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Full text of "Proceedings of the ... annual meeting of the Baptist State Convention [serial]"

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This book must not be 
taken from the Library 


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M I N U T E S 




DURHAM, N. C, DE( I -14, 1902-. 

J'kkwbs or Edwards A Bkopohtok. 




"R. H. MARSH. D.D Oxford, N. C. 


STEPHEN M.INTYRE Lumberton, N. C. 

R. W. WINSTON Durham, N. C. 

C. B. JUSTICE Rutherfordton. N. C. 


N. B. BROUGHTON Raleigh. N. C. 

assistan r secretary: 
HIGHT C. MOORE New Bern, X. 0. 



Assisi \m I BEA SURER : 

: . M STONER ^.sheville, X. C. 


J. B. MARTIN Raleigh, N. C. 




A'. C. TYREE Raleigh. N. C. 

C. M. COOKE Louisburg, N. C 

F. P. HOBGOOD Oxford, N C. 

T. H. BRIGGS Raleigh, N. C. 

L. R. MILLS Wake Forest, N. C. 


1. The Baptist State Convention shall be composed of three male 
representatives from each white Association in the State and one 
annual male representative appointed by the churches for every ten 
dollars contributed to its funds, and of such male life members as 
have been made so by the payment of thirty dollars at any one 
time to the Treasurer for the objects of the Convention. No church 
shall have more than ten representatives. No one shall be a member 
of the Convention who is not a member in good standing of a Bap- 
Ust Lhuich iu fellowship with us, and no other life member shall 
be made. 

2. The primary objects of the Convention shall be to encourage 
and support Wake Forest College; to educate young men called of 
God to the ministry, and approved by the churches to which they be- 
long; to encourage education among all the people of the State; to 
support the gospel in all the destitute sections of the State and of 
the Southern Baptist Convention; to send the gospel to the nations 
who have it not ; to encourage the distribution and study of the 
Bible and a sound religious literature; to assist Baptist churches in 
the erection of suitable houses of worship; to encourage the proper 
care of indigent orphan children and destitute and aged ministers 
of the gospel, and to co-operate with the Southern Baptist Conven- 
tion in all its departments of labor. 

3. This Convention shall meet annually, on Wednesday after the 
first Sunday in December. 

4. The officers of the Convention shall be a President, three Vice- 
Presidents, a Recording Secretary and an Assistant, a Corresponding 
Secretary, a Treasurer, and Auditor, and five Trustees, all of whom, 
except the Trustees (who shall serve during the pleasure of the Con- 
vention ) , shall be elected annually. 

5. The President shall preside and enforce order in accordance 
with Dr. Kerfoot's Parliamentary Law. One of the Vice-Presidents 
shall preside in the absence of the President. 

6. The Recording Secretary and his Assistant shall record the pro- 
ceedings, collect and preserve statistics of the denomination, and 
publish and distribute the Minutes. 

7. The Treasurer shall receive all funds represented in the Con- 
Tention; make public acknowledgment of the same each week 
through the Biblical Recorder; give his bond to the Trustees; for- 
ward, at least once a month, all contributions to their destination; 
at every meeting of the Convention make a full report of his re- 
ceipts and disbursements, and, on retiring from his office, turn over 
to his successor all moneys, papers and books belonging thereto. 

8. The Trustees shall secure and hold the title to any and all 
property belonging to, or which may be acquired by the Convention, 

l ^ 



and take a sufficient bond of the Treasurer. The terms, conditions 
and amount of the bond shall be fixed by the Trustees, and in case 
the Treasurer shall refuse or neglect to give his bond within thirty 
days after his election, the Trustees shall have power to elect a 
Treasurer. They shall report annually to the Convention. 

9. The Auditor shall, prior to each annual meeting of the C< 
tion. examine carefully all the receipts, disbursements, vouchers, 
papeis and books of the Treasurer, and his certificate to the facts in 
the case shall be attached to the Treasurer's report. 

10. The Corresponding Secretary shall solicit contributions to the 
objects of the Convention; assist the Board of Missions and Su 
Schools in the employment and payment of missionari I Lbor 
to promote the cultivation and development of Christian benevolence. 

11. The Education Board shall, so far as it may be able, assist 
promising and indigent young ministers seeking to prepare them- 
selves for the more efficient preaching of the gospel. 

Board of Mi nd Sunday Schools 

to give liberally to all the objects of the Convention; so 
far as the means at its disposal will allow, supply all destitute por- 
tions of the State with faithful and efficient ministers of 
pel; give pecuniary aid, as far as can be secured, for building bouses 
of worship at proper points in the State, and in cas^s where pecu- 
niary aid can not be given, commend them to the beneficent:; of the 
churches; encourage the distribution and if the Bible and a 

sound religious literature in the homes, in the churches and in the 
Sunday Schools; encourage Sunday School Conventions ar<! insti- 
tutes; continue, and so far as it may be abie and the growth of this 
work may require, enlarge the Baptist Book Store, and co-operate 
with all missionary and Sunday School work of the Southern Bap- 
tist Convention. The Board'shall appoint of their number a commit- 
tee of seven, to whom shall be committed the Sunday School work, 
and the nomination for approval by the Board of a Sunday S chool 
Secretary or Secretaries to prosecute the work within the bounds of 
the Convention. The Board shall also appoint three of their number, 
who shall be the managers of the Baptist Book Store, and as may 
be necessary from time to time report its condition to the Board. 

13. The Boards shall be appointed annually, and report to each ses- 
sion of the Convention. 

14. The Convention year shall close one week before the annual 
meeting of the body. 

15. The Boards of the Convention shall fix the compensation of 
their respective officers, and that of the Treasurer and Correspond- 
ing Secretary of the Convention. 

16. The Constitution may be changed or amended by two-thirds 
of the representatives in attendance at any annual session voting in 
the affirmative. 




John E. Ray, Chairman: Livingston Johnson, Correspondini 
retary; J. H. Alford, G. M. Alien. J. S. Allen, J. D. Boushall. C. B. 
Edwards, A. D. Hunter, J. B. Boone, J. M. Broughton. A. B. Forrest, 
S. W. Brewer, N. B. Broughton, J. C. Caddell. L. D. Watson, J. H. 
Smith, J. C. Ellington, W. R. Gwaltuey, E. V. Garnett, F. P. Hob- 
good, J. N. Holding, W. C. Tyree. C. J. Hunter. AY. N. Jones, J. C. 
Scarborough', T. E. Skinner, E. S. Dunn. J. D. Hufham, H. C. Dcck- 
ery, C. M. Cooke. W. L. Poteat, John T. Pullen, J. W. Bailey, J. S. 
Hardaway. J. P. Wyatt, T. Neil Johnson, A. C. Barron. W. A. Cooper, 
R. N. Simms. W. R. Cullom, E. P. :.foses, J. H. Weathers, T. J. Tay- 
lor. T. M. Pittman, W. C. Petty, T. B. Moselny. W. M. Vines. T. M. 
Honeycutt. A. I. Justice. R. A. Senteil, A. H. Sims, R. L. Patton, 
W. D. Hubbard, J. W. Denmark, A. A. Butler. Walters Durham, R. T. 
. F. W. Hamrick, J. 0. Adams. C. A. Jenkens, C. S. 
Pdaekwell, C. W. Duke, A. Johnson, G. N. Cowan. C. S. Blackwell, 
N. A Dunn. 


.4 7? r 1 Grayson, W. C. Fields; Ashe and Alleghany. J. El- 

ler; Atlantic, H. C* Groove; r, L. P. Gwaltney; Beulah. J. E. 

Jordan; Bladen. Wm. Brunt; Brier Creek, D. C. J|xrvis; Brushy 
Mountain, J. L. Hamphill; Brunswick. B. G. Early; Buncombe, L. B. 
McBrayer: Caldwell, J. V. McCall; Carolina, T. J. Rickman; Cedar 
Creek. R. W. Horrell; Central, A. C. Green; Catawba River. N. H. 
Reddish; Cape Fear, A. H. Porter; Chowan, .1". F. Spruill; Eastern. 
J. N. Tolar: Ellin, J. I. Dimette (Trap Hill): Flat River, T. H. 
Street; French Broad. W. H. Woodall; Green River. C. B. Justice; 
Haywood. J. L. Morgan; Kings Mountain, A. C. Irvin; Liberty, C. M. 
Wall: Liberty and Ducktown, J. F. McGee; Little River. J. M. Holle- 
rnan: .Mecklenburg and Cabarrus. W. M. Liles; Mitchell. L. H. Green 
(Bakersville) : Montgomery, W. M. Bostick; Mt. Zion, N. S. Jones; 
New Found, R. H. Hipps; Pee Dee. W. J. Ferrell; Piedmont, J. B. 
Richardson: Pilot Mountain. H. A. Brown; Raleigh. C. H. Baugh; 
Robeson, C. H. Durham, Jr.; Sandy Creek. G. J. Daniell: South Fork, 
W. F. Watson; South River. John A. Oates, Jr.; SGUth Yadkin. M. E. 
Parrish: Stanly. E. F. Eddins; Stone Mountain. J. S. Kilby; Tar 


River, N. Biggs; Tennessee River, J. S. Woodard; Three Forks, W. 
S. Farthing; Transylvania, E. Allison; Tuckaseigee, T. C. Bryson; 
Union, Thos. Carrick; West Chowan, R. D. Cross; Western North 
Carolina, J. T. Plott; Yadkin, A. S. Speer; Yancey County Asso- 
ciation, B. B. Riddle; Neuse, C. W. Blanchard: Wilmington. D. L. 


C. E. Taylor. W. L. Poteat. J. F. Lanneau. W. B. Royall, W. R. Cul- 
lom, C. E. Brewer, J. C. Caddell, J. M. Brewer, T. E. Holding, J. B. 
Carlyle, J. H. Gorrell, W. B. Dunn, B. F. Sledd, J. L. Bake, J. C. 
Fowler. C. C. Crittenden. G. W. Paschal, L. R. Mills, J. B. Powers. 
R. E. Royall, F. M. Purefoy, N. Y. Gulley, E. W. Sikes. W. W. Dick- 
son. J. L. Allen, G. E. Gill. W. H. Hagwood, Z. V. Peed. J. \V. Lynch. 


C. J. Thompson, T. E. Cheek, J. F. McDuffie, H. A. Reams. J. T. 
Riggsbee, H. A. Foushee, R. H. Riggsbee, J. S. Hardaway, J. W. 
Cobb. Reuben Shipp. 


W. N. Jones. President; John E. Ray. Secretary; C. J. Hunter. 
Chairman Executive Committee ; O. L. Stringfield, W. C. Petty, C. M. 
Cooke. Stephen Mclntyre, N. B. Broughton, W. E. Daniel, E. McK. 
Goodwin, J. N. Holding, W. J. Hicks. W. L. Poteat, S. W. Brewer. J. 
D. Boushall, C. A. Jenkens. M. L. Kesler, J. Y. Joyner. J. \V. Bailey. 
Jno. T. Pullen. Livingston Johnson. W. D. Hubbard, R. N. Simms. 
C. B. Justice. 


John Mitchell. President; J. A. Durham, W. R. Gwaltney. H. P. 
Schenck, C. E. Holton, J. B. Holman, Henry C. Dockery, J. S. Mon- 
tague, Thomas Carrick, J. H. Lassiter, F. P. Hobgood, Noah Biggs. 
M. L. Kesler, E. Frost, E. F. Aydlett, John C. Scarborough. John E. 
Ray. Stephen Mclntyre. 



Sparta — E. A. Womble; L. M. Holloway, Wake Forest. 


Bayboro — W. F. Fry, Raleigh. 

Beaufort — A. A. Butler. 

Morehead City — A. W. Setzer. 

New Bern, First Church — Highfl C. Moore. 

New Bern, Tabernacle — M. P. Davis. 

Piney Grove — J. B. Olive, Swansboro. 


Ephesus — W. T. Barnett and W. C. Pulliam, Woodburn; J. L. Wil- 
liams, J. P. Woody and A. J. Green, Jr., Alton. Va. 
Milton — R. J. Bateman. 
Tony — R. A. Moore. 
Trinity — C. J. Yarbrougb, Locust Hill. 
Yanceyville — S. B. Wilson. 


Lebanon — B. G. Early, Funston. 
Southport — E. J. Edwards. 


Mount Wilkesboro — W. R. Bradshaw, E. E. Eller. 


Asheville, First Church— W. M. Vines, John M. Stoner. W. C. 
Asheville, French Broad — W. A. Therrell. 
Asheville, West End — A. E. Brown. 
Big Ivey — O. L. Stringfield, Barnardsville. 


Lenoir — J. V. McCall. 


Lennon's X Roads — A. H. Porter. Orton. 
Whiteville—J. G. Blalock. 



Fruitland — A. I. Justice. 
Hendersonville — A. R. Love. 


Morganton- — W. H. Reddish, E. McK. Goodwin. 


Cedar Creek — H. B. Downing. 

Brassfield — D. L. Mangum, Creedniore; H. D. Mangum. G. L. Allea 
and W. H. Garner, Creedmore, R. F. D., No. 1. 

Ephesus — G. D. Castlebury, Raleigh, R. F. D., No. 4. 

Forestville — L. N. Chappell. 

Mount Vernon — W. P. Edwards, Jr., Billie Edwards, Neuse. 

Nexo Hope — W. G. Norwood, Neuse; John Jones, H. P. Green and 
R. Judson Buffaloe, Raleigh. 

Raleigh, First Church — Thos. E. Skinner, Josiah William Bailey, 
Edward L. Conn, Baxter Durham, Carey J. Hunter, Walters Durham, 
J. D. Boushall, W. N. Jones, John E. Ray (life member), Chas. J. 
Parker, C. W. Newcombe. 

Raleigh, West — W. R. Nowell, R. S. Stephenson. 

Rogers' Store — J. D. R. Allen. 

Rolesville — L. N. Ranes, J. T. Hagwood, M. Z. Pearce, J. K. 

Wake Forest — C. E. Taylor (life member). Wm. L. Poteat, J. B. 
Carlvie. W. R. Cullom. J. W. Lynch, J. H. Vernon. T. M. Alexander. 

Youngsville — Willie R. Winston. 


Berea — D. P. Harris, Elizabeth City. 

Columbia — Jno. A. Shaw, Creswell. 

Elizabeth City, First Church — Claude w. Duke. 

Hertford — W. A. Ayers. 

Reyn<il<lson—\V. B. Waff. 

Warwick — A. F. Rountree, Hobbsville. 


Bethel — \Y. N. Johnson Delway. 
Clinton — J. D. Larkinfl. 
Rennert—J. N it Olive. 

Warsaw \ L. Betts, H. G. Owen. 



Elkin — Chas. H. Utley, Cooleemee. 


;i. Tapp. 

Bethany — W. A. Malone, Moriah. 

Bethel— J. A. Beam, Bethel Hill. 

Enon—R. M. Currin, J. M. Phipps. Oxford. 

Flat River Union — S. W. Waller, Knap of Reeds. 

Hester— J. B. Pruitt, \V. J. Badgett, Sunset. 

island Cra fcl — D. V. Knott. Dexter. 

Mill Creek— T. H. Street, Jno. H. Sink. Bethel Hill; R. W. Pugh, 

Mountain Creek — W. W. Hart. Oak H 

.'■■■/.•— Frod. Adcock, Stem; S. R. O'Brian and G.- L. Howard, 

Oxford — R. H. Marsh (life member), F. P. Hobgood, .1. A. Stradley 
(life member). J. R. Pace, John S. Hardaway, I- . ck, J. F. 


Peace Chapel — W. A. Parham, Watlrins; D. Y. H i it, ; 

Poplar Creek— J. U. Fleming. P. E. : ('. Parrott and 

W. S. West. Dabney; E. L. Cap] Wright, 


Roxboro—G. T. Watkins. 

Tally Ho— J. E. Duncan, Stem. 


Marshull — Martin A. Wood. 

Mars Hill — R. L. Moore, W. H. Woodall. 


Rutherfordton — C. B. Just i 


Clyde— W. E. Wilkins. 

Waynesville—B. W. N. Sinims, Baylus ( . 


Cherryville — D. F. Putman. 

Double Springs — D. G. Washburn. Depew. 

Kings Mountain — A. H. Sims. . 

New Bethel — J. V. Devenny, Lawndale. 

Shelby — C. J. Woodson. 

Zion — A. C. irvin. Pearl. 


LIBERTY association. 

Abbott's Creek — N. R. Teague. 

Holloway's — B. R. Cross, Silver Hill. 

Lexington — W. A. Smith, Henry Sheets, John D. Holt, James 

Liberty — John A. Summey, Hammerville. 

Orphanage — J. B. Boone, Archibald Johnson. J. D. Newton, Thom- 

Rich Furl; — John R. Miller, Thomasville. 

Wallburg — C. M. Wall. 


Bute's Creek — J. A. Campbell. 

Central — J. M. Holleman, Apex. 

Cumberland Union — T. B. Lanier, Chalk Level. 

Dunn—W. B. Morton. H. C. McNeill, T. S. Guy. 

Piney Grove — E. H. Ballentine, Cosma. 


Charlotte, Pritchard Memorial — J. Q. Adams. W. P. Dowd. 
Charlotte. Tryon Street — A. C. Barron, D. F. Helms. 
Charlotte. Twelfth Street — L. R. Pruett. S. F. Conrad. 
Concord, First Church — J. E. Smith. 


Mack wo ><is' Chapel — H. M. Ingram. Pekin. 
Troy — K. C. Horner. 


Hells--.]. H. Whitington, Elm Grove. 

Bethel — T. \V. Booker, J. M. Whitaker and I). Lloyd, Chapel Hill; 
Sidney C. Durham, Gath. 

Burlington — N. Sidney Jones, J. W. Gates. 

Cane Crcci; — D. M. Cates, Gath; J. F. MacDufhe. Rock Spring. 

Chapel Hill— Thomas Hume, Collier Cobb, James D. Brunei. J. 
Wm. Jones, Richmond, Va. ; Chas. E. Maddrey. Hillsboro. 

Durham, First Church — J. J. Lansdell, R. T. Howerton, J. T. 
Womble. W. H. Edwards, R. W. Winston. L. G. Cole, T. J. Comlprson, 
H. A. Reams, W. C. Tyree, Raleigh. 

Durham. Second Church— C. J. D. Parker. J. V. Riggsbee. A. G. 
Melvin, W. H. Weatherspoon, L. W. Highsmith. 

East Durham— \V . O. Stone, W. E. Young. 

Graham — Junius J. Adams. 

Hillsboro — T. B. Parker, Raleigh. 


Lystra — A. E. Cole, Riggsbee. 

Mount Pisgah — C. L. Williams, J. F. Williams, Williams' Mill. 
Olive Chapel— W. S. Olive, Apex; W. F. Upchurch, New Hill. 
West Durham — W. C. Barrett, J. R. Smith, J. W. Ausley. 


Falling Creek, — T. J. Hood Grantham's. 

Fort Barnwell — J. B. Newton. 

Freemont — Chas. C. Teague, G. E. Davis. 

Goldsboro, First Church — C. A. Jenkins, H. T. Jones, L. N. Grant. 

Goldsboro, Second Church — J. B. Jackson. 

Kinston — Geo. N. Cowan, B. W. Spilman, C. W. Blanchard, Cary. 

Pollocksville — S. E. Garner. 

Winterville — J. K. Faulkner, Kinston. 


Morven — D. A. Liles. 
Rockingham — D. C. Britt. 
Wadesboro — J. F. Love. 


Greensboro, First Church — W. C. Newton, M. W. Thompson, Joe S. 
Moore, A. Wayland Cooke, Azor Shell, M. C. Workman, O. J. Howard. 

Greensboro, Southside — W. H. Eller. 

Greensboro, Walnut Street — J. H. Rich. 

High Point, Green Street — R. L. Patton, J. B. Richardson (life 
member), J. M. Hilliard (life member). 

High Point, Salem Street, — A. J. Dodamead, R. C. Charles. 

Mount Calvary — D. M. Moore, Reidsville. 

Reidsville — Charles L. Greaves, F. H. Jones. 


Leaksville — Squire J. Beeker, D. F. King, J. W. Hundley. 
Mount Airy — John A. Martin. 
Mount Tabor — J. R. Johnson, Walnut Cove. 
Waughtown — W. L. Sink, Winston-Salem. 
Winston-Salem, Broad Street — J. Alfred Garrett. 
Winston-Salem, First Church — H. A. Brown. 


Antioch — Worley Creech, Micro. 

Apex— J. M. White, Chas. V. Brooks, A. D. Hunter, Cary. 

Gary — E. L. Middleton. Livingston Johnson, Raleigh. 


Clayton— M. G. Gulley. 

Corinth — J. A. Estridge, Archer. 

Fuquay Springs — E. J. Ragsdale. 

Garner — J. W. Nobles, Selma. 

Green Level — W. B. Upchurch, Apex; A. Herndun. Morrisville; U. 
E. Beavers, Apex, R. F. D., No. 1. 

Hepzibah — E. T. Scarborough, Eagle Rock. 

Holly Springs — S. W. Oldham. 

Knight's Chapel — C. E. Gower, Auburn. 

Raleigh, Tabernacle — W. D. Hubbard, N. B. Broughton. W. A 
Cooper, R. N. Simms, L. D. Watson, Jr.. Jacob S. Allen, J. M. Brouizh 
ton, Junius H. Smith; W. H. Morris, Cedar Grove. 

Salem — T. T. Holland. Apex. 

Selma — M. A. Adams. Auburn. 

Smithfield—Jno. W. Suttle, Thos. R. Crocker, T. J. Lassiter. \Y. G. 

^Yakefield — A. A. Pippin. 


Lumberton — C. H. Durham, Si> [ntyre, O. J. Peterson. 

iber Bridge — J. \V. Cobb, S. J. Cobb. 1. N. AicKanghan. 
Maxton — F. O. S. Curtis. 


Bethlehem — \V. H. H. Lawhon,. Eawhon. 

S. N. Ijles. 


High Shoal— J. M. Goode, Mooresboio. 
Immanuel — Geo. .1. Dowell, Carthage. 


Dallas — \V. N. Inlanders. 
Oastonia, First Church — \V. F. Watson. 
Hickory — W. R. Gwaltney (life member). 
Vewton — J. W. Watson. 
Penelope — C. M. Murchison. 


Canaan J. M. Fleming, Hi 

Fayetteville John A. Gates, Samuel J. Porter. 
Salem — J. L. Shinn. Salemhure:. 

Spring Branch — J. A. Dawson. Giles' Mills; M. W. Naylor. Dunn, 
R, I-' D.. :• 



Advance — E. Frost, Caiia. 

Mocksville — S. D. Swaim. 

Mooresville—G. G. O'Neill. 

Salisbury, First Church — M. E. Parrish. 

Spencer — C. G. Wells. 

Statesville, First. I. C. Turner. 

Western Avenue — R. rt, Statesville. 


- Albemarle— R. M. Herring. T. H. Sibley. 
Big Lick — C. J. Black. 

Palmer cille — John E. M. Davenport. 


Brown's — H. P. Ream, Afton; D. H. Reavis, Brookston. 

Vane's Chapel — E. L. Puckett, Henderson. 

Gary — C. E. Hoyle, Henderson. 

Corinth — H. G. Sherman, Ingleside. 
:i Cityh-R. D. Carroll. 

Greenville — J. N. Booth. 

Henderson — J. D. Hufham, Thomas M. Pittman, J. T. Alderman. 
T. P. Stewart. 

Hobgood — G. L. Merrell. 

Louisburg — H. H. Mashbrn, Thos. B. Wilder. Ivey Allen. 

New Hope — W. H. White, Wilson. 

North Rocky Mount — F. C. Ferguson, Rocky Mount; J. S. Farmer, 

Pleasant Grove — L. A. Loyd, Macon; G. T. Baines, Oakland. 

Plymouth — Jas. W. Rose. 

Rocky Id cunt — B. Craig, J. K. Howell, T. M. Arrington. 

Scotland Neck — M. L. Kesler. 

Sharon — J. T. Edmundson. Littleton. 

South Henderson — R. P. Walker, Henderson. 

Tarboro—T. S. Crutchfield. 

Warrenton — T. J. Taylor. 

Washington — Josiah Crudup, E. B. Olive, David Nelms. 

Weldon — J. W. Morgan. 

Williamston — B. K. Mason. 

Wilson — H. J. Hester. 

Vaughan — J. J. Edmundson, Littleton. 


Bethel — W. S. Farthing and J. E. Farthing, Swget Water. 



Mount Morion — F. M. Jordan, Calvert. 


Herman — 0. M. Sanders, Wingate. 
Monroe. First Church — A. M. Croxton. 


Ahoskie — J. C. Williams. 

Aulander — A. W. Early. • 

Bethlehem — A. B. Adkins. 

Buekhorn — T. E. Vann and S. P. Winborne, Como. 

C'tshie — J. O. Alderman. Windsor. 

Flam — J. R. Stephenson. Garysburg. 

Harrellsville- — J. T. Williams. 

Hebron — D. Cole. Poteoasi; Julian P. Griffin, Woodland. 

Jackson— R. D. Cross, R. W. Fleetwood, C. .1. Bradley. 

Mount Carmel — T. J. Stephenson. R. D. Maddrey and J. L. Pruden, 
Seaboard; C. E. Edwards. Boykins, Va. 

Murfreesboro — C. W. Scarborough. Geo. P. Harrill, G. D. Payne. 

Robert's Chapel — R. N. Stephenson. Pendleton; B. F Martin, Con- 

Severn — M. W. Long. 

Woodland — E. J. Harrell .1. M. Jacobs. 

W 1 1. M I \ ( , l ( i \ A SSOCIATIO N . 

Brooklyn — J. L. Vipperman. Wilmington. 

Masonboro — R. H. Hewlett, Wilmington. 

South Bide— C. B. Paul, Wilmington. 

Wilmington, First Church — C. S. Blackwell, A. T. King. 


East Bend — J. J. Beach. 
Huntsville — L. A. Speas. 


Associations represented 44 

Churches represented 280 

Messengers enrolled 37€ 






Durham, X. ('., December LO, L902. 

The North Carolina Baptist State Convention met accord- 
ing to adjournment, at T.oU p. m., in the auditorium of the 
First Baptist ( nnrch, this being- the seventy-second annual 

The Introductory Sermon was preached by < alvin S. 
Biackwell. pastor of the First Baptist Church of Wilming- 
ton. Theme: "The Gospel Texts." Bom. 1:16, and 1 
Cor. 15:1-4. 

President R. H. Marsh, of Oxford, then assumed the chair 
and called the Convention to order. On motion, the follow- 
ing were appointed a Committee on Enrollment of Delegates : 
H. A. Fonshee, B. Oade, H. A. Beams, A. I). Hunter, John 
A. Oates, Baxter Durham and J. M. Hilliard. The commit- 
tee immediately performed its work and reported •'! ,| 7 mes- 
sengers present at this hour. 

On motion of J. D. .ILufham, the unanimous vote of the 
Convention was cast by J. W. Bailey for B. H. Marsh for 
President of the Convention. 

On motion, the following committee was appointed to 
nominate the remaining officers of the body: \Y. F. Fry, 
A. E. Brown, Collier Cobb, J. W. Bailey, W. W. Hart, J. 15. 
Carlyle, J, R Broughton. 

On motion, the following committee was appointed on 
Order of Business: F. P. Hobgood, J. B. Boone. W. 1ST. 
Jones, L. Johnson, W. B. Cullom, T. Neil Johnson and A. E. 


Welcome was extented the members of the Convention on 

behalf of the First Baptist and other churches and of the city 
at large by 11. W. Winston. Response on behalf of the Con- 
vention was made by F. P. Hobgood, Jr., of Oxford. 

W. F. Fry, for the Committee to nominate remaining of- 
■ ■! as follows, which was adopted: 

ts — Stephen Mclutyre, of Luniberton; R. W. "Winston, 
of Durham: C. B. Justice, of Rutherfordton. 
Sea . . B. Broughton, of Raleigh. 

As, ary — Hight C. Moore, of New Bern. 

Tree Raieigh. 

Ass. . Stoner, of Asheville. 

artin. of Raleigh. 

iivi gston Johnson, of Raleigh. 
, of Raleigh; C. M. Cooke, of .Louisburg; 
F. P. Hobgood, of Oxford; T. H. Briggs, of Raleigh; L. R. Mills, of 

5 : It. J. 
WiJ ponding Sec ^lis 

. Richmond. 

- »r in the Southern Baptist 

Th< Semini J. X. Prestridge, 

lie, Ky., E. B. Leyburn, pas- 
of the 1 ian. Church, Durham; F. H. Wood, and 

\V. L. Cuninggim, pastors of M. E. Churches, Durham; John 
( . Kilgo, President of Trini ge; A. P. Barbee, pastor 

of the Christian Church. Durham; J. S. Corpening, Tim- 
monsville, S. C., representing the Baptist Courier. 

F. P. Hobgood, for the Committee on Order of Business, 
made the following report, which was adopted: 


9:30 a. m. — Devotional Exercise?. 
10:00 a. m. — Correction of Minutes. 
10:10 a. m. — Report on Order of Business. 

I a. m. — Reception of Visitors and Delegates. 
10:3.o a. m.— Synopsis of Report of Board of Missions and Sunday- 

11:00 a. m. -Report on Orphanage. 


12:00 m. — Theological Seminary. 
.1:00 p. m. — Adjournment. 

3:00 p. m. — Report of Committee on Durham Monument. 
3:20 p. m. — Report of Trustees of Convention. 
3:35 p. m. — Appointment of Committees. 
3:50 p. m. — American Baptist Publication Society. 
4:30 p. m. — Adjournment. 
7:30 p. m. — Foreign Missions. 

The Convention then adjourned, after prayer by A. O. 
Barron, of Charlotte. 

SECOND DAY— Mokning Session. 

Durham, K C., December 11, 1902. 

Devotional exercises were conducted at 9.30 a. m. by 
G. T. Watkins, of Roxboro. 

The proceedings of last night's session were read and ap- 

The President appointed the following committee on the 
Orphanage: R. W. Winston, A. C. Barron, J. B. Richard- 
son, J. Q. Adams, S. F. Conrad, J. L. Vipperman, F. M. 
Jordan, T. Dixon, W. A. Cooper. 

The following new pastors were welcomed to the State 
and Convention : B. W. 1ST. Simms, of Waynesville ; James 
Herring, of Sampson County ; O. J. Thompson, of Durham ; 
Geo. ]ST. Cowjan, of Kinston. 

The report of the Board of Missions and Sunday Schools 
was presented by Corresponding Secretary Livingston John- 
son, and ordered to be printed in the minutes. 


SCHOOLS, 1902. 

With grateful acknowledgement to Him "from whom all blessings 
flow" for the mercies of another year, we submit this, our annual 
report, to the seventy-second session of the Baptist State Convention. 

In many respects this year has been one of more marked progress 
than any in our history. There has been greater prosperity through- 
out the State than we have known for a quarter of a century. Most 
bountiful crops have been produced, and every branch of business is 
throbbing with life and activity. Our own people have shared in 
this material prosperity, and were able to do more for the work this 
year than last. It is not always true that our willingness is com- 
mensurate to our ability; indeed, many feared that the temporal 
blessings, so graciously and abundantly lavished upon us by the 
good hand of God, would create a feeling of independence, so that we 
would forget the source of all our blessings. It is with joy, there- 
fore, that we bear testimony to the liberality of our people. They 
have honored the Lord with their substance. It is safe to say that 
the Baptists of the State have given a larger amount this year than 
ever before to the Lord's cause. In return, God has not only favored 
us in temporal things, but has poured out upon us rich spiritual 
blessings. Reports of gracious revivals have come from every quar- 
ter of the State. 

It is our great pleasure to call attention again to the spirit of unity 
which continues to prevail. The Baptists of North Carolina, by a 
rich experience, can enter into sympathy with the Psalmist, when 
he said: "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to 
dwell together in unity! " Three times in His wonderful intercessory 
prayer Christ asked that His people might be one, even as he and 
the Father are one, and in the words that follow He gives the reason 
for desiring that unity: "That the world may believe that Thou 
hast sent Me, and hast loved them as Thou hast loved Me." This 
unity is something for the continuance of which we should con- 
stantly pray. Very important is the apostolic injunction, "Let 
brotherly love continue." Never was the spirit of progress so mani- 
fest among our people, and never were the possibilities for a rapid 
forward movement so great as they are to-day. With a united broth- 
erhood, having confidence in each other, and faith in the God above 
us, there is nothing we may not accomplish in the name of our 
Great Leader. 



The work was laid out this year on a twenty-flve-thousand-dollar 
basis. This included the indebtedness of the Board. Despite the 
unprecedented contributions to State Missions last year, we were 
forced to bring over into this year's work a debt of three thousand 
dollars. On account of this indebtedness many applications for aid 
to new and promising fields had to be denied, because we did not 
have the means at our disposal to justify the appropriations. Al- 
though there was unusual pressure upon our people this year, we 
are glad to report an advance in our contributions to State Missions, 
as well as to the other regular objects of the Convention. Last year, 
as can be seen by reference to the Treasurer's report, the receipts 
from all sources to State Missions were $26,637.90. Let it be re- 
membered, however, that $2,000.00 of this was money borrowed from 
the bank, making the actual receipts $24,637.90 when the Treasurer's 
books closed last year. This year the actual receipts were $23,674.35. 
Last year the Home Board sent $1,500.00 for schools. They will be 
due that amount the 15th of December, and it will be paid. Add this 
amount to the $23,674.35 reported by the Treasurer and we have 
$25,174.35, an advance over last year of $536.45. Last year the last 
Sunday in November was a very disagreeable day, but this year it 
was even worse. Had the last Sunday this year been a fair day we 
believe we would have been able to report no debt. As it is, we are 
forced to report a debt of $836.47. 


We herewith give the names of our missionaries, and the Associa- 
tions in which they labored, together with the salaries they received: 
Alleghany and Grayson Association — 

J. W. Burchette $150.00 

R. K. Johnson 25.00 

Ashe Association — 

J. P. Fletcher 250.00 

Atlantic Association — 

J. B. Olive 50.00 

J. N. Tolar 125.00 

N. L. Gaskins 100.00 

C. B. Paul 50.00 

J. R. Taylor 150.00 

Buncombe Association — 

W. H. Woodall 100.00 

W. P. Southern 150.00 

Brunswick Association — 

E. J. Edwards 100.00 


Central Association — 

R. S. Stephenson $75.00 

J. L. Martin 75.00 

Catawba River Association — 

C. M. Murchison 75.00 

Caldwell Association! — 

G. H. Church N . 150.00 

Carolina Association — 

T. B. Justice 95.00 

A. I. Justice 50.00 

Chowan Association — 

J. B. Ferebee 350.00 

D. P. Harris 250.00 

C. K. Hobbs 50.00 

Eastern Association — 

N. A. Shelley 75.00 

French Broad Association — 

M. A. Wood 200.00 

Green River Association — 

C. S. Cashwell 50.00 

E. Buchanan 100.00 

A. P. Sorrells 100.00 

King's Mountain Association — 

D. F. Putnam 25.00 

Liberty Association — 

J. A. Summey 25.00 

Jeff. Lanning 20.00 

L. G. Lewis 40.00 

C. A. G. Thomas 100.00 

Mitchell County Association — 

L. H. Greene 75.00 

Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Association — 

J. E. Smith 150.00 

J. Q. Adams 300.00 

L. R. Pruett..- 150.00 

Mount Zion Association — 

J. William Jones 100.00 

Neuse Association — 

C. W. Blanchard, General Missionary 750.00 

J. B. Jackson 250.00 

M. P. Davis 270.00 

J. B. Newton 350.00 

S. E. Garner 100.00 

W. L. Bilbro 160.00 


Piedmont Association — 

J. A. Hackney $100.00 

J. M. Hilliard 150.00 

W. H. Eller 25.00 

Thomas Carrick 25.00 

Pilot Mountain Association} — 

J. A. Garrett 225.00 

C. C. Haymore 25.00 

South Yadkin Association — 

J. N. Stallings 400.00 

C. G. Wells 150.00 

R. H. Gilbert 300.00 

Allan Pressley Wilson 200.00 

Sandy Creek Association — 

John Lewis 100. 00 

C. A. G. Thomas 25.00 

South Fork Association — 

J. A. Hoyle 150.00 

J. W. Watson 75.00 

Stone Mountain Association — 

Grant Cothrane 100.00 

Stanly Association — 

R. H. Herring 175.00 

Tuckaseige Association — 

A. B. Smith 200.00 

J. W. Kesterson 50.00 

Tar River Association — 

J. S. Parmer 125.00 

Josiah Crudup 200.00 

J. W. Rose 100.00 

A. G. Wilcox , 75.00 

T. S. Crutchfleld 125.00 

G. L. Merrell 125.00 

R. P. Walker 200.00 

Duncan McLeod 250.00 

Tennessee River Association — 

F. M. Morgan ■ 100.00 

Wilmington Association — 

N. A. Shelley 100.00 

C. B. Paul 175.00 

Yancey Association — 

T. C. King 100.00 


Raleigh Association — 

J. W. Suttle $150.00 

C. B. Gower 75.00 

J. W. Nobles 225.00 

Worley Creech 50.00 

A. A. Pippin 100.00 

W. G. Hall 112.50 

In addition to the above-named there were twenty-five associa- 

tional missionaries who reported their work to the Board, and who 

altogether received $5,000.00 for their services. 


T. Neil Johnson, salary and expenses $1,081.59 

Work of co-operation 400.00 

Mountain schools (donated by Home Board) 3,000.00 

Expense of volunteer teachers 403.60 

For expense account, see Treasurer's report. 

The report of the missionaries have been most encouraging. Ex- 
cellent meetings have been held on most of the fields and the results 
have been gratifying. 

The financial showing, too, all things considered, is better than 
last year. 


The following summary, taken from the reports of the mission- 
aries, will give an idea of the work they have done this year: 

Number of sermons preached 8,304 

Churches supplied 477 

Out-stations supplied 279 

Religious visits 1,587 

Protracted meetings held 225 

Conversions reported 2,222 

Baptisms 1,176 

Added by letter 994 

Church-houses building 53 

Church-houses finished 10 

Churches organized 25 

Bibles and Testaments distributed 442 

Tracts distributed 2,356 


Paid on salary $11,539.54 

Paid on churches 8,361.34 

Paid on parsonage 400.00 

State Missions 1,263.00 

Associational Missions 381.90 

Foreign Missions 703.37 


Home Missions $492.00 

Education 472.35 

Orphanage 1,327.27 

Sunday Schools 36.08 

Ministerial relief 129.05 

Other objects 2,857.54 

Value church property 166,841.00 


Number of schools 169 

Pupils . 11,090 

Officers and teachers 1,008 

Conversions 744 

Church members in Sunday Schools .- 2,051 

Sunday Schools organized 34 

Contributed for expenses 51,763.99 

State Missions 13.92 

Other objects 662.18 


Last year, baptized on mission fields 980 

This year, baptized on mission fields 1,176 

Last year, conversions on mission fields 2,229 

This year, conversions on mission fields 2,222 

Last year, money received from mission fields $29,558.80 

This year, money received from mission fields 27,963.44 

It will be observed by this comparison that there has been a gain 
this year over last of 196 in the number baptized, while there has 
been a loss of 7 in the number of reported conversions, and a falling 
off of $1,595.36 in contributions. 

It must be borne in mind that we appropriated to State Mission 
work last year $25,000.00, as against $22,000.00 this. It has already 
been shown in this report that three thousand dollars of indebted- 
ness was included in. this year's appropriations, which makes the 
actual amount appropriated to State Missions that much less than 
last year. When this fact is considered the showing is better in 
every way this year than last. Every dollar we invested in State 
Missions last year was returned with eighteen per cent on the invest- 
ment, while every dollar we invested in State Missions this year was 
returned, with 27 per cent on the investment. 

The baptisms show an average of over eleven, and the conversions 
an average of nearly twenty-two to the missionary. 
woman's work. 

We ask a careful study of the excellent report of the Woman's 
Central Committee. The importance of the woman's work becomes 
more apparent every year. As the facts and figures are so fully 


presented in the report of the committee, it is not worth while to 
take further space in discussing it here. 

We wish to express to our sisters our hearty appreciation of the 
great work they are doing. 


By co-operation is meant work among the colored people, in which 
our Board, the Home Mission Board and the Home Mission Society 
co-operate. During two terms, of three years each, this co-operative 
work has been done. This is the first year of the third term. In- 
formation received from some of our brethren who took part in 
these institutes, and from others who attended their recent Conven- 
tion, leads us to believe that the negroes are making substantial 
progress. This is undoubtedly attributable in part to the work of 


We regret to see so few Sunday Schools reported on our mission 
fields. We have 447 churches and 279 out-stations, making a total of 
756 preaching points, while the number of Sunday Schools reported 
is only 169. The statistics from these Sunday Schools show how 
important they are to our mission work. Of the 2,222 conversions 
reported, 744 — one-third — came from these 169 Sunday Schools. 

To put it a little differently, the mission stations which have Sun- 
day Schools show an average of 4.4 conversions each, while the mis- 
sion stations having no Sunday Schools report an average of only 2.5 
conversions each. 

It will thus be seen that, for the work of soul-saving, a mission 
point with a Sunday School is worth nearly twice as much as one 

In the light of these facts, we would urge the missionaries to 
establish, if possible, a Sunday School at every preaching point. 

We wish to commend the work done by Brother T. Neil Johnson, 
Secretary of Sunday Schools. We invite careful attention to his 
report below, in which an outline of his methods is given. Wherever 
Brother Johnson has gone, the brethren have been greatly pleased, 
and say that his visits have resulted in much good. We hope that 
as many of the churches as possible will secure his services during 
the coming year. 

Reference to the Treasurer's report will show that only $150.06 
has been contributed direct to Sunday Schools and colportage. We 
think it is just, however, to add to this the contributions of the 
Sunday Schools to State Missions, as most of these contributions 
were made in response to my appeal for the Sunday School work. 
A careful inspection of the acknowledgments in the Recorder re- 
veals the. fact that the Sunday Schools have contributed $241.60 for 
State Missions. If we add this amount to the $150.06 sent direct for 


Sunday Schools and colportage, it makes the sum of $391.67, which 
may be properly counted as contributed to the Sunday School work. 
Now, if it were possible to arrive at the amount marked for State 
Missions, but meant to go toward the support of the Sunday School 
work, we believe that it would show that a good part of the amount 
necessary to meet the expenses of the Sunday School department has 
been contributed for that work. 

We feel sure that the Sunday School Committee will seek to secure 
all the funds necessary to defray the expenses of the Sunday School 

We recommend: , 

1. That the churches make their contributions to Sunday Schools 
and colportage separately, just as they do to the other objects of t&e 

2. That, as the Associations have all met, the delegates to this 
Convention be asked to make pledges for the support of the Sunday 
School and colportage work for the ensuing year. 



The first half of the year was devoted largely to promoting syste- 
matic Bible study among our churches and young people's societies. 

As a result of the unusual interest which found expression at 
Winston-Salem, there arose a demand for a simple plan of Bible 
study suited to the needs of our young people. 

No satisfactory course was available, so your Secretary was led to 
prepare a course on the "Life and Works of Jesus." 

These outlines were first printed in the Biblical Recorder, but it 
is not known how many persons used them in that form. 

They were subsequently printed privatelj in separate form, and 
adopted for use in classes. Fifty-four groups, with a total <mroll- 
ment of 1,308 persons, were induced to take up this plan of daily 
Bible study, pursuing the study under the direction of your Secre- 

More than one-half these groups continued the study until inter- 
rupted by the warm weather of summer. Of the remainder, some 
dropped the study because it was too hard for them, and others be- 
cause they lacked efficient leadership. 

It is significant that the best work was done at high schools, or in 
groups led by a high school teacher. 

During the past year your Secretary attended four union meetings, 
shared in the work of three Sunday School Conventions and twelve 
institutes, led forty-three teachers' meetings and one summer school, 
besides delivering seventy-nine addresses in connection with the 
Sunday School work. 



The first session of our summer school for Sunday School teachers 
and Superintendents was pronounced a success. 

There were about sixty actual teachers and Superintendents pres- 
ent. These were mainly teachers of infant and primary classes. 

The work was directed by a corps of five regular instructors, three 
of whom were specialists in methods suited to the primary grade. 

The instruction was by means of lectures, by actual teaching of 
practice classes, and by open conferences upon the methods used. 

There was a much larger attendance at the evening meetings, 
which were devoted to popular lectures and addresses upon the 
spiritual character of tne Sunday School work. 

Without doubt, the best work yet done for the primary teachers of 
the State was done last August, at JMontreat. 

But the rank and file of our teachers were not sent to that school. 
So it has been the endeavor of your Secretary to carry something of 
the spirit and method of this school to the absent ones wherever he 
has met them in institute, conference and teachers' meetings. 


That he should visit each Sunday School where he is needed is a 
physical impossibility, and ought not to be expected of him. 

The churches should combine in getting their teachers together 
not so much to listen to sermons or addresses, as for practice in the 
preparation and actual teaching of Sunday School lessons. 

They should study together the principles of good teaching, that 
they may learu how to adapt a lesson to the different grades in their 
school. Without this, no real training is possible. Where your Sec- 
retary must choose between pleasing the crowd, and helping a few 
teachers to a better knowledge of their work, his duty is clear. 

He gladly welcomes such opportunities, and is content if he must 
neglect the multitude for the training of the twelve. 

This is why he was not seen at the Associations this fall. They 
afford an opportunity for talk, but none for teacher-training. 

For the inspirational side of this work we are forced to depend 
largely upon Christ's appointed ministers. To push effectively the 
training work will take most of the Secretary's time. He needs the 
co-operation of ..he pastors. The great difficulty he has to meet is 
that of getting the teachers together. Densely crowded institutes 
and conventions often reveal the presence of few actual teachers. 
Every pastor should lay this work upon the hearts of his teachers, 
and urge his people to provide a way that their teachers may attend 
these meetings. 


The work among the students in our schools and colleges Is most 
encouraging. It is the conviction of your Secretary, as expressed in 


last year's report^ that the West Point for our Sunday School army 
is to be found in our colleges, high schools and academies. Almost 
every community is represented by one or more young men or young 
women in these institutions. These should be won to Christ and 
trained for His service, in the churches and Sunday Schools to which 
they return. Only thus may our schools discharge their obligations 
to the churches. 

Moreover, it is possible to carry on this work in the winter and 
spring, when the weather is too severe, the roads too bad, or the 
horses too busy, for the ordinary teacher to attend institutes. 

Thus we may reach groups of possible teachers gathered together 
for a large part of the year, free from business or household cares, 
given to habits of study, used to the class-room spirit, with no bad 
methods to unlearn, no crowds to intimidate and no bad weather to 
hinder — an ideal condition for training teachers. 

Your Secretary is entering these doors of opportunity one by one. 
His plan of work at these schools presents two phases. First, to 
lead the students into a systematic knowledge of God's Word, and 
second, to train them in the best methods of imparting that knowl- 
edge to others. 

To that end, a systematic plan of daily Bible study is being intro- 
duced among the students in the upper grades, and these students 
are then organized into small classes, and two or three of their 
number are held responsible for teaching a class each week. 

These student teachers are further organized into a normal train- 
ing class, where they study a regular course in the principles of 
teaching, under the leadership of an experienced teacher. 

Through their daily study they acquire a systematic knowledge of 
God's Word; through the normal training class they learn the funda- 
mental principles of teaching, and through the work of actual teach- 
ing each week they learn how to impart their knowledge of God's 
Word to others. 

In the course of this constant study and practice, proolems will 
naturally arise, and thus furnish a basis, both in theory and ex- 
perience, upon which your Secretary can build. 

He plans to visit these institutions again in the spring for two 
purposes: First, to show how the principles they have studied need 
to be adapted in order to be applied to the teaching of the primary 
and intermediate grades, and, secondly, to illustrate the principles 
involved in the management of Sunday Schools and young people's 

Twenty schools and colleges have adopted this plan in whole or in 
part. We now have courses in Bible study in sixteen of these, nor- 
mal classes organized in six others, and invitations to organize Bible 
and training classes in the remainder. 


Through this avenue alone we ought to witness the return eacn 
year of from three to four hundred trained teachers and Superin- 
tendents to the ranks of our Sunday School army. 


Most of our colportage work has been done in the West, under the 
direction of Assistant Secretary Brown. Following is a report of the 

Number of colporteurs 4 

Days of service 272 

Families visited 352 

Baptisms in connection with the work 68 

Bibles sold 125 

Bibles given away 43 

Testaments sold 176 

Testaments given away 32 

Sermons preached 304 

We are under obligations to the American Baptist Publication 
Society for $150.00 worth of books. 

Our Sunday School Board at Nashville has been very kind in fur- 
nishing books and tracts free of charge, as well as Sunday School 
literature for mission schools. 

We believe the time has come when we should prosecute more 
vigorously our colportage work. 

Respectfully submitted, T. Neil Johnson, 

N. B. Broughton. Field Secretary of Sunday Schools. 

Chairman Sunday School Committee. 

The manager of the Book Store submits the following report: 

Statement of Baptist Book Store, Dec. 1, 1902. 


Bills due $3,760.14 

Almanac 100.00 ' 

F*. and fixtures 426.00 

Cash 329.14 

Stock 6,165.72 



Notes, bills payable $1,500.00 

Current accounts 4,524.16 


Present worth $4,756.84 

Baxter Durham, 




In no department of our work has the progress been so marked as 
in Foreign Missions. In most of our Associations Foreign Missions 
evoked more spirited and spiritual discussions than any other sub- 
ject. In many of our annual gatherings the presence of God's Spirit 
was manifest in an unusual degree during the discussion of Foreign 
Missions. Notable among these were the Piedmont, the Chowan, the 
Little River, the Stanly and the Alleghany and Grayson. There may 
have been. others of the same kind which the representatives of the 
Board failed to reach. God has signally honored our State in calling 
many of our men and women to foreign countries. This year Bro. 
W. C. Newton yielded to the call of God and turning his back upon 
one of the most delightful pastorates in the State, he, with his wife, 
will soon go "far hence among the Gentiles." Surely it is time for 
the Baptists of North Carolina to take high ground on Foreign Mis- 
sions. Too long we have allowed the command of God to fall on 
listless ears. At last the awakening has begun. We are having 
"the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees" and we are 
beginning to bestir ourselves. Last year we reported for Foreign 
Missions $11,638.42. Brother Tyree, Vice-President of the Foreign 
Mission Board for North Carolina, suggested last year that we set 
the mark at §15,000.00. The Treasurer's report shows that we have 
raised $13,798.67. The deepening of interest in Foreign Mission was 
evidenced by the advance in pledges for next year. The per cent of 
increase to Foreign Missions was greater than that to any other 
object. There is cause in this for great rejoicing. It means that a 
spiritual uplift, a divine impulse is to be given to all our work. Our 
Vice-President, Bro. W. C. Tyree, suggests that we set the mark for 
next year at $16,000.00, and we must heartily endorse the suggestion. 


We regret that we have made but little advance in our contribu- 
tions to Home Missions. Last year the receipts were $6,213.50. This 
year we received $6,246.89, a gain cf only $33.39. We are glad, how- 
ever, to show a gain, though it be a very small one, rather than a 
loss. Brother Caddell, our worthy Vice-President, was sick during 
the first part of the year, and when he recovered, his business called 
him out of the State; although away from us, he did not forget Home 
Missions. He wrote for the papers and sent out letters and litera- 
ture to the churches, urging them to enlarge their contributions. 

We believe that North Carolina should show more interest in 
Home Missions. The opportunities before the Home Missions Board 
are very great, and they need more funds in order to make the most 
of these golden opportunities. The Home Mission Board is doing 
much for North Carolina. Will we not show our appreciation by 
doing more for it? We recommend that we set the figures for next 


year at $7,000.00 for Home Missions. Heretofore the debt brought 
over on State Missions has somewhat interfered with the collections 
for Home and Foreign Missions at the beginning of the year. As 
there is practically no debt on State Missions, we would respectfully 
suggest that the pastors begin work for Home and Foreign Missions 
immediately, and press these objects till the meeting of the Southern 
Baptist Convention next May. 


Total amount raised for State, Home and Foreign Missions. $46,174.35 
For schools in the West, by A. E. Brown 4,025.00 

Total $50,199.35 

Total expense, including salaries of Secretary, Assistant Secre- 
tary, Treasurer and Stenographer, printing, postage, rent and office 
improvement, $4,498.69. 

It will be ascertained by a little calculation, that 8 4-5 per cent 
covers all the expenses connected with the administration of our 
mission work. Of course we have not included in the expense the 
printing of the minutes, or the salaries of the two Secretaries, who 
record the proceedings at the Convention. Those items we conceive 
to be the general expense of the Convention, rather than that of the 
Board of Missions and Sunday Schools. 

To Him who has "crowned the year with His goodness" be honor 
and praise for what He has accomplished through His people! 
John E. Ray. Livingston Johnson, 

Pres. Board of M. and S. S. Corresponding Sec. 


My past year's work has been largely finishing what had been 
undertaken previously in the way of school buildings. 

At Sylva the building has been completed, except some inside 
painting. Nothing has been undertaken to provide boarding facili- 
ties within reach of the people. 

At Clyde the building is almost complete, but the boys' dormitory 
remains as last year, with a debt of about $2,000 on it. 

At Fruitland very little has been done toward finishing the re- 
mainder of the school building or Girls' Home; however, some of the 
indebtedness has been cleared off the school building. 

At Burnsville, the auditorium has been seated with chairs and the 
Boys' Home completed, except painting. We have paid some of the 
indebtedness, but are sorely pressed for the remainder. 

At Bakersville we have done some work toward finishing the sec- 
ond story of the building and paid $300 on the indebtedness, leaving 


$225 behind, which became due in October. Additional ground is 
badly needed and can be purchased now at reasonable cost, but we 
can not see our way clear to make the purchase. Delay in buying 
this ground may hamper us for all time. 

At Belleview we are putting up a new building, which is to be 
furnished by the first of January. "When the new building is en- 
tered we will convert the present building into a dormitory for girls. 

I have contracted for a small farm of about fifty acres, lying near 
the school property. There is a seven-room house on it; the price is 
$450.00. The possession of this farm will enable us to receive stu- 
dents which would otherwise be barred from entering on account of 
poverty. We are not exactly going into the farm school business 
here, but the possession of the farm will hasten the day when the 
school will become self-sustaining. 

At Mars Hill brick have been burned for the enlargement of the 
buildings and the work of building will commence shortly. 

Each of the schools opened with an increased enrollment over last 
year. The greatest need is boarding facilities. Our people are hope- 
ful, in spite of the fact that they do not see how we are to accom- 
plish what remains to be done. 

I have been enabled to do some much-needed work along the 
eastern slope of the Blue Ridge this year, and have plans for enlarg- 
ing the work in that section. 


All of the Western Associations, with but a single exception, held 
interesting sessions, and nearly every church pledged something for 
all of the objects. 

I can safely say that our people are more nearly in harmony with 
all of our denominational movements than I have ever known them. 

A. E. Brown, 
Assistant Corresponding Secretary. 


The close of the year 1902 finds your committee rejoicing in a suc- 
cessful year's work. The aim of the Woman's Missionary Societies 
for the year was the giving of eleven thousand dollars to missions. 
This aim has been fully reached, thus showing an increase of more 
than twelve hundred dollars over the past year. 

Many new members have been added to the societies already 
organized, while a large number of both Woman's and Childrens, So- 
cieties have been begun.making a total of five hundred and fifty socie- 
ties, which gave this year one-fifth of all contributed by this Conven- 
tion to State, Home and Foreign Missions. 


The committee records with pleasure the long step forward, which 
was taken in its work by the change in the form for the Church let- 
ter to the Associations, these new forms showing at once the relation 
of the societies to the Church and their part,in its work. We can not 
too strongly insist upon the fact that these organizations are but a 
part of the Church at work with and for the aims of the whole body. 

The teachers' volunteer work, commenced in 1900, has, in the three 
years of its prosecution, far out-run our hopes. Begun before the 
awakening of the educational movement, which has since swept our 
State, and which, we trust, our work had some part in creating, it 
found the demand for teachers as great, or greater, than the supply 
in 1900 and 1901. In 1902, however, the uniform lengthening by the 
State of the public school term, where necessary, to four months, by 
an extra session held during the summer, decreased the demand for 
teachers from 46 the previous year to 24 this year, it being, of course, 
unwise to have two schools in the same locality at the same time. 
Otherwise, as many, if not more, teachers would have been asked 
for this year than last, a number of applications being in hand be- 
fore the extra term of the free schools were arranged. While it is 
hardly probable that a summer term of the public schools will again 
be held, the permanent lengthening of the session, in which none can 
rejoice more than ourselves, will undoubtedly decrease the demand 
for volunteer teachers, whose school, while they were permeated 
with Bible teaching, aimed, also, to supplement the too brief regular 
school service. Other lines of similar work, however, open before 
us, and looking not only backward, but forward, over this endeavor, 
the committee regards it as one of the wisest and most far-reaching 
in which it has ever engaged, and can not too highly commend the 
faithfulness and wisdom of the young women, whose unselfish gift of 
their summers has made it a possibility. 

The twenty-four teachers who went out in 1902 did excellent work, 
and drew into their schools a somewhat larger enrollment, per capita, 
than those of 1901, the total number of pupils in volunteer schools 
this year being eleven hundred and ten. 

Two of the teachers were located in a large factory community, in 
Central North Carolina, and did most helpful work, especially in a 
night school for grown people, and in the Sunday School. This 
branch of volunteer service is especially commended to pastors in or 
near factory towns. One volunteer was situated in Eastern North 
Carolina, and the others in nine counties near or beyond the Blue 

Looking forward to the future, we again request the co-operation 
and advice of the pastors, not only for the societies connected with 
their churches, but with the Associational Vice-Presidents, who are 
endeavoring to stimulate the whole body of societies in their re- 


spective Associations. We also ask the interest of Sunday School 
Superintendents and parents in the missionary training of the future 
Church in Sunday School and Childrens' Missionary Societies, and 
would urge, as one means to this end, the introduction of late and 
interesting missionary stories into Sunday School libraries. We 
venture, moreover, to suggest to all interested in the growth of 
Christ's Kingdom, at home and abroad, the revival of the concert of 
prayer for missions, one prayer-meeting night each month being 
given to mission study. 

The report submitted below rounds out the sum given to missions 
by the Woman's and Childrens' Societies in the Baptist Churches of 
North Carolina, since the appointment of the Woman's State Central 
Committee by your Mission Board, in 1886, to $83,920.00. 

Report of Treasurer Woman's Central Committee of Missions, 
Year Ending November 30, 1902. 

To Foreign Missions $2,801.69 

To Foreign Mission Christmas offering 759.65 

Total Foreign Missions $3,561.34 

To Home Missions 1,057.91 

To Home Missions, self-denial 663.24 

To Home Mission boxes 3,313.67 

Total Home Missions 5,034.82 

To State Missions 1,755.10 

To State Mission Volunteer Fund 365.63 

To State Mission boxes 90.00 

Total State Missions 2,210.73 

To Orphanage 44.42 

To Orphanage boxes 117.77 

Total Orphanage 162.19 

To Ministerial Relief Fund 6.60 

To Ministerial Education 15.70 

To Church Extension 5.00 

To S. S. Board 3.92 

To Expense Fund 2.83 

Of the above amount, the Sunbeams contributed: 

To Foreign Missions $490.71 

To Christmas offering 35.69 

Total Foreign Missions $526.40 




To Home Missions ?101.88 

To self-denial offering 19.39 

To Home Mission boxes 94.02 

Total Home Missions $215.20 

To State Missions $93.09 

To State Mission Volunteer Fund 13.95 

Total to State Missions $107.04 

To Orphanage $11.63 

To Orphanage boxes 8.00 

Total to Orphanage $19.63 

Total $868.36 

Respectfully submitted. Fannie E. S. Heck, 

Mbs. W. N. Jones. Pres. TV. Cen. Com. 

Sec. and Treas. IV. Cen. Com. 



Wai h:rs Dcbham, Treasurer, in account current icith the 

Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Dec. 5, 1902. 

i>i;r.i i. 



State Missions 

Foreign Missions ._. . 

12, 118.68 
876. is 


Cash in Commercial and 

Farmers Hank. 
Note of Home Board. __ 

|4, 175.11 



Education ... — 



Sunday Schools and Col- 

Baptist Book store 

134. 10 



Ministerial Relief . . 




25. 75 


Mills Memorial . . . 



< talveaton Church _. 


Fronl ier Building Fund 




Correct : 

December 8, 1902. 

J. B. Mabtin, Auditor. 



Balance as per statement Dec. 4, 1901 (Minutes, p. 45) ... . $4,850.03 

Receipts from all sources 23,674.35 

To Livingston Johnson, salary as Cor. Sec $600.00 

T. Neil Johnson, salary as S. S. Sec 900.00 

A. E. Brown, salary as Asst. Cor. Sec 1,000.00 

Miss Ford, salary as Stenographer 125.00 

Walters Durham, salary as Treas 109.00 

Rent of Mission rooms 56.00 

Printing Minutes 10.00 

Edwards & Broughton, for printing 26.00 

Office expense 133.35 

Interest on note 120.00 

Schools in Western N. C 2,650.00 

Stamps for W. C. C 35.00 

A. E. Brown, traveling expenses 206.40 

Livingston Johnson, traveling expenses. . . . 132.15 

T. Neil Johnson, traveling expenses 157.59 

Voluntary teachers, expense 403.60 

Paid for co-operation 657.50 

Paid missionaries 18,874.16 

Balance 2,418.63 

December 4, 1902. $28,524.38 $28,524.38 



Balance as per statement Dec. 4, 1901 (Minutes, p. 45) . . . $2,079.72 

Amount received 11,752.65 

Amount sent direct 2,046.02 

To amount sent direct $2,046.02 

Livingston Johnson, salary as Cor. Sec 590.00 

Office expense 43.50 

Rent of Mission rooms 47.00 

Printing and postage W. C. C 157.80 

Livingston Johnson, traveling expenses 81.00 

Miss Ford, salary as Stenographer 120.00 

Edwards & Broughton, printing Minutes 110.00 

Edwards & Broughton, printing 16.00 

Walters Durham, salary as Treas 60.00 

E. Baughau, returned 11.25 

Foreign Board 11,719.34 

Balance 876.48 

December 4, 1902. $15,878.39 $15,878.39 



Balance as per statement Dec. 4, 1901 (Minutes, p. 46) ... . $1,198.76 

Amount received 6,105.91 

Amount sent direct 140.98 

To amount sent direct $140.98 

Livingston Johnson, salary as Cor. Sec 510.00 

Walters Durham, salary as Treas 81.00 

Miss Ford, salary as Stenographer 150.00 

Printing and postage W. C. C 21.35 

Livingston Johnson, traveling expenses 40.00 

Rent of Mission rooms 35.00 

Office expense 41.56 

Edwards & Broughton, printing Minutes 46.36 

H. C. Moore, salary as Rec. Sec 25.00 

X. B. Broughton, salary as Rec. Sec 25.00 

E. Baughau, returned 11.25 

Home Board 5,239.56 

Balance 1,078.59 

$7,445.65 $7,445.65 

December 4, 1902. 



Balance as per statement, Dec. 4, 1901 (Minutes, p. 46) $799.53 

Amount received 3,842.50 

Paid vouchers of W. R. Cullom, Treas $4,519.46 

Balance 122.57 

$4,642.03 $4,642.03 

December 4, 1902. 



Balance as per statement, Dec. 4, 1901 (Minutes, p. 46) $105.34 

Amount rceeived 164.76 

To office expense $30.00 

Missionaries salaries 105.70 

Balance 134.40 

$270.10 $270.10 
December 4, 1902. 




Balance as per statement of Dec. 4, 1901 (Minutes, p. 47) . . $424.56 

Amount received 1,377.43 

To vouchers T. E. Cheek, Treas $913.02 

Balance 888.97 

$1,801.99 $1,801.99 

December 4, 1902. -- 


students' aid fund. 

Balance as per statement, Dec. 4, 1901 (Minutes, p. 47) $4.50 

Amount received 39.01 

To voucher D. Pressley Smith, Treas $38.24 

Balance 5.27 

$43.51 $43.51 
December 4, 1902. ■ 



Balance as per statement, Dec. 4, 1901 (Minutes, p. 47) $25.75 

Balance $25.75 

$25.75 $25.75 
December 4, 1902. = 


mills' memorial fund. 

Balance as per statement, Dec. 4, 1901 (Minutes, p. 47) $4.08 

Balance $4.08 

$4.08 $4.08 
December 4, 1902. ■ 



Balance as per statement, Dec. 4, 1901 (Minutes, p. 47) $2.06 

Balance $2.06 

$2.06 $2.06 
December 4, 1902. ===== 


frontier building fund. 

Amount received $25.00 

Balance $25.00 

$25.00 $25.00 
December 4, 1902. ■ 



Balance as per statement, Dec. 4, 1901 (Minutes, p. 48) ... . $248.98 

Amount received 6,422.02 

To vouchers paid $6,640.41 

Balance 30.59 

$6,671.00 $6,671.00 

December 4, 1902. 

Respectfully submitted, Walters Durham, 

Treasurer Baptist State Convention. 
December 5, 1902. 

I hereby certify that I have examined the books of Walters Dur- 
ham, Treasurer of the Baptist State Convention, and find them in 
all respects correct and supported by proper vouchers and correctly 
supporting the foregoing statements of accounts, and it also appears 
that all contributions have been forwarded as promptly as consistent 
with a correct method of accounting. J. B. Martix, 

Auditor Baptist State Convention. 

Raleigh, N. C, December 8, 1902. 

Following the presentation of the report, subscriptions 
were taken to cover the indebtedness of the Board amounting 
to $250. 

E-. W. Winston, for the Committee, presented the report 
on the Orphanage as follows: 


The Thomasville Orphanage commenced active operations Novem- 
ber 1, 1884 — eighteen years ago. The plant now consists of nineteen 
brick buildings and three wooden buildings, besides barn and stables. 
The farm contains three hundred and fifty acres of land and is 
stocked with six head of mules and horses, about twenty-five head of 
cattle, and a goodly number of hogs. The entire plant is well worth 
$50,000, of which amount $28,000 have been added during the past 
seven years. Of the buildings above named, six are dormitories, four 
of which have corresponding cook rooms and dining rooms. In each 
of these dormitories there is a teacher and a Matron, making twelve 
employees in all. Shortly another dormitor3 r will be added, which 
will increase the teachers and matrons to fourteen. 

The first orphan was received into the Orphanage November 1, 
1884. Since that time seven hundred and thirty orphans have been 


admitted into the Orphanage, and about five hundred have gone out 
from the institution. There are present on the roll to-day two hun- 
dred and seventeen orphan children. The General Manager reports 
that there are fifty or more applications for admission into the Or- 
phanage, and that many worthy applications are turned down for 
lack of room. 

The past year has been a fruitful one in gifts to the institution. 

John Mitchell, the devoted friend, has given five hundred dollars 
to repair the Mitchell Building, while J. A. Durham has set an ex- 
ample worthy of all imitation, by giving a dormitory which will 
accommodate forty boys, in honor of his sainted mother, Elizabeth 
Durham, and which will be called "The Mother's Building." Of 
Dennis Simmons, whose gift of more than seventy-five thousand 
dollars was made to the institution within the past year, we wish 
to say that this monument which he has erected in the hearts and 
affections of our people marks a new era in Christian philanthropy 
in our State. We trust that when still others shall pass from earth — 
whence they can carry nothing — they, too, will remember the orphan 
in their wills. 

The Committee on Orphanage respectfully submits that the high- 
est expression of Christian character, and the best exponent of Chris- 
tian growth is found in the care of the orphans and the helpless. 
Where the Thracian exposed the weakly babe to perish upon bleak 
mountain sides, the Christian tenderly cares for the helpless one and 
provides for it food and a home. 

Measured by this arduous standard, the Thomasville Orphanage is 
the incarnation of applied Christianity. It is worthy of your affec- 
tion, of your care and of your money. Men are vainly asking how to . 
win the world from sin to righteousness. The answer is, spend 
yourself for your fellow man. Visit the sick and the needy, tenderly 
care for the orphan and the widow — build orphan homes in the right 
spirit, and support them lovingly and generously, and the Church 
will then take care of itself. The Committee commends this noble 
charity to the care and keeping of the Convention, and to the Bap- 
tist people of the State. It is our choicest ornament. 

For the Committee. 

The report was spoken to by P. W. Winston, J. B. Boone 
and R. L. Patton, after which a collection was taken for the 
digging of a well at the Orphange amounting to $833. 

The Secretary read an invitation by Prof. Gilmore Ward 
Bryant to attend a complimentary concert to be given mem- 
bers of the Convention by the Southern Conservatory of Mu- 


sic of this city at such hours as may be suitable to the Con- 
vention. The invitation was accepted, and four o'clock this 
afternoon was named as the hour. 

F. P. Hobgood, for the committee, made the following re- 
port on Order of Business, which was adopted : 



9:30 a. m. — Praise Service. 
10:00 a. m. — Minutes. 
10.15 a. m. — Miscellaneous Business. 

10:30 a. m. — Education: (1) Report on General Education. 
10:40 a. m. — Education: (2) Report of School Visiting Com- 
10:50 a. m. — Education: (3) Ministerial Education. 
11:35 a. m. — Education: (4) Wake Forest College. 
12:00 m. — Home Missions. 

1:00 p. m. — Adjournment. 

3:00 p. m. — Report of Committees to Nominate Boards. 

3:30 p. m. — Woman's Work in the Churches. 

3:50 p. m. — Obituaries. 

4:20 p. m. — Miscellaneous Business. 

4:30 p. m. — Adjournment. 

7:30 p. m. — Baptist Female University. 


9:30 a. m. — Prayer Services. 

9:50 a. m. — Minutes. 
10:00 a. m. — Report on Place and Preachers for Next Meeting. 
10:05 a. m. — State Missions. 
11:10 a. m. — Sunday School. 
12:15 p. m. — Periodicals. 

1:00 p. m. — Adjournment. 

3:00 p. m. — Miscellaneous Business. 

3:30 p. m. — Report on Baptist History. 

4:00 p. m. — Ministers' Relief Board. 

4:30 p. m. — Adjournment. 

7:30 p. m. — Appointments for Preaching. 

8:00 p. m. — Temperance. 

lord's day. 

9:30 a. m. — Sunday School Addresses. 
11:00 a. m. — Preaching. 


3:30 p. m. — Sunday School Mass Meeting. 

4:30 p. m. — Adjournment. 

7:30 p. m. — Preaching. 

8:45 p. m. — Closing Addresses. 

9:30 p. m. — Final Adjournment. 

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, being the 
special order, the Convention was addressed by A. T. Rob- 
ertson, of Louisville Ky., on "The Joy of the Ministry/' 
Subscriptions were made for the Students' Aid Fund amount- 
ing to $600. 

T. J. Taylor offered the following resolution, which was 
adopted : 

Resolved, That a committee be appointed to report during the pres- 
ent session of the Convention on the advisability of employing a 
competent person to collect and put in permanent shape material for 
the history of North Carolina Baptists, and to suggest a practical 
method for paying the historian's salary. 

S. 0. Mitchell, representing the Religious Herald of Rich- 
mond, was recognized and welcomed. 

J. W. Bailey announced the death of the mother of J. C. 
Caddell, and he was instructed to convey to our bereaved 
brother the condolence of this body. 

The morning session was closed with prayer by R. J. 
Willingham, of Richmond, Va. 

•SECOND DAY.— Afternoon Session. 

The Convention was called to order by Vice-President 
Stephen Mclntyre, and led in prayer by B. W. N". Simms, of 

J. W. Bailey, for the committee appointed regarding the 
erection of a monument to the memory of Columbus Durham, 
reported, urging that the matter be taken up and disposed of 
by the Convention now assembled. The report was accepted 
and remarks made by J. W. Bailey and J. D. Hufham. 


The American Baptist Publication Society, of Philadel- 
phia, Pa., being the special order, the Convention was ad- 
dressed on the work and claims of the Society by Bible Sec- 
retary Robert G. Seymour. 

Subscriptions were taken for the Durham monument 
amounting to $400, and the following committee appointed to 
complete the arrangements for the erection of the proposed 
monument : J. W. Bailey, J. C. Caddell and Noah Biggs. 

The President appointed the following Committee on For- 
eign Missions : W. C. Xewton, R. 1). Carroll, M. C. Work- 
man, D. P. Harris, W. S. Earthing, D. A. Liles, 0. M. 

Benediction by S. D. Hunter. 

SECOND DAY.— Evening Session. 

The Convention re-assembled at 7 :30 o'clock, President 
Marsh in the chair. 

Geo. 1ST. Cowan, of Kinston, read a part of the fortieth 
chapter of Isaiah and led in prayer. 

The President appointed the following standing commit- 

Home Missions — W. D. Hubbard, E. J. Harrell, A. W. Early, S. E. 
Garner, J. P. Moody, F. O. S. Curtis, T. B. Lanier. 

Periodicals— W . M. Vines, J. A. Campbell, J. R. Miller, C. L. Wil- 
liams, J. C. Turner, G. T. Baines, K. C. Horner. 

Obituaries— C. W. Blanchard, A. H. Porter, E. E. Eller, A. I. Jus- 
tice, S. N. Liles, D. F. Helms, J. W. Hundley. 

Temperance — W. C. Barrett, C. W. Scarboro, R. L. Patton, J. W. 
Lynch, C. A. Jenkins, J. F. Love, J. R. Pace. 

Sunday Schools* — J. S. Hardaway, A. L. Betts, C. V. Brooks, J. D. 
Newton, M. A. Wood, R. C. Charles, J. T. Edmundson. 

Woman's Work — W. H. Reddish, H. P. Green, J. A. Dawson, J. B. 
Jackson, S. J. Cobb, H. C. McNeill, C. B. Paul. 

General Education — A. W. Setzer, C. H. Utley, W. H. Woodall, J. A. 
Beam. E. McK. Goodwin, R. L. Moore, W. L. Sink. 


Ministerial Education — W. R. Cullom, L. D. "Watson, B. W. N. 
Simms, W. R. Winston, L. D. Castlebury, R. W. Fleetwood, J. A. 

Religious Exercises — Pastors of Baptist Churches in Durham and 
Deacons of First Baptist Church. 

Finance — T. M. Arrington, Edgar Cheek, R. T. Howerton, S. W. 

To Nominate Preachers and Place of Next Meeting — T. M. Pittman, 
H. M. Shaw, L. R. Pruett, C. E. Maddrey, N. S. Jones, A. R. Love, 
E. Frost. 

To Nominate Board of Education — C. J. D. Parker, R. H. Hewlett, 
D. C. Britt, C. J. Wells, R. H. Gilbert, J. M. Broughton, J. A. Smith. 

To Nominate Board of Ministerial Relief — J. F. McDuffie, C. G. 
Wells, R. H. Gilbert, T. J. Hood, R. M. Currin, R. P. Walker, A. E. 

To Nominate Board of Missions and Sunday Schools — J. C. Wil- 
liams, C. W. Duke, R. J. Buffaloe, J. F. White, H. G. Owen, G. P. Har- 
rill, S. D. Swaim. 

On Advisability of Appointing Historian of Baptists — T. J. Taylor, 
T. M. Pittman, J. W. Bailey, C. H. Durham, T. Hume, T. S. Crutch- 
field, M. L. Kesler. 

The following telegram was read before the Convention : 

Louisville, Ky., December 11, 1902. 
Baptist State Convention ) Durham, N. C. 

Greeting. Isaiah 54:2, 3, and Matt. 28:18-20. 

W. H. Rich, 
C. M. McIntosh. 

The Secretary was instructed to make suitable response on 
the part of the Convention. 

W. C. Newton, for the committee, presented the report on 
Foreign Missions as follows: 


It is with profound gratitude to God and heartfelt appreciation of 
the sacrificing efforts of His servants, the missionaries, secretaries, 
ministers and members, that we record the largest number of bap- 
tisms among our foreign churches in the history of our endeavors, 
and the largest contributions that the churches of our State have 
ever made — $13,798.67. This is an advance of $2,160.25 over last 


On account of the deepening piety and growing enthusiasm of 
North Carolina Baptists for the world's evangelization, we feel justi- 
fied in asking the churches of the State for sixteen thousand dollars 
for the coming year. 

W. C. Newton, 
R. D. Carroll, 
M. C. Workman, 
D. P. Harris, 
W. S. Farthing, 
D. A. Liles, 
0. M. Sanders. 

Ke marks were made by W. C. Newton, soon to go as a mis- 
sionary to China, and R. J. Willingham, Corresponding Sec- 
retary of the Foreign ^Mission Board, of Richmond, Va. On 
motion of J. D. Hufham, the report was so amended as to fix 
the amount to be raised by the Convention for Foreign Mis- 
sions during the coming year at "at least twenty thousand 
dollars. " 

The Convention was led in ^prayer by A. C. Barron, in be- 
half of Brother Newton and wife. The report was then 
adopted and the body adjourned, with benediction by R. J. 
Willingham, of Richmond, Va. 

THIRD DAY.— MoKsriNQ Session. 

I h kiiam, N. C, December 12, 1902. 

I Motional exercises Mere conducted at 9 :30 a. in., by J. A. 
MoKaughan, of Lumber Bridge. 

The minutes of yesterday wore read and approved. 

T. M. Pittman, of Henderson, offered the following resolu- 
tion, which, after remarks by T. M. Pittman, J. W. Bailey 
and N". B. Bronghton, was adopted: 

Resolved, That the manager of the Baptist Book Store be, and he 
is hereby instructed, to pay to Edwards & Broughton, out of the 
money now on hand and reported to the Convention, the $100 draft 
for the price of the Baptist Historical Papers furnished the Book 
Store, by order of this Convention two years ago. 


W. A. Therrell, of Asheville, offered the following resolu- 
tion, which was adopted : 

Resolved, That this Convention most respectfully urges the very 
great importance of further development of the unused forces of all 
our churches, especially in the way of consecrated, personal effort, to 
win souls to Christ, by personally gathering the unsaved about us. 
to church, for preaching, prayer and study of the Bible; also, of 
soliciting a contribution, however small, from every member of every 
church, for every object of the Convention. 

A. W. Setzer, of Morehead City, for the Committee on 
General Education, made the following report: 


If activity is a sign of life, North Carolina is more alive to-day 
than at any time in her past history. Until recently our State has 
been a sleeping giant; it is now waking, and in its waking moments, 
even, is attracting attention far and near. We can say nothing of 
our State commercially or industrially that more could not be said 
of her educationally. 

Public education was never so popular as it is to-day, commanding 
as it does the best thought and energies of the best citizens. Your 
committee recommends that this Convention attest its interest in 
public education by calling upon the General Assembly, soon to con- 
vene, to make such special appropriation to the public schools as may 
be necessary to insure a four-months' term in each school district. 

The interest in denominational schools has kept pace with the 
growing interest in public education. In fact, the leaders in de- 
nominational school work have all the time been numbered among 
the vanguard of the forces battling for public education. If it is 
true that a denomination's life and usefulness are measured by its 
intelligence, the educational question is one that should command 
the profoundest consideration. We frequently hear it said that the 
Baptist outlook in North Carolina was never brighter than it is 
to-day. The interest of the denomination in education has made 
the outlook what it is. Take from us Wake Forest College, the Uni- 
versity at Raleigh, and the numerous denominational schools, to- 
gether with the private schools managed by Baptists, scattered over 
the State, and you will take from us our future as a denomination. 

We make the following quotation from the report of the Commit- 
tee on "Century Fund" at the last session of this body: "The com- 
plete organization of our school Work in the State will affect every 


fibre of our denominational life. Baptist schools taught by Baptist 
men and women for Baptist young people, and ultimately co-ordi- 
nated into a practical system will greatly strengthen our cause." 

Your committee believes the time has come when there should be 
a closer organic union existing between our Baptist schools. We 
recommend, therefore, the appointment of a committee of seven to 
report on plans and time of introducing a system of correlation. 

A. W. Setzer, 
Chas. H. Utley, 
J. A. Beam, 
W. H. Woodaix, 
R. L. Moore, 


J. W. Bailey offered the following as supplementary to the 
report, which was accepted, and the whole, after discussion 
by A. W. Setzer, J. W. Bailey, J. D. Hufham, C. S. Black- 
well, Thomas Hume, was adopted : 

The undersigned committee was instructed on last Wednesday, by 
a conference of Baptist Secondary School men, to request the Baptist 
State Convention to appoint a Standing Committee on Schools with 
the view to taking up the subject of forming our institutions into a 

J. W. Bailey, 
J. D. Hufham, 
R. L. Moobe. 

J. W. Bailey submitted the following resolution, which was 
adopted after remarks by J. W. Bailey, Stephen Mclntyre, 
C. L. Greaves: 

Resolved, That we re-affirm ourselves unalterably opposed to the 
policy of denominational schools receiving aid from the State. 

The President appointed the following as Oommattee on 
Schools: J. W. Bailey, C. E. Taylor, J. C. Scarboro, A. W. 
Setzer, A. E. Brown. R. T. Vann, E. P. Hobgood. 

The report oop Home Missions was presented by W. D. 
Hubbard as follows : 



In submitting the report for the year 1902, we desire first of all 
to give expression to the sorrow that has come to our State, as well 
to the entire denomination in the South, in the death of Dr. I. T. 
Titchenor, so long the beloved Secretary of the Home Mission Board. 
After a long illness, surrounded by his loved ones, he passed into 
his rest on December 2d. Truly a prince and a great man has fallen. 
We do not go too far in saying that the magnificent plan under which 
we, as a denomination, have carried on the work of Home Missions 
so successfully during these years, originated with him, and these 
principles were the very embodiment of the life that wrought so 
mightily for God. Somehow we feel that in the loss of Dr. F. H. 
Kerfoot last year, and in the calling of Dr. Titchenor from labor to 
rest so recently, God is calling attention to this feature of our work, 
and emphasizing it in a way that will lead out the great Baptist 
hosts in this and other States, in a way that will enable them to 
catch the spirit of these immortal men. It is with grateful hearts, 
also, to the God of our Fathers, that we acknowledge His goodness 
and praise His name for the blessings that have crowned the efforts 
of our missionaries with abundant success w r herever they have la- 
bored. We can report the work to-day in better condition than at 
any time in other years. Our mountain schools were never in bet- 
ter condition nor more influential than to-day. Never before have so 
many boxes been sent to the frontier missionaries. The work among 
the negroes, now that he is eliminated from politics, seems to have 
brought him face to face with regard to the future of his own race, 
and we are confronted to-day with new phases of this great question, 
which make us more hopeful in reaching him with the gospel than 
ever before. Factory missions, rapidly growing towns, as well as 
important points, have received much consideration, and have made 
rapid progress. The Home Board has nothing to do with new com- 
plications arising, except by all means to save them and give them 
the gospel. The waters by Cuba's isle are smoothed and faithful 
men and women are helping her to work out her destiny. We would 
again call attention to the fact already known by many of our 
brethren, that no State has been more liberally aided by the Home 
Board than ours. It is true, also, that no State has shown more 
willingness nor a more genuine spirit of co-operation than North 
Carolina. But we must say that, after a long conversation with our 
State Secretary, Brother Livingston Johnston, and comparing what 
we have given to Home Missions with our liberality to other things, 
while we have not fallen behind the reports made last year, but 
have rather gone beyond; notwithstanding this, we feel somehow 
that it is not receiving the consideration due. Through all the 
years, the Home Board has stood, as an encouraging mother. 


saying "the more you do, the more I will help you." There it has 
stood holding out the helping hand to the weak and struggling but 
important churches, bringing them out of their distresses and mak- 
ing them, as we have seen in so many instances, strong and helpful. 
We plead for new emphasis on this work on the part of our people. 
We feel that God's Spirit is moving on the hearts of our brethren 
in no uncertain way. We can but call attention once more to the 
importance of reading the Home Field. We can not carry on the 
work in the truest sense without that co-operation and sympathy 
going forth from the life of the most obscure member and reaching 
as far as to the most humble worker on the frontier. In some way, 
we trust that this Convention will take high ground in regard to 
all missions, and make this another great educational missionary 


(Signed) W. D. Hubbard, 

E. J. Barrell, 
A. W. Early, 
C. E. Gower, 

J. P. Moody, 

F. 0. S. Curtis, 
T. B. Lanier. 

Remarks were made by W. D. Hubbard and F. C. McCon- 
nell, Corresponding Secretary of the Home Mission Board 
of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

On motion of C. B. Justice, the Convention set the amount 
to be raised fur Home Missions during the coming year at ten 
thousand dollars, and that the Home Board appropriation to 
work in this State be reduced by fifteen hundred dollars. The 
report on Home Missions was then adopted. 

Adjournment, with benediction by T. E. Skinner, of 

THIRD DAY. — Afternoon Session. 

The Convention was led in prayer by J. K. Howell. 

The report of the Committee to nominate Board of Mis 
sions and Sunday Schools was presented and adopted. (See 
list of Boards of Convention.) 


C. J. D. Parker presented the report of the Committee ap- 
pointed to nominate the Board of Education, and it was 
adopted. (See list of Boards of Convention.) 

W. II. Reddish, for the committee, offered the following 
report, which, after remarks by W. II. Reddish and J. R. 
Pace, was adopted: 


It was the knowledge of the lost condition of the world without 
Christ, and a fervent desire to carry out the command of the blessed 
Son of God, "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to 
every creature," that brought the Woman's Missionary Society into 
existence. The Spirit of God which was manifested in the begin- 
ning of woman's organized mission work in North Carolina, has been 
seen and felt in this movement all these sixteen years of its his- 

Not less than two-thirds of the membership of our churches are 
women, and not more than five out of every hundred of our Baptist 
women belong to the Woman's Missionary Society, and yet these 
good women who have organized themselves into a bond of Chris- 
tian workers, and who now have five hundred and fifty Societies 
in the State, are making great sacrifices to make "the kingdom of 
this world the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ." They 
have given to the obects of the Convention this year $11,003.13. This 
not only shows an increase of more than twelve hundred dollars 
over the past year, but it shows also that one-fifth of all contributed 
this year by this Convention to State, Home and Foreign Missions 
has come through the Woman's Missionary Society. 

One of the greatest works that is being done by this organization 
is its educational work. Twenty-four Christian women were sent 
out this year to teach in destitute parts of our State, and they gath- 
ered eleven hundred and ten pupils into the school-room and taught 
them for two months. Eternity alone will reveal all the good that 
has been done by these self-sacrificing young women. Into these So- 
cieties goes the very best of missionary literature, where it is studied 
with a zeal to do the will of Him who has called us out of darkness 
into the marvelous light and liberty. This knowledge of missions 
and Christian enthusiasm gained in the Societies is taken into the 
home, where the children and male members of the family catch 
more of the Spirit of our Lord's great commission. Hence the pas- 
tor's task in developing His church, that has a Woman's Missionary 
Society, is rendered easier. 



But the greatest benefit derived from this organization has been 
the deep spirit of Christian piety and consecration, both among 
its own members and in the homes from which they come. Prayer 
and sacrifice, which makes one strong in the service of the Master, 
have no secondary place in the meetings of this Society. 

Believing as we do, that this work has been ordered by the Master, 
and blessed by His Spirit, we, your committee, heartily commend 
it to all our pastors, and urge them to give this work their encour- 
agement and support. 

W. H. Reddish, 
J. B. Jackson, 
C. B. Paul, 
H. C. McNeill, 


Visitors were recognized and welcomed: S. H. Thomp- 
son, J. H. Couch and X. L. Shaw, of Appomattox Associa- 
tion, in Virginia; J. T. Jenkins, of Marrietta, Ga. ; J. S. 
< 'orpening, Timmonsville, S. C. ; E. M. Hairfield, Scottsburg. 

The report on obituaries was submitted by C. W. Blan- 
chard, and adopted as follows: 


During the past Conventional year some of the brave have fallen. 

General Tiios. F. Toon 

Was born in Columbus County, North Carolina, June 10, 1840. He 
was a brave and honored Confederate soldier, a humble and faith- 
ful servant of His Master and Lord, an exemplary father and com- 
panion, and a statesman of rare merit. All of his busy life was 
devoted to the interest of the people of the State, his last years in 
the lead of the great struggle for popular education. In life he 
acqujtted himself in every place like a man. He died the death of 
the righteous on February 19, 1902. He was a son of Wake Forest 
College, graduating from that institution in 1861. 

Philip W. Johnson 

Was in his seventy-second year when the summons came to him !• 
"pass over the river," on January 28, 1902. He was born in Surry 
County, N. C, and graduated from Wake Forest College in 1853. 
Much of his life was given to teaching in Alabama, in Georgia, and 
as a tutor at Wake Forest College. His last years were devoted t« 
farming and merchandising at Wake Forest. His life was a con- 
tinuous example of the good. 


Rev. A. A. Marshall, D.D. 

Was a Georgian by birth, graduated from Mercer University and 
studied in Europe. Most of his brilliant ministry was spent in hi* 
■ative State. As one of our honored and most beloved co-laborers, 
he laid down his armour as pastor of the First Baptist Church in 
Raleigh, N. C, on August 17, 1902. He has only been transplanted 
to a richer and holier field. 

Dennis Simmons 

"Was born December 27, 1827, and died May 13, 1902. His benefac- 
tions during his lifetime, and bequests in his last will and testament 
to the Baptist Orphanage at Thomasville, and the Female Univer- 
sity at Raleigh, mark him as a large-hearted philanthropist, as well 
as Christian gentleman. His memory will be blessed and his ex- 
amples a lesson to the generation that knew and loved him. 

E. K. Proctor. 

Chiefest among the lawyers as a counsellor, Christian, educator 
and prohibitionist. In the trail of his true and busy life there are 
influences that he set afloat which will out live his earthly memory. 
They are his own self erected monuments, that are more precious 
than statuary. He was transplanted into a better sphere of service, 
from his home in Lumberton, on October 3, 1902. No broken shaft 
should mark his resting place, though he departed at the early age 
©f forty. May his noble career as a Christian lawyer be a model to 
many who shall follow in his profession. 

Dr. W. C. Lankford 

Was in his sixty-eighth year when he fell on sleep, at his home in 
Wake Forest, on April 5, 1902. As a Confederate soldier he was 
brave and honored. As a soldier of the Cross of Christ he was a 
faithful warrior. He was useful and beloved as a Christian citizen 
and physician. 

Rev. Stephen Gilmore • 

Was a veteran soldier of the Cross. Most of his busy life was spent 
in his native (Chatham) County. He was beloved, and always faith- 
ful at his post. Specific data as to his death is not in the hands of 
this committee. 

Rev. Alfred R. Pittman 

Was born in Robeson County and died at Rennert N. G, on November 
9, 1902. He was a faithful and honored preacher of the gospel for 
about forty years, Moderator of the Robeson Association during it* 
existence. He was the father of three noble Baptist preachers. 


Rev. Calvin Graves Jones, D.D. 

Though not a pastor much, if any of his time in North Carolina, 
was born in Leaksville, N. C, on May 1, 1863, and graduated from 
Wake Forest College in 1883. He closed his successful career as a 
gospel preacher and pastor in Covington, Ky., and was taken to his 
reward on May 10, 1902. Many schoolmates and friends in his na- 
tive State remember him and grieve for their loss in his death. 

R. W. Brooks. 

Robert W. Brooks, of Greensboro, was closely identified with the 
educational, charitable and missionary interests of our State. He 
was one of the pillars of the First Church at Greensboro, and one of 
the wisest Trustees of the Thomasville Orphanage. 

W. M. Brooks. 

Deacon Jonesboro Church for many years. Quiet, unassuming, 
yet very efficient in the Master's service. Father of Rev. C. V. 
Brooks. Born February 13, 1839; died May 20, 1902. 

Dr. Josiah B. Davis, 

Of Beaufort, N. C, died on June 27, 1902, in the 71st year of his 
age. He was one of the strongest supporters of our cause in Eastern 
North Carolina. 

Rev. Joseph Bennett, 

A Baptist minister of Iredell, Brunswick County, N. C, passed 
away after great suffering, about December 9, 1902. Bro. Bennett 
was some thirty-five years old. While young, yet Bro. Bennett 
was a strong preacher and faithful soldier of the cross. 

George F. Mainwaring, 

Pastor at Southern Pines and Aberdeen, came to Southern Pines in 
September and failed rapidly in health. He was carried to Penn- 
sylvania two weeks before his departure. He was a man of genial 
spirit, of deep piety, and an excellent preacher and pastor. He was 
born in Peurleyucoch, South Wales, brought up in the Anglican 
Church, but became a Baptist and was pastor for some years in Nova 
Scotia and in Pennsylvania. 

Rev. Haywood Morris 

Died in a Baltimore hospital September 14, 1902. He was born in 
Moore County September 12, 1856. Licensed to preach in 1890. He 
was a good preacher, a noble man, and did a fine work. 

C. W. Blanchard, 
For Committee. 


On motion of J. W. Bailey, the order of business was 
changed by setting the consideration of Wake Forest College 
and Ministerial Education at 9 :10 o'clock to-night, 

B. W. 1ST. Simms presented the following resolution, which 
was adopted after remarks by W. O. Tyree, J. C. Troy and 
T. E. Skinner: 


Be it resolved by the Baptist State Convention in Durham as- 

That we hear with profound regret of the very sudden demise 
last week in Wilmington, N. C, of Rev. W. C. Norman, pastor of 
the Trinity Methodist Church of this city. 

That we thus wish to put upon record the sympathies of this body 
and our fraternal regard for his bereaved family, church and com- 
munity, where he has lived for three years as "a devout man of 

That we earnestly pray for the like spirit of devotion and of con- 
secration to the cause of our common Lord and Master, which is 
said to have characterized his life work, and for the fraternal inter- 
denomination spirit which he possessed and expressed for his 
brethren of other faiths. 

B. W. N. Simms. 

Archibald Johnson offered the following resolution, which 
was adopted: 

Resolved, That this Convention is in favor of the establishment by 
the Legislature of a reformatory for young criminals. 

T. J. Taylor, for the committee, made the following report, 
which was adopted: 

Your Committee on the Advisability of Employing a Historian 
recommend that a committee of three be appointed to employ a com- 
petent person to collect and put in permanent shape material for a 
history of North Carolina Baptists, and that said committee be in- 
structed to secure contributions from churches and individuals to pay 
the historian a salary not exceeding five hundred dollars. 

T. J. Taylor, 

J. W. Bailey; 

C. H. Dueham, 

T. S. Cbutchfield, 

T. Hume, 

M. L. Kesleb. 


J. VV. Bailey presented the following communication, 
which was discussed by J. W. Bailey, J. D. Hufham, A. C 
Barron, S. J. Porter: 

In an informal conference on last Wednesday the undersigned 
committee was appointed to request the Baptist State Convention to 
appoint a committee of seven brethren to take into their charge a 
mid-summer meeting of the Baptists of North Carolina. 

J. D. Hufham, 
J. W. Bailey, 
M. L. Kesler. 

On motion, it was ordered printed in the minutes and its 
recommendation adopted. 

The President appointed the following committee, in ac- 
cordance with the communication: W. C. Tyree, N. B. 
B rough ton, A. Johnson, J. W. Bailey, T. Neil Johnson, C. J. 

The President appointed the following Committee on Em- 
ployment of Historian : T. J. Taylor, T. M. Pittman, J. S. 
Hard aw ay. 

E. E. Folk, editor Baptist mid Reflector, of Nashville, 
Team., was recognized and welcomed. 

W. C. Tyree was instructed to convey to Corresponding 
Secretary J. M. Frost, of the Sunday School Board, at Nash- 
ville, Tenn., who is just recovering from a five-weeks illness, 
the sympathy and love of this body. 

The benediction was then pronounced by S. H. Thompson, 
of Virginia. 

THIRD DAY.— Evening Session. 

The Convention re-assembled at the hour appointed, and 
opening exercises were conducted by B. Craig, who read a 
part of the third chapter of Proverbs, and led in prayer. 

W. O. Tyree, the retiring pastor of the First Baptist 


Church of Durham, introduced to the Convention his suc- 
cessor, O. J. Thompson, who received from the President the 
hand of welcome. 

The report on the Baptist Female University was received 
as follows : 


The fourth session of this institution opened most auspiciously, 
and its work so far has been pleasant and successful. There has 
been no serious sickness, and the general spirit of the school has 
been excellent. 

The number of students enrolled to date is 237. a loss of nine 
from the number reported at the last Convention. This slight de- 
crease is doubtless due to the fact that our canvass during the sum- 
mer was directed almost entirely towards raising money, and but lit- 
tle towards securing students. Of the student body 26 affiliate with 
other denominations, and 52 make no profession of faith. 

Our working force, officers and teachers, now number 25 — or 4 
more than the school first opened with. Of this increase, two are 
teachers, one a lady principal, and one a trained nurse. So that 
the physical comfort and social and religious training of our students 
are now looked after by a lady principal, a lady physician, a matron 
and a trained nurse. The teachers are doing faithful and honest 
work. They seem to share the purpose of the management — that 
every diploma shall represent real proficiency. 

The equipment of the music and science departments has been 
enlarged at an expenditure of $700 this fall. 

At our last session, we reported a debt of $42,000. Through the 
arduous labors of the agents sent out by the Convention's Central 
Committee, and through the generous response of many of our pas- 
tors and people, this debt has been reduced by about one-half. 

Since our last report, by the will of Brother Dennis Simmons, 
the school has received about $20,000. We should pause here and 
pay our grateful tribute to our departed benefactors — W. T. Fair- 
eloth, Virginia Y. Swepson and Dennis Simmons. In the coming 
rears, no doubt, when the institution shall become prosperous, by 
the blessing of God. benefactions many and munificent shall enrich 
its treasury. But in those days of triumph, when friends shall 
gather in annual meetings to rejoice in its prosperity and plan for 
still greater things, grateful and levin?; mention Rha.ll be made of 
those early friends who, in the days of struggle and danger, had 
enough faith in the school and its founder to risk their thousands on 
its future. We thank God for their lives. "They rest from their 
labors and their works do follow them." 


Our legacies from these three wills are expected to aggregate 
$70,000. But two things are to be borne in mind. First, these lega- 
cies are not yet in hand, and secondly, when they are in hand, not 
a dollar of them can be spent in the payment of our debt, except 
the Faircloth bequest which will not be available until the death 
of Mrs. Faircloth. "We ask the Convention to consider whether it 
would be wise to continue the work projected at Winston until the 
outstanding pledges, amounting to $15,000 at least, shall be collected. 

At the last commencement the University sent out its first gradu- 
ating class — twelve in number — the vanguard of an army, we trust, 
that shall bear a worthy part in winning this world for the Son of 
God. R. T. Vann. 

W. ~N. Jones, for the Central Committee, made the follow- 
ing report: 


At the Baptist State Convention in Winston last year, the Century 
Movement inaugurated in 1900 to raise $100,000 to aid our educa- 
tional institutions was so changed as to make the amount to be 
raised $50,000 instead of $100,000. The denomination was asked to 
raise this amount by this Convention, and the same was to be used 
as follows: On the debt of the Baptist Female University, $42,000; 
Chowan Baptist Female Institute, $2,500; academies unfinished, in 
debt, or recently completed, not more than $4,000. 

The Convention appointed a Central Committee of five to have 
charge of the management of the work of raising the amount agreed 
upon, consisting of the undersigned persons, and immediately after 
the Convention the work of raising the money was undertaken. 

The public collection taken for the Educational Fund at Winston 
amounted to $39,599 in cash and pledges. The amount stated in the 
minutes is put at $42,264, but this was a mistake, as shown by a list 
of pledges turned over to the Central Committee. There have been 
collected and turned over to the Treasurer of the Educational Fund, 
Brother L. D. Watson, during the year $31,517.50, derived from the 
cash and pledges taken at Winston and other sources. There still 
remains unpaid on the pledges the sum of $15,065.38. The disposi- 
tion of the money raised is shown as follows: 

Salaries $1,916.92 

Traveling expenses, books and postage 961.09 

On Baptist Female University debt, including interest paid 21,323.40 

Chowan Baptist Female Institute 514.00 

Academies 2,825.00 


Cash on hand 12,332.09 

Good interest-bearing notes 1,645.00 


With the amount paid on the University debt mentioned above, and 
amounts derived from the Woman's Educational Union, and the sale 
of some town lots given to the University, the debt on the same has 
been reduced to $21,500.00, the amount of the debt at the present 

The Central Committee desires to thank brethren and sisters in 
all parts of the State for the help they have given the committee in 
their work. They especially feel that they should make mention of 
the labors of President Vann, and Brethren Hunter and Fry, who 
have faithfully presented the claims of the Educational Movement 
to the people of the State, and whose labors have been so effective 
in bringing about the results obtained. 

W. N. Jokes, 
N. B. Broughton, 
C. J. Hunter, 
Jno. T. Pullen, 

Central Committed. 

On motion of A. O. Barron, the Central Committee was 
requested to report, as far as possible, the amounts raised 
during the past year by the denomination for associational 
and other schools directly under Baptist auspices. 

After remarks by W. 1ST. Jones, the following resolution by 
M. L. Kesler, was presented : 

Since we have had two years in which to raise our Educational 
Fund — the first year under the hundred-thousand-dollar proposition 
and last year under the pledge to raise $50,000 to pay the debts on 
the Female University, and on the Chowan Baptist Female Institute, 
and since Wake Forest and other institutions have so gracefully 
withheld their demands, let it be 

Resolved, That we recognize our obligation to pay the pledges 
made at Winston a year ago, and that, for the present, we rest the 
matter by insisting on the full payment of these pledges, made im 
solemn assembly, as a debt involving our sacred honor; and further, 
that May 1st be made the limit for the payment of these pledges. 


The resolution was discussed by M. L. Kesler, J. Win. 
Jones, K B. Broughton, F. C. McConnell, R. T. Vann, R. L. 
Patton, J. W. Bailey, J. A. McKaughan, B. Craig, R. J. 
BufTaloe and W. F. Fry, and adopted. 

On motion, the consideration of Waie Forest College was 
postponed till to-morrow, the hour to be fixed by the Com- 
mittee on Order of Business. 

The Convention adjourned, with benediction by J. A. 
Stradley, of Oxford. 

FOURTH DAY.— Morxing Session. 

Durham, K C, December 13, 1902. 

The prayer service was conducted at the hour appointed by 
J. E. Smith, of Concord, who read the twenty-third Psalm. 

The President assumed the chair at 9 :50, and the minutes 
of yesterday were read and approved. 

F. P. Hobgood, for the Committee on Order of Business, 
made the following report: 


10:00 — Report on Place and Preachers. 
10:05 — State Missions. 

11:10 — Report of School Visiting Committee. 
11:15 — Sunday Schools. 

12:15 — Wake Forest and Ministerial Education. 
1 : 00 — Adjournment. 
Periodicals to come after discussion on Temperance to-night. 

T. M. Pittman, for the Committee on Place and Preachers 
for in xt session, made the following report, which was 

adopted : 

Place — Charlotte. 

Time — 7:30 p. m.. on Wednesday after first Sunday in Decemher, 

Preachers — C. W. Duke, of Elizabeth City; alternate, W. A. Smith, 
of Lexington. 


The subject of State Missions being the special order, re- 
marks were made by Livingston Johnson, J. E. Smith, E. M. 
Wood, W. D. Hubbard, 0. W. Blanchard and A. E. Brown. 

President John C. Kilgo, of Trinity College, was recog- 
nized and welcomed. 

W. C. Tyree, for the Committee on Visiting Baptist 
Schools, presented the following report : 


Your committee regrets that it has so imperfectly performed the 
duties assigned to it by the Convention at the last session. 

We have received only two invitations to visit schools. One of 
these came from Bethel Hill, which it was not practicable for us to 
accept. The other was from the Oxford Female Seminary. Only 
one member of the committee found it possible to accept this invita- 
tion, and the following is the impression he received from his visit 
to this excellent institution: The enrollment for this session was 82 
boarding pupils and 20 local pupils. This is the largest patronage 
which the school has ever had, and it necessitated additions and 
other improvements. Several rooms have been added to the dormi- 
tory. A new art-room has been provided, which is in every way 
admirably adapted to its purpose and thoroughly equipped. 

Five new pianos have been purchased this session, making eleven 
in all. They are all superior instruments, especially the new ones. 

Water-works are now under construction, designed to supply the 
whole building with water, which will add much to the convenience 
and comfort of the students. The faculty consists of ten admirable 
teachers. As an evidence of their ability and efficiency, and also 
as a proof of the President's wisdom and good judgment, most of 
these teachers have been teaching in the institution for a long time. 
The health of the faculty and students of this school has always 
been proverbially good, and never before has it been better than this 
session. Neatness and order were observed in every department. 
The young ladies seemed contented, bright and happy. 

This school has had a long and honorable career, and by its thor- 
ough and faithful work has placed the denomination under great 

We are sure that the Convention will hear with gladness the report 
that it is steadily growing in patronage, equipment and usefulness. 
Its success in the past and its prosperity at the present is, of course, 
largely attributable to its progressive and accomplished President, 
Prof. F. P. Hobgood. 

Respectfully submitted, W. C. Newton, 

W. C. Tyree. 


On motion of A. E. Brown, the matter of visiting our 
schools was referred for disposition to the Committee on the 
Correlation of our Schools. 

In the consideration of the Sunday School work, addresses 
were made by T. Neil Johnson, Sunday School Field Secre- 
tary of the Convention; Livingston Johnson, J. A. Mc- 
Kaughan, B. Craig, T. E. Skinner, W. C. Barrett". 

Livingston Johnson offered the following resolutions, which 
were adopted: 

Resolved, That the Sunday School Committee be, and is hereby in- 
structed, to use every effort to secure the entire amount necessary 
for the support of the Sunday School department this year, and that 
the Board make an appropriation necessary to make up the defi- 
ciency, should any exist, provided the expense of this department 
does not exceed $1,100. 

Resolved, That this matter be presented to the Associations, at 
their next sessions, and permission be asked to make pledges to Sun- 
day Schools and colportage. 

The Convention was then addressed by E. E. Folk, of 
Nashville, Tenn., representing the Sunday School Board of 
the Southern Baptist Convention. 

The report on Wake Forest College was received as fol- 
lows : 


It is gratifying to be able to report a year of faithful work, of in- 
creased patronage, of enlarged facilities, and of improved equipment 
since the last annual report of the Trustees to the Convention. 

The college now employs sixteen professors, besides assistants in 
some of the departments. Two hundred and eighty-three students 
have been matriculated during the Fall Term. Of these, nearly sixty 
are young ministers. With rare exceptions, these young men are all 
working and behaving admirably. The Spring Term will open Jan- 
uary 1st. This will be a favorable opportunity for entering college 
by young men who are prepared for classes already formed. 

At the last Commencement, the Alumni Association inaugurated 
a movement for the erection of a new building in the campus. It is 
hoped that now that the debt on our Woman's College is practically 
provided for, the way will be open for the attention of our people t» 


be called to the needs of Wake Forest College in buildings, endow- 
ment, library and apparatus. Some of these needs are very pressing. 
But, under existing circumstances, for several year past, it has not 
seemed judicious to urge the claims of the college upon the Baptists 
of the State. We rejoice that the time has come when these claims 
can be urged. 

It was only two or three weeks before the opening of the session 
that the Trustees authorized the establishment of a Medical Depart- 
ment, and elected a professor for it. But the success of the new 
department has already exceeded expectations, and we may reason- 
ably anticipate for it the same growth and prosperity which has 
marked the history of our Law Department. 

Following the presentation of the report, remarks were 
made by J. W. Lynch, the college pastor. 

The report on Ministerial Education was submitted by 
W. K. Cullom as follows : 


The Board of Education, located at Wake Forest, is engaged in the 
special work of trying to increase the efficiency of the Baptist minis- 
try of North Carolina. The founders of our Convention and of Wake 
Forest College made much of this work, and. surely in this case wis- 
dom has been more than "justified by her works." A comparison of 
the Baptists of the State fifty years ago with those of to-day will 
show a growth in intelligence, in breadth of conception, in the spirit 
of benevolence, and in their real effectiveness in doing the Lord's 
work that is scarcely less than marvelous. Many agencies have 
contributed toward this result, but none of them, perhaps, has done 
more to bring it about than the work of our Baptist people through 
the Board of Education. The past, at least, is secure. As for the 
present, since the last meeting of this Convention the Board has 
aided 67 young men. Of this number, six graduated at our last 
Commencement, and have either gone to a theological seminary, or 
have entered into the work of the ministry; fourteen failed to return 
to college from one cause and another — chiefly on account of poor 
health, or lack of means. Several have been advised to go to an 
academy for better preparation; one has gone to another college; 
one has died, and three have become self-sustaining. We are aiding 
forty (40) at present, with about a half dozen more applications for 
the Spring Term. 


As to the financial part of this work, at the beginning of the year 
it was feared by some that the plan of not requiring notes from the 
beneficiaries and of returning the notes already on hand would re- 
sult in a decrease of funds for the prosecution of this work. A refer- 
ence to the Treasurer's books for the year 1900-1901 shows that the 
income of the Board from all sources was $2,959.53, whereas, the in- 
come for the year of 1901-1902 was $3,082.50. In spite, however, of 
this increase in contributions, the work of the Boara has so increased 
over that of last year that the Board owes approximately $250.00, and 
has only $65.57 in the treasury, and the board bills for December 
about to fall due. 

Besides the direct work of our Board, it may not be out of place 
to call attention to the fact that North Carolina has thirteen men in 
the Seminary at Louisville, who are receiving aid, and a goodly num- 
ber in such schools as Mars Hill, Buie's Creek, Bethel Hill, and 
others. We commend all this work to the hearty sympathy, liberal 
patronage and generous support of all our people. 

But, notwithstanding these things, we still need to remember that 
the fields are white unto harvest and the laborers are few. Let us 
pray the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth laborers, and 
as we pray, let us follow the good example of Cornelius in letting 
our prayers and our contributions go up together for a memorial be- 
fore the Lord. 

W. R. Cullom, 
L. D. Watson, 
B. W. N. Simms, 
R. W. Winston, 
R. W. Fleetwood, 
J. A. Martin. 

The report was discussed by the writer and R. J. Willing- 
ham and adopted. 

The Convention then adjourned. 

FOURTH DAY.— Afternoon Session. 

The Convention re-assembled at 3 p. m., and was called t« 
order by President Marsh. 

J. K. Faulkner, of Virginia, led in prayer. 


J. J. Adams offered the following resolution, which was 
adopted : 

Resolved, first, The Baptist State Convention desires to express its 
hearty appreciation of the unbounded hospitality and many kind- 
nesses shown to its delegates by the noble people of this prosperous 
eity of Durham. 

Second, That our thanks be extended to railroad managers for all 
reductions in rates and other kindness shown us. 

Third, That the Recording Secretary be authorized to have the 
same number of minutes as at last session, and that the Secretaries 
be allowed the usual amount for their work. 

W. C. Tyree, for the Ministers' Relief Board, read the re- 
port as follows: 


We are truly glad and thankful in behalf of the beneficiaries on 
your Board, that there has been such a loyal response from the 
brotherhood of the Convention since the last appeal made in their 
behalf through the Recorder. The churches have responded nobly. 

Our hearts go up in gratitude to the great Father of Lights, who 
has reflected this great need of our dear old worn-out preachers and 
their families on the hearts of the brethren, and caused such a 
gracious response. We give God the praise for the grace of giving. 

We have sustained the greatest loss during this, of any previous 
year. Bro. J. W. Collins, of the Little River Association, has passed 
away to his reward; Bro. John Hughes, of the Elkin Association, 
who has been on the Board since 1892, has also passed away; Bro. J. 
Shumate, of the Alleghany Association, and Mrs. Nancy Ray, of the 
Cape Fear Association, have died. Bro. J. W. Collins' wife lived 
only a week after his death. Death came to most of them as a re- 
lief from suffering. What a gracious privilege to bestow these little 
mementoes of love in their last days! 

Bro. T. M. Honeycutt, of the French Broad Association, a brother 
of sterling worth and giant strength in the Western part of the 
State, has been overtaken by disease and admitted on the Board; 
also, Mrs. L. P. Brown, of the Yadkin Association, has been admitted. 
We deem them worthy of support from the applications made to us. 

As this report comes to you, brethren of the Convention, we have 
nineteen on the Board. Four having died, and two having been 
added since last report. The amounts contributed for their support, 
we are glad to say, are more than last year, having fewer in num- 


ber on the Board, and a greater amount to give them. The amount 
reported last year from the churches through the Treasurer of the 
Convention was $1,286.00. This year we have $1,316.00, an increase 
above last year of $60.00. We are glad to know the interest of this 
work is growing in our churches, and we still appeal to the brethren 
of the Convention for their co-operation in prayers, means, and a 
recommendation of the worthy ones who ought to receive help 
from us. 

We would most respectfully call the attention of the Convention 
to the request made in last report to incorporate the Board at the 
next session of the Legislature. 

Respectfully submitted, W. C. Tyree, 

J. F. MacDuffie, President. 

Correspon ding Secretary. 

REroRT of Treasurer of Baptist Ministerial Relief Board for Year 
Ending December 10, 1902. 

1901. received. 

Dec. 5. Balance $347.22 


Jan. 15. W. Durham, Treasurer 76.70 

Mch. 3. W. Durham, Treasurer 96.51 

Aug. 14. W. Durham, Treasurer 315.25 

Dec. 10. W. Durham, Treasurer 888.97 

Interest from loans 210.87 

Balance 366.38 


To Mrs. Harriet Spivey $85.00 

Mrs. Rhoda Churchill 75.00 

Mrs. S. E. Phillips 75.00 

Mrs. C. F. Humphries 70.00 

Rev. N. H. Moss 70.00 

Rev. T. M. Honeycutt 75.00 

Mrs. L. P. Brown 55.00 

Mrs. Jane Barlow 55.00 

Mrs. H. C. Register 55.00 

Mrs. Sibly Combs 55.00 

Mrs. E. H. Best 55.00 

Mrs. Elvia Caines 55.00 

Rev. W. W. Reed 55.00 

Rev. Solomon Blackburn 55.00 


Rev. J. H. Llewellin $35.00 

Rev. Wm. Harris 35.00 

Rev. T. M. Duncan 35.00 

Rev. W. L. Tart 35.00 

Rev. Jno. W. Collins 27.50 

Rev. James Shumate 17.50 

Mrs. Nancy Ray 15.00 

Mrs. Sarah M. Hughes 10.00 i 

Rev. John Hughes 10.00 $1,110.00 

Permanent interest-bearing fund 459.14 

Balance on hand . . . . 366.38 



One loan $500.00 

Do 350.00 

Do 300.00 

Do. 300.00 

Do 250.00 

Do 200.00 

Do 200.00 

Do 200.00 

Do 160.00 

Do , 150.00 

Do 150.00 

Do 100.00 

Do 100.00 

Do 100.00 

Do 62.50 

Do 60.00 

Do 44.25 $3,22(5.75 

Balance 366,97 


Respectfully submitted, T. E. Cheek, 

Durham, N. C, December 10, 1902. 

We have examined the above report and certify that same is cor- 
rect, to the best of our knowledge and belief. 
This December 11, 1901. 

H. A. Fottshee, 
R. H. Rigsbee, 



Iii accordance with the recommendation of the report, the 
President reappointed H. A. Foushee and \V. O. Tyree as 
the Committee to secure Act of Incorporation for the Board. 

The report of the Board was further eonsidi red and re- 
marks were made by W. C. Tyree, IT. A. Reams, X. L. Shaw, 
J. D. Hufham, F. M. Jordan. 

A special collection was taken up as a Christmas gift for 
Eev. T. M. Honeycutt, of Mars Hill, amounting to $30.50. 

S. J. Porter ottered the following, which was adopted: 

Resolved, That the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina 
assures their brethren of Great Britain and the non-comformists in 
general of that kingdom, of profound sympathy with them in their 
proposed policy of resistance to the English education bill, recently 
passed in the House of Commons and now in process of enactment. 
We would greet with a cheer their heroic resolution to resist at the 
price of distraint of goods and imprisonment the encroachments 
upon the rights of conscience and the integrity of the Christian re- 
ligion, contemplated in that bill. In such a course they prove them- 
selves worthy of the fathers, even those in whose blood the founda- 
tions of our religion were laid. 

Resolved, That W. R. Gwaltney, C. E. Taylor and L. Johnson be 
designated to convey this resolution to our Baptist leader in Great 
Britain, Dr. John Clifford. 

The Ministers' Relief Board of last year re-appointed, ex- 
cept the name of C. J. Thompson, in place of W. C. Tyree. 
On motion, adjourned, with benediction by J. A. Beam. 

FOURTH DAY.— Evening Session. 

During the opening exercises of the evening session the 
fifty-sixth Psalm was read by L. R. Pruett, and prayer was 
offered by J. Wm. Jones. 

Livingston Johnson announced the receipt of letters of re- 
their enforced absence from the Convention of J. C. 
Scarboro and .!. V. Joyner. Be was instructed to mak 
suitable response on the pari of the Convention. 


On motion, 8 :45 o'clock was set as the limit for the discus- 
sion of the report on Temperance. 

John .V. Gates, for the committee, appointed one year ago, 
offered the following report : 


The committee appointed at the Winston Convention "to carry on 
a campaign of education against the saloon" are glad to report that 
the State is aroused on the liquor question as it has not been for 
many, many years. The people are coming to look upon the saloon 
as the greatest breeder of crime, the most dangerous enemy of the 
home, and the most aggressive agency for evil in the land; and with 
this quickening of the public conscience on the subject comes the 
conviction that it is wrong for the State to license, and thus become. 
a party to the traffic which makes merchandise of men, and builds 
its walls with the blood and tears of injured womanhood and inno- 
cent childhood. 

Your committee, after due consultation and correspondence, invited 
to a conference meeting in Raleigh in February, representatives from 
the religious denominations in the State. The situation in the State 
was carefully gone over, and the North Carolina Anti-Saloon League 
organized as furnishing the best working plan for us. This organi- 
zation being non-partisan and inter-denominational, appeals to all 
men in the State who are opposed to the liquor traffic. This organ- 
ization is getting in touch with every section of the State, an abund- 
ance of literature has been circulated, many meetings held, some 
campaigns already fought out to victory, and others now well on the 
way to successful issue. We believe that a crusade has been started 
which shall practically abolish the saloon and still in our State. 

The situation in the State now is, that about one-half of the coun- 
ties have no saloons, and in the other half are about 500 saloons and 
thirteen dispensaries. We regret to say that nearly one-half of the 
distilleries of the United States are found in North Carolina. 

Believing that the time is ripe for action, for united, persistent 
action, with the largest hope of victory, we recommend: 

(1) That for the next few weeks our people should be aggressive 
to secure from the next Legislature the best local and general laws 
against the traffic. 

(2) We urge every pastor, in any place or county where there is a 
saloon or distillery, to begin at once and not stop until he has 
secured a petition, with a majority of the qualified voters of the 
said place or county, for the complete abolishment of the saloon and 
distillery by the Legislature. To do this the organization of workers 


should be quickly formed and the work should be persistent. In this 
fight co-operation is the first essential to conquest. 

We further appeal to our Legislature to enact such laws as shall 
prohibit the making and selling of intoxicating liquors in this State. 
The day ahead is brighter and more hopeful, and if our Baptist 
people, who are already opposed to the saloon and its evils, will only 
gird themselves and go down into the fight, we shall have victories 
for the womanhod and childhood, for the purity and honor of our 
State, in the overthrow of the liquor traffic, which is always hurtful, 
dangerous and aggressive. 

Respectfully submitted, 

John A. Oates, 
C. L. Greaves, 
C. W. Blaxchard, 
N. B. Broughton. 

W. C. Barrett, for the committee, submitted the report on 
Temperance as follows: 


The highest attainment of the individual is perfect self-control. It 
is the duty of every religious body and every power of government 
to assist the individual in this development by giving him favorable 

The use of alcoholic liquors is the most destructive form of intem- 
perance. It is the greatest foe of the churches. It is the greatest 
hinderance to the progress of Christianity. It clogs the wheels of 
progress. It takes the money from legitimate trade. It brings 
want and misery. It leaves desolation and ruin. It consumes homes 
and destroys lives. It murders the body and damns the soul. It 
opposes everything that is good, and fosters everything that is bad. 
If these things be true, and no one will say they are not, it is 
time for all temperance people to agree upon some line of action and 
deliver our country from this great evil. 

W. C. Barrett, 
C. W. Scarboro, 
R. L. Patton, 
J. W. Ltnch, 
C. A. Jenkens. 
J. F. Love, 
J. R. Pace. 

"Remarks were made by John A. Oates, W. C. Barrett and 
the report adopted. 


On motion, the Committee on Temperance Campaign was 
continued, consisting of Jno. A. Oates, 1ST. B. Broughton, 
C. L. Greaves, R. F. Beasley and C. W. Blanchard. 

The recommendation contained in the report of the Tem- 
perance Committee was adopted. 

The report of the Committee on Periodicals was presented 
as follows: 


"The pen is mightier than the sword." The literature of a people 
has been called the dial of their progress. The printing press con- 
stitutes one factor of a quartette of forces, which forms the founda- 
tion of the progress and hope of modern civilization, viz., the pulpit, 
the platform, the school, and last, but not least, the printing press. 
Reading is the greatest source of information. People will read 
something. Never in any age of the world has there been as great 
demand for books and periodicals as now. There is a thirst for 
knowledge, such as the world never saw. Let us as Christians be 
quick to seize this mighty farce, the printing press, and make it an 
engine of power for good, rather than an instrument for evil and a 
tremendous source of wickedness, which, in many instances, it is 
already. Especially let us as Baptists utilize this opportunity for 
the glory of God and the advancement of our denomination. A de- 
nominational paper may be said to meet a fourfold need: 

1. It is a source of good literature, and as such it is indispensible 
to meet the demand of our hj>mes for good, wholesome reading and 
general denominational culture. 

2. It is a medium of information, giving an account of what our 
great denomination is doing in every part of our beloved State, and 
keeping us in close touch with the onward march of our people in 
their work of evangelization, education and missionary and general 
spiritual growth and advancement. 

3. It is a method of promoting denominational unity. No agency 
is so necessary and so indispensible and potent to the unity of our 
work as our denominational papers. 

4. It is an organ of education. We must be abreast of the time, in 
thought and general culture. Our people should be taught to look 
to our periodicals as the chief source, standing side by side with the 
pulpit, of advanced thought and progress. 

Therefore, your committee would call attention, first of all, to the 
Biblical Recorder, the organ of the Convention in this State. We 
take great pleasure in the growth of the paper during the past year. 
The enlargment and general improvement speak well for the people 


"whom it serves. It is not without significance that our paper has a 
large circulation; indeed, it is a fact which should fill us with pride 
that the Biblical Recorder has a larger circulation than any other 
paper, daily or weekly, in the State. We desire that this paper shall 
always represent us. What would we be without a paper? Having 
such a paper, we desire that it shall be supported in a manner that 
will make it always represent us worthily; to carry to other Bap- 
tists an impression worthy of us, and to proclaim to the world what 
we are. what we propose to do, and what we would be. To this end 
every pastor is urged to stand by our organ, to seek for it a larger 
support, and to unite with its editor in high endeavor to improve it 

We commend also the North Carolina Baptist, a paper sound, loyal 
and a helpful factor in our denominational work. For temperance 
and against the liquor traffic, it has been specially aggressive, and 
its work is bearing fruit in a rapidly growing public sentiment 
against the evil. 

We commend the Skyland Baptist, a monthly, published for our 
mountain schools and churches. It is sending out 3,000 copies each 
month, and is loyal to all our work and is meeting a great need. 

We would also further commend most heartily to the patronage of 
the members of the churches composing this Convention Charity and 
Children, a most excellent paper, and the organ of our Orphanage. 

We also call special attention to Wake Forest Student. Baptist 
Historical Pai Mission Journal, Seminary Magazine, Our 

Home Fit Id, and the Sunday School periodicals published by the 
Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention at Nash- 
ville, Tenn. - 

W. M. Vines, Ch'm. 
J. A. Campbell, 
J. R. Miller, 
C. S. WrtxiA 


G. T. Baines, 


Remarks by J: W. Bailey, R. W. Winston, \Y. E. Wilkins, 
John A. Oates, Archibald Johnson, and the report was 

A collection in cash and subscriptions, payable this month, 
Avjis taken, covering the indebtedness of the Board of Educa- 
1 inn. amounting to $250. 


W. C. Tyree offered the report of the Trustee.-, and it was 
ordered printed in the minutes: 


At the beginning of the Conventional year, as required by the Con- 
stitution, we took a bond of the Treasurer for $5,000.00, with proper 
i ity. 
In November we signed a mortgage at the request of the Baptist 
boro on property deeded to the Convention to enable 
this church to borrow a small amount of money. 

W. C. Tykee, 


The report of the Committee on Religions Exercises was 
presented, making appointments for Sabbath services in the 
various churches of Durham and vicinity. 

The Convention then adjourned, with benediction by Bav- 
ins Cade. 

FIFTH DAY.— The Sabbath. 

Dueiiam, £T- 0., December 14, 1902. 

The various pulpits of the city were occupied morning and 
evening by members of the Convention. The sermon in the 
("•invention auditorium was preached at 11 a. m. by F. C. Me- 
Connell, of Atlanta, Ga. 

At 3 :'oQ o'clock in the afternoon the body re-i d for 

the consideration of the report on Sunday Schools. The re- 
port was presented by J. S. Hardaway and adopted as fol- 
lows : 


It would seem needless at this present day to urge the vital im- 
portance of the Sunday Schools to our churches, but the Secretary's 
report on Sunday Schools shows us that this is a mistake, for while 
the State Mission Board has 756 preaching points, the number of 
Sunday Schools reported is only 189. If we take up the minutes of 
ary one of our old and well-established Associations we will find that 
quite a large per cent of the churches have no Sunday Schools. It is 


necessary, therefore, to say, with all emphasis, that there is no work 
on which the welfare of our churches more depends. 

We can hardly conceive of a poor church with a good Sunday 
School, or of a good church without one. * 

But even where the value of the Sunday School is fully acknowl- 
edged, how much remains to be done to make the work what it really 
ought to be! How many practical problems still confront us! How 
may we enlist the whole Church in the work? How may we hold 
the young men and young women in the school? How may we 
secure a higher standard of teaching? How may we unite intelli- 
gence and piety in the work? How may we so arrange our church 
houses that the wox'k can be done under best conditions? What is 
the part of the Superintendent of the school? And what relation, 
if any, does the pastor sustain? These are some of the many 
serious problems that are to be considered. 

It is just along these lines that Bro. T. Neil Johnson, the Sunday 
School Field Secretary, is now doing efficient service. 

J. S. Hardaway, Ch'm. 
J. D. Newton, 
Martin A. Wood, 
A. L. Betts. 

Remarks were made by J. S. Hardaway and B. W. Spil- 
man, and a question box was opened, answers being given by 
T. Neil Johnson. 

At the conclusion of the evening session, by R. J. Willing- 
ham, of Richmond, Va., the body was called to order for clos- 
ing exercises. Remarks were made by President ]\Iarsh, J. 
William Jones, W. R. Gwaltney, J. S. Hardaway, F. M. Jor- 
dan, J. J. Lansdell, T. Hume, W. C. Tyree, S. J. Porter and 
W. C. Newton, after which the Convention adjourned, to 
meet in Charlotte at 7 :30 p. m. on Wednesday after the first 
Sunday in December, 1903. 

R. H. Marsh, 

K B. Bkoughton, President. 

HmiiT C. Mooee, 




Abernathy, J. W., Matthews. 
Adams, G. W., Fair Plains. 
Adams, E. J., Copei.*n.i. 
Adams, J. Q., Charlotte. 
Adams, M. A., Auburn. 
Adams, M. N., Venable. 
Adams, J. J., Graham. 
Adderton, W. S., Dentcn. 
Albritton, Jno. T., Claypso. 
Alderman, J. 0., Windsor. 
Alderman, J. M., Delway. 
Allison, E., Brevai'd. 
Aman, D. F., Marines. 
Ammons, J. A., Needmore. 
Ammons, John, Outlook. 
Anderson, C. J. F., 52 Via Giulio, 

Rome, Italy. 
Anderson, J. W., Asheville. 
Angell, James J.. Boonville. 
Annas, J. R. J.. Saw Mills. 
Arnette, H. B.. Crossmore. 
Arnette, J. M„ S. B. T. S. 
Arrington, T. F.. Waynesville. 
Arrington, C. C. Shelton. 
Arrowood, A. W., Mars Hill. 
Atkinson, J. W.. Raleigh. 
Austin, D. M. Charlotte. 
Austin, J. H., Rockingham. 
Ayers, W. A., Elizabeth City. 

Bailey, L. J., Walnut Run. 
Bain, G. A., Buie's Creek. 
Baker, T. J., Parkton. 
Baldwin, M., Huntsville. 
Baldwin, T. M., Elder. 
Baldwin, J. R., Silas Creek. 
Ball, C. T., Spring Hope. 
Ballard, W. S., Clarkton. 
Ballard, J. M., Doolie. 
Eangle, P. W., Lincolnton. 
Barker, A. N., Grade. 
Barker, H. M., Peachtree. 
Barker, J. H., Lomax. 
Barker, W. F., Bud. 
Barnes, S. B., Branning. 
Barnes, S. B., Branning. 

Barnes, K., Sterling. 
Barrett, W. C, West Durham. 
Barron, A. C, Charlotte. 
Barr, J. S., Pinckton. 
Bateman, R. J., Milton. 
Beach, J. J., East Bend. 
Beach, W. R., King's Creek. 
Beam, J. A., Bethel Hill. 
Beamer, W. H, Pine Ridge. 
Beaver, C. E., Abernethy. 
Peaver, J. A., Burnsville. 
Eeck, A. L., Oconalufty. 
Beck, A. W., Calhoun. 
Beeker, S. J., Leaksville. 
Bell, J. W., Clinton. 
Bennett, J., Lumberton. 
Bennett, J. L., Marshville. 
Bennett, J. M., Churchland. 
Bennett, R. J., New Hill. 
Betts, Alvin, Raleigh. 
Betts, A. L., Warsaw. 
Bilbro, W. L.. Ayden. 
Bivens, J. A., Monroe. 
Blackburn. S., Bud. 
Black, C. J., Big Lick. 
Blackwell, C. J., Big Lick. 
Blackwell, J. W., lL:aka. 
Blackwell, C. S., Wilmington. 
Blalock, J. C, Ledger. 
Blalock,T.L.,Ching Kiang, China. 
Blalock, J. G., Whiteville. 
Blanchard, C. W.. Cary. 
Bland, Wm., Hawley's Store. 
Blankenship, J. A., Price's Creek. 
Blanton, J. C., Fancy. 
Blevins, E., Crumpler. 
Blevins, C, Ira. 
Blevins, S., Dehart. 
Bogart, C. P., Edenton. 
Boone, J. B., Thomasville. 
Boone, J. R.. Estatoe. 
Booth, J. N., Greenville. 
Bostick, W. M., Troy. 
Bostic, G. P., Shanghai, China. 
Bostic, W. D„ Shelby. 
Boyd, J. P., Polkton. 



Bradley, J. A.. California Creek. 
Bradley. W. i\. Morgan Hill. 
Bradley, W. L., Etna. 
Bradshaw, W. R., North Wilkes- 

Brantley, J. P.. Perth. 
Bridgers, S. A., Forest City. 
Bridges, B. M., Mooresboro. 
Bridges, D. P.. Lincolnton. 
Briggs, H. Yv., Bald' Creek. 
Briggs,. J. W.. Eilijay. 
Briggs, T. P.. Grape Vine. 
Briggs, W. K., Briggsville. 
Bright. A.. Spring Creek. 
Brendel, J. A., Morrisville. 
Brisson, Wm. L., Cuyton. 
Brittbn, T. C, Soo Chow, China. 
Bristow, S. F., Colerain. 
Britt, D. C, Rockingham. 
Brock, S. R., Marshville. 
Brooks, C. V., Apex. 
Brookshier, J. L., Flat Rock. 
Brown, Asa, Riverside. 
Brown, A. E., Asheville. 
Brown ) T. K., Black Mountain. 
Brown, J. W., Trap Hill. 
Brown, C. C. Hamptonville. 
Brown. H. A.. Winston. 
Brown. T. L., Crab Tree. 
Brown. G. W.. New Hope. 
Brunt. Wm.. Winnie. 
Bryan, L., Cypress Creek. 
Bryan. R. T.. Shanghai. China. 
Buchanan. C. L., Dillsboro. 
Buchanan, H. B., Glen Ayre. 
Buchanan, .1. L., Dillsbo 
Buchanan. W. G., Elk Park. 
Buff, P. F., Shoup's Ford. 
Bullock. C. P.. Clarendon. 
Bumgardner, A. P.. Ca?sar. 
Bumgardner, W. J., Swanner. 

Burns, A. F 

Burchett, J. O., Amartha, Va. 
Burnett, Wm., Laurel Springs. 
Burger. G. F.. Col 
Burleson, A. M., Mars Hill. 

. A. A.. Beaufort. 
Byrd. R. L.. Tolarsville. 


Caines. J. W., Shall 
Caines, J. T., Shallotte. 
Cald 1 carora. 

Callahan. N. A.. Shallot! 

Calhoun, C. T., Medlin. 
Calhoun. T. J., Medlin. 
Calloway, J. N., Jefferson. 
Campbell, A. N., Buie's Creek. 
Campbell, J. A., Buie's Creek. 
Campbell. Neal. Thaxton. 
Cannon. W. M.. Dark Ridge. 
Carroll, R. D.. Elm City. 
Can oil, S. T.. Virgil. 
Carroll, L. R.. Warsaw. 
Carrick, Thomas, High Point. 
Carlton, W. F., Reddie's River. 
Carson. J. T.. . 
Carswell, Z.. Burningtowh. 
Carter. I. M., Beraice. 
Carter. Hei and. 

Cashwell, C. S., Marion. 
Cashwell, J.. Biadenboro. 
Cashwell. R. N., Parkton. 
Cassiday, W. A., Gcverr.or Island. 
Caudle, A. B., Wadesboro. 
Caudle. T. ood. 

Chambers, S. .iesville. 

.man, H. R.. Wake Forest. 
•ell, \V. Y.. Flint. 
Chappell, L. N., Forestville. 
Cheek, F. B., Whitehe 
Childers, W. R., Taylorsville. 
Church, G. H, Lenoir. 
Church. .1. W.. Reedy Branch. 
Clark. D. J., Clarkton. 
Clark. M. canton. 

Clenny. L. C, Silver. 
Cobb. N. B., Clear River. 
Cobb, J. W., Lumber Bridge. 
Coley. W. J., North 
Collie, D. S.. Bryson City. 
Coilies, R. D.. Godwin. 
Colly, J. D., New Found. 
Comer. W. T.. Lovelace. 
Conner, W. E., Quallatown. 
Conrad, S. F., Charlotte. 
Conway. W. W., Baton. 
Cook. Floyd. Cowarts. 
Cook. H. B.. Medlin. 
Cook. J. H., Lark. 
Cope. C. M., Advance. 
Coppedge. G. W., Wakefield. 

Corn, C. B.,' 

Corn, N. W.. Lead. 
Corn, N. P. N.. Outlook. 
Coram. R. P.. Boonville. 
Cordell, J. C. Black Mountain. 
ap Hill. 
. v.. Kinston. 


Craig, B., Rocky Mount. 

Craig, J. A., 

Cree, A., Embro. 
Creech, Worley, Micro. 
Crews, R. W.. Germanton. 
Crisp, Jno., Norris. 
Crisp, S. M„ Welch. 
Crisp, E. D., Upton. 
Crisp, R. H., Dorsey. 
Crisp, Thos., Mildred. 
Croom, H. M., Pearl. 
Cross, R. D.. Jackson. 
Crow. Joseph. Sodom. 
Croxton, A. M. 5 Monroe. 
Crudup, Josiah. Washington. 
Crutchfield, T. 8., Tarboro. 
Cullom, J. R.. Wake Forest. 
Cullom, W. R., Wake Forest. 
Cunningham, H. A., Swain. 
Current, J. M., Buck Shoal. 
Curtis, L. M., Ahoskie. 
Curtis. F. 0. &., Lumberton. 

Darnell. W. 1 

Davenport, J. E. M., Palmerville. 
Davis. M. P., New Bern. 
Davis. W. H., Hendersonville. 
Davis, A. C, Olive Branch. 
Davis, A. W., Webster. 
Davis. G. W.. Clyde. 
Davis, J. F.. Albemarle. 
Davis, P. S. C. Elizabeth City. 
Davis, R. B., Hiddenite. 
Dehart, T. S., Needmore. 
Dennis, J. D., Bradley's Store. 
Denton, J. R., Dysartville. 
Devenny, J. V., Lawnsdale. 
Devin, R. I.. Oxford. 
Deweese, E. A., Murphy. 
Deweese, L., Outlook. 
Deweese, W. W., Burnington. 
Dietz. J. S., Pearson. 
Dietz, T. F., Bryson City. 
Dixon, L. R., Goldston. 
Dixon, T., Shelby. 
Dobson, J. H., Atkinson. 
Douglass, J. J.. Wilson. 
Dowell, G. J.. Carthage. 
Dowell, J., Jennings. 
Downing, J. W.. Downingsville. 
Downey. .7. W., Buchanan. 
Dudley, K. L.. Asheville. 
Duke, C. W., Elizabeth City. 
Duke, G. M.. Dukes. 
Duncan. T. M., Beaver Creek. 
Duncan, J. W., Ledger. 

Duncan, H. J., Ora. 
Dunn, W. C, Balsam Grove. 
Dunnigan, W. E., Durham. 
Durham, C. H., Lumberton. 

Earl, J. M., Swain. 
Early, B. G., Winnabow. 
Early, D. W., Aulauder. 
Ebeitoft, T. W.. Shelby. 
Edge, Z. J., Louisville, Ky. 
Edmundson. -John T., Littleton. 
Edwards, A. A., Winnabow. 
Edwards, A. C, Leicester. 
Edwards, D. D., Fuquay Springs. 
Edwards, C. E.. Seaboard. 
Edwards, J. E.. Deli. 
Edwards, E. J.. Southport, 
Edwards, J. R., Needmore. 
Edwards, O. T., Ore Hill. 
Edwards. W. H.. Durham. 
Elam, P. R.. King's Mountain. 
Ellen. M. H.. East Durham. 
Eller,' J. F., Sweetwater. 
Eller, G. W., Jeffer: i 
Eller, W. H., Greensboro. 
Ellington, E. P., Reidsviile. 
Elliott, Josiah, Hertford. 
Elliott, M. C. Rocky Pass. 
Ensley, W. E.. Sylva. 
Eudy. G. L.. Effird's Mills. 
Evans, W. J.. Flats. ' 
Farmer, J. S., Raleigh. 
Farmer, J. W., Raleigh. 
Farnor, J. S., Kittyton, Tenn. 
Farthing, C. S., Hattie. 
Farthing, J. H., Hattie. 
Farthing, R. M., Leander. 
Felmet. C. F.. Waco. 
Fender. A., Laurelton. 
Ferrebee, J. B., Elizabeth City. 
Ferrell, B. S., Waxhaw. 
Fiddler, F. L.. High Point. 
Fields, C. F., Elkin. 
Fisher, Dave, Panther Creek. 
Fisher. J. G., Roslin. 
Flanders, W. N., Charlotte. 
Fleetwood. J. C, Margarettsville. 
Fleming, J. M.. Blake. 
Fontaine. P. H., Bethel Hill. 
Ford, D. B.. Alto. 
Ford, T. W., Ellijay. 
Ford, T. N., Otto. 
Forester, T. A.. North Wilkesboro. 
Foster, J. A. Glass. 
Fowler. C. L.. Greenville. S. C. 
Fox, E. L., Sylva. 



Fox, S. L., Vilas. 
Franklin, J. K., Devotion. 
Freeman, A. J., Bladenboro. 
Freeman, F. M., Bostic. 
Freeman, J. M., Logan's Store. 
Frisbie, T. J., Spring Creek. 
Fry, W. F., S. B. T. S. 
Fulford, W. J., Rockingham. 
Furgerson, P. F., Lambsville. 
Fuqua, S. W., Eagle Springs. 

Galloway, J. A., Wolf Mountain. 
Galloway, J. E., Galloway. 
Garner, S. E., Pollocksville. 
Garrett. J. A. Winston. 
Gaskins, N. L., Davis. 
Gentry, S. E., Chatham. 
Gibbs, N. H., Benson. 
Gilbert, R. H., Statesville. 
Gilbert, R. M., Dimsdale. 
Gillespie, J. C. Henrietta. 
Gilliam. E. R., Drew. 
Glenn, W. H.. Grigsby. 
Glidewell. C. W.. Turtle. 
Goforth, M. A., Little Pine. 
Goforth. S. S., Lovelace. 
Goode, J. M., Mooresboro. 
Gooden, A. H., Bryantsville. 
Gordon, J. H., Averell, Va. 
Gormley, M.. Aquone. 
Gosnell, G. W., Owenby. 
Gouge. J. A.. Doe Bay. 
Gough, D. A., Bandana. 
Gourley, Robert, Winston. 
Gower, C. E., Clayton. 
Graham, H. W., Swann Station. 
Gray, J. J., Bowman's Bluff. 
Gray. W. F., Buck Shoal. 
Gray, W. T., Marler. 
Greaves. C. L. } Reidsville. 
Green, David, Norris. 
Green, B. P., Mooresboro. 
Green, J. B.. Forest City. 
Green, J.. Boiling Springs. 
Green, R. G., Statesville. 
Green, Solomon, Virgil. 
Greene, G. W., Canton, China. 
Greene, Edmund, Norris. 
Greene, L. H., Bakersville. 
Greene, D. A., Cranberry. 
Greene, M. L., Ahoskie. 
Greene, S. M., Clarissa. 
Greene, J. A., Clyde. 

Greenwood , Paint Rock. 

Griffin, J. Z., Baton. 
Griffin, J. W., Maiden. 

Grindstaff, I., Bakersville. 
Grizzard, R. W., Wallace. 
Gulledge, J. G., "Lane's Creek. 
Gwaltney, J. P., York Institute. 
Gwaltney, H. H., Vernon. 
Gwaltney, J. S., Cora. 
Gwaltney, L. P., Vashti. 
Gwaltney, W. R., Hickory. 
Gwyn, E. N., Gwyn. 

Hackney, J. D., Franklinville. 
Hackney, J. A., Greensboro. 
Hagaman, J. P., Boone. 
Hagaman, J. G.. Sweetwater. 
Haithcock, U. F., Albemarle. 
Haire, P. H., Fleetwood. 
Hall, J. W.. Hayesville. 
Hall, L. P., Western. 
Hall, Thos. B.. Autryville. 
Hall. Wm., Cattaloochee. 
Hall, W. G., Smithfield. 
Hall, W. F., Idaho. 
Hall. S. W., Penrose. 
Hall, T. A., Fayetteville. 
Hamilton, L. C, Bowman's Bluff. 
Hamilton, R. F., Pump. 
Hamrick, B. M., Rutherfordton. 
Hamrick, W. C, Almond. 
Hamner, W. H., Lexington. 
Hamrick, F. C, Pump. 
Hamrick, D. M., Rutherfordton. 
Haney, J. L., Old Fort. 
Hardaway, J. S., Oxford. 
Harget, B. F., Kingwood. 
Hare, H., Gap Creek. 
Harman, A. J., Harman. 
Harman, D. C, Sugar Grove. 
Harmon, G. W., Ramseur. 
Harman, J. M., Sugar Grove. 
Harrill. H. D., Forest City. 
Harrell, E. J., Woodland. 
Harrell, W. B., Dunn. 
Harrelson, H., Gaddysville. 
Harrelson, J., Clarendon. 
Harrill, Z. D., Ellenboro. 
Harrill, E. D., Ellenboro. 
Harrill, G. P.. Thomasville. 
Harrington. E. P., Mission. 
Harris, B. B., Dysartsville. 
Harris. D. J., Yanceyville. 
Harris, D. P., Elizabeth City. 
Harris. E. R.. Durham. 
Harris, T. C, Island Ford. 
Harris, L. W., Eldorado. 
Harris, J. M.. Hart. 
Harris, Wm., Kapp's Mills. 



Hart, J. R., Eye. 
Hartley, D. C, Minneapolis. 
Hartsell, J. W., Morven. 
Hartsell, P. G., Big Lick. 
Harnaer, J. C, Lincolnton. 
Harvey. M. A., Old Fort. 
Hawkins, R. M.. Sharon. 
Haymore, C. C, Mt. Airy. 
Haymore, R. D., Mt. Airy. 
Haymore, J. M., Wake Forest. 
Haynes, W., Asheville. 
Haynes, J. M., Clyde. 
Haynes, W. L., Green Hill. 
Heatherly, J. R., Saluda. 
Hedgepeth, I. P.. Lumberton. 
Hedgepetli. R. A., Autryville. 
Hegler. D. I., Eupeptic Springs. 
Hefner, S. D., Hudson. 
Henderson, G. J., Rugby, Va. 
Henderson, G. W., Blaine. 
Hendren. J. H.. Vashti. 
Henley, J. M., Summerfield. 
Hensley, S. B., Bee Log. 
Henson, A. B., Balsam. 
Herring, R. H.. Albemarle. 
Hester, S.. Bladenboro. 
Hewitt. D. L., Sballotte. 
Hewlett. R. H.. Wilmington. 
Hice, L. H., Baton. 
Hilburn, D. H., Bladenboro. 
Hilburn. L. W., Freeman. 
Hilburn, Rufus M., Pine Bluff. 
Hildebrand. A., Pearson. 
Hildebrand. J. M., Penelope. 
Hildreth, J. H., Wilmington. 
Hill, A. H.. Cottonville. 
Hilliard, J. M.. High Point. 
Hocutt, J. C Chapel Hill. 
Hocutt, J. E., Bethel. 
Hodge, J. F., Pool. 

Hogan, N. R 

Hogue, G. F., Boonville. 
Hogue. G. F., Welch. 
Hogsed. W. D.. Ranger. 
Hoke, B. L., Newton. 
Holland. G. W., Winston. 
Hollar. E.. Felts. 
Hollar. I., Eupeptic Springs. 
Holleman, J. M., Apex. 
Holloman, W. A., Jonesville. 
Hollifield, A. P.. Bostic. 
Holmes. W. G., Epsom. 
Honeycutt, D., Clingman. 
Honeycutt, G. A.. Silver. 
Honeycutt. R., Clinton. 

Honeycutt, T. M., Mars Hill. 
Honeycutt, W. H., Concord. 
Hooker, R. D., Henrietta. 
Hooker, W. H., Alexander. 
Hooper, G. W., Robbinsville. 
Hooper, J. W., Tuckaseigee. 
Hooper, P. G., Isa. 
Hooper, C. F., Clinton. 
Hord, A. T., Cleveland. 
Horner, K. C, Troy. 
Horrell, R. W., St. Paul. 
Howard, H. H., Bee Log. 
Howell, W. T., Wake Forest. 
Howell. J. K., Rocky Mount. 
Hoyle, J. A., Maiden. 
Hoyle, B. M., Estatoe. 
Hubbard, W. D., Raleigh. 
Hudgins, Richard, Bat Cave. 
Hudson,T.J.,Ching Kiang, China. 
Hudson, D. J., Bessie. 
Hufham, J. D., Henderson. 
Hughes, J.. Benham. 
Hughes, S. A., Valley. 
Hull, W. F., Camp Creek. 
Humes, Thos., Chapel Hill. 
Humphrey, W. A.. Orrum. 
Humphries, J. K., Westfield. 
Hunt, A., Gamble's Store. 
Hunter, A. D., Cary. 
Huntley, W. S., Bear Wallow. 
Hurley, A., Thaxton. 
Hurst, W. T., Arlington. 
Hutchinson. J. H., Six Forks. 
Hyde, H. H., Bryson City. 

Ingram, H. M.. Pekin. 
Irwin, A. C. Pearl. 
Isaac, E., Hughes. 
Israel, L. Y., Dunsmore. 
Ives, S. Albert, Pine Bluff. 

Jackson, W. C, Asheville. 
Jackson, W. M., Flint. 
Jackson, Elbert, Turner's 
Jackson, J. B., Goldsboro. 
James. R. H., Wingate. 
Jamerson, Wm„ Bald Creek. 
Jennings, T. L., Jennings. 
Jarvis, J. F., Adley. 
Jenkens, C. A., Goldsboro. 
Johnson, D. L., Downingsville. 
Johnson, E. M., Hughes. 
Johnson, E. O., Bear Creek. 
Johnson, J. A., Elizabethton. 
Johnson, W. B.. Granger, S. C. 
Johnson, J. E., Elkin. 



Johnson. J. C, Reese. 
Johnson. L., Raleigh. 
Johnson, Wm. R.. Ashe. 
Johnson, W. N., Delway. 
Johnson. R.K., Edwards' X Roads. 
Johnson, S. H., Gray's Creek. 
Johnson. L. E., Fremont. 
Johnson. J. B., Walnut Cove. 
Johnston, Wm, Matthews. 
Jolly, J. R.. Saluda. 
Jolly. J. R.. Lomax. 
Jones. C. S., Hendersonville. 
•lones, E. F., Zionsville. 
Jones, F. H.. Reidsville. 
Jones, J. R.. Royal. 
Jones, J. YY.. Depew. 
Jones, R. H., Ai. 
Jones. Wm. H., Dana. 
Jones. W. J.. Estatoe. 
Jordan. F. M.. East Fork. 
Jordan, J. R., Lilesville. 
Jordan, James, Franklinville. 
Jordan. S., Robbinsville. 
Jordan, W. P., Hertford. 
Jordan. Y.. New Castle. 
Justice, A. A.. Aetna. 
Justice. J. J.. Blue Ridge. 
Justice. T. B., Franklinton. 
Justice, A. I.. Fruitland. 
Justice. C. B.. Rutherfordton. 

Kane. E. F.. Good Spring. 
Kanot. J.. Robbinsville. 
Keeler, S. J.. .Montreat. 
Keller, O. A.. Dealsville. 
Kendrick, R. G., Jr., Laurinburg. 
Kesler. ]\I.. L.. Scotland Neck. 

Kimsey, W. S.. 

King, J. D., Cane River. 
King, M. C, Wlngate. 
King. L. C, Hartland. 
King. R. W.. AYilhoit. 
King, T. C, Burnsville. 
Kinsland, J. L.. Crawford. 
Kirk. J. T.. Trap Hill. 
Knight. W. P., Blowing Rock. 
Kuykendall, P. A.. Zironia. 
Kuykendall, J. A.. Emma. 
Kuykendall, VY. L.. Saluda. 

Laffoon, AY. J.. Elkin. 
Lancaster. J. F.. Oak Ridge. 
Lancaster, W. D., Sandy Springs. 
Landrum. M. X.. Fingerville. 
Kane. J. L., Summerfleld. 
Laney, J. C, Wayside. 

Lanning, Jeff., Denton. 
Lansdell. J. J.. Durham. 
Larkins, J. D.. Clinton. 
Lawhon, W. H. H., Lawhon. 
Leach, M. J., Lassiter. 
Leatherman. J. F., Hull's X Roads. 
Ledfordj B. 31., Ranger. 
Lee, W.F., Tiptop. 
Lee. W. M-, Summit. 
Lee, M. L., Ashpole-. 
Leggett, B., Windsor. 
Leggett, R. J., Howelville. 
Lennon, J. P., Applewhite. 
Lester, J. H., Bushnell. 
Lewellyn, J. H., Dobson. 
Lewis, C. H., Gamble's Store. 
Lewis. L. G., Pennington. 
Lewis, Joseph, Big Laurel. 
Lewis, J. L.. Laurelton. 
Lilly, Edmond, King's Creek. 
Limrick, R. L.. Shelby. 
Liner. J. R.. Clyde. 
Little. J. W.. Walkersville. 
Little, AY. F.. Monroe. 
Little. Wm., Lane's Creek. 
Little. J. W., AYalkup. 
Little. T. P.. Marshville. 
Littleton, J. W.. Palestine. 
Livingston, D. K.. Little Pine 

Lloyd. L. A.. Xashville. 
Loftis. R. M., Pilot Mountain. 
Long. G. T., Cary Creek. 
Long. AY. A.. Core Creek. 
Long. AA". H.. Ayr. 
Logan, J. H., Excelsior. 
Loudermilk. D. P., Glen Alpine. 
Love. A. R., Hendersonville. 
Love. J. F.. AA'adesboro. 
Lowe, .\. E.. Bryson City. 
Lynch. Isaiah, Rockyhock. 
Lynch, J. AA\. AA'ake Forest. 

imson, M. V., Graham. 
Maddrey, C. E.. Hillsboro. 
Manly. H.. Brevard. 
Marcus. AA*. A.. Homestead. 
Marion, T. G.. Crutchneld. 
Marley, H. C, Lenoir. 
Marsh. A.. Marshville. 
Marsh. R. H.. Oxford. 
Martin. C. H.. Polkton. 
Martin. C. P., Ballew. 
Martin, J. H.. Long Town. 
Martin. J. L.. Raleigh. 
Martin AW \\. Gem. 


r 9 

Marshburn, A. B., Nealsville. 
Marshburn, L. J.. Flats. 
Mashburn, H. H.. Louisburg. 
Mason. J. A.. Conclave. 
Mason. W. C, Flats. 
Mason, B. K... Williamston, 
Mason, N. J.. Louisville. 
Matthews, J. R., Hexlena. 
Matthews, B. H.. Swansburg. 
Matthews,' N. J., Pilot Mountain. 
Matthias. B.. Buck Shoal. 
May, G. W., Red Oak. 
May, S. S., Cross-Roads Church. 
Mercer. M. V.. Howellsville. 
Mercer, T. J., Bolivia. 
McClure. W. B., Alexis. 
McCurry, J. H., Little Pine. 
McDevitt, P., Mars Hill. 
McDuffie, J. P., Rock Springs. 
McFalls, W. T., Emma. 
McGee, J. F., Culberson. 
McGinnis. I. J., Banner's Elk. 
McGugan, C. P.. Fodie, Ga. 
Mcintosh, C. M., Clement. 
McKaughan.J.A.. Lumber Bridge. 
McKinney, C. H., Bakersville. 

McKinney, Isaac, 

McLendon, J. J., Indian Trail. 
McLeod, D„ Bellhaven. 
McLure, W. H., Henrietta. 
McLure. W. B.. Alexis. 
McMahon, A.. Forest City. 
McMillan, D. C, Ashpole. 
McNeil. M., Wllkesboro. 
McPheeters. S. F.. Pensacola. 
Meadows. W. C, Poor's Knob. 
Meeks, O. P., Clinton. 
Melton, W. H., Zephyr. 
Melvin, W. A., Harrell's Store. 
Melvin, W. J., White Oak. 
Melvin, W. S., Winnie. 
Merrell, G. L.. Hobgood. 
Messer, J. C, Core Creek. 
Metcalf, C. C. Briggsville. 
Michael, W. H., Sutherland. 
Michael, Ray, Nettle Knob. 
Miles. John A., Leicester. 
Miller, Daniel L. 5 Ramseytown. 
Miller, I. C, Summit. 
Miller, John R., Thomasville. 
Milliken, G, Ash. 
Milliken, N., Ash. 
Mints, J. A., Seaside. 
Mitchell, E., Oshornville. 
Mitchell, John. Hexlena. 
Mitchell, S. W., Asheville. 

Mitzeli, J. C, Evansville'. 
Mtichener, J. P., Louisville. 
Moffitt, J. 1., Stone Mountain. 
Moore, S. P., Fairview. 
Moore, G. K.. Gypsey. 
Moore. H. C., New Bern. 
Moore, I. F., C 
Moore, J. 0., Hunting Creek. 
Moore. R. A.. Red Springs. 

ire, R. R.. Greensboro. 
Moore. Warren. Patterson. 
Moore, J. R.. Milton. 
Morris, J. D., Franklinton. 
Morgan, B. L., Almond. 
Morgan, D. A.. Spring Creek. 
Morgan, B. J., Hominy. 
Morgan, F. M., Flats. 
Morgan, S. J.. California Creek. 
Morgan, W. C, Robbinsville. 
Morris, H., Palmerviile. 
Morris, J. D., Royal. 
Morris, W. A., Bowman's Bluff. 
Morrow, J. S., Core Creek. 
Morton, D. S., Whitley. 
Morton, H., Thomasville. 
Morton, W. B., Dunn. 
Morton, W. G., Albemarle. 
Moss, T. J., Forest City. 
Moss, N. H., Cherryville. 
Mull, W. B., Camp Creek. 
Mullinax, T. H., Grover. 
Munn, D. C, Flinty. 
Murchison, C. M., Penelope. 
Myers, I. T.. So. Bap. Theo. Sem. 
Myers, W. W., Round Mountain. 
Myers, D. R., Salisbury. 
Myers, T. C. Martin. 
Myers, A. A., Round Mountain. 
Myers, J. W.. Round Mountain. 
Moss, T. J., Forest City. 

Naugle, J. B.. Clarissa. 
Naylor,' M. W.. Giles' Mills. 
Nelson, E. R., Hendersonville. 
Nelson, J. H., Patterson. 
Newton, W. C, China. 
Newton, I. T.. Brevard. 
Newton. J. B., Fort Barnwell. 
Newton, J. D., Thomasville. 
Newton, B. F. ; Caesar.' 
Nichols. W. E.. Tracadia. 
Nobles, J. W., Selma. 
Norcutt, B. F., Charlotte. 
Norman, M. A., Alice. 
Norris, H. W., Cosma. 
Norris, Isaac, Crusoe. 



Norris, John, Sweetwater. 
Norton, J. E., Judson. 
Norton, J. H., Venable. 
Nowell, W. C, Nashville. 

Oldham, S. W., Holly Springe. 
Olive, J. B., Swansboro. 
Olive, W. C, Apex. 
Oliver. P., Dalton. 
Ollis, W. H., Ingalls. 
Oneill, G. G., Mooresville. 
Orr, P. P., Clotho. 
Orrell, N. B., Kernersville. 
Osmet, J. R., Dallas. 
Overby, R. R., Belcross. 
Overton, W. C, Harrelsvill©. 
Owen, S. C, Candler. 
Owen, J. C, China. 
Owen, J. H., Fidelity. 
Owen^ J. L., Glenville. 
Owen, J. R., East Fork. 

Pace, J. R., Oxford. 
Page, J. M., Steadman. 
Page, S. C, Godwin. 
Page, Wiley M., Falcon. 
Painter, J. P., Canto. 
Palmer. R. L., Leander. 
Parks. E. L., Lisbon. 
Parker, C. J. D., Durham. 
Panther, J. P., Quallatown. 
Pardeu, A. T., Wilkesboro. 
Parham, S.. Mascot. 
Paris. T. W.. New Castle. 
Parrish, M. E., Salisbury. 
Patton, H. P., Saluda. 
Patton, R. L.. High Point. 
Paul,, C. B., Wilmington. 
Payne, J. M., Blowing Rock. 
Payseur. J. J., Atkinson. 
Pearce, E. S., Currituck. 
Peek. I. T., Cullasaja. 
Pendergrass, J. R., Franklin. 
Pennell, A. N., Avillar. 
Peebles, G. W., Glady. 
Perkinson. L. C, Wise. 
Peterson, C. D., Dalila. 
Phillips. H., Nettle Knob. 
Phillips, .lohn. Beech Creek. 
Phillips. Wm. Mt. Airy. 
Phillips. J. L., Houck. 
Phillips, J. B., Collettsville. 
Pierce. E. S., Pantego. 
Pinner. R., Faust. 
Pippin. A. A.. Wakefield. 
Pitchford, J. A., Littleton. 

Pittman, A. E. C, Rennert. 
Piatt, J. T., Warne. 
Plemmons, B. B., Spring Creek. 
Plemmons, James, Candler. 
Pless, M. W., Crusoe. 
Poe, E. A., Cora. 
Ponder, W. M., Faust. 
Pool, C. C, Partee. 
Pool, D. W., Vashti. 
Pope, W. L., Elm Grove. 
Porter, S. J., Fayetteville. 
Porter, W. F., Dehart. 
Porter, C. W., Elm City. 
Porter, A. H., Orton. 
Posten, R., Camp Call. 
Potter, W. J., Elk Park. 
Powell, L. L., .East Fork. 
Powers, J. H., Mt. Airy. 
Preslar, M. D. L., Monroe. 
Prevatt, F. A., Lumberton. 
Prevatt, John, Lumberton. 
Prewett, N., Knob Creek. x 
Privette, I. T., Wilkesboro. 
Proffit, M. S., Democrat. 
Pruett, L. R., Charlotte. 
Pruitt, Julius.Connelly's Springs. 
Pruitt, Berry, Knob Creek. 
Pruitt. G., Penelope. 
Pruitt, Wm., Robbinsville. 
Pugh, J. M., Randlem*!. 
Puiliam, J. G., Lenoir. 
Putnam, J. W., Magnetic City. 
Putnam, D. F., Cherryville. 

Queen, Cicero, Casar. 
Queen, A. C, Tuckaseigee. 
Queen, B. N., Cathey. 
Queen, J. H., Bryson City. 
Queen, L. E., Cowarts. 
Queen, W. H., Oconalufty. 
Queen, Thos. H., Alice. 

Ramsbottom, C. F., Chadbourn. 
Ramsey. Garret, Marshall. 
Rector, J. A., Morganton. 
Reddish, W. H., Morganton. 
Redwine. J. F., Fork Church. 
Reece, J. N., Galloway. 
Reed, J. A., Hughes. 
Reedy, E. W., Rugbey, Va. 
Reese, J. V., Cruso. 
Reid, T. M., Hughes. 
Rhodes, J. R., Saluda. 
Rice, G. B., Hanging Dog. 
Rickard. D. V., Columbia. 
Rieh, J. H., Greensboro. 



Rich, W. H., S. B. T. S. 
Richardson, J. B., High Point. 
Rickman, P. R., Leatherman. 
Ricknian, C. C, Leatherman. 
Riddle, B. B., Pensacola. 
Riddle, H. B., Big Pine. 
Riddle, J., Beaver Creek. 
Rivenbark, W. B., Wake Forest. 
Roberts, Creed, Berlin. 
Roberts, D. J.. Cherry Lane. 
Roberts, D. J., Trap Hill. 
Roberts. L. C, Sexton. 
Robbins, D. P., Winnabow. 
Robertson, W. A., Barnardsville. 
Robeson, H. S., Shallotte. 
Rogers, M., Bushnell. 
Rollins, B. F.. Elkin. 
Rose, J. W., Plymouth. 
Ross. A. M., King's Mountain. 
Rowell, J. E., Cleon. 
Rowell, S. J., Cleon. 
Roy, W. H., Paint Fork. 
Royall, W. B.. Wake Forest. 
Royal, R., Kelly. 
Ruppe, John, Byarsville. 

Sales. J.. Mount Tabor. 
Sams, J. F., Cane River. 
Sandling. R. C. Clinton. 
Saunders, B., Lilesville. 
Scarborough, C.W.. Murfreesboro. 
Scott. J. J., Branchville. 
Scotten. A. K.. Coleridge. 
Seagraves, W. M., Jonesville. 
Sears. D. R., Siler City. 
Seagle, L. M.. Spring Creek. 
Sellers. J.. Supply. 
Sentell, R. A., Waynesville. 
Settle, J. F., Byrd. 
Settlemyer, G. W.. Henrietta. 
Setzer, A. W., Morehead City. 
Shaver, J. M.. Dealville. 
Shaw. J. A.. Creswell. 
Sheets. Henry. Lexington. 
Shell. P. J.. Gibbs. 
Shell. J. T., Petra Mills. 
Shell, J. W., Petra Mills. 
Shell. L. C, Jonas Ridge. 
Shellv. N. A.. Beulahville. 
Shepherd, J. J., Brindletown. 
Sherrill. T. C, Jumbo. 
Sherwood. J. J., Globe. 
Shinn, J. L., Salemburg. 
Shoaf, R. L.. Linney. 
Sigmon, C. A., Wake Forest. 
Silver. E. D.. Newdale. 

Silver, Edmond, Micaville. 
Simmons, S. F., Jonesville. 
Sims, A. H., King's Mountain. 
Simms, B. W. N., Waynesville. 
Skinner, T. E., Raleigh. 
Sledge, J. W., Stallings. 
Sluder, M. M., Juno. 
Smiley, J. S., Swain. 
Smith, A. B., Marble. 
Smith, James A., Fair Bluff. 
Smith, J. E., Concord. 
Smith, J. F., Ozark. 
Smith, J. W., Clayton. 
Smith, J. L., Siler City. 
Smith, W. A., Lexington. 
Snider, D. A., Wingate. 
Snider, J. W., Wingate. 
Snider, J. S.. Louisville, Ky. 
Soles, J.. Mount Tabor. 
Sorrell, A. P.>Garden City. 
Sorrell, W. M.. Cary. 
Sothern, W. P.. Inanda. 
Sparks, W. H., Ball Creek. 
Sparks, J. C, Ball Creek. 
Speight. T. T., Lewiston. 
Speight, J. A., Ahoskie. 
Spence, J. P., New Bern. 
Spence, J. R.. Polk. 
Spencer, M. S., Hickory. 
Spilman, B. W.. Nashville, Tenn. 
Springfield, Robt., Granger, S. C. 
Sprinkle, A. J.. Fulton. 
Staley. W. F., Biltmore. 
Stallings, J. N., Salisbury., N. P., Hertford. 
Stamey, A., Bliss. 
Stamey, E. A., Lineback. 
Stamey. J. G., Balsam Grove. 
Stanley, C, Nye. 
Stanley, G. F., Loris, S. C. 
Stanley. N., Barnesville. 
Stanley. J. F., Graybeal. 
Stanberry. J. S., Almond. 
Standridge. H. C, Hiawassee, Ga. 
Stephens. M. A., Lumberton. 
Stephenson. R. S.. Raleigh. 
Staton, J. S., Zirconia. 
Staton. M. M., Saluda. 
Staton. J. A., Zirconia. 
Stewart. J. L., Clinton. 
Stoker, A. P., Denton. 
Stone, C. H., Haystack. 
Stough, A. L.. Pineville. 
Stradley. J. A., Oxford. 
Stringfleld. O. L., Barnardsville. 
Summey, J. A., Hannersville. 



Suttle, J. W.. Smithfield. 
Sutton, J. D., Painter. 
Swain, S. D., Mocksville. 
Swain, V. M., River Hill. 
Swain, E. L., Shallotte. 

Tatum, E. F., China. 
Talbirt, W. T., Concord. 
Taylor, J. R., Bayboro. 
Taylor. C. R., Louisville, Ky. 
Taylor, A. J., Chinquapin. 
Taylor, C. E., Jefferson. 
Taylor, C. E., Wake Forest. 
Taylor. E. L.. Rutherfordton. 
Taylor, T. J., Warrenton. , 

Teeter, E. D., Locust Level. 
Tew, John O., Fayetteville. 
Tew' J. W., Iredell. 
Tew, D. T.. Clinton. 
Thomas, A. B., Sylva. 
Thomas, C. A. G.. Edenton. 
Thomas, I. W., Lenoir. 
Thomas, James C, Bandana. 
Thomas, K., Ledonia. 
Thompson, C. J., Durham. 
Thorn. J. B., Ferry- 
Tipton, B. C, Fairfax. 
Tipton, S. D.. Burnsville. 
Tolar, J. N., Mt. Olive. 
Toney, B. W.. Caroleen. 
Townsend. J. T., Carmichael. 
Treadway, E. R., Cove Creek. 
Treadway. R. F., Shelby. 
Trivett, J. W.. Dark Ridge. 
Tucker. Elihu. Bud. 
Turner. E. W., Richmond Hill. 
Turner, J. C, S. B. T. S. 
Tuttle. .1. P., Elizabeth City. 
Tyree, W. C, Raleigh. 

Upchurch. C. A., Ewing. 
Qpchurch, C. A.. Gary. 
Ttley. C. H., Cooleemee. 

Vannoy, W. H., Hamptonville. 
Vann, R. T.. Raleigh. 

Vaughan, L. D 

Vernon. J. H. Wake Forest. 
Vestal, M. H. Jonesville. 
Vines, J. F.. So. Bap. Theo. Sem. 
Vines. W. M., Asheville. 
Vinson, .1. D.. Scaly 
Vipperman, J. H.. Pilot Mountain. 
Vipperman. J. L., Wilmington. 

Waff, W. B., Reynoldson. 

Walker. J. N.. Rutherfordton. 

Walker, N., New Castle. 
Walker, R. P., Henderson. 
Wailen, S. ; Big Laurel. 
Waller, Jesse, Marshall. 
Walton, M. C, Burgaw. 
Wallace, W. C, Carolina, S. C. 
Ward, W., Asheville. 
Ward, Benjamin, Marines. 
Washburn, D. G., DePew. 
Warren, T., Rugby, Va. 
Watson, W. F., Gastonia. 
Watson, T. D., Oconalufty. 
Watson, J. W., Newton. 
Waycaster, J. R.. Estatoe. 
Weatherman, J. G., Jennings. 
Webb. G. ML, Shelby. 
Webster, G. B., Pactolus. 
Welborn, T. M., Trap Hill. 
Wells. C. G., Spencer. 
West. J. H, Downsville. 
West, W. C, Fayetteville. 
Weston, E. L., Forestville. 
Wheeler, Z. W., New Light. 
Wheeler, J. N.. Wilmington. 
Wheelous. Z. W.. Grissom. 
Whisnant. E. S.. Maiden. 
White. J. A., Taylorsville. 
White, J. ML, Apex. 
White, G. W., Rockyhock. 
White. M. P.. Phoenix. 
White. R. T.. Seaboard. 
Whitener. P. A., Morganton. 
Whiteside. Z. T.. Free. 
Whiteside.W.M., Rutherfordton. 
Whitley. A. E., Round Mountain. 
Whitlock. L. A.. Porter. 
Wigerins. A.. Bryson City. 
"Wilcox. A. G.. Brinkleyville. 
Wilcox. William, Todd. 
Wilcox. A.. Caldwell. 
Wi'd. J. M.. Walnut Run. 
Wild, J. R.. Big Pine. 
Wilhoit, G. O.. Ansonville. 
Wilkins, W. E., Clyde. 
Williams. A. J.. Zephyr. 
Williams, B. B.. Harrellsville. 
Williams. C. C. Royal. 
WiUiams. J. M., Clover. 
Williams. 0. P.. Bryson City. 
Wilson. L. A., Sutherland. 
Wilson, L. C Hattie. 
Wilsmi. Samuel. Bee Log. 
Wilson. W. H.. Madison. 
Wood. T. G.. Aulander. 
Wood. E. M., Cisco. 
Wood. M A.. Marshall. 

Seventy-Second Annual .Session 


Baptist State Convention 


First Baptist Church 

DECEMBER 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14; 19 



The Publie Library is situated at Five Points. It is open from 10 a. m., to 
12 m., 3 p. m., to 6 p. m., and from 8 p. m., to 10 p. m. 

ladies' meetings. 

Will be held in Trinity M. E. Church on Thursday and Friday at 9:30 a. m., and 
Sunday at 2:30 p. m. At the Sunday session Miss Lottie Price, returned Mission- 
ary from China, will speak. 


Arrive from Greensboro 3:45 a. m., 9:40 a. m., 4:45 p. m.; from Goldsboro 
and Raleigh 2:20 a. m., 9:50 a. m., and 4:45 p. m. 

Leaves for Greensboro 2:20 a. m., 9:50 a. m., and 4:45 p. m. Leaves for 
Raleigh 3:45 a. m., 9:40 a. m., and 4:45 p. m. 

Arrives from Richmond and Oxford 7 p. m. Leaves for Richmond and Oxford 
8:55 a. m. and 5 p. m. 


Arrive from Houston 9:35 a. m., and from Lynchburg 9:15 p. m. Leaves for 
Lynchburg at 7 a. m. and for Houston at 4:55 p. m, 


Leaves for Henderson at 10:25 a. m., and arrives from Henderson at 4:05 p. m. 
Room above the Sunday School Library will be used as a writing room by 

Inter-State Telephone in Church for use of delegates. 

For any other information call on any member of the committee. 


W. H. Rogers, Cham. I. M. Reams, Jr. L. G. Cole, Rev. W. C. Barrett, 

W. J. Brogden, Sec'y. H. A. Foushee, H. A. Reams, Rev. C. J. D. Parker, 

A. S. Hobgood, Sec'j. C. T. Pearson, P. W. Vaughan, Mrs. C. M. V. Follett, 

Mrs. C. H. Norton, Mrs. A. E. Lloyd. Mrs. J. R. Day. 

Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

List of Delegates and Their Homes. 

Ayres, W. A., Hertford, Chas. Scoggins, East Durham. 

Adams, M. A., Auburn, W. H. Young, East Durham. 

Adams, J. 0., Charlotte, Mrs. R. T. Faucette, Dillard. 

Alderman, J. 0., Windsor, Dr. W. H. Edwards, Roxboro. 

Amis, Rufus, Virgilina, Va., N. Underwood, Gregson and Burch. 

Amis, Rufus, Mrs., Virgilina, Va., X. Underwood, Gregson and Burch. 

Arrington, T. M., Raleigh, J. S. Mangum, at Mrs. J. L. Markham's, 

Allen, Mrs. \V. C, Waynesville, Henry Seeman, N. Durham. 
Alexander, Theodore Meston, (R) Wake Forest, A. W. Sorrell, Alston. 
Allen, Ivey, Louisburg, W. B. McGary, Dillard. 
Amis, Mrs. W. D., Virgilina, Va., Robert Holloway, Cleveland. 
Allen, G. L., Creedmoor, W. S. Holloway, E. Main. 
Alderman, A. E., Dunn, M. J. Clark, West Durham. 
Adkins, R. B., Bethlehem, W. R. Herndon, Holloway. 
Austin, C. J., Tarboro, Airs. J. S. Taylor, Cor. Vivian and South. 

Austin, Mrs. C. J., Tarboro, M. L. Carlton, Pine. 

Austin, Miss, Tarboro, M. L. Carlton, Pine. 

Allen, Mrs. J. L., (Rj Forest ville, T. E. Allen, Ramseur. 

Andrews, S. W., Chapel Hill, J. T. Whitehead, E. Main. 

Bray, Miss Etta, Elkin, C. W. Toms, Sykes House. 

Briggs, Miss Lula Hall, Raleigh, (R) R. H. Rigsbee, Mangum. 

Ballentine, E. H., Casma, Prof. F. S. Aldridge, Trinity Park. 

Beech, Rev. J. J., East Bend, J. W. Roach, South. 

Blalock, A. H., Oxford, Mrs. J. S. Taylor, Cor. Vivian and South. 

Boone, J. B., (R) Thomasville, Col. J. S. Carr, Carrolina Hotel. 

Brooks, C. V. Apex, Mrs. T. Walker, West Durham. 

Beeker, Rev. Squire J., Leaksville, T. C. Olmstead, Mangum. 

Byrd, R. L., Tolarsville, W. H. Proctor, McMannen. 

Bateman, Rev. R. J., Milton, J. J. Thaxton, South. 

Booth, J. N., Greenville, R. H. Hinton, Morgan. 

Blanchard, Rev. C. W., Cary, J. W. Carlton, Rigsbee, 

Blalock, Rev. Joseph G., Whiteville, S. S. Stewart Trinity Park. 

Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Broughton, J. M., Raleigh, Mrs. J. R. Day, Central Hotel. 

Buffalo, R. Judson, Raleigh, J. J. Lawson, Cor. Birch and Milton. 

Bailey, J. W., Raleigh, Dr. J. C. Kilgo, Trinity Park. 

Betts, A. L., Warsaw, H. S. Barbee, Dillard. 

Betts, Mrs, A. L., Warsaw, H. S. Barbee, Dillard. 

Benthall, J. T., Mapleton, Dr. E. H. Bowling, Roxboro. 

Ballard, Rev. W. S., Clarkton, Mrs. J. S. Taylor, Cor. Vivian and South. 

Bruner, Mrs. Jas. D., Chapel Hill, Dr. A. H. Merritt, Trinity Park. 

Brown, Rev. H. A. Winston-Salem, H. A. Reams, Roxboro. 

Boone, Miss Lucy A., Winston, J. C. Markham, Rigsbee. 

Batton P. W., Morganton, J. H. Maynor, Pettigrew, Op. Trinity College. 

Bradsher, Rev. W. R., N. Wilkesboro, Prof. R. L. Flowers, Trinity Park. 

Broughton, J. R., Rolesville, Miss Mary Geer, Couch House, Pettigrew. 

Broughton, Willie, Wakefield, Mrs. Mary Horton, Markham. 

Brown, Miss Eva, Sweet Water, G. C. Farthing, McMannen. 

Bivens, J. W., Wingate, A. C. Melvin, Vickers. 

Brown, Rev. A. E., Asheville, T. E. Cheek, Hotel Carolina. 

Black, Rev. C. J., Big Lick, Dr. J. A. Smith, Morehead. 

Britton, N. W., Woodland, J. L. Wilkerson, W. Main. 

Bridges, Rev. J. B., Catawba, W. H. Weatherspoon, Burch. 

Broughton, N. B., Raleigh, Geo. E. Lougee, Broadway. 

Broughton, Mrs. X. B., Raleigh, Geo. E. Lougee, Broadway. 

Broughton, Miss Rosa, Raleigh, Geo. E. Lougee, Broadway. 

Baines, G. T., Overland, J. W. Ausley, West Durham, Yearby. 

Britt, Rev. D. C, Rockingham, W. 0. Stone, East Durham. 

Barron, Rev. A. C, Charlotte, B. L. Tyree, Cleveland. 

Barron, Mrs. A. C, Charlotte, B. L. Tyree, Cleveland. 

Booker, T. W., Chapel Hill, T. P. Bright, at Dr. Patterson's, Main. 

Bennettt, Rev. J. M.. Churchland, J. W. Neal, Milton. 

Bass, R. B., Cunningham, C. M. Herndon, Ramseur. 

Black well, Calvin S., Wilmington, J. Harper Erwin, Dillard. 

Bridges, Rev. D. P., Lincolnton, J. C. Winn, Mrs. Williams, Mangum. 

Beam, J. A., Bethel Hill, Col. Carr, at Hotel Carrolina. 

Banks, Howard A., Charlotte, T. E. Cheek, at Hotel Carrolina. 

Burke, Mrs. Delia, Statesville, J. B. Hunter, Burch. 

Cross, R. D., Jackson, J. B. Elliott, South. 

Cross, Mrs. R. D., Jackson, J. B. Elliott, South. 

Craig, Braxton, Rocky Mount, Dr. L. W. Battle, Mangum. 

Covington, Dr. E. A., Wadesboro, Dr. A. Cheatham, Cleveland. 

Covington, Mrs. E. A., Wadesboro, Dr. A. Cheatham, Cleveland. 

Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Campbell, J. A., Buies Creek, Col. J. S. Carr, at Hotel Carrolina. 

Cobb, Collier, Chapel Hill, Col. J. S. Carr, at Hotel Carrolina. 

Chappel, Rev. L. N., Forestville, J. H. Southgate, at Hopkins House. 

Chappel, Mrs. L. N., Forestville, J. H. Southgate, at Hopkins House. 

Cross B. R., Siler City, T. C. Olmstead, Mangum. 

Croxton, A. M., Monroe, \V. J. Christian, Mangum. 

Cashwell, C. S., Marion, W.J. Christian, Mangum. 

Crist, Mrs. Harvey, Winston-Salem, Mrs. Alice Franklin, Trinity Park. 

Cowan, Rev. Geo. T., Kinston, Rigsbee, A. M., Rigsbee. 

Cates, A. P., Rock Springs, J. W. Shepherd, Roxboro. 

Curtis, Rev. F. 0. S., Lumberton, R. T. Faueette, Dillard. 

Crocker, Thos. R., (R) Smithfield, Dr. L. W. Battle, Mangum. 

Cobb, Rev. J. W., Lumber Bridge, W. H. Proctor, McMannen. 

Carroll, Rev. R D., Elm City, J. W. Dowd, Dillard. 

Clark, Geo. T., Seaboard, W. H. Weatherspoon, Burch. 

Castleberry, L. D., Raleigh, A. M. Rigsbee, Rigsbee. 

Castlebeny, Miss Maud, Raleigh, A. M. Rigsbee, Rigsbee. 

Cullom, W. R., Wake Forest, Rev. Alexander Walker, Ramseur. 

Cullom, Mrs. W. R., Wake Forkest, Rev. Alexander Walker. 

Cozort, D. C, Moriah, J. P. Faucett, Burch. 

Cousins, Miss Elsie, Oxford, W. A. Slater, McMannen. 

Crutchfield, Rev. T. S., Tarboro, E. J. Long, Burch. 

Currin, R. M., Oxford, W. S. Holloway, Alain. 

Currin, W. S., Oxford, R. H. Hinton, Morgan. 

Cannaday, J. P., Oxford, J. W. Aldridge, West Durham. 

Conn, Edward L., Raleigh, L. A. Carr, at Hopkins House. 

Cobb, S. J., Lumber Bridge, J. S. Taylor, Cor. Vivian and South. 

Cates, A. P., Chapel Hill, D. B. Barker, South. 

Carter, Mrs. C. F., Clayton, M. L. Watkins, W. Main. 

Cook, Arthur Wayland, Airs. C. H. Norton, Chapel Hill. 

Cooper, W. A., Raleigh, E. A. Speed, Dillard. 

Charles, R. C, High Point, C. V. Strickland, Dillard. 

Crudrup, Rev. Josiah, Washington, Mrs. C. H. Norton, Chapel Hill. 

Cook, Airs. C. AL, Louisburg, F. L. Puller, Alain. 

Cale, Rev. D., Poticasi, J. B. Christian, Chapel Hill. 

Cobb, N. B., Ilarrells Store, Mrs. J. L. Markham, Cleveland. 

Dockery, Miss Fannie, Fayetteville, W. A. Slater, AlcAlannen. 

Davis, P.. F. f Jackson, C. E. Jounlan, McMannen. 

Dixon, Rev. T., Beams' Mills, A. D. Markham, Pettigrew. 

Duke, C. W., Elizabeth City, Q. E. Pauls, Morehead. 

Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Durham, Baxter, (R) Raleigh, Mrs. J. R. Day, Alain. 

Dunn, Miss Lula I., Wake Forest, Mrs. C. H. Norton, Chapel Hill. 

Davis, G. E. Fremont, J. L. Council, West Durham. 

Darden, R. B., Mapleton, Dr. E. H. Bowling, Roxboro. 

Davenport, John E. M., Palmersville, T. L. McCleese, Trinity Park. 

Durham, Rev. C. H., Lumberton, Dr. N. M. Johnson, South. 

Dunn, W. B., (R) Wake Forest, W. G. Vickers, Vickers. 

Devenney, J. V., Lawndale, W. H. Burroughs, Mangum. 

Dodd, Miss Roxy, Fayetteville, W. A. vSlater, McMannen. 

Davis, M. P., Xewbern, Dr. J. A. Smith, Morehead. 

Draughan, Miss E. E., Asheville, Dr. A. G. Carr, E. Main. 

Dowell, Rev. G. J., Caroleen, J. V. Rigsbee. 

Do well, Mrs. G. J., Caroleen, J. V. Rigsbee. 

Duncan, J. E. Stem, Mrs. Haskins, Holloway. 

DuVal, Mrs. H. L., Salisbury, E. E. Thompson, at Sikes' House, Main. 

Duke, Rev. G. M., Duke's, C. L. Johnson, Rigsbee. 

Durham, S. C, Chapel Hill, D. B. Barker, South. 

Downing, H. B., Cedar Creek, Aleck High, Alston. 

Duncan, H., Berea, Airs. Haskins, Hollowav. 

Dodamead, A. J., High Point, B. F. Tillery, Broadway. 

Durham, Walters, Raleigh, Airs. J. R. Da}-, Alain. 

Dawson, J. A., Dunn, Dr. AlcCracken, North Durham. 

E. E. Eller, North Wilkesboro, J. P. Sykes, Gattis. 

Edwards, Rev. 0. T., Ore Hill, T. S. Christian, Alangum. 

Edwards, Rev. E. J., Southport, H. P. Alarkham, Hopkins House. 

Early, A. W., Aulander, Airs. Ella Farthing, McAIannen. 

Erekson, Aliss Anna E., Seaboard, Dr. L. W. Battle, Alangum. 

Ellis, A. J., Raleigh, Airs. R. K. Ferrell, Link Place. 

Early, Rev. B. G., Funston, J. W. Pope, Alorris. 

Eure, G. R., Renoldson, J. P. Faucette, Burch. 

Edmundson, J. T., (R) Rolesville, W. AI. Yearby, Hopkins House. 

Edmundson, J. J., Rolesville, W. M. Yearby Hopkins House. 

Eager, J. B., Baltimore, Aid., G. W. Watts, Duke. 

Edwards, C. E., Boykin, Ya., Aliss Emma King, Chapel Hill. 

Frost, E., Alocksville, R. T. Howerton, Cleveland. 

Fleming, Rev. J. AI., Blake, W. H. Holloway, Chapel Hill. 

Flanders, W. N., (R) Charlotte, C. P. Howerton, Alorris. 

Farthing, W. S., Sweet Water, G. C. Farthing, AIcAIannen. 

Farthing, Mrs. Lewis W., Sweet Water, G. C. Farthing, AIcAIannen. 

Falkner, Rev.. J. K., Buffalo Junction, Va., J. W. Roach, South. 


Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Farmer, Rev. J. S., Raleigh, F. M. Cheek, Milton and Burch. 

Farmer, Mrs. J. S., Raleigh, Dr. N. P. Boddie, Duke. 

Fletcher, Rev. J. F., Jefferson, J. B. Mason, Mangum.' 

Farriss, J. J., High Point, S. F. Tomlinson, Morehead. 

Fletcher, Mrs. A. L., Jefferson, E. E. Thompson, at Sikes' House, Main. 

Fry, Rev. W. F., Raleigh, R. F. Morris, Cleveland. 

Fry, Mrs. W. F., Raleigh, R. F. Morris, Cleveland. 

Foushee, A. R., Roxboro, H. A. Foushee, Carrolina Hotel. 

Foushee, Mrs. A. R., Roxboro, H. A. Foushee, Carrolina Hotel. 

Folk, Edgar E., G. W. Watts, Duke. 

Gwaltney, J. L., Tolersville, J A. Matheson, Central Hotel. 

Green, Sylvester, Auburn, W. H. Young, East Durham. 

Green, H. P., Raleigh, J. T. Whitehead, East Alain. 

Gwaltney, Rev. W. R., Hickory, E. C. Hackney, Dillard. 

Gwaltney, Mrs. W. R. Hickory, E. C. Hackney, Dillard. 

Gilbert, Rev. R. H., Statesville, L. D. Holland, Chapel Hill. 

Gower, Rev. Claude E., Auburn, W. E. Young East Durham. 

Guy, T. Sloan, Dunn, R. H. Wolf, Yates. 

Green, A. J., Jr., Alton, Va., Otis Blackball, West Durham. 

Goodwin, E. McK., Morganton, W.J. Brogden, Holeman House, Ramseur. 

Garner, W. H., Creedmoor, C. W. Barbee, Thompson House, Chapel Hill. 

Goode, J. M., (R) Mooresboro, J. L. Pendergrass, Thaxton. 

Griffin, J. P., Woodland, F. M. Cheek, Milton. 

Greaves, Rev. Chas. L., Reidsville, J. W. Pope, Morris. 

Garrett, J. Alfred, Winston, R. H. Barbee, Holloway. 

Garner, Rev. S. E., Pollocksville, W. K. Styron, East Main. 

Grant, Mrs. H. L., Goldsboro, Mrs. Sikes, West Main. 

Green, Mrs. R. S., Jimes, S. Jourdan, Morris. 

Grant, L. N., Goldsboro, Mrs. C. H. Norton, Chapel Hill. 

Galloway, R. J., Mt. Airy, E. D. Woody, Seminary. 

Harris, Rev. D. P., Elizabeth City, F. R. Mangum, Cleveland. 

Horner, Rev. K. C, (Rj Troy, W. P. Phillips, West Durham. 

Hardaway, Jno. S., Oxford, W. C. Tyree, Cleveland. 

Hackney, T. D., Bull Head, Miss Mary Geer, Couch House. 

Holleman, Rev. J. M., Apex, Miss Eva Barbee, Broadway. 

Hollcman, Mrs. J. M., Apex, Miss Eva Barbee, Broadway. 

Howard, Mrs. B. D., Oxford, I. M. Reams, Ramseur. 

Herring, Rev. R. II., Albemarle, Prof. J. F. Bivins, Trinity Park. 

Hume, Thos., Chapel Hill, J. Harper Erwin, Dillard. 

Holt, Jno. D., Lexington, W. R. Ihrndon, Ilollaway. 


Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Holding, Mrs. W. W., Wake Forest, T. E. Allen, Ramseur. 
Haymore, Rev. C. C, (R) Mt. Airy, R. T. Howerton, Cleveland. 
Harrell, Rev. R. W., Fayetteville, J. W. Carlton, Rigsbee. 
Hall, Rev. W. G., Smithfield, S. M. Snider, Ramseur. 
Henry, Mrs. T. B., (R) Wadesboro, F. L. Fuller, Main. 
Hamrie, J. M., Mt. Airy, J. R. Proctor, Holloway. 
Hamric, Mrs. J. M., Mt. Airy, J. R. Proctor, Halloway. 
Huffman, S., Morganton, F. C. De Voe, Couch House. 
Hankins, Mrs. J. K., Lexington, Dr. J. M. O'Kelley, Chapel Hill. 
Howard, Samuel L., Oxford, I. M. Reams, Ramseur. 
Harrell, G. P., Murfreesboro, S. R. Perry, Holloway House, Main. 
Hedgepeth, I. P., Lumberton, A. D. Markham, Pettigrew. 
Hovle, Rev. J. A., Maiden, Mr. Hoyle, Trinity Park High School. 
Helms, Rev. D. F., Charlotte, Mrs. Perkinson, Brooks House, cor. Man- 
gum and Broadway. 
Hilliard, Rev. J. M., High Point, Mrs. A. D. Markham, Pettigrew. 
Howell, Rev. J. K., Rocky Mount, R. H. Barbee, Holloway. 
Hogan, M-is. Florence, Chapel Hill, W. A. Slater, McMenen. 
Harrell, Rev. E. J., Woodland, C. V. Strickland, Dillard. 
Hovle, C. E., Henderson, Mrs. Ada Shipp, Gregson. 
Horner, Mrs. W. D., Henderson, Judge R. W. Winston, Main. 
Hocutt, Jno. C, Chapel Hill, Will Lyon, Mangum. 
Holland, T. T., Apex, J. W. Ausley, W. Durhnam, Yearb}-. 

Hester, H. J., Wilson, Mrs. E. C. Piper, Broooks House, cor. Mangum 

and Alain. 
Hester, Hamilton, Oxford, A. W. Sorrell, Alston. 

Hobgood, W. B., (R. F. D.) Oxford, P. H. Royster, N. Durham. 

Hobgood, H. T., (R. F. D.) Oxford, J. B. Elliott, South. 

Hobgood, J. S., Oxford, (R. F. D.) Rev. R. G. Matheson, at B. W. Hob- 

Hunter A. D., J. W. Cary, J. W. Carlton, Rigsbee. 

Holloway, Loyd M., Wake Forest, J. J. Thaxton, South. 

Holton, C. E. Greensboro, C. B. Green, Holmen House, Ramseur. 

Hood, T. J., Grantham, James Green, Mangum. 

Hood, Miss Florrine, Grantham, A. D. Markham, Pettigrew. 

Hood, Miss Beula, Grantham, A. D. Markham, Pettigrew. 

Hewlet, Rev. Robert, Wilmington, C. L. Johnson, Rigsbee. 

Hill, Mrs. B. T., Clyde, J. W. Allen, Thaxton. 

Hart, W. W., Oak Hill, J. T. Lea, Reams. 

Hatcher, W. E., Richmond, Va., G. W. Watts, Duke. 


Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Hunt, D. Y., Oxford, I. M. Reams, Jr. 

Hunter, C. J., Raleigh, Judge R. W. Winston, Main. 

Haymore, Rev. R. D., Mt. Airy, Mrs. J. L. Markham, Cleveland. 

Irvin, Rev. A. C, Pearl, Rev. R. G. Matheson, Cleveland. 

Ingrain, Rev. H. M., Pekin, A. D. Holland, Royster House, E. Chapel Hill. 

Johnson, D. T., Raleigh, J. T. Womble, Liberty. 

Jones, Rev. N. S., Burlington, W. F. Ellis, Liberty. 

Johnston, Livingston, Raleigh, J. E. Stagg, Carrolina Hotel. 

Johnston, Mrs. Livingston, Raleigh, J. E. Stagg, Carrolina Hotel. 

Jones, J. William, Richmond, Va., Gen. J. S. Carr, Carrolina Hotel. 

Jonhson, Miss Mary, Thomasville, J. C. Markham, Rigsbee. 

James, T. H., High Point, Mrs. E. C. Piper, Brooks House, cor. M. & Br. 

Jones, F. H., (R) Reidsville, T. J. Rigsbee, Mangum. 

Johnson, Rev. J. B., Walnut Cove, Mrs. Emma King, Chapel Hill. 

Jones, Rev. W. J., Depew, W. J. Chrysman, West Durham. 

Johnson, T. Neal, Raleigh, A. M. Rigsbee, Rigsbee. 

Jones, John, Raleigh, Aleck High, Alston. 

Justice, Rev. C. B., Rutherford ton, Rev. W. C. Norman, Hopkins House. 

Justice, Miss Annie, Rutherfordton, Rev. W. C. Norman, Hopkins House. 

Jones, Rev. H. T., Goldsboro,*M. L. Hurley, Elliott. 

Jones, Mrs. C. G., Reidsville, R. H. Rigsbee, Mangum. 

Jenkins, Rev. C. A., Goldsboro, S. R. Satterwhite, East Main. 

James, Miss Hattie, Ridgeville, Mrs. Thos. Wright, Dillard. 

John, Rev. Lewis, Clarksville, Va., L. W. Highsmith, Burch. 

King, Rev. A. F., Fayetteville, W. J. Christian, Mangum. 

King, D. F., Leaksville, C. B. Green, Holeman House, Ramseur. 

Kesler, M. L., Scotland Neck, B. F. Tillery, Broadway. 

Kendrick, Rev. R. G., Piedmont, Dr. W. H. Pegram, Trinity Park. 

League, S. P., Silk Hope, (R) M. E. Monk, West Main. 

Lindsay, John, South River, (R) W. H. Holloway, E. Chapel Hill. 

Lyles, W. W., Charlotte, (R) W. A. Fulford, 17^2 E. Main. 

Love, J. F., Wadesboro, L. G. Cole, Morris. 

Love, Mrs. J. F., Wadesboro, L. G. Cole, Morris. 

Lindsay, T. B., Deep Springs, Dr. W. N. Hicks, Broadway. 

Lindsay, Mrs. T. B., Deep Springs, Dr. W. N. Hicks, Broadway. 

Lawhorn, W. EL II., Lawhora, A. B. Matthews, Pettigrew. 

Lawhorn, Mrs. W. H. H., Lawhorn, Mrs. A. B. Matthews, Pettigrew. 

Lanning, Rev. Jeff, Denton, Y. E. Smilh, East Durham. 

Loften, A. A., Denton, V. E. Smith, Bast Durham. 

Lassiter, Thos. J., (R) Smithfield, Dr. L. W. Battle, Mangum. 


Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Love, M. F., Seaboard, Eugene Cheek, West Durham, Yearby. 

Liles, S. N., Jonesboro, L. W. Leigh, South. 

Liles, D. A., Morven, L. W. Leigh, South. 

Love, Rev. A. R., Henderson ville, J. S. Mangum, at Mrs. J. L. Markham's, 

Larkins, J. D., Clinton, Mrs. E.J. Parker, West Durham. 
Lloyd, Dee C, Chapel Hill, M. L. Hurley, Elliott. 
Loring, Geo. W., Trading Ford, J. W. Neal, Milton. 
Long, M. M., Polticasi, J. B. Christian, Chapel Hill. 
Lineberry, G. E., Winterville, J. H. Maynor, oppo. Trinity College. 
Morgan, Rev. J. W., Weldon, T. J. Horton, Markham. 
Morgan, Mrs. J. W , Weldon, T.J. Horton, Markham. 
Montague, Dr. S. J., Winston-Salem, B. N. Duke, Hotel Carrolina. 
Middleton, Prof. E. L., Cary, C. L. Haywood. 
Middleton, Mrs. E. L., Cary, C. L. Haywood. 
Moore, Hight C, Newbern (R) Dr. A. Cheatham, Cleveland. 
Moore, Mrs. Hight, C, Newbern, Dr. A. Cheatham, Cleveland. 
McNeill, H. C, Dunn, W. W. Cheek, Hopkins House. 
McNeill, Mrs. H. C, Dunn, W. W. Cheek, Hopkins House. 
Moore, D. M., Reidsville, R. B. Suitt, at Hopkins House. 
Moore, Mrs. D. M., Reidsville, T. M. Gorman, at Hopkins House. 
Morton, Rev. W. B., Dunn, L. A. Carr, at Hopkins" House. 
McCall, J. V., Lenoir, J. W. Turner, West Durham, Yearby. 
Miller, Rev. Jno. R., Thomasville, J. W. Turner, West Durham, Yearby. 
Murchison, Rev. C. M., Penelope, U. S. Suitt, West Durham, Yearby. 
Moore, Rev. R. A., (R) Stoney Creek, Robt. Holloway, Cleveland. 
McKaughan, Rev. J. A., Lumber Bridge, T. J. Lamb, Dillard. 
Murchison, Mrs. J. C, Greensboro, Dr. L. W. Battle, Mangum. 
Martin, B. F., Conway, Sheriff F. D. Markham. 
Moore, Prof. R. L., Mars Hill, Prof. F. S. Aldridge, Trinity Park. 
Marsh, Dr. R. H., Oxford, W. C. Tyree, Cleveland. . 
Myers, A. E., Fork Church, Sheriff F. D. Markham. 
Mclntyre, Stephen, Lumberton, I. F. Hill, East Main. 
Mclntye, Mrs. Stephen, Lumberton, I. F. Hill, East Main. 
McDuffie, Miss Jennie, Fayetteville, Mrs. T. D. Wright, Dillard. 
Mashburn, H. H., Louisburg, Mrs. C. N. Norton, Chapel Hill. 
Marshburn, Mrs. H. H., Louisburg, Mrs. C. H. Norton, Chapel Hill. 
McNeill, Duncan, Riverton, Sheriff F. D. Markham. 
Marshall, J. J., Vaughan, Norris House, Rigsbee. 
Moore, J. R., Seneca, J. W. Aldridge, West Durham. 


Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Malone, W. A., Moriah, Mrs. Kate Lynn, Burch. 

Montague, Miss Mary, (R) W. A. Slater, McMannen. 

Merrell, Rev. G. L., Hobgood, H. F. Jeffries, at Mrs. Williams', Mangum. 

Morgan, Mrs. J. L., Clyde, J. W. Allen, Thaxton. 

Morgan, Mrs. E. D., Stokesdale, T. M. Stephens, Popular. 

Moneyham, A. H., Raleigh, 0. E. Rawls, Morehead. 

McConnell, F. C, Atlanta, Ga., P. W. Yaughan, Dillard. 

Marshall, Mrs. J. P., Asheville, Dr. A. G. Carr, Main. 

MeDuffie, J. F., Rock Springs, Miss Amanda Cheek, Pettigrew. 

Marks, Miss Sallie, Albemarle, H. P. Markham, Hopkins House. 

Mason, B. K., Williamston, J. B. Mason, Mangum. 

Martin, John A., Mt. Airy, Y. E. Smith, East Durham. 

Martin, Mrs. John A., Mt. Airy, Y. E. Smith, East Durham. 

McLean, Miss Carrie, Dr. A. G. Carr, E. Main. 

Newton, Rev. J. B., Fort Barnwell, Mrs. M. E. Monk, South. 

Noble, Rev. J. W., Selma, A. E. Lloyd, Hopkins House. 

Nowell, W. P., Raleigh, Norris Boarding House, Rigsbee. 

Neal, Miss Mary E., (R) Reidsville, Mrs. C. H. Norton, Chapel Hill. 

Newton, Rev. T. D., Thomasville, S. F. Bullock, Mansrum. 

Newton, W. C, Greensboro, R. T. Howerton, Cleveland. 

Nelms, David, Washington, Dr. J. M. Manning, Jackson. 

Naylor, W. W., Dunn, Dr. McCracken, North Durham. 

Olive, Rev. J. B., Swansboro, Robert Hollaway, Cleveland. 

Oldham, S. W., Holly Springs, Joseph G. Piper, Mangum. 

Oldham, Mrs. S. W., Holly Springs, Joseph G. Piper, Mangum. 

O'Neill, Rev. G. G., Morrisville, Robt. Holloway, Cleveland. 

Oates, Jno. A., Fayetteville, J. V. Rigsbee, W. Chapel Hill. 

Olive, A. T., Apex, J. H. Berry, Vickers. 

Orian, Sol., Oxford, F. R. Mangum, Cleveland. 

O'Brien, S. R., Culberth, M. L. Penington, Haywood. 

Olive, E. B., Washington, Dr. J. M. Manning, Jackson. 

Pippin, A. A., Wakefield, (R) Robt. Holloway, Cleveland. 

Pulliam, W. C, Woodbua, J. P. Sykes, Gattis. 

Pruett, L. R., Charlotte, T.J. Anderson, Mangum. 

Pruett, Mrs. L. R., Charlotte, T.J. Anderson, Mangum. 

Phipps, J. M., Oxford, Mrs. Lou Phipps, McMannen. 

Porter, Rev. A. H., Orton, W. P. Phillips, West Durham. 

Picklee, Cicero, Albemarle, Prof. Hines, Trinity Park High School. 

Parrott, E. C, Dabney, J. W. Shepherd, Roxboro. 

Putnam, Rev. D. F., Cherryville, C. V. Strickland, Dillard. 


Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Payne, G. D., Murfreesboro, Mrs. C. M. V. Follett, Central Hotel. 

Prim, A. E., High Point, J. H. Berry, Vickers. 

Pruden, J. L., Seaboard, J. A. Ferrell, Dillard. 

Pruden, R. E., Seaboard, J. A. Ferrell, Dillard. 

Parrish, Rev. M. E., Salisbury, Dr. N. Johnson, South. 

Peterson, 0. J., Lumberton, W. K. Styron, East Main. 

Petty, W. C, Carthage, J. R. Patton, Morris. 

Pucket, E. L., Henderson, Mrs. Ada Shipp, Gregson. 

Price, Miss Lottie, Asheville, Dr. A. G. Carr, Main. 

Perkinson, T. J., Asheville, R. L. Lindsey, Mangura. 

Perkinson, Mrs. T. J., Asheville, R. L. Lindsey, Mangura. 

Porter, Rev. Samuel J. Fayetteville, J. E. Suitt, Roxboro. 

Porter, Mrs. Samuel J., J. E., Suitt, Roxboro. 

Pittman, J. P., Dunn, Mrs. Lelia Green Davis, Chapel Hill. 

Pittman, Mrs. J. P., Dunn, Mrs. Lelia Green Davis, Chapel Hill. 

Poteat, W. L., Wake Forest, L. G. Cole, Morris. 

Poteat, Mrs. W. L., Wake Forest, L. G. Cole, Morris. 

Pittman, Thos. M., Henderson, W. B. MeGary, E. Dillard. 

Pruitt, James B., Oxford, E. J. Long, Burch. 

Patton, Miss Winnie, High Point, W. H. Rogers, Mangura. 

Pipkin, N. B., Grantham, M. L. Penington, Haywood. 

Paul, Rev. C. B., Wilmington, C. L. Johnson, Rigsbee. 

Patton, Rev. R. L., High Point, Miss Melissa Hopkins, Hopkins House. 

Parham, P. C, Oxford, W. P. Jones, W. Durham, Blackwell. 

Pace, J. R., Oxford, T. J. Rigsbee, Mangum. 

Pace. Mrs. J. R. Oxford, T. J. Rigsbee, Mangum. 

Parham, W. A., Sr., Watkins, I. M. Reams, Ramseur. 

Patterson, H. H., Chapel Hill, Dr. J. A. Smith, Monehead. 

Ray, Jno. E., Raleigh, W. H. McCabe, Chapel Hill. 

Ray, Mrs. Jno. E., Raleigh, W. H. McCabe, Chapel Hill. 

Richardson, J. B., High Point, Miss Amanda Cheek, Pettigrew. 

Ray, Rev. R. R., Mayodan, J. W. Beavers, Duke. 

Ray, Mrs. C. D., Oxford, Mrs. 0. B. Foushee, Morris. 

Ray, C. D., Oxford, Mrs. 0. B. Foushee, Morris. 

Ranes, L. N., Rolesville, J. W. Beavers, Duke. 

Rose, Rev. Jas. W., Plymouth, 0. W. Cole, Cleveland. 

Ramsaur, Mrs. Thos. J., Cleveland Mills, W. C. Lyon, Cleveland. 

Ramsaur, Miss Cleveland Mills, W. C. Lyon, Cleveland. 

Robertson, A. T., Louisville, Ky., R. H. Rigsbee, Mangum. 
Robertson, Mrs. A. T., Louisville, Ky., R. H. Rigsbee, Mangum. 


Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Reddish, W. H., Morganton, W. J. Christian, Mangum. 

Richv, Henry E., Xew London, J. L. Council, West Durham. 

C. R. Revel, Woodland, G. R. Harris, W. Durham. 

Roberts, Miss Mamie, Semora, H. M. Smith, McMannen. 

Robertson, W. S., Chapel Hill, S. H. Reams, Central Hotel. 

Ray, Mrs. Helen Betts, Leaksville, H. M. Smith, McMannen. 

Rich, J. H, Greensboro, T. J. Anderson, Mangum. 

Rich, Mrs. J. H., Greensboro, T. J. Anderson, Mangum. 

Reynolds, W. G., Albemarle, T.J. Horton, Markham. 

W. W. Rowe, Greensboro, Mrs. L. L. Morehead, Holeman House, Rams'r 

Roberts, Dr. J. D., Jefferson. W. L. Wall, Chapel Hill. 

Rich, Oscar, Mocksville, J. A. Wilkerson, Wilkerson. 

Rich,. D., Winston-Salem, Mrs. Alice Franklin, Trinity Park. 

Rich, Mrs. D., Winston-Salem, Mrs. Alice Franklin, Trinity Park. 

Summev, Rev. John, Hannersville, G. P. Cates, Morgan. 

Swain, Rev. V. M., River Hill, J. R. Suitt, West Durham, Yearby. 

Shinn, Rev. J. L., Salemburg, J. R. Suit, West Durham, Yearby. 

Swann, J. F., Cuningham, Chas. Scoggins, East Durham. 

Sikes, Y. D., Concord, P. H. Oldham, West Durham. 

Street, T. H., Mill Creek, J. R. Patton, Morris. 

Stephens, Rev. M. A., Cedar Creek, J. M. Whitted, Rigsbee. 

Stephens, Mrs. M. A., Cedar Creek, J. M. Whitted, Rigsbee. 

Shepherd, Jas. A., Elbern, J. M. Whitted, Rigsbee. 

Shepherd, Mrs. Jas. A., Elbern, J. M. Whitted, Rigsbee. 

Stradlev, J. A., Oxford, H. A. Reams, Roxboro. 

Sims, Rev. A. H., King's Mountain, J. W. Cameron, E. Durham, Proctor. 

Smith, W. A., Lexington, W. P. Phillips, West Durham. 

Smith, Mrs. W. A. Lexington, W. P. Phillips, West Durham. 

Simms, B. W. X., Waynesville, E. A. Speed, Dillard. 

Sheets, Henry, Lexington, T. S. Christian, Mangum. 

Speas, L. A., Huntsville, J. D. Holmau, \\ llkerson. 

Setzer, A. W., Morehead City. W. P. Ellis, Liberty. 

Smith, Mrs. W. A., Raleigh, T. M. Stephens, Poplar. 

Stoner, J. M., Asheville, T. B. Fuller, F. Main. 

Slimmer, Dr. T. E , Raleigh, Rev. E. R. Lcyhurn, E. Main. 

Scarborough, C. \Y., Murfreesboro, T.J. Lamb, Dillard. 

Stephenson, D. X., Pendleton, (i. R. Harris, West Durham. 

Spainhour, J. P., Morganton, W. T. Pollard, Dillard. 

Sevain, Rev. S. I)., Mogksville, S R. Perry, at Holloway House. 

Smith, James, Lexington, C. W. Barbee, Thompson House, Chapel Hill. 


Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Shaw, N. L., Drake's Branch, Va., W. T. Pollard, Dillard. 

Stough, A. L., Pineville, Jesse Hewitt, Norris House. 

Sink, W. L., Winston-Salem, W. A. Hewitt, at Mrs. Catherine Farthing, 

Seawell, Mrs.V. N., Faison, Dr. J. M. O'Kelley. 

Sherman, H. G., Ingleside, C. T. Pearson, at Royster House, Chapel Hill. 
Sherman, Mrs. H. G., Ingleside, C. T. Pearson, Royster House, Chapel 

Southerland, Mrs. R. B. Faison, Dr. J. M. O'Kelley, Chapel Hill. 
Smith, W. B., Wyatt, W. G. Vickers, Yickers. 
Sanders, 0. N., Wingate, A. C. Melvin, Vickers. 
Stephenson, T. J., Seabord, Dr. E. H. Bowling, Roxboro. 
Stephenson, Rev. R. S., Raleigh, Harry Hunter. Burch. 
Stafford, Gaston, Raleigh, Mrs. E. J. Parker, West Durhrm. 
Stringfield, Rev. 0. L., Barnardsville, Mrs. W. K. Ferrell, Link Place. 
Stradley, W. C, Asheville, Harnr Hunter, Burch. 
Stoner, J. M., Asheville, T. B. Fuller, E. Main. 
Spillman, Wlliam, Conrads, J. T. Lea, Reams. 
Shaw, H. M., Oxford, T. E. Cheek, Carolina Hotel. 
Shaw, Mrs. H. M., Oxford, T. Cheek, Carolina Hotel. 
Skelton, Miss, Raleigh, R. H. Rigsbee, Mangum. 
Shaw, Jno. A., Creswell, T. L. McClees, Trinity Park. 
Smith, Rev. J. E., Concord, W. Duke, Main. 

Shield, Miss Margaret W., Scotland Neck, Dr. N. P. Boddie, Duke. 
Shell, A., Greensboro, Mrs. L. L. Morehead, Holman House, Ramseur. 
Spillman, Rev. B. W., Kinston, Mrs. N. E. Green, Chapel Hill. 
Sams, A. F., Cary, A. M. Rigsbee, Rigsbee. 
Shearin, E. W , Rocky Mount, E. D. Woody, Seminary. 
Stewart, T. P., Henderson, J. J. Lawson, Milton and Burch. 
Shell, A. W., Petra, F. G. Battle, Hopkins House. 
Therrell, W. A., Asheville, A. W. Cheek, West Durham. 
Teague, N. R., Abbott's Creek, A. W. Cheek, West Durham. 
Treadway, R. T., Shelby, W. Duke, Main. 
Tolar, Rev. J. N., Mt. Olive, T. J. Rigsbee, Mangum. 
Turner, J. C, Statesville, Prof. J. A. Matheson, Central Hotel. 
Teague, Miss Sadie, Palmersville, S. Jourdan, Morris. 
Thompson, Mrs. E. G., Leasburg, A. D. Markham, Pettigrew. 
Taylor, Mrs. J. A., Dunn, A. M. Rigsbee, Rigsbee. 
T3'son, Mrs Ralph, Carthage, A. D. Markham, Pettigrew. 
Taylor, T. J., Warrenton, Rev. E. R. Leyburn, Main. 


Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Tucker, Dr. F. P., Ruffin, F. G. Battle, Hopkins House. 

Thompson, M. W., Greensboro, J. F. Wiley, Holeman House Ramseur. 

Tolar, Mrs. T. J., Rennert, W. H. Burroughs, Mangura. 

Tolar, T. J., Rennert, W. H. Burroughs, Mangum. 

Triplett, Matton, Lenoir, A. J. Faucett, Liberty. 

Taylor, Dr. C. E., Wake Forest, Hotel Carrolina. 

Utley, Chas. H., Cooleemee, C. E. Jourdan, McMannen. 

Upchurch, W. F., New HilJ, C. V. Strickland, Dillard. 

Upchurch, Carey, A., Cary, W. M. Williams, F. M. Carlton. 

Vernon, C. R., Bushey Fork, H. G. Coleman, Alston. 

Vann, Dr. R. T., Raleigh, B. L. Tyree, Cleveland. 

Vann, Mrs. R. T. Raleigh, B. L. Tyree, Cleveland. 

Vipperman, J. L., Wilmington, I. L. Pendergrass, Thaxton. 

Vann, T. E., Como, Mrs. J. R. Day, Central Hotel. 

Vipperman, Rev. J. H., High Point, J. W.Cameron, E. Durham, Proctor. 

Vaughan, Miss Mable, Menola, Mrs. E. J. Whitaker, Vickers. 

Vines, W. M., Asheville, Melville Jeffries, Mangum. 

Vines, Mrs. W. M., Asheville. Melville Jeffries, Mangum. 

Veazy, W. M., Knap of Reeds, S. F. Bullock, Mangum. 

Winstead, Mrs. Lou, Woodsdale, C. W. Toms, Sykes' House, W. Main. 

Wood, Martin A., Marshall, Mrs. Lelia Green Davis, Chapel Hill. 

Wood, Mrs. Lottie B., Marshall, Mrs. Lelia Green Davis, Chapel Hill. 

Watson, Rev. J. W., Newton, John Cheek, East Durham, Driver. 

Wells, Rev. C. G., Spencer, John Cheek, East Durham, Driver. 

Wall, C. M., Wallburg, J. C. Dailey, West Durham. 

Watson, Rev. W. F., Gastonia, C. C. Taylor, Morris. 

Watson, Mrs. W. F., Gastonia, C. C. Taylor, Morris. 

Watkins, Rev. G. T., Roxboro, T. J. Rigsbee, Mangum. 

Watkins, Mrs. G. T., Roxboro, T. J. Rigsbee, Rigsbee. 

Waff, Rev. W. B., Reynoldson, Mrs. M. J. Clark, West Durham. 

Whittington, W. W., Bullhead, J. T. Bailey, West Durham, Washington. 

White, J. M., Apex, R. T. Howerton, Clevaland, 

Woody, G. E., Bethel Hill, J. W. Pope, Morris. 

Woodall, W. H., Mars Hill, B. C. Woodall, Hunt. 

Woodall, Mrs. W. H., B. C. Woodall, Hunt. 

Williams, J. T. , Harrellsville, J. C. Dailey, West Durham. 

Woody, Ruffin, Bethel Hill, J. W. Pope, Morris. 

Wilder, Thos. B., Louisburg, J. S. Manning, at Hotel Carrolina. 

Winbornc, S. P., Como, Mrs. J. R. Day, Central Hotel. 

White, Wm. H., Wilson, J. W. Dowd, Dillard. 


Compliments of The First National Bank, Durham, N. C. 

Westbrook, C. B., McCoy, E. W. Yates, McMannen. 

Walker, E. M., Jesse, E. W. Yates, McMannen. 

Watkins, Miss Elizabeth, Winston-Salem, W. A. Slater, McMannen. 

Wilson, S. B., Yaneevville, Geo. Winn, Mrs. Williams, Mangum, 

Washburn, D. G., Depew. W. T. Chrysman, West Durham. 

Williams, J. C, Asheville, J. A. Woodall, Mrs. Williams, Mangum. 

Walker Mrs. C. C, High Point, W. H. Rogers, Mangum. 

Windsor, C. W., Salisbury, R. H. Wolf, Yates. 

Wagoner, J. M., Monthland, J. A. Stell, East Durham. 

Wagoner, E. Leff, Monthland, J. A., Stell, East Durham. 

West T. S., Coxes, A. J. Faucette, Liberty. 

Wildes, Miss Mary, Winston-Salem, H. E. Seeman, North Durham. 

Wilson, J. S., High Point, S. F. Tomlinson, Morehead. 

Willingham, R. J., Richmond, Va., G. W. Watts, Duke. 

Williams, Miss Amelia, Newbern, Dr. L. W. Battle, Mangum. 

Womble, E. A., Sparter, Paul Crews, Dillard. 

Womble, Mrs. E. A., Sparter, Paul Crews, Dillard. 

Watson, Prof. L. D., Raleigh, P. W. Vaughan, Dillard. 

Wrenn, E. H., Mt. Airy, E. 0. Patterson, Broadway. 

Yarborough, C. J. Locust Hill, Mrs. T. Walker, West Durham. 


J. S. CARR, President. W. J. HOLLOWAY, Cashier. 


The First National Bank 

United States Government Depository 

Cashes Checks of Every Warehouse in the City 

Safety Deposit Boxes in Steel Burglar and Fire Proof 
Vaults for rent. 

Solicits accounts of Banks, Cotton Mills and other 
Manufacturing Establishments, Merchants and Individuals, 
and will be pleased to meet or correspond with those con- 
templating making changes or opening new accounts. 

We guarantee prompt service and courteous attention. 

Offers Superior Facilities for All Banking Purposes 

Insured against Burglary in the Fidelity and Casualty 
Company of New York. 


' sf -L->i.