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Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting 

ft iCilllitllfi 



NOVEMBER 15tK 16tK t7th & 18tKJ876: 





Baptist State Convention ; 

FOR i876-'77. 



C. M. COOKE, Louisburg, N. C. 

W. M. KENNEDY, Magnolia, N. C. 
R. R. OVERBY, Camden C. H., N. C. 
L. N. DURHAM, Shelby, N. C. 

JOHN G. WILLIAMS, Raleigh, N. C. 


W. W. VASS, Raleigh, N. C. 

Recording Secretaries, 
J. D. HUFHAM, Raleigh, N. C. 
F. R. UNDERWOOD, Oxford, N. C. 

Corresponding Secretary, 
J. B. RICHARDSON, High Point, N. a 


Foi- 1 sro-'T"; 


J. WOMBLE, Jr., 

OF MISSIONS-Ralelgrh, N. C. 




T. n. BRIGGS, 

Dh. W. D. WATSON. 


J. M. HECK, 

W. H. PACE, 






BOARD OF EDUCATION— Wake Forest College, N. C. 







A. R. VANN, 








1. The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina shall 
be composed of three representatives from each white Asso- 
ciation in the State, of annual representatives for every $10 
contributed to its funds, and of such life, members as have 
been, or shall be made so by the payment of $30 at any one 
time to the Treasurer. No one shall be a member of the 
Convention who is not a member, iti good standing, of a 
Baptist Church. 

2. The primary objects of the Convention shall be to ed- 
ucate young men called of God to the ministry and approv- 
ed by the churches to ' which they belong ; to support the 
gospel in destitute sections of the State ; to assist Baptist 
Churches in the erection of suitable houses of worship ; to 
encourage the study of the Bible in Sunday Schools, and to 
co-operate with the Southern Baptist Convention in all its 
departments of labor. 

3. The President shall preside when present, and enforce 
order in accordance with Dr. Mell's Parliamentary Practice. 

4. There shall be three Vice-Presidents, one of whom 
shall preside in the absence of the President. 

5. The Recording Secretary and his Assistant shall record 
the proceedings, publish the minutes, and collect and pre- 
serve correct statistics of the denomination. 

6. The Treasurer shall receive all funds represented in 
the Convention, make public acknowledgment of the same 
every week, forward all contributions to their destination, 
and at every meeting of the Convention, make a full report 
of his receipts and disbursements. 

7. The Corresponding Secretary shall solicit contributions 


to the objects of the Convention, assist the Board in the 
employment and payment of Missionaries, and labor to 
promote the cultivation and development of christian be- 

8. The Boards of the Convention shall be appointed an- 

9. The Education Board shall, so far as it may be able, 
assist promising and indigent young ministers seeking to 
prepare themselves for the more efficient preaching of the 

10. The Mission Board shall, so far as the means at its dis- 
posal will allow, supply ail destitute portions of the State 
with faithful and efficient ministers of the gospel ; shall 
gi'»e pecuniary aid, so far as it can be secured, for building 
houses of worship at proper points in the State, and in cases 
where pecuniary aid cannot be extended shall commend 
them to the beneficence of the churches. This Board shall 
co-operate with the Southern Baptist Convention in all the 
departments of its labor. 

11. The Sunday School Board shall encourage the study 
of the Bible in our churches, and co-operate with the Sun- 
day School Board of ,the Southern Baptist Convention. 


FIRST DAY.— Morning Session. 
Raleigh, N. C, Wednesday, Nov. 15th, 1876. 

The Baptist State Convention met in its Forty-Sixth Ses- 
sion, at 11 o'clock, A. M., in the First Church, Raleigh. 

Vice-President Overby called the body to order, and read 
103rd Psalm. 

Prayer by Elder C. Durham. 

The delegates were enrolled as follows : 


R. R. Overby, J. M. C. Luke, O. C. Horton, W. P. Jordan, W. W. 
Mitchell, R. R. Savage, R. T. Vann, J. W. Fleetwood. 
Republican Church — J. Bunch. 
Holly Grove— J. W. Mitchell. 
Church at Ahoskie—W. W. Mitchell. 
Bethlehem— R. P. Thomas. 


A. R. Pittman, A.. Pittman, N. R. Pittman, C. L. Powell, J. F. McMillan. 


A. M. Faison, J. W. Smith, J. L. Britt, R. W. Millard, J. W. Britt, W. 
M. Kennedy, S. M. Carlton, W. I. Lane, K Wickes, J. C. Hines, J. L. 
Stewart, D. S. Kennedy. 

First Cfiurch, Wilmington— J . W. Denmark, J. "W. Taylor, E. W. Man- 
niuf . 

Church at Ooldsboro — F. H. Ivey, J. H. Privett. 
C hurch at Kimton — E. F. Cox. 


B. F. Jessup, W. S. Melvin, S. L. Cobb, C. P. McGugan, J, W. Cobb, W. 
S. Graham. 

Church in Fayetteville—B.. A. Brown, N. J. McDuffie, S. H. Watson. 

Minutes of the 


E. L. Davis, J. W. Davis, A. C. Davis, C. Austin, J. L. Bennett. 
Church at Wadesboro—G. W. Harmon, 


W. E. Bower, C. T. Bailey, Daniel Wester, C. M.Cooke, L. C. Perkinson,. 
A. G. Weodcock, Dr. Meadows, A. G. Wilcox. F. M. Meadows, P. II. Pin. 
nell. R. M. Freeman, W. J. Fuiford. 

Church at Peach Tree-G. T. Webb. 


Wake Forest Church— I,. R. ]\lills, F. M. Purefoy, W. O. Allen, W. L. 
Wright, J. P. Futren, W. G. Ferrebee, C. S. Vann, L. W. Bagley, E. E 

Church at Flat EocJc—R. J. Jones, J. R. Jones. 

Church at New IIope—B. B ButTaloo, W. H. Baugh. F. K Weathers. 

Church at FrankUntoii—^\ . II. Milchell, J. R. Mitchcnor, C. S. Williams. 

Church at ForesttUle—V . A. Dunn, W. B. Dunn, W. B. Smith, J. H. 
Riggan, R. H. Lewis, J. N. Holding. 

CJiurch at Mt. Vernon— 1,. C. Dunn. George Hunter. 

First Churth, lialeu/h—F. F. Pescud, W. D. Williams, John Armstrong, 
J. M. Heck, W. W. Vass, J. M. Pool. J. H. Alford, T. W. Hcald, F. P. 
Hobgood, S. W. Brewer, Jno. G. Williams, M. J. Jordan, D. C. Dudley, J, 
C. Marcon, Jno. Nichols, A. M. Lewis, R. G. Lewis, J. B. Neatherj', Cbas. 
Williams, M. T. Norris, B. P. Williamson, W. G. Upchurch, M. A. Par- 
ker, L. H. Adams, C. H. Sherwood, A. D. Jenkins, F. A. Watson, P. C. 
Hardee, E. G. Harrell, C. B. Edwards, Jesse Tavlor, George Taylor, J. M. 
Betts, J. D. Newsora, R. G. Dunn, Lynn Adams, W. R. Dicks, S. D Har- 
rison, W. J. Hicks, A. B. Forrest, T. R. Howie, P. C. Fleming, F. A. Hatch, 
F. T. Booker, K. W. Weathers, Y. S. Hudgins, J. A. Briggs, T. H. Briggs^ 
Jr., W. H. Pace, Jno. E. Ray, J. P. Pi-ilchard, Jr., R. W. Smith. 


S. F. Conrad, Joel B. Walters. 


T. Whitfield, W. R. Gwaltney, J. K. Howell, R. H. Griffith, O. Tatum , 
J. H. Boothe, J. B. Boone. 

Church at Mocksrille — E. L. Parker. 
Church at Eaton'' s — E. Frost. 
Church at Jerusalem— ¥. O. Tatum. 

Baptist State Convention. 


J. B. Richardson, Henry Sheets, R. A. INIoore, J. H. Mills, J. J. James, 
H. W. Reinhart, C. A. Jenkins, G. F. Smith. 
Church at New Friendship — C. A. Rominger, 


K. Thompson, C. C. Haymore. 


W. H. H. Lawhon, D. C. Murchison, J. Tysor, W. C. Petty. 


K B. Cobb, T. B. Henry, J. Luther, J. W. Duckett. 


I. W. Thomas, W. C Meadows, J. H. Staley, G. W. Green. 


J. G. Meadows. 


W. C. Cole, C. Durham, W. B. Harrell, A. C.Dixon, J. H. Vernon, J. P. 
Mason, J. M. Hillitird, M. D. Williams, S. B. Baucom, R. H. Beavers, T. 
D. Oldham. Jno. Cheek, G. W. Purefoy. 

Church at Durham— R. T. Howerton, A. J. Hunt, Nash Cheek, J. B. 
Williams, E. Dalby. 

Church at 3ft. Pisgah—h. D. Baucom, R. H. Beavers. 


Wade Hill, C. B. Justice, A. L. Grayson. 


R. H. Moody, W. A. Graham. 


G. D. Hamrick, J. Y. Hamrick, A. M. Lovelace, G. M. Webb. 
Church at Shelby— It. N. Durham, A. Green. 


C. H. Clark, G. J. Dowell, J. D. Huf ham, A. D. Blackwood, J. C. El, 
lington, J. W. F. Rogers, H. O. Parker, J. C. Scarboro, W. D. Carlton, 
T. S. Boothe, J. M. Barbee, J. A. Underbill. 

Sicain Street Church, Baleigh—N. B. Broughton, J. S. Allen, W. T. Wom- 
ble," J. M. Broughton, John W. Marcom, L. O. Lougee, Z. T. Broughton, 
W. F. Womble, J. C. Birdsong, T. W. Blake, John Cole. 

Church at Selraa — B. H. Philips. 

1 Minutes of the 


R. I. Dcvin. 

Church at Enon—B. F. Hester, J. B. Ilobgood. 
Church at labb's Creek— A. C. Parhani. 

Church at Inland Creek— B. F. Knelt, Wm. Green, Uriah Cults. 
Church at Crford—^. B. Cannady, L. B. Grandy, R. H. Marsh, F. R. 
Underwood, W. S. Grandy, D. A. Hunt. 
Poplar Creek — O. Wilson, S. D. Callis. 
Island Creekh-W. H. Green. 
Anus' Chapel— TX. Puryear. 

Mountain Creek— G. W. Watiiins, W. J. Xorwood. 
Mt. Zion—J. J. Meadows, S. H. Allen, B. D. Howard, T. J. Horner. 
Tally Uo—G. W. Duncan. 
Enon—Thos R. Averett, R. T. Elam. 

Hester's— U. T. Knott, Lawson Knott, Rufus Knott, Thos. G. Dean. 
Connth—J. M Howell. 
Gr'assi/ Creek — G. B. Montague. 


Firsts. S., Raleigh— J. E.Ray, W. H. Pace, T. H. Briggs, Jr., J. P. 
Pritchard, R. W. Smith. 

Seicing Society, First Church, Ealeiyh—T. H. Pritchard, W. C. Upchurch, 
Jordan Womble, Jr. 

Tales Missionary Society, First Church, Raleigh— \Y. W. Vass, "W. I. Roys- 
(er. W. H. Dodd, J. B. Dunn. 

Forestville S. Scliool — Miss Lina Allen. 

Forest ville Missionary Seicing Socitty—'Slrs J. T. Vann, Mrs. W. B. Smith. 

S. S. Missionary Society Edenton — A. D. Cohen. 

S. School at Clayton— 3. M. White. 

8. School at Shelby— K. L. Stough, 

Union Meeting, M Section, Raleigh Association^ Amos Weaver. 

Elders R. R. Savage and J. A. Stradley were appointed to 
superintend the election of President. 

Bro. C. M. Cooke, of Louisburg, was chosen, and on taking 
the chair made a brief speech. 

Brethren Cohen, Heck and Whitfield were appointed a 
Committee to nominate the remaining officers. 

The sessions were fixed as follows : Meet at 9^ o'clock 
A. M., and adjourn at 1 P. M. ; meet again at 3 P. M., and 
adjourn at will. 

Baptist state Convention. 11 

Brethren Brooks, Overby and Stradley were appointed a 
Committee on Order of Business. 

The Board of Missions submitted their report on State 
Missions as follows : 


We render our annual report of this department of our labor with sincere 
and heartfelt gratitude to God. Owiug to the financial embarrassment of 
the Board, the financial stringency of the times, and the intense political 
excitement which it was foreseen would prevail throughout the land, we 
thought it inexpedient to enlarge our operations during the year just closed. 
Still, very gracious results have attended the efforts which have been put 
forth and in every point of view there is ample encouragement to go for. 
ward. This is due in large measure, under God, to the arduous and well 
directed labors of the 


who has shown himself to be a man mighty in word and deed, as will appear 
from the following statement: He has visited 117 churches in 12 Associa- 
tions, attended the annual sessions of 9 Associations, delivered 125 sermons 
and 138 addresses, held 67 prayer meetings, traveled 6.500 miles, raised for 
State Missions $960.84, for Foreign Missions $449:75, for Education $46.80, 
for Sunday Schools |45.08, for Indian Missions $13.25. His expenses have 
been, while traveling, $142.30; for stationery, money order, &c., |17.95. 

During the year the Board issued commissions to nine missionaries, two 
of whom, Rev. John Mitchell, of Asheville, and Rev. Geo. W. Greene, of 
Alexander county, have declined to receive any salary. 

Rev. G. W. Harmon has labored at Wadesboro and Polliton, two import- 
ant and growing towns on the Carolina Central Railroad. The appropria- 
tion was f 100. He reports for the year ending November 1st, 2 churches 
and 2 out stations supplied; sermons preached, 131; prayer meeting-s, 48; 
religious visits, 95; baptisms, 40; additions by letter, 8; religious news- 
papers taken in his field, 55; raised for State Missions, $8.60; for Foreign 
Missioi.s, $11.92; Sabbath Schools, 3, with 91 pupils, 40 Sunday School 
papers and contributions, $19.50. The church at Wadesboro especially has 

12 Minutes of the 

been greatly streugthcned. From 19 members they have grown to 80 and 
the congregations are steadily increasing. They do not ask for any fur- 
ther aid from the Board. 

Rev. B. G. Covington labored three-fourths of the year at ^lonroe, his 
term of .service closing on the 1st of August at which time he resigned the 
pastoral care of the church. Ilis report includes 82 sermons, 3!i prayer 
meetings, 45 religious visits. 2 persons baptized and twf) added by letter, 
$10.00 raised for State :\Iissions and $13.50 for Sabbath Schools, one Sab- 
bath School with 125 pupils and 75 papers. Appropriation for this place 

Kev. W. J. Wilkie has been laboring along the slopes of the Blue Ridge 
in Henderson, Polk and McDowell Counties, Appropriation !J300. He 
gives the following particulars in his report: 112 sermons, 5 churches and 
4 out-.stations supplied, 26 prayer meetings, 175 religious visits, 40 persons 
baptized, 63 additions by letter, 10 packages of denominational tracts dis- 
tributed, §5 for State Missions, 5 Sabbath Schools with 160 pupils. During 
the first quarter Bro. Wilkie was unable to labor on account of severe sick- 
ness and this report covers only three-fourths of the year. 

Rev. P. R. Elam was appointed to labor one-fourth of his time at Gastonia 
and Dallas in Gaston County, commencing on the 1st of February. Ap- 
propriation, 1^100. Up to the 1st of November he had preached 21 sermons, 
held 4 prayer meetings, made 14 religious visits, baptized 1 person. Sun- 
day Schools in his field, 2, with 98 pupils. There have been many discour- 
agements in this field, but the prospects are brightening. 

Rev. J. H. Vernon, commencing on the 1st of February, gave one-fourth 
of his time to a destitute section of the Beulah A.ssociation. At one of his 
stations he preached the first sermon ever delivered by a Baptist at that 
place. He supplied 1 church and 4 out-stations, preaching 36 sermons, 
making 109 religious visits, baptizing 4 persons, raising n28.10 for State 
Missions and ^12.50 for Education. He hopes that his field will be self- 
sustaining. Appropriation, $100. 

Rev. S. F. Conrad has labored at Greensboro and the surrounding coun- 
try. Appropriation, -iilOO. His labors have been much blessed, cspeciallj'^ 
at one of his out-stations, where he has organized an arm of the church at 
Greensboro. He has preached 106 sermons, held 47 prayer meetings, made 
233 religious visits, baptized 18 persons, distributed denominational tracts 
to the amount of $6, raised for State Missions $3.60, for Foreign Missions, 
$31.14. He also reports 7 members added to the church by letter, 2 Sun- 
day Schools with 107 pupils and 30 papers. . Sunday School collections, 

Rev. J. B. Boone has labored one-half of his time at Salisbury and States- 
ville. Appropriation, §200. At Salisbury he preached 28 sermons, held 2 

Baptist State Convention. 13 

prayer meetings and made 46 religious visits. At Statesville and one out- 
station he has preached 38 sermons, held 20 prayer meetings, made 100 re- 
ligious visits, organized 1 church, baptized 17. 27 members have been ad- 
ded by letter. He reports 2 Sunday Schools v\rith 66 pupils. Sunday 
School contributions, $12.79. At Statesville Bro. Boone's labors have been 
signally blessed. An eligible lot has been purchased and paid for and 
the little flock are preparing to build a comfortable house of worship. 

Rev. W. T. Walters, D. D., has been preaching once a month at Weldon. 
Appropriation, $100. The church at that place is still struggling to complete 
their house of worship whicli is sadly needed. 

Rev. Haynes Lennon was appointed to labor once a month at Abbotsburg. 
Appropriation, $50, We are without any reports from that point. 


Several of the Associations are prosecuting the work of missions very 
vigorously and successfully within their own limits. From their reports to 
us we gather the following statemeftt: 

The Eastern Association has five missionaries engaged at Beaufort and 
points in Jones, Lenoir and Onslow Counties. Persons baptized, 111 ; 
churches organized, 2; appropriations, $500. 

The South Yadkin Association has united with your Board in sustaining 
Bro. Boone at Statesville and Salisbury and has also kept another mission- 
ary. Rev. J. H. Booth, in the field. 

In the Yadkin Association there have been two missionaries. Rev. C. C. 
Haymore during the year ending October 1st, preached 60 sermons at 5 
stations, held 38 prayer meetings, made 60 religious visits and baptized 13 
persons. Additions by letter, 10; Sunday Schools, 3; pupils, 250; copies 
of Biblical Recorder taken, 10. Rev. J. H. Lewellyn during the half year 
ending April 1st preached 116 sermons and baptized 47 persons. 


Received on account of 1874 % 1,336 25 

1875 519 22 

" . " " 1876... 1,598 17 

$ 3,463 64 . 

Paid out on account of 1874. , f 1,236 75 

1875 892 92 

1876 1,299 80 

$ 3,429 47 

Present indebtedness $ 48183 

14 Minutes of the 

It will be seen from this statement that the amount of contributions is the 
largest that has been reported for several years. Most of it, however, was 
raised by special contributions to cover tlie indebtedness of the Board for 

1874 and 1875. The debt of 1874 is liquidated and only $50 of the debt for 

1875 remains unpaid. A small amount, $274.30, contributed for current 
expenses this year has been appropriated toward the payment of the debt 
of 1875. It is a matter of thankfulness that the old debts have been wiped 
out. The brethren who generously relieved the Board of this burden are 
worthy of special mention and of hearty commendation. We regret very 
deeply that there is any debt hanging over us for this year's work, but it 
has been inevitable under the circumstances. It is hoped that a part of the 
debt will be provided for by funds sent u]) to this session of your body. If 
arrangements can also be made to pay off the remainder, there is a reason- 
able prospect of avoiding such entanglements hereafter. 


Your Board has given earnest consideration to a difficulty which has ex- 
isted from tiie earlier years of the Convention until now. It arises from the 
want of co-operation between the district Associations and the Convention 
in this great work, the former preferring to do their own work in their own 
way. It is certain that union is eminently desirable, but it is also certain 
that union cannot be forced. We must patiently wait until such time as 
the brethren all over the State shall know and trust each other sufficiently 
to come together in the task of building up the Master's within the 
borders of our Stale. We are assured that read progress in this direction 
has been made during the past year. We would suggest that the matter be 
freely canvassed during the present session. 

It may be said that the report of money contributed and of work done i 
insignificant as compared with what ought to have been done, considering 
the numerical and financial strength of the denomination in the State. Let 
it be remembered that this is only one of our modes of working ; that no 
Board, whether of an Association or Convention, can monopolize all the 
missionary labor of the churches composing the body; that we can show 
real, tangible and substantial results of our labors during the last forty-six 
j'ears — in the strong church worshipping in the splendid edifice in which 
which we are now assembled ; in Wilmington, Greensboro, Charlotte and 
other places — yet after all the most important work of the Cpnvention has 
consisted in stimulating and encouraging the spirit of benevolence and of 
christian activity all over the state. It is sometimes said, judging by the 
false standard mentioned above, that the Baptists of the State are anti-mis- 
sionary or omissionary. It is a sad mistake. Let It be remembered that 

Baptist State Conaention. 15 

149 years ago the first Baptist church was organized in North Carolina 
within hearing of the roar of the Atlantic Ocean. Now the little handful 
has grown to more than a hundred thousand. Counting in our strength 
among the negroes, the Baptists of the State have had an average increase 
of nearly a thousand a year for one hundred and forty-nine years. During 
the year just closed not less than ten thousand have been baptized by the 
Baptist pastors and evangelists of the State. Such results come only from 
earnest, prayerful, self-denying consecrated work. Let us thank God and 
take courage and press onward. 

Chairman Board of Missions, 

The consideration of the report was postponed to 4 o'clock 

The Committee to nominate the remaining officers re- 
ported as follows : 

Vice-Presidents, Elders K. R. Overby, W. M. Kennedy and Brother L. 
N. Durham; Treasurer, John G. Williams; Auditor, W. W. Vass; Re- 
cording Secretaries, J. D. Huf ham and F. R. Underwood; Corresponding 
Secretary, Eld. J. B. Richardson. 

Eld. J. K. Faulkner, of Virginia, accepted the invitation 
to visiting brethren. 

The Pastor and Deacons of the Church were appointed a 
Committee on Religious Exercises. 

On motion, it was agreed to spend the first half hour of 
each morning session in devotional exercises. 

On motion, the Convention adjourned to 3 o'clock P. M. 

Prayer by Dr. Brooks. 

Afternoon Session. 

The President called the body to order. 
Prayer by Elder W. B. Harrell. 

16 Minutes of the 

The President announced the following Committees: 

On Hnance—^. S. Puiefo}-, A. D. Blackwood and J. M. Pool. 

On Tune and Place of Xcd Seni^wn—li. .K. Savage, W. W. Mitchell, T. 

On Preachers for Next Session — "W. II. Pace, J. C. Scarboro and R. P. 

0)1 Periodicals— 1\. 11. Marsh, C. Duriiani and A. C. Dixon. 

To Nominate Sunday School Board — W. B. Harrcll, J. 31. C. Luke and R. 
T. Vanri. 

To Nominate Board of Missions — A. D. Cohen, E. Frost and J. A. Stradley_ 

To Nominate Board of Education — W. T. Brooks, F. II. Ivey and A. L. 

The Committee on Order of Business submitted a report 
which was adopted as follows : 

1. Appointment of Committees. 

2. Report of Boards and Committees. 

3. Miscellaneous business. 

Eld. T. Whitfield read the report of the Sunday School 
Board, as follows : 


To the Nortu Carolina State Baptist Convention, Convening in Raleigh, N. C, 

on the 15th November, 187G.- 

The Sunday School Board appointed at your annual meeting in Shelby, 
N. C , in November, 1875, found it practicable and deemed it wise to ap- 
point Rev. J. K. Howell as a Sundaj' School missionary. His salary was 
fixed provisionally at $800 per annum, the Board paying his traveling ex 
penses. The limiting provision was that this amount should be contributed 
by the friends of the enterprise. 

The missionary entered upon his labors in December, and the report of 
his labor up to the 1st of November,' inst., is as follows: Months of labor, 
IQi^; sermons preached, 104 ; Sunday School addresses, Gl ; other ad; 
dresses, 41 ; Sunday Schools visited, 30 ; families visted, 161 ; Sunday 
Schools organized, 16; amount secured for ^tnd Words $07 .86 ; miles trav- 
eled, 4,239, of which by private conveyance, 1,365. 

Baptist State Convention. 17 

For a statement of the financial condition we refer you to the report of 
the Treasurer of the Baptist State Convention from which it will appear 
that during the financial year ending 16th of November, he has received for 
this Board ^437.33. In addition to this amount the Board has received 
$43.20. The entire amount paid the missionary is 1379 88. It is a cause 
of deep regret that there has been a falling otf in the contributions to the 
Board. Some of the Sunday School Missionary Societies which have here- 
tofore assisted us, liave failed to do so during the year just passed, which 
we hope has been from the general stringency in fiuanciai matters rather 
than a diminution of interest in the work. 

The missionary has labored in eight Associations, viK: King''s Mountain, 
Catawba, South Yadkin, Liberty, Beulah, Raleigh, Central and Flat River. 
Hoping to place himself in a position malting ins field of labor more acces- 
sible, Ivi locatefl ill Raleigh. He has af: all times seemed deeplj-^ interested 
n the work, and, as v,'ill tippear from his reported labors, has been very 

In regard to the field in which he has labored, he reports: " I flw^. an in-,, 
creased interest in the Sunday School work. The teaching is b«tteF, the . 
singing is better and the Sunday school paper is more generally yea^J, TIjp 
encouragements in the work to go forward are very great," 
Respectfully submitted, 

R. D. OMHA^f, :^'m'dent.- 

On motion, it was referred to a Committee consisting of 
Brethren J, J, James, T. H. Briggs and R. T. Vann. 

The report on State Missions was then fallen up. 

Pending the motion to adopt, 

Remarks were made by Brethren Conrad, Vernon j Frost,-, 
Huf ham, Gwaltney and Harmon. 

The Convention then adjourned.. 

Prayer by Elder J. S. Purefoy. 

Night Session. 

The Introductory Sermon was preached by Elder T..W. 
Babb, from Isaiah 62 : 1, " For Zion's sake will I not hold 

18 Minutes of the 

my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, until the 
righteousness thereof go forth as brightness and the salva- 
tion thereof as a lamp that burnetii," 

SECOND DAY.— Morning Sessioj?. 

Thursday, November IGth, ISTC?. 

The ConVtiYtion itfee atP'J o'clock a>nd spent half an hour 
in devotional fc'x^ercises 

Rev. H. A. Tapper, .t>. D., Rev. J. Iv. Mendenhall anti 
Rev. John Mitclieil were ii'vited to seats as visiting 

rQn motion. Rev. Jas. F. Boyce, D'.D'., was invited to ad- 
dress the body on the claims- of the Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary at 10| o'clock to^iftorYow. 

The report on State Missions being, under consideration, 

Remarks were made by Brethren Huf ham, Cobb, Rich- 
ardson, Murchdson, Cohen, Savage, J. S. Allen,- W. A. Gra- 
ham, Babb, Overby and Pritchard. 

Elder C. Durhaiu u^oved to amend the report % adding 
the following : 

Resolved, That the work of 3fIissions among the colored people of the; 
State be commended to the consideratica of the Board of Missions of this 
Convention, and if thought judicious that they be requested to appoint 
some one of their own members to superiotecd the work. 

Remarks on the resolution were made by Brethren Dur- 
ham, Weaver, Bailey, Scarboro, Davis and Pritchard. 

Bro. Weaver moved to amend the amendmeai by striking 
out and insertirig. 

Baptist State Convention. 19 

The previous question was called for and sustained. 
The main question was put and the report adopted. 
The Convention adjourned with prayer by Dr. Boyce. 

Afternoon Session. 

The exercises were opened with prayer by Dr. Boyce. 

On motion, agreed to hold a mass meeting in behalf of 
Ministerial Education at 7 o'clock to-night. 

The Convention accepted an invitation to visit Prof. Hob- 
good's school to-morrow at 4 o'clock P. M. 

It was moved that the report of the Committee, appoint- 
ed at the last session of the Convention, on the matter of 
legal connection between this Convention and the Board of 
Trustees of Wake Forest College, be made the Special Order 
for 3 o'clock to-morrow. 

The Board of Education submitted their report as fol- 


At the last session of the Conveation a debt of something like two hun- 
dred dollars was reported. Bro. Bailey, at that time the Agent of tlie Board, 
soon after the Convention expressed a desire to be released from the agfincy, 
inasmuch as, with bis other engagements, it was impossible to do justice to 
the work entrusted to him. Nevertheless, the Board being unable to com- 
mand the services of one who would devote himself to the work, he con- 
tinued to represent its interests as far as he coald and with as large a meas- 
ure of success as, under the circumstances, it was reasonable to expect. 
The debt continued to increase, however, until at the close of the session 
it was more than eight hundred dollars. Letters were written to br 
in different parts of the State, an effort was also made to put agencies to 
work during the vacation, but from these sources little was realized, and 
at the beginning of the present session, the prospect was still 
promising it was thought unsafe to attempt to sustain more than six breth- 

20 Minutes of the 

ren at the college, the number at present directly under the patronage of 
the Board. 

Some two months ago, Bro. L. R. Mills was prevailed upon to give as 
much of his time to raising funds for this object as might be found practi- 
cable, in connection with his duties at the college. We are gratified to state 
that he has met with success beyond our expectations. The debt is in 
rapid process of liquirlation, arrangements have been made with churches 
and Associations for assuming the e.xpenjt-s of several young brethren who 
have been formally received by us as well as of some of those for whose 
support we are pledged, and thus we are permittod to report nine young 
ministers provided for mainly by his efforts, though not all strictly the ben- 
eficiaries of the Board. 

Besides these there are some nine others at college, whose purpose it is to 
preach the gospel, and who are either paying their own way ar are sus 
tained by the liberality of friends. 

Herewith is presented a statement of all moneys received and paid out by 
the Board during the Conventional year 

W. B. ROYALL, Secretary. 

Remarks were made b}^ brethren L, R. Mills, Bailey, C. 
Durhana, Whitfield, Dodson, Gwaltney, Brooks, Wingate 
and Pritchard. 

Dr. Pritchard offered the following : 

Whereas, we are convinced that a good house of worship in the city of 
Charlotte is necessary to the advancement in that city of the Redeemer's 
kingdom as identified with Baptist principles; and whereas, the Charlotte 
Baptist church desires and is attempting to secure such a house of worship; 

Resolved, That this Convention heartily commends the efforts of the 
Charlotte Baptist Church to the Baptists of this State and other States, ear- 
nestly hoping that it may receive their sympathies, their prayers and their 

Remarks were made by Brethren Pritchard, W. A. Gra- 
ham and Whitfield. 

The resolution was adopted. 

The Convention adjourned. Prayer by Dr. H. A. Tupper. 

Baptist State Convention. SI 

Night Session. 

A large crowd bad gathered at the appointed hour. 

Prayer by Elder W. M. Kennedy. 

After addresses by Brethren Boyce, J. C. Scarboro', Tap- 
per and L. R. Mills, a collection was made in behalf af the 
Board of Education, amounting to $230.00. 

Benediction by Dr. Boyce. 

THIRD DAY.— Morning Session. 

Friday, November 17th, 1876. 

After devotional exercises, Vice President Overby called 
the body to order. 

The report of the Board of Education was adopted. 

Elder C. Durham offered a resolution in reference to the 
religious instruction of the colored people, which, 

On motion, was referred to the following Committee: 
Brethren J. M. Heck, W. M. Wingate, C. Durham, J. D. 
Hufham,W. T. Brooks, J. C. Scarborough, R. R. Overby, 
T. H. Pritehard and W. A. Graham. 

The hour for the Special Order having arrived, Dr. Boj^ce 
presented the claims of the Southern Baptist Theological 

It was agreed to hold a mass meeting in behalf of For- 
eign Missions at 7 o'clock ; the address to be delivered by 
Dr. H. A. Tupper, Corresponding Secretary of the Board of 
Foreign Missions of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

The Committee to nominate a Board of Education re- 
ported the following : 

22 Minutes of the 

Board OF Education.— TV. T. Brooks, W. B. Royall, J. S. Purcfoy, C.. 
E. Taylor, A. F. Purcfoy, W. G. Simmon.s, W. :M. Whigate, W. T. Walters, 
J. C^ Scarboro, W. O. Allen, L. Chappull, A. R. Vann, M. E. Carver, F. 
M. Purcfoy, J. M. Brewer, W. B. Smith, L. K. Mills, R. II. Lewis. 

On motion, the nominations were confirmed. 

The Committee to nominate a Sunday School Board re- 

The report was laid on the table. 

The report of the Committee on Periodicals was read as 
follows : 


The Biblical Recorder, under the wise and prudent editorial management 
of our esteemed brethren, Elders C. T. Bailey and J. D. Ilufham, is an 
interesting, instructive, fearless and high-toned religious weekly— a first 
class State paper and a worthy and reliable organ of the Baptist denomina- 
tion. It is thoroughly sound in Bible doctrine, and in full sympathy and 
co-operation with the interests and labors of our churches. As a traveling 
teacher, preacher, organizer and missionary, it is an important and indis- 
pensable auxiliary to ministerial success, church efficiency and personal 
piety, training and usefulness. We, therefore, commend it most earnestly 
to the liberal support and careful perusal of every preacher, deacon and 
family of our Baptist Zion. 

Kind ^Vords, published at Macon, Ga., by Elder S. Boykin, is an excel- 
lent Sunday School paper and is deserving of a liberal patronage. 


Pending the motion to adopt the report, remarks were 
made by Brethren Dodson, Bailey, N. B. Broughton. Black- 
wood, Frost, Bahb and Wade Hill, and the Convention ad- 

Prayer by Elder AV. R. Gwaltney. 

Baptist Stute Convention. 23 

Afteknoon Session, 

On re-assembling, prayer was offered by Dr. G, W. 

The report on Peiiodicals was adopted. 

The Committer to nominate Board of Missions reported 
as follows : 

Board of Missions.— T. H. Pritchard, Jacob S. Allen, J. Womble, 
Jr., C. B. Edwards, Eugene Harrell, Haynes Lennon, J. S. Bridges, C. B. 
Justice, Moses Gillann, W. M. Bostick, F. P. Hobgood, J. P. Mason, A.^M. 
Lewis, N. B. Brougliton, John Armstrong, T. H. Briggs, Dr. W. D. Wat- 
son, E. Frost, J. Jenkins, J. W. Thomas, R. R. Overb}^ J. D. Huf ham, J. 
M. Heck, John G. Williams, W. W. Vass, W. H. Pace, A. D. Blackw ood, 
J. L. Stewart, B. F. Hester, F. H. Jones, J. >L Beasley, E. L, Davis, J. H. 
Alford, J. M. Broughton, C. T. Bailey, M, A. Parker. 

The report of the Committee to amend the Charter of 
Wake Forest College, being the Special Order, was read and 
adopted as follows : 

Your committee, while admitting that some change in the charter might 
be beneficial, think that it is not advisable to attempt such changes under 
present circumstances, and respectfully ask to be excused from the further 
consideration of the subject. 

W. H. PACE. 

The Committee on the report of the Sunday School 
Board submitted a report which was discussed by Brethren 
James, Heck, Howell and Weaver, and laid on the table. 

The Convention adjourned. 

Prayer by Elder John Mitchell. 

24 Minutes of the 

Night Session. 

Prayer by Elder Blackwood. 

After addresses on Foreign Missions by Brethren \V. A. 
Graham, Tupper and Pritchard, a collection was made, 
amounting in cash and pledges to more than $200. 

Fourth Day. — Morning Session. 

Saturday, November 18th, 1876. 

The President called the Convention to order after the 
usual devotional exercises. 

The Committee on Finance reported as follows : 


The Committee on Finance report Ihe following amounts received for tlio 
objects respectively named: 

Domestic and Indian MissnoNSr 

Gold&bor© Church $ 30 00 

Wake Forest Church 5 00 

Total $20 00 

Sunday ScHooi,sr 

J. Luther for life membership -S 7 50 

Goklsboro Church 10 00 

Mrs. Harper's class 1 OO 

Total $ 10 10 

Baptist State Convention. 25 

Foreign Missions: 

Holly Grove Church $ 12 00 

Mount Pisgah Cliurch 20 00 

Enon Church '. 4 70 

Shelby Church, by A. L. Stough 12 00 

Chowan Association 15 00 

Oxford Church 33 50 

J. Luther, for life membership 7 50 

Johnson Liberty, for Yates Mission 13 03 

Mrs. Ann Newton 1 00 

Wake Forest Church 15 00 

Reeves' Chapel 5 00 

Total $138 73 

Education : 

Shiloh Church $ 10 00 

Providence Church , . . . 2 17 

Holly Grove Church 8 00 

Durham Church 35 00 

New Hope Church 30 00 

Shelby Church, by A. L. Stough 12 00 

Buck Horn Church 10 00 

Ahoskie Church 2 13 

Chowan Association 15 00 

J. Lutiier, for life membership 7 50 

Wake Forest Church 15 00 

Reeves' Chapel 5 00 

Total $151 80 

State Missions: 

Holly Grove Church $ 10 00 

Tabb's Creek Chui^h 1 50 

Enon Church 12 95 

Shelby Church, by A. L. Stough 12 00 

Buck Horn Church 3 00 

Ahoskie Church 2 13 

Chowan Association. . . 15 85 

Poplar Creek Church 6 78 

Tallyho Church 10 00 

26 Minutes of the 

J. Luther, for life memberslnp 7 50 

Goldsboro Church 25 00 

Wake Forest Church 15 00 

Warrentou Church 5 00 

Kceves' Chapel 5 00 

Total $131 71 

Grand total $46134 




On motion of Dr. Pritchard, a Committee on Obituaries 
was appointed as follows : Brethren J. J. James, W. T. 
Brooks and W. M. "Wingate. 


Elder W. Hooper, D. D., L. L. D., died at the residence of liis son-in- 
law. Prof. J. DeB. Hooper, at Chapel Hill, on the 17th of August, aged 84 

Dr. Hooper bore a name which holds an honorable place in the history of 
North Carolina. His grandfather, a man of shining talents and fine cul- 
ture, was one of the signers of the national Declaration of Independence. 
In the perilous times which followed the birth throes of the nation he oc- 
cupied a prominent place, filling faithfully and well many offices of honor 
and responsibility. His grandson was a fit representative of him. Enter- 
ing the University at an early age, he graduated with distinction and after- 
wards filled the chair of ancient languages for a number of years. He held 
a similar position in the University of South Carolina for some time, and 
taught in the Baptist Theological Institution of that State. In those days 
he took rank among the most eminent linguists in the countrj*. 

It was while he was Professor in Ihe Universit}' at Chapel Hill that he 
became a Baptist. He had been reared an Episcopalian and had been for 
some years an honored minister of that denomination. His views of bap- 
tism and other questions having undergone a change he promptly decided 
to unite with the Baptists. There was no church of that communion in the 
village and he went to a country church nearby and there received baptism 
at the hands of R«v. Patrick W. Dowd. For a number of j'cars he took a 

Baptist State Convention. 27 

lively interest in tlie general work of the denomination, especially in all its 
educational enterprises. He was a member of the committee appointed by 
this Convention to select a location and devise a plan for Wake Forest Col- 
lege; and his hand had no small'share m giving it the shape which it finally 
assumed. A few years later he accepted the Presidency of the College, but 
discouraged by the financial embarrassments which hindered its prosperity 
and impaired its usefulness, he resigned. Subsequently he removed to 
Murfreesboro, succeeding Martin R. Forey as President of tlie Baptist Fe- 
male Institute at that place. It was a position for which he was in many 
respects admirably qualified and the work was one which he loved. While 
here he associated with him at different times Dr. P. S. Henson, now of 
Philadelphia, Dr. Luther R. Gwaltney, of Marion, Ala., and Dr. Archibald 
McDowell. In such hands the Institute grew in popular favor until the 
temporary interruption caused by the late war between the States. In 
1871, Dr. Hooper resigned the Presidency of the Institute and moved to 
Fayetteville where he remained until the close of the war. For a few 
years, until disqualified for further labor in that direction, he was associated 
with Prof. J. DfB. Hooper in a female school of high grade at Wilson. Af- 
ter his retirement from the work of teaching he preached as opportunity 
offered and wrote regularly for the religious journals. 

In the spring of this year he went to tlie Centennial in Philadelphia, by 
special invitation, and delivered an address. Returning he spent several 
days in Raleigh and occupied Dr. Pntchard's pulpit on the Sabbath, preach- 
ing with even more than his wonted power and unction. On reaching 
home he was taken sick, and after lingering a while passed to his reward. 

We take the liberty of closing this sketch' with the estimate of our de- 
parted brother by Elder W. H. Jordan wlio knew him long and well : 

'*Dr. Hooper in the services for which he was distinguished stood for 
more than fifty years conspicuously before the public. His life was passed 
in their view and his course was subject to their inspection; and now after 
having died at the age of eighty four years, we feel sure that public sym- 
pathy will respond to the sentiment that the man cannot be named who left 
behind him a more irreproachable and unblemished reputation. An ad- 
miring community would doubtless unite in subscribing the sentence as a 
fitting epitaph upon his "tomb, ' The memory of the just is blessed.' 

" There was in Dr. Hooper a beautiful symmetry of character. He exhib- 
ited a happy combination of intellectual and moral excellence. In Jiim was 
seen the admirable union of a fine understanding with the kindest and most 
amiable affections of the heart. His character was one of singular 
rency. A ' godly simplicity and sincerity ' was the modest and beauti- 
ful crown of his many virtues. With a highly cultivated mind, liberalized 
and polished by an association with men of genius and learning, he pos- 

28 . Minutes of the 

sessed the artlessncss of a cliild. While the object of universal admiration, 
he exhibited the example of a mac;iianimou9 unconsciousness of his own su- 
periority. It maj' be questioned wiiether in his preacliin<r he was scarcely 
ever troubled with the; tiiougljt of what his congregation would tliink of his 
sermon; unless it were that they would hold it in the same lumible estima- 
tion that he did iiiinself. Such was his ingenuousness, that if, at an\' time, 
he supposed that he had committed a mistake which might afTccl injuriously, 
either his reputation for prudence or his secular interest, instead of proudly 
claiming an exemption from all blame or swelling with hollow pretentions 
to an infallible rectitude, he would acknowledge and freely himself expose 
his error with all the docility and submissiveness of a penitent child con- 
fessing his fault at the feet of his mother; and if in his opinion he had in- 
jured, or hurt the feelings of the poorest slave, his humble and pious spirit 
would not have rested satisfied until by confession he had redressed his in- 
jury and healed his wound. He was indeed one of rare and happy 
men to whom is accorded, by universal suffrage, the character of a good 

" Dr. Hooper was pre-eminently ' a lover of good men.' V\''hile pos- 
sessing the finest taste for works of literature and art, and admiring genius 
and excellence in whatever department of action, pieiy was the magnet that 
attracted his soul. It was interesting, indeed it was xublime, to see how 
this good and learned man could bow and weep under the ministry of men 
so inferior to himself. The love of good men and of a spiritual religion 
was the passion of his soul. With the fondness with which an eagle spreads 
httr wings over her j'oung, hi.s heart liovered over every exhibition, indi- 
vidual or social, wherever or among whomsoever found, of the true spirit 
and power of the gospel, lie delighted to drink of the streams of Siloam 
and to bathe his soul in their refreshing tide wherever he found them. 
Though no man was more decided in his religious principles, he was as free 
from bigotry as an infant from malice. 

While distinguished for all the gentler and softer graces, Dr. Hooper 
possessed an adamantine firmness of character. This was tested by his in- 
variable fidelity to principle, in circumstances often well calculated to put 
his intejcrity to trial. He sometime^ incarred reproach by the honest and 
faithful expression of his sentiments, not to his enemies — that were not so 
hard to do— but to hi& friends; that exposing his sensitive nature to the pain 
of displeasing those whom ho loved, and to the haxard of losing their es- 
teem, when a softer courage instead of encountering their frowns, would 
have melted away in the flame of their blandishments and smiles. He had 
in him the spirit of the martyr. With a calm and unaffected, a quiet and 
meek, but at the same time an undaunted intrepidity, he would at any mo- 
ment have gone to the stake for his principles. 

Baptist State Convention. 29 

Dr. Hooper's excellence as a preacher was in the earnest, highly evangel- 
ical and practical character of his ministry. It contained that happy com- 
bination of sound doctrine, with its enforcement, as productive of a holy 
practice, which is so fully exemplified in the ministry of Christ and his 
apostles. He was not what is called a popular preacher. Though an ele- 
gant writer, he was not a fluent speaker; and after he became a Baptist his 
preaching was extemporaneous. But though his elocution was somewhat 
slow and embarrassed, frequentl}' when his mind became heated and ignited 
with his subject he would break into strains of extraordinary beauty and 

His preaching was remarkably calculated to cultivate both the mind and 
the heart; to promote, in other words, an intelligent piety. He was a de- 
vout believer in the doctrine of salvation as flowing from the unmerited and 
sovereign grace of God; while he believed with equal steadfastness that 
this grace teaches its subjects ' to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts, and 
to live soberl}', righteously and godly in this present world.' 

"The death of Dr. Hooper was such as might have been expected of such 
a man. His dying couch was as the vestibule of heaven ; and even before 
his soul dropped its frail and wasted tenement he seemed to have a fore- 
taste of the heavenly glory." 

The report of the Committee on the Sunday School Board 
was taken up. 


As no particular feature of the report was specified, the committee are 
left to consider the whole and make such suggestions as seem to them to be 
called for. 

1. While the great importance of well conducted Sunday Schools to the 
spiritual life ana prosperity of the churches is admitted generally, it is a 
fact that a vast number of said churches have no Sunday Schools. 

3. That there is a great need that the number of our Sunday Schools 
should be multiplied, and that the efficiency of many of those now existing 
be increased. 

J. J. JAMES, Chairman. 

The report of the Committee to nominate a Sunday 
School Board was read. 


Minutes of the 

Sunday School Board.— J. M. Heck, J. S. Allen, N. B. Broughton, 
T. II. Briggs, Jr., J. P. Pritchard, C. Durham, Noah Biggs, C. B. Edwards. 
W. G. Upchuich, Len. II. Adams, W. J. Hicks, Eugene Harrell, J. K. 
Howell, John L. JIarkham, R. D. Graham, W. A. French. 

The Committee on Time and Place of next meeting of 
the Baptist State Convention reported, recommending Dur- 
ham as the place, and Wednesday before the second Sunday 
in November, 1877, as the time. 

The Committee on Resolutions, in regard to the religious 
instruction of the colored people, reported as follows : 


"We would urge upon our pastors and churches tlic importance of prose- 
cuting as far as possible the work of giving religious instruction to tiie col- 
ored people among ns, and we request our Mission and Sunday School 
Boards, as far as practicable, to give aid in organizing and extending 
among them Sundaj' School and Church privileges. 

The report was adopted. 

The report of the Treasurer was read as fo 


Domestic MC^sions: 

On hand at last report . . 
Amount received 

Paid Dr. McInto.«h 

On hand 

Indian Missions : 

Amount received — on hand. 

Amount carried forward . . . 

$ 17 






24 43 

1 00 

6 82 

$25 43 

32 25 

Baptist State Cor\vention. 


Amount brought forward f 


Amount received $1,718 31 1,718 31 

Paid Rev. W. B. Royall, Secretary & 

Treasurer Board of Education $1,674 17 

Paid on account of printing minutes of 

Convention of 1875 35 00 

Express freiglit on package clothing 

and charge on money 35 1,709 52 

On hand 8 79 

Greenville Theological Seminary: 

Amount received 51 20 51 20 

Paid Dr. Broadus 51 20 

Sunday Schools: 

On liand at lac-t report 181 87 

Transfer to State Missions to reverse 

charge to tliis account, August 31st, 

1875 25 00 206 87 

Amount received 412 32 619 19 

619 19 
Paid Rev. G. W. Greene, November 

1st, 1875 221 00 ^ 

Paid Rev. J. K. Howell, Sunday Scliool 

Missionary 379 88 

Paid Edwards, Broughton & Co., for 

bill printing for Rev. J. K. Howell,. 7 50 608 38 

On hand, 10 81 

Tates' Chapel: 

Amount received 3 10 3 10 

Paid Dr. Tupper 3 10 

Amount carried forward $ 2,424 05 

82 Minutes of the 

Amount broiiiilit forward $2,424 05 

State Misisiom : 

On haiKl at last report $ 120 28 

Transfer from Ciiurcli Extension 17 75 

Amount received for 1874, 1875, 1S7G, 3,30G Gl 3,453 G4 

3.4.53 04 

Paid liev. J. D. Hiif ham, former Cor. 
Secretary, balance on account of "74. $ 825 00 

raid Dr. Walters and J. F. Tuttle, on 
account of 1874 232 95 

Paid for lithographing Certilicates of 
Life Membership 178 80 

Paid Recording Secretary and Assis- 
tant 25 00 

Paid on accoiuit, Minutes of 1875 80 00 

Paid for postal cards for Correspond- 
ing Secretary. 4 00 

Transfer to Smiday Schools 25 00 

Paid State Xational Bank for loan, 
May, 1875 400 00 ,;^ 

Paid interest on said loan 15 80 

Paid Rev. J. B. Richardson. Corres- 
ponding Secretary, balance on ac 
count of 1875 5 00 

Paid Rev, J. B. Richardson on account 
of 1876 389 50 

Paid Rev. J. B. Richardson on account 
(travelling expenses for 187G 160 25 

Paid Aaron Sigmon, to secure title to 

Church at Morganton 100 00 

Paid State Missionaries, on account of 

1875 447 12 

Paid State Missionaries, on account of 

1876 54105 3,429 47 

On hand 24 17 

Church Extension: 

On hand at last report 17 75 

Amount carried forward $5,877 69 

Baptist State Convention. S3 

Amount brought forward . $ 5,877 69 

Contribution from Dr. Walters for the 

Church at Weldon $ 100 00 

Amount received for Church at Ura- 

ham • 36 50 154 25 

154 25 

Amount transferred to State Missions, 
to assist in securing title to church at 
Morganton $ 17 75 

Paid Dr, Walters for Church at Weldon 100 00 117 75 

On hand for Church at Graham « 36 50 

Endmoment Wake Forest 
On hand at l:ist report. 
Amount received ^1 00 45 00 

Paid Dr. Walters 

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary : 

Amount received 375 00 375 00 

Paid Dr. Boyce 

On hand 65 00 

African Missions: 

Amount received 13 49 13 49 

Paid Dr. Tapper 9 89 

24 00 

%\ 00 

45 00 

45 00 

375 00 

310 00 

On hand 3 60 

China Missions: 

Amount received from First Baptist 

Church, Raleigh, N. C, Jan. 24th, 

1876, after lecture on China by Rev. 

J. B. Hartwell 86 46 36 46 

Paid Dr. Tupper 36 46 

Amount carried forward, 16,50189 


84 Minutes of the 

Amount brought forward $0,501 89 

OrpJian Aitylum at Oxford, N. C: 

Amount received 8 C7 33 07 33 

Paid J. II. Mills, Superiuteudent G7 33 

Chapel for Miss Moon: 

Amount received 1 30 1 30 

Paid Dr. Tupper 1 30 

Foreirjn MissdonH: 

On hand at last report 588 88 

Amount received, including amounts 
given for Dr. Yates* salary, and $15 
for Miss Whilden 1 ,7.)8 4.-, 2,347 33 

2,347 33 

Paid Dr. Tupper 1,305 80 

Paid Rev. J. B. Hartwell 10 48 

On account of piinting Minutes of the 
Convention of 1875 65 00 

Charges on money received on this ac- 
count 35 1,441 09 

On hand 905 04 

$ 8,917 91 


Treas. Baptist State Cowxntwn of N. C. 
Raleigh, JiT. C, November loth, 1876. 

I have examined the above accounts, and find them all correct and 
properly vouched for. 

W. W. YASS, Auditor. 

On motion, the report was adopted, and the thanks of the 
Convention were tendered to the Treasurer for having kindly- 
advanced money to the Boards of the Convention during 
the year. 

It was agreed to hold a mass meeting to-night to consider 

Baptist State Convention. 35 

the claims of Wake Forest College, having special reference 
to the work of endowment. 

By invitation, Rev. J. K. Mendenhall addressed the Con- 
vention in behalf of the Home Mission Board of the South- 
ern Baptist Convention. 

He was followed by Brethren Gwaltney and C. Durham. 

A letter from Elder J. S. Murrow, in reference to the work 
of Missions, was read, and a collection was made. 

The following was adopted : 

Besolred, Tlmt pastors be requested to present the claims of the Home 
Mission Board to their churches and take collection^ and send them in a 
mouth or two to the Treasurcjr of the Convention. 

■ The Convention adjourned with benediction by Elder R. 
H. Griffith. 

Afternoon Session. 

Prayer by Elder R. R. Savage. 

On motion, it was ordered that certificates be issued t&' 
all life members who have not received them, on the condi- 
tion that the jjersons receiving them agree to have them 
framed ; also that the post-offices of th© life members be 
published with their names in the minTntes. 

Bro. T. H. Briggs, Jr., offered the following resolutions, 
which were unanimously adopted : 

Resolved, That we heartily commend to our brethren the orphan work of 
the State at present under management O'f Brother J. H. Mills. 

Resolved, That we earnestly request tlie pastors of our churches to make 
stated collections for said object, using every effort to promote the noble : 

S6 Minutes of the 

charity and great work of so much irnportunce to the commonwealth of 
North Carolina. 

Renolvcd, That one-half of the coKccVion to-raorrow moriung shall he ap- 
propriated to this cause. 

On motion of Elder E. Dodson, a ComTnittee wa.s appoint- 
ed to raise funds for a monument to Elder Samuel Wait, 
D.D. Committee— E. Dodson, W. M. Wingate and A. R. 

Elder Dodson stated that he had ct)llected for the Home 
on Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, ^1,334 
in 1875; and $970 in 1876. 

A resolution of thanks to citizens of Raleigh for enter- 
tainment, and to railroads for courtesies, was pa.ssed. 

The Secretary was ordered to have 1,200 copies of the 
.minutes printed. 

Committee to select Preacliers for )iext Convention, re- 
commended for Introductory Sermon, Elder F. H. Ivey, of 
Goldsboro' ; Alternate, Elder C. T. Bailey, of Raleigh. For 
Missionary Sermon, Elder \V. M. Wingate, D.D., of Wake 
Forest ; Alternate, Elder R. R. Savage, of Hertford County, 

The Board of Missions submitted tlieir report on Foreigi:* 
Mis^ons : 


The w(»rk of the Southern Baptists includes missions in China, Africa 
and Italy. Tiie prospects at all the stations in China have never been 
brighter. At Shanghai, under the wise management of Dr. Yates, there 
has been a steady growth with a constantly widening influence of the little 
church. Similar reports come to a.s from tiie other stations. The reports 
of our missionaries to Africa are also of a highly encauragmg character. In 
Rome and other parts of Italy, the progress of the work is slow but sure. 
At all points reinforcements of men and rannej' are needed. New fields, a& 
in the great empiTe of Japan and elsewhere are opening to the heralds Df the 
cross, inviting thwn to enter and occupy. Under these circumstances it is 
not pleasant to find that the contributions of the Baptists of North Carolina 

Baptist State Convention. S7 

for Foreign Missions, have been less tkis year, by far, than they were last 
year. However this falling off may be accounted for, it is an unpleasant 
fact. Let us hope that the next year may witness a change in this matter. 

The report was adopted. 

The following were appointed Messengers to the Western 
North Carolina Baptist Convention : Brethren J. M. Heck, 
W. A. Graham, J. J. James, J. D. Huf ham, A. L. Stough, 
J. A. Stradley and W. M. Wingate. 

Adjourned with prayer by Elder Theo. Whitfield. 

Night Session. 

Praj^er was offered by Elder J. J. James. 
Elder John Mitchell offered the following: 

"Whereas, Wake Forest College is a necessity to us in our denomina- 
tional work in North Carolina, and ichereas, our college cannot do the good 
we require of it without an endowment, and whereas, the Board of Trus- 
tees is now seeking to secure an endowment for each of six chairs or pro- 
fessorships, therefore 

Revived, That we have lieard with pleasure of the success of this 
work, so far as it has been presented to our people, and that we cordially 
commend it to the sympathies and substantial aid of the Baptists of North 

Resolved, That we heartily endorse the plan of the Board and hope 
that it will steadily and persistently press the work in accordance with this 
plan until it shall be completed. 

Pending the motion to adopt, addresses were delivered 
by Brethren J. S, Purefoy, Gwaltney^ Griffith, Durham and 
Huf ham. 

The Convention adjourned. 

Benediction by Elder James* 

B8 Minutes of the 


The Missionary Sermon was preached, at 11 o'clock, by 
Elder Whitfield. 

At night, Dr. Tupper preached. 
The Convention adjourned sine die. 

C. M. COOKE, President. 
J. D. HuFHAM, Secretary. 
F. R. Underwood, Assistant Secretary. 




By the payment of $30 at one time, according to amendment to 
Constitution made in Convention at Oxford, Oct. 22c?, 1849. 

Those marked thus * are dead. 

J. S. ALLEN Raleigh, N. C. 

MATTIE O. ALLEN Raleigh, " 

W. O. ALLEN . . .Wake Forest College, " 


Elder C. T. BAILEY Raleigh, N. C. 

Elder MOSES BALDWIN Huntsville, " 


Elder E. F. BEACHUM Frankhnton, N. C 


*Elder F. a. belcher '. Edgefield C. IJ., S. C. 

*Elder mark BENNETT Whitaker's, N. C, 

Elder D. K. BENNETT Lumberton, " 

MARY E. BIDDLE Fort Barnwell, " 

*S. S. BIDDLE Fort Barnwell, " 


Elder A. D BLACKWOOD Gary, N. C. 

THOS. W.BLAKE ...Raleigh, " 



Elder C. P BOGART 

Mrs. E. BONNER.... 

J. M. BREWER W. F College, N. C. 

Elder W. T. BROOKS W. F. College, " 

N. B. BROUGHTON Raleigh, " 


40 Appendix. 

M. B. CALLENDINE Raleigh, " 

Mns. M. B. CALLENDINE Raleigh, " 

•JOB CARVER Forestville, " 

Elder J. L. CARROLL / Warrcnton, Va. 

*E. CLARK Newbern, N. C. 


Elder J. H.COBB 

Dk. W. M. CRENSHAW Louisburg, N. C. 

Elder A. D. COHEN Edenton, " 

♦Elder P. C. CONNELLY. 


Prof. J. A. DELKE Murfreesboro, N. C. 



Elder R. I. DEVIN Young's Cross Roads, N. C. 

ROXANA M. DODD Raleigh, " 

Elder E. DODSON 



Elder J. W. DICKSON .Flemington, N. C 

J. R. DUNN Forestville, " 

P. A. DUNN W. P. College, " 

S.H.DUNN Forestville, " 

W. B. DUNN Forestville, " 

Elder C. DURHAM Durham, " 

Dr. Lj N. DURHAM Shelby, " 

C.D.ELLIS Edenton, " 

J. W. ELLIS Whitoville, " 

A. K FAISON Warsaw, " 

J. H. FOOTE Wilkesboro, " 

*J. H. FORT Forestville, " 



B. GODWIN Lumberton, N. C. 

SUSAN W GRAHAM Hillsboro, " 



Elder J. C. GRAYSON Bridgewater, N. C 

Appendix. 41 

*Elder B. J. HACKNEY 

Elder C. R. HENDRIGESON Jackson, Tenn. 



Elder G. W. HILL Whiteville, N. C. 

JAS. W. HADEN Linwood, N. C. 


S. R. HORNE Clayton, N. C. 

*Elder L. B. HORTON 




MINNIE C. HECK Raleigh, N. C. 

J. M. HECK Raleigh, " 

GEORGE HECK Raleigh, " 

Mrs. MATTIE HECK ? Raleigh, " 

Miss M. LOULA HECK Raleigh, " 

Elder EDWARD HOWELL Reynoldson, " 

Elder J. B. HARD WICK Leavenworth, Kansas. 

Elder J. K. HOWELL Raleigh, " 


J.M.HOWELL Kittrell's, " 


Elder J. C. HIDEN Greenville. S. C. 


*Elder W. HOOPER Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Elder J. D. HUFHAM Raleigh, " 

Elder F. H. IVEY Goldsboro, " 

RUFUS J. IVEY Raleigh, " 

Elder J. J. JAMES High Point, " 

Elder J. B. JACKSON 



*Elder R. B. JONES W. F. College, N. C. 

Elder G. S. JONES Hendersonville, " . 

*J. G. JONES , W. F. College, " 

*Elder W. H. JORDAN, Jr Charlotte, " 

DAVID JUSTICE ...Neuse, " 

*B. W. JUSTICE Raleigh. " 

Hojt. JNO. KERR Reidsville, " 

42 Appendix. 

Eldeu J. II. LACY 


*R. W. LAWSON Lawsonville, N. C. 

Elder II. LEXNON Bladt-nsboro. " 

W. R LIXDSAY Mailisoii, " 

LOUIS O LOUGEE Ualeigh, " 

Mrs. AUGUSTA A. LOUGEE Raleigh, " 

Mrs. C. E. LOUGEE Raleigh, " 

♦Eldkr .IAS. McD AXIEL Fayettevillc, N. C. 

Eldek K. McDAXIEL 

♦MARY AXX METTS Newbern, X. C. 



Eldek a. McDowell Murfreesboro, N. C. 

Mks. M.\RY a. McDowell*^, Murfreesboro, " 

Eldeu H. McALPIXE 

Elder JOHX MITCHELL Asheville, N. C. 

W.W.MITCHELL Winton, " 

J. W. MITCHELL Pitch Landing, " 

Elder J. E. MOXTAGUE Bethel Hill, " 

Elder R. H MOODY CoUettsville, " 

Elder .JOHX MONROE . . 

Elder R. R. MOORE Live Oak, Florida. 

E. S. MOORE Selma, N. C- 


Elder W. C. XO^VELL Eagle Rock, N. C. 

*Dr. .J. B. OUTLAW 

Eldi.r R. R. OVERBY E. City, X. C. 

W.C.PARKER Murfreesboro, " 




Elder N. A. PUREFOY Warrcnton, N. C. 

Elder G. W. PUREFOY Chapel Hill, " 

Eldee J. S. PUREFOY W. F. College, " 

Elder A. F. PUREFOY W. F. College, " 


*N. J. PALMER Milton, N. C. 

Appendix. 48 

Elder A. R. PITTMAN Lumberton, N. C. 


Elder J. P. PRITCIIARD Crocket, Texas. 

Elder T. H. PRITCHARD Raleigh, N. C. 

J. P. PRITCHARD, JR Raleigh, " 


*Elder M. RICKMAN ■ Franklin, N. C. 

Elder J. B. RICHARDSON High Point, " 


Elder "WM. ROYALL Independence, Texas. 

Mrs. MARY W. ROYSTER Raleigh, N C. 

Mrs. W. B. ROYALL W. F. College, " 

Elder R. R. SAVAGE Murfreesboro, " 

Elder T. E. SKINifER Macon, Ga. 

*CHAS. W. SKINNER Edenton, N. C. 


LOCKY SIMMONS W. F. College, N. C. 

Prop. W. G. SIMMONS W. F. College, " 

Mrs. ANNIE S. SKINNER Macon, Ga. 

*Mrs.M. A. STEPHENS Clinton, N. C. 

Elder T. STRADLEY Asheville, " 

Elder J. A. STRADLEY Oxford. " 


Elder A. L. STOUQH Shelby, N. C. 


*S. O. TATUM Farmington, " 

Elder C. E. TAYLOR W. F. College, " 

Mrs. C. E. TAYLOR W. F. College, " 

Elder G. B. TAYLOR •. . Rome, Italy. 

Elder JAS. B. TAYLOR Wilmington, N. C. 


Miss SALLIE TOWLES Raleigh, N. C. 

*W. R. TRAWICK Raleigh, " 



Elder T. W. TOBEY 

W. G. UPCHURCH Raleigh, N. C. 

Mrb, marks UPCHURCH , Raleigh, " 

44 Appendix. 

W. W. VASS Raleigh, N. C- 


*Eldek DAVID WELLS Ilarrell's Store. " 

Eldp:u JOHN B. WHITE Upper Alton, 111. 

*CATHAHINE white, W. F. College, N. C. 

*1SAAC WINSTON Franklinton, " 


*Eldkr J. M. WEBB, Webb's Ford, N. C 


*Eldeh W. T. WALTERS,.. W. F. College, N. C. 

Elder W M. WINGATE, " 

Mrs. HARRIET WHITAKER, Whitaker's, " 

Elder N. W. WILSON New Orleans, La. 

^JONATHAN WOOD Snow Hill, N. C. 


Elder J. C. WILSON, Merry Oaks, N. C, 

Mrs. SARAH A. AVILLIAMS, Raleigh, * 


Elder W. G. WEAVER, 

JORDAN WOMBLE. Jr. Raleigh, N. C. 




Miss CARRIE WILSON, Raleigh, N. C. 

J. M. WHITE, Clayton, " 

Elder J. H. YARBRO, Burnt Chimney, " 

WM. YATES Green Level, " 

Elder M. T. YATES, Shanghai, China. 

Mjis. M. T. YATES Shanghai, " 

H, I S T 

Baptist Ministers in North Carolina. 

1. Beulah Association. 

1. R.M. CREWS, Gemiantown, N 

2. P. H. FONTAINE, Reidsviile, 

3. WM. S. FONTAINE Reidsville, 

4. ROBERT GOURLEY ...Winston, 

5. F. H. .lONES Yanceyville, 

6. P. OLIVER, Little Yadkin, 

7. JULIUS TERRELL, Francisco,, 

2. Brier Creek Association, 

1. W. F. ADAMS, Roaring River, N 

2. J. P. ADAMS, Jonesville, 

3. A. N. BARKER, New Hope, 

4. 6. M. BURCHUM, Elkin, 

5. C. C. BROWN, Hampionville, 

6. J. Q. COMER, Hamptonville, 

7. H. CHEEK Trap Hill, 

8. W. DO WELL Olin, 

9. A. GILREATH, York Institute, 

10. S. S. GOFORTH Zimmerman, 

11. A. H. GOODIN Sweet Home, 

12. L. P. GWALTNEY Y'ork Institute, 

13. E. N. GWYN Elkin, 

14. I. HOLLER Zimmerman, 

15. J. HUGHES, .' Elkin, 

16. W. HARRIS,.? Judesville 

46 Appendix. 

17. Y. JORDAN, New Hope, N. C. 

18. W. A. MYERS Zioii, " 

19. R. P. LOGAN, Sweel Home, " 

20. I. T. PRIVETTE Wilkcsboro, " 

21. W. H. PARUIEU Elkin, " 

23. A. REDMAN ". New Hope, " 

23. T. W. PARRIS, Eagle Mills, " 

24. J. K. ROSE Elkin, " 

2.3. W. SEGRAVES Joncsville, " 

26. R. W. WOOTEN, New Castle, *' 

27. T. WRIGHT Zimmerman, " 

38. W. F. GRAY, Hamptonvillc, " 

3. Brown Creek Association'. 

1 . E. L. DAVIS Olive Branch. N. C. 

2 S. D. MORTON, Ansonville, " 

3. G. W. HARMON Wadesboro, " 

4. A. C. DAVIS Olive Branch, *' 

5. J. VV. DAVIS, Polkton, *' 

6. J WHEELER, Monroe, " 

7. W. C. OWENS Monroe. " 

8. A. CAUDLE, Lanesboro, '* 

9. A. PHIFER Lanesboro, '• 

10. J. A. BIVENS, Monroe, " 

11. J. L. BENNETT, Beaver Dam, " 

13. H. B. KING, Fulwood's Store, " 

13 B. H. JAMES Olive Branch. " 

14. D. A. SNIDER, Monroe, " 

15. J. yf. GURGANIOUS, Wadesboro, " 

4. Brushy Mountain Association. 

1. J.B.GREEN York Collegiate Institute, N. C. 

2. G. W. GREEN, Sulphur Spring, " 

3. C. C. POOL Taylorsville, " 

4. J. B. POOL Taylorsville, " 

5. W. A. POOJ. Taylorsville, " 

6. JAMES KEARLY, Taylorsville, " 

7. JAMES McNEIL Wilkesboro, " 

8. L. LAND, ^ 

9. L SMITH, * 

Appendix. 47 

10. I. N; HAYNES, Delia Plains, N. C. 

11. J. H. WEST, Little River, " 

13. I.W.THOMAS, Stony Point, " 

13. D. WILBORN, Maple Springs, " 

14. J. B. POWELL, Lenoir, " 

15. A. .JOHNSTON, .Jefferson, " 

16. L OXFORD -. Taylorsville, " 

17. R. L. STEELE, Taylorsville, " 

18. WM. POOLE, Taylorsville, " 

19. .L T. SHELL, 

20. D. C HERMAN, 

21. J.B.GREER, 

5. Cape Fear Association, 

1. D. B. AYRES lied Bank, N. C. 

3. J. B. BARLOW Wilmington, " 

3. D. K. BENNETT, Little River, S. C. 

4. J. H. BLANTON Fair Bluff, N. C. 

5. S. D. COLLINS, * Antioch, " 

6. D.B.DOW, Lumberton, " 

6. A. A. EDWARDS, Easy Hill, " 

7. G. W. HILL, Whiteville, " 

8. L. W. HILBUN, Robeson's, " 

9. H. H. HOLMES, .'.Conwayboro, S. C. 

10. J. W. KIRTON, Gallivant's Ferry, " 

11. HAYNES LENNON Bladenboro, N. C. 

13. J. P. LENNON, Robeson's, " 

13. NORMAN MARTIN, Red Bank, " 

14. D. C. McMillan, RedBank, " 

15. NOAH MERCER, Lumberton, " 

16. A. R. PITTMAN. Lumberton, " 

17. FORNEY PREV ATT Lumberton, " 

18. F. A. PREVATT Lumberton, " 

19. D. .L RAY Whiteville, " 

20. J. M. REGISTER, White Hall, " 

21. R. M. SESSOMS, Lumberton, " 

22. T. B. NEWBURY, Lumberton, " 

23. ISHAM STONE, Lumberton, " 

24. J. H. TART, Fair Bluff, " 

25. J. R. THOMPSON Conwayboro, S. C. 

48 Appendix 

6. Catawba River Association. 

1. WM. ABERNATHY, Happy Home, N. C. 

2. J. BRUMFIELD, Dallas, " 

3. J. BUMGARNEK, Knob Creek. " 

4. D. CARPENTER, Double Shoal, " 

5. D. W. CONWAY, Happy Home, " 

6. A. HILDERBRAND Warlick's Mill, " 

7. I. M. HILDERBRAND Woodlawn, '• 

8. M. V. MACOMSON, Morganton, " 

9. B. H MARTIN Happy Home, " 

10. R. H. MOODY, Colllettsville, " 

11. E. A. POE, Lenoir, " 

12. N. PRE WITT KnobCreek, " 

13. P. A. WIIITENER, Morganton. " 

14. G. J. WILKIE, Catawba Station, " 

7. Cedar Creek Association. 

1. H. S. SPIVEY, Clinton, N. C. 

2. W. S. MELYIN, White Oak, " 

3. R. NEWTON, Manchester, " 

4. D.A. BUIE Fayetteville, " 

5. W. C. WEST, Fayetteville, " 

6. J. M. BEASLEY Fayetteville, " 

7. A. B. ALDERMAN, Hawley's Store, " 

8. W.M.PAGE,.... Hawley's Store, " 

9. N.MERCER Lumberton, •' 

10. J.SMITH Blockersville, " 

11. C. C. NEWTON, Heningsvillc, 

12. L. BRYAN Blockersville, " 

13. E. D. JOHNSON, St. Paul's, " 

14. HENRY A. BROWN, Fayetteville, " 

8. Central Association. 

1. WM. T. BROOKS, D.D., Wake Forest College, N. C, 

2. D. A. GLENN, Wake Forest College, " 

3. J. C. HOCUT, Dayton, " 

4. T. H. HRITCHARD, D.D. Raleigh, " 

5. A. F. PUREFOY, Wake Forest College, 



•a. J. S. PUREFO Y, , . . Wjjke Forest College, I^. C. 

7. W. B. ROYALL, Wake Forest College, " 

8. C. E. TAYLOR, Wake Forest College, " 

.9: W. M. WINGATE, D.D Wake Forest College, " 

9. Chowan Association. 


2. T. W. BABB, Gatesville, 

3. B. F. BARBER Windsor, 

4. WELLS BRIGGS, Manteo, 

.5. E. BUNCH Gatesville, 

G. JERE. BUNCH Windsor, 

7. A. D. COHEN Edenton, 

8. J. C. FLEETWOOD INIargaretsville, 

9. T. HARRISON .Hertford, 

10. J. N. HOGGARD Murfreesbordr, 

-11. THOS. HOGGARD Colerainc, 

13. O. C. HORTON, E. City, 

13. ED. HOWELL Gatesville, 

14. B. F. KING Windsor, 

15. WESTLEARY '. Edenton, 

16. J. H. LEE Murf reesboro, 

JL7. E. L. MAGET, St. Joha's. 

18. A. McDowell, Murfreesboro, 

19. L. M. MIZELL, Windsor, 

20. R.R.OVERBY, E City, 

21. H. B. PARKER, Murfreesboro' 

22. ED. PEARCE Merry Hill, 

33. D.J. ROBERTS, Hertford. 

•24. J. J. ROCHELLE, .lackson, 

25. D. SANDERLIN, E. City, 

26. Q. T. SIMPSON, E. City, 

27. R. R. SAVAGE Murfreesboro,' 

28. R. T. VANN, Murfreesboro, 

-29. W. J. WHITE, Merry Hill. 

80. B. B. WILLIAMS Coleraiae, 

N. e. 

10. Eastern Association. 

1. JAS. B. TAYLOR, Wilmington, N. t. 

2. J. P.FAISON Harrell's Store, '^ 


50 Appendix. 

3. WM. BLAND,.. •.*;..^.*. Ilarreirs Store, N. C. 

4. W.B. KNIGHT Swansboro, " 

0. H. M. CROOM, Wallace, •' 

G. J. N. STALLINGS Magnolia, " 

7. W. M. KENNEDY, Magnolia, *' 

8. K. C. SANDLING Beaufort, " 

9. GEO. S. BEST, Kciiansville, '^ 

10. T. J. LEARY, Beaufort, " 

11. G. W. HUFUAM, Warsaw, " 

12. J. UTLEY, Morebead City, " 

13. J. L. BRITT Warsaw, " 

14. J. L. STEWART, Clinton, " 

15. E. A. BEST, Richlands, " 

16. H. J, DUNCAN Clinton, " 

17. O. M. MATTHEWS, Clinton, '* 

18. J. T. ALBRITTON Mt. Olive, " 

19. J. R. OLIVER, Mt. Olive, " 

20. F. H. IVEY, Goldsboro, " 

*21. C. J. NELSON, Goldsboro, " 

22. J. W. TAYLOR, Newberne, " 

11. Flat Rivek Association. 

1. J. A. STRADLEY, Oxford, N. C. 

2. E..L MONTAGUE, Centre Grove, " 

;3. J. E. MONTAGUE, Bethel Hill, " 

4. R. H. MARSH, Oxford, " 

5. R.LDEVIN, Young's X Roads, " 

6. T. J. HORNER, Henderson, " 

7. F. R. UNDERWOOD, Oxford, " 

8. J. P. MONTAGUE, Tally Ho, " 

12. French Broad Association. 

1. JOHN A:MM0NS, Morgan Hill, N. C, 

2. J. W. ANDERSON, Mars HiU, " 

3. T. BRIGHT, Marshall, " 

4. W. K. BRIGGS, Ivy, " 

5. J. D. BRADLEY, Yanceville, " 

G. W. T. BRADLEY, Walnut Mountain, "■ 

7. L.DEWEESE, Mars Hill, ' 

8. J. W. HOOKER, French Broad, " 

Appendix. 51 

9. J. M. McDEVITT, , Marshall, N. C. 

10. J. METCALF, Ivy, " 

11. tP. McDEVITT, Marshal], " 

12. .'^S. J. MORGAN, Morgan Hill, " 

13. EGBERT PATTERSON, Stocksville, " 

14. T. J. ROLLINS, Marshall, " 

15. L.W. SAMS Grautville, " 

16. JESSE WHITT, Mars Hill, " 

17. J. R. WILD, Marshall, " 

18. .6. WALLEN, Marshall, " 

13. Green River Association. 

1. J. C. GRAYSON, Dysartville, N. C. 

:2. B. E. ROLLINS First Broad, " 

8. C. B. JUSTICE, Rutherfordton, " 

4. J'. C. HAMRICK, Rutherfordton, " 

5. A. O. LYNCH, Green Hill, ; " 

G. L. McCURRY Dysartville, " 

7. W.HARRELL, Burnt Chimney, " 

8. A. McMAHAN, Burnt Chimney, " 

9. J. WILKIE, : Rutherfordton. " 

10. J. T. McFADDEN, Rutherfordton, " 

11. J. ;R. DENTON, Dysartville, " 

13. S. D. HARRELL, Burnt Chimney, " 

13. fT. B. JUSTICE, Mills Spring, " 

M. W. H. LOGAN, Chimney Rock, " 

15. A. D. DAVIDSON, Hicksville, " 

IG. WADE IHILL Rutherfordton, " 

14. King's Mountain Association. 

1. T.!DIXON Shelby, N. C. 

3 . <P. R. ELAM, King's Mountain, " 

,3. J. J. JONES Mooreshoro, " 

4. A. A. McSWAIN, Nicholsonville, " 

r5. L. H. McSWAIN, Stice's Shoals, " 

6. W. McSWAIN, ...Oak Spring, " 

7. T. D. MULXINAX, Shelby, " 

8. R.POSTON, Shelby, " 

9. G.W.ROLLINS, Mooresboro, 

10. JOSBPHSMITH, Mull's Grove, " 

52 Appendix. 

11. G.M.WEBB J^helby, N. C. 

13. J. H. YARBRO Burnt Chimney, " 

1.3. A. L. STOUGH, fthell^r, " 

15. LiDERTV Association. 


•J. W3I. TURNER, Salem, 

3. J. B. RICHARDSON, High Point, 

4. J. J. JAMES High Point, 

5. R.A.MOORE Thomasville, 

G. W.n. HAMNER, Lexington, 

7. A. YARBRO, Lexington, 

?<. A. P. STOKER, Salem, 

9. W.N.THAYER, Sanders' Hill, 

10. H.MORTON Gold Hill, 

11. S. A. ROPER, .Tackson Hill, 

16. Little River Associatiok.. 

1. ALLEN BETT8, WiD.sIow, N. C. 

'2. T. BROOKS, OreHill, " 

•i. W. BRUNT Lillinglon, " 

4. A.N.CAMPBELL Winslovf, ' 

-i. T.J. HUNT, Nor»-al, - 

f5. O.CHURCHILL Chalk Level, - 

7. H. D. JUDD Jonesboro, - 

17. Mt. Zion Association. 

1. GEORGE W. PUREFOY, Chapel Hill, N. C\ 

2. JOHN C. WILSON MerryOaks. " 

:J. J. P. MASON ChapelHill, " 

4. M. S. FERRELL Green Level, ' 

-). S. BALDWIN.. Snipes' Store, " 

6. JESSE HOWELL, Green Level, " 

7. T. BOLAND Green Level, " 

8. R. A. PATTERSON Oaks, ' 

9. G. P. MOORE Pittsboro, " 

10. W. B. HARRELL, Hillsboro, ' 

11. .L H. VERNON, CWarGrove, • 



12. C. DURHAM, :... .Durham, N. G. 

13. A. C, DIXON Chapel Hill, " 

14. J. H. FREEMAN, Durham, '* 

18. Pee Dee Association. 

1. JOHN MONROE, Laurel Hill, N 

2. D. WRIGHT, Troy, 

;^. W. M. BOSTICK, .Bostick's Mill, 

4. JAS. JORDAN, Troy, 

5. N. B. COBB LJlesville, 

6. J. J. McLENDON Ansonville, 

7. A. E. BENNETT, Ansonville, 

8. G. O. WILHOIT, Ansonville, 

9. B. SANDERS, Lilesville, 

10. I. W. LITTLETON Albemarle, 

11. JAS. R. LITTLETON Albemarle, 

13. U. F. HEATHCOCK, Albemarle, 

19. Raleigh Association.. 


n. J. D. DAVIS, Smitlitield, 

4. GEO. J. DOWELL, Gary, 

5. J. C. ELLINGTON Clayton, 

6. J. M. HOLLEMAN, Apex, 

7. J. D. HUFHAM Raleigh, 


9. W. LOVETT, Princeton, 

10. JAMES C. MaRCOM, Apex, 

11. W. C. NOWELL Eagle Rock, 


1:3. LEVI RADFORD, Boon Hill, 

14. J. W. F. ROGERS, Apex, 

15. AMOS WEAVER, Clayton, 

16. T. W. YOUNG, Morrlsvilla, 

20. Roan Mountain Association. 

1. J.BUCHANAN, Bakersville, N. C. 

3. H. L. BUCHANAN .Bakersville, "■ 

.54 Appendix. 

3. S. M. COLLIS Bakersvillo, N 

4. JAS. COLLIS, Bakersvillc, 

5. S. M. GREEN, Bakersville, 

G. »AML. IIONEYCUTT, Burnsville, 

7- S. HONEYCUTT Burnsville, 


9. R PINNER, Burnsville. 

10, J. SILVER Ledger, 

11. T. SILVER, BurnsviUe, 

13, W. ROBERTSON, Ledger, 

21. Rocky River Association. 

1. E. C. WILLIAMS, Clear Creek, N. C. 

2. B. H. CARTER, Albemarle, " 

3. C. C. FOREMAN, Albemarle, " 

4. W.W. RUSSELL Albemarle, " 

5. W. SOLOMON, Albemarle, " 

6. A. G. CALOWAY, Albemarle, " 

7. R. J. LITTLETON, Albemarle, '^ 

8. L. A. WHITLOCK,.... Albemarle, " 

9. R. R.H. JAMES, Olive Branch, " 

22. Salem Association. 

1. THOMAS STRADLEY Asheville, N 

2. JOHN MITCHELL, Asheville, 

3. D. B. NELSON, Hendersonville, 

4. N. BO WEN Hendersonville, 

5. G. S. JONES, Hendersonville, 

, G. WILLIAM MINTZ, Hendersonville, 

7. G. W.BROOKS, Brevard, 

8. W.J.WILKIE, BearWallow, 

9. A. W. BECK, Davidson River, 

10. E. ALLISON, .Davidson River, 

11. K. T.JONES Flat Bock, 

12. E.MORGAN Laurel Fork, 

13. E.J. MORGAN, Laurel F«rk, 

14. L. Y'. ISRAEL, Laurel Fork, 

.15. W. WILEY WELLS, Asheville, 

46. F. M. JORDAN,... Hendersonville, 

Appendix. 55 

23. Sandy Creek Association.'' 

1. T. M. BALDWIN, ^ Franklinsville, K C 

2. S. GILMORE, Egypt. " 

3. D. HACKNEY, St. Lawrence, " 

4. W. H. H. LAWHON Carthage^ " 

5. WM. LINEBERRY, St. Lawrence, " 

6. D. C. MURCHISON, Egypt, " 

7. J. L. SMITH, St. Lawrence, " 

a K CRUTCHFIELD, Columbia, f' 

24. South Yadkin Association. 

1. C. W. BESSENT, Jerusalem, N. C. 

3. J. H. BOOTHE Cool Spring, " 

3. J. B. BOONE, Statesville, " 

4. S. A. DANIEL, Jerusalem, " 

5. R. H. GRIFFITH Charlotte, " 

0. W. R. GWALTNEY, Mocksville,. " 

7. J. K. HOWELL Raleigh, " 

8. J. F. RED WINE, Fulton, " 

9. T. WHITFIELD, Charlotte, " 

10. J. B. MARSH, Catawba Station., " 

25. Tar River Association. 

1. C. T. BAILEY, Raleigh, N, 

3. J. G. BARKLEY, HiUiardston, 

3. W. A. BARRETT, Franklintonj 

4. G. M. DUKE, Castalia, 

5. W. J. FULFORD, HiUiardston, 

6. H. HOCUT, Earpsboro, 

7. G.W. NEWELL, Louisburg, 

8. L. C. PERKINSON ;. . . .Warren Plains, 

9. J. A. PITCHFORD, Warrenton, 

10. N. A. PUREFOY, Warrenton, 

11. THOS. WILCOX, Brinkleysville, 

13. MALCUS FREEMAN, Louisburg, 

3. W. C. NOWELL, .Poplar Spring, 

4. M, R. PINNELL,.. .« Louisburg, 

A. JENKINS Louiscurg, 

66 Ajppendix. 

20. Tjian.syi.vania Asso< iation. 

1. .IAS. BLYTHE, Blue Uidge, N. C. 

2. A. J. CORN, IlendciKouvilks " 

0. J. H. DUCKWORTH Brevard. " 

4. II. PATTPTRSOX Hendcrsouville. " 

27. 'J"l"CK.*SJi:t,K As^SOClATlON. 

1. JOSHUA AMMONS, .Franklin. 

-i. AX, QualliUown. 

3. W. C. BERRY, East Laporf , 

4. E. D. BRENDLE, Webster, 

5. M. M. RROWN, East Laport, 

.«. J. L. BUCHANAN, ... Webj^tcr. 

7. THOS. CARTER Head of Tennesse, 

8. W.R.CRAWFORD, Caler's Hill. 

0. W. H. CONNER Ooonalufti, 

10. W^M. DEWEESE, Aquone, 

11. W. ENSLKY, Web.ster. 

13. C.M.GREENE Waynesville, 

13. P. G. GREEN Webster. 

14. S. GIBSON Fnuiklin, 

1.-,. S. H. HARRINGTON Waynesville. 

IC. W. HAYNES Pigeon River, 

17. L. W. HOOPER Rich Mountain, 

18. JOHN JACKSON Quallatown, 

VJ. A. J. JUSTICE West's Mill. 

20. M. J. LONG Wikle's Store, 

21. JOHN LONG Quallatown, 

22. T. J. MARTIN, Haye.sville, 

2S. M. MAY, Aquone, 

S4. C. B. MINGUS Pigeon River, 

25. W. C. McCarthy Quallatown, 

36. B. N. QUEEN East Laport, 

27. L. QUEEN, East Laport, 

28. J. V. REECE, Forks of Pigeon, 

29. P. R. RICKMAN, Franklin, 

80. C. WILLIAMS, Pigeon River, 

31. L D. WRIGHT Franklin, 

32. J. S. WOODWARD, Franklin, 





2. D.N. C40RE, 


. .Sliallotte, 
. . Shallotte, 

N. C 

29. Yadkin A.s.sociation. 

I. W. G. BROWN Ilamptonvilk", N. C. 

-2. S. M. BROWN, Hamptouville, 

■■',. S. D. BROWN, Hamptonville, 

4. MOSES BALDW^IN, Huntsvillc, 

.1 N. S. CHAFIN, Clarksvilk", 

(J. T, D. CASTEPHENS Mt. Nebo, 

7. C. C. HAYMORE, Mt. Airy, 

8. J. H. LEWELLYN, Dobeon, 

0. SAjMUEL may, Cross Road^, 

10. S. S. MAY^. Cross Roads, 

11. T. H. POINDEXTER, Richmond Hill, 

13. F. T. SHORE Chestnut Ridge, 

i:j. K. THOMPSON, Edwardsville, 

14. J. H. VIPPERMAN, Mt. Airy, 

ir,. W.B.WOODRUFF, Elkin, 


{When tnid inhere they meet.) 

Beuhih.— At Greensboro', on Friilay before the2ud Sunduy in Aui^ust. 

Biner Creek. — At Pleasant Grove, on Saturday before tlic 4th Sabbatli in 

Brown Creek: — At Philadelpliia. Union County, on Thursday before the 
2nd Sunday in October. 

Brushy Mountfiin. - - 

Catmcha Hirer. — At North Catawba, five miles from Icord Station, on 
Thursday before tlie 2nd Sunday in October. 

Gcipe Fear. — 

Central. — At New Hope, seven miles north east of Raleigh, (.n Tliursday 
before the 5th Sunday in September. 

Cedar Creek. — At Spring Branch, Sampson County, on Thursday before 
the 3rd Sunday in October. 

Chowan.— Al Ahoskie, on Tuesday before the ord Sunday in May. 

Eastern. — At Corinth, six miles from Magnolia, Duplin County, on Tues. 
day after the 1st Sabbath in October. 

Flat River. — At Mill Creek, on Tuesday aftqr the 2nd Sunday in August. 

Freneh Broad. — At Big Laurel, on Friday before the 4th Sunday in 

Green liiver. — At Floj-d's Creek, fifteen miles south-cast of Rutherford- 
ton, on Friday before the 1st Sabbath in October. 

King's Mountain. — A Pleasant Hill, five miles from Shelby, on Friday 
before the 4th Sunday in September. 

Little Eiver.— At Hector's Creek, on Thursday before the 1st Sabbath in 

Liberty. — 

Mt. Zion.— At Olive's Chapel, on Thursday before the 1st Sabbath in 

New Found.— At Bethel, Buncombe Count.y, on Saturday before the 2nd 
Sunday in August. 

Appendix. 59 

Pee Dee.— With church at Pee Dee, on Thursday before the 3rcl Sabbatli 
in October. 

Raleigh. — At Apex, oa Thursday before the 4th Sunday in October. 

Sandy Creek.— At Fall Creek, Chatham County, on Thursday before the 
1st Sabbath in October. 

Sout/i Tadkin. — At Bethel, Iredell County, on Thursday before the 3nd 
Sabbatli in September. 

Salem. — At Gash's Creek, four miles from Asheville, on Thursday before 
the 1st Sabbath in September. 

Tar River. — At Pleasant Grove, Nash County, on Thursday before the 
1st Sunday in October. 

Tuckasiege. — At Head of Tennessee, Ga., on Friday before the 3rd Suu- 
daj'' in August. 

Yadkin. — At Antioch, eight miles from Dobson, on Thursday before the 
1st Sabbath in October. 

Waccanum. — At Springfield, S. C, on Thursday before the 3rd Sabbath 
in November. 

Western Convention. — At Big Ivey, nineteen miles north-east of Ashe- 
ville, on Thursday before the 4th Sabbath in September. 




.s^ APR 90