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Full text of "Proclamation. Head quarters, June 28, 1844, 4 o'clock a.m. To the citizens of Carthage and Hancock County ..."

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Pr ocliaftiaPtioii • 

Head Quaiters, June 28". 18-: 4, 
.' ,, 4o'clocl<. A. M. 

To the cilizeri} of Carthage and Hancock counl}jt 

In jiarsuance of an afdcr from Gov. Ford, 
instructing me to the exercise of such discre- 
tionary powers as I may deem necessary fisr 
tli6 preservation of the public safety, and the 
lives and property of* oii'r ciiizeng; 1 hereby in- 
\4te all citizens to remain at their sKviral 
hotnesin Hancock county and co-op6raie wiiii' 
nio in establishing tranquilitj and safety 
throughout the couiify. The 'most cfficien't 
mea^s have been put in requisition for concen- 
trating the military force of the n'cighbol'in^ 
bounties at Carthage, anAin I2 hours thero . 
will be a suflicient forcc^Hta|e protection of 
^vrry citizen i:^ the couii^^^H 

i confidently believe m^^m no just apprc- 
hensioii' of an tfttack u^J^^^Ey place by the 
Mormon citizfias of our ci^Hy. And I h';rcby 
strictly command all n^ens of Hancock 
<inuntyt^ab'3tain from violence towards the 
itlornMB^pulatioh, under penalty of the sc- 
veres^^^Bipns of inilitavy law, and act in h6' 
Cas6, o^^^Bhc defensive. 

The coWR of the murdered men will h't 
forthwith reiiiovcd to i>auv»o, under an es- 
cort from ftead Quarters. 

Given under my hand this 2'8ih June f844,- 
4 o^cloik A. M. 

M. R. DEMING, Brig. Gen., 
4l!i Brigade and 5th Division. 

It is liojied and expected that the Governor 
V, Jl be »'. Head Qaari'.ifi ill a f97/ hours. ,