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APRIL, 1977 




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The Greater Catawba Valley and 

Alumni Campaign 3 

Development Up-Date 6 

Alumni Views 8 

1 976 Voluntary Giving Honor Rolls 9 

Class Notes 21 

Admissions Report — Future Alumni? 23 

General College News 24 

Special Events 26 

Sports 27 

College Administrative 

President Dr. Albert B. Anderson 

Asst. to the President Jeff Norris 

Associate Dean Dr. Grant T. Hammond 

Director of Development. . . Dr. R. Paul Kercher 
Business Manager Harry S. Livengood 



Volume 28 Number 2 

April 1977 


Clarence L. Pugh 


JohnF. Hall 

Class Notes Editor 

Evelyn Carswell 

Special Photography 

Bruce Sheeks 

Published five times a year (February, April, 
Lenoir-Rhyne College. Second class postag 

3 paic 

September, November) by 
i at Hickory, N.C 28601. 

Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 

$4 Million Needed to Complete 'Strategy' 

Lenoir-Rhyne College alumni have been asked to play 
an important role in the largest single program of ad- 
vance ever undertaken by the college. A goal of $1 
million, or approximately one-fourth of the remaining 
needs of the Strategy for the Seventies program, was 
recently approved by the Alumni Board of Directors. 

The Strategy for the Seventies is the plan of academic 
program and physical plant development which incor- 
porates an adjusted fund-raising goal of $12 million for 
the years. 1970-79. Approximately $8 million has been 
secured through the first seven years of this period, and 
the total cost of meeting remaining needs is estimated 
at $4,1 70,000. 

Estimate of Costs to Fulfill the Remaining 
Strategy for the Seventies Objectives 


Shuford Physical Education Center . . 
Learning Resources Center Addition . 
Campus Development 


Faculty Development 

Hearing Impaired Program 

Merit Scholarships 

Business Administration Program 

Professorship in Business Administration . 
P. E. Center Maintenance 


Loyalty Fund 1977-1979 

Total need to be sought through the proposed 
Greater Catawba Valley and Alumni Campaign . 




$ 1,925,000 


$ 495,000 


The Strategy for the Seventies program has been suc- 
cessful through its first seven years. The fulfillment of 
the remaining needs of the long-range development 
program is the immediate challenge in the concluding 
three years of the decade. When these needs are met, 
the college will have completed one of the most 
significant programs in its long history. 

A Board of Trustees — authorized study is presently 
underway to determine whether there is a base of 
leadership support to develop a major campaign and to 
determine the goal level for the campaign program.The 
Board has secured the services of Ward, Dreshman and 
Reinhardt, Inc., of Columbus, Ohio, to conduct the 
"feasibility plus" study and develop a campaign by the 
end of July. 

The proposed campaign is visualized as being an in- 
tensive and extensive effort among all support con- 
stituencies within the six contiguous counties of the 
Greater Catawba Valley, as well as all alumni 
throughout the U.S. 

The Loyalty Fund which alumni conduct each year in 
support of current operations of the college will be in- 
corporated in the proposed campaign and projected 
over a three-year period of pledge support. Nearly half a 
million dollars will be sought for this vital area of alumni 

Alumni will also be challenged to raise an additional 
half million dollars to help meet other needs. These 
needs are illustrated in the following inventory of needs. 


(Thumbnail Description) 

Completion of Shuford Physical Education Center. . . 

Addition to Shuford Memorial Gymnasium will include 
classrooms, office space, men's and women's locker 
facilities, handball courts, a physical education gymnasium 
and an Olympic swimming pool. 

Learning Resources Center 

A two-story addition to the library to unify and centralize 
campus services, facilities, learning resources, equipment 
and material to provide a more efficient and fruitful learning 
experience. The facility will include TV/radio studio, audio 
and control room, 2 graphics laboratories, 3 photographic 
darkrooms, 1 equipment pool, repair shop, offices, rest- 
rooms, service rooms and space for the academic com- 
puter, curriculum lab, language lab, and printing services. 

Professorship - Business Administration 

Endowment established to enable the college to employ 
a faculty member with an earned doctorate. Competition 
for persons holding doctorates in the business field is 
keen. To meet comparable salaries as commanded in 
industry makes it mandatory that a means of meeting this 
challenge is provided. 

$ 800,000 





Loyalty Fund for Operations 1977-1979 

Loyalty Fund needs over the next three years are incor- 
proated into the capital program to benefit from the inten- 
sive effort to be developed in the campaign. 

Campus Development 

Includes construction of a greenhouse and elevator to 
complete decade needs of the Biology Department; addit- 
ional lighting, and parking facilities, and an energy study 
and conversion. 

Faculty Development 250,000 

Establish an endowment to increase the number of annual 
awards to faculty through the sabbatical leave program for 
enrichment and self-renewal. 

Student Merit Scholarships 250,000 

Establish an endowment to increase financial aid grants to 
students based on merit rather than need in order to inspire 
academic enthusiasm and excellence in the student body. 

Hearing Impaired Program 250,000 

Establish an endowment to employ additional staff persons 
with expertise in the area of the multi-handicapped; provide 
scholarship aid to students in special education; help 
establish on-campus library resources for students; pro- 
vide travel funds for faculty and students to sites of hearing 
-impaired specialization; and purchase of equipment for 
use on campus that is particular to the needs of the hearing 
impaired program. 

Business Administration Program 250,000 

Establish an endowment to assist in broadening and stren- 
gthening the Business Administration program to include 
visiting lecturers, computer sciences, and expanded intern- 
ship program with local manufacturing and merchandising 

P. E. Center Maintenance 250,000 

Establish an endowment to assist with the additional opera- 
ting and maintenance costs inherent in the construction of 
the Shuford Physical Education Center addition to the 
Shuford Memorial Gymnasium. 

April 1977 


Donors who pledge to the Greater Catawba Valley and 
Alumni Campaign over a three-year period will not be 
contacted for a pledge to Loyalty Fund again in this 

It is hoped that every alumni contributor to past Loyalty 
Fund efforts will plan their gifts at an unprecedented 
level to help assure the achievement of the $1 million 
alumni goal and in turn the realization of the $4,1 70,000 
total college need. 

The approach to be developed among alumni is to 
secure leadership enlistments in every community of 
the U.S. with a concentration of five or more alumni. 

North Carolina with the largest concentration of alumni 
is being organized into three separate areas which will 
ultimately reach into 127 communities and provide op- 
portunity for more than 10,000 alumni to be reached in 
the campaign program. 

Twenty-two additional states will also be organized 
which will bring another 2,500 alumni into the campaign 

It is estimated that more than 2,000 alumni will par- 
ticipate as leaders in the campaign. 

The success of the alumni phase of this major cam- 
paign will depend upon the willingness of all alumni 
throughout the country to serve in these important 
leadership roles in the developing campaign structure. 

Contacts are being initiated among alumni and as you 
are contacted, your active involvement and par- 
ticipation will be vital to the success of the college's ef- 



JsHowtfti -awcmi 

^ womehs messwc fc 



Pictured are floor plans for the proposed physical education addition to Shuford Memorial 
Gymnasium. A n artist's conception of the exterior of the building is featured on the front cover 
of this magazine. The physical education addition is projected as a high-priority need in 
fulfilling the Strategy for the Seventies program. 

Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 



A design which complements the existing Lenoir-Rhyne library is planned for the proposed 
Learning Resource Center. The Center is a projected capital need to complete the Strategy for 
the Seventies 


Mrs. Elsie B. Deaton '35, left, and Mr. Charles D. Dixon, both of Hickory, will be seeking your 
support as plans progress for the proposed Greater Catawba Valley and Alumni Campaign. 
Mrs. Deaton is chairman of the alumni phase, while Dixon has been named general chairman 
of the overall drive. 

April 1977 

Development Up-Date 

Dr. R. Paul Kercher 
Director of Development 


Total gifts to Lenoir-Rhyne College in 
1976 from all sources amounted to 

$1 ,071 ,894 — up $92,685 from 1 975. 
This is the first time in our history that 
gift support has exceeded the million 
dollar mark in any given calendar year. 
A summary of the sources of this 
support begins on page nine. 


Total funds received in cash or 
pledges in the Strategy for the Seven- 
ties program now stands at $8,1 1 2,840 
— up from $5,200,000 one year ago. 
The revised goal of the Strategy 
program is $12,000,000 for current 
operations, buildings and endowment 
by December 31, 1979. The Strategy 
for the Seventies is a comprehensive, 
decade-long plan aimed at 
strengthening the academic and in- 
structional program of the college, 
renovating and updating the physical 
plant, providing new buildings and 
facilities, and adding substantially to 
the endowment. 




The Lenoir-Rhyne College Forward 
Together Campaign among the 207 
congregations of the North Carolina 
Synod of the Lutheran Church in 
America now stands at $1,600,000 in 
pledges and commitments. This 
amount exceeds the basic goal of 
$1,200,000 and the advance goal of 

$1,500,000. The challenge goal is 
$2,000,000. The intensive phase of the 
campaign ended March 31, but ad- 
ditional field work and follow-up will 
continue through the 33-month pledge 
payout period, April 1, 1977 - Decem- 
ber 31, 1979. 

Forward Together funds will provide 
a new classroom building, the 
renovation of the Rhyne classroom 
building and additional endowment. 

Dr. Walter T. Nau 


Dr. Walter T. Nau, a professor 
emeritus of Lenoir-Rhyne, has been 
engaged as Campaign Progress Direc- 
tor for the Forward Together Cam- 

A long-time Hickory resident, Dr. Nau 
was an active member of the Lenoir- 
Rhyne faculty from 1945-1974. He 
taught French and German and chaired 
the department. Before joining the 
college faculty, he was an instructor at 
Duke University. 

Dr. Nau holds a bachelor of arts 
degree from Guilford College, as well 

as master of arts and doctor of 
philosophy degrees from Duke. Also a 
graduate of Concordia Seminary, he 
has been a Lutheran clergyman for 
many years. He has served parishes in 
Virginia, Illinois and North Carolina, the 
last being St. Mark's Lutheran Church 
in China Grove. 

Dr. Nau has distinguished himself in 
many different fields. He has served as 
chairman of the Hickory City School 
Board and a district governor of Rotary 
International. He is currently president 
of the Western Piedmont Symphony 
Society and chairman of the State Con- 
tinuing Education Committee for Men- 
tal Health Services. 

We are pleased to have Dr. Nau join 
our development staff for the vital work 
of the campaign's follow-up phase. 


The Spring Development Board 
meeting, set for Saturday, April 30, on 
the campus, will mark the tenth an- 
niversary of the founding of the Board 
in 1967. The principal business of the 
meeting will be the consideration of the 
restructuring plan whereby the Board 
would be organized into four 
permanent committees — Human 

Resouces, Constituency Services, 
Development Program and Student 

Chairing the 35-member Board is Dr. 
George P. Hager of Chapel Hill; vice- 
chairman is Harley F. Shuford Sr. of 




Lenoir-Rhyne College is now in the 
midst of the feasibility phase of a prop- 
osed Catawba Valley and Alumni 
capital funds campaign. The fund- 

Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 

raising firm of Ward, Dreshman & 
Reinhardt of Worthingfon, Ohio and 
New York City was engaged by the 
Campaign Steering Committee of the 
Strategy for the Seventies and the 
Executive Committee of the Board of 
Trustees to do the study. The director 
of the feasibility phase is Mr. William S. 
Ralston of Staunton, Virginia, who 
began his work at Lenoir-Rhyne on 
March 7. 

The feasibility phase incorporates an 
added dimension called "Feasibility 
Plus" which includes the enlistment of 
top community leaders and solicitation 
of pledges for the campaign from 
selected major donor prospects to 
establish our fund raising potential. It is 
hoped by the end of the "Feasibility 
Plus" period, toward the end of April, 
that leadership and gift commitments 
will be such that a campaign can be 
projected at a goal level which will 
assure that the balance needed for the 
full cost of the proposed Shuford 
Physical Education Center at an 
estimated total cost of $2,200,000 can 
be underwritten. 

Also, at the conclusion of the 
"Feasibility Plus" period, the Cam- 
paign Executive Committee will, with 
representatives of Ward, Dreshman & 
Reinhardt, determine whether there is 
support for a full-fledged Greater 
Catawba Valley and Alumni Campaign 
and, if so, what the objectives and the 
overall goal should be. 

The proposed campaign, which 
would also incorporate the Alumni 
Association and all living alumni into 
their first capital funds campaign in this 
decade, will be the final campaign in 
the Strategy for the Seventies 
program; it is designed to complete the 
objectives set at the beginning of the 
Strategy for the Seventies program in 


Dr. F. L. Conrad '16, through a gift in 
the Forward Together campaign, has 
established the Flavius Leslie and Mary 
Huffman Conrad Scholarship Fund. 
The fund will be endowed ultimately by 
a will bequest which has already been 
arranged. An alumnus of Lenoir- 
Rhyne, as was his wife, the late Mary 
Huffman Conrad '16, Dr. Conrad is an 
honorary chairperson of the Forward 
Together Campaign for which he has 
made numerous visits over the past six 

April 1977 

months across the synod. Dr. Conrad, 
now residing at Kure Beach, was 
president of the N.C. Synod, 1949- 

Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Graham, long-time 
members of St. Mark's Church, China 
Grove, have established the Cecil C. 
and Beulah Linn Graham Scholarship 
Endowment Fund through the Forward 
Together campaign with an initial gift of 
$10,000. The fund will be supplemen- 
ted by additional gifts from the 
Grahams and ultimately through a will 
bequest which has already been 
arranged. The annual income from the 
fund will be awarded to pre-theology 
students at Lenoir-Rhyne planning to 
enter the Christian ministry. 

Miss Suzanne Farrell, a 1972 
Lenoir-Rhyne College graduate now 
employed by the Maryland Institute of 
Emergency Medicine, has established 
an endowment fund to be used for 
strengthening the college nursing 

The fund has been set up in honor of 
Dr. Frances M. Farthing, chairman of 
the Lenoir-Rhyne nursing department, 
and in memory of Miss Louise Clark, 
former Director of Nursing at Grace 
Hospital in Morganton. Miss Farrell had 
both Dr. Farthing and Miss Clark as 
nursing instructors at Lenoir-Rhyne. 

Miss Farrell is a native of Durham, 
where her parents, Mr. & Mrs. L. S. 
Farrell, still reside. 

The Lenoir-Rhyne College Depart- 
ment of Nursing Endowment Fund 
may be added to by interested persons 
at any time. It may be named as the 
beneficiary in wills or used ap- 
propriately as a memorial fund. 

Dr. Voldemars T. Bernards, Lenoir- 
Rhyne professor of Latin, Russian, 
Greek and German languages (1959- 
1973), has arranged for a significant 
bequest in his will for the General En- 
dowment Fund. Now retired and living 
adjacent to the campus, Dr. Bernards 
is a native of Latvia. He earned a doc- 
torate in General and Comparative 
Linquistics from Columbia University 
and became a naturalized citizen of the 
U. S. in 1958. Following an amazing 
career in teaching and Bible tran- 
slation, he was cited in 1973 as "An 
Important and Valuable Human 
Resource of the U.S.A." by the 
American Bicentennial Research In- 


Dr. J. White Iddings '27, who will 
be retiring May 1 as Institutional 
Chaplain for the N. C. Synod of the 
Lutheran Church in America, will be 
joining the development staff of Lenoir- 
Rhyne College on June 1 . To be em- 
ployed on a two-thirds basis, Dr. 
Iddings will devote most of his atten- 
tion to a deferred giving program within 
the synod. He will also be available for 
Forward Together Campaign follow-up 
work, particularly with congregations 
whose campaigns are scheduled after 
June 1. 

Dr. Iddings, whose chaplaincy office 
is at Duke University Medical Center, 
resides in Durham where he and his 
wife — the former Pauline Kuhn of 
Hickory — will continue to live. 

Dr. Iddings was born in Rowan Coun- 
ty, and was educated at Lenoir-Rhyne 
and Southern Seminary, receiving an 
honorary doctorate from Lenoir-Rhyne 
in 1958. 

His last pastorate was First Lutheran, 
Albemarle, 1965-1977. He was Secret- 
ary of the Lenoir-Rhyne Board of Trust- 
ees, 1955-1965. 

Dr. Iddings is one of the ablest and 
most respected ministers in the N. C. 
Synod. We welcome him to his new 
role with Lenoir-Rhyne. 

Dr. J. White Iddings 


"Personal Reflections" 

by Lois D. Snyder, President 

Lenoir-Rhyne College Alumni Association 

Lois Snyder '53 

To say that this has been a busy year 
would be a gross understatement! But you 
should know that any time I have spent 
during the year working in behalf of Lenoir- 
Rhyne College has been pure pleasure. It is 
very difficult for me to adequately express 
my deep gratitude for having had the honor 
of serving as the first woman president of 
the Alumni Association. I have been in 
touch with people at the College and alumni 
from through-out the nation on a rather 
regular basis. I am beginning to think of the 
campus as my second home — I'm there 
so often. I feel such a part of the family and 
fellowship of life on campus that I truly am 
going to miss being so closely involved, 
thank you for having the faith in me and for 
electing me as your president. 

Before I bring you up-to-date on my ac- 
tivities on your behalf, I would be remiss if I 
did not express my very special thank to 
Clarence Pugh, Evelyn Carswell and the 
rest of the Alumni Office staff for the way 
they have supported me and the 
Association committees this year. They 
have gently reminded me of things I have 
forgotten to do and we truly appreciate the 
way they have been available during ex- 
tremely busy times. Thank you, Alumni Of- 
fice, for you great support! 


was truly a thrill for me to have had the 
pleasure of representing the alumni on the 
search committee that selected Dr. Ander- 
son as our eighth president. I think we did a 
good job and we're confident that the entire 
Anderson family is winning its way into the 
hearts of the alumni and the entire college 
constituency. Let's continue to give our 
president all the support he needs to lead 
our alma mater! 

LOYALTY FUND 76 & 77 — We 
congratulate John Yoder for providing the 
leadership that enabled the Loyalty Fund to 
reach the second highest dollar total in the 
history of Lenoir-Rhyne! (The details 
covering this campaign are within the 
pages of this issue of PROFILE, so we 
won't elaborate here.) Thanks, John to you 


and your leadership teams! 

Mrs. Elsie Deaton has chaired several 
meetings in preparation for her campaign 
and with the exciting opportunity that is 
before us, as alumni, to assist the College in 
fulfilling the needs for the remainder of the 
decade, we look forward to her leadership! 
Elsie always does a good job in everything 
she undertakes! 

Valerie and Charles Deal of Hickory served 
as co-chairman of the seventh annual held 
at Lake Hickory County Club on April 1. 
There were 173 paid reservations and the 
dance was a tremendous success! Vee is 
so organized that, as usual, everything 
went off without a hitch. 

Helgi Shuford and Mrs. Anne Guthrie have 
things lined up for this May 10 event which 
will also be held at Lake Hickory Country 
Club. We're all looking forward to the 
evening and we appreciate the work of 
these gals and the seniors in making this a 
very nice and memorable occasion. 

THE GRADUATE magazine, a publication 
designed to assist seniors upon leaving 
college, has been distributed again this 
year by the Association. The book is full of 
great ideas for 'starting over' again — this 
time in the world of 'making a living'! 

ALUMNI CHAPTER -This has been 
one of the better years for chapter meetings 
and expansion — thanks to Mrs. Nancy 
Skinner! In response to my request for 
chapters to be formed in the greater 
Hickory area, (we've never had them 
before), she, Clarence and I met with alum- 
ni from some six area counties and, from 
the latest reports, it looks as if we will have 
chapters formed in some of these areas by 
the end of May. Great! 

In addition, it was great that Florida chap- 
ters met in late March for the first time in 
some five or six years! We are grateful to 
Director of Development, Dr. R. Paul 
Kercher, for his combining these meetings 
with his business trip to the annual CASE 
Conference held in Orlando. From the 

reports, these were among the best 
meetings these areas have ever had ! If your 
area hasn't had a meeting recently, contact 
your local chapter president or get in touch 
with the alumni office and express your in- 
terest and/or concern. 

TOURS — I wasn't able to make the trip 
to Russia in November, however, my son, 
Steve and his grandparents, had a mar- 
velous time! They were among some fifty 
(50) alumni and friends who were part of 
some 180 'charterees' on that particular 
trip! Everything went well and we're happy 
that Lenoir-Rhyne alumni can take advan- 
tage of low-cost travel programs. Mark your 
calendar — July 29-August 13 — tentative 
plans are for a trip to Munich-Vienna- 
Budapest. By the time you read this, you 
may have already received the details! 
Strong interest in these programs will insure 
a continuation of opportunities! 

ALUMNI DIRECTORY — I am very hap- 
py that this very special project, while star- 
ted last year, under Jay Harbinson's ad- 
ministration, was completed in such fine 
fashion. I've actually heard of alumni 
staying up all night to catch up on their 
classmates' where-abouts! It certainly 
makes for great reading and if you didn't 
reserve a copy, it may not be too late. Con- 
tact the alumni office! 

Anne Guthrie and Mrs. Jean Lineberger are 
co-chairing this committee and are fast at 
work to make May 21 a memorable day for 
all of us! In addition to a 'full' day of special 
opportunities for fellowship, they have even 
promised to try to make the program at the 
banquet "short and sweet". It looks like a 
great day — watch your mail for the details! 

Again, thank you for all your faith in this 
woman, for your support and confidence in 
any program I have tried to start. It's been a 
busy and great year. I will always remem- 
ber my presidency with pride and with 

Let's hope that I will see all of you on 
Saturday, May 21 — I'll thank you per- 
sonally! ! ! 

Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 



Gifts from Bequests 

Challenge Fund, Proposed Physical Education Center 

Endowment and Building Funds 

Current Funds- Unrestricted . . 

Current Funds - Restricted 

Advance Gifts, Forward Together Campaign 

Loyalty Fund .......'......., 


$ 203,125.10 






$ 164,466.93 


April 1977 



Estates of: 

Mrs. Mildred H. Deal 

Judge Oscar O. Efird 

Hal D. & Flossie G. Frye 
Mr. Lawrence Throneburg 

Myra Alice Yount 



$ 52,445.00 

Armstrong Ford, Inc. 

Bank of Granite 

Barringer & Gaither, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Beatty 

Dr. & Mrs. Ira E. Bell 

Blackwelder Oil Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Luther G. Boliek 

Dr. & Mrs. Neel H. Bronnenberg 

Mrs. Earl N. Carr 

Century Furniture Company 

Mrs. Neill W.Clark, Jr. 

Comfort Chair Company, Inc. 

Conover Chair Company, Inc. 

Mrs. J. F. Davidson 

Mr. Everette L. Dellinger 

First Citizens Bank & Trust Company 

First Security Company, Inc. 

Forest City Tool Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell K. Frye 

G. & H. Hosiery Mill 

Mr. Alex George 

Mr. & Mrs. Lee George 

Dr. Leland Kirk Glenn 

Dr. Richard M. Griffin 

Drs. Richard & Millie P. Hancock 

Hickory-Fry Furniture Company, Inc. 

Hickory Printing Company, Inc. 

Hickory Springs Manufacturing Co. Inc. 

Hickory Steel Company 

Holly Farms Poultry Industries, Inc. 

Jackson Buff Corporation 

Lenoir-Rhyne Woman's Club 

The Rev. & Mrs. Ernest R. Lineberger 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd R. Little 

Myers-Textiles Fdn., Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman M. Newton 

North Carolina National Bank 

People's Bank - Catawba 

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd A. Powell 

Mr. Thomas O. Raney 

Mr. M. Garnett Saunders 

Service Distributing Co., Inc., Albemarle 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick C. Shaw 

R.J. Shell & Son, Inc. 

Sherrill Upholstering Co., Inc. 

Shuford Mills, Inc. 

The Spainhour Company 

Superior Continental Corporation 

Mrs. A. H. Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. Brooks M. Todd 

Dr. James D. Whaley 

Mrs. Mary Rhoney Wyant 


$ 234,064.69 

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Abee 

Miss Aileen Aderholdt 

Miss Mabel Aderholdt 

American Truetzschler, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Armfield 

Mrs. Becky Barger 

Miss Gladys Barger 

Mrs. Edna Barringer 

Barringer & Gaither, Inc. 

Belk-Cline of Meadow Greene 

Belk Dept. Store- Albemarle 

Belk Dept. Store - Concord 

Belk-Yorke & Wadsworth 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G.Bell 

Prof. Thomas H. Blackburn 

Blackwelder Oil Company 

Miss Penelope R. Bost 

Dr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Bost 

Mrs. William P. Brandon 

Miss Mabel Brigman 

Mr. & Mrs. Fritz R. Brittain 

Mr. Walter E. Brooker 

Mr. Karl Broome 

Dr. Taft H. Broome 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Bush 

Mrs. John H. Burdell 

Prof. & Mrs. Douglas W. Burton 

Dr. & Mrs. W. G. Byerly 

R. P. Caldwell & Co., Inc. 

Catawba Valley Investment Co., Inc. 

Central Telephone Company 


Dr. & Mrs. David Y. P. Chou 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold W.CIine 

Mrs. Margaret F. Cline 

Mrs. E. L Cloaninger 

Mrs. Betty P. Cooke 

Mrs. J. F. Davidson 

Mrs. Harold G. Deal 

Dr. Clyde Deans 

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Diamond 

Mr. & Mrs. B. W. Dixon 

Mr. J. C. Epting 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh H. Ervin 

Mr & Mrs. Clyde A. Farris, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. M. R. Farris 

Mr. & Mrs. Billy L. Ferguson 

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd M. Ferguson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Ferguson 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Fitz 

Mr. & Mrs. Don Fleming 

Mrs. Dorothy Ivey Flowers 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L Friday 

Miss Lucretia Fritz 

Drs. Ralph & Libby Gabriel 

Mr. Sidney Gates 

Dr. Robin F. Gatwood 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Walker Geitner 

General Dynamics Corp. 

Mr. Alex George 

Mr. & Mrs. Lee George 

Mrs. Lester C. Gifford 

Miss Joan E. Glass 

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde E. Gwin 

Mrs. Florence Hardin 

Harris-Teeter Super Markets, Inc. 

The Hartford of Charlotte 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Harold Hawn 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Hemphill 

Hickory Area Piano Teachers Forum 

Hickory Music Club 

Hickory Tavern Furniture Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Drew Horton 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Hostettler 

Ingold Company, Inc. 

Mr. LeonS. Ivey 

Miss Rebecca Jenkins 

Mrs. Kenneth Johnson 

Mrs. Louise H. Jones 

Mr. Hurshell H. Keener 

Mrs. Albert Keiser 

Mr. Albert Keiser, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Kemp 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Paul Kercher 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray A. Killian 

Mrs. Kathryn Kuhn & Family 

Capt. & Mrs. H. C. Lau^rman 

The Rev. & Mrs. Harvey Laughter 

Mrs. Kenneth B. Lee 

Lenoir-Rhyne Student Personnel Staff 

Miss Annie Lea Lentz 

Mrs. JohnS. Lewis 

Mrs. Dorothy M. Lineberger 

Dr. J. Harold Lineberger 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Little 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Livengood 

Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 

Lowe's Food Stores 

Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Lutz, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George Lyerly, Jr. 

Dr. RoseS. Mahan 

Mrs. T. Evelyn Malone 

Matthews-Belk Company 

Mauney Hosiery Mills, Inc. 

Mauney Hosiery Sales, Inc. 

Mr. Carl F. Mauney 

Mr. Charles F. Mauney 

Mr. Donald R. Mauney 

Senator W. K. Mauney, Jr. 

Miss Miriam V. Mauser 

Prof. & Mrs. George W. McCreary 

Prof. & Mrs. Michael C. D. McDaniel 

Mrs. John T. McFarland 

Mrs. Louise F. McGeiver 

Dr. C. H. McGregor 

Mrs. Juanita McManus 

Prof. & Mrs. E. Ray McNeely, Jr. 

Melville's, Inc. 

Merchants Distributors, Inc. 

Midstate Contractors, Inc. 

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. J.R.Miller 

Dr. & Mrs. L David Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Millholland 

Mr. Hugh Morton, Jr. 

Dr. 0. Leonard Moretz 

Mrs Opal L. Moretz 

Mr. & Mrs. Billy L Nail 

Dr. Walter T. Nau 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Norcross, Jr. 

Nu Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma 

The Rev. & Mrs. William E. Nye 

Misses Peggy & Edna Otterbourg 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Ottinger 

Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Owens 

Mrs. Eddress Owens 

Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Parks 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Peacock 

The J. C. Penney Co., Inc. 

Mrs. Beverly Pennigar 

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Phillips 

Plastic Packaging, Inc. 

The Rev. & Mrs. T. C. Plexico 

Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Poole 

Dr. & Mrs. Auburn L. Poovey 

Prof. Thelma Rast 

Mr. Klynt Ripple 

Mrs. E. W. Sachsenmaier 

Mrs. Vaulta M. Sapp 

Dr. William C.Schwarzbek 

Mrs. B. F. Seagle 

Servomation Corporation 

Mr. J. RouxSetzer 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Shoemaker 

Mr. Steve M. Shuford 

Dr. William H. Shuford 

Mrs. Loretta Sienko 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse C. Sigmon, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Mack Smith, Jr. 

Mr. Lloyd B. Smith, Jr. 

S. C. Foundation of Ind. Colleges, Inc. 

Southern Elastic Corporation 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Stalljohann 

Miss Becky Stasavich 

Dr. & Mrs. Perry M. Starnes 

The Rev. & Mrs. J. R. Stephenson 

Prof. & Mrs. Raymond M. Strunk 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C.Stone 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Suggs 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Teeter 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon W. Thomason 

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Thompson 

Dr. Jack W. Thornton 

Mr. & Mrs. Preston R. Tilley 

Mr. & Mrs. Brooks M. Todd 

Mr. Robert Triplett 

Mrs. WilleTrott 

Mr. Steve Turner 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Unglaube 

Miss Angela K. Vanstory 

Waldensian Bakeries, Inc. 

Mrs. Margaret B. Walton 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Ward 

Mrs. AdaW. Warlick 

Water Services, Inc. 

Dr. Charles V.Wells 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Wentz 

Miss Louise Wetmore 

Mr. & Mrs. Elmore B. White 

Mr. J. David Whitener 

Miss Mary Frances Whitener 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh F. Williams, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. O. E. Williams 

Mrs. Mary Summey Young 

Miss Louise Yount 


The Dickson Foundation, Inc. 

Dr. Libby L. Gabriel 

Grace Lutheran Church 

Hickory Dyeing & Winding Company 

Independent College Fund of North 

Carolina, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman S. James 
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Jeppson 
The North Carolina Synod of the 
Lutheran Church in America 
Myers-Textiles Foundation, Inc. 

$ 6,017.98 

The Reverend & Mrs. Theodore J. 


Miss Margaret R. Warlick 


Dr. G. Shuford Abemethy 

Mr. J. Carroll Abernethy 

Aid Association for Lutherans 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert M.AIIran 

American Legion Auxiliary No. 48 

A nnas Awning & Canvas Company, Inc. 

Architecture III; 

Armstrong Ford, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Ned Armstrong 

Dr. Derwood L. Ashworth 

Asphalt Paving Company, Inc. 

Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, Inc. 

Frank Baker Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Ballenger Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Banks 

Mr. J. E. Barringer 

Bass-Smith Funeral Home 

Mr. William B. Beery, III 

Belk-Broome Company 

Dr. Ira E. Bell 

April 1977 

$ 384,787.36 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Bell 

Dr. Russell E. Benton 

Mrs. E. Alan Bisanar 

Mr. George S. Blackwelder 

Boise Cascade Corporation 

Bost Carpet, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C.C. Bost 

Dr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Bost 

Mr. W. P. Bost 

Mr. Ralph L. Bowman 

Boyd & Hassell Realtors 

Dr. & Mrs. Neel H. Bronnenberg 

Miss Peggy M. Brooks 

Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Broome 

Mr. & Mrs. George M. Brown, Jr. 

Mr. A. Leonel Brunnemer 

Mr. H. Keith Brunnemer, Jr. 

Bumbargers, Inc. 

Mr. Thomas V. Bumbarger 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Burgess, Jr. 

Mr. A. Harry Burgess, Sr. 

Mrs. Nelle F. Burns 

Byrd Motor Line, Inc. 

Carolina Book Club 

Catawba Memorial Hospital 

Central Electric Company, Inc. 

Century Furniture Company 

Mr. Robert J. Clarke 

Dr. Laura B. Clayton 

Clemmer, Horton, Bush & Sills, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cline 

Comfort Chair Company, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Come 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest M. Cress, Jr. 

Mrs. Dorothy S. Crouch 

Mr. Roy L. Daniel 

Mrs. Elsie B. Deaton 

Mr. & Mrs. S. A. Devenney, Jr. 

Mr. Charles D. Dixon 

Drillers Service, Inc. 


Dr. George E. Ennis 

Everette Chevrolet, Inc. 

Exxon Education Foundation 

Mr. Charles B. Fellers 

First National Bank of Wyoming 

First Savings & Loan Association of 


First Security Company, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Conrad Flowers 

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon S. Flowers 

Mr. & Mrs. JoeC. Fowler 

The Rev. Woodrow F. Frick 

Friday Realty Company 

Frieda's Vienna Haus Salon 

Fry Decorating Service, Inc. 

Mr. James F. Furlong 

Drs. Ralph & Libby Gabriel 

Mr. E. F. Gallagher 

Mr. MelvinS. Gantt 

Mr. Boyd L. George 

Mrs. L. C. Gifford 

Dr. Joe D. Glass 

Dr. & Mrs. B. W. Goodman 

Dr. George P. Hager, Jr. 

Mrs. Grace Hart 

Hickory Auto Parts, Inc. 

Hickory-Catawba Valley Board of 


Hickory Chair Foundation, Inc. 

Hickory Funeral Home, Inc. 

Hickory Industries 

Hickory Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. 

Hickory Manufacturing Company 

Hickory Music Club 

Hickory Publishing Company 

Hickory Springs Manufacturing 

Company, Inc. 

Hickory Steel. Company, Inc. 

Hickory Sweet Adelines 

Hickory Woman's Club 

Dr. Alfred E. Hill 

Hill & Johnson Realty Company 

Efird L. & Marie F. Hine 

Dr. Carolyn B. Huff 

Independent College Fund of N. C. 

Ingold Company, Inc. 

International Artists Associates, Inc. 

The James Company of Hickory 

Jefferson-Pilot Foundation 

Mrs. Suzanne K. Jeffers 

Mr. J. R. "Jack" Johnson 

Mr. Victor L Johnson 

Mr. John R. Jones, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Kees 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray A. Killian 

Mr. & Mrs. Allan R. LaTorre 

Paul Lavitt Mills, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Lawrence 

Miss Mary E. Leach 

Lenoir-Rhyne Alumni Association 

Lenoir-Rhyne Class of 1 925 

Lenoir-Rhyne Class of 1 958 

Mrs. VirginiaS. Lewis 

Mr. O. Reid Lineberger 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Little 

Mrs. Mildred W. Locke 

Mr. Bruce Lohr 

Mr. Curry F. Lopp 

Lutheran Brotherhood 

Lutheran Church in America 

Mr. Ralph H. Lyerly 

Mann Drug Company No. 1 

Marathon Oil Foundation, Inc. 

Mr. D. R. Mauney, Jr. 

Mr. &Mrs. H. G. Mayfield,Jr. 

Mr. Robert A. McKericher 

Mr. & Mrs. Reece B. McSwain 

Medical Center Pharmacy, Inc. 

Mr. Earl L. Melton 

Mr. Balfour G. (Pete) Menzies 

Mrs. Dorothy Y. Menzies 

Merchants Distributors, Inc. 

Merchants Distributors Salesmen 

Mrs. H. Leslie Moody 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mosbach 

Mu Sigma Epsilon 

Neuville-Mobilsox, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman M Newton 

North Carolina Dept. of Cultural Resources 

The Northwestern Bank 

O'Neal Building Service, Inc. 

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Phillips 

Piedmont Education Foundation, Inc. 

Pitts & Cooke Realty Company 

Dr. Auburn L. Poovey 

Dr. W. Thomas Portwood, Jr. 

Dr. James L. Price, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman A. Punch 

Professor Thelma Rast 

Rhyne Hosiery Mill, Inc. 

Mr. O. P. Rhyne 

Miss Emily S. Ripley 

Mr. & Mrs. L Klynt Ripple 

Mrs. George C. Robbins 

Gene A. Saine & Associates 

St. Luke's Lutheran Church 

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church 

Samson Cordage Works, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Schenk 

Service League of Hickory 

Servomation Corporation 

Sharon Foundation, Inc. 

Mr. Glenn C. Shoaf 

Shuford Mills, Inc. 

Mr. A. Pope Shuford 

Mr. Harley F. Shuford, Sr. 

Mr. Richard W. Sigmon 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Snipes 

Snyder Paper Corporation 

Mrs. Lois D. Snyder 

South Carolina Foundation of 

Independent Colleges, Inc. 

Southern Elastic Corporation 

The Spainhour Company 

Mr. Jack E. Spainhour 

Helen Stahler Trust Fund 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 

Mr. &Mrs. T. M. Stanback 

Dr. & Mrs. Perry M. Starnes 

Mr. Ted B. Sumner, Jr. 

Mrs. Mildred Sigmon Thomas 

G. A. Thomason & Son, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon W. Thomason 

Mr. W. Harry Vanderlinden 

Walton Knitting Mills, Inc. 

Mr. David N. Webber 

West-Deal Company 

Mr. Charles A. White 

Whiting Hosiery Mills, Inc. 

Mrs. Kathryn Hardin Whitener 

Mr. Edwin G. Wilson 

Zerden's, Inc. 


$ 26,572.96 

A number of cash gifts and pledges were made in 
1976 to Lenoir-Rhyne's Forward Together campaign 
in the North Carolina Synod of the Lutheran Church in 
America. We are deeply grateful for this strong support. 
In that the campaign is still is progress in some 
congregations and, for the most part, pledges were 
made through the local churches, we are refraining from 
acknowledging individual donors in this manner at this 
time lest we inadvertently omit some. 


Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 

%x( J£e <SfxixLk of X. J?, in '76 

f / 

Loyalty Fund is sponsored annually by the Lenoir-Rhyne College Alumni 
Association to promote 'unrestricted' financial support. 

The 1 976 campaign had as its theme "The Spirit of L-R in 76" and raised the 
second highest amount for Loyalty Fund in the history of the program. As part 
of that campaign, donors were encouraged to increase their level of support as 
an expression of appreciation for Lenoir-Rhyne in the bicentennial year. As 
part of that recognition, two additional 'giving levels' were introduced — 
'Founders': $500-999; 'Bicentennial': $200-499. Participants at these levels 
are listed within those respective sections. 

In addition to new giving levels, special emphasis was placed on a campaign 
within the business, industrial and professional community, to seek unrestric- 
ted gifts of $1 ,000 or more. These donors appear in the section designated 
'President's Club'. 

For this special bicentennial campaign, the traditional 'Grand Patron' giving 
level was re-named 'Grand Patriot'. 

The Loyalty Fund committee expresses its gratitude to all donors — from all 
constituent groups — for continued support — support that will help to make 
Lenoir-Rhyne's educational programs stronger than ever! 

On behalf of the entire College family — faculty, administration and student 
body, we say Thanks'! 

John Y. Yoder '52 
1976 Loyalty Fund Chairman 

tf^Zand ^Putxiot Club ($1,000 or more) 

Mr. & Mrs. John V. Barger 
Mr. & Mrs. Luther G. Boliek 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Bowman 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Bumgarner 
Dr. & Mrs. George M. Chapman 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Clemmer 
Dr. E. Catherine Cline 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Cline 
Mrs. Mildred Bailey Davenport 
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde A. Farris, Jr. 
Mrs. L. C. Gifford 
Mr. & Mrs. Claude L.Gilbert 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Gilley, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Hoyle 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Leath 
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Little 
Mr. & Mrs. B. G. Menzies 
Mr. & Mrs. D. Grady Moretz 
Dr. & Mrs. O. Leonard Moretz 
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mosteller 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred McCoy Mull 
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Patterson 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Eugene Rhyne 
Mr. & Mrs. George Robbins 
MissKatherineG. Sieg 

iPzEicdznt ± dulj 

($1,000 or more) 

G. Shuford Abernethy, D.D.S. 
Arthur H. Burgess & Company 
Belk-Broome Company 
Dr. & Mrs. Ira E. Bell 
Mr. Karl W. Broome 
Carolina Mills 

Century Furniture Company 
Classic Leather Company 
Clemmer, Horton, Bush & Sills 
Hugo L. Deaton, M.D. 
The Dickson Foundation 
Charles D. Dixon, LL.B. 

Drillers Service Incorporated 

First National Bank of Catawba County 

First Savings & Loan Association 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Fitz 

Fresh Air Supermarkets 

Graystone Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Center 

J. A. Grisette & Company 

Hickory Industries 

Institution Food House 

Louis Lavitt Company 

Medical Arts Clinic 

Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner& Smith 

Mull's Motel & Restaurant 
Myers-Textile Foundation 
New Home Builders Supply 
The Northwestern Bank 
J. Hal Owsley, M.D. 
Plastic Packaging Company, Inc. 
Sears, Roebuck & Company 
Jesse Sigmon, Jr., J.D. 
Synthetics Finishing of N.C. 
The Wix Corporation 

April 1977 


-TouncLzx 1 C^LLLU 

($500 ■ 999) 

Dr. & Mrs. James D. Barbee 
Mr. Charles C. Boger, Sr. 
Mr. John Burn 
Catawba Women's Center 
Mr. & Mrs. Victor H. Dassow 
Dr. David G. Frye 

Miss Mary Annella Greever 

Mrs. Margaret Smithey Hayes 

Mr. Albert C. Hoover 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Hunsucker, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Mauney 

Mr. & Mrs. J. H. G. Mitchell 

JdtlczntznnLciL t^Lub ($200-499) 

Mr. & Mrs. Joe M. Rhyne 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Rhyne, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William Sensenbrenner 

Mr. & Mrs. Marcus R. Shelton 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Sigmon 

Mrs. Lois DeOrsey Snyder 

Dr. & Mrs. William R. Weaver 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry M. Arndt 

Dr. Derwood L. Ashworth 

Miss Sara Aull 

Mr. John Carroll Barringer 

Boliek's Bible Class 

Dr, & Mrs. Raymond Morris Bost 

Mr. Charles L. Bowman 

Mr & Mrs. Roby C. Braswell 

Mr, & Mrs. B. S. Brown, Jr. 

Mr. Paul K. Buff, Sr. 

Mr. Harry Burgess, Sr. 

Mrs. Kathryn Rudisill Carpenter 

Mrs. Magdalene Roof Cherry 

Dr. Hong YupChi 

Mr. M. B. Clemmer 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray A. Cline 

Mrs. Mary Lipe Cline 

Mr. Malcolm L. Cloer 

Mr. Stanley J. Corne 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Crawford 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Conrad Crouch 

Mrs. Frances Geitner Davidson 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Day 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Harold Deal 

Mrs Christine Huddle Dorsette 

Dr. & Mrs. Arvo B. Ederma 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Benjamin Ellis 

Mr. A. Clifford Ewing 

Dr. G. W. Farris 

Mr. & Mrs. H. G. Fisher. Jr 

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Gabriel 

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gaither 

Mr. Reginald Neal Gettys 

Mrs. Lottie Cline Gill 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Glenn 

Dr. & Mrs. Benny W. Goodman 

Mr. CO Graham 

Dr. & Mrs. H. R. Greenholt 

Mr. & Mrs. Homer C. Hawn 

Mr. Kenneth R. Helderman 

Mr. Robert P. Huntley 

Dr. Harry E. Isenhour 

Dr. Joseph A. Isenhower 

Rev. & Mrs. George Calvin Kahl 

Rev. & Mrs. David Rhodes Keck 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Paul Kercher 

Mr. & Mrs. Petro Kulynych 

Mr & Mrs. Allan R. LaTorre 

Mrs. Ruth Smith Laxton 

Mr. Randall A. Lowery, Jr. 

@ariuzy. @luk 


Lowes Charitable & Educational Foundation 

Dr. Paul Eugene Lutz 

Mr. George Germine MacColl 

Mr. & Mrs. C. F. Mauney 

Senator William K. Mauney, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. McCullough 

Mr &Mrs. J.W. McGee, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John K. Moore 

Mr. J. Blake Moose 

Mrs. Opal Ledford Moretz 

Mr. Raymond M.Neff 

Miss Margaret E. Newton 

Miss Mildred Carolyn Newton 

Mr, W, L. Owens 

Dr. & Mrs. H. V. Park 

Mr. Bailey Patrick 

Frank Bernard Patterson, Jr. 

& Mrs. James E. Phillips 

E. Dean Powell. Jr. 

James L. Price. Jr. 





Mr. Paul K. Propst 

Miss Nellie Ruth Pruitt 

Public Service of N.C. 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence L 


Mr. & Mrs. Brady Ratchford, Jr. 

Mr. &Mrs. R. L. Rhyne, 

Mr. & Mrs. Klynt Ripple 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Leon Robinson 

Dr. Thomas R. Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. Don Paul Shook 

Mrs. Martha Roof Sidbury 

Mr. Russell E. Sigmon 

Dr. Samuel L. Sox, Sr, 

Mr. Barney Spratt 

Dr. Eddie Phillips Stiles 

Mr. Richard D. Strickland 

Mr. Frank Earl Thomas 

Mrs. Mildred Sigmon Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon W. Thomason 

Colonel & Mrs. R. Kent Troutman 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Unglaube 

Mr. Harry Vanderlinden 

Mr. & Mrs, H. Thomas White, Jr. 

Mr. Harry Baker Wilfong 

Mr. J. Yates Yoder 

Mr. & Mrs. John Y. Yoder. Jr. 

Mr. John Yount 

Rev. N. D. Yount 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray Allen Yount 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Glenn Abernethy 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry G. Absher 

Miss Aileen Aderholt 

Miss Mabel Aderholdt 

Dr. & Mrs. Marshall E. Agner 

Dr. Roy A. Agner, Jr. 

Mr, Earl Lee Aiken 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Allran 

Dr. & Mrs. Albert B. Anderson 

Mr. Carl Annas 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Anthony 

Dr. Leo B. Arey 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Ned Armstrong 

Mr. James Allen Arndt 

Mrs. WilmaCall Bailey 

Mr. Gerald Newton Baker 

Mr. Louie Baker, Sr. 

Mr. George L. Barger 

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Barkley 

Mrs. Mabel Rudisill Barnhart 

Mrs Edna Bost Barringer 

Dr. Phil Louis Barringer 

Mr, J. L. Beam 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Beatty 

Dr Voldemars T. Bernards 

Mr. & Mrs. Claude W. Berry 

Mr Thomas Oras Biggerstaff 

Mr. Helen Schroeder Bisanar 

Miss Judith M. Bittinger 

Mr. John M. Blakey 

Rev. & Mrs Harvey L. Blume 

Dr . & Mrs. Carl S. Blyth 

Captain Charles C. Boger, Jr. 

Rev. & Mrs. James Russell Boggs 

Chaplain & Mrs. William Gilmer Boggs 

Miss A. Barbara Boland 

Mr. Willis G.Boland 

Mr. &Mrs. Melford C. Bollck 

Mr. & Mrs. Luther C. Boliek 

Mr. George D. Boozer 

Mr William A. Boss 

Mr. &Mrs. W, Philip Bost 


Mr. Theo R. Bowers 

Mr. Glen Ray Boyd 

Miss Jean Bozeman 

Mr. Lewis N. Bradley 

Mrs. William P. Brandon 

Mr. John Dallas Brinkley III 

Mr. Cecil W. Broome 

Dr. Taft Broome 

Mr. & Mrs. Alton M. Brown 

Mrs. Eva Saine Brown 

Mr. Russell E. Brown 

Rev. Gene Wayne Bruce 

Mr. Johnny L. Buff 

Miss Aileen Bumgarner 

Mr. Robert C. Burns, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lee Burton 

Mr. & Mrs. Lowell L. Caldwell 

Miss Eva Ruth Campbell 

Mr. Leroy Campbell 

Mrs. Inez Aderholdt Carpenter 

Mr. Oscar B. Carpenter 

Mrs. M. F. Carrithers 

Mr & Mrs. John 0. Carswell 

Dr. & Mrs. Ed J, Carter 

Mr. Robert Hall Castor 

Rev. Frank P. Cauble 

Mr. Tom L. Cilley 

Mr. Fielding Clark 

Mr. & Mrs. Neill W. Clark 

Mr. Therman B. Clark 

Mr. & Mrs. Dale K Cline 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L Cline 

Mrs. Margaret Flowers Cline 

Rev. L. Glenn Cloninger 

Rev. James K Cobb 

Mr. H. C.Cobb, Jr 

Mr. HumeS. Collins 

Mr. Madison Conrad 

Dr. F. L. Conrad. Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Cooke 

Rev Edgar M Cooper 

Mrs Joyce George Corbett 

Mrs. Lillian Horsley Corriher 

Mr. HollisG. Craft 

Dr. & Mrs. VoigtR. Cromer 

Mr. Duane Alan Dassow 

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis A. Davies 

Dr. John W Davis 

Miss Miriam D. Davis 

Mrs. Barbara Setzer Deal 

Mr. Willis A. Deal 

Mr. N. A. Dearmon 

Mrs. Elsie Black Deaton 

Dr. Noah E, Derrick 

Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Dry 

Mrs. Joretta Whitener Duncan 

Mr. & Mrs. E. H. Earley 

Rev Simon P. Eccard 

Dr. Robert J. Echerd 

Dr. Ralph E. Eckard 

Mr. W. W. Eckard 

Dr. Ira P. Efird, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Ernest Elsevier 

Dr. & Mrs George E. Ennis 

Mr Joe Cecil Epting, Jr. 

Dr. Harry E. Faggarl 

Rev & Mrs. Brady Faggart, Jr 

Mrs. Ruby Fisher Farish 

Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Farris 

Miss Fannie Farris 

Rev. & Mrs. M. R. Farris 

Dr Frances M. Farthing 

Mr. Jack Faw 

Mr. Kenneth Ferguson 

Dr. Carl Ficken 

Mr. Albert Herman Field. Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. HilbertC Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs William Garland Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs. Miles McPherson Fitch, Jr. 

Miss Jo Elaine Hoffman Ford 

Mr. Roy Ernest Fox 

Mrs Ozell K. Freeman 

Mr Henry C. Freeze 

Dr John R. Fritz 

Dr. Conrad Fritz, Sr. 

Mrs. Kathryn Aderholdt Frye 

Dr. Steven R. Frye 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Fulton 

Mrs. Janet Howe Gaines 

Mrs. Jean Cook Galliher 

Mr. MelvinGantt 

Dr. Richard M. Garlitz 

Dr. James R. Garrett 

Dr. & Mrs, Robin F. Gatwood 

Mr, Robert Walker Geitner 

Mr. James A. Geocaris 

Mrs. Helen Boyd George 

Mrs. C. Bennett Gilbert 

Mrs. Sarah Starr Gillam 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Glass 

Mr. Charles B. Goodman 

Mr. Ray Alexander Goodman 

Mr. C. Edwin Goodnight. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. David Gorsline 

Mr & Mrs. John Greenday 

Dr. Richard W. Greiner 

Mr, & Mrs. Tommy Z. Guthrie 

Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Gwm 

Mr. Jack Hall 

Mr. & Mrs. John Hall 

Rev. & Mrs. J A. Harbinson 

Mr. G.C. Harrill 

Mrs. Joyce Rudisill Harris 

Haskins & Sells 

Mr & Mrs James W. Hassell 

Mr. & Mrs. Cameron W. Hawkins 

Mr. Olin D. Hawkins 

Mrs. Virginia Shuford Hawn 

Dr Donald G Hayes 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Heafner 

Mr. & Mrs Vernon Hedrick 

Rev, Dewey L. Heglar 

Mrs, Blanche Yoder Heilig 

Mr. & Mrs Donald C Helton 

Mr & Mrs Robert Helton 

Mr. Clyde L. Herman 

Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 

Rev. & Mrs. F. Ladell Herman, Jr 

Rev. & Mrs. A. Kenneth Hewitt 

Mr. Michael W. Hinshaw 

Rev. & Mrs. Billy Ray Hoffner 

Mr, & Mrs. George Alden Hoke, Jr. 

Mr. Carroll William Holland 

Dr. William E. Holt 

Mr. Blake Honeycutt 

Household Finance 

Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Houser, Jr. 

Dr. Carolyn B. Hutf 

Mr. Lee Clement Huffman 

Mrs. Gussie Rebecca Huffstetler 

Rev. & Mrs. Charles R. Huggins 

Mr. & Mrs. Claud H. Huggins, Sr. 

Mr. David Allen Hunsucker 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Hunsucker, Jr. 

Mr. Woodward Hunt 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Eugene Hunter 

Mrs. Mary Davis Huss 

Mrs. Lettie Greever Hutton 

Mr. Winfred Lee Ingold 

Mr. W. S. Isenhower 

Mr. Leon S. Ivey 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Jackson 

Jemco Company 

Mr, & Mrs. Earl Johnson 

Mr. Jack Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. A. G. Jonas, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace J. Jorgenson 

Rev. & Mrs. Thomas Edward Kadel 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie William Karriker 

Katies, Inc. 

Mr. Joe Wayne Kaylor 

Dr. & Mrs. Albert H. Keck. Jr. 

Mrs. Albert Keiser 

Dr. E. B. Keisler 

Dr. & Mrs Werner O. Keller 

Mr. Charles E. Kepley 

Dr. James S. Kern 

Dr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Ketner 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray A Killian 

Miss Ruth Ann Kirkpatrick 

Mr. & Mrs. F. D. Kiser 

Mr. Corl Koontz 

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Koontz 

Mr. Kenneth Michael Koontz 

Mrs. Nancy Edwards Koontz 

Mrs. Sadie Setzer Kuhn 

Dr. & Mrs. Harold G. Kupke 

Mr. Jeffrey Craig Kyler 

Mrs. Barbara Hunsucker Laney 

Mr. Benjamin W. Lanier 

Mr. W. D. Latham 

Mrs. Josephine Moretz Lauerman 

Mrs. Pauline Kirschman Lavitt 

Mr. & Mrs. William N. Lawing 

Rev. Harold F. Leatherman 

Mrs. Alice Moretz Lee 

Mrs. Joan Sifford Lee 

Mr & Mrs Steve Vedder LeShay 

Mr. Charlton Hugh Lindler 

Mrs. Dorothy Miller Lineberger 

Dr. J. Harold Lineberger 

Mr. Walters. Lineberger 

Mr. & Mrs John M. Lingle 

Mrs Grace Propst Lipe 

Dr. A. W. Lippard 

Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt Moser Lippard 

Mrs. Rachael Pollard Liske 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Livengood 

Mrs. Mildred Weaver Locke 

Rev. & Mrs. David Lindsey Lohr 

Mr, Charles A. Lookadoo 

Mr. Curry F. Lopp 

Mr. Melford N. Lunde 

Rev. J. Wilford Lyerly 

Mr. & Mrs. O. N. Lynn 

Mr. Charles P. Lytton 

Mr. Charleston Ray Maddox 

MissT. Evelyn Malone 

Mrs. Estelle L. Marlowe 

Mr & Mrs. Kenneth E. Martin 

Mr. John Watson Massey 

Mr. & Mrs. D. R. Mauney, Jr. 

Professor & Mrs. George W. McCreary 

Rev. & Mrs. Michael C. D. McDaniel 

Mr. Edward H. McEntire 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. McFarland 

Mr. Charles H. McGirt 

Dr. & Mrs. W. N. McKenzie 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Mckericher 

Mrs. Rebecca Castor Means 

Mrs. Dorothy Fox Meyer 

Mrs. Lucille Bumgarner Michael 

Mrs. Rose Yoder Michum 

Mr, & Mrs. Marcus C. Midgett 

Mr. Robert W. Miller 

Mr. L. D. Minges 

Mr. John David Moose 

Rev. & Mrs. Paul E. Moose 

Mr. Hugh Moretz 

Mr. Joe Moretz 

Dr. & Mrs. Rufus L. Moretz 

Dr. William H. Moretz 

Rev. John L. Morgan 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul L. Morgan 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Earl Morgan 

Mr. E. V. Moss, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Mosteller 

Mr. J. P. Mull 

Mr. George D. Murphy 

Mr. Homer L. Newton 

Mr & Mrs. Jeff Norris 

Mrs. Mae Throneburg Norris 

Mrs. Margie Shuford Owsley 

Mrs. Geneva Yonts Palmer 

Dr. & Mrs. G. R. Patterson 

Dr. Henry B. Patterson 

Mrs. Helen Miller Peacock 

Mrs. Jettie Moose Peeler 

Mr. & Mrs. James I. Peile 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Norman Phillips 

Mr. John Walter Phillips 

Mr. Robert Lee Pitman 

Dr. Auburn L. Poovey 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Reid Poovey 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Glover Porter, Jr. 

Miss Maud Powlas 

Mr, & Mrs. Joe Miller Propst 

Rev. & Mrs. A. Elwood Purdham 

@lais 76&n&z <Hfrll 


Class Roll: 3 
Donors: 1 (33%) 
Amount: $50.00 

O. P. Rhyne 


Class Roll: 5 
Donors: 2 (40%) 
Amount: $15.00 

Mary Barringer 
Marcus Herbert Kuhn 


Class Roll: 12 
Donors: 3(25%) 
Amount: $210.00 

Noah E. Derrick 
Stella Rhyne Miller 
Fred Yoder 


Class Roll: 5 
Donors: 1 (20%) 
Amount: $25.00 

Miriam Deaton Dressier 


Class Roll: 4 
Donors: 1(25%) 
Amount: $25.00 

Bachman S. Brown, Sr. 

April 1977 


Class Roll: 11 
Donors: 2(18%) 
Amount: $315.00 

Lottie Cline Gill 
John L. Morgan 


Class Roll: 12 
Donors: 2(17%) 
Amount: $110.00 

Maud Powlas 
D. P. Whitley 


Class Roll: 21 
Donors: 4(19%) 
Amount: $392.76 

JohnW. Bolick 
Kathryn Aderholdt Frye 
S. W. Hahn 
N. D. Yount 


Class Roll: 28 
Donors: 6(21%) 
Amount: $635.52 

R. Glenn Abernethy 

F. L. Conrad, Sr. 
Clyde L. Herman 
Sadie Setzer Kuhn 
Lena E. Moose 

G. C. Warlick, Sr. 

Mr. Alvin W. Rader, Jf. 

Mr. Paul Rhodes 

Mr. Thomas E. Rhodes 

Mrs. Betty Finger Rtiyne 

Mr. Biny Ray Rhyne 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Rhyne 

Mrs. Ruth Dry Rhyne 

Mr. E. P. Rhyne. Jr. 

Mr. James Dana Richardson 

Rev. Edwin L. Ricks 

Dr. Charles Edward Ridenhour 

Miss Margaret Ridenhour 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Rink 

Miss Betsy Ripple 

Mr. Charles Christopher Ripple 

Mr. & Mrs. Alberts. Roach 

Mr. Kenneth C. Robbins 

Mrs. Donna Shulenburger Robertson 

Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Robinson 

Mr. William T. Robinson, Jr. 

Mrs. Anne Boyd Rogers 

Mr. Charles A. Rogers 

Dr. Edwin Rogers 

Miss Helen Marie Romeo 

Rev. & Mrs. Lester O. Roof, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman E. Rose, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. D. P. Rudisill 

Mrs. Sara Frick Russell 

Mr. & Mrs. Joe G. Rutledge, III 

Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Saine 

Mr. Wade W. Saunders 

Mrs. Ruth Richard Sayer 

Mrs. Ruth Zartman Schaeffer 

Mr. &Mrs. EdSchenk 

Mr. & Mrs. Blease K. Scott 

Mr. WilbertW. Seabock 

Mrs. Virginia Shook Searcy 

Mr. Edwin Setzler, Jr. 

Mr. Jerry A. Sharpe 

Mrs. Sybil Goble Shaw 

Rev. & Mrs. J. D. Sheppard 

Mrs. Peggy Sigmon Sheppard 

Mrs. Betty Pearson Sherrill 

Sister Miriam Shirey 

Mr. Glenn C. Shoaf 

Mr. Albert Kalil Showfety 

Mr. A. Pope Shuford 

Mrs. Helgi Kuuskraa Shuford 

Mrs. Mickey Clemmer Shuford 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Shuford 

Dr. William H. Shuford 

Mr. A. L. Shuford, Jr. 

Mr. Archie Whiting Shuford, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harley F. Shuford. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Miller Sigmon 

Mr Henry Dale Sigmon 

Mr. Jack Homer Sink 

Mr. & Mrs. Joe H. Sink 

Mrs. JuanitaSink Sink 

Mr. Edmond H. Smith 

Miss Madeleine Anne Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Marcus C. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Smith 

Rev.& Mrs. W. Leo Smith 

Mrs. Bettie Moretz Smolansky 

Mr & Mrs. Malcolm H. Smyre 

Mr Charles M. Snipes 

Mr & Mrs. Everett J. Sox 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sedrick Speagle, Jr. 

Rev. &"Mrs. C. Marion Starr 

Miss Becky A Stasavich 

Mrs. Doris Wiegand Stegeman 

Mrs. Sybil Baird Stewart 

Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Stockman 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Strunk 

Mr J. E . Stuhlmiller 

Mrs. Gladys Rudisill Sugg 

Mrs. Olive Yount Sugg 

Mr. Joseph G. Sursavage 

Mr. John H. Suther 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Sutherland, Jr. 

Mrs. Margaret Frans Tallant 

Mr. William H. Tallant 

Mr David F. Taylor 

Rev. & Mrs. W. Dickson Taylor 

Mrs. V. Church Taylor 

Dr. & Mrs. W.Clyde Taylor 

Mrs. Mary Frans Teeter 

Mr & Mrs. William Sam Temple 

Dr. R. Harold Terry 

Miss Betty Sue Thomason 

Mrs. Freda Miller Thompson 

Mr & Mrs. Richard P. Thompson 

Rev. & Mrs. Theodore J. Thuesen 

Rev. & Mrs. Edgar R Trexler 

Mr. Ernest H. Troutman 

Mr. &Mrs. Keith G. Troxler 

Mrs. Dorothy Creech Turner 

Mr. Glenn Tylutki 

Colonel & Mrs. Sidney L. Underdown 

Miss Elaine Von Oesen 

Wagner Furniture 

Mrs. Margaret Aderholdt Walker 

Mrs. James H. Ware 

Mr. G.C. Warlick, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Troy Washam 

Mr, Robert T. Watkins 

Mrs. Celeste Black Watts 

Rev. & Mrs. W. Baxter Weant 

Mr. & Mrs. David N. Webber 

Colonel & Mrs. H. M. Wellman, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Hoke D. Whisnant 

Mr. Donald Ray Whitener 

Mr. John Whitener 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd A. Whitener, Jr. 

Mr. James Madison Whitworth, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Mosher Widenhouse 

Dr. William K.Wiener 

Miss Maxine A. Wike 

Mrs. Laura Baker Wilfong 

Mr. & Mrs. Harrison J. Williams 

Mr. Teddie R. Williams 

Mr. Tommie Williamson 

Mr. Millard Earle Winecoff 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Witherspoon 

Mrs. Juanita Mauney Wolf 

Dr. Fred Yoder 

Rev. & Mrs. Martin Luther Yonts 

Mr. Donald C. Yount 

Mr. Marvin Zerden 


Class Roll: 40 
Donors: 8(20%) 
Amount: $628.81 

Nellie Dry Blackburn 
Eva Ruth Campbell 
Chloe Lucille Epting 
A. B. Glass 
Winfred Lee Ingold 
Hoyt Moser Lippard 
Bailey Patrick 
Ethel Setzer Yoder 


Class Roll: 34 
Donors: 7(21%) 
Amount: $435.00 

Charles E. Kepley 
Rose Yoder Michum 
Grady Cromer Miller 
Paul L. Miller 
Paul Rhodes 
Ruth Dry Rhyne 
Ruth Rudisill Thorne 


Class Roll: 20 
Donors: 5(25%) 
Amount: $322.76 

Annie Miller Blanton 
Mary Lipe Cline 
Margaret Wannemacher Deal 
Grace Kohn Johnston 

Josephine Hanna Shulenberger 


Class Roll: 23 
Donors: 4(17%) 
Amount: $149.76 

Ernest A. Agner 
Robert Daniel Huitt 
E. B. Keisler 
J. Lewis Thornburg 


Class Roll: 24 
Donors: 5(21%) 
Amount: $235.00 

Lovie Miller Abernethy 
Nellie Huitt Crouch 
Frances Geitner Davidson 
Jane Dixon Hewitt 
Essie Pearl Newton 


Class Roll: 36 
Donors: 11(31%) 
Amount: $560.00 

Mary Lois Coon 
Melba George Farris 
KarlC. Garrison 
David C. Mosteller 
Pearl Campbell Peterson 
J. Reid Poovey 
D. P. Rudisill 
Olive Yount Sugg 

Alene Cromer Taylor 
Edwin M. Yoder 
D. W. Zipperer 


Class Roll: 44 
Donors: 12(27%) 
Amount: $577.76 

C. A. Farris 
Elizabeth White Fisher 
Evelyn Bickley Horner 
Annie Boggs Hunsucker 
Lettie Greever Hutton 
James S. Kern 
Christine Sigmon Mauney 
Mary Clement Moore 
Dorothy Wolff Peery 
Juanita Mauney Wolf 
Annie Sigmond Yoder 

Class Roll: 43 
Donors: 12(28%) 
Amount: $780.52 
Grace Yoder Arndt 
Mable Rudisill Bamhart 
Nelle Harris Baucom 
Kathryn Rudisill Carpenter 
Fannie Farris 
Mary A. Goins 
OraV. Hahn 
Grace Ramseur Lippard 
Mae Throneburg Norris 
Russell E. Sigmon 


Mary Barnhardt Thomburg 
Beulah Walborn Zipperer 


Class Roll: 51 
Donors: 24(47%) 
Amount: $3,942.76 

Wilkie Patterson Beatty 
Lowell L. Caldwell 
Voigt R. Cromer 
J. Frank Davis 
Christine Huddle Dorsette 
Claude L. Gilbert 
Mary Annella Greever 
C.S. Grove, Jr. 
Oscar Kiser 
Rachel Pollard Liske 
Ruth Karriker Lutz 
Ethel Rhyne McGinnis 
Lucille Bumgarner Michael 
Helen Moser 
Thomas E. Rhodes 
Georgie Arndt Sheppard 
J. D. Sheppard 
Victor G.Shuford 
KatherineG. Sieg 
Ava Rudisill Stockman 
W. W. Stockman 
Gladys Rudisill Sugg 
James E. Walker 
J. Yates Yoder 


Class Roll: 57 
Donors: 38(67%) 
Amount: $15,000.00 

Charles Cook Boger, Sr. 

Elizabeth Hahn Boliek 

Luther G. Boliek 

Ruth Potter Buck 

Ed J.Carter 

Frank P. Cauble 

Magdelene Roof Cherry 

Tom L. Cilley 

Robert L. Clemmer 

Mary V. Fisher 

Arthur L. Hahn 

Homer C. Hawn 

Dewey L. Heglar 

A. Kenneth Hewitt 

Albert C. Hoover 

Nancy Hall Howard 

Gussie Rebecca Huffstetler 

Mary Davis Huss 

Pauline Kuhn Iddings 

Grace Propst Lipe 

A. W. Lippard 

W. E. Mauney 

J. H. G. Mitchell 

J. Blake Moose 

D. Grady Moretz 

Grace Rhyne Moretz 

Jeitie Moose Peeler 

Paul D. Peery 

Clyde E. Poovey 

Carrie Yoder Price 

Paul Eugene Rhyne 

Lester O. Roof. Sr. 

Miriam Shirey 

Malcolm H. Smyre 

Samuel L. Sox 

Everett J. Sox 

Margaret Aderholdt Walker 

Sara Stroup Williamson 


Class Roll: 76 

Donors: 21 (28%) 

Amount: $1,792.76 

Donald W. Bumgarner 

Edith McRee Burchette 

Katherine Herman Caldwell 

Hayden F. Cansler 

Charlotte Booth Carter 

H. A. Clemmer 

Fannie Temple Collins 

L. O. Dasher 

Ruth Coon Dasher 

EdytheGetz Hepner 

J. White Iddings 

Edith Seabock Keams 

O. N. Lynn 

Frances Robinson Martine 

Odell F. McGinnis 

Rebecca Castor Means 

Margaret E. Newton 


Albert Spurlock 

R. C. Whisenhunt 

Laura Baker Wilfong 

Mary Mundy Wilson 



Class Roil: 82 
Donors: 17(21%) 
Amount: $701.04 

Faye Carpenter Beattie 
Pauline Finger Beatty 
Velma F. Carpenter 
W. Perry Crouch 
Elizabeth Lingle Farris 
M. R. Farris 
Mary Monroe Gwin 
Joyce Rudisill Harris 
Blanche Yoder Heilig 
Frankie Huffman Kiser 
James A. Kiser, Sr. 
Curry F Lopp 
Thomas M. Peery 
Kathryn Icard Poovey 
Nella Rudisill Rhyne 
Clara BallewSenter 
Roy B. Setzer 


Class Roll: 66 
Donors: 15(23%) 
Amount: $343.00 

Ernest C. Aderholdt 
David A. Anthony 
Beula E. Asherbraner 
Clarence M. Cooke 
Grace Bowman Cooke 
Oma McRee Huitt 
Helen Rudisill Hawn 
Pauline Karriker Mackie 
Catherine Herman Mauney 
Louise Anthony McNeely 
Vivian Moose 
Daniel F. Mosteller 
Hazel Barger Purkey 
Aileen Wagner Spencer 


Class Roll: 87 
Donors: 25(29%) 
Amount: $1,767.76 

Mildred Eargle Aderholdt 
Sara Aull 

Edna Bost Barringer 
Thomas Oras Biggerstaff 
Oscar B. Carpenter 
Carolyn Hentz Clark 
M. B. Clemmer 
L. Glenn Cloninger 
C. Conrad Crouch 
Varena McGalliard Hood 
Helen Smith Hunicke 

F. D. Kiser 
Ruth Setzer Lynn 

C. F. Mauney 
Joe Moretz 

Elizabeth Cline Overcash 

D. T. Phillips 
J. E. Smyre 
Sallie Arndt Smyre 
Olin G. Swicegood 
Evelyn BallentineTate 
Leona Mesimer Taylor 
Dorothy Doster Vanderwerker 
Margaret Hall Wight 


Class Roll: 73 
Donors: 18(25%) 
Amount: $1,003.28 

Leroy Campbell 
Cecile Hefner Cilley 
Barbara Setzer Deal 
Harry L. Lemon 
Ruth Barrier Mauney 
L. D. Minges 
H. V. Park 
Betty Finger Rhyne 
John A. Ritchie 
Harriet Teufel Setzer 
Nancy Martin Setzler 
Jessie Long Shelby 
Rebecca Sloop 
Pauline FulbrightSox 
Helen Flowers Tilson 
Alton C. Trivette 
Bess Williams 
Frances Roof Yount 


Class Roll: 98 
Donors: 23(23%) 
Amount: $4,570.28 

G. Shuford Abernethy 
Louise E. Abernethy 
Harry M. Arndt 
James Allen Arndt 
Mazelle Eaker Baird 

Pearl Ballentine Barrier 

Elbert L. Bowman 

Claude F, Cansler 

Mildred Bailey Davenport 

ErskineC. Dysart 

Margaret Smithey Hayes 

Edith Sallie Hood 

Alice Moser Lemon 

Mildred Weaver Locke 

Katherine Johnston McCullough 

Paul E. Moose 

Leonard Moretz 

Mary Herman Park 

Helen Miller Peacock 

Beatrice Winters Pickens 

R. L. Rhyne 

V. Church Taylor 

Nora Deal Yount 


Class Roil: 108 
Donors: 28(26%) 
Amount: $2,340.52 

Lex Barkley 

Helen Schroeder Bisanar 
Willis G.Boland 
Lora Elberta Coulter 
William M. Freed 
Ozell K. Freeman 
Sarah Starr Gillam 
Ruth Lentz Green 
Ruth Mangum Hackman 
Ethel Ann Hockemeyer 
Essie Hood Huffman 
Claud H. Huggins, Sr. 
Lloyd Little 

Hermine Pegram Love 
Aura Lee Bowman Moose 
Eunice Stacy Roberts 
Elizabeth Killian Mosteller 
Joe Harlan Ross 
Myra Lutz Rhyne 
Sarah Dellinger Selden 
Ruth Cauble Schott 
W. Leo Smith 
Evelyn Patterson Smith 
Barney Spratt 
Martha W. Troutman 
Virginia Tate Webber 
Carolyn Ray Wolfe 
Wade D. Yount 


Class Roll: 94 
Donors: 21 (22%) 
Amount: $3,018.86 

Rebecca Moore Ashley 
Floy Drum Blair 
George Memory Chapman 
Helen Schell Deal 
John R. Fritz 
Anna Bender Guy 
Louise Plonk Hite 
Christine Carpenter Houser 
W. H. Houser, Jr. 
Dorothy Miller Lineberger 
Charles E. McCreight 
Ida Creech Mintz 
Oleta Staley Moffitt 
Hugh Moretz 
Fred McCoy Mull 
JuanitaSink Sink 
Elizabeth Arndt Smith 
PaulS. Speagle 
Richard W. Starnes 
M. L. Stirewalt, Jr. 
Dollie Punch Yount 


Class Roll: 97 
Donors: 21 (22%) 
Amount: $2,405.00 

Dorothy Fritz Adcox 
Leo B. Arey 
ZebE. Barnhardt 
Aileen Bumgarner 
Robert Hall Castor 
Neill W.Clark 
Elsie Black Deaton 
Ivie Heavner Koon 
William J. Leath 
Madge Sperling Little 
Eunice Drum Lowman 
Mary Bagby Mauney 
William H. Moretz 
Mary Rockett Newton 
R. Woodrow Rader 
Mary Ketner Ritchie 
Pauline Sink 

Virginia Herman Speagle 
Elizabeth H. Weathers 
W'alter N. Yount 


Class Roll: 114 
Donors: 13(12%) 
Amount: $515.00 

John W.Cobb 

Alice Deal Freed 

Robert B. Harrison 

Elenora Deal Hood 

Dorus H. Huss 

Gordon Lee Keller 

Jessie Wyant Love 

D. R. Mauney Jr. 

Clyde E. Murray 

Martha RoofSidbury 

Berman E. Smith 

Edythe Townsend Stevenson 

Julia Elizabeth Wylie 


Class Roll: 118 
Donors: 19(16%) 
Amount: $1,985.52 

Jane G. Abernethy 

WilmaCall Bailey 

J. L. Beam 

A. Barbara Boland 

Helen Boyd George 

Helen George Hollingsworth 

Woodward Hunt 

Helen Seagle Joyce 

Alice Moretz Lee 

Carl A. Litaker 

William A. Mauney 

Helen Cline Miller 

Ernest L. Misenheimer 

Metaleen Cline Morgan 

Robert Logan Patton 

Laura Cook Robbins 

Frederick Schott 

Brooks M. Todd 

Harry Vanderlinden 


Class Roll: 134 
Donors: 27(20%) 
Amount: $1,698.28 

Phil Louis Barringer 
I. Harold Black 
Mary Benfield Bowden 
Jheo R. Bowers 
Alton M. Brown 

Kate H, Brown 
Frank L. Cline, Jr. 
H.C.Cobb, Jr. 
Frank Efird 
Richard W. Greiner 
Donald C. Helton 
Stella Morgan Isenberg 
Jack Johnson 
Benjamin W. Lanier 
William K. Mauney. Jr. 
Louise Bailey Moretz 
M. Wilson Nesbitt 
Auburn L. Poovey 
Howard E. Reinhardt 
Ruth Richard Sayer 
Louise Bowman Soehner 
Dudley Stroup 
Dickson Taylor 
Jeanne Setzer Taylor 
Elaine Von Oesen 
Trula Wagner Walters 
Edison R. Wilkie 


Class Roll: 120 
Donors: 15(13%) 
Amount: $446.00 

Earl Lee Aiken 
Lida Turbyfill Alexander 
Evelyn Harris Archambault 
Rosalie Bost Ash 
Cecil W. Broome 
Frances Shuford Cauble 
Helen Bowman Echols 
Dorothy Spratt Crouch 
Ann Winget Griffin 
Mildred Scharff Heatherley 
Annie B. Keves 
Amy Teague Newton 
Charles Edward Ridenhour 
Juanita Houser Sigmon 
Frances Wike Thomas 


Class Roll: 184 
Donors: 33(18%) 
Amount: $1,941.04 

James R.Alexander 

Pearl Whitener Anthony 

Eubert Bowman 

Charles L. Bowman 

Addie Locke Church 

Margarel Flowers Cline 

Mary Poovey Cook 

Wilford F. Dellinger 

Ruth Miller Edwards 

Jack Faw 

Elizabeth Garland Flett 

Melvm Gantt 

James R. Garrett 

Kate Ingold Hardin 

William Kennady 

Jospehine Moretz Lauerman 

Mary Cobb Mauney 

J. D. Mauney, Jr 

Winona Miller 

H. D. Moretz 

Shore A. Neal 

R. L. Overcash 

Geneva Yonts Palmer 

John Walter Phillips 

Klynt Ripple 

Eleanor Busch Schnitzel 

Carrie Starnes 

John H. Suther 


H. M. Wellman, Jr. 


The Class of 1926 led all classes in total dollars with $15,000 as their gift to the Loyalty Fund. 
1 976 marked their 50-year reunion. 

Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 


In Participation 

In Amount Contributed 

In Number of Donors 

'26 67% 





'25 47% 


$ 4,570.28 



'08 40% 


$ 4,942.76 



'07 33% 


$ 3,535.52 



'22 31% 


$ 3,299.10 



Martha Moretz Wellman 
C. B. Wise, Jr. 

Maltie Wilson Wolfe 


Class Roll: 164 
Donors: 30(18%) 
Amount: $1,416.04 

Harold Ned Armstrong 

Kathleen Uneback Blackwelder 

Frances Gilbert Britton 

Frankie Burns 

Lamonte Cauble 

F. I. Fesperman 

Conrad Fritz. Sr. 

Marcelle Hawn Gales 

Mary Kuhn Hall 

Harry David Hawthorne 

Lona Preslar Shelton 

Franklin R. Jones 

Sidney Kronberg 

Jacob L Lackey 

John M. Lingle 

Henry Longenberger 

T. Evelyn Malone 

J. W. McGee. Jr. 

Mary Hamer Nelson 

Katherine Knox Ray 

Paul William Reinhardt 

Martha Beatty Russell 

Farrar Rhyne Schenk 

C Miller Sigmon 

Joseph G. Sursavage 

Selena Parton Trott 

John Whitener 

Clara Ritchie Wiggs 

Ollie Lowrance Wilkinson 

Richard Enloe Yoder 


Class Roll: 194 
Donors: 30(15%) 
Amount: $1,308.80 

Kenneth Alexander 
Carl Annas 
James Cline Bost 
Barbara Hill Brinkley 
Ralph C. Brittain 
Eva Saine Brown 
James K Cobb 
Madison Conrad 
Charles Holton Davis 
Kathleen Castor Fesperman 
Florence Anthony Gallimore 
Ralph Gurley 

Alice Whitener Hawthorne 
V. Richard Hefner 
Mary Warlick Isenhower 
Ruth Smith Laxton 
John W. Mangum 
Helen Lee McGee 
Madeline Baxter Mincy 
Robert G Ritchie 
Newell E. Rollins 
J H Sigmon, Jr. 
Marvin Sparger 
Betty Sue Thomason 
Nancy Broome Thomason 
Gordon W Thomason 
Dorothy Creech Turner 
George C. Warlick. Jr 
Martha Gardner Washam 
Mary Cooper Williams 


Class Roll: 148 
Donors: 27(18%) 
Amount: $3,299.10 

H. E. Baumgartner 
Iva Patton Boyd 
E Catherine Cline 
Edgar M. Cooper 
Frances Rhyne Daily 
Geneva Eckard Eckard 
Geneva Banner Frye 

April 1977 

Marian Buff Fritz 
Mary Self Fritz 
Margaret Beam Jones 
Corl Koontz 
Helen Safrit Lackey 
Charles P. Lytton 
Robert V Mauney 
Mary Gladys Fisher Poovey 
Paul K. Propst 
Lavinia Rudisill 
Mabel HokeShue 
Vivian Miner sigmon 
Jesse Sigmon. Jr. 
Leon E Smyre 
Mary Frans Teeter 
Robert W. Teeter 
Margie Long Tharp 
George H. Thompson 
Millard Earle Winecoff 
Harold M. Yoder 


Class Roll: 192 
Donors: 25(13%) 
Amount: $1,951.52 

James Russell Boggs 

Maxine Frye Cutting 

Harold L. Dietz 

Clyde A. Farris, Jr. 

C. Bennett Gilbert 

Peggy W Goodman 

Kathleen Troutman Gragg 

William E. Hall 

Robert Helton 

Hildan Shepherd Jacobs 

Betty Scott Lentz 

Edmond Lutz 

Dorothy Abernethy McFarland 

Frances Kuhn Miller 

Paul L. Morgan 

Betty Spainhour Olsen 

Julia Thorne Ridenhour 

Margaret Ridenhour 

Nita Ritchie Sigmon 

George C. Starr. Jr. 

Ralph E Taylor 

Kathryn Schenk Thompson 

Martha Watkins Wilholt 

Selena Kime Yoder 

Marvin Zerden 


Class Roll: 144 
Donors: 21 (14%) 
Amount: $855.00 

Roy A. Agner. Jr 

Edgar F. Barger 

Doris Sigmon Blevins 

Dorothy Rhyne Blyth 

Geraldme Newsome Bnckhouse 

Adelaide Ridenhour Cline 

Harold G. Deal 

Mary Miller Greene 

Ruth Cloaninger Helton 

Lee Clement Huffman 

Julia Koontz Lingle 

Helen Kimball Linn 

Donald Ray Mauney 

Elmore Fresh McCaskill 

Besi Silman Morgan 

Glenn C. Shoaf 

Martha Lutz Sigmon 

Margaret Quickel Smevog 

C Marion Starr 

R. Harold Terry 

Venita Willis Witherspoon 


Class Roll: 163 
Donors: 23(13%) 
Amount: $2,855.52 

Nancy Self Alexander 
Mary Houser Allran 
Frances Rhyne Barger 
Opal WikeCansler 

Lillian Horsley Comher 
Simon P. Eccard 
Catherine Bolick Forrestei 
Joseph H. Gilley. Jr. 
B. W. Goodman 
Mavis Peace Hill 
David Allen Hunsucker 
Zelda Overcash Kelley 
Frances Walter Kolbe 
Lousie Cress Mosteller 
Emma Rhyne Patterson 
Peggy Sigmon Sheppard 
Margaret Arney Sherron 
Freda Miller Thompson 
N. Earl Townsend 
Virginia Morgan Townsend 
Edward Taylor Ward 
W. Baxter Weant 
Martin Luther Yonts 


Class Roll: 205 
Donors: 33(16%) 
Amount: $3,207.76 

Charles A. Bagby 

Carl S. Blyth 

Geraldine Bodie 

William Gilmer Boggs 

Margaret Vedder Bost 

B. S. Brown, Jr. 

Lucille Suddreth Bush 

A. Jeanne Clark 

Stanley J. Corne 

Miriam Morgan Deal 

Ralph E. Eckard 

Ira P. Efird 

G. W. Farris 

Violet Heavner Hatchett 

Kathryn Robeson Holt 

Charles L. Hunsucker 

Ruby Martin McGalliard 

Jennie Lee Owens 

G. A. Palmer, Jr. 

William R. Patterson 

Frank Bernard Patterson. Jr. 

Joe M. Rhyne 

Anita H. Richard 

Walter L. Shell 

Mary Hollar Starr 

Margaret Frans Tallant 

Rachel Wagner 

Betty Palmer Walker 

Edward W. Walker 

Lucy May Walters 

Troy L. Washam 

Julia Rhyne White 

Hazel Collins Yonts 


Class Roll: 215 
Donors:21 (10%) 
Amount: $1,851.46 

Albert M. Allran 
Miriam Huffman Berry 
Guy C. Cruse 
Curtis Eugene Derrick, Jr. 
W. W. Eckard 
James R. Glenn 
Johnnie Cash Glenn 
J B Golden 
Jane Lohr Golden 
Frank D. Heafner 
Lewis E. Heavner 
John F. Hunsucker. Sr 
Betty Pharr Killian 
Ray A Killian 
Hubert C Linn 
Lois Campbell Miller 
W. L. Owens 
Ray M. Ritchie 
Donald Stafford 
Jenny Hottle Troutman 
H. Thomas White, Jr. 


Class Roll: 317 
Donors: 39 (12%) 
Amount: $3,535.52 

Marshall E. Agner 
Mildred Cobb Agner 
Dorothy Collins Armstrong 
Raymond Morris Bost 
Mable Patterson Brown 
Margaret White Brown 
Charles R. Bush 
Harold W. Cline 
Vance S.CIontz 
Katherine Harvey Davenport 
N. A. Dearmon 
Margaret Dellinger Dixon 
PaulS. Fisher 
Henry C. Freeze 
Lois Sumnicht Hauffe 
Virginia Shuford Hawn 
Margaret Walton Heafner 
Clarabel KellerHeavner 
Joseph A. Isenhower 
Harold A. Leatherman 
Charlton Hugh Lindler 
Doris Miller Lippard 
Walter George Marz 
Dorothy Killian McCubbins 
Mildred Carolyn Newton 
John Gary- Odom 
Kathleen Sigmon Parks 
James E. Phillips 
Edwin Rogers 
Virginia Shook Searcy 
Vivienne Poteat Stafford 
Eleanor Adolph Teague 
Mildred Sigmon Thomas 
Ernest T. Troutman 
Jane Cannon Walker 
Harrison J. Williams 
Frances Wilhelm Weant 
Carl A. Witherspoon 
Katherine P. Zenker 


Class Roll: 299 
Donors: 31 (10%) 
Amount: $3,018.28 

James Kenneth Benfield 
Harold Davis Black 
Paul K. Buff, Sr. 
Malcolm L. Cloer 
Alfred R.Cooke 
William B. Demarcus 
J. F. Elliott 
Harry F. Faggart 
W. S. Isenhower 
George Calvin Kahl 
Rachel Beatty Kahl 

D. S. Kinney 

Ella Cloer Lawrence 
Henry Gattis Lawrence 
Randall A. Lowery, Jr. 
William A McFarland 
George D. Murphy 

E. P. Rhyne, Jr 
Francis M. Rink 
Kenneth C. Robbins 
C. Leon Robinson 
Sybil Goble Shaw 
Marcus R. Shelton 
George W. Shuford 
Steve Shuford 
Jack Homer Sink 
Bobby Travis 

Carlson Bernard Troutman 
Thomas Hill White 
Jean Koppen Williams 


Class Roll: 301 
Donors: 32 (11%) 
Amount: $3,118.12 

Gerald Newton Baker 

Martha Witherspoon Barden 

Martha Carver Barkley 

WilliamS. Barkley 

Claude W. Berry 

Betty Patterson Black 

Peggy Lipe Boggs 

George D. Boozer 

Richard Dorton 

Heinz M Ederma 

Steve Benjamin Ellis 

Roy Ernest Fox 

Ruby Zimmerman Gibson 

Kathryn Whitener Havnaer 

Winnifred Rankin Hunsucker 

Everette Lewis Lineberger 

Raymond M. Neff 

Jack Lee Phillips 

Peggy Hunt Phillips 

Murray T. Rhodes 

Donald H. Rhyne 

Charles A Rogers 

Ruth Wingard Sensenbrenner 

Dolores A rndtSetzer 

Kennie Lawrence Shuford 

T. Joseph Shumate 

Charles B. Sigmon 

Robert G.Walker 

Robert T. Watkins 

Mary Jo Whisnant Williams 

Charlie Clayton Wyant 

John Yount 


Class Roll: 270 
Donors: 38(14%) 
Amount: $1,701.28 

John T. Beam (in memorium) 

MelfordC. Bolick 

Phillip B. Bush. II 

Katherine Story Clontz 

Alfred Bryan Craig 

Shirley Cauble Cunningham 

Susie Alice Danner 

Everette L. Dellinger 

Joretta Whitener Duncan 

Arvo B Ederma 

Miriam Kikas Ederma 

Ida Norris Elliott 

Lois McEachern Faggart 

Brady Faggart. Jr. 

Jean Cook Galliher 

Betty Love Hunsucker 

Glenn Hunsucker 

Donna Kluttz Jarrett 

Joan Petrea Kiser 

J A Kiser. Jr. 

Norma Barnhardt Matheny 

Glenn Eugene Mayes 

James P. McGraw 

Ollie Patterson McKnight 

Billy L. Nail 

Mary Beam Nail 

Catherine Bowden Norris 

Jeff Norris 

Susan Walker Patton 

Elizabeth Yowell Purdham 

Mary Hughes Sipe 

Harold G. Skinner 

Nancy Foil Skinner 

Marcus C. Smith 

Rita Richardson Sweeney 

Frank Earl Thomas 

Thomas W. Walton 

W. L Workman 

John Y. Yoder. Jr. 


Class Roll: 254 
Donors: 25 (10%) 
Amount: $929.76 

Nellie Carpenter Bowman 
Betty Jean Earnhardt Christian 
Paul L. Conrad 
Cyrus F. Frazier 
Virginia Rink Griggs 
Wanda Bolick Herman 
Charles Harry Huss 
Charles Johnston 
Marie Ratchford Johnston 
Ann Dry Lineberger 
John Watson Massey 
Scottie Clark Martin 
Helen W. Patterson 
Nancy Kirby Phillips 
A. Elwood Purdham 
Betty Beaver Ratchford 
Ann Prestwood Rhyne 
Anne Cline Rink 
Lester O. Roof. Jr. 
Robert Reeves Shuford 
Frances Peninger Shumate 
Mary Grayson Sigmon 
Lois DeOrsey Snyder 
Dorothy Walker Smith 











$ 40,569 


$ 24.22 















































New Record 

* * Participation based on 1 2,500 prospects. Prior to 1 974, base 

was 10,000. 
Since the 'Strategy for the Seventies' campaign began, the Loyalty 
Fund programs have produced almost three-quarters of a million 
dollars in current operations' support. These gifts are averaging over 
$124,000 annually. To secure similar funds from endowment sour- 
ces, the College would need an additional $2.5 million of invest- 


Jane Sigmon Wolfgang 


Class Roll: 289 
Donors: 43(15%) 
Amount: $2,442.04 

Janice Clodfelter Agner 
Terry Wayne Agner 
Elizabeth K. Arndt 
Norma Putnam Bolick 
Nancy Goodman Bowden 
E. L. Boyd 
Therman B. Clark 
Margaret Fisher Clifton 
Joe E. Coulter 
Valerie Morrow Deal 
Rachel Colvard Duncan 
Martha Joyce Ellis 
George E. Ennis 
H. G. Fisher, Jr. 
Jo Anne Townsend Flick 
W. David Gorsline 
Jettie Rullman Greenday 
JoanSifford Lee 
George Germme MacColl 
Charles B. MacMurphy 
Phyllis Karriker MacMurphy 
Kenneth E. Martin 
E V. Moss, Jr. 
Joe Miller Propst 
Mary Kluttz Propst 
Brady Ratchford, Jr. 
Alice Setzler Richmond 
Jo Ann Hall Ritchie 
C Ross Ritchie, Jr. 
Jean Moser Robinson 
Anne Boyd Rogers 
Doris Lackey Roof 
Carroll Saine 
Ruth Zartman Schaeffer 
Margaret Fritz Schneider 
Thomas R Scott 
William H. Shuford 
Robert Lee Teague. Jr. 
Robert L Troutman 
Sidney L. Underdown 
Harry Baker Wilfong 
Theresa Norris Yoder 


Class Roll: 253 
Donors: 22 (9%) 
Amount: $607.00 

Robert C Burns. Jr. 
Elizabeth Cromer Carswell 
Robert W.Carswell 
Charles Harold Deal 
Robert William Edsell 
Carol Long Fisher 
AnnCline Frazier 
Donnell H. Havnaer 
Edna Mae Herman 
Emery R. Hollar 


SonjaOlsen Kinard 
Gelene Lineberger 
Barbara Beatty Mangum 
Edna Powell Miller 
Bunny Boring Saine 
Anne Fisher Scott 
Blease K.Scott 
Glenn A. Sigmon 
Emily Beaver Stirewalt 
Margaret Lineberger Troutman 
Donald E. Woolly 


Class Roll: 301 
Donors: 35 (12%) 
Amount: $1,535.28 

Phyllis Adkins Baxter 
Charles Henry Bolick. Jr 
Lois Koppen Bridges 
Hilda Flowers Brittain 
J. Daniel Brown 
Johnny O. Carswell 
Robert L. Dasher 
Peggy Frye Flowers 
Elizabeth Martin Gorsline 
John Greenday 
J. A Harbinson 
Vernon Hedrick 
Billie Sue Brown Hollar 
Frances Motsinger Jennings 
W. H. Jennings 
Alice Patterson Lutz 
Robert L. Martin 
Martha Rae Smyre Martin 
William H. McCullough 
Charles McManus 
Robert Earl Morgan 
William F. Propst 
Billy C.Punch 
Henry Rendleman 
Lowell Roof 
Imogene Page Safrit 
William Silber 
W. L Stirewalt 
William Sam Temple 
Margaret Franklin Troxler 
Gerald Stevenson Troutman 
Ann Butler Walton 
Norris William Watkins 
Ray Allen Yount 


Class Roll: 325 
Donors: 40 (12%) 
Amount: $1,685.52 

Carroll Ned Beam 
Mazel Carpenter Beattie 
Nancy Moser Bennett 
Nancy Cline Bolick 
Paulwyn L. Boliek 
Ann Isenhour Brown 
Farrell B. Brown 
Catherine Eccard Bruce 
Doris Abernethy Calhoon 
Emily Brittain Carswell 

Shirley Keaton Castor 

Ralph Cunningham 

Ann Krider Dasher 

Jose G. Fernandez 

Carl Ficken 

Barbara Lyerly Goins 

Audrey Collins Hedrick 

Shirley D. Hefner 

Jacquelyn L. Hendricks 

Nancy Keever Huggins 

A. G. Jonas, Jr. 

Joe Wayne Kaylor 

KarlW. Kinard, Jr. 

Carroll L. Laney 

Pauline Kirschman Lavitt 

Dean Murdock 

Henry B. Patterson 

Betty Locke Peile 

James I. Peile 

Ann Carpenter Propst 

Trudy Castor Reynolds 

Edna Hollar Punch 

Mary Frances Gaston Roberts 

Carroll Robinson 

Irene Duncan Robinson 

Wade W. Saunders 

Mary Garrison Sawyer 

Jane Bost Shaffer 

Eddie Phillips Stiles 

Richard D. Strickland 

Keith G. Troxler 

Gordon William Ward, Jr. 


Class Roll: 362 
Donors: 41 (11%) 
Amount: $2,469.32 

Robert Jack Blevins 

Harvey L. Blume 

H. M, Brawley 

Nancy Seagle Carlson 

Elizabeth Hunsucker Carpenter 

Robert Jerome Clarke 

HumeS. Collins 

Charles M. Drum, Jr. 

Sandra Deaton Faggart 

Joseph D. Glass 

Elizabeth Hamrick 

Mary Long Hassell 

Michael W. Hinshaw 

Judith Ford Houser 

Charles R. Huggins 

Earl Johnson 

Evelyn Hudson Johnson 

George A. Keck 

Caroline Rawl Latorre 

Yvonne Seagle McCathern 

JeannetteG. McCullough 

Charles H McGirt 

Ann Moser McManus 

Robert W. Miller 

John K. Moore 

Patricia Beatty Moore 

Alvin W. Rader, Jr 

Susan Atherton Rendleman 

William T. Robinson, Jr. 

Patricia Kagey Ross 
Herbert W.Scheld 
Bobby K. Seitz 
Edwin Setzler, Jr. 
Glenn F. Smyre 
Charles M. Snipes 
Sybil Baird Stewart 
William H. Tallant 
David F. Taylor 
Nanette Aderholdt Temple 
Hoke D. Whisnant 
Nancy Johnson Wilfong 


Class Roll: 350 
Donors: 40 (11%) 
Amount: $3,227.76 

Frances Sherrill Barrier 
Suzanne Snyder Blume 
Betty Bostian Boliek 
Luther C. Boliek 
Sally Koppen Boliek 
Fritz R. Brittain 
Johnny L. Buff 
Betty Pitts Cooke 
Charles F. Cooke 
Miriam D. Davis 
Claude V. Deal 
Mary Hardy Dorton 
Robert J. Echerd 
Ruby Fisher Farish 
Shirley Leatherman Havnaer 
John M. Hawn 
J.Henry Hill. Jr. 
Linda Summey Hoyle 
Linda Sue Cline Huggins 
Robert P. Huntley 
Harry A. Ingram, Jr 
Barbara Rhyne Jacobs 
Linda Triplet! Jonas 
Allan R. Latorre 
Ernest Edward Long 
Carleston Ray Maddox 
Mary Gribble McSwain 
John David Moose 
Homer L Newton 
Barbara Ann Peeler 
Nellie Ruth Pruitt 
Edwin L. Ricks 
Bobby Eugene Robinson 
John Mack Ross 
Donald Safrit. Sr. 
Henry Dale Sigmon 
Helen Virginia Sink 
Edmond Bell Smith 
Edgar R. Trexler 
Donald C. Yount 


Class Roll: 325 
Donors: 36 (11%) 
Amount: $1,878.28 

Dick Howard Adams 

George L. Barger 

Jean Efird Bost 

Hong YupChi 

Fred Sloane Cline 

Edwin A. Cook 

Joyce George Corbett 

David Craft 

Kenneth Ferguson 

C. Edwin Goodnight, Jr. 

Martha SenterGuiton 

Carroll William Holland 

David W. Hoyle 

Thomas W. Hurlocker 

David Rhodes Keck 

Diane Rusidill Keck 

Sylvia Johnson King 

Richard E. Maxey 

James E. McBride 

Henry M. McKay. Jr. 

Paul Lawrence Moose 

Majorie Conrad Murdock 

Robbie Barton Neill 

Ken Ray Norman 

Margie Shuford Owsley 

Jerry Norman Phillips 

Donna Shulenberger Robertson 

Bobbie Leatherman Robinson 

Helen Marie Romeo 

Don Paul Shook 

Bobby L. Starnes 

Martin L Swartz. Jr 

Nancy Mackie Teague 

Emily Kees Trexler 

Kermit Turner 

Frank J. Weber 

Charles F. Wright 


Class Roll:352 
Donors: 40 (11%) 
Amount: $1,478.28 

Gail Pitts Adams 
John A Alicki 
William Goldstein Barker 
Judith M. Bittinger 
James Edward Blair 
Harold Irvin Bolch, Jr. 
Rebecca Austin Bolch 
Donald C. Bowman 
Jean Bozeman 
Sallie Karriker Buchanan 
Scotty Reid Bryant 
Inez Aderholdt Carpenter 
Elizabeth Herion Deal 
Roy EdwinDellmger 
Dorothy Kluttz Dry 
Mickey Dry 
Albert D. Eckard 
Dan Elmore 
Ned D. Gardner 
Leta Kendall Hawn 
Barbara Allran Herman 
F. Ladell Herman, Jr. 
Glenn C. Hilton 
Janet Isenhower 
Nancy Edwards Koontz 
AdamT. Maples 
Ruth Whittecar Matkins 
Harold L. McSwain 
Rufus L. Moretz 
Carolyn Cuneo Oldham 
Joyce Kendrick Pugh 
Genoise Flack Pyatt 
Dorothy Estelle Rudisill 
Wendy Brokhoff Shook 
Helgi Kuuskraa Shuford 
Margaret Pyatt Smith 
Ralph Clarence Stegall, Jr. 
Larry G. Teague 
Sylvia Huffman Whisnant 


Class Roll: 385 
Donors: 30(12%) 
Amount: $1,931.04 

William M. Abernethy 

John Carroll Barringer 

Glen Ray Boyd 

Bobbie Huffman Chandler 

William Howard Coffey 

Anne Suggs Guthrie 

Tommy Z. Guthrie 

Kenneth R. Helderman 

Billy Ray Hoffner 

Constance Rickmond Hurlocker 

Sylvia Williams Kercher 

Kenneth Michael Koontz 

Graham Leroy Lail 

Lynn M. Lail 

Faye Keever Midgett 

Marcus Midgett 

Sarah Link Moose 

Phyllis Lavender Phillips 

Clarence Lee Pugh 

Faye Kerley Rodgers 

Clara Hastings Sellers 

Betty Pearson Sherrill 

Bettie Moretz Smolansky 

Betty Hackman Stevenson 

William F. Stevenson, Jr 

R. A. Tunstall, Jr. 

Stephen Edward Walker 

Virginia Whalen 

Rosann Freed Whitten 

Teddie R. Williams 


Class Roll: 420 
Donors: 24(6%) 
Amount: $855.52 

Jerry Bolick 
Martha Cline Bolick 
Brenda Sherrill Brantley 
Thomas Lee Burton 
Martha Dale Craft 
Foye E. Duffy 
Jo Elaine Hoffman Ford 
Ronald W Fye 
Jean Louise Gettys 
James W. Hassell 
Wanda Wright Karriker 
David Lindsay Lohr 
Jewel Deal Long 
C. D. Sellers 
Virginia Black Shelby 
Mary Barger Shephard 
Becky A. Stasavich 
Orpheus Elmore Stoner. Ill 
Dianne Mills Deal Tunstall 

Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 

Nancy Nichols Verigood 
David N Webber 
Glenda Johnson Webber 
John David Whitener 
Carole E. Williams 


Class Roll: 354 
Donors: 28(8%) 
Amount: $840.00 

Sylvia Irvine Andrae 
Judith Ann Barringer 
Linda Raymer Bennett 
Arthur Lee Bolick 
Kay Mason Blair 
Lewis N. Bradley 
Lois Bull Bradley 
Dennis L. Bradley, Jr. 
Sandra Greene Cooper 
George Ronald Damm 
Robert Emmett Eckard 
Talmadge Edwards. Jr. 
L. Clement Hahn, Jr. 
Olin D. Hawkins 
Carolyn Eleazer Hoffner 
Ronnie William Karriker 
Lois Willard Marcelli 
Mary Shulenburger Moretz 
Nan Plonk Ormand 
James Kenneth Ramsey 
Billy Ray Rhyne 
H.G. Royall, Jr. 
Karen Price Royall 
Ernest L. Sewell, Jr. 
Robert F. Shelby. Ill 
Doris Wiegand Stegeman 
Patricia Cauble White 
Joyce Bass Wilhelm 


Class Roll: 490 
Donors: 28(6%) 
Amount: $845.28 

Nancy Ann Boggs 
David L. Boliek 
Joanne Hunter Boliek 
Linda Allred Burton 
Gene Wayne Bruce 
Tommy C. Cash 
Betty Friday Damm 
Joe Cecil Epting, Jr. 
Linda Mullinax Fye 
Martha Bergstr&sser Gilbert 
Linda Baker Huffman 
Robert L. Isenhower 
Betty Pugh Lohr 
Thelma Brooks Luciana 
Hollis Allen Miller 
Susan Gribble Miller 
Robert D. Montgomery 
Stephen L. Moose 
Opal Ledford Moretz 
Patricia Rhyne Norwood 
Alice Thompson Rivers 
Janice McSwam Simmons 
Shirley Stevens Smith 
Margaret Drummond Starnes 
Jane Abernathy Stump 
Mary Blom Walker 
Mary Mosher Widenhouse 
F. Wayne Williams 


Class Roll: 387 
Donors: 26(7%) 
Amount: $656.04 

Dale Barry Basmger 
Brenda Maynard Beatty 
Charles C. Boger, Jr. 
Bascum Wayne Buchanan 
Cecil Cedric Clayton, Jr. 
David Mark Cooper 
Charles Lee C rouse 
Jerry Wayne Deal 
Vicki Rudisill Fales 
Brenda Jean Herman 
Fern Manthey Isenhower 
Joanne Schwalm Jones 
Sue Grape Jacklin 
Paul Robert Kanupp 
Sarah Mae Kinney 
Phyllis Bowman Little 
Martha Queen McDougal 
Carol Kohn Montgomery 
James R. Noggle 
Ann Sadler Opdyke 
Camilla Hutton Patrick 
JuaneneP. Savage 
William E. Selby 
Paul Sednck Speagle, Jr. 
David Hanford Webb 
Donald Ray Whitener 

April 1977 


Class Roll: 410 
Donors: 28(7%) 
Amount: $844.52 

Ben Robert Beaver 
ClaudeS Brewer, Jr. 
Jerry Wayne Buff 
Rebecca Cromer Campbell 
Richard Ross Campbell 
Aubrey W. Cochran 
Robert Edward Danbom 
Juanita Hawkins Hahn 
Wayne David Jacklin 
Jerry Lee Kahili 
Martha Yarbrough Kepley 
William Cecil Kepley 
Sherry Brown Leshay 
Steven Vedder Leshay 
Gary Sanders Lockman 
Cecelia Jarrett Mull 
James K. Mull 
Betty Steele Parker 
Ernest Reid Parker. Ill 
Joe Carl Rowe 
Camelia Jarrett Rudisill 
Sara Frick Russell 
John Wentz Sieverts 
Don HughSigmon 
Michael W. Stevenson 
Celeste Black Watts 
Ronald Neil Woods 
Wayne Miller Yoder 
Paul McMillan Yoder 


Class Roll: 370 
Donors: 29(8%) 
Amount: $430.00 

Suzanne McCreary Augustyn 
Lynn Monroe Bolick 
Steve Earl Bowman 
Vickie Vasgard Bowman 
Junius William Coon 
Theodore Franklin Cummings 
Charles Bruce Downs, II 
William Garland Fisher 
Thomas C. Funderburk 
Dennis Wayne Good 
Sybil Morgan Good 
Leland Scott Hanna, II 
Paula Ritchie Kadel 
Sara Alexander Matherly 
Patsy Herman Matson 
James Danny McDowell 
David Lentz Misenheimer 
Patricia Cassidy Peele 
Belton JohnPeele. ill 
Kenneth Edward Sides 
Helen Brittain Sigrnon 
William Richard Smith, III 
Patricia Robbins Speagle 
George White Stephenson 
Jake Wilbur Stone, Jr. 
June Abernathy Wilson 
Carolyn Crouse York 


Class Roll: 410 
Donors: 32(8%) 
Amount: $584.76 

Roby Edward Braswell 
James Edward Byrd 
Brenda Kulynych Cline 
Jane Starnes Crim 
Stephen Clark Edwards 
Gayle Kincaid Fisher 
Michael Junius Fox 
Linda Seaman Funderburk 
Susie Lee Greene 
Barry G. Hastings 
George Alden Hoke. Jr. 
Robyn Hollar 
Charles Patton Hughes 
Thomas Edward Kadel 
Paul Stanley Kaeser 
Sarah Leonhardt Keeling 
Robert Anthony Marcelli 
Jacqualyn Collins Misenheimer 
Elaine Aiken Myers 
Robin Raine Overcash 
Betty Finley Schwartz 
Helen Moretz Sides 
Judy Lentz Smith 
David O. Stephens 
Susan Russell Stevenson 
Samuel Robert Suber, III 
Rachel H. Teague 
Sylvia Calloway Turner 
Joan Ketchie Vaughn 
Miles Gregory Vaughn 
Sara Elizabeth Webb 
Jenice Shoffner Yoder 






$1000 and over 



500 - 999 



200 - 499 



1 00 - 1 99 












$12 and under 




Class Roll: 456 
Donors: 36(8%) 
Amount: $654.02 

Marianne Howie Beck 
Iva Osborne Billings 
Judy Decker Braswell 
Jeanne Shell Cochran 
Billie Kay Holbrook 
Frances Houck Coffey 
Sandra Shoffner Holt 
Mary Murph Fox 
Marilyn King Hoke 
Patricia Troutman Jurney 
Patricia Home Knox 
Linda Helton Martin 
Phillip Wayne Martin 
William Nathan Mitchell 
Richard William Overcash 
Dwight Lee Reese 
Brenda A. Riley 
E. Roy Riley 
Emily Schenck Ripley 
Charles Christopher Ripple 
Laine Covington Ruehle 
Joy Kirk Shoffner 
Brenda Jane Showfety 
Mickey Clemmer Shuford 
Richard William Sigmon 
Sheryl Lea Sockwell 
Barbara Allen Stilwell 
William Rhyne Stowe 
Emily Ramsey Suber 
Shirley Phelps Thomason 
Dennis Frank Wean 
James Madison Whitworth, Jr. 
Susan Steinbrugge Williams 
John Louis Yost, III 
Brenda Wyke Yost 
Samuel H. Zealy, Jr 


Class Roll: 462 
Donors: 37(8%) 
Amount: $893.56 

Margaret Ann Aldrich 
James B. Barley 
Alice Magness Biggerstaff 
Timothy Truette Brendle 
Tilton Benjamin Bundy 
Beverly Mackie Clayton 
Dale K. Cline 
Jerry Gregory Coley 
George Hyder Dwyer, III 
John Frederick Ellison 
Emilee Acker Fitch 
Miles McPherson Fitch, Jr. 
Jane Murray Goode 
Spencer Terry Goode 
Ray Alexander Goodman 
Marjorie Fritz Hansen 
Kenneth Carlton Howie 
Mary Yoder Kaeser 
David Lewis Isenhower 
Kathy Ann Liles 
Dean Rollin Lingle 
Barbara Morgan Lohr 
Phillip Bruce Lohr 
Sarah Nanney Malloy 
Jo Bridges McRee 
Michael Eugene McRee 
Virginia Griffin Monroe 
Kay Lawing Porter 
John Calloway Propst 
James Dana Richardson 
Michael F. Riley 
David Lee Robertson 
Karen Stone Robertson 
Louis Francis Rossiter 
Kent Norman Willard 
Rebecca McKay Wright 
Jane Kirkman Zealy 


Class Roll: 434 
Donors: 27(6%) 
Amount: $886.76 

Sandra Romania Cline 
Kathryn M. Davis 
Sally Shumate Dixon 
Betty Jo Draheim 
John Curtis Earp 
Albert Herman Field, Jr. 
Kenneth Wayne Fink 
Janet Howe Gaines 
Chandy Greenholt 
Rebecca Porter Guthrie 
Karen Marlene Hall 
John F. Hall 
Joseph B. Holland 
Richard L. Huffman, Jr. 
Betty Osborne Koontz 
Craig Koontz 
Mary Harriet Mauney 
Janice MacLachan McNeil 
Margie Lee Petree 
Robert Lee Pitman 
Patricia H. Robinson 
Robert Earl Rodman 
Linda Louise Seagle 
Edward Grant Sell, II 
David Gerald Sigmon 
Ruth H. Snipes 
Diane Malcolm Wean 
Dan Marshall Williams 


Class Roll: 425 
Donors: 18(4%) 
Amount: $761.04 

Thomas Luther Adams 
John Dallas Brinkley. Ill 
Jane Stack Bundy 
DeanSanford Ellison 
Jane Warnke Ellison 
Nancy Elizabeth Long Houck 
Henry William Jacobs, III 
Celia Wooten James 
Jeffrey Craig Kyler 
Billy Earle Little 
Daniel Richard Mercer 
Fred Glover Porter, Jr. 
Betty Bollinger Riley 
Harry Virgil Shade 
Albert Kalil Showfety 
Archie Whiting Shuford, Jr. 
Carla Yvonne Sockwell 
Linda Kay Williams 


Class Roll: 351 
Donors: 15(4%) 
Amount: $368.00 

Joan Ponder Adams 
David William Brown 
Kaye Sandra Brown 
Donald Davis Bush 
Debbie Everhart Carmack 
Mariam Elaine Cook 
Robert Walker Geitner 
Joe Manley Hatley 
Scott William Herbe 
Barbara Hunsucker Laney 
James Foltz Mauney 
Beverly Ann Melchor 
Frederick Lingafelt Schuszler 
Dawn Lea Weaver 
Boyd Cecil Wilson, Jr. 


Class Roll: 319 
Donors: 10(3%) 
Amount: $595.52 

Josephine Anderson Bell 
David Eugene Bowman 
William Finley Brooks 
Betty Ann Brumley Carter 
Duane Alan Dassow 
Catherine Gibson Draper 
Reginald Neal Gettys 
Nancy Phillips Hogewood 
Amy Matthews Jacobs 
Bradford Michael Nesheim 
Betsy Ripple 
Madeleine Anne Smith 


Class Roll: 332 
Donors: 9(3%) 
Amount: $270.00 

Mary E. Estes 
Daniel Ray Green. Jr. 
Michael Ashley Hogewood 
Deborah Gail James 
Ruth Ann Kirkpatrick 
Alice Anne Riley 
Leise Cambrai Troutman 
Nancy Lynn Weidman 
Maxine A. Wike 


Donors: 1 
Amount: $50.00 

H. B. Hadiey. Ill 


Dr. Harry Isenhour 


Dr. James D. Barbee 
Mr. JohnV. Barger 
Mr, Ralph L. Bowman 
Dr. Taft Broome 
Mr. Leon S. Ivey 
Dr. Wallace J. Jorgenson 
Dr. Albert H. Keck. Jr. 
Dr. Glenn E. Ketner 
Mr. Petro Kulynych 
Mr. J. Harold Lmeberger 
Mr. Walters. Lmeberger 
Mr. Robert R. Rhyne. Sr. 
Mr. Joe G. Rutledge, III 
Mr, A. Pope Shuford 
Mr. Harley F. Shuford. Jr. 
Dr. George Whittecar 


Sources of Gifts 

1976 Loyalty Fund 

Total No. 




Catawba Valley 






$ 50,424.63 

$ 111,854.69 

Parents (non-alumni) 





Friend & Board Members 






Faculty (non-alumni) 





Matching Gifts 









$ 164,466.93 


Miss Aileen Aderholdt 

Miss Mabel Aderholdt 

Dr. & Mrs Albert B. Anderson 

Mrs. Roger L Beaver 

Dr. Voldemars T. Bernards 

Mrs Margaret H. Berry 

Dr & Mrs John W. Bisbee 

Dr. & Mrs. John M. Blakey 

Mrs. Laura A. Bowden 

Mrs. William P. Brandon 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell E. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Burton 

Dr. & Mrs. David P. Chou 

Mr & Mrs. Charles L. Clayton 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Dedmon 

Dr. Marsha E. Fanning 

Dr. Frances M. Farthing 

Mrs. Frances W. Fitz 

Dr. Libby L. Gabriel 

Dr. Ralph Gabriel 

Dr. & Mrs. Robin F. Garwood 

Dr. & Mrs. H. R. Greenholt 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald G. Hayes 

Professor Metra Heisler 

Dr. Carolyn B. Huff 

Dr, & Mrs. James O. Icenhour 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Kercher 

Mr. & Mrs. Werner O. Keller 

Dr. & Mrs. Harold G. Kupke 

Mr. & Mrs,. Harry S. Livengood 

Professor & Mrs. Larry H. Lowder 

Mrs. Estelle L. Marlowe 

Dr. & Mrs. George A. Max 

Professor & Mrs. George W. McCreary 

Rev. & Mrs. Michael C. D. McDaniel 

Dr, Joan L. Parkinson 

Sister Bernice Peterson 

Dr. &Mrs. G.R. Patterson 

Mrs. Amalee B. Ritchie 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Stanley 

Professor & Mrs. Raymond M. Strunk 

Mr, & Mrs, Arthur G, Sutherland, Jr. 

Dr & Mrs. W. Clyde Taylor. Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. Richard P. Thompson 

Rev. & Mrs Theodore J. Thuesen 

Dr & Mrs. James M Unglaube 

Dr. & Mrs. William R. Weaver 

Dr. & Mrs. William K.Wiener 


Mr. Everett M. Abernethy 

Mr. & Mrs Henry G. Absher 

American Travel Corporation 

Dr. Derwood L. Ashworth 

Mr Louie Baker, Sr. 

Mr. T, Cass Ballenger 

Dr IraE. Bell 

Mr John Boehle, Jr. 

Boliek's Bible Class 

Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Boyce, Sr. 

Mr. Karl M. Broome 

Mr. Harry Burgess, Sr. 

Mr. John Burn 

Mr. Day Carper 

Mrs. M F Carrithers 

Catawba Women's Center 

Century Furniture Co. 

Classic Leather 

College & University Press 

Mr & Mrs ParteeCoonce, Jr. 

Mr. HollisG. Craft 

Miss Blanche Curtis 

Mr Willis A, Deal 

Dickson Foundation 

Mr. Melvin E. Dickson 

Mr. Charles D Dixon 

Drillers Service, Inc. 


Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Earnhardt, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs J C. Earnhardt. Sr. 

Mr. A. Clifford Ewmg 

First National Bank of Catawba County 

First Savings & Loan Association 

Dr. Thomas E Fitz 

Dr. Steven R. Frye 

Dr. David G. Frye 

Mr & Mrs. Bob Gaither 

Dr. Richard M. Garlitz 

Mrs. L. C.Gifford 

Mr. Charles B. Goodman 

Mr. C.C.Graham 

Graystone Clinic 

J. A. Grisette & Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Gross 

Dr. William H. Gwynn 

Haskins& Sells 

Dr. & Mrs. H. G. Heymann 

Hickory Industries 

Dr. William E. Holt 

Mr. Blake Honeycutt 

Household Finance 

Dr. Harry E. Isenhour 

Institution Food House 

Jemco Company 

Mr. Harmon W, James, Sr. 

Mrs. Albert Keiser 

Mr, Charles A. Lookadoo 

Louis Lavitt Company 

Lowe's Charitable & Ed. Foundation 

Medical Arts Clinic 

Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith 

Mr. J. P. Mull 

Mull's Motel & Restaurant 

Northwestern Bank 

Dr. J. Hal Owsley 

Dr. E. Dean Powell. Jr. 

Public Service Company of N.C. 

Dr, James L. Price. Sr. 

Mr. Buren Ernest Scarborough 

Sears, Roebuck & Company 

Mr. Jerry A. Sharpe 

Mr. A. L. Shuford. Jr. 

Mr. Joe H. Sink 

Mr. J. E. Stuhlmiller 

Synthetics Finishing of N C 

Colonel R. Kent Troutman 

Mr. Glenn Tylutki 

Wagner Furniture 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd A. Whitener, Jr. 

Miss. Grace Yow 


Mrs. & Mrs. O L. Amick 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Baum 

Mrs. John T, Beam, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. A. W.Bell 

Mr. & Mrs Roy Berbert 

Mr. & Mrs. David H Blank 

Mr. & Mrs. Conrad C. Blom 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Borth 

Mr. William A. Boss 

Mr & Mrs. W.Philip Bost 

Mr. & Mrs. Roby C. Braswell 

Mr. & Mrs. Fielding Clark 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L, Cline 

Mr. & Mrs Charles E Core 

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Reid Covington 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Crawford 

Mr & Mrs. Victor H. Dassow 

Mr, & Mrs. Curtis A. Davies 

Mrs. Mary G. Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Day 

Mr. & Mrs. E. H. Earley 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Elliott 

Dr & Mrs. Ernest Elsevier 

Mr. & Mrs. Worth Monroe Fink 

Mr. & Mrs, HilbertC, Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Fulton 

Mr. & Mrs Fred Fuqua 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold K. Galebach 

Mr James A Geocaris 

Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Gerrow. Jr 

Mr. & Mrs. William Gorden 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hall 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Hamilton 

Mr. & Mrs. Cameron W, Hawkins 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Herman 

Mr. & Mrs, W, Eugene Hunter 

Mr. & Mrs. James 8 Jackson 

Mr. & Mrs Robert Lowell Kays 

Rev. & Mrs. David E. Kinsler 

Mr. & Mrs. W. D Latham 

Mr. & Mrs. William N. Lawing 

Mr. Melford N. Lunde 

Mr & Mrs. Richard M Mason 

Mr. Edward H McEntire 

Mr & Mrs. Edward J. McGarrigan 

Dr. & Mrs. W.N McKenzie 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. McKericher 

Mr. & Mrs. B. G. Menzies 

Mrs. Dorothy Fox Meyer 

Mr, & Mrs. Herman Walter Miller 

Mr, & Mrs, William H, Mottesheard 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Naylor, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs, Dale Cloyd Norris 

Mr, & Mrs. Donald E. O'Shea 

Mr. Thomas W. Patton 

Mr, & Mrs. Gary F. Pruett 

Mrs. Lorraine Revicki 

Mr. & Mrs. Alberts. Roach 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman E. Rose. Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Rowe 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph P. Scarborough 

Mr. & Mrs. Leon H. Schmick 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A, Schwalm 

Mr. & Mrs. DolanA.Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmond H. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs, R, L, Sockwell 

Rev. & Mrs. James R. Stephenson 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Troutman 

Mr. & Mrs. James H, Ware 

Mr, & Mrs. Tommie Williamson 

Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Simpson Young 


American Telephone & Telegraph Co. 

Amoco Foundation, Inc 

Blue Bell Foundation 

Bristol-Myers Products 

Burlington Industries Foundation 

Champion International 

Collins & Aikman 

Deering Milliken. Inc. 

Equitable Life Assurance Society 

Exxon USA Foundation 

Firestone Tire & Rubber Company 

General Electric Foundation 

Hercules Incorporated 

Integon Foundation, Inc. 

International Business Machines Corp. 

Jefferson Pilot Corporation 

Metropolitan Lite Insurance Company 

Moreland Chemical Company 

Nationwide Foundation 

Philadelphia National Bank 

R. J. Reynolds Industries, Inc. 

Scott Paper Company 

Security Trust Company 

Sun Oil Company 

Union Camp Corporation 

Westinghouse Educational Foundation 


If your name does not appear on these Honor Roll pages listing 
donors for 1976, it is possible that our offices erred and inadvertently 
omitted your name from the list. If this did happen, please call this to 
our attention so that proper corrections and recognitions may be 

Only by your calling these errors to our attention can we correct our 
records. Thank you. 

Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 




The Hickorv Woman's Club has established a 
scholarship in honor of Mrs. Elsie Deaton '35 of 


Mrs. Kate Ingold Hardin '40 of Hickory recently 
retired after 32 years with the Social Security 

The Rev. W. David Wise '45 has accepted a call 
as pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, 
Cherryville. He had served Mt. Calvary, 
Claremont for 1 6 years. 

Lloyd Young '49 of Connelly Springs has been 
re-elected to the Burke County Board of 


Bill Barringer '50 has been honored as a mem- 
ber of the 1977 President's Cabinet by his firm - 
Shenandoah Life Insurance. 

Wilbert W. Seabock '50 of Hickory was named 
'Boss of the Year' by the Hickory Jaycees. 

Delores Arndt Setzer '51 of Conover has been 
named 'Teacher of the Year' at Bunker Hill High 

Dr. John E. Martin '51 of Atlanta, a 
microbiologist at the Center for Disease Control 
was recently presented the Kimble 
Methododogy Research Award for 1 976. 

Kennie Lawrence Shuford '51 of Hickory has 
been named 'Teacher of the Year' at Clyde 
Campbell School. 

Wanda Bolick Herman '53 of Hickory has been 
named Teacher of the Year' at Catawba Middle 

Harry Wilfong '54 of Newton has been elected 
president of the North Carolina Wild Turkey 
Federation. He served as president of the N.C. 
Wildlife Federation in 1975. 

Carol Long Fisher '55 of Greenville, S.C. has 
been named curriculum specialist in Greenville 
County School District. 

Kenneth W. Martin '57 of Newton has been 
named production control manager of 
Homespun Hosiery Mill, Inc. in Lincolnton. 

David Taylor '58 of Hickory has been named 
National Sales Manager of the Tape Division of 
Shuford Mills, Inc. 

W. H. 'Bill' Little, Jr. '59 of Hickory was recen- 
tly promoted to manager of marketing services 
for Shuford Mills' Tape Division. 

Carroll O. Robinson '57 of Lincolnton has been 
promoted to senior vice president and senior 
trust officer of Carolina First National Bank 


Roy McGalliard '61 of Lenoir has been elected 
to the Burke County Board of Education. 

Dr. C. Douglas Stroud '62 of Ellenboro recently 
opened a dental office in Shelby. 

Betty Moretz Smolansky '62 of Bethlehem, 
Pa. has been elected to the Board of Trustees of 
Moravian College. She is the first woman to hold 
this position. 

Richard Kemp '63 of Cary has been named an 

assistant football coach at Duke University. 

Pat Cauble White '64 of Charlotte is teaching 

needlepoint at Central Piedmont Community 


Peter H. Ripley '64 of Morganton has been 

named superintendent of the Missouri School for 

the Deaf in Fulton, Mo. 

Carolyn W. Truitt '65 of Vale has been named 
Teacher of the Year' at Banoak School in 
Catawba County. 

Barry Wade Whisnant '66 of Conover recently 
received hisCPA certificate. 
Johnny Rogers Whitley '67 of Hickory recently 
received his CPA certificate. 

William G. Fisher '68 of Hickory has been 
named assistant treasurer and controller of First 
Savings and Loan Association. 

Nancy Jack '69 of Hickory has been named 
Teacher of the Year' at St. Stephens Elementary 


The Rev. Tom Kadel '69 has accepted a call to 
serve Upper Dublin Lutheran Church outside 
Ambler, Pa. 


Jim Peeler 70 of Kannapolis recently received 
his Real Estate License and has joined Fisher 
Real Estate, Inc. 

Mary Underwood Ferguson '70 of Concord 
was named The Young Careerist' for 1977 by 
the B&PW Club. She serves as guidance 
couselor at Concord High School. 

Frank L. Boldon '71 of Claremont has been 
named controller of Superior Cable Corporation. 

Roger D. Bradford 71 of Hickory has been 

promoted to marketing and product manager at 

the tape division of Shuford Mills, Inc. 

The Rev. John C. Propst 71 of Concord has 

accepted a call to Augustana Lutheran Church, 

Phoenix, Arizona. 

Mrs. Martha A. P. O'Keefe 71 of Greensboro 

has been named manager of the Meadowood 

Branch of Central National Bank in Richmond, 


Miss Dottie Bean 72 of Concord has resigned 

her position with St. James Lutheran Church to 

become Director of Religious Education with 

Trinity Lutheran Church in Chattanooga, Tenn. 

John A. Knox 72 has been named an officer 

with Wachovia Bank & Trust in Asheville. 

Ellis W. Cauble 73 of Granite Quarry has been 
named manager of the Farmers and Merchants 
Bank in Rockwell. 

Tom Adams 73 is serving as Executive 
Assistant to N.C. Congressman Lamar Gudger 
in Washington, D.C. 

Janie Pons Seagle 73 is employed in the 
Language Laboratory at Reynolds High School in 

Roger Lee Seagle 73 has received his M.S. in 
Bio-chemistry from Bowman Gray School of 
Medicine and is currently a second-year medical 
student at Bowman Gray. 
D. M. (Mickey) Payseur, CPA, 73, of 
Cherryville has joined Butler & Stowe CPS's in 

Lanier Moose Cansler 74 of Hickory recently 
received his CPA certificate. 
Don Murray 74 of Chester, S.C. has been 
named production manager for radio station 
WECZ-FM in Charlotte. 

Ann Rohleder 74 is serving as an educational 
assistant at First United Methodist Church in 
Lexington. She received a second degree from 
Lenoir-Rhyne in 1976, majoring in Christian 

Bradford M. Nesheim 75 of Gastonia has 
been appointed district executive of the Gem- 
stone Boy Scout District. 

Russell Lee Isenhour 75 of Hickory recently 
received his CPA certificate. 
Vance David Simpson 75 of Hickory recently 
received his CPA certificate. 
Jeffrey C. Allen 75 of Glendale, Wisconsin at- 
tended U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School and 
was commissioned, Ensign, USNR, in Novem- 
ber, 1976. After completing Surface Warfare 
School and Communications School' he will 
become the communications officer of the USS 

Susan Baxter 76 of Shelby is coordinator of the 
WIC Nutritional Information program for Catawba 

Martha Wilson Coggins 76 of Lexington is a 
special student at UNC-Raleigh and active in the 
university's drama production "Hot L Baltimore". 

Miller '39 

Kimball '50(L-R's 1 st post-war drum major) 

Taylor '58 

April 1977 


C. Allison Lombard 76 of Missoula, Montana 
is a part-time graduate student and coordinator 
of Women's Resource Center at the University of 

Robert D. Fritz, Jr. 76 of Gastonia has com- 
pleted a 30-week sales training program with 
Burroughs Wellcome Company and will be 
assigned to the Orlando, Fla., office. 



Peggy Ann Cannon '65 to David Ralph Long 
both of Charlotte on February 12. They live in 
Charlotte where David is a senior engineer for 
Southern Bell Telephone Co. 

Brookie Darnell Smith '68 of Albemarle to 
Peter Gregory Dorosko of Wilmington on 
January 29. Brookie is teaching high school 
English in that community. 

Lloyd Dolan Smith '68 to Margaret Ross 
Snead, both of Richmond, Va., on November 5. 
Lloyd was transferred to the Western Electric 
Plant in Richmond from Greensboro, N.C. 


Bonita Nicholson Mvers to Charles Nelson 

Weaver 70 both of Hickory on Febrary 6. They 
live in Hickory. 

Lea Griffin 71 to John Bailey Duncan, Jr. both 
of Atlanta, Ga., on January 1 5. Lea is a technical 
specialist in the Southeastern region from the 
Automatic Clinical Analyzer of E.I. DuPont de 
Nemours in Atlanta. 

Mardell Proctor 69 of Vale to Wilton Scrone 

71 of Hickory on January 14. Wilton is president 
of Robo Car Washes in Hickory and is a part-time 
instructor at Catawba Valley Technical Institute. 
Tessie Mae Reid 74 of Conover to Charles 
Benjamin Ballard of Catawba on January 23. 
They live in Conover where Charles is employed 
with Trendline Furniture. 

Victoria Esther Bilgen 75 to David A. Fink 

75. They live in Hickory where she is employed 
as a parish worker. 

Jessica Ann Galebach 76 to John Henry 
Roney, II 75 on November 27, 1976. They are 
living in lAlilliamsport, Md. Jessica is a social 
worker for the Salvation Army in Hagerstown 
and John works as a loan officer at the 
Fredericktown Bank & Trust Company. 

Sharon Denise Keller 75 of Hickory to Ronald 
Barlow of Lenoir on February 12. They live in 
Hickory where Sharon is director of West 
Hickory Day Care Center. 

Helen Anne Reid of Asheville to Peter 
Michael Hunt 75 of Hickory on January 8. 
They live in Hickory where Peter is employed 
with Projection Products. 
Cynthia Ann Reeves to Michael Dennis 
Walker 76 both of Asheboro on March 1 2. they 
live in Asheboro where Michael is employed 
with Harrelson Rubber Co. 

Patricia Anne Bowers 77 to John Reeves 
Carpenter both of Lincolnton on January 16. 
They live in Lincolnton. 

Joyce High Elsevier 77 of Conover to Donald 
Niven Flowers of Kinston on March 5. They live 
in Kinston. 



Mr & Mrs Felix R. Pollard, Jr. 70 of 

Brookhaven, Miss., a son, Richard Andrew on 
February 17, 1977. 

Mrs. & Mrs. Nathan (Janet Sanders 72) Mit- 
chell 70 of North Wilkesboro, a daughter on 
February 26. 

Mr. & Mrs David (Pam Thompson) Allen 70 of 
Union, S.C., a" daughter, Laurie Suzanne on 
November 30, 1976. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. (Debby Reynolds 71) 
Linder of Winston-Salem, a daughter, Ashely 
Elizabeth, on December 21 . 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. (Dorothy Fisher) Mit- 
chell 71 of Lilburn, Ga., a daughter, Kelly Marie, 
on November 28, 1976. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory (Sharon Walker 72) Smith 
of Morganton, a daughter, Melisa Kristiane on 
November 16, 1976. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry (Dianne Cobb 73) Rimmer 

72, a son, Chad Michael on January 21 , 1 977. 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. (Ellen Muesham 72) Set- 
tar, a daughter, Carly Dawn on October 31, 

Captain & Mrs. Tony Gain 76 of Birmingham 
Ala., a son, Grayson Ryan, on March 16, 1977. 


Mrs. Idabelle Timberlake Alspaugh 34 of El 

Paso, Texas on March 1 3, 1 977. 

Otto L. Bowles of Hickory on January 28. 

Kathryn Stevenson Brooks of Hickory on 
March 14. 

Fred L. Bumgarner '49 of Belmont on February 

Mrs. Kate Gosnold Deal '33 of Hickory. 

Westney Battle 'Ray' Hart of Hickory on 
January 14. 

Winfred L. Ingold, Sr. '17 of Taylorsville on 
December 15, 1976. 

Roy C. Kimball, Jr. '50 of Charlotte on February 

A. Wade Koontz '20 of Salisbury on March 1 6. 

Anne Lytle Miller '39 of Springfield, Ohio on 
February 7. 

Mrs. Ruth Overcash '41 of Mooresville, N.C. on 
January 6. 

The Rev. Charles R. Patterson '18 of Hickory 
on March 4. 

Nancy Jo Long Thompson '63 of Kannapolis 
on January 1 1 . 

Leckster 'Bill' Willett, Jr. 36 of Charlotte on 
October 26, 1976. 








Placement Office 
L-R STATION— Box 484 
Hickory N. C. 28601 

Little '59 

O'Keefe 71 

Fritz 76 


Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 


The following persons have been accepted for admission to Lenoir-Rhyne for Fall, 1977, as 
of April 1. An additional list appeared in the February issue of PROFILE. You are invited to call 
the persons living in your community and encourage them to enroll. The College is still accep- 
ting applications and appreciates your referrals. Send your referrals to Richard P. Thompson, 
Admissions Director, Box 227, L-R Station, Hickory, North Carolina 28601. The list is in zip 
code sequence. 

Springfield, MA 
Manchester, NH 
Bolton, CT 
Verona, NJ 
Westfield, NJ 
Bergenfield, NJ 
Succasunna, NJ 
Marlton, NJ 
Pitman, NJ 
Cinnaminson, NJ 
Northfield, NJ 
Pennington, NJ 
Titusville, NJ 
Brick Town, NJ 
Toms River, NJ 
Flushing, NY 
Baldwin, NY 
Homer, NY 
Jamesville, NY 
New Kensington, PA 
Johnstown, PA 
Dublin, PA 
Norristown, PA 
Norristown, PA 
Plymouth Meeting, PA 
New Castle, DE 
Brandywine. MD 
LePlata. MD 
Clinton, MD 
Gaithersburg, MD 
Silver Spring, MD 
Silver Spring, MD 
Columbia, MD 
Columbia, MD 
Severna Park, MD 
St. Michaels, MD 
Frederick, MD 
Hagerstown, MD 
Annandale, VA 
Fairfax, VA 
Woodbridge, VA 
Waynesboro, VA 
Richmond, VA 
Virginia Beach, VA 
Virginia Beach, VA 
Courtland, VA 
Roanoke, VA 
Salem, VA 
Galax, VA 
Independence, VA 
Volney, VA 
Middlebrook, VA 
Lynchburg, VA 
Advance, NC 
Mocksville, NC 
Mocksville, NC 
Mt. Airy, NC 
Rural Hall, NC 
Winston Salem, NC 
Winston Salem, NC 
Winston Salem, NC 
Winston Salem, NC 
Winston Salem, NC 
Winston Salem, NC 
Winston Salem, NC 
Winston Salem, NC 
Winston Salem, NC 
Asheboro, NC 
Asheboro, NC 
Asheboro, NC 
Burlington, NC 
High Point, NC 
Kernersville, NC 
Lexington, NC 
Mt. Gilead, NC 
Pleasant Garden, NC 
Reidsville, NC 
Sanford, NC 
Thomasville, NC 
Troy, NC 
Greensboro, NC 
Greensboro, NC 
Greensboro, NC 
Greensboro, NC 
Greensboro, NC 
Greensboro, NC 
Greensboro, NC 
Greensboro, NC 
Greensboro, NC 
Creedmoor, NC 
Garner, NC 

April 1977 

Joan Letourneau 

Maura Boutin 

Robert Peterson 

Sally Cummins 

Susan Ruggiero 


Sally Yost 

Marcia Bartlebaugh 

Karen Euler 

Tina McAlpin 

Doris Stephens 

Shiela Beyer 

Barbara Bristow 

Mark Principe 

Elinore Ponzo 

John Tartaro 

Joanna Digiovanna 

Winfried Hess 

Dean Burton 

Harold Egelsky 

Pauline Penrod 

Daniel Boehret 

Peter Donoghue 

Margaret LaSut 

Stephen Tees 

Kathy Cottrell 

Harold Bass 

Douglas Nutter 

Michael Tate 

Mary Burns 

Ellen Gibbons 

Diana Dukes 

Cynthia Bell 

Harold Jordan 

Ann Athey 

Kimberly Brittingham 

Lance Klosterman 

Dona Flick 

George Hipp 

Christie Nix 

Freddie Leighty 

Derek McDaniel 

Frank Greenday 

Mary Pebworth 

Catheryn Ramsay 

Robert Davis 

Paula Keeley 

Lisa May 

Jeffrey Lindsey 

Jeralyn Johnson 

Lena Osborne 

Bernard Stewart 

William Hamblen 

Kenneth Burton, Jr. 

James Short 

James Michael 

Sarah Barnhardt 

Bryan Harris 

Michael Miller 


James Hauser 

Tangula Porter 

Sandy Combs 

Janet Vaughn 

Douglas Hammaker 

Jeffrey Haste 

Richard Butler 

Larry Marley 

William Henline 

William Page, III 

Margaret Pike 

Julia Michael 

Carl Grigg 

Barbara Klein 

Ronald Ingram 

Danny Murphy 

Ronald Moore 

Donna Galloway 

Catherine Rivers 

John Robinson 

Robin Voiles 

Michael Stevenson 

William Branson 

Cynthia Stonesifer 

Michael Turner 

Jeffrey Fricke 

Robin McSwain 

William Jones 

Stephen Semmler 

Robert Blacknail 

Jerome Williams 

Oxford, NC 
Oxford, NC 
Raleigh, NC 
Raleigh, NC 
Raleigh, NC 
Durham, NC 
Durham, NC 
Durham, NC 
Albemarle, NC 
Cherryville. NC 
Cherryville, NC 
China Grove, NC 
Concord, NC 
Dallas, NC 
Davidson, NC 
Forest City, NC 
Forest City, NC 
Gastonia, NC - 
Gastonia, NC 
Gastonia, NC 
Huntersville. NC 
Kannapolis, NC 
Kannapolis, NC 
Kannapolis, NC 
Lawndale, NC 
Lincolnton, NC 
Lincolnton, NC 
Lincolnton, NC 
Lincolnton, NC 
Matthews, NC 
Matthews, NC 
Salisbury. NC 
Salisbury, NC 
Shelby, NC 
Union Mills, NC 
Union Mills, NC 
Charlotte, NC 
Charlotte, NC 
Charlotte, NC 
Charlotte, NC 
Charlotte, NC 
Charlotte, NC 
Charlotte, NC 
Charlotte, NC 
Charlotte, NC 
Charlotte, NC 
Fayetteville. NC 
Southern Pines. NC 
Wag ram, NC 
Wilmington, NC 
Wilminton, NC 
Wilmington, NC 
Greensboro, NC 
Burgaw, NC 
Shallotte, NC 
Jacksonville, NC 
Jacksonville, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory. NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Hickory, NC 
Boomer, NC 
Claremont. NC 
Claremont, NC 
Claremont, NC 
Connelly Springs, NC 

Eleanor Hardy 

Myrna Melton 

William Moore 

Bryan Smith 

Quinten Hanson 

Jeffrey Lecky 

Lois Ann Boynton 

Deborah Harrell 


Gina Black 

Kevin Thornburg 

David Harrington 

Howard Gaskey 

Andrea Murphy 

Eric Hight 

Clinton Michalove 

Ricky Ledbetter 

Richard Criswell 

James Lawrence 

Robert Frye, Jr. 

Keith Westmoreland 

Laurah Van Poole 

Franklin Vaughn 

Cheryl Fisher 

Jerry McKee 

James Moore, Jr. 

Martha Keener 

Deborah Edge 

Pat Ross 

Jeffrey Goodman 

Eric Hoke 

Ross Ann Haire 

Cindy Hoffner 

David Bankhead 

Mark White 

Richard Ammons 

Jimmy James 

Donald Yarborough 

Marion Cox 

Susan Rhyne 

Karen Marsh 

Mary Sigmon 

Franklin Monroe 

Lawrence Kennedy 

Robert Mellon 

Marc McKinney 

Mary Beck 

Tanya Greene 

Johnny McNeill 

Aldine Guthrie 

Mary June Starr 

Carrilee Goslee 

Edwin Neese 

Mary Lanier 

Gorgon Winfree 

Brenda Greenleese 

Wayne Johnson 

Denise Roseman 

Donna Barkley 

Clark Gaither 

Timothy Moody 

Wanda Lacey 

Charles Painter 

Rhonda Kahili 

Joey Fowler, Jr. 

Deborah Laws 

Mary Bamberg 

Timothy Lail 

Joy Stroupe 

Lisa Jessup 


Tim Harwell 

Berkley Canupp 

John Greene 

James Yount, Jr. 

Robin Lane 

Vickie Baker 

Margaret Parrick 

Michelle Mosteller 

Jeffrey Edwards 

Debra Thornton 

Elizabeth Sigmon 

Julia Eargle 

Barbara Doble 

Timothy Herman 

David Lail 

Sharon Howell 

Kimberly Fox 

Mark Conner 

James Wheeler 

Dolores Queens 

Conover, NC 
Conover, NC 
Conover, NC 
Conover, NC 
Drexel, NC 
Granite Fall. NC 
Granite Falls, NC 
Granite Falls, NC 
Granite Falls, NC 
Granite Falls, NC 
Hiddenite, NC 
Hudson, NC 
Hudson, NC 
Jefferson, NC 
Lenoir, NC 
Lenoir, NC 
Lenoir, NC 
Lenoir. NC 
Maiden, NC 
Moravian Falls, NC 
Newton, NC 
Newton, NC 
Newton, NC 
North Wilkesboro, NC 
Statesville, NC 
Statesville. NC 
Statesville. NC 
Statesville, NC 
Statesville, NC 
Statesville, NC 
Statesville, NC 
Taylorsville, NC 
Taylorsville, NC 
Taylorsville, NC 
Taylorsville, NC 
Taylorsville, NC 
Wilkesboro, NC 
Wilkesboro, NC 
Canton, NC 
Pisgah Forest, NC 
Waynesville, NC 
Asheville, NC 
Asheville. NC 
Asheville, NC 
Asheville, NC 
Asheville, NC 
Eastover, SC 
Gilbert, SC 
Leesville, SC 
Jonesville, SC 
Hanahan, SC 
Loris, SC 
Taylors, SC 
Taylors. SC 
York, SC 
Marietta, GA 
Stone Mountain, GA 
Dunwoody, GA 
Atlanta, GA 
Atlanta, GA 
Albany, GA 
Columbus, GA 
Jacksonville. FL 
Jacksonville, FL 
Pensacola, FL 
Ft. Walton Beach, FL 
Shalimar, FL 
Orlando. FL 
Merritt Island, FL 
Miami Lakes, FL 
Miami Lakes. FL 
Hollywood, FL 
Pompano Beach, FL 
Kendall. FL 
Miami, FL 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
West Palm Beach, FL 
Bradenton, FL 
Largo, FL 
St. Petersburg, FL 
Lakeland, FL 
Frostproof, FL 
Frostproof, FL 
Naples, FL 
Frankfort. KY 
Niles, OH 
Niles, OH 
Galion. OH 

Judy Hastings 

Rebecca Roof 

Denise Travis 

Jill Martin 

Ethel Anne Powell 

Jane Forlines 

Darrell Keller 

Michael Bryant 

Sherrie Lefevers 

Reece Anderson 

Laura Thomas 

David Sigmon 

Catherine Bradshaw 

Kirk Bare 

David Livingston 

Charles Little 

Barry Simmons 

Robbi Laws 

Howard Abernethy 

Iva Moree 

William Coley 

Margaret Derrick 

Kay Hahn 

Lloyd Sheets 

Susan Goodman 

Chet Boggs 

Gus Parson 

Scott Powell 

Catharine Davidson 

Kimberly Mitcham 

Rabert Palmes 

Joey Hollar 

Ronald Turnmyre 

Donna Ritchie 

Amy Bost 

David Kerley 

Kirk Shelton 

Lesa Sweeney 

John Wells 

Patricia Gash 

William Schulhofer 

Prudence Hare 

Kathryn Koestler 

Stephen South 

Karen Beckom 

Mary Jane Boyce 

Kevin Washington 

Susan Clowney 

Mark Skinner 

Gerald Parker 

Herbert Spencer 

Don Strayhorn 

Steven Estes 

Susan Domnitz 

David Spillers 

Mary George Llewellyn 

Melodie Winston 

Susan Sheckells 

Mike Phippen 

Lee Barlitt 

Mark Daniel 

Carol Martin 

Anne Holderby 

Priscilla Miller 

Carol Deal 

Mark Rodrigue 

Jody Henderson 

Thomas Birkbeck 

Mark Duda 

Melissa Anderson 

Daniel Coy 

Denise Larsen 

Elizabeth Williams 

Laura Kay 

Karen Bentley 

Daniel Gioseffi 

Cherie Christopher 

Debra Teahan 

Kimberly Swartz 

Barbara Jaicks 

John Edscorn 

Dallas Merritt, III 

Dewey Payne 

Suzanne Halker 

Brenda Hagg 

James Masciangelo 

John Blakley 

Tara Triplet! 




A $5.5 million budget for Lenoir- 
Rhyne College during 1977-78 was 
approved by the Board ot Trustees as 
it held its spring meeting on the college 

The Lenoir-Rhyne trustees also 
received a report on bidding for a 
proposed physical education addition 
to Shuford Memorial Gymnasium and 
heard several promising reports on 
financial support of the institution as 
part of their day-long agenda. 

Acting on a recommendation of the 
CommitteeiohFinanceand Investment, 
the Lenoir-Rhyne board approved a 
1977-78 budget of $5,559,520. The 
approved financial plan represents an 
increase of approximately $100,000 
over the current budget. 


Herman-Sipe Company of Conover 
was announced as the low bidder for 
the physical education addition, but the 
board did not award a contract at its 
meeting. Final action on the proposal 
will be taken by mid-May. 

The Conover firm submitted a bid of 
$1,765,469 with subcontractors to be 
Ingold Company, Inc., of Hickory, 
mechanical; Kenworthy Electrical 
Company, Inc., of Hickory, electrical; 
and Todd Pool builders of Charlotte, 
swimming pool. , 

Encouraging reports were offered to 
the Lenoir-Rhyne trustees on both 
voluntary support of the institution 
during 1976 and the current capital 
funds campaign in the North Carolina 
Synod of the Lutheran Church in 


Trustee O. Leonard Moretz '32 of 
Hickory, chairman of the committee on 
Promotion and Development, reported 
to the Board that Lenoir-Rhyne topped 
the $1 million mark in voluntary sup- 
port for the first time in its history 
during 1976. 

Moretz announced a total of 
$1,071,894 in voluntary giving — up 
more than $90,000 over the 1975 total. 
Leading the way to the historic first 
were restricted gifts to current funds, 
donations to endowment and building 
funds, gifts from bequests and the 
Alumni Association's 1976 Loyalty 


Lutheran Laymen's Movement coun- 
selor Clinton P. Schroeder made his 
final report on the N. C. Synod cam- 
paign. Schroeder has completed his 
work of conducting the initial phase of 
the drive, and Dr. Walter T. Nau of 
Hickory was introduced to the Board 
as the Campaign Progress Director for 
the concluding 33 months. 

The "Forward Together" campaign, 
Schroeder told the Board, has ex- 
ceeded its basic and advance goals 
while reaching a March 29 total of 
$1,518,131 in commitments. Ad- 
ditional funds are expected during the 
pledge payout period. 

Money raised in the synod drive will 
be used for a new classroom building, 
.renovation and endowment at Lenoir- 


In other business the Lenoir-Rhyne 
trustees heard reports from president 
Albert B. Anderson and a Student 
Government Association task force; 
approved proposals for lighting and 
electrical improvements on campus; 
and scheduled a July seminar. 

Included in Dr. Anderson's report was 
an announcement that an agreement 
would soon be reached for Charlotte 
Memorial Hospital to become a part of 
Lenoir-Rhyne's cooperative program in 
medical technology. The college 
currently has similar agreements with 
Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, as 
well as Bowman Gray School of 
Medicine and Forsyth Memorial 
Hospital, both in Winston-Salem. 

The lighting and electrical proposals 
authorized the Lenoir-Rhyne ad- 
ministration to prepare plans for ad- 
ditional lighting around campus and to 
complete needed electrical additions 
to Highland Hall. 

Scheduled for July 11 and 12, the 
Board seminar will include a study of 
institutional mission and organization. It 
was announced by trustee James R. 
Stephenson of Hickory. 




A Federal District Court ruling which 
cleared Lenoir-Rhyne College of 
discrimination charges in January, 
1976, has been upheld by a 2-1 
decision in the U.S. Court of Appeals 

for the Fourth Circuit, it was announ- 
ced recently by college officials. 

The appeal of District Judge 
Woodrow W. Jones' 1976 decision 
was filed by Dr. Annie Laurie Keyes of 
Hickory, a former Lenoir-Rhyne 
professor. She was represented in the 
Richmond, Va., appeals court by J. 
Levonne Chambers of Chambers, 
Stein, Ferguson and Becton in Char- 

In the district ruling Judge Jones 
found in favor of Lenoir-Rhyne on 
charges that it had breached Dr. 
Keyes'contract and had discriminated 
against her and all females on the 
faculty in terms of salary, benefits and 
other conditions of employment. 

As in the original suit, the appeal was 
filed against the college, its chairman 
of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Wallace 
J. Jorgenson of Charlotte, and its for- 
mer president, Dr. Raymond M Bost of 
Philadelphia, Pa. They were represen- 
ted in Richmond by W. Gene Sigmon 
of Jesse C. Sigmon, Jr., Sigmon and 
Sigmon in Newton. 

In the appeals court opinion, Chief 
Judge Haynsworth and Senior Circuit 
Judge Field discussed the basic fin- 
dings of the district court and closed 
with these words, "Discerning no error 
of fact or law, we affirm the judgment 
of the district court." 

Circuit Judge Craven filed a dissen- 
ting opinion. 





Dr. James M. Unglaube, a 
faculty member and top administrator 
at Lenoir-Rhyne College since 1967, 
has resigned as dean of the college to 

Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 

accept the position of assistant director 
of the Department for Higher Education 
of the Lutheran Church in American. 

Dr. Unglaube left Lenoir-Rhyne in 
early April to begin his new work. 

"Dr. Unglaube's decision to join the 
Department for Higher Education 
represents a great loss to Lenoir-Rhyne 
and a great gain for the LCA," noted 
college president Dr. Albert B. Ander- 

"We wish him and his family God's 
blessings," the Lenoir-Rhyne chief 
executive concluded. 

Dr. Anderson said that plans were 
underway to effect an appropriate 
transition and eventually select a suc- 
cessor to Dr. Unglaube. 


A native of Milwaukee, Wis., Dr. 
Unglaube came to Lenoir-Rhyne in 
1 967 as an instructor in chemistry. The 
following year he was promoted to 
assistant professor, and in 1972 he 
became an associate professor in the 
same department, a rank which he 
held when he left. 

Dr. Unglaube assumed administrative 
duties in 1 970, a year which saw major 
changes in Lenoir-Rhyne's calendar 
and curriculum. The young chemistry 
professor became academic dean at 
that time and supervised the begin- 
nings of Lenoir-Rhyne's 4-1-4 calendar 
and interdisciplinary core curriculum. 

The 4-1-4 features a special one- 
month term, the Interim, sandwiched 
between two shortened semesters. It 
provides students with special oppor- 
tunities for travel, independent study 
and unusual campus courses. 

The core curriculum is designed to 
provide a broad foundation for a 
student's liberal arts education. It in- 
cludes courses in communications, 
natural science, mathematics, social 
and behavioral sciences, the 
humanities and physical education. 


In 1974 Lenoir-Rhyne's Board of 
Trustees named Dr. Unglaube dean of 
the college, a new position which en- 
compassed not only the supervision of 
the college's academic program, but 
its student life as well. 

Throughout his tenure as academic 
dean and dean of the college Dr. 
Unglaube was a leader in 
strengthening Lenoir-Rhyne's aca- 
program, both in terms of faculty and 

The Lenoir-Rhyne dean saw the per- 
centage of faculty members who hold 
earned doctorates almost double in his 

April 1977 

years at the college, and he developed 
several programs for the continuing 
development of faculty members as 
teachers and scholars. 

Dr. Unglaube also witnessed a 
significant increase in the holdings of 
Lenoir-Rhyne's library. Volumes have 
now topped the 1 00,000 mark. 

Lenoir-Rhyne also added four new 
majors in the last decade, including a 
general studies program which allows 
outstanding students to tailor majors to 
their special needs and desires. 

Dr. Unglaube joined the Lenoir-Rhyne 
faculty after completing a bachelor's 
degree at Carthage College in 
Kenosha, Wis., and a master's and 
doctorate at the University of Iowa. 


After coming to Hickory, the dean did 
post-graduate work at Harvard Univer- 
sity, completing its Institute for 
Educational Management in 1 972. 

"In ten years here in Hickory," Dr. 
Unglaube announced, "I have had the 
opportunity to become closely tied to 
Lenoir-Rhyne and the Catawba Valley 
area. Both have meant a great deal to 
my life." 

"Hickory was the first real home for 
LaRue and me," continued the dean, 
"and our children were both born here. 
Leaving it means that many dear 
relationships will be missed, but the 
challenges and excitement of a new 
position and surroundings are also in- 

"The Unglaube family," concluded 
the dean, "will always treasure its 
memories of a fine college, wonderful 
people and a great town." 




Robert A. Smith 79, a sophomore 
music major at Lenoir-Rhyne College, 
won the 7th National Organ Playing 
Competition held recently in Fort 
Lauderdale, Fla. 

The Hudson student was selected 
from among three finalists after a 20- 
minute recital at the First Presbyterian 
Church in Fort Lauderdale. He won a 
first-place award of $700. 

Smith played "Prelude and Fugue in E 
Flat Major" by Bach and "Song of Joy" 
by Langlais before a large crowd and a 
panel of judges headed by noted 
musician Dr. George Folkel. The other 
finalists, both graduate students, also 
played for 20 minutes each. 

The Lenoir-Rhyne musician was 
chosen for the national finals from 
among 29 entries. Each submitted a 
tape to the judges. 

Lenoir-Rhyne officials were excited 
about Smith's national victory. "It is 
quite a credit to Robert and our music 
program at Lenoir-Rhyne," said music 
faculty member Larry H. Lowder. 

Smith 79 


The Downfall of a King, a doctoral 
dissertation by Lenoir-Rhyne College 
faculty member Dr. Russell E. Benton, 
was published in January by the 
University Press of America in 
Washington, D.C. 

Dr. Benton's 244-page work is about 
the 1910 Portugese revolution and the 
overthrow of the monarchy which had 
existed there for eight centuries, it is 
based on research in the National Ar- 
chives and National Library in Lisbon 
and the Public Record Office and 
British Library in London. 

An assistant professor of history at 
Lenoir-Rhyne, Dr. Benton completed a 
doctor of philosophy degree at 
Louisiana State University in 1975. He 
holds a master's from Stetson Univer- 
sity and a bachelor's degree from Er- 
skine College. 

Dr. Benton is in his 11th year on the 
Lenoir-Rhyne faculty. He has also 
taught at the University of South 
Carolina and Gardner-Webb College. 


Stain It flit liiiliif 

Class Reunions: 
















SATURDAY, MAY 21, 1977 

Special Reunions: 

Baseball Players 


Dining Hall Waiters 

and Waitresses 
Science Majors 
Physical Ed. Majors 
Retired Faculty & Staff 

Other Highlights: 

Special Campaign 

Picnic on grounds 
Alumni Board Meeting 
Mini — Courses 
Annual Meeting 


(*) Denotes regularly scheduled 
reunion meetings. 









PLA YS ! ! ! 


by Sumne 




July 6, 

7, 15, 16 




by Ruth and Augustus Goetz 

Dates: July 8, 9, 20, 21 . 


Enclosed you will find a check for $ 

to cover the cost of . 

season tickets for the 


1 977 Lenoir-Rhyne College Summer Theatre. Each season ticket is $1 2.00. 

Please mail season ticket(s) to: 

at this address: 

(please print name) 

Please allow a week to ten days to receive your season ticket membership card(s). At that time you will also 
receive full details regarding the season membership plan. Thank you for your support of the Lenoir-Rhyne 

Mail to: Lenoir-Rhyne Summer Theatre, Box 223, Lenoir-Rhyne College, 
Hickory, North Carolina 28601 


Lenoir-Rhyne Magazine 




Hawn '26 

Spurlock '27 

Stasavich '35 

Wells '57 

Four storied names from Lenoir-Rhyne College's 
athletic history — H. C. "Joby" Hawn '26, Albert 
Spurlock '27, the late Clarence Stasavich '35, and 
Raeford Wells '57 — were honored April 15 as the first 
inductees to the college's newly-formed Sports Hall of 

The men were recognized at the annual meeting of the 
Piedmont Educational Foundation, an organization 
which provides support for Lenoir-Rhyne's athletic 

The dinner guests were treated to an address by 
University of Tennessee head football coach Johnny 
Majors in addition to viewing the Hall of Fame awards 

Majors recently joined the Tennessee staff after being 
named the National Collegiate Athletic Association's 
1 976 Coach of the Year as head of the football program 
at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Chairman Dr. Voist R. Cromer '26, lauded the work of 
the Hall of Fame Committee which has worked for a 
number of months to establish a program to honor "in- 
dividuals who have made significant contributions to 
Lenoir-Rhyne's noteworthy athletic tradition." 

The committee includes college officials and a mem- 
ber of the Board of Trustees, as well as representatives 
of the Piedmont Educational Foundation, the Alumni 
Association and the Hickory community. 


The credentials of the first inductees to Lenoir-Rhyne's 
Sports Hall of Fame read like an athletic fairy tale. 

Hawn is a native of Catawba County who now resides 
in Winston-Salem. He graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne in 
1 926 after playing football, basketball and baseball. 

For several years Hawn tried his hand at professional 
baseball, signing a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates 
in 1924 and playing in the Sally and Cotton State 
Leagues in 1925. In 1926 and 1927 he played for and 
managed the Hickory Rebels semi-pro baseball team. 

Hawn taught and coached for 20 years after com- 
pleting his degree at Lenoir-Rhyne. He served at 
Granite Falls High School, Marion High School and 
Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, taking several 
of his teams to the state playoffs in various sports. 

During the same period of time Hawn worked toward a 
master of arts degree which he received from the 
University of North Carolina in 1 944. 


A football and basketball official for the Southern and 
Atlantic Coast Conferences, Hawn officiated in the 
Sugar and Cotton Bowls and twice in both the Gator and 
Dixie Bowls. Later he supervised and assigned officials 
for ACC football for nine years. 

In 1946 Hawn became Industrial Recreation Director 
for P.H. Hanes Knitting Company in Winston-Salem. He 
served in that position for 1 6 years, winning a number of 
honors for his work throughout North Carolina in the 
field of recreation. 

Taking early retirement from Hanes in 1962, Hawn 
became the first full-time Commissioner of the Carolinas 
Intercollegiate Atheltic Conference. Until his retirement 
in 1976 he also assigned and supervised football and 
basketball officials for the conference. 

In 1 970 the football officiating booklet of the Collegiate 
Commissioners Association was dedicated to Hawn, 
and recently the Carolinas Conference began awarding 
an annual cup named in his honor. 

April 1977 


Spurlock, a resident of Hickory and former official of 
the Catawba County schools, is a virtual legend in the 
annals of Lenoir-Rhyne sport. A "Charlotte Observer" 
feature of several years ago quoted veteran sports fans 
as saying he was the nearest thing to a Jim Thorpe Nor- 
th Carolina has ever produced. 

A native of Mount Cory, Ohio, where he attended high 
school, Spurlock attended Centre College in Kentucky 
before transferring to Lenoir-Rhyne in 1924. His athletic 
feats at the Hckory institution are fabled and include 
booming 90-yard punts in football, pitching one-hitters 
in baseball and breaking state track records. 

During his college days Spurlock was referred to as 
"the premier toe artist of the South," by the noted Atlan- 
ta sports journalist Ed Danforth, and in 1926 he almost 
won the state track meet single-handedly. 

After earning a bachelor of arts degree at Lenoir- 
Rhyne in 1927, Spurlock completed a bachelor of 
science at North Carolina State University. Later he 
taught and coached at Columbia University while 
earning a master's there. 


Spurlock also served in the public schools, coaching 
at Raleigh High School for several years and taking his 
teams to three state basketball championships and one 
trip to the state football finals. In 1937 he worked for 
three months as interim football coach at Lenoir-Rhyne. 

During World War II Spurlock instructed college and 
high school coaches in methods of teaching for the 
armed services. He emerged from the service with the 
rank of major. 

From 1951-1975 Spurlock served as the Educational 
Coordinator for the Catawba County Schools. He has 
won numerous awards for his services to education and 
his athletic achievements, including selections to 
"Who's Who Among School Officials" and the National 
Association of Intercollegiate Athletic's Helms Hall of 

Another athletic legend, Stasavich -was one of the 
premier football coaches and athletic directors in the 
nation until his death in 1 975. 


A native of Illinois, Stasavich first came to North 
Carolina as a student at Lenoir-Rhyne. He distinguished 
himself as both a student and athlete while earning a 
bachelor of arts degree in science. Later he added a 
master's degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. 

After his graduation from Lenoir-Rhyne, Stasavich en- 
tered the coaching ranks at Campbell College in Buies 
Creek. Three years later, in 1938, he returned to his 
alma mater as football line coach, assistant basketball 
coach and head tennis coach. 

His tennis teams won two conference championships. 

World War II interrupted Stasavich's coaching career 
in 1942. He entered the U.S. Navy and served with 
distinction in the European, Mediterranean and Pacific 
theaters as an LST commander. 

After discharge from the service in 1946, Stasavich 
returned to Lenoir-Rhyne to build the only national 
championship football team that North Carolina has 
ever produced — the 1960 Bruin squad that captured 
the NAIA title. 

In addition, Stasvich's teams won nine Carolinas Con- 
ference titles during the period 1946-1961, and they 
compiled a spectacular 1 20-37-7 record. 


In 1962 Stasavich accepted a new challenge at East 
Carolina University. His eight years as head football 
coach there marked the most successful period ever in 
the school's gridiron history. Three of his teams in suc- 
cession posted 9-1 records and won bowl games. 

A member of both the Helms Hall of Fame and the N.C. 
Sports Hall of Fame, Stasavich was twice named 
national small college coach of the year and five times 
won district honors. 

The immortal coach, known to many as "Stas," closed 
his career as athletic director at ECU. 

Wells, a native of Catawba County and graduate of St. 
Stephens High School, is considered the finest all- 
around basketball player in Lenoir-Rhyne history. 

During four years of college competition, the standout 
eager scored 2,627 points, including 810 points his 
senior year when he averaged 28.9 points per game. 
He holds the vast majority of Lenoir-Rhyne's career and 
single-season basketball records. 


Wells earned a bachelor of arts degree from Lenoir- 
Rhyne in 1957 and later completed master's degrees at 
both the University of North Carolina and the University 
of Arizona. He has been quite successful in public 
school administration and is now Superintendent of the 
Vail Public Schools in Vail, Arizona. 

A member of the Helms Hall of Fame, Wells won All- 
Conference, All-State and All-American honors at 
Lenoir-Rhyne. He was named to the NAIA first team in 
both his sophomore and senior years. 

As a prep player, Wells led St. Stephens to the state 
basketball title and was named to the All-State squad. 


The Lenoir-Rhyne College women's basketball 
team proved that it, too, was interested in 
establishing a winning tradition by defeating 
North Carolina A & T for the Division III cham- 
pionship of the NCAIAW. Final score: L-R, 
70— A &T.59. 

The victory gave the Lady Bears a 17-3 overall 
record under Coach Dale Abernathy 71 in their 
second season of intercollegiate participation. 
Last year, the team finished second in the state 

Team leaders included Christy Jones, Sally Reid 
and. Grace Sherrill, all of whom were named to 
the All-Tournament team. In addition, Sherrill 
was named to the All-Division team — the 
second year in a row she has received that 

Editor's note: 

In recognition of Lenoir-Rhyne's State Cham- 
pions, the back page of this issue of PROFILE 
features the official team photograph. 



HICKORY, N.C. 28601 

Second Class Postage 
Paid at Hickory, N.C. 28601 




















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