoaimoa Laiin musLiiioD.'] 



H t.'M"l DOrtftrt 1)1, m Till Hill irrhi wMocoDsn^foDi BftM tti* Dihtl«i«» 

Almic^ty BJi/l mwtt ineTciful Father, v* liar^ pttoA, kiA iCniynil fenn 
tb^ >vii^s Eikfl iu»L vlivep, 'tVi' hart fvUow«iI loo iiiudi Iho tfcvlcv* Uid 
<l«LTOi of our owahi'urt^, wi> Imvfi {ifT^uiluil tLgiuiiMt tUy liuly Ihwi. Wv 
Im^R 3rfi tiiilIoi^r lhi>4n thLn^ ^hjdi wo oui>hTH to havo clonOi ood too liD*^ 
dnnr thi>v ttiin^ i;ThJi'h crc niif^hf, not (/> liQve ilnnn. jlhe) Ihflrc U tm 
iHuthh iu m* ! i)ul lliuu. O Loril* ]i»ue meny ujion ni ini»mhli» nflipmlpfi 
Span iJiou thnn, O God. whjcli miLfbm Umit faulliL ItaUirv tUun Uivn 
tltftt bopcnlttQt, ftccorOlng to Uiy promliscfl dwlaiwl Ia ninntlnij. In 
Chrlit Jmi otir l^rd And gnuit O mosl memfiil FAihcr. for hli ■«&«:, 
tliHl wv tuny liLTu iLilcr li«B a godly, lighrvou* and tnhrr lifp^ ta ihp 
^ry of ihy holy mun^ Aidqd. 

The tlwiroijioft to ^n• jfrniwrrn.*] bf Ihs ndaiitH tHwfd. 

AhaiB^ity ^op> Ihe 1'atJti.T «f oar Loi^ Jc«ub Chruti vlui^ ^dv«th 
not Ibo <li4li] d1' a eJauLiTH lut rutbor thai 1m nu; toni frvm lib wicktJ 
ncM and liv^r uid hath g^vfln pow^ranit comuiindinflil ro hismintst^n 
iu dnilaifl fuid jirDiimiticb I*; hJA i^'f^li' Kind reuitejitf Uir -Ma^ululka 
lod rmusiiloij of lUrLr aloe, ho |Hxnl4jjiuUi onil flbfloJvflUi lU thum whkb 
truly r(r|>im{. iind unfolj^cdly U'lic^? h\M hnljr CiflupcL M'harrforv wv 
b«opch him to gmnt un Imr rrjimciiiicrH nnd hi* hiAy ^irif, ihal tbiwp 
thiii^i rniiy plrdjic him whidb v/r- dn nt (Ids pmeiiE, uid llmt llm R4l o4 
our life hDrcaftiT may Im tiur\i mid holy : h» Umt at thu l»l. fB luij 
vamu to Jiifl ctcrmd jojr, througji Ji^m (IviiM oiir I^ird. AmuJi. 

T3ba CaBaoU fur Clw Qnau. 

AJiiilghiyGod,»li«vkioidinai<*Teri>vilagiftti4 power tnAnlfo: h«r« 
numy upon Oio ^vhnhi iTongTvifBtlDn, and oo rnle Ihn Ijrnrt of thy dhoMA 
■nmnl RltialtcK, our ljiii-?n luid irovcmour, \iiU lUi- sknoAviiig vlioic 
riudiatcr ■]m ifC mny k')0<va «|] ()iui|e* aBi^k ihy hon«ji)r wd i[loi7t«nd chftC 
He liir ■ukij'xt* Cduly wiiBlJijrkijic wlxoto auUiorlly hhe lioUi) uiay fitlUi- 
full^ Mirv4i) hoiiuuT. md bumhty nlwy her* tn thcc. lUid for thw. UM^- 
Inf [0 :hj blcwcil word nnd ofdimiDw : Through J«iu» TUriiit aurLmt: 
whi> wilb iHc*! nikd ihn holy 4ihTPjil livelh and maoelh cv^r olM God* 
tturld wiEhout «nd. Amriv 


Almighty imd nvrtlwilinK *iod, wc be tiunlil h> llij !iyly wurd, tbil 
Ibu liitvU uf Kiujft wt ill Ihy mlv ud survrmuiL.^* and lliat thou doe: 
dliipiMv end mm thorn u it aconcth l«rti to thy guJly wiaikm ; Wa 
bnmblj bcn»h thco* w to dii|i»r, ud gotrim tht^ hrarl o( bliulEth, 
^ ■avTuti. our Qunn Ud OorrmnLir. Ihtl in idl Uvt (hmi|-l^t>i, vronli^ 
(tnd wnrkm, iJip mny rrcf toeL tbj IioiKi«r»ad glofj, ani] study lo pro- 
••r*t Ihy [>*o|i[c oomiiul[*l lo Ji«r i'h«go In i«idth, prwr. And iodli- 
utm. gnallhhtO vm^irul FalJin, for thy dcAr Sin'tukt^ J<«u«CLirul 
mf Utrd. AmcQ^ 



ihj VTidk id4 IttdlgiuuIaD nguitut da r «« da Mrnoitly Tcpanr* und 
b« t— nHj Mrtf finr thnt ntir mivlnicip, thf rfinf'mhrwK* of thpm ti 
gfltmui dhIo «^ the batOtcn of Lhviri u iaLoloF^lnlt^ hnve lasfvy ij\niu 
a«. bif* uHi^ opun w, modi mttrdful Fi^Llivr. fW thy 9an «nr L<iTd 

HlVa And ]]|i^VA I^K^i In ppwnriv nf lifr, tn thiv bimoiit 

W* 4» ml picvamii Id <»Riti to [Kiji tiiy Tahiip (O m^'fciful Loid) 
trntioff Ui«uro«iiri|^tcoiuDDiH,bu( tn liiy iDouifulil. and i^'bI mtiivlc*^ 
w* ht Mt vnthj » nncb an to pthor up ititf cnimih uudur Uiy tAbtoi 
bofl lhB« art 1^ Mfnr Lfir^h vhov proprrtj 1» always to hart fatnjt 
^■■ri ■■ tlviybrv Kt^riou* Ixml. «> fn mC t1i(< AvhIl nf Oijr tlrnr tion 
J«iV CIniN* ml to iJrtuL his btouil^ UlaI vur slnfal boJica miy bo uudd 
hjr Ua WjTt and aor muU uvubml dmogh hi* tamt pnrdous 

A iWvLjfti^ v)(#€o^if|ir l1i*PH^<lpjr of lilt h^'^r Cnimnmilon, 

Alndj^Kf Md ettiliriTiir flfMl, w? moM hrAnilf thanV ibc«, for ihM 
I dM> VMKhaJt tu tvrd tu. whicti hflvc July RHLT«d thne hot^m^ 
wllk th* ifarltaAl fwd orih«mi4i itm-inuh WEy nnd bluMaf tliy 
on mHmt JttM Cltfiit. acid dui dhuiu lu Uiciuhy of thy farout 
twuij ui, ru^'l that ^v iHt TPiy incmlHi.pi iuctiTfioFaio in 111/ 
Ifldj-, wfeiiA ia iht hlMM>I mnpon^ of &1J faithi^t p^^lc, and 
W ■!» btiM thMVKh hope of lliy iY*rU«tmK kingdtun. hy fiin moriu oT 
Ihs BHl pnEiott dilli and lupaum «f eIl^ dcAF Suu» [SirD, Asd} 
«• Mtt taut ImnUy bmch thn. O hMVunEy FuUicr, m to aiiUt ub 
with Aj fim, thait <r nuf npniiiuif ia rliai huly fcIlrmiOii]^. AnJ do 
^t <Mtfc Jfl'd vr^lcBt m ihnu hwt iTi*]VLrv>l loz n^ to iHn|L in : T)inrL]gli 
Jimm Vhmt uuT LflnJ, ia wliuiu »ilh Uit*, md iba Luiy Uboft, b* ill 
(lo«T> world nidiQat ffiLL Aauok 


cdr.od, which rnnffli (lU oaJtMUidEaff . krcp yanr hoLru 
ib the knoiflAlgr k&d Lot* of Ood, cmd nf hli ft^ Jdiu 
Clrfit «r L«< a&kl 1^ UfMinfl <rf Cod lb* Fathif, tlip Sm, baH the 
kalj Gbnl, b« ■Biini|[ |VD. bb£ rvmain with yuu iit>>it>«. .^udu^ 

[* AUod: fmtjn follnn, ihp aiETUlarvA Tvfiinnrng ii^n inltithf atXt 

On RvtfiiiT wKUJl art ia Uuvcd l^altowel bo thy juuda. 

TI17 Will bfi doEi« ill ^uiirtli tia U i* ju twavcUi 

Givr ii»(lii»J4y our daily trcflJ, 

Antl fur;£ivD tih niir trnjutttm^ a* wa f^iflvn Ihom that Im^an 

fVnd Uod' B> nut mto U'lUj^liUuto, 
But ikhvar as Amu dtU. AID«n^ 

f£ The Creed or .lU. Artklai of the OirtMlfln Will, 

I bfrliAvn ill Gad, OiQ Fottuitr Almljf biy, mtkcr of IworcD ud yotnlL 

Auil in Ji'iiiK fitmnt, bit nnly ^n nur LnnL 

Wlikd n»B CMUCCivr*! b/ ihi? hoi; (ihotr^ Iruiu oflliv Viruia MjUJ. 

SafTuruJ udiJ^t J'<ibcn Pibitp, viw cnuiJipd, dtmJ, butiirJ, «nd iU» 
nrvDi^cil iota ht^ll. 

Aiik1 tIic TlUrd ilpiy hr mt o^oin frnm dfAfti, fifi u^v^dtd Info hen- 
rm. luul tiiT^rh un lh« 'JK^f hand of Gihl rlip pjithrr rLEm't^hij', 

From U^uiK'Q li" Blinfl nime (u jtLJ^ ilie quick uid tlit dcatL 

I bdlvvo hi (ho holy f>hw|. 

Thv hdlj nUiaUe Church. 

llv oammnh[«n of iihia : The foi'^venru of (iiu> 

Abd Uw 111^ GVuliuLkiK. AmciL 

( Ttt-t-CWLiTDOIulinBUUaf ■Jjnlgti; Ciwl. 
L TIiOU ilioli tukt* riaiiB olhrr gixU bul ma. 
IL Tliou iholl bttt ii>iiUi<' to Uiy Hlf imy grnvm imof;!', nt^ t)u 
Ukmaa vf 411; ililnj; tbot !■ lu Ilv4v«d atw^ri or tn thu nirtU bi-ouath. 
nor* tn (he «aCr>r UDdnr Oiir earth, thou ^ nli^t not bow Hoim 10 thtm, 
DOT wonltip thrtO' 

^* U43, TVpAivroTonr ^4irr/r^'3 

t' 1A45, ittt v> iLuI Ikv Ivd 'J'Ijib !■ tha idinDiit inwrublf* nvdbiff of 
ihe Prlmrr^f tOUS' U vv. nt ihMht, lii»rtcd|n defflrvDcotD lUnry (h« 
Kifihilj, tlmu^i hU ■UFt^ition. a* wa find it in hi* rorriwliun* flf ' Tli# 
liwtitutinn of D ClkfUliuft Man," wjUh '>iu(T*ir iV»l ii» to Ihi Ird," wHch 
fi^rm aUo wtui*. ^w '.'mnTnwr's work*. Tark^r fto^tty't edilun^ VgL n. 

[■ iH^ Tfa* vlqiDiriaii <<r <h« vir«ll to th 1if«»f4 1 tnciD Mul 
CLuk(iLSa.AJ), Hiulv Mui full of uiw-v, Uw Lur>la u wlUi tlw: 

Bltm^I ut Uiou luacoc »gawa, nod blawd ii tbt frukto of iby 7omb«. 


[* JA4£, liup viy,^ 

[' 154A, uy Ukrun^] 

I* ir;U, crintlH.J 

[.' IfriJV, i« ihlaicnt la doMUiy pTdlyhBDOuTariraiihiprfilOiJ 



ffi, TImb iikidt Ml ttkt th^iiMn&flf tTjn* liOTct rh; CoA in ytuti. 
mi ttimiTTtlrt tlui thoo k«p lurl^ tbo nklibotli Jof- 
T. Ilopflur thy bthvr uid thy mitbor. 

¥iL Tfaca vfa^l Dvl (xnumil wluIU'ry. 

tV, Tb»a ih*U not iM. 

h. Tli*a kluk not bar C^b* HiTDcs OAbiatt 1Ji> nri^fUmar 

IL Tbaa ib*ll not coTct- ttij ncl|:hbnur'ii Iiimiiih, nfntlifir thtXt thao 
««vt< thy witMmir'f trifpH rinr hl» ttrntml. uot tii ni&Ld, hot hit nr. 
m&t hit tm, R«* uif 1hin$ Ch4C !■ \lty jHa^^lilvur'H. 

LmA inlo Ihjr hondj I Mmmit ** qi> ■i^di, 
Tlwn IpiA ntanud mi LoM Hod af tnitlL 

Onst Mbn illanv, 

Tbatys «f «tl" iliinfci Jo tnifl En tlt«e, O Lord, l^a jprint tlitrni [PirdrisU. 
inwt a 4fe« MHDib lEitm i3wt (ipvn ihy huid> v)d HIlHt wflh thy 
Uli^K Of«f7 lliinH lliiiit^ tiooi) Lonl lilm ui umI tlmn^' ihy gifta 
«U(fc «« fHBTB ol Ihy bounCDOiii libiullly : Thrmifli Clirist oiir LorJ. 

Tk kioi tf fbnnal £[<iry vulka Oi ptHiittV of ihv lu'iivrnTy uM^ 


Oollt <Aailqr, and he llut dirvUpth in thjirlij-dir«1Eflih la G«d,anil ^'^■J'*"'^ 
lift Hm-. CM ETWit ntoll Indwell in faim'*. 

Th« G«d of ptMc uiid bv« roiMhttfi? aJvny to dwoTl with iu r And 
tkoB Laid htfpv Tiuvry ujion u 

dMy" hMkour tfid prjiiiv l-r iLiifo ihcv 41 <^ji, w];lrti hail r«d □« 
ftfl^«HVlCDltf >fv. uiJ Klvtrit lurtunjjjin (o ovor> !UiD| Ihing: Kc- 
pldM «v bcuta ifffth Joy and iEljidiii?rfl> ;}ini veo nl^myn haTlnc Avffidviit 
nm^ la ft(4i tttd plRiiifiil tn oil good >«cirl(ik IhmTi^h miT Ixtr^ Janra 
Llirfit Amm^ 

Edadl^** mir^y upon tii 

f IA4). thj lord Cli>d,] 

P Ui5, mlnQy 4fldtv iby o^iifMntin haawe not ihy.] 

;■■ lAlA, i^atRtntfidb] 

Q' iMJv All Ihynerm inij<t«w] 

C' IMS, alJ iriy.j 

t" IW*. Aim:i.J 

[■* Sn Ih* Fmw rV4Hr<r fbriJic«c Gnun ] 

Ovr Fmthtt wbddi nri in hf«r«ii, \& 
And Ivud m uvl luLu laiDiit«Uoii. 

Itul di'Uvor OB from vlL 
L[>rJ heat toy iiFa>or. 

l'''rom Ihr firry iIaiTji nf tho Anvil, Inlla in WUl OOil wfln, QUt A|*]«iT 

GrH* t«foro ni|rpap. 

IhwidcU 11m* la blwH im lUiil uur nupirvr, lUiil wltli lliy bUawJ pnvtco* 
itf dicci* our hvartBr tbit la «U our laviU md dhiikii, wfl ouj Mroor 
Uid tvtv oTUicc la Ui7 boiuiur *nd jlory, Amvar 

Crsca dlWr ■ 


nifwipd In Gwl in nil lib |[{fbi : luid I^uly in ull hit vtnrltM. 

Oat h<^tp b In tho namo of llifi Lord^ who hath m&dfl l^Mh hann 

QIiMtJ bv tin lumD of lh«* Lord : From hcnorforth world wUhout 


Si^i mijihiy l^rd wid inefttful pAlhcr, we yltlJ Lh» htitily thBxlc* 
lot OUT bodiljr ■atfvnviiv^ roiin'irui^' iiii»Bt rnliraly iliy gmdouB gDodlHit 
flO 1o fMd UH wiih Uie fonil of ihy h«4*\'iily ttxt. (hat w« may wrlfaUj 
clarify thy holy Tiniiui iu clili lifn^ nuJ oftut lii pjirtiiLotn at Urn Ltfcvref^ 
tkilL^g^: iLroLij^h our Lr>nl Jriui (.ihii^t. Aijicii. 

Oud H*v aur Qii«a uid Italnij and Hvtid uv iwiw* Iu Chriat. Ainva. 

[' ]&U, dcirao&] 

P ]545« A]n«D ] 

[* lfi4A) <^<oit Bue tb? vhurvho. our Kyn;^ ani nalour, and Ood fan* 
awr^on allchrwUiu blW Auieu. TWajirav ton ocean at ihn rod 

C IMA, our] 



O T^oftD^ <ipcai tbou luy lips. 

Aad Dj niouLli bbull bUvw lli^ pruito* 

Lord. Biko bute tu buccoar ma. 

Glorj b«* to Uiu Fatl^er, aod lo Lbo Son wd t^ tb« boly 

As it «u in tbo beginnlDgt U" now, «nd «v«r ihaJI 1>o, 
vorid vitLgul end. Amoo". 

A not rtirrtnff to the pniw of Got!. 
C«B»^ m4 kl un fvjOLco uil'-u (Iju LtirJ. lii( ii> juyfull^ ibig to God 

■iJ rikff ■« ^y(vUj uutu lilui ill tSiJllJ^ 

Fdv Q<4 ■■ fl iiTrat Lttnl, uhJ « ifnol kliiic i>\ut aU tfud>. «bich<lALli 
n«t tii»fc« liii I r'l !■ it wbue pohgt ttoaU ttur txtjuu v( lUu ycwrlti, 
aftd he WkoUrUt tba tupt of Uiu u^ouutbiu. 

Hi* HA i» hi>. foi hf hjilh iKAil? ir, Anil hi* hiuiili Ii4vi' fvbiunsj Iha 
Mflh itHtL VHD* dutrcfifn 4Ul1 Let ii> uatvhjp uui fjill il^irn l>vfore '■o']» 
kl a aMp Iwftrr Um UiH, wba lulh Duid* os ; Tvt he !■ our Lunl GoJ^ 
maA «• >n bii fvofb owl the ibcup <^ hb [wdun^ 

[* Fat rxpluutiona of Uii oaJ ^uulu ^onK ho iIia Onriufn gf 

[" Wilh Ikt tfttfl fxcn>tkifi of th« prrfuir^ tlie Latin tmnnliulnn of 
IMA fmmntntm horm. Th* pnTiuut paga, u writ uf Ifrnry'ii IViultt, 
W «f yt OmioDi, U ntwJI; ocL-optol wllh th# tMiiov of W^lvt't filbert 
vUlte • ipgJcat hatdtr, C P boOf M ihv *»du, utU l^i INi^ii on n 
Mflid M iW WciMn. Tfafi firtfaon ^ U^ji in tviilrnt frnm ^ihi VynjiPt 
U^BV Ur al lb* *nd nf tha Ukok^ Ilr]rliii< huMfTcr, fl»wi^ lluB 
Bdavnl «rtv« w I'lioK «f 1I^aI»i dw iPtvpajulinn' fbr his tutitaLOD 
bnof «tet< ^ biB £uli«r^ dHth. 5« Vi^ L |»i lU, The b(piBtui«^ 
llkcvtK, Ufia wfjiln In Mb Ihon booki.] 

f Vanov nJinp Kvur nraiijuhaliy in Uifl nuftn of file LaUn ; m 
bttw^^ktUmivrinimdt* The iviiolhliig Ukr* plv* wSlh thu IWiat^ 

i'lU^QinjU. Atsdnthfooghoml 

r* 150, tUjU Mvi fit!l of qnM. ihc tordu ■■ wtih ihrt, lilHitd 
«f1 lk»u «»«f«« vdcnm^ kph^ Mnvnl f« ihn ItuiIm ef thy *Qinl>« AniCD. 

t" 1A4A, Uh IMI 4 l4tJ4t hc«IiEJ;^ to HJH^vfthv r»iilim. ar piwgn v£ 




Ta i^jij if }rii lirjtrlkLi rorrf. h^ tlini jt lijirilni not y<rai hnai^ ■■ in 
the liHW manDarlDjt; In tlio iJmf cA' icnipUtlon in vilili>ni«i^ whrt* 
^uur fmtbirni li.'mpl^iJ in^ i^nwiKl vrn. nu'} Htw uiy wurkth 

Fony jann wv I er^"*^^<] "'^th lhl( tr^'Jipmliotu ozii I lold. Etct Ukj 
prrin thtlr hiinrL*. tfjij- hA*i.i n»( knuwft mj wiiy*; to whom lawoiiw in 
minp ingcr^ 1^*1 t.b*^ (hoold not cnlfT into mj ran. 

Ulvry bt to. &4\ Aa it vtiu. &e. ^ 

The h}Tnn'. Jim UeiM'. 

Nov Lbo chc^rM daj doth aprlng. 
Unto God pray v«q and aiug. 
Tlukt Jii a]L wurLs of Uie day 
He prGt/orm tud k«ep us o-ye. 

Tliflt otir tongiio to* may rofra'ia 
Frttia all strife EUtd vrordcs vain- 
Keep our eje* in coverture, 
From oil ilE^ nud run ploMure, 

Tliat oup b«ArU li« voided qvaU^ 
From r&ncy and fond deliglit, 
Tbin A\at of drtnk and montt 
or the Heah to t^ol tho boat. 

That atKoq tho day haorm doLb vnrnd. 
And the courfto tlio iiiglit doth fto&d. 
Hy*" forboftring tbuigo» wopldly 
Our God WQ may glorify. 

OftJicpmlnli'jaoar' and jglory of CIitUL 

(t hord, vrhif h an our lord, Uvk morvdlaiLi In ttiy conic over ftU tha 


Vift Lh7 iQumil^mm ]■ riilM obow the Lvavtpa, 

Thou hiut iitlnUKird thy ptui^r, ]py llui ii^rjiithji orbdhntvudl 

babi-^ in Ooffte of thkno QDemiH for ta eoofuaud the Adfcm^. 

L* nU, Italic Mali] 

[|* Any ri>niiukii on tliFM tlyoiiimi vhlch mfty ht tbonght nvoviviy, 
wIU Ik found In tliu a«U« lo (Uc Oruf turn of lAUO, vrhurv tliuy oocor la 

f 'rha tir»1 irtuihof thft I^Ln hymn ak iiDvaT<tiioW ia 1A4A.J 
[* 1A4A'. lift. The Latin :^Unguiim ivfrerunt lvinp«»tj 

C IftiS, By furlHSfirytiif woriJcly thync- 

<ibry to tfoJ wc luayo tyng; Amon] 
[• IJWJ, itnd honnnr-] 



For t iluU behoM ibv Lc4*c'iiii, which an the wotki of tby Ijiifvo, 
th* B0CII. anJ Uir ■!«« wJiicti \hav lual op|jU[]v>d. 

WW li mui thiit l]uni ul » mtu'lful of him 1 Or yvhu U the *an of 
■iA ibU Ihnu M rr^'nnlm hiti\ t 

him tijth ^iBtf nad bonuuT. otkI Uw luadv him l^^nl u]>dii xhv workt of 

Tboa hdM pat aU Ihinp In imbjrrfEoii anilpr hit Andt: All mtnnvr of 
nd «m% jM moswrtir the nttlt of fht flcld, foivbaf thfittlr, dod 
I of lb* M% «4iidi «Blk in ihr pnttu i-»rOiL- k*. 
OLori fthliA vt 01U Lonl. h«« mwtLiodt li \l\y aarndgvi-r oU thu 


<Sbf7 U 10 the Palhn^ and In (he Arm Kn4 1^ tlir holy 4:;hoil, 
Aail vmia the hcpiminf^, U nott, uul cvcrihull lie, varld witboct 
^mL AiDca 

CM tmrrml. rnjm .t^n. 

^ Of tba |ktj of Gvd, «!iiiJi E* ilwvifld h> hia crMton^ ■nJ iif liU 

hbLy Ami iflnnnculatti Lhw- 

Tl« bMvw dvclon Ihtfth'i^ itf Uml. Au<i l!iu Cnuomuut dw^mh hb 

tMy ■>■» ^ iilk#T4li oul JifHwhj onil liE^hi unio n^hl opmeth 

llin* !• utitticr iiiccchBi lur liujiriuifn, tpuL tMt iht voicn of thorn 

Tbrir iBMn* luck none r^lh latOAll ka&dstOfid thr^ir wordt thn^acll 
Ihe ohM* of iW tvttDd jiu(Jl 

flfl htfii t^i' ^ pAvilion In lilt] »uo, and E> UU ■ bfidoKioom 

H« iftifl njou » n iiunl w ran hit minw, hi* [i n ^frri ifl (h^m iho 

A«d to oom i* unto Ihv ftfttwBL pirt tiiimvf. DuJUivr a iIwev mjp 

hUc him from his hut 

Tbt Uwoi Iho Lord ift pi^TT, cnrmvtinjr uub: the tL«timany of Iho 
Idtl b fiMhfttl, ftivltv nitloTn to the •im|>lp 

Tfat commiuHtinniti uf tbif Liurd W ligliL. comforUng Lhi hoitrtA : tbp 
L««f* pvvcopi ^ pofib lft*li'<4C %^t ^ ^ iliujiIa 

TW Inr irf iho Lord b boljr, «Tr<niiAn] coiitLnubi;;: ihe jadifUicDii ^f 
tki L«nl M* lf«* Ml «lM^thrr rijjblooiii 

TWy «n Ips W Amkt^ «1>nw ^Id Lud iim:iaui Mdam. anJ more 
f#««t*r ataa Ibv huiwj uid tbir huuoy i.'ontbe. 

Verilf Ihf KTvam ohoftrvth thorn, in kotping ilimn U Erml TowuiL 

llTb* CAB nan|4ue hk fiiollil piufo tne from m; tttni tiro, uul 
fiMk iJit^KT r< HW Ihj ■•rr«ni' 

If Ite^httfDoltlHiiaiteryQf TD«.tfa>adtaU t Uftan, oAdthall h* 

I' rijhti ri-o»'^ A»^.7 




mIoD hmrt nccrpTnMc in tliy tf^Lt utw^y- 

O l^inl, thou nrt my hrlEi^r Mkd taj ndoomcT' 
tllory In? fo Ihp Fiillicr. Aii 
Ai it was ta div- Aic, Auiuii. 

Damim Hi trrra. Pialm .ulJk. 

Of tlio innorniflv of tlH<(n timt kIulU g^ mLo bwveii, uid of tlu 
nauTTwtiou of Cliriei. 

Thc^ DoTth b tho Lord'tirUiJ Civplvuiytliflnwr: Uw nuiiLl world, ud 
I'vr lift hftlli fcjiinrlr4) H upon tlie wuj nnd hnth ilj^vml il opan th« 
irho sha]] OBVond Into lliv lull of the LordT ur wtiotkull aUuJ lahb 

Ili> llint la Innocnl of liJ" hnnJi, imd hiith adi-'iui Itvnrl, wlildiliAth 
aul IaU^ti lib soal in TaLD» n«r httli -^i^Tkrii la deceive hk^ nrjghboar. 

lU nlmn re('i»iv0 blivmis uT tlid tri»rd, vul nim^nf Ood hiit H^tioor. 

TIlU b llio t^'iK*r4tion ijf lUi'in tliftt Kck htm, of iheiJi tl»t mk th* 
ibw of Itrii di» uf Juixih. 

¥*■ [*rl!ocrt open yniir ^\v^, ftnd jw Ftrmal gam oprti your tilt«a, 
ntiil ihi- King of fM*^ *luUl tsnUir In. 

Who bdilt Kiuc Kliijf of gloiy F oilrvDff Lord, and ft mighty, M Lord 
Diighl; ill liftltUi. 

Yc Priucw Ppcfi yonr gnTM, Mut yc olomnJ gnt« opCD your »1th. 
and ib« KIajT of glory iholl cntor in. 

Who ia tliJB utnn KinLf ttf gl^^ry^ The Loril of powvn: h* la (b« 
KiBfi dE iflory. 

G inry Irfi lo tha Ffltlirr, tet< 

M ll *nu In Ih?. &c. Amen. 

^ TliB oothrtnV 

ChrUt 11 of poffor, over p^rfotrtly lo batp llicm ITiat 
tmto Godbyliini; and ho livuih uvtir, to iu>ko iuttvwsfiuii 
for them'. 

Our FaUiot whicTi art lo hc4Y#n. &c. 
And lud^ lu not into tcmptali&n. 

But deUror n* from evil. 

C 'I'bc L]«wn» 

The OTCTliUting Fuiiior bIcM ut with hU bli^in^ i^mliM^ 
lug. Amen, 

C I6W, ir«bLTii.] 

[* art p. 10, oote s. 

C 15**^ for %i. TTiB iMia !— pn> lioUt.] 
Tb* Liliii ftmnliiDd niultervd: — (( ne OM 




A B^ ifaftH coTn« forlh of |h« »toc^ of J«9«, ud a tilos- 
•htS iMtHah nut of liin roA|. Tlie wp\r\t of ihc l»ril 
•hftll iWSt dp& htm, tha apirrl of irittSom Mid ^indc-ralAAdin^. 
J* spirit «f eonnul nnd Btrcngth^ ihp npirll nf lenoirled^ and 
gpdinf, u4 ihc AfiiHt of the fcnt- of y' Lord hliall rpplcniah 
lite. Ho thftU not giro «entcnw hy tha night nf Om pvi?«, 
nrilhof rv|iRkvo bj Iicarvy, but be pImH judj^o y' |Kinr p<ioplo 
bj JBMnc, Ukd m equity Kliatl ho ropr^vp for tho mrck f«^riplfl 
of the jOMTtb t ho iholi unilu ttic yrorth nith tho rcjd of hiii 
vootJi, Mkd viUi lliu spirit of ki« lijjs Hbail ho kill tho unf^oilly. 
KigliloaBncn bIuJI bo y' girdlu of liiit loicu, aud fkilbfatn«sK 

Thn« iftitb Iho t^ri : turn unto mc^, ati4 yo iholl b« MYod. 

C 'nig hlnaJns, 
G«d^ th« Son of God, vouctiufo lo bJwt and succour ua*. 

Thi* AitffA 0«l)ric] vnfl vent from Qod iiito a city of Qft- 
, named S'»zArcxh. to a Vlrpa, iffLiH:Z] nan cucuruij to a. nuiEi 
uiDo WM Joseph, of lljc hutiM i/f A>arid, jmd llio Vir-> 
^q'b oiMi <■■ Uftry- And ffhoxi thi? Atigol camo unto hvr, 
idd: IWL full of grucc, Um Lord U *iih ih«:: blff««d 
tliou ABOttjg vomcn. And vh«in iho Virgin, hcAring IhMd 
VM iKrtiUcd vith them, Aod moiipd irith h^r *clf, whAl 
i«r of ittlotAiion it Uionld be : tho Aagd «iid to bcr, fear 
Unpf, bo not Abjuhf!d, for thoii hnn found fiirour in th& 
tfai of Goo. Lo thou khjJc con^ve in thy yfomb, «nd *halt 
fartb ft mi, and thou sbalt mH hi» oauie Jcehs : ho nhnll 
freely mod rfinU bo oiUod tho Son of tho llif^huL, mid i^lu 
Ijord Clod ihddl giro tiuto Lim tho nuat erf David his faih«r. 
Ii< afatU Itign ortT thtj hutuo of Jacob JW OTOr, and bia 

Tbua tuth Iho Lord : turn unto tncv and yc ahall bo nr^. 

The Uftdn^^ 
Tbo groioe of thu holy Ghvbl iliumino us m hoart and 

t* IMA. In tb* Utta>— AnA] 

[■ 1A4A, Amen.] 

'"^ ' 




fha .m. Umaa. Luke i. [jU— ft^] 

Then said Mtirj to the Ang«l, how may thia bo doflo ? for 
I hftvo not knowlodge of eoun. And tLa au^L anaworiug auU 
unto hot: Tho UuEy Gliout shall come from abuvu lulu thwi 
And tho puttcr oi iho Righe&i ahzdi ovenhailijw Itiue. Ajid 
thurulare that Bul^ Odd tljAtdhsU be Wu uf th«)> sluUl be ealM 
tho Sun ot' God- And lo, Ih; coiiBJa ElixabelU hdth aLw ooo- 
ceWed ft BOD in hor uld ago. and thU is the »xt ini>ntb hitbc 
flbe GonoelrGd, which voa called the Bftn-cn woman i for there 
is nothing in^poeiblo la God. To this Itary anawervd : Lo I 
Ain tho hondiiuud of the' Lord; be it done unto mc, u thou 
hut apok.en, 

Thud ^ch the Lord: turn unto mc, and jro fthall bo 

TV .infill ZjjmfnNH. 
C TJte pnuflu of Cod Uic Futhiir^ tbr Sou, aad \ho holy ChfnC 

WcpnuM thoo, O Gon, Keknoir)e<Igeth«otobotho Iat6, 

A]l the joorth doth Ttorahtp ihee. tbo Fatlif^r ororUvrtitig. 

To theo tdl Angola crjr juloud, Iho hoavens and ali |Kiwera 

To thPG Carubin, ftnd Scrnphin, rontinuallj do cry, 

Holy, Holy, Holy t Lord tio:> of ?>jibaoUi. 

Hoavoa and jfiarlh aris fidl of tbo majoHly of Ihy glory. 

The glorious coiiipuuy of the A pcc^dus praiao l}ioo. 

The goodly fcllowihEp of tho Prophets praiso tbce. 

The nobU arm^ of AUrt^re praiao thcc- 

Tlie holy Churgb throughout all (he world dodi knon^- 
ledge Ihee, 

The Father of an infioit^ mftjesty, 

Tby boTiourallf*, true, and only Son- 

AUo the h'']y GKoat the comfortor, 

Tbon art tlio Kinf; of glory« GhrUt, 

Thou art iho ovtT-Tasting Son of Iho Falhfr, 

\Vhm thou tofikmt upon fheo lo dolivcr mao, thou didit 
not abhi>r the virgin'* womb. 

When tbon hndj^t overcorno the sharpnow of d^tht thou 
iiid«t opuN (hu kingdom tii hoaven to nil hcllcvon. 

Thou Hittual vn tbo right hand of God in the glorj of iha 

[' 1515. uuFloftlt Tlic Latin r—«icillflt>omioi] 





We bdioi^ thftt thou sh&h com« to be our juJg^- 
Wtt Ibcevrfhrct prAj tlt/^Oi lii>1p llij ecrrftrtUi vhota i\ir»t 
hMt rcdocmcid with th^ pnv-innA hlooil, 

Hafco tbicia to ha nnrnhnr^-A wUh thj utint^ in glor^ 

O Lord, Eiire thr prinpb^ iknd b1<w ihinn hnritagv. 

Qortvn Uipm. imd lift lliom up for cTcr- 

iMy b/ liaj' wo ma>*uLry *hcp. 

Aad »• vtonliip thy uainu, o»or world wirfiont end. 

Votchadb, Lord, to kwp us tUb djiT wilhrmt ■'[n. 

Lord, luTo luoruj upuii uB| bavc mercy upnu m. 

O I^rd, Jet diy ia<6rey L^ltluu upuu ua, u our ti'Uftt u m 

O Lord, in tlut k^ro I Irnttcd, let me never bo ood- 

Tfc« V*T^d*'. Tho ytfttrLh, O Lord, u fuU of ihy mercy. 
IV >Anrcr O tOAcli mo tiiir dlalutCB. 

O GoDv to holp mo m&k^ |^od KpccJ, 
Lird. niako boAtd to succour mc, 
Olorjr U to tike F^tJior, and ia. ikfi, 
Aa ii »» ui the bo^tQ. &o. 

A pnji*' ''' 1^ bmiur mieI knowli*!]^ of n«], wj<t tlut Uim piaiv rri^y 
b« iffivAJ i^roujblwul all the ^vvilJ. 

Gad !■•« UHRf ifiiQO lUt ^n^ (■« £094 UOIO iJi» b> th&w lu Ikk lrrlK:1it 

ThM «■ iiQr know iLy tray in ytanh, and thy uvlng httdlh among 

l4t lb* pB4|al4' QkJgnifjr thf« O 0(h1, !«( Jill tlifi pftnpln mn^ifjr lliir 
Lil 1^ ptopfe bf kIaJ ■ml jtrjful, b«c«um iUau nUsi |li« ^w|iLc 

Ld ikD tv^fd* mtcniiy ih«, O God> Id all Uit )v7i>1u magnl^ (hvcr 
ilk* tanb Inlh hcnotbt tvth hrt fnilL 

UoJ««rG«dblM»iUtfiodbksUft «d all Ui« coVU of Ihf >-w«h 

Olorr he to the roibcr. Dud lo. &cv 
A> it «*A in tht brjiDp &c, Amm. 

fteMWWUlfc ThMvcW nA& nonbr 10 4ttmnc iho pnmlwa of 

m uvBC 


J\mfdiiiU muhni -iffwa. TitmUl .UE- [A7M] 
TtwMnffuflhu Oirvtf dtildrmi. ^Iivn-witli the; prftivv* tiorf. Vdldn; 

ProLff yti tJie I'OTi), nil Ihh vrcirlfii of lhi Xxir^, prmiw mkI flnll Iileu 
for wt-tr- 

Tbv afievlf vf tliv Lvri3> pnltu yv tbn Lord : yi livkrvtu fnlH tb« 

Yt WBltra, 4II Ihflt n# a>14y> hnnvou. pmiae the Lord : kH Clif j^im-f 
of Ibn Lui>1, |]tiuw :rtJ Llic Ijurd, 

Tha fua and eeiwif, imiW yp llw Lord, lUn pf lliv flrmudcot pMl» 
JT llir Lord. 

'I'lio mil hi>d tltr dew, liT^vm yr llir Lnrd^ nil tiip wlndt of ^^, itfab* 

Fiiv lUitL livnt, pniM ^ tli* Lonlr wiutvr juid *iiiinn*r, |iraiM j« Uw 

Dnn Atid ho»r fnatf* pnitfl >ff Ihc Lurd, (rant imd cold, ]>Tiiij» jr* 
Ihff Lord. 

Im and hmw, pr^^e ye tli? LonI, tiigtiU ucl d^jr^ |4aii* ^ lb« 


Lij-tjl nnd dnrlcncsi, pmin yc tliii Lordj lightning and iliii^Es. yt^m 
yt\\if J-4itd- 

Tlii^ y«rth [muuBhtl pniK the Lord, laud juid i;ute hltn fur ortc. 

^Tc■U)1tJlin" nnd ItllK pmltc je tfao Ltml, oil thai tj-ringeiU upoD Iba 

V« fTiiJli and tprin^i prAua >a (lie Lord^ >«■ and flooJi, pralac yo 
ittc l-^rd' 

<>rt4( fiib<4 Miif all thai tdatv tn Uu nmtvin, pralv ye Uu Lotd. kU 
btriU of UiL' air, pni« ya (liv LonL 

All Bcwtv ^d Cutllc, pnlvQ yo Ilia Lmd ; ytt dLildfrnoririfli, foaiao 
yt Um l-ord. 

Lft IfTBol i^miu t1>" FfUnis laod him mid nmlt him for •t^umon. 

Vfi 7<rjf«U of tlip I-gtd. pruv tbo li^nl : jrg torvanU «f iba LonI* 
pniau Oic Lurdp 

)'p f[<ir1tH nnd noiibi of rlghlarbo mm, pniaD Ibe Loid^j* bolit«bil 
IDM-V in hniTl, ]>«!■« th» Lord, 

.\nfLiiix Amrtn, MiiviJ, praJM >d CUq l^f<J, LtLidauJ vxall hLm fpT 

UIh' wr ili« Father, llic Sot, and (ho ho!y (ihoat J pTnistf wt haxi 
•nd riall him for *v<^nnnnL 

[' 16iA, pndaedO 

p IklmigM: mijfht. r>F, ratlin^ nufO 

[* Tlifl imanii nwd »>y IhrlJiurdiorKnulaudiinfa iMifoniit* lb«» 
Iwt Iwd v«nvt» uiil add> (Iw waaJ dii^oiiiry, Tbb li quite cnntnTT W 
ihc midvELt ntlirtci. Thv Mlfr^mr {Tduf LArly, ru -^uaTtU Muti, IlilqaL 
\'iA. n. p i"^, nolc, OiUi cxylnin* iht rriuwn i»hjr "»ili pnil^iiEiititfi 
inb< ^Trt-idJtftt— In tyini' of Knl^n-jnife Uwy ibal »^ll not noxrfijfp 
Igrin, iloil lullvr tbr j|n*lvl porxcnffjim liut vuvr wua dam (0 



ma Lkv 

Wllj, ib ri ctt ^ and (u^icd, world wtthoui tni*. 

ttimlau J>km%*tm 4w fvllf, FmIm jalvlO. 

Pmiv jv hun in his *zij|fl*, kH Ilk paiv«i pnJn y* Mm. 
rnlM jt hiffl aan ml moor;, ■!! iBui rad Vfrbt pf^n j« Ub, 
O hwrni of Itmwu (itbIw jm Hm, uid Iho mrrfi aboie httrm, 
[M Arm] imoip tbv luun* uf thi< rnnl, 

F«f bjr hli ■Qf'd ill (lilnirt w«n? icaJf, Vy Lk c<jmma[ulii;cjil nil thinjfi 

h* Inlli v1 « Uw thtl pIilII nnl pip:L 

nrv^ hkil, «iO^« Id6, ilparmi of nlnili Uuvt do hli cammuiiImtnL 
tllQfilaiai aa/L a3] littl* hiTlA, tiwa iHmriiif tnttt witl all rtdftn. 
BiMtttfht aU nunntr «t'i«lll0i,i«vritn** vhI ill luttitn*! fuwl^ 
Ka^ cf UtP jn'aiUi ud ail [wvj'Li'.pt'uirnjindan JEid^pvordiDynrtli' 
VwUi ni firglu old uad young, let Lbcm pnln tlw nuino of tbo 

Loni: ftr tW DMnt of him only U t^itiA\vt\- 

Tt* pniv of ttim B aljaw |iM¥va ad^I yArtli, add lie liaih extlUJ 

Jk« nifbt oTIib l«v|>liL 

onto hhii. 

Tlw mlliFni, 

Bdo]d^ dio«j«orilio Ixml it afmn thorn tfaatfo^ him, 
AJtid upon diMn Umi put their tnist id lua tuciN^y ; To li^lifor 
tliiur uola TrDin dtaib, iud to focd them iu tiiuo of il«urth. 

fooplt^ Bui gvd of li}^ »|>rcwn inrrci- hud fnaevtibaU Ltffi li^« cLu3iKn 
to 1lu< 1^1* of tflbalacyon uohurl^ And ia tobca tlirrof ta lljp psKlmv 
•MS* ai Landca ivythouu GiaHA patrL For 1^ iprtoaatn Of tbat pono- 
fC j oa 4iill Mbt [hinifl^ llx' Ap«n pnytj^i^ nf gnd^ ibnt j* n>n| in 
holy chjnlwr And ycl ihv ftu tbaA iZi^lt iLen ait^jja ia Itvw fajth* 
md cfcantv, abiAl oat nw* ot goddn prajtyn^. And Ihvtdi* th« latto 
*aioc#Uia pallor >uuoMi yt of llio itinja atnloKo, iJiai {tAfrM jMifrf 
j% bsl aoi of thi lamairariiK.] 

[* ll b vcTih miufk, ihaA tht llorv and T<r1r frEnCf*! rrim^rvdo 
kflt ft^ JmHt; hnd Aiiulafiuv whv ffourialml in iJitf iiinOi omiu-F^. 
lik tr. K^ ftntloilatly ualn iU lul UiDiE Aid &a Lia limo at tbt otd 
•r lU* II jwb. Of Hrniy'v fViiMn tha EnflWi miUa it. thu Laitln liaa 
H T lU adlUaaa wjlL boUi nmam ^ p«nU cobtim* add Wmm' t« tha 
Ulfaaaly. Ucn. AMiuL VoLii. ^ttl,iMt«,] 

f lAiA, O »vad«fflil *"^*"iirv Oo cvvatou of aunVThd. tMofC 
TpBD lum • Un^if Mrt l>4 Hrt Jtlwlmii ll to b« baVM cJ • 1^*1^ 


THE L.tU1>S. 


Thaft Milh llie Lord ■ Tel nol the wise mnn rrjoinn in fibi 
irUilom, nor t!ie stroQg mjin \n lita alrcngtli, nnlthnr ihc rich 
man In hu richea : But vhoso irill rojiii^o, let him r^jairc iti 
thh, tiknt he undcratnndctb nnd knoncth mo- l''or 1 am tho 
l^orii which Jo mercy, equity, nnd rigUteoudnow upon iho 

Thttnhod bo God, 

^ "I'hr Hymn, 

Tho bird of day mwaeng^jr 
Croiv«th and ibcwoth, thftf. ligbt i* n«r; 
Christ, the Bilrptr of Lho hourl, 
Would ffc should to lifo uoDVorL 

Upon Jraus lot us cry» 
WcPping, praying, soborly, 
Dovoui prayer, mcnt' with vrivp, 
SotTbroth not our bcort' to gXa?]t. 

CEiriat ahnlce off our hciiTy iUep, 
Break ihe hord* of night so deep. 
Our old sins doanao and acoor. 
Life and grnoo ioio us pour". 

m Thfi unTijf of Z4chime\ JtriKaielMt. 
([ Thuiks giving (or chfr pcrronniuinj uf Gi>J'« prouilia. 
R1f!s«d be th^ I'Ord God of In-ocl, for he bath vtutcd 
and redeemed hu people. 

And hnth lifu'd op the horn of inlrAtion to ii*, in tb« 
hi>uau of liLfi aorv&ut David. 

A« ho epako by tho mouth of hia ht>ly iVophebi, which 
Ijatlk bosu eiucQ Ih? world bvgau. 

uiJ ho Tifyng miiJc man without soJc of nuui, haih ^TountA'd vnto vh 

Thjh rltipllrr, 
Virorn Mill, irifljffl iJwny^ whirh* hwt ti«Tn» Chriat ILp mfcWrt of 
hcanco uid jHrlh : I'or ullL u^ llij wuiuU llhN hiitu liroughl furtb tbv 
uuLiiur i>( tho wurlJ- Thv^km hv 1v OuJ-J 

{^* AlffLL : miiiElt^. Todd'i ^peOKi, Vol. n. p. Af^ Qole,] 
p |Ai&, no pora licvt 1'lia Latin :— tjit mumliiiiL^ 
P IMA, Amm.] [* lUA, Lntp .L] 




ThM *• vliould bo Buvod fruin utir cuomuu, and from thn 
buktb of all U^ li;Lk lU, 

To porforcQ ike iu«rc^ pronijavd Lu our fibtliL^rOj and to 

hit hoi J coTfinuit. 
To perform tbo oAlh whi«h ho Hwiire to our futbur Abro- 
UB, thai be nould f^iTc oj. 

TbAt wo bring dcIirrTod out of the hotidi of Our oiiuuitvBj 
tt^l Mr^ ^im witliout fear. 

In holinua &fid njfhteounieu boforo him. nil tho dftys of 
ovr 11f!(t, 

And ihoQ^blM ab&U bo called tJir Prophotoftho Iligbeit, 
Air ikon ih«lt go beforo tlto Evo of the Lord, to prepare hb 

To pn knoirLodgo of i^lvAtion unto bta ponplts fur Iha 
raoinion of tlicir i£n*. 

Tbrougb iho londor mercy efoup God, wliorclpy llio day 
^prin^ from an high hath viiulod tin. 

To giio light to lliom thai nit in dArkniMfi, Q.nd in the 
lav it deftU), and to guido tur fcwt iato Ibo wB^y o( p«aoD. 
Gkrj b« lo Lbu FtLtbcr. &c. 
Ai k «M in the begin, ^t. Aoioii. 

Th«^ kiodaen and [ofo of our SaTiour God in omD-wArd 
Wli appc«r«il> not of tho il<todi of riglitooumoai, nhiuh wo 
ttrooghl. but of hb moray ho aatcd u», by thn fountun of tbo 
pn birth, nnd nitli tho renewing of tbe Iwly Uhoftt, vhidi ho 
>Iied on u< AbimdonUj, through Jwub ChrUt odt Saiiour, tliat 
w« oaeo jutificd by his ^aoo» thouM bo bwrv of eternal life 

£ Tltf VVnirlr Cnn^rm thn name, O God* wbloh thmi 

vfought In OS. 
Tie Miffifrr And protect ui and vivi u« «itb thj wl* 

Qnat vo buoooh thee, I^rd God, tbftt thy nemnln mat 

t' lAU. lUcBcd 1« thrlj ihiki bodfr Lhe nenlc of G&T, juul ki^ the 


TW wnick- OloNihtirc thi ineivy vm^v*. 

THp oou,vcm 


Qi^o; «oDtiimAl health of l^ody and ioul\ ihat vre maj be de* 
liiurod fiom ihw prcwnt honTiQCK, anj liavo ih*? fruJlion of 

«»rruil gkdncw ; ihrougU Christ our Lord. Aiuon. 

OF the lioJi- Gliral. 
Como holy Spirit of Gad, inspire tho hourU vl theoi that 
boUdvo in Ibuo, and luudlu ia tliom llio Uru gf ihj lurcb 

God, which by the informatTOQ of tho holy Qhott 
hut initructcd the boAJ^ti of thy £uthful, grant lu in the 
uiVQ Spirit to hare right underitonding, and cv*nnor* to 
rtyoiM ia Iua holy cc-nsobiLoD ; Through Christ our Lord. 

Of ih* holy Trinity, 
DaUror us, snvo us> juAtify ue. bloMfld Trimty. 

Lot xa pray* 

Almighty ajid ovcrliuling (}od, nhich hiut gnuitoJ to na 
thy KrtnnLs, by aon{ot*i<in of tlio truo fniLli. for to ftcknoir- 
Jodgo the glory of tlio otcrniil Trinity, imd to honour thoo^ 
ono Qod in iby □.Imighty inujoity: wo Lescech thco through 
•tendfutncu iu tlio &itno faith, that mo uukv nlway be do- 
fcttded from aH advereily : which livoit and ruigoeat »ito God» 
world mtiiout uud. Amoa'. 


^' I&4A, AtiJ ULAt (tlxa grqtuiui v^r^n Miiri priuyiig tift Tt) w^ 

r* >M0> C Oftl»cnia«orChrif1, 

W* niijiht to ftlori Id tli« vtvao uf our lurdu Jutiu ChrikL 

C l4t Di pnj' 
O OoJ, whldw tuat MMndtd thy mu»t ho\y croa*. tod 
light lo th« Jai1m>i— of tlit wvcJdv. vuuchivvfv tu ilhwib% vjd^ 
comfbrie boiJifl our hurlca Bud boJlu, whldu Ihudt and Tclconl Ood, 
woi^d without PpJc^ AniFii- 

^ Of iht. holy ApoitUck 
1'c be th«y that htvtt UH aEZ Oiy Eipv unl hjtiiB fi)1«wn1 mr, jf liuJ 
rvnidP ftn hnDdirthfbldf, uid Laa« }' iiooHiBJaii uT tiJtri«ii}ug iifo 
C Lvt ii« pray, 
Aliirii^ty Gifl, n-,<iirJri vitJ* iiifLftuJIIv, sml fipr Ihbt y' bxirJiit vf pun 
ia<iuiti* vtl'^vx^h rt: Cniuat ;hat by iho pfoigi ^ li^- storioui 


IHB cou-RCia. 


Tha OBlJuilU. 

Hiwby wa an »urt, thit tt© knew GoJ. if wa Wp bU 
e0BnuMlin«iiC8 : lio tlmt «aith I knoir Lim uid IcM-pcth nc't hia 
fiOnnnA&daifmU, bi n linr, ai}<] tli« v«rity b not m liim ; but 
whMo kttpcth hM wore], in him ts lhA Iot« of God pflrfeot. 

GnttL ud giro unto ua, O LarrI, w« heice<;1i ihi^/^, tho 
of tnlli, ofid of jiSEicc, that wd mtiy know fJicn vrith aII 
o«r mnd^ juid that wo nuif with n gbid devotion put nnch 
lUnp is nrc^ oh «o knan to be pleadng to thy dirino nuv- 
jwtyi ThroDgU Cliriit our Lord. Amen. 

Tk0 Lord u (a\\ of oompAuion ftnd cnffroir, long aailer- 
l»g ftftd of grcii gooiIncH. For look hovr high tho hoATOn 
k, b O0B|i«ri»n of thfl vflorth. «o givaC ii hit mf!T'4?y aIio to- 
wArdi th«ii th&t fpir Iiim. Look hoir alio tho ca^t ii fn^m 
t^ vcstt ■» f^r hfttli ho fict our niu from n*^ Y«a, ILko w 
A fitthor pilkt^i h.K onn children : crm so u tho LorU mo^ 
dAil to licB thAl Toor him. 

Tb* V— i^ii ^7 iMart, Lord, shaJI r«j»lca U thy 

AMivir. t »hAl1 lang nntA the T^ord that givcth good 
tUnga «aio mc. and I ihall linjf PvUnui to tho name cf tho 
Lord DOtt highcat, 

Afdail«^ «« tntj hane n Urb an>t imoKth to foXttwt iha cvabaiQa of 
tSMu &ii& llianii^ Cbrul uum lunlb Amen, 

4r ^f ^ holy mtirtf Tv^ 
Tb' kAm tf ninftt ma^ 4 in hMn«n, wliidic luiie ftiluwt^J y ■leppM 
ChrW. ■»! li«rt4K tliry liHUD ■lixj lU?ir Llud for hit laur, Uici^tn 
th«7 n%M vritb Chxbl fgr pu*r. 

Lti u* pimx- 

OtBHttt to n^ ilmili^tjq C!dJ, Uut qn ^^bjcliv 1u;uwe ihiL E-Il^' ^lu- 
riavB Idaily m wen tf nof In amfiaalan of tlij fallh» uwy huuo th« Ln}'a 
«( IkMr MpBih^ in nafrlutiiiK KUdnov llmngh Chrbt oun lorJe. 

L«cd* aoiAi t* pf««. Ax-3 


hut tu ^njf. 

Let Ihf graeo. O Lord *o boioeoh thM. b locb wm* 
both prCTcat and follow ua. Ibat tli« i&me loftj ouktiiiiinllj 
miko as fonmrd and btuy b doing all gcod vorlu, whlci 
thou by thy moat holy word lia*l cfjniTnAndpd ; through 
ChrUt our Lord, ^mon. 

For lliD Quci.^. 
JtodiiKO tbau hna\ been my hfilpof^ Lord« thcraTor* 
tmilor iho shadow of tby wing« trill T rvjoiM. >[y toul 
hoDgeth upon th«o. ihy ngbt hand hAlh nphotdcn iqp^ 
Tho*fl also, that wek the Imrt of my souL they >haU go 
under tho «arth, but the queen ehall rejcdoe in God. 

Let UE f>niy. 
O Lord Ood, aud our xnost morciTuI FaUiCT-, whloh <»f 
Unnti inoAliniAbto moroy end f^ivour lOTT^rds UA. halh Mot 
EUi;aboth ihy icfTjint, our Qiiom, to reign ci*r \m : k*"!p lh» 
K»me oup Qacpti in thy ftlmighty prelection, *jivP And dormd 
her from oM her enemies, boih bodily nnd j^hofilT, give her 
f^oo hfrre to nilu thy people oetordin^ to chy Eaw, thi.t >ho 
may hvro govern to Ihj honour nnd k''>^5> ^^'^ fiXtcr thiit life 
roc^LTO &nd CT\;oy tho inhcritan<» of thy hmTimly kin^orn. 
In Iho UfiT and bliiw that tkovor »baJ1 fmvu onil. So bo Li. 

Lord, wnd u« pciteo in oor dajin for then? ia none other 
that Gghteth for ui, but only thou, O Lord^ 

L«l ui pny. 
God, from whom &1I holy d^airea, ill good [iimilTl 

4&d all ju«t work* do pro«*d, gWi? unio thy urrmni* ihal 
WDit pE^Occs whlnh thn world Cftn not givo, thni oitr hrjirtK 
Mug Ckbodient to thy rommj^ndmonOi. and thft C^^ar of otu- 
Mi*m[r« tftlifln Jiwny. our time mny he pea«*ahlc by lliy pro- 
teoUnn: throngb ChnBt our Lord. Amen, 

ChrinT, mifffirPil fof un, IwiTtng IM cinmpU, that we nhniild 
fellow hia itepd, who did no ain, nmther weia tborc any gnilo 
bund in bk mouUi. 

[■ ISUt O toTde Cod.] 






C The Vmclft. Wo wDi'^hip ihflc, Chrirt, vriih pniso 
ui4 baoadietion. 

TV» mnwf. For thou h(Wt radocmed the irorld from 
M^CM afllii^tioiu 

Lard J«»o ChriHt, Ron of thn living God, net l1»y lic>1f 
laanoD, emu. mid dccLih. bnlurccn ihj judgmcnC ajid oor 
■nd^ both aoif nnd jU tlio bimr of death. And morcoTCf 
TOodiBfa ta j[rv;t unto tlic Uiing xacrey and grm^o, to the 
dead pvJcB Aod ruatn lu ihy holy church pence oncl ctin- 
cordt ud ta u< vrotcrhud uiiucr^ life and joy evcrU^ting; 
■likli firttl and rui^'tuttl tiud nith Ihu Father atiJ the 
Hdly Oboat vuM "ithoul «u<i' AmoD^ The ^lurioub paa&loD 
of Qvr Lo4^ Jotu Christ deliver i» from Jfurroffful hoMvjuen, 
aad bnag us to the jo^i of PirAdiM- Amen. 

O Ooi>, to hol^ mo iiinko good Hpeed. 
Lord, aaka haeto lo bucoout mo. 
Olery lio lo Uia F«thnr, und to^ &<% 
Aa it waa b tlio begiiK ^c^ Am«a. 

Ciit"** I'littfi Fifffltnfr. 

PvIIov of th^ F«tlu>r'a hght. 
li^ht of li^hU and day moat bright 
Ctirvt, th«t choAost an ay UEght, 
Aid U3 for to pmy ui[;ht. 

DrifQ cut Uafl&aoB fruui our KDiodf, 
Drive &n*y tho flock of fioada : 
Drow«iA«aa taka from oar ey«i, 
Tbaa frocn tloUi we may arWi. 

Oiri^t TOurfi*af<?i merely lo gito 
To a\ all that da boliriTo t 
Lot it f^otit m thiU prny, 
Ail tfaat wo do siujE ^^ ^7^ Ama&' 

f'-^^frnvHii' /jLiih^fl.j /'«<f/ ^At'i |ftiU ) 

^ AH torn (irr |irnttkV«tit lit in/icnif^ ud |»m]aD t1)£ Lord God 
I^bIm IIv l^ntt for bv la je«o4, tor Wn nvrrf i* tvtrlvlin^ 

Leillivhnac ctf AaraaaQT bowi (hot hinnoivjisefiirEitfiiiu;* 
L#t ftU 0^ friir iIh LmlHjrnawt thi* tue Toeicy is trrrlMLLiifl- 


[gc. tux. rMAVEaa^] 



la my ffOubk f csJktl ii]jaii IliQ LuthI : nod tbe LorJ hAth hMitl 

TJio Lord !■ my helper, I will not Tcitt what mtm Jolhlonu, 

Thn fiQtd limy hrljior, hnd I hhAll i1rj|]>iv< fnifin rnrimir« 

Better [it] d Lu Uii*E lu llii.^ l.urd ^ than Co liu^t In ninn. 

fiflttcir k la to 1nut la tlit LoM : Oum Tn truqt in PrLcjfri, 

All tuii^nnii ImvD cmnfoiKi] mc! yet In thd Lonl'j Damn hftv* t 

TLp^ ljl]if> iu "uIl haru cloapd ui« ia: >cl lu iLe Lonl't bum fawr* 

t vjinf^uiHtpd tJienu 

TJjvy tiavo E^vEknaod about mo l£k« ^^vm^ uid thoj haro bitnl « 

flro Among ihnnLUt yet in thi^ LnnI'* ruifrin hitvc 1 r^inqniklird tlmii, 
I woB thrust ntwirh Tinlom^n TfnAyto full t ahJ tbi* 1-orJ fnrconTrd mt* 
Mj' iLrvn^tl] und pmSw ii tlin Li>rd. imd tiv e* uiado iny KjlvalLun. 
ThaTcii» of ngaii^ln^ ami of hoMili U in thv Cabcmacl'^ nf Uie}Did> 
The Lrhrd'a Hg'ht hand TiJith wruitv^t iha t'-Tt'iiglh. tliu Lqtd'* r%til 

hind hnth cu^llor] m^, Ihe Lord'i rl^lit liond tinth tmTOffit thn ftrrnnilfa. 
l»tiJit] Tuil -lu*, hat I thii1llivi>, juid I hIihII nhrw tko wuTkBuf liioLord- 
TlkaLnnl luUi diai^l^d ' and r:liri4|c<i] mit: and hatli iiol put mv tO daoUL 
t>[jen m4j Uio gatw of HhfUteousnt**, mid I uulcKn;; tbtfrlij' *hiXt 

fttiw thu Lord: this ia iLo Lard'a pitf, ihf* rix^*™*!* *^^ '^tff 


I wiU prmtK thn O Lonf, Iwoaiut llufu InU Ucuil mir, and lh« Kt i 

buvDinv tiiy uklvmion. S 

Thf? Atone, whioh tlu) boildprv eoit «wi^, ii tiubda Um boftd BEnm* of ^ 

Ttiu Ib done by the t.o]^| : tn-\ il !i marrflllaiu tn ouf tytt. 

This ia tho day, wlilth llic LnTil njridn : lot Qa rfjniiK' tMn} be merry 

(> Lntd, raTfi thna mc, O Loiil, maLc luo |>n»i«r j blnvd 1« be Ual 
eomsth [n the Lord't luiini'. 

M^B liAvc 1}1rv«d yen iliAt I4 of the Lord'* boiuc^ God fa Utc LotJ t ^ 
And bo h«th i^lTtfL light unlo na. fl 

Apjioint yn a ■(jIwdq Uoly J«J. dookod wfth bougli* to U« Wraar iJ 
thi^ Jiltnr, 

'I'huu jirt rii> finh. atM I ahaU fcndM Ihwik* U" Iheo ? IhDO arl my 
(fOd, and I eholJ cim\\ tJin;. 

t pludl pmtv th«r<j O Lord^ far thou but Utard me. uid 4Tt tiuuuwi 
my HlvAt&oa, 

Pnif>« tliD Lvtd, fvr he I4 pnod, for ^ila mercy ]i frtrloMin^- 

C!]oT7 be to ihn K^thtr, 6ic. 

Aflti vro^lD tho. \c 

Thu AntTwTii, 
BiMMrd 9.rt th« poor m ipirit, fur ihoira is tha kingdom 
of hoftTon. BlowfJ uro Ihoy that mourn, fw Ihoy thftU 
nmnTO oomforL 

[ CWteJ: vhuleiwd.J 

1559.'] TBB THIDD HOUR. 50 

The Veracle. Lord, hear my prayer. 
Aiuwer- And let my cry come unto thee^ 

Let DB pray. 
Lord Jeao Chrbt, most poor and mild of Bpirit^ irbich 
didst moum and lament for our siua mid inSdelity : Grant tts 
likewise to be poor and mild of spirit, and bo to weep and 
w«il for our offancoa, that we may be partners of thy heaTenly 
kingdom: which livest and reignest God, world wiUiout end. 

The Thirf Hour. 

O OoDt to help me make good Bpeed. 

Lord, make baate to succour me- 

Gbry be to the Father, and to the Sod, and to the Holy 

As it wa8 in the beginning, is now, and erer shall bo. &c. 

Th« Hyma. 

Mighty ruler, God most true. 
Which doth* all in order due; 
Morn with light iUumining- 
Noondde wi^ heat gu^niahlng. 

QuoDch the flames of our debate^. 
Foul and noisome heat abate. 
Gnat unto our body health. 
To onr hearts true peace and wealth. 

Let tongue and heart, strength and senso. 
Commend thy magniGcenoe : 
Let the* Spirit of charity 
Stir ns all to worship thee^ Amen, 

Ad Jiowtimmm cm trihularfr. Ptal. .cu. 
A prayer to bo dehrcred from iha vBnily ofthia* world, 
r cried nalo the Lord when I vtaa Id trouble. Odd be hftth heard me. 
O Lord, deLiver my soul from lyiog Ups, uid a deceitful tODgae. 
Wlut sBMj be girea thee, or what maj be pat to thee, ogainflt a 
drcfthfDl loDgueT 

It ia like the aharp attdw* of the migbtj man, and hot bonuog cosLi. 

^' IMS, doesL The Latui:^Qui tcmpeias.J 

{^ Debate : quarrel, strife. The Latin i-^flammoa litlom.^ 

[* TMA, thy. The Latin :—Tuacharilaa.] 

I' 1545, theworlde.] 



Tnx nxTn nouR. 


Woe n in?> tTwt m^ rentSnif ]]|wt> f« jmiluiffB^ 

T hnvd duiOlc J witU tlw iohAbUojiu of Cedar, ny »iiJ bftth Won Uag 
\a title. 

I vraa at |M!doo wit^ iIlkih tlinl UhUhI |w4mj ; when 1 *\mkb ixuto tbni, 
Ukfy AiBftullrd fno wltlioiii onuaa. 

Olory bt lo thr Fjithor- Ar, 

Ai i( vum ill the, ftv. Araen. 

Thfl Anthem. 

Bloaacil aro Ifatf niuok, for Lbc; bImU iiJiunt llio earth- 
BEl^bsuiI m-c llivj^ vh'uih Hiilttir lmng«r ukd lliirat for 
rightijouaacea, (or tbc^ bliAJt bu eatlblied- 

ThQ uuHcr. And lot my crj come to UiCO, 

Lord J«a^ Cliriat, whose whole Itfu wM ootluog Intt 
ItumiUty And mcekncu, yho oiJy art our very righteouaseM, 
grant (t% to tervc ntiil honour thoe with bumble and tofck 
heart, and in all our ilfo and canvonatlon la dcaird to bo 
occupied in tho A-orka of right ooaaneaa ; Which IiTttl and 
reignut. &o» Am^n. 

Th« Sixili IIdut. 

O GoDt to bolp mo mako gocn] apooiL 

Lord, Diaka boHlo to succour me. 

Glory be lo the rather, tkc. 

As it na£ in tbij beuiiiuiJig, and is now; and ovor alull 
bci. &c. Amco. 

Tbt K^mn. 

Creator inOHt benigu, 
To us ftiwaj' be looting, 

Itaifto iim from JiXV not^rtrnG »l«ep, 
Whrrnin wf. Uci drowned d^p. 

Chrisrt, nf thy mprdfu!no» 
Pardon all our nirLrulnt^f^ 

Thon to priufo ruid magnify » 
Of ni)(bt fro tuavo tbo alu^^anty. 

Of Iho bill that vre liavo douu 
VTo mako our cuiifowtoii : 

Waqdog v« do pra;r lo Uieo, 
PatdoEi our iniqult;', Amcji. 

[' l?4A, from DCpymnc-^ 


TBa JttSTB aocR. 


Ad f Uroti Ath/O' *«^, ymTm jrtt\^ {cuU.J 
A pnj*r ta bn drlivM^il fmm fhfi nmnH of thp wicktd> 

A* ^he tft* nf Uif hnndcniiLpI hti iipoh lirr miiitrPM ; i*rtn lO b* uur 
«jd upon Mir IjOpI Ifofi ntiul he hAT*- niorojr <ir> im 

Hm* B<Kjr «D w^ O LunJ, Juivv uwrcy uu m, fmm bg |i>iL la Dach 

Pir «ar m^ ii ?«fy ftill, bdng tMncd ^^r the rieb, nJ itcipWd of 

Aa ft v«* bi the bPG^naLfi^» and hs iwwi mail cvai ibftU ho, worlJ 
wilbMt ««d, AmA. 

Bkaod ar« Ui« iii«rdfu]» for tbu^ thill got m&nef, 
BUwod U« th« clfon in hc«rt, for ih«y thall tco God. 
TW Tnbk. Lord, hear mj |»rA;«r. 
n« wii And lot mj crj come tt> theV' 

Lord JcRi ClirUu frLoa« propertjr U' ovar to lifi mf^r^irul, 
wbidh ttt ftivmj pure and cleia irithout ipot (jf »in : grant 
W Uw gnwe to foUow IhM in mcrdfulnun IqwotU our 
MigUxion. ud ftlvajr* to b«ar a puro h«An ud a clean 
MHMMDCe l^'ird llio<>, iHat we ria^ Afi«r tliU lif« *eo Uloo 
IB tli^ «Tor1utiag S^^f? ' Which Urol itnd rvigntMl* wortd 

Tlia NbiUi ffvur- 
O Goo, to h^p mo luike good speed* 
Lord, cuko h^« to inoc^nr mt^ 
Gkrj tw to the F*lhCT. A*. 
A* it «M tn th«. ict:. Amen. 

Thft ttj-mn. 
O th« glCTJ OlCTTUll, 

BUftscd hop« of m^n morUl. 

Chrut tho Son of God on high, 
Tbe mh of tho* Tirghi Mary. 

Rctt^ thj hand that wc mnv rleo, 
A»d nor minds so cxf^n^uo, 

flS niB M^TH HOUR. [1559. 

TTml dcTootI J wo may aiiig 
Praiee of iloiJ wlIIi tbaokg^n inj^. 

FiiinJiy, O CiirUt, wo cravo, 
Fnitli iu uur LcarU sgI uad gravfr; 

That thi-uugli liuf'e of lifu jlUuvo 
^~e may ilLitau »itti f<;rvont 1ovk>> AmoiL 

Thcf innwval ILv^'T^ ^<-iil mttr inln (hv i;rrr]Miij|,e litis 
Lord, vrbo bIuJI il^vtU Ui thy UhvraapU, or who vkoll ml In tbj 

ho] J hill r 

llfl dut «atcroLb nltbrinl 4iiflt> And wnrkclh rl^hf^TitucM : h* Uut 
ftpmli^h truth lu Jiia hunrtt luiU haUi noL tiMHl tU'ttuL m liu toofiifl; 

Xar hath dant* any ovU to hin iii;i|Eh?jour) und haih not (laiidir*4 hii 

[Id irv ifhrWi ^ght tht ttlrkr^ mnn Id MXhlUfr r^gnnl^, but doth 
hoDOLir Llafdn tlul (•'JU thn l-orJ, 

11q ihat twcaroth io bu nelshbuur anJ t^HtflTblli hiCQ d&l T Iw thnl 
hbih nut liuJ hi» niojin; Id uiury, uvr both itDl rcrvWcMl mro.rdt ij^rui 
the innorvQt' 

He IhAi du^rh tlt?K thin^i ilifill nerpr fUgger no? dnA)'. 

The Anthem. 
BleBSffii ATO the peiiceinatcorfl, for tlioy »b^ bt «nIM ibo 
cbiUrcn of Owl- Bl^.^^aixl ktq ihf^y that luflor |«nMutSott lor 
rlgLt£ou»a««« iftk«, for ihoim ii ihc l(ing<]om of huTOn* 
^ 'llsa n-Tiuclft Lonl, bear iny praypr 
The answer. Aad let my cry i^umo to tJiee. 

Lfljrd Jp*u« ChriBt, which madeat pc.-w* bc(<rocn Qod ttttt 
Fithop and ui miserable ainnorj, which not*ithHtandttig didii 
•uffcj- ut^tutly LTijurici and pcrscciitiont : p'ant hh i^rkoa U> 
kbcp tbo puiu;u that thuu hu^t iiuulu, luid patiently to bnor »tl 
jiijurk^ iunl yvnw:aii\jQB, ihid wa may hn oulloJ thy children 
nnd iuhurii thy hoatuiity Lijtgiloui ; nhicli Utwl. iki^ Atrnm. 

God, to help mo moke good ipood. 

I#ord, m«ke hiut« (o »uccour mo. 

Glory be ta ih« FAther, And to th6 Son, Rcd to tlio Holy 

A« it jiaa m tiio Icgmniag, U now, tad eT«r BbaU b«, &o.- 


iMidiUf pujri. Pnab/k .talk 
Uct* iM be irUcrvcl it |inuH fiiid oupafy tl» Lord. 

bff |h« nuat vf tbv I.uri3j 6vm ibk time f^rUi vlcJ fte 

Tlie LoH^A nasBt be pnlttd from llur cui unla OiD wil 

Ilia ImtA » bull ■b«* kII DAEioria. Xkrid hw K^^ry abarrtLjf JiviTtiu 

Whu U Uk* ubUj tb* l^nl oiu liod, ituLt liolh lua dwfUlnr on high X 

v)A jH bnaUnh hbsttM U> btboM i1l« ihhip thai kn In hcATta ftod 


f la navth Qp ill* vimrl* out </ the Hut, mi'J Mrtii tho pm out of 

TM b* ma(r BM bbn with tbo pilocat ctt% yiiik (he pHiue* of bi« 

Rr iB«li#th thn 1>jtTTTn Homui to brvp .h«u», and to In • jD^Jbl 
XDutbar i/t duMn-'ii. 

Gtflt]- tw to lb* Fitbvr. ftcb 
Aalmlatbc && Anun. 

CM b lA be |¥Aift4 fat hit wotvlctf d ' wtirk* nnd 1>ent1it4. 

rnlK jv tb* iHiaf «r lb* l^>nj> O yo *«TiuLth pnlv ilic totU i 

T« thAl itml b Ibo bouM of tbi Lotd, ia the eqiuei at tbo booM of 

nprttjvi^ VoTi,t»r tb« Lord Ugrmeiau: ^ pniaa unto bis 
■Tt Tor it b iDvtlj-' 
Far lb* Lord tMb lihOMa Jmb ddIo Unwl/, snd Irnel fof Idi ovn 

F«r 1 kmv iL>i ihd IdrU ti crtoE, and that out Lord h abovo oU 

Hv LonJ biAb daw ait iliJmci UxaI lie froold, iD hrnvvti Ukd la HJth. 
Iftd to tbf ■«, tod In oU d»|> pkoi*. 

Hi briogMb f«nb ib« doodi from iha cndi of tbf woM^ nad tum- 
rib Ibo bitbUiLiifi iBlo nua; he bnagtth ^nh t)m wiudi f>iLt af dk^ 

II* BMAt 4« Ant bocft of Bgypl. b<Ab of utn juid be«M. 
HobdbicBllaktfiindvondBnlntoUNiaidat oflbs*,0 kod of 
nano and bQ bb •crrvilo. 

Soco kibc or Uit AQOnh*, ud Og tho ^dogii Bon, Mdall liio 

AadfiTVlb«frbnd In lifrrlHgrT in firritAgf* to rancl hli pnp'o^ 
Thym^O Lord. eadurrthruffC'TTtOlonJ, thy mnEiorl*liAlK>m 
ta ftM W ibm. 


tUft Kl^ENSONl^. 

For thu I-aM will ivvt-Dgt lili people, ud br jfnujoiu Doto hii wr- 
AtffiTilwIiIoliofthif llAitljDU, Uis^uT Intr lU'cr And f'>M,lba "Oh 

Tlicy liavr niiTQLh« dihI ^prtiV nnt, ihry htve tjps uid »c nM- 

Thvy li«>* lui mtnl hear not. unlhcruthrn *nj/ hrrtiU in ihpir 

Tbrr ibiit Tnhkn thrm ]>d like uuto dum, unl eo onall ilwjr tliiC put 
tli4<ir Iruit m ihiriiL 

PimlH tbv Uhl. Oiip ]iDi»- uF Unvd ^ [pruK the l/inl, t1i« bnH* «r 
A(irfm;]pnu«eihe tori, the house of LotJ j yij Uiol far din LmJ, ^m i 
the ixPTil 

fnlitL] In- tht LuT-l of SLnn, vLh^h Hwnllpth fit Jtrvmlem. 
Ciloty Iw iQ tbi.' Kfttliirr. juul 1u ibv SuUh ad-I (o tlic ilolj' <*h«L 
A« It WM in the beginning, Ij dob, ami svcf «IhI] K- At Amai. 

J will glvfi tlualti to tluH, O LiiH, with my «fao1« HmjC 

llcfiirD the nnjE^ln 1 wJll ibu^To th»^ I vlU wonhJp tixriaid tNj httlj 

tfnyp\i,\ tibil [>inW thy riuiit ; 

IktediiK of tbjr incTc^' ud CnilL, for ihou hwt miKOlAcJ Ih; nunr 

Wlinuuevrir I cull njioii tbvn, hear in«, Uiou iilitili uiultw my amil with 
much ttjeagtb. 

A[l (br kin^ of thff Mfth pnl>t Ihn O Lonl, fbc iJtfjr fajn^ hnaH 
all tlu worJi oflhy maulb. 

An^l Id tluun tln^ta dwWKyaorihc LarJ, for vtrat b lliD B^oty c^ 

Fur ilkuugh lliB I^nl tr liigb, jpf^t licilEt hu TTsjiHr niitu (lu lowljr ;ubd 

lut fnr tbc |-Fi>uil, bv 1>rUi}Mi-l)k lli«ji] tfat oH", 

'I'houjjh 1 Kiilk ill tlii; mlJat of Ijuable. Jtl Jlfllt IhuU mfn^li nw; 
diou •bfUt ivlrvtili lurtb ihlnti Iiiuil) upon the fuHifUjmna nf mfu'^ tormlo^ 
Dfi4 thj tiffbt IuiafI ohalj snip me, 

The Lonl ■b4]l malia good for me : 1I17 mrrFT, O l*nr^, *ni)niv<l} for 
•T(r.dt^lH ootdiivi lh» mrlu of thini? own bAnJa^ 

HtuT}' bu ttk Biv. At ll HUB ill Sec 

Tim Anlhom^ 

Now' th«T«furVj butjig jufttifitiil hy fiillb, wo aru at peace 
Willi QoU thorough our Lord Johun Clirul: uoilljer in Uioro 

(,' IMA, Bkaed be xit^ muiir of iIm 1#ord for tfrirrmniv. 
The ehapLter. 

HhnI Ut tboit, O TirfyQ Mori, wbiriii' 1ui*t bfirtirt m)TE lotds th« 
fTDBbHir cif >" worttfp : thou haat bnjtiKbt fiirth hiiu thu iwde thr^ arid 




any dunnAU'oflk to ihom vhirb iro in Chpial Jwn, which 
ViJBc not EiAtT tbo ttcsh, 1i»t nftcr the spiriL 

C Tin CjmpWr. 

Bd^bd. J«roMt«m, ftnd gather yoiirMTvfiA t«g#Ih«r, 4]! 
Ilttt lOTtt the Lord, all ihnl haro l^oon io liQavlnMS, thM 
j« pttjr ngoiiyt uid bo »tTafiod ^om the toata nf j-oDr een- 
inhlinil T* that ilt thir^Ly, onmo unta tho nnUirn, unit yfi 
lltti hftTtt no money ia pay fc^ it, came anJ drink with 


TTmnks hu to (Sod 

C. TU lljruiii. 
&Jf4lvr niiiihft DamiM, 

O Lordt the worlit'ji Saviour, 
Vhkb hatt frrCBOrrod utt tliia Jivy ; 
TloA night aitt> he our Buocour, 
And nvo us «ver, vre Ihoo pray. 

B^ morofal non u]itt> u«. 
And ipar# uik which do pray to lh««. 
Oar lb foTg^TO* Lord gnlcioll^ 
And oar ^Arknou mought lightened h€ : 

Tliat do«p Ciur TTfmdii do not oppress* 
N«r thai our orKimy iia beguile, 
ICor that floib', full of fniilEtese, 
Obt voiol and body do flofilo. 

O l^rd, r^fonnar of all thing, 
TV lib hoin'i dcHfc wo pr»y to thoo. 
That ntitr our rcirt and iil«opin;r 
W« nay rue ehaito, and ttomhip thAft- AmAn- 

Thm Vcnetv. 5IU:«^ mo a dgsA Leart* O Oud. 
At Anttfin. Aod rcnoir a righil Hpint withla mo< 

Uy »n) doth mufi^iufy tho Lord. 

And my spirit hutU riijuiood in U«) my ^aHour. 

C" 1 W> Oat the ttuhcl 

I,* tM^ Bk^r-i n Uvi hiiiOT]^* n) irainriTi. 

71k»aMiv«w, Anil MMavdifUwfniitoafbcr •wnla.] 


TUft flwraoTio. 

For he both rogoriltMl tlio iovliness of hk hBudmaiileii. 
For br^hold, from licaaoTortU all gviiomtioxt« «haL] nil mo 

Far ho that is miglitf halh rnognl^nd nte, omJ holy » hii 

And hin motcy h on tlicui tbut fi^ar Idin* throughout oil 

no hath shcwoil itrougtli with Lla eltii], bo hoith mwilored 
ihu proud in tlia imaginaiiou of ilic^r heart?. 

Bo Lath put donn dio mi^hl^ from tbvir Heal, snd LaiEi 
Qxall«H.l the humbb and lucck. 

Uq hath fillud lb? hungry HjLh ^d tbing«j and tbo neb 
be hatb nont empty avfuy. 

IIo reTEomWing bU mcrfy bath bolpen hii BerT^nt 
lirncl, us ho promUod to <mT fatliori, Abrahun iind bii tccd 
for «rer. 

Glory bo to the Fiil}iGr, and to Ibo Son, and to the Halj 

As it ^TOfl ]r Ibo bogin. &a- Amen. 

JRtll 1 

Tbd Antbrm- 

If ^ Qod ho on our nido. tvho con be ognimt us ? vrbjch bntli 
not spured bui own Son, hut give inm for us all, how ihall 
bo uol with birn give ud aCI things? 

'rtw V«rtJcl«> Lord) hear my prayer. 

Th9 Aaswvr- And lei my cry gomo to lho«, 

LoiLt>* of all poRcr aud might, nbicb art the aut]i<>r and 
g]v«r of all |;ood things : graiT b our boarU Ibo lovo of Iby 
name, irKToaM in us truo robgion, nouriib us wiih alt gooiU 
nnt, and of thy gr«n merry k»p ti» in tbo sam^ ilirongh 
Jesus Christ our l»rd. Amen, 

P IMA) La, nil Ibjn^ 1m: fullillaJ (bat wrn fjiDkfn of Oic ant^ bjr 
tb« vtncyti Mu-i. Thuikti b^ lo <«nH, 

Jb thn «}jQ4H iviLtEiiiDu *uf' itnd 'b/ are iutcraliaiiHv^ Th* L«taaj 
— p« Bh^lum (i|H vinfiav M«riikJ 

[* tniA, Holy LuTil, almighty F«lhcr,CTiBTU*t^ff Odd. wUobfldirldcat 
lrfilpiiiA}ti< J* blnnnt vifjurti Mnn with mnA ^Irnttfut |^flrisHnr3 cpiritnkl 
I^DBj u1icit[i>' thr [^mlml uid luiKiufinl lliu: 4Jniu|it tl'l Ui> Holy 
Ghoil U4T i*itb likii cmcv intl liupir«(iah kindle mir hvonvB, 1v «nctiFw 
lliy holy tuimc. Ttrnufib C'hrtii our LotJoh Amen.] 




CocTtrt ti», Cc") <iur Saviour, 
Aibd Uim ^ir irr^Lh i^nxj from tu> 
God. tft h^lp me make good spMd, 
Lord, auik^ hetto to )mn*r»nr ntt^ 
QUtrj b» to the FAther, and to* Ac. 
A« k vu in lh« bftg^n. &i^.> 

Hv* bav ^( ^^ I^jfii^tL u>4^, O Lu^I, r^r vvur T hcv bng wilt tbon 
nn itiy Jtoe frnta uttf 

Bm laqg aliAll I hiTi ItDnhlcnu IhonghU in tn^ hdI, tnd hcAvioMi 
la «; krtrl dftj hj day ? 

Il4v )giif iAaU miiM «nAmr l« Kodlbl OVBT nc t balioM, tfiil boTiiiv^ 

tDovlM ndDff cyft, lc«t I tlcep tnj lima Jd Jealb r oui! tluC inloo 
cwnj fmvt «j, ) lutvi* pnr^M sc^iut him. 

TV^ tlul i»i]M« Qu will nJol», if I be flue dowq, IaI I lun 

UIbi» hMrt ikftU VBJok* In llty u^iitjui. 1 aLoll lin^ lo Ibc Lord llmi 
ftwtk iw fmi bcnefitt^ nnd I iluhll pr^uc tJia nuoA of the LopI iur><t 

Gkoy ht io iLt f^tbvr* kmL &i. 
JUh «M hi ill* biflB. <(rc. Atuuiu 

41 A Pnjrr to ^ JrlivcTvd from nvr fidrrimnr*, thni vfl majr driET 
tfaa pnaaa fjf Uvl. 

J«J<t OB Bf rfJVfOODD^aaddrlflOflinjrcmtw A^nlrul |h« unholy 
fMfU^ from lit* VdoiA 1^ dutltful man ttolivoi mt. 

F«rUaM, OQvdjUtvjitmfftb.wlij Wt tlii^j pal ma kirajT «hy 
i*l KWaiilj.wUbtKdivtinmy i«cilinio1 

SmA fcrik Iby 11^ sad thy trutlt : Uior Ivv* led tat, and bfan^^l 

B« ki» 4f Mr i*^* ">^ ^^y ^ '^^^'^R^ pi'^ 

AbI I aittXi flSiIrr anto the alUr cT Gau, udU fiod thai isak«lh aj 

1 vlull pnin tlwff itllh hvT, O Hod my Ood t why lit tijcni basvy. O 
Mj-n^t vdivlQrAMllumlmibUmct 

TraMtoG«d,|i>vjTt*hali I itni«t hioi. Jib b the hcahb of iny Rmii* 

ClM7b««*dw.4»b A*it«»iu.&& 
The Ablhcm. 

flare n^ good Ijord, mkb^. and ko*|i Vi alanping, tlut 
I nftj wako m ChrJo, And fosi in pcoocb 


THf eon-Lor- 


Thfi Chapter. 

Tliou ortj Lordi in Uic miikl of us, >uJ luTOCitJon of 
thy vomo IB monlo ovor ua: forsiiko na not, i/jnl uur QuJ. 

O Lord, the maker of aJl thing, 
We pfAy iboe now in this (^TGmag 
Vi to <Iefend, ^ongh thy mcrcyj 
From all deceit of our enemj'. 

Let neither* tiadolnd*sI he, 
Gwfd Lord, with dream or phantuy. 
Our lietLrt ivnking in ifaco thou keop, 
ThAt yiQ ID ain f&U oot on alccp. 

Katljor, tliroagh tliy blcssod Son, 

Qmnt lis thie oui' petition ; 

To wlionij with tlie Holy Ghost, always 

In hoav^a and earth bo laud and prnit^- AmcD- 

Thp VcTHdit. lie* th&t dwcU«t1i la the help of the highest 

The- Anawot. ShaU aUide In thft protce^on of the Ood of 


Th» HDg of ^inwan the jiuL 

Lordi noff lotioAt Lliou Lhy sfrrraat dopftrt In poSLCO^ 
cording to tby word. 

For mino oyua liave Been thy salvation, 

Wlueh thou hut prepared hofore tlio fjuo of ftU Uiy 

To be 1 light for to lighten the Gealilm. and to bft tbo 
glory of lhy pooploJ tsrael^ 

Glory be to the- Ac. A= it was- Ac, 

Tht Aalhcm. 

Cmot Hi, Lord> thy light, th&t w^, bMn^ diill««Md 
from tho dArhnnvi of onr hoArtA^ riAy camn to the vnry light, 
whteh it Chrat. 

TU V«Tddo. Lord, jjear my pruyer. 

Tha Anmr, And lot my cry coine to iheo^ 

[I IMA, nneiltuir.] 

(> IMA, R(ihnMMh« hAndmaydoftbc Lunlp. 

[> IMA, pnptv cf lirAfrlO 

1559-] TUE aSVBH PBALHfk 45 

Lei US pny, 

L(«^ Gkid, ire beseech thee to lighten our darkoesB, 
And detiTer ua from all the dangers of this ntght, merdful 
Lord: through our Lord JoHua Christ: ivho liyeth and 
rdgneth with thee in unity of the Holj Spirit^ world with- 
out end. Amen. 

Blew we the Lord. 

Thankflbeto God. 

C The «nn Faalna\ 

Dimiiu v fii Jknm. Pwalm ,vL 

A Iflrrenl pnjcix of (he suner, d«irmg to b« cuvEd, and lua enenua 
to b« Tsnqaiah^ 

Lord, nbula ma not ia tb; r«ge, nor chaatlse me in (hine anger, 

Hira mercy on me, LoH, fbt I Am weak : heal me. Lord, Ibr mj 
bom be bniKd. 

ADdTDjaaulIarery tore troubled: but thon. Lord, bow long? 

TNun thea, O Lord, and deliver my soul, nve me for thj meni^y. 

For there b none in death that hath muid of tbecj uid in hell who 
will knowledge tbael 

1 )uT* traveled in my wailiiig and movmiug ; I tliaU every night 
ttHh my bed| I ohall water my eouch with t^ua. 

Woe eye ia treabled for Borrow, I am withered Htnoiig all mine 

ATcnd from me, «J1 yt that worlc wLckednes, for the Lord hath heaid 
the Toke of my weeping 

The Lord hath heard my pnyeTf the Lord hath heard my petition. 

Letall mine enemi« be ashamed andconfbundedrlet thembe aahamed 
and cenAniDded vezy quickly. 

Glory be to the Father, aad to the ^a, and (o the Holy Ghost. 

At it was in the begiiL fitc- Amen, 

Btati qwniait, Ptolm .niJ. 

C Row the penitent person ahould bewail bia ainsi pny nnto God and 

rejoice in him. 

Bkand are they wboee iniqidtke aro G>rgiTen and whoee etna bo 

Bkned ia the man to whom God bath not Imputed aa, and in whooe 
ifiini ia no deceit 

f 'nifee Fhalma wen rery annently adeeted, and known by name 
■■ the mhh, or PtAUraHai FWnu. 9t Augustin ia aald to hare dealred 
them to be zead to him, when about to die.] 


For vhOat 1 bc-ld mj ptB»» m,v Umc* «ro wmn olJ : wMU I c»l 
aU tho dv- 

PoT ^Mjr find »i/>ie thy hnnd h rvTy hm^ upon mr - I bwre beta 
luructl iatft Mrvbclir-Tuns ulkkJit Ihp Lh<jni itrvknl iw- 

I bftvi «|>«nvl my fui^U uuLo ur, wHt hfr uul liid uuoe Dnrigh- 

I tud, I vill ftmiim miM Emn^'KCfaiiiinui d^nsl mf ■clT to Ittf Lar<, 
BjiJ liiuu luist foijiivtu itie wit:koiJDi.'W H>( my tin 

Fur Uiii iluUl awiy liuly panpou pny iiiii« tluv lo lirnv eoQ' 
TcnicQl t 

Rut in thn gnuM flo'^ nf nuuiy wUm tlugr alKill not <Din* B%k 


Thou art i]i>' ri:rtii(v I'ruui T^ifpulafioEi Uu^L tuUi JLcluwl uu : O ay 
Jay. deliver mc tma them iJiiL cu(iLf»M inc. 

t hludi givr thrt> uriiU'r'Uiirlir]}; ntiil t3ull1 Intldi thcv in tlif inqr tli*i 
|h<nj rhalt go: t -ihall (uflm my evm Hp^n ih*^, 

lie j« not like Iione nfipl inulr, Ir whom la Tumt midcnlubiljng^ 

lliur] llicir EUauTlu vntli Bufllo miJ biir1k» tluit -will i\nl daw nigli 
unto Ukt. 

.^Uiiy uv Uic plOHUU ul' tJi4? hjiiiuir ; Imt vrhoB lni*l4lb in thr LmJ, 
imncy umlinrnth him tm civvry viV. 

Ifc ^liul in l^u^ l>Lrn], uJ rrjui«, ye rigli|«Out, Ukl W JDj-^iiu, aU j* 
lliAl bv upright ip li<Mtrt 

Olar? \nt to iUl- FhiIidth euiJ. Af. 

A« fi WM Id the hvptk. &c. AiocQ. 



t£ Titf penitr^t prwn, noi^ BTU'vpil ^Lih ihp hitrdra of iId, oalUth Qp«n 
Gott fur ai.\5, and bclaktih liimklf ta lila meny^ 

LcfhI, rrbnkB inc not In Ih; tngf^ oar f t^vtla* me in thirn- kngrr, 
Fuf UkiiU) Arrowa lEJick fiut in aup wiJ thou hut blil Ikiii* buid lor* 

upon Mf. 

Tbcre !« no h?Altfi In my flah tiHiuue of llij Jbpliflflir* : then u 

no ffil in my l^nnm Jrfninim nf my niiiB. 

FoT luiiv iuiqulrirt uf j^uttc «vcr mine hud, auJ or* Uid ui>oa me u 

ui heavy bijrdi»n. 

My HDundiian^ pucrlfird md rfltco bMoiW of nty fodiAnaiL 

I vn mnd« vrrtfhfA luid ^nnlEtd rrlivnifly, I w«rt vctotAjI dll 

day loDf. 

For R^ tobu orv fbtl <tf Uluiloni. and thvre kno tioilttxlanj flah' 
1 aiD •or* AtUftfd (uiJ brvufbt low, I did roar out far tbe huivir of 


JfOn)> thmi knomnl lU my d«iv, and my mnoriijiig i* tail hid fram 

Afy \KVt w tTDnUDd, Diy ■tnngth batU Ich mc, aUo Iha TCiy ^ffbt oT 
bLiDf eyu li Dot with m«- 

My fri«nk md my TwighbAun dp? w lostlUcf, and ilo^J M^iiiul m*. 



till tATlSI TtALta. 


AnJ Ibtj Cbil wtn naat mo itood fitr 0ft (hvy tlut laid wril Ibr my 
Itfr »t vfOD PW. 

Aod thsy tbal miiKhfi mjr cl4^trucLli>ii ipako TUittJ», uid tli«7 ipu* 
giarf iSecdtii all tbv fLt^. 

BttC fp M M)» Wine doo/i dM iwt bur, and I W u coo ibat inri> 
doDibh aol opttuag U* tnovllii 

Abl 1 berame u ■ nuin nol hfAriog;, lad bfttinj i» coimicFdhorii in 
liit dhhiIIl 

For En tbet lure [ Inulcd. Uiou ihall bev mc^ O LorJ GoJ- 

Forl harvMidJct nmrrimnfi viirQitfllriijinpb v^D in«:aod ttfalkt 
oj fcct io lUdiv thrjr Tpikr RonlJj opalnpt mr. 

Far t UD R^ly to ba k'oargrU, ani] mj nnvw is aliKij' in jof f*> 


For I iliAll c«rn* mJoo unEodlinaa> ftCid I iball think upon jny do. 
Bat uriM rtmniw livc> and nrw utiltt itroni; ^irr mc, «nd thf^ nv 

Tbtf thftt KLiilta ovil fet guuJ wvn k^fainat mir, b4«nM 1 ItUuwtd 

F«fNk* B* ftok O Lnd nq^r Gcd, nrillvr drput thfin fnun nrt. 
Uak* ipHd to b<^ m*, O Loid Godot ui> navaLigo. 
CavfT be lo Ihe f^Uicr, uul Ul &«. 
Aa ii «v A tbf bqcio, dtc AnuA. 

4E A pfvTar of tht pcali^Dt. cvnat1> ai:kiio«loil£liit* ftnil kmanUng 

«ilUnf tir Aa Sf!rfl of tJc-l lo be confirmei lb pttHh 

Mtm mmy vpon nt, O Col^ tccordiiif; to Ay fnot vffrryf 

Aad acQcrdmg tn thir muHilnda of Ihj fKtmpaunni^ wijic awaj nuoa 

liwJ mora ^ftA mc fh?m mlna lalqvkf : aod «lMnx ma from mjr 

For 1 fttkbovMiEP miae ^JiitUEy: «nd injr ua ia ffrnr balotr vbsbb 

To An aloM bate I Etimcd^ mJ Imra done o«il bi U17 ilifat, Ib&t 
Aiii Biiyiflt bt jnfiiEtd in thy viurAt, uht lunyett ovcTcoate whflfi thou 

Brh<bl, 1 VM brffuticn in vkkeclnrs. aoit tuj mothtr amnltvd nw 

Lo, IfciVD hlai loved Inilb, Ibe uiikttawQ uhl «Hn( IlibiBa of tfajr 
■TiJiw Ibov liwi jttmM OHIO ma- 

UpvinUa IM, Lotd, vilh lonvpr, •mA I th^l tw cTmurd. 
Itei iluJt «iBfa BCr Bbl I tball Im mad* wh^Ur Uun *naw, 
tTiB* Dijr ^^T1l^ ilult ihoD ^tv Joj aad gUdacM. And ibo bmBcd 


xmw %€rtx pflAUB. 


Tfim tJiy face from my vlaai imd wiivtwa^ till my wjcketloeai. 

A |>mx^ hmrt Trnr^i in mf, Cufl. and a porfut of IjU DDfibW hIiUb 

Cut mo not bwa? fn>m lliy fucv; mm! Iby U<i1y GfArit Uk* BM 
bofa mcv 

nni^rtt lo nw the jcUi^n'w nf th^ wIvAtinn: (Uid ■Pfngthnn nkcvilb 

I wUl LoBttui-t tbo wkki'd in Cty wuya; nod tlw uuguJI^' ihAUlK^an* 
Tcrtrd unUi thi^ 

Dotiver m^^ irom Lloarlslkc^l, O Gcid, th^ QaJ of my hflUlii, ntd mf 
tuuKUD bliiJi ujuiJt (.till' rir;lL(vouuu»>>. 

TJaou 9l^t oppia my llpit reiJ iny hiuuUj tluiU iJicw Ibj loldK- 

Puf if thuu liaJst J^J^(a'd eurlfiii", I kul aurtlj kI'"" 't- l^t ''"'J ''^ 
Ugbtcat not in nliotc burnl-olFciin^ 

Tbr flfu^ritifr tn Gnr- is ft Kiwly spirit ; O <3od. iKoa will nol duflit » 
conirita i^nj (iiunbit hctiti. 

ihmi £QUily uf fliy (a'aumMv benevoltncv willi Saon : and tht vaUj 
vf Hianudltm may Ipc buildcd u^^ 

ThoEi sluilt tbiii iicaipt tlw nticrjfioc fif righEnnumun^ ^bUUitoi ii>4 
vlioln liiinit-ofti?nngfl ; (btn 'diall rh^j Ijiy a^vta upon thuu* altar. 

(aW/ t"P tu iha Kutlii:r, and lo, Jtia 

A> It wa& lu iho bi<giiL &l\ Amen. 

^ A imn ■■i>lt]plidul uf thu ipdiy lElnru luiiig grJ«ivouiLty tiwidlod of tho 
wicked pcOfil^ oJi'l making hip moim io alni^htir Codi 

Lvrd> bear my iimycr : and Ii^ my cry cQiiio lo Itmt 

Turn n"l thy twx fpun ibp, wbcunacvtr I am iroublcd, bow 

cu- biLtu m^ 

Ju wimi ilny K*vnr I call upon \]vn, b«r mc n-ocdily^ 

Foi niy dii>t un> lauiiJutd ja dtDtko, oaJ wy bunoi ari« wnxiad aa Jfy 

u nftrflbnuiiL 

I am eLrii^kcOj and iciy bout li ^Uxtr«d like hjiy, au Uiat t faava 

f(t[;gal to cat iny brvnd. 

Wtih rhn virirA of my moaniiitit : my buHM c1i:AvDtb lo my 

I am lilkff ujttu a jwlkau vf kUlJimtwv^ uihI \xkis \\h\o an vwl In iha 


I baTrt wnlkrd, jind UA JiUi: rt niftTntw, Bf^buiry in lln^ bflRiw-tnp, 

All day la^ia tuumUa (v« dcd iul-, aud tbvy tbuL ^c&hbiI uv cuiiii|4rvd 
■ffuaat uiik 

F«r I did eat b^b u bnad. uicl min^rlcd my drinle wUh mqimf. 

And tliat bcuiian of tby wiarb aikd imliijiinti'iiip fur thou dUttUkcoM 
uPi aod «^t m* nBi«ti*T t^' irrni^nd. 

Jify Jayv aic fa^i>l lu a tbuUi^^', iuhI I aia *rith(!>iv4 Hko boy. 

But Ihou, Lord, ablduc fjr «T?r: and Ibj mcmonal m &«a asa 


mm xvum rjui-MX 


T'kDtt.LoFd, tfaiilt ■rSBFfAiulbAYe nifn'vou ^^loil; d/r It blhnt lo have 
affV7 on it. fin (!» I(ui« j» cciirid^ 

Ftr 1^ lima thentrf dclioibt thy acmmta: on J tJify shall have pity 

And ilu' i44plc ih^ feai tbj aunt, U LoHh uuI *ll Lingv of the 
wttik tb? eI^ 

For tlw LjH lurtb Imllikd ^[4>it .- vid kIibII lie vcu in bb iflory. 

R# halh finguM il» nptMh of lh« buniljir. uid liMh nnt df^ipWd 
fbciv p(V*^ 

Lit Om thiD^ bff writifD io nanthtr orvh aud lb* iiwpli) Uuil ibill 
W gT<«l*»l thall pniflD tliB Lunl- 

Fov Ii0 haidi 3rM>kH dvn frmn hit hlfli bol/ plnrv, thf I.or4 hath 
lMk«4 4vwn f^nn henmi. untn the mtih ; 

T* b««ir tbv ««llinfc of Ibtm thai he o*t>fl(Vy to I(«h th* vrntt^fth^m 

Tlal tbcj ihoitid In Sion dccUn the ndrac of the Lard^ and hb pmlM 

ift Ji i^whm; 

Wbrn ihff ]m|«L- ■— tmhfeJ liR^tbeT. and Vint^forbt ktvp th« Idid- 
lli tb« way br luUi luridnrtd wy atrvugtli, ba 1ik17i phurliiu«d my da^ 
<jyj wiuiavvyin ihemCdaof my dn;^; thy ymn cndurn fbr ever. 
In thr Wcinnii^ Ihon, tfnr^, bofS laid tbfi fi^tindalion tif du rnrtb, 

^■d Ifc* tfniki of Itiinr bund* aM tbe linatoiH 

Tbty iIhII ytrUi, liQl thou abidnti adl they tUalLall nu old H ■ 

A*d M * MTrriait thoa idialt *hmjtvthMi,nnd itipr bHoU bo «h«ncc4 j 
hat A«a «4 oi». and ib* Hri». and thy j«tn ilinU not fUi, 

Tbt iMi «f Ibj Hnautt 4uM aiaxia\ie, and th* Ir itvd difill itaad G>r 

GkiT b« U lh« Palliel. Ab 

^ T^ idAirtt bvlDff jMibkabt^t Tor lit tiiv dcBiretb fo b* dtl1*end boOi 
Tnoij »n 4fid puidiJiMMKit 

Pica Iba ^L)i I callvd un llm, n I^H : l^irl, }mr my pmyar. 
Lai thlna «an Kivt good h«J to the tcW of my pn^ur. 
If tb*^ Ldid, will look ftraidy upon aiDn, O hanX, who iduU *' 

BbI wit^ Ibaa U mtvx, and fgi Ihy Inw har* 1 tuflnml tbtf*s O hfir6- 
Mf fMl balk al^dcu hi hu wnl: my »4ul liaib TtusUnt in tliv Lurd. 
Fnv Ubt ivaminic «vxC'^b untn nichlr Irl IhtatI irnpt in ilir 1>nnT, 
Far wlik lb* LarI thrrr b mrrey t anJ with bim la tdant«i;iB re- 

Anl W win rsJccm luvl frjm >iD hh iaJ-iuitiH 
Gkvy U lo tba Fatl)«r. ft*. 
Aa Im to iha, ffro. AmM. 

TMB srf-» mun; 

J3««Ah «uWi /V^ .1%, [nffil fl 

Thfl Jii« maJi, Iwing in aJvcfJutiai^ ptnyeth int* flHrrrreJ fmai 

IjOTiJ, h«T my pm^rr, with ihiim f«rt prTc*ir* m/ dr*i», for tigr 
tralh.'! aakn. iuilI iirnr iu* A>r Uiy Fi|:lilcuiiaii«BK. 

Aadmter nol Into }rii1|^cnt witU ih/ toj^aat. Tor no {vnaa Urbif 

l-'or Ihft «niMnT hjkLh ptmufld my itnnl, my life En wth ho 1m^ 

Invughl low. ~fl 

He hath B?t nin In durktiw* ua l1]4i d(«il muu itT Llm vniridt lat "T 
■(lEiil ffv Tvxol, my heart wq* troablod wilUn m^*. 

I r^TKimhrivii Oif\ o\,] Jji^a, 1 hflfo tfitdkd in All Itij wvrlt^ m4 
iu the dtndu ot tliy hundi I niiiv>L 

1 havp itrvk^HHl furiU my UmuU unto iEju«, nj kuI nnu Ihcc^ M 
VBrth wiUiuul *nl«r. 

IFvtity h^Ar itir, O LD<rd ; my jqilrii fmlh fiillrd mo* 

Tutu not thj fpuit Tram mo, ta I ttuU ti« Jika t» iddq *i*M«i.lrt^ ^^ 


CkuKlliy mvtvy (u In hcni^ of m* tKiUmcd t fbpln eIujd rUtrrtnMe^ 
Show mc tbf ivjiy wlirra 1 rnair wiilk l fir unto ilu^ Jiitd I EiA «p 

tny miiut- 

Pvlinpf mn from mine iminiiniO Lord, unla that Jutv I Sed: ImA 

m* tt» do ihy »lll. foF tli4ju urt my Cud, 

TKjr pK>d SplriE thiilL cnuduct m< liito (bu land of rlghtMMa: At 

th> niimp ukfi, Iriird, ihau iliAlt nvlve mc thnngb thine *<jiut^. 

TIbuu iJialt brioK mj wul Pram InniMv, ud thnm^fti thf at»KJ Uxov 

■JiJill df^troj idL tiiluu i^ucmlck 

A(kd ch'>u hIuiLl ilii'iniy nil Hini mnlrvt p\y flniil, for t aiq |1i|' a^rvviL 

Glcry b( Co tlip I'titlirr, imJ in ih'- Son« Ami la tlio Holy UbovL 

An it wu in lliu 3>c^imiU[(, t* nuw, «nd bht iluiU tfV : fmrld nilhottt 

Tbe AuUifin. 

1boMlb«r not, Lor<l God. our old miqaiticf, bdt lot 
ihj mcrcj spondLI^ provoni ai, for iro bo vwy (ubtrftUo: 
halp m, <io4 mir 8j|vlour, And for tho g]o^J^ of llij n&nie do* 
Uw uii hn mcrrifiil and forgive our aioiu for thj njuna 
■a1[«, t^t not llifl wiftkofi ]vniplp nay, Wberdfe lh*ir God? 
ma bfl thy pnnpio and thn nhcrp of thj pMtnrO, wi? hHaII gJTo 
tlmnki lo tiioD for dtot r from agn Ut hgc, vo h)ialT wt fortlk 
tlijr laud ikiij pniivv. To thoe bo honour And glorj, world 
VEtb'JUt end, Auiun. 


P I5U, AdnerBitift.] 


TVtL UTA!VT, ftp. 


0* God Ui« FjiUiot uf Ih^uv^^d, Luto lu^rcjr upuo us 

O* Gi4 (In PMLcr of hnvon, Tisit merry. &«. 
Ood th« Sod. rtKli3«m«r fiT tbi» worlil, haTo in«rcj upon 
ni BtMraiblo itnn«n i 

O tiod Uh ^m. n<t»mcr of ihv wvrM. Sec, 

Q^ ih* nolj Ghnil. proftofiding from t1i» Fatb«r >nd 
tbe Sod, ttivo mercy npon ui^ miurAhlo «innen: 

O holj, blovAd and e'"""'^"' Trinify, t>irrin jiftraawi anrl 
oM OoH, havfl mfTpy opon iin nii«?rublii ninnnr*' : 

(^T1ta(dil>oa ofthrPririH-r of IMA in EnnlUh, piiUAli«if bj H'liib- 

Tkcw, hi>tpvn-r. orr nol In Iha Laiin rmd En^Uih IViinvr 
Ibr At pnarot Mi1]jR^<m, ti^rin thr.OrnHiim nf iJMfl, 

At IIh«« IibI^ pnycn irut *unm[fn f^I*nnf; lU- KI forth nf mnitt ctxHy 
via f^ nltflj^i: ud tljTrbiB fff dnndob vt aJ inia raitlJul vltmilui 
hmU : B h fa tlif>a^l ctAuruLnit in ihU rviniiLunu pnyiT of p^trc-<iilAii 
t» hasi It tH l;rth nAl tv*1 in th^ vaJcnr trnj^ ^r «T)TTinji of ihv (if^ple 
ft* BBnAnMcioo; wJ it thaltw cueTy CltmliBn eiiua |»bi1 nsuDn^JitJjr la 
W llMWDat t» y' bailor wpi g]a>7 of k1mi|[htJp <3o(\ anil thr prij&l of 
Arfr ««m lottW Aad Hcb fimtitc y' (tiupfc lu huuc ^kiIicji, Utd cM 
nAi^ flfllf TvJe ihtim quiKly utd r^ftvly lo ihclmRlfL hdA nidi B* 
Ma vH n^ iH tbrim quirtlj- 4hd Mionlcutly ^iui jmiliirnrc in ti'm* 
«f IIm nM |im>rt*. b«itinj{ ihtyr mm^A ertft (o alDi^uhUv tigiL. vd 
4*QBBi0j f jing:n In Ihtlt hvtU* llm tfu* |tvUcJoni vrhhh f)o cmfv Jn 
M Adr Airc^ la Oui wllh cnc toun^oof tht hcri iwd odb Q«onto God 
maf W iMt^ ^ hi* rhbttliP, 

JiBd It ii to W ivCDtifilacd, tli*! vbiL^lic u (iryutul iii blick luUvtn, li 
I*l»aa5«4ar ■■«« oTtliff privA *ith nn «iiLi{l)|r TtFirv.tlia; 1« lo nj^ «o 
land attil » piunl^* j' li mft> ba ^dl tU'knUndv of l1» bp4fTt>- And 
IhAwhlrh kelnlhc rrd I* to b« Mi«vrTt4 Vl Uid ^I'^jm^ Mbvflf «add^ 


f Tb* kkUl Ttttcr (J Ot Ulk In Ih* Onnum of iMfi-TWtpr ^e 
iw&i Il*«»<-hv for Ml illuminalkn Chriil ivnlkldg an Ihv mm, *aJ 
aiiliiin fcrdi hk bud* U «at«h IVlrr. Mat ^ Ktv. 01 1 

[* Tbnv H naiJuDA. fithw In lh« UHin <t Ki«liAh of |.&«1, ta ihar 
IkM 11h i« fnr pfMilium wvr* ta b* nrnlfd. On Urn nntn^, lb* 
OiulHn <^ 1AM » dinctt ii to br.] 

[" IMI* H0I7 Tliipi Mi^mvlhcVOrOodoumwiimiTJanCbriiC.* 



ReTnnmJ>er nnt, Lord, onr offences, nop tho ofTcnoca of our 
fofefft'liors, ncirhcr take ihou vcnKCJinco of our sins: spare uj*^ 
gnnd Lord, spare ihy people, whom ihou haai rcd^iincd m\ih 
thy mo&l prcoioiig blooj, and bo not luagry ^Titll us fur cTcr. 

dpQfo HE, gooi] Li^nl- 

Prom oil eril nji[l mischief, from eiD, from Ihe cr&fta ud 
kmauIla of the Davil, fr(*m tliv wraf^h, and from 6r«r1utia{ 
damnMioTi ; 

(fi-ii>d Lard, d«1tTflT on. 

Fn;iii Uiuib«Bfi of heart, from prid«, Toio'gtor^ mai 
hy^ovrisj, from, envy, hatredi fttid moJioo. onU all tmch^ 

Froia forEiioatioa. and all^ other douUjr vu, and from fti 
tho dewiU of the worM, Ui« flMh uid the Devil: 

GijoJ Lunl, ildiwT uk 

From Ughinmg And ti>mpi»t^ from plaguy peitilenfu tatd 
fkoi'ina, from Imtilo and murdor. and from sudden d^iUi : , 

*iOi>l L«d, drhVcT Ti'fc ' 

From all attrition, and privy eonspiro^'.T ', from jUI £al>« 
doQtrino and hereby, from hrkrdn^as nf hoart, and ormtcmpt 
of ihy word and commandmoDt : 

GooJ Lwd, itcliffT lUL 

By tho mystery of thy holy incirnation , by tHy hoily 
tkAtirlCy and circumciaion, by Lhy Uiptiam, fuliag^ and ^ 
toniplstion : H 

Oood l-ord, delWrr ut. 

By tliino agony and hlooily swoar> hy thy ctram and jma^ 
non, ly thy [»ruciuiui dunih and burid. by thy gloHoua 

Al holy ongfiU And Arr^tiAn^h. ftnd lUl holy ot^n ot bLoHcd iplrtva : 
Pray fir vn 

AM liiil<r PjilHarckiH Jk Pn*jp1]«1i», ApwUn, & Mutyrt, C;«nrcmu^ 
& TtT7>nfl. and a][ the btcant wmimny uf Iu4iuei : Vny fn >l^ 

Qi iMft, jil dcftd]/,] 

[' li'^.'.. from tLo lyrvkf^^.^ of j^ h»hop nf It^m*, nnil ilII hU drl««lAUc 
cnonkLL(it«» frvm nM taHaa Juctriiui JuM tit^nvy, ttum nil hudnH 

WEiLtchiimh'n rriinrr tn^lloncd cu the fivtioiu i«v* hac 'abonri' 
IMUb* tridtMd of ' dctvfltd^pJc.' A ropy of tho Ih^mer tjf 1M3 doOL h 
mtmK fXuT, fn ivhifh Ihr nfimp nf Mnrj v ijnn-n Arcnn^ Jti wvll 
evm a* thi>, 1o hrr, ivty ullvmuve [ ■— 4ii". Set ^'n^re-r'-i iv|>rini wf 
IU*aidV nfonneil I'rLmiT, ]>rut p. iW. fsv ■!» tlic Eliulwiliau LiJar- 
gi™, |w?f 1*. ii-J 


AH^ acrriuata. 


iwiiti^jii tml &Bc«iu:0D, hj tlto c^nbg of the Holy 

Qo^fd LmiI. delifvr uk 

In nU t\m^ of oar tribuUtli^n, m all time nf our wealtli, in 
lh# llour of d«th, in tJio daj^ of judgmont: 
Good LoiU, ikiUrvT u», 

W« ocnfln do boo^di ihoa lo Kou- ua, hani\ vid tbat 
it ta^j pl«UA ihMf to nilo vid goveo-a t)j/ bt^ly cUurcli uiu* 
T«r^ ia UiD nght nay. 

W« b—ieh Uic* Iv hUff ia &e. 

OBT Quofin Anil ^i>v^rnr>r : 

Wa UvkIi tliH to Imt u Ac. 

ThAt it mA^ pWiW ihM Co niv h«r Iiimu'C ju Hty ftuth, 
fati- vid toi«k tkiit >h» may >Jvaj/*^ hftvo a^ffliwco uj ih\t9t 4ud 
•ftr Vtdt ^J hoaour and glory ; 

W* tnadi UwB ts Lou ul ^c. 

Tbit il nay p1<«*« Ib^ Uf Uf bar dufuudor ftad k<Npvr« 
gmng b«r Ui« tidcry over all b«r cuumiM : 
Wfe bvwA ibfv to hmt lu &0.' 

Tb&t U DWy p]«tw Uie« Cv illuui'jaat« oU BUh^pi, Tjutorv, 
And mii^Bt«n <ii ih* Cburcb, mlb truo kiiow|i?dg« mid nn* 
dmUadiiig of tbj word. uiJ ibai bot)i hy iboir preacbti^g 
nd UviDg Uk*7 may loi U fortli, &Ad >li«ir it Bccor^glj : 

W» bttffh t^r^ la hfW w. Ac, 

Tliftt U atty pIvAftO lbu« lo vuduv tbu Lurdif of tlw council* 
and ^ I)j4 Dobditj't Hilb ^ru^^, wibduui, ;uiJ uiidtinUuduig ; 

W« UH«h Uiv« Id bmr u ficu. 

Tbai It mciy plrjun liv^c to blr«t and koop 1}l(^ M^UtrAlcJ^ 
iJtiiAg tbem gnu» to oiooui'^ juadcc, uid lo mamlain tnitli : 

We Iwmnh ihM to heiv w. &c. 

[■ IMI, fUuytbcciclktttiyHniauntnnii onrkyng.-OollwpailiaD 
«| tUi priicioit Willi tv&r* lu di^ fi>r buhvpt, &■^ v* Uoo. Aitual. 
V«L tr. p- loot (>««« IUnI 

[' 1M3, MfT Iihhl] 

f* IMIvTb^ il may T^MM Iho lo ki^ Dun nobla qOBa (^tbsriD» 
Ik ihj iMfv A lodr, etoyof her ktoT««*t ofd lodlyiu^ boDsw* It ddt- 
im , Vf* liKwfcg iJw lu luvn t* ^ood lurJe. 

Tktf k May plw* lb* to kbfc «bt ddvn^ fmrt Di>t]« prlooe 
Kit«Hi^ Ae«U lk«kiii|;«iDi]«lL» <hiUT«ti. W«brw<li0lhBBobnn 




Thfttit JTiny plcjiae f^oo to bU}» fttid kucp all tJiy pcofJn: 

We h««]Dh ihH CO 1k4r us, &c. 

That it lua^ [ilocL^e Uice to give tc oU imtiouB uuit^, pftteo 

Tbftl it may |j)oa«o llieu tu gi^/o us nn heart to bvfr jtad 
dmd thou, juu] diljg^ii)Uy lo Ijye aitcr \hj cocoiiuuLdmcnu ; 

Wo bowcb ihv*j to tiLMkr ilh, &c- 

Tbitt It uiiy i>kA$c theo to gke dW thjr p«<i]jle iiicr«ftM of 
gn£v, to lio^r Mi^irkly th^ word, and to^ reoeir« it frith pure 
aff»Ction, Aiul tc> Inag forih the fruits of tho Spirit; 

"W* hcHccb tlice to Lr:ut ua &c. 

'Hmi it may p]oAAo then to bring into the vay of truth 
ftj] such a« have orred, and are deceived; 

That it [iiji.y pLuu^o tlwu tti atrungthaa iiuuli u da stand, 
tuxd uuiufurt and bolp tho wuuk-ht>artudp and to roira up 
thun tlmt fillr and litully Us heuX down tiutou undor our fb*t : 

Wo bevcjli fhi-o [■> [iror ua &c 

That it uiuy pli»uo thoe to duaoour, htrlp and oomfort, lU) 
that bo m duugOTt ntiou^ty and tpTibidalJon : 
Wfl hMf«L tljt« t(j lnwr "t A*-„ 

Thai it DiAy pleAao tlifss to preserve odl that trai«I bj 
Iftod or by wntcr, oU woitigti Inbauring of child, ftU aick 
poraona and. youn^ cbildrenj and to ahoir thy^ piljr upon <di 
piiionora and captives t 

Wo tjpKe«h ll»e to bcor iu. &c. 

That It may plooao tbr>o to ^efVtnd Sind prorido fat th« 
fflthcrlcu children, and nidowA^ and aII that bo dMoIatd and 
oppre^aod : 

AVc Ixnwoli lIigu Id lioar ub. && 

ThiLt it nuhy pI<Liasi^ th&e ia bavo merc^ upon aJJ luui i 

Wu Lif»L<ch Uii:l' iif Ufiur ut. &c 

That it may pleoAO thee to forgive our oaonuci, porseeu- 
Mt And AUnd«rcr«. and to tt^rn th«ir hearts : 

Tbat it tnay pIcoM tbe« to ^iro* ofld pr«Acrr« t> our UN 

C IMijWiLlrtwiiift,] 

f lAM, togVDO to mjTvi»] 

AXD ivvyiuiun> 

Ui» kkMlIjr A-uki of Uio tnrlli. bo u in duo iimo wo may 
•iqjiij Uuib: 

W« 1 h tluo Iq botr ut. a<k 

TW It mftj ploUQ thae lo giv^ to Uh Itdo E-(tpAntu^o<^ to 
farfire a« lU our litw. nAgUg«nc«*. ftnd Ignorancot, luul tu 
Mdtte u »Uh iho gTMC of thy Scljr S^unt, to unODd cor live* 
•eccffdiikfr to tbr hotj word ; 

Sdo ef God : we b4?ftMx^h thoc ti) hoar oil 
fios of Aa4 : m baeedi ih» la hmr n& 

^ Lonb e( God, that ukcit akVfty Iho ua» <rf th* 

I OnMuAjrpMM. 

I O htaAt of God, that takmt away tbo um of tho 

I world! 

I lUn Merry itpofl it^ 

I O CiitT^ fa«or u** 

^_ OniK,hc«ti» 

Ltfd, h«i« mafT7 upOQ di> 

Cbrfal, hare mercy upon ua; 

Lord, havo morcjr upoa wu 
Itfff^ faun* mttzy upoa nx 

Oar FatLiv, which art ta^ &c^ 
And lead* o* out Into tom^Utioo. 

&it d«liT«r tt» from OfiL Anoa. 

Thft V«<ii<l*. Lord, doal not with u« nf^r oar tiu. 
Th* Aasw*. Nfitbt<r Fvwtnl bt Aft^ our itd^nilir^ 

LJt ui pny. 

O Ood. meruful Tathtr, tljat d^tpLoMt not th« slgbtog of 
a eontrito hoari, nor iho dctwo of «uch a* be oorrowfd, in«r- 
cilbllj aMnt our prajor*. tbU «• aiako boforo tbeo, In all our 
inMm and adnrjiiiica, vbonaotvor iho/ opprcM iu: And 
gnuMoalj btar uj, that thoto orili wlu«h tho mfk and inbttctf 
of the DotU or nuin worketh againat im ho brought to nought, 

[* U4A. HtAtB Ti Mot 10 W M And » oncaaJnmdljr rfwwhn— floa 

T0B UTAttT, 

and hj tho proTidonpC <«f thy fCKjdnow thoj maj bo di«- 
pfTArdr ihftt wo thy scrvanU^ i>sing tmrt by no pppscwuiioni, 
mny evermore give thimlLS unto thoo in thy liulj Lhuroh: 
thorough Jrau* Christ our Lopil. 

O Lord, juisc, help ua, *ni^ JcHvct na, far tliy n»mr Biiltc ^ 

O God. wo havo h^rd rrUU our vura. uu'i our fatlien 
luTO dD(!lAn>d unto u^ the iioblo worke, tkit ILl^u dui&l la 
their dayH, ikud in Iho old time beforo theio, 

O LorJ, ariK, help iu> imd dvllrpr us. fiir lliUko* htoiiiur. 

Glory^ bo to tho FAtLer,and to the ^on. and to Ike Doljr 
Ohoftl : Ad it was ia the beginning, oad b D4ir. and ever 
aluiU bu. world without end, Ameu, 

From our eoemiea defend ns, O Chrirt. 

OvatiOtuly look upan aiiT afllktiimii. 

Pitifully hehuid the sorrowa' of our hoart. 

KovouraLly with morcy beur our pmycrsp 

Sou uf Uavbl, hpve inurcy ni/ou ul 

Both now nnd over vortdnvkfo to hoar us* O Ch^i«l^ 

Gradounlyhniruii, OChrbl, gnu^lDiuJy hear n% Lfrrd4;:faHA 

Tbo Vcrnele. Lord, let ihj [ii*jrcy bo Ahewod upOCl W. 

TboAaantr. As wc do put our trust in thoo. 

^\'u humbly beeoQch ihca, O FathcTi idotci fully to kuk 
upon our irjEirmjiIoa, and (<ir tlia ^lory of thy namo aoko turn 
from (u tijcso oviL^, that no ino»t rigbtiinui^l^ have Jmcrfod: 
grant lhi£, O Lord God^ for our luodiutor uod Advocat^t Jctuft 
Cbritt'* 9tk^, 

[* lAU, tby (lUnH ivil:a,] [' laiA, thy honor.] 

i' I6i£, CiluH ut U»o fnihnr fJ)ri untVM] tu the Iml^ goatt u it lulih 
b«f» fmn thp tw^tinyiLj^ i4, md almlhp vnerj 

[' IM£, tLaOvburJ 

C UlA, fO bo&tv va Cliriflt ] 

f IA4A, Amaa, Than fuUnw tbuo CoUactjL. 

n ftwt, whOH oiitun St i-nvprviitj It ruvi l<j bau» morr^ UbiJ tv ftr 
flQ>> noduD uqr buuilftw poLJIub, mud tli4i»|^i ivii bv t^vd hvI Imnad* 
wtth Iht duUiv of ;iuriliLDH»yvt lot tho [t)'i^fu1(Lu bCihy eroi mco^ 
tciuB VI, for Use boaourv uf Juu> c;hriatr«i jaIcp, onr mnlifkioiir luid aiIb^ 

AlniifKbljr St cualio^iOfl UoJ, wbicEio uu»]/ wrkol nrvut iiMmttH^ 
■ad douno rpon uur lpiji|^up|w>< & HHtnLcd, and id flcaigncuttiiiiB commiv 


I'll!! tirnias. 


AlAighlj' OmT, irKich hiiAt g^trifn iin ^nicts it tKU tlfOQ 
vHlh one uvord to makr onr f^omnion imppUcAtlnnH iinLo Iho^ 
Uid dnit proniUc. that vhrn two or th^^^n |m gaihnrr^d'^ t'^j?'^ 
ihcr i& thy lUiniA, ihnii wilt ^rftitt tholr n>qiK;Bt«i; fM\ now, 
Lcrd, Iho doMroA und putitionn oT thv Mrvants. nn may ba 
movt ■xpedicnt for llutiti, gnwling us in thia norlii kaow- 
M|fft qT thy truUi, and in tbo worJil Lo come life ct orLuding. 

^ Tbr Ivid wJ praiHOf <hrd. Ihrough wbou Iwni^tit wi be prwEnrtid 

I hftf* li»"nt, fiDf tbc LuH wilt bf«r Ibe voioc or my {imycr. 
Far !■ lulb tiuliiud hid nr unto djv, aiul ui uij dn^ 1 wUl uU njioii 

lid to didr duff I ibn lidtbfu] stirlt of llil en»o. uid thai iLoy may 
1i«»lj pktt* Ihc ; powFQ vpon IhEin the oinilJiuAl, dowc of liiy blctfUCrAg. 
Owial Ihh (O loffjc) for thfi hf^nonr nf hinrftHrouLtri nm) mrO notour JmU 

C3in4, Atam. 

Wt hM«Aft Uh (O !tfH) to ilMw vpoD n tbyuo «t««dyaii grwi 
ntnjr wUchrii^ wfi|i:**n wofthpJy pxr"«#». ojuT th^t it m«jr plf»«th« 
la dclifitf r« Ir^iu ^1 trur hiuuiM, B^ bliu fiuni iho |4j[jm thit wc hhur fur 
t^ca Imwii <;niint lhli(0 limfv) ihrough nun tJudijOcaituiJ ■dut>* 
cBla Jmh CtuiaL Atava- 

firanf, «* hrvrho (hv, O alodn^it^o C^tJ, tluu *• in anr trouble 
(■I OBI* «tio!a canfidcm vpoq Ihy vtmny, tbnE wr k^Jrui rJl ndnDnJIifl 
b* 4iteAid nder Ihj imtoctkAT OrTiimt ihi^ O lonl^^ O^^ for dur 
nvdiibfDt attd ^Doobt Jvu Uuiftin uLc Arueu. 

[* ThtOmiiUbadfiMhM^ I'ncutio CriHBlomJ, [d tlia miUEllk.] 

P IMAi tesMlMftd bk^ 

[* The Mhalqri^ of thk Mnln {thi* w« «j] l>ir^ffr) xHiw do ucribA 
bff iBj^ liiiJani, ukJ kuh Id Sftjmt Orvgifnif: but whatlmr af tbnia It 
W^ liftilk Bi>t bimIk, ftr <Brteyii h lit, that alt that !■ ronuliud 
AmIb, (&« flaDottUi «xtf]ptt) uuf lU *<all U Appljr*! dr thi lj'u>'nc, 

Amho^I' ilk* CI«f7 vtrv bounJ Ui lajr thia olliiw tdrjr Fn^uBnllj, 
•Mfl it^ Wipf L«dI, In cboIr» AfLvt (ti^ wrrHpoadiftE Iwuni bC>poiiil«J 
ttr Ifci 4qr. Bocli. mnvL pTifrlttblf ■ itM cho •ncipnl ruli? Ux ED^tolxl, w it 
■Mr ii la til* ehunh of Bom»; bm it imt coi InviriAblir, Certain 
maaaOM ^rm cxHplrJ : tI£. dciriBg EiiM«rtidr, ami ilip ihm d^jn of the 
iJrrflt ^t'bak. Thin fvnm] aUigKLictii ■■«• >nvrwHnl« rvmovvd trmii th# 
OcTU (rf (^ HonuB CiMuaimUiXL* uid U hot bt«tL «nEii«d lint lUv onlf 
day t»w ti tif^ttitm ktlw tad ijt Nutcmbcr, iju(. utlui rubrlq tnlLui 
I* Iba OffiM iu ibv Ri^vLJi^- unuld Htm to imlinilc^ ihv Antdayuf bmIi 
^■■rt Uon. Biliul Vol. tn |yp. 1 1 1, 1 1 1.] 

p* Tlw VnltWn, fgUD"inj( (l>t SrpiuA^tiol, <.<omi>rtbciiLli Imi llc^rttt 



Tb0 nrntw gf iltwUi IuLU (uiDf iwhi] hip, »u4 all tbe perU» of btll 
have ctiTAii(j^[i.N] mo. 

I liAVp fnimil murJi ImiiTilr* iicifl knimw, Vid 1 luvn chJIaI iij-a ifce 
namo v1' f Iw LonL. 

O LoHj duUv(-r (uy mil t mcTdful [la llioj Lotil tad Juili iKir G»4 tl 

"J'Ild Lont prtvtiTFlii tho vinkplep 1 WtobrQUj^t Towuid he dtLirtnl 


Tnm LuiD Ifay tout, my »u], ibr tJuj Lurd hiilh Amu tauA for 

I'Vrhu liJilhdbUverc4fnjM«J fkuD death: miiu ejtt from totn, in/ 
ikvt trtjm Dliilioff- 

t aball ptuiMi tJiB I^rd in iLa UaA of Um living 

lirtiUM 4J-- i^.itiUijir. f't'ir ,vii. 

^ Happy in lut thui tmili 4V>mpBwidii uprm iha pDor> wtum 
dfiUvcRth from hid encmia^ and pmerreTh fVerlartlojrljr. 

BIcMtd !■ 1u llut MiiilderolL thfl nccdf anil thp poor: InthAiivU itj 
tha Lnd ahAll d^Efor !iim 

TliP l^rd piwrrt* liJiii mi<! ktvp Ikiro alkTt.% vid nukr liini Ivrtuaiitt 
Jn Ihu v^nU. and UvUvnr lilw imt iitlo Uu) will of liii eABi[jI& 

TliLtliLirr] jnici^iirMiDj boimjE dioAHd in hiBbod:>Ll kin twd thou kiiC 
cluiij(fri! (n hit Inlinnlly. 

I uut, LaMj haiv mercy dd mo ; b«l my kmI, ibr I lur* tiwii—d 
a^-ojjul iliL-is. M 

Mine fDrmiis ipaka evil unto ni«<uylnf ' Wlioi thai] Iko di^iUid hk ^ 

And Uiauiflj liD uatQfl Id Air to ■««» ho ipoko laoltla^, bU bMTV ,^ 

lli> vmL furth, and flpako to ibc vine fmrpoBP tffftpAvrTt ^^ 

Agiaiiut TE^ ilid Jill iiiinfl fiABinir* vr)ii>Licr, affiumt mo harv Uhj 
Imijiined thLt mlhlilpf. 

'Jlity ]i4vudcv]w>d uiilri]fl tJiyiu^^Uy mot sliaJI lia tlut ilcvpoUi hatv 
no Itdp lo n*] a{^ri ! 

For thfl num ivith iphfun I nnn in |nuim\ io whom 1 tru»E<d, whklt 
hnt.l) pHtnn of my brraidj Rindo ert^t TnMni Irp mpplwit niN 

Uut ttiOUj Lgt^i, luvv luiftvy vu luv. and rvat^ru mo. 1 •kali rrqula 

tly Okta I Vnow tJiw byomrat mr : ihftt iiiia« flDcmy kliall not tri- 
umph u|4rtn mr. 

Uul Ibr tuiim lotKCcnoj^ tliou bttrt da£badi«d iop, aaJ tuul ma^ om 
■ani la thy dj^hi fur ever. 

Blfcd bo tlu) Lord Hod of l*rw-l, vrarld withnuC uid. fio halL 

ivlma b on*, m. vaAt. and i3P. l|a»t, in boib i}»n vcr^u^ iJu 
liuidrcdaiidaUir«iehpHliMorilir Hi-luvw l/rnt !■ hnadal fviv.; but. afl 
1hc7 doa thii ^m witEi ii^ niiiUi k^w. ami 4^Dlit]« Ihr rm f'f It fwJm 
evT' tlxilr nombetUur It ai;«Ui culy vii* 1iqhu>d that of Ihv Ucbrow. 
TjpoUt'i Pi^Uicul Tr*»i4«4. p. IdV^ ooiq ] 


As BbonaiioD t9 pRW Gtti, oBji to irai aor Iruoi la htm nnd not 
in DUO. 

' thfl liQrd, O mj hhiI t I thotl pfaiM ihn I^H <)nrinjr m j litty I 

¥wi BM yauf tniil iu phiur^ nu in Ui«r tiliilJjva of man, la niboru 

UdifMlifadl pSH ml. ud nlull nliun iiitftfaia coantfj^in tlut dty 
~ dlUBthoiiEhif ptrlili, 
BliM«A ii ha bIuih hi-lpur i* thir trod of Jacob, whoav b<ip« U tu hh 
Lm4 G^ vbkh iiuile hoi^va aod cocth uul n^ bjiiI nil Uinl )n in 

mu ketpdh imlli finnnorvi dotlk yaigmmA %9 Uwm ihju tuiW 

. mJ gimtb BWttl t3 thfl httnfry. 
the Idnl l0««tb tiKlu tbAi ba Iclund, Utft Lonl ffitGUi k^I uqId 

Hv Lnd fiikc4h nil Uwm (hai bo ftUco^ Uu l^rd lorcth the rjjth- 

1^ Lvtii pnkfneUi itiMijpT** ha will dolflj;*! lb« fiLJluziw* ood 
«, Aod will dntivf il^ri way (>f tUinsn. 

Tbt Ijvid Lbff ChrJt U 9wA, vlxtU RigD vvoroon &U1U onvgmwntbn 


Lord, gin ih j poopio oleniml rM, 
And light p«rfi«tliBl ikuAO on ihauu 
From ihogftlMof baU, 
Lflrdt deliTar their «ouk 
I bial to MO Uia gooiiiLoa of iUo Lord 
Lord, hoar mj prayur, 
Aftd lol ID/ cr/ G<uno to Uit«. 

0' Qod, whooo uturo And proptiriy u «T«r to havo 
mtnj ubd to forgiro. rconvo our humblo pcdtion. and though 

P IMfi O 4JdJ tu tfhgia It i* ovptvpo^ to bco ttKntftal «o«r* to 
ifM^ ba MB^fM to iba «>Um of thy mhuodIh of miAw kytulr, ud 
Jiq|p» IIMm all Ihalr ^im^ ihtt thtty hoy^ Itmtd. tnta tJu bvaJa 
of iimiJkf wntf MHoit tnUt tht LIb tiuviutjoff, throufb Chiiit «qi 

O Ca4, tb* LaMe of paM»t ^Tvakt mb> ibe nil* «f A^.^ ihj ■pruuni 
(d— ywo Myd of ^h^ d— th m fama in nnambmun»] & |>Wb cf 
Mt, tin blWoL qoM oni d«ROea «l Ifay Ufht TbtuuKh CtifiM out 

O i^wim ihalorUcTOiiKnirMtdndtiiMrof ol Uthful pnrlc i t^fwutt 


■X31: i>iawb; 


vfd ha tind and buunJ nlih the chmu of oar ajQA. ^at lot lb« 
ftitifiilnBFS of tby great niarcy U>i>g« ii», for Ui« tionour of 
JcsD CbrintV eak^ our luvdiator j^nj aOvooatc. Auivok- 

Wo Lofltjculi Iheo, L&rd, lo bliew upon ni thina oictted- 
ing groat Jiieroy, vliicb no toaguo can nortJuly oxprcv. fti>d 
tliat it may pl^juu thee to deliver ua from oil our nm. 
and ohit h-(jm llio paina that ve hive for them dcsttrFod- 
GrcLUt thiu. Loi'd, through our modrntor and odrocatc J««u 
Chrut. Aaicn- 


ht attvcrearioo iTiiiy W xbrpivJ, luiJ dml tlip )(uu>hipBK ofCiod auy be 

Lord, alve tm uutij my vronLi, unUunlaDd my cbmouT, 

Hniiki7Ei untu Uit voLLi»of luy pnyvr. niy king, itii<1 li>y (tod. 

Fur unto thH v{\] 1 |imyi O l.nrH, rnrly vhaJt thou hrar my Toifs. 

Kftrly •JirLI I ^Ubti hy Llin% uid I ibiUl mm tli4l tliin art ft God thit 
hath DO ptujuun^ in ioiquit; ; 

Nor ilic muLLuiuib iduill uut ilwdl iiiur tliiw, iiclTtu.'r shall the umi|^- 
tf diu Abirj« hcfore ihlin? cjt^ 

'I'tioii hniM all that (to iniqujty* thau abiilt datray «ll ihem that 
t|>«k Ijt^. 

TliD LuTiI doEli atihur ihc mui lliAt is blwply 4iid diwuJiful. 

Iku I tliroiijfh the plrn(«ounncu of thy mcK^ thalJ rnlcr inlo ihj 

I wilt wuEitup towvdi tity liuJy Iccaple [n Chy fu4r, 

T.crii^ m^i, IjaTkl, InU tlty rii^bErauBiK.'ffibtcjkuv cifRiIn<i(ni-ml<^di|ifict 
liiy VOy til tlly itL;j;ht 

For in the moutb af tbctoi ttn'it- it ng truth, thn luvrt of thvin ia foil 
of Touity. 

vRbo tlig «uUc« of oU tnio btkui<n beyoif dviid^ nvmuFian of aJ tMr 
iiiiiiHiif, tluu (Jmiueh doLioul prolan i}ivy may ubUynu thy givtuma (V» 
don, s" ^vfy haur olwjiy iIi-nyTuJ, whicho ciult coiuQ lo bdffo ihv qioiiba 
■ltd ilfftd, And th** wiirldik t'y ijrfr 

Ovd li*u« nwrvy uu all chu>ieu buIW. Auicd. 

?iiiIino .Y,l 

t' TUn Offi« nf i)ir X)t^\ rtinniiitoil of («ii por^ the Bnuong «r 
VupHTi^ and thn MjkEknx : tJit (wfmer cndr-i, and l\w l*ttrr t*(^. At lh« 
])a«lra> 'rbfii fmt «ii1ij<Ii<>ei ul kuilhi/m ■! Vinfrvr* vriu ' I^MilcuIhi Dunbio* 
iu n^wie ti'urum.' J'wlm cidv, ]^ Vulgate tmuJoibn; whUat at 
^Mulua II «» ' l>in£r, Doinlac l>cui nusua. In b^nnj«fta lui> rluD meaiD/ 
tUn] T. f>L ilruf tJio tvKi ImJ Hunrtimm tho munt of ' PWclw,' Aod 
l)u>ath»r af 'TKrig^;' ihouitli inxwiuiully » iw ui Ihia IVimtr, bolb parti 
of IhoOflkc wvrviuctudtwl Budvr llw lulttr IJUvhJ 



TAB DlftlbB, 


Tfct Ihffut of ili«m k an open jTinvci, dccolifolly Aid Uicy with ihfir 

Ifctir wtid^vd^HB tfxjitl UtDtn; fur tUvy liitu ■Cirrvd \hw tu miguff 

Abd 1m lU r^okr tluLl tniat En dun; ibsyiahnll 4«V(innnre1]ii£^1ib1,jml 
iKoii ihitit Jwvll imittiif thrm, 

An-l Ihcj iJufl j;]or> ui e1i»!. aU (lint Ion tliy luinw, fur tbuu wlU 
UiB iLa ri^httDiu- 

Lordj UkDtt luM crcrwncd n»> jv St wcra irtih 4 jJiteld af t]iy f^ond wilL 

^ TIvffndn«*af God tuwnnl lii^prnplp, wh^rrh^ thp^ b« mMnrr^ffd 
Wtni< mito), nntiTpttLilaadLQg tbc^r advcrMrLn, iv fwjwiv in liii 

ThA L«r4 1> iL]} lifhl, Jind my lirallh: vliom shall I ft^tr 1 
Tb* Lafidlithr" tlrffndf'r of my llfr: of vhom thnil J h? afnidT 
Wliilf* iha nulicLOUii lEJiirOHch rnilo ine fur Iv devniir my llMh, 

hQiM ■>■<» Tlikb upuUo rae» Um; vow mada wookp mul fell 

IflhtTplkh pATf!Ian« a^kIiuI m^ my hMttahkllnoi fe*i. 

If a WittI* ittr Hyiuiuil r[i(>, I aluitl tnial in ii- 

Od« Ibint bsrt I uLl'J uf lilt: Lord wltivti 1 iholL niigjn^ that I nmy 
Uabilm ^ bofiM of eIik l^rd ilU iht daii^of my Ufc: 

ThiA t mtv w ihn brviij ^af Llic Lntd, and fud^r *i^t tiin tnnp1v> 

Pot ht hMti hid pv in hi> lAbi>rTui?lr In thcevildfly.hehathdaftftdcd 
mm in 1^ Htrirt |il«c« of hin talwniitelc. 

lb bMli vk^IaI PM upon ■ rock, «nd flow bv both rndtod Ealm hand 
■!>•«■ nfalVAMdv that bo aboui mo. 

AaA 1 hara oAnJ Jn hia Ulturuacle llie ncrifioi] of laud. 1 tbill •lug 
nd «y * ^Im rniM Iba Lqrd, 

H««r m^ TDKv, l<ordr vlicTdwitli I linvn cnvd un(a thcv ; havo mtny 

OV Bt, Ukll DM. 

Ujns hrort hhUi vM onto th«v my bco lutb •ouchl lhe«,' Lord, I 
Turn i>M ihy 6u* fnm Rif^ df> tut nrvm hnm thy wrvtnt bi 

9i Db* Wf^f, fbmk* DM uvt uwilivr dw|iiMi Uiou mir^ O Ood my 
Ftor my faUivT and my moihar Iwn fonakAn mr, but lUr Lard httli 

Lord tndi io» Oi>} ^ **Jr »^ 1>^ J'l* [aattniglLt patli bKAiOBO 
of mir>« carttifA 

D»tjTrr m* lAt lAlba mfndt r»f tbfinf1i«t Irrmblfinip, fnr Tirjnut wit- 

I tnrt to M* A* fMdona of <k>l in dip IvkI ufihu UAug- 
Ahkdt 1h* LofdL dft norftaUy. and Lt lliy h«ri be ttrcnflhcd* kuJ 
U lb* Lqfil- 

TBI DTliaV. 


t^ mnimtiiw 4aidmm^ FtttmOlL 
^I T!j* Ejntfly w*ft b TTttt! Willi thfm ihi.F Mofphrtnc Goifii rrilgtort, 


Ewn at th? hvt li-oiBclli that ihc faimlalci «f waki^ •> doth qj 

■ml InuR iifTrr tJiw, f> (ioJ. 

M> ki^ul hArh lblnlr«t cftfr Gnf, ihr* ■rfmng iirul Imns Gc4 : vtkM 
tluU I otuw Hii] Afiycar U^ruEv Uic ta/M uf God f 

BJj- torn ymtv ta me ifnf ■uit niirbt uwlraJ of bfCtfd | 

Whiln itii diUlyii*if! UTiTo me,«hcTo b thy (S«y|? 

Tho» tUnjpi I hiiw f«IIiv1 tn minr!^ athI 1 hftrpTwmr*! fofilimy ivbI 
imlo mj ■rlf' Wvih I dhidl UciwH laiu « |iLLgv of aurvvlkiiu Imbiuliaii 
«ato Ibo bouK of Gcrd I 

M'Hh A TDHv nf gliidDrt« ftTiJ Tvjokin^ liltd the Hond a# oh ite 

My tou]> irhv *ri thcni tnrruwfu] 1 4nJ why J<ul iban trrmUa bmI 

TfubI |ji t'txl. Cnr J ihall t-rvr rabW Lim, wbicb ia ihv bcflJUlcf 
toy couiLEmuE'i'Vp Aud my (juJ, 

My Hout hiilviu rnj'irlf !■ tmuMed: tlirrrfbm I HliAlt hAT« thc« ia 
intnJ, tn thr Irtfid cf Jordan, and Uio Un\t luoDDfAtn of llcrmon. 

l^r|intf>u lAlJrth iifittn clEtfpnna. wilh llic nouw of lliy vAfer amnH. 

All iliy nkld AiJkl Xhy fluuJs iiava hid cirr iu«l 

In thn ^Ay ihi LorJ hAtli i»uiiiiaiiiI«I liii merry* Ami In Iho rIj^ 
hiA aaof U viih me. 

I niifc« my I'nyvr to lb« God &f my Ufv; 1 hIhII Hy uat^ Gv^ 
HmtQ Art my dtfvEjJeT. 

VThy liA#t Ihoii fnriint(«D> «lid vby d« 1 e^ aII *orr«wfb1, vinbt 
ntoB OBaioy duUi itillLi uic * 

trUkt my bonr* ur brolu^ mlu enemki iIloi hvit tnulM w^ 
Iwvti oai it in my ttvih: 

VVhikt thpy my to ta9 tmy Aiy. Wlm* b Oif Ood f 

My KuL why art Ikuu Aorrowftil. nini why doat ibi>u ItuvllcfDal 

Tniht In Gnd, ft>r t «h4ll eWT «nfn» kiin, wbirb ia th« iualtb of 
ray wuDtaumcc aq4 iny Clod. 

Tlu AntlitTn. 
1 trial tv aeo the gCHjduott of llio Lord iu ilio Luid uf iba 

Lor^d, gr&ut llij povi])lo VT«rlAitjng rat 
And lot Hiy *vttr\>Kaiiu^ light xIum en Ibta. 

Our Father. &a. 

And Jciid' m not into lOTuptfttinii' 
Hut dulii«r m &om «tiI. 




Th* ftrrt iMHca. Job .t' f<^"ia,] 
UtiaB faftnfiA ho-tb mailfl mn, nnr] finhlnnt^l mA ftll tog^t^OT 
tnil Ahmil, ami wilt ihon tlmtrov ma mtclf^^nlj? r^ 
manbrr tluU iho-a nuuicsLt' ma of ihr mniiM of fiio earth. 
A&d iitult bria^ mo iato dent ni^in: 3^^!' thnii nnt put vhr 
tayHhOf, AS h Wfrro tnilk, and h^LrHnnnd mo In crndfl Uk« 
diMBP Thau liasC covcrnl mo with ikin and floAh, n,n^ 
JHBsd «ie tof^Uiur wiih bu»c-ii and hqqifx Thon luut ^anlM 
■1 ETtt wui monjjr, uud tiio Uili^nat liood that thou taknjit ' on 

Tha AnUi«nu 

I kmam thai mv Uodeomer livoth, and that T tlie WC daj 
•hall riM fnxn tho rorlli, and nhaW hn cEivl again w^Ut mino 
evv akin, and in mino ovn ]l{>fili I ahull wo Gtnl, vhom 1 mj 
mIT ibdl vo, and raino cjc« fclull look upon, and none olhnr: 
Lhia hopa ii hud up in tay XtoKtoi. 

Tk* momlJ Iamhl John .t.' [S^-'-ao] 

T^KIf tmly T mVT unto you : H^ ihtit hcAr^th mj wor<^. 
mod bdb*T«th <iohLm that »nt mc, hjith ptprloAting Ufii, and 
coai<h not \tito damnation, ^nl pcus^th fron df^ath to lif^t 
Verily Tcrilr T AT unto rou, the htnir ohnll coin«, an<1 now 
it b, when ibe dcAd nhaE] hear t}m roivu of tlio Son of God, 
mad ihej Uut ho^r abftU Itror for M Uio Futhor T^atii lifo m 
•o BtoraA httk hft gWeik tit tho 8on to h«YO tifo in 
unI halh glTM Mm pow«r ftNn to jutigv, boi^auw ho 
li tkfli Son of mftB. Maxvfd not &t t^iit, for tlio hour «omcth 
in tJi0 whioh ii!I thai arc in th« i^ravM ihall hoar tho »oioo of 
tbe Soo of Gud ; juii tliov thui hAv^ dono g^d tdititl a>juv 
ibrtli unto tlie rvMnvotion of &f«i and thojr th^t haf» done 
vri] uMo Ihtt r«»urr«vtu>a Cff Oftmnatian. 

The Amlhcm* I Thsm^ It. [13— )*J 

ihF«Uu«a, «« vould nut lluu yo thnM b« ignonat a* 

iwiwwn i il g them thu nliich »ra £at]«n iLil«p, that y« lorrow 

not M uUivr do, which havtr no hojxi. For if we belioro ^ot 

Jm^ dM UfJ i'i>f« AgBtn ; crta to thctn which Bl««p with 

Qol «Im11 brbg with lum. 


[< 1U^ tokxA] 

I.* IMS, RuiiW m* M montJ'-l 
t' I&U hfet not the ivftfrvrun^] 


rtn DiKroa; 


.Cffhrujvr.{6\—&^.'] Tho .ilL ^enon. ■ 

BpIiuIiI, I s1j«w vou iv myalcry, suolhly, vro hIiaH a}] riac^ 
liul He nbaJl uut ftll b« djAiiged. In n momcul. Jn tlio l«juk< 
liag of an eye, ftt the last trump : for the trump «Uall blow, 
AEid llie deaii ahali ri*e mcorruptible, a.nd we ilialt bo cluuigad;. 
For this eorrupliblo muai put on in<!orri]ptioQ, and thjj cnortal 
mtut put on immort^Jtf : irlien this cotraptiblo luitb pot ■ 
on inoomipiionH and tills mortAl hath put on immortAlitj, 
then sha,ll h& brought to paw th« Buying th&t u writteo. 
Death 13 Rwallowed wp in victory. Death, «her« is thy iiit- m 
tory ? O deatli, wliero is thy sting ? Tli^ ntiog of dovth 
la Kin, And tTie strenglh r^f tan la tho Uw. But thUf^lu be 
iiaC« God, which hath givon us victorT, through our Lotxl 
Jaaoa Cfanst. 

The Anthtfn. 

Dolircr tne. good Lori]> fVom ettirTial dtfttli in that dr^d- 
ful day, yrhcrk iiia licavou and earth »bftll ha mortd, 
ftnd tJiou sliiblL jiidij^o tlio norld by fire ; Tills day b Ihe day 
ot' iro, of nrcl.clicilncfis and ukkoryr the great day and vtry 

Deliver nol to bfoats, Lord. Ibo houU of ihom that 
Goufea thee, nud forget not at lon^h tho wula of Uij poor 

(£Thiuikt' givpit fur hr^idlh nCDverBd- Tim )]riii1nr» nffliiil li piA>l 
wfao tot A liltit wltenity B^Ddotfi taacb cvmlbtk 
I ^1 exalt thi^r*, O Lunl, ftjt Ilif^ti hnn ilplpndr^ mo, end not nkllfond 

mlnp vnrtitEa* to hnvv tht\T |ilrrinurc itfHta mv. 

O l^nl tiiy 1*1x1, 1 hiLin criM unto tJirt^ viii tbvu liait ]»«lbl mc^ 
LutU» tLuu buL broiiulLl uij hiul out uf Iwll, Ihuu hail piVMnv4 

flom thflm that doccnd luio Ihe ptt. 

!un; unto t}]d Iyi^ti], yr that ha Iuh oiinU, snl Blin thiBika with a 

mrmhniTjffl of hi* hnlhu^h 

lor iliu(« jv wtnlli lu lii> (liHptiivLiri-, htiiI Ufr m lui will. 

At ihe CT rnlni: wqJIhj; jyhaU al>ii]c, liut In the momfng gU^Mk 

En my wpjUrliii«'-» T nud, I JifiU nrti^r morp U- rrimATnL 

IappI, throDf-h ih^ j^iod wilJ Ihi^u };rL*<'«( tlririkjcLli Iv \uy hnaly. 

Tliou 'lliUl luFEi llij Iktw ftviu lui^ luuL I \fiiB nil imtPuiiKl. 

Outw lliue, O LotJ, will r try. md I «ill pray lo my God. 

Wlimt pnjflt Lb thtre In my bluud, vihrtt I JuJl 'Irtwnd inEO ratni^- 


I' 15M, <[ Thaakn he grutu.] 

nuE Disias. 


t^U dvi ^rt dumlu lo thtc t cr lIuII U decJorv thy cnilh T 
n«l^0i1 lutli tifiknl,aiid liQlJi ukfln mcrrj oa ud ; iJi* L^hl !■ tnnJo 

Tb«a luHt turned my nnvw iulo joy, tlwu lu»t cat otT my auk- 
d0lh» a4 btfl «MDpaHrd me *Hib gdadau* 

Th*> mj fllBtr migtit alnt (a thn vlthout ^rld, O ray LaM Gwl^ £ 
•lull e«c«DHr« (tH chuki la thM, 

^ 'lliuiki fur the Htortty at hcaltJi*. 

t laid. Id tht mUtf of niy d^yi 1 ehiU go to tli^ j^otn aF h^U 

1 4aiind Ih* niiJuci of mj ycai« : I iiLiil. J ih«J] fust H Oia LojU Clnl 

I ikill Bf man bo movu, nur Itim Uifli J hoUi:th to iBit 

Vf diiw k takoA fmn aw, buJ fuldrn ui>, m Cb« ib»f h«H'* Ic^it- 

Uy Uib b <tii alT like * vuvtr'i wvb : wkcn I fct hfmm, be ea^ nc 
d*vn; frvm ihi^pmln^ ttnliL ihi> night ihrni wilt mnko juifncl tif me: I wwi 
in bap* wiCil lurpnitue, liuC M a Uod, w ht 1rniitr<l aU fj> t>onc«^ 

Pnn mooafaig unti] ai|^hL tlimi will nuJcd mibUii uf uitf : at ayouiiif 
■vrilow, ■» iUJ [ otutlcr, uul tholl luoura w i dvt-K 

Wm vyca AuHr4 wllh to<AiDg oa %Il 

1^1^ 1 «fffcform: annvtrfn m^, wbH iliall I uy ' mirliAt f^hal] 
h* Mwww »«, wm 1 hw doDft 11 1 

1 Aall ivmcmbcr ill luj ytai* milo iJm* Milk blltoniiv of my bwt. 

LonL &f lilv bt ibiLi^aaiJ Uic life of tay ipirU 1>a ancr uioh tartv thoa 
AaU rormt tM, ta4 iiuickvi; m<^: 1^ In p«««a my aciTTiaw 1* m»t 

Bal tboo bail diIiT«r*d mv t^L, iJial it kIiouM not [wmh : iTiou luut 
«ll<tU Oiy l«L all niy ti^i. 

Far Biklur Ltil shall LnouLfdce th«. nor JcfilU wiinM ]iniiH dwo; 
iky ibM <innpi1 taia tlir pH nhi)] m>i loak iar tliy verity. 

Ha U«l U tivnR, iJht liting pfTwn iiluifl kBoivli^^lgc thH*, liko lU I Jo 
1** ; Ihr liJirr to tha chtUnJU iluU dcv-lart tr^y iniUu 

Fna(r»* m». O L^rl. »nil it* »baU Ubtf our pnlnH bi tlia LurJ^ 
faDM* all Iba i»5i of «Qr lUb 

/it ^ iVvu'iv (^pAinV, l*^» .tn, 

C l?alft* Oed ■ our only rtfugr: ir* muj« pny la hitn, vul in tlm 

|iol all oar mat, and liim |-mbc wnl mngnify. 

I«lba«BOLordt hat* t putznylraM; iMmr Dottrb; vuEifuuuJfJ: lu 

Ibj rtfblHvnaaft daJjiroT me^ 

KadBaa lUivvarttnto ma, awl makaiwl lo^i* ina. 

Ha aMo IM a pcMMlor «■ tAhl, uiJ u ft ]rl«ce ui fijrlna for hr ure 

M* ; ibr tboQ art my ilnaitli auJ rrifugL 

C*OHy A* iron! Ttuhn- ta b« brrvT 15U hm H saL] 
f* IMa, fc> i»wyj 

r ^ fi 


Tun i^irtEi'L 


DtUver me. O m} Cod. oat or Thv hui^t of the BinriCTi ealef Ihehasd 
(pftliv UW'btPvJLvr. b.ii'i Ujh uujuiU 

Fur thoa. O Lard, arl my jiatifiucc, dioa on my bdpD oTib &Qia Bf 

Tluinifih tUca hftve 1 14« hnl<l«n up orvr tinw I wfw bun ; them ut 
my defqbdvr wkv I oauie furtb uF my lUDtlivr'i wimib 

M J ihif SQff ftJvLiy ifl or ihoe i i am uudo u a wondvr mile aiB&y, bci 
Uiou ut a eCroiuc Ix^lpr 

Lot my moTitU Iw fitlvil M'ltli Uiy prm>v, Uiat 1 nuy ciTijE Oij cltrr 
and iby incik'nifici'im oil ihi} day loajf. 

Cost ma uui AWL^ ju tbo liine uf igt ; fur*^ nu OO^ "to VJ 
HfiTinEth laitnth mr- 

Tur coinc i^uutniin f^Hliv mrumt ipv. iwd tlivy iJut LiAd nit Corv^ 
■pull 'Ji^ tJiLv tljuLr guuiihI titEutUm', 

SdyUu?> Oud hath fonaUcn kimj penccutc him, and lalu Llm, Id« 
there u nonr t>i <1oliviNr liim, 

U«nOl til- horn nil', <> ifiy (><fD: (uive regard for (o help bm* 

LttlhaiiL W omtjiitif IM HJid ['ri-mh^ Ui^l n:« JigiilnM oiy vOilL 

L*l ihcm ha wvand wlilj tluma and dJjili«uiur« IbM tetk lo 4it 
mu evU. 

Rut I trill olmiy truiit,»ni) I tnll prnUo th« mofOBfid more. 

My mouth aMl tprok of ihy dfthtctiuuuv. and of ihj MHalau *II 
tlii- iIji^ 

Uucaujo I kuuw rur lirittfr. I wUi vuWr uilo Uw itfvJijEth or th* LcH, 
1 will mnJtQ rnohllnn <>( thy rl);1ilpnuDnrvn' 

Thou, O l.i«l, luuL Uai;hl mc from my youlh blthertd^ "^ 1 ^^ 
IslL of lliy ttundruuii H-nrkh. 

Aiid uuio Aifc Aud uldiw«^ O God, forvke iu« iu>t ; | 

Uatll I iliuvr thy alrt'iij^i uulf> tfoncAiiiuoi ^vt fm U> nmuL 

Thy [lomir »nd iJiy n^htooumitiHk O C!od. until tho luiflivl inwtU 
lih!r;h thou Losl WMU^Iit. <J{itH[, whu b likr unto ihoci 

(JwtiBt ^rfiiht «n^t gvil mdwntktitB l4>t tliou hIidia^ maf «kd jat JUai 
tho» miiim ud r«&<G«b nu, yut, «ud brvuiEhlnl m» D0^a Cnm Iht 

dvlftlu id iho OKItlL 

Thou l]«t mulUpLlcd upon mo ihy tuo^ikiflajic* I aod dmi hiM 
numnf And c>omfurif>1 mc. 

Thirrnfnm wiU I i>rsi«- tlift^ nod llij< imlb, OOttd, in lh« lutmmcfiU 
of nunic: unlv iJhw will I dujf upon ihu tttrp, whloh in thv hulj Ovdvf 

My hj* nil] }hi fjiin^ whrn f »iii^ tmid thrtp, uid k wIU my Mill 
whkrh thrtii hut foJ«iuoil 

My Umnuu ulvj ftlioll ta[k uf Ihy nBEiiu<iUNfi«iH mil thv iliiy 1«U( ; &r 
llHy w Douftfiuidid ud bnugbt onio ibaJii^j ihat. itck U> Jo me avlL 

Thf! Antliom, 

I UD the rMurrcclion and life: liu tW beliovcUi in 
IM, ymt Although he wcr« dead, ret ho dull Uti^; utd who- 



1689-^ 1118 DUtOE. 

moartr livoUi uid lolicreth in mci iliftU Dot aee overUating 


Xioni, hftn mtrpf upon us. 

Cfcriflt* hftVC ucercy upon oi. 

Lord* hare mcrcjr opon as. 
Oar TaJther. *bkh art in b«EtrciL &c. 
And ]«*d^ na ool into tcmpUtion. 
Bat d«]tT«r u« from «TiL 
Lord, ^TO Uiy peop1« Menu] ntt 

And h^i perpetual shine on thetn^- 
I trart ta too (fan goodncm of tho Lord 

In the kod of life. 
LotiI, boAT ay pmjcr. 

And tet my cry c«n)o to thoo', 

O Qndt ubic^ bj Ibo moutli of S. Paul Uiiuo apoatle hut 
■ not to waU for ibvui thai ein^p m Christ, groci. nc 
thoo* thftt in the ct^ming of iby Son our Lord JofU 
Ctirbc Wh W9, And aU otli«r futLfiil |>oo^lo hding de- 
puted, «ay b« gnunou4]j brought xmto th« jojra cvGrljiating* 
vUcii ahali coma to jujg^ tb« quick and dead, juid tbo vorld 
bjr fire. Aacn. 

AWgbty, «tOTDA] Gi>d, W whom thore Li novi^r ii»y pmyvr 
vaib without bepo of mvrcy, bo mcrclftti to thn lonlji of thy 
•amnti, tMi^ dop«Had A-oro thU world in the confcuion of 
thj nuD^, tliAt they may be aiu^OLiLto to the compiuijr of thy 
ninU. Tbrodgti Christ onr Lord> Amon. 

Lord, bov thine fam uato our pnyoni, 1ih«r«bl W» 
dcvDntljr coll upon Uit nnmn mnrvy*, that thoo irilt b»tOir 
the Msk of thj KfTunU, vhich thou hunt Domm-indcd to 
doput froKi ths worlJ, in thu wuntry cf p<ai£o and roat. iiud 
MttM thttu to bo nindo jnrtncTa Avitli thy Iiuly >ervuiltt- 
lliroagh diriot our LonL Anion** 

P 1645. ntf^ ¥» not ^ tifl U4.] 
^ IMA, rnm Ih* i»tM of hfl 

Lc«d ddton their wUn. ] 

P iMfl, C UtTtptayO 

[* ■ Num' Hnu U U irdundiuit i rnMly, Et ii a Ijptig^tpbleal 
tfm. l^t^ thjr totrtj. TIk l^tin : — nuarrioordiAia^^ 



C] TlkO CommcnJatloDB*- 

111* aliop vf ihu liol^ CrWt, imJ' ilia wb^ ur tmth. In wbkh BpfiMN 
clh, how the DoLutD of God «t«imM* holy Uvm^uid' liow furroOy tbff 
tm fliv^-n to (hem, hnw it ^nvrth iJinm th*f 1I117 ihouJJ be dopbtd, km 
fcir«i]tlj- (licy Jiii™ Ui Jwrn (h<"m, to wilk in Ihctn. find Ut ftilftl tb«fli : 
AiUilly. hiiw thu traiL4grftfl<in uiJ mlvvnviit of (Jiem khAll be imnobol 

HlnmncT ttn ihf-y, lltiU In unipnttcd In thcwa^.wldcU wftik in itie Uv 

BIoHt^ aru UiF,\. tlutt HBr^h ItU Intimunkf. tlml tHk hloj flilll all 

thvit lioart 

F4)r tlwj'. ihat work wlekoJiuM. hflTo dqI wnlkod In hi« va^ 
Thnu hwn pommMxIf^ i^iy ramiMDiJiniinu tTd^ iAnit]> to b« kfpL 
vrouM (loJ my way» mtfiht lie dirwt^ fo krop thj jurtlftcatJan^ 
Thfii hIuII 1 doc tHi confoundo^, wbon 1 ■hall Ixbnld all llijr og^t 


J ih«U conrc« UQtJ Ibuo with « ri|fht hoorl* whcu I Imvo taun«d ibo 

judgiiuuitii of thy rifhtoc^nHnnvi. 

T fh*11 ktcp Ihy jiuitllii:*Nuni - firrukfl tao hot ulUTfj, 

Whrrtld doth Ihft ymmH man coFnul hf* lifft} in kmping of IK7 


WlihaU myhcnrt i ha^vHiL^htllLCocial; pot me iL«t awuy &am thy 


In ni<r hivrt 1 have hJd (hy irord<r IhHt E mlfht nil olTrml lh»^ 
t) LunZ, thffu art hlnimil, U'vli ciui lh,v juHifioitinna. 
Willi my JLpid I have bL?«n ivLlin^ cf Uiv judginvnti of thy m^nUu 
I huto tukJ delimit id ilia ^h'liy of 1I17 tcetimonln, u in all inunar of 

J viU ha uerdiFd in thj oiminuiiEmdnla, and 1 will tanuAvt 1^ 

I wUlxtud/ In thy jiuliJji^tbuH, I will ugl fuivnt Ulj uvnla^ 

iu*rr UTtjIa ta tlic AtUa of thy spmunt^vi, ihal thnu wiH hottio pur^ 
thfliD of &J tlitlr ■iODf* ■nil cuhk (hriu to he prtrUki-r* of (hj rvdev^ 
ILun, wIiIiJh liuaC aod iwgnvtt OiA wurUu wilhoul vodv, Aiueu, 

Uod ]iu« dioroy otL «fl vbriitvn ipIImlJ 

P Thla Ofllco in the oju^lRot Kn^tlih Prlmcn and llorv v» caIjiIdJ 

N>Uib. uid harl nn Anthom m (hv t>iitUL;i injc wilh ■ pnjrr«l Lhcfzid. || 
UM nrJk<r an A|>ptndiii;c lu (lio l>jngu. luid wiw tu Iw «Md» if in obaU* 
hflfr Pniurt ■nd (bi ntdlof of tho ibarLyrolon%] 



JUvmnl thy Benvftt^ quicken tut, tad I ihHll ktt-p Ihy yfot^n. 
Oftu miu *ym, unt I thull muadrr ihf» nurrrJIoii* iJiIdjei of thy 

1 4m B ■tinyir in tliD UnJ, Jijdo nijt from mv tby comraimilniciib^ 

Mj- vd hltb corrlod to dolit Ulj JuiUflaiUaitf ■! nil ti'mcL 

Umi tikiA Tftirulcd th* pmikl ; mned «tv tli«j which t^nrliDp froin 

Iky MiBiBaUiDtnii. 

thy mrmtt iru lUU n«feifcd in Ihj ju»lifi«lkiu4. 

fflv ttiy IcaUauiuic* uv my maJiiHiiaOi thy jiijiUfiGjm«bB arv my 

HjT «n1 ha^ doTM T« ibt i^nnd, qnlolcoi me tcoonliDi; la thy 
1 ban i^ir< 3 tb.y *ny^. and thnu but IihH ido : tpwh ran tlisr joi- 

l—m < n* fai th« Why of Ihy juMifiratEom^ and I ohall b« ci«ToIeed 

My «anl haCb at^frf far vnuiiirH: Fonfirm m« in thj wardpi. 
fUanvn ft^m/ in* dip wbt of Loiguiiy, md HOOfdina to thj law tuivu 

ibe wsy <if trnlh, I bftra niH fi>i^ttm tUy judg- 

I ten dan^ lo llt.y tHtUnonlcak O Lord, put m« oot to cWuidou. 
I httt« mn llu wiy ot thy tomToanAmralt^ whrn tl^ou hii5l eulitrgml 

I/Tgnm piimr. 

O tdn^ ici thawty of thy juitifiCAtioiH fn rriA fnrii Inv, nnd 1 wUl 
tftff ink il ovt 

tiJt« unio n* iihdmt4D(tln£, ud 1 iLkU Mftnli iLj kw, jukI >1uU 
}tm^ a wkh ay tihviv hmtU 

L^d M« In di« ffttli of Uiy OTDUHindrngatu* for tlut Iiavp 1 dt- 

Ifev aiu luvt I'ntA tli> IntiinnniiA "nd ni%t Inlo ci>Totd[unr«i^ 
Tam aviiF mirw r^'^ thjit (^4>y ph noi *viiij ; E]uii-l(i4i nfi in Ihy 

B«t dv wai4 nuttf thy wrvut U iliy feu. 

Cttl wff tbfl n^k* thil t uu abud v^ fv' tby judEniuDts b« 

Ia, I hm dMvrd thy <i9rAiiuuiiltnonU, uiJ in lhSD»«fully i|uickan 


THI <y)UUS!(&lT10^«, 


Ad J IfI rh^ men!}' «tne upon mt, O fjird, vul thy br*ltli, arrnrihi 

10 ihj pcvmiv. 

And T BboU murwflr to thtun t|«t Dpbnid mei lur I Lira tnrtid 

In Ihy wrtrilv 

And IaIcd nrpt fii? wotlI f>{ Irulli from my mnuUi nttc^rlj, for 1 lam 

ranch TniitvJ in tb^ JuJginon1t> 

For I will ktcp thy Iaw alway. vorld ivilliout i'dJ, 

And ] havu wnlkoit at tari^i for t havo uuEbt tliy tomnuDfaHDtL 

Atid I Bpoke of thy tntifUQitiiv la thf» u^hl of Idllff^ iod I «M 

not bhftmFd. 

And I hav# muw^ on thy caminiindiiHintH. which 1 lovii*L 

And 1 luvc lift ui> my lianda to thy wmnumdinciilit »Md!> I llAVt 

Iflve^, auil I diall be ocmpini in thy jmitAoktbrLL 

Www tf*-i- 

lirmtmher thy wont M thy vrnint, In whirh thoti hut sirrn &e 

T^iD JMaifi luith comibrLdd me id mine nffliction, for th^ vnd hrib 
qukluuod m^ 

Tint proud uion hkvo doiiB imkudneas on Dvory lAAop hnl I bftm art 
•nvrvcd Trotn thy low. 

I hhtc hmt tnindful afihy jndgrnaitjki good Lord, ten Ihe btgittttinf 
of Ibo worLil, juid h«vij |»vn vcTaifnriod. 

I bavo [aia(AO bocftujg of pjuutn. timt r<>nAko thy Iiit. 

ThyJniitiflnUlnns wtiTomy nonifK in 4]]<« plmvi of my wHyrariaif. 

ta Ola iiight Hiuuu I hftro thought of tliy natao^ U Lard, ioul I ha*« 
Inpt tliy law, 

I bwl ihli, b«Hjau>e t iwrvUod uul thy ]a»Uik«tiiJiii^ 

L«d) thoa oft my portion : I hoi* prmnUed to keep thy U«. 

1 ham bVBuufflit lliy Miijmty witli kU uiy hiHTt : lutu morcy ao m* 
flO«TdlRf 1ji ihy Wikrd. 

[ hate conildDF&l my wjiya, and I hftso tnmcd my font inlA thy ««■(>■ 

I um mdy, ^nd tuti iiM IrumbLnl li> kup tby cmuiuukdm«ntA I 
'Hi* bubda <^ iUuwni Ihvd bvwriipt inc. oud 1 havd nut for^DtlvQ ifay 

1 Tov npfn tbo mldot of ibo aL^ht tagEvA thnnlcs for tbcJudpncnMaf 
Ihy juxtiliciilianL. 

I KUk t**t>lH« of ill thai fur thtfi oTuI of tb«n that k»p thy coib- 

U tArd, Ihtf «vth !■ full of thy nin^ i ictuh mo thy jmUifi^ 

Tbou ^Mak dealt ^mtly with tby sammiit O L«rd. orcfwdiuff to thjr 


ms oovva^TiAnoxa. 


TmA ow BCfJDPi, lumunc oud koovlaJg*, for t hart IxUcvtd ib^ 

■rfbn 1 WW hombM, 1 (fill rin ; lh«iefb» li«n ! IrvjiC thy ifapU 

Th« UfiHy «f pnod PWQ w aaulUplit'H u]>dei dm: lut 1 wldi ill my 
wbttW hMil iUI tMNlt OQi thy mmouiJiuuiUL 

nrir luATt U (on^nl likr milk, but t ham ttioncbt iipnn thj 

11 it pstd feff mv. Hut Ujou Jjii*t hutublL^d ma. tW I mas Enrn tbj 

Tlift l*iv «f Uij iiumtb Lit JfATitr to mA ihui tliAii«n<]" of S(>1d nnd 

Yl^hff^ bftTt made mo anJ formed mc' j^TC nic nnJtnTiunlIng 

fai IwB ligr cgc umm tlmrftU, 

TWf IhHt fan- tim iluti ■«« nMv ud bt glad, boMvo ) Ii4to IruUed 
Rivdi n th^ wonl*. 

I koow, O Lwd| dHtdqrjDdpuniiBnTlglil, >nd tnthy liin}i thou, 

^■M bnuUed ad*. 

ttf Ibr Mrfc; b* td cotofaif m*, Kconllnf to lliy word UDlv Uif 


L«« thf mctdn tfitiie 14 me. aad I ih^ lin ; ht thjr Uw la Tflj 


Lvt iha praud. wfaJtL «^0D|E1^Jlly Utt^j iloiu vlolndniv unto oa^. ht 
wnJiiindiiJ. bdJ I wELt l« fkcctipJAl in tfajr cummiDdBibrtiik 

Lit Ihctt li« laracd M nif , which fear thof^ md thi>y tJi^t kiKrvr l}iy 

bvimmacuUlff in thy iqaifl<stki». tJLid I be nd con< 

Mjr wol b«0i Itn^vd fat thy vlv^tioi^H >^<] 1 b«ra Imirrrt mveh nolo 
lGiM«r«il«>*l«if«ifcr thy pnma*,HriiiA,Vnwa wilt ttLauoom- 
FovltfB noda KkaftbattJ* nllwMmaIn: t haiiv not toyDtlDl Ihy 


Haw ttM} ttf- the ilnyt of ihy ht*viiT nthni inll ttaoa ctrv }sd^ 

Wldud am bstv told u* bUo. but not ttUt 1L3 !««' 

All ibj (im— f»Ti li li unib: vkkcd men b&¥v f«nMutadn)ej 

Tbry Iwa ahiiHl in*liB u cbd of DioIaib«f«nh,blt I bai« n»t 

Oiy cHnniBDdiiHiiC^ 
Qnifttn Mil inoiJlnj^ Hi Itij miiiij, mil I diaU iwptba KrtinwsiB 


mB c^allllHl«OAr]oac■. 

Tn ^Ifmtm, DtmSm. 


LorJi Uiy warJ pndunrtli in bwitiiD rvvrliiiiliiifljr. 
Thy ttnth TcnmlnLth fmni j:>f ocntioii [to e«tBonllDa] i diM ban 

fnupUixl the evih, uiJ ii Abijcih. 

Ilj ihliK onlinniwH thp tUy fnnlmnpth, fur «U tiling o1 vj imto ttv^L 
ICxk-cpl ihy U«v lioil beon my nu^^UUoa^ pcrBd^tntiim I h*d pcrfabfrf 
la my iruubl^ 

t ihjill nfrror for^i ihy jnnTlflcoljoru, for la thom thou hjM qiJck- 

1 urn CluUD ; 9k«e mv. fur 1 liAvc ivunlit out thy JasIi&ullflflBL 
SlntuTTG li4^D h'uii^ [fo'l ui« (d donttuy mt; t Lara Diidantvidt4 thy 

I ua diat uLl porfcction liAth An tod: thy commftiiilnicM U nrr 

Lanlp how tnitdi lidYe I luvvd thy Uw'. U !■ tiiy Mody all t!i« 
tiny [utiy. 

TUftu hul nucln nio ivibu over mine anun^lufi ihMuffU thy coinmtBJ- 
nwnt, for il La cvpr wiih tnr, 

1 lutw ppn't-jvud mat^ Muui oLI lli&L fjiuglil mc, for Iti^ lotimoauH 
WQFQ my meilJUitiiJiL 

[ havff pvrvdwd lUon thiut juiuioDt moa, l^iwaiiwi 1 htm namr^wA thy 

t bAVd ka[il my f«Bl froTT] oTcry nil why. i^ut I might hs«|» Ihy 

I hHi'fi lu^l ileclhiud fnuii ihy JndgiUDabi* for Ihiwih tliuu luiat *Ki au 
a Uw. 

Ilonr BWftol ha tiiy wbpJ* unb) my tuta T vu! la my mfloih rwerin 
tliiin lioimy- 

I hL«u ttileui ludonitUtdiftj: of thy ciuumuiduiuulf ; Ihonfopv baro 
J UaUtl vvuiy wny i>f Iniquity. 

I'Jiy wbrd ii a Idnlvm uuto my fcot, and a ll^ht unio nay poih^ 
I liatv rrom mnJ Jccrvul u temp thn judgmonU of Ihy rifhtPMifr 

Lord, I am fcroufE^C ^" "U **wy liJcr : quJekvn ma aocvrdln^ to 
hy wonL 

The volimUry olTrringi of my TnantJi, nuihA tfipm uvptjOile, O 
Lord, ud invh tip thy jinlj^mMibi- 

My ftml U riYTir in my huiij«, unl I hitv not fvrj^'Uvu Ihy law. 

Snnnnt hhrr kI n toatu Tur lu. and I Jictv uoi vrrod fWm thy 

1 btVfl 0v(t«D ihy tffltJmutLa \jy iahnribuiH^ fi>r «tor, fbr tcotoM 
thoy U the jay of niilir hrjirt. 

iWw mine hmrt tij diy ihy juMiJicalMiu crfitrnDi* fnr rtwv^ 





Th/m ut ID7 bdpvr Hid mj ilcfvrvW, aoJ I luw Inulfd Bwb 

O jw vkbed, how* from tac^ ftad 1 iluJI >Hin}i tl^a i-ormmAQd- 

■■EBn Mi ■tBOHjnj; 1u th? xr^rd, hnj 1 tbkll lit* ; and nnTvQIid mo 
WtfAwfa* ^n 1 Iwk fgr. 

Hdp wdb and 1 >h4U bo mTd, and fhiJI be D«n|4oI in Cty juvlilk^ 

TliOilMil dc«|vK<i kU UiAl i>o from tUyJuJjfiucotA. tattiimt Hiiiaehu 
I kinv >Pp< n J ftU slnncn of tIu hsHIl for affcnJen. tbrrnfor* I 

^ Altai 

Il«m dm ju4k«itiMl il(hlMQEiciB : dciHrvr nid DOtIo then tlut 

!* VMleA ta looklON for thr bc«llh, nnJ thir word «f 

1 n tikjr krrfut* giw ■* unilririiUbdiDg, ihat I niiy know Ihy 

It b IliB* fo dis O Lord, for thrj littn Ijixilcra thy W' 
Tbirrfiijc I hwA toved ihy conmandraDriE* above gold uoA tap^t. 
Aad ftwiifiirr 1 n tnl to kII tlij ooouufiduHinbi I h«vv bittd 
vnry irtdL«d imr. 

CI tiwl, wrtnnm he ihy tratimanin; tlwr^fon kijt bauI h^th 
■vatrlMd (btm. 

Tbadtc^anlioaof thjr ««UfiIi dotb niLunlu*. uid iprv bULlmUuJiii^ 
lo ihclAiit^. 

I ayg d cj motilb, ftDi] divir ia nj' hpM£h, fer I dfnErrd thy com' 

Look *VOB nt, tad tuw mtftf upou Dc, iMOfdln^ <9 Iht judg- 

Wlbna iba bw lb; unio. 
Knct IDT ^Ui^ KAxhKax to iby word, tod Irt nv ioiqulcy nipi 

Bull cm tnc £ram iho AkIie LIohw ti men. Uut t coat k«p UiT can- 
[ * Jht Win :— DecUvle • >u.] 



Mint *yt^ hAVA hrought fnnh AUTint of yntUfit^ ttMaoit thcj htw 
oat kifpE tl^jr lu' - 

Rlffhtocmfl art llrnu. Lord, Htul riKklKOuf u lljy iuJc;iiiml^ 

Thaa botl oommuidtrl jnaii^K In thy tHtbaodo, aad imQi Vtam 

ihy wnrdh. 

Thy word Is ottCTly ttiod vH'l flrv, and Iby tcrvonl lorel IL 

I wn young Anil *iH at nougbt ; yet have 1 riiTt ffargDlUS lliy tan' 


Tli> jualk« U 3ui1i<W crrrioMlDii. aiid (L^ Jaw ii truTfL 

Trvulilii aad havjikw bite eniianglrd tn«: tlhy i^iiuiEriuidnivntt ov 

llij- tnUinonini bo (Mfuily evcrlo&lingly ; givs ma uuJantonilbi^ loA 
I ahull liinh 

I bavQ cnllvd with my trUdo liMtt : hear jqp^ Lordif^ar I tbiU tmtiL 

I liAVf? cri^ nnto thw : avva m^ thu ! niiy obKnt« thjr OOSUUH^ 

1 hfevo fr^vontpd in IJmn', nnJ Iitrr cT]nl;fbT t lutiv gnatjjr fnuhJ 
in t!iy «upb- 

KKdo «y« liarv prownt^d tlj^ LUfi-niJV '^^ t^^ ^* ^"^ ^ Modj thy 

LctO. Lsir Qiy TDicv jv^-ordinj; (n tJiy mvrry, ami qiiickrti m* bocoV^- 
In^ lo ihy JudgDifnt- 

Thoy Ouil pvnwuli] a^a Iuvm drawn oE^Ei to hEqLcJihvi 

And fWiTA thy Liw they an gbap fur widor 

Lfinl» th^iD ATt npAT ni hnrtd, nd nlE iby woiy* are vary iralK* 

At tli^ Iwitiuniiiit 1 h«d kmwledgo uf thy talimoniH^ for ihrra lurt 

TU? AbMniiBdhm nanD, 

Bi^idU my troubld vid duUvvr cn^i looudO T htvt oat Envottlft 

<Tiid|{T my rnian uid rrxlTini Tnn, qiiicVivi mt. ntntrAiti^ Ut thy wi>tiI. 
llcaJ-Ui IB tor frum unntrih Ibr Ihej luvq not ttATolMit out t^ 

Tby oKTvy^ L«H. !■ much t iioKrrlfnff to fhy rlehtoonsacnqiikltca mt- 
Muiy Iham bv. uhlch pcnccutt mo and troafala mt: I bftTO not 
wortrd from thy tmlmonEai^ 

t w iho of^don^ md I wii aatofdcd. bccatiH lJw> k«|it not iLy 

['The I^lijri;— ID iiinturitHta.] 




. Lord, fat 1 ba'^ brvd. thy oormnuciJiiiBiiur qnldcfln nei m 
TW h*gtnnin)t of Ih j wdaI id rtitit^ , aU thy j udjEnMnta uc ju*tj« 

n« fAw» hw» p BMW a at»3 mv witWut cmmi*. mml dj Iwart b^lh 

ban «4rMl#riltr wort. 

I Aall bt flkl of thy iFnn1\ M fac thnt twth fmin^] jnnnj ipAiU 

I Ian hflibfli iniquity, uil hnr^ nMtnftvd it^ but ihy Uw I li^v? IqttJ, 

Bff^tB tiiDH ia III* diy rjnTv J |itwk«1 Um^ l>ee«uic uf thy riulttcoui 

Gmu peftT* in to lltnn lh«l Iotd thy lav, ud they an not offan^Dd. 
1 loeJtad tot Ihy a^TrHtiniit O Lerdj ud loted tliy E^qmmnndnirnfjt 
IfyMoI htOt ktpL Ihy tatimvida^ ud huh Lotwl iJirm Etmtly, 
I !■*• loft Uv wmmnndiiwi^la sail thy t^atiEixqmu ; fur all ray 
«vi(ri ■■• In tliy iltUt 

O Lonl, Itt nij pnynr appriAdi nmu in tby kighi^ givs mn tindtr' 
•WPTjiiig lo thy ^futU, 

LmJ, 1m ray pmye* nnLur Into thy 'ijfhf, dcli'Vr in« vrordini; 

My 1^ ^aU poof SMh thy i>roiB, vUcn (hgn host taa^ht oiv Ihy 

My tmcBAifckll ihflwfonh liky wordj foraU thy onmmandtnvntBvo 

Lfl U^ IniicI b* nftdy (a balp mo^ Fv btcmv f haw dmon 
thy coinnuit^AM. 

OLaiil,lb«n4iriiiiddiyhMhh, «nd thyUw baiy ttody. 

1 bftnllBDlmd IDcv K ahrvp wludi w^n Ecnl; O I^ird, ■•ek out thy 
■HiMl. tn I ltt?« nnt lurf ijitva thy wmiuuidiDHiU 

/hv J>^k« fwu. r^Iin jiL 

C Tho r»faDa of the Punoo. 

Til* d»m|it^Aii nf th{r pavifln of out fttnaar C3uU^ uul of hb 

Otldp, Bj fSim, iMk tfWhnl Tur, whj hiM thou faiMluUi n<v? |«t 

By bHiikip (bt wvftliof ntyuiBpikbiL 
My 0o4 1 cry «a4 all to thn ly day.buLthguhMmtnwnot; •(«1 
ItkoiriB by b1^, sftd v«« nM. 

BM IbcB diHllrtC ia Ihi boly plwev^l ibo iranJiip nf Ivuh oar 

Wl«4 la UiHi Ihey imatr*!, uiJ ihoo -tiJ*! ^lehTtr ihttn, 
TImj oM Id ibWb Bkd dbej ncn io4d* h£d ; iJicy trtivtcd in t^f*. 


Tita rsAiMi 


I tmlT nm bul a vonn, ud tw man : die foMce of mm, And n 

AU Ihtj '^^^ *** '"" Wn^^ in* to •cAni; ttivjr ^kvwiib Ibdr K]v. 
»nJ dihI Jtfil thrir tiC4dt> 

SijfDE. H« in«Md ia tU Lnd, dow tH Um 4«Unr Uat kt him 
>AVfl him. fof be loTcdi falm, 

Tor Xhaii m hit thai fxaWat nw nut of m j moth^iv't wiml^ tt^ m^/L 
my Iwp* frum uj> otiUici'ft LrrAaia; to itiH J *» cvl vbI &«bi my 

Tlimi urt tnjr God from my motlitr'D womtk dcrmrt noi from tiH^ 
For trihnUri'^n iMnnkml luiul. nnd Ihcn b niina (n Kr<fp mf^ 
Miui^ 4^tB baTt^ comiMViNl mt, nnil U( linlfn h^vf Ivtct lue AbeuL 
Tbrj hfttv M( tlivif uioiilLa widv vpvu ttpus in^ likt • Um iMM|4nc 

I *n:k pMml forth Lkfl walprj vid al? ntjr Wm aj« diifvBeJ 4«nMhr- 

lay >wii. HUil ttiou liAtt brcuRbi mo into ik» dut of death. 

i'vT tatny 'Ao^ '^laftm^ m* abtnil* tlw fOiuidl (if Uio wicleod ban 
bcKl Ue, 

Thcjr pidroid my buuU aod my AhL tlity liam uunbirod aU mj 

Thiy ttood itATin^ uul loakin^ njxjn mn ; Ui«y JirlJ*! my aiiiMtl 
amgiijE lb«n, lod u|>o» i»y oi4i ihfj wt Jott^ 

Bcillliau. O Lvnl, pn^Eoucuut Uiy lK'!|>fnjEi] i»tf, look tomy dcAiDah 

DetiTCt my kuI from the Tiror^, ■nul mwo only tool itnm tha pDntM 
oftliv dog' 

fiiVP pu fmrn tbv at^vlh «f tba Uva> aoi mUi* hnmillcy fimm llu 
hnm* nf uniwriUp 

I klioll tlIhtw thy nunc to Toy lirtthron, and T afaall pmlm fkec bk lh« 
inidil nf tlir ^■njtTriE'tUon' 

Vv t]Mt ftw th« I^rJ. Ft«iH yv him ; all Ibv uhob «nil vf JmoK 
(jloriTy lilui. 

Lf^i ill ihi! fti-cj of IffAcI fdur liiin ; f»r liq dcffplKnJ n&i, nor JUrl&ieHd 
noL ih* pimj'ur rf Llifl I'flor i 

Nut hf loravd nai hli tOoi awny from mt^^ uh^, whHi I cvlcd ttoto 
bim» bo hrttfii mrir 

Tlig* >1iid] t ytmU* in thB grwl cpngngaUoa, I wUl porfuna my 
ravn In the debt of iboin Ibal fwr hLm. 

Poor JTH^ Kbjtll fAi, find iliull hn mTuifir^, and tbpy liitU pmw 
Uh Lord UkBt attk aAtr him ; ihru hcvu thall Uw voHd wiilujiit vn^ 

All tbd CB—m of Ihfl twLh vTuill nmcubu (hnnNlTm> oiid th«ll 
bt onwtad to ihu I^rd : 

AndallnAdoatvf pooplcihAllda wanbijiinhbiMf^t. 

rnr UkD klfi^ru ii Uir l^mrdX and in- thdl riUo Um pao^iln 

AU ittth ai Iw All apt)[] tb* ounh lutr« uim and viqr^ppcdi 
nD Ifaal hHaII d«mxl inro ihc urrh «UitIl fall duwji in h'm HLght- 

And my wiul thall li*v to Uia, and my md fhall di*m hlm> 



w Tnt tuinoK. 


Tb* vvuruioo 1o corn* ilull ^ vluvvd t« Ibo t^id, &nJ I'ha 
>»■'■ ■" •l»*U <*■* K« Junio* to th* i»cflplo Ihfli djAll U bom, wliidj ihc 

41 Th* ovmpliuiit 9f ChrLsl and lib churdi of ibclr crvat AJtcnUtoL 
A iefivil pnjw for dtUmvicA Tliv jkJrenAfivof Ood }« cuns^ 
An lica«i> lluuJfi|^vEn; for hilji olit»Ennl. 

CtatB VMiOGod, rotlhi vrmlai* urv ruterv^ untc my »uL 

I Mick bpt in iJap di.Vf miw. wlifft nn jfir^unrl (a, 

I u» CfltOB in^ Om iletp of Lbo »r(h, uul ibo icmp»l hath wm^ 

I law tfftvalM nrliUE* lOT tlivnt b mtdo bouwt my iltht hatL 
hSkA, iiliila I tnaetU bi tay OoJ, 

Tbtr dwt hUo 1B9 wjtbaijl »utt Ln mothu ihohnln of m^ hcjiX 

Thfy tluU tt* mine cnE:ui]<^ jnd liitTr pDtKiairri] mr j;m1iLnvi, mv 
inl(fclj ! I pa^ thrtn tlv thbjEi Udl I btrflr twk. 

IU,UunikiuwwlOi7«ui|f]tunB4UE^Di,vfiiQltiin]nti( bill fnnb Uiua, 

Lm tot Ihdse ihM fnk lh«r bv oocifi>Diidf*^ ibnmgh D)f% O l«oid G«d 

hr 1 hurt nAnJ ivprvof for Uo* xUtu, k1uuii« b^th co¥«*d my bOb 
1 vm Wopit « vUnoGnr calo my hrrilirtii. nml jm uliAnnt unio my 

Ki« tlie ul cf ihiw boDv luUk fdifD inc. uJ Ihff nbukH of than 
list ivbuteilLw. u« fliUuD UlrOQ Ida; t duAoOvd aijiiirwiUi fimUofl, 
■ttd ib*l wH laraeA to wj' iu|iToaf 

I ydt on *A hair <ai aboi, and ibcf JmcoJ vpoa mp. 

Tbry Ihsi MA in th* |«to npika ^«l»l nut, uid th«j tbM dninh wloa 

BttI, LMd, I nb«kv ui> |>Emy«r iuik> iIlh in tb* Ikoo uf tbj fl*>i>l-wlll, 

Bar IM Id Ifeo moltfcnde of Q^ muttia^ In tbo Inuh of thy mI' 

T«k«Bi«at«flfca miivp Ituit f ttiok not ; dilivor a» frvm Uumlhit 
h^§ nwk laJ ««t «f Ihf d*vp wMv> 

t'l ■»< Ikt tcmpcM «r FBic? dtvwn m.\ ndlbcr tba Jcop swillovr mv 
ttf^ abI kt aM I^ pil «biic btc moDth tjpon mi. 

Ilotf m^ O imi, tor thy niHvj i* kiiul : Ink upon m« viMrdiiis 
■MO lb* M^li>B& of |}ij niHtiK 

AmI tun DVt tkr bet frvm ihy Krvmth fw I ua 1^ InnikJe i hou mo 

Tako hoed to my ml anl mw ki, dnliivr me boeuiK of m|n« 

TkoK hscvtol nj rvprc^ ^, m j ihanw otul llihwfinr 
P ItepRfeT Ttpnof.] 

7d ^^^"^ TB» rsxua [15S0. 

I looked b««B><Db«llWVJvk!lB«h«DAlhrf* VttBMDMn*. J 

fcgt mcj toA 1 fcgpJ lae. 1 

Ut ibdr uUv be Mdo ft Btf* t« tfann. «d 4 i*«wd, Mil HD 

t44 their «7n W UipJfd, tW tlkrj«M Ml, mbJ <r*«i liov do«« 

roar cvl duu lu-lignliab ttpcc tlMU. KdA fat Ulj wmUU Afk^ 
wn take briil irftliGB. 

Lfi dvrr luhiutkia be nid. iol do nm to iircU Id Ihvir UttM* 

For tfarj har* p jr w ic u Vd kim vb«n tla<m h«tf «&i«tf«^ apd thq^ 
bvn umiiil lb« |i«te of mj wwupIl 

L«r «pM €mm vkLtiuHB npva HkkvdMv, khJ kt dwn bat 4*lf 
inia ^y ri^UDusoeie. 

Lrtttwm bt wip«t 0D\ of tKa book of iko Utile, mAIm them M4h« 

«liHCD mWl Ibl jlOAL 

1 un pwr aod aorrT'iiifd : tlgr hrthh, O 0«d, litfb |>k*ii dm opt 
t witl pruH dw BUDQ of Gad ttkh * •oof, 1011 BMcnUj lika vUi 

Aud ii tiiAi] plau Cod boHcf ihKi * j«iuf liilkd^ ^ai l««rah 

bcnu uid hoof& 

L«i Ukv ivnr cudiuJbt and li« ^J^ i«#k «fl«r G^, maA youi bovJ 4all 

Fdv tho tyord btth bwrd Um poor, wd hjtb dm dciplwd hta pf4- 

Hnnn tavA wth [>TtiH liun, tlia wm, vA *11 (hrt .nt>|^*h b 

For Qvi tlttll MfB floQ, uid Ihfi ehk* of Judi dull W InlHii^ wki 
Ofj AdI dwall then, uid thej ohall bttuill JL 

Thr v«*t4rniy jilw of bit HLr\uitA tluJl |waiw it, end ihwj ihot im 
bi* bvujif fehiii dnvU Lhnwc 

A gilpn>oa cvmplalnl nf the ^o^lj (ivtHU, vUnuwIjr kudlad villi 

L«id God tri ni>- hroltb, I liovo crir<I W ^-^ uif^bl bc&n ll««. 
L«l my w*^ lAtvr iulv tli; ivwdudu, tow lluu ear «rt« *»j 

For loy hqI It full of AdrrTiliEf*. mA my Ufb ifmnrih Di|:h imte ML 

1 (km C4(mif J u [iit£ of tlxim tlui ^^ <k'im info ibe |ttl, uiitl I du m • 
nvi nitEi'iQl bf Ip, fnv mnoajt Uio -lend j 

Like ubto lliHn UloL be -aliluiUvJ atid lin hj llm fi^w, nlum tbOB 
imiumtiintf iu> motv, siid on ml &■&}- from thy haaL 

[' U4A, u; coDilortvO 

Ar Ynn iumiow. 

Thcf ban hM in the bwr pit, in ^lirrl; p\*a^ ud in tlm iliHdAw of 

I^B* ^idlfQBtkiEL b £ut upon uit. uid tbifu hut Luil upiju ua vU 

TliMi iluh put ftivay ipia« luqiibiiiuuia; ^ Cnmi m^v chcy take iqb 

I Wk bimf*4, J eu Dot jGtl hrth, mj tl^ ht vnuDi dim liir kck, 
Lord, I CiUed upon lb» tha vbalo dn^, dqIo tbc« liii*c I uticlcbcd 

WOllboaibvirvoadaitoihe d«dVvtiZuII tlw pl»>iiduu luu men 

Khdl «nj tout ihcv th; nwrrjr in <1m fnrT, and ihjr truth in dc* 

8mI Ikr ivwi^v "OtIu be luuti"iL in ibc ^Jork, ud iLy rifthtMin' 
^ b Ifav ImI offbnvtrulaMT 

Jhad 1 1nifv cdnd 10 ihcc O Lord, nad nrly bLoU m; imjir conn 

Lord, d»t UuHi nrjivl mj hial, uid Iumn4 [thcu] t^ty (wd fmin ni*f 
1 tm ifovfj nnd in UAtAila c^rr from mj jonfh; and when I ww 
Twfriri, I *V vat dowb luJ Umtbloil. 

Tk^waifchMh laatd aivr DHs ud Ihj tnrjfv EwTTT uvoBUl m« •on. 
Hmj cbm 9«Ubd ikot ma dl day Uko vaur, and cim[<wcJ idc 


Hf Inw ^ frind fani Uuin put awMjr &r from m^ and mino m- 
^MlntaDNf Ibr Df wnrlcLoJiUH. 

Th* nc* of Oto p*vi4« iiprait CfaniA : Cfadn u cif-laintd a KIdk of 
lib Failurr rubn bo uUuMtfd to godJj knowMx*^ 

Wl^ kiitfa th« bMUwD nffpd I uid wlgr huh chj pmp1« inu^iu^ 

Tba Ua|> of tlio vortb itooJ ii|i, aad liw rulpn» cuno tojfflber 
^ita« tbo Laid, ond NgtfnM hb CSnlA. 

Lii M bnak IhcAi bradi amnader, Mid Irt na cnai aw^r th^ jpokf 

Ootbal<««Uelh In hMfoA lUU lou^h Ukim to Bsgn, aikd iho Lord 
Adlb>T«tbam iadnuBu. 

TkMbe will <|>«ak imio tlmn In kEi wi^tli, and vcn lb«m In hb flora 

1 tralj aaa d»U kUy of blu' otot Slon hk holy hUlr pnaahiag hb 

Tb« Lord nU tuto ai4^ Thgu ut tn/ SoUj ihb diy b^tr I Li^ttoa 

AA of Bifs Md 1 ihall c^ ihto th* ivntiiro ^r thin* liftaritHMi^ aad 
lh« kltoH pari of tie <acUi lee ttix pOMMion. 

[■ Tfat VtO^ttm ^~4b 44 Uido of him kbg Dvn Slon.] 
P Uncri Mitvatd, fvnMCbJ 

TUB niuu or TBI PJ 


Ttev etull nlo ibtm mitL on it«a i««l, aid fctt«k Ihrtn in piM» 

t*tm- thf l<onl in fp«r, jin^ T^ijav* la Ttim ^ith rfrcrmn* 

Orb tluctpUnr. llat Uv L«xl be doI ftn^rr, "M^i y* prrub from tb» 

thfjr Ihkl tnul in hin. 

The prv"* ^^ Oirut fvi luiQMtf uid fur lui brrttlrtu, v^ciort 

DiUtbt nu from miM vmibU^ O my CitMJ ; d«liv« nw fram U»u 
tliM Hm ifalaM no. 

t'ur Iv. tlir7 hmiT rAl^lim! icij- puI, hIdqI uifu hni-v jiwiltod mo. 
linn it DO JniguUy iiur- UuU in luv, O Lg^J ^ wllWuL lui^il; !■>* 

Ajlii:&niliucamrmr,4nt| Ii>nk : mnil llwa. Lordofiiu||bl,Ood(jf imd, 
Bdtlo tUi All rhf jiTDrUn, h&aempnj of rioAfl i1»i work ill^«llJ. 

■lull campnto Aldjut the dty' 

Lo, titej wUl ipMk wttb Uiflir moQtli, uut • immJ U in Uwlr Up^ 
Tot vpIiu luuli hairdf 

Anrl lUoi}. ty>rJ, tltalt haTo thum in JerUiad, wul iliou btudtbriBBiB 
gviititrv tu noiijiht 

My ttrvn^lli I ulU Mrril'H lo llioc ; fid tlioa 4rt Gut) m> JdbttAfr. 
my God, hit mercy wlft prvT^ni mo. 

G0j ihcwrtli mt. 3iaw I tiiugM c!h1 iriih mi&e anflniaa: Vill tbA 
uul, t^H ihy pi-^i'h- TEUKhl fuT^i. 

Sfoiift ihem nbrofl't hy iby irighi, and pni tbtm dowti, O Lari, ny 

Ffr tlw 4JI of Llielr moulh, uJ for Uio worlt of tlivlr U^if* let tlHV 
La lAkcu la ^cir jtriJc^ 

For llwir htuphciDy and Iflitf ihcy ili^ b^ ncftlflrd m bo datnuol 

la ihcwmEh nt dutrirflnn, hii4 th*'^ iihAlI not rctDoin: ted Cbcy 
tDuH know tfiiit Grxi hntli nip ov?r Juobt and oirr dl Ibn rtinto of 
■II U» «OFl-t^ 

Thc7 ihall bf cuvurttd it ti^n ^ ud dull b« •• biuvry m Jbo, iml 
ihftll E»mp«H About Ulc diy- Tluy K*cter Abroad for ia«l; tf ikof 
lum D'H Bnmt^, tht^ will fnttimii-r. 

At foir mf , I «JJ fling uT iby powvr. nud ynj»9 thj mcity bwUma 
En thr raorQULU. 

Forlbou luttt Uca my 6cfca Jm ipj wftig* IP thc Jayaf ny liaDJIfci 

Uoba ibn. O m.v bdpu. vlD I ■liif ; far tikOD, O (;Df1, ut ny 
vay God, my tDfrty. 

Q The l^tin £— canrFrtenttiT ad rsfviwb^ 


The rnntifi t>f our Sirbur 

•Imu ChmL writlvii by Sidui J^ba. 

Jmt» wont forth triih hia diqciplcs (iT«r ibo brock 
Cadrai, vImtq wu a garJen, bio th^ irltich he «<ntCT«d with 
bh dbcvpki. Judas rIm (fflildi bolmyod him) kuuw iho 
pUooi fbr Jens ofUnliiDW r««orled Uiitlior nitb hia rlttviplos. 
Jadat tiiOD, aiUiF ihaX htt tind r«ooivod a haxnl of mcri and 
mamUn of tho Hl^ JVi^vln ami PharuDVH> t^aino UjIUjot nith 
IftOCm Bftd oYMotj and woJiponii. Thon J<«us, kDOwlog 
all thmga tliai ilmiJd como on him, iront forlJi and saTd 
naAo Ihwn, Whooi HHtk t«? They oniw^rcd hiia, Joaua 
•f XfturciJi. J«siii Skid unu> tbcm. I am ha Judaji elIio, 
which belnj«d tim, «tood vritU lh«m. But, as floon oi ho 
bftd Mid nolo them, 1 am hc> they ffcot ba^kirardf. and 
foil to the ^tind. And Uc ailctd thom d^^nin. Whom lOok 
jre? Th0/ uidp Jonu of NuAreLh. Jciu* ansircrcd: I 
Mhid ualo joo. I >jin h« : if than je tttk m^ lot tbe» go 
Ihdr iTftjr : ihit tl»» mjina miKhi l>f* fulftl!cd, wbifb he tpolu^ 
Of ihcm vhir-h thou f^nrMt mt^ hA\c I not lost one. Simon 
rMcr h«d a vironJ. and droff it. and Mnol« tbf> Lij^h IVirsL's 
icrrant, ttd oat olf h>a rti^hi »r^ The Bervaoi'a namo voa 
UiMm*. Th«fi «dd Jamia unto P^tor, Put up Uij Mirord 
IpAb the flhiftth : vriU Ihon not ttiat 1 thdl drink of Ibo cufv 
oijr Katkvr halh ;^iroii mo? Then Iba compiia^, luid 
bpCaJv and tlio u;iuBlon uf tli« Juws took Jtttua, and 
b o m d Un, and IW hiiu &>iiij ia Auuu ftr»i; for bo «a« 
filhg ia U« unto CnJpbUt nlucU wjtt Uio high FrJcal tfao 
HMt J0ftr< Caiphu irat bo lltft gavo countcl V> iho Jona, 
tlot k wat «JL[>nImttt Uiat ooo man should die for tbo 
pasplVi. Afld ^mon Tokr folbacd Jc«u)i« and Ein4)tb'?r da. 
ftpb: tb»t dnciplo biu known of tb« hitch rri»l. ind n^nt 
la villi J«R* into tho pat^o of iKa bi^b Priot: but P^rUr 
flood Ht th« door nubout- Thi^n ircnt oat tho oilier db- 
dpfer vhkb vaa knovn to tho bJRb Priest* and spako to th« 
daaad tiuU k«pt the door. iLud brought i& Pol«r. Thon 
wd the damicL tk>t kept the door, unto Potor: Arl not 
IfaoQ on« of tbia man'ft diu^plo« too? Ho donled XU and 
nid. I tm not. Hw oervanU and tho mioAton otood Umiv. 
■ad bad nwdo a Ore of ci^nbi, (for it ivu vuld^) and the; 
mnaod tktoM«|T<a: Potor ako Kood among (hcnt, and 

[qc. vuf , rRATftr^] 


TOtt PAWIOie. 


irarmcil binittir Thfiti tho hi^h PHat Baked Jnus ofbs 
diiciple^^ An^ (i( hU doetrittn. Jcsna juiswcrcd him : I ifttJu 
opQnU rn thi^ world, f (^vcr iMigbt in thi? syni^f-uoy Kid m 
lh« Uimplo, whtchr^r all iho Jom roturtuii. aud iii Bccrct hart 
I »aicl HAihing ! vhy wtkivt thau moV Abk ^om vWli 
fa«EU^I Tnf^, whfl-t 1 Ntid unto tlium: i^uliulJ, llior cul t«tl 
^hot T MEii. WhoD lie luui llius fept^Lvn, vav »( iIjo mnds- 
Um, ithirh Blood by, amoW J^biw uu tlrt iftCBt n^ing: 
Ann^iinyil thou Oiu IiikI^ iVinl no ? Jubui aQtfw*r«J faiv: U 
I hdf Q «vU ipokuu, Umu- wituun of otiJ : if I Ji^f a veil «p»fcfa> 
wb/ Bmitoit tliou mu? And Aunft^ ««nl him boaad un(» 
<^ipliftt tlio higli Pri«Ht. Simrjn r«t«r atood snd wmtd 
bimtoir And i^oj uii) udIo him. Art not thou oii« «f lii 
di«;ipl«« toof Da d«nUd it, Anil lAJd, 1 at not. On« of 
tho ««rTMit4 of the hi^h IVi^Att hU ct^tinn, vhou rar P«UP 
«niol« oiT, uiil nnta him : Did not I m tii« la tho girdM 
vith him? Peter dnmncf h JifEAin, elihI )mineififtt<-1f the code 
creir. ThMk led thny Jr^Miu from Caiphu Iftto th« hiH 
of judjimcnt ; it wm m the mornintr, and ihoj th«na«ha 
9«nt not into tKe judi^cnt linll, ]«t thoj thouM bo ddUoi, 
but tViat thcp* mij^ht oat tho Tju^hnl L^mb. FAaiA than wmI 
out unto thorn) und nid: VVb^t aDnuatioD brinf^ vou agumt 
thifl tnan ? Thoj ftit^Tfurf^O, and Miid unt4> bbi : U he ir«« 
&ot nn CTil door* wo vnulil not hAv« do1ivor«<l bim unto 
lliM» Th«n said TitiLtc unto thorn: Tftko yo bini, Afld jod|« 
lifam aftor your own law. Tlinn Iho Jowi^ xnij rinlo him: U 
H not Uvrful for us to put luiy nmn to iloith : tliav tho word* 
of Jeanft might ba fulliUt^d, which ho fipakcv ■t^iiiifjin^ vhiA 
dMth hQ should dio. Thi;n Hlatc ontorcd into tho jud^moat 
hull at^in, and Tailed Jcio^ mud unto him; Art llios 
tho King of the J«w>? Jhus <LQflwcr«d: Sty^i thoa tWt 
of tbriolf. or doih other tcU it ihoo of mo ? l*jUt* djinrdrad, 
A« I A Jc*f Thino ovn □atiou uut high THoita h«TO d«E* 
Tcr«d tho9 unto mo; what hcul thou dono? Jonia uuworod: 
Mj kin^iJom i« oot of thi« vorld: !f mj kingdom vero of 
Ihit yturh], thon idiould m^ Qniai«t«r« mrilj l^ghtj IhAt I 
•hoabl n')t lio dnlivnrod ca iho Jmn; hut now i« mj kSng* 
dom not from honor. PjTilIa jiaid nnto hhn : Art tho« * Kiftg 
tbenV Jcnu Knflirtrnl: Thrm uvjofit, thM 1 jun a Eiag; 
fi^r this caufio wjm I borti, and for this caoEA earn* T Ivto 
the world, tluU I thooTd b«sr witm^u unto tho trniK 


TDi VAtncnr, 


all thai m of Uiu trulh, liukr mj rcrie^ VWaio &%id nntii hiTn, 
Wliot ia tnUk? And whr^u his liad aud tlut, he went out 
Bgwi vnto Um Ju«v> ujd -suid uolo ttiiim : J tiud in bim na 
flHHt ai all : jre luiiru it ni^Luin, tliat 1 ihould doliTor joo ono 
kooM at BatUr; vill ;• llial 1 looiu unto yon Ibo Kinj; 
of th« Jew* f Thon cried ihtj all ogftiu. ui^irb^* ^ot liun. 
but Bttmliu : TliAt B^rretM wu a robber, TIihq l^daU} took 
Janit aad Kourgod him. And flic toldieri wound a crowa 
of Uiomi, ftnd put \i an bin hW, &nd did od hint a purpU 
pnvitM, i»d mU, IIjuI, kisg <)£ tho Jtwn; Aad tb«ii th«j 
mtt m Iriaicii tke fiu«. rdAio vcni forUi a^in, vid AfLid nnto 
iImv, BaboM, I bring htm forth ngnin to yon, that ja nfiy 
Iniow, Ibat I Itnd no Cwlc in htm. Thrm rAmf» Jmiu forth, 
woara^ ft ovwn of ihoni, und n tfif>o of puqtlf^ ; nnd I'lTjxtct 
Mpd nnto ihcin, Hdiu!d the w^a. Vihca ihc hi^h Prl^bi dnrt 
miairtar* nw hin, thej cHod, Myin^, Cmdfj him, rinjciiy 
him. FflateMud unto thom. Take yo him, anil crnr^Kr him; 
f«r I ind no oaiuo in him. Tho Jcn« ui»wrn;d him. Wo 
haro a taw, nad by tho hiw ho oofuht to din, b(rt?Ait5D bo oiado 
hinaitf tbo Son of God. Wbon I'ilaln licard tbjU mtih^, ho 
VM tbo moiw afraid, aod wen! a^ain into iho judicinoDt htXL 
and Mi ooto J«aua» Wh^nco a^rt thou? But Jt«oa |»ara 
ham no amwer. Hmd aud I'ihito ualo him, 8pL<jikMt tlifm 
■M «DCo mo? kaowett tbou out, that 1 haro power to tmdfjr 
Ihvo, and haro power to deliver Oioo? Jonn aii«w«r«d : 
Tbo« oOttUoit havo no |>ower nt all agniart mt. e^^pt If 
wart giTen tho« ttmn aborc: th«r«forv bo iW di^livfiri^l 
BO QOto Iheo haih tho more rin. And from t)}onrvforfh 
aoof^l FSbt4» agfOTM to d^lii^r bim, but ihoJo-wa crirrd, aayin^: 
If Ihoo W bin go. th-Mj arl not C^teu^'t frlond; far whMocTor 
tnakMli bfmwif a Kinf la a^n^t Onar. ftlira Pilato hoanl 
ibaa «jm^, bo braiigbl Jmiia (brUi, and »t Jovn to Hiiro 
OttBlaMo ia ft plaoo callod ibo J^romont, but in the Uvbraw 
^^^'H*'* It wan PaKho oven, alioul ttio mth hour. And 
bo aaid niUo the Jon, Bohold your Kb^:- But (hey cried, 
Away with hiao, awaj witb hioi, ViUlc uid unto tbom, Hh^lt 
1 cmcofy yow King ? T!io bJjth iVicOa antvcrod, W« hara 
oo biaf b«t Cnar. Titan dotirorod ho biui unto thotn lo 
bt cntdM- And they took Jona, and l«d bin> avr^y: 
and ha laro hi> croa^ and weni forth into a plaro callod 
Iba piaoB of d«ad men* trulii (whicfa la named to Hobrav 

6— « 


■ma JMafiH»i. 

<jo1g»lliA), when ihcy cruclflod him ; Aitd with him two other, 
on cither &ido one. nnd Jctiu^ b the midit, I'llato vrotd 4 
litlc, nnd pill it on tbf^ Crn^. TIiq trritirtc «!"> Jenn cf 
Nftiuvrcth, King of tho Jews, This tiUo rotui nvmj of tin 
Jnwii; fol* tho pIqcGh vhorti Jcaua wim cruaiticd. wu nigb to 
tha dty. Ami it was wrUtun in Ifubrufv. tiruuk, and I^iil 
Thou ^niil lliD higli PriofiU of Uio Jevra lu Filiito* Write not. 
King of ^tho] JavtB, but Ihat ho eaid. 1 sm king i>f Uio Jom. 
Pilato aiisworod, Whut 1 liLivo writt«jJt tlinl hjivo 1 wriUca 
ThtJD tho Boldjure. nlitin thoy had 4:ruvjilifd Jwtus^ took Ini 
t'^nnonCap inA made Tuur pirUi ta every AoldJar a pvU ud 
a]si> h\a couL Tho <;oal njt^ vilhoot toam wrouglit upi^a 
ttircugliout- And l\icj wd ono to Another, I^t da not d'mdft 
Ui but lot U9 cut lots, who shftll hnvc it: th-it tho vnf^ 
luro might bo fulfilled, whicJi aaith, Thcv pnttod mj raitotni 
among them, and on raj eotd they out lot* And tho 
Aoldiem did this in dead- Thf^ro ^lood by tko frosa of Jtaaa 
hia mother, and Ida motJior'.'t alatrr, Mary, tlio wifo of Cloophw, 
ftiid Mary Ma^dal^'no. Whon Jobii^ &Avr hia mother, uid the 
diujplo uljindirig whom lie lovisl. ho sAid unto bis motbfr, 
Woman, behold tliy iK'n. Then sud he to ttio dLtciple, Bo- 
bohj Ihy mother. And front tliat hour Iho dbcdplo took her liir 
hit ovrn. Aftvr thAt> whon JoHiie perooivcd lUI tiling w«ro 
porformod, thit tho aci'Vpturu raiglit bo foIAilod, ho mU, [ 
tbLmt. Tlicra stood ii vc£8q1 full of vinogar [by; tfaoA iby 
fiUod a Bpnnge with vlnogur.] aud nonud it abaut n itb liynop<^ 
ftnd put it to hiK inoulh. As sunn u Jcami had rocoirwl of lb* 
TuOgar. ho tUiid, U it Gnithod, and boirod his houd, and gaio 
Op tho ^'huBt, The Jews UicHi, bui^auso it iru tho Sabolli 
dTOn, thut ibo bodies should not rcmaiQ upon tho cvom oe iho 
Saboth day, (for that Sahoth day wm an high day.) boooghi 
Fllalo, that thoir logv mi^ht \m brokon, and thai ihey 
be taken ([own. Then cnmo the ftoIdiAra, and hralc^ 
log* of tlie finU uid of tho other, nliioli wa* crudflod with 
Joiuii. Rul. ulipn t>iey came to JwiUi and mw that bo »«, 
doftd nlroody, ihny broke n^c hU loga; hnl onn of iho anildierm 
with A Djwar tliruit him into tho iidn, and forthiTTth cam« 
tlier^ out blood and wat^P j nnd ho that law it hftrc romrd^ 
And hU rv^ord la true, and ho knnweib that ho Kuth truUi, 
that ya ntij^Ut buliavo abc. For ihoac things wero done^ tbat 
the ac[jpturo should be fulfiliod. Vc «ball not br«ak a botto, 





of bw. And a^uji auuLbvr «criptur« eaitb, Tliey bbxU ik-o 
hin. ttlioM iliov har< pici'CViJ. Afltr Ihftt JoeepL of Ar^nnt.- 
Iloft («liich wu ft diKfipIo of Jo»uh. but wcrotljr. for fear uf 
tke J««») bcwught niau/that he miglit Uk« dowu the body 
of JooM, And Pil«tn g:avo him Ucfmf!^ And Ihorn cwa« 
ftlso Nioodcniu, irhkli at iho bfgintung came to J(»iii by 
iiifhife and brought of myrrh and aIom minglod to^othor 
about Ui haodrrd jwund ircti;ht, The-n took th(*y th<s bodj 
of Jci% and wound it m IiTifMi cJoths triLh the odour>, ELft 
the mannor of llie Jeyn b to bury^ And in the ploc^, vrhcro 
JiBDi WM /ninfiod. ITU a f^rd«n, nnd in tho f^ikrdcn a neir 
■vp«lc2ir«^ itburcin niu never miui laiU. Thurv Iwd Uioy 
jMWt bwam of tbo J««s' 8eibutli wfjij fur (be wpulohra 
na Digkai bunJ, 

C Pnym^ o( Uvo I'ttsuon t>r oar Saviour ChriHt. 

m i mr I be tht TiAh«rytl^^ thti^n, auA tht hnly Ohnqt. 
lift M paha bim 4d4 vxkII bun, injtlil tciiliuol «iJ' 

AUffbly Oftd, our boavcnijr Father, Diy mCT-rry and 
goainaMJi bdaiU, and wiihciiit mrTLsuri^. It vmh tlijr morcy, 
tmd Po goodoMa tbat vra> in us vhrch motiHl thoo to Mad 
Into tb* vorU tbbie only bog'^ittcin otom^ !^on, to uko oar 
aaUu^apon bin, and thorcin to work tlio myiLcry of our 
raduiuptioa and julvation, acctjrdJDg u Uiuu badflt ap)KpioUdt 
a&d baibl apokcn Uforo by th« luoutLa of oJI tby Frophftta, 
wUdk word from tfao hcgiuuiif. Also Ic mna tby blcMcd will, 
tby morey a&d goodnon towordi us, that thy bcarcnly Son 
did wtMcT pcTMCVlion, trooblo, and advonity, [^ru] beirayed 
of bia own &H«kd and dlacipto Judoa. wai tmtoroiuly token 
ud car^M) avTBT to bo foh^Ij aocu*«d and nnjuftily con- 
4lBnod, (o be fvuclly hoit and wourgcd i nnd finally* inUi 
■•it teonful robukos, to bo put to tbo mOHt p&jnfal and 
tkamiM d«aUt, ibal dould* hurc boon duvisod. AU lljin, O 
baSTCaly Faibvr, naa dooo throngb thy mercy and bbrwod 

P Thtm P>«jrtt* c<f iLc r«Hioa irt (nimbvnd la tliv iilltuui of tlta 
Qmikam^ VM^iaA^miilym in tbv lAlIaof 1J4A, TlL«<1mria^ of 
1069 will la iDMi mstaiKn rIvd ibr <mi£LJul L«tm iif ull Lli*] Asllui^ins 
h«i5«m 9atfa m only c«0uj iu thii I'rincr nt nortccd wUb «a >*■ 

t* IM^n^^ Ik] 



Hill fur uur wtku^, &ot »iii^ to tuirttr ud Mlulj Uij juat 
itratb tiad nn^vv. wUidi we tij^ dvi«rv»il, botti for the oiwBowi 
of gur tirtl pArtriiU. And >et dAiljr du dMOrv^ bjr Uvn^nni- 
iiiff tlty bgly <,'uiikruani1in«[jt« { but fll«D to nnUrv tts igaia 
uuW liiy t*rftc<i and favour, lo enduo Ui vt^h thy U«Aif«nIj 
gifUi Umt wo iLLt^bt Krvo thco in bolincii fljid rigliwouuMH 
aU l^« daj^t of our Hfc^ Mid Snallj', to mAkc lu bj' tbo fir«4 
1>cjictil <if ihy dcaHv bdovod 5od*b pauion, ind the pric* cl 
)iU int>ftt prccioui blood, p^tnon witti him of iiU bfiok* ukd 
unspcalcEiblo glorj find bLini in benroo. Whorcfor*. h«k- 
Tcoly I'.itho'p we b«Mcch tliei: potir upun ua ^inc faolv Spirit. 
and mjkkc us in our tto^rU clujirly to S60 vad moat At^dfutly 
to bclicra tbU thine infinitft f^iusloua goodoAM^ aboirnd uid 
given unto us bj ibiuo own 8[>n mir Saviour Jmus Clirisi : 
>jid witb 1bi« boi'ief make uh to put nil uur oooliiIeD<w ud 
hopo of BHlvatioQ in htiu, whom tliou boat ftppobtoJ to btr 
OUT only llodflcmor and ^a?iour. Mnku us alwajr to randor 
nnUt tbofi uoet huiublo and boiLrty llioukfl for lUne infiOBi- 
prifhoniiblg luciry and ji^ocjituoii* towards lur. FiatJly. diaLo 
iiB t^ profess tbo douth of lliy dearly bulorcd Sua, m ro- 
nouAouig niid for^kmg oil mu, tluit wo may plainly Jippcor to 
riio with bim )a ncwnca of lifu. in HirbLogucncM, uisogodot, 
Utd oU U-uo h[>Uau». and aftvr Lliu life to rDi^n wiib him b 
ovvrbwliiig glory, Uoac uk. our beatculy btttbcr, for cor 
Lord J««U4 Cbm'B uke. Auien. 

Alniigbty' God. our hoavonly rnlbor, wo besaadi ibf 

^FaciouH goodnov, tluit libcwuo a« tby ouly b«^tton ud 
ihftriy bolavod Son, our Saviour JoRn Cbrinl, accordiag to bit 
bl(»icd wlEl bulTirrcd wjUin^ly doatb nnd bilUr pMtioD for our 
redoiDptioa ood lolration. hadng thereof forciiigbl and ccttain 
knowledge; bo in liko manner, nhonioevor ii jibAll L« tby 
pl«ft<aro to lay liko croft and affliction upon out- hxckt^ that 
w^ tnay aUo triUingly and patiently bear it, to the tmo trial 
of onr faitli agikiuiit th« Uttar day, and to ihy orerlaituw 
gjhrjr. TTMr tu^ our lioarotly F^ihvr, for our Lord Jeun 
Chrut'o uke. Amttn, 

*Oar* Sariour and Itodoomor, Jwi Cbnot. vrlncli b Uiy 

£1' Tito LtKbi uT litit Pnyvr »U1 W ftjoad ^ Uv OndnD of IMO, 
tetmnk tlw orul bf IW J^y^tfrn JVo/uifq^.] 
C IMS, Ot Jqo Clirlit. frtkidij 




kflt nipper irith Uilno AponlLes djJul <!v]jvvr> thj bkMod 
bodjrud UvKiuDdcr itc form of brvad Mtd uiuoi Grant 
«, wt b«w«ch thee, ever iledfuU; to boLove. uuj kiuiJIj to 
adCBOvMg^ tlijr bfiflit^ und almighiy po««r, ihy tuuuuipro- 
hiadUo bi« tovonid ui. and thit vo may tlna/ wurtiuly 
ranir* tlw no)« bleswd SucmtQcikt, according to tliy Luly 
arifUMWt Ihftt tliBirbj wc may obuio idctcmo of ftll ^uvd- 
wtm* in ooUj of aForil vilh ihM our bead, and, by tbuo aad 
ihy Apirit, wiih ftll tho comjiiinj^ of them lUal bo truly Ibinw, 
whidi bo ib^ Dfiirilual »nd niyMic^l ^ody, uid our >|rtHlitU 
aad Q i r wik n brethren. Rrv ua, our Saviour CbrUt, for tbiac^ 

Almlghtj God, our boftvonlj- Fnlhcr, whicli ■ufTorodit 
FvUr tJiy* ftpo»tlo. pmtiming uf biM ofra poircr. miaorably to 
ftULt BOt oolj i& Ui# danbl of liit inAdkr Cliriai for fzme of 
ftfi bttdmidd, but «l>o b fbniv«»riijff and cur&m^ of binuolf, 
if OTcr ho kww bmi: Grant u>, wo beseech tlioo, tautinfiil 
FmImt, thftt wo noLther prcMumo of our otra might «ud 
fo««r, bat, b<aag ift oar otm bf«zi« buuabU M>d lowlj\ know- 
lodfiof our own kArmity, fruity and vctknou, tuj ov«r b 
■U our wlurv recem ac tbj nighty band airon^b and 
tamUxit ta tbo u«c^bb» pcrformjucc <if thy boly luid 
bfctd wil3. Umt udp our tiiiar«uTy Fjilhor, for our Lord 
JWH CWvi'a ^«, Amen. 

0«r btoMod Safiour. Jau Cbrkt, vhich in that great hc*- 
TiMMtfthj loiiJ, and intolorAblo iafliiuh, nhioh thou lut- 
liinndri b<f«c« Uiy pMoo. didA f«U dom upon thy faoe ia 
ptmjrcr uaio tLj beavoalj KikUier ; givA ua grace uul the aid 
of ^7 boly Spiril, thftt ve likowiBO in fill li^nriueia of loindp 
ftod trMibl«» of ibi« world run everutore by teiobI burablo and 
loMoal pny«r uailo ibo Aid am) comfort of ttur heavenly 
Fatbor* HfV UK, our Saviour C\wU for Iby nomo's ooka. 

Akngklj God, oternol Fathw, hu do romombor. tlioi in 
ibe cuad*oiiation of ibiao o«u dearly bvlui^d Soj». ilmt wotL 
inaiwtf-t L4«b. our SaTlour J«au Cbmt. the jud|(0 did u^ 

[^ IttftaOVONvstB. Th«ljiEiii>-«iHcnta(Lj 

^ 1U&, Iby B^ Bke, Anvo-l [^ I4l4^. the •pr^H^l 

licinnoil- and ult tnith tJivro wns trojUon under foor, bU 
uurij^hlisjuania* did rvi^o, lui'I inuyownuj- waa cvodDmtiod. O 
uioHt gnuiouA Lord auU Kjilbur, |-nuit iiiiW our luvdi u>d 
ruJen, tltal Uig^ may uvur in ftU llivir jud^onU JU4||0 
acourdiQg ti> true jusLlcu uiid uqiulj, wjlbuut uorrnptknit pv^ 
lulUj, &nd wiutod dlfifijuiublion. tu Uiu vppruuioD of wicA:- 
odnOKt ftud tu tlio ijiAiiiLonanco of tUjr ovorlMtiug trvth. 
JQiticc, honour, and gbry. TIcar a». our boarenly 
for our Lord Jgemm Chnit'i nke. Acnon. 

D Lord God almighty, to wbom, uid b«fbfO *rbom« nil 
thioga are inunlfoei aeieJ pltun, irhidi eafTiJrmt not m *pam>« 
to llglit oij tbo ground without ^^^J providprico, nad wfaieh 
in times pjiat liy Ihy holy Sj^Irit didst guido ftur furrTfaAlim, 
AbraliAui. If^iuic tind JeicqIj< in thy patlia Jind vray«; and 
agiUDAt the goin^ of young T^by into it ^tr^ngo country lUdlt 
pruTuJo thy boly Aiigol uutl incswi;ger to W liis guiila : QtmH 
mo tliu djiy, mugt wrotcbod siiiDf^, whom by thy word itkOtt 
doJit ijucouTA^v t^^ call upon thoo in nil ilmo* of boiMlt «ad 
necouitioa. that T inuy hiLvo Lby* h^Iy Spirit %q lo jirtct 
my paibs und nays tViU day, nv 1 msy ttAlk acourdinj^ ualg 
thy godly ^iL] aud pluMurfi, profit of my uijigbbour, 4Pd glory 
of thy nwno; wliicb Wvnul and roignoM world witlioul ood. 

A pmyflT ttt yonr upry n^ 

Lord Jcftu Cl^ist* wliiub *rt Ibts wry brie^t mn of 
ihn world, over rUing, nevor fidllng. which wilh iHy whol^ 
nottin lofkk cngonJorcari, prnmrvijat, nnurli^wti and maknt 
jr^yful all things that nn in hfuxvnn find ivirib : Shine TjV 
VfiiimbTy, I bcscc^'h thfw, unto my spirit, that, Uio night of 
sins and Tuij<l* of nrrors Jrivou nway by thy inward Hgtit, I 
may walk nil my !ifn without ntanibUDg and offnnoo, oomolj 
W in t!ic day timo, being pura fruin tho works of darkncMiL 
Grant tliin, O Lurd. which TevubL and n-igticat with tho Kathfr 
and Ihu liuly (ihuet for ovcrmoro- Amen, 

\^ lAU, mfpTnynf . 1 

L' Ifrtf* Ihy bulf ff^lHt lo dliKto tbdllnisj] 

A pnovf Wbrc re 4E0 lo boL 

LonJ. vrhioli ut oiiljr ti<id, true, |?rao']oi]Et» and tnorvifiil, 
-wAunh conuaiAadevI IIkthi tliiU hrc ihj minti ttt out tvur and 

froo UiMQ, And lu Ga*l ii vu tliew. pruudaLu}^ mirai mor- 
dlbflj tbfi«l/ to b« Uivir pro^L-Lor frvui tLuir uiiuiQiud, tlicir 
r«f(ig« in (Ungrr, iheir gov«rnor la th» tU^, tlittr light tn 
dukiMa*, and tl>cir fTatc>imAa En' lh«t night aUo. n»T«r to 
tl6C|», but to Trtklch <!ontiTiujJIjf for liio prctorrlog of (hjr 
luiUb]: I bciwfh iboo cf iKt bountiful gno4!noiB, Lord, 
t> lapvo mc, frhcroin 1 hem oflTcn^icd thoo thi« dAjr, «Jid 
li> ncdvo me midcr thj pr^tccltAn tlii* night, UiAt I may 
rM b quitfius* bolh of bodjr nnd muL Grant mine e^ci 
detft Uit )ol minn hvurl iracth (Tt^z^iotutilLy unlu tJioc, tlint 
iLt imkncB uf tho iMx vauBO mo nut Ui oflvnd tlio Li;>rdi 
Lai Oft at ail tiai«a fvui liiv i;<>odn<M4 tuwurd tijL<, ihiit 1 bd ni 
aU ttam ttirrod to praum thwj lutv auid uartj aud ail uiid 
dajr thj ^nJM Im la lo j^ mouth, aud Jit imd uij>hl, LunL Ja- 
unci IP* b thjr judgmenla. Iliat, all tbo oouna of mj' lifu 
bauif Mia hoSiio«aii^ purilT, I majr b« induct' at !a>t into 
Um arfrliiliag raat, «btch Ihou bant promised by ihr morej 
lO Uun, Ibll «ti^ Ihr word, Lord : to whom be hoaonr^ 
prabo tad fivty fof ejtr. Am^u, 

A pnjTT inf 10 inift in Go^. 
Th» ht^nmitg of the fidi of man wju tnutt la liimMdf, 
Tb«i bfig&aiuag of th« mtorin^ of man [nax] dtBtriist in htni- 
mIT >Jm1 IniM Ulticd^ U KDUbl gmdotia aud moet ivurv guidoi 
our Saviour Chrbd, nhicb duet kad tLcrui tbo ri|^bt irnv to 
fmiftortal bliiiJa«iat wtuoh, truly and utifoji^iiedl; treating in 
th«a, coDMAt ihaiDHlna to Uioo ; Grant u*. llmi, IJto aa «o lu 
blind and fc«bU mi3«otl, to wo maj lako .ind rcfuto our«o1vut, 
that tro prcaumo not i/l oun'^Ncf, to mm ounclvcf, but lo far 
to KO, Chat alva^ wo xuajr have thoo before our cjci to faU 
biir thro« hdtif oar gnido, to be ready at thy cnll mott 
cbodMtljr, and to commit oanclvcd vbolljr unt^ ihoo. timt 
thoUt which onlj kno««at the way, majret lead m tho same 
way unto our hoiTeMly dcairM ; To thoe with Uto Fatlicrj and 
the Holy Ghost, bo flory for ercr. AfD«D. 

A rnftr Cbr iwlinirv in initlilc*. 
H«v Iu4t thou, O Lord, IwntUrd and ploclct^d mn doirni 

[* lUA, Hiihr Rich.] C*n«LadB!-ui^a«a&] flGI^I^iLU,] 



1 Aire non unnclh^ niAk« mj pmTon n&to thof, for tiioa art 
ftngry nith mo, but not nilhout mv dct^tvitt^^ Ccvtainl^, I 
hastt flinnocl, Lord^ 1 confess it, i will not deny ii. Bui oh, 
naj Qod, pardon mir tra^OKCS, retooeo my di^bti, rcbdnr nov 
thy p-fLc^e A^ain unto me, aiof> my wonnii*. for I ua nU-io* 
fiUgiiod niicj btuttcTiH Vet, Lorili ihu i^uiwittuludiiiK. lAbUo 
patiently, vul give miiic Atleudanoo oa lb«^ vouiinutlly 
wiuLint; for rulJof fet Itiy ^ituttl. and Omt uot' filthuut akiU : for 
I Ljitu received a, tekeu uf lliy futuur eluJ j^nuM tovardi 
iuu> L mtuia Ihe word of prouiiotr cuaubroiiL^ Chrutt «bo f<v 
luu vas uilurud oa the CVoM fur a nuMou), » Wionfiofl^ lad 
privu fur my bIeia. AV)Kir«forv. accordmg lu ilua iby ivOviMft 
dofdud nje, Lord, by Iby riglu liuid, And git« a grftcwu* w 
to my re<|ui?«lft; he ihoii my stiLy in pcnU, for nil man't M^yt 
SLTft Lui vAio. Jjent down, th(?roforc, mine cnemici thio* o«& 
■elf niih thy power, which art mine only udcr and pr<it«C40r, 
O Lord God almighty. Amen- 

A iimycr ri>r CDCconl of Clirist't cliurdj. TWxu ixvElL 
ArijO) Lord, li^t Ihiuv vnemioH bo fcattcrcHJ, thy lialcn 
put to Ilight : the rlgtiteous and ChrUt'a duclpin luaWo plott- 
■aut und mr>n-y. let tUvm giiig prai^i^ and plc?a«aa| ^jag^ uolo 
tbu^H let th«m Muw abroad thy tiiagnificvnoo, Ivl ibtiu mo«A 
Lighly ayance thy majtety ; let tliy glory grow. ]«c t1i» kiog* 
dom of Chmt frnm heaven among iliu clio>i>n b<^ anlarg«d : 
lio thou the faliicr of fhe falh^rlc&s, tho Jiiilgn of tho vldova. 
and tho protector of thorn namely' vboro tho world brMk«di, 
nhoM eonsi^icnfCK be troubled, nhom tho world pumictfi for 
Christ's aaVti^ which ho noody aiid trmppod full of misery- 
In thy houoo, O Lord, let ua dwuti in peace nod ooTicord; 
gxiiv UB aU ouo liuart. uim mind, ami truo iiiturprelatiuii npun 
thy vturd, l'Jui.'k ufTtl^o haudu ua wull from iho cuoAdcncos. 
IMS from Uiu hodiu* of ihv uiinurablu utplivuir &ud of them 
alfio, ttliiuh us y^l btt hudf^od m Kilbin Uiu IrtiU of d*3alli^ and 
tiuiid\iBud]y eLrive agun*t graco. How dry, Lor^, d 

P UoBoth : nanvlr, hsrdly, Tha Ltlla :— yii.] 

I* AU'lO I altojpotbor I'ht; I^tin a— qu3a plnyU vcrbcribuqat 

I* Tljr LftNni^^iioii •invciuiLj 

[^ TheUihii— fuaibDimonlh PawULft,} 



of IhiMT bertUg* ! I praj tli«o, pour dowu liu-i^uly Uiq 
m of Htj grw*; lot a moro pWtouiu fmil'tduuiu 
ki Ukj poopio bo itron^thoaod with Uijr >?]]irilK 
itf, LoHL thr word ibaudjiuidv, lO that thertr mav b« 
Auy prcjbchcn of thr ffospal, nhich maj vitb [Id] tbcmicUoft 
hotiXj coQKporc And AHrce^ Lot thy churoU, tb« tpoiuc of 
Cbrvt, disil' brge tpoil* of the conquered Piian. AU l^at 
IB Uwo bj ChrLsl, L&rd God of health, inoimhc* 
thc# vp irith prwH««t roouf^bt renown tbe», Hiid extol th^. 
W« Im «aUr«d bio Iho Toy«g« of nWntioa ; condtirl u> 1tieb- 
TljT tioto tfco port, lh*t, Ving (iMlvopfld by t>n''' frofii tho very 
r 99 MMJ MC&pA and rome U> the vf^ry llf^:'. Tinuh Ibn 
that thoQ bAU b«gnti in VS* make lu in<?rRsuc tVom faith 
fUlki Imt» vt oe( to our own wUl imd choice, for it i< 
'tfipfiery ud rowly to &n. To tho thuodorb^lt* of thy iroi-d 
piU Tioloneo. Ib&t wo may giro Iho ^lory to ibco only. Oito 
|tD tby peofda counf^o uid power to nithitoad mn, imd to 
>y llij vord in aU tbiop. C Uod moat glorious uid 
over all. Amco. 

A pnrtr iflAliut the tncmicA of VhriM'* InUtt PiiJjn -ckuU' 

DeliTcr mc, I»rd, ffom tho tinf^odly and stifF'n«dked 
pcimofii, far thou bomi bow in thoir hL<ari0 tboy imflfrinu n^ 
ducf, and b&io ^^fvai pl^uuro to pick quArreLs : tbuir tongOM 
more t2urp tknn any adder's Bting, and itndtir thoir 
Itsrketk poisoa of add<)n. iint, <> uiorr^ifLil Lord, hi mo 
not Ikll into Uirir bAudi», that they haiidio mu not aflor ihulr 
lost*. 1'hou ordy arl my Uod, tboa uiiul hoar my 
|4unt. Lord, tliut rulwl utiogotbar. thou iui tba 
[ill aiid |iow«r vf iu,v d«func#; b« ll>ou at a Ralot" oq 

I, whvuaoutvr tho ung^MlIy ihall a»KiuIt mo; aad^' puffer 

Xkot tW vkltod tbiu to proipcT in tbdr matlcn, »u^ 

\liat tJboir crooked uid nulicbui itomackB to inrreaw, Aiid 

•pitofutly roTiJe ihee. Look upon the poor wrelf-ho*' C4U*o, 

aod rid uc out of thc«c dally griotaiQoet: th^n thuU [ wUh u 

f DmI: AHd#,«[iwlnjihaKl 
h IMl^OlofdeOvdJ 


right trp heart &nd ft1ofi«ant onuntj^nanfc ^xtol and TOOfpaij 
ibj Ijoly name, Am«n- 

* A|inyBrtokGii]i diu tuuLfur, luii) lo nch^w tliu inkcliuu of the «cq1& 

To ihoo I cry, Lnrd, hrAr mo uponilily! lot my prajror 
bo u> & twccl tni^to and nnvotir m tlij prcstnco, iui4 ili« lift- 
ing lip of mmo iiiuid.i 03 on oTEuing Biurrlliuo- Lvrii* Mi ft 
Wfttch ivbout my muuth, kcirp m; lip^ uiid my luui^o «bo, 
thnt tliQy HiimU [latliiug amUa* (of Uo tiiu uii^oJlifp) but tbal 
tboy call puri^Iy aad hsarlily upon tliov, juid ruporl tbjr 
vrorttiy praifoa. Bovf not. my LeiarL to liui alior 4iv3, nor to 
fvlluu ihu Ikabiun of the wiuked jldJ aUumJaiUrle tmai^rti Um 
1 luppt^tk to clout ujy wkkcdae&s uilh i^tlier fina, m hjp^ 
crito* do. Let mo Lot lire^ &A tijoj vfoutd have mo do, bol 
nttbar, M it «biill bi>3t please t]j«e : l<:t mo not Approve noiih«r 
tMt ctmtaaU nor tlioir OccjIa, though tljCj/ cjut nOTOr fo 
godly a Bhew and fAii- fooe to the world. I^t m* not 
hojirkcn 10 the tidnga and swret baits of tho ungodly, whidi 
couiuel mo to flllhy and un-'leon things; but rather, let toe 
gym good car to the riglileoiu and godly mjui, though he 
aharply <i(irri'ct iiTiJ rhidc m^. Let mo (duray hawi n r*«dy 
oyu tuward theo onty, in ^leo to (mat, and to iLpply royiolf 
unto thot!>. Cnat not nvay my soul, neither Buffer it not to 
pfrriBh. Koop mo, tliat 1 bo not tangled wkh tho nanrctdf 
tho ungodly, aiiiI from ilio privy traps of inubuiouH ppnoTu 
nro mo, Dufond mo, Lord, Ihrou^'fi thy grtt>o; for in all 
our oirn dcvlcob aud work« can nothing bo found uuro for n 
to truft upon. 

* The pmycr ofuif c^ilrt, KoordioA t« th« firna of DAiI<r, vHun b« 

«*B« bill ia Hid oivv. fWiu .cxUL 

With my voiro 1 cry to thco. afore the© 1 op«n »y 
lamontAtiomi, in thy bosom 1 dlftclooc tlio secret word of xnuio 
hean, my dolor* and ^o& 1 »hew unlo thoe ; mine boon li 
oltnont Uhfi lo hnwt^ i»o groftl in iny di scorn forture'. Thoa 
knowoat all' my fwlii-inn, T-onJ, Aod ihou seert well enough 
how the ungodly Imvo Uid their enure* for m^ Lo, I oM 
mbe «y« ou tliiK Bido and th^t iido, M well on my fii^udi u 

L* tiMt : bunLJ 

P Tho LtttSn r-^nmnn nkon* njco*.] 

oa ^ kindblka, M nil in rtun; none d" th«ni nil holpcth nuL 
Aad iguiv I awiDl run ilti^j, 1 uni bo laden ikii^l oTcrvlini';:^^ 
with irooi. O LonJ, luj mukvr and yuUior, tivw ufito iZico I 
«rj; tboaarl vino <iiitf aljol uooW*. dnToiuw aai|bi?Ip. Tbou 
■rt mj portion u-ud licriUgO in nil cvuutrice, jva^ I butt; noao 
other po0MB»u but Lbo4 oal^. Ti> Lb«u Ibt^niruro I fiUck 
Altogulbur^ knonbif; «»rlnJnl;r llj&t noUung an go uuin wiib 
Bit CottuJvr tii«o m/ UoQ«nuU« ccn)|i^uni; beboldi bow 1 
■■ lov brought from tho ctu«] punae^ vhicb be oiuch mora 
of po«tr tban I iiDk. Dofcod mc, nnd* delirer oio from tbift 
prwoa ud borriblo fnu" of un and de^ib. that 1 may ict out 

ibjOBHiab AH the ■UQt»« mttgU angels u nxcn.mnkv suit for cao, 
dointig Ibno for mjr comfort Tbi^j «hiU not conae unt3 ih^j 
ttD ihcir request : I Tn<^nIl. nnd1 thoit rorpv^^ mo my bids, 
Mtad mo Mftnrori in tbi4 diatrm, iRitb p^Lticnco and lorrj*- 
This cmra oblninrril, tlie godlj folk alinll ftirak 
Unwc mv, Bad <twU not atini to ^ivo tbo« tbanlUt vihvn iboj 
ftBV, lb>t thou riddoit xd& r>rib of ihoM dnDgorv, lo ibo bi^-h 
praiifl of Ibj nnmo- I,ord, bo nioj^iful unto u», Lake ]>arl 
witb M, tbnn ihall wc for ovor lift up Jind inA^Euf^ thy glo- 
rioua nun*. A moo. 

t^ord, bMT my prayer, roc<nvo my vuppljcatlon, hoorkon 
lo my pUat for tliy ri^liteousnov. Tiy nut ibo Iaif with 
thy WTTBOt. for truly then iJukU no living miui bo found ua- 
^mUy : yon> not ono of lliy Munta ^lould omajKj <^uU at tLy 
Itfp obIvi tbou grnnt blm thy gnuioos pardon, intouiuch 
OTOO tbo vary An bo not puro ind Jwdtlci* nfora Uico, In 
Iks ugt^ thott fovndMt va : riow mioo onomiet bunt for 
mj •oo). they boM and driie H down, tboy thnut it bio 
Atfk dnogooni, «bero r«lona (dnriot nod rondoTnnoJ to 
daili ««ro wont to bo lG«pt My bprnt is eorrowfol, my 
hMTl U ht^rj &nd Md mthin my brrjut: to ihoo I hob! up 
my hKudt, r«qi:(Lr{ng of tbne mon^y. For^ Ukc Ai Uio dry 
gronod blBg«th for n idinwer r^ ruin. u> my pout thinkolh 
bo^ liU it haTO thino help and nimour : Iwnr mo apocdlly ; 

t' no 'rlhii min MMhor^ ^SW wKdi^r' u wluu ninDft dom 
cdl 'thnt4BAM;*lti« atiTtfigtflt 4nd mMt tnu^ AHbar, tut^ oakly'ln 
«Bd fdrt«w MATiny wAthpn.^ 



if iboii 4)0 oott I am in despur, iiij~ spirit a hU ire*rj^ of Una 

bnniia^o. I Ljivc bid my lifo farancU: wher«fLin}, O (kd, 
hide tM ihy raL«, ibat I bo not liko unto iIiom tb^ be kurM 
into tliu pit uf liAtunfaicin. Afl^ t^it atght of luiMTj otvt* 
pimeO. hi t1i« plauiutt iDomJng t>f coiu^rt luckkl/ itibt <tt 
mi/, Ihftt by ^ timo I vuij hoir oncl fed tbv goodnw*, fior m 
ti]«« 14 nJI my iruit : pcnnt* m« the vat, Ibii 1 >]ibU wtOc b; 
for. if ihou bo not my guiJ^, 1 mxist ncfyii wander ind itmy 
OQl cf iJie wky. To ihce, Lord. I lifl up my »oti1. jukI th»t 
with all my h^art: I bcflpcrh tho«» uVe tn* forth of min* «i«» 
miDi' ban<i4' Thou only art my vui^four acd i&Tegiianl^ ToKib 
tno to irorU whAt?o«Ter «1i]v1L bo thy pl«uur4t; for llioq ftft 
my God. Let thy good Spirit condaci me into iha Uiid of 
the livinf^ : f^conrago i»y spirit for thy mune'A nkti: forth 
of nil thoM troubJoH, for tfiy ri|?[ht«riiumaH, doliver aoL I>o* 
«trf>y miTi44 oni^miofl, an thou Art grAoiun* uid fiiVOunbU l4K 
Wftrdc nio. Those, lliftl will work mo Kirrov And grief* pln^ 
forth i^f Iho way ; fi^r I am thy MrrvAnt, ukil for tbj 
tOfftr ] aU thiri bnrl; burly, A> thou art (vod, vo b«]p 
mo. Amen. 

Thou, O f\nr God, jut cwiwt, long KufFcring. and troow Aad 
irith mercy ordmrvi ihoii aH ihingi : fcrr. if wo lin, yet ue «• 
thino. fir 1T0 know thy f^rmtnOM. Tf wo m not, th«Ti ore ve 
mro thdt VJih thoo wi: bo Einowod : for to know tliM is ptw 
f««t rtghtfouanow. y«ft, anil to kfiuw thy rigbloouinnoi unl 
power is tho root of immurtaTlly. 

In wort tlw pnytt of kina Am, Si, r*F»lipoLi*r-f n\ 
r,ordj it Ift all ^no with tbci) to lirip thi^m, Ib4t hikxo need, 
with few or with many: bdp tm, O l^ord our (rod; for v# 
iruat in thrr, and in iby name bo wo oainu n^ainrt this miilll* 
tnd^. Thou art iho l^urd our Godt Ie^I no mua prfr^ 
ngnlniit iho^i. Amon. 

Tlitr' \'T%yn of Uulmmh, kui|r of JuJl iL Panbiw. lzxtL 

l^drd almighty. God of our fathen^ Abrvhuo, 1 

•ad Jai-ob, and of ttio juit wod of thoro, wtiidi hast mwie 

[* The Idtio I— nuUH.] {} ThaLUini-t^Datitat.'} 

i" fire tile ODla <A Ibb Pnyrr, utA on Iht InllMriDE pA?<>«£« of 
■criptnn^ wTxvq ihcj aocot iu Lsliia, m Cho Omfnvi of tAU\J 


bMra tftd carlh, «ith aft ttic omuinetitB tfurrfior ^h'lch Tioit 
OTT|juti*d tbo MA bv the irard of tlijr cummiLniliTicnt. trhtch 
kM« dwt up tho d«cp> (Uid hut lodod it for tliy fnHul and 
hakUiie nuw* drad' Eif all mvn, ainl* huuuuriLljIc liuforo tli(» 
&CQ uf thv pover. Thj fiurcu uiu^T uf lLrMt(<iiin-; is nboTU 
weMVO beAvj bo nimani, but tliu lacvrcj cf Xhj prvoiMQ uk 
gmt wmI oHMrohBUo: for tbuu &rt Ui« Lord Gtjd uiuit high 
ftboT« JX Uio eartb, long nrtTvring, and cjtcettdinglj' uioruiful, 
«nd MVTj fur lb« Builic* of moD. I bAV« provolied Ibitio 
■. and h*to do» qtU Wor« ihMi m commitljng abotiiint- 
•od ii]ulti|i(jtag of off«noM. Aad now I hew tbo knou 
«f 105 h^Mi, tt^oim^ gw>dn«<« of thto, O Lord. I hcivo 
momed. Lord, I hATA nnn«U and know my Viokodnfitt t 1 
teire tliM by prajfr. O Lord, forj;irc mo : O Lord, for^ro 
nm. Mtd dcslroj mo not with mine iniifaitz<rf| nHthor do ihou 
aJw>.j mnanber mj otiIa to punUh tb<!m; bul mtc mn 
(vhiidi ■■ QmrtiTiHir) tifUrr thy j^«t iriunyi and 1 ttj.11 prauo 
UiW enrlutiogl^, all Lbe djijra of mj lifo: for all ibo poirer 
of hMT«B jpniMdi ihte, ttnd onto tboe bvton^elli glor^ irorlij 
iritliool end. Ai 

Tl* untlM of JiA tn hia mml Arfevoni kJTCfiitlA And Ioh of giudi^ 

Xftkod nmc I out of ir^ incihor^ ttombj and nakod fkhall 
1 rriam ajpln. Tbu Lord g^rt^. rtnd tbu Lord liaili t4j£«n 
ftvitj; aa it tfttiki pZouod the L^ird, ao h it duuti : ii4» bloMcd 
bt tko njMTT of tho Lordi Amtn, 

A pt^fr tt niemnj. nirmnv .ifiL [14, 17, IB-l 

Ilial in«, LonI, sad I sbalJ bo wbo1» ; ulvo tliou mt* 
■ftd 1 Aknll b« Mi«d; for ihon art mj pnujc. Bo not thou 
tambia usto mo* Lord, for tZjou art )'c in oliom E hope, 
vkiB 1 am ia poril : hi my pcnccutor* bo confonndod, I'ut 
sot »*; thoD vkaJt bring apon tfaom tho Inne of Ihdr pkgue^ 
tad lAuH dortroj tbom Hght kcq. ArooOi 

A r^V ^ Uknoij. IIkKiD7 .Ttjd { 10, lfi.7 

O Lord, Ihon hatt r^wtUinM tnti, nnd thj rhiutJ^nin^ hav^ 
T rwifod, M na untamni calf. Convert thou mc, imd I ;Ha1I 

p DfffhI. Ceo. n^ w. ^tl r«iLv& t.13,1 
P llBldtlo:— vtiraooMn vvhaTfnolbtQBb] 



bfi ooDTCETtod; for tliuu arl m^ Lord G«d ; $or, aa won aa tbm 
didtrt luru ii>u. 1 rupviitoJ tnjTMlf; ftad wbtta I uotovlvoil, 1 

Two thing? t rciqiiit^ cf llico, Uint thou «il3 not dcnj nw 
bofaro I die. K«inava &um mu vuiilj^ and lio, i^to ae nei- 
ther bcggnry nor ritEu's* only frnnl aiv a nonrflury iiiingi Ici^ 
if 1 bu too full, I EiJigLtt liupiv Lid vuliuud U> ilvuj lUoc. aad 
Bay, Wbat fullowis tUoLonlf or^ootMUiUiiodlltrougti potartj, 
I tnii-lit TilJ uuto at«jiJi[^^T vid Cc» foTtwoAr tlio oauiu of mj 
Qod. Amcn- 

Gatt of our fftihcrs. aiAd Lord of mervj, thou ihftt luM 
mrkdo aU thmga vriih ihy word, and ordained nuun tbrongb iHj 
ttiiJomt Ihat tic sliouM hnto dominion over the creifttiurei 
ttliioli rhoii li^-t mride, thiit hi^ dltuuld order ikv »cM accord- 
ing t'> ti^uilj' itud n^litconanoFH, and ctccutir jud^mirnl witli a 
true hoart; giro mo wisdom, wliidi ia «vcr above' thy Mni, 
And put nic not out from ftiiion^' tliy children; for I thj 
MTTftnt, And son of ihy handinfiid, am a foebia poreon of a 
thort timo, and loo young to Ibo nndcr^LLnding of thy judg- 
mont and lam : jea^ thoagh o. man bo noxor oo imvAkI 
among the childron of won* yel, if tJiy witdom bo not wiLli 
him, ho aboil bo nothing wcrLh. Oh \ Mud thy winkim out 
of tby holy boATon^, Aixd frcm tho (lirono of thy tnajcaty, 
ihski »bo may be with mo. and labour irlLh ni«, that 1 may 
k&oiT irhftt LB ofcoptaMo tn tliy eight. For »ho knane^h and 
nndentandoih a1) ihingn, arid sbe nhall t^tmdnH tno rfhl 
soberly in my worliA, ar^d proacrTC niA in her pov«r. So thaJl 
my fforkfl bo aco«j>lable. Amon. 

Tbo f^yrr of JcHv iha ahii of ^ymch ia p»vmiilty, «nd fovwiaiilaD, 

Ktrlp, llir U*l chsi^ 

I thAnk thco, Ixird ajid King, and projw tboo, O God 
roy Saviour ; I vill yield pr»ue« unlo iZiy namv. Tbou 1ub4 

[■ IU\ aboulo Ihj M4t. Thv Laiini— •cdluin luimuu Kfeidikcilk) 




lelivcred mj- hodj from dfl»(rucliuo ; for iliou art my il*fun(l«r 

vid bc]p«r from the »narti of tho f^lio tc^nguOi u;d fzijiii iJit'iu 

tluit Arc occupied ic Uc«. Thou hut b«Oii mjr helper fr^m 

Bocb Bl* ro)0 B^inst lac, %ud hoit dolivcrf^ roc according to 

[Ihj ^rcitl merer, and for ihy holy Tuimc** laVo ^ ihon hwt dc- 

ItCivi] me from ttio roftrinjf of ihcm iVrnt prppiurd ihemidTC* 

devour mo, out ef the hAntU of luoTi u nought Aft4?r mj 

[UAv from Iho tuoliitudo of ihem that troubled me, nnd irent 

tftboQt Lo >0t fird upoQ mo on everj ftide, to tliat I vni not 

|br«ot ia the tnida of llio flro. From thu d«i>p of lioll thou de< 

fliTVTMkl BO^ fVom iho unchiMi toitguo, from Ij^iog wordfi, from 

tlM «kk«d judg^ and nroia Ihe uDrightootu toojfue. Mj 

ihaD pww til* Lord uai^ d«ath* for 105 Iifo drtf*T lugb 

bftll downvflrd. Thoy comp»AMd mo rouod alout oa 

•mugy «idc, and there mui no maa to help mo. I luolced &bout 

I if tberowero Any man that would nccour mo, but there wu 

Then thought i upon ihj morcy, O Lord, aad upoa 

thy aeis iJiat thoii but done ever of old; immcly, thai thou 

i^Uwfii anch u put xhc'ir tniil in iher^. rtnd nddnt thcin out 

«f ihe frnttdt of thf filic Tdynimi : ihux lifted I up my prayer 

from the cvtiv <Lad prayed lor dfJiveranoe from death ; I 

.cdhd QpoQ hhe Lord, the Tath^ir of my Ixird, that he trould 

kot Wfo me nithoct h^lp in the diy of my troublo, nnd ui 

tlio limo of the prorndi I will pnisQ thj nAiDO oonlinunUyr 

■ jriJdipg bonour and ihuilu unto it, and eo my prftytr u. hcAJiJ. 

Uran MVMt OM J>on doBtruotion, and doltrerwl m« from tho 

aafigbMooi tkaO' Thoreforo «iU I hnovvledg* and pnuM 

LtiM^JUld atanev Uiu uame of t]i« Lord. When 1 t>m yet 

yoDOg, or **«r I voul ttflU-uj, I dourcd nudom openly in 

my fvaycr : I c»ai« th«refor« boforo tho templo, and 1 tc^u^bt 

It very bvily, and 1 will H«k fi^r it to mj lut hour. Then 

U iovufa tmto mo, aa a gmpe th^it ii loon iiptv My 

leui rf}o«ood ic H; then wont my foot the rif^ht way : yea, 

my yfmth lancht T ifUir it, I bowed down mine cor % 

[Bule, aad rcociTTil 1I; 1 found in mywif much wiedom, and 

greatty in it. Thrrefora will [ g^ivo iho glory tinto 

bn tbM girfdi me wsdom, for 1 am ndrlAod to do thorMflor: 

1 win bt JMloitt to deare nnto that Ea good* so ihall I not bo 

fonadad- Uy sout hatli wreetloii with it, and 1 have b««a 

to ba oonifaad iu it^ I liftod mlno handa en high; 

mm mj eool tigbleni^d Uirough wiMlom, 10 that I Icdoin 

[ill), aUff. nATBBS.] 



tcHf^ my fuoluhciea : 1 vrdered in^ »ou1 flfUir \U X foand lifff 
m cluurmoH, 1 Iiikil mj bciirt tu it from tho baginnio^, 4Dd 
(ht'rororo bhu.ll I not be foraak^ii. Mj heart Lon^tb thtf it, 
luid tliorofora I p\l .i g<Kid treafture. Tiiroogh >l Ui4 Lo*d 
tjitth ^\soa urn » nnw tongue, nherewiih I nill prii» turn. 
Oh I corne unt'/ me, ye unlearned, ftnd dwoU id the hoiOM of 
di»cip1tn«; witbtlran not toot ««]t«s fr<iTa tt but common of 
Ihono ibingi; for your »od1i arc very thirsty, 1 opWitJ my 
mouLli and ipako^ Oh I c^mo and buy triadom irithout moooy, 
and bow doirn y*up ixmIc under her yokr, and l«t your iddl 
rcccivo ducipline: it ii ^ren at hand, and rn^dy to ba found. 
Bdiold «ith your «yc«(, how I hare had hat little 1•b1^or, wid 
j«t hnTA mtioh r«t. Oh I rMelre irMom, and j« iliall 
rcf^ivo p1(*nfy or ?itv^r and gold in your poaiEiMion- L«l 
your mind rtjvico in hor moroy, and ho not Aa]tanii?d of licr 
praiflo: work your work Wtimofl, and hhe iWl giT© yon 
your reword in duo time. 

A pnyu tu iii>«k tlu nvnl of OtA htUlj^ Aot* it, [S*-^*] 

Lord, l)iou Avl Gudp which hjut inodo hcareu Mkd «rtk 
Ch* MBt and nil tluit in ibcui is : whiah by tho mvotli cf Ifay 
MTTlAt David tuul ufd, ^Vhy did iho Htfiithou roj^o, ntid tbo 
pMplo tTU4f;iua raXii thicgv? Tho Itin^ of tbo <arlb atood 
up, and tbo ru1«rt cMJit tog«thor agfumt iho Lord, ftnd 
jigaiiL«t bin Chriit For, miroly, a^nut thy Iraly Soo Jmv9, 
wlmm tlu'ii hut anointed, both n<Trt)Li &nd aI*o pDOtlu* 
l^iktc. with the PaynimK and tlin poapZc of lariol, gathond 
th«ms«]TiM tcijicthcr, to do oron whfttflfiercr thine h:;nd» and 
thy counbol dd^rminod before lo bo dono- And nam. Lord, 
buhoiU Ihoir thrcnlonin^, imd (^ront unto thy vcrTont* lo 
RfMHik tliy wurd with nil oDntidenco, nud thut ihou wih Hlrctch 
furlh thiuo h^Lud, lo ibo int^ut that hoalini;, «^^, and 
wuiidura, luuy bo duuo by Lhu riumti gf thy holy ^n Jcu>s» 

• A 'pmypT far tlip pHuv of (h* Chuivlt 

LonI iltiuis ChHflf, whirh of ibinn ^TinighilnM* rnad««t all 

r* Thl* l^nyi-f will litf ruuiLcl n4(idu in tliu Bwb ^ ChrbUm Pn;v« 
Eivmiu uv die UD^or of h i uc hb Prtaitiattr* uJi^ifrif, i<i>. US— 101. 
Tlut iLLtlo «rjrU atjpr*^ ui Iiav« Ihvo ItrMi publinhr-l, ^ thr- nw ftf ■ 
jonn^MDnJ, ln1Aafsjii«t bcf^TTbJjo^o Jcftth, otuJn d**Uiiv 'apud 




hcAh Titiblo And inTisiblfr ; wb]<;b of rJij godt^ wiuJom 
gorenkvl Add •ctuct uli ihjngM in moAC gondLjr orrJrr; which 
«f lUiM ii»|>«Jkkftb]« g<»odr>«*i koqiftt, Jorrad<t4i, and fur* 
iLwBl* aJ] U^og«; irlikli of thy d«ep merry KUitorobC tho 
d«aij«d, m«ir«at Iho f^lon, rwfJit tho <l<vul ^ VoiiclnafA (no 
|V4j ihM) ftt hut to CA»t ^own thy oonnConiuico upon thy 
«<«ilI-Mvr«d ifwnft^ the church; hut hi it bn ihnt nmiahlo 
and sMTcJfn] «oantrnanfo» wherewith thou ]>mHr«t nil things 
pi b«ftTani in oorth, nnil whnt^HVBTtr n above hf'ATon nnrt 
■id«r thn ooilh. VoiicbHoTo to cjot uynn ua thn<*? tondor 
nd picifnl eytv* with vhiclL thou t^ncc diiUt hohold roter, that 
gnftt aiNfihcrd of thy clmrchp ntid furlhivith hn rcmcmborod 
lii^Mlf, 4nd repented: w)tb vLkh oyc^ Ibou ouco did^t 
flaw the acfttlorcd multitude, and wort moved wUL (^QUjpnJt- 
ttou. UibL lor Udt q{ % ^vml shepherd, th«y wicdorcd, a* 
•bMp diip«ncd »od slrvycd uuiiiigr. Tligu Km*U O good 
Sbiphiwd* tbftl «umdry tcrU of wvUct hafo brokeu into thy 
of whgm every c^do cnoth, iler« in Chri»lp hero 
Cbriri. 90 thatt if it w«ro poMible, tho ¥<rj pofwl par* 
•hooU b« brod^t into etror. Thou lont with what 
villi whaA waroa, with what ttoruu, thy' uly i]up ia 
ihf thip, whertiii thy litLlo tlock in in p<^ to bo 
Edrovn«d; uid what u now kft, bnt tbtit it utterly i^k, 
wo all pcruh? OP thiA irmpat itnd storm wo may 
oar own wickMntvi and nnfnl tiWng ! we cipy il 
wfrU, and confteit; «« capy thy nKhtfouaoesa. and [bewjul 
•or own uDrsfhloomneai ; bnt] wo appeal to thy merey, wblc'h 

ig tn tho pttJm of thy prophet) aurmonntolU all thy ^ "''■ 
* vo koTO now auffercd muoh puninhmrnt^ holaff HOmcd 
•0 maay wan, vousiJiiied with such Jchwh of gooHv, 
Willi u> ViUky vorla of diiaastv and pwtiknccs. ii>tii):cn 
[vi&b mt tpany IWK feared witii eu mi^uy ilraii;-o ugLU 
b— Tooi and yvi appwr tljurs uu wiicru aijv bavvu ur 
[port unto 00. honig thuM tirvd and forloru aii]ongr.t *i> hU&n}-o 
[•tb^ but aliU oi^ry day ui^ro griavoun puniibr»iint«, oud 
•MUi to liaiif otflr our lioad«. Wo compUlu not u( 
tbj tharpoM*. aaool Undor SAVioor. but wo «*py hero abo 
ly inorcy. fora*muol( ai much gnOTotuer plagueo we havo 
t«tt vioal aiorciful Jeiu, w« boMCch thoo, thai 

P Tha \m^ : — toi niTvnk> extra ^uim unlU vii one Mlui^m^l 
P ' FW Meruit the ngbl wcH. ili^u^b tl^e Lplin juftiila 'ofi'] 




tlion wilt not nonaiilffr, no wotgb. what U duo for our dtawv- 
in^, tmt Titthor. what Iiocoinoth tlir murcsy, nitlioul which 
neither thn angoU in honvcn ooii^ \io eura Wfuro UioOt nooh 
\&i ve &o\y voHseU of clay, llflivo tnortij- oji us, RvdueuKv. 
which Hkti cosy to bo cuLrculaii: not thut ho ^ w^rthj 
of luaray. but givQ Uiou tliis glory uato IbJue own uaOM; 
BuQcr DoC, tliat the Jotvfi^ Ihe Xurk», unil llie nut of Um 
Paynims, wbicli eilh<^ Iljvto not knov^n iW, or do «afy 
thjr (florj, bliould conlinuaJly triuui[i|i over ui. And la/, 
Wlierd 13 tboir God, ^here is llio^r Itedeemor, where \a th«tr 
Saviour, wheia is their Bridegroom^ l\M they thus boost oaf 
TbesQ opprobriouji words and upbr^dingi rcdoond unto tbM, 
O L&rd, wliile by our evils men weigh and «flteeni Ihj 
goodncM t they think we be forsaken, whom they bm not 
amondt^d. OugOh whon thou fikpat in the ihip, and n tcnpnt 
fluJdonly arising tliroatcnod cIcAth to oJl in tbo ihij^, tlio« 
nvrok<»4t ot the oiitory of a fow i]isriji1«9, and vtraigbtwftf 
ftt thine almigbty word the waves cooehed. the widiIb foDt 
IhQ atorm naa sijEUIenly (Qriied into n great calm: tlie damh 
natore know Iheir MukorV voice. Now, in tbi4 far grtitv 
teLDpeat, nheroLu not a few mon'a hi>dio8 Uo m dtngor, bvt 
itinnaterablo sotils, wo bufloooli thoo, at' the cry of Ihy holj 
churcli, which ia In danger of drowning, that Ihou nllt awtko. 
So many thousands of mon do ery. Lord, ui, we poriili ; 
tbe tompeat in paat [aana power : yOA, we wo that thft 
endiMTours of them* that notdd help it, do turn dc«a a 
contrary way. It U thy word. Hint muit do thu deed, Lord 
Imx: ooly fiay thou with a word ot thy moulb, Ccoao, O 

tilDp4it, And Ibrthvrilb ihall the cloeircd calm upjmv. TboU 
wooldost }i«ve spared so mAay tbouiandt of n:io«t wick^ 
men, if in the citj of Sodom had b^^'n found but ten good 
men. Kow here ho w many thouaandn of njeo, whirJi Ioto 
tho glory fif tJiy namp, wbiiiih «]gh for th* branty of ihy 
honne- nnd wlU tboit not, at thOM men> prajnni, let ge thino 
an^or^ Q,nd rnmnnihnr thm*» o^N^nslnmcd and old mrrdoi? 
8hati thuii not v'Hh ihy lipavcnly policy turn our folly into 
thy glory T Shalt them ant turn iho wicked mnn*K evils to 
tliy church's goody for thy merry is wtint thon niwil of all 
to Mioouur, when lliu thing h with vs pn^t remedy, uud twilber 

P Thn LaIui t— sd wiu^ codcol* tiir ^lomonm.] 







llio miglit nor ititdoia of luou can Ijolp it TIc^^u alono 
bringcjt tbmgi, that b« novor to out uf orJcr, into urJor 
t,g)da ; iffakh art tho oa\y a^Qtbur aiiO iMuinUintir of puaui*« 
Thou fr^aicdat that old coiLfLiui>D. wlijcli wii iM Ctntot, n}ttTL<iii 
viUiout order, nithout fuhion, crjufui^]/ ]Ay tho t^iHcorJaiit 
vecdi of things: tuxi, 'with ir&ndorfnl order, the thing;* th^t 
of nalare fought togeiher Ihoo t\\d%i td\y. nnd knit in n pnr- 
pctuBj band, Kut hffw much grc^itcr confiuion ii thii, where 
A no charitj, no liJolity, no hondi of \oro, na rcrertnt^, 
fidUior of laws, nor jr-t of rulr^rs, no aj^r«f?ment of opinions, 
bitti M it won\ in a tui^orttt-rtid qi]Lrr>, <<v<^^J man tiin^h a 
tmirajry note I Ainou^ Uits licavt^uly pkuuts iji no dittouaion; 
■U four ulvuitfuts kii'p thuir pUuit-, otorj ono ilu thijir t>f1ii.'Vi 
vheraunto tLajr be iippoinU*d. And vdt thou buffor Uijr 
>poiBO« for irbou *aku til] thln^ wcro iiiAd». ihu^ by coo- 
dinud diKord« to perJtib, and go to fir«^? $UaIt tliuu 
«iif«r tbo *rick«i3 ipirtl4, which b« authors fltild «t>rkGr« of 
dItBM>iL lo boftr fuch % iviutg in thy kingdom unchecked? 
Shalt thou RiflVr that ^tlrong captain of mtKchiof, whom ihon 
once otcrlhrovc*!, ikgilo to mvado thj t«nt>. said to spoil tlij 
•oldienf Vihta IhoD v^rl ■ man herd contcnant uaongrt 
tHPn, nt ihy roioo flod tho deviU- Sund forth, wo hno«ch 
dif*. O Iford. thy Sphit, whifh mny drito *way out of tho 
lirevU of all thorn that prafpa thy narno tlio wiokod BfuriU^ 
aMtcrs of riotj of coif^tiao, of vzun-;;lory, of carnal lu«li of 
adMkMf, luiJ of diw^onl. Oroaio in us, U oar Uod undin^u- 
KiDg. A cItKQ hvmrU luul renow tliy holy tipirii La our 
Inuli; ptuck not frum on thy huly Gbunt. ICuiid«r unto 
m like joy of thy aaviug li^Lh, and wjtli iliy* pnodpiJ 
Spirit *trvogtb«[i Uiy spouse, aaid tho hortlinen theroof, Dy 
ihn Spirit tboQ rvcondh«ilKt tho OArtlily to the hoafonly : by 
tbn lliOD didit frnmo and reduce u nitiny longMc^i lo tnnny 
Vliooi, to ttiiiif mndrj torta of men. into one body of 
ft charcbi wUoh body by the umc Spirit ijt knit to thou tbtir 
Heftdi Thh S^t if thou -irilt vout-liKifo to rvnow in all 
mtm't bcnt^ then ahnJl abo tbeao foreign mtieriefl eeuo; or, 
if llwy ocaao nol« at te&st t^c*y shall timi to Iho profit and 
Avail of ihtm which Ioto tlicu. 8taj thle coof^ioD, aet 
b oHar thi^ borribto CJu<a, O Ixrrd Joau; let tby Spirit 
ilitteh eai itNlf upoa dicae w*ten of evjl wjtvenii^ opiruoiu. 

P Tlw VqIruc r— fplriiu prinelpalLl 




tikcip-ib] Aa^ Imw&uso thy 8pint, wbkh itwonlinij to tho ProfiliM^ 
ttjrmg concdvoth' nil ttiingi, h&ih &[ao tho Kicncc of ifkCdJc- 
ifig, inA^kt?. tbat like w onto all ihem, wlikh be of thjr Imom, 
li aII ono light ^. CQO btfitiBni, one QoA, one hope, one Spirit ; 
to tbey TDAy h&vc aIm ono toitv, nno note and kid^, pro- 
IcAibg one oatholio trutli, Whm thou didft mount t]p to 
bnv«n triumphftntlj*, thou Ihrewoat abonl from nbote thy 
precTOui thlngn^ thou ^^v(?9t gifb ftmong mAn, thoti d^ltctt 
auDdry rewards of thy Spirit. Renoir s.gnm fWim thort ihy 
old iMnQtJfulncfs ; gUc ihnt thing to thy ohitrch. now lUittSng 
And ^Dwin^ downnnrd* tfmt thau gftTOsI ntiUt her ilioodiig 
Dp !it the firat beginning. <ii^'o tnito prinDci and mknt Iho 
graoo to &l!md in a^o of iheo, that tboy wo ouky^ goado 
tho common- wed* lu Uioy ihoM »£iortly rander aoon»pC4 
unto thoc, that art Kin^^ of kings. Qiro vudom to bo 
ftlvmyn anbloat' tiuto tiiem; that, whitaoerer ii bwt to bo 
doDCp tboy niAy e»|iy It io thtjir mindji, ftod purvoo tbo 
■«mo in tboir doings. Gxw to* thy biUiopa tite giA of pw- 
pViocy, ihut Ihoy nmy dwlare *nd inlerprot holy Mriphtre, 
not of thoir own hrnio, but of ihio© jniplring- Gi^ tlwm 
thft thronfold cburUy, whioh thou onco domandodAl of Peter, 
ithni time thou didul betako' nnto him iho chM<^ of ifay 
■hoop. Oivo to thy priests Uie love of toboniMM ftnd of 
duutity. Give to thy people n good will to ftJIow thy oooi- 
TDAndmcnti. njxd a, rctulmcsi Io obey snch personi u' tliou 
hast ZLppomtod over them. So sholl it oome to pftia, iP 
ihrongb thy gift thy princuH ^ball isominand tlint thoa r^ 

[' law, eontrirnith. So in thn Bool: of Chrirtiw Prqycn. The 
Litla i^^onilarit.] 

^ It oD^ht surely vt he 'Inw/ m \a rhri R^^r^t crf Ohmllni ■'n^rtv*. 
Ilie LiEia j-^rx. ThrOiuaiun vf l&U, wEjok^ iAU I^j<i wcimi Wi 
hat* hem (nnKlutvd. luu /umatj. In Rphcs^ iv. A, it la ' Lord.'] 

[• Th<j L*iin t— MBLSitcnujui, l\'i*!nm ix, 4. Sea p 00, ont* I. In tb« 
Ijllaoj w have ^ Mrrrvfully oiiV^f our pn^dn/wnl In \he finl mUtvl 
■ftor ibd Co^iiujuEuuii S^jrvicD ' J#*{itf u* iiiurcifulEy,' ^hvrg tliD idHof 
bting pmv&l li ihaflnrl^ uitonL In boih thoK Inatancs, bowtrtr, tiw 
liitln wrd li difarru.] 

t' Thn lAtin -— put4nbnit 4|vLhiii toMTfcn d«kji^» dJ^iutiv «».) 

P npUkvi ^IrLlVfl, <«[LUJlil.J 

(* Hw L«luL ^-*(4r qu« juzU tniun ■tiltonni toTuijU tn bimunAi 




if thy pM^rv AAd 1i«nliD«n ahill tfurTi th» tiuti«. 
tad thy people ol^jr th^Ri bnth, that Itio M dignity adJ 
Lttiil'l/ of th« church Jiliftll r«Uirn ngAin^ with n gnodljr 
*, vnto th0 glory of thy o^nbO. Tttoii npivrf^dsi iho Xint- 
V ftppoinlcH 10 b« iloAtroyod, u inon n* thuy <!otiTCrUMl 
Mfiniuaec. Ami v\lt thou drfipUi? thy EpauMr foiling 
■ft Uij I^Ati wh\ch iMtcfld of uckdath hoLii aijrlu, euiJ 
of a*bos tiitn? Thou proinindit forgiTciioB to Mufi 
tani muo thor : but ihU vdf tlup^ b Uijr gifli ti tuuu to 
torn with hb wHoio licftrt nziui Uioa to the iutvut jiU mr 
HQQikiCM ihovm rvdfjuud unto th/ glfoj. Tliuu Art the 
'i iicpaUr tii; work« th&t liioii hml faaluoattU. TIumi 
Ibt JUdcoiDor: a^o that lliou hait bet^ Xh6u nri 
Sftnoar; Mtflcr not ihmti to p«ri^, ihAtcJo huig on th». 
Tboa ui tko iord aiul owuor: chiflongc thj poucnian. 
Tiwo v1 Iho bMil ; help thy nMailwn. Thou «n iha Kin^ ; 
igiro m$ tfio* roTtrvnoo of thy Iavi. Thou Art tho I'nnoe 
of poMtt; br«tthe tipon w bi^ihcrty 1ot«_ Thou art tho 
God ; kftre pety on thy humhle boAoebhcn : bE^ thou, ncforiiiiig 
to I^nT* mjing. kU thingi in oil ra«Q, to the intcot llio [OiAflt.ii;^ 
■liole ohoir of iby churdi viiih &(;r««ing miniU httd conao- 
;iMat TOMM, for mercy obUxnod >t thy band*, ou^ pvo 
bo iho Fa4h«r, Son, &nd HoCy Gbo»U which, kAot Uio 
porfat eiamplo of oonoorJ^ bo dutioctod m proporty 
at pwwoi, auii ODO in oMoro; to whom bo proUo and glory 
ly. Ajdod. 

A pnjvr far Iho k*a)»Ui|: uf 4 tt^^od auuc> 

That viv Biiui, ^hic^ itai -privy of tby »«aret«, O hea- 
,ViOly Fotbrr, taogbt tu, that axi boncdt tuiiu« id a tr^i^urn 

prcdous, wbfffi ho smith. Bettor it ib to b*vo a good ;^f^»i 
, tboa prccioiu omUnoubL But thn *v OJiccUoat uid 
Uni^ vo ixoithor mn f^t uur lki><<j>, but by iby^ iiAmo 
'■nd btlp. Xov auraly thv woll and fuunum of -a ^''C^ luinio 
b » fftuhkn bfeu lliia Ibenforo m capoda] vo dcmArd And 
of ^I0^ Ixird Almighty : T<*t iicTprtb«l«c«, forannDfh 
iMlhiW lAnoconcy Axid fjkultim UtLng U not enough, 
mUmt y«t A wro buckler Ami d«feooo, Domoly AgoioAt audi 


P IMA, ttj If^L Tbt LU^ >^D0 AdlUMBtV-l 

104 fb^tcbS, 

u vnA^r their lips bpar tbe pabi>n of Reqii^nU; y«^ uid 
ofl^ntiiiios il liAppcn^lb, lliat, whon wo a!tppo«o to ho uBoogil 
(a4] our triialy frioDj^ no dvoU with EvigI^icI nmcn^ Atorplont 
[ivc* K} Mid vGDomoua aorponla ; wg cry with thj holjr prophd, 
Lriri), dcliTcr my ?ou] from wickoij lips uid 4 j^ilcful too^A : 
bnt if nGvorthc!{:«9 it be seen to thy goodncH la cxvrcuo ihjr 
hfirTonU oIm n-ith thti ftfflicUoti, to tha mtont tboj nwj 
bottcr bu brougUl to goiIliuciB and porfcctJijii ; gnmt, iro 
pmy thoe^ tli^ witli Paul) tliy moat, v^aul chauipiou, yra 
mtiy hy rcproatiti and glury, hy iurum j aud f^d iiuiiu, aJjidv 
bdlJ ill tli_v c'lUJiuLLuduiuiiU, Ifo'ou^'h Jma Climt. vfhicli ftUo 
tiiuiwlf* whoa )i^ walkisj Lei^ m carCh, vtan rfivUod, »1ju^ 
dered> ovil spokem of, Aod called to hia teetlt a SamAnlAA, ft 
wine-drinker, n deef'iveT of th© pcoplp, and ono that hskd ft 
devil ■ the. samo now reigneth with Uiwj in gtory Urgtlhtr 
with tha Iloljr Ghnat, Amca, 

A prober igauut woriJly toivfuliMfli. 

most cl«ftr anj tondor FAtlior. oar defender and traa- 
n^OFr ondue ua wltli th^ grace, lha.t wo lujiy c^ off the gnftt 
blindneu of oiir axmiXs. and carefuln««B of norldJ^ tlibg*. Oftd 
[mdy- put our wholo hl\iAy ftnd] cftr« in keeping of thy kolj* 
law; and that wo may labour and tr.ivftU for our nec«ftiitiftft 
m thii lifo, like th^i bird) of the air and the lilioa of iLo fisld, 
wzihout cftTo, For thou hunt promised to ho careful for Mi 
M[id h&si commanded^ thni upon th^G wo ahould etai ftll on* 
coro, wliich lireet and relgnoaE; world wllhotit cnd^ Ameit. 

thou Lord, Kathctrn and God of my Wfft, lot mft sot uu 
|xroud]y lu luuk. but turn nway from me nil filthy desirav* 
Takft from mo tlio ludt of tbu hatly, lot not tbo doumt of va- 
deaiinoM take hold upon mui aad j^tvo mo net over into an 
tmihaiuQfiacad* and ulntiuatu ruiiid. Auitiu. 

AnMtiaf pmjvr a^wrul j^rida. 
O Lord Clirbt, in most miizhty power moat mnob. and b 
greatest cicolloiicy uiojl lowly, yoa. of thino own will mo»t 
hnmbb ; giro nnto inQ thy luind and tipiril* tbat I muy know- 

C 13U. Rula niil, (4— ;,)! 
^ Tito l.«tlii>-ImuvRalL) 



I Mai 



l^dfCD mj wcdtDfiff, lonTciioti and bfi^ctcU trnh nialtcioiLsnc^, 
thai tbrou)ch ibinc ct&mplo 1 may he hum^ilc Jind iufwk, 
vhkb hKT0 DO CAUBO to buudt ui^ru^ir. Tlii^i^ of the jrorlA 
W OBoirlak, lift* to a uliurt UHTL TLu ludy lA fiuling, frail 
wui fillLy. tlj« muid is Dhid ftud fruwi^d; whatuicvcr I bdve 
«/ mixM ovn, it it iiau|:Ii : if I Wu uiy gwHlueea, it is of 
Gi>d. tatd not of nia^ Km>MiRg tlil» CMbl«iWM of iiij^aulf, 
vhj ffaonld 1 iDagrLif;^ mjiolf? And ipocioJIy. «ltL tbou, 
XWd of hoftma and earth, being of vuch Honi)«rrul eiovl- 
IflOCrj, didM bnalflo tbr«o1f to ihc towoit sUto of men, gruut 
DM tniQ hoinililj, iJuit I may bo ci«lt«d to the everUsiing 
florr : «hidi lir««t and reigncst inth the Falber and the 
llul/ Oke«l for «Ter. Amezi- 

Lord, (h« invontor And niAk^r of &I1 tbingii, and tLo dw* 
poMT of thv gifto, nhirh thou bMowMt of tby buuntooofl 
&heffi2i^, fiTOg to each mui moro than h* dewrvvth, udIo 
taob nun MrfBoontJjr. «o thnt wo h^Tft no caui« of grudge or 
eavf, iBtli llboa girmt unto all mpn of ihino own, and nolo 
lodi aa dCMTTO it nnt, and to tach man luSlciontly iciranl 
11m Laavimlj blotw^dnccs: ^runt a», ibal we he not cnvjouii. 
fc«l qoiellj oontcnb HJtJi th^ ju<i^itti^nt> and tho lilApoiing of 
tkj ^fb A«d boQofita. Grout ua lo Ui thankful for that wo 
raociTo, and not to rourmur (H)cr«tl; with our aoWos ogadnit 
t^ jn^gtirt and bloafcd will in hoffU^nm^ ihy fr.^o bonofiu : 
M vmttiark that wo low and pnuso tlij buLiateou* Jiboratiljr, 
a» w«11 is othon. a* b our' Ufo, and olwaj'^ nmgnifjr tJico, O 
Lovil, th4 w«U of all gifb nod go^inioa. To Ihoo bo glorj 

A pnjrr ni-abut afi^. 

I^ml J«^ Chriit, whifh ii%id«t, who«ooTcr is angry witli 
U» brotiMr, ahatl bo piUty to judgment; which iJbo dont 
from limo to tlmo all ynngcanco luid dUplonsrirn to 
thy fMTVt and jual juJi^ont : (imni ue. of thy grciit mrroj', 
Uiai tj no Etuiuijr vonuduu no f^li not into dbordonn^ of 
bj aagv and detiira of rotvny^g, but thai wu may 
alwaj i «BHipb<r. oot oxUj thy godly coimoandaieut, wbioU 

P IMA, l*«l. The JjtHn-.—tmtifm,') 

^ iMd, «» wXf Tilt LdJn :— fubii ipda^ 

*■ — 





«hArg«th un to dft vroW to tlirm that hntr im. and to pmj for 
thmu that tay evil for' tu ; Itut alao, tliat itc bntr in kdbiuI 
tlij hol^ ciamplo* vrlnoh iliilrt pray fop Uium iluKt cmdl/ 
oruuidcHl Uiuu. Tu Uii?i3, wHU the i'Atliijr liod llio Uvlj tibosl* 
Ik) glury UTurljifliiEig. AiiiuiL 



Lonl Qod, iritliout nbo«o willuid pl««iiuro ft gpvrov 
JoHi DOl fall "pun tlio ground: te^Jny; it tu iMy «il] and pw- 
niibfLi'iii, ttijtt T iiliould bo ia thi« mtaer^ &nd adwraily; BMtfig 
tJiio, that thou doil fiunith id« vnth advorvt^. not to dMroj 
mft nad i?ut mo !inay> Lmt to caU ca« td rfrponlanoe, iftd to 
save mf^. (far whom thnn k'Testn hiTn doth Oiou diftitiM;) 
farlBarmore, 9»ing afllwiioo and rtdrBrdty vrorlccth patUflec, 
luid nbo'ioovoT'^ pationtly brnn^^ trihuIntJon, i« nutde like 
nnlrj oitr .Sibvioiir ChHfllt our bend; ^natlj* net^mji thot n bU 
tribuliLtioii 4iid udveraity I urn in fuummnco of romfort At 
t}Ly graujoua LjullJ* for thnu hftat ooiiitDaikd«d no to call 
upon tlioo is the timo of U-ibulfttion, and b«t prombod Co hrw 
ftnd eucLoar mo: grant nac Lborofore) O almtghtj G<d, wid 
morciful Kathcr. to nil trooblo and advornty [to be] ^uteti 
nithoLil iuijtatiuaco and ntormuring* ifithout dkoonrsgin^ tad 
dcbpcraliDi;. to pnuso and auLgnify thw. to put mj wfaoto H 
trust aud conGdouce in tboo ; for thou ootot fori^kcvt tlimu ™ 
tbi^it trust in ibec, but workcit oil for tTio best to thorn that 
lovo lUoe, .inl HOpli Uio glorj of tliy bolj nime- To %ht4 bv 
glory* for or«r and ovor- Anton. 

A pdytfr la [vrn^mnXy*^ 

1 glFO thoo tbonltK, O Goil oJmJghty, irhifh not alonoTy 
liOKt endued mo nich the gifu of noturo^ OA rco^ion. pow^r 
und Rl:ron^th, but alAci hjmt plontifully given mc iho hub«tanr« 
of thi* woHd : I knowledge, O 1-orci, timt ihra^ tum ihy 
gifb, and conf^itB wUh Ai° JamrH, that there h no p^ort 
nor good gift» but it OE>mDtb (rou) thoo, O Falbw of ligbut, 

P lUd. by n. riin Irfitin r— d** unN^I 

[■ lb th» rnmrv of l&oa U ■ Pno'o* wbji:b ouy I* <fDiJ4iMwl ttiUi 
tbia. t<»tbuLUurviL«urK.&lniinJV].p.4aa} 

t* IWJ, who ».] [M-^IJ, rLarj&rcDct Am^Jk] 

f ^ ■ PFQy^r on ihB lAmo unhjrcii, ihid. p. 4jiL] 
[* lAiA, bitty nuart ■luin.) 



vhkb girfqt frMlf , ftnd ca»tMt tio mAD ia the tMtli. J knon-- 
M^T ftbfl vitfc the Proph«t A|r^ tliat gold is thiae andE«Lt] 
■Unr b ihina, ah^ (a vhom St plwwth thoe, l1ir)u glrMl it; 
to Uio godly^ that ihor mar bA thy diflpAftcnt Anil distributor* 
thoTfof, Mkd to tho ongndiv, to lifmp up thnr i^AinnAtLOn 
wilhfll- Whcreforo, my innjal mornfiil Go4, I liTimWy hwoPcK 
mhI d«iro of ttic<^ 10 frame in mn with tliy hfily Spirit a 
UtUU bniTt and food; hand, to clistributD thnnn thy ^natl 
gili Mnrdin^ tJi thy Kill :ia<\ pimiurn ; Diat I trco-iiiri? nat 
■p bovQi whflro thiavcj may vvh, and motiis coFrui>t, but troiu 

SDTD [ii|i^ m thy faiULToiily kingdom, wlicrc noitbor thiuf nifty 

tlmi, aur wMk dotiio, to uiinu oim oumfort, (wbuoi of thy 
:j lliDtt bMt pnmBod io rcnuil tbL-rDr»rT>] to iho gocxl 
iplft «f tlio htuLblo AQil ircak of Uiy cort;^r«^atioa. Sbiui 
tho g:l«t7 of tliy BBia« ; to wh<3ia, with the Son 4ud Holy 
Gbott, W iQ honOQT «ad pratM irorld wiil;out ftad. Ainw. 

A fri&ktfid pnvvr to bi «1J ■! all tlmu** 

D mercsfhl God, g;T«nt m<? to corct vnth i f(^r■v»nt mmd 
thon dBii]p wbioh mjiy plouA thee, to Kcarch thorn viMly, 
to knOT tiexft tndy. and to fulfil them perfeolly, to the kud 
amj glory of thy mme- Order my living <u, that I may do 
Ihja «tii<di thoa rs<]uin3it of mo, nod gito no gnicr, that 1 
any obloia Unto ihi^i whioh bo moftt caaraiiJODl for tay 
«dL Good Lor4, nuko my way euro and ttrftight to thee^ 
«) li^ I ftU not bo(w«eo profp«rily uid ■dT«rmiy ; but ChAt 
m proiporoiu thing* 1 may giro ttioe thonlu. uid in odTonoty 
bapatuot, <d tiitt I b« ncithfl upnilb [Llua] ono, nor opprw no d 
wiLh tlio vllior ; and litat I may rc^Joico iu nothing, but tlut 
vindi MoMh mo to thoo« nor bo wrry for oochiag. but 
iboM tiling whoeh dnwoth aio from thoo, dcsxmg to pIcMo 
nobody, nor fwriAg to diipld^^o Any, bo>ido the Liord : lot a31 
mrUly tlnag* h9 vilo imtc mo for thoo : lot mo not W morry 
mb 1^ Joy IhAi U wlihoui ihoo. And let mo dnlro sotfalng 
hnddM Amw L«4 thii Uboor dolight m^ which U for thM*. 
ftnd k« ^ iho roN woafy mo, wbkh U not in tbnoL M&Lco 
aw to fiA Qp my htArt oft-tinua ta i)xtr»t xtal^ when 1 faJI, 
1IHI [to] think nn thco, and ha urry with n LtodfaAt 

[* Ifti*. kiw>rt*4j|« wiUi.1 

{* Sm ttw iu»M on tbifl ^nyvT bj ib« OAriom of UMl] 





pnrjiosQ of amundmoat. Mj Owl, nuk« ni« liuEalU wkliMd 
feigulag, morrj^ wttbout ligblQCs^ afttl vlUiout iniitnut» «>b«r 

willioul Guineas, irue wlthoul doublonci»> fearing ihoe hWi- 
Out deaperatLon, tniatin^ in ihwt without prciumpdoa, icllJDg 
njr fiGtgLbour'a faults witbout diuiDCiuktioD.. tcachiag them 
vith words ctad exrLmpIc* iritbout mocktnc:!* obedient widwot 
frr^ing. patient without gtud^ng. and pare irithoDt corryp' 
tion. My moBt lotmg Lord and God, give rn& a waluog 
ho^rt, Ibat no curious thougbt wtthdr^vr Tii« h-orn th«e: lot it 
bo *o Btrorig, tliftt no unworthy ftffortion draw mo bfwkir*pd; 
fto fiUblCf Ibat DO TfihTilAtion break it. My Lord, gmt mo 
vie to know thcc, dili^ni^e to seek tlicc?f onnv^mition ^ lo 
plcAae i\iBc, and, ttDally, bopo to ciubrnco tlico; for Iba pr^ 
Gjoua blood sake of that iintEtai:uUt.o LAoib, our oQly Saikmr 
Jebu Clu-Ut: to wbom, with tho Katbor Mad tha Uoly GhoO. 
tbre'? ptrrvons ood odc God, bo all honour mid ^hiy wodd 
wiLboul end. Amco^ 

A'ile¥ont prayer unto Jreu CJirifll, cdlfHl01*mo Jr^n. 

O bi^untifiil Jeiu. Q sweet Jnu, O JmM, Ibo Son of 
pure virgin Mary, full of mercy wad trutb, aweol JeM; 
after thy groat mercy hiive pity upon mv. boaigu Jctu, 
I pr»y iiiVQ by tEie flarcie procioua blood, that for ui mik«raU* 
ftinnera thou wer t content to sL^d in the altar of tb^ croM, tkftt 
thon TOiK^TiiAfe ^lenn to aYoid d1 [my] wi^kcdn«ftii, and bOt (» 
dc^irpi» mo humbly this requiring, and upon thy mort boljr 
Tiiimo Jcfiua calling. Tliu name JfiBOa Is a »w»l (lamo, Thi« 
nnmfi Jeam la tho name of boalth. Tor what i> Jama but a 
Niviour? O good Jesus, that hfut created in«, and wit^ thjr 
prtidoufi blood rcdcGOuHl uig, suffer lue not to ba damned, whom 
Ihou ba&t juado uf nought, O good JeauB, lut uot my wiL'Lvdiiov 
duitroy uie> wboui th^ almighty goodnou uiudtj aud fwnwli 
^ood JobU, rekiiowiedgo Itjat U tbiao in aio, aud wipe dna 
ftway tlj&t drawotb nio from tbe«. O good Jean, whan tjuao of 
mercy U. liavo ujorc^y upt^n mc, Dvilber coufouiid mc' In Uw 
timo cf thy tcrriblo judgment- O good Jo»u, if I, wrttcbod 
alnDeTr for my moat gncvoua offence* bavo by thy tery justjoo 

[^ The LiUn :<— eoruuDluilhinaE <tm.] I 

[' Tilt cviiLpoditiun oT ^ BotiAniyn, Sv« thv Onriuiu vf 1A0O. aaJ 
lh« Hijlm thtf r«-] 

[" IA4A, COUfoUDllB RID iwL] 




aod rt<rffwl1j (ru»t la thiuu iiiulTAblu uiuroj': I duubt not but 
Ibou wflt bftii* BMTGjr U|Kiii luo. hko n luilil l-'iilljur and mtrm- 
faJ LoTiL govd J«fa. whit prufit Jh ijq iu^v lAvod, auico that 
1 mojt de*c<Bd into corruption? Cvrtainl^. Clioy thul be Joiiii 
ituil not nogiufy thcc, nor' likcnlM tho^v tliat siI^aJI go to 
ImIL O tnOftt mcTTifiil Jcni, haTO laarcy npon ma O mo^i 
•«e«c Joni, dolircr mo. most mcok Je>u. b« unto ate cuai- 
forUblo. J«au> ac«pt m« a wrotohod »nner into the nnm- 
ber cf tbem ibal vlial] be Mircd. O Jaa, tbo hcoJth of ihem 
OiMi bdtere !■ tlws liave m^ri^j^ up^a me' O siv^t Jeiu, tlia 
ftrgiTflfcitt <f ftU mj <tln\ Joiu, the son of the pure Tirgin 
Matjt, mhtf mo ^ilti thj graot^, wiBdoR), ohftrity, chfL^tity 
■mI huMilitj, jroft, and ntoJfari pntionvo in lUl nir nd^'er- 
■iMi, «o thai 1 ma; porEUvIv luru tboo, and in tlieu bo gloria 
Bod, and have mj odIj doliglit in thoo, vorld witliout imd, 

Apnjvrtvbt niJ al tbtf hour of dnth*. 

O fxrd JcAu, vhlch Art tlia onlj^ lio;LUh of nlT mvn Vittng, 
and Ui« orcrlaiiting llfo of tliom wbiuh dio in Uij tkitli> I, 
WrOtch«d luiBer. giTo and mbmit m^flcJf wholly unlo Hif 
■ait blOHsd will: and I, boing sure ihat l3;e tiling cannot 
pMVb, wfaidi u cojumlttud tiaia ;Ziy mcrcj* nUlbgty aa^ 
kara tJw fnul and wicked llcsli. m liopo of tlie rceurrocdon 
wUtfa io bettor wu^ thall roBtors it in ruo agaiiL 1 bottctfch 
tine. BNt HMTciiul Lord JMuCliriiL.lliat thou wilt bjtLj gruco 
Bake ilr^Qg mj souL againat all tvinptationv, and tliat thciu 
vtk corer aad d*read nio with tho buckler of thy wcny 
■gilant all ib« anault* of t]in dovtl, T ahp and inowlislgr, 
thai tlior<f t* ia mynolf no hnip of ulntion, br^t all my con* 
Adaoee, hope and irnal» ia in Ihy mrut m*>iTifnl goodnwB- 1 
haT* no mcriu, nor goad worki^ which 1 may [UEojjo bcfWro 
tliao: of Binji and crtl work* (ah*) I too a grvai b<iap; hut 
iitt«<i^ tJiy iDflTCj I l/iu( to bo in tbc nuinhcr of thcmf to 
vboc& ihou wilt not impute ibdr sini, but Uko cmd iu>cept mo 
for fi^fctw aad jiut. and tu bu thu iiibt^ritur of cvcrloJtmg 
liik TiMm, HMKiftil Lord, wurtiwrn fur toy makr^t Tlioii didj-t 
botlt fauiiBcr and thint Ibr lu/ sake ; Tbuu didat preach 

[" 1S4A^ n«r hl»«it» 4II \hry iImi fn ta hAll.^ 




nod touch, Ujou tJitlat pra.v um] iut, for tsj Mk«: Thou diM 
^1 gofid works ATjd deedn fcr my lakc : Thou mfcrvdst moat 
grtsvou* pains and torTiicnta for my irkko : And, fiaaJtj, ihoiu 
gftrot thy m(>^ prcdoos body to die. and thy hlood U> ho 
ihe^ «o the rrosa, for my Kiko, Now, mokt mordriil Sftiiour. 
lot all ihoac thin^ protlt mt. wliich tljou freoly fa&vt giv^n m^ 
that host given thyself for n\^i \H ^hj blood cl«MU« and vuh 
n.«Ay tho Bpotn und f'?iilne>u <if uiy ftiTiML L«t thy rightooiM- 
now >iido »nd cotor mine unrightoou^n;^. T^t tbo m«r«i«o^ 
of thy pa*ftion and blood bo tho sAtUfiiclion for »y wn* 
GWo mci, Lorii» thy gTtc«i| that my fALLli and faUaHoa In thy 
blond wKv<^r not in mo. hut \ie ovrr firm nnd ocinntjuit, that 
the hopo of thy morcy And lifo evt^rhu^iinc ncror docfty in nw, 
that chanly wiu not cold tn mo; finally, tluLt Ihn wookiNH 
of my floAh 1h4 nnl ovorcoinn with tho foor of dootth, Gr«&t 
aw, morciful Saviourr that when doatli h^Lth that Dp tho «yto of 
my body, y^t that tho oycii of my soul may vlttl bohold and 
look upon th<!o : that when dcatli halh Udcen away tho luo of 
my lougiH* and Bpvijdi. yet that my heart may cry and iay 
uOtO th06, 'i* manrnt 'luu, JfaniMv, tnnininiiirf tpiritum mruui : thjlt 
b to *Ay, Lord, into Lliy h&tid« I givo and coionut my «ooh 
JDim<xi« /«n, aM<f|w i^H/vn rnnim.- J-ord Joau, rOMlT^ my oool 
unto tho*. Am on. 

* A E:tii<rnil conft^nn of dm usta Col 

Diott m^rcifid LcrU God. and mont Itujdvr and 
Fathfr, Touditafo, I hoartily boaeech th«a, to Icfok down 
thy fftlhorly fyon of jtity upon K0«, moft lilo and wretched 
Hinnor. which lio horo prontraM in haart bufor« tb» f«et of 
thy bottomlo* mofvy; for I haTO «nned a^iont (h« throiw 
of tby tzkry, and bi^forv thrt^ O KaUhor, inHomndi 1^a( 1 
am no morn worthy to bo called ihy non, NovortfaaleM* 
fora^Enuch na thou art tho God and Kath47t- of all oomlbrt, 
ajid, A^ain. dosircst not tho dontb of xhn smn^, but, libo a 
tniQ Soui^iULa. takist tbouj^ht of my uly wounded »oal: 
uwku mo, 1 pray thou, by ioTDndm^' thy precious dl of 
comfort hiio my wouada^ joyfulJy ti> run witli ^a hat biui 
iaA9 tbo Up of tluno o*or)aaUug pity. For lo, lliou art mj 
hopo and tnul, in wiom I only rupouo mywdf, hating in 



dear I 

with fl 





Ibce fuU cuufidoncic and fifcith; juid to I tay with very faith- 
ful bOMTt, ll^silliK ^^ ^T incruj. 1 balu^n^ in UiCd> O Crad 
tbe KaUut, la Uimv O <]<id itui Scia. aud in tlica, 4> (toU 
Uie l[oK Gli(MX> tlirco p(jn<tUFf| imd uno true und iJiu rvrjr GdJ, 
iMiida ■huiu 1 kuunled^ nmiu othur UkhI m tionvi-'u aburov 
nor b MTlh b«no&Ui : jvk tud !> poor Klauer, do accaat my* 
•«lf unto tb**, dear F&lh^r, tluU I bav* vor* aiTtd yri«r'> 
mnlj otfi>nd*^ Ihy almlgbbj gocMlii«H and m^^jr, b tl]« 
cootmildDg i>f Btino ibundafit ^'«toii> >nd muiIfoTd »io« 
and Tretchcdnott; for 1 baro af^i hrpt tbo l«a4( of iby Dio«t 
godLy and biMii4d comakandjincnu. Uka aa Uir righlcooitnMa 
maj rcquiro and domnjid thr miha «f ma. I faftre (T lar) 
ooiboauai^d thcrlikf'injG<id,nori:!^cadofUh» liko iDTlxird. 
lorcd tboo Eiko mj Falhnr, trruli^ in thaa Itkc mj OoatoF 
and JSafiour, Th; h^l]r and drciadful n^m<i. anto whom all 
ibrjr and htmour bclofie^^lb. hav^ 1 mod in vun- I bavo 
fkot tanotifiod Uio boljr dajs «ilh worka whif^lj bo aoDuplnbk 
unto ikw, nor infltractuU tuy pcrif^bboar m virtue luinirrd. 
in^j, 1 baio not honoured my panwU, nor bcon obodient 
imCg Umu, ikrougU nhoio (aa b; an imu-uciiorU) tbou but 
WTiMf^rt mj oosiag i&lo tbia irorid. Tho bci^b p&wcr* and 
rakm, ytiikh uikv thit* auiborit/ of Ui«Oi I ha?Q net U^cu 
^Uio|^jr obodjout aDlo- I havo not kept mi&^ hvaH pura 
Mkd diut frotD maotlaaghtor ; j^wti had nol thy gra^o and 
vara/ df^oEHUd laa tha better, I should hnro fommiii«d the 
dted ftlir>. f lUieviaa am iii>t pim from tbefk, nor fnm 
^fWriry*, nor from £Um wHn«n bearing, but harn \m mind 
haart and mind wkb^d and dfrii^ trty nm^bboar'Ji gonda 
aad Ibio^ 1 havA followed tbo groat pnnf^ of Ihia vcHd, 
Kaitlua, (which haili hci« a bar cran from tbo bc^nnin^>) itt 
eoneapitoanoo af tlio Bodi, in pnid« of liHng, in )Tin>f, in 
dflcdtfliioaWi ia kdt«ry, in hatred and aUo cntj* in back- 
bkin^, in daipa^, and alao mj^boliof. Aly 6ra wiu b^rc I 
faoltjr nuanied and •pvnl, in licaHnjf, arcing, imellai^ taaU 
i^. Bad aW fodingi vbicb thou hoet gitun ma to bbo unto 
ikj bonour and gbrj', and alio to tba cdjtintion and profit 
of my ntaghbour. Btit in iihxt ma&var aoerer Ibai I bavo 
oConded and uBBcd a|;atnat thy ct«ma] msjectjr, ^far no mnit 
knowHh tborougfalj hit mta, aa tbjr Pr<ipboC witneasrth,) in a« 

1^ tMKtb*lr«avtIiuDlir.J 
(' AdnmUT! adoUttr.] 



vrLtilJi«r It liftlK b«D by daj. or che by lught; y*«, ct<» 
Jrtna my dviMHood unto this Jay, wer* H in wordij worka 
or iboughU* scoroOy or oppnly; O my Tneiv-ifdl God, I Ata 
lorry for it. cxen from tho -rery holtom of my heart: ywi, 
And my iou\ mournfllh for sorrow, mnul mnroifiil PjithfTj 
that I Am not 3k t>iot)iiuid times Gomcr Ehnn I nm. Howbrll, 
in iok^n of groat r<«p4?ntanc!R, (though all hc^rti bo known 
well ^noEi^lt unto tboe,) t dn knoolc And itrikn my hrrjul, and 
uy In bUtcrncss or heart and bouL: Lord Itod Falhnr, htrt 
m«rcy ; Lord GtKl Son. havo moroy ; Lord Hot] IToly GhoM, 
Imto mcTcv. Spflrc! ino of thy infinito morty, dtw f,ard, imv 
&nd alt the days of aiy life, luid kt mo bare port of thiM 
nbmidant grace, &> as T may eUuu^ my sinful llfo, ftnd 
pt)t out of me the old luau with all hii oril concnpuccnce : 
ftud obo that I may die unto Ibe irorld, and llmt the world 
may be unto mo a croaa. and ao gu forth in a now Ilfo, 
Stroagtheii me. Lord, in a true bumble bvart^ in perfect 
lovO» hupo and tru^t in tbo<£. QiT« my houI the ^Ace tg 
d««ire tliee only, in tboo only to TOJoio* utd reposv mywifi 
and that I may uttorly rcnounco and fortako Ibo tdIu affi- 
ance or thii wcirlJ. so ihnt Ibou mnyst fin*} uie rtady with 
the good servant in tbo midnight of my death, ithicb ahftU 
anddcniy ulcnl upon mo, like a ihicf^ crn I bo *are- Be 
thou nnto mc, nt thnt timp of ncpd, O I^rcl, a lower <J 
strength, a plaiw of n>ruge» and a deronsiblo God, namely 
against the faoa of tbo fiond, who, llko a roaring 1ioii« ehaH be 
Ibon mo«t r<^dy to dovnur [i]u\] and agiunst dcipcntiea, 
whicli then i^hall bo buny to griovo me. Lot then thy com- 
fort d«aTO fuHt unto inc*. thy menry kcfrp too, and thy ^^nua 
^do mo, k'aidi then agaiUi InOrd God tht? father, tliei 
which Lby piiik>aj^t mi^ht batb ahaj>«Dj futob Iben egun^j 
Lord tbo Son, that nlilch tbo» ha^t lo wit«ly governed, uid 
bought with thy precious blood: take e^aiu theoj Lortl 
Iloly OhoHt. that wluch dma ba*t kept and preearved eo 
lofiogly in this rogioa of tin, and vaTo of mUcry : three por- 
•ou and ono very Gcd» unto wbom bo preUe end 
for eior and evi^it. Am«n< 



A pnyn iBTuntl thu JcvU. 

JefU Christ, our Lord, which by the mouth of the 
Apo»tlo St PoI«r, niott truly didtt aay, that onr edvei 




lb« dflvi! ^Ih nlxntt. Iik4i a roariDg ^on, scckinc; whom b* 
TQftr dtiTrmrt he » buitv anr! firv<^ and brfrAkcth in upon 
JO, HO ihiU, If ibon hnlp nol, hi? will lOon d<*opl»p ui with bis 
cnft, OTDrtnrti iu with HIa misfit, ftnil with hti cmcbeu low* 
m m piocM. But tf thou, which hn8t Tuiquiahi^d him, wilt 
appear but oi it wore nihr off. thou xrilt mnke him rirniii, 
kDd wilh thj DDly Jo^ik put him t<j flight. Voutrhs&fc, O 
LonL to r*c«iTo m bio tU^ f^aard, hnmg hut infHUts woftk, 
fctUv nnd uniklirut, Ini tho licrcn and cruoL hoftut ilII-Io 
t«v n. We bear b«roTv u&p mid nltcw forth m thin our fiiEht 
thtt CTOtt. th^ banner, tlio rro^, thy iriutnph ami vlclor/, 
tkat our (*n«nij mav woll know, that wo do oar biuunoM 
bj Ihj «ouiue1t ^d anil fltr«D^tli : to thoe bo glorj for 
aror. Amen. 

Fortht ilninof [tbi^l life laeemei. 

Thii my body i^ th« very dark and fiUhy prison of tho 
aonh thU world U an picl*^, and a buiUhmimt: thU life ii 
caria and mia^rj i but whcro then art, O I^rd, thwe b the 
vcrj «V)dntTy of liberty and T^nTrbullng hlaaaodnfln. Stir 
our PDinds now ami ihm to rpmoRibor «o ^at folioily. 
Poar into our hoartt a doair* of moh prootom Uungr^ and of 
all tliingft must to bo dvlrod. Otvo qutotnoai unto out 
mvA. and grtant that wo may have Bomo tofito of tho ctot- 
laaCm^ joyi, whoroby Ui«m (Ungii of tho >furld may worn 
SAikjt and bu m loatbliil to ii», wblch no *o«k for to oar- 
MOly, aad tiDbrtov lo ^^rocdily. Aud rolain *o auroly, ihat 
wQ may rofaM and doipvM iho»« bitter Ohod Uthy thing*, and 
aott f«r*mtly ddnr* tho twooUi** of thy familiarity, ia* 
whiclt all goodAoa is contaiood. To thoo bo glory for orcr. 


The md of Cvi^ PrtmtT.' 

P Sr^tbraoMbOaChutefDon^OaJ 

irFXRV THK .ritl. ^y Hi* em* of «<« of Kn^Un-l, Frauru*. 
^d IirLn-l kjtic; drJWdimr of Oit Ii>lli,«z»l «f A« fhunZirt uf Kii< 

in«v% aiiA to d 0lW> oar «fto3«» nlottftcn, wid ■ibicrttA We do 
p -I 8 




Precationum per R^- 

giam maiestatem, 

Latine ro- 



C Cum Priuikglo ad 

[ThcGopjf which bubeen reprinted, u among the Maakell LkhLb ip ibe 
BrLtijh Miueum.] 






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i'riu-Ai virginU. 





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Agnetid Tirguiia. 





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December fui^el ^sut, dies. 



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Lilian 1. 






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A RlXaniJS !NP.\STrBr8 rtTlM^^CE^WA, PBnrSQUAM 

rait KFiflcopru cvyriiuitKTUR, 

Quo iiommi> rocnrm? 

N. vol M. 
L'Ddo hoc no(it(<n lU'JX^pitl)? 
IIc^«b1«^ a MMOptoribui iiioU in BAptbmo, in quo 
Ctkriftfti mombnuD^ dfirlnft prog«n&«it tt ngiu ocnlotlji oohfora 

Q—iIol Dic^ <iiiLil OAt. <f»od i»U tui fiiucopturM ibl pro 
to HiMtuit? 

B^ioBik. Tm moQ nomuio mni pQll'ioiti : 

Prido, Hi ogo diabob ipal. cuta omajbu* oporibo* ct 
piHii|il* cjui, niDuMiKrcro : tzajiUit«r, ut nugulU Imjus tiUo 
mutBtiboa, goodiiqm «armi roIuptatibuB, ^cUodiccrviii. 8n 
CDDdo, ot univvnu fidoi Chrutuon orlkulia induljiUatvr 
crvdcrcm. Tortio. ut OitioA pbcito ftCqce muidAU t^rvutoi, 
ftnboUrvmquo in «Dtclcii] cimclv dtobu vit9 voic. 

Q««UiK I^utttuio uiuiu MM on omiiift turn crc<l«», tiutt 
fAcere* quiD i«ti pro t« ollm nmt |>rof«^? 

&ckA ; I'Wriqu^ no«Uo «a>lral> gr&li^ ^gt>, <^i intimn cordU 
|iniMllHtu». quod p«r DoroSTrum nMinim .TE8TTM CI1KIS- 
TUU >d bum nlntaonu (JignttiiDm ma twato ili^^tus 
ait Atqo« a IVo Oplnao Maiimo pfonhus owdtiis potu, 
nl ojot ftiijutiu ^tia JD^tor in c* mo usque ftd fioem h^jii* 

QMitia, Potitte cft rodUro wticnlM (uw fidoi? Audiuu. 

Wtiin^s Crodo n fK^m PaItqid oiiuui>otentcQi, «re4k- 
hnmi oseii ot Ismn. Kt iy Jcsum Cbmtiuu t^uoi ^u. 



iiQjcuut Dorainuui nostruju. ifm uujicejilua ost pur Spirltaui 
Sanctiiiii, luttifi ox MLLria Virgin^- I'Anufi «ub Tuntiu l^^lalo, 
CruciftxuH, uiurtuuis ot M'pultiui, dvioondit ad inf«roi> Tor- 
lift dio rt^aiiirvxil a nioHuia, Atcandit iid cciloi. S«d«t ad 
dcttrrjun Dei THtris omniputoEitU^ Indc vcnturui cit jitdU 
CATC vivos et mortuoA- Ci^culo m Spinlum San^itiuD, smctam 
c<.t1chiwd caiholicjitn^ fcanclwiim ctimniunioncni. rcmiuioacm 
p^ccatoruoi, coroh rcnurroclioncm, et ritnni ^trtTjam, 

Quntio, iium lunt pro^ipuA. qua* in biu fidca tutc 
Articulu doccntur? 

RwiponiLij. PnnfflpLO, iti L)cum Piilrem, qui me lotacnquo 
nunrfi machinam ereavit. crwlcro dWfl. Doinrt^ in Ileum 
Ulium, qui mo totumquo ^aini humaaum rodGmit Poft- 
tromo, ID Ileum Spiritum tfancluuit qni mu ettioinos oleoto* 
Doi «anol]flcftvlt. 

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ut mAndatiL Doi urvart«. Ulo niihi. quvt »UJit7 

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QiumiD. Qum rant ilia? 

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•jmi> Exudl cupito, ubi ut: E^u sum Domitiun L>ous tuuA, qui 
«du3u U do torn jl^^pt;, o domo acrvUuliH. Nod liabobiii 
Dem albnoa coram mo. Noij iaclvs libi nctjlplilo, &ut •iaulU 
tudincnt rci olioi^UH in curb Bunuui, lul in lerrft deonuro, 
«iT# in aquU mb tamk; ooa odonbU «•, ncqae colcii^ Kgo 
*um DouiinuB Deui tuus, fortia, ntbtM. xMunt trnquiueom 
p«trAia in fdio^ in Urtiatn «i quArUun gcnoralioncm coram 
qui ^eruDt mo, ot Cwonji miMvicordiam in miUibiiA qui 
aiilrgunt mo, «t riitli^iilitmt prn^rfiptA mrA. Non AA«nme« 
neninn Dftmini Dei Ui\ in Tunum: non cnim orit inooM 
<'f>rftin DominfT, qui tisurp^ivcnt nnnxm Domini l^ci sat fruatr** 
Moiuonto, nt difni Stibbulhi sanrtificra. Sex diobua &p(.-f»boris, 
Ki fncirt omnia ojicrA Im^ S^-piimo nutciu ilio S^bbaUium 
D&miDi Ttd tm nt - non Inciitf omac opoi io w. tu d fibuA 
tutu, ot fiHa tnnn H^rviifl Inu.ip ct antiilla tuh> jiiuiuiiIuiiJ tuum, vi 
adTecft qui est iutrjL purtaa tuta. St^i viiiiu dj^jliLu fuoil DoLb;iiu« 
iwluui ut lurnui>, ol mvij. ct oincii^ t\viii in uiii iiuuti vi r«qui- 
uvit Ui« tuptiiuo. Idciruo buuudUit [>f>iiiij^u« diui auptiuio, «l 
fdUictillcAvit uuin. Houora patrvni tutiui ut uuiireuL tuam, ut ua 
JongJMua ftupor t«rrAia, quAiu DouiUiub Dwm Iuua djUal libi. 
Sod oecidca. Noa (□cc<^bcii&. Nun furtum fidce. Nod 




oonmpiscc* domum proumi tai, ncc dcttlderalna uiarcm 
t*jias. Bon Nrvum, nofi AndllAm, non bovcin, non oainuTTi, 
HOC omma ijL^^ Uliii^ hunt, 

QaciUb QtiA'f Htint pratcfpua, qiim in («lU prxrceptia 

Htrprrat\o. Dno n hU pffrrfplo ; prinio, oIKcrtifn mi^nin 
Or^ Deum ; ilrjndi*, rrc?i proilninm. 

Qovstio, Qiiodnftm 0*1 illud (uucn olficiiiro prgA Dciim? 

llM|Hiiui(v Hoc cut ahirf>i|uiuin, <|Uod Webcam Hci prjw 
ittr«: \h in ciim cradam. nt ilium limcnm, totoq^iie mrdc, 
nk«iliiv ^ lutnna. iiuupor viribun nniversis, dili^cim. Ut ipinim 
cofaoii ^K };r«U;u agftm, ct in oo spem omaem coUo^wni. Ut 
vnndem invocom, nuucnquo vjna suj^tuni cum pjicro»Jiiiclo 
igu* BerrnQn? nvcrcAT. ut illi uunctis diebua ritii? mt^n.' lub- 

QuhUU' Quid olBcii liaUa er^i prciimum ? 
lUvpMi^ Ut «uuj pcrinde diltgam Atqu« mulpdum. Ut 
langvlif EftcUni, quod milii fiori cupicLio^ Ut pAroiites Uonoro 
4t imiUft affiC34ni. Ut rcgin nusjcstatJ. rjusquo miuiatrii 
OfODlttai, OMi liODOr* obodiftiu. V% meunti pordagogU mda 
QUiArai^ ^JtictU*> ipintua1ibu» pMtonbti* «t dombiit, aul- 
JioiUB. Ut omni hamlli nrrtirfrmm prrrpokiti* Tni^ii (>ninfcbuK 
BOfBH iDbjimrD, Ul Yrrbo f^tor« nfmini nacf^Am. Vt 
nnu ol juitttft to omnlbut Afibnibui moii T«permr, Ut ifi 
Ukoo vallEiTn maliiinni oi3ium»* foreftm, I't manu* 
h fietrto H fr&nde c^khibi^zHH insiipcr et Im^uam jl icAlcdi- 
cmita, in&ndneir>, ol obloqiiio rrfrn^Q'Mn, Ut corpuK mourn 
tMDpanmiftt M>bni?tAto, H cnsiital'^ tustodiam. t't iilirna 
(juuwpiMUi- i^oil ut dili^cntur dlA^UT, fiduliterquu 
pnprium m'^^uItltd vif^tuuj, cl niviu piLrtuH ii^cru 
90 titA gtatra, ud ^ilikJ ma dJTiiiu olumuntia TUCAvvrit, 
(JQHtio. Jkfi iLli, biiv »lt tibi uuluEU : Iul» tn«Ho \tf>^ 
tnaa poCn, ne<iue iu tlivinU i]jauJ)iti« AuibuUre, nt 
iMTvire, %t non fuoriji i^peci^i yjuii gratU Rdjalu4. 
Qiportet at di«cu nb «o prcctbi^i awduU pcUro. Auduua 
Potin* Dominicaro rc?iurc prrcAttODcm f 
< <iip«Diln. Pator noit^r. *iui « in c<tlL*, um^titjoetor no- 
taURk. AdTMi&t r^num luum. Fiat v^luntiU Ida, 
ncnt fin ociIom Dt i& UTTi. Paoimti nostram qnoiifliftnuni d* 
liodk- Kt dkrnlCfi nobis dobttA no^irn, sinLt ct niM 

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ilIinitUuiuA ilobitoribua utntria. Et ne QOb inducoa Iq uratA^ 
Uonuiu. bud libeni iioa u uiiJu, Aoioa. 

QunClflH {Juid j;uIIb & Duo in hoo procatione DomxBUA? 

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buuuruuj diikire, |>vtu» tit, Spirilu tua grcitLx mtlii cuoctUijuo 
pv^ulu moMi, illuiu Adoromnf, UIliui^ AerTiamiu, el dtttuM 
oboiilaniut. Tra^tcrcft, Do^ supplied, ut dct nobift omni« 
turn aiLim^ ium corpori ncccuaria. It^m, at nobia propiliiu 
pocojUA Ttostt-A romitiai, ct ut in amnibui ammcD «t «Drporii 
pAriculifl defond«ro «( icrToro fll^netur. roitremo, ut nh 
omm poci^lo ct inic^uiuto n« if^rrvt, ot >b imisjco iJb 
•pjriluaJi et ntenu morto oousorvet. lino ilium tx aua 
ItDttitoto f^turum ^pcro, per Dominum noatrum Jtusam ChrLs- 
tum< Et id(>o dico, Amon. Itn, fiat. 

DKUt nu, l*atar mi, ot Scrvatgr, qm gratia orgA mo tun 
offodiU, ut truiAftota noctc ftd huno diam pomiurcm: Coc 
QtiaiD, ut ipBum Lotum iu tftuoLuBliui uumuus tui cultu d 
toUQrdlionu ccjuiumjiiu ; uilill ouiuiuo aut CD^jitQui. uut dlcAia. 
Aut fadAm, ^uod CO n^n Uixdxii ut tibi vbavqu^r, et tolu^ 
Uili turu luurdm gerflm : quo Hcilicet AclloQoa omoM a«» 
r«r«rantur &d gloriftui tui, xic^uo fratrutct n]«oruai vtlntfini. 
dum oiflmplo moo id t<r col<in<ji:m UMtrucniur- Alque ui 
mundam hunc Jid vtbn (alcmn ukuk iiflu tui uplendora 
Uiumiiuw; iia fulgori^ ^piritua lui mentom mr^m iliuLtro, qui 
me in Tin juslitim lurr dingnt. QinimcTinqao ad rem appli- 
com iinimiim moum, ii mihi Ktrmpcr Bit propOAitiu linii, ui 
tibi lionoriquu tuv iiuurvmm : otimom fclicitatom ii jcrntift 
ol bQimliouutiu tua :utu ox-^poctcm; uac quicquaui uuuiiai> 
aggrcdmr. quud ti-bi ];raLmu uoa Bit. Kffira prAitvrvAi Qi 
dum b^juji tit;u tuvudu- caiiEa laburo, vt ua ciiru ^uu» ftd 
iitjUim ot uuUuiu curpurza pvrUucuti ultiuH Uuiau url^Ain 
ftiduiuiu, ad biHLtuiJi uouipti vt oiilmtum viUtiu, ijuAm filii* 
tuii proEuIiifttJ' ^iiulvmiuu*, t&tu Anii»n» qiistai corporii pro* 
toctOTom to mibl cihibondo, advcriui omucii Satoiuc iniultui 
mo coulirmet ac mumaj, <t ab oumibu* pcriculij. tjuA aoUt 

LhEPe bUo rrniut ntUr Ilk* iWtodjiun- 9n BuU^ CtinlJu ^«>«n 
And U«dilfr(ji>i>f^ F^ 47. f« • livulvlon of tt>3 




Mittdiw in liAC Tiu uTij>oni]aiU, £b«r«B;. Ad liftv* cum pcLruin 
■t «iapuu, nifi pcrMvoreoi, \dw s to pviuj Duuiiutj, no 
Diht in hodi«ratiia diem tajkluui dui ai» m rocCor, aud uoi^uu 
id nUr fincm mo id tunm fidoiu mtojpiui quo Mib tiut v^oa' 
^ciit totu tit» mna oumu Irftiuiigalur. £t quiA proQcl- 
«adum nobiA «4t, gntiio in mo tujD doua adaugg iudiM, 
untisper dum pcnltiu odhriiTrcaiii FiLio tuo, Jcaa ChrUlo. 
qoem rcrum vAtm, lucQntem pcrpc^tuo in oaitiiifl Doatria, menlo 
■ypribmifc Qn» tot tantftqtio tcncBdA ut abt te obtmcam, 
oWSv(lo«r6 dtlictorum nigrum. «^uo uif^jilLk mb^ncordia 
lOA t«mitt« : ^uod U fixcturum profiuuiti ill, qui to ex ammo 

Aub nocton, quuta Hvr dciTmibna<; 

Doinyi D«ua, qtd nodem dntintfuti homioia quicd, Bi{*nt 
^ftm GToasd, En quo Be hboritniA «xorc«it; pOicp, quji»r>, ut 
quioscel hue nooto <;nrpua nwnn), no ainimuH inli^rciL 
libi dMinat; do faii»<At oor, nut torporo abrujittir, 
in Hmp«r oroctom in amoro lui p«r4lotK Iul, JujiandJ eub- 
l«Tnndiqu« nnipii g7»Ua, aoUiGllndlnoa depon^m, do tui iotor-oa 
AbliTMCWV *ut vemorta moa oxoidAi, qiun pfmltiu mcnt'i nieni 
iBihlVUt Minpttr debet, bonltalii at gratiiu tu]i> roi^DrdnUi^, 
Hoc quoqoo modo »cuti quiowit corpui, ita ctkm «ua quicto 
fimidcniia moa &uatur, Koo prvtotuft. no in cckpicndo ntmno 
Gonm deZiciit induljct«m, icd tontuca mlbi cwcodaoi, quan- 
xuit«rv hajm iuibtcilliuu po^iuliLtp quo dciudo nd |« 
—iwndum ata expoditior, l)utuqu« tiu cutum mo vt iiiip&l* 
Inim^ nOD aiuojo minua qufkui corpora, et a p<Triculii< omnlbiu 
MTTAre T«tii; nt ipkO quoquo Bomnua moiia in nominit 
gbrbtni r^dat QoonUm tero ^tt^ hic f^lapau* mihi non 
qtnn pluribm to modlA^ qiia fnm In maUiin propfnitonf?, 
FlikdiTrini; itrnt tonrbnn nootU nmnU ntmc obtof^ntur, iU 
ud cat ia mn pci^^Ujrum miHfTkcorftJa tun Ulcot^ Kuiudi 
Dtt«i^ rator et ^knaior, por J CJium Cbriatum KiUum lumjj< 

P TUi Pnjvr «<tnB (d him- Wmi forrckM An thn HriTio, hUvttOf 
II. pHniOf, wbich will b* 6mBA ia l&« /Vvn rfpfUntr. Cm 
tbi HjrnBp ItaraBi Cnacor caiDJoDt at C«DpElac, huiI ^v iwM 

9— « 



rjB nw. tf. 

Omnift &d to resprclunt. Domini, H tii i^fiA HHb eaciint 
lompop© : te iUis duit^^ colligunt; le manum nporicolc, omnia 
impJcDtur abunckntlo- iVrnon. 

Pofit pmLom gmtkruiii huito*. 

Grati.i« agtmus, D«utt oo P«Ur, do tot bencficii^p qu«e aobil 
an*i*lii« ]'V0 infmitft turt beoigtiiute litrpria : primuniH qiJ0<3 
OiJiiiLJii luibua &d suatint^nduin pr^^^^ntcm viUun iodicoiuui. 
adminicuk ^ppedita,iidf>, oor|K>ri» Hia-rn noHtri curim to ha* 
boro dem^nstraA : turn vcrr> pr^i<c3puo, f|u<id iu ^pi?m mrliorb 
vit», qo*m nobcB tacro two PvATij^pUih ruvi^littfi, nop* rogigncre 
dignntua tls. Tcquo omniiis, ae monlM nMtras In corporibtu 
wpullM riirta ct cogitationfbus torr<tiim aiU^l pnttari?. <^m 
potiiu cfflii^i^, ut Bur&uni ^auli purstooius iu onApinitjiliaiio 
Christ! Ftlii ia\, donee c cu^Iu in radeiuptL^mom »Alulemqua 
nuatrain apparoibtp AmcD. 

Ueili^rnlie cijlifi«iu, Ekb Unh-uliA collLflVgilti'iDc ^fwodM^geolbOt flfiXU 

OmnipotfiiB ot d«nicnll?simE^ PjLtcr» tonquam ores perditio 
per«gnmiti siimcis, ct a itia tiiTs a-bornivimuB, InY^ntiA «l 
ooniiupiauentiis cordis DosLri [lirmum inriulfiimus: Bacroiunolju 
kgo» tua« Holavimns. (juin a nobb I'lLcicnda fucr^mt, omim* 
m(t«; ot qUn'ti fdricTidib rtLtn furrant, jwliiiipimus- In nobis nullft 
Git nahia : quapropior, O Uominej propiiiua oato nobi* iuU(?r-> 
T\m\i pcGcatorihuB. l^hrcc. O Dous, poccata tuA fiootitontibus : 
iniiorkorUkm concede roaipuccnlibiu, juAta prDims&Lcrucfi tuAJi 
liiuiuijiv ^Qi^rj in ChriHtij Jv«u. Doming n«vtro, bt^Di^niALimn 
ruTu!at&»> Ampliu* eUuiu conoudc nobis. O donninlJMimo 
Palfir, propter Filium tuum ot Socvatorcna nf^ttuiD, Josum 
ChrUtitin, iit poHt))a<T pio. jutto, soUrioquo TEtam nostrim butU 
tiuimna, nd aoncti^mi (ui noiiunLN gloriam. Ameo. 

Ab»lutjo per Mlnlotnim solum pronnndanda- 

Omnlpolonx Doiis, V^Ur DouiiuL ^uHtri, Joau Clu-iaU^ 
qiji noa Tult mortem p«Dcat[Qr]U, mkJ poUtu ut rvcodat & 
inalli lutB morlbus ct litAti dodltquc poto»t4t«ni Riin mmu- 
trin, imo profciplt, ut popub luo p<pmtenti Ab>o1utLonont 
romiMcnomqnn po^v^toruia iuornin pUntf annuncuireat : ipto 
nnfalifl rero paiaiteoLibuv, H Mfros&ncto CTjmg^io baud 

P Tborc U alruiLldUoii bf Uiii lu iluJI'i< hnilan Pnifni^P-'M^] 


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nut «rgOh ut tiLo n<^lU wnan poMij(«DtUfn largiatur, bujic- 
Ivnq^ fnom Spnntum impartUt. ul ijuod li&C tonjporo u^'imuif, 
U ilfi botnm plAceal i ct tcU^ua otuun no*lra viu advo pura 
fit ID lioc nnindo, ct micU, ut in futcro gcmdiuok conto- 
qiumar jotemum, pet Chrlaiuro DomlQum nostrum. Amon. 

l*KcuH Maluttuji*, 

^JkTiK tuwUr, qui Oi m cojIU, Kunctificfllur nomen tuaiu. 
AiiliBiAt rtgnuiQ tuura. Fiat v^liinloi tiiA. slcat in cwlo. vt 
Ui tcrr^ PjUkoiQ noatrum quotidian tun da nobii hodio. Kt 
dlnHttc n»bt« dcbita noiira. s^irnt «t tjaii dJmiitJTnu* dfb'i- 
toriboj ti«trt!k Kt nu noi icducu In tcnutioncm. Sod 
libon DO* « nmb. Amen. 

DonaQo*, labiA moA ciporira. 
Et o« iDCuni annunciabk laiidtim tuam, 
Dttu, in odjutoniiia mcum inUrndi>. 
Doimoow ad jUljiiTCLadum mo fohtina. 
Qlom Potti, ct FiHo> ct Splrltoi soncio. 
SScot «nA ia principle, ct nuac ct vcmpor, ct in tocnla 
B^CuIonuD. Amun. ALvIuja, 

P«ilma ,vAtiL 

Tndlf, inJtemnaDoinlivt, Ja>>L1rTiias iVonlnMui n«tm: pntwDii' 
pvmm ficim i^ In CMfmiciM, tt in pMlmb juf lilniiu^ fi. 

Qoodna Ur«a dmbbv DoaAnuik «4 lUx uiac^'"* "if"*^ ainna dew; 
^■nilunaoa rvpcHU Duuudus pMirm woMm, ifuh la luuia tju* fUst 
•■■« Ami Un»r et dUiui^bct laoutlnm Ipm wiiupicii- 

VwflilA IpidUcM mvr, CI i|iiK Urii IlliiiT. ct AfliJani fuadaTtruot 
muitd tfm niutf^ feddrmiH, f-i pnKiilvnLui imir Drum, |tli>rviaiu 
«aMl>DiniJW qui leclt uu; <\am ip** nl UvmiauA L>cut OMtfrMiiw 

U«dbifc Tcorm cju aadloM^ nollie olHtumro coFda vnUor ■i'^t m 

P Tht pHCfdbig pflff» ka Mmk : t^ upiatutu lic^n kfrah witli 
(hi* Pim«R 0w p. U, aou 1.1 

hiriii^fatt^ raibv dlTliu. 
Dma hnokA fttphu a^ hw% mttntivit: 

A Judok *vidhith tnClut. afllietu. 
Hon. UlsflL VoL n. p. ST, n«to -L uid DLrtiCiPii. p id] 




•iTUkl noHr, rpd vvro non vn^oV(<rufji tjiw uibiv: qtiilma jurnri inlrm 

Beati pauper^i spiritu. quonbm ipionim pit r^gnucn tir- 
loram, i^eoti qui lugtint, quoniaTii ipal comiolabuiiiur. 


*Jtttn luoU orto Hitioro 
DouiM prB^mur nuppIiMB: 
Ul in diumi* Bctibus 
r^DS Kvrvct 4 uooGDtibui. 
Ltnguam rufra-iiuni t4-mp«r#t, 
N« lilis Lorror iohonet; 
Vituai foTonilo conlogat* 
No Tinifnlr* ViaurUl. 
SinI pura cordiii intiina, 
AbuLitnC «t T^c^rdift. 
Cnrnti tomt snperbitun 
l*otiia cibiqnc pori^itai 
Ut cum dip* abacesMrit, 
Nt>rtemquo sors rpiliiTprit> 
Mimill ]KTT abstiiKMkliaiiit 
Ipai ca&aniufi glorinm. Amen. 

Do Unde. honoris «l glorU ChtrML 

J^omioii, Domlaui PO<t*rt qium •dmbmbilo nt nomoii ttitjm bi iud> 
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QnonUm aT«TirtA#«t tn«>nlfiHtitlA Luft«ui><?r cwloi. 

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riiilu euui f 

[^Thi>nn-m< to V* wi ctrnr. TlivtvUiliiijf of fhv Vnlgmtv iKit^mnu,] 
P Tli« ^litlniry IlnrTJ«r>' appoloti ihls fljlDii to b* ranc 'ad 
Piimm, OuiumipH tliolok' Im mnkpofliTiin hu Imm wrrlbad lo (^ Am- 
liniq; ■?« KjmaodU auctannu Fbciiun OrvgnfU VAkDlunij Wnoliu, 
164C, p. 124] 


MtRCA UAtrriK.B. 


HbniRl euiQ i^ulo m!nm ab ons^lk: vIol-Ia pI honon nroDOfftJ cum, 

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0Coni ciBt In priodtEoi ct nunc, etc 

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Adtlor v^aEfam imwim. juirruliii. 

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dmB, iltuminn]* ooilo*- 

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CL ^ JBiniw liin«c«ntUt qui wluia ptUtufi fonU tt de Chnali 

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diRL Amen. 

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lartflkJ ofllda I&op, hat — Sorum cfuitmilo mmpiiDD*— the ori^nAl 
Aiftbmi Op*E*» Tom. i% p. 5;«. Pnia. ISC] 

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cndam omnia oottra &^tio too mfxtcnLomie diri;ratur. Per 
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vivit et Tcg^oAt m uiutMe Splriiua Sancti Doua, pcrr &maia 

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3iout crAt in print^ipio- otc Amen. 


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bus ju^LiLi^ coDvere^iDUTi qui vivu ot rogaoa Uoiu^ jwr 
omnia i^ecuk scculoram' Amen, 

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Dominf*, ad adjuvanduui lOO f'^^lJn^^. 
Gloria VaVei, ot Filio. otc 
Sicut oribt in pi'iacipio. aie. Amon. 


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Mcnos uoporo. Uborit. 

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Ignosc* In criminibnat 
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Morjviquo nocli^ rumpimos. 

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le, lit j*c<il li*ne tium tc intucflinur in trtcrna gloriu. Qui 
Tini ct r^DAJ l)cuB» per omnia iieciiLi dcculorum. Amen. 

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Qlom PRtri. ul Kilio. i^tc. 
Sievt mt ia priuuiplon etc. Amon, 

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Cwt«qa« prole* nrginift. 

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Moil ItliuoJ. VoU n. p. 09^ j»lc 74. 
How Mjoj mA Jvrpli vtlh Joni were fii^, 
lBt» figTI^ 'd' ■onmr to 14« : 
WIma tho IpBHBtln fbr bk lalu wen ik^m^ 
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Solrotor mundi, Haniino, 

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£l siJtb umni tompore. 

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Et para fluppLicantitfui : 
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Surgaiuufl :l culitibui». Amen. 


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noctiB ot tvnebrorucii. i&d c^t^'i et luoia pei'petuo iiiTDiiiamur. 
Cjoi nvi« et regn^ Dvus, per omnJa lecula aocuUfunk 

Ad Complatnnum '. 

Convarto noe, Denis aaUitAris noxter, 
£t avcrto irAm luaiu n iiolm. 

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■od foUyikd qak^nso, MTOfiv uii dTyokynpr, imd Ijibai^AgD, and oil 





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Dommo, nd adjtiTAndam mo feetiiu. 
Gloria rAtri, ot ViViQ. olc> 

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tvQiD. DonEiw, nrifioliH n^ in iL<^uitAte Ew^ 

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B/l perJ^ {^mnGfl, qui tributonl anlmran mrma ; qnodott cs» 

tuus wm- 

UbrJA PatrT* «l Filia, et Sian'tui Souctu. 
Siuvi tTikt ^ piinf]i[ijo. «tt!. Ainvn, 


No rsm"mi3«Lri3, Dutui[iu, iniquitatum noriranim antiqtuw 
Tam, sod mieorli^rdia lua prii^voriiut aa&t Bumua onim nvisRr- 
rlmi. Adjuira nuB, Dcua, ecrvalor noBton et propter gl<iri«m 
Dooiinui tui libera aos. Eato uobiB propltjun, @t pruptor 
uomoQ iuum cuailonu uobia peocata noBlra. No dicaut luipit, 
Ubi eat DuEu ooritTD? Nos ^uleoi populua tuuft* ct [avaj 
p&Bt:iUD tuvd^ Semper gruliAS agetnua Ubu A geuerationo ia 
geoeratioQeni provui^'aVimus kudeov tu&m. ^bi lionor H 
g^tia, ia leteraum. Amen. 

Pal^ de ccgVib Deus, miserere nob». Patffr, «tc. 
Fill, redemptor mundi, Beiu, miierore cobU. Fill, r#- 
dcmptor. otc. 

rcro nnbis, Spiritus. &c 

Q ianctv, beau, et glnriosn TnniUis, trei porsonin ct ttmu 
Deus, inianrero nobis. O sftfif^ta. etc. 

No recordcrifl, D&mme, deiii^w. nostrft, noque parontura 
nostrorom, nofjuo vindictam flumoa de pefoatU no«tria : p^rcc^ 
I>omiii0| parcc popnto tuci. qucm priM-iOFriaaimo i^onguiao luo 
rodainlattt noquo in ntcmum iraAcaris Tiobis. 
Liborai uos, Domino. 

All omni itulIo ot soolnfc, a po^oato, ab maidila ot innLli- 
bus diaboH, ftb ira ct /uttrmn ibtmniidoTio- 

L'lbi^ra uai. Domino. 

A emciUio cordU, tv nupiirbin, riuick gloria, hjpocHftl* laH- 
itio, odio, tntUitm, immiscriwrdii^* 

Libera noo, Domino, 

A roruiiAtiooo, ct omnl pnooato lotoli, ah nmnyt/ta hDfm* 

tork luuaUi, ounuj ot dlubali. 

Libom not, Uotainti. 

[* An CTT>r, rtruiinly, fw JW<v "wW*^ 



A fo^ia^, («n)poaUU> p]ig>| p«ftte, &uj«, boUv, dado, ei 

lilwft not, Doxuba. 
Ab onuu lOdiUone, «t pnvala coi^uradono. nb omni falsa 

!Ub«Tft nc4. DoDiino* 

P«r injMvriaEn tuictm incamAlioiua luoQ, por naUvilatem 
takoit dreunuanooaoj, liAptiicnam, j^nuaoij at lOAtatioiwui lui. 
Libera no». Domino. 

Pffp nngAntn tonm. ot Danguinolootimi auilorom, per cm- 
Mm ot paflNonam liuun, por prKigsoin luortom vt Mpuhuruo, 
par glonowm rMUrrac^tjjiDiii ot AaccOBJoueiu iiuua, per advou- 
tom 8Ancli Spirituu. 

Libera noi, DcoBme. 

1b eomibui reboi odrerus oi prosporiB, m hora morlaB, in 
clio juilicii. 

LtbcTv not^ Domine. 

FVCOittni t* rOj^«mud, Dombau U«UB. fttid! nof. at iUCUni 
c&tboBMm ■rrWim uum reg«ro frl gubernar^ iu r«cU vi& 

T« TOgunui, tndi dm. 

Ut n^ilikHD aoBtnm vt f^bomaiorcm BUK&b^thftin, fftmil- 
lom taau, eooHrran di^«ri«. 

To rogUfiiiJB, audi ooik 

Ut DOT ilUaa in fide, timorc, u: dilectiono tiu rfr^ro dign6- 
rit I nt seimpar tibi lldBt. ct Bompor lionurom gloruuu<jua tu&ui 

Te rogauitu, lutU nc«. 
Ut ^dim*Of et [coiiwrvatur lUiub nisaif votJii* vt] Je ouiitibQi 

T« rug^kiutu, audi noi. 

I7t ffiBeopo*. putJ>rte^ ot miuisirtti MttleeStf, rvttt cog- 
nilkM H bMIigoii* vtn-bi tua ii|uiiuju[rD] djgDoriB r idquo 
Cwtt coodooaador turn fitttndo, proinofauitr «t «% iwl dignitaia 




Ut rcgiDcs conailmrios* et QOiaQiii uobiliUtem, gratia, *»' 
fiontia, ot intuliigQatia ImbuerQ di^'otirja. 
To rugomuM, uudi dos, 

Ut magiBtrfttus beeft tc Iugatis, et grtliam Ulb Urglua, 
<iuo xKiuilAtem ot Teritntem promoroant. 
To rogamus, &udli noe. 

Ut omnom papulum tuuin liflare ot uomorrore iligaem. 
To ro^iiniuii, uudi ooe. 

Ul ommbu» natioaibus uaitatcm, paccm, el concordiun do- 
n^TQ digncrti. 

To rogamua. audi noa. 

Ut nubii4 cor dnro tligni^ris. quu umeiitui} et t'ltnoamuB tti^ ol 

vivondo dUigenUir 3i3i|ujhmiir mahdibta tUEL 
Te rogftiiiua, ntidi no9, 

Ut omm populo too grAliie tncr^m^nliim iloonr? Jigimil 
ad Aiidiemlum pie TCrbiun luum. ct ad redpiendum ilLiid tt 
ccro Animo, ot ad fructus Spirltus procodendos^ 
To rognmu», nudi noa. 

l^C doc«ptOB et erriuttoa in vinm vcritatie dcducero digoeni- 

To I'ogjinus, audi hoe. 

Ut atoulos roborave et recreuro, et imbecilli aaimi tiroi 
adjuvarep c^dvut^fs erigore, S^tooaui deuiquo aub pedibuA noa- 
tria oonterer? dignoris. 

Tv rugninus, audi noB. 

Ut omAe^ qui id p^riculk. nec^sitatibutp ojudotatlbiuijuc 
Kuntijurftre, origore, et rccrear? digneria. 
To rogxiniia, Audi :ioe. 

Ut omnos icrra mariqno iter faciontOH, fvmlcafl ^nvidu, 
p^rotanloa, lonoruG infantcA, consoTTRro, ot miurHoordLai^i tuaoi 
ia oaptivctf ci in carocro bbjoTina oBtendera dtguCTia. 
To roganma, audi ooe. 

Ut orbn ot viduaA defondcro, ilHaqiic ct omnibQi dorollctu 
oppr«uiaqutf vpifiii f^rro ilignDris- 

Td rogamtia, audi noa. 

\} Tho Omnam of U41] bdi tlw uinii ruduig, but it luculbffia 

Ut omoiuiii Loiiiiuum i^/iMreri dt^^n*. 

Te rogamuA, audi ncui, 
ri frvctuA Urrro tempMtiTO* nobb dwo» ita ut cob oppor- 

Te roguaiiB, audi nm, 

nt Ter*ni pi'tutuutiAm, ot peocAtoruiUi AOgligoatiEiriiui, 

■J Tium jLCAinuQ «««anduin HUtclum verbnin tuam eiti«udA&- 
dun, 001 iatbucr« (jigt>en». 

To ro^Amaa> tudl not. 


Fill D«i, to rDgAmtu, nucli nod. 

AgDiu Dvi, qui toUii p/^crmta mitndi : daiw nobb pofcm, 
AfnniK Dci, qw tolliM j>occ4tUi Tnitndi : iriiacrorc nobis. 
Christ^, ^landi nt». Kjriis clti'son, 
ChriitA, df!iSiMi. Kyrit?, olc^Mn^ 
Fuer nmar. ttc. Kt no tioo induou !q UnUtinnem. Sod 
fiban no» a nal& AiDon, 

v«nknl««. Domine, no Mcundufo poooftUk noBlrOi recoHa 

fU^wu Knqne sommdam iniqultftkt nostru rotribuu 

Dfiiw, miwrimrt Pntur, r^iii fiontrhi cvrrdia ecmilum non 
noo nKDrcntimn npnrniii AfFcctam : licmguo prodbiw 
DOilfk adflrto, qun.-^ in oinnibiu pcrturULtiouibiia UApurilEttj- 
Imqite nruni. si i|Qiui<Io a« oppninuil* sdkibvmuB : ul do- 
venUir duudi uos* ul ta mtUA. <|iuo molitiouot luacLtUjC^uo 
diulwLiuu aut hiimuiw coiiln iiu< tiitoulADti ui uihiluiu dvilt^ 
CMilur, tt prvijdi-utj^k Um}|,'u;Utjit tu» dNpor^^Autur ; ut qo« 
fjijiiuli Ilij, ctulild tDMfuUljoAibu* Imi, waop«r ubi in occIcka 
«DcU gmtijw Aguaoi. Tor Christum Dominiun aoMmiD. 

170 LITUVT^ p5^ 

Exsurge, Domino, Atljura r\r», ot liben nca f roptor nnmen 

nobis, mBgDilio& faciA tua, f^ufi? goceisli Ulnnim ]ntAt4>, ec in 
prroLoritia aotca flcculid' 

Eiaurge, ]>ommo, o^juta hm, et Ulioni no* proplor hoaoretn 
tuum. _ 

Gloria Putri, ot Filio, et Spiritui Sanrto- 

Sicat eriit in priudpio. Anit^n. 

Ab miiiiidtt noelris ddaada aos, Chmle- 

AlllJi<tJOQoa Qoatros beuijfQaa aepicop 

liolorcm cordia noBtri reeiriw vkmenft. 

PcccaU pu^uli tui ptuB rcniitW- 


Nunc et fteuipor nos oxaudiro dignerla, O Cbri«t«L 
Kcaud) cl«[u«iUor noe^ ChriftCo, cloraenler cxau^I nos, 

DorfLiKo Cliritte. 

VfnJL-uluL Fiiit mtBcnFordU tna, Doiiunci^ uipcr noA- 
]U«jH>D&. QuGmadmoiJum spcraTimuH la to^ 


InfirTniUtm nmirM lutosuroos, Domino Pater, 
rMpioo, cl moJii <^nintn> itin^ juv^mJtdo iDi^roirmr, propter ^O- 
riAin nominift liii apctIo: conuvdo hoe. Domino, owdutlorbfii 
mjfoculi no»trt Jo»u Cbri«ti c'aiiui. Amttn. 

J)e\x% oui proprmiu ott mJeorori aooipor ot parcoro, «t polS- 
tioDM aoH(ra» l>uuiguuN nutcipi^ o1 quaw^uaui poccAiurum 
TiaCDliU illiginiur, iiiiMriconli» lu-io borLlgititftU* loWunw 
Coniwdo jioc J«io CLim^ modiaUiris o( odvocati nosUi CAtUL 

Omnlpotona aaniplUnM DMib ^ AoIub faci« rntrAbnis, 
dimitto in «pi*copgii tieitiret 4t pMtOfHr ouinu«qu» €Tog«i 
illorum £doL comniUtoH. idoUroin tu» gratw Sprntum : «t at 
tibi verv plACOinl, pcq^ciauin rorom toB bonodictioiua JhffundiL 
Coccvdc hoc, Domlnc, meilktoru ot ftdvoGAiti noatri Jona 
CSitvtx cwna. Am«n, 



Pro fl(#niUt*v 

Avdi prace* mciuL. aourxm r^ttris ^pentlo. Domino Jo>u : 
qu tvuno ttUti dodlito-tis fommodum addiduti, iiddo* qnmao, 
id nMont propcoiioiicm mu ilium gralUD tuv, ut iitcrju oo 
lilMnloi ifiKJpliiuu ottiun p«rdu<sun, 4ed hue gloruo vcrvitimtf, 
qoftTum adiiiinicaliB ^IjuU m«ru mea plouui ^sacquntur co^< 
oitioQiem Ua, qaom do«m feliciutiji huDuuie samma cat : at* 
que ad toii MaciMmm piierlliw «i«mplum indlcB profidun 
stttOi lAjn^atiat H ^Ijjv apiul Dr<rtrTi ot afiinl hominM. Qui 
tiih t1 itgiiM In eonwrtio Fibtruftc Spiritm S&ncti, in aot«nuk 

Pro Rcjcfno. 

DonuDO, TMcr osleatu. Kc^ r«gnin, et donniuAor domioBii* 
tjum, DDmiuai priccipuiu gubcrnator tt rector, intlmk votU [to] 
»iif)fdkic« f^wwuntus, Tc^ua novtrvn KliuhboUiua bcnigiio 
ndta rcs^ouut ^qo* itagubn £T»1j& «t Spiritu tiimjto iU 
W fli p u ' iMuUdV d£gn«rU, at voluntAt^m in^ia ubi^uo «D^ 
quUuTp «t Mcufiduni laluberHmam oonum muKktorum tuo 
ram ouUMm TiUm tnin«tgni. AccuniuTa b illia ooflestin lua 
doAft, ntdia [tt] fo^tidlor [iobi» imporot* hostd* forlit^r dovLQ- 
cttt« undemf]uo toonfri in ccnlcali gloHd mil b tPUrnQiii. 
Qui vitU et re^TuM Dciil Per «mnia fomU flocnloram. 

ImnnsiiflUti, qum^Tnas, DombOr miwriconliAin tuAin, cjnain 
■nib potest Im^pu dij^no oip1)nAri>< itobU otitiiido : iit a poc- 
flitii ooBtrti paoaqua pro illis dobiU burLignituUt luu lilwrvuur. 
Cottoedohoc, Docaino»iDediAUimotultoc«Ui m)i»tri J««u Clirbti 

OmkifioUfu DoDi, qui hoc Umpor^, at annsimi roto nup- fi^*ag_^ 
pfieatboM iio»tru tibi facUmus. gr:id«o laricicos m : ct pro- 
wamd, n qojmdo dao out trot in □oounc iuo coa^p^;^ 
fauu<, TDlaillorugtoconopflaurLiia: oxpto rolunUtm, I>o<mm«, 
potldoOM^lM Wrrorom tUOTum. qu^msdniodum m USu tllornm 

Bittlino fnlutiiBi^: et umue^ ui b hoc mwqIo eognJtiooem 
yfalii lujs, b Aitnro Mt«m rluun lotoniftn), }^beiAinui. 

P ftapwiji, Ukotbc Pnj-rr ivp ^ormfiw, wtibh vQl occur fu dko 
^nwfV^mto^ I7 Rmmu^ '&r Uh dttljr VM Af every SelMlir* df ^ 
PHtii Srikul, tfloiilao, 'na ddubi, at ihit dffdrv of Dob CUtf,* ^ 

iMBte^ ih«iu«kc->iifrvri>Tj*hDC<art.p.i4ii,iwU4i1 


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Concede* quiMumua, otnntpotcDB I>oua> ot qui in p«rturbft- 
tioDibui noatrU unircrfAm 6Juc1htii in miuncon^ toft colloc^ 

dftmnr. Cancodo }nyc. Domino Deua, rnodiftLoriti &t odvocftti 
DMtri J«au CKrlati cauan. Amen. 

DHcHptlo pntalouls Chriiri torvaLoru no*tri,cl iflcviv, stxvfiii i|BuiL 

Dent, LV'Qi n]rn»,roq>ice hiinvi i\uan mt dcreUqaikU? box* a^at* 
Ik-iis minis, cluiialw per <]kin, «t iu>a ciBudlu i ct nvclflb vl aim *d 

JnfftiaJrQtJABi nuIlL 

Til uilom'in innrto ItftUtJii^ Ltun lonJ^I: In to speniwwi ptfTM 
nmtri 7 ifiurjivvniut, ut libvTOirLJ tiut. 

Ad i^" olam/Lfcrant, vi m\v\ fuii sunU Eato iprruvenuil, M son MUkt 

Omucj Tldmt« nut dcriwranl mr ; liH^utl Hunt WK *t norvnmi 

i^i^rtwii \u Domino, crtplat cum : hIiuiii fbdat «um, (inoauun vuJt 


QnoniJini Cu pj, qui cxtmvlati mo Je vootiv, up** nra »b ubdribni 

luUru iiii^ir : ill to prvjirtim niitij cv irU'm. 

I^D vi-Dtn: lUbUlt Uu-* l^vui nicui vi tu : nc diKdanli a lu^ 

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CtTvundcdenuii mo vltuli multi : Uuiri jilnfiun obaodtmnt me. 

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Slcut ivjiu vfl\iBui imiu : ol dupoiu aunt dqum OMVk iqcl 

Futum a cot lucuiu Unqiuua cflra Hijuhdcu in medio TtiK 

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meiila men, ft lupur ^caiii^ru inofiin miAi^mni eorlnm, 

Tn nu(*m, Thuninr, np rlnnjenv^* uii^uia Wata « me : ad defcD. 

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Mra me u on Looiib^ d n ctiniibui uiuun^ium huniltiittan 


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tliDtadum cum. 

V^mi puipflm ei ■ntumfniTitur. ct UuiUbitnt Dnmrnam, qui Tvqui-* 
fvUlrurM: vlfoit cOFdaf*ornni in tf<:u]un] Kt^li. 

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Qnonum Domini Ht rvf^um ft ipur. i^Eiminnliltur erRthjm, 
M«tHJvEHvrranI, at ■jJurarerunl, imntt plnnuM tftam ; iu vum^nictu 
•Ja ndrnt i>in(i*«. '[iil ilvwviiditnl in d'-rnuii. 

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toel, ^um BpfU ill iVam iikriim. 

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Cottforteli RCit, qui jvtHxati luul iqe iiuiiilci ami iDJuHtd : qivr non 

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^CmI ceafiindintiir vupfr nir, qui ^urnmt t#. Don* Ivm^l. 
I^oaum [noplft t« mtUoui o|ifin4>riiini, ctpvnjil ijimTuiiu tuHvu 

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qui IfltUnt tlmun. 


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du |JntfiiiL Jb iM|uuriiiu, 

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crura, et alimus qui crucifltTis esl cum eo, Ad Jcmic 
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diim dffimltU'TO^ uti (qu^'iiiudmoilum coxutilutum ab% Ic^ ti 
per omnium prr»phi>Uruin luoruni ora, qui ab mitio mundi 
fucrantk frrmdiAtuTn 04i.) tacram^ntum in en rodomptioiui Ct 
aalotia mMtrm dfionrrt. >flH«ricordla tua H boailato^ MikCta 
toA orgn noi vnltrntalo, cfTi^riitm Mt, ut co)l«tilia Filiui twM 
tuultoa (brumuEU, gmvca ralamluuM, at diraa mbwriM mMI- 




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lttl# ma inilMtii^ non niodo Ad jtiHlftui Ifnin Ui]!gitAlioncm<|ao 
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tecniii (kTorDmc|uc rcdejimue^ nl donls tuia fo^lcstibna imbi^ 
■nur, lit omaas vkm nwtr^ d\cs lib! in sanctiuto ot jmtilia 

' iWfiauiuii : ut gratLjJlo {Iunh[ij« iiUMiunijt diaridslnii Filii 
tai boncficigi, et ancUwjni Eangumin protio, pir^cipot 
fiuuu iniiiLibt ot jncrKplic^bili^ gloriw tuo.' bcAtitiidinuquc 
Ctthfjjjf. Itoi^uo proraDiur nb« to. J'ktcr oailmlik. vffiuide 
Mipcr nn Spirituni Sandt^m luum, guborjiu corda utpilroi 
ot darn Tidnunue, ot coiutantei' AdEuuua buic liiu? afHuvati 
bombLti per FlUiun tuuTu, aJvatoreta aobtrum Jcium Cbri^ 
turn, Aktte tt dmiCffiftnitA? : hac<)uo 6duoui cflicon ut iTumctn 
fidunaiQ ifwrnque niutjM in ilb pooamiu, quom ta umcum 
rodimptoriTiD ccmlorciDqTJC uo^trmn tme T<ilui«ti. Kfli^^. 
ut pro tuji imoomprchciiBa vrgn hoh bunUat« «t mlBtricor^, 

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gnUiM agimuft : cfficQ dvui<]U0iv oic hob mortem obaLrtwmt Filii 
loi ia itpailiiuido propuLtAiiduquu jitKoato prolStcri, ut lii)uido 
|4t«at no« <u£u iljo Id u<i\j(at9 ¥ilu<, juftUtift* innnci?ntJa, <i 
Tttft luictilAt^ r«nirg«r«, ut po»l Luuc vitv curium ^m illo 

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ciolcMi^ par Clitiitum Dominam nonriiTnp Ainf?n. 

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I Btalun 4e niU ffribu» tmp ^ff^rrnLcm miAnrahLUtcr uuicro 
I piMBiC*, non ovkdo In xni^iHtm Chrixlo prm formidiiiL^ ci^u*' 
, iIuD nodlhi dtn^gftniio, saH f^tinm pojcrrjindo, ta wipauni do- 
I TOTMkdo, tk unqvun rhriiinm co^j^norit : cuncodci qiiJnuiniw, 
nAaariconi Pxl*r, ul nanqucim Ui^ ncutria viribun Aut rtrboro 
no* Tcnd^ttmw. n-A cordihrn liumllibus elc duoiinu uustrniu 
fnilnnitatMn, iViigilitfttcni, imLjc^IIiULtcu)qu« igiiuttcutuuB, vt 
DniBkbai m rrinu gcrendis do i^uttmli matin tuu firmilatirm 
ct robttr oocip^imiu, «d g»t&tu juocpUuiL^utf ojc^lvtl^^QUQ 




per Christum Domtnum nn«trum. Amm. 

Benedicts S^rvator, Jo«u Cbrirto, qui in graTMmo aaiai 
lui inmrdro «t intoTcrabill ftngor^r, qncm Anl« pftffidum Ut» 
otr^piatij projccU m IrrrAm tnatt, fuA MBl«Stoi» Pfttrvm pr^ 
caiioDcs adhtbcbm r da noh^ ^mtiam ot Suicd SfiAritiit pr>s 
bidium, ul noa eimjlitcr, la ommbns anitnT pentirhatJOinibitt el 
luundi hnjus tumultitu^ himiili asaidniujno prccauoQA 3kd pr» 
sldiain];itinncinqtin oa;]c5tts Piitrifl contcndAmnA* 
noB, ChrtatOf propter nomcn Inuin. Amen. 

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OmnipoloiLs D&ua, cctcruo I^ater, nicaioria toamntu, 

CDndomimi'etur clmrUslmu& tuus Filiue, innoceiu agmiA. ier> 
vattir Jo*u3 ClirbLii^, judicem sodiMfl j>ro Iri^unaC, tuUi 
dUUii, Christum adductum m judicium, ei ci^adaniuatuiii* tviv 
tdtom ibl concukaUiu c»M, injustitkm dgminaUm, cani;>ODiitis0 
cjwlADD- lUuiufl, D<>iiimD 9i Patur bumgEU^zmc* pHworibai 
iJCEftria et mAgintriitibua toiiccdo. tit in oimiibuB judlrii* <V 
jpquo vt bono incurrufito judioiuin nuts Iniquiube ti danBiaW 
tiono famnt : c^x quo licL ut oijitivb [irLiiUIre opprimantur. 
Mtnpilonia vtiiiUu, lionor et gtorSu lij?i. fL[[ij>liljix<»turp Eitodi 
noi, ccc-lMtiA PAttir, por Chrieiuiu l>o[uiDutu notUiuiw j^mtn 


^ PwgtUu' In tun/fa ptiuin iin(«tk<wm DttmloL 
DoEiujio Dqus OmnipoUnu^ cul omnin ojiyiotala maiuraCft- 
quo &\iaU S^' 1^^ puseercni ttuldom Aino tun proTiileatJji 
la tcrrjiTn cailcro pornkittiB. quiijuo auporiorilnu lutaubiu nu* 
jirta nostras Sanc^to tuo Spiritu dingcbiui« Abmhamun}. Im^ 
cum. JiGobum* m scmilia viisquc i\ih: cl cum jtinlor Tobitf 
appoTArot iter 4lt<^03 in terriu. ducacn \ln^ ijinctuiri iUi Migb- 
lum prmpanLatJ: ccnccde hc»di«rno d]« hoc mibl, mi3«ro poecft- 
tori, (quom v«rbo tuo «Tcdt;k5 n4 Co inTocandum, ft! quo Icmpcffv 
imuDDa? incidtuit,) at Sjiiritacu tuum Sanctum liabcam diKVo 
vIb kirienv|u« diami, ut nd dWuuni rolnniat^m ra^ACmiqM 
tnam, praiiTTii nalutcm, e( f^lorhni noiuiuls tui unbulttDa qoi 
win ot mgnoK (ul ml^raJtAlcm. Am^n, 

f Thh rr«jn wEiu ruuikli(4 01) tliP hx^juj of Ulom by Lmlovkv* 
VJ»«. (Pfmvk rt MifOita!dont$ Ptntuir.) Tom- l p. 'JT, **il*lltd,— /n^ 
^rnfkru l»r. JDannlt Lndavld Viru Vidrnlini <>|«fi^ VflkoEair Olelik- 
ftonun, 17S3. £*««hia BtBdlb<Td> Worki^ Vol i p^fif-l] 




^ Pn«iKtb>' cum fat!|pfc 

UoAuno J«6u CliriH8p ijui u* ulania utuudi nil, s«mpor 
crioofli. nuiit^uani <>c<.'iilenK> ^lU sutubri u«;iu<.<lu (uo jirutn'oufi, 
cMtfervon, uuim, «iLiJanu c<nI«>U& Lvn'OtLriuijuu umuia; btj- 
nigM UliBtn» ]ir«cor, apintioa mtuin. ul nwUs ptimtorum 
H AljginQ «rroma3 intonio lonuDe too d^puUie* oumv u<iu|fiu 
vita* uno offuuioiiA ot tilubMione, ut in diir, decore uubultfiu, 
■otulas ftb ^mxubu op«ribiu tcnobrflrum. CoXkOedo boc^ Do* 
nuD*^ qui Tivii ot rcgnas cum Patre et Spiritu S^incto sid 
wtornttatom. Amen. 

DonuM^ ifiu c« unuK Dcup, tci'ub, bcnignuti, cl m'uoncorfl, 
qui ptwoopiMi dUig«nLibu« nomim luum ontnom curam ut 
tiiDorciD abjiocro* vl ia lo tuujjcoro: i)ui inlBcricordiler firo- 
mirati to btorum ab mJmieJK proioctortni, in jicriculu refu- 
giun, in dio guboromtoram, m tcnobrii lucom> noclu vigilom, 
«t porpetoo •xcuboalcmH ot fiildu coiucrvcntur : prccor nba 
t«t per IftT^un Rtquo uioj^hauBtnui bouhutuni luoia, Doiuiim. ui 
qoicqaid m to budiv Bdinisurjin, mihi condone*, ct in (uUiIaiii 
Ituun [m«] bac nc^l« rvcipiu. nt m corporU nnuukiuo traii< 
qnUtUtv requicHSiu- UcuU tavv iudormuiat, cor t<vc nd to 
■aadoe TigiL«t. ut no camii iu:tiectllita;a ftd tifTeudfinilum 1>(^' 
Miirain imftllrt ' tnJun trga mo bumtiil^Di p«rjietuo »tintiun. 
tf oxnnl t«l&por» ad JcudftCumcai tui «xcitor, vMper« ot uuuie, 
nwritti* tK Dwdii ooclv, Uum lua in gro meo lit loftlf ii« ia« 
in jwTKnit tvu, Do>niine> ut uiuni Tilrj> iT»em curni id UDCUtuCt 
•t p«riUt« Iramnnino, Ad oxti-vmum in tettraAm t^olcm io- 
ikifltf, ^uua miMricordLa In* proatitSsti obediaotibu* terbo 
tuOk DwfaMb Cni ttt boDor, Jam, «t glorU, ad ontn^m iH«r- 

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JuitiuM niioa? buminiK, HiLi Gdor«i iuitium rvpuratiouiv, 
hU diffidsro I)uo ccmfiBum. Optimo uo upivutawmt} «liu> 
<|ui ft>« M buua fido cTDduuttM wmotipMW tibi ravtittimu 

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e»3tf HOB pulifiuue : dq htjc jiot>U fiumamtu, ut ijai Roln4 r«lU 

uQMui liacl^iiua [ros&irutjfc, ut te et prsoedcaicm Tolimni 
Mr'jui* ct vocanUiu aJire, el pacere duitcnti, coDcredAmntqus 
no» cutkcto^L libi ; uL |», cjui AolL:a, qua eundum eiI, nosll, <a □« 
dcducni viJL ncl voU noalroi. ^uua cos spont« DMtrx nunqitui 

Ut tu, DoTninr>, humlltiuti el afllixiiti m«F Vix aq^m toU 
m^d &pud tc fufcro, qaln, iratiu oa niih% iif>d mprito men. 
J'ooMvij Domino^ pecoivi, fatf^or, non nogo; Md tu, Den* 
iiioiin, i^oFioo dottctEs, rctnilto d&bita, rc^tiituc too tn grMiAin 
tuaiDt obllga vulaera wen. quia plagif^ v<irberilMuqii9 cSfBi 
turn. 8ed tainen, Domme:, isUh padenter f<irO( <tI le obsirro 
»oiii|ior> eipuoUJU lovati^^nem nba rrinfiu (t^A, nt id non >ai> 
caiiML, quoDiAin recopi eivnum favohs (^t graliA^ tun> trrgft n*, 
vorbam (dico) proniLfiHJc-niH do OliriHto, qui pro me la cnrat 
oblutua eatr rcdomptio, Haorificiuiii, ot [[itoIjuid] pro peccalii 
mds. Quaiv ju^Ijl iIIahi liiam protnij^oncm JcTi^ndo mo 
dojttora lua, ct prjuha boaignfu^ aLtri^ potiLiou:buB meia. Sb 
iii'ihj pricgldidm m poriculis, quia vaoa eunt omida hominum 
pric±iiJta. Ci>aculc*k i^iLiir Loatc^ mcoe poteutja (uji, qui a 
Molufe puhi adjutor et proLoctor, Doniino Dous om [Lipotena. 

^ Pimtjo'pro cojmnlm HoluirCbrMi. 

Eisurge, Doiuine, ut dW^p^ntur biinLci, «( fugiftlit ^i 
odcruntt justl et Chnal! ditclpuK ^^udeskot mt Lvtvutur* 
tent dbi laudcn ct c&atiouea biiav««, migCLiAcontiuii toftlB 
<ebbreiit« et ruajCKtatem tuam extollaat. Cr«iic&t glona tuft> 
«l ctrleste regnum Cliriiti inter clecloi dlUietun Etto pMcf 
populorum, ju<loi lidyflrunr, ct ilkrum in primii proitfcior, 
^uM munduA dcKrit, qucn-um pc^turbatte cunt co(i»-:icQt]». 
quoH propter Chrislam munda* pc-nci^uitur, qui e^ui (uotn 
tl misoriornin plom, Iti domo tan liabiteniu), Llgmioe. in 
piico ct ooncordfft: di noba idom ecr, cundem animam. 

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mndtm Tfroni i^rht Ini Intrllootiim : ftrcllo TinrinlA turn a 
eotatittitBn, t\\iiim n rorpnriltitR miacrabilinm captivonimt «t 
Uloniiti qtii ndtiiu: fitntbuA Tnorlis sunt cirfiundjLti. <t[ t^mnri? 
gTtttijr lii^ rrpiignunt^ (Jiiani aitif^nS) Dominc, rat ^rnx tuas 
hjv«vdllAti« tun? I KfFuTirlc. i^itn^io, largitcr gratis? tiiir imbroi ; 
eopioAior ulmfUn juviiIeiI, pcipotiu ^[>ir]ta tuo ixiTifirmolDT. 
l^rgira nobU. Dominc. vcrbum luum copioMi, uti nmlrj eint 
ftDmmcuitnrta onui^glu, qui intcir Bc;ip»iB suictc conepirent At 
«oiitt>rdont- Bpclmia tuo, Cbrisli spunHUp vjcto Satjino, mulU 
ipoti% diviUat. Onujw. i^ui in tc p^r Oiriatuni crcdunt, O 
Dcnniito Uona talntis, Ut luudibua ovebunt, honorcnt to, et 
eitoliuni. Intrabltuus^ ld tiuui i:^Tiitie. duo nos pi-uEperc 
in portuED, ut pi^r to si.b ipciu uiorLo liborati v tl uglujuua, et 
ad lenm Tiuun vvBiaoitu; porGcc illud, quc^d in nobi* in* 
cepBli : fjw noa a fidu in fidoui prv&i.'ere ; do doh ar^itriii 
naslm rtIiaf|tiaA ; arbilrlum vniai nuvtruui lubricuiu cut, ot 
prwdiTQ 4bd ciBdendurt}. V«rbi tiu fulioiQibiu ultillM Tin. 
Doiiiin«b ut tiibl folt d»moa glorifuo. Da populo (no fortitu- 
diMOi M robur, Qt peccAto rmUot, «( verbo Euo in omnibua 
ob«diAatr gtorkMiMimo Doming, eC cicelleEia «upor ommik 

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Erip# OM^ iJoniinij, ik vlriJi Tni<|uif, ct ^b li^ (jui sunt dam 
oorvioa: i|iumiBni tu v^dcji. i{u[>inodi> in cordjliLtt imt ooglunt 
t&k|iiiUlom, ot quoddic calunmiActujr, l^nzum eoriuo idji^ 
■cdUc mot quHin CMul^i icrpcnluiD, et vfiifuum ospidLim sub 
t^iij corum, ^cd. U miwri^'ors Duulijid, ciutodi wo a ipn- 
tiibuji «omiii, no a^Atit luccum a^icuiiduiu dvsideriA ma. Tu 
«olta Dcui EDOit* a : Aurlbua p^^reipc mi^rabtloi dcprpi^AiiOQOi 
lOccu. DomitL«. (jai regis omoU i\m\i\. c|aj ^s priL*4idL! nici 
robar «C d«f«n9)0, otto mihi tamp&m gftloa capiti mco, quotle* 
in IM ini>^ai impQtqm G^ient, D«^ue pamltUA, ut Impiii itA 
rw ntn Bucotduit: Q« kiom pfrvenoi eC rrudlgnot uiimot 
m^OtfM «Tftd«r», et in U contumelioAo dtcera. Ag«, DoinIfi«v 
ifiopoin oMAom, «c lEbora me &b bu quoiidbuU rnolMiJ^ 

(' TVniEb Wm'MPMnd U hfu the rrttdlnE at thr l^ih |k4:t of Ihv 
Primtrvf IMAb khJ of UivOnuiun tft 2M^ U i««*iJsiiLly «avn«rfgr 
ter/flT^nm. TW Knelub haa;— irc br vanT^ S«r p. 910 

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Tuuc i*octo conic ot hitiui vulta nULgiu^cAbo iioai«ii li 

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mimd] j>olD]it«, <lo terra yinrdin, nic ut prortun nullnm Tm|«9 
conoliaiih, onqiio robur, jri^mo tuo cooulio <iutuu rqiu^nAir: 
l^cmgc oausiini tutun, et omnia qu^r cointra tc, ct vnfrann 
[rcrbiim] tuum, doetinnta sunt* (LVt^Tte. SiiccisBum pncbcM 
in hdhueic tuu aikucia pinnibiii noa jLEubulontiljiu in tonnlio 
impiorum, iioc[ud vimn pneaLtfrrutn ciklcantibusL Uolmde eo^ 
ac Ln enla irriiuriiin connidHint, qui, turiiJiHlofn lunm luntu- 
moliJH EitHcjontea. impiaui £u«m vitam dt^fcnduul. Ck>owtliv 
cU OB BUjricratia; iua:. cui Deoio resbtore potunt, per lywuii iUi 

dum. X'tsr Juauui Clo-jfitucu Filium tuum, Dominuui noiteiiBb 


f^ Ad'flfiirifiiDi Sanftvmi 

T«d, Sanoto SpiHlua* uuiciim Boktium EiCUietoruDi, Bfn- 
HtUH itiinctifleatur «t vivifioalor, vej-u£ doctor diviaco vcnUtii. 
O gau(liu[n ot uxulUtio Cbruto credentium luumaruiD- Uepte 
tu^ruiiL fiduHum c(3rd& cmlwU wlutiup Ac(;cQ<i« latrn ao* 
Ign&m umoru lui. quu vxtmuitur iloli, porviciLcirk* [ol] phtltu^ 
curnii tiOBtru^> ac Jiifiribu&atur uobLu, miacris ct indigcii fao- 
miniliuf, npuIoniA Uoua «l ruuoon'k divinuj gratt:B ; ^oiboi 
ChrUtiim J4«um, Pommuiu 1>«um no^U-mn* &a rHcno^lioBcai 
il!iit«, p^^r tc AgnoKCiTiiTti, ot in Cliristo novam «t v«nm titini 
inititnonuiH, in ea. porgajuufj, A^rroftcamus, p«rB«TDr<iDiu u«^u« 
ad tnt\m, lihori oo tiiti ab errore dtrft oo^ltionmn Chruti, b 
ft!]i-ntrji pioiAtljt coalnqrAfniifl ; cl per t4> proptfir llhiin ^ 
gloriam Dd AbsolTfttDiir, oCnmixTniir. Amon* 

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V«nl, Sanot^ SplrUu«, tmicum soktliun, ttsrui doctor tert* 
WK «t I^U 4Lrcl«tiA ditini nmorTA, omatum nipplloom oortU 
neoen^C ui {nonamUUbai* miRptrMji nrf^nl, oi pr^cibti^ inp^ 
Imnt, ^uo ognouAAt Dfnim Pntrf^m p«i* Jomm Chri»luin In 






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Dcmimimi DO»trum« Jnom ChrUtum. Amoru 

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iTOMri tui^m eicuHlbnem pnutc^Ldcro ixMilmuB, oraomn to 

inu«noardiA itiga^ri^ ^ua grMiirto oondonu, ct non intputju 
admwBi w«I«n. Ergo, niiMrioon D«ujv noslri mb«re«n<. 

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JSt» •ruuMr«lMUM«t WiM tui, p«rT«n4 m«Rtap imprubiuitfi 
nulii opanbtu ; tad b corporo caruu fjuaJam Cbriatii Filti tui, 
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torn ptr fldua tocftili, quo nc4 tuqiUiD AUot Jncis, A&ncto*, 
imnuumlite*, et irroprDhaniibilo, ef>n«p«ct^ tuo addicLuti «if* 
tcrci^ Oruimu U mpjilii^u. Lit ^jlIi^id nobU 4id«og4«<w at 
parnbm bftnc v^'mulb-m lidoi virtutc divinn ia fl«nimam Lndlvt 
' xm^orom cxioiicitei, ut juMui und^m Ij^nia 6jit, ot nt In vorft 
fidia HrvorDur, qon nugcscat ftubinde; quo BtnbilM m ipo 
«l«nui! tIut. qii0 per KraAgolium Dobls oomm^niktitr, u>quo 
pervTcreiniiBL. Per FiUum tuam, Jwuiu Chrifltnm, ct Donu- 
Aum noiCruoi. Amon, 

Ad («« Sttavltf S|ilriUiii, qua ca ^^ftlnLiu tfuUlii, vuntiUu> 
lanctiutbi v«rw uia&tuu ot luifiioullu?^ bouitdUi^ rouuirutiuuui 
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GAlloEui ct purliatia; iiuo pji-uu4 at cartitndo do bonln oculafr- 
tiboi* a Glui Do povi^andii. Xoi ogcni, cirnal^ tacui 
Sptrttu, Ubift Dostn tibi rcpftndlmuft, Tocam at auroi m ta pra 
viribdA iutcodimua : b nihil Aliud, ^<fft« ocn1o4 in ocolam uLtol- 
Uaus. COTAin ta in gcnwt totam carpoi dcmilllmos, bumllitor 

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fcuppltcantMH f ropter JfiQtn Chrintom, Domiaum ti«*trai^ 1^ 
te ad donariuTD omoi cAtni cSundcndiLm ft pAlro no oidIMi 
ocquiatTit, it^ ut (^lr-4tib ratf^r io nomine ipnui cl per Mim 
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(i»u> illicFs Doi pcniodcentQa, adituiu ux ta accurMm ad Doum, 
ratrvui c(eloalajii, babenmuB. I'er Jesum Cbrbtum, Dominuni 



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iTIina npirirualia tt-itici, in hrtrrrum trredoniium mtmipnJi copiMO 
roncrrgnntnr, ijiii cum Den I'liiri', in unititto Spmlua Aondi* 
TiTJA ct rogiuu VOTiut Dcus in Hmpitcrnum. AmcD. 

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#t COD'iordlaf, nt nnn di»)iUi ct dt»cardiir- ; qua dihoordia Ot 
opifiioaiiiu Tr^iH^nantia tn de mundo aldsrorii inm>du1iUUiR 
ct A tc Jcfcclioiifim. ex CO <jiiod liumonn ingcnio ratwaeut 



]m nkm ditinb coiuplnuidi qij^mat, «t noo ei («, qui loliu 
juttmoruTn ri^na^inaionent ct r)ui«t^m inatit^i. N&m ptoriquo 
omne^i, pradontk sun connm, to d«Mruiit» maiEmd in r«biu i4 

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diAnfnr, iiL^ f^sam sincntifit pcraiiivatnnnni, q^iA Inrgnnt, InfAniia 
•t ignominu toJi nnlatfin. nt a<l tc. concordiio partfrntom, rovo- 
Cfcrcn. NoA pcroaioros* qui dk tiiadona iUudiLgno3i^iinu9,orainiifi 
M oh«KH^mmi]i> lit por Spintiim Sanctum in vjirins mcUa 
dupersoB in imitatoni puric per fjclcm InlelligcntJir conprpgcs, 
diwipaUuqUD tm^ntcs in unum fiarpuit rciiLnicgrns : pcitu^- 
Aium icro nolth \nr%uie\B, ut, ud verum in Chrjeio unitatcm 
■AhcZantc** unicuo tlkm tunm ivternom veritat«m fjiuoramui, 
mb omni divporitoto dlsccdcatcVp quo in unam mcntem, BCnt«u* 
tiara, ct nnioiuiD unuuk coalciumiui. ijuu; fluAHl ex intolU- 
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r^uovit. (It uuuuiuii c^onwnau uuix|uc oru tv, cu^lnCvm 
P&lnjm Domim iioslri Jwti CbriaLi, lAudcmufl fto prvdioeoiua. 
E'er Jeaum CUrutUJu in Spiritu banoti^, Auivn. 

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diAnlaU, ID to [(iRntrL. ot tu in ua, per hTctiuiu Chn«tain. Noj, 
miurftbilctt bominoi, clamAmaj) hoiJio ad Ls nninrulonto cordOj 
ct pro tvmiiute nrntriv Hludlow prccanjur* vnro CJiruttianam, 
ct non lictjuu. charitatom in corda mblrn por Apiritum S&uo- 
lum diffundc^ per c|iui[n ude» inuluo diiijramua. uou Milum 
T«rbii^ Bod vlum Qpcribus ; quo fidont nottnim atjuudo dcolft' 
r«aa*, tjuqaam rtMuiti dc lupcmii ox vQEEiiuo iutmi^tftjili per 
Tcrbmn D^ viTeotiK. AdjuvA uoi, Dom, ct tAQtum lucii nc*bi» 
impcrti, vt ovufin *imuULim ddcctionom, qun noi ipioi vpoc- 
UoiWv ct fftliam 09t«t>tiitionctn, qtuD nom tfx pnro crtrAb pro- 
dcociCcj, bone ^no^oinurs. Ne pneteiln fltlo^iionis rflntrn 
ftd«4n. Mftlnquo diTLD&m lUAm T«rittC«m, agiunnji, cl ^ do 
T«n dUtciiono, qu» p«r cruoem ot Mngninnm ChrUti «oqut* 
ritoTa fiik>Jit«r tlabuQur. Ver i^anUom Dominum noiram, 
JoMm ChriBtmn- Anion. 

[* fioBD vnvr niftft ia thii paaaf** whaoh tba /Vvrv JWctfAr ^w 
I* Pgwdann Ouutimr, p. t30^] 


MiBQricors PiLler, graliaiu tuiiui uubui iiopertut^ ft thi- 

<I&m utlu'ucemquo vim Sjnntua tui Siincli. ut is Bult^n)^ 
GTUue, paaporUtOp u^griliiiJiiiij) i^tintt'quutiuiifl^ «t ftllliclioiMs 
jtattTriLLin tuum vuluJiUilvui iuUrnv ul ^lUimu agaouuDUi 

ali^cr^h ot conatA.nltiii ld iiiuliv pvrduroniUD- Tor iT«ffnB 
Chriiituni, Filium tuanii ^t Doniinum umtrum, Ainfrn, 

OlomentiteitnE? rtnluiuplor, qui sompor u miwsriMpa. Mm- 
p«r *» BPrvatJir, avo triBtU imbis iminlttis, aivo Iiptu, .^UgBA 
onbn iDiecricordia D^t, dum par eiteruuB afllictionci, rduti por 
iLuuLra pliarmcL^a, luiiu huuiinom mterigrcm^ ponjuo tompo- 
rurias uLuliiat'iuB prii^ptirju nua ell! AtrmpUurua f^atiUlap qaiiiid»- 
qmdem b^nc ad vcram iV^IicitiiU'Ui iliLiu Ipvu ntAm tuit pnt^ 
Ei^na^Li TnKtigiis: da ut Imac calkeiu. volut aUs Us porrtctiUD, 
piticTitor *ri obedioutor «bit>&ui. Suut liwt: quidcm utunr 
frsLgiH pcnnoloau ; H^d 6t til pro too f^^tiura p&uiu «■, ol 
«go longc gravicra moruj. qut lotte* uieru! g«b<?iit]am. Noati 
tAmon liLimiina: condilioni* fVagiUutDm. «o<ia«i, valuli <A«aMBl 
iI1« Sckinjiriioniii, valnoribus nottrU infnndia rtnti.'nx «iimt4«0I 
vjliA nofttrn ; ted uldU oleum tun flcin»oUticiniji, qao, qim nottU 
tmtii iiiiohvMViA, tolfrenidk Si tnium ost nd^rcrtf dolorlbair 
adiIiT c( patii^niiit dono, vcliai^uo Tina cnrporiiL nfflictioniM olbl 
c^orc in romiaajoncni ddictontm mcoram. Aut li tnii ptt- 
t«rnA pirtu hju^ miti co^ianlionc cont^ntA Mt« t«SDp«aUhn 
hnno rifjpmt tfrf^niiiu, ut tibi uiroquc nomine gratiut ^;tti^ 
^ quod innlilom famnlam dcmcntor omnndiLHj^ «t <jB«d 
affliotionEi umn-ritudiiicun Don^^jaiciniii iIuTcadin^} iujAiiIai!^ ilHo 
rntioncm hjLb(.-(ia jitoouiiAtin. hio noa imcncmor no«inc iofii^ 
luitotiik TiUi Uiu, ot i^rjitiiLruti] autjo, in omna nmnn. Ancn. 

Omnipol^n^, s4>mpitom'^t ot clcmontiflinnio Dtmn, \iiitit moU 
i^pllcM diHiplmaJi ft oAtiigntlonoii, qnibiiA aA tfi noA inTitJU) 

(^ I'ri-'ilinnM C.'hria*i(uiip, ji, 2*1. J 
P FitcjilicjmDi nlirjiiat Erural^p.SO,] 

[^ PrMftUona CliTBhtiimd', p. £43, Thnr If a frw iranfllmkn of Uxiii 
In the DooW of Oitutlnn n^nmk I 



wiiB «f^Ulio'£iibup» vornoiu ikmLtuiu rufri'iianj doloe, udcmpta 
pvr martoa (ierif:uli4W «jah MCtiritalo. Admt;uiiti(iUL\ Inm 

jxr iTUL'i^Uu, <.]ui »unC illJu aotMubuliHMi; turn uiLtuiiiu: 
Hm jaJicii lui, «l hulH^ociUuriu titi« BUlOTDie, quJt buun uU 
gloriauii «t fvliciUUm, wiaXa ftuUuk ftd igQOUunuLui tui dikiiiua- 
(ivuviLt ^tTbuiiuit iwiitiQuabilur ; quihruiD rerun) ujuiuurkui 
CUV »ibi |>vraiitfft nullom ftdmitl'iL Jam two hunv huuiinuiu 

WT^tAloEn flo^lli lai dcprchcj^dimuf. Apud qa^ai pocc^tonnu 
MUDt ttouUir, mortiiquo imci^ cb oculoi TciliEat. IdciTCo 
wm ueam, qui c<&dcm horam advcTKUtU pro nalarw con- 
^itioAft crpeetAiDtu, unti cum ilia to ommmi ct obMCramu*, 
Wk BDmtna jur« |irn (jiu mcrilis mm co jadiimiDi «xporiarii, 
|vopt«r Joum Chriituin, Dominum nutrtim, qm Itujiu agrotl 
eC WMlnioa omnium cnlpAm iti cmM» [iiit. Qiiin po!iu« iUi, 
cen redtfmptOt f;md--un cC taanu fiwtituffinoEci Urginnn. qn* 
huio fnUenuum dudpHnnm r.i ti^LiCAlioncm pIjLcidj-^ admiii&ti 
jNidcDtrr fcfni, pcrfcclft obniicatia rcJcnlcm ct cWr^iionlffm 
■« perooticnti* brocvolcntiic ppricJltAt. OjiitulLirr tlli b om- 
niboft sdTOrntatibnn, oe tutcta llU et proptigmvuTum (atvi% 
OOttM iniCuis durrimm, qaa jam pericliiatiir : tnkvimc', in, 
cOBftCtentift rraudni^, ]iit«ricru i.'Ordi£ p«ccaUk iUnm npud to 
MCnttbuat, turn ncerbujima tornionla «t vuluntariuni eacri- 
fldvm ChrUli, Filii iui, jn pftlrof^ntitm oppuno, qui Dinlraj 
Inflrmbftln auftifiuit, fa^UAiuqiiu nobis dr^bitnm pL-nclvft, 
fiutafl pro &obi« p«(«Aluiii, dum pro no«lriit pec^tid xnortom 
•f |>elcr«l| qud! pretiMo mnguiiio !tto abluit* qu^quo 6« TnoHuift 
r«urgMt AoalTA jiMtiliA, ]wrfo(^lu«iti)<> re<!oniptar, TiMrtua e»t 
SoTDffl betMOcdorutu frut^tum ir; vim pvr ^dum wiiLiat, bao 
An^nilift prHSUS opeoi tuaiu oipffriatur^ «t UlJuui b4ii<>lioio- 
nn dononunqiM tu Oin«Ui fnicUiiu dlJqu«Dt boc articulo 
tiMpo ni atit dalib«L Eflk-v, ut v«ra fj^lo tftnluoi foliciUtu 
tb«aurnm, boc i»t> remtMionvm peccAtorom propter CbtUtomr 
qui per miniitUrium v«rbi prflMlicAlionift, quod initio mnUvi- 
nys, ot Mcrunontorun;! luu. quir in EcdcaiA nobiuum fr<- 
4iiCiiU*it, [oi] n ctkmnum cxKibctnr, aiido nc ccHo Mtnpiol, 
ift lobiiaai, prnddium. ct propngiucuhim, ndTenoi tumdtiu 
gnHcer ftocMMtit «oiudciilL» et vUa ocodjcmonift. S4d 
H «* fidei lU ti ■mutuni^ qua tutos p«r mortem m rium 
]>«oeiri>l» qnn ftp|)r«lienAft in i»eiopit«niuai fruator. Etim igitur 



mU tu saiukvcru eum : imbecillb eat. ndjuTCrv cum : j^icH. ta 
AUtueris oum ^ sttam impurltiLlom et m^oulu ji^OKit. Uvi^ 
earn 1 Baucius «st, medioutUfl fucris n : pj^tidiu csi, >iumiun roil- 
dideris ei, Kt cjuIa omniii ncAti, H pro nrbitrio co^fcrro pota> 
eiaatiaTerjB earn : fameenimetMtiv.itdf^tori^uttur. Amplccicrc, 
tuna aA te rc«ta coDfugil. el roiuULnt«m tllii in obcuiuJa jmu 
tDA Oum effictu. Id fiummA, t^mc^s ornnii. f]utbu> irttin Acrcm 
in «c taftm indcAviL Pro m(»rt« vitam ei cunc^do t«cuta ja 
gloria, «t a qua ii§iu, in vinea iiiA «iirdtfir;Aada in W roor- 
tolitate, M Ac«iiT'Atmi ftd i>^«uip]um Chmii ■ronfomuuidura ^ 
noveris, einiif «oil auctum donia n)n])]!t>ri]>i]S, «oaMrT&. Aiqiit 
voluntas tua omniTio ^at, qua? nu;Lr|iiam non wt optiou. tlvc 
omitia nolK ntipiQ JdoumLionli i^x luoHio lioinhii isti. oonmdc 
per Brj]um JcQuni (.'Uritftucu, Filium tuum, Duntinufn nOBtntm, 
qui unna ost r*;ikui[iUir ot opitulfttor noater, quiquo, »I&tiuin el 
VKsmiiluin ixwuaturlbt^ [alroot^Tu in cruco ao<^uiu in panulidom 
ponJuxit' iliit Lecmu vivit ct rognat, in imitnle ^pir J E4U 
vorufi Dcua, ia sccola scculorum. Amen. 

C In* gnri moi-bo. 

Domino Jcau> tmit^a >alus Tivr^tiiim. ipUrna viU motii 
tium, tufr Minfltiuiniff Toluntati mo totum «ubmitto tradoqu4% 
UTO hanc animulrLm In IiuJtis corpuaDuli dominEIo iJititEut f^m^ 
morori pliuient ax) tlbi aervir-nduin. Hiro «r hoe mcuIo dcin^_ 
gntro volis : oortuB non posse penrt^, f[i]od i>Ufr mL«crtcon^^| 
romrniruum vsl. mrr^^iti Inuto fragllonr Ac miAemin rr>]iio 
(leponAtn aniino, videlieei ape resurrection ISj qtro- mil]] iJU^^ 
roilJet mullu rulluloruuii Acimuia qua^iio ut adv<}rAu« OiniM| 
laitUvmaEila (ua f^ratia corroborcB : i^oiitraquu umut^ti SalAnrv 
■UuUuB truj^ ma tit:uto tun? aiisorioardiu^, i^uu tjliiu lUBrr^rtu 
tuo adfozwifi borrvadutt <;rudatu»t ao luurtvii crudebwiiuait 
Invid'jH rvdJjtliiitik Videv ijuarci uilnl in iim Jiiihi tit pia^sidli; 
in tuit i[iuuArrabilj buniUtu (ulu usl fidudn. Nilul iutbto 
morilorum AUl bc^norum operam, quod Hl)vg«ni Apud t« ; nudo- 
roiD, bcu ! nimiit muUum ^90; Md ^or Uaih juHtLti&m confld^ 
no in immoro jiiiLoiLun e«nuiiduD>. Tu laibi natua 0l> cnilu 
Bituti, mihi omriati. i»ihx ducuiMtli mihi oranti, mihi jcjuna^ti* 

t' PirfT4lJanriH klii|iioE Kmiimi, p' -Ib^ 

inihi Unlam buuoram oporum in hha vilu poroglstL. milii tuut 
ucurtjA j»BBU> vs, mill] m cruou prvtioaam ^liuioiu tuam In 
luoricm Mdidiili. l*ruBut uiilii uunc quit^ aponto ^onti^ti, 
'[lu to ti>tum m^i iluiLUti. Tuiu sujgujd iililiuit luaculov 
cnnbuDi pworani. Iua juttU'w leg^t [Lu]juBliLiiLm moiun. 
Tua DwrlU mo nupretEio Judicl coiiiineiidcnt. iDgi-iivosoenLie 
eomIo Adftogo grailam luaia, ae vncUlot in mo lid^^t ue litubtft 
ap««, nc i^jgdcut cboritu, no tcrrorc roorti* dcjtciaLur bu- 
nuiA isfirmiUs : lod posuiiqiutm more oceupariC OCI1I0& eorpom, 
roentu lanea a t*: non deflocCutun cumquc linguv lu^im 
adffmorit, cor Umt'n iDBUnt^r Ad t^ c!amct) In niAnut twut, 
Domloo, oontmenJo vpiHtuni meum, rui honM «t glnria aino 

Tu, l>«in t)0H<<7r, iiDiiviM [<«, ot jpAlitruv, eC voru», ot intfii^ 
n■MJ^lJa dot^rlbi* omnu- Nam >l pocoavtiniiiiw* lui m([iiiu«, 
^uU magAtUHlinom tuiun agitciKiinu^ : mh non ptiocATorimoH, 
*oimuB ucm mht to approbiirt, quja cognltlo lui |ini'foct« juvtilia 
cftt, et cogohlo Jiulitiit potci^tiitquo tun; mdii. immorLaUtatis 

41 I'nalu nvii An in t^^riporv Iwlli, iL IV>. liill [11 J. 

DomiJio, aba cfll npud tc ullu dietantia, tilrum m panda 
mtiliem, a.n 1:1 pluri^uH- Adjuvft doa, Damino D011& nostcr. 
In t4> i*(iiiiip ot in tuo iimiitn<<, liabcnt^ fldudam vcniiiiuB conlfu 
Imao iuuUituiImt>(i). Iloimno, Douit nobtor iaw; non prujvalcftl 
oontn to homn. Mii*^ii. 

41 Pncotlo' Mopuc R|;ii JucU. li, PonnXXXd. 
Doaune OTnnipDt^iu Dcus p«trum noitrorum. Abruto, 
iMftCt «t Jacob, ^ BcminU vorom juiti> i^ui fecLBti nvlrnn ot 
ttrram «■» oimi omala «onim, qui ligMLi* misro rvthtt 
pr«<«pti tnl, (fol (0D«1iiHiat& al>vt»uiTt, ot iilgnaati UfirilMU ot 
ludabHI aovdno liior qti^m nmnHL pavrml, rt trrmiinl n nihil 
Jfl^aia imju^rtaliUiji i»t Tuagniflcr^ntiA glorim tnm]. 

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Tor tiffimiHr vrUdt vwli] wm to bo a tf ^gnpluol cnvr.] 



ot lueuetentAbilis im commiDatlonti torn wpor poc^fttorca; u^ 
meJiBa v«ro at Lnvo«tJg;abt]i> miMricordia promuHictim torn, 
quODum tu eit I>f>minu& aUi^iimua tup^ omcem UTT&m. h^ 
guumifli et multuuk misi?ricari> ct pi£nit«ai sup«r malUkm 
hotamum- £xdUiTi iracunduun lunm. el malum coram m fod 
flUtuoQ^ iibominaUonQA^ et DiultiplicrLru off«DBioiiM. Kt nunc 
flocto genuA fordiA tnei, preoim Ji te boaiut«ffl. Doming iVo* 
cavip Dojnine, peccarij el inigmUt^ni rn^vn agnoBCOi. Ptfto^ 
nig&Tis tP, DoTuinrt, rcmitlo Tnilii, rcmitre raihL Ne «hmL per* 
dw ni'i cum iniqiiiuuibiia mda, rid^nc in (ctcmDin rwerf M 
ihaJa mihi, qntn^ indignutn sAlrnbia mc socnndnm ntgMui 
misericordiiim liiam, et laudnbo Co fcmpnr omnibus dMbtu 
Titm DiflJD: qLiOQL^n te laudat omnis virtuA cajlonim, Gt llU «t 
gloria, ia bucuIu eeculorum. Aiueo. 

Nodna ogreuna mm de ntero nialcii moa?, ^t nodot 
rcTcrlni* illnc, Daminns dodil, Domlotw nbJitiilil ^ jiicul Do- 
mino plucuitj iu fciciLim ost : sit nomen Domini t>ci>odictoB. 

C n^cHtiolLJaremlB. fllanxvlL [li. 17,18] 

Sana me» Duminep vt Ennabgr: »1tdiii mo fnc, ot mIvo 

apca moa tu la die aHliullouiti. Confundantur qui me pon^' 
quontur. et non confund^r ogo: |>avDAut IWx, et ooq pAt'Cwa 
cgi^. Indue aijp«r i^os tjient aJlliGtioaMi i>t doplka ooatri^on* 
oontero cm. Anieiu 


C Alt?™ prwMtin. Hlemilt^tO) 


Ooi^mti Uio. Domino^ «t ^rnditus sum, quj^n jlttoqchIiu 
isdon^tus. Canvc^rio mc, at cnnv^ruir. quia lu D[>iuiQut D«q« 
TdoOB; postquEim cnim cnnvDrtJAtl mi^, ogi pojaiteQtiiun, el poM* ■ 
qijJLiu ustundUti mihi, par^TUiui fnmiir m«um, Confomi nn^ «t 

orubui* qumiiam :tuKiinui opprobniim adolMOMtin QWie. 

■fipMff* qolte out of pUod^-iu mo vk4uiJiA utumrru bomlaUa 
quia, JVo llui an {>, lli£,] 

[■ "J'bff <>fwjit]D of !B4fl •Iwup qu'jtm Jflb in (h* wmc w»y, wUA b 
baBMwendaiiuvKtlitlui lltbivwj 




([ Pmlia SUgpioab p» mnlvroivvktu- Pmvcr. xxx. [7-10.] 
Dao ro^Kti !«, nc i]^T]rg«« mihi. niit«iajktn morijir. Vnni- 

divitiu D6 d«d«ri« rrnhi: Irlhn* bwtuni rhtm mco nccci- 
Mtfift: HA ftari^ mtUtitii illtrUr nil t^ m^^AnJum, et dicun, 
QldiMDomlniiH? nut c^lAle compiiImM fiirtr, et pcrjurcm 
Dd mci. AmAn. 


Dsxa FAtrum mcorunii ot Domiao miBorkordiJJO. qtii ftfCiBtl 
omiuft wbo tuo. ct Mpioati& tiut ccjQititui»ti Lojuinoin, ul 
domirnKtur crcftturA, qun? « tA fA«U trrt, at di»paiuLt orbem 
1«rrinun in zf]iirUitp et ju-itiUiL, et in dirottmnc conlix jtidi- 
nium judlfd : dft rnilii iM*Jiiiin luikrum zmi^iriccm inpirntijim. 
«l noli mo rrprobiLrii a jiuf^ris tuid: quonimn <erTiu timi turn 
e|p, et filing AntilljL* huir, hoinn infirmuBt Dt piif^i tmnpnm. 
et mtnor tid mUrUt'Clum juJk'ii 4it loguro- Nam ctsi quLi mi 
eonnunnuba bl«r Alios hominuin, si ahfuorit ab ilb aapii^ntja 
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datit irobu meroed«in TwUftm in tempore luo. 





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BonttDOi tu ei D0119, qui f«ciKLt <w1u[ii u lerrmoii mixpe. 

omiu* i|a» in via sunt, <|ui [KTr- uk tiuvid pa«n tin ilUisli, 
Qiura &«inucraiit gcnte*, et popalj meiiii«ti Muut mania V 
AMiumint r«g«A terra;, ct prmc:i|H» convcnorunt in uriuni, ail- 
Ttmu D^ou&iKn, «t mlvcnus Christum cju». CunrHimrLiul 
cnia tore advtraus HUctum rilium tnnm Jounit qu«m uux#* 
ru, Ilerodos aimnl «L PimiiuH I'ilaEus cvm gonlibiis cl populin 
Umol, ad fiiici<?ndum qiiJi^^unqiir? m&nus tna, cl ^oiuilium luuait 
pritu <l«fT»rfrAt, ut ^ornnt. Kt niiae, Doididc, upicc in mlnu 
«onini, «tdii*OFVM VaU, tit mm <tmj\\ Aducia loqtuintur icr- 
mneto tuuiCj manain inarn [lorngondo in hoc. ut Hanutio, «t 
«C prodigtJ^ oiiuitiir jKir nomea euMti Kilil tui Jeiu. 


Sftpiiiiu illo, 4jui tibi a *ocroti* fuil« Pator ctrloRtiii docuiF, 
kWlam 5uiinm tbouurum cas« prcciDtum. iii vcrtiR t A[oliii« trf^n. m. 
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neqac «ttt per m Talent, aequo ladi Ammm xmium ct prsv- 
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ivm goalADt; ot fere ptcrumqiip. 4jULmda cum ^iiii amlcii nai 
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utimAL^ bttbituEtUHi DUiii Bonctu prophcta diLmauius- DominCt [rMi«j&&i 
libon ^niuuin tuoam m [ubiit iaii|uiit ;^t n linj^uu dolosu, Quod 
u boc boutguitAtL tuiu vidiuilur, ut fmuuIoB tuuB )im lUUiutioiui 
#i«reiai.^uo pooiat meliuH aJ jiivtiitoi)] rvlifriunauiquo adduol; 
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lilcb trrni ambiJarctH ^onritiw. ignomicici, m«Ii>tUcli> '\nn^- 
ftriMLtur, «upUbfttiir ut Suuaritjuiua, vim potor, ■od(ictt>r 

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JfaH, ulilch wtlt W f^uDj m th* /Vm FHatUr,'\ 


populL do-'OAomum hftbens, *\\i\ nanc l«CDni ill (lotift smo! 
ropnt cum Spiritu S^acto, Am«a. 


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nutritor, imhuo qi>s ^'^tta Ion, ui, ciDcifAtf^ montiLim noMtftniia 
Hi buju9 mundi carfi rojnctn. on\no sCndium cnniiiir|iio iWiinni 
in mondncis tuin i^on^crvandiii ponamna. et ut sine curft^ ipMl 
vntuc!rei4 nmli ot lilia agri, l^tborem indafltniLmqdc ?(»dpUniai, 
<|uiji m ppumisisti, to *?uraturum pro oohia. oi prrrooplsli, nt 
omiicEii OLiram niMtrjim ip (q «Ditjiut;rcmua. qui nris et r^na 

^ PiGcatio contra Bupulium ut liMdLnemp Ecol. n^L [4k-7>5 

DomiQe PiLUrt ei D'yan iit» uiew. hq dfirolinqiuji dw n 
ougilalu illoruEQ, E[t»tl«nti!Lm o<;ubruiu meorum lui dod 
mihi, et omno d«udcrluni aierte a me. AuJ«r a mo Tcalrn 
«OitfiupU<ytiitiju, fit GAiicubitti» oonrDpiaceaUn on J^ppreliondul 
BH^ ot aniuio irrevcrcDd ct Inlrimiu no traJju nt^,. 

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Bummn oTfloCli^ntm huiiiani>iHirnc, immo vero T&luntAtA liia fao- 
millimfT. ivim rriL'nkirn Hpirltutiiqui* Ur;(in\ nt itnbccilUtJiCoa 
uioikui a^ri'i^rAiii fiM'jfiontHCATn malkt^i ai'pic inrertain : ul, q«i 
fiullnin liJitit^ii ^/litimniij caii«ai)i, too eicmplo iiuinitis nudiqafl 
fiam. Uuiifjiiia uuiDitL incariA aunt, ad brotoni luufn a>Doai& 
Corpus ciiduL'urEi, fragllo, honlJUum ; mi>ii» ttnoft, «tfi«(rr<nil 
quioquid li[Lfiix» mi^Qiii, uidum orI ; ^uicqatd babcio bciiiQn» 
D^ eel, ot non mcum. llanc igUar Irabocillitotwi c^nonmi, 
cur nripiuEii mncni^^t^m ? ]Va>ctpua T«rociim tu. DoiqIm 
Cfeli f^t tiM-rff, quando m ]i(tmir&l>iti eiccUcntia cnu, linp»um ftd 
injfiDiAiii hominum ronditioii^m abjocoruw ooDocdo miH ir«ran 
homllit/kUim. uC ad vomm g}(iriaiii pxtolli pou^tn : qui TtHn «t. 
rc^ncui (^im PjUro M Bplritii Snnctn ad oma«m iM«Tiuti4am. 

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Of luk riRfQt ttrv tniu|M>v4] 





rum ia<irum. cjiti Urgiauaia b«a«fic«ntu (ua <li>iili», tiibufriiilo 
uokauqtM pitu iiuun pro morilui, ungulbi taincn batli), ut uul- 
Um hAb<>ftmLi« indi^iuitiocii aut intidioi citiuAra, ctun Eu ^^ tuo 
<!«• omfiibui, e^nm iii, qui noa commcriti iuqU oI iJiiicLnt|uu 
•nffcMntor ftd ccdatrm bcititudincm : coor^dc ut nc^uik<^uAm 
inriiUon. Md judlcio (uo. ^ donoram tuorum Iwnclicioruiiiquo 
dwpontiosQ, coxLtonti kimu*. Ccnocdc n^bit, ut jfrkli Diouipro 
lis <^uA awi|iirDiiflv n^^iio secreM nobisirutn <ronlrji judicium 
tuuin MDCtemgue In f^oUnmntlEn grAfuU^A benefi'^iiii voEuntAt^m 
tDDnnnrvmnK, )m><1 pnthi* ATnrmuj* lAiidt^mnsqnri libcralvni bon^- 
fidentlaoi tuan), cum in ctiicrii^ tiim in iiobjn ip«i«, ol vtim^r 
IOt Domino, font«m iHinanim otuaium bonilafUqwo, inAgiilfaola- 
mtu- Tihi gloria jul nrLorultntein. Amen. 

^ Contn' Irun. 

Domino Jem Chrbu, qui dlxeru unumqucrnqno irtKM- 
tom fira4r^ luo ream fssc jndicii, qi^iquc uwrdo liio JQfltoqUD 
JodSdi> omrLcm vtadicUm ullioncmquc ^uiidua roKcrvoAr per 
immcDuni mBcri^ordiam tHnm InrRire nobii, ut hhUa riliano 
in Allqium int«mpericni irn ot oupUlitntb uloiBuuitdi dilab&mur, 
atd porpetno, non u>Lum divlimm prmit-'vptuiri tuumj quod pruv 
ci^t> at bmalKnBinu iis qui odcrunt fioa, «t rogomo* pro lis, 
qui mftto d« nobu loquuntur* luumuriA IfincAJuiJi), Md etioia 
HMtl flsempIS tui recordoiiiur, qui pru crudoUtor cruci nffigcdi- 
Uboft to pncabvia. Tlhi cum IMiw. ot Spirilu Soncto, lit 
HwpUonM glorLi- Amon, 

fl En* ppbui advfflilfl. 

Dominic DcQi. rino cnjui Tolantato no pMMf <|uMf m In 
tCTTftm mdit. qiinm Tolmriato pftntnionc^u^ tiu In hatt miAi^riA 
ct <aUAmital« ftim ; cum mo ib munmi* ti^AigM, non nd d^Aim* 
wdam protinuft vl khyncnAvm, «>}d ul worvjindDm nt nd ptoni- 

Tktti Vitw, Tern- 1. p 01] 

t' Tllcn |i wffii^icnt iiHiUnriiy l>o|we«ii Ibo atntlnirnta of tliti uid of 
I'fldfrTTnB ViHM'fiiHl Pnjri nn thr m-mf rniihjrrt, Tata, i.p.m, t<i wAt- 
lul 1W HcWa, tlui tlw tint «ft H tdkcu &U1U |Ji« oUlq] 

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tGntinm r^vocdncliim. (quern onim diUiru, bunc auti;;aa:} euit 
vt^ adviiraiP ci pcrturbuiiL' cJHuLuiiL paUontiuur, ut 4)ui pertur 
bntiuiiom aliquiLui pitivuLi^r iVrt, lii^ Hiuijiui (jl1;dtur uapili «1 
BtiTvaturi 0Ofttro CiiidElu; cum Jeu)i]uu Iq odjdI iiiiowii ■! 
EQruQinis [quia prjevi[>]s ut jnvooftreiu M UiaporB trlbulMiooia 
el pcliidtiis ea (e AuJiLuruoi w]ji^tjjrumqa«iii«] c«rto (i^mwn 
4AEQ do confiolfttiojiB aba te rccipIondA : coiKed«» ocMUpottm 
Doits et lul&ericorfi Pater, uL in onmibm rcrum mo6bu4 m 
perturbatioaibus, vine ^pgritudiQc uiimi a« murmuratioDOi liu 
exammadone ct 4eKpori^CioDe, quieti Bimiu ad kuduidum #1 
magnlliaiTiduTn tc*, ^ uDivorsam apcm fidud/imqu^ noitrun u 
te collocundaivt, quiu lu nunqiiELm dcsi^rw lidviil^d tibi, >vd ftd 
oplimuiDConv«HiH omnia. ii». qui diliguat t«,«itquwruDl(;loriuE 
aaoctl DomliiU tuL Tibi ("loria ad roiontitultiui. AmoD. 

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Gratbk9 ago tibi, Dqua omDlpotcDs, qui non oolum dooii 
fifLturro ine iinbuisti, rations, polontia, viribus, scd. oa[HOtd 
fnvultatov huja^ mundi largUus es, live ego copflteor, Domiiw, 
tua «s$e dL>[LQ, et cum Eancto l^ubo agnosco duIIuul perfofr 
turn, nulluiu boautn dvQum lis^e. quod oon «bct (« deic«itdat, 
Tater luminuti^, qui das uQ1u«nter, cl n^iriiiiL eiprobrw. CoA- 
fitebor cuui propbcUL AggjL^o^ auruiri tuum eAsOi ftrgcntuai 
tuum Qi^, to 1^ quibuK (ibl volupe c$i dare: pus, ut 4» 
pi]4Ti^tore5 diridor^flqiie i][orum «inl ; Inipiift vero, ad iLtoniB] 
dnnmationem ;if^erfandam atqne flociiinulAndAm. Qtiamvbrta^ 
benigni^fllmfl Putor, honiillime obsccro ci rogo abi itt vA 
Sancto tUQ Spiritu formes io me fidelo cnr, manumquft paraUo 
nd diTinii dona ^Rcnndum pliidtuin votunui<iniqTjc l^iam dU* 
tribucndu: ut no h\c occumulsm* uM furci diripiunt, ci tm%m 
exeduiit; aed aucrvom tbmaurott i\x wrlmti rcfC"° ^""^ "bi 
timjuv fur cipiiat, noquo tlnoa cxk>dit, od vulieiulLitioQoin mean, 
qutjui pru miaurioonha liui tu utruipuiiauturuui prumiBiati, Mid 
liuuiiliuui Vt uiliroturuiu m evuloei^ luu vuiiaulaliouetu^ et Oid 
nomini« tui gli^rjam. <!-ui cam FjT'to vt Spirilu Saacta aii 
omniA liDDor ct laui ad omnam .iilernltntom. Am«n. 

[■ Seep. 100. ULlkJ.l 




•acupttiii, aupiitutur iuquiTiuu, vf^nv ciif^nmuiui. pr-rrct^to 
jud QuiainU tui laudviii vt gluriait). UubiTmi ritqm 
in«*m, ut OA Ewiamt quju tu re^ulria; i^ graL&tu. ul m obit- 
noiiTD, qon uumn mcjD *uat apliudtna. Bono Domlne, y'am 
DCAm TOCtAm alftbiloinquc facito. ut ncquo rcbui in prMfwhs 
Ant Advemi c«data, ««d pr<4p«rit in rebus ftgun ^atian, ut 
ttdrenia id robtu patiMitia muniar: ut ccquQ altom cflferAr. 
XiiK &1t*rU i]«pnmmr : ut tiuIIa re lo-ter, qu» iion too a4 1c 
Uritet ; heqae uUi« r«biu angAr, fiUi quir me Awrtniil &bi te: 
111 il«Biini prn*t&r Ut plnoere »tuilc«m ; n«c ulli pni^ler to dii- 
pUem fonnitlom : bi]innii»> quiofto, DomliMi omnia proptc^r to 
l^lttmat, Qoquo uIIa );ililiA ab«qiu le ^zhllAnr, wtqw prA^Ur 
tequioqoun conct]p»ntiii- T^aW. qni prr> t« »ii8oipitur> ma 
dAlMtOt; oetDtik oinjjia Utl^nt jjio. i]ija> u'ln «uiil in lo> Vm 
mo Mmpor ad Ut tvtr Iovato: cl, (ihi cocidoro, ofllco iii Oo to 
it«n;in cof^m, ot firmo omonrluicli firtipnflito Indiilaiiiii, J}€iQ» 
mouji, Uc mo »ma cjJlidjUiU licimtloEu. una lovilato hilarcni, 
iiB« diftdetitsi trut«ui. lino iIu|hi11UiIo lobnuiu. tine limn- 
lution* ronmii nno dctpoTAtiooo t'lmoatcm (ul, hdo pnc< 
MHUpCiiHi^ fidontem tibi; projLiui^ ilolkU kioo dinlnjuE&dQiLo 
lumiit^m, wbo ol ^Jicujplo illosaiiw irru&on* doccntoru. tine 
UtercfttioiM i>b«dtotLt«m, aId^ murmun} p«tJ«niAm, linft ofrrrup- 
tiMU ponMB. BwigniMtmo nomino Dou«« Ha cnr mlhi il.i 
pcrfig3| ul ixuIIa mo c^urioM ropiiti<^ abi tc aVistriihat r tU 
oorrobonlDm, nt nulLi ftniml atTcclJo mn d<rpo]lat^ iu itAbilc. 
Vl ilii)I» aiud rci (u!T*r»jp franjanL Demine mi, da mihi in* 
IdUgentiam nd ro^ni^v^^nttum tf, diliftf^tiam ad qunTrmdum 
Ifl^ comucludinDni Tita? ad plunmdum tibi, spcm dcciiqtiu ad 
oompluFludduiii to, propter prvcioaum h&ij^uiuuui iiriuiaculiiti 
I^Ai* umoi Btmluria J«u ChrisLi. Cui cuiu i'ulru vl ^pir^tu 
S«icto> Uibti4 |i«noDifl o( uui U«u. cmmi huitor «t glorift a4 
omBom vUmiUlciu. Aiiteii* 

qofltidit onnn ftnor, Tbi< Pn^rvr, fagwttvr, it mUvr a vlon 
aT hit Latin, lh«n (be Utln oK^nal ll«tf, II Ii Ia rigbit/ 

Bi^Kih IfuiliiSm of it WEuni^ on (■- J07, wm iq a umL ■It.env 
v«4»1ff ^ofvi Mvj, «hc<i <inly vlrtrn ^vnn vf ay^ M^^qH* Mvl 

ni^ Vol »■ p. ncLi 




bona JoftLu O dulcia Jesut O J«bd, fili I^binn' TirgnoL 
plon? ni»f'nc-ordi& et vmfAte; O dulcaa Jmq, nu>CT«re ntt 
KKUhcIuin rri^nin mUerindrdiftm tunm. O bentgne J««t 
deprccor to por lllwni sangnmom predoaum, qiiftn pr© nobb 
[HiU(*rUj pruvjiiorihiw clTnD<!oro dignftiwB r* in ara 47niria, nt 
AUjir;i(u omnoa imqmiatfa ivk^s, cI nc dnnpii^kiu mo hufnJ£lAr 
to potenitnnr et hoc nonK^n tuum sancdsumnm, Jomiti, tnv^ 
4?jiiit(^m. Hod nomen Jefns nomnn ibilno c«t: hoa nomcn 
Jtirmt tiomca rilUiUtu?. <^iiid anim est Josud, tiiiQ Mlnlor? 
(> hone iIdsu. qui Tim an^aad, ot rofkiuistJ luo predixia flujiuiiw, 
no jwrmitlas tun duJunari, qucni tu ot uiUilo urtumti- O bono 
Jmu, do perd^t me iniquitofi moai, quom fvcib omuipotciw U>- 
nitiks iiUL. O bune JjJau, reoognofcv quod tiiuia «Et in mOi ot 
abeU-rgc quod ali^Qum wL a m^. boou J«bu. miMrore mcti 
duni l«inpLL8 odt mikcrendi, iia pcrdM me In Wmporft lui Cr^ 
mondi judk'iJH O bone Jam. at m^nii miiwr p«cc&£or d# t«« 
lUA jtiffljtxa pa?rtam »N!rniun pro peccAiU mou RFftViBdmii^ 
lAmnn ^^ppollo a taa jiiAtitift ler* nd tDUm miJioHaDrdiim tfM^ 
febilpm : miterchcvh mei, ut piuii Pat^r, et miiipriaori t)QnuiaK 
O bone Jmu, qum ntiUtoa in un^ino tnoo, dum dGSf^endAFo 
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apiriuun moum, Dornino Jciflr udpo ifiiritum mciim, Amoiu 

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Domiiio Jqeu Cliriat^p qui bolus m luedjrm a>gTOt«ruiD 

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consiliorucEi, faclorum Ulius* qunmvie la oculU tuii imcjun mm 
noniuua; plonncn ilqxls t^urra d« praMciJlJ *ita« d? hoc tem- 
pf>re> do carD« rnoi'tnli, de donis tuiB, qu» otenJA pro <lnilM 
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uaiute SpiritUH SttiicU \iiit «L rtrguw v^ruv Pvui^ 
A^ternitaUan. Aiuaix. 

Domino .Tksu Christo, qui ^Mir os hadcIJ PcIti ApOl 
veriaej^ue dUeras> adverEariuui Qt^btniiu diabolum. quui Icoi 
ni^icntem. clrcuire. quErentem ^uem dovoret ; opcrosu* ci 
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nt tnimicuA niMtcr ctirto intcllij^at. non ino ooniillo, antillo, p 
ddio, nostru roa j{«rcn>. Til>i glom ad a^tirnitattim. ^^ 

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turua fuilicitaB. Eiolla i]:turj[ij nimilva tiuBlras ad tnn 
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doiarum oi ^xpfitciiJjtriiiii rcrum ootmuDi cupiditaten^ 

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ut md profidendmn t-oluntariut, Aiquo otbm atidiu, ic^^im, 
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pcraL Proiniiti Spiritum lA mo luum iafiind*: Spiritum 
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c«4 «f Uw l^liik «dilb» of KJv»nJ'» ?^H C^McUan of UW-A] 




4£ CDmmuulq' graiiar^iij KoLioprDoctgchiniv^Iaa^rum Di8£>ci:vpl& 

No3, miseri et eg^nl hominea* Damloc Dcua omnlpoteM, tuU 
beneffljlis infiniljs ad pnt^ic.^tvdam boniUtom Inam inv^Uisar: 
hd qufLm rem nunqiiAni non accincti caso dcbcicus, qui* Un<^ 
liciA perptituii acclpientoa pro ^Iw habcro ;^ratUa pcrpolnu^ 
ri'lulirari-rnii^ nnoicn tuum indpaincntcr, deccL Vcrum halJ*^ 
quia in UQnm cccUsmm oonvenimua, pniam ct librro profilpmor. 
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bonitnlcm, bnnu tiia tarn lar^lt^ lm[l[Lrtl^^ uL qos acciptro Bl 
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pi^onl, adootjuo udolruti molo boiiofiubrum, oblitiouuiu tUu* 
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4poolam babes* nos no&traque omnJa Ubere pernuttimu*, tt 
Mgnoacimua, 1am otl borutate lua nos cts^, quAm cei«m hajui 
Title commodu, ad futuram coniequendam adjumontis, cz too 
Bniiu dood* perfriii. Pro cumnlo tanin.' hc*nign!taris in no* 
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Ic gloriHciLmus; illud Euppllt^ea &rant«a, ut ad cnpicnda qam 
luparsimt Tuuncni (ua, oorda nostra qut^tidie nppAr^o, nc« 
RipaGCB ct illLs dignoF^ rcdila^, gratiim do Hi;<H>ptia fiuIiJo|au 
fiilonlem animum largiarltj, quo beooSoJorum tuorum jug«m 
lenaiuiiifl mcmuriaui abs<iiio intop|>olatione oblJviaiiU. Per 
Jqsuii] ChriBtuia Duiuhiitni noslruMi in Spirltu Saucio, 9d 
tttiornaEa glonam (ujq maJo&Latls in £evuiu. Amen. 



[' PiTi^tians ChiiEFtlanr, P-S17. In tlio 7Vnv />fn£tf iKt tH!eb 
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[qu, bliz. praters,] 

l&dox couUnloram in hoc UbcrUo. 

Coloiittarium una cum variib ru^ulic 
CaUitioliiBiuiu (lUurJIis. 

PrM^i gi^Iectin. I>e nuliviUto Chriili : 

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rcciionla. etc 
Preco BiblicjE. 

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■oJ totoni ZoducufEi, »re signif^nun. 

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Dlw .306. 

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diiBii Colondia: ct, ubi Nonro vol Idua roeidont, diooniliun 
Itidom«MO, NonlSj Idibua: roli'imft varo, pridirr^ turtio, quarto, 
qulnLo, CalondflA, NonoAj aut Idiu, ia oomu quarto^ n^Lrorsum 
numorando usqno ad nam diom« quo aut CalondiA, aut Noini; 
aut ldLbu«j dkamu«> 

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Sigia Zi)dlAci, qoffi ul iuo ambitu luBtmC, mat .13. quo- 
nim ftttx mm arcticft virc RepteQtrionalb, &t mi baurctJcai 

L Arica« Taunu, Gemini. Cnnocr, Leo, Virgo. 

I libra, Scorpio, SAg;tl4HLi!i, Oafriocrmus, ^\qi]]inu]i. Tisc4s, 

Snot AriMf Tuima^ O^fmini, QuMer, I^o, Vtrgo, 

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Soapulu, brftchia, mamu. 



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rTiLmque Aries captti, Taurui corviujbua lio^ret. 
Bmcbla Bub GeiutDts, conaentur [wctorst Cttncn^, 
Te Bi^pulje, SoQiJiJB, vocjioE, tequ© ilia, Virgo; 
Libra colit climes, et Scorplua ingiuoe rvgoat^ 
Kt femur Arcitenons. genua et Oftpricorniui amftviL 
Cruraque dcfendit Javonla, voKtigift FJ»cci> 




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Cj'Dthia, Marcuriuej Vouum ot Sul, M&n^ Joto^ SatuTp 

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fiatnmao, JoTd, Mars, Sol, Cyprio, Merouri, Limu. 

Do ^uittitOT partihuH uini. 
PHeter fiuperioram anoi dIviBioncm) dividltur atmas n 

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Atofuo Mu-tio Soloin evlAl Arie*: 
ApriU Tioni. AUio Geoiinu Jtinio Oftn^er; 
Jdb Leo, Aogoito Vii-^. Stpt^mbri Libra? 
Oetebri SeorpiuA* yov«mbri ^ituriaiT 
Doembrt Capricornm : 


ilSol qofUTitL b» ilpi^ noil In Udiiv •oonun Taoudum, 
m4 .ICk Urr dir, ntt tUfun itllqnanio paiL 




Tabula do ,1, pnrti1>aD mini. dcuK^ntb^ LuiODribid, ctnlTbuii. it^oBJbw 
vadi, et vcjiU*, una t-um coTum ijujJltflUIniB. 

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A^ialcr amnt medium solcm* Zcphyrusiue cMdeateoi. 

Do BisHutD, Mil anno niwcKtlll, 

Annus pnrllrt per pArtoa i^uatuor jipquAS 

Cum potcrit Domijii, BkHoxtus adcaae docetor. 

Ubi dixiuius b imtio, annum lutrunDimcum ODiitincrrft 
dies M^ )jor». «t S. uunuU* aniiuiulvortcnduui c«t, qaod 
SIb horjc qualor collects Integrum diom quarto quorjuo 
effiouuit internibniinmr Qui' dicii iU iiuvrcDiiui wt m Muio 
BtsuxtUi. ut iu tiQo menuB Ft^bni&rut ridoUcvt wxIq Colendi- 
rum, F. bi» numereLur. Qua nitionOi vlogutU annis Btam- 
iJItbuB. Febr. wuo die ^ug^tur. Ft turn quid«m prlouk ck 
du^buB iJlius ftonl literiii Duuiimoalibuji B^rTil uti^uc ttd diaa 
,S4. Ft>br. aeoundA vt^a indo nH<|ii« ul aoni fiojeoi. 

Prwtorea .6. ilh luIriH tiipoHii) m«moraU poit amtoi .120- 
nnum cftnulilnunt et ip** dinm ; qui non obs^rvalui cogil r©tro- _ 
cedere eol^titi/i ct nqTrlnortla pntt Kingulo* .120,* jw. dian f 
tmuTii, Atqufl hie qvyi'T niai rfurigfttur, profpret nobU taBileoi 
ipmni NnUlom DomiiiS (qui full &h initio in lyta vultfltb hi^ 
noli, & qno J3.Di forran dliw liV* rcooMStl) pmt ftUquot ja^ouU 
QsqUR in lempus vcrnum t natnif;mqun JoliAnnU tn ftatttmuui 
propdliit '. criu^uc fnstnnim at UiinporuTo ordo UndMB inTtrntt 
ulquo prnrpoetoniH. 


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Bitttixtuiu BOitiu MfLrLiE t«nuoru CELlvudto ; 

numf^mm ojnn m^nb, cujns NaTiluniiTm sfire cnpiA. ftc nil- 
irii>ra ab 4H) dit?, qua illo oronrrit, rclro son surauni 6'i^ .5, «l 
In ipfir> qointO dLo Xovilnmiini cesg intcllige. Hoa %tttt*tn qiiui- 
qnf^ dimi lu^lfinf per dictj'^nem alii^iuim qulnqim nyllftfAnim 
mnniomrc, Vfilali : SANCTIFICKTL'K, vel KOVILUNIUM^ 
vcl 30L EST IN CtKLlS. cic. 

ao1«lttiii < 1 iivum Viti Mtj BrumaJo Lnolni 
£sltvuui Cu^nccr, BroTnalo facil CAprlcoraua. 

Soliititium Holu bUIio t»t : bon quuil curium M>t firmot. 
(rt|>lCuT cQiEii XM^uti cvlcri ¥»rligluc wmper.) K*l quia, duui 
ultcriub Doa prcigrc<Jitur Trupicuiu Buum dacriWo. nvc furtur 
ftltint «ufin tcmiapliA^uii) uo^truu), qu&u Etorv in dvfloxu 
Y ideal ur. 

iMBborC^ Gr^Tgnn. nox cut a^uolA did. 
Sigftu Aria« hocto* A^quont «t Libra diebui. 

Vocator autem J^uioiH^Lium, cum f^jMLliA djol DOoUflqiu 
inter w irqiullA ciUtaoL Quod itngtilui jumin bU acdiUCt b 
Vcro Atque Aututono. L'odo J^r[uinoctiuin V«muni ot Au* 
lomul* dJGJtur- 

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OctftTa I*c. I'au. ConU iDtml, Un-mm^U not Lan. 

Hoc MC ^. die poBi ToUi ct I'uuli rcntaui jul CAnifluliun 
npodilnr, quod *»i .&. diu Jutli. til .^. pu^t fwlum Luunvtli 
«nU qpod ttt .17. August!* Siiuiu' Uuiuu huhtsi Cutuaolln li. 
10. ot .17. 

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(' iSifriLiuu UtL Au^r^riv C^4ibou]ii ApfvTl, f«Ujp> titau* Svptimo 
CalfoL t>o««Kibiii Cnkuli wddit mlm ortn. UuHiuit. CuIuuipUb d» 
He KiMlnp Uh »i. n* «% 494 odil. IA9J.] 


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IntarvnUiiTn v&i tx>mpuB intor NalEtleiu Clirlhti, ei Dctmial- 

Do ilivbufl ConcumDtil'Uiiu 
Dies Concorrentee «unl ij^ qui pri»C«r Lntag;nu hcbdmtt- 
duH plerumijuu inter ^'wuleut DoljieuI at Dontbicam QiunqMft- 
gvnioiw ci>m?urra:jt, vel (ut dna placet) qui inlc^ NaUJotn 
Doiikini Ql DuuiinicuJu proji, uequonlem inlcncrantur : licdicd. 
quod cum pr^cedenlia aoiii Jiubuu curranl. J^l per Ulcrv 
Dinninicalea nc fere aoUn fioleul ; A exUtcnt« liters Dotnifii* 
Gall Concurrcns uullua liAbetur, Bt vero, tiniu: C, duo: D, 
tro>: E, c[ijalu9r; F, quiuque; G, Se:i. 

Unua ConcuiTeas B: C duu: D tiH tr^w sunt; 
Quatuor E Eignet; F qumque: G S^: «k1 A QuUom, 
Veruia i*i iis et nonckuHis aliia ubulaui £tibjii:ieinii», qium 
ftd annum Domini ,1000' exteudiniui : aJ t^uem uinutn qtu 

torn peryenerint. 

eit^nJant (« 

placet) Hlteniit 

Tobuk. 1 



nQOiDP, l>iirrtL 










aO.Jftnuani. 2. Aprtiia 






18. FebruftriL, 22. Aprils 






10- Febriuuii. 

U- Aprilj« 







26. Jonuarii- 





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15- FcbninriL 1$. Aprtlb 







6- Kohnmrii. 







22. Jnnucirir. 

12ii. Martli 







11, Kebrodni. 

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3, Kebrii4rii, 

6. Apnlis 







18. JiinuEirir. 

32. MMTlii 






7, Kobruaiii, 








30. Junuu-rJit 

3. Apnin 







11J. t'obruiui^ :22.ApHlk 







J. Fubruarii. 7. Aprilib 






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15. t'ubruiLrli, 19. Apriliif 


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3, Aprilb 













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7. FobruATu, 

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3, Aprila 








1 2. Fobruvii. 

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25. Jftnuarli. 

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31. JanTmrii. 

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23. JfuinarU. 

2«, Martii 




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11. FcbruArlL 

15. Aprilia 








27. Jjuia&rii. 

31. MaHu 








16. FobruanL 

2^. Aprila 



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d. Febnurii, 

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12. Febnuuii. 









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19- Jumari^. 

23. Mariii 





nivtidi' Purloltf irmih 


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nbi lit nara luna^ r^uiTM, H 

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nim iffrtU PuchA t«n«c. ^| 


f ftiitU ^labiUliLia. 

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Lich;itu. rcljqaofam ftatorom, qQvM> 

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Fnlum ABcena. Donuni wmpw wkbrulm- die Jofvi la 

Mtdomadft lEogatioauni, hu Ambarv^liitm. 

DoRimlca prima Advcntua ca Cal, q^n Bar1>in»dMC0 pTOX* 
ftnUcodit. Quam alU ad hunc modum «x|iniiiiiDt ; 

Post fc«t[im Um Ei«mp(?r orit Actrentui Domini. 

TloUqun featu dlcuntuT Immobilia, qnia nntru^^ «i.idom 
diobus [Di?aBDum, turn ItCiOHA MptenfLriiB, pcrpotuo AlExft 
Do quibu* ta genera hi versus vulgo dTCUTuft^nrntnr : 

Sei Eimt Jul Pari, bU iev aunt usi^uf^ t'liilSppi. 

Ad Jiicobum to1id«ra. novem sunt nd Mickairbuu 

Set ad MfLrdoi, iei oA NatalU Christ. 

AdJo d]03 ocio, totus cori;|ilijbilur annus. 

Potruft cum r.iido, J.kixibus cum BarLholometo, 
Thorns, Audreaa« pivriter <!um Simoitn JudoN, 
Ut j^unomtxa aos :idmoiiet, &U\\iq AlatlinTati. 

JcjohIb Am tcupnnun. 

Part Cmcia et Cinorum, post Pentc. pasiquc Ludfl^i 
Mercurii, Veoana, et S^h. jojunia fiotiL 

CtTtft mgulfc i1l* ruud Tcnnlats (quE» TOcant) IbrvDilbuL 

PiLschiD Torminuf ^tnper idcipit -IS- diu pvat fcMotQ 
FMchi^ induMTe, ct de^it dio Luno^ proximo po«l UtU 
Aaoaa. ~ 

Trinitjitis Tot- *pmjwr tnoipit die Veneris proximo 
fcAtum TriniUtifi* «t doftmit J^. dio post oundvm d^cm Yeovni 

Micb. Term, incipiE -0. diftOf-tAber, nbi ^t die* BominioDfl; 

ct doaiDit -33^ Noreitib. risi tit Itid^m die» Domlnlmm. 

Uilarii Tur. iiJtnpjl .V3. Jjuiiuiru, uliii Bit diM Domiu; <t 
dosmit .I'i, Fub, niBj. olc. 

' Dinbni AnennsiiciEiiii, Johnnoia Baptldto^, OmDinm &uirt»' 
rum, Purificntioniii Mnriir^ lit diobiia J>oimiitDi». judicca in for* 
WcatmunoflLorio nan oouvoniunl, niHiuo iiUic fvrcnaua him 

Ticru cEcosomoA- 

Oaanll unnu potc^Utibns etiblimic'riVrrifl nnbiiiUt nit„ KtOi 
Mt M^ potmoa nbi n ]yoa. Qum nnlom snot, li Deo ordU 
natA^ »nriL Tfni|ito q^ nsistit potf^sUti, J)d ordinftlloin] roaiatit. 
Qtti *nTrirn ri^^i-Lunt. ip^'i *ilji ciamnatloncm rwrquirant. Nam 
prinripfil non sunl tiinori bnni oporis, scd mali. Via autcm 
nnn timrTR potcatiUcm ? Bonum fiu. ot Imbcbis Landcm ex Ulfl. 
pi nnlf^m mnJnm feircrts, timn, Non fnim lunc can.^ ^Udinm 
purUt : l>ifi onlni miuistflr e:^t tibi in boiii^oi, vinUoi in mvn 
« <liu mdo agit l^um. xiu. [L — 5.] 1 VuL u. [13, 14.] 

SulKlilontiti uflicJuui. 

Itoddite. quu mdL Curs&rii* Ci£6uri- 5Utt]j. xiii, [21.] ot 
Xtil. [75,] Omim juluha pgtvlAlibuA sublimlunbuK etc. Id- 
coqwncccniCUc aubdlLl vtoto, uon Bolum propter inun* »d 
ttJAia pn>pt«r coDaclentUm. Idoo ouim el UibuU prmtatifl ; 
vdoktri «aidi Dad nuat b Loc ijHuui tervKintn. ilMdito orgo 
WnilibitfM)3tft; cul tribulum, trlbulam: cui tttctigal, TocUgol: 
fui bcnoitn, hooot^a. Roma, liit. [1— 6-] &dh«Hcr pci' 
OMm fmnlBiff ft<ti obKcraUonen, nriti'^n^, miorpvlktloDOf, 
gndarom adSoM*, pn) omnibus homjiubtu. pro rogibui, «t 
OV^ua qui ia lubUmitAU) coiutituti flunt. at qQioUm el tr«A* 
qoillAm TjUim agamot c^im omiu pictato ot grATitjiic^ 1 Tin). 
ii. [1, 3.] Admono ilb» principibus ct potoitolibut subdiloB 
MM) dSoto nbodiro, ftd ntnno bntnim opos ponitoB ftstf, nettiitA 
COBfModi hcvT^, non lltigio«OA tmc, cU. Titi, i». [1, 2,] 
flnljtcti <MoUi omni humuioi tt-MUnr^: propter I^omicam, dve 
n^ luqittfa pnrMJIiinii, »to diioihia, tnnqunm ab oo rabna. 
ote. 1 P«LE [13, U.] 

QporUt frpiaaefmm imrpi^rrnvHInni mm, nnloa uoril 
firan^ iobrium, miMbatnm, beoa roonuoiB, hoaplulem. bid* 

P TUft 7\iftu^ rcmu ■ iflH oT (bo /Vpn/^iuif CftKtffan«^ Bad pt*- 

TiBMTa ad docendum. Dei dispcnsatorcm, nan Tinolentitm, nov 
pori^uMorcm, non turpia lucri cnpidum, and aicjiium, Hon png- 
nocoiD, non ihvorum, sun^ domui bono prmfiidoDtam, ^lios h*- 
bentem gubditm cum omnj gmvitatii ; Non naopbytnm, tctuuvm 
fidelis sermnnbj, qui aecunduiii doctrinam net, ut potens sh ei- 
hortriri dootriiui Bunai ci od^ <|ui (xjntradmuul» u^uunu 1 'J'im, 
ui. [2 — i, e.] Dt T\U i. [9,] 

Quid dtboiuil DuiUtDLVf EE>iKu[j^3 anil. 

Domimu ordin^Tit h\s, qui cT&ngoliam annunciaAl, d» 
•TUi^lio Tirere. J Cor, ii. [14,] 0>mmunkcl doctori in 
OTTinilniB bonis w, <jui dooetnr verbnm- Gal. rL [6.] Qui 
Uonc^ prjciUTit prceb^'teri, duplici honoro digni habeAJitiir. mu- 
imt^H qui lAbonuit in ¥crbo Gt dontrinn. Dirit ^m S(irip|iir% 
Non nlligftbia 09 bovi trituranti, Et, Dignus f!5t dpcrftrim 
iTteroodo bu&, [1 Tim. v. 17, 18,1 Obcdito prji^poaitJA TCilri«. 
et oodile ei^: ipei cnim vtgilnnt, qujLsi nvtiotiom pro anim*bai 
vuatriH ruddituri, ut cum goudjo hoc rdriiLnt» «t non gemoal«a: 
hue enint non oipedit Tobk Ebr, xiii. [17-] 

Cgnjugam ofiicLain. 

VEri babitent cum uxoribus BG<:ujiduin scicntrtun, qLiMJ oum 
uiGruiiori vuculo luuliebri, impm-tientos bonorem tonqiuup G<h 
bvrediUua i^rali^ filie, ut non iuip^diuLlai- omtion^ voaCnn 
1 P«t. iii^ [7-] Ki ne Bltis &matu[ei;li er^u illaa. Culu:*. iii. 

Afulivres virk auis Bubdilw Bint, liont Doniino, etc. Epbo. t- 
[S2-] (|uemaJm<^dum Su.nL ubudicbat Abraiijc, domtnaui «um 
tocADa; cujus faclEbeatU tilizu b;.']iolucicut», ot non portiniuutci 
omnom perturbaiionem. blpbc*, vL \P-] 1 Vt/l. iii. [G.] 

rvalituru ar^ UIiptvb ufficlunk, 

TmIi pfttr«<, Rolilv ad iracundiaui protoi^urc fiYiat rrvtro^ 


LiboTontm nvt panufcfl ofRcium' 

rSlii, ob«dile paruntiluH tcntria in pDmino, bm* miim ji 
tum ««t. Honora pfttroui tuuui ot umtrom tnAm, f\noi\ 
iiifLadftlLirn primuQJ iu prDLiLJBaioao : ut bone ut liU, et w lon- 
^fui mpor terrain, I^jjIju, vi. [1 — JJ 




try* ^luiuiiiu*. 

SwTt. ohcditc dominia cnrD^Jibns cum limoTO ot tremnro, 
in «in|didute cordis vc^iri, aicut Chrialo : nan lul ooiilum mt- 
Tiontca* quasi hominibua ploc^ni studcntB^ stui ut scrd (.'hrbili. 
fftdcntes ToIunLatem Dei ei njiimo ; ctiiti bunevulentm ficrvionlo 
[fliout] DtnQlQo, ct Qon hQuiinibus ; ^ontos, ^juod immquisqiio, 
quodoum|iio fuoorit bouum, boc rupurUbit u Dumiiio, uto ua- 
TOB, uto libw. EpW ri. [5— !»,] CuloM. ill [22—24.] 

rVCmm c( MAtniTTi frvmiliM (rflidnm «l|^ «»ITO& 

KC retit, ilomini, codmu fjicita IIHb, romittantos mimu; 
wicntcc {^Eiod ot v(!stcr DominuB cat m udIu. ct peraonariiiu 
occoplw non cot apud eazn. Epbe. ti [S,] Colon. liL [2d.] 

AdittoMcntce, Eubdid ostote scuioribua. Omncft mijtuo aab* 
JMii &l4Ki ot coDiiGCtfrnlca haniillfAtciD : Cfiiin D^tut auporblH 
roMtit. ImnuHbEu ^utciu dat gruLtam. liiimilLuEiinl igilur fiub 
p«tcati mana Dei, ut rga ciollet ia lemjtoro vjniudaiug. 1 Pot. 

T, £6t a.} 

Quo? TGra vidua oAt ct dcsuluta, speroi m Doum, ot initot 
olHentiooibiii et onLtiouibitfl uocte ai; di«. Nodi c^um in 
ilolwuA mitt mortal mL 1 Tim. v. [5, G,] 

Toca C«iigr«catJi)L 

Diligo pruximum tuum «icut tnpMim, oam in boo vcrbo 
omoift [inraptA sunt couiprebonuk liom. liiL [11, 10.] 

F>t uutato orfttionibui icdulo pro omnibus bominiboA^ 1 
l^m. ii. [1] 

Dom Cecnpufl b&bemui, oj^ercmur boaum jA omnea^ miiiimo 
notem «d dMDNiIcoa fldti. G^ vi. |.I<iO 

niioll QuI, son dlUgunu v«rbo, noque 1ing»A, h*! oporo 
d rcrit&lA, 1 Job. UL [IS] 

Ttamolipiot. Jm». 1. [22. J 

I Cor. ii. [9,] 
Ofulut &on TidlU ikec auns Aodivit, oeo in cor bouuoit 
■MMidanat, qos Dou ptvpuiiit diligontlbua fi«h 




AJ JcflHTs ChriUCum jirccalip. J, Fork^tiEtnitl]', 

Dulcia lH\u 
Curljca nntu 
Regna guberouu^ 
£t rcporatof 
Toticis orbis, 
Quem tnaU noiA 
Prim* paronlum 
Ferdidii o1im» 
Aooipe yota 
SoDcta preeantia, 
Giro, b^gnua. 
FUmiiio KAuro 
Cordft tuorum 
Ut bcDO vitam 
(Vjta NtADot dum) 

DuGcre poHooL 
IKscute totrnv, 
Qufl?9o, icnobru: 
Lux ct ubiquo 
Luceat ftlniii. 
PcUito fnJjuun, 

Pcrde Papbnum ; 

Tolljto AOOtOl^ 

lieddo po[>olluoi, 
AiLnuo voUa, 

Noiuinii ini brovia, bunila^ pia gacidia prmbcL 
Estnox trudn?' orii poatora iirca dies. 

Ad' Dciim Opt. Mao. iimHtEo. 

Dult^s Mialigar> qui fftmunt. 
^oatraiuquv \'iUm qiuuntant. 

No prievoleaat iiotus. DtfiUL 
FuQe« ooruni rumpilo : 
Laqueoa riiii>QlOA ncmdito : 
Ab hostihnii oMIIbiu 
Et eitcns nriiAnnif^uin 
Bflgoum Tiiiaorifftr'i liliera, 
PrroaoHlfiA vLffv bono% 

Q fioc Jnfinntiu PATlthanK LniUen^ iuto EiiignupfoiLU TrTtmiKa, 
Idttdinl, 1 f'TH^ fi. ^. Mvt rhf Uic<»p (vunpfiPiitEoiu by 1b« Uibor ^ 
Norwich K«iu> frviu fJbt tirvfih*. lo lutvu J«vn fimt jrubfikbinl tf ibi 
ovnowt satmLj' uf friuailB, ' ^^H^ W&,' but 'anlmo vildo I&tJIovI 

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I* Uld. p. m. Iktfpu in EuiH. ImuniarinM fvlcaa pUflliO 




T>Fi|iTn oolontcs, rtctibiM 
Liipi, loonf^^, iftrridwi, 
Iracnnnibua no <lcToi^nL 

I'roplcr tmini oAtuni iiniciim. 

Si* boTiui csK TcliS) hoc unum jclhs momeato 
VttOe tuum noli, relte leZUcjuc Doi, 

Colbfchuiniu, hoc «Bt, Iiutractio & tdogulifl fdbdSbOB pfirdb- 

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t^*«iuh Uade hoc aomea ftcoepuli ? 

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fiu dToctUL 

<^uMi^ DIo, quid mtt quod vti tui auAOvptorot ibl pro t* 

Kaymi'iiL TrtJt mfio nomino nunt pollidti t 

Primo, Qt drUioto, cum omntbuA optrribiM Ol pompin ^M^ 
fVDUEiliwm ; nmlUlor, ut AingiiUi hu^ Tits Tiinitdtibiui, ctm^ 
tUque camU ToluptalJbtiJ. valotticoriTin : Hnnindo, at univoniv 
fidri ChrUtiao.T uriieulin inchiliiUiilor crodorcm; TcrtJO* Ut 
dJviim plaRiLi at^^^ic numdjifA ivrvftrcmi, unhutarcinfjim m ni^ 
dcui cUfic^tu diAbuB TitiR mrvTp 

QvBffJii. rntanrn tuum ouo <*a omnin tum crodnro, tum 
Gmotc, qujD ixli pro ui olini rant prrifrswi ? 

EfvpDiiila tltiom ccrto. Kl, unit«nto diTino utinuao, 
BM fikoiun: rvUiquu noAtro ocekcd gr«tuu ogo^ ox btimo 

(^ T*<a Hov }mra Inn favn omiclad: 

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Oi tmmi oHiffr vrTMioia IVrkhunt ^ckbaln ' iUiutowwnmn 
Priadpcu CWhAfi&Biii Dacvm SolFDidir, bmm sum.'] 

[.* Ibid. p. lUl. tlu ititfirh ja rfiUtlnt/— AJ riln«<li«i»fl.1 





cordu promanAacea, ^nod per DomiiniTn BOitrum JnvM 

■it: Atqno a Di?o Optimo Maximo pr^cibu* uudnU peEo, ut 
cju« a,djut\iA gn^iiiL jugiicr in oet aim uaque ad ^Dflm hiQu BMi 

Qun^. PoUsQc r«clt&re artlculos toft fldm? AdiIjhl 


HcAponBio. Cr^do in Doum Piitrem omnipotf^nlfrm, cnvL- 
ioreta CfuLi oC t^rric. El m Jeaiuu C^tidtiiia Filium ojrrs vini' 
cum, Dominum noatrum. Qui Gonce[>f,i»s est per Splriuini 
Sanctum, Nutus ck W/ipia Virgioe, ra^aus tub Ponlio I*ilft|i(>, 
CrmritixUBf Tnartuiia ct sopnUui^ eat, DoscBndIt ad infcrofl. TerlM 
die ri>8iirrGxiL a mortuis. Aaccndlt ad DCBlofi. So^eC ad d«xl^ 
Dkin l>ci FaLrU oiunipotGntk 7 lode vootLiriui cat jud^csirc yiTW 
ti moj'tuoai Crodu iu SpirltLim Sjuiotaui. aancUiu ecdoaiua 
oatiKjlicaui* tianotorum couimuaJoEiemp remJtdonoui peccAtonuB, 
can^b rufiurrautluaQm, «t vitam ^^tonuim* Aiueu. 

QiiKsLio. tJucG auiit pr^ecipuit, c^ULe in luia fid^ tuic irti- 
Qulifi doconlur? 

lUcpoDflEo, Priacipio, in Deam ralrem, qui am lotamque 
uiuadl uracil iimiii crcaviL, credere diaco : Ddnde, in Ucum 
Fiiium, qui luo tutuuiquo g^AUt liumanuoi redcmut : rottreno. 
in llaum ^piiituiu SaacUim, qoi mo el omiitofi elbotoi Dei 

QbmUo. DiceboB BuacopUirofi tuoa prtj tc p^Jmisisel^ for* 
ut Diandala Di<i bcrvara. Die znil;ip <^uut stmt. 

Jt£ii|iqikiiiii. Sunt numcaru docom. 

QuniM*. Qatu iunt iUa ? 

lif«]iuiuiu. EaJoiu, quBT DouunuB loquutuscttt in f; 
Exodi CApllc, u\;] :ut: 

Egn anm Dominus D«aB tuuft^ qot odoil to do tcrrs 
.'Kgjpli^ domo eorvitulis. Xon hab^bia Dec* aticaos conun 

Non fttciofl tibi ftculptilc, aut umilitudinom roi alicujti^ in 
OcqIo «ursuni| aut in torra dconum, nto io ^uis tub tcrrfti 
ODQ ftdoraYiifl «a, n«quo colta. Ego «um Dominm I^«ui tmi 
forfw. ^ebtfl*, Tisitani loi^^uitAt^m patrum in filik ia t«rti*M 
ct qimrtum ^oratlonom coruTTi, qui od«runt nio» eC Ucom 
DuaDrioordiun ta mlllibua, qui diligunt me» ot cutCodAoDi 
oopta moA^ 

Hvn assumca nomcn T)ominE Dd tul Iti TAAiun : doq 


9l^ Kir* 





«rii iTtVkTii oonuD Domino, qui usurparcrii nomcQ Dcmini Du 

rabcrifl, et facie* omnia ojmra tim. Sopliino nulflin Uio Sab- 
iMlum Dommi Uax tui est : noii furioa □!«;]□ opui in oo, tn ot 
fllcui t[]ua» ot filia tuEU Bcrvua luuiip ut andn^ tua, jumonluui 
taum. ot odroQu ijuJ ost intra ported lucu* ^a miiiu diuiiufi 
Etcil DomimiB ctutum ot Lerr&m, ui mbru. ct omniu quw in eia 
nmU <4 rD[|uiDTil Uio Hvptiuiu. lJi:^c;cf bouodUit Uuiuiutut dioi 
£0|itimo, nt tauotitiiJtttJl vum. 

U<niani tmlroiii tuum, «t itiatruiu tuMiii, ut sU lougnrm 
Bn^KT lorrftui. quitiu DuntJnus Duua luut dubit tibi. 

Kon mmbAbcrU' 

NoQ fraiam fKiM. 

^oa loqiMvii contra proiiroum luum fulBum tctitiQionium. 

KtA «OlunpUc«> dornuni proximi tuii nee JcftlderAbi* uio- 
IWkfljuH, iMn MFTum, noa ancilkm, nm bov«iD, uod viiiuru. 
Me OmniA i^um iLliii* kunt. 

QohUo. Qd«Q ituni prjmcipua, ^uu- id Istii prnMptIa 

JlMpaiuii% D^O AX hii p«rci[Ha; primo, offldura in«ain 
ergft ]>eam : dcinde, <^^ pTOximutn. 

Qavtio, QiifHJn&m ea.t iUnd luam offidum crgA I>«am? 

Haropiii. Hoc cflt obsffjiimm, qnod dcboun Deo prib- 
itATOi lit m enm cndam, ut ilium timoAm, totoquo oord«, 
DHttte* «t unnu, iTiBupor Tiribiu nnivM^^, dSIEiifiLm. Vt ipfnm 
fldun* ip«i f^rKtiiu Agiim, «t in «o ipein omncm colErjoom. l^t 

eondem inTocem* nomepquu cjiu Mnctum. cum ucroaAndu 
rjua BtTBODO, rervroBTj ot iUi cuuctui diobun vit» luvu «uth 

Q— Up- Quid ofHoi balwB nr^ projumuui ? 

tUipwidh Ci tum p«rmile diiUgft[ii Atquti m«ip»uu]. Ut 
nngvlU fMOiim. quod tnibi tarl copUoi^ Ut pftr«Di«< htuian 
«t AttiUio MlBdiat. Ut r«gtiD msLjMtAiii •juiquo minittria om- 
nlbfltfs cam bouoro oti«diun. I't mcmct pvdagogii mn> om- 
nibnt^ t&dunjLA. ipirituolibu* po^t&ribmol clomiai*. lulimittftDi. 
Ut omtii bumHi reT«r«Dlia prj^poutii moi» ocaaibuj mcuiflt 
Ntjidvn. Ut Tcrlo ht^tOTt ncoiiTLi noccam^ Ut Torui et 
|niln« la Mnnilms aotionibnB mccs reperiar, Ut m corde meo 
■mllini mifidvn odiumr^ f0Tf<&m- Ul muiit^ nicia A fiirlo et 


[qC' RUJt. PHATIR*.] 





fVaudc cahilH»in: insupcr, ci lingiiam a malodnnli^ me^ 
dacio, ei obbciuio, mfrmtiom. Ut nurpus moticLi ia Uiuponwti^ 
aabriotata, at ooatiULe. cueioiluui^ Ut Ali<;(ui uua cummpbaftm : 
sod ut diliguutor Jiacmn, fidoliturtiuo labutcui. tif^jpriuui m>> 
quir^^ra vtotuiu, «t moas partcii agcro in ou riUi |^vii«reb «i 
quod mo diviiut ciemflnlia vooaterit. 

QuinptlvL Ml tiii, hoc ?di tlhi notum t T« luo Mivto hac 
prwHtura Don putae, Deque id t^iviuja iDEuidulu uuibiilttr«, M 
Dunijui inservjre, ai iic>d ruuris Epaoiuli vjuh ^rulia adjul^ 
Audiuju, jgilur : |j<vte^e Dominicaui r«ciUro prec&tiuutsi ? 

HcspojuJu. VaUv noetur, qui « in uujIu. ttouliUc^ur b»- 
ia«a tuam. Adv«Qiab regfiuiu tuuuu Fiat ToluoUt hu, Mat 
IA ccclo, ct Id terrft. PAnem ooatram quotidUiUOn d* iuAm 
hodit^, Et rllmitU; nt'bU debitfi noatra> ncnt o| net ^ERtUlttti 
dobltoribiia noi^ti-ifl. Et ne no9 indacu in IcritAtiononi. Sod 
Ubora nos a mnlo. Anibik 

Qoiutif^. Quid petifl i Beo in hoc pronxtiartc Di^minic*? 

R»qKiiwi<i. A Domino Deo, Pdtre noitro Mclcnti. omftioa 
bonorom ilatoro, petft, cl, Spiritu aiinj graiim mihi canctiiqv 
populis niisso, ilium adorcmuB, illiqiio Mrriunm, H deboto ob* 
diuMiKJ^. PrEctercA, Deo TiiippUiw, at dot nobU oinntAk tun 
4uii»jn turn oorpori Deo(»!iknftp Item, ut aoMa prupiiJtts peo- 
cnta nostra ri?[iiittj4t, i^t iit in oniuibu* ttfoMa ot i^rporu peti- 
oulift dd«nJero et nervftro dignoturi FofttrQmo, ut ub ouiu 
peocAto et JDiqiiiEata um Kirvet> ot ab inimWo lilo Apinluali «1 
xDlfTOA iQortQ vonborvot. Hjoo ilbrn ox »ua b<mitato r»otuiiiiii 
■poro, por DomJDum noAlruni .lo»um Chri»tuiD, €t ideo <fiMb 



Orationd m«a» in Aurora dlcondas com o l«io It 

/ft ibJnin'f Pdfrii, of PiJii, H SpintuM SanOL jImhil 

Ia nuoiiuo Uutuini nuitri Jc4U ChriAi ttrqj^, qta 
«um r^tre el Spiritu Sttnoto ortMLvit, ot buo prcoJuiK] 
■b ntcran uiurUt rvdeuiH; Ipso mn rttf^ cufltodiU* bao»- 

L* Hortolci* Aniinv, ji 10*.] 

]5«4.] pncATio. 243 

SMtt in mioo typut boauui dwJuuU, ol ui «o iLnj;ttt itlquo 
feiu in TJUm illaui bc»UaUi «l p«nii&iitiitava in •eciZu ttvciH 


GrttiM ago tibi, Domiac Jnu Chrat^t quod hftnc Doct^m 
mihi Yduri* caw 2>rns|wruiii, luxjuo in pccr^ita mria mo 
<i|>pr«<aMrbt ct in exitium dqjiHvritti sud pomitcntijc moliorlft 
TilJT dcnumtcr mcrvaru^ Xcquo (irocorp ut diem iiidam 
liun^ lUum, qI omuus tliDd >il«> mtw, mdii fdicUcr eioriri 
CiiciAi. bcnoquo furluuva »A iimta |;lurimu d auiuim men 
lalutttm: ulqud tu, qui va tslm vt, liui mundi, lui va» 
occttraffl tUMeui, vol ul«rauE» ciiinift Tirjllouii, al<m^ oihj- 
knu;*, diiperU tixtriri, <t illuceicoro mcQtJ iqc4?, ilUfuqag 
ckloro amcaU toi TiTificare, puw litaj »i«rc fbnio aquD 
TivMi poUiA «t «ihlWjLn, ut in toi »o]« juEtilia?. vt luco 
atonn. poutua ^ •L imaucukl« vutraJtm, ii«c LLaquim idpiii- 
£«m m nOom pMotuzD, wd tujn divJnn gratu» j>erpetuo ductu 


T><vi tt^ Pltor mip ot Si;rtatbr, qui gmtin cr^a me tua 
fl0*c>Mii ut tmuocCA nocto tuj iiuuo fiieio pcrvemreia: foo 
oti^m, Dt ifvom tolmu ia tnuDLisuiii] oiuuinifi lul cuttu «t 
TOfunlioiw fffqiw™"" : tiihl] omaino AUt cogiLcm. aut dicam. 
■at &duii« quod «■> iKm UmUl : ut liiji obMN|uAr, vi itAaa." 
Uli tu« niurem g«nm: qoo idliG*! acIwua* ocDfiM »md 
rvfer^Qtor «ri glorUia toi, M(]U4 frfttrum mocrum «»lat<iiir 
4uMD (xcttipla DAMt lid tn co]«ndiim inMrucnhir, Ati]u<i ot 
noodum hone ail vlup fiitornm i]i»u* polib !ui iqilnndom Qlu- 
pd&w; it* folgorn Splrilui tni xncntcm mcnm ilJiutm, qui mn 
io via jiMlitim turn dinjEnL QiuuncuQf)iia ad rmn tqiplioom 
■ounnin mcnm, ii mibl Mm|icr ait prgpositui liiiiiy ui tibi 
boficirii|iM tuo iucrnuQ : otmum foUdkLtem & piniuw gt bcoo- 
tOA aoIa iiKtxxitcin I ncc quioqtuun uffimao ugradioTt 

f. 8t. of wUA ilwf* fa a innlulMi fu Uif Bogk cf ChifaUm ftKjtn. 
flee aba ifdrtiiAitiiiitedM^ lOA, and p. lEd of lliii v«tamc-] 

I' Thr jatnSa^ }*nja ntnt lurv cim «c«vdoA t« thu^ irhicL fa 

W — 3 




quod tlbi grAtum non tUt Kffitro pra^kr^A, nt, dum kujiB 
vjtn luenilm t^Anaa labnrOr ot ^n euro, (\wn nd Tioiitm et ^tnm 
Mrpori!) parTJoont, allma Utmcn orignm ftnimum, ru\ IimUiq 
Tifimjw ot cnjlcstpm Titam, quam filiia tui« pminisiaii, NihiJo- 
minus, iixm animro qimm earpona prolertorrm in mJlvi frthU 
boncio, adrornun omnea SathcLnm insultu!! mc eAnflnnm >r 
TnunimiH Bi ub otTiuiboB pmculbi ipic nolus luniduo in ha« TJCii 
iiiipc^ncIviiL. libort-^B' Ad Iiamj, mitti p^krum bt cotpiBc, niid pcr^ 
BQvurtjtEi, idoo 0. to poto, DouiiQO) do lullii in Ijodiurnam diun 
taatuEQ diu bia ao rcutor. aed u^quo fid til:u Ijuuui mo iu tnua 
fdLvn fiUj^Dipia^, quo Hub tula auspif^is tutuH vitju mc» camn 
tniJiaigBtur. Et quia proficiendum nobip) ubl, gratiw in mo <u» 
<]ou:i iLdaugc I[idLOH> Uull^por duci p?nitu* ftdhjer^un Ftto 
tuo, Jmu Chriato, fjiiem venioi SoWm, 1uc«&i»in p«rp«CaO 
In kntmifl aoalrii, ta&fito nppellftuius, Qnte Uri bmU^w» b«0^ 
fioiJL utaba tc oblmoam, obl'ivifpcro, qiiireo, ddiclorum m#onn^ 
«aqi]« pro i^]l^^]i[a, mlwricordU tna rcntittii : t\vod to fakCtimim 
prcimiiuui ill, qui ti^ g\ aoimcv invocaT«nnt- Amen. 


Di^oro mo, DoicinD, dio iaf^ Bino pDCiMXtia nutCKlirf. 
DiHgQ ;^€^u« ct actus mcoa Iiodio per acmiUu Ju&titijo tawt 

tic luajufitilja odoalQ fragiUtatl meie, ut in nulla to ro c^pi- 
Ulltor oftiddftiD. Ameu, 


Tun me, Uoniino Doua, cml<«d ftmuLtnra hodfo <iOtdn 
hoiitcA Jirnos indue, Tostiuicntia ■uiiiontim ot forijtadinis opcffc 
circunda mc lorica juglltitc, iinpono goloEtm nJult*. d?k acotOD 
fidci ct glodiLiEn Spinlu), ol ambidom cgmpoi^te* Unquftm filiul 
\uciK in Doritat^ vitm: milc«qu« Artnatui puffncm furltttf 
ocnlra advemrios anim^p mef^, mandi conciiptaoAitUs, cvi0 
iUectaaeata. ct S&taiiA>, »n-pcntU antiqui, iDsidiju; irt, p4ncto 
dSVb ija^ro corijc, imitia^lAlux tt tllji^su*, gr-sitrjis itti ftgvrv 
i)iiH*am pf>r Jf-ium Chriitttini, tmicuni «ertftlor«in H r^daatp^ 

iDlVt hvUuIutQ UHBlll 

AbluD, Dnmine DrtiRj aqiiA Ificr divinm grnlla^ aiumcrs 
noDm oil omnibiii Titionim Hnrdtbiti rt mquinamnnttfi, qnitnii 
Cotiii in coniptictu tuo ioinrrlrjmf, Aipnr^n illnm hvnapo ftm 




ptvnlt«Dti0 ol CfitnpunctioniA, ul in limpidijuimo ^TAliin tasn 
tbnto Inliii lapfn mrom dnallmri, tibiquc ciindo jugitcr ioMir- 
virc, tnlcftiD, per Ciirietuni Uombuni uoairum- AmncL 

Omiupoloni, irtcrnp, ac wDlciti-i Pnlflr, (jth pnr Filium 
tmni nufccmituiii. DoiDinuin uustrtnu Ji:suni Christum, prcf^n- 
di ratiuDcm clisdpuliH pr-a^acripHuLl tLbi offcronilam, ct candom 
poM iUca iu iiufl durlvEuti, aauuLqtio doouli^tl ie rL-qulri^ra oriv- 
torWr itui in fepirilu vi vuritalu libi suppliECDt: uui, miwH 
p«cv4tor«f^ ft1>»urplj mu[;dKui^, vacui(iu« Spo-lLu, tounLcutu, i*a- 
tram miImUiii, per uuiid^iti Filjutu tuum. i^ui eel vuhU»> ul 
ff<i p Uar ttan) in (io» AbuciJ^ <^?uadAa Spiriiuui SaitrLuiiit qui 
DM tQ Ddtna-Qm Ulioram cuioptot, (fiuorum In Pulvr M,] ut 
noMne infimiuii lubtldlo nl, no* tloi^^ai, qahl ct quonodo 
JQitA lAnctam ToliinUUm tuam oriodum, adeoqno intra noi 
eietuuet. Abba, Pal«r, ammo mto dilectiaaime gonitor : et »ie 
de^eritim ct rotum nmtrum in fonspcctum tuum prailoAt, in 
<[U0 clomGDlcr ciAuiIkmiir per cundoni Jcsum ChrUtum l>t>- 

Tr^ctt Mjituiinas «V on* t«1 a!l*rA Wum »ub«qoenlJuin 

61 fmploi #g«rtt pa«tit«nttun a proovtii «□!■, omnium ibrt. tvTh, 
fDii|ntMuia «jui, quu crpflnLtu* o*i, oon recordftbor^ dicit 

Surfpun, «M ibo itd pjilmm mmtmr <>( ^fipftm d. I'nicr, pflcm?! i-*. m [u. 
in cttlutD ct CDfam tf. jnni nnn Hum di^iu Tucori filiufl Iuuk- 

Focntimoi Domiao Doo nottro, noi et pi^Lrva nuctri ftbuiLVkc^] 
•dolMcenCitt nnatnt, ow^utf od diom Tmnc, oL uoa Hudivtoiiu 
TooMB Dojnani Dei noiiiri. 

Ararta Eudfsm tuaiu a ptscuLti* uotfUu, iJoiaiao, at otnnoi i^* 
iaiqdutn noBinu dtjli^i, 

Si«riflduju Udo HpiriLiu conlribuUtui ; «or cootrituca «liM4>aiix] 
knxniliiiam, J>i>a0> nun UmpiciM. 



rBf CE» tfATrmcx. 


■nuL^uo. Xo intrcA in judidum cum >«r^ ttio, Donuoo, ^uia &04k 

jiuti6cAbitur in ooQ>p«ctu ttio Mnnia vireTU, 
MttHii. Atiditam foe miht mano mJMTwrdiaai tuftin, Domini, qma 

ID tc ipera*i. 

dwridcirnt *Tiimft jnrta ad its, Dcii^ 
Fk CoidMo la Mlkt pncina, turn Matatinamraj Wm Vnpcnhiuin^ 

petftgnihali HuuiuMt et a vlJ* tua nboiraviiDU* j InrcDlia «i 
eooGupUciPntiU corullt no*CJ>i aifaium induliiinuji : SAcrosukcte* 
Ugi4* tvM violArimcu: Qnm a nobii fACLPndvi fucranf, omn^ 
mtis : «t qOB bdvidA non fuemnt* admi»imiu ^ In nohxa nnUa 
&« BfiUu : Quflpwptfif , O DomiiK*, pr^jpitim cito iu>bu. mbcF- 

inbcriai>r<]tAm con(«d« rcsiyii^of^ntibiLSt jiuIa pronumonoB torn 
huDiano gcuori in Otirialo Jc^i, Dninino nottro^ bonigniBriini 
reveUtOA. Amptiu* ctinm '.^oncodo nobis, O dominilMBM 
F«ter, proptor Filium tuum ot soryttU>r«ui ncatnuD, Jmob 
ChrUtum, ut po&iliihc plo, jii^to, Hobnor|U0t vitnui QOttran ia- 
■tituBrana, nd sanr'Li^imi ttii noiiiinu glorbifa. Am«L 

OmiupotcQfi DeuiSt Pator Domim nottri, Jwi Cbristi, qtl 
non vis uiortcui peccntorla* sod potim tit rvoDdat n lualli soii 
moribuB, ut viT«t: ^obit«iai^imo |H»CAUDoatra ooatiioatipu*. 
ot HicrtjBaiictu UToni^i'Uu Uo indubiLontDr crodontibiu^ ccndcmA. 
quH««v, Atquo aWiIyl', rnvtcrc<u, SpiriLutu tuum Suwbiin 
ficbitt impartiro digucri.», ut r^uod boa tcmp<jr<^ agimm, id libi 
totum plAC4<&t» et roliqua «tjatn tIu oe«m mI«o pun ial It 
hoo muQ^lo et «ancM, ut In fiitnro gaudTum coruc^uMnur mMn 
auro per ClirUtiim Domlnum noitruco^ Amen, 

pAtfT no«l«r> qnl oa fn nrlU, utnnli^CQtar nomnn liium. 
AdvriniAl ro^um ttitim. Fill ToliintnB tuo^ AicnL in corlo, «t 
la icfm, Puwin rioAtrnnk quottdmnitm dn. nobu bodi^^ Et 
dimitto nobU dobita noafTn, nirnt nt noi clitnittiinui dobiWribvt 
nrntrii- Et no no« inducu in tr^ntationcm. Sod libera do» 





Domiiio, kbiA mcA npcriMi 
Et M mcum vmuEianbtt buujcm hum- 
Data*, la adjutorium mourn i&Mlukk 
Dotainc. lul adjuTftadum im fiwl1n> 
Gloria Pairi. et Filio, <t Spirlt)il 8ancti>p 
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Cutlirum UiJuuu ad Inudimi^Lim Ddurl 

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tilorU Putri, *l FiUot et Spiritui Sancto. 

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l^mor Domini inltium sapientif?. Fili mi, ai te UctiTcnnt 
pewAtor&s, ne atrquiescaB eia MisancordiA ct Toritu t« aoc 
cIe»«nLnl. CLrODndft «as giitturi too, et dauribn b Ubolii 
cordipt till, et invcoica ;c^tiam «t dbdpHnnm rfti-Am Tito M 
tiomlmfiiiA- Uabe fidudom in Ddtquu) ci loUi cordn too, ct n« 
innilAria ^im^Icntio: tiiiC, In oniiubTia ti'k tuta ro^tn Ufami, 
fit if»e dirigot grcftns taog, Nc nis aapbnH jipiid iemctiyianm. 
Du^^ipliaaiit Doiulni, JIU mi, qd alyiuuxa, nw dcliciika cum ftb ta 
porrlpuria. Quom onim dlligit Uumlaua, cornpiL &«ct niaC 
quw Diiit DoiumiiB, ot Bcpiimum d^tuslatur auiaui ttj'ua ; [ooulio* 

^uem, cur ruacliiimna tmikgjiMttone« pcwdiiUAS, podet v«1o«(tt kd 
curr«D<!um ad mnlum, profemaicoi meridAcia UsN^m LniifnnBi, 
el G(ioa qui Bemin^l inUr frAtres diacor*linni. Tiino Domimm, 
£U mi, ct rogfOD, «t tarn d^tracrtoribiii tu>Q coaunucMm. 
Juration! non ns^iios^t os tuTim, mnltj cnim nuiutt tn iUn. Vir 
multum jurnDB replcbitnr iniqiijutc, et noD r«codfft a 
qfits plag^ 

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kbia swa, prndeatisdinus cal. He^pon^o maUiAjhmgiC SnoL 
Sonno durua siuwitAt inLin. Imlignatin rogis nundiu nortlir 
9t vir fluplcDfl plAiabil, illam. Qui oJUm faoit domam tmin, 
qimrit rumjim- t'omerfttur DomJuo, qui midnrotur pAupVtt^ 
•t riciflBituduieiii iuom rvddet et^ Faoere miwrioordum at jn- 
diotuiQ mogii plocut Dgmiso quiuu vic1dmu\ Qui obtont 
UiTDin tuam ad rluuiorem pauporiB, et ipw cl«mAbiti ot ttm 
•xaudJetur. 5fe1iu* wt noiuen bouuui. quam divitiK xhuIUbl 
Audi patrem tuum> qui gonnit l«> ei ne goaumau, oum mou*- 
rit viAt^r tua. Qua: Tidonint octili Itii, HO proforw cilo in 
jur^io, no postoo. emondaro non pcwidt, mm dohnnMt»T<ri> 
amiri^m tuum. Qui o^mrJitur tcrraro eunm, fuitinihttur piu\n)ttf ? 
qui vitem acctatur otium* roplcbiEiur f:^j^Uu>. Virj^ nxqoa 
tiorrmtio tritmit cufuontium : puor nntomt qui dimiUitar volua- 
ml BUiD. confunilit utntrutii auixm. 

Hiiio diult DujiiiuuE. CottvcrLimiiti ad mo. d ulri itnlv. 

FOU, (M9plr]tui9iujali. 
Ta Deum Uudamui : lo Dominum coxtfiUiQur. 
To Etcnuim rAtt«m omnii terra Tooflirttur 



iNtMiva lUTCTntA 


lltii Chflml^n di Sorapbln m<!Q«Mbili voce pnicUinukt ; 
SaocCdi, ^ftactoA, Sjuictui : DomiDui D«ub Sabao^li. 
Plofii »iziit oo^li ct terra omjc^Utii glorin tOin 
Te gtoriotoA Apoilolorum choros. 
T« propbetanini luidiitlnliB nimwuJi 

T<t pfrr orbcm Gi^rriLnim aaartA tonfiMtur oedMli^ 
I'fitrf^m iTnTnenfvc m«JMUlUj 
Vcnomnclum tiiuni, Tcnini, ct iimciTTn Flllunir 
Sjuictum quaque purocTctum Spintiim. 
Til Kcf gk-riiD, Chriato. 
Tu i^UHa eompitoraiu «» Filiu*. 

To, ad jibenuiduiu BUHoptunu liQinmom, non hoiraiilj ?!r^ 
giob tii^niuL 

Tu, <MotO mor^ >cuW» aponmti criMloctibiu rogna c^s- 

Tn ftd doxt^nim Doi ledai in gloHa TiUtia. 
Jnddi crrderii cim vcniDrui. 

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i&iigiiiiifl retlcmiiti. 

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i^ritin fifce pofiuluzji luuiii, l>otiitfii\ et bencdic ha^rrdiUti 

£t ngt 00*. et «itoII« 1\Iq», u^quo Id itternuju. 

El kwUmiu nomon tuum id Hculom, ot ta Mculiifa 

JDignvo* Dcnnto^, dio iilo niiiD pocoilo noi ciutodira 
UtNrere notiri, Domiiic. misorcro uoitrt 

ihiokinCH IQ God tfid Hjdi^ l> lifuja fcHrfAmuf . And nrni Aiu^ 
m— iil 1 Tt ibninKBt omjieokwr. And Hwi Jiigm1« Anbroah 7V nW^ 
i—fffum tjmnir Irrn wTirrntvr An-I dicD layDic Auljn llur onto 
THflt; Bud » fgortbcL Man- RIltuL VvL il |h 13. Ovbi 3T> Tha^ of 
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Ajdlinjivi. 0|wr« OmnU. Tmn. m. p 4iri^ EWialL lAVT :*Tr j iiniphM* 
bUMO TiflB ^ Aupialiuu, ilU prmvrUui burn^ ia quA invuia buiiuuflU 
■oo ^fth"^" IbdoiaiQir la qw uu* nobucuni divbo qsoduD lb- 
vOmU bjmouni nnikvimui ilc ChriMi fide- 'llu AuUiantilp of tiu 
I|jnB& l» VMJ ^QiiibtM, Ihoofh 1h* ftVBmtl qfnnitm u miA U Mrribfl 




T'lM rniaericordia tuo, Dnminn, vupar nosi qui^auuUusdtmi 
vp«rATimus in tc. 

la f«, Domine, Bpamvl ; nan coiifuiular in ttloruum. 

Deus, in a^JiLtcriiiin mrnm intcndt^. 
Domino, ad adjiiTanduni ma futiniL, 
Glnnn l*fltri, ct Kilio. oto, 
SAoat orat in prmmiiio. oLc. Amen. 


Bead mundo e&rde, gtumiam ipjri /^nM» vidtbunt^ 

OraCio' sJ Lmttntntndum Emtiam tx iciebtkin X*t\, at loan fjm per 

iHiLuiii utImiiu (livtiE^ur. 

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Suiiole, i|UDiiidtn J>Dii]U)m Jpu nt Dcm i Ipio fecit new, t4 doa i[vi 


PopulDEPJv^ ct n^Ti* p/unitf ojon, lotrntto portu fjiiilnoonfimMhi: 
ttCiin I'JEm ill h^iiiiii l ^onfiloiiiini illi^ 

LumUip n"uii:ri f<Jua, c|iion[jiin tunvifl ni r>oni{niu? id »l«inaiB mm- 
rlL'utclk tijtib ; ot UBqiiu iji Kvnoraliojw it j^iiuiMlQUeta varitu «Jiil 

Olrnin Patri. etc, 

^Ul arSL et«> Arnnn. 

Cwtkium trinm |jQeronini. qui iit fnmac* ptnmltukntD* DQita 

JlcnpHirilo omniji np«n Duinim Dnmina: IiudnU ^ lUpHWBaltkl* 

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B*nr<liciu wina.- nmbi-t^ quu- auptrr citUtt *aa% Ihrnlna : braadtdto 
<in>n4-4 virtnrr* IKiTnim nimann, 

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Jhiiff(3idu i^nlri^ ?l rtfl Dondnci; brovdiv-iUi Qtmiw 3|uiiiai Dri D^ 

RriTiffidfclttf ignU vT nrfqi Domino : bcii?dicit« ftijiw H r«l]u IXtpiTiiA. 
BeTieM(«Tvm vt ptuiiia Uumiijo; IrvjwJJdU Kiluvt fi{j(iu tXimicu^ 

[■ On p. l4i)UtiHli£ftdirLg inpiwIiKed tapttim Ixvii^fbr whkh PtaUm 




FUnAtkiLc gUdcA et hitw Domino : knf^lifiU nnrtm r| illn Douilur^ 

Ilcbnficilr niLinlM re ruillfrt Doimna: (iciKilkiu umv«iiA grrminAnllA 
la Uwi% l^tDitnoL 

BmviTldL'- fbnia Dombo; brni«Jyttf in«riavt flumlna Pofcilna, 
ftvnt^jdlc oDie Ft auudB. i]Ub< movcntar lii»iutflt Dumtno: bfncdldlo 

Bvovilicita ouuwflmLiit vt pccm Uuuuoo: htatdkiU AlU homliiVllk 

Bezuvlical Im^T Ilnminum: Ijiuiltt cl vtij^n'xaLli^t cum m tN^ula. 

BoiodidtA «wr]iiln Lluniliii T>vGaiui> . bcui-JkUc mtyi IXimint Do- 

Btasdialo ^ritun irl oul^a* j[ikt^rum ]X>mbio: broBdlcito winnd ot 
biimftft owde Doinina. 

IknrdicitO. Anuia, Acuu, MuncJ^ l>ainino: lauJnEr vl tii-\tc rr xtXtntti 
vum LD KVl^ 

Itcattlkauiiit' FACiom nt nUitm cum iSuictu Splritu: JueiJsiiluk cit 
I npvrrxcJrrmiit tarn [n ttcMla 

Ilaui4>rtu< M, J>i>iuiiir« iq J^rmcimmtociTli: «I 1an^bilJv,rt ^lorioiui^ 

h_ /'fli/vnr Fflttll. 

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Uiailuo iTouuDum dv cvUi : liudiUs vum In vxcvliUv 
LoncEAtr iim, omnM an^U r]ii» : Undaf^ vum. Amn« vlrtaln fjiim 
t^pJorfi tnui, kbl dI 1ua« : UuilBto fluini omnef M*Ur el lumen. 
t^bdato nm. ovU ovtonim : «t VfVr oiPBtv, quo up«T eirlcd luQl, 
ludmi noom DoodaL 

QuU [|M« dixit, f I fnr(« vuat ; Ipv mrm^Tit. oi cnmi/t kual- 
T^ruiiit flO iu alDTUum, ct in Hculom >«uli: |iTvc«(ilum pMUt, (t 
ii'm pr»t«rfMi. 

I^BiIalo thfEiiinam dt lorn, dnroiwik ot cniiiDa abyML 

t£iiii, fiutdo, nix, eUcEcf, i]ilritiu fmnLltirum- ^uv ijiciuot YCTtvca 

UootMh «t amiMa ooUm ; Iejuta fracttfpf*, OE <irnnrm eadri. 

ct hmticwi pivorK, kBi-p^mtA vt omiio >^lucre< (ppnniut. 

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JuTtfui rt TftsSiuss Hou aim juiiiorlbui. londi-at nowvn EhjinlEd: 

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tfTnooi ^nnl^ MBvUa ^di: Uik IvfhI. pv^u^u 4|ij'rv]<iw|uuiil 



rnUTEs jCATcmHie. 


BmH patfifici, qtumiam hii FilH Dp£ vofobufittMr. 
Beati ^ai pr:rjiccutionam patiuntur pmpUr JuM£tii 
^lumitWk il£f^^l7/^ cat rtstfnutii caluriun, 

Lwllo flocuoilA ex ,iii c^p- f^t-an^olji Johvmii fl^^^] *t " iui- «£«** 
LIMB, 10<3IJ Kjjifeitilfl vjiudcuL 

$ic Deus diloxiri mnndum. uC FiSmm snTrnt iinlg^n^tom 
d&r^ lit omnis, qui crodiL in eiiin, nnn prrcat, sf^tl h&hcat Tit4m 
A^ternAfn. Non enim mi^t Deu^ Kilium sauin in mnndmn, nt 
Judicet TDunduin, sod ut sotvotur mundus per ip^um. Qni 
credit in ouni, oon judientur i ([iii auf«uj non credit, jam jndl- 
ratufl oflt. qok non crediiMt in Domme uuz^euiti Fitii Doi. Hoe 
eat aut^im judicium, quia lux venit iu iuuillIuid. ot diloicrunt 
homioea nuigia tcnebru qwuu lucem : eraul otiim egrum nuk 
operA, Omms enim. qui mde aglt, odil kconi, €( oon TODit 
nd lucQm, ut uoEi at'guaiitLLT D|]er» ojua : Qut Aut«im liicit Tcri- 
tfttonii Trail ad luc^m, ut Euaiut'citenCur opora ijju*, t^uiA in Vttf 
Aunl fftcU, ChanAumi, u [»ic] DeuR dtlexil no<, «b not (i«b<40Ui 
ftJlerulrum diUgere. Dgiito nemo vidlt unqu^m. $i diUgvota 
inTiCnm, Dqlie in nobin muict, v.t chftTtlflfl cjni in nobEl pArf^Ctt 
wt In hoc cognoflfiniLEa, t^uaniiun in oo manomui^ ot ip*« b 
nobis, quDniAm do Spiritu Sajirto !do dnllt ncibiL T.i no> 
Tidiniiu, Gt tcflUimtu'. quoDi&m Pat^r mLBit Filium jiuam uItw 
torom mandf. Quiaquis confcBus fu«rit, quod Jeim cm Fifioi 

eredidiiDtJA t.h^Lritat?, qoum hhbut Dvuk in nobis. IViu rhui- 
tos cal, ct qui maitGt in ohftriuut. in Doo iiianct, ot U«ii5 in m. 
In hoc porfecta uat cliariLiA TJol ruhbiAcunii tiI fidadAm htlm* 
mus in die judUji ; quU, aicut ilU OHtt ot juoa Jtumu in boo 
iDiindo. Nofl ergo fliltg;aniu> D«uia, qiiontaiu Deus prior di- 
letit QQs. Si qtiii dixerit, qucmmm dJlJgo Douo, «l Initna 
mum oderit. mcudju: eat, Qai «aim son diligjl A*atr«iii mbbl 
quem -ridct, Deom, quem non vidot. qacmiodc poitM 4iSg«r«f 
Et boa mudutum hobcmiu & Deo, nt. qtu dilj^ Demo, diiJgM 
ot fnireifk 4uunip 

^me dicrt Dominiu DeoA: It«u|H*dto, «t crcf£to CTUb- 



Consiorft l^t<^d [umiaU, 
Liu ipso litmot T)iM: 







Chriil«, quj noctftn diAea^\ 

Aiil!sr tonebru moniiufn, 

Ec|k^1o •nmnoIentLJLm, 

Sic. ChrUt«, nobiH omrubuA 

Indafj^m-s orCNicntihiw ; 

Ul prceit ciorantibus. 

Quod prwcbonioft jx^imu^ Amon. 

Boaodictos DominoA Dcua Urael, quiA viaiUvtt, ot TecJC immi'C^ 

Kt orast corau Mlutis Dolu»H iti dorao Dav^id, imori siu : 

SicDt looutufl c£t per oa &aDctoruu]> qui lieeculo »iuith pro- 
lihitaniin tgn*: 

Sftlvliliii «K ininucU oottrH : «t do muou oauuain. qiu odc- 
luot DO*: 

Ad Mwdam miiencordlAm vum p^tribuM noitru : <t mo- 

Jntjar»nduin, quod juraTii aA AbrnJiiun pAtr«m noiCniin: 
dfthintra M nobUfe 

Ht lino lEmorc^ do mojiu Snimicorum noAtronim litmrilJ, 
Nrfiamiu illi 

Id iftnctiUtf « juitiiiii tortua rpfl-3 omnibnn diehus noatria, 

Et la, pucr, prophfiU Allimlmi vornbnria: priLibia oniiD 
uitv £keic(ii Domiiu, jviraro lieut ejus ; 

Ad dAudom B^cntmm nluiu plol^i «jua, m rondniouom 
pMCtUmiiu tKirujUi 

Fm- risMn muoricordida Dui nucitri; lu quJbua vkiUrit 
aoi orimt ax alio; 

mumifiara bit, i^ui lu iDuul-rti et in umbn mortk Mtlaat, . 
ftd dlirigoodo* p«d«* DoatriM in ^mh pikcii. 

Oloru P^ «t Fnio. «tc 

SicDt QTftt in priodpia. «tc. Aizmv. 


pHtcet UATcnyx. 

CreUu in Deuiii Futrem omni^otcatcin. «tc. 

Di;imlrie, inlscTere nobis. 
ChriBte, miserere nobis, 
Domine, miierer^ noUa. 

Tutor uoslor, i^ul w in cat\'i&, etc 

VarneuLnji. £t no UU3 jnduaaa in ienUtlGnClIU 

BtfpMiifo. Sod tjbora iioe a mtilo, 

Vemicu1u9> Ostoudo nobi«, Douiiae, luiiwriooniiuiu tuaui* 

K«rioDaio, Et «^luUro tuum dtt nobrn. 

Vi>nicLiliu, DoiiiJiiv. iiilvaEu fac Regmam. 

R«qp(fEiiuo. El «iAiidi nos, oum invocacnui U. 

>Vrsic-uIua, Sjiconlotos lui iniianntur juititiA. 

RvipoEi^o. El BXncii tui i^tiiltcnL 

V«niciiJuk. Salvum he pnputum tuum, Donuoe- 

H«j>oii»ut. Et bcn^dw hfrrodilAli tuan, 

Wr-icuJuJi. Hn pacem, Dominc, in diobus noBlris, 

H»iJoiiMtv Qum non est alm9. qui pugnat pro vi\m. iuA 
tit, Domints Ucwi noatc^r. 

V«ntiiniLun. Cur inundum or«n in nobis, DeiUw 

UcflpuQiIu. I';t ^plritum Sanctum tuntn no ftuf«TU i 

Omnipotent Di^iiil. qui dcdUti nolni m'tum ti^um, ut onel 
*t aaprificium pr* pwenlOn et taemplum norm ct irctrrin? Tiim, 
d^ i]t ^rntiv a in(?ntlbii9 hoo mrrejiirnnbilo brnoHr^iuni n^oft- 
oontcsi oiempU riln^ ipsius BanciL^imic pcrpiMuo imitari «td' 
djsftmus. Per cundoin noflfnim Jf^dum Christum, Kilinm ttium; 
^ui vivit ct ro^iutt) in umUto Sjiinlus ^acti, Dcuft. I'or om* 
nia bcuula soculcruui. Aiq^H' 

Pro Rr^nn. 

Domia^ Pator ui£laatift> Hex rv^-um, et Duiniotttor domi* 
DutimD, omuiuni principum guWr»Ati>r «t rvctor, i[ilimi* tdI 

Xfi lupplioo* qiiri'tumijjt, lUglnikm nrikiram KHi]4l>«thuo l>Ofiigfl<^ 
vultu rtipiciaji. cifjufi iiingulari ^ratm ct Spiritii Sftnvto It* 
»^mpfir nv^iiffiro' di^cri«> nt volunutcm tuara ubiquc *i»q 
tiir, flt iftfrjndum i.ilnbemmAtn rormftm mandaforum tuor 
omnrmi viUm triuai^it. Acoitnuta in ilUm c<Elc»tia tua ik 



tit dill [ot] Ibliciicr nobb inipcrctt hollos fortitor tlorincBt^ 
lanJruiquo loouin in cu?]cBti glnria vitot In ffitomnm. Qui 
rWin et reguu Deua por omim aucuh aouulorum. Ajnen. 

Deui« au(/tor pucis, ot eom^rdlm amator. qnem Tiosfi« vivere, 
cui een'iro rt^naro cal. prutogo uli cimnibm impiignntioQibufl 
Aupi^liott tuuB> ul. qui la defenaiuoe tua Donfidimus. n^illms ha6< 
ti^Uta voia timeamiUp Per ClLTUtum iJomJamn nostrum. 

Domtnfl, MncU Pat«r, mantfiAUn^ ft!>toroe D«iu< qui qo-a &^ 
prin^pluTu hojus diei pcrvcniro fcWali, (iia noa lioilio acrva 
TirtulOtCt ccncwlct ut hoc die nd auUum dccliacmua pcccattim, 
noc ullum incurrBmua pariculuuip ^d temper nd taoQj juflUtirun 
£acLcudiuij otaaia iiuatn n^iu tuo ingdcr<uaino dirlgalor, p^ 
Dominuiu noiljuiu J««uin Ctiruium, Filium tuimif qui tooom 
Tirii o( t^ga^ in uniuto SpinCuA SancU, J>9\a, per omnin 

BoaedI»fni]> Damiiio. 
Deo gntiiM. 


l^t«r d« ewli*, Pfliu. uiiHrcr# nuljli, ouAorii pcc^tUorTljui. 

Fill, redemptor mundi, Dein, tnUciyirc nobii, mucri* pw- 

FIB. redomptor muadl. DniSi mbwrfiro noUitii iiiiflorb p«c- 

Spbilns ^)anot«, D«u«i a I'ALro ot Filio proccdom, mlsorora 
noVi«, njisorb ptocitonbuK. 

Splritu Sdkihcto, Doiu, > I'atre. ete. 

Siocia, t>«aU. cl filorioux TriniUJ. trcf porvHiiP, nniu 
I>«i0, DciiaorcrQ Dobio, mu«m poccaloribos. 

SftncU, b«AU, «t glorioa*, «lcw 

N# aMBdrtnA, Dominj^, miqtiitAlTi-m nrMb-nrnm, t<J paron< 
Inm nMlronifii, nnqitc TmdiclAm numai do pccAtU atwtm: 
p«rtt!, Domi&o, jmrca pq)ult> too, queui nMiunuati prvdoio 
BW&giunc iuo, et nu in pvrputuum inuicii ia iiulrijk 
r«rc« noVa, iJominc. 

At omoi pttccato. nxtda. et mfortUTiio, ib inndlii dMboH, 
mb ira toft* «t RlcTWt <Unination«. 

l4b<Tra fx», Domine^ 




A CTTccHata oordo, auporbii* ftmbl^oDflv h^pOHjrift, ir^ 

A forjiicaUone, el aliu ommbiu pocealia mortolibiu, «t 
tutiUU('iilbu3 cafiua. mandi, «t diaboU. 

Lib«ra< non, nomine 

Liliem noa, Dominc 
Ah ovanl aodltiono ct ooospifatJono, a foJaU ot brnroddi 
dogmutibu^ u dohtia oordle, ot uoatoinplu verbi ut miunliUi tui, 
Litji?ra iiv», UuRiiuLv 
Pkn- mjeterium hadcUu bcm-nfttionjfi, oAtiviuUi^ ctrvum- 
cdnotdfl. Ijftptiami, J4TJu:^ii. ct tenuo^i^rkii tiuo. 
Libera nfls. Doming. 
Per agonem et mnguinedm sQiIrirom, por cmoera «* pa»- 
nonem, p?r prooiosiLtn mortem «t sepultumm, por glorioMm 
remrrecdonQin, ot [ii^oonBiouom lunui Lfl tiOrtoSi ot ulTentan 
Splntiu Sancti. 

Liberu noa, liuuuQ^ 
In tcmporo tribuUtiutilis et proipgriUti^ otMbrv* in hank 
morlbi ot b die judjdi. 

Liboni tto% DomnVt, 
To rogunui. O DGoa* nas peccftloroa oxAadiu. u4 
tu»m aaricUm nulholicttm rpgero el giibomnre d'lgium. 
To rogumtu^ audi not. 
Ut funiulaiii tntun Eliaaboth^un, roghiam ot pubemitriooni 
DOitram clouioftlm'^i mam, In vcm im ailoraUoDO, in justitk ol 
BUctiUlo >Jtti!, oci^lirmuro cl i^iiAtodiro dignarb. 
Te rognmus, uidi iio<^ 
Tt ejoa rocni^m m tiut fido, tui k>iior« ot tiMioro* tpm 
MVDpor in te coD^dat, ot in omnlbtia hoiiurain «i glorittn 
quicrat ct proroaveat, dirigoro dignorU. 

Tc rogj\Tiiu9, audi noa, 
Ut cEUn urviLra ut dvfiiiiUi^ro, ct oi victaruun fiontm orantt 
lujkstw Huuts cuiundurev digiiurio^ fl 

To rog-Jhuiua, audi noa. ^ 

Ut opjncopoi* [laitotk^a, el caiawtroa o«o1h^ veracc^ 
iJoDO ti MWtO intcUcctLi r«rbi tui illumlDan dJg&ori«, iu nt 
tBm doctrln;^ quiiu viUh illod promoTOASt. 
To Kg^iDu*, audi no*. 



JJt oondliwiM rc#*io«, ot totAm nobililAtcm rcgni> ^tit^ 
upiQUtuit cA intclluctu, iliuatruro di^^noni. 

tiim conferral ut cicqiuutur jutlldaiD. ot ciutoduul xrilalvm. 
To n^aiDui, &udi do«. 
Ut populo tuo uniYCTBO beiwdk«r<^oufii^iju& wnmrcdigikeni- 

Tit omnihiu gontibuA unlEAUnn, [Aoein, ot coEtcordtaio, 
dctniiro lit^crii. 

Vi meatm aostna ad reruiii ^unoruat et limoruui tui mBftm- 
EOAKt €t id mUkdatoram tuoruui oLiiwn^itiaiii iuclinorv, vclU. 
T« rogftmui, fta^ n^ 

t7t pcpulo iuvanontuiii gra^jD. quo rerbum tuum humiHtcF 
Audiat, «t pvra oord^ UuplooUUur, ol fruuiiu dpu-iius proforat. 

To roguaus. audi hor. 
Ut «TT«ttt«a«t^eo«ptoiinTiui] vunUtii re^ucaro tligaerU* 
T^ mguauA, *udi COL 

crigcre^ MC ^Lihanain *iub pcdibui noitrii confulciiro, idk. 
To rogvniiH, audi noL 
Ct ilefcndu, JdTtt, cormIotib, cmiuu In [>eHcu1i«i noooB- 

To roguDiu, aodl not. 
Ut pttcgnnastlbuH lurrj mftriquo. parturicutibaH, ne^^n^ 

To mganii0> iiudi do*. 
Vi popoUa ci orphnnifl, riilub. dcwlatla ot crppr'^*. 

To rcfpuiiuBi iiudi noL 
Tt Cinuubo* hominibai mucrc^ruL 

T^ roguDiu, audi noi^ 

oordtt ad ivrailCTxliam ronvfrtfTc TfWu. 

T« ro]^miiK, aodi hoil 
ITl fmcUu Ucrrv dora ot coiuomifo di^om, <|na lua 
tfoipera plu ixii uUi»ur> 





Vt Torarn pnpnitcD^m ©I rcnummeni pewalorum no 

To ragamus, aadi ni«. 
Kill Dm, io rogaiiiuB, audi nos. 

FiU Dei, te rogaoias, audi nva^ 

DoEui iicbia paoem. 
AgQuft Dci. qui tollU p«ocaU mundi : 

Chrialo, audi ao3, 

1'Ater DoaLer, fjui ea in C'^lift> »im<H'ificctur n^meu tuutn. etc, 
Et hb DOS Euducjifl in Icmptatjonr!]!!. 

Sod libom nos a loalo- 

Domine, nou Becuoduoi peitcAta noi^trft fat^as nobU: 
Ncqod secundum iaiquttatM aoatrfti retrikte nobi^ 

DeiiSj mi^ricors Valor, qui conb-iiarum uou dcffpidi 
nkum, ot mairGntrnm nou aperutfl nfTi^tuut, Rderto prca' 
no^tri^ quiLB tibi In augoribus aoBtria ofTundiEiiuSj ouqiM ol^ 
meuUr BUbdpere digatire ; ut, qui<;quid oontrr^ non diiibcdias 
Alque huuiuix moliuiitur adroraatluutiB. oU Diliilum rpdi^alur 
tt oonsQio tutppieUtva rEidalnrt ut noa lui Mrti, aullu iuf^o- 
tloDibua Iffisi. in «cc]c«iA itia amicU tlbi gr»tJAA roTonuu 
[wr J<sum Chriatnno, Dominum nostrum. 

ExsurgD, Dumlno* muvci. Dot. ut llboru iia>, propter ooDcfl 


DouB» Aunbus noBtru audiviuius, pntrofnwilri ummQckn- 
ruut uubiH v^Qva. .idmiruida. qun opcratui c« ta di«buB Dorom. 
fit in dii^buA antiquii. 

J?jr#u}yf, i^cTu, a^'uitd nMj et libtra no*, pnpier Jmrh- 

OloHfl Patri, t^i Filio. o((*, 
Skut «rat in pnudpin, nto. Amen. 
At) hiiiiiiciiji iLoatHs libcrn noa, (rhriltC- 
Mt^rke cUmejUtr ^fflicttonei tuuiruL 





jLspco dohr^m cordis noitri. 

Benign^ mi<II omljonro mvu-oit, 

Ei itimc ol fcropoF di}C*><^rcT ciaa<lir« noo, O Clirutc 

0tnjU, nxaadi noa. K^audi noj cfemcnlrr, Dominr, 
Jfju Chrute, 

Ottcnitv ii(7bU> Dumiiio. ui]«]rii;urdiaiij (<jajD : 
AVrul spei^ivimu^ in fo. 

r >reiiiuiL 
TnAriTiiUtoa nofttrUj qii/nfliimiu, Donunfij bonigiw nwfdeo^ 
M prnptcr gWnam nnminlii tut mala cmiua, quic junto pro 
pcccatifl n«tni mcTomur, a nobU cioincntcr qtcKc : cl proMta, 
ut iu cuocUa iL4vcruUitil>uii omoouk Qottrun HduuLum coUctco- 
mua ia mi»«ncordia tu&, ol tibi BVmpor in puriUM TiUe Mrri- 
AODUi ^ glorum (ul nvmiius: par unicui.'Li mediAtorcm nrntram 
0t s4T0<aiua> Jg«uci Cbri«tu(n> Dominum nostrum. Aracn. 

O Doming PaUt niMtflr eo^lutu. <]iu maiimaB palentis* 
iomtuqno <« Rm rogum, et DominiM domiiianduin, omtkinm 
prtQCipum vihn at unjotu moderator ot gubfrrnator, <jui *b 
Oioclao ot mmna ttirono iuo omn« mundj incolcu mluaru, 
ntppIidUtr to rpgamus, ut regiDum noattam l^bz«bQtham do- 
nvELlor H bauigncf rultu rttpkcre ili^«ruf. vt cam tm Sui«li 
5|±rllua gjMiA iu wliinpl«ro> ul Mwper ajI tuain lolunUl^m 
ptrildtflulam d^U in viiit tui* ambuloC. Aof^umuU in cam 
faltrtk Ott don*: TiUm ill! fclirom ct dLutumam Urgirp. nt 
din frlititCTqtic ro^nrt^ hoat^ omnc'fl lup^rct auoi« ct po>l 
hoiu) liUuu glom parfmalur utornu. Fcr Cbrbtmn Domiaum 
OOllnin- Amen. 

OiBDilMtcni, soiiipit«rno Dsub, qui fad* mirabiljA roiigna 
mihM, prtrtendd iop«r fAtatilos bun, pontiflcw H TTiinlnlroK, ot 
Mpcr condw O0r»gr«gftdonoii ilHi cfimtniwas, Sjilntum gratlm 
Milium, ci Dt in vfiriui/i tibi comi^bioaaiil., porpctaiim di 
rorvn tea bent^ictinnin infViiuli? : por odrooiLUiEQ ct modiatorcm 
ooMnunf J«nm Chmtuin- Acifn. 

OmidpoUoa, ■enpit«me T>«uft, qui nobta gralum dediMi, 
Qt hoe toinpoTO iinailimitOT con^^ail pncot nostras ad te 




uflijr^iniuj), qulquo pullicem. uVi duo t«1 Mt coilgr«gftU fierint 

pvtiJiiuif. lit votn ot procc* tuomm fomutorum, pront tlbi viil^^ 
bitur oorum wJuil maiim* eipedire, pcrfiona. ci pr."Mta n&bu 
in hoc Tita. tun i«Ht&ti5 oo)*ni^f>nom, «t id fhtunk Yitam 
fPtornam. Aqlch. ^h 

QrHlia Domini iioHtrl, Jmu CUriiti, cariUa Dfii, 6t QMOSBB- 
lUAiLlio Sjiaiitj Splrttui* ilt iMunpar cam omnibiu npbl*. Aitm- 

Bfliifl, Pftl*r c^pleatift, qui ppr Filiiim iniim onigttillnni pn- 
mislali iinivoralH tuum rognuui ot cjJub jiutitiim cpuvrAntUwi 
oinDu biiio viUu nacesaiLrla, da nol>u, quanumui* ia hac nostn 
iwcQuitate pluvuim ei inabrca tonipc^tivoa. ui t«m» frnoUi 
ml corpcriE ochItl coD^olationeui, «t lui npmiuui lionorflm* ra» 
pore poaaiaiu«. r«rJociuiDChnaluiD»DotiiKium nourun. Amm^ 

Vto orrli Kniul«l«, ^H 

Pommo Uotw. qui propter p*cc4U populi wrnj^l auVnv- 
ftistl miinclum uniTenum, ocio hi^minibuft ft>1nm oxcoptkh ft 
puBtoiK HingTihri duotna miFM^rlf^orJin, promlsuli illmn nimqnini 
nireuii l=l1JE>rn(^rg^ndllnl ; nu]ip1]oM tc rogarauit <ftfi ob iniqaL 
tnloa noHlrEH hftn pluvtas ot u/|UAruin inundfttioncd numos oom* 
moritj, dignorU Unjon nm ad vonun parnitdOtiam conrcrtera^ 
ct bJ«Ln nubia trib^crn txoW smf.nlt^irim. ut trrrir frodii* tffo- 
pur« opportuDO roctpiaiDiu, luoquo hoQ KUpplido ndmotuti Titam 
lUMstram coiendaro diKamiu. att]uo ob tuSLiii ia hob dciaeatiam 
tiuti I^iiji>4 i^t liunortMi pL'^rpQliKi culobriro rdeaioioa. Vtr 
JosHm CbriituDi, Donunum n<«tmm^ Amm. 

T^Tnpon* mntMi* nt fnmii. 

T)«iu, PjLt«r ccniMtii, oi^u< boocfido plork docldil, torrft 
flt fniglfoTA, aaiinantjfi cr^scunt. ct pLsc^^ mdHplicaatur : i»' 
Xxw-ttt. t\xiirsmmn%. ftfflSrliono* popiiH lul, et lArgIr«, at beo 

taut iioalrn patimiir* bonitnlJJ miniriivirdiin turn vArtauir in 
copiAdi vt fibujjflnntiam. Hnxi nobis, dnmc<ntEAaima TaUc, anv 
«dc prcptor wuurom Joiu Chriati, Uomini tmBtri. oai tomm et 
Sando Spiiritui huiA, honor, oi glonci, ja onuwDi ft-kmUatein. 

niBC£3 T&fnRTUl.S, 


pnoeaUTM punirc, ct ooram tnJBcrcH, qni Ttro Mintnt p«iutDii- 
tiun : «c*rva ct libcn nun. aupplLoHcr (o jH-Umiu. n qiuilu jdi- 
mioorum, roprmiu euniiu Buj>vrbau]> uiiituu luulitiuu, iliuijia 
iUonuu mmduuftlioaw oL mIuIjw, ut uon tuii Anm* uitmid 
wrapur wrvoiuur ah oianihat pttriculU, .'kd to glonftcandum, 
qid M uaicuji victoricc lar^itor ; propLcT mcrita uQlgcnid ITtlii 
tiu, Domim tUMtru Jem ChrUti- Amen. 

OmnlpotATiH Dcjw. qui lfiiij>nrn rngiii DaTiH* In Ita tiu* 
•ffptoiighiu tnillift hoiuintim pcitui morbo nastulisti, ot tAtnon, 
tuir tniivriooHue oivmor. coiu^rT^cti rcUquoa ; mUororo noatii 
nutoronun. qai nimc tiriis luorbl^ «t l^'^vi morUUutv afi1igl> 
xuur, qI qiwuAiimofJuin ftn^filot tnoa a «upp1icjO bf«r9ndci CW' 

(figntrk Per Je$txta Chrirtiim. nommum nMtrtiin- Anirn. 

Dooit Gi^ propntuu oKt miMrcri wnnpor cl porcoroT Hui^cipo 
hu prctnliono* uovlrtiB, ul qaw dclict<jni[D cAt«tui nuwro coo- 
' ctHnjjitt clemmla iam miMricurdim liWu ubsoltat: propter 

19d, Domino, Detw iiottcr. iniMncordui st propilktio, 
i|«iA raconDmui a to, ct tarn aiidhimDA Toeem Uqeulhj, Doi 
noftri, ■& Ajabulo/omv m lege toa, quaai poatusti tiobb, 

TSI», DomiDp. jnftitia, nobb anlcm oonfiLsio htnt!\, quooinn 

A — i"^Mff olque jodfrik tab. 

Koa in jvittflnvtlnnnn]* n«lrii prostTaimua pfOcCA aaIo 
fuaem tnntn, tod m miKRNitiuiiibaa tuis mutti*, O Uraift. 

l^uiudi, Dcmiico. pLiLcaru, Duiuinu, attcjulo, nt OB nturcm 
I proptar lom«ti|isiuD> Doui luviw. 

I Corrlp^ aoo, Duuuno, mruiiUuuoa in judioiUf oi &oa [in] 

I Jiiroro tuo. u /oH« 9d nihilum rodigw DOi, 
I la maltitD^ao uawricordijD ttu* mtroibo at domuui lum ; 

L ftdorvbo *d tcnplutn lAiidvin rmm m tinoro Iddl 





rnHCKi rcii'KiiTiSE^ 


pcregn^ixtJ 9iiinu9> etc. ut in InUio I'rocum mjituiinortinu 

OmnipotanG Ddusj Pator DoidielI nonlr'^ Jmu CLruCL 
Pator nobior, qui «e in oojIia. eto> 

Et D8 inaum. otC' 

Dou*. io ftdjutotinm. etc. 
Domino, ad atljutandum. ek. 
Gloria Pfttri. et«. 
Sicat orit, etfi- Amen. 

1l«rum Crmtor omniam) 
To poadmuB hoK vmpori, 
llofuniJo Mos per ^^raliam 
Ah hoatls noaU't froAidibuB. 
fVollo ludamur, Domine. 
Vol aomnjOp vel phumaM; 
In te cor aoeiiuni tigilM* 
tfec dormJAt in cnmin& 
Sunmo Pater, per Filinm 
Lftrgire f[riod tc posoin^tu: 
Cui per Sanctum Spirltuiik 
jf-jtoniA delar gloria. AintTi. 

Ptutmut .«R 

DH]iif r^uOf lh>inii]p, ohlitiicori* nw in fui«ni I utquv^no anrlk Fbfidi 
(lum ■ uiv f 

IJuuudm pouam cuuiUin iu juurua mid, dvkniu u wido Duo pit 

Uoqmiqna HaluliUur loImlruK incut tuper me t ropicVk C4 CXnA Bit 

tlluiiiinA uuulu* iitroK ot QDquHni oiKlunnUfik So noil^, kH|BMla 
dunt iulmidUH mnvt, Prpvoluj vlvunm* vum. 

Qiil crlbnlont ate, exoltaliun^ ol molun fiicn i tffO witna Id 
cordlii tun qitmrt, 

KxulUril fnr mf^nm In Mlafni tao: caaubo Domfiuv i:^' 
buJ( mihJp tt laallun uuuiim Domuil iiltiHmL 

tiloiiB Patn, vk. Alcul vnl> «li^ Anun, 

rHCCE» vispedltikjf. 


Dddj^ii*, qub habUbblt in tabonuHuEo tua 7 am f^uk iequlc*cot la 
ttvntc uiKto tao V 

<^i {r^'rcilitur iiae momU, «t optrndir jnvfituin : 

Km ttxitt ytuilmv •uuiuaJttin? vl 0|rpRrbiuua uva iiccvpU idtrriiij 

Ad »^fl^il"iw dvdUAtDi at in miBpinta vjiu moUcDUi - tlinvatu anlcm 
DDmbmfa gloTtflcol. 

Qni jam |krnil>nn vir>, pI nnn 4]nr-ipit: qui |ri^inijuin niJim noti Hodit 
ad Dmram, ci iuua?nau|H;t LCuiocvDlirm non vccpli. 
t^iii fuit tuK. uuu movablLur ui urtoruiua. 

Judlu iD«, Dtuii el dlivvme ctunvn mnim do floutc nou HnctJi: aI* 
liamliM inlquD tt ddoK cmc inc. 

Qdia to ca. Dni>% fjrtlluJa lueat ^u«n mu Tvpullnlij ut cjiroro trlai^ 

KiTtrit^ IdLVin liiiun, «l ^rriijirtni tiurD : ipu mn iIMuxtrunl, «t ad^ 
dniFTiiijI ill imrfittm ■uwtnm (tium, ^ in ta^vnuK'uItt ixA, 

XA iutruiUf a4 feltart IVL, bl iK^uin, -jul IsUHiv^ JuwfjtuU-m nimm. 

Confllebw tibi Id clUmn. Dcuk, I>cbJi iudua: quun trUtis c% uiinu 
QM, At qom fontiiittfi mo T 

Spntt ID Dbo^ <iaoaiiun «niuc i:ofjfilcboT Uli : hIuUid nUtu* mil, •( 

Scat rnU- etc. Amm. 


gEilt «5ft tt Veritas non t4t in w. 

Lfctio fvhnuL ex qiiArto CApIIe Tatiif. 
Tobiu B«ii[ctr, eum puUrol bo montumni. rocaTit ad m 
T^lilun rilliim flnum. ^li^uA «t: Audi, fili ml. Tvrl^ oris 
mci, ot «« in rordo tiio, qiiaai ftindimcntuin, r/infttrnc Cnm 
AojcficHt Dmii Anlmcim inrAni, cnrpua mi^ucn nopolHo, fit 
im Imbcliu malrl turn gmnibiu dicbiia niw qjus. Mi-mor 
dcbo<> [^ucE ul qusuita puricuU pamk itl pruptur 
i& ttlaro rao-i Cum aulviu «t jpwu t-onipl«v«ril Uiuipua 
fU»* >ep«Ha4 «aj£i ctn:* iu«. OmnibuH auMm dj^iuji 
vrte t«« in tactile hftboto Ocujn. et cftTO, no idlquxndo poccalo 
fODAOilixi. nvc pnctcrmilUi prircepU Domifu Dei nostri- Ex 
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iiuu ruiuaneat. Quod ab alb od«ria Am tibi, vide 09 la «Ji- 
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comcdc, et dd vi^EtioiEmtia tuis nudo? (^g'^ ConiUium BCOfpof 
> papenW per^jiiire. Omni t^-inpn^e hr>riO'/rLi; D^um, et pete 

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djojt DotLunuA Deus: CoQT«rtiinim nd mc> ol ttlvi vritia^ 

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U^LgnlficiLt oiiiuLa mea Dominum. 
Et e:iu1taTlt spirituH meui : in D«o nluUH moo. 
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cordis Hi;i. 

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SiUKpit Itriwt puorum kuiuu: rocordaluH m'lMrioo-rd^fr iujd; 
Sicui locuLutf r>Bt ad pftlra aottroi Abrabam ; st Mcoiu 

Gloria Pflktri. etc, ^«ut «rAt. etc. Aukl 

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Diimiiin, ud aijjuva;uiuiu luv fuslino- 

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9Hit, H dildeiiowm habut/ritU ad infirm. 


Diloctio ut inter vcs non aimulatA: «iti« odio proMt^uculQ 
quod tn»]iim cat, et adhicrcntea oi qnod bontim Mt; pa 
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proaiLluul iziBtoutoa, iiocesAiUtibuH unctoruiu wiuuiuuimnln 
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d«tc cdh; s>^n<l^<i^"'' ^ ^^^ '^■■^ Acntitras, codom riu&m 
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TOHmodpiuHii nt^qiiA ciiirjnam malum |irro niAto reddftU^ pro 
videntea bona dod Untiim coram Dcpo, ocd adAm COTIffi kood 


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cftrboauH tgnit co»corvaVui la caput illiiu. No viocArlit a 
Imekj. hcd potlu> Tiaco boDO malum. AbjicunDoi igtlur op«ni ib*^Ai4 
IcQcbr-vu-in, et in^njimur Armn lucis : taaf^uooi in die com- 
podtA AmbuJemiUt dod in coinon&tionrbus oi vbrieiatlbui, non 
ia cubiUbiu fto lucivlts non [in] Af>nt«QlionG el /EuulfttianA: 
if^it iniTijiThini Dominnm Jcsum Cliriatum, ct cfLmia ouram no 
ftgntiK ad GonciipuccntJa^. 

tlivc diat Damintis: ric&iteutkm agito, quomam apprO' 

pEQ^ojit regnum ca-!oruia. 


ChrUtO, rixii JLii ot ct diffli, 

Noctia tcocbriLi dct^;ii. 

Ludaqno lummi crediorist 

LuncD IwAium priudicaiu: 

PrMomnr, Banoto Domino, 

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tjuiotom DocUui trLbuu. 
Ke gi^avii H>miiu> irruat, 

N«e ivLro, iMi contf^ntionn, 
Nm libi rorw sUtunL 
(>ouU Mmnnm enpicuitt 
Cor ad to •ouipur vi^iltjt, 
D«iLtt« tua prott^at 
Funnlof, t^u'i to diliguDt 
DcfoJWOT- noitft, iupic«, 
Luidiantra ri^prboo. 

lo be Tuvd ' Ad Con^ 


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In gnhvi iilo oorportts 
Qui OS dafoaflor anlmm, 
Adcetn uulrus Dunutici. 
Dm Tutri hiL glurUi 

Et puac. el la porpctuam. Aiurii. 

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Nhinc JImlUia ierviuo tuum, Domiuer Ncuuilum 


tuam m paco : 

Qum viderunt oculi md lolutare tuam. 

Quod i>ajaati antt? fAolam omnium populorum ; 

Lumeo ad revdatinncm gcotiam, si gloH&m plebu Cois 

Gloruk Falri. et Y'Aio, cU!> 

Skut orat in piindpw, ct nunc, et aompert 4t In MetfU 

Credo in Dbuiei. Pntrcm omnlpotentom, etc. 

Domino* miaerere nobis. 

ChriBlo. DiiEercra nobs* 

Domino, niisDrero noliia. 

Pator nofilor, qui ob io cculLa. oto. 

Vendguliu. £t no nos inducoa in tcntiilicinoni. 

lUipuDalo. Sod libera HOB a uitUo, 

VaruculuL OstMlJu iivljJB, Doinino, muvricordiuui Uuuu, 

ItcapMifia. EtmluUrn tuiim da nobiBw 

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VaidmitiR. D« pucoIh Dommc, in diobui noitrit- 

Rap«uia. Quia hoq eat ftliaa, qui pugnitt pro nobi*. nin 

V*ivuu1db. Cor mundnm crt^ iu nobii^ T)^<- 

tUmyruMB^ Kt h^piritijm Sanclum tuiim bo aufijnu a nobas. 




Domino, Jmu Oirini*, cui prripnnm »i in'iMtttn, quique 
fairta lU^ m»ndiui nx nTiu^no ulla pcf'CjUi mornlA: grstU tna 
noi imtmop ut to wciuamur luiiorLcardiiun fimxiTolfl DUitris 
pnoitiuuloj ct nunquum non puro ae mundo corda simiis crga 
tUi UL peat b'uiL' viliuu to iuLuvauiur iiL nrlvrna gtoriii* Qiu 
TiTui Ut r^goaa L>uub por oiuuut euculft tuouluruiu. AmoiL 

OomJpotAiu Douo, cnjus m^um a«t auloruuuL ul putuntk 
utflnlu, miMreru uniTen^e Ecclcnv, «t sG dirJg^ cor vJuutM 
&iDuln luv, EUxabothoo rc^jv ncotnt, ut <!0|fnoicAt m cmo 
fiunnlam tUAm, ct ante ottidui quornit glorinnt n-i honnrcm 
tnum: et at not d BubJ«ctt, agniMMntM, ut dooct, nam & 
le bftbare uuporlum, fidolitor «i aflrviatnus, Mta tionorcnms, «t 
l^tiMqiiainur ipu cum ciiinl nubmkdoDe, m t^, et propUif to, 
jutA pnoccptum toiim. For Clirutum Dominuui nodtrum. 

l>ea^ ft quo MmctA dovdcrm, recta ootuoliat ot Joita not 

A, dft Mrvu tuis ilium, r[uam mundm due non pntctti 

at ot oorda nuAm mAodftiis tuu d«diiA, et, tui^um 

iabUtftlbrmidino, tetu|iorAHint tuaprotoctiano IrEmqu^lh. Fcr 

Cbralum Domiaom noUrum. Amen. 

Ojonipotooi' Dommc Dciuf. ox ci^ui ord'ino et lolimtato 
j&m noi Tt l^uubrB apputuat. tuimi clflcnociCiA^ii d4pr<<C4irDiir, 
vt [lo* iiruiericirdit«r in tut«UA lium mccipmi, d« In noc 
firwipM ictocbriiraza idlquid potcitaii* hnbfi^nt ; ct, eimi danni- 
•ncJoiD pra carpark neottHUU^ nt, nibLlrnainan oor ct oiuiuuv 
nuEitor ^ U) icmpor ^>*^UaQt, ot ofEcv no ut mnspcciu tuo Ulii 
aoui* ot tcoubrarmu, pcd dioi ct ludni purpvtuu uifOiiiftmur. 
Qfli viTW M ngnw Vnun per vuuua ii*culft mcuIotuiq. 

Lqccqi tcim aobl*. Di>ium&, ccnccdc, at, dcpuloi cordium 
tiii«briit pcrretiire poauoui did bmea, quod caiCbritluf^ Amen. 





Pn«B (tiotnijr, cum itur eubitum- 
Tq nomine Fatriis, ot FlUi, ct Spiritus SoncU. Amm. 

Saivftlor uiundi, Doium«j 
Qiu noa ulvAjtt hodio ; 
la hiw norto nos protege, 
Et BnJvft oQirii tempore. 
AdiOata nunc propitiiia* 
Et pared euppUcELniibua ; 
Ta dote nostra t^rimino, 
Tu tonobrcia illuoino. 
No lu^Dtom fiomnua oppnmal. 
ff 00 lioeiid ai>8 Burripial : 
N#c ullU caron pelimui, 
Commncnlctur sordibrxs* 
Ti>, rpform*tor Hcnauum, 
Votift profiamar rordiuro, 

Vi fun COBtm TllPTltjltlB 

SurgA(»t)« ft cubiltbua. 
Gloria' tlbi, DoniiDo, 
Qui ULiLua OB de virgiao* 
Cuni l*atro ^t SiUiCtO SpiFltu, 
In sc*mpitcrtm secula. Amvn. 

Gratiaa Ago tllii, Pator omnipotcmfl, flit4>rTic Doim, *3ttl, p» 
Infinlla boutiUQ tiuii me millgnum famidum tuum di^rulsi 
<• IloC ^14 ftb bMtiuiD mooTum. tam corporii. qvuun uuid«, 
inudHfl salmm «t incolumom custodire. T*que pr*cor. ot 
quioquid hodio ccgitAudo. lorjuendo, vet fnci«D<io, eon|r« pri^ 
-«6ptfl Ct maodaU Iria daliqnl, id totuin n^Llii ex pnUnui Wig- 
fiiUtO tja romittAH att\nn rnndonm. Ail hire to rof^ ftt^iw 
obtOMtor, lit Ct hann tnihi noctcni TclU Kolutnrcm cosfir'nioqiw 

P Tbli Pmjvr hta 1vnn fannpil An ant In 4 dcTotiaul work, cotllkd. 
UTt^r nSiUd JlortuluA uilDir. p. 1030 


N'ocrru sr tJPVRNiiinRHii. 


jfPfttia clotnontcr luori ct tymwrvarc, ut wall mci tran<iuilla 
dormiflnt, corpus nccuro f^niosoit. ol ttnimpn nd tfl sicmpcr 
ri^ilot, DO unjunin BHjr^illatori Sa-tlmnn? cotuiciilinl, Vcr Chria- 
tum 04;>inlouin noBtrucn, Amen, 

lUutiiiniit qiia'Burnus, Dumiiic IJiruit, tcnubriu noitro^, et 
luUuB iii^iu nuctia ui^idiuf tu a. ii^^bis rc-pollu propltlu). Per 
CUriBttiui Dutuiuijiu uustruiu. Amvit. 

Kccu uuu Junuiuibil) iii>i]uu doriuiuL. <jui cuBtu<lit Uracl, /l*!!?^''' 

F«r <JJ4iu hdI rioii urut li;, nor^tiu tmiA |M>r nuiHtuu. 
In |iftc« ia id jpsuui dorwuuu et ru^uiMCAiu. 

Nofitt «l fiw «xpn^|^tf«ri>, Ad bune madam toccu tdvJJUn, 

Id nodibofl oxtollAia laaaaa meu in nnoU, vi LcncdicBm 

Moilk QMto «iiT;gain ftd conAtcndum tlUi. Domino, super 
judicta ju&^ficnlumiA lufl^ 

Momor oro nooto nomiiiU tul Domino ; docM> mo ciutnitiro 
legem tiuuD, 

Mvmi:rr oro tul, O Dmu, super sti^tum mourn, quia fui«U 
adjutoT mmi. 

F&t«r QOktorj i^ui M in c^r-lia. 5fc, 

£> PmJ. ,1. 

'A'rtttt tkdam tuv. l^cimln, » p«n«tU tatit, v( omno* latqulutoi 

Car mimduni errd tn me, Deiifi, et •pirifum Nftum hmovi In via*. 

Nafnflfllaimc jAfiidi itiii, c1 ^fiSriliEm Satirlum tvum na tuten* i msb 
jUMddldUlwU UbCTu m^, Domliu. 
A Bbdmi mkta drfrndc mr, tXimm<k 
ift Imi tnorik Hiccum inilu, Duiuiiw, 

Illattini of^los mctM, Dominr^ no tioquam obdormiEim in 
iMrto : no ^n&mlo dicat inimif^ns mMn, Prwalui ulttriui cum. 

Com nd icnmum ro runnin comptovlib die. 

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vifillfn in Chriato, ot r«*|m(!ACAin in p^tL Anion. 

In fouiua tDM. Domino, commcndo ipirituio ntouui : oou- 
■rm mo, Doori&o, Dooi TcrltatU. 

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&uicli» ci ^aacta TrioluilQ i in Aatla NDUliB Domlaf, POi^- 
«flVHi» Powlut, AaAmniiinL", PunbvnntAi, at TriniUEt^ 


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JivLilia ante (-urn vnbuJAhit: et poikat id Tift gtvmu hjOl Cltfii 

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DoncQ ponam katmitdD tuDi Kbtwllum poduin tuorum^ 
Virgin vii'tntix lUff cniiUut l>u]iMutiJt ei Kion: iliTHiinw m 

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ergo ei : Xunqmd et tn ex dbcipulia cjiw es? Xegant ill 

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R««pondit J«sitf : A temetipao ho« dl^^ii, an alii ti1>i dixtnill 

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tradcrcr Judirb : nunr aut«ta rcgoum mourn noa oit hino. 
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Tu dicuv qui& r«x sum ego. Ego la hoc nntaa aatn, ct ad hoc 
Tcoi in muniiun). ut l^fttimonlum pprTilbeArn rmtJid, Onuiu, 
qui est 01 TcritAt^, audit rocetD mcenn. Dicit ei Pilatui : Quid 
«9t TeriUa? I^t nim hie ilitisset, ic^rum cxiyicad Judmoi. «t 
^ixU cia: Ego fiullam intentn in eo eAUHtm. K«t aut^m cod* 
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dliiriltAm tobn reg^m Juilnorum ? CUmATemnt [ergo] runuoi 
6tOQei^iil«Bt««: Nonhunc, acd Bftrrabam- Krat *u(<?m Bjirra- 
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portana coronam xpincflm trt purpureum vosttmentunj. Kt 
fUatu* diat ou: Iaxo homo. Cum ergo vidluent eiiin pnntl- 

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Didt eia t^tui : Acciplte emu vw, et eruel&gite. Kgo enim 
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habemusi et tocuudum legem doM CDori, quia Filium iJoj m 
fecit. Cum ergo uudisiel Pilatu banc Mnnooem, niagla timiut: 
•t ingrcwaa M prvlorium it«niiii, H didt id Jenun: Undo 
t«f Jotuj nutem r«ipoD*uin noQ d«dit t^L Dial ergo «l 

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enid£g«n» t«. «t poteiUtem hal>co diiniuera to? Rcspondlt 
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CvMra, Omnia cnim, qui na regcm fjK^it, coalrodicil 
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Jeaiim; et mdit pro trlbunulr, jii luixf qui dkitur Litbo- 
Hebrniou Jiututu liut^bjitii^ Erat Aoteni parae<:evu 
I'aachn, bora quui sexla. «L dicit Judwts: Eeco r» tnler- 
Jili witQB okuobaul : Tulle, tolle. crud^ge itam. rijdt oU 1^^ 

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cxWil in cum qui dicilur Calrziriw Jucum^ Dabraio^ MitMi 
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hincv Eucdium autom Jeituui. Scriput auMiD tttituluiu PUjitUi» 
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rtu JuJj'joruiiL iluuc argtj titolum oiulti JuOivonini UgoroMp 
quiu pr<Ji>ti civiUt«iu orat locut, a^i crudfixoi «nU Jc«u*. £l 
4riul vcrifiLum Gi'jijcdf LalLue, «t nebrAlce. Dicflbftntttrgo I^ 
I&lo [Kpntifii;i» Jud^orum : Noli scribcre, lUx Judieonun : tod 
qiua ipse dixit, Hex sam Judn^omm. Bcspondit ribtoi: Qood 
noripiit tcripaL Mililos ergo, cum erudfi-iiocni oum, acf^eponiot 
voitimeatA ejus, ei feccrunt qiuituor pa.H«>, uuiouiqu^ rmlki 
partem, ct tuniCAm: erat nutem tiimcEi iniNMifintilU, dttvper 
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mua uun. scd snrlinmiir do lEln, ciija.t fit, l.U flrnplura implo* 
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dao Qjtit«runt illis amiotl raiibui tilbiAi qui «1 dlxeruM;! 
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mnndum, ct vada ad Piitrom. 


Dens, Rex gloriM, qui nnigonttum FtUncn tuum, T«d«m^ 
toroia nostruEii, ^ dtsxtei-ATQ luaia la gWioao drUnun irk9 
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tomu& Par oundcm Dominnm nostrnm, JcAum ChrUcani* 

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dlssectie lingujr, r«Lut ign^ri-, sodUquo tvper »lngu|oa aomm; 
nc ropltfti sunt omncfl Spiniu Sancto, cthp^ninlque loqui &1& 
VingiiEJi, pront Spiritus Wh Atihut cloqui illia, Erant AUUm 
niRroAol^mfn habiUuitcs Judici, viri roligio^fr ex omni nalione 
«^mm, qiun iitb caAo snot. la mmor cum incrobuis^t, con- 
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quikquo Uo^uip m qua nail suiniu? rartUi. ct UeiJj, ct 
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boA pOTCiplto verbft mon. N^on onim, vicut voi i?iiiltmad», bi 
obrir tunt, cum vtl hara dici tt^rtiA. Scd boc mt. qru^ dictum 
ml per prophctam Jobnl : Kt crit in DoTuvmii dicbui, didt Jmt\ 
Dcos, c^imdam da SpiriEu m^Q lupor omncm camcm : ot 
prophotabunt fifii xcjiri ci filim T«tTir, ct juvcn™ vc«Ui 
Tjxioaoi Tidubuut, ot BoniurcA Tcatn aouiiun aoniiu&biiiit. Kt 
quiduui super Dcirrtu mcos, <jt aupc^r ftuoUlaa mout ui dijjbov 
Uii« olTuiiduiii du ^pirilu iUtiD> ut prupbetaibuAt : «X dab« |mH 
ili^isi iu calu fcuporno, ct h|^u^ Lu Ivrra inferno, longiuiwm, «t 
iga«(n, ei fapori»ui fuuij^ Sol comcttciur la tcncbru, ct 
Utnft u unguintjuj, ai^loquaiu vcnJot die* illo Dommi. magaus 
Atqno iUvulrifl. Kt faturam ai, ut omms, quicopqac iafo- 
cavcrlt nomen Domld, HTvctur. 

Expodil TobU ut «go yadim : u enim non abiero. Coin- f .^ '^ 
•oblor ^ aon reiuot ad tos : tin &utom atu«TO| luittain eum 
ftd TOM. Id com Tcncrit lUe, qui est Sp&ritiu T«ritAtii, duoet 
TO* in onuom veriMUm. 


294 1HI *JO«TA TRtNITiTt. [15<E|. 


Iterts, qui corda fidoliiroi f^nnctl Spiritru fllu^trfltlnno donii- 
i?itT, (la nbhli in codcm Spirlta vccta aiip(?r<', «t rfc ejus KOoipnf 
aancla consolationo gAudero ,- pnr mf:ritn Sorvaioris nostri Jtfwi 
Chriall, qui tecnia virit et rognftt in uniute cjundcm S|^riciia 
Sanctin Dona, per omnin aeruln BuoHWum. Anuria 

Vuni, Saneta Spiriiii*, rrple tuoriim enrda fidolium, «t 
tni mnoria in oi^ ign«in atTotjndo. I'or Jcjium (^iirlatum Domt-' 
num iHwtPum. Amen, 

Dt Pan eta TrfflitAlCL 

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aapft nm, ot Tnijvri^tUT tttntti i 

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Omab, qui oredjl Jeauco eoe CbrUtum, qx Deo miius cat- 
Bt omnui. qui Oiligit eimi. qui gonuit» diligii et euaj> qui uatua 
Mt ox 00. Ill boc oogDu^cimua. quoj OiHgamus Gliot Dei, 
cum Deun; <liIigfimuS| «t prjoc«pla v^ab fcrviimiie. UoK ol 
•mm firitiu Boi, ut pr^^ot^pta ^jua aervcniiu: ft pmweplJi 
■jtu gravia non siiol, QuoDJaui ornnc. quoU n^tum Ml «x 
Dgo, rincit xniiniliim : cl hjBC eti victoria, ([aw fincil mUDduiDa 
fid» nostra. QnSi c»t, qui vincit mundtim, niti qai <TO^tt 
qnod Jo?u* *At Filiun Doj ? Hie esf, qui toiuI per aqiiam «t 
emigiiuiain, Jofius CbrlattiE^; non per Jiqunni aoluni, Bcd p<r 
oquoin ut Bjuigumuin* Et Spiritus est, qni tfatlfieatar, qtii^ 
umm SpiritUE vat voteUs, Qucdiaiii tree mint* qui tc^Linoniun 
(laot in omioi Pater, Sermo, ut Sjiirkiia SimcLun: ct bi tro< 
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[* All Ihrfta fV«afimM, whjcb lit«c btrur En UTtl, an al the vnJ it 
rtiie t»oA in»aTjQnc4 m p. S50, noW I. They foUow llie /VH-anA «« 
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nam, rapaoci, injmtii aduUcri, aut otiank qualU bic pub- 
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Mrti, «i quA Judafl exindk la ii]ui» ittiru» loenm. 

AdoTiim It. [£4— 31.] Prrmalur Apottdl Dvuin, ut k coMtn ivlvtr' 

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anqna Iti clr invont» fbeicll; qui oro lui Davj^U jea dixiuli, 
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trnqUQ cjui Cn<;:lu]D? Coiioruul onim vcn> juivcriuB Luum 
mctum JcvuiUp quern luiEiiti, HcrodM ot roatius HkuUt 
cum g«ktibui ei popula ItrwUtid*. faduri quBKunqu* lu 
nunu «on^oqa« [tuo] fAcItniU dtttiuitL QiiAmobr«m, 
DoTnim, ibd«|ric# inln*i eorum, tuiiqao d* cam tmtd WmvUUc 
tODtn MTDienom c!o^ui. mftnum tuam cxt^dcndo ad hu»* 
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fidm Jid gcntc« omnr-.i cxpLicnti : aoEi napicati Uoo per Jciaai 
Chriitum glorU in p^rpclnum. Ami?u. 

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(|ttCHl Tobia culUluia oat io JafiU ChrU(o. 

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ChrUia, Grjitcs lleo ot Pjktri llomini cDitri Jftva Chmti, 
PfLtri mJscrioordia?, omnisquo solatii Deo, 

GrfttiA Dombi Je«u ClirUtr, «t Doi cit-iUs, et Sanctij 
S|4rilua coraiaunio^ v^bia ad»t onLriibus, Amm, 

GralU Domini DO^tri >Io«u Clirieti ftdiit aaimo TOttro,| 
f^ftlrCB. Amoa. 

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wnEalibua incornipto. 

1 Tim, i. [2.) 

Oralicw misonooi'dfA, pax, a Deo Fatro iioslro, et Domma^ 
Jmu Chriflto, Doniino uiKtrOr 

Tit, L (40 

ChriMo, Sorvfilnro nontro. 

1 Pot. L [fl, 3) 

Grfttm vobin «t pax luulu h^U GrjLtcK Dfio «t i'stri- 
Domini nottri Jciu Chrliti, <]}n noi pri> tun lijiguUn mUv- 
HwirdiJi iterutti acaiitril in vlvkm ipcm, per Jotu Chri*ti 
rcMurrectlont^m ex tnortuii. 

Sunt ot aIIa hdjusRioJi m eplitoli^^ qiue Mc r«pc4«Te QOi^i 



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Apofdl, r. [B— 14.] 


Cuin ctipiHut A^iiuB liliniin. «|uatuur wum&liii, «t illi '2i^ 
MD&lQr«N ACC<iMtTrutit Agrju. hiibotitcB Biiiguli cltharwi vl phi- 

Djjfoui eft, qui lilrum icdpian, cjuiquo mgilU apcruu, 
qao&iBm maditus o§. iio«que Deo ine> tAti^vlat, omnibus <^x 
natjonibiiit Unguis, popolii* atqii^ gvDtil>u«, &mUlI, tl Ttftt> 

Tum /idipidens audlri ntiilLorum Tncnin gt^nicirum arcii 
■oUtim, icmLtorumqnc. <|uonini niimcnti cmt millicp Dcntcna 
nillut. Qt dccies contcim miUU« cjui ma^a toco sic dicobaiit : 

DigDUs ^t Agnus iLiiuioUtus. ijue poLi-TiUuiii» vl opci^ vl 
capiaDtiarUi et virtm, ol hotiorcm. «C gTorijiD), algutt fvlidtalomi 

Tum m onme«, qitta sunt in eccld, tt m Uri^ ft lob 
tcrr>, «1 in niAri* brevitcr qoto mni io cU omcift, aodhi ita 
dicyjEv : 

imp orium^ In porpotuA Hoouln. 

I'-t qualuor !hni[n!Llia tiicolant. Am?n> 

Porii^A ajiimadrfirti tAnlsiTn lurbnm. ut earn namCTnpo nemo 
povet, ^1 f>ninibu!i g^ntibiia, nationtbur^ pnpuli», lingu»; <|ui 
AQto aol'rum «t Ajfnum ntantr*, aibis tuiluti TOntitiUA. «t pUoiM 
tn mniiilfu* liaboiil<?«, no^na vog9 al»uiAb«nt iu Ulitic modum : 

Tum omQVft guajj, qui noIiEim tcaalcircfque <4 quntuor 
animatjA drcmuiUbcLat, proni ad iglium accidcrunt. Dcum^uft 
rener^i iunt. dicentcs: 

Etiani f«)icsUa, cx gloriat «t «iji5«ntiA« «t ^ailarnm ntdo, 
el bonoi, et poteotU^ «( Tina, I>«o niMlro, in pnrpctu& teeuliL 




hi. 1%»\.U. 

19^ dk 







Unqujim nihiLum an to to. 

TTnivopsa Tunita-^ omnia homo Tivcn*. 

la imn^nn pertnuisit homnn p^d at frUAtra ooaturbntur 
thcwiurizat, cl ignor;;^^ tiul ooagru^atrit cit. 

Citnittj dittA nustrl diUbujjtur. AuQOfl nudtivH flmnius dloto 
01IJU& Dies anuoruiQ DoalLoruai aiiat .70. uuiii, uut ad num- 
muiu SO. et a^ritjtlius «orum labor «t dvtur> nosriuA atolaums. 

timeritlLuA ac^ 1 

Quonmtn ip%o cognont fij^menlnm noatrum; 5 

lic^onlalua oat, qaoniiLm pulvis Btinius : homo^ ^CQt fffiUDca 

dies ejus, Ij^nquoin (i*a agri eio otHorotiit, 

QuouiuD flpirilus prlr^i^bit la illoj ot non subflial«t» 

Don co^nLiiwet u.iupUua locum buurii. 

Misericordia uutooi Domia; ab ffiternot ot D*qu< lo nUrvJ 

nuiu» ftupi^r titiic-nLes uum. etc. 

^'~i]lil inluliiuL^A ia munjuui, lidelicut qqo cfarro ijuioqujiiQ' 

FiLintrj lUqufl Tobit &niicoa do mATumonA inlqi^taiii: uC« 
cum defcccrllia, rpi^piant voa tn j;Elcrna talHrn/unU. 

Qum ^t vim T^tra? Vapar eat nd modicum parCM, 0| 
ddnoopa cxt^rminabctur. 

Siout pt^ unniit bominfm pQOMttua in ^mnu mundofo ii 
inivil> et per poiioatum luun: iU It ia uuiuun buuiiuti 

Stipend I tiiQ p&coiti luorc 

StAtuium eti omoibu* hojuiDiboi vsititil mori: put boo] 
MUm judidum. 

Mvdicum plora Ruper mortaam, qaomAm rMiai^t^L 

^\ cfc\d*^Tti lignum ftd aiisirmn, aut lid a<|it]1oncm, In i^ik 
CUIU|nolafia omdnrit, iU\ rrit 

T*t»]urnuo voi ixnomro, frutro*, do dormiontihiu^ ut noj 
cODtriHtummi, nit^ut ct cvtoti, qui E])vm uuu bkboQt. etc 

BiAli ««rfi iUir qutn, oiuu Tonerlt dommuBt laveaeritl 





8i Kirft pftUirfumUa^ qua bcitm fur rtnlrvt, Tigilnrct 

yjtUtif^ itAqon pftrati, <|uiA, qiin. Iiorii &cm pntiUU, Filiw 
bommit vcnioL 

LvrtJD rx hutoHa Jok 

MtlitiA vat vitu boutinia super tvrrnai, et tdout Uiqh inarco* '««, «il 
urii <|]4JB 4TJUf. ludula uhI cutu muu. puLriHiiuOi et BuritiliUN 

trATuuvrunt, quani 31 tejL«(iia tolft Bucciditar, quia Tonliu ««t 
yila. mcA. Puco itbquD uiibi, DodiItxc. nthil cnim lunt die* 
naci. UeitcrDi qaipp« lumiu, ct ignornmui. quonijua ki^ui J^b. mi. 
utnbrA A\^ hommiA ftup«r torr&iD> Homo n^ttus do mdiere, 'li^Ai*' 
brari riraiu lonporPt rvjik^tur mulUs miwriitt. Qui qium dos 
«grodiliir, «l oonlorimr, isi fut-it volut uijibrSi «t nufiquam in 
twdom ctAtu pcnuooot, Rrofos cuini die* houuDiri sunt, ot 
QUmcruB mciuIiUQ 4^ju» apud to «L Ci>Q*titui«li l^rminoa cju*, 
qui prwtvriri nuu pguuut* Pisllo ct carmbiu ^«btldU ju(m Obbi- 
buB et Dt*riiB coiiip«gi>(j in« : tiUm ul nuBoHcurdiaiu tribuuti 
utihi, «-t vU^Utio tun ciubxUvJt vpirlCum d3«iuu. Vei-ualftuien 

mat lAntnininodo labia elrm dT^Us tncoi. Spiritua ctiam 
iii^uB uilf<initLtriiur» ditvt qk-i brcTuibunlitr, tt Bolum mihi an- 
pvreAt BVpuicbrurij. Quiuj pulrtidn cooauinaidus Bum^ ct qtuui 
vo»Uinoiituni» quod coiuoditur ft linoai Et rurauiu poaE ton^ 
bnu iporo Inoou). 

Mfidia fita m morto biujiub : qunia quccrimuB adjutaroBO. 
nui t^ Dummc, qui pro pvixaliA noBtrii jtuto iraiMvU? Sando 
DtUA, Bancl« FortiB^ uncle ct mi»cHcort SaJirflU>r. omarB* morti 
fi« trajtaa noB. S<id paroft noUa, «l no d«T«liaqvaB aoa in bora 
mnriifl nMLrrrr, Amon. 

Sdoj qucid Kirdcuiptor mouB vitit, ot io nofinmo die dc '<^ ■ 
terra lurrv^Luruti suu) : ut runiun orcuiudAbor pelio (ucUa ct 
» Civna lUBft vtdvbo Jiwura, ialiator«in vvutd; 

Qoem viBurui lun; cgc^ ipiPn ci ocull mcl coiupv^tun >uat, 
et son alivu: rcpauta «t ha^ >pci tnc4 in unu mco. 

Si credimui> qucni Jcbus niurtuuB CBt^ et rcBDrrexit : QU] ^ nn-n 
l>«d» tm, qui dormierunt pur J««ud, ftdd«i«t cvm to. ^^'^ 

|>E fiPS nESLnB-EOTlOiKiB 


lllidh Vtr 

ItUfPk. [10. 

Amonj dicu vuUlv. quia qui mrl^uia icoum AudJIn el ct#^t 
01 qui Liiu'it iii«, liftbct Titflm utorruLm, ct ic jiulicimn oon 
vouiuli «ed ti'iLQ'iit a iQorto in viiam. 

Wtiil hoi-a« in qua omnc^, qui Lnmonumefitia«uDl,AadicDt 
tOGom cj(U : ol procedimti qui Vann fcccrnnt, in r«4urTectloiiem 
>it(D; qui two initUi ogerunl, in reifntTCClioneni judicii- 

Ujoc «at voluntAs Tfltrift mci, qui luisir, mi^, iit omnia, qui 
vidot Fillum, et crcdlL tn eum, liaboai viCflJn ffrLcroAm, ot ego 
rMutcifnbo cum in nov^asiiino die, 

Chrbtus imditUJi cat propter duDi^ta noatrA, ct rcsnrrcxit 
jjrftpirr JHstiftcationeui lioHtrum^ 

Si mortuJ samus cuui ChrJato* ureJimus qiua simul cUmq 
iWomu^ cum OirLBto, etc. 

Qui BUBcitAvLt Jnuni, et no9 cutn Joau BuAciUUt. 

Cupio diflsolvi, ot CBse cnm Clinslo, 

Milii fivers Cbnalua GAt, ot mori lucrum. 

OraiU Dei Vila c^Cct-na in Chmto Jfisti Domino noitro. 

Scinii]9| at lurrenura noBtrum domicilium hajut tJLbernafuI! 
dtvitruotum fuorit, [quod] EoditicalJouom ex Doo HtbL^mun^ 
domirilium non ntiinu fnrtum, scd ffltoraufa in co^IIml 

Itono animo eiiuius suuipfrr, ct fioimna *\\n)A, cum domi 
0uruu3 in i^orporo, porogi-lnamur a Domino : por lld«ni OOIIA 
BitnbuliLmus. non pnr spc^leui. CoQlidlinUb butom, ot probAiniiii 
magla, pon-'gro u^bc^e n corpore^ ct prnsontos adcuo Apud 

Omntft noi mAiiifWtdri c^portut comm tribuoali Ctirlsli, ut 
r«port«t uni}»quiAquo ca> quia 6unt per corpu«, juxia id quod 
fociti iIto boniim, iiivc mnlnm. 

Si b Vila baa npnm in ChHi^lo uuitnm Axftin ba1x»nu», 
utojinuj miu>rnbilo9 omnium hominum Eumui. 

fvtiii liubQinufl hiu manontem cWiiaiQat, and faturam inqui- 

Eslo fiddiA u>iqu0 ftd luorluui, rt ilnbo tibi coruuam vita^ 

Loeilo t% .3tT. mp. X. cpin. Vnuli nJ Corinthloi [SO— JW.^ 

ChrUtui rotiuTOxil ex mortuli: primiliio oomni* qui dor* 
m^ornnt* falu PottquAm oulm por homLnom mora, etiam por 
hcminom rMiirpwiJH morluQrum, tjucmiidinodum cnlni pop 
Adam omnca Tnomntur, tU «t per Cbrialum omnM viTiflci** 
buutur. UcQiqiucquc witom in proprio or^Ino: primitta> 




Chriilu«; <1^tn-3« hi, qui Burit Chruti, In fulrentu ipuui^ clc. 
At [Jkeot all<t"i«: Qiiomoflo rf^urguitt fnortui? QuaTi AOUm 
prhrpiwn vonicnt? Stultn, quorj in Bflminiw, non vivififuitMr, nS»i 
mnrcuum fucril. Kt hoc quod acfmrnas, nan cnrpcin, qnod njW- 
frctiir, ■vmiiuiE* «od nudnm ^pnum, oii^inpli ejvuia, tnlioi^ ant 
ulit'irjiu <!K cicUtib. Sod Hcun ill! dnt ccrpna, ut TOlUL^ Ot 
uuLcuiquo et'iuiQum euuui <rurpuv, 2^vu uumu luro oodom mm: 
fttid alia <|uiJou) <»n> liuu;iiiuu}, alia t«tv i?uro puuurum. lUiv 
vuro piKciuEir. tJia voro vuEucruiM. Ht nunt curjtmi cwtmLtd. 
ct huuL ovrpora t«rn^«tnju Vvrum oUa tjuidvui caitcatruuL 
gloTiA, alia VCTO torrtitriutn: nlla gloria »oli«. ct alia gltriJi 
]aiia>. ot alU gloria Jlfllamm. j>t«lia uquidcm a iidk diffort 
in glorii : riii; «t roHirrL^clio inorluuruniH J^omriuLlur in car- 
ruplionOi murgitui incorrupliljilitote i wsminaUir in if^nommtai 
rvMirgil in glona: tomiDatur in inrirmiuto, r^urgit in poLfrntia. 
Stmlnatur corpus niiimalo, rourgtL corpus flpirkuidp. Kit 
corpiu antinaltr, ot at corpui ipiritualo, qu^mailjii'jduin OC 
KTJpluoi c&t: Fartiu cit primiu h<rXDo Adam in anintoni viiioH' 
Icnip vxtnmtua Adam in Kpiritmu titiGtiontciii. At non prinium, 
<\vKtd ipiritLul«, a«d qumi aniiwUo: dcindv- quod npinluJo. 
I'rimus homo do t«mi, lOTrcnna: teeufidui homv ip«o Domiuut 
d4 c^lo, Qualix tomtaat ill«, tal«» ct lit, qui t«rTo[» sunt: el 
qualiii il]o cfcZcilii. talu ct hi* qui m»lc«lrA lunt, Kt qiietriod- 
moduTQ g^sEaTimiu iTnaj^nirm tonvbi, ^itabimui ei intjhgin<:rm 
caleaU^ llac auLcm dioo, fratrca: quod c^ro rt wti^u rrgnl 
Dei hjDr^iJtdtfim ronm^ijui non poasunt; ni^qiic c^orruptio in- 
corruptibUitaliti hu^r^itatom aodpiL Kdco mjtCorJuin robu 
dino: Kon oum« quuJom ibrmiomuai oiDno* tamoii immula* 
bimur. in poncta tc^npariit ui momcjito ocnJi. per QAtroDwa 
Inbam. Cinot cmm [tuba], ct mortiu ronir^nl i&coiTDptibilM, 
t/t no* nnoiutabiniur. Oportot ^niia ccmrptlbilo hoc indncro 
inoorraptibUiiaUcnr M mortals hoc indu«re itnat^rtilitAlciD, 
Cum antfrm oorrnptLbilo hc^ Sndtterit ino<nTuptif)iUtal«m, et 
mortftlo hoe jndocrlt immnrtaltcnt^Mn, tnnc foe wrmo, qui 
ftcriptdji «4il : Ahinrptik ut nuin in Tiotonam. Pbi tuiiv, inoTf, 
aeuloui? Ubi utw, infcrnc, lictoHay Acuhnu aulciu mnrtift 
poKvlum 3 potontia rcru peocaii lijx, Sod Den gratia, qui 
dodit nubii iJctoriaui par Dotuiniuu nottniia Jeeum CliriBtuin, 
liaquv, ffatra moi dilocti. 4tabtta« uU*, imnoljilaa, abui^d&tites 
ia opore Donuni tieiDp«r, cum tdatJi, quod labor VMtor noa 
ctt uuuu* ia Dommo> 



PUMATIOIEU i-iiBiutius. 




Job, XL [2Ji, SO.] 
£IgQ £U]ii roBurrooLio vt viU. Qui cr^^it in HMf ttiMJOoi 
mortuus fjvrit, ?iirQt:«t oouilfl, qui viut, ttt crodit in lo*, dou 
morliilar in Mturauui. 
r^ter DObter, qui es in Cfslit, olc. 
Ct ne D^s inducu in teaUiioiDom. 
Sed Ubot'^b DOS a nalo. Am«a. 

OuuiipulauH ut iiti»urjvuij» Duu^i PaUr Doiuiiu dobItj J«ki 
ClirJHtl. qui «Ht r«»uiTcutiu ct vlU: Jn i^aoux (jLiii^unqiM cr«di- 
darU. vivcL, o(iim») mt>t'iLtur; ot quicuot^uo virit, et CJ«^t la 
ippum, in omncm a^tcrnitatdm con morlctur: OtAdu o^mus 
tlh'i immt-nsoj, i^tmcl frcLtrcm liuno DtntnEm N^' N^ m fcrumnU 

i^UHultw tt iQorto pcuuiti uJ vitaiu juhIj^w; ut* t^uuui <Iuco Jjuj« 
ftb 1)00 TitOi quiu&caiiius ill Ynirn. prout vpos oet tVjLtroin hujic 
noitruin quleacoru ! t;t ut tn cuiuiuunl ilia uLtrami dim nsur- 
roclicptie rcporiaoLur nooopti ouram to, audiamutquu exgfilAlk- 
•imun al)am Filii tui lienutlit^tlonvui : Vcmlc, bi;iic<Jicli PiLtrU 
tttt^, recl|iIU) r(<g[ium Iltuii, quod vuUa paratuui fiiit alt orl^ntJ 
mimilj. Largiro hoe, qvtpiouua te, bcnigniMlni^ I'akv, por 
JoRUia Cbmiam modiAtorom ac icrvnuircm noitnim. Amen. 
Audii] vcccm do <^Io, dicentcm nul^i; Scribe^ bcjiti mortui, 
qui in Domino moHuntur. 

FrvUoM in conipoctu Douini mon Aactorum oju>. 

Procntiout aliquot Biblii^jF s^rtnrum ]>alTuni, Stc-. 
iilrfQ#(|afi 'J'AtuotilL 

Onilifl NcctDiOT |irD prKvntJjt itopnli- 

DonuM DftU5 oa'lij f^nis. mui^no, ot kTriliiliB, qui coMadli 
pfttrtuni >t miiwriixiniiriin uuin m, qui lu (IUi^uqL^ <it cuAtodiiini 
mukdata tua ; fiantt quaiw, aurva tutu au)iuulLuilVH> el oculj t ul 
ftp^rti, Ul aodiu uratioimm *4rvi tui, quaiu v^ oro uurai» tu 




hodic. dlo 00 mMCa, pro hatvih tuti, cini f Aocaroftint libi. Kt 
egg ot clomuH pcUri* mDi pcMiriiniu, Yoniute ^acU miiau% 

£( Ipu Mrvi Uiwut (wpuliu tuiu, <nii^a rtiJmm&tL, pruvoapfaittui 
IWHgrM •uat. OI>abcrk> ttdiquH tv, JJumiuu, Ml aarjv tUA 

tiiommj ^m volant timers douuu tuuiu- Aui«n. 

Ontio UomU. Kism, vlT. f-ro pecuto pepulL 

rAlIoni DominuAt ol muIUv iulv«rlcordiiv, bor«rcni biqui- ?'im^i>. 
tAtcm ct tcolcra, nuUmnqao imnoiiium d«rolmquBD«; qui ^Im 
ptcuU p&lrum in tilicn in t«i-tiftiii at quvQua |[«ncraiio(iciD ; 
Dlmitl*, ol^teoro, poccatum popnli toi hi^uA leoaDdum D^gu* 
tuiJinoiii misoriocTtliji) iua.\ Amoo. 

oofdift dj-^ponr^m omniiL. Elenim si pr^onivcrimui. tui ^umuA. 
idUntus mLigniiriilmmn tuiun r ot m dod p«ooAvonmiij, sfuniu 
quoDinia J^l^(l to euTnuH cfitnpnUti. Koaaa onlm to oonrani* 
mmU ju^LilJA ttt; «t tciro jtuAiuajD, «l virtutom luaio, rjulit 
Mt wunort 

AsiSa DAoidii. oip^ U. pro pvceattlrum rvuijauoiu:. 

Oltfocrv, IKimIno Dou*. noiniCp ot tcrribiJa, culgdicfu uh^i, it. 
pAclum «t DiiMrJoardiuii ililigcntibuA to, «t cuMciii«ntniin 
mauilnU tu,i- p^vo^iliikd^^ iniquiutvcii f«cbiiUi. luipiu o^imu*. 
ct flocluUTtmni « mftOiiAtiii nc juUIcii* Iuil Xon olMdiTtmiu 
ftftrvit tnii prophotb, qtti iocau mint In nfrmino tuo rvgibna 
uuslHs, pnuojpibus i^DBtrW pairthm [nntrii,] omniqUD populo 
torrov. ^ubij lUquu i;gufu«iu Eidoii ubi ftutoui, Di^uuno Doo 
noatru. tuiMnoordift ot prapiUatio, quni rvovBuniu & Im, et uan 
ndivimuj tmwh Pomiai P«i noalrj, ul ambuUnmua la Ugo 
tiu< quun ponmU nobia. Xunc «r^ oiAodi doi* l>cui notUr, 
el o*toDd« fkci^m tonkin super not, ct iTjp«r dTiUt^m tioiLr4iD. 
^«quo cnim is jiutifiauio&ibm nortrii provtonuaiiw pivco* 
mnto CKioin hum, ■«J b n^HrMioDJbvB taU nnhb;, Euodi, 
Doimno, ot fiHa/rairAt em niorcm propter tcmotLpwin, Daus 
nmu, quift noDcn toiim uiTMAtuni ut aupcr dviUtem, ot 
«upcr popnluai ulniii* Amen. 





trn T>t>triiao GmmpoU^m Dcoi palmm niMtrfirDiTi, Ahm^Am, 

iwuiCj ct Jacob, cl seminia corum junti, ([Ui fcdoli Cicrlom •( 
tcrram mm cmm ortuLtu cor-uui. i^uirjuo ui Dommui altiiwU 
niiis, benignu^ lungiuiimJB. «t luuliuiii muorioura. ot pouubim 
vupirr tuJLliiiain bttmiuuuK ^rovumri iruiu tnawx. ci mAlitm 
conuu 16 fuel, aUtu€Ji4 aLtuiumatioaec, vi ]iiuUk]>licau« oSau- 
fl]oa«- Et aunc flecio genua cordis rod, pi-«cfuu A le boujtfl 
UMmi DumiTie. PecoAnL. Domino, p^ccaTi, et inlqojUtoiD 
notm agnosco, Tcto, rogua te, Dammo. r^mhte mihi* ro- 
niilto nuhl. N« fiimul p^As me mm tniquiutibuft mcai, 
iicqi]i> in ictcrDum r^ierrc^ inaU mihi, quia' indigniun nl- 
mbia m« si^cunilum injigriam iniacni^onliam luam, et UuiUw 
toftenip(>r omnibuB diobos vitic iqcie: quoni&m to laudat omnU 
virtiu coi<loniiu> at libi eftt gloria m mcuIa toculorum, AnuuL 

i««.L|i«, rec<?iiTimuB UUp quia doroliquimus to, Dominum DomnH 
nostrum, et icrviTitnOH LU^jn. Pecc&viuiui : roddo tu ntiLUp 
quod libi pljicet. lontrnu nunc liWra noa. 



Oratin TF^ Am oMiira btmiTC Tr^riraii^. out pnlru? impagnoiora; 

O Donilnc?, non c<fit apiid te ulU di^Untin, utrnm in 
pntiols auiiliE^ris, an in pliinbiis. Ai^nvn n:i?. Domine I>fU4 
DMlor : Id to enlat, ct in tuo iiouuDet habonUia (itJuckart) Teni< 
man ronlra liano mnltiiudlnoiu. Domino, Dciir^ nottor lu (■% 
Dua prjovjkloftt I'ontrft to lioino. 

ClntLia Toils id ultlirtiaiid- 

Juitua A, Dmiun«. ot omnia judinb ton torn «uat, ot 
omn« viip tuir miscricordin, «t Veritas, cl judicium. Et DUnCt' 
JJoiaino, mcmor ohIo mui, «t no Yindirtum mimAv dt 5>MC&U4 
ttwia, nequo r«min]it4-AriH dnlii'ta mct^ vol pArontnm meonim. 
QuonlAn) nnn ohoiltviiriim prn^i^plin tmn. idm IrAflidiiti ntu m 
hnc mAiji, in iliroptiunoni, rt inipropnriiim, ot in fjiLuEtun 
Dtantbaii ^ntibaiL Kt aunc. U^miiio. iuaKi>^ judidutui^ quia 
pon ci^ltuuA nt^undum pniKjopUi tuii, ul nun umbubLrumu 

[Dscum, ot priv^^ipo In pru^a rccipi »pintuLn meuni: expedit 
•nijn mibi omgi* mori, quun viroro. 


l*fL^ATKiNK« BlOUrf. 

OrvUo «t bnvditfSo Job irniidvr dllEfitE, 

KiiJud cf^QUT^v sum <!c nurn maxnn invte, ct nudn<fiiii.i.cti,] 
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jjLwuit, »ic fiictiuu ™t: ait iioiuiju Domioi bunudidum- 

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ec miuTtalur tihi : coiiTCTUt Domiou» TulUtm auum ad te, lA 
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«t antmo irrCTDrcnti ct infrunito ne tradu mo, 

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ft mftlo. Amen. Quia tuum ctt rcgnum, ct polcudn, ct glorift, 
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AUm, hifinnftU Onf, 

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glom in >oc^a ^emlorwm. Amen. 

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qui «m«, el qui v^turiM <i)i, quiA iiMqiisti nrtnu^m tiutn 
magnAm, •! NgnulL 

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potoiu: jijjila> ot vom lUiit viio Iuidi Uouiue. Usx Muctoruai. 
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pro lima* pio> 

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obdormium in morf^; ne quando dlc^it Lnimioiiji Tncns, Pi-jotaIu! 
ndvcr«i]s oiiTT^, Qui iifflignnt mo, Piululmni, t-l mains fncro ; 
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diim cimi nervn tito, quia noti juBtirioubiiur iu cotupcahi ti:o 
Dtnnui vivom. jVuvKiclju DomJuum la coiiapL-utu lui-'o somporp 
quoniam a duxlrU ost luibi, dc coaiQiD^tjttr. JVuptur Itoo 
luflutum eat cor iu«um, et i:ialtavit liagiia luoa: ijuujier «t 

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conlurbftToruDt mo. Doloras iDftrrDi circuatvallavoranl mo: 
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Ut, Uoiuiuo : ad tij) Deus ineu^ daoiu. Kijtudi do aancto 
Umplo Uio Tocem ineam, Claaior meiid coram tQ pcoctrol la 
Aiiro« luoa, Kt hi arnbula^cro la modJo umbrv CDorUa> noa 
timcbo mihi, rum la loocum oh. 

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diMoam m^TiJAta lua : q»oniam lox tun. immAculAlA fon¥crtMu 
wtiiDiu. IVHlinioniuai Doiuiai tlJoWi vrLpii^nlinTu pra^4tan!i por- 
vulifl. JuHtmm tiiu^ roclflj, l»tiAcaiil4'H t^iWu. Prmc«piom 
tuumbiclditu^ illuaiiiunii ooulox. Poclaralio Borinonuiu tuomm 
illunnnat. cl mtalioctum dit pixrvuliKp QLiuniiUi tu. DomiiHi:^ 
don Mpicntiain, ot ox or« tuo pr^d<^ntk ot tcionlJa. 

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Vias tuiu, Doiuinc, dc<moiutm miiii, ot semitoa iaas 
mo. Dingo mo in vtfrit&to tuo, ci dooo mo, qucmiam In 

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ming, t[n\fi mAnd&U toa con sum oblituf. DeliolA jur«ttutu 
mca?. ct ignoratlonat moas, no memLneris, Dcmlne* 5«<undam 


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DornirL^, fQAtfxl] uiimrLDD meainp ct cmo id« : oob crulwioaiii. 
qooniani >pcnfi in ta. Convortc pl&>ictiuii mcum in ^ti- 
diam> ConBcmde uccum m«um, et oircaniU me InLJtJA, ut 
dUM lib] gloria mo*, et non coiDpaogir. 

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in f jncflribiift m^\K 

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non ccmftindftr- 

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hjlIua hoouiUH. In to fttotemo* Ttrlaboni, ei tu ad niliifum 
d«duooa AJl1ig«Dt« non. 'nU nubjocU til aniiua roou, <{uo- 
luani Aba to pfttiontU intra i qiUA tu Doiu mttan^ (it MrtnXor 
infrus; adjutor mouji. ct non onigmbo. In to uluUro m&uiii» 
ot gWiA moi^ Dciu auxilii looi ^ ot ipo mca in te offt. 

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gerium. Toaaiati winmn mim ftil Tiflaui, «l non dodiatt in 
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natOTnm oon4(>lAlionat toir InftilfcftTAru&l aniioftta ni«am. Aniniib 
mch Mcut pAAiRr cTCpta do laqnno vtmantiuni^ EripuuU Uii- 
mom mfltiT] de martc, e-t pcJot moo* dift laptu, ut placo&in 
corun te* Doii«> in luTnino Tirontium. 

^ botua fa fortitudo paup^rrl, Dominc. fortitado ngcno 
in tribnlatimio xuik, «po« a tarhin^, nmhrttculum ab n«ta. 

PjiIo mihi, Domini, in Di^Eim protrctcrom. rt kk locum 
fUEiniloni, ut luilvnm xnn faritui ; <)i:]oniam tlnnamriKum moiiTnt 
fit n^u^cium BiDnm, « tu, DmA mcui, mpo tno da manu 
pcoo&ioHi, ct dc tniuiu odntr* Idj^ciq aj^ontii ct iniqui: quo- 
imiui tu IX [utiaDtia tnvA. Doniitic: Domina, wpro man a juron- 
t«t« me4. In to oonflnnaUu lum ab utero : do vcutni matna 
ta ea proUvtor m«ii» : in to cvitatio moa Konpor- 

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urir^riiijn iwtn miilUo, Dninma; iccLindum judicium uium lirl* 
fioa mc 

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mo. Ci^uUlcbor tibi, Duui!no» qiLuiiiAm iratuB c* Dubi: oga- 

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vtutinui tc. iJutDinv^ Suttlnuit anlmA mwi in vcrbo too: ipo- 
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••^ «l c^pirjM iipLiJ to redqiDplio. Kt tu rvdimid lonci ex 
omnibu* inirpiUtibue ojm. 

induutJlUH- CoQvcrtO wc, <:t cOiirtirUr, ^uil In D^miuu 
DeaB moua : pnttiiiATn <*mm fonTertwli mi?, egi fn^nitwitjaai ; 
el poBl'iiiMn ORtJiriilLflli miliT, pfirr^in^i fumnr mpum, Confbaoft 
aum. o( «riibui, i^noniAm aiuLtnui opprobrium adolsK^Ulw 
meat. Aincn- 

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DMfh Bgo 4uUin «u(n puor parvuluH, i^iunu>it cgn«flu> ct 
inu-ojUnn i»eunj. ICl it^rvus Ihub in in»ilio «tl pupuli, iiuocn 
<l«gu(j, popuU intiuilr, tjui num^ntri ol MuppuUri uon puUvt 





prH» mi^lilntliu*. DjlIjs ighur Borvo loo cor docile, ut popu- 
liitn tuunj jnJica^D poniU li dinnrrDcre iatcr bonufD «t isAlum. 
EMbbd ti qui* «ric coiuuiDnintu int^r filiM hominmri. u 
Mb«rit ib illo tua »pi«nttc> in ubilum computnbitur 

Qaum rtviuint Iwvu iVuU [1 Cor, *. ?.], Etfuiriikiu vutos firuwutum. 


tJtuum vera iim azyinu>> puma ab omni ftrtnimto nwUlis: 
Mcl ttr, Uom'mc Jou. i|a] pol^ Ot ib otdni nui1ili& pnniA 
$e liDOcnis, In^n. ut indiea al tpi« OitigU ac magU ciparg«m 
twtUB fcruienlum, £imrjuu norft oomptrno cortus ianc«riut« 

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Fi^luE ilfc. qui me!r«tuT ottc Uurm bona. Prmor, nt nw cif 
tern parum fruj^llvni Iua bvnif*nilato bciu lormn boiuuit, 
^uondoqdd^ni sine benofldo luo nlhU \tt lao omaioo boDum 
99ti, Ml in inc frurrjlicut verbiiio luiiin. Amon. 

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OflQTimH «i1i>iutuii« da famun^ tok, ul edmIo lai SpiHloi 
vJobriler b&brii^mvrT qui vifiii ni rvgua Dou por omniA 
■eealft »i>eiili>runi. AmoD. 

B«n«dklIo> oi dnriuf, «t upienlU. ct (^ratiunm ulto, [ct] 
faoBOr* «t TirtiUp at Ibrliludo, Dm notUo in MoaU Mculorucu 

Pnooionc*' Plbd varn> Qfttba»> temponbui, d p«rai>nii, 

raacolo', ad Cfarinauk. 
Daniao Jttu diriiU^ qui ««m« «• DU&di »■>]» ■crniptr 
'onuui Eniui)tujn ooodtfii: qui tuo ulnti£tro con*pcc(« gigiui, 

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tt IJucn CUi«^iii . H* f «li, A*-- anJ vt ll» end «J ihr PHm» «f lUO^ 
l«B«al>rwiU W iftla fuuod iiviiJftit^ in the iMk ^rCfiriilla* rnjvn] 


rntfTATioifu nx. 


■crn'T, alU, pihslArAs^ omniA, et f^tur m oclis. ci qua? in ttrnt z 
Ulinwico, rninih*>, propitius animQ moo, uti diseua&u uvoUt nrimi- 
imm an nohulia crrorum, to intuH pnduflauU, oitra crtTjiuuTOUta 
pnr omncm vitAm inaQikm, ot Uoquam ia Jje Jooonter am* 
1)iil()m, puru^ nl] upcribufi tt^iit^brarum : qm vit'u, ot roguae* cum 
Fatra et Spiritu SoucLo in cmno »¥uui- Aiii«a> 


tlomlno Je«u Chn'sto, cnjiis ineihnusla? bonilAti dohamits. 
OOlf^: qui (\]ei clfLriHi mfim liicem boms jtiild ilc molU lul 
Dbfionda actbnum mTmlji trlbubti, noc^ ^unLonTn Bilcniiiim 
nd quicto rcficicnilos corpUHculurufu vlra», et nd dUunndni 
ntumorum eiiria IcaiondoHquo mmrortw cloiTiptitor dodisti*: 
|ir«c<jr, ut quicquid bodio commUoriui. quod offondorit oculoi 
luot, pro tua aoliU 1>onit&t« condum^s. aimulquo dw, ul bicc 
nox to proBp^muto nit milii toMx, te cu»lode purji, to pr<Dti90* fl 
tor« a nocturtiiH djvnionum ludibrlia ivUi. ut hie lomoiu corpua ' 
Wmul «t montr^m in ora^tinum dicta reddat ftd tibi norvionduiu 
fdjicriorx Porro, quaniam hi^^ Titn nw; lillcun horam Vinbot 
mirtjim, ah'x ycncrit lUius Teaportt, et urgobit corporii »omnu», ^ 
undo nun exporgisoeiDur, m?a quum a.d AngcH tai tabam «xci-^| 
tabiirLlur mnrtm. quji^ao. ut lum iUumin» o«u1o!i animm tnentt 
ILO oittiiota Mo obdoriuiacn in morto scmpitcrno* ocd rcquifV- 
tAiu in ie, cui riruut cliam inortui: qui vivii «t regDaO' &i 


Attdi precM moas^ ictcrna PaCrii SaplontiA, Dombe J«u; 
qui icnoric jutuli dodlitnliA f!<imni<idQm <kild)dl>ti, lbdd«v quv^o* 
4d itntur^^ pntpinnion'^tn auxilmni ^ntim Ici.f, ut li1<?ru nc 
IibonLs' diHCJplijjas uiLua purduuun, qihI tuiu ^loricn EcirvU'inUj 

I* A pOBO^ !■ Injm Ipft Dbl, wliirU iu tlip Book uf ChrLBllmi Tnycn 
U lniiilHW<l ;— ^uiioi tc dUJi:vntLtiiuh[n omnia ia ipic mullA fi-lieiut 

riUrm>prTlut>rfl,qiiDXD k1 mcnilo refuluct: -|ii'ri luii |rnri:ni»w iii n ■JiiiiiU 
uiijuBiu l i u II nil w! tui 8|HritLu eoimJailo nmnca Odiml molntlu lon^o i 
rftoplui dllull qujun cotporii «)por, no: in aIiu t^iun hama iciliui nut 
MtntaieODityii'Kit, ipmiit ilk EII4 mivrinitrilia^ miriAplor '■ptinu?: I'tocaFj 
tit ti qqid bor ilu* Iff hiinkJiiiAm tofuiiiiu viJIQluwii 'jUudofiviiJuiL &D.1 

P" 1*wn 171. iif>le 1-1 

[' lAlef^iiti H tliv DfijfUifJ fLjul more corfe^l rffrHng- The Lnulidt 
■boinlJwflMkof ChriiUuirRfVnibM'iiUrAl vvn««'] 


pitic^TroKas Mf. 


qoATum ftdmiiikulu iidjutA rntn* moA plnuu« acscqvfthir cog** 
nitionem tai, qucm no»io f^lIctUlii hmauiA >tiiam% D«t; 
UtqnQ lid tu» wiMiuilraffi pucriti^D cscmpkni indies proficiam 
«UU^ ttpi«ntiA, ei gTAtb apud Beam ct Apud hoouDO. <3ui 

OtnaipoUnB et cl(?meatidnm« D«ua» qni «« m«<lictu atuooi 

(lent«» de tuA aingul&ri in do« bo:iilal« el graliA, »iim[nAiint 
llbi eisponimua putretn «t corrupuifl arljorcm nowemm, citm 
OTTinihRR «iik nultcRm flhrln. trun«ii, nunU, aurt^uBi, foZiu. ot 
frut^Ubiu anivoniji : hoc «C cor »a&truiu, jHir Intcrkoroi ciigi- 
tmtioDH ot ranoupiucntiiu polIulLim^ per cAtcintgi wrmoim 
ooticpiircatuu)>ot per u[ipiaotK<i3oraUopQmiuidii[iUM)i]cf<iKlum 
«t comui&cuUtuai : r;ujuiia«di omnui llbi notA lUikL ^vn m\u\it 
eDJm lu pcnpiciA inUniH mpiditulea noatms, ■|iiftni cruta 
kiftc *ilcni&t qui> b taroioxw «i IkciU perperAm aJoiUiIuiu*. 
rroind«, pro modulo imb«cillit&tU no^trn, orjuniiA lo Atqno 
oblAnUunur, qimnqunm Admo<lam inoptl HUdub ad orandum, nC 
Upideum cor ncniram dcmcntcr drCTittdd»»> pro tttwi nliud 
notuni er»a, noToqQC spirilD tiUdiu, moco etiam cfvloitis (^aUa 
fto f(»ntibiii ^EriluAlium nqninim Imgr^ ftt<^u« humMito: quo 
biUnioru vfooni tucotu m nuLiH et3Tco«[.iir»cur«uflTi(;tcm liominU 
itnaiat«turi et cor notlniui nr>D M>inp«r apinas ei Honlw Ad niA* 
lATiAm Ignifv led fnuHua upiritiiiiloB in juatitiA at nncliuto Ad 
viUiD otornAm profonL Auiod. 

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■ad mulu ti cnjuuitn lupplIcU. Vcr^im cum tu u ui, dequo 
MTTui qaid^m tuua dvtii, Mocrat^ODOB ojaa mper otduIa operA ip««Ji 

[> I^oatfKtti* Chritfkrur, ^ lAC An bhridgmeot of the PmyvTV 
«rUali 1m» tl/rvf jr (rram<d^ pp. £iH-£iifL O. Marvh, whn whi bnmt ae 
Cfc ii U t vu Uw 341b of April. IfU, uiJ witti f»p«<:l tit u Kumlkti fvriu 
oT U. ' Amonf vUiar vivrdH^ 1 d« doil; on mj knu* ow ihb CoufniI«n 
titdLM.' F«K.Va1.iii.p.]D0. Land, IflB&J 

^' Th<4r Fnjnn fmm An^iEmr itr* idotv or Itm nJitftntinnK rnhnr 
llum Trrfad HtmcU We find tbe iinsmt om hi ihe Uk UfiliiaL 
«|h 3t (rf vhkh 'Milhw «^ Tel B. Auputufiu. rel i|ui tjiu Ubiw ami _ 


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crcdcrU la curdtSo dcnealim «t picUtb; (Dullum cmva 
t[>orni>, ncmiQ^m alijicii, wJ iis, f^ui iid t« rod^unl. [«c] 
corim to peccatBi jua humilitpr conTitenturi clooi^ntem M 
ot benign l«(»itiiuni «xhib«K ;) (jiinprnpicr, DeoA m«u*» oorim 
MLbtifl mow* ^go, infrlit porsmiir, tnrMtn .in pOTCurlmto »nimo 
ad to confiig^o, Egj^ r,o trrk&vk ol offcadl, malum omtLn U» 
feci, furorcm irm ton} provncavi ct yiromcmi. Scd hoc nclo^ 

vuscipis ; msupcTi dum diff^^rn. niiztlnos ct praTitaUm. U«tqcm 
crmntam, inv'itu rcprj^nontcni, cxpectjin iorpcnitmi. ampkx- 

riuDu sutCLtofi. pwit lap^um roparu, pvteuti iarslrU. ijuxrcati 
inTGuiriB, ct pubjinti apcrja. Co^ltA clium. U Doioino Doua 
saLutli mc'm. i^uoj riaut mihi bma bi>atec|UD TivanOl ostoiulcru, 
^uod impio fiLclenl.i gohoiitiiiiu tii ujioatuB, ot vjuod [UfAdui 
gktri»ii> poUicitu* m tibi Ltbtotuptfra-nti, Non^ iiaqua to oro. 
pAtor inticrLi^orilUrnm, pt Dou4 OEiinU connoliitlonia^ config^ 
timoTQ Inck cnrn» mcni. »t. qu» mtnarti, moturndo aT>d*ni: 
roddc mihi lirtUmm &alitlam tiiii ut, i^un ■p^^ndu, dILig«Tid« 
pardpiam: suggcra qnid do to cc>^itrin: docc f^uibui ui sor- 
mombus invocom: da <)ULbui opcribn* lib! piacNtm. &do 
Utiliuo. homiair, qui^d tib'i vpiritu^ ertntrilm^ ^JcriAcii loco silk 
quod libi nor oontrilurti ct ImmiluLtum pburtat. Ilia me ditft* 
quaw» iQunoHbue, quor to ilok^ctAnL Fta, DomJnOi ne sbn d« 
aumcro ooruni, qui nd toinpuA trudunt, ct in toriiporo lonlt- 
tionU rcivdunt. <}buinbrft caput niouui in Icinporo h«l|it 
tpo* men in dto umictioaLu, ot uiIur in t4ir[ipot'0 tribuUtionin, 
JAdi Doiii];iif, roRUT] quibu< og<K>> indlf-avi cjunt timoo. Tu 
I^UQ muiQrvrc moi, ct fax, nt ad te pcrToruftoi in rogkcooi 
TlT«DtiuD. Am«n. 

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f* 'I'lic Libqr I^liliMjuiunmi Auiiun-, whriRB Ihia Truytt h takor, 
<:Hp, 37' H (">( rufiaiilviTiJ ■ {prnuiiM work of Aufiiadno ; l/ut t« ^utv 
WwH wjiitmi *pcr homliiem vcimium In AugMHnii ToIitmialliiLi.' "Tbn 
lamcniaiiaTJ oF a itniiirr.'— O t^rJ, f nm not Uiy Cw iwij^ j •nil a *1jo,^ 
l> Lotil. m Oipri U bIJ nty Iruti,— Mludi <H.viir At (bt tJ»4 <»f Uv Olit 
Tkltrlhf*! Vtniuii at Ibn IWias »cvin to luira bcdi IftkcQ frvai llkii 


MUicxnooco 9tM* 

}Am fet-c* lUM deaideriM rugienliuio pr*coi'dloTum nworuni, 
N« (irmM fad«iD tuMta & m«, Paler mwcirvrdivv m^ Mdi 

Bt mtrahAt mo ij(» profandb flqu&r-Lint^ do Uni miflCtHnSj et d« 
htut ffficui, no fi«rMin ; m(1 oviHAm aA tn nominam moDna, H 

lAodcH nombifl tui uuicU in vilrrrnTun dr^AiUara pa»im. Ain«in. 

Ad Drum Pmrtin FEv<stio* 

OniDipui«Dft Deus, ctvl^tj* r«Ur, CrcftUrr dobIi ot Uvrm, 
«Ui ipti depr^KendiEitut not indt^ci* qtil Ic or«mui. niliilo- 
mmni pcrmotciattr eiu1>frAiirL ink iniiLcnnirdiA noitrju^uc 
indiUcniiA, iit putcmui Eibaiid« camcp cu^ finamobivin to Inro- 

doramus, Mt tu frtiaoi ardontiits amaji illjLtD omiCerre nobis. 
Sulaiur DOfl quoquo infiuita lua bonilARv ox qua qaidvin j>ot« 
eoaC>rr«; nihil facidlaUru luun nper^t, ncquo doAciunt o|)C>i 
CTodontlhiu [Mliib«ndo} bonofute IftrgltatU tu9. Quaro, c^n- 
ditor Dcu>,nu«romiupot«iii^<aDDibaeroliiH]ntijnepra3>cna, a« 
bcnj^riLftiijuc, traho do«< <|i]aMo. IoIoa od to. Doiia cliAiti ni^^Vi* 
^piritum upicntijc ao rovclolionii. quo noi t« PaUrni in MlJo, 
oL riUutn (ccum, O Pater, la Spintu Sancto. uquid Douiu ac 

lu*, %nft Torv TuJcro pgwlmus, quanU bcncTuloptia hcb v tcn«- 
bri4 ad lumtn laam ■dmir>kl>itD iocaHl I^ujjlru d«niqua noUia 
T«R«n> ac TivBin fidvm, par quam uoa Duniiiio. ol Sorvatori 
utntro, J<au Oirlalo, taoquam membra corpurl, agi^hitinemui*, 
m ab ip«o oinnt^m pl^ntiiidin^m gralijv (uH< liaunnimtip ci crgft 
bDtiiulfm luam nmnt trmpnrc^ gf^ti invrriiiiinur' P^r cttndfm 
Duminum mwircm, qui ifritm vlvU ot rc^at in viriuic^ Spi- 
rituH ±iaacLi> &nn(^ ctacmpcr. Amm. 

Ad Demn Filiom*, 

Jpm Chrialv, diu »loriLji> fujlicttadji, cui PaUr ouuieai 
dadit ^tmtaUm, quuaqot coflatliuoi bonc^rcm diipcUMtoreni. 

{} Tbc firi^uvl ^^-PuLiBfll nhn All onluiD tuuui.J 

(* Tbc imt mJiiif i^ d*ii^tl»> ujiCfoIr, a on pp- ?^ ^TJ 
r Ihid,pp.SOl21l3 


TttHT&^lONlS PIjE. 


et TOrm fdoi ant^i^nanum, ranaUtult: vlsitd no* hodio gfatm 
tiia por Spiritum Sanotum' t nt po^ionia, offiuionut Bon^iniit, 
cnorlin n.o roaurroctbnis tuui, por fiJoin rodJatuur partiajHM, 
rpo juBUtiiiUi fidc^i, ciam tu es> cum tora picLilo paraipumma, 
et iliam oporibu^ tidd pru aagoudu gluria LuiV tosULaiu fouJEv- 
mm- Qu(^uiadmodum vero lu in lUuUua ctfob lu^ praH»- 
pititi nobis* ut i'utreiu la aumiou tuo orareiuua, it4 uob ml tc 
him lijEupore voluittuld ot tlu^ ACC«£aiiu, uuppliM* roguUMa 
ut upud vuui pro hoUh iiilGq?oll««, imbecillJUitlK jjicttirxra •ar^ 
ciUr et uoU* gnLltftm Spirttui S^ncti tijjpatroi ; qui uoAlrft 
oordft JQQOvct. dlicctiono tun JLCccodftl. ot ta luou FjitriHjue 
GOgiuttoiioiii. nlquo Liuupcr in omncm vcriutcru, doducol* ul 
Toro liniDrQ atquc amoro tui prmdili, topum in c^loAti condi- 
tiono in hflc viux Ti^rai^mur, ot poat hoc ciiliqin, daritatc tuji 
illiulmtir apud to la omnom actcmitalam aonregnomiui, qui, 
cum Patrc et Spiritu Sanoto^ vivis cb rogni^ vrrus Disua in 
tempi tcroum. Ame&. 

Ad Dffaui 9|ilritui]i 34Dctuin<' 

Yeni, Saode Spiritm, iinlruin wilatium •fflictorum, J^prrlUw 
uncLificjitor fit TmfiiMiUir. verm ductor dLvinm tcr'iUkt'iM. O 
gftodiuin ct cKultaUo Chriilo f^rodontium animorum. rople 
btornm tidplium oorda c^rrlrati toliitio. AoModc intra non ij^cm 
amorlB im, quo Diurutitur in nahit doli, porvioaoEa. «t pliilautia 
Ganiis Qoalmu, &o diatribuantur nobia, miMriB «t indign'm 
hi>riiinibaa, opuloou dona ot munum divinro (fnttlm lifa^ ; <|ai- 
buh Ueum Patrom p«r Jeaam ChriHLum, Dvrainum Dotim no«' 
tlvm, ttc rudumpUiinuin tlljua per to ftgnofioamus, et ia Ulo 
QDVixm ct venuu viUici iiiAtJtucLmuB, in eoqua perjfainTis et 
p«rscvcromui ii«qu« ftd Jiaom, llberi oc luli ab oami err^ro, 
ia icMDtiik petAtu codeiODnttt, ot tu)d«m por t«, propter 
Chnitum Scrratorom Do«trum, ad gloriom Doi in c<clc«tibTti 
oidtemur, Amon. 

Prtcor, Jmu Chritl*, u( quJindo oi nobiJ ipal idUIpOfr; 
lumuA, lu tujv inri'fiimabili bocilAl^ ocra mroA not vniTlttn 

^ SoLUc ftordi iL[ipcar to hare been prn^tted i— Emiocal in nubia 
cflira* qiimloAi vin iiit^riur luir ■ raorttika rHumctioni^ ut pMuoidi, 

Ij* Pr*flUhjrtm diqUQt EthuI, r- «1J 


PMCjinoNC* n*. 


abcrmn) a m valutui? und, ikbJROti* ttmbria Judujcia ol Lujus 
tnundi prTitzgiu^ per vcriutcm oTnnfi^tliqiim peritudiu uua cul 
vitam ntcrnam, hoc eit, no* ad ic trahiu, ^ui uilun M Utata 
imaiOirliLiitJU. Anoiit 

Pro cflTtAnifeii df^n^^n** "t fonf* Adronanov wnr fiil'i". 

AnuUor Ziunuuii f^norui. Dean, qui dovunt Unf^unrum, cjuo 
quoDtLim apastolafl too* od ermtij^clu prcLHlicaliixiPZQ pvr 

v« : ^, ut uuitubus liij^^uia ocutica ubiquo prwdJCffit gloriAm 
Filk till J«iu, ut DuufunduA liiiguM pwadApoAtolorum, qui 
OOttjurftXi hutiilruuiLt iiiipJaui lurrim B^kbol. Iluhh glor'mm obicu. 
TOTV coDAntcs, dum atjam ttudpeot altollcrc ; qTiiim uni t!l>i 
dobcAtnr omnU gtoriAf cum Jciu Filio tiif>, DoiDino no»trO| «t 
Spiritu &uioto, in stenui leenla., Amen- 

Dominc Jmu, r«d«mputr et coiucJAtor ^anuini {^aaeriit 
qni fklms tinjua itiundi TutuplAtcd amrrro tui rapii^nlibiu pvr 
tuuTii Pindctum longo mrlioroi di^ootftUonV pB^asti, ijujia 
mundua non nofit, bujtti viim molMliM btoruU «t iu-cu(ii4 
lokLtJH lotDporaiu*. ac futurnr bcfttJtudi&i« mUndo <|ija«i pignua 
quoddani uobu ronotanj^ quo rvfc^li Bt nicrftali idacrjori^ua 
ammii ad t« cormmtu: obtccro lo, iit tmctio lui Spiri(u« 
nxibi fircqucenUr «icutiat laalcirum indium, ac mcntcm mvatn 
aaluUri i;audio ciluUrct, qui to in Urm nff«ut<m juitn uata- 
ram Immuklun uniitdco I;vliliv prn coonrUl/Ui tuii: qui. mm 
Palro ol oodtfm i^priiUi Tma Qtroj^naa In ouixio i^um. Ats«k 

P» CUUCUrJU tt DDlUi* nivlcBu* Cluiitl'. 

.^tcmo ac miscnnon Dcaiit tfol «< Doua padi^ 'ilTActi- 
<ah, at B on oof di g, aoa aatrm diuTUh dt diiBviuinnut qui 
Dortnm iiureditlitatoni, ct dcfjviioTicm a Ut, iinpiaruni opmjo. 
oum nmobUc punk, ex eo quod humaao ini^Dnio in rcbtui 

dlTinii nirnium GonSdiinut^ It^quc^. uui^um ccniuiuzutLiB cA mo- 
cunliw BUdomu, iluwfrimuB uiquu rvLiuquiuiuiJ : aon y&xi^ 
torcv* qui hujun culpoj )^a?iMiiDai rn lumua, oraiuui le, bejiig- 

f l^iJ,^•,l [• Ibid.p.4:,J 

(- IW p. lae, tribPft «• havd a ^au Pn^vr aadcr a Mfrtnt ililfl^ 
tp tilt ohfiruJ Pm^r, AtamAi^ in ofgixiumi to jWinrJir, u put fur 


rmtcxTw^ta nm* 

aitimD0 uuBlrM iii xa-ntt^ fi«cUu d'M[tervM la mulMu purAf 
pur lidtftu iLit^Ui^outiio coDgrogci, di&aipituqiM rooittM in 
Quuui cijrflU* rodinlcgrcs- rotkalmuLa Toro boUi Iftrgm, 
ul, nd vorcLOk ID ClirUlo amiAtem Anhdj^ntn. unicim Ulam 
(uatii (olpriutm Tcritatcm ia KicnLti»imo verba tuo cxpr*mm 
^ujurftULiu, clquo ^mitor innui. in uaunqua mcaCcts JU<jue 
■«nEvn^™ pic coiilHccDto. uoajiimi <?onwiJiu uno^ii« or« to. 
ccfilcitcm PjiU'eiii Dombi noatri Jesu Clu-Jvti, lAiuJcnaiu ac c«l<^ 
brcmuA. Am«n. 

loitkam rninn bominli, nbi fidcrc: initfuai mpaj^iloniA, 
■ibi ditBiitiTD Doo confiiuui. Quotq. (fplimo ac upiontmnia 
duxt <)UL vor^ ac bunn fide ciWculcs Bomutiiwoi Eibi roctit- 

■inict compuDiJiu dvduciB &d iiEitiiurinlotu bL-itiluUitioui, £iK lit 
^ucmadmiLiOuiu r^pbu cjvci Munrtj^ ult^uij iuralidi, tU ot tm9 
no* put«aiUM; nvc hoc nobis nnmiinu*, ut ip*! nobi* pro> 
iiplo»r« TcilimiiK, ac^ to iinitm intuCAiniir. it to bonA oranlji ta^ 
^ixUrmm, ttqno «t pnccfidmt^m Tclimun ifl'jiu, *l vnrAnUm 
Adir«, ct parore diiccnti, noHjue i^iat tibi oonfPftlAtnui : Bl m, 
qni iiolus, qua eimdum tlCt no»i, ea not od iPi«rnAm frvti- 
ffilAtom d^ueu Tta, qnam noi nostra >ponto nunquam uigr^w 
doreniur Amon. 

Pro vch> AlLb'. 

diaote I'jLtor, ODinipotona, ntomoi et clomoni Doim, to oro, 
ut voram, roctanit ol CbriilJMwni, Meat mihi Ur^^ftru, qam 
imc^^ra ct iDourvupta lit. Diilliji crrorurn trkiA involuUi, nno 
labo p^rvcniULlii macaUu, Tac cliftTu. ut opora mca HJel 
oontCQiJUit «t rMpQTxdcant. no fide* bona mftlU qicnboi poUti- 
alur ot dcfcietor, neti to vita mca impura abafrffiro Ti4b»r, 
quem Bdo v«rfl confitvot' Tribue, nutiit Titer, ui tibi bocio 
propoaito ol frvtuptA To1(iDtAt« Mrfinni. ut opcr^ jnuituft 
prr^4^Inm, miirTEt^ord^Ain ot v«rttat«m diligam* monil*ieU fa> 
lEiAm, nlhi!) <niati (A\tntm ac raniicn «if, cogitom rol oloqoar, 
ut te unum tiiacam. iwitcm. Mlam, i?t tiiA pr^c'^pta i:il>tcrTfiTn . 

[* SW ],. 183.UDU4.J 

[" Tlii« Fnyrr n-u taken fFDm tbt Privariimet Chritftan/t cS Jo* 

M Qntfd&hH, fide, ^m PnwAllaniiin Piotuiu Civlilnitira, p. 181] 




Hiu»? clkm pnciU mihi (rratiam, ui «a tantnm *r<jEiar el 
oonAMor, qum tun voactii ct orLhodoxn' ood»ia Spinui Tcnri- 
tatii munita douut ut contiU'tur. ilouuo ud |« ill rt^gnum tuvm 
pDrvwiiJUU, Fcr JueuJn Chriiluiu. Dgmmuiu auatMlUJ. AoHKU 

OmrliKitciu wmptcmo Dciu* ct I^tur bciu^rniuimt^, cnb- 
niM nm <Mjindaiii rcbuilca, ct lioatn tui, pcmona mentOp toti 
ohi tn nlinnoli, porfidJ. atquo intiddci}: »h1 lu. cIi^mciitLBime, 
in corpoTD oanim cUItTcUuiiui Kilii lui ut ^rt«luris nu^tr. J«a 
("hrtsU Do» liU rEHonoiluutJ, ot ui tuiubrU «rl lumva adiuircL* 
biiu QluiuUa (uk jwr fidtJio T<icMlt, quo n^> Umtuiuu Tdiua 
Luoi*, BiLQctot, intiuftcuUtOA, «1 irro|ireh«nubilM. f oii^fi^ciui tuo 
addictoii BiHltKii. Oramai ergo lo, ut f^ntUm hiuic tiUbBt in 

divinft in il^oiain indiu majoKrca exBU^ita, ut juatui UQilcm 
ig^i> fiatr c|Uf>, Tcrft <A Ho1id& fide per Chrulum jnitlfifAtJ, 
rtnbiles in Bpo ntcrnrt' r'\ut^, quK per orao^liuin uobiif (om* 
HMfuUtur, Dttirie prrwTvrMnud. P«p oimdom J«iuiii ChruUioii 
Doffidimiii nMlrum. Ainon. 

PeuniBv Deiu otnnipotcni, igul anritas oik in qiiA qui 
vonnoit in Ut iTi4D6t, <it (a in «o por Jesnm Chrufum: no* 
mberi, qui 6i paU« ipuJa toci ouiu-utenti «t nuiLiliu^i MtmtUi 
pro te&uiUto noMn l<t Mudjow procnraiirp ut Toro GhrUtJuinnii 
vt non f^i'Uok. cAntnCcm in cord^ nottrn per flpiritum Saniv 
luui iitfaodtts, per quaoi noi mutao dilifcajniu, noii vorho 
Untuiii,Md«tijuaoporo: qavfidviunoitr^aiabuadodocIarc'iDLu, 
tenqnm rwt:t ^ upcrnii ex itmiuc Inmiovttb per TCrbum 
nram. Oomem Ter« omaUuin dil«cLioQ«m, ttlttmqii« o>uii- 
Utlonc^mi ifw^ «i puro cord** non proAcoAdtur, lon^e, quAM, 
A nohia iHiHrtrMJt n« pr»4<mu t^ilonlonU, coDtn ftdttd 
coniriiqiio 'Jiiinun to&m voHui^Mn &gonUi^ do UU rorn 4Uoo> 
tkinc et gralin in mtemum cxddAinui, Quofl pn l^nt* in not 
adjun. Domino Dmu ne«Ur. Amen. 

I* A (jrcijdun La nvi Ia ihfl original Pn^ev.] 

[' Thin Pttfrr W occvrrfd briurvt though lul in nUfUr ^bc Mnt* 



Vn fulb, apv, ei nriUU'. 

Mpplr?.T, ut per misericord 'mm tiiam fidcm verftm, toiinqit^ 
floctrinrc conacntientem, nJiimm Tncn? infiinda*, Tu idom, silri^ 
tor Doatcr, epem lirmnjii» iguiL4tniqiic illam ct pcrfeoiam catU 
tatcRiH mihi 1argiri>. tit oL Eitj crrorum tHciB iniiniinis, «t A 
poccntoriim mulo liboratUBf mtutJouLuiii iLeutii c^nincm et rati" 
onom in oboiIiaDtiaui Clineiian;? et ortliodoxm ochJc^id snb- 
mittiii), C!Jutsqu<> iinperio lue aulJALHi. Ad hicis omiLua cogita- 
tiuiiuQ uioua^ vorbu, ol >rp«iu. ad tu mium liirigOt uE. to(iun mo 
piLtomm iuas profideiiliw commeudare pvuiiu, proque bono- 
lltfjitf luw. et Buiuiua gralia, qua mi^ iiiimorvatoiB 9i iadijf- 
DURi proaequuliia ca, gratuu agiim, et haboam, UbJ MmpiterOM. 

Pro Chriatuuio r<?rfi'Cliono'> 
Du1cu«imc Domina Jt^su, qui splendor «« Pftlrii, •( u?Urui 
luminlft fulgor, t« firo propter tacomprehoTuim«aB dMJttm Xo^ 
joatAtem tuam, nt d« mihi piam 4nimi moi pr«par*tioti*Tn, 
fuHtatom oordio, iJmplioitutriin ^plritus.. ei iDundiiLam ^M^U^ 
tcmquo corporis, Encca, qun^o, O siuLTiiMmo Jem, ct «x- 
tin^uo 111 iQo omoi^ inurdinatas libidiQCB : ovullc. ct nulipifQi 
eillrpAt quicjuid in me ost viuosam : et^ quior|atd tibi in me 
difipliooti penitua &ur<ir. Onmea t»m inturlorotf, turn etiAm 
oitoriaraa, aonsLis moos^ nEjcoon oiuugs outmjn iMorc vim, ttc 
rflgafl, tempcrca, atquo dtspoiiELSt ut ab oijini Iniqiio ut pravo 
Op&rc. ab otDUt mftla cogJUiUirno, ab omnl propuiuto iinplo, et 
Toluniiilo qii» toil owltnlibiu lU&udatU rvpugsat, pnr tujun 
gr;il]cLiu iDO ^ontitibiui. )ftf3 prutoru. ut tc unum vuprA 
omcuA diti(^m, ut nibil sm doloctDl, iiiliil qunTAm a^at vxpc- 
bun, tun ftanctint[nrr volunUti conlniriuu). Dn donlquA, O 
m(ti»ini(^ JoMi, tit In hoe Mcnio Uin pro tn« gcram, tit la 
eTlroiRO ilJo vitJT! mftv liio punin invoniAr, et por (o la patriftm 
COplcAtnm fmlifiiter pprduew, Amnn, 

Ptg tvUoTub monun pravliatv, tt rlta moUua ifiailiiinid0 £ ev 

DoDuno Doufl mvuB» dft oordi moo ptoiuluutlzuD, BpiHtol 

[' FomidDil »niplctcl> ou & Pnijcr wiih tJiu Mint title La tbo 
PAtiPT'fq DiviMi Amttri* (if Jwrniitt Laujfpflri^m, C«nbu>luiUA> Bm Uie 

[_' IbtJ. P.3II.J _ 


rAfiCATlOSKfl rL£. 


largitiLliuir. K^^i meu», eilingua in m^ dmdvia ctrxu>i et 
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•xtolU po»im: qui lit-it «t rogiuu cum Fatro ot Spiritu 
8iaoto unus DcuK. Amen. 

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Oisrimn of 1AM, whicli vm hIao lokcn ftom him, See p- ltt>J 
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amiiAm, in oi>rdjrnuam npiriEus pcrrlpiom, ot tuncjcrm fnictui 
largfla proA^nun In pnlirMilia : nt int^Ilotilui luciu in tcHUiLo 
initmftinr »d rjwlmija bona, vt tiUuida nl/juv fugivada ninla, 
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iioqiur, quod jiib» »t lU; «t «kc ponoTcnm luqno m (incm, 
Mp^mqae Undom od r^mim loum ca^lcote et «cnipitcn»uiu 

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Doiu, qui f^guinnam malranAin honctiljun coJummcHO dr^ 
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llanin, la spclnnca IconiTm, nt trcji ptt^rtB m ardcQla umiao 
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|H>j)utuni Christuuium, tx his mlicriU et iDgustiia, <^uitnu dr* 

cuau«p^ sumiw^ eitrahaa et liberM, Parco, q«w»o, g*nii toB, 
quaia prcUoao tuo sungiifno Tuercfktita oa, ]>4^pMTiiinqiio Uium 
Unto prelio per te reJomplura ne ainaa psricc, wid in p«eo «t 
Mlut« p?rp«lua A'l Hrteriiani nnrumb tni Uudom c&ninrTJL Tor 
Sorvatorem nualruoii Joauru ClirLatum. Amen. 

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gmnia tviTeua polesUs^ ot iDflgistriLlija pei' to coaalttului a4 
Kuppliciuiu uialoruLu el defco&ionem boaorum; m cujiu poUaU 
tluAttrra biia sunt omnm jura et Uga ijupcriomca : t* nij^ 
plicea oramus pro principe noatro, pro^juo iii, qui nut ^ 
a GODsJIiU, ct qni rempublkum AdmmiatrAnt, ut glodiiun ipu* 
per te commiasum in fido rer* ot timoro Dfli redo gcront, 
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amare D<>i divino. tun j^ratio. Dil KM^. O Domisr. KipiriutiAin 
et intullwium. ConocdQ pacittatn gLibornnLionom, ui ouia«d 
vabditos m voritnlo liilci. dilcotjoiio, ct jiisLiUJi. <2uit* llbi conli 
ntt rogant, ut ilicto aiidientos conBCrvont, I'rorof^ i|iviu) diei 
TiUe sun?, ot uniic}!^ inulttjs largit'Ot ut proEp4jra, ot laudfttOf 
jpsorum funvtiunOi nuincn tijum JUincdTlcvtur et Uudotur in 
ODkoa ajviim. Amun- 

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ATM nbaqLis piutoro crramua gI diautpati suniU8> naiftonoor- 
diam lunui aupplit^t^i unploramua, Domum. ol £4orvator nocMr 
bemgiiiaauu?. quuiu xiie&aU iit mulUt, et oporwii piiucii ut tu, 
qui DoQiiQus c« moujs. multoa 5de!es oporariot In cam fj^cl- 
eadnm ettrudoa; ot quoi mif^urm ca. cob. bcao currcnicii tu^ 
gratU £idjuU>5. Spirilu tuoSanclo coudoiic«H adimplcu, ACquo 
doducu, ut mullum fruclDm feronL quo in Uudcm tujimp a4 
M^rvo* puri illius BpiriiualU tHtici, in horrcuna credcntiuta 
mtnipuU tiypln^G rollig^ntur^ Qui cum t}f:<3 Patrc, in unitAto 
gpirttdiL Sanrti, vivU oC rognu Dcub in MmpiterDum. Anien* 

Id rrlnu flj^-tnii*", 

Doaiino Veaa, hiatt oujus Toluntato no pa>ur i^uiiieis ia 


rksc Attos^s pfx. 


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ot CAlnmiUtn Him: r^unm mn iln jitruiiinb iMf^iiA, non nil 
dMtmimdufn mo ponitim H nhynpndnm, md Jiii afrranrftim 
et nd pnmitfinlmm rcvocnndiim; (qnom rnim dilijCtf, liuno 
caitipm) qnnm rea aJrcrw? rl pArtiirbatjr rfficianl pniictitum, 
ct <jui pcTluflmttoiw.'in iill'ji»iim potjcntcf fcri, hin Gimili* 
■■fHcUur cBjiili ft Btrvatori noftro ChrUto ■ <|Ui]in dcniijno in 
omni miBum d lurumna pcrto pcnuum urn de contolnliona 
ilIm tc rcapitruda : cuuccdo. cinnipotcns 1>gU9» ct iniHrricrum 
FAtori tit m uuinidiu rorutn luotibuB ok [i^Hurbiktiuiiibiie, shut 
tegrituilloQ nuiun oo niurniuraliouot sino diffidoatiii cl df^- 
iperft^QUe, ^uivti biidub ad lnuduiiduiii cL imi^nificitidum tM, 
iiUT«rttiDqi;tt tpem «t fiduciam n«Lram in to culEoNtntu, quift 
In nunqium dewH* Ad«nC«i libi, wd i^ opt^aium oonvolb 
omnm iti, f|ut dUt^tmt ti^, ft (^ninnint glorutn mdcIj nooii&ii 
lui • cm glorJA Jn omn«m jPitcrnjUUmikH Amen. 

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Oratiu ftjp tibi. Domino Doiu omnipotenvt qui non Bolum 
dmu luturm mo imbuisti^ rationc, potr^rilin, virfbuHj b«4| 
eopioM fuiulutM Minm huju« Tuundi l^rgitut fvi. lliis^ pgo 
c(mtlt4?ior, Domioe, Uiik «wa donft, «l eutn tanctu Jftcobocvti,^ 
agnoscg nullum p^rfootumi nnllum bonum, donum o*»<% quod 
boa abt to doKCodftt. Tikior liimmom, qot dft» ftffliuiDlcr, ot 
MminI ttxprobfA^ Contltnbor otiam cum Prop^ii^ia AgjK;aKiru.ii 
fturum toum ojhc* argnnlum luam mm. t^uo pa, ijuibut 
placet, (Uro : pii*, uL tidoIoA dtfipomwiorw Hlorum nint; iinpjli 
Tcro, nd Ulorum dnmruiiEi>ncm coActrrvkndam ct nccuTnuIondam. 
Quiimobrcmp bcni^niuuno riil<^r> huntillimo obiocro nt rogo 
ftbi t«, ut SoQ^to ino Spiritu formck in mo fid^ «or, macum- 
quo pnntuii »d diviiui tuft dona Kcundum pUdtam Tolonla- 
ltm*^ue tnam diitnbawidft: ut »o lie ^ccumulem. oU ftiT« 
dinplunl, «t line» eiedunt: ud AcorT«m theworoi i& raloitS 

tnpt0 tno, ubi n^ao fur pif^bt. noqu^ tinea ex«£t. >d pau- 
porum et innmorum in Mclokin tua ooTuol«tiofiem, et a4 
bomlDit tiii •anp^Uraun gflorUm, Amm, 
OouSo diHnda IcrapoTT Vcrlt*. 
Omn^laoi nrum umuium nmuvatur, Dominu Judu* qnj 
mTiltdom buac pulcbemmum ki nuttram gratuun coudidali j 
f> Sm p, too, mie r] 
Q* rrvrMiuM aidant Knnbju p tO>] 



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t«rrAm. fjimm omnuLm ammnniiiim. ot in hin c^tiam hominii^ 
bnnrgnjini allricnni esse vnliiidi, vaHi:! horii tcinpnrn\ ar nuno 
In rriiivivo mviviscmit omnin, nobinquft rrmiproctionU aha t# 
prnmis^nj Bponi i^onfirmunt; pmU. prima aqniilid* noso fuTirot- 
cnnt jfTivraitio, grnminti vaHii rioMuIoyum grmmiK fiprarimlHr, 
bci-bcAcunt B(^gctEa. viiliunt c vcrubo scpulta itoininiL. arborcA 
prius morlum novb Traiitlibus rcpEibcacuijt, <LoTiBr|uo flaHlniii 
pioluratm apuni frurtus nobis rutiunt, hoI J[no buip lunis auj^ 
griitiuni, ot uniTorun naturiu la.dtA. ralnii rceuijceiitia, cjtio- 
ounqao circututuk'riniua ocu[os. liMiuilur luain in huimmnm 
gcDu« buniUtucn. i|uil nubiP^ ob uulpam a pardjljsi dupuln*, tot 
eoktiU miiigfta cvmuioritum oLilium: Do, ul qui otedoI in to 
roTmti por biptiBmuia exuimUE «i^Un;m bomiacm. facU hota 
DTOUlurA, nunrjuain nd tenmtu re Ub Amur, icd blacdo tm 
Sptritiis a[^iiLu p«rp«tua vii'c&muB iimoccnliii. atqu« iadittc 
njagiii Elo magiif viiLubiin ftoribos exoruviDur >il Iructum 
•YUngpUo digauQ] pfoEicienlt^s, Qut cum P&Cr« «t Spirilu 
Sj^nclo regncu in omni;! Bcculii. Am*jii, 

SaptentU§im« gu1:«mfttor &c niodvrftlor unirvriS, Jaan 
Chritte : on tuis ju^i» obt«nip«rAiii, tiri r«rT«T« viih IdftrdtM&t 
ftnnuf* mediunfl in omm TdLmulorcni inorem fractoft nAtarM 
•d*r«: «upplico« ilcpr«ca(nur, Cu f^m voman m1 coisUr, alfkt 
^110 ate liu^iduni cat qniocjuAin in animii noRtfb, ticf g^^nitnr 
tut fnicit1^(^at qukqitam. intonda grAtiv tiuc rftdioi m rcrmm 
inenli« noitm, nt indin Enngii nf< THAfriv inoAt^cit i^ni tn» 
C!»riLnti«j j^dfttqufl varioi btjnorum oprrum fruclu*. Nun 
boo tuha poiuqun In linim <Nr<-r.ari IntatciK ca in trron^clin ! 
hao Cflt viniim, qiind tUA cf^ (itu pkUs nitiflbats liio ttt 
fribim, qnom cipratoluB nondum intnlTi-L'tum iT«urL(jb!it< V^tMsti 
in ifftTAs nt i^nnrn immittorMp niM^ui? qulcqaaui uisgl* opUibUt 
qaam nt T4 or opndcrctnr : tad U non UL-ouuditur, nlu Uio 
((Tntkjn fadiiji innffnlur oor noBlrum. Auf^r, Df^mW Jtnu. 
quoii dcduii: purlicE) quoU cuipiBlr slouvc adoluicannu in Tjrum 
perfuctum, in munsumm plunitudiuia Iuh;> PMuicti mortalil^ 
toui, at cELriLutoin urjifa tvM twii yusuibli ; und nuTic i|uoqti« 
pro uubiB puU^ntuui vi aiuicuiu ad;uaitu[ii ogU apud Doom 
Pfttrem, GUI a^qitVktjA ri^trnM cuai S^nctu Spiritu. Amen. 
f PffAnloQU k1iiu^ Emimlp p. *£] 


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A^'imuft Uli grAliAii« indtil^ntiuinta Foter. o^EuJltcr ««U 
et Urrw, (juml Iua c^mccid provide ntia mainru-Lt aAnui, 

quMmmun, ui quemjuIin'>dL;m tua boni^itju in ftliuotduD Gor- 
poniiD Dostrorum ^arUm ct opnli^ntjim frurtnum ftbunc!:iniUm 
|io|»p»dLut, iu fWrr ^nuiatu mi ^piriEnip ain<> qua nihiJ b<mi 
DMcitur, Tint, anl aUttjrt nularMnt a^ pfrAfrntur tn >nlnu 
nrntri* pii^Utii affiMtiia, ut in Uni)^enLti tui Brlp pprMTfrintes. 
j>fT omncm TJum fruolifiiwTDUB bonis op<-Tibmi, bfutam mMacm 
f«fIori in rociiny«llaiio jttatorum. For cuDdom Di>m]Duin nriA- 
trum J«Bim Chnstum, qui 'li'citin titlI ft ri^^n>(. in «oiucrlio 
iijuadcin SftnelJ Spiritus, in NrnipiUiriiA Ecouiik Aiauxt. 

In Flyrnio*. 

S^piiJiitiuimu niuu'Il couililur I'i gubvnmlor. Duu», oujua 
hp^krirnEeUtifr ricilruv iiuuiuLLtur at^culum, vt purtaofium 
■a iVvvUtlorB Uu a^hI imui iguui twuluiii ou mora. Hy«iii>i 
oujuB tnaliliuD iaaommoJjMjiiu ut luviun f^nmu^ fiu'iL viox 
luoovuuA T«r» mm-nicu. Ad aDni yvto oiomplum notl«a- 
Lio ^tUri'ir bomo fomAt in po«ritU, ferret in jur«nU, ntAlu- 
r«idt NflAio virtli, doflcit Aiquo Bmoritur M<n«cl^ SkI >»orlift 
borror^ro mitigil sp«« nmrbc^ntin, qn» noVla v«1 ob boa 
ewiJuimft (Mit, quod cam tauii promtiit Filin^i, qnt o»t (nt«mA 
Ti«HlUi, quiquo lAm rutin potot folli aui fallcre, qu^tm non 
polfji nr^n eve tnui niliiiL r«r hnnc tntorv^-^r hnmo nciirr 
nf^cil fonium aut ninrtcm, ned ilHun m»nrrc prrpr^tun vcrimi 
innacc^nlio, fcrvrt Htndio fiidAtwi, rrncliAmI, ci in oJioi trans* 
fundit quod nb illo ■wvpli, qiiocfuc mnEii dcflcH wrpofit 
*i)Car, hoc Qia^ia (Sorcadt ipirEtux (Junumui. ut quv 
irobifl por UnigcBluni tuam Urj^iH dij^ulni », per tmndm 
ivnn ct sugi-Tu dignom, qui Ucuia vivit «t rciEnat in niniM 
»tnm. Aujun. 

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Non ««t xntmrn, juiltiuno Ffttor, >! nrik modii tn not 
i^Tiinu tlemtntn bnjuji tnundi, nunc Imn: qujuttlionibni, 
nDDO tampcvtalibai me fukninlliD>« ntiitf ^Liminum ae mtriam 
fitunda^onibns, nuna o^CAtinm eorpcmm riitiAtlbun roncur- 
•ibus, Bono oerii infvuC cooMgia, qm (aw donli froqucninr 

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ubuttmur. A^oauiuiue t;n>jLtunLni hh quuquD >(^rYi«nt«m 
&tquu obedJeateiLi GumlUori bho, cujit« pr»>cvpU not totiM 
negli^iinus: agnoscUnua et palemaLiu iiisnj)1iiiam» ijua no»lMi»< 
Ur coireplOB rcvoc-ia ab biijus munill fiJufift, ot «4 a4<rr» 
Titjo du^dfirium jLtlr&hii- SuppUces ergo rogsuniUn ul Id ifa 
tOA misoncordiiD raccrrderi^, ct qutbus ofTctuiu icnmiiiit! hu 
vMktiOnes. prupitiatua aubini^vc^AB. NoQ tnultam uoccbit poo- 
tilcniijc contjigium. »i noimet a vitiorum contoeb ftubrlufomui. 
Sod utmmquo, O miwrli^ordUnitn PnUr, lui mDnfrU eit: 
primum, ut moatcm babcAmus a mAliiJn? Tcneni* tibcram, ti 
corpot a pcitil^QtW contaj^to lutum- (Jui in har vita >pci 
lUJO iSv^nint Anconni, in hupsroodi pcrleulis ronfugiunt tA 
OiqulsiUi unlidotiL : nonnulli tiJ rvrtA dirrtrum nOEnina. puta, 
Roohi' nut Antonii': qiridam ct ad siipor^ilLtioaiiFi n)aj*oruDi 
i^rtot. K03, quibuB porsnasiim est ncmiTioin manum Inum pono 
cffbgore^ nihil arbitramur tulius qnam ad to ipsviiD confug<TO« 
a jiiHto ad miaGricord<?in, vd«t nd Iniissimam aram, <i"a Ipsoi 
rocipdiv. qui itunquam dostttuia apeni omiiciTi iti lua lonilate 
ropnitaiD liabcotcs, quo protcctoro in tutu hudI ct qui mor^ 

Pn cualDdijt puduitw*. 

niHno SpirituH, qui abborrc* ab omni fpurcttli. qial^^ 
gftudc*, AC prn doUclii habcj. in cnstU puricfjiio niontibDi vcrMri, 
tfl snpplcK depr^^cor, ut hunc imignera Iheaanrum, qutm p^rto 
in ficlili vajMTulo, ricut tnie dBbe& beftigniUli, ilft tao bcn«(lcio 
Bervoin incoiumom, titqnc indies magia nc mAgii piiM oorda 
pMroquc corpora tibi plofcna, perycniam ad illnm titAm, qnm 

f' Fa Ibp KntAtfTdwn pnrfiunr FifletMiUt Nttrum^ fnl *»rirr, ii n Prsj^r 
wilh lliit imhric '— Who aa^sr «4;lh lliis prnyrr rolowyDin; bi th« 
v^vnli^Pir ofliui] luid Hjnl II<Kki> *liqll riut din vf thd peiriylpiioB by lh« 
tfTOCV uf Cud' St Itod^'s dnj i*v Avgueil Iho Ittlh. *Agijflprnduit«ni 
Ingrmui dTildtcm cTinelbi pcatlliijU ri^nrJi^^iiB nJ rnailcm lalrclo* 
tigtvt C.nic'i* {TiJiUfl ^itir irLgmtt cimniiim nilmtnlii^np) LoMflrn ft X'^f^a 
HniUtt ilouiit' Viur :^uLCl«njiiit Turn. ijj. \i. 403, Cv[ua. Ajrrip, 

t' Jinim^- ilii? 17th Win J«lie*JcJ fA !^t Aaiony, 'PlurfmU. rariU 
miwiib tl LftUinitnnbiit api^rpMn, firvcilmt iiiLt i«lv1fin lmf>#tr«TH.' 
Ihia, Tom. t p, !W>, Thv Vnjtr m^Ktiac biio iii Uw A""t*ifirfiHB, 
fol. Kv,, haa tbcM vuniii^^ncFbidum igivm vxtlocpji, vi uiMubrii *CTlt 
f«frigwfU (rriBtcri'] 

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ndlfun noTii corruptinncm, in ^lut rin$ ontn Patre «t FiUo. 

OmDipotfiM Deuft. unic^o prodpamtor actionum liumnim- 
rum omniumi i]ui per us SLLioinuuia prunutitiuflti. rem e^rogUio ^v^nut] 
mTimiaMV, qubqub luuliurcm bonAm imunvrili ol buio gauijiam 
iko jucunJilulbiu Qujiaram t Dummu: ul alibi pur cuikIl^iii ^m. tit 
udujoQuuU, muLJvrviii rt^ui eMO uior(v anu&ritjrum : qua^u, ul 
tu& betiiguB providoiitift mihi contingal cpouia, quacum ci>u- 
oordittir 3u; jucuuUv vivaqm libi MorviAm Lin&niDiit«r, la \iov 
AdIeu Ailv pnniura uiiorcm suLdiJUti, ut adjuDcU socta WilU'- 
dinis tsDilium tlcpoUorct, ti in miniiCcriii familiarj mulJortf 
nbucqiiLo jurarPlHr- Earn de co*U tiri finstiti, quo conjugi- 
buB iDlimam nci^cuittidincm H indiMotubilcm Titer ifwiciAlcm 
f^cTTimcndArci. Vcrnm hoc tuntuin bonutn sod obronit nobii 
fortaitrt, ntquc nostra providfsntia, qui bus frequenter uni 
rcnit, uE. postraqunrn tolit Tiribus buo iacubuimu*, ut opli- 
iDMn dacimuFi, inrtdiiriua in pi*ninLJLi(i : coquo Adolia Abnhn 
ftdfl^ roinialvr, liu^to liorili tlio mlduclnnu ftpontam, ad 
patanm fdit au»i»(^tiiin politt a Donkjno, at quod jj^^tiJF, ubIigiL 
Kon o*t ChriRlianm Adudm li^num aha T<i poe[;«rD; corto 
tptrn In lua bomlato ftxa aX. Hiuc nobis cBt pro feltoi 
aitguno. olomcntuninc l*jiterp qui djgnjtbcria cnnatlla parentam 
Gt anticorum in IdIoiq ciituin din^re^ Qui jWm «t rognu 
Doua per omnia vcvub Mvulvrum. Anten. 

Domii ELo«. O I^itor Muliuua, RA[>Jon» illo tuorum oonuiua 
•MwiOTum, thcuurum cum prlini* vt^o pretiiMum boiiuUm 
famam, qut^m ^1. Mcltiu cat liaWd nooien bunum qtuiu r««iBL m. 
tinguenta prtilota. S^ hoc Lim inti^no bonum n«c poTAre 
ti«C MTTtre pMsuma*, niu tuo prn^idlo. Fl>iu lutom boni 
Dommia ««t rita inculpkU: hfutc igitur io primii aba ta 
p«timDi. Venim quonijim frtqucDlcr innooMitU tula non »t 
ab iia, qm Y«n«nuin aapidam ^tojit vxh labiu lui*, see rwo 
At ul, qwoo inter U^a amiccit dos «*•« a^imii«» cum Eu-piaj 
chie1« baMlami Inter scorpiuv, cum taACto dthanz-do [tuoj 
ciUmamoH, Doodat^ Hbon aiiimam nk«ua a labtis miqnk, ftt[r«*ti.A.|| 
a lin^va dobnk Quod tn Inn boniUll rkum eat tUM bac 

C 11^. ^ 4^1 

[• iiiid, p. «.] 




qiioqu« nffliclioTi« «x«rc«T« ad pietol^m, da, qusimutij. tit 
(lOW'itfticum PauTo, furtisAimn Juco tun, per igDOmmiAin ei gloriuD, 
per UfniniAin H bnnnfn fHinAm, in tuts pnfH:«pti« p«rMr«ro- 
mii!. Per J^iini Chnatnm, <^iil Pt ipftfl, dum ui Wrrja agcrct* 
Audivit ftwaioniarna, SAuiJirilaniia, vini potJtt«r, tl populi scdao- 
Utr; irlem ntmc tecum rognaC m glorh cum SpiritU SiUiclo. 

Pro ponntJbus nontriB'. 

Domlne Deua, qui ar« socundum te phiriminn hnnnria 
pAfcndbaa no9tH« tiabcra voliiisti, irna Inter nffim pfMnda 
mint mum ofit, pro pnjnntum incMlumitatQ lujiin bon]tnt4nn 
iatcrpolhrQ! sorTn, qiiroso. pnrontce mooa cam omni faixtitit* 
priiaum in taa> rdigionJs ^Lmorc, dciQ^e tuloa a corporis «4 
unimi porturbatiouc : laihi Yurg pritsto, nc quid iliU ox mm 
■DolebUiu-um nocodftl: Jeaiquo ;it vgo illo«, iUi to propiliain, 
Iiabeanl, qui luprcmu* os ooioiuai F&ter- Amon. 

Ti!TDp!iiui ingrtdl^p nic Dim. 

Domino, la muliitudino m]t«orI[:oi'LliiD tufo introibo l9 

domum tuara. ndui^lKt <bl tcmpluoi o^ipctuat tuum, ot «on- 
fitabor aoaiDi tuo. 

4jm>tlca iLonm aDUTV *^■]il^ di& 

Concede nittJi Pomina Pcui, ftOtceiu ne taluljireu] Tivcndi 
M momadi Warn. 

Il«r fnfrrcnjTua h\p on. 

Tibi, Domino Jcjiu Chriito, commt^ndo egr-ountn Toonni M 
mditnm moum ^ prnis^rqiiA, ut mAnu liim griiim per bftun m« 
Ti*m, pnr qiiflm moHo A-^nmotnn in^T^idior, folidiir dtidik!*^ ; 
ftb InimrforLim, tnm oorpani. quam nnimrr, iiuiidm p'rolcgfta; 
tb nmnibna pnriculu, cxumi* OL intornii, alomi^ntcr citfLoriiM : 
ulvum mn dcniqnc ct Jni^nluriicni par inoSabilRtn tD%ta gt^ 
Ikm doniiim od mcttf, ot in locum lutum, roduouL Ameik. 

Dam » In vL anl [CtocTV. tto onk 

Duluo inci, Dnminc, in via tucL, [rt] in^irdUr in vcritato 
tOft; hotctiir GOT THRUin in nomino tfto: nit Inorrtin podlbw 
meia vcrbam tuam, ct lumen semi lis mdfl. 


rftBCATItWBS Pl£. 


QrfttiAS ttbl Agn. bont^uiMiime Jmh Cliriito, qtiod mo v£ 
ii^iU boniUlo tuA par vUma pttriculi* at bMl4lKi« dem«D(«r 
coModiorit^ dcfoadortit id«ami|ii« docnam. «t in locum iDtam. 
porduxcrls. Tibi tit 1au«, hoaor. ct glono, pro immcnui iIIa 
tuft in mo booiUto. Aiaca. 

la hoiUum reriPiJo coiatilutu* Jk, 

IdouIc, DomiDO JeiUj tCTror*m hoitibui xatjt^ illorumqae 
insultUA irritM «t inui«« «ffic«, Hibi autcm robur ct aud^ 
cj&m, aat pri«ta!pQdi idTcraus i|Ho< prjviU, &ut ulun cftw 
g]«Tirli «t nliLbendi illoruTn nnurni^ qui Minp^r, in axcr«CDll 
peHculiij tuia, to pie iaT(XAntIb(u, SkdMae «t auocurr«re ttAm* 

I>c i1t« hqjui mlvrfb qtldftdft: ex AagoMtiaa*. 

Tndet ma, onudpoMiu so mlBerioora Daw, el taIJi.^ Iixlet 
hi^ua TtbDi Dt Utius nrumnixjD pongHnitJoni». Hwo edn 
viu oftducA Gtl, boerUip tnbonota, imnrondo, mieora, domlBa 
mftloram, regiciA tnparbMniEii, plopA mb«Hii ot orroribui, qus 
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rimar, occ uao gtincro mali uitorimua, Naaquid nrgi> boOp 
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dirigo'o, el dofcclionem mt^am cum emcndiitionis propgaito 
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all per graiiam, vi tutit gauUiU b patria friii per gloriun. 

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[• Am p. SM, not- • ] [' ft» p, 2^*, nM« a) 



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«uoulo deml^raj^e yvYini c«rtu» ufjn ]>D<iO pvriro, quod Um 
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lubco mcritorum ftut bonorum opcrum. <^uoil iktl^f-cai npcitj 
t« : mEkloruQi, hcu ! iiimls iiiultum vidfH>^ s«d p«r Iuaui juititUm 
oartl^clo me in niimi*ro ju^donim oenM'ndurn. Tu mifai HMtat 
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tuAfD ill niorU'in truiIidL^i. ProBint inilii uuDo quo sponte 
doniutj, *i\i'i lo totum mihl di^niksli Tuua auigxiia aUimt 
maculM crimlnum mcorum: Lti^LjuatitLati^gat irjuuilUm icioaini 
tua moriU ido ■upromo Judid iXKiiiuL-ndont, IngrftVMoentO 
Quia adaugo graUam tuam. no vaviilul in nio Adoii no tltnliet 
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bumona iuGrLuJUis: ted poslea<|uam mGva occupant ooulo* 
Gorporiii, oioiitU Uiinea a to tiou U<^fLi^cUutur; tjuumqua liQgiUi 
mum Adeiuetit, oor lameu iiutftator tA U cLimct, In mum* 
tUMy Domioe. aooimcailo Mplritum tuvitm i coi boao« &t gloria 
fdko fijio. A[uoD, 

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lAmur. Ad C|iijuu r«Ea uuni^uj^iu uon aociucli VftfO deNosuf, 
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porpciuu, cobbi^rt-quo nomon luuui ]Adtt«iiL«iitor» dvc«C Vonm 
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confitcri, in nobis indigait^ pra' roarain mii^ricordUtn diri- 
tomqrti? luam bontUtcm, bona tua tarn Urgllcr impArtsriH ul 
TI04 Accijirrc tt gntiju Agere, qonm 1« daro ct ad dandum 
pMvixAri. riluw pigoat ; adcoqoo, ndobroti ingcnti molo beoft- 
firiorum, obliTton^m itlorum no* pitnc ccpiue profitcmuE-. 


Ergo, Domiae Deui Qinnipi)t/«n>i tuEim UrgiUtcin, «t in n 
twnofftoU qun aACOpinui^ cum ignorpmu«, (Ibi (\[nl noh 
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Ad<^iili!m luiiimim larKioiiK ^uo bviiviiuigrum uiarum ju^^itL 
tennudut tat^urbm tiluqud iatcqNiUlJ<mo obliTkiiu*. 

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fldirtibuB, et tis qm oofrndTerant TrritAt^ni. Quicquid Mum 
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pncttioQVOS. Oromitf iUr|U4 i'ltrvui nmtruui cuJofitvuir 
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sMmm niM jubfal, qui «u bt^ni^itAlc psmrit unWfrsa. In 
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lUMter, qm C9 in caIdl &c 

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I* rinaikiu* aI^iuoI Erupi, ^ AS.} 




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cpt. nilul jucmiilucn, buQodjr, quteao, uibo ol potui ««rvonMi 
tuarum, qiiom ud nliinutiiAm oorpcrU kic uobis apponu«U. Kt 
Oiinccdc, ut lis luia iiiUtitfTibus ad laudom luani uUniur, grmU»- 
<|UD aiLimiB friULUtur: ut> quemuduiodum ixirpus nosLram cibia 
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BeDigDiaajoie Dcub. qui aca pft»ii a juT«atutO nuatf«» 
qaiqQO dbuo pncboa crnoi carni, repZc. qun^to, Iflsdtia ct gftudio 
corda noitra, ut affatia quod UXla «at Imbcntu. tibi cji aaiuio 
gnuiai agaTDiu, abiin<}orauBquo ta oiiui«opiu boQum m Chriito 
J«w, Domino no>(ro, Aiiii*Oh 

[' Id uFiuin lucrum ilifiLiLpiilAruuip Opcn> Val* %- p. 40*^ llali* 

I' Thii Gntp IK fijuDil bntli in 8e rhiyw^t^m, h m«; b* ■»n ia 
ntiKA>>ad iJbo la ^ AEbuiU9Jiu!> ilrpl aapBniaM^ 0|itra> Tobw t- p. lltt|. 

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Miaericori I>ou». qui ala no* indie* ex UrgiH iJonia in!\ 
Idquo ex gTAlia «t beui^Tiitatc Ma, libi Ijcnediniio, RjipiPntiii, Ot 
gnUUrum acLia, in otuuvm a?t(jnili]L(ciu- Amen. 


OmnipotcitB* n^tfimo Dciia, qnt «hrftfn iIh* ti'mentibut te, 
^d£^M wurk-iiU-£ bonia implcrt miles, d&rltM avtMTi i\tm\ilU 
inajm, gnilas Qgiiuus tibj pro imiTCr&ia bondlGiiA utin, qui 
TiTii «t nguu in bccuU K-culorum. Amcsn. 

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QodDiam Eloduti nobui cmoa, tmpic wa g\\id\i> ct IstCriiiv in 
Splritu Sa.Drti\ ut invcniainur in conifiorlu tuo iii^r^|ilabi|M, 
DOC piiUoSAmue, qu&niio rocldo* unicuiquo ttocunduui opr^ra 
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Oiilf (he folL»«inj£ vnvitH an b« ^u«itd :— VXiq^Mip aoi «^mp>j«v 4 

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Homily on Mivit *»l. it r<iinn»iu. in Sor-Tft«.T*m- r ji. ftVi. Pirit 
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luiivar^ lua inejilLaiisLi bDiQilnUe cuncta piuci* A£ T«g«tu; 
U^giro^ quji>su[Qit9, tUv tuii fLnlmarum nostrarum aalubro 
pA^uluu). nctape tocvof-'UiGti rttrhl tui ulutareia grAtiAOx, ^Ud 
ttt ttt n*iQ re^La ookmui, cl piA ^tium tjU perp«uo glorifi- 
ccniut. Vev ChrLStLtin, Dominum noctruiri' Ain«i. 

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Corpan qui aolito utiOJli ncitrn cibntu : 

Qui Mitioa loto quIcqiiM iQ orbe mwiet : 
Pasto tuo, Gcnitor, inorlJilia pcctorn v<rrbo, 

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Quo pftrilpcr iiiam(>ria, piintur qun niunto, r(if«otoA 

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Laoi libi prg douia ait, Uvujk aXmv, talk 


tiralia ni[if*na tibi* P&lrr, ut K«k in^ljtfi rorum, 

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Sit CVirisl'j, Hit pro tulis par ^ruiSn S^mcto 

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£ffics^ Oivtuum <^uo BUiotilitvtur m vuita 
Ortr* tuutu nuuiui)> \v\ui uhI Bi)|iiir oij;uui ikukLuiu, 
Advoniant hojuinum g«D«ri cwI^^Ua rcgtia. 
In loirU ciUm lUl looi »lft valubtAi, 
An^f^Iici lanqimm parent ad juvft minulfi. 
llino pAnem ntaa misnii lAtg^ro, precaimir, 
QuotLdi(^, Turn nculra plui pH<^Ata rcm]ttu» 
Drbitn noi aliis ct^u ^riitt^u. romiuIiDii^ ipii. 
ffi^c, Fatf^r, Loduin fiiucrr>4 puliiirit ab hoBto. 
V«ui ubi nosUaB curia («aUtio mcnlfat : 
Sttd n» tida malo Ciu dcil^ra tiberct omni» 
Ut kitU sjiimiA ctc1o»lia r«g;iM polunuff, 

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Qai prjrpolcna vf-rbo kdo <i nihilo. Iiicni 
Kt nunc regit tclltircm, aqutui, ci Jf^lhcTS. 
Ht Fitiam credo unicum Doi PfttrU 
In Chnclum Ti^nm. Dormaiu omnium aorn 
ConoeptuH «fit qui Sjiiritui da numinrk 
Uomo (diluAb ALarucque piria vtr|;iiiu); 
nUto Jud^ain r«goiito i^mliu. 
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of lIic ■i&lcflUb cnlBV^.— Oniiu iV-muurd tum d(H>l» l^lmb. onuoi* 

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MCTomm LAiixri. Bt»U«>, jlolhi. ^ OH.} 

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DtwundiL, in<)ijo Iu^l) Qm Urlia 

HeJiit djo; ad' ctieluinquc ccn^^ndit* icikt 

AJ dexteram TalrU Dd, vcnluroA est 

Et indo Tivo* jadicire ct mcrtaos. 

In Sp'iritufu Sanctum Dm crcfto, D^um 

Cum Pttlre venim, Kilioqup ' rAtlmlicani 

Eecle»iatn *?rofli>: fa\^ communis: 

Eeniiisii>nenif|ne vomnmqnn mminnni ; 

Vllamquo Bcclifi qnrr ronnchit ommbiu;. 

tlnuni agno»oo ]>ouiu> coIju <tI unmii. 
Nq ^ngos »tiitaa£t noo hna ndoroL 
IConion no Domini tat proplianej. 
SAcmlua tibi icpliuius diea »U 
Cultu pro90i]U]ttfr jnu purentCB. 
Occidu bomiavoi cAvoto quoiiquacu, 
CmluTTi no al(«ri>u cubiU fivdw, 
Non furtum faciei; doU fac^nuiti 
NnlU faUui eru, Tnforv« tc^lU. 
Tictniquc tui ftilill cupi3<MU. 

Uoiim crodo Dcum. net? jurca vafm per ipiaiv. 
Bftbbftta iaiii:^co»> lubcu in lii^aoro piuviit«a» 
^vn MM o(wi9Dr« fur, mcDahu*. t««Ua inlquiA 
Alt«r]u< nupUii), reni iiec cupii> aUvnani. 

CLirisluji ui n'lUorojit i:iiiu virlltA 4c:mdoru teda«r 
Dixit dlKipuli* Ulia verba uuia : 

Ad dextrnni iild F«Iii" Uri. lUu^.l 

iHixiu I'rKrtpU JtLTm viimi)U» «iiuprvlini«^ Kxud. 2© t^lp«l 1a gvfti 
limn U. Jv4JjM4 M'ijlfi)i|l, TliEvri, in i:?(llhii] 

[• Jotumn ^urDmani», Vilnius, F^ niTiolEiin ,^]iAiriaUcurrL, OiatloDtm 




CuQutua tlotrtrmjvni riie doocl^i innftni. 
Im|u» ^'jUriBt r^aliquo ci Vhnat nominn f^ADCti, 

Katn <iui crodiderlt, loliu i^ui! orit uniic »aLubr«, 
Jlufjc bon* pjqwtuu viU saluHquo bcauL 

Qui uac lolvificA fijiM-ii |>ictait4 fiilei|uui 
CuDfl boDft dcitiluoc vicA, aftlut^ua bimuf. 

I>e cffqh l^jiuibi, A|iKli*irJ GUia|jt«rL)' 

5o«t« qua CLrjHlofl rabidin Ajwlii* 
Tnditur, Jndm njjirubi pur aj-t«ia : 
InnoMiu. dirnn «ubituru4 ilte 
Sub cruco morUm, 

Ampil |uuLoiu. nuuLJbtih^no frungit, 
QntU* tuntoioquQ rcfiTl l^LTcntJ, 
Qucm piju lurbtD (lit apoi(«lorum 
T^Iia dkcos : 

Haiio fobnm frjitrc* pornt^datn ; UlA 
Ett muum rurpus* properA Df^candufii 
Morlo, quAiii tiornpvr fnomores rcferto 
Had tlapo lUTupU. 

j4roqnA ccDatlin caliccm rcplftuu 
Porrlgit rino, rdcrMuquo grtiUa 

SingiUU pri^bct. »imul &r> iaU 
Voce rttolrit : 

Qui profiindotur, hua qnn TcmiUat 
Crim^na roundoH 

nunc fi-Ja tMU <^uotiM bibcili*, 
HUuA mortfm memorale pminpM 

P An4mbii Kllinfan* in TharingiR fuliii *■! Orfifnnn^it- PhUou- 
rnm Lfbri int Fivbari Tbatnun virvrum EiudJlarum, p. JITV^J 

J 06 

Hjnmiv Mhtul. Anl, Ra^mioU-V 

Jsm nocdi ombru luaif«r, 
AlnaiD dioi nunciu", 
Terra poloqu* dimoTet: 
Slmulque noa cubllibuK 
MoT^ei rollcLla, pcctore 
PrpcM fib imo fundcTO 
Ad i«mpl)i ^iirnma co-Utum. 
OrcirUi cPi^o nupjiUcus 
Fontcm pL-rcanam IliiuiuuiUp 
\h, ticut otunQH utrui 
lilustrnt or\ia, vlvidu 
Sic iiubln curd^ reploiit 
Fulgoro S*ncli Spiritu*, 
Qui noa per bmc contagta, 
Furos ftb cmni CTimiD'^, 
TrddueiLt od ecolcfttium 
Scdea bcijitfld ; illiurt 
Nutu g&rantur omniu. 
Cibumifuo UTO AuiuimnSi 
S«ii i]Liiil ncgotti fariA 
TrAi:Uinu«, aiit doiiii, btiuift 
Sou muito quid rorolvlmuti 
Id omui^ uriiipcr f^larik^m 
^pwtel buuli Liumiuu. 

IUcUtt iupr«ii» unlitimi, 
Qiu» mmM lote posdiuoii 
H»o ommbn* eoncodito, 
Qui oordo puro tc oolunt^ 

Et UDiimiu Natum tuiim» 
Cum vuuipitQTQu Spiritu. 

J«u benigno, fcrridw 


I* Til* otuitul uUc:— Q^tji ClitiviJ iu uufGtt «uiiiii «friii)^a« 

1S64.] CA1UIIN&, 407 

Ne, qiuQBo, Tota desplce. 
Ut terra solia igDibua 
Uiiilca ; sio animiis meus 
AfflictDS, leger, arido^, 
DulcLBsimum rorem tautn 
EjpecCat. aalus me&, 
Refrigera mentem meam : 
Metus, dolore»> kcbrjmas 
bfula pereimi gaudio : 
Ut h» querels Jlebiles 
Muteatur m laudes itiea, 
Et Toi sgendifl gr&tlia 
Noctea diesque persoD^. 
Ne, quBQsOi more jadicut 
. Quid egerim, quid dixerim, 
Quid GOgiCarim, ^ndera: 
Peccata sed mea omDia 
Tuo craore delea»- 
Mb Tulnerum eanet dolor 
Tuorum: amara mors tua 
Cordi meo dulcedinem 
ToatUIet, ut meam cruc«m 
Et toriia et libeOA feram. 

Del bvncflda pndicmntu. AnL F1vn[inli.]* 

JesD beate, nmniiua 
Sterna proles maiimi, 
Quiboa tuam demeaiiam 
ECFerre posum laudibna? 
Tu, pulcbra linqnens sidera 
Formata dextera tua. 
Mortals corpus ioduu, 
Ut ipse, toT-ram deserana, 
3uprema ooeli culmina 
CoDsceudam^ Acerba Tuloora 
CruciAquQ dtra flusdoea 
Tormeuta, at ipse, callidi 
SerpenUa ore aaucius, 

[■ Th« orijlnal titl« :— Pisdictt bnuflda ■ Chiiito In « et cftenM 
inott«k« eolUU.] 

Mortisque rartiii, gaadAAU), 
VltA potUna dxlitum, 
TiiDr]no factor mimere 
TnuH cc^lifsre^ Vac, preoor, 
Jrsii bcnignc, cogileiu 
Ilmc Hiuijicr- ut BUiupor OhK 
Suiuun>"|UB Palri. gratiaa 

Pm f^Bltd. in liUcii auftvuUk G. FibriDii'- 

DLiinis m humuoi?! vaan est ^Etpi^iiLiji r«b(tf, 

Qais Doa a aumtuj luonto profi^cU Del: 
OinmAqup, ut norb, luaijntim mtranil& per orbtm* 

Absque Dei pri:i»uflt rogniibne nlfill. 
In EtudiU primu) labor cat ccgnoscero Chratam, 

Man^U offidum turn Tnemmiase lui. 
AwcnJo ipllirreo pucrilcni niimino infnt£m, 

T^fi Di>ui3| u( flagrant ardcat igno too, 
SoJulnquo in cursu etudmrutn porgut lionuto, 

Nee hLH^JA rulm por^JjL tcnJdL cqda: 
Ad ru» Mt H««o iM.tjurofi prn^p/Lrot oliio, 

SI ijunudir inorttAm pAtria poao^C opom, 
Tompk pii rc4!tori:^ c^t^nU rc^pubUcii ilocti r 

]>jb uLircNi »tudij« t^t pietu-te virc 
&lo quoquo ia li9C mimerci lua qui bc^ncTacUk faUmlur, 

Quiqup piv vjru&Er nil Deu», euti vdi*. 

IfyinniiJi llcrtJuuiiiA. Ant. FUmfuhii] 

Supraoa^i citfli cu|tnia« 
Pcrcumt ; alma fcrridJi 
TcUd« colcMit igaibui; 
At tu beat» lumino 
A<:reDd» cotd4 f rigid a> 
PAtor benign^ ol omnlbot 
TniKoa filnnim «rnfllbiu 




Igoai ftm4>ria oicdta, 
Ut (^dcquld orbU continot, 
Vno w lit illb >«rdJduQi. 
N«c nUa TH hano forvidum 
Amoria nstuvn t«mp«nt; 

Conrtxii cn^li tmnjivAkiL, 
Sommoqiif) Vtdrx linnilo 
Ndi ji]ng;it inHolubtli. 
Ifju niM nb imn poctaro 
FrccatioHB miltiiDiM 
Tuod u4 iLurvB. :ruLxim« 
Tornu poljijuc Coaditor : 
Tu VQtA DOalra numioa 
DuUik ttcunJa, iJqii« ad tuim 

Prendo roUtiim cnntUi Ant nani[kfiU.] 

Jun vvdp«r ortiu iudpil 
J>nm tcnebrik ci>ud«rc: 
At iir>» lWt>DUim luminif 
San'^ll procouur, no tioat 
Noctrrm iDorum mcniibtu 

Stjpor r^mctc, languidii 
8«u ti(|uit lUfl LumiujL, 
NunqitJiTTi rooedftt a pi is 
Lqa •ompJUrna oordlbu ; 
Vi Mmper iniam uiifii 
UttuqiM delor niudim 
Biup^tftt«m DDniiii* 
TTd«r« mimiA lodda, 
Ki hinc ftmom opiuiii 
Ard<ir« si^tnper i^iiibiiih 
Supremo effiUtam P«tcr, 
VotiB luornm Bapplicum 
Anrai bduigiui admoTt; 
Vt ■van cordk omiiu 
£t didA tiicuqu* 144 luun 
Se« dirigUD* -Ml, 




Ut modo ponuntJir Uoffuontia corpcm Kmino, 
Sic olim lutcum morlr jdccbll opiw. 

Spiritu* \xi (iiiiln, rfiUi^tJui* in tiimulo, 

To, MinoLo Jrjnr, irtrsni mon^ 
AtTinriiii ictft valnrrn. 
fiiiApirat. <> salufl inra, 
Mo !9ulvo duuIuiD viitouUa 

BtNttUB aU pra^ivnliam: 
Fac iattinui muL^;!* magu 
Aniorn toliis ardi.'Am; 
Ub pura mrni a corporii 
ConUg;iorLC o^m^tlcxibuft 
Kvadnt aptLCir IqU. 
Tti spcM. volupUs, nniram 
Cordia mr^i sIh gaudium. 
Benigiiu JceUt da, prcoor. 
BuBQUia cniDoU «porrKTe 
To proplor, omnui Tau mihi 
To proptor imum fiord i>ant i 
Scu pulcljor onw vtherifl 
St>l lujitmt almo luiuine; 
Sect oox bttuigutt Ui)^'uidA 
Kigat topoT^ corporji, 
Domi foritquf^ roonn moA 
To qqjcmts inrnrrl, rAnut, 
Sotumqiio fclji in tno 

PfopUTLi**, AntanH FlftudnU. 

Tutok prsMtina ouuiiuai* 
Qui mcttto putft to colunt. 

P This Hj'iiLu hv fvT ita Utlvr— Exprimjl udomi «znDiia ml ev;^ 

[' Tb£ otifiml ilile :^Ont> ni Chritti lifnifblUM tibi lifeal ^ 

1564.] CARHIHA. 411 

Dft, queso, nil ut co^tem, 

A gam, loquftTi quod nuinini 

Too placGFfl Qon queat; 

Comis, benignus, in bonos 

Maloaque sim ; no degener 

^m oatus optimi Patns, ^ 

Qai boILb alcno lumLne 

Illustrat omnes, omnibus 

Fotum oibuuique Bufficit. 

Legum tuaj-um per Tiaa 

Mfi continenter dirige: 

Booique quicquld egaro, 

id esoe totum munerls 

Tut, sciamquQ et pr^edicem. 

Seu febria artos paacitur, 

3eu milea unt impins 

Domum patemam, dicere 

Laudes tibi ne desinam : 

Sed cuQCta numinifl tui 

Nutu regi Tkil ambigeos, 

Vivam quietus. Filios 

Dd seCQuda et upera 

Juvenl cportet t gloriam 

TuAm, Patrisque moiimi, 

M«B& aaluti pr^eferam. 

Nee uUa res eptador 

QucAt mihi contingere, 

Quom contumGlLas pati 

Te propter. Ipsa carior 

Sit luce more: ut corpora 

Entua ad tui rolem 

RegEii beata gaudiL 

Fn> Pac«. Job, Sti^Lii'. 

D% Dew, betse bona sancta pacts, 
^Qhb t«cet TittB stodiis boacstra, 
per tibi qafe timore 

SerTiat unL 

Qottbiid ptwtK ctlcbcrriml [DftUcEe pMtoram 
■litum sine coDlrovpr^ unenlMlmiu] ckrmiiiA 
JotoBmolM^. Ge«DFriBibUi>thtv^p.4D9.] 

413 CAi;kn»:jh.- £\5eL 

Pftre fiocundn Tiutriiintur ftHMk 

Omnld at virtus p'laUaquo v^ro 

Claret honors. 

Ast uli Mura esU ibi nil ^oneBli; 
Sfld jaceat legos, silet inter uruia, 
Qaicijujd est sanctum* piotu, •! oiunur 

Longnet boouBt^ut. 

AU Vfum r^lfixu. Juh. ColUdl'. 

Dona* tui ^crra nobis, Dous optimc?, vnrbt 
Turoanuu contra i'ualijicuiiiqua minoa; 

Qui tecuta oupiunt nff^JiiLiiiciu \a scculii Chrisluiii 
Deturbare luo vjf^uc tlulw^uo tbrguo. 

Ad l>piiin FiliLiiLip rljtiKJrni' 

Xu' quoquo. qticm Dominum dominorum Agnoseimtu uqubIj 

Hie cupms rircB^ CliriatOi proburd luwt : 
£t OQOluTTi Jereniiti tuiim, tlofoDriUM nt Uln 

QratA tjbl wlorna oairmiua LmUa cuuiit, 

AJ iX'Cim S|iIt]Iuui S. EJijhl 

Kocnon", T*rft Dcvis, pkrad^teqao Spiritvi, idni. 
Da populo unonimi Tivcrc cordo too : 

(7 JottmU Otlurtl Lau^Iati tUvoloi;! judlctuia Ja Mftrt^o Lnltivn 
»criiitiini (uiiMi !ASO. G>'j>]]cri &L[ii>t]iis.'4, p. -420. IVrlupi 1^ Cd- 
Uiliu mfnM mny ratlivr be the *rati mcntiotwd in ih? Oiix^iul LeUen^ 

[' AppPhdrd in th* flU VnvTffli of tb(? iSaliu uvd t» b* prinlaJ 


t^mcETD uf. LoFil. by ihj- ileor woM, 

frnm 'I'urk luul Pup* ^Infriki) H", l-^kt*! ; 
tVliivh koth vi>ul»| (liiutt uut iff tiM Omutu 
our Lord Jemu CkmT, Uiy dw SoJk.] 
t' Lord Jbiuj CJjH*t, *huw fbitb iJiy wljlilj 

that Ibou nn r^ird of lorda b; flgbl r 
TI17 poor iflklsd (lock JoTdpa, 
thit «rc m*j prwAT thr^ wtthout mJ.] 
[• Cod Holy Gfafwt, out coaifortw, 

1i*oi]r pfttnjn, helfi, oudiBCCOUJ; 

Et noa vitnTmo lervft in diMTimuie: ta ma 
i£ racdiii in Tium duwro ifiorl* Tftlis. 

Plft ulmaniria aiI pa^mi^ Nic Borbnnii*. 

Id priaw, puori, Cliriatum dJaitamui nmaro : 

HiC fon« tmt, a quo trilu Eatusquo lluit. 
Diip1i<x«t Dobia ftc«1at tuttun, uuin'rljiA, litor. 

Torpor, irjCillltici. \rA. ciipidi>. guhk 
C<irdibui in Qg^trli Dominum pn^uLu« Ivaani ; 

iVImas hie tit nobii conciliaiiduii amor. 
Ohffcro Tos, pueri^ vavamui crimino puri : 

Nl^□ onuLt impuroi \'irginit Ulo l^oor- 
Chrislo nulla poc«*t m^^licir tJootrirva pftniri, 

DoUot »d liunc JUiio* (tuiJero noeirn spopatn, 
Chmluni liLiiikiiiiM floirjpr. *tfTi»|>ori]im proromiir. 

In i^ljgioa OA940II no cat^At jr|;rii caro f 
Nc post lianc mia-oram, ol pi^jorcm ctu'coro, teUhi 

Demur Xariarcii prnxia roruitia rogu> 

ACDdEomn nmjibni v^put' 
Omnium in hoc tmi> rorMlur ■amma Ub<jmm, 

KarJvviruiu4r d^acripliu*. 
AdTcntua ChrlMi m unwrn. 

AfaiqiM Tlrg boM Oit Ibcnndu Ddparv, Xatum 
ftauaUtf iflatu Cflnmpit ipb miuu. 

G^ tu OQD fiDuid* an J parfWl p««. 

«U sLf U of irmn in lu Idcthwcw 
ThoQ UTing Cod Is p«f«OTii ihRCt 
Ihy uiu Tie jtfnliK4 in oolir 1 
Ir 4l] Aiir Euvrf ■(> UB drtriiil, 
ituil i*r jun> viftLfit th» TorM triihAal tfid.) 
(* Nicdiu BvtbuEUE VsTjiluitirmni Jin|;a(u-iHd NQj^rtiin Ubfi Odo. 
igdoni, 1030, 1^ 1^ Tlhf vrc^nal ttU*;— Ad pum «vndb(ipalai 
BoTboniiu HVAfTCttt frkod of ilojUIn. ^ I>aMe'« D»nc« of 

I' l^khuiul L»1icn>, fp t— a Conui iltr t>. n«tfi ft 1««TT«lorti 

TJitow»MBlm«*t«*FAi« bill been viuiA Id ImiEatbiD ti-f otta iwt of 

414 CARMTK^ 

PiiriTt hoitin ex purJL Mn^tirM vjrgino njitiii, 
Cui prauopo thcirnis rrgin cm Mjihuliim. 

Ah pudcat mUcrofl. pinlcjxEt tntnB quihiu orbu 
Vix utb est : Dnrntui r^ mite poupcricm. 

Indilur. Abscissa Puori cuto, nonioa If»u: 
Scilicet HIq ±a1u]| DOttraquo jiutitia ciL 


MuDQra grata furtiut lu»{^a rogion^ profveU; 

Di=jmtiilUf 4.11111 JuctanTjiu, 
Dlaputat ID toDiplo bU sonos circitor annoa 
^~atu±, graD<Jwo3 muUii ro|LrBti.juo patroi. 

TanUEii mirautt^ la puero H»pbuim. 

Ahlattar Mirro^ Chri^tu^ tor irniitnn* iin<1ai 

PratrJbua ciomptuui prn^Wt \]\o suia. 
Vox AudlU P»lri> cvh dulupoa ^.TPrm, 

Quo fliiin p]fti;Ati)t, t^liiia (K^ce luoiiti 


llDitci UfF Chriatnm pelU, <;t tvr vincllur hostis ; 
Ngljiit ligUjr ode^tk iif^ttu oboie n^i^u^tv 


Somon per vjirini minniiim dianminut UFbea: 
Jdunud dijKiipuIb mandal idcmquo Auis. 

Omno g«nu« morW cumt : dat lonioft 

Itccto claadipcdc* «t facit in: gnuhi. 
Quff! male divciant mii^rorum corpora, meatcf;, 
Verbo dEcmoitii'< jmporal, tif^no fugai, 

ihf t-trtwi/pif ^l't*timruti tliplyitit of Aurcliv) PfudcQlillt- Opttt, pp,\ 

1564. J cATiMiNA. 415 

iDgresaiu Uieroflolymam. 

logreastu Solymas pigram consccndit asellam: 

Mat^ub huio Regi duUub erat Honipes* 
-Tanto turba Dud rudis oionia fausta precatnr : 
Vestibus et r&mb uadique Htrabi Tia eat. 

Lotio pedum, 

Yilia mendico prffistemoB maaera fratri: 
Hoa tua noa docmt lodo, Christe, pcdam. 

Paaaio «t mon. 

Plunma perpeasus Titam cum aan^lne fundit, 
Ut purgetj Tits resdtuatque, &uo9. 


DevictiB Satana, peccato, et morto, resurgtt: 
Hoatea Bub vasU uon tonuero p«tra. 


Afltra petit ChristuSt nos oBtra petcmuB et Ipn : 
ChriatuB GO nobis uamque reclusit iter. 

Spinous SoDctl mis&io. 

SpirituB o ratilo Sanctus delapeuB Olympo 
Roborat infirmos, vera docetque pios. 

Mox Ungoia loquitur varjis (mirabile dieta) 
Sacra cohora ; merito cetera turba stupet. 

Adv^et Christus Bupromc tcmpoi^e Judex, 
Qui mediator erat, quique redcmptor crat. 

Omnes sistemur tunc illjua ante tribunal : 
Digna ferct factia prsmia quisquc suia. 

Justi cum Christo rcgnabunt tempus in omn9r 
Tartara nigra petent tempus in omne mali. 

Decern pUgv Mgj^W. Exod, T. S. 9. ia ct 11.' J. FHrkQmrati.] 

Frimum sangainei laticeSi post rnna coaiana, 
Turn ciniphea, muaca>, deinde luca pccorum. 

[} Expeetent otiam ccrto sou plogw, quJcnnqaa verbo Dei advrt- 
•fintuT, et pio« crndeliter adfliguut Fukhunti Ludicrft, p. iTOk] 

416 cunvnift. 

t'li^ertki gnindo. lo^juflU vorax, epii^aique teD«broD, 
More priniogeniLuiu Huiit ttUiuv pbtgua. 

Kfodi quibUB Chrlsliu n qdUb vxhlbet. 

80. DuveDtf) Judit [ill] hocium : 
CoQveflueiiv, in vjutjuiu : 

Se, regnAOft, dut in pncmium. 

Dv vitn Lif&tu, Joh, ^rigvlil. 

Ui&c £unt, credito, car« Chmtijuo: 
Dalicli ftgnitb, pftvor^ne Mrdii, 
Errom dolor, tilttt pitniiudo, 

Nam 4]i)ioTinr}no lid« labitoto nu^quAin 
Apprcnitil penitu^, iju<id ip^o iHirtatui 
Ht]iiiu)£Lm tuducrit Dena fij^iiram, 
Kt nobis, nii^mcjuo pordilJi^quQ, 
Morti Kupj>Iicicjqri« dc&tmatb, 
jOlcriLam ['qrariLvortC nalut^m ; 
Exercctquo tUtm. piusqUD ffuctu* 

Adfert in medium, suujqHa yiIib 
IiJtitAt pleUito moliioroR : 
III0 ititfjr zti'.'ruit b«attoreH 
Utrou lUdiii fruii)u» c*je\c. 

Cuaotii meiiXQ (unumLi C^irlatlanij : 

Vori cogDiLio Pfli, fciuquo, 

NcalTi del>ita proilmiqi^a cuta. 

Cot mundum, modcroXjt lingua. fAStum 

O9 cum iumioe. dcitra lib^rjilii, 

CoQlonU ciiguo, suoqu^, viu, 

locorrupU Bdcin amorqu^ cniuUiu, 

FkMcU Chcnmlcnuli Odonint UUti irrv. DoaUctf, lUiLfcJi. p. Ai.3 




Nfto deprcwa m<*ltj gr^ri malorura ; 
In Chmtum fnoiC omnthiin Uioii. 


In Morbo*. Ant- PluniniJ. 

Jttm quiuU lunar ccirnua 
3» ]uc« «oiop]Qali livrhJft 
Cum fcbrc inombra Ubidft 
Dopjucor, oua fngoro 
Tremor furcnt« coaouUt: 
Dftin SMtufl aovr ititimfia 
Urit inoduIUi?, ut ^ctx 
Al>suinit Jgnifl Aridas. 
Jam corpus atDtKi, idqi 
Wx uc^ibrA jam icpcrat Iotia. 
Ut doe, grnraliu unbribiu. 
CapQt Icoolluui Ucjicit; 
Sic taenji misi-tk, pordlt^ 
Cciliti fnalcirutn poniloTL 
Joni b«n)gnc, ir«pic» 
McM Ubora : dcit«rK 
TuA caclenunn Mnb]oT>^ 
Xon lllud iptMS jam preoor« 
Meo r«i7f>ikt ocffporo 
Use pMtk: UDum id annibut 
Vctifl reqalro «t obMiro, 
UL robur frt cdnsUnfjAm 
MTtij mtniHtrof. f.i«igu,iiJoft 
Arlii»> medoUu, oniiii* 
nic igrm oiM dcrorct; 
Dum men* rdbcU. tinila. 
Tnoqu9 foHii fipirito, 
B«d«tet, et Mcoper tibi 
Jnninda Iwdw eoDCtfuL 
Jvus b«lJg>fuai, optimuft, 
HcRtndii puauA Tulnors, 
Tidlonlibiu sntviirnTn 

[qi:. suk. frit w,] 

4U <UBsmu. 

Kut prompliiB? sogrtmonEam, 

Motiiii, rjucrdiu^ ikbJTr^ 
Ftdi^tLter', O aniiriB mcA ; 
QaicBMp nomett ioTona 
UillaiaKniUQf Regis tut- 

Cortiufl inc^m nihil cut mortfLLibiu ipaji 

Mortc^ tad hana nomo rult motuisso Uu^cd. 

Rector bealo nwlitum, 
Qui aic auiim mortftlium 
SiLlatoin* ut Almt FlIU 
CrooT^ sAnctfi luTfrU 

PoMftt» eorum : snwipo 
Bo^ precTLtitii BpirituiDj 
Qui, frotus anica tua 
ticmgniutOj loiij^uJduH 
ArCoB libvntor doHrit, 
Ut alU cii^ll AuUm 
Petenfl IVuntur, opdmo 
PiitOT, tua pTJuMuLia, 
Kt sompitoruu giudiD, 

D«c«mliantEv i^urrcctloj^c. Aur. Pnda&tliii^ 

KiMOO SD«Dm b Chrinlo corpus coniurgerA ; qmd tii« 
1>**p«rar<tjQb«A? Temnm, ^^mbua illo rnmnit 
CalnatA da mortn tiIa: quod crndimuB, baa lat r 
Kt totua YOninm ; ncD cnhn minor, nut uUub quam 
Nunc num, rcatili^if: vnhus, vi^jar, ut oulur, iduuj. 
Qcii mocJo TivJt, cnt; &cg uiu ii:I ductti vul un^uo 
Kraudatuin rovinot fatufiLuti A>BaA nupuliiKrL 
Qui jubut ub ruduain, n\ja ruddvl dobil« ^uic^uuo : 

p T]j« orighdi iltlfft^De nmnioiiflBO cvdIi bumuiv. AimlQ 


PnCClB fAOlX, 


Nam d ^ebUilM r«d!% InfttAiirntio non «mL 

Qaod CMMit rapnii, qiioii mnrbiw, f^iioit tTolnr linu^t, 

OoBft rotnrtonti rr^pjiTAU in mi^mbrfi rf^IjhiL 
Dobvt onim iDorv tIcIa fidcm, no fmuil? ftcpulnhri 
Roddat curtuin nlitjulil : qnum\U jaiu curia vonuit 
Corp^''^ dcbililw UimoD, ct Ttolcntia murbi, 
VirtDi mortu crat; rvdiloE, ^ucd prndicuktim 
Sotbuoral. quijcuni^uo mo<lo, no mortuus ommi 
Non rodcatt *i quifl pl^no do coqwre doul. 
PtIGlo ccrdtf m«(um, iitM morobra. «t «redttO voimtt 
Goth Christo rMlilur* Pfio; nam von ^nt lUe, 
Et ftftf^m roTocat r morbon riflpto mma^™i, 

Dcffptiito; oinr^cns quo OiriMni pTOTn<at> Ito. 

.Aiftr ft ttobb. D«u* OptifDo Muini«, prftva coitiiU&, 
tKQii^m bof, p«ci:*U : rlUm iroprobBin ftiquo flAgliioiftm ns 
■titaji (Kin inonrrvm ; dfimuinqna a contfimptiono pinlACiv. tt 
riiu tirlntum, prural animo* nfitclma rrmnTCfu^ Kc toco iate- 
nmi pAtiom Uririi-A, nt in l(^g« Iua a m^rw lit^ri* pcrpetoo 
■eJilBOWir ; <juo Don iiutar inipicirum iib omni Tenia offco 
tieBam «t dootnuoKun, ut Ictiit pDlTi*cnliiJ^ ot tiuuic* qiuo- 
^■ibri diTimiror.kmur ; aud potiiUp tcluti ftrborei jnxta rivoa 
Rj^nrUiu a^ifts titu f^pifiltui tt &du UliUjiU bona qumjuu upon 

P TKn^ iVmH ^iihTip do nut ■fipc" b«foiv IA73 : thry nvne frc^ a 
■«llt irilh Die fcJIwrinfl lillcr— Pvm* Fmerw n IS^ini* l>n<i.|i« d^- 
iMfita p«r D. IVcraTH Martrmn VmnUhuD HorrnitiLitip, l^cvaruai 
Otvntfua Ifl iciialft Tlifurin^ prnfti^nniin . TLgurl vrvCrfal C^H^ofk^ 
r^u tr<m^aHfriiM^ Jnan n-c Lxnij. JotUli Wakttrr 1r)!i «■ tn hia prvftn^ 
thai to IMS> Uw jTfl' •'^r ^Htyr't dotlh.lK aa* wrfiing Tua niairtfr'i 
libnryb lli« nuUiil tamp «f fab «T(dDC. «3id ftmnH Ihvn;— IkIJI 
ImM ia distil qtuBJam itdtctaa tl JMf^la*, iii qailnv pn«« quvdiui 
mmm manu Ifilv* tamntp^ vnoA ClkiHu Glradun paUIAed vt 
teMlition of llMia fV«wialM^. Hcibcrn Anc^p.70L] 

27— a 




oitoriuft fruotif^comm. ntquc ad Inndt^rn gloriAniquc toi ne>- 

ajfiious. Tjindemqiift in jttiiicil ini oiaininfl, i^Hrii Inipu jam 
reoiJ^nnt) no» |>ro tnn mboricordin ol Blnmnn, rt alitoUainar. 
Per Jcmm ChHftttim^ Dommnm noAtmm, Amen. 

Ex Pulmo Jl. 

Autii^lirutuui, sod uitmcia tiid ut potouliam munillf ftdiranam 
to i;un0piraaao ot ChrleCuju tuum : ut, qui |iuiviit vtuigulltim 

JuHMiiuuuii Idvirc^i aaailantur oouiILiua raUvuiLiuft. ul lid»' 
llnm todeUtoi durtimp^nl. Qi omiiem AbjttiAnt daKiplijum. 
Yf^ntni cum U\ in c<&\\s rwiJeju, nSIque ie tateftt, i^uid dialiolua 
AUt c.-LrnL9 impicUa niolJAliir, dondeftfl eonim dnnsulU innjilft, 
el cft^a reddns eornm infPptA, ar ilbs nciisira ladSbHo 
At flub^annationt pono^ etet^ttj tnU. For* ut ipn le iraiom 
spntuLnt, AG furore indi^nntioMEtf turn d^tmuin cxte^r(^Antu^, rtft 
ut codlp-siAm tuam ilolcro nnn vnlt^ant : cui tu jTrErfivuii 
Cliristuin JuHtiTn, uDicuni ^iirviitorum ncjHtrunii ul m i]?«ft T«rba 
ot SjiirilTi »uo MiviolQ ot puU'iittwimo rf^giiet. QuAre train*, 
Hctit i»ili^i:4 ju- <tu!erturitiiL» 1^Ui# tLii^. Untuin lai-gtri dtgnoria 
fldtn Atqijfi conntAiiti^^ ut illiiin iiniciim ICogoTn no^tniRi M 
haXunmua. ot idontidom confjtoamur, nwiquo lUiiu goDlOEO, 
populuui, AC hiuratlitAtodi, o»<i minimo dubitcinui r Id probo 
icicatcd, quod ta^^U vi prjoditoa ktt Atquo potuatiA. ut impcrw 
pltuqunm ferric, qugq vcUt, torrvit. utquc Hicdinoa tc«tw inaiu- 
nuAt. Idoirco regva torrit. O Dcu«. Ad t« oobv ertA<. ul nj^uitfe 
lit Filium luuui voro Af^nottaant, AmpItfotAntur. vi 04cul«nlar, 
TIP, In ^jus Bue^ensA, illico perctxut ; Ad^ue om, qui tun* ftdci 
M> prnr«LJ9 Oflminlwarunt, [in] vtirrnum, qu4ndo vUam fla«Ht, 
bcAton rridd^jt. Per CliriKtiim DominuTn no^trLitn. Acnra. 

[■ Oue purtinu of SjuiJbt'b |<ivUc« «iU lUailrtld ltd* oad the olbcT 
Pt>rftTv: )lla tru)porr> quo cit Dm^Uam TriJinti mihvivEuin fait, vt 
nllcToat* cwom gmoe M latMdaiim bclluin In (rtmumla txvrlitiB tfli, 
M&rt^T hi! pmcm finlHi IntlonlliUf in vhob Arj^liiunAl publvv h^ 
hnil: jnn nunn In jinljli^im tditntiir htrc tf^mporta qn-> arilr^lihnt fmci- 

|u<^Adiiun Ounuv utului-] 

k WSX] 

men* lACftJC 

Ex IWmo .in. 


Supra nioOoiQ audtu buiit oopw. Dum Optjiuo AlAxbia, 
iDonim, qui ^uriu&tur «celoiifti& tu^ra : coiuplurus uujn juiu in- 
bitar^ AvJoni* ^ m ipum crud«lit«r InAargont, nuu «uao alio 
JV«lI conuljo, niu <]UO(l apud >« iilatnimt> non etc« aU t« nlu- 
Uni nobli ampliLEi ipcranddm ; fjujui tu nmn'mo popaloct iuon 
dttCfncrii, nr omni prjDildio ft doffttuione cxcirmaiorii. Non 
[trofocto intifijLEnur, dum pcocnu quibut to offondima* intae- 
mnr, tm^ ccmmerii^s^ ut nniirio tuo dMtitud ludibrio, c«ai.- 
lamelict, ol isjtiriu, hastmm lui noininU oxponAmur. Sod 
nilubmiDiu pro tide, [[uu in oobia tua mittfricordia Bupercat, 
udeinv* Uj acL'udurc, vl prtKAOiur, quo in Ijb lulTLTsarioruui 
•OCpmbAtJuuibtJEi taaluui Sjiiritua ut coDMUntiw digiiurir] nubts 
fQpp«di(ar^ uC to uB)(;uiu prwdinni, d«cus ol tindiceiu, Coro 
|)opu]o luo noQ dubUoinuJt; <]Liai fiduda {^onfirnrntft Hi tuuui 
ftmilliUB inrocMtipnibui iinploraTcn^iiLii, « luo ctkiii liablu^ 
cdo QobU procol dubio jutnuci, Dum nuno* h*c tUA prouc- 
tionft icetin, utitnm abcrii pA^^ir, cliun»i /^amplur^Ji hottium 
ajriftdcA noi obildoiAl, Hi KiUto mora ■omnum oapiAjnni, cC 
eipcrgiir^intir. dum tibi \m fartiier inmtimur. Itaqno jmta 
eoooeplADX huio fidu^iun, O Df^iu, cxtmrgu, atquo, ut f^c^oiuf- 
^iMi, eomiDt qui advirmuiu le ho cfToruTjE, duuirrs oonrHnf^u, 
Be pro tibidiiio «DcI«uiun luam diluarftni vaIouii ; oaleDdavquo 
taatn cmo ulutcm, allelic tuib bonlULt« pOMO mlhac bi< oxlreinU 
catibuB juTurl [M>|iulum Luuiu. IVr Jotura ChiittuuJi Doxutuuia 
fiOiLnuu. AmvU' 

Rx r«alino .LI. 

MiMfioonlUm tuiun, Dcijji Optimo 3la:umc> ooiyiuNtii 
prodbiiH impbramus. rjUQ mundcmuri lavcmur. «t abBkr{*amiir 
'iniquiuto, *oe!cribud, otHiiffLUuDuttriL Aguvtvimuiuc fato- 
r, nt cariua tobjKitQaus prAvo c<gcnu]iiB; awl DoaUapeocala 
|uun Tftlebunt te injiutuiu aiil parum fid«km roddtro* 
roaqoidMa prvUr uitoUJguuui, quod liaud mcvQiuur* ul prr<tM 
IBiUti «t anpSi^at fTomimoivca nobH Ikdaa; voram hio 
efW. Qt Cua »uocurr3it Adc« att^-at ci^Mlaciia. Viiica. ut dor- 
rnpci tt v^IjAII a partu cdamur tn lur«m. qa antca in ipaU 
uoquilatibnii ronc«pd faimua. Hxpar^a itaqtio anwoa noa* 
tn$f ci iUoH candoro tild accopto dij;aoria orow^ Da oor 


rKECxs a.iCR«^ 


purum, splrLtutn r^lom, sfuietam, ct tiltrnncnm, quo aba U 
noa projimiriur iit impiij eod yoTn gaudla ^ viUifAio Intitujxi 
recuperoroui. 8L noa & poccads^ qnnr hoji rjipiiiA, nterojo 
Tnortls^ RTccasunt^ libernrb, salrondir alamtnr laViOt nMCrt 
&d tn Ijiodandum. lAr^lre, prDcnmuff ut sacrifinin, <]no unic« 
dQloatoHs, confrootj ffpirita^ di^jcati ot atUUi fwrdjii Ut acee- 
damua: ibj ct prjzitsunto? (ul&milatDe Icnioutur, rt tbi non 
erunt ingratw l&uil«a, quibus to cQltibmbiiuus. DaehitM tirgh 
ZioUt id Q&i, eaciaiAm, beaeyoloiLtiiim tuaui : Yiduf in qujintui 
v^nuLur penculb ; foruj et inlua preiaitur: vatu qunrjiunm ut 
noj; Holuui ^ripifta ab Itoslibut eiternifli W «tuuu foTormcf 
ftlqiio insUiireB, quo ii«a ad«o to iponso lui1>oalur uadigzuL 
Per Jc3um Christum, Domlnum noatriiTn. Anicn. 

Ex eodem. 

AgnoKimua, omnipotcna Deus. quatn permdoukVo p«o- 
fOtorum &rum<H nostroa (^ontaminaY^riraua: qaod nobui com 

vtrtbiib, Jiiit ullo ^OJiero LunoruDi oporum, contrjvct&a rnjudlu 
duont ; hoc unicoiQ flufTugium rolictum oat, ut to, iDiKHcorduv 
fontom. ococdEuuus, quo, nofitrum mlscrtus, cu)j)a» ftWler^Mv 
iDLquJidtcs ^blu^) pcocatiL dokoa, ot viLia rcpiir^^ai, qiiibtu ct 
m oonceptu el a partu euiqils obnoxil. Etoikitn si nvBieftcui ot 
■odura, quibua oDorjimur, liben^itor cgndomtverisi, lata una 
tvrax, GdvLb, el lujuime oqu±Uub m toiJi prvmiou appft- 
rcbu. Aspur^«ra noe digQerii uuigeniti Fi^i Uu suigulnOr 
<juo uoo pnsBunt ei anioiuH *il corpus 4id AiUulartrm intiUam 
r(»ffirmari- Cor noruoi in Tiscoribui tiQ*tfi» cr«ari capoajQi^ 
ol danari heroico ipiritit, ^tio hand conctt, ««d ultro mc tntmait 
tolflnUe. offbromos tibi UCTidclom affltcti i^F proalmli «fkiritui| 
qiiod tu nDnqruiia dcEpioera oonauovie^; HcmiiToquo nc p«ri 
ot cxpiutl tavfirs aj2 Ciui mkcncordia, BCmprir tibl ucrUoa 
UudU oCfor^muL ror oundcm Joium Cbrifltmo, Oombinii 
nutroiD, Aaicn, 




Hegoft «t He^onefl, qu» sunt jam et impem Elixabethn, 

Regi[U! AngUf- 1£73- 

VecU Tel Vocti^ 


Aogleseja, rel 
Anglue muig. 
Iitsula sacm. 


UuidA IdIuUwL 

I Anglowy. 

Holy Island. 


ComiUtiu* Ku Proviikdir, Asglw jxxix- 


SoutliMxia, MQ 

Anatnlu Saua. 
Snrra, sen Aufltri- 

nm r^OTUK. 
Southamtonia, Tel 

Aostralifl hanu tiL 
Berchoiia, seu moo- 

tooa comiUtns. 
Wiltc«na, Nu Bjl- 

veatriat Tel deMrtJ, 

Dorcefttria, qna^ 

de aure cvtnun. 



Sorrej, or Suthrmk, 

Sontham-ton, or 

Barkahire, or 


Willfllure, or 



Devon vel Daanature* 

[} The editioD of ISM hu do Eo^liah, tad In otbar nip«tA hen 
from tlut of 1£73| bong also DOt n fulL It WM thougbt r^ht, 
thBiclbrBi to prial fn>m th« Uter cop;,] 



Cumubia. «uu Co- 
rytu hftbiutl«, A 
ELMoiubnji dicU' 
Com WjtUh, nunc 

Eucxijk, rcl On«n* 
tolium Sixi^onum. 

Middlesexiin quo^i 
mediorum Saxo- 

AuAtriLlium geDtiiim. 
Noi'tliiulcia, ijuoAl 

Borcalium gentium - 
UuQtiDgtoiLJa. qua> I 

Bi Tonatrix vilitu f 

Oxoniom, anglicc, ) 

qi)A«i boun;] vndum. J 
NorOiamtonU. 1 

quasi S<3ptontriDna- 

lU hami rilbu 
RntUadiu, qiiA^l 

rubpna terra. 




Cwtrra, i^uA TO«c 
^inno« tiant un 
pro f«itoIU, Tcl 
oafftro Coatriwi C^ 



Hkser, aa it were 

K]jddl<?'ici, or BAI. 




HuaLiDgtoa, or 


North- hmU' ton n. 










Chait«r-a3iiro, «r 







Lancaster, or 




quasi OcddeDtftlia 


njftris terra. 




quia est a Sopten- 


trione Humbrsj 



CoPuUttis., aeu ProTlDcle, Wollie .iL et loaola Anglceoytc 


























Qiu prindpatus Wallira (una 

cum ducatu Comubiro, et comi^ 

Utu Cestrtie) oet assigoatua 

pnncipi, hmredi apparent, dom 

snpremua progenitor vivit 

Wallia a Britannui dicitur Cambria, a nomine Cambri, filil 

Bmti, qui, per iavauonem Saxonnm in ilia parte Anglias refugio 

congregad, a Saiouibua dicti fuerunt Walsh : rk Germanus 

appellat omnes advcnas et 

peregnnaa nationea, tam Itatoaj 

qoam Oalloa et Hispanos. 

Ctvitata At 

glic ct ^I'aUic. 







[^ 1A61 tukes >fonraouthBhJr« an English county, and puta Meii- 
oitethihiiv, whkh lfi73 mdrely omita, in thia place] 



^^K Ki>fFa f vol Roehcalfiju] Roohrst^r. ^^^| 


Winchester. ^^H 

I Salisbury. ^^H 

^^1 Ci<watiia, 

ChicbcstcF. ^^H 

1 Bittb, ^1 

^^H Eionia. 

ExeUir. ^H 

^^M UordoTjcum. 

Norffich. ^^H 

^M m. 

Elf. ^H 

^^m linooliuji. 

Uncoln. ^^H 

^V UebfeldU. 

Liohfi^M. ^^H 

^^M Wigomlo. 

IVorfwttcT- ^^1 

^^ft Ojiudluiii. 

Oxonfard. ^^H 

^^H GloctisfjU' 

Glocoiler. ^^^t 

^^H Brialolio. 

Brislow. ^^1 

^^H Potriburguin. 

Pctcrbo rough P ^^^| 

1 Sfljnt Darid'L ^^H 

^^H BauguDL. 

Ithn^[>r ^^^1 

^^M S. AAaplL^, 

£. Asie. ^^M 

^^H LondAffa. 

LftodadT. ^^H 

^^^L Dunelmio. 

Dnrhatn. ^^H 

^^^F CArlcoIum, 


^^V WatmoiuftU^rltun. 

Wf^stmluUT- ^^^1 

^^^^^L CofitriA. 

Woeti^beator. ^^^| 

^^^^^1 Anhl^iiicopatdB * ia Abglia dooL ^^^| 

^^^^^1 CantaanoaxU, ^^^| 

^^^^^P ^^^H 

^^^^^1 Loadinoniu^ 

London- ^^^| 

^^^^H JlofFoniU. 

ItodtMler. ^^H 

^^^^H WktoiuoiuJB^ of Wint^hofUr. ^^^| 

^^^^1 SoruburicmiB. 

Sdisburj. ^^^1 

^^^^1 C!0«it»tLA]«. 

Clucib«it«r. ^^H 

^^^^H BAtliunk'niiEii 

Ualb, and ^^^1 

^^H h WelU. ^^ 

^^^B I? 9m J««ri» Woi^ Vol. 




Eioniezuust & 

Exeter, and 










Corentreiuui, & 

CoTcntrj, and 

















S. DaTid'i. 



S. Ajuo. 





BcAvoHtu fai prv- 
nndft £baruaiuL 

BUhoprielo In (I14 








Fnecipua flui 

Eoina Anglltf .xtii. 












Uake> or Oooe. 






Ex, inde Exmoath- 






Wey, inde Wojmeuth. 

JeruBt duviiu trans- 


tenft mei^iQ mi- 

JoTt inde Jermontht 

tatem NordoTid. 

bdbn ih» n«zl fear, Epiteopatut in VFoflia.] 

tmrl: and 



Qoinqnc p^tniu (qoAt Tonnl ;} 

Sandwich, quibua Hastings & 

K^(^. luldEiatur, H^de. 


Nominibtia <Urersiiram pr«vlndAniia, comitAtaum, ci dii- 

Maroliionffit Comity, et Yitrecotntl^^s : et S&roDct >cnui<Jum 
domoB Bsu donuoiiL, vel |i^r ooguouiinn sua, audI apfieUAlL 

AdmonilEo' ad Lcutartm- 
Ubi In Culeudftni:^, siD^ia fore ditftiui usuuHCigtuqao 
infinKi!4, sanctorum (f\MQ9 rocAut) nomina j^pposuiuiUB. id eg 
forinniA, amit^e lector, DDn(|uodeoa oianca pro Jivi« tiaVeftmui, 
quorum ^iquos ne in bonu qnidem diicimus ; vxi quod jJkiqin 
(«i uinctiadmi vnt) iIs divmiim cuUum atijLin lionorom Inbaiai 
dnm tanMamus : acd nt cerurnm quarundflm renim, qauvm 
BtaJa tomporii noMo plurimum refcrt, quAmmque Iji^ormflo 
tuMtrk homi[iibi]4 obc^ssG po&^t, qunai notio quffldont not fttqD# 
Indicia. Atj|ua hux; quiJom liujuB fihcti ot iuHlituti iMttli 

4«tO> VoJo. 


Pfr Gri/relmttm Scrm, tmh *£• 

^•wo ICrirtacei irt* cn^mi^ 

terio Paulino. 

Anna ilonami. lAiM. A Iti^ir n*giii« 
itntrv ElLcaU-rliiv ruliiiH* mv 
jnunw, 7- 

Oan Priititeyio tid impri* 

lixcndum soffim. 

P 1u Ifi^Sllijn AdnvnUtu U {Av-a^ iminudiiitBly bvFuxv Um C«l<c1ibm, 

[■ IAT3, in ciEinit«rl« PQiiliEU pro- 

KtthQ Dorrwni 1ATA «l fn'IlclHl- 
lui Ucj^Jii llt^iuK uvtr* & 
llsabtlhn .Id.] 
(* Fnm cbc om^EU>ii9 im|!ortof Che pKrwe jWfflAMAihff m/mari^, w»| 





^jfP To th« Chruti&a Header zeal uid knowledge in 

true And hearty prayer Umugh Chriit Jcvdl 

David, & prophat and a prince, to irhom the Lord lud 
done tnimjt great, and singulart benefitflj bethought himself 
Dot 90 much to increase them bj nse, as to requite them by 
thanka. He, therefore, vHlliag ob a prophet, and able ea a 
prince, but not able in deed, Plough willing so to do, opened 

hi« good heart, and uid ; <itnd rttribuam DtmbutT What Rward 

ihAll 1 ^F0 unto the Lord} Being resolved, he answered: I 
will receire, E Till call, and I will pay. Ptat- trvL 

Do thou tbe like, Christian Header, which art a« &r 
indebted as over ho. And seeing that Jesus Christ himself 
odkthi Bfljingt Coma unto mt, all yen that labour, and aro ladeo, 
and I will refresh you; Mav.ri. answer thou, 1 com^ Lord 
Jcsu, I come, 1 come, and will paj my vows, promised to thee 
in the presence of all thy people, even ia the courts of 
thy house, when I was received into the boosehold of fikith. 
I come, and will pray, and praise thee for all thy beoefita. 
I come, and will hearken to thy blessed word, and keep the 
■ame, I come, and will receive the cup of aolvation at thy 
holy table. Id remembrance of thy death, with thanks^ving. 

In this sort, and so many ways, by baptism, by prayer, 
by hearing his blessed word, by freqaenting his table, must we 
conto nnto him, and that with a lively f^th. The apiHt is will- 
ing:, bat the flesh is weak- Wau. *rvi: come unto him^ therefore, 
especially by prayer. I'ray that be would strcDgthea both 
flesh and spirit. 

And think it not superfluous to pray, because God already 
knoweth what we need, and what we will ask. But pray, 
because God hath commaodod. £<fA« [i>f't Pray, to humble 
thyself before the feet of his majesty. Pray, because thou 
dost hourly want that grace, which he will assuredly give. 
Ptsj, therefore, tliat you niAy hare. Matt, vii^ And pray, leat yon &U 
Into teraptalioa, ^u^ "% 

And because God undcrslanJcth, pray not thou, therefore, 
in a language, wbich thou uadcratandest not, but with epiril 




aaJ UDdcntanJinjit 1 Otr- Wu, Xn( wilh nuiuih and K^e only* ^Bl 
with Eliu liwt^ -Vu". n. Faf tlif tipirit iiJn hulpfith our jiiflrntlltM, 
m&Un;; mjVH<t Ibru* with ■■Q:]i«> wli^cL nmutt In njrrmn!. JiMt, dUL 
Aa A»iift, Mid M*ry Mftg*ift]<iii, with Uap« from % grOttllas 
lieATt. and spake n^^thmg- i k^/, ■. '.-^ ^u. For Go4 iD«ii b* 
wDrhluifi^'J in fl]dnt iin>^ fmlli, Jalm to, Atid pTfty n(1l With m*vih 
inLLHiw- AJi<t Tftin rrpelitif^Q, MMl- vt. N{>itbci br rvh vttJi ikj 
moutli^ iipithw Ivt tliy hmn b# h»*y to Imng forth a tpynl jn ib* 
light of Ui>d: for <<oil i> Jo Iiuivt^n, fta4 Uiou «( in cartli, trcl tbrnCirt 
Ipt tti/ wortb ba Uk. Furua dmui cuuivOi bj niuHitaijq Qf Hnlnf , 
Bu Ja the Toirr <^ (i fool ia the mulUtDdc of vr(»td4 Sesk. u 

Prefaro, tViorarOTC, thjiolf and »ul no pnv- jcmi^ mM» 
vlth (can. Ari>u ■'. vith nwidUng. C>4. n. irith bin* JL€a k wUk 
Cutbj;^ £v^ •- OS the M&OTitcs. JtitMtk Hi w Utrid. V ffv- [«F- 
■a DttllSo}' f'^' i*- t^or Willi ruUni; ^n\>'or b £:>wit, 7^ j«i. Wlucfll 

^scertnAOH, Bs U^y ore Uko onl^ mcoiup ut^t ouJjr to oxdtd^ ind 
flt'ir US up t^ pray* but aim to moko lliom A£C«^LiMi> bgforo 
OocJ, througb ClirUi Jeiuft ; lo ftUo a graal c&ro biuJ diiigenoa 
wmt be uAcd of ua» tg mo lb« taiu«, not of cowtTfttDt, bat 
willingly, giving ou»?l«c« llL«nuiilO' ZuUv- vlHnmt fjrt«iuti<fc 
MatL rl. I'Tuyin^ coaliuu^Ily. I nw.f. TnLti'>L]( »«tli«- OaL'- OA tko 
tridow. L^Ju mii. apd AJ1 ibo woman uf < ■hcdii. jv^l n. Pnj^ 
dH^ifib I 7«w, i. imd at all Uinot* lioy «ud nliiht. T 7^ I. Uk aU 
plaooi, VTcry whorv. i r-n. i>^ m Uio ivnipic, ood coagngNtiHi. AoitaM. 
iJiiJ tliai> iurv tic'ivluj. 1 r>r, ft. at ligit;o, bi tUj cbainlivr Nenllji. 
Mall. <^ la lb; bod. I'imL im. At iuiaI, oud ntat A'au- uv£ nninjii 
ood oTealng, /*«/, ^w.^ abrocul m tho Sold, i-i^/it h. ^^ 

Tbo acrijitun is full of cxampln. i'otcr prayod In Ui4 ^1 
ujipor portoftho liQiuo, xa. r^ KUtoufkalniTe ia lii* clumber. 
1 tii^. ^. Duuiol, m tb« king > cbamW Moreily. 4^ v'- and 
amoD^ Ibo Hon*, zw. ^^t * MoysM^ id tlio wildefMo. J^m- tt. 
Ejcechiai, tbo Umfp. in Un bocf, J^i^r ^^fti-^iL Jodm, Kailie irhalo''* 
Mljr. n-jr- 'J. ChH^l, in MAn nn<l gArJfmt. Vi-m .-w. and 
en till rroi^ .Vufr, ^t"iL For iho pln^if^ nf praTt^ i« &ot 
niAlnnal- -/"A- '•: I miran cf private ppavnr: in vhlch can* 
aidoratlon, pray in all places, and at all timo^ wjictlicr k bo 

I* T]\\* in npparr^ily n (niitak» far Hv* L^ ac^Oidinf lo.Uio pi 
nuUijou. I*. J 

L* Th« fvbnaov i* to li^v liltlvvy of Bi>l and U» Pntoa, wUdi 
AmriB Ibi fotirtinnili diapItT of Vudtl Ln iho Vnlplf, w ClU of 
nil fiiriui Hid Utirtfctit^H^ 



TX) tnm ttLUMtN. 


■e**a lifCM L Jiy with Daviil, J*tal. ejrrin.{eii^.l w thrift A (iny 
with Danisl, j^, n. ; wli(itJj«r ou (lie uibuifth day, vr at ll)o 
Dtnth boor. cvpocJAll/ ^lion God's S^iirti bIulII move Uico m 
to do. For At any nuh lim« to d*£Br tbj prttf «r until thmi 
Unil A b«tt«r pUoe, to »it, ftuid, «r kDVoI, ia u muvii aa ia 
hiniler (if not lo qnotieh) <iod"» Spint 

Ni>v it fclloirelbi to mhom vtt nnut mnn^ Ta mp nith 
ClirJ»t : ^r viihoul m« you rnn tto nDihiag- ^4^11 n\ MluE^oaivr 
jmi rfuIJ »k (far Furh^ ia my mun^ U nhall be glvrn jttn. Jotm nf. 
Com* to no «ar|)ily man ; tor mrv-d 1? br ih*! puiTtth hit tnut In 
nua A', frti. Aiiit wku ftboU cIvU^'«r lilii Trnitlicr^ or nuk« dsrrrnarnt 
.wUh Gad for himt /'n*L #tfj-. i'ome to no lipnroijl/ iaJat; for 
€>Ltu< urritronl; modintrir a«iI tnl«Tt«Dr^th«V(]0^^aAd uil 1 Tim ■■, 
And whcttn hvni I in Iipavm hut (hnf HUth I>av]il. /'nf. r««4U, 

Cbtm only nnto him Uivrefor^, And why to bim onlj? for 
in liim iht Ftlhrr U wrM |j|nhwd. ^,.11 m, Sa nitn fin fVpm«lAlb« 
ftihft, hni hj- him, J.j,*.'i*< Uc <m!y i» prMi>nt t^-rtry Trh«r« 
In hrAr llio pmrcn of iho irh^^lo world. Ail prrtrrr in jjfn^ 

int« Sk hon^f. J^A» v. Ho onlj knovot?i ibo aooTDtA of our himrti; 

But who pliiUt Tflmt T AL1 jvu, iMttli bo. that UlHiur, «fid «n 
bdtti. Hov laijon T Prot vilb bngH of golfl, und bragn of 
rigbt^outOOHi : lor 1ia nnw wA tn mil iIj0 rifhtpmii, hut Binnrr^ 
torvponUnn, /-•<* *. Prrvnl not, ihrrvfuw, thf prmjtn In thine fj*» 
ricbcoDxiaai^ i^o^ ir. Fifty not tlio Pharii««> but pnj u thd 
publinu- UiM n4U. And albeit I3(^ htAPt^h wM finh?nk y"«* t^. 
fat tlwt ti mcnnt of driprmio ^innpn. nntt nuiLidoUB flcspiBon 
of Chriit and bu ^Oiipcl : not of the repcatenl, iu vbom, is 
it y rtrquUiti: ihnrv ho no hvMx ot rt^btooiiEmtWi ao u it ■« 
Q«cc«BBry, tbiit Ihero bo it bonrtjr cobfi^Dn of uuHghtvou^ 
PMik jiolding to Ood's uivroj, and cra^in;^ furirnont!**, Suob. 
Uwogh Ui*7 bbour, VhJ U li«>ry loJm. V4t I«l tL«QL como. 
But faowf WiUi & trutf failb, noticing ■■■*vTuie, vr JouUing. 

I TtK U. p/oK-r < willifMif ftiiiling. £<T«n. rti. For tbe Idrd if Difh 
uDlo all tbcvi itdt mJI qp«n him flilOiJallr' I'w'- fth. ArrBrdhif t« 
yqnr fuUi ht h unto 5^011. uith C1iri«t uhto tbo two blind nioii- 
Mm,is. Wb»t fiiilb wh«i thai? D.}jrehdl«*, BUth Chr'ut, 
Itiai Ijrd ihl* to Alt tliiiT ^I^b hrlivTr, Lord, nmy Ibcy. According 
to ibb Hulb Ui«jr pr«ji>d for thoir o;«n^ht, and bad it. 
Fnj Kbou in II10 iUDo f«ith fof Uit toul'i b«ftith, wid ibou 
•bik raoiirc it Penuado ihjwlf, tbnt Ood eaanot but 
parfooiD (foe ChriA'* Mik«) kll bis proniic* of gmc* iLod 

, . 28 

[<ltr> tw- m±i Eis.] 


10 THE HCaMK. 


nitjroy. Dell6«e. tlial Jauui Chri*t ihai hit hAArUUuod, not 
fjiily for Dijr HiJih (i>pA!4kin;g; ^nonUlyO ^^^ ^'>^ ^y m\6, and 
Uini \ki nin and vrill bclp thco. To luch A ono Clirial him- 

•haL ]](iTT< iij tn<l >l mhhW ho rlnim tinio jrnii, Jim. whf*n ^va pn; 
(iftltU hc)» tVrruiw, if ymu luvt oii|(Iit iicnnM uny hmk thM yvm 
Kalb«r in Ik-llvoii mny lurui^c yoa. Mark W, 6o that witb iLii 
faith muit bo joined peaoo anJ loro »il>i our nci^libeni^. 
jfuH- iri. and a. Also a Iifo aiuirerable to thiA fiith, i^bft* hl 
loft either our prAjon be hlndenxl, i iv. <». or not r^ 

g&rded* ^dfT, r^- nr tnfnril mio xiik, t*mX- fU. But who bfttb 

iWa |>erfwtion? Or wlio*e prajor* then thhW b« «M^t«d? 
Ci>m^ lh0rcfi>r«» in Iho n«me of Chrlat; for Christ b perfon^ 
ihon^li we unpeHbfit. Hie hcjlinpafl unk«tfi o«r pmj«n boJjr. 
vrhoti Ijo o^Lrrolli Ihom unio the Lord. Hlk nghtoonviM li 
our ri^htoou&noea, juiJ he won mmle sJ^i fnr ^^ thM m nlstit ^ 
moJu thi: ■^■hii^tJLiani.'iH of Go^. 3 ("4*. i-. Fnr to him that wort crt h 
ntit, liui Miv^ufli m him tlial jutliHuth ihv iiULfodtj'. Lit lUth i» <wuric4 

br nghiBomitfAi. ffiMi- '« Let not Lhy ^n, tfacrttforai vitbdnkv 
Ihfltt from tUk «x«r(^iBe : for noue ttdk«th. but hit thM vftsU 
Mb ; nono v^tkfitb to find, biil bo Ili:it h.tlh loit. 

Cumr. therofoTA, xtato him, thou thai do»t lii^our, ftnd ut 
hftavy liiJi^n, carryintf in thy mind ihU ono fp4CM] not« by 
thn wftj, what it bi lhn« wilt (If"Tnftn4, whfin ihon OMIHVt «Ota 
him, and for vrhom. Kr>r ])rAjrm at mtTonlure aro onprrifi^ 
n.bIo, pnwoMing of ru^lom from the lip«, not of bmI fnMD 
tho hu^rt, VVhftt no ithoulil prity for, t1»o Noripture touJiQlh 
plaiol/' FinL, for tho ghrj of God. JvAa tH, For Oia pno* 

Jcnul'^n- ^"T^ «rni, Tlinl I^l- wurJ nf Gd4 mi;}' 1iftvi« fp« pMMgth 
9 rk«'' <-l> TIlbI «ur fllEhl liL> nut In tho winter. M^i^k mu^ i'ar 
Arnnn* dm. £n/n, mtid. K^ir bouI'* hoAlili. rtat- trt^ r<)r vrHdanL 
t ^omU- • Fur iih'frjiM of litvh /*J^ ». In time of livkucK. 
wiU. Ja aJlhcUOn, Jomta v. 

FinMIy, for all tu«h thln^i, ai tho uu and wmi of 
doUi refiuir*^ »h«lher tlicy bo CArtiiiy or •ptritual gr«Mft 
ftlvrayfl framing our potittoni to that oerCain aod jiiU rul« 
(Jods will. In tho which all manrm of r«qiji«sta muat _, 
nfcrrod ; For wa know nni ivEut vn< nhmiM pr^j ■* I'O'oiiiul}! q& 
Xtm. HA. And thorofnn^ wn juJtj Ami hAn> not. Whj-? UvcMoa 
wv aA Aiotv^ Jadihv »n Hut thu tnul «v have, lliAt If w« Jci aik 

■BHT^f Eo hb ^^ill, ho iM^jvih HB. 1 jvAh v. According unto %\ti§ 

15760 '^^ "^^^ READER. 435 

ha willt therefore^ I mean hit revealed trills kuowD in Bcrip- 

lure, pny for mil in«L I TVin. U. For all Lingl. .EWr. pi. BarwA i. 
For All tJiftt ar« in anthoriljr. ] Tim. «. For the miniaten of God'tt 
bl«Kd word- Btb.r[viJ\ That God duj opt^ th^ ntleruiat CW. iv. 
ud iocreoae tJior namber. Matt, ir. And that (ho word of God Toaj 
b* girai 1U. EplK$. vL Finallj, we must pny one for uiothcT. 
Jmmtr t- And for them that bote ni VTOugfiiUj'p Matt, v, ForgiviDg;, 
not wveu tuncA, bat ttvtnt/'aeveD timea. Afotf. niii. And u Chrut 
fbrgtva joDt » do j^e. cw. iii\ For aa the chimrgeon cannot 
aonndlj heal a wound, bo long as the iron of the dart, which 
gare the wound, ]a lodged in the bottom thereof: so likewise 
CATinot prayer profit^ bo long as the heart ia cankered. 
Therefore, forgive thy brolhert if ho repent him, LiJu rrii. If he 
repent not, yet foT^ve him, do good unto him, n sbalt thou 
b«^ coab of fire on hie hod. Ittm. nu 

It followeth : And I will retinh jon. Wherein thou majst 
b^old, Chriatian Header, the aaanred mercy of God in Je^oa 
ChHst, and the effect of tmo and hearty prayer. For if thon 
•halt confen with thj moaEh tbe hatd J«biu, and ihalt believe la thine 
bwt, that God nisod him up from the dead, thou ahAlt be raved. 
He iA rich unto all them that call upon bim ; for ^hOBOFvcr elmlt call 
npon the nanie of the Lord, shall be uved. Rom. -r- Ye ihall go and 
pray onto me, and I will he%T 70a (eaith the Lord), and you shall 
seek mo, and find me, beoaiue you ihall seek mo with all your heart, 
tnd r will bo S>nnd of you, and I will Inm away your captivity. Jtr. j-jii'. 
Seek, and yon ihaU fiod, atou. 01. God is true of hia promise, 
and therefore we find in scripture* that at Moysefl' prayer tha 
plague ceased. Erod. ritf. Miriam by it wu deliTeTed from her lepro^. 
ymmi-rii, Bj prftyCT AojiB waa of a barren woman made fniitfid. 
1 Aff . I. David ohtained fbrgivenesB for hia mansJanghtcr and whotedom- 
9 A<y. rU. Helioa cauKd great plenty of nia^ Jam. v. Ez«kiaa orer- 
oma Zenacherib- 4 R/y- -rir. Toby prospered. Toh. ■>. Susanna dt^ 
livered from death. Iha. nii. By prayer qncen Eather deliTPied 
her and her peoplCr ErtK nv. Jonai was delivered ont of the whale*a 
belly, JoKu H. By prayer lepere *-ero cleansed, iifAt *Hi. The 
blind restored to nght. Lmlu rviii. Tha pais; cured. Jtfaa. viii. Many 
men and women obtained health for their sons, danghten, and servanla, 
Matt. vSiS. andn. By prayer the lame waa restored to Hmbo. MM. 
fp. the deaf men to hear, JUUrf. ri. the dnrab to speak. JUait. m. 
Bt prayer remla^n of dna wu obtained. Mar. tL and the Holy 
Ghott purchaied for the apoatica, and all tho faithfiil. Mali. tni. To 





b« tiliorlp nuuJurrul is tbe »trengtli And fgrco of pnjcr, 
wtthont lljo Mhidi nothing prosporeth ^'tih iu f&rtuii4t«Jjr. 

Itul yet hoL'o romaln«th a farther quvitioD, heir it auj- 
■land with God^i immulabU will n,nd deoreo, tbal our Jira5«n 
ihould bo of mch strength nnd forr? to altrr tlic lhroat«iiirigi 
which are decnredj arul th(?rftfure of fore** mmt c&mc to |nu). 
I antn«T, Cod nt'vor jiromw-d anvthing in Bcrlplfln.*, (or ibo 
mcMt p^ivr, (o:ic^pt k vForo Iho nbaoliito prniniuM eonMrniof 
^wE'Mh and such like,} hut tt Imtli a nonditian ^nnexttl diKo Si, 
cithflT- CTprosal/, or to be undcrstooi). Lik«irIso. b« mffr 
ihrrjilrnotU (for the most piirt) Irut n condition is »ddci ihirre- 
uulu. Aa for oxutnplo- Adam vras croatcd of God, tbfti ha 
■liouli hOkVO lived cantmuilly m hlaeted vt.UXe, if bo wduU 
•0 romain : Ihis va^ tho con'iilion and th» decrcL^ Doftmcs 
tloQ tTAs pr«achE*d to tho N)ii4?Vitij*« if ihey ri>pented xnA: 
tbii *rA9 tlie condition iind the decree. NlnAvo T^prat^, Aad 
wft* not do stroked, but saved: wjis, thertfor<?. God'i dtcftv- 
nifrrcd? 'Sc. For he decreed thoir dpstriipiion, but opon 
thia condition, if they rfipenteil not, Pmy, ihorcforfr, if Ihoo 
tH> ^^]y, thai ho would ^tvo th^^o th^ ^rtu:t^ to contiimo: And 
if tl)4jii lo t^inJuh pray thnt ho ^vo tlico tho gr«<m to rvpenL 
And thus VL^rj w<ill owr pmycps havo atrongtli to wUjr (Jod'« 
ni'/itbp IiIa ili^rrfto roraainint; immutrLblo. booaiun U h lluvat- 
ontd but ijpDt) a c^mditiou. if wo ropont not. 

Bui wbcnoo hitb prdyor this strength ? of ibolf ? Kor. 
For wc. Iiuinu juilincd (hrvugh fnilh. hnv«j jfuco 1o»Ard GuJ (Cbitt Ut 
tho larotir of <jod) throuuh our LoH Jnui Cbfltt ^a* r. So 
tliJLl Chnst i« our mouth, wbarvbj no apook to tho Ffttbcr; 
our oj-oi. b^ ^vhich wc BOO thu Falhtr ; our right hand, frj 
irhich vro olTor to the Father : whldi Chrlat except hobo 
oLjr adToo-ito, ncitlicr vrtt, nnr all thfi nalntt, cAn \wn xttj* 
thing lo do with Oi^id, Fur nn Kjxti rfimiith to lh<i F*th*r, InC by 
hinih John ^r. \Vhy then aro not onr prajor* olfrnvA b^rd, 
luLTid^ oontinually Bitch a npohi^miin, who halh all power 
botli tu boaron and uunh ? Truly, Ijceaiuc mlbcr wo mtk 
auiiM, not Mctxirdii)^ to God'ii nill, and tliat which it not for 
ui to rcoolroi or it pW^fOlh tho Lord to dufer our roqtnM* 
for Irial of our faith and pjitiuiicv. Iloreiipuu it wu, lliat 
I>lTid 4aid : F'ptKiav ujinuri /MnVwrn- ^I'jlh long wniHaft I 
WttUcil t**r the Lord, nod he indiacd onio mc, and hrtinl nij qiUizw, 




A riUTKn roK xokxinu axd tvt^uta. 


ptitr. w> Fray, thorcforo, coniinuuJI/ ffith faith, lorn, nod 
undonlAudiu^, ill iho muno of Jobuh Chriol; ptuy for all 
ax&t i^; all liiuuv JU !t^I })lAU(Td. luid fur uU Uiiii^ unMird- 
ing to God'H wjjl- Tliuu^li lliuu bu a BJuuur, iLuugli God 
fbrcknowoth Ui< livort, lbou<;li hl> dtiCr«o bo ([iioiuUliltf, 
vet prav unto liua in Jchu* Cbrut, ftad bo «rill r«£r«4h 

Of thi« E thought good to ^dmonuh ihec, Chnstjifi Header, 
beomue tt i« vo e\sj thing to pray, bist to praT urijilit U a 
ibing rorj dilliruli. H?r« are pn>par«d for tho« z^alouM and 
godlj PrAyem, luimo imnHUlfd out of Laiin ftnd Frondi, ftorno 
ma^fl by iho bojit Ir-jirncd of nur ttmf). Vnfl Thr^m m t havo 
tAu^hi ihov. tliat IhiTv may bo to good nM^ Accuko luit 
tniuo IitfiifflciciK^y in tcAchiag. but Auond tUlno onn imjKrr- 
fvclion iu prciyiofc • prajin;; that no tjUk not BinoothU', and 
ftaJk crookedly, but that via may fiL^c to liod the Father, 
vur Maker, obcdioiicv; fuilh t? Jcaufl Chriit, our Ifodocmi-r i 
Slid inortilicaiioa uf tho Il«h to Ood tho IlaW Ghont, our 
Coiuforlfr. Piro Hall in Chriat Jotu- 

^ A IViij'pr to U «ud both MomiOft uic! KvmingV 

Wo vioIlI Uio« h«4rty thonki, moot n^ordfol Fnthtt-, for all 
tKy bcncliift bcatoirod upon oil mankind, and copcciolly npon 
thii r«alm and pooplo of England, and privatdy upon u«, 
icott imtWankfn] and nn-ttonhy linnon; and, above oil ollicrvr 
fur Uiuan uiiflfHukablu hiMiclitA of our crration, nlion vc yiartt 
uolliiu^. of our rvdom|>ttoii, «bou me wcro lost* for pardoning 
of our Hua l>y ropontUD*, Uid rflT«albg of lt;o tntno bua«£tA 
unto u by Ihy holy word, and |;oapo1 of iliy doar S^n, our 
ftlTWar J40IU Chmt, and for thai thou hat Mvcd ui from to 
many porlU and dftngcrt, both of body and ooul, botb by ma 
Mid by land, both ai homo and abroad. And ttliortu we 
bavo offended thy diviM UHgraty by oontinoal «mub^, pr»- 
tMt\g i\,t!^ to wrath mA JiuUgn^tion ifftinat in» y«t liAAt 
thou noithor ihj*«]f ^Mtr^jtA nt aor fonftkon tM, nar glton 

P ThboDi llu two rulli>wuif Paymuvbot So IhccdUiKi «J 157ft-] 


A riLitEa roR uobslvo ami kvi:s]?c4j. 



lDI<|ita*>| In 

tJjcH Hurt I > 
U 4r ^ «w4l 

if iIk rtKBMK 

inii DDL* . • 

<*•"■»■■ of 

putli of [hki 

po« p uf llta 
»iL>iiiy, ai^O 


u« Dvor. aar doHvurcd U4 tu our vimm>- Ibis duiiU ttk^ roar- 
iu^ iiou, Lbal liugo tlnguji, BiuId<.^Dljr ^id muni liovribi/ bjr 
Luiu to ^}a dcELrojcJ. but L^t hUbvrtu *4>vd tu fruoi the 
p»^vi of that LJuUp Ai]d JA^a uf lljab dragon, uioti d«iuruua uf 
vur dv^lrhiE;llLjit : (iiud fur tint iliou hul doliv«r«d i» tnm 
tiio UiUt^^L' of doi'ka&u, ami the pcriU of tha nl^t putt >ad 
huC L]'ou;£;ht UH >afo to the beginning of thu day). TTo notti 
humUv bcsoi^ch thoo, tb^L ^ thou ImAt hithcrt« »if«d U4, 
flo iElou will 'both DOW uid er^r h^roafter tike and roodv^ 
(u into tby dofimco Jind protection, ^rAntiiig that (not ociljr 
thin d;»y, but a)1 tb* Jftj*,) •of our lives, which itinu will jjixo 
unto i\i, iiiAj whi>l]^ ho bcatonoi] to Iba glory rif Uijr holy 
nAmo, to Ibo odif^lng of Uio ohitrch of thy $on, to thp bMdit 
oToDT tici^hbotjrH, and Ibo houltb of our own v}ii\K Gr^uit 
tJiu, O muHL iiiurcituL Fallior. to as> luost uuvorlhy unnen* for 
tho northinciaa of thy doiinr' Sou our Saviour Joiui ChrJM. ta 
wbijul nith thee aad tho Holy Ghoit bo jdL honour uid gbrv, 
world without end. Amen. 

B« mf-rcifal, O i^thvr of alL latnuBi, io tliy chonA ui ihtn^l, di»- 
penud (Urvuifhuvt tbv vrholc woilJ; unJ ^nuit that aU divy, chu ^ 
oonfnm tby h&ly nwop. Piny agrt* in th* tfilh of ihjr Iib^ woH, md 
UVfr In i(0i1[y runcunl jkTuI iiirLlir : nnJ rtpvcinlly lit iimciful to *<M^ « b» 
umirr jumKuEioii fbt the tealiiiKiiiy of thBii" cunti^WEm, n J profoBvlOB 4f 
lb' ijfvpvJ oi itiy Sou. OUT SiivJoui J«bii» Cliritt l>v1^d nd Mt^ Q 
Lord, lliuH atly Jiuid^ vrliitj]) an aUu4.'|i urt ajrjiuuiTviI I0 (tw iliKnliW and 
alAUfhtArjOndrcprtH the me^-fkntl tyrai>ikyor' -mzb, ju artbeni la bloo^ 
khed, iind lEilnil nbtliinjc but iimrdi-r: itnJ iiuiiivly lio marcifol tn tin 
churrli emiJ nukhi> of KnE^nnd, 1« tlij htvmI our io\W^ OOd ipMtoUi 
quvuu £UnltL-th, lo tliu wui^vU, cK-r^^p DubUliy, puopEu kud ^oiumDBBhjr, 
juid tn Udx pour hDutfihold nml 6iJTiiJy» ftr thy dwr Snn Junit OirM'4 
■a1e«. Ulo r^hl)' nit<iiAiat ftfall inrrciLsjtOTrimntWllhlhfcaatl lltr U 
Tihoflt, hnnJl hnnniir Ahd k'^H^i 'mv eVH hnd prvr. AnfD, 

O n^y\\ i'lt^, irmnl llmt w^lli )\'-m\ I i^najra ihrv, with ^tnlfta^ 
■fek llto«» in t«klujii fiLid Itjtt', Ln Ijjt-IhiFc liiol 1 luic lli«, ^d bjr luviuf 
tlw* Uut I tiLtti not mj^iii !>> ]';y f^nnHi auiB, ivhh:!! Umu luul ttifvfUktd- 
Glv« mis O my Lord G^d, a reivnUut Imrt, & wntrllv vfilriL, <y«a 
Aoirlne vHb roantoina of Xakfs bonniiful lionJi Ea tnUtifRfrinj Almk 
Qumuh in mn, O Kin£, iJi» liu( of my A*di, nd kindln tb ftm of thy 

\^ Aii^itt^nc't l^lLn hu In |itft bnn ^ivcn btftjoo- 



A i-atYKU 10 Ttic nAJisn or gov. 

l<m, O my AedcciaeT. UW frinn a» tlrf »r*"* «' P"^- ■''^ "™* 
ftixmimWr rnFifJi rac with iho tttiMiiv ol ihy humlUty. Befliorp S*tnn 
iiic, U my rSi^rtnj*, thr fury 4f «i,s«rj and bt""<*^i»^X nmi mr wilh th* 
riili^Jd of rvtViMr- O m^ C«ilM, not flo* of m*' * ll mncflur^ ttoA cndo* 
m« wEih a chcTffEil, locck hurt BaiIdh u|>vu ii>v 4 i<tTf<RL fciLli, « 

■"meTTvnxt frurn *II vAnlty, InnHMlUHjr of mind, wit«fnaj[af hnutt 
Kuffintf of toiiguv. priti* or <rym. n*ia vf ibe N-Uy, fFTfrafhrnK t*uol> 

nnhiA, riilanJ0n 'it mighty men, unbltlfni vt tuId elory, frvni ihv vlco 
of hypoeriif, Out poivai of flailn^, rouieni^t of Ihc poor, oji|irnaaoii 
Qftb* imk, fran jTKc^y «Wi»» opnkpr«i mvy', 4rtdly hlib^Mny. 

iUfi ou( of nir, O my Ualdr. rsfeh IhiIiIiwi^ ojvtuiuftcy, IruwudOM 
ftClUctncc. Idlonw, bIo Ji, dohiBH of uu. bliodMii of tiwrt, oUtinUTy of 
mind* HTafo condition*', ot>nlein|4 of lluit g^J ii, ihct nlomliiciilDg of 
«lioJ<win4 coiinvt, nfTrtwr of tOfij;ui<, npinv <]f tIip f nor. tDallplout an J 
^lax anuaiiuf of Ihir inruKVBU ilnEuiiNT au**!)*! f >* Eriii>otrrit, nrclrct of 
iDri-M'" < r .. |i y townl my li^'^uvtholi], ImpiHy bkji1ii»( my l^iuIUar 
ffuoii .. ' . i.iwkrd my ntiiJi-lHiur, 

<l UT/ ii'j^ my EnrrrLfut f^ott^ I buHch ihH in ihy brlorrJ ^D, 
blcaa "11' *»illi l3»* work* cif iudn.'y md fml of iphIIiumb, t*i tufTcr wilh 
Ihv aUhctcl, to mijiklcT to ibo ot^yi »o mccour iba mlartvbJa, 10 tinia- 
■bI Umuii Uul HO ialay* to cvri^f^jrt tlw Rurfij^rful, 10 rtlkrt lie o|i|int- 
ta^ Id Dourimli llio pDnr, to chtmh tJiPm ^hut muoni, tu iar^yv my 
diblon^ to pHFiJrn ihfin ihol lT«]wa i^lmi mf. to lort ibrm thai 
hateroe^lo r«pJ« pedq*! f»r ^il, to dnfdia nmiti but ta booouTlhrm. 
10 toltal* Iba ffwdn tolivvmof oTlUlocaehviaTkioBdd nuhtan vlrluo, 
in adranity padnm, liuAUt-Dcaa In protportly. t» euatd Ibo diior «f ray 
B«UEll, ta tcHlrh ttit cnrmtfa i)i4t toinpAvi in^' lJpii\ to iltaflv wor^Jy 
tJ>jrw^ jud tiutidlly to ihir"t after ibf hro^fTV^yh Afn ^ n , 

fW Tlie PcdWv. or piir|«nl1ai] lo inytr. 

O 1.01-d, mv i^Dod God aii<^ FaUMr» Uouad bo ihj lumc 
fur iv«r: <ltf|HiM uij livftrl, opvu mj Bpt. uid gnid* ma ^S^i^ 

thy IWy Spirit 10 a triM ftckDowJadgnwDt of all m^ >u°^lh«'^ 
thftl inf p-Jky«T may be bcArd c^f thc»> ia Iho n^»« of tb^ ^^u. 
Son Jeaoi Cbrlit. So be it. 

Thtrt tlihli -rvm* a rod fijrtfi of 
itw Btotk of Jflar^ KuJ a (palf| &c> 

Tlu>re •hall cvmo a flar of Ja. 
cob, and a mptn thall riw of 

P The Latin a anrtUw ■adomg, io^»»» mluipnFTn.] 

[* Tbo Latin ^—Borom ttvodotldJi).} 

[* TboLatln:— DU]a>IIiili)cirani!tafitif ]4afilf meii^ Fi. odil] 

nrRTSTTAfff rnfttsfts. 


lEin. wu 


O Go'Jf anil Father of our Lord Jcsi\n Chrlit, whom no 
man knowfiih but by thy Bporinl gift, ^nnL thjit nnlo this 
Tftkt of thino eicocding great bcnotits trtwnrds ido this, which 
i% thn grtJJitpfit (but onn bu bu&towL'd upon mtuiklnH, uiciy bo 
adJcJ dflo, nanicjJy, that as thou bo^t raiaotl ap my body 
from fu^t niid i;ounil ulcc^. ao a\&o ibou ^LHUcLiTur my miml 
fruui thti &lot*p of aiii aad from ihu durkiiueH of Ibis Tiorid, 
uuJ ullor dfliiiti rcBtttro ibu saui? btrdy L«j bfv, ui null aa tlioa 
hast valM it ugii'm fvuiii Hloep: for IhjiU »]iioH in duaLh to 
ut, i» but bleep uuto tbms. I prn^y and ba*veuU Uioo, (hat 
iTirough Ihy goodneu IhU body of laino may bo a fallow* 
And furlhflror of all godlinea? to my soul m thU Itfn, to M it 
may alw be pjirtnor with h of (lie endlcia fdicily in ibo lir^ 
to camoi ihrougb Jpjua Cbriat thy Son our Lofd, for whoM 
(iiiko, jind by wbom, Lhoit giic^t lis all good and irholoADOW 
thinj^i to our wvlfAriv Amon. 


Much tcltor U tho liglit of tba eouI and tho loiight^ of 
Ibo iniod tban tbo ligbt. <jr pycwght, of Ibo body. Tto 
oyiMight of tbe body ^Msry &illy b<-;i£t* hath : hut th^ ■Mi^t ^ 
mind qodo bnlh hut men, yea^. nane liftvc it but niM moii. 

Tiiou, tberefyrp, O J^fd Jc«i Christ, ^ihich art th« 
grcate»t of all light«, tHo ovtly trae light, ibo light from 

BqI Ulou tlioll ^ unlo my Ci- 
thrr* hiKiHi ikiid lu my klndnd. 
and Eflke a wlfo^ Atv GvOi xxlv. 

I ifill lyf^k for hrr. that nhe 
iTiJiy hp jp*ni lbA< to wjAi : for to 
Lh?r dulh thu fitfJit of hcT, G<c. 
Tab. n. 

Tho tvcA of the vumvi Aall 

IrVAlJ U(Kf IL lilD Iwud of lIlO MTp«nL 

Tho angtJ i»id 1o him: Thv Lord 
u with lh«t tihoa ¥>U«nL maa. 


(* From tliit I'myn to tbfiN ' U'licn w« bv TOid^ lo tXupp.' p. 440; 
mrtu^ivr, wu Imirv. fur tlio (iiuHt (uift, ■ ttmulaiLin ftvta tho /Vdm ef 
Mf'iitai'itt^n DiurwuT" of rnJovJcni V^vi>^ The t^Ua U (i^n i» iUa 
PurkT S.K:Utj'» ciltiiou of Bnulfonl, Vol, i, (ip, b7£-A7A, nnd Bradfiavdi 
own »#riiinn, nti p^, ^iMt^-i',!.] 

[* Tbc LotJD ;-4w!uui lil turifuaaUtutadnuaiii-riitii piviiLla kniaiv.] 
[* Tlw tilld pnliivJ \>y Ludovl^ui Vivn ii t — Ad i-rimum laiuUnm 

P The Latin :— ttulim mniii*.] 
[■ ThfN Uhn r—bwIiolitO 


cnK}wniM nuvKHVw 



<tlf ll»flJlb, 

to 1 iJibId 

whofioa Kpringrrth Itit) liglit of iho Shy, nnd tbn nnn ; ttiOu 
Ugbt, vfaich onlighlrnoih fvi?ry man that fomclh intn tlio 
world: thoTi IJ^iht, nhcrnon there cnmnth no mght nor cvrn- 
tide, but Guntinuut cv<rr briifht mid i^lciir, ui at mlU'dav : 
Ibou Ilj^litp wlicrcnritltDut all ihinj^ uro deep dcLrLims, and 
wherel>ir all (hiii;ii nurc* miulc lig^iUgmc ; Uiou mind and 
viidom vf Uia liaavctiljr F'ltior. uulJ^bltMi m^ miad, that 
(bvifjg blind Lu all vtlivr Ihin^) i mav soo not)iing, but Ibai 
vbU b«J<>Ag«lh lo tb««^ and ibAt I mny th^rvhy vmlk in ibjr 
Wftft^ withoot fjtcUujripLg cr Viking of anj oiJicr light «1*«l 
Lord, 1 lioii«ocb tibiM, ^nLigbun mino «^c<« thfit 1 mky mtjrer 
*tutob«r in darkni^i, If&t my ghontly enemy 1*7 at ttiy tiono, 
1 bate proTftilcd against bun. Amen. 

Our fir»t foUicr Adcun, being tumbled down from mokl ^'^JST 
exceUenl md glorious lugbncaa into lh< dungeon of ibame, j^'JJJ„^ 
»nd linlt of all aln, wM relerwl^ &nd lifted up again, by iby j;;";'^,^' 
hand. O Sxriour J«u« €hrl«t. And irt, 1ik9«U«, ahouM be^^^^ 
irotloffin^f in th<^ ^anc pUffbt for ever, if we wore not iwod HSii^ 
I (heo. S^S < 

lantoe, O ino»l mordfuL Kodeomor of manklnil, Uto u SHKw 

h HBL tit 

ikoD of tbj gi>odfieM» bMt raUod wp UiU bcaty aiid bu^hon- ^^^ 
•0010 body, ev-on so v^juchiitt^ to lift up my mind to the 
koonlodge and Ioto of thy liigbneti. Amen^ 

1* thank Oiee, O Lard Jciu Cbrut, tbxt it batb plnued 
llio» to giTC mo jpood r«at tbi> nigbt pMt : and I bM««<di itietv 
likeHia*, to prosper ni» nil this day follotririi,'^ Ut the gltury of 
thy nuM, and to mine oim uul's honUh. And Ihon, irh(eh < 
ari tlio iTEic day^liglit, that caver knavreth any nvontidci, and ZZ 
tho Dverlaa^n^ day-aun, tihith t^ui^kcncth, cboruhnth. and 
ebeoreth all Ihinf^ vouehiofe to ihino into iny mind, Uidt ^-^^^ 


Aad SiMn ntDnwd 10 Jelhro, 

M 7 «t]iil doth magnify ilu> Lcrd, 
tuid mjr Mf^tdDtit rgoic* m (led. 

[* U ihia an nror t>r, dnr V TlialMb, pfri|a&m vmif omtdA liuAliv 
tim^ flndfbTd. I^" a^hozn all C« mosi >]ilcnJrni.] 

f Balvvtd I mlMd op <a>in.] 

(■ PiunEh«/y«fiPAft«AfiHrfvrEr<Mmj«.^Ot. It baa n« titit, » 
hkflnia^ncc. acep.ii3, brui rakrcimcut orit.] 


i:aiiifrru>~ PRAVUL 

111 1(1 1(1 

WiL hLtii III 

tequd irim 

lonrD. ftb 
La II, 

Ana vtnt 

1ltG-1|l »«» 

in*h * ■» *oni- 

• •■rJi«i( 
*iiKih *at «rr 

niVHl *b 

1 ma^ nut >9tuiulrltf i;)ti> jui^ tda, but b/ tlij gaidiag C4WM lo 


1 thnnic tliri?, holjr Lordj FAttior alinigblv, nsd c^Tcff^' 
l&pirting Gtid, ttukt Ihnu hMt VQiii^hjuifnd to lirop ma ItiU nighl 
thniiigh thy ^rnat mirror. And t bosAooh \h(^ af thu» 
unmi!fi9urablc c^Iomtmcy, to give mo grooo, bo tJ> piiv Uii> Ujiy 
nnv commg in uU lunilnuw* lut^Gknt^sji, diaitilj. chjkrity. 
[uitianoo, gaod^iOBH, Uiar, and nuHncsa, u my aurvicc imjr 
plmuc thuu lliurouE;U bjia, wliidj aiiall uotnu to jui^K^ both tka 
quiuk and Uiu d«ud, luul Ihfj ivurld b<r lire. Kwj^ and [wo- 
bi-rvu me frooi &1I evil. Srom* liU alunibliii){. a^ud fii'Uig ol 
offence, fcuin jtll vrtlful liuntng, and from vXl the cr«ft« and 
;u«tulu of wicked liendft smd eDeinies, aiwn or q&nmd 
throDgh our Lord Je^as Chmt, ihlno oD]y-bf^otI«n Son, to, 
whom be pruac find ghry tr'iih thee £br orermor«. JUiMm. 

4X A Pnf er it thv pultEitg im of out clulti*'. 

Most grociuufi and momful Sariour, JesoB Christ, Uioa 
kno(VC3t Ikow wo bo bcru, clolimd und dogg«d ivJth tho 
grioTona And hiVLvy burthi.m cf tho fint man, who foil mwajt 
unto detlUineofl thorough diHobddifini'o. >^onoht]hri^, thorofor^^ 
I boaeecii tboot to sLfi|> njo out of tho old corrupt Adain« 
irhich. bomg aocikod in un. tnuiaformoth him«clf iitiu aU inciui- 
bmacca &ad dis«a«e* ol' tbu miod, that ut-iy lead anAj from 

Put ihy ihHt off iLy fed, lor 

ftu< i>]jHr, whamm tluiu itBOilifhtt u 
bdly ^nnind- Exod- ill. 

AAinn'it rod. iM-iiig put in tho lA' 
btni44:lt, lilt] tilmKiQ. .^nd I vill 
uufJbVdAw, &C. Num. x>iL 

Abnhatt olroauielHJ lu* mh 

Ihhc^ when lie iKki«1i;ht d^h old, 
M God hsvl ci4ii]ijjuidi/d hiiu, Ac^ 

IrficvtiymoB-cliIldamanc 7>«| 

bft rtn-umdniJ- Thiit is Jc *ba|| 

P Tbp l>«tin nf iliit Pnypr U an 4 drvntiopAl woric hj Hi 

wbirnbuk vrUj^Kttjxit DuttunLua: i^ Ktdvaia lijiiLiik elQMiticiit 
Pmlmkf ilcnL^^ur LJavLdls eollHte. Strvltn llin /ItrrfoJur dMiHH, p. 100.] 
[' Tlii^ LiLijn -.—nh Amtti KAiicUlf-, tl ab oiuni moruU fJcnatO'] 
I* Tills Frajvr iacoiD^'OHd of titi>:^4jiiam Exeia ?u]iUcuUiB ; utd,— * 
Quum iDdauQur-]] 

Rid na« ilto "^uil^ and <^!oin cf ihiC hk tec&ptcr, tUo de* ST^^wT 
Miiful E?e, wMfh turn«th iu awftv from tli© ob*diCTM of ihjr ^"jy^ 
Father, Gi>t1ko nift with tljvtielf, O my r^dwrnw and «ino- tr^iSn-- 

— nll» 

tiAcr» cloflin mn viih diviotf, :thti-h art tin? sft^nd mfin, abi) Smi^'"^ 


hntt y\MtA (hywlf obndinnt in aII thiniLrt io Gnd fif j FiitKrir, 

to Hd nvftj all ItuU of tho flcUi* and to destroy iho kio^om i-4^mi 

thereof thrQU]^h rigbtoottiiie»i~ hmtlo. 

Bo Uiou uur fJoUung and ufpiirvl, tu keep u vntrm from 
tlio cold uf lJu« norJd- Fur, if ttiuu Iiq away, br lUid by nil 
Uiiu^ Wotuu ikurub, «t«ak, and oCftrk Uv^U : n]i(iivd«r if Uif^u 
bu pruwat, lUuj bo tiT^ly. «ouehL »trun^. »ad lu^ly. .\nd. 
tlivroforv, like a4 I wrap m; hoij ia ibcM cU»Ui«>> k> cIoIIm 
thou mo tdl CTor, but iitccUlly my wul, vUh ildaa own «df. 
Am en, 

I luubt 1>o filn to go ftVouI iujioug Ibe Miaroi, nhatli llio 
devil, aiod hia baJid»«nint ihe world, hjito Uid for ido : uid I 
carry with iii«, bcnidc*. lb« nting* of iuln« own f1««h. Oiudo 
tae. Ihcrfifnro. O thou ina»t »nre guide : bo thou Rty leadtfr, 
thoQ Gad of my wdffiro. Defond mo, O CajnAin, from Hit 
traina* and vIaIm^ thut ora t&id for met that whhtAocTirr 
tiling t ehAll moot wilii, 1 lUiijr ttuika no moro nwount of 
tliom than tboy aro worthy of^ hiii koep on my w&y^ with 
niino «y« »o fut flxod and MtUod ii|ioii thov tXtaxa, » 1 may 
notd«Al Willi tnytldng; further forth thui it hath mpcct ujlco 
tb««. Lord, »liow mo thy vny*, and had no in tliy pftUu, 
for thy Son'» hoko- Amon. 

(t A fnyiGC CO 1>« loM u our nFtqmbf hom^ 
Oh how eicdlent and joyfol »hall our rolunilng bom^ l>v^n5 



Abatf aU to thrlA i >hkv «■ 
mMl Wtlh Dif. mJ. tiehol J. mlnfl 
himil fthJI Im with IW jiu. U Smw 


Thviiiirtovf 9c4a hriiift gifU 
lo JcFUabm 10 Sftkaio^ wiA a 
TL17 .(Teat tx^Bi lier. 3 Mtq. x- 

fini! ■i1trn Mw ''■crrtfj nnti 

Hit dl llio AMhom, thai opfn ill 
■isuwr nnfttScBB, ai^tQiv th* fbil- 
dn^, Ab fiiA. lut 

Aivoo b«i* • ub, •ad Uruuglit 
him lata tho bvuv t4 tJir IaM In 
SUoh.ODl ilkc«ltII4trvyiKn^ An*, 

[-TaIm; iMffl^Uv'ki. ThtUtiai— tihal».3 
l'Stal»;<laftjoKTi>M%apaNfr,V«LTii.p.«i,MC4L ThKUlta^ 


it|||[«STJA?( |-UiriL]E«. 


inl'i *i|ip[. 

Kfd be CtwH. 
rbo* ^-inf; 


Mm. »o IV 

■r4«f , AUt 

4IIII 111* llM» 


ITiiir 4llA<^ 
h# ih*l1 ■[» 
•CiUl IhcLr 

hilP4, likuiuv 
WP'»iir»*l mj 

tri«i-jii<] <tiki 

Into the everlasting ^yjct and blefflcd Iiousl- of Jioaffn, wbwo 
Ihnra U no troubin aot- mi^auibranaj ;ii all, AU tho ciiriU 
A»d i^luidnc^d of tbis wurtd ia but a &iuul<jw, ta cuiiijtJkruUD o^h 
Ihc* plenburcs that am ih^m. T4i>llin^, I-ori). in llkor U> t]j^^| 
iiut>' nature, tlmu tlivr luiaU OiAl ja HvUlud In ijuktnou. Thou 
lioft caHu'.I u3 into tbat ^uklneu and peaco «f (hiac. frona out 
uf t}i€ turmoils of tht± world, as it were from oiit cf »toro:ia 
intoahAvcD; if bich U loch IL pcaotr, m the nroH^ casJiot gire, 
and u ptuwth all o*padty of man. 

lIouiM Ar«i builJr<J for un to ropair into, frOTn ibn ftiutoj 
nnco of ihfl w.*rtll»er, frnm flm rni-'llj of IicmIjIt and froca th 
waTr*i &nil tiiriiintlH of iliia (>-niiUoiift worM. 

Grant now, mo8t morcifitl FatTior, lliat, thorough th 
stngoliir gotidrtcaa, our' buJicft may ao rfiaort Jnl<i thorn fh>4 
uur outward doings, oa our miudb may yiold thotni^lrw ob«* 
diont unto thee without ^briTm^: aud that thoy aamy tUtt 
bettor and moro <[uleUy cJtftlt tiituisclv« luto tliat *otcroip»' 
ruit of tliiu? above. Grmitt that nuthbg may dUturb aDd^_ 
divqujvt tbem htiro b^oeath ; but that all tliinga bibj b« quid^f 
and oalin ilirough tli^tt poaoc of tliino. Tb«* pMOe of Chrut 
bo to this house, and to ail that dw«U Ui*r«In^ Amen. 


G A Prayor tu Ijo i^dd at tho tvIEia; oT the irau. 

Wrotcbeil are Ihoyt O LnnI, to whom tliy doy-iinn goeth 
4oin]^— I moau that mju of thiDO, wliloh never lottcLh lo lb/ 

laints. but is tdvttjE at tho nooa-poiut with IIlceu, over bright, 
and ever sbluuig. A^ droopy naght evvr dccpuUi the xuiii 


brtml qaliuE Ibe^, nManinf tu ti ill 

(h'ju WW tkui tliywlf thu al^htr 
lo-murtow, && 3 Sonu six. 

Mmtji nM lite btblH oat «f 
lividii, An4l hmkr tliMin In t^MOlJ 

down Mom the ark of lh« 

ticy I Sam, V- 



l^ The lAtla;— ill qjii?1<;ui IUuiil EuHm ilUmiiui,]]! ,] 

[* A* Qgmlnif IVotn Lodoilcut Vlvn ibia EwntfiiiN] wzu (4keD, not out 

fpf our own »rvlo<: fi»r thfi \'inJnii»ii of iJic Sifk, but cul nf Iha tatln 

fIfHrr, tth^ch him h^a»,— (^nx iniTri^jf-nlihiia e( ^i^rTtlleDllbuL 1^ Mtfb 

Mlrual. Vol I, p. TO.} 

{' Tlia La^^'-Ont'iBiiuKvtuiia in mvrldlr Incijbar Dl^ovm wentr^ 

8n4fbfl.-— dark nlg^u unto ihcm U lUc mUL-djij. Wial xriL 

dorp Cdn|iDnl)i to darken ur cloud,) 

1578.] CHRNTIAJ^ PBAYBBa. 445 

of them, even at hicrh nooDttde, wbich depart from thee. But chndm b> 
onto them, thai are conversant irith thee, it ia conUnualljr clear -"- "^J^' 
dAj-light. This daj-aun, that ahineth in the tkj, goeth and ,{1^**^ 
Gometb by tarHH : but thou (if we lore thee in deed) doBt neTer J^^uki 
go away from ui. O that thou wouldeet remoTe awaj thia mV» 
impediment of un from ufl, that it might alw&ja be daj-light Su^hhi 
in our hearta 1 Amen. a^n^, k. 

C A Prayer to be said at the lifihting np of CftnrUes, 

Great and thick darkueu OTorwbolmetb our hearta, O 
Lord, tmUl thj light do chaae it away. Thy day-aim, O most 
viae Workmaater, ia aa the cresset of this bodily world : and 
onto the spiritoal world the creaaet ia thy wisdom, from 
whence apringeth the tight, both of our bodiea and of our 
•ools. At the comic? of the ni^bt upon the da? thoa hast Aaa^tma, 
given ua candJea for a remedy of the darknesa : and for a '^'^*^'*^^,h 
remedy of our ignorance aiier wn, thou baat given ua tby™^"^^ 
doctrine, wliich thy Son (who loveth us moet dearly) hath ll^'ljir" 
brought down unto us. hE^i^^ 

Wherefore, thou fountun and teacher of all truth, make rh« sSZ ot 
na thorough both those lights to see such things, as may drive«"ii n^t 
away the dimneaa of our minda. The light of thy connte- ^"^ ^ii- 
nance is sealed* opon aa, O Lord .- thou baat put llghtaomeness 
into our hearts. Thy woid Is a Untsrn lo my feet, and a light to 

C A Pnyer to be said in tha eTfinin^'. 

O Lord, my God, ray Father, and my Saviour, foraa- 
mncb aa thou bast granted me the grace to come to tbe end 
of this day, and hast created the night for man to reat in, I, 

SadI nid to Deeg : Turn thou, Lifl up ihy rod, uid strrtch out 

sod fill upon (he pricsta : *bd IX>eg iJiLne hand npon the lea, &c. Ex- 

the Edomite turned, &c- 1 ^m. odua liv. 
zxii. Tbej cut down a bnoch with 

AtbaliB, swing her aoa (o bo one cluster of grapot oad bear [itl 

dtadt defltroyed lOl the king'i aevd upou, &c. Nudi, uiL 
But Jehwheba, && [4,] Reg, kL 

[* The Vul^tc : — ugnatum oat super nos. Pa it. 7-] 

[* See p. 131, and the note. A Prayer in the ApoatoHcat Coiutitu- 

Uona, Lib. vnt. CBp^ SfT, under llie title ti/^piirria n-iAbj(Mar> may be 

alio compared n iib thii-3 


CltnlSTlA^ t^ftAVSlU. 


mttl tnit^ 

tryih. Allah 

M^A »'k< Oil- 

(utk lU 

■ iitir I'liHo 
taihf ton ol 

(Iml, iiMtl 

imml Ihil 


HgHpf Mill- 

iMJberoh thvo inDiiil livirlily lo atigw ma UiU goodiwu lo tho 
m«i<iii(r ur thln« iuftnlEo bt^zivilu, titat I tnAV w ten ihii nif bt 
to tlio cojufort and rcfrabmcat of mine infinniCT, ai mj 
hcnrt mny iliU bo lift up unto thoe, and my *oul bftve bft- 
tpirituil f«it, Jii *f«1I at ihe b^dy IaIcviJi hit. TM n6t mj 
Alct'(» b* t]nrnpnaurhi>li\ lo pl<;(wo o^cowitHj ihi* cam of m/ 
lli^li, liut Dii]y tf> ^ijR^i^ tlifi iKvcAJffT nf my nnlLirc, thttt I 
may ho iho hcttj^r dJaposcd to t)iy scrvipn l&TtiftTToiT, 

rreaerTo mo also fWim all undconnisA both of body tmA 
mpul, keeping int* from nil icmpUtiona of tbo onony, Kod &0« 
uli ;!an^Dr^^ tbat mny btHni inc. And bvoouBO 1 b&To n4 
{jiuEcd thi» day niUjuul afifndiiig ibco lUU-r div«n vurla ukd 

iHAiinurB : like; tu nun. In tlio abuTnco ^ tlio tuD. tbou MudMt 
diirlcTton iu oorcsr nil tliln^i ; to also voudiufit lo wipo oat 
mine ofl«n«» by Lhiri« inftniia mi^rcty, so m ihcy may 
como lo rwVnnbg l*foro thy Jini^'mcnMiraL 

Ml which Uiinu;! I vk nnd cr^tc of ihoo m the 
And for the sciko, of thine only ^n, my I^rd And SaTioQr, Jf*at 
Cbriittt Hoirordinji; to tba rule whiah he hath gtvrfi na td p 
by, Riyinj^: 

Our P»ch^T, which Afi. fsf. 

■iMi • Idurf 
nildB. L>a» 

4 T-i 

T4i\] J»a CTbrlaLt to wIiok ujieonnimabb gOOdMM wa tv bihol 
for iill thjnj^ : vhlrli li(v*t jtiuiu^ Oip c TimTfijl lljht of l^d dnj' nnlo 
mrn, h«th pcmkI aikI WtA, lo do IhHr btuEnna In, And mirrtftilly fftrttt 
th*ni tilt »wppt ■li]lfU'-» uf thv Might, to T^fimli the jiowmor ituirtdJIy 
hci^lif^ ■nd tJ> put nwiy tIip rmri» of tlji*ir min«]», Afid la tmn^fgc th«ir 
»nvw». furiibmacli u tlioQ th>tc]f pcrfbrmnt all tlint ibijijp tuorfc 
uxor* bvniiriri/dly (a llipm UiM lov* thiv, bo whmii llwu Ei^'V"4 ■ ta 
gnatcr Hcrhi by the [^nm of folili. to do iJl dcids t<f GntUiinvb 1^, ilm 
dnth tfiB iJiininff of ihr vnn imfa ibi irnrld ; iiihjmucb u iby Jiffmn&rt 
iwvi-t mjllrrlhrtn W *Bilil. hnl fhi- cini}ft>rt of iby **plhlmifJ»(li ftv«y»]] 
citiatrrvotu* of nUiid ilu motv dTtictiuUy tluo uiy il*«p Of 1^ 

cut of ilkii nontiy, Jocub look 
«ll hi* K°viU and cullk, ^lu CSm. 


wjiiitf ; Shall I go up luio anj [of 


th«] dtln of Jodih, l;e. $ l«cu 

A mpti of |)«tlA^ &t Gnir 

Tbv wviuvj. trtiiiK Ih* ttro to 
ba picflnnt, tuuL «f Uw ItuU, trci 
(;vn ill 

C' eMp.«7a^Tih.-l4lin.l 

iruuiifEi iiuiuuri inijJi^ piiiii lu'jiIijjrDW, 
btUi o^Whltd ihlne vyrt^ [ibirii hitbIJ^t] pnnlan i( fiir iliy MmtttfJ govd- 
ae^mlMiKadgivil tharrtftlhol, iIiai iliid n&clil mii> be hapiij U- lav \fy 
A^ imvprHiv Ihnrraf. t^urT! hy \}iy jimmlng «f fiUbAd mf^fhim Ojl- 
Bic^tlj illu«tn04 of whrlcfJ /irtul^ tlK^rough fiij frnMctiHl, an u ihit 
Blwp ui4> lu^u buUi Dij bgj^ aukI uiiud luon cfacrtfol •nrl lualr ^ 
•rrw llifo to-mvrrvw. 

AtanoTOTk 14A1UB thb Tlfc hath not one hour nnoln, whciuocm Uie 
vffntidr thMmffnmath, .-unl Ihi* Innj ilff rrf tbn V>Jjr gruwiih upirh 
me, from whidv ^^ thaXl uol uaLv, liU Uio <I«d hk oflt^ ti il>'» »ond 
of Lh'LiiDiui£AlV tmnppl^ 1 1i*ia^v1i th**, tighUu ibim fJivn tl»<T« of ay 
muiil. » ul mtj not iltcp In cveilutliv death bjlbo qwixtilBC if ajr 
taithf bat iHt in tlK«^ to whuin o^ra the dcttduv olln: irhkh litM 
ttid n1j(B»l vlib Uie tVh^r, nnrt ilie Ifoly GhctM, «Da frod, «mld 
wi(li{>ul nil}- AnvHU. 

■nil* to tfi* 
H^ JLnd 

A Piv^r to be iild, trticn wtt nnctoth« ounclvM lo bed- wd. 

Till! boj^, which ifl become unliAiiflBomc nnd unwicUj' 
throui^h din. tihAtl bv fvjutumod bj liltio and littlOi Ukd d^ 
liTvn^l Afpiii to the rnrth, frorn w]]Lin[;o it wju ijik^D. Thore 
ihull tho ood bo of thiA vnruljr, »bJ4ih wd hftvo porchsMd to 
ourMflTs by our own f^tlly. ?tov, thoroforo* IhoUf O moit 
lotiug Father, vhich ha^t wt me togollicr. duivlTO mc io 
■ucli «iMw ■> I iDaj l*<jl lujwtf to be <luKtlT«], ftnd r«iu«m- 
ber nf nWni I »m oif«r«omo\ lad coii^«r wh^rh(<r I Tnuvt 
go, Tikko mo not itnftTar«» ivnd TrnprnTiiitd lo thv jod^mont- 
K«ftt : bfrt, Uk« ftJi wo be ivillmg lo put off our «lothc«« ufaieb 
«« •hall put on AD"", wh^n iho aisbt i* pA?it: >d lot d« not 
bo loth lo put off thh bodjr, wbkh fro tiiaii rcodvo ■fain 


l.t BhiMt a J 
tCJi » tul- 1 

h'a • EttiK 

Hib«iimtid»t UoMriT vpoQ 

Mdd, Hid i^iU wto dnJ, and 

Abtmham Mid; Lard, if I htiru 
bOW found favw lo lb/ aJfbi, 4ic«> 

^ ioor on ISMi, vtflrt^ to Ik 
midal of thfr fiiVL Ehin id. 

llavid toU 10 SiAIub: t Uay 
HiiaoJiguiBttJbt Lurd, tsx^ SSooL 

Av«, t«kc4 upon MjrrUoi, 

t* 'Hie Uflin ?— 4h>iT]fn *1 idoIf cohvftot 1 

^1 Th*L«tin:-^(|iii>invfiwtiM. UradforJ:— of «b«Bt<r«iiai*L 
Ibecopjr DSpJ I7 tb* pni«kC IfmdMV ktt^ vo doubt, tittma $rrjit^m.\ 


C8R18Tt<!l rnAYBKl. 

mwaoirti ftftcr thai the night cf (Jub world hath run wl lus full race, 

■•WW M*4I " 

h.b.>_ij rh* o-Lu^ li- 

te tahiii ir4 


ih"^ (hi. 

C[ -^ Trajflr lo be aJd nt uur (joinjf iDLu bad. 

When tlio day u cndud, atc give oiirMlroi lo rrat in 


u---, i^i;^,^ ni^ht : so. *vhcii t,LiJ£ life is enJod, wo rest lo death, ^■^l^hm)^ 
"^1''^^ tt'E^mblotli our Jifo more tliui LNo iLiy> n<ir iluiUi tuorv ibon 
iTk«tu, gi^^p^ jifjr iIlq ^I'lLvo iiKTG tban tlio bud. Voavboafe* Uuaro* 
fi^rOi O Lord our gororncii' and dufundor, botti to Abi^ld nt 
now IjtQg v^nablc to help oumolvOi, from the cmfkintM lad 
Aunutt* of our cruel <?nc}Tnj; nud alio to call u* tbon uala^^| 

thoe, whj?n w<j bjinll bo j-ot oioro unabb, at the fiauhing 
the rafo of thiA lifo, not for our onn dMort*, but for thy om 
mcroT finko t lliEit wo tniiy livo and walk ' with thoe for over 
j^nd now ht 110 >io fitll aslcop in tl)<<D. as tbou onlj^ and thofto 
[ibir"] exoooding groat and Incrodibb good thinge, inaym oncb 
wIm bo prc4U(tt fllvrn^ Wuraiia by tbo inMlgbt of our istDd^ aa 
Wfl may not bo abaontfroMi tLoc, no, jiolovun mfdnap: that audi 
drcamfi may both koep «ur bodi and bodica puro and undiK 
£lod, aud aisu oho^r our heLirif with that bk»cd Joj- of tlunc. 
In, irujl wherouf I will fill on »Eu«p, and take my rcil» 
through our Lord and Saviour, Jotu* ChrJut. Ainvn. 



C A Pi^jrcr, wlien iv« tte rtoJy to tlttp, 

SS'i?'^ Tako mo into il\j protocdon, O Lord Jron Chriat, our 
vahoEhM dofvndorp and grunt, ibat, whtfo my body Hleopothi my aooJ 
JU^J;^"*, may wato in tlioo, and cbiicrfiiUy and joyftjily b«liold the 
i?K7iiIf* l»*tppy iind pladiomo hoiivcniy lifoi wlioroln thou art aorfr 
SSUSa^ roign, with tho Fathor and tlio Holy Gbo^t; and tho aagok 
^p^°nii and holy louls of men, aro most bUucd fcllow-cttinena for onr 
UaAA and CTcr. Amon. 

Wbd ahftll bitv* |Jilf , tiivu.up^m 
thoe, O Jonualcm 1 or who* &tv 


Thrir fi'MU Jiiv tomnl into ■«-. 
mofiUkLloiii thrtrallnri:, Ac t AIa- 

Ttiv wotnvn a>aiijr b> vouph !■' 
ibp^r ploy, and ««ld. 3r« 1 Sink 


lAint tv iiirel licliiluj &c 4 Bui. 

[* The LatSn, ilglltmuL Bnuirnrd, WAT-^h. nii p. 4B. we IHcri 
lind vaift pnt^ wTirt^ vn nliDoId liaro cxpnctal inrtfo'h j 
[' 'J'bt IaUd ;^u4 ili4i booi iniftDtiA-] 

1578.] CHRISTIAN PRATEE8. 449 

C. A prepaiaticm, or pn£ice to public pray ^, 

Almighty God, and toiren^ FafheTf I will come into thy houn in the J^JJJ"' 

muitittnii of thu mercy, and in thy fear wiil I Korihip toward thjf hoiy vmiric, nd 

Df^u cut 
tempo. AiL (hna 

I AdH iowd the Aabi/ation rtf thint houte, and toiUinyly am Ipretent in ttaugu. m^ 

tht nngrtgation qfthy tainU, praiting and eon/euing thy holy name- Owm^ ta 

C1tme,iet ut JaU find bov down b^ore the L(frd, vho hath made ut: be- ES?hiu» 

eauMe Seitthe Lord our God, and we the ^tttp of hit patttire. ^'«^^ 



Ejcalt the Lord our God, and fkU down h^bre Aif Jb^^totA, for he >*"'^,>^7 

u Wh. orthltML 

Lord, I make my prayer vnto thee in an aecfptabU timej eiren in the 
mvHilvde qf thy merciei: O Gcdt hear me in the truth ^ thy tal- 

ant nun 

/ viU offer to thee a tacrifia of praUe, and isiS coU upon the name itkiIkIi 

I vi/l pay my ma unto the Lord, etten ttdv tn the pretence qf alt J^i^^ijai 
hU people, in the courtM qf the Lord't houM, prpi in the midit qf thee, ^WiinT^ 
O Jeruealem. talBS 

/ iwtf run in (ho vay of thy commandmente, vhen thou ehalt enlarge JjjJiJJ*^ 
nnu heart, leit wa im^ 

Tmck mej O Lord, the way of thy ttatutet: open mine eyee, that iii^uvL 
may tee the vcmdo't of thy law. 

Then wOl I take tht cup qf talvationt and call vpon the name of the 

Lord, t^en thou my lipe, and my mouth ihaB thew forth thy praiie. 

I mUl tifly teith the tpirit, and in vnderetanding, and eay, Amen. 

C. A ehort speech hefon the Lord's Payer 

O heairmly Fither, O raorf mtrriful God, I, most wretebcd doner, ThwyH 
un iinwarthy to lift up my himda and eyea unto thee, or to trouble thee E!f Siiy 
wilhrnyprej-™ i^-Hv^ 

XeverUielcflo, foiasmuch u thou hasC commanded all men to pray, J^.^^ 
and promised, that thou wilt hear da; and, moTrover, pmerLbed us >f?!!^^,^f„ 
foxm of prayer Id njzpT^ae words by thy wtU-belovcd Son Jesus Christ; Kwrcfiriii, 
being diireti by thy cominandment, and tmstingto tby promiBes, J E>my no-onih'* 
unto thfc in the name of my Lord, with all the godly upon earth, tru r«u of 
»ying, at lie hath taught us. Our Father, which art in hearen. .^- SI^T^ 

la this hou» beoomo a den of Aldolom rose up cnrlj', and ttood 

thwTH? vheRUpon, &c. Jerp. vii. hard by thp, &c- 2 Sam. xt. 

Mino house ahtill be called a Judaas^d:Come,letuaBelLhim 

houK of prayer for all peoidc, &c, to the JsniaeUies, &p. Gen. xiavii, 

Eiay IvL ^ Joseph was brought down 

Wlien Joseph's brethren saw into Egypt, and Potiphar, &c. Gen. 

turn afar off, &c. Gen, xxxQvii]. ixiir, 


[Qt), EU2. FRITBRS,] 



1*10 bur^ 
into I^UJ. 

i ferb*. 


A Pmjer to Go J, Uic F*ihcT*» 

MoHt byiu;,' t'ulber, uliivh, beiiag mo«t UjgH, ilweUuitt b 
tliv lij^lit'Kt plucvv, huairkcii to iLo pnj«r« of ihjr Mr^uiU 
yvt* wa^ruriEii- hijrti i^u oartb, wlioio Uiou. of UiEdq naapML- 
ftblu f-ixrJiKjhtf, huat. vcui:h«Af«d tho ruMiie of tby vhildrea« &ad« 
t^Lviitjr llii^iu tho luoirt precious pl«dg« cf Oit Sp'tnl, faki»l 
grAfitpd tlium loftve tu t^l upou Ui«o wUh r«r«roat botdiin* 
by the njiuie of Falber ; W4 prijr, lliftC ihj/ liol,v luun^ suj 
bt> ao kaonn tliroti^h Dio whole world* Hint tike JU in Lb# 
)iC£Lvealy city tljuu aluno art the glorj cf all f<Ak, co oo 
Oarlh no raiut may gl'^^y ^^ himiclf, but all CDCC nckikgn- 
ledge tlidr own unworthincia iLQd thy boimtifulocn, aad 
glory in thco, which t« ihc only trueglnry. 

And beem^ae we hivo divcra and hard cnooDnt«n to «it- 
duro Agninal the warld, the devil [and] hi-i tniniit^n, and th« 
flpah which we bear about ua: we bp*ceph th«i even with 
iighe. that thy kingdotn mny come; that like n in botrcn 
all tlitngFf fiubmlt thctni'zlvo? to thy majt^atj witli tranblid^. 
sfi fihii thy Spirit miLy rf>igD in our ba&Hd| loAkiii^ ii> ^ 
aok(ki>tt]od^o tlioo the Klri^ uf i^ll kingfl, tfaan tiie whidt 
nollimj; oan bo vitJier grwtl(*r or bulUir. 

Am! AH In thy holy pnWa Ihore ii no r«ibelliail, so lei il^— 
mortal creatures put awivy nil flcalily luftlfl, and with all the^^f 
heart* oboy thy khii^^ly i-oiuniAndinouta, both in proap«rity 
And &dvor»iCy« lifo and d'sritli; auturtn^ thom ftelvoc, tJutt 
tljoa couHt nut will any tiling* but tlial which 14 fQUgnTviy 
gocd, and thut the uunc h ein^ularly ^oud oven lirrrfM 
it hketh the^: vihkli nil! of thine it h[v;h ptrrEUwd Okee^ 
moikt dtfar Fulher, to eipre** uiitu us m the hdy biblo, Otat 
we might knew it^ But na man U ahU to fulBI thy 


Tlie foo1I>h virffiDB oime aLa>, 

Thfl tfTOOL droj^rjn., thai old uot- 
pniG, w HWt aut, 'tc Itor. lU. 

■bly, «Ad finM* bim ntiJ^ lb« ill^ 
tbitlHdHHltt^ SttttukiiL 

Simon, to ivd««m Jontihon, imi^ 
fi(h manej, wid ibe ohtMrrn, bo Ti 

Ihcwmo boDkUiavUeaothflT rimUut Pnf«. ^tfa the tltJt:— ] 

I^mitiiea d J^jntiY ill KriilfrD pntleii, per Jh-n. Krwamm ReL] 
[' The l4lia :'-fliJhQf iTt Itait ritil^ulium.] 

manilnivnU, udImi thou give hrm the gnc^ nnd, of thine no- ^g*Si 
ip«;hkAUo mor*:^, tftko cur nnabiTilT in ^d parL -"hSR^ 

And foruiauch » flccording lo thy Scai'i doclnae we, iS^^'J'*' 
taking do thought at ;kll for (ho lioia ic «cmc. do bjmg ■fb^'ll}' nlilTsvw 
upon ibo proTidorico of iheo, our mtnt bfiuntiful Father : pvc rni«*pliv 
thou ui dftilj at thv plc^aurr, whatto^irw the "*c**"l7 ^JU taii'iU 
thii lifo requirfllh. But afore a.\\ thinj^. becanso that, iccord- ^JIJ^JJ 
ia^ to tb« sayinjiE of tbr dcAr »«rTiLnt I^ut1, thou art chiHlv 
ibc Fjithcr of ipirita, fc«d our Htuli whh iptritujJ food ; «ho< inif^ «<ka| 
th«r It bo Lbtt wo havo luwd of miJlc, b«cai)»o w« b« ir«etklin5\ 
or that wo bo ablo to brook <ubifUntbJ«r m^ftt» tie>caui»« v^ 
b« grona to furthor jean of diftcreijon- 

The moat, thju giT«th llfo in dood, ii th« kn«wT«dj!« of |2[^ 
Ihoo bj Ihj bolj Bi.Tiptur¥« and tlio ^riv:^ of th^ Spirit, uSl'!!3g 
whictbjr w« groir uj) lu theo, tfaofDuf^ii dAilf InrroaBO of^?!!^ 
tfaiaa b tho inD«r m&n, until no bo fuLljr men, grown accord- ^'^jg^ 
bg to tho full DHAran* of thtno onlj-begoiten Son, -J^o"^;;^^, 
Chrirt, By Ihy Word Ibou be^t««t as, when wo woro|2TO2to. 
nothing ; by Iho bat:^o bast tbou bogi>tt«n os agnln, uiibafpil^' l^Jl^iX^ 
born of Adam ; and hj tho nnc dc*t thou fc«d and chomh S^ n«u. 
ua now again begotten. 

For that ii tho boarcniy broad, that a llio aaw vino, 
which (dwelling in thj hoavi) do pnuw \hw foe oror and ever, 

Whereof if tliOD TDuchtiafo to bcvtow Bomo portion daiij 
upon SB thv oliildron. tiio Iiun^for and tbjnt of worUljr tiiiag> 
wiU docTMae in tu from dar ti> daj. And ahbonj^ thou Sl» 
haT« Ut^uvi u» all our uim once alrtadj in' hot^ baptiun 

thorough /aith ; ir^ notittilutaading, bocMue tbat, m ]ong **g|g|^ 
w» cvr/ this TTiorial flwh ftb<nri ua, and bear th« lr«a#Br« *^r?ASIIi"^ 
thy j^raro in Cflrthnn tivwU, wt m dally through DatBral t^TSSa 
inflrmitj, bo a* iro hjiTo daily nord of ibj merr-y |o forgiTWh"^?* 
tva oar Hlidingi; lirt w not fdll ^Itn and Hrnn mit of thyZt'^i^S' 
favour, but let ua enDtlniJO in that pntR^, vherrin wo bo MtQ^LutfL 


Wltni Cham, ILm fiktluTofCha. 
luan, aw tb* luktdDBn nf Iih f»- 
OiiTt, bo t4l4 bh tw& bRi^riii. A'., 
den it- 

I Mwu' it mofkol tf link chiU 
drto, crjtDff unto bim: Chdv ii|S 

[" ThtljAin?-bw 

tboqMdhMd.&<, 4ll<^iL 

m^ Ia^L. Aa']fi]fT«nl«afldUei& 

Siikij] «iiuj4» Jvb ttkb fw bol* 
fmutU»It*flHifeo4.&<^ iabiL 



cmtisrux p&atzb& 



] UM 'IHM* 

ik f PiU "' 


ut one ttltlj theo bj llio bbud uf lUine onlj-bo^ottcn Sod- A&d 
tliurcn-ttliol grant, iljut us thuu boat mordfully pftrdoottd all 
uur mlaJueds, so we, fur^Wiiig unc another tbur doilj tr«»- 
l^axqi^s (whkb Ara timtvll. or QothiDg, ia compnTitoa of our 
olYijiicc!* lovrurds tbee), om^ DmintaJa mutULil pcatc. Oigi'o^ 
ii^ci^L, Aod fViaT-Sl^T among oorselrea. For ho« that bou^Ui 
aa^ gi'iidgo t^f hearuburnmg toward hk Deigbbonr, cuiaot 
hftve the Civour cf the&, i*hkh art the God of peace. Bat 
foroAmucb [cu] while wc gc> a warfare in tbM« lMkt5 d oar 
bodEOs> tbi:^ mnlic^ioui tempter, from whoM tvrMiti^ thou bait 
>«t us fret hy tliy eon. Jo^ub Cliriat, CftfiAeth not to' Lrj all 
hiB policiM to draw us back ftgAin into bondago; we l>MBoch 
tboo, giro us not oror into his hands for want of ihj defbrio^^ 
for lie apckeih the (toitruolion uf our »oi)1h; bitt gnuit us 
B(i[;1i gnico, tlint w(] (i^outluuin^ in Dio fdluvrfttup of tJiy fno«t 
lovJDg ^on llirough fuUti anJ oharitj) inik^ fiuaXlj como (o tbo 
Ijfo, ttlioru' llioru U no ofl'tfndjng, nor an^ daugar to b» 
duubtoij of at S'ltlian's hand. 

niini*il iFhil 

nhil, Hnt 
4<|lHf lldfl 
tar. aitrl 
Jwii irj III. 
MJd4 4« 

C[ Another, ia Jesnt Cliriil, out VtoAmmvt, hy & AufliBtiu > 

1 cull ii|ion ilirc, C> CiiKl, ! tJklE (j|>un tJirr, Iwrfmaf than art ni^b 
ell tliviti, tM kf>lt LJLM.n iikLN! in iiulli. Tlinu art tli« (ruUi; Icodmo 
bcv<i>ct] ilw, iu lUy uu-rcy: O Eiuly Truth, luiidi iitolucill tipanibm li 
trudi, Ffjr how J ■bmilii *rt dn, 1 know uoL TcarJi in^, ihcrtfuTr, 
Ptoiil hoTiilily bcvrth liiFD. I) rii4*t lili'iwj Truth- For wuloru vitboui^ 
ihi-y [■ fiKilialinpn, Ui Viio* iheo h* I'crfud VnowWif^, loilnut me wldi' 
Ih^ dlvlao tvUrtoiu, uinl toucli ui« tliy Uvr, L'ur t Uiluiw. (lut hfl i» mot 
liii,}jp/i yfiiit it umlnu'tdU by tlm^ tmA im^t thy Uw J hart n dain la 
call upon thtf, w|iii?h I pmy rhpc ilirLl t nmj nin iii miiy. Mljja to It 
la can upon Truth in trutli, liuL lo oU uLtun tho Pullicit m thn itel 

MliPn IhDii hant ilonp mit thy 
duty^dttlawu.liiat (lu>u uiaykl r*- 
wif* ■ crown, Ap. Kcc1c». Mill, 

AbDcr sQJJuntoDavlit; Whui^tt 
ttion, that rrin>l to ihi* l^iiigi ^c. 

JiNiLc-n mnt a irifncaevf unto 

JlvUWr Uf iD|r 1 ThotOdS At> Kl to 

TlioQ Llii Linu ovioi 

■lid ih*y braii^ht Lbnirb >ad 
&i^ Dan. vL 

Ahnihiuri Itrtk the mD^ o( 
hiimt nllrT'inh'j diuJ lai J U u 

Behold, tbfl m^ow tfvt than 
^btriivf 4ticki^ ftjnrt BlUa oUdJ 
tji!r. mid niidr !Stc. 3 lUg. xriL 

[* TUe Ijfttbi :^uiim mJmDren; nuuihlliAi,] 
i* TWLalia:— uU nutif niDC vfr«n«iionm,noc iiT]am«8iiAaiu 




Troltfa mac bolj FAiher, thy word la tbf iniLhi Uid thf Ifglnnlng 
of tkij irord in tnilh : for tbi4 i* iht (jr^ning of thj uronl^ thit thjr 
nord *■■■ 111 iho IfCjcfnntnj}, 

tn tbci 1)#i[itLnlag itorlfl *tontiLpihn,OUioiii prlDdiMd* Btcinniiig: 
In the nrry word of InEh, I cry to thvc, m«l pcrftvt Tnih. In lIiq 
whk<ti. O then ihp rrrjr lAnm Intth, iMfh aimI ilirret mp- Fnr khnt w 
WpMji, IhAB fo CidI Dpon Ibe Fiilhvr in the iiuEit uf hb< onl^-^^ff^uirt n 1 
Ihin Di> fOOni tb* FfUuv la comp^MioD by iuvn[ioit uf hit ^oai lIuu 
ID |iq(-ify the king l^y [tJi«^3 ^^^^ "^ 1^'' wpll-Tirlorcd ttultt T Fov by 
thb mpjint thr cifTtntlCT LanlMWil fmn i^rlrpn, the «|>tivp Ht at llbcHy 
By thin mmam Oti'y, thai Ikqif^ rtecivnl Ou KFTuifful knldHrv vf JmUj. 
■» voivl to ]iiiKhiuc not odIj ponloo^ but unh'i|i*<l favour. If ibi'y pifvj 
die \itvp of ihr v^irbvlavcJ Kid. By tliU n^caci tarvuit*, l7ml flo m^ 
pui^ (aE^pe IhtiF nutfer'a imalBhmrbl, wbfn his IotLd^ Son' i* tlt^ 

KvtfD wi, C) nlmu^ly FtlbiTn I prKy tliH, fur Lbo li>vtf of iliy ornalpg- 
CcDt ^LLii. Jraw my nul out of prlwD, (hat I< may nnfcfl unto thj nvDC 
DiliYrr Dif^ from tlw rhitlju of i^ 1 buMfh ihco. by <by coMvTfinl nm] 
«lify Njn : arid mo^t [n<4rifnl1y mtor* mr f/) !i^ by rbr mvIiaTJMu uf 
ihjUEBt prcciifUB !^i ailLiuic at Ihj '^JCbl lioud. >'ur wbat ollirrlolpr- 
ttmar I idiould ■|i|hjliil I kjiv** not» but Mm, vIhj la tbc pro[iilWli>ii fur 
OUT HW, who ullclll lU ihy right hiUiil jJcAJiJig for ^1^ nntinlJ ntr 
ftdvotAfD uJlEi tiir#. O 4Jod die Father: brbuld tlur clik^f llu^of}', hIiu 
M«detb uo otbrr bli»dy«i|iiatHiD, far iliol hu ihinth bubrunJ nilii Uii 
Otra UmiIh BuhoJJ the holy ftiiJ vcO-yUaidug iurifin, oOcr^ up, and 
VPMlirFi! in* «J1 «He«li)c«k IMiold the immaenliin Xjoith. ttbk)i lay 
alill brliipr the iheuvn? vho, bring h-afftit't^ w\i\t nl, anit o|ipFi>briDutly 
tftUcd al, oif DV>t noL bit muuth IWUdTcI, h^i, wbu kiimrd not, twk out 
lUH upbD bim, oud with bk ■(; ijios tiGAloi our LaiiimlUrh 

^ A Pnyn tA God, the fwh ^. 

O LoM Jmu CbrUt, the tnakf^r nnil rrilN^mor rif mjitn* 
lun^ vhicli liMt mU'I, thiit ihna arc thn witr, lltn Irnth, nnij 
tbv life: tbe W>y» hj dortriftr, prcwpt*, ami nivmpln*; iht^ 
truth, In proTnlB»< And the Uf^ In reward: 1 boflreoh ibctft 

JknJ vim 
Hvt ««i* 
ocaiiB Up iht 

■id LteatiF ^1 
4lflv^aOqfl« ^H 

l*llt UIH- 

•HdLin Mill 

ti ridPB 

ht^ P«— Fll W 

Uu*. Jn4 

llUl, >>^ 

Jotdl th. 


T^Mwin vrvu^hi cuiiiujiBly 
•wry cfftft of biw> lod IroOi tco. 

b^.tlu ii«Ofh«l, maonl lTl ibfl 
ttMK «kb « Btr, ukl £utftd' on 
ativr, ftc 

Mlih iliv rtk which tin Lord 
Ood hid rjkkfla fma tbc man, &c^ 

The LorJ Hid to Mov*: Tli'iu 
tliolt imit* Uw iwk^ud w«tar, &a 

!' Tho Lfttio r— MPHDan priixIpiiiiD-^ 
' The t^Ea:— dulcvdo fiUomm^] 
r* Tbo tdUa:— bi t>di>ivnt ifaticatik] 
(' F>oni Enamiu' /Vw ^ f fa w alipMJ, ^ Q. 
KeiDpk An ImiuiLOM* Cbrviii, Ub iir. c^L^ri] 
[; ¥WaA: mid* &A] 

Sm oIm ThoniAi ■ 


cURlffTlAK rjUTBM. 


UAm \xlli 

toT ttiiiuj uuapL'ukiibltj Iovo'h Multtf. irli(jrutlinJugli tboa lust 

toucluiLfiad to timptuy Ui^ooLf uliully in tb^ laviag of vt, 

mf(<v mo imt ut uu^ tijuii tu ittJii^ i'ruui tliw, wlucL art Um 

ifn; ; tiLrr tu diaLi'tul Uij pruiiuH(<^ wUivli art (liv truLli, aad 

poffuriuijBt nhuLiutivijr tliuu pii>iiiUuHt ; iwr lo r««A m uij 

c»th(!r tiling ihim lhi<v> whlulx flft llu ^Ajr. Uyond wbicli Uur* 

is nothing tu b^ dehlrtid, iivtthnr iu h«atuti> nur in eartli. Bjr 

"^D^«M^i tbtfti ttu liuvo WriL^d tM Auro cLnd rftady wjij to Lruo tali** 

TtL^bl^' tiLtu, tu Lli<i LEittiiit >vo *]^ouU not zander any lunger up Ubl 

HCU41, ' (loffu III th>> maj(«i of likLi ircirld. Thuu fuut lAUgUl M 

MD«at^lhr Hirtugldy what to bdiovc, what to do, nhil to Jiopw^ Ittt 

*^^.'J« ffW«ia lo roit. 

jhJV.Mn-n, We hfcvo IcAriKid of ihoo, hair nn^jwioiuOy * v# b^ bont 
5^X^""*flfthpfirat Adnm- We bjiTO learned ofihoc, that thor« U 90 
hope of salFalion. but by bdiof in tJic«; and that tboa vt 
ihc only light, nthioh BliinoUi boforn ua aU, ju nc jouni«j 
lliraug}! tlic w^^ldcrntiaB of this wi>r!d nnii throtij^h tlie night «f 
our own bctkna, from iho durknois of Hf^pt, to that blMsad 
luad, whiiib thou bojit prciuuiMMl to thii ineok, and to radh tt 
follow tbo fcotetpiis of tby niiJJm!!bf. For iu u« thero waa 
QOlhing but dovp dihrkncTHi, LuuuTuuijb tliat wo coufd cdthcr 
flOfl our own wrutchoduoa«r Qor whor« to tMi;L remedy for iL 
Ititl iIjou, vouGhsaflfig to como down into iLa o&rih, tad to 
n^l^^ Uki> uLir it^turo upon thoo^ of purpciM to drlro amy tba 
aSSI^J"" "*^'^ "'^ ^^'"^ ignoranoo wUb Iho light of thy dodHoov **d •• 
)3f,|I^*,,rt dircut our fcoi into tho way of poaco by thy preoopls^ hut 
t!CiU^h'^ pLiYud US Ulo nay to immorUlity liy ihy o)iam|iI«, and, of n 
r.^ w* biuhy ' oud rough vray> uuido tu a pLiin And amooUi way , Vf 
J^^T^uiA tromliiig it out with tliiov own ftioUtopi- 
^"^.A" ^- Xlius^ arc tbou (tthlcLi cuut aa ikiU of 



ftiTor} boooma, 

A» uoQ lu the iDD iw down, 
JiHup cainmniidfltii that thtjr, Ac, 
JuBU- tiU- 

Tlun tluy niw, and ivvl^c all 
nisUt, uilI totk the body, &>& 

] Null' XILXJ 

U'bun Juwi'h wjw t«mD to hit 
brvxhn«,tb(-yiiripLhLM»Aitf* («cQr 

So they tAOik up JcoH^ 
him into tb* iMt md tbe: 
Jvuu L 

itomn uoKoi mUatghir^ 
loAk lb* dufuik &fb Jtjdirun xfi 

Abd the Lonl t[<Aks iiMO til 
£bZi, Mul U »it out JiHB^ fa 

^ Tht LdCm;— lu Jiabu iIa £k«tu> (4r q 

DC Midi CTTOT^m. 


ciikUTtASC nuTltta. 


wfiT, whcrvin (iii Ihc mlont ms iJionId not fjunt] Uij ifooiJiiceM 
baih TouchsaTcd to lUjr in Qp vkh znutj f^reat auil turu |]fu- 
inisH. For who can lirr. when ho romciuborotli, that. 'U hn 
walk in thy fooutr]i!i, tlio inhcHuiicu of Ibo IwuwuJy Jifi» i» 
prcpanxl for lum ? Thorcforo it u Uiy will, tliat b(j|w should 
be u b 0uro staiT to hold lu u]^ oa luui; aa we bu ta th'm 
journey. And thy ^oadnou wu i^ut oouU^uLvd witli LliftU tuL 
forssmui^li iu tUuu knowoet iim woakutsa of our flwb, UioUJhh 

r<jrn»lj«at <jur ^tr^^^th froia tiiuo Lu tiujo wllli tlie coEufort oi ^ "!^7 
thy Sjriril, tv tho iuiciiL iti< tuny uuuio ruurnQj^ chovrfitlly ui) to ;;^^^, ^^^ 
ihttO. And UB thuu, bdag 1>ooi>ul« vut wsy, pullMt toid« all ^/^ 
CM110 of ulT&yjug; au. buiug iW Irutli, [tbuu] pullWl ftwJty Ul Z^\^ 
CMBO of diB(rD«l : finjilJy. Uiiig become our bfo> ibou g>vr«l iti tTil.?^^ 
gnco to b« dead btfr« uulo ala> and to livo through thy Spirit, l^intc. 
wbic^h i^iiic^onoth ftll Ihiog*, tuidl that in Iho rMutroction, h^. iik 
when all morulily iibjJl bo rid quite uid cIriui away, wo thall 
livo wiili lhrt» And in thoo for «Tcr, Lit* whit^h tim<^ God ahail 
bo oil ia all. 

For it u CTorUAtin^ lifo to knaw the Father, tho Son, 
and ^o Holy GhoAt* lo be the one imo God, whom we kc 
now b^ Ulba but u throu|{:h ft glojiA, and in a riddlo : but llicn 
as* w« ehldl huhold \m glory at hand, and bo tranKfonnod 
into tbo Muio Suiftgo- And, thuroforv* I bw^aeh lbe», O ino»t 
merciful Saviour, incro^uo Uiy sorrAUl't lUth, tliflt I DkayjfMiM 
novor ata^flr in tho hoftTonly doolrino; incroBM nuno ^^I^'^L.. 
dicrocc, that ! may noior »wcrTo from thy comtuandmcatt: "^^j^ 
and inorcau my conhtanoy, that (walkiiig in thy »to|u) 1 may KiflSt^' 
Dt^lhor b« ObUccd witli Salliau'i aliuromciitc, nor' ducoufifcad Cf^lo^^ 
with hU t<nibleixcM; but bobl out to tbo dc«tb in thc«, wlucb KTii?"''' 

thrm, Ihm I Cdu^iI Mm, ftv. CuM, 


And Jacttb ciil]«J tbn nnnm i>f 
theplw Phmlfl, && ticiL uuciL 

bvwtth ut,whylhcD,&c. JiblfL 

Srhron. IL T,8L From Tjnitnlu'i ExpMdliott, &^ fu SOa, w« lain, 
ihAl ■oj>' bvro >Cui4> fur 'doI.'] 

[* TlwLotini— qoninChjtiWjfdtnoMwqiBaklnownlbot. l<atIbL 

^ Thu 'to' i« iT<{iiTiH^ni ; 14 ■1t>>, pnlupa. iniuaduiecly Mvrv. 
Sec PW IxTi^ s, INmycr Bvik ttnl^u: Alut i. 10.J 

[* Tkv L«dn :— UK t«nicuLiiuf dla itL;Jirlu.] 


tattasriAy phatxm. 

JrfXil hi*L| 
wAtn vp|i> 

nnnhl tEira 

MAI viv 

nrn<qi 4'oe 

4r( tb« tru0 Ha;: bcrciio mj faith, thit (tmatiiig to tltj 
pruiiLLH^a) I may acTCr fuat ia lh« cndoftTC'ur of godllocu, tnl 
furf^^t the Lhingi, that I have left bvUlnd me> nod go aiiriLjPi 
fvrwArd to moro porffcldon. TatreOBG thy gricc ia mo, th«l 
(boing dead arerj Aaj more Ut&n olh^r in mjielf) I Diftjr b« 
olive, and M by thy Spirit; ftaring' nothing bat ttiei?, ibn 
vhoTit nothing is more ainlftbloT g1'>r^ing lo nothing but o«dj 
in tliee, who art the tnin giory nf aII \\w «aint»: M>Tet!i| 
nothing but ihca, who nrl of nU thingo ibo bc»t: rutd fioAllj, 
dNiring nollilag but then, irho, with tho Fathnr AjtJ the Uolj 
Gboat, art tlio full and perfect fclidtr, for aII frrcr. Avnev. 

C AFr«]rDTtothoHQ]yGbD«t'> ^| 

O Holy Spirit, worthy of all vonhip. tvhich mak«i| ii| 
th« ftlmlglUy Trinity, which procflcdt^st ft-om the Fadicr tad 
tho Son, and art tqunl to cither of them, liifforiDg from tbeiii 
in only propriety of pcr^ion : whioh cif thy goodnon farfiriwl 
the wa of them tTiat Jimcndt whic^h with thy holy brMlifa 
DlcnnsTBt mi*T\'a inlndA, romfortmg thotu, whuu ihoy be in bot* 
row, chi^cHng ilti^m up willi puro gUuluoM, wbuii xkwj b« in 
Th>irt«niir h<^^finf^B3, loading them into ull trulli, when they bo out of tba 
KHwiS'"'' way, kiDillIng in ihotu the fire nf diarUy, whori they bo a oold, 
fSVuSlu, knitting thorn together HJlh the glue of peaces when thoy ba 
at vormEJoo, And gArnlaliing and onrlcblng tljem nith floodry 
^(ia, ttbieU hy thy inoaoe prufota tlLo namo of tbo Lord J««i; 
by whr^Mi working all things live, which live in deed; nboaa 
duligbt U to dwell in tho hearts ef the idniplo, which thoti hail 
voucb«iJbd tu ovu^eorAlo for templea to thyiolf. 1 batoctl] 
tii«e, nuintain thy gifla in mc, itad inoreaao the ibingt daily, 
which thou host vouab»afed [to bestow]^ upoD mo, tliAt by 

And Kiuh^h whIIcdJ with Got!, 
Aod bv win ua more tcta, for <^*<xl 
took him awa>'. && <Ivii. v. 

TTukw Bppc^rHl a eharlol of fin?, 
ud hunt* af Att, m KEiv went up 
bx a whlrNiod. ^c 4 Hvft^ iL 

Ttu'rv «haU fame • nti Esvlh «| 
tlifl vt^ri'lc of JoHW, uid a K**f * ^ 

Tfavn ihaU eome a otor of Ja 
coh. lud a Mo^tet ahaH ri» tffa 

[* Tha Latin i^uEtuI nLvlui^Oh j»ntttfr Iv. quu lIIuI m^ui uit 
tint: Diluljuiavwpivlcric, quo Dilifl «t aiDDbiUu] 
p I^Mfn ihn /Vnm^bin'V iitiquut of F.mAnuj^ p. JC] 


ihj goTenumce the lusto of the fl«ah maj die more and more 
hi me, and the desire of the heaTonlj life more quicken and 

Let me bo paas thorough the miety desert of thi» world J52;^*J; 
by th^ light going before me, as 1 maj neither be defiled fi^T);,^ 
with Sathaii'a ricesi nor be entangled with anj errors diB- ilu&iS^ 
agredug from thj truth, which the true catholic chm^h hath ^^^ 
delivered us hj tiio ioBtiact of thee, which lirest and rdgneat S^*^ 
everlaA^ngly with the Father and the Son. Amen, ^'^of.^ 

liR huriwid, 

CT A raytt to God Tot bb Spirit, md ktwa to prey eficctoally, ^££^ 

Eternal and meet merciful Father, we know not our- 
■elvee, neither can eaoilj uuderstand, what, or how we should 
pray aa we ought. 

But thou art ahlo to do exceeding abundantly above all 
that wo ask or think. 

Give u» the Spirit, O Lord, to help our inRrmi^es, which 
maketh request for ua onto thee with sigha which cannot be 

I lift up mine eyea to thee, that dwellest in the hoavens. Andunht 

Sdr up my heart and mind, O Lord: come into me, OBii«<i°«brM 
Spirit of God, that I may come unto thee with heart ar'dj™*{j^^ 
•oul, not with mouth and lips only. K^^^rtlTL 

Give Da thy grace, that we may call upon thee, as truc^l^^u 
worahippers in spirit and (ruth, with the inward attention, SIZIT-I?™ 
without hypocrisy and ambiEJon. ^tSa^oi 

Grant, that 1 ask nothing of thee, but that which may ^mL 
agree to thy holy will, to thy praise and glory, and to the 
health of my BOoI. 

Inspire me also with an assured bopo to obtain these 
things, when 1 shall ask of thy merciful goodnoss with a 
strong and sure faith. 

fJeither let my prayers, Lord, prescribe the time, when, 
and how, they should be fulfilled. 

Bui thoa shalt go unto my ^ Tbe tted or the woman ihatl 

tli«r*B house, uiij to my kindred, treul upon the hind of the wrpcnt. 

mod take a wift, Ate. Gtn- xxiv. Gen- iii- 

I vill speak for her, that &he ThcDnge1uldtohim:Tlic Lord 

may bn given Ibee to wife: for to is with the?, thoa vsLiaut man, 

thoe doth the tight of bcr, &c Judges tL 




Ana H«r| 

ji^K tniD If* 

fflUl HluM 


a i&Ml 




Bat let mc submit mysoir ir\ ihf hoi/ will in all Ui& 
with hope, patiences, an<i humility ot liAVt 

Thy will b<; Jono ir^ earth. O T^rd, fu it U in htm 

I will wait p&tiontly, O I^rdj for thoe, ihac thou 
indino tinto m«, Mid hcnr m^v pmjnr, 

Itf^hold. «iren a^i thn cj<w nf uTTanla look nalo th* 
of tliL^ir Tii^d^n. anil ui the cyci of » niiuci untn ihc 
Lfr iDf«tT-eM, BO our fiyu wUl ifwt upon tbw, O Lord, tmll 
itioii Imv* mprry upon iix. 

Gi-Anr, itK ii\ui thy Ktow, that wo proNnt not our mip- 
plirAr^onA hcforn thco for our ona nxhtoenunias. but for iky 
i;roAt toQtlor mvrouM, oud m tbu nmuo □< ifay 3oa Jciu 

In hia aixmo, thr&uj^h foiUi, wo oooii; U> the throMo ol 
thy grace, lAii, rocoiviiif tho iinrit of oUcptioiu wo vy, Abfaip 

^trcn^thQU u>, Lor^. W tliij uunorUimeH of Oir 
U6> wilUJraw and coiioo uh from prayur. 

Aatiat ub. tLcivfurc, most niurcJful Father, ILaI wo ximy 
pray orn'y whcru* lifting up puro liaiiiJM without wniU «r 
doubling* witU Bupplicaticnit. pray«ni. int«rc«wioQ<, and giijai 
of tfuuika for ourH*tv«£. aiid fvr all ni«n, ^| 

Onnt thU tbrouffli Jomi Chrim our Lord, who b alftb it 
ihy Hght band, and niAk«tb rfii)uait for m ; to whnn, wil^ 
thoo, and ihv Holy Spirit* b* all hmd uid glory. As^ck 

^ A Pnf rr fof the whnlo R(«lin, nnd the hody «f th« Qiui^ 

Almighty Ood, hoa¥ealy Futfior^ thon hul <ynn 
thy faithful to pray ouo fur ttiiuthur, protujiwig Ihoui to 

And Mom nttimiiiil lu JvJirVi 
liE« &lhAr-!a-kw, uid uJd Co hiru : 1 
pmv, iVi"- Finn- iv. 

My ^uJ tilth iDAgniiy th« Lord, 
a&4 my <f>irit ■luLh ng^'v In Hvd, 

Hul lliy ihcp** uffliiy fnli _ . 
tit? pWfi, wlwnt'U thou lUiidrfi. k 
hol^ grutmil- K<od- iii- 

A«nuh^» nn), l«^jr pm iu lbs !*■ 
Iiiptimclv. tl^l rUwE/ui. Aftj E ikOI 
make i?«ic» lit Num- xvli. 

(* 'llw Utntay. vhi^ Cilvin tm^iiat^ Id iVnich for hk$ 
lioo at Stiwbufs, vim InzulMttfd by hhtualf hrio Uiin. «nd pnUlAsd d 
GoirvB In IJ^K. ^'dcnuidDB PdUoiliu, hU niHwcr M Ktmlim^, «|M 
twaiktfta ui1 pul>]JjjLC<l thv MiTK Jit I'OndAn, FrL, -^t, lUl t'^^lJM 
bfiDiE then a rvVusc* in EncluJ. Iliv fitncul Tnj^ «u| 


tlicm, for Uij Oea^y-bolorod Sou** wko: ibflnforiw B[»n£t;»*X». 
trust uf Uij pTvanvtn, and in rupo«t of |h« fiTMt md^jy™;^ 
urgdui D0C«Witie», iJiat «hcw thonucUe* oq bU tiJu; anil IIZL'^^''" 
epouiully furMiPUcL u Sftthon ^tra'mclh himMlf to tbo ullcr- 
luurt lu bring thii Ud^ to confunon, and to stop tho <«uno j^SJ*! 
of (kjr Gotpd ; I, thy huaibto icrront. mika iiut tod nippJi- aTtd^Z 
oatton noto thoo, mj good Lord God. in wbom ii idj rofogo »M«m4 
»nd hope, be«o«ching thc<v "to axi ths Father <if haht, to^*"*' 
fOuobafo to enlighten tbo hearU And mindi of im men, 
hooftiiM It is xhy yt\X\. tluLt kll mea thouM b« iav«d. and oomo 
to the knoirledg* of tbo truth- 

And funumu<:h ta thou hut oonifliunded m to jrlij 
CJLpt^rinlly for Lmgf iuid prlncoii and Cor all nuch u nre sJ^t 
in authority, Uial tliu ctjtnjMUij *jt maakind may ijre pfoo^ whmbrju 
iLbty und '[uiolty under thoui in all godliiMM aod honaty»)'->Tiuii* 
cotuLJdoniig how ()tirliion*OEiu> orowiit jind iMptrca onv aiid l^^;;^^ 
how hard the wioldbg of thorn w, ud tow ditBoult a tnattcr '/^Y^^^ 
It k to dbchorgv thorn woll, whethor it bo in ro«p««l »( ihom- t^^T^^ 
•oWoii or of Uiinr mibjocU: l^SThMi 

I besocoh thco. my God , nilli all my hwirt, ax w«11 (or our u^i]ii^*il4 
bloand voTortdga Lady Qutcu Eliaibcth, aa far all oihorh*^^ 
prjn(N»t whom thou haU plaoed in liko d«pvoof pro-uoimirrticcp 
to g]t« them the torn* which SaJonioa om^cd of Llico lonjf 
ago* Ti\i<At pray«r thoo did»C accqtl, m hating pat Uio tamo ^Hhna^bi^ 
into hU hoait «ad mouth hy thy Holy Spirit, which |«uhoth 
ua to pr^y ltk«<vi»«, and Ixclpoth our ia^miidoa, 

Lord, oar good God, thoa luit %ti hor up to r«igD 
ovar thy peepl*; gTv« unto hor. thy handmaid, and to oil otiwr 
prinfvi, thy B^rronti, g^re them wUdom and uodimtibdiB^ 
to judge thy people, and to iliucrn botwoitn good and bkdf 

JmLMfi, tilita Ud wu al^t djij* old, 

H ImI hjd coouaaadod hin, tt^ 

L*l «T«f> nun-cbiM irniang fou 

ciRttinci** ttrt luntUu of jroni 

«Dmp«R<l *ilh DM lo rollinDi' ino^oUd^ ff. A—^ m Mof ikai 
bvpon vrhkh il vai AmIiIpb rumuIO 

Ahnc* latJ la IMtid : Udcc »• 

Tm«ii( mih mf'. ■fiH, hchoU, mint 

Pte qvcdi of iSeba M^ gUki 

tiO JffruiijLli':n tJ) Hilomt'D. with a 
1117 s"i^t lain. &c, G Hcg. L 


<!liRISri,l» PRArSRa. 


emit of i«iit- 

Ehfl ijB (pf 

lO pr*wii 

PTl*I>< uf 

Ihftt tlicj may not t>o tiaprofiUble^ and much Juw bnttToL ia| 
to holy iL vuoatioD. 

Givo tlitim wiai^, «og&> aod Tirtuoiu, couoiMllurai mad 
ruuiuvo r^ir from Lheni iill AirjbitiouM, vjutuful. iloubtfidL uufl 
dusBumbliug [turaviie, Giv« itjom nuch juilg^f, &■ ar« lottni of 
tliii tratli, laUrb uf coi Qtouuiefls, and etdiovi^ra «f nil par- 
Ij&L^ly ; tltnl lUoir people lao-j be governed itith aU vquilj 
iiiruli^ **■ ^"*'' ui^f'^blftcbs, the good men oiamtaiacd io tbcar ng^t 
aud innoceni^y, und the <^Seadcra punished ftcc<iTdiiig to ihttr 
dcscrU, Omot Viho, O Lordp that ^1 ihcj* nham thou hM 
put under thtir charge, may yield them th^ir due and nglitfal 
obcdieufCp so AS tbcTQ mAy ho a good and holy union between 
^i»>>n^ tbo head and the mombors, and thereby U may be tenown 
ir^'^^li^ify ^ ^^ men, that Ibo elaUifi of all<IainA iinJ f^OTCrnakcnt of 
■nd rl^w. '^I coinrTionneals ilopend upon Ihco aTonu : that ibennipdn 
H^E^; i]L<.iy may aJl ghirtfy ihdCj and sing psaluii!] nf praise and 
LJiwiiii* IJiank flaring. 

AJeo 1 pray unto thee, Saviour, and father f«r Imth, 
"',hS'^, for nil thosD, wliorn Lliou hoAt onJainod to bo truo flhophorda 
Io tb; faithfuli and to whom thoir hA«t uommitlod tho cfaargv 
of moa*fi souls, and llio dealing forth of thy holy goipaL 
Guide them by Ihy Holy Spirit, tlitit thoy may bo found 
fcutljful JUid UiUgont in tholr holy vocation. 

And on the other side, drive nway the folso kliephccrdar 
nhiohwemon of corrupt laM, ravening vfc>l tea, laitt'gloriQUj^ 
govt-tous, and such a^ serve to d;> purpoKi but to destroy tho 
cburcbctt. And forasmuch aa thou nv^uircBt that aU thy 
childron thouTd hare a xoal to t?iy hou^ei griiit the Qoom'^a 
nxaje«ty, and all olbor princoi, grieo to purge th«ir pcopio 
ESii"*.- f''">"> *11 9MU, hornsioJi, and aupontitlona, that the church 
SSii^ vjt C""d^>* ihoir c^argp) may profit and grow from ^aj to d«j, Io 
^^-ll'^'lho tnitb of thy goRpr^t, unto aU rEghtfiousnoax and bollom 

ml t ri/iPi 

•CTIiI tiJIiL 

»4i h 

Rui nil Ihn fimt Imm, tbnt r^cn 4l] 

Aiiu4 L-vTT ■ iflD, mul l^ruiiglit 
him Inio tho hoiua of (ho Lord b 

fdrtrU u^CdL i}»34, UUiVtLUiff to UA 
tilt*. CBtfu-xsriL 

MfchoeU aptko cnta D«?Ut II 

tliniiP4Trnnt thy«itf ihia ni^ht, t*» 

MiMn ci«ai Iha Inbin cmi cf hi* 
hiuidh and bmkt ibem ta f to eei, 
|iMnri>v<» ftr- K-iaI ixriL 

Tii« llkiLatliHfiad JiacA LXkn 
dowa bdbn th« atfc«f tbo Lori. 
&C. 1 Sam.T. 


CHftUTI.or FlUTtJtS. 


Let It plci*o tbc« to tnakt ft ganvnd ^olUoranoc imd 
rcrtjtiilion of tlij cburclin through tl]« nholo world, by send* 
uf forth Uboimn into Hiy barr^sti al>l« aod sufficient men, 
to gatlur llio poor AlrAj «lie«p toget1i«r under l]k« idio«phook 
of Uio p*At Shophetd of our »onl*> thy Sr»n, ,T(mh^ Oiri^t. 

Ascoudiin; ^»ir b«Ai-er>, UDtc such, u proff«t lliv diudo 
ftlrMidy, ^ro tr»o purriovor-ftnco In £uUk, ob&Hcv, t^hd ftll i^uod 
Hork\ lo U;o filorj wf thy nJimi*, anJ lo ll»o lipftllh of Un-ir 
own kouLh. And u touclilng tha roj^idL^o, which walk m yet 
in Iho vAiiitj of th<]tr awn niind^ toucli ihcm llioir liOArti, 
And givg tbis^m L^nllghtcut^d oy«i>, tLit (Ul of ihcm mny yield 
thonvclve* (o lorvo uid plcuo thoo. l<lmdly, O Qod bf oU 
^comfort, t boMvdl tbo<^ lianr pity upon lUo miNria ud 
lictionn of ^1 thy crcalurci m gcocra); of the nutiom, whom 
[IliLOu vultcit with pulZlcQCO. wilt, or lamiiie; of ttic pcrKmi, 

rhom thou »aiit«st with povorty, impriHonmenc, ^ickocu, 
banlshmpni, or otli<Tr iJiy rod*, nhrlher it be in their todJc*, 
or it) th<!ir mlnda: £md Bp«i;iil]y( of thy choacD^ tbnt aufTcr 
tor the t^BtioiCDy of thy g<Mp«l. 

Aiid foraamiich u it hath p1i?fu«d tlieo to te >o good iUid 
^rtdons (o our sor^r^^i^n l^y, and to do hor tho lioneur, 
that. whoNOB other ra&lini aro in griovoud trouhlu, ihou bA>t 
giren h«r rut to this hor Lund, aad msA bither tho bowdi of 
Uij Son Josm Christ, to huTO rofuge h«ro in Uieir oppn** 
dom": gnknt hur tho gmcc to be a triio nourikhcr a&d nana 
^aD Mich &n an tliino, according to tho uying of thy pro- 
pbot Kuy, BO aa aliu Diay haie a Iruo corapaMvu botb cf 
that aro htro, aud of all olhtin ; tlial, at tlio aoooiupluli- 

Ittot of Ihy pruu]i2iw, whon it sbaLl bo aaid, Cuuio yu blv«uil 
taj FaUiur, poteMS yo t>x« bingdoui, whicli ^m |'r«|>arod 
itir you froiu lb« fuundilloiu of tho world, tbou mayc^it voudi- 

inil Mill la I>i»rf 7 Turn ibou, 
I bU npon ill* f riMb : and Di^tc 
iBilaiiiit«1iini«i4,Ac& 1 %/a>M xiiL 
AlhiB^ •nUtff hrr »on 1» b« 
tea^ddMnH >n Ihn kin^V M«d. 

Cndtptke loJarnb: Grt tfirvODl 
of lhl« Hiiin1i7> JiKati fwk t^l hb 


a>lii£ : ShAll I Ko uj^ tnio uiy (vf 
th4)Htit«arJad>li,&e. t SiBL IL 

1^ Tbli !>«■#«*. Co wliiiA ibpn k nilhins umiUr In CaItIhV Utuifyi 
ialta3f<> *i iiuij I'TomtnL, to thi-' ]*«n«culkiii» cadnnd by lb* ftvAi«|*al> 
Fiv>«. bui parL»'ularl> 4( I'Jiui^lcta Sc« LUuTHfai «l Qwca Xtta^ 




nfo, O liMTCmly Fithcr to receW^ lior ftawag tlie vaabor of 
t]i;r <^UdriJn» for tlio bv« «*f Oij Soft, o«r SltiMirJcfluCWvt: 
u'vIlocu. wiUk tlioe isdthe Holj QlMst, b« mil liownir m»l 
gkiry. 3o bait, 

4£ Aiulh49 Pns^ Ihr ^ C&vcb. «iid all 4b« tUt^a ihmoC I7 

Lord Jvut CKriit> Soo of tbo Uring God, «bo »iJA <t%- 
cifi«d for ci>r mm. and ilidil risf mjE^ic f^ onr jiHOidtt- 
tioiK ud. AMvndbig up ta tinTf^n, rrti^Mt iw« >t Ui« ri^ 
hukd oflho Father, tvlth full pawL^r ajid nothontj, mli^ jUkI 
dvpfiiing nU thingi Aocordiog to tlfuia ovn grMoou and 
gloriouB |vDrpfl!ic i wd, uniy eroaUiroiik Mtd jr«i verruibi amA 
mombon of th/ ohnnrli, do (rroatratc oOTwdrci md our 
pmjDn bcfoiN} thf imperiul uii^OAtj-, having 00 oilior |«rinia 
nor ttdvomto (u Jt|wud uur Mubw or (u nsuK vntcv boi UiM 
aJoniii bmocrdiiii^ tfavo to bu goud lu ihy |Hjor djurofa iiii£Uuit 
boro in ibu vrrulchod varih ; wmotlnio' & i-icb chnrcLE, m Hrgt 
•hurelit &IL uiinoreul diurchi spread fur »ud Wido* Uirou^b 
llio vbole conipau of tht «Artb; dow dnr<Q tato & namv 
ogrner of tUo worU. lAd bath iDucb noed of tlij ^ r«iii 

Fint. Uio Turk' itUb Lia swords «bat biid«, vhai n^ 

On* "I* 

irud. Jlbt 

lift up iby Ti>d, ud ilr»i4^ owt 
thiiu' H«n(f upon tlw tro, &c- £x- 

Th<7 cui down a bnDrh trlib 
onfifftitterof nBp<%*ad bMr^] 
upon, Air» Nami xliL 

[' rrwlilDffAt IW'tcna on G«d FviOvr. about Ifc* >iar IJTf^ 
{nv p.40D). JuliB F«x* cviirludvd lii* wtmvk with Umc radiT 'And 
DOW lc4 u ftajt V ^v bcjjui. BUhkllic opr cam<«t tovaotka M Al- 
niitl^tjr 4>od for tbn Tinivvnuil itiitr «f ChTi«l'« {ihntr^ip HAd all mhvr 

ijuiruOi.' S|r)'p« I AmuI*, >'uL u. {l- ^OO. vM^ Ai'|«oiLx. pp. IIA— -IS?. 

[■ SonMliu CagoI- IW Pm !■*!& SSl tmbt, BOl Fnfftr fiaok 
Vtnioiv fef tha mid* alliiw^^ 

(* Thv /Vmjf I01W ChrUtiMfr, p, ?1 1, liat a i%v*aito roMm TWdW 

nij IxiHtvnut, fV r^.PHiv ff m«r>;'iri* iwiwitf TXl" ■'"*'* lUk^r Ilk farad 
Sarrg mtfroHf^ti /4vm,p D,ti thrf follpwii^ diwcdan !^-Oramoa* w aib 
ImlibuB rii4tm Tunii, ant aUla Infldalibui^ iWtwui, ^offdoiura^ 
«aplivi tmliunur.] 



1578-] CHKlSTtAlf PRAYIBS. 4G3 

tioua, and counlriefi, irbat empires, klngdouui, and proTiaces, 
with cities bDumerable, hath he itod^ not from xa, but from 
thee- Where thy naioe vaa woat to be iavoeated, th; word 
preached, thy sacramenU adminiatcred, there now renuuneth 
barharoiu ^^labumet, with bia ^thy Alcoran. The flourishiog 
ehorches in Asm, the learned churches of Grecia, the mani- 
fold churches in Africa^ which wore wont to nerf& thee, now 
are gone from thoe. The soTCn churebea of Asia with their 
candlesdckfl (whom thou didst bo well forewarn) are now 
ramoTed. All the charche*, where thy diligent apoatle 9t 
Paul, thy apoatlefl Peter and John, and other apoatlea, ao 
laboriously trarailed, preaching and wH^ng to plant thy 
go»pel, are now gone from thy gospel. In all the kingdom Bchov.B 
ii Syria, Paleetina, Arabia Persia, in all Armenia, and the ^;^^-^ 
empire of Cappadocia, throagh the whole compass of Aaia, ^.^^,0^ 
with Egypt, and with Africa also (onloss among the far l^nhT 
Ethiopians some old steps of Christianity peradventuro do yet SS^"™" 
remain), either else in all Asia and Africa thy church hath ST: 
not one foot of free land, but is all turned either to infidelity 
or to captirity, whataocrer pertaineth to thee. And if Aua 
ftnd Africa only were docayed, the decay were great, but yet 
the defection were not so uniTorsat 

r^ow of Europa a great part aho ifl shrunlc from thy 
cbnrcb. All Thracia, with the empire of Constantinople, b^ 
Grecia, Epirus, lllyricum, and now of late all the kingdom 
almost of Hnngana*, with much of Austria, with lamontablo 
slaughter of Christlvi blood, is wasted, and all become Turks. 
Only a little angle of the West parta yet remaineth in some 
profesnon of thy name. 

But here (alack) cometh another mischief, as groat, or ><hi hr took 
greater than the other. For the Turk with his sword is [^JJ^^^hSf 
not HO cruel, hut the bishop of Home on the other side i» (^"^i^ElJSJllB, 
more fierce and bitter against as ; stirring up lua bishops 1^ IllXf- 

■nd lATt iht 

E«n selleth hb birthright for yran: wlien Jreussftwhioxlic, uid ih* Jhiipi.^ 

auma of potMgv, &c- Gen- :t:^v, knr 11% &-c. John v. iiuh-iiv. 

Tho vromui, wcing iho trc« 10 And in thcfvurtli watch of the 

he pleuant, tooL of tLo fruit, Ike. night, J»u!in'ODtuDta ihem, nolk- 

Cen. iiL in^ on ibe so, &c. Muh xW, 

A cntaln man has diHGasEd 38, 

[^ Sre the LituTgLOA of Qa»n Kliziilwth. p. A^T-l 




to bum U3, his oortfed«ra1«» to oonspirc cur ilwUncUoo. xt- 
tJng Vinga a;^[iin9l Ihcir aubjbclo, ujid subjcoU JifilDyvH/ to 
r*iW flgamat their prinocB, uiiU ull for Uij auLUP. 

SiLch diaaenaian and ho«tUjly ^ILau luoh *vnt nuictfifE ih» 
thnt Turks bn ncit morn uauniioK lu ClinBtiaiu. than Cbm- 
tiAnB tn Chrbtuui9» piLpUta to pruttiBUuU ; jVJi, protevUnCf 
irtth prote-ilnnU tb iiot a^ruu, but Ifiil out for triflov. 80 
thsit thn poor littlu Qui^k of Ihy vliurctt, diBtre»ed oa eTor/ 
nidc, hntli DcitlEQr rust williuut, nor pua^u wlttiui, oor plaM 
£Si,ti^j almost in Ibo world. wJiuro lu abido, but ii»*j cry now from 

luruli, itH^ 

>il>fw« ■ V 
buuiil rhih 

]■«<«■ laiit 


John K.L. 

llio ccLTtlu Qven aa tiiiim uwa rovorvm^o unvd onov firon 
GTom: My God, m^ God. why lia^t tijuu fvrttk«n iDot 

AmuEi^t ufi Kn^luibuivu buro in Fngljuid^ 4ft«r lo grwi 
fttorcDft of p«r»w;utiun aitd cruel murtbvr uf to many xrutMjrr, 
jl imtli pliNiaed Iby gr.oce to give im thoio Alcy^n Uij^ 
irlucb yet ireeujoy, and bMC^ch ihy mcrdfiil goodnon rtiU 
Iboy iJiJiy cotitbno- 

llut hi!Te nUo (abick) nh^Lt shonld we tay? »o mtfy 
«nGmio4 no have, that envy us IhU rut and tnuiqutllity. and 
^0 wlial ihflj cJin if* disturb it. They whu-h be friend* and 
loTcri of tho bjjihop of Rome, although 1h(>y rat tho fat of 
the land. aivX hare tho \te*t preferments and offion^ asd Gto 
mfyjit at oui^. and all nothing, y<^b are they noi Uierowkk 
content. They (^ru^Tge. thoy mutter nnd murmur, tboj ocro- 
un- ipiro and toko on against n^ Tt frottoth tliom, thai we Vtd 
by them, or witb tb^^in* and iwiuol ftbidfs that wo bhoulfl 
draw ibo bare broatbing ti( tbo ajr, vhi^ti thc^jr Lavo all tho 
moat liberty of the Iftndn 
Hf, And dbcit Iby lingular goodnon lialb gui^n tlioin a 

ibmnwi- Quuen BO cjtiuii ^u pnliuul, ho iitifrcifu], itmm tiku u uotural 
lijMnd muLbur tban a prmctui^, to |;ovvm over tuvm, tuca aa nmtbor 
kib.triL tbvy uur Lbuir ani.^e»tor& ovor rood of iu tJio etcino* of 

tart tJttn. 

mid lk Itdo 


■a ■»!» b 

ilf^lhftL jawithntilfALiU.liiUm 
n«t Uw firBL >LODr. hue. Jobn lilt 

JotUt •n'ibif tb«jr fuilb. ul lo 
Ibn nick at Ibo palsy : to, &c, 

Uh ibild^ and tliv I/jrO buvd t^u 
V4t« of llrtyu, &cr. 3 itg^ iHi. 
llcUuuijORung into tli« bou>r. 


hoholJ, \Ue f\n\A WM d«»t, 

Abi^iub uid : J^ord, if | haw 
noA found bvour In thy il^ii, Jfcc 
r.<n- x*i". 

NcliurJuiJrLCwraikfwcfvd: Lo, I 
■» luur luvn Ivw. u^JkJ 
ioIeUI of the Arr. Dab. 


ClllLUTLUt J'lUIBnu 


land before; y«t nil this «rjQ not calm thaai» tbair udquiet 
iplrii u t)ol ;ul coitUmt: llie^ ropioo aod nW. oad awdfl 
voulij bav^, wiUi (Ijq Crogi of ..liliop. a ClcaaU^ ftn Iltdiou 
■tnog^i tho btthop of Itomot lo plav ICox otot tli<iUt &ud 
ttro nol. if 9l1I Ihc worU ^ctc idI a £rv, lo th^t ih^, wiUi 
tlieir Ilolioo brd, might r«ign olotift. So fcmd ju^ wo Kn-j»ui««i4i 
gllahmon of fltrJLtige &nd fortigo thingi : no unnatural lo oqi^ ^^^ 
»dr«s» BO greedy of iii^«f<inglo ijOTcUio*, never «™tCDted Jj**;^ 
with flnj alJilfl long to oonlinu^, bo it ncTcr bo j*ood ; and. Jj'^lV"^ 
furlhermr>r4r, so oru<?l one In anr>tlirr, thiLt wo think our lifo ii^u). aiTj 
Dot r[ti\ti, qqIeu it he MMontd witli Iho blood of trihfr. For W'^tn^^H 
ihftt ts their htfptft that !» ilII their gj^piijg fttid looking, tliril in ^^iLlT 
Ihmt i^ldeu day. thair <Ja> of JubiJev* ^hich Ihvj tijint for 
iO iducIj: &oI to )uiTO tiio Lord to coai» iji Oio ol{mJ^ but 
t#bavoour blood, and to «piU oar lifM^ Thit. thai Ii i(> 
vhtch ih«j would bavo» and long iiinco nould Ijavo had Ihotr 
wilU upoD OJ, hod nol iby grapcioui pit^ and mcrc^ rniitfd 
op to ui l}ua our merciful Qaocn. Ihj fcrrjiiit Eliiabolli, 
aotncvhiit to ttajr tboir fur; : for whom ai wo moit coi^ 
dignly {pTO lUoc thanki. »o Ukt^wino wtt l>r«fioch chj haavanly 
Dtiyoaty, thai, ai thnu hait ^rcn hf^r unto ua. and hait fromw^MOuM 
•0 mamfoTd dangers prcMrrod her. bcforo iho waa qucon, *i»J™>jjji» 
nov, ia hor rfiyid atAto. she inaj eontinualljr be pr<acrTed ^Slff m 
nol onlj frotn the bandn, but from all nalig&ant dorbeo S^|l*t«ii?' 
wrongbt, attomptod, or anicoivod» ol onnnJen, both gbo«t1j and Z^m" 

In tJiia lir-r govornmonl bo hor f*uroruor't *i b«ae*cb »>'^ i^i* 
Otoe ao alioll hur m^juiitjr ^1 gurcirii ut. if tint bbo be^r^ 
l^i«mod by tbtw. Mulliplj hor roi^ with wanj daja, and 
bor jrean with uiucb fulicitv, wilb abundanoo of poaeo ud 
Jifo gboaU^ : that, aa &]je liatb now doublod tho y«aM of b» 
uttor anij brvttber. *o (if it be thy plcaauro] iho may orccN 
prow kn reigning tht roign of hor fatbor. 

Ditij told ta Noihanc I haT« 
rinmH i^rniit thr 1 ^H, ft- ^f^ta 

Aann looked upcin fLiiiiun, iu}i1« 
Whold, ■hf' wu IcproiUt Noia xiL 

Wte Uull Ilatv piljr, tlm, upon 

^htt^ O J«nnJna I or who. &e. 

Their ffutt an tumid into 
IvnntBtioDj thrir aliaiv &^ 
I Maeha^L 

C* A BtVTk.] 

[4ir, BUK. ra^TKaa.] 


cHKLjTUK riuytu. 

Uwlr hV- 

t«nd thnv 

tptft Jliil 


lvti*a ■kov 

b^d ] i>i4k 1j T 
III 4k»q 


And bet^uura no goternm^Qi cui long aUnd ir^IliOiit |;ocd 
counsel, ueith«r CUL any coitnsol be good, except it b« pro»- 
|jonfd hj Ihee; bless, ihorcfcire, wo bosocdt th<e, both bv 
injg<st/t and her honourable coanoil, Umt both xhof rightiy 
understand what u to be done, nnd aho ftOTordingly ma/ 
accomplish that thoy do ooimrtd, to thy gloTy. and furth«r>^ 
ftoco erf the giwp«l, and public voalth of thia realn^ H 

ITurthcrmore, we beweoh thse. Lord JtBtt. who with tbo 
iDajcsty of thy generation dovt drown alt oobitity, bciii^ tb* 
oalj Son of God, beir and Lord of all tliln^, bloM th* Bot^ 
)ity of thin rfMilm, and of other ChriatJan rc-alnia, lo ka Ihey 
(Ciirisuanly agreeing among IhomnclTca) may jnihmU llidr 
nobility to servo thoo : or oIaq lot them fooh O l^ord, what • 
frivoloiia thing iu tUo nobiTity, nrhich U wJthont Uiee. ^1 

l^iltowiso. to aU ma^iutratei. audi ai Imi a^TaoDod Co aa-^B 
thority, or placoil in oflioo, by what namo or tillo HWWj 
gWv, wo bescoeh thoi^ a careful con&cieneo aprig-htly to di^ 
charge tb«ir duty l that, u thoy be pubUu ponona t9 avrvt 
tbu common wealth, bo they abuse not their olEoo to their 
private gaja. nur priviiHte rtjiaa^Q of th^r own affjKtioni, W 
that, juitico being admiiuelerod without bribery, and ec|uity 
halaac«d without oruolty or partiality, tlun|^ thai bo amu« 
fnay be refortoed, vice ahauduned, truth HUpportcNl, innootoej 
relieved, God'a glory muuluiai^d^ Mid Uijo coaimoawMdlh 
troly Mrred. 

But e»p«<^Uy. (o thy apiriCoal ttM il>r» > bU»p^ 
poaton at thy church, grant, wo fiOiMeh Ibt*, Lord* 
f>f all paitori, that thoy. following tho Htops of Ihee, of thf 
apoitlot, nnd Iioly martyn. may vock thoK4 thnnga which b* 
not their oEvn, hnt only whirh ho thino^ not mrln^ how mfttj 
bcncficu nor whnt groat hmhnprinki thny haro, hut how iM 
tlioy can i^ido Ihny hnvo, Givn them mich If^aI of thy 
eliurch, on may duvoiir thcspn, and ((rnni Ihcm ant'li, wlMro* 
Willi thu nholo peoplu may he soaaonoil, and whidi m^y fmror 
be uuBUvuury, but quiokonod daily by thy Uoly Spirit, wboreby 
llty (lutk by LhL>m mnj bo pruaervud. 


Thu ^omvn nnff \>y <70urn in 
llu'If pla^, and iold, Ae. ] flam' 

The chtldnn of ihc i^ropbrti 
WW tuniHtllpUiJiK,lhe. 4 Jl«|^ii. 

Iri tlilii booB« WcoiBo a den 

Tklinti ^Dv dull b* mIM 
Iluuh «f piayc r fw aU t^iH":, &o. 




cttsmtAK rXATffka. 



In (TDQi^'^. itWo to oil the peopK und the tvholo MbUo of 
tbia rmlm, bupIi broUierly imilj i" kncurlodno of Ihj troUi, 
mid Bucb obcttidioe io their BUpurior** bb tJitjy ooilho' provoko 
Urn Bcouri^ uf Uud df^Uflt Uitiiu, iiur their {riincc'i bwc^rd to 
ho drawn ajj^uliiBt Lior will out of thi* K'^bbud ot \vn^ lulTvr- 
UlOt}| vrboru it li&tb b««P JoDg hiJ. l^p«C»lljr. givii iL^ g<M^ 

bu^ cuiiiiuuiuiao «awDg«t ui^ AjjJ, if our uiu h&v<# d«Mrv«d 
lhi» cwttrai-y, grwit a4» vr« b«M«cb lh»«, ivitL uii «am«At r«- 
peuUACO of that iiluob i« put, tc join a hoarly poipow of 
suk«nduiout to coDW. 

And fura«niQcb u tho biphopof Romt^ u woptonevorjO&od 
Fridji/ toaccnnM Ba« [u] dbuinod hijrvlJo, ho curve not hint. 
bat pT%j for him. lliat ho with dl hi« |inxtftk«r« dthcr rnaj 
bft tumod K» A bctwr truth ; or cUo, wo prjiT ih™, flTiwioui 
Lord, tliot wo DOTor Agr«o with hiin in doctrine, And that ho 
nuiy so atrtc la rtill, and nercr bl<w u* moTA w he blcoed 
lu in t^urcTi MiLTjr'fl time- Gck], of thj^ mercj koop nwftj Ihat 
blonipg from ut- 

FloiJtf , irut^il of Iho pope'd blc^fing gire ns Oij blotsing, 
I^ord, wo boM«oh Ihfv-, iukI eonwrrrc the fieaco oftliy ohurcli, 
uid ^UTM of t^^ blcMod go4pi>L fMp ti;oi» that bo nood^ 
jud Afflicted. Comfort thom thai bhour and b« hsu^j hidea. 
And, nboTc oil thbj^ continue and iuorowo oar faith. 

And fcrwmuch u thy pwr Uttlo flock con K:ar«4 hAt« 
nnj ptaoe or reat in thia utM, ooioe, Lord, wo bo*e«eb tli««, 
with thj* fapfum t^. and miiw MX «nd, thAt ihi« «»rld mnj 
baiD no Titortf tiiua nor pkc« IwrO, ud thai th^ church riat 
have roAt for ovvr. 

For tha«, and oil other nore«ii^«$ rtqaUU to 1>« bc(;|od 
and prayed for, cwkinjC in tbj Chritl^i uiii«v uid u fao tuth 
tAtf){ht Uiv ^o nj I Oar Kolhor, which art In bcaTon ike^ 

Whra JiiMfli'4 btHlhTvii nur 
tdm o&ff ofll &c^ Obs. ajiKru. 

AbnTom fOMUp ««ff|r, indiliMid 
hard bj IhCb fte. 3 Sook. xv, 

JitditM wJ : CnD*, l«t Oi wH 

him IBMT 




CHRl3TtA?f rruvBOSw 





Fm HHia, a*. 

4£ Am>thnT*. 

O lingular kvar of v», CliritiL Jeau, Wjikginoa^ 

tbou ttilt never ful hvr ; JaonAM bur, And multiplj^ liiMv irilb 
good 1ebu4j liku Llie futlL^r, tliat is to wit. lik* tbjWUl Uikv 
U8 Uj be aU uf r;ne oimJ \ioi\i in lh«o> And ia 1]i« lUdigv lh*l 
Gr7D<;@rEL iSitie, yo fia we auiy rorSIy be that body, wboTMir tlMtt 
urt the hoaj, b&ing (ju it wore] glu«d and fjutencd logaUwr 
ttilh miilual churlty, kindlod wlih that «ror!uUDfr fir* oC 
thine, nhkh hiat £0 lovod ua, UiAt thou h;ut spent thy blood 
and thy life for ua^ jH 

O Christ, the author find pprtu&dor ofpodbco, Ioto, uia^^ 
good-'Vrill, fiofU-n our hurd and »t4Hily heirti^ irann our uj 
and lrc£i^ii hearta^ Ihnt vr& may vrlah well one to uiother, to 
W k1] men may porcolvu hb to ho thy truo diniplen. And 
giTO nq grace cvon now tL» hogtn to «heff fortl; lliat heavenly 
liro, wborcin there is no dSeagreoEnohC nor lialred, but peoM 
and lovo on all hiincta, ono towftrilA Another. AiQOn. 

for Ih. And 

T ar" 

/•Ml V 

. II I ns 
John tvin. 

Anoihpf ■- 

Tho ohiTrdi a ono botfy, dcrirod* from fhcc, Chrii 
hntd Ihriroof, into divorn uie(nb<<ni, knit to thoe, and to^ 
nmong ihi'moelveu, wilL tho knot of mutuai love, a grr«t mjs- 
tvry of fJod'K L'r^iilrfvifl. Kow lini]^, liow grvAt n benefit lf^T^ 
uniiy, und p^nko ;inj; eo groat a ini8cbl(»f !« dlMaonron, tho 
mother of hatred. Th^ author of tha former b God, and 
tho aulhar of thU othet is the dovjl- And \ika ta notJiiog 
con be doiia^ ujure bleaaed, Ihan t« have tho oarlhlj' 

T inw nil fsnul KratUrrJ, n Thu fnolUh virgiiu Mm* 

«Wp Ihftt hfti] DO 3hrph«nt» Arc vAying- Lord, f^rd, ftc 

HoU^baBdd: Bolioldithonvhall Tho ffi<Mt drajToD, thai oU 

Rco U TvUh tbtnc fly». bni ihou* pcat^ vw eiuE uuv bc^ R#t. iJL 

C l'i«m Ludevicu* Viw, Tom, i. p^ 03, w1icr« U U vnlltUl s^Pro 

(' TlioiLdc IpiLailoTltiu Vlrrs.Tom.i. p.M,ia»-<PmFMfr*t«o^a. 
nation*. pD|iulL Chrlatknl.J 

I' Dctrlvtd; dititribiiM, « a ttram. iatu 4^tcci lYimiik 
Latin i^ducrlpia,] 


CM1VTlA!ff PRAY! 01^ 


to imituUr the conrord of Iho heavenly diardi, ao n^jihmst id 
uioro ?rpc(clird iliin t]jo oatitrarj', whkU U Uio ima;to of lie)]. 

O Ijtflil ELDtJ Fifclliur of oun, Uiou onlj art of powor to 
purfurm ntuil Ibou li»t«dU Thurufuro* fstlLor (Lou lu Ujf;eLlii;r 
diB|JurBixl: iind kmt ui tagHUvr [iu«jikniii^> auid roiil iiniiid«r 
frUU upuuoiu: unita us lu^utlivr^ nliom hatrud xnd viiuuly 
Laib BvL us Jut lU oddfl on o;ui b<^ Gruil, tbat uli of up, wLicli 
«r« nguuerult'd, aud ruiiUftvd by baptism in tlj^ aun9, majr 
cIoK tU|^lLur 111 uuo body, ujuot for iiui:h A li^ad M lliou firt, 
than thv wbid) Qona cuh bo JUAguiud ollhw IftftUr or greater, 

l^t tu bo aU of vao njlad. lot ua wl our bcarU all upon 
oao Qilng. nftiBoly, upoD ihott, iho ouly almighty God, and 
iia^ular lovor of ur : which nrt itl^ i most tn^k mfvn. and 
wttflt nailed to the croa for our ■ins. and Art the f«d*!em*r 
of muikind, and the srttcr up agrdn of tho whole irarld. 
Lord, JuavAjp the ^rvAt nuijibrr of wave*, wlierowilh ifau 
abip J>r tbino u afiault^d und sliokcn. Avridto, Cbruit Jtnu, 
and MTO U5, or else wo aro liLo to Kuflfer noro jud horriblo 
»bipVKK;k^ Xo vlron^, ao wlndorUr no' ricliea of ition can 
novs hdp u*, llwro n-(iiair;otli oo hopo of rwnfldy. Only 
thy mcrdJul look can savo at from thiM cruel »torni, and 
makv it calm agua. Therefore, put to thy belpioic band* 
that wo, boing proverrod by Uiy power, may glory in thy 

ff Another*. 

O Lord Jem Ch™i, which throogb lliin^ almighty powor 
^iial mako ftU crojklor«i both viiil/lo lUid inviublo. vfhicb 

• aikm. 

k lab hIp, 

a«>l l«af hm 
A*a f. And 

«^ K^P* tl* 

•HI vHiu In 
^W'bT. Mid 


Juab look A14MT «U« pw' 
•biy, otd MtMv hbn ooder lb« ffls 
thMhadwf.JEc lAuB.iiL 

Sinnn, to rvdtvn Juuthu, 
Hiidi(h mttwrf, aiut tbv chiUiwi, tu 
Tttpfaan, Afc^ 1 Micha. Kill, 

Whin dujn, OioftHhrrofOuv- 

naon, m* ihn nakqdn>i«i vrhb ftr 
ther, h( told hit Iwo bnUuvti, fc& 

IIcUmu I> nortHd of UtUv 
diildrwi, cryuiir nutt lilm i Conw 
Dp, Ihn lAUdie«J, &«. i Ittg IL 

(.' Thk Fntj-a o:f EnuntiB uuw vccon fi>r tin **niiH! liJiif [tR |>> MQ, 
butarJdmiJTtAnriAiedfnaiaBmpifbaldinctvnLttal Tho I^aqoaiBd 
in the Urttdi* iHm ItU Pnr«n»« a^uof. lu orifinaJ titJo l«>~Pro> 
ntio id tlvralnum J^vnin |>ro p4M Ectlniib] 

Ihcin, tfMl 

hun ttl>* 

9'hDn Uifl 

hj Ihy hciirenly imd^io ^»veni«at and duposest all tbii^^l 
most bcftuiifal order, irbicb bj thioo uoapcftkibk goodacM 
preaerve^t, moIntAm^At, and qulclt^nert oU things, aad vlueb 
ibrough ihmo mfinitc nvsr^y Atncndcst tli« thioga thftt art 
cnubed V boiHeat np tho thingi tbal were Ulen down, md 
quirtcen&At the tblogi th&t n^r« dead : rouchs&fe (we beacedi 
Uic«) to tarn tbjr coanCetunce at tcn;;t1i 14 thjr ringdtrijr 
botoved spouse, tho churchn oren that mild and ^rSbnona roa» 
tenaitce of thine, nherewiL)) tlii>u cbe«r9ft &11 things in 1i««t«4 
in (3arOi, Jibovci th« bcAvens, fknd undar tho «<arth : TAtn^nft 
10 turn l.hofto tumtIc n,nd inernful «fff« of thlno, irhetwllh 
irh«n tboii bf^heldoat PoF^^r', lio roponU^l htm br And by, 
chTt^i^Iiof fukd wborowitli ihim boboldo^t tho scaltored people^ and «vl 
movod nlth pHy^, bi^cAimo tlioy wandorctl liko ttx-ay and 
lorod ahoop fi>r w^inC of Ji bbophcrd. 

Th(ja socBt, O good Shophcrd, how sundry lort* of ¥ 

oro brokni into thy fiheepfold, of wham evvrj one cTieOi, 

ThiB 13 VhrUif joiomnch tluht even tbo pcrfoctcst mi^ht 

bo drawu into error, if it Troro poHaibk, Thou vsvi vith 

irhAt nmdft, nlth wimt vavos, and with vhit uloinn, thj 

jiiLdih..o]r 1itt1« «1ii|i 19 tossed, out of th« rrkich tt in not thj «iU UiM 

ui^'"[llfl ^***^^ **'*^^ ^*^ '*"y eftfety. uiunt follow, but tbat all 

^1^'^''';^^ of ua muHt oe«de periBli, if ihe should bo droivn«d 1a tba 

(h.Vi'r^ We acknowledge and ranfcst, thnt our oirn idnt hav# pn>< 

^^[u<!^u^ a1r[^d us lbi» tempcst^ Wo o^lfnonlodgo Ihjr rigbteottnafl^ 
Wll*»*^ ^ and bflwoil our own unriRhtwuinMa : but jct tbcrowithal ■» 
luih <fii. appeal to t\ij mercy, whieh (according; ti tho pMfan of tho 
(«)*»] prophet) eTVOodoth ii\l thy works. \V6 hare endured miwh 
puuiflliiuuul alruady, hwiu^ uYorwum with «o maojr waf% 
ur«rHpijnt with i»0 uiauy vijulJuuv, t^xtd with eo tautj kkdi 

tniLi [III, 

The |ilouiihm ploat-ht^ upioa 
my IkkL, anil fLitnmi |i>n^ iJi4 
CJM. Situ Pad. eJisI*. 

KnEhftn -mnti Joh trith «ta 
l>fiilB from th^ tolc ufbiil'vol, tt^c 

Wliui ttwu ]i4it den* «D^V 
July. Ht i!(>wCk liuil lliuu luyA 
tnclrv a efowti, &f^ EedoL xxxIL 

A hiinr Mid noto David ; WIm ut 

thou, tb«C criat to iW kl^. 9a, 

1 BUL JtVlT. 

P Thft Latia i— Pctnim, rcctadtf taa 

original Uida la fiiUy lrvifirai«»i cph |i. KI.) 


nrftr^TiAV pravsrsl 

cry of thy wholo cbnrch bomg la poril. BoholJ, bov inui/ 
tlKJiiaand men cry out; LorJ, auvo ua, or oW nu pirrufa. ^1 

^ Tho LumpDEt hath ovcroomQ uU ^ uuuiung uf UEon: nayH 

b/nm!^Eri ^ Lurd Jueu : 9&y no mure but, l\>iup«fit, be btiii, uui bj^ and 

•|J*^* mtlior, wo BQO thai tUe ondeavoar of snub, as go about 


£S^pi>iHi bj the nished oaJajjivea wiU tiJ;e>f iLaelil Tb9 Lord wuidU 
K^£!«d bavo spared tlie juauniorjilli^ thuuMnd^ of wicked pooplflv tiai 

Cn'n.^0. wero Ln Sudoin And Gi^iuvniL. if Ije could bAT« found but t#tt 

rlght«ou6 stnjvQg ibem all. Now there ore manj ihotuaiuUt 

wliiirh lovo Ibc glory cf thy ixEiiLid. oud nhicU long to bvbold 

Ul« beauty of thine boasc: ciQi vilt thou not t&t Iboir e&UM^ 

ancA reloaae thine aDger> and remember tby old mereiMt 

\Vi3t thou not, through thy heavenly cunmnf", lum car foot 

ishneaj to thine oim gtory ? Wilt thou Dut turn the wicked 

folki^ eril doings to tho benaUt of thy uburdi f For itxj 

morfly '\n wont to be tlien readiest At band, wbon thio^ mn 

SjAim'^Lj* •"* ''*'' ^^^ rotovory, m no Htroiiij-lh or pubcj of maa cwi 

^■l^iiu 1*"^^^ thooi. ThuH, buiog ihu only author and ninpmlainoi- of 

i!i!7h"iuk pcaixit art only ho Ihat miikotb things m onu, Uiou^U th«j bo 

h1II,-l3*^ novor so uiu(ih at odJs. Thou diJdt dlhpoMg the ol4 cluoa, 

i!r 1^ u- *i wboroin the soed^ of all ibings lay GonfuMad and hinnoiliii^ 

uMhWFw' amDng Lhom^oIvcE, without any onI<?r or eomcluios; Aud hf 

fk^vlEhj "^'^^s^f'il order kuit tlie things together b evisrlantiog Jaigue. 

j«r^^ wbidi strivo together by nature. Bat bow much inm 

fehatueful [L cbaoB !£ it. ttber^ there 'n no Ioti^ do tiatht ua 

bvvping of cuvuuAntVp no rvvcreuoo of EftirB, do awe of vndi m 

arc in authority, do conient of opiuiooM, but orery nan ■<□£> 

hi* own eong, aa in a bUck imneCus' ? Among the rnmf»ni 

Tubdcain "TOUjEbt cumUujc]; With tht rib, vLii^U Ibu LtDrd 

vvury cnifl vt lirwx luiii inni. 6hC. (t^jd b»d cakou front th* man, ftc* 

GouhLb tT> GcHh it. I 

K«y, ih^ piMjJic't, v-ju <:ur in Thr Liird util fa Mnet; Tbou 

thr miilu trith * k^w, niiil l4fl«t iIloJi wiuicUHiwk.viMl Water, Jlcl 

UD a im ^c Ksvd aril 

Q Tbo IaUo— humvumi inHu-ilHain^ 

[" ' A kini] af burlffi-^EH liymii i^rformpd with kU LUidt of ilbcor- 
daiil uiil iLriUJ^ M>i*tiir; in ridii'Liru, I Twr. uf (ha Siniinft or Holy, 
ll<jly, Hi>|y,fjftba Ramldi MIihI, 7ha coilom of prfonuEas U K prv- 
baMj'. u old 01 Ihc Bcfurni'tlon/— ^arc*' Gliuury, 'Vho Latin ;— t«|i^ 
bl diMOOQ nhonf.] ^ 


of the kkie*^ tb«r« U no diugroemrat : the demetkU do hepp 
CTcrj ono hU plu^ Uid overj of tlittn eiecut^th hU own 
<iffice. And wJlt thou MiflVr ttij- spoune, for y]wM nake nil 
Ihinga are created, to go to irrwrk hj cnntiTiiuil i3iapoM? 
Will thou suffer wick«il spiriffl, ^le aothom of *^iiirnr4, l^ 
•J^cuto tjfranny in Ihr kingdom unpTinlnhad ? VHh thou 
•iiffi^r ibAt *trong f«Uow, vhnm ihou hmt ontw thnmt oat, to 
gel po>iM*ufon of ihy tents agftia ? When then dwDUctUt* oa 
ft mortal man. Among men, the devils ^cA ann.T nt ihjr V'oico. 
^Vo bfsmnch ihcc, O l^rd, send xhj Spirit into tlio Iicftrt* of 
all ihnm that prafcss thy hanournble name, to drivn from 
Qutm tha wickod spirnic, which aro tho sohoalmoatcra of riot* 
lOMouuiWp ambition, leoborj. Tcngv<utw. and diBcord : and 
(thM I nay u«ij Ch« prophet'* ovn nords] a cIodjs hcru-t 
cr«ftt« ID Uft. Uod* our ^ia^. and rcDQit tby Uoljr Spirit m 
our bowelB; tokv not thy lloly Spirit fruta ui. Qirt lu 
Again thogUdnHiof thj ndvation, and «Lr«ngthcD ttij tpouaa, 
and Hiy apouu't »heph«rdi, with a priadpal Spirit. By 
thijt Spirit hut thou t*l ihing« la beaT«ii ar;d earth at one: 
by thiA Sprrii hwt thovi ajHf»i»1>1eJ and knit *o tninj tongo«H> 
»o many natioTti. and io manj lundry «or1» of n)<m, into tho 
ODA body of thy church, whkh deareth unto ihce, h*T bcjid, 
by tiie namu Hpiriu If it may ploaso Ihoo to renew him in 
dl OHiu'fi hearts, Uioso outnonl calomitioi wiJI by and by 
cmm; or. If thej omo notp yot afaall iht^y at lou»twbo turn 
to tbo buhnof of Ibom Uiat Ioto (bso, Set ihiA iTOnfuAiLin in 
ordor, J^onJ, and Jot thy Spirit oprood forth 'i\mH upoa 
Ihcco walore of vaporing opioiona. 

And fomnnucb oi Ihy Spirit (wbtrh. oecordiog to Ao 
aaying of the prophet, contoiagih* ail Uiiiigt) hatb alto tlia 
bnowlodge of the Toioe io hin : gnai that, u all which dwoU 

ki If I * iImd 


vatvwn IP 

Hailk VI -ll' 

[niu. 10,] 

Idd 4hBt Wf 



[rh«H mi 

At vixm «t ihv futi WW down. 

'Him ibfiy vu^ aofl vent aU 
1 Sfl». ful. 

IVlirn JoHjih WB* «0]|Jt to hi> 
brvllkix'v, ihtx kCriiJt Um, &r> 
Gi-ii' xu^lL 

fta tliry took ap Jat»\ iind <»« 
bin ititfx (hr *M, bii4 tlw «h, &C' 
JoDM i. 

p Tlip tjttio -— TateT M ri wtoi eiWa> On p, 101. Jl l%— «ihon« tlic 
hll«»Oty piificti-l 




in ihj bouEu bavu bat otii? law. ouo b&pti«m, ono God, m\i 
hopv, OU9 ^piriti Bu alao Hkto muy Lw but ouc vuicu amon^ 
aU Llieiu tbal prulW tliy uotLuLic inillj. At th^ j^uiu;; up into 
hoaT«a lhi>u, iiflvr tliu luauutir vi eucL ait Irjumph, ilidal 
icAtUr iibrmid divwa rt]tvHrd« f^'oui >bove^ gii« giA* nnto 
S!tib^'^ ™^a< An^l limii>n Huudrj' ^roMuU of Oiy S|iirJt ftiuoag Uicrm* 
^^liil'll^' U^Don now ix^ikiii Ltu»v oM bouQt«ou»aeu from 4l>Qv«: |^vo 
i£^inir th'? s^me Uun^ to lliy church now droopiog, itbidt Ukm 
1^.1 EdL'rt^ gar«5t to her aX h«r firal AouruhJng foiUt. Gito uato lur 
ifr princes the awn of tliee. that they may so gorcrn tbo couuiiim 
ftoah u though thev should abortlv jield an A^cfiuot of nwj 
thing to thee, ths King of all kings. Giro them of the wiadoiD, 
ffhieli ia ftlwajs about thy ibrone', Uifl,l they nay «* *h« n 
boll to bi> flnno, and perform it in Ihcir d«nlj. fSiro unto thft 
al)U|)1iordFi, ^bom thoo ha^t vouebufcd to put in tky rooai, tho 
gift of propheoy. that thoy injij iatcrprut tho tnyHlJ<^ atrijf 
taroe\ not by man'i raiuonj but by thy tiiH|>EratioiL Qff9 ibem 
tho tliructolii ohu-ity, wbinhibou didet douuLndof PMcr, when 
j^ZS^T!^ thou gnvi>at hlui chftrgo to fuiMl tliy fiwk. Give th«iQ* ilui 
iwS.^ bra of BobornoftB and duality. <.iivo Iby people wilfingaov 
M^^ to obey tliy htwW, and fwAArdnotb to sopvo ihom by nbom it 
Kip''ii " *^'r *^^^ ^ ^*^** '^*3 affwps of this vrorld r>rdoreii So thAll 
'i*!^ it coino ti> puo, that, if^ by Ihy inspiration tbo pnaodi oon- 
"til^ik Enand thingn teeming Uiee. and ibo ohopliordi tofeth Uung> 
accordingly, and tho people obey thoir good ^raniDMat and 
gvdly toachlng, ilio church ehali, with Buoh good ordoF. tooQ 
recoTar hor foimor dignity and quiJtTtut^, to tho glory of thy 
njimc. NotfrithtUudiag Uiat thou hadst ftppointvd tho Ninii- 
vU«« to utti;r ddBtrufHioti » yet didat thou itpftre thna. aa aooti 
aath«y turned to rcpcntaac^: E^d wilt thou datpiM thy ipooM 


As wc>pcth «Rt[auaDy hi thd 
nlgbl, juLiI hcrifon, 4e, LomcDJ- 

I 'nlE mr ni>t Nitnmi, hnt mJ] mn 
Mjvu, hr the LortJ biith niien, Arc- 

SkunvB LTm at midnight, and 
look the Joon^ AffL Judifum. xri 

Ami ihrt Irfird flruln mto 11m 
fiih, and it mt oat JoM^ ft«a 

I.' Ilw ]>thi:— IrlumphuiUutJi luui* ■p«niiU CK ilto jrvtloB mU- 

r* Tht: Luiu .— l>u fctctrioliLui tu]*.J 


vbmktm;* prats Its. 


oovtinic honcif down at Ujj fiwl? uliioli iii«Ui ngbg iiutVkd 
of Mukdat}!. and It^un iuslcsd *A aAhtt»? 

TbuLi biul |>ruiuuwU furgivwim* to «ticli u eoDv«rt» aaJ 
f ut is iL ili^ gth, (Jut a nan r«turiioth to th«o wiili «II hU 
Lurt, to lliu initiui tLal All our gi>od thingi thouU n^doiind 
to Uiy glorjr. Thou wl tho MiJtor, repair thy croiluro^ Thou J[;j^^|;H 
ftrt Uio IUa»om«r> •»« iho co*i* which thou hui bortoitod. ;^Z2Z 
ThoH art lli9 Saviour, (uffor nol Ihom lo pcrbhn which hang SlTpiltti*'' 
vhoil; upoa thno. Tbou Art tbo Lord, nuiaum tlimo c^va^^X?" 
pOBAsioD- Thou art tho Hcadn niccour thj oiomb*f«, Tbon !^V~° 
art tho Kiog, pva lu r«vQrcric« of thjr lft«». Thoa art th« J-^** 
Prince of poacv. iftspiro thy ioto into m^. Thou Wt God, 
hnra laervj irpon tliv humblo nnHon. 

A^vordinfi; i& St l^auL'a uyini;. he Ihou nil in all iDdn, tlut cw iilii-i 
thti vrholo companj of t}iy diureh mjijr vith ono mind and 
ono Totoo in ooiuecit jii^liJ thanks for lii?r oljCairicU monry to 
tho F«tli»r. and tho Son, aad 0\q Uoly tihont, who, boin^ Iho 
p«rfoot pattern of coni;ord, m^ ditlinot ia propriety of pervoiu, ''^*f^ 
■ad yot in nUDr« but ono; to vrhom bo pAlso ftod glory CarS^Jj;;^ 
•vcr. AnuHi. 

^ A PmjrcT fcr tlio QdMn'^ m^fi^*. 


WonclapfU, O most oiwllcnt and almighty Goo, i« iko j--™* 
depth of Ihy jadjimoDta. Thou Kinf^ of ^^mgK l^rd of loird* : 
thotr, which At ttiy pldinrft dott ttkfl away iknd tnuispoto, 
root out &ful pkzit, (oofoand ml eiUUiib» tdogdomn ; thou, at 

It«iih«nivtiinit4 to Uu pitk «od, 

WIluU. JuVdpll Wl* UBt id tbv pit* 

1 viU *«lc hint, tlM mj Bnil 
li>Tv(h : 1 wujitil Mm, bgt 1 Ibuod 
Lini unit* Ac Ckat^ uL 

Tbo kiaf Mid uoio Duikli O 

Dvikl, tho Mnvi. && OmtL ti 

Whtn I hA>1 pu< jt liGil* ft«» 

f Tht Latin : in«{>ii« aoUi CMJIifcnB fCiulb«A.] 

[' CbiitUpbar Bwliir pot ovC In IMO, JvMV, Vorir MtJiiM^Dfirfl tt 
Prm* pW, wO* JwlfMiia vlbni^ I^ttM, HjOSca, r-nlli^i, *( AnAliw 
mnattat coatnipl*, Ttm fim two u* by ^Mcti K||«^iifL, ud tba 
Fivjer may b« Mmpani wilh botli. bat |«tknlaHy wtlli th* hnuit 
of tbtm.] 




mm nil 

ihj aitkgulAr goodaetfi, h^i MirtTod our Qu««n, Uij hioid- 
UAid, wbep the was almost fil cImUi's door: jca, tbou batt 
delivered h«r out of prison, find MHihA btr In ti«r failicr'* 
tlirons. To thoe, lln^rvforo, df» wo rnnlcr thAnWa: t*^ thco do 
ire mmg kud And prAiu : thir hatro do TO hoiour daj and 

Thou fiftj^t Teslored Agaio the liliorly nf our country, uid 

tbe ftinceriiy of thy dictrinc, with pcnco nnd IraTiqiiillity of 

br thy cliurch. Tbino, thmo no^ tbo IxinoHtt t!io mcAQs, ih^ 

lahoiir^ fmd aorvioc, iros hfira- A biLrLhcn too hcnvy (ftl*«) for 

ti woman's ahouldcrfl^, yet co^y and talorablo by thy h<itf^ng 

ff'Mii-'""t«i Aaaiat her, ibopcforo, O uioBt mGraifd FntJtor: nootlierT^ 

irJl^D. "^^ *p<3ct hor cffonros, or tbo deaorls of hor paroatai or tha 
mjuiifold Bins of aa. her pooplo ; but think upon thy wontod 
_ nouipiuaiou, olwayG at band i<* thy ^oqv afltJctcd. 

rressTTti Imv kbgduiu, uialut^un religiijii. defond thy 

Cftuic, our QueoD, us, thy !hf«p iiTjd her f>«<ip!«. ScEittur 

thine en^mieH, whi^b thirH aflor 'vri^r. Lot tb^m be a>ili4m«d 

BXtd confounded, th^t vc-rAhip idola. Let m not bo a pi^/ to 

tho nntiona, that luiow nnt tbee, neltbor call npon tby lunth 

Strengthen luid confirm^ O Lord, that good work, »bicJt 

thou baal begTm. Inspire oar grfldous Qumu, thy Acrvanty And 

>B,u^iii« Hi, tby poor tlopk irilh Uiy Holy Spirit; (hat with uncorrupt 

m^niitn lif^ wc mov BO join purity of roJigiont as ne may not yldd 

M-MiDEii and bring forth vrild and hoAbird traiVt, but inifd and bireot 

SnViiH.iti P"'*P^* ^"'l frmie heeeoiitjng ropenuinoG, and moot and con- 

JKl".i^^ venien( for thy goftpol, to tlio intoni no nmy enjoy Iha bn- 

ESihrt! ■a. "^wtaJ TrOAanro iTnuiorlally, and that, iWut^ nnd djing in 

""*' thoo, wt) ujuy finally poucu tho inhorJIajicc of thy boavooJj' 

ktuf^doiit. Through Jcstu Chriit our Lord, Fvr ihiu* la ihg 

kififfJuiJi, thu poH«r, Kvl Uk gluy* Tit tW' Amcik 


Ami J*('nl> «il|pd thp num^ «f 
thu iiIht Phuiiipl. Ac. UvU' iiJEii. 

GldcDD uu^trod L [If] iJin TorJ 
be with uii, why Ihiwi. *t JuJ. vi. 

AiLtt K(]'H-J> tmlkrd with (<nd. 

And he wai nn more ttfH, for UuJ 
Iwk biui %yii}. &f. lIviL t, 

Tbtrc Dprioiired a chariot of ftre, 
and hoiH* of fire : w EEu> wml up 
by ■ whirlwuul, fit- 4 Jttg. U. 

[' trc b«f0 the tiWHr wmi i UHt t In Itir following Pnjvr, p. 474^ 
nnaxii, n«ovnibn^«4 imMfD fmuUoacm «liBiaitruua,J 

CHfii»TlAy Pfl&TlftS. 


'0 Goi>^ ffio«t oxoellctit «reUor And proMrrcr of ftll things, jj^^tj^ 
wo oa*t oor^lTC* down before tht del of \hj iDJtj«itv. ind JfiX.'*'^"' 
imrnriilf focUjig, how un*rortliv we are to httTo our pr*j&r* 
heard of thoe» wo lUro nol lift up our o)r*o to hcftT«ii. 

Noirerth«lMs^ wher«A« wo ir«ro eoDoelTed in tin, And th«ro- 
foro (m a]] AJaia'a childtvn) deMTvod untiimrijr bLrih ; jot llij 
Fatliorlj hjinii hnth bronghi in fortii, su)*1 CAiia*d UB tn Im 
bom, vtftt, nnd gmnlrd m to live in thin Mo-A^rd titno of ihy 
gnipcl, to ihn int<?nt that* dy'ta^ with (7hmt, wc ihoiild riiM 
■gain to <«tcmn] tjfo^ 

Rnl, alu (wTPiehca thot we opo), w« bftvo dflsrrviid tli j lI»^aMt' 
juHt indignation bj rDtnrning to our old toiujU And j^ot iliy ^J™""" 
gnuo »urnioui]tGth our uu, coutiniuUy colling m to ihj 
sijoopfold by tbo Toi?« of thy gospcL BJonod bo Ihy holf 
tiamo for tondiag us that ligUl, whvn wo wcro ;a difcrknCM;L»«*ro«d 
that fpirituid dnok, vrhvn w« w«r« b dondlj thint; thfttMlvCC 
LcnTvtily fcciJ, wlien wo w«r« hung«r-etVfod. And ^0 
hoDour and pniao be ucrlbod to thoo ooJy. O Lordt for 
giving ii« wdi, 40 wijo, lo K«ftlo«^ lo godly, and cirefd, g^ 
vernor^ of thy choaen ohorcH of Engird, whom tboti hut 
rfti»d up bj tho hght of ihj fospcl to guide u* in tho unw 
thy light, and to feed ui widi iho nmo thy hCAVcnlj food, 

Wo mngnl(y thy aiuno d^iy md night* for th&t ino^ 
timjiblo bcmofit of thino, bMtowed upon us. thy praplo of 
Kngljind. in cnlling lliy cliOMii crMtaro, tho nuno of this thy 
church, our Quocn and gOTomor, from worldly vantUw ^ISlUS^^ 
tbo cars of thy kingdom, and into the oommuniDn of tby''*''*^' 
tainU, by tlo prenchiog of tliy goffpol Wlion ntio ^ato not 
«uffiEi«n|Iy nttcntivo «nd dilJgont oaf Lo thy bIo«ud word, 
ftlbvit thou djd«; coitolH bcr, And o;hor iagrftt«ful cr«a£or«i 
of this our nalioD with thy rod. yet cron in tliu point ilUo 
thy ddneucy nirmount«d our double wicLodiwu. For, bo- 

Abo«c oH. uke iha ifalald of 

BcImU, chott imt fmi tat oni. 

[" lo ValtlWidai Ph>lknaa' ImalatHb of CAtvin'* Utnrgj, p. 13, b 

1 A jtmjtr. whtch Buy mil be coiDpBri:il wllh thiib l( u iu tli* Liiurfvt 

I Fiwa^ffMut, At\A i« |>rrcddrd hy il^ rallawing rabrk^— Cviuintim [paMor] 

eUuJ'l liu prvfAtlou, pHliJovn Mtii laluni (onHnMffr^^ l^v Aft 

judkit I>rl. bj t'**CA^'V>° quilniB uvnl ipvi obooxki^ ob qu« tin in 

Dei in OM dc^riat. S«e f 419^ «vic t J 




0<n4 JivMl 

hold, nHon fu thy jaatioe might hnro dqnired nt nf lier. 
tlioD of thine inflnito mercy dicUt ilrUfor her out cf prlwa, 
KW"** Ml her frco frnm the Uon'fl jnim, crowned Imr vnlli a dUdaD 
of gold, mid put tho ru^^u) Oivplns uf this rculio in hor hand. 

MortwTor (O plngukr and luoai prGOJous tmynire of aH 
IraaBuroKl) lliou, ilirou^h hor meuns nod miiiidlry, haet brought 
a^n Christ Jtsufi^ uuuo banldhod cut of Eu^ltuid. 

Tb^u, moet xDer;;il'ul Father, be llie |jrtu<n|ia| jevob of 
tbmi> iueetiuiahlo riohcB best^wod upon uii, wLJcdii tho uwro 
•Kcelluut thtij arc. iLe J«u lire ife worthy «if thuoi, bowiwo 
wu hire uiivbebaved ourvelv^ liiwurdu Uiy Mjijetity lu duly 
nnning laore and luoro agiiin^t ihee: iniontuch ihi\ fvutui^ 
thri nam* tn our con»di?ni?«A, ^c be driven \itl\ nokr to 
dcjijintr, Bnt, when vrc caI) t^ mind Iby sum and air#«t pro- 
niiicA in Christ'^ prodnm bl^ad, we ire th^rtby rpfrwhad ; 
And, reooTCrina; Btr^^ngth by hope, approitcb thytfarOA* boldly, 
net effering Ariy thing for the utiifoct'ion of cur jdqi, boi 
only mrin^, that the oblntion of thine Anointed, wbirh a tha 
ju^tllfier and Bnnt^tiHcr of nil thiLt ure t(* bo jaatiAed nad aan^ 
tilicJ. may inaho uh eliMin, and so rot^dre us luta Lhy taitjcm. 
a^,^ „j Audt Aurrin^ obedience ptctLsotb tfifjo better tluin tbc &t of 
^^"' itieep. nnd tbe Aaoifieo of oar Jipa bettor Llifln the flesh awt 
lilood of boAMte, grant tlifit ^o may f^nUh our HjTiful noa in 
•bevinf; furtb lliy prai»u tuid kooping t)i