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Mrs, John McKirdy 
In memoiy of John McKirdy 

Digitized by the Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 with funding from 

University of Pittsburgh Library System 

Copyrighted 1912 














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Altuaga ui^lrnm^ ittfip^rttnn 
nf ti|nr m^rrI|attbtB0 utlttrli ta 
at all firasnns of ll|? grar 
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THE second edition of Prominent Families is given 
to the public with a belief in its certain cordial 
reception. The 1911 book met with unqualified 
success. It brought to the publishers scores of compli- 
mentary letters — comments on the convenience of the 
make-up, the reliability of the information, the binding and 
letter press. It is felt that the 1912 edition will retain the 
high place in public favor accorded to its predecessor. 
The utmost care has been exercised in compiling the list 
which includes families of social and commercial impor- 
tance in Pittsburgh and vicinity. This year the list has 
been greatly enlarged and many additional families added. 
The suburban list includes twenty towns within a radius of 
one hundred miles of Pittsburgh. Sewickley, McKees- 
port, Ben Avon and Bellevue names will be found in the 
Pittsburgh list. 

It is believed the information is clear and concise and 
that but little explanation is necessary. The prefixes Miss 
and Mr. have been omitted in names of children under 
fifteen years of age. In addition to the families listed, 
much information of clubs— social, philanthropic and edu- 
cational — etc. , is given that cannot fail to add to the value of 
an already valued and valuable publication. 

It is compiled in response to an imperative demand 
for a list that will meet the requirements of those in need 
of an exhaustive, carefully compiled series of names of social 


'*The Pioneer Shaft Driven Electric/' 

Baker Electrics 

Baker-Electric Sales Agency 

Center and Morewood 

Phone Sch, 166 







437 Penn Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 











Alexander Bros Back of 3rd Title Page. 

Ambuhl Bros XXX 

Allegheny Preparatory School LXL 

Adler, Jeannette LX 

Bald, Edie, Motor Car Co XXIV 

Breitenreiter, C. C XXX 

Boys ' Collegiate School LTV 

Baker Electric Sales Agency IV 

Brace Bros XVIIl 

Bennet, W. W., Motor Car Co XXIV 

Burgess, Miss XXII 

Consolidated Ice Co XXVI 

CHne & Brooks XLVIII 

Club Pressing Co Back of 2nd Title Page 

Cole Motor Co XX 

Dolan & Co IV 

Duff's College LVI 

Eaton, Edgar E XXVI 

Elmore Motor Co XXX 

East End Auto Co XII 

Enterprise Pressing Co XIV 

East Liberty Academy XXII 

Fidelity Title & Trust Co VIII 

Federal Motor Car Co XX 

Famous Biscuit Co VI 

Gillespie, J. J. & Co XLII 

Gloeckler Co XXVIII 

Grogan Co II 

Garvin, A. E XLIV 

Hamilton & Clark Co XXXII 

Hammel 's Restaurant XII 

Holsum Bread Back of 1st Title Page 

Holland House LXII 

Index Co L and LX 

Jackson Motor Supply Co XXIV 

Jarrett, W. C XXX 

Kay, R. C. & Co LVIII 

Kurtz, Langbein & Swartz X 






In my all Cedar Humidor can be found all the well known imported, 

Key West and Domestic cigars. 



Gentlemen's Garments English Riding Clothes 

Suite 204-5-6 German National Bank Building 
313 Sixth Avenue, Pittsburgh Pa. 


Famous Biscuits 

The Famous Biscuit Company's crackers are the finest 
flavored, freshest, highest quality biscuits on the market. 
If you want the best tasting crackers for your table, by all 
means ask for "Famous" crackers. 

The superior flavor and quality of "Famous" products 
are due to carefully selected flour — well-tested recipes — 
artesian well water— s^oeckless, spotless machinery that 
handles the products from flour to package — clean, sanitary 
ovens — perfect baking — and the air, moisture and dust- 
IDroof j)ackages. Try one of our 150 products — you'll be 
won by any one of them. 


Famous Biscuit Co. 

Forbes and Miltenberger Sts. , Pittsburg: 


Kuhn & Co., W. E XLVI 

Motheral, Theo. A XXXVIII 

McGinnis, Edw. A X 

McAlister Bros. Motor Car Co XIV 

Norton Co IV 

Nixon Restaurant XXXVIIT 

Premier Motor Co XXXII 

Pierpont Seiviter Co Back of 4th Title Page 

Phelan, A. X XXIV 

Pittsburgh Craft Shop XLVIII 

Pittsburgh Inter-State Co XX 

Pittsburgh Automobile Co XVIII 

Pittsburgh Chalmers Co XXXVIII 

Pittsburgh Eubber Co XVIII 

Pittsburgh Trust Co XXXIV 

Pennsylvania College for Women XXXIV 

Robinson-Painter Co XL 

Randolph & McClemens XIV 

Reymer & Bros VIII 

Shaw 's School, Miss LIV 

Shadyside Academy LVt 

Shields, Miss XLIV 

Schaldenbrand Bros LXI 

Stearns, F. B. Co XII 

Sharpe, John VI 

Stark 's Model Laundry XXXII 

Snyder, Jos, T VI 

Stork, Miss L L 

Smith, A. W XL! 

Thomas Motor Car Co XVl 

Thurston-Gleim Preparatory School XXXVI 

Union Restaurant XVIII 

Union Trust Co I 

Verner 's Shoe Store Back of 3rd Title Page 

Wicks, Miss XLVI 

Winchester School LII 

West Penn Auto Co XXXVIII 


Fidelity Title and Trust Co. 

341-343 Fourth Avenwe, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Capital and Surplus 


Trust Funds 

Trustee under Mortgages 

$ 7,500,000.00 



115,000,000 00 

Solicits Checking Accounts; interest paid on daily balances. 
Solicits Savings Deposits; four per cent interest paid thereon. 
Acts in all Trust Capacities. 
Rents Safe Deposit Boxes; $5.00 and upward per year. 




Attorneys ' Directory 348 

Beaver 255-257 

Beaver FaUs 253-255 

Business Directory 339-347 

Butler , 257-264r 

Cambridge Springs 264-265 

Cannonburg 265-269 

Canoe Clubs XIII 

College and University Clubs XIII 

Connellsville 269-270 

Country, Golf and Tennis Clubs XV 

Dentists ' Directory 348 

Franklin 271-275 

Greensburg 275-282 

Historical Societies XVII 

Institutions of Pittsburg XLIII 

Kittanning 282-287 

Meadville 287-291 

Men 's Clubs XIX 








Headquarters for Society 

Engraving and Stationery 
Luncheon and Calling Cards 

( Engraved in correct form ) 

C Invitations 

Wedding I Reception 
^ at Home 

Monograms, Crests and Coats-of-arms illuminated on 
latest prevailing sizes of Stationery 

Importers of 

English and Vienna Leather Novelties 
Artist Materials and Periodicals 

Kurtz, Langbein ^Swartz 

335 Wood Street 



Miscellaneous Clubs XXIII 

Monongahela 291-293 

New Brighton 293-294 

New Castle 294-297 

Oil City 297-300 

Osteopaths ' Directory 349 

Philanthropic Societies and Eelief XXVII 

Physicians ' Directory 349-350 

Pittsburg Families 3-242 

Pittsburg Families Residing Elsewhere 243-250 

Eetrospective LIX 

Rochester 301-304 

Sharon 304-307 

TJniontown 307-315 

Washington 315-326 

Waynesburg 326-328 

Women 's Clubs LIII 

Women 's Unclassified Clubs LV 

Toungstown 328-336 

f7\M>^ THE WC 



X^^^ THE ULTIMATE CAR (Knight Type Motor) 



Schenley 2800 




5^^>^ and CAFE . . . 


Where Everything Is All Right I 



The Silent WAV ERLY Electric 

JT^ON'T envy other people, have other people envy you when you return 
from the Theatre, cafis or shopping in your silent Waverly Electric 
Automobile. The only Electric Automobile ever constructed capable of Twelve 
Thousand Miles with one set 
of lead batteries without one 
dollar of expense. Testimo- 
nials of this wonderful perform- 
ance cheerfully furnished. — 
Your attention is particularly 
called to the Waverly high 
efficiency Shut-down, The In- 
terlocking and Safety Control- 
ler, the interior and exterior 
furnishings and finishings, the 
single piece drop forged I beam 
axle, as well as many other 
exclusive features. Always at 
your service. 


EAST END AUTO CO,, Distributing Agents 
5820 Baum Street 



Algonquin Canoe Club Verona — Fred Hanker, commodore, 316 South 
Ave., Wilkinsburg. 

American Canoe Association — Henry Duvall James, commodore, Trenton 
Ave., Edgewood. 

Crescent Canoe Club, Arch St., Verona. Bell 192 J Oakmont, C. H. 
Smith, commodore, 109 Mifflin Ave., Wilkinsburg. 

DuQUESNE Canoe Club, Sylvan St., Verona. Bell 140 J Oakmont. Walter 
Crofts, commodore, 278 Shady Ave. 

Keystone Canoe Club, Verona. Fred Richardson, commodore, Oliver Bldg. 

Minnie Tonka Canoe Club, Verona — William Murdoch, commodore. 

Oakmont Boat Club, B St., Oakmont. Bell 9161 Oakmont. C. E. Brain- 
erd, president ; Joseph Neely, secretary. ^ 

Sylvan Canoe Club, Verona. Otto Schairer, commodore. 

Tippy Canoe Club, Verona — Howard Noble, commodore, 7337 Hermitage St. 


Amherst College Alumnae Association — William D. Evans, president, 
316 Fourth Ave. ; H. G. Pinker, secretary. 

Brown University Alumnae Association — William E. Lincoln, president ; 
Charles Powers, secretary. Library Bureau, Oliver Bldg. 

Cornell University Club of Western Pennsylvania — John N. Ostrom 
('77), president, 1518 Farmers Bank Bldg.; C. K. Coyle, secretary; 
P. & L. E. R. R., Company; W. F. Wing, treasurer. 

Dartmouth Alumnae Association — Judge A. V. Barker, president, Ebens- 
burg ; James V. Conlon, secretary and treasurer, 723 Liberty Ave. 

Harvard Club of Western Pennsylvania — E. E. Jenkins, president ; 
G. Cook Kimball, vice president ; P. L. Thompson, secretary. Western 
Electric Company. 

Lafayette Alumnae Association — G. D. Mcllvaine, president ; Henry 
Lloyd, secretary, Pittsburgh Dry Goods Company. 


IN producing the 1912 CADILLAC with its 
refinements of electric Hghting, starting and 
ignition, there is embodied the ease of operation, 
and another leader for the 1912 season. 

McAllister bros. motor car co. 

Bell 523 Highland PITTSBURGH, PA. 

I^toletg jl^oges #rt|)ttis 

Randolph & McClements 
iFIoral ^£xpntB 


Flowers Get Nearer To The Heart Than 
Any Other Gift 

Weddings, Receptions and Teas our Specialties 



Cleaners anD Dpers 

Perfect Workmanship in Ladies', Children's and Household 
Work- — Oriental Rugs and Draperies a Specialty 





Lehigh Club (Pittsburgh) — Henry Dalzell Wilson, president; Paul A. 
Degener, secretary and treasurer, Empire Bldg., 943 Court. 

Notre Dame Alumnae Association — Raymond J. Daschbach, president ; 
Howard J. Debold, treasurer; John C. Quinn, secretary, 5464 North- 
umberland St. 

Pittsburgh Alumnae Association of Columbia University — Dr. Richard 

B. Faulkner, president, 7218 Meade St. ; Forrest A. DeGrafF, secretary. 

Princeton Club of Western Pennsilvania — Lawrence Woods, president ; 

C. A. McClintock, secretary. Fifth and Putnam Sts. 

Purdue University Alumnae Association — S. M. Kintner, president ; W. 
H. Stillwell, secretary, 415 Barnes St. 

Trinity College Alumnae Association — -Joseph Buffington, president ; Wil- 
liam R. Blair, vice president ; M. K. Coster, secretary, 5728 Ken- 
tucky Ave. 

University of Michigan — F. P. Grape, president ; Fleming Nevin, secre- 
tary, Frick Annex. Bell 999 Court. 

University of Pennsylvania Alumnae (Association of Pittsburgh). Dr. 
G. A. Dillinger, president. Empire Bldg. ; Walter E. Edmundson, 

University of Pittsburgh Alumnae Association — J. Garfield Houston, 
president ; Prof. Alexander Silverman, secretary (care University of 

Yale Alumnae Association— Edwin M. Smith, president ; Wilson S. Mc- 
Clintock, treasurer ; George B. Berger, secretary, Berger Bldg. 


Allegheny Country Club — J. Denniston Lyon, president ; H. R. Rea, vice 
president ; O. D. Thompson, secretary ; James W. Scully, treasurer. 

Allegheny County Association — P. 0. Box 1449. Charles Garland, 
president; J. A. McLain, 917 Park Bldg., Tournament Mgr. ; Harry 
Seymour, secretary and treasurer. 

Beaver Valley Country Club, Patterson Heights, Beaver Falls. Bell 143 
Beaver Falls. W. Albert Myler, president ; W. H. P. Graham, secre- 
tary and treasurer. 

Bellevue Country Club — Frank Ewing, president ; H. C. Watson, secre- 
tary ; Fred East, treasurer. 




EQUIPPED $4,000 


Ben Avon Country Clcb — A. C. Knox, president ; F. L. Stout, secretary ; 
W. P. Eraser, treasurer. 

Ben Avon Field Club — R. H. Mackey, president, O. B. Price, Jr., secretary. 

Country Club, William Pitt Blvd. Bell 590 Hiland. James R. Hammond, 
president ; Wm. M. Fury, secretary, 5305 Ellsworth Ave. 

Edgewood Country Club, Edgewood. Bell 39 J Wilkins. William Gordon, 
president ; Robert Kester, secretary. 

Oakmont Country Club, Hulton. BeU 119 Oakmont. Henry C. Fownes, 
president ; Ernest E. Jones, secretary, Frick Bldg. 

Pittsburgh Field Club, Braddock and Forbes. Bell 9038 Wilkins. Ralph 
Sill, president ; F. C. Bell, secretary and treasurer. 

Pittsburgh Golf Club, Murdock Entrance, Schenley Park. Bell 87 Schen- 
ley. John Z. Speer, president ; F. S. Guthrie, secretary and treasurer, 
6209 Kentucky Ave. 

Stanton Heights Golf Club, Black and Rebecca Sts. Bell 1239 Hiland. 
Dr. E. S. Montgomery, president ; John Reid, Jr., secretary, House 
Bldg. Bell 2178 Court. 

Thornburg Country Club, Thornburg. Bell 9563-J Crafton. Charlea 
Treat, president ; J. W. Barber, secretary, 57 Yale Ave., Thornburg. 

Westmoreland Country Club, Centre Ave., Verona. Bell 106 Oakmont. 
H. Sidenberg, president ; B. L. Hirshfield, secretary, Westinghouse Bldg. 


Daughters of the American Revolution, Pittsburgh Chapter — ^Mrs. 
Joseph W. Marsh, regent, Woodland Road ; Mrs. R. E. Edmonds, secre- 
tary, 5209 Harriet St. 

Daughters of the Confederacy — Mrs. William McC. Grafton, president ; 
Mrs. Frank Paulson, secretary, Sewickley. 

Dolly Madison Chapter, U. S. Daughters of 1812 — Mrs. James Hartwell 
Hillman, regent ; Mrs. George M. Hosack, corresponding secretary, 
]Lji;ton Ave. ; Miss Frances Bertha Fisher, recording secretary, 629 S. 
Negley Ave. 

Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania — Wm. H. Stevenson, presi- 
dent ; Baird S. Patterson, secretary. 


Oakland Car for 1912— Seven Models 

MODEL 45-7 PASSENGER - - $2100.00 


MODEL 40-5 " - - 1450.00 


MODEL 30-5 PASSENGER - - 1200.00 


MODEL 26-30 H. P. - - - - 1000.00 
All Distinct and Superior Cars. — Send for Catalog 



^ We have the machinery and the skill to Dry Clean or Dye 
the finest and most delicate fabrics, and whether you want 
your wearing apparel or articles of household use properly 
cleaned, you will prolong their life by sending them to us. 

^ We are cranks on Sanitary Conditions, and when your bun- 
dle comes back to you it hasn't a lot of disease germs lurking 
around. Think it over — then give us your order. 

BRACE BROS.y Launderers, Dyers and Cleaners 

WILKINSBURG, PA. Both Phones, 23 Wilkins 

l^he Quality Rubber Store 

Everything' that's made of Rubber 
An Exclusive Showing Of Ram And 
Aiito7nobile Garments 


933-935 LIBERTY AVE. The Big Rubber Store of Pittsburgh 

The Union Restaurant 


Announces the opening of the Fall and Winter Season 

Cuisine Absolutely Perfect 



Bell Telephone Court 525 

John Hart Chapter of the C. A. R. — Mrs. W. A. Smith, president, 
623 S. Linden Ave. ; Miss Marguerite Wensell, secretary, 313 Meyran 

Keystone Chapter^ Daughters of American Pioneers — ^Mrs. Henry J. 
Bailey, regent. Centre and Aiken Aves. ; Mrs. James German, secre- 
tary, Collins Ave. 

Mary Washington Memorial Association — Mrs. William H. House, Libra- 
ry ; Mrs. Park Painter, Mrs. Sullivan Johnson, Mrs. Henry J. Bailey, 
Mrs. Francis H. Wade. 

Mataoka Chapter^ Pocahontas Memorial Association — Mrs. John S. 
Flannery, regent; Miss Kate Sv^eeney, 1st vice regent; Mrs. Martha 
Briggs, 2nd vice regent ; Mrs. Richard Brown, 3rd vice regent ; Mrs. 
Lide Wilson, recording secretary. 

Pennsylvania Society of Colonial Dames of America (Allegheny County 
Committee) — Mrs. William McKelvy, president, Fifth and CoUege 
Aves; Miss Winifred Jones, secretary, 4842 Ellsworth Ave. 

Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvanla — 
S. Sayers, Esq., secretary, Philadelphia. 

Society of New England Women — Mrs. D. W. Kuhn, president ; Mrs. 
Frederick H. Clapp, corresponding secretary, Holden St. ; Mrs. David 
E. Clark, recording secretary, Kentucky Ave. 

Sons of the American Revolution, Pennsylvania Society — James Denton 
Hancock, president; Frank G. Paulson, secretary. Wood St. 

The Woman's Historical Society of Pennsylvania — Mrs. Mattie Patter- 
son, founder and honorary president ; Mrs. James Leston Pitzer, 
president; Mrs. Edward A. ''Jones and Mrs. David Osborne Hutchinson, 
vice presidents ; Mrs. Joseph C. Cullen, recording secretary ; Mrs. John 
Charles Schreiner, corresponding secretary ; Mrs. Robert William 
Smith, treasurer, and Mrs. W. P. Price, Mrs. George Benton Moore and 
Mrs. William C. Eberhardt, directors. 

Woman's Southern Society — Mrs. Hugh Pendalton AUen, president ; Mrs. 
Frederick Marshall, secretary, 1115 Trenton Ave., Wilkinsburg. 


Automobile Club of Pittsburgh — Edward Kneeland, president ; Edward 
W. Kent, William N. Murray and William H. Seif, vice presidents; 
Paul C. Wolff, secretary, Arrott Bldg. ; William A. Heyl, treasurer. 
Board of Directors: George C. Glass, M. F. Leslie, H. Lee Mason, Jr., 
Charles M. Miller, John C. Bragdon, A. E. Nieman, S. A. Stewart, 
L. B. Fleming, John A. Hawkins, Frank D. Saupp, Norwood Johnston, 
Sam F. Sipe. 


MOTOR CARS S1800.00 

The 1912 is a stronger, larger and more comfortable car tban the 1911 



Our Superb Line for 1912 

Cars represent Qual- 
ity, Power, Endur- 
ance and Economy. 

The Automobile owner of today realizes more 
than ever the importance of these qualifications 

f^ T-J T r\ This car is built on integrity. The 
_^_^_^^_ quality is remembered long after 
the price is forgotten. Entire car is made in the 
Ohio factory. Bond given for life of car. 

Send for both Catalogs and arrange for Demonstration 



Phones 1 709- 1710 Schenley Distributois for both cars and Mais Truck 


Inter-State and Warren Cars 

Ask for Demonstration by Phone J 38 J Highland 

Pittsburgh Inter-State Co. 

5817 Penn Ave. Send for Catalog 


Amekicus Republican Club, Penu Ave., and 4th St. Bell 9244 Court. 
Col. H. P. Bope, president ; H. M. Laughlin, secretary. 

Bellefield Club, N. Craig St. Bell 9040-J — Schenley — James Steen, presi- 
dent ; Russell Johnson, secretary. 

Bellevue Club, Lincoln Ave., Bellevue. Bell 721 Bellevue — Frank Ewing, 
president ; H. G. Watson, secretary, 169 Lincoln Ave., Bellevue. 

German Club, 222 Craft Ave. Bell 81 Schenley. George W. Schluderberg, 
president ; G. A. Stierlin, secretary, 238 Fourth Ave. Bell 530 Court. 

Church Club of the Diocese of Pittsburgh — A. P. Burgwin, president ; 
J. J. Miller and Charles W. Dahlinger, vice presidents, William 
Richards, treasurer ; Southard Hay, secretary ; R. T. VanPelt, assistant 
secretary ; A. M. Scully, historian ; John Proven, chaplain. 

Columbus Club, Bellefield Ave., nr Forbes St. — J. J. O'Connor, president ; 
John Kelly, William Loefler, J. R. Russell, vice presidents ; J. J. 
Garry, secretary ; Thomas A. Durm, treasurer. 

Concordia Club, 135 N. Craig St. Bell 2438 Schenley. Walter May, 
president ; Sam Steinflrst, secretary, 341 Sixth Ave. 

Duquesne Club, 325 Sixth Ave. Bell 2590 Grant. H. S. A. Stewart, 
president ; Col. Chambers McKibben, secretary. 

Duquesne Kennel Club, Lewis Bldg. Bell 2759 Grant. John Moorhead, 
Jr., president ; S. B. Cummings, secretary. 

Edgewood Club, Maple Ave., Edgewood. Bell 9030-J Wilkins. J. M. 
McElroy, president ; Hugh McKean Jones, secretary, 325 Maple Ave., 

Edgeworth Club, Academy Ave., Sewickley. Bell 29 Sewickley. Alexander 
Laughlin, president ; Frank Semple, secretary, Machesney Bldg. 

Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania, Oliver Bldg. — Samuel F. 
Duff, publicity chairman ; Elmer K. Hiles, secretary. 

Hungry Club — Meets every Monday at 12:15, at the Fort Pitt Hotel. 
Informal and stag. 

Keystone Party of Western Pennsylvanu., 426 Diamond St. J. Garfield 
Houston, chairman ; William W. Keller, secretary. 

Matinee Club of Pittsburgh and Allegheny — James D. Callery, presi- 
dent ; W. S. Steele, secretary and treasurer, 1001 Western Ave., N. S. 

Penwood Club, 740 Ross Ave., Wilkinsburg. Bell 9004-R Wilkins. John 
W. McGregor, president ; James G. Sansom, secretary, 425 South Ave., 

Pittsburgh Athletic Association — Grant Blvd. and Fifth Ave. Bell 2400 
Schenley. Charles A. Painter, president ; Albert Caldwell, secretary. 


(Ba0t Elbert^ 9cabem^ 

Emden ^tienue anti 9^tant Street, "^otnt Breeze" 

A HIGH-GRADE preparatory school where each boy 
receives that close personal attention which is possible 
only in a school with a limited enrollment and small classes. 
Enrollment limited to 125, classes to 15. Full courses fitting 
for any college or technical school. The academy's eertific- 
ates are accepted by all colleges not requiring entrance exam- 
inations. Clean, quiet and healthful location. A well 
equipped gymnasium and a good athletic field afford splendid 
opportunities for physical development. 

Telephone 1649 Hiland /. C ARMSTRONG, Principal 

. - of - . 

0mle 71Z Seal lEfitatr ll&g. 

SpU ^ifont 13B4-lC-C!l?Iiar 


Pittsburgh Assembly, Brotherhood of St. Andrew — William A. Corne- 
lius, president ; Harvey H. Smith, vice president ; T. M. Hopke, secre- 
tary ; Harry Tomer, treasurer ; Rev. E. R. Schultz, chaplain. 

Pittsburgh Association of Credit Men — Enoch Rauh, president ; A. C. 
Ellis, secretary, Renshaw Bldg. 

Pittsburgh Camera Club — Robert L. Sleeth, Jr., president; George B. 
Parker, secretary ; William McK. Ewart, treasurer. Board of Directors : 
Mr. Ewart, Mr. Sleeth, Mr. Parker, Mr. R. B. Zabriskie, Dr. Joseph 
W. Anderson, Mr. Charles F. Close, Mr. Howard Calmelet, Mr. F. N. 
Alexander, Mr. Emil J. Kloes. 

Pittsburgh Club, 425 Penn Ave. Bell 515 Court. Henry R. Rea, presi- 
dent ; Hay Walker, secretary, Leetsdale. 

Smoke and Cindee Club — F. W. Keefer, president ; Charles W. Cutting, 

Traffic Club — F. A. Ogden, president ; D. L. Wells, secretary ; J. D. Nelson, 
treasurer, Oliver Bldg. Bell 3220 Court. 

Union Club of Pittsburgh, Frick Bldg. Bell 3636 Court. George R. 
Wallace, president ; D. H. Ramsbottom, secretary and treasurer. 

University Club, Grant Blvd., nr. Fifth Ave. Bell 1724 Schenley. William 
M. Kennedy, president ; Edward B. Vaill secretary ; George D. Edwards, 

Voters' League, Frick Annex. Bell 244 Court. A. Leo Weil, president ; 
F. R. Babcock, treasurer ; Tensard De Wolf, secretary. 

Westinghouse Club — R. L. Bovard, president ; T. W. Siemon, secretary. 


Academy of Science and Art — Dr. Samuel B. McCormick, president ; Dr. 
T. D. Davis, first vice president ; Prof. A. J. Wurts, second vice presi- 
dent, 1164 Shady Ave. ; Wilson A. Shaw, treasurer ; Frederick S. 
Webster, secretary. Counsellors: W. Lucien Scaife, Dr. A. S. Dag- 
gette, Isaac E. Hirsch, Dr. S. B. McCormick, F. K. Morse, C. B. Con- 
nelly, A. J. Wurts, H. G. Wardale, P. M. Dysart, Albert E. Frost, 
Henry W. Fisher, J. M. Conner, O. C. Reiter, Photographic Section: 
O. C. Reiter, president. Pedagogical Section: J. B. Hench, president. 
Biological Section: A. E. Ortman, Ph. D., president. 

Allegheny County Medical Society — Dr. M. C. Cameron, president ; Dr. 
W. H. Cameron, recording secretary; Dr. John R. McCurdy, correspond- 
ing secretary, Westinghouse Bldg. ; Dr. W. B. Ewing, treasurer. 


FOUR "30" $1250 "EVERITT" FOUR "36" $1500 


SIX 'M8'^ $J850 



Demonstrations by appointment Telephone 144 High 


4-CYLINDER $3,000 
6-"" -I $4,000 

All Styles of Bodies 


5906 PENN AVE., PITTSBURGH. Phone 770 Highland 





5904 PENN AVENUE* Telephone, Hiland 4360 


Lozier holds the World's record for economy 
in the big car class. 

1911 Type 46. 4-Cylinder, 46 H. P. 
(A. L. A. M. Rating) $4,700 FULLY EQUIPPED 
1911 Type 51. 6-Cy Under, 51 H. P. 
(A. L. A. M. Rating) $5,000 FULLY EQUIPPED 


374 NORTH CRAIG ST., PITTSBURGH, PA. Tel. 202 Schenly 



Apollo Club — S. Massingham, president ; Dan Janett, vice president ; James 
W. McKelvie, secretary and treasurer, 126 Bingham St. ; Oscar F. 
Swope, librarian. 

AkchaeologicaIi Institute, Pittsburgh Society, Carnegie Institute — Dr. Wil- 
liam J. Holland, president, 5546 Forbes St. 

Art Society of Pittsburgh — Russell Hewlett, president ; John L. Porter, 
vice president ; Mrs. Emily McCreery, secretary ; Marvin F. Scaife, trea- 
surer; E. Z. Smith, John Z. Slack, Isaac Fish, Dr. A. A. Hamerschlag, 
Russell Hewlett, J. Alex. Hardy, Mrs. John G. Holmes; Miss Emily 
McCreery, John L. Porter, directors. 

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh — James Bonar, president ; Alex H. Lappe, 
secretary ; Lila B. Hetzel, treasurer. 

Botanical Society of Western Pennsylvania — F. Z. Schellenberg, presi- 
dent ; Dr. A. E. Ortman, vue president ; Otto E. Jennings, secretary ; 
L. L. Hopkins, tre!V='irer. 

Carnlgie Institute-^^. N. Frew, president ; John D. Shafer, vice presi- 
dent ; Samuel J Church, secretary, 4781 Wallingford St. ; James H. 
Reed, treasurei. Department of Fine Arts: John W. Beatty, director. 
Department of Museum: Dr. W. J. Holland, director. Department of 
Technical Schools: Dr. A. A. Hamerschlag, director. 

Carnegie Library — W. N. Frew, president ; J. F. Hudson, secretary ; James 
H. Reed, treasurer, Frick Bldg. ; Harrison W. Craver, librarian. 

Civic Club of Allegheny County — 238 Fourth Ave. Phone (Bell) Court 
4696 (P. A.) Main 1791. W. M. Kennedy, president; Miss H. M. 
Dermitt, Recording secretary. 

Dickens Fellowship of Pittsburgh — William Clyde Wilkins, president, 
Westinghouse Bldg. ; Francis J. Torrance, vice president ; Mrs. Flo- 
rence R. Wade, secretary and treasurer. McKee Place and Bates St. 

Mendelssohn^s Choik, Hostetter Bldg. — C. J. Braun, Jr., president ; Ernest 
C. Lunt, director. 

Mozart Club, 237 Fourth Ave. — E. Curtis Clark, president ; James P. 
McCollum, director. 

Pittsburgh Esperanto Society — Mr. James L. Hailman, president, 310 
Lang Ave. ; K. C. Kerr, secretary and treasurer, 1100 Allegheny Ave. 

Pittsburgh Male Chorus — Edward Porter, president ; L. G. Lockie, cor- 
responding secretary ; W. B. Lawton, recording secretary ; James Ste- 
phen Martin, director. 

Pittsburgh Press Club, May Bldg. — D. 0. Holbrook, president; Mr. Sut- 
ter, secretary. 

RiNGWALT Choir — H. L. Ringwalt, director. Commonwealth Bldg. 


Stop. Steady on the right 

Steady, I say 

You the people who spend money 

Get ready now to throw a faint because you have com- 
menced to read the ad of an undertaker, but now since we 
have told you our business you will do well to stay on the job. 

This is all we want to say: that you can be assured of get- 
ting just as good scrviceand paraphernalia from us as any one 
in the same business, and at the same time making a saving 
of Vs on the price of the casket you use. 

Remember our carriage service is par excellence. 

Ding-a-ling Grant 69, or Wilkins 836. 

Edgar E. Eaton Company 


Sixth A ve. & Grant St. 

For carriage service call 836 IVill^ins 


Health in Every Drop 

? ? 



Manufactured Exclusively by the 

Consolidated Ice Company 

Our Wagons On Every Street In Pittsburgh 



Allegheny County Child Labor Association — President, J. W. Anthony ; 
Secretary, W. M. Keller, 405 Apollo Bldg., 238 Fourth Ave., Phone, 
Court 4696. 

Allegheny County Home — Woodville. Phone, Carnegie 2. City Office 
at jail building. Court 1859. Superintendent, S. W. Lea. 

Allegheny County Hospital for the Insane — Wood\-ille. Phone, Car- 
negie 1 ; city office at jail building, phone, court 1859. Medical 
Superintendent, Dr. J. Lewis Srodes. 

Allegheny Department Public Charities — Second floor, City Hall, N. S. 
(Bell) Cedar 217. 

Allegheny Fresh Air Home — Glenfield. President of Association. Mrs. 
W. C. Robinson, 820 Lincoln Ave., N. S. Secretary, Miss Margaret 
E. Phillips. 

Allegheny General Hospital^IOO East Stockton Ave., N. S. Phones 
(Bell) Cedar 2010; (P. & A.) North 84. President, Maitland Alexan- 
der ; Superintendent, P. K. Bechtel. 

Allegheny Municipal Hospital — 709 Avery Ave., N. S. Cedar 164L. 
For information address Bureau of Health, Pittsburgh ; Bell phone 
3940 Grant. 

Allegheny Widows' Home Association — Has houses at Taylor and Sher- 
man Aves., Arlington Ave. and Atlanta St., N. S. President, Mrs. 
James R. Kibler; Secretary, Mrs. A. R. Fillmore. 

Associated Charities of Pittsburgh — 535 Fulton Bldg. (Bell) Grant 
1611. Serves as a clearing house and center of cooperation among the 
charitable and philanthropic agencies of the community. A district 
office, for the territory extending from Allegheny avenue to Sewickley, is 
maintained at Preble avenue and Kerr street, N. S. Phone, Brady 893. 
The officers of the Association are Wilmer A. Shaw, president ; Charles 
F. Weller, general secretary ; Miss Eleanor Hanson, assistant secretary. 

Athalia Daly Home, The — Gross St., near Liberty Ave. Phone, Fisk 475. 
President, W. W. Blackburn ; Matron, Miss Margaret M. Lowey ; James 
R. Mellon, treasurer. 

Avery Trade School — 709 Avery Ave., N. S. Phone Cedar 1464. Presi- 
dent, Dr. G. G. Turfley ; Superintendent, Joseph D. Mahoney. 

Bethesda Home — 1315 Liverpool St., N. S. (Bell) Brady 284. President, 
Rev. John H. Prugh ; Physician in charge. Dr. W. C. Shaw, 1009 Wylie 
Ave. ; Matron, Mrs. G. A. Ward. 

Beulah Home — 136 Sheridan Ave., Bellevue. Phone, Bellevue, 130J. 
Superintendents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Schultz. 



No Slop 

No Dirt 

No Trouble 




The housewife realizes 
the importance of icing 
the Refrigerator from 
the outside. The Ber- 
nard Gloekler Co. are 
the only manufacturers 
Lwho make this possible. J 
^ ^^ ^^ ^ 


Boys' IndtjsteiaIi Home of Western Pennsylvania — Oakdale, Allegheny 
County. Pittsburgh Office, Room 18, Free Dispensary Bldg., Federal 
St., near Fifth Ave. Hours 1:30 to 2 P. M. Oakdale Office, phone, 
(Bell) Oakdale 43 ; (P. & A.) Oakdale 9. President, Rev. J. T. 
McCrory, D. D. ; Superintendent and Corresponding Secretary, John 
W. Cleland. 

Braddock General Hospital — 416 Holland Ave., Braddock. Phone, Brad- 
dock 303. 

Brunot Boarding Home for Young Business Women — 214 East Stockton 
Ave., N. S. Phone, Cedar 2245. 

Business Women^s Club — Club House, 515 Arch St., N. S. Phone Cedar 
166R. President, Mrs. John Cowley ; Resident Supervisor, Miss Kather- 
ine Huttelmaier. 

Calvary Episcopal Church — Shady Ave. and Walnut St. Parish Nurse, 
Miss Mary E. Hull, 135 Auburn St. Phone, Hiland 5286J. Works 
outside of parish when time permits. 

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh — The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is 
one system, with the main library in Schenley Park, and with eight 
branches. East Liberty Branch, Station St. ; Hazlewood Branch, 
Monongahela St. ; Lawrenceville Branch, Fisk St. ; Mount Washing- 
ton Branch, Grandview Ave. ; West End Branch, Wabash Ave. ; Wylie 
Avenue Branch, Wylie Ave. and Green St. ; Homewood Branch, 
Hamilton and Lang Aves. The library has a division of Home Library 
and Reading Clubs, the purpose of which is to establish reading and 
recreation clubs, especially in the poorer neighborhoods of the city. 
For information concerning these address Miss Edith Chase, at the 
Schenley Park Main Library. 

Carnegie Library (Allegheny) — Main Library, Federal and Ohio Sts., N. S. 

Charities Endorsement and Advice Committee — A committee working 
under the auspices of the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce. Object, 
to furnish information to contributors to charity regarding any charit- 
able organization soliciting funds. Chairman, Hamilton Stewart. Phone 
Grant 447. 

Children's Aid Society of Allegheny County — 43 Federal St. Phone, 
Grant 175. President, Mrs. J. H. McLean ; Mrs. J. A. Bryant, vice 
president ; Mrs. J. B. Moore, secretarj' ; Mrs. W. Barclay, treasurer. 
Actuary, Miss Francis L. Rhea (may be reached at office any day.) Ob- 
ject, to provide for the welfare of destitute and neglected children by 
such means as shall be best for them and for the community. 

Children's Home Society of Pennsylvania — 5439 Potter St. ; down town 
office, 719 Ferguson Bldg., 319 Third Ave. Phone, Court 4326. Presi- 
dent, Dr. J. W. Fawcett; State Superintendent, Rev. W. H. Thompson. 

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh — Forbes St. and McDevitt Place. (BeU) 
Schenley 143 ; President, Wm. L. Abbott ; Superintendent, Mrs. A. L. 
Ford. Dispensary open daily except Sunday, 3 P. M. ; Orthopedic dis- 
pensary, Friday, 9 A. M. ; Clinic for defective children, 3 P. M. 





3b 15 Forbes Street 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Phone, 317-R-Schenley 









725-731 Ross Avenue, IVilkinsburg Station, Pittsburg, Pa^ 

Phone, 140 Wilkins 

ifl^' m^ 9^K 

Walter C. Jarrett 







Sold Only By Us 

Best Player Piano In 
The World. 

Ambulil Bros. Piano Co. 


Phone 1205 GRANT 


Childrek^s Tempokaey Home and Day Nursery — 2044 Center Ave. Phone, 
Grant 1217. Conducted by the Pittsburgh Association for improve- 
ment of the Poor. Secretary, Mrs. S. E. Lippincott ; Matron, Miss 
Mary Anderson. 

Christian Home for Girls — 424 Duquesne Waj'. Phone, Court 2968. Un- 
der the management of the Y. W. C. A. 

Christian Home for Women — 142.3 Locust St., N. S. (Bell) Brady 103. 
President, Mrs. Joseph Horner ; Secretary, Mrs. J. S. Smith ; Matron, 
Mrs. Sarah Scoles. 

Christ Methodist Episcopal Home for Babies — ^Harker St., E. E. Phone, 
"Walnut 66. Secretary, Mrs. L. H. Yoder ; Matron, Miss Martha H. 

Coleman Industrial Home for Colored Boys — 2816 Wylie Ave. Superin- 
tendent, Mr. Coleman. 

Columbia Hospital — Penn Ave. and West St. Phone, Wilkins 870. Presi- 
dent, Mrs. Jean S. Sands ; Superintendent, Mrs. M. Eden, R. N. Under 
care of the W^oman's Association of the United Presbyterian Church ; 

CoN^SENT OF the Good Shepherd (Catholic) — Lincoln Ave. Phone, Hiland 
1630. Sister in charge. Sister Lucy. Training home for sisters. 

Council of Jewish Women's Labor Bureau — Washington Bank Bldg., 
927 Fifth Ave. Superintendent, Mrs. Ray Van Baalen. Phone (Bell) 
3379 Grant. Special object is to provide employment for the worthy 
poor, skilled and unskilled. Its work is entirely philanthropic. 

Covode House — 1025 Main St., N. S. Phone, Grant 57. A settlement 
work conducted by Mr. Howard Heinz. 

Curtis Hojie for Women — 2541 Breckenridge Ave. Phone, Schenley 1183. 
President, Mrs. S. E. Hamnett ; Secretary, Mrs. E. A. Houston. 

Day Nursery — 219 Collins Ave. Phone 9028R. President, Mrs. A. E. 
Duckham ; Matron, Mrs. Mary Lathrop. Non-sectarian. 

Deaconesses' Home — (Of the Pittsburgh Conference of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church) — 2000 Fifth Ave. Phone, Grant 2976 W. President, 
Dr. James M. Thoburn ; Superintendent, Miss Margaret S. Boswell. 
Home for those wishing to enter the service of deaconess. 

Department of Charities (City) — 511 Fourth Ave. (Bell) Grant 3980. 
Address Dr. E. R. Walters, Director ; A. C. Gumbert, associate 

District Nursing Association of Oakmont and Verona — Oakmont. Pre- 
sident, Mrs. J. R. Johnston ; Nurse, Miss S. R. Kuhn. Phone, Oak- 
mont 183W. 

DiXMONT Hospital for the Insane — Dixmont. State institution. Phone, 
Emsworth 180. Superintendent, Dr. H. A. Hutchinson. 


Cfiina, (Bla00, ^ottttv. dtmli^l^ anti JfcencS 
CSina, Eocfe Ctp0tal anti d^ngrabed (I5la00, 

agents for BoofetoooD Ig)otterp 


208 OLIVER AVENUE Inspection cordially invited 

You II like to wear 

the Collars we L^au7ider 

They will feel comfortable 

All Edges Ironed 


SERIES M 1912 

6—60 TOURING $3500.00 

6—60 LIMOUSINE 5000.00 

4—40 TOURING 2800.00 

4—40 LIMOUSINE 4200.00 




1 12 SHADY AVENUE Phone 648 Highland 


East End Visiting Nurses' Aid Association — 318 Denniston Ave. Phone, 
Wilkins 1284R. President, Mrs. George L. Claypool ; Visiting Nurse, 
Mrs. A. M. Folks, 611 Hale St. 

Elizabeth A. Bradley's Children's Home — H. St., Hulton. Phone, Oak- 
mont 123L. Under the management of the Woman's Home Mission- 
ary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Elizabeth Steel Magee Hospital — Forbes St. and Hawkins Ave. Dr. 
Charles E. Ziegler, Medical Director in charge. Supt. Miss Frances 
A. Stone. 

Emma Farm — Harmarville. Operated by Emma Farm Association. Open 
from June to September to regular fresh air work. City office, 1414 
Fifth Ave. President, John C. Alrich ; Secretary, P. C. Williams ; 
Superintendent, Wm. C. McKee. 

Episcopal Church Home — 4000 Penn Ave. Phone, Fisk 153. President, 
Mrs. F. S. Bissell ; Superintendent, Miss Emma C. Loomis. 

Eye and Ear Hospital — 1945 Fifth Ave. Grant 2054. President, Mrs. 
Wm. McKelvy ; Vice President, Mrs. Wm. Scott, Mrs. F. A. Dilworth, 
Mrs. Geo. W. Reed. Treasurer, Mrs. E. B. Scull. Secretary, Mrs. 
Thos. R. Robinson. Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Mortimer C. Miller. 
Superintendent, Miss B. B. McCormick. 

Farmingto.v Society — (Supported by graduates of the Farmington School). 
President, Miss Isabel Chalfant ; Visiting Nurse, Miss D. B. Fisher, 
622 Chestnut St., N. S. Phone, Cedar 2254. 

First Allegheny Day Nursery Temporary Home fot Children — 3035 
Perrysville Ave., N. S. Phone, Cedar IIOIR. President, Mrs. N. P. 
Anderson ; Matron, Mrs. J. Marshall. 

First Presbyterian Church — Sixth Ave. Parish Nurse, Miss M. A. Evans 
office at the church. Phone, Grant 1395. Works outside of parish 
when occasion demands. 

Florence Crittenton Home — 1852 Center Ave., Phone, Grant 176J. Presi- 
sident. Rev. D. C. Martin, Matron, Mrs. B. S. Powers. 

Franklin Evening Public Schools — Open evenings in the Franklin School 
Building, at Franklin and Logan Sts., from 7:30 to 9:30. Special 
classes for those wishing to learn to speak the English language and 
also for those who wish to prepare for the Evening High School. For 
further information address John W. Anthony, Principal. Phones 
(Bell) Grant 3599; (P. &. A.) Main 1606. 

Fruit and Flower Mission — 43 Fernando St. Phone, Grant 378. Presi- 
dent, Miss Charlotte Irish ; Visiting Nurse, Miss Mary Cline. 

General and Emergency Hospital — 402 Collins Ave. Hiland 9166R. 
President, W. E. Howley ; Manager and Treasurer, Dr. J. J. Mullen. 

George Junior Republic Association of Western Pennsylvania — Grove 
City. For boys and girls. For information address Mr. L. S. Levine, 
President, Berger Bldg. 


Penn§\^lDania College for\^omen 

Elective Courses leading to B. A. Degree 


College Preparatory and Special Courses. 
Literature Sent on Application. 

H. D. LINDSAY, D. D., President 

PERSONEL of Officers and Directors, together with financial 
strength, determine YOUR choice of a TRUST COMPANY 



J. I. BUCHANAN - - - President 

CHAS. H. HAYS - - - Vice President 

D. GREGG McKEE - - - Treasurer 

B. H. SMYERS . . . . Secretary 

W. D. JONES - - Ass't Sec'y and Tieas. 

W. D. GOLDSBOROUGH, - Mgr. Bond Depmt. 







BONDS— Very attractive offerings in our Bond Department. 
Safe Deposit Vault— Nlosl modern in the world. Boxes $5.00 per year. 
2 % on checking accounts. 4% on savings deposits. 

323 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Germax Protestant Home — Fair Oaks. Phone, Sewickley 363. Presi- 
dent, John Dimling ; Secretary, Otto Pregler ; Superintendent, Mrs. 
K. Geyer. 

Germax Protestant Orphan Asylum — Pauline Ave. Phone, Mt. Lebanon 
30. President, Mr. Fred Bieler ; Superintendent, Mrs. Werneburg. 

Home for Aged Protestants (Men and Couples) — Swlssvale Ave. Phone, 
Wilkins 105. Acting President, Mrs. Samuel McKee ; Matron, Mrs. 
S. C. Donaldson. 

Home for Aged Protestant Women — Rebecca Ave. and Coal St., Wilkins- 
burg. Phone 32 Wilkins. President, Mrs. Samuel McKee ; Matron, 
Miss Callie M. Hunter. Object : Home for aged women of Protestant 
faith. The home is under the care of the Women's Christian Association 
of Pittsburgh and Allegheny. 

Home for Aged and Infirm Colored Women — Lemington Ave., near Lin- 
coln. Bell, 1749 Hiland. President, Mrs. Minnie Richards, Third Ave., 
Homestead ; Secretary, Mrs. Ida Stinson ; Matron, Miss M. E. Ballard. 

Home for Colored Children — Termon Ave., N. S. Phone, Neville 940J. 
President, Mrs. Robert Munroe ; Superintendent, Miss Elizabeth P. 

Home for Colored Working Girls — 556 Francis St. Phone, Schenley 
1799J. President, Mrs. E. AV. Melford ; Matron, Mrs. Martha Myers. 

Home for Crippled Children — Denniston Ave. Phone, Hiland 1540. 
President, Mrs. A. M. Speer ; Superintendent, Lyman Mevis. 

Home for the Friendless — 423 E. Parkway, N. S. Phone, Cedar 499. 
President, Miss Louise Speer; Matron, Mrs. Mary K. Greenwood. 

Home for Widows and Orphans of Odd Fellows — Ben Avon. Phone, 
BeUevue 108. 

Homeopathic Hospital — Center and Aiken Aves. (Bell) Hiland 5600. 
President, D. G. Stewart ; Superintendent, J. F. Speer. 

Hospital School for Backward Children — President, John A. Brashear ; 
Secretary, John W. Chalfant, Jr. ; Medical Director, Dr. E. Bosworth 

Hospital SATURDAt and Sunday Association — 43 Fernando St. Phone, 
Grant 420. President, Prof. W. M. McCullough ; Superintendent, Mr. 
Samuel Harper (may be reached at the office.) Object, raising of 
funds for charitable work and the placing in hospitals of any worthy 
poor in need of hospital treatment, if recommended by patrons of the 

Improvement Settlement — (Industrial Branch of the Pittsburgh Associa- 
tion for the Improvement of the Poor). 904 Grant St. Head Resident, 
Miss Elizabeth Wickersham. 


Thurslon-Gleim Preparatory School 



Kindergarten, Primary, Junior and Senior 
departments. The Senior department offers 
two courses of study, College Preparatory 
and Elective. 

Right of Certificate to all the leading colleges 
Telephone 1 1 82 Highland 



The residence, a short distance from the 
Day School, surrounded by fourteen acres 
of ground, affords to both boarding and day 
pupils opportunity for Out-Door Games 
and Sports, 

Telephone 9367 Highland 


MARY AGNES GLEIM. Principal of Day School 

PAULINE H. STAGG, Principal of Residence School 



George H. Thurston School for Boys 

Prepares Boys for College, Technical School or University 

upper and Lower School 

WM. H. CHURCH, A. M., Headmaster 

Tel. 1183 Hiland 253 SHADY AVENUE, PITTSBURGH 


IREKE Kaufman Settlement — 1835 Center Ave. Grant 166. Head Nurse, 
Miss Anna Heldman ; Assistant Nurse, Miss Anna Cook and Miss Adlain 
C. Barrett. Nurses at the call of any who need them in the settlement 
district ; work in cooperation with the neighborhood physicians. Presi- 
dent, Mrs. Nathaniel Spear ; Head Worker, Miss Elizabeth B. Neufeld. 

J. M. GusKY Orphanage and Home of Western Pennsylvania — Perrysville 
Ave., N. S. Phone, Cedar 182. President, A. L. Sullivan; Superin- 
tendent, B. M. Goldsmith. 

Juvenile Court Aid Society (Jewish) — President, Mrs. Enoch Rauh ; 
Secretary, Mrs. Louis Amshee. Object, to care for all Jewish children 
coming under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court of Allegheny 

Juvenile Court System of Allegheny County — Rooms of detention and 
probation oflBces at Diamond and Ross Sts. Phone, Court 4245. Acting 
Chief Probation Officer, Miss Elizabeth Stadtlander ; Chief, Walter R. 
Black, has ten other officers who work in different sections of the city ; 
court is held every Saturday morning during the term time, and is 
presided over by the county judge who is holding Quarter Sessions at 
the time. 

Kingsley House — ^Bedford Ave. and Fulton St. Phone, Grant 3514. Presi- 
dent of Association, Judge Joseph Buffington. Also owns and operates 
Lillian Home at Valencia, which is open for fresh air work from 
the first of June to the latter part of September. 

Ladies' Relief Society of Allegheny — 602 Arch St., N. S. Phone, Cedar 
715. President, Mrs. W. J. Brown ; Secretary and Manager, Miss M. P. 
Fish. The General Relief Society of Allegheny, covering the ground now 
included in the Woods Run District. Has friendly visitors to investigate 
and relieve, if necessary, all cases reported to them. 

Legal Aid Society of Pittsburgh — Attorney in charge, Benjamin Price, 
603 Bakewell Bldg. Phone, Court 2479. 

Lillian Home — Valencia. Owned and operated by Kingsley House Associa- 
tion for summer outing work for all ages and both sexes. Open from 
June 1st to latter part of September. City office, Kingsley House, 
3 Fulton St. Phone, Grant 3514. 

Lutheran Hospice — 248 Amber St. Phone, Hiland 4907J. A boarding 
home for young men. 

Mercy Hospital— Pride and Locust Sts. (Bell) Grant 1802 ; (P. & A.) 
Main 886. President, M. K. McMuUin ; Management, Sisters of Mercy. 

MoNTEFiORE HOSPITAL — 3000 Center Ave. (Bell) Schenley 1841 ; (P. & A.)- 
Main 47. 0. M. Dottsman, Supt. 

Newsboys' Home — Stevenson and Locust Sts. Phone, Grant 2051. Presi- 
dent, James I. Kay ; Superintendent, Richard A. Briggs. 


SPECIAL ATTENTION given to storage and charging of 


Proper attention to BATTERY means maximum of mileage from every charge. 

Cleaned, Oiled, Properly Charged, Called for and 
Delivered at your Door $30.00 per Month. 

WEST Penn Automobile Co. 

llSOSchenley 4921-23 CENTRE AVENU E 

This Monogrram on 
the Radiator 
• t a n' d ■ for all 
that y»U can a«lc 
In n Motor Car. 

1912 MODELS 





"30" Touring- Car, 5-passenger, $1500 — "30" Torpedo, 4- 
passenger, $1500 — "30" Torpedo Runabout, 2-passenger, 
51500 — "36" Touring Car, 5-passenger, $1800 — "36" 
Torpedo, 4-passenger, $1800 — "36" Berlin Limousine, 
$3250 — "36" Cab Side Limousine, $3000 — "40" Touring 
Car 7-passenger. $2750 — "40" Torpedo. 4-passenger 
12750 — "40" Detachable Pony Tonneau, $2750. 

Pittsburgh Chalmers Co. 

Bell Phone 4 HtlaHd. 6814 BAVm ST., B. S. 



The popular place to dine before and after the Theatre, and 
a convenient place for shoppers to lunch. SEAFOOD our Specialty 



Fire Insurance and Surety Bonds 

1001-1002 Commonwealth B 1 d g. 



Oakmont Fresh Air Home — Oakmont. Operated during the summer months 
by the Pittsburgh Association for the Improvement of the Poor. City 
Office, 43 Federal St. Phone, Grant 904. 

Oakland Day Nursery — 235 Atwood St. Phone, Schenley 1017L. Presi- 
dent, Mrs. George Abraham ; Matron, Miss Jennie Frew. Non-sectarian. 

Passavaxt Memorial Home for Epileptics — Rochester. Phone, Rochester 
32. Superintendent, Rev. F. AV. Kohler. 

Peacock Memorial Public Baths — Conducted by the Irene Kaufmann 
Settlement at 1835 Centre Ave. Swimming pool also. 

Pennsylvania Association for the Blind, 504 Webster Ave — President, 
Col. J. M. Schoonmaker ; General Secretary, Charles F. F. Campbell, 
5733 Forbes St. Phone, Schenley 157. 

Pennsylvania Home Teaching for the Blind — President, Hon. A. Ash- 
man, Philadelphia. Teacher in charge of Pittsburgh district. Miss 
M. Quirk ; headquarters at Carnegie Library. 

Pennsylvania Reform School — Morganza. For boys and girls. State 
institution. Superintendent, Wm. F. Penn. 

People's Bath — 1906 Penn Ave. Phone, Grant 2136J. Built and oper- 
ted under the auspices of the Civic Club of Allegheny County. 

Phipps Gymnasium — School and Rebecca Sts., N. S. Classes held morn- 
ings and afternoon for younger children and for older jjeople in the 
evenings. Is conducted by B. G. Printz, superintendent and physical 

Phipps Public Baths — School and Rebecca Sts., N. S. Open to the 
public every day from 8 A. M. to 8 :30 P. M., and on Sundays from 
8 A. M. to 10 A. M. Public library and drying house connected with 
bath house. 

Pittsburgh and Allegheny Free Kindergarten— 3439 Fifth Ave. Presi- 
dent, Mrs. James I. Buchanan ; Secretary, Mrs. Wm. McCracken ; 
Superintendent, Alice N. Parker ; Supervisor, Ella Ruth Boyce. Con- 
ducts the Kindergarten College at the Fifth avenue building. 

Pittsburgh and Allegheny Milk and Ice Association — 503 Lyceum 
Bldg. Phone, 1348 Grant. President, Mrs. Enoch Rauh ; Medical 
director. Dr. Amelia A. Dranga ; Secretary, Mrs. A. B. Speer ; Field 
Secretary, Miss Katherine Henricle. Office hours at Lyceum Bldg. 
from 9 A. M. to 1 P. M., daily. Object, to provide milk for babies. 
Conducts several milk stations in different parts of the city schools. 

"Pittsburgh Association for the Improvement of the Condition op the 
Poor — 43 Federal St. Grant 904. President, Mrs. F. T. McClintock ; 
Secretary, Mrs. S. E. Lippincott ; Assistant Secretary, Miss Anna Hez- 
lep ; Financial Secretary, Dr. Samuel H. Thompson. This is the 
general relief society of the city. Has branch offices in different parts 
of the city. Has a number of friendly visitors on its staff for the 
prompt investigating and helping of all cases of need reported to 
them hy anyone. 



4 X 4K MOTOR - $ 900.00 
4^8 x4>^ '' - 1200.00 

43/^x4>^ " - 1500.00 

All with magnetos and 
standard equipment 



The highest grade cars made 

Distributors for S. W. Pennnsylvania 




Chas. A. Painter, Jr. L. B. Robinson 











We clean and dye Ladies' and Children's Garments, Gentle- 
men's Clothing, Draperies and Fabrics of every Description. 


CLUB PRESSING CO., 6339 Penn Avenue 

Phones: Bell 824 Hiland, P. & A. 556 East 


Abbott, Me. Franklin (Yale). 

Darlington Eoad and Schenley Park. 
Bell 2540 Schenley. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Pgh. Ath. Ass'n, Yale Club 
of New York. 
Mrs. Abbott (Mary Vanclain). 

Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 

Summer Home — Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 

Abbott, Mr. William Latham. 808 Morewood Ave. 

Bell 560 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, 
Union League of New York. 

Mrs. Abbott (Annie Wainwright). 

(Penna. College for Women). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Abbott, Miss Jeanette. 
Abbott, Miss Euth R. 
Abbott, Anne. 

Abbott, Mr. William L., Jr. 
Abbott, Mr. Wainwright. 

Summer House — Sidbrook, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 


Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Worrall (Lois Abbott), New York. 

Abraham, Mr. George Scott. 4600 Forbes St. 

Bell 91 Schenley. 
Mrs. Abraham (Caroline Moreland). 

Clubs — College, Pittsburgh Female College Ass'n. 

Ache, Mr. S. D. N. Highland Ave. and Jackson St. 

Bell 197 Hiland. 
Ache, Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. 
Ache, Paul, Jr. 

Clubs — Union, Country. 

AcHESON, Mr. George Reiter. 834 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 1758 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Acheson (Binnie O'Neil). 
Acheson, Sophie Reiter. 
Acheson, Virginia. 
Acheson, George Reiter, Jr. 
Harrington, Mr. William King. 

Acheson, Mr. Marcus Wilson, Jr. 5131 Pembroke Place. 

(W. & J.) Bell 72 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Oakmont, University, Pittsburgh Golf, 
Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Acheson (Margaret Hays Hawkins). 
Acheson, Jane. 

Acheson, Marcus Wilson III. 
Acheson, William Hawkins. 

Adair, Mr. James. 214 Quaker Koad, Sewickley. 

Bell 523-J Sewickley. 
Mrs. Adair (Jane Black). 

Club — Woman's of Sewickley. 
Adair, Miss Margaret. 
Adair, Mr. Henry Irwin. 
Adair, Mr. Watson Black. 

Adams, Mr. S. Jarvis (Burlington). 6109 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 651 Hiland. 

Club — Country. 
JMrs. Adams (Emma V. Anshutz). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Civic Art Society, D. A. R. 
At home days — Mondays. 

Adams, Mr. S. Jarvis, Jr. 

Balmain, Mrs. George P. (Margaretta Anshutz). 

Summer Home — Estes Park, Col. 


Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Peters Black, (Ida Janette Browne), Charlsboro, 

W. Va. 
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Garner, (Ida Janette Adams). 
JMiss Virginia Garner. 
3Iiss Janette Garner. 
Mr. John L. Garner, Jr. 

745 W. Adams St., Los Angeles, California. 

Adams, Mr. Marcellin Cote (Yale). B St., Oakmont. 

Bell 33 W. Oakmont. 

Club — University. 

Mrs. Adams (Ida Elizabeth Bright). 

Clubs — D. A. R., Colonial Dames, New England Colony. 
Adams, Emma Virginia. 

Adams, Mr. Samuel. Beaver St., Sewickley. 

Mrs. Adams (Jane Arrott). 

Adams, Isabel. 

Adams, Samuel, Jr. 

Adams, William. 

Aiken, Mrs. David, Jr. (Caroline Jones). 

710 Amberson Place. 
Aiken, Miss Eachel. Bell 22 Schenley. 

Aiken, Miss Clara. 
Aiken, Miss Grace. 

Summer Home — Atlantic City. 

Aiken, Mrs. Henry (Nellie Culton). 5526 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 681 Hiland. 
Graver, Dr. and Mrs. Edward (Nellie Culton Aiken). 

Aiken, Mr. James H. 1767 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 4664 E Hiland. 
Mrs. Aiken (Margaret E. Smith). 

Albertson, Mr. George Henry. 5400 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 842 Hiland. 
Mrs. Albertson (Margaret Hamilton Flinn). 

Albertson, Mr. Wilbert Flinn. 

Albertson, William Charles. 


Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lyons (Sarah Hamilton Albertson). 

Albree, Mr. Chester Bidwell. 1116 Western Ave. 

Albree, Mrs. Joseph (Mary P. Lyon). Bell 73 Cedar. 

Albree, Mr. Chester Bidwell 


Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Albree (Anna Fargo). 

Joseph Albree. 

Anna Albree. 18 Windermere Place, St. Louis, Mo. 

Albree, Mr. Ralph (Yale). 

Clubs — Hungary, University. 

Mrs. Albree (Ana Theodora Wood). 
Albree, Anna Wood. 
Albree, Martha Bidwell. 
Albree, Theodora Wood. 
Albree, Ralph, Jr. 
Albree, Anson Bidwell. 
Albree, James Wood. 

1112 Western Ave. 
Bell 404-J Brady. 

Alexander, Mr. Hugh Williams. 
(U. of Pgh.) 
Mrs. Alexander (Annie Warden Lee). 

Alexander, Miss Anne Lee. 

Alexander, Mr. Frank M. 

1010 Sheridan Ave. 
BeU 2720-R Hiland. 

Alexander, Rev. Maitland, D.D. 920 Ridge Ave. 

(Princeton). Bell 203 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, University, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Alexander (Madelaine F. Laughlin). 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, Farmington Aid Society. 
Alexander, Maitland, Jr. 
Alexander, Alexander Laughlin. 

Summer //ome— Franklin Farm, Sewickley, Bell 257 Sewickley. 

Alexander, Mr. Michael J. (U. of Va.). 617 St. James St. 

Bell 132 Sehenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Bellefleld. 

Mrs. Alexander (Laura White). 
Alexander, Miss Laura C. 
Alexander, Miss Willa. 
Alexander, Miss Ruth. 
Alexander, Mr. Houston A. 

Alexander, Mr. Park J. (W. & J.). 5742 Holden St. 

BeU 4333-L Hiland. 
Clubs — University, Pgh., Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Alexander, Mr. Will M. (U. of Pgh.). 

308 Meade St., Wilkinsburg. 
Bell 652-J Wilkins. 
Mrs. Alexander (Mazie Fullwood Runnette). 
Alexander, Will M., Jr. 
Alexander, Lee Aiken. 

Alison, Rev. John, D.D. (Hamilton). 619 S. Linden Ave. 

Bell 4670 Hiland. 
Mrs. Alison (Marie T. Thayer). 

Alison, Marion. 

Alison, Dorothy. 

Alison, John, Jr. 

Allderdice, Mr. Taylor. Wilkin s and Murray Hill Aves. 

Bell 2871 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, University, Pittsburgh Golf, Pgh. 
Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Allderdice (Eleanor Forde Hansell). 

Clubx — 20th Century, Pittsburg'/ lolf, Tuesday MusicaL 
Allderdice, Miss Louise E. 
Allderdiee, Mary Taylor. 
Allderdice, Jane. 
Allderdice, Mr. Norman H. 
Allderdice, Mr. Lawrence. 

Allen, Col. Edward Jay. 

207 Lytton Ave., Schenley Farms. 
Bell 1616 Sclienley. 
Mrs. Allen (Elizabeth Wilson Robinson). 
Allen, Miss Mary L. 
Allen, Mr. Harold. 


Mr. and Mrs. Rickmers (Edna Jay Allen), Miami, Florida. 
Mr. Edward Halket Allen, Chicago. 

Allen, Mr. Edward Lyon (Middlebury). 

27 Thorne St., Sewickley. 
Bell 497-J Sewickley. 

Clubs — Edgeworth (Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Allen (Annie Elizabeth Hopkins). 
Allen, Mr. Edwin Lyon, Jr. 
Allen, Jonathan Adams, III. 

Summer Home — Lake Bomoseen, Hydeville, Vermont. 

Allen, Mr. Hugh Pendleton. 652 Maryland Ave. 

Bell 4548-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Allen (Fanny Shepherd). 

Allen, Mr. William Hervey (U. of Pgh.). 6215 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 4457 Hiland. 
Mrs. Allen (Helen Eby Myers). 
At home days — Fridays. 

Allen, Helen Mar. 

Allen, Elizabeth Eobinson. 

Allen, Mr. William H., Jr. 

Allen, Mr. Winthrop Myers. 

Allen, Edward Jay II. 

Myers, Mrs. Helen M. 

Allerton, Mr. Orville Henry, Jr. Stanton Ave. 

Bell 1149 Hiland. 

Club — Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Allerton (Ida Leggett). 
Allertou, Miss Ida. 

Allison, Mr. Ralph W. 446 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 1124 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Allison (Elizabeth J. Hammett). 
Allison, Miss Marion Louise. 
Allison, Miss Florence Booth. 

6 . 

Alrich, Mr. John C. (W. & J.). 

Club — Duquesne 

Mrs. Alrich (Anna M. Dickey). 
Alrich, Mr. William M. 
Alrich, Mr. Samuel D.. Los Angeles, Calif. 

6716 Thomas Blvd. 
Bell 2667-W Hiland. 

Ammon, Mr. Samuel A. 

Cluh — Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Ammon (Edith Darlington). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pitt^br.r^'i Golf. 

Anderson, Mr. Charles Armstrong. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Anderson (Catherine McKinney). 
Anderson, Miss ^largaret Virginia. 
Anderson, Miss Katherine. 
Anderson, Miss Martha. 
Anderson, Mr. Charles Armstrong II. 
Anderson, Mr. Eobert Nelson. 

Hotel Kexmawr, 

6039 Jackson St. 
Bell 2366 Hiland. 

Anderson, Mr. James Grant. 801 N. Highland Ave. 

(U. of Pgh.) Bell 1612 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne Country, Oakmont. 

Mrs. Anderson (Lenora Hunter) (Penna College for Women), 
Club—D. a. r. 
Anderson, Miss Marion. 
Anderson, Jeannette. 
Anderson, Mr. William Hunter. 

Anderson, Mr. John Childe (Yale). 

Pittsburgh Club. 

Bell 1888 Court. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh, Yale Club of 

New York. 
Summer Home — Allegheny Country Club. 

Anderson, Dr. J. Hartley (U. of Pgh.). 4630 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 224 Schenley. 
Club — University. 

Mrs. Anderson (Euth Mays), (Smith). 

Clubs — Smith College, College of Pittsburgh. 
Anderson, Euthanna F. 
Anderson, Lucy Eloise. 
Anderson, Katharine. 
Anderson, Hartley Kirkland. 

Anderson, Mrs. John M. (Clara C. Steel). 4512 Fifth Ave. 

Anderson, Mr. Christopher Magee. Bell 620-J Schenley. 

Anderson, Mr. Joseph Nelson, Jr. 5904 Wellesley Ave. 

Bell 326 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont, Country. 

Mrs. Anderson (Estella Jope). 
Anderson, Caroline Jope. 

Anderson, Dr. T. S. Aylesboro and Denniston Aves. 

(Jefferson Medical, and Berlin University). 
Mrs. Anderson (Mary Patterson). Bell 4547-J Hiland. 

Club — D. A. E., Etching. 

Anderson, Mr. William M. 5720 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 656 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Anderson (Susan Lanahan). 
Anderson, Susan L. 
Anderson, "William M. II. 
Anderson, Mrs. Joseph. 

Andrews, Mr. Joseph C. 907 Mellon St. 

Mrs. Andrews (Lillian Swartz). Bell 1844-W Hiland. 

Andrews, Elizabeth Eiter. 

Andrews, Helen. 

Andrews, William Swartz. 

Anshutz, Col. Lewis Albert. 

Oak Terrace, 1400 Braddock Ave., Swissvale. 

Clubs— Duquesne, Pgh. Ath. Ass'n. Bell 1779-J Wilkins. 

Mrs. Anshutz, (May McNamara). 

At home days — Fridays. 
Anshutz, Miss Adelaide May. 
Anshutz, Lewis Albert, Jr. 

Arbuckle, Miss Christine. 602 Sherman Ave. 

Arbuthnot, Mr. Charles, Jr. 823 Devonshire St. 

Bell 1461 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Pittsburgh Golf, Revel's Island. 

Mrs. Arbuthnot (Caroline Berger), (Vassar). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Vassar Aid. 
Arbuthnot, Miss Elizabeth Shaw. 
Arbuthnot, Mr. Charles III. 

Summer Home — Hawthorns, Lake Placid, N. Y. 

Arbuthnot, Mr. Wilson Shaw (Princeton). 

Old Orchard, Fifth Ave. and Putnam St. 

Bell 106 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, University, Pittsburgh Golf, Country, 
Allegheny Country, New York University. 

Arbuthnot, Dr. Thomas Shaw. 

(Yale, College of Physicians and Surgeons). 
Robinson, Mrs. J. Franklin (Sarah N. Arbuthnot). 

Club — 20th Century. 
McClintock, Mr. Charles A. 

Summer Home — Lake Placid Club. 

Arensburg, Mr. Conrad C. Oakmont and D Sts., Oakmont. 

C/u6— Oakmont, Country. Bell 4 Oakmont. 

Mrs. Arensberg (Laura B. Covert). 
Arensberg, Miss Edith. 

Arensberg, Mr. C. F. C. (Harvard). 8th St., Oakmont. 

Bell 138 Oakmont. 

Clubs — University, Oakmont Country, Harvard. 

Mrs. Arensberg (Emily Maynadier). 
Arensberg, Conrad Maynadier. 

Arensberg, Mr. Francis L. (Harvard). 

D AND 4th Sts., Oakmont. 
C/«6— University. Bell 173 Oakmont. 

Mrs. Arensberg (Florence Dangerfield) (Miss Shipley's). 


Armstrong, Mrs. Andrew J. (Agnes Brown). 

708 W. North Ave. 
Bell 284 Cedar. 
Schoyer, Mr. and Mrs. B. Preston (Clara Armstrong). 
Summer Home — Beaver and Chestnut Roads, Edgeworth. Bell 61 

Armstrong, Mr. Charles Dickey. 300 Lexington Ave. 

Clubs — Duquesne. Bell 1001 Hiland. 

Mrs. Armstrong (Gertrude V. Ludden), (Mt. Holyoke). 

Club— College. 
Armstrong, Mary Martha. 
Armstrong, Mr. Charles Dudley. 
Armstrong, Mr. Dwight Ludden. 
Ludden, Mrs. Levi. 

Summer Home — Indian" Knoll, Osterville, Cape Cod, Mass. 

Armstrong, Mr. Charles H. 525 Shady Ave. 

Armstrong, Miss Eliza Dickson. 

Armstrong, Mr. Harry Wellesley. 

Oakmont Ave., Oakmont. 
Ciu 6s— Duquesne, Oakmont. Bell 11 Oakmont. 

Mrs. Armstrong (Mary Paul). 
Armstrong, Miss Mary Ellen. 
Armstrong, Miss Euth. 
Armstrong, Miss Suzanne. 
Armstrong, Miss Jean Paul. 
Armstrong, Miss Edith. 


Mr. Henry Howard Armstrong, Warren, Ohio. 

Mrs. Armstrong. 

Mr. William Metealf Armstrong. 

Mrs. Armstrong (Helen Elkins). 

Helen E. Armstrong. 1518 Grand Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Armstrong, Mrs. Thomas M. (Martha Porter). 

7000 Penn Ave. 
Bell 378-L Hiland. 
Pool, Dr. and Mrs. Stewart N. (Mary Armstrong). 

Arnold, Mr. James Stevens. 5599 Baum St. 

Bell 227 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Arnold (Margaret Fulton), (Pgh. Female College). 
Arnold, Miss Agnes. 
Arnold, Mr. Henry H. 


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Crouch, Jr. (Rachel Arnold). 
Margaret A. Crouch, 5806 Von Vresen Ave., St. Louis. 

Arrott, Mrs. Isabella (Isabella Wad del). 

Beaver St., Sewickley. 
Bell 305 Sewickley. 

Arrott, Mr. James W., Jr. 921 Beaver St., Sewickley. 

Mrs. Arrott (Annie Murdoch). Bell 266 Sewickley. 

Club — Woman's of Sewickley. 
Arrott, Rachel Murdoch. 
Arrott, Mary Elizabeth. 
Arrott, Mr. James West. 

Arrott, Mrs. William (Eliza Severance Ramsey). 

Beaver Road, Sewickley. 
Bell 180 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Woman's of Sewickley, 20th Century, Allegheny Country, 

Arrott, Miss Elizabeth R. 
Arrott, Miss Isabella. 
Arrott, Mr. Charles R. 
Arrott, Mr. William, Jr. 

Arthurs, Mr. Biddle. 

Mrs. Arthurs (Mary Wolverton). 

Arthurs, Elizabeth Wolverton. 

Arthurs, Biddle, Jr. 

3046 Centre Ave. 
Bell 398 Schenlev. 

Arundel, Rev. Alfred W., D.D. 700 College Ave. 

Bell 4956 Hiland. 
Mrs. Arundel (Marguerite Von Hagen Platz). 

Arundel, Miss Edith Clara. 

Arundel, Miss Helen Ruth. 

Arundel, Mr. Walter B. 

Arundel, Mr. Alfred W., Jr. 

Ash, Mr. John Emerson. 

Mrs. Ash (Mary E. Voigt). 
Ash, Miss Elizabeth. 
Ash, Mr. Charles Emerson. 

AsKiN, Mr. William J. 

Mrs. Askin (Margaret L. Kent). 
Askin, Miss Margaret E. 
Askin, Mr. George Kent. 
Askin, Mr. William, Jr. 

341 Lake St. 
Bell 2207-R Hiland. 

5412 Howe St. 
Bell 4917-R Hiland. 

Atcheson, Mr. John F. Rittenhouse, N. Highland Ave. 

Clubs — Americus, Union. Stanton Heights, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Atcheson (Mary C. Dixon). 

Winter Home — Suerte Bastante, Isle of Pines, West Indies. 

Atterbury, Mrs. Thomas Bakewell (Sarah Montgomery). 

Ellsworth and Morewood Aves. 
Atterbury, Mr. J. Seaman. Bell 21 Schenley. 

Atterbury, Mr. Joseph Montgomery. 

Atterbury, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bakewell, Jr. (Louise 
Summer Home — Lake Hopateong, N. J. 

Atwell, Mr. Charles A. 12 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

Clubs— EdgewoHh, Allegheny Country. Bell 285 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Atwell (Margaret McKown). 

Club — Woman's Club of Sewickley. 

Atwell, Miss Jessie S. 

Atwell, Miss Frances B. 

Atwell, Miss Margaret C. 

Atwell, Miss Mary Jane. 

Atwell, Mr. James McKown. 

Atwell, Mr. Charles Albert. 


Atwood, Mr. Henry M. Leetsdax,e. 

Bell 224 Sewiekley. 
Mrs. Atwood (Rebecca S. Wilsou). 

Atwood, Mrs. Moses (Jane W. Baird). 946 Eidge Ave. 

Bell 43 Cedar. 

Club — 20th Century. 

Atwood, Miss Elizabeth. 
Atwood, Mr. John Baird. 
Atwood, Mr. Frederick Harman. 
Atwood, Mr. John W. 

AuLL, Mr. John Albert. 152 Bellefield Ave. 

Bell 466 Schenley. 

Clubs — Diiquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Aull (Elizabeth Hotchkiss), (Lake Erie College). 
Aull, Elizabeth Hotchkiss. 
Aull, John Albert, Jr. 

Austin, Mr. Shirley Plumer. 5544 Fair Oaks St. 

Bell 1549-R Schenley. 
Mrs. Austin (Susie Delamater). 
Austin, James Shirley. 

Summer Home — Ross Farms, Aspinwall. Bell 166-.J Sharpsburg. 

Aylesworth, Mr. Charles B. 601 Iroquois Apts. 

Bell 610-J Schenley. 
Mrs. Aylesworth (Mary B. Woodburn). 
"Woodburn, Mr. Walter S. 

Summer Home — Woodburn Cottage, Point Chautauqua, N. Y. 

Ayres, Mrs. Henry Clinton (Mary Laughlin Eea). 

5921 Walnut St. 
Ayres, Miss Eleanore Sherburne. Bell 3814-L Hiland. 

Ayres, Mr. James Douglas. 

St. Regis Apts., 905 Maryland Ave. 
Mrs. Ayres (Fannie Rees). 

Ayres, Dr. Samuel (Jefferson Medical). 400 Morewood Ave. 

Bell 97 Schenley. 
Clubs — University, Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Ayres (Martha Grayson.), (Penna. College for Women). 

Club— 20th Century. 

Ayres, Miss Helen Dorothea. 

Ayres, Mr. Thomas Grayson. 

Summer Home — Georgian Bay. 

Babcock, Mr. Edward Vose. Ellsworth and Colonial Pl. 

Bell 159 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Oakmont Country. 
Mrs. Babcock (Mary Dundore Arnold). 
Babcock, Dorothy Arnold. 
Babcock, Edward Vose, Jr. 

Summer Home — Hill Top Farm, Valencia. Bell 5 Richland. 


Babcock, Mr. Frederick Kaymond. 

Oakhurst, Woodland Koad. 
BeU 801 Hiland- 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Union. 

Mrs. Babcock (Frances St. Leger Jacobs). 

Clubs — Tuesday Musical, 20th Century. 
Babcock, Marjorie. 
Babcock, Raymond St. Leger. 
Babcock, Edward Burrell. 

Babcock, Mr. Oscar Holmes. 5867 Wilkins Ave. 

Bell 5777 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Lumbermen's of New York, Pgh. Ath'L. 

Mrs. Babcock (Anne Morley). 
Babcock, Oscar Holmes, Jr. 

Baer, Mr. Morris. 350 Graham St. 

Clubs — Concordia, Westmoreland Country. Bell 597 Hiland. 

Mrs. Baer (Laura Hanauer), (Pgh. Female College). 
Baer, Mr. Harold M. 
Baer, Walter D. 

Baggaley, Mr. Ealph. Fifth Ave., cor. Emerson St. 

Mrs. Baggaley (Effie Irwin). Bell 630 Hiland. 

Baggaley, Euphemia. 

Baggaley, Ralph, Jr. 

Irwin, Mrs. George M. 


Mr. and Mrs. David King Irwin (Mary Baggaley), Shorthills, N. J. 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Hine (Annabel Baggaley), Shorthills, N. J. 

Bailey, Mr. Charles. H St., Oakmont. 

C^ub— Oakmont Country. Bell 88-L Oakmont. 

Mrs. Bailey (Clara Chester). 

Bailey, Miss Ruth Elizabeth. 

Bailey, Jean Ditbridge. 

Bailey, Charles Chester. 

Bailey, Wilson Shaw. 

Bailey, Mr. George Hobart. Dunmoyle Place. 

Bell 3647 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Countrj', Oakmont, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Bailey (Mary Atwell). 
Bailey, Dorothy I. 
Bailey, Henry J. 
Bailey, James A. 
Bailey, George Hobart, Jr. 

Bailey, Mrs. Henry John (Catherine Graydon McFaden). 

315 Aiken Ave. 

BeU 1353-L Hiland. 

Summer Hom,e — Graydonhurst, Coraopolis Heights, Coraopolis. 
Bell 124-r-24 Coraopolis. 

Bailey, Mrs. Jennie B. (Jennie Beggs). 

Washington and McFarland Sts., Mt. Lebanon. 
Bailey, Miss Isabel M. Bell 313 Mt. Lebanon. 

Bailey, Mr. Madison W. 
Bailey, Mr. Charles W. 


Mr. and Mrs. Harmer B. Bailey (Mae Latham), Virginia Louise 
Bailey, Breckenridge St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Bailey, Mrs. John H, 921 College Ave. 

Bailey, Mr. K. W. Bell 725 Hiland. 

Bailey, Mr. Robert J. (Beaver Seminary). 117 Graham St. 

Bell 1647-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Bailey (Georgie Hubley), (Pgh. Female College), 

Club — Pgh. Female College Ass'n. 
Bailey, Mr. Dinsmore Hubley Bailey. 

Bailey, Mr. Samuel, Jr. 4766 Wallingford St. 

Clubs— Duquesne, University. Bell 1654 Sehenley. 

BaUey, Miss Emma W. 
Bailey, Miss Mazie. 
Bailey, Miss Ida. 

Bair, Mr. Henry Clay. 1239 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 1925 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Stanton Heights Golf. 
Mrs. Bair (Lizzie Smith). 
Smith, Miss Mattie J. 

Baird, Mr. Charles W. 1090 Highpield Road. 

Clubs— Vgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 1635 Sehenley. 

Mrs. Baird (Elizabeth Bailey Frederick). 

Baker, Mr, Edward E. (U. of W. Va.). 5608 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 1985 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Baker (Carrie May Angell). 

Club — Tuesdaj' Musical. 

Baker, Mr. Horace F. (Harvard). 5742 Holden St. 

Bell 4333-L Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Bakewell, Mr. Dale. 23 Linden Place, Sewickley. 

Ciu6— Edgeworth. Bell 482-R Sewickley. 

Mrs. Bakewell (Leila Semple). 

At Home Days — Wednesdays. 
Bakewell, Miss Hazel. 
Bakewell, Mr. Paul Bonner. 

Bakewell, Mr. James K. 1501 Denniston Ave. 

Bell 1425 Hiland. 
Mrs. Bakewell (Lilly Fitler). 

Bakewell, Miss Mary E. 34 Thorn St., Sewickley, 

Bell 324-J Sewickley. 
Bakewell, Miss Euphemia. 

Bakewell, Mr. T. H. (Mass. Inst. Tech.). 5529 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 1979 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country, Oakmont Country, New York 

Mrs. Bakewell (Annie E. Mullins). 
Bakewell, Mr. Donald C. 
. Bakewell, Mr. Alan A. 
Bakewell, Mr. Benjamin P. 

Summer Home — Hyannisport, Mass. 
Winter Home — Daytona, Fla. 
Yachts — Waheva, Sirene. 


Bakeavell, Mr. William M. Yale). 1352 Denniston Ave. 

Bell 3761 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Bakewell (Gertrude Paxton). 
Bakewell, Francis Jean, 

Mrs. William A. Baldwin (Emily Wilson). 

633 Maple Lane, Sewickley. 
c/„f;_woman's of Sewickiey. Bell 390 Sewickley. 

Baldwin, Miss Isabella D. 

Balken, Mr. Edward Duff. 2 Colonial Place. 

(Princeton). Bell 1053 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, University, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Balken (Lois Livingston Bailey). 

Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 
Balken, Wilhelmina Duflf. 
Balken, James Bailey. 

Balken, Mr. Henry. 920 College Ave. 

Club-Duquesne. Bell 407 Hiland. 

Mrs. Balken (Willa E. Duff). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Balmain, Mrs. George P. (Margaretta Anshutz). 

6109 Fifth Ave. 
Bell 651 Hiland. 

Balph, Mr. James. 200 Trenton Ave., Wilkinsburg. 

CZ«6— Penwood. Bell 247-R WUkins. 

Mrs. Balph (Mary E, Rose). 
Balph, Miss Helen E. 
Balph, Mr. James, Jr. 
Balph, Gladden. 

Summer Home — Wilson, N. Y. 

Balph, Mr. Eoavland A. (U. of Penna.). 

901 Hill Ave., Wilkinsburg. 
C/«&-Penwood. Bell 224-W Wilkins. 

Mrs. Balph (Isabel Ewing). 

Club — Woman's of Wilkinsburg. 

Balph, Miss Jean. 
Balph, Miss Hester. 
Balph, Mr. E. Pollock. 

Balsinger, Mr. Edgar McCormick. 4600 Forbes St. 

Club— Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 91 Schenley. 

Mrs. Balsinger (A. Lillian Moreland). 

Balsinger, Mr. Webster R. Stratford Ave. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pittsburgh, Metropolitan Club of Wash- 
ington, Chevy Chase. 

Mrs. Balsinger (Katharine Martin). 
Balsinger, Mr. Ellis Corey. 

Barbour, Mr. John Baxter, Jr. 5712 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 822 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Stanton Heights Golf, Americus, Pgh. Ath'l. 

Mrs. Barbour (Laura B. Eogers). 
Barbour, Mr. Marshall E. 


Bare, Mr. Albert J. 809 Devonshire St. 

Bell 204 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pittsburg Golf. 

Mrs. Barr (Mary A. McDevitt). 
Barr, Miss Margaret Louise. 
Barr, Miss Constance M. 
Barr, Miss Madelaine. 
Barr, Mr. Louis A. 
Barr, Mr. Albert McDevitt. 

Barr, Mr. James H. 5310 Westminster St. 

Bell 1112 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Allegheny Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Barr (Cornelia Bassett). 

Summer Home — Setauket, Oldfleld Point, Long Island, N. Y. 

Barr, Mr. Lawrence (Harvard). 226 Bellepield Ave. 

Bell 108-J Schenley. 

Clubs — University, Harvard of New York, Puritan of Boston, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Barr (Mary M. Morrison). 
Eggers, Miss Jeanne Harriett. 
Eggers, Mr. Frederic H. 

Barrett, Miss Cora P. 225 Broad St., Sevimckley. 

Bell 544-L Sewickley. 

Barron, Mr. Alexander Johnston. Lark Inn, Leetsdale. 

Bell 615-R Sewickley. 
(Princeton, Harvard Law). 
Mrs. Barron (Elizabeth Congdon), (Bryn Mawr). 

Clubs — Woman's of Sewickley, Tuesday Musical, Bryn Mawr. 

Barron, Mr. John. 1132 Murrayhill Ave. 

Bell 3222-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Barron (Margaret Clark Johnston), (Wilson). 

Barron, Miss Anna Margaret. 

Barron, Mr. Edward Taylor. 

Barron, Mr. Walter J. 3443 Boquet St. 

Mrs. Barron (Emma E. Pyle). 
Barron, Katharine Emily. 
Barron, Walter James, Jr. 
Barron, John Stuart. 
Barron, Stephen Lea. 

Bassett, Mr. George Pomeroy, Jr. 

5440 Northumberland St. 
Bell 1275 Schenley. 
Mrs. Bassett (Ada F. Bremfoerder). 
Bassett, George Pomeroy III. 
Bassett, Henry B. 

Bauersmith, Mr. William Robinson. 

E. and 13th Sts., Oakmont. 
Bell 136 Oakmont. 
Mrs. Bauersmith (Susan Paul). 
Bauersmith, Pauline. 


Baum, Mr. George W, 

Mrs. Baum (Alice B. Hemphill). 

Baum, Miss Georgia HemphiU. 

Baum, Mr. Alden Hemphill. 

Baum, Donald Hemphill. 

Baum, Mr. Richard Beatty. 

Mrs. Baum (Eugenie K. Rayburn). 

Baum, Mr. William W. 

Mrs. Baum (Susanna W. Brown). 
Baum, Miss Olive Winebiddle. 
Baum, Mr. Paul James. 
Baum, Charles Voltz. 

Summer Home — No. 375 Washington, Pa. 

5539 Centre Ave. 
Bell 551 Hiland. 

400 Graham St. 
Bell 5407 Hiland. 

366 Graham St. 
Bell 3911 Hiland. 

Bayard, Miss Susan. 
Bayard, Miss Mary. 

Walnut St. and Shady Ave. 
Bell 2514 Hiland. 

Beach, Dr. William M. 

(Jefferson Medical). 
Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Beach (Lucy Miller). 

Beal, Mr. James H. 

Mrs. Beal (Beatrice Littell). 

Beal, Rodgers. 

Beal, James H., Jr. 

Beatty, Mr. H. B. 

954 W. North Ave. 
Bell 561 Cedar. 

205 S. Fairmount Ave. 
Bell 809 Hiland. 

456 S. Rebecca Si. 
Bell 1403 Hiland. 

Clubs — ^Duquesne, Union Country, Harkaway Hunt. 

Mrs. Beatty (May L. Strong), 
Beatty, Miss Loraine. 
Beatty, Miss Eda Lois. 
Beatty, Miss Caroline S. 
Beatty, Mr. Hollis Strong, Beloit, Wis. 
Summer Home — Rose Gardens, Oil City. 


Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Brockenbrough (Minnie A. Beatty), Richmond, Va. 

Beatty, Mr. John W. 

Mrs. Beatty (Cora B. Hamnett). 
Beatty, Miss Helen M. 
Beatty, Katharine E. 
Beatty, Mr. John W., Jr. 
Beatty, Mr. William H. 

Richland Lane. 
Bell 6055-J Hiland 

Beeson, Mr. Charles Edmund (Yale). 432 Morevs^ood Ave. 

Bell 1215 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Country, Oakmont Country, Pgb 
Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Beeson (Helen White) (Ogontz). 

At Home Days — Fridays. 
Beeson, Marion Ellen. 
Beeson, .John Kennedy. 


Beggs, Mr. J. DiLWORTH. 5th and Morewood Aves. 

(Princeton). BeU 122 Sehenley. 

Clubs — Ivy, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Beggs (Elizabeth C. Kerbaugh). 
Beggs, Elizabeth Kerbaugh. 
Beggs, J. Dilworth, Jr. 

Behrhorst, Mr. Carl E. 613 Orchard St., Avalon. 

Bell 263-W Neville. 
Mrs. Behrhorst (Caroline Cross). 
Behrhorst, Amelia Katherine. 
Behrhorst, David Henry. 
Behrhorst, Clifford Wilbert. 

Summer Home — The Harbehr Place, Bradford Woods. 

Behrhorst, Mr. H. F. 609 Orchard St., Avalon. 

Bell 263-W Neville. 
Mrs, Behrhorst (Amelia Gerwig). 

Bell, Mr. Archibald Marshall (Yale). 929 Eidge Ave. 

Bell 1088 Cedar. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Bell (Genevieve Lord). 
Bell, Genevieve. 
Bell, Archie. 
Bell, Charles. 

Summ,er Hom,e — Deer Park, Md. 

Bell, Mr. David Walter. 125 Eidge Ave., Ben Avon. 

Mrs. Bell (Alicia Johnston). Bell 226-J Emsworth. 

Bell, Miss Josephine. 

Bell, Mr. George Graham. 5614 Walnut St. 

Mrs. Bell (Euth Clause). Bell 3766-L Hiland 

Bell, Mr. John Andrew 4746 Friendship Ave. 

Bell 397-J Fisk. 
Mrs. Bell (Mary Fox-Pierson) . 
Bell, Miss Martha Mohr. 

Bell, Mr. W. Dwight. 313 Grant St., Sewickley. 

Bell 15 7- W Sewickley. 
Mrs. Bell (Eleanor G. MacMillan). 

Bell, Miss Margaret S. 

Bell, Miss Eleanor Gray. 

Benedum, Mr. M. L. 130 S. Fairmount Ave. 

Bell 4950 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Benedum (Sadie M. Lantz). 
Benedum, Claude W. 

Benham, Mrs. S. N. (Margaret Miller). 937 Lynndale Ave. 

Ciu6— Pittsburgh Golf. Bell 462 Cedar. 

Benham, Miss Margaret Lee. 

Summer Home — Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ont., Canada. 
Yacht — Osso. 


Bennett, Mr. John G. 5134 Westminster Place, 

Bell 545 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Union, Pgli. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Bennett (Sallie Steen). 
Bennett, Miss Sarah M. 
Bennett, Miss Jane C. 

Benney, Mr. George Andrew. 5509 Aylesboro Ave, 

Bell 1230 Schenley. 

Clubs — Metropolitan of Washington, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Benney (Eugenia Hill). 
Benney, Helen D. 
Benney, Mr. Philip Phillips. 
Benney, George Andrew, Jr. 
Benney, Morris Corcoran. 

Berger, Mrs. George B. (Rebecca Gardiner). 5516 Fifth Ave, 
Berger, Rebecca Kenny B. Bell 1650 Hiland. 

Berger, Mr. George R. B. 
Berger, Mr. Frederick G. B. 

Berger, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. (Olive Fleming). 
Berger, Andrew B., Jr. 

Summer Home — Columbia Island, Beaumaris, Ont., Can. 


Berger, Mrs. William H. (Jane McGlone). 

4th and D Sts., Oakmont. 
Bell 197-W Oakmont. 

Bergstresser, Mr. J. L. (Harvard). University Club. 

Bell 3992 Court. 
Clubs — University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Harvard of New York. 

Berryman, Mr. William Irving. 5201 Pembroke Placr 

Bell 1073 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Berryman (Mary Todd). 
Berryman, Athalia M. 
Berryman, Mary Elizabeth. 
Berryman, Katharine Gist. 
Berryman, William Irving, Jr. 
Summer Home — Rosecroft, Library. 

Beymer, Mr. a. S. (U. of Pgh). 5506 Baum St. 

Bell 1166 Hiland. 
Chtbs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country, Matinee. 

Mrs. Beymer (Nettie H. Gregg). 

Clubs — 20th Century, D. A. R., Tuesday Musical. 
At Home Days — Mondays. 

Bickel, Mr. Harry Wright. 412 Rebecca St, 

Mrs. Bickel (Lydia Paulson). Bell 1688-J Hiland. 

Bickel, Mr. William Forman. 

Bickel, Mr. William F. 418 S. Rebecca St. 

Mrs. Bickel (Elizabeth Stevenson). Bell 1688-L Hiland. 

Bickel, Miss Eleanor M. 

Bickel, Miss Elizabeth Blythe. 

Bickel, Mr. William D. 

Connell. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson McB. (Mary Bickel). 


BiCKFOED, Mr. Warren Ira. S. Negley Ave and Elmer St. 
(Mass. Inst, of Tech.). Bell 5435-R Hiland. 

Clubs — University, Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Bickford (Marie Louise Rose). 
Bickford, Marie Louise. 

BiDWELL, Mr. Howard Ensign. University Club. 

Bell 1724 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University. 

BiGELOw, Mr. Edward M. (U. of Pgh.). 82.5 X. Highland Ave. 

Bell 570 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Stanton Heights. 

Mrs. Bigelow (Mary Peabody). 

Bigelow, Miss Mary L. 901 X. Highland Ave. 

Bell 101 Hiland. 
Woods, Mr. Thomas Bigelow. 

Bigger, Mrs. Matthew (Mary Davis). 

449 Maple Ave., Edgewood. 
Bell 14 WUkins. 


Mr. and Mrs. Leon Nye Walthall (Mary Agnes Davis.) 

Leon Walthall. 135 French Place, San Antonio, Te.x. 

BiGGEET, Mr. James C. Woodlawn Ave., Idlewood. 

Bell 49 Crafton. 
Mrs. Biggert (Martha Woods). 

Biggert, Miss Anna C. 

Biggert, Mr. James C, Jr. 

Biggert, Mr. Robert W. 

Biggert, Mr. Lowrie C, 

Biggert, Mr. Stanley T. . 

Biggert, Mr. John Parker. Emerson Apts., Alder St. 

Bell 4395 Hiland. 
Biggert, Miss Alice Lynn. 
Biggert, Miss Martha Moody. 

Biggs, Mrs. George W. (Harriet HiU). 5628 Forbes St. 

Bell 2428-J Schenley. 
Dunbar, Mrs. W. K. 
Biggs, ^liss. 

Biggs, Mr. George W., Jr. (U. of Pgh.). 714 East End Ave. 

Bell 173-W Wilkins. 
Mrs. Biggs (Helen Pearson), (Linden Hall). 

Biggs, Jessie Patton. 

Biggs, George Pearson. 

Billings, Dr. Frederick T. 1133 Wightman St. 

Bell 1469 Schenley. 

Clu b — University. 

-Mrs. Billings (Romaine Le Moyne), (Farmington). 
Club — Farmington Society. 


BiLLQUiST, Mr. Thorsten E. 855 Beach Ave. 

(Gothenburg University). Bell 944 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne. 
Mrs. Billquist (Mary H. Siebeneck). 
Siebeneck, Mr. Henry King. 

Summer Home — 4 Linden Place, Quaker Valley. Bell 412 

Bindley, Mr. Edvv^ard H. (Yale). 444 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 1385 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Bindley (Cornelia Breckenridge McKelvy). 
Bindley, John. 

Bindley, Mr. John. Atherstone, Fifth Ave. 

Bell 382 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Pittsburgh Golf, Country, Oakmont 
Country, Automobile Club of America. 

Bindley, Miss Adelaide M. 
McMillin, Mrs. Mary Bindley. 
McMillin, Miss Elmina. 
McMillin, Mr, Albion S. 

Bingaman, Dr. Charles Francis. 5227 Westminister St. 

Bell 347 Schenley. 
Bingaman, Miss Marian E. 

Bingaman, Mr. Joseph P. 7040 Hamilton Ave. 

C/m6s— Duquesne. Bell 68 Hiland. 

Mrs. Bingaman (Fannie Slagle). 
Bingaman, Dr. Walter S. 

Bingler, Mr. William F. 206 Trenton Ave. 

CZub— Pittsburgh Press. Bell 446 Hazel. 

Mrs. Bingler (Mabel Ammon). 
Bingler, Miss Catherine Louise. 
Bingler, Virginia Ammon. 
Bingler, John Rudolph IV. 

Summer Home — Oak Lodge, Burkeville, Va. 

BiNNS, Mr. Edward Hussey. 

Woodland Road and Murray Hill Ave. 
Bell 4303 Hiland. 
Clubs — Fulton Club of New York, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Binns (Cecilia Kerrigan). 
Binns, Miss Truth Madeleine. 
Binns, Winfred Holden. 
Binns, Sidney Whittier. 
Binns, Hilary Kenelm. 
Binns, Othniel Kerry Gan. 

Summer Home — "Winter Camp", Near Valley Forge. 

Binns, Mr. Ralph Holden. Skipton, Sewickley Heights. 

Bell 201 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Binns (Mary Lulu Cavitt). 
Binns, Mr, Ralph Holden, Jr. 


BissELL, Mr. David Shields. Woodland Road. 

(Mass. Inst, of Tech.). 
Mrs. Bissell (Annie Morris T. Bush). 

Bissell, Constance B. 

Bissell, Catharine C. 

Bissell, John T. Bush. 

Bissell, Leet Wilson. 

Bissell, Philip Ten Broeck. 

Bissell, Mr. Frank Semple. 6825 Penn Ave. 

BeU 489 Hiland. 
Mrs. Bissell (Anna M. Jackson). 
Bissell, Mr. John Bonner. 

Summer Home — Chester Brook Farm, Elk Lick, Somerset Co. 

Bissell, Mr. George W. Jackson 302 S. Linden Ave. 

Bell 1127 Hiland. 
Mrs. Bissell (Katherine Hogg). 
Bissell, John Jackson. 

Bissell, Mrs. William S. (Eliza Wilson). Woodland Eoad. 

Bell 565 Hiland. 
Bissell, Miss Maria W. 
Bissell, Miss Nancy S. 
Bissell, Miss Sarah E. 
Bissell, Mr. John. 
Bissell, Mr. Albert. 

BiTTiNGER, Miss Lucy Forney. 55 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

Bell 505-J Sewickley. 
Little, Miss Grace Bittinger. 

Black, Mr. Alexander (Princeton). 5541 Avondale St. 

Bell 6221-R Hiland. 

Cluhs — University, Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Black (Ruth Hay). 

Clubs — Tuesday Musical, Stanton Heights Golf. 
Mrs. Samuel W. Hay (Sarah Liscomb). 

Black, Mr. James L. 408 Graham St. 

Bell 1037-L Hiland. 
Black, Mrs. (Mary Nelson Reed). 

Black, Mr. Nelson R. 

Black, Mr. David O. 

Black, Mr. David Pollock. 

Ebonhurst, Penn and Murtland Aves. 

Clitbs—Duquesne, Country. Bell 815 Hiland. 

Mrs. Black (Edith Young). 

Black, Miss Katharine Jane. 

Black, Mr. Gilbert M. Fifth and Denniston Aves. 

Bell 151 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Alegheny Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Black (Clara Schwartz). 
Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf. 
Black, Miss Evelyn, 


Black, Mrs. Martha A. (Martha Hays). 

417 Thorn St., Sewickley. 
Black, Miss Agnes A. Bell 167-J Sewickley. 

Hays, IVIiss Martha A. 
Hays, Mr. Alden N. 
Hays, Mr. J. Byers. 
Hays, Mr. George A. 

Black, Mr. Samuel W. Shields Station. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Black, Mr. William H. (Harvard). 1131 Western Ave. 

Mrs. Black (Ada Dravo). Bell 777 Brady. 

Blackburn, Mr. Oliver A. 4612 Bayard St. 

Bell 46 Schenley. 
^RS. Blackburn (Annie J. Reed). 

Blackburn, Mr. James B. 

Blackburn, Mr. Lane. 

Blackburn, Mr. W. W. 205 Lexington Ave. 

Bell 1026 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Country, University, Pgh. Ath'l. 

Mrs. Blackburn (Harriet Bloom). 

Club— 20th Century. 

Blackburn, Mr. Joseph Bloom. 
Blackburn, Mr. Frederick George. 
Bloom, Miss Florence C. 

Mrs. George P. Blackiston (Florence M. Day). 

726 St. James St. 
Blackiston, Betty. Bell 126 Schenley. 

Blackiston, George Pearre, Jr. 

Blair, Dr. Alexander C. 5520 Fifth Ave. 

(Hahnemann Medical). Bell 2851 Hiland. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, University. 
Mrs. Elair (Mary D. Oliver). 
Chib — Pittsburgh Golf. 
Blair, Oliver. 
Blair, Alexander C, Jr. 

Summer Home— Rock Springs Farm, Princeton, Pa. 

Blair, Mr. George W. Fifth Ave. and Putnam St. 

Bell 1377 Hiland. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Blair, Mrs. Holmes (Marie E. Gutman), (Penna. College for 
Women, St. Mary's, N. Y.). 
Blair, Mr. George. 

Sum,mer Home — Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ont., Canada. 

Blair, Mr. H. L. Howard. 319 Bank St., Sewickley. 

Bell 7 Sewickley. 
TVCrs. Blair (Annie Cunningham). 

Blair, Miss Elizabeth McCuUough. 

Blair, Mr. Carter Curtis. 

Blair, Mrs. Lide P. (Lide Packer). 5030 Castleman St. 

Bell 928 Schenley. 
Packer, Miss Mabel A. 
Packer, Miss Charity A. 
Packer, Mr. Oibson D. 
Packer, Mr. Charles. 

Summer Home — Bye-Way Farm, Beaver Co. 

Blair, Mr. William Robinson. 808 Devonshire St. 

Bell 85 Schenley. 
Mrs. Blair (Alexina Crossan). 
Blair, Miss Alexina. 
Blair, Mr. John Crossan. 
Blair, Mr. James Speer. 
« Blair, Mr. William Robinson, Jr. 
Blair, Mr. Lawrence Dilworth. 

Blair, Dr. William Wightman. Woodland Eoad. 

(Hahnemann Medical). Bell 287 Hiland. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, University, Pittsburgh Golf. 
IklRS. Blair (Margaret Kennedy Brown). 
Blair, Miss Margaret Isabel. 
Blair, James Brown. 
Blair, William Wightman, Jr. 
Blair, Thomas Marshall Howe. 

Summer Home — Outlook, Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ont., Canada. 

Blakeley, Mr. William A. (U. of M.). 1240 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 685 HHand. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, University, Allegheny Country, 
Country, Union. 

Blakeley, Gen. Archibald. 

Blaxter, Mr. Henry Vaughan. 5723 Darlington Road. 

Bell 362 Schenley. 
Mrs. Blaxter (Isabell Sloan Kennedy). 

Blaxter, Robert Henry. 

Kennedy, Mr. Robert Maurice. 

Bcggess, Dr. William B. 4919 Centre Ave. 

Bell 1015 Schenley. 
Mrs. Bcggess (Helen W. Macbeth). 

Boggess, Katherine. 

Boggess, Anne. 

BoGGS, Mr. Russell H. Hohneberg, Sewickley Heights. 

Bell 24 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Edgeworth, 

Mrs. Boggs (Marie C. Buhl). 

Clubs — •20th Century, Woman's Club of Sewickley. 

Bole, Mr. John Clark. 5527 Howe St. 

Club— T)uquesne. Bell 3213-W Hiland. 

Mrs. Bole (Louise Audenried), (Mrs. Commegy 's School)., 

Bole, John Clark, Jr. 

Bole, Robert Fulton. 


Bole, Mr. Robert A. Duquesne Club. 

Bell 67 Grant. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 

BoNAR, Mr. James. 373 N. Craig St. 

Bell 1390-L Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Artists' Ass'n. 
Mrs. Bonar (Fannie Young Harrison). 
Bonar, Miss Mary Young. 
Bonar, Miss Agnes Harbison. 
Bonar, Mr. James Greig. 

BoNiTz, Mr. Walter A. (U. of N. C). Iroquois Apts. 

Bell 547 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Bonitz. 

BoNSALL, Rev. Adoniram Judson, LL.D. (Bueknell). 

1531 Irwin Ave. 
Mrs. Bonsall (Miss Hoyer). Bell 2023-J Cedar. 

Bonsall, Miss Margaret. 

Bonsall, Mr. Judson. 


Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Torrenee, Rochester. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stanton, Norwalk, Ohio. 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Davis, New York. 

Bonsall, Mr. Ward (Harvard). 5714 Elgin Ave. 

BeU 3233-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Bonsall (M. Adrienne Chipman). 

Bonsall, Elizabeth. 

Bonsall, Mrs. J. S. 

Book, Mrs. Maria Donnell (Maria Donnell). 

5818 Elgin Ave. 
Book, Mr. Charles H. Bell 59 Hiland. 

Book, Mr. Robert Donnell. 

Centennial and Cochrane Aves., Sewickley. 

Bell 477 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Book (Martha Miller). 
Book, Barbara. 
Book, Wilson Miller. 

Booth, Mr. John B. 321 Grant St., Sewickley. 

Bell 157-J Sewickley. 
Mrs. Booth (Mary Nevin). 

Booth, Miss Marguerite. 

Booth, William. 

Booth, T. Nevin. 

Boothe, Mr. Willis A. 1208 Murray Hill Ave. 

Bell 707-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Boothe (Sarah H. Baelz). 

Boothe, Miss Hester. 

Boothe, Mr. Willis. 


BoPE, Mr. Henry P. 

327 N. Negley Ave. 
Bell 1270 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, University, Republican Club of New 

Mrs. Bope (Katharine Spencer). 
Bope, Miss Laura Eliza. 
Bope, Mr. Harold Spencer. 

Boswell, Mr. Alfred C. (Princeton). 927 Sheridan Ave. 

Bell 2721-J Hiland. 
Boswell, Miss Edith B. 

BoswELL, Mr. Walter. King St. and Beverley Place. 

Bell 4341-J HHand. 
Mrs. Boswell (Margaret Eleanor Gray). 

Boswell, Margaret Jane. 

Boswell, Elizabeth Eleanor. 

BoTSFORD, Mr. Edward Pottle. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Botsford (Prances Maple). 

Botsford, Miss Rebekah Virginia. 
Botsford, Edward Pottle, Jr. 
Botsford, Mrs. J. Edward. 

6814 Thomas Blvd. 
Bell 5182 Hiland. 

Bowman, Miss Anne. 334 S. Linden Ave. 

Bell 1439-E Hiland. 
Wise, Mr. and Mrs. William (Jane Bowman). 

846 Western Ave. 
Bell 50 Cedar. 

BOYCE, Dr. D. C. 

Mrs. Boyce (Mary Losey Wright). 

Boyce, Mr. Joseph Canan. 

Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. (Annie Wilson) 

Wright, Miss Sarah. 

Boyce, Dr. John W. (U. of Pgh.). 

Club — -Duquesne Canoe. 

Mrs. Boyce (Tacy Carter). 
Boyce, Ella R. 
Boyce,Mrs. R. M. 

Boyd, Mr. Marcus. 

Mrs. Boyd (Elsie McCuteheon). 
Boyd, Mary Louise. 

Brace, Mr. Napoleon Collins 
Mrs. Brace. 

Brace, Miss Mary Craig. 

5220 Atherton Ave. 
Bell 1563 Hiland. 

6815 Thomas Blvd. 
Bell 3776 Hiland. 

701 N. Negley Ave. 
Bell 429 Hiland. 

Braden, Mr. Glenn Thomson. 
Mrs. Braden. 

Braden, Elizabeth Glenn. 

Braden, Charles Elwood. 

Braden, Eugene Glenn. 

Braden, William Richard. 

21 Thorn St., Sewickley. 
Bell 96 Sewickley. 


Brainerd, Mr. E. C. College Ave., Oakmont. 

Bell 124 Oakmont. 

Clubs — Duquesne. Phg. Ath'l. Ass'n, Oakmont Boat. 

Mrs. Brainerd (Anita Benedict). 

Club~D. A. R., Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Brainerd, Eobert Nicola. 
Brainerd, Harry Hurst. 

Brainard, Mr. Edward Heaton (Andover). 

Woodland Eoad cor. Wilkin s Ave. 
Bell 5187 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Brainard (Adelaide Boyle). 

Club — 20th Century. 
Brainard, Miss Frances Boyle. 
Brainard, Miss Adelaide Fitch. 
Brainard, Margaret Halsted. 
Brainard, Ira Fitch II. 

Summer Home — Fairacres, Fahnouth, Mass. 

Brainard, Mr. Ira F. 301 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 713 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 

Mrs. Brainard (Frances Heaton). 


Mr. and Mrs. T. Brooke Anderson (Mary Brainard), Chicago. 

Bratton, Mr. Williard G. 5701 Eippey St. 

Bell 1988 Hiland. 

Club— Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Bratton (Ida Moore Wainwright). 
Wainwright, Mr. Edwey Z., Jr. 
Moore, Mrs. Eliza J. 

Breed, Rev. Dr. David Riddle. 123 Dithkidge St. 

Bell 564 Sehenley. 
(Hamilton, Victoria Inst.) 
Clubs — Bellefield, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Breed (Mary Elizabeth Kendall), (Houghton Seminary). 
Breed, Miss Esther Kendall. 
Breed, Dr. Maurice Edwards. 
Breed, Mr. Allen. 
Siviter, Mrs. Francis Pierpont. 
Siviter, Elizabeth Breed. 

Summer Home — The Cedars, W'equetonsing, Mich. 
Motor Boat — Tycoon. 

"Breed, Mr. Henry A. 5317 Westminster St. 

Bell 1049-E Sehenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Loyal Legion. 
Mrs. Breed (Cornelia Bidwell). 
Breed, Miss Mary Bidwell. 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry Breed (Frances de Forest Martin). 

Anne Martin Breed. 

Elizabeth Leiper Breed. 

Henry Atwood Breed. Lawrenceville, N. .). 

Breed, Dr. Maurice Edwards, St. Louis, Mo. 


:Brenneman, Mr. Louis A. 800 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 803 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Brenneman (Lena Emery). 
Brenneman, David Emery. 
Brenneman, Verna. 

Summer Home — Titusville. 

:Brenneman, Dr. Richard E. (Harvard). 1421 Wightman St. 

Bell 927 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

TVErs. Brenneman (Alice Updegraff), (Oberlin). 

Summ,ee Home — Riverside Farm, W. V. 

"Brickell, Mr. Harry S. 

Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

^Irs. Brickell (Emma Hogue). 

At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Brickell, H. S., Jr. 
Brickell, Addison C. 

5512 Howe St. 
Bell 3310-J Hiland. 

IBrickell, Mrs. W. B. (Annie Myers). 452 Atlantic Ave. 

Bell 781 Hiland. 
Brickell, Mr. Edwin M. 
Repp, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. (Lida Brickell). 

Clubs — Pgh. Ath. Ass'n. Belief eld. 

Repp, Lida Brickell. 
Repp, Robert M., Jr. 

^rittain, Mr. John B. 

Mrs. Brittain (Julia Berford Fedder), 

Bell 241-J Carnegie. 

At Home Days — Tuesdays. 

Clubs — Wednesday Current Events, Noetic of Crafton. 

Brittain, Mr. Spenser. 


Mr. and Mrs. James Selwyn Brittain, Oakland, California. 
Mr. Warner Brittain, Berkeley, California. 

Brooks, Mr. Frank Faber (Yale). 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Brooks (Mary Leet Williams). 
Brooks, Martha Shields. 
Brooks, Frank Faber, Jr. 
Brooks, Joseph Judson, III. 

Shield Station. 
Bell 464 Sewickley. 

Brooks, Mr. J. Judson. 
IVIrs. Brooks (Henrietta Faber). 
Brooks, Mr. J. Judson, Jr. 

Browne, Mr. D. L. 
Brown, Miss Anna Moody. 
Browne, Miss Isabella M. 

Shields Station. 
Bell 7 Sewickley. 

6112 Kentucky Ave. 
Bell 737 Hiland. 

TBrowne, Mr. Joseph Moody. 604 Maple Lane, Sewickley. 
Mrs. Browne (Eliza L. Atwell). Bell 597 Sewickley. 

Club — Woman's of Sewickley. 


Brown, Mr. Charles M. (Yale). . Woodland Kd. 

Ci«6— Pittsburgh Golf. Bell 60 Hiland. 

Mrs. Brown (Mary Botchford). 

Brown, Nancy W. 

Brown, Charles M., Jr. 

Brown, James W. 

Brown, Captain Charles William. 

608 Academy Ave., Sewickley. 
Bell 212 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Edgeworth, Allegheny Country, Min- 
neapolis Club. 

Mrs. Brown (Alice Greenleaf). 
Brown, Miss Mary Agate. 
Brown, Miss Theodora Feuillevert. 
Brown, Miss Alice Greenleaf. 
Brown, Mr. Charles W., Jr. 
Brown, Harold DeWolfe. 


Mr. Jacob Bartlett Brown, 1804 E. 55th St., Cleveland. 

Brown, Mr. Henry Graham (Haverford) 5050 Forbes Ave. 

Bell 511 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Oakmont Country, 
Allegheny Country, Philadelphia, University of New York. 
Mrs, Brown (Nannie Price Pugsley). 
Brown, Miss Barbara Winston. 
Brown, Miss Elizabeth Sharpless. 

Brown, Mr. James Elwyn. 56 Beaver St., Sewickley. 

(Yale). Bell 32 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Yale. 

Mrs. Brown (Ella Scott). 
Brown, Katherine Louise. 
Brown, Priseilla Scott. 
Brown, James Elwyn, Jr. 
Brown, Charles Neale. 

Brown, Captain James Stanley. 3202 Forbes St. 

Mrs. Brown (Caroline Shaffer). Bell 836-L Schenley. 

At Home Days — Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. 
Summer Home — Atlantic City, N. J. 
Winter Home — Hot Springs, Ark. 

Brown, Mrs. James W. (Clara T. Howe). Woodland Eoad. 

CZu6s— Pittsburgh Golf, 20th Century. Bell 60 Hiland. 

Summer Home — St. Brandon's Isle, Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, On- 
tario, Canada. 

Brown, Mr. John D. (Harvard). Wexford, Allegheny Co. 

Bell 11 Wexford. 
Mrs. Brown (Helen Shepard). 
Brown, Dorothy W. 

Brown, Mr. John Taggart. 25 Thomas Ave., Bellevue. 

Bell 286-W Neville. 
Mrs. Brown (Lilian Mercur Marshall). 
At Home Z)a?/s— Thursdays. 
Brown, Jane Taggart. 
Marshall, Mrs. Eichard T. 


Brown, Mr. Louis. 705 Devonshire St. 

Bell 509 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Brown (Lulu Eaton). 

Brown, Miss Margaret Eaton. 

Brown, Mr. Mansfield B. 66 Beaver St., Sewickley. 

Mrs. Brown (Miss Taylor). Bell 648 Sewickley. 

Brown, Miss Elizabeth E. 

Brown, Mr. Mansfield H. 

Summer Home — Lake Breeze Farm, North East. 

Brown, Mr. Marshall. Liberty and Atlantic Aves. 

Mrs. Brown (Annie W. Ardary). Bell 119 Hiland. 

Brown, Mr. J. Stuart (Haverford). 839 Eidge Ave. 

Bell 461 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, 
University, Philadelphia. 

Mrs. Brown (Lily Shiras Forsyth). 
Brown, Miss Lilian. 
Brown, Mr. McCleane. 
Brown, Mr. Stuart, Jr. 
Brown, Laurence. 

Summer Home — Upland Farm, Sewickley. Bell 145 Sewickley. 

Brown, Mr. Thomas M. (Harvard). 5201 Liberty Ave. 

Clubs— Americus. Bell 299 Hiland. 

Mrs. Brown (Elizabeth Moore). 

Brown, Mr. Thomas Stephen. 253 N. Dithridge St. 

(W. & J.). Bell 856-L Schenley. 

Clubs — University, Bellefield, S. A. R. 

Mrs. Brown (Sydney Ott Heiskell). 
Brown, Matilda Heiskell. 
Brown, Mr. Oliver Wellington. 

Brown, Mr. W. Harry. Fifth and Murray Hill Aves. 

(Allegheny). Bell 606 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, New York Yacht, New York Athletic Country, 
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston. 

Mrs. Brown (Margaret Boyle), (Bishop Bowman Institute). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Women's Club of New York, D. A. R. 
Brown, Miss Mary Alice. 
Brown, William Henry, Jr. 
Boyle, Mr. and Mrs. John D. 

Yacht — VisiSTOR ii. 

Brown, Mr. William Kennedy, 

114 Centennial Ave., Sewickley. 
C/u 6— Duquesne. Bell 245-L Sewickley. 

Mrs. Brown (Carrie H. Law). 
Brown, Miss Christine. 
Brown, Miss Eebekah Law. 
Brown, Miss Martha H. 
Brown, Miss M. Jennie. 


Bryar, Mr. W. B. 912 Maryland Ave. 

Bell 6281-J Hiland. 

Clubs — Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Bellefield. 

Mrs. Bryar (Christinia Elliott). 
Bryar, Miss Marie Elliott. 
Brvar, Mr. W. Edward. 

Bryce, Mr. Marion G. 208 Darrah Si\ 

Bell 209 Schenley. 
Club — Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n, Lakewood Country. 
Mrs. Bryce (Frances Mehard), (Westminster). 
Bryce, Miss Mprion Mehard. 
Bryce, Mr. James. 
Bryce, Mr. Bichard M. 
Bryce, Mr. Myric W. 

Summer Home — Lakewood, N. Y. 

Bryce, Mr. Robert D. 315 Second Ave., Homestead.. 

Bell 120 Homestead.. 
Mrs. Bryce (Mame A. Wolf). 

Earseman, Mr. W. A. 

Earseman, Dr. John S. 

Buchanan, Mr. Douglass. 1257 Shady Ave.. 

Bell 5937 Hiland.. 
Mrs. Buchanan (Sara Eleanore Grayson). 

Buchanan, Evelyn Eleanore. 

Buchanan, Mr. D. Grayson. 

Grayson, Miss A. M. 

Buchanan, Mrs. Harris (Katherine Barker). 6113 Howe St.. 

Bell 5048-J Hiland.. 
Buchanan, Mr. Isaac Victor, Omaha, Neb. 
Buchanan, Mr. George Peter, 600 University Ave., Ithaca,. 
N. Y. 

Buchanan, Mr. James Isaac. 330 S .Negley Ave.. 

Bell 918 Hiland. 

(Gait Collegiate Inst.). 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Union, Country, Caledon Mountain 
Trout, Railroad, New York, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Buchanan (Eliza Macfarlane), (Hollidaysburg). 
Clubs— 20th Century, Stanton Heights, D. A. R. 
Macfarlane, Mr. Douglas Graham. 

Buchanan, Dr. John Jenkins. 1409 X. Highland Ave. 

Bell 258 Hiland. 
(U. of Penna., U. of Pgh.). 
Mrs. Buchanan (Ellen Grier). 
Buchanan, Mr. John Grier. 
Buchanan, Mr. Edwin Porter. 


Bell 421-L Schenley. 
Mrs. Buffington (Mary Alice Simonton). 

Club— 20th Century. 

Buffington, Mr. Joseph, Jr. 

BuGHMAN, Mr. Henry C. Morewood and Castleman Sts, 
C«m6s— Duquesne, Country. Bell 8046 Schenley. 

Mrs. Bughman (Maria Berry). 

Bughman, Miss Genevieve. 

Bughman. Mr. H. C, Jr. 

Bughman, Harry C. 

Bughman, Eeuben. 


Mr. and Mrs. George B. Bughman (May Pryor,) Westbank, British 

BuHL, Mr. Henry, Jr. 1241 Western Ave. 

Bell 200 Brady. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Edgeworth, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Buhl (Louise Miller). 

Summer Home — Cloverton Hills, Camp Meeting Road, Sewickley 
Heights, Sewickley, 410 Sewickley. 


Bell 136 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Press. 

Mrs. Burchfield (Clara A. Dicken). 
Burchfield, Albert Home, Jr. 

Mrs. a. p. Burchfield (I. O. Friesell), 401 S. Negley Ave. 
Burchfield, Miss Mary P. Bell 274 Hiland. 

Burchfield, Mr. W. H. 

Burchfield, Mr. William Warmcastle. Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Mrs. Burchfield (Elizabeth Stewart). Bell 33 Hazel. 

Burchfield, Miss Laura Ann. 

Burchfield, Miss Isabel Comingo. 

Burchfield, Mr. William Stewart. 

BuRCHiNAL, Mr. Herbert Clark. 436 S. Pacific Ave. 

Bell 4311 Hiland. 
Mrs. Burchinal (Bessie Gertrude Leese). 

Burehinal, Herbert Clark, Jr. 

Leese, Mrs. Edward R. (Hettie Blackburn). 

BuRGwiN, Mr. Augustus P. (Trinity). 5210 Pembroke Place. 

Bell 250 Schenley. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Metropolitan Club of Wash- 
ington, University Club of New York, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Burgwin (Mildred Carlisle). 
Burgwin, Mildred Carlisle. 
Burgwin, Mr. Pierce Butler Carlisle. 

Burgwin, Mr. George Collinson (Trinity). 311 Craft Ave. 

Ciw 6s— Pittsburgh Golf, Pittsburgh. Bell 147 Schenley. 

Mrs. Burgwin (Mary Blair). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Burgwin, Miss Mary Blair. 
Burgwin, Miss Margaret C. 
Burgwin, Mr. Hill. 
Burgwin, Mr. George Collinson, Jr. 
Burgwin, Mr. John Ormsby. 

Summer Home — Marisbrooke, Westmoreland Co. 

BuRGWiN, Mr. Henry P. (Racine). 

Mrs. Burgwin (Effie B. James). 
Burgwin, Mr. Howard James. 
Burgwin, Mr. Hasell Hill. 

Burgwin, Mr. John H. K. 

Mrs. Burgwin (Ruth Leeds Kerr). 
Burgwin, Mary Phillips. 

Burgwin, Miss Mary. 

Burke, Mr. George W. 
Mrs. Burke (Alice Harper). 

400 S. Linden Ave. 
Bell 6256-J Hiland. 

918 Bellefonte St. 
Bell 5297-R Hiland. 

5312 Pembroke Place. 
Bell 1875-L Schenley. 

6307 Bartlett St. 
Bell 1680 Hiland. 

Burke, Mr. James Francis (U. of M.). 939 Sheridan Ave. 

Bell 409 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Army and Navy, Washington. 
Mrs. Burke (Josephine Burch Scott), (Detroit Seminary). 
Burke, Josephine Frances. 
Burke, James Scott. 

Summer Home — Lingermore, Beaumaris, Lake Muskoka, Ontario, 

Winter Home — Washington, D. C. 

Burleigh, Mr. Clarence. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union. 

3454 Forbes St. 
Bell 559 Schenley. 

Burleigh, Mr. Clarence, Jr. N. Negley and Wellesley Aves. 
(U. of Pgh., Pgh. Law School). Bell 5925 Hiland. 

Mrs. Burleigh (Marguerite Brown). 

Burleigh, Ida Jeanette. 

Burleigh, Florence Marguerite. 

Burt, Dr. James C. 

Mrs. Burt (Margaret J. Chalfant), 

5024 Castleman St. 
Bell 273 Schenley. 

Byers, Mrs. A. M. (Martha Fleming). 905 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 497 Cedar. 
Byers, Mr. Eben M. (Yale). 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, University, Pittsburgh 

Golf. Pittsburgh. 
Summer Home — Sewickley Heights, Sewickley. Bell 560 Se- 


Byers, Mr. J. Frederic (Yale). 911 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 1171 Cedar. 

Clubs — -Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Pittsburgh, 
University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Byers (Caroline Morris). 

Summer Home — Sewickley Heights, Sewicklej'. Bell 14 Sewickley. 

Bybam, Mrs. Henry Herbert (Lillie B. Vau Kirk). 

5414 Ellsworth Ave. 
Club— 20th Century. Bell 1295 HUand. 

Van Kirk, Mrs. William. 
Coolidge, Mr. and Mrs. George Greer (Etliel Byram). 


Mr. Herbert F. Byram, Sacramento, California. 

Byrnes, Mr. Clarence Parchall (U. of M.). 

Academy Ave., Sewicbxey. 
Bell 121 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 
Mrs. Byrnes (Mary Melvin Barrett). 
Byrnes, Martha Barrett. 

Cadman, Mr. Alexander Watson. 

155 Washington St.. Edgewood. 
Club— Edgewood. Bell 492 Wilkins. 

Mrs. Cadman (Kate Malvern Kennedy). 

Cadman, Miss Elizabeth Kennedy. 

Cadman, Mr. Mathew McWhinney. 

Cadman, Mr. Ealph Watson. 

Cadman, Mr. Alexander Morris. 

Cadman, Mr. Wilson Kennedy. 

Cadman, Mr. Richard Allan. 

Cain, Mr. M. Busch. 

Mrs. Cain (Clara Lambert). 

1104 Bidwell St. 
Bell 164-W Brady. 

Caldwell, Mrs. John (Lyda J. Miller). 

Washington St., Edgewood. 
Bell 11 Wilkins. 

Caldwell, Mr. Robert B. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Caldwell (Luella Pendleton). 
Caldwell, John Pendleton. 

219 Lytton Ave. 
Bell 1595 Schenley. 

Gallery, Mr. James Dawson. 4875 Ellsworth Ave. 

(Notre Dame). Bell 580 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Allegheny Country, University, Me- 
tropolitan of Washington, Railroad of New York. 

Mrs. Gallery (Jnlia Van Bibber Welch). 
Gallery, Miss Marcella. 
Callery, Mary Kenna. 
Gallery, Frances A. 
Gallery, Mr. James Dawson, Jr. 
Callery, Mr. William. 
Callery, Mr. Charles. 
Callery, George Lewis. 

Summer Hom.e — Brielle, N. J. 

Calvert, Mr. George H. (U. of Pgh.). 

293 Butler St., Etna. 

Bell 20-W Sharpsburg. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Allegheny 
Country, Oakmont Country. 

Calvert, Mrs. A. H. 

Summer Home — Glenshaw R. F. D. No. 1. Bell 59 Glenshaw. 

Camp, Mr. James M. 1626 Wightman St. 

Mrs. Camp (Isabella Wightman). Bell 371-J Schenley. 

Campbell, Mr. Harry C. 19 Chestnut St., Sewickley. 

BeU 533-L Sewickley. 
Mrs. Campbell (Jennie P. Herbst). 
CampbeU, Mr. B. Todd. 

Campbell, Mr. David Herbst. 27 Chestnut St., Sewickley. 
Mrs. Campbell (Margaret Schroth). 

Campbell, Ann Blair. 

Campbell, Phoebe Jane. 

Campbell, Mrs. Hugh Craig (Elizabeth M. Miller). 

6410 Beacon St. 
Bell 677 Hiland. 

Campbell, Mr. Wilson A. 

Woodland Eoad, and East Drive, Sev^^ickley. 
CZ«6— Edgeworth. Bell 432-J Sewickley. 

Mrs. Campbell (Alice Clause). 
Campbell, Lewis Clause. 

Campbell, Eev. Wm. O., D.D. 205 Thorn St., Sevs^ickley. 

(W. & J.). 
Mrs. Campbell (Mary Shaw). 

Campbell, Miss Mary. 

Campbell, ]\Iiss Margaret. 


James S. Campbell Esq., Glen Osborne. 

Canfield, Miss. 7235 Penn Ave. 

Bell 4943 Hiland. 
Canfield, Miss Harriett B. (Pgh. Female College). 

Capel, Mrs. James T. (Sophia Daub), (Madame Clemen's 

School). Homewood Ave. and Thomas Blvd. 

Capel, Miss Frank. Bell 65-E Hiland. 


Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hames (Emilie Capel), Banbury, Oxfordshire, 

Cappeau, Mr. J. P. 153 Dithridge St. 

Club— Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 351-J Schenley. 

Mrs. Cappeau (Ida M. Jack). 

Cappeau, Mr. Joseph Phillip, Jr. 

Cappeau, Mr. John William. 

•Capen, Mr. Jerome E. 5874 Darlington Road. 

Club— Union. Bell 1114 Hiland. 

Mrs. Capen (Laura Pearle Pinekard). 
At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Howard, Miss Clara E. 

Card, Mrs. William Warren (Maria Llewellyn). 

Woodland Road. 

At Home Days — Saturdays. Bell 451 Hiland. 

Card, Miss Ruth Llewellyn. 

Winter Home — Paris. 

Summer Home — Ravenscroft, Seal Harbor, Mt. Desert, Maine. 


Carlin, Mr. William J. 

Mrs. Carlin (Harriet A. Braden), 

At Home Days — Fridays. 

Carlin, Mr. David N. 

Mrs. Carlin (Carolyn F. Curll). 

Carnahan, Mr. Thomas D. 

Mrs. Carnahan (Nannie M. White). 
Carnahan, Miss Jane L. 
Carnahan, Miss Elizabeth C. 
Carnahan, Miss Agnes K. 
Carnahan, Mr. Robert B. 

939 Heberton Ave. 
Bell 1372 Hiland. 

Douglass Ave. 

356 Graham St. 
Bell 2809 Hiland. 

Carnahan, Mr. Thomas E. 
Carnahan, Mr. Harvey J. 
Saltsman, Mrs. Elizabeth. 
Saltsman, Miss Florence M. 
Saltsman, Mr. Frank. 

433 Denniston Ave. 
Bell 213-W Hiland. 

Carnahan, Mr. William E. Fifth and S. Highland Aves. 

Bell 93.5 Hiland. 
Mrs. Carnahan (Melissa S. McKee). 

Carothers, Mrs. W. M. (Gertrude Bobbins) , (Mt. HoJyoke). 

625 Clyde St. 

Caepenter, Mr. Henry. 

Mrs. Carpenter. 

Carpenter, Miss Georgianna 
Carpenter, Miss Gray Ruth. 
Carpenter, Miss Sara R. 
Carpenter, Mr. Henry P. 

119 North Ave., Wilkinsburg. 
Bell 1252-L Wilkins. 

Carpenter, Mr. James McFadden. 

Club — Union 

Carpenter, Miss Alice Lazear. 

Carpenter, Miss Eleanor. 

Carpenter, Mr. James McFadden, Jr. 

424 N. Negley Ave. 
Bell 3329-J Hiland. 

Carpenter, Mr. H. A. (Yale). Camp Meeting Road, Sewickley. 

Bell 859 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Union, Allegheny Country, Yale. 

Mrs. Carpenter (Jessamine Walker). 

Club — Woman's Club of Sewicklev. 

Carr, Mrs. Paschal (Mary Ricketson). 

Summer Home — Ricketson's Point, Mass. 

931 Ridge Ave. 
Bell 644 Cedar. 

Carr, Mr. Wesley Gould (Dartmouth). 

6112 Howe St. 
Bell 833-R Hiland. 

Clubs — University, Oakmont Country, Dartmouth of New York. 

Mrs. Carr (Esther M. Williams). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Carr, Hougiiton. 

Carr, Wesley Gould, Jr. 

Summer Home — Overlook, Provincetown, Mass. 


Care, Mr. William A. 218 North Ave., West. 

Bell 1874 Cedar. 

Club — Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Caer (Ella Canfield), (Pgh. Female College). 

Carroll, Mr. Walter C. (Princeton). 720 Shady Ave. 

Bell 5197 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Carroll (Edith Gibbs). 
Carroll, Katherine. 
Carroll, Mary Edith. 
Carroll, Florence. 
Carroll, W. Cockrill, Jr. 

Carroll, Mr. Alexander Eook. 5811 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 4357-B Hiland. 
Mrs. Carroll (Elizabeth Baggaley), (Bryn Ma\Yr). 
Carroll, Alexander Rook, Jr. 

Carroll, Mrs. Helen Rook (Helen E. Rook). 

Penn and Homewood Aves. 
Carroll, Mr. Alfred Howard. Bell 48 Hiland. 

Tieman, Mr. Hugh P. 
Tieman, Mr.s. (Harriet Carroll). 

Carroll, Dr. Thomas B. 326 S. Highland Ave. 

Bell 3566 Hiland. 

Carson, Mr. John D. 13 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

Bell 663 -R Sewickley. 
Mrs. Carson (Ada R. Johnston), (Steubenville Seminary). 
Club — 'Woman's of Sewickley. 
Carson, Mr. John Renshaw. 
Carson, Mr. Joseph Robb. 

Carson, Mr. Robert, Jk. 4941 Centre Ave. 

Bell 1563 Schenley. 
Mrs. Carson (Martha Porter Ewing). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Colonial Dames. 

Carson, Robert, III. 

Cartwright, Dr. H. B. (U. of Chicago). 381 S. Highland Ave. 

Bell 741 Hiland. 
Mrs. Cartv^^right (Emma Wesley). 
Cartwright, Mr. Harry Wesley. 

Cassidy, Mrs. Edward T. P. O. Box 1744, Pittsburgh. 

Cassidy, Mr. William H. 622 St. James St. 

. Bell 647 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University. 

Mrs. Cassidy (Margaret S. Beaver). 
Cassidy, Miss Ella Knowlton. 
Cassidy, Mr. James Porter. 

Summer Home — Kewekyik, Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ontario, 

Yacht — Edith Ann. 


Cavitt, Mr. Alfred McKee. 5600 Baum St. 

Cavitt, Miss Carrie. Bell 406 Hiland. 

Cavitt, Miss Asenath Elliott. 
Cavitt, Miss Margaret. 

Chalfant, Mr. Edward C. (Lafayette). 544 Paulson Ave. 

Bell 3341 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Chalfant (Fanny O'H. Barr). 
Chalfant, Marie D. 
Chalfant, Edward T. 

Chalfant, Mrs. George A. (Margaret J. Bell). 

5024 Castleman St. 
. Chalfant, Mr. Charles C. Bell 273 Sehenley. 

Chalfant, Mr. A. M. 
Burt, Dr. and Mrs. James C. (Margaret J. Chalfant). 

Chalfant, Eev. George W., D.D. (W. & J.). 

1309 Sheridan Ave. 
Bell 4545 Hiland. 
Mrs. Chalfant (Sarah E. Moore), (Saltsburg Seminary). 
Chalfant, Mr. George N. 
Chalfant, Mr. William Berger. 
Moore, Miss Mary R. 

Chalfant, Mr. Henry. 915 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 400 Cedar. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Chalfant (Harriet Watson). 
Chalfant, Eleanor. 
Chalfant, Martha Sewell. 
Chalfant, Henry, Jr. 

Chalfant, Miss Isabella 308 E. North Ave. 

Chalfant, Miss Eleanor. Bell 7 Cedar. 

Chalfant, Miss Annie. 

Summer Home — Kennebunkport, Maine. 

Chalfant, Mr. John Weakley. 

129 Lincoln Ave., Edgewood. 
BeU 1726-J Wilkins. 
(Worcester Poly 'c. Inst, and Pgh. Law School). 
Clubs — -Duquesne, University, Edgewood Country. 

Mrs. Chalfant (Elizabeth Gerry Briggs), (Penna. College 
for Women). 
Club — 20th Century. 

Chalfant, Charles Briggs. 
Chalfant, John Weakley, Jr. 

Chalfant, Dr. Sidney A. (U. of Penna.). 5713 Rippey St. 

CZu6s— University, Stanton Heights Golf. Bell 2564 Hiland. 

Mrs. Chalfant (Edith List). 
Chalfant, Evaline. 

Challinor, G. Oliver, D.D.S. 816 Ivy St. 

(W. & J., U. of Penna.). Bell 6522-R Hiland. 

C/u6— Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Challinor (Lilian R. Fogel), (Dickison Seminary). 


Challinor, Mr. James Fawcett. 5530 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 2004-J Hiland. 
(Mount Union). 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Challinor (Carrie Broad). 
Challinor, J. Oliver. 

Challinor, Mr. Thomas Fawcett. 5859 Hobart Ave. 

(Mount Union). Bell 5440-J Hiland. 

Club— Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Challinor (Margaretta Gilfilan Alexander). 
Challinor, Miss Margaret Woodland. 
Challinor, Mr. David. 
Challinor, Mr. Thomas Lloyd. 

Chantler, Dr. Israel B. 537 Beaver St., Sewickley. 

Club— EdgewoTth. Bell 5 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Chantler (Anna Staub). 

Chantler, Miss Helen Cooper. 

Chantler, Miss Mary Huey. 

Chantler, Mr. Levi'is Willard. 

Chantler, Mr. Thomas Drummond. 425 Morev^ood Ave. 
(Cornell). Bell 1143 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Chantler (Hannah Thomas), (Bishop Bowman Inst.). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical. 
At Home Days — Saturdays. 

Chantler, Miss Mary Cooper. 

Chantler, Miss Rachel Romaine. 

Chantler, Mr. D. Everett. 

Chantler, Thomas Drummond, Jr. 

Chaplin, Mr. James Crossan. 

245 Frederick Ave., Sev^^ckley. 
Bell 207 Sewickley. 
Mrs. Chaplin (Fanny Campbell). 
Chaplin, James Crossan, III. 
Chaplin, David Campbell. 

Chaplin, Mrs. Martha H. (Martha Harris). 

336 Henry Ave., Sewickley. 
Bell 205 Sewickley. 
Chaplin, Miss Virginia E. 
Chaplin, Miss Mary Crossan. 

Mrs. M. B. Chaplin (Kitty S. Craig), (Penna. College for 
Women). Bank and Walnut Sts., Sewickley. 

Bell 221 Sewickley. 
Brooks, Mrs. A. M. (Mary Craig Chaplin). 
Brooks, Alexander Montgomery. 
Chaplin, Miss Sara Crossan. 
Chaplin, Mr. William Craig. 

Chaplin, Mrs. William Wilson (Annie Knox). 

312 S. Evaline St. 
Chaplin, Miss Ethel Barr. • Bell 1269-L Hiland. 

Chaplin, Mr. G. Knox. 


Chess, Mr. Harvey B. 5567 Aylesboro Ave. 

Bell 1959 Schenley. 
Mrs. Chess (Annie B. Boles). 
Chess, Mr. Philip. 

Chess, Mr. Harvey Buchanan, Jr. 814 Aiken Ave, 

Bell 1246-W Schenley, 

Club—S. A. R. 
Mrs. Chess (Blanche Leard), (Wilson). 

Club — College Club of Pittsburgh. 

Chess. Mr. Walter. 1440 Wightman St. 

Bell 1618 Schenley. 
Mrs. Chess (Mary Stowe Boles), (Wesleyan). 
C/u 6— Pittsburgh Golf, D. A. R. 
Chess, Miss Dorothea Dalrymple. 
Chess, Miss Mary Oliva. 
Chess, Martha Ann. 
Chess, David Walter. 

Chessrown, Mrs. A. V. (Sarah Jane Phillips). 

5443 Fifth Ave. 
Bell 47 Hiland. 

Chessrown, Mr. John Phillips. 6429 Darlington Road. 

Bell 5967 Hiland. 

Mrs. Chessrown (Myrtle L. Russell). 

Chester, Mrs. Thomas (Lucy M. Allen). 120 X. Negley Ave. 

At Home Da i/s— Mondays. Bell 1068 Hiland. 

Chester, Miss Jean Campbell. 

Chester, Mr. Roderick Mackenzie. 

Bulger, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Bryers). 

Chester, Mr. W. D. (U. of Illinois). 

238 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

Bell 380 Sewickley. 

Clubs — -Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Chester (Margaret Smith), (National Park Seminary). 

Club — Allgeheny Country. 

Cheyne, Mr. James Alexander. 7204 Thomas Blvd. 

Bell 1470 Hiland. 
Mrs. Cheyne (Gertrude Adeline Rockwell). 
Cheyne, Miss Eleanor. 
Cheyne, Mr. Rockwell. 

Summer Home — Camp Cheyne, Old Forge, Adirondaeks, N. Y. 

Cheyney, Mrs. E. L. (Mary E. Gitson). 

Westminster Apts., Aiken and Westminster Sts. 

Bell 675-W Schenley. 
Cheyney, Mr. Edwin L. 

Childers, Mr. Charles E. E. 508 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 2161-L Hiland. 

(Cambridge University, England, Trinity College). 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Traffic, Church Club of the Diocese. 
Brooks' Club, London, England. 


Childs, Mr. Albert Henry (Yale). 447 Ambersox Ave, 

Bell 6 Scheuley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, University Club of New York, 
Mrs. Childs (Nannie Price). 

Sumtner Home — Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. 

Childs, Mr. Asa P., Jr. 607 Shady Ave. 

Bell 356 Hiland. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Childs (Caroline Denny Corcoran). 
Childs, Mr. Joseph DuBarry. 
ChUds, Mr. William St. Clair. 
Corcoran, Mrs. Annie Denny. 

Childs, Mr. Clinton L. (Yale). 653 Morev^ood Ave. 

Bell 197 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, 

Mrs. Childs (Isabel Walker Pontefract). 
Childs, Elizabeth Pontefract. 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Summer Home — Bagatelle, Shields. 

Childs, Mrs. Frances McCook. 384 S. Highland Ave. 

Cliilds, Miss Elizabeth W. Bell 220 Hiland. 

Childs, Mr. Harvey L. (U. of Pgh.). 653 Morewood Ave. 

Bell 197 Schenley. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Pittsburgh, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., 
Stanton Heights Golf. 

Childs, Mr. Harvey, Jr. (Yale). 817 Devonshire St. 

Bell 8 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Algonquin and Es- 
sex County of Boston, LTnion League of New York. 

Mrs. Childs (Anna D. Blair). 
Childs, Harvey, III. 
Childs, Blair. 

Summer Home — Penn Sylvan Farm, Stoope Ferry, Bell 171 

Childs, Mrs. Howard (Lilly Eankin). 812 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 2578-J Schenley. 
Childs, ^Ir. Eankin. 
Childs, Mr. James Asa. 

Childs, Mr. James Harold (Yale). 943 Lynndale Ave. 

Bell 62 Cedar. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Countrj'. 

Mrs. Childs (Alice F. Walton). 
Childs, Alice Walton. 
Childs, Mary. 

Summer Home — Orchard Hill, Sewicklej^ Heights. Bell 150 

Childs, Miss Martha H. 206 S. Linden Ave. 

Bell 1017 Hiland. 


Capt. Marshall Childs, Fort Lawton, Wash. 

40 • 

Childs, Mr. Thomas Howe. Fifth Ave. and Woodland Rd. 

Ciuts— Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf. Bell 215 Hiland. 

Mrs. Childs (Augusta H. Knevals). 
Childs, Anna Knevals. 

Chislett, Mr. Eichard Edwards (Troy). 

.5131 Ellsworth Ave. 
Clubs— Union. Bell 673 Schenley. 

Mrs. Chislett (Mary B. Eenshaw), (Penna. College). 

Club— College . 
Chislett, Miss Margaret K. 
Chislett, Miss Rebecca F. 
Chislett, Miss Alice E. 
Chislett, Mr. John E. 

Summer Home — Hazard Island, Georgian Bay, Canada. 

Christie, Eev. Dr. Eobeet (Miami). 723 Eidge Ave. 

Bell 1184-L Cedar. 
Mrs. Christie (Pauline Watson). 

Christie, Miss Mary E. 

Christie, Mr. Robert D. 


Rev. and Mrs. John W. Christie (Ruth Bigelow). 

Catherine Christie. 1362 E. Long St., Columbus, Ohio. 

Christy, Mrs. George H. 403 Frederick Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 99 Sewickley. 
Christy, Miss Ethel W. 
Christy, Miss Abby F. 
Christy, Mr. B. H. 

Christy, Mr. Marshall Andrews. Academy x\ve., Sewickley. 
(Princeton, Harvard Law). Bell 124 Sewickley. 

(Princeton, Harvard Law). 
Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Christy (Irene B. McVay). 

Club — Allegheny Country. 
Christy, Sarah Marshall. 
Christy, Annie Huntingdon. 

Chubb, Mr. Charles Frisbie (U. of M.). 

17 River Ave., Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Allegheny Country. 

Church, Mr. Samuel Harden. 4781 Wallingford St. 

Bell 1452 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Country, University, Junta, Pgh. 
Ath'l. Ass'n., National Liberal, London ; Author's New York. 

Mrs. Church (Bertha Jean Eeinhart). 
Church, Katharine. 
Church, Reginald Eeinhart. 

Cimiotti, Mr. George Edward. 5716 Wellesley Ave. 

Bell 4931-E Hiland. 
Mrs. Cimiotti (Carrie Angell). 

Cimiotti, Dale Edward. 

Cimiotti, Eichard Angell. 


Claney, Mr. Clifford Dickinson, 953 Western Ave^ 

Bell 2584-J Cedar. 
Mrs. Claney (Helen Cressler). 

Clapp, Mr. DeWitt C. 718 Amberson Ave. 

Clapp, Mr. Frederick Gardner. 520 E. St., Oakmont. 

Mrs. Clapp (Miss Ripley). 

At Home Days — Tuesdays. 

Summer Home — Duxbury, Mass., and Dorchester, Mass. 

Clapp, Mr. George Hubbard. Edgeworth. 

Bell 42 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth, Allegheny Country, Engineers' of 

New York. 

Mrs. Clapp (Anne War drop Love). 

Club — Allegheny Country. 
Clapp, Miss Katherine Penning. 

Clark, Mr. Edgar Curtis. 916 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 103 Schenley. 

Clubs— Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Clark (Bessie Catherine Wilcox). 
Clark, Marian Wilcox. 
Clark, Eobert Cnrtis. 

Clark, Mr. J. Murray. 165 Noble Ave., Crafton. 

Bell 387 Crafton. 
Mrs. Clark (Margaret Anna Clark). 

Clark, Miss Roniaine P. 

Clark, Mr. Murray S. 

Elliott, Rev. S. E. 

Clark, Mr. James Murdoch. 6847 Penn Ave. 

(W. & J., Columbia). Bell 1399 Hiland> 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Clark (Jean McClean Swan). 
Clark, James Murdoch, Jr. 

Summ,er Home — Gloucester, Mass. 

Clark, Mr. W. L. 6810 Thomas Blvd. 

Bell 1651-L Hiland. 

Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Union, Country. 

Mrs. Clark (Genevieve Bush), (Allegheny). 
Clubs— D. A. R. 
Clark, Gilbert A. 

Clarke, Mr. Eben B. 5201 Westminster Place. 

Club— Oakmont. Bell 1647 Schenley. 

Mrs. Clarke (Margaret Fielder). 

Clarke, Miss Edith Frothingham. 

Clarke, Miss Louise Fielder. 

Clarke, Mr. Alexander Fielder. 


Clarke, Mr. Robert P. 736 Beaver St., Sewiokley. 

Bell 114-J Sewiekley. 
Mrs. Clarke (Lenora Higinbotham). 
Clarke, Mr. Eobert P., Jr. 
Clarke, Mr. William H. 
Clarke, James. 

Summer Home — Eastern Shore, Chespakeake Bay. 

Clarkson, Mr. George T. 1253 Shady Ave. 

Club— Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 604 Hiland. 

Mrs. Clarkson (Caroline M. Bell). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Whist, D. A. R., Daughters of 

Clarkson, Mr. William Floyd. 
Bell, Mr. William J. 

Summer Home — 618 S. Sassafras St., Erie. 

Clarkson, Mrs. Thomas C. (Eliza Zug). 6117 Howe St. 

Bell 2590 Hiland. 

Clause, Mr. William Lewis. Academy Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 411 Sewiekley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Clause (Elizabeth Ann Fish). 

Clause, Mr. Robert Lewis (Cornell). 

Summer Home — Norwood Lodge, Redwood P. O., Muskoka Lake, 
Ontario, Canada. 

Clay, Mr. Francis W. H. (Cornell, Columbia). 

421 Locust St.. Edgewood. 

CZw6s— University, Edgewood, S. A. R. Bell 1707-R Wilkins. 

Mrs. Clay (Jane S. Watson), (Penna. College for Women). 
Clubs — Tuesday Musical, Edgewood. 
Clay, Mary Bair. 
Clay, Watson. 
Clay, Frank, Jr. 

Claypool, Mr. George Lawrence. 913 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 4716 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Claypool (Charlotte Crothers). 

Clubs — Oakmont Country, 20th Century. 
Crothers, Mrs. Mary Ritchie. 

Clemson, Mr. Daniel M., Highmont, Fifth nr. Shady Ave. 

Bell 325 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Uniyersity, Stanton 
Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Clemson (Alice Gardner). 

Club— 20th Century. 


Mr. and Mrs. John Clemson, 819 Lovejoy St., Portland, Oregon. 

Clemson, Mr. Ralph E. Oak Gables, Woodland Road. 

Bell 2320 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Coimtry, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Clemson (Alice Louise Miller). 
Clemson, Richard Ernest. 

Summer Home — Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ontario, Canada. 

Clifford, Mr. Thomas Gushing. 710 Ivy St. 

Bell 2029 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Edgewood, Edgewood Country. 

Mrs. Clifford (Annie Mackenzie). 
Clifford, Miss Lois Irene. 

Close, Mr. Clifton Henry. .5700 Wellesley Ave. 

(Cornell, U. of Penria.). 

Clubs — University, Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Close (May Elizabeth Lemmon), (Birmingham). 

Club — West Penn Hospital Cot. 
At Home Days — Tuesdays. 

Close, Mary Elizabeth. 
Close, Anna Kathryn. 
Lemmon, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth. 
Lemmon, Mr. Brice Walter. 

Clyde, Mr. William Gray. 720 N. Negley Ave. 

(Penna. Military). Bell 4978 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Army and Navy of 
New York. 

Mrs. Clyde (Margaret B. Johnson), (Moravian Seminary). 
Clyde, Miss Emma Lillian. 
Clyde, Mr. William Johnson. 

CoARD, Mr. Robert D. Howe St. and Denniston Ave. 

Mrs. Coard (Mary McKee Smith). 

Clubs — New Era, W^omen's Club of Pittsburg. 
Smith, Mrs. Anna C. 

Cochran, Mrs. Mansfield B. (Mary S. Hampton). 

Frederick Ave. and Walnut St., Sewickley. 

Bell 298 Sewickley. 
Cochran, Miss Caroline Hampton. 

Summer Home — Hampton Farm, Edgeworth. 

Cochran, Mr. Eobert Davis. Frederick Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 568-R Sewickley. 
Mrs. Cochran (Ame Ewing Read). 

Cochran, Robert Davis, Jr. 

Cochran, Ewing Hampton. 

Cochrane, Mr. W. H. 1130 Heberton Ave. 

Mrs. Cochrane. 

Coffin, Mr. Edward P. 119 River Ave., Sewickley. 

C^M 6— Edgeworth. Bell 236-L Sewickley. 

Mrs. Coffin (Bertha K. Covode). 
Coffin, Mr. Joseph Covode. 

Coffin, Mr. William Carey (U. of Pgh.). 5930 Howe St. 

Bell 2302 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., En- 
gineers' Club of New York City. 

Mrs. Coffin (Vida Hurst), (Brook Hall). 
Coffin, Miss Mary Olver. 
Hurst, Mr. Lawrence Barrett. 

Summer Home — Green Gables, Coraopolis Heights. Bell 197-J 


Cohen, Mr. Josiah. Maryland Ave., cor. Howe St. 

,, „ /r. • AT V ^ Bell 2800 Hiland. 

Mrs. Cohen (Carrie Naumberg). 

Cole, Mr. Charles Lawrence. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Cole (Sarah M. Kerr). 
Cole, Miss Edith G. 

950 KiDGE Ave. 
Bell 2021 Cedar. 

Cole, Mr. Samuel Fraser. 323 Chestnut St., Sewickley. 
cz«6— Edgeworth. Bell 7 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Cole (Amelia deSales Ihmsen), (Mt. Aloysius). 
Club — Women's Club of Sewickley. 
Cole, Miss Elizabeth Ihmsen. 
Cole, Miss Marie Miller. 
Cole, Mr. Charles Fraser. 

Coleman, Mr. J. Harvey. 

Mrs. Coleman (Mary Moreland). 

5811 Wellesley Ave. 
Bell 6048-J Hiland. 

Collingwood, Mr. David Foulk. 524 Jones Ave., Braddock. 

C7u 6s— Duquesne, Edgewood Country. Bell 36 Braddock. 

Mrs. Collingwood (Mary E. Kirkpatrick). 
Collingwood, Miss Eebecea Bell. 
Collingwood, Mr. Allen Kirkpatrick. 
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Allen. 
Kirkpatrick, Mr. Allen, Jr. 

Collins, Mr. Fletcher. 5635 Woodmont St. 

Bell 1711-J Schenley. 
Mrs. Collins (Elizabeth Sellers). (Farmington). 
Collins, Fletcher, Jr. 

Collins, Mrs. Henry Eaton (Amelia Young). 

321 S. Dallas Ave. 
Bell 84 Hiland. 


Mr. and Mrs. D. Hayden Collins. 
Mr. George E. Collins. 
Mr. Palmer Collins. 

Collins, Mr. Henry Lafayette. 

Mrs. Collins (Elizabeth Burd Thaw). 
Collins, Henry Lafayette, Jr. 
Collins, William Thaw. 

Collord, Mrs. James (Sarah Leonard). 
Collord, Miss. 
Collord, Mr. George Leonard. 

CoLviN, Mr. Levi. 

Mrs. Colvin (Emma Cannon). 
Colvin, Miss Sara P. 
Colvin, Elizabeth. 
Colvin, Lelia C. 
Colvin, William. 

850 Ridge Ave. 
Bell 1803 Cedar. 

5057 Fifth Ave. 
Bell 222 Schenley. 

349 Pacific Ave. 
Bell 2213-J Hiland. 


CoLViN, Mrs. William (Katherine Sloane). 311 Graham St. 

Bell 5273-L Hiland. 
Colvin, Mr. Lee. 
Colvin, Mr. William Pew. 

CONNELL, Mr. William H. 

Mrs. Connell (Emma Pyle). 
Connell, Elizabeth O. 
Connell, William H., Jr. 

7 Colonial Place. 
Bell 954-R Schenley. 

Connelly, Mr. Christian Lange. 
Mrs. Connelly. 

McKee, Mrs. William B. (Willa L. Connelly) 

3144 AvALON St. 

Connelly, Mr. Eugene Le Moyne. 653 Maryland Ave. 

Bell 4334-R Hiland. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Press, Round Table, Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Connelly (Minnie Leonard). 

At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Connelly, Virginia Hartman. 

Connelly, Mr. William Calvin, Jr. 

3071 Centre Ave. after 11/1/11. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Press, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Connelly (Amalia S. Lange). 

At Home Days — Tuesdays. 
Connelly, Dr. Harry S. 
Connelly, Mr. George Nox McCain. 
Connelly, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Margaret Weaver). 
Nestamalia, Valencia, Bell 1533 Richland, until 11/1/11. 

Cooke, Mr. Abbott S. (U. S. N. A.). 

C/((6— Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Cooke (Mary Belle Smith). 
Cooke, Miss Georgia Gertrude. 
Cooke, Mis.s Laura Abbott. 
Cooke, Miss Dorothea Mae. 
Cooke, Miss Mary Bertille. 
Cooke, Wilhelmina Louise. 

6100 Jackson St. 
Bell 970-W Hiland. 

Summer Home — Pleasant View 

Farm, R. F. D. 2-1, Cambridge 

Cook, Mr. Anthony Wayne. 
Mrs. Cook (Lora Haines). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical. 
Cook, Anthony Wayne, Jr. 
Summer Home — Cooksburg. 

4922 AVallingford St. 
Bell 32 Schenley. 

Cook, Mr. Thomas McK. 

1203 Western Ave. 
Bell 635 Cedar. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Essex 
Countv Club of Manchester 

Mrs. Cook (Clara Walton). 

Cook, Mr. Thomas McK., Jr. 
Walton. Mr. Samuel B. 


Cook, Mr. J. Walton (Princeton). 5423 Darlington Eoad. 

Bell 1501 Schenley. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, Princeton 
Club of New York. 

Mrs. Cook (Ethel Soule). 

Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 
Cook, Frances Soule. 
Cook, J. Walton, Jr. 

Cooper, Mr. Samuel Grant. 202 Beaver St., Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth, Allegheny, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Cooper (Segred Lundeen). 

Clubs — Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 

Cooper, Mary Beatrice. 
Cooper, Dorothea. 
Cooper, Mr. Samuel Lundeen. 
Cooper, George Mullen. 
Cooper, Eichard Grant. 

Cooper, Mrs. Willlam (Eliza Wiley). 

Centennial Ave. and Cochrane St., Sewickley. 

Bell 613-L Sewickley. 
Cooper, Mr. William Herron. 


Rev. and Mrs. William P. Stevenson (Elizabeth Cooper). 

Mr. William Cooper Stevenson, 111 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Corcoran, Mr. James G. Dithridge St. 

Bell 1012 Schenley. 

Clubs — Columbus. 

Corcoran, Mr. Walter F. 
Corcoran, Mr. William S. 

Cornelius, Mr. William Albert (Lehigh). 

1121 Park St., McKeesport. 
Bell 459 McKeesport. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Yonghiogeny Country, Lehigh of Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Cornelius (Eleanor Roberts Wagner). 

Clubs — Yonghiogeny, Country. 

Cornelius, Eleanor Eoberts. 

Cornelius, George Emile Wagner. 

Cornelius, William Albert, Jr. 

Cornelius, Eobert Cornly, III. 

Cornelius, Mrs. Eobert C. 

Summer Home — Longport, N. .J. 

Coster, Mr. Martyn Kerfoot (Trinity). 

6309 Kentucky Ave., near Shady. 
Bell 4514 Hiland. 

Clubs — University, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Coster (Nancy Donnan Griggs). 
Coster, Helena Marie. 

Coster, Mr. William H. (Trinity). University Club. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh. 
Coster, Mr. Charles C. 

CZu6«-^University, Pittsburgh. 

CosTiN, Miss Henrietta B. 

654 Maryland Ave., Ansonia Apts. 

CosTiN, Mr. AVilliam G. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 
Mrs. Costin ([Marie McKelvy). 

5126 Westminster St. 
Bell 495 iScheulev. 

Cowan, Rev. Edward P., D.D. 

(Westminster, Princeton). 
Cowan, Miss Emelie A. 
Cowan, Miss Elaine. 

Maple Heights. 
Bell 410-L Hiland. 

CowDREY, Mr. Thomas 0. (Princeton). 

CoYLE, Mr. Dickson Karns Coyle. 
Mrs. Coyle (Miriam Steinmeyer). 

Coyle, Mr. Eeed Bolen. 

Mrs. Coyle (Arminta Logan). 
Coyle, Miss Euth Elizabeth. 
Coyle, Sara Jane. 
Coyle, Mr. William Logan. 
Coyle, Reed Bolen, Jr. 

517 Aiken Ave. 
Bell 1913 Scbenley. 

.4706 Wallingford St. 

6560 Darlington Road. 
Bell 4337 Hiland. 

Coyle, Mr. Robert J.. Jr. 

Mrs. Coyle (Elizabeth V. Dauler). 
Coyle, Elliott Rodgers. 
Coyle, Robert J.. III. 

6317 Darlington Road. 
Bell 4468 Hiland. 

Crabbe, Mrs. V. L. (Susan B. Pitcairn). 

Cairncaeque, 5200 Ellsworth Ave. 
Bell 504 Hiland. 
Crabbe, Elizabeth Pitcairn. 
Crabbe, Susan Lee. 

Crabbe, Dr. William Ralston. 

Mrs. Crabbe (Elisabeth Copenhaver). 
Crabbe, Miss Elisabeth Ralston. 
Crabbe, Margaret Ralston. 
Crabbe, Mary Elma Ralston. 

5035 Castleman Place. 
Bell 843-J Sehenley. 

Craig, Mr. Edwin Staunton. 

Bank and Graham Sts., Sewickley. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Craig, Mr. George Liggett. 

Clubs — Union, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Craig (Henrietta Burchfield). 
Club — Woman's Club, Sewickley. 
Craig, Mr. Albert Burchfield. 
Craig, Mr. Joseph Staunton. 
Craig, Mr. George Liggett, Jr. 
Craig, Sarah McWhinney. 
Buehfield, Miss Emma M. 


Bank St., Sewickley. 
Bell 228 Sewickley. 

Craig, Mr. Mark K. (W. & J.). 5524 Baywood St. 

Bell 1593-J HUand. 
Clubs — Stanton Heights Golf, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Craig (Elizabeth Dilworth Rodgers). 

Crane, Mr. Daniel Edward. 607 Nevin Ave., Sewickley. 

(Hanover, Germany). Bell 573-R Sewickley. 

Mrs. Crane (Jane McNair Horton), (Elmira College). 
Club — Woman's Club of Sewickley. 
Crane, Lillian Horton. 
Crane, Alice Beardsley. 
Crane, Daniel Edward, Jr. 
Crane, Robert Wardorp. 

Craver, Mr. Harrison W. (Rose Poly 'c). 1344 Denniston Ave, 

Bell 3442-L Hiland. 
Club — University, Hungry. 
Mrs. Craver (Adelaide N. Martin). 

Crawford, Mr. Charles S. 220 Eairmount Ave. 

Bell 771 Hiland. 
Clubs — Civic. 

Mrs. Crawford (Dora L. Dorsey). 
Crawford, Miss Louise. 
Crawford, Edith. 
Crawford, Ruth. 

Crittenden, Mr. William J. 701 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 230 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Crittenden (Amelia Neville Oliver). 

Club—D. A. R. 
Crittenden, Caroline Jackson. 

Crow, Mr. Edward Benton. 

(U. of Penna.). Bell 436 Schenley. 

Mrs. Crowe (Lyde McEldowney). 

Crombie, Mr. C. J. College and 4th Sts., Oakmont. 

Bell 304 Oakmont. 
Club — Oakmont Boat. 

Mrs. Crombie (Alida Haines). 
Crombie, Miss Estelle C. 

Crum, Mr. Robert Pitcairn. 7229 Penn Ave. 

Bell 6263-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Crum (Moss Hamilton Stevenson). 
Stevenson, Mrs. Martha E. 

Crump, Mr. William H. 931 N. Negley Ave. 

(Rensselaer Poly'c Inst.). Bell 945 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Crump (Georgia Floyd). 

Club — Pittsburgh Sorosis. 

Crump, Mr. Ray Floyd. 


CuLBEKTSON, Mr. John Dickey. Academy Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 326 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Edgeworth, Allegheny Country, Union. 
Mrs. Culbertson (Sallie Tingle). 

Club — Woman's Club of Sewickley. 
Culbertson, Mr. Tingle. 

Culbertson, Mr. and Mrs. John Dickey, Jr. (Viola Wheeler). 
Culbertson, Harlow Wheeler. 

CuLLUM, Mr. J. Barlow (Lehigh). Pottsville. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Berkshire Country. 
Mrs. Cullum (Anne Bennet Milliken). 
Cullum, Mollie Porter. 
Cullum, James Barlow, Jr. 
Cullum, Allan Milliken. 
Summer Home — -Leetsdale. 

Cunningham, Mr. Egbert John. 

The Oaks, 653 Bank St., Sewickley. 
Bell 102 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Cunningham (Edith Gilmore). 
Cunningham, Miss Harriet L. 
Cunningham, Mr. Edward G. 

Cunningham, Mr. S. Woodward. 414 Graham St. 

(Amherst, Columbia). Bell 1082-J Hiland. 

Club — Criterion. 

Mrs. Cunningham (Kate L. Crawford). 

(Penna. College for Women). 
Clubs — Tuesday Musical, Pittsburgh Sorosis. 
Cunningham, Miss Lois. 
Cunningham, Katharine. 
Cunningham, Mr. Kenneth R. 
Cunningham, Mr. Crawford B. 

Summer Home — Penetang, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada. 

Cunningham, Mr. William Wilson (U. of Pgh.). 

234 Frederick Ave., Sewickley. 
C/»6— Edgeworth. Bell 635-E Sewickley. 

Mrs. Cunningham (Alberta McMillen). 
Cunningham, Miss Eliza Jane. 
Cunningham, Mr. John McMillen. 
Cunningham, Mr. William Wilson, Jr. ' 

Cunningham, Mr. Howard Lee Blair. 

CuRLL, Mr. Henry V. 5715 Centre Ave. 

Mrs. Curll (Mary P. Maclay). Bell 1706-R Hiland. 

Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth Curll. 

Moore, Elizabeth Curll. 

Curry, Mrs. Henry Milo (Harriet Girty). 

Curry, Miss Margaret. 168 S. Homewood Ave. 

Curry, Mr. William L. 

Summer Home — Magnolia, Mass. 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott Estabrooli (Laura Curry), 727 Com- 

stock Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Elizabeth Estabrook. 
Charles Scott Estabrook, Jr. 


Curry, Mr. U. S. Grant. Woodland Eoad. 

Mrs. Curry (Carolyne I. Hays). 

Curry, Mr. Charles Henry (Cornell). 5 Von Lent Place. 

Bell 1307 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny- 

Mrs. Curry (Adeline J. Spencer), (Bryn Mawr). 
Curry, Henry Milo, III. 
Curry, Charles Henry, Jr. 
Curry, Spencer. 

Slimmer Home — Coraopolis. 

Curry, Mr. Albert (Cornell). Woodland Eoad. 

Bell 3762 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Curry (Katharine Elkins). 

Curry, Mr. Henry Milo, Jr. (Cornell). 1273 Shady Ave. 

BeU 1273 Hiland. 

Club — Oakmont Golf, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Curry (Elizabeth Heron). 
Curry, Elizabeth Heron. 

Daggette, Dr. Alvin St. Clair. 400 S. Craig St. 

(Western Reserve). Bell 218 Sehenley. 
Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Daggette (Fannie Flotilla Prescott). 

Dallmeyer, Mrs. Henry, Jr. (Margaret Donnelly). 

5031 Castleman St. 
Dallmeyer, Mr. Thomas Donnelly. Bell 795 Sehenley. 

Dallmeyer, Mr. Henry J. 

Summer Home — Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ontario, Canada. 

Dally, Mr. Addison Browne, Jr. 242 Noble Ave., Crafton. 
(U. of Pgh.). Bell 7 Crafton. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Thornburg Country, Ft. Henry, Wheeling. 

Mrs. Dally, Jr. (Ella Crosby), (Lake Erie). 
Club—D. a. r. 
Dally, Harriet Crosby. 
Dally, Drusilla Isler. 
Dally, Gertrude Elizabeth. 
Dally, Eleanor. 

Dalzell, Mrs. James Willis (Mary Beers) . 937 Eidge Ave. 

La Veille, Mrs. T. Bell 254 Cedar. 

Dalzell, Mr. Louis W. 945 Eidge Ave. 

BeU 1 Cedar. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Dalzell (Jennie A. Moorhead). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Allegheny Country. 
Dalzell, Mr. J. Willis. 

Summer Home — ^Watch Hill, R. I. 


Mr. and Mrs. William Booth Trainer (Martha D. Dalzell), Duquesne 
Place, Duquesne. Bell 287 Duquesne. 


Dalzell, Miss Virginia Chase. 

1010 Lynndale Ave. 
Bell 313 Cedar. 

Dalzell, Mr. William Sage (Yale). 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Colonial. 

Mrs. Dalzell (Mary Ruth Hough). 
Dalzell, Miss Frances. 
Dalzell, Miss Katharine H. 
Dalzell, Marjorie. 
Dalzell, John H., II. 

Summer Home — Mantoloking, N. J. 

6101 Kentucky Ave. 
Bell 3626 Hilancl. 

Damon, Miss Geraldine. 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 
Miles, Miss Gertrude. 

204 Wallace Bldg. 
Bell 5036-R Hiland. 

Dangerfield. Mr. Benjamin. 4739. Bayard St. 

Bell 213-R Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Dangerfield, Mr. Benjamin, Jr. (Princeton). 4727 Bayard St. 

C;7/fcs— University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 213-J Schenley. 

Mrs. Dangerfield, Jr. (Helen Dickson). 

Dangerfield, Mr. Harry. 

Mrs. Dangerfield (Jean Douglas). 
Dangerfield, Dorothy Alice. 
Dangerfield, Benjamin Manners. 
Dangerfield, Harry, Jr. 

4737 Bayard St. 
Bell 213-L Schenley. 

Darlington, Mr. Harry. 

721 Irwin Ave. 
Bell 366 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, 
Pittsburgh Country, New York Yacht, Westchester Country, 
Larchmont Yacht, American Yacht, Seawauhaka Corinthian 
Yacht, New York Club. 

Mrs. Darlington (Mary Elizabeth McCullough). 

Summer Home — Seven Oaks, Mamaronek, N. Y. Tel. 143 ; The 

Bungalow, Watch Hill, R. I. Tel. 5. 
Steam Yacht — Elreba. 


Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Stoddard (Rebecca Darlington). 

Betty Stoddard. Tenacres, New Haven, Conn. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Bennett (Margaret Darlington), 329 Commonwealth 

Ave., Boston, Mass. 
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Darlington, 1218 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Darlington, Mr. Harry, Jr. 

709 Irwin Ave., N. S. 
Bell 21 Cedar. 

Clubs — Automobile, University, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, 
Larchmont Yacht. 

Mrs. Darlington (Lefreda Candee Weir). 
Weir, Mrs. Levi Candee. 
Weir, Miss Madelon E. 

Summer Home — Locust Valley, L. I. 
Motor Boat — Hadaja. 


Darlington, Mr. Henry Buckingham (Princeton). 

815 Western Ave. 

Club^ Allegheny Country. Bell 1026 Cedar. 

Mrs. Darlington (Constance Alden), (Briarcliff). 
Darlington, Henry Buckingham, Jr. 

Darlington, Mrs. William M. (Mary Carson O'Hara). 

Gayasuta, near Sharpsburg. 
p. O. Box 317, Pittsburgh. 
Darlington, Miss Mary O 'Hara. 
Darlington, Mr, O 'Hara. 

Darsie, Mr. Horace G. 601 Maple Lane, Sewickley. 

Bell 533-R Sewickley. 
Mrs. Darsie (Martha Floyd). 
Darsie, Miss Catharine. 


Mr. Richard Floyd Darsie, Scottdale. 

Darsie, Mr. James 4716 Wallingford St. 

Bell 480 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Union Pgh. Ath'L Ass'n. 

Mrs. Darsie (Jean Darsie McGrew). 
Darsie, Miss Margaret. 
Darsie, Mr. William W. 


Mr. and Mrs. George Darsie, of Providence, R. I. 

Darsie, Mr. James A. (Lafayette). 1027 Portland St. 

Bell 4510-L Hiland. 
Mrs. Darsie (Florence A. Brace), (Mrs. Sommer's School). 

Darsie, Mr. Thomas Chalmers. 5850 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 2234 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Pittsburg 

Mrs. Darsie (Edith Benney). 
Darsie, Miss Anne Friend. 
Darsie, Mr. John Adamson. 

Darragh, Mr. A. C. (U. of Penna.). 5163 Woodworth Ave. 

Bell 2088-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Darragh (Elizabeth Anderson). 

At Home Days — Tuesdays. 
Summer Hom,e — Aspinwell. 

Darragh, Mr. James Eogers. 7233 Penn Ave. 

Mrs. Darragh (Isabel Bruce). Bell 4649-L Hiland. 

Darragh, Mr. James Donald. 

Davis, Mr. Arthur V. (Amherst). 1536 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 3580 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Country, University. 

Davis, Mr. Edward. 

Davis, Mr. Carroll P. 6101 Howe St. 

Bell 4712 Hiland. 


Davis, Mr. Charles W. 

Mrs. Davis (Margaret Walker), 
Davis, Miss Janet Walker. 

305 Quaker Eoad, Sevstickley. 
Bell 485 Sewickley. 

Davis, Mr. Harry F. 

Mrs. Davis (Emma Hall). 
Davis, Miss Clara I. 
Davis, Miss Margaret H. 
Davis, Mr. Henry F., Jr. 

Davis, Mr. Harry J. 

Club — Duqiiesne. 

Mrs. Davis (Doretta Eowe). 
Davis, Dorothy. 

334 Stratford Ave. 
Bell 6144 Hiland. 

Bell 89 Clairton. 

Davis, Mrs. Henry A. (Elizabeth McCleery). 

Glen Osborne. 
Davis, Dorothy. Bell 676-J Sewickley. 


Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Jackson (Helen Davis), Gwinn, Mich. 

Davis, Mr. Hugh H. 315 Chestnut St., Sewickley. 

Bell 243 Sewickley, P. & A. 37 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Edgeworth. 
Mrs. Davis (Anne Elizabeth Graff). 
Davis, Mr. Hugh H., Jr. 


Mr. and Mrs. William M. Davis. 
Mr. John G. Davis. 
Mr. and Mrs. Homer T. Hirst. 
Rebecca M. Davis. 

Wichita, Kansas. 
1422 Belle Plaine, Chicago. 

Davis, Mr. Robert H. 

Davis, Miss Helen W. 

Glen Osborne, Sewickley. 
Bell 170 Sewickley. 

Davis, Mr. Robert S. 

Davis, Miss Annie K. 
Davis, Miss May H. 

5103 Atherton Ave. 
Bell 667-L Hiland. 

Davis, Dr. Thomas D. (Jefferson). 261 Shady Ave. 

Bell 221 HUand. 
Mrs. Davis (Elizabeth D. McCay), (Pgh. Female College). 
Club— CoUege. 
Davis, Miss Margarett L. 


Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Baldwin, (Florence Davis), New York. 

William Baldwin. '- 

Dr. William M. Davis, St. Petersburg,, Florida. 

Mr. Reuben Davis, New York. 

Davidson, Mr. Frederick. 367 S. Negley Ave. 

(Penna. Military Academy). Bell 1027 Hiland. 

Clubs — Manufacturers' Club of Philadelphia, Chicago, Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Davidson (Eleanor Elizabeth Hibbert). 


Davison, Mrs. Nancy J. 1317 Elm St., Wilkinsburg. 

Bell 1407-R Wilkins. 
Davison, Miss Elizabeth M. 
Davison, Miss Clara C. 
Davison, Miss Kathryn. 

Summer Home — Pemaquid Point, Maine. 

Davison, Mr. Neville Craig. Poia Place. Edgeworth. 

(Penn State). Bell 594-L Sewickley. 

Clubs — University, S. A. R. 
Mrs. Davison (Jessie Eice Boardman. 
Davison, Mary Louise. 
Davison, Neville Craig, Jr. 

Davitt, Mr. Alfred B. .5537 Walnut St. 

Bell 1921-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Davitt (Alice Benedict). 

Day, Dr. Ewing Wilber. 350 Winebiddle Ave. 

Bell 1840 Hiland. 
Mrs. Day (Anna A. Mosier). 

Day, Elizabeth. 

Day, Mr. Edgar M. 

Day, Mr. Ewing Wilber, Jr. 

Day, Mr. Kenneth Mosier. 

Day, Percival E. 

Mosier, Mrs. Gideon (Adelia Rice). 

Day, Mr. Rodney Dean (Yale). 5906 Howe St. 

Bell 5860-J Hiland. 
Club — Yale, Machinery Club of New York. 

Mrs. Day (Harriet Weyman Balken), (Ogontz). 

Clubs — Field, Oakmont, Stanton Heights Golf. 

Day, Mrs. Thomas P. (Lillie K. Means). 726 St. James St. 

Bell 126 Schenley. 


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Day, .Jr., (Miriam King), Toledo, Ohio. 

DeArmit, Mr. William Piper. 1226 Murray Hill Ave. 

Bell 1585 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. DeArmit (Margaretta Spencer Dixon). 
Dixon, Mr. Edward C. 

Club — 20th Century. 

Decker, Mr. Omar S. 715 Amberson Ave. 

CiM 6s— Duquesne. Bell 386 Schenley. 

Mrs. Decker (Agnes Laurene Pitcairn), (Penna. College for 

Clubs — 20th Century. 

Delamater, Mrs. G. W. (Mary McParland). 

5544 Fair Oaks St. 

Denniston, Mrs. George Frederick (Mary Oliver Snowden). 

4711 Maripo Ave. 
Denniston, Miss Eliza Oliver. 1274-J Schenley. 

Denniston, Miss Edith Darlington. 


Denniston, Mrs. William Hamilton (Nancy Montgomery). 

521 Shady Ave. 

Ciubs— Pittsburgh Sorosis. Bell 782 Hiland. 

Youngman, Mr. Robert Harper. 

Clubs — Oakniont Country, Pgh. Ath'L Ass'n. 
Mrs. Youngman (Alice Rachel Denniston). 


Mrs. Joseph Ferris Denniston (Nannie Boult). 

Miss Rachel Ferris Denniston. 

Mr. Joseph Ferris Denniston, Jr. Haegerstown, Md. 

I)ENNy, Mr. Archibald Marshall. 

Woodland Road and Poia Place. 
Bell 147-J Sewiekley. 
Mrs. Denny (Katharine Varnum Kendall). 
Denny, Katharine Varnum Kendall. 
Denny, Archibald Marshall, Jr. 

Denny, Mr. Francis H. ' ' Springfield, ' ' Sewickley Heights. 

Clubs — -Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Denny (Mary C. Speer). 

Winter Home — Morningside Lodge, Sand Hills, Augusta, Georgia. 

Denny, Mr. Harmar Denny. 811 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 377 Cedar. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh, Pittsburg Golf. 
Mrs. Denny (Elizabeth Bell Marshall). 
Denny, Mr. Harmar Denny, Jr. 
Summer Home — York Harbor, Maine. 

Denny, Miss Matilda Wilkins. 713 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 542 Cedar. 

DeNoon, Mr. Joseph Calvin. 6828 Kelly St. 

Mrs. DeNoon (Margaret Ann Glass). 

Clubs — -Wimodansis, New Era. 
At Home Days — Monday. 

DeNoon, Eula Marguerite. 

DeNoon, Natalie May. 

Dermitt, Mr. Edward Heazelton. 5528 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 825-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Dermitt (Katherine Goldthorp). 

Dermitt, Miss Helena Marie. 

Dermitt, Miss Lillian Goldthorp. 

Dew^hurst, Mr. Richard Miles. 1245 Western Ave. 

Bell 359 Brady. 
Mrs. Dewhurst (Margaret Hay). 
Dewhurst, Richard Miles, Jr. 

DiBERT, Mr. Grant (Swarthmore). 160 S. Fairmount Ave. 

Club— Stanton Heights. Bell 718-J Hiland. 

3Irs. Dibert (Nannie E. Armstrong), (Wells). 
Dibert, Martha Jane. 
Dibert, Grant A. 
Dibert, Charles A. 


Dick, Mr. William M. Homewood and Penn Aves. 

Bell 4967-L Hiland. 

Club — Stanton Heights. 

Mrs. Dick (May Carson). 

Dick, Miss Marjorie Macrea. 
Dick, Mr. William Carson. 

Dicken, Mr. William Chambers (Amherst). 311 Halket St. 
Mrs. Dickex (Emma Beekert). 
Dicken, Mary Louise. 

Dickey, Mr. A. C. Westminster Apts., Aiken Ave. 

Bell 675-J Schenley. 
Mrs. Dickey (Jane Murdoch), (Vassar). 

Diehl, Mr. William J. 5708 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 107 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Stanton Heights Golf. 
Diehl, Miss Virginia. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hilton Sutton (Helen Diehl). 
Virginia Sutton. 

Diller, Dr. Theodore (U. of Penna). 6323 Howe St. 

Bell 911-L Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Diller, Miss Angeline. 
Diller, Winifred Oldham Neville. 
Diller, Theodore Craig. 
Diller, George Ellmaker. 

Dillinger, Dr. Arthur G. (U. of Penna.) . 705 S. Linden Ave. 

Bell 2 745- J Hiland. 
Clubs — Universit}', Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Dillinger (Bess Lynn). 
Dillinger, Bess. 

Dilworth, Mr. Edward Coe. Howe St. and Maryland Ave. 

Bell 5548-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Dilworth (Edith Florence Johnson). 

Dilworth, Mrs. Francis Albert (Julia D. Williams). 

5127 Fifth Ave. 
Dilworth, Miss Susie H. Bell 516 Schenley. 

Dilworth, Mr. W. B. 

Dilworth, Mrs. George W. (Mary Berry) . ■ 5533 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 581 Hiland. 
Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. George D. (Pauline Dilworth). 
Edwards, George Dilworth. 

Dilworth, Mr. Harrison Parry. 835 S. Negley Ave. 

Bell 2054-J Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country. 
Mrs. Dilworth (Annie Stephenson), (Vassar). 
Dilworth, Harrison Parry, Jr. 


DiLwoETH, Mr. John C. 6121 Jackson St. 

Bell 2311 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Dil worth (Elizabeth Gill). 
Dilworth, Mr. Creighton. 
Dilworth, John Gill. 

Summer Home — Oakland, Point Marion, Fayette. 

DiLAVORTH, Mrs. Lawrence (Mary McNeal). 1047 Shady Ave. 

Bell 14 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, Oakmont Golf. 
Dilworth, Miss Dorothy. 
Dilworth, Mr. John Crossan. 
Dilworth, Mr. Joseph. 

Dinger, Mr. H. Frank. 216 S. Fairmount Ave. 

Mrs. Dinger (Mary S. Bier). Bell 2450 Hiland. 

Dinger, Miss Alice Josephine. 

Dinkey, Mr. Alva Clymer. 5044 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 524 Sehenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, University, Oakmont Golf, Country, En- 
gineers' of New York, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Dinkey (Margaret Stewart), (Penna. College for Wo- 
Dinkey, Lenora Stewart. 
Dinkey, Mr. Eobert Eugene. 
Dinkey, Mr. Alva Charles. 

Dinkey, Mr. Charles E. (U. of Pgh.). 

Jones Ave., Braddock. 

Club — Duquesne, Countrv, German, Lakewood Country, Edgewood 

Mrs. Dinkey (Lelia Boyd), (Pgh. Female College). 
Dinkey, Margaret Elizabeth Eurena. 
Dinkey, Charles Eugene. 

Dix, Mr. John W. (Cornell). 230 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

Bell 394 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, University, Pgh. 
Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Donnell, Mr. James J. 704 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 9 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Union League of Philadelphia. 
Donnell, Miss Elizabeth. 
Dickey, Miss Maria Donnell. 
Summer Home — Watch Hill, R. I. 

Donnelly, Mrs. Charles (Alice Eafferty). 5720 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 519 Hiland. 
Donnelly, Miss Bessie C. 
Donnelly, Miss Louise A. 
Donnelly, Miss Natalie M. 
Donnelly, Mr. Alan. 
Donnelly, Mr. Dorwyne J. 

Summer Home — Strathmor, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 


DoNNER, Mr. Percy E. 719 Irwin Ave. 

Bell 613 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, 
Press, Harkaway Hunt, Country. 

Mrs. Donner (Elizabeth M. Hamilton), (Ogontz). 

Donner, Letitia Caldwell. 

Summer Home — Edgeworth. 

Donner, Mr. William Henry. Fifth and More wood Aves. 

Bell 314: Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Pittsburgh. 
Mrs. Donner (Dora W. Browning). 
Donner, William Henry, Jr. 
Donner, Mr. Eobert. 
Donner, Mr. Joseph. 
Eodgers, Dorothy. 
Eodgers,Kathryn Norwood. 

Summer Home — -Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ontario, Canada. 

DooLiTTLE, Mr. William Gregg (Cornell). 6210 Howe St. 

Bell 6280-E HUand. 
Clu b — University. 

Mrs. Doolittle (Ellen M. Metcalf). 
Doolittle, William Metcalf. 

Summer Hom,e — Scilani, Braeburn. 

Douglass, Mr. Elisha Peavis (Wooster). 

2105 Jenny Lind St., McKeesport. 
Club— Union. Bell 39 McKeesport. 

Mrs. Douglass (Elvira Weddle). 
Douglass, Mr. Earl LeEoy. 

Douglass, Mr. Howard W. (Cornell). 

721 HuEY St., McKeesport. 

Bell 538 McKeesport. 

Cluhs — University, Youghiogheny Country. Bell 538 McKeesport. 

Mrs. Douglass (Frances V. Van Kirk), (Vassar). 

Drake, Mr. Chester Francis (Mass. Inst, of Tech.). 


Bell 147 Sharpsburg. 
Club — Stanton Heights. 

Mrs. Drake (Kathryne Heath). 

Dravo, Mr. a. Clarke. 3500 Forbes St. 

Mrs. Dravo. Bell 61 Schenley. 

Dravo, Mr. Christian MeKee. 

Dravo, Mr. M. Stuart. 

McKee, Mr. Daniel. 

Dravo, Mr. Edward T. (Allegheny). 502 Sherman Ave. 

Club — Duquesne. Bell 189-J Cedar. 

Mrs. Dravo (Elizabeth Patterson). 
Dravo, Miss Clara. 


Mr. and Mrs. George P. Dravo, Milwaukee, Wis. 


Dravo, Mr. Frances Eouad (Lehigh). 

40 Linden Ave., Sewickley. 
Bell 253 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, University, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Dravo (Fannie Martin). 

Clubs — Sewickley Woman's, Allegheny Country. 

Dravo, Mr. Horace G. 

Mrs. Dravo (Lizzie T. Downs). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Dravo, Miss Elizabeth Taylor. 
Dravo, Miss Dorothy. 
Dravo, Mr. Hudson D. 

4732 Centre Ave. 
Bell 9 Schenley. 

Dravo, Mr. E. M. (Lehigh). Edgeworth. 

Bell 79-E Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Dravo (Miss Moore). 
Dravo, Elizabeth Moore. 

Dravo, Mr. William McCray. 405 Peebles St., Sewickley. 

Bell 593-J Sewickley. 
Mrs. Dravo (Helene Simpson). 
Dravo, Miss Eleanor Hurst. 

Duff, Mr. Edward E. 

Mrs. Duff (Agnes Carnahan). 
Dufie, Mr. Edward E., Jr. 

1015 N, Euclid Ave. 
Bell 543 Hiland. 

Duff, Mr. John Boyd (Thiel). 

Club — Union. 

Mrs. Duff (Alice E. Vance). 
Duff, Miss Marjorie Burtt. 
Duff, Catherine Alice. 
Duff, Mr. John Boyd, Jr. 
Duff, Mr. William Gray. 
Duff, James Hamilton. 

2134 Brownsville Eoad. 
Bell 18-J Carrick. 

Duff, Col. Levi Bird. 

Mrs. Duff (Agnes F. Kaufman). 
Forest, Miss Anne Mary. 

518 Tarleton Ave. 
Bell 2071 Cedar. 

Duff, Mr. Egbert Peel. 220 Hawthorne St., Edgewood. 

Bell 202 Wilkins. 
Mrs. Duff (Annie Dalzell). 

Duff, Mr. William Henry, II. 

Duff, Mr. John Dalzell. 


DuNBAK, Mr. Alexander Dunbar. Shady Ave. & Bartlett St. 
CZub-Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 6399 Hiland. 

Mrs. Dunbar (Jennie Urquhart). 

Dunbar, Mr. E. L. 830 S. Negley Ave. 

Dunbar, Miss Fannie K. Bell 972-L Hiland. 

Dunbar, Mr. William Kuhn (Lehigh). 

5475 Darlington Ed. 
Bell 487-R Schenley. 
Clubs — Oakmont Country, Pgh. Ath'l.- Ass'n. 
Mrs. Dunbar (Elizabeth Atwood Biggs), (Penna. CoUege for 
Dunbar, William Kuhn, Jr. 

Duncan, Dr. J. A. 221 Winebiddle Ave. 

Duncan, Dr. J. L. Bell 1496-L Hiland. 

Duncan, Mr. Louis S. 

Duncan, Mrs. Caroline De Barenne. Glen Osborne. 

Bell 376-J Sewickley. 
Shepherd, Mrs. William A. (Nellie J. Duncan). 

DuNC\N, Mr. William C, Jr. 305 Chestnut St., Sewickley. 
Mrs. Duncan (Ethelyn Wood). Bell 152-J Sewickley. 

DuNLAP, Mr. John H. (U. of Pgh.). 5516 Aylesboro Ave. 

Bell 58 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, Bellefield. 

Dunlap, Mr. William Knox. 12th and H St., Oakmont. 

Bell 88-W Oakmont. 
Mrs. Dunlap (Elizabeth Berger). 
Dunlap, Elizabeth Berger. 

DuNLEVY, Mr. David W. 5563 Hampton St. 

Dunlevy, Miss Sara Emma. Bell 3937-J Hiland. 

Dunlevy, Miss Eachel Jane. 

DuPuY, Mr. Charles Meredith (Yale). 

Parish Lane, Morewood Heights. 
Bell 1363 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, New Haven Country. 
Mrs. DuPuy (Eunice Parish), (Farmington). 
DuPuy, Eunice Parish. 
DuPuy, Charles Meredith, Jr. 

DuPuY, Mr. Herbert (Lehigh). 646 Morewood Ave. 

Bell 1023 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Union 
League, Philadelphia, Huguenot. 

Mrs, DuPuy (Amy Susette Hostetter). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburg Golf. 
DuPuy, Miss Eleanor. 
DuPuy, Miss Amy. 

DuPuY, Mr. Harry Wilfred (Yale). 

Parish Lane, Morewood Heights. 
Mrs DuPuy ^^11 2531 Schenley. 

Earle, Mrs. Edwin F. (Ella A. Kingsley). St. James St. 
Earle, Miss Helen. 

Easton, Mr. William T. 24.5 Amber St. 

Mrs. Easton. Bell 3275-R Hiland. 

Eaton, Mr. Charles. 6200 Sellers St. 

BeU 1304-E Hiland. 
Mrs. Eaton (Elizabeth Clark). 
Eaton, Miss Elizabeth Clark. 

Eaton, Mrs. John (Margaret H. Collins). 705 Devonshire St. 
Club— 20th Century. Bell 509 Schenley. 

Brown, Mr. Louis. 
Brown, Mrs. Louis (Lulu Eaton). 
Brown, Miss Margaret Eaton. 


Rev. and Mrs. Ward Denys (Mabel Eaton), I St., Washington, D. C. 

Ebbert, Mr. George Singer. 5440 Forbes St. 

CZwbs— Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf. Bell 368 Schenley. 

Mrs. Ebbert (Louise Kay). 
Ebbert, James K. 

EcKER, Dr. Charles Stanley (U. of Pgh.). 

E. and 4th Sts., Oakmont. 
, Bell 5 Oakmont. 

Mrs. Ecker (Elizabeth Bickel), (Penna. Collqge for Women). 
Ecker, Charles Stanley, Jr. 

Edmundson, Mr. Walter E. (Lafayette, U. of Pgh.). 

3509 Fifth Ave. 
Bell 215 Schenley. 

Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Pittsburgh Field. 

Edsall, Mr. Charles Alfred. 5537 Hampton St. 

Edsall. Miss Emily Rose. Bell 4851-R Hiland. 

Hiles, Mr. Elmer K. 

Edwards, Mr. George Dickson (Princeton). 5533 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 581 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Edwards (Pauline Dil worth), (Ogontz). 

Edwards, George Dilworth. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf. 
Summer Home — -Lake Placid. 

Edwards, Mr. Ogden M. 826 Devonshire St. 

Bell 45 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Edwards (Sara A. Herron). 

CZi/ 6— Pittsburgh Golf. 
Edwards, Miss Euth. 

Edwards, Dr. Ogden M. (Princeton). 5607 Fifth Ave. 

Mrs. Edwards (Lela Harkness). BeH 174 Hiland. 

Edwards, Martha. 

Edwards, Lela. 

Edwards, Harkness. 

Egan, Mr. Egbert W. 324 McKee Place. 

Bell 637-L Schenley. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Thornburg Golf. 
Mrs. Egan (Rose S. O'Brien), (St. Xaviers). 

Egbert, Mr. Milton .Cooper. 633 S. Negley Ave. 

Mrs. Egbert (Emma Taft). Bell 774 Hiland. 

Egbert, Mr. Victor Edgar. 

Eiler, Mr. Edward. 351 Eebecca St. 

Mrs. Eiler (Jennie Scott). Bell 1359 Hiland. 

Eiler,Miss Mildred Grace. 

Eiler, J. Scott. 

EiSAMAN, Mr. James B. 374 Pacific Ave. 

Bell 2542 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Eisaman (Lillian F. Hoag). 
Eisaman, Mr. James Kenneth. 

Winter Home — Hotel Belleview, Bellair, Fla. 

Elkins, Mrs. George Washington. 815 N. Highland Ave. 
Elkins, Miss Louise V. Bell 288 Hiland. 

Elkins, Mr. George P. 
Fraser, Mrs. William Smith (Ella May Elkins). 


Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Peebles (Margaret Elkins). 

Miss Margaret E. Peebles. 188 Harvard St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Mr. Port B. Elkins (U. of Pgh). The Gables, 15 Babcoek St., Boston. 

Mrs. Elkins (Eleanore Glass). 

Elkins, George W., IL 

Elkins, Mr. William Lukens (Cornell). 

4731 Ben Venue Ave. 
Bell 728-R Schenley. 
Mrs. Elkins (Nancy Chambers). 
Elkins, Elizabeth. 

Elkins, Suzanne. « 

Elkins, William Lukens, Jr. 

Elliott, Mr. J. Wilkinson. Beaver Eoad, Edgeworth. 

Bell 397 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Elliott (Ida M. Ehea), (Ursuline Convent). 

Club — Woman's Club of Sewickley. 
Elliott, Miss Mary. 
Elliott, Miss Katharine. 
Elliott, Dorothy. 
Elliott, Jean. 
Elliott, Mr. F. Ehea. 
Elliott, Mr. Thomas McK. 
Elliott, Mr. Walter Thompson. 
Elliott, Barton W. 

Summer Home — Brook Lodge. Bell 15-J Springdale. 


Ely, Mr. Sumner Boyer. 5122 Pembroke Place„ 

(Mass. Inst, of Tech.). Bell 1961- J Schenley. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Ely (Mary Eodman Updike). 
Ely, Esther Stockton. 
Ely, Frederick Sumner. 
Updike, Mrs. Thomas Bowdoin (Hetty Ann Stockton). 

Emmerling, Dr. Charles H. 480 S. Rebecca St. 

(University of Jena, Germany). Bell 281 Hiland. 

Mrs. Emmerling (Wilhelmina H. Lange). 
Ahl, Mrs. E. E. 

Emmerling, Mr. Henry C. 425 Pacific Ave.. 

Mrs. Emmerling (Charlotte Froenich). 

Emmerling, Mr. John F. 209 Roup St. 

Mrs. Emmerling (Jane Beeson). 

Emmerling, Dr. Karl (Jefferson Medical). 476 S. Rebecca St. 

Bell 2018 Hiland. 

Clubs — University, Stanton Heights Golf. 
Mrs. Emmerling (Julia Anne Mackey), 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 

English, Mr. H. D. W. 7110 Thomas Blvd. 

Bell 858 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Oakmont Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. English (Jennie P. McLean). 
English, Dorothy. 

Ewing, Mr. Rowland H. 4922 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 568 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 

Mrs. Ewing (Carrie McKay). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Ewing, James McKay. 

E\Ying, Rowland, Jr. 

Ewing, Robert William, 

Summer Home — Fairholm Island, Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ont.^ 

EsTEP, Mr. Frank Alden (U. of Pgh.). 433 Rebecca St. 

Bell 1233 Hiland. 

Club — Duquesne, S. A. R. 

Mrs. Estep (Zara J. Lewis). 

Estep, Mr. Lewis Harvey. 319 Coal St., Edgewood. 

(Grant University, Tenn.). 
Mrs. Estep (Kate Nichols Haynes). 
Estep, Frank Alden, II. 

Estep, Miss Louise D. 5821 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 812 Hiland. 
Anderson, Miss Katherine Louise. 
Anderson, Mr. George B., Jr. 
Anderson, Mr. William S. 


Evans, Dr. Cadwalladek. 1045 S. Xegley Ave. 

Bell 961 Hiland. 
Mrs. Evans (Margaret B. Oliver). 

Evans, Miss Mary F. 

Evans, Miss Marjorie. 

Evans, Mr. George O. 

Evans, Mr. Berne H. 

Evans, Mr. Deane M. 

Evans, Mr. Norman K. 


Mr. and Mrs. Levi F. Noble, (Dorothy Evans), Val.vermo, California. 

Evans, Mr. Cadwallader, Jr. Lehigh Road, Thornburg. 
Mrs. Evans (Myra Thornburg). 

Evans, Mr. Henry Oliver (U. of M.). 9 Dunmoyle Place. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University. Bell 3281 Hiland. 

Mrs. Evans (Louise Straub), (Pgh. Female College). 
Evans, Louise. 
Evans, Oliver. 

Evans, Mr. Howard Salisbury. 3.51 S. Xegley Ave. 

Club— Country. Bell 1705 Hiland. 

Mrs. Evans (Evelyn Fawell), (Penna. College for Women). 

Evans, Evelyn Fawell. 

Evans, Thomas Eaymond. 

Evans, Mr. Paul T. Harvard Road, Thornburg. 

CZm6— Thornburg Country. Bell 612-J Crafton. 

Mrs. Evans (Miss West), (Blairsville). 
Evans, Helen West. 
Evans, Paul T., Jr. 

Evans, Mr. Thomas. 375 S. Xegley Ave. 

CZm6s— Duquesne. Bell 729 Hiland. 

Mrs. Evans (Henrietta Salisbury). 
Clubs— D. a. R. 

Evans, Mr. T. Gilmore. Brighton Road, Ben Avon. 

Bell 49-J Emsworth. 
Mrs. Evans (Martha Virginia Hemphill), (Pgh. Female Col- 
Club — Women's Club of Ben Avon. 
Evans, Miss Virginia Hemphill. 
Evans, Mill Lucy. 
Evans, Mr. Coleman Darlington. 
Evans, Mr, Sidney Baker. 

Summer Home — Chautauqua, N. Y. 

Evans, Mr. Thomas Mellon. 5843 Bartlett St. 

Mrs. Evans (Martha Jarnagin). Bell 2044 Hiland. 

Evans, Mr. Thomas Raymond. 358 S. Xegley Ave. 

Mrs. Evans (Ida May Flaccus). Bell 385 Hiland. 

Evans, Margaret Gray. 
Evans, Raymond Flaccus. 
Evans, William Howard. 
Summer Home — Kittaning Pike. 


Evans, Mr. William D. (Amherst). 

Clubs — Duquesne, University. 
Evans, Miss. 

EvERSON, Mr. Barclay M. 

Clu b — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Everson (Sarah Marchand). 
EversoD, Miss Adelaide. 
Everson, Mr. Frank Marchand. 

315 N. Negley Ave, 
Bell 2557 Hiland. 

6324 Hovs^E St. 
BeU 1883 Grant. 

Everson, Mr. John Q. 

Mrs. Everson (Clara Eeese). 
Everson, Miss Grace R. 

200 N. HOMEV^OOD Ave. 
Bell 1524-R Hiland. 

Ewart, Mr. Frederick C. (U. of Pgh.). 

Beaver Road, Edgev^^orth. 
Bell 350 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Allegheny Country, Edgeworth, Pgh., Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Ewart (Mary Kirkpatrick). 

Clubs — Sewickley Valley Woman's, Allegheny Country. 

Ewart, Mr. Samuel. 

Van Osten, Mrs. F. W. 
Van Osten, Miss. 

Ewart, Mr. William McKibben. 

Mrs. Ewart (Alice Dicken). 

Ewart, Miss Mary Breckenridge. 
Ewart, Miss Jeanette. 
Ewart, Mr. Samuel. 
Ewart, Mr. William F. 

2518 Centre Ave. 
Bell 718 Schenley. 

2524 Centre Ave. 
Bell 1494-J Schenley. 

Ewing, Mr. John Kennedy, Jr. (Lafayette). 

6624 Dalzell Place. 
Bell 2861 Hiland. 
Mrs. Ewing (Mary Mitchell). 

Ewing, Miss Ellen W. 

Ewing, Miss Jessie M. 

Ewing, Mary. 

Ewing, Janet. 

Ewing, Mr. John Mitchell. 

Ewing, Mr. Kennedy Evans. 

Ewing, Meredyth Hanway. 

Ewing, Mr. John King. 

1318 Sheridan Ave. 
Bell 4887-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Ewing (Birde Stockdale), (Pgh. Female CoUege). 
Ewing, Mr. John King, Jr. 

Eyster, Mr. Matthew B. 330 Dickson Ave. 

Bell 75-R Emsworth. 
Mrs. Eyster (Emma Jane Graham). 

Woodside, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, Jr. (Etta May Eyster). 


Fagax, Mr. Charles A. (Ewalt). N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 704 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Country, Press. 
Mrs. Fagan (Mary Kane), (St. Xavier's). 
At Home Days — Tuesdays. 
Fagan, Miss Marie. 
Fagan, Miss Jean. 
Fagan, Miss Grace. 
Fagan, Miss Dorothy. 
Fagan, Charles A., Jr. 

Farmer, Eev. Dr. William E. (W. & J.). 

440 Maple Ave., Edgewood. 
Mrs. Farmer (Joy H. Chain). Bell 418 Wilkins. 

Farmer, Margaret Macduff. 

Farmer, Mrs. Sarah P. 

Faulkner, Dr. Eichard B. (Columbia). 7211 Meade St. 

Mrs. Faulkner. Bell 621 Hiland. 

Fawell, Mr. Joseph. 363 S. Negley Ave. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. Bell 1230 Hiland. 

Mrs. Fawell (Elizabeth Horseman). 
Fawell, Mr. Joseph Edward. 

Fennerty, Mrs. Henry Atkinson (Sarah Thompson). 

5620 Elgin Ave. 

At Home Days— Tuesdays. Bell 2034 Hiland. 

Fennerty, Henry Atkinson, Jr. 

Summer Home — Ebensburg, Cambria Co. 

Ferguson, Mr. A. C. 219 Eoup St. 

Clubs— Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 2116-E Hiland. 

Mrs. Ferguson (Miss Stevenson). 

Ferguson, Miss Margaret Stevenson. 
Ferguson, John Craig. 
Ferguson, George K. Stevenson. 
Summer Home — North East. 

Ferguson, Mrs. Edmund Morevs^ood (Josephine E. Mackin- 
tosh). Fifth and Morev^^ood Aves. 

Bell 164 Schenley. 
Ferguson, Miss Helen Morewood). 
Ferguson, Mr. John Mackintosh. 

Summer Home — Miramar, Fisher's Island, N. Y. 


Lieut, and Mrs. Alexander Garland Pendleton (Martha Ferguson). 
Helen Morewood Pendleton. Fort Hamilton, N. Y. 

Fife, Mr. Joseph Paull. 125 Beech St., Edgewood. 

Bell 103 Wilkins. 
(Leland Stanford, Jr., University, and Harvard). 
Club — University. 
Mrs. Fife (Gertrude Orr), (Penna. College for Women). 
Fife, Mary Elizabeth. 
Fife, Margaretta Orr. 
Orr, Mr. James P. 

Summer Home — Ross Park, New Florence. 


FiNCKE, Mr. Clarence Mann (Yale). 

63 Thorn St., Sewickley. 
Bell 663-L Sewickley. 
Mrs. Fincke (Elizabeth Whitman). 
Fineke, Marion Meigs. 
Fincke, Allen Whitman. 

FiNDLAY, Mr. D. H. 705 Clinton Place, Bellevue. 

Mrs. Findlay (Sarah Marvin). 

Findlay, Muriel. 

Findlay, David A., Jr. 

FiNLEY, Mr. John B. 200 S. Linden Ave. 

Clubs— Buquesne, Pittsburgh. Bell 1102 Hiland. 

Mrs. Finley (Margaret Bowman). 

Fisher, Mr. Charles A. 7 Dunmoyle Place. 

Clubs— Duquesne, Union. Bell 5479-J Hiland. 

Mrs. Fisher (Kitchie Newell). 
Fisher, Howard Eitchie. 
Fisher. Henry Clayton. 
Fisher, Charles Newton. 

Fisher, Mr. Chester S. (U. of Pgh.). 1740 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 2o94-J Hiland. 
Clubs — University. 
Mrs. Fisher (Margaret Aiken), (National Park). 
Fisher, Aiken Woodhiill. 

Fisher, Mr. Gordon (Princeton). 5 Colonial Place. 

Bell 757 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Fisher (Mathilda Milligan). 
Fisher, Gordon, Jr. 
Fisher, John Milligan. 

Fisher, Mr. Henry S. 1546 Woodside Ave. 

Bell 14-E Mt. Lebanon. 

Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Fisher (Jane Scott). 
Fisher, Eleanor Frances. 
Fisher, Lawrence Scott. 

Fisher, Mr. J. J. Lyndhurst, Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 46 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Union, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Fisher (Mary Marlin). 
Fisher, Mr. Jason Arter. 
Mitchell, William L. 
Mitchell, John F. 

Fisher, Rev. Samuel Jackson, D.D. 5611 Kentucky Ave. 
(Hamilton). Bell 2617-W Hiland. 

Mrs. Fisher (Mary Anna Shreve). 

Fitch, Mr. Thomas W. 40 N. Emily St., Grafton. 

Bell 401-J Crafton. 
Mrs. Fitch (Minnie Sherman). 


Pitch, Mr. Thomas, Jr. 214 Centennial Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 636-R Sewickley. 
Mrs. Fitch (Gray Morrison Emery). 

Fitch, Eosamund Thomas. 

Fitch, Coleman Morrison. 

Fitch, Tecumseh Sherman. 

FiTE, Mr. John. 1317 N. Highland Ave. 

BeU 518 HUand. 
Mrs. Fite (Elizabeth A. Godhart). 

Fite, Mr. William G. 

Fite, Mr. Charles J. 

Fite, Mr. Frank S. 

Fitler, Mr. Frederic Kay. 1013 Eidge Ave. 

Club — Duquesne. 
Mrs. Fitler (Frederika Crosman). 
Fitler, F. Crosman. 

Summer Home — Friedrichsruhe, Ebensburg. 

FiTZHUGH, Mr. Carroll Hamilton (Princeton). 807 Eidge Ave. 

Bell 487 Cedar. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, University. 

Mrs. Fitzhugh (Mary M. Bell). 
Bell, Mr. Arthur. 

Summer Home — Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 

Flaccus, Mr. Elmer William. Ben Avon. 

Mrs. Flaccus (Eleanor D. Mustin). 
Flaccus, Elmer William, Jr. 

Flaccus, Mr. Charles Louis (Baldwin) . 369 Stratford Ave. 
Club— Duquesne. Bell 624 Hiland. 

Mrs. Flaccus (Margaret Anna Gray). 

Flaccus, Mr. Charles Louis, Jr. 

Flaccus, Mrs. Charles Louis, Jr. (Bess Bliss). 

Flaccus, Charles Louis III. 

Summer Home — Red Gables, Kittanning Road. Bell 385 ring 1 

Flaccus, Mr. Leonard Gray (Syracuse) . 248 Atlantic Ave. 

Bell 803 HUand. 
Mrs. Flaccus (Grace Eunnette), (Mt. Holyoke). 

Summer Home — Red Gables, Kittanning Road. 

Flannery, Mr. James J. 3515 Forbes St. 

Bell 201 Schenley. 

Clubs — Union, Country, German, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Machinery of 
New York, Columbus. 

Mrs. Flannery (Harriet Eodgers). 
Flannery, Miss Evaline. 
Flannery, Miss Edna. 
Flannery, Mr. Howard. 
Flannery, Mr. Walter. 
Flannery, Eugene. 

Carver, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet Flannery). 
Carver, Mildred. 

Summer Home — Hotel Vanadium, Cambridge Springs. 


Flanneey, Mr. Joseph M. (Pittsburgh College). 

235 DiTHRiDGE St. 

Clubs — Union, Country, Pgh., Ath'l. Ass'n. Machinery of New 

Mrs. Flannery (Mollis Gearing), (St. Xavier's). 
Flannery, Helen Kirwan. 
Flannery, Joseph. 
Flannery, John Gearing. 
Flannery, Raymond. 

Flannery, Mr. J. Rogers. Iroquois Apts. 

Bell 1765 Schenley. 
(Mt. St. Mary's, U. of Pgh.). 

Clubs — Union, Stanton Heights, Country, Columbus, Pgh. Ath'l. 
Ass'n., Machinery Club of New York. 

Mrs. Flannery (Adelaide Naomi Friday), (Mt. Mercy). 

Fleming, Mrs. Andrew (Eliza Denniston). 

900 Allegheny Ave. 
Clubs— 20th Century. Bell 307 Cedar. 


Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Fell, Philadelphia. 

Flenniken, Mrs. J. Walker. 629 Clyde St. 

Bell 318 Schenley. 
Flenniken, Mr. Robert W. 

Fletcher, Mr. J. Gilmore. 4724 Wallingford St. 

Bell 515 Schenley. 

Club — University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n.. 
(See Riter.) 

Flinn, Mr. William. Braemar, North Highland Ave. 

Bell 558 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Country, Union. 

Mrs. I'linn (Nancy Galbraith). 
Flinn, Miss Mary S. 
Flinn, Miss Edith G. 
Flinn, Mr. Ralph E. 
Flinn, Mr. A. Rex. 

Summer Home — Beechwood Lodge, Kittanning Road. 

Flinn, Mr. George Hamilton (Yale). 5020 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 422 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Coun- 
try, Country, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Union Club of 
New York, Racquet Club of Philadelphia. 

Mrs. Flinn (Clara Louise Negley), (Ogontz). 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf. Pittsburgh, Uni- 

Flinn, "Louise. 

Flinn, George Hamilton, Jr. 

Flinn, Lawrence. 

Flinn, Mr. William Arthur. 

Squirrel Hill Ave., Albemarle St. 
BeU 475 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Flinn (Mabel Louise Haskin). " 


Flood, Mr. James. 

Mrs. Flood (Anna E. Houston). 

Flood, Miss Mary E. 

Flood, Mr. Edward H. 

Flood, Mr. Frank R. 

Flood, Dr. Henry C. 

Flood, Mr. Charles A. 

Flood, Mr. Walter G. 

Flood, Mr. James V. 

842 S. Negley Ave. 
Bell 5022-J Hiland. 

Flower, Dr. William Sheridan. 

Mrs. Flower (Sarah Eleanor Lockhart). 
Flower, Jane. 
Flower, Sarah Eleanor. 
Flower, James Olver. 

Summer Home — Fairview Farm, Valencia. 

5745 Centre Ave. 
Bell 873 Hiland. 

Floyd, Mr. Eichard. 

Club — Union. 

Mrs. Floyd (Ellie V. Voigt). 

5714 Ellsworth Ave. 
Bell 2647-L Hiland. 

Foerster, Mr. A. M. 

Mrs. Foerster (Henrietta M. Reineman), 
Foerster, Miss Elsa T. 
Foerster, Dr. Robert Franz. 
Foerster, Mr. Norman O. 

915 HiGHViEW Ave. 
Bell 1566-W Hiland. 

Follansbee, Mr. Benjamin Gilbert. 

4214 Grant Blvd. 
Bell 66 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Stanton Heights 

Mrs. Follansbee (Frances S. Wright). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical. 

Follansbee, Mr. John. 

Clubs — Bellevue Country. 

Mrs. Follansbee (Alice P. Kerr). 
Follansbee, Rebecca Robinson. 
Follansbee, Robert Kerr. 
Follansbee, John Haynes. 
Yacht — Cricket. 

14 Wheeler Ave. 
Bell 1089-W Neville. 

Follansbee, Mr. George L. 6425 Bartlett St. 

Club— Sta.nton Heights Golf. Bell 4927-J Hiland. 

Mrs. Follansbee (Elizabeth Roberts), (Pgh. Female College). 

Follansbee, Mr. Gilbert. 

Mrs. Follansbee (Maria Haynes). 

Follansbee, Mr. William U. 3712 Brighton Road. 

Bell 789 Neville. 
Mrs. Follansbee (Ruth A. Harper). 

Follansbee, Miss Helen C. 

Follansbee, Mr. Marcus A. 


Mr. and Mrs. William U. Follansbee, Jr., (Helen R. Hunter). 
Mr. Scott Follansbee, 1111 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland. 

Mr. Gilbert Follansbee, Follansbee, W. Va. 


FoKD, Mr. William W. 

Clubs — Union, University. 

Mrs. Ford (Edith V. Coflan). 

Ford, William Raymond Coffin. 
Ford, Thomas Coffin. 
Ford. Robert Coffin. 

5910 Wellesley Ave. 
Bell 2962-R Hiland. 

Fording, Mr. Arthur Osman. 1140 Murray Hill Ave. 

(Mt. Union). Bell 1860 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Oakmont, Pgh. Ath'L Ass'n. 

Mrs. Fording (Mary Eva Hays), (Penna. College for Wo- 

Clu bs — College, Civic. 

Forse, Miss Valonia. 
Forse, Miss Mary E. 
Forse, Mr. Joseph C. 
Forse. Rear Admiral Charles T. 
Davis, Mrs. Julia H. 

1030 Morewood Ave. 

Forsyth, Mr. Russell Kennedy (Yale). 1530 Denniston Ave. 

Bell 6176 Hiland. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, University, Pittsburgh Golf, Yale Club of 
New York. 

Mrs. Forsyth (Mary List Gittings). 

CZu ft— Pittsburgh Golf. 
Forsyth, Virginia Crossan. 
Forsyth, Lawrence Dilworth. 

Forsyth, Mrs. William H. (Emma Kennedy). 925 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 112 Cedar. 
Forsyth, Miss. 
Zug, Mrs. Charles Gordon. 
Zug, Charles Gordon, Jr. 

Foster, Mr. Bayard Dashiell. 

Mrs. Foster (Narcisse Kennedy). 
Foster, John Kennedy. 

Foster, Dr. William S. 

Mrs. Foster. 

Dunglison, Mrs. J. Eobley. 
Huston, Mr. J. Robley D. 

Fovi^LER, Miss Emma A. 

Fowler, Miss Mary. 
Wightman, Miss A. Jane. 

Wilkin s Ave. 
Bell 28 Schenley. 

252 Shady Ave. 
Bell 191 Hiland. 

722 Beatty St. 
Bell 4452-L HUand. 

Fownes, Mr. Edwin Stanton. 1200 Murray Hill Ave. 

Bell 311 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, Union. 
Mrs. Fownes (Caroline A. Filley). 

Clubs — Oakmont Country. 

Fownes, Miss Sarah Alice. 
Fownes, Mr. James Alden. 


FowNES, Mr. Henry C. 935 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 676 Hiland. 
C/»6.s— Duquesne, Country, Oakmont, Allegheny Country. 
Fownes, Miss Mary. 
Fownes, Mr. Charles Bishop. 
Moore, Miss Sarah Bishop. 
Winter Home— Pinehurst, N. C. 


Mr. and Mrs. John Barnes (Amy Fownes), Philadelphia. 

Fownes, Mr. William Clark. 518 Shady. 

Bell 469 Hiland. 
Mrs. Fownes (Jessie Garver). 

Fownes, Miss Florence. 

Fownes, Mr. Henry Garver. 

Smith, Miss Ida B. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country. Bell 1382 Hiland. 

Fownes, Mr. William C, Jr. 5654 Callowhill St. 

Mrs. Fownes (Sarah Parker). 

Fownes, Elizabeth. 

Fownes, Louise. 

Fownes, Henry C, II. 

Frank, Mr. Isaac W. 5601 Aylesbobo Ave. 

Bell 909 Schenley. 
Mrs. Frank (Tinnie Klee). 

Frank, Miss Elizabeth. 

Frank, Mr. William Klee. 

Frank, Eobert. 

Frauenheim, Mr. Augustus A. (St. Vincent). 5538 Forbes St. 

Bell 1127 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Frauenheim (Marie A. Dietrich), (St. Xavier's). 
Moorhead. Miss Marie Lucile. 
Dietrich, Mr. Francis J. 
Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. 
Dixon, Frank A. 

Prazer, Mr. Walter P. Perrysville Ave., Ben Avon. 

Club — Duquesne. Bell 19 Emsworth. 

Mrs. Frazer (Sarah Hathaway). 
Hathaway, Janet Adeline. 
Hathaway, Helen. 
Hathaway, John. 
Hathaway, Stephen. 

Summer Home — Bonny Brae. 

Frazer, Mr. John Gilfillan (Princeton). 

St. Eegis Apts., Ho'we St. and Maryland Ave. 
CZu 6— University. BeU 6389 Hiland. 

Mrs. Frazer (Katharine Reed), (Bryn Mawr). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf. 20th Century. 

Frazer, Mr. Egbert S. 1100 Shady Ave. 

Clubs — Union, Pittsburgh Golf. Bell 587 Hiland. 

Frazer, Miss Sarah B. 
Frazer, Mr. Eobert E. 

Freeman, Mr. John M. (W. & J.). 5900 Eural Ave.. 

Bell 317-J Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh., Ath'l. Ass'n. 

French, Mr. Philo Nelson. 5219 Pembroke Place.. 

Bell 2536 Schenley.. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 

Mrs. French (Bessie Dabbs). 
French, Mr. Aaron. 

Frew, Mr. William N. Beech wood Hall, 6516 Fifth Ave.. 

(Yale). Bell 63 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country,. 

Mrs. Frew (Emily W. Berry). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf, Woman's Club of New York- 
Frew, Mr. William. 

Frew, Mrs. William (Margaretta Park). 
Frew, Emily Berry. 

Summer Home — The Dunes, Point Pleasant, N. J. 


Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Story Rowland (Margarita Frew). 
Virginia Frew Rowland. 444 Stelle Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 

Frick, Mr. Henry Clay. Penn and Homewood Aves. 

Bell 600 Hiland. 
Mrs. Frick (Adelaide Howard Childs). 

Frick, Miss Helen Clay, 

Frick, Mr. Childs, 

Summer Home — Eagle Rock, Pride's Crossing, Mass. 
Winter Home — 640 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Frick, Mr. Henry C. 317 N. Craig St- 

Bell 1381-E Schenley. 
Ciu6— Bellefield, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Frick (Lillian Harrison). 

Friend, Mrs. James Wood (Martha A. McClelland). 

5932 WiLKiNs Ave. 
Bell 859 HOand. 
Clubs — 20th Century, Allegheny Country. 
Friend, Mr. Charles Wood Friend. 
Yacht — Rebemar. 

Friend, Mr. Theodore Wood (U. of Pgh). 1318 Shady Ave, 

Bell 40,5 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, University, Oakmont. 
Mrs. Friend (Lillian A. McClure), (Miss Mittleberger 's). 
Clubs — 20th Century, Allegheny Country. 
Friend, Theodore Wood, Jr. 

FUNDENBERG, DR, WALTER H. (U. of P.). 5805 5TH AvE. 

Bell 795-J Hiland. 

Mrs. Fundenberg (Jeannie Fundenberg). 

Clubs — 20th Century, D. A. R., Tuesday Musical. 

Fundenberg, Mr. George Bear. 

Fundenberg, Eebecca. 

Summer Home — Lake George, N. Y. 
Yacht — GuYASUTA. 


FuREY, Mr. William M. 709 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 647 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Furey (Jessie Benton Rankin), (Ursuline). 
Furey, Virginia English. 
Furey, William E. 
Furey, Eankin. 

FuRMAN, Mr. Robert T. (Williams). 516 S. Linden Ave. 

Bell 1924 Hiland. 
Clubs — Allegheny Country. 
Mrs. Furman (Stella Cady), (Misses Ely's School). 

At Home Days — Tuesdays. 
Club — Allegheny Countrj'. 

Furman, Robert Towington, Jr. 

Furman, WiUiam Cody. 

Summer Home — North Adams, Mass. 

Gable, Mr. Morgan Edwards. 5731 Walnut St. 

Bell 368 Hiland. 
Mrs. Gable (Susan EUen Fowler). 

Gaggin, Dr. Verner Simpson (Syracuse). 5445 Centre Ave. 

Bell 1002 Hiland. 
Club — University. 

Mrs. Gaggin (Helen Walker Slack). 
Gaggin, Helen. 

Galvs^ay, Mrs. E. H. (Eliza Mackey), Hotel Kenmawr. 

Bell 531 Hiland 

Garland, Mr. Charles. 353 Maple Ave., Edgewood. 

Bell 819-J Wilkins. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Edgewood, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n, Union. 

Mrs. Garland (Lillie Agnes Chisholm). 
Garland, Mr. Chisholm. 
Garland, Charles Stedman. 
Garland, Alan Atwell. 

Garland, Mr. John W. 5511 Baum St. 

Bell 1222 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country, Beaver Valley Country. 

Mrs. Garland (Eliza M. Bailey). 
Garland, Edith Bailey. 
Garland, Virginia Louise. 
Garland, Robert Merwyn. 
Garland, Henry Bailey. 
Garland, Wallace Graydon. 

Summer Home — Sylvan Crest, Monaca. 

Garland, Mr. M. M, 226 W. Swissvale Ave.. Edgewood. 

Bell 679-J Wilkins. 
Club — Americus. 
Garland, Miss Grace Winifred. 
Garland, Mr. Maurice Brown. 


Garland, Mr. Egbert. 5501 Baum St. 

Bell 1423 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Union, University, Stanton 
Heights Golf, Country. 

Mrs. Garland (Alice N. Bailey). 

Clubs — D. A. R. 

Garland, Miss Alice Gertrude. 

Summer Home — Sylvan Crest, Monaca. 

Bell 210-W Rochester. 

Garrison, Miss Sara. 933 Ridge Ave. 

Eicketson, Miss Sara. Bell 644-J Cedar. 

Summer Hom,e — Ricketson's Point, Nonquit, New Bedford, Mass. 

Garrison, Mr. Samuel. Wilkins Ave. and Dunmoyle St. 

Bell 612 Sehenley. 
Mrs. Garrison (Anna Marie "Williams). 

Garrison, Miss Bess. 

Garrison, Miss Helen. 

Garrison, Samuel Frederick, Jr. 

Garrison, Charles Thornton. 

Gaston, Eev. John Montgomery. 5208 Friendship Ave. 

(Princeton). Bell 2775-R Hiland. 

Mrs. Gaston (Harriet Y. Cramp). 

Gaston, Marion Grosvenor. 

Gaston, John Montgomery, Jr. 

Gaub, Dr. Otto C. (U. of Penna). Hotel Schenley. 

Ben 285 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Oakmont Country. 
Mrs. Gaub (Claudia C. Hax), (Thurston School). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 

Geegan, Mr. J. G. 5632 Margaretta St. 

Bell 860 Hiland. 
Mrs. Geegan (Cora Woodford). 

Clubs — College, Ass'n. of College Alumni. 
Geegan, Sylvia. , 

Geek, Mr. Clarence James (Hamilton). 

5563 CoLUMBO, NEAR Eebecca St. 
Bell 2289-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Geer (Jeanette Fowler), (Smith). 
Clubs — Smith College. 
Geer, Janet Fowler. 

Summer Home — Oriskany Falls, N. Y. 

George, Mr. Archibald Love. 

Dry Banks, 17 Eiver Ave., Sewickley. 
Bell 126-J Sewickley. 

Club — Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. George (Grace Lament Chubb), (Vassar). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Allegheny Country. 
Chubb, Mr. Charles Frisbie. 

George, Dr. C. M. (U. of Penna.). 620 N. Negley Ave. 

Bell 3343-W Hiland. 
Mrs. George (Olivia Scott). 


George, Mr. John Shaw. 

Centennial and Boundary Sts., Sewickley. 
Club— Allegheny Country. Bell 838 Sewickley. 

Mrs. George (Isabel Cooper). 

Club — Allegheny Country. 

George, Mr. Wh^liam Dickson. 

Beaver St. and Nevin Ave., Sewickley. 
Bell 548 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 
Mrs. George (Eleanore Van Court Willard). 
George, Eebeckah Willard. 
George, Elizabeth Love. 
George, William D., Jr. 

Gerdes, Mr. Frederick William. 249 Dithridge St. 

Bell 613-W Sehenley. 
Mrs. Gerdes (Miss Crawford). 

Gerdes, Miss Addah E. 

Gerdes, Miss Gertrude Florence. 

Gerry, Mr. Eoland. Hotel Schenley. 

Bell 285 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh. 

Gibson, Mr. Brownlee H. 680 Hamilton Eoad, Thornburg. 
(Princeton). Bell 610 Crafton. 

Clubs — University, Thornburg Country. 

Mrs. Gibson (Elizabeth Hemphill). 

Gibson, Mr. Charles Bradley. Denniston, near Forbes St. 
Mrs. Gibson (Jean Boilings), (National Park Seminary). 

Gill, Mr. Samuel Ekin. • 905 Maryland Ave. 

Bell 5154-E Hiland. 
Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Gill (Kate Wilson). 
Gill, Dr. Ealph Ekin. 

Gillespie, Mr. David Lindsay. 909 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 225 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Oakmont 

Mrs. Gillespie (Anna Eandolph Darlington). 

Clvb— 20th Century. 
Gillespie, Miss Mabel Lindsay. 

Gillespie, Mr. E. N. Carnegie. 

Mrs. Gillespie (Katharine Patterson). 

Gillespie, Mr. Egbert Gracey. 5536 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 62 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Gillespie (Blanche Nevin Hazlett). 


Gillespie, Mr. Thomas J. 5226 Westminster Place. 

Bell 1642 Schenley. 
Mrs. Gillespie (Ella Porter). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical, College. 
Gillespie, Miss Eleanor D. 
Gillespie, Miss Clara Isabel. 
Gillespie, Mr. Thomas J., Jr. 
Gillespie, John Porter. 

Summer Home — Brightwood Farm, Coraopolis. 

Gillespie, Mr. William M. 6711 Thomas Blvd. 

Club— Duquesne. Bell 620 Hiland. 

Gillespie, Miss Nannie J. 

Gilmore, Mr. Edward D. 50 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

Bell 154 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Gilmore (Harriette Grymes). 

Clu b — E dgeworth. 
Gilmore, David Meade. 

Gilmore, Mrs. Harriet A. 

The Oaks, 653 Bank St., Sewickley. 
Little, Miss Lucy. Bell 102 Sewickley. 

Gilmore, Mrs. James R. (Mary Evans). 

916 Beaver St., Sewickley. 
Bell 114-L Sewickley. 
Gilmore, Mr. James R., Jr. 

Gilmore, Mr. W. J. 5748 Centre Ave. 

Bell 1706-L Hiland. 
Mrs. Gilmoke. 

Gilmore, Miss Anna. 

GiRARD, Dr. Frank R. (U. of Calif.). 631 Clyde St. 

Bell 4208 Court. 
Clubs — University, University of California. 


Mrs. Dora Girard. 

Miss Girard, Oakland California. 

Gittings, Mr. Joseph Henry. 5535 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 1383 Hiland. 
Mrs. Gittings (Harriett Jane Venners). 

Gittings, Miss Maud J. M. 

Gittings, Miss Lillie. 

Gittings, Miss Phcebe Louise. 

Gittings, Miss Dorothy. 

Gittings, Mr. Joseph Henry, Jr. 

Griffiths, Miss Anne. 

Given, Miss Virginia T. 5222 Wilkins Ave. 

Hartley, Miss Jane. Bell 192 Schenley. 

Given, Mr. W. A. 5866 Bartlett St. 

Mrs. Given (Jennie Nevin). Bell 5055- J Hiland. 

Given, Miss Florence. 

Given, Mr. William. 


Oleim, Miss Mary Agnes (Bryn Mawr). 6601 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 9367 Hiland. 
Clubs — College, Bryn Mawr. 

Gloninger, Mrs. J. Ledlie (Mary J. Walsh). 

5706 Bartlett St, 
Gloninger, Miss Marie. 
Gloninger, Mr. John E. 
Gloninger, Mr. J. Ledlie. 

Summer Home — "Valley View," Emmetsburg, Md. 

Goehring, Mr. Edward Bismarck. 5925 Walnut St. 

(U. of Pgh.). Bell 1366-W Hiland. 

Mrs. Goehring (Nancy Kelso Lindsay). 
Goehring, Anna Elizabeth. 
Goehring, Nancy Lindsay. 
Goehring, James Lindsay. 

Summer Home — Canadohta Club, Union City. Pennsylvania. 

<jOFF, Dr. Ella D. Suite, 31 Library Place. 

(Allegheny College, Boston University). Bell 74 Cedar. 
Clubs — College, State. 

Goff, Mrs. Milton B. (E. Virginia Locke). 
Goff, Miss Virginia Locke. 

GOFF, Mr. Homer Pershing. 53 Belvidere St., Crafton. 

(U. of Pgh.). Bell 5 Crafton. 

Club — Union. 

Mrs, Goff (Isabel Clark Neeper). 
Gofie, Miss Bertha N. 
Gotf, Charlotte. 
Goff, Frances Elizabeth. 
Goff, Mr. James Collord. 
Goff, Homer P., Jr. 

Summer Home — Belterre, Les Cheneaux Islands, Mich. 

Goldsbury, Mr. Eoyal S. (Princeton). 432 Denniston Ave. 

Bell 3652 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Prince- 
ton of New York, University of Brooklyn. 

Mrs. Goldsbury (Ruth Putnam). 
Goldsbury, Virginia. 
Goldsbury, Royal Putnam. 
Goldsbury, Grosvenor. 

Summer Home — Foxburg. 

Gongaware, Rev. George J. 211 S. Dithridge St. 

(Thiel and Mt. Airy). Bell 1477 Schenley. 

At Home Days — Monday evenings. 

Gongaware, Frances Cecelia. 
Gongaware, Hartford Philip. 

Gordon, Mr. Allen T. C. (U. of Va.). University Club. 

Bell 1724 Schenley, 
Clubs — University, Oakmont Country. 

Gordon, Mr. George B. (Columbia). 

WiLKiNS Ave., near Fifth. 
Bell 280 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, University, Pittsburgh Golf, Union 
League of New York, Pgh., Ath'l. Ass'n, Oakmont. 

Mrs. Gordon (Mary Edwards Boorum). 
Gordon, Katharine Edwards. 

Summer Home — Lillv Pond Lane, East Hampton, Long Island, 
N. Y. 

GoRMLY, Mr. George A. Hopkins St., Sewickley. 

Bell 484-E Sewickley. 
Club — Edgeworth. 
Gormly, Miss Eleanor. 
Gormly, Miss Mary. 
Gormly, Mr. Samuel. 

Gordon, Mr. Eobert Eansom. 315 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 1353-L Hiland. 
Mrs. Gordon (Edith Graye Bailey). 

Gordon, Catherine Graydon McFaden. 

Gordon, Bailey. 

Gordon, Eobert Eansom, Jr. 

Summer Home — Graydonhurst, Coraopolis Heights, Coraopolis. 
Bell 124-r-24 Coraopolis. 

Gormly, Miss Grace A. 819 St. James St. 

Bell 1978 Schenley. 
Clubs — 20th Century, D. A. R. 
Summer Home — Princeton, Mass. 

GouLDiNG, Dr. Charles O. (Bellevue Hospital). 

239 Shady Ave. 
Bell 399 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University'. 

Mrs. Goulding (Helen Mar Haven). 
Goulding, Charles O., Jr. 
Goulding, Haven Huntington. 
Wiley, Mrs. John W. 

Summer Home — Imperial Road, Coraopolis Heights, Coraopolis. 
Bell 142 ring 15 Coraopolis. 

Grabowsky, Mr. J. E. 1425 Denniston Ave. 

Bell 4496-J Hiland. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Grabowsky (Marie Porter Aiken). 
Grabowsky, Mary Louise. 

Graff, Mrs. Thomas J. (Agnes Dickenson). Shields Station. 

Bell 241-E Sewickley. 
Graff, Mr. and Mrs. "Thomas E. 
Summer Home — Lakewood, N. Y. 

Graham, Miss Ella H. 502 North Ave., West. 

Bell 1015 Cedar. 

Graham, Miss Martha J. Forbes and Halket Sts. 

Bell 1069-J Schenley. 
Ealston, Miss Jane. 


Graham, Mrs. N. McKee (Nettie McKee). 

Woodland Road, Edgeworth. 
Graham, Miss Margaret S. Bell 524 Sewickley. 

Graham, Mr. T. McKee. 

Graham, Mr. Samuel C. 

Woodland Road near Wilkins Ave. 
Bell 1320 Hiland. 

Mrs. Graham (Carrie Brovin). 
Graham, Mr. Allan Brown. 

Graham, Mr. Samuel Jordan (W. & J.). 
Mrs. Graham (Sue F. Neal). 
Graham, Miss Mary Carter. 

Grange, Mr. Augustus Benard. 

Mrs. Grange (Marie Burgett Tuman), 

Grange, Rev. Robert W., D.D. 
Mrs. Grange (S. B. Taber), 

Grange, Mr. Robert Waddington, Jr. 
Mrs. Grange (Jessie Gary Stangland). 

Grange, Mr. Walter Taber. 

Mrs. Grange (Helen E. Rook), 
Grange, Walter Taber, Jr. 

Graver, Dr. Edward (Princeton). 
Mrs. Graver (Nellie Culton Aiken). 

6420 Kentucky Ave. 

1036 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 
Bell 45 Hiland. 

4716 Bayard St. 
Bell 14 Sehenley. 

4716 Bayard St. 
Bell 14 Sehenley. 

5502 Kentucky Ave. 
Bell 6290-R Hiland. 

5526 Fifth Ave. 
Bell 681 HUand. 

1130 N. Negley Ave. 
Bell 5808-R Hiland. 

Gray, Mr. Cyrus C. 

Clu b — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Gray (Margaret J. Wilson), (Penna. College for Wo- 
Club — Tuesday Musical. 
Gray, Miss Sarah W. 

Gray, Mr. Henry. Blackburne Road, Sevstickley. 

Bell 8 10- J Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny, Country. 
Gray, Miss Mary. 
Gray, Miss Alice. 

Gray, Mr. James H. 

5516 Aylesboro Ave. 
Bell 58 Sehenley. 
Mrs. Gray (Anna E. Dunlap), (Penna. College for Women). 
Gray, James Dunlap. 

Gray, Mr. J. W. (State). 

Mrs. Gray (Olive McFeely). 
Gray, Josephine Wilson. 
Gray, Charles McFeely. 

823 Heberton Ave. 
Bell 3416-L Hiland. 


Grayson, Dr. Thomas Wray (W. & J., U. of Pgh.)- 

26 Creighton Ave. 
Bell 355-R Grafton. 

Gregg, Mrs. Edward (Clara A. Parke). 923 Irwin Ave. 

Gregg, Miss Esther J. BeU 627 Cedar. 

Gregg, Dr. Edward Eollin. Eittenhouse, N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 1411 miand. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, University, Pgh. Ath'l. 

Mrs. Gregg (Lorena Youngson Warren). 
Gregg, Mrs. H. W. 
Whitney, Mr. Eollin Gregg. 

Gregg, Mr. John E. Woodland Road. 

Clubs— Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 4822 Hiland. 

Mrs. Gregg (Anna M. Milligan). 
Gregg, Miss Eleanor M. 
Milligan, Mrs. Annie M. (Miss Gregg). 

Grier, Mrs. Samuel Campbell (Harriet Hoag). 

(Pgh. Eemale College). 1130 Shady Ave. 

Clubs— 20th Century, Tuesday Musical. Bell 2468-J Hiland. 

Grier, Miss Eleanor Turner. 
Grier, Harriet E. 

Griffin, Mr. Claude E. ~ Oaklawn Club. 

Negley and Center Aves. 

Griffin, Mr. Frank A. 5208 Pembroke Place. 

Bell 1665 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Lakewood Country. 

Mrs. Griffin (Ida Van Wert). 
Griffin, Miss Ethel Marie. 
Griffin, Miss Mildred Ida. 

Griffin, Mr. Hermon. 5017 Forbes St. 

Bell 180 Schenley. 
Club — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Griffin (Sarah Stewart). 
Griffin, Nancy Stewart. 

Griggs, Mr. Thomas Campbell. 109 Lincoln Ave., Bellevue. 
(U. of Pgh.). Bell 45 Neville. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Griggs (Christine Newell). 
Griggs, Marion Thurston. 
Griggs, Christine. 
Griggs, Thomas Newell. 

Grimes, Mr. James F. 320 Charles St. 

Mrs. Grimes (Isabel Hogerman). Bell 1215 Hill. 

Grimes, Miss Helen. 

Grimes, Miss Josephine Knox. 

Grimes, Miss Zilla Evelyn. 

Grimes, Mr. Eichmond E. 

Grimes, Mr. James Lee. 

Grimes, Mr. Jack Bushrod. 

Summer Home — Glamorgan, Deer Park, Md. 


GpaMES, Mr. William Dekmitt (U. of Pgh). 

802 S. Negley Ave. 
Bell 4840 Hiland. 
Clubs — Americus, Colonial, Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Grimes (Mary Bell). 

Clubs — New Era, D. A. E., 20th Century, Daughters of 1812. 
Grimes, Isabel. 
Grimes, Murray. 

Groetzixger, Mr. Edward, Jr. 6332 Darlington Eoad. 

Bell 5178 Hiland. 
Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Groetzinger (Margaret Scott.) 
Groetzinger, Helene Christine. 

Guffey, Mr. Alexander S. (Princeton) . Morewood Heights. 

BeU 862 Sehenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Oakmont, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, 
Guffey, Mr. Joseph F. 
Guffey, Miss Ida V. 
Guffey, Miss Pauletta. 


Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Miller (M. Emma Guffey), 147 Bowen St., 
Providence, R. I. 

Guffey, Mr. James McClurg. 5025 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 915 Sehenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Manhattan of New York. 

Mrs. Guffey (N. Elizabeth Over). 
Guffey, Miss Mary Elizabeth. 
Guffey, Miss Elsie McClurg. 
Guffey, Mr. Thomas Hurst. 


Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Guflfey, Baltimore. 

Guffey, Mr. Wesley S. 5222 Liberty Ave. 

Cl u b — Duquesne. 
Johnson, Mrs. Nancy A. Guffey. 
Johnson, Mr. Albert A. 
Jackson, Mrs. Jane Guffey. 

GuiLER, Mr. Leonard Kent. 1427 Squirrel Hill Ave. 

(Princeton). BeU 630 Sehenley. 

Clubs — Union, University. 

Mrs. Guiler (Lucy Hechelman). 
Guiler, Emma Elizabeth. 

Clubs — 20th Century, Smith College, Tuesday Musical. 

Guthrie, Mr. Francis S. 6209 Kentucky Ave. 

Bell 2258-J Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. -Guthrie (Mary C. Hays). 
Guthrie, Kathleen Hays. 

Summer Home — Darts (Adirondacks), Herkimer Co., N. Y. 


Guthrie, Mr. George W. Overbridge, Woodland Road. 

(U. of Pgh., Trinity). Bell 316 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, University, Uni- 
versity Club of New York, Art Society, Trinity College at 
Hartford, Bar Harbor, Kebo Valley at Bar Harbor, Philadel- 
phia Art. 

Mrs. Guthrie (Florence Howe). 

Summer Home — The Cedars, Bar Harbor. 

Guthrie, Mr. John B. (Rutgers). 6214 Sellers St. 

Bell 2785-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Guthrie (Agnes D. Crookston). 
Guthrie, Priscilla Agnes. 

Guthrie, Miss Martha D. 739 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 1162 Cedar. 
Guthrie, Miss Maria Louisa. 
Guthrie, Miss Mary Kilbreth. 
Guthrie, Miss Martha Louise. 
Dickson, Mrs. Thomas. H. 

Summer Home — Bide-a-Wee, Stoneboro. 

Guthrie, Mr. Robert Walker (U. of P.). 6200 Howe St. 

Bell 1493-R Hiland. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Guthrie (Priscilla Sellers). 
Guthrie, Miss Alice Sellers. 

Guthrie, Mr. Walter J. 4911 Atherton Ave. 

BeU 1772 Schenley. 
Mrs. Guthrie. 

Guthrie, Laura Jean. 

Guthrie, Margaret Ruth. 

Hagan, Mrs. Edvs^ard Wilson (Martha Lloyd). 

812 Beatty St. 

Hagan, Miss Martha Edna. 

Bell 3820-J Hiland. 

Hailman, Mrs. G. W. (Mary Dickey). 5815 Wilkins Ave. 

Bell 210 Hiland. 
Hailman, Mr. George L. 

Hailman, Mr. J. D. (Rensselaer Poly 'c Inst.) . 810 S. Lang Ave. 

Bell 5510 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Hailman (Johanna K. Woodwell). 

Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 

Haines, Mr. James B., Jr. Glen Osborne. 

Bell 86 Sewickley. 
Mrs. Haines (Sarah E. France). 

Haines, Miss Bessie F. 

Haines, Miss Georgie S. 

Haines, Mr. James B., III. Beaver Road, Glen Osborne. 

Bell 457-R Sewickley. 
Mrs. Haines (Clara E. Koch). 
Haines, J. Barr. 


Hall, Mr. Henry M. 208 Shady Ave. 

Bell 1865 Hiland. 
Hall, Miss Caroline. 
Hall, Miss Mary. 
Hall, Miss Margaret G. 
Hall, Dr. Henry M., Jr. 

Hall, Mr. Egbert Calvin. Bellefield Dwellings. 

Clubs — Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country, Lawyers' of New 
York, Lakewood Country. 

Mrs. Hall (Frances Pearson Clapp). 
Hall, Anna Pearson. 
Hall, Rosalie Goodman. 
Hall, Frances Eoss. 

Summer Home — Old Lyme, Conn. 

Spring and Fall Home — Ross Farms, AspinwalL Bell 166 Sharps- 

Hall, Mr. William Maclay ( Princeton) . 625 Morewogd Ave. 

Bell 849 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh, University Club of New 

Mrs. Hall (Augusta Day Lyon). 
Hall, Augusta Day. 
Hall, Eleanor Cramer. 
Hall, Margaret Priscilla. 

Hallock, Mr. Fletcher Dickerman (Lehigh). 

St. Eegis Apts., Howe St. and Maryland Ave. 

BeU 3930-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Hallock (Margaret B. Brown), (Farmington). 
Mrs. Eobert B. Brown. 

Hallock, Dr. William E. Fifth and Aiken Aves. 

(W. & J., U. of Penna.). Bell 19 Schenley. 

Mrs. Hallock (Isabella H. McLean). 
Hallock, William E., Jr. 

Hamerschlag, Mr. Arthur Arton (Lehigh). 

4040 Grant Blvd. 
BeU 579 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Hamerschlag (Elizabeth Anne Tollast). 
Hamerschlag, Nelson T. 
Hamerschlag, Ralph R. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Albert (Amelia W. McCreary). 

400 S. Highland Ave. 
Bell 1256 Hiland. 

Clubs — Sorosis, Pittsburgh Colony of New England Women. 

Hamilton, Mr. James Wallace. 
Hamilton, Mr. Albert Garfield. 
McCreary, Miss Anna B. 


Hamilton, Mr. Alfred Reed. 50 Observatory Ave. 

(U. of Pgh.). Bell 1197 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Rohampton Polo Club of England, 
University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Hamilton (Grace McGrew). 

At Home Days — Fridays. 
Hamilton, Josephine McGrew. 
Hamilton, Sarah Gillespie. 
Hamilton, James Christy. 
Hamilton, Paul. 
Hamilton, Alfred Reed, Jr. 
Hamilton, Malcolm Byrne. 
Hamilton, Thomas F. 

Summer Home — Mountain Orchard Farm, Scalp Level, Cambria Co. 

Hamilton, Mr. Charles Lee. 219 Quaker Road, Edgeworth. 
(Princeton). BeU 553 Sewiekley. 

Mrs. Hamilton (Margaret Miller Marshall). 

Hamilton, Nancy. 

Hamilton, George Marshall. 

Hamilton, Alexander. 

Hamilton, Mr. Edward J. Duquesne Place. 

Bell 209 Duquesne. 
Clubs — Country, German, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Youghiogheny Country. 

Mrs. Hamilton (Miss Jones). 
Hamilton, Virginia Anne. 

Hamilton, Mr. Frank Arthur. 4815 Bayard St. 

Clubs— Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. BeU 470-W Hiland. 

Mrs. Hamilton (Georgia Neale Heard). 

Clubs— D. A. R. 

Hamilton, George Heard. 

Hamilton, Dr. Samuel, Jr. Stanton and Negley Aves. 

(Princeton, Hahnemann Medical). Bell 4829-J Hiland. 
Hamilton, Miss Grace H. 

Hamilton, Mr. William Clark. 205 Lytton Ave. 

(Syracuse). Bell 2490- J Sehenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Field, Country. 

Mrs. Hamilton (Georgia Ure Forman). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Association Collegiate Alumnae, Syracuse 

Hamilton, Jean. 
Hamilton, Forman. 

Hamilton, Mr. William D, 5519 Fifth Ave. 

CZub— Duquesne. Bell 347 Hiland. 

Mrs. Hamilton (Caroline Penney Haney). 

Hammer, Mr. Howard Gustav. 5731 Darlington Road. 

Bell 1979-R Sehenley. 
Mrs. Hammer (Helen Walter), (Mt. Vernon Seminary). 

Summer Home — Burt Lake, Mich. 

Hammond, Mr. James E. 823 Maple Lane, Sewickley. 

Mrs. Hammond (Anna Skelding). Bell 391-R Sewickley. 


Hammond, Mr. James Holland. 

Mrs. Hammond (Alice Grace Seaman). 
Hammond, Miss Alice Eiddle. 
Hammond, Mr. James Sidney. 

624 Clyde St. 
Bell 346 Schenley. 

Harbaugh, Miss Sarah Springer. 

604 Maple Lane, Sewickley. 
Bell 239-J Sewickley. 
Summer Home — Ingleside, Blue Hills Maine. 

Harbison, Mrs. John R. (Ruth Nelson). Glen Osborne. 

Bell 836-J Sewickley. 

Clubs — Woman's Club of Sewickley. 
Harbison, Miss Jessie. 
Harbison, Miss Helen. 


Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hirt, (Mary Harbison), Yonkers, N. Y. 

Harbison, Mr. Ralph W. 

Boundary St.. Sewickley. 

(Princeton). Bell 530 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Harbison (Helen M. Harris). 
Harbison, Elmore Harris. 
Harbison, Samuel Pollock. 

Harbison, Mrs. Samuel (Emma Boyd). 
(Pgh. Female College). 
Harbison, Mr. William Albert. 

Harding, Mr. Edward H. 

Mrs. Harding (Jane Elizabeth Cooper). 
Harding, Miss Jane. 
Harding, Mr. James Morgan. 

Harding, Miss Julia Morgan. 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Summer Home — Prospect, Plymouth, Mass. 

1101 Davis i^vE. 
Bell 232 Brady. 

Morrell St. 
Bell 905 Neville. 

Kenmawr Hotel. 
Bell 1938-J Hiland. 

Hardy, Mr. J. Alexander. 

Mrs. Hardy (Margaret Jane Brown). 
Hardy, Miss Mary Rebecca. 
Hardy, Mr. Paul Sexton. 
Hardy, Norman Brown. 
Brown, Miss Margaret. 

429 Rebecca St. 
Bell 5831-R Hiland. 

Harlow, Mr. Alfred B. 

Beaver and Cochrane Sts., Sewickley. 
(Mass. Inst, of Tech.). Bell 287 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Harlow (Elizabeth Dunham). 

Clubs — Woman's Club of Sewickley, Allegheny Country. 
Harlow, Miss Katharine G. 
Harlow, Mr. Alfred Gibbs. 


Harman, Mr. Thomas D. 1126 Heberton Ave. 

Bell 1483-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Harman (Frances Axlett). 
Harman, Miss Frances B. 
Harman, Phyllis A. 
Harman, Mr. Thomas D. 
Harman, Mr. John W. 
Private Car — Marion. 


Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lambre Jr. (Mary E. Harman), Berkley, Cal. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Rovra Jr. (Elizabeth H. Harman), Gary, Ind. 

Harmount, Mrs. Simpson (Julia Card). 125 S. Lang Ave. 

Bell 5917 HUand. 
Harmount, Miss Janet. 
Harmount, Dr. William Card. 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wooldridge, (Helen Harmount). 

Charles L. Wooldridge, Jr. 

Julia Frances Wooldridge. Wellsburg, W. Va. 

Harper, Mr. John A. (Kenyon). 14 Cliff St. 

CZm6— Duquesne. Bell 3788 Grant. 

Mrs. Harper (Flora W. Sherburne). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf, Tuesday Musical, Colonial 

Harper, Miss Florence. 
Harper, Miss Lydia Electa. 
Mallory, Mr. John Harper, 

Harris, Mr. B. F. E. and 4th Sts., Oakmont. 

Clubs— Stanton Heights Golf. Bell 165-J Oakmont. 

Mrs. Harris (Elizabeth Downey). 
Harris, John Downey. 

Hart, Mrs. Sarah W. (Sarah W. Pennock). 

1110 N. Highland Ave. 
Hart, Mr. Pennock. Bell 364 Hiland. 

Chandler, Miss Jane. 

Hart, Mr. William F. 5217 Penn Ave. 

Club— Stanton Heights Golf. Bell 3350-E Hiland. 

Mrs. Hart (Elizabeth Winebiddle Phillips). 

Club — Stanton Heights Golf. 
Hart, William Winebiddle Phillips. 

Hartley, Mrs. Thomas H. (Alice McKee) . 5822 Solway St. 

Bell 4472 Hiland. 
McKee, Miss Ehinie Verner. 
Hartley, Miss Kate. 

Hartley, Mr. Thomas Eeed. 5825 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 928 Hiland. 
Mrs. Hartley (Lyde Holland Davitt). 

Hartupee, Mrs. William D. (Elizabeth M. O'Connor). 

Hotel Schenley. 
Bell 285 Schenley. 

Clubs — 20th Century, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., L'Alliance 


Hakwood, Mr. George Alfred. Morewood Place. 

(Case School of Applied Science). Bell 1016- J Sehenley. 

Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Harwood (Ida Mary Fisher). 

Clubs — Tuesday Musical, Harkaway Hunt. 

Hastings, Mr. John M. Stewart and Farragut A\^s. 

Bell 1603 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Hastings (Mary E. Gillespie). 
Hastings, Miss Helen B. 
Hastings, Jean. 
Hastings, Mary. 

Hawkins, Mr. Eichard Hays. 1405 Squirrel Hill Ave. 

Bell 2437 Sehenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, University. 

Mrs. Haw£;ins (Ada Montgomery McCrea). 

Hawkins, Mr. William G. (W. & J.). 423 Morewood Ave. 

Bell 38 Sehenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Hawkins (Jennie Hays). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Hawkins, Miss Beatrice. 
Hawkins, Mr. Rees. 


Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Ferry, Jr., 1040 Woodward Ave., Detroit. 

Haworth, Mr. J. Frederick. Woodland Road, Edgeworth. 

Bell 424 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Haworth (Sara King Madeira). 
Haworth, Miss Mary King. 
Haworth, Anna Dewhurst. 
Haworth, J. Frederick, Jr. 
Haworth, Richard Riddle. 
Haworth. Alvin King. 

Haworth, Mrs. Jehu (Anna Mary Dewhurst). 

Mosscroft, Maple Lane, Edgeworth. 
Bell 92 Sewickley. 
Haworth, Miss. 
Haworth, Miss M. Alice. 
Haworth, Mr. Riddle D. 

Hax, Mr. C. C. Hotel Schenley. 

Bell 285 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Hax (Bertha M. Wiese). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Hates, Mr. Frank Maurice. 327 Broad St., Sewickley. 

Club — Union. 


Haymaker, Mk. John C. 814 S. Negley Ave. 

Club — Pittsburg Golf. 

Mrs. Haymaker (Anna M. McKnight). 
Haymaker, Miss. 


Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fronheiser, Johnstown. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. 0. Bennett, Bayside, Long Island, N. Y. 

Hay, Mr. Albert B. (Jefferson). 937 Beech Ave. 

Bell 1244-L Cedar. 
Mrs. Hay (Mary Louise Graham). 

Hay, Miss Lou. 

Hay, Miss Alberta. 

Hay, Miss Mary L. 

Hay, Miss Elizabeth. 

Hay, Mr. Albert B., Jr. 

Hay, Mr. Eobert. 

Hay, Mr. Louis. 

Hay, Mr. Eoseoe. 

Hay, Mr. Paul. 

Hay, Mr. J. Walter. Second St., Elizabeth. 

Clubs— Duquesne. Bell 26 Elizabeth. 

Mrs. Hay (Katherine Walker). 

Clubs — 20th Century. 
Summer Home — Elizabeth. 

Hay, Mrs. Malcolm (Virginia Eleanor Southard). 

705 Eidge Ave. 
Hay, Lucy Lewis. Bell 528-J Cedar. 


Mrs. John H. Stewart (Virginia E. Hay). 

Miss Virginia Stewart. 

Mr. John H. Stewart, Jr. 1205 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 

Mr. and Mrs. Keppele Hall (Fanny Southard Hay), Dayton, 0. 

Hay, Mr. Southard (Yale). 917 St. James St. 

Bell 1083-W Schenley. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh, Yale Club of New York. 
Mrs. Hay (Eleanor Humbird), (St. Margaret's School). 
CiMb— Pittsburgh Golf. 
Hay, Malcolm. 

Hays, Mr. Alden N. 417 Thorn St. Sewickley. 

Bell 167-J Sewickley. 
Hays, Miss Martha. 
Hays, Mr. J. Byers. 
Hays, Mr. George A. 

Hays, Mr. Charles H. (W. & J.). Ben Avon. 

Bell 177 Emsworth. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Hays (Ella J. Morford). 
Hays, Charles H., Jr. 
Morford, Miss Cora M. 

Hays, Mr. Edgar T. Beaver Eoad, Coraopolis. 

Bell 107 Coraopolis. 
Mrs. Hays (Eva J. Beacon), ( Blair sville). 


Hays, Mr. Edward F. 151 N. Craig St. 

Bell 1090 Schenley. 
Mrs. Hays (Jane Lynn). 

Hays, Miss F. Anne. 

Hays, Miss Margaret. 

Hays, Miss Mabel D. 

Hays, Mr. Lawrence S. 

Hays, Mr. Edward F., Jr. 

Hays, Mr. Edwin George. 


Bell 220-J Mt. Lebanon. 
Clubs — Americus, Castle Shannon. 
Mrs. Hays (Mary Alden Estep), (National Park). 
Hays, Mary Alden. 
Hays, Jane Harmon. 

Hays, Mr. Gilbert Adams. 530 Academy Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 278 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Edgeworth. 
Mrs. Hays (Sarah Fleming). 

Hays, Miss Fredericka Fleming. 

Hays, Elizabeth Fleming. 

Hays, Mr. David Shields. 

Hays, Mr. George Fleming. 

Hays, Mr. J. Fleming. 

Hays, Mr. James McFadden. 

Hays, Mr. Alexander. 1 Orchard Place, Edgeworth. 

(Princeton). Bell 185-W Sewickley. 

Mrs. Hays (Marie McCullough). 
Hays, Alexander, III. 

Hays, Mrs. Henry Blake (Mary Howard). 

600 S. Highland Ave. 
Bell 369 Hiland. 
Hays, Mr. Louis Blake. 

Hays, Mr. Horace. Bower Hill Road, Mt. Lebanon. 

Bell 11-L Mt. Lebanon. 

Clubs — Americus, Castle Shanon Golf. 

Mrs. Hays (Mary Lucy Urben). 
Hays, Lloyd. 
Hays, Edwin Charles. 

Hays, Mr. John McClurg (Trinity) . 1054 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 1727 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Hays (Cordelia Zane Euston). 
Hays, Mary Euston. 

Winter Home — Camden, S. C. 

Hays, Mr. William Henry. 5200 Westminster Place. 

Bell 393 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Hardware of New York. 

Mrs. Hays (Kate B. Crossan). 

Hays, Mr. and Mrs. William H., Jr. (Anita Wood). 
Hays, Mr. John Crossan. 


Head, Me. Reuben Mansfield (Phillips Exeter). 

314 Cedar Ave. 
Bell 1182-J Cedar. 
Mrs. Head (Mabel Morton), (Penna. College for Women). 


Mr. Marcus Randall Morton, Pine Tree Ranch, Plummer, Idaho. 

Heard, Mr. George. 4745 Bayard St. 

Bell 212 Sehenley. 
Mrs. Heard (Margaret Eaton Neale). 

Clubs — 20th Century, D. A. R. 
Heard, Mr. James Drayton. 
Heard, Mr. Charles Clarke. 

Summer Home — Crown Point, Claysville, Washington Co. 

Heard, Dr. James D. (U. of Penna.). 6314 Marchand St. 

Bell 153 Hiland. 
Clubs — University, Oakmont Country. 
Mrs. Heard (Edith Van E. Mcllvaine). 

Heard, Mrs. James B. 5962 Alder St. 

Bell 4823-J Hiland. 
Heard, Miss Gertrude. 
Heard, Mr. J. J. 

Heckel, Dr. Edward B. 1028 Liverpool St. 

(Allegheny, U. of N. Y.). Bell 144 Brady. 

Club-t — Duquesne, German, University. 

Mrs. Heckel (Matilda Lautner). 

At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Heckel, Josephine Lautner. 
Heckel, Mary Fredrica. 

Summer Home — Ellmore Farm, Kennedy Twp., R. F. D. No. 1, 
Box 91, McKees Rocks. Bell 182 Victor. 

Hechelman, Dr. Herman W. 709 East Park Way. 

Bell 176 Cedar. 
Hechelman, Miss Esta H. 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical. 

Heck, Mr. Emile E. Bank and Graham Sts., Sewickley. 

Bell 368 Sewickley. 
Mrs. Heck (Daisy Craig). 

Heeren, Mr. Otto. 4753 Centre Ave. 

Bell 760-J Sehenley. 
Club — German. 

Mrs. Heeren (Adele Hofman). 
Heeren, Miss Gretchen. 
Heeren, Mr. Albert. 

Heeren, Mr. William. 4733 Centre Ave. 

Bell 1187-J Sehenley. 
Club — German. 
Heeren, Mr. and Mrs. Walter (Bertha Amsler). 
Heeren, Eleanor. 


Heinz, Mr. H. J. Greenlawn, Penn and Murtland Aves. 

Bell 564 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country, Automobile of America. 
Heinz, Miss Henrietta Dorothea. 
Heinz, Mr. Clarence Noble, 
Heinz, Mr. Clifford Stanton. 


Mr. and Mrs. John La Porte Given (Irene Heinz). 

Sarah Isabel Given. 

John La Porte Given III. 

495 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Heinz, Mr. Howard (Yale). Morewood Heights. 

Bell 4330 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
University, Yale Club of New York, University Club of 
New York, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Heinz (Elizabeth G. Eust), (Ogontz). 
Heinz, Henry John, III. 

Hemmick, Mr. Washington A. (Georgetown). 

617 Linden Ave. 
Mrs. Hemmick (Louise C. Carroll). Bell 1955-J Hiland. 

Hemmick, Miss Marie Eleanore. 

Hemmick, Mr. Carroll Leicester. 

Hemphill, Mr. Newton A. 1305 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 764 Hiland. 
Mrs. Hemphill (Mary McMillen). 
Hemphill, Miss Marie Nicholson. 


Mr. and Mrs. James Hemphill, Spokane, Wash. 

Hemphill, Mr. William A. 258 Shady Ave. 

Hemphill, Miss Alice. Bell 196 Hiland. 

Hemphill, Miss Agnes. 
Hemphill, Mr. R. M. 
Hemphill, Mr. L. D. 


Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Peters (Katherine Hemphill), 634 W. 135th St., 

New York. 

Hench, Mr. Jacob Bixler (Lafayette). 5524 Kentucky Ave. 

Bell 1450-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Hench (Clara Showalter). 

Hench, Mr. Atcheson Laughlin. 

Hench, Mr. Philip Showalter. 

Hendrie, Miss Jean. 248 Walnut St., Sewickley. 

Bell 583 Sewickley. 
Hendrie, Mr. Archie. 
Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth. 

Henninger, Dr. Charles Henry. 712 St. James St. 

Bell 1941-R Schenley. 
Mrs. Henninger (Florence Murdoch). 

Henninger, Jean Murdoch. 

Henninger, James Murdoch. 

Murdoch, Miss Katharine. 


Henry, Mr. David Ford (U. of Pgli.). Hotel Henry. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 
Mrs. Henry (Annie Eleanor Irwin), (Edgeworth Seminary). 
At Home Days — Wednesdays. 


Mr. David Ford Henry, Jr. 

Mrs. Henry (Delia Cohn)., Washington, N. J. 

Henry, Mr. James W. 243 Alice Ave. 

Bell 1271 Hill. 
Clubs — Pgh. Athl. Ass'n., Castle Shannon Country. 

Mrs. Henry (Lucy Alston Winters). 
Henry, Frances Elizabeth. 
Henry, James W., Jr. 

Henry, Mr. William David. Grove St., Sewickley. 

Bell 56 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Sewickley, Allegheny Country, Country. 
Mrs. Henry (Mary Grier Lindsay). 

Heppenstall, Mr. C. W. (State) . 6042 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 1742 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Americus. 

Mrs. Heppenstall (Miss Bole), (Beaver). 
Heppenstall, Rachel Eleanor. 
Heppenstall, C. W., Jr. 
Heppenstall, R. B. 

Summer Home — Longport, N. J. 

Heron, Mr. John Brown, Jr. (Yale). 

Hadston, 601 S. Linden Ave. 
CZu 6— Duquesne. Bell 470 Hiland. 

Mrs. Herron (Emily Sprankle). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Colonial Dames. 
Heron, Miss Martha. 
Heron, Mr. John. 
Heron, Mr. Walter S. 

Herron, Mr. Andrew Wilson. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country. 
Mrs. Herron (Jane Jordan). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 
Herron, Jane. 

Herron, Mr. Andrew W., Jr. 
Herron, Mr. Pomroy J. 
Herron, Samuel Davidson. 

Summer Home — Oakmont. 

1151 WiGHTMAN St. 

Bell 713 Schenley. 

Herron, Mr. Harry J. 

Club—S. A. R. 

Mrs. Herron (Laura H. Potter). 
Herron, Mrs. Emma Thompson. 
Herron, John Potter. 
Herron, Frank Thompson. 

Herron, Mr. John Howard. 
Mrs. Herron (Caroline Brown). 

Herron, Miss Nancy Gibson. 

Herron, Mr. Eugene O 'Neil. 

900 Adelaide St. 
Bell 1059-J Schenley. 

5201 Liberty Ave. 
Bell 299 Hiland. 


Herron, Mr. John W. 4845 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 504 Sehenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh Golf, Greensburg Country. 

Mrs. Herron (Miss Eoss). 
Herron, Alice. 
Herron, Dorothy. 

Summer Home — Woodlea, Greensburg. 

Herron, Mrs. E. G. (Elizabeth Nelson Hamilton). 


Bell 2487-L Hiland. 
Herron, Miss Elizabeth. 
Herron, Hamilton Tomlinson. 

Herron, Mr. William Alfred. 
Mrs. Herron (Belle Lewis). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Herron, Mr. Lewis. 

Herron, Mr. Marshall Eodd. 

6104 Kentucky Ave. 
Bell 179 Hiland. 

Hershman, Colonel Oliver S. 200 Bellefield Ave. 

Bell 1052 Sehenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, University, Country, Oakmont Country, 
Automobile, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Hershman (Belle C. Boyd). 

Clubs — Union, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Hetzel, Mr. W. A. 

124 HOMEWOOD Ave. 
Bell 749-E HHand. 
Mrs. Hetzell (Lulu Barr), (Washington Seminary). 
Hetzell, Miss Carolyn. 
Hetzell, Mr. William Barr. 

Hicks, Captain Alfred. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 

Mrs. Hicks (Martha E. Lewis). 

Summer Home — Bungalow, Red Cliff, Col. 


Baum and Graham Sts. 
Bell 944 Hiland. 

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Hicks. 
Alfred Hicks. 
Nelson Hicks. 
Lawrence Hicks. 

1000 Grant Ave., Denver, Col. 

Hicks, Mr. Le-vvis W. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 
Mrs. Hicks (Anna Armstrong), 
Hicks, Wenman Armstrong. 
Hicks, Lewis W., Jr. 

236 S. Negley Ave. 
Bell 5580 Hiland. 

Hill, Mr. Charles Phillips. 5128 Pembroke Place. 

Bell 1346-E Sehenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Fellows', Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Hill (Katherine M. Montague). 

Club — Southern Society. 
Hill, Frances Montague. 
Hill, Charles Phillips, Jr. 
Hill, Arthur Sinclair. 


Hill, Mrs. Charles Stephenson (Fannie Phillips). 

5031 Bayard St. 
Hill, Mr. G. Brown. Bell 237-W Schenley. 

Hill, Mr. Buchanan Houston. 
Hill, Mr. William Corcoran. 

Hill, Mrs. Helene Virginia. 317 Stratford Ave. 

Bell 1101 Hiland. 
Hill, Miss Helene Virginia. 
Hill, Mr. Walter Shields. 
Summer Home — Edgeworth. 

Hill, Mr. Jerome. 5200 Pembroke Place. 

Bell 1042 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 
Mrs. Hill (Mary Jennings). 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Hill, Edward Jennings. 

Hill, Mr. Lucien. Allegheny Country Club.. 

Bell 800 Sewickley. 

Hill, Mr. Samuel Washington. 25 Preston Ave., Bellevue. 

Bell 60-R Neville. 
Mrs. Hill (Elizabeth Coulter Eediek). 
At Home Days — Wednesdays. 
Eediek, Miss Laura. 
Caruthers, Mr. Paul Eediek. 

Hilliard, Mr. W. Henry E. 154 S. Homewood Ave. 

(Harvard). Bell 1464 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Pittsburgh Golf, Country, University^ 

Mrs. Hilliard (Mary McMasters Jones). 
Hilliard, Laura. 
Hilliard, Miss Mary. 
Hilliard, Mr. Henry Eaymond. 
Hilliard, Mr. Thomas Jones. 

Summer Home — Ramatola, Muskoka Lake, Ont., Canada. 

Hillman, Mr. Ernest (Yale). 1125 Wightman St. 

Club— Duquesne. Bell 2430 Schenley. 

Mrs. Hillman (Clara Isabel Gregg), (Miss Dana's School). 

Hillman, Mr. John Hartwell. 1083 Shady Ave. 

CZm6— Duquesne. Bell 1092 Hiland. 

Mrs. Hillman (Sallie Murfree Frazer). 

Hillman, Miss Elizabeth. 

Hillman, Miss Sara Frazer. 

Hillman, Mr. James I'razer. 

Frazer, Mrs. Elizabeth M. 

Hillman, M-^. John Hartwell, Jr. 

1045 Highfield Eoad, Morewood Heights. 
Club— Duquesne. Bell 633 Schenley. 

Mrs. Hillman (Juliet Lea). 
Hillman, Juliet Lea. 
Hillman, John Hartwell, III. 


Hodge, Eev. Hugh L., D.D. (Princeton). 

Thorn and Grant Sts., Sewickley. 
Mrs. Hodge (Annie Bieth). Bell 343 Sewickley. 

Hodge, Beatrice. 

Hodge, Gilbert Bieth. 

HoERLER, Mr. Wn^LiAM A. Fifth Ave. and Emerson St. 
Mrs. Hoerler (Katharine Hemphill). 

Hoerler, Miss Genevieve. 

Hoerler, Mr. James H. 

Hoerler, Mr. William A., Jr. ' 

Summer Home — New Sheffield. 

HOFFMASTER, Mr. G. E. (Knox). 

320 Peebles St., Sewickley. 
Bell 542 Sewickley. 

Clubs^Allegheny Country, Virginia of Norfolk, New York Athletic, 
Edgeworth, Engineer's of Harrisburgh. 

Hogg, Mrs. Frank Trevor (M. Alice Bosler). 

300 S. Dallas Ave. 
Clubs— 20th Century. Bell 490-R Hiland. 

Hogg, Miss Sara E. 
Hogg, Mr. Theodore B. 
Hogg, Mr. Frank Trevor, Jr. 
Hogg, George Ewing. 

Summer Home — Squaw Island, Hyannisport, Mass. 

Hogg, Mr. George Alexander (Kenyon). 1082 Shady Ave. 
CZu6— Duquesne. Bell 1308-J Hiland. 

Mrs. Hogg (Elizabeth Porter). 

Hogg, Miss Mildred Elizabeth. 

Hogg, Miss Sarah Constance. 

Hogg, Mary Caroline. 

Hogg, Alice Trevor. 

Hogg, Mr. George Porter. 

Hogg, William Cecil. 

Hogg, Mrs. John T. (Caroline Austin). Hotel Kenmawr. 
Hogg, Miss Elizabeth. 

Holdship, Mr. Charles Frederick (U. of Pgh.). 

Beaver Road, Glen Osborne. 
Bell 170 Sewickley, 2590 Court. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh University, Allegheny Country. 
Mrs. Holdship (Katharine Duncan Davis). 
Holdship, Katharine White. 
Holdship, Margaret Morris. 
Davis, Miss Helen Willard. 

Holdship, Mr. George Irwin. 1175 Murray Hill Ave. 

Bell 1050 Hiland. 
Mrs. Holdship (Jane Campbell Bakewell). 

Holdship, Mrs. Henry (Maria Irwin). 

% Pittsburgh Supply Co., 445 Water St. 
Ware, Rev. and Mrs. E. T. (Alice Holdship). 

Summer Home — Ogunquit, Maine. 

Winter Home — 169 Vine St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Holland, Dr. William J. (Amherst). .5545 Forbes St. 

Bell 76 Schenley. 
Clubs — Author's of New York, University, Cosmos, Washington. 

-Mrs. Holland (Carrie T. Moorhead). 
Holland, Mr. Moorhead B. 


Mr. and Mrs. Horace R. Moorehead, Lawrence Park, Bronxville, N. Y. 
Mr. and Mrs. F. Raymond Holland (Florence Curtis Bethune), Madi- 
son Ave., New York. 

Holmes, Mr. Abram Garrison. 6417 Kentucky Ave. 

Bell 426 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, Pgh. Athl. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Holmes (Gertrvide E. Walker). 
Holmes, Miss Gertrude W. 

Holmes, Mr. Americus V. Hotel Kenmawr. 

Bell 531 Hiland. 
Club — Duquesne. 
Mrs. Holmes (Catherine A. Cain). 

Holmes, Mrs. John Grier (Sue E. Home). 


Bell 90 Wilkins. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, 20 Century. 
Holmes, Miss Mary Elizabeth. 


Mr. Nathaniel Holmes II., Clear Lakes P. 0., Lincoln Co., Idaho. 

Holmes, Mr. Joseph Horne (Yale). 5917 Walnut St. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Pittsburgh, 

Mrs. Holmes (Gwendolen Burgwin). 

Ciub— Pittsburgh Golf. 
Holmes, Mary Blair. 

Holmes, Mrs. Letitia (Letitia Caldwell). 719 Irwin Ave. 

Bell 613 Cedar. 
Donner, Mr. and Mrs. Percy E. (Elizabeth Hamilton). 
Donner, Letitia Holmes. 

Holmes, Mr. Nathaniel. Morewood and Fifth Aves. 

Bell 129 Schenley. 
Ciubs— Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Holmes, Miss Eleanor K. 

HooPES, Mr. Edward. 33 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

Bell 235 Sewickley. 
Club — Allgeheny Country. 

Mrs. Hoopes (Elizabeth Geary). 

Clubs — Woman's of Sewickley, Allegheny Country. 
Hoopes, Elizabeth. 
Hoopes, Edward, Jr. 

Hoopes, Mr. William (Lehigh). 310 S. Linden Ave. 

Bell 3885-R HUand. 
Mrs. Hoopes (Dorothy Stockton), (St. Mary's Hall). 
Hoopes, Penelope. 


Bell 3510 Hiland. 

Club — Duqiiesne, Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Hornberger. 

Club — Criterion. 

Hornberger, Miss Agnes Warren. 

Horne, Mr. Albert A. "D 'Arlington Apts./' Neville St. 

Mrs. Horne (Eleanor Pendleton Palmer). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Colonial Dames, D. A. R. 


Mr. William Pendleton Palmer, Cleveland, 0. 

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Black, Lakewood, N. J., Mentor, Ohio, and 
New York City. 

Horne, Mr. Durbin (Yale). 7408 Penn Ave. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Union, University. Bell 509 Hiland. 

Mrs. Horne (Mary Andrew), (Mrs. Pratt's School, Utica). 
Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Horne, Mr. Joseph. 

Horne, Mrs. Elisabeth M. (Elisabeth McM. Jones). 

Horne, Miss Madaleine F. Lynndale Ave. 

Horne, Miss Elsa. 

Horne, Franklin J. 

Summer Home — Sewickley Heights, Sewickley. 
Winter Home — Lake Drive, Lakewood, N. J. 

HosACK, Mr. George Mechlin (U. of M.) . 209 Lytton Ave. 

Bell 1684 Sehenley. 

" Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pgh. Athl. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Hosack (Delia Gertrude Clark). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Daughters of 1812. 

Hosack, Margaret. 
Hosack, George Murphy. 
Hosack, William Clark. 

Hostetter, Mr. D. Herbert. 4848 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 170 Sehenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Country, Oakmont, Pgh. 
Athl. Ass'n., New York Yacht, Larchmont Yacht, Ekwanok 
Country, Essex County. 

Mrs. Hostetter (Miriam Gerdes). 
Hostetter, Miriam Virginia. 
Hostetter, Helene. 
Hostetter, Mr. D. Herbert, Jr. 
Hostetter, Mr. Frederick Gerdes. 

Summer Home — Wyvernwood, Beverley, Mass. 
Yachts — AuxR Yawl^ Onawa. 

House, Mr. Edward J. (Yale). 300 S. Linden Ave. 

Bell 6328 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Mrs. House (Helen Horne). 

House, Mr. John G. A. 4520 Forbes St. 

Mrs. House (Esther Little). 

House, William. 

Little, Miss Beulah B. 


House, Mr. William Hunter. Inverness, Library. 

Bell 35-E-3 Library. 
Mrs. House (Martha Cameron Green). 

At Home Days — Saturdays. 

Houseman, Mrs. M. H. (Mary Young). 
Hoviseman, Edith Mary. 

Houston, Mr. Charles Wilson. 338 Atlantic Ave. 

Bell 373 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pgh. Athl. Ass'n., Stanton Heights Golf, Lakewood Country. 
Mrs. Houston (Fanny Sherer Parker). 

Houston, Mr. James E. 5826 Darlington Eoad. 

Bell 6208-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Houston (Edith C. Taylor). 

Houston, William Taylor. 

Houston, James Edward, Jr. 

Howard, Mr. Levi Hartley. 1105 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 1090-E Cedar. 
Mrs. Howard (Caroline L. Mason). 

Howard, Carolyn Denning. 

Howard, Eebekah Elodie. 


Mr. and Mrs. Woodword Williams (Althea Howard), Kirkwood, Mo. 

Howard, Mr. Hartley, Jr. (Lehigh). Oakleigh, Arnold. 

Bell 56-E New Ken. 
Mrs. Howard (Mary Painter). 

Howard, Constance. 

Howard, Kenneth. 

Howard, J. Painter. 

Howard, Hartley, III. 

Howe, Mr. George Allaire (Princeton). Hotel Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, University Club of 

New York. 
Summer Home — Midfield, Coburg, Ontario, Canada. 

How,E, Mr. Julian Bigelow (William's). Edgeworth. 

Bell 42 Sewiekley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Howe (Marion Elizabeth Clapp), (St. Margaret's). 
Howe, Katherine Elizabeth. 

Howe, Mrs. William T. (Ida E. Faber) . 6414 Kentucky Ave. 

Bell 2493-R Hiland. 
Clubs — 20th Century, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Art Society. 
Howe, Miss Gladys, 
Howe, Dorothy. 
Howe, Mr. W'illiam T., Jr. 

Howell, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary Parkinson). 

6600 Northumberland St. 
Howell. Miss Blanche C. Bell 2967-J Hiland. 

Howell, Miss M. Effie. 
Howell, Mr. Clarence H.. 


HowER, Mr. Harry Sloan. 316 Melwood St. 

(Case School of Applied Science), (U. of Berlin). 

Bell 573-R Schenley. 
Club — German. 
Mrs. Hower (Sara Brown Chester). 
Hower, Thomas Chester. 

Hubbard, Mr. George. 6038 Stanton Ave. 

Mrs. Hubbard (Emma Hughes). 

Clii b — Travelers' . 

Hubbard, Mr. John Winslow. 

Ellsworth Ave. and Colonial Place. 
Bell 678 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Countrj', Old Club at Lake St. Clair, Mich. 

Mrs. Hubbard (Cora E. Maltz). 
Hubbard, Cora Winslow. 
Pack, Mr. Albert. 

Summer Home — Old Club, Lake St. Clair, Mich. 

HuBLEY, Mr. Grant. 345 Graham St. 

Bell 817 Hiland. 
Club — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Hubley (Laura Jones). 
Hubley, Miss Agnes Jones. 
Hubley, Helen Louise. 
Hubley, Mr. George W. 

Hubley, Mr. Samuel Dinsmore (U. of Pgh.) . 327 Pacific Ave. 

Bell 1248-L Hiland. 
Mrs. Hubley (Gertrude Anne Littell). 
At Home Days — Wednesdays. 

Hudson, Mrs. Thomas James (Elizabeth Reilly). 

6018 Walnut St. 
Bell 4.596-Ii Hiland. 
Hudson, Miss Anne Elizabeth. 
Hudson, Mr. Thomas Barrett. 

Hufnagel, Mr. Frederick Bernhard. 531 N. Negley Ave. 
(Cornell). Bell 3318 HHand. 

Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Hufnagel (Ceora Wilson Thompson), (Smith). 

Clubs — College, 20th Century, Stanton Heights Golf. 

Hukill, Mr. Henry Orville. 450 Lincoln Ave. 

Bell 34 Neville. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Bellevue Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Hukill, Henry Orville, Jr. 

Humbird, Mr. James S. (W. & J.). 5734 Kentucky Ave. 

Bell 6270-J Hiland. 
Club — Duquesne. 
Mrs. Humbird (Emma Chambers), (Penna. College for Wo- 
Club — 20th Century. 
Humbird, Mr. John C. 
Humbird, Mr. James S., Jr. 


Humphrey, Dr. Walter Newton. 

1407 Middle St., Sharpsburg. 
(Jefferson Medical). Bell 141- J Sharpsburg. 

Mrs. Humphrey (Mary Florence Depue). 
Humphrey, William Depue. 

Humphreys, Mr. William Y. 303 Dallas Ave. 

Bell 310 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, Country, Pgh. Ath'L Ass'n. 
New York Yacht, Automobile, Hyannisport Golf. 

Mrs. Humphreys (Ellie Stephenson). 

Humphreys, Elizabeth S. 

Humphreys, Katharine. 

Humphreys, Mr. William Y., Jr. 

Humphreys, Mr. John S. 

Humphreys, Alan. 

Humphreys, Marshall. 

Summer Home — Indian Rock, Hyannisport, Mass. 
Yacht — Halcyon. 

Hunt, Mr. Azor E. Tenth Ave., Munhall. 

Bell 212-Eing-33 Homestead. 
Cl u b — Duquesne. 
Mrs. Hunt (Emma J. Christianar). 
Hunt, Mr. Harry C. 
Hunt, Mr. Fred L. 


Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Howell (Florence Hunt), Poplar St., Wyoming, 

Hunter, Mr. Alexander Stuart (W. & J.). 

5826 Fifth Ave., nr. Woodland Eoad. 
Bell 839 Hiland. 
Mrs. Hunter (Lsetitia Hunter), (Ingleside Seminary). 
Club — Woman's Club of Wilkinsburg. 
Hunter, Miss Lsetitia. 
Hunter, Mr. Alexander H. 
Hunter, Mr. Joseph F. 

Hunter, Mr. Frank Milton. 1047 S. Negley Ave. 

Bell 802 Hiland. 

Clubs — Stanton Heights, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Hunter (Mary Eva Grier), (Mt. Holyoke). 

Clubs — Mt. Holyoke Alumnae .\ss'n., Muskingum Alumnae Ass'n. 

Hunter, Mr. John P. (W. & J.). 5819 Wellesley Ave. 

Bell 1936 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Hunter (Mary Agnew), (Penna. College for Women). 
Hunter, Miss Olive M. 
Hunter, Miss Mary C. 
Hunter, Thomas A. 

Huselton, Mrs. William S. (Eva Hays Davis). 

4936 Fifth Ave. 
Bell 243 Schenley. 
Huselton, Miss Eoma M. 
Huselton, Miss Frances Hays. 
Huselton, Mr. Norman E. 


HussEY, Mrs. C. Curtis (Harriet Byram). 308 Cedar Ave. 

Bell 134 Cedar. 
Clubs — 20th Century, Allegheny Country, Adirondack League. 
Hussey, Mr. Curtis Grubb. 
Hussey, Mr. Fred B. 
Byram, Miss. 


Mr. and Mrs. A. Lochner de Villiers (Clara E. Hussey) Paarl, South 

Mr. and Mrs. John Hussey, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Summer Home — Adirondack Club, Bisby Lake, N. Y. 

HusTOX, Mr. James A. Academy Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 323 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Huston (Amanda Wilkins). 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, Woman's Club of Sewickley. 
Huston, Miss Nanette. 
Huston, Miss Hayesel W. 
Huston, Mr. James A., Jr. 

Hutchinson, Mrs. Frank M. (Sophia Lord Cass). 

245 Broad St., Sewickley. 
Bell 84-J and 84-L Sewickley. 
Club—D. a. R. 
Hutchinson, Mr. Frank M., Jr. 

Xettleton, Dr. and Mrs. DeWitt Baldwin (Ellen Daw- 
son Hutchinson). 


Mr. and Mrs. George Hutchinson (Helen Dunlop). 
George Cass Hutchinson, .Jr. 

315 W. Ninety-seventh St., New York, N. Y. 

Hutchinson, Dr. Henry A. (U. of Penna.). Dixmont. 

Bell 180 Emsworth. 
Mrs. Hutchinson (Elizabeth Y. Lore). 

Clubs — Woman's Club of Sewickley. 

Hutchinson, Mr. Paul D. 5514 Broad St. 

Mrs. Hutchinson (Isabel McKelvy Barbour). 

Iams, Mr. Franklin Pierce. Tyndall and Huxley Sts. 

Bell 243-J Victor. 
(Waynesburg, Ann Arbor). 
Mrs. Iams (Lucy Virginia Dorsey), (Waynesburg). 
Iams, Mr. Jesse Dorsey. 

Jams, Dr. Jay Donald (W. & J., U. of Pgh.). 

2863 Chartiers Ave., Sheridanville. 
Mrs. Iams (Grace Forrester Donnan). 
Iams, Charlotte Dorsey. 

Imbrie, Mr. Addison Murray (W. & J.). 6409 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 731 Hiland. 

Club — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Imbrie (Hattie Silliman). 
Imbrie, Mr. Boyd Vincent. 
Silliman, Mrs. James P. 


IHMSEN, Mrs. Christian, Jr. (Mary Naglee Catherwood). 

618 Harbaugh St., Sewickley. 
Ihmsen, Mr. S. Horner. Bell 197 Sewickley. 

Catherwood, Miss M. M. 

Imhoff, Mrs. Wallace Marshall (Elizabeth L. Imhoff). 

6805 Penn Ave. 
Imhofle, Miss Mary Virginia. Bell 5131 Hiland. 

Imhoff, Mr. Joseph Dock. 
Imhoff, Mr. Kenneth Skeer. 


Mr. Wallace Garretson Imhoff. 

Summer Address — Ishpeming, Mich. 
Winter Address — Universit.v of Wisconsin. 

Irish, Mrs. Dallas Cadwallader. Penn and Dallas Aves. 

Irish, Miss Charlotte Dallas. Bell 357 Hiland. 

Irish, Mr. Franklin C. Morewood Heights. 

Mrs. Irish (Alberta Harper). Bell 2773 Hiland. 

Irish, Mr. Howard (Wooster). University Club. 

Club — Duquesne, University. Bell 2010 Court. 

Irwin, Miss Hannah. 9 Beaver St., Sewickley. 

Irwin, Mr. John T. Bell 163-J Sewickley. 

Irwin, Miss Elizabeth. Edgeworth Lane, Edgeworth. 

Irwin, Mr. Henry, Jr. Shields Station. 

Mrs. Irwin. Bell 89 Sewickley. 

Irwin, Mr. Charles Edwin. 

Irwin, Mr. Henry T. (Lehigh). 

409 Edgeworth Lane, Edgeworth. 
Bell 4 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Irwin (Helen Perry). 
Club — Allegheny Country. 
Irwin, Barbara Perry. 

Irwin, Dr. J. Kennedy (Jefferson Medical). 808 Beatty St. 

Clubs — Ben Avon Country. Bell 1312 Grant. 

Mrs. Irwin (Myrtle Murdoch). 

Clubs — Ben Avon Country. 
Irwin, Mr. James Harvey. 
Irwin, Mr. Eichard Webb. 

Irwin, Mr. Lewis. 805 Western Ave. 

BeU 791 Cedar. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Misquamicut Golf Club, 
Watch Hill, R. I. 

Mrs. Irwin (Emma A. Riddle). 

Club — 20th Century. 


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Jones (Ida Irwin). 

Louis Irwin Jones. 

Katharine Jones. 981 Central Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 


Jack Mr. Wilbur Lee. 6427 Darlington Eoad. 

Bell 5921 Hiland. 
Mrs. Jack (Olive Aline Chessrown). 

Jack, Virginia Louise Chessrown. 

Jack, Mrs. Anna S. 

JACKMAN, Mr. E. F. 4901 Fifth Ave. 

Clubs-Duqnesne, Country. Bell 41 Sebenley. 

Jackman, Miss Eose Virginia. 
Jackman, Mr. James C. 

Jackson, Miss Mary Louise. 6842 Penn Ave. 

Bell 345 Hiland. 
Clubs— 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 

James, Mr. Henry Duval. 12 Trenton Ave., Edgewood. 

(U. of Penna.). Bell 538-L Wilkins. 

Club — Sylvan Canoe. 

Mrs. James (Elizabeth Blakeslee). 
James, Katharine Duvall. 

Jamison, Mrs. Robert (Catherine Arbuekle). 

602 Sherman Ave. 
Jamison, Miss. Bell 186 Cedar. 

.Jamison, Miss Martha A. 
Arbuekle, Miss Christena. 

Winter Home — Lakewood, N. J. 


Mr. Charles A. Jamison, 71 Water St., New York. 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Jamison, 1 W. 72d St., New York, N. Y. 

Jarrett, Mr. Walter C. 266 Shady Ave. 

Bell 723 Hiland. 
Mrs. .Larrett (Caroline Crossen). 
Jarrett, Mr. Thomas ^Morris. 

Jarvis, Mr. Frank W. (Princeton). Shiels Station. 

Clubs— Colonial, Princeton, University. Bell 156-J Sewickley. 

Mrs. Jarvis (Enth Wilson). 
Jarvis, Frank W., Jr. 

Jefferis, Mr. Samuel W. 741 N. St. Clair St. 

Bell 2209-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Jefferis (Henrietta Woolslayer). 
Jefferis, Miss Charlotte C. 

Summer Home — R. F. D. No. 1, Erie. 

Jenkins, Mr. Edward E. (Harvard). 916 College Ave. 

Bell 1154 Hiland. 
Clubs — University, Union, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Harvard. 
Mrs. Jenkins (Evalyn Grimes). 
Jenkins, Eiehsrd E. 
Jenkins, E. Kenneth. 

Summer Home — Spring Lake, N. J. 

Jenkins, Miss Marion J. Bellefield and Centre Aves. 

Jenkins, Miss Jennie M. Bell 632 Schenley. 


Jenkins, Mr. Thomas Clifton (Harvard). 6319 Walnut St. 

Bell 1512 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duqiiesne, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country, Union.^ 

Mrs. Jenkins (Clara Horton Shaw). 

Clubs — D. A. R., Colonial Dames. 
Jenkins, Elizabeth Eleanor J. 
Jenkins, Clara Dorothea. 
Jenkins, Alfred Elliotte J. 

Summer Home — Jersey Ave., Spring Lake, N. J. 

Jenkinson, Mr. Alexander M. 5025 Castleman St.. 

Bell 145 Schenley^ 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Jenkinson (Gertrude Fry). 
Jenkinson, Gertrude. 

Jenkinson, Mrs. Eichard (Mary J. Montgomery). 

409 Neville St.. 
Jenkinson, Mr. John M. Bell 1298 Schenley.. 

Laughlin, Eichard Jenkinson. 
Laughlin, Francis Bailey. 
Laughlin, William Hamilton. 

Jennings, Mr. Edward H. Fifth and Amberson Ave. 

Bell 160 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Jennings (Ella M. Bailey). 
Jennings, Mr. Eichard G. 
Jennings, Mr. Edward H., Jr. 
Jennings, Murray Verner. 

Summer Home — Lakewood, N. Y. 

Jennings, Mr. John Gundry (Princeton). 

Katherest, 5426 Fifth Ave. 
Bell 374 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Pittsburgh Country. 

Mrs. Jennings (Katharine McCandless). 
Jennings, Katharine Evans. 
Jennings, Mr. Charles McCandless. 
Jennings, Eichard. 

Summer Home — Grand View Farm, Butler. 

Jennings, Mrs. Eichard Morley (Ella Henry). 

5600 Fifth Ave. 
Bell 278 Hiland. 
Jennings, Miss Margaret Jenifer. 
•Jennings, Miss Dorothy Evans. 
Jennings, Eichard Morley, Jr. 

Jennings, Mr. W. K. (W. & J.). 5226 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 110 Schenley. 
Mrs. Jennings (Alice E. Crawford). 

Jennings, Miss Clara. 

Jennings, Miss Florence. 

Jennings, Mr. Dale. 

Johns, Mr. Charles A. 79 Parkview Ave. 

Mrs. Johns (Sarah Stewart). Bell 525 Schenley. 

Johns, Henry D. 


Johns, Mr. George H. 

Mrs. Johns (Elsie S. DeWitt). 

A t Home Days — Thursdays. 
Johns, I. DeWitt. 
Johns, Henry III. 
Johns, Shirley Ash. 

1205 Chislett St. 

Johns, Mr. Henry, Jr. (U. of Houston). 

Mrs. Johns (Josephine Dauler). 
Johns, Miss Mildred D. 
Knode, Nelson Johns. 

3447 Bouquet St. 
Bell 24.57 Schenley. 

Johnson, Mr. Charles P. 

Northumberland and Wightman Sts. 
699-R Schenley. 

Mrs. Johnson (Susie Sawyer). 

Johnson, Dr. T. D. Barton. 

Mrs. Johnson (Eugenie Maple). 
Johnson, Miss Mary Barton. 
Johnson, Dorothea. 
Johnson, Mr. Thomas Maple. 

822 N. St. Clair St. 
Bell 477-L Hiland. 

Johnson, Mr. Theodore. 

Mrs. Johnson (Ella Louise Cole), 
Johnson, Mr. Russell A. 

Johnson, Mr. Thomas H. (W. & J.). 

Mrs. Johnson (Martha Patterson). 
Johnson, Miss Bessie. 
Johnson, Miss Margaret. 
Johnson, Mr. William K. 

5300 Ellsworth Ave. 
Bell 454 Schenley, 

619 S. Negley Ave. 
Bell 919-W Hiland. 

Johnson, Mr. William Franklin. 

337 Pacific Ave. 
Bell 4648-R Hiland. 

Mrs. Johnson (Cornelia Amsden Wilson). 
Chib—O. A. R. 
Johnson, Justice Guffey. 

Johnston, Mr. Charles M. 

D 'Arlington Apts., Neville and Bayard Sts. 

Bell 411 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duqiiesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Pittsburgh Field. 
Mrs. Johnston (Sarah A. Shaw), (Swarthmore). 
Johnston, Elinor. 
Johnston, Mr. Arch B. 

Johnston, Mr. G. W. C. 

5740 Aylesboro Ave. 
Bell 477 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Americus, TrafBc, Pgh. Ath'l. 

Mrs. Johnston (Emma Townley). 
Johnston, Genevieve. 
Johnston, Elizabeth. 
Johnston, Edward Townley. 


JoHXSTON, :Mr. J. E. C St., Oakmont. 

C/hJ>— Oakmont Boat. Bell 404-J Oakmont. 

Mrs. Johnston (Mary Hollobaugh). 

Clubs — Oakmont Woman's. 
Johnston, Miss Emma. 
Johnston. Mr. C. Tabor. 

Johnston, :Mii. Leslie M. (Yale). 5307 Westminster St. 

BeU 81-W Schenley. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Johnston, Mr. Xortvood. 470 Rebecca St. 

BeU 1069 HUand. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Johnston (Frances Graham). 
Johnston, Frances. 
Johnston, Louise. 
Johnston, Mr. Xorwood, Jr. 
Johnston, Graham. 

Johnston, ^Irs. Simon (Elizabeth Shannon Read). 

42.5 X. Xeglet Ave. 
Johnston, Miss Anne Read. ^eU 2815 Hiland. 

Johnston, Mr. William Alexander. 
Howard, Mrs. Elizal^eth Johnston. 
Howard, William Johnston. 
Howard, Edwin Johnston. 

Johnston, ]Mr. Stewart. Cranston Farm, Coraopolis. 

(Rensselaer Poly 'c Inst.). 
Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Johnston (Eleanor D. Hogg). 
Johnston, Miss Caroline. 

Jones, Mr. B. F., Jr. 808 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 642 Cedar. 

C/!/fc.«^Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pgh. Ath'l. 
Ass'n. University. 

Mrs. Jones (Sue Dalzell). 
Jones, Adelaide Dalzell. 
Jones, ISIr. B. F. III. 

Summer Home — Fairacres, Sewiekley Heights, Sewickley, Bell 106 

Jones, Mr. Charles L. (Princeton). 936 Beech Ave. 

Bell 428-J Cedar. 
Clubs — Oakmont Country, University, Princeton of New York. 
Jones, Miss Xellie A. 
Jones, Mr. Walter S. 
Jones, Mr. Thomas M. 

Jones, Me. E. E. Eighth St., Oakmont. 

Clubs— Tgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Oakmont. Bell 279 Oakmont. 

Mrs. Jones (Lillie H. King). 
Jones, David E. 
Jones, Paul King. 


Mr. and Mrs. David Jones, Waynesburg. 
Mrs. I. J. Williams, Philadelphia. 


Jones, Mr. Frederick Herr. Woodland Road, Sewickley. 
Club— Allegheny Country. Bell 637-J Sewickley. 

Mrs. Jones (Katharine Stark Tift). 

Jones, Elizabeth Mallory. 

Jones, Sarah Stark. 

Jones, Frederick Herr, Jr. 

Jones, Mr. Joseph. 475 S. Atlantic Ave. 

Bell 1739 Hiland. 

Clubs — Countrj', Lakewood Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Jones (Jean Hubley). 
Jones, Rebecca H. 
Jones, Katherine. 

Summer Home — Lakewood, N. Y. 

Jones, Mr. Robert Webster. 5519 Darlington Road. 

(U. of Rochester). Bell 1901-J Schenley. 

Mrs. Jones (Lydia K. Murdoch), (Penna. College for Wo- 
men). Q, 
Jones, Robert Jamfeon. 
Jones. Alexander Murdoch. 

Jones, Mr. William J. 3424 Parkview Ave. 

Bell 297 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Oakmont. 

Mrs. Jones (Anna H. Harris). 

At Home Days — Wednesday. 
Jones, Miss Carolyne. 
Jones, Mr. J. Rothwell. 
Jones, Wm. J., Jr. 
Harris, Miss Gertrude May. 

Jones, Mr. William L. 4842 Ellsworth Ave. 

C/«bs— Duquesne. Bell 503 Schenley. 

Jones, ^[iss Winifred Neville. 
Jones, Miss Rebecca Shields. 

Jones, Mr. William Larimer (Princeton). 5722 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 85 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Universit}', Pittsburgh Golf, Pgh. 
Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Jones (Leila Addison Dilworth). 

Jones, Mr. William Larimer, Jr. 

Jones, Dr. William W. (U. of Penna.). 940 Western Ave. 

Bell 235 Cedar. 
Mrs. Jones (Hannah M. Short). 

Jones, Miss Virginia. 

Jones, Miss Margaret Bennett. 

Justice, Mr. William Martin. 6628 Beacon St. 

Bell 5155-R Hiland. 
(Friends Central of Philadelphia). 
Mrs. Justice (Essie Van Lysle). 
Justice, Miss Margaret Mary. 
Justice, Miss Esther Victoria. 
Justice, Ruth Lysle. 
Justice, William W. 

Summer Home — Richwood, N. J. 

JuTTE, Mrs. William Charles (Jane Brokaw). Arcola, Pa. 

Jutte, Miss Augusta. 
Jutte, Miss Jane Holmes. 
Jutte, Charles Brokaw. 
Jutte, William Einehart. 
Jutte, James Friend. 

Karr, Mr. C. H. Negley and Centre Aves. 

Clubs — -Stanton Heights Golf. 

Kay, Mr. Frederick Goddard. 5430 Forbes St. 

Bell 39 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duqiiesne, University, Allegheny Country, Pittsburg, Pitts- 
burgh Golf. 

Mrs. Kay (Jane O'Hara). 
Kay, Miss Luey Starling. 
Kay, Mr. Alfred Goddard. 

Summer Home — Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 

Kay, Mr. James I. 5440 Forbes St. 

Bell 368 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Kay (Jenny M. Totten). 

Clubs— 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Ebbert, Mr. and Mrs. George Singer (Louise Kay). 
Ebbert, James Kay. 

Kay, Mr. Robert C. (Lafayette). 5440 Forbes St. 

Bell 368 Schenley. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Keating, Mr. F. A. (Fordham University). H St., Oakmont. 

Bell 248 Oakmont. 
Clubs — Oakmont Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Keating (Miss Eowland). 
Keating, Marion. 
Keating, Edith. 
Keating, Matilda. 
Keating, Jean. 
Keating, Ann. 
Keating, Lynford. 
Keating, Eowland. 
Keating, Anthony. 

Iveeble, Mrs. Martin Edward (Miss Glendinning). 

1153 WiGHTMAN St. 

Bell 18 10- J Schenley. 
Keeble, Miss Margaret Catherine. 
Keeble, Mr. Edward James. 
Keeble, Mr. Glendinning Maynard. 
Wood, Dorothea Louise, 

Keefer, Mr. W. W. (Lebanon). 4302 Grant Blvd. 

Bell 840 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 

Mrs. Keefer (Sarah James). 
Keefer, Miss Portia. 
Keefer, Pat. 


Xeenan, Mr. Charles G. 434 Bayne Ave., Bellevue. 

Bell 151-W Belleviie. 
Mrs. Keexax, (Evelyn Larrabee Childs). 

Keenau, Phillip Childs. 

Keenan, Charles G., Jr. 

IKeenan, Mrs. Thomas J. (Sophie Latimer Gaskell). 

Hotel Schenley. 
Bell 1607 Schenley. 

Clubs — American, Hibiscus and Quiz Clubs of Isle of Pines. 

Keenan, Miss Sophie Gaskell. 
Keenan, Mr. Thomas Johnston. 

Summer Home — Girard. 

]]'inter Home — Brazo Fuerte Nueva Gerona, Isle of Pines. 

Keller, Mr. William H. 130 N. Linden Ave. 

Bell 4990-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Keller (Alice Belle Hughes). 
Hughes, Mrs. A. F. 

Kelly, Mr. A. J., Jr. (U. of Pgh.). 137 Bellefield Ave. 

Bell 684 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Kelly (Julia S. Kuhn). 

Clubs — Tuesday Musical. 

Kelly, Miss Edith C. 
Kelly, Mr. Walter H. 
Kelly, Mr. Harry F. 
Kelly, Paul. 

Kelly, Mr. George A., Jr. (Princeton). .500 Shady Lane. 

Bell .583 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Oakmont Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Stan- 
ton Heights. 

Kelly, Miss Grace R. 


Mr. and Mrs. Murray Charles Beebe (Ag^es Kelly). 

Agnes Roseburgh Beebe. 

Murray Charles Beebe, Jr. 211 Langdon St., Madison, Wis. 

Kelly, Mr. John Gracey. 201 Murtland Ave. 

Bell 2130 Hiland. 
Mrs. Kelly (Agnes C. Kenny). 
Kelly, Miss Mildred A. 

Xelly, Mr. Joseph. 5441 Baywood St. 

Mrs. Kelly (Sara Wilson Scovel). Bell 5441 Hiland. 

Kelly, Mr. Joseph A. Wilkins and Murray Aves. 

Bell 3832 Hiland. 
Mrs. Kelly (Luna Gibson), (Pgh. Female College). 
Club— College. 

Kelly, Mr. Samuel Roseburgh (Princeton). 

1145 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union. Bell 98 Hiland. 

Mrs. Kelly (Margaretta Bell Park). 
Kelly, Eleanor Park. 
Kelly, Harriet Roseburgh. 
Kelly, George Armstrong. 

Summer Home — Hillside Farm, Ebensburg, Cambria Co.. 

Kelley, Mr. John William (U. of W.). 

5531 Ellsworth A\t;. 
Bell 589-R HUand. 
Mrs. Kelley (Nellie E. Weart). 
Kelley, Mary Elizabeth. 
Kelley, Lillian May . 
Kelley, John Weart. 

Kelley, Mr. R. H. Springwood, 5823 Walnut St. 

Bell 384 Hiland. 
Mrs. Kelley (Margaret Winston). 

Kelley, Miss Frances H. 

Kelley, Miss Margaret. 

Kelley, Miss Bessie. 

Kelsey, Mr. Joel L. Ellsworth Ave. 

Mrs. Kelsey (Mary Rodd). 

Kelso, Rev. James A., Ph.D., D.D. 725 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 1184-J Cedar. 
(W. & J., U. of Leipsic). 
Mrs. Kelso (Wilhelmina Wise). 

Kendall, Mr. J. L. 5048 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 679 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pgh. Ath'I. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Kendall (Kathryn Guiler). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 
Kendall, Miss Mary Willa. 
Kendall, Miss Kathryn Guiler. 
Kendall, J. L., Jr. 
Kendall, Eugene Wallace. 

Summer Home — "Kendallwood," Somerset Co. 

Kennedy, Mr. Delmont Jones. 240 Graham St. 

Bell 2848 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'I. Ass'n., Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Kennedy (Anna S. Reed). 
Kennedy, Miss Jean Marshall. 
Kennedy, Miss Gertrude Reed. 
Kennedy, Miss Anna Mae. 
Kennedy, Mr. Delmont Jones, Jr. 
Kennedy, Thomas Reed. 
Kennedy, George Chalfant. 


Mr. and Mrs. William E. Ostermair (Elizabeth Leone Kennedy), Edge- 
wood Apartment, Hutchinson Ave., Swissvale. 

Kennedy, Mr. Fred H. 5729 Walnut St. 

Bell 2167-J Hiland 
Kennedy, Miss Sara M. 
Kennedy, Miss Margaret. 
Brown, Miss Annie C. 

Kennedy, Mr. Joseph W. (Yale). 5711 Northumberland St. 

Bell 476 Schenley. 
Mrs. Kennedy (Katherine Worcester), (Vassar). 

Kennedy, Mr. Julian (Yale). 5400 Forbes Ave. 

Bell 44 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh Golf, Country, Ph. Ath'l. 
Ass'n., University Club of New York. 

Mrs. Kennedy (Jennie E. Brenneman). 

Clubs — 2 0th Century, Tuesday Musical. 
Kennedy, Miss Eliza Jane. 
Kennedy, Mr. Julian, Jr. 
Kennedy, Mr. Thomas Walker. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. John O. (Lucy B. Kennedy). 
Miller, Julian. 

Summer Home — Crusoe Island, Muskoka Lake, Ont., Canada. 

Kennedy, Mr. William Maxwell. 4837 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 904 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh Golf, St. Nicholas Club 
of New York. 

Mrs. Kennedy (Eliza MeClintock). 
Kennedy, Miss Charlotte. 


Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Kennedy (Sophia Moore). 

Carolyn Kennedy. 

Elizabeth Kennedy. Gouvenuer and Berkley Sts., Trenton, N. J. 

Kenney, Mr. James M. 1129 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 626 Hiland. 
Mrs. Kenney (Flora J. W^ilson). 

Kenney, Miss Mary. 

Kenney, Mr. J. M., Jr. , 

Kenney, Mr. Egbert Wilson. 516 S. Highland Ave. 

Bell 3700 Hiland. 
Mrs. Kenney (Mary Elizabeth Brace). 

Kerr, Miss Euphemia Gifford. 28 Oakland Apt. 

Bell 772-L Schenley. 

Kerr, Dr. J. P. 1908 Carson St. 

Bell 331 Hemlock. 
Mrs. Kerr. 

Kerr, Miss Helen H. 
Kerr, Avice. 
Kerr, Carl. 

Summer Home — New Galilee. 

Kerr, Mr. W. N. 236 Broad St., Sewickley. 

Bell 160 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Kerr (Juliet E. Warden), (Ogontz). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 
Winter Residence — Camden, S. C. 

Kew, Dr. Arthur. 806 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 1246-J Schenley. 
Mrs. Kew (Grace Louise Johnston). 
Kew, Theodore Johnston. 


KiBLER, Mr. Jamks Eobinson. 1708 Irwin^ Ave. 

Bell 1353-J Cedar. 
Mrs. Kibler (Mary Adrienne McNair). 
McNair, Mrs. Martha Spencer. 


Mr. Charles Edwin Kibler. 
Mrs. Kibler (Janet Crawford). 
Kibler, James Edwin. 

KiEHL, Mr. Henry S. 4748 Wallingford St. 

Mrs. Kiehl (Harriett Babst). Bell 1971 Schenley. 

Kiehl, Miss Eleanor. 

Kiehl, Mr. Marshall. 

Kiehl, Henry S., Jr. 

KiEE, Mr. Frank Jones. D 'Arlington Apts., Neville St. 
Mrs. Kier (Mary Myler). 

Ejer, Mr. Porter Sawyer. 5443 Fifth Ave. 

(U. of Pgh., U. of Penna.). Bell 47 Hiland. 

Clubs — University, Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Kier (Florence Edna Chessrown). 
Kier, Porter Sawyer, Jr. 
Chessrown, Mrs. A. V. 

Kier, Mrs. William E. (Eva Lyons). 6527 Dalzell Place. 

Bell 2280-L Hiland. 

Kier, Mrs. William L. (Elizabeth J. Sawyer). 

(Pgh. Female College). Bellefield Dwellings. 

Kier, Mr. Samuel M. 


Clubs — 20th Century, D. A. R., New Era. 

Kimball, Mr. F. A. 5309 Westminster Place. 

Mrs. Kimball (Miss McCune). Bell 1774-J Schenley. 

Kimball, Miss Helen McCune. 

Kimball, Miss Louise Lytle. 

Kimball, Mr. G. Cook (Harvard). 1046 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 240 Hiland. 
Mrs. Kimball (Elizabeth Leeds). 

Kimball, Marguerite. 

Kimball, Richard. 

KiNCH, Mr. David Blair. 4919 Atherton Aye. 

Club— Oiikmont Country. Bell 1402 Schenley. 

Mrs. Kinch (Mayme Irwin Marchand), (Wilson). 

King, Mr. Alexander H. 506 N. Highland Ave. 

C;m6s— Automobile, Herron Hill Gun. Bell 1053 Hiland. 

King, Miss Marie Gladys. 
King, Adelaide Eugenia. 
King, Sarah Helen. 
King, Mr. Alexander H., Jr. 
King, William Eobert. 

Yacht — The Adelaide. 

Summer Home — Point Chautauqua, N. Y. 


King, Dr. Calvin King (U. of Cincinnati), 345 N. Craig St. 

Bell 941 Schenley. 
King, Dr. Harvey C, (U. of Penna.). 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Automobile. 

Mrs. King (Sarah Moore). 
King, Rachel Chambers. 

King, Calvin Merrill. • ' 

King, Donald Moore. 

King, Dr. Cyrus B. 912 Lynndale Ave. 

Bell 893 Cedar. 
Mrs. King (Frances King Brown). 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Speer (Mary Brown), Cobourg, Ontario, 

Thomas M. Jones, Jr. 

King, Mr. Henry Holdship. 4922 Wallingford St. 

BeU 1582 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Pittsburgh, University. 

Mrs. King (Alice Hill). 
King, Miss Winifred. 

Summer Home — Penryn Park, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. 

King, Mrs. Lindsay (Leila Zug). 239 Halket St. 

Bell 1057- J Schenley. 
King, Mr. John Lindsay. 

King, Mr. Egbert Burns (Princeton). 

Baywood, Negley and Elgin Aves. 
Bell 361 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Country, Princeton. 

King, Dr. S. V. (Princeton). 1007 Western Ave. 

Mrs. King (Annie Maghee Jones). Bell 33 Cedar. 

King, Cyrus Black, II. 

King, Barry 

Summer Home — -Four Way Lodge, Moon Falls, Ontario, Canada. 

King, Mr. Willis Larimer (W. «& J.) . 4900 Wallingford St. 

Bell 109 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. King (Fanny M. Morris). 
King, Mr. John Millard. 
King, Mr. Gordon Coltart. 
Morris, Miss Jean J. 


Mr. Willis Larimer King, Jr., Medora, N. D. 

Kirk, Mr. David M. 5506 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 556 Hiland. 
Clubs — Union Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country, Automobile. 

Mrs. Kirk (Jean Marie Burns). 
Kirk, Miss Jean Burns. 
Kirk, Eobina Laurie. 

Kirk, Miss Sara Carle. 931 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 1097 Hiland. 
Club — Country. 


Kirk, Dr. W. H. (U. of Pgh.). 3339 Forbes St. 

Bell 608-R Sehenley. 

Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Kirk (Hazel Griffith). 
Kirk, James. 

Winter Home — Isle of Pines. 

KiRKPATRicK, Mrs. Allen (Eebeeca H. Bell). 

524 Jones Ave., Braddock. 
Bell 36 Braddock. 
Kirkpatriek, Mr. Allen, Jr. 

Kirkpatrick, Mrs. John C. (Flora Jane Wallace). 

Ellerslie, 6930 Penn Ave. 
Bell 360 Hiland. 
Kirkpatrick, Miss Jennie MeCrea. 
Kirkpatriek, Miss Flora Wallace. 
Kirkpatrick, Mr. John W. 
Kirkpatrick, Mr. William Crawford. 

Summer Home — Carnshanagh, Ahmic Harbor, Ont., Canada. 
Yacht — Flora. 

Kirkpatrick, Mr. John Lindsay. 309 Fortieth St. 

(Boston School of Tech.). Bell 268-J Fisk. 

Club — Oakmont Golf. 

Mrs. Kirkpatrick (Mary Johns). 

Sumvier Home — Birch Point, Ahmic Harbor, Ont., Canada. 
Yacht — Albion. 

KiRTLAND, Mr. Alfred Potter. 215 N. Craig St. 

Bell 929-L Sehenley. 
(Renssalaer Poly 'c Inst.). 
Kirtland, Miss Ruth Caroline. 
Shields, Miss Mary. 

Summer Home — Poland, Ohio. 

KiTZMiLLER, Mr. Edward A. 7208 Thomas Blvd. 

Bell 1076-L Hiland. 
Mrs. Kitzmiller (Elizabeth Duflf). 

Matheny, Dr. and Mrs. Albert Ralston (Florence Belt 
Kitzmiller) . 


Mr. and Mrs. Henry Timkin, 1014 N. Market St., Canton, Ohio. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Berlin Reynolds (Alice D. Kitzmiller). 

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Miller (Marj^ Louise Kitzmiller), Maple Lane, 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kitzmiller (Margery M. Blythe) 501 East End 


Kleber, Mr. Henry, Jr. 411 S. Highland Ave. 

Bell 1194 Hiland. 

Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Kleber (Caroline Rhoades). 
Kleber, Pauline Mercedes. 

Knable, Mr. John Parker. 5325 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 50 Sehenley. 
Clubs — Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Knable (Suzanne Elkins). 
Club — 20th Century. 
Knable, Mr. G. Elkins. 


Kneeland, Mr. Edward. 

5650 Aylesboro Ave. 
Bell 220 Schenley. 
Clubs— Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Country, Automobile. 

Mrs. Kneeland (Elizabeth Brooks). 
Kneeland, Miss Bess Allison. 
Kneeland, Mr. Herbert Durward. 
Kneeland, Mr. Malcolm Chase. 

Knotts, Mr. George W. 

5420 Claybourne St. 
Bell 365 Hiland. 
Clubs Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Automobile, Oakmont, German. 

Mrs. Knotts (Miss Winton). 

Clubs — New Era, D. A. R., Wimodausis. 
Knotts, Mr. William W. 
Winton, Mrs. 

5814 Stanton Ave. 
Bell 696 Hiland. 

Knowles, Mr. Morris. 

(Mass. Inst, of Tech.). 
Clubs— Vniversitv, Union, Stanton Heights Golf, Technology of 
Boston, Technology of New York, University, Philadelphia, Pgh. 
Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Knowles (Mina McDavitt). 
Knowles, Miss Helen Inez. 
Knowles, Morris, Jr. 

Xnox, Mr. Alfred Curtis. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Ben Avon. 

Mrs. Knox (Annie Ewing Wilson). 
Knox, Miss Louisa W. 
Knox, Miss Juliet H. 
Knox, Miss Mary L. 
Knox, Mr. William F. 

Summer Home — Chautauqua, N. Y. 

Ben Avon. 
Bell 61 Emsworth. 

Knox, Mr. Eoger (Princeton). 

Mrs. Knox (Mary Ormsby Wharton), 
Knox, Mary Wharton. 

KoHNE, Mr. Charles C, Jr. 
Mrs. Kohne (Euth W. Chipman). 

KoHNE, Mr. John C. 

Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Americus. 

Mrs. Kohne (Bertha M. Kinzer). 
Kohne, Miss Bertha E. 

5758 Howe St. 
Bell 3575-R Hiland. 

5703 Elmer St. 
Bell 3711-L Hiland. 

447 S. Rebecca St. 
Bell 5749 Hiland. 

Xohne, Mr. r. C. 
Mrs. Kohne. 

Kohne, Miss Bess. 

Kohne, Miss Luvia. 

Kohne, Miss Dorothy. 

Kountz, Mr. George. 

5817 Darlington Road. 
Bell 1303-W Hiland. 

Mrs. Kountz (Florence Harvey), 
Kountz, William J. III. 
Kountz, George, Jr. 
Kountz, Benjamin Harvey. 

Red Raven (Cheswick P. O.). 
171-L Sharpsburg. 


Kramer, Mr. Tracy M. Sewickley. 

Bell 644 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Edgeworth. 

Summer Home — Ahmic Lake, Ontario, Canada. 

KuHN, Mr. D. Chalmers. 2 Irving Place. 

Bell 4770 Hiland. 
Mrs. Kuhn (Emma Havnes). 

Knhn, Miss Sarah Miriam. 

Kuhn, Mr. Norman C. 

Kuhn, Mr. Edward Bishop. 

Kuhn, Mr. E. Stotler. 413 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 4857-J Hiland. 
Clubs — Stanton Heights Golf, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Kuhn (Alice Craighead). 
Kuhn, Miss Mildred. 
Kuhn, Mr. James Craighead. 
Kuhn, Mr. Robert Russell. 
Kuhn, Richard MeClure. • 

Kuhn, Mr. Gustave C. 5809 Howe St. 

Bell 5803-J HUand. 
Mrs. Kuhn (Anna L. Holmes), (Bowman Institute). 
Club — Tuesday Musical. 
Kuhn, Miss Sarah Elizabeth. 
Kuhn, Mr. William Holmes. 
Kuhn, Mr. Howard Clayton. 

Kuhn, Mr. Harry Porter. Rittenhouse, N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 5680 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Stanton Heights Golf. 
Kuhn, Mr. William C. 
Kuhn, Mr. Harry Porter, Jr. 

Summer Home — Valencia. 

Kuhn, Mr. James Speer. 4916 Forbes St. 

Bell 405 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Midday of New York, Union, Pittsburgh Golf, 
Allegheny Country, University. 

Mrs. Kuhn (Mary Ellen O'Neil). 

Summer Home — Belle Isle, Beaumaris, Musk oka Lake, Ontraio, 

Winter Home — Old Oaks, The Hills, Augusta, Ga. 
Yachts — Mary-Ellen, Suxshine. 

Kuhn, Mr. William Rittenhouse. 

Rittenhouse, N. Highland Ave. 
Bell 1736 Hiland. 

Clubs — Country, Lakewood Country, Stanton Heights Golf, Pgh. 
Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Kuhn (Annye Kincaid). 
Kuhn, Miss Elizabeth. 
Kuhn, Kathrine. 
Kuhn, Mr. Olin Rittenhouse. 
Kuhn, Mr. William Raymond. 
Kincaid, Miss Ellen Simpson. 

Shimmer Home — Lakewood, Chautauqua, N. Y. 


KuHN, Mr. William Speer. Morewood Pla.ce, Shady Side. 

Bell 193 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, 
Pittsburgh, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., University. 

Mrs. Kuhn (Katharine Hill). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 
Kulin, Katharine. 
Kiihn, Mary Speer. 
Kuhn, Mr. Wendell S. 
Kuhn, James. 
Kuhn, Jerome. 
Kuhn, William Speer, Jr. 
Kuhn, Fentress. 

Kuhn, Mr. William Stotler (State). 413 X. Highland Ave. 

Bell 4857-J Hiland. 
Kuhn, Anna Louise. 

KuNKEL, Mrs. Anna M. Parkman Ave. 

Kunkel, Mr. Frank C. 
Kunkel, Dr. Howard C. 

Laird, Mr. William Matthew. 5915 Wellesley Ave. 

Bell 1987 Hiland. 
Mrs. Laird (Mary E. Bay). 
Laird, Miss Eleanor May. 
Laird, Miss Gertrude. 
Laird, Mr. Walter Steele. 
Laird, Mr. William Malcolm. 
Summer Home — Burt Lake, Mich. 

Lambing, Eev. Andrew Arnold, LL.D. 

711 Rebecca Ave., Wilkinsburg. 
Bell 1392 Wilkins. 
(Notre Dame University). 

Langdon, Mr. Amon Wadsworth. 807 St. James St. 

Bell 264-L Schenley. 
Mrs. Langdon (Hannah Wood Maxwell). 

Lantz, Mr. J. B. (Penna. Military Academy) . 5533 Black St, 

Bell 5442-J Hiland. 
Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Lantz (TUda Duncan). 
Lantz, Miss Emma. 
Lantz, Mr. W. T. 

L 'Armour, Mrs. John M. (Birdie A. Murphy). 

4705 Morewood Ave. 
(U. of Paris). Bell 745-L Schenley. 
Laurent, F. Victor, M.D. 
Murphy, Mr. Marion H. 

Summer Home — Cedareroft, Downieville. 

Lanahan, Mrs. James K. Bellefield Dwellings. 

Bell 1814 Schenley. 
Lanahan, Mr. James Stevenson. 


Langfitt, Mr. Joseph A. (W. & J.)- 509 S. Linden Ave. 

Bell 5746 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country, Hunting and Fish- 
ing, Tariff. 

Mrs. Langfitt (Mary Agnes Burry). 
Langfitt, Mr. Joseph A., Jr. 

Latshaw, Mr. Henry Hart. 

Mrs. Latshaw (Sara Spencer Lloyd). 
Latshaw, J. Lloyd. 

XiAtshaw, Mrs. William Hart. 

Club— 20th Century. 
Latshaw, Mr. William. 
Pugh, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Freeman. 
Pugh, Anne Virginia. 
Pilman, Mrs. Frances. 

1129 Wightman St. 
Bell 1388 Schenley. 

6100 Stanton Ave. 
Bell 1279 Hiland. 

Laubie, Mr. James. 
Mrs. I(Aubie. 

Laubie, Emilia. 

Laubie, Harry Clark. 

Laubie, Miss Nannie Gregg. 

Laubie, Miss Laura Eleanor. 

3324 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

727 Hazelvs^ood Ave. 
Bell 115-J Hazel. 

XiAUDEr, Mr. George (U. of Glasgow). 

7403 Penn Ave. 
Bell 1019 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, New 
York Yacht. 

Mrs. Lauder (Anna M. E. Varick). 
Lauder, Miss Elizabeth S. 

Summer Home — -Ospisdale, Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland. 


Mr. and Mrs. George Lauder, Jr. (Yale), (Katherine Morgan Roland). 

Katherine Varick Lauder. 

Mary Josephine Roland Lauder. 

George Lauder III. Greenwich, Conn. 

Dr. and Mrs. James C. Greenway (Harriet M. Lauder). 

James C. Greenway, Jr. 

George Lauder Greenway. Kineraig, Greenwich, Conn. 

XiAufman, Mr. Wilmer B. 

(O. W. U., U. of Pgh.). 
Mrs. Laufman (Beatrice A. Lawson). 

Laufman, Miss Beatrice A. 

Laufman, Mr. Harrington B. 

Laufman, Mr. Clifford L. 

Laufman, Mr. Wilmer B., Jr. 

922 jSr. Negley Ave. 
Bell 4448-J Hiland. 

Laughlin, Mr. Alexander. 

Linganore, Beaver Road, Sewickley. 

Ciw 6s— Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Laughlin (Mary Mead). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Edgeworth, Woman's Club of Sewickley. 
Laughlin, Mr. Alexander, Jr. 


Mr. and Mrs. H. Page Warden (Sarah Mead), Pasadena, Cal. 


X(AUGhlin,Mrs. Alexander, Jr. (Mary Jones). 801 Irwin Ave. 

BeU 342 Cedar. 

Summer Home — Franklin Farm, Sewickley, 257 Sewickley. 

XiAUGHLiN, Mr. George M., Jr. (Yale). Woodland Eoad. 

Bell 2345 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Laughlin (Henrietta Z. Speer). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Laughlin, Miss Katharine Speer. 
Laughlin, Isabel. 
Laughlin, Mr. George M. III. 
Laughlin, John Z. Speer. 

Laughlin, Mr, Henry A. (Brown). Ellsworth Ave. 

Mrs. Laughlin (Mary B. Reed), (Washington Seminary, 
Maplewood Inst.). 
Laughlin, Miss Annie I. 

Summer Home — Cragside, Alexandria Bay, .Jefferson Co., N. Y. 
Winter Home — Crefeldt, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 
Yacht — Corona. 

Laughlin, Mr. H. Hughart (Princeton). 5023 Bayard St. 

Bell 1336 Sehenley. 

Clubs — -Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, University Club of New York, 
Corinthian Yacht. 

Mrs. Laughlin (Marjory Eea). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Farmington Society. 
Laughlin, Hughart Eea. 

Laughlin, Mr. H. M. 5414 Howe St. 

Clubs— Americus. 

Mrs. Laughlin (Eleanor Seymour). 

Summer Home — Westfield, N. Y. 

Laughlin, Mr. James B. Devonshire and Wallingford Sts. 

Bell 105 Sehenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Laughlin (Clara Young). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Laughlin, Miss Alice D. 
Laughlin, Mr. Ledlie Irwin. 
Laughlin, Mr. Henry A. II. 

Summer Home — Hyannisport, Mass. 

Laughlin, Mr. James, Jr. (Princeton). 1006 Lynndale Ave. 
Mrs. Laughlin (Sidney Page). Bell 54 Cedar. 

Clubs — Princeton, University, New York Yacht. 

Laughlin, Miss Leila I. 

Laughlin, Mr. and Mrs. James III. 


Mrs. Edgar V. Seeler, 1882 DeLancey PI., Philadelphia. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Page Laughlin, Leesburg, Va. 

Summer Home — Cruising Aboard Yacht in Eastern Waters. 

Winter Home — Zellwood, Orange Co., Fla., after Nov. 1st. 

Yacht — Steam Auxiliary Schooner Yacht, Ariadne. 


Lawrence, Mrs. George E. (Margaret Wolf). 

Orchard Laxe and Pine St., Edgeworth. 
Bell 151- J Sewiekley. 
Murray, Mrs. Victoria (Victoria Stoner). 
Shaw, Mr. Woodward S. 

Lawrence, Mr. J. J., Jr. 950 Lynndale Ave. 

Mrs. Lawrence (Louise Andrews). 

Lawrence, Miriam. 

Lawrence, Miss Louise. 

Lawrence, John J., III. 

Lawrence, William W. 

Laughlin, Mrs. Thomas K. (Lucy Hayes Herron). 

Woodland Road. 
Laughlin, William McKennan. Bell 522 Hiland. 

Laughlin, Thomas. 

Lazear, Mr. Jesse Thomas (Yale). 4 Von Lent Place. 

Bell 687 Schenley. 
Club — Duquesne. 
Mrs. Lazear (Christine Lattimer McKelvy). 
Lazear, Miss Jane Ealston. 
Lazear, John McKelvy. 
Moore, Miss Harriet Dinsmore. 
Moore. Mr. William Card. 

Lee, Mr. C. C. 1006 N. Negley Ave. 

Bell 3996 Hiland. 
Mrs. Lee (Lillian M. Robb). 

Lee, Clara Amelia. 

Lee, Mr. Charles Eobb. 

Lee, Mr. Edward Brown (Harvard). 732 Millvale Ave. 

Bell 1050-J Schenley. 
Clubs — University, Harvard, Junta. 

Mrs. Lee (Margaret Wilson). 

Summer Home — Kingston, Mass. 

Leech, Mrs. Malcolm W. (Susie K. Kirkpatrick) . 

(E. Walnut Street Seminary). 328 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 881 Hiland. 
Leech, Miss Dorothy. 
Leech, Mr. Malcolm W. 

Summer Home — Carnshanagh, Ahmic Harbor, Ont., Canada. 

Leete, Mr. John Hopkin, D.Se. 841 Sheridan Ave. 

Bell 2489-W Hiland. 
(Colgate, Harvard). 
Club — University. 

Mrs. Leete (Edith Payne). 
Leete, Alexander Payne. 

Leggate, Mr. Alexander Eraser. 5710 Callowhill St. 

Bell 4438-R Hiland. 
Clvb — New Era. 

Mrs. Leggate (Elizabeth Fisher). 


Le Moyne, Mr. Francis J. 5737 Wilkins Ave. 

Bell 93 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Le Moyne (Catharine Murray Guthrie). 

Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 

Le Moyne, Marcia. 

Leonard, Miss Mary A. 716 Devonshire St. 

Bell 460 Schenley. 
Hooker, Mrs. Ho^Tard M. (Grace M. CoUord). 
Hooker, Meredith. 

Levy Eev. J. Leonard (U. of London) . 1526 Denniston Ave. 

Bell 1110 HHand. 
Mrs. Levy (Henrietta Platnauer). 

Levy, Miss Edna S. 

Levy, Miss Euth J. 

Lewis, Mr. George Calvert (U. of W. Va.) . 3504 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 764 Schenley. 
Clubs — Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Lewis (Frances Bogers). 
Kogers, Mr. William Rush. 

Lewis, Mr. T. Leslie. 5840 Morrowfield Ave. 

Mrs. Lewis (Miss Eeitz). 

Lewis, Mr. Wenman Abner (Allegheny) . 826 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 353 Schenley. 
Club — Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Lewis (Sarah Smith), (Pgh. Female College). 
Lewis, Mr. Bernard Wesley. 
Lewis, Mrs. (Laura Fawell). 
Lewis, Elizabeth. 

LiCHTY, Dr. John Alden (Mt. Union, U. of Penna.). 

4614 Fifth Ave. 
Bell 550 Schenley. 

Club — University. 
Mrs. Eighty (Cora Lane Stoner). 
Liehty, Dorothy. 
Lichty, Marjory. 
Liehty, John Alden, Jr. 
Lichty, Joseph Stoner. 

Summer Home — Overlook, Chautauqua, N. Y. 

Liddell, Mr. Albert G. (Kenyon). 

635 California Ave., Avalon. 
Bell 733-L Neville. 
Mrs. Liddell (Florence B. Keally), (Mt. Mercy Academy). 
Liddell, Florence B. 
Liddell, Mary Mercedes. 
Liddell, Albert G., Jr. 

Lidstone, Mr. Fred J. 413 Bailey Ave. 

1283 Hill 
Mrs. Lidstone (Mary Bailey). 

Lidstone, Isabel Bailey. ^ 

Lidstone, Virginia. 


Liggett, Mr. Dudley S. 6824 Brashear St. 

Bell 4710 Hiland. 

Clubs — University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Liggett (Agnes H. Armstrong). 

LiGGET, Mr. Frank Eahm. 5931 Walnut St. 

Clubs— Duquesne, Country. Bell 1644 Hiland. 

Mrs. Liggett (Margaret Easton). 

Liggett, Margaret Easton. 

Liggett, Frank Rahm, Jr. 

Liggett, Mr. John, Jr. (Newell Inst.). 718 Maryland Ave. 

C^Mb— Philharmonic Society. Bell 474 Hiland. 

Mrs. Liggett (Delia Crosby). 

Clubs — Lake Erie College Alumae Ass'n., D. A. R. 
Liggett, Miss Delia Elizabeth Crosby. 
Liggett, Mr. John, III. 

Liggett, Mr. Sidney B. (U. of Pgh.). 5028 Morewood Place 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pitt 
of the Colonial Wi 

Liggett, Mr. John D. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Stanton Heights Golf, Society 
of the Colonial Wars, S. A. R. 

Liggett, Mr. Sidney S. (Rensselaer Poly 'c Inst.). Shields. 

Club— AUegheny Country. Bell 806 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Liggett (Gertrude Irwin). 

Clubs — Allegheny Country. 

Liggett, Mr. Thomas. 5928 Walnut St. 

Clubs— Duquesne, Edgeworth. Bell 1522 Hiland. 

Mrs. Liggett (Anna Say). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical, Woman's Club of Se- 
wickley, D. A. R. 

Liggett, Miss Dorothy. 

Liggett, Miss Elizabeth. 

Liggett, Anita. 

Liggett, Jane. 

Liggett, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence. 


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Liggett, Jr., New Castle. 
Liggett, Thomas, III. 

Liggett, Mr. William G. (Princeton). 5814 Walnut St. 

Bell 2841 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country, Princeton of New 
York, Ocean City Yacht, Ocean City Motor Boat. 

Mrs. Liggett (Sarah Watson). 

Liggett, Frances B. 

Liggett, Caroline K. 

Liggett, Martha. 

Yacht — Springwood, Springwood ii. 
Summer Home — Ocean City, N. J. 

Lincoln, Mr. Kirke Porter. 5140 Pembroke Place. 

Bell 1303-J Sehenley. 
Clubs — University, Pgh. Golf, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Lincoln (Josephine Eaton MeConway). 
Lincoln, Kirke Porter, Jr. 


Lincoln, Mr. Paul Maetyn (Ohio State) . 6830 Thomas Blvd. 
(Ohio State). Bell 6217-J Hiland. 

Clubs — -Engineers' Club of New York, Sylvan Canoe, Automobile. 

Mrs. Lincoln (Elizabeth Eussell Hague). 

Clubs — Epoch, Tuesday Musical. 
Lincoln, Helen Hague. 
Lincoln, Elizabeth Hague. 

Lincoln, Mr. William E. 815 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 199 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Pittsburgh 

Mrs. Lincoln (Mary Porter). 

LiNDEMAN, Dr. C. E. (U. of Penna.). 7141 Hamilton Ave. 

Bell 57.50 Hiland. 
Mrs. Lindeman (Louise Catherine Bender). 

Lindsay, Eev. Henry D., D.D. Woodland Eoad. 

(Erskine, Princeton). Bell 3433-W Hiland. 

Clubs — University, Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Lindsay (Isabella W. Williams). 
Lindsay, Miss Mary Drennan. 
Lindsay, Miss Lillie Arndt. 
Lindsay, Mr. Eobert M. 


Mr. and Mrs. Griffith AV. Lindsay. 

Isabella W. Lindsav. 

Griffith W. Lindsay, Jr. Butler. 

Lindsay, Mrs. Homer J. (Emma Konderer). 401 Eebecca St. 

BeU 1169 Hiland. 

LiPPiNCOTT, Dr. J. Aubrey. Jenkins Bldg. 

Mrs. Lippincott (Mary S. T. Bush). 

Winter Home — Nice, France. 

Litchfield, Mrs. Allyne C. (Susan Carver). 

5431 Fifth Ave. 
Bell 1111 Hiland. 


Mr. Lucius Carver, New York. 
Mrs. Roy A. French, McKees Rocks. 

Litchfield, Dr. Lawrence (Harvard). 5431 Fifth Ave. 

C«u6— University. Bell 1111 Hiland. 

Mrs. Litchfield (Ethel Herr Jones). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 
Litchfieia, Ethel Carver. 
Litchfield, Margaret. 
Litchfield, Lawrence, Jr. 

Lloyd, Mr. David McK. 208 S. Linden Ave. 

Bell 133 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Golf, Pittsburgh Golf, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Lloyd (Amanda McClintoek). 
Lloyd, Miss Jane F. 
Lloyd, Mr. Henry. 


Lloyd, Mr. Finley Hall (Princeton). Bed Gables, Shields. 

Bell 282 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, New York, 
Automobile, Princeton, Cottage. 

Mrs. Lloyd (Sara Spott Spencer). 
Lloyd, Elizabeth Hall. 
Lloyd, Finley Hall. 

Lloyd, Mrs. Henry (Clara Fawcett). 
Lloyd, jMr. Henry, Jr. 

Lloyd, Mr. John W. (Lafayette), 

Mrs. Lloyd (Lettie Verner). 
Lloyd, Mr. Verner. 

Bellefield Dwellings. 
Bell 1605 Sehenley. 

1458 WiGHTMAN St. 

Bell 661 Sehenley. 

Lloyd, Mr. Stephen Henry. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Lloyd (Mary Wilson). 
Lloyd, Mary Craig. 
Lloyd, Jeanne B. 
"Wilson, Miss Elizabeth. 

1212 Heberton Ave. 
Bell 12 Hiland. 

Lloyd, Mr. William F. Shields. 

Bell 529 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Lloyd (Maude Palmer). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Allegheny Country. 

LocKHART, Mr. James H. (Princeton). 

5601 5th Ave. 
Bell 561 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Union, University, Pittsburgh 
Golf, Allegheny Country, Union League of Philadelphia. 

Mrs. Lockhart (Florence Dilworth), (Ogontz). 

Lockhart, Charles. 

Lockhart, George Dilworth. 

Summer Home — "The Birches," Lake Placia Club. 

Lockhart, Mr. John Marshall. 
Logan, Colonel A. J. 

608 N. Highland Ave. 
Bell 117 Hiland. 

Hotel Schenley. 
Bell 629 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country, S. A. R. 

Mrs. Logan (Susan E. Murphy). 

Club—D. A. R. 

Logan, Mr. Edw^ard P. 
Mrs. Logan (Anna Clark). 

512 Shady Ave. 
Bell 2900-J Hiland. 

Logan, Mr. George B. 

1007 Lynndale Ave. 
Bell 388-J Cedar. 

Mrs. Logan (Frances Lyon). 
Logan, Miss Alice L. 
Logan, Miss Henrietta B. 
Logan, Mr. Patton Lyon. 
Logan, Mrs. George B., Jr. 


Dr. and Mrs. Arch. Logan, Rochester, Minn. 


Long, Me. Andrew. Maryland Ave. and Howe St. 

Bell 271 Hiland. 
Mrs. Long (Mary McMaster). 


Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ward (Effie Long), Fish Ave., Avalon. 
Andrew Long Ward. 

Long, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Verner) . 5530 Howe St, 

Bell 1358 Hiland. 
Long, Mr. Albert Miller. 
Yan Kirk, Mrs. Elizabeth V. 
Van Kirk, Mr. William. 


Hon. James Verner Long, American Consul, Venice, Italy. 

Long, Mrs. Henry M. Edgeworth Lane, Edgeworth. 

Bell 814 Sewickley. 
Long, Miss S. Louise. 
Mrs. Jessie L. Graham (Jessie Long). 

Long, Dr. James M. Penwood Apts., Kentucky Ave. 

Bell 435 Hiland. 
Mrs. Long (Mary Youmans). 

Longenecker, Mr. Ealph (Yale). 3 Von Lent Place. 

Bell 954-W Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Longenecker (Grace C. Humbird). 
Longenecker, Catherine. 
Longenecker, Eleanor. 
Longenecker, Ealph, Jr. 

Longenecker, Mr. William A. ( Waynesburg) . 6108 Howe St. 

Bell 2628-L Hiland. 
Mrs. Longenecker (Ida Mathiot), (Mt. Union). 

Club — Colloquium. 
Longenecker, Miss Ellen Douglass. 
Longenecker, Miss Carrie Mathiot. 

Summer Home — Quy Lodge, Cheat Haven. 

LouGHREY, Mr. Joseph C. (Duff's). 3411 Forbes St. 

Mrs. Loughrey (Olive Eippley). 
Loughrey, Edwin. 
Eippley, Mrs. Abbie M. 

LovEjOY, Mr. Francis T. F. Bellefield Dwellings. 

Bell 741-J Schenley. 
Mrs. Lovejoy (Jane Clyde Fleming). 

Lovejoy, Miss Marjory. 

Lovejoy, Mr. Francis Fleming. 

Lovejoy, Mr. Kenneth Friek. 

LowRY, Mr. Frank M. McDonald. 

Bell 45 McDonald. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Allegheny Country, Harkavvay Hunt, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Lowry, Edgar. 


Lucas, Eev. John Henry, D.D. (Adrian) . 417 Dithridge St. 

Bell 1956-J Schenley.. 
Mrs. Lucas (Martha E. Seott). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 
Lucas, Miss Bessie Almeda. 
Lucas, Mary Scott. 
Lucas, Mr. James Norris. 
Lucas, Mrs. Walter Henry (Ethel George). 

Summer Home — Lake Nipissing, French River, North Bay, Ont.,. 

Lyne, Mr. Wickliffe (Bethany). Fifth and Highland Aves.. 

Bell 2312 Hiland.. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union. 

Lyne, Mr. Wickliflfe B. 
Lyne, Miss Sarah Harman. 
Lyne, Miss Virginia Brown. 
Lyne, Mr. Eobert A. 

Lyon, Mrs. Alexander P. (Mary Suydam). 915 St. James St.. 

Bell 84 Schenley.. 
Lyon, Miss Emily C. 
Lyon, Miss Katharine D. 
Lyon, Mr. Alexander P., Jr. 

Lyon, Mr. Charles Lyttleton. 900 Allegheny Ave. 

Bell 307 Cedar. 
Mrs. Lyon (Annie Eeed). 

Lyon, Mr. Edwin (Penna. Military College). 

Chadwick St., Sewickley. 
Mrs. Lyon (Betty B. McKowan). 
Lyon, Edwin. 

Lyon, Mr. J. Denniston. 901 Eidge Ave.. 

Bell 19 Cedar. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf.. 
Mrs. Lyon (Maude Byers). 
Lyon, Martha Byers. 

Summer Home — Sewiekley Heights, Sewickley. Bell 560 Sewickley.. 

Lyon, Mr. John G. (Princeton). 209 N. Lang Ave.. 

Bell 6249-J Hiland- 
Chi bs — Duquesne. 
Mrs. Lyon (Adeline Langworthy). 
Lyon, Mr. James. 
Lyon, Mr. Prescott. 
Lyon, Mr. Lowell Thayer. 

Lyon, Mr. Walter. Bank St., Sewickley. 

Bell 237 Sewickley- 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Union, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Lyon (Charlotte Wible). 
Lyon, Miss Ethel. 
Lyon, Mr. Stanley. 
Lyon, Jack Wible. 


Mr. Walter Lyon Jr., Toronto, Canada. 

Lyons, Mr. Wm., Jr. 5o32 Black St. 

Bell 1067 Hiland. 
Club — Stanton Heights Golf. 

Lyons, Miss Anna M. 
Thompson, Mr. H. E. 
Thompson, Mrs. (Janet Swan Lyons). 

Lytle, Mr. J. Warren. 28 Marion St., Idlewood. 

Bell 230-L Grafton. 
Mrs. Lytle (Emma Davis). 

Lytle, Miss Marion. 

Lytle, Mr. Herbert Gaston. 

Mabon, Mr. John Steele (U. of Penna.). 721 Sandusky St. 

Bell 187 Cedar. 
Cluhs — Duquesne, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Mabon (Jane H. McCance). 
Mabon, Miss Janet Pressly. 
Mabon, Mary Pressly. 
Mabon, Mr. Thomas McCance. 

Summer Home — Hill Place, Perrysville Road. 

Macbeth, Mr. George Alexander. 717 Amberson Ave, 

Bell .528 Schenley. 
Club — Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Macbeth (Kate Duff). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, 20th Century. 

Macbeth, Miss Anne. 
Macbeth, Mr. George Duff. 

Summer Home — Glamis, Bethlehem, N. H. 

MacConnell, Mr. Thomas (Jefferson). Winebiddle Ave, 

Bell 230 Hiland. 
Mrs. MacConnell (Mathilda Gross). 
MacConnell, Mr. John Gormly. 

:McConnell, Mr. Charles C. Anita Apts., Milvale Ave, 

Mrs. MacConnell (George Florence West). 

MacConnell, Mr. Ingalls. 5725 Darlington Eoad, 

Bell 527 Schenley. 
Mrs. MacConnell (Elizabeth Lloyd). 

MacConnell, John Lloyd. 

MacConnell, Letty Verner. 

MacConnell, Mr. Thomas. Jr. 5734 Kentucky Ave, 

(Princeton). Bell 6371 Hiland. 

Clu b — University. 

Mrs. MacConnell (Katherine Jennings). 

MacDonald, Mr. Roy A. (State). 6902 Meade St. 

BeU 3666-J Hiland. 

Clubs — Hermit of Cleveland, Union of Cleveland, Youngstown, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. MacDonald (Bessie Reed), (Oak Lane). 
MacDonald, Betty . 


Macfarlane, Mr. James R. (Princeton). Woodland Road. 

Clubs— Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf. Bell 2838 Hiland. 

Mrs. Macfarlane (Ruth Fletcher). 
Macfarlane, Elizabeth. 
Macfarlane, Jessie Fletcher. 
Macfarlane, James Willing. 
Macfarlane, Fletcher. 

Magoon, Mr. George A. 5802 Beacon Blvd. 

Bell 1089 Hiland. 
Hrs. Magoon. 

3IacGregor, Mr. John William (State). 

1312 Singer Place, Wilkinsburg. 

Club— Fenwood. Bell 684-J Wilkins. 

Mrs. MacGregor (Anna Davis). 

Club — Woman's Club of Wilkinsburg. 

Machesney, Mr. Haines Allen (Yale). 504.5 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 991 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Yale Alumni Association, University, Country, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Machesney (Oline Jones). 

Club— 20th Century. 

Machesney^ Haines Allen, Jr. 

Mackintosh, Mrs. Martha R. (Martha R. Hart). 

4923 Ellsworth Ave. 
Bell 167 Schenley. 
Mackintosh, Miss Elizabeth B. 
Mackintosh, Miss Martha R. 

"Macon, Mr. James Conway. 308 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

Bell 666 Sewickley. 
Mrs. Macon (Frances Armistead Taliaferro). 

Macrum, Mr. George S. H and Tenth Sts., Oakmont. 

Bell 42 Oakmont. 
Club — Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Macrum (Lois Wade). 
Macrum, Miss Margaret. 
Macrum, Miss Anna. 
Macrum, Miss Edith. 
Macrum, Mr. William Wade. 
Macrum, Robert King. 
Macrum, Edward Wade. 

Macrum, Dr. Robert S. 318 Broad St., Sewickley. 

(U. of Penna.). Bell 247 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Macrum (Elisabeth T. Roberts). 
Macrum, Helen Roberts. 
Macrum, Robert S., Jr. 

Macrum, Mr. William. 315 N. Beatty St. 

Bell 1249-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Macrum (Euphemia de Lesseps). 
Macrum, Miss Adeline Marie. 


Magee, Mr. Christopher, Jr. Dunvegan, Glen Osborne. 
(U. of Penna.). Bell 428 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Magee (Julia Vogdes Heberton). 

Magee, Miss Margaret Mitchell. 

Magee, Helen Heberton. 

Magee, Julia Heberton. 

Magee, Elizabeth Louise McLeod. 

Magee, Mr. Christopher. 

Magee, Mr. Norman Heberton. 

Magee, Mr. Walter P. 

Mitchell, Miss Elizabeth Louise McLeod. 

Magee, Mr. James M. D 'Arlington Apts., Neville St. 

(Yale, U. of Penna. Law). Bell 310 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Law, Allegheny Country, University. 
Mrs. Magee (Rebecca Jennings). 
Magee, Mary Jennings. 

Mahood, Mr. Samuel. Tenth St., Oakmont. 

Mrs. Mahood (Sarah Harnill). Bell 68-W Oakmont. 

Mahood, Mr. W. J. 

Mahood, Mrs. (Alice Hammond Carlisle). 

Mahood, Samuel Carlisle. 

Mahood, Alice Hamill. 

Mahood, William Thomas. 


Mrs. H. L. Pew, Dormont. 
Mrs. G. E. Raitt, Mt. Lebanon. 

Mansel, Dr. B. H. (U. of Pgh.). Perrysville Eoad. 

Bell 17.5-R-13 West View. 
Mrs. Mansel (Laura M. Whipple). 

Maple, Mr. Thomas Seabrook. 6800 Thomas Blvd. 

Bell 8 16- J Hiland. 
Mrs. Maple (Margaret B. McLain). 
Maple, Miss Sue Adelaide. 
Maple. Miss Gertrude Elizabeth. 
Lee, Miss Anne Miller. 
Lee, Mr. Robert. 

Summer Home — 220 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City. 


Mr. and Mrs. William Y. Brady, Shemokin. 

Marlin, Mr. Harry A. Lamont Hotel. 

C/«bs— Duquesne, Country. Bell 5415 Hiland. 

Mrs. Marlin (Frances Daniels). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical. 
Marlin, Mr. H. A. 
Marlin, Mr. Ralph D. 
Marlin, Mr. Kenton S. 
Daniels, Mrs. Rollin. 

Marron, Mr. John. Academy Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 262-R Sewickley. 
Mrs. Marron (Mary Gertrude Kelly). 

Marron, Gertrude. 

Marron, Frances Margaret. 

Marron, Eleanor. 


Marsh Mr. Joseph W. ' ' Lanfair Lodge, ' ' Woodland Road. 

Bell 1516 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Crescent Athletic of Brooklyn, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Merchants' Electric of New York. 

Mrs. Marsh (Eose Ingraham). 

Clubs — Tuesday Musical, 20th Century, College, Beaver College. 
At Home Days — Mondays. 

Marsh, Miss Eose Guthrie. 
Marsh, Sarah Elizabeth. 
Marsh, Katharine Modisette. 
Marsh, Mr. James Ingraham. 

Marshall, Mr. David J. Forbes, nr. Shady Ave. 

Bell 877 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Automobile, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country, Fellows. 

Mrs. Marshall (Nellie D. Einehart). 
Marshall, Luella E. 
Marshall, Margaret T. 

Marshall, Mr. George V. 814 St. James St. 

Bell 17 64- J Schenley. 
Mrs. Marshall (Emma L. Lee). 
Marshall, Miss Elizabeth. 

Marshall, Mr. John L. H near Fifth St., Oakmont. 

C/«fcs— Oakmont Boat. Bell 53-E Oakmont. 

Mrs. Marshall (Fannie Carson). 
Marshall, Margaret Forrester. 

Marshall, Mr. Lee Holmes (Lehigh). 5474 Black St. 

C/„6_University. Bell 447-J Hiland. 

Mrs. Marshall (Helen Lewis). 
Marshall, Anne Louise. 

Marshall, Mrs. Margaret J. St. Regis Apts., 5806 Howe St. 

Bell 3930-W Hiland. 
Snyder, Mrs. Mary. 

Marshall, Dr. Egbert Somers. 424 Shady Ave. 

Bell 16 Hiland. 
Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Marshall (Margaret Burteh Laughlin). 
Allison, John W. 

Summer Home — Beaumaris, Muslioka Lake, Ont., Canada. 

Marshall, Mr. Thomas M., Jr. 8 Colonial Place. 

Bell 252 Schenley. 
Mrs. Marshall (Nancy G. Herron). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Marshall, Miss Nancy G. 
Marshall, Miss Sara Herron. 
Marshall, Mr. Thomas M. 

Marshall, Dr. Watson. 905 Maryland Ave. 

(Princeton, Johns Hopkins). Bell 6020-E Hiland. 

Clubs — University, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Marshall (Irene Cowan), (Smith). 
Marshall, Edward Cowan. 


Maktix, Eev. Daniel Cargill. 401 N. Highland Ave. 

(Westminster). Bell / 69 Hiland. 

Mrs. Martin. ^r t x i 

Martin, Mr. James Kenwick Mcintosh. 
Martin, Mr. William Willard. 
Martin, Dr. John Lauehlan. 
Martin, Mrs. John Lauehlan (Mary McLean). 


Air and Mrs. William C. Bond (Rachel M. Martin) Thomas, W Va. 
Mr and Mrs. James L. Bond, (Margaret B. Martin) Brockleyville 
Mr! and Mfs. F. F. Rorer (Gertrude Jane Martm), 421 Hamilton 

Mr/ald'M^S^^Do^aW^ Bruce Martin (Clara Wiley), 6919 Frankstown, 

AlAETiN, Mr. George Wilmer. Howe St. and College Ave. 
' Bell 639 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Golf. 

Mrs. Martin (Etta Easton). 

6201 Walnut St. 
Bell 613 Hiland. 

"Martin, Mr. James Stephen. 

Clubs — Oakmont Country, Pgh- Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Martin (Anne Brewster Kennard). 
Martin, Miss Beiilah. 
Martin. Euth. 
Kennard, Miss Beulah E. 


Midshipman Carl Kennard Martin, U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, 

Martin, Mr. Egbert L. 329 S. Dallas Ave. 

Bell 1495 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont, Traffic. 
Mrs. Martin (Annie L. Smith). 
Clubs — SOth Century. 
Martin, Dr. Elizabeth L. 
Martin, Mr. E. L., Jr. 
Martin, Archer N. 

Marvin, Mr. Earle E. (Yale) 

Dallas and Kinsman Aves. 
Bell 2524 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Marvin (Mary Louise Peabody). 
Marvin, Marion Louise. 
Marvin, Martha. 
Marvin, Sylvester Stephen, II. 

AI^soN, Mr. Harrison Denning. 

(Xewell Inst.). 

Mrs. Mason (Ella H. McCargo). 

At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Mason, Mr, Harrison Denning, Jr. 
Mason, Mr. Dean Kenneth. 
Mason, Mr. Earle Dilworth. 
Mason, Mr. Dale Eobert. 
Mason, Mr. Charles MeCargo. 
Mason, Mr. David Malcolm. 

Summer Home — Rosemont, Agnew Station. 


1107 EiDGE Ave. 
Bell 1090-J Cedar. 

Mason, Mr. H. Lee. 4900 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 277 Schenley. 
Mrs. Mason (Myra J. McLaughlin). 

Mason, Mr. Henry Lee, Jr. (Princeton). 608 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 117 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Mrs. Mason (Martha F. Lockhart), (Penna. College for Wo- 
Clubs — Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, 20th Century. 

Mason, Mr. Orlando White (Williams). 

Centennial and Nevin Aves., Sewickley. 
CZ«&— Duquesne. Bell 614-E Sewickley. 

Mrs. Mason (Edith Hotchkiss), (St. Margaret's). 
Mason, Helen Hotchkiss. 
Mason, Emily White. 
Mason, Eobert Osgood. 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hotchkiss (Emma Hoadley), Park Ave., 
Vineland, N. J. 

Mason, Mr. Stephen C. 5536 Bryant St. 

Bell 736 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Machinery Club of New York, New York Rail- 
road Club. 

Mrs. Mason (Ella A. McKenzie). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 
Mason, Mr. Howard P. 
Mason, H. Raymond. 

Mathews, Mr. Joseph J. 623 N. Negley Ave. 

Bell 200 7-L Hiland. 
Mrs. Mathews (Alice Ewing). 
Mathews, Miss Margaret. 

Summer Home — Chautauqua, N. Y. 

Mathews, Mr. Wilbur Emery. Thornburg. 

Mrs. Mathews (Miss Norcross). 
Mathews, Mr. Wilbur Alan. 

Mathiot, Dr. Edward B. (Jefferson). 5914 Walnut St. 

Bell 3701 Hiland. 

Clubs — Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Mathiot (Laura Wright). 
Mathiot, Miss Miriam B. 
Mathiot, Mr. Karl David. 

Mattern, Mr. Robert Gibson. 5625 Darlington Road. 

Bell 1347-J Schenley. 
Mrs. Mattern (Minnetta A. Ihmsen). 
Ihmsen, Mrs. Jane MeCloskey. 

Matthews, Mr. Vitallius. "Rose Chalet," Thornbutig. 

Bell 340-L Crafton. 
Mrs. Matthews (Lillie Young), (Pgh. Female College). 

Clubs — College, Woman's Club of Pittsburgh, Society of New Eng- 
land Women, Daughters of Pioneers, Pennsylvania Society 
of Mayflower Descendants, Historical Society of W. Penn., 


Maxwell, Miss Marjorie. 807 St. James St. 

Maxwell, Miss Sophia D. Bell 264-L Schenley. 

McCooK, Mr. Willis F. (Yale). Fifth and Ambersox Aves. 

Bell 541 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Pittsburgh Golf, Cobourg Golf Club of 

Mrs. McCook (Mary Ahl). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, 20th Century. 

McCook, Miss Mary. 
McCook, Miss Eleanor. 
McCook, Miss Martha. 
McCook, Miss Margaret. 
McCook, George Latimer. 
McCook, Mr. Willis J. 
McCook, Mr. John Ahl. 

Summer Home — "Bagnet Hall," Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 

McKee, Mrs. George Wilson (Mary Chalfant). 

308 E. North Ave. 
McKee, Miss Georgiana Wilson. Bell 7 Cedar. 

Summer Home — Kennebunkport, Maine. 

Mead, Mr. James Jennings. 5230 Westminster St. 

CZ» 6— Pittsburgh. Bell 831 Schenley. 

Mrs. Mead (Jessie Smith). 

Mead, Martha Montague. 

Mead, James Jennings, Jr. 

Mealy, Rev. A. A., D.D. Washington Ave., Bridgeville. 

(Westminster). Bell 44-R Bridgeville. 
Mrs. Mealy (Madeleine Dalzell). 

Mealy, Miss Lyda Dalzell. 

Mealy, Miss Florence Marion. 

Mehard, Mr. Churchill B. 5718 Howe St. 

(Penna. Military, U. of Pgh.). Bell 4340 Hiland. 

Cl u b — University. 

Mrs. Mehard (Mary Kline). 

Mehard, Ida Brown, 

Summer Home — Mercer. 

Mehard, Mr. Samuel S. (Westminster), 6317 Kentucky Ave. 
Summer Home — Mercer. Bell 1197 Court. 

Melhuish, Mr. William Fulton. Iroquois Apts. 

CZ«&s— Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 1907 Schenley. 

Mrs. Melhuish (Sarah Torrey). 

Melhuish, Mr. William Fulton, Jr., Cleveland. 

Melhuish, Mr. Harold Torrey. 

Mellon, Mr. Andrew W. (U. of Pgh.). 5052 Forbes St. 

Bell 638 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Union, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny 
Country, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Mellon (Nora M. McMullen). 
Mellon, Ailsa. 
Mellon, Paul. 


Mellon, Mp.. James Ross. 400 N. Negley Ave. 

Bell 267 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Mellon (Rachel Larimer). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, 20th Cetury, D. A. R. 

Mellon, Mr. Thomas. 

Grange, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander D. (Sarah Lucile Mel- 

Summer Home — Rachelwood Farms, New Florence, Westmoreland 


Wi?iter Home — The Palmettoes, Palatka, Fla. 

Mellon, Mr. Richard Beatty. 6500 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 1611 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, University, Pittsburgh Golf, Alle- 
gheny Country, Union League of New York, Metropolitan of 
New York. 

Mrs. Mellon (Jennie T. King). 
Mellon, Sarah Cordelia. 
Mellon, Richard King. 

Summer Home — Sunshine Cottage, Watch Hill, R. I. 

Mellon, Mr. Thomas Alexander. 401 N. Xegley Ave. 

Bell 757 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, University, Union, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Stanton Heights, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Mellon (Helen H. Wightman). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 
Mellon, Elizabeth Wightman. 
Mellon, Thomas Alexander, Jr. 
Mellon, Edward Purcell, II. 

Winter Home — Summer Haven, Fla. 

Mellon, Mr. William Larimer. 

Ben Elm, Darlington Road and Forbes St. 

Bell 354 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, Union, 

Mrs. Mellon (May H. Taylor). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Mellon, Rachel L. 

Mellon, Margaret. 

Mellon, Matthew T. 

Mellon, William Larimer, Jr. 

Summer Home — Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ont., Canada. 
Winter Home — Florida. 
Yacht — Vagabondia. 

Mellor, Mrs. Charles C. (Laura Reinhart). 

415 Maple Ave., Edoewood. 
Mellor. Mr. Arthur D. Bell 93 Wilkins. 

Mellor, Mr. George Edward. 
Mrs. Mellor (Clara Culbertson). 
Mellor, Laura Reinhart. 
Mellor, George Edward, Jr. 
Winter Home — Daytona, Fla. 

Mellor. Mr. Walter Chauncey. Beech St., Edgewood. 

CZi/6.9— Duquesne, Edgewood. Bell 165 Wilkins. 

Mrs. Mellor (Elizabeth Burt), (Penna. College for Women). 
Mellor, Charles Chauncey. 


Mercer, Mr. Eccles B. 2822 Perrysville Ave. 

Mrs. Mercer (Mary Swift Moore). 
Mercer, Miss Mary Moore. 

Mercer, Mr. Peter McCall. 300 N. Negley Ave. 

Bell 3843-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Mercer (Gertrude Lyon Allen). 

Mercur, Dr. William H. Fifth Ave. and St. James St. 

(U. of Penna.). Bell 207 Schenley. 

Clubs — University, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Mercur (Margaret Aeheson Speer). 

C/h 6— Pittsburgh Golf. 

Summer Home — Gerard, Somerset Co., Maine. 

Merm-in. Mrs. Walter Lee (Marie L. Moore). 6328 Howe St. 

Bell 1417-W Hiland. 
Merwin, Miss Margaret Eussell. 
Merwin, Mr. William Walters, New York, N. Y. 
Merwin, Mr. Miles Henderson. 

Messlee, Mr. Eugene Lawrence (Yale). 5423 Forbes St. 

Bell 490 Schenley. 
Clubs — Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Pittsburgh. 
Mrs. Messler (Elizabeth Long). 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Messier, Thomas Doremus. 
Messier, Eugene Lawrence, .Jr. 
Messier, Mrs. Thomas (Maria Varick). 

Messler, Mrs. Eemsen V. (Agnes Caldwell). 

651 More WOOD Ave. 
Bell 1437 Schenley. 
Dickson, Mrs. John S. (Sarah H. Caldwell). 

SuJiimer Home — Willowbroolv, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 

Metcalf, Mrs. William. 5821 Wilkins Ave. 

Bell 1864 Hiland. 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Metcalfe, R. F. D. No. 2, Leechburg. 

Miss Christine Metcalfe. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tod, Carnethy, Seafleld, Roslin, Scotland. 

Metcalf, Mr. William, Jr. Hill Crest, Woodland Egad. 

(Cornell). Bell 2502 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Metcalf (Kate Cassidy). 
Metcalf, Helen Olivia. 

MiLHOLLAND, Mr. Harry Carter. 5903 Wellesley Ave. 

Bell 5615 Hiland. 
Mrs. MiLHOLLAND (Harriet Clarke). 

Milholland, James Clarke. 

Milholland, Harry C, Jr. 


Millard, Mr. Bruce (U. of Aberdeen). 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Millard (Marie Moorhead). 
Millard, Eomaine. 
Millard, Constance. 
Millard, Maxwell Moorhead. 

906 Amberson Ave. 
Bell 1-7 Scbenley. 

Miller, Mrs. A. L. D. 

Miller, Miss Virginia. 
Cooper, Mrs. W. A. 
Cooper, Miss Annie M. 

528 Cochrane St., Sewickley 
Bell 465-J Sewickley.. 

Miller, Mr. Chambers. Glen Osborne.. 

Bell 325 Sewickley.. 
Miller, Miss Mary Daisy. 
Miller, Miss Eebekah Davis. 

Summer Home — Ahmic Lake, Ontario, Canada. 

Miller, Mr. Charles Lewis (Columbia). 1086 Shady Ave.. 

Bell 2120 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Engineers' Club of New York, Chicago, 
Ath'l. Ass'n., Union Club of Cleveland, University, Pgh.. 
Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Miller (Beulah Peters). 
Miller, Mr. Lyman Halsey. 
Miller, Kenneth. 

Miller, Mr. Frederic Walsingham (U. of Pgh.). 

Shady Ave., cor. Howe St. 
Bell 1168 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University. 

Mrs. Miller (Jane Bradley). 
Miller, Mary Brigham. 
Miller, Frederick Walsingham, Jr. 

Miller, Dr, Harold A. 

Clubs — University, Oakmont Country. 
Mrs. Miller (Katharine Kirk). 

Miller, Mr. Harry J. (Cornell). 

Club — University. 

Mrs. Miller (Katharine McCook). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf. 
Miller, Willis McCook. 

Bellefield Dwlgs. 
Bell 1198 Schenley. 

6107 Kentucky Ave. 

Miller, Mr. Humphries. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Miller (Mary Horner). 

Miller, Miss Dorothy Douglas. 
Miller, Jean Stout. 
Miller, Laura Douglas. 
Miller, Mr. William. 


831 N. St. Clair St. 
Bell 832 Hiland. 

Miller, Mr, Jacob Daniel. 1301 Sheridan Ave. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University. Bell 1363 Hiland. 

Mrs. Miller (Miss Krissinger). 
Miller, Jacob Daniel, Jr. 

Miller, Mr. Joseph T. 424 Maple Ave., Edgewood. 

(U. of Wooster). BeU 424 Wilkins. 

Clubs — Edgewood, S. A. R. 
Mrs. Miller (Mary M. Stewart), (Westminster). 
Clubs — College, Woman's of Edgewood. 
Miller, Jane Craig. 

Summer Home^Ross Mountain Park, New Florence. 

Miller, Mr. Jacob Jay. 4924 Wallingpord St. 

Bell 65 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Union, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Mrs. Miller (Annie Moorhead Clark). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical, D. A. R., Pittsburgh Golf. 
Miller, Clark. 

Miller, Mr. James Roberts. 721 Try St., Sewickley. 

Bell 181- J Sewickley. 
(Princeton, Pgh. Law School). 
Clubs — University, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Miller (Tecca Niswanger), (Columbia). 

Miller, Mr. John F. 222 Hawthorne St., Edgewood. 

Mrs. Miller (Louise Paull). Bell 37 Wilkins. 

Miller, Miss Rebecca Paull. 

Miller, Mr. Mortimer (Princeton). 610 Morewood Ave. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 654 Schenley. 

Mrs. Miller (Rachel McMasters). 
Miller, Miss Rachel McMasters. 
Miller, Mr. Torrenee. 

Miller, Mr. Reuben (St. James). Ivy House, 4900 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 501 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country Detroit 
Country, Beaumaris Golf. 

Mrs. Miller (Mary L. Fleming). 

Summer Home — -Rockmont, Beaumaris, Lake Muskoka, Ontario, 

Yacht — Lotus 


Mr. and Mrs. Cameron B. Waterman. 

Cameron B. Waterman, Jr. 

Mary Elizabeth Waterman. 

Reuben Miller Waterman. Lincoln Road, Grosse Point, Mich. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvy Miller. 

Harvy Miller, Jr. 

Frances Miller. 269 Iroquois Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Miller, Mr. Reuben, Jr. (Yale). 920 Maryland Ave. 

Bell 622 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, University. 

Mrs. Miller (Rachel Larimer). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 
Summer Home — Arlmere, Beaumaris, Lake Muskoka, Ontario, 


Miller, Rev. R. J. (Muskingum). 1707 Beuna Vista St. 

Bell 1463-L Cedar. 
Mrs. Miller (Annie E. Shepherd), (Muskingum). 

Miller, Mr, Henry Russell. 

Miller, Mr. Earl Dalton. 

Miller, Mr. Raymond Shepherd. 

Miller, Mr. Thomas N. 5343 Penn Ave. 

CTuft-Union. Bell 303 Hiland. 

Miller, Mr. William Booth. 231 Thorn St., Sewickley. 
(Cornell, Swarthmore). Bell 447- W Sewickley. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Miller (Helen Campbell). 
Miller, Nancy Shaw. 
Miller, Elizabeth Booth. 

Miller, Mr. William S. (W. & J.). 4741 Bayard St. 

Bell 669-L Schenley. 
Mrs. Miller (Mary B. Robbins), (Penna. College for Wo- 
Club — College. 
Miller, Miss Catharine R. (Misses Shipley's School). 

MiLLiGAN, Dr. Robert. 934 Western Ave. 

(Jeff. Med., U. of Vienna). Bell 127 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, University, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Milligan (Marguerite Singer). 

Milligan, Marguerite Singer. 

Club — Allegheny Country. 

Summer Home — Edgehill Manor. Edgeworth, 358 R., Sewickley. 

Milligan, Rev. J. S. T., D.D. 5534 Kentucky A\t:. 

Mrs. Milligan (Jane Johnston). Bell 1450-L Hiland. 

Milligan, Miss R. Elizabeth. 

Milligan, Miss Anna A. 

Milligan, Dr. Samuel Cargill (Geneva and U. of Pgh.). 

Milligan, Mr. James C. 128 Lincoln Ave., Edgewood. 

Bell 1259-J Wilkins. 
Mrs. Milligan (Edith McParlane). 
Milligan, James C, Jr. 

Milligan, Mr. John W. 

Summit Farm, 2235 Braddock Ave., Svs^issvale. 

Bell 1768 Wilkins. 
Mrs. Milligan (Mary Hill Eckford). 


Mr. J. F. Milligan, Chevenne, W'yoming. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Coleman (Mary G. Milligan), 1 W. 106th St., 
New York, N. Y. 

Milliken, Mr. George V. 305 Winebiddle Ave. 

Bell 1992 Hiland. 
:\Irs. Milliken (Martha E. Johnston). 

Milliken, Miss Margaret R. 

Milliken, Miss Lauraine V. 

Milliken, George V., Jr. 


Miss Marie H. Milliken, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Mitchell, Mr. Allen Gilmore (U. of M.). 
Mrs. Mitchell (Maria Louise Baird). 

Mitchell, Miss Maria Louise. 

Mitchell, Miss Clara Josephine. 

Mitchell, Mr. Charles. 

Club — Pittsburgh. 

Mitchell, Mr. Walter S. 

Mitchell, Miss Elizabeth S. 

Mitchell, Miss Mary A. G. 
Mitchell, Miss Elizabeth H. 

Mitchell, Mr. Donald D. 

Mitchell, Mr. Russell D. 

6007 Walnut St. 
Bell 113 Hiland. 

Pittsburgh Club. 

311 Neville St. 
Bell 591 Schenley. 

Clyde St. 
Bell 820 Schenley. 

Moffat, Mr. Samuel Johnston. 

437 Maple Ave., Edgev^ood Park. 
C^/6— Edgewood. Bell 1354 Wilkins. 

Mrs. Moffat (Kate Elizabeth Lowe). 

Clubs — -Edgewood Woman's, Woman's Club of Wilkinsburg. 
Moffat, Miss Helen Leigh. 
Moffat, Katharine Louise. 
Moffat, Samuel Eaymond. 

Monro, Mr. George Nugent. 

(U. of Penna., Harvard). 

Club — Duquesne, Country. 

Mrs. Monro (Caroline Wilms). 
Monro, Miss Caroline. 

Monro, Mr. George Nugent, Jr. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Monro (Sarah A. Morgan). 

6320 Darlington Road. 
Bell 2038 Hiland. 

140 Dithridge St. 
950 Schenley. 

Monro, Mr. William Loftus. 4710 Wallingford St. 

(Harvard). Bell 889 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Monro (Violet Bedell). 

At Home Days — Mondays. 
Monro, Mr. and Mrs. William Loftus, Jr. 
Monro, Charles Bedell. 

MoNTOOTH, Miss Mary. 

Montooth, Miss Margaretta L. 

Oakland Apts. 
Bell 1407-W Schenley. 

Moore, Mr. Frank (Union College). 

Glen Craigie, Braddock Road and Forbes St. 

Bell 1 Wilkins. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Allegheny Country, Oakmont Country, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Lotus Club of New York, Lawyers' Club 
of New York, Transportation Club of New York. 

Mrs. Moore (Amelia Marie Dunn). 

At Home Days — Monday afternoons, three until five. 
Clubs — Woman's Club of New York, Tuesday Musical, 20th Cen- 
tury, Civic. 

Moore, Katharine Westinghouse. 
Moore, Mr. Frank, Jr. 
Moore, George Allen. 


Moore, Mr. Hubert (Princeton). 639 Maple Lane, Sewickley. 

Bell 134-L Sewickley. 
Mrs. Moore (Edith Dallas Hay). 

Moore, Hubert, Jr. 

Moore, Charles Harbaugh. 

Moore, Malcolm Hay. 

Moore, Mr. John A. (U. of Pgh.). Kenmawr Hotel. 

Bell 531 Hiland. 
Moore, Mr. Bailey Hill. 

Moore, Mr. Joseph Henderson. 733 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 367 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Allegheny Driving, Washing- 
ton Golf, Church, Union, Country, Allegheny Country, Pitts- 
burgh Golf, Oakmont, New York Athletic, Washington Coun- 
try, Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Moore (Martha R. McKennan), (Washington Sem.). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Allegheny Country, Woman's Club of New 
York, Washington Golf. 

Moore, Mr. William McKennan. 

Clubs — Oakmont Golf, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Summer Home — McKennan Farm, Washington. 

MooRHEAD, Mr. John, Jr. (Yale). 928 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 246 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, 
The Brook, Racquet and Tennis, University and Yale of 
New York, Essex Country of Manchester, Mass. 

Mrs. Moorehead (Anne Alston). 
Moorhead, Miss Margaret A. 

MooRHEAD, Mr. John Alston. Lexington Ave., Aspinwall. 
CZu6— Pittsburgh. Bell 306 Sharpsburg. 

Mrs. Moorhead (Marguerite Clement). 
Moorhead, Marjorie Anne. 

Moorhead, Ms. Turner Donaldson (Yale). 840 Ridge Ave. 

Clubs— Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh. Bell 130 Cedar. 

Mrs. Moorhead (Julia J. Patterson). 

Club — Allegheny Country. 

Summer Home — Fentons No. 4, Lewis Co., N. Y. 

Moorhead, Mrs. William J. (Emily Black). 616 St. James St. 

Bell 1 Sehenley. 
Moorhead, Mr. James Kennedy. 
Vermorken, Mrs. Elizabeth. 


Mr. and Mrs. .Maxwell Kennedy Moorhead, U. S. Consul, Rangoon, 

Miss Emily Black Moorhead, Mountain Side Hospital, Montclair, N. J. 

Moorhead, Mr. W. S. (Yale). 5904 Howe St. 

CZub— University. Bell 434 Hiland. 

Moorehead, Mr. Rodman Wister, 5311 Westminster St. 

Bell 1352 Sehenley. 
Mrs. Moorehead (Edna Grimm). 
Moorehead, Rodman, Jr. 


JilooRHEAD, Mr. William S. (Yale). 

Clubs — University, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh. 

McClintoek, Mr. Wilson S. 

MORELAND, Mr. Andrew M. 
Mrs. Moreland. 

Moreland, Miss Esther. 

Moreland, Mary. 

Moreland, Sara. 

Moreland, Andrew. 

5904 Howe St. 
Bell 434 Hiland. 

4754 Wallingford St, 
Bell 666 Schenley. 

Moreland, Mr. Edward B. 602 Whitney Ave., Wilkinsburg. 
Mrs. Moreland. Bell 1278 Wilkins. 

Moreland, Dr. George B. 

(Hahnemann Medical). 
Mrs. Moreland (Mary Alice Collier). 

Moreland, George Boulton, Jr. 

Moreland, Carroll Collier. 

6525 Dalzell Place. 
Bell 2157-E Hiland. 

Moreland, Mr. William C. 5814 Wellesley Ave. 

Bell 3997 Hiland. 
Mrs. Moreland (Lottie Eaymond Ford). 

Moreland, William Ford. 

Moreland, Eaymond Ford. 

Morgan, Mr. A. S. M. (U. of Pgh,), 

Club- — Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Morgan (E. E. Miles). 

Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 

Morgan, Mr. George N. 

EicHLAND Lane. 
Bell 475 Hiland. 

Morgan, Mr. George O. 

Bell 250 Sewickley. 
Morgan, Miss Eleanor McKee. 
Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart McKee, 
Morgan, Mr. George O., Jr. 

Morgan, Mr. James B., Jr. 613 Allegheny Ave. 

Bell 1369 Cedar. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh, Bay Head Yacht, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Morgan (Emily M. Vanderburgh). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical, Pittsburgh Golf, Pgh. 
Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Morris, Mr. Henry Thompson. 

(U. of Pgh.). 

Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Morris (Clara Cassel). 

Club — Epoch. 
Morris, Miss Sarah Hamilton. 
Morris, Miss Mary Travillo. 
Morris, Miss Clara Cassel. 
Morris, Miss Marion. 
Morris, Mr. George Baker. 
Cassel, Mrs. Sara. 
Cassel, Mr. Charles G. 


200 Lexington Ave. 
Bell 198 Hiland. 

MoERis, ]Mr. James H. 6009 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 1332 Hiland. 
Mrs. Morris (Eebecca Shiras). 

Club—D. A. R. 
Morris, Mr. Oliver. 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sliiras Morris (Grace Root). 

Charles Shiras Morris, Jr. 

.Jiidson Root Morris, 105 Washington St., Hartford, Conn. 

Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Jarvis (Dih^ Shiras Morris). 

Rebecca Shiras Jarvis. 

Peggy Jarvis. Clarksburg, AV. Va. 

Morris, Mrs. L. M. (Mary Bliss). H St., Oakmont. 

Bell 123-K. Oakmont. 
Morris, Miss Cora B. 
Morris, Miss Mary B. 
Morris, Mr. Fred Q. 
Morris, Mr. Edward D. 
Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. (Rose Stewart). 

Morris, Mr. Robert M. 5500 Baum and Graham Sts. 

Bell 1305 Hiland: 

Club — Union. 

Mrs. Morris (Jane Patterson). 
Morris, Margaret M. 
Morris, Jane Patterson. 
Morris, Robert M., Jr. 

Morrison, Mr. Thomas. Rhu-Na-Craig, 1400 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 571 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Mrs. Morrison (Elizabeth Graham Park). 
Morrison, Miss Agnes. 
Morrison, Miss Bessie Coutts. 
Morrison, Miss Louise Frances. 
Morrison, Miss Helen Belle. 
Morrison, Gail. 
Morrison, Mr. Robert G. 
Morrison, Thomas, Jr. 

Summer Home — Sea Girt, N. J. 

Morrow, Mr. Eustace S. 5014 Liberty Ave. 

Bell 501 HUand. 
Morrow, Miss Anna Edna. 
Morrow, Roy Reed. 

Morrow, Mr. William A. 145 W. Swissvale Ave., Edgewood. 

Bell 500 Wilkins. 
Clubs — Edgewood Country, Edgewood, Oakmont Country. 
Mrs. Morrow^ (Ellen Breedon Reed). 
Morrow, Anne Elizabeth. 
Morrow, Richard Breedon. 

Morrow, Mr. Robert Thomas (Lehigh). 5601 Baum St. 

Bell 4640 Hiland. 
Mrs. Morrow (Flora Sweitzer). 
Morrow, Miss Flora Belle. 


McsELEY, Me. H. K. 315 Neville St.- 

Bell 1828 Sebenley. 
Mrs. Moseley (Maria Louisa McGonnigle). 

Moseley, Clara Josephine. 

Moseley, Mr. David McC. 

MoTHERAL, Mr. George B. 407 Eebecca St. 

Bell 750 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Union, University. 

Mrs. Motheral (Nettie McKenry). 
Motheral, Miss Edna Marie. 
Motheral, Mr. Philander Knox. 
MeKenry, Mrs. Eebekah. 

Mueller, Dr. Gustave Adolf. H and 8th Sts., Oakmont.. 

Bell 21 Oakmont. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Oakmont Country, Pgh. .\th'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs, Mueller (Nell Day Anderson). 
Mueller, Eobert Swan. 
Mueller, Gustave Adolf, Jr. 

Mueller, Mr. Sebastian. 944 Sheridan Ave. 

Clubs— Duquesne, Country. Bell 549 Hiland. 

Mrs. Mueller (Katherine Elizabeth Heinz). 
Mueller, Mr. Stanford L. H. 

MuNROE, Mr. Charles L. Puritan Egad, Eosslyn Farms. 

Bell 211-W Carnegie, 
(Cornell, U. of Pgh.). 
Mrs. Munroe (Miss Lyon). 
Munroe, Dorothy. 
Munroe, Charles L., Jr. 
Munroe, Walter Lyon. 

Munroe, Mr. E. Eeynolds (Westminster). E. St., Oakmont, 

Bell 154-R Oakmont. 
Mrs. Munroe (Malinda McKee). 

Munroe, Margaret M. 

Munroe, Katherine M. 

Munroe, Eobert IIL 

Munroe, Me. James D. 324 Stratford Ave. 

■ BeU 2171-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Munroe (Idyline Bidell). 

Munroe, Isabel B. 

Munroe, Elinor D. 

MuNEOE, Mr. Eobert, Jr. 5503 Baywood St. 

Bell 5209-J Hiland. 
Clubs — Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Munroe (Clara Hartwell). 
Munroe, Marion. 

Murdoch, Mr. Alexander. 1212 Murray Hill Ave. 

Bell 1275 Hiland. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Murdoch (Alberta McCallam). 


Murdoch, Mr. David K. Beaver Road, Glen Osborne. 

Bell 439-J Sewickley. 
Mrs. Murdoch (Gertrude Patterson). 

Murdoch, William. 

Murdoch, David K., Jr. 

Murdoch, Dr, Frank Hall (U. of M.). Schenley Hotel. 

Bell 285 Schenley. 
Mrs. Murdoch (Cecilia Jones), (St. Francis Xavier's). 
Summer Home — Saegertown. 

Murdoch, Dr. John Floyd. 713 Nevin Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 478-W Sewickley. 
Mrs. Murdoch (Elsie Constance Close). 
Murdoch, John Floyd, Jr. 

Murdoch, Mrs. Lydia A. (Lydia McMaster). 

5505 Darlington Eoad. 
Mr. Alexander Murdoch. Bell 472 Schenley. 

Mrs. Murdoch (Aimee Beringer), (Penna. College for 
Women) . 

Murdoch, Mr. William Moorhead. 810 St. James St. 

C/u 6— Pittsburgh Chess. Bell 1255 Schenley. 

Mrs. Murdoch (Margaret E. Forsyth). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 

Murray, Dr. Charles S. 421 Broad St., Sewickley. 

(U. of Pgh.). Bell 492 S-wickley. 

Club — Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Murray (Sarah J. Woods). 

Murray, Mr. Eugene. 58 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

cz«6— Edgeworth. Bell 663-J Sewickley. 

Mrs. Murray (Agnes Graff). 

Murray, Agnes. 

Murray, Robert J. 

Murray, Eugene, Jr. 

Murray, Dr. R. J. (Jefferson Medical). Edgeworth. 

Bell 310 Sewickley. 
Murray, Mr. Raymond G. 


Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Anderson, New York. 

Murray, Mr. William N. Pittsburgh Athletic Association. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Murray, Elizabeth Chambers. 

Murtland, Mr. John C. 401 N. Homewood Ave. 

Bell 150 Hiland. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Murtland (Kathleen K. Smith). 
Murtland, Miss Mary B. 
Murtland, Miss Genevieve D. 
Murtland, Wilfred. 


MusTiN, Mr. W. J. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Mozart. 
Mrs. Mustin (Sarah Dowerington). 
Mustin, Miss Agnes Mahon. 
Mustin, Mr. Burton Hill. 
Doerington, Miss Ella Jean. 

1.519 Shady Ave. 
BeU 1634 Hiland. 

Muzzy, Mr. Wallace G. 

Mrs. Muzzy (Jennie Boles). 
Muzzy, Miss Eleanor. 
Muzzy, Mr. Howard Thorne. 

225 Broad St., Sewickley, 
Bell 544-E Sewickley. 

Myers, Mr. Joseph S. 

Club — University. 

Mrs. Myers (Madelaine E. Davis). 
Myers, Mr. Spencer. 
Myers, Mr. Chester. 
Davis, Miss Mary J. 

Myler, Mr. Theodore. 

Clubs — Stanton Heights Golf, Union. 

Mrs. Myler (Emma Eobb). 

At Home Days — Wednesdays. 
Myler, Miss Helen. 
Myler, Mr. Thomas K. 
Myler, Dr. Theodore Frederic. 

128 S. Negley Ave. 
Bell 814 Hiland. 

5512 AvoNDALE Place. 
Bell 1984-R Hiland. 

Myler, Mr. "William Albert. 

4307 Grant Blvd. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Beaver Valley Country, Oakmont, Pgh. 
Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Myler (Mary Dennison). 

Summer Home — Patterson Heights, Beaver Falls. Bell 467 Beaver 

Myler, Mr. William Mackey. 219 Meade Ave., Wilkinsburg. 

Bell 246-J Wilkins. 
Mrs. Myler (Minnie Morgan Black). 

Myler, Nancy Read. 

Myler, William Mackey, Jr. 

Myler, Alan Black. 

McAbee, Mr. E. B. 

Mrs. McAbee. 

McAbee, Miss Grace. 

McAboy, Dr. Charles Bradford. 

(U. of Pgh.). 
Mrs. McAboy (Sara Shaw). 

5817 Callowhill St. 
Bell 1991-L Hiland. 

7136 Hamilton Ave. 
3565-J Hiland. 

McBride, Mr. William. 604 W. North Ave. 

(Rensselaer Poly'c Inst.). Bell 25 Cedar. 

Clubs — University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Troy of Troy, N. Y. 

Mrs. McBride (M. B. Boggs). 
McBride, Marie C. Buhl. 


McCague, Mr. George E. Alanro Terrace, Sewickley. 

Bell 52 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Oakmont, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. McCague (Georgie Marie Smith). 

Clubs — -Allegheny Country, Woman's Club of Sewickley. 

McCague, Alice Marie. 

McCague, Anna Dake. 

McCague, Eobert Harshe. 

Summer Home — Lake Placid Club, Essex Co., N. Y. 
Winter Home — Bellair, Fla. 

McCague, Mr. Egbert S. 409 Morewood Ave. 

Bell 364-J Schenley. 
Mrs. McCague (Mary L. Newmyer). 

McCague, Miss. 

McCague, Miss Margaret D. 

McCague, Miss M. Katharine. 

McCague, Miss Eliza J. 

McCallam, Mr. Albert Congdon. Fifth and Aiken Aves. 

BeU 1968 Hiland. 
Mrs. McCallam (Sarah E. Gillespie). 

McCallam, Miss Mary W. 

McCallam, Miss Eleanor G. 

Summer Home — Evergreen Hamlet, Rose Hill, R. D. No. 5., Pitts- 
burgh. Bell 141-r-2 Milvale. 

McCallin, Miss Sophia. 5934 Ellwood St. 

Bell 2649-R Hiland. 

McCance, Mr. James A. Penn and Dallas Aves. 

Bell 1272 Hiland. 
Mrs. McCance (Mary Elizabeth Lloyd). 

McCance, Mr. John Maxwell. 326 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 994 Hiland. 
Mrs. McCance (Agnes J. Arnold). 


Mr. and Mrs. Arnold McCance (Ruth McAbee), Nampa, Idaho. 
Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Bryce (Mary McCance), Mt. Pleasant. 
Emily Bryce. 

McCandless, Mr. George W. 307 East End Ave. 

Bell 167 Wilkins. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Americus, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. McCandless (Estella Loomis). 
McCandless, Anna Loomis. 

McCandless, Miss Mary E. 5522 Hays St. 

Club-D. a. R. Bell 888-J Hiland. 

McCandless, Mr. Stephen C. 332 Winebiddle Ave. 

Bell 1148-L Hiland. 
McCandless, Miss Sarah C. 
McCandless, Miss Margaret E. 

McCandless, Mrs. "William G. (Elizabeth Johnston). 

Hotel Schenley. 
McCandless, Mr. George M. Bell 285 Schenley. 

McCandless, Mr. Harry D. 

Summer Home — Brighton Hotel, Atlantic City. 

McCargo, Mrs. David (Ellen Morrison). Hotel Schenley. 

Bell 285 Schenley. 
McCargo. Miss Elizabeth Verner. 

McCargo, Mr. Grant. Woodland Eoad. 

Bell 2602 Hiland. 

Clubs— -Duquesne, Universitj', Pittsburgh Golf, Oakmont Country, 

Mrs. McCargo (Mary Graham). 

McCargo, Margaret. 

McCargo, Eleanor. 

McCargo, Graham. 

McCargo, David. 

Summer Home — Greenwich, Conn. 

McCausland, Mr. William Clifton. 411 Graham St. 

Bell 1360 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Americus, Stanton 

Mrs. McCausland (Margaret Alice Crouch). 

Summer Home — Cedar Cliff, Wolfe Island, Ont., Canada. 
Yacht — Margaret. 

McClay, Mr. Samuel. 5807 Stanton Ave. 

Mrs. McClay. Bell 1494 Hiland. 

McClelland, Dr. J. B. 4709 Fifth Ave. 

C7»&s— Pittsburgh, University. Bell 1676 Schenley. 

McClelland, Dr. J. H. Fifth and Wilkins Ave. 

(U. of Pgh., Hahnemann). Bell 506 Schenley. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, University, New York Athletic. 

Mrs. McClelland (Eachel M. Pears), (Penna. College for 
Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, 20th Century. 
McClelland, Miss Sarah C. 
McClelland, Miss Eachel P. 

McClelland, Dr. E. W. (Cornell, Lafayette, Hahnemann 
Medical) . 
Clubs — University, Pittsburgh Golf. 

McClintock, Mr. Frank T. 805 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 1961-E Schenley. 
Mrs. McClintock (Stella Updike). 

McClintock, Miss Madeleine. 

McClintock, Mr. Bowdoin Updike. 

McClintock, Mr. Frank Stockton. 

McClintock, Mr. Kenneth. 

McClintock, Eodman. 

McClintock, Mr. Jonas E. 256 S. Highland Ave. 

Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
McClintock, Mr. Wilson S., 5704 Howe St. 

McClintock, Mr. Norman (Yale). 504 Amberson Ave. 

Club— Yule. 

Mrs. McClintock (Ethel Lockwood). 
McClintock, Eleanor. 
McClintock, Oliver II. 


McClintock, Mr. Oliver. Ellsworth and Amberson Aves. 
(Yale). Bell 25 Sclienley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University. 

Mrs. McClintock (Clara Childs). 
McClintock, Miss Elsie. 
McClintock, Miss Jeanette. 
McClintock, Mr. Harvey C. 
McClintock, Mr. Walter. 

Summer Home — Huron Mountain Club, Big Bay, Mich. 


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Darling (Emma C. McClintock). 

Thomas Darling. 

Edward Darling. 

Clara Darling. Wilkesbarre. 

McClung, Mr. Samuel Alfred. 1180 Murray Hill Ave. 

CZufc-University. (W. & J.). Bell 550 Hiland. 

Mrs. McClung (Fanny Amelia Merritt). 
At Home Days — Sunday afternoons. 
McClung, Miss Frances Isabella. 
McClung, Edith Murray. 
McClung, Mr. Samuel Alfred, Jr. 

McClurg, Mr. James A. (Lehigh). Washington Ave.. Crafton. 

Bell 370-J Crafton. 
Mrs. McCluug (Jean Patterson). 

McComb, Mr. Guy Rutherford. 7128 Meade St. 

Bell 5625-L Hiland. 
Mrs. McComb (Ellen Rumsey Sellers), (Miss Baldwin's). 
McComb, Guy Rutherford, Jr. 

McCombs, Mr. C. F. 4709 Fifth Ave. 

C««6s— Pittsburgh, Allegheny. Bell 1123 Grant. 

McConnell, Mr. James. 852 Hutchison St., Edgewood. 

Bell 643-J Wilkins. 
Mrs. McConnell (Mary Catharine Ramsey). 

McConnell, Miss Anna. 

Watt, Miss Katharine. 

McCoNw^AY, Mr. William. 220 Lexington Ave. 

Bell 1445 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country, Engineers' Club of New York, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. McConway (Josephine Alden Eaton). 

Summer Home — Woodchuck Hill Harwinton. 
P. O. and Telegraph, Torrington, Conn. 


Mr. and Mrs. Allan Hazen, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. McClean Buckingham, Watertown, Conn. 

Mrs. Laura M. Scoville, Northampton, Mass. 

McConway, Mr. William, Jr. 331 S. Linden Ave. 

Bell 1884 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. McConway (Myra L. Thayer). 
McConway, Isabel. 
McConway, Myra Louise. 


McCooK, Mr. Willis F. (Yale). Fifth and Amberson Aves. 

Bell 541 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Pittsburgh Golf, Cobourg Golf Club of 

Mrs. McCook (Mary AM). 

Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 
McCook, Miss Eleanor. 
McCook, Miss Mary. 
McCook, Miss Martha. 
McCook, Miss Margaret. 
McCook, Mr. Willis J. 
McCook, Mr. John Ahl. 
McCook, George Latimer. 

Summer Home — Bagnel Hall, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 

McCoRD, Mr. John Davidson. 310 Beaver St., Sewickley. 
Mrs. McCord (Josephine Neal). BeU 598-W Sewickley. 

McCord, John D., Jr. 

McCord, William Neal. 

McCord, Lucian Gray, 

McCoRMiCK, Mrs. David C. (Cecelia Grant). 620.5 Howe St. 
McCormick, Miss Sophia Grant. Bell 911-J Hiland. 

Summer Home — Wequetonsing, Mich. 

McCormick, Mr. John Schoenberger. 428 Emerson St. 

Bell 6508-E Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Oakmont Country, Pgh. Ath'l. 

Mrs. McCormick (Katharine Levering Conkling). 

Summer Home — Clinton Lodge, Wequetonsing, Mich. 

McCormick, Eev. Samuel Black. 4725 Wallingford St. 

(W. & J.). Bell 467 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., University. 

Mrs. McCormick (Ida May Steep). 
McCormick, Miss Gertrude. 
McCormick, Miss Eachel. 
McCormick, Mr. James Irwin. 
McCormick, Mr. Samuel Black, Jr. 
Summer Home — Monaca. 

McCoy, Mr. George Layng. 5514 Baum St. 

Bell 332 HOand. 
Mrs. McCoy (Mary Emma Read), (Pgh. Female College). 

McCoy, Miss Mary Eead. 

McCoy, Miss Anna Belle. 

McCoy, Mr. Thomas Jay. 

McCracken, Mrs. William (Anna Marshall). 

709 Maryland Ave. 
Marshall, Miss Mary. Bell 2988-L Hiland. 

McCready, Mr. Egbert T. M. (Princeton). Edgeworth. 

Club— Union. Bell 296 Sewickley, 

Mrs. McCready (Margaret Courtney). 

McCready," Mary Courtney. 

McCready, Margaret. 

McCready, James Miller. 

McCready, Robert. 


McCreery, Mr. James Eodgers. 1174 Murray Hill Ave. 

CZ«6— Duquesne. Bell 1903 Hiland. 

Mrs. McCreery (Mary Goodhue Maxwell). 

McCreery, Miss Helen Goodhue. 

McCreery, Miss Elizabeth Eodgers. 

M^cCreery, Maxwell. 

McCreery, Mrs. J. H. (Virginia Hart). 1003 Allegheny Ave. 

Bell 329-W Brady. 
McCreery, Miss Mary Frances. 
McCreery, Miss Elizabeth A. 
McCreery, Mr. William Hart. 
Summer Home — North East. 

McCreery, Mrs. William (Elizabeth Eodgers). 

940 Lynndale Ave. 
McCreery, Miss Emilie. Bell 1431-E Cedar. 

Strong, Prof, and Mrs. J. H. (Eliza McCreery). 

McCuLLOUGH, Mr. a. W. 708 Summerlea St. 

Bell 5202-J Hiland. 
Mrs. McCullough (Theresa L. Gilmore). 

McCullough, Mr. William Thomas. 5801 Stanton Ave. 

(U. of Pgh.). Bell 2559 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country. 
Mrs. McCullough (Minnie W. Hax), (Bishop Bowman). 
McCullough, Bertha Elizabeth. 
McCullough, Christian Hax. 
McCullough, William Thomas, Jr. 

McCuNE, Mr. Prank (Haverford). 912 Maryland Ave. 

Bell 5270 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. McCune (Emma Burgett). 


McCune, Mr. and Mrs. George Boston (Lucia DeWitt). 

McCune, Clodath. 

McCune, Eugene Pargny. Franklin St., Vandergrift. 

McCune, Mr. John Eobison. Fifth and College Aves. 

(Princeton). Bell 78 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 
Mrs. McCune (Janet Walker Lockhart). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf. 
McCune, Mary. 
McCune, Charles Lockhart. 
McCune, John Eobison, IV. 
McCune, Walker. 
McCune, Marshall Lockhart. 

Summer Home — Imperial Road, Coraopolis Heights. Bell 105 

IVIcCuRDY, Mr. Egbert P. 5712 Baum St. 

Bell 5189 Hiland. 
Clubs — Oakmont, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

>Irs. McCurdy (M. G. Brown). 
McCurdy, Eobert Benton. 


TVEcCuTCHEON, Mr. Charles Leverett. 1525 Shady Ave. 

(U. of Pgb.). Bell 2592 Hiland. 

Mrs. McCutcheon (Lida C. Hays), (Pgh. Female College). 

McCuTCHEON, Mrs. John L. (Louise Taylor). 6815 Thomas St. 

Bell 3776 Hiland. 

MeCuteheon, Miss Louise Taylor. 

Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus (Elsie MeCuteheon). 

McCuTCHEON, Mrs. Thomas Grant (Annie C. Sanner). 

5020 Castleman St. 
MeCuteheon, Miss Rebekah. Bell 835 Schenley. 

MeCuteheon, Thomas Grant, Jr. 
MeCuteheon, James. 

McCutcheon, Mr. William A. Harvard Eoad, Thornbueg. 

Bell 323-J Crafton. 
Mrs. McCutcheon (Belle Tomer). 

MeCuteheon, Mr. W. Norton. 

MeCuteheon, Mr. Kenneth Charles. 

McCutcheon, Mr. J. Donald. 

McEldowney, Mr. Allen Wilson. 408 Maple Ave., Edgfavcod. 

Clubs-Du<iuesne, Oakmont. Bell 156 Wilkins. 

Mrs. McEldowney (Anne McConway). 
McEldowney, Alison. 
McEldowney, Jane. 
McEldowney, William McConway. 

McEldowney, Mr. Henry Clay. 

Northumberland and Wightman Sts. 
Bell 850 Schenley. 
Clubs— Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Country, New York Mid-Day. 

Mrs. McEldowney (Annabel Doyle). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical, D. A. R. 
McEldowney, Miss Annabel. 
McEldowney, Hester. 
McEldowney, Mr. Robert. 

McElroy, Mr. Robert Tindle (Hanover). 119 N. Linden Ave. 

Bell 5078 HUand. 

Clubs — University, Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. McElroy (Anne Jacobs Bowman). 

Clubs — Colonial Dames, D. A. R. 

McElevey, Mr. Albert M. 378 Negley Ave. 

Bell 1105 Hiland. 
Mrs. McElevey (Louisa Brackemeyer) . 

McElveen, Mr. Hugh. Forbes and Woodlawn Aves. 

Bell 424 Schenley. 
Mrs. McElveen (Nancy Cochran). 


Mr Alfred McElveen. 
• Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Plank, (Ella N. McElveen). 

75.5 Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Linton (Margaret McElveen), Okampa, Mexico. 
Mr. and Mrs. Fuller Bergstresser, (Anne McElveen), S. Sixteenth St., 
Lincoln, Neb. 


McEwAN, Eev. William L., D.D. 836 S. Negley Ave. 

eiub—Buquesne. Bell 674 Hiland. 

Mrs. McEwan (Eleanor Fulton). 

McEwan, Miss Sally Rodes. 

McEwan, Miss Elizabeth. 

McEwan, William L., Jr. 

McEwan, Calvin Wells. 

McEwan, Alexander. 

McEwan, Eobert Christie. 

Colvin, Mr. George Fulton. 

McFarlane, Mrs. George L. (Alice Eaton). 

425 N. Highland Ave. 
McFarlane, Miss Jean. BeU 2124-R Hiland. 

McFarlane, Miss Alice, 
McFarlane, Miss Christine Magee. 

McFbely, Mrs. Charles A. (Anna Lindsav). Tennyson Ave. 

" Bell 439-R Schenley. 
McFeely, Mr. Charles Albert. 

McFeely, Mr. John Lindsay. Parkman Ave. 

CZubs— Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 1738 Schenley. 

Mrs. McFeely (Carolyn Holmes), (Pgh. Female College). 

Club—D. A. R. 
McFeely, Suzanne. 

McGeagh, Dr. A. C. 134 S. Negley Ave. 

Mrs. McGeagh (Myrtle Price). Bell 1980 Hiland. 

McGeagh, Mary Aletcalfe. 

McGeagh, William Price. 

McGiFFiN, Mr. Malcolm (W^ & J.). 3 Beaver St.. Sewickley. 

Bell 163-L Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 

McGiLL, Mr. William D. 1327 Liverpool St. 

Club— Union. Bell 87 Brady. 

Mrs. McGill (May Dunham). 

McGinley, Mr. John Rainey. .5000 Forbes Ave. 

Bell 557 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, 
Metropolitan Club of New York, Essex County Golf, Lawyers' 
Club of New York, Railroad Club. 

Mrs. McGinley (Jennie Atterbury). 
C/!(6— 20th Century. 
McGinley, Miss Marion. 
McGinley, Miss Lois. 

Summer Home — Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass. 


Mr. and Mrs. Lucius James Knowles (Laura McGinley). 
Lucius James Knowles, Jr. 
Sarah Montgomery Knowles. 

15 Massachusetts Ave., Worcester, Mass. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Small Moore (Jean McGinley). 
Edward Small Moore, Jr. 
Jean Moore. 
Marion Moore. 82 E Elm St., Chicago, 111. 


McGiNLEY, Mr. Thomas Atterbury (Yale). 

Waldweben, Sewickley Heights, Sewickley. 

Bell 142 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Mrs. McGinley (Gertrude Holden). 
McGinley, John Bainey, II. 

McGiRR, Mr. Frank Charles. 119 Homewood Ave. 

(Mt. St. Mary's). Bell 1507 Hiland. 
Clubs — Oakmont Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. McGirr (Amelia Mcllwaine). 
MeGirr, Miss Alice Thurston. 
McGirr, Miss Jean Marie. 

McGrath, Dr. John Francis. 5928 Elwood St. 

(St. Vincent's, U. of Penna.). 5282 HUand. 

Mrs. McGrath (Agnes M. Snyder), (St. Joseph's Academy), 

McGrath, Virginia M. 

McGrath, Margurete Agnes. 

McGrath, Inez E. 

MclLVAiNE, Mr. Hall. 6200 Howe St. 

Mrs. McIlvaine (Marion S. Guthrie). 

McIlvaine, Eev. James H., D.D. (Princeton). 311 Shady Ave. 

BeH 887 Hiland. 
Mrs. McIlvaine (Grace Biddle). 
McIlvaine, Miss Anne Biddle. 

Summer Home — Jamestown, Rhode Island. 


Major and Mrs. L. H. Baldwin (Grace McIlvaine). 

Grace Campbell Baldwin. Shillong, Assam, India. 

McIntosh, Mr. Harry W. 1116 Wood St., Wilkinsburg. 
(U. of Pgh., Yale). Bell 234-L Wilkins. 

Clubs — Oakmont Country, Pittsburgh Field, Penwood. 

Mrs. McIntosh (Eleanor G. McKeIvy). 

At Home Days — Thursdays. 

Summer Home — McKelvy Farm, Orchard Hill. 

McKaig, Mr. Thomas B. Kenmawr Hotel. 

Clit b — Duquesne. 

Mrs. McKaig (Lucie L. Young). 
McKaig, Mr. Clement V. 
McKaig, Mr. Donald. 
McKaig, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. (Miss Falvey). 

McKay, Mrs. Alexander L. (Miss Bridges). 

5301 Westminster St. 
McKay, Mary. Bell 1486 Schenley. 

McKay, Alexander Laughlin. 

Summer Home. — Provincetown, Mass. 

McKay, Mrs. James (Anna Watson). 

Oak Hill, Amberson Ave. 
MacMahon, Mrs. Edna McKay. 

Summer Home — Fairholm Island, Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ont., 

Yacht — Algoma. 


McKay, Mr. J. Albert (Mass. Inst, of Tech.). 1086 Shady Ave. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. Bell 49 Hiland. 

Mrs. McKay (Helen Murphy). 
McKay, Alberta. 
McKay, Virginia Craig, 
McKay, James. 

Summer Home — Fairholm Island, Muskoka Lake, Ont., Canada. 

McKay, Mr. Egbert Jefferson. 5016 Centre Ave. 

Bell 100 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Automobile Club of America, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. McKay (Eva Little). 
McKay, Miss Eva Marco. 
McKay, Miss Alice Roberta. 
McKay, Miss Elizabeth Isabelle. 

Yacht — Marco. 

Summer Home — Isle of Marco, Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ontario, 


Mr. and Mrs. Lewis K. Robinson, (Katherine Anna McKaj) Devon 
Inn, Devon. 

McKay, Mr. Thomas Jefferson. 415 Morewood Ave. 

(Harvard). Bell 11 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Alleghen3' Country. 

Mrs. McKay (Martha Jane Chambers), (Farmington). 
McKay, James Chambers. 
McKay, Thomas Jefferson, II. 

McKean, Mr. Robert Andrews. 714 S. Negley Amy.. 

(U. of Pgh.). Bell 1427 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, University. 

Mrs. McKean (Margaret May Cox). 
McKean, Margaret Caird. 
McKean, Robert Andrews, Jr. 

Summer Home — Carse Gowan, Coraopolis Heights. Bell 197-R 

McKee, Mrs. Christian I. (Anne Patrick). 932 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 1049-J Schenley. 

McKee, Mr. Frederick William. 6104 Howe St. 

(U. of Pgh., Harvard Law). Bell 1318 HUand. 

Mrs. McKee (Bertha Chad\yick). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical. 

McKee, Miss Mary Stewart. 

McKee, Mr. Frederick C. 

McKee, Herbert Vincent. 

McKee, Wallace Bruce. 

McKee, Mrs. George Wilson (Mary Chalfant). 

308 E. North Ave. 
McKee, Miss Georgiana N. Bell 7 Cedar. 

Summer Home — Kennebunkport, Maine. 

McKee, Mr. Logan (U. of M.). 600 St. Clair St. 

Bell 4541-L Hiland. 
Mrs. McKee (Susan Pool). 
McKee, Nancy Jean. 


McKee, Mr. Roy B. S. Negley Ave. and Elmer St. 

Bell 5435-W Hiland. 
Clubs — Stanton Heights Golf, Pittsburgh Field. 
Mrs. McKee (riorence K. Ong). 

McKee, Mrs. Samuel (Katharine Hall). Hotel Kenmawr. 

Bell 3267 Hiland. 

McKee, Mr. Samuel Henry (Monmouth). 

1204 Wood St., Wilkinsburg. 
Clubs— Union, Penwood. Bell 1411-L Wilkins. 

Mrs. McKee (Jane A. Taggart), (Pgh. Female College). 
Club — Woman's. 
McKee, Miss Ellen B. 
Hahn, Mr. and Mrs. John C, Orchard Lane, Edgeworth. 

McKee, Mrs. Stewart (Virginia Dalzell). 939 Ridge Ave. 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 
McKee, Mr. Dalzell. 

McKelvy, Mrs, J. H. (Jane Hays Ralston). The Kenmawr^. 

Bell 5778 Hiland. 
McKelvy^ Miss Jean. 
McKelvy, Mr. C. Hays. 
McKelvy, Mr. J. King, Oklawaha, Fla. 

McKelvy, Ml{. William E. Westminster and St. James Sts. 

Bell 735 Schenley. 
Mrs. McKelvy (Elizabeth Graham). 

McKelvy, Christine L. 

McKelvy, Martha G. 

McKelvy, Mr. W. H. Seward. Park Place Hotel, Sewickley. 
Mrs. McKelvy (Louise Rex). 
McKelvy, Miss Anna Pryde. 

McKelvy, Mrs. William M. (Ella Kumler). (Wesleyan). 

Fifth, cor. College Ave. 

Club— 20th Century. Bell 1216 Hiland. 

McKelvy, Mr. J. Dvvight. 
McKelvy, Mr. C. Lockhart. 
McKelvy, John E. 
Mrs. J. P. E. Kumler. 

McKennan, Mr. John D. (Trinity). 403 Oakland Ave. 

Bell 1743 Court. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Rittenhouse Club of Phli- 

McKennan, Dr. Moore Stockton (W. & J.). 3451 Ward St. 

Bell 83 Schenley. 
Mrs. McKennan (Leora Russell Sage). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 
McKennan, Thomas M. T. 
McKennan, Arthur Russell. 
Sage, Mrs. Elizabeth Russell. 


McKennan, Dr. T. M. T. (W. & J.)- 4724 Wallingford St. 

Bell 515 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Oakmont Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

McKenney, Mr. J. H. (U. of Pgh.). 207 Millvale Ave. 

Bell 86 Fisk. 

Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. McKenney (Ida Gribben), (St. Mary's). 
Club — Stanton Heights Golf. 
McKenney, Helen Elizabeth. 
McKenney, Mary Margaret. 
McKenney, James Harvey, Jr. 

McKibben, Mr. Chambers. 

5308 Ellsworth Ave. 
Bell 1802 Schenley. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. McKibben (Katherine ScuUy). 
Schley, Mr. Charles. 
Schley, Mrs. (Marion S. McKibben), 
Schley, Katharine McK. 

McKiLLiPS, Mr. -Charles E. 
Mrs. McKillips (Olive Powell). 

McKinney, Mrs. W. S. (Jane McGunnegle). 
McKinney, Miss Mary Alice. 
McKinney, Miss Katharine Eliza. 
McKinney, Miss Virginia Brooke. 
McKinney, Mr. Eobert Grant. 
McKinney, Mr. William S., Jr. 


310 Aiken Ave. 
Bell 417 Hiland. 

McKinney, Mr. J. P. 

725 Devonshire Place. 
Bell 1580 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. McKinney (Jane Curry Stewart). 
Club — 20th Century. 
McKinney, Miss Jean C. 
McKinney, Miss Irene S. 
McKinney, Mr. J. P., Jr. 
McKinney, Mr. E. L. 

McKnight, Miss Anna F. (Pgh. Female College). 

5431 Stanton Ave. 
Bell 3553-J Hiland. 

Clubs — College, Pgh. Female College Ass'n. 

McKnight, Mr. Charles. Brighton Eoad. 

Bell 57 Sewiekley. 

Clubs — -Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. McKnight (Eliza C. Wilson). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Woman's Club of Sewiekley. 
McKnight, Miss Eachel Lowrie. 
McKnight, Eleanor Baird. 
McKnight, Mr. Charles, Jr. 
McKnight, Eobert Wilson. 
McKnight, Francis Harlan. 


MoKnight, Dr. George Scott. 353 S. Highland Ave. 

(Princeton, U. of Penna.). Bell 3231-L Hiland. 

Mrs. McKnight (Marjorie Gertrude Price). 

McKniglit, Marjorie. 

McKnight, Mr. Henry. Killbuck, 1212 Western Ave. 

Bell 471 Brady. 

Clubs — Duquesne.v, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

McKnight, Mr. Thomas Harlan Baird. 

44 Thorn St., Sewickley. 
Bell 7 Sewickley. 

Clnb — Duqiiesne, Allegheny Countr.y, Edgeworth, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. McKnight (Martha Harding Bakewell). 
McKnight, Leila Laughlin. 
McKnight, Thomas Harlan. 
Summer Home — Nantucket, Mass. 


Mr. and Mrs. Francis Herron McKnight (Henrietta Pomeroy), 138 E. 
40th St., New York. 

McKnight, Mr. Wharton. 942 Lynndale Ave. 

Bell 1091-J Cedar. 
Mrs. McKnight (Eliza T. Hersh). 

McKnight, Miss Sarah Ormsby. 

McKnight, Miss Eliza Thaw. 

McKnight, Miss Louise. 

McKnight, Mr. William. 

McLain, Mr. Benjamin N. 5711 Wellesley Ave. 

Bell 1799-E Hiland. 
Mrs. McLain (Martha Fisk Liggett). 
McLain, Miss Lou Childs. 

McLain, Mr. John Evans. 1137 Wightman St. 

Mrs. McLain (Anna Linton). Bell 1438- J Schenley. 

McLain, Katharine. 

McLain, John Linton. 

McLain, William, II. 

McLain, Benjamin. 

McLain, Me. Will. .'927 Howe St. 

Mrs. McLain (Clara F. Evans). Bell 1366-J Hiland. 


Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Falconer, Montclair, N. J. 

McLean, Mr. Charles Batchelor. 403 Winebiddle Ave. 

Bell 233 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont, Stanton Heights. 

Mrs. McLean (Clara C. Chamberlain). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical, Outlook Alliance, D. A. R., 
Colonial Dames, Society of Mayflower Descendants. 

McLean, Mr. Crosby Chamberlain, 321 Milvale Ave. 

Club — Country. Bell 1071 Fisk. 

Mrs. McLean (Alberta Wood). 

McLean, Crosby Chamberlain, Jr. 


McLean, Mr. Edwin P. 

Bryn Mawr Apts.. Schenley Heights, 
Bell 1726-W Schenley. 
Mrs. McLean (Helen F. McFeely). 

McMechen, Mrs. Birney Kennard (Ruth Bailey). 

828 Lynndale Ave. 
Bell 47 Cedar. 
Dalzell, Miss Anna D. 

Wi7iter Home — Pasadena, Cal. 

McMiLLiN, Mrs. Mary Bindley. 

Atherstone, Fifth Ave., ab. St. James St. 
McMillin, Miss. 

McSwiGAN, Mr. Andrew Stephen. 326 Oakland Ave. 

Bell 1659 Schenley. 

Clubs — Columbus, Press. 
Mrs. McSwigan (Genevieve Brady). 

At Home Days — Tuesdays. 
McSwigan, Miss Mary Elizabeth. 
McSwigan, Marie Rita. 
McSwigan, Genevieve. 
McSwigan, Katherine Louise. 
McSwigan, Mr. Andrew- Brady. 

McVay, Mrs. Valeria C. (Valeria C. Hunter). 

5444 Stanton Ave.. 

McVay, Mr. Anson Bidwell. 
McVay, Mr. Charles Crosby. 

Bell 1074 Hiland. 

Napier, Mr. E. J, 550 Neville St. 

Bell 476-R Schenley. 
Mrs. Napier (Constance Archer). 

Napier, Dorothy M. 

Napier, Teresa M. 

Napier, Norman G. 

Napier, Frederica. 

Napier, Albert E. 

Neal, Mr. William B. Thorn and Little Sts., Sewickley. 

Bell 287-W Sewickley. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Neal, Mr. Charles B. 
Neal, Mr. Albert D. 
Neal, Mr. Nathan L. 

Neale, Mrs. Charles T. (Eliza M. Clark). 711 Devonshire St. 

Bell 531 Schenley. 
Club—Y). a. r. 
Neale, Mr. Frank Clark. 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Neale, Jr. 

Miss Margaret Neale. 

Mr. Charles T. Neale, III. 

Mary Neale. 131 Linvvood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Neale, Mrs. Elizabeth M. (Elizabeth Colwell). 

230 Thorn St., Sewickley. 
Neale, Mr. John C. Bell 394 Sewickley. 

Dix, Mr. John W. 


Mr. James Browne Neale., Minersville. 

Neale, Mr. James. Hotel Schenley. 

Bell 28.5 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Neale (H. Mary Gillespie), (Magee). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Magee, Miss Eleanor Gillespie. 
Magee, Eev. John Gillespie. 


Baron and Baroness Riedl de Ridenau, Mexico City, Mexico. 

Neely, Mr. Frank T. 6933 Prospect Ave., Ben Avon. 

Club— Ben Avon Country. Bell 96-E Emsworth. 

Mrs. Neely (Maude Eodgers), (Washington Seminary). 
Neely, Frances Eebecca. 
Neely, Frank Eodgers. 

Neeb, Mr. H. a. (U. of Pgh.). 340 Winebiddle Ave. 

CZ« 6— Duquesne. Bell 499 Hiland. 

Neeb, Mrs. Amanda M. (Amanda Allison). 
Mrs. Neeb (Ida Ingham). 

Neeb, Miss Katherine. 

Neeb, Mr. H. A., Jr. 

Neely, Mr. Harry W. 423 Atlantic Ave. 

Bell 722 Hiland. 
Mrs. Neely. 

Neely, Miss Helen S. 

Neely, Miss Anne. 

Stinson, Mrs. Ann. 

Neely, Mr. Howard (U. of Pgh.). 3437 Parkview Ave. 

Bell 1121-B Schenley. 
Mrs. Neely (Clara Eichards). 

At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Neely, Clara Elizabeth. 
Neely, John Howard. 
Neely, Mrs. Adah W. 

Neeper, Mr. Alexander M. 17.50 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 403 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakinont Country. 

Mrs. Neeper (Margaret W. Eea). 
Neeper, Mr. Frederick. 

Negley, Mr. Alexander Johnson. 305 Xegley Ave. 

(IT. of Pgh.). Bell 1822 Hiland. 

Mrs. Negley (Elizabeth Wishart), (Hollidaysburg). 

Negley, Miss Sarah Mellon. 

Negley, Miss Alice. 

Negley, Miss Georgian. 


Negley, Mrs. D. Charles (Lillie Berry). 5020 Fifth Ave. 

422 Schenley. 

Negley, Mr. E. C, Jr. 150 S. Negley Ave. 

Bell 9271 Hiland. 
Mrs. Negley (Sarah M. Gerst). 

Negley, Anna P. 

Negley, Eugenie E. 

Negley, Mr. Henry H. 600 N. Negley Ave. 

Mrs. Negley (Margaret Johnson). 

Negley, Mr. K. Heberton. 150 S.- Negley Ave 

Mrs. Negley (Anna M. Hugus). 

Negley, Mr. and Mrs. Paul (Gertrude Hanna). 

Nesbit, Mrs. Frank Woods (Nannette Cavitt). 


Nesbit, Frances. Bell 637-E Sewickley. 

T^etting, Mr. Charles Louis, Jr. 5822 Howe St. 

Bell 6085-J Hiland 

Cluhs — Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Netting (Olive Atwell). 
Netting, Isabel Atwell. 
Netting, Mr. Charles Louis, III. 

Nettleton, Dr. DeWitt Baldwin. 

245 Broad St., Sewickley. 
Bell 84-J Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Edgewood. 

Mrs. Nettleton (Ellen D. Hutchinson). 

Club — Woman's Club of Sewickley. 

Nevin, Miss Anne Woodbridge. 

218 Chestnut Eoad, Edgeworth. 
Nevin, Miss Marie Louise. Bell 518-L Sewickley. 

Nevin, Mrs. Charles F. (Elizabeth A. Grafton). 

3 Linden Place, Sewickley. 
Nevin, Miss Elizabeth G. Bell 549 Sewickley. 

Nevin, Mr. Theodore. 

Nevin, Mr. Franklin T. 601 Hopkins St., Sewickley. 

(Williams). Bell 484-L Sewickley. 

Mrs. Nevin (Elizabeth Booth Miller), (Swarthmore), 
Clubs — Woman's Club of Sewickley, College. 
Nevin, Margaret Williamson. 
Nevin, Franklin T., Jr. 

Nevin, Miss Hannah. 403 Bank St., Sewickley. 

Bell 240-J Sewickley. 


Mr. George Irwin Cochrane, Los Angeles, California. 
Cochrane, Mrs. (Martha Nevin). 
Cochrane, Mr. William. 


Nevin, Mrs. John I. (Eleanor C. Hawes). 

246 Frederick Ave., Sewickley. 
Nevin, Mr. Daniel Edward. Bell 635-J Sewickley. 


Miss Charlotte Hawes, Wei Hsien, Shantung, China. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T. Muzzy (Olive Adair Nevin). 

Nevin Halstead Muzzy. 1918 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Mrs. Ernest D. Nevin (Janet Stuart). 

246 Frederick Ave., Sewickley. 

Nevin, Mr. Fleming (U. of Mich.). Edgeworth. 

Bell 808-J Sewickley. 
Clubs — University, Edgeworth 

Nevin, Mr. Joseph Travelli. 309 Walnut St., Sewickley. 
Clubs— Union, Edgeworth. Bell 19 Sewickley. 

Mrs, Nevin (Sarah L. Cunningham). 

Nevin, Miss Margaret Irwin. 

Nevin, Mr. Frederick McJ. 

Cunningham, Miss Bessie. 


Mr. and Mrs. William C. Nevin, Cleveland, Tenn. 
Mr. Henry Irvin Nevin, Dowagiac, Mich. 

jN'evin, Mr. Theodore H. (Yale). 3 Linden Place, Sewickley. 
CZu6— Edgeworth. Bell 571-W Sewickley. 

Mrs. Nevin (Elizabeth Jeneks). 
Nevin, William McCullough. 

Nevin, Mr. Theodore W. (U. of Pgh). Sewickley. 

Clubs — Edgeworth, Parker Point Golf. 

Mrs. Nevin (May E. Appel). 
Nevin, Susan B. 
Nevin, Hugh W. 

Summer Ilome — Blue Hill, Maine. 

Nevin, Mrs. Wilfred Henry (Ida Carnaghan). 

LiNwooD Apts., McPherson and Linden Aves. 

Bell 3736-J Hiland. 
Nevin, Miss Nina Carnaghan. 

Nicholson, Dr. Harry Schuyler. 1612 Shady Ave. 

Bell 4460 Hiland. 
Mrs. Nicholson (Hallie McKown). 

Hill, Margaret N. 

Hill, Marjory B. 

Hill, Hallie Virginia. 

Nicola, Mr. Austin G. Pittsburgh Athletic Association. 

Club — Pittsburgh Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Nicola, Mr. Frank F. Hotel Schenley. 

Bell 28.5 Schenley. 

Club — Duquesne, Union, Allegheny Country, Country, Oakmont 
Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Nicola (Margaret Crumpton). 


Nicola, Mr. George W. 4311 Bayard St. 

Bell 1861 Seheuley. 
Clubs — Duqiiesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Nicola (Gladys Lonsdale Painter). 

Nicola, Mr. Oliver P. (Yale). 1221 Shady Ave. 

Bell 840 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, University, 
Pittsburgh Golf, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Nicola (Josephine C. Phillips). 
Nicola, Jos-^phine Ormsby. 
Nicola, Oliver P., Jr. 

Niemann, Mr. Charles Franklin. 716 N. St. Clair St. 

Bell 2455-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Niemann (Mildred Bartley). 

Niemann, Martha Virginia. 

Niemann, Gwendolen. 

Niemann, Charles Franklin, Jr. 

NiMicK, Mr. Alexander K. Wilkins, above Fifth Ave. 

% Mrs. D. G. Stewart. 
Mrs. Nimick (Nellie Thompson Pearson). 

NiMiCK, Mr. Frank B. 631.5 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 419 Hiland. 
Clubs — Oakmont, Pittsburgh. 
Nimick, Mr. Francis B. 
Nimick, Mr. Howe. 
Nimick, Mr. William K. 
Robinson, Miss Anne. 

Nimick, Mr. William Howard. 6101 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 747 Hiland. 
Mrs. Nimick (Letitia Poultney Tyson). 

Nimick, Miss Elizabeth Tyson. 

Nimick, Miss Henrietta Howard. 

Nimick, Dorothy. 

Nimick, Esther. 

Nimick, Tyson. 

Nimick, Mr. Alexander. 

Nimick, Mr. William Howard, Jr. 

Summer Home — Ashantee, Bay Head, N. J. 

Noble, Mr. Daniel C. 1235 Shady Ave. 

Bell 20 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 

Mrs. Noble (Elizabeth E. Hall). 

Mr. Howard Agnew Noble (Mass. Inst, of Tech.). 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 

Mrs. Noble (Katharine Babcock). 

Noble, Mr. Thaddeus Clark (W. & J.). 6 E. North Ave. 

Bell 776 Grant. 

Normecutt, Mr. William Harrison. 6034 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 660-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Normecutt (Carrie Henry), (Hollidaysburg). 


Ogden, Mr. Charles H. 4947 Wallingford St. 

Bell 274-L Sehenley. 
Mrs. Ogden (Mary Wilkins). 

Ogden, Miss Elizabeth Wilkins. 

Ogden, Mr. E. S. 

Ogden, Mr. F. A. 804 Grafton Ave. 

Clubs— Buquesne, Union Traffic. Bell 164 Crafton. 

Mrs. Ogden (Elizabeth Lyon). 
Ogden, Florence A. 
Ogden, William N. 

O'DONNELL, Mr. R. L. (West Point). 6393 Station St. 

Bell 554 Ililand. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, CountrJ^ 
O 'Donnell, Miss Jean. 
O'Donnell, Miss Vera. 
O 'Donnell, Miss Lois Rieardo. 

Ohl, Mr. Ed^vin N. Hotel Schenley. 

Bell 285 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Golf, Pgh. Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Ohl (Miss Bower). 

At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Ohl, Edwin H. 

Summer Home — Beaumaris, Ont., Canada. 

Oliver, Mr. David B. 1516 Termon Ave. 

Bell 210 Brady. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Oliver (Rebecca Beall Cunningham). 

Oliver, Miss Jessie. 

Oliver, Mr. Robert. 

Oliver, Mr. Charles. 

Oliver, Mr. Augustus Kountze (Yale). 827 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 1768 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Yale Club of New York, Allegheny Country, 
Pittsburgh Golf, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Olh^r (Margaretta Wood), (Dobb's Ferry). 

Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 

Oliver, Joseph Wood. 

Oliver, Mr. George T. (Bethany). 5520 Fifth Ave. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., University. 

Mrs. Oliver (Mary Kountze). 
Oliver, Miss Jean. 
Oliver, Mr. Bennett. 

Summer Home — Dungannon Farm, Cobourg, Ont., Canada. 
Winter Home — 2230 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, D. C. 


Mr. and Mrs. John P. Young (Margaret K. Oliver), Youngstown, Ohio. 

Oliver, ]\Ir. George S. (Yale). 5479 Darlington Road. 

Bell 1569 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Oliver (Laura G. Smith). 


Oliver, Mrs. Henry W. (Edith A. Cassidy). 845 Eidge Ave. 

Summer Home — Sewickley Heights, Bell 90 Sewickley. 

Oliver, Mrs. James B. (Amelia Neville Shields). 

Beaver Eoad, Shields Station, 
Bell 12 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, 20th Century, D. A. R., Edgeworth. 


Marquis Alfred Dusmet de Smours, Marchesa Dusmet de Smours 

(Edith Oliver). 
Jamie Dusmet de Smours. 
Fannie Dusmet de Smours. 
Mary Dusmet de Smours. 14 Via de Abbruzzi, Rome, Italy 

Oliver, Mr. John Cunningham (Yale). 846 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 56 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh, University Club 
of New York. 

Mrs. Oliver (Elizabeth Shaw Young). 
Young, Mr. Ledlie W. 

O'Neil, Mr. Chauncey. 708 Harbaugh St., Sev^ickley. 

C/« 6— Edgeworth. (Yale). Bell 563-J Sewickley. 

Mrs. O'Neil (Louise French Potter), (Engleside). 

Club — Edgeworth. 

O'Neil, Susan Potter. 
O'Neil, Edward, II. 

O 'Neil, Mr. Edward. Wisteria, 59 Beaver Rd., Sev^^ickley. 

Bell 3 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Edgeworth, Revel's Island Club of Vir- 

Mrs. O'Neil (Eugenia Adella Courtney). 
Club — Woman's Club of Sewickley. 

Ong, Mr. F. K. (Earlham). 5701 Forbes St. 

Bell 502 Schenley. 
Mrs. Ong. 

Ong, Mr. Edwin M. 

Orr, Mr. Almer Hamilton, 735 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 1405-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Orr (Lyda Vincent). 
Orr, Elizabeth Eeed. 
Orr, Aimer Hamilton, Jr. 

Summer Home — Byde-a-Whyle, Ross Mt. Park, New Florence. 

Orr, Mr. Charles Prentiss. 370 S. Highland Ave. 

(Hamilton). Bell 10 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Union, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Mrs. Orr (Anna L. Lazear). 
Orr, Miss Alice L. 
Orr, Mr. Pennock H. 
Orr, Mr. Thomas L. 
Lazear, Mr. Thomas C. 

Orr, Mr. James P. (State). 125 Beech St., Edgewood. 

CZm&— Duquesne. Bell 103 Wilkins. 

Slimmer IJome — Ross Park, New Florence. 

Orr, Mr. James William. Union and Steuben Aves., CRArxON. 

Bell 197-L Grafton. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'L Ass'n., Thornburg Country. 
Mrs. Oer (M. May Wilson). 
Orr. Mr. Eobert James. 
Orr, Lawrence. 

Orr, Mr. John Bruce. 628 Maple Lane. Sewickley. 

C/«6— Duquesne. Bell 552-L Sewickley. 

Mrs. Orr (Frances Morris), (Bryn Mawr). 
Club — Woman's Club of Sewickley. 
Orr, Charlotte. 
Orr, John Bruce, Jr. 
Yacht — The Elizabeth. 

Orr, Mr. Eobert A. 5502 Ellsworth Ave. 

CZ«6— Duquesne. Bell 1415 Hiland. 

Orr, Miss Martha E. 
Orr, Mr. Thomas A. 

Orr, Mr. W. M. Edgeworth. 

Bell 190 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Orr (Bertha Horton). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Allegheny Country. 

OsBURN, Mr. Frank Chew. 600 S. Highland Ave. 

Mrs. Osburn (Virginia Claire Hays). 

Osborne, Mr. Loyall Allen (Cornell). 

WooDHOLM, Woodland Eoad. 
Bell 1309 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Country, Lawyers'. 

Mrs. Osborne (Emma Louise Hines). 

Clubs— 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Osborne, Nancy. 
Osborne, Louise Hines. 
Osborne, Loyall Allen, Jr. 
Osborne, John Stuart. 

Over, Mr. James Watson. Overlook, Glen Osborne. 

Bell 304-E. Sewickley. 
Club — Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Over (Nancy Shurtleff), (Pgh. Female College). 
At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Over, Katharine Shurtleflf. 
Over, Mary. 
Over, Frank Osburn. 
Over, James Watson, Jr. 
Over, Eaymond. 

Overholt, Mr. Ealph. 7211 Thomas Blvd. 

Bell 4745 Hiland. 
Mrs. Overholt (Etta Husband). 

Overholt, Margaret. 

OverJiolt, Gertrude. 

Overholt, Harold. 

Overholt, Ealph. 


OvEKEND, Mr. Clarence. 6900 Meade St. 

Bell 3666-R Hiland. 

Club— Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Overend (Marguerite Eeed). 
Overend, Marguerite. 

Page, Mr. Benjamin. 1519 Wightman St. 

Bell 15 75- J Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Union. 
Mrs. Page (Mary Le Moyne). 
Page, Ellen Strong. 
Page, Francis Le Moyne. 
Page, Benjamin, III. 
Le Moyne, Dr. and Mrs. Frank. 

Page, Mr. David. 5456 Northumberland St. 

Bell 864-R Schenley. 
Mrs. Page (Margaret Harriett Lynch). 

Page, Miss Mary Hester. 

Page, Miss May Josephine. 

Page, Miss Blanche Bertha. 

Page, Miss Maude Emily. 

Page, Mr. David Francis. 

Page, Mr. Austin Walter. 

Page, Mr. Frank T. 6412 Darlington Road. 

Bell 6031-J Hiland. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Page (Elizabeth Hogan), (Seaton Hill). 
Page, Elizabeth Louise. 
Page, Virginia Clare. 

Page, Mr. George Stevens (Columbia). 324 N. Lang Ave. 

Bell 5866-J Hiland. 

Club — Columbia University of New York, Columbia University of 
Pittsburgh, Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Page (Delilla Blinn Home). 
Page, Pauline Stevens. 
Page, Air. Blinn Stevens. 
Page, Mr. George Reuben. 
Page, Lowell Briggs. 

Page, Mr. Henry Stevens. 
Page, Mr. Silas. 

Page, Mr. Oliver Ormsby. 5724 Darlington Road. 

Bell 598 Schenley. 

Painter, Mrs. A. E. W. (Mary Alice Blair). 815 Irwin Ave. 
Painter, Mr. Christopher L. Bell 44 Cedar. 

Painter, Mr. Jacob, Jr. 

Painter. Mrs. Byron H. (Marv Lothrop) . 1027 Western Ave. 

Bell 237 Cedar. 
Painter, Miss Mildred. 
Painter, Mr. George Edward. 
Painter, Mr. Clarke. 
Painter, Mr. Alden Lothroji. 
Lothrop, Miss. 


Painter, Mr. Charles A. (Columbia). 1029 Western Ave. 

Bell 349 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, AUeghenv Country, Pittsburgh Golf, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Painter (Ettie Speer). 

Painter, Miss Mary Lothrop. 
Painter, Mr. Charles A., Jr. 
Painter, Mr. J. L. Dawson. 

Palmer, Mrs. Jennie E. (Jennie Herl^ert) . lo-t Bellepield Ave. 

Bell 288 Schenley. 
Palmer, Mr. J. H. 
Evans. Mr. and Mrs. Sanford B. 


Mr. and Mrs. Morris B. Nixon. 

Elizabeth Palmer Nixon. 929 West End .\ve.. New York. 

Palmer, Mr. John Henry (Lafayette). 348 X. Craig St. 

Bell 1855-J Schenley. 
Mrs. Palmer (Sarah D. Ocumpaugh). 
Palmer, Henry. 

Pargny, Mr. Eugene W. 1036 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, University, Allegheny Country, 

Mrs. Pargny (Emilie F. Tuman). 
Cluh — Allegheny Country. 
Grange, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. (Marie Tuman). 

Park, Mr. D. E. 320 E. North Ave. 

Bell 138 Cedar. 
Park, Miss Eleanor G. 
Park, Mr. Lewis A. 

Summer Home — Hillside Farm, Ebensburg, Cambria Co. 

Park, Mr. James H. Fifth and S. Xegley Aves. 

Bell 585 Hiland. 

Cluhs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh, Country. 

Mrs. Park (Ettie B. Purviance). 

Winter Home — Dresden, Germany. 

Park, Mrs. Thomas (Letitia Howard). 853 Beech Ave. 

Bell 1240 Cedar. 
Howard, Miss Martha. 

Parke, Mr. William Howard. 5932 Wilkins Ave. 

Bell 859 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Parke (Elizabeth McClellan Friend), (St. Margaret's). 
Clubs — 20th Century, Golf. 

Parker, Mr. James. 206 Shady Ave. 

Mrs. Parker (Letitia Herron). 

Parker, Mrs. Thomas Sherer (Virginia Hughes). 

5115 Centre Ave. 
Bell 2479-L Hiland. 


Parkin, Dr. E. Harris. Stanton and Negley Aves. 

(U. of Vienna). Bell 3901-L Hiland. 

CZu6— Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Parkin (Ada B. Craig). 

Parkin, Mr. Harry Dravo (Harvard). 4735 Bayard St. 

Bell 213-W Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Harvard Club of Western Pennsyl- 
vania, Stanton Heights. 

Mrs. Parkin (Alice Mary Dangerfield). 
Parkin, Harry Dravo, Jr. 

Parkin, Mr. William Metcalfe. 

Mrs. Parkin (Jessie Haskell). 
Parkin, William Metcalfe, Jr. 

Patterson, Mr. Charles Forsyth. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Patterson (Elisabeth Lord). 
Patterson, Miss Forsyth. 
Patterson, Charles Lord. 

5577 Hampton St. 
Bell 4851-J Hiland. 

1127 Western Ave. 
Bell 587-J Brady. 

Patterson, Miss Elizabeth. 

Club—D. A. R. 

Summer Home — Locusta, Carnegie. 

Patterson, Mr. Frank K. 

Mrs. Patterson (Alice Mahafifey). 

At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Patterson, Miss Margaret. 

Summer Home — Au Claire Farm. 

5709 Elmer St. 
Bell 5828-R Hiland. 

432 Graham St. 
Bell 5864-J Hiland. 

Patterson, Mr. John M. 

Mrs. Patterson (Margaret Macfarlane), 

Patterson, Mrs. Mattie (Mattie Shore). 

(Pgh. Female College). 

Club — Woman's Historical Society. 
A t Home Days — Tuesdays. 

5639 Rippey St. 
Bell 75 Hiland. 

5530 Centre Ave. 

Patterson, Mr. Robert Wilson (Princeton). 6016 Howe St. 
Club— University. Bell 427 Hiland. 

Mrs. Patterson (Elizabeth Stewart Johnston). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Patterson, Miss Sara Stewart. 

Patterson, Mr. Joseph. 

Patterson, Mr. Robert Wilson, Jr. 

Patterson, Mr. T. H. Baird. 247 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

Bell 509-J Sewickley. 
Patterson, Mr. William Lord. 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Warner (Mary Baird Patterson). 


Mr. Joseph M. Patterson, Oakland, California. 


Patterson, Mr. Thomas. School House Hill, Shields. 

Bell 21 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Allegheny Countrj^ Union. 

Mrs. Patterson (Harriet Preble Wilson). 
Patterson, Mr. Eobert L. 

Patterson, Mr. W. I. Besaca St. and North Ave. 

Bell 2656-L Cedar. 
Mrs. Patterson (Jean Gibson Lyons). 

Patton, Mrs. Frank B. (Jane MeElveen). 251 Dithridge St. 

Bell 518-R Schenley. 
Patton, Sarah Campbell. 
Patton, Hugh MeElveen. 

Patton, Mr. William J. 821 Irwin Ave. 

Bell 582 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Metropolitan 
Club of Washington. 

Paul, Mr. Henry Sheaff. Oakmont. 

Bell 16 Oakmont. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Americus, Oakmont Country, Oakmont Boat. 
Mrs. Paul (Jennie Lee). 
Paul, Miss Mary Lee. 
Paul, Harry S., Jr. 

Paul, Mr. James Warren. Meade St. and Home wood Ave. 

CZm6s— Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 5276 Hiland. 

Mrs. Paul (Adelaide Eiehardson). 
Paul, Miss Martha Wortley. 

Summer Home — East Aurora, N. Y. 

Paull, Mr. Joseph Rogers. 409 Denniston Ave. 

Club— Duquesne. Bell 535 Hiland. 

Mrs. Paull (Annie Rogers Johnston). 
At Home Days — Tuesdays. 
Paull, Josephine. 
Paull, James Dana. 

Summer IIom,e — Ross Mountain Park, Westmoreland Co. 


Mr. and Mrs. James Lea Paull (Elizabeth Galloway). 

Paull, Mr. George (Princeton). 5904 Rippey St. 

CZub— Cap and Gown. Bell 3811-W Hiland. 

Mrs. Paull (Mary Stewart Dickey), (Miss Thurston's). 
Paull, Nancy Lea. 
Paull, William Dickey. 

Paulson, Mr. Frank G. (Penna. Military). 

302 Frederick Ave., Sewickley. 
Bell 115 Sewickley. 
Club — -Union, S. A. R., Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Paulson (Kate Macon). 

Clubs — D. A. R., Colonial Dames. 
Paulson, Mr. Charles H. 
Paulson, Mr. Daniel McK. 


Payne, Mr. Christy (Princeton). Backbone Road, Sewickley. 
r^Mb— Union. Bell .516-R Sewickley. 

Mrs. Payne (Annie Laura Neill). 

Payne, Martha. 

Payne, Christy, Jr. 

Neill, Mrs. F. T. 

Peabody, Mr. George Lee. 1539 Denniston Ave. 

Bell 530 Hiland. 
Mrs. Peabody (Marion A. Griswold). 

Peabody, Miss Helen A. 

Peabody, Mr. George Lee, Jr. 

Peacock, Mr. Alexander R. Rowanlea, N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 575 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duqiiesne, Oakmont, Country, Union League of New York, 
New York Yacht, Thousand Island Yacht, New York Athletic. 

Mrs. Peacock (Irene M. Affleck). 
Peacock, Irene M. 
Peacock, Jean Alexander. 
Peacock, Mr. Rolland B. 
Peacock, Mr. Grant A. 

Summer Home — Belle Isle, Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands, N. Y. 
Yacht — Irene ii. 

Peacock, Mr. Clarence N. 19 W. 51st St., New York. 

Mrs. Peacock (Jean Rolston). 

Pears, Mr. Thomas Clinton. 6706 McPherson St. 

(Princeton). Bell 2901-L Hiland. 

Mrs. Pears (Myrtle Forster). 

Pears, Mr. Harry Pa.lmer. 517 S. Highland Ave. 

Bell 194 Hiland. 
Club — -Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Pears (Valeria M. Johnston), (Penna. College). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Art Students' League. 
Summ,er Home — Glenmore Farm, Loudoun Co., Va. 

Pears, Mr. Thomas C. (Princeton). 6706 McPherson St. 

,, -o / A T -c V, ^ 1 N Bell 2901-L Hiland. 

Mrs. Pears (Ada Fahnestock). 

Pears, Mrs. Rachel C. 

Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Clinton Pears, Jr. (Emma Dan- 


Pearson, Mr. Alfred Lawrence, Jr. Maple Lane, Shields. 

Bell 26 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 
Mrs. Pearson (Fanny Cabanne). 
Pearson, Betty Cabanne. 
Pearson, Jack Cabanne. 
Pearson, A. Lawrence, III. 

Pearson, Mr. Alfred Morrison. 427 Pacific Ave. 

Bell 1532-L Hiland. 
Mrs. Pearson (Emily Pettit). 


Pearson, Mr. George (Harvard). 424 Denniston Ave. 

Bell 4834-J Hiland. 
Clubs — S. A. R., Sons of the Colonial Wars, Harvard. 
Mrs. Pearson (Helen Hume), (Westbrook Seminary). 
Clubs — 20th Century, Colonial Dames. 
Pearson, Miss Alice Hume. 
Pearson, Georgia. 

Peck, Mr. G. L. Bank St., Sewickley. 

Clubs— Buquesne. Bell 561 Sewickley. 

Peck, Miss Eloise K. 
Peck, Miss Harriet M. 
Peck, Mr. Lyman S. 
Peck, George C. 
Whitman, Miss Fannie Peck. 

Pendleton, Mrs. Helen M. (Helen M. Boteler). 

5601 Howe St. 
Pendleton, Miss Charlotte. Bell 4642-R Hiland. 

Pendleton, Mr. Dudley D. 

Penney, Col. John P. 716 W. North Ave. 

C^ub— Pittsburgh. Bell 1419 -W Cedar. 

Penney, Samuel G. 

Perchment, Mrs. P. D. (Mary E. Bradley). 

922 S. Negley Ave. 
Bell 1384 Hiland. 


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rover (Lillian Bradley Edwards), Ardmore. 

Perkins, Mr. Frederick Curtis (Yale). 7314 Penn Ave. 

Bell 1132 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, 
Brook, University of New York. 

Mrs. Perkins (Florence N. Carnegie). 

Perkins, Margaret Carnegie. 

Perkins, Frederick Curtis, Jr. 

Permar, Mr. Joseph Hooker. Pine Ave., Castle Shannon. 

Bell 26 Castle Shannon. 
Mrs. Permar (Minnie Eunice Town). 

Permar, Miss Cosette Lenore. 

Permar, Mr. Howard H. 

Permar, Mr. Joseph Hooker, Jr. 

Permar, Orrin Town. 

Cochrane, Mr. J. W. H. 

Pettee, Mr. Egbert. Moyer Apts., E St., Oakmont. 

Clubs — Oakmont Boat. Bell 245-J Oakmont. 

Mrs. Pettee (Elanor Kuhn). 

Pettee, Alice Katherine. 

Pettee, Elanor. 

Pettit, Dr. Albert (Jefferson Medical). 5734 Forbes Ave. 

Clubs — University, Oakmont Country. Bell 1607 Schenley. 

Mrs. Pettit (Sarah Cooper Keenan). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Pettit, Albert William. 


Pettit, Mr. Clarence (U. of Pgh.)- 1325 Fayette St. 

Bell 704-W Brady. 
Mrs. Pettit (Mary Dravo), (Pgh. Female College). 

Pettit, Mr. Karl Dravo. 

Pettit, Mr. Frank Kouad. 

Pettit, Mr. Donald. 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marshall Pettit, Alexandria, Va. 

Phelan, Mrs. William Daly (Florence Lanahan). 

1311 Denniston Ave. 
Phelan, Mary Lanahan. Bell 6355 Hiland. 

Phelan, William Daly. 

Phillips, Mr. Francis C. (U. of Penna.). 

144 EiDGE Ave., Ben Avon. 

C/i,6s— University, German. Bell 57-R Emsworth. 

Mrs. Phillips (Sarah O. Phillips). 

Club— 20th Century. 
Phillips, Clifford S. 
Phillips, Frederick I. 

Phillips, Mr. John Howard (U. of Pgh.). 

1516 Pennsylvania Ave. 
BeU 9620 Brady. 
Mrs. Phillips (Grace Edna Vallnogle). 

At Home Days — Wednesdays. 
Summer Home — -New Waterford, Ohio. 

Phillips, Mrs. John Ormsby (Mary H. Briggs). 

923 Lynndale Ave. 
Phillips, Mr. John H. B. Bell 1291-W Cedar. 

Summer Home — Ebensburg. 

Phillips, Mr. Oliver Ormsby. 1001 Eidge Ave. 

Bell 1275-R Cedar. 
Mrs. Phillips (M. C. Crosman). 

Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. John Bhir (Margaret Crosman 
Summer Home — Clogheen Manor, Ebensburg, Cambria, Co. 

Phillips, Mrs. Ormsby (Anne S. Bakewell). 637 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 225 Cedar. 

Phillips, Mr. Samuel Wallace. 226 S. Negley Ave. 

Bell 96-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Phillips (Hester Miller). 

Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. John Hartley (Bessie Lew). 

Phillips, Helen Hartley. 

Pickering, Mr. Samuel Albert. Stanton and Negley Aves. 

CZ);6s— Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 1422 Hiland. 

Mrs. Pickering (Elizabeth Adams). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Female College Ass'n., D. A. R., Tuesday 
Musical, Foxburg Golf. 

Pickering, Mary Martha. 
Pickering, Thomas Edwin. 

Summer Home — Oakwood Farm, Parker. 


PiERPONT, Mr. Francis William (Adrian, Michigan). 

122 N. DiTHRiDGE St. 
Club— Vgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 1123-L Sehenley. 

PiNKERTON, Mr. Stanhope Smith. 4747 Bayard St. 

Club— Buquesne. Bell 111 Schenley. 

Mrs. Pinkerton (Roxanna Harris Scott). 

Goddard, Mrs. George E. 

Goddard, Mr. Stanhope S. 

Scott, Miss Maud Guthrie. 

PiTCAiRN, Mrs. a. (Mary Alice Caugher). 

1018 N. Negley Ave. 
Bell 3876 Hiland. 
Pitcairn, Mr. John. 
Piteairn, Mr. Arthur E. (Carnegie Tech.). 

Pitcairn, Mr. Edward. 5910 Callowhill St. 

Bell 3462 Hiland. 

Clubs — nuquesne, Country. 

Mrs. Pitcairn (Jennie O. Pierce), (Penna. College for Wo- 

Pitcairn, Mrs. Egbert (Elizabeth Erb Riggs). 

Cairncarque, 5200 Ellsworth Ave. 
Bell 504 Hiland. 
At Home Days — Fridays. 
Winter Home — Pasadena, Cal. 

Plumer, Mr. Lewis M. (Trinity). Hotel Kenmawr. 

Bell 6391 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont. 
Plumer, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel. 
Plumer, Margaret. 
Plumer, Clara. 

Pollard, Mr. Richard. Rustic Knoll, 1124 Shady Ave. 

Bell 297 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 
Mrs. Pollard (Mary Elizabeth Conley). 
Pollard, Miss Aida Katherine. 
Duncan, Mrs. Katherine. 

Pontefract, Mrs. James G. (Elizabeth Walker). 

1014 Lynndale Ave. 
Bell 560 Cedar. 
Pontefract, Miss Jean Charters. 
Walker, Miss Janet. 

Summer Home — Bagatelle, Shields Station, 122 Sewickley. 

Pontefract, Mr. John Wolf. 5528 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 1412 Hiland. 
Clubs- — Country, Herron Gun. 

Mrs. Pontefract (Rose Jones Bredin). 
Pontefract, Miss Jeanette. 
Pontefract, Miss Genevieve. 
Pontefract, Joseph. 
Bredin, Miss Helen. 


Pool, Dr. Stewart N. 7000 Penn Ave. 

Bell 378-L Hiland. 
Mrs. Pool (Mary Crawford Armstrong). 

PoRTEii, Mrs. Edwin Lewis (Fanny L. Morgan). 

3333 Forbes St. 
Porter, Miss Emily Scott. Bell 1560-J Schenley. 

Porter, Mr. Morgan. 
Porter, Mr. George MeCandless. 
MeLarn, Mrs. Alice B. 
McLarn, Mr. Robert H. 

Summer Home — Hope Hill Farm, Clinton P. 0., Allegheny Co., 
Bell ll-r-14 Imperial. 

Porter, Mr. Henry Kirke (Brown) , Oak Manor, Pittsburgh. 

Clubs — Duquene, Pittsburgh Golf, Metropolitan of Washington, 
Cosmos, Chevy Chase, University of New York. 

Mrs. Porter (Annie de Camp). 

Summer Home — The Studio, Southampton, L. I. 
Winter Home — 1600 I St., Washington, D. C, Jekyl Island Club, 
Brunswick, Ga. (from Feb. 15 to March 1). 


Miss Annie May Hegeman, Stepping Stones, Southampton, L. L 

Porter, Mr. John Ebbert. 808 Beaver St., Sewickley. 

Bell 133 Sewickley. 

Clubs — .\llegheny Country, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Porter (Jane Wilson Baldwin). 
Porter, Martha Lucretia. 
Porter. Katherine Baldwin. 
Porter, Emily Wilson. 
Porter, Jane Ebbert. 
Seller, Miss Louise A. L. 

Porter, Mr. J. Wilson. 406 Peebles St., Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country. 
Porter, Miss Mary Cree. 
Porter, Miss Martha A. 

Porter, Mr. W. D. Hotel Schenley. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Powell, Mr. Simpson Marcellus. 8 Dunmoyle Place. 

Bell 5479-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Powell (Elizabeth White). 

Powell, Miss Elizabeth Lenore. 

Powell, Marcellus. 

Summer Home — Bosnian, Md. 

Power, Mr. William Shallenberger. . 1151 Wightman St. 
Ch(6— Union, Pgh. Ath'i. Ass'n. Bell 337 Schenley. 

Mrs. Power (Julia Blake Myler). 

Prall, Mr. W. M. 310 Quaker Road, Edgeworth. 

Bell 577 Sewickley. 
Mrs. Prall (Mary Collier). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Prall, Miss Mary Mortimer. 

Pratt, Mr. Charles Welling. 5911 Wellesley Ave. 


Dr. and Mrs. John Edwin James, Laura Clarine Pratt), 118 S. Nine- 
teenth St., Philadelphia. 
Mr. and Mrs. James T. M. Wilson (Pauline Pratt), Walnut St., Phi- 
ladelphia, Pa. 

Prenter, Mr. James W. 6225 Northumberland St. 

Mrs. Prenter (Christine Jordan Swenson). 

Preston, Mr. George B. (Yale). 509 S. Dallas Ave. 

Bell 490- J Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Oakmont, Yale Club of New York. 
Preston, Miss Marguerite L. 

Preston, Mr. Matthew A. 7144 Meade St. 

Bell 6501 Hiland. 
Mrs. Preston (Annie Gertrude Cosgrave). 

Preston, Miss Grace F. 

Preston, Miss Dorothy. 

Preston, Mr. Barclay. 

Preston, Mr. Sylvester. 

Preston, Mr. Percy. 

Preston, Mr. Willis Orth. 

Price, Mr. Charles B. C and Oakmont Aves., Oakmont. 
Club — Duquesne. Bell 167-R Oakniont. 

Mrs. Price (Florence Macrum). 

Price, Miss Eleanor Foster. 

Price, Miss Florence Louise. 

Price, Gertrude Macrum. 

Price, Mr. Phillip W. 

Price, Mr. Benjamin M. 

Price, Mr. Alfred Kellog. 

Price, Francis Pierpont. 

Price, Mr. George Thomas. 6017 Grafton St. 

Bell 6239-J Hiland. 
Club— Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Price (Nellie Berger). 
Price, George Thomas, Jr. 

Price, Mr. George Weaver. 509 S. Highland Ave. 

BeU 1140 Hiland. 
Mrs. Price (Ada Bruff). 
Price, John Bruff. 

Price, Mr. John Raymond. 412 Neville St. 

Bell 221-R Schenley. 
Club — Oakmont Country, Country. 

Mrs. Price (Jeannette Hartley Nicholson). 
Club^Osikmont Country. 

Price, Mr. William. 304 S. Negley Ave. 

Bell 1637 Hiland. 
Clubs — Country, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Price (Mary Metcalfe). 


Price, Mrs. William P. (Margaret McC. Price). 

(Pgh. Female College). Prospect Ave., Ben Avon. 

Bell 96-L Emsworth. 
Clubs — Historical, D. A. R., Tuesday Musical College. 
Price, Miss Ella. 
Price, Miss Katharine Whitesell. 
Price, Mr. John McC. 
Stinson, Miss Nannie J. 

Proctor, Mr. George Stevens (U. of Penna.). 7148 Meade St. 

Bell 3446-R Hiland. 
Club — Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Proctor (Nellie Voigt). 

Club — Epoch. 

Proctor, George Voigt. 

Summer Home — Mont Chateau Inn, Morgantown, W. V. 

Prugh, Rev. John Hassler, D.D. 202 Coltart Square. 

(Wittenberg). Bell 134-W Schenley. 
Clubs — The ? of Pittsburgh, Solid Comfort of Canada. 
Prugh, Miss Charlotte. 
Prugh, Miss Jane. 
Prugh, Mr. John Hassler, Jr. 


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Barlow Marshall (Julietta Prugh), 155 Harrison 
Ave., Westfleld, N. J. 

PuGH, Mr. Claude Freeman. 6100 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 1279 HUand. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Pugh (Frances Latshaw). 
Pugh, Anne Virginia. 

Pugh, Mr. George Clement. 1 Orchard Lane, Sewickley. 
Mrs. Pugh (Mary Virginia Snyder), (Pittsburgh Female Col- 

Pugh, Miss Clara Jane. . 

Pugh, Mr. Oliver Rogers. 

PuRDT, Mr. Jesse Herbert. 4737 Wallingford St. 

Bell 566 Schenley. 
Mrs. Purdy (Annie Kneeland). 

Purdy, Miss Nettie. 

Purdy, Miss Ruth Mary. 

Quay, Mr. Richard Roberts. 

Balamona, Sewickley Heights, Sewickley. 

Bell 75 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth, 

Mrs. Quay (Elizabeth Waters). 
Quay, Elizabeth Waters. 
Quay, Matthew Stanley. 
Quay, Richard Roberts, Jr. 
Quay, William Waters. 

Summer Home — Duneside, Southampton, L. I. 


QuiXBY, Mr. Edward, Jr. (Freiberg College, Germany), 

Darlington Eoad. 

Clubs — Anglo-American of Dresden, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., New York 
Mrs. Quinby (Henrietta Bowlin), (Wilson). 

At Home Days — Mondays. 

Clubs — Tuesday Musical, Wilson College. 

Summer Home — Wooster, Ohio. 

Quinby, Mrs. E. M. (Amelia Schmertz). 

Darlington Eoad. 
Quinby, Miss Margaret. 
Quinby, Miss Anita. 

Quinby, Mr. Edward M., Jr. (Union Bank Bldg.). 
Quinby, Mr. William E. 
Quinby, Mr. Kenneth. 
Quinby, Mr. Donald. 


Mrs. E. Perry Sturges, Zanesville, Ohio. 
Mrs. Roger W. Whinfleld, Daytona, Fla. 

QuiNCY, Mrs. Walter C. (Martha Eidgley Smith). 

Hotel Kenmawr. 
Bell 531 Hiland. 

Eafferty, Mr. Kenneth F. 5559 Beeler St. 

Bell 2434 Schenley. 
Mrs. Eafferty (Leila Donnelly). 
Eafferty, Henry Willard. 

E ALSTON, Dr. S. H. (West Penn. Medical). 

Forbes, cor. Semple St. 

CZm6— Harkaway Hunt. Bell 187 Sehenley. 

Mrs. Ealston (Jessie Murray). 
Ealston, Martha Hodgens. 

Eamsbottom, Mr. D. H. 3416 Beechwood Ave. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country. Bell 337-L Hazel. 

Eankin, Mrs. David Nevin (Catharine Irwin). 

Harmony Villa, Shields Station. 
Cinb—D. a. R. Bell 558 Sewickley. 

Plumer, Mrs. Henry Adams. 
Plumer, Catharine. 

Eauh. Mr. Enoch. Eauleigh, 5837 Bartlett St. 

Bell 279 HUand. 
Clubs — Concordia, Westmoreland Country. 
Mrs. Eauh (Bertha Floersheim). 
Club — Westmoreland Country. 
Eauh, Miss Helen Blanche. 
Eauh, Mr. Eiehard S. 

Eankin, Mr. George Herbert. Woodland Eoad. 

(U. of Penna., U. of Va.). Bell 3832 Hiland. 

Club — Union. 
Mrs. Eankin (Mabel Brown). 
Eankin, Euth. 


Eauh, Mr. Abraham Lincoln. 

Clubs — Concordia, West Moreland Country. 
Eauh, Miss Aimee M. 
Eauh, Mr. Edwin S. 

5565 Irwin Ave. 
Bell 543 Sehenley. 

Eauh, Mr. Marcus. 

Mrs. Eauh (Eachel Cohen). 
Eauh, Bertha. 
Eauh, Henrietta. 
Eauh, Mrs. Eosalie. 

5621 Northumberland Ave. 
Bell 731 Sehenley. 

Eat, Mr. Thomas Kennedy. 

Mrs. Eay (Westminster). 

Clubs — College, Sorosis. 

Eay, Wilson Kennedy. 

817 N. Negley Ave. 
Bell 1278 Hiland. 

Eea, Mr. Henry B. 731 N. Highland Ave. 

Mrs Eea. -^^^^ ^^"-"^ Hiland. 

Eea, Miss Emma J. 

Eea, Mr. William C. 

Eea, Mr. F. Guy. 

Eea, Mr. Henry B., Jr. 

Eea, Mr. Henry Eobinson. 845 Eidge Ave. 

Bell 170 Cedar. 
(Stevens Institute, Goettingen, Hanover, Germany). 

Clubs — Brook Club of New York, Racquet Club of New York, 
Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, University Club of New York, 
Pittsburg Golf, University. 

Mrs. Eea (Edith Oliver). 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Colony Club of New 

Eea, Miss Edith Anne. 
Eea, Mr. Henry Oliver. 

Summer Home — Farmhill, Sewickley. Bell 144 Sewickley. 

Eea, Miss Margaret H. 
Eea, Mr. William C. 

435 Neville St. 
Bell 242 Sehenley. 

Eea, Mr. William Holdship. 

Woodland Eoad. 
Bell 94 Hiland. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Engineers' Club of New York. 

Mrs. Eea (Mary E. Childs). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Golf. 

Eea, Miss Marianne Howe. 

Summer Home — Point Pleasant, N. J. 

Eea, Mr. James Childs (Princeton), 

CZufc— Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Eea (Julia Parish Dodge), 

Eead, Mr. Charles Hamlinb. 

Mrs. Eead (Josephine H. Eobins), 
Eead, Capt. James Charles. 

6210 Walnut St. 

919 Maryland Ave. 
Bell 66-W Hiland. 


Eedfield, Mr. George H. 410 Thorn St., Sewickxey. 

Bell 334 Sewickley. 
Mrs. Redpield (Mary McCord). 


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Redfield. 

Louise Redfield. East Orange, N. J. 

Seed, Mr. Alfred (U. of Pgli.)- 

WiLKiNs Ave. and Dunmoyle St. 
C/«6— Duquesne. Bell 727 Schenley. 

Mrs. Eeed (Bessie Reed). 
Reed, Mr. Alfred, Jr. 
Reed, Mr. Malcolm. 
Reed, Charles. 
Reed, Richard. 

Reed, Mr. David Aiken (Princeton). 311 Morewood Ave. 

Bell 1165 Schenley. 
CZm6s— Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Reed (Adele Wilcox). 
Reed, Rosamond. 
Reed, David Aiken, Jr. 

Eeed, Miss Ellinor Baird. 5618 "Woodmont St. 

Bell 1870-J Schenley. 
Reed, Miss Matilda McKennan. 
Reed, Mr. John McKennan. 
Reed, Mr. Joseph McCullough. 

Reed, Mrs. George W. (Mary Campbell). 

Fifth Ave., nr. Aiken. 
Reed, Miss Margaret. Bell 193 Hiland. 


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reed (Maud Howell), Baltimore, Md. 
Winter Home — 424 Aurora Terrace, Pasadena, Cal. 

Eeed, Mr. George. 5532 Howe and Ivy Sts. 

Bell 6168 Hiland. 
Mrs. Reed (Helen Mason). 
Eeed, Henry Mason. 

Eeed, Mrs. James A. (Emma R. Breedon). 

225 W. SwissvALE Ave., Edgewood. 
Bell 759-W Wilkins. 

Eeed, Mr. J. Allison. 5655 Northumberland St. 

Bell 1266 Schenley. 
Mrs. Reed (Mary Simpson). 

Reed, Miss Mary Simpson. 

Reed, Miss Katharine. 

Eeed, Mr. James Hay. 716 Amberson Ave. 

BeU 519 Schenley. 

Mrs. Reed (Katherine J. Aiken). 

Hengst, Mrs. David A. (Clara E. Reed). 

Summer Home — Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, N. J. 
Winter Home — Augusta, Ga. 


Eeed, Mr. James Hay, Jr. 5037 Castleman St. 

(Princeton, Columbia). Bell 1367 Schenley. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Univrsity, Oakmont Country, Pittsburgh, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Reed (Anica Humbird). 

CZ«6— Pittsburgh Golf. 

Reed, Frances Preble. 

Reed, Mr. James Watson. 6521 Dalzell Place. 

Bell 2280-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Reed (Grace Ethel Hamilton). 

Reed, Mr. Joseph P. 6901 Thomas Blvd. 

Bell 1324-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Reed (Margaret Anshutz). 

Reed, Mrs. Nelson P. (Emma Jane Dunlap), (Penna. College 
for Women). 5516 Aylesboro Ave. 

Bell 58 Schenley. 

Reed, Mr. S. Clarke (Princeton). Woodland Road. 

CiMft— Pittsburgh Golf. Bell 3513-J Hiland. 

Mrs. Reed (Alice Howe Brown), (Farmington). 
Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 
Reed, S. Clarke, Jr. 
Reed, Clarissa Howe. 
Reed, James Brown. 

Summer Ilom^e — Beaumaris, Ontario, Canada. 

Reed, Mr. Thomas McKennan. 

150 Washington St., Edgewood. 
C/m6— Edgewood. . Bell 1784-J Wilkins. 

Mrs. Reed (Margaret Marshel Clarke). 
Reed, Mr. Alexander Clarke. 
Reed, Mr. Thomas McKennan, Jr. 
Reed, Marshel Clarke. 
Reed, Robert Rentoul. 
Reed, Leonard Witting. 

Reed, Mr. William Edgar. 925 Amberson Ave. 

(Mass. Inst, of Tech.). Bell 1405-J Schenley. 

Mrs. Reed (Bessie Ahl McCook). 

Reed, Elizabeth Margaret. 

Reed, Mary Louise. 

Reed, W. McCook. 

Summ,er Home — Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 

Reed, Mr. William McKennan. 1515 Wightman St. 

Bell 441 Schenley. 
Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 
Mrs. Reed (Ruth Lindley Miller), (Dobb's Ferry). 

Rees, Mr. James Irwin. Forbes St., cor. Murdoch. 

Mrs. Rees (Mary Amelia Stenger). Bell 794-L Schenley. 

Reese, Mr. L. B. D. 5504 Margaretta St. 

Mrs. Reese (Mary M. Reynolds). Bell 3503 Hiland. 

Reese, Miss Helen. 


Eees, Mrs. Thomas M. (Fannie Irwin), 

Eees, Miss Mary Marsh. 
Eees, Mr. Thomas Musgrave. 

Eees, Mr. William Morris. 


Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Eees (Blanche Street). 

At Home Days — Fridays. 

Eeese, Miss Elvira. 

226 X. Xegley Ave. 
BeU 4196 Hiland. 

5200 Ellsworth Ave. 
Bell 504 Hiland. 

5215 Centre Ave. 
Bell 3972 Hiland. 

Eeinecke, Dr. H. L. (U. of Penna.). 

Mrs. Eeinecke (Ottilie Sorg). 
Eeinecke, Miss Louise. 
Eeinecke, Mr. Herman T. 
Eeinecke, Mr. Paul Sorg. 

1813 Carson St. 
Bell 774-E Hemlock. 

Eeineman, Mr. Augustus E. 

Mrs. Eeineman (Emma Hartje), 
Eeineman, Miss Ella. 
Eeineman, Miss Ehea. 
Eeineman, Miss Alice. 
Eeineman, Mr. Eoy. 
Eeineman, Mr. Gilbert. 

345 Eebecca St. 
Bell 4947 Hiland. 


Mrs. John Logan Wilson, Parnassus. 
Mrs. William Lawrence Wilson, Ruxton 

Eeineman, Mr. Eobert Theodore. 

Club — Oakmont Country. 
Mrs. Eeineman (Florence Jones). 
Eeineman, Miss Florence Waring. 
Jones, Mr. Charles Waring. 

715 Devonshire St. 
Bell 682 Schenley. 

Eeisfar, Mr. Alexander. 
Mrs. Eeisfar (Edith Allerton). 

Eeitz, Mr. W. C. 

Clubs— Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Eeitz (Abbott). 

Eeitz, Mr. William J. 
Eeitz, Mr. Bindley. 
Eeitz, Mr. Eoy A. 

5311 Wellesley Ave. 
Bell 5623-E Hiland. 

1906 WiGHTMAN St. 

Bell 656 Schenley. 

Eenner, Mr. John W. 

Mrs. Eenner (Mary Curry). 
Curry, Miss Mary Eenner. 

904 Sherman Ave. 
Bell 1875 Cedar. 


Eeno, Mr. John B. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Eeno (Elizabeth rieming). 

Club — Woman's of Sewickley. 

Eeno, Miss Esther Watson. 
Eeno, Mr. John B., Jr. 

101 Beaver St., Sewickley. 
Bell 168-J Sewickley. 

Eenshaw, Mr. William A. 

Mrs. Eenshaw (Harriet W. Dalzell). 
Eenshaw, Miss Isabella D. 
Eenshaw, Miss Eleanor W. 
Eenshaw, Mr. John A. 

Eeymer, Miss Annie M. 

422 Morewood Ave. 
Bell 268 Schenley. 

1000 N. Negley Ave. 
Bell 3582 Hiland. 

Eeymer, Mr. Charles Howell. Puritan Eoad, Carnegie. 

Bell 211-E Carnegie. 

Club — Rossyln Farm Country. 

Mrs. Eeymer (Cora Emma McCallen), 
Eeymer, Euth. 
Eeymer, James Carothers. 

Eeymer, Miss Ida B. 

Eeynolds, Mr. George E. (Ursinus), 

Clubs — Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Ehodes, Mrs. Charles E. (Mary Eiley). 

Ehodes, Mary Q. 
Ehodes, Charles E. 
Ehodes, James E. 
Ehodes, Eobert P. 

925 Beech Ave. 
Bell 309 Cedar. 

5048 Fifth Ave. 
Bell 308 Schenley. 

6101 Jackson St. 
Bell 3406 Hiland. 

Rhodes, Dr. Frederick A. 632 Herron Ave. 

Bell 113 Schenley. 
(Grove City, U. of Pgh., Harvard). 

Club — Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Ehodes (Amy H. Blume). 

At Home Days — Fridays. 

Ehodes, Miss Gladys. 
Ehodes, Jane Isabella. 

Uhodes, Mr. George P. 

5267 WiLKiNS Ave. 
Bell 1964 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l 

3Irs. Ehodes (Ellen Bower). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Ehodes, Eoberta Peebles. 
Ehodes, John Bower. 
Ehodes, George Pearson, Jr. 

Summer Home — Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ont., Canada 


Ehodes, Mr. James D. 244 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

C7u6s— Duquesne. Bell 660 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Ehodes (Merles Edward), (Chestnut Hill). 

Ehodes, Elizabeth. 

Rhodes, Mary. 

Rhodes, Merles. 

Rhodes, Thomas. 

Siim')ier Home — Aldenbend, N. Y. 

Rhodes, Mrs. Joshua W. (Eliza Hazlett) . 939 Western Ave. 
Rhodes, Miss Lucy B. Bell 344 Cedar. 

Rhodes, Miss Mary H. 
Rhodes, Mr. William B. 

Rice, Mr. Charles Allen. 224 Walnut St., Sewickley. 

Bell 240-J Sewickley. 

Richard, Mr. Francis Henry. 5225 Pembroke Place. 

Bell 1080 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pittsburgh, Calumet of New York. 

Mrs. Richard (Maude Watson). 
Richard, Miss Margaret. 
Richard, Miss Katherine. 

Richards, Mr. Ralph S. 

East Drive and Woodland Road, Sewickley. 

Bell 25 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Richards (Carolyn Snowdon). 

Richardson, Mr. Charles. 222 Broad St., Sev^ickley. 

Bell 544-J Sewickley. 
Mrs. Richardson (Maude Ogden). 

Richardson, Miss Mary Sterling. 

Richardson, Alice. 

Richardson, Mr. George Ogden. 

Bichardson, Mr. Frank E. Academy Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 6 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Richardson (Annie Fleming). 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 
Richardson, Fredericka Fleming. 
Richardson, Frank Elmer, Jr. 
Richardson, Calvin Wells. 
Richardson, John Sterling. 

RiCHAKDSON, Mr. Howard. 807 Beaver Road, Sewickley. 

BeU 541-J Sewickley. 
Mrs. Richardson (Elizabeth Bryan): 

Richmond, Mr. Andrew. 5512 Walnut St. 

Bell 611 Hiland. 
Club — University. 

Mrs. Richmond (Annie McNeely). 


EiCKETSON, Mr. John H., Jr. (Harvard). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, 
York, Harvard Club of New York. 

Mrs. Ricketson (Anna Verner Seaife). 
Eicketson, John Howland, III. 

Summer Home — Sewickley Heights, Sewickley 

936 Ridge Ave. 
Bell 354 Cedar. 

University Club of New 

Riddle, Dr. Matthew Brown (Jefferson). 

Clubs — Union, Loyal Legion, G. A. R. 
Mrs. Riddle (Anna Walther). 
Riddle, Miss Susanne. 
Riddle, Dr. Walther. 

Summer Home — Camp Elddir, Castine, Maine. 
Winter Address — Edgeworth. 
Yachts — CatboaTj Merswam. 

820 Ridge Ave. 
Bell 970 Cedar. 

Rider, Mr. Roscoe C. 
Mrs. Rider (Isabel Arrott). 
Rider, Roscoe, Jr. 

Beaver St., Sewickley. 

RiNEHART, Dr. C. C. (Hahnemann Medical). 522.5 Centre Ave. 
Mrs. Rinehart (Laura Robson). Bell 5279 Hiland. 

Perrine, Dr. and Mrs. James K. M. (Laura Rinehart). 

Perrine, Eleanor Morange. 

Perrine, Clarence Rinehart. 


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Atwood Rinehart. 
Dorothy Church Rinehart. 
Mary Elaine Rinehart. 
Frank A. Rinehart, Jr. 
Harriet Church Rinehart. 

Rinehart, Dr. Stanley M. 
Mrs. Rinehart (Mary Roberts). 

Rinehart, Stanley Marshall. 

Rinehart, Allen Gillespie. 

Rinehart, Frederick Roberts. 

Roberts, Mrs. Cornelia G. 

Caldwell, Idaho. 

954 Beech Ave. 
Bell 464 Cedar. 

Ripley, Mr. Daniel Campbell. 4727 Wallingford St. 

CZ?/6s— Duquesne, Lakewood Country. Bell 590 Schenley. 

Mrs. Ripley (Elizabeth C. Stevenson). 
Ripley, Miss Elizabeth May. 

Summer Home — Lakewood-on-Chautauqua, N. Y. 

Riter, Mrs. Thomas B. (Sophia MeCallin). 

5612 Ellsworth Ave. 
Riter, Mr. Joseph. Bell 391 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country. 

ROBB, Miss Elizabeth S. 
Robb, Miss Mary S. 

Hotel Dorset. 

Robb, Mrs. John S. (Mary A. 

Robb, Miss Elizabeth B. 
Robb, Mr. Mark A. 
Robb, Mr. Joseph Allan. 
Robb, Mrs. (Mary Brodie Dyer) 
Mr. and Mrs. John Donaldson). 


High Cliff, Emsworth. 
Bell 66-J Emsworth. 


EoBBiNS, Mr. Francis L. 808 Sherman Ave. 

Mrs. Bobbins (Helen Gill). Bell 295 Cedar. 

Egberts, Mr. Charles Wesley. 206 Dithridge St. 

Bell 406-L Schenley. 
Mrs. Uoberts (Sophronia S. Darrah), (Pgh. Female College). 

Eoberts, Miss Alma Elizabeth. 

Roberts, Miss Marie Darrah. 

Eoberts, Miss S. Sophronia. 

Eoberts, Miss Elizabeth Porter. 

Eoberts, Sarah Whitaker. 

Egberts, Mr. George Lane (U. of Rochester) . Hotel Schenley. 

C^M 6s— University, Oakmont Country. Bell 285 Schenley. 

Mrs. Egberts (St. Xavier's). 

Clubs — 20th Century. 
Niver, George Edward. 

Roberts, Mr. John M. 

Woodbines, Forbes and Woodlawn Aves. 
Bell 255-J Schenley. 
Mrs. Egberts (Malinda J. Loughrey), (Pgh. Female College). 
Eoberts, Miss Helen Linden. 
Eoberts, Miss Florence. 
Eoberts, Miss Clarice Lillian. 
Eol^erts, Mr. John M., III. 

Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. J. Longhrey (Olive Dodds Mun- 

Roberts, Mr. Steele Foster. 5911 Howe St. 

Bell 2919-J Hiland. 

Clubs — Country, Oakmont. 
Mrs. Roberts (Jeannette Shelburne Bartley). 
Roberts, Jeane Elizabeth. 

Roberts, Mr. Thomas Paschall. 519 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 680-R Schenley. 
Roberts, Miss Annie Gibson. 
Roberts, Miss Juliette Paschall. 
Roberts, Miss Mary Brnnot. 
Roberts, Mr. Thomas Paschall, Jr. 
Roberts, Mr. James Milnor. 

Robeson, Dr. William F. Grant Blvd. 

Bell 1714 Schenley. 
Mrs. Robeson (Frances Mullen). 

Robeson, Frances E. 

Robeson, David E. 

Robinson, Mrs. Catharine M. Academy Ave., Sewickley. 
Eobinson, Mr. Selden M. 
Pratt, Miss Mary Ely. 


EoBiNSON, Mr. Alexander C, II. 

Valley View, Academy Ave., Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 
Robinson, Mr. Alexander C, III. 
Eobinson, Mr. John Noel. 
Eobinson, Mr. David, Jr. 
Eobinson, Mrs. Andrew L. (Susan E. Pentland). 
Robinson. Mr. John Wilkins. 
Eobinson, Mr. Andrew L. 
Eobinson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Leonard. 
Creighton, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hasson. 
Creighton, John Wilkins Eobinson. 

Summer Home — Atlantic City. 

RoRiNSON, Mr. George T. 4926 Wallingpord St. 

Bell 198 Schenley. 

Club — Pittsburgh. 
Robinson, Miss Anne Holdship. 
Robinson, Mr. Stuart Holdship. 
Robinson, Mr. Harry Holdship. 

Summer Home — Bluff Island, Clayton, N. Y. 


Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Kessler (Althea Dilworth Hofmann), .30 E. 
Essex Ave., Lansdowne. 

Robinson, Miss Mary. Hotel Kenmawr. 

Shady Ave. 

Robinson, Mr. Thomas R, 5215 Westminster St. 

Bell 384 Schenley. 
Mrs. Robinson (Margaret Burning Robinson). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical. 
Robinson, Mr. Charles H. 
Robinson, Mr. Sumner. 

Robinson, Mrs. William Andrew (Alice Blaine). 

5575 Aylesboko A\^. 
Bell 90 Schenley. 
Robinson, Miss Alice. 
Robinson, Mr. A. Blaine. 

Robinson, Mr. W. A., Ill (Princeton). 

243 Noble Ave., Grafton. 
Bell 673 Grafton. 
Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Robinson (Emma C. Humbird). 
Robinson, Anica B. 
Robinson, William A., Jr. 

Robinson, Mr. William Ghristopher. 900 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 416 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Engineers' Club 
of New York. 

Mrs. Robinson (Mary McMasters Laughlin). 
Robinson, Alexander Laughlin. 
Robinson, Mary F. 
Robinson, William G., Jr. 

Summer Home — Franklin Farm, Sewickley Heights. 

EoBY, Mr. Harold Page. Thornburg. 

Clubs — Pgh. Atli'l. Ass'n., Thornburg Country. 

Mrs. Eoby (Ellen I. Goff), (Miss Wright's). 

Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Thornburg Country. 

EOBINSON, Mr. W. H. 1432 Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 4.5.5 Ililand. 
Mrs. Eobinson (Jane Armstrong). 
Eobinson, Mary Armstiong. 
Eobinson, Thomas Armstrong. 
Eobinson, William Henry, Jr. 

Summer Home — Brow Boulders, Bass Rocks. 

EoDD, Mr. Thomas (Annapolis). 5407 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 178 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, University, Oakmont Golf. 
Mrs. Eodd (Mary Watson Herron). 
Eodd, Mr. William, Chicago. 
Eodd, Mr. Thomas, Jr. 

EoDGERS, Mr. Elliott. 5614 Woodmont St. 

Bell 513 Sehenley. 
Eodgers, Miss Eleanor. 
Eodgers, Elliott Livingston. 
Eodgers, Donald Scott. 
Eodgers, Oliver. 

Eodgers, Mr. William Blackstock (U. of Penna.). 

EoDHURST, Woodland Eoad. 
Bell 302 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country, Pittsburgh. 
Mrs. Eodgers (Ada Marie Mevay), (Bowman Institute). 
Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical, Civic. 
Eodgers, Miss Elizabeth McCreery. 
Eodgers, Miss Agnes Mevay. 
Eodgers, Mr. Wm. Blackstock, II, 
Eodgers, Frederic Collier. 
Eodgers, Bennett. 

Eodgers, Mr. William B., Jr. 

Windsor, 367 Eiverview Ave., Bellevue. 
Bell 343-L Bellevue. 

Club — Bellevue Country. 

Mrs. Eodgers (Flora Bell Barr). 
Eodgers, Euth. 
Eodgers, John Norwood. 

Summer Home — Red Gate Farm, McCandless Twp. 

Eoessing, Mr. F. M. (U. of Pgh.). 5807 Solway St. 

Bell 5110-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Eoessing (Jennie D. Bradley). 
Club — 20th Century. 


Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 
Mrs. Eohrbacher (Elizabeth George). 


EooK, Mr. Charles Alexander. Ellsworth and Aiken Aves. 

Bell 118 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'L Ass'n., Country, National Press of 
Washington, Crucible, Fellowship of Philadelphia. 

Mrs. Rook (Anna Wilson). 
Club — 20th Century. 
Eook, Florence Anna. 
Rook, Charles Alexander, Jr. 

Rollings, Mr. George. 64 Warren St., Crafton. 

Bell 212-J Crafton. 
Mrs. Rollings. 

Rollings, Miss Maude. 

Eoscoe;' Dr. H. a. 631 Clyde St. 

(Medico Chirurgical, Hahnemann Medical). 
Club — University. 

Rose, Mr. George Phelps. 309 Thorn St., Sewickley. 

C/m&s— Duquesne, Edgeworth. Bell 514 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Rose (Caroline Bloomer Waiting). 

Club — Woman's Club of Sewickley. 
At Home Days — Tuesdays. 

Rose, Miss Sara Helena. 
Rose, Virginia Whiting. 
Rose, Lillian Henry. 
Rose, Mr. Julius Bern. 
Whiting, Mrs. Nathan. 

Rose, Mr. J. R. 123 Meadow Lane, Sewickley. 

Bell 73-J Sewickley. 
Mrs. Rose (Gilmore). 

Rose, Ruby Sophia. 

Rose, Mr. Ralph. 

Rose, Mrs. Hartley B. (Emma I. Loughrey). 

4814 S. Atlantic Ave. 
(Pgh. Female College). Bell 1035- J Schenley. 

Rose, Mr. Joseph Loughrey. 
Rose, Mr. S. Marks. 
Rose, Hudson Brooks. 

Rose, Mr. J. Hanson. 221 Lytton Ave. 

Bell 1858 Schenley. 
Mrs. Rose (Gretchen Pack). 

Rose, Mrs. M. L. (Mary L. Stevenson). 414 Neville St. 

Bell 2455 Schenley. 

EossER, Mr. J. W. 

Sutherland Apts., Mellon and Jackson Sts. 

Bell 9144-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Rosser (Abbie Carson). 

Rott, Mr. L. Edwin. 620 Ninth Ave., Munhall. 

Bell 12 Homestead. 
Mrs. Rott (Eva Blanche Stemler). 

Rott, Dorothy Louise. 

Eott, Alyson J. 


EoTT, Mr. Louis. 300 E. Twelfth Ave., Munhall. 

P. and A. 179 Homestead. 
Mrs. Eott (Margarett V. McCaudless). 
Eott, Mr. Albert J. 

EowE, Mr. Wallace H. 624 Morewood Ave. 

Bell 581 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, University, Allegheny Country. 
Mrs. Eowe (Sallie Clay Huston), (Mrs. Somer 's School). 
Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 
Eowe, Miss Sarah Margaret. 
Eowe, Miss Dorothy Huston. 
Eowe, Mary Louise. 
Eowe, Eleanor Huston. 
Eowe, Wallace H., Jr. 
Huston, Mrs. Henry C. 

Summer Home — Cottesmore Hall, Cobourg, Ont., Canada. 
Yacht — Sarah Margaret. 

EuPLE, Mr. James Goodrich (W. & J.). 5614 Walnut St. 
Mrs. Euple (Martha Semple). Bell 5853-W Hiland. 


Mr. James Goodrich Ruple, Jr., Los Angeles, Cal. 

EussELL, Mr. Frederick A. Beaver Eoad, Edgeworth, 

C/«&s— Duquesne, Edgeworth. Bell 292 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Eussell (Adelaide Totten). 
Eussell, Adelaide. 

Summer Home — Faraway, Nantucket, Mass. 

Eussell, Mr. J. M. Highfield and Eeynton Eoads. 

Bell 817-J Schenley. 
Mrs. Eussell (Gertrude S. Ewing), (Penna. College for Wo- 
Eussell, Elizabeth Ogden. 
Eussell, Caroline Snowden. 
Eussell, Mr. Ogden. 
Eussell, John Ewing. 

Mrs. Frank Elmer Eutan (Martha Fleming). 

Academy Ave., Sewickley. 
Bell 510 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Woman's Club of Sewickley, Allegheny Country. 
Eutan, Martha Fleming. 
Eutan, Elizabeth. 
Eutan, Frank Elmer, Jr. 

Salsbury, Mr. M. K. Eichland Lane. 

Bell 1556 Hiland. 
Mrs. Salsbury (Sarah Baird). 

Salsbury, William Baird. 

Salsbury, Joseph Morrison. 

Sandels. Dr. C. C. (U. of Pgh.). 3616 Forbes St. 

Bell 1931 Schenley. 
Clubs — -Duquesne, University, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Sandels (Anita Jones). 


Sands, Mr. E. P. 905 Thoun St.. 

Bell 507-E Sewickley.. 
Mrs. Sands (Bessie Smith). 
Sands, Martha V. 
Sands, Elizabeth. 
Satler, Mr. Charles E. Oakmont Ave., Oakmont. 

Bell 109 Oakmont. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, Ookmont Boat. 

Mrs. Satler (Marie C. Bauersmith). 
Satler, Jean Elizabeth. 
Satler, Karl Eyrich. 

Sawyer, Mr. Harry C. 5600 Fair Oaks St. 

Bell 1472-W Schenley. 
Clubs— S. A. R. 
Mrs. Sawyer (Katherine Thompson). 
Sawyer, Miss Edith May. 
Sawyer, Miss Katherine. 
Sawyer, Mr. Walter J. 
Sawyer, George Wallace. 

Sawyer, Mr. Harry T. 5510 Homer St. 

Bell 2476-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Sawyer (Gladys Thompson). 
Sawyer, David. 

Sawyer, Miss S. Eleanor. 326 E. North Ave. 

Bell 716 Cedar. 
Sawyer, Miss Mary H. 

Saxton, Mr. Clarence Leland. 5722 Kentucky Ave. 

Bell 5762 Hiland. 
Mrs. Saxton (Eleanor Schmertz Severance). 

ScAiFE, Mr. Charles Cooke. 1136 Western Ave. 

Bell 433 Cedar, 234 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country. 
Mrs. Scaife (Priscilla M. Verner), (Pgh. Female College). 
Clubs — College, Allegheny Country, 20th Century. 
Scaife, Mr. Charles Cooke, Jr. 

Scaife, Mr. and Mrs. William B. (Sallie W. Hill). 
Summer Home — Woodmont, Sewickley Heights. 

Scaife, Miss Cornelia I. 514 W. North Ave. 

Bell 782 Cedar. 
Scaife, Miss Mary E. 
Scaife, Miss Alice L. 
Scaife, Miss Lois E. 
Scaife, Mr. W. Lueien. 
Club — Duquesne. 

Scaife, Mr. James Yerner. 1238 Western Ave. 

Bell 717 Brady. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Scaife (Mary Magee). 
Scaife, Frederic Magee. 
Scaife, Alan Magee. 
Scaife, James Verner, Jr. 


ScAiFE, Mr. Marvin F. 6407 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 270 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Metropolitan and Cosmos Clubs of Washington, 
D. C. 

Mrs. Scaife (Jennie M. Boyle). 

ScAiFE, Mr. Oliver Perry, Jr. 1028 Murray Hill Ave. 

(Yale). Bell 2857 Hiland. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 
Mrs. Scaife (Mary Maxwell). 
Scaife, Oliver Perry, III. 

Scaife, Mr. William Marcelin. Linden Place, Sewickley. 

(Yale). Bell 627 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Scaife (Annie Hamilton Smith). 
Scaife, Miss Eleanore Caldwell. 
Scaife, Miss Mary Marcelin. 
Scaife, Dorothy Darsie. 
Scaife, William Marcelin, Jr. 

SCANDRETT, Mr. EiCHARD B. (W. & J.). 1207 POPLAR St. 

Bell 2449-J Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Americus, Press. 

Mrs. Scandrett (Agnes Morrow). 
Club — Woman's. 
Scandrett, Miss Rebekah. 
Scandrett, Miss Adeline A. 
Scandrett, Mr. Richard B., Jr. 
Scandrett, Mr. Jay J. M. 
Scandrett, Mrs. Mary. 

Summer Home — Edgeworth. 

ScHAFF, Rev. David Schley (Yale). 737 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 558-J Cedar. 
Sehaff, Miss Mary Louise. 
Schaflf, Mr. Phillip Havnes. 
Schaflf, Mr. Walter. 
Schaflf, Paul Edwin. 
Schaflf, Harold H. 
Schaflf, David Schley, Jr. 

Summer Home — Muskoka Lake. 


Bell 5170 Hiland. 

Clubs — Union, Country, Oakmont Country, New York Automobile, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Americus. 

Mrs. Schellentrager (Hattie A. Kruger). 

Clubs — Coloquiuni, Tuesday Musical. 
At Home Days — Thursdays. 

Schellentrager, Mr. J. Homer. 

Schellentrager, Mr. John Arthur. 

Summer Home — Hermitage Farm, Rock Creek, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. 

Schenck, Mr. Albert W. Sol way St., near S. Negley Ave. 

Bell o46-W Schenley. 
Mrs. Schenck (Bess Kohne). 


ScHEWE, Mr. Karl A. 1144 Portland St. 

Bell 5254-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Schewe (Adda Kohne). 
Schewe, Elizabeth Anne. 

Schiller, Mr. William Bacon. 5075 Forbes St. 

Bell 1058 Sehenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Schiller (Margaret Crosby), (Miss Aiken's School). 
Schiller, Mr. Morgan Burdett. 
Schiller, William Bacon, Jr. 
SchUler, Frederic Crosby. 

Summer Home — Sewickley Heights. Bell 517 Sewickley. 
Winter Home — Camden, S. C. 

ScHLEiTER, Mr. Walter Frank. 5420 Stanton Ave. 

Bell 421 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Country. 

Schleiter, Miss Elide Carolyn. 

Schleiter, Ellen Louise. 

Schleiter, Dr. Howard G. 

Schleiter, Mr. Walter Becker. 

Schleiter, Mrs. Gustav. 

Schley, Mr. Charles. 5308 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 1802 Sehenley. 
31rs. Schley (Marion McKibbin). 
Schley, Katherine McKibbin. 

Schmertz, Mr. William E. 5427 Wilkins Ave. 

Bell 813 Sehenley. 
3Irs. Schmertz (Sarah McGrew), (Bishop Bowman Institute). 

Schmertz, Mr. Percy. 

Schmertz, Mr. William E. 

;Schmertz, Robert Watson. 

Schmertz, Ealph Darsie. 

"Schoen, Mr. William Henry. Woodland Eoad. 

Bell 496 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., University, Pitts- 
burgh Golf, Greensburg Country. 

Mrs. Schoen (Frances S. Smith). 

Clubs — D. a. R., Colonial Dames, Pittsburgh Golf, Greensburg 
Schoen, Gertrude Macalester. 
Schoen, Frances Louise. 
Schoen, William Henry, Jr. 

Summer Home — Randolph Farm, Greensburg. Bell 576. 

^CHOENECK, Mr. Phillip C, Jr. 1520 Shady Ave. 

Bell 4875-L Hiland. 
Club — Duquesne Canoe Club. 

3Irs. Schoeneck (Amelia Stieren). 
Schoeneck, Miss Helen S. 
Schoeneck, Phillip S. 
Schoeneck, William. 




Bell 78 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., University, Pitts- 
burgh Golf, Union League of Philadelphia, Union League of 
New York, Railway of New York. 

Mrs. Schoonmaker (Eebekah Cook). 

Schoonmaker, Miss Gretchen Vandervoort. 
Schoonmaker, Mr. James M., Jr. 

Summer Hom,e — Gretamere, Spring Lake, N. J. 

Schoyer, Mr. B. Preston. 708 W. North Ave. 

Bell 284 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth, Yale Club of New York. 
Mrs. Schoter (Clara B. Armstrong), (Ogontz). 

Summer Home — Beaver Road. Edgeworth. 61 Sewickley. 

Schoyer, Mrs. Samuel C. (Lizzie Preston). 509 Dallas Ave. 

Bell 490-J Hiland. 
Schoyer, Miss Edna. 

Schultz, Mr. Albert L. 817 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 473 Hiland. 
Mrs. Schultz (Virginia Clay Bigelow). 

Schultz, Miss Mary Bigelow. 

Schultz, Miss Virginia Clay. 

Schultz, Mr. Albert Bigelow. 

Schultz, Mr. Thomas Steel. 403 Winebiddle Ave. 

(Princeton, Harvard Law). Bell 1331 Hiland. 

Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Schultz (Marion Maclean). 

Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 
Schultz, Maclean. 

Schumacher, Mr. Hervey. 1435 Denniston Ave. 

Bell 4650 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Schumacher (Florence B. Alrieh). 
Schumacher, Marjery Eleanor. 
Schumacher, John A. 

Schwartz, Miss Eveline McDowell. 7312 Penn Ave. 

Bell 4556-J Hiland. 

Schwartz, Mr. Frank N. (Yale). 5600 Northumberland Ave. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Schwartz (Leila Clarkson). 
Schwartz, James Ernest. 
Schwartz, Clarkson. 

Summer Home — Sutherland Farm, Cobourg, Ont., Canada. 

Schwartz, Mrs. J. Ernest (Emma Nicholson). 

P. O. Box 594, Pittsburgh. 
Schwartz, Mr. John Loeser. 
Schwartz. Mrs. John Loeser (Julia Clark). 
Schwartz, Mary Clark. 

Summer Home — Hillcrest, Port Hope, Ont., Canada. 

Scott, Mr. Alexander M. 

Club — Duquesne. 
Mrs. Scott (Margaret Bell Kirkpatrick). 
Scott, Miss Margaret Chalfant. 
Scott. Eebecca Kirkpatrick. 

540 Jones Ave., Braddock. 
Bell 79 Braddock. 

Scott, Mr. James King. 

Club — University. 

Mrs. Scott (Jeannette McKee Lupton). 
Scott, Elizabeth Liipton. 
Scott, Anne King. 

1040 Devon Road. 
Bell 817-E Schenley. 

Scott, Mrs. Quincy (Jane Watt). 

Scott, Miss Lavinia W. 
Scott, Mr. Quincy Adams. 
Scott, Mrs. (Carrie Snyder). 
Scott, Alice Louise. 
Henderson, Mrs. Mary Watt. 

1608 Orangewood Ave. 
Bell 94-L Mt. Lebanon. 

Scott, Mrs. William (Annie Lyon King). 

C/u6s— 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Scott, Mr. William E. 

817 Devonshire St. 
Bell 12 Schenley. 

ScovEL, Mr. Charles Woodruff (U. of Pgh.). 6206 Sellers St. 

Bell 6508-J Hiland. 
C^i/t^^University. '*■ • 

Mrs. Scovel (Sara Wilson Butler). 
Scovel, Miss Carolyn Woodruff. 
Scovel, Mr. Sylvester Butler. 
Scovel, Charles Woodruff, Jr. 

Scoville, Mr. Royal Lacey. 232 Broad St., Sewickley. 

Bell 242 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Lawyers' Club 
of New York. 

Mrs. Scoville (Anne Naylor). 

Clu b — Allegheny Country. 
Scoville. Eleanore Shannon. 
Naylor, Mr. Christian Ihmsen. 

Scribner, Mr. Henry Sayre. 

Mrs. Scribner (Mary Lee Myers). 
At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Scribner, Annie Lee. 
Scribner, Lucilla Sayre. 
Scribner, Joseph Myers. 

1045 Murray Hill Ave. 
Bell 4135-J Hiland. 

Scull, Mr. Edward Blaine. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union. 

Mrs. Scull (Edmonia C. Coffroth). 

Club — 20th Century. 

5033 Castlemann St. 
Bell 921 Schenley. 


Scully, Mr. Arthur Murtland (Harvard). 6010 Walnut St. 

Bell 3242 Hiland. 

Clubs — University, Pittsburgh Golf, Harvard, Harvard Club of 
New York. 

Mrs. Scully (Anne Burgwin), (Dobb's Ferry). 

Scully, Mr. Cornelius Decatur. 6023 Walnut St. 

(U. of Penna.). Bell 3698 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Scully (Rosalie Pendleton). 
Scully, Alice Pendleton. 
Scully, Elizabeth Negley. 
Scully, Cornelius D., Jr. 

Scully, Mr. Henry D. 140 Dithridge St. 

Bell 950 Schenley. 
Mrs. Scully (Mary Monro), (Bishop Bowman Inst.). 

Scully, Miss Helen M. 

Scully, Miss Grace M. 

Scully, Mr. Henry Rees (U. of Pgh.). 201 S. Lexington Ave. 

Bell 1288 Hiland. 
Mrs. Scully (Mary M. Murtland). 

Scully, Miss Margaret Townsend. 

Scully, Miss Janet MacLean. 

Scully, Mr. Rees Townsend. 

Scully, Mr. Donald Cadwalader. 

Scully, Mr. James Wood. 845 Lynndale Ave. 

Bell 692 Cedar. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Scully (Ida Walton). 
Scully, Mr. James W., Jr. 
Scully, Alice Walton. 
Scully, Walton. 

Summer Home — Oak Ledge, Sewickley Heights. Bell 202 Se- 

Scully, Mr. John S., Jr. (U. of Penna.). 5547 Fair Oaks St. 

Bell 1417-R Schenley. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Scully (Mary Hanna Gilespie), (Wellesley). 
Scully, Jane Hastings. 

Seely, Mrs. Charles Blanchard (Sarah Mclllvaine). 

Seely, Miss Sarah Mcllvaine. Hotel Kenmawr. 


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hepburn Seely (Mary Worthington). 
Miss Anna Worthington Seely. 
Mr. Frank Hepburn Seely Jr. 

Winter Home — Colonial Apartments, Philadelphia. 

Summer Home — Cresson. 

Seely, Mr. Charles Blanchard. 5904 Elgin Ave. 

Mrs. Seely (Jean Shaw). 

Seeley, Charles Blanchard. 

Seely, Robert Shaw. 

Seely, Eugene. 


Sellers, Mr. Harry D. 5307 Westminster St. 

Bell 89-W Scbenley. 
Mrs. Sellers (Caroline Eobinson). 

Sellers, Mr. Emory Kobinson. 

Sellers, Mr. Francis Northam. 

Sellers, Mr. John Birge. 

Semple, Mrs. Frank (Annie Wilcox). 

Semple, Miss Anne. Linden Place, Sewickley. 

Semple, Mr. Frank, Jr. BeU 129 Sewickley. 

Semple, Mr. John Bonner. 31 Linden Place, Sewickley. 
(Lehigh). Bell 482-J Sewickley. 

Club — Allegheny Country. 
Mrs. Semple (Eleanore Gray Shinn). 

Club — Allegheny Country. 

Semple, Eleanor Patterson. 

Semple, John Bonner, Jr. 

Summer Home — Echo Lake, North Water Gap. 
Winter Home — Cocoe, Indian River, Brevard Co., Fla. 

Semple, Miss Mary I. K. 753 Penn Ave., Wilkinsburg. 

Downing, Miss Euth. Bell 115-L Wilkins. 

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Semple. 
Mary Margaret Semple. 
Semple, John. III. 

Winter //o me— Arcadia, Fla. 

Severance, Mr. Frank Ward. 826 Lynndale Ave. 

Clubs— Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh. Bell 598-L Uedar. 

Buchan, Mrs. Elizabeth Severance. 

Severance, Mr. S. 5315 Westminster Place. 

CZu&— Pittsburgh. Bell 89-J Schenley. 

Mrs. Severance (Eleanor Schmertz). 
Severance, S., Jr. 

Seymour, Mr. Harry. 5171 Cypress St. 

Mrs. Seymour (Martha Hamilton). Bell 763-E Hiland. 

Fife, Mrs. J. B. 

Seymour, Mr. Samuel Lansing. 

403 Quaker Eoad, Quaker Valley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth. Bell 611-J Sewickley. 

Mrs. Seymour (Henrietta S. Merrick). 
Club — Woman's Club of Sewickley. 
Seymour, Miss Kate Vanderbeyden. 


Mr. and Mrs. Lansing S. Seymour (Loraine Tate) 

Alexander Lansing Seymour. 

Frederick Seymour. 60 Ferry Ave., Greensburg. 

Seymour, Mr. Warren I. 302 Quaker Eoad, Quaker Valley. 
(Princeton). Bell 523-L Sewickley. 

Clubs — -Duquesne, University. 

Mrs. Seymour (Emily Sproul). 

Club — Woman's Club of Sewickley Valley. 
Seymour, Emily Sproul. 
Seymour, Henrietta Lansing. 


Shafer, Mr. Noah W. (Jefferson). Jackman Ave., Avalon. 

Bell 211-J Neville. 
Mrs. Shafer (Margaretta White), (Washington Seminary). 
Club—D. A. R. 
Shafer, Mary Glover. 
Gibson, Mrs. Nancy McLean. 
Shafer, Mr. Lewis M. 

Shafer, Mrs. Lewis M. (Mary Caughey). Hartstown. 

Summer Home — Findley Twp., Allegheny Co. 

Shannon, Mr. Christian Ihmsen. 234 Broad St., Sewickley. 
(Princeton). Bell 283 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Shannon (Ethel Standish). 

Shannon, Mr. Joseph F. Woodland Road, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Shannon (Mary Lambie). Bell 661-R Sewickley. 

Shannon, Catherine Siebert. 

Shannon, Robert Frew\ 

Shannon, Mr. Robert F. Glenfrew, Edgeworth Station. 
C«« 6s— Edgeworth, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 10 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Shannon (Emma Fleming). 

Clubs — Woman's of Sewickley. 
Shannon, Mr. William T. 
Shannon, Alexander Nimiek. 
Shannon, James H. McClelland. 

Shaw, Mr. D. C. 345 S. Highland Ave. 

Bell 5764 Hiland. 
Mrs. Shaw (Miss Goodman). 

Shaw, Mr. George M. 

Shaw, Mr. John W. 

Shaw, Mr. Dickson Courtney, Jr. 5972 Alder St. 

Bell 4120-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Shaw (Myrtle Liken). 

Shaw, Jane. 

Shaw, Dickson Courtney, III. 

Shaw, Mr. George Elmer (U. of M.). 5020 Morewood Place. 

Bell 223 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, University, Union. 

Mrs. Shaw (Mary Ewing). 
Shaw, Miss Elizabeth. 
Shaw, Mary Ewing. 
Shaw, Thomas Ewing. 

Summer Home — Topthorn Farm, Coraopolis, 44 Coraopolis. 

Shaw, Mr. Henry Clay. Glenshaw, Butler Plank Road. 

Bell 27-J Glenshaw. 
Shaw, Miss Katharine Lydia. 
Shaw, Miss Martha. 
Shaw, Miss Caroline Thompkins. 
Shaw, Elizabeth Arbuthnot. 
Shaw, Margaret Fay. 


Shaw, Mr. Hugh Campbell. 587.5 Douglass Ave. 

Mrs. Shaw (Helen Bredin). 

Shaw, Mr. Howard. 506 Grove St., Sewickley. 

Bell 636-L Sewickley. 

Club — Union. 

Mrs. Shaw (Mary L. Eiehardson). 

Shaw, Mr. John E. (Yale, Columbia Law). 6410 Beacon St. 

Bell 677 Hiland. 

Clubs — Union, University. 

Mrs. Shaw (Janet Miller). 
Shaw, Mr. John S. 
Shaw, Mr. Hugh Campbell. 
Campbell, Mrs. H. C. 

Shaw, Mr. Wilson A. Morewood Ave. and Forbes St. 

(U. of Penna.). Bell 280 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 

Mrs. Shaw (Margaret Kelly). 

Summer Home — Gray Rock, Lake Rosseau, Muskoka Lake, Ont., 

Yach t — Nam AM A. 

Shea, Mr. Joseph B. (Princeton). Richland Lane. 

Bell 456 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Pittsburgli, Pittsburgh Golf, Oakmont. 

Mrs. Shea (Clara Morgan). 

Club— •20t\\ Century. 

Shea, Mr. C. Bernard. 
Shea, Sidney Morgan. 

Sheldon, Mr. Harry E. 6315 Walnut St. 

Bell 376 Hiland. 

Clubs — -Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Sheldon (May Hicks). 
Sheldon, Miss Martha. 
Sheldon, Ruth. 

Shenk, Mr. Wilbur. 5305 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 1025 Schenley. 
Mrs. Shenk (Rebecca K. Chalfant). 

Shenk, Wilbur, Jr. 

Shenk, Allen K. 

Shenk, Charles C. 

Shepherd, Mr. Alexander Boteler. 420 Emerson St. 

Bell 50 Hiland. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Shepherd (Miriam Morgan). 
Club — Pittsburgh Golf. 
Guirand, Miss Louise. 

Shephard, Mrs. John Newbold (Elizabeth Maccallum). 

5518 Stanton Ave. 
Shephard, Miss Jessie Douglas. Bell 2930 Hiland. 


Sherrard, Mr. Hallock Campbell (W. & J.) . 802 Aiken Ave. 
Club — University. Bell 675-L Schenley. 

Mrs. Sherrard (Jane Ann Barnard). 
Sherrard, Anne Barnard. 

Sherrard, Mrs. J. H. (K. M. Fulton). 

810 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg. 
Bell 366-L Wilkins. 
Sherrard, Miss Helen Ewing. 

Sherrard, Mr. Egbert Maurice (W. & J.) . 307 Neville St. 

Bell 1287-W Schenley. 
Mrs. Sherrard (Lyda Eeid Cochran). 

Cochran, Mr. Charles W. 

Cochran, Mr. Marshall G. 

Sheerer, Mr. John William. 1302 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 3579-W Hiland. 

Clubs — Stanton Heights, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Sherrer (Cora Coyle). 

Clubx — Women's Press, Colloquium. 
Sherrer, John W., Jr. 
Coyle, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine McCloskey). 

Sherril, Dr. Alvin W. (U. of Penna.). 5506 Ellsworth Ave. 

CZ«&— Stanton Heights Golf. Bell 1993 Hiland. 

Mrs. Sherril (Laura Jones). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 

Shields, Capt. David. Chestnut Hill, Shields. 

Bell 69 Sewickley. 
Shields. Miss Rebecca. 

Shields, Mr. James Maclean. 5820 Howe St. 

Clubs — Union, Revel's Island. Bell 1880 Hiland. 

Mrs. Shields. 

Shields, Mr. Harold Maclean. 
Shields, Edwin Bruce. 

Summer Home — Mountain Spring Lodge, Laughlintown. 

Shields, Mr. Thomas L. Edgeworth. 

Bell 392 Sewickley. 
Mrs. Shields (Helen Dickenson). 

Shields, Miss Mary Whittier. 

Shields, Mr. W. Dickenson. 

Shillito, Dr. Nicholas (Geneva). 215 Fairmount Ave. 

Bell 3805-W Hiland. 
Shillito, Louise Mary. 
Shillito, Mrs. Mary S. 

Shinn, Mr. William Henry. 738 Washington Ave., Carnegie. 

Bell 43-E Carnegie. 
Mrs. Shinn (Inez L. Osburn). 

Shinn, Miss Marie Osburn. 

Shinn, Mr. William P. 

Shinn, Charles Milton. 


Shiras, Mr. Winfield K. 4841 Ellsworth Ave.. 

(Yale and Cornell). Bell 306 Schenley. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, University, Pittsburgh Golf, Henry's Lake- 
Sliooting Club of ladho, Revel's Island. 

.Mrs. Shiras (Clara Childs). 

CZ»&— Pittsburgh Golf. 

Shiras, Anne McDowell. 
Shiras, Winfield, Jr. 

Summer Home — Dunard, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. 

Shiras, Mr. William MacGilvray. 5746 Aylesboro Ave. 

CZm6s— Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 1140 Schenley. 

Mrs. Shiras. 

Shiras, Mary. 

Shoemaker, Mr. Charles Sumner. 1432 Termon Ave. 

Bell 953 Brady. 
Mrs. Shoemaker (Norah Brown Oliver). 

Shoemaker, Margaret Brown. 

Shoemaker, David Oliver. 

Shoemaker, Mrs. S. S. (Sallie ScuUv). 129 N. Linden Ave. 
(Wilson). ■' Bell 2961-J Hihind. 

Shoemaker, Miss Dorothy. 
Shoemaker, Miss Henrietta. 
Shoemaker, Mr. William S. 

Showalter, Mr. J. B. Brashear St., near Linden Ave. 

(College of Physicians and Surgeons). Bell 3885-L Hiland.. 
Mrs. Showalter (Ella McKee). 
Showalter, Miss Pauline. 
Showalter, Miss Lucile. 
Showalter, Mr. Jack Baltzell. 
Winter Home — Miami, Florida. 

Shriver, Mr. V. L. P. Woodland Eoad, Edgeworth. 

Bell 147-L Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Shriver (Anna M. Millholland). 

Club — 20th Century. 
Shriver, Beverley R. 
Shriver, V. L. P., Jr. 

Siebeneck, Mr. Henry K. (Princeton). 855 Beech Ave. 

Bell 944 Cedar. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, University, Allegheny Country. 

SiEBERT, Mr. p. William. 241 Winebiddle Ave. 

Mrs. Siebert (Sarah O'Brien). Bell 4983 Hiland. 

Siebert, Miss Sarah M. 

Siebert, Mr. Paul Thaw. 

Siebert, Mr. George E. 

Siedle, Mrs. Louise H. (Louise H. Schultz). 12 Dunmoyle St. 
Siedle, Miss Katherine. Bell 2882-R Hiland. 

Sill, Mr. Ralph W. 5862 Burchfield Ave. 

Club— Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Field. Bell 363-J Hazel. 

Mrs. Sill (Agnes Rae Neeper). 

SiMEEAL, Mr. John A. 440 Forest Ave., Bellevue. 

Club-Bellevue Country. Bell 231-J Bellevue. 

Simeral, Miss Mary F. 
Simeral, Mr. E. Floyd. 
Simeral, Mr. Alexander E. 
Simeral, J. Allen. 

SiMONTON, Dr. Thomas Grier. 5412 Edgeworth Ave. 

(W. & J., U. of Penna.). Bell 421 Sehenley. 

Club — University. 

Mrs. Simonton (Liiella Munhall), (Ogontz). 

Singer, Mr. George Harton (Columbia). Lynndale Ave. 

Bell 525 Cedar. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, University, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Singer (Lottie Smith). 

Singer, Mr. George Harton, Jr. 

Summer Home — Harton Hall, Edgeworth. Bell 308-R Sewickley. 


Mr. and Mrs. .Jesse G. Brown (Hester Singer), Wyoming Apartments, 
New York. 

Singer, Mrs. George, Jr. (Oliveretta Graham). 

5427 Forbes St. 
Bell 704 Sehenley. 

Singer, Mrs. J. J. (Jennie Johnston), (Wilson). 

713 Maryland Ave. 
Bell 4764-J Hiland. 
Singer, Miss Eleanor W. 
Singer, Miss Margaret R. 
Singer, Mr. Eobert W. 


Dr. and Mrs. John J. Singer, Greensburg. 

Singer, Mr. Egbert R. 5463 Penn Ave. 

Bell 2595 Hiland. 
Mrs. Singer (Harriet Graff). 

Singer, Miss Jane Richmond. 

Singer, Mr. John Addison. 

Singer, Mrs. William H. (Hester L. Harton). 

934 Western Ave. 
Bell 127 Cedar, 308-L Sewickley. 
Club — Allegheny Country. 
Summer Home — Edgehill Manor, Edgeworth. 

Singley, Dr. John DeVinne. 812 N. Highland Ave. 

(W. & J., U. of Penna.). Bell 671 Hiland. 

Club — University. 
Mrs. Singley (Margaretta Johnston), (Washington Semi- 
nary) . 
Clubs — Tuesday Musical, 20th Century. 
Singley, John DeVinne, Jr. 

SiPE, Mr. Charles Glenn. 5886 Darlington Rd. 

Bell 2699-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Sipe (Henrietta Marie Goeddel). 


SiPE, Mr. Samuel Freeman. 737 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 5960 Hiland. 
Clubs — Union, Country, Pgh. Ath'L Ass'n. 

Mrs. Sipe (Sudie Moore). 
Sipe, Mr. Samuel Moore. 
Sipe, Harry Aaron. 

Siverd, Mr. Grant. 110 Union Ave., Grafton. 

Bell 225-W Grafton. 
Clubs — Shadyside, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Siverd (Nannie M. Knox). 
Siverd, Mr. Percy. 

SiviTER, Mrs. Francis Pierpont (Mary Elizabeth Breed). 

Siviter, Elizabeth Breed. 123 Dithridge St. 

Bell 564 Sehenley. 

Summer Home — The Cedars, Wequetonsing, Mich. 

Siviter, Mr. William Henry. 122 Dithridge St. 

Club— Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 232 Sehenley. 

Mrs. Siviter (Anna Pierpont). 

Siviter, Miss Frances Pierpont. 

Skelding, Mr. Francis Hobbs. Morewood Place. 

CZu6— Duquesne. Bell 730 Sehenley. 

Mrs. Skelding (EUen Paul). 

Skelding, Miss Marjorie. 

Skelding, Paul. 

Skelding, Henry Titus S. 

Slack, Mr. John Glemson. Braeface, Edgeworth. 

Clubs— Duquesne, Allegheny Country. Bell 547 Sewiekley. 

Mrs. Slack (Margaret E. Hall). 
Slack, Miss Caroline M. 
Slack, Miss Dorothea H. 
Slack. Miss Elizabeth H. 
Slack, Miss Margaret E. 

Slack, Mr. John L. Edgeworth. 

Bell 547 Sehenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Slack (Margaret E. HaU). 

Clubs — Alleghenj' Country, 20th Century. 
Slack, Miss Caroline M. 
Slack, Miss Dorothy H. 
Slack, Miss Elizabeth. 
Slack, Miss Margaret. 

Sleeth, Mr. Egbert L. 7219 Thomas Blvd. 

Sleeth, Miss Margaret. 

Winter Home— 3S27 I St., San Diego, Cal. 

Sleeth, Mr. Egbert L., Jr. 301 S. Lang Ave. 

C^ufcs— Press, Camera. Bell 2109 Hiland. 

Mrs. Sleeth (Glara Dobler). 

Sleeth, Caroline. 

Sleeth, Eobert L., III. 

Sleeth, Mr. William J. 


Slick, Mr. Edwin E. Penn Ave. and Peebles St. 

CT«6— Duquesne. Bell 1673-R Wilkins. 

Mrs. Slick (Anna Turford), (Geneva). 
Slick, Edwin E., Jr. 

Slick, Mr. Frank F. Bell and Jones Ave., Braddock. 

Club— Country. Bell 58-L Braddock. 

Mrs. Slick (Annie Gaill Hunter), (West Walnut St. Sem.). 
A t Home Days — Thursdays. 
Slick, Martha Gail. 
Slick, John Hunter. ' 

Sloan, Mr. Andrew Earle (W. & J.). 

Clubs — Stanton Heights Golf. 
Mrs. Sloan (Martha McCance), (St. Margaret's). 

5715 Elmer St. 

Slocum, Mr. Charles V. 

Mrs. Slocum (Lillian Slocum). 
Slocum, Miss Laura Rose. 
Slocum, Miss Margaret A. 
Slocum, Mr. Winthrop Wallace. 
Slocum, Mr. Carlton A. 

5500 Aylesboro Ave. 
Bell 1627 Schenley. 

401 S. Linden Ave. 
Bell 304 Hiland. 

Slocum, Mr. Frank Leroy. 


Club — Oakniont Country. 

Mrs. Slocum (Francelia H. Proctor). 
Slocum, Mr. Morris Abel. 
Proctor, Mrs. Laura Stevens. 


Mr. and Mrs. Morrison Fetzer (Dorothy F. Slocum), Willows, Cal. 

Smith, Mr. Arthur Hall. 

Mrs. Smith (Marion Wilson), (Oberlin). 

Smith, Mr. Anthony W. 

Mrs. Smith (Eliza J. Miles). 
Smith, Miss Vera Miles. 

Smith, Mr. A. W., Jr. 

Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Smith (Janey Coard). 

Clubs — Woman's Press. 
Smith, A. W., III. 
Smith, Jane Roberta. 
Hall, Mrs. Jane A. 

5464 Stanton Ave. 
Bell 4410-J Hiland. 

115 BoGGs Ave. 
Bell 6 Hill. 

5920 Ellwood St. 
Bell 4645 Hiland. 

Smith, Mr. Albert York (Yale). 

20 Bertha St. 
Bell 38 Hill. 

Club — University. 

Mrs. Smith (Amy L. Ayres). . 

Club — 20th Century. 

Summer Home — Bockstoee, Mt. Lebanon. Bell 146 Mt. Lebanon. 


Smith, Mr. Craig (Westminster). 3504 Shadeland Ave. 

Bell 1072 Neville. 
Mrs. Smith (Edith Lytle). 
Club—D. A. R. 
Smith, Dorothy Wilson. 
Smith, Robert Lytle. 

Smith, Mrs. Edward Arthurs (Henrietta T. Catherwood). 

3745 Hiawatha St. 
Smith, Mr. Edward C, II. 
Smith, Mr. Gerald Naglee. 
Smith, Mr. James Laurence., 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D., Jr. 

Smith, Mr. Edwin W. (Yale). 20 Bertha St. 

Bell 38 Hill. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, University, Yale Alumni Ass'n., Oakmont 

Country, Castle Shannon Golf. 
Summer Home — Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Bell 146 Mt. Lebanon. 

Smith, Mr. Edwin Z. (U. of Pgh.). 401 Eoup Place. 

Bell 3987-L Hiland. 
Clubs — University, Union, Oakmont Country. 
Mrs. Smith (Katharine Celia Carnahan), (Penna. College for 
Clubs — College, Daughters of 1812, D. A. R. 
Smith, Katharine Emily. 

Smith, Mrs. Frank B. (Lillian Henry). 

Woodland Road, Sewickley. 
Bell 101 Sewickley. 

Club — Woman's Club of Sewickley Valley. 
Smith, Miss Eleanore Henry. 
Smith, Mr. David Morris. 
Smith, Mr. Irwin Henry. 
Smith, Mr. Frank Bidd'le, Jr. 

Smith, Mrs. Frank W. (Bertha Lewis). S09 St. James St. 

Bell 1969-J Sehenley. 
Guthrie, Mrs. Presley (Marion Sellers). 
Guthrie, Miss Priscilla. 

Smith, Mr. Lee Stewart. 830 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 258 Sehenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country. 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Linford (Louise Allen). 
Smith, Agnes Louise. 
Smith, Lynn Allen. 

Smith, Mrs. Norman M. (Margaret Ward). 6600 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 4616 Hiland. 

Clubs — 20th Century, D. A. R. 

Smith, Miss Gertrude B. 

Smith, Mr. Persipor Frazier. 5238 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 695 Sehenley. 
Mrs. Smith (Laura Gilpin Wood). 


Mrs. R. H. M. Robinson, Washington, D. C. 

•Smith, Mr. Egbert Sample. 700 N. Negley Ave. 

MRS. SMITH (Miss Templeton). Bell 4151-J Hiland. 

Smith, Miss Helen Van Orsdell. 

Smith, Mr. E. Templeton. 

Smith, Mr. Eobert Crawford. 

Smith, Mr. Thomas Wallace. 1090 Shady Ave. 

(Queen's College, Belfast). Bell 1255 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Smith (Mary P. Moody). 
Smith, Mr. Oliver L. 
Smith, Mr. Wallace W. 
Smith, Mr. Thomas Wallace, Jr. 

Smith, Mrs. Van E. (Eaehel Deshong). 

238 Thorn St., Sewickley. 
Smith, Miss Helen E. Bell 380 Sewickley. 

Chester, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred D. (Margaret Smith). 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Columbus Club of Ohio, 
Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., College, U. of I. 

Smith Mr. Wesley Linford Smith. 830 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 258 Schenley. 
CZu 6s— Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Smith (Louise Allen), (Wellesley). 

Clubs — Wellesley, 20th Century, Tuesday Musical. 
Smith, Agnes Louise. 
Smith, Lynn Allen. 

Smith, Mr. W. Jarvis. 2967 Belrose Ave., Dormont. 

Mrs. Smith (Edith Augusta Eowan). 

Smith, W. Jarvis, Jr. 

Smith, Clarence Duve. 

Country Home — Canfield, Ohio. 

Smith, Mr. William Watson. 5325 Wilkins Ave. 

Bell 521 Schenley. 
Mrs. Smith (Florence Louise Aiken). 

Smyers, Mr. B. H. (Univ. of Pgh.). 5535 Aylesboro Ave. 

Bell 2736-J Schenley. 
Mrs. Smyers (Flora B. Hays). 

Smyers, Bertrand Hunter, Jr. 

Smyers, William Hays. 

Smyers, Edward. 

Sneed, Eev. Frank Woolford, D.D. 5633 Elgin Ave. 

(Westminster). Bell 1073 Hiland. 

Ciu6— Pittsburgh Golf. 

Mrs. Sneed (Eulalie Hockaday). 

Snowden, Mr. Francis Laird. 5215 Centre Ave. 

BeU 1607 Hiland. 
Mrs. Snowden (Emma Eeese). 

Snowden, Mr. Eeese Oliver. 

Snowden, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Laird, Jr. 


Mr. and Mrs. Reese Snowden (Minerva Burke), Esgair Ranch, Lan- 
caster, California. 


Snowdon, Mr. Charles L. 5030 Fifth Ave. 

Club— Duquesne. Bell 1269 Schenley. 

Mrs. Snowdon (Elizabeth Hogg). 
Snowdon, Miss Mary Elizabeth. 
Snowdon, Mr. George. 
Snowdon, Mr. Felix Brunot. 
Snowdon, Mr. Charles Nelson. 
Summer Home — Cazenovia, N. Y. 

Snyder, Mr. William Penn. Eidge and Grant Aves. 

Bell 248 Sewickley. 
Mrs. Snyder (Mary Cuddy Black). 

Snyder, Miss Mary Black. 

Snyder, Mr. William Penn, Jr. 

Summer Home — Wilpen Hall, Watson Road, Sewickley Heights, 

Spahr, Mrs. Albert H. (Carolyn Wilson). 

527 Cochrane St., Sewickley. 
Spahr, Sara Jane. Bell 525 Sewickley. 

Spahr, Mary Carolyn. 

Spain, Mr. William H. 915 Ivy St. 

Bell 6252-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Spain (Miss McDough). 
Spain, Mr. Eichard. 
Spain, Mr. Thatcher. 

Summer Home — Parker's Landing. 

Speer, Dr. Alexander M. 4900 Centre Ave. 

Mrs. Speer (Ellen C. Bissel). Bell 238 Schenley. 

Speer, Mr. Alexander Morrow, Jr. (Yale). 5624 Forbes St. 

Bell 852 Schenley. 
Club — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 
Mrs. Speer (Sarah S. Dunbar), (St. Margaret's). 

At Home Days — Mondays. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Speer, Marian Caroline. 

Speer, Donald Livingstone. 

Summer Home — Maganitawan River, Ont., Canada. 

Speer, Mrs. Charles E. (Sarah Dawson). Craft Ave. 

Bell 505 Schenley.. 
Speer, Miss Louise Dawson. 
Denny, Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. (Mary C. Speer). 

Speer, Mr. D. E. 6742 Thomas Blvd. 

Mrs. Speer (Amelia Von Housen). Bell 816-E Hiland. 

Speer, Miss Edith D. 

Summer Home — Edgeworth. 

Speer, Major James P. 333 Craft Ave. 

Speer, Mr. John BissELL (Yale). 5606 Northumberland St. 

Bell 872 Schenley. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Duquesne, Oakinont Country, Allegheny 

Mrs. Speer (Helen S. Cook). 
Speer, John Stockton. 


Speer, Mr. John Z. Cloverley Cottage, Dallas Ave. 

Mrs. Speer (Katharine McKnight). Bell 147 Hiland. 

Lyons, Miss Fanny McKnight. 

Speer, Maj. Joseph T. Hotel Anderson. 

Whitmarsh, Mr. Edwin B. 

Summer Home — Shady Nook, Garretsville, Ohio. 

Speer, Mr. J. Eamsey. 3 Colonial Place. 

(Boston School of Technology). Bell 880 Schenley. 

CZm6s— Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Union, Country, Allegheny 

Mrs. Speer (Jeannette Childs). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 
Summer Home — Penn Sylvan Farm, Stoops Ferry. 

Spencer, Mr. Charles Hart. 719 Amberson Ave. 

Bell 92 Schenley. 
Mrs. Spencer (Mary Wilson Acheson), (Penna. College for 
Club— College. 
Spencer, Miss Kate Acheson. 
Spencer, Miss Ethel. 
Spencer, Miss Mary Wilson. 
Spencer, Miss Elizabeth Barrows. 
Spencer, Mr. Marcus Acheson. 
Spencer, Mr. Charles H., Jr. 

Spencer, Mr. Edward Allen. 348 Pacific Ave. 

Bell 2792-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Spencer (Catherine Edwards Thomas). 

Spencer, Miss Catherine Susannah. 

Spencer, Mr. Edward Allen, II. 

Thomas, Mr. David J. 

Sprague, Mrs. J. E. (Miss Kent). 5910 Alder St. 

Bell 3235-W Hiland. 
Kent, Miss M. F. 

Sproul, Mr. Frank Penrose (Yale). Lynndale Ave. 

Bell 1809 Cedar. 
Clvbs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, University. 

Mrs. Sproul (Elizabeth Howe). 
Sproul, Frank Penrose, Jr. 
Sproul, William Howe. 

Summer Home — York Harbor, Maine. 

Sproul, Mr. Henry. Duquesne Club. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Country. 

Standish, Mr. Thomas A. 117 Meadow Lane, Edgeworth. 

Bell 204 Sewickley. 
Mrs. Standish (Elizabeth D. Nevin). 

Standish, Miss Mary Anderson. 

Standish, Elizabeth Oliphant. 

Standish, Mr. Eobert Nevin. 

Standish, WOliam Lloyd. 

Standish, Thomas A. 


Stanton, Eev. William Alonzo, D.D. 6340 March and St. 

Bell 2831 Hiland. 
(Hanover, U. of Chicago, Rochester Theo. Sera.). 
Mrs. Stanton (Sara Rogers). 
Club — D. a. r. 
Stanton, Miss Edith. 
Stanton, Mr. Charles Ashley. 
Stanton, Roger Fellows. 

Starr, Mr. Arthur Burr. 518 Academy Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 7 Sewickley. 
(Troy School of Tech.). 
Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 
Mrs. Starr (Mary Hartman Bowman). 
Starr, Mr. Arthur. 
Starr, Mr. Fletcher Coleman. 
Starr, Mr. Charles Bowman. 

Steel, Mr. John Fremont. Monitor and Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 379 Hazel 
Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Steel (Margaret Cust Magee). 
Steel, Christopher Magee. 
Steel, John Fremont, Jr. 

Summer Home — Barrow Farm. 

Steel, Mr. W. S. 1001 Western Ave. 

Bell 2063-J Cedar. 
Mrs. Steel (Georgia G. Gamble), (Pgh. Female College). 

Steel, Mr. George Darlington. 

Steel, Mr. Springer Cunningham. 

Steinmeyer, Mr. William. 4736 Wallingford St. 

Bell 190 Schenley. 
Mrs. Steinmeyer (Clara W. Siebert). 
Steinmeyer, Miss Madeline M. 
Steinmeyer, Mr. William Augustus. 
Summer Home — Bemus Point, N. Y. 

Stephenson, Mr. George Whitney (Yale). 

LiNv^rooD Apts., Linden and McPherson Blvd. 

Bell 4896 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Alleghenj' Country, Union, Auto- 
mobile, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Stephenson (Marguerite Kent Botsford). 

Stephenson, Mrs. John G. (Elizabeth Patterson). 

Stephenson, Miss B. P. 650 Morewood Ave. 

Stephenson, Mr. Charles. Bell 75 Schenley. 

Stephenson, Mr. John George, Jr. 5600 Howe St. 

(U. of Pgh.). Bell 4825-J Hiland. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Stephenson (Anne Lorth). 
Stephenson, Anne Lorth. 
Stephenson, Harriet Martha. 
Stephenson, John George, III. 


Stephenson, Mrs. Lilie W. (Lilie Wattles;. 

(Bishop Bowman Inst.). 4770 Wallingford St. 

Bell 33 Schenley. 
Stephenson, Miss Elisabeth. 
Stephenson, Mr. Charles W. 
Wattles, Mr. Charles W. 

Stephenson, Mr. Egbert S. 

Mrs. Stephenson (Frances E. Graham), 
Stephenson, Miss Ella Graham. 

502 North Ave. 
Bell 1015 Cedar. 

Sterrett, Mr. James Ealston (W. & J.). 439 Eebecca St. 

Bell 266 Hiland. 

Clubs — Union, University, Oakmont Golf, Pittsburgh Golf, Stanton 
Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Sterrett (Emma Whitten McConnell). 
Sterrett, Miss Eleanor Slagle. 
Sterrett, Miss Marion Kennedy. 
Sterrett, James Ealston, Jr. 
McConnell, Miss Lide. 

Sterrett, Dr. John Kennedy, 5522 Black St. 

Bell 851 Hiland. 
Cluh — Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Sterrett (Emma Jane Hubbard), (Penna. College). 

Clubs — Colloquium, Stanton Heights Golf. 
Hubbard, Mrs. Charles White (Chloe Winslow). 

Sterrett, Mr. E. Moffatt. 

Club — Stanton Heights Golf. 

Mrs. Sterrett (Anna Buck). 

Sterritt, Mr. Bobert Bruce. 
Mrs. Sterritt (Miss Schmitt). 
Stevens, Mr. Louis. 

529 N. Negley Ave. 
Bell 2471-W HHand. 

1019 Mellon St. 
Bell 4697-E Hiland. 

CZ!(6— Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Stevens (Beatrix H. Abbott). 
Stevens, Louis Charles. 
Stevens, Cecil LaClere. 
Stevens, Beatrix Marie Vittoire. 
Stevens, Sarah Adeline. 

2611 Church Ave., Carrick. 
Bell 173-W Carrick. 

Stevenson, Mr. Alan Cooper (State). 

Mrs. Stevenson (Marguerite L. Smith). 
Stevenson, Marguerite L, 
Stevenson, Mary Moody. 

1089 Shady Ave. 
Bell 4662-J Hiland. 

Stevenson, Mrs. David A. (Helen B. Smith). 

5825 Douglass Ave. 
Bell 5054-J Hiland. 
Stevenson, Miss Helen Virginia. 
Stevenson, Miss Margaret. 


Stevenson, Miss Eleanor J. 3501 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 1122 Schenley. 
Kuhn, Mr. and Mrs. William Harvey. 
Brown, Miss Elizabeth D. 

Stevenson, Mr. James B. (Bucknell). 160 Dithridge St. 

Bell 1834 Schenley. 

Clubs — Oakmont Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Stevenson (Emilie F. Clow), (Wilson). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 
Stevenson, Miss Mary D. 
Stevenson, Miss Louise. 
Stevenson, Mr. George K., II. 


Mr. W. S. Clow, La Salle, 111. 

Stevenson, Mr. Thomas F. 714 Aiken Ave. 

Club— Duquesne. Bell 158 Schenley. 

Stevenson, Miss Mary E. 

Stevenson, Mr-. William Damon (State). Stratton Lane. 

Bell 5230-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Stevenson (Margaret Watson). 

Stevenson, Mr. Walter E. (State). 210 N. Lang Ave. 

Bell 4051-J Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, Field. 

Mrs. Stevenson (Marguerite Maple). 

Clubs— Field, Stanton Heights Golf. 

Stevenson, Mr. William Holmes. 135 Dithridge St. 

Bell 230 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Oakmont. 

Mrs. Stevenson (Fannie Large). 
Stevenson, Miss Anna L. 
Stevenson, Mr. Henry. 
Stevenson, Mr. W. Holmes. 
Large, Mrs. Anna H. 

Stevenson, Rev. William E. (W. & J.) . 923 N. St. Clair St. 

Bell 1301-W Hiland. 
Stevenson, Miss Margaret Lois. 

Stevenson, Mr. W. C. 552 Lloyd St. 

Mrs. Stevenson (Susannah K. Wightman). 

Stevenson, William Robert. 

Stevenson, James Wightman. 

Stewart, Mr. Bayard. Maple Lane, Sewickley. 

Bell 692-R Sewickley. 
Mrs. Stewart (Cornelia Hersh McKnight). 

Stewart, Mrs. David A. (Nancy Scott). 

Lynndale and Allegheny Aves. 

Club— Allegheny Country. Bell 870 Cedar. 

Kramer, Mrs. Lucy A. 

Summer Home — Conneaut Lake and York Harbor, Maine. 


WiLKiNs AND Fifth Aves. 
Bell 54 Schenley. 

Stewart, Mr. David Glenn. 

Club — Pittsburgh. 
Mrs. Stewart (Jennie Nimick). 
Stewart, Mr. Glenn. 
Nimick, Mr. Alexander K. 
Nimiek, Mrs. Alexander K. (Nellie T. Pearson) 

Stewart, Mr. Douglas (Yale). Lynndale Ave. 

Bell 1168 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, 

Mrs. Stewart (Agnes Dickson). 
Stewart, Agnes Caldwell. 

•Stewart, Mr. G. W. 

Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Stewart, Miss Helen Porter. 
Stewart, Miss Mary Hewitt. 
Stewart, Jasper Porter. 

Stewart, Mr. H. S. A. 

Stewart, Mr. H. S. A., Jr. 

Stewart, Mr. Henry S. 

Mrs. Stewart (Agnes McKean), 
Stewart, Sidney Andrew. 

Stewart, Mr. Homer C. 

Mrs. Stewart (Alice Brady). 
Stewart, ]\Iiss Helen. 
Stewart, Mr. Brady W. 

Stewart, Mr. H. D. 

Mrs. Steavart (Elizabeth McCallin). 
Stewart, Mr. William W. 
Stewart, Mr. Hamilton. 

Stewart, Mr. James H. 

Stewart, Miss Margaret S. 
Stewart, Miss Neil. 

Summer Home — -Sevvicklev. 

■Stewart, Mr. Reid T. (U. of Pgh.). 
Mrs. Stewart (Emily Shaw). 

Stewart, Ruth C. 

Steuart, Emily. 

Stewart, George S. 

SteAvart, Charles R. 

708 Clyde St. 
Bell 744-R Schenley. 

MoREwooD Ave. 
Bell 214 Schenley. 

520 N. Highland Ave. 
Bell 1247 HHand. 

5801 Welles LEY Ave. 
Bell 3422-W Hiland. 

Glen Osborne. 
Bell 291 Sewickley. 

936 W. North Ave. 
Bell 998-J Cedar. 

1524 Shady Ave. 
Bell 4875-W Hiland. 

Stewart, Dr. Robert Wray. 4715 Fifth Ave. 

(Royal College Surgeons, London). Bell 910 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Stewart (Marie Phelan). 
Stewart, Mary. 
Stewart, Jane. 
Stewart, Robert Wray, Jr. 


Stewart, Dr. William Alvah. 

(N. Y. Homeopathic Medical). 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Stewart (Julia Elizabeth Langworthy) 
Stewart, William Alvah, Jr. 
Stewart, George Langworthy. 
Langworthy, Miss Euth. 

7100 Thomas Blvd. 
Bell 730 Hiland. 

Stewart, Mr. William Lincoln. 5615 Aylesboro Ave. 

Bell 1678 Sehenley. 
Mrs. Stewart (Edna Wright), (Walnut Lane School). 

Stewart, Margaret Wright. 

Stewart, William Lincoln, Jr. 

Stieren, Dr. Edward (U. of Pgh., Johns Hopkins). 

5546 PocussET St. 

Clubs — University, Army and Navy Club of New York. 

Mrs. Stieren (Rachel Bobbins). 
Stieren, Elizabeth May. 
Stieren, Josephine Bobbins. 

Stieren, Mr. William M. 

Mrs. Stieren (Clara J. Squires). 
Stieren, Mr. W. Morgan. 

Stillwagen, Mr. William C. 

Mrs. Stillwagen (Martha A. Oldshue). 
Stillwagen, Miss Mai. 
Stillwagen, Mr. Edward L. 

518 Emerson St. 
Bell 2198 Hiland. 

347 Eebecca St. 
Bell 1479 Hiland. 

Stimson, Dr. George William (Ohio State). 

The Kingston, 5721 Elmer St. 
Bell 1960 Hiland. 
Club — University, Pittsburgh. 
Mrs. Stimson (Maie Elizabeth French). 

Stone, Mr. Stephen (Lafayette). 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Country. 

Mrs. Stone (Ida M. McCandless). 
Stone, Margaret. 
Stone, Natalie Jean. 
Stone, Ellen. 
Stone, Marian. 

5544 Baywood St. 
Bell 1240 Hiland. 

Stone, Mr. William A. 

508 W. North Ave. 
Bell 1920 Cedar. 

Mrs. Stone (Elizabeth White). 
Stone, Miss Margaret. 
Stone, Miss Isabelle. 
Stone, John. 
Crumpton, Mr. and Mrs. William (Jean Stone). 

Stone, Mr. William L. Seventh Ave., Beechview. 

(U. of Penna.). 


Stoner, Mr. Frank E. 960 Beaver St., Sewickley. 

Bell 118-R Sewickley. 
Mrs. Stoner (Clara H. McCleery), (Wellesley). 
Stoner, Frank, Jr. 

Stoner, Mr. J. M., Jr. W. Swissvale Ave., Edgewood. 

Clubs— Edgewood, Edgewood Country. Bell 679-W Wilkins. 
Mrs. Stoner (Gertrude Courtney). 

Clubs — Woman's of Edgewood, Edgewood Civic. 
Stoner, Miss Margaret. 
Stoner, Miss Aurelia. 

Stoner, Mr. Marcus Woodward. 

Edgeworth Road and Meadow Lane, Edgeworth. 

Bell 852 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Union, Edgeworth Country. 

Mrs. Stoner (Bertha Harris Smith), (Wellesley). 

Clubs — Edgeworth Country, Woman's Club of Sewickley. 
At Home Days — Second Tuesdays. 

Stonerod, Mr. Fielding Detrich. 5157 Woodavard St. 

Bell 2088-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Stonerod (Helen Shaddle). 
Stonerod, Mr. C. Howard. 


Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Strothers (Mabel Stonerod), Florida Ave., 
Mt. Lebanon. 

Stoneroad, Mr. J. T. M. (Wooster). Iroquois Apts. 

Clu b — Duquesne. 

Stoneroad, Mrs. Hannah Paull, 
Stoneroad, Miss Mary B. 

Stoney, Miss Eleanor E. 1120 S. Negley Ave. 

Stoney, Miss. Bell 1258-L Hiland. 

Stoney, Miss B. Beatrice. 
Phillips, Mrs. H. H. (Katharine J. Stoney). 
Phillips, Mr. Harry Hcmer. 


Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hamlen (Edna M. Stoney), Hotel Hays, Chica^go. 

Stoney, Mrs. Egbert J., Jr. (Laura Eulalia Bracken), 
(Beaver College). 1130 S. Negley Ave. 

Summer Home — Atlantic Citv. Bell 2190 Hiland. 

Stowe, Me. Edwin H. (W. & J.). Maplehurst, Edgeworth. 

Bell 499 Sewickley. 
Stowe, Mr. Percy V. (U. of Pgh.). 
Mrs. Stowe (Clyde Nichols). 
Stowe. Elizabeth. 

Stowe, Mr. Edwin Walpord (U. of Pgh.). 

4721 Maripoe Ave. 
Bell 1646 Schenley. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Amerlcus. 

Mrs. Stowe (Lona Ledger). 

At Home Days — Tuesdays. 
Hough, Earl D. 


Straight, Mr. Wellington Birney. 5910 Elgin Ave. 

Bell 1991-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Straight (Marion Wyman Tisdel). 


Dr. and Mrs. L. J. Bingham (Florence Straight). 
Louis J. Bingham, Jr., 505 E. Seneca St., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Straight, Mr. Seymour Ely. 6704 McPherson St. 

Mrs. Straight (Jessie H. Johnson). 

Straight, Seymour, Ely, Jr. 

Straight, George Willard. 

Stratton, Rev. Joel Van Meter. 

1112 Milton Ave., Swissvale. 
Bell 1234-W Wilkins. 
Mrs. Stratton (Elizabeth Eeese). 
Stratton, Miss Anna E. 
Stratton, Mr. William C. 

Straus, Mrs. John H. (Caroline E. Schultz), (Pgh. Female 
College). 450 S. Rebecca St. 

Bell 953 Hiland. 

Stuart, Mr. David Brown. 246 Frederick Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 68-R Sewickley. 
Mrs. Stuart (Alice Janet Watson), (Steubenville Seminary). 
Stuart, Mr. Malcolm D. 

Stuart, Mr. James L. Cochrane St., Sewickley. 

Bell 515 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Stuart (Emily McKeen). 

Succop, Mr. Augustus E. 5700 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 974 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country. 

Mrs. Succop (Louise Myers). 
Succop, Miss Louise Rebecca. 

Summer Home — Elmwood Farm, Valencia, Butler Co. 

Succop, Mr. Charles E, 210 Dallas Ave. 

Bell 4380 Hiland. 
CiMfc— Americus. 

Mrs. Succop (Caroline Marie Eckert). 

At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Succop, Miss Florence M. 
Succop, Mr. Charles H. 
Succop, Mr. Howard J. 
Succop, Mr. David. 
Succop, Henry W. 
Succop, Joseph D. 

Succop, Mr. Charles H. E. 351 S. Fairmount Ave. 

Ben 3987-R Hiland. 
Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Succop (Ethel Craig). 
Succop, Mary Louise. 
Succop, Augustus Craig. 


Succop, Mrs. Frank E. (Mary Voskamp). 

745 N. Negley Ave. 
Succop, Miss Adelaide. BeU 3237-J Hiland. 

Succop, Miss Eleanor. 
Succop, Mr. Harry F. 
Succop, John A. 

SuTPHEN, Mr. C. E. Fairfield Lane. 

Bell 357 Sclienley. 

(7/y6s— Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Oakmont Country. 
Mrs. Sutphen (Mary Coldin). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 

SuTTO\^, Mr. Edward Hildebrand (Princeton). 

St. Cloud Apts., 601 St. Clair St. 
Bell 3675-J Hiland. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Princeton Alumni Ass'n. 

Mrs. Sutton (Lou Marie Fink). 

Sutton Mr. Edward Hilton. 5708 Stanton Ave. 

CZu6-Stanton Heights Golf. Bell 107 Hiland. 

Mrs. Sutton (Helen Diehl). 
Sutton, Virginia. 

Sutton, Mr. J. A. (Lafayette). 4850 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 860 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Sutton (Annie Woods). 
Sutton, Miss Edna Woods. 
Sutton, Mr. Eobert Woods. 
Sutton, Mr. William S. 
Sutton, John Blair. 
Sutton, Donald L. 
Sutton, Clinton I. 

Sutton, Mr. Stansbury (Mass. Inst, of Tech.). 

5427 Forbes St. 
CZu&— Pittsburgh. Bell 704 Schenley. 

Mrs. Sutton (E. Louise Singer). 
Sutton, Oliveretta G. 

SuYDAM, Mrs. M. B. (Emma Copeland). 6202 Howe St. 

Suydam, Miss Emma Bedell. Bell 87 Hiland. 

SuYDAM, Mr. Moses Bedell. 5130 Pembroke Place. 

Bell 1362 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pitttsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country, 

Mrs. Suydam (Laura C. Liggett). 
Suydam, Laura Catherine. 
Suydam, Mary Bedell. 

Suydam, Mr. Eichard Schoonmaker (Yale). 

5416 Darlington Eoad. 
Bell 123 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Country, Pittsburgh, Pitts- 
burgh Golf. 

Mrs. Suydam (Mary Elizabeth Dilworth). 
Suydam, Elizabeth Dilworth. 
Suydam, Louise Dilworth. 


Swan, Mr. Egbert. 322 Roup St. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University. Bell 5522 Hiland. 

Mrs. Swan (Georgia Clarke). 
Swan, Annie Eamsey. 
Swan, Mr. John. 
Swan, Mr. Eobert. 
Swan, Mr. George Clark. 
Swan, William Manning. 
Swan, Thomas Gillespie. 
Swan, Eiehard Johnston. 

SwARTZ, Mrs. A. M. (Mary Kercher). 907 Mellon St. 

Bell 1944-W Hiland. 
Swartz, Mr. Charles E. F. 
Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. (Miss Swartz). 

Swartz, Mr. Warren Wattles. 1121 Portland St. 

CTu 6— Pittsburgh. Bell 3246-W Hiland. 

Mrs. Swartz (Lucie Euphrasia Retter), (St. Catherine Hall). 
Swartz, French Verner. 

Summer Home — 26 S. New .Jersey Ave., Atlantic City. 

SwENSSON, Mr. Emil. 5511 Hays St. 

Bell 888-L Hiland. 
(Chalmers Poly 'c Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden). 
Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country, Stanton Heights. 
Mrs. Swensson (Catherine Elizabeth Jordan). 
Swensson, Mr. Otto. J., C. E. 
Swensson, Mr. Stuart J. 
Swensson, Mr. Henri J. 

Swift, Mr. Justin Eansom. 200 East End Ave. 

Bell 238-E Wilkins. 
Mrs. SwaFT (Mary Irwin Adair). 

Swift, Rear Admiral William, U. S. N. 

Tack, Mrs. Frank (Mary L. Sweetser). 

329 Broad St., Seavickley. 
Norvell, Mr. Phillip F. Bell 338 Sewiekley. 

Norvell, Mrs. (Florence S. Tack). 

Tack, Mr. Harry S. Elmhurst Inn, Sewickley. 

C/w6— Edgeworth. Bell 9041 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Tack (Marie Louise Martin). 

Taylor, Mr. Chas. L. (Lehigh). 5533 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 526 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, University, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Taylor (Lillian Pitcairn). 


Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Mcintosh (Lillian Tavlor), 139 Dudley Ave., 
Westfield, N. J. 

Taylor, Mr. Charles Loar. 628 Grant St., Sewickley. 

Bell 461-L Sewickley. 
Mrs. Taylor (Virginia H. Elliott). 

Summer Home — Clovercrest, Camp Meeting Road, Sewickley 
Heights, Sewickley. 


Taylor, Mr. Daniel. Shields Station. 

Bell 280 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Taylor (Celia McLane). 
Taylor, Dorothy McAleer. 
Taylor, Mary Mortley. 
Taylor, Daniel McLane. 


Mrs. Porter Cullen McLane, ^\. Va. 

Taylor, Mr. Edward Ballinger (Haverford). 
"Overlook," 72 Linden Place, Quaker Valley, Sewickley. 

Bell 7 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, Edgeworth, Pittsburgh. 
Mrs. Taylor (Mary A. Satterthwaite). 
Taylor, Miss Bertha A. 
Tavlor. Miss Eebeeca Wright. 

TAYLOR Mr John. 603 Broad St., Sewickley 

' Bell 70-W Sewickley. 

Mrs. Taylor (Elizabeth Caulthorcl). 

Taylor, Lilly. 

"Walker, Florence. 

Walker, Goiilding. 

Walker, George. 

TA.YLOR, Mr. William Nelson. 5916 Howe St. 

Bell 1515 Hiland. 
Clubs — University, Duquesne. 
Mrs. Taylor (Elmira D. Crump), (Pgh. Female College)-. 
Taylor, Mr. Stephen C. 

Taylor, Mr. William H. S. Negley and Elmer Sts. 

Mrs. Taylor (Mary E. Watson). Bell 4028-J Hiland. 

Watson, Miss Margaret. 

Telling, Mr. Oscar L. (U. of Colorado). 

Bellepield Dwellings. 

Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Denver Chess, Checker and Whist, 
Washington Chess. 

Tener Mr. George Evans. Ardarra, Grove Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 40 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Tener (Annie F. Fallbush). 

Clubs — Edgeworth, Allegheny Country, Woman's Club of Sewickley 

Tener, Miss Edith Anne. 
Tener, Miss Annie Frances. 
Tener, Mr. Alexander C. 
Tener, Mr. Kinley J. 
Fallbush, Miss Mary E. 

Tener, Mr. John Kinley. Charleroi. 

Bell 180 Charleroi. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Tener (Miss Day). 

At Home Days — Fridays. 


Tener, Mr. Robert William. 

Beaver Road, Coraopolis Heights, Moon Twshp. 
Mrs. Tener (Gertrude Lillian Bailey). 

Tener, Gertrude Catharine. 

Tener, Graydon Bailey. 

Tener, Robert William, Jr. 

Tener, Hampden Frost. 

Tener, Mr. Wallis James. 

BoNAVEEN House, Shields Station. 
Club — Edgeworth. Bell 67 Sewickley, 

Mrs. Tener (Maia Alden Crane), 

Clubs — Woman's of Sewickley Valley. 
Crane, Mrs. Edward Payson. 

Thatcher, Mr. Frederick H. 

Grove St., Cor. Centennial Ave., Sewickley. 

Bell 636-J Sewickley. 
Mrs. Thatcher (Martha Neale). 
Thatcher, Elizabeth Neale). 

Thaw, Mr. Benjamin. Morewood Place. 

Clubs— Duquesne, University, Union. Bell 624 Schenley. 

Mrs. Thaw (Elma Dows). 
Thaw, Miss Henrietta. 
Thaw, Mr. Stephen Dows. 
Thaw, Mr. Benjamin, Jr. 
Thaw, Mr. William. 
Thaw, Alexander Blair, II. 

, Summer Home — Beach Mound, Newport, R. I. 
Winter Home — 854 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Thaw, Mr. Josiah Copley (Yale). Machesney Bldo. 

Bell Court 935. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, 
University, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Thaw (Mary Thomson). 
Clubs — Allegheny Country. 
Thaw, Margaret Copley. 

Thaw, Mrs. William, Jr. (Elizabeth Dohrman). 

930 Lynndale Ave. 
Dohrman, Miss. Bell 316 Cedar. 

Dohrman, Mr. F. A. 

Thaw, Mr. and Mr.s William, III (Virginia Gladys Brad- 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 
Summer Home — As You Like It, Sewickley Heights. Bell 371 

Thayer, Mr. Dexter Jerauld. 936 Lynndale Ave. 

Bell 1973 Cedar. 
Mrs. Thayer (Kate Quay Dickson). 

Thomas, Mrs. Alexander. Woodland Ave., Oakmont. 

Bell 32 Oakmont. 
Thomas, Miss Mary. 
Thomas, Miss Josephine H. 
Thomas, Mr. Royal D. 
Thomas, Mr. Owen A. 


Thompson, Mr. Donald (Yale). Poia Place, Edge worth. 

Bell 594-W Sewickley. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh, Edgeworth, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Thompson (Margaret Allen LeRoy). 

Thompson, Mr. James H. 5824 Bartlett St. 

Bell 4602 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Thompson (Cora M. Lowe). 

Club — Tuesday Musical. 
Thompson, Miss Madelaine M. 
Thompson, James Lawrence. 

Thompson, Mrs. John Wilson (Ceora J. Jennings). 

531 N. Negley Ave. 
Club— College. Bell 2646-R Hiland. 

Jennings, Miss Martha B. 
Pew, Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard (Helen J. Thompson). 

Thompson, Mr. Oliver David (Andover, Yale). 

124 Centennial Ave., Sewickley. 
Bell 454 Sewickley. 
Clubs — Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Thompson (Kate Wentworth Dresser). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Woman's of Sewickley, Woman's of New York. 
Summer Home — Castine, Maine. 

Thompson, Mrs. William Reed (Mary Thaw), (Vassar). 

4915 Ellsworth Ave. 
Club-Y>ituhuvgh Golf. Bell 1294 Sehenley. 

Thompson, Miss Dorothea. 
Thompson, Miss Helen Thaw. 
Thompson, Miss Jean. 

Summer Home — Castlewood, 32 Piermont, Sparkill, Rockland Co., 
N. Y. 


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bliss (Elizabeth Thompson), 224 Edwards St., 

New Haven, Conn. 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Cleef, (Mary Thaw Thompson), North Road, 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Thurston, Miss Alice Maud. 6601 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 9367 Hiland. 
Club — 20th Century. 
At Home Days — Fridays. 


Mrs. S. B. Stillwell (Elizabeth Thurston). 

Miss Anna L. Thurston, Lakewood, N. J. 

Mrs. P. P. Baton (Georgia H. Thurston), Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

TiBBY, Mr. John K. M. Ridge and Dinsmgre Aves., Crafton. 
(U. of Pgh.). Bell 242-W Crafton. 

Mrs. Tibby (Margaret Reid McAteer). 

Tiers, Mr. Clarence Van Dyke. B Street, Oakmont. 

Bell 268 Oakmont. 
,Mrs. Thiers (Alice Paul), (Penna. College for Women). 
Tiers, Alice. 
Tiers, Eleanor. 
Tiers, Dorothy. 


Titus, Mr. William W. (Princeton). 

Backbone Road, Sewickley. 
Mrs. Titus (Grace Ogden). Bell 265 Sewickley. 

Todd, Mr. Henry C. (U. of Penna.). 415 Neville St. 

Bell 1783-J Schenley. 
Clubs — Allegheny Country, Union League of Philadelphia. 

Mrs. Todd (Ethel Grange). 
Todd, Eliza Hampton. 
Todd, Sarah Taber. 

Torrance, Mr. Francis J. (U. of Pgh.) . 946 Western Ave. 

BeU 397 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country, New York Club, Fulton Club 

of New York, Strollers' Club of New York, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Torrance (Mary E. Dibert), (Pgh. Female College). 

Clubs — -SOth Century, Tuesday Musical. 
Torrance, Miss Jane. 

Torrance, Mr. Hew Charles. 5624 Elgin Ave. 

(London School of Mines). Bell 1238 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Euclid of Cleveland. 

Mrs. Torrance (Sophia R. Duff). 

Club — 20th Century. 

Duff, Mrs. George J. 

Totten, Mr. Robert Christy. 4232 Fifth Ave. 

Mrs. Totten (Marie Louise Mellier). Bell 289 Schenley. 

Totten, Mr. Robert Duncan. 5021 Castleman Place. 

(Princeton). Bell 1268 Schenley. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Ivy, Prince- 
ton Club of New York. 
Mrs. Totten (Elizabeth A. Reymer). 
Totten, Miss Elizabeth Riter. 
Totten, Phyllis Reymer. 
Totten, Louise Mellier. 

Summer Home — Hyannisport, Mass. 

Totten, Mr. William H. 5478 Black St. 

Bell 3603 Hiland. 
Club — Stanton Heights Golf, German, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Totten (Sue Elizabeth Dixon). 
Totten, William H., Jr. 
Dixon, Miss Nora Josephine. 
Dixon, Miss Marie. 

Trees, Mr. J. C. (U. of Pgh.). 1452 N. Highland Ave, 

3704 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Country. 
Mrs. Trees (Claudine Willison). 
Trees, J. Graham. 

Tredway, Mr. William T. 1034 State Ave., Coraopolis. 

(W. & J.). Bell 2-J Coraopolis. 

Clubs — -Ilalycon Club of Coraopolis, Corapopolis Tennis. 

Mrs. Tredv^ay (Cora Watson), (Pgh. Female College). 
Clubs — Thursday and Iris Clubs of Coraopolis. 
At Home Days — ^Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Tredway, Jean Watson. 
Tredway, William Thomas, Jr. 


Trent, Mr. Edmund K. (Princeton). 5923 Kentucky Ave. 

Clubs — University, Allegheny Country. Bell 2688 Hiland. 

Mrs. Trent (Anne Eafferty). 

Trevaskis. Mr. Charles R. Walnut St., Turtle Creek. 

Bell 258-E Turtle Creek. 
Mrs. Trevaskis (Mary Alma Lewis). 
Trevaskis, John L., IV. 

TuRNBULL. Dr. Thomas, Jr. 835 Western Ave. 

(Cornell, U. of Penna.). Bell 452 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University Clubs of Pittsburgh and Washington, 
D. C. 

Mrs. Turnbull (Mabel Gordon Hussey). 
Tiirnljull, Thomas. III. 
Turnbull, Curtis Hussey. 

Summer Home — -Melrose Castle, Casanova, Va. 

Turner, Mr. James Jewett. 5220 Ellsworth Ave. 

Ci« 6s— Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf. Bell 514 Hiland. 

Mrs. Turner (Nettie Churchman). 

Clubs — Tuesday Musical, Pittsburgh Golf, 20th Century. 
■ Turner, Miss Eebeeca. 

Turner, Miss Anna Churchman. 
Turner, Mr. James Jewett, Jr. 

Summer Home — Mackinac Island, Mich. 

TJpDEGRAFF, Mr. John (Jeflferson). 306 Amber St. 

Bell 1687-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Updegraff (Elizabeth Peoples), (Steubenville Semi- 
I'pdegraff, Miss Grace. 
Updegraff, Miss Mary Elizabeth. 
Updegraff, Mr. Samuel. 

Summer Home — "Confidence Farm," Ligonier. 

Updike. Mrs. Thomas Bow^doin (Hetty Ann Stockton). 

5122 Pembroke Place. 
Bell 1961 Schenley. 

Uptegraff, Mr. W. D. 900 Braddock Ave. 

Clubs— Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 1519 Wilkins. 

Mrs. Uptegraff (Annie G. Marshall). 
Uptegraff, Elizabeth. 
Uptegraff, Mr. Thomas Marshall. 
Uptegraff, Mr. Gaylor Marshall. 
Uptegraff. Mr. Kenneth Marshall. 


Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Shoemaker, (Marguerite Uptegraff), Ebens- 
burg, Pa. 

Utley, Mr. Edward H. 1085 Shady Ave. 

Bell 453 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Utley (Ida G. Bradley). 

Clubs — 20th Century. 


Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Biddle Thomas (Elizabeth Utlev). 
Elizabeth Utley Thomas. 845 W. 3rd St., Williamsport. 


Vaill, Mr. Edavard V. 4724 Wallingford St. 

Bell 515 Sehenley, 
Clubs — University, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Van Blarcom, Mr. Howell (Mo. State). 

416 Denniston Ave^ 

CZ«6s— Duquesne, Oakmont Country. Bell 4615 Hiland- 

Mrs. Van Blarcom (Carolyn Todd). 
Van Blarcom, Mr. Conant. 

Vandergrift, Mrs. J. J. 5825 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 928 Hiland. 

Vandersaal, Mr. Samuel. 500 S. Highland Ave.. 

/T • A,r ni 1 ^ Bell 2045 Hiland. 

Mrs. Vandersaal (Louisa McCloskey). 

Eaton, Frances Elizabeth. 

Eaton, Louise Vandersaal. 

Eaton, Mr. Frank Vincent. 

Eaton, Mrs. Frank Vincent (Carolyn Vandersaal). 

Van Kirk, Dr. T. E. 131 Fifth Ave., McKeesport. 

Bell 393 McKeesport.. 
Borland, Mrs. Corrine Van Kirk. 

Van Kirk, Mrs. William (Elizabeth Dravo). 

5414 Ellsworth Ave. 
Bell 1295 Hiland. 
Byram, Mrs. H. H. (Lillie Van Kirk). 
Coolidge, Mr. and Mrs. George Greer (Ethel Byram).. 
Van Kirk, Miss Anne. 


Mr. Herbert Byram, Sacramento, Cal. 

Van Osten, Mrs. Frederick William (Cornelia B. Ewart). 

2518 Centre Ave. 
Van Osten, Gertrude. Bell 718 Schenley. 

Vardy, Mr. George N. 5508 Homer St. 

Bell 5420-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Vardy (Jane Baird). 
Vardy, George Baird. 

Verner, Mrs. Clifton Alexander (Margaret Wilson). 

6046 Jackson St. 
Verner, Miss Katherine. Bell 1720 Hiland. 

Verner, Margaret Irene. 
Verner, Mr. Alexander Wilson. 

Verner, Mr. M. S. (Eensselaer Poly 'c Inst.). H St., Oakmont. 

Club — Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Verner (Anna Nelson). 
Verner, Eyrind M. 
Verner, Priscilla Jane. 
Verner, M. S., Jr. 
Verner, Leif. 
Verner, James. 
Verner, Arne M. 


ViLSACK, Mr. Ollie J, Chislett and Baywood Sts. 

Bell 768 Hiland. 
Mrs. Vilsack (Gladys Brace). 
Vilsaek, Gladys Brace. 

Vincent, Mr. Reed M. 73.5 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 1405-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Vincent (Emma Young). 

Summer Home — Byde-a-Whyle, Ross Mountain Park. 

VoiGT, Dr. Lee. 514 X. Highland Ave. 

Bell 2161-R Hiland. 
Mrs. Voigt (Grace Wainwright). 

Voigt, Elizabeth. 

Voigt, Wainwright. 

Voigt, Louis. 

Voigt, Mrs. Lewis Henry (Amanda Miller). 

625 N. Negley Ave. 
Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander. Bell 2458-J Hiland. 

Voigt, Mr. Harold. 

Summer Home — Mont Chateau, Cheat Haven. 

VON BoNNHORST, Mr. William E. The Eidge, Ingram. 

Cit/6— Duquesne. Bell 11 Crafton. 


von Bonnhorst, Miss Lil. 
Davis, Mr. Samuel B. 

Von Senden, Mr. Arthur. Whitehall Apts., East End Ave. 

Bell 762-J Wilkins. 
(Military Academy, Berlin, Germany). 
Clubs — Union. 

Mrs. Von Senden (Miss Strong). 

At Home Days — -Fridays. 
Von Senden, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Strong (Miss Booth). 
Von Senden, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Vincent (Irene Tuthill), 

Waddell, Mrs. Alexander (Marion Allison Pettigrew). 

125 N. Dallas Ave. 
Bell 3865-W HHand. 
Waddell, Miss Marion Allison. 
Waddell, Helen Margaret. 
Waddell, Janet Amelia. 
Waddell, Mr. Alexander Brunton. 
Waddell, Mr. James Pettigrew. 
Waddell, Mr. Robert Norman. 

Waddell, Mr. S. H. 5529 Kentucky Ave. 

BeU 1450-W Hiland. 
Mrs. Waddell (Elizabeth Hersey). 

Waddil, Mr. Leslie D. D. S. (University of Pgh.). 


Bell 147-L Mt. Lebanon. 
"Mrs. Waddil (Virginia A. Bohn). 
Waddil, Ellenor Louise. 
Waddil, William Clay. 


Wade, Miss Elizabeth Stone. H, cor. Tenth St., Oakmont. 

Bell 142-R Oakmont. 

Wade, Dr. Francis Henry. 

Wadehurst, North Ave. and Sandusky St. 

Clubs — Civic Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Camp Jolly, Club and Pleasant 
Bay Yacht Club of East Harwich, Chatham Yacht Club of 

Mrs. Wade (Christine Von Kreitmayer). 

At Home Days — Tuesdays. 

Wade, Mr. Lee, II. 

Summer Home — Wadehurst-by-the-Sea, West Chatliam, Mass. ; Wade 

Park, East Harwich, Mass. 
Winter Home — Ojai Valley, Southern California. 
Yacht — Davy Jones. 

Wade, Mr. William. H St., Oakmont. 

BeU 13 Oakmont. 
Mrs. Wade (Elizabeth Hoopes). 


Mr. William Archer Wade, Versailles, Ky. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Ross Wade (Margaret Munn), Chico, Sacramento 
Valley, Cal. 

Wainwright, Miss Abigail E. 328 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 1155 Hiland. 

Wainwright, Mr. Joseph Z. 536 N. Highland Ave. 

Bell 823 Hiland. 
WainvFright, Miss Hattie Ewalt. 
Wainwright, Mr. Joseph H., Warren, Ohio. 

Summer Home — Rocky Reef, Ahmic Harbor, Ont., Canada. 

Wainwright, Mr. Samuel J., Jr. 5813 Bartlett St. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Americus. Bell 3837 Hiland. 

Mrs. Wainwright (Ella Waters). 
Wainwright, Miss Esther. 
Wainwright, LeEoy. 
Wainwright, Grant. 
Wainwright, Marcus. 
Ebert, Miss Clara. 

Wakefield, Mr. James A, (Allegheny). 1 Colonial Place. 
Clubs— Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 892 Schenley. 

Wakefield, Dorothy Eandolph. 

Walker, Mr. Hay, Jr. Leetsdale. 

CZubs— Duquesne, Allegheny Country. Bell 22 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Walker (Bertha Bennett). 
Walker, Mr. Thomas H. 
Walker, Hartley G. 
Walker, J. Bennett. 
Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. J. Twing (Euth Walker). 

Walker, Mr. Hay, III (Princeton). 1291 Shady Ave. 

Bell 3541 Hiland. 
Clubs — -Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Countrj', Pittsburgh Golf. 

Hrs. Walker (Eebekah Jane Friend), (St. Margaret's School). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, 20th Century, Allegheny Country. 
Walker, John, III. 


Walker, Mr. John. 1231 Western Ave. 

Mrs. Walker (Susan Wiley Cooper). Bell 375 Cedar. 

Walker, Mr. Henry Phipps. 

Summer Home — Buck Island, Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ontario, 

Country Home — Elm Ridge, Leetsdale. Bell 284 Sewickley. 

Walker, Mr. Leigh Willets. Rossltn Farms, Carnegie. 

Bell 229 Carnegie. 
Mrs. Walker (Emma O'Neil). 

Walker, Mr. William. Shields Station. 

Bell 188 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Walker (Jane D. Wilson). 
Walker, Miss Mary Elizabeth. 
Walker, Katharine Wilson. 
Walker, Margaret Din. 
Walker, Mr. Hepburn, 

Wall, Mrs. A. S. 814 Arch St. 

Bell 1025-L Cedar. 
Wall, Miss Bessie. 
Wall, Mr. A. Bryan. 

Wallace, Rev. Alexander G. 349 Henry Ave., Sewickley. 

(Jefferson). Bell 366 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Wallace (Isabella S. West). 

Wallace, Miss Jennie B. 

Wallace, Miss Frances E. 

Wallace, Mrs. Daniel Henry (Florence Walker). 

East Drive, Sewickley. 
Wallace, Daniel Henry, Jr. Bell 503 Sewickley. 

Wallace, Mr. George R. (Princeton). 311 Iroquois Apts. 

Bell 655-R Schenley. 
Clubs — Union, University. 
Wallace, Mrs. William L. 
Wallace, Miss Mary L. 

Wallace, Mr. William Thomas (U. of Pgh.). 

Maple Heights, Fifth Ave. 
Club— Church. Bell 410-K Hiland. 

I\Irs. Wallace (Katharine Jones). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Colonial Dames, D. A. R., Civic. 
Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Glancy Ormsby (Marjorie Black- 
man). . 
Summer Home — Deer Lick Lodge, on Monongahela River. 

Wallingford, Mr. Buckner Ashby, Jr. 921 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 933 Cedar. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Wallingford (Annie Rives Longworth). 
Wallingford, Buckner Ashby, III. 
Wallingford, Landon Longworth. 
Wallingford, Nicholas Longworth. 


Walter, Me. Joseph Gazzam. 1135 N. Negley Ave. 

Bell 923 Hiland. 
Mrs. Walter (Mary Ella Dean), (Pgh. Female College). 
Walter, Mr. Albert G. 

Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander D. (Ella D. Harris). 
Summer Home — Burt Lake, Mich. 

Walton, Mrs. John F. (Annie M. Farley). 

1109 Allegheny Ave. 

Cii; 6s— Twentieth Century. Bell 372 Cedar. 

Walton, Madelaine Farley. 
Walton, Mr. Joseph. 
Walton, Mr. James Farley. 
Walton, Mr. John F., Jr. 
Walton, Clarence S. 
Farley, Mrs. James P. 
Farley, Miss Florence G. 

Summer Home — Babcaygron, Ont., Canada. 

Ward, Eev. E. H., D.D. (Roanoke). 5525 Kentucky Ave. 
Mrs. Ward (Somers Taylor). Bell 2553 Hiland. 

Ward, Edward H., Jr. 

Canada, Mr. John C. 

Wardrop, Miss Pamelia. Nursery Lane, Edgeworth. 

Wardrop, Miss Belle. 
Wardrop, Miss Margaret R. 

Wardrop, Mr. Robert. Academy Ave., Sewickley. 

Clubs— Duquesne, Edgeworth. Bell 33 Sewickley. 

Mrs. Wardrop (Agnes Miller). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Woman's Club of Sewickley Valley. 
Wardrop, Miss Betty Thompson. 
Wardrop, Miss Isabel Lysle. 
Wardrop, Mr. James Richmond. 


Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Wardrop (Helen Donnan). 

Ada Barker Wardrop. 

Edmund D. Wardrop. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Warren, Mrs. Llewellyn P. (Olivia Chambers). 
Warren, Miss Martha P. 
Warren, Miss Innes. 
Howard, Mr. Alexander C. 

Summer Home — Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 

Warwick, Mrs. W. Warrington (Jessie Moore Gillespie). 
Warwick, Mr. John. 422 Wood St. 

Was SON, Mr. Henry Grant. 706 Devonshire St. 

Mrs. Wasson (Rhea Verner)^. Bell 40 Schenley. 

Wasson, Alexander Verner. 

Wasson, Henry Grant, Jr. 

Waters, Mrs. William Webster (Elizabeth Critchlow). 



Dr. and Mrs. B. H. Waters. The Clendenning, New York. 


Watson, Mr. David T. (Harvard). 844 Ridge Ave. 

Bell 98 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, University, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Watson (Margaret Hepburn Walker). 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, 20th Century. 

Summer Home — Sunny Hill, Camp Meeting Road, Leetsdale. 

Watson, Mrs. Ellen (Ellen Murdoch). 5400 Bartlett St. 

Bell 587-R Scbenley. 
Watson, Miss Eleanor M. 

Watson, Mr. Winfield Scott. 5919 Howe St. 

Club— Duquesne. Bell 1366-L Hiland. 

Mrs. Watson (Emma V. Porterfield), (Pgh. Female College). 

Clubs — College, Pgh. Female College. 
Watson, Miss Helen Porterfield. 

Wattles, Mr. Charles W. 4968 Wallingford St. 

Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Shadyside Tennis, Automobile, Stanton 
Heights Golf, Lakewood Country. 

Wattles, Mr. G. Warren. 6109 Walnut St. 

Bell 3218-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Wattles (Mary G. Freyvogel). 
Wattles, Mary Elizabeth. 
W^attles, G. Warren, Jr. 

Summer Home — Harmony, Butler County. 

Wattles, Mr. J. Harvey. 4770 Wallingford St. 

Bell 274-W Schenley. 
Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Wattles (Mary Matson Hurford), (Dr. Strong's). 

At Home Days — First and third Tuesdays. 

Slimmer Home — Marigold Lodge, Bayview-on-Chautauqua. 

Wattles, Mr. W. Warren. 5901 Alder St. 

Bell 2686-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Wattles (Martha W. Rawley). 

Wattles, Mr. William W. 5245 Centre Ave. 

Bell 482 Hiland. 
Mrs. Wattles (Frances Siebert). 
Wattles, Miss Julia S. 

Way, Miss Agnes C. Way Side Spring, Edgeworth. 

At Home Days— Thursdays. Bell 625- J Sewickley. 

Way, Mr. George Pierce. Glen Osborne. 

Bell 356-R Sewickley. 
Way, Miss Harriet Atwood. 
Way, Miss Agnes Caldwell. 

Way, Mrs. John (Catherine Wilson). 

Beaver Road, Sewickley. 
Bell 332 Sewickley. 
Way, Mr. and Mrs. John W. (Isabel Stewart). 
Way, John Wilson. 
Way, Stewart. 


Way, Mr. William A. (Williams). Edgeworth. 

Bell 31 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Country, Edgeworth. 

Mrs. Way (Louise Jones). 

Club — Woman's of Sewickley. 
Way, Katherine. 
Way, Louise Jones. 
Way, John Jones. 

Weart, Me. Elias A. 816 Ivy St. 

Bell 6522-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Weart (Emma Eead). 


Dr. and Mrs. James W. Graves (Bessie Weart), Herkimer, N. Y. 

Webster, Mr. Beveridge. 419 Neville St. 

Bell 2479 Schenley. 
Mrs. Webster (Mabel Ferguson). 

Webster, Elizabeth Linard. 

Webster, Beveridge, Jr. 

Webster, Nelson Ferguson. 

Wehr, Mr. Edward A. 5800 Beacon Blvd. 

Bell 6394 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Harkaway Hunt. 
Mrs. Wehr (Clara Foster McFeely). 

Weil, Mr. A. Leo (U. of V.). 5931 Howe St. 

Bell 24 Hiland. 

Clubs — Edgewood Country, Westmoreland Country, Penwood, Con- 
cordia, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Weil (Cassie Eitter). 
Weil, Miss Aimee Leona. 
Weil, Mr. Ferdinand Theobald. 
Weil, Mr. A. Leo, Jr. 

Welker, Mr. Joseph. 5914 Elgin Ave. 

Bell 3599-L Hiland. 
Mrs. Welker (Luella M. Fite). 

Welker, Mary Catherine. 

Wolker, Elizabeth Loy. 

Welker, John Fite. 

Weller, Mr. John S. (State). Duquesne Club. 

Bell 1078 Grant, 142 Main. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Oakmont Country, University. 
Summer Home — Coi;ntrv Club. 

Wells, Mr. Charles F. 603 Shady Ave. 

Bell 247 Hiland. 

Clu b — Duquesne. 

Wells, Miss Alice M. 
WeUs, Miss Cora Eose. 

Summer Home — Hazehvood Farm, Enon Valley. 

Wells, Mr. Charles F., Jr. 800 Maryland Ave. 

BeU 5878-J Hiland. 
Mrs. Wells (Sarah Van Kirk). 

Wells, Miss Theodosia Van Kirk. 


Wells, Mr. Graham Chapin. 5505 Dunmoylk Ave. 

Bell 1190 Schenley. 
Clubs— Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Maple Heights Tennis. 

Mrs. Wells (Elizabeth Eea Ayers), (Miss Dana's School). 
Wells, Clinton Ayers. 
Wells, Eev. Edward P. 

Wells, Mr. Joseph O. 218 Stratford Ave. 

Bell 2609-L Hiland. 
Clubs — Stanton Heights, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Wells (Jennie B. Alexander), 

Welsh, Mr. Thomas W., Jr. 401 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 1020 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Americus, Stanton Heights. 
Welsh, Miss Anna. 

Wesley, Mr. Frank A. (Wesleyan). 5635 Woodmont St. 

Bell 1711-J Schenley. 
Clubs— Boston Ath'l. Ass'n., Puritan Club of Boston, Pgh. Ath'l. 

Mrs. Wesley (Stella A. Emery). 

At Home Days — Thursdays. 
Wesley, Eobert Emery. 

Summer Home — North Seituate, Mass. 

West, Mr. A. B. 5860 Bartlett St. 

Bell 2964-R Hiland. 

Mrs. West (May E. Wagoner). 
West, Miss Alice May . 

West, Mr. Charles H. (U. of Pgh.). 931 Sheridan Ave. 

Bell 948 Hiland. 
Mrs. West (Helen M. Baker), (Steubenville Seminary). 
West, Miss Geraldine B. 
West, Helen Eebecca. 
West, S. Brainard. 

Summer Home— Bon Air, R. F. D., Greensburg. Bell 941-J Greens- 

West, Mr. Edward Milton. 1000 Sheridan Ave. 

Bell 1780 Hiland. 
Mrs. West (Elizabeth Braden). 

West, Miss Helen Elizabeth. 

West, Edward Milton, Jr. 

Westervelt, Dr. Henry Clarkson. 5306 Westminster St. 
(U. of Penna.). Bell 2460 Schenley. 

Mrs. Westervelt (Eredrica Ballard). 
Westervelt, Harriet Clarkson. 
Westervelt, Frederica Ballard. 
Westervelt, Peter. 

Summer Home — Neebish Island, Mich. 

Westinghouse, Mr. George. Solitude, Long Ave. 

Bell 1 Hiland. 
Mrs. Westinghouse (Margarite Erskine Walker). 

Summer Home — Erskine Park, Lenox, Mass. 
Winter Home — Dupont Circle, Washington. 


Wharton, Mr. Charles, Jr. 

Mrs. Wharton (Fanny E. Bakewell). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, 20th Century. 
Wharton, Mr. William Bakewell. 

513 Emerson St. 
Bell 2040-J Hiland. 

White, Dr. Eoland Thatcher. 914 Western Ave. 

(Hahnemann Medical). Bell 640 Cedar. 

Mrs. White (Mary E. Porter). 
At Home Days — Tuesdays. 
White, Mrs. Henrietta I. 

White, Mr. Scott A. 

Mrs. White (Jessie Clark Godfrey). 
White, Miss Margaret Godfrey. 
White, Scott A., Jr. 

White, Mr. William, Jr. (Yale). 

Clubs — University, Merion Cricket. 

346 N. Craig St. 
Bell 363-L Schenley. 

Hotel Schenley. 

Whitehead, Et. Eev. Cortlandt, D.D., S.T.D. (Yale). 

4868 Ellsworth Ave. 
Bell 94 Schenley. 
Mrs. Whitehead (Charlotte Burgoyne King). 
Whitehead, Miss Margaret Van Cortlandt. 
Whitehead, Miss Penelope Parker. 


John Brinton Whitehead, Overbrook. 
Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Guthrie, Jr. 

Summer Home — Charlcort Point, French River, Canada. 

WiEMAN, Mr. William. 5742 Holden St. 

Bell 5333-L Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Hermit of Cleveland. 

WiGHTMAN, Miss A. Jane. 

722 N. Beatty St. 

WiGHTMAN, Eev. John Eussell (U. of Pgh.). 830 Mellon St. 

Bell 5293 Hiland. 
Clubs — University. 
Mrs. WiGHTMAN (Florence Virginia Fowler). 

WiGHTMAN, Mr. Thomas, Jr. (W. & J.). 

Mrs. WiGHTMAN (Emma K. Suceop). 
Wightman, Euth Anna. 
Wightman, Nancy T. 
Wightman, Martha S. 
Wightman, Anna Jane. 
Wightman, Mr. Ernest T. 
Wightman, Mr. Alexander M. 

Bell 2006 Hiland. 

Wikander, Mr. Oscar Eagnor. 
Mrs. Wikander (Mary Gerdes). 


10 Stratton Lane. 
Bell 5230-J Hiland. 

WiLBERT, Mr. Frank. 1011 N. Euclid Ave. 

Bell 1753-J Hiland. 

Club — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Wilbert (Maggie Smith). 
Wilbert, Mr. Frank, Jr. 
Chatfield, Miss Ursula C. 

Wiley, Dr. C. Chase. Seventh Avenue Hotel. 

(CoUege of Physicians and Surgeons). 
Mrs. Wiley (Katharine MacDonald). 
At Home Days— Thursdays. 
Wiley, Miss Mary Martha. 
Summer Hom,e — Sewickley. 

WiLKiNs, Mr. William Glyde. 941 Lynndale Ave. 

(Kenssalaer Poly'c Inst.). Bell 2114 Cedar. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Dickens Fellowship of Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Wilkins (Sarah R. Simmons). 

Wilkinson, Mrs. Virginia H. (Virginia Hart). 

526 N. Negley Ave. 
Bell 3485-L Hiland. 
Wilkinson, Miss Elizabeth Hays. 
Hart, Mrs. Margaret L. (Margaret Latimer McCook). 

Willard, Dr. Louis (Yale). 955 Western Ave. 

CZm 6— University. Bell 30 Cedar. 

Willetts, Dr. Joseph Ellwood. 6522 Northumberland St. 
(U. of Md.). Bell 4017-L Hiland. 

Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Willetts (Edna Henrietta Mueller). 

At Home Days — Thursdays. 

Williams, Mrs. Halsey (Martha Cook). Shields Station. 

Bell Sewickley. 
Williams, Miss Susan Shields. 

Williams, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary E. Nycum). 

1643 Denniston Ave. 
At Home Days — Tuesdays. Bell 6075- J Hiland. 

■ • Williams, Miss Jennie Carson. 

Williams, Miss Imogen Margaret. 

Williams, Mrs. Mary W. (Mary W. Woodward). 

1209 S. Negley Ave. 
Williams, Mr. Ralph W. Bell 6581-R Hiland. 

Woodward, Miss Alice S. 


Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Woodward (Althea Howard). 

Williams, Mrs. Milton (Nancy Hamilton). 

Highland Heights, 1416 N. Euclid Ave. 
Williams, Hamilton S. 
Hamilton, Miss Frances. 
Hamilton, Mr. Donald. 
Hamilton, Mr. Ferris. 


WiLLOCK, Mr. C. E. 346 Maple Ave., Edgewood- 

CZu 6s— Duquesne, Edgewoud. Bell 618-J WllkinS- 

Mrs. Willock (Ada M. Fife). 

Club — Edgewood. 
Willock, Mary Gladys. 
Willock, C. E., Jr. 

Willock, Mr. Frank Scott (Princeton). 

Academy Ave., Sev^tickley- 
Bell 481 Sewickley- 
Clubs — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Willock (Lucy Haskell Christy). 

Clubs — Farmington Society, Allegheny Country. 
Willock, Virginia. 
Willock, Euth. 

Willock, Mr. George J. A and 6th St., Oakmont: 

Bell 188-L Oakmont. 
Mrs. Willock (Florence M. Gregg). 
Willock, George J., Jr. 

Willock, Mr. Harry H. College Ave., Oakmont. 

Bell 54-J Oakmont- 
Mrs. Willock (Clara Ayres). 
Willock, Dorothy. 

Willock, Mrs. John S. (Josephine Hays). 

126 Beaver St., Sewickley.. 
Willock, Miss Lillian. Bell 222 Sewickley. 

Willock, Mrs. Samuel M. (Linda Haines). 

374 S. Negley Ave. 
Bell 2210 HUand. 
Willock, Dr. and Mrs. J. Scott (Anne Bowes). 


Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Off (Helen C. Willock), Peoria, 111. 

Willock, Mr. William Walter. 705 Irwin Ave. 

Bell 108 Sewickley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country, Lakewood Country, Racquet 
Club of Philadelphia, Lakewood Town. 

Mrs. Willock (Alice B. Jones). 
Willock, Mr. Franklin Jones. 
Willock, W. W., Jr. 

Summer Home — Gladmore Farm, Sewickley Heights. Bell 108 

Winter Home — Billswood, Forest Ave., Lakewood, N. J. Bell 56 


Wills, Mr. D. C. 25 Sprague Ave., Bellevue. 

Bell 96 Neville, 
Clubs — Bellevue Country, Ben Avon Country. 

Mrs. AVills (Bessie Seville). 
' Wills, Miss Euth. 
Wills, Helen S. 
Wills, Vida J. 
Wills, Herbert J. 
Wills, Mrs. John B. 


WiLLSON, Mr. Alexander. 5808 Darlington Eoad. 

Bell 2315-J Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Automobile, Country. 
Willson, Mary. 

WiLLSON, Mr. Frank. 1901 Shady Ave. 

Bell 4973 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Willson (Jenny Mc Williams). 
Willson, Louise. 

Wilson, Mr. Adam. 318 Neville St. 

Bell 1072 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne. 
Mrs. Wilson (Mary D. Watson), (Lake Erie Seminary). 
Club—D. A. R. 
Wilson, Mary Dickson. 
Wilson, Agnes Mitchell. 
Wilson, Edward. 
Watson, Mrs. A. M. 

Wilson, Mr. Columbus J. 5819 Fifth Ave. 

Bell 2877 HHand. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Oakmont Country. 

Mrs. Wilson (Sarah Hanna). 

Clubs— 20th Century, D. A. R. 

Wilson, Mrs. Eliza (Eliza Mitchell). 150 Craig St. 

Bell 221-E Schenley. 
Wilson, Miss Clara J. 
Wilson, Miss Emma E. 
Wilson, Miss Agnes M. 
Wilson, Mr. Harry. 
Wilson, Mr, Oscar. 

Wilson, Mr. George C. (Princeton). 302 S. Eebecca St. 

Bell 203 Hiland. 
Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Wilson (Mary G. linger), (Pgh. Female College). 

Clubs — 20th Century, Tuesday Musical. 
Wilson, Miss Annye linger. 

Summer Home — Marian Farms, Miffln, Juniata Co. 

Wilson, Mr. George C, Jr. (Princeton). 923 Aiken Ave. 

Bell 428 Hiland. 

Club — Duquesne. 
Mrs. Wilson (Marian Chambers), (Farmington). 

Clubs — Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Wilson, Mrs. George H. (Kate De Normandie). 

732 MiLLVALE Ave. 
Wilson, Miss Amy M. Bell 644-J Schenley. 

Wilson, Mr. Eohert M. 
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. 

Summer Home — Seal Harbor, Mt. Desert, Maine. 


Mr. Robert Haven Schauffler, New York. 


Wilson, Mr. Howard M. (Renssalaer Poly'c Inst.). 

1132 Heberton Ave. 
Bell 1483-L Hiland. 
Mrs. Wilson (Fairene M. Stone), (Mt. Holyoke). 

Clubs — College, Mt. Holyoke College. 
Wilson, Burnett Hamilton. 
. Wilson, Howard Mitchell, Jr. 

Wilson, Mr. John H. 

Clu b — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Wilson (Carry M. Wiley). 
Wilson, Suzanne M. 
Wilson, John Hart, Jr. 
Wiley, Miss Margaret. 

346 Eebecca St. 
Bell 1986 Hiland. 

Wilson, Mr. Joseph Charles. 

Mrs. Wilson (Nellie Blanche Allen). 
Wilson, Miss Pauline Elizabeth. 
Wilson, Joseph Charles, Jr. 
Wilson, Lawrence Allen. 
Wilson, Maitland Alexander. 

320 Neville St. 
Bell 522 Schenley. 

Wilson, Mr. E. James. 

Mrs. Wilson (Ella Dalzell). 
Wilson, Miss Sarah E. 
Wilson, Miss Aanna M. 

Wilson, Mr. Ralph W. 

Mrs. Wilson (Annie E. Heron). 
Wilson, Virginia Heron. 

Wilson, Mr. Robert. 

C^u?^— Pittsburgh Field. 

Mrs. Wilson (Mary CoUingwood), 

4789 Wallingpord St. 
Bell 992 Schenley. 

5720 Darlington Road. 
Bell 1979-W Schenley. 

7225 Meade St. 
Bell 4428-L Hiland. 

Wilson, Mr. Robert Lee. 303 Fairmount Ave. 

(Johns Hopkins University). Bell 375-W Hiland. 

Mrs. Wilson (Fanny Kennard)/ 
Wilson, Eloise Hampton. /' 
Wilson, Robert Lee. 

Summer Home — Hillside Farm, Great Barrington, Mass. 

Wilson, Mr. Rowland Stewart. 

Clubs — Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 
Mrs. Wilson (Eliza Longpre Sergeant). 
Wilson, Miss Grace McMaster. 
Wilson, Bell McMaster. 
Wilson, Elizabeth Stewart. 
Wilson, Mr. Rowland Stewart, Jr. 

341 Rebecca St. 
Bell 1142-R Hiland. 

Wilson, Mr. Victor Grant. 

Mrs. Wilson (Annie Freeland). 
Wilson, Miss Marie Freeland. 
Wilson, Mr. Victor Grant, Jr. 

7201 Lemington Ave. 
Bell 2268-J Hiland. 


Wilson, Mr. Unger (Princeton). 

Whitehall Apts., 201 East End Ave. 

Club—Dnqaesne. Bell 1381-L Wilkins. 

Mrs. Wilson (Marguerite Le M. Johnson), (Pelham Manor). 

Summer Home — Marion Farms, Mifflin, Juniata Co. 

Wise, Mr. Charles S. 

6018 Walnut St. 
Bell 4596-E Hiland. 

Wise, Mr. William Frederic (W. & J.). 

Clu b — University. 
Mrs. Wise (.Jane V. Bowman). 

334 S. Linden Ave. 
BeU 423 Court. 

Wishart, Mr. William W. 
Wishart, Miss Clara B. 
Wishart, Mr, John W. 

6335 Marchand St. 

Witherow, Mr. William. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Witherow (Alice Douglass). 
Witherow, Miss Helen Douglass. 
Witherow, Mr. David McG. 
Witherow, Mr. William P. 

514 Sherman Ave. 
Bell 575 Cedar. 

Wittengel, Mr. A. C. 

Clu b — Americus. 
Mrs. Wittengel (Annie B. Gormley). 
Wittengel, Miss Ernie May. 
Wittengel, Miss Shellah B. 
Wittengel, Mr. Albert Theodore. 
Wittengel, Mr. James Gormley. 

14 Bradford Ave., Crafton. 
Bell 40-R Crafton. 

Wolcott, Mr. Darwin S. 311 Frederick Ave., Sewickley. 
Club— Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 136 Sewickley. 

Wolcott, Miss Katherine. 
Wolcott, Miss Mary L. H. 
Wolcott, Miss Evelyn M. 
Wolcott, Mr. Darwin S., Jr. 
Wolcott, Mr. Christopher Parsons. 
Wolcott, Mr. Eobert W. 

Wolfe, Mr. Charles A. 5060 Forbes St. 

Bell 151 Schenley. 

Clubs — -Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Wolfe (Caroline Childs). 
Wolfe, Miss Carolyn Childs. 
Wolfe, Dorothy Dwight. 
Wolfe, Margaret Benham. 
Wolfe, Mr. C. Holmes. 
Wolfe, Mr. William Barnet. 
Summer Home — Nonquitt, Mass. 


Wolfe, Mrs. William B. (Emma M. Bingler). 

Forbes and AIorewood Aves. 
Wolfe, Miss Catherine Louise. Bell 175 Schenley. 

Wolfe, Emily Bryce. 
Wolfe, William Blackmore, Jr. 

Wood, Miss Helen Foster. 341 Millvale Ave. 

Wood, Miss Laura Gilpin. BeU 935 Fisk. 

Wood, Mr. Joseph. 5127 Ellsworth Ave. 

(Polytechnic College of Penna.). Bell 507 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Wood (Jennie Boas). 
Wood, Mr. Joseph, Jr. 
Wood, Mr. Cooper. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Detroit, Detroit, Mich. 


Mr. and Mrs. William Boas Wood (Maude Lamb), Fir St., Akron, Ohio. 

Wood, Mr. Eoland Gilpin. Elmer St. and S. Negley Ave. 

Bell 5838 Hiland. 
Mrs. Wood (Louise McKinney). 

Woods, Mr. Charles A. 47 Thorn St., Sewigkley. 

Bell 135 Sewiekley. 
(Princeton, Harvard Law). 
Clubs — University, Edgeworth, Union. 
Mrs. Woods (Marion S. Taylor), (Bryn Mawr). 
Club — Woman's Club of Sewiekley Valley. 
Woods, Mary Taylor. 
Woods, Charles A., Jr. 
Woods, J. Gardiner. 

Woods, Mr. Edward A. 318 Grant St., Sewigkley. 

Bell 35 Sewiekley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, University, Country, Edgeworth, Law- 
yers' Club of New York, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Woods (Gertrude Macrum). 
Woods, Miss Marjory. 
Woods, Edward Wallis. 

Woods, Mr. Henry H. Eittenhouse, N. Highland Ave. 

Club— Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 510 Hiland. 

Woods, Dr. Edward B. 

Clubs — Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., University. 

Woods, Mr. Lawrenge Crane (Princeton). 

219 Chestnut Eoad, Edgeworth. 
Bell 574-J Sewiekley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, Union, Edgeworth, Nassau of Prince- 
ton, Princeton Club of New York. 

Mrs. Woods (Eebekah Wilson Campbell), (Wells). 
Woods, Mary Louise. 
Woods, Lawrence Crane, Jr. 


"Woods, Mr. Leonard G. 5341 Darlington Eoad. 

Bell 462 Schenley. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Alle- 
gheny Country, Country. 

Mrs. Woods (Mary I. Hays). 

Clubs — Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 
Woods, Miss Bessie Louise. 
Summer Home — Sewickley. 

Woodward, Mrs. Marcus A. (Olive Blanche Gamble). 

48 Hawley Ave. 

At Home Days — Tuesdays and Fridays. Bell 235- J Neville. 

Woodward, Marcus A., III. 
Woodward, Warren A. 

WooDWELL, Mr. John. 7012 Penn Ave. 

Bell 1325 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh Golf, Union. 

Mrs, Woodwell (Bertha Murtland), (Pgh. Female College). 
Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 

Woodwell, Mrs. Joseph E. (Margaret Sellers). 

. 7010 Penn Ave. 
Bell 102-J Hiland. 

Woodwell, Mr. William E. 7008 Penn Ave. 

Club— Lake Placid, New York. Bell 1660 Hiland. 

Mrs. Woodwell (H. Elizabeth Murtland), (Pgh. Female Col- 

Club~20th Century. 

Woodwell, Miss Elizabeth. 
Woodwell, Mr. John Knowles. 

Summer Home — Forest, Lake Placid, Adirondacks, N. Y. 

WooLDRiDGE, Mr. Norman S. 636 S. Linden Ave. 

(Mass. Inst, of Tech.). Bell 1396-E Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Wooldridge (Belle Phillips). 
Wooldridge, William Potter. 
Wooldridge, John Phillips. 

Summer Home — The Maples, Ebensburg. 

Wooldridge, Mrs. W. P. (Julia Ward) . Fifth & Wm. Pitt Blvd. 

Bell 1777 Hiland. 
Wooldridge, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick V. (Susan E. Ab- 
bott) . 
Wooldridge, Margaret Abbott. 
Wooldridge, Alice Foster, 
Wooldridge, Mary Ward. 
Ward, Miss Mary. 


Worcester, Mr. Edward. 1171 Murray Hill Ave. 

Bell 4928 Hiland. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Union, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Railroad Club of 
New York. 

Mrs. Worcester (Jane Tunis Sargent). 
Worcester, Miss Elizabeth B. 
Worcester, Mr. Francis. 
Worcester, Malcolm K. 
Worcester, Mrs. Francis. 

May, Dr. and Mrs. John B, (Abigail Worcester), Waban, 

Wray, Mr. Charles R, 200 N. Dithridge St. 

Bell 244 Schenley. 
Mrs. Wray (J. E. Johnston). 

Clubs — D. A. R., College. 
Summer Home — Avonia, Erie Co. 

Wray, Mr. Robert. Park Place Hotel, Sewickley. 

«u6— Duquesne. Bell 461-J Sewickley. 

Mrs. Wray (Sara Elizabeth Gillespie). 

Wray, Elizabeth Gillespie. 

Gillespie, Mrs. E. L. (Emma Laura Palmer). 

Wright, Mr. David Leland. 5312 Ellsworth Ave. 

Bell 726 Schenley. 
Mrs. Wright (Maude Aiken). 

Wright, Jane. 

Aiken, Miss Mary. 

Wright, Mr. Homer. 917 N. Negley Ave. 

Wright, Miss Mary Richardson. Bell 4492 Hiland. 

Wright, Mr. Edwin Laughlin. 

Wright, Mr. J. Merrill (Allegheny). 

Wm. Pitt Blvd., cor. Aylesboro Ave. 
Bell 5728 Hiland. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., Queen City Club of Cin- 
cinnati, Lakewood Country, Lakewood Golf. 

Mrs. Wright (Laura A. Pearce). 

Clubs — D. A. R., 20th Century. 
Wright, Laura Merrill. 
Wright, Henry Pearce. 
Wright, J. Merrill, Jr. 

Sum,m,er Home — Incledon Place, Lakewood, N. Y. 

Wright, Mr. Thruston. 1101 Shady Ave. 

Bell 2622 Hiland. 
Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Wright (Virginia Frew). 
Wright, Virginia Frew. 

WuRTS, Mr. Alexander Jay. 1164 Shady Ave. 

(Yale, Stephens Inst.). Bell 1873 HUand. 

Mrs. Wurts (Jeanie Lourie Childs), (Farmington). 
Clubs — 20th Century, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Wurts, Miss Laura J. 
Wurts, Mr. Thomas Howe Childs. 

Summer Home — Wawanaissa Island, Musk oka Lake, Ont., Canada. 


YoHE, Mr. James Buchanan. 327 Morewood Ave. 

BeU 538 Schenley. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Country, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Yoke (Mary M. Sykes). 
Yohe, Mr. Curtis Miller. 


Mr. .James Harold Yohe, Los Angeles, California. 

Yohe, Mr. Jess Bennett. 825 Sheridan Ave. 

Mrs. Yohe (Sarah M. Keil). Bell 70 Hiland. 

Yohe, Mary Gertrude. 

Young, Mr. Andrew Gray. 429 N. Negley Ave. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. Bell 6129 Hiland. 

Mrs. Young (Mary J. Irwin). 


Mr. and Mrs. Owen A. Locke (Mary Louise Young), St. Louis. 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Cochrane, (Phoebe Pearl Irwin), Evanston, 

Young, Mr. Edwin Parson. Hamilton Eoad, Thornburg. 

(Coruell). Bell 452-R Grafton. 

Club — University. 

Mrs. Young (Diana Mantanve). 
Young, Edwin Parson, Jr. 

Summer Home — Lake Wesauking, Bradford Co. 

Young, Mr. Ezra P. Sunset, Edgeworth, Sewickley. 

Bell 2-J Sewickley. 

Club — Dunedin Yacht. 

Mrs. Young (Agnes Wardrop). 
Young, Samuel C. 

Summer Home — Springbank, Bobcoygeon, Ont., Canada. 
Winter Home — The Palms, Dunedin, Fla. 
Yacht — Spray. 

Young, Mr. James Milton. 7220 Meade St. 

Bell 2526 HUand. 
Club—Fgh. Ath'l. Ass'n. 

Mrs. Young (Helen Simpson Baird), (Pgh. Female College). 
Young, Mr. Milton Baird. 
Young, Mr. Lewis Douglass. 
Young, James Milton, Jr. 
Baird, Miss Lucy Virginia. 

Young, Mr. James Scott. 103 X. Dallas Ave. 

Bell 1327 Hiland. 
Young, Miss Lida Byron. 
Young, Miss Alice Maple. 
Young, Cfipt. James Scott, Jr. 
Young, Mr. Philip Sidney. 

Zang, Mr. William. 311 Peebles St., Sewickley. 

Bell 409-J Sewickley. 
Mrs. Zang (Marjorie Adams). 
Zang, N'iil Stewart. 


Zeigler, Dr. Charles Edward. Emily and Halket Sts. 

Bell 294 Schenley. 
(U. of Penna., and Dickinson). 
Club — University. 

Mrs. Zeigler (Annette Bucher), (Metzgar College). 
Zeigler, Mary Roberta. 
Zeigler, Barbara Elizabeth. 

ZuG, Mrs. Charles H. (Sarah M. Breed). 3704 Fifth Ave, 

Bell 2 Schenley. 
Club — New England Society. 
Zug, Miss Emma. 


Mr. and Mrs. George B. Zug (U. of Chicago), Clara M. Stearns, 5745 

Washington Ave., Chicago. 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wherry, Jr., 965 Madison, Plainfield, N. J. 
Gretchen E. Wherry. 



AuLL, Major William F. 314 Bellefontaine St. 

Mrs. Aull (Anna Martin). Pasadena, Cal. 

Cassidy, Mrs. Frank (Ada Chalfant). 

Winter Home — 302 Audubon Ave., Wayne, Pa. 
Summer Home — Lakewood, X. Y. 

Bakewell, Mr. Joseph H. Berryville, Va. 

Mrs. Bakewell. 

Bakewell, Mrs. Thos. W. (Anne King), Plainpield, N. J. 
Bakewell, Mr. Allan C, Jr. 

Brower, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. (Ephemia Bakewell). 
Summer Home — -The Orchard, Clayton, N. Y. 

Barton, Mr. Henry L. 197 Parker Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Clubs — Detroit Club, Motor Boat Club, Pgh. Ath'l. Ass'n., En- 
gineers' of New York. 

Mrs. Barton (Caroline C. Askew). 
Barton, Henry Askew. 
Barton, Mary Catherine. 
Askew, Miss Elizabeth N". 

Beggs, Mr. Lawrende Dilworth. Bryn Mawr. 

Mrs. Beggs (Frances von L. Earle). 
Beggs, Lawrence Dilworth, Jr. 

Brace, Mr. Clinton Howard. Braceholm, Mobjack, Va. 

Mrs. Brace (Elizabeth Sinclair). 
Brace, Miss Dorothy S. 

Bray, Mr. Charles W. King of Prussia. 

Clubs — Duquesne Pitts., Pitts. Country, Engineers of N. Y., Uni- 
versity, Chester Valley Hunt. 

Mrs. Bray (May Harris). Bell 29 Port Kennedy. 

Bray, Mr. WiUiam McKinley. 

Summer Home — Edith's Island, Muskoka Lake, Ontario, Canada. 
Yacht — Aliquippa. 

Brown, Mr. John D. (Harvard). Wexford, Allegheny Co. 
Mrs. Brown (Helen Shepard). 
Brown, Dorothy W. 

Summer Home — Oak-Knolls, Wexford. 

Bryce, Mr. G. S. Mt. Pleasant. 

Mrs. Bryce (Mary P. McCance). 
Bryce, Emily. 

Carnegie, Mr. Andrew. 2 E. 91st St., New York. 

Mrs. Carnegie (Louise Whitfield). 
Carnegie, Miss Margaret. 

Summer Home — Skibo Castle, Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland. 


Carnegie, Mr. Andrew, II. 

C/«b— Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Carnegie (Bertha Sherlock). 
Carnegie, Nancy. 
Carnegie, Lucy. 

Summer Home — Manchester, Mass. 
Winter Home — Dungeness Fernandina, Fla. 

Carnegie, Mr. George Lauder. 
Mrs. Carnegie (Margaret Thaw). 

Winter Home — Plum Orchard, Fernandina, Fla. 

Carnegie, Mrs. Thomas Morrison (Lucy Coleman). 
Carnegie, Mr. Frank M. 
Carnegie, Mr. Coleman. 

Summer Home — North Point Camp, Racquette Lake, Adirondacks, 

N. Y. 
Winter Home — Dungeness, Fernandina, Fla. 


Mr. William Coleman Carnegie, Stafford, Fernandina, Fla. 

Carnegie, Mr. Thomas Morrison, Jr. 
Mrs. Carnegie (Virginia Beggs). 

Carnegie, Carter Beggs. 

Carnegie, Thomas Morrison, Jr. 

Summer Home — Southampton, N. Y. 
Winter Home — -Fernandina, Fla. 

Cassidy, Mr. Frank. New York. 

Mrs. Cassidy (Ada Margaret Chalfont). 

Chalfont, Eev. Frank. Wei Hsien, Shantung, China. 

Corcoran, Mr. William St. Denny. 

9 Brighton St., Atlantic City. 
Mrs. Corcoran (Jeanie C. Howel). 

Craig, Mr. Ernest. 

Middlestone House, Alsager, Cheshire, England. 
Mrs. Craig (Anna McKay). 
Craig, Miss Ernestine. 

Darr, Mrs. George Washington (Eleanor Moore Gillespie). 

8 E. 54th St., New York. 

6697 Plaza, Greenwich 573. 
Mrs. Darr (Eleanor Moore Gillespie). 

Cluhs — Pittsburgh Field, Woman's Cosmopolitan, 20th Century. 
At Home Days — Sunday afternoons. 

Darr, Mr. Lawrence Thomas. 

Summer Home — Field Point Park, Greenwich, Conn. 
Yachts — Triton and Eleanora. 

DiLWORTH, Mr. Joseph R. 50 W. 40th St., New York. 

Mrs. Dilworth. 

Summer Home — Gule Rock, Newport, R. I. 

Elkins, Me. Port B. (U. of Pgh,). 

Downing Road, Brookline, Mass. 

Club — Boston City Club. 

Mrs. p. B. Elkins (Eleanor Glass), (Penna, College). 
Elkins, George W., II. 

Summer Home — Kennebunkport, Maine. 

FiTZHUGH, General Charles Lane. 

Sheridan Circle, Washington. D. C. 

4606 North. 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh. 
Mrs. Fitzhugh (Emma Schoenberger). 
Fitzhugh, Mr. Henry. 
Fitzhugh, Mrs. Henry (Miss Daintry). 
Summer Home — Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 

Ford, Mr. E. A. 276 Markham St., Pasadena, Cal. 

Mrs. Ford. 

Vilas, Mrs. Henry (Jessie Ford). 

Guthrie, Mr. Tracy W. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Mrs. Guthrie. 

Graves, Mr. James W. Herkimer, N. Y. 

Mrs. Graves (Bessie Weart). 

Griscom, Mr. George S. Nantucket, Mass. 

Mrs. Griscom (Elizabeth Schwartz), (Ogontz). 

Club — 20th Century. 
Griscom, Mr. George S., Jr. 

Harlow, Captain Charles Henry. Flagship California. 
Mrs. Harlow (Mrs. Walter Scott Newhall). 

Hever, Mrs. Nancy Carnegie (Nancy Carnegie). 
Hever, Margaret. 
Hever, Lucy. 
Hever, Coleman. 
Hever, Morrison. 

Summer Home — Cresson Springs. 

Holdship, Mrs. Henry (Maria Irwin). 

169 Vine St., Atlanta, Ga. 
Ware, Eev. and Mrs. E. T. (Alice Holdship). 
Summer Home — Ogunquit, Maine. 

Hitzrot, Dr. James Morley (Princeton, Johns Hopkins). 

126 E. Thirty- Seventh St., N. Y. 
1297 Madison Square. 
Club — Princeton. 

Mrs. Hitzrot (Alice Maple), (Chelben Hills School), 

At Home Days — Mondays. 

HoRNE, Mrs. Julia Watson (Julia Watson). 

Park Ave., Saranac Lake, N. Y. 
Home, Mr. Mark Watson. 


JuTTE, Mrs. William Charles (Jane Brokaw). Arcola. 

Jutte, Miss Augusta. 
Jutte, Miss Jane Holmes. 
Jutte, Charles Brokaw. 
Jutte, William Rinehart. 
Jutte, James Friend. 


Mr. and Mrs. Frank 0. Walther (Ida Brokaw Jutte), 170 W. 73rd St., 
New York. 

Kampmann, Mr. J. H. San Antonio, Texas. 

Mrs. Kampmann (Mary Mellon). 

Knox, Mr. Philander Chase (Mt. Union). 

1527 K St., Washington, D. C. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Union, University, Pittsburgh Golf. 
Allegheny Country, Country, Metropolitan Club of Washing^ton, 
Chevy Chase Club, Chevy Chase M'd., Merion Cricket, Haver- 
ford, Union League Club of N. Y. 

Mrs. Knox (Lillie Smith). 
Knox, Mr. Hugh. 

Summer Home — The Farm, Valley Forge. 

Knox, Mr. Philander Chase, Jr. Wayne. 

Mrs. Knox. 

Knox, Mr. Reed. Valley Forge. 

Mrs. Knox (Elizabeth McCook). 
Knox, Philander C. 

Lawrence, Mrs. John J. (Anna Watson). 

Kalorama Road, Washington, D. C. 
Lawrence, Miss Annie M. 
Lawrence, Miss Mary S. 


Rev. and Mrs. William Turner (Teressa Lawrence), Overbrook, Phila- 

Laughlin, Mr. Henry A. (Brown). 

Crefeldt Ave., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 

752 Chestnut Hill. 

Mrs. Laughlin (Mary B. Reed), (Washington Seminary, Ma- 

plewood Institute). 

Laughlin, Miss Annie I. 

Summer Home — Cragside, Alexandria Bay, Jefferson Co., N, Y. 
Yacht — Corona. 


Mrs. Edward R. Laughlin, 8860 Germantown Ave., Chestnut Hill. 

Laughlin, Mr. Irwin B. Berlin, Germany. 

First Secretary American Legation. 

Clubs — Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Golf, Tokyo, Peking, University of 
New York, Cercle d' Athens, Athens, Touring de France, Yacht 
Club of St. Petersburg, Automobile of Boston. 


Leishman, Mr. John G. A. Berlin, Germany. 

(American Ambassador at Berlin). 
Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh. 

Mrs. Leishman (Julia Crawford). 
Leishman, Miss Nancy. 
Leishman, Mr. Jack. 

de Gonant, Biron Louis Countess (Martha Leishman). 
Crawford, Miss Jean. 
Summer Home — Lucerne. 

Long, Mr. Simon Cameron (Lafayette). 

Drexel Road, Overbrook, Philadelphia. 

Club — Duquesne, Country. 

Mrs. Long (Emma Hanes). 

Long, Miss Helen Elizabeth. 
Long, Miss Marion Hanes. 
Long, Miss E. Frances. 

Metcalp, Mr. Orlando Paul (Yale). 

551 Woodland Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 

Clubs — -Yale, University. 

Mrs. Metcalf (Kathleen Gertrude Kelly). 
Metcalf, Kathleen Gertrude. 
Metcalf, Margaret Louise. 
Metcalf, Orlando Paul, Jr. 

McCance, Mr. Arnold. Nampa, Idaho. 

Mrs. McCance (Euth McAbee). 

McClintock, Mrs. Walter Lowrie (Mary Catherine Garri- 
son), Washington, D. (J. 

Winter Address — -Care of 537 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh. 
Summer Home — Castine, Maine. 

McClintock, Mr. A. Garrison. Augusta, Ga. 

Mrs. McClintock (Armide de Saulles). 

McClintock, Mr. Clarence Oliver. 

McClintock, Mrs. (Marv Falvey). 

McClintock, Walter L., 'll. 

McClintock, Mary Garrison. 

McClintock, Katherine Garrison. 

McClure, Mr. Colbert A. Baltimore. 

Mrs. McClure. 

O'Neill, Mr. Florence. Majestic Hotel, Paris. 

Mrs. O'Neill (Elizabeth McKay). 

O'Neil, Miss Florence Eugenie. 

O 'Neil, Arthur Murrough. 

Summer Home — Beaumaris, Muskoka Lake, Ontario, Canada. 

Paddock, Eev. Ernest Moorhead. 

St. James Parish, Cambridge, Mass. 
Mrs. Paddock (Margaret W. Bateman). 

Paddock, Alexander Mackay-Smith. 

Paddock. Dorothea. 


Painter, Mrs. Park. Laurel House, Lakewood, N. J. 

Summer Home — Graydon, Watch Hill, R. I. 

Phipps, Mr. Henry. 1063 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Bell 3005 Lenox. 
Clubs — Union, Duquesne. 

Mrs. Phipps (Annie C. Shaffer). 
Phipps, Mr. Howard. 

Winter Home — Roseberry, on Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Florida. 

Phipps, Mr. Lawrence C. 

1154 East Colfax Ave., Denver, Col. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country. 

Mrs. Phipps (Margaret Rogers), (Wells College). 

Club — Denver Country. 

Phipps, Miss Emma L. 
Phipps, Miss Dorothy C. 
Phipps, Miss Helen C. 
Phipps, Mr. Lawrence, Jr. 

Summer Home — La Garita, Wagon Wheel Gap, Colorado. 

PiTCAiRN, Mr. Robert, Jr. (Princeton). 

289 State St., Pasadena, Cal. 
Mrs. Pitcairn (Marion McLean Sellers). 

Proctor, Mr. William R. (Columbia). 

32 E. 39th St., New York, N. Y. 
Mrs. Proctor (Elizabeth Singer). 
Proctor, Miss Vouletti T. 
Proctor, Mr. W. Ross, Jr. 

Summer Home — Shohola, Pike County. 

Queen, Mr. Emmett. Hotel Gotham, New York. 

Clubs — Duquesne, University, New York Yacht. 

Mrs. Queen (Susan M. Morley). 
Queen, Miss Phillipa. 
Queen, Mr. Morley. 

Summer Home — Trevarack, Glen Cove, Long Island, N. Y. 

QuiNBY, Mrs. E. M. Dresden. 

Quinby, Miss Margaret. 
Quinby, Miss Anita. 
Quinby, Mr. William. 
Quinby, Mr. Kenneth. 
Quinby, Mr. Donald. 

Eafferty, Mr. Gilbert T. 

% Thomas Cook and Son, Naples, Italy. 
Mrs. Rafperty (Harriet Oliver). 
Rafferty, Miss Helen. 
Rafferty, Miss Doris. 
Rafleerty, Mr. M. L. 

Summer Home — Imperial Island, Alexandria Bay, N. Y. 

Eeed, Mr. George Kinner (Princeton). 

The Pattington Apts., Bitter Sweet Place, N. S., Chicago, 

Mrs. Reed (Florence O'Neil), (Ogontz). 


Eeed, Mr. Harry Ford. Fort Sheridan, Chicago. 

Mrs. Eeed (Eleanor Guthrie Painter). 

EoBENS, Mr. Lee Converse. 

Highland Court Hotel, Hartford, Conn. 

Clubs — Hartford, Hartford Golf. 
Mrs. Bobens (Carrie Jeanette Sterrett). 

Eicketson, Mr. Oliver G. 

1707 New Hampshire Ave., Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. Eicketson (Margaret Carnegie). 
Eicketson, Oliver G., Jr. 
Eicketson, Lucy. 

Summer Home — South Dartmouth, Mass. 

Schwab, Mr. Charles M. Eiverside Drive, New York. 

Mrs. Schwab (Miss Dinkey). 

Summer Home — Loretta. 

Scull, Mr. Edward Ogle. 

210 Eidgewood Eoad, Eoland Park, Baltimore, Md. 

Bell 538 Tuxedo. 
Clubs — Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Country. 

Mrs. Scull (Anna H. Miller). 

Summer Home — Beaumaris, Ontario, Canada. 

Scully, Mr. John L. 

1736 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Bell 4613 North. 

Club — Duquesne. 

Mrs. Scully (Mary E. Negley). 
Scully, Miss Mary Elizabeth. 

Zimmele, Mrs. Harry B. (Anna Margaret Scully). 
Zimmele, Harryette Margaret. 

Summer Home — Great Barrington, Mass. 

Sellers, Miss Minnie. % 6200 Howe St., Pittsburgh. 

Sewell, Mrs. Wynn E. (Martha Watson). 

31 EuE la Perouse, Paris, France. 
Sproul, Miss Harriet. 

Summer Address — Care of Brown, Shipley & Co., 123 Pall Mall, 
London, England. 

Shiras, Justice George (Yale). Ormond, Fla. 

Mrs. Shiras (Lillie Kennedy). 

Shiras, Mr. George, III. 

Stoneleigh Court, Washington, D. C. 

Clubs — Union, University. 

Mrs. Shiras (Frances P. White). 

Singer, Mr. William Henry, Jr. Laren, Holland. 

Mrs. Singer (Anna Brugh). 

Summer Residence — "Tjeldheim," Tydalen, Norway. 

Sloan, Mr. Arthur B. Dobbs Lane, Ardmore. 

Mrs. Sloan (Alice Blair Painter). 


Small, Dr. Edward Hanna. 

46 Franklin Ave., Saranac Lake, N. Y. 
Mrs. Small (Elizabeth Tindle). 

Tin die, Miss Alice Wood. 

Tindle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wood (Belle McGill). 

SoRG, Mr. Paul. 
Mrs. Sorg. 

Lake WOOD, N. Y. 

Speer, Mr. Charles E., Jr. (Princeton). 


Mrs. Speer (Mary Brown). 
Jones, Thomas M., IIL 

Stewart, Mrs. John Henderson (Virginia Ellinor Hay). 

1205 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 
Stewart, Mr. John Henderson, Jr. 
Stewart, Miss Virginia Ellinor. 
Summer IIom.e — York Harbor, Maine. 

Taylor, Mr. Edward B., Jr. 
Mrs. Taylor (Mary Barker). 

Taylor, Edward B., III. 

Taylor, Ruth. 

Thaw, Dr. Alexander Blair. 
Mrs. Thaw (Florence Dow). 

Zanesville, Ohio. 

Rome, Italy. 

Thaw, Mrs. Copley (Alice Thaw). 

F and 18th Sts., Washington, D. C. 

Westinghouse, Mr. George, Jr. (Yale). 
Mrs. Westinghouse (Violet Brockelbank). 
Westinghouse, George, III. 

WiGHTMAN, Mr. Alexander Russell. 

Mrs. Wightman (Phoebe M, Parker). 

Lenox, Mass. 

Parker's Landing. 

Wightman, Mrs. James Smiley (Susan Mary Russell). 

_. , ^ ^,. T 1, 11 -D ^1 Parker's Landing. 

Wightman, Miss Isabella Ruth. 

Wightman, Mr. James Smiley. 

Wightman, Mr. Samuel Ralston. 
Mrs. Wightman. 

Wightman, Miss Rosalind. 

Wightman, Mr. Kenneth, 

Wightman, Mr. William Kearns. 
Mrs. Wightman (Mary Miskimin). 

Wightman, William Kearns, Jr. 

Wightman, James Smiley, III. 

Parker's Landing- 

Parker's Landing. 

Wood, Mr. Parke Carrier. 
Mrs. Wood (Edna Rolfe). 

Wood, Elizabeth R. 

Wood, Alan W\ 

Wood, Alberta C. 

Wood, Park C, Jr. 

Craig, Col. 






















The Custom Boot Service 
of Verners' Wood Street 
Store is now being con- 
ducted in their remodelled 
store at 225 Fifth Avenue 


^ IVe have the entire Kodak 
family and all their j'elations 
from theBrownie to the Graf ex 

^ Most complete line of cam- 
eras and supplies in Western 

^ We do everything; from de- 
veloping the film to framing 
the finished enlarginent 



(Opposite Alvin- Theatre) 


Ague, Dr. John B. 
Mrs. Ague. 

Altsman, Mr. George W. 
Mrs. Altsman. 

Anderton, Mr. William H. 
Mrs. Anderton. 

Ball, Mr. Arthur. 
Mrs. Ball. 

Beegle, Mr. Fred N. 
Mrs. Beegle. 

Bell, Mr. William F. 
Mks. Bell. 

Benson, Mr. William H. 
Mrs. Benson. 

Bentley, Mr. L. L. 
Mrs. Bentley. 

Bert, Mr. Emil C. 
Mrs. Bert. 

Boggs, Mr. T. W. 
Mrs. Boggs. 

Braden, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Braden. 

Brandon, Mr. Ford. 
Mrs. Brandon. 

Brierly, Mr. F. F. 
Mrs. Brierly. 

Butcher, Mr. J. W. 
Mrs. Butcher. 

Carson, Mr. J. W. 
Mrs. Carson. 

Chandley, Mr. George W. 
Mrs. Chandley. 

Cook, Mr. W. S. 
Mrs. Cook. 

CoRBUs, Mr. E. T. 
Mrs. Corbus. 

Dithridge, Mr. William I. 
Mrs. Dithridge. 

Eckles, Miss Mary E. 

Elliott, Mr. John A. 
Mrs. Elliott. 

Ferguson, Mr. Thomas. 

2300 Eighth Ave. 

1227 Ninth Ave. 

1128 Fifth Ave. 

1316 Sixth Ave. 

903 Eighth Ave. 

1201 Fifth Ave. 

Eighth Ave. and Eleventh St. 

Park Place. 

Eleventh St. 

1023 Ninth Ave. 

3229 Fifth Ave. 

College and 32nd Sts. 

906 Seventh Ave. 

411 Pine St. 

1307 Sixth Ave. 

1020 Ninth Ave. 

1201 Sixth Ave. 

1300 Ninth Ave. 

Darlington Eoad. 

2328 Eighth Ave. 
921 Eighth Ave. 

Sixth Ave. 


Hamilton, Mr. Walter C. 
Mrs. Hamilton. 

Hawkins, Mr. H. F. 
Mrs. Hawkins. 

Hughes, Mr. John M. 
Mrs. Hughes. 

Hutchinson, Mr. E. L. 
Mrs. Hutchinson. 

Louthan, Dr. J. S. 

Mrs. Louth an. 

LuTTON, Mr. Aaron. 
Mrs. Lutton. 

LuTTON, Mr. L. S. 
Mrs. Lutton. 

Martin, Mr. J, R. 

Martin, Mr. W. H. 
Mrs. Martin. 

Metzgar, Mrs. M. 

Mitchell, Mr. Fred S. 
Mrs. Mitchell. 

MoLTRUP, Mr. J. T. 
Mrs. Moltrup. 

MoLTRUP, Mr. Stephen. 
Mrs. Moltrup. 

Moltrup, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Moltrup. 

Morrison, Mr. George W. 
Mrs. Morrison. 

Myers, Mr. C. H. 
Mrs. Myers. 

Myers, Mr. Henry. 

Mrs. Myers. 

Myler, Mr. W. a. 
Mrs. Myler. 

McCarter, Mr. C. B. 
Mrs. McCarter. 

McCool, Mr. W. A. 
Mrs. McCool. 

McFerron, Mr. Joseph. 
Mrs. McFerron. 

Patterson, Mr. H. H. 
Mrs. Patterson. 

Patterson Dr. R. M. 
Mrs. Patterson. 

Perrot, Mr. J. D. 
Mrs. Perrot. 

Piper, Mr. James. 
Mrs. Piper. 

1315 Eighth Ave. 

811 Eighth Ave. 

Second St., Patterson Heights. 

1005 Fifth Ave. 

1417 Se\^nth Ave. 

922 Thirteenth St. 

1307 Elghth Ave. 

1409 Eighth Ave. 
1209 Sixth Ave. 

1025 Eighth Ave. 
3224 Fifth Ave. 

1326 Sixth Ave. 

912 Eighth Ave. 

1113 Sixth Ave. 

1223 Sixth Ave. 

Patterson Heights. 

1412 Eighth Ave. 

Patterson Heights. 

1112 Seventh Ave. 

1013 Eighth Ave. 

1104 Seventh Ave. 

Patterson Heights. 

1008 Fifth Ave. 

1020 Eighth Ave. 

1100 Fifth Ave. 


Eebeske, Mr. E. C. 
Mrs. Eebeske. 

Eeeder, Mr. William T. 
Mrs. Eeeder. 


Mrs. Eohrkaste. 

Eoss, Mr. C. F. 
Mrs. Eoss. 

Singleton, Mr. D. L. 
Mrs. Singleton. 

Stauffer, Mr. A. S. 
Mrs. Stauefer. 

Strock, Mr. J. D. 
Mrs. Strock. 

Telford, Mrs. M. E. 

Todd, Mr. B. B. 
Mrs. Todd. 

TowNSEND, Dr. LeEoy S. 
Mrs. Townsend. 

Walker, Mr. F. W. 
Mrs. Walker. 

White, Mr. T. Sidney. 
Mrs. White. 

WisENER, Mr. Franklin. 
Mrs, Wisener. 

817 Lincoln Place. 

1215 Seventh Ave. 

1200 Fifth Ave. 

1309 Eighth Ave. 

915 Eighth Ave. 

1326 Seventh Ave. 

1917 Seventh Ave. 

1013 Fourth Ave. 
1126 Seventh Ave. 

1203 Eighth Ave. 
Patterson Heights. 
Patterson Heights. 

421 Eleventh St. 


Alexander, Eev. A. J. 
Mrs. Alexander. 

Allison, Mr. E. J. 
Mrs. Allison. 

Allison, Mrs. Sarah K. 

Andriessen, Miss Belle. 

Atv^ood, Mr. J. A. 
Mrs. Atwood. 

Baltzell, Mr. William H. 
Mrs. Baltzell. 

Brev^ster, Eev. S. E. 
Mrs. Brewster. 

Clifton, Mr. Wakren E. 
Mrs. Clifton. 

Darragh, Mr. Eobert W. 

Darragh, Mr. Scudder H. 

Daugherty, Mrs. Mary. 

Davidson, Mr. George. 
Mrs. Davidson. 

204 College Ave. 

Beaver St. 

Third St. 

Quay Square. 

Taylor Ave. 

Quay Square. 

427 Branch Bank St. 

264 Beaver St. 

Third St. 
Third St. 

Beaver House. 
Westview Ave. 


Davidson, Mr. J. J. 

Mks. Davidson. 

Davidson, Mrs. Mary Quay. 

Dravo, Miss Lida. 

Evans, Mr. French E. 
Mrs. Evans. 

Eaton, Mr. John H. 
Mrs. Eaton. 

Hamilton, Mr. Sydney M. 
Mrs. Hamilton. 

Harragh, Mr. J. R. 
Mrs. Harragh. 

Hice, Mr. Agnew. 
Mrs. Hice. 

Hice, Mr. Richard R. 
Mrs. Hice. 

Holt, Judge R. S. 
Mrs. Holt. 

HooPES, Mr. Eugene S. 
Mrs. Hoopes. 

Hughes, Mr. C. M. 
Mrs. Hughes. 

Hughes, Mr. Robert S. 
Mrs. Hughes. 

Imbrie, Miss Nannie. 

Jackson, Rev. W. M. 
Mrs. Jackson. 

Langdale, Rev. John W. 
iViRs. Langdale. 

Lewis, Mr. W. H. 
Mrs. Lev^^is. 

Little, De. Arthur Reginald. 

Mansfield, Mr. Ira F. 
Mrs. Mansfield. 

Meanor, Dr. William Craig. 
Mrs. Meanor. 

Moody, Mr. Joseph. 

Moody, Mr. Samuel. 
Mrs. Moody. 

Moore, Mr. W. S. 
Mrs. Moore. 

Morrison, Mr. W. S. 
Mrs. Morrison. 

McCauley, Dr. E. S. H. 
Mrs. McCauley. 

McCoRD, Mr. C. C. 
Mrs. McCord. 

McCreery, Mrs. Josephine D. 


First St. 

College Ave. 
First St. 
1205 Seventh St. 

W. Third St. 

Branch St. 

McIntosh Sq. 

Fourth St. 

Insurance St. 

Fourth St. 

East End Ave. 

Iroquois Place. 

Market St. and Irving Square. 

Quay Square. 
Fourth St. 

Second St. 

E. Third St. 

East End Ave. 
First and College Aves. 

328 Beaver St. 

Market and Fourth St. 
516 First St. 

333 Third St. 

Raccoon St. 
499 Third St. 

S. Third St. 
First St. 

Quay, Miss Coral. 

Eaymer, Mr. a. R. 
Mrs. Raymer, 

RuTAN, Mrs. Lida M. 

Scott, Mr. John. 

ScROGGS, Dr. James. 
Mrs. Scroggs. 

Shallenberger, Mrs. O. B. 

Singleton, Dr. Lawrence. 
Mrs. Singleton. 

Sterling, Mr. Egbert L. 

Mrs. Sterling. 

Stewart, Mr. Charles S, 

Mrs. Stewart. 

Stone, Mr. Stephen P. 

Mrs. Stone. 

Waddle, Miss Frances. 

Weller, Mr. Leroy. 

Mrs. Weller. 
Weyland, Mr. Edwin. 

Mrs. Weyland. 
Whittish, Miss Eosa. 

WiCKHAM, Mrs. J. J. 
Wilkinson, Mr. R. A. 

Wilson, Dr. J. H. 
Mrs. Wilson. 

Wilson, Mrs. Elizabeth. 

Wilson, Mrs. Margaret Dravo. 

College Ave. 
Taylor Ave. 

First St. 

McIntosh Square. 

W. Third St. 

Wayne Square. 
320 College Ave. 

Fourth St. 

Wayne Square. 

Taylor Ave. 

First St. 
College Ave. 

Fourth St. 

College Ave. 
Wilson Ave. 

Third St. 

Quay Square. 
First and Eaccoon Sts. 


Abrams, Mr. Charles A. 
Abrams, Miss Louise. 
Abrams, Jean. 
Abrams, Mr. James. 

Abrams, Mr. Edward E. 
Mrs. Abrams. 

Abrams, Miss Myra. 

Abrams, Miss Eleanor. 

Abrams, Elizabeth. 

Abrams, Mr. Edward E. Jr. 

Abrams, Mr. Allan. 

Abrams, Mr. John. 

Allman, Mr. J. H. 
Mrs. Allman. 

Anderson, Mr. J. Frank. 
Anderson, Mr. Carl. 
Anderson, Mr. James. 


115 S. McKean St. 

601 N. McKean St. 

228 W. Pearl St. 
316 N. Main St. 

Ayres, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Ayres. 

Balph, Miss Etta. 


Mrs. Balph. 

Black, Mrs. J. B. 
Mrs. Black. 

Black, Miss Kate. 

Black, Mr. Ned. 

Hays, Dr. and Mrs. Ford. 

Blakeslee, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Blakeslee. 

Blakeslee, Dorothy. 

Bowser, Mr. A. L. 

Mrs. Bowser. 

Bowser, Mr. S. F. 
Mrs. Bowser. 

Bowser, Miss Mary. 

Boyd, Mr. C. N. 
Mrs. Boyd. 

Boyd, Miss Eleanor. 

Boyd, Margaret. 

Boyd, Miss Vinnie. 

Brandon, Mr. John W. 
Mrs. Brandon. 

Brandon, Mr. W. D, 
Mrs. Brandon. 

Brandon, Mr. J. Campbell. 

Brandon, Mr. Allen. 

Bredin, Mr. Edward. 
Bredin, Miss Fanny. 
Bredin, Miss Mary. 

Bredin, Mrs. James. 

Campbell, Mk. Alfred A. 
Campbell, Miss Maud. 

Campbell, Mr. John S. 
Mrs. Campbell. 

Campbell, Mr. Eichard. 

Campbell, Mr. John S., Jr. 

Campbell, Mr. T. C. 
Mrs. Campbell. 

Campbell, Miss Juliet. 

Campbell, Mr. James O. 

€ampbell, Mrs. William. 
Campbell, Miss Janet. 
Campbell, Mr. Gilmore. 
Campbell, Mr. William. 
Lusk, Mrs. J. L. 

Christie, Mr. Calvin S. 
Mrs. Christie. 

Christie, Miss Juan. 

Christie, Mr. Donald. 


318 McKean St. 

X. Main St. 
357 N. Main St. 

218 E. Fulton St. 

514 N. McKean St. 

210 E. Pearl St. 
342 N. Main St. 

612 N. McKean St. 

322 E. Pearl St. 
N. Main St. 

N. Washington St. 

"The Williard." 
214 W. Pearl St. 

415 W. Main St. 
116 E. Main St. 
416 S. Main St. 

520 N. Main St. 

■Christie, Mrs. H. W. 
Christie, Miss Jean. 
Christie, Miss Georgia. 
Christie, Mr. Charles. 
Christie, Mr. William. 
Trovitman, Mrs. Frank. 

Colbert, Mr. William. 
Colbert, Miss Ada. 
Colbert, Mr. Lewis. 
Colbert, Mr. Harry. 
Colbert, Mr. Frank. 
Graham, Mrs. Lyde. 
Graham, Janet. 

Crane, Mrs. Catherine. 
Crane, Miss Georgia. 
Crane, Miss Adelaide. 

CuMMiNGS, Mrs. Nannie. 
Cummings, Miss Annie. 
Cummings, Mr. Stephen. 
Cummings, Mr. and Mrs, Paul. 

Dieffenbacher, Mrs. Sarah. 
Dieffenbacher, Miss Alice. 

Duffy, Mr. Peter. 
Mrs. Duffy. 

Duffy, Olive. 

Duffy, Charles, 

Forquer, Mrs. William. 


Mrs. Galbreath. 

Galbreath, Miss Irene. 
Galbreath, Miss Edith. 
Galbreath, Mr. John, 

•Gibson^ Mr. John A. 
Mrs. Gibson. 

Gibson, John A. Jr. 


Mrs. Gillespie. 

Gillespie, Katherine. 
Gillespie, William. 

•Graham, Mr. Hart W. F, 
Mrs. Graeam. 

Graham, Miss Sarah. 

Graham, Mr. Alvin, 

Graham, Mr. LeMoyne. 

Graham, Robert. 

'Graham, Mr. John Charles. 
Graham, Lovey Ayres. 
Graham, John Charles, Jr. 
Graham, Mrs. Walter Lowry. 
Graham, Miss Margaret. 

■Graham, Mrs. Samuel. 
Graham, Miss Eleanor. 

622 N. MoKean St. 

343 N. Washington St. 

636 S. Main St. 

N. Washington St. 

250 E. Fulton St. 

228 Pearl St. 

235 S. Main St. 
120 Washington St. 

701 McKean St. 

42-9 Washington St. 

608 McKean St, 

230 N. McKean St, 

W. Diamond St. 


Gkeeley, Mrs. Caroline. 335 N. Main St. 

Greeley, Mr. Thornton. 
Greeley, Mr. Charles McCandless. 
McCandless, Mrs. Charles. 

Greer, Mr. John B. Second St. 

Mrs. Greer. 

Greer, Eiehard. 

Byerly, John. 

Byerly, David. 

Greer, Hon. John M. 2.56 Fulton St. 

Mrs. Greer. 

Greer, Dr. Robert P. 371 N. Main St. 

Mrs. Greer. 

Greer, S. Walker. 

Greer, Robert B., Jr. 

Walker, Mrs. Caroline. 

Walker, Mr. Samuel. 

Greer, Mr. Thomas Henry. Fulton St. 

Mrs. Greer. 

Greer, Alfred Ayers. 

Greer, Robert Bruce. 

Greer, John M. 

Greer, Thomas Henry^ Jr. 

Haines, Mr. Charles S. 215 Oak St. 

Mrs. Haines. 

Haines, Miss Helen. 

Haines, Robert. 

Haines, John. 

Weyman, Dr. A. M. 

Harper, Mrs. Jane. 518 Brown Ave. 

Harper, Miss Allie. 
Harper, Miss Josephine. 
Harper, Miss Francis. 
Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert. 
Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. 

Heiner, Mr. John Haines. 107 Standard Ave. 

Mrs. Heiner. 

Heiner, Miss Helen Graham. 

Heiner, Mr. John H., Jr. 

Herr, Mr. C. E. 222 N. McKean St. 

Mrs. Herr. 

Herr, Edgar. 

Ritts, Mrs. Elias. 

Wick, Mrs. Clifford. 

Hickson, Mr. E, J. 525 N. Main St. 

Mrs. Hickson. 

Hickson, Miss Hazel. 

Hickson, Miss Noeline. 

Hoover, Mrs. M. N. 137 E. Wayne St. 

FORD, Mr. C. F. 


Hosford, Mr. Frank H. 

HosFORD, Mr. C. F. 450 N. Main St. 

Mrs. Hosford. 


Howard, Mr. George, 
Mrs. Howard. 

Howard, Juliet. 

a^oward, Edwin. 

HusELTON, Mr. Benjamin C. 
Mrs. Huselton. 

Huselton, Miss Francis. 

Huselton, Mr. Edgar. 

Huselton, Mr. James. 

Jack, Mr. Benjamin. 
Jack, Miss Clara. 

Jack, Miss Emi. 

Jackson, Dr. George. 
Mrs. Jackson. 

Jennings, Mr. Henry. 
Mrs. Jennings. 

Jennings, Miss Laura. 

Jennings, Miss Jane. 

Jennings, Miss Clara. 

Atwell, Mrs. D. 

LowRY, Mr. Porter. 
Mrs. Lowry. 

Lowry, Jeanette. 

Lowry, Margaret. 

Lowry, Miss Belle. 

Lowry, Alexander. 

Lyon, Mrs. Edward. 

Mitchell, Mr. Alex. 

Mitchell, Miss Myra. 
Mitchell, Miss Mary. 

Munz, Mrs. John. 
Munz, Richard. 

Munz, Mrs. Mary F. 

Nixon, Mrs. Simeon. 
Nixon, Miss Nellie. 
Nixon, Mr. Simeon, Jr. 
Nixon, Mr. Browne. 
Nixon, Mr. Payne. 

McAboy, Mr. Lee R. 
Mrs. McAboy. 

McCandless, Mrs. Charles. 

McCreary, Mr. Warren. 

McCullough, Mr. A. W. 
Mrs. McCullough. 

McCullough, Miss Marion. 

McElvain, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. McElvain. 

McElvain, Chalmers. 

McElvain, William Walker. 

428 First St. 

528 N. Main St. 

603 Brown Ave. 

602 Brown Ave. 

619 McKean St. 

430 N. Main St. 

460 Bluff St. 

S. Main and E. Diamond. 

220 E. Pearl St. 

637 S. Main St. 

333 Franklin St. 
Nixon Hotel. 

413 S. Main St. 

335 Main St. 

200 N. Washington St. 

457 N. Main St. 

116 Summit Ave. 


McJuNKiN, Mr. James B. 
Mrs. McJunkin. 

McJuNKiN, Mr. J. D. 
Mrs. McJunkin. 

McJunkin, Miss Clara Campbell. 

McJunkin, Mr. Wells. 

McMarlin, Mr. John G. 
Mrs. McMarlin. 

McMarlin, Harold. 

McQuiston, Mrs. Livingstone. 

McQuiston, Mr. and Mrs. C. Livingstone 
Sloan, Mrs. Sarah. 
Beaumont, Mrs. William. 

Phillips, Mr. Thomas, Jr. 
Mrs. Phillips. 

Pillow, Dr. B. H. 
Mrs. Pillow. 

Pillow, Miss Mary. 

Pillow, Mr. John. 

Prugh, Rev. P. C. 

Prugh, Miss Grace. 
Harnish, Rev. and Mrs. 

Purvis, Mr. Harold. 
Mrs. Purvis. 

Purvis, Elizabeth. 

Smith, Miss Anna. 

Smith, Mr. Paul. 

Purvis, Mrs. Joseph. 

Purvis, Mr. William B. 
Purvis, Mr. Wilson. 
Purvis, Dr. Joseph. 
Purvis, Mr. Hope. 

Purvis, Mr. Levi O. 
Mrs. Purvis. 

Purvis, Miss Clara. 

Purvis, Florence. 

Purvis, Bess. 

Poole, Mrs. William.' 

Reiber, Mr. a. E. 
Mrs. Reiber. 

Reiber, Mary Elizabeth. 

Reiber, Martin. 

Reiber, Mr. Alfred M. 
Mrs. Reiber. 

Carlton, Mr. and Mrs. George. 

Riddle, Mr. W. H. H. 
Mrs. Riddle. 

Riddle, Miss Lillie. 

Riddle, Miss Tillie. 

Riddle, Mr. Edward. 

Ritter, Mr. W. H. 
Mrs. Ritter. 

Ritter, Miss Sarah. 

610 E. Pearl St, 

120 E. North St, 

222 E. Clay St. 

110 Cunningham St. 

614 Second St. 

135 W. Jefferson St. 

606 Fairview Ave. 

Monroe St. 

540 N. Main St. 

300 E. Pearl St. 

315 N. Main St. 

435 N. Washington St. 

Fulton St. 



RiTTS, Mr. Elias. 
Mrs. Ritts. 

Ritts, Mary Katherine. 

Ritts, Mr. John V. 
Mrs. Ritts. 

Ritts, Mr. Elias. 

Ritts, Mr. Leanord. 

Russell, Mr. Alonzo E. 
Mrs. Russell. 

Russell, Miss Helen. 

Russell, Agnes. 

Russell, Stella. 

Russell, Alonzo E., Jr. 

Scott, Mr. Robert Pressley. 
Mrs. Scott. 

Scott, Mr. Robert Pressley, Jr. 

Shaw, Mrs. Louise. 

Shearer, Mr. T. M. 
Mrs. Shearer. 

Shearer, Miss Mary. 

Shearer, Miss Alice. 

Shearer, Miss Sue. 

Shearer, Miss Grace. 

Shearer, Mr. Charles. 

Smith, Mr. Paul H. 
Smith, Miss Anna O. 
Purvis, Mrs. Harold. 

Stein, Mr. Lewis B. 
Mrs. Stein. 

Roessinff, Mrs. Fred. 

Herr, Mrs. Edgar. 

Stewart, Mr. George C. 
Mrs. Stewart. 

Stewart, Mrs. W. C. 

Sutton, Mr. John. 

Sutton, Miss Angle. 

Templeton, Mr. C. A. 
Mrs. Templeton. 

Thompson, Mr. William C. 
Mrs. Thompson. 

Troutman, Mr. Albert C. 
Mrs. Troutman. 

Troutman, Mr. J. Henry. 
Troutman, Miss Gertrude. 
Troutman, Mr. Erank. 
Troutman, Mr. Charles. 

Walker, Mr. Clarence. 
Mrs. Walker. 

Walker, Miss Ethel Elizabeth. 

Walker, Mr. Wayne. 

Walker, Mr. Victor. 

Walker, Mr. Clarence, Jr. 


Third and E. Pearl St, 

520 N. McKean St. 

122 W. Pearl St. 

411 N. Main St. 

123 W. Diamond St. 
523 N. McKean St. 

161 Monroe St. 

135 Mifflin St. 

194 W. Pearl St. 

435 N. Main St. 

500 Oak St. 

215 Mifflin St. 

N. Main St. 

Ill E. Diamond St. 

Walker, Mr. Lewis P. 
Walker, Miss Emma. 
Walker, Mary. 
Walker, Mr. Frank. 
Davis, Mrs. W. E. 

Walker, Mrs. Samuel. 
Walker, Mr. Samuel. 

Walker, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Walker. 

Walker, Miss Katherine. 

Walker, Mr. Ralph. 

White, Mr. George. 
White, Miss Bella. 
White, Miss Anna. 

Wick, Mr. Clifford. 
Mrs. Wick. 

Wick, Helen Herr. 

Wick, Mr. George R. 
Mrs. Wick. 

Wick, Elizabeth Walker. 

Wick, Mr. John S. 

Wick, Mrs. Sarah. 

Wick, Miss Blanche. 
Wick, Miss Francis. 

Williams, Mr. Andrew S. 
Mrs. Williams. 

Williams, Miss Mary. 

Williams, Mr. Andrew S., Jr. 

Williams, Mr. Benjamin. 
Mrs. Williams. 

Wilson, Mr. John A. 

Wilson, John A., Jr. 

Zimmerman, Mrs. Jennie. 
Zimmerman, Mr. Donald. 
Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick. 
Zimmerman, Gretchen Oiler. 

Center Ave. 

371 N. Main St. 
424 N. Main St. 

Brady St. 

207 W. Pearl St. 

415 N. McKean St. 

233 W. Pearl St. 
222 N. Main St. 

446 N. McKean St. 

158 Oak St. 
212 E. Pearl St. 
327 N. Main St. 


Allee, Mr. Jessie. 
Mrs. Allee. 

Baird, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Baird. 

Birch ARD, -Mr. Claude L. 

Birchard, Mr. George. 
Mrs. Birchard. 

BoLARD, Mr. J. A. 
Mrs. Bolard. 
BoLARD, Mr. Jacob. 
Mrs. Bolard. 

Main St. 

Fountain Ave. 

Main St. 
Spring and Thomas Sts. 

154 Venango Ave. 


Cobb, Eev. W. A. 

Colt, Dr. G. B. 
Mrs. Colt. 
Crawford, Eev. W. A. 

Flynn, Mr. Joseph. 
Mrs. Flynn. 

Gannon, Dr. J. M. 

Gordon, Eev. S. M. 
Mrs. Gordon. 

Gray, Dr. M. D. 
Mrs. Gray. 

Humphrey, Dr. G. E. 
Mrs. Humphrey. 

Johnson, Dr. E. B. 
Mrs. Johnson. 

Logan, Dr. J. A. 
Mrs. Logan. 

Marcey, Mr. L. A. 
Mrs. Marcey. 

Morgan, Mr. J. C. 
Mrs. Morgan. 

McLean, Mr. George A. 
Mrs. McLean. 

Pardee, Mr. A. C. 
Mrs. Pardee. 

Perkins, Dr. H. J. 
Mrs. Perkins. 

Smith, Dr. C. L. 
Mrs. Smith. 

Tracy, Dr. William. 
Wade, Mr. George L. 
Mrs. Wade. 

Wasson, Dr. Eugene C. 
Mrs. Wasson. 

Wetzel, Mr. T. C. 
Mrs. Wetzel. 

White, Mr. Harry F. 
Mrs. White. 

Young, Dr. F. D. 
Mrs. Young. 

117 Lincoln St. 
502 S. Main St. 

The Vanadium. 

403 S. Main St. 
116 Lincoln Ave. 

313 S. Main St. 

227 N. Main St. 

221 Church St. 

423 Venango Ave. 

351 Venango Ave. 

Hotel Bartlett. 

Main St, 

Venango Ave. 

254 Church St. 

442 Venango Ave. 

215 Boss Ave. 

221 S. Main St. 

Hotel Wetzel. 

264 S. Main St. 

211 Beach Ave. 


Alexander, Dr. William H. 
Mrs. Alexander. 

Alexander, Miss Lola. 

Harnett, Miss Elizabeth. 
Harnett, Miss Mary. 

153 W. Pike St. 

228 Central Ave. 


Berky, Mr. William. 
Berry, Miss Sarah. 
Berry, Miss Martha. 

Black, Mr. Egbert. 
Black, Miss Agnes. 
Black, Miss Mary. 
Black, Mr. Harry. 
Black, Mr. John. 

Briceland, Mr. George. 
Briceland, Miss Mary. 
Briceland, Mr. John. 
Briceland, Mr. Newton. 

Brown, Dr. W. F. 

BuDKE, Mr. John F. 
Mrs. Budke. 

Budke, Miss Shirley. 

Budke, Mr. Frank. 

Budke, Mr. John. 
Chambers, Mr. William. 

Chambers, Miss Ida. 

Chambers, Miss Elizabeth. 

Cochran, Mr. Samuel. 
Mrs. Cochran. 

Cochran, Miss Agnes. 

Cochran, Miss Sarah. 

Marshall, Mrs. Ella. 

Marshall, Miss Eeed. 

CoCKiNS, Mr. H. L. 
Mrs. Cockins. 

CocKiNs, Mr. John L. 
Mrs. Cockins. 

Cockins, Mr. and Mrs. Howard. 

Morgan, Miss Nancy. 

Cook, Mr. J. Y. H. 
Mrs. Cook. 

Cook, Dr. Kate. 

Cook, Mr. Samviel. 

Dickson, Dr. William. 
Mrs. Dickson. 

Dickson, Miss Nettie. 

Dickson, Miss Aneita Marie. 

Dickson, Miss Margaret D. 

Dickson, William Allison. 

Donaldson, Mr. George. 
McClay, Mrs. Jennie. 

Donaldson, Dr. John B, 
Mrs. Donaldson. 

Donaldson, Mr. James. 
Mrs. Donaldson. 

Donaldson, Mr. Melvin. 

Douds, Mr. R. Fred. 

Douds, Miss Margaret. 


E. F. D. No. 5. 

305 S. Central Ave. 

College St. 

159 W. Pike St. 

W. Pike St.. 

115 W. Pike St. 
323 W. Pike St. 

119 W. College St. 
Pike St. 

129 W. Pike St. 
W. Pike St. 

Belmont Ave. 

Dunn, Mrs. Willis O. 
Dunn, Mr. William. 
McCullough, Mrs. Alice. 

EwiNG, Mr. Blaine. 
Mrs. Ewing. 

Ewing, Blaine, Jr. 

Ewing, David. 

Fee, Mr. David H. 
Fee, Mr. Will. 

Greer, Mr. Culbert. 
Mrs. Greer. 

Greer, Miss Alice. 

Harska, Mr. Charles L. 
Mrs. Harsha. 

Hart, Mr. David. 
Mrs. Hart. 

Hill, Dr. J. F. 
Mrs. Hill. 

Hill, Mr. Frederick. 

Houston, Mr. William. 
Houston, Miss Elizabeth, 

Johnson, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Johnson. 

Johnson, Mr. Tracy. 

Johnson, Mr. J. Bradford. 
Mrs. Johnson. 

Kirk, Mr. Thompson. 
Mrs. Kirk. 

Kirk, Dr. William. 

Little, Mr. .Tames. 

Little, Miss Margaret. 
Little, Mr. and Mrs. Paul. 
Little, Mr, Howard. 

Martin, Mr. William. 
Martin, Miss Mary. 
Martin, Miss Jennie. 

Martin, Mr. Ealph. 
Mrs. Martin. 

Martin, Mr. John. 

Morgan, Mr. John. 

Mrs. Morgan. 

Morgan, Miss Clara. 
Morgan, Mr. William. 
Morgan, Mr. James. 

Morgan, Mr. William, 
Mrs. Morgan. 

MuNCE, Mr. Egbert L. 
Mrs. Munce. 

225 Belmont Ave. 
Belmont Ave. 

345 Ridge Ave. 
326 W. Pike St. 

222 W. Pike St. 

622 Pike St. 

3 College Bldg. 

249 W. Pike St, 
Shingis Station. 

248 W. Pike St. 
Pike St. 

Pike St. 

144 W. Pike St. 
236 W. Pike St. 
333 W. Pike St. 

W. Pike St. 


McCloy, Mrs. Collin. 
McCloy, Miss Lyda, 

McClelland, Mr. John L. 
McClelland, Miss Nettie. 
Murtree, Mrs. Mary, 

McConnell, Mr. Addison. 
Mrs. McConnell. 

McConnell, Miss Bessie. 

McConnell, Mr. William. 

McNary, Mr. Edward. 
Mrs. McNary. 

McMillan, Mr. Samuel. 
Mrs. McMillan. 

Watson, Mrs. Minnie. 

McNtitt, Mr. George. 
Mrs. McNutt. 

McNutt, Miss Olive. 

McNutt, Miss Mary. 

McNutt, Mr. John. 

McPeake, Mr. George. 
Mrs. McPeake. 

McPeake, Miss Minnie. 

McWiLLiAMS, Mr. Saml^el. 
McWilliams, Mr. James. 
McWilliams, Miss Mary. 
Cook, Mrs. William. 

Patterson, Mrs. Emma V. 
Patterson, Miss Mary. 

Paxton, Mr. Oliver. 

Penn, Mr. William F. 
Mrs. Penn. 

Perritte, Mrs. Kate M. 

Pollock, Mr. John. 
Pollock, Miss Jane. 

Pollock, Mr. O. C. C. 
Mrs. Pollock. 

Potts, Mr. Thomas Maxwell. 
Mrs. Potts. 

Potts, Mr. Miller. 

Potts, William. 

Potts, Pliny. 

Potts, Claude. 

Quail, Mr. R P. 

Quail, Miss Elizabeth. 
Quail, Miss Anna. 

Eetberg, Mr. George W. 
Mrs. Eetberg. 

Weir, Mrs. Francis. 

Weir, Miss Mary. 

Henderson, Miss Mattie. 

Ridge Ave. 
36 East Pike St. 

E. D. No. 4. 

453 Eidge Ave. 
Pitt St. 

224 W. Pike St. 

116 College St. 
N. Jefferson St. 

112 Belmont Ave. 

62 E. Pike St. 

44 E. Pike St. 


E. D. No. 5. 

N. Central Ave. 

W. College Ave. 


Sheapf, Mrs. Henry. 
Sheafe, Mr. William. 
Sheaff, Mr. Henry. 

Smith, Mr. S. Clarke. 
Mrs. Smith, 

Smith, Mr. George. 

Arnold, Mrs. John. 

Forsythe, Mrs. Albert. 

Forsythe, Dr. Samuel. 

Forsythe, Mr. Earl. 

Snyder, Miss Anna. 
Snyder, Miss Betty. 
Snyder, Miss Natalie. 

Templeton, Mrs. Mary. 

Templeton, Mr. William. 
Templeton, Mr. Joseph. 
Templeton, Mr, Martin. 

Thompson, Mr, Joseph, 

Thompson, Miss Margaret. 
Thompson, Mr. Belle. 

Van Eman, Mr, James. 
Mrs. Van Eman. 

Van Eman, Miss Maude. 

Van Eman, Mr. Samuel. 

Van Eman, Mr. J. 

Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Robert. 

Happer, Mr. and Mrs. James. 

Watson, Miss Eliza. 

White, Mr. Vance. 
Mrs. White. 

Snyder, Miss Annie. 

Snyder, Miss Betty. 

Snyder, Miss Natalie. 

Pike St. 

123 Vine St. 

W. Pike St. 

125 Greenside Ave. 

Pitt and Greenside Aves. 

139 W. College St. 

W. Pike St. 
N. Central Ave. 


Atkinson, Dr. H. F. 
Mrs. Atkinson (Aline Mestrezat). 
Atkinson, Mary Aline. 

Davidson, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Davidson (Fannie Johns). 
Davidson, William. 

Frisbee, Mr, John D, 

Mrs, Frisbee (Catherine L, Herbert). 

Frisbee, Catherine Herbert. 

Frisbee, Mr. Fred. 

Frisbee, Mr, and Mrs. H, C. 

Game, Mr, and Mrs, John L. 

Hogg, Mr, James B, 
Mrs, Hogg (May Reid). 

Apple St. 

N. Pittsburg St. 

134 N. Main St. 

Wills Road. 


Hood, Mr. Charles T. 
Mrs. Hood (M. Eeboud). 

Hood, Miss Maria K. 

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur. 

Johnston, Mr. Joseph T. 
Mrs. Johnston (Nettie Lerch). 

Johnston, Cap't. Lloyd. 
Mrs. Johnston (Kate Boyd). 

Markle, Mr. George A. 
Mrs. Markle (Overbolt). 

McCoRMiCK, Dr. L. P. 

Mrs. McCormick (Catherine Fellsinger), 

McCormiek, Helen. 

McCormick, Martha. 

Cedar Ave. 

E. Main St. 

504 S. Pittsburg St. 

Sixth St. 

508 Vine St. 

JNTewmeyer, Mrs. Mary (Mary Davidson). 
Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Eenton. 
Evans, Charles E. 

S. Pittsburg St. 

Norton, Mr. E. T. 

Mrs. Norton (Bess Barge). 

Norton, Virginia. 

Norton, John Barge. 

NoRRis, Mr. Robert. 

Mrs. Norris (Mary Hyatt). 

N orris, Miss Helen Eoberta. 

Norris, Miss Euth Hyatt. 

Eeid, Col. J. M. 

Mrs. Eeid (Nancy Johnston). 

Eeid, Miss Gertrude. 

Eeid, Mr. Donald. 

Eeid, Mr. Kenneth. 

E. Main St. 

S. Pittsburg St. 

Peach St. 

Euth, Mr. L. F. 

Mrs. Ruth (Kate Newcomer). 

Euth, Miss Emily. 

Euth, Catherine E. 

Euth, Mary Louise. 

Ruth, Mr. Charles T. 

Ruth, Linford. 

Ruth, Mr. and Mrs. J. N. 

Snyder, Mr. H. P. 

Mrs. Snyder (Katherine Melntyre). 

Snyder, Miss Jean. 

Snyder, Josephine. 

Snyder, Alice. 

Snyder, Henry P., Jr. 

V^hite, Dr. T. H. 
Mrs. White (C. Virginia Ache). 
White, Robert. 


S. Pittsburg St. 

119 E. Fairvievst Ave. 

Ill W. Peach St. 


Alexander, Mr. Thomas. 
Mrs. Alexander. 

Barnette, Mr. L. W. 

Bell, Mr. W. M. 
Mrs. Bell. 

Besly, Mrs. Wm. U. 

Black, Mr. Fred B. 
Mrs. Black. 

Blakslee, Mr. C. F. 
Mrs. Blakslee. 

Bleakley, Mr. O. D. 

Mrs. Bleakley. 

Bleakley, Mr. O. L. 
Mrs. Bleakley. 

Bleakley, Mr. Eollin R. 
Mrs. Bleakley. 

Bleakley, Mrs. W. J. 

Borland, Mr. James B. 
Mrs. Borland. 

BosTwiCK, Mr. H. W. 
Mrs. Bostwick. 

BosTwiCK, Mr. W. B. 
Mrs. Bostwick. 

Breckenridge, Mr. H. W. 
Mrs. Breckenridge. 

Brown, Mr. L. G. 
Mrs. Brown. 

Brown, Mr. Thomas. 
Mrs. Brown. 

Campbell. Mr. J. T. 
Mrs. Campbell. 

Campbell, Mr. J. T., Jr. 
Mrs. Campbell. 

Campbell, Mrs. Mary D. 

Carmichael, Mr. J. S. 
Mrs. Carmichael. 

Mrs. Collner. 

CitAWFORD, Mrs. E. G., Sr. 

Crawford, Mr. E. G., Jr. 
Mrs. Crawford. 

1415 Elk St. 

Printz Dwellings. 
1325 Elk St. 

1142 Elk St. 
1005 Elk St. 

1026 Liberty St. 

1501 Liberty St. 

1209 Buffalo St. 

1505 Liberty St. 

1148 Elk St. 
811 Liberty St. 

1124 Elk St. 
1124 Buffalo St. 

704 Elk St. 
1320 Buffalo St. 
1432 Liberty St. 

1316 Elk St. 

1028 Elk St. 

1018 Liberty St. 
Miller Park. 

1006 Liberty St. 

Buffalo St. 
1227 Buffalo St. 


Criswell, Mr. George S. 
Mrs. Criswell. 

Crosby, Mr. Frank E. 
Mrs. Crosby. 

Doyle, Mrs. J. J. 

Evans, Mr. E. J. 
Mrs. Evans. 

Fassett, Mr. L. H. 
Mrs. Fassett. 

Feldman, Mr. George W. 
Mrs. Feldman. 

Iorbes, Mr. W. H. 
Mrs. Forbes. 

Foster, Dr. S. G. 
Mrs. Foster. 

Frazier, Mr. John P. 
Mrs. Frazier. 

Galbrath, Mr. C. R., Jr. 
Mrs. Galbrath. 

Glenn, Mr. Egbert F. 
Mrs. Glenn. 

Glines, Mr. G. E. 
Mrs. Glines. 

Grant, Mr. H. F. 
Mrs. Grant. 

Grant, Mr. J. W. 
Mrs. Grant. 

Grimm, Mr. Dan. 
Mrs. Grimm. 

Hamilton, Mr. Charles F. 
Mrs. Hamilton. 

Hamilton, Mr. W. J. 
Mrs. Hamilton. 

Hancock, Mr. J. D. 
Mrs. Hancock. 

Hanna, Mr. John L., Sr. 
Mrs. Hanna. 

Hanna, Mr. John L., Jr. 
Mrs. Hanna. 

Haskell, Mr. B. 
Mrs. Haskell. 

Hayes, Mrs. Clarke. 

Heydrick, Mrs. Carl T. 

1017 Elk St. 
Printz Dwellings. 

1409 Liberty St. 
1320 Liberty St. 

1407 Elk St. 

706 Liberty St. 

1320 Elk St. 

1236 Elk St. 

1327 Liberty St. 

122.2 Elk St. 

1109 Elk St. 

927 Elk St. 

Park Way. 

1523 Liberty St. 

1311 Buffalo St 

1407 Buffalo St. 

Park Hotel. 

1412 Elk St. 

1419 Buffalo St. 

1421 Buffalo St. 

Miller Park. 

1404 Liberty St. 
911 Liberty St. 


Heydeick, Mr. F. P. 
Mrs. Heydrick. 

HiLLYER, Mr. Harry. 
Mrs. Hillyer. 

Hollister, Mrs. P. M. 

Hough, Mrs. C. N. 

Hughes, Mr. Edward E. 
Mrs. Hughes. 

Hukill, Mrs. George P. 

JoBSON, Mr. George B., Sr. 
Mrs. Jobsox. 

JoBsoN, Mr. George B., Jr. 
Mrs. Jobson. 

Lamberton, Mr. George J. 
Mrs. Lamberton. 

Lamberton, Mr. Harry. 
Mrs. Lamberton. 

Lamberton, Mr. E. G. 
Mrs. Lamberton. 

Lamberton, Mr. E. G., Jr. 

Mrs. Lamberton. 

Lamberton, Mrs. Sarah B. 

Leadenham, Mr. Joseph W. 
Mrs. Leadenham. 

Lewis, Mr. S. C. 
Mrs. Lewis. 

Mackey, Mr. C. W. 
Mrs. Mackey. 

Manville, Mr. Edward B. 

Mattern, Mr. H. E. 
Mrs. Mattern. 

Miller, Mr. LeEoy G. 
Mrs. Miller. 

Miller, Mrs. Louie. 

Mitchell. Mrs. J. L. 

Mopfet, Mr. George K. 

Mrs. Mopfet. 

Moorhead, Mr. J. B. 
Mrs. Moorhead. 

McCalmont, Mr. David B. 
Mrs. McCalmont. 

920 Liberty St. 

Miller Park. 

1242 Elk St. 
1101 Liberty St. 
1417 Liberty St. 

1328 Elk St. 
1117 Elk St. 

1412 Buffalo St. 

1226 Elk St. 

1418 Elk St. 

1321 Otter St. 

Otter St. 

Park Hotel. 
40 W. Park St. 

1430 Liberty St. 

1138 Elk St. 

1140 Buffalo St. 
814 Elk St. 

Miller Park. 

Exchange Hotel. 
1520 Liberty St. 
1315 Liberty St. 

1411 Liberty St. 

1532 Liberty St. 


McCalmont, Mr. J. D. 
Mrs. McCalmont. 

McCalmont, Mr. Robert. 
Mrs. McCalmont. 

McCalmont, Mrs. S. P. 

McConnell, Mrs. W. J. 

McDowell, Dr. H. F. 
Mrs. McDowell. 

McIntosh, Mr. D. 
Mrs. McIntosh. 

McIntosh, Mr. F. G. 
Mrs. McIntosh. 

Officer, Mr. F. W. 
Mrs. Officer. 

Osborne, Mr. B. H. 
Mrs. Osborne. 

Osmer, Mr. N. F. 
Mrs. Osmer. 

Phipps, Mr. Marshall. 
Mrs. Phipps. 

Prentice, Mrs. Mary C. 

Printz, Mr. D. A. 

Reading, Mr. H. G. 
Mrs. Reading. 

Reisinger, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Reisinger. 

Rheem, Mrs. W. C. 

Riesenman, Mr. Joseph. 
Mrs. Riesenman. 

Rowland, Mr. J. W. 
Mrs. Rowland. 

Rowland, Mr. H. W. 
Mrs. Roavland. 

Shaffer, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Shaffer. 

Sheasley, Mr. C. H. 
Mrs. Sheasley. 

Sheasley, Mr. Jacob J., Jr. 
Mrs. Sheasley. 

Sibley, Mr. E. H. 
Mrs. Sibley. 

Sibley, Mr. J. C. 

Smiley, Mrs. E. W. 

Smiley, Mr. J. Howard. 
Mrs. Smiley. 

Smith, Mr. Harry. 
Mrs. Smith. 

1519 Liberty St. 

1144 Elk St. 

15th and Liberty St. 
702 Liberty St. 
45 Twelfth St. 

Glenmoy Hall. 

1421 Elk St. 

912 Elk St. 

1318 Liberty St. 

Sixteenth St. 

1025 Liberty Ave. 

1335 Liberty Ave. 

Printz Dwellings. 

1313 Otter St. 

11 Tenth St. 

922 Elk St. 
1026 Elk St. 

S. Park and Elk St. 

45 Fifteenth St. 

822 Liberty St. 

1411 Elk St. 

1221 Buffalo St. 

15th and Chestnut St. 

12th and Elk St. 
919 Elk St. 
903 Elk St. 

Printz Dwellings. 


Smith, Mr. Henry W. 
Mrs. Smith. 

Smith, Mr. Rollin (J. 
Mrs. Smith. 

Smith, Mr. Tom C. 
Mrs. Smith. 

Snook. Mr. E. W. 
Mrs. Snook. 

Stevenson, Mr. E. T. 
Mrs. Stevenson. 

Storing, Mr. H. W. 

Stuart, Mr. George S. 

Mrs. Stuart. 

Thomas, Mr. Charles H. 
Mrs. Thomas. 

Trunkey, Mrs. W. G. 

Wilson, Mrs. H. M. 

Wilson, Mr. John A. 
Mrs. Wilson. 

Wilson, Mr. Wm. McCalmOnt. 
Mrs. Wilson. 

WooDBURN, Mr. George B. 
Mrs. Woodburn. 

WooDBURN, Mr. James. 
Mrs. Woodburn. 

Woodburn, Mr. E. H. 
Mrs. Woodburn. 

Zerbe. Dr. J. Irwin. 

830 Liberty St. 

1025 Elk St. 

46 Fifteenth St. 

11th and Liberty St. 

821 Elk St. 

Printz Dwellings. 
Park Hotel. 

15th and Elk St. 

Exchange Hotel. 

1119 Liberty St. 

15th and Buffalo St. 

Miller Park. 

926 Elk St. 
1420 Elk St. 

923 Elk St. 

933 Elk St. 


Armstrong, Mr. James, Jr. 
Mrs. Armstrong (Jane Carpenter). 

Bair, Mr. E. H. 

Mrs. Bair (Esther Suydam). 

Bair, Miss Helen. 

Bair, Esther. 

Bair, Mr. Paul Suydam. 

Bair, Mr. Kenneth Henry. 

Bair, Mr. Edward Hart. 

Bair, Joseph Lawrence. 

Barclay, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Barclay (Rebecca Coulter), 
Barclay, John, Jr. 

Barclay, Mr. Morrison. 
Mrs. Barclay (Helen A. Cashman). 
Barclay, Mary C. 

409 N. Maple Ave. 

515 N. Main St. 
Bell 824. 

W. Pittsburg St. 
Bell 446. 

700 N. Main St. 
Bell 488. 


Barclay, Mr. Thomas. 

Beacom, Mr. James S. 
Mrs. Beacom. 

Beistel, Mr. H. Clay. 
Mrs. Beistel. 

Bennet, Mr. James A. 

Mrs. Bennet (Adaline Barrows), 

Bennet, Miss Mary E. 

Bennet, Mr. James A., Jr. 

BovARD, Mr. Harvey Foster. 
Mrs. Bovard (Mary Moorhead). 

Bovard, Elizabeth. 

Bovard, James. 

Brown, Mr. S. P. 

Mrs. Brov^n (Maggie Hill). 

Brown, Miss Louise. 

Brown, Mr. Paul E. 

Brown, Mr. Potter. 

Brown, Edwin. 

Brown, Tom. 

Brunot, Mr. John B. 

Mrs. Brunot (Alice Turner) 

Brunot, Mary Alice. 

Brunot, John B., Jr. 

Brunot, William Turner. 

Brunot, Hon. Hilary Sampson. 

Bryce, Mr. Frank G. 

Mrs. Bryce (Margaret Mabon). 

Burket, Mr. H. C. 

Mrs. Burket (Emma Zimmerman). 

Burket, Miss Julia. 

Burket, John. 

Chichester, Mr. Edward G. 
Mrs. Chichester. 

Chichester, Mr. F. W. 
Mrs. Chichester. 

Chichester, Mary. 

Chichester, George. 

Cope, Dr. John Caleb. 
Mrs. Cope (Lydia Gaither). 
Cope, John Caleb, Jr. 

Cote, Mr. J. L. 
Mrs. Cote (Alma O'Neal). 
Cote, Mr. J. L., Jr. 

Coulter, Mr. Henry W. 
Mrs. Coulter (Stella Head). 

Coulter, Richard. 

Coulter, John. 

Maple Ave. and Grant St. 
Bell 66. 

N. Main St. 
Bell 24. 

W. Newton Ave. 
Bell 149-E. 

N. Main St. 
Bell 161. 

115 Seminary Ave. 
Bell 391. 

508 N. Main St. 
Bell 48-W. 

W. Pittsburg St. 
Bell 124. 

325 Walnut Ave. 
Bell 960. 

W. Otterman St. 
Bell 95. 

145 Seminary Ave. 
Bell 937. 

Oakland Ave. 
Bell 523. 

546 W. Pittsburg St. 
Bell 873. 

450 N. Main St. 

N. Main St. 
Bell 691. 


Coulter, Mrs. Eichard (Emma Welty). 
Coulter, Miss Margaret. 
Coulter, Mr. Richard, Jr. 
Coulter, Mr. Alexander. 
Coulter, Mr. William. 

Crawford, Mrs. I. B. 

Crawford, Miss Margaret. 

Crowell, Mr. Charles C. 
Mrs. Crowell. 

Crowell. Daniell. 

225 S. Main St. 
Bell 211. 

510 N. 

N. Main St. 
Bell 499. 

Maple Ave. 
Bell 923. 

DoM, Mr. William T. 
Mrs. Dorn (Eliza J. McCuUough), 
Dorn, Mr. Welty M. 

DoM, Mr. William T., Jr. 
Mrs. Dorn (Lela Hudson). 

Dorn, Anna. 

Dorn, Lela. 

Dorn, Mary Jane. 

Dorn, William T., III. 

Donohoe, Mr. Edward E. 
Mrs. Donohoe (Martha Peters). 

Donohoe, Mr. Gerald Eichard. 

Donohoe, Mr. Thomas Wise. 

Donohoe, Edward Cyril. 

Donohoe, Don. 

Donohoe, Mr. John P. 

Mrs. Donohoe (Chamberlain). 

Donohoe, Bertha C. 

Donohoe, John C. 

Donohoe, Eichard C. 

Harrison City Eoad. 
BeU 379-J. 

Westmoreland Ayh.. 
Bell 391. 

510 N. Main St. 
Bell 411. 

415 S. Main St. 
Bell 1341. 


Second St. 
Bell 359. 

N. Maple Ave. 
Bell 30. 

Donohoe, Mrs. Thomas. 
Donohoe, Miss Mary. 

Doty, Mr. L. W. 

Doty, Mr. Edmund. 

Wyant, Mrs. A. M., (Catherine Doty). 

Wyant, Mr. A. M. 

Eicher, Mr. Alex., Jr. 415 W. Pittsburg St 

Mrs. Eicher (Winona Gallaher). Bell 788 

Eicher, Virginia. 

Eicher, Winona. 

EiSAMAN, Mr. J. R. 423 N. Maple Ave, 

Mrs. EiSAMAN (Margaret Hodge). Bell 318. 

Eisaman, Miss Mary A. 

Eisaman, Mr. Josejjh. 

Eisaman, John Hodge. 

Fogg, Mr. C. H. Hannastown. 

Mrs. Fogg. Bell 345. 

Forbes, Mr. Murray. 

Mrs. Forbes (Ethel Parvin). 

Forbes, Miss Ethel. 

Forbes, Adalaide. 

Forbes, Mildred W. 

Forbes, Murray^ Jr. 

Forbes, Eobert P. 

E. Pittsburg St. 
Bell 264. 



Furtvvangler, Mrs. R. M. 
I'urtwanglc-r, Mr, H. W. 

Gaither, Mr. Paul H. 
Mrs. Gaither (Ida Steck). 

Gaither, Miss Margaretta. 

Gaither, Miss Emily. 

Gaither, Miss Mary. 

Gaither, Mr. Wilson A. 

Gross, Mr. E. M. 
Mrs. Gross. 

Hays, Mr. W. D. 
Mrs. Hays. 

Hazlett. Mrs. Lizzie C. 

Head, Mr. John B. 

Mrs. Head (Naomi Jones). 

Head, Miss Elizabeth. 

Head, Miss Sara. 

Head, Mr. Paul J. 

Head, Mr. Morris W. 

Mrs. Head (Rose Zimmerman). 

Head, Dorothy. 

Head, Rosemary. 

Head, Stella M. 

Head, Margaret. 

Head, John B., Jr. 

Herbert, Mr. Robert W. 
Mrs. Herbert (Sara Black) 

Herbert, Mr. Robert Black. 


Mrs. HOLLINGSWORTH (Anna Freeman), 

Huff, Mr. George F. 
Mrs. Huff. 

Huff, Mr. Julian. 

Huflf, Mr. Burrel. 

Huff, Mr. L. B. 
Mrs. Huff. 

Huff, Mr. W. A. 

Mrs. Huff (Kate Heller). 

Huff, Miss Rose. 

Huff, Miss Angeline. 

Huff, Miss Katherine. 

Huff, Mr. George F. 

Huff, Mr. William A. 

12.0 S. Main St. 
Bell 469. 

W. Pittsburg St, 
Bell 162. 

210 W. Otterman St. 
Bell 53. 

N. Maple St. 
Bell 120-L, 

W. Pittsburg St. 
Bell 686-L. 

N. Main St. 
Bell 333. 

N. Maple Ave. 
Bell 442. 

23 Seminary Ave. 
Bell 517-W. 

620 N. Maple Ave. 
Bell 1286. 

Cabin Hill. 
Bell 54. 

Rose Fountain Farm. 
Bell 602. 

N. Main St. 
Bell 310. 

Jamison, Mr. Charles. 

Jamison, Dr. Hugh D. 

Mrs. Jamison (Sara Barclay). 

Jamison, Mr. Jay C. 

Mrs. Jamison (Mary Brown). 

"Clifford Flats," 
Pennsylvania Ave., Bell 322. 

N. Maple Ave. 
Bell 66. 

Alexander St. 
Bell 776. 


Jamison, Mr. John M. 

Mrs. Jamison (Hettie Barclay). 

Jamison, Caroline. 

Jamison, Isabel. 

Jamison, Hettie. 

Jamison, John M., Jr. 

Jamison, Mr. Eichard H. 

Mrs. Jamison (Josephine Latto). 

Jamison, John. 

Jamison, Rose, 

Jamison, Richard H., Jr. 

Jamison, Mr. Thomas S. 

Mrs. Jamison (Margaret Welty). 

Jamison, Priscilla. 

Jamison, Elizabeth. 

Jamison, Mr. W. W. 

Mrs. Jamison (Elizabeth Eccles). 

Jamison, Mr. Ralph E. 

Jamison, Mr. Robert P. 

Jamison, Mr. Thomas. 

KJEENAN, Mr. John B. 

Mrs. Keenan (Eleanor Woods). 

Keenan, Miss Mary R. 

Keenan, Miss Hetty B. 

Woods, Miss Margaret R. 

KuHNS, Mr. Jacob U. 

Mrs. Kuhns (Katie Y. Black). 

Kuhns, Mr. Wilbur Black. 

Kuhns, Jacob U., Jr. 

Latta, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Latta (Rose McClellan). 
Latta, Miss Marguerite. 

Lawrence, Dr. J. S. 

Long, Miss Elizabeth. 

Lynch, Mr. Thomas. 

Mrs. Lynch (Sarah McKenna). 

Lynch, Miss Sarah. 

Lynch, Mr. Ralph. 

Lynch, Mr. Clay. 
Lynch, Mr. John. 

Lynch, Ensign Charles McKenna. 
Mrs. Lynch. 

Marker, Mr. H. E. 

Mrs. Marker (Ellen Bartholomew). 

Marker, Rachel Catherine. 

Marker, Henry E., Jr. 

Miller, Mr. Frank B. 
Mrs. Miller (Helen Doty). 
Miller, Lucien Doty. 

E. Pittsburg St. 
Bell 275. 

E. Pittsburgh St. 
Bell 584. 

W. Pittsburg St, 
Bell 472.. 

624 X. Main St. 
Bell 272. 

410 S. Main St. 
Bell 86. 

W. Pittsburg St. 
Bell 240. 

Alexander St. 

Merchants' Hotel. 
Bell 1002. 

134 Division St. 
Bell 380. 

W. Pittsburg St. 

Danville, III, 
Brooklyn, N, Y. 

605 X. Main St. 
Bell 2. 

117 Seminary Ave. 
Bell 421. 


Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth. 
Moore, Mr. A. B. 
Moore, Mr. J. P. 

MooREHEAD, Mr. James S. 
Mrs. Moorehead (Singer). 

jNIoorebead, Miss Elizabeth. 

Moorehead, Mr. John. 

Singer, Miss M. 

Morse, Mr. R. C, Jr. 
Mrs. Morse. 

McCoNNELL, Judge A. D. 

W. Otterman St. 
Bell 218. 

W. Pittsburg St. 

HuEY Apts., E. Pittsburg St. 

McCuLLOUGH, Mrs. A. B. 
McCullough, Miss Eliza. 

McCuRDY, Mr. Joseph A. 

Mrs. McCurdy (Florence Ludwig). 

Null, Miss Eleanor. 

212 N. Main St. 
Bell 457. 

W. Otterman St. 
Bell 378. 

312 N. Maple Ave. 
Bell 1198. 

201 N. Main St. 
Bell 274. 

Ogden, Mr. D. C. 

Mrs. Ogden (Anna W. McCullough). 

217 S. Maple Ave. 

Bell 180. 

P. & A. 3. 

Painter, Mr. H. Clymer. 

Mrs. Painter (Mary E. Henry). 

Painter, Miss Mary Estelle. 

Painter, Carrie. 

Painter, Harriet McClelland. 
. Painter, Mr. Hester Clymer. 

Painter, James Henry. 

Painter, Mr. Morris L. 
Mrs. Painter. 

Patton, Mr. J. Howard. 
Mrs. Patton (Jessie E. Geiger). 
Patton, Mr, J. Howard, Jr. 

Peoples, Mr. W. C. 

Mrs. Peoples (Anna Johnston). 

Peoples, Miss Margaret M. 

Peoples, Miss Mary E. 

Peoples, Miss Anne. 

Peoples, Mr. William C, Jr. 

Peoples, John M. 

Uamsay, Mrs. Janet. 


Mrs. Eeed (Wentling). 

Bobbins, Mr. Edward E. 
Mrs. Eobbins (Luella Moore). 

Eobbins, Edward E., Jr. 

"Robbins, William. 

W. Pittsburg St. 

E. Pittsburg St. 

423 W. Pittsburg St. 

458 N. Main St. 
Bell 798. 

N. Maple Ave. 
Bell 307. 

E. Greensburg. 

N. Main St. 
Bell 265. 


:Eyan, Mr. William B. 
"Mrs. Ryan (Maud Latta). 

Eyan, Miss Juliette H. 

Eyan, Emma L. 

Eyan, Francis C. 

Eyan, Barbara G. 

Eyan, Mr. John Latta. 

Eyan, Mr. William B. 

Ryan, Mr. Eichard M. 

Eyan, Harold T. 

ScHALL, Eev. Charles. 
Mrs. Schall (Daisy Bogardus). 
Sehall, Eobert. 

Shaner, Mr. Phillip K. 

Mrs. Shaner (Flo McCormick). 

Sbaner, Helen M. 

Shaner, Hary Elizabeth. 

Singer, Dr. John Johnston. 

Mrs. Singer (Mary Louise Marshall). 

Sloan, Mr. A. M. 

Mrs. Sloan (Nancy Kilgore). 

Sloan, Miss Elizabeth. 

Sloan, Miss Gertrude. 

Sloan, Miss Euth. 

Sloan, Mary. 

Smith, Mr. Egbert W. 

Mrs. Smith (Ouida W. Nesbit). 

Smith, Alice Caroline. 

Smith, Eobert W., Jr. 

Stark, Mr. H. F. 

Mrs. Stark (Martha Pollock). 

Steel, Mk. John B. 

Mrs. Steel (Madge Montgomery). 

Stephenson, Mr. John V. 

Mrs. Stephenson (Emma Whitaker). 

Stephenson, Miss Louise. 

Stephenson, Mr. John, Jr. 

Wentling, Mr. John F. 
Mrs. Wentling. 

Wentling, Miss Golden. 

Wentling, Mr. John F., Jr. 

Wentling, Mr. Joseph. 
Mrs. Wentling (Mary Lynch). 
Wentling, Nancy. 

Whitten, Mr. Charles E. 
Mrs. Whitten (Bessie Purdue). 

Whitten, Elizabeth Hortense. 

Whitten, Minerva Katherine. 

Wilson, Mr. William A. 

Mrs. Wilson (Cecilia Donohoe). 

138 Seminary Ave. 
Bell 3235. 

S. Main St. 

538 N. Maple Ave. 
Bell 171-W. 

542 W. Pittsburg St. 
Bell 651-L. 

327 Walnut Ave. 
Bell 1177. 

411 N. Maple Ave. 

E. Pittsburg St. 
Bell 248. 

130 Division St. 
Bell 921. 

Park St. 
Bell 466-J. 

Jack St. 

143 Seminary Ave. 
Bell 928. 

N. Main St. 

W. Pittsburg St. 
Bell 298. 


Woods, Mr. Cyrus E. 
Mrs. Woods (Mary Marchand). 
Marchand, Mrs. M. 

YoNT, Mr. Harry N. 

Mrs. Yont (Emma Eeeve). 

Zercher, Mr. W. F. 

Mrs. Zercher (Mary Stephenson). 

333 N. Main St. 
Bell 408. 

622 N. Maple Ave. 
Bell 688. 

316 N. Maple Ave. 
Bell 466-R. 


Jefferson and Arch St. 

Allegheny Ave. 
P. and A. 63 

Jefferson St. 
P. and A. 550. 

Allison, Dr. Dent. Ruse Bldg. 

Mrs. Allison (Miss Pearl). P. and A. 547. 

Allison, Mr. De Muter. Water St. 

Mrs. Allison (Margaret Acheson). P. and A. 62. 

Moore, Mrs. Laura. 

Moore, Miss Adele. 

Allison, Mrs. 

Arnold, Harry. N. Water St. 

Mrs. Arnold (Ida Luker). P. and A. 531. 

Luker, Mr. Benjamin. 

Bovard, Chambers. 
Mrs. Bovard (Mary Orr). 
Bovard, Miss F. 

Bovard, Harry. 

Mrs. Bovard (Laird Leason). 

Brodhead, Edgar. 

Mrs. Brodhead (Lavina Harkness). 

Brodhead, Miss Hannah. 

Brodhead, Miss Margaret. 

Hankey, Mrs. Lavina. 

Faulis, Mrs. Wm., Wickboro, Pa. 

Brodhead, Mr. George. 

Brodhead, Mr. Edward. 

Brodhead, Mr. Charles. 

Brodhead, Mr. William. 

Browne, Mrs. George (Isabella Reynolds). Jefferson St. 
Browne, Miss Gladys. P. and A. 367. 

Browne, Miss Elizabeth. 

Brov^^n, Mr. Wood. Allegheny Ave., Appewold. 

Mrs. Brown (Margaret Reese). P. and A. 515. 

Buffington, Mr. Ephraim. Water St. 

Mrs. Buffington (Margaret Orr). 

Buffington, Miss Hannah. 

Buffington, Miss Marion. 

Martin, Mrs. Kittie. 

Dravo, Mrs. Fannie, Sewickley. 

Buffington, Mr. Orr. 

Mrs. Buffington (Charlotte Hyde). 

Buffington, Sydney. 

Buffington, Kenneth. 

Leason. Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson. 

N. Water St. 
P. and A. 47. 


CoLWELL, Miss Alice. 

CoLWELL, Mr. Henry A. 

Mrs. Colwell (Phoebe Mosegrove). 

Colwell, Mr. Harry. 

Colwell, Mr. John, New York. 

Colwell, Mr. James, Florida. 

Colwell, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Eobinson), 
Colwell, Miss Jane. 

Copley, Mr. Paul. 

Mrs. Copley (Anna Slayniaker). 

Copley, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Copley (Mary Lee). 

Cunningham, Mrs. (Sarah Eeynolds). 

Daugherty, Mrs. (Agnes Hilberry). 

Daugherty, Mr. J. D. 

Daugherty, Miss Laurene. 
Daugherty, Miss Mary. 

Deemar, Dr. J. T. 

Mrs. Deemar (Miss Horn). 

Deemar, Mr. Roscoe. 

Deemar, Dr. William. 

Dickson, Mrs. (Annie Heinerd). 

Fox, Mr. .John. 

Fox, Miss Margaret. 

Gates, Mr. Herbert. 

Mrs. Gates (Winnie Roher). 

Gates, Mrs. William (Jane Bassett). 
Gates, Miss Sarah. 
Watts, Mrs. 

Gilpin, Mr. Oliver. 

Mrs. Gilpin (Fmily Reynolds). 

Golden, Mr. Edward. 
Mrs. Golden (Sarah Gates). 

Golden, Mr. and Mrs. Lee. 

Golden, Mr. Harry. 

Golden, Mr. Walter. 

Golden, Percy. 

Titzel, Mr. and Mrs. George. 

Graff, Mr. Alex. 
Mrs. Mary Graff (Mary Tenby). 
Evans, Mrs., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Graff, Frank. 

Summer Home — Worthington, Pa. 

Graff, Mr. Peter. 

^Irs. Graff (Georgia Brown). 

Jefferson and Arch St. 
P. and A. 445. 

McKean and Vine Sts. 

Bell 80-R. 

P. and A. 109. 

106 Water St. 
P. and A. 10.3. 

Manor Heights. 


Reynolds House. 

Jefferson St. 

Vine St. 

and A. 3943. 

Arch St. 

S. Water St. 
P. and A. 375. 

McKean St. 
P. and A. 430. 

Grant St. 
P. and A. 146. 

McKean St. 
P. and A. 683. 

Water St. 
P. and A. 451. 

Arch and Vine St. 
P. and A. 431. 

Buffalo Furnace. 
P. and A. T. 2961-1. 

P. and A. T. 2961-3. 


Harrington, Mr. Charles E. Allegheny Ave., Applewold. 
Mrs. Harrington (Margaret Cooper). P. and A. 265. 

Heiner, Mr. Daniel B. 
Mrs. Heiner (Belle Acheson). 
Heiner^ Mr. William G., Jr. 

Heiner, Mr. W. G. 

Mrs. Heiner (Florence UUom). 

Henry, Mr. Boyd. 

Mrs. Henry (Elizabeth Campbell). 

Hileman, Harry A. 

Mrs. Hileman (Bessie Hulings). 

Hileman, Mr. Tyson. 

Mrs. Hileman (Jessie Reynolds). 

Hileman, Mrs. (May Mechling). 
Hileman, Miss Elizabeth. 
Hileman, Mr. Neale. 

Jessop, Dr. S. A. S. 

Jessop, Dr. Charles. 
Jessop, Miss. 

Jones, " Mr. Floy. 

Mrs. Jones (May Gault). 

King, Mr. J. W. 

Mrs. King. 

King, Mr. Perry. 

Leason, Mr. J. R. 

Mrs. Leason (Margaret Buffington). 
Leason, J. R., Jr. 

Lee, Mr. Edward. 

Mrs. Lee (Louise Super). 

Lee, Miss Blanche. 

Lee, Mr. Ned. 

Lindeman, Mr. H. J. 
Mrs. Lindeman. 

LindemaUj Dr., Homewood. 

Meredith, Hon Wm. 

Meredith, Miss Caroline. 

Monks, Dr. Feed. 
Mrs. Monks (Mabel Allison). 
Monks, Margaret. 

Montgomery, Mrs. (Miss Robinson) 

Mooeehead, Mr. R. W. 

Mrs. Moorehead (Miss Findley). 

Morgan, Mrs. Charlotte (Housten). 
Galbraith, Miss Jennie. 
Galbraith, Mr. Julian. 
Findlay, Mr. 
Morgan, Mr. Samuel. 

Vine and Jefferson St. 

Bell 65. 

P. and A. 495. 

N. Grant Ave. 
Bell 85; P. and A. 584. 

Allegheny Ave. 
P. and A. 116. 

N. McKean St. 
P. and A. 360. 

N. Grant Ave. 
P. and A. 441. 

Jefferson St. 
P. and A. 362. 

Jefferson St. 
P. and A. 51. 

Manor Twp. 
P. and A. 1553. 

N. McKean St. 
P. and A. 324. 

Reese Bldg. 
P. and A. 680. 

N. Water St. 
P. and A. 554. 

]Sr. McKean St. 
P. and A. 379. 

Water St. 

N. Jefferson St. 
P. and A. 422. 

Jefferson St. 

Vine St. 
P. and A. 344. 

Alexander Hotel. 


McCain, Mrs. John (Charlotte T\Yiner), Jefferson St. 

McCain, Mr. Gilpin. P. and A. 119. 

McCain, Ford. 
Dalilinger, Mrs. Charles, California and Wheeler Aves. 

Bellevue, Pa. 

McCain, Mr. Samuel H. 
Mrs. McCain (Adele Gilpin). 

McCain, Samuel, Jr. 

MeConnell, Miss Elizabeth. 

McConnell, Mrs. Elisha. 
MeConnell, Miss Muriel. 
McConnell, Miss Fredricka. 
McConnell, Miss Constance. 

McConnell, Mrs. Lou (Lee). 

McCuLLOuGH, Mr. James, Jr. 
Mrs. McCullough (Annie Turner). 
McCuUough, Mr. James, III. 

McEllianey, Miss Margaret. 
McEllianey, Miss Kate. 

McNeese, Mr. George. 
Mrs. McNeese. 

McNeese, Mr. Wendell. 

McNeese, Mr. Clifford. 

McNeese, Miss Helen. 

McNeese, Miss Hazel. 

Neale, Mrs. J. B. (Annie Truby). 
Nugent. Miss Ella. 

Vine and McKean St. 
P. and A. 504. 

Vine and Grant St. 
P. and A. 513. 

Water St. 

S. Water St. 
P. and A. 286. 

Alexander St. 

P. and A. 151. 

Eeynolds House. 

Painter, Mrs. A. P. N. (Eliza Crawford). N. McKean St. 

Bell 91- J; P. and A. 227. 
Crawford, Mr. John, Tarentum, Pa, 

Painter, Mr. Charles. 

Patton, Hon. W. D. 
Mrs. Patton (Ella Haft). 

Patton, Margaret. 

Mrs. Margaret Patton, 

Peart, Mr. William. 

Mrs. Peart (Virginia Sloan), 

Peart, Miss Mary Sloan, 

Peart, Miss Ada Sloan. 

Peart, Miss Esther Sloan. 

Ealston, Miss Alice. 
Ralston, Mr, William, 

Eeese, Mr. George. 

Mrs, Reese (Miss Truby), 

Brown, Mr, and Mrs, Wood, 

Reynolds, Mr. Harry, 

Mrs. Reynolds (Sarah Reynolds). 

Reynolds, Margaret, 

Merrill, Mrs,, Jackson, Mississippi, 

P, and A. 188, 

Market and Jefferson, 
P, and A, 79. 

McKean St. 
P, and A. 514, 

Water St. 

Water and Vine St. 
Bell 3-R; P. and A. 127. 

Reynolds House. 
P. and A. 75. 


Sulphur Spkin(;s. 
P. and A. 238. 

Water St. 
P. and A. 342. 

Reynolds, Miss Laurena. 
Eeynolds, Mr. Frank. 

Eeichert, Mr. WIlliam H. 
Beichert, Mr. William. 
Eeichert, Mrs. Anna. 

EoBiNsoN, Miss Julia. 
Eobinson, Miss Lydia. 

EoBiNSON, Mrs. 

Eobinson, Miss Mary. 


Mrs. Eohrer (Mary Haft). 
Eohrer, Mr. John W., Jr. 

Eupp, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Eupp. 

Eupp, Miss Margaret. 

Eupp, Miss Matilda. 

Eupp, Mr. William. 

Eupp, Mr. John. 

Schotte, Mr. Carl. 

Mrs. Schotte (Mary Kron). 

ScHOTTE, Mr. Frederick. 

Mrs. Schotte (Lydia Meredith). 

Shadle, Mrs. C. C. (Miss Wherry). 

(Blairsville Seminary). 
Shadle, Miss Laura. 
Shadle, Miss Helen. 
Shadle, Mr. Charles. 

Slaymaker, Mr. R. S. Water St. 

Mrs. Slaymaker (Elizabeth Bowman). P. and A. 570. 

(Glenmary Hall). 

Slaymaker, Mr. Philip, Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Slaymaker, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Copley, Swissvale, Pa. 

Slaymaker, Miss Agnes, New York City. 

Slaymaker, Miss Sarah Bowman. 

S. Water St. 
P. and A. 507. 

Jefferson St. 

Union Ave. 
P. and A. 142. 

N. Grant Ave. 
P. and A. 573. 

N. McKean St. 
P. and A. 37. 

S. Jefferson St. 
P. and A. 403. 

N. Grant Ave. 
P. and A. 484. 

Stone, Mr. James. 

Mrs. Stone (Maple Copley). 

TiTZEL, Mr. George. 
Mrs. Titzel (Gertrude Golden). 
Titzel, Miss Margaret. 

Thompson, Mr. Joseph. 
Mrs. Thompson (Ella Eeynolds). 
Jack, Mr. and Mrs. Harry. 

Weylman, Mr. Harry. 
Mrs. Weylman. 

Whitworth, Mr. John F. 

Mrs. Whitworth (Maud Reynolds). 

Wliitworth, Miss Ehoda Eeynolds. 

Whitworth, Mrs. Maud. 

Goldrich, Mrs. Kate, Yonkers, N. Y. 

253 N. Grant. 
P. and A. 289. 

N. McKean. 

N. McKean. 
P. and A. 124. 

N. Jefferson St. 
P. and A. 285. 

N. McKean St. 
P. and A. 225. 


Wick, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Wick. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus. 

Wilson, Mr. Otto. 

Mrs. Wilson (Miss Eumbaugh). 

Wilson, Mr. Charles. 

Wilson, Harry. 

Williams, Mrs. 

Williams, Miss Margaret. 
Williams, Miss Harriet. 

Vine St. 
Bell 54-J: P. and A. 472. 

N. McKean. 
P. and A. 209. 

Water St. 


Andrews, Mr. James R. 
Mrs. Andrews. 

Ballinger, Mr. A. L. 

Bates, Mr. Alfred J, 
Mrs. Bates. 

Bates, Mr. Arthur L. 
Mrs. Bates. 

Bates, Mr. Walter I. 
Mrs. Bates. 

Beeman, Mr. M. M. 
Mrs. Beeman. 

Bellows, Mr. E. H. 
Mrs. Bellows. 

Best, Miss Blanche. 

Best, Mr. Wesley B. 
Mrs. Best. 

BowEN, Mr. Clayton R. 
Mrs. Bo wen. 

Brawley, Mr. John B. 

Breakiron, Mr. C. A. 
Mrs. Breakiron. 

Brown, Mr. Manley O. 
Mrs. Brown. 

Brown, Mr. Robert X. 
Mrs. Brown. 

Brownell, Mr. R. W. 
Mrs. Brownell. 

Burwell, Mr. C. S. 
Mrs. Burwell. 

Cobern, Rev. Camden M. 
Mrs. Cobekn. 

Chestnut St. 

460 Walnut St. 
67 Highland Ave. 

Derickson Blk. 

572- Randolph St. 

669 Alden St. 

1182 S. Park Ave. 

280 Center Ave. 
899 Park Ave. 

671 Alden St. 

361 Walnut St. 
912 Water St. 

364 Walnut St. 

697 Alden St. 

196 Spring St. 

536 Chestnut St. 

360 N. Main. 


Cole, Mr. Thomas J. 
Mks. Cole. 

Colter, Mr. James P. 
Mrs. Colter. 

Craighead, Mrs. Lydia L. 

Culbertson, Mr. James L. 
Mrs. Culbertson. 

CuLLUM, Mr. E. p. 
Mrs. Cullum. 

CuLLUM, Mr. George S. 
Mrs. Cullum. 

DeArment, Mr. George B. 
Mrs. DeArment. 

Delamater, Mrs. Elizabeth E. 

Delancy, Eev. p. F. 
Mrs. Delancy. 

Densmore, Mr. Clinton. 
Mrs. Densmore. 

Dick, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Dick. 

Dickson, Mr. H. M. 
Mrs. Dickson. 

Downing, Mr. J. D. 
Mrs. Downing. 

Dreutlein, Mr. Henry. 
Mrs. Dreutlein. 

Dunn, Rev. J. J. 
Mrs. Dunn. 

DuTTON, Mr. William T. 
Mrs. Dutton. 

Easterwood, Mr. F. K. 
Mrs. Easterwood. 

Ellsworth, Mr. Harry. 
Mrs. Ellsworth. 

Fahr, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Fahr. 

Farnicorn, Mr. John J. 
Mrs. Farnicorn. 

Flood, Mr. Ned Arden. 
Mrs. Flood. 

Flood, Dr. T. L. 
Mrs. Flood. 

Fuller, Mr. A. M. 
Mrs. Fuller. 

Fuller, Mr. H. H. 
Mrs. Fuller. 

770 Park Ave_ 

356 E. Chestnut St. 

867 Water St. 
559 Randolph St.. 

450 Chestnut St.. 

438 Chestnut St. 

Randolph St. 

875 Diamond St. 
Chestnut St.. 

534 Walnut St.. 

915 Liberty St.. 

370 Chestnut St.. 

360 Chestnut St.. 

947 Park Ave.. 

Liberty Ave., 

240 Locust St, 

961 S. Main St, 

1092 Park Ave. 

1087 Water St. 
564 Chestnut St. 

377 Walnut St. 
882 Diamond St. 
485 Chestnut St. 

751 Terrace St. 


Gamble, Dr. E. Bruce. 
Mrs. Gamble. 

Graham, Mr. P. B. 
Mrs. Graham. 

Grove, Mr. E. L. 
Mrs. Grove. 

Hamaker, Dr. W. D. 
Mrs. Hamaker. 

Harper, Mr. Walter G. 
Mrs. Harper. 

Hempstead, Mr. E. A. 
Mrs. Hempstead. 

Honeywell, Mr. E. H. 
Mrs. Honeywell. 

Huidekoper, Mr. A. C. 
Mrs. Huidekoper. 

Huidekoper, Mr. Edgar. 

Hull, Juvia O. 

Humes, Mr. E. Lowry. 
Mrs. Humes. 

Kent, Mr. O. Clair. 
Mrs. Kent. 

Kincaid, Mr. W. W. 
Mrs. Kincaid. 

KoHLER, Mr. Otto. 
Mrs. Kohler. 

Lang, Mrs. George. 

Lee, Mr. Edwin. ' 

]Mrs. Lee. 

Ling, Mr. Charles J. 
Mrs. Ling. 

LocKwoOD, Mr. Erank C. 
Mrs. Lockwood. 

LuPER, Mr. George B. 
Mrs. Luper. 

Mendel, Mr. Joseph. 
Mrs. Mendel. 

Merrell, Mr. S. 
Mrs. Merrell. 

Mumford, Dr. Mary B. 

McClintock, Mr. John. 
Mrs. McClintock. 

McClintock, Mr. John O. 
Mrs. McClintock. 

McParland, Mrs. Anna M. 


Mrs. McGunnnegle. 

899 Liberty St. 

593 Chestnut St. 

602 Chestnut St. 

883 Water St. 

Liberty and Center Sts. 

654 N. Main St. 

494 Chestnut St. 

831 Terrace St. 

455 Chestnut St. 
903 Liberty St. 
444 Walnut St. 

509 E. Chestnut St, 

EiFTH Ward. 

1060 Water St. 

773 Market St, 
313 Loomis St, 

581 Park Ave. 

680 N. Main St. 

503 Eandolph St. 

557 Chestnut St. 

379 Chestnut St. 

Diamond St. 
445 Randolph St. 

473 Walnut St. 

Liberty and Chestnut Sts. 
444 Chestnut St. 


McKay, Mr. D. T., Jr. 
Mrs. McKay. 

McLean, Dr. C. C. 
Mrs. McLean. 

McMillin, Mr. W. J. 
Mrs. McMillin. 

JSTesbit, Dr. F. L. 
Mrs. Nesbit. 

Ohlman, Mr. M. 
Mrs. Ohlman. 

Pickett, Mr. B. B. 
Mrs. Pickett. 

Porter, Miss Finetta G. 

Porter, Mrs. Flavia. 

Prather, Mr. Thomas J. 

Mrs. Prather. 

Prenatt, Mr. F. G. 
Mrs. Prenatt. 

Eeitze, Mr. John H. 
Mrs. Eeitze. 

Eeynolds, Mr. John E. 
Mrs. Eeynolds. 

EiCHMOND, Mr. a. G. 
Mrs. Eichmond. 

EoBERTS, Mr. J, D. 
Mrs. Eoberts. 

Sacket, Mr. M. W. 
Mrs. Sacket, 

.ScoTT, Mr. B. L. 
Mrs. Scott. 

Secrist, Mr. Henry T. 
Mrs. Secrist. 

Sennet, Mrs. Sarah E. 

Shryock, Mr. Frank E. 
Mrs. Shryock. 

Shryock, Mr. John J. 
Mrs. Shryock. 

SiNGLEY, Mr. B. L. 
Mrs. Singley. 

Sna^^eley, Mr. G. E. 
Mrs. Snaveley. 

Southworth, Mr. F. C. 
Mrs. Southworth. 

Speer, Mr. J. McKnight. 

Mrs. Speer. 

Starr, Mrs. N. K. 

Stem, Mr. J. T. 

Mrs. Stem. 

443 Walnut St. 

837 Market St. 

360 Center Ave. 

1089 S. Main St. 

1116 Water St. 

706 Highland Ave. 

E. Chestnut St. 

9421/2 Water St. 

Walnut Extension. 

486 Walnut St. 

778 Park Ave. 

639 Terrace St. 

895 Liberty St. 

797 N. Main St. 

244 Arch St. 

603 Arch St. 

953 S. Main St. 

Alden St. 
847 Terrace St. 

571 Chestnut St. 

166 Spring St. 

588 Baldwin St. 

502 E. Chestnut St. 

375 Henry St. 

632 N. Park Ave. 
290 Walnut St. 


Sutton, Mr. F. A. 
Mrs. Sutton. 

SwiCKARD, Mrs. M. W. 

Trawin, Mr. G. D. 
Mrs. Trawin. 

Utech, Mr. p. Henry. 
Mrs. Utech. 

Van Patton, Mr. Herbert. 
Mrs. Van Patton. 

Veith, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Veith. 

Walker, Mr. Lewis. 
Mrs. Walker. 

Webb, Mr. C. L, 
Mrs. Webb. 

Whiting, Miss Elizabeth. 

Wilson, Mr. George T. 
Mrs. Wilson. 

Wilson, Mr. Wallace A. 
Mrs. Wilson. 

Winters, Eev. Franz. 
Mrs. Winters. 

Wright, Mr. John H. 
Mrs. Wright. 

Spring St. 

Chestnut and Diamond Sts. 
351 Walnut St. 

565 N. Park Ave. 

281 Chestnut St. 

1188 Park Ave. 

Grove St. 

647 Highland Ave. 

849 Terrace St. 
995 Liberty St. 

615 E. Chestnut St. 

355 Pine St. 

843 Market St. 


Abrams, Mr. Egbert. 
Mrs. Abrams. 

Alexander, Mr. Fred K. 

Alexander, Mrs. James S. 

Alexander, Mr. William H. 
Mrs. Alexander. 

Allbeck, Eev. M. M. 

Allen, Mr. B. S. 
Mrs. Allen. 

Bentley, Mr. Charles A. 
Mrs. Bentley. 

Bentley, Miss Millie. 

BoGGs, Mrs. Mary. 

Borland, Mrs. Elizabeth J. 

Borland, Mr. M. Howard. 

Mrs. Borland. 

Byers, Mr. E. E. 

Byers, Mr. Theodore M. 
Mrs. Byers. 

Meade St. 

Alexander Bldg. 

Meade St. 

Main St. 

140 Church St. 
Meade St. 

Main St. 

Main St. 

Main St. 
413 Main St. 
815 Main St. 

Main and 4th St. 
900 W. Main St. 


Carl Mr. W. G, 
Mrs. Carl. 

CouLSON, Mr. a. K. 
Mrs. Coulson. 

Davis, Mr. David E. 
Mrs. Davis. 

Farquhar, Mr. Vol. 
Mjrs. Farquhar. 

Graves, Dr. C. T. 
Mrs. Gra\'es. 

Hamilton, Mr. D. L. 

Hazlett, Mr. J. A. 
Mrs. Hazlett. 

Hazzard, Miss Harriet. 

Herron, Mr. D. C. 
Mrs. Hereon. 

Herron, Mr. Joseph A. 
Mrs. Herron. 

Lank, Dr. John L. 
Mrs. Lank. 

Lawrence, Miss Virginia. 

Linn, Dr. C. F. 
Mrs. Linn. 

Linn, Mr. George A. ■ 
Mrs. Linn. 

LocKHART, Miss Elizabeth. 

Lytle, Mr. Joseph. 
Mrs. Lytle. 

Moore, Mrs. James H. 

Murray, Rev. John F. 
Mrs. Murray. 

McGregor, Mr. William. 
Mrs. McGregor. 

McIlvain, Mrs. Elizabeth. 

McTlvain, Mrs. J. E. 

McKee, Rev. W. F. 
Mrs. McKee. 

Norman, Rev. John P. 
Mrs. Norman. 

SuTMAN, Mr. Henry C. 
Mrs. Sutman. 

SuTMAN, Mr. John M. 
Mrs. Sutman. 

Williams, Mr. Harry H. 

Wilson, Mr. William H. 
Mrs. Wilson. 

Wood, Dr. C. B. 
Mrs. Wood. 

411 Ninth St. 

National Pike. 

731 Main St. 

Main St. 

1010 Chess St. 

Main St. 
901 Chess St. 

236 Main St. 
Meade St. 

Meade St. 

814 Main St. 

236 Chess St. 
724 W. Main St. 

524 W. Main St. 

715 Main St. 
415 Chess St. 

904 Howard St. 

Howard St. 

Howard St. 

608 W. Main St. 

Main St. 

Meade St. 

Main St. 

800 Main St. 
Main St. 

Main St. 


YoHE, Mr. Isaac. 
Mrs. Yohe. 

YoHE, Mr. James. 
Mrs. Yohe. 

Yohe, Mr. Lewis N. 
Mrs. Yohe. 

Meade St. 
Lincoln St. 
Lincoln St. 


Addenbrook, Mr. T. W. D. 
Mrs. Addenbrook. 

Bentley, Mr. E. E. 
Mrs. Bentley. 

BOYCE, Mr. W. H. 
Mrs. Boyce. 

Boyd, Mrs. L. J. 

Bradford, Mr. Vincent L. 
Mrs. Bradford. 

Brubaker, Mr. E. S. 
Mrs. Brubaker. 

Calhoon, Mr. Harry. 
Mrs. Calhoon. 

Capper, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Capper. 

Coss, Dr. W. L. 
Mrs. Coss. 

Dawes, Mr. E. L. 

Mrs. Dawes. 

Elverson, Mr. F. W. 
Mrs. Elverson. 

Elverson, Mr. T. A. 
Mrs. Elverson. 

Elverson, Mr. "W. H. 
Mrs. Elverson. 

Ely, Mr. Van Horn. 
Mrs. Ely. 

HooPES, Mr. H. T. 

JoPE, Mr. James M., Jr. 

Jackson, Mr. S. F. 

Kenah, Mr. C. J. 
Mrs. Kenah. 

Kenah, Mr. E. L., Jr. 
Mrs. Kenah. 

Kenah, Mr. W. H. 
Mrs. Kenah. 

Kennedy, Mr. Charles H. 
Mrs. Kennedy. 

1404 Fourth Ave. 

1324 Third Ave. 

1323 Third Ave. 

1231 Third Ave. 
Unionville Eoad. 

1500 Fourth Ave. 

Sixth St. and Eleventh Ave. 

1500 Third Ave. 

1109 Third Ave. 

1450 Third Ave. 

1800 Third Ave. 

1818 Third Ave. 

1415 Third Ave. 

1605 Third Ave. 

1625 Third Ave. 
1403 Third Ave. 
1509 Third Ave. 

Eighth Ave. and Twelfth St. 

1214 Penn Ave. 
1210 Penn Ave. 
806 Third Ave. 


Kennedy, Mr. T. L. 
Mrs. Kennedy. 

Martsolp, Mr. D. L. 
Mrs. Martsolf. 

Martsolf, Mr. W. P. 
Mrs. Martsolf. 

Miner, Mr. John Read. 
Mrs. Miner. 

McConnel, Mrs. H. S. 

McKibben, Mrs. Thomas T. 

McKinney, Mr. W. C. 
Mrs. McKinney. 

Nannah, Mr. F. J. 
Mrs. Nannah. 

Painter, Mr. B. C. 
Mrs. Painter. 

Reader, Mr. Williard S. 
Mrs. Reader. 

Schtveppe, Mr. H. L. 
Mrs. Schweppe. 

Simpson, Mr. W. W. 
Mrs. Simpson. 

Stanton, Mrs. L. M. 

Tener, Mr. Robert W. 
Mrs. Tener. 

TowNSEND, Mr. John M. 
Mrs. Townsend. 

Van Keuren, Rev. Floyd. 
Mrs. Van Keuren. 

Webster, Mr. Frederick. 

Mrs. Webster. 

Wendt, Mr. Edwin F. 

White, Lucretia M. 

White, Mr. S. P. 
Mrs. White. 

White, Mr. T. Sidney. 
Mrs. White. 

Wilson, Mr. Wade. 

1713 Third Ave. 

Patterson Heights. 

1462 Third Ave. 

1633 Third Ave. 

1401 Third Ave. 

1317 Third Ave. 
1133 Penn Ave. 

407 Tenth St. 

1320 Fourth Ave. 

1719 Fourth Ave. 

1101 Third Ave. 

1318 Third Ave. 

1314 Third Ave. 

Patterson Heights. 

810 Twelfth St. 

819 Twelfth St. 

715 Third Ave. 
801 Allegheny St. 
805 Allegheny St. 

Patterson Heights. 

1318 Third Ave. 


Baldwin, Mr. C. L. 
Mrs. Baldwin. 

Beadel, Mr. E. W. 
Mrs. Beadel. 

Brown, Mr. William M. 
Mrs. Brown. 

67 E. Grant St. 

188 E. Lincoln Ave. 

East St. 


Brown, Mr. George Rice. 
Mrs. Brown. 

Butler, Mr. B. F. 
Mrs. Butler. 

Clark, Mr. G. M, 
Mrs. Clahk. 

Clendenin, Mr. R. W. 
Mrs. Clendenin. 

Clendenin, Mr. W. B. 
Mrs. Clendenin. 

Cooper, Mr. 
Mrs. Cooper. 

Craig, Mr. C. P. 
Mrs. Craig. 

Crawford, Miss Carrie E. 

Crawford, Mrs. Sarah. 

Cunningham, Mr. J. P. H. 
Mrs. Cunningham. 

Cunningham, Mr. J. V. 

Mrs. Cunningham. 

Dana, Mr. S. W. 
Mrs. Dana. 

Dean, Dr. H. G. 
Mrs. Dean. 

Dickey, Mr. Thomas W. 
Mrs. Dickey. 

Dickinson, Mr. A. C. 
Mrs. Dickinson. 

Palls, Mr. W. H. 

Mrs. Falls. 

Foltz, Mr. W. S. 
Mrs. Folz. 

Fur ST, Mr. J. K. 
Mrs. Furst. 

Greer, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Greer. 

Greer, Mr. George. 
Mrs. Greer. 

Hamilton, Mr. H. 

Mrs. Hamilton. 

Harris, Dr. David R. 
Mrs. Harris. 

Henderson, Mrs. M. H. 
Miss Henderson. 

Hillary, Mr. W. R. 
Mrs. Hillary. 

HoYT, Mr. L. S. 
Miss May Hoyt. 

Winter St, 

207 N. Jefferson St. 

Washington St. 

155 N. Mercer St. 

Clenmore Blvd. 

Jefferson St. 

Mill St. 

56 N, Jefferson St. 

105 N. Beaver St. 

Jefferson and Grant. 

291/2 N. Mill St. 

120 N. Jefferson St. 

57 N. Mill St. 

157 BoYLES Ave. 

309 Rhodes Place. 

109 N. Mercer St. 

122 W. Grant St. 

212 Winter Ave. 

214 N. Jefferson St. 

206 N. Jefferson St. 

101 E. North St. 

41 N. Jefferson St. 

Lincoln and Highland. 

559 Albert St. 

35 N. Jefferson St. 


HuBER, Mr. L. M. 
Mrs. Huber. 

Jameson, Mr. David. 
Mrs. Jameson. 

Johnson, Mr. C. H. 
Mrs. Johnson. 

Johnson, Mr. G. W. 
Mrs. Johnson. 

Johnson, Mr. G. W. 
Mrs. Johnson. 

Kirk, Mrs. C. J. 

Lamb, Mr. John H. 
Mrs. Lamb. 

Liggett, Mr. Thomas, Jr. 
Mrs. Liggett. 

Long, Mr. S. D. 
Mrs. Long. 

Martin, Mr. J. Norman. 
Mrs. Martin. 

Mather, Mr. L. B. 
Mrs. Mather. 

McGoun, Mr. Ealph. 
Mrs. McGoun. 

McGouN, Mr. Samuel. 
Mrs. McGoun. 

McIlwain, Mr. A. H. 

Mrs. McIlwain. 

McKee, Dr. H. W. 

Mrs. McKee. 

McKiNLEY, Mr. Eufus C. 

McMasters, Mr. F. G. 

Mrs. McMasters. 

NoRRis, Mr. Edwin F. 
Mrs. Norris. 

Mrs. Oursler. 

Page, Mr. W. E. 

Patterson, Mr. G. L. 
Patterson, Mrs. 

Patterson, Mr. E. C. 

Pearson, Mrs. Catherine. 
Pearson, Miss Mary. 

Perry, Dr. S. W. 
Mrs. Perry. 

Phillips, Mr. Charles A. 
Mrs. Phillips. 

Phillips, Mr. E. I. 
Mrs. Phillips. 

Mercer St. 

196 N. Jefferson St. 

Moody Ave. 

170 Highland Ave. 

194 Wallace Ave. 

155 Highland Ave. 
169 Shaw St. 

156 E. Wallace A\'E. 

82 East St. 

132 N. Mercer St. 

157 Highland Ave. 

557 Albert St. 

Highland Ave. 

301 Madison A^-e. 


82 N. Mill St. 

L. S. & T. Bldg. 

Arch and N. Cedar St. 


102 W. Grant St. 

556 Highland Ave. 

561 Albert St. 
167 N. Mercer St. 

1 Pearson St. 
164 Leasure Ave. 
60 W. Grant Ave. 
159 N. Beaver St. 


Phillips, Mr. T. W. 
Mrs. Phillips. 

Rat, Mr. James T. 
Mrs. Ray. 

Reis, Mr. James Ward. 
Mrs. Reis. 

Sankey, Mr. C. C. 

Mrs. Sankey. 

Seavy, Mr. E. E. 
Mrs. Seavy. 

Smith, Mr. James M. 
Mrs. Smith. 

Treabwell, Mr. A. W. 
Mrs. Treadwell. 

Uber, Mr. L. M. 
Mrs. Uber. 

Wallace, Mr. John C. 
Mrs. Wallace. 

Wallace, Mr. James E. 

Wallace, Dr. Robert A. 

Mrs. Wallace. 

Wallace, Mr. Robert Tj 
Mrs. Wallace. 

Wallace, Hon. W. D. 
Mrs. Wallace. 

Watson, Mr. John M. 
Mrs. Watson. 

Westlake, Mrs. L. C. 

WiRsiNG, Mr. H. M. 
Mrs. Wirsing. 

Young, Mr. B. W. 
Mrs. Young. 

Zahniser, Mr. G. B. 
Mrs. Zahniser. 

Highland Ave. 

85 E. Wallace Ave. 

East St. 

167 Wallace Ave. 

156 Highland Ave. 

Highland Ave. 

Highland Ave. 

156 N. Mercer St. 

51 E. Wallace Ave. 

68 N. Jefferson St. 
18 N. Jefferson St. 

205 E. Wallace Ave. 

57 E. Wallace Ave. 

180 Highland Ave. 

151 N. Jefferson St. 
East St. 

51 Grant St. 

511 Highland Ave. 


Ash, Mr. Isaac. 
Mrs. Ash. 

Baker, Me. J. H. 
Mrs. Baker. 

Barr, Mr. W. R. 
Mrs. Barr. 

Beers, Mr. P. C. 
Mrs. Beers. 

Beery, Mrs. James B. 

Blackwell, Mr. Thomas M. 
Mrs. Blackwell. 

25 Geove Ave. 

502 W. First St. 

115 W. Third St. 

415 W. Second St. 

216 Petroleum St. 
11 Hoffman Ave. 


Bolton, Dr. C. A. 
Mrs. Bolton. 

Boyle, Mr. P. C. 
Mrs. Boyle. 

Breene, Mr. N. J. 
Mrs. Breene. 

Brundred, Mr. B. F. 
Mrs. Brundred. 

Byles, Mr. D. E. 
Mrs. Byles. 

Caldwell, Mr. C. B. 
Mrs. Caldwell. 

Chambers, Mr. P. N. 
Mrs. Chambers. 

Chickering, Mrs. Kenton, 

Colling, Mr. E. E. 
Mrs. Colling. 

Cooper, Mr. C. E. 
Mrs. Cooper. 

CoRRiN, Mr. W. H. 
Mrs. Corrin. 

Coulter, Mr. C. W. 
Mrs. Coulter. 

Crawford, Mr. J. B. 
Mrs. Crawford. 

Darr, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Darr. 

Dorworth, Mr. H. C. 
Mrs. Dorworth. 

Egbert, Mr. Harry T. 
Mrs. Egbert. 

Fawcett, Mr. James A. 
Mrs. Fawcett. 

Fritz, Mr. Harvey. 
Mrs. Fritz. 

Gaddess, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Gaddess. 

Griffith, Mr. E. J. 
Mrs. Griffith. 

Hasson, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Hasson. 

Hays, Mr. F. W. 
Mrs. Hays. 

Holbrook, Mr. C. M. 
Mrs. Holbrook. 

Hood, Mr. J. Herbert. 
Mrs. Hood. 

Hulings, Mb. W. J. 
Mrs. Hulings. 

2.11 W. Fourth St. 

Hasson Heights. 

1039 W. First St. 

315 W. First St. 

114 W. Second St. 

9 BissELL Ave. 

204 W. First St.. 

127 W. Third St., 
144 W. Third St. 

BissELL Ave. 

409 W. Second St. 

302 W. First St. 

116 BissELL Ave. 

205 Division St. 

507 E. Third St. 

Wyllis St. 

1£0 W. First St. 

701 W. First St. 

706 E. Second St.. 

233 Center St. 

Ill BissELL Ave.. 

114 Harriott Ave. 

924 W. First St. 

Center St. 

144 MORAN St. 


Innis, Mr. W. O. 

Mrs. Innis. 

James, Mr. W. B. 
Mrs. James. 

Koos, Mr. Emile. 
Mrs. Koos. 

Lamberton, Mr. S. H. 
Mrs. Lamberton. 

Lay, Mr. K. C. 
Mrs. Lay. 

Lucas, Mr. W. P. 
Mrs. Lucas. 

Magee, Dr. G. W. 
Mrs. Magee. 

Mattern, Mr. R. B. 
Mrs. Mattern. 

Mattox, Mr. John L. 
Mrs. Mattox. 

Maxwell, Mrs. S. L. 

Merritt, Mr. H. R. 
Mrs. Merritt. 

MoRCK, Mr. August. 
Mrs. Morck. 

McCrackbn, Mr. E. E. 
Mrs. McCracken. 

McGiLL, Mr. Fred C. 
Mrs. McGill. 

McKnight, Mr. H. G. 
Mrs. McKnight. 

McSouTH, Mr. Ralph D. 
Mrs. McSouth. 

Nichols, Mr. H. M, 
Mrs. Nichols. 

Nutting, Mr. Byron. 
Mrs. Nutting. 

Oberly, Mr. George S. 
Mrs. Oberly. 

O'Day, Mr. Frank. 
Mrs. O'Day. 

Parker, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Parker. 

Perrine, Mr. J. N. 
Mrs. Perrine. 

Ramage, Mr. S. Y. 
Mrs. Ramage. 

RfiED, Mr. J. M. 
Mrs. Reed. 

Rehr, Mr. W. T. 
Mrs. Rehr. 

Innis St. 

401 W. Third St. 

18 Graff St. 

15 Harriott Ave. 

150 W. Third St. 

417 W. Third St. 

203 Lincoln St. 

208 Petroleum. 

9 Home Ave. 

109 Central Ave. 
Graff St. 

205 W. First St. 

101 BissELL Ave. 

7 Lincoln St. 

310 Washington Ave, 

528 W. Third St. 

Petroleum St. 

12 Reid St. 

153 Orange St. 

519 W. Third St. 

W. Third St. 

E. Third St. 

213 Petroleum. 

113 Innis St. 

402 North St. 


Reid, Mr. Joseph. 
Mrs. Reid. 

Reimann, Mr. E. H. 
Mrs. Eeimann. 

Rich, Mr. F. S. 
Mrs, Rich. 

RiCKARDS, Mr. George C. 
Mrs. Rickards. 

RiTTER, Miss Sara A. 

RoEss, Mr. George W. 
Mrs. Roes. 

Rush, Mr. H. G. 
Mrs. Rush. 

Selden, Mr. E. V. D. 
Mrs. Selden. 

Sheldon, Mr. H. R. 
Mrs. Sheldon. 

Shepard, Mr. E. R. 
Mrs. Shepard. 

Siggins, Dr. J. B. 
Mrs. Siggins. 

Simpson, Mr. Stewart H. 
Mrs. Simpson. 

Smedlet, Mr. A. 
Mrs. Smedley. 

Smithman, Mr. J. B. 
Mrs. Smithman. 

Speer, Mr. Peter M. 
Mrs. Speer. 

Splane, Mr. William W. 
Mrs. Splane. 

Stephenson, Mr. J. G. 
Mrs. Stephenson. 

Strayer, Dr. J. P. 
Mrs. Strayer. 

Swisher, Mr. H. W. P. 
Mrs. Swisher. 

Tonkin, Mr. John, Sr. 
Mrs. Tonkin. 

Trax, Mr. J. D. 
Mrs. Trax. 

Yeach, Mr. George J. 

Mrs. Veach. 

Walker, Mr. William O. . 
Mrs. Walker. 

Weaver, Mr. C. H. 
Mrs. Weaver. 

Weidler, Mr. E. O. 
Mrs. Weidler. 

Welch, Mr. L. C. 

22 Orange St. 

127 Wyllis St. 

Rich Hill. 

101 E. Third St. 

105 Wyllis St. 
106 Lincoln St. 

115 W. Second St. 

408 W. Second St. 

522 W. Third St. 

203 Lower Division St. 

906 W. First St. 

509 W. First St. 

202 W. First St. 

W. First St. 

108 CowELL Ave. 

609 W. First St. 

116 Wyllis St. 

110 W. First St. 

124 Wyllis St. 

145 W. Third St. 

210 W. Third St. 

613 W. First St. 

9 Lincoln St. 

11 Graff St. 

514 W. First St. 

404 W. First St. 



AiLES, Mr. Herbert. 
Mrs. Ailes. 

Allen, De. J. J. 
Mrs. Allen. 

Ambrose, Mr. J. H. 

Mrs. Ambrose. 

Arnold, Mr. E. B. 
Mrs. Arnold. 

Baldwin, Mr. Paul. 
Mr. Baldwin. 

Baldwin, Mr. George A. 
Mrs. Baldwin. 

Bauer, Mr. George F, 
Mrs. Bauer. 

Bausman, Rev. J. H. 

Mrs. Bausman. 

Bentel, Mr. Garrett T. 
Mrs. Bentel. 

Bentlet, Mr. E. W. 
Mrs. Bentley. 

Black, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Black. 

Brobeck, Mr. Edward. 
Mrs. Brobeck. 

Brown, Mr. A. D. 
Mrs. Brown. 

Brown, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Brown. 

Calhoun, Mr. Howard. 
Mrs. Calhoun. 

Carr, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Carr. 

Chandler, Mr. H. J. 
Mrs. Chandler. 

Cole, Mr. James L. 
Mrs. Cole. 

Conway, Mrs. Emma P. 

Cook, Mr. Frank N. 
Mrs. Cook. 

Cross, Mr. George H. 
Mrs. Cross. 

Dawson, Mr. B. T. 

DSnison, Mr. Benjamin J. 

Denton, Mr. David. 
Mrs. Denton. 

Vermont Ave. 

Monaca, Pa. 

604 Case St. 

300 Adams St. 

286 Jackson St. 

Nr. Rochester. 

156 W. Washington St. 

Delaware A\^. 

Ohio and Jefferson. 

388 Vermont Ave. 

384 Vermont Ave. 

58 J Harmony Ave. 

290 W. Clay St. 

Third St. 

Trust Bldo. 

436 Jackson St. 

141 Shields St. 

152 Washington St. 

450 E. Pinney. 
201 S. Park St. 

231 E. Pinney St. 

215 W. Washington. 

450 Jefferson St. 

472 Pinney St. 


DoNCASTER, Mr. James W. 
Mrs. Doncaster, 

DouDS, Mr. John H, 

Mrs. Douds. 

DouDS, Mr. Carl E. 
Douds, Mr. O. A. 

Eakin, Mr. J. M. 
Mrs. Eakin. 

Engle, Mr. Paul. 

Elstner, Mr. Richard. 
Mrs. Elstner. 

Feyler, Mr. Franklin. 
Mrs. Feyler. 

Fowler, Mr. S. O. 

Fry, Mr. H. C. 
Mrs. Fry. 

Fry, Mr. H. S. 
Mrs. Fry. 

Fry, Mr. J. Howard. 
Mrs. Fry. 

GoRMLEY, Dr. James E. 
Mrs. Gormley. 

Grandey, Mr. Joseph H. 
Mrs. Grandey. 

Grimmell, Mr. Howard L. 
Mrs. Grimmell. 

Harton, Mr. W. M. 
Mrs. Harton. 

Heidrick, Mr. J. W. 
Mrs. Heidrick. 

Hodgson, Mr. Eaymond. 
Mrs. Hodgson. 

Hoffman, Mr. John J. 

Mrs. Hoffman. 

Holt, Mr. Frank E. 
Mrs. Holt. 

Hurst, Mr. N. F. 
Mrs. Hurst. 

Jack, Mr. M. L. 
Mrs. Jack. 

Jeffres, Mr. Frank F. 
Mrs. Jeffres. 

Kensley, Mr. G. Porter. 
Mrs. Kensley. 

Karcher, Mr. Henry G. 
Mrs. Karcher. 

Karcher, Mr. John A. 
Mrs. Karcher. 

291 Adams St. 

Baden, Pa. 

Eailroad St. 

PiNNEY and PeNNA. 

Third St. 
Virginia Ave. 

392 Ehode Island St. 

Baden, Pa, 

New York St. 

334 Deer Lane. 

Jackson and Ohio St. 

Penn Ave., Monaca. 

189 George St. 

Penna., Monaca. 

101 Hinds St. 

Hotel Lincoln. 

Adams St. 

449 PiNNEY St. 

115 Hinds St. 

129 Shields St. 

252 Jackson St. 

330 Vermont Ave. 

179 Washington St. 

214 Washington Ave. 

300 Jackson St. 


Xensley, Mr. G. Porter. 

Mrs. Kensley, 

Keys, Mr. J. P. 
Mrs. Keys. 

Leaf, Mrs. James P. 
Mrs. Leaf. 

Lester, Mr. Orrin C. 
Mrs. Lester. 

Levis, Mr. Eoy M. 

Linnenbrink, Mr. J. 
Mrs. Linnenbrink. 

Locke, Mr. David C. 

LocKHART, Mrs. Elizabeth. 

Lockhart, Mr. F. T. 
Mrs. Lockhart. 

Malone, Mr. H. S. 
Mrs. Malone. 

Mellon, Mr. W. J. 

Mellor, Mr. John H. 
Mrs. Mellor. 

Mengel, Mr. J. A. 
Mrs. Mengel. 

Miller, Mr. John A. 
Mrs. Miller. 

Mitchell, Mrs. J. G, 

Moore, Dr. D. C. 
Mrs. Moore. 

Moulds, Mr. John. 

Mrs. Moulds. 

McCandless, Dr. M. L. 
Mrs. McCandless. 

McCauley, Dr. j. C. 
Mrs. McCauley. 

McCauley, Mr. E. 0. 

McCoy, Mrs. Elizabeth C. 

McCrea, Mr. R. A. 
Mrs. McCkea. 

McDonald, Mr. C. W. 
Mrs. McDonald. 

McKiNLEY, Dr. a. S. 

Noss, Mr. C. C. 
Mrs. Noss. 

Pakk, Mr. W. a. 
Mrs. Park. 

Peirsol, Dr. S. H. 
Mrs. Peirsol. 

Powell, Mr. Ira. 
Mrs. P0V7ELL. 

179 Washington St. 

289 Adams St. 

West Park. 

392 Rhode Island Ave. 

423 Jackson St. 
150 Brighton Ave. 

13th and Indiana, Monaca. 

215 Madison Ave. 

Madison St. 

Indiana Ave., Monaca. 

Penna. Ave., Monaca. 
396 Adams St. 


Monroe St. 

Brighton Ave. 
Virginia Ave., Monaca. 

279 Adams St. 

351 Jefferson St. 

Connecticut St. 

300 Washington St. 
316 Connecticut St. 

470 PiNNEY St. 


209 Connecticut Ave. 

220 W. Madison St. 

330 Adams St. 

451 New York St. 


Eeader, Mr. Willard S. 
Mrs. Eeader. 

EosE, Dr. W. a. 
Mrs. Eose. 

Mrs. Schleiter. 

Shilton, Mrs. Fannie. 

Shugert, Dr. Guy S. 
Mrs. Shugert. 

Sim cox, Mr. J. C. 
Mrs. Simcox. 

Smith, Dr. Jay D. 
Mrs. Smith. 

Snodgrass, Dr. B. B. 
Mrs. Snodgrass. 

Stengle, Mr. G. 

Stewart, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Stewart. 

Sutherland, Mr. H. A. 
Mrs. Sutherland. 

Taft, Mr. William S. 
Mrs. Taft. 

Mrs. Torrence. 

Wagner, Mr. C. M. 
Mrs. Wagner. 

Wehr, Mr. George F. 
Mrs. Wehr. 

Weinman, Mr. George W. 
Mrs. Weinmann. 

WiCKHAM, Dr. J. J. 

Mrs. Wickham. 

Woods, Mr. Stanton G. 
Mrs. Woods. 

Yost, Dr. Walter M. 

YouTEs, Mr. Mont D. 
Mrs. Youtes. 

Zimmerman, Mr. Joseph J. 

Mrs. Zimmerman. 

1719 Fourth Ave. 

Adams St. 

1171 Third Ave., Freedom. 

1881 Third Ave., Freedom. 
Adams St. 

144 West Madison St. 

699 Third Ave., Freedom. 

Jefferson and Vermont. 

Hotel Lincoln. 
378 Ohio Ave. 

Brighton St. 

380 Ohio Ave. 

481 Harmony Ave. 

Atlantic A\^., Monaca. 

300 Jefferson St. 


150 New York Ave. 

502 Pinney St. 

Mellon Bldg. 
Atlantic Ave., Monaca. 

West Park. 


Adams, Mr. David. 
Mrs. Adams. 

Addicott, Mr. W. A. 
Mrs. Addicott. 

Anglin, Mr. Edward. 
Mrs. Anglin. 

501 E. State St. 
116 Oakland Ave. 

528 E. State St. 


ASHTON, C. M., D.D.S. 

Mrs. Ashton. 

AsHTON, Mr. Joseph H. 
Mrs. Ashton. 

Bachman, Mr. Morris. 
Mrs. Bachman. 

Bell, Mr. Henderson D. 
Mrs. Bell. 

Berquist, Rev. Edward J. 
Mrs. Berquist. 

Blackman, Mr. C. W. 
Mrs. Blackman. 

Boyd, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Boyd. 

Boyle, Mrs. John. 

Brennen, C. a., D.D.S. 
Mrs. Brennen. 

BuDD, Mr. B. W. 
Mrs. Budd. 

Buhl, Mr. F. H. 
Mrs. Buhl. 

Carley, Mr. Glenn. 
Mrs. Carley. 

Carver, Mr. C. G. 
Mrs. Carver. 

Carver, Mr. J. L. 
Mrs. Carver. 

Collard, Mrs. Georoe. 

Elliott, John, M.D. 
Mrs. Elliott. 

Elliott, Mr. J. H. 
Mrs. Elliott. 

Elliott, Thomas, M.D. 
Mrs. Elliott. 

Fanelly, Mr. T. F. 
Mrs. Fanelly. 

Fischer, Mr. George W. 
Mrs. Fischer. 

Fitzgerald, Mr. .1. H. 
Mrs. Fitzgerald. 

FiTZPATRicK, Mr. John, 
Mrs Fitzpatrick 

Gable, Mr Charles E. 

Mrs. Gable. 

Gilbert, Mr. Frank. 
Mrs. Gilbert. 

Hadley, Mr. S. H. 
Mrs. Hadley. 

21 S. Penn St. 

26 EivER St, 

458 E. State St, 

47 A St, 

159 S. Irvine Ave, 

16 Euclid Ave. 

509 E. State St. 

31 Euclid Ave. 
516 E. State St. 

32 S. Penn Ave. 

456 E. State St. 
541 E. State St. 

77 Silver St. 

457 E. State St. 

W. State St. 
442 E. State St. 

448 E. State St. 

444 E. State St. 

The Colonial, 6 Chestnut St. 

54 S. Main St. 

The Carver Hall, State St. 

S. Irvine Ave, 

The Gable House, 

S. Eailroad Ave. 

E. State St. 

9 Elm St. 


Hambly, Mr. Herbert K. 

Hannah, Mr. John H. 
Mrs. Hannah. 

Hannah, Mr. Eobert. 
Mrs. Hannah. 

Haywood, Mrs. Elizabeth. 

Hilborn, Mr. Ellis A. 
Mrs. Hilborn. 

Huether, Mr. Charles A. 
Mrs. Huether. 

HydEj Dr. Allen P. 
Mrs. Hyde. 

Isenberg, Mr. Wheeler B. 
Mrs. Isenberg. 

Jackson, Rev. John L. 

Ker, Mr. S. p. 

Mrs. Ker. 

Mrs. Koehler. 

McDowell, Mr. Alexander. 
Mrs. McDowell. 

McIntyre, Mr. William. 
Mrs. McIntyre. 

McLaughrey, Mr. J. A. 
Mrs. McLaughrey. 

McLean, Mr. A. C. 

Mrs. McLean. 

NoRRis, Mr. F. E. 
Mrs. Norris. 

O'Brein, Mr. Isaac. 
Mrs. O'Brein. 

Owsley, Mr. John C. 
Mrs. Owsley. 

Peat, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Peat. 

Phillips, Mr. Charles F. 
Mrs. Phillips. 

Rankin, Mrs. Ella. 

Reyer, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Reyer. 

Reznor, Mr. Claude. 
Mrs. Reznor. 

Roberts, Mr. Joseph L. 
Mrs. Roberts. 

Robinson, Mr. Ralph. 
Mrs. Robinson. 

Rose, Mr. J. V. 
Mrs. Rose. 

Care of Telegraph. 
483 E. State St. 

E. State St. 

434 E. State St. 
539 E. State St. 

15 Euclid Ave. 

5 Euclid Ave. 

2 S. Oakland Ave. 

42 W. State St. 
462 E. State St. 

450 E. State St. 

436 E. State St. 

S. Irvine Ave. 

30 Euclid Ave. 

459 E. State St. 

130 S. Oakland Ave. 

216 W. State St. 

464 E. State St. 

52 Logan A\'E. 

467 E. State St. 

Rankin Hotel, E. State St. 
11 Prindle Ave. 

19 S. Main St. 

3 S. Oakland Ave. 

S. Main St. 
32 W. State St. 



Mrs. Schauweker. 

Service, Mr. Fred A. 
Mrs. Service. 

Stevenson, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Stevenson. 

Traxler, Mr. Jacob. 
Mrs. Traxler. 

Whitla, Mr. J. P. 
Mrs. Whitla. 

Yeager, Mr. C. H. 
Mrs. Yeager. 

W. State St. 

477 E. State St. 

N. Irvine Ave. 

N. Water St. 

451 E. State St. 

472 E. State St. 


Allison, Mr. William. 

Mrs. Allison (Eachel Waltz). 

Allison, Miss Katheryn. 

Allison, Miss Margaret. 

Altman, Dr. O. R. 

Mrs. Altman (Annie C. McKane). 

Amend, Mr. James S. 

Mrs. Amend (Laverna Eichey). 

Augustine, Mr. Jasper. 

Mrs. Augustine (Maud Cunningham). 

Austin, Mr. A. Plumer. 
Austin, Mr. Eichard W. 

Bailey, Mr. George M. 

Barnes, Mr. James Eoss. 
Mrs. Barnes (Martha Trazer). 

Barnes, Gwendolin. 

Barnes, Thelma E. 

Barnes, James Eoss. 

Beekman, Eev. Frederick W. 

Kensington Ave. 

1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

41 Shady Lane. 

188 E. Fayette St. 

West End Hotel. 

S. Gallatin Ave. 
Martha Place. 

106 Ben Lomond St. 

Beeson, Mrs. Charles (Amanda L. Bailey). 

Beeson, Miss Jennie. 192 Beeson Ave. 

Beeson, Mrs. J. K. (Ella T. Huston). 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Beeson, Miss Katherine. 

Beeson, Mr. William. 

Mrs. Beeson (Henrietta Eobinson). 

Beeson, Sarah G. 

Beeson, William B., Jr. 

Bell, Mr. Louis Erwin. 
Mrs. Bell (Hattie Clark). 

Bell, Miss Priscilla. 

Bell, Mr. Edward. 

W. Fayette St. 

Nat'l 1'ike. 


Bliss, Mrs. Arthur Weir (Lida Gilmore). 

Mt. Vernon Ave. and W. Main St. 
Bliss, Miss Adele. 
Bliss, Miss Florence. 

Bliss, Mr. Theodore D. 
Mrs. Bliss (Elvira Mead). 

Boughner, Mr. O. M. 

Mrs. Boughner (Alice Gray). 

Boughner, Miss Louisa Ethel. 

Boughner, Alice Gray. 

Boughner, Mr. James R. Gray. 

Bowie, Dr. A. P. 

Mrs. Bowie (Mary Eobinson). 

Bowie, Miss Elizabeth Wilson. 

Bowie, Miss Eliazir Robinson. 

Bowman, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Bowman. 

Bowman, Charles. 

Bowman, Nelson. 

Bowman, Mr. Charles S. 
Mrs. Bowman (Mary Boyd). 

Bowman, Charles Seaton, Jr. 

Bowman, Mr. Morgan H. 
Mrs. Bowman (Elizabeth Seaton). 
Bowman, Miss Mathilda. 

Boyd, Mr. Albert D. 

Mrs. Boyd (Annie Patterson), 

Boyd, Mr. Edward W. 

Boyd, Mr. Samuel P. 

Boyd, Mr. Albert D., Jr. 

Boyd, Mr. Wallace B. 

Boyle, Mr. Edward. 

Mrs. IBoyle (Blanche Playford). 

Boyle, Miss Pauline. 

Boyle, Charles Edgar. 

Boyle, Playford. 

Byers, Mr. Wiley L. 

Mrs. Byers (Pauline Reid). 

Byers, Margaret Reid. 

Byers, Eleanor Graham. 

Campbell, Hon. Edward. 

77 Ben Lomfnd St. 

McClellandtown Road. 

107 Morgantown St. 


93 Ben Lomond St. 

21 W. Fayette St. 

71 Pennsylvania Ave. 

21 Thompson Ave 

Charles St. 

103 E. Main St. 

Carothers, Mrs. John R. (Annie Craft). 

1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

Cochran, Mr. Mark M. 
Mrs. Cochran (Mary Schell). 

Conrad, Mr. James S. 

Cooper, Mr. Allen F. 

Mrs. Cooper (Alice Lackey). 

42 E. Main St. 

1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Pennsylvania Ave. 


Core, Mr. John M. 
Mrs. Core (Belle Hurst). 

Core, Mr. John Calvin. 

Core, Mr. Isaac Hurst. 

Core, Isabel. 

Cramer, Mr. Charles H. 

Crow, Mr. William E. 
Mrs. Crow (Ada Curry). 

Crow, Evans. 

Crow, William. 

Dawson, Mr. John N. 
Mrs. Dawson (Lucy Evans). 

Dawson, Miss Anne B. 

Dawson, Miss Harvie R. 

Dawson, Mr. J. Littleton. 

Dawson, Mr. Richard W. 
Mrs. Dawson (Nettie Nye). 

Dawson, Mary N. 

Dawson, Mr. George L. 

Douglas, Mr. John S. 

Mrs. Douglas (Lula Norcross). 

Eastman, Dr. T. N. 
Mrs. Eastman (Mary E. Benson). 
Eastman, Miss Helen. 

Evans, Dr. George O. 
Mrs. Evans. 

Evans, Margaret. 

Evans, Jane. 

EwiNG, Judge Nathaniel. 

Ewing, Mr. William Kennedy. 
Mrs. Ewing (Patton). 

PoGG, Mr. Louis W. 

Mrs. Fogg (Louise Kimmell). 

Fogg, Dorothy S. 

Fogg, Harriet S. 

Fogg, Miss Lucy Swan. 

Fogg, Mr. Dana T, 

Fogg, Mr. LouisW., Jr. 

Fogg, C, Minot. 

Fredrick, Mr. W. F. 

Mrs. Fredrick (Lucy McCullough). 

Fredrick, Miss Olive. 

Fredrick, Henrietta. 

Fry, Mr. R. M. 

Mrs. Fry (Louise Kerr). 

Fry, R. M., Jr. 

Fry, Joseph Kerr. 

Gaddis, Dr. Levi S. 

GiLMORE, Mr. Guy. 

Mrs. Gilmore (Nellie Epperson). 

Gilmore, John A. 

Gilmore, William E. 


37 Mt. Vernon Ave. 

171 S. Fayette St. 
127 N. Gallatin Ave. 


50 Ben Lomond St. 

136 N. Gallatin Ave. 
104 W. Fayette St. 

173 S. Beeson Ave. 

50 Morgantown St. 
95 Ben Lomond St. 

31 Shady Lane. 

42 Ben Lomond St. 

McClelland House. 
101 Ben Lomond St. 

GiLMORE, Mrs. Mary (Beall). 

McClellandtown Eoad. 

Graham, Mrs. S. M. (Lydia Quigley), 
Graham, Mrs. S. M., Jr. 
Graham, Joseph J. 

Hackney, Mr. Edgar S. 

Mrs. Hackney (Caroline M. Hogg). 

Hackney, George Edgar. 

Hackney, Hiram Hamilton. 

Hackney, Dr. Jacob S. 

Mrs. Hackney (Mary Eastman). 

Hackney, Miss Virginia. 

Hackney, Miss Mary Elizabeth. 

Hackney, Mr. Henry Eastman. 

Hackney, Mr. Jacob S,, Jr. 

Hagan, Mr. Alonzo C. 

Mrs. Hagan (Delilah Thornton). 

Harah, Mrs. John Steele. 
Harah, Mr. John T., Jr. 
Harah, Mr. George S. 
Piarce, Mrs. Annette H. 

Henderson, Mr. James. 

Mrs. Henderson (Levina Watt). 

Henderson, Mr. William. 

Henderson, Mr. James W. 

Hess, Mr. John Ellsworth. 
Mrs. Hess (Lide Jeffries). 

Hess, Miss Laura Mildred. 

Hess, Mr. Walter Ellsworth. 

Hess, George William. 

Hoggsett, Mr. Fuller. 

Mrs. Hoggsett (Alcesta Hustead). 

Hoggsett, Mr. John F. 

Mrs. Hoggsett (Hannah Humbert). 

Hoggsett, Miss Lillian. 

Hoggsett, Miss Susan. 

Hoggsett, Miss Harriett. 

Hoggsett, Mr. William H. 

Hoggsett, Mr. John F., Jr. 

Hoggsett, Dr. S. F. 

HopwooD, Mr, Eobert F. 
Mrs. Hopwood (Emma Miller). 

Hopwood, Miss Edith. 

Hopwood, Miss Elizabeth. 

Hopwood, Mr. Peter F. 

Hopwood, Mr. Eobert. 

Hopwood, Mr. Samuel. 

Howard, Dr. A. C. 

Mrs. Howard (Estelle Barnes). 

Howell, Mr. Benjamin B. 
Mrs. Howell (Belle Ewing). 

Howell, Miss Virginia Ewing. 

146 S. Beeson Ave. 

Morgantown St. 

59 Jefferson St. 

102 N. Gallatin Ave. 
88 N. Gallatin Ave. 

131 E. Fayette St. 

National Pike. 

68 N. Gallatin Ave. 
264 W. Main St. 

222 E. Fayette St. 

95 E. Main St. 
52 E. Main St. 


Howell, Miss Frances. 
Howell, Miss Catherine. 

HusTEAD, Mr. J. Edgar. 
Mrs. Hustead (Helen Henderson), 
Hustead, Jean Hope. 

Hustead, Mr. James M. 

Mrs. Hustead (Anna B. Williard). 

Huston, Mr. Frank. 

Mrs. Huston (Elizabeth Johnson). 

Huston, Miss Elizabeth. 

Huston, Miss Helen, 

Jacobs, Mrs. Ann. 

Johnson, Mr, W, J, 

Mrs, Johnson (Vivian Doyle), 

Johnson, Oscar Doyle. 

.Johnson, Vivian Dinsmore. 

Kaine, Mrs. George B. (Patti Gilmore), 

136 S. Beeson St. 

214 E. Fayette St. 

180 E. Fayette St. 

2-7 N. Mt. Vernon Ave. 

60 Ben Lomond St. 

Kaine, Miss Eleanor G. 
Kaine, Mr. David. 

Kefover, Mr. Charles T. 
Kefover, Eoselma. 
Kefover, Charles S. 

Keighley, Mr. Fked C. 

Mrs. Keighley (Lucy Burnett). 

Keighley, Miss Eose. 

Keighley, Florence. 

Keighley, Mr. Charles. 

Keighley, Thomas. 

Kennedy, Mr. Orran W. 
Mrs. Kennedy (Nell Eeese). 
Kennedy, Miss Jean. 

Kennedy, Mr. E. P. 

Kennedy, Mr. Ealph Campbell. 

Kerr, Mr. Joseph H. 

Mrs. Kerr (Alice I. E, Van Name). 

Kerr, Miss Alice Josephine. 

Kerr, Mr. Joseph H., Jr. 

Lenhart, Mr. Charles E. 
Mrs. Lenhart (Carrie Eush). 

Lenhart, Virginia M. L. 

Lenhart, Josiah I. 

Lenhart, S. H. 

Lenhart, C. E. L, 

Lenhart, J. H, 

Lynch, Mr, John, 
Mrs. Lynch (Katherine Eeilly). 
Lynch, Louise. 

Lynn, Mr. Jacob H. 

Mrs. Lynn (Aberta D. Hogg). 

39 N. Mt. Vernon Ave. 

25 W. Fayette St. 

138 E. Fayette St. 

139 E. Fayette St. 

84 Pennsylvania Ave. 

284 W. Main St. 


56 Shady Lane. 

Langhorne, Phila. 


Markle, Mr. Oliver P. 45 Ben Lomond St. 

Mrs. Markle (Jennie Williams). 

Markle, Mr. Wendell. 

Markle, Mr. Charles Oliver. 

Marshall, Mrs. George C. (Laura Bradford). 

1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

Martsteller, Mr. W. W. 

Mrs. Martsteller (Charlotte Hunt). 

Martsteller, Margaret Amanda. 

Martsteller, Charlotte. 

Mead, Mr. Alex. 

J\1rs. Mead (Mary Graham). 

Mead, Eleanor Gilmore. 

Mead, Samuel Graham. 

Mead, Mrs. E. A. (Eleanor Gilmore). 

Mestrezat, Hon. S. Leslie. 

Miller, Mrs. Sarak K. 

Mitchell, Mr. Thomas J. 
Mrs. Mitchell (Jessie Morris). 

Mitchell, Miss Pauline. 

Mitchell, Mr. Morris. 

MosER, Mr. Altha L. 

Mrs. Moser (Celia McKee). 

Moser, Miss Jessie B. 

Moser, Miss Jean M. 

McCoRMiCK, Mr. Charles J. 

Mrs. McCormick (Elizabeth Lenhart) 

McCormick, Lenora. 

McCormick, Mr. C. S. 

McDonald, Mr. Daniel W. 

Mrs. McDonald (Bessie Bowman). 

McDonald, M. Bovnnan. 

McDonald, Daniel W., Jr. 

McDonald, Herbert S. 

8 E. Church St. 

Ill Ben Lomond St. 

77 Ben Lomond St. 

1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 


168 S. Beeson Ave. 

181 W. Main St. 

30 S. Mt. Vernon Ave. 

53 Shady Lane. 

NiccoLLs, Mrs. John. 

"Veech Place." 
Mt. Vernon and W. Main Sts. 

Palmer, Mr. Reginald. 

Mrs. Palmer (Florida Eeilly). 

Palmer, Mr. T. Blair. 

Mrs. Palmer (Eleanor Brown). 

Palmer, Miss Eleanor. 

Palmer, Mr. Howard. 

Parshall, Mr. William, Jr. 
Mrs. Parshall (Ella Cox). 

Parshall, Miss Mary. 

Parshall, Mr. James. 

Parshall, Mr. Cox. 

157 S. Beeson Ave. 

45 S. Mt. Vernon Ave. 


Parshall, Mr. William W. 

Mrs. Parshall (Amelia Baldwin). 

Parshall, Louise Baldwin. 

Parshall, William Baldwdn. 

Parshall, Henry Baldwin. 

Parshall, Edward Rodney. 

Parshall, Lawrence. 

Playford, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Playford (Mary G. Vickery) 
Playford, Mrs. W. H. 
Playford, Mr. R. W. 

Rankin, Mrs. H. L. 

Reppert, Mr. Edmund H. 
Mrs. Reppert (Ellen Howell). 

Reppert, Miss Elizabeth Howell. 

Richey, Mr. David S. 

Mrs. Richey (Josephine Elliot). 

Robinson, Col. Harry E. 
Mrs. Robinson (Sally Gaddis). 
Robinson, Dr. G. H. 

Robinson, Mr. John T. 

Mrs. Robinson (Eugenia McCormick). 

Robinson, Miss Jennie M. 

Robinson, Mr. James B. 

Robinson, Hampton. 

Rogers, Mr. Rowland. 
Mrs. Rogers. 

Ruby, Mr. John D. 

Mrs. Ruby (Mary Menges). 

Ruby, Miss Martha. 

Ruby, Ellen D. 

Seaton, Mr. Charles H. 

Semans, Mr. Frank M., Jr. 
Mrs. Semans (Mary Smith). 

Semans, Marion. 

Semans, Beatty. 

Semans, Smith. 

Semans, Joseph. 

Semans, Mr. George W. 

Mrs. Semans (Elizabeth Ache). 

Semans, Miss Mary. 

Semans, Mr. Frank Wendell. 

Semans, Mr. Harry H. 

Semans, George. 

Semans, Mr. Thomas B. 

Mrs. Semans (Virginia Smith). 

Seamans, Virginia Smith. 

Semans, William. 

Semans, Thomas B., III. 

Semans, Charles. 

Semans, Edwin Walker. 

Semans, Robert Martin. 

Semans, Lawrence S. 

Semans, James H. 

W. Main St. 

47 Morgantown Ave. 

1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
54 W. Fayette St. 

W. Main St. 
Charles St. 

Fairchance Rd. 

E. Main St. 

E. Main St. 

"Mont View," 
Ben Lomond St. 

E. Fayette St. 

29 W. Berkley St. 


Semans, Mr. Isaac W. 
Mrs. Semans (Ada Miller). 

Shepler, Dr. Joseph T. 

Mrs. Shepler (Ruth Thompson). 

Shepler, Miss Eva. 

Shepler, Miss Mary. 

Skiles, Mrs. Fannie (Fannie Marsh) 
Skiles, Miss Alice. 

Snowden, Mr, Howard. 

1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

290 W. Main St. 

100 W. Main St. 


Spence, Eev. William Hamilton. 

"The Manse," Morgantown St. 
Mrs. Spence (Emma Louise Oliver). 

Spence, Miss Carrie Cosette. 

Spence, Miss Helene Hamilton. 

Sturgeon, Mr. Daniel. 

Mrs. Sturgeon (Laura Frost). 

Sturgeon, Dr. John D. 

Mrs. Sturgeon (Mary Bailey). 

Sturgeon, Mr. William A. 

Sturgeon, Mr. Robert D. 

Sturgeon, Mr. John D. 

Sturgeon, Bailey G. 

Sturgeon, George L. 

Sturgis, Mrs. O. J. (Isa Greene). 
Sturgis, Mr. Harold G. 
Sturgis, Miss Edith. 

Taylor, Mr. Samuel E. 
Mrs. Taylor. 

Taylor, Mr. Howard. 

Taylor, Mr. Allen. 

Taylor, Mr. Oliver. 

Thompson, Mr. Andeew A. 
Mrs. Thompson (Lida Grimm). 

Thompson, Mr. J. V. 
Mrs. Thompson (B. A. Gardner). 
Thompson, Mr. John R. 

Thompson, Mr. William M. 

Mrs. Thompson (Catherine Euple), 

Thompson, Miss Helen Ruple. 

Thompson, Miss Katherine. 

Thompson, Mr. Jasper. 

Umbel, Mr. Robert E. 
Mrs. Umbel (Frances White). 
Umbel, Margaret Grier. 

Van Swearingen, Mr. J. Q. 

Walker, Mr. John. 

Walker, Miss Anna. 
Walker, Miss Mary. 

Gallatin Hotel. 

22 N. Gallatin Ave. 

42 W. Berkley St. 

Fox Hill. 
Oak Hill. 


110 N. Gallatin Ave. 

55 Maple St. 
77 E. Main St. 


Whyel, Mr. Harry. 

Mrs. Whyel (Florence "Williams), 

Whyel, Miss Francis. 

Whyel, Elizabeth. 

Whyel, Ellen. 

Whyel, Thomas. 

Williams, Mr. Allen D. 
Mrs. Williams (Julia Burley). 

Work, Mr. James Clark. 
Mrs. Work (Edwina Null). 
Hough, Mr. Gerhardt. 

183 E. Fayette St. 

Country Club. 
216 W. Main St. 


AcHEsoN, Mr. Ernest F. 

Mrs. Acheson (Jannie B. Stewart). 

Acheson, Miss Phoebe S. 

Acheson, Miss Elizabeth S. 

i^cheson. Miss Janet W. 

Acheson, Miss Martha W. 

105 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 106, 206 Nat'l. 

8 W. Maiden St. 
Bell 175-E. 

Acheson, Mrs. James C. (Mary Bureau) 
Acheson, Miss Margaret B. 
Acheson, Miss Grace. 
Acheson, Miss Eleanor W. 
Acheson, Mr. C. L. V. 
Bureau, Miss Margaret H. 

Aiken, Mrs. Jane (Jane Blaine). 80 N. Main St. 

Aiken, Mr. John. Bell 1035-J. 

Linn, Mrs. H. H. 
Aiken, Mri and Mrs. Blaine, N. Maine St. 


Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Penn, Salt Coats, Saskatchewan Province, Canada. 

Allison, Mr. Albert. 330 E. Wheeling St. 

Mrs. Allison (Etta Tucker). 

Allison, Albert, Jr. 

Allison, Sarah Margaret. 

Allison, Mary. 
Allison, Mrs. Jonathan (Margaret Gabey). 

E. Wheeling St., cor. Wade Ave. 

Allison, Mr. Edwin E. Bell 117-E. 

Allison, Mr. John V. 

Allison, Mr. Ralph M. 


Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Brown (Jane AUison), 29 N. Mill St., New Castle. 

AsHBROOK, Mrs. Samuel. AlLison Ave. 

Ashbrook, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel, Jr. 

Bailey, Mrs. H. T. (Emma Swart). 438 E. Beau Ave. 

Bailey, Miss Inez Agnes. Bell 290-J. 

Bailey, Mr. Harry H, 
Bailey, Lawrence Wilbur. 


Lieut, and Mrs. James Franklin Bell (Lena Bailey), Philippine Islands. 

Baird, Mrs. Clara W. (Clara Wilson). 
Baird, Miss Anica. 

122 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 911-J. 


Baied, Miss Jane W. 
Baird, Miss Ellen E. 
Mitchell, Miss Martha B. 
Mitchell, Miss Eleanor B. 
Mitchell, Miss Marthine B. 
Caldwell, Miss Martha Todd. 

Baird, Mr. Joseph C. 
Mrs. Baird (Anne K. Le Moyne). 
Baird, John Julius. 

Baird, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Baird (Sue Harvey). 

Baird, Esther M. 

Baird, George. 

Baker, Mr. N. E. 
Mrs. Baker (Margaret McCartney). 
Baker, Martha McCartney. 

Barnett, Col. James E. 

62 E. 

Wheeling St. 
Bell 268-L. 

S. Main St. 

Bell 143-R. 

380 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 1345. 

40 North Ave. 

342 E. Beau St. 
Bell 1177. 
Virginia, Severn River, Annapolis, Md. 

288 E. Wheeling St. 

105 Wheeling St. 
Bell 1235-R. 

Club — Duquesne. 
Summer Home — Camp 

Baum, Mr. Isaac W. 
Mrs. Baum' (Jane Best). 

Baum, Dorothy. 

Baum, Granville. 

Baum, Loekhart. 

Beatty, Mrs. Helena C. 

Witherspoon, Mr. Arthur R. 

Bell, Me. J. F. W. Prospect and Acheson Ave 

Mrs. Bell. 

Bell, Miss Frances. 

Bell, Mr. Benjamin. 

Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Ross. 

BoRCHERs, Mr. W. F. 

Mrs. Borchers (Minnie Ruch). 

Borchers, Miss Marie Augusta. 

Borchers, Wm. F., Jr. 

Brady, Mr. Charles N. 227 

Mrs. Brady (Mary Paxton). 

Brady, Miss Mary Louisa. 

Brady, Mr. R. Meldrum. 

68 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 75. 

E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 14. 

Braden, Mr. James P. 210 W. Wheeling St. 

Mrs. Braden (Annie King). 

Braden, Rebecca. 

Braden, Mr. John. 

Braden, Mr. Lee. 

Braden, Mrs. John D. (Anna Ruple). 223 W. Wheeling St. 
Braden, Miss Lillian. 
Braden, Miss Annie. 
Braden, Mr. George. 

Braden, Mr. and Mrs. 
Braden, Miss Ida. 
Braden, Miss Anna. 
Braden, Edith. 
Braden, Mr. Alfred. 
Braden, John. 

A. G. (Ida Hall). Locust Ave. 


Brownlee, Mr. T. B. H. 112 S. Wade Ave. 

Mrs. Brownlee (Mary Flack). Bell 934-L. 

Brownlee, Miss Janet Loury. 

Brownlee, Martha Poster. 

Brownlee, Mr. George Ashton. 

Brownlee, Mr. John Templeton. 

BuRCHFiELD, Mrs. A. E. (Augusta Chapman). 213 E. Maiden St. 
Burehfield, Mr. and Mrs. Max. Bell 1058. 

Graham, Miss Anne. 

Caldwell, Mrs. A. B. (Mary J. Lonkert). 

140 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 575. 
Mevay, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. (Katharine Caldwell). 
Mevay, Mary Agnes. 
Mevay, Katherine. 

Caldwell, Mr. Charles S. 
Mrs. Caldwell (Eleanor Baird). 

54 W. Maiden St. 
Bell 1575. 

Campbell, Mrs. W. S. (Kate E. Cleland). 560 E. Maiden St. 
Campbell, Miss Flora E. Bell 168. 

Cannon, Mr. Harry Winfield. 252 First Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Mrs. Cannon (Eleanor Aiken). 

Chambers. Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. (Flora Osborne), S. 

College St. 
Chambers, Joseph O. 
Chambers, Anica B. 

Chambers, Mr. Henry Preble. 

Mrs. Chambers (Flora Linn Osborne). 

Chambers, Joseph Osborne. 

Chambers, Anica Barlow. 

Clark, Miss Jennie H. 

Clark, Miss Margaret D. 
Clark, Mr. B. M. 
Clark, Mr. W. W. 

Clark, Miss Janet. 

Bell 351-J. 

622 Jefferson Ave. 
Bell 396 Washington. 

96 S. Wade Ave. 

Clark, Mr. Norman Emmett T. 
Mrs. Clark (Sarah Flack). 

Clark, Mary Foster. 

Clark, Mr. John Gaylord. 

Clark, Norman Emmett, Jr. 

Core, Mrs. J. F. (Sarah Heiner). 
Core, Miss Birdie F. 
Core, Miss Sarah K. 
Core, Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. A. 

Crumrine, Mr. Boyd. 

Mrs. Crumrine (Martha Eoberts). 

Crumrine, Mr. E. E. 

Culbertson, Mr. Alexander J. 
Mrs. Culbertson (Etta M. Euple). 

(Washington Seminary, Beaver College.) 

Culbertson, Mr. James. 

Culbertson, Alexander. 

116 S. Wade Ave. 
Bell 2.08-K. 

620 N. Main St. 

212 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 776-E. 

500 E. Maiden St. 

365 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 1220-R. 


DoNNAN, Mr. Alvan. 115 S, Wade St. 

Mrs. Donnan (Lucy Murdoch). Bell 192. 

Donnan, Miss Nettie Barker. 

Donnan, Miss Ruth Ashmore. 

Donnan, Mr. Edmund Arthur. 

Donnan, Mr. Alexander. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. John L. (Margaretta Donnan). 

Stewart, Lucy Donnan. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. (Lucy Donnan). 

Thorney Croft, Washington. 

Donnan, Mr. John W. 

Whitworth, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. 

Donnan, Mr. Sidney B. 
Mrs. Donnan (Flora Brady). 

Donnan, Mr. John H. 
Mrs. John H. (Ina Duncan). 
Donnan, John Duncan. 

Drummond, Mrs. Stephens (Alice Bughner). 
Drummond, Miss Jean. 

355 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 393. 

157 S. Wade Ave 
Bell 306. 

155 S. Wade Ave. 

82 Wade Ave. 
Bell 1576-W. 

Duncan, Mrs. James E. (Anne Patterson). 

Duncan, Mr. Andrew P. 238 E. Wheeling St. 

Baker, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. (Amelia Duncan). Bell 69. 
Baker, Anne Duncan. 

Duncan, Mr. James E., Jr. 
Mrs. Duncan (Mary E. Smiley). 
Duncan, James E., III. 

Duncan, Mr. Harry B. 

Mrs. Duncan (Katherine Baird). 

Duncan, Harriet. 

Duncan, Katherine. 

Baird, Mrs, John. 

Duncan, Mr. Thomas J. 

Mrs. Duncan (Eleanor Morris). 

Dunn, Mr. John M. 
Mrs. Dunn (Anna Ross). 

Dunn, Miss Laura I. 

Dunn, Miss Anna E. 

Dunn, Mr. Alan R. 

Dunn, Mr. John H. 

SxLmmer Home — Dunn Station. 

EwiNG, Mrs. Jane B. (Jane Porter). 
Ewing, Mr. James C. 

Ford, Mr. Harry E. 
Mrs. Ford (Ella Baker). 
Ford, Walter Baker. 

Fulton, Dr. John M. 

Mrs. Fulton (Elizabeth Bell). 

Fulton, Mr. S. Floyd. 

Winters, Miss Sarah. 

Griffith, Mr. William H. 
Mrs. Griffith (Miss Scott). 

Griffith, Miss Jessie. 

Griffith, Miss Ada. 


65 Le Moyne Ave. 
Bell 871-R. 

300 E. Wheeling St. 

214 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 209. 

910 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 156. 

38 S. Wade Ave. 
Bell 730-J. 

28 N. Lincoln St. 

207 E. Beau St. 
Bell 211-R. 

333 Beau St. 
Bell 313. 

Grace, Mr. Homer H. 
Mrs. Grace (Olive Welling). 
Grace, Miss Isabel Frances. 

Grayson, Mr. Harry Scott. 
Mrs. Grayson (Eliza Hamilton). 

Grayson, Miss Louisa. 

Grayson, Miss Sara. 

Grayson, Miss Elizabeth. 

Hall, Mr. Thomas. 

Hall, Miss Jane Shirls. 
Hall, Miss Helen Margaret. 
Hall, Mr. Harry Mcllvaine. 
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. 
Williams, Miss Margaret Hall. 
Gibson, Miss Mary Kiser. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Louisa (Louisa Beeson) . 41 W. Prospect Ave. 
Hamilton, Miss Mary. BeU 418-J Washington. 

Hamilton, Miss Margaret. 

184 Allison Ave. 

40 N. Prospect St. 
Bell 650. 

227 Jefferson Ave. 
Bell 468-J. 

Harding, Mr. Charles V. 
Mrs. Harding (Virginia Hupp). 
Harding, Miss Madeleine S. 

Harnden, Mr. Arthur D. 

Mrs. Harnden (Esther MeKeever). 

Harnden, Mary. 

Harnden, Kobert. 

Happer, Mr. Andrew G. 

Mrs. Happer (Matilda M. Watson), 

111 Le Moyne Ave. 
Bell 357-J Washington. 

252 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 325-J. 

130 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 87. 

Hastings, Mrs. Hannah P. (Hannah Paul). 41 E. Maiden St. 
Harrah, Mrs. William S. (Anna Hastings). 
Hasting, Mr. Harry E. 
Hastings, Mr. William C, Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Hawkins, Mrs. A. L. (Miss Greenfield). 49 S. Wade Ave. 

Hayes, Mrs. Charles (Margaret Fleming). 

Hayes, Miss N. Katherine. 
Hayes, Miss Lola B. 
Hayes, Miss Bess C. 

Hess, Miss Ada. 

Hess, Miss Virginia. 
Hess, Miss Blanche. 
Jones, Miss Eomaine. 

Hess, Mr. Grant E. 

Mrs. Hess (Anna Kaufmann), 

Hess, Mildred. 

Hess, Harold. 

Hess, John. 

Hess, Frederick. 

Hess, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Hess (Elizabeth Kidd). 
Buchanan, Mr. Raymond. 

75 W. Maiden St. 
Bell 1133-J. 

1203 Jefferson Ave. 

1206 Jefferson Ave. 
Bell 1376-W Washington. 

1116 Jefferson Ave. 
Beii 701 Washington. 


Hood, Mr. Henry G. 

Mrs. Hood (Annie Harding). 

Hood, Francis Le Moyne. 

Hood, Henry H. 

Hood, Louis Valcoulon. 

Hughes, Mrs. S. B. (Sarah Bane). 
Hughes, Mr. Blanchard P. 
Hughes, Mr. Hal B. 

Johnson, Mr. E. V. 

Johnson, Miss Rebecca J. 
Johnson, Mr. William L. 

62 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 1175-J. 

80 S. Main St. 

222 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 196. 

Jones, Mr. George O. 
Mrs. Jones (Emma Kidd). 

Jones, Miss Sue J. 

Jones, Miss Alice E. 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. (Belle Auld). 

Kidd, Miss Alice. 

179 W. Main St. 
Bell 941-R Washington. 

Junk, Mrs. James (Louisa Wells). 
Junk, Miss Euth. 

Kelly, Dr. George M. 

Mrs. Kelly (Rose Le Moyne). 

KuNTZ, Mr., John E. 
Mrs. Kuntz. 

Kuntz, Mr. James, Jr. 
Mrs. Kuntz (Mary Bane). 
Kuntz, Mr. Brady. 

52 S. Wade Ave. 
Bell 352. 

98 E. Maiden St. 

25 S. College Ave. 

138 E. Maiden St. 

53 E. Beau St. 

Lambie, Mr. James M. 
Mrs. Lambie (Helen S. Thistle). 

Le Moyne, Mr. Julius. Edgewood, Washington. 

Mrs. Le Moyne (Annie Kuhn). Bell 143-J. 

Le Moyne, Miss Madeleine Eomaine. 

Linn, Mr. Harry H. 
Mrs. Linn (Mary Aiken). 
Linn, Harry King. 

Linton, Prof. Edwin. 

Mrs. Linton (Margaret Brownson). 

Linton, Miss Eleanor Aeheson. 

Linton, Mr. Edwin S. 

Lockhart, Mr. George. 
Mrs. Lockhart (Clara Kelly). 
Kelly, Mrs. John. 

Lockhart, Mr. James L. 

Lockhart, Miss Mary H. 

Lovi^ES, Eev. Abram B. 
Lowes, Miss Fanny E. 

497 First St. 
Bell 874-J Washington. 

400 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 339-E. 

1122 Maiden St. 
Bell 1597. 

218 S. Main St. 

30 E. Prospect Ave. 
Bell 431-J Washington. 

Mawhinney, Mrs. Matthew^ (Joanna Myers). 

424 E. Maiden St. 
Armstrong, Mrs. Henry (Anna Mawhinney). Bell 790. 

Mawhinney, Mr. James. 


Miller, Mr. Harry M. 
Miller, Mr. Julius P. 
Miller, Miss Martha S. 
Miller, Mr. Grant. 
Miller, Miss Anna B. 
Miller, Miss Eleanor M, 

Miller, Dk. Robert H. 
Mrs. Miller (Clara Brown). 

Mitchell, Mr. James K. 

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Osborne. 
Mitchell, Mr. Baird. 
Donnan, Mr. Alvan. 
Donnan, Mrs. (Sue Mitchell). 

MoPFATT, Dr. J. D. 

Mrs. Moffatt (Elizabeth Crangle). 

Moffatt, Miss Harriet. 

Moffatt, Miss Blanche. 

Moff'at, Mr. James D., Jr. 

Crangle, Miss Clara. 

Montgomery, Mrs. George. 

Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. George, Jr. 

Morgan, Miss Jennie A. 
Morgan, Miss Lizzie A. 

Murdoch, Mr. Alexander, Jr. 
Murdoch, Miss Lizzie. 
Murdoch, Miss Margaretta. 

Murdoch, Mr. John H., Jr. 
Mrs. Murdoch (Martie Boyle). 

Murdoch, Miss Anna V. 

Murdoch, Mr. John H., Jr. 

Murdoch, Mr. Edgar B. 

Mrs. Murdoch (Helen Templeton), 

Murdoch, Alexander IV. 

Templeton, Miss Helen M. 

Murphy, Mr. Owen. 

Mrs. Murphy (Annie Ritchie). 

Murphy, Miss Janet R. 

Murphy, Irene B. 

Murphy, Marianna M. 

206 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 1192. 

Myers, Mr. H. Russel. 

McAdams, Prop. Dunlap J. 

Mrs. McAdams (Rebecca Braden). 

McAdams, Miss Kate. 

McAdams, Mr. Braden. 

McCarrell, Miss Amanda. 
McCarrell, Miss Lizzie. 

McCarrell, Mrs. L. (Eliza Jackson). 

N. Wade Ave. 
Bell 614-R Washington. 

96 Le Moyne Ave. 
Bell 1229. 

E. Maiden St. 
Bell 80-R. 

500 Allen St. 

216 E. Maiden St. 

269 N. Main St. 

313 N. Main St. 
Bell 370. 

55 Morgan Ave. 
Bell 1370. 

58 W. Maiden St. 
Bell 1062. 

55 Acheson Ave. 

135 Le Moyne Ave. 
Bell 366-J. 

320 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 162-J. 

345 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 174-J. 

McCarrell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. (Elizabeth McClane). 
McCarrell, Jane Dinsmore. 


McClane, Mr. Ebenezer. 

McClaine, Miss Mary Dinsmore. 
McClane, Miss Eebecca Dinsmore. 
McClane, Mr. Malcolm "Wilson. 
McClane, Mr. John Albert. 

McClelland, Prop. William C. 

Mrs. McClelland (Mary E. Brownlee). 

McDowell, Mr. John W. 

Mrs. McDowell (Margaret Junk). 

McIlvaine, Judge J. A. 
Mrs. McIlvaine (Miss Price). 

HcIlvaine, Mr. Winfield. 

:Mrs. McIlvaine (Elizabeth Stewart). 

McKee, Eev. Clement. 
iMRS. McKee (Francis Junk). 

McKee, Miss Euth. 

McKee, James. 

Windsor Place. 
Bell 935. 

45 AcHEsoN Ave. 
Bell 159-E. 

48 S. Wade St. 
Bell 741. 

47 N. Wade Ave. 

362 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 935. 

Le Moyne Ave. 
Bell 1476. 

McKeown, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Alexander. 106 E. Maiden St. 

Bell 189. 

McKennan, Mrs. (Margaret Stockton). E. Maiden St. 

McKennan, Mr. Bowman. 

McKennan, Dr. and Mrs. James W. (Winifred Baker). 
McKennan, Emeline. 

McKinley, Mr. Frank B. 
Mrs. McKinley (Queen Eoss). 

McKinley, Miss Ethelyn. 

Eoss, Mrs. Mellvina. 

119 S. College St. 
Bell 428. 

138 N. Main St. 

McNuLTY, Mr. C. J. 

McNulty, Miss Margaret. 
McNulty, Mr. John C. 

Parker, Mr. William S. 
Mrs. Parker (Ella Marsh). 

Parker, Mr. Eonald L. 

Parker, Miss Myra L. 

Parker, Mr. "William S., Jr. 

Parsons, Mr. Alfred G. 

Mrs. Parsons (Sarah Jane Davis). 

Parsons, Elizabeth Jane. 

Parsons, Alfred John. 

Parsons, Davis Eeed. 

Hartzell, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. 

Paul, Miss Catherine J. 
Paul, Miss Nancy E. 

Paul, Mr. William. 

Paul, Mrs. (Martha Vance). 

Paxton, Mr. Jesse W. 

Hensell, Mrs. A. M. (Amelia Paxton) 

Paxton, Mr. Alexander. Woodside, Wheeling, W. Ya 

Mrs. Paxton (Edna Maxwell). 

Paxton, Miss Elizabeth. 

Paxton, Alexander M. 

335 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 427. 

349 E. Beau St. 
Bell 542-W. 

545 S. Main St. 

59 S. 

Wade Ave. 
Bell 1117. 


Paxton, Mr, Richard M. 
Mrs. Paxton (Mary Worthen), 

Paxton, Elisha W. 

Paxton, Eichard M. 

Paxton, Worthen. 

Paxton, Mr. William P. 
Mrs. Paxton (Mary Dougan). 

Paxton, Henry Dougan. 

Paxton, William W. 

Phillips, Mr. Arthur. 

Mrs. Phillips (Nell Caldwell). 

Phillips, Miss Mary Jane. 

Caldwell, Mr. Tom. 
Potter, Mrs. Ellen Wiley. 

Wiley, Miss Margaret. 

Wiley, Miss Martha. 

Ray, Mr. James F. 

Mrs. Ray (Miss Alexander), 

Reed, Mr. Alexander. 

Reed, Miss Ethelind C. 

Reed, Mrs. Alexander. 

Reed, Mr. Colin M. 
Mrs. Reed (Ada Brownlee). 
Reed, Janet M. 

Reed, Mr. Charles M. 
Mrs. Reed (Katherine Sill). 
Reed, Ethelind Chapman. 

Reed, Mr. George W. 

Mrs. Reed (Madeleine Le Moyne). 

Reed, Rev. J. L. 
Mrs. Reed. 

Kerr, Mr. Mason. 

RiGGs, Dr. Elliott S. 
Mrs. Riggs (Lenora Weyer). 

118 Le Moyne Ave. 
Bell 391. 

70 Le Moyne Ave. 
Bell 990. 

78 S. Wade Ave. 
Bell 1576-J. 

318 E. Maiden St. 

Chestnut St. 

123 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 368-J. 

145 S. Wade Ave. 

150 E. Maiden St. 

367 E. Maiden St. 

49 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 839. 

166 S. Wade Ave. 

38 W. Prospect Ave. 
Bell 734. 

Ritchie, Mrs. Andrew S. (Jane McFadden). 

405 W. Maiden St. 

Ritchie, Mr. William B. 

Mrs. Ritchie (Claudine Mullen). 

Ritchie, Mr. Charles S. 
Mrs. Ritchie (Edith Crist). 


Rule, Prof. James Noble. 
Mrs. Rule (Cora Thompson). 

Rule, Margaret Agnes. 

Rule, William Thompson. 

Shannon, Dr. James H. 
Mrs. Shannon. 

Shannon, Elizabeth. 

207 Main St. 
Bell 255-R. 

407 E. Malden St. 

% Washington Seminary. 
Bell 202. 

Hays Hall. 
Bell 736. 

Wade Ave. 


ScHULTZ, Mr. Carl D. 

Schultz, J. Franklin T. 

ScHMiTz, Mr, Adolph. 
Mrs. Schmitz. 

Selimitz, Miss Lucy. 

Schmitz, Miss Helen. 

SiMONTON, Prof. James C. 

Mrs. Simonton (Jane Le Moyne). 

Slemmons, Kev. W. E. 

Mrs. Slemmons (Jane Hosack). 

Slemmons, Mary. 

Slemmons, Miss Clara. 

Smith, Mr. William McKennan. 
Mrs. Smith (Lucy Butler). 

Smith, Emma McKennan. 

Patton, Mr. Allan. 

Snowden, Rev. James H. 
Mrs. Snowden (Mary Eoss). 

Snowden, Miss Grace. 

Snowden, Mr. Roy Ross. 

Snowden, Mr. Harold Winters. 

Speer, Mrs. Breading (Emma Wilson). 
Speer, Miss Mary Leet. 

Speer, Mrs. William (Elizabeth Ewing). 
Speer, Miss Henrietta Morrow. 

Steen, Mrs. 1. 

Steen, Miss Ida. 

Sterrett, Mr. Louis. 
Mrs. Sterrett. 

Sterrett, Miss Marion. 

Sterrett, Rev. Charles. 

Sterrett, Mr. Malcolm. 

Stewart, Mr. Lawrence R. 
Mrs. Stewart (Louise Robinson). 

Stewart, William Grove. 

Stewart, George, 

Stockdale, Miss Elizabeth C. 
Jewell, Mr. John D. 

Strean, Miss Mary A. 

275 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 284-W. 

549 E, Chestnut St. 

63 Le Moyne Ave. 

56 W. Maiden St, 
Bell 469. 

Park Ave. 
Bell 940-R. 

20 S. Lincoln St. 
Bell 234. 

52 W. Maiden St. 

68 W, Maiden St. 
Bell 1385-J. 

74 W. Beau St. 
67 W. Prospect Ave. 

Wade A\'e. 

247 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 562-R. 

86 S. Wade Ave, 
Bell 1352-W, 
Dnnlap,Mr3. Elizabeth G. (Elizabeth Strean). 
Dunlap, Miss Helen. 
Dunlap, Miss Dorothy. 
Dunlap, Mr. James Gilmore S. 

Taylor, Judge James Franklin. 
Mrs. Taylor (Anna W. Miller). 

Taylor, Miss Gladys. 

Taylor, Mr. Woodward Miller. 

Teagarden, Dr. William D. 
Mrs. Teagarden. 

Teagarden, Miss Florence. 

375 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 1575. 

22 W. Maiden Sr. 
Bell 175-J. 


Temple, Mr. Henry Willson (W. & J.) 
Mrs. Temple (Lucy Parr). 

Temple, Miss Martha. 

Temple, I\Ir. John Parr. 

Temple, William Jameson. 

Temple, Henry Marshall. 

Temple, Edward Lawrence. 

Templeton, Mr. Alexander M. 
Mrs. Templeton (Sara MeCombs). 
Templeton, Mr. Alexander M. 

Templeton, Miss Annie McCombs. 

Templeton, A. Murdoch. 

Quail, Miss Anne. 

Templeton, Mr. S. M. 

Templeton, Miss Betty. 
Templeton, Miss Helen. 

Thistle, Dr. Joseph L. 

Thistle, Miss Catherine E. 
Thistle, Miss Mildred B. 

400 Locust Ave. 
Bell 54. 

219 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 738. 

33 N. Main St. 
Bell 144. 

41 E. Beau St. 
Bell 36-W. 

Thompson, Dr. William Eeed. 
Mrs. Thompson (Margaret A. Ely). 
Thompson, Miss Sarah Kezia. 

Thompson, Dr. Albert Ely. 

Thompson, Mrs. (Helen L. Miller). 
Thompson, Helen Miller. 

Thompson, Eev. Preasley. 
Mrs. Thompson (Miss Pollock). 

Treat, Mr. Milo C. 

Mrs. Treat (Sarah Hakes). 

Treat, Miss Mila H, 

Hakes, Mrs. Anna W. 

Underwood, Mr. Owen Clark. 

Mrs. Underwood (Emma S. Tompkins). 

Underwood, Miss Caroline. 

Underwood, Mr. William H. 

"Wales, Mr. C. A. 
Mrs. Wales. 

Wales, Miss Cornelia. 

Wales, Miss Florence. 

IVatson, Miss Elizabeth T. 
Watson, Miss Jane. 
Eeed, Mrs. Alexander (Mary Eeed). 

Warrick, Mr. George M. 
Mrs. Warrick. 

Warrick, Miss Jane. 

Warrick, Miss Eachel. 

Warrick, Mr. John W. 
' Warrick, Mr. George, Jr. 

Waugh, Mrs. Joseph (Miss Eogers). 

213 E. Wheeling St. 
Bell 1241. 

38 S. Lincoln St. 
Bell 1240. 

114 North Ave. 
Bell 873-J. 

45 S. Wade Ave. 
Bell 118. 

256 E. Beau St. 
Bell 1426-W. 

521 E. Beau St. 

42 W. Maiden St. 
BeU 1087. 

263 E. Beau St. 
Bell 577-J. 

50 Le Moyne Ave. 
Bell 866-E. 


Wells, Mr. H. E. 

Mrs. Wells (Miss Harper). 

Williams, Mr. Henry W. 
Mrs. Williams. 

Williams, Miss Margaret Hall. 

Gibson, Miss Mary Eiser. 

Wilson, Dr. T. D. M. 

Mrs. Wilson (Gennie A. Schenck), 

Wilson, Miss Elizabeth Henderson. 

Wilson, Miss Charlotta Walker. 

Wilson, Mr. J. Eussell. 
Mrs. Wilson (Grace Clutter). 

Wilson, Alice Elizabeth. 

Wilson, John Eussell, Jr. 

Winter, Mr. Eobert. 
Winter, Miss Ella. 

13 S. College St. 

227 Jefferson Ave. 
Bell 468-J. 

103 Le Moyne Ave. 
Bell 125. 

118 Christman Ave. 
Bell 1233. 

31 North Ave. 
Bell 1444. 

Winter, Mr. W. B. 

Mrs. Winter (Barbara Clemens), 

Winter, Miss Lena. 

Winter, Miss Jennie. 

McCoy, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton (Ethel Winter). 

McCoy, William Winter. 

766 E. Maiden St. 
Bell 1231-J. 

348 E. Beau St. 
Bell 150-J. 

620 E. 

Maiden St. 
Bell 1186. 

Woods, Dr. George B, 

Woods, Mrs. (Elizabeth Lucas). 
Woods, Leah Euth. 
Woods, Mr. George Wyeth. 

Workman, Mr. Samuel. 

Mrs. Workman (Harriet Eoberts). 

Workman, Margaret. 

Workman, Harriet. 

Workman, Samuel, Jr. 

Workman, Mrs. William (Mary Jones). 645 E. Maiden St. 
Workman, Miss Annie. Bell 345-E. 

Workman, Miss Ida. 
Workman, Mr. William, Jr. 

Wright, Mr. Joshua, 
Mrs. Wright. 

Spriggs, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph. 

Spriggs, Miss Josephine. 

Wylie, Mr. William. 
Mrs. Wylie (Mary Gist). 

Wylie, Miss Elizabeth Beall. 

Wylie, Miss Clara Virginia. 

Wylie, William Gist. 

131 Jefferson Ave. 
Bell 293. 


Bryant, Mr, Mathia. 

Call, Mr. Harvey. 
Mrs, Call. 

Call, Mr, Clyde. 

201 Greene St. 


Crago, Col. Tom. S. 
Mrs. Crago. 

Crago, Leah. 

Crago, Ruth. 

Crago, John. 

Dickey, Mr. A. P. 

DouLEY, Mr. Joseph B. 
Mrs. Douley. 

Douley, Miss Nellie W. 

Douley, Mr. Joseph P. 

Downey, Mr. Eobinson T. 
Mrs. Downey. 

Haze, Mr, Assa B. 
Mrs. Haze. 

Hudson, Mrs. William. 
Huff, Mr. Thomas. 

Iams, Dr. J. T. 
Mrs. Iams. 

Iams, Miss Annetta. 

lams. Miss Sarah. 

Iams, Dr. Samuel H. 
Mrs. Iams. 

Inghram, Judge James. 
Mrs. Inghram. 

Knox, Mr. J. H. 
Mrs. Knox. 

Knox, Miriam. 

Knox, Mr. Paul. 

Koehne, Mr. John B. 
Mrs. Koehne. 

Parry, Dr. William. 
Mrs. Parry. 

Parry, Miss Jane W. 

Parry, Mr. Eodgers S. 

Parry, Mr. William Burdette. 

Eay, Mr, Joseph W, 
Mrs. Eay. 

Eay, Miss Irene. 

Eay, Mabel Helen. 

Eay, Mr. Joseph Lloyd. 

Eoss, Dr. Frank. 
Mrs. Eoss. 

Eoss, Frank, Jr. 

Eoss, John. 

Eoss, Mr. Timothy, 
Mrs, Eoss. 

Eoss, Millie. 

Eoss, John. 

Sayers, Mr. E. M. 

Franklin St. 

315 West St. 
Washington St. 

' ' Ivyhurst. ' ' 

209 Main St, 

224 Washington St. 

214 Main St. 

West St. 

Mafn St. 

1C5 College Ht. 

College Ave. 
313 East High St. 

Franklin St. 

Main St. 

735 Main St. 

Morris and College Sts. 


Sayers, Mr. James E. 
Sayers, Miss Jane. 

Sayers, Mr. Robert A. 
Mrs. Sayers. 

Scott, Mr. George. 
Mrs. Scott. 

Scott, Miss Helen. 

Scott, Miss Caroline. 

Scott, Mr. Wayne. 

Scott, Mr. Walter. 

Scott, Mr. Samuel W. 
Scott, Mr. William. 

SiLVEus, Mr. a. F. 
Mrs. Silveus. 

Silveus, Mr. John. 


Mrs. Wisecarver. 

Wisecarver, Helen. 
Wisecarver, Mr. George. 
Wisecarver, Timothy, Jr. 
Wisecarver, Barnes. 

N. Morris St, 

109 N. RiCHiLL St. 

Greene and Morris St. 

403 W. Main St. 
205 E. Main St. 

231 N. West St. 


Adams, Mr. A. E. 
Mrs. Adams. 

Anderson, Mr. W. Noble. 
Mrs. Anderson. 

Andrews, Mrs. C. H. 

Arms, Mr. M. I. 
Mrs. Arms. 

Arms, Mr. M. 1., 11. 
Mrs, Arms. 

Arms, Mr. Warner. 
Mrs. Arms. 

Arms, Mr. Wilford P. 
Mrs. 'Arms. 

Arrel, Mr. George F. 
Mrs. Arrel. 

Baldwin, Mr. W. H. 

Barry, Eev. J. P. 

Beecher, Mr. W. A. 
Mrs. Beecher. 

Bentley, Mr. Robert. 
Mrs. Bentley. 

Blaine, Dr. W. M. 

Broadway and Fifth Ave. 

789 Wick Ave. 

750 Wick Ave, 
939 Wick Ave. 

245 LoRA Ave. 

Wick and Spring Aves. 

648 Wick Ave. 

124 Lincoln Ave. 

519 Wick Ave, 

1457 W. Federal St. 

274 W. Rayen Ave. 

718 Wick Ave. 

217 Wick Ave. 


BoNNELL, Mr. Harry. 
Mrs. Bonnell. 

BoNNELL, Mrs. H. O. 

Bonnell, Mr. J. F. 
Mrs. Bonnell. 

Bonnell, Mrs. J. M. 

Bonnell, Mr. W. Scott. 
Mrs. Bonnell. 

Booth, Dr. C. C. 
Mrs. Booth. 

Booth, Mr. Lloyd. 
Mrs. Booth. 

BoTSFORD, Mrs. J. L. 

Brenner, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Brenner. 

Brown, Miss E. 

Brown, Mr. Edmond S. 
Mrs. Brown. 

Brown, Mr. E. L. 
Mrs. Brown. 

Buechner, Dr. W. H. 

Butler, Mr. Henry A. 
Mrs. Butler. 

Butler, Mr. J. G. 
Mrs. Butler. 

Campbell, Mr. B. M. 
Mrs. Campbell. 

Campbell, Mr. J. A. 
Mrs. Campbell. 

Cart WRIGHT, Mrs. H. 

Cassidy, Mr. O. U. 
Mrs. Cassidy. 

Chaney, Dr. N. H. 
Mrs. Chaney. 

Clark, Dr. ^. M. 

Clark, Dr. (!. E. 
Mrs. Clark. 

Clark, Dr. Ida. 

Clegg, Mr. S. B. 

Cochran, Mr. Chauncey. 
Mrs. Cochran. 

626 Wick Ave. 

689 "Wick Ave. 
223 Arlington Ave. 

315 Wick 
808 Wick Ave. 

242 Spring St. 

678 Wick Ave. 

664 Wick Ave. 
287 Park Ave. 

210 Broadway. 
259 Lor A Ave. 

729 Wick A\t:. 

34 East Federal. 
Fair Oaks, Poland, O. 

525 Wick Ave. 

Market and Delason. 

722 Bryson. 

811 W. Federal. 
109 Lincoln Ave. 

234 Custer. 

112 Lincoln Ave. 
121 Illinois Ave. 

746 Bryson. 

112 Illinois Ave. 

6S0 Bryson. 


Cochran, Mr. L. E. 
Mrs. Cochran. 

Cornelius, Mr. Ralph. 
Mrs. Cornelius. 

Crandall, Mr. Chas. 

Graver, Mr. A. W. 
Mrs. Craver. 

Cunningham, Mr. P. C. 
Mrs. Cunningham. 

Davey, Mr. T. E. 
Mrs. Davey. 

Day, Mr. George E. 

Deetrick, Mr. J. W. 
Mrs. Deetrick. 

Dennison, Mr. M. E. 
Mrs. Dennison. 

Doeright, Mr. G. A. 
Mrs. Doeright. 

Draper, Mr. T. P. 
Mrs. Draper. 

Edwards, Mr. J. H. 
Mrs. Edwards. 

Edwards, Miss Louisa M. 

Ensign, Mr. C. A. 
Mrs. Ensign. 

EuwER, Mr. W. C. 
Mrs. Euwer. 

EuwER, Mr. W. D. 
Mrs. Euwer. 

Evans, Rev. D. H. 

Evans, Mr. Frederick G. 
Mrs. Evans. 

Evans, Dr. Henry C. 
Mrs. Evans. 

Evans, Mr. Mason. 
Mrs. Evans. 

Ford, Mr. Edw. L. 
Mrs. Ford. 

Ford, Mrs. Harriet W. 

Fordyce, Mr. George L. 

Foster, Mr. W. H. 
Mrs. Foster. 

741 Wick Ave.. 

33 Spring. 

Broadway nr. Fifth. 
912 Elm St. 

57 Wick Place. 

650 Bryson.. 

841 Penna. Ave. 
129 Madison Ave. 

N. Heights Ave. 

338 Arlington.. 

1335 Ohio Ave.. 


134 Madison Ave.. 
44 Madison Ave.. 

211 Arlington.. 

787 Wick Ave. 

264 N. Heights Ave.. 
283 Spring.. 

260 N. Heights Ave. 
215 Lincoln Ave, 

547 Wick Ave. 

509 Wick Ave. 

40 Lincoln Ave. 

110 Woodbine Ave. 


Fraser, Eev, Abner L. 
Mrs. Fraser. 

Frazier, Rev. S. R. 
Mrs. Frazier. 

Garlick, Mr. H. M. 
Mrs. Garlick. 

Garlick, Mr. Richard. 
Mrs. Garlick. 

Gibson, Dr. R. D. 
Mrs. Gibson. 

Good, Mr. J. H. 
Mrs. Good. 

Graham, Mr. W. R. 
Mrs, Graham. 

Griswold, Prof. "W. L. 
Mrs. Griswold. 

Hall, Mr. W. B. 
Mrs. Hall. 

Hamilton, Mr. J. J. 
Mrs. Hamilton. 

Harrington, Mr. J. T. 
Mrs. Harrington. 

Hartshorn Mr. R. P. 
Mrs. Hartshorn. 

Heedy, Mr. H. W. * 
Mrs. Heedy. 

Henderson, Mrs. J. L. 

HiNE, Mr. C. D. 
Mrs. Hine. 

Mrs. Hollister. 

HuDNUT, Rev. W. H. 

Mrs. Hudnut. 

Jackson, Mr. S. D. L. 

Jacobs, Mr. Orrin. 
Mrs. Jacobs. 

Jacobs, Mr. T. A. 
Mrs. Jacobs. 

Jeannot, Mr. F. T. 
Mrs. Jeannot. 

Johnson, Mr. Samuel, Sr. 

Jones, Mr. Fred D. 
Mrs. Jones. 

619 Bryson. 
518 Bryson. 
505 Wick Ave. 
407 Wick Ave. 
310 Wick Ave. 
23 The Lincoln. 
257 Madison Ave. 
102 Woodbine Ave. 
Stop 19, Yo. & Sharon Line. 
Elm St. and Broadway. 
1317 Ohio Ave. 
787 Bryson St. 

Ohio Ave. 
725 Wick Ave. 

533 Bryson. 

North Heights. 

27 N. Heights Ave. 
Wick and Thornton. 

Ohio Ave. 

Woodbine Ave. 

1009 Wick Ave. 
Millicent and Broadway. 


Kaufpman, Mr. W. L. 
Miss ELa.uffman. 

Kennedy, Mr. C. H. 
Mrs. Kennedy. 

Kennedy, Hon. Jas. B. 
Mrs. Kennedy. 

Kj;nnedy, Mrs. Jennie M. 

KiRTLAND, Mrs. C. N. 

Klingensmith, Mr. C. B. 
Mrs. Klingensmith. 

KooNCE, Mr. Chas., Jr. 

Krauter, Mr. C. H. 
Mrs. Krauter. 

Leedy, Mr. W. Edgar. 

Mrs. Leedy. 

LiGHTBODY, Mr. Thomas. 

Lightner, Mr. S. H. 
Mrs. Lightner. 

Locke, Miss Catherine. 

Logan, Mrs. John A., Jr. 

Logan, Mrs. Matthew. 

Lomasney, Mr. L. J. 
Mrs. Lomasney. 

Long, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Long. 

Luce, Mr. Samuel W. 
Mrs. Luce. 

Lyons, Mr. Frank F. 
Mrs. Lyons. 

Manning, Mrs. John. 

Marsteller, Dr. Charles L. 
Mrs. Marsteller. 

McCartney, Mr. A. J. 

McClure, Mr. S. G. 
Mrs. McClure. 

McCuRDY, Mr. Egbert. 

McDonald, Mr. Thomas. 
Mrs. McDonald. 

McElevey, Mrs. S. J. 

McEle\tey, Mr. W. Bonnell. 
Mrs. McElevey. 

748 Bryson St. 

Arlington St. and Yale Ave. 

270 Madison Ave. 

Penn and Madison. 

Poland, Ohio. 

Florencedale and Broadv^ay. 

Wick Bldg. 
Park Ave. 

Fairgreen Ave. 

270 Fairgreen. 
217 Arlington St. 

McVay Terrace, 
Bryson and Madison. 

Oriole Farm, Seceders Corners. 

707 Bryson St. 


Eayen Ave. 

805 Madison Ave. 

1006 Bryson St. 

773 Wick Ave. 
139 Park View. 

305 W. Rayen Ave. 
146 Broadway. 

726 Wick Ave. 
307 Madison Ave. 

669 Wick Ave. 
Dollar Bank Bldg. 


McEwEN, Mr. J. H. 
Mbs. McEwen. 

McGowAN, Mrs. John O. 

McKelyey, Mr. E. L. 
Mrs. McKelvey. 

McKelvey, Mrs. G. M. 

McKelvey, Mr. W. W. 
Mrs. McKelvey. 

McKeown, Mrs. W. W. 

McNab, Mr. M. C. 
Mrs. McNab. 

Medbury, Mr. I'rank B. 
Mrs. Medbury. 

Miller, Mr. E. G. 

Mrs. Miller. 

Montgomery, Dr. R. H. 

Moore, Mrs. L. A. 

Morrison, Dr. R. M. 
Mrs. Morrison. 

NoRRis, Mr. M. a. 

Orr, Mr. Fred. 
Mrs. Orr. 

Orr, Mrs. John S. 

Ov7en, Mrs. Jane. 

Owen, Mr. Perry B. 
Mrs. Owen. 

Owsley, Mr. Charles F. 
Mrs. Owsley. 

Owsley, Mr. C. H. 
Mrs. Owsley. 

Palmer, Mr. Charles A. 
Mrs. Palmer. 

Parson, Mr. Donald. 
Mrs. Parson. 

Patterson, Mr. James S. 
Mrs. Patterson. 

Peck, Dr. George S. 
Mrs. Peck. 

Pendleton, Eev. C. H. 
Mrs. Pendleton. 

Pollock, Miss T. 

534 Bryson St. 

778 Bryson. 
Boardman Eoad. 

ToRFOOT, Hubbard Rd. 
North Heights. 

829 Wick Ave. 
210 Arlington. 

526 Bryson St. 

North Heights and Fifth Ave. 

30 Spring St. 

263 Park Ave. 

944 W. Federal St. 

264 Madison Ave. 
221 Spring St. 

Elm and Lincoln Ave. 

1036 Belmont Ave. 

806 Wick Ave. 

Hubbard Road. 

238 Broadway. 

851 Penna Ave. 

39 Spring St. 

Park Avk. 

631 Wick Ave. 

781 Bryson St. 

217 Madison Ave. 


Pollock, Mr. Porter. 
Mrs. Pollock. 

Pollock, Mr. W. B. 

Mrs. Pollock. 

Reynolds, Mr. Irving H. 
Mrs. Reynolds. 

Ehoads, Mrs. J. E. 

Rice, Mr. Alfred H. 
Mrs. Rice. 

Ritchie, Mr. Edward W. 
Mrs. Ritchie. 

RiTTER, Mr. Herman. 
Mrs. Ritter. 

Robinson, Mr. Thomas L. 
Mrs. Robinson. 

Sampson, Mr. W. J. 
Mrs. Sampson. 

Schuman, Mr. Otto. 
Mrs. Schuman. 

Schuman, Mr. Otto F. 
Mrs. Schuman. 

Shaffer, Mr. O. P. 
Mrs. Shaffer. 

Sharman, Mr. Ralph. 
Mrs. Sharman. 

Shaw, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Shaw. 

Shook, Mr. Silas. 
Mrs. Shook. 

Slosson, Dr. C. H. 
Mrs. Slosson. 

Smith, Mr. J. Craig. 
Mrs. Smith. 

Smith, Mr. J. W. 

Smith, Mr. Walter G. 
Mrs. Smith. 

Smith, Mr. W. A. 
Mrs. Smith. 

Squire, Mr. John R. 
Mrs. Squire. 

Stambaugh, Mr. D. B. 
Mrs. Stambaugh. 

Stambaugh, Mr. H. H. 
Mrs. Stambaugh. 

603 Wick Ave. 

507 Elm St. 

704 Bryson St, 

518 Oak Hill Ave. 
616 Wick Ave. 

3 The Lincoln. 

Park Ave. 

681 Bryson. 

Wick and Baldwin. 

Fifth and Park Ave. 

843 Fifth Ave. 

766 Bryson. 

118 Spring St. 

215 Park Ave. 

Belmont Ave., Ext. 

504 Bryson St. 

542 Bryson St. 

512 Bryson St. 
2-01 Park Ave. 

101 Lincoln Ave. 


129 W. Rayen Ave. 

1051 Belmont Ave. 


'Stambaugh, Mr. H. J. 
Mrs. Stambaugh. 

Stambaugh, Mr. John, Jr. 
Mrs. Stambaugh. 

Steese, Mr. E, C. 
Mrs. Steese. 

Stitt, Mr. W. C. 
Mrs. Stitt. 

Thomas, Mr. B. Frank. 
Mrs. Thomas. 

Thompson, Mr. C. L. 
Mrs. Thompson. 

Thompson, Mr. Phillip J. 
Mrs. Thompson. 

Thornton, Mr. Carroll. 
TN-Irs. Thornton. 

Tod, Mr. David. 
Mrs. Tod. 

Tod, Mr. George, Jr. 
Mrs. Tod. 

Tod, Mrs. Henry. 

Tod, Mr. John. 
Mrs. Tod. 

Tod, Miss Sallie. 

Tod, Mrs. William. 

Truesdale, Mr. C. E. 

Walker, Mr. Charles. 
Mrs. Walker. 

Walker, Mr. Frank G. 
Mrs. Walker. 

Warner, Mr. Jonathan. 

Wells, Mrs. Edwin C. 

Wick, Mr. Charles J. 
Mrs. Wick. 

Wick, Mr. Elbridge Ayer. 
Mrs. Wick. 

Wick, Mr. E. Mason. 
Mrs. Wick. 

Wick, Mr. George D. 
Mrs. Wick. 

Wick, Mr. Henry K. 
Mrs. Wick. 

Broadway and Elm. 

621 Wick Ave. 

Fifth Ave. 

Mill Creek Park. 

Park and Michigan Ave. 

401 Fairgreen Ave. 

Fifth and Fairgreen. 

258 Madison Ave. 

Hubbard Eoad. 

815 Ohio Ave. 

152 Lincoln Ave. 
Wick and Maple Aves. 

138 Lincoln Ave. 

238 Lincoln Ave. 

742 Bryson St. 

629 Bryson St. 

15 E. Madison Ave. 

717 Bryson St. 

618 Bryson St. 

133 Lincoln Ave. 

27 Woodward Ave. 

543 Bryson St. 

656 Wick Ave. 

Liberty Farm, Logan Ave. 


W^CK, Mr. John C. 
Mrs. Wick. 

Wick, Mrs. Myron C. 

Wilcox, Mr. Warren F. 
Mrs. Wilcox. 

Wilkerson, Mr. P. D. 
Mrs. Wilkerson. 

Williams, Mr. Harry. 
Mrs. Williams. 

Williams, Mrs. John I. 

Williams, Mr. W. J. 
Mrs. Williams. 

Williamson, Mr. Warren P, 
Mrs. Williamson. 

Wilson, Miss Bessie A. 

Wilson, Mr. C. P. 
Mrs. Wilson. 

Wilson, Mr. James P. 
Mrs. Wilson. 

Woodman, Mr. T. F. 

Young, Mr. John P. 
Mrs. Young. 

Zimmerman, Dr. H. A. 

Mrs, Zimmerman. 

Zimmerman, Mr. Wm. W 

410 Wick Ave. 

Scott and Wick Ave. 
508 Bryson. 

1051 Belmont Ave. 

760 Bryson St. 

626 Bryson St. 
22-3 N. Heights Ave. 

1840 Market St. 

537 Elm St. 
640 Bryson St. 

228 Madison Ave. 

20 Scott St. 
Fifth Ave. 

Illinois Ave. 

Dollar Bank Bldg. 








Pierpont, Siviter & Co. 


Social and Business Stationary, Invitations, 

Announcements, Monograms, 

Crests and Address Dies. 

Engraved, Embossed and Illuminated in 
the latest and most exclusive styles. 

For Social and Commercial Purposes. 

117-19 Shady Avenue 



B. K. Elliot Company, 

Bell— 3609 Court. 


Pitssburgh Craft Shop. 

108 Sixth Street. 

5939 Baum St. 

Baker Electric Sales Agency. 
Bald, Eddie, Motor Car Co. 
Bennet, W. W., Motor Car Co. 
Cole Motor Co. 
East End Auto Co. 
Elmore Motor Co. 
Federal Motor Car Co. 
McAlister Bros. Motor Car Co. 
Phelan, A. X. 
Pittsburgh Inter-State Co. 
Pittsburgh Automobile Co. 
Pittsburgh Chalmers Co. 
Eobinson-Painter Co. 
Premier Motor Co. 
Stearns, P. B. Co. 
Thomas Motor Car Co. 
West Penn Automobile Co. 

Centre and Morewood. 

5902 Penn Ave. 

5906 Penn Ave. 

6101 Centre Ave. 

5820 Baum St. 

Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

4526 Henry St. 

Baum and Beatty. 

374 N. Craig St. 

5817 Penn Ave. 

5913 Baum St. 

5914 Baum St. 
5914 Baum St. 

112 Shady Ave. 

Forbes Field. 

5721 Penn Ave. 

4921-23 Centre Ave. 


Oliver Ormsby Page, 

Bell— 3426 Court. 

205-6 Columbia Bank Bldg. 

Howard G. Hammer— G. W. Hammer & Son, 40 People's 
Bank Bldg. Bell— 2322 Court. 


Jackson Motor Supply Co. 


5904 Penn Ave. 



"The Eittenhouse," N. Highland Avenue. 


Fidelity Title & Trust Co, 341 5th Ave. 

Pittsburgh Trust Co. 323 4th Ave. 

Union Trust Co. 335 Fourth Ave. 


A. E. Hasten & Co., 323 4th Avenue. 

Bell — 1757 Court. 


Gloeckler Co., B. 1127 Penn Ave. 


Nixon Restaurant. Xixon Bldg. 

Union Eestaurant. Friek Bldg. 


H. Dippel Standard Vacuum Cleaning & Upholstering Co., 
1121 Park Bldg. 

Bell— 2227 Grant. 


Oliver McClintock Co., 537-545 Libert v Ave. 

Bell— 996-997 Court. 


W. E. Kuhn Co., in the "Eittenhouse," N. Highland Ave. 


E. Garey Dickson- The Mitchel Vance Co., 506-7 Lewis 
Bldg., N. Y. 

Bell— 705 Grant. 


Hamilton & Clark Co. 208 Oliver Ave. 


Miss Anna Brounley, 212 Pittsburg Life Bldg. 

Bell— 769R Grant. 




Dr. A. M. Michael, 701 Schmidt Bldg., 339 5th Ave. 

Bell— 3703R Grant. 
Office Hours — 10 a. m. — 7 p. m. 


Snyder, Jos. T. 222 Sixth St. 


Club Pressing Co. 6339 Penn Ave. 

Enterprise Pressing Co. 203 Hiland Bldg. 


Eeymer & Bros. 237 5th Ave. 


Famous Biscuit Co. Forbes and Miltenberger. 


Mackey, Thos. E. Bak. Co. 1800 Forbes St. 


Malone's Detective Agencv, 1422 Park Bldg. 

Bell — 1688 Grant. ' 
Night — 1612W Schenley. 


E. P. Roberts & Sons, 233 Fifth Ave. 


Emile Majerus & Co., 627 Jenkins Arcade. 

Bell— 438 Court. 


Pierpont Sciviter Co. 117-19 Shady Ave. 

Kurtz, Langbein & Swartz. 535 Wood St. 


W. E. Kuhn Co., in the " Eittenhouse, " N. Highland Ave. 




B. K. Elliot Company, 108 Sixth Street. 

Bell— 3609 Court. 


Eandolph & McClemens. Penn and Hiland. 

Smith, A. W. Keenan Bldg. 


Wm. Grabowsky, 707 Penn Ave. 

Bell— 2070 Grant. 


Garvin, Miss A. E. 18th Floor Keenan Bldg. 

Burgess, Miss. 712 Eeal Estate Bldg. 


Miss H. Geis, 439 Penn Ave., opposite corner from Homes. 
Bell— 995 Court. 

McGinnis, Edw. A. 104 Fifth Ave. 

The Paradigm. H, Anderson, 201 6th Ave., Monongahela 
Bank Bldg. 2162 Grant. 


E. Bischinger, 508 Penn Ave. 

Bell— 2174 Court. 


Pittsburg Hardwood Floor Co., 923 Park Bldg. 

Bell— 2389 Grant. 


''The Eittenhouse," N. Highland Ave. 

Holland House. Fifth Ave. and Thirtieth St., N. Y. 


Consolidated Ice Co. Thirteenth and Pike. 


E. A. Higgins, Suite 428 Fulton Bldg. 

Bell— 2845 Grant. 
Hours 10 to 5. 




Motheral, Theo. A. 1001 Commonwealth Bldg. 

James W. Henry, 1002 Machesney Bldg. 

Bell— 310 Court. 

John C. Kohns & Co., 603 Commonwealth Bldg. 

Bell 2245 Court. 
P. & A.— 1192 Main. 

Chas. E. Trevaskis, 1006 Union Bank. 

Bell— 2767 Court. 


Mr. Geo. C. Whitesell, 1006 Machesney Bldg. 

Bell— 1756 Court. 
P. & A. — 1756 Main. 


F. M. Hayes, Agent for National Surety Co., Frick Annex, 
Ground Floor. 1123 Court. 


J. M. Boggs,— The Pittsburgh Casualty Co., 1703 Union 
Bank Bldg. Bell— 1273 Court. 


E. R. Munro-Guarantee Co. of N. A., 1120 Farmer's B'k Bldg. 
Bell— 631 Grant. 


Edwards, George & Co., People's Bank Bldg., 307 4th Ave. 
Bell— 3060 Court. 


M. S. Eobinson, General Agent London Guarantee & Accident 
Co., Ltd., Vandergrift Bldg., 323 4th Ave. Bell— 
2743 Court. 


W. C. Lyne, Union Central Life Insurance Co., 510 Farmers 
Bank Bldg. Bell— 1252 Grant. 

J. W. Bryan, International Life Insurance Co., 701 Union 
Bank Bldg. Court— 533. 

H. D. W. English, Berkshire Life Insurance Co. of W. Pa., 
341 4th Ave. Bell— 1675 Court. 




H. G. Scott, U. P. of Eelianee Life Insurance Co., 215 Far- 
mers Bank Bldg. Bell — 627 Grant. 

Frank A. Wesley, Vice Pres. of Standard Life Ins. Co., 
5038 Jenkins Arcade Bldg. Bell— 272 Court. 


James F. Malone, 1422 Park Bldg. 

Bell— 1688 Grant. 
Night— 1612 W. Schenley. 


H. P. Cipperly, U. S. Finance & Securities Co., 805 Union 
Bank Bldg. Bell— 179 Court. 

William J. Harvey, 713 Union Bank Bldg. 

Bell— 2340 Court. 


Grogan Co. 6th Ave. and Wood St. 

E. P. Eoberts & Sons, 233 Fifth Ave. 


Mr. I. Feuer, 5109-11 Jenkins Arcade Bldg. 

Ees.— 323 S. Craig St. 
Bell — 2301 Court. 

378L Schenley. 

Ulysse Grotticelli, Methodist Bldg., 524 Penn Ave. 

Bell— 4596 Court. 

Ignatius Ltd., 212 Jenkins Arcade Bldg. 

Bell— 4666 Court. 

Emile Majerus & Co., 627 Jenkins Arcade Bldg. 

Bell— 438 Court. 

Miller & Company, 703 Lycelim Bldg. 

Bell— 3573 Grant. 

M. Schultz, 1315 Keenan Building. 

Bell— 3563 Grant. 

E. Wagner, 311 Jenkins Bldg. 

Bell— 4612 Court. 


E. C. Kay & Co., Sixth Ave. and Smithfield St., Lewis Bldg. 
Grant 705. 




Brace Bros. Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Stark's Model Laundry. 4732 Penn Ave. 


William J. Harvey, Pres. National Leather Co., Pres. Stan- 
dard Leather Co., 713 Union Bank Bldg. 
Bell— 2340 Court. 


IvTorton Co. Century Bldg. 


Breitenreiter, C. C. 3625 Forbes St. 

Cline & Brooks. 128 S. Hiland Ave. 

Dolan & Co. ' 437 Penn Ave. 

Euphemia G. Kerr, 405 Home Trust Bldg., 6th and Wood St. 
Bell— 2552 Grant. 

S. C. Huester, Eoonis 80-81. 524 Penn Ave. 

Bell— 3416 Court. 

M. A. Jordan, 409 Pittsburg Life Bldg. 

Bell— 3123 Grant. 

Jean E. Eeagen, 410 Hiland Bldg. 

Bell— 1010 Hiland. 

Shields, Miss. 212 Oliver Ave. 

M. & S. Sweeney, 603 Keenan Bldg. 

Bell— 2396 Grant. 

Wicks, Miss. 212 Oliver Ave. 


Silas G. Pratt, Pres. Pratt Institute, 1545 Shady Ave. 

416 Sixth Ave. 
Bell— 2547W Grant. 


H. Dippel, Wavne Oil Tank & Pump Co., 1121 Park Bldg. 
Bell— 2227 Grant. 


T. Alberte, 219-21 Jenkins Bldg. 

Bell— 3526 Court. 
Ees. — 374L Crafton. 
Ofl&ce Hours 8 to 5. 




Wilson C. Atkinson, 4080 Jenkins Arcade Bldg. 

Bell— 2038 Court. 
Hours 8 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. 

B. K. Elliot Company, 108 6th St., 106 5th Ave., Jenkins 
Building. Bell— 3609 Court. 

John Hughes, 705 Liberty Ave. 

Bell— 541 Grant. 

Schempp Bros., 22 Fifth Street. 

Bell— 649 Court. 

Wm. M. Stieren Optical Co., 623 Liberty St. 

Bell — 899 Grant. 


Jarrett, W. C. 266 Shady Ave. 

Schaldenbrand Bros. 6200 Penn Ave. 


Frank J. Callan, 705 Liberty Ave. 

Bell— 1204 Grant. 

Alexander Bros. 124 Sixth St. 


Ambuhl Bros. 528 Smithfield St. 


Gillespie, J. J. & Co. 422 Wood St. 


Index Co. Nixon Bldg. 


''The Eittenhouse," N. Highland Ave. 

Hammel's Eestaurant. Jenkins' Arcade Bldg. 


Pittsburgh Eubber Co. 933 Liberty Ave. 


Allegheny Preparatory School. 900 Lynndal Ave., N. S. 

Boys' Collegiate School 4821 Ellsworth Ave. 




Duff's College. Sixth St. and Liberty Ave. 

East Liberty Academy. Linden Ave. and Meade St. 

Pennsylvania College for Women. Woodland Eoad. 

Shaw's School, Miss. 5744 Baum St. 

Shadyside Academy. Ellsworth and Morewood. 

Thurston-Gleim Preparatory School. 253 Shady Ave. 

Winchester School. 4721 Fifth Ave. 


Verner's Shoe Store. 225 Fifth Ave. 


Social Engraving, Place Cards. 
Jeanette W. Adler, 601 Keenan Bldg, 

Bell— 2524 Grant. 


Adler, Jeannette W. 601 Keenan Bldg. 


Mr. John Matyosovics, 409 Fourth Ave. 

Bell— 2183 Court. 
Pes.- 273J Crafton. 

Chas. W. Merrill, Ass't. Manager of J. J. McCormick & Co., 
506 Smithfield St. Bell— 1775 Grant. 


Sharpe, John. German National Bank Bldg. 


Eaton, Edgar E. Co. 6th Ave. and Grant. 


B. K. Elliott Company, 108 Sixth Street. 

Bell— 3609 Court. 


Stork, Miss L. Keenan Bldg. 



Edward F. Hays, 1515 Berger Bldg. Bell — 82 Court. 

J. G. Montgomery, 210 Bakewell Bldg. Bell Phone — Court 

S. E. McClure, 315 Berger Bldg. Phnes 1914 Court. -iGSlF. 

W. L. McConegly, 72 St. Nicholas Bldg. Phone— 2930 Court. 

J. L. Eitchey, 604 Bakewell Bldg. Bell— 189 Court. 

Ealph and Schreiner, 601-3 Berger Bldg. Phone — 664 Court. 

Frank S. Shields, 441 Oliver Bldg. Phones— 3133 Grant, 2605 

J. M. Stoner and Sons, 323-328 Bakewell Bldg. Phone- 
3414 Court. 

Weil and Eemingtou, 422 Bakewell Bldg. Phones — 322 Court, 
117 Main. 


Dr. A. E. Bard, 508 Lewis Bldg. Bell— 1526 Grant. 

Office Hours 9 to 4. 

Dr. W. S. Flower, 405-6 Diamond Bank Bldg. Bell— 384 Court. 
Office Hours 9 A. M— 5 P. M. 

Dr. T. A. Hogan, 727 Jenkins Bldg. Bell— 4320 Court. 

Office Hours 8:30 to 5:30. 

Dr. B. H. Mansell, 617 Bessemer Bldg. Bell — 3935 Court. 

Office Hours 9 A. M— 5 P. M. 

Dr. A. W. McCullough, 607 Diamond Bank Bldg. Bell- 
4663 Court. Office Hours 9 to 4. 

Charles E. Peters, 8039 Jenkins Arcade. Bell— 2015 Court. 

Dr. J. H. Eobinson, 701 Columbia Bank Bldg., 248 4th Ave. 
Bell— 4370 Court. Office Hours 9 A. m. to 5 P. M. 

Dr. Leslie Waddell, 7123-4 Jenkins Arcade. Bell— 2350 Court. 
Office Hours 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. 



Dr. Harold J. Dorrance, Jackson Bldg., 6th St. and Penn Ave. 
Bell— 4346 Court. 

Dr. A. L. Krewson, 406 Home Trust Bldg. Bell— 2570E 


J. Hartley Anderson, M. D., 918-919 Keenan Bldg. 

Office, 2641 Grant. 

Ees., 4630 Fifth Ave— 224 Schenley. 
Hours 2 to 4 P. M. 

Eichard E. Brenneman, M. D., Jenkins Arcade Bldg. 2349 
Court. Hours 12 to 4. 

Dr. John G. Burke, 8122 Jenkins Bldg. Bell— 230 7 Court. 
Hours 9 to 1, 4 to 5. 

Wednesday and Saturday evenings 7 to 8. 
Specialty — Diseases of the skin. 

Dr. J. Smith DeMuth, 707 Jenkins Bldg. Bell 4293 Court. 
Office Hours 10 to 4. 

S. F. Hogsett, M. D., 8047 Jenkins Bldg. Bell— 987 Court. 
Office Hours 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. 
Specialty — Ear, Nose and Throat. 

George A. Holiday, M. D., 8047 Jenkins Arcade. 987 Court. 
Hours— 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. daily. 

Wed. and Sat. 7:30 to 8:30 P. M. 
Sunday 3 to 4 P. M. 

George C. Johnston, M. D., 8047 Jenkins Arcade. Court 98/'. 
Hours 9 to 2. 

W. S. Langfitt, M. D., 8046 Jenkins Arcade. Hours 2 to 
5 P. M. 987 Court. 

E. S. Montgomery, M. D., 725 Jenkins Building. Phones— 
3197 Court. 3198 Court. Hours— 1 to 4 P. M. 
Ees.— 109 Stratford Ave. 
Phone— 849 Highland. 
Until 9 A. M. 6 to 8 P. M. 

Dr. A. I. Murphy, 1218 Westinghouse Bldg. Bell— 528 Grant. 
Office Hours— 10 to 2. 



Frederick A. Rhodes, M. D., 800 Keenan Bldg. Phones- 
Office, 2620 Grant. Res., 113 Schenley. Hours 1 
to 4 P. M. Sundays by appointment. Diseases of 
Women (Specialty). 

Stanley Smith, M. D., 613 Jenkins Bldg. Hours 9 A. M. 
to 3 P. M. 2507 Court. Res. 613 Ivy S.. 

Edwin Zugsmith, M. D., 8110 Jenkins Arcade. Office— 
4652 Court. Res., 539 Schenlev. Res., 5632 Wood- 
mont St. Hours 1 to 4 P. M." 


THE Largest RoralEstablismentinAaserica 

AWSmth Company 

Keenan Building 



: Weddings 
Luncheons .. 


3.3.miUspit & Co. 


Fine Art 


Oil Paintings, 
Water Colors 

Dutch, Flemish, English 
and Italian Schools 

Special attention given to the 

Framing (^/Pictures, Kegilding of 
Frames and the Restoring of Paintings 


Philanthropic Institutions and Relief Societies of Pittsburgh. 


Pittsburgh City Home and Asylum — Marshalsea. Phone, Bridgeville 70. 
For information address Department of Public Charities, 511 Fourth 
Ave., phone Grant 3900. 

Pittsburgh Civic Commission — Keystone Bldg., 324 Fourth Ave. Presi- 
dent, H. D. W. English ; vice president, James W. Kinnear ; 2nd vice 
president, Charles W. Beatty ; 3rd vice president, H. J. Heinz. Gen- 
eral Secretary, Allen T. Burns. The purpose of the Pittsburgh Civic 
Commission is to plan and promote improvements in civic and in- 
dustrial conditions which affect the health, convenience, education and 
general welfare of the Pittsburgh industrial district. 

Pittsburgh Dental Institution for Deaf Mutes, cor. Dorchester and 
Crawford Avenue, Brookline. Bell 327 Mt. Lebanon. Sister Mary 
Cecelia, Principal (Catholic.) 

Pittsburgh Free Dispensary — 43 Federal St. Grant 2142. President, 
J. B. Stevenson. 

Pittsburgh Home for Babies — 2501-2503 Center Ave. Phone, Schenley 
966. President, Mary H. Pickering; Superintendent, Ida M. Connelly. 

Pittsburgh Home for Girls— 3456 Boquet St. President, Mrs. C. M. 
Reeves ; Matron, Miss Florence Sanford ; Superintendent, Miss S. R. 

Pittsburgh Hospital — Frankstown Ave. and Beechwood Blvd. (Bell) 
Hiland 634 and 635; (P. & A). East 45. President, C. A. Fagan ; 

Superintendent, Sister Mary Ida. 

Pittsburgh House of Shelter (Jewish)^1625 Locust St. Phone, Grant 
2342R. President, Mrs. Wm. Wolk. 

Pittsburgh Lyceum — Washington and Franklin Sts. Phone, Grant 9243J. 
Director, Rev. Lawrence A. O'Connell ; Superintendent, Mr. Joseph 
Hodgetts ; Librarian, Miss Katherine Corriston. 

Pittsburgh North Side City Home — Hoboken. Phone, Sharpsburg 19. 
For information address Department of Public Charities, City Hall, 
N. S., phone. Cedar 217. 

Pittsburgh Playground Association — 711 Lyceum Bldg., Penn Ave. nr. 
Sixth St. Phone, Grant 2584. President, Miss Beulah Kennard ; Super- 
intendent, Mr. G. E. Johnson. 

Pittsburgh Public Evening High School — At the Fifth Avenue High 
School Building. Sessions: Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, 
from 7:30 to 9:30. Tuition free. For information address Prof. Ed- 
ward Rynerson, Fifth Avenue High School. 

Pittsburgh Sunshine Children's Home — 3532 California Avenue, N. S. 
Phone, Brady 282J. Business office, 408 Schmidt Bldg., Fifth Avenue 
W. G. McGingen, 1st vice president ; Mrs. James T. Kirkpatrick, 2nd 
vice president ; Mrs. Schurz Gleason, recording secretary ; Mrs. M. W. 
Ganiear, corresponding secretary ; Mrs. Martha Bachelor, Matron. 


MxBB Agttfo 3. ^l}uliia 

Miss Shields wishes to announce a new line of Parisian Novelties 
in Furs, IVaists and Neckivear 

Z\Z mXMiX Auf.. fUtfiburgti, fa. 

^trottli 3iaax Women*© iExrijangp SmlJiing 

Sell T^^am 933 (grant 



r®, il/^5ls3S'#^ ^assl 

^ tit fluent S03S ^inatst 


Playground and Vacation Schools of Allegheny — President, Mrs. John 
Cowley, 913 Arch St., N. S. Phone, Cedar 2083. Secretary, Miss 
Mamie M. Stoner, 1101 Allegheny Ave., N. S. 

Presbytebian Hospital of Pittsburgh and Allegheny — Sherman and 
Montgomery Ave., N. S. (Bell) Cedar 239, 1300, 1391 ; (P. & A.) 
North 384. Superintendent, Miss M. W. Woodside. 

Protestant Home for Boys — 330 North Ave., East, N. S. Phone, Cedar 
655. President, Mrs. Clarence Pettit ; Superintendent, M. H. Hamil- 
ton ; Matron, Mrs. M. K. Hamilton. 

Protestant Home for Incurables — 5600 Butler St. Phone, Fisk 20. 
President, Mrs. Norman Smith ; Secretary, Mrs. Andrew Long, 514 
Shady Ave. ; Superintendent, Mrs. F. W. Dale ; Mrs. Mary F. Ferguson. 

Protestant Orphan Asylum of Pittsburgh and Allegheny — Perrysville 
and University Ave., N. S. Phone, Cedar 2516. President, Mrs. Le- 
titia Holmes ; Matron, Mrs. Hettie Porch. 

Public Wash House and Baths of Pittsburgh — Thirty-flfth and Butler 
Sts. Mrs. Douglas, president ; Edward McDonald, Superintendent ; Miss 
Rose Erdsall, secretary. 

Reformed Presbyterian Aged Couples' Home — Perrysville Ave. and Bur- 
gess St., N. S. Phone, Cedar 2306R. President, Mrs. Mary Morton; 
Matron, Miss E. Jamison. 

Rosalia Foundling Asylum and Maternity Hospital — Cliflf and Manilla 
Sts. (Catholic, but non-sectarian in its rules for admission). Phone, 
Grant 592. President, W. J. Brennen ; Sister Superior, Sister M. 

St. Barnabas Free Home — McKeesport. Phone, McKeesport 1709. Super- 
intendent, Gouverneur P. Hance. 

St. Francis Hospital — Forty-fifth Street and Penn Ave. Fisk 595. Un- 
der care of the Sisters of the Order of St. Francis. Sister Superior, 
Sister Cleopha. 

St. Margaret's Memorlal Hospital — Forty-sixth and Davison Sts. (Bell) 
Fisk 969. Under care of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the 
Diocese of Pittsburgh. President, George W. Guthrie ; Superintendent, 
John Reid. , 

St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum — Troy Hill Road, N. S. Phone, Cedar 1087. 
President, Rev. Louis M. Woelfel ; Superintendent, Rev. 0. J. Weise- 

St. Joseph's Protectory for Homeless Boys — Vallejo St. (Catholic, but 
non-sectarian in its rules of admission). Phone, Grant 3197. President, 
Rt. Rev. J. F. Regis Canevin ; Superintendent, Father J. E. RocklifF. 

St. Paul's Orphan Asylum — Idlewood. Phone, Crafton 75. Post office 
address, Crafton Station, Pa. (Catholic, but non-sectarian in its ad- 
mission.) President, Rt. Rev. Bishop Canevin; Treasurer and Resi- 
dent Director, Father Lynch. 


Miss Elsie M. Wicks 


Millinery Importer 

212 Oliver Avenue 
Pittsburgh, la. 

Phone 60 Grant 


whether it be a large Reception or 
a small Bridge or a Grand Ball 
will be most successful if given in 
the Elegant Rooms of the Ritten- 
house, Jf^, R, Kuhn Company ^ 


St. Vincent De Paul Society (Catholic) — A charitable organization of 
men which looks after the needy poor of their ovvn parish. Practically 
all the English-speaking parishes have such a society. For detail in- 
formation concerning them address Mr. O'Donovan, President, McKees 
Rocks ; Secretary, F. D. McKeever, 1639 Denniston Ave. 

Salvation Army — Headquarters at Sixth Ave. and Cherry Ave. For infor- 
mation address Brigadier David E. Dunham, at headquarters, phone 
Grant 799. 

Sewickley District Nurse — Supported by the Woman's Club of Sewickley 
Valley and under the direction of a committee of these women ap- 
pointed by that club. Nurse, Miss Harriet Browne, Mulberry St., 
Sewickley. Phone, Sewickley 232. 

Sewickley Fresh Air Home — Fair Oaks. Phone, Sewickley 596R. Presi- 
dent, Mrs. Alexander Laughlin ; Secretary, Mrs. Robert Wardrop, 
Sewickley. Open year round for children in convalescent stage. 

Sewickley Valley Hospital Association — Blackburn Rd., Sewickley. Bell 
575 Sewickley. Mrs. Geo. B. McCague, president ; Wm. L. Clause, 
vice president ; Geo. H. Clapp, secretary ; T. H. B. McKnight, 

Sewickley Valley Hospital Cot Club — -Mrs. George Rose, president ; 
Mrs. O. S. Richardson, vice president ; Mrs. De Witt B. Nettleton, 
secretary ; Mr. W. W. Titus, treasurer. 

SoHO Baths Settlement House — 2404 Fifth Ave. Phone, Schenley 1065R. 
President, Mrs. Joseph D. Arnold ; Head Worker, Mrs. J. C. Dick. 
Under the direction of the Soho Baths Settlement Committee, a sub- 
committee of the Soho Baths Committee. 

SoHO Public Baths — 2408 Fifth Ave. Phone, Schenley 1065L. Built 
and operated under the auspices of the Civic Club of Allegheny 

South Side Hospital — S. Twentieth and Mary Sts. (Bell) Hemlock 733 ; 
(P. &. A) South 485. President, J. E. Roth; Superintendent, Anna 
M. Rindlaub. 

State Tuberculosis DispensarYj No. 20 — 510 Diamond St. Court 1527. 
Dr. S. M. Rinehart, County Medical Inspector and Physician in 
charge ; Miss A. K. Negley, Secretary. Open from 12 to 5 P. M., 
daily. In addition to medical treatment, the Dispensary also provides 
the proper food for those patients who cannot afford to purchase same 
for themselves. Ten physicians are on the Dispensary staff and seven 
nurses visit patients at their homes, where preventive and hygienic 
instruction is given. 

Suburban General Hospital— Bellevue. (Bell) Bellevue 308 ; (P. & A.) 
Bellevue 84. President, Stephen Newburn ; Superintendent, Florence 
A. Blanchfield. 

Temporary Home for Women — 210 East Stockton Ave., N. S. Phone, 
Cedar 1047L. President, Mrs. Samuel McKee ; Matron, Mrs. C. M. 


MXBB QlltttP 

Mra. l&raakB 

(HUnt $c Ir00k0 

3lmpnrtpr0 mh ifatgttera 3rmt\} MxUxmx^ 

IZS B, ^xQkinnh Au?.. IE. S. ^tttshurg 

HpU pijottt 33ra «jt9ljla«Ji 







• PA. ' 







The Animal Rescue League — City Refuge, Kirkwood and North Euclid; 
Refuge Farm, Verona County Road. Mr. J. W. L. Wilcox, president ; 
Rev. John Royal Harris, vice president ; Mr. M. McMullan, treasurer ; 
Mr. R. W. Kenney, secretary. Board of Directors: Rev. John Royal 
Norris, Mrs. F. F. Nicola, Mrs. H. Lee Mason, Mrs. R. W. Kenney, 
Mrs. E. Biem, Mr. J. W. Wilcox, Mr. James G. Marks, Mrs. J. W. 
Wilcox, Miss Mary Kenney, Mrs. Lucy Elston, Mr. R. W. Kenney, 
Mr. Jos. M. McMullan, Miss Maud Murphy. 

Tenement Improvement Company — President, Chas. F. Chubb, 248 Fourth 
Ave. Phone, Court 3060 ; Secretary, Miss Priscilla Guthrie. 

Tuberculosis League of Pittsburgh — ^Bedford Ave. and Wandless St. 
Schenley 1359. Medical Director, Dr. W. C. White. Departments: 
Hospital for advanced cases, shacks for early cases, open air school for 
tubercular children and farm for nearly cured cases, educational depart- 
ment and dispensary. Dispensary open daily from 2 to 4 P. M., ex- 
cept Sunday. Three visiting nurses in connection with the work. 
J. Ramsey Speer, president ; Edward A. Woods, vice president ; R. B. 
Mellon, treasurer ; J. M. Jenkinson, secretary ; M. R. Keener, assistant 

Union Rescue Mission— ^An organization to help needy men ; lodging house 
and reading room at 701 Wylie Ave. ; gospel mission and employment 
agency at 522 Wylie Ave. Phone, Grant 1439J. President, Dr. J. E. 
Johnston ; Superintendent, E. E. Larson. 

United Hebrew Relief Association — 602 Washington Bank Bldg., 927 
Fifth Ave. Phone, Grant 3034. President, Mr. Aaron Cohen; Super- 
intendent, Mr. Charles I. Cooper. 

United Jewish Relief Association (Central Bureau) — 602 Washington 
Bank Bldg., 927 Fifth Ave. Phone, Grant 3034. Officers : President, Mr. 
Aaron Cohen ; General Secretary, Mrs. H. B. Ferguson ; Superintendent, 
Mr. Charles I. Cooper. 

United Presbyterian Home for Aged People — Penn and Trenton Aves. ; 
Wilkinsburg. Phone, Wilkins 28. President, Mrs. S. B. Donnaldson p 
Matron, Mrs. Mary EcofF. 

United Presbyterian Memorial Hospital for Children — Monterey St., 
N. S. (Bell) Cedar 209J. 

United Presbyterian Orphans^ Home — West Jefferson and Monterey Sts., 
N. S. Phone, Cedar 209L. President, Mrs. George W. MacDonald ; 
Matron, Miss M. K. Cuthbert. 

Visiting Nurses' Association — 812 Arch St., N. S. Phone Cedar 426R. 
President, Mrs. Ormsby Phillips ; Visiting Nurse, Miss E. M. Murry. 

Volunteers op America — 605 Lewis Bldg. (Bell) Grant 1381 ; (P. & A.) 
Main 2741. General relief work. Address Colonel C. C. Herron, or 
Adjt. John D. Natzell. 

Western Pennsylvania Institution for the Blind — Bellefield Ave. Phone, 
157 Schenley. President, H. K. Porter ; Superintendent, Mr. T. S. 





^_ 6 OVS/ N S ^3 

-^ M 

Gowns, Blouses and Corsets for all occasions 


in stock ond designed specially. 


Trousseau estimates cheerfully) given. 


Always the latest novelties in Evening stuffs. 


Exclusive Hand Embroidered JNecl^ tixmgs 


in irish and real lace from the best French shops. 


A visit to this attractive model shop in its spa- 


cious new quarters will be convincing of its 


y^correct output. 



PITTSBURG, PA. Phone Grant 2524 

Prominent Families 

=PITTSBURGH, 1912=^= 

Greater Pittsburgh'^ s 
Society Register . . . 

The Only Authentic Society and Club Directory 
of Pittsburgh and Vicinity 



Nixon Building Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Western Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb — Edgewood. 
Phone, Wilkins 3. President, J. Charles Wilson ; Superintendent, 
Wm. Burt. 

Western Pennsylvania Consumers' League — President, Mrs. W. J. Askin, 
5412 Howe St. Phone, 4917 Hiland, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. 
Henry Disque, 705 Aiken Ave. 

Western Pennsylvania Hospital — Head of 28th St. (Bell) 1270 Fisk ; 
(P. & A.) Main 747. President, J. R. Mellon; Millvale and Friend- 
ship Ave ; Superintendent, James H. Bigger. 

Western Pennsylvania Humane Society — 440 Sixth Ave. (Bell) Grant 
973; (P. & A.) Main 858. President, Joseph G. Walter; Superin- 
tendent, James S. Bell. 

Woman's Christian Association of Pittsburgh and Allegheny — President, 
Mrs. Ormsby Phillips, 637 Ridge Ave., N. S. Phone, Cedar 225. Secre- 
tary, Mrs. M. M. Scott, 113 Sprague Ave., Bellevue. 

Women's Industrial Exchange — 214 Oliver Ave. Phone, Grant 1675-1676. 
President, Mrs. L. Halsey Williams, Shields. Secretary, Mrs. T. H. 
B. McKnight. 

Woods Run Industrial Home — Preble Ave., N. S. Phone, Brady 780. 
Acting President, Dr. R. M. Little ; Head Resident, Mrs. Martha H. 
Scott. Open daily from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. Swimming Pool also. 

Working Girls' Vacation Home — Hanlin Station. Operated during the 
summer by the Pittsburgh Association for the Improvement of the 
Poor. City Office, 43 Federal St. Phone Grant 904. 

Young Men's Christian Association — Central Bldg., Penn Ave. and Seventh 
St. Phone, Grant 845. President, R. W. Harbison ; Assistant Secretary, 
C. H. Dreshman. East Liberty Branch, Penn and Center Aves. Phone, 
Hiland 687. Lawrenceville Branch, Forty-third and Butler Sts. Phone, 
Fisk 234J. Other branches at Sewickley, Sharpsburg, McKeesport, Kno.x- 
ville, Meadville and with Pennsylvania Railroad. 

Young Women's Boarding Home — 210 Stockton Ave., N. S. Phone, Cedar 
1047L. President, Mrs. Samuel McKee ; Matron, Mrs. C. M. Gordon. 

Young Women's Christian Association (Central) — 59 Chatham St. Bell, 
3549 Grant. President, Mrs. John G. Holmes. 

Young Women's Christian Association — 219 Collins Ave. Phone, Hiland 
9028-R. President, Mrs. A. E. Duckham ; Resident Secretary, Mrs. 
O. Bohannan. 



f rtnrtpalB | ^.^^ lEUzabptlj W. fittrtipU 

Ceitificate admits tj 





Primary Intermediate 

Academic College Preparatory 

Post Graduate 



Association of Collegiate Alumnae — Mrs. Charles Johnson, president ; 
Mrs. P. H. Drew, secretary. 

Beaver College Club — Mrs. Joseph W. Marsh, president ; Mrs. E. W. 
Moorhead, recording secretary ; Mrs. Charles S. Crawford, correspond- 
ing secretary, 220 Fairmount Ave. 

Bryn Mawr Club of Pittsburgh — Miss Rose Marsh, president ; Miss Emma 
Disler, vice president ; Mrs. Elias Sunstern, secretary. 

College Club of Pittsburgh^ Jenkins Building — Mrs. William R. Thomp- 
son, honorary president ; Mrs. A. A. MacLachlan, president ; Mrs. 
Rufus E. Emery, Mrs. W. S. Miller, vice presidents ; Miss Alma E. 
Roberts, recording secretary ; Miss Elizabeth Loose, corresponding 
secretary ; Mrs. James G. Geegan, treasurer. 

Fairmont Seminary Alumnae Association of Pittsburgh — ^Mrs. F. W. 
Walsh, president, Rockland Ave. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma Society — Mrs. John C. Anderson, president. Sharps- 
burg; Miss Carrie Lyon, secretary, 200 N. Dithridge St. 

Lake Erie College Association — Mrs. Drais, president ; Mrs. A. T. Mor- 
gan, secretary, 414 Whitney St. 

Mount Holyoke Alumnae Association — Mrs. Frank Milton Hunter, secre- 
tary, 1047 S. Negley Ave. ; Miss Alice Jewett, treasurer. 

Miss Master's School Society — Miss Mary Painter, president ; Miss Louise 
AUderdice, secretary, Wilkins and Murray Hill Aves. 

National Park Seminary (Pittsburgh -Chapter) — Mrs. L. P. McGlumpy, 
president ; Mrs. Bruce LafFerty, secretary. 

Pennsylvania College Alumnae Association — Miss Mary Bruce, president ; 
Miss Elizabeth McCague, treasurer ; Miss Hilda Sadler, secretary. 

Pittsburgh Branch Association of Collegiate Alumnae — Mrs. George 
Johnson, president ; Mrs. A. W. McEldowney, vice president ; Mrs. P. H. 
Drew, secretary and treasurer, and Mrs. E. R. Levi, director. 

Pittsburgh Branch of the Vassar Student's Aid Society — Miss Gertrude 
Heard, president ; Miss Bessie Gerdes, secretary ; Miss May Barker, 
treasurer ; 1st director, Mrs. O. 0. Bartlett ; 2nd director, Mrs. J. O. 

Pittsburgh Female College Association — Mrs. W. N. Taylor, president; 
Mrs. John A. Wilson, secretary, 1112 South Ave., Wilkinsburg. 


5744 Baum Street 

Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Classes 


4821 Ellsworth Ave. 

Receives boys at any age. 

Prepares for college and eastern schools. 

Bell Phone 1297 Schenley 


St. Xaviers Alumnae Association — Mrs. E. A. Weiss, president ; Miss 
Maria L. Moorehead, secretary. 

Smith College Club — Mrs. Allen McEldowney, president ; Miss Helen 
Stevenson, secretary, Douglass Ave., Squirrel Hill. 

Thurston-Gleim Social Service League (Philanthrophic) — Miss Jane 
Bennett, president ; Miss Marjory Maxwell, secretary, St. James St. 

Washington Seminary Alumnae Assoclition — Mrs. J. C. Boyer, president ; 
Mrs. J. J. Clark, corresponding secretary ; Mrs. I. H. Milliken, record- 
ing secretary, 307 Lexington Ave., Sharpsburg; Mrs. D. K. Bryce, 

Wellesley Club — ^Miss Eliza McCague, president ; Miss Alice Logan, secre- 
tary, 1007 Lynndale Ave., N. S. 

Wilson College Club of Pittsburgh — Miss Ella Lyon, president ; Miss 
Agnes Patterson, secretary, 1834 Franklin St., N. S. 


Art Student's League, Vilsack Bldg.— Miss Margaret Van C. Whitehead, 
president; Mrs. Harry P. Pears and Miss Estelle L. Thomas, vice 
presidents ; Miss Lucetta Arnold, secretary ; Miss Thomas, treasurer. 

Greater Pittsburgh Section Council or Jewish Women — Mrs. Enoch 
Rauh, president ; Mrs. Moses Ruslander, first vice president ; Mrs. E. 
M. Lazarus, second vice president ; Mrs. Izaak Wildberg, treasurer ; 
Miss Cecilia Goldsmit, recording secretary; Mrs. F. S. Klein, corre- 
sponding secretary; Mrs. A. M. Hast, auditor. 

Pittsburgh Cat Club— Miss Margaret Rudolph, president, Marchand St.; 
R. W. Kenney, secretary, 516 S. Highland Ave. 

The Tourists Club— Mrs. J. Boyd DuflF, president; Mrs. James Otis Handy, 
vice president; Mrs. Daniel Newton Bulford, secretary; Mrs. John 
M. Bailey, treasurer. 

Travellers' Club of Western Pennsylvania — Mrs. R. H. Villiford, 
honorary president; Mrs. J. D. Montgomery, president; Mrs. Albert 
Darrag, 1st vice president ; Mrs. George Mackintosh, 2nd vice presi- 
dent ; Mrs. G. W. Geaune, corresponding secretary ; Mrs. Wm. Anderson, 
recording secretary ; Mrs. John Neison, treasurer ; Mrs. Kath. Norewood, 
Mrs. Chas. G. Lane, directors. 


Cor. Morewood and Ellsworth Aves. 

Senior school prepares for all colleges and technicol schools. 
Junior school for boys from 8 to 1 2 years of age. 

Catalog mailed on application 


iitffa dnllpnp 




71 Years of Experience has perfected our 
Methods, estabHshed our Standard, made our 
Reputation, proved our Educational and 
Training Merit. 

Sixth Street and Liberty Avenue 


Tuesday Musical Club — Mrs. H. Talbot, Peterson, president ; Mrs. James 
C. Patton, Jr., 1st vice president ; Mrs. Chas. H. Henenger, 2nd vice 
president ; Mrs. H. F. Du Barry, secretary ; Miss Bertha Fisher, trea- 
surer. Chairman Club Choral. Mrs. C. H. Barnard. Miss Jean 
Balph, Mrs. Ord. Bohanna, Mrs. C. E. Morery, Miss Frances Thomp- 
son, Miss Catherine Ellis, directors. 

Twentieth Century Club — Mrs. "William Thaw, Jr., president ; Miss 
Julia Harding, Miss Anne Phillips, Mrs. DuPuy and Mrs. E. H. Utley, 
vice presidents ; Mrs. Frank M. Roessing, recording secretary ; Mrs. 
Henry E. Collins, corresponding secretary ; Mrs. Joseph Moore, trea- 
surer. Directors : Mrs. William Scott, Mrs. George B. Gordon, Mrs. 
Frank T. Hogg, Mrs. P. F. Smith, Mrs. Charles McKnight, Mrs. J. 
E. Mellon, Mrs. H. C. Torrance, Mrs. WiUiam D. Hamilton, Miss Jane 
C. Bennett, Mrs. James H. Reed. 

"Women's Auxiliary op the East End Business Men's Committee of the 
Pittsburgh Board of Trade. Mrs. Albert E. Duckham, president, Re- 
becca St., E. E. ; Miss Caroline Goeddel, secretary, Hiland Bldg. 

"Woman's Club of Sewickley Valley — Mrs. Walter C. Miller, president ; 
Mrs. John B. Booth, recording secretary, Grant St. ; Mrs. Edward 
Hoopes, treasurer. 

Woman's Press Club — Miss Mary L. Hays, president ; Miss Catherine 
Patterson, 1st vice president ; Miss Sarah G. Barbour, 2nd vice presi- 
dent ; Mrs. A. W. Smith Jr., corresponding secretary ; Miss Griffith 
Alexander, recording secretary ; Miss Marion Haymaker, treasurer. 

FA' [I 


Tungsten & Carbon Lamps 


Delivered and Installed in Your Home 
the Same Day as Ordered 


One 25 WATT 
LAMP con- 
sumes Less 
Current than 
one EIGHT 
and gives TWO 
TIMES as much 


Every Lamp Guaranteed 
for Life and Durability 

R. C. KAY & CO. 





Weddings Durikg the Year — Ruth Walker and J. Twing Brooks. Christine 
Jordan Swensson and James Watson Prenter. Henrietta M. Bowlin 
and Edward M. Quinby. Carolyn I. Hays and U. S. Grant Curry. 
Hannah Wood Maxwell and Amon Wadsworth Langdon. Ida Janette 
Brown and Ralph Peters Black. Leora W. Jones and William B. 
Baggaley. Margaret Crossman Phillips and John Blair Sutton. Eu- 
genie Fournage and Leon Delaval. Phoebe M. Parker and Alexander 
Russell Wightman. Clara E. Hussey and Lochner de Villiers. Isabel 
Gregg and Ernest Hillman. Ada Montgomery McCrea and Richard 
Hawkins. Harriett Carroll and Hugh P. Tieman. Luella Munhall and 
Dr. Thomas G. Simonton. Katherine Jennings and Thomas MacCon- 
nell. Mary McNeal and Lawrence Dilworth. Katherine Anna McKay 
and Lewis Robinson. Katherine Reed and John G. Frazer. Ada 
Margaret Chalfant and Frank J. Cassidy. Aimee L. Beringer and 
Alexander Murdoch. Anita Wood and William Henry Hays Jr. Helen 
Fish McFeely and Edward P. McLain. Lorena Youngson Warren and 
Edward R. Gregg. Clara Foster McFeely and Edward A. Wehr. Kath- 
erine Browne Worcester and Joseph W. Kennedy. Julia Parish Dodge 
and James Childs Rea. Mary Brodie Dyer and Joseph Allan Robb. 
Jean Stone and William Crumpton. Corinne Reineman and Homer S. 
Smith. Jane Douthett and E. Beatty Reed. Nina Whitman and Dr. 
Charles Russell Morgan. Mary M. E. Semple and Pierre Bloomers. 
Elizabeth Dilworth Rogers and Mark Rodgers Craig. Anne Kennedy 
and Burgess Beauchamp Boyd. Mary Baird Patterson and Arthur W. 
Warner. Katherine Richeson and Dr. Charles Buckley Maits. Belle 
McGiU and Charles Wood Tindle. Emma M. Patton and William 
Kennedy Ewing. Lide Holland Whistler and Francis A. McCarrell. 
Marjorie Blackman and Glancy Wallace. Margaret S. Cummings and 
Roscoe P. McClave. Kate Macbeth Simpson and Silas E. Merrick. 
Meriwether McCampbell and Ralph W. Lucas. Olive Payne Carning 
and Forest G. Pearson. Marian Marlin and Roy H. Davis. Lila F. 
Goehring and Harvey S. Noble. Hester Weimer and Charles DuPuy. 
Susan Collier and William J. S. Ritscher. Katheryn Anna Tim and 
Wallace R. McCarty. 

Deaths During the Year — Joseph R. Woodwell, Richard Biddle Mcllvaine, 
Walter Lowrie MeClintock, Miss Marjorie Caroline Irwin, Lawrence 
Dilworth, William H. Keech, Rev. Dr. T. N. Boyle, Mrs. Alexander 
King, Miss Sarah W. Moore, George W. Darr, Solomon Schoyer Jr., 
Mrs. William Frew, Thomas Rodgers, R. M. Gulick, Thomas Chester, 
Coleman Carnegie, Mrs. George O. Morgan, Arthur W. Ayres, James 
B. Heard, Mrs. Henry Shaw, Mrs. M. G. Gushing, William Hart Lat- 
shaw, William S. McKinney, Elizabeth Willock, Samuel Willock, Mrs. 
Mary S. Beacom, Miss Nannie Mackrell, Major William C. Armor, Frank 
B. McQuiston, Mrs. Gertrude A. Thompson, Hugh Pitcairn, James 
Eyre Hays, Miss Mary 0. Johnston, Mrs. Jane Moore Allen Lee, H. A. 
Fennerty, James Henry Bascom, Cornelius Earle Rumsey, Frank Elmer 
Rutan, Howard Childs, M. Hampton Houseman, Johns McCleave, Wil- 
liam Campbell, Charles Edward Locke, William Hamilton, Miss Eliza- 
beth J. Milligan, Gen. AUyne C. Litchfield, Mrs. Joseph Harper, Mrs. 
Margaret Bateman Paddock, Ernest Delano Nevin, Henry Stevenson 
Sweitzer, Miss M. Nataline Crumpton. 


3(llu0tratet) mttkl^ 

Prints all the Society y Club, Church, 

Arty Music and Automobile News 


Its Editorials Are Fearless 

And Exhaustive. 

Its circulation is large and gilt-edged as to 
quality ^making it from an advertiser s stand- 
point a high-class commodity. 

It is read by the exclusive^ the rejined and 
the discriminating throughout the Greater 
Pittsburgh district. 

Will be sent to you every Saturday^ fifty - 
two weeks in the year for $2.00. 

For Jurther information and advertising rates address . 

Nixon Theatre Building, Pittsburgh 
Bell Phone 1765, 1766 Grant 

Addressing and Mailing of In-vitaiio ns. No-uelties. 

TELEPHONES: Grant 9SS4. Grant 2524. 


Exclusive styles in ivedding invitations, announcements, at home, reception, 
calling and dinner cards. Original ideas for monogram stationery 

Miss Adler -will he pleased to call at the home any morning, by appointment. 



Cbe ailegftenp preparatory ^cbooK 



N. Side 

A building erected to receive boys and girls in their first school year and prepare them for the 
best Colleges and Universities. Beginning in 1903, it has graduated 100 pupils and sent them to 
22 colleges and uni^rersities. To 19 of these colleges its graduates enter on certificate. 

Board of Trustees. —Rev. Maitland Alexander, D. D., Pres Hamar D. Denny, Treas. 
James W. Cree, Jr., Secretary. James J. Donnell, Harry Darlington, Ralph W. Harbison, Charles 
F Holdship, Rev. James A Kelso, D. D., William C. Robinson, David E. Park, James W. Scully, 
Francis J. Torrance. Headmaster, Haywood M. Butler, Ph. B. — Phone, Cedar 673. 




a specialty 


6200 PENN AVE.. E. E. 
Telephone Highland 72 / 


Publishing House of the Evangelical Association 

C. HAUSER, Agent 




Jfifth :hvz,Sc CDhirlicth St. 


As the Centre for the Most Exclusive 
of New York's Visitors 

Comfortably and Luxuriously 

appointed to meet the demand of the 
fastidious or democratic visitor 

Rooms Single or Ensuite 

Public Dining Room New Grill 

Private Dining Saloon for Ladies 

After Dinner Lounge. — Buffet 



Near underground and electrie railroad 
slMons. — BOOKLET