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Full text of "Proclamation. Head quarters, June 28, 1844, 4 o'clock a.m. To the citizens of Carthage and Hancock County ..."

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June -29lh, 1844. 


Htad Quaiters, June 26, 1844, 
4 o'clock, A. M. 
To trie ciliiiiis of Carthage and Haiicock counti/: 

In pursuance of an order from Gov. Ford,- 
instructing nie to the excrc'i^C 6f such discre- 
tionary powers a3 I may deem hcccssary f»r 
the p/eservation of the pubftc safety, and tho 
lives and properly of otrr ftiii'zfi'ns; 1 hereby in* 
vJte all ciuzens to remain at their several 
hcrniesin Hancock county and co-operate w?tfr 
me in establishing tranc}uility and safety 
throughout the county. ' The most effic?etft 
means have been put in requisition for concen- 
trating tlie military force of the neighbtfringf 
coufities at Carthage, and in 12 hours there 
will be a sufficient force for the protection o( 
every citizen in the country. 

I contidently believe tkete is no just appte- 
hension of an iitatk upon any plaie by tho 
Mormon citizens of our county. And I hereby 
strictly comirtand all citizens of Hantocli 
bounty to abstain fr6m violence towarda the 
Mormon population, under penalty of the se- 
verest inflictions of military law,- ihd act in ntf 
case, only on the defensive. 

The corpses of the fnur'dered men wil't b'e 
forthwith removed to Nauv»o, under an es- 
cort from Head Quarters. . 

Given under my hand tAis 28ih June 1844, 
4 o'clock A. M. 

M. R. DEMING, Brig.Ocn., 
4tlr Brigade and 5th Divicrion. 

It is hoped and expected that the GovcTfto* 
vjl be a'. Head '"^uar'.vts in a few hours'. 


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