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3 1833 02548 6876 

Gc 977 » 2 Ev:L4m 1S59 

E V a n g e 1 i c a 1 L. li. t. h e r a n Syr) o d 

of NiDrthern Indiana, 
P r o c; 5? e d i f "i g s o f t: hi e . n n 

conv. . „ Evan nLuth .Synod n ,. . 

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. 1S98611 


Thursday, o'clock A. M., SepLemler 22, 1859. 

The Brethren unitedly sang a hymn, and were led in prayer by the 
President, Rev. D. Smith. 

The Secretary, Rev. R. F. Delo, by order of the President, then called 
the roll and noted the absentees as follows . 


Ordained Ministers. 


Rev. D. Smith, 

Logansport, Indiana. 

Rev. H. Wells, 

Columbia City, Indiana. 

Rev. F. Templix, * 

North Manchester, Indiana. 

Rev. J. Wolff, 

Coesse, Indiana. 

Rev. J. Gather, * 

Cromwell, Indiana. 

Rev. W. Waltmax, 

Spencerville, Indiana. 

Rev. R. F. Delo, 

Albion, Indiana. 

Rev. a. H. Scherer, 

Arcadia, Indiana. 

Rev. S. p. Snyder, 

Camden, Indiana. 

Rev. p. S. Nellis, 

North Manchester, Indiana. 

Rev. J. G. Biddle,* 

LaGrange Centre, Indiana. 

Rev. C. Caskey, * 

Spencerville, DeKalb co., Indiana. 

Rev. B. F. Hills, 

York Centre, Indiana. 

Rev. J. Miller,* 

Columbia City, Indiana. 

* Absent. 

Licensed Ministers. 

Rev. J. M. Smith, 
Rev. Charles Jones, 
Rev. Valentine Exline, 
Rev. F. Biddle, 
Rev. G. AV. Wilson, 
Rev. J. B. Cromer, 
Rev. a. J. Cromer, 
Rev. J. N. Barnett. 


Anoka, Indiana. 
Moorosville, Indiana. 
Van Wert, Ohio. 
Korristown, Indiana. 
Columbia City, Indiana. 

LAY delegates. 

Mr. Charles Smith, 
Mr. James Worden, 
Mr. J. I. KiTZEN, 


Mr. J. I. Bruner, 
Mr. J. S. Ulrick, 

Mr. M. Plank, 
Mr. B. Keiji, 
Mr. John Helwig, 
Mr. M. Snyder, 
Mr. David Reitzel, 
Mr. W. a. Calvert. 


Beloved Brethren : — The Loi-d lias mercifully spared us through the 
labor and toil of another Synodical year, and now we are met, once more to 
exchansje salutations, and transact such business as shall advance the Re- 
deemer's kingdom on earth. 

During the year which has so swiftly glided away, we have had many 
happy and delightful seasons, as well as many painful and distressing trials, 
which are calculated to awaken sorrowful reflections in our memories. 

But we have great reason for thankfulness, notwithstanding the cold hand 
of death has invaded some of our families, it has pleased God to s]iare our 
ministerial ranks unbroken. The pleasure of the Lord has graciously rested 
upon our Zion, for he is supjilying the waste and destitute places within our 
Synodical bounds with faitliful ministers, and greatly blessing their labors 
witli the outpouring of his Spirit. 

The great work of God's Spirit is going forward in our midst; Congre- 
gations and Sabbath Schools have been organized, family altars established. 
Churches built, and in many places the Lord has greatly revived his peo- 
ple, and sinners have been converted to God. 

We can truly say, the cloud of the Covenant of the Lord moved on- 
ward, and thanks be to God, the Church followed and extended her bor- 
ders far into the wilderness. 

In view of the multiplied blessings of our Heavenly Father, so bounti- 
fully bestowed upon us, let us render thanksgivings and praise unto him, 
and say, '* how great is thy goodness, which thou hast Avrought for them 
that trust in thee." 

In accordance with our usual custom, and the requirement of the Con- 
stitution, I will now submit to this Body a report of all my official acts du- 
ring the past year. 


Immediately after the close of our Synod last fall, I extended a certifi- 
cate of honorable dismission (in accordance with an act of the Ministeri- 
um), to Rev. George Walker, with a view of uniting with the Wittenberg 
Synod, of Ohio. 

Dec. 1, 1858, I received a letter from Rev. C. Jones, a licentiate of this 
Svnod, informing me that he had accepted a call from the Mooresvillc 
Charge. — that he found it in a very scattered condition, but few members 
left— hoped, however, to be able to give a more favorable report here- 

Dec. 14, 1858, I received a letter from Brother Gather, stating that he 
had received and accepted a call from the Union Charge, and requested an 
application to be made to the Home Missionary Society for aid. In answer 
to which, I referred him to the action of Synod relative to said Charge, and 
advised first an amicable adjustment of said congregational aflairs. 

April 28, 1859, I received a letter of Rev. P. S. Nellis, stating that he 
had received and accepted a call from the North Manchester Charge, in 
Wabash county, and intended to procure his dismission from the Alleghany 
Synofl, with a view of uniting with this Synod. 

'June IG, 1859, I received a letter from the Rev. F. Biddle, a licentiate 
of this Synod, from which I learned that he had located in Van Wert 
county, Ohio, and was preaching to eight small congregations, at a very 
small salary ; but with encouraging prospects of usefulness. He also re- 
quested advice in reference to certain difliculties In one of his congrega- 
tions, which was given in due time. 


Nov. 27, 1858, Rev. J. G. Biddle gave me a full statement of the difli- 
culties existing in the Union congregation, relative to which he asked and 
received proper advice. 

Dec. 20, 1858, a communication was received from tliis same Brother, 
requesting an application to be made to the Home Missionary Society for 
aid, which was accordingly done. 

On the 29th of April, 1859, I received a communication from the Rev. 
J. M. Ditzler, of Womelsdorf, Berks county, Pennsylvania, in which he in- 
formed me that he had a desire to come west, and wished to know if there 
were any good openings in the bounds of our Synod, where there was 
more German than English preaching required. His letter was answered 
and a suitable field recommended to his attention. 

On the 5th of May, 1859, Rev. S. P. Snyder, of the Camden Charge, 
reported said Charge to be in a very flourishing condition — that they were 
engaged in the erection of two new houses of worship, this summer. He 
also spoke of the disposition which our Synod made of his certificate of 
dismission from the '• Synod of northern Illinois," as unintelligible to him, 
and being unacquainted with our customs, &c., desired to know what more he 
umst do to become a member of our Synod. The matter being properly 
explained. Brother Snyder wrote again on the 27th of May, and requested 
to be received into our Synodical connection, and having fully comj)lied 
with the resolution of Synod, on page 14 of our last Minutes, I answered 
his letter, and cordially received him as a member of this Body. 

July 1, 1859, Rev. D. Sparks, of Rumley, Ohio, wrote, requesting me 
to make appointments for him In the Plymouth charge, with a view of lo- 
cating in said charge. Ilis request was granted, and the appointments 


July 15. Rev. C. Jones reports very encourajiing success in his field 
of labor. He has added 29 members, and is building a church at a cost of 
about 1,000 dollars. He also wished to be advised in reference to his 
charge uniting with our synod, which advice was accordingly communi- 

On the same day I also received a letter from Rev. P. S. Nellis, en- 
closing his honorable dismission tVom the President of the Allegheny Sy- 
nod, with a request to be received into our Sj'nod. His letter was ac- 
knowledged, and his request granted. 

On the 29th of July, 1859, our esteemed brother, A. H. Scherer, reports 
that amidst great sacrifices and self-denials, the Lord is still blessing his la- 
liors. We rejoice with iiim in liis success, but sincerely sympathise Avith 
him in his destitution for want of an adequate support. 

August 15, 1859, I received a letter from Rev. B. F. Hills, from wliich 
I learn, with great satistliction, that he has labored with encouraging suc- 
c;'S3 during this year. He reports several new organizations, and large ac- 
cessions to the Church. 

September 2, 1859, I received a letter from brother H. "Wells, in which 
he rejjorts very encouraging from part of his charge, and that while he has 
sutTered much by removals of some of his best members, the Loi'd has still 
greatly blessed his labors, by adding many to the Church of such as, we 
trust, shall finally be saved. 


1. On the 3d of October, 1858, the •' Salem Evangelical Lutheran 
Cliurcli," in Springfield tov/nship, Allen county, Indiana, was solemnly con- 
secrated to the service of Almighty God. This Church is in Rev. Wm. 
Waltman's charge. 

2. The '• Rehoboth," Evangelical Lutlieran Cliurch, in Noble county 
Lidiana. in the charge of Rev. R. F. Delo, was dedicated to God on the 
lOtii of June, 1859. 

3. The newly erected Lutheran Church at Peeksburg, under the Pas- 
toi'al care of Rev. C. Jones, was dedicated to God ou the 7th of August, 

4. Ou the ah of September, 1859, St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran 
Cinirch, in Carrol county, Indiana, in brother Snyder's charge, was dedi- 
cated to the service of God. 


On the 29th of November, 1858, the President oraanizcd a congrega- 
tion in Logansport, Cass county, Indiana, with eighteen members, wliich 
now numbers upwards of forty. Other congregations have been organized, 
but have not been officially reported. 


1. The President would recommend that a committee be appointed to 
revise and amend the Preamble and Constitution of this Synod, and re- 
port such amendments as they may deem necessary at our next annual 

2. That in accordance with Article 6, section 1, of our constitution, a 
Prudential Committee, consisting of three ordained ministers, be appoint- 

ed, who shall attend to such duties as the President shall assign them in the 
interim of" 8}nod. 

3. The President would also recommend that this Synod and ministerium 
be more ri^id in future in requiring a higher grade of moral, religious, aud 
intellectual (jualification as a pre-requisito to the ministerial office, inasmuch 
as the time has come wlien the Church and the Avorld require a well edu- 
cated, pious and dovoted ministry. 

4. It is also recommended that a 1)y-law be i)assed investing the Presi- 
dent M'ith full power to license proper candidates for the ministry during 
the interims of Synod. 

5. That this Synod, in view of the paucity of ministers, and the hopeless 
expectation of securing them from our eastern institutions, should make 
use of some untried means to raise up and (juality men at home for the 
ministry, to fill up the great moral and spiritual distitution within the limits 
of our state. 

I will now close my report, and in retiring from office, I return thanks to 
the brctln-eu for the confidence rejiosed in me, and their kind forbearance 
and assistance during my term of office. "Now the God of peace that 
brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the 
sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you perfect in 
every good work to do his will, working in }0u that which is well pleasing 
in his sirrht, throuuh Jesus Christ, to Avhom be glory forever and ever. 
Amen." ' Ileb. 13:"20. 21. 


The President's report was now received and referred to a committee, 
and Synod proceeded to elect its officers for the next year, which resulted 
as follows: 

Rev. D. Smith, of Loganspovt, President. 

Rev. H. Wells, of Columbia City, Secretary, and 

Rev. W. Waltmax, of Spencerville, Treasurer. 

Rev. F. F. Friedgen, of Rochester, Indiana, was received as an advisory 

Rev. W. G. Ilarter, delegate from the Kentucky Synod, was received 
and invited to participate in the deliberations of this body. 

Rev. J. C. Medsker, of the LI. E. Church, was introduced and cordially 
received as an advisory member of Synod. 

The minutes of the proceedings of the last convention of this bod}- were 
referred to the brethren Delo, Scherer, and Ulrick, to examine aud re- 
port the imfinished business. 

The documents and papers designed for Synod were called for, and 
prepared lor distribution among the appropriate committees, which were 
now appointed. 


No. 1 — Brothers Wolfi", Scherer, and Plank. 

No. 2 — Brothers Scherer, Waltman, and C. Smith. 

No. 3 — Brothers Delo, S. P. Snyder, and Keim. 


No. 4 — Brothers Jones, Exline, and Kitzen. 

No. 5— Brothers Hills, Nellis, and M. Snyder. 

No. 6— Brothers J. M. Smith, F. Biddle, and Calvert. 

No. 7 — Brothers Harter, "Worden, and Helwig. 

No. 8 — Brothers Waltnian, Bittinger, and Bruner. 

No. 9— Brothers Hills, Plank, and Reitzel. 

No. 10 — Brothers S. P. Snyder, Keim, and Reitzel. 

No. 1 1 — Brothers Delo and Nellis. 

No. 12 — Brothers Waltman and Scherer. 

No. 13— Brothers Wolff and S. P. Snyder. 

No. 14 — Brothers Nellis, Worden, and Ulriek. 

No. 15 — Brothers Harter and Hills. 

No. 1 6 — Brothers Delo, Seherer, and Friedgen. 


Brethren Wolff, Delo, and Scherer, on applications for license to preach 
tlie gospel. 

Brethren Wolff, Delo, and Waltman, on catechism. 

Candidates for licensure now presented their apphcations and papers, 
which were given to the appropriate committees. 

On motion, Synod adjourned till 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Prayer by Rev. R. F. Delo. 


Thursday, 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Synod met pursuant to adjournment, and after prayer by Rev. J. WoHf, 
proceeded to transact business, as follows : 

The minutes of the morning session Avere read and approved. 

Committee No. 8 presented the following report, which was received and 
adopted : 

Report of Committee No. 8. 

Committee No. 8 beg leave to report as follows : 

The documents placed in their hands are the minutes of the sixtv-third 
session of the Evangelical Lutheran INIinisterum of the State of New York. 
and adjacent states and counties, held at the German Lutheran Church of 
St. Matthews, Walker street. In the city of New York, from September 
25 to 29, 1858. 

Its officers are : 

Rev. H. N. PoHLMAN^, President. 

Rev. Geo. Neff, Secretary. 

Rev. Ephraim Deyoe, Treasurer. 

Ordained Ministers 55 

Licentiates 4 

Communicants 11,016 


Foreign Missions $524 76 

Domestic Missions , 252 82 

Beneficiary Education 123 29 

Widows' Fund 90 38 

Your committee find nothing further claiming the attention of this body, 
but earnestly pray that the blessings of the great head of the Church may 
accompany all their labors of love, and that fraternal feeling may be per- 
petuated among us. 

Respectfully submitted, W. WALTMAN, 


Report of Committee No. 14. 

Committee No. 14 reported the following, which was received and 
adopted : 

Committee No. 14 would report that the document entrusted to them, is 
a letter of the Rev. Pliilip Locker, of New Corydon, Jay county, Indiana. 
This Brother, who is now a member of the Miami Synod, being within the 
bounds of the Synod of Northern Indiana, expresses his regret of his ina- 
bility to attend the present meeting of Synod, but promises if possible, to 
attend the next annual convention of our Synod. 

Your committee regret his inability to attend this Synodical Convention, 
and recommend to this Brother to connect himself, so soon as practicable, 
with the Synod of Northern Indiana ; within whose bounds his present 
Charge is located. Respectfully submitted, 


Report of Special Committee. 

The following report was made by the Committee on Unfinished Busi- 
ness : 

Your Committee, appointed to report on the Minutes of last Synod,, 
would respectfully direct attention to the following items : 

1. Action of Synod, respecting a bequest to the Lutheran Church in 
Carroll county, Indiana. Minutes of Synod, page 7. 

2. Delegates to General Synod, and District Synods. Ibid, pages 16,, 
and 1 7. 


3. A resolution j-equesting Rev. H. Wells to labor as Traveling Mission- 
ary. JJnd, page 17. 

4. Pledges for Missionary and Educational purposes. Ihkl, page 22. 

Respectfully submitted. 

R. F. DELO, 



This report was adopted, and disposed of in the following manner : 

1. The whole subject concerning the bequest referred to in tlie report, 
was committed to the care of the Logansport Church, of which Rev. D. 
Smith is the Pastor, and the original committee, of which Rev. S. P. Sny- 
der is chairman, are to procure a copy of the Avill, and all the necessai'j' 
papers on the subject, and forward them to the Rev. D. Smith. 

2. Tlie Delegates to the Genei-al Synod presented their repoit, which 
was received and adopted. 

Report of the Delegates to the General Synod. 

Your Delegates attended the Nineteenth Convention of the Geneial 
Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, which assembled in Pittsburg, 
Pennsylvania, and which Convention continued from the 19th to the 26th 
of May, 1<S59, wlien it adjourned to meet in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on 
the third Thursday of May, 1861. The Convention was the largest ever 
held by that great Body, and the discussions and deliberations weie ex- 
ceedingly interesting. The different opinions held by the distinguished 
men of the Church were discussed with characteristic ability, fearless inde- 
pendence and Christian forbearance. It is very pleasant and prolitable to 
see Brethren thus convened from every part of our great country, engaged 
in united devotions and conference, laboring together to extend the Re- 
deemer's Kingdom, and promote the best interests of the Church of the 
glorious Reformation of the 16th century. Your Synod may well rejoice 
that it is her happy privilege to be a component part of that distinguished 
Fraternity. May Heaven sanctify and extend the influence of the Gen- 
eral Synod, and pour the refresliing showers of His grace upon eveiy Dis- 
trict Synod and congregation in the wide-spread bounds of our Lutheran 

As the published proceedings of the last Convention of said Synod are 
already circulated among our people, your delegates deem it unnecessary 
to report further, and herewith express their gratitude to your lionorable 
Body for appointing them to the desii-able position of representing your 
Synod in that Convention. 


The names of the Delegates to Sister Synods and other Ecclesiastical 
Bodies were called, and satisfactory responses made ; said delegates having 
attended to their duties, except in a few cases, where proper excuses were 

3. On motion, the subjects of IMissions and Education were referred to 
the appropriate times for action thereon. 


B/EPORT OF Committee No. 3. 

Committee No. 3 reported as follows, which report was received and 
adopted : 

Your Committee report that the documents submitted to them are — 

1st. A h>tter from Rev. J. Cather, in which Bro. C. states that severe 
illness in his family prevented him from meeting with us. Also, a request 
that Synod excuse him for non-attendance. 

Your Committee would oifer the following: 

Resolved, That Synod regrets the necessary absence of this dear Brother 
—sincerely sympathizes with him and his afflicted family, and that he be 
excused for non-attendance. 

2d. Bro. Cather's parochial report ; your Committee recommend that said 
report be read at the proper time. 

3d. The proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Convention of the Synod 
of Illinois, from which we learn that this Synod is actively engaged in the 
Master's cause. 

President — Rev. S. L. Haskey. 
Secretary— Rev. C. Kuhl. 
Ti-easurer — Rev. G. Graw. 
No. of Ministers 29 

Respectfully submitted. 

R. F. DELO, 

Report of Committee No. 4. 

Committee No. 4 presented their report, which was received and adopt- 

Committee No. 4 respectfully report that the document placed in their 
hands, are the Minutes of the Seventeenth Annual Convention of the Evan- 
gelical Lutheran Synod of East Pennsylvania, convened in the St. Matliew's 
Church, Bloomsburg, Pa., Sept. 30 to Oct. 5, 1858. Officers are — 

President— Rev. E. W, Hutter. 
Secretary — Rev. C. J. Ehrehart. 
Treasurer — Rev. R. A. Fink. 

No. of IMinisters Ordained 39 

Licentiates (J 

Your Conmiittee find nothing In these Minutes requiring special atten- 
tion from this Body. Respectfully submitted. 


Report of Committee No. 1. 

Committee No. 1 reported on the President's report as follows : 

The Committee No. 1, on the President's report, beg leave to report 


that they have carefully examined said report, and desire to rejoice in the 
evidences of" God's favor bestowed upon us and our churches during the 
past year. Also, they highly approve of the suggestions in said report, and 
that said committee be appointed. 

Respectfully submitted, &c. 


The report of this committee was received and adopted, except that part 
of it which refers to the President's suggestions. 

These suggestions Avere taken up one by one, and freely and thoroughly 
discussed, after which they were all approved, except the one concerning 
the revising of the constitution of Synod, which suggestion, on motion, was 
laid on the table. 

The Brethren Delo, Waltman, and Wolff were elected the prudential 

On motion. Synod adjourned till to-morrow at 9 o'clock A. M. 

Prayer by Rev. W. G. Ilarter. 


Friday, 9 o'clock A. M. 

Prayer by Mr. B. Keim. 

The Minutes of the preceding Session were read and approved. 

Report ok Committee No. 10. 

Committee No. 10 presented the following report, which was received 
and adopted : 

Committee No. 10 respectfully report that the documents placed in its 
hands are: 1st. The Minutes of the Sixth Annual Convention of the 
Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Kentucky, held at Grandview, Spencer 
County, Indiana, April 29, 1859. The present officers are — 

Rev. P. Glenn, President. 

Rev. W. G. Harter, Recording Secretary. 

Rev. J. G. Harris, Treasurer. 

It is composed of eight ordained IMinisters, and one Licentiate, who have 
under their Pastoral care seventeen congregations, and eight hundred and 
twenty-two Communicants. Rev. W. G. Harter was elected delegate to 
this body, who has appeared in our midst, and has been cordially received 
and invited to participate with us in our present deliberations. Your com- 


mittee find notliing special in these Minutes claiming the action of this 
Synod, but would recommend a continuation of the present fraternal feel- 
ings between us as Synods, by the appointment of a delegate from this 
body to attend their next annual convention. 

2d. Is the first catalogue of the Evangelical Lutheran JMissionary Insti- 
tute, in Selinsgrove, Penn., of 1858-59. From this catalogue we learn that 
the present Faculty of this Institution of learning consists of Rev. B. Kuntz, 
D. D., LL. D. ; Rev. H. Ziegler, M. C. ; and Rev. S. Domer, M. A., of the 
Tlieological Department ; and Messrs. T. Weaver, M. A. ; P. R. Wagen- 
seller, M. C, M. D. ; Wm. Ncetllng, B. C, C. E. ; and C. C. Bombaugh, M. 
A., M. D., of the Collegiate Department. The whole number of students 
under instruction during the year past was 133, of which number 26 were 
in the Tiieological Department. The whole internal regulation of this in- 
stitution is in the highest sense moral and religious and well adapted under 
its efficient managers to accomplisli the high and glorious ends for which 
it was originated and founded. Your committee greatly rejoice in the es- 
tablishment of such an institution in our Zion, and thank God for the un- 
paralleled prosperity which it lias enjoyed during its short existence. They 
are fully persuaded that by the blessing of God this school of the Prophets 
will prove one of the great and effectual means of supplying our scattered 
and destitute people with a faithful and well qualified Ministry. May the 
Great Head of the church preside over this promising institution, and make 
it a blessing to the world ; and the streams which shall issue therefrom, 
make glad the City of our God. 

Your Committee, in view of the paucity of ]\Iinisters in our bounds, would 
suggest to this Synod the proj)riety of taking into consideration the estab- 
lishment of a similar institution in our midst, in which pious men, irrespec- 
tive of age or family ties, may becpme qualified for entering the Gospel 
Ministry, and thereby supply our people with pious and Godly Pastors. 

Respectfully submitted. 


Upon the subject of educating men for the Ministry, there was a very- 
interesting discussion, and intense feeling. 
The following resolution was adopted : 

Resolved, That Wartburg Seminary be the place to establish a Missiona- 
ry Institute, and that a committee of five be appointed to mature a plan of 
operation upon the subject, and report to this body at its next annual con- 

Brethren Wells, Snyder, Delo, M. Plank, and John Helwig were ap- 
pointed said committee. 

Rev. C. Caskey having arrived, and stated his reasons for not having 
been in the convention at an earlier hour, was excused. 

Report of Publishing Committee. 

The report of the Publishing Committee was received and adopted : 

Your Committee, who was appointed to superintend the publication of 
six hundred copies of the written proceedings of your last convention, has 
performed that duty. 


Messrs. Elder & Harkness, of Indianapolis, published the said Minutes, 

for which I paid them forty-five dollars, as my vouchers show $45 00 

Lost a per cent, on the Funds 29 

Paid express on Minutes 50 

Postage on Minutes 50 

Postage on letters 12 

S46 41 
Received of Treasurer 41 08 

Which leaves a balance in favor of your Publishing Committee ot. . $4 73 


This report was adopted, and the Treasurer authorized to pay the bal- 
ance above named ; and, also, to pay the President one dollar for certificates 
of ordination. 

Report of Committep: No. 6. 

Committee No. 6 reported the following, which was received and adopt- 

Committee No. 6 would re:-pectfully report that the documents placed in 
their hands are: 1st. The report of the Fifteenth Annual Convention of 
the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Miami. 

Rev. F. W. Conrad, President. 
Rev. J. Greiger, Secretary. 
Rev. W. 11. Harrison, Treasurer. 

No. of Ordained Ministers 22 

No. of Licentiates 7 

In all 29 

No. 2 are the Minutes of the Twenty-Ninth Convention of the Evangel- 
ical Lutheran Synod of Virginia. 

Rev. H. J. Richardson, President. 

W. M. Rusmiselle, Secretary. 

T. Keller, Treasurer. 

No. of Ordained Ministers 22 

No. of Licentiates 6 

In all 28 

No. 3 are the proceedings of the Thirty-Fourth Annual Convention of 
the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of West Pennsylvania, held in York, 
York County, Penn. 

Rev. A. H. Lochman, President. 

J. Evans, Secretary. 

P. Anstaedt, Treasurer. 

No. of Ministers 40 

We find nothing in these documents demanding special attention from 
this body. Respectfully submitted. 




On motion. Synod adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock P. M. 

Prayer by Rev. B. F. Hills. 



Friday, 2 o'clock P. M. 

Prayer by Hev. V. Exliue. 

The minutes of tlic preceding session -were read and adopted. 

Report of Com:\iittee No. 4. 

Committee No. 4 presented the following report, Avhich was received and 
adopted : 

Your Committee, Ko. 4, beg leave to report upon the Minutes of the 
German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Pennsylvania, the East Synod of 
Ohio, and the AlU'ghany Synod. 

1. The Synod of Pennsylvania held Its session in St. Paul's Church, du- 
ring Trinity week, June 7-11, A. D. 1857. 

Rev. C. F. Welden, President. 

J. T. Voglebach, Secretary. 

C. W. Sehaetfer, D. D., Treasurer. 
This is a very large body, numbering over eighty ministers, and being 
engaged in Home and Foreign Missions — the Eilucation and Church Ex- 
tension cause, have done much to establish the Redeemer's Kingdom in 
distant heathen lands, as well as in this country. 

2. The East Synod of Ohio convened In Navarre, Stark county, Ohio, 
October 7th, 1858. It numbers twenty-five Ordained Ministers, and eight 
Licentiates. Its officers are — 

Rev. W. A. G. Emerson, President. 
J. B. Baltzlv, Cor. Secretary. 
T. Hill, Rec. Secretary. 
S. Seachrist, Treasurer. 
These Brethren are also engaged in Domestic and Foreign Missions, and 
beneficiary education. 

Unfortunately, they as well as other Synods, have to mourn over disap- 
pointment In some who have been educated by the charity of the Church. 
Synods and Theological Faculties, therefore, cannot be too guarded In re- 
ceiving untried men upon the benevolence of the Church, and in the lan- 
guage of tlielr Executive Committee, we say, " This should teach us to be 
wise In ihe clioice of applicants for beneficiary aid." 

This Synod lends Its support to the African Mission Institute, under the 
superintendance of Rev. M. Officer, an enterprise well deserving the 
Christian sympatliy and cordial aid and support of all our Synods and 

3. The Minutes of the Alleghany Synod, which held its last session in 
Bedford, Bedford county, Pennsylvania, October 14-1 8th, 1858, show 
that tliese Brethren are likewise alive to the interests of the Church, and 
untiring in their calling. The officers of this Synod are — 

Rev. C. Witmer, President. 
A. H. Aughe, Secretary. 
P. Sheeder, Treasurer. 

Whole No. of Ministers 36 

The Lord bless all these Brethren — make them still more abundantly 


useful in winning souls to Christ, and finally bring tliem with their charges 
to glory everlasting. Respectfully submitted. 


Treasurer's Report. 

The Treasurer presented his report, which was referred to the Brethren 
Plank and Keim, who were appointed the auditing committee, and reported 
that the following is correct. 

AV. AValtman, Treasurer, in account with the Evangelical Lutheran 
Synod of Northern Indiana. 

Cash paid during session of Synod at Spencerville, 1858. Dr. 

J. WolflT, former Treasurer $1 38 

D. Jmith 5 00 

H. Wells 5 00 

G. Walker ■ 1 00 

W. Wallman 2 50 

R. F. Dclo 2 66 

A. H. Shearer 5 00 

C. Caskev 5 00 

J. G. Riddle 3 21 

J. WoltF 1 00 

J. M. Smith 2 00 

B. F. Hills 5 00 

V. Exline 2 00 

F. F. Friedgen 1 00 

Total amount received $41 75 


Paid to H. Wells for printing Minutes $4 1 68 

Paid to R. F. Delo, for pens, ink and paper 35 

Amount paid out $42 03 

Due the Treasurer S 28 

treasurer's report of home mission treasury. 

Cash received during Synod as follows : Dr. 

By Rev. H. Wells $20 00 

By Rev. W. AValtmau 5 00 

By Rev. G. Walker 3 00 

By Rev. J. Wolff 5 00 

By Rev. R. F. Delo 10 00 

By Rev. A. H. Shearer 11 00 

By Rev. J. G. Biddle 8 00 

By Rev. B. F. Hills 10 00 

By Rev. C. Caskey 5 00 

By Rev. D. Smith 1 00 

By Rev. J. M. Smith 2 00 


Camden Charge Sl5 00 

Individual pledges 11 60 

Cn-o. Leonard 1 00 

J. Ilowser 1 00 

F. Biddle 1 oO 

A. Fletcher 1 00 

E. Rudesill 5 00 

J. Kratzer 1 00 

F. Yoehey 1 00 

Collection at Spencervllle S OG 

Rev. J. M. Smith 2 00 

Total amount received Sl27 6G 

By order of Synod — Cr. 

Paid to Rev. J. Cather $25 00 

Paid to J. G. Biddle 10 00 

Paid to J. M. Smith 10 Oo 

Paid to A. H. Seherer 10 00 

Paid to J. Miller 8 00 

Paid to n. Wells 50 00 

Also, to J. Cather, not by order of Synod 25 00 

Amount paid out $138 00 

Due the Treasurer $10 34 

treasurer's report of b. f. education treasury. 

Cash received during Synod, at Spencervllle, 1858. 

By Rev. H. Wells S 5 00 

By Rev. W. Waltman 5 00 

By Rev. R. F. Delo 5 00 

By Rev. G. Walker 2 00 

By Rev. A. H. Seherer 1 00 

Bv Rev. C. Caskey 100 

By Rev. J. M. Smith 1 85 

Bv Rev. J. G. Biddle 2 00 

By Rev. B. F. Hills 1 25 

Jas. Hawser 50 

Camden Charge 5 00 

Rev. J. Wolff, former Treasurer 33 82 

Total amount received $63 42 

Paid to the order of the President, Rev. D. Smith $25 00 

Balance in the Treasury $38 42 

treasurer's report of foreign mission treasury. 

Cash received during Synod as follows : Dr. 

By Rev. H. Wells $5 00 

By Rev. B. F. Hills 2 25 

By Rev. C. Caskev 1 00 



Samuel Keim S 1 00 

E. Rudisill 1 00 

Total amount received SlO 25 

Paid to Treasurer of Foreign Missionary Society SlO 00 

Balance in Treasury S 25 

Respectfully submitted. 

W. WALTMAN, Treasurer. 

Your Committee, appointed to audit the Treasurer's Report, respect- 
fully submit the following statement : 

We find all the accounts kept correctly, and the results, also are cor- 
rect. Res2;)ectfully submitted. 


Report of Committee No. 9. 

Committee No. 9 reported the following, which was received and 
adopted : 

Committee No. 9 would report, that the papers placed in their hands, 
were the Constitutions of three Evangelical Lutheran Churches, with their 
applications to be attached to tliis Synod. 

No. 1 is the Constitution of the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, of 
Green, Green township, Madison county, Indiana. 

No. 2 is the Constitution and By-Laws of the Horeb Lutheran Church 
of Wells county, Indiana. 

No. 3 is tlie Constitution and By-Laws of the St. Paul's Lutheran 
Church, of Wells county, Indiana. 

Your Committee have examined these documents, and would recom- 
mend that their requests be granted them, and they be received. 

B. F. mLLS, 

In addition to Salem, of Madison, and Horeb and St. Paul's, of Wells 
county, the following Churches were likewise received, and requested to 
send their Constitutions for inspection and approval, to Synod, at its next 

New York and St. John's, of Steuben county, Indiana. 

Waterloo, of De Kalb county, Indiana. 

Pipe Creek and St. Paul's, of Miami county, Indiana. 

Grove, of Vanwert county, Ohio. 

Report of Committee No. 5, 

Committee No. 5 reported as follows, which was adopted : 

Committee No. 5 would report, that the documents placed In their hands 
yf^re: 1st. The Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Convention of the 


Evanjielical Lutheran Synod of Central Pennsylvania, held at IVIifflinburg, 
Pa., from tlie 12th to the 15th of May, A. D. 1859. Your committee find 
nothing of importance claiming the attention of Synod. 

2(1. Minutes of the Fifth Annual Convention of the Evangelical Lu- 
theran Synod of Iowa, convened in Iowa City, Iowa, May 11-16, A. D. 
1859. Tliose Brethren are laboring amidst self-denial and deprivations in 
tlie great cause of tlie Redeemer, with a zeal worthy of imitation. From 
their reports we learn that the work of the Lord is prospering in their 

3d. A Journal of the Twenty-second Annual Convention of the 
Frankean Evangelical Lutheran Synod, convened at Orleans, Four Cor- 
ners, N. Y. Your committee find only two items in this Journal that 
should claim the attention of this Synod, viz : An abhorrence of the evils 
of American slavery, and tlie use of ardent spirits as a beverage. As your 
committee believe them to be crying sins, and destructive to the advance- 
ment of the Redeemer's Kingdom, would recommend that we labor and 
pray for the abolition and destruction of those great evils. 
Respectfully submitted; 


Tlie name of the President stands recorded in the negative on as much 
of the above report as relates to American slavery. 

Parochial reports were made and recorded as usual. See Appendix. 

Vacant congregations were reported as follows : 

Spencerville charge. 

Waterloo, Franklin, and Fairfield Churches, of De Elalb county, In- 

Concord congregation, of Adams county, Indiana. 

Plymouth charge, of Marshall county. 

Horeb and St. Paul's, of TVeU's county, Indiana. 

Committee No. 16, presented the following report, which was received 
and adopted. 

Report of Committek No. 16. 

Your committee find the documents committed to them, to be — 

1. A letter from Rov. G. Walker, delegate elected to represent the 
Wittenburg Synod at our present Synodical Convention. 

Your committee regret that brother Walker could not meet with us. 
Your committee would recommend the reading of said letter, and tliat we 
heartily reciprocate the kindly feelings of our brethren of the Wittenburg 
Synod, and that a delegate be appointed to that honorable body. 

2. A letter from Rev. J. G. Biddle, stating that sickness prevents his 
meeting with us, and a request that Synod excuse him. Your committee 
would move that brother Biddle be excused. 

3. His parocliial report. Your committee reconamend that said report 
be read. 

Submitted, R. F. DELO, 



The letter of the delegate was read, and ajtpropnate approving action 
had upon it. 

Rev. J. G. Biddle was excused respecting his absence, and his parochial 
report received and recorded in the usual way. His request concerning 
the mission fund was also allowed, namely, to retain his collection and re- 
ceive $G.OO from the treasurer. 

The report of Committee No. 2, was received and adopted. 

Report of Committee No. 2, 

Your committee would report that the document placed in our hands for 
examination, is a letter from the liev. J. Miller, a member of this Synod, 
in which we found the parochial report of said brother, together with one 
dollar to redeem his pledge of last year. Your committee rejoice to hear 
of the abundant labors, and great success of brother Ivliller, and regret 
that he could not meet Avith us in Synodical convention at this time. Your 
committee recommend tliat this letter be read before Synod, and that such 
action be taken as you mav deem proper. 

Respectfully submitted, A. H. SCHERER, 


Missionary business was taken u]). 

The report of the travelling missionary was received and adopted. 

Traveling Missionary's Report. 

Your Missionary did not enter upon his mission-work until one-half of 
the Synodical year had expired. He continued to supply tlie North ]\Ian- 
chester field with regvilar preaching the first six months of the year, when 
Rev. P. S. Nellis arrived and took charge of those churches, which released 
him. and enabled him at once to enter the mission field. Thus, one-half of 
the latter six months has been devoted to travelling and preaching in the 
churches of your Synod, except the time employed in Wells county, where 
the organization of two churches has been effected. Horeb Lutheran 

Churcli is in township, in said county, about seven miles west of 

Blutfton, on the north side of the Wabash rivei-. ]\Lxrkle, Huntington 
county, Indiana, is the post office for this neighborhood. Samuel Ilallich, 
Jacob Hafiich, AA'illiam Wert, and Samuel Fate, are the Elders and Dea- 
cons of this Church. This Church asks admission into your Synod, and 
herewith presents her constitution for your approval. The number of 
members is twenty-one. 

St. Paul's Lutheran Chiireh is in ■ township, on the south side of 

the Wabash river, about the same distance from Bluffton, and four miles 
from Horeb. John Lesh, John Wolfe, Jacob Farling, and Jonathan Staver 
compose the Council. This Church contains eighteen members. She has 
likewise sent her constitution to Synod for inspection, and applies for ad- 
mission into the same. 

Your IMissionarj' claims for three months' services $125 00 

For traveling expenses 1 7 00 

Total 1*^142 00 


liti has received of Ilorob Church 5?30 00 

St. Paul's 17 50 

« J. G. BIddlc's chcarge 515 

" C. .Tones' charge 15 00 

" B. F. Hills' charge 18 39 

S8G 04 

Your Missionary has also received of your treasurer 60 dollars, leaving 
a balance of five dollars and ninetv-six cents unpaid. 


On motion, the treasurer paid the balance, $5.96, to the missionary. 
The names of those who pledged money for Home Missions at the last 
convention were called, and the pledges mostly redeemed. 
The Executive Committee reported the following: 

The Executive Committee of the Home Missionary Society would re- 
spectfully report that they have not transacted any business during the in- 
terum of Svnod. 

Respectfully submitted, D. SMITH, 

R. F. DELO, 

On motion, adjourned to meet to-mori'ow at 9 o'clock, A. M. 
I'rayer by Rev. A. II. Scherer. 


Satukday, 9 O'clock, A. M. 

Prayer by Rev. C. Jones. 

T^'he minutes of the preceding session were read and approved. 

Resolved, That Rev. II. Wells be requested to labor as an evangelist this 
}-ear, and that this society will pay him a salary of 500 dollars, and bear 
his traveling expenses. 

Also resolved. That he have discretionary power respecting the places 
for such labor: Provided, however, that for the portion of time he may la- 
bor in the older and abler charges, he must collect, at least, from such 
charges, the portion of his salary that will be due him for such labor. 

The Executive Committee of the Education Society reported that Mr. 
T. F. Wilds, of Ohio, had received the sum of 25 dollars, to aid him at 
Wittenberg, Ohio, which was approved. 

For pledges on Home and Foreign IVIissions, and also for Beneficiary 
Education, see appendix. 

The treasurer was authorized to pay Rev. J. Wolff a balance of 1^5.00, 
due him for beneficiary tuition. 



Resolved, That we expend our beneficiary funds to aid those only who 
study at Wart-burg. 

Messrs. Wilson, Showater, and Ray, were recommended to the favorable 
regard of the Executive Committee of the Education Society. 

Resolved That the treasurer pay the Rev. C. Jones eight dollars of the 
Home Mission funds. 

Resolved, That the President be empowered to grant, ad interum, license 
to preach the gospel to such applicants as shall be recommended by three 
members of this ministerium, and that this be the by-law on that subject. 

Resolved, That a division of the Albion charge be recommended, if the 
brethren of that charge can affect such division satisfactory to themselves. 

Also, that a union of Columbia, Union Center, Albion, and Rehobeth, be 
recommended to form a charge, until a better arrangement can bo made. 

On motion, adjourned till after preaching at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Prayer by Rev ^y. G. Harter. 


Saturday, 3^ o'clock P. M. 

Prayer by Rev. B. F. Hills. 

The Minutes of the mornings session were read and approved. 
The Committee on Catechisms reported the following, which was adopt- 
ed : 

The Committee on " Dr. Schmucker's Catechism for Catechumen's" beg 
leave to report that the Dr.. as a man and writer, is so well known that his 
name is the best recommendation we can give of the book. Your commit- 
tee would rejoice were a copy of the book in every family in our connec- 
tion, and hope the Synod will so recommend the book that a copy of it will 
soon be found in every Lutheran familvi 

Respectfully submitted. 



R. F. DELO. 

Resolved, That the Treasurer be authorized to pay the Home Mission 
Funds on hand to Rev. H. Wells in advance, for Mission labor to be per- 

Resolved, That the Mooresville Charge, Avith the consent of the Olive 
Branch Synod, be received as a part of this Synod. 

Resolved, That the thanks of this body be extended to Peru & Indianap- 
olis "Railroad Company, for its liberality in permiting the members to pass 
over their road, to and from the convention, on half fare. 

Also, that the thanks of this synod be expressed to the Pastor and mem- 
bers of the M. E. Church, in this place, for the use of this Church. 


Also, to the people of this place and vicinity for their hospitality in en- 
tertaining the members of Synod and visitors, and that this be done by the 
President on Sabbath evening. 

On motion the Treasurer was authorized to pay Rev. J. Wolff S6 50, 
which was due him on old account. 

The election of delegates to Sister Synoils was as follows; 

To the East Ohio Synod, Rev. H. Wi.lls. 

To the Kentucky Synod, Rev. D. Smith. 

To the INIiami Synod, Rev. A. H. ScnERp:R. 

To the Olive Branch Synod, Rev. C. Jones. 

To the Illinois Synod, Rev. S. P. Snyder. 

To the Synod of Northern Illinois, Rev. R. F. Delo. 

To the Synod of Iowa, Rev. J. Wolff. 

To the Wittenberg Synod, Rev. W. "Waltmax. 

Resolved, That we have eight hundred copies of our Minutes printed. 
Election of place for the next convention resulted as follows : 
North Manchester the place, and Thursday, 9 o'clock, before the 4th 
Sunday in September, 1860, the time. 

On motion, adjourned till after preaching, this evening. 
Prayer by Rev. J. Wolff. 


Saturday Night, 8^ o'clock. 

Prayer by the Secretary. 

Minutes of the preceding session were read and approved. 

Resolved, That the Treasurer be requested to forward the Foreign Mis- 
sion Funds on hand, to the Treasurer of the Foreign Missionary Society of 
the General Synod, with instructions to apply said funds to the African 

Resolved, That the Executive Committee of the Education Society enter 
Into a written contract with all beneficiaries to refund to the Society all 
moneys received by them from said Society, should they ever abandon the 
Gospel Ministrj'. 

On motion, adjourned to meet at the time and place appointed for our 
next annual convention. 
Prayer hy the President. 


R E L I G I O U S . 

Synodical sermon on Wednesday eveninfr by tlie President, Rev. D .Smith. 
Text, Ps. 126, 6 t. 

Rev. W. G. Hartor, of Kentucky, preached on Thursday eA^ening on 
Heb. 7 ell. 25 v. 

Rev. S. P, Snyder, of Camden, preached on Friday evening, on Mark, 
11 ch. 22 V. 

Rev. W. Waltman preached at 2 o'clock, P. M., on Eph. 3.19, after 
which the President read the preparatory service in reference to the Lord's 

Rev. P. S. NeUis preached on Saturday evening, on Luke, 14 ; 18, 19. 

Rev. W. G. Harter preached on Sabbath, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on 2 Cor. 

10, 4, after which the members of Synod and scores of Christians of dif- 
ferent denominations surrounded tlie Lord's table, and enjoyed a precious 
communion with the great Head of the Church, and sweet fellowship with 
each other. The ceremony of Licensure was then attended to. In which 
three brethren were licensed to preach the gospel, and administer the sac- 

Also a liberal contribution was made by the congregation to the cause of 
Home Missions and other benevolent purposes. 

Rev. J. Wolff preached In the Cluirch at 3 o'clock, P. M., on Ezkl. 33, 

11, and the President in the German language, in the school house, at the 
same hour, on Isa. 3, 10. 

The Secretary preached on Sunday evening on Heb. 13. 14. Six per- 
sons joined the Cicero Church, S47.82 was raised In subscriptions and cash 
for Home Missions, which, added to those of Saturday, makes about $140, 
for Home IVIissIons, besides liberal donations to Beneficiary Education, For- 
eign Missions, and Synodical Treasury. The religious services were truly 
refreshing, and largely attended. 




Friday E vexing. 

Prayer by the Kev. P. S. NelHs. 

After hearing the reports of the several committees, and many appro- 
priate remarks respecting them, it Tvas 

Resolved, That the licenses of the Kev. gentlemen, C. Jones, F. Biddle, 
V. Exiine, and J. M. Smith, be renewed for one year. 

It was also Resolved, That the brethren, G. W. Wilson, J. B. Cromer, 
and A. J. Cromer, be licensed on Sabbath next to preach the gospel one 
year, and that a similar license by granted and conferred upon brother J. 
N. Barnett, at Logansport, by the President, as soon as convenient for the 
parties to meet there. 

On motion, adjourned. A O *-^>Qf->'1 1 

Prayer by the Secretary. — ''" "^' "^ 


Saturday Night, 9 o'clock. 

Prayer by Eev. R. F. Delo. 

The minutes of the preceding session were read and approved. 
Adjourned to meet at the time and jalace of the next Synodical conven- 


•spofqo 113001 joj qsu3 

•uoijTJDnpa; JOJ qsB3 

■sij\[^ JOJ qscQ 

suojssri\[ oraojj .loj qstiQ 

•pouig JOJ qs^o 

•sSuijeopj; .t3abj;<j 



•siooqog qijBqqtJg 




•.lo^pi iq p9:t;itapY 


•pazi^dug; s^ubjuj 



in o in o CI —I CO 

r-Hr-iTjiinm(>j5^ covot^cieo 

(N-^CO-^COrlrt -COfM-^WCOCC 

C^ r^ rt i-H 

CI CO Tfi ■* CO f-l 

CO -* «D «5 Ol 

l-H (N OJ C^ i-l I-H 

i-H <M r-i 

O O OJ r-i 05 C) CN 


c] «D in in CO 1— I (M CO ■<* CO in CO in CO 

F=i CO rt • (M 



Pledges to he paid at the next Convention. 




Rov. D. Smith, 

Rev. H.Wells... 

Rev. F. Tem])lin, 

Rev. J. Wolff,... 

Rev. J. Gather, 

Rev. W. Waltman 

Rev. B. F. Delo, 

Rev. A. II. Scherer, 

Rev. J. G. Biddle, 

Rev. C. Caskey, 

Rev. J. Miller, 

Rev. J. M. Smith 

Rev. B. F. Hills 

Rev. S. P. Snyder, 

Rev. Voluntine, 

Rev. P. S. Nellis, 

Rev. F. Biddle, 

Rev. C. Jones, 

Rev. II. G. Harter, * 

Rev. Joseph Cramer, 

Isaac Kratzer, by Rev. B. Hills, 

J. Ulriek, 

]\I. Brown 

CoUinps, M. D., 

I^-Irs. Collinps, 

Rev. J. B. Cromer, * 

D. Reitzel, 

J. Worden, * 

J. B. Cottintjliam, 

W. Ileck,..^.... 

Peter Case, 

W. Sowerwine, 

* Paid. 



Peter Glaser S 25 

George Leonard 1 00 

M. Piank 1 00 

J. Law 25 

David Garber 50 

A. Gardner 25 

George Ingerman 50 

PliilipBuher 50 

H. Leonard* 25 

A. E. Teal 50 

Miles Hooper 50 

Joseph Baugher* 25 

Charlotte Kepner* i 25 

C. Kepner* ! 25 

Mrs. Garver* j 50 

Mary Knour 25 

Sophia M 25 

Mrs. Sourwine* I 25 

MaryR [ 1 00 

E. Knap 50 

Mrs. Brenner i 25 

Amanda L 1 00 

Mary Ream 1 00 

Jane Ream 1 00 

L. Smail 50 

L. O. Clifford 1 00 

John Sidenburgh 50 

Wm. Clifford 1 00 

E.W.Lake 1 00 

P. M. Mushrush 50 

B. R.Miller 1 00 

J. Kitzmiller : 50 

Cash Paid [ 30 

* Paid. 

P. Knop 
J. G 

S. S.Wright 

H. Hildebraud 

J. H. Quear 1 

M. Wan 1 

J. M. ClitFord ' 1 

W. Atkins 1 

R. A. Garber 3 

Cash Paid ....I 2 

M.L. Smail 1 

J. S. Quere ! 

M. Swope* 

Joseph Knouse ' 

J. M. Glifencot I 1 

Martha Clifford I 

M. Levenburgh ' 

J. Plat 

Mary Plat 

J. Metzer 

M. J. W.* 

Hannah AVright 


Anna Case | 

Rebecca Lake ; 1 

Mrs. Dewey ' 1 

Cash Paid : 

Jacob Newschafer 2 

Wm. Smith 1 

T. Knapp 1 

Wm. Mahaffee 

Cash paid 1