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Full text of "Pronouncing vocabulary of geographical and personal names. The geographical list embraces all the names worthy of note in the known world, accompanied with such descriptive and statistical facts as are usual in gazetteers. The personal names comprise those of the most celebrated men of ancient and modern times, down to the present day... To which is added a complete list of scriptual names. Concluding with tables..."

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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1857, by 


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court, for the Southern District of Ohio, 




A "WANT has long been felt, in every community, for a cheap Yocabulary 
of Geographical and Personal Names, as a book of reference for pronuncia^ 
tion, mainly, but secondarily as a brief guide to the leading items of informa- 
tion connected with those names. This want has been experienced, perhaps 
often unconsciously, by pupils in our common schools, by the poorer portion of 
students in high schools and colleges, and by the ma^s of newspaper readers 
who invest very little money in books. The thorough student, and the general 
reader who has plenty of means with which to supply every convenience, can 
obtain the information desired in such works as " LippincoU's Gazetteer," 
*' AppUton's Hiographical Encyclopedia" etc.; but they are too expensive for 
the classes mentioned, and in many cases too voluminous to be convenient. 

Id regard to personal names, so far as the publishers are aware, there has 
never before been an attempt made to give their pronunciation in an extended 
list. [For remarks on the importance of calling mea by their right names, 
gee pages 128 — 9.] 

But there is another feature of the work hero presented, which, in the minds 
of the publishers and of the many school teachers and friends of education who 
have examined the subject, is of more value than either of the considerationa 
above mentioned, and demands more than a passing notice. The methods of 
representing pronunciation in the ordinary dictionaries and gazetteers, either 
by marked letters or by figures in connection with them, is so imperfect and 
unsatisfactory as to be a constant source of annoyance to «ll who are necessi- 
tated to use them. That the readier may understand the full merits of the 
Bystem of notation employed in this book, we propose to notice briefly some of 
the circumstances that call for its introduction. 

The first principle of alphabetic writing or printing was the representation 
of each sound by a simple character or letter, so that these letters or elemental 
parts, when combined, would bo the counterpart of the spoken word — a picture 
of the word itself. Such was the Sanscrit, and such, it is evident to ever/ 
intelligent mind, should be the principle of all alphabetic writing, for thua 
the acquisition of written or printed language would be as easy cs that of 


iv Introduction. 

spoken, and there would be no necessity for Pronouncing Dictionaries and 
Gazetteers, while a disregard of this priuciple renders the represented language, 
if not hierogiyphical, at least ideagraphic ; that is, the written or printed word 
represents an idea, and can not, as a general thing, be considered as repre- 
senting the sounds of a spoken word. For example, take the word cmgh, and 
what relation does either of the letters bear to the three sounds heard, as indi- 
cated by the Pronouncing Dictionary, Icnff G can not definitely represent i", 
because in cent it is supposed to stand fur s, iu siiffice for z, in 'cicioxis for sh, 
etc.; and how can o be a representative of the vowel sound in cough, when it 
has such different sounds in no, son, woman, women, etc.; and u is not any bet- 
ter a representative of this sound, and the two uncertainties together can not 
make the matter more clear, especially when we see them called so differently 
in catmt, cousin, povr, tour; while ^ is a poor representative of /, and h is no 
better, and the two together are no improvement, when we view their varying 
sounds in lough, ghost, and want of sound iu dough and weigh. Any other 
word, almost, would answer just as well to show the utter deficiency of English 
orthography to represent the spoken words of the language. There are only 
60 words, in the 90,000 used by English speakers, whose spellings are in accord- 
ance with the true principle of alphabetic writing,* 

Primarily, then, an insurmountable difficulty in the way of accurately rep- 
resenting by means of the Roman alphabet any words whatever, is, in its 
consisting of but twenty-three representative letters, while the spoken language 
consists of upwards oi forty distinct sounds! And secondarily, even were there 
a uniformity in the notation used by the different authorities in supplying the 
deficiency caused by employing the Romanic semi-alphabet, it is still open to 
the charge of complexity and inaccuracy, and therefore unfit to bo used in 
teaching children a correct pronunciation. 

There are other serious objections to our present orthography as it regards 
teaching a correct pronunciation, only one of which we shall mention in this 
connection, and which has a bearing on the remarks above. It is that it gives 
rise to a slip-shod manner of pronunciation or enunciation. ^Yho that has 
paid the least attention to the pronunciation of the middle and upper classes, 
as well as that of public speakers, has not noticed the great want of care, the 
inaccuracies and diversities prevalent, and particularly how utterly regardless 
of all rules and taste they are iu the enunciation of unaccented syllables? The 
words fall from their lips robbed of all their beauty and interest — shapeless and 
repulsive to the educated ear. The fault with the better educated class of 
people is chargeable, to a great extent, to themselves, but with those less for- 
tunate there can be no such plea, and the present English or Johnsonian 
orthography, absurd as it is in structure, becomes responsible here. Good 
pronunciation is in giving the whole word, with all its parts perfect; every 
wiaccented syllable should he enunciated clearly and distinctly — not with 
emphasis but with distinctness. Speakers who are thus accurate • are seldom 
found, nevertheless there are such, and it is probable that when phonology 

*For further illustrations of this subject, see "Plea for Phonetic Spelling." 

Introduction. ▼ 

shall have boon generally taught the number will be iacrcascdj nay, more, 
good speech will come to ho ''a common heritage." 

A word further in reference to elemental spacch. "It is rare," says Mr. A. 
J. Ellis, whose authority is unquestioned on this subject, " to maet with a 
single elemental work which contains even a tolerably correct account of this 
important subject, and even scholars and protessod teachers of pronunciation 
and elocution are generally very ignorant of the latter. Nay, m»re, the very 
teachers and best investigators of the subject are at variance. Let any one 
peruse the works of the greatest authorities we possess, those of Amman, Jo- 
hannes Miiller, Willis, Wheatstone, Lepsius, Max. Miiller, Latham, etc., and 
he will see differences on fundamental points which are irreconcilable. If ho 
turn to works of minor pretence, as Bell, Smart, Walker, Worcester, and the 
numerous works on elocution, he will find confusion partly arising from igno- 
rance, and partly from a partial view c£ the subject. While in common gram- 
mars, and in the common treatises of travelers, and Pronouncing Vocabularies 
and Dictionaries, he will find that one person has copied from another without 
understanding him, till words are repeated and sense entirely lost."* So long 
as we have for guides the clumsy system of notation of Webster, the "obscure" 
Towel sounds of Worcester, and the common imperfect works on phonology, we 
may expect no better results. The remedy clearly is the general introduction, 
into all our primary schools, of works based tqyon a strictly pltonetic princlplCf 
and in time there will be a total revolution and a harmony in pronunciation. 

By the application, then, of the phonetic principle, that every distinct ele- 
ment in speech shall have its distinct symbolic exponent, to the representation 
of the pronunciation of geographical words, wo have a work that at once com- 
bines the three things desirable, siiriplicity, accuracy, and reliability. 

It may be urged in opposition, that the introduction (tf this without being 
accompanied or preceded by primary works will prove incxpeiient, and, even- 
tually, a failure. We reply that if this were the first work of the kind offered 
to the public there might bo some ground for apprehension, hvt.i phonotypy is a, 
fixed fact; and its promulgation for several years past, and its introduction 
into primary schools in different parts of the country as a means of teaching to 
read romanically, in the common print, and the generally increasing demand for 
teachers qualified to teach it, have wrought a complete change in our system 
of primary instruction, and stamp phonetics as an indispensable adjunct in 
teaching to read, and the knowledge of it a prerequisite to a qualified teacher. 
When, previous to the introduction of phonetics, did we hear of the first prin- 
ciples of language, the elemental sounds, being taught in schools? Or where 
were the teachers who were well acquainted with them? Even now, in many 
sections of the West and South, instructors as well as pupils are greatly 
deficient in this respect ; but the light of the phonetic principle is opening 
their eyes; and whether it reach them directly through the phonotypio alpha- 
bet or by means of Charts of the Elementary sounds, newly arranged spelling 
books and readers, or some other channel, it matters not, they will soon all bo 

• Introductioa ta Phonetic Dictionary, p. xxiv. 

Ti Introduction. 

theoretical phoneticians, and will not object to a philosophical alphabet for the 
representation of pronunciation in Dictionaries, Vocabularies, etc., if for no 
other purpose. 

In regard to the availability of the Phonetic alphabet for teaching children 
tct read the common spelling in shorter time and in a better manner, than by 
the ordinary method, the reader is referred to the Primer and Readers advertized 
at the close of this work, or for the philosophy of the fact, to the Introduction 
to the Phonetic Dictionary, by the same publishers. 

The phonetic alphabet will be found on page 12, facing the first page of the 
Vocabulary, where, by examining the key words the sounds of the new letters 
will be readily learned, the old letters having the sounds they usually repre- 
sent in the old spelling, which are also designated. 


In accordance with the established custom of the best Geographers, we hare 
given the pronunciation of the names of cities, towns, rivers, etc., as nearly as 
English mouths can speak them, as they are pronounced by the best educated 
people of the countries in which they are situated. To do this it has frequently 
been necessary to give two pronunciations, as the same printed word is often 
spoken differently in different countries: as, Lima, Lc-mq, a province in Peru, 
but Li-ma, towns in the United States; Paris, Pn-rs, a city in France, but 
Par-is, towns in this country. 

In carrying out this plan we have been compelled to represent a few sounds 
not provided for in the English Phonetic Alphabet, because not heard in the 
English language. The most frequent is that of the German and Scotch ch 
and German g at the end of a syllable, which represent the same sound, namely, 
a strongly aspirated h, which we indicate by using the italic of that letter. 
Thus, Metternich, Met-er-ni/i; Lochaber, LoA-q-ber; Hamburg, Hqm-burA. 

Next is the trilled r, which in French, German, and indeed most of the Eu- 
ropean languages, is often sounded more roughly, even, than in such English 
words as cra&h, terror, etc., which we indicate by the italic r. Thus, Lierre, 
Le-4''; Pernau, Ver-rns. 

The Welsh I, too, we represent by the italic of that letter, which may be 
called the whisper of the English vocal I, an approximation to which the reader 
may make by sounding hi. Thus, Llanelly, Zan-e^-e. 

Lastly, is the sign of the French orinasal vowels, or, as some phoneticians 
regard it, the whispered g. It can only be produced by sounding some vowel 
through the nose and mouth at the same time, to do which is indicated by 
affixing the letter h; thus, Mont Blanc, Mon Bloh. 

The French u or eu being very difficult to produce by English mouths, we 
have not attempted to represent it accurately, but give the nearest English 
approximation, namely e as the vowel in sir, or earth, which is at least as near 
the proper sound as "m in tuh or fur" which Baldwin gives. 

Introduction. vH 


As a gaide to the pronunciation of such unimportant names, or names that 
tnay hereafter come into sudden notoriety, as are not to be found in this 
book, we give the following rules, which are more specific, by far, than can bo 
found in any ordinary dictionary. The letters in parentheses, in the Phonetic 
alphabet, have the sounds referred to immediately preceding. 
A. — Always has the sound of a in the English word arniy (q) in modern Greek, 
Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese, Spanish, Swedish and usually Welsh. 
In German it generally has the above sound, but when followed by h it fre- 
quently has the sound of a in all, (e). 
In Danish, in addition to the above, it sometimes has the sound of a inai,(a.). 
In French, its first sound is like a in arm, (q); its second like the vowel ia 

at, (a), with a circumflex, a, it is sounded very nearly like a in all (o). 
In Dutch, it is similar to the French. 

In Hungarian, it is like o in not, (o); with an accent, a, like a in arm, (q). 
E. — lu Danish is sounded like i in ill, (i), at the end of an accented syllable; 
in other situations like e in ell, (e), or like ea in earth, (e). 
The Norwegian is similar to the Danish. 

In French, marked thus, e, it is sounded like a in ule, (a); thus, e, like ea in 
pear, or ai in air, {^); thus, e, like e in very, (e), and unmarked, like u 
in t//), (u.) 
In Dutch and Flemish, similar to the French. 
In German, when long, it is like a in ale (a); it is, however, more frequently 

short like e in met, (e), and sometimes like ea in earth, (e). 
Swedish, the same as in German. 
In Greek, (modern,) it has the softnd of a in ale, (a). 
In Hungarian, like e in met, (e): with an Jiccent, 6, more like t in sir, (e). 
In Italian it has two sounds, like a in ale, (a), and like e in ell. 
In Polish, without an accent, like e in ell, (e); \wth an accent, 6, like a ia 

ale, (a). 
In Portugese and Spanish, it is like a in ah, (a). 

In Welsh, like e in met, (e); when circumflexed, e, like ai in air, {%), 
I. — In Portugese, Spanish and Polish is sottnded like ee iti eel, (e). 

In Danish, Dutch, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, 
Norwegian, Swedish and Welsh, it has two sounds; first, as ia eel, (e), 
second as in ill, (i.) 

0.— In Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portugese and Spanish, is 

sounded as in English. 
In French, Dutch, Flemish, German, Italian and Welsh, it has two sounds; 

first, as /? in note, (o), and second, as o in rob, (o). 
In Polish, unaccented, like o in note, (o), with an accent, like w in good, (a). 
In Swedish, at the end of a syllable, it is like oo in/o</i, (a>); otherwise like 

viii Introduction. 

U. — In Danish, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese and Span- 
ish, is sounded like oo in fool, (flo). 
The French sound of u is not heard in English. It seems to be an attempt 
to pronounce ee and oo at the same time. We have represented it in this 
work by the phonetic e, which is, perhaps, the neare:Jt approximation to 
the true sound English mouths can make, without much vocal teaching. 
Greek and Dutch are similar to the French. 

In German, w has two sounds, long likeoo in/ofl^,(a>), short like umfuU, (u). 
In Swedish we have represented u by the phonetic flo, though this is not the 

exact sound. 
In Wel.-h, the sound of u is like i in ill, (i),circumflexed,i as ee in eel, (e). 
F. — In Danish and Swedish, is like the French v, (e). 
In Dutch and Flemish, like long z in English, (j) in ice. 
In French, German, Hungarian, (when a vowel) Portugese and Spanish, like 

ee in eel, (b). 
In Greek, when a consonant and before a vowel or a liquid sound, is like the 

English v; otherwise like /, 
In Polish, like * in ill. 

In Welsh, in a monosyllable or final syllable, as in ill, (i); in the penult or 
antipcnult, like u in tip, when circumflexed, like ee in feet, {z). 
Aa. — In Danish, sounds like o in ope, (o). 
Ae.—ln Danish and German, like a in ale, (a). 
In Dutch and Flemish, like a in arm, (q). 
At. — In French and Greek, like a in ale, (a). 

In German, Spanish and Italian, like i in ice, (j). 
^?/.— In French, like o in ope, (o). 

In German, Italian and Spanish, like ow in owl, (-js). 
,/;*.— In French, sounds like a in fate, (a). 
In German, like * in ice, (j). 
In Spanish, ei and ey are pronounced a-e. 
In Greek, like ee in see, (e). 
Eu. — In French, is the same as u, (6). 

In German, it is sounded like oi in oil, (ff). 
Ja. — In French, is pronounced like ia in medial, (i-a). 

Je. — In Danish, Dutch, Flemish, French and German, sounds like ee in see, (e). 
Oe. — In Danish, German and Hungarian, has no English equivalent; the sound, 
however, approaches very near the phonetic e. 
In Dutch and Flemish, it sounds like oo in food, ((d). 
Oi.—ln French, is nearly like wa in ivas, (wq). 

In Greek, like ee in eel, (e). 
Oo.— In Dutch, is like o in o^ie, (o). 
Ou. — In French, is like oo in fool, (flt)). 

Ua, ue, vi, vo in French, and ue in German, are like the French u, (e). 
IJi, or vy in Dutch, sound like oi in oil, (ff). 
Ao. — In Portugese, are pronounced almost own.g, ("sg.) 

Xearly all of the letters in French are silent in different positions. 

Introduction. ix 

Most of the consonants are sounded as in English; the following are exceptions; 
JB.— In German, at the beginning of words as in English, but at the end of a 
word it is pronounced like 2>- 
In Greek it is sounded as v. 

In Spanish, between two vowels, it is sounded like v modified by w. 
C. — In French, with a cedilla, 5, always has the sound of 8. 
In German, before e, i and y, like ts. 

In Hungarian c is not used except in connection with some other consonant. 
In Italian, c and cc, before a, and m, are sounded as Ic; before e, i and y 
as ch, or tsh, (q); — cc and all double letters, more strongly than single* 
c, followed by e or i, or i and another vowel, has the sound of ch. 
In Spanish, before e and i, as tJi in thin., (t). 
Ch. — In French and Portugese, like sh in shall, (J), 
In German, like a strongly- aspirated /*. 
In Italian, before e and i, like To. 
Cs. — In Hungarian, is sounded like ch in cheap, (q). 
Cz. — In Hungarian, like ts; in Polish like cA, (q). 
D. — In Danish and Spanish, between two vowels, or at the end of a syllable 

following a vowel, is sounded like th in this, (d). 
G. — In Danish, at the end of a word, has the sound of h. 
In Dutch, like a strongly aspirated h. 
In German, except at the beginning of words, when it is always heard as 

in go, (g), it generally has the same sound as in Dutch. 
In Spanish, before e and i, the same. 

In French, before e, i and y, like zh, or s in measure, (3). 
JET. — In German, is only pronounced when it begins a word. 
In Italian it is never sounded. 

In Portugese it is silent except when following I or n, when it becomes y. 
J.—\n French and Portugese, is like zh, (3). 
In Hungarian, like ee. 
In Spanish like strongly aspirated h. 
In the other languages like consonant y. 
'Kj. — In Swedish is sounded as ch in English. 

L. — "When it ends a word in French, preceded by i, it tates the sound of y; or 
when ?? follows i in any position, the last I becomes y. 
The same in Spanish. 
JV!— In Spanish, or in Polish with an accent {ri ), is sounded as ;iy,(consonant). 
Q, and qu, in French and Portugese, are sounded as h. 

In Spanish, qu before e and i is sounded as k, unless u be marked with a 
diaeresis, in which case it is kio. 
H. — In Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portugese, and 

Spanish, has a stronger trill than in English. 
S. — lu French, between two vowels, has the sound of z. 

In German, at the beginning of a word or between two vowels, it is like a. 

In Hungarian, like sh, (J). 

In Polish, with an accent, (^ ) like ey (consonant.) 

X Introduction. 

iSg. — In Italian, before e and i, is like «A, (J). 
iSch.— In German, is like sh, (J). 
6'z. — In Hungarian, is like t. 

In Polish, like sh, (/). 
Th. — In German, is pronounced like t. 
Ts, and % in Hungarian, are like ch in English, (q). 

V. — In German, except when betwen two vowels, has the sound o£ English f, 
IF.— In Danish, Dutch and German, is sounded very nearly like English «, 

except that the upper -teeth should not touch the lower lip. 
jr. — In French, sometimes has the sound of s or z. 

In Portugese, like sk, (/). 

In Spanish, like the strongly aspirated h, 
Z.—ln German, is sounded as ts. 

In Polish, likesA, (3). 

In Italian, like dz. 
Ze. — In Hungarian, is like zh, (3). 
Zz. — In Italian, is like ts. 

Accent. — The French language cannot be said to have any accent, yet there 
is seemingly a stress of the voice on the last syllable in a word, and when any 
accent has been given in this work, it is on the last syllable. Great care should 
be taken, however, in not making so great a difference as in English, but to pro- 
nounce each syllable with such a force as will let each glide smoothly into that 
which follows it. 

No rule can be given for the accent of the German words. And the same 
may be said of the Hungarian, yet with this difference, while the German 
names have a distinct accent, the Hungarian are distinguished by quantity. 
In Italian, Spanish and Portugese, words ending in a vowel are accented on the 
penult; Spanish words ending in a consonant are accented on the last syllable. 
Polish words or names of more than one syllable are always accented on the 
penult. Russian words are always accented on the last syllable. Welsh words 
are always accented either on the penult or the last syllable. 

Of course, in the preparation of a work of this kind at the present day, there 
can be but little originality, and we have to acknowledge our indebtedness to 
most of the Gazetteers that have heretofore been published, not having relied 
exclusively upon any one. 

The compiler also acknowledges valuable aid received from Mr. "William 
Henry Smith, especially in the preparation of the list of Personal Names, to 
obtain the pronunciation of which was often attended with considerable inves- 
tigation and trouble. 

Conscious that there may be some blunders and inaccuracies in the pages 
thus prepared, for we have found many such in the most carefully compiled 
books we have consulted, we commend our labors to the leniency of those who 
may seek to be benefited by them, with the request that they will assist us in 
making them more perfect, by forwarding to the publishers a note of such 
errors as they may discover. 


As a general thing the contractions will suggest the reading intended. The 
popuhitions of towns, cities and inlands, are represented by figures and fractions 
that give the number of thousands; thus, 5]^ immediately following any such 
name is to be read 5,500; but if a fraction only, then the population is only that 
^rtion of a thousand. In the sentence, ^'l, cdn and t Switz., ij^," and similar 
ones, the figures apply only to the place last mentioned. 

Abys. for Abyssinia. 

Af. Africa. 

Afg. Afghanistan, 

Ala. Alabama. 

Am. • • • • America. 

Ara. Arabia. 

Ark. Arkansas, 

Aus. Austria. 

Aust. • • • • Australia. 

Ba. Baden. 

Bav. Bavaria. 

Bel. Beloochistan. 

Belg. Belgium. 

Ben. Bengal. 

Bo. Bolivia. 

Boh. Bohemia. 

Br. Ind. • -British India. 

Bra. Brazil. 

Bur. Burmah. 

Cal. California. 

Can. Canada. 

Cen. Am. -Cen. America. 

Chi. China. 

Con. • •• 'Continent. 
Conn. ••••Connecticut. 

Dal. Dalmatia. 

Dan. Danish. 

Del. Delaware. 

Den. Denmark. 

E. Ind. •••East India. 

Ec. Ecuador. 

Eg. Egypt. 

Eng. England. 

Eu. Europe. 

Fa. Florida. 

Flan. Flanders. 

Fr. France, French 

Ga. Georgia. 

Ger. Germany. 

Gr. or Gre. Greece. 

Gr. Br. •• -Great Britain. 

Green. - • • • Greenland. 

Gua. Guinea. 

Gui. Guiana. 

Han. Hanover. 

Hind. • • • • Hindoostan. 

Uol. Holland. 

Hun. • • • « -Hungary. 

la. Indiana. 

111. Illinois. 

Ind. India, Indies. 

lo. Iowa. 

Jr. Ireland. 

It. Italy. 

Ky. Kentucky. 

Ka. Kansas. 

Kam. • • • • Kamtchatka. 

La. Louisiana. 

Lab. Labrador. 

Lap. ••••Lapland. 

L. L Long Island. - 

Lom. • • • • Lombardy. 
Lux. ••••Luxemburg. 
Mad. • • • • Madagascar. 
Mass. • • ♦ • Massachusetts. 

Md. Maryland. 

Me. Maine. 

Mex. • • • • Mexico. 

Mi. Mississippi. 

Min. Minnesota. 

Mo. Missouri. 

Mt. Mount. 

N-B. ••••N.Brunswick. 

N. C. North Carolina. 

N-H. • • • • N. Hampshire. 

N-J. New Jersey. 

X-Y.^^^- -New York. 
Neth. ••••Netherlands. 

Neb. Nebraska. 

N-Eng. •••New England. 
N-Gra. - ••New Granada. 
N-Zeal. - • -New Zealand. 
N. W. •• ••North Wales. 

Nor. Norway. 

Oc. Ocean. 

Oca. Oceanica. 

0. Ohio. 

Or. Oregon. 

Pa. Pennsylvania. 

Pac. Pacific. 

Pan. Panama. 

Par. Paragua. 

Pat. Patagonia. 

Per. Persia. 

Phil. Philippine. 

Po. Poland. 

Port. Portugal. 

Pru. Prussia. 

R. L Rhode Island. 

Ru3. Russia. 

Swe. Sweden. 

Swit. Switzerland. 

S. C. S. Carolina. 

Sp. Spain. 

Ter. Territory. 

Tenn. Tennessee. 

Tex. Texas. 

Trun. Transylvania. 

Trin. Trinidad. 

Tus. Tuscany. 

Tur. Turkey. 

U. S. United States. 

Va. Virginia. 

Vi. Vermont. 

Wis. Wisconsin. 

Yu. Yucatan. 

Zeal. Zealand. 

anc ancient, 

h bay. 

ha bayou. 

bo borough, 

G city. 

cap capital. 

CO county. 

com commercial, 

coih continent. 

cr creek. 

cy country. 

dep department, 

dig district. 

fr free. 

ft feet. 

gar garrison. 

gov government, 

gr group. 

h houses. 

har harbor. 

i island. 

in inhabitants, 

iiit isthmus. 

I lake. 

m mountain. 

mil military. 

aav navigable. 

p or par --parish. 

pen peninsula. 

p o post office. 

pop population. 

prin principality, 

prov province. 

r river. 

reg region. 

8-pt seaport. 

st state. 

s. ra. square miles. 

8uh suburb. 

t town. 

ter territory. 

n village. 

tal valley. 

C(^ volcano. 

(xi). . . 

^lie phonetic ^phabet, 


Long Vowels. 




C r 

Z e 


a a 


A q 

r e 

e e 


O Q 


0) (J) 

sounded as 

ce in f'^i 


Short Vowels . 

. /a 

r r 














^ a 

Shade Toiv^els. 

E e 

a a 





or OP 

Co ales cents. 











(/' ,/ 





// in //a\' 






















C ontmu ant s . 

F f 

H t 

a d 

S s 
Z z 


/// >vrea^/?e 

cs* virion 


Nasal Litiuids. 


/y/ see///' 
// see// 
//^ si//// 



Aa, H-q, er fl; contraction of old Ger- 

miin Akha; rs iu Ger., Neth., Fr. 
Aach, AL t and r Bad. 
Aiichen, H/t'en, See Aix-la-Ohapelle. 
Aagard, O'j^qrd, xi Den. 
Aal, 01 or ei, t Xor. 
Aalborg, Ol'borg. cDan.^7>^. 
Aalesund, Q'le-sdond, i Nor. 
Aalst, fllst, « Neth., ^ Bjlg. 
Aar, fl/'. »' Swit., rs G. 
Aarau, fl'r^, ^ Swit., 4%. ' 
Aarberg, fl/ber^, ^ Swit. 
Aargau, flr'g-s, [Fr. Argovie, flr-go- 

ve.] caa Swit. 
Aarhuu-". Or'hiD*. 8-pt t Den., ^. 
Aaron, ^'ron, p Fr.: -burg. /? o N. Y. 
Aasy, El, El-R'se, r Syr.( See Orontes. ) 
Aath, or Ath, flt, tMA., 8)^. 
Abaca.xi3, fl-bq-kq-Jtz, r Bra. 
Abaco, fl'bq-ko, Bahama island. 
Abaite, fl-b|-ta, r Bra. 
Abakan, f/r Abakane, fl-bq-k(^n, r Si. 
Abakansk, fl-bq-kqusk, ft t Si. 
Abancay, fl-bqn-kj. t l^eru, 5. 
Abanilla. fl-bq-nyl-yq, t Sp., 3^. 
Abano, fl-bq-nca, t Lain.. 2)^. 
Abany, A-bqny, t Hun. 7|^. 
Abaran, E-bq-rqn, c. As. Ku3. 
Aba-<!i, fl-bq-?^, As. ter. sub. to Rus. 
AbatiM Villa, Latin of Abbeville. 
Aba Uj Var, 0-b6-a)-8-vqr, dis. Up. 

Abba-Jaret. or Abba-Yaret, fl-bq-yt^- 

rct, m Abys., U.UIS. [of Mich. 

Abbaye Point, Ab-n I'lfnt, upper pen. 
Abbeukoota, fl-J)8-o-k(6-fq. or Abbe- 

kuta. fl-bK-kif>-tq. t W. Af.. 50. 
Abbeville, flb-vgl, // t Fr., 193^; Ab'e- 

vil, dis and t S.'C; rn Ala., La. 
Abbayfoalo, Ab-e-ful, p and v Ir. 

Abbeyleix, Ab-s-las, p and t Ir. 
Abbeyville, Ab'e-vil, -v 0. 
Abbitibbe, or Abbitibbie, Ab-e-tib-e, 

I, r, s Brit. N. Am. [seat, Scot. 

Abbotsford, Ab'ots-ford, SirW. Scott's 
Abd-El-Curia,Rb.l-el-k(f)-ri-q, or Abd- 
ul -Kooree, or Kouri, is In. Oc. 
Abenberg, fl'ben-ber^, t Bav. 
Aberdeen, Ab-er-den, c Scot., 41 i^; 

ts Mi^iS., Ark., Tonn., 0., Ini. 
Aberdeenshiro, Ab-er-den-Jer, co. Scot. 
Aberfeldie, Ab-er-fel-d8, v Scot. 
Aberff raw, £I-ber-f r^, s-pt and /) Wales. 
Aberford, Ab'or-ford, p and t Eng. 
Aborfoil, Ab-er-ftfl, p o Ala. 
Aberfoyle, Ab-er-forl, 'V and p Scot. 
Abergavenny, Ab-er-ga-ne, t Wales. 
Abergoley, Ab-er-gg-le, t Wales. 
Abergwilly, Ab-er-gwit-le, p Wales. 
Aborlady, Ab-er-la-di, v Scot, [v Mo. 
Abernethy, Ab'er-nefi-i, t and p Scot., 
Abort, ^I'bert, I Oregon, [s-pi Wales. 
Aber-Ystwith, Ab-er-ist-wit, hvr and 
Abher, or Ebhor, t i'er. 
Abilin, H-be-leii, v Syr. 
Abiracs, Lo3, Laz fl-bem, t 
Abingdon, Ab'iy-don, lx>r and t Eng 

t Va.; V8 Mi., 111., Iowa. 
Abington, Ab'ij)-ton, p Eng.; v 

ts 111., Mass., Cunn., Pa., Ind. 
Abiquiu, R-bs-ke-di, t N-Me.x. 
Abirftada, Rb-i.s-tq-dq, I Afg. 
Abkasia, Ab-k(^-Ji-q, Aba;ia, or Abas- 

cia, fl-baj-i-a, ier Asia. 
Abo. fl'bo, c and s-pt Rus., It. 
Aboh, H'bd, Ibo, or Eboo, 8'bQ, ^ Af 
Aboite, A-b»5ft, 7' and v Ind. 
Abomoy, Ab-ia-ma, t Af., 24. 
Aboo-Arish, or Abu-AriscU, fl'b(l)-<^« 

rij, t Ar., 5. 





Geographical Yocabulart, 

Aboo-Girgeh, Abou-, or Abn-, fl-bca- 
jir-je, t Eg. ^ [v Eg. 

Abookeer, or Aboukir, fl-bco-ker, h and 

Aboolonia, H-biD-lo-ni-q,, -y and I As. 
Minor. [Brazil. 

Abrantes, H-br^n-tez, ts Port, and 

Abries, R-bre-a, i) Pr. 

Abrolho?', H-bruJl-yos, rocky is Bra. 

Abrud-Banya, Ob-roDd-bqn-yo, t Tran- 

Abruzzo, H-brtftt-so, prov Naples. 

Abscota, Ab-sko-ta, p o Mich. 

Absecum, Ab-sg-kum, or Absecom, 
Absecombe, Absecon, v N. J. 

Abydos, H-bj-dos, c As. Minor. 

Abyssinia, Ab-i-sin-i-a, cy E. Af. 

Acadia, A-ka-di-a, first name of Nova 

Acaponeta, il-kq-po-na-tq, t Mex. 

Acapulco, H-kq-pobl-ko, main s-^t t 
Max., 5. 

Acari, R-kq-re, t Peru, 6. 

Acarnania, Ak-qr-na-ni-a, dep Greece. 

Acra, Accra, or Accrah, fl'krq, cy Af., 
belonging in pqrt to England. 

Aceumoli, R-kcb-uiia-ls, t Italy, 3^. 

Acebo, B.-ta-bo, v Sp., 2^. 

Acerenza, R-qa-ren-zq, c Naple?, 33^. 

Achaia, A-ka-yq, or R-k|-yq, dep Gr. 

Acheen, Atcheen, Aehen, Atchin, At- 
qen, l-inci and t Sumatra. 

Achelous, Ak-E-Itj-us, r Gr. 

Achen, R'Aen, r Bavaria. 

Acheron, Ak'e-ron, r ancient Greece. 

Achill, Ak'il, {or Eagle Island,) * Ir. 

Achor, Ak'or, i? 0. 

Aehtyrka, RA-ti/'-kq, r and t Eu. Rus. 

Aci, or Aci Reale, R'qs-ra-^-la, t and 

s-pt Sicily, 19%. 
Aconcagua, R'kon-kq-gwq, m Chili, 

23,910: r, prov and t Chili. [J., 3. 
Acquackanonck, A-kwak-a-nor)k, t N. 
Acqui, R'kvve, t Piedmont, 1%. 
Acre, R'ker, or S'ker, ry;- Akka, R'kq, 

or St. Jean D'Acre, San-jon-dqk-r, 

e and «-/i^ Syria, 10. 
Actopan, Rk-to-p4n, t and (iz'« Mex. 
Aculco, R-ka)l-ko, I Chili. 
Acworth, Ak'wurt, vs N-H., and Ga. 
Ada, R'dq, v Mich. 
Adafoodia, R-dq-fc6-di-q, t W. Af., 24. 
Adair, A-d^r, cos Ky., Mo., Iowa. 
Adaja, R-dq-7iq, ?• Sp. 
Adalia, R-dq-li-q, or Satalieb, Sq-t(^,- 

li-ye, g and 8-pt As. Min. 
Adams, Ad'amz, cos in seven States : 

tps twenty-one; vs seven. 
Adams, Mount, Ad'amz, Msnt, m Or., 

near Colombia river. 

Adana, R-d^-nq, c Asia Minor, 10, 
Adario, A-dq-ri-o, p os 0., "Wis. 
Adda, R'dq, r nor. Italy; prov Af . 
Addison, Ad'i-son, rs N-Y., Pa., «&c. 
Adelaide, Ad'e-lad, c and r Australia. 
Ad-el-Ji-vas, Rd-el-ji-vqs, t As. Tur. 
Aden, R'den, or E'den, s-pt. Ar., 20; 

cape and gulf. 
Adenara, R-den-q-rq, « Malay, Arch. 
Aderno, R-der-no, t Sic, at foot of 

Mt. Etna, &%. 
Adije, R'de-ja, r nor. Italy 220. 
Adirondack, Ad-i-ron-dak, v N. Y., 

2000 feet above the sea; ms, highest, 

Tahawus, 5460 ft. 
Adjyghur, Ad-ji-gdr, t Bengal. 
Admiralty, Ad'mi-ral-ti, h S. Am.; ia 

Rus. Am.; Pac. Oc; N. Zeal.; sounds 

Terre del Fuego. 
Adony, R-dony, t Hun., on Danube, 3. 
Adorf, R-dorf, t Sax., on Elster, 2%. 
Adour, R-dflor, r Fr. 200. 
Adowa, R'd(i)-wq, {or Adova,) cap. of 

Tigre, Abys., 8. 
Adra, R'drq, s-pt t Sp., 7}^. 
Adramyti, R-drq-me-ti, s-pt t Asia 

Minor, 5. 
Adria, R'dri-q, t Lomb., 10. 
Adrian, 3'dri-an, t Mich., 4. 
Adriance||a!'dri-ans, v N. Y. [160. 
Adrianople, Ad-ri-an-o-pl, c Eu. Tur. 
Adriatic, Ad-ri-at-ik, or Gulf of Ven- 
ice, arm of Med. Sea, 500 m. long, 

100 wide. 
Adro, R'dro, cap Venetian Lom., 2\^. 
Adur, £I'dur, r Eng., 25. 
^gades, 8'ga-dez, is w. coast Sic. 
yEgean, S-je-an, sea, or Grecian Arch., 

part of Mediterranean, 400 by 200 m. 
yEgina, Egina, 8-jj-na, or Engia, En' 

ji-a, i Greece, 16; t 10; gulf 50 by 30. 
Aeroe, £I're-e, (or Arroe,) i Den,, 10%. 
Aeroeskiobing, Jl're-es-kye-biy, s-pt t 

of above island. 
Aerzen, ^/-t'sen, t Hanover, 1. 
^Ethiopia, or Ethiopia, 8-ti-6-pi-a, 

countries s. of Eg. 
yEtna, or Etna, Et'na, 'Vol Sicily, 10% 

ft. above the sea. 
^Etolia, g-to-li-a, guv. of k. of Gr. 
Afganistan, Rf-gqn-is-tqn, cy. of Asia. 
Afioom, Afioum, Afium. R-fi-com, or 

Afiura - Karahissar, - Kq-rq-his-qr, 

(Black-Castle of Opium,! c As. Min. 

Afragola, R-frq-go-lq, t Naples, 13. 
Africa, Af'ri-ka, great division of the 

globe, third in extent: 5,000 by 4,800 

miles; pop. 60,000,000, speaking 150 


Geographical Vocabulary. 


Afrikiah, fl-fr8-ki-(;, {or Mahadiah,) 

8-pt t Tunis. 
Afshars, or Afschars, Hf-J^rz, tr Per, 

20,000 houses. 
Agably, or Aghably, H-g^-ble, t M. 
Agadez, or -es, fl'gq-dez, c Cen. Af., 

formerly 50 now 8. 
Agamentieus, Ag-a-men-ti-kus, m 

Agate, Ag'at, Harbor, n. part Mich. 
Agawam, Ag-a-w6in, v Mas^. 
Agawan, Ag-a-w6n, r Mass. 
Agdas, or Aghades. Same as Agades. 
Agde, flgd, t Fr. 9. 
Agen, fl-jan, t Fr. 16. 
Aggershuus, flg'erz-hoiz, prov Nor. 

Aghmat, HA-iiM^t, r and t Morocco, 6. 
Aghor, HA'or, {or Hingol) r Bel. 
Aghrim, or Aughrkn, 0g'rim, p Ir. 
Agincourt, H-jan-kflor, (or Azincoart) 

V Fr. 
Agio Strati, il'jo Strq-te, i Gr. Arch. 
Aglie, Hl'ya, or Aglia, ill'ya, t Pied., 

Agly, H-gle, r Fr. 

Agno, Hn'yo, r Lomb., 50 ; u Swit. 

Agnone, Hn-y6-na, i Naples, 7. 

Agoa de Pao, H'gwq-da-p^-on, v and 
7n peak of the Azores. 

Agogebic, A-g6-je-bik, I n. part Mich. 

Agtgna, ll-g6n-yq, {or Gogna,) r Pied. 

Agoona, H-gcJb-nq, st w. part Af. 

Ago8ta, il-g63-tt\, or Augusta, '^-gdis- 
tci, c Sicily, 10. 

Agows, fl'gTJz, people of Abyssinia. 

Agra, H'grq, prov Hind., 23,800,549 : 
the city of the same name has been 
held by Eng., since 1803 ; ixjp. 983/^. 

Agram, Og-rom, {or Zagrab,) cap Cro- 
atia, Aus., UX- 

Agreeb, Agrib, H-greb or Agarrib, 
H-gq-reb, m. Eg. off gulf Suez. 
Can be seen 100 m. 

Ague Caliente, H'gwq Kq-le-dn-ta, 
set Cii. 

Aguas Calientes, H'gwqs Kq-le-^n-tes, 
6t Max., 81^; c 20. 

Aguachapa, H-gwq-qq-pq, t Gua. 

Aguadilla, fl-gwq-del-yq, s-pt t Antil- 
les, Porto Kico. 

Agua Dulce, H'gwq D(61-8a, cr Texas. 

Agua Fria, H'gwq Fre-q, v N-Mex.; 
t and cr Cal. 

Agua Nueva. H'gwq Nwa-vq, 

Aguapehi, H-gwq-pa-h^, r lira. 

Agua, Volcan de, Vol-kqn-da H'gwq, 
m. Cen. Am. 

Agucda, H-ga-dq, r Sp. 

AguiUi, H'ge-lq or Ag'wil-a, cr Tex. 

Ahanta, H-h^n-tq, h Ah 

Ahascragh, Hs'krq, or Hs'krq^ t and 

p Ir. 
Ahmedabad, H'med-q-lx^d, die and c 

Hin., 100. 
Ahmednuggur, H-med-nug-ur, du and 

c Hiu., 20. 
Ahmood, H-mtSd, t Brit. Ind. 
Ai, % p o O.; r Rus.; t Fr. 
Aidin, ^-den, (Iden or Guzzel-Hissar,) 

t As. Tur. 
Aigash, il-gqj, or Aigas, 3-gc\s, i Scot. 
Aigues Morten, Q^g'mort, t Fr. 4. 
Aiguille, 3-ggly, m Fr. 
Ain, An, r and dep Fr. 
Aintab, ^n-t^b, t As. Tar., 20. 
Air, Ar, t Pa.; p o Mo. 
Airdrie, iVr'dre, &or and t Scot., 143<g. 
Aire, ^r, t Fr.: r Eng. 
Aisne, £In, or En, r and dep Fr. 
Aitkin, Elc'kin, Z and/crry Min. 
Aix, Hks, cFr., 21%; < Sar. 
Aixe, aks, t Fr. 2%. 
Aix He d', 81-dak3, i and mil ft and 

t's Fr. 
Aix-La-Chapelle, Slks-Iq-Jq-pel, c of 

Prus., 453^. 
Ajaccio, H-yqt-go, or Ajazzo, H-yqt- 

so, s-pt and cap Corsici, \l%] Niu- 

poleon Bonaparte's birth place, 1769. 
Ajan, H-5;qn, country of Af. 
Ajeho, ii-yo-h6, c Mantchooria, 60. 
Ajmeer, Hj-mer, {or Rajpootana)/>rot) 

and c India, 25. 
Akerman, H'ker-mqn, t Bessarabia, 26. 
Akhalzikh, o)' Akalzik, H-Aql-zeA, 

As. Rus., 10. 
Ak-Hissar, Hk'his-ar, i As. Minor, 6. 
Akootan, or Akutan, H-kio-tqn, i and 

'Vol Aleutian series, 
Akowaay, H-ka-wi, t Guin., 8. 
Akron, Ak'ron, 'o N-Y. t O., 4)^. 
Aksai, Hk-sj, r and v Circas.^ia. 
Akshehr, or Akschor, Hk-Ja-her, 

and I As. Tar. 
Ak*oo, or -ou, Hk-s<f», t and r Chinese 

Akstafa, Hk'stq-fq, r and val As. Goo. 
Alabama, Al-a-b<i-ma, Am, st 50,772 

8. m.; pop., in 1850, 426i^ whiter 

2Y^ free blacks, 3;42^ slaves, total, 

Tl\%', representative pop., 634)^; 

cap Mobile ; r navigable 460 m. 
Alabama, {or Big Sandy Creek) and « 

Alaohua, A-laq-t^-a, co in Florida. 
Alaorane, Al-a-kran, is Gulf Mex, 
Alaciilsa, Al-a-kiil-sa, cr Ga. 
Ala-Dagh. H'lq-dqg, m As. Tur. 
Alaghez, H-lq-gez, {or Ali-) t)ol in Arm. 


Geographical Yocabulary. 

Alagoa, R-lq-go-q, t and dis island St. 

Alagoas, H-lq-g(f>-Cis, prov Bra., 220j c 4. 

Alagon, fl-lq-gJin, r Sp., 120. 

Alais, H-lfi, t. Fr. 18;j^. 

Alajuela, H-lq-hi»-a-lq, c Costa Rica, 10. 

Alamance, (or Alio-) H'la-mans, el- 
and CO N. C. 

Alameda, fl-lq-ma-dq, t Sp,: co Cal,; 
« N-Mex. [ft. Tex. 

Alamo, Al'a-mo, v la., Mich., Cal.; 

Alamos, Los, Los RMq-mos, ^ Mex. 10. 

Alan, Al'an, (r>7' Camel) r Eng. 

Aland, il'land, or Oland, Q'land, 
eighty islands Gulf Bothinn, 15. 

Alapaha, A-lap-a-hfl, «andr Ga., 100 m. 

Alaqua, Al'a-kwe, v and r Florida, 

Alasea, H-lq-sa-q, {or Alasey, -ej) r 

Ala-Shehr, fl-lq Jer, or Ala-Schehr, 
fl-lq-Ja-her, c As. Mi., 15. 

Alaska, or Aliaska, ill-y43-kq, pen 
Rus. Am. 

Alatamaha, See Altamaha. 

Alausi, H-l's-se, vol Andes, t Ecuador. 

Alava, A-lq-vq, prov n. part Sp. 

Alba, Hi'bq, ts Pied., Nap.; Al'ba t Pa. 

Alba Longa. See Albano. 

Albania, Al-ba-ni-a, [Tiwh. Arnaood- 
lik, -tleck, -outlikjj country Eu. 
Tur., I,fi00,000. 

Albano, fll-bq-no, c It. b)^; t Nap.; 
I and m It. 

Albany, 01'ba-ni, co and cap N-Y. . 60: 
r ft and dis Br. N. Am.: div. Cape 
of Good Hope ; ts Ga., 111., and r« 
in many states. 

Albay, fll-bj. v and t Philippine Is., 13. 

Albemarle, Al-bs-raqrl, t Fr.; co Ya.; 
—Sound, N. E. part N. C. 

Alberche, Rl-b^r-cja, r Sp. 148 m. 

Alberes, Hl-b4r, ms part of Pyrenees. 

Albia, Al'bi-a, co t Iowa. 

Albion, Al'bi-on, anc. name Gr. Brit- 
ain; GO ts N-Y., la., Ill,, and numer- 
ous vs. 

Albuera, Al-bcfi-a-rq, r Sp. 

Albufeira, fll-boo-fa-z-rq, s-ptt Port. 

Albufera, ill-b(t)-fa-rq, I Sp. 

Albuquerque, fll-boo-ker-ka, t N-Mex. 
is Car. Sea. 

Alburg, Ol'burg, p o; -Springs, Yt. 

Alby, or Alby, Hl'be, or fll-bg, c Fr., 
where, on account of the religious 
wars, the Protestants received the 
name of A/higen.i^s. 13%. 

Albyn, or Albinn, Hl'bEn, anc. name Se. 

Alcala de Henares, Hl-kq-lq-da En-q- 
res, c Sp., in 17G8, 22, now 'i)4; 

■ —la-Real, Iq-Ra-ql, c Sp. ll^. 

Alcamo, fll'kq-rao, t Sic. 15. 
Alcantara, fll-kqn-tq-rq, ft t Sp.; r 

Sic; t Bra. 
Alcaraz, ill-kq-r^t, t Sp. 1%. 
Alcazar, {or Alcacer) de San Juan, 

Hl-kq-tcr da Sqn-hift-qn, t Sp., 1}4' 
Alcester, {or Awister) 01'ster, t Eng. 

Alcona, Al-kcS-nCt, co Mich. 

Alcovy, Al'ko-vi, r Ga. (Ulcofauha- 

Alcoy, Hl-k6-R, t Sp., 27 ; also r. 

Aldan, ili-dqn, r 30J, and ms Siberia. 

Aldborough, {or Aldburg) Gld'bur-o, 
s-pt t Eng., \M ; also, market t 2)^. 

Aide, eid, r Eng". 

Alden, ei'den, t N-Y. 2>^ ; v 111. 

Aldenville, Aldenbrook, and similar 
combinations, have the first syllable 
])ron6unced alike. 

Alderney, (rr Aurigny,) Ol'der-ni, ♦ 
Eng. Channel, 1. 

Aldstone, Gld'ston, {or Alston-Moor) 
t Eng. [Port. 

Alemtejo, {(/r -en) R-lon-ta-;^o, prov 

Alcngon, R-loii-son, c Fr. 14%. 

Aleppo, A-lep-o, (Haleb or Haleb es 
Shabba) c As. Tur.; prev. to earth- 
quake 1822, pop. 200, now 60 to 80. 

Alessandria, R-les-^n-dri-q, c Pied- 
mont, 19, Avith suburbs 40. 

Aleutian, A-lq-Ji-an, is (volcanic) 
Rus. Am. 

Alexander, Al eks-an-der, various C09 
and ts U. S. 

Alexandria, Al-eks-an-dri-a, e-pt ^ 
Eg,; betore the war with Caesar, 
and the burning of the librarie.'^, its 
population was 600,000 when it went 
down to 6,000 ; it has now 80,000. 

Alexandria, c Ya., 8% ; various t» 
and vs U. S. 

Alford, ei'ford, t Eng., 2, 

Alfordsville. ei'fordz-vil, ts N, C, la. 

Alfred, Al'fred, ts and is Me., 0., 
N-Y., &c. 

Alfreton, Al'fre-ton. t Eng., 8i^. 

Algarve, {or -bia) Rl-gar-va, prov 

Algeciras, {or -zi,) Al-jez-e-ras, [Sp. 
Rl-Aa-tg-ras,] s-pt t '&])., 11. 

Algeria, Al-je-ri-a, [Fr. Rl-va-re] ter 
Nor. Af., Fr. colonial province: 90,000 
s. m.; native pop. 2 mil.; European, 

Algiers. Rl-jerz, cap. Algeria, 943^, 
half European : v op. N-Orleans, La, 

Algoa, AI-g6-a, h S, E. coast Af. 

Algoma, Al-g<I)-ma, v Wis, 

Algonac, Al-go-nak, t Mich. 

Geographical V'ocabulary. 


ilgonquin, Al-gon-kwen. Am, Indians 

nearly extinct; vs 0., Mich., III. 
\lhaina, Rl-hq-mci, ^ '^Pm 6. 
Alhambra, Al-harn-bra, v HI. 
A-iiaska, ill-yq,s-kq, pen Ras. Am. 
A.lieaQte, H-le-kqn-ta, prov and s-pt c 

Sp., 19. 
^icata, {or Licata) R-le-k^-tq, s-pt t 

Sic, 131^. [I. 

A.licadi, il-le-ki6-de, w. Lipari Islands, 
Alida, A-lj-da, t III. 
Alipee, R-li-pe, s-pt t Hin. 13. 
Alixan, H-liks on, v Fr., 2^. 
Alkaisareeyeh, {or -seria) Hl-kj-ser-e- 

ye, t M.)r. 8. 
Alkmaar {or -m^e^) Alk-m^r, ^Hol., 9. 
Alkosh, fll-koj ft t As. Tur., 3. 
Allihibad, H-lq-hq-bqd, t Hin., in 

18:i2, 64X. 
Allaire, il-14r, » Fr., 2. [N-J. 

Allamachy, {or -chee) Al-a-m(6-qi, « 
Allan, Al'an, two rs Scot. 
Alle, H'Ie, r E ist Prus., 115. 
AUeg m, Al'e-gan, co and v Mich. 
Alleghany,* Al-e-^a-ni, r Pa.; range 

WW Pa., Mi., \ a.; cos Pa., N-Y., 

Mi., Va.; vs N-Y., and Pa. 
Alleghany City, opposite Pittsburg, Pa., 


Allen, Al'en, numerous cos and ts in 
the U. S., with various combina- 
tion?. [Pa., 6. 

AlUmtown, the most prominent, co t 

Alliance, A-li-ans, t 0. 

Allier, fl-le-a, r Fr., 330 m. 

Alligator, Al-i-ga-tor, r X. C; t Fa. 

Ailisonia, Al-i-so-ni-a, t Tenn, 

Alloa, Al'o-a, s-pt t Scot., 5)^. 

Allomikee. Al-o-ma-kE, co Iowa. 

Alloway, Al'u)-wa, v N-Y. 

All-Saints Bay, Ol-Sants Ba, on the 
coast of Brazil. 

Alrav. Hl'mq, r Rus., in the Crimea. 

Almaden, Hl-mq,-dea, t Sp., 9>%. 

Almigro, Hl-mq-grG), c Sp., 123^. 

Alinilee, {or -li) Hl-mq-le, < As. Tur. 

Almis, Ol'mof. t Hun, 8}-^. 

Almazarron, Rl-mq-tq-run, < Sp., 6^. 

Alru'Mda, Rl-ma-e-dq, ft t Por., 6»^; 
< Bra., 4. 

Alineria. fll-ma-r^-q, s-pt c Sp., 17^. 

Alraoad. fl'mond, two rs Scot.; vs N-Y., 
Ala., Wis. 

Almont. Al-mont, v Mich. 

Alne, fllii, three m Eng. [TV^. 

Alnwick, fjT Aienwick, An'ik, t Eng., 

Alost, H'lost, t Bel., 15. 

Alpena, Al pe-na, co Mich. 

Alps, Alps, m Eu.: extending through 

part of Swit., Fr., It., Bav., Aus., 

and Tur., varying from 10,000 to 

15,800 ft. in height. 
Alsace, fll-sqs, one of the old Gormaa 

prov., ceded to Franco 164S. 
Al-ien, Rl'sen, is Den., in the Baltic 

Alstead, Rl'sted, t New Hampshire. 
Alston, Rl'sten, i Norway. 
Alster, Rl'ster, r Den. 
Altai, Rl-tj, m Sib., rich in gold, sil- 
ver, coppsr, &c. 
AUaraaha, 9l'ta-ma-he, r Geo., navi- 
gable 140 miles. 
AUamira, Rl-tq-ms-rq, t Mox. 
Altamont, Al'ta-mont, v Ten. 
Altaraura, Rl-tq-ini6-rq, t Naples, 15. 
Altenburg, Rl'ten-biarg, duchy and o 

Ger., 131^. 
Alton, Al'ton, t Eng., Z%; c 111., 4: 

ts Maine, N-H., N-Y., Tex., 0., 

Altona, Rl'to-na, {or Altena,) second 

c Den., 37. 
Altoona, Al-t(6-na, v Pen,, 2)^. 
Altorf, Rl'torf, {or Altdorf,) t Swit. 
Alvarado, Rl-vq-rq-do, t and r Mer. 
Alzey, RU/si, t He.^se Darmstadt, 4)^. 
Amicura, R-mq-kife-rq, r S. Am. 
Amager, R'mq-ger, {or Amak,) i Den. 
Amalfi, R-mql-fe, c and s-pt Naples, 

pop. once, 50 now 4. 
Amambahi, R-mqm-bq-&, or Amam- 

bay, R-mqin-bj. m and r S. Am. 
Amanda, A-man-da, various ts and w 

U. S. 
Araarante, R-mq-r^n-ta, t Port., 4. 
Amirapoora, Amarapura, Rm-q-ra- 

pdb-ra, ft c Burm., in 1800 175 ; now 

much reduced. 
Amasia, Amasieh, or Amasiyah, R-m(^- 

SE-a, c As. Min., 25. 
Amatitlan, R-mq-tE-tlqn, or Amititan, 

R-mq-te-tqn, t Gua. 12. 
Amaxichi, R-mqks-e-ke, s-pt t Ionian 

Island, Santa Maura, 6. 
Amazon, Am'a-zon, largest r not only 

of S. Am., but of the globe; length 

4000 miles; breadth of the largest 

mouth, 9(5 miles: but the two, with 

the island included, cover a width 

of 250 m.; v III. 
Arabito, Rm-bq-to, {or Hambatq,) t 

Ec. 12. 

* All considerate persons will unite with the editqrs o| liippiocqtt'a Q^^zetQor 
in giving hut one orthography to this i^aq^e. 




Amberg, flm'berg, t Bav., 11. 

Ambert, On-b4r, ?; Fr.. 8%. 

Amboise, Oh-bwqz, t Fr., -i^. 

Amboy, Am-btr, various vs U. S. 

Amboyna, or Amboina, flin-bcf-nq^ i 
Malay Arch., 29X ; cao t 8%. 

Ambriz, Am'briz, or Hui-brez, ind. 
Negro kinglora Af. 

Ambrosia, Ain-br6-'?i-a, p o Iowa. 

ArrWia, A-rnE-ii-a, t ami en Vic, v 0. 

Aiucinia, A-m^-ni-a, v N-Y. 

America, A-mer-i-ka, with the excep- 
tion of Asia, tho largest division of 
the globe. — North, entire coast 
line 22,800 ra; area 8,000,000 s. m.; 
divided into six political organiza- 
tions, viz., Danisli America or Green- 
land ; Brit. Am., Rus. Am., U. S., 
Mex., and Cen. Am.; entire pop., in 
1854, exceeded 40,000,000. — Cen- 
tral, is the narrow strvp of land unit- 
ing ISorth and Soutlj Am.; length 
800 or 900 m.: it« breadth from 20 to 
400 m.; area 200,000 s. ra.; the states 
of Gua., San Sal., Hon., Nic, and 
Costa Rica, though nominally re- 
publican, are ruled by railiTary des- 
pots; total pop. 2,146,000. — South, 
is a vast peninsula, of about 6,500,000 
s. m.; comprising the republics of 
N. Gran., Ven., Ec.: Brit., Fr., and 
D., Gui.: Pe., Bob, Ch., the United 
Prov. of La Plata, Par., Ura., Bra., 
Pat., Ter. del Fue., the Falk. and 
other islands ; entire pop. 16,000,000. 
r central Cal. 

Americus, A-mer-i-kus, m tJeo., Ind. 

Amersfort, or Amersfoort, B-'mers-fo/'t, 
t Neth., 13. 

Ames, amz, v N-Y. 

Amga, Hm-gq, r Si., 460 m. 

Arahara, Hm-hq-rq,, h Abys. 

Amherst, Am'erst, s-pt t Brit. Ind., 5.; 
c» and t Vir., ts Me., N-H., Mass., 
(seat of Amherst College,) 3.; v 0. 

Amherf.sburgh, Am'erst-burg, gar t 
C. W., \%. _ 

Amicalola, A-mik-arl6-la, p o Geo. 

Amicu, H-me-kdC), o/^Amucu, R-moo-ko), 
I South Am. 

Amiens, R-me-ah, t Fr., 521-^. 

Amite, Am-8t, r Miss., Lou., co Miss, 

Amity, Am'i-ti, various rs U. S. 

Amlwch, Am'look, s-pt t N. W. 

Amraer, or Amper, Rm'per, r Ger. 

Ammonoosuck, Am-o-ndb-suk, upper 
and lower, r N-H. 

Amol, R-mol, c Per., 35 to 40. 

Amoo, Amou, or Amu, R-mtf), r Cen. 
As., 1300 m. 

Amoor, Amour, Amur, fl-mdar, r E. 

As., 2200 m. 
Amorgos, or Amorgo, R-mar-go, i Grc, 

Arch., 2%. 
Amoskoag, Am-os-keg, v N-H. 
Amoy, R-mtT, {or Emoui,) s-pt t China, 

pop. 250. 
Amphila. Rm-fs-la. }) and i Red Sea. 
Amphitrite, Ara-fi-tri-te. «s China Sea. 
Amrawutti, Rm-ra-wiit-e, or Amara- 

vati, Rm-a-ra-vq-te, t. lod. 
Amritseer, Amritsir, Rm-rit-ser, c of 

Punjab, Hind., 115. 
AnLSferdam, Rm-ster-dqm, c. cap Hoi., 

228% ; 1) N-Y., Vir., 0., Li., Iowa. 
Anabara, R-nq-bq-rq, r Si. 400 m. 
Anaehuana, R-nq-qoD-q-nq, v and h 

Isthmus of Panama. 
AnactKja, An-a-k6-ka, p o La. 
Anaeostia, An-a-kos-ti-a, p o Dis. Col. 
Anadarco, An-a-dqr-kca, p o Tex. 
Anadeer, Anadir, or Anadyr, R-nq- 

der, r N. E. Asia, in Siberia. 
Ana.;;ni, R-nqn-ye, t It. 
Anagua, R-nq-gwq, p o Tex. 
Anahuac, Rn-q-wqk, taUe-land, m and 

V Tex. 
Anam or Annam, R-n^m, Empire of 

Cochin China, pop. 12,000,000. 
Anamaboe, R-nq-ma-bw, Brit, ft Af., 

Anamirapucu, R-nq-mi-rq-poo-ki*, r 

Bra., 200 ra. 
Anamosa, An-a-mo-sa, v Iowa. 
Anandale, An'an-dal, rs Pen., Vir. 
Anapa, R-nq-pq, s-pt t Russian Cir. 
Anaqtiasscook, An-a-kq-a^-kuk, p o 

N-Y. ^ ^ [Fa. 

Anastasia, An-a-sta-Ji-a, * e. coast 
Anatolia, Rn-a-t6-li-a, or Anadolia, 

R-nq-do-li-Q, (written also Anadoli 

and N'atolia,) pen.; pashalic of Tur. 

in As., identical with Asia Minor, 

area 270,000 sq. m.; pop. 4,500.000. 
Anava, R-nq-vq. or Guanahau, Gwq- 

nq-h-s, r Brazil, 200 ra. 
Anazo, R-nq-zoa, («/■ Hanazo,) r Abys. 
Ancach, Rn-kqq. dep North Peru. 
Ancaster, An'kas-ter, v Canada West. 
Ancholme, An'qolm. rEng. 
Anchor, Ai)'kor, * N-Zeal.: is Bra. 
Ancober, An-kio-ber, r Af.; t Abys. 
Ancona, Rn-k6-nq, a free port c Papal 

States, in two parts, Citta Vechia, 

(ei-tq Vek-i-q,) Citta Nuova, (G^-t^ 

NwQ-vq;) pop. 36. 
Andalusia, An-da-hx-Ji-a, (Sp. An- 

dalucia. Rn-dq-lo-te-a,) division of 

the s. of Spain ; vs Penn., Ala., Ten., 


Geographical Vocabulary. 


Andaman, An-da-man, i Bay of B-n. 
Andaya, Rp.-dq,-yq, or Andaia, fla- 

dj-q, r Bra., 120 m. 
Andelle, On-del, r Fr. 
Anddlys, Les, Laz-on-dls, t Fr. 5%. 
Andersjn, An'der-son, dis S. C: os 

Tex., Ten., Ken.: vs N-J., S. C, 

Gao., Tex., 111.: t Ii. [Iv. 

Andars onville, An'der-son-vil, rs S. C, 
Andes, An'diz, ranga of ms extending 

parallel to the Pacific eo;ist. the 

entire length of S. A., 4500 miles; 
■ and under different pames, traverses 

the whole N. A-nerican continent, 

about 9000 m.; the ridz^s aad p^aks 

varying from 2 to 22,000 ft. above 

the sea. 
•Anikhoo, Rnd-kc6, Ankkoui, Hn-kc6-e, 

{or Ankoi,) t ind. Tartary, 25, 
Andorra, Hn-'dor-q, (Valley of) ind cy, 

a republic on the s. slope of the 

Pyrenees, pop. 6; t, cap of the above, 

Andover, An'do-ver, t Eng.; m Maine, 

N-H., Ver., Mass., 7; Con., N-Y., 

N-J., 0., Mich., 111. 
Andraix, Hn-drq-e/i, 8-pt t island of 

Majorca, 4^^. 
Andreera, fln-dra-e-vq, t Rus., 12. 
Andrew, An'droo, co Mo.; v Iowa. 
Andro, Ha'dro, {or An'dros,) i Gre. 

Arch., 153/^. 
Androscoggin, An-dro3-k6g-in, r N-II., 

Maine; m M:une. [Sp., 9J/<J. 

Andujar, or Anduxar, fln-ddb-Aar, t 
Anegada. fl-na-gq-da, t of the Antillc=!. 
Angara, flt)-gq-rq. r of Siberia. 1000. 
Angelica, An-jel-i-ka, co t N-Y. 
Angelina, An-je-le-na, r and co Tex. 
Angerinann, Og'er-man, na» r Swod., 

120 m. [.Swod. 

Angerraannland, Og'er-mqn-lqnd, prov 
Angerrauade, Ho'er-men-de, t Prus., 

Angerona, An-je-r6-ni, p o Va. 
Angers. An'jerz, (Fr. Angiers, Oh-ik,) 

ft c Fr., 48)^. 
Anglesey, or Anglesea, fln'gl-se, i 

N. W.. 51. 
Angola, Ag-gcj-la, cy w. coast of Afri- 
ca, notorious for its slave tra<le: pop. 

2,000,000; p 08 N-Y., Dei., N-C, la. 
Angora, Ag-gcj-ra, t A-?. Tur., 35. 
Angornou, or Angornu, fln-gor-n(6, I 

Cjn. Africa, 30, 
Angosta, fln-gos-ta, die, r and three i 

c. e. of Africa. 
Angostura, fln-gos-tdi-rq, {or Bolivar 

City) t Venezuela, 8>^. 
Angoulemo, Oh-goo-lam, c Fr., 213/g. 

Angra, Rn'grq, s-pi t of Port., on the 

island of Tercsira, 10. 
Angrab, Hn-grqb. r Abys., 120 m. 
Angra dos Ksis, ilt)'grq-dos-ra-e.s, s-pt 

aad h Brazil, 3. 
Anguilla, Hn-ge-lq, « Br. West Ind., 3. 
Aniialt, Ha'hqlt, three duchies Central 

Anhanduhy-Mirira, Hn-yqn-dto-e-mi- 

reh, two rivers in Brazil. 
Anholt, Hn'holt, i Dan., t Prus., 2. 
Aniooy, R-ni-(6-f., or Aniuj, Aniuy, 

fli-ydb-E, two rivers in Siberia. 
Anklam, or Anclara, Ha'klqru, t Pr. 

8>^. [Abys., 12. 

Ankober, {or Ankobar,) fln-k6-ber, t 
Ankova, Hn-kcj-vq, k Madagascar. 
Annaberg, fl'nq-ber^/, t S ixony, 6%. 
Anuagh, H-nq, two islands Ireland. 
Annan, An'an, r and s-pt Scot. 
Annapolis, An-ap-o-lis, cap Md., 3; vs 

0., la.; r and/<; s-pt t Sc )tia. 
I^nn Arbor, An-qr-bor, c Mich., 4^. 
Annawaika, An-a-wj-ki, p o Ala, 
Anne xVrundel, An-a-rdn-del, co Md. 
Annecy, Hn-se, t and I Savoy. 
Annisqaam, An-is-gwqm, p o Mass. 
Annobon, fl-nc)-b6n, i w. coast of Af. 
Annonay, H-nca-na, t Fr., 13)^. 
Anoka, A-nci-ka, v Minnesota. 
Anselm, An'selm, p o 0. 
Anson, An'.son, co N. C, 
Ansonia, An-sd)-ni-a, v Conn. 
Anspaoh, Hn'spq/i, ft c Bavaria, 16. 
Antang, iln-t^t), v ami dis isl. Java, 10. 
Antarctic, Ant-qrk-tic, oc, the expanse 

of water around the South }\)le. 
Antequera, Hn-ta-ka-rq, c Sp., 17. 
Anthony, An'to-ni, p os R. I., la. 
Antibes, Oh-teb, ft s-pt t Fr., (S%. 
Anticosti, An-ti-kos-ti, des i C. E. 
Antietam, An-tg-tara, cr Ponn. 
Antigua, Hn-ts-gq, Brit. W, I. Island, 

35; station, ft and arch in the Phil- 
ippine Islands. 
Antilles, fln-tgl. West India Islands. 
Antioch, An'ti-ok, cand anc cap Syria, 

the place where the nam^ of Ghria- 

tians was first given to the followers 

of Je«u3 Christ, Founded 300 B. 0. 

Ancient pop., 400,000, time of Chry- 

sostrom. 200,000, at present, 10,000; 

r« S, C, (ia,, Ala., Tenn.. 0., 111. 
Antioch College. See Yellow Springs. 
Antioco, fln-t«-ra-ko, * Med., 2%. 
Antioquia, fln-ti-o-kg-a, t S. Am. 4. 
Antipodes, An-tip-o-dez, i S. Pao. Oo. 
Antisiina, Hn-ti-sq-nq, vol in Ecuador, 

19,110 feet high. 
Antivari, fln-ta- vq-re, t s-pt of Albania. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Antoin, An-toTi, p o Arkansas. 
Antrim, An'triin, cos Ir., Mich.; rs N- 

11., Penn., 0., Mich. 
Antuco, fln-t(6-kca, vol (16,000 ft) and 

tal of Chilian Andes. 
Antwerp, Ani'werp, /if c Belgium, 79; 

prov da.; vs N-Y., 0. 
Aonia, £[-(i-ni-a, p o Ga. 
Aostii, H-6s-tq, t Pied., 7. 
Apacho Indians, fl-pq-qa In'di-anz, 

Texas and N- Mexico. 
Apennines, Ap'en-jnz, a mountain 

chain traven-sing the Italian penin- 
sula, 800 miles, embnicing Mounts 

Albano, Vesuvius and Etna. 
Ap<»llonia, fl-pol-(i)-ni-q, (or Amana- 

hea,) dis, cape and fort Africa. 
Apostles' Islands, A-p6s-lz ^'landz, 

Straits of Magellan. 
Appalachee, Ap-a-lq-qe, r Ga.: h Fa. 
Appalachian, Ap-a-la-qi-an, the Alle- 
ghany Mountains. 
Appalachicola, Ap-a-laq-ie-k(fi-la, r, b 

and ^ Fa. 
Appalachin, Ap-a-lq-qin, p o N-Y. 
Appanoose, Ap-a-ndbs, co Iowa; v 111. 
Appenzell, H-pent-sel, can and t Swit.; 

cap Inner Rhodes, 3. 
Appleby, Ap'l-bi, hor and t Eng , 2)4' 
Appleton, Ap'l-ton, V8 0., 111., Wis. 
Appling, Ap'lig, co Ga.; vs N-Y., Ga. 
Appomattox, Ap-o-mat-oks, co and r 

Va., 150 m. 
Appoquinnimink, Ap-o-kwin-i-miQk, 

cr Del. 
Apsheron, flp-Ja-r6n, {or Abcheron,) 

pen Russian dominions. 
Apulia, fl-pq-li-a, anc prov Southern 

Italy; p o N-Y. 
Apure, R-pA-ra, r Venezuela, 
Apurimac, fl-pa)-ri-mqk, r S. Ara. 500. 
Aquapim, fl-kwq-pgm, st Africa. 
Aquasco, A-kwas-ko, p o Md. 
Aquia, Ak'wi-a, p o and cr Va. 
Aquila, H'kwi-lq. ft c Naples, 11%. 
Aquileja, H-kwi-la-yq, t Nor. It,, 1^, 
Aquokee, A-kwiJ-ke, /■ Ga., Tenn. 
Aquone, A-kw6-ne, p o N, C. 
Arabgheer, Arabgir, fl-rqb-ger, {or 

Arabkir,) t As. Tur,, 6000 houses, 
Arabia. A-ra-bi-a, s. w, part of Asia, 

750,000 square miles, mainly desert. 
Arabian Sea, A-ra-bi-an Se, on the 

s. w. coast of Asia. 
Araean, or Arracan,, British 

prov. Farther India: t do., 10. 
Aracati, or Aracaty, R-rq-kq-te, r and 

port, Brazil, 5. 
Araguahi, R-rq-swq-he, r Bra. 
Arad, Or-6d, t Hun., old and new, 20. 

Arafat, R-rq-fqt, Mount, granite hill, 

Arabia. [k Sp. 

Aragon, Arragon, Rr-q-g(f»n, r and ana 
Araguay, Rr-q-gwj. r Brazil, 1000 m. 
Aral, Ar'al, sea Ind. Tartary. 
Aranda-de-duero, R-rqn-dq-da-dwa- 

ro, dis and t Spain. [Spain. 

Aranjuez, R-rqn-/iwef), t, royal res., of 
Aransas, Ar-an-sas, r, h and v Texas. 
Arapahoe, A-rap-a-ho, Indians, tribe 

between the s. fork of Platte river 

and the head waters of the Arkansas. 
Ararat, Ar'a-rat, vol m Western Asia, 

17,323 ft; r and m N. C; vs Pa., Va. 
Aras, R-rqs, (or Araxcs,) r Arm, 500m. 
Arasaig, Rr-a-sag, v and dis Scot. 
Arator, or Arrator, A-ra-tor, v Mo. 
Araucania, R-re-kq-ni-q, ind ttv s. 

part of Chili, 70. 
Arauco, R-T's-V.Gi, ft Chili. 
Araure, R-r-s-ra, c Venezuela, 10. 
Arba, Rr'ba, p o la. 
ArbacoDchee, Rr-ba-kiS-qe, p o Ala. 
Arbe, R/''ba, i Adriatic, 5. 
Arbela, Rr-be-la, p o Mo. 
Arboga, R/'-bo-gq, t Sweden, 2. 
Arbois, R>'-bvvq, t Fr., 7. 
Arbroath, Rr-brot, s-pt t Scot,, 8)/^, 
Arbuthnot, Rr'but-not, /;«/• Scot. 
Arcabutla, Rr ka-bdt-lq, po Miss. 
Arcade, Rr-kad, V N-Y. 
Arcadia, Rr-ka-di-a, anc prov Gr^eee, 

in the Gulf of Morea; vs R. I., N-Y., 

La., Tenn., la , III,, Mo. 
Arcanum, Rr-ka-nura, p o 0. 
Archaig, Loch, L'l-^-qr-kag, I Scot. 
Archangel, Rrk-an-jel, ter and s-pt t 

Russia in Europe, 2\}/^: also a bay. 
Archipelago, Rr-ki-pel-a-go, signifies 

a sea interspersed with numerous is. 
Areola. R?'-ka)-lq. anc t Piedmont, 23<^; 

vs Va,, N. C, O. 
Arcos de la Frontera, Rr-kos da Iq 

Fron-ta-rq, t Spain, \\%. 
Arcot, Rr-kot, (Arucati, (?/• Arookatee,) 

c South Ilindostan, 40. 
Arctic Ocean, Rrk'tic O'Jf''"' t^® '^or- 

thern Sea, containing Greenland, 

Spitzbergen, Iceland and many other 

Arde-;he, Rr-daJ, r and dcp France. 
Arden, Rr'den, p o Va, 
Ardennes, or Arden, R/'den, drp Fr. 
Ardrah, Rr'drq, t and prnv Africa, 
Aremberg, R'rem-berg, div Hanover. 
Arena, A-rg-na, v Wis. 
Arenac, Ar-s-nak, co Mich. 
Arequipa, R-ra-ke-pq, dep and c Pe- 
ru, 35; vol 20,300 ft high. 
Arezzo, R-ret-so, prov and c It., 11%. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Argentan, flr-^on-toh, t Fr., b%. 

Ar^entaro, flr-jen-tq-ru), m Turkey in 
Europe: prom Western Italy. 

Argonteuil, Hr-joh-tul, t Fr., 'i%. 

Argentine, Hr'jeu-tjn, Republic of S. 
American countries, comprising Bue- 
nos Ayres, Santa Fe, Entre Rios, 
Corrienles, Cordova. La Rioja, San- 
tiag) del Estero, Tucum:in, Cata- 
marca, SalUi and Jujny, Sm Luis, 
Mendoza. San Juan. Total pop. 820. 

Argo, flr'gu). i in the Nile; p o Ga., 
ill., Mo., Iowa. 

Argoon, or Argun, flr-g(6n, r separates 
the Russian and Chinese Empires; r 
in Circissia. 

Argos, fl/gos, t Greece, 8. 

Argostnli, Hr-gos-to-lg, s-pt t Ionian Is. 

Argvle, or Argyll, Hr-gil, co Scot.; C6 
New South \Vales; r/Me., N-Y., N. 
C, Ga., 111., Miss., Wis. 

AricA, H-re-kq. dis and t Peru, 3)^. 

Ariege, fl-re-a^, deo Fr. 

Ariel, a'ri-el, p o Penn. 

Arienio, fl-ri-en-zo), t Naples, 10. 

Arigal, H'ri-gol, in Ireland, 2,482. 

Arispe, R-ris-pa, t of Sonora, Mexico; 

Arjish, Hr-jgJ, t and r Ea. Turkey. 

Arkadelphia, Hrk-a-del-fi-a, v Ark. 

Arkansas, ilr-kan-sas, (formerly flr' 
kan-s9,) r U. S., 2000 m. in length, 
navigable by steamboats 800 m. from 
its mouth in the Mississippi; one of 
the United States, containing 52,197 
8. ra.: pop. in 1854, 253,117, of whom 
19y,22l were white, 60,279 slaves, 
and 614 free colored. 

Arkansas Post, co t Ark. 

Arlaaza. flr-lqn-tq, r Sp. 

Arlanzon, Hr-lqn-ton, r Sp. 

Aries, Rrl, c and r-port Fr., 2%%. 

Arlington, Hr'lig-ton, p 08 Vt., 0.,, III., Wis. 

Arm.u!olola, flr-ma-ka-16-la, cr in Ga. 

Armada, flr-m^-da, p o Mich. 

Armagh, Hr-mq, hor and c Ir., 9; t Pa. 

Arman<;on. ilr-moh-soh, r Fr. 

Armenia, flr-me-ni-a, a mountainous 
country of Western Asia, now po- 
litically defranct; v Ga. 

Armaniieres, Ar-m »fi-ti-4r, t Fr., 8J/^. 

Armucheo, Hr-mJb-qg, p n Ga. 

Arnbeim, flrn'hjm, or Hrn'him, v 0. 

Arnhem, flrn'hem, (also Arnheim)/^ t 
Neth., 16X; h Australia. 

Arno, flr'no, r Tuscany. 

Arnon, flr-nufi, r Fr.; Hr'non, v 111. 

Arnsberg, flrnz'berg, t and (jov Giir. 

Aroa, E-rci-a, t and r Venezaela, 

Arok-Szallas, H'rok-sq-14f, V Hun., 9. 
Aroma, A-r6-ma, v III. 
Aron, H-r(i)h, r and v Fr.; t Pied. 5. 
Arooat, Arouat, Aruat, fl-roo-qt, st and 

t N. Africa. [co and p o Me. 

Aroostook, A-rc6s-tiak, r U. S., 120 m.: 
Arpino, flr-pg-no, i Naples, 11. 
Arqua, Hr'kwq, t Mexico, 4. 
Arques, flrk, r and t Fr. 
Arran, Ar'an, i w. coast of Scotland; 

is w. c >ast of Ireland. 
Arras, flr'qs, ft GVt.,2^%. 
Arrifana, flr-i-fq-nq, /if, ^ and * s. w. 

coast of Portugal. 
Arroas, R-rco-qs, is Straits of Malacca. 
Arroo, R-rto, is in the Rud Sea. 
Arroo, Arco, Aru, A-ri6, is n. of Aus- 
tralia; also, n. w. coast of Wash.Ter. 
Arrow, Ar'o, r Wales and Eng.; cr 

Eng.; I and r Ireland. 
Arta, R/tq, r Eu. Tur.; ta Albania 

and Majorca, gulf Ionian Sea. 
Artas, Rr-tqs, (ar Artoss,) a beautiful 

fertile valley of Palestine, near Beth- 
Artaxata, Rr-taks-q-tq, former cap. of 

Armenia, with a pop. of about 190,- 

000, now a mass of ruins. 
Artois, Rr'twq, old prov Fr. 
Aruba, R-rA-bq, (or Oruba,) i Dutch 

Arun, Ar'un, r Eng. 
Arundel, Ar'un-del, t Eng. [dis Ilun. 
Arva, R/va, rs Sp. and Hun.; v and 
Arve, R/"v, r Sardinia. 
Averni. See Auvergne. 
Asahan, or Assahan, Rs-q-h^n, t, dis 

and r Sumatra. [pan. 

Asama-Yaraa, R-s4-mq-y(\-mq, vol Ja- 
Asbury, Az'bcr-i, va S-J., Ga., Ala., 

Tenn., 0., Ill, 
Ascalon, As'ka-lon, or Asculan, Rs-kdo- 

Iqn, ruined s-pt c Syria. 
Ascension, A-s^n-Jon, i n. w. of St, 

Helena; par La.; h Yucatan. \^}>4' 
Aschaffenburg, R-Jqf-en-biarg, t Bav., 
Ascherslebon, Rj-erz-la-ben, t Prus., 10. 
Ascoli, Rs'ko-le, c It., 3. 
Aseer, (or Asir,) R-ser, iad st Arabia. 
Ashangee, Rj-qn-ge, I Abys. 
Ashantee, Rj-qn-te, k W. Af. 
Ashapoo, for Ashepoo,) AJ-a-ptG, r S. C. 
Ashborough, AJ'bur-o, v N. C. 
Ashby, A/'bi. v III. 
Ashbyburg, Af'bi-burg, v Ky. 
Asha, A/, CO N. C. 
Ashcville, Af'vil, vs Pa., N. C, Ala. 
Ashfield, AJ'feld, t Mass. 
Ashford, AJ'ford, t and par Eng., 5; 

t« Conn., N-Y., Wis, 



Ashland, Afland, co 0.; ta Mass., N-Y., 
Pa., Va., N. C, Ga., Tenn., 0., la., 
Iowa; residence late Henry Clay, Ky. 

Ashley, Af'li, r S. C; co and v Ark.; 
vs 6., Mo.; I Utah Tor. 

Ashley City, Aj'li Sit-i, {or New Bal- 
timore,) V Mich. 

Ashleyville, AJ'li-vil, 'cs Mass., Mich. 

Ashpetuck, A/-pE-tiik, r Conn. 

Ashtabula, AJ-ta-bi],-lq, r, co and v 0. 

Ashton, AJ'ton, rs Va.., La., Mo., Wis. 

Ash ton -under- Lyne, Aj'ton-un-der-lin, 
i&ndpar Eng., 30^. 

Ashuelot, Aj'wE-lot, r N-H. 

Asia, ££'/*-<!' largest of the great di- 
visions of tlie globe. Its greatest 
length, 7,500 ra., breadth, 5,166 ra.; 
pop., 480,000,000, considerably more 
than half the entire pop. of globe. 

Asia Minor. See Anatolia. 

Asiatic Archipelago. See Malay Arch. 

Asirnagomy, H-si-mq-go-me, I U. C, 

Asiruiintar, il-ser-mia-tq,r, vol i Oae- 

Askeaton, As-ka-ton, t Ir. 

Asnieres, Rs-ni-4r, several vs Fr. 

-Aspalaga, As-pa-lq-ga, v Fa. 

Aspe, Hs'pa, t Sp., 6%. [2}i. 

Aspinwall, As'pin-wol, g-pt Cen. Arn., 

.Aspropotamo, Hs-pro-pot-q-mQ, largest 
river of Greece, 100 m. 

Assabet, As'a-bet, cr and v Mass. 

Assal, R-sql, I Eastern Africa. 

.Assam, or Asara, A-.«qm, crj India. 

Assamoonick, As-a-mco-nik, p o Vir. 

Assatchinskaya, R-sqt-Qiu-ski-ycL, Vol 

AssinibniH, A-sin-i-bern, r N. Am. 

Assisi, a-sE-se, t It., 6. [C. E. 

.Assuapmoussoin, H-swqp-mOb-svvah, I 

Assumption, A-surap-Jon, v and r C. 

. E.; ^ and v La. 

Assumption, (Sp. H-scDn-si-cin, c S. 
Am., cap Par. 

Assyria, A-sir-i-a, modern Koordistan. 

Asti, Rs'tE, prov and c of Alessandria, 

Astonville, As'ton-vil, v Penn. 

Astor, As'tor, r and /^ of Cen. Asia; 
V Wis. [Or. 

Astoria, As-t(f)-ri-a, v N-Y., III., Mo., 

^Astrabad, Hs-trq-bad, c and prov Per. 

Astrakhan, Rs-trq-Ziqn, gov and c of 

Astura, fl.s-t(6-rq, v and r It. 

Asturias, Hs-tiD-ri-qs, anc div Spain. 

Asuay, or Assuay, R-soo-j, or R-sw|, 
dep Ec. 

•Atabapo, R-tq-bq-po, r Ven. 

'Atacama, R-tq,-kq-mq, prov Bol. , 

Atalanta, At-a-lan-ta, v III. 
Atascosa, At-as-ko-sa, cr Tex. 
Atanai, A-t-s-j, (Atooi, Atui, orTauai,) 

Sandwich Islands. 
Atbara, Rt-bq-rq, ter and r Nubia. 
Atchafalaya, Aq-af-a-lj-a, Bayou Lou., 

250 m. 
Atchison, Aq'i-son, co Mo. 
Atchison City, t of Kanzas. 
Atcrno, R-ter-no, r Naples. 
Ate.'^sa, R-tes-q, t Naples, t^^. 
Ath or Aath, Rt, ft t Belgium, 8^. 
Athabasca, At-a-bas-ka, {or Athapes- 

0,0 w,) I and r British N. Am. 
Athens, At'enz, cap Gr., founded B. 0. 

13:}(3, 30 : co in 0.; ts in N. Y., Pa., 

Ga., 0., «&c, 
Athlone, At-lton, t Ir., 6},-^. 
Athol, Athole, or Atholl, R'tol, dis 

Scot.; a'tol, vs Mass., N-Y. 
Athos, At'os, (Mount,) Holy m Gr. 
Atitlan, R-ti-tlqn, I, t and vol Central 

Am. [Ky. 

Atkinson, At'kin-son, ts Me., N-H., 
Atlanta, At-lan-ta, c Ga., 4. 
Atlantic, At-lan-tik, co and t N-J. 
Atlantic Ocean, the largest of the five 

great hydrographical divisions of 

the globe ; its extreme breadth is 

5000 m., and its area 25,000,000 s. m. 
Atlas Mountains, Al'las Mxa-tenz, ia 

N. Af. 
Atlixco, At-liks-ko, t Mex. 
Atrato, R-trq-to, r N-Gran. 
Atsion, At'si-on, r and v N-J. 
Attakapas, A-tuk-a-po, fertile dis s. 

part La. 
Attakembn, R-tq-kem-bca, one of tho 

Feejee Islands. 
Attala, A-tq-la, co Miss. 
Attawal, R-tq-wol, is Red Sea. 
Attersee, R-ter-sa, I Upper Aus. 
Attica, At'i-ka, div of Gr.; vs N-Y., 

0., Mich., L;., Iowa, Wis. 
Attleborough, At'1-bur-o, ts Mass., Pa. 
Attoo, Attou, or Attu, R-tdb, largest 

of the Aleutian Islands. 
Attoyac, At-er-ak, r Tex. 
Aubagne, O-bqny, t Fr. 
Aube, Ob, r and dep Fr. 
Aubenas, Ob-nq, t Fr. 
Auburn, O'burn, c N-Y., 11 ; vs in 

half the States of the Union. 
Auch, (JJ, c Fr., 12%. 
Auchcahachee, O-qe-haq-E, r Ga., 

sometimes called Little Ocrauigee. 
Auchtermuchty, 07i-ter-mdA-tE, hurg 

and par Scot., 2%. 
Auckland, Rk'land, ft of N-Zeal., 

group of is in S. Pac. Oc. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Aude, Od, r and dev Fr. 

Audrain, 0-dran, co Mo. 

Audubon, 9'dix-bon, co Iowa; vs 
Tenn., III. [0. 

Auglaiz3, B-glaz, r« 0., Mo.; o and t 

Aug-iburg, Ogs'burg, (Ger. IJgz'burg,) 
e Bav., 38. 

Augusta, 0-gds-ta, co Vo.; c Me., 10. 
c G.i., 12; ts in over a dozen states. 

Augustowo. "S^-gJas-to-vo, proty t Pol. 
"^ AuUagas, "S^l-yq-gq^, I of 13 j1. 

Aulae, Qn, r Fr. 

Auraria, O-rq-ri-a, ■» Ga. 

Auray, O-ra, r-pt Fr. 

Aure, Or, r Fr. 

Aurelius. O-re-li-us t N-Y., 0. 

Aurich, "S^'riA, ^ Hanover. 

Aurillac, O-rEl-yqk, t Fr., 11. 

Aurora, O-rti-ra, ^.v Maine, N-Y., Ken., 
0.. Ind., 111., Wis., i Red Sea. / 

Aurungabiid, O-ruQ-ga-bqd, c Hind., 

Au Sable, O-sq-bl, r N-Y.; v 111. 

Austerlitz, Bs'cer-litz, t Mor., vs N-Y., 
Mich. [ous vs. 

Austin, Os'tin, cap Tex., 3; numer- 

Au.^tralasiiv, 9s-tral-a-Ji-a, diix of the 
globe, consisting of the continent of 
Australia, Van Dieinen's Land, N- 
Zeal., and numerous other islands. 

Australia, Bs-tral-ya, or N.nv Holland, 
the largest island in the world, lies 
between the Indian and Pacific Oes.; 
greatest length 2400 m., breadth 
1700 to 1900 m. including an area of 
3,000.000 3. m. The British colonies 
are directed by a governor appointed 
by the crown, and a legislative 
council, partly elcciivo and partly 
appointed by government; white 
pop. 500,000. 

A.uitratian Alps, ;/M of Australia. 

Austria, Os'tri-a, one of the most e.x- 
ton"<ive of the European monarchies; 
comprising 2.)S.000 s. m.; pop. in 
I860, 3i),ol4,4ti6. The government 
is vested in the emperor, who exer- 
cises supreme control in all the prov- 
inces, excepting Hungary and Tran- 

Autauga, O-t-j-ga, cr and co Ala. 

Auterive, CO-te-rev, t Fr. 

Auteiiil, 6)-tely, x enclosed within the 
new walla of Paris. 

Authio. O-t^, and Authion, O-ti-on 
r» of Fr. 

Autun, O-tiih, c Fr., 12. 

Auvergne, CJ-v^my, prov and ms Fr. 

Auxerre, Q-ssif. c Fr., 14J^. 

Auxonne, Qk-son,/^ t Fr. 6)^. 

Ava, fl'va, c Barraah, 30 ; principality 
of Japan ; v N-Y., Ga., 111. 

Avallon, H-vq-loh, t Fr. 

Avalon. Av'a-lon, pea Newfoundland ; 
p o Md. 

Avant, A-vant, p o Tex. 

Avares, H-vq-res, political diii Cir. 

Avatcha, H-vqt-qq, t and h Kam. 

Avatchinskaya, H-vqQ-in-skj-yq, vol 

Aveiro, fl-va-c-ro, s-pt t Port.; t Bra. 
Avellino, fl-ve-lg-no, fortified epis- 
copal c Naples, 22%- 
Aven Loch, LoA R'ven, I Scot. Aven 

or Avon, several Scotch rivers. 
Averno, R-ver-nca, I Naples. 
Aversa, fl-ve/'-sq, t Naples, 163^. 
Avery, H'ver-i, vs 111., Iowa. 
Avesnes, H-van, ft t Fr., 3^. 
Aveyron, H-va-nJfj, rand dep Fr. 
Avigliano, H-vel-yq-no, t Naples, 9^. 
Avignon, fl-ven-3''J)n, c Fr. 35. 
Aviston, Av'is-ton, v 111. 
Avlona, Rv-Icj-nq, t Albania, 8. 
Avo, R'vo), V Ya. 
Avoca, R-v(f)-ka, (or Ovoca,) tal and 

r If.; vs N-Y., Ala., III., Mo., Wis. 
Avola, R-v6-la, s-nt t Si(\, 6^. 
Avon, a'von, rs Wales, W. Australia ; 

numerous rs U. S. 
Avondale. R'von-dal, (or Avendale,) 

par of Scot.; j; Penn. \rs in Eng. 
Avon (Hampshire,) (Lower,) (Upper,) 
Avoyelles, Av-»T-elz, par La. 
Avranches, Hv-rohJ, t Fr. 
Awe, Loch, LoA 0, I Scot. 
Axbridge, Aks'brij, t Eng. 
Axe, Aks, r« Eng. 
Axholrae, Aks'olra, Isle of, Eng. 
Axoom, Axoura. Rk-.s(6m, anc. t Abys. 
Ayacucho, *f-q-kc6-qo, dep S. Peru. 
Ayamonte, 'f-q-mon-ta, s-pt t Sp. 
Ayasoolook, ii-q-.soo-lSk, v As. Min.; 

site of the ancient Ephesus. 
Ayersville, Arz'vil, p o N. C, 0. 
Aylesbury. Jllz'ber-i, hor and t Eng. 
Ayletts, i'lets, v Vir. 
Aylraer, ffl'mer, I Brit. N. Am.; U 

C. E., C. W. 
Aylsham, ill'Jam, t Eng. 
Ayora. f-cS-rq, t and r Sp. 
Ayr, Ar, r and s-j^ t Scot., 10. 
Ayrshire, Ar'Jcr, co .Scot. 
Aysville, ^z/vil, /) o la. 
Azalia, A-za-li-a, v la. 
Azerbaijan, Rz-er-bi-jqn, prov Persia. 
Azimghiir, Az'im-gur, di» Brit. Ind, 
Azio, Rd'zi-o, du and prom Gr. 
Azof, Az'of. (Azoph, or Azov,) tea 

«. part of Europe. 


Geographical Yocabulart. 

Azoreg, Az'orz, or A-zorz, or "Western 
Islands, in the N. Atlantic Oc, be- 
longing to Portugal. 

Azpeytia, or Azpeitia, fls-pa-i-te-q, t 

Aztalan, Az'tal-an, •» Wis. 


Baagoe, Bo-ge-e, i Denmark. 
Baalbec, Bc^I-bek, ruined t of Syria, 2. 
Bababeg, Bc|,-bq beg, t Persia. 
Baba-d.igh, Bq-b(i-dqg, « Eu. Tur., 10; 

m As. Min. [10. 

Babakanda, Bq-bq-kt^n-dq, t W. Af., 
Bibba, Bq,-bq, i As. Arch. 
' Bab-el-mandeb, Bqb-el-m^n-deb, str 

and gulf of the Arabian Sea. 
Babelthuap, Bq-bel-tco-qp, Pelew is. 
Babylon, Bab-i-lon, anc. cap Babylonio- 

Chaldean Empire, whose walls were 

60 m. in circumference, 87 thick, 

and 350 high. 
Babylonia, Bab-i-lo-ni-a, anc. prov 

Middle As., now called Bagdad. 
Bacalar, Bq-kq-lar, s-pt t Yucatan, 4. 
Back's River, Brit. N. Am. 
Bacolor, Bq-ko-lcbr, t on i Luzon, 83^^. 
Badajos, Bad-a-hos, ft c Sp. 11^. 
Bad Axe, a;, p o and r Wis. 
Baden, B4-den, grand duchy of the 

German Confederation; t in Baden, 

6; U Swit., Lower Aus.; Ba-den, v 

Pa. [Arch. 

Badong, Bq-dog, st and s-pt t Malay 
Badoor, Bq-dtbr, (orBhugwar,) r Bel. 
Baena, Bq-a-nq, {or Vaena,) t Sp., 13. 
Baeza, Bq-a-tq, (or Baeya,) t Sp., 

103^. [N. Am. 

Baffin's Bay, Baf-inz Ba, inland sea 
Baganga, Bq-gqg-gq, s-yt t aiud l Mai. 

Bagaria, Bq-gq-re-q, or Bagheria, Bq- 

ga-re-q, t vS icily. 
Bagdad, Bqg-dqd, c As. Tur., 65; 

Pashalic of, ter As. Tur.; Bag-dad, 

f« Tenn., Mo. 
Baghul, Bq-giil, Sikh states, Hind. 
Baglen, Bqg-len, or Bagaleen, Bq-ga- 

lan, Dutch residency on i of Java. 
Bagneres-de-bigorre, Bqn-y4/'-de-be- 

gor, t Fr., watering-place. 
Bagneres-de-luchon, Bqn-y^r-de-li],- 

jQh, watering-place, Fr. 
Bagnoli, Bqn-yoJ-le, t Naples. 
Bagnolo, Bqn-yo-lu, t Piedmont. 
Bahala, Ba-ha-la, cr Miss. 
Bahama Channel, Ba-ha-mq Gan-el, or 

Gulf of Florida, sea between Florida 

coast and Bahama Islands. 

Bahama Islands, 500 islands belonging 

to Great Britain, n. e. of Cuba, 28. 
Bahar, Ba-hqr, t British India, 30. 
Bahia, Bq-e-q, prw Bra. 
Bahia, or Sao Salvador, Sq-og Sql-vq- 

dwr, 8-pt G Brazil. 
Bahia Honda, Bq-e-q on-dq. Aar Cuba. 
Bihlingen, Bq-lig-en, t Wiirtemberg. 
Bahrein, Bq-ran, {(rr Aval Island,) i 

in the Persian Gulf. 
Baiboot, Bi-b(6t, t Asiatic Turkey. 
Baikal, B|-kql, I or Holy Sea, Siberia. 
Bailleul, Bq-ye, t Fr., 7. 
Bainbridge, Ban-brij, many vs U. S. 
Bains-du-Mont-d'Or, Bah-de-mon- 

dor, V Fr., celebrated for mineral 

Bairdstown, B4rdz-t5n, r Ga. 
Baireuth, Bj-ret, c Bav., 17. 
Baise, or Bayze, Baz, r Fr. 
Baja, B6-yo, t Hun., 143^. 

tq-fa, c Entre Rios, 6. 
Bajibo, Bq-je-bo, ts Western Africa. 
Bajoor, or Bajour, Bq-j(J5r, dis and t of 

Northern Afghanistan. 
Bakel, Bq-kel, v Western Africa. 
Baker, Ba-ker, co Ga.; v 0. 
Baker's Falls, Hudson River, N-Y. 
Bakhtchissarai, BqA-qis-a-rj, t Russia. 
Bakhtegan, Ba^-ta-gqn, I Persia. 
Bakhtiyari, Bq^-ti-yq-re, ms Persia. 
Bakony-Wald, Bo-kony-vqlt, m, Hun. 
Bakoo, Bakou, or Baku, Bq-kd>, a-jpt t 

Rus., by^\ t Mol. 
Balabac, Bq-lq-bq^, i Malay Arch. 
Balaguer, Bq-la-g^r, //f ^ Sp. 
Balakhna, Bq-lq/i-na, t Rus. 
Balaklava, Bq-lq-klq-vq, t Rus., 3)^. 
Balasore, Bql-a-s(f)r, dis British India; 

t and cap, IIX* 
Balatony, Bq-lq-tony, I Hun. 
Balbriggan, Bal-brig-an, t Ir., 3. 
Balgas.or Bal:*as, Bql-sqs, r Brazil, 200. 
Bald Eagle Mountain, Pa. 
Baldo, Monte, M6n-ta Bol-do, m Lom. 
Baldwin, Beld-win, cs and ts U. S. 
Balearic Isles, Ba-le-rik 'Hz, is Med. 
Balfurosh. Bql-fur-oJ, t Per., pop. in 

1822, 200,000, but since devastated 

by the plague and cholera. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Balize, Balizo, Bi-lez, {or British Hon- 
duras,) British colony e. of Yucatan: 
cap Honduras : v and pass at the 
mouth of the Mississippi river. 

Balkan, Bql-kqn, m Eu. Tur. 

B;ilkash. Bql-kqf, I Cjntnil Asia. 

Baikh, Bq,U, prov and c Con. Asia. 

Ballinahinch, Bj,l-in-a-hinq, I, r and 
t Ir. 

Ballina, Bal-e-n^. t Ir., b%. 

Ballina-iloe, Bal-in-a-si(6, t Ir. 

Ballon D'Alsace, Bq-l6fi-Dql-34s, rn. of 
the Vos^es chain in Franca. 

Ballon de Guebwiller, — Geb-VE-14?*, 
m Yosges chain, Fr. 

Ballston Spa. Bil-ston Spq, v N-Y. 

BiUyraena, Bal-i-ms-na, t Ir. 

Baltic, Biil-tik. inland sea of X. Eu. 

Baltic Provinces, Russian governments 
of Courland, Esthonia, Livonia, St. 
Petersburg, and E'inland. 

Baltimore, BJl-ti-mor, s-nt t Ir.; nu- 
m-jrous eg in U. S.; c Md , 200. 

Bambarra,, iml st AY. Af. 

Ba-nbecque, Bon-bek, v Fr. 

Bamberg, Biim-be/**/, t Biv., 1%%. 

Bambook, Bambouk, Bqm-book, cy Af. 

Bamian, Bq-mi-qn, {or Baumeean,) 
valley and pass of Afghanistan. 

Banalbufar, Bqn-yql-bj>-fq/', t island 
of Majorca, 5. 

Banana, Bq-nq-nq, is n. w. of Africa. 

Bananal, Bq-nq-nal, i of Brazil in the 
river Araguay. 

Banas-Chai, Bqn-qs-qj, r Asia Minor. 

Banat, Bq-nqr, pror Austria. 

BanO'i, or Banka, Baj)-kq, i in Malay 
Arch., 3'>. [Mass., Gra. 

Bancroft, Ban-kroft, co Iowa; ts Me., 

Banda, Bqn-dq, Isles, twelve small is- 
lands in the Molucca Arch. 

Banditti, Ban-dit-i, Isle, Malay Arch. 

Bandon, Ban-don, r and i s. of Ir., 9. 

Banela, Ba-ne-la, v Miss. 

Banff, Bqmf, hor and s-pt t Scot. 

Bangalore, Bay-ga-luir. ft t s. lud., 60. 

Bangkok, or Bankok, Bau-kok, cap c 
Siam, 400. 

Bangor, BAq gor, c 8-pt and par North 
Wales; s-f,t t and par Ir.: c Mo., 20. 

Bang-pa-kung, Bqti-pq-kiiy. r Siam. 

Bmguey, B )n-gH, i Malay Arch. 

Biniak, Bq-ni-qk, Islands, Ind. Oc. 

Banialuka, Bq-ni-q,-l(6-ka, ft t Eu. 
Tur., 1%. 

Banister, Ban-is-t*r, r and v Vir. 

Banjerranssin, or Banjarraassin, Bqn- 
yer-mq-s«in, cy of Borneo. 

Banjoemas, Bqn-yco-mqs, t Dutch East 
Indies, 9. , 


Binn, Bqn, r Ir. 

Bannacks, Ban-aks, {or Boonaks,) In- 
dians in Oregon. 

Bantallan, Bqn-tq-lc^n, i Malay Arch. 

Bantam, Bqn-tqm, k Dutch East In- 
dies; t and r of Java; Ban-tam, v 0. 

Biracoa, Bq-rq-ku)-q, s-pt t W. Ind. 

Barak, Bq-rqk, r Farther Ind. 

Baranca, Nueva, Nwa-vq Bq-rqn-kq, 
t New Granada, 

Barataria, Bar-a-tq-ri-a, h s. e. La. 

Barbados, or Barbadoes, Bqr-ba-dcaz, 
eastern of the Carribbee Islands; 
Bq/'-bq-dos, r Brazil. 

Barbary, Bqr-ba-ri, division of Af. 

Barbour, Bqr-bur, v Ala. 

Barboursvilie, co ts Ya., Ky. 

Barcelona, liij/'-sa-lo-nq, yowwand s-pt t 
Sp., 121%: t and port Yen.; v N-Y. 

Bardstown, Bqrdz-tsn,(o/ Bairdstown,) 
t Ky. 

B ireily, Bir-a-lc, dis and c B/it. Ind. 

Barge, Bq/'-ja, t Piedmont, 7. 

Bargoozeen. {or Bargouzin,) Bar-giD- 
zen, r Siberia. 

Bari, Bq-re, ft c Naples, 21%. 

Bark River, \Yis. 

Bar-le-Duc, Bq/-le-dek, t Fr., lt%. 

Birletta, Bar-let-q, s-ot c Naples, 20. 

Barmen, Ba/*-nien, t Prussia, 35. 

Barnaul, Bar-n^sl, t w. Siberia. 10. 

Barnegat, Bqr-ne-gat, v N-Y.; h and t 

Birnsley, Bqrnz-li, t Eng., 15. 

Barnstable, Bqrn-sta-bl, co and t Mass. 

Barnstaple, Bqrn-sta-pl, s-pt t Eng. 

Barnwf?ll, Bqrn-wel, dis and t S. C. 

Baro, Bq-rt), r Africa. 

Biroach, Bq-rcjq, dis of India. 

Baroda, Ba-rcj-da, c Hindostan. [12. 

Barquesimeto, Bq/'-ka-si-ma-to, c Ven. 

Barraboo, Bar-a-bt6, r and t Wis. 

Barrada, (o/'Burada,) Ba-r^-dq, r Syr. 

Barra, Bar-q, Islands, w. coast Scot. 

Barre, Bar-e, t Yt. 

Bareges, Bqr-ajj, watering plaeo of Fr. 

Barren River, Tenn. 

Barriers Reef, n. e. coast of Australia. 

Barrow, Bar-o, (orBorragh,) r Ir. 

Bartholomew, Bqr-tol-o-mq, hayou 
Ark. and La., nav. 250 ra'les; co Ind. 

Barton, Bqr-ton, num. vs U. S.; r Yt. 

Bartseh, Bq/'q, r Prus. 

Baseelan, {or Basilan,) Bq-se-lqn, • 
Sooloo Arch. 

Basel, B4-zel, canton and t Swit., 27^^. 

Bashkeers, or Bashkirs, B(Lf-kKrz, peo- 
ple of Russia, inhabiting the plains 
adjoining tlie South Uralian Mts. 

Busiunto, Bq-si-^a-t<d; r Napba. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 

Baskahegan, Bas-ka-hg-gan, r and I 
• Me. 

Basque, Bask, Provinces, Sp. 

Bassano, Bq-sq-no, c n. Italy, 12. 

Basse-Terre, Bq,s-t4r, s-ptt W. L, \1\i. 

Bassorah, Bqs-o-rq, c A-?. Tur., 60. 

Bastia, Bqs-te-q, s-pt t Corsicij, 12j^. 

Bastrop, Bas-trop, C() and t Tex. 

Batavia, Ba-ta-vi-a, (Dutch Bq-tq- 
vi-q,) c Java, 118^; -m N-Y., O., III. 

Bath, Bqe, c Eng., o4i^; c Me., 12; 
numerous vs U. rf. [Ya. 

Bath Alum Springs, watering place, 

Bathurst, Bat-urst, t N-B,; * N. Aus- 
tralia; I Newfoundland. 

BatignoUes- Monceaux, Bq-tgn-yol- 
moh-s6, t 1914. 

Baton Rouge, Bat-on R%, ciV) La., 4)^. 

Batoo, Bq-UD, tol is Malay Arch. 

Batoom, Bq-td)m, s-pt t Tur. in As,, 25. 

Batso, Biit-so, r and v N-J. 

Battahatx?hee, Bat-a-haq-e, /• Ala. See 

Battam, Bq-tqra, i Malay Arch. 

Battonkill, B.U-en-kil, r Yt. 

Battle Creek, cr and t Mich. 

Baubaugo, Ba-bs-go, cr la. 

Baubula, B-s-bcjb-lq, r Sp. 

Baughman, Bo-man, v 0. [livia. 

Baure, B^-ra, (Baurus, B-s-rcos,) r Bo- 
Bautzen, Bi't-sen, t Saxony, 12. 

Bavaria, Ba-va-ri-a, (Kingdom of,) 
part of Ger. confederation, 4,559,442: 
its government is a constitutional 

Bavispe, Bq-vis-pa, t and r Mex. 

Bay, Bi, I island of Luzon. 

Bayamo, Bq-yq-mo, (or San Salvador,) 
^Cuba, 14. 

Bayan, Bj-qn, mountain range Asia. 

Bayazeed," Bj-a-zgd. ft t Tur. Armenia. 

Bayeux, Bq-ye, c Fr., 9)^. 

Bay Islands, in the Bay of Honduras. 

Baylique, Bj-la-ka, i coast of Brazil. 

Bayonne, Bq-yon, /if c Fr., 18%. 

Bayou, Bj-O), or B}-o, a term confined 
chiefly to La., Tex., and Ark., sig- 
nifies a stream which is derived from 
some other stream or from a lake. 

Bayou Boeuf, — Bef, — Chicot, Xe-ko, 

— Goula, G(T>-lq, — Pierre, Pe-^r, 

— Ramois, Rq-mer, — Sara, Sa-ra, 
vs La, 

Baza, B4-t(l, c Sp., 10. 

Bear Lake, Bq,r Lak, I Brit. N, Am. 

Bear, or Utah River, Utah and Oregon 

Ter.: also California. 
Beas, Be-as, or Beypasha, Ba-paJ-q, 

r Punjab. 220 miles. 
Beaucaire, Bo-k^'', t Fr. 11. 

Beaufort, Bo-fon ts Fr. 

Beaufort, Bq-fort, co and t N. C, 

Beauharnais, Bo-hqr-na, v C. E. 

Beaulieu, Bo-li-e, t Fr.; Bq,-!!, r Eng. 

Beauly, B6-li, r Scot. 

Beaumaris, Bca-ma-ris, s-pt t N. W. 

Beaumont, Bu)-m6n, ts Fr., Bel. 

Beaumont, BiJj-mont, vs U. S. 

Beaune, Bon, anc t Fr., 11. 

Beauvais, Bo-va, c Fr., \-^%. 

Beaver, Be-ver, and numerous com- 
pounds; crs and ts Vj . S. 

Beaver Islands, Lake Michigan. 

Beaver Lake, Jasper eo,, la. [Pa. 

Beaver River, different rs N-H., N-Y., 

Becancour, Ba-koh-kAr, i? C. E. 

Bechuanas, Bet-cjD-q-naz, a nation of 
S. Af. 

Bedford, Bed-ford, ^ Eng., 11%; nu- 
merous <>« and ts U. S. 

Bedouin, Ba-dwan, t Fr. 

Bedouin, or Beduin, Bed-di-in, inhab- 
itants of the desert, supposed to be 
derived from Ishmael, the population 
of Arabia. 

Beeraah, Be-mq, r S. Ind. 400 m. 

Bcersheba, Bg-er-Je-ba, a ruined t of 

Beojsheher, Beg-Je^-her, I and r Aa. 

Behring, Be-rii) Sea, N. Pac. Oc: str 

between Asia and Am. 
i Beilan, Ba-l^n, t and pass of Syria. 

Beit-el-Fakih, Bat-el-Fq-keA, 2! Ar., 3. 

Beja, BH-:^q, t Port., 5)^. 

Bojapoor, Bt-ja-pcor, c S. Ind. [19. 

Bekes, Ba-kej, (or Bekesvar,) Minn., 

Bela, Belah, Beila, or Beylah, Ba-lq, 
t Beloochistan, 5. 

Belaia, Ba-li-q, or Bielaja, Bya-lq-yq, 
r Rus.. 550 m. 

Belair, Br-14ri "^ Vt- 

Bel Air, Bel Ar, v Md., Ga., 111. 

Beled-el-Jereed, Be-led-el-Jer-ed, ster- 
ile region of Af. 

Belfast, Bel-fast, s-pt t Ir., 120 ; s-pt 

Belgium, Bel-ji-um, a ^ of Cen. Eu,, 
divided into 9 prov,; Antwerp, S. 
Brabant, E. Flanders, W. Flanders, 
Hainaut, Liege, Limbourg, Luxem- 
bourg, and Namur; having a total 
pop. of 4,359,090, who for the most 
part, speak the Fr. language ; govern- 
ment is a constitutional monarchy. 

Belgrade, Bel-grad, ft c of Servia, 
pop. 30. 

Bellechasse, Bel-Jqs co C. E. 

Bellefontaine, Bel-fon-tan, "fine foun- 
tain," ts 0., la., Mo., Iowa. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Bellefonte, Bel-font, rs Pa., Ala., Mo. 

Bellemont, Bel-moiit, v Tena. 

Belleiaonte, rs Pa., Mo. 

Belle River, stream Mich. 

BjUeview, Bel-vi^, numerous xs U. S. 

Belleville, Bel-vil, numerous r« U. S. 

Bellevue, Bel-vij,, vs Ga., 0., Mich., 

Bellona, Be-16-na, v N-Y. [vs U. S. 

BalmoQt, Balmonte, Bel-mont, cos and 

Beloit, Be-lort, r Wis. 

Beloochistan, B.'l-oo-kis-tqn, mountain- 
ous cy of S. As.: the government is 
despotic; pop. uncertain, estimated 
at from 450,000 to 2,000.000. 

Balvidere, Bel-vi-dgr, ts U. S. 

Benares, Ben-q-rez, o of Hind.; sta- 
tionary pop. est. at from 200, to 600. 

Ben-Aven, Beti-a-ven. m Scot. 

Bencruiicban, Ben-krob-Aan, m Scot. 

Benevento, Ben-e-vea-to, c S. It., 

Bengal, Ben-gol, prov Brit. Ind., con- 
sisting mainly of the immense valley 
of the Ganges ; pop. 57,985,6o6. 

Beagal, Bay of, part of the Indian Oc. 

Benguela, Ben-ga-lq, cy of W. Af. 

Beni, Ba-ng, dep and r of Bol.; 2000 m. 

Benicia, Be-niJ-i-a, former cap Cal., 2. 

Benin, Bjn-ea, a negro cy, r and t 
W. Af., 15. 

Benlawers, Ben-le-eri, m Soot. 

Benledi, Ban-led-i, m S;Jot. 

ten-Lomond, Ben-lo-mond, m Scot., 
also of Vandiemen's Land. 

Ben-Macdhui, Ben-mak-dco-i, in Scot. 

Ben-.More, Ben-mor, m Scot. 

Ben-Nevis, Ben-ne-vis, in Scot., also 
Van Diemen's Lmd. 

Bennington, Ben-iy-toa, various cos 
> and ts U. S. 

Bentevoglio. Ben-t8-v61-yc>, t Va. 

Benton, Ben-ton, numerous cos and ts 

• U. S. 

Berbice, Ber-bes, rfw and r Brit. Gui. 

Berdiansk, Ber-di-qnsk, t S. Rus., 10. 

Berditchev, Ber-di-cev, t Rus. Pol., 20. 

Berea, Be-re-a, ts N. C, O. 

Beresina, Ber-i-ZB-nq, r Rus., 200 ra. 

Bergamo, Ber-gq-mu, ft c Lorn.. '^2%. 

Bergen, Ber-gen, ft c Nor., 25X ; ts 
PruH., Neth.; Ber-gen, co N-J.; ts 
N-V., N-J. [Neth., 10. 

Bergen-op-zoom, B6rg-en-op-zora, /f t 

Bergerac, B^r-^e-r^k, t Fr., 10)^. 

Bergholtz, Berg-hults, v N-Y., 2. 

Bergues, Berg, ft t Fr., 6. 

Berhampoor, Ber-qm-jK^r: t Brit. Ind. 

Berja, Ber-Aq. t Sp., 9^. 

Berkeley, B^rk-li, t Eng.; co* U. S. 

Berkshire, Berk-Jsr, cos and vs U. S. 
Berlin, Ber-liii, (Ger. B?r-len,) c Ger., 

cap Prussian monarchy ; except 

Vienna. Berlin is the largest t in 

Ger., pop. in 1852, 442,000. 
Bermuda, Bar-mtD-da, {or Bermudas,) 

is N. Atlantic Oc, belonging to Great 

Britain, 15. 
Bern, or Berne, Bern, canton and t of 

Swit., 27%. 
B'?rnadotte, Ber-na-dot, v 111. 
Bertie, B3r-tE, co N. C. 
Berwick, Ber-ik, co and t Scot. 
Berwick, Bir-wik, vs U. S. 
Besangon, Be-zou-siin, /if c Fr., 413^. 
Bissarabia, Bes-a-ra-bi-a, />/7?« S. lias. 
Bethany, BeB-a-ni, vs Pal., and of U. 

S.; seat of College established in 

1841 by Alexander Campbell. 
Bethel. Beb-el, t Pal.; and vs U. S. 
Bethlehem, Bet-le-hem, c of Pal., 

birth plaao of the Founder of Chris- 
tianity ; Ts IJ. S. 
Bethuae, Ba-ten, ft t Fr., 8. 
Betisbooka, or Betisbouka, Ba-tis-bcfi- 

kq, r Madagascar. 
Bettws, Bet-oos, pars Eng,, and Wales. 
Bet wall, Bet-wq. r Hind. 
Beulah, Bq-la, ts N. C, Iowa. 
Bevedero, Ba-va-da-ro), I L\ Plata. 
Beverly, Ber-er-li, ts Mass., N-J., Vir., 

Ohio. [Ga., Ala. 

Bexar, B5i-(^r, or Ba-Mr, co Tex.; ts 
Boyroot, Beyrout, Beirout, Ba-root, s-pt 

t of Syria, 30. 
Beziers, Ba-zi-a, c Fr., 19^3. - 

Bhadrinath, Bhad-rin-qth, t N. Hind., 

in a valley of the Himalayas, 10,294 

ft. above the sea, remarkable for a 

temple visited annually by 50,000 

Hindoo pilgrims. 
Bhamo, Bhq-mti, or Bhanmo, Bhqn-mo, 

large t Burmah. 
Bhawlpoor, Bhol-pdor, ind st N. W. 

Hind.: cap c 20. 
Bheels, Belz, mountaineers of Hind. 
Bhirjan, Ber-jqn, Beerjoon, Ber-jifin, 

ts Pers. 
Bhooj, Bha)j,./7 c Hind., 30. 
Bhurtpoor, Bhurt-pijbr, or Bhartpoor, 

Bhqrt-pc6r, state and c Hin I. 
Bialystok, Bi-ql-is-tok, prov and c Eu. 

Bickaneer, Bicanere, or Bicanir, Bik- 

an-tr, state Hind.; /If t cap, 70. 
Bidais, Be-da, cr Te.T. 
Bidschow, Btq-ov, t Bohemia. 
Biolopol, Bc-a-l(i-pol, t Rus., 9. 
Bienne, Be -on, I and t Swit. 
Bienville, Be-^u-vil, ^ar La.j ^ o Miss, 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Bigalow's (mills,) Big-E-loz, p o la. 
Bighton, Bi-ton, par Eng. 
Big Plover, Pldv-er. r Wis. 
Bijawar, Bejawer, Be-je-er, r>/' Bejour, 

Be-ji-er, state Hin. 
Bilbao, Bil-bq-u), (often written and 

pronounced, in English, Bilboa, Bil- 

bo-a, (J and /;wi Sp., 12. 
Billerica, Bil-er-ik-a, v Ma-'s. 
Biloxi, Bi-16ks-i, * and h Miss. 
Bingham, Biy-ham, ts Me., Penn., 

Binghamton, Big-am-ton, c N-Y. 
Bingtang, Biij-tag, «' Malay Arch. 
Biobio, B^-o-bg-o, r Chili, 200 m. 
Biorneborg, Bi-6/'-ne-bo/'g, s-pt t Fin. 
Birioossii, Bg-ri-rf)-sq, ;■ Siberia. 
Birkenhead, Berk-en-hed, t Eug., op- 
posite Liverpool, 24\^. 
Birket-el-Hadji, Ber-ket-el-Had-jj, 

("lake of pilgrims,") 10 m. n. e. of 

Birmingham, Ber-mii]-am, c Eng.: 232- 

%; Ber-mi?)-ham, manufacturing^* 

Conn., N-Y., Pa , and numerous vs. 
Birnee, Ber-ne, (Birnie, old,) t Cen. 

Af., 10,'once 200. 
Bisayas, Be-sj-qs, Philippine Islands, 

excepting Luzon. 
Bisc.iy, Bis-ka, or Biscaya, Bis-kj-q, 

l)r<)V of N. Spain; (Bay of,) w. 

coast of France. 
Bisecglia, Be-Jel-yq, s-jit t Naples. 
Bischwiller, BiJ-vil-er, t Fr., &%. 
Bisignano, Be-sen-yq-no, t Nap., 10. 
Bissagos, Be-sq-gos, or Bijooja Islands, 

Be ji6-ja, arch off the w. coast of 

Af., densely peopled with a savage 

negro race. 
Bissao, Be-sq-ori, i W. Af. 
Bistineau. Bis-tin-o, I La. 
Bistritz, Bis-trits, r and c Tran. 
Bitioog, Be-ti-cDg, r Bus. 
Bizerta, Be-zer-tq, ft s-pt Tunis, 10. 
Blackfeet Indians, n. and w. portions 

of Mo. Territory. 
Black Hills, m range Mo. Ter. 
Black Hole. See Calcutta. 
Black Lake, La., formed by a bayou of 

its own name. 
Black log Mountain, Pa. 
Black River, rs Cornwall, Ir., Vt., N- 

Y., N-J., S. C, La., Mo., 0., Mich., 

Wis., Mo. Ter. 
Black, or Euxine, Yiik'sin, inland sea 

between Europe and Asia, length 

700 m., breadth, 380 ra. 
Black Warrior River, Ala. 
Blackwater, r Ir., 100 m.; three rs 

Eng.; (River,) N-H., Ya. 

Blaekwell's Inland, Blak-welz, in the 

East River, opposite N-Y., seat of 

the city penitentiary. 
Blanche. Blqnq, v Mo. 
Blaye, Bla, ft s-pt t Fr. 
Blegno, or Blenjo, Blen-ya, r Swit. 
Blenheim, Blen-im, or Blen-hjm, v 

Bav.: V N-Y. 
Bligh, Bij (Islands,) Feejee Arch, 
lihjck Island, belonging to Rhode Is. 
Blois, Blwq, a>ic c Fr., \1%.' [U. S. 
Bloomfield, ts Me., N-J.; and many ra 
Bloomington, t la., 2; and other states. 
Bloomsburg, BloQmz-burg. t Pa. 
Blount, Bl^nt, co« Ala., Tenn. 
Bluefields, or Blewfields, BliD-feldz, r 

and t Mosquito Ter. 
Blue Mountains, in Pa., Or,, Jamaica, 

Australia. [ghany 7ns. 

Blue Ridge, easterly ridge of the Ale- 
Blue River, three streams of la., one 

of Wis. 
Biuestonc, r s. w. part Vir. 
Blyth, or BIythe, Bljt, three rs Eng. 
Boavista, Bu-q-ves-tq, {or Bonavisia,) 

i Af. 
Bocchetta, Bo-ket-q, m W. Apennines. 
Bockenheim, Bok-en-hjm, t Hesse 

Cassel. [n. w. La. 

Bodcau, B6d-k"5, (Lake and Bayou,) 
Bodega, Bo-de-ga, v and J Cal. 
Boeotia, Be-6-Ji-a, dep of Gr. 
Boglipoor, B6-gli-piDr, {or Bhaugul- 

poor,) dis Brit. Ind., cap same, 30. 
Bogota, BQ-go-tq, (formerly Santa Fe 

de Bogota,) e cap New Granada, 40. 
Bohemia, Bo-he-mi-a, div Austrian 

Empire, forming the e. part of the 

Germanic Confederation, 20,000 s. 

m.: pop. in 1850, 4,409,900. 
Bohmerwald, Be-mer-vqlt, m Ger. 

between, Bohemia and Bavaria. 
Bohol, Bta-hol, one of the Phil. Is. 
Bois Blanc, Bwq Blon, i Lake Huron. 
Bois D'ark, B^ Dqrk, 'V Mo.; r Tex. 
Bois-le-duc, Bwq-lo-dtik, ft c Neth., 

Bojana, Bo-yq-nq, r Eu. Tur. 
Bokhara, Bo-Aq-rq, (called also Great 

Bucharia,) state of Central Asia, in 

Ind. Toorkistan, pop. 2,000,000; c, 

cap of same, 150. 
Bolabola, Bo-lq:bc)-lq, {or Borabora,) 

one of the Society Islands, Pac. Oc, 
Bolbec. Bol-be/i, t Fr., 9^. 
Bolingbrokc, B(jl-ir)-bruk, t Eng. 1. 
Bolivar, B61-i-var, various is U. S. 
Bolivia, Bu)-lE-vi-q, or Upper Peru, 

st South America. Area, 374,480 

s. m. pop. 1,030,000. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Bolivia, Bo-liv-i-a, vs Miss., Mo. 

Bologna, BuJ-lu)n-yq, c It., 75. 

Bolonchen, Bu)-lon-qen, v Yucatan, 7. 

Bolor-Tagh, Bo-lor-tqg, mountain 
chain of Central Asia. 

Bolsas, Bol-sqs, r Mexic >. 

B.)marsund, Bt5-mar-S(Dad, /< island of 
Aland, Russia. 

Bombay, Bom-ba, most westerly Pres- 
idency of Britisli India. Area, 63,074 
s. m, pop. 7,210,277; c, s-pt and caj) 
of the abave presidency, 500. 

Bona, or B.jnah, BJ)-nq, ft s-pt Alge- 
ria, 9^. 

Banaparte, Bj-na-pqrt, rs III., Iowa. 

Bon Aqua, B^n ^'kw.i, p o Tenn. 

Bonaventure, Bon-q-v6n-ter, en C. E. 

Bondoo, or Bondou, Bon-da», cy Sene- 
gambia. [Arch. 

Bongay, or Bangey, Bon-ga, i Malay 

Bon Homme, Bon-om, t Mo. 

Bonite, Bo-net, p o Tex. 

Bonn, Bon, t Rhenish Prussia, 14)^. 

Bonne Femmo, Bon Fem, cr Mo. 

Bonpland, B6h-pl6h, I Cal. 

Bon.secours, or Bonesecour, Ban-se- 
ktor, h Ala. 

Boom. Bu)m. t Belgium, 6)^. 

Boondee, Bi>a-de, st and c Hindostan. 

B>one, Bjt>n, cos, -ville, is U. S. 

B.>orgha«, Bjor-gqs, s-ptt Eu. Tur.,6. 

Bo orhanpoor, Ba)r-han-pdbr, c India. 

Booro, or Bouro, B 6-ro, i Malay Arch. 

B>osempra, BJO-sein-pra, r Wes. Af. 

Boossa, r/r Boudsa, Bdb-sa, t Cen. Af., 18. 

BooUn, or Boutan, Bj^-t^n, ind st N. 

Boothia, Bdb-ti-q Fe-lik?, insular por- 
tion Brit. N. Am.. — Gulf, Brit. Am. 

Baquet, Bo-ka, r N-Y. 

Bordeaux, Bor-do, c Fr., 131. 

Borgia, B6r-jq. t Naples. 

Borgne, Born, ^ or 5 s. e. part of La. 

Borgoo, or Btrgou, Bor-gdb, two k% Af. 

Borinage. Bo-ri-nq:<, dis Belgium. 

Borneo, Bir-nc-o, i Malay Arch., ex- 
cepting Australia the largest island 
on the globe. The greatest length 
is 850, width 600 miles; area, 280,000 
8. m., pop. 2,000,000. [22. 

Borneo, or Brunai, Brc6-ni, t Borneo, 

Bornhdlm, Born-holm, i Denmark, in 
the Baltic Sea, 26>^. 

Borodino, Bor-o-dj-no, v N-Y. 

Borovsk, Bj-rovsk, t Russia. 

Boscawen, Bjs-ka-won, t N-II. 

Bosco Tre-^^a-^e, B6s-ko Tra-ki^-sa, t 
Naples, 8>^. [60. 

Bofloa Serai, B6s-nq Ser-j, t Eu. Tur., 

Bosnia, B6z-m-q, prov Ea. Tur. 

Bo-sporus, B63-po-ru=!, (less correctly, 
Bosphorus,) called also the Strait of 
Constantinople, a passage connecting 
the Black Sea with the Sea of Mar- 
mora, and separating Europe from 
Asia, 17 miles long. 

Bossier, Bos-i-a, par La. 

Boston, Bos-ton, s-pt t and par Eng., 
15)-^; second commercial city of the 
U. S., cap Mass., 137. 

Boszormeny, Bez-er-many, t Hun., 17. 

Botany, B6t-a-ni, Bay, Pacific Oc^an. 

Bitetourt, B6t-e-tort, co Va. 

Bnthelle, Bo-tel, p o Wis. 

Bothnia, Bot-ni-q, cy Nor. Ea.; g nor. 
part of Baltic Sea. [Fr. 

Bouches-du-Rhone, BibJ-de-ron, dep 

Bouchoux, L3S, La Boo-JdS, v Fr., 1%. 

Bouckville, B-sk-vil, p o N-Y. 

Bougainville, BiD-gah-vsl, & in S. Am.; 
i in the Pacific. 

B mguenais, Bj)g-na, t Fr. 

Bouie, Bj5-e, r Miss. 

Bouillon, B.ol-yoii, or BiO-yon, t Bel. 

Bouin, BJD-ah, or Bwan, i w. coast Fr. 

Boulogne, Bdo Ion, or Boo-lony, s-pt t 
Fr., 30^. 

Bourbeuse, Boor-bez, or'Rhv-hiiz, r Mo. 

Bourbon, Bbr-boh, i Indian Ocean, 
Fr., 108: Biir-bon, w Ky. [12. 

Bourg-en-Bresse, BoD/'g-oii-Bres, t Fr., 

Baurges, Boorg, c Fr., 25, built six cen- 
turies before the Christian era. 

Bourne, Born, t and par Eng. 

Bourneville, Bobrn-vil, v 0. 

Boutonne, Boo-ton, r Fr. 

Bouvignes, BiD-veny, v Bal. 

Bouxviller, Bdo-vrl-^r. t Fr. 

Bovina, Bo-Vj-na, ts N-Y., Miss. 

Bovino, Bo-VE-no, t Naples. 

Bowdark, Bo-dqrk, v Mo. 

Bowditch, Bo-diq, i S. Pac. [Me. 

Bowdoin, Bo-din, College, Brunswick, 

B )wdon. Bo-don, p os Ga., Ala. 

Bowenville, Bo-en-vil, v Ga. 

Bowersville, B^-erz-vil, v 0. 

Bowie, Bi)-e, eo Tex. 

Bowlesville, Bolz-vil, p o Va. 

Bowling Green, numerous vs U. S. 

Bowman, Bo-mm, p o Va. 

Boyaca, Bo-yq-kq, v New Granada. 

Boyana, Bo-yq-nq, b and t Madagascar. 

Boydton, Brird-ton, p o S. C. 

Boyer, Btf-er, River, Iowa. 

Boyne, Bffn, r Ir. 

Bozzolo, Bjt-so-lo, t N. Italy, 5. 

Bra, Brq, t Piedmont, 8. 

Brabant, lirq-Vx'int, North, prov Neth- 
erlands; — South, prov Bdlgium. 

Braga, Br^-gcit c Port., 16. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Bragan^n, Brq-gqn-sq, ts Port., Bra. 

Brahe, Brq-e, r Prus. 

Brahilov. Brq-hi-16v, Brailoff, or Brai- 

low, Brq-i-16v, ft t Wallachia, 6. 
Brahunpootra, or Brahmaputra, Brq- 

ma-p.t)-tra, {or Burranipooter,) r 

South Asia, 1500 miles. 
. Brailes, Bralz, par Eng. [of .Tava. 

Brambaniin, Brqm-bq-nqn, flis ij'hind 
Brnnco, Brqti-ko, one of the Cape de 

Verd Island-*: /• Brazil. 
. Brandenburg. Prqn-den-biar(7, provsin^ 

t Pru3:^ia; Bran-dcn-burg, t Ky. 
Bnindywine, Bran-di-win, cr Pa., and 

Brathay, Bra-ta, r Eng. 
Brattlcborou^h, Brat-l-bur-o, v Vt. 
A BrauniMi, Br-»-mj, ts Upper Austria 

and Bohemia. 
Braunfel.-?, Bi"8n-folz, t Wis. 
Braunsb-irg. Br-snz-ber^, t Prua. 
Bray, Bra, r Fr. 
Brazil, Bra-zil, or Brq-zel, empire of 

South America; area, .3,955,800 s. m. 

It is divided inio 18 provinces, pop. 

Brazoria, Bra-z6-ri-a, co and t Tex. 
]Jrazf»s, Brq-zo3, co and r Tex., 900 m. 
Brazos Santiago, — San-ti-^-go, v 

Brazza, Bn\t-sq, i Dalmatia, 15)^. 
Breafy, Bre-fi, or Bra-fi, (Breagh- 

wee, Bra-WE,) par Ir. 
Breathitt, Breb-it, co Ky. 
Breda, Bra-dq, /t t Netherlands, 12%. 
Breede. Bra-de. or Bred, r S. Africa. 
Brejo, Bra-;?o, t Brazil. 
Bremen, Bra-men, free city of Ger., 

5:}; Bre-men, vs U. S. 
Breneau. Bre-no, r Oregon Ter. 
Brenta, Bren-tq. nav r Lorn. 
Brescelia, Bra-Jel-a, {or Bregella,) t 

Nor. Italy. 2. 
Brescia, BreJ-i-a, or BreJ-q, c Lorn., 

cap. of the province, ?>b. 
Breslau, Bres-lo, or Bre:3-lU, c Prus., 

cap. of Silesia, IV2%. 
Brest, Brest, ft c Fr., GIJ/^. 
Breton, Cape, Bre-ton, i Brit. N. Am. 
Briangon, Bre-oii-son, t Fr.. 4)^. 
Bridgeport, Brij-port.s-^o^ c Conn., &3. 
JJridgeton, Brij-ton, port of entry, N-J. 
Bridgetown, Brij-fsn, cap i Barbados, 

Bridge water, Brij-w^-ter, hor and r-pt 

Eng., 11; numerous rs U. S. 
Brieg. t Brc/^,, Pros. Silesia. 12};^. 
Brighton, Brj-ton, hor s-pt t and wat- 
ering place, Eng., 69%. 
• Brignoles, Bren-yol, t Fr. 

Brihiieja, Bre-wa-gq, t Spain. 

Brindisi, Brin-di-se, /if c Naples, ^]/^. 

lirioni, Bre-o-ne, Inlands, in Adriatic. 

Brioude, Bre-(6d, t Fr., 5. 

Brisbane, Briz-ban, r co and t East 

Bristol, Bris-tol, s-pt c and co Eng., 
1371^: port of entry, R. I.; ts U. S. 

Bristol Channel, s. w. arm of the At- 
lantic, Great Btitain. 

British America, Brit-iJ A-mdr-i-ka, 
northern portion of North America, 
comprising the Canadas, New Bruns- 
wick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, 
Prince Edward's Island, Newfound- 
land, North-west Territorv, and 
Hudson's Bay Territory: 2,684,000. 

British Empire, The, Brit-iJ Era'pjr, in 
many respects the greatest that has 
ever existed, comprehends the fol- 
lowing colonies and dependencies:-^ 
Europe — British Isles, Helgoland, 
Gibraltar, Malta and Gozo, Ionian 
Islands. Afrir,a—GMn\i\A, Sierra 
Leone, Gold Coast Possessions, Fer- 
nando Po, Ascension, St. Helena, 
Cipe Colony, Natal, Mauritius, Sey- 
chelles. ^«2ii— Aden, India, (Brit- 
ish,) India, (Dependencies,) Tenas- 
serim Provinces, Ceylon, Penang, 
Malacca, Singapore, Libooan, Hong 
Kong. America — Canada East, 
Canada West, New Brunswick, Nova 
Scotia and Cape Breton, Prince Ed- 
ward Island, Newfoundland, Hud- 
son's Bay Territory, Labrador, West 
India Islands, Bermudas, Honduras, 
Guina, Falkland Islands. Austral- 
asia — New South Wiles, South 
Australia, Western Australia, Vic- 
toria or Port Philip, Australia, (not 
settled.) Van Dieraen's Land, New 
Zealand, Norfolk Island, Auckland 
Islands. Area, 8,356,781 s. m., pop. 

Britannia, Bri-tan-i-a, Islands, Pac. Oc. 

Brixham, Briks-am, s-pt t Eng., 6. 

Brody, Bro-di, t Aus. Gallicia, 17%. 

Bromberg. Brom-ber*/. i Prus. Pol., 9j^. 

Bromley, Briim-li, t Eng. m 

Brompton, Bromp-ton, western suburb 
of London, Eng. 

Bromsgrove, Bromz-grov, t Eng., lOJ^. 

Bronte, Bron-ta, t Sicily, 9}4,. 

Brooklyn, Bri'ak-lin, s-pt c N-Y., 125. 

Brookville, Briak-vil, ts la.. III., Iowa. 

Broughton, Bre-ton, t Eng. 

Broughty, Bro-ti, Ferry, v Scot. 

Brownsville, Brsnz-vil, ts N-Y., Pa., 
Tex., Ark. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Bruche, BreJ, r Fr. 

Bruchsal, BniA-.^ql. t Ger., 7%. 

Bruges, BrcD-jiz, ft c Bil.; pop. once 

200, now scarcely 49X. 
Brunn, Bren, fL c Austrian Em.; cap 

Moravia ani Silesia, pop. 45 
Brunswick, Brunz-wik, duchy and c 

Ger.; ts Me., G.i. 
Brusa, or Broussa, Bnt-sq,, (also Bursa,) 
, c As. Min., pop. 60. 
Brussels, Brus-elz, c, cap Bel., 123^. 
Briix, Breks, {or Brix,) t Bohemia, 3. 
Brzesc Litewski, Bjets Ls-tev-ske,/^ t 

Bus , 8. [icia, 7. 

Brzezany, ^T,a.-7,\-Tit, t Austrian Gal- 
Brzezyn, Bja-zin, t Pol. 'i%. 
Buagie, BiO-q-gE, Sikh state Ind. 
Bubrooah, Bub-rdb-q, t Hind., 2000 

Bucy-aneer, Buk-q-ner, arch Ind. Oc. 
Buceari, BJD-kq-re, s-pt t Aus. 
Buccino, Bj)t-<3e-no, t Nap., b%. 
Buccleuch, or Buccleugh, Bu-klq,, par 

Buchanan, Buk-an-an, cos and vs U. S. 
Bucharest, or Bukharost, Btjo-kq-rest, 

cap Wallachin, pop. 60^. 
Bucharia, Bq-ka-ri-a, ter Cen. Asia. 
Buchholz, BiD^-holts, t Sax. 
Buckatawny Buk-a-t<3-ni, r Miss. 
Biickeburg, Bek-e-bxi/-g, t X. Gar. 
Buckingham, Buk-iy-am, t Eng. 
Bucyrus, Bq-sj-rus, t 0., 2%. 
Buda, Bq-do, free c, cap Hun., 40X' 
Budeaax, Bdb-do, par Eng. 
Bii los-H.;gy, Be-doJ-hej, m Tran. 
Budukhshan, Bud-u/i-Jqn, (or Badakh- 

shan,) ter Cen. Asia; t, cap of the 

Budweis, Buid-wjs, or Budwitz, Biad- 

vits, t B )horaia*. S'^. 
Buech, Be-aJ, or BweJ, r Fr. 
Buenaventura, Bwa-nq-ven-t<6-rq, t 

Buena Vista, Bwa-nq Ves-tq, battle- 
field Mox.: and 36 r« U. S. 
Buen Ayre, Bwen 'Fra, {(yr Bon Air,) 

Dutch West India Island. 
Buenos Ayres, B6-no3 SVrz, (Sp. Bwa- 

nos Vrei,) c cap Buenos Ayres, pop. 

85.: prov S. Am., area, 75,000 s. m., 

pop. 320. 
Buffalo, Bdf-a-lo, cN-Y., 80. 
Buffalo Bayou, nav. stream Tex. 
Buffalo Lake, Wis.; three lakes of 

Brit. N. Am. 
Baffalo River, Tenn., Mo., Wis. 
Bujc, Boug, Biog, [^or Bog,) r Rus,, 

340 m. 
Bugis, B<£>-gez, people of Malay Arch. 

Bujalance, Bdb-Aq-lqn-ta, t Sp., 9. 

Bukharia, or Bucharia, Bin-ka-ri-a, 
ter Cen. Asia. 

Bulacan, Bcft-lq-kqn, t Phil. I?., 9%. 

Bulaina, Bco-lq-mq. is w. coast of Af. 

Bulga, BAl-gq, Tri and t Abys. 

Bulgiiria, Bia!-ga-ri-a, prov Eu. Tur. 

Bullina, Bj)l-y8-nq, rs Mex., Yuc. 

Bullion, Bbil-yon, t Wis. 

BuUit, Bui-it, CO Ky. 

Ballock, Bul-ok, co Ga. 

Bulti, Biil-te, Bailee, Bql-te, or Bul- 
tistan, Bul-ti-stqn, (called also Little 
Thibet,) state Central Asia. 

Bunawe, Bun-e, v Saot. 

Bunchiom, Bun-qi-6m, t Siara, 5. 

Buncombe, Biii]-kom, co N. C. 

Bundelcund, Bun-del-kiind, ter Hind. 

Bund-Emf^er, Bund-e-mer, r Per. 

Bunker Hill, celebrated height near 
Boston, Mass. 

Bunpoor, Bun-pabr, ft and dis W. Bel. 

Buntzlau, Bio.nts-l'S, t Silesia 6% ; t 
Bohemia, 5. 

Burdette, Bur-det, v N-Y. 

Burdwan, Burd-won, dis Brit. Ind.; t 
cap above dis., 54. 

Bureau, Bi'i -ro, co and creek III. 

Burg. Bu/',t, t Saxony, 14)-^. 

Burgau, Bur-g-s, t Bav. 

Burgdorf, BiarA-dorf, t Swit. 

Biirglen, Be/'A-len, v Swit. 

Burgos, B(6/--g(Ds, prov and c Sp., 16. 

Biirgstein, BerA-stjn, {or Birkstein) 
V Bohemia. 

Burgundy, Bur-giin-di, former jt>ro» Fr. 

Burharapoore. See Burhanpoor, 

Burhampooter River. See Brahma- 

Burke, Burk, cos and ts U. S. 

Burkha, or Burka, Bdr-ka. t Ar. 

Burleson, Biir-lc-son, co Tex. 

Burli,ngton, Biir-lin-ton, most populous 
t Vt., 6%: c N-J., 43^; c Iowa, 7. 

Burmah, Burma, or Birmah, Ber-mq, 
state in Farther India : area 200,000 
s. m., pop. in 182t>, 4,230,558. 

Burnley, Biirn-li, t Eng., 143^. 

Burriana, Ba)-re-(\-nq, t Sp., 63^. 

Burslom, Bdrs-lom, t Enz., lt>. 

Burtscheid, Bia/'t-Jit, or Borcette, Bor- 
set, t Prus. 

Bury, Ber-i, t Eng., 31V^. 

Bury St. Edmund's, t Eng., 14. 

Burzen. Biirt-sen, r Tran. 

Burzenland, Biirt-sen-lqnt, dis Hun. 

Bu^ca, B<6-i-kq. t Pied., ». d 

Buseo, BiD-sa-o, r and t Wal., 4J^. 

Busheab, Bi»-J"e-qb, t Persian Gulf. 

Budhi, Bq-J|, p o Ala. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Biishir'?, B(0-/er, s-pf c Persia, 20. 
Bush River, S. C. 

Bus^aher, Biis-q-her, Sikh state, Ind. 
Bussero Bds-e-ro, cr la. 
Busto-Arsizio, Bi)s-to-ar-s8d-zi-o, t 

It., 9%. 
Busva;^'>n, B3t)3-vq-g6n, Phil. Is. 
Bute, Bii^t, * Scot., 9)^. 
Butow, Be-tov, t Prus. 
Buttahatchie, But-a-haq-e, r Ala., 


Butte, Bt^t, r, t and co Cal, [Wis. 

Butte des Morts, Bq,t da Mert, I and v 

Buttigliera, Bm-tEl-ya-rq, t Pied. 

Buycksville, Bjks-vil, p o Ala. 

Biizancais, Be-zoii-sa, t Fr., 5. 

Bylaugh, Bj-lo, p Eng. 

By ram River, Bj-ram, Conn. 

Byrne, Bern, }-> o Tenn. 

liyrneville, Bern-vil, r« N. Y., Iowa. 

Byake, Bes-ka, or Bis-ke, r Swed. 

Bytown, lii-t^n, i! C. W., 8. 

Byturney, Bi-ttor-ne,, or Yaiturani, 

Vi-t<D-rq-ne, r Hind., 400 m. 
Byzantium, Biz-an-Ji-um, ancient c on 

the site of modern Constantinople. 


Cababuri, Kq-bq-brtJ-re, r Brazil. 
Cabagan, Kq-bq-gqn, t Phil. Is., 11^. 
Cabapuana, Kq-ba-pco-q-nq, r Bra. 
Cabes, Kqb-es, gulf Med. 
Cibool, Kq-b(61, (or Caboul, Cabul,) 

Afg., 60. 
Cabra, Kq-brq, t Sp., 11)^. 
Cabrera, Kq-bra-rq, is Med. 
Cabriel, Kq-bre-el, r Sp. 
Cacapon, Kak-a-pon, (often Cap-on,) 

r Ya., 140 m. 
Caccre.-', Kq-ta-res, prov and t Sp., 12. 
Caceres, Nueva, NiD-a-vq K^-sa-rez, t 

Phil., 12. 
Cache, KaJ, r and t Ark.; or Cal. 
Cachemaso, KaJ-e-mc'i-so, p o Ark. 
Cachimayo, Kq-qe-mi-o, r Bol., 340 m. 
Cachooira, or Caxoeira, Kq-Jco-a-i-rq, 

c Bra., 15. 
Caddo, Kad-o, (Lake,) Tex., La. 
Cadereita, Kq-de-ra-i-tq, t Mex. 4. 
Cadiz, Ka-diz, (Sp. Kq-det,) prov 

and c Sp., pop. 54. 
Cadwallader, Kad-w61-a-der, p oO. 
Caen, Kon, c Fr. 
Caerleon, Ker-lg-on, t Eng. 
Caernarvon. Ker-n^r-von, v Pa. 
Caerwys, Kjr-wis, t Wales. 
Caesarea, Ses-a-re-a, haven of Pales- 
tine, once a place of note, now a 

mass of ruins. 
Cagayan, Kq-gi-qn, prov oi Is. Luzon. 
Cagli, Kql-ye, t It., 9^. 
Cagliari, Kql-yq re, c cap Is. Sar., 30. 
Cagnano, Kqn-yq-no, t Naples, 4. 
Cagua, Kq-gwq, t Yen., b\i. 
Cahawba. Ka-he-ba, r Ala., nav. 100 

m.: t Ala. 
Cahete, Kq-a-ta, t Bra., 6. 
Cahir, or Caher, Ka-her, t Ir. 

Cahokia, Ka-ho-ki-a, v and cr 111. 
Cahors, Kq-6r, t Fr.,' 13^^. ^ 
Cailloma, or Caylloma, Kil-yo-mq, 

prov and t S. Am. 
Caillou, Ka-yc6, or Ka-lcS, I La. 
Cairiris, Kj-re-rt^, ?« Brazil. 
Cairn, Karn, i; and r Scot. 
Cairo, Kj-ro, cap c Egypt, pop. 250, 
Cairo, Ka-ro, t III., at junction 0. and 

Miss. vs. 
Caitawistky, Kat-a-wist-ki, cr N. C. 
Cajazzo, Kq-yqt-so, or Caiasso, Kj-^- 

so, t Naples. [Nap. 

Cajeta, Kq-ya-tq, (or Caieta,) s-pt c 
Calabar, Kq-lq-bqr, {or Cross River,) 

r Af., nav. 200 m. 
Calabria, Ka-la-bri-a, or Kq-lq-bri-q, 

part of Naples, 
Calahorra, Kq-lq-6r-q, c Sp., 5%. 
Calais, Kal-is, (Fr. Kq-la,j s-pt t Fr., 

100 ; c Me., 6. ^ 
Calaisis, Kq-la-zE, disYr. 
Calaraianes, Kq-lq-me-q-nes, is Malay 

Arch. [Sumatra. 

Calantiga, Kq-lqn-te-gq, is N. E. 
Calapooya, Kal-a-p(]5-ya, j) o Oregon. 
Calasparra, Kq-lq^-par-q, t Sp., bj^. 
Calata Bellota, Kq-lq-tq Bel-6-tq, t 

and ;• Sicily, 4%. [10. 

Calata Fimi, Kq-lq-tq Fe-me, t Sicily, 
Calata -Scibetta, Kq-lq-tq-Je-bet-q, t 

Sicily, 4%. 
Calatayud, Kq-lq-tq-)'(6d, t Sp., Sj^. 
Calaveras, Kal-a-va-ras. r California. 
Calayan, Kq-lq-yqn, i Malay Arch. 
Calbuco, Kql-bct)-ko), or El Fuerle, El 

Fa)-e?--ta, t Chili. 
Calcasieu, Kal-ka-Jo), r and I La. 
Calci, Kql-cjE, v Tuscany. 
Calcinaja, Kql-qs-nq-yq, t Tusoany. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Calcio, Kql-qo, t Lombardy. 
Calcken, Kql-ken, t Belcrium. 
Calcutta, Kal-kdt-a, c Hindostan, seat 

of gov. British India, 230. 
Caldjr, K>l-der, r Eng. 
Caldera, Kql-da-rq, port Costa Rica: 

s-pt Hiyti. 
Calder, Kc\l-der, r Scot. 
Caldewgate, Kel-di^-gat, suburb of the 

city of Carlisle, Eng., b}y<^. 
Caldwell, Keld-wel, cos U. S. 
Caledonia, Kal-e-J6-ai-a, anc. name 

of Scotland. 
Caledonian Canal, Scot,, connects the 

Xorta and Irish Seas, 603^ miles. 
Caledonia, New, cy British N. Am.; i 

Calhoun, Kal-h(6n. vs Ga., &c. 
Cali, Kq-le, t New Granada, 4. 
Calicut, Kal-i-kut, s-pt t Brit. Ind., 25. 
California, Kal-i-fer-ni-a, st U. S., 

area, 188,982 s. m., pop. in 1852, 

California, Gulf of, arm of the Pacific, 

w. of C;il., length, 700 miles. 
California, Lower or Old, dep Max. 
Calk's Ferry, Koks, po S. C.^ 
Callaghans, Kal-a-hanz, p o Ya. 
Callao, Kq-lis, i China Sea; Kq-I4-o, 

6-pt t Peru, 8>^. ^ [gon. 

Callapooya Indians, Kal-a-pdo-ya, Ore- 
Calmina, Kal-me-na, t Africa, 15. 
Calmucks, or Calmacks, people of Up- 
per Asia. 
Cain, Kqn, p e Pa. 
Calne, Kqn, t Eng. 
Calore, Kq-16-ra, r Naples. 
Calpent3'n, Kql-pen-tjn, pen and 8-pt 

Caltagirone, Kql-tq-ji-r(5-na, {or Cal- 

atagirone,) c Sicily, 21%. [17%. 

CaltJtnisetta, Kql-tq-ni-set-q, c Sicily, 
Caltonica, Kql-ton-i-kq. t Sicily, 7. 
Calumet, Kal-yq,-met, {or Calumick,) 

r Ind., and III. 
Calvados, Kql-vq-dcSi, dep Yt. 
Calvary, Kul-va-ri, t Ohio. 
Calventura, Kql-ven-t<6-rq, is Bay of 

Calvert, Kel-v?rt, co Md. 
Calw, or Kalw, Kqlv, t Ger., 4>^. 
Calzada, Kql-t^-dq, t New Castile, 4. 
Cam, or Granta, r Eng. [Bra. 

Camacho, or Caraaxo, Kq-mi^-Jo, h 
Camacuan, Kq-mq-kw^n, r Brazil. 
Camanche, Ka-man-qc, o Iowa. 
Camanche Indians, {or ComaDche,) 

Mexico and Texas. 
Caraaranca, Kq-rnq-r^^-ltq. r Africa. 
Camargo, Kq-m^r-go, t Mex., v$ U. S. 

Camargue, La, Lq K(\;Vo(\r^, pop i Fr. 

Camarines, Kq-mq-re-nes, two provs 
Philippines, island of Luzon. 

Cambay, Kam-ba, ^M^and a-pt il Hin- 
dostan, 10. 

Cambodia, Kara-b6-di-q, (Gamboge, or 
Camboja,) t Siam. [Fr., 213^. 

Cambrai, or Carabray, Kam-bra, ft i 

Cambria, Kam-bri-a, ancient name of 
Wales; cos U. S. 

Cambridge, Kam-brij, t Eng., 28; c 
Mass., 15J4; numerous ts U. S. 

Camden, Kam-den, c N-J., 15; t» S. C, 
Ala., Miss., Ark., &c. 

Camenz, Kq-ments, t Saxony, 4. 

Camerino, Kq-ma-rg-no, c Italy. 

Cameron Kam-er-on, co and v Texas. 

Cameroons, Kam-er-{bns, {or Camer- 
ones,) r and ms West. Africa. 

Camiguin, Kq-mi-gen, Malay Arch. 

Caraogli, Kq-m61-ye, t Sardinian 
States, b%. 

Carapagna, Kqm-p(\n-yq, t Naples, Q%. 

Campbell, Kam-el, cos and vs U. S.; i 
South Pacific Ocean. 

Campbello, Kam-bel-o, v Mass. 

Campbelton, Kara-el-ton, s-pt t Scot. 

Campeachy, or Campeohe, Kam-pe-qi, 
gulf An^ s-pt tYwGxldin, 18. 

Campinas, Kqm-pe-nqs, c Brazil, 6. 

Campobasso, K<^m-pQ-bq-so, ft c Na- 
ples, 1%. 

Camtoo^, Kqm-tcis, or -tdos, r S. Af, 

Cana, Ka-na, ruined t Pal.; j? o la. 

Canaan, Ka-nan, or Ka-na-an, "Prom- 
ised Land" of the Israelites; Ts U.S. 

Canada, Kan-a-da, two British prov- 
inces in N. America; area, 357,822 s. 
m., pop. 1,842,265. 

Canaderaga, Kan-a-de-re-ga, I N-Y. 

Canadian, Kan-a-di-an, {or North 
Channel,) passage in St. Lawrencej 
r New Mexico, 900 m. 

Canajoharie, Kan-a-jo-har-E, v N-Y. 

Canandagua, Kaa-an-da-gwa, v and I 

Cananore, Kan-a-n6r, s-pt t Brit. Ind. 

Canaries, Ka-nd-riz, {or Canary Is- 
lands,) arch Atlantic Ocean, 257^, 
belonging to Spain. 

Canasauga, Kan-a-s6-ga, v Tenn. 

Canaseraga, Kan-a-se-ro-ga, ■» N-Y. 

Canastota, Kan-as-tu-ta, v N-Y. 

Canastra, Kq-nq?-trq, rns Brazil. 

Cancale, Koh-kql, h and s-pt t Fr., 6. 

Cancao, Kqu-kx, s-pt t Farther India. 

Candahar, or Kandahar, Kqn-dq-har, 
ft G and cap Central Afghanistan, 
pop. from 25 to 100. 

Candeish, Kan-duJ, dis India. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Candia, Kan-di-a, {or Crete,)* Med.; 

S'pt c and cap island of Crete, 12; 

t Sardinia; is U. S. 
Cane, Kan, (or Ken,) r India. 
Canete, Kqn-ya-ta, prov and s-pt t 

Cangallo, Kqn-g41-yo» pt'f>^ and t Peru. 
Cangozima, Kqn-go-ze-mq,, {or Kan- 

gozima,) s-pt t Japan. 
Cangugu, Kcin-gOD-scb, r and t Brazil. 
Caniapuscaw, Kan-i-ap-us-ke, r and I 

, Canicatti, Kq-ni-k^-te, t Sicily, 18. 
Caninde, Kq-nen-da, r Brazil, 200 tn. 
Canisteo, Kan-is te-o, co, r and v N-Y. 
Cannes, Kqn, s-pt t Fr. 
Cannon River, Minn. Ter. 
Cannouchee, or Canoochee, Ka-n<6-qe, 

r Ga. 
Canoma, Kq-no-mq, r BraziL 
-Canonsiburg, t Pa. 
Canquaga, Kan-kwq-ga, cr N-Y. 
Canso, or Canseau, Kan-so, Gut of, 

passage bet. Nova Scotia and Cape 

Cantabrian, Kan-ta-bri-qn, ms Sp. 
Cantal, Kon-tql, dtp Fr. 
, Canterbury, Kan-ter-ber-i, c, hor and 

CO Eog.: pop. of c 18-%; r* U. S. 
Canton, Kan-ton, r and c China: pop. 
. estimated by Balbi at 500,000, by 

others at 1,500,000; ts U. S. 
Canturio, Kqa-t^-ri-o, {or Cantu,) t 

■ Canuma, Kq-n(X)-m4, I Brazil. 
. Cap au Gray, Kap o Gra, p o Mo. 
-Cape Agulhas, H-gflol-yas, s. coast Af. 
.Cape Aia, H'yq, s. coast Russia. 
Cape Anguilla, An-gwil-q, coast New- 
Cape Apsheron, Hp-Je-ron, e. Georgia, 

Caspian Sea. 
Cape Beam, Ba-arn, prom Fr. 
Cape Beaufort, Bii-fort, Rus. America; 

Brit. America. 
Cape Boeo, Bo-a-o, w. point of Sicily. 
Cape Breton, Bre-ton, i Brit. N. Am.; 

length 100 miles; breadth 85 miles; 

pop. 51,880. 
Cape Coast Castle, ft t Africa, 10. 
Cape Cod, Mass., 65 miles long, from 

1 to 20 miles wide. 
Cape Colony, or Cape of Good Hope, 

territory of Great Britain, the south- 
ern extremi ty of Africa, pop. 1 66,408, 

of whom 70,000 are colored. 
Cape Domesne, or Domesnes, Do-raan, 

Cape Fear River, N. C, nav. 120 m. 
Cape Girardeau, Je-rqr-da» co and t Mo. 

Cape Grisnez, Gre-na, France, point 
nearest Britain. 

Cape Haytien, Ha-ti-en, (formerly 
Cape Fran gals, Froh-sa,)«-j)^ t Hayli. 
Pop. in 1789, 18,500; in 1851, 6,000. 

Cape Horn, Horn, most s. point Amer., 
on last island of the Fuegian Arch. 

Cape Island, c watering place, N. J. 

Cape Malabar, Mal-a-bqr, s. e. extrem- 
ity of Mass. 

Cape Matapan, Mq-tq-pqn, "s. extrem- 
ity, Morea, Greece. 

Cape May, s. extremity of N. J. 

Cape Maysi, or Maiai, Mj-se, e. ex- 
tremity of Cuba. 

Cape of Good Hope, see Cape Colony. 

Cape River, or Rio de Segovia, r Cen. 
America, 300 miles long. 

Capernaum, Ca-per-na-um, anc c Pal. 

Cape Town, ft s-pt t S. Africa, 22^. 

Cape Trafalgar, Traf-al-gqr, headland 
of Spain. 

Cape Verd, {or Verde,) -is w. Africa, 
Atlantic Ocean, pop. in 1834, 55,838. 

Cape Vincent, Vin-sent, port of entry, 

Capibaribe, Cq-pe-bq-re-ba, r Brazil. 

Capiz, Kq-pes, c Philippines, ll}^. 

Cappadocia, Kap-a-du-fi-a, atic 2>rov 
Asia Minor; 1} Naples. 

Cap:sali, Kqp-sq-lf, s-pt t Ionian Is., 5. 

Capua, Kq-poD-q. ft c Naples, 8. 

Caqueta, Kq-ka-tq, r S. Am. 

Caracas, Kq-rq-kqs, c and cap Ven., 63. 

Caraglio, Kq-rql-yo, t Piedmont, 6)^. 

Caramnassa, Kq-rqra-nq-sq, r Br. Ind. 

Carangamite, Kq-rqn-gq-met, salt wa- 
ter lake, Australia. 

Caravaca, Kq-rq-vq-kq, i Sp., 10. 

Caravaggio, Kq-rq-vqd-jo, t Italy, 6. 

Caravellus, Kq-rq-vel-qs, s-ptt i Bra., 5. 

Carbondale, Kqr-bon-dal, c l^a. 

Carcajente, Kq?'-kq-Aea-ta, t Sp., 6}^. 

Carcassonne, Kqr-kq-s6n, c Fr,, 20. 

Cardenas, Kq/"-da-nqs, s-pt t Cuba, 6. 

Cardiff, or Caerdiff, Kqr-dif, s-pt t 
South Wales, 18i^. [Wales. 

Cardigan, Kqr-di-gan, co, t and h S. 

Cardington, Kqr-dig-ton, v 0. 

Cariaco, Kq-ri-q-ko, gulf and t Ven- 
ezuela, 7. 

Caribbean, Kar-i-be-an, Sea, portion 
of the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Caribees, Kar-i-bez, part of the West 
India Islands. 

C:irignano, Kq-ren-yq-no, t Pied., 8. 

Carinhenha, Kq-ren-yen-yq, r and i 

Carini, Kq-re-ne, r and t Sicily, 7, 

Carleton, Kqrl-ton, v Iowa. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Carlisle, Kqr-ljl, c Eng.. 26>^j t Pa.. 
6; vs Ky., 0., Ind., ka. 

Carlow, Kqr-lo, co, par and t Jr., 8^. 

Carlo witz, or Karlowitz, Kqr-lo-vit^, 
t Ausiria, b}^. [ing- place. 

Carlsbad, Kqrlz-bqt, ^Bohemia, water- 

Carlscrona, or Karlskrona, Kc^Hs-krO)- 
nq,, Ji s-pt t Sweden, 12)^. [5. 

Carlsharan, Kqrls-hqm,yi{ s-pt t Swed., 

Carlsruhe, or Karlsruhe, Kqrlz-rO), c 
cap. of Baden, 25%. 

Carlstad. Kqrl-stqt, jn-ov and t Swed. 

Carlyle, Kqr-ljl, vs Ala., 111. 

Carmagnola, Kqr-raqn-yta-lq, t Pled. 

Carmarthen, Kqr-mqr-den, s-pt t S. 
Wales, 10)^. 

Carmel, Kqr-inel, m Palestine. 

Carmen. Kqr-men, i Gulf of Cal. 

Carmi, Kqr-mi, v 111. 

Carmoe, Kqr-me-e, i Jforway, 6}^. 

Carmona, Kqr-mQ-nq, c Sp., 13. 

Carnarvon, Ka-nqr-von, (or Caernar- 
von,) b and «-/)^ t North Wales, 8%. 

Carolina, Kar-o-lj-na, vs Miss., Tex., 

Caroline Islands, (or New Philippines,) 
arcA. of Oceania. 

Carondelet, Ka-ron-ds-let, v Mo. 

Carony, or Caroni, Kq-ro-ne, r Vene- 
zuela, 400 miles. 

Carora, Kq-r6-rq, (or Caroro) ^ Ven., 9. 

Carouge, Kq-rif)^, t Swit,, 6. 

Carpathian, {or Kar-) Kqr-pa-6i-an, 
mountain range in Europe, chiefly in 

Carpentaria, Kqr-pen-tq-ri-a, gulf in 
S. Pac. Oc, n. coast of Australia. 

Carpentras, Kqr-pon-trqs, c Fr., 10%. 

Carrara, Kq-?-q-rq. c It. [8i^. 

Carrick-on-8uir, Kar-ik-on-ser, t Ir., 

Carrol Iton, vs Ga., Ala., Miss., La., «&c. 

Carson's Lake, w. part Utah Ter. 

Cartagena, Kqr-ta-jg-na, c Sp., 27%. 

Cartagena, or Carthagena, K^r-ta-je- 
na, New Granada, 18. 

Cartago, Kqr-tq-go, r and h Mosquito 
Coast; cap Costa-Rica; ^ New Gran. 

Cartaya, Kqr-tj-yq, t Sp., 4. 

Carthage, Kqr-taj, anc cap of a fa- 
mous country of the same name in 
Northern Africa; numerous ts U. S. 

Carthagena. Kqr-ta-je-na, p o 0. 

Carupano, Kq-ra)-j>4-no, s-pt t Vene- 
zuela, 5. [Fr., 4, 

Cirvin-Kpinoy, Kqr-van-a-pc-nwq, t 

Casale, Kq-s^-la, prov and t Sardinian 
States, 2L 

Casanare, Kq-sq-nq-ra, r N-Granada. 

Casas-Grandos, Kc'i-sqs-Gr^Q-des, t 
Chihuahua, 3. 

Cascade, Kas-kad, City, Wash. Ter. 

Cascade Range, ms w. part of Oregon. 

Casco, Kas-ko, Bay, Me. 

Caserta, Kq-ser-tq, t Naples, 2.5%. 

Cashel, KaJ-ei, c Ir., 8. 

Cashie, KaJ-i^ r N. C. 

Cashmere, Kashmir, Kachemir, or 
Cachemire, Kqf-mer, cy Hindostan, 
under the protection of Eng ; pop. 
200,000, having been reduced, in 
twenty years, from 800,000, by earth- 
quakes, pestilence, and famine. 

Cash River, s. extremity of 111. 

Casoria, Kq-s6-ri-q, t Naples, 8. 

Caspe, Kqs-pa, t Sp., 7}{. 

Caspian Kqs-pi-an, Sea, inland sea 
bet. Europe and Asia; length, 760 
m., breadth, 270 m. 

Cassadaga, Kas-a-da-ga, Zand'PN-Y. 

Cassandra, or Kassandra, Kq-s^n-drq, 
pen and gulf Eu. Turkey. 

Cassay, Kq-sa, (Kathee, or Munni- 
poor.) ind cy Farther Ind., 75%. 

Cassel, or Kassel, Kq-sel, walled city 
of Germany, cap. of Hesse-Cassel, 
pop. 34)^; also ft t Hesse-Darm- 
stadt, pop. 2%; Kq-sel, t Fr., 4t\^. 

Cassiquiare, Kq-si-ke-q-ra, {or Cassi- 
quiari,) r Venezuela. 

Cass Lake, central Mich. 

Cass River, Mich. 

Cassville, ts N-Y., Pa., Ga., Mo., &c. 

Castalia, Kas-ta-li-a, v O. 

Castel-a-Mare, Kqs-tel-q-mq-ra, c Na- 
ples, 16; t Sicily, 6. 

Castellon de la Plana, Kq3-tel-y6n da 
Iq P14-nq, c Sp., J 7. [10. 

Castelnaudary, Kqs-tel-nca-dq-re, t Fr., 

Castel Nuovo, Kqs-tel Na)-6-vu), ft t 
Dalmatia, 7. 

Castiglione, Kqs-tel-y6-na, ts Italy, 
Naples, Sicily, &c. 

Castile, Kqs-ttl, former kingdom of 
Spain, (Old and New,) ts CJ. S. 

Castine, Kas-ten, port of Entry, Me. 

Castlebar, Kas-l-b^r, r and t Ir. 

Castlereagh. Kas-l-ra, r Australia. 

Castleton, Kds-1-ton, vs Vt., N-Y., &c. 

Castletown, Kds-l-tun, cap Isle of 
Man, Eng., 2%. 

Castor, Kas-tor, hai/ou La.; r Mo. 

Castres, K^s-tr, t Fr., 20%. 

C.ustro, Kqs-tro, s-pt t Naples, 7; t 
As. Turkey. 6K: ts Brazil, Chili. 

Castro-del-Rio, Kqs-trta-dol Rg-o, t 
Sp., 9. [Sicily, 11^. 

Castrogiovanni, Kqs-trca-jo-v^-ne, e 

Castro-Urdiales, Kq3-trQ-(Dr-di-q-le8, 
t Sp., 3. 

Catahoula. Kat-a-h(6-Ia, / La. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 

Catalamet, Kat-a-la-raet, v "Wash. Ter. 
Catalonia, Kq-tq-lu-ni-a, old prov Sp. 
Catamarca, Kq-tq-inqr-kq, dej) and t 

La Plata., 4. 
Catanduanes, Kq-tqn-ddb-^-nes, one of 

the Philippine Islands. [^^}4- 

Catania, Kq-tq-ni-q, (j and c Sicily, 
Catanziro, Kq-tqn-zq-ro, c Nap., 11)^. 
Catapuliche, Ivq-tq-pco-le-qa, r S. Am. 
Catasauqua. Kat-a-s6-kwa, v Pa. 
Catatonk, Kat-a-t6i)k, p o N. Y. 
Cataula, Ka-te-la, cr and p a Ga. 
Catawba, Ka-te-ba, r N. and S. C. 
Catawissa, Kat-a-wis-a, m, cr and xi 

Cateau, Le, Le Kq-t(5, t Pr., 8)^. 
Catfish River, Wis. 
Catorce, Kq-to/'-ba, t Mex. 
Catrimani, Kq-tri-mq-ne, r Brazil. 
Catrine, Ka-tren, v Scot. 
Catskill, Kats-kil, ms and t N-Y. 
Cattaraugus, Kat-a-re-gus, cr and t' 

Cattaro, Kq-tq-ro, s-pt t Austria.' 

Cattegat, Kat-e-gat, arm of North 
Sea, w, Sweden. 

Cauambe. K^-qm-ba, or Gaume, G5- 
raa, r Brazil. 

Cauca, K-8-kq, r New Gran. 

Caucasus, Ke-ka-sus, range of moun- 
tains forming the boundary bet. Eu- 
rope and Asia, 700 m. in length. 

Cauca.sus, portion of the Russian Em- 
pire contiguous to Caucasian Mts. 

Caudebec-les-Elbeuf, Kod-bek-Iaz-El- 
bef, t Fr., 1%. 

Caughdenoy, Ke-dc-n^, p o N. Y. 

Caughnawaga, Kn-na-we-ga, v N-Y. 

Cauquenes, K-s-ka-nes, min. springs, 

Caura, K-s-rq, r Venezuelan Gaiana. 

Cauten, K>5-ten,(w Imperial,) r Chili. 

Cauto, K-s-to, r Cuba. 

Cava, Kq-vq, t Naples 13. 

Cavailhm, Kq-va-yon, t Fr., 73^. 

Cavanas, Kq-vq-nqs, port of Cuba. 

Cavery, K6-ver-i, {or Cauvery,) r Ind. 

Cavesa, Ka-va-sa, cr Tex. 

Cave Spring, Ga., seat of state asylum 
for the deaf and dumb. 

Cavite, Kq-ve-ta,/^ s-pt t Phil. Is. 

Cawnpoor, Caunpoor, Ken-pcfer, {or 
Caunpore,) dis and t Hindostan. 

Caxamarca, or Cajamarca, Kq-Aq-mqr- 
kq, c Peru, 8. [Bra. 

Caxias, or Cachias, Kq-Je-q«, com. t 

Cayambe, Kj-qm-ba, (w Cayambeur- 
cu, Ki-qm-ba-oor-kdb, m in Ecuador, 
19,53o feet high. [i At, Oc. 

Cayenne, Ki-en, s-pt cap Fr. Guiana; 

Caymans, Kj-mcinz, three is Brit. W. 

Caymites, Kj-mst, two is West Ind. 

Caymito, Kj-ms-to, r New Gran. 

Cayo Cocas, Kj-o Ko-kqs, i Carribean 
Sea, belonging to Cuba; — Largo, 
Lq/'-go, ditto; — Romano, Ro-m^- 
no, ditto. 

Cayuga, Ka-yq-ga, I, v and co N-Y.; 
Ts 5lis3., Mich., Can. West. 

Cayuse, Kq-yv^s, Indians, Oregon. 

Cayuta, Ka-yi|,-td, v, cr and I N-Y. 

Cazembe, Kq-zem-be, cy Africa. 

Cazenovia, Kaz-en-6-vi-a, t' N-Y., 5. 

Cazorla, Kq-tJr-lq, c Sp., 7}£. 

Cea, Ra-q, r Sp. 

Ceccano, fe!ek-4-no, v It., 6. 

Cecina, Ga-qe-uq, r Tus. 

Cedar Bluff, v Ala. 

Cedar Rapids, t Iowa. 

Cedarville, ts N-J., 0., &c. 

Cefalu, Ga-fq-ldb, ft s-pt t Sicily, 9. 

Ceglie, Gal-ya, c Naples, 7)^, 

Cehegin, cla-a-Aen, t Sp., 9)^. 

Celebes, Sel-e-bes, i Malay Arch., gov- 
ernment federal and republican, pop. 
2,000.000. \\2. 

Celle, Tsel-e, or Zell, Tsel, t Hanover, 

Centenary College, Jackson, La. 

Central America. See America. 

Central Falls, v R. I. 

Central Village, or North Plainfield, 
manufacturing v Conn. 

Centreville, Sen-ter-vil, ts Mass., R. I., 
Conn., 0., la., &c., &c. 

Cephalonia, Sef-q-16-ni-q, i Med.; 
length 32 m., breadth 12 m.; under 
protection of Eng., pop. 633^. 

Ceram, or Zeram, S£-rqn, i Malay 
Arch., 226. 

Cerea, Ga-ra-q, t Lom., b%, 

Ceresco, Se-res-ko, vs Mich.. "Wis. 

Cerignola, Ga-ren-yo-lq, t Nap., lO}^. 

Cerigo, Cer-i-go, s. Ionian Is., pop. 9. 

Cerro-de- Pasco, Se;'-o da Pqs-ko, t 
Peru, 16. 

Cerro Gordo, Ser-o G6r-do, battle- 
field, 60 m. n. w. city Mex.; ts U. S. 

Cesena, Ca-sa-nq, t It., 12. 

Cesenatico, Ca-sa-nq-ti-ko, s-pt t Pon- 
tifical States. 

Cette, Set, ft s-pt t Fr., \^}i. 

Cettina, Tse-tg-nq, r Austria. 

Ceuta, Si'i-ta, s-pt t Af., belonging to 
Sp., 81^. 

C^vennes, Sa-ven, ms Fr. 

Ceylon, Se-lon, i Ind. Oc, belonging 
to Great Brit., length 270 m. breadth 
100 m., pop. 1,507,000. 

Cezimbra, Sa-zem-brq, s-pt t Port., 5. 



Chabouil, S\-bely, t Fr., 4>^. 
Cbablais, Xi-bla. prov Savoy, 54%. 
Cliachacoraaui, Gi^-qq-ko-nn^-ne, m 
peak Andes, in Jijlivia, 2t),235 ft. 
Chachapoyas, (iJq^^ri-pQ-yqs, (or Cha- 

capjyas,) t Peru. 
Cbadda, fc)ad-a, /'Guinea. [Plata, 

Chadi-Leubu, (^4,'*lE'Le-a>-b(f», r La 
Cbaeronea, Ker-o-u8-a, ruined c of Gr, 
Cbagres, y<i-gros, s-p t New Granada. 
Chagres River, Istbuius of Panama. 
Cixagrin Falls, X.i-grin Folz, v and /' 0. 
Chalcis, Kal-sis, {or Xegropont) ^ Gr. 
Clialdea, Kal-dE-a, aao dio As., on 

the Euphrates. 
Chalear, X.X-li»r, h Gulf of St. Law. 
Chalonues-sur-Loire, Eq-16n-se?*-lwqr, 

t Fr. [6' Fr., \b%. 

Caalons-sur-Marne, Sq-lQh-ser-mqA-u, 
Caalon-sar-Saone, -san, t Fr., 16)^. 
Chama, Wq-mq, /■ Yen. 
C lainahatchie, fclam-a-haq-i, p o AXa.. 
Coaniberiburg. Kam-berz-burg, t 

Pa., 5 ; IS 0., la. 
Cbauibersia, fc)am-ber-Ji-a, v Tex. 
Ch iinbijry, S »h-ba-r«, c, cap Savoy, 16. 
Chambly, Xun-bli, co and '' C. E. 
ChaoDuni, Sq-mo-ne, {or Cbamonix,) 

picturesque val and t Sar. States. 
Champagne;, Son-pqny, old proo Fr. 
Champagnolle, X im-pan-yol, tv and t) 

Champaign, Xim-pan, cosM. S. 
Cftampliin, Jtlim-plan, I bet. N-Y., 

Jtnd Vt., 130 by i^ to 10 in.: t N-Y., 

5; V C. E. 
Chanahachee, Gan-a-baq-e, p o Ala. 
Chandeleur, Sin-de-ltor, h 8. e. La. 
Cbaadernagore, Xqu-de/'-nq-gor, Fr. t 

Kjngal, \Vo%. 
Chandlersville, 6'and-lerz-vil, t 0. 
Cbangcboofoo, ^qg-quQ-fO). c China, 

pop. from 81)0,000 to 1,000,000, 
Ch ing-Mai, (!^qi]-mi, t Lao?, 25. 
Chang-Sha, fqn-Jq. c China. 
Channahon, Can-a-hon, v 111. 
Channel Cdn-el (Islands,) group in 

the Eng. Chan., belonging to the 

Eng. crown. 
Cha )-TchoL), €4-ca-q 6, or Tchao-Cheou- 

Fou, Cq-(a-(ja-<f)-loQ, c China. 
Chapila, fc)q-pq-lq, L Mux. 
Chapari, Cq-pq-rg, r Bol. 
Cnapelle Agaon, La, Lq Sq-pdl fln- 

yCiii, t Fr. 
Chapella St. Denis, La, San Da-ne, 

t Fr., X'^y^. 
Chapola Uiver, Ca-pcS-la, Fa., Ala. 
Chapoo, feJq-pi), or Xq-pdb, t China. 
Cbappaqua, Ca-pt5-kwa, v N-Y. 

Chapultepec, Gq-pol-ta-p^k, fortress 

of Max., 2 m. s. w. of the capital. 
Charbar, Sqr-bqr, {or Choubar,; h Bal. 
Chard, Gqrd, t Eng., by^. 
Chardou, Gqr-don, t? 0., 1. 
(!!harikar, Gar-i-kqr, t Afg., 5. 
Chariton, Car-i-ton, r Iowa, and Mo., 

X6 Mo., Iowa. 
Charlemont, fc/'qr-le-raont, v Mass. 
Charlerot, Sir-le-rer, ft t Bel., 6>^. 
Charles River, Mass. 
Charleston, c and port of entry, S. C, 

43 ; ts and ts III., Iowa, &c. 
Charlestown, Cqrlz-tTsn, c and »-pt ad- 
joining Boston, Mass., pop. \i]/i\ i>8 
N-H., Pa., Va., la. 
Charleville, Eq;'-le-vel, t Fr,, 9%. 
Charlevoix, Zqr-lg-vdr, co Mich. 
Charloe, Gqr-lio, v O. 
Charlotte, i^qr-lot, ts Vt., N-Y., N. C. 
Charlotte Amalie, -H-mq-le-e, t, cao 

of the Is. St. Thomas, 10. 
Charlotte Harbor, {or Buca Grande,) 
w. coast of Fa. [Prus., 1%. 

Charlottonburg, Sqr-16t-en-bia/'A, t 
Charlotte River, N-Y. [Va., la. 

Charlottesville, Eqr-lots-vil, ts N-Y., 
Charlotte-town, cap Pr. Edward Is,, 

Brit. Am., \%. 
Charties, Cqr-teri!, t Pa. 
Chartres, >Ii/--tr, c Fr., 18}^. 
Chateaugay, >< vto-ga, r, I and t N-Y.; 

V and /• C. E. 
Chateauroux, i^j-to-ro), t Fr., 16. 
Chatham, Cat-am, r-pt, naval arsenal 
and t Eng., pop. 28_W ; vs Mass., 
Conn., N-Y., N-J., III., C. E., C. 
W., N-Brunswick. 
Chatham Harbor, e. ex. Cape Cod. 
Chatham Islands, S. Pac, e. N-Zeal. 
Chattahoochee, Cat-a-bob-Qe, r Ga., 
length 550 m., nav. 350 m. from the 
Gulf; V Fa. containing U. S. ars. 
Chattanooga, Cat-a-nib-ga, v Tenn. 
Chattooga, Ca-Ub-ga, r bet. S. C. and 
Ga., also /■ Ala. , • 

Chaudaire, EiO-dg-q^, r C. E. 
Ciiaumont, Xj-mtJu, t Fr., 6)^, 
Chaumont, Su)-ma), v N-Y. 
Chauncey, Cci^n-si, v 0. 
Chautauque, >iA-te-kwe, co and I N-Y. 
Chaux-do-fond, La, Lq ii^uj-dtj-fon, t 

Chazy, Xaz-8, r, I and v N-Y. 
Cheadle, Ce-dl, t Eng.. A%. 
Cheat River, Va. and Pa. 
('hoduba, Ce-ddb-bq, i Far. Ind., 8)^. 
Cheoktowaga, Cek-to-a-ga, p o ii')[» 
Chehaw, Ce-ho, r S. C. 
CbehalLi, Ce-Ua-li3, co Wash, Ter. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Chelmsford, G^mz-ford, t Eng., 7%. 
Cliulsea, (I'el-se, t Eiig., 51)}^. 
Chel:>ea, fe'el-se-a, t'* V't. 2: Mass., 6^ 

Mich., &c. 
Cheltenham, t'elt-nam, t and watering 

place, Eng., 35. 
Cuemnitz, //eiu-nits, t Sax., 28%. 
Chemung, Xe-miin, r, co and v N-Y.; 

Chenango, Se-nag-go, r and co N-Y. 
Chenook, tJc-ntJuk, (^or Chinook,) r 

Wash. Ten. 
Chepjichet, tJe-pak-et, -» R. I. 
Chepillo, fe!a-pel-3'u, i off the s. coast 

of the Isthmus of Pannma. 
Chepo, fc/'a-po, r and t N-Gran. 
Chepstow, 6ep-stQ. t and r-jut Eng. 
Cher, X^r, r Ceii. Fr. 
Cherasco, Ka-rqs-kcj, t Pied., 8%. 
Cheraw, &e-re, « S. C, 1. 
Cherbourg, Xer-burg, ft s-pt t naval 

station, Fr., 28. 
Cheribon, or Sheribon, Ser-i-bon, s-pt 

t Java, 11. 
Cherokee, fJer-o-ke, (Indians) a noble 

tribe who formerly o(^cupied the 

southern portion of the Appalachian 

Mountains, and contiguous ter., now 

nearly extinct ; a>8 and ts U. S. 
Cherry Valley, X8 N-Y., Pa., Tenn., 

III., Ac. 
Cherso, Ker-so, i of Illyria, in the 

Adriatic, pop. 14. 
Chersoae^us, Ker-so'-ng-sus, anc. name 

of several peninsulas. 
Chertsey, Ces-i, t Eng., 6. 
Chesapeake, Ges-a-pek, largest J in 

U. S., length, 200 m. 
Chesapeake City, v Md. 
Chesham, t'ej-am, t f^ng., 6. [&c. 

Cheshire, fc^ej-er, ts Mass., Conn., O., 
Chestatee, ties-ta-te, r Ga. 
Chester, b'es-ter, c Eng., 27%; vs N-H., 

Vt., Mass., Conn., N-Y., Pa., 111. 
Chesterfield, fe'es-ter-feld, t Eng., 714 ; 

0) N-H,, Mass., S. C, «tc.; — Inlet, 

Brit. N. Am., length, 250 m. 
Chester River, Del., and Md. [0., &c. 
Chestertown, r$ N-Y., Md., Pa., S. C. 
Chesuncook, &e-sdn-kuk, I Me. 
Chetachee, fc/'e-tq-qg, cr Ala. 
Cbetimaches, (:)et-im-aq-ez, or Set- 

maj, I La. \m Eng. 

Cheviot, t'iv-i-ot, or Cev-i-ot, ■u 0.; 
Chiantla, fe-E-qnt-lq, r and t Gua. 
Chiapa, ©E-q-pq, s. state Mex. Con., 

pop. 162. ^ [7. 

Chiararaonte, Ke-q-rq-mon-ta, t Sic, 
Chiari, Ke-q-re, t Lom., 9. [10)^. 

Chiavari, Kc-q-vq-rc, ^ Sar. States, 

Chicago, Si-ke-go, com. c 111., on Lake 
Mich, and Chicago River, remarka- 
ble for its rapid growth. It con- 
tained in 1840, 4% inhabitants, 
1850, 30 ; 1853, 60% ; 1855, 87i^, 

Chicapa, Cs-kq-pq, rand^i Mex. 

Chichester, feJicj-es-ter, c Eng., 8%. 

Chickahominy, 6)ik-a-h6m-i-ni, /• Va. 

Chickamauga, fcJik-a-me-ga, cr Ga. and 

Chickasaw, Gik-a-se, r Ga.; 'o Ala.; 
Indian tribe originally occupying 
portions of Mississippi and Alabama. 

Chickopee, (^ili-o-pe, r Mass. 

Chickopee Falls, v Mass., 2)^. 

Chico, t^e-ko, ^> Cal. 

Chicot, y^i ku), co Ark. 

Chicsoi, yek-.sQ-E, r Guatemala. 

Chictawaga, (jJik-ta-we-ga, ip N. Y. 

Chienne or Cheyenne, i^e-eu, Indian 
tribe Mo. 

Chieri, Ke-a-re, t Pied., 133^. 

Chieti, Ke-a-te, ft c Naples, 17%. 

Chignecto, Xig-uek-to, b bt. N. S. and 
N. B. 

Chihauhau, Ce-wq-wq, c and et Mex- 
ican Confederation, 14. 

Chikiri, Cheekeeree, or Tchikiri, Ge- 
ke-re, /• Mant<;hooria, China. 

Chila, ye-lq, r Peru, 105 m. 

Chilapa, fcJe-lq-pq, and Chilapilla, Ge- 
Iq-pel-yq, rg. Mex. 

Chilhowee, Gil-h-s-e, m and p Tenn. 

Chili, t'il-E, ind rep S. A., area 170,000 
s. m., pop. mostly of Spanish and 
Indian descent; ts N-Y., 0., Ind., 
111., &c. 

Chillicothe, Gil-i-kot-e, c 0., 7%; t* 
III., Mo., Iowa. 

Chillisquaque, Cil-is-kwd-kwE, v and 
cr Pa. 

Chillitecaux, Sil-i-te-ko, J? Mo. 

Chilo, (^j-lo, V 0. 

Chiloe, ^E-lo-a, i w. coast S. A., 42. 

Chilpanzingo, fcJEl-pqn-sin-go, t Mex. 
Confederacy, 27. 

Chiltepec, Gfil-ta-pek, r Mex. Con. 

Chimbarongo, t^Em-bq-ron-gO, r Chili. 

Chimborazo, Gim-bo-rq-zo, in S. A. 
Height, 21,424 ft. 

Chimepanipesiick, Ssm-pq-nEp-stEk, r 
Canada East. 

China, (see Chinese Empire) fs Me., 
NY., Mich., &c. 

China Sea, portion of the Pacific Go. 

Chincha Islands, Gin-qq i'landz, tre 
small is Pac. Oc. near Peru, noted for 
their guano. 

Chinchilla, Gin-qel-yq, c Spain, 12)^. 

Chinchou, Cen-Qwu, t Spain, 53/^. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Chin-choo, Gin-qtft, region and c China. 

Chincoteague, Gii)-ko-teg. p o Va. 

Chinendcga, G"e-neu-da-gi\, New and 
Old ts Nicaragua. 

Chinese Empire, extensive ter. of Asia. 
Area, 5,000,000 s. m.; pop., 400,- 
000,000. Divided into China Proper 
and the dependencies : Corea, Mant- 
chooria, Mongolia, Elee, including 
Soongaria, East Toorkistan, Koko- 
nor, Thibet, and various islands. 

China Proper, area 1,297,999 s. m.; pop. 

Ching-ILii, Cii)-hj, seaport t China. 

Ching-Kiang. (<^ig-kE-qi), c China. 

Ching-Kiang-Foo, fe)io-ke-qy-lif), ft c 
China. [India. 

Chingleput, Gig-gl-pdt, dis and c Br. 

Chiobbe, Ce-6b-a, t China, 300. 

Chioggia, Ke-6i-ja,/i t N. Italy, 27. 

Chipicani, Ce-pe-kq-ne, ni p Andes. 
Height, 19,740 ft. 

Chipola, Ci-p6-la, r Ala., 150 m. 

Chippenham, Cip-num, t Eng. 

Chippewa, Cip-r-wa, r« 0., Mich., "Wis.; 
r« Pa., 0., la.. III., C. W. [Wis. 

Chippeway or Ojibbeway, Indian ir 

Chiquimula de la Sierra, 6e-ke-ina>-lq 
da Iq Se-er-q, t Cen. A. 

Chiquimula, ist. Cen. A. 

Chiquitos, Ce-ke-tos, ter Bolivia. 

Chiriqui, Ce-re-ke, r, lagoon and arch 
Costu Kica. 

Chirripo, Ce-re-po, xd and r Costa Ri. 

Chisago, Ci-so-gu), co Minnesota. 

Chit;wick, Ciz-ik, joar Eng. [Y. 

Chittenango, Cit-en-ay-gG), cr and « N- 

Chivasso, Ke-vq-so, c Piedmont, 7^. 

Chocolochee, Co-ko-ia-qe, cr Ala. 

Choctaw, G6k-to, Ind ir Miss, [and Fa. 

Choctawhatchee, Cok-te-haq-e, r Ala. 

Choestoe, C6-sto, y o Ga. 

Choiseul, Xwq-zel, i S. Pac. Oc. 

Choleechel, Co-la-qel, i I^a Plata. 

Cholet or ChoUet, Xo-Ia, i France, 10^^ 

Cholniondeley, Kdm-li, seat of a mar- 
quis, Eng. [Indians. 

Cholula, Co-I(f>-lq, i Mex., 10, wholly 

Chono.-*, Cij-nos, arch W. l^atagonia. 

Choo-Kiang, CoD-ke-^o, Chinese for 
Canton River. 

Choptank, (!/'6p-ta^k, r Del. and Md. 

Chorley, C6r-li, t Eng., 125^. 

Cborolqup, Co-rol-ka. m Bolivia. Ele- 
vation, 16,548 ft. 

Chowan, Ccj-won, r N. C. [Ph., Wis. 

Christiana, Kris-ti-d-na, r Mich.; rs 

Chriatiania, Kris-ti-q-ni-q, cape Nor- 
way, 26»^. [t Norway. H^. 

ChrutUuMiad, Kris-ti-(iQ-sqnd, ft H-pt 

Christianstadt, Kris-ti-qn-stqf, ft t S. 
Sweden. [St. Croix. 

Christiansted, Kris-ti-qn-sted, t island 

Christiansund, Kris-ti-qn-soond, 8-pt i 

Chuapa, (viT)-(!\ pq, r ChMi. 

Chucuito, Coo-kwE-to, t Bolivia. 

Chulafinne, Ca)-la-f in, /> o Ala. 

Chulahoma, Coo-la-hij-uia, v Miss. 

Chuuibul, Cum bu.1, r India, 500 va. 

Chuprah, Cup-ra, t Br. India, 50. 

Chuqueapo, Ca>-ka-q-p6, r Bolivia. 

Chuqoibamba, (<Ja>-ke-bqm-bq, t Peru; 
?n, elevation 21,000 ft. 

Chuquisaca, Cuo-ke-sq-kq, {or La Pla- 
ta,] cap Bolivia, 12. 

Churchill, Ciirq-il, {or Missinnippi,) r 
Brit. Am., 700 m. [U. S. 

Churubuseo, Cdo-ruo-bdM-ko, ig Mex., 

Cibolo, Se-bo-ltt, /' Texas. 

Cicero, Sis-er-u, r* N-Y., 0., Ind. 

Cicola, CE-k(b-lq, r Austria. 

Cienfuegos, Se-en-f wa-gos, t Cuba,4^. 

Cieza, lie-a-tq, t Spain, 7. 

Cinaloa (/r Sinaloa, Siu-q-16-q, at and i^ 
Mex., 9}4. 

Cincinnati, Sin-sin-d-ti, c 0., fifth in 
size in the Union, 160 i^; is la.. Mo., 
Iowa, O/. Terr. 

Cinque (aiyk) Ports, s-pts Eng., en- 
dowed with various privileges, in 
consideration of furnishing ships of 
war for the king's use, when de- 

Circassia, Ser-kaJ-i-a, cy s. e. cor. of 
Eu.: area 40,000 s. m., pop. 650,000. 

Circleville, Ser-kl-vil, t O., 4}^; vs la., 

Cirencester, Sis-e-ter, t Eng. [111. 

Cisalpine (Sis-al-pin) Republic, a for- 
mer nt Italy. 

Citronelle, Sit-ro-nol, v Ala. [ta. 

Citta Yecchia, Ci-t(\ Vek-i-q, // c Mal- 

Ciudadela, Se-uu-dq-da-lq, c and spi 
island of Minorca, 7%. [6>^. 

Ciudad Real, Se-iD-dqd Ra-^l, t Mex., 

Ciudad Real, Rt-a-d^d. Ra-ql, c Sp., 

Civita Vecohia, 6e-V8-tq Vek-e-q, s-jii 
c Pontifical States. 

Clackamas, Klak-a-mas, r Oregon. 

Claiborne, Kla-burn, sov. eoi U. S.; r« 
Ala., Miss. 

Claru, Klq-rq, t Cuba. 

Clare, Ki^r, r Ir.; i off w. coast of Ir. 

Claremont, Kljj,r-m6nt, v N-Il. 

Clarence, Klar-ens, a S. A.; r Australia. 

Clarendon, Klar-on-don, v» Vt., N-Y. 

Clarion, Klar-i-on, r and v Pa. 

Clarke's or Flathead, r Wash. Terr. 

Clarkesvillo, Kl<:irks-vil, v Ga., )^. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Clarksburg, t Ya., 1J4; vs Ky., 0., «tc. 
Clarks, r w. pjirt of Ky. 
Clarkston, Klqrks-ton. v Mich. 
Clarksville, t Va., 1; vs Ala., Tex., 

Ark., Tenn., Ac. 
Clausthal {ot- Klaus- ), Kl-ys-tql, t Han. 
Clay, Kla, cos and ^//« U. S. [&c. 

Claysville, Klaz-vil, r« Ky., 0., lod., 
Clayton, Kla-ton, vs N-Y., III., &c. 
Clearfield, Kler-feld, v Pa., X- i.^ Wis. 
Clearwater, Kler-we-ter, r lir. N. A.; 
Cleckheaton, Klek-e-ton, t\ Eng. 
Clerkenwell, K!er-ken-wel, out-jjar of 

London, 56%;. 
Clermont, Kler-mont, r« C, Ind. 
Clermont-Ferrand, Kle/'-moh-Fer-on, c 

France, 333^. 
Cleveland, Kiev-land, c and Z^>^ 0., 41; 

r* N-Y., Tenn., Ind., 111. 
Cleves, Klevz, U Prussia, Ohio. 
Clifton, Klif-ton, watering-place, Eng., 

14; sev. rs U. 8. 
Clinch, Klinq, r Va. and Tenn. 
Clinton, Kiin-ton, ts Me , Mass., Conn., 
• N-Y., N-J., La., &c. 
Clinton- Golden (Klin-ton-G(f)l-den) 

Lake, Er. N. A. 
Clinton River, Mich., 50 m. 
Clintonville, vs N-Y., Ac. 
Clio, Klj-Q, rs S. C, Ky., 0. 
Clitheroe, Klid-er-co, t Eng., ll}-^. 
Clonmel, Klon-mel, t Ir., 133^. 
Cloverdalc, K16-ver-dal, v la. 
Cloverport, Klo-ver-pwrt, v Ky. 
Clwyd, Klwid, r N. Wales. 
Clyde, Kljd, r Scotland; t N-Y.; v 0. 
Clymer, Klj-mer, v N-Y. 
Coahoma, Kw-a-hu-ma, co Miss. 
Coanza, Ko-qn-za, r Lower Guinea. 
Coast Range, Ktust Ranj, Wi Cal. 
Coatesville, KJ)ts-vil, v Pa. [Mex. 

Coatzacoalco, Ko-qt-sq-ko-ql-kw, 
Coban, Ko-bqn, <'' Guatemala, 14. 
Cobbesseconteo, Kob-es-kon-te, r Me. 
Cobija, Kfl-be-Aq, (or Port la Mar,) 6- 

pt Bolivia. 
Coblentz, K6b-lents,/r; c Prus., \9>%. 
Cobourg, Kd-hnrg, [jort of entvy C. W. 
Coburg, K<ii-bu;'</, i Cen. Ger., 10. 
Cochabamba, Ko-^q-bqm-bq, w Con- 

dorillo, Kon-do rel-yoj, r Bolivia. 
Cuchabamba, {also Oropesa, 6)-ro-pa- 

sq,) c Bolivia. 
Cochin, Kc)-<jin, or Kca-Jen, s-pt t Hin. 
Cochin China, KtJ-yiu y^-na, s. e. 

portion of Anam. 
Cochituate, Ka-qit-yn-at, t?and Z Mass. 
Cochran's Grove, Kok-ranz Grov, v III. 
Code, Ko-kl, r N-Grenada. 
Cocolainus, Ko-kol-a-mus, cr Pa. 

Cocos, Ko-kos, is Indian Ocean. 
Cvddgno. Ko-duJn-yo, t Lombardy, 93^. 
Codorus, Ko-do-rus, v and cr Penn. 
Coepaog or Koepang, Ka>-pqij, t island 

of Timor, 5. 
Coeslin, Kes-len, t Prus., 83^. 
Coesse, Ko-es, p o Ind. 
Coeyman's, Kwe-manz, v N-Y. 
CoffeviUe, K6f-e-vil, v Miss. 
Coffin's, Kof-inz, i Gulf of St-Law. 
Coggeshall, K6g-/al, t Eng. 
Cognac, Kon-yqk, t Fr. 
Cohahuila, Ko-q-wt-lq, or Montelove^, 

Mon-tH-lw-ves, t Mex. 
Cohahuila, Kt)-q-we-lq, st Mex. 
Cohansey, Koa-han-si, r N-J. 
Coha.sset, Ko-has-et, r Mass. 
Cohoes, Ko-hG)z, (^or Caboos and Ca- 

hoes. ^ V N-Y. 
Coila, Ktf-la, p as N-Y., Miss. 
Coimbatoor, Kerm-ba-t<f)r, dis and t 

Coimbra, Ko-em-brq, c Portugal. 
Coin, Ko-en, t Sp. 
Cojutepeque, K(;J-7^(D-ta-pa-ka, t San 

Salvador; also l. 
Colair, Ko-14r, I Hind. 
Colaparchee, Ko-la-pqr-qE, /) Ga. 
Colberg or Kolberg, K6l-ber7i, t Prus- 
sian Pomerania. 
Colbert, K64-Hert, «; Miss. 
Colchagua, Kol-c;q-gwq, dep Chili. 
Colchester. K61-qes-ter, t Eng., 193^; 

vs Vt., Conn., &c. [^-J.j &«• 

Cold Spring, Kold Sprifl, rs N-Y. 13^, 
Cold Spring Harbor, v N-Y. 
Coldwater, K61d-we-ter, t Mich., 2 ; r 

Coleborne, Kol-born, r C. W. [<fec. 

Colebrook, Kol-bruk, 'V N-U., Conn., 
Coleraine. Kol-ran, s-jjt t Ir.; rs U. S. 
Colima, Kci-If-mq, ter aud t Mex., 

31^:^: rol 12,000 ft. 
Collamer, K61-a-mer, rs Gepn., Ill,, &c. 
College of St. James, v Md. 
Colliers, Kol-yerz, v N-Y. [r*. 

CoUinsville, Kol-inz-vil, t Conn., 1; sev. 
Col mar, Kol-mq/-. c Fr., 233^.<. 
Colne, Koln (rr Kon, rs and t Eng. 
Cologna, Ko-lon-yq, ^ N. It., 63^. 
Cologne, Ko-lon, c Prus., 923<^. 
Cololo, Ko-loj-lu, m p Andes, 17,930 ft. 
Coloma, Kci-\Ci-xv.a, p os Ala., 111. 
Colombia, Ko-16m-bi-q, former name 

of the republic of S. A. 
Colombo, Ko-lom-bo, o/Colurabo, Ko- 

Idm-bcj, s-pt t and cap Ceylon, 31)^. 
Colonia do Santissimo Sacramento^.. ix. 

Ko-la)-ni-q do Sqn-te-si-mo Sq- 

krq-mda-to),/^ t Uruguay. 

Geographical Yocabttlary. 


Colorado, or Rio Colorado, Re-o Kol- 
o-rq-do, (to dij^tiaguish it from the 
Colorado of Texas,) r U. S., w. of 
the Rocky Mountains. 

Cnlo?.-ae, Ko-16s-E, ruined, c As. Minor. 

Colquitt. K61-l<wit, v Ga. 

Cokon, Kol-ton, v X-Y. 

Coluguape, Ko-liD-gwq-pa, I Patagonia. 

Columbia, Ko-lum-bi-a, (or Oregon,) 
largest, r entering Pacific Ocean from 
American continent; entire length 
1200 m.; c, cap S. C, 7; ts Pa., 
Tenn., Mo.; vs Me., N-IL, Conn., 
N-Y., 0., Ind., Tex., &c. 

Columbiana, Ku)-lum-bi-an-a, co and v 
O.; V in. 

Columbia Village, Ko-ldm-bi-a Vil-aj, 
V N-Y. [Med. 

Columbretes, Ko-UT)m-bra-tes, r<,l is 

Culumbu>», Ko-lum-bu^J, c, cap 0., 25; 
c Ga.. 9; t Miss.; rs Tex.. Ind., Wis. 

C ihisi, K(a-k6-se, co and t. Cal. 

C<»lze:in. Kol-/,an, Castle, Scot. 

Comacchio, Ko-mq-ki-o, ft t It. 

Comal, KcD-mal, co and t Tex. 

Comanche, Ko-man-qa, itr Comanches, 
Ko-raan-qes, {also Camanches,) Am. 
Ind. Mex. and Tex. 

Comayagua, Ko-mi-4-gwq, (formerly 
VitUadolid,) c Cc»n. Am., 12. 

Corabaconum, Kom-ba-ko-nura, or 
Cumbooconum, Kom-boQ-ku-num, t 
Hind., 40. 

Combahee, Kora-ba-hg, r S. C. 

Coraitan, K(a-me-t4n, (or Comitlan, 
Ko-raet-l^n, t Mex., 10. 

Coraite, Ka-met, r La. 

Communipaw, Ko-mq-ni-po, v N-.T. 

Cjmo, K6-mo, Z, prov and c Lorn., 
18^: ts XJ. S. 

C .modo, Ku-mca-do, i Malay Arch. 

(!i)morn, K6-morn,/r t Hun., 18. 

Cnraoro, K6m-o-ro, Isles, vol is Moz- 
ambique Channel; pop. 80,000, Arabs 
and Neg.-ocs. 

C'jinpetition, Kom-pe-ti-Jon, t Va. 

Compiano, Kora-pc-^-no, t It. 

Compiegno, Koh-pe-any, t Fr., 10^. 

Curapotine. Kom-pw-ten, p o lo. 

Corapton, Korap-ton, v Ga. 

C'.mstock. Kom-stok, v Mich., l^/^. 

Concpntaina, Kon-ten-tj nq, t Sp. 

Concepcion, Kon-sep-BR-6n, (or Con- 
ception,) i n. side Panama. 

Cimcepcion, K<>n-.scp-sp-6D,/?< Chili, 10; 
U Bid., N-Grenada, ic. 

Conception, Kon-s^p-Jon, Bay, inlet 
Newfoundland. [Salvador. 

Conchagua, Kon-Q^-gwq, ^ and roJSan 

Couchardee, Kon-q^r-Ue,^ o Ala, 

Conchas, Kon-qqs, (or Concho?,) rs 

Mex. and Braz. [Peru. 

Conchucos, Kon-qc6-ko3, prov anii t 
Concord, K6i)-kord, c N-H., 8)^2; ^ ^'^'j 

fs Mass., Ky., Mich., &c. 
Concordia, Kon-ko/'-di-a, ^Ja^ La.; scv. 

vs U. S. 
Concord River, Mass. 
Conde, Kon-da, t Fr., h\^. 
Condo, K6n-da, ts Braz. 
Conde-sur-Noireau, Kon-da-ser-nwq- 

ru, t Fr., 63^. 
Condom, Koh-dcin, t Fr., 7i^. 
Conecochoague, Kon-e-ko cjeg, cr Pa. 
Conecuh, Ku-ne-ku, r Ala. 
Conedogwinit, Kon-£-dog-win-it, <TPa. 
Conegliano, Ko-nal-yq-no), t It., Gj^j". 
Cunemaugh, K6n-e-mo, r Pa. [Pa. 

Conequenes.sing, Kon-e-kwe-ne^-i;), cr 
Conestoga, K-in-e3-td)-ga, cr and y Pa. 
Conesus, Ku)-ng-sus, v and ^ N-Y. 
Conewago, Kon-e-wa-go, cr Pa. [N-Y. 
Conewango, Kon-e-way-go, cr and 
Coney, Kt5-ni, Island, s. w. of Long 

Island, N-Y. 
Congaree, Kog-ga-re, r S. C. 
Congleton, K6g-gl-ton, t Eng. 
Congo, Kog-gio, or Zaire, Zq-s-ra, r 

S. Af.; extensive Cfi) W. Af. 
Congrehoy, Kon-gra-'ho-e, r Guat. 
Congress, Kog-gres, t 0. 
Conhocton, Kon-hok-ton, r N-Y. 
Coni, Ko-ne, or Cuneo, Kco-na-o, t 

Piedmont, 18^. 
Conki, K6n-ke, r Hind. 
Conna.sauga, Kon-a-s6-ga, r Ga. 
Connaught, K6n-ot, /?rotJ Ir. 
Conneaut, Kon-e-ot, cr Pa.; ■» 0. 
Conneautville, Kone-ot-vil, r Pa. 
Connecticut, Kon-et-i-kut, r N-Eng., 

400 m.; one of the U. S., area 4674 

s. m., pop. 370,792.^ 
Connemara, Kon-e-mar-a, dis Ir. 
Connersville, Kon-erz-vil, t Ind. 
Conoloway, Ko-nol-o-wa, cr Pa. 
Conotten, Kca-not-en, cr and v 0. 
Conseca, Kon-sa-kq, walled t Sierra 

Leone, 20. 
Conseguina, Kon-pa-g£-nq, vol Nio. 
Conshatte Chute, Kon-J^t Smt, p La. 
Con.>jhohocken, Kon-Jo-hok-en, v Pa. 
Constance, Kon-stans, ft c Baden; I 

Con. Eu. 
Constantia, Kon-stdn-fi-a, v N-Y. 
Con.stantina, Kon-stqn-te-nq, t Sp., 7, 
Con.stantine, Kon-stqn-t^n, (or Oon- 

stantina,) ft c Algeria, 21. 
Canstantine, Kon-stan-ten, v Mich. 
Constantinople, Kon-stiin-ti-iuS-pl, q 

Tur., cap Ottoman Empire, 787, 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Contentny, Kon-t4nt-ni, cr N. C. 
Cotitoocook, Kon-tco-kuk, r N-H. 
Contra Custa, Kon-tra Kos-ta, co and 

2) o Cal. 
Contreras, Kon-tra-rqs, bat. field, Mex.; 

is s. w. of Guatemala. 
Contreras, Kon-tre-ras, p o 0. 
Conversano, Kon-ve/'-sc'i-uo. t Xap.,7%. 
Conway, K6n-\va, or Couwy, Kou-we, 

y North Wales. 
Conway, K6n-wa, r Va.; v Mass. [C. 
Conwayborough, Kon-wa-bur-ca, v S. 
Conyersville, Kon-yerz-vil, v Tenn. 
Conyngham, Kun-ig-hara, v Pa. 
Coobcabia, Kcob-kq bi-q, t Cen. Af. 
Coodoonia, Ka)-dit)-ni-a, /• N. W. Af. 
Coogee, K<6-gc, s-pt t N-S. Wales. 
Cook Inlet, Ivus. Am. 
Cook Islands, Pac. Oc, 8. of Polynesia, 

pop. 50,000, Malay. 
Cookstown, t Ir.; rs N-J., C. W. 
Cooksville, tx Miss., Ind., Wis., C. W. 
Coomassie, KcD-ruas-e, t Guinea, 18. 
Coonewar, KuQ-ne-wor, p o Miss. 
Cooper, Kvip-er, River, S. C. 
Cooperstown, rs N-Y., N-J., Pa., Wis. 
Cooper's Wells, watering-place, Miss. 
Coos, Kca-os, CO N-H. 
Coosa, Kuo-sa, r Ga. and Ala. 
Coosauda, K*-s6-da, ri Ala. 
Coosawattee, Koo-sa-wot-s, r Ga. 
Coosawhatchie, Ka)-sa-hw6q-E, 'V S. C. 
Cootehill, Ki()t-hil, t Ir., 2)^. 
Copan, Ko-pqn, r and ruined c Guat. 
Copano, Ko-p^-no, v Tex. 
Copeland, Kcop-land, Islands, n. w. Ir. 
Copeiihagen, Kca-pen-ha-gen, cap Den- 
mark, 1:^31^; vs N-Y., N. C. 
Copiah, Ko-pj-a, cr and co Miss. 
Copiapo, Kci-pE-q-po, ■;• Chili. 
Copiapo or San Francisco de Selra, 

t Chili. 
Coppermine, Kop-er-mjn, vis and r 

Brit. N. Am. 
Coquago, Ka)-kw4-g<D, or Oquago, O- 

kwq-go, branch Delaware r, N-Y. 
Coquet, K6k-et, {or Cocket,) r Eng. 
Coquimbo, Ko-kem-bo, prov. and s-jjt 

t Chili, 8. 
Cora, K6-rq, cap island of Samos; v 

Coral, Ko-rql, i Brazil; K6r-a1, « 111, 
Coral Sea, part Pac. Oc, w. Australia. 
Corannas, Ko-rqn-qs, trihe S. Af. 
Corato, Ko-rq-to, c Nap., HX- 
Corbeau, Kor-b6, v N-Y. 
Corcobado or Corcovado, Kor-ko-v^- 

dcj, vol Patagonia; g w, coast S, Am. 
Corcovado, Ko/'-ko-v4-d(i), m Brazil, 

height 2000 ft. 

Cordillera, Kor-dil-e-ra, (Sp. Kor-del- 

ya-rq,) Spanish name of Andes tt?^. 
Cordova, Kor-do-vq, prov Sp.; also c., 

42, in the tenth century nearly 1000. 
Cordova, Ko/'-do-va, t Mex., 6; /;?'.-» 

and c La Plata, 13. [111. 

Cordova, Kor-dw-va, p os Tenn., Ky., 
Corea or Korea, Ko-rc-a, cy N. E. As. 

— Archipelago of, ts w. Corea. 
Corea, Strait ot, connecting- Sea of Ja- 
pan with Yellow Sea. 
Corentyn, Ko-ren-tjn, r S. Am. 
Core Sound, coast N. C. 
Corfu, Kor-fc6 or Ker-fto, one of Ionian 

is, 75; cap same, 20. 
Corigliano, Ko-rel-yq-no, t Nap., S}^. 
Corinaldo. Ko-re-nql-do, t It., 6, 
Coringa, Ku-rig-gq, s-pt Brit. India. 
Corinna, Koi-rin-a, v Me. 
Corinth, Kor-int, anc. c Greece, on is- 
thmus of Corinth, 2: g arm Med.: v» 

Me., Vt., Ga. 
Corisco. Ko-ris-ko, b and i w. Af. 
Cork, Kork, c Ir., 8i}{. 
Corniglio, Ker-ml-yo, t It, 
Corning, Korn-ig, D N-Y., 4. 
Corno, Monte, M6n-ta Ke/'-no, tti Nap. 
Cornucopia, KGr-nti,-kw pi-a, po Ind. 
Cornwall, Korn-wel, co Eng.; vs Vt., 

Conn., N-Y., Nova Scotia, C. W. 
Cornwall, New, jjortion w. coast N. A. 
Coro, Ku-ro, c Yen., 4. 
Coromandol, Kor-o-man-del, Tiar e. 

coast N-Zeal. 
Coronara, Ko-ro-n^-tq, i Adriatic. 
Coronation, Kor-a-na-Jon, ii N-S. 

Shetland and Kus. Am. 
Coronda, Ko-rou-dq. t Santa-Fe. 
Coroora, Ko-rc6-rq, * N. Pac. Oc. 
Carowaugh, Kor-o-wo, p o Ya. 
Corpus Cliristi, Ker-pus Kris-ti, v 

Texas, 1%: I Texas. 
Corrib, Lough, Lo K6r-ib, I Ir. 
Currientes, Kor-e-en-tes, dep La Plata. 
Corsica, Kor-si-ka, i Med., 110 by 53 

m„ pop, 236,251: rs Pa., 0, 
Corsicana, Kyr-si-ka-na, v Texas. 
Corte, Ko?'-ta, t Corsica, 4%. 
Cortetz, Kor-tets, * in the Dnieper. 
Cortland, Kort-land, co and d N-Y. 
Curtona, Ke/'-tu-nq, t Tuscany. 
Corunna, Ku-run-a, /if c Sp., IS)^; v 

Corvo, Ker-vo, i Azores, 1. 
Corycian, Ko-riJ-i-an, Cave, in Bceotia. 
Corydon, K6r-i-don, ts Pa., Ky., la., 

Cos, Kos, or Stanehio, Stqn-ke-o, « 

Med.; q near island. 
Cosala, Ko)-sq-lq, t Cinaloa, Mex. 

Geographical Yocabulaht. 


Cosenza, Ko-sen-zci, c Nap., 14. 
Cushocton, ivoi-J6k-ton, co and v 0. 
Cossatot, Kos-a-tot, cr Ark. 
Cosi, K6-SE, or Koose, Kc6-?e, r Hind. 
Cosiguina, Ko-si-gg-nq, vi>l N:c. 
Cosihuiriachi, Ko-si-we-ri-ci-qE, t Chi- 

Cosmoledo, Kos-rao-la-do, is Ind. Oc, 
Ci»sne, Kon, t Fr. 
Cossacks, Kos-aks, (Country of the 

Don,) vast plain S. Rus. 
Costa Kica, Kos-tq Re-kfi, southern st 

Cen. Am.; area 16,250 s. in., pop. 

Cosuinne, K6s-um-ne, 'p o Cal. 
Cote Blanche, Kot Blqn/, h s. La. 
Cote D'Or, Kot De/*, ms and dep Fr. 
Cotile,Kt)-tel, p o La. 
Cotindiba, Koj-tsn-de-bq,, r Brazil. 
Cotonia, Ku-to-ma, p o Ala. 
Cotopaxi, Ko-to-paks-e, x'ol Ecuador, 

height 18,875 ft. 
Cotosa, Ko-tti-sa, p o Ga. 
Cotrone, Ko-tr^-na, t Naples, 5)^. 
Cotta, K6t-q. v Ceylon. \S%. 

Cottbus or Kottbus, Kot-bus, t Prus., 
Cottica, Kot-8-kq, r Dutch Guiana. 
Cotuit, K6t-yn-it. v Mass. 
Cutuy or Cotui, Ko-twe, t Hayti, 2. 
Couche's (K^s^-ez) Gap, v Tenn. 
Coudcrsport, K's-derz-port, v Pa. 
Coudoonia, Koo-dob-ni-q, r Soodan. 
Coudres, Ki6d-r, i St. Lawrence. 
Coulson's, KiJl-sonz, Mills, p o Mo. 
Council Bluffs, K^n-sil Blufs, v lo., 4. 
Council City, v Kanzas. 
Courbevoie, K'Or-be-vwq, v Fr., 5. 
Courland or Kurland, Kdbr-lqnd, a gov. 

Courtableau, Ka)r-tq-bl(5, Bayou, La. 
Courtais, Koor-ta, cr Mo. 
Courte.-y, Kdr-te-si, « Ga. 
Courtland, Kort-land, t« Ala., Ta.,'Wis. 
Cuurtrai or Courtray, K.ur-tra, ft t 

Belgium, 19;)^. [La. 

Coushattee Chute, K(D-/at-e Soot, p o 
CouUnce?, Koo-tohs, t Fr., 8. 
Coventry, Kiiv-en-tri, c Jing., 37; X8 

Vt., R. L, Conn., N-Y., Pa. 
Cove of Cork, (now Queenstown,) i-pt 

t Ir., 5. 
Covington, Kiiv-ig-ton, c Ky., oppo- 
site Cincinnati. 13 : vs 0,, la. 11^, 

111., Mo, Pa., Va., Ga. 
Cowailia, Ko-wol-is, p o Oregon. 
Cowanesque. Ko-an-e.^k, cr Pa. 
C(.wee, kTf-e, pa N. C. 
Cowekee, Kii-c-ke, cr and p o Ala. 
Cowelitsk, Ku-el-itak, ludian-s, Wash. 


Cowe?, K-5Z, S'pt t Isle of Wight, 4. 

Coweta, K-s-e-ta, co Ga. 

Cowlitz, Ki-lits, r Wa^h. Ter.; — 

L:inding, t Wa::'h. T^r. 
Coxim, Ko-Jth, r Brazil. 
Coxsackie, Kok-sak-e, v N-Y. 
Cuyle, Korl, /• Hind., 300 m. 
Cozumel, Ko-zoo-inel, Lsland, Yucatan. 
Crab Orchard, mineral springs, v Ky. 
Cracatoa, Krak-a-tw-a, i Malay Arch. 
Cracow or Krakow, Kra-ko, c Poland, 

43; the former republic of this uamt?, 

now included in the grand duchy of 

Craftsbury, Krdfts-ber-i, v Vt. 
Craigdville, Krtigz-vii, 'O Pa. 
Cranberry, Kran-ber-i,w N-J., Pa., 0.: 

I NY. 
Cranborne, Kran-born, t Eng. 
Cranbrook, Kran-bruk, t Eng. 
Cranston, Krans-ton, 'C R, I., 4]/^. 
Crawfish, Krd-fiJ, River, Wis. 
Crawford, Kre-ford, numerous cos and 

'cs U. S. 
Craw fords villa, Kro-fordz-vil, t la., 

23'^; vs Ga., Iowa. 
Cree, Kre, r Scot. fe 

Creek, Krsk, Indians, of Ga. and Ala. 
Crefeld, Kra-felt, t Rhenish Prussia, 

Crema, Kra-mq, t Lorabardy, 93<^. 
Cremona, Kra-mu-na. ft c Lom., 2S]/^. 
Crescent (Kres-unt) City, two ^d' Cal. 
Crestline, Kres^t-lin, v 0. 
Crete Kret, {or Candia,) i Med., be- 
longing to Turkey; 150 by 6 to 35 

m.; pop. 158,000. 
Creuse, Krez, dep and r Fr., 175 m. 
Creuzot, Lc, Le Kre-z6, t Fr., 8. 
Creve Coeur, Krev Ker, p o Mo. 
Crevillente, Kra-vel-yen-ta, t Sp., 7J^, 
Crewe, Kroo, t Eng. 
Crewkerne, Krdb-kern, t Eng., i^. 
Crieff, Kref, t Scot., 4}^. 
Crimea, Krim-e-a, pe/i S. Rus., on 

the Black Sea; pop. 190,063. 
Crittenden, Krit-en-den, vs Ky., la. 
Crixa or Cricha, Kre-Jq, r Brazil; o 

do., 5. 
Croatia, Kro-a-Ji-a, prov Aus. Em., 

area 3398 s. m., pop. 5S8,204. 
Croatia, Turkish, part of anc. Croatia. 
Crockett, Krok-et, v Texas. 
Croghan, Kro-han, vs N-Y., 0. 

Croia, Croja, Kr(5-yq, t Turkey in Eu. 

Croix-rousse, La, Lq Krwq-n&s, t Fr., 

Cromarty, Krom-ar-ti, co and t Scot, 
(-romford, Krom-ford, t Eng., 1)^. 
Cromwell, Krum-wel, v Cuun. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Cronstadt or Kronstadt, KrcSn-stqt, «- 

fit Rus., on Kotlin inland; pop. in 

winter, 6: summer, 40. 
Crooked, Kriak-ed, Lake, w. N-Y., 18 

by IX m. ^ ^ [61^. 

Crossen oi' Krossen, Kros-en, t Frus., 
Cross {or La Cros.^e), Br. N.Am., 

origin of the Miss. River. 
Crosswicks, Kros-wiks, X) N-J. 
Croton, Kro-ton, v N-Y. 
Croton River, N-Y. 
Crow, Kro), Indian-s, tribe of Mo. Ter. 
Crown Point, Kr-sn Pflrnt, ts N-Y., lu. 
Crow River, Min. Ter., 100 m. 
Crow Wing, r and v Min. Ter. 
Croydon, Krtf-don, t Eug., 20. 
Crozet, Kro-za, Islands, S. lud. Oc. 
Crozon, Krw-ztJii, t Fr., 9. 
Cruces, Krt6-ses, t N-Urenada. [fi^. 
Cruyshantera, Krers-hqn-tcui, « Bcig., 
Crystal, Kris-tai, Lake, I ajid v lii. 
Csaba, C6b-o, t' Ilun. 
Csacza, C6t-so, t Hun., 4)^. 
Cmkova, tJok-o-vo, t Hun., iy^, 
Cs.ikvar, (i^qk-vq/', v Ilun., 4^, 
Csath, Csat. or C.satt, Cqt, t Hun., 5%. 
Csongrad, yon-grqcl, t Hun., 133^. 
Cuajiniqualpa, Kwq-Ae-ni-kwql-pq, t 

Guat., 3. 
Cuba, Kii-ba, (Sp. K(6-bq,) » at the 

mouth of the Gulf of Mexico, largest 

of the W. Ind., belonging to Spain; 

660 by 50 to 60 m.: area 35,757 s. m.: 

pop. in 1853, 510,988 whites, 176,617 

free colored, 330,425 slaves, — total 

1,009,060; re N-Y. 1, 0., &c. 
Cubahatcheo, Ki],-ba-haq-£, cr and j» o 

Ala. [ezuela, 5. 

Cucuisas, Las, Lqs KcD-kwe-sqs, ^ Ven- 
Cuddalore, Kud-a-lcbr, t Hind. 
Cuenca, Kwen-kq, c Sp., 6; pvoxi do. 
Cuenca, (<//• Rambae,) c Ecuador, 20. 
Cuero, Kwa-ro, v Texas. 
Cueva de Vera, Kwa-vq da Va-rq, t 

Sp., 10>^. 
Culebra, Koo-la-brq, r and i-pt Costa 

Rica: i W. Ind. 
Culiacan, Koo-li-q-k^n, t Mex., 7. 
Cullera, Koil-ya-rq, t Sp., 7. 
Culloden, Kul-o-den, moory ridge of 

Scot.; li Ga. 
CuUoma, Kul-6-ma, t CaL, 3. 
Culna, Kul-na, t Brit. Ind.: 40. [6)^. 
Cumana, KcD-mq-nq. dep arid c Ven., 
Cumania or Rumania, KLD-ma-ni-a, 

Great and Little, ind. din Huu. 
Cumbal, KiJ)m-b41, in p Andes, N-G., 

15,620 ft. high. 
Cumberland, Kum-ber-land, t Md., 6; 

vs Me., Ky., 0., la. 

Cumberland Basin, bet. Nova Scotia 

and N-Brunswick. 
Cumberland Island, is n. of Ga.; Brit. 

N. Am.; in the Pacific. 
Cumberland Mountains, bet. Va. and 

Ky., and bet. N. C. and Tenn. 
Cumberland River, flows through Ky. 

and Tenn., 600: nav. 200 to 500. 
Cumberl'd University, Lebanon, Tenn. 
Cumbola, Kum-bw-la, v Pa. ' 
Cumbre, La, Lq Kaun-bra, pass across 

tlie Andes, bet. Santiago, in Chili, 

and Mer-doza; elevation, 12,454 ft. 
Cumbiian, Kiim-bri-an, Mts., in Eng. 
Cumino, Km-me-nca, i Med., %. 
Gumming, Kdm-ig, v Ga. 
Cummingsville, Kiim-iijz-vil, V 0. 
Cunningham's Kun-i^-hamz, Island, 

w. end Lake Erie, 3 by 2}^ m. 
Cui>rgne, K»ern-ya, t Pied., b)^. 
Cupar-Fife, Kx\,-par-Fjf, i Scot. 
Cupica, K<D-pe-kq, d and b N-Gran. 
Cura, Ki6-rq, t Ven., 4. 
Curagoa, Kq-ra-SQ-a or K§-rq-s6, i 

W. Ind., 40 by 6 to 10 m.; pop. loj^. 
Curaray, Koo-rq-rj, r Ecuador. 
Curia, Ki\-ri-a, t' Ark. [Arab. 

Curia Muria, Kd)-ri-q Mdb-ri-q, is s. e. 
Curico, Koj-re-ko, dig and t Chili. 
Curitiba, Km-ri-tt-bq, r and t Brazil. 
Current, Kdr-ent, River, Mo. and Ark., 

250 m. ^ [N. C. 

Currituck, Kur-i-tuk, i and sound n. e. 
Curtatoue, Kcur-tq-tQ-na, 'V Milan, b]^. 
Curzola, Kflt)/d-zu)-lq, i Adriatic, pop. 

4K. Li'a. 

Cussawago, Kus-a-w(\-go, cr and /> o 
Cusseta, Kus-e-ta, d Ala. 
Cutchogue, Kut-cjcig, v N-Y. 
Cuthbert, Kufc-bert, v Ga. 
Cuttack, Kut-ak,^7/6- and c Br. Ind., 40. 
Cuvo, Kdb-vo), r Lower Guinea, 400 m. 
Cuyaba or Cuiaba, Kco-yq-bq, r and o 

Cuyahoga, Kj-a-h^-ga, r 0. 
Cuyahoga Falls, u 0. 
Cuyler, Kj-ler, 'V N-Y 
Cuyos, Kcfj-yos, Is., group of the Phil. 
Cuyuni, Kt]t)-yi»-n8, r Br. Guiana. 
Cuzco, Kflbs-kffl, e Peru, 413^; dep do. 
Cwmdu, Kcf)m-de, hamlet S. Wales. 
Cyclades, Sik-la-dez, is Grecian Arch., 

pop. 19. 
Cynlhiana, Sin-ti-an-a, vs Ky., 0., la. 
Cj'press, Sj-pres, I's Ky., Mo., <fec. 
Cyprus, Sj-prus, i Turkey in Asia, 143 

by 40 m.; pop. 100. [163^. 

Czegled, Tsa-gled, large v Cen. Hun., 
Czernowitz, ^e/'-no-vits, {or Tscherno- 

witz,) t Aus'. Poland, 12. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 



Dacca, Dak-a, c Brit. Tnd., 200. 
Dagoe, D4-g?-e, or Dago, Dq-go, i 

Ru3., Baltic Sea, 34 by 15 m.; pop. 

10,000. [Iowa. 

Dahlonega, Da-15n-E-ga, ■»« Ga. \],^, 
Dahme, D4-me, t Prus., Z%. 
Dahomey or Dihomay, Dci-ho-ma, 

k \V. Af.; pop. 200,000. 
Daiman, Di-mqn, or Arangua, fl-r^n- 

gwq, r S*. Am., 110 ra. 
Daimiel, Dj-mi-el, t Sp., 9. 
Dakhcl, El, El D.^-^el, vr. oasis Upper 

Egypt, pop, 7,000. 
Dakota. Da-k(i)-ta, co and IJ Min. 
Dakota Indians, same a.s Sioux. 
Dal-Elf, Dql-elf, r Ssved., 250 m. 
Dalhoasie, Dal-hob-ze, v Scot.j t N- 

Dallas, Dq-li-qs, t Sp., 12. 
Dalkeith, Dal-ket, t Scot., 5. 
Dallas, Dal-as, ra N. C, Tex., Ark.,&c. 
Ddlmatia, Dal-ma-Ji-a, pwy Aus. Em., 

comp. anc. Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavo- 

nia, and Flume: pop. 393,715j v Pa. 
Dairy, Dal-ri, v Scot., 9. 
Dalton, D jl-ton, 'vs Mass., Ga., 0., &c. 
Damaran, Dq-inq-rc^^n, i Malay Arch. 
Damariscotta, Dam-a-ria-kot-a, r Mo. 
Damascus, Da-mas-kus, c Syria, oldest 

in the world, founded 2000 B. C, 112j 

ca Pa., 0., Ac. 
Dambool, Dam-bc6I, v Ceylon. 
Damietta, Dam-i-6t-a, t Low. Eg., 28. 
Damme, Dq-me, i Malay Arch., 12 m. s. 
Dampier, Dam-per, Arch., n. w. coast 

Danbury, Dan-ber-i, va N-H., Conn. 
Danby, Dan-bi, vs Vt., N-Y.;^ oIU. 
Dandridgi, Dan-drij, v Tenn. 
Dane, Dan, rel. to Denmark; co Wis, 
Danemora, Din-e-m(5-ra, v 0. 
Danish, Dan-iJ, belonging to Den. 
Dankali, Dqn-kq-lg, w Danakil, Dq- 

nq-k£l, ind date, Af., pop. 70.000. 
Dannemora, Dan-e-ra6-ra, v N-Y. 
Dan River, Va.. and N. C. 
Dansville, v N-Y., 2>^. 
Dantzic, or Dantzick, gov and ft c W. 

Prussia, pop. 53 : guff of the sttra«. 
Danube, Dan-yqb, r Eu., rising in 

Baden, and falling into the Black 

sea, 1000 m.; v NY. 
Dantrers, Dan-verz, v Mass. 
Danville, t« Pa., SJ^; Va., 3; Ky., 2yi ; 

tw Me., Vt., la., O., 111., Ac. 
Durabgherd, Dci-rqb-g^rd, t Per., 20. 

D'arbonne, Dqr-bon, iaymi La., nav. 
Darby, Dqr-bi, v Pa. [60 in. 

Dardanelle, Dqr-da-n^l, v Ark. 
Dardanelles, Dqr-da-nelz, {or Helles- 
pont,) strait bet. Eu. and As. Tur.j 

p Or. 
Dardenne, Dqr-den, cr and 'O Mo. 
Darfoor, Dqr-fdb/*, cy of Af. 
Darien. Da-ri-en, g and former pron 

of N-Gran.j U Conn., N-Y., Ga. 

Darling, Dqr-lip, r and ms Cen. Aust. 
Darlington, Dqr-liri-ion, ^ Eng., llj^; 

vs Pa., Md., S. C., la., &c. 
Darmstadt, Dqrm-stqt, t Ger., 27. 
Dart, Dqrt, r Eng.; p o Ark. [Wis. 
Dartford, D^rt-ford, t Eng., 6}^ ; v 
Dartmouth, Dqrt-rauf), s-pt t Eug. 4)-^; 

m Pr. Ed. Is., N. S., Mass.; r Mad. 
Darmouih College, Hanover, N. H. 
Darwar, Dqr-wqr, dis and t Hind. 
Darwen, Over, Dqr-wen, O'ver, t Eng., 
Darwin, Dqr-win, v III. [11%. 

D'Aubigny, Dca-bsn-ye, v C. E. 
Dauchiie, Da get, hayou Ark., La. 
Daule, D^-la, nav. /• Ec. 
Dauphin, De-fin, oo and v Pa. 
Davenp >rt, Dav-en-port, c Iowa, 5. 
Davie, Da-ve, co N. C. 
Daviess, Da-vis, sev. cos U. S. 
Davis Inlet, & e. coast Labrador, 57 m. 
Davis's Strait, between Greenland and 

Brit. N. Am., 750 m. 
Dayton, Da-ton, fourth c of 0., 17 ; vs 

la., Ala., III., Iowa. 
Dead Sea, I Pal., 41 by S)^ m. 
Deal, Del, maritime t Eng., 7. 
Dean Forest, Eng., 22,000 acres be- 
longing to the crown ; pon. 13)^. 
Dearborn's River, Der-born, Mo., 150 ra. 
Dearbornville, Der-born-vil, v and 

U. S. Arsenal, Mich. 
Dease River, Des, Brit. N. Am. 
Debreczin, or Debretzin, Da-br6t-sin, 

free t E. Hungary, 63. 
Deoatur, De-ka-tur, va Ga., Ala., 0., 

Mich., la.. III., Wis. 
De Chien Bayou, De-Jgn, w. part Ky. 
Deckertown, D^k-er-f»n, v N-J. 
Docorah, De-ku-ra, v Iowa. 
Dedhain, Del-ham, n) Mass. 
Dee, De, r Wales, 70 m.; two rs Scot. 
Deegoa, De-g(5-q, walled t Borneo, 30. 
Deep River, central part N. C, 100 m. 
Deorfiold, Der-feld, r Vt., numerous 

w U. S. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 

Defiance, Dt-fj-ans, co and tO. 

De Graff, De Graf, v 0. 

De Kalb, De Kalb, cos and rs U. S. 

Dekorra, Ds-kor-a, v Wis. 

Delagoa, DcI-a-g6-a,*«!M/c^ Ind. Oc. 

De La Palma, De Lq ral-ma, w o 0. 

Delavan, Del-a-van, vs N-Y., 111., Wis, 

Delaware, Del-a-w.T,r, r, rises in N-Y. 
and flows bet. the states of N-Y., 
and N-J. on one side, and Pa. and 
Del. on the other; nav. for ships to 
Philadelphia; whole length 300 ni. 

Delaware, smallest of the U. S., except 
II. I.: 2120 s. m., pop. 71,169 whites, 
18,073 free blacks, 2,290 slaves,— 
total, 91,532. 

Delaware, t 0., 2; h sep. N-J, and 
Del., length 60 m. 

Delaware City, v Del.; settlement in 
Kansas Ter. 

Delaware College, at N«wark, Del. 

Delawares, tribe of Indians formerly 
occupying N-Y., Pa., N-J. 

Delft, Delft, 2!S. Holland, \7}{. 

Delhi, Del-E, c Hind., at one time cov- 
ering 20 s. m., with pop. 2,000,000, 
now reduced to 250,000 ; Del-hj, vs 
N-Y., 0., 111. Iowa, Wis., &c. 

Delos, De-los, is Gr. Arch. 

Delphi, Del-fj, m and t anc. Gr.; ts N- 
Y., Tenn., la.. Mo. 

Delphos, Del-fos, d 0., l}4. 

Delta, Del-ta, ts N-Y., Miss., 0. 

Delton, Del-ton, v Wis. 

Deraak, Dem-qk, t, dis and r Is. Java. 

Demavend (Dem-q-vend,) Mount, vol 
Persia, 14,695 ft. 

Dembea, Dera-be-a, I Abys. 

Dembia, Dera-bi-a, r W. Af. 

Demer, Da-raer, r Belg. 

Demerara, Dem-er-^-ra, r and c?i5 Brit. 
Guiana. [200 m. 

Deraianka, Da-mi-^n-ka, r Siberia. 

Demmin, De-raen, t Prus., 63^. 

Demonte, Da-mon-ta, /if ^ Pied., 7. 

Demopolis, De-mop- o-lis, v Ala. 

Demotica, De-mot-i-ka, t Eu. Tur., 8. 

Denain, De-nan, -y Fr., %%. 

Denbigh, Den-be, t N. Wales, 5>^. 

Dender, Den-der, r Nubia, 250 m. 

Dcndermonde, Den-der-mon-de, ft t 
Belg., 8X. 

Denia, Da-ni-q, maritime t Sp., 3. 

Denmark, Den-mqrk, k N. Eu., having 
as colonies: Duchies of Sleswick, 
Holstein, Lauenburg; Faroe Islands; 
Iceland ; Greenland ; West India Is. 
— Santa Cruz, St., and San 
Juan : Nicobar Is. Total area, 62,870; 
total pop., 2,412,926. The gov. is a 

hereditary constitutional monarchy: 

rs Tenn., 111., &c. 
Dennis, Den-is, v Mass. 
Depaaville, De-po-vil, v N-Y. 
Depere, De-p4r, w De-per, v Wis. 
Depeyster, De-pj-ster, v N-Y. 
Deptford, D6d-ford, pt Eng., 27^. 
Dera Ghazee Khan, Der-a Gq-z£ Kqn, 

t Afg., 25. 
Derayeh, El, El Da-rJ-e, t Ar., 15. 
Derbend, Der-bend, (or Derbent,) t 

Rus., 12. [Conn., la. 

Derby, Der-bi, t Eng., 40% ; vs Vt., 
Derby Centre, v Vt. 
Derby Line, v Vt. 
Derry, Der-i, v N-H. 
De liuyter. De Rj-ter, v N-Y. 
Derwent, Der-went, three I's Eng., re 

Van Dieman's Land. 
Desaguadero, Des-q-gwq-da-ro, r Bol., 

180 m. also a val in Bol. and Peru, 

400 by 30 to 80 m. 
Des Allemand's, Daz ill-mon, or Dez 

ill-e-mqnz, I s. e. of La., 7 m. 
Des Arc, Dez flrk, v and layou Ark. 
Deseret, Des-er-et, co Utah Ter. 
D.'sha, De-Ja, co Ark, 
D'Eschambault, DeJ-qn-bo, v C. E. 
Desirade, Da-ze-rqd, is Little Antilles, 

Des iMoines, De Mem, r Iowa, 200 m. 
Desna, Des-nq, r Rus., 500 m. [Ga. 
Desoto, De-scJ-to, co Miss.; par La.; © 
Des Plaines, Da Plan, r 111., 150 m. 
Dessau Des--s, walled t N. Ger., 12. 
Detroit, De-trert, c Mich., 34)^. 
Detroit River, str connecting Lake St. 

Clair with Lake Erie, 25 m. [7. 

Deux-Ponts, De-pon, t Rhenish Bav,, 
Deventer, or Dewenter, Dev-en-ter, c 

Hoi., 141^. 
Devcreaux, Dev-e-ro, p N-Y. 
Devizes, De-vj-zez, t Eng., 63^. 
Devonshire, Dev-on-Jer, co Eng. 
Devon, Dev-on, r Scot. 
Devonport, Dev-on-port,yif t and naval 

ars of Eng.. SO^^. 
De Witt, De Wit, vs N-Y., Mich., III. 
Dewsbury, Dii,z-ber-i, ^ Eng., 14, 
Dexter, Deks-ter, vs Me., N-Y., Mich. 
Dezfool, or Dezphoul, Dez-fcbl, t Per., 

Dhalak, Dq-lqk, is Red Sea. 
Dhawalaghiri, Da-wol-a-ger-e, p Him. 

Moun., 28.000 ft. 
Diablertts, De-qb-le-ra, m Swit. 
Diamantina, De-q-mqn-te-nq, c Bra. 
Diamante, De-q-mqn-ta, r La Plata, 

170 m. 
Diana, Di-an-a, v N-Y. 

Geographical Vocabulart. 


Diarbekir, T>t-(ir-he-kir, c As. Tur., 

8000 families. 
Dickinson College, Cirlisle, Pa. 
Dieppe, Djep, or Ds-ep, s-jA t Fr., 

Diest, DEst, walled t Belg., 1%. 

Diggers, Dig-erz, various tribes de- 
graded Indians in Or. and Caj,, who 
subsist on roots, inreets, lizards, &c. 

Dijon, De-i^Qii, c Fr., '62%. 

Dilman, Del-raq,:), t N. Per. 15. 

Dinagepoor, De-uqj-p(6r, dis and t Br. 
Ind., 30. 

Dinan, Ds-non, t Fr., 8i<. [634:. 

Dinant, \)z-\\(\n\, or De-non, t IJelg., 

Dinkt-lsbiihl, Dii)k-elz-bel,/if t Bav., 5. 

Dinwiddie, L)in-wid-8, co and v Va. 

Dio3 Nombre Dc, N6m-bra da De-os, 
t Mex., 7. 

Disco, Dis-ko, i of Denmark, w. coast 
of (Jroenland. 

Dismal Swamp, Diz-raal Swomp, Va., 
N. C, 30 by 10 or 12 m. 

District of Columbia, ter for the cap- 
ital of the U. S., ceded to the Gen. 
Gov. by Md.; 60 s. m., pop. in 1850, 
whites, 38.027; free blacks, 9,973; 
slaves, 3,687 ; total 51,687. The 
citizens of the District are without 
any representation in Congress or 
vote for president. 

Ditteah, Dit-e-q, t Hind., 120. 

Dixon, Diks-on, 'V 111., 1. 

Djokjukarta, Jok-yo-kqr-ta, die Java; 
cap of the dis., pop. 90. 

Dnieper. N«-per, r Uus., flows s. into 
Black Sea: length 623 m. including 
windings, 1230 m. 

Dniester, Nes-ter, nav. r Aus. and 
Rus., 400 ra. 

Doboka, Dca-bu-ko, v Tran., 67. 

Doce, D6-?a, r Bra., 50;» m. 

Dodgeville, Doj-vil, v Wis., \]/^. 

Dole, Do)l, t Fr., 10^. 

Dolores, Dxa-lio-res, t Guanajuato. 

Dominica, «/>' Domenioa, Dom-i-ng-ka, 
Brit. W. Ind. Is., 29 by 16 m., pop. 
223^, 800 are whites; also one of the 
Marquesas Is. 

Dorainick, D6m-in-ik, v III. 

Don, Don, r Eu. Uus., enters the Sea 
of Azof, 468 ra.; rs Eng., Scot., Fr. 

Donaldson, Don-aid-son, v Pu. 

Donaldsonville, r-pt La. 

Don Benito. Don Ba-ne-to, t Sp., \b\^. 

Doncaster. l)6n-kas-ter, t Eng. [Pa. 

Donegal, I)on-e-gc»l, s-pt t Ir.: three vs 

DoucLs, Du-n<5ts, r S. Rus., 400 m. 

Dong-nai, Dog-nj, r and t Anara. 

Duogola, D6g-gQ-lq, t Nubia; v la. 

Doniphan, D6o-i-fan, v Mo.; — City, 

t Kanzas. 
Donnybrook, Don-i-briak, par and tilr. 
Doon, Dcon, r and loch Scot., 18 m. 
Dor, D'or, or Dore, (Mont,) M6n-dor, 

ms Fr. 
Dora Baltea, Do-rq Bql-ta-q, r Pied. 
Dorchester. Dor-qes-ter, t Eng., 63^ ; ts 

Mass., 8 ; N-B., S. C, &c. 
Dordogne, Dor-dd)n, r Fr.. 220 m. 
Durogoboozh, Do-ro-go-bor^, t Rus., 5. 
Diwpat, Dor-pqt, t Rus. 12. 
Dort, Dart, t S. Hol., 21. 
Douai, or Douav. Dm-a. ft t Fr., 20)^. 
Doubs, Doobz, r Fr., 263 m. 
Douglas, Ddg-las, s-pt Isle of Man, 9^; 

rs Scot., Mass., Pa., Kansas, &c. 
Douno, Dion, v Scot., \}^. 
Douro, Duo-ro, r Sp. and Port., 400 m. 
Douw, D-sv, or D-s, * Malay Arch., 5. 
Dover, D(0-ver, t Eng., 22i< ; t N-II., 

834; rs Me., Mass., N-Y., N-J., 

Del., 0., &c. 
Dover, Strait of, sep.Eng. and Fr. 
Dovrefield, Do-vre-fe-dld, m rango 

Dowagiac, Dca-wa-ji-ak, r and v Mich. 
Downs, The, portion, N. Sea, s. e, 

of Eng. 
Dracut, Dra-kut, v Mass. 
Draguignan, Drq-gen-yoh, t Fr., 9. 
Drammen, Drq-men, s-pt t Nor., 8. 
Dravc, Drav, r S. E. Eu., 360 m. 
Drennon Springs, Dren-on, watering 

place, near Louisville, Ky. 
Dresden, Drez-den, c and cap Saxony, 

91; vs Me., O., 111. 
Drin, Dren, two rs Eu. Tur. 
Drogheda, Dro-Ae-da, s-pt t Ir., 16%. 
Droitwich, Dreft-i^, t Eng, 
Druramond's Island, Driim-ondz, Lake 

Druses, DnJb-scz, people inhabiting the 

chain of Lebanon, in Syria. 
Dublin, Dub-lin, cap c Jr., 254-J^ ; va 

NIL, la., Ga., &c. 
Dubois, Dn-bi'f, co la. 
Dabuque, Di^-bi^k, c of Towa, 9. 
Duck River, Middle Tenn., 250 m. 
Duddeston, Dud-e-'-ton, t Eng., 20. 
Dudley, Dud-li, < Eng., 38; 1; Mas3. 
Dugdemona, Dug-dE-m(f)-ua, vs La., 

Duida, Dw^-dq, m Yen., 8500 ft. 
Duisburg, l)c6-is-burA, t Rhenish 

Prussia, 7%. 
Dulco, D(61-sn, I Gua., 25 by 10. 
Dulco Rio, Re-o Ddbl-sa, r La Plata. 
Dulcigno, DiDl-cen-yu, s-pt t Eu. 

Tur.. 8. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Dumbarton, Dum-b^r-ton, s-pt t Scot., 

Dumfries, Dum-t'r^s, r-pt Scot., \\%. 
Dummodah, Diim-o-da, r Brit. Ind., 

300 m. 
Diina, De-nq,, or Dwina, Dw8-nq, r of 

Rus., nav. 400 m. [6^. 

Diinaburg. De-nq-bcorg, ft t Rus. Pol.. 
Duubar, Dun-bqr, s-pt t Scot. 
Dundalk, Dun-dek, s-i>t t Ir., 10%. 
Dundas, Diin-das, t C. W. 3. 
Dundee, Dun-de, s-pt Scot., 78% j t's 

N-Y., 1)^; Mich., III. 
Dunfermline, Dum-fer-lin, t Scot., 8X. 
Dungannon, Dun-gan-non, < Ir., » O., 
Dungarvan, Uun-gq,r-van, «-^i t Ir., 

Dunkirk, Ddn-kerk, ft s-pt t Fr., 29; t 
N-Y., 4Xj ^ VVis. 

Dunmore, Dun-mar, vs Ir., Pa. 
Dunse, Duns, t Scot., 2%. 
Dunstable, Dun-sta-bl, t Eng., 3X- 
Duntociier, Dun-to/i er, <; Scot., 3%. 
Dunville, Ddn-vil, v C. W., I. 
Du Page, l)i|, Paj, co and n 111. 
Duquesne, Dq-kan, a ft formerly on 

the ?ite of Pittsburg; v two miles off. 
Duquoin, Dq-kworn, v til. 
Durango, DdQ-rqrj-go, st Mex.; area 

48,48y s. m., pop. 1371^; cap same, 22. 
Dilren, De-ren, t Rhen. Prus., 8. 
Durham, Dur-ham. c Eng., 13. 
Dusseldorf, Dus-el-derf, gov and 

Rhen. Prus., 23X- 
Duxbury, Duks-ber-i, v Mass. 
Dwina, Dwj-na or Dwe-nq, r Rus., 

330 m. 
Dysart, D^-zart, s-pt t Scot. 


Eagle Harbor, 8'gl Hqr-bor, v Mich. 

f]agle Pass, v Texas. 

East Aurora, 8st 0-r6-ra, v N-Y., 2. 

East Greenwich, Gren-wiq, -?? R. I., 2\^. 

East Haddam Landing, i) Conn. [Y. 

East Hampton, Hamp-ton, vs Mass., N- 

East Hartford, H^rt-ford, i) Conn. 

East Haven, Ha-ven, v Conn. 

East Indies, In'dr?:, applied to Hin., 

Farther India, Malay Arch. 
East Liverpool, Liv-er-pool, i) 0. 
East-Main or Slade River, Lab., 400 m. 
Easton, Ss'ton, t Pa., 1%] vs N-Y., 

Md., Mass., Kansas. 
Eastport, 8st'port, rs Me., Miss. 
East Randolph, Ran-dolf, vs Vt., 

Mass., N-Y. 
East River, con. Long Island Sound 

with N-Y. Bay, 20 m. 
East Saginaw, Sag-i-n9, v Mich. 
East Salisbury, Solz-ber-i, v Mass. 
East Schuyler, Skj-ler, p o N-Y. 
East Stoughton, Stdj-ton, -w Mass. 
Eastville, co t Va. 
East Weare, Wqr, v N-H. 
East Windsor, Wind-sor, Ts Mass.,Conn. 
East Woburn, \V6-burn, v Mass. 
Eaton, 8' ton, rs N-H., M-Y., Pa., 

Tenn.; co t 0. 
Eaton Rapi'ls, v Mich. 
Eatonton, F'ton-ton, co t Ga. 
Ebenezer, Eb-en-E-zer, r« Pa., Miss. 
Ebersbach, a'berz-bqA, v Saxony, 5)^. 
Ebro, a'bro, r Sp., 340 m. 
Eccleshall, Ek'lz-hol, t Eng., i%. 

Ecbmiedzin, Eq-mi-ed-zen, t Armenia. 
Ecija, H'ti-Ziq, t Sp., 28]^. 
Eckford, Ek'ford. v Mich. 
Eckhung Choo, Ek-ug Co), r Thibet. 
Eckmansville, Ek'man/.-vil, i) 0. 
Economy, 8-k6n-(D-mi, vs Pa., 0., la. 
Ecorce, H-kors, v Mich. 
Ecuador, Ek-wq-dor, {i. e. "Equator;") 

a republic of S, Am.; area 240,000 s. 

m., pop. 500.000. 
Eddystone (Ed'i-ston) Island, S. Pac.; 

— Light-House, Eng. Channel. 
Eddyville, vs N-Y,, Ky., Iowa. 
Eden, 8'den, rs Eng., Scot.; ts U. S. 
Edenkoben, £I'den-ko-ben, t Rhenish 

Bavaria, 5. [0. 

Edenton, 8'den-ton, cof^. C; «« N-Y., 
Edgartown, Ed'gar-tTsn, co t Mass. 
Edgeeomb, Ej'kiom, v Me. 
Edgefield, v Tenn.; co t S. C. 
Edgington, Ej'iii-ton, v 111. 
Ed'in, 8Min, t- 6. 
Edina, 8-dj-na. co t Mo. 
Edinborough, Ed'in-bur-o. « Pa. 
Edinburg, Ed'in-burg, r« U. S. 
Edinburgh, Ed'in-bur-u, metropolis of 

Scot., 158. 
Edinburgh, New, s-pt S. Am. 
Edisto. Ed'is-to, r S. C. 
Edmonton, Ed'mon-ton, vs Eng., Brit. 

N. Am., Kv. 
Eelee, Ele, Hi, 8'le, r and c Chi., 75. 
Eel River, two rs la. 
Eels, 8lz, Eeleeyats or Iliyats, 8-l8- 

yqts, wandering tribes of Persia. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Eem, ffm, r Holland. 

Ee.ssah Sumaulee, 8'^a So-md-le, tribe 
in K. Af. 

Et'be, Ef'ba, i Malay Arch. 

Eifin^iharn, Ef'i«-ham,; r« N-H., S. C. 

Egor, Eg'er or U'ger, r E. Ger.; t Bo- 
hemia, 103^. 

Egerdir, Eg-or-der, I and t Asia Minor. 

Egga, Eg'a, large t Guinea. 

Eggobee, Eg'a-be, t W. Af., U. 

Egg Is. Point, s. ex. Egg U., Del. Bay. 

Egmont, Eg'mont, {or Six Islands, ) 
Ind. Oc; i Santa Cruz Arch.; vol 

■ N-Zealand. 

Egypt, cy in n. e. Af.: area 11,000 s. 
m., pop. 2,500,000; vs NY., Pa., &c 

Ehen, i^'heii, r Eng. 

Ehrenbreitstein, ll'ren-brjt-stin, ft i 
Rren. Prud., 2. 

Eichstadt or Aichstadt, ik'stet, t Bav., 

Eider, f der or Id'er, r Den., nav. 70 m. 

Eig, Eig^, 8g, or Egg Is., Heb. of Scot. 

Eiger, ^r'ger, m Swit., 13,0 ia ft. high. 

Eijerland or Eierland, i'er-lqnt, n. 
part island of Texel. [8%. 

Eiienburg. >Flen-bia/-A, t Prus. Saxony, 

Eil, Loch, Lo7t gl, I Scot. 

Eimbeck, "fui'bek, t llan., 0%. 

Eiiaeo, i'mz-o, one of the Society Is- 
lands, Pac. Oc, 13^. 

Einsiedeln, ^n'se-deln, t Swit,, 3. 

Eisenach, f^zen-qA, t Cun. (ier., 9}-^. 

Eisenstadt, i''zen-stqt, t Hun., 9%. 

Eisloben, 'fs'la-ben, t Prus. Sax., S%. 

Ekhe, Ek'e, or Iga, Ig'a, r Mongolia, 
170 ra. 

Elba, El'ba: i of Tuscany, Med., 18>^; 
rs N'Y., Va., &e. 

Elbe, Elb, (Ger. El'be,) r Ger., 550 m. 

Elberfeld,El'ber-felt,nthen. Prus., 35. 

Elbeuf or Elboeuf, El-bef, t Fr., 173^. 

Eibing, El'bin, t a. Prus., 20. 

Elbingorode, El'biy-/ii-rij-dc, t Han., .3. 

Elbogen or Ellbogeu, El-bu-Aen, t Bo- 
hemia, 2. 

Elbridge, El'brij, vs N-Y. 1, 111. 

Elbrooz, El-bri»z, range of mountains, 
Cen. Asia, breadth* 200 m. 

Elburg, El'burA, t H-,!., 2. 

Elche, El'qa, t Sp., 18. 

Elde, f]rde, r Meck.-Schwerin, 9t m. 

El Dorado, El Do-r^-du), part of S. A. ; 
CO Cal.. area 2,000 s. in., pop. 40; v« 
Ark. W. Ky., .Mo. 

Elek, U-lek, v Hun., 2%. 

Elemer, H-la-m;|,r, v Hun., 2^. 

Eleuthera (g-li'i-te-ra ) Isl.-iud and 
Keys, Bahama Islands, 2}<2. 

Elleld, El'felt, t Oon. Ger., 2'^. 


Eigg, Elk, V Swit., 3. 

Elgin, El'gin, t Scot., Q%', El'jin, r« N- 
Y., 111., 3. 

Elisabethstadt, H-le-zq-bet-stqt, t 
Transylvania, 4. 

Elisaveiopol, H-lE-zq-va-t<5-pol, t Ga. 
in Eu., 12. 

Elizabeth, ts Pa. 2>^, Ark., &c. 

Elizabeth City, co Va-; ^ N. C, 2. 

Elizabeth Islands, coast of Mass., and 
likewise the names of other small 
islands in the At. and Pac. Ooeaud. 

Elizabeth Port, v N-J., 1. 

Elizabethtown, vs N-J. 4, Pa., Va ,&c. 

El Kader, El Kq-der, v Iowa. 

El-Kasr or El-Kasar, El-kqs-r', cap of 
Dakhel, in Upper Egypt. 

El-Khargeh, El-kq/'-ge, t Up. Eg., 6. 

Elkhart (Elk'hqrtj River, la., 100 m. 

Elk Mountain, m Pa. 

El-Kos, El -kos, r Morocco. 

Elk River, rs Pa., Va., Tenn. and Ala. 

Elle, El-a, r Fr. 

Eilezelles, El-zel, t Belg., 6}-^. 

EUice (El'is) Islands, group ot islets in 
the Pacific, %. 

Ellichpoor. El-ik-pi6r, c India. 

EUicotville, El'i-kot-vil, v N-Y , IJ^. 

Ellsworth, Elz'wurt, t and pi Me., 0. 

Ellwangen, El'wqi)-en, t Wiirt., 3. 

Elmina, El-me-nq, (///• St. George del 
Mina,) t and /t, cap. Dutch posses, 
on the Guinea coast, Af.; 10 blucks. 

Elmira, El-mi-ra, vs N-Y. 10, O., III. 

Elmshorn, Elms'horn, t Denmark, 0}^. 

El Paso del Norte, El Pq-so del No/'-ia, 
(often written El Passo,) a line of 
sotilernents on the right bank of tho 
Rio Grand, Mex., 5. 

El Rosario, El Ro-sq-ri-o, t Mex., 5. 

Elsinore, El-si-ndir, or Elsineur, El-si- 
nqr, e-pt t Den., noted as the place 
whore the Sound dues iiro levied on 
vessels entering or clearing the Bal- 
tic; pop. 8. 

Elster, El'ster, "White, r Ger., 110 m. 

Elster, Black, r Ger., 105 m. 

El Tyh, Wady, Wq-di el Te, ("Valley 
of tho Wandering,") Middle Egypt. 

Elvii.«, El'vqs, ft c Port., 1(>>^. 

Elven. El-v6h, t Fr., 3j/^. 

Ely, g'le, Isle of. dis Eng.. co of Cam- 
bridge: area 225,150 acre.s. 

Elyria, t'-lir-i-a, v O., 2]/^. 

VAiii, El'zq, r Tuscany. 

Eize, Elt'sp, t Hanover, 2. 

Emba, Em'bq, (Jem w Djcm, Jem,) r 
Cen. Asia, 250 m. 

Eoibach, Em'bqA, Great and Little, r 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Embrun, Em'brun or Oh-bruh, t Fr., 

Emden or Embden, Ern'den, s-pt i 

Hanover, 12. 
Eineiiabad, Ein-en-q-b^d, or Amina- 

bad, H-min-q-bqd, t of the Punjab. 
Emerina, Em-e-re-nq, die island of 

Emmerich, Em'e-nh, or Emrich, Em'- 

T\h, walled t Rhen. Prus., (5><^. 
Empoli, Em'po-le, i Tuscany, 5>^. 
Ems, '/' n. w. Ger. 
Ems Ilohen, Biins He-en, t Aus. 
Enara, ^-nq-rq, I Ru's. Lapland. [3)^. 
Encina-Sola, En-te-nq-SoJ-lq, t tSp., 
Encruzilhada, En-kra>-zel-yq-dq, t; and 

har Brazil, 2. 
Endava, En-dq-vq, r S. Am. 
Ende, En'da, s-pt t Malay Arch. 
Endingen, En'di^-en, t Baden, 3. 
Eutield, En'txid, v ^-H., Conn. 
Engano, En-gq-no, is Malay Arch., 

northern coa:>t of Papua. 
Engedi, Eg'ge-dj, wAiujidy, £[n-jid-E, 

anc. t Palestine. 
Engelberg, Eij'el-berA, v Swit. 
Engelhardszeil, E{)'el-hqrt-sel, t Upper 

Aus., \. 
Engelholm, E^'gel-hom, s-pt t Swed. 
Engelsberg, Eij'gels-be/-A, t Austrian 

Silesia, 234. 
Engenho-do-Matto, En-sen-yo-do-mq- 

to, V Brazil, 3. 
Enghien, Oh-gi-an, t Belg., Z%. 
England, Ii)'giand, a famous cy of 

Europe, forming, with Wales, the 

southern part of the island of Great 

Britain. Area, 57,812 s, m., of which 

60,377 are in England, and 7,425 in 

Wales : pop. of Eng., in 1851, was 

16,921,888, Wales, 1,050,721. 
Engua-Guacu, {or Guazu,) Eg'gwq- 

gwq-sd), i of Brazil. 
Enguera, En-gwa-rq, t Sp., 5%. 
Enkhuysen, Eijk-her-sen, Enkhaizen, 

Enchusa, En-k(f)-sq, s-pt t J*"eth., 5. 
Enkirch, En'ks/'A, v Rhen. Prus., 2. 
Enkjoping, Enkoping, En'<^e-piy, t 

Sweden, 1^. 
Ennaska, En-qs-kq, i N. Pac. Oc. 
Enneda, En-a-dq, v Swit., 2. 
Ennel, En'el, I Ir. 
Ennis, En'is, t Ir., ^%. 
Enniscorthy, En-is-kor-ti, t Ir., 7. 
Enniskillen, En-is-kil-en, t Ir., 5^. 
Enns or Ens, /■ and t Aus., 'd}{. 
Enos, £I'nos, s-pt t Eu, Tur., 7. 
Enosburg, i>'nos-burg, i' Yt., 2. 
Enotaevsk, il-no-tq-evsk, t Rus., 3. 
Enachede, Eu-ska-de, t Netherlanda, 5. 

Ensonada de Barmgon, En-sa-n^-dq 

da Bar-q-gon, Z> and v Argentine 

Ensisheim, En'sis-hjm, or Ensheim, 

Ens'hjm, t Fr., 4. 
Enirague, Oh-trqg, v Sard. States, 3. 
Entrecasteaux, Oh-tr-kqs-tC), t Fr., 2. 
Entre Rios, En'tra Re-os, prov Argen- 
tine Republic, 30. 
Entry (En'trej Island, Kapito, K^-pe- 

to, * of N-Zealand. 
Envie, On-ve, 1' Pied., 2%. 
Enzweihingen, Euts-vi-hifl-en,i'Wurt, 
Eoa, 8-6-q, or Eooa, f%tt)-q, i Pac. Oc 
Epaignes, E-pan, v Fr., 2%. 
Epe, a'pe, or Eep. Up, r Hoi., Z%. 
Eperies, H-pa-ri-eJ, or Heperjes, Ha- 

per-yej, t Hun., 8)-^. 
Epernay, £I-pe?-na, t Fr., 6. 
Ephratah, 8-fra-ta, V N-Y., 2. 
Epila, U-pe-lq, t Sp., 3. 
Epiual, U-pe-nql, t Fr., 11. 
Epsom, Ep'som, t Eng„ 3)^. 
Epte, Ept, r Fr. 
Erbach, Er'bqA, ts Hesse-Darmstadt, 

Nassau, and Wiirt.; r Rhen. Bavaria. 
Ercsi, E/-qg, or Ercseny, Er-cjeny, v 

Hun., 31^. 
Erdeven, E?'d-v6n. « Fr., 3. 
Erfurt or Erf urth, Er'furt, t Prussian 

Saxony, 24)^. 
Ericeira, U-ri-sa-i-rq, mart Port., 2}^. 
Ericht, Loch, LoA Er'iAt, I Scot. 
Ericht, r Scot. 
Erie, ^-ri, I n. U. S., one of the five 

drained by the St. Lawrence Riverj 

ts Pa., Mich., &c. 
Erivan, Er-i-vqn,/i{ t Rus. Arm., 1134« 
Erlaugen, Er'lqg-en, t Bavaria, 11%. 
Erlau, Er'\TS,ftt Hun., 19%. 
P^rne, Ern, r and two Is Ir. 

t Fr., b\i 

Ernsthal, Erns'tql, t Sax. [6%. 

Ersek-Ujvar, E/-jek-a)-i-vqr, t Hun., 

Erstein, E/'stjn, t Fr., 3^. 

Ertvaag-Oe, E/'vog-e-e, i of Norway. 

Ertvekie, E;-t-vel-de,' 'V Belg., 3. 

Erzberg, E/'ts'be7'A, m Styna. 

Erzengan, Er-zen-gqn, t As. Tur. 

Erz-Gebirge, Erts-ga-bi?"-ga, m s. Ger. 

Erzroom, Erzroum or Erzrum, Erz-rijum, 
c Armenia, 50. 

Erzroom, Pashalic of, one of the sub- 
divisions of As. Tur. 

Escalaplano, Es-kq-lq-plq-no, 01' Sca- 
laplano, Skq-lq-plq-no, 'O island of 
Sardinia, ]J<^. 

Escalonilla, Es-kq-lo-nel-yq, v Sp., 2. 

Escambia, Es-kam-bi-a, r Ala.; co Fa. 

Escholzmatt, Ej'oltg-mqt, v Swit., 3. 

Geographical VocABULARr. 


Eschwege, EjVa-ge, t Ilesse-Cass-el, 6. 

E:<chweiler, Ej'vj-ler, t Khen. Frus., 8. 

E:K;udo de Veragua, Es-kdo-du da Va- 
rq-gwq, r S. Atu. 

Escuinthi, Es-kw8nt-lq, t Cen. Am., 2}-^. 

Eskee-Sara, Es'kE-«q-rq, ar Eski-ria- 
gra, Es'ke-^-grqL* ^ ^^' Tur., 20. 

Esla, Es'lq. r Sp. 

Eslingen, Es'liij-en, t Wiirt., 6^. 

Erfiueralda, Ea-ma-rql-dq, r S. Aui.: m 
Brazil. ^ [2i^. 

E:<parraguera, Es-par-q-ga-rq, ^ Sp., 

Espejo, Es-pa-/^a), ^ Sp., o}^. 

Espinhaco, Serra do, Se/-q do Es-pen- 
yq-so, ;«« Brazil. 

Espiritu Santo, Es-pir-i-tcQ Sqn-to, 
w Pac. Oc, Gulf of Cal., one of the 
Bahama Is.; t Cuba: sev. vs and cas. 

E^pita, Es-|je-tq, t Cen. Am., 3. 

Espluga de Francoli, Es-pldb-gq da 
Frqn-ko-ie, t Sp., 2%. 

Esquimaux, Ei'ki-mu), or -moz, the in- 
habitants i^f Greenland and the ex- 
treme north of America. 

Esquimaux, i and har N. Am. 

Essarts, Les, Laz Es-qr, t Fr., 2%. 

Essen, Es'en, t Prus. Westphalia, 7%. 

Essequibo, Es-e-ke-bo, r Br. Guiana. 

Essex, Es'eks, ccjs and rs U. S. 

Este, Es'la, t Lombardy, 8. 

Estella, Es-tel-yq, t Sp., 6. 

Estopona, Es-ta-pti-nq, t Sp., 9}^. 

Estrullu, Serra da, Ser-q dq Es-trel-q, 
nu Brazil and Port. [Port., 748)^. 

Estremadura, Es-tra-mq-dobrq, prov 

Eszek, Esseck, Es'ek, or Essegg, Es'eg, 
cap Aus. Slavouia, 121^. 

Etampes, a-tonp, t Fr., 8. 

Ethiopia, 8-f)i-w-pi-a, ey S. Egypt. 

Etna, Et'na, vol n. e. Sicily. 

Eton, 8'ton, t Eng., 3^^. 

Etowah, Et/o wu, o/' Hi-to-wq, r Ga. 

Ettrick, Et'rik, r and put- Scot. 

Euboea, Yq-be-q, or Negro pont, the 
largest island of the kingdom of Gr. 

Euclid, Yi'i-klid, u N-Y., 0. 

Eupen, CT'pen, t lihen. Prus., 11. 

Euphrates, Yq-fra-l£z, called also by 
the natives, Moorad, r Egypt. 

Eure-et-Loir, E;'-a-Lwqy,y>/(>«tFr., 295. 

Europe, Yq-rujp, the least of the great 
divisions of the earth, Australia ex- 
cepted, yet a quarter in which civil- 
ization has progressed most exten- 
sively. Area, 3,830,130 s. m.j pop., 

Euiaw, Yq-to, v Ala., 2. 

Evansville, Iv'anz-vil,^ la. 9;rjs Va..<&c. 

Everghem, iI'ver-Aem, v Belg., 7%. 

Evora, Ev'u-rq, c Port., 15. 

Evreux, Ev-re, c Fr., 13. 

Ewington, Yq-iy-ton, co t III. 

Exe, Eks, r Eng. 

Exeter, J^ks'e-ter, c Eng., 33; vs Me., 
N-H., and other States. 

Exmouth, Eks'mut), t Eng., 5. 

Eyafialla-Yokul, if-q-fi-q-lq-Yo-kul 
vol Iceland. [s-^^ t Eng. 

Eye, ^, hor and t Eng., 1}4; -mouth, 

Eynesford, tlnz'ford, par Eng. 


Faaberg, F(!j-berg, U Nor. A%., Den. 
Fabbriano, Fqb-ri-(\-no, c Cen. It., &%. 
Facone, Fq-k<i-na, I Japan. 
Fadievskoi, Fq-di-ev-skflr, * Arc. Oc. 
Faemund or Famuud, Fa-muand. I Nor. 
Faonza, Fq-en-zq, c Cen. It., 19%. 
Fairfax, F4r-fak8, cot Va.; i«Vt., 0. 
Fairfield, F4r-fcld, v port of entry. 

Conn.; T» N-Y., 0., la.. III., Iowa. 
Fairhftven, F^r-h6-ven, v Mass., 5j va 

N-Y., Conn., 0., III. 
Fairmont, F^r-mont, co t Va. 
Fairweather. F^r-w6d-er, m Rus. Am., 

14,900 ft, high. fConn. 

Fairweather's Is., Black Rock llarbor, 
Falaba, Fq-l^-bq, t W. Af., «. 
Falaise, Fq-laz. t Fr., 9. 
Falalu, Fq-lq-l«6, * Pac. Oc. 
Falkirk, Fol-kork, t Sot., 9. 
Falkland, Fuk-laud, Islaudd, 8. At. Oc. 

Fall River, ta Mass. W}4, Wis. 
Falmouth, Fal-mat, s-pt t Eng., 5; ta 

Me.,, &c. 
Falster, Fql-ster, i in the Baltic, 2Z%. 
Fano, Fq-no, s-pt t Cen. It., 10. 
Farallones do los Frayles, Fq-rql-y(5- 

nes da l6)S Frj-les, is coast of Cal. 
Fareham, F^r-ham, t Eng., 3j^. 
Farmington, Fqrra-iy-ton, vs Ale., N- 

H., Conn., N-Y., &c. \y'ng. 

Fame (Fqrn) or Fern Is., off coast of 
P^irnham, F^rn-ham. t Eng., 3)^; v Va. 
Fiiro, Fd-ru), s-pt c Port., 8X. a 

Faroe, ia-ro (fr Fa-r^-e, i N. At. Oo. 
Farsan, Fqr-s<!in, Islands, Rod Sea. 
Fasano, Fq-s^-no, c Nap., 9. 
Fatsizio, Fcit-se-zi-o, i of Japan. 
Fauquier, to-ker, co Va. 
Fausse (Fwh) Point, « o La. 
Faussa liiviere, Foid KE-vi-4r, v La. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Faversham, Fav-er-Jfira, s-pt t Eng. 
Favignaua, Fq-ven-yq-ri(\, i MeJ. 
Faxardo or Fajardo, Fq-Ziq/'-do, t and 

i Furto Kico, '6. 
Fayal, Fj-ql, i Azores, N. At. Oc, 26. 
Fujette, Fa-et, r« N- Y., Fa., Miss., &c. 
Fayetteville, Fa-et-vil, t N. C, 7: xh. 
Fayuoui or Faiouin, Fj-iBin, ^rrov Eg. 
Feather (Fed-er) liiver, Cal. 
Fecamp, Fa-koii, H-pt t Fr., 11 3^. 
Feejee, Fidji, Fiji, Fg-je, <??' Viti, Ve- 

t£, Islands, group in the S. Fac. Oc. 
Feia, Fa-g-q, i Brazil. 
Felaniche, Fa-lq-neq, t Sp., 9%. 
Felegyhaza, Fa-lej-hq-zo, t Hun., 17. 
Feliciana, Fe-liJ-i-an-u, j^ar La.j tJKy. 
Felicity, Fe-lis-i-ti, t? O. 
Fcmurn, Fa-uiern, * Den., 9. 
Foruioy, Fer-mer, t Ir., 5%. 
Fernando de Noronha, Fc/'-nqn-do da 

Nw-run-yq, i S. At. Oc. 
Fernando Fo, Fer-nqn do Fo, i W. Af. 
Fernau Nunez, Fu/'-nqu NtJbn-yet, t 

Sp., 5%. 
Ferrara, Fer-^-rq, c Papal States, 31. 
Ferret, Col de, Kol de Fer-a, j^ass in 

Pennine Alps. 
Ferro, Fer-cD, one of Canary Is,, ^Y^. 
Ferrol, Fer-ol, s-pt t Sp., 10)^. 
Fesa, Fos-q or Fa-sq, t Per., 18. 
Fez, Fez, k Morocco; c do., 90, 
Fezarah, Fa-zq-rq, I Algeria. 
Fozzan, Fez-qi), A; N. At. 
Fichtelberg, Fi/i-tel-be/7i, or Fichtel- 

gebirge, FiA-tel-ga-her-Aa, ms Bav. 
Figueira, Fe-ga-i-rq, t Port., 6. 
Figueras, Fe-ga-rqs, t Sp., 8. 
Fillmore, Fil-mor, xs U. S.; — City, 

t Utah. 
Finale, Fe-n^-la, is It., 5 and 8. 
Finana, Fen-yq-nq, t Sp., '6\i. 
Fincastle, Fin-kas-1, ts V'a., O., 111., &c. 
Findlay, Find-la, v 0., 3. 
Finesville, Fjuz-vil, 'V N-J. 
Fingal, Fin-gol, dis Ir.: t C. W. 
Fingoes, Fig-goz, race S. Africans. 
Finland, Fin-land, Grand Duchy of, a 

(jov N. W. Russia, l,6;i7. 
Finland, Gulf of, arm of Baltic Sea. 
Fiumark, Fin-mqrk, pvov of Nor., 44. 
Finster-Aarhorn, Fin-ster-H/'he/'n, tn 

Swit.. 14,026 ft. high. 
Fishkill, FiJ-kil, v N-Y., 93^. 
Fitchburg, Fiq-burg, t Mass., 7, 
Fiume, Fi-db-ma, s-pt t Aus., 11. 
Flanders, Flan-derz, former dis Eu., 

now included in liol., Belg. and Fr. 
Fleetwood, Flet-wud, s-pt Eng. 
Flemingsburg, Flem-igz-burg, t Ky., %. 
Flemington, xs N-J. 1, Pa., N. C. 

Flensborg, Flenz-ber/i, t Den., 161.^. 
Flint, Flint, s-pt N. Wales; xs Mich., la. 
Flint River, rs Ga., 300 m.; Mich. 
Florence, Flor-ens, c It., \^Vyi\ xs U. S. 
Flores, Flo-res, is Malay Arch., Azores 9, 

Plata estuary. N't Pac. Oc; t Brazil. 
Florida, Fl6r-i-da, most southern U. S.; 

area, 59,268 s. m.; pop. 47,203 whites, 

932 free blacks, 39,310 slaves— total, 

87,445; xs U. S. 
Floridia, Flw-re-di-q, t Sic, i%. 
Flushing, FliiJ-iy, s-pt t Neth., 1%] v 
^ N-Y., 2X. 

Fogaras, Fij-go-roj, t Transylvania, 5. 
Foggia, F6d-jq, c Nap., 24. 
Fogo, F6-go, or Fuego, Fa)-a-go, one 

of the Cape Verd Is., 7. 
Fohr, ¥er, i of Den., 4%. 
Foldvar, Feld-vqr, t Hun., 103^. 
Folgefondeu-Fieid, F6l-ge-fon-den-Fi- 

eld, 7ns Nor. 
Foligno, Fo-lcn-yo, t Cen. It., 15X. 
Folkestone, Fu)k-st(j:)n, s pt t Eng., 7)^. 
Fond-des-Negres, Fwn-da-Na-gr, t 

Fon du Lac, Fon dt], Lak, t Wis., 5. j 
Fong-Tsiang, Foy-Tsi-qi), c China. 
Fontainebluau, Foh-ten-blQ, t Fr., lOJ/^. 
Foochoo, Foo-qcf), Foo-Choo-Foo, FcD- 

Cio-Fcfe, or Foo-Tchow-Foo, Fid-Ctj- 

Fo), c China, 500. 
Foolahs or Fulahs, F(3b-lqz, sing. rac« 

W. Af. 
Foosee, Fousi c>?' Fusi, Fa>-sg, m Japan. 
Foo-Shan or Fou-Schan, FcD-ilqu, c 

China, 200. 
Foota-Jallon, FiJo-tq-Jq-lon, dwW. Af. 
Forcados, Rio dos, Re-o dtas For-kq-dos, 

T W. Af. 
Fordoche, For-daJ, haymi La. [&c. 
Forestville, For-est-vil, xs Conn., N-Y., 
Forfar, Fdr-fur t Scot., 11. 
Forli, Fo/'-le, c Cen. It., 16. 
Formentera, Fej'-men-ta-rq, i Med. 
Formosa, Fur-m6-sq, is China Sea, 

2,500,000; i off W. coast Af. — 

Mount and River, Malay Peninsula, 
Forsyth, For-sjd, vs Ga., Mo. 
Fort Anne, Fort An, v N-Y. 
Fort Beversede, Ba-ver-sa-de, Pa. 
Fort Boise, Bwq-za, Oregon. 
Fort Des Moines, De Mern, t cap. Iowa. 
Forteau ^^For-tc)) Bay idet s. e. Lab. 
Fort Edward, v N-Y., %. 
Fort Gaines, Ganz, x Ga. 
Fort Gibson, x and mil sta Ind. Ter. 
Forth, Fort, r Scot. 
Fort Hamilton, v and ft defending N- 

Y. Harbor. 
Fort Howard, % Wis., ^. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Fort Isle Aax Noix, Pi O Nwq,/i5 C. E. 
Fort Kearny, Ker-ni, Neb., on Or. route. 
Fort Laramie, Lar-a-uie, mil post 

Platte River, Ind. Ter. 
Fort Leavenworth, Lev-cn-wurt, mil 

post, Kansas. 
Fort Liberie, Le-ber-ta, s-pt t Hayti. 
Fort Madison, Mad-i-son, t Iowa, 3. 
Fort Plain, « N-Y., Ij^. 
Fort Ridge ly, Rij-lj, .Mm. Ter. 
Fort Riley, Ri-li, Kansas Tor. 
Fort Royal, Rtf-al, ft t Fr. W. Ind. 
Fort Suiith, t Ark.j 1)^. 
Fort Snelling, mil post and v Min. 
Fortune, FJrt-ynn, Bay, inlet s. N-Fd. 
Fort Union, Q. S./i bet. Independence 

and Santa-Fe. 
Fort Valley, t Ga., 1. [Ter. 

Fort Wallawalla, W6l-a-wol-a, Wash. 
Fort Washita, W6J-i-ta, Ind. Ter. 
Fort Wayne, Wan, t la., &%. 
Fort Yuma, Yc6-ma, Cal. 
Fossano, Fos-q-no, t Pied,, 16. 
Foster, Fos-ter, ts R. I. 2, Ky., &c. 
Fourche a Reynault, FcDrJ" q Ra-no, 

« Mo. 
Fowey, Fff, r Eng. 
Fowla or Foula, F^-lq, one of Shet. Is. 
Fox River, rs Wis., Iowa, Mo., Canada. 
Framingham, Fra-miy-ham, v Mass., 

France, Frans, one of the mightiest 
empires in the world, w. part of Eu., 
embracing the following islands and 
3olonies: Corsica; Algeria; Senegal 
in W. Af.: Bourbon, Ind. Oc; St. 
Marie; W. Ind., — Martinique, Guad- 
eloupe, n. part of St. Martin, Marie 
Galante, Desirade, and the Saintes 
Group: French Guiana, St. Pierre 
aad Miquelon Is., coast of N. Am.; 
Marquesas Is.,Taitiand Akarno; and 
Mew Caledonia. Area, 321,016 s. m.; 
pop. 38,489,979. 

Fraucestowr, Fran-ses-t-sn, t N-H., li^. 

Franconia, Fran-kcj-ni-a, ta N-H., Pa. 

Frankfort (Fraflk-fort,) on the Main, 
c of Ger., seat of the Germanic Diet, 
pop. 62J4. 

Frankfort, (Fragk-fort,) oa the Oder, 
c Pru!!., ZOyi. [0.. la. 

Frankfort, t, cap Ky., 5 ; r« Me., N-Y.. 

Franklin. Frank-lin, 20 cos; 33 xs; fiO 
ts, U. S. \AX. 

Frederica, Fred-er-iJ-i-q, s-pt t ban., 

Frederick, Fred-er-ik, cm in Md., Va.; 
U in Pa., 0., Ac; — City, Md., 6. 

Fredericksburg, t Va., 4; ts 0., Tex. 

FrederickHville, v IIL 

FredericktowD, vs Ky., 0., 1, Mo. 

Fredericton, Fred-er-ik-ton, c N-Brun., 

41^. [Den. 

Frederikshavn, Frdd-er-iks-h-sn, s-pt t 
Fredonia, Fre-do-ni-a, v N-Y., 1>4; vs 

Ala., Ky., 0., 111., &c. [0., la.. III. 
Freedom, Fre-dom, ts Me., N-H., Pa., 
Freehold, Fre-hold, v N-J. 
Freeport, Fre-port, « 111., Me., Pa., &c. 
Free-town, <jr St. George, cap Sierra 

Leone, 18. [Sax., U%. 

Freigburg, or Freyberg, Frj-ber(/, t 
Freiberg, or Freyburg, Frj-bu/7, c 

grand duchy of 13aden, Vo%. 
Fremont, Fre-mont, formerly Lower 

Sandusky, n 0., 1%; numerous r» 

and cos U. S. [200 m. 

French Broad River, N. C. and Tenn., 
Frenchman's B^y, on coast Me. 
Frenchman's Cap, in Van Diemea's 

Land, 5000 ft. 
Frenchtown, Ts N-J., Pa., Md., &3. 
Freneuse, Fre-ni'^z, I N-Brun. 
Fresnillo, Fres-nel-yo, mining t Mex., 8. 
Freyburg, Frj-bu/'^, canto/i and t 

Swit., 9. 
Freycinet (Frj-si-net) Island, in Pac. 
Frey-Oe, Frj-e-e, i w. coast of Nor. 
Friendly, Frerid-li, {or Tonga, T6n-gq,) 

w, upwards of 150 islands, Pa. Oc. 
Friend^^hip, rs N-Y., %, Md., N-C. 
Friesland, Frez-land, prov of the Neth. 
Frignano, Fren-yq-no, ts Nap., 2%. 
Frod.shara, Frod-Jam, t Eng., 6i/^. 
Frome, or Frome Selwood, Frwm Sel- 

wud, t Eng., 103^. 
Fronton, Fron-tun, ^ Tex. 
Front Royal, v Va., 3^. 
Frosinone, Fro-se-n6-nn, t It., 1%, 
Fronton, Fron-ton, c Tex. 
Fryeburg, Frj-burg, v Me., 13^. 
Fuca, or Juan De Fuca, (Sp. pron. 

Hji-(\\} Da Fd)-kq,) str N. Am,, in 
^ Or. Ter. 
Fucino, Lago, L^-go FtD-qe-no, I Nap., 

11 by 5 m. [Phil. Is. 

Fuegos, Fwa-go3, or Foo-a-gos, one of 
Fuego, Volcano de, Vol-kq-no da 

Fwa-go, (Fa)-a-gca,) w Cen. Am. 
Fuen-Ho, Fwen-IIu), r China, 300 m. 
Fuerte de San Jose, Fwer-ta da Sqa 

lAa-sa, t of the Argentine Republic. 
Faerteventura, Fw6r-tq-ven Uf)-rq, one 

of the Can. Is. [9^. 

Fulda, Fial-dq, r Ger.; t IIosse-Ca.^.'<el, 
Fulton, Fuil-ton, cos N-Y., Pa., Ky.; 

fs N-Y., 2, Miss., 0., 111., Mo. 
Funchal, Foin-Jql, cap of the Island 

Maderia, 18. 
Fundy, Bay of, inlet ot the Atlantio 

separating Nova Scotia from N-B. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Fiinfkirchen, Fenf-ker^-eii, t S. Ilun., 

Furca, La., Lq F(Jf>r-kq. m Swit. 
Funioiuix, Fur-no, is of Au'^tnilarsia. 
Furruckabad, Fur-uk-q-b(^d, t Brit. 
Furth, Fert, t Bav., 15. [lad., 66. 

Fu.'agasuga, F(»-sq-gq-S(6-gi*i, r N- 
Gnm. [12,000 ft. 

Futi-Parijnl. F<f)-tc-Pqn-i('il, m Cash,. 
Futtoolah-Killa, Fu-tco-Iq-Kil-q, v Af. 
Fuui, F(]Or, or Fuurland, FoGr-lqnd, i 
Fyzabad, Fj-zq-bqd, t of Ind. [Den., 1. 


Gaddada, Gqd-dq-dq, {or Tchin- 

Tchoo,) r Hind., 150 m. 
Gadjatsch, Gqd-yaq, or Gaditch, Gq- 

diq, t 8. Ilus., ^4. 
Gaeta, Gq-a-tq, s-pt c Naples, 3. 
Gagy, Gq-g8, or Gaga, Gq-gq, i Malay 

Gaillac, Ga-y^k, or Gql-y<^k. t Fr. S^. 
Gainesville, Ganz-ril, rs N-Y., Ga., 

Ala., &c. 
Gainsborough, Ganz-bur-o, s-pt t Eng., 

1}4; -y in Va. 

[Far. Ind. 

Galadzet, (Gq-lqd-zet,) Hills, range in 
Galapagos, Gq-lq-pq-gca=<, is Pac. Oc. 
Galashiels, Gal-a-Jelz, t Scot., 6. 
Galatz, Gq-lqts, t Moldavia, ;}6. 
Galena, Gi-le-na, c III., 8; name of te 

0., la.. Mo. 
Galesburg, Galz-burg, ts 111., 1, Mich. 
Galiano, (Gq-li-q-no,) Island, of Brit. 

N. Am., in Queen Charlotte's Sound. 
Galicia, Gal-iJ-i-a, prov Aus., 4,702,383. 
Galilee, (Jal-i-le, prov ancient Judea, 

w. of the Jordan, [i-on, v (). 

Galion, Gq-li-on, i n. e. of Java; Gal- 
Gallas, Gq-lqz, powerful race E. Af. 
Gallatin, Gal-a-tin, vs Miss., Teun. 
Gal lego, Gql-ya-g(o, r Sp. 
Gallegos, Gql-ya-gos, r Patagonia. 
Gallia, Gal-i-a, (Latin for Fr.,) co 0. 
Gallipoli, Gq-lip-o-le, ts Tur., Nap.; 

and peninsular bet. -^geaa Sea and 

Gallipolis, Gal-i-po-lss, t 0. 
Galloway, Gal-o-wa, v 111. 
Galoengong, Gq-liDn-goi), vol Java. 
Gait, Gelt, t C. W„ 2%. 
Galveston, Gal-ves-ton, pt of entry, c 

Tex., 8. 
Galway, Gol-wa, co and t Tr., 2\%: h Ir. 
Gambia, Gqm-bi-a, r W. Af.; Brit, 

colony of W. Af, 
Gambier (Gam-ber) Is. Pa, Oc.: t 0, 
Garala Karleby, Gqm-lq Kqr-le-be, t 

Finland., 2. 
Gananoque, Gq-nq-n6k. -?' C, W. 
Ganci, Gqn-(je, t Sic, 9^. 
Ganges, Gan-jtz, r Hind,, 196 m.j v 0. 

Ganges, Gonx, t Fr. 

Gangpoor, Gqii-|xf)r, t Brit, Ind, 

Gannet (Gan-et) Islands, S. Pa, Oc, 

Brit. N, Am., on coast of Labrador. 
Gantheaume (Gan-t6m) Bay, Aus. 
Gap, Gqp, t Fr., 9,% ; Gap, v Pa, 
Garda (G4,r-da) Lake of, N. It., 35 by 

2 to 10 ra. 
Gardaia, Gqr-dJ-q, t Algeria. 
Gardiner, Gqr-din-er, c Me., 63^2- 
(Jurdner, Gqrd-ner, v Mass., l^^. 
Gargano, Gqr-gq-no, m Nap. 
Gangliano. Gq-rgl-y^-no. r Nap. 
(Jurlasoo, Gq?*-lqs-kG), t Pied., b}^, 
Garnavillo, Gqr-na-vil-cD, « Iowa, 
(iaronne, Gq-ron, r Fr., 384 in. 
Garrard. Gar-ard, co Ky. 
Garrabillas, Gqr-o-bel-yqs, t Sp., 4i^. 
Garrotc, Gqr-6-ta, x> ^ Cal, 
Garstang, Gqrs-tai). t Eng., TJ^. 
Garterape, Gqr-tonp, or Gardempe, 

Gqrdoiip, r Fr. 
Gasconade, Gas-ko-nad, r, coand « Mo. 
Gaspe, Gas-pa, t C. E. 
Gas Port. *' N-Y. 
(laston, Gas-ton, ■» N, C. 
Gatehouse, Gat-hTj.s, t Scot,, ^%, 
Gateshead, par and t Eng., 24. 
Gatineau, Gq-te-no, r C. E., 300 m. 
Gatshina, Gqt-Je-nq, t Rus,, 7. 
Gatuii, Gq-t(f)n, r Isthmus of Panama; 

t N-Gran, 
Gauir, G-8-er, r Scot. 
Gauley (Ge-le) Bridge, v Ya.; r ditto. 
Gavia, Gq-vi-q, m Brazil. 
Gavilan, Sierra De, Se-^r-q Da Gq- 

vi-lqn, m Cuba. 
Gaya or Gayah, Gj-q, c Brit. Ind., 36. 
Gaya (Gj-q) Islands, Ind. Arch. 
Gaza, Ga-zq, c Pal., 15. 
Gazuolo. Gqd zflt)-6-lo, « Lorn., 2. 
Gazzo, Gqt-so, v N. It., 1 %. 
Geant, Sa-ofi, summit Pennine Alps. 
Geauga, Je-o-ga, coi). 
Geddes, Ged-ez, x N-Y. 
Gedeb, Ga-de, 7n Java. 
Geclong, Ge-16|i, t Aus, 
Gcfle> Vev-la, e-pt t and vrov Swod. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Geisb, Ga/, m Abys. 

Genesee, Jen-e-se, r and co N-Y.; co 
Mich., &c. 

Genesee Falls, v X-Y., 1. 

Geneseo, Gen-e-se-o, t's N-Y,, l\{. 111. 

Geneva, Jen-g-va, c Swit., 30; vs X- Y., 
5:0., 1>^: 111., 1; Wis. [of Wis. 

Geneva, Lake of, s. of Swit.; I s. part 

Genevieve, Jen-e-vev, tp Mo., l]/^. 

Genevre Mont, Mojii 2e-nav-r, Cottian 

Genoa, Jen-o-a, s-pt c N. It., 125*^. 

Genoa, Je-no-a, v N-Y., 2}^; xs 0., 
Mich., III. 

Gentilly, Xon-te-ye, ■cFr., \Z%: v C. E. 

George, Lake, (or Horicon,) / N-Y. 

Georgetown, c Dis. of Col., S)^ ; co ts 
Del., S. C, Ky. 0. 

Georgetown, (Dutch Stabrock, Stq- 
bruik,) cap Brit. Guiana, 25)^. 

Georgia, Jar-ji-a, or Grusia, Gi»6-si-a, 
cy Asia, pop. 300,000. 

Georgia, one of the original states of 
the L'. S.; pop. 521,572 whites, 2,931 
free blacks, 381,682 slaves, total 

Gera, Ga-rq, t Cen. Ger., 1134- 

Gerard-de-Rys, Xa-rqr-de-llES, t Pac. 
Oc., inhabited by Papuan Negroes. 

Gerasa, Jf-rq,-sa, or Jerash, Je-rq,/^ 
ruined city of Syria. [Port. 

Gerez, Serra de, Ser-q da Sa-rez, m 

Germantown, Jer-raan-t-sn. vs N-Y., 
I ; Pa., V^a., Tcnn., Ky., 0., la., &c. 

Germany, Jer-man-i, a large portion 
of Central Europe, composed of nu- 
merous sovereign states, bound to- 
gether by a common league, called 
the Germanic Confederation, name- 
ly : Anhalt-Bernburg, — Dessau, — 
Kothen, Austria, Baden, Bavaria, 
Bremen, Brunswick, Frankfort, 
Hamburg, Hinover, Hesse-Cassul, 
— Darmstadt, — • Ilomburg, Ilohen- 
follern-Hechingen, — Sigmaringen, 
Holstein and liauenburg, Liechten- 
Btein, Lippe-Detmold, — Si;haum- 
burg, Labcck, Luxemburg with Lim- 
burg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, — 
Strelitz, Nassau, Oldenburg and 
Kniphausen, Prussia, Ileuss (old 
line,) — (young line,) Saxony, Saxe- 
Altenburg, — Coburg-Gotha, — 
Meiningen, — Weimar-Eiaennch, 
Schwarzburg-Uudolstadt, — Son- 
dcrshauscn, Waldeck, Wurtcmburg; 
Area, 2.35,029; pop. 41,187,000. 

Gerona, Jeroua, or Xerona, //a-rii-nq, 

Gettysburg, G6t-iz-burg, hor Pa., 3>^. 

Ghara, or Garra, Qi^r-q, name of Sut- 

lej River, for 260 m., Brit. Ind. 
Ghauts, Gats, m Hind. 
Glieel, or Geel, Gal, t Belg., 7. 
Gheezch, Ghizeh, Gg-ze, t Egypt, near 

the great Pyramids. 
Ghent, Gent, c Belg., 112X; «« N-Y., 

234, Ky. 
Ghio, Gg-o, or Gheralek, Gem-lek 

s-pt t As. Minor. 
Gholson, Gol-son, i) Miss. 
Ghuznee, Ghuzni, Gdz-ne, r Q,ndi ft o 

Afg., est. 3 to 10. [N. Ir. 

Giant's Causeway, basaltic formation, 
Giant's Mountain, Asia Minor. 
Gibraltar, Ji-brel-tar, c and ft rod: S. 

Sp., 1334; TS Mich., Wis.; — Bay 

and Strait, same location. 
Giessen, Ges-en, t Ger., 10. 
Gijon, Jijon, or Xixon, ^e-h6n, ft s-pt 

t Sp, 6i<. 
Gila, or Jila, /Tel-q, r N-Am. [60. 
Gilbert (Gil-bert) Islands, Pac. Oc, 
Gilboa, Gil-bto-a, w N-Y., Va., 0. 
Gilead, Gil-e-ad, vs Me., 0., III., &c.; 

— Mount, in Syria. 
Giles Jjlz, cos Va., Tenn. 
Gilge, Gil-ge, r Prus. 
Gillespie, Gil-es-pe, coTex;^oMo. 
GiUy Xel-ys, v Belg., b%. 
Gilmer, Gil-raer, vs Tex., 111. 
Gilulo, Je-lo-liD, is Malay Arch. 
Gilopolis, Gil-op-o-lis, p o N. C. 
Gilroy, Gil-rtf, p os Mo., Cal. 
Gimone, 2e-ra6n, r Fr. [Ind. 

Gingee, </r Jhinji, Jin-je, ft t Brit. 
Girard, Ji-rqrd, vs Pa., Ala.', 0. 
(iirgenti, Jir-jen-te, c Sicily, 18%. 
Givet, 'Z.z-vsi,fttYr., b%. 
Givors, Xe-v6r, t Fr., 93^. 
Gladova, Glq-d6-vq, t Servia. 
Glasgow, Glas-go, large com. c Scot., 

317; ?ilso vs in Mo., Ky., &c. 
Gla-!sborough, Glas-bur-o, ■uN-J., IJ^. 
(rlastenbury, Gla^-ten-ber-i, v Conn. 
Glatz, Glqts./i!/ Prus. Silesia, 1%. 
Glauchau, Gl-x-Zi-s, t Saxony, 83^. 
(fleiwitz, Glj-vits, t Prus. Silesia, '1)4> 
Glendale. Glen-dal, m O., Mass., N-J., 
Glenn's Falls, v N-Y., 2%. 
Glogau, GI(f)-g-8,/^n*rus. Silesia, 14%. 
Glumraen, G16m"-en, r Norway. 
Glookhov, or Gluchow, Gla)-k6v, t 

Rus., 7. 
Glossop, Gl6s-op, t and nar Eng., 22^. 
Gloucester, Glo^-ter, c Kng., 18. 
Gloucester, ts N-J., Mass., 8. 
Gluckstadt, Glyk-stqt, t Den., 6. 
Gncsen, Ga-zcn, t Prus., 71^. 
Godavery, Go-dq-ver-i, r Ind., 700 m. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Goentoor, Ginn-t(6r, toI Island of Java. 
Goes, JJm, t Neth., 5)^. 
Goggra, G6»-ra, r N. Hind., 400 ra. 
Golconda, G)l-k6n-dq, < Hind.; t? III. 
•Goldberg, G61t-be/<7, t Prus. Sil., Ji^. 
G >ld Coa-^t, oy Guinea, W. Africa. 
Giildsborougb, G61dz-bur-o, vs Pa., 

N. C. [Oc. 

Golfo, Isles Da, Si de Golf, is S. Pac. 
Goliad, G.j-li-ad, co and y Tex. 
Goinora, Gu)-ma-rq, i Canaries, ll^^. 
Gondar, Gon-dar, cap c Abys., 50. 
Gonz!>les, Gon-zq-lez, co and v Tex. 
Good Hope, ter Gr. Brit., S. Af.j ts 0., 

Wis., &c. 
Gookcka, GtO-kE-kq, I and v Eu. Ga. 
Goole, Gitol, r-pt and t Eng., 6. 
Goolkoo, GeT)l-kiD, m Afg., 13,000 ft. 
Goomree, Giom-re, ruined t Rus. Ar., 

now the city of Alexandropol, 10. 
Gooni'y, or Goomtee, Gdbm-te, r Brit. 

Ind. [5. 

Goppingen, Gep-ig-en, t Wiirtemburg., 
Gordon, G )r-don, Ts Ga., 0. 
Gorgona, Gor-g6-nq, is Med., Bay of 

Chocho ; V N- Gran. 
Gorham, GoVram, v Me., N-H., N-Y. 
Goritz, Ge-rits, t lUyria, 12j^. 
Gorkum, G Jr-kum, ft t Neth., 8%. 
Gorlitz, Ger-lits, t Prus. Silesia, J 5%. 
Goroguea, Go-ro-gu-q,, r Brazil. 
Gort, Gort, t Ir., 3. [&c. 

Goshen, (Ju-Jen, ts N-Y., 3^ ; la., 
Goslar, Gos-lar, t Hanover, 1%. 
Gosport, Gos-pcart, /(^ «-^^ ^ Eng., 1}^] 

i'8 Ala , la. 
Gotha, Gu)-tq, t Cen. Ger., 13%. 
Golha (Ge-tq) Canal, Sweden. 
Gothenburg, or Gottenburg, G6t-en- 

burg, s-jit c Sweden, 28^. 
Gottingen, Ge-tig-en, t Han. 103^. 
Gottland, Got-land, is Baltic, 41)^. 
Gouda, Gi^-da, t Neth. U}^. 
Gouffre, Ga)f-r, r C. E. [l^- 

Gouldsborough, Gobldz-bur-o, v Me., 
Goundou, GJt)r-d6u, t Fr., 5. 
Gauverneur, GtDv-er-n(f)r, (^ often pro- 
nounced, Guv-er-ner, ) v N-Y., 1. 
Governador, Go-ver-nq-dor, i Brazil, 
G tvernor's Island, N-Y Harbor. 
Gowanda, (Jo-won-da, v N-Y. 
Gowanu^, (xtD-wo-nus, t' N-Y. 
Gower (G-s-er) Island, Solomon group. 
Goyannn, (ro-yqn-q, c Brazil, 5. 
Goyaz, Go-yqz, c Bra., 8. 
Gozo, or G )zzo, Got-zo, is Med., 16. 
Graciosa, Grq-se-o-sq, is Atlantic. 
Grafenbcrg, Gra-fen-bc/•^, t Bavaria. 
Grafton, Grdf-ton, vs Mass., A^'t., 0., 

III., C. W., &c. 

Graham, Gra-ham, rs N-C, la., Mo. 
Grajehu, Grq-j^a-ho), r Bra. 
Grammichele, Grqm-i-ka-la, t Sic, 8. 
Grammont, Grq-mon, t Belg., 7^. 
Grampians, Gram-pi-anz, nis Scot., do. 
Gran, Grqn, c of Hun., 12. [Aust. 

Granada, Grq-nq-da, c Sp., 61% ; e 

Nicaragua, 10. 
Grand CaiUou, Ka-ydb, hayaii La. 
Grand Coteau, Ko-tcb, v La. 
Grand Cote Prairie, Hiit Pra-re, V III. 
Grand Detour, Da-t<]5r, v III. 
Grand Ecore, £t-k6r, p o La. 
Grand Gulf, v Miss. 
Grand Haven, Ha-ven, t Mich. 
Grand Island, in the Niagara River. 
Grand Isle, co Vt., consisting of M 

Lake Champlain; i Lake Superior. 
Grand Rapids, c Mich. 5 ; v Wis. 
Grand River, Mich., 220 m.; rs La., 

0., Mo. [Mich. 

Grand Traverse, Trav-ers, ^ and j> o 
Grandville, Grand-vil, rs Mich., III. 
Grangemouth, Granj-muf), s-pt t Scot. 
Granger, Gran-jer, co Tenn.; fs N-Y., 0. 
Granicus, Gra-nj-kus, r As. Minor. 
Granville, Groh-vel, ft s-pt t Fr., 10; 

vs N-Y., Va., 0., 2% ; la., 111., &c. 
Grasse, Grqs, t Fr., 11%. 
Grass Lake, d Mich., 3^ ; — River, N-Y. 
Grasville, Graville, Grq-vel, ?'Fr., 12%. 
Gratiot, GraJ-i-ot, cos and vs Mich., 

0., and Wis. 
Gratz, Grets, cap c Styria, 50. 
Graudenz, Gr-s-dents, ft t Prus., 6%. 
Grave Creek, t Va., \%. 
Gravelines, Grqv-len,/i{ s-pt tYr., 5%. 
Gravesend, Gravz-end, t Eng., 6%. 
Gravina, Grq-ve-nq, c Naples, 8. 
Gray, Gra, t Fr., 1%. 
Graysvillo, Graz-vil, rs Pa., 0., 111. 
Great Barrington, Bar-ip-ton, v Mass., 

Great {or Fremont) Basin, a singular 
region in the w. part of Utah Ter. 

Great Bend, ts N-Y., Pa., 1%, la. 

Great Britain, Brit-en, largest and 
most important island of Eu,, com- 
posed of the united territories of 
Eng., Wales, and Scot.; area, 87,903 
s. m., pop 20,8 1 6,35 1 . [I Wis. 

Great Butte des Morts, Bqt da Mor, 

Great Egg Harbor River, N-J., 60 m. 

Great FiUIs, v N-H., 43^. 

Great Fish River, S. Af., 230 m.: r 
Br. N. Am. [N-H. 

Great Island, in Portsmouth Harbor, 

Great Kanawa, Ka-no-wa, r N-C, 
and Va. 

Great Salt Lake, Utah Ter. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Great Slave Lake, Brit. N. Am. 
Great Slave River, Brit. N. Am., 300 m. 
Greece, Gres, k S. E. Eu., consisting of 

two peninsulas of main land, and 

viirii)U3 contiguous islands; pop. in 

Green Bay, arm of Lake Mich., 100 by 

15 to 35 m.; co t Wis., 2%. 
Greenhush, Gren-buJ, v N-Y. [1)^. 
Greencastle, Grtn-kas-l, ts Pa. 1]^, l^i. 
Greene, Gren, num. is and cos U. S. 
Greenfield, Gren-feld, r« Mass. 23^,Pa., 

0. I, la., 111., Wis. 
Greenland, large i of Den., n. e. N. A., 

93^, Esquimaux. ^ [E. 

Green Mountains, Conn., Mass., Vt., C. 
Greenock, Gren-ok, s-pt t Scot., 36%. 
Green Point, v N-Y., 3. 
Greenport, v and pt of entry N-Y., l}^. 
Green liiver, rs Ky., III., Or., etc.; is. 
Greensborough, Grenz-bur-o, vs A. C, 

Ga., Pa. \%. 

Greensburg, ts Pa. 1>^, La., Ky., la., 
Greenupsburg, Gren-ups-burg, cot Ky. 
Greenville, rs 0. l^* R- !•> Conn., Pa., 

N. C, S. C, Ga.,Ala., Tex.. Tenn., Ky. 
Greenwich, Grin-ij, par Eng., 105%. 
Greenwich, Gren-wic, vs Mass., Conn., 

N-Y., N-J. 
Greenwood, Gren-wudy r« Miss., La., la. 
Greiffenhagen, Grjf-en-hq-gcn, t Prus. 
Greifswalde, Grjfs-vql-de,^ Prus., 11)^. 
Grenada, Gren-a-da, i Brit. W. lud., 

32)^; t Miss. 
Grenadines, Gren-q-denz, is W. Ind. 
Grenelle, Gre-nel, v Fr., 8. 
Grenoble, Gren-cj-bl', c Fr., 31V^. 
Gretna ^_Gret-na) Green, v on the line 

bet. Scot, and Eng. 
Grey Town, or San Juan de Nicara- 
gua, San Iloo-qn da Ne-kq-rq-gwq, 

g-pt t Cen. Am. 
Griffin, Grif-in, t Ga., 3^. 
Griggiville, Grigs-vil, v III,, 1. 
Grimes, Grjmz, co Tex. [12)^. 

Grimsby, ( Grimz-bi, ) Great, s-ptt Eng., 
Grinnell ( Grin-el j Land, in Arc. Oc. 
Grodno. Grod-no, guv Bus., 7953^; t 

do., 16. 
Groningen, Gron-ig-en, t Neth. 
Grossenhain, GriJs-en-hjn, t Sax., 6}/^. 
Grossetete, Gros-tat, ;> La. 
. Grossetete Bayou, — Bj-O), La. 
Grosdwardein, Gros-wor-din, c Ilun., 

Oroton, Gr<5-ton, r» Mass., N-Y. 
Grottaglie, Gro-t^l-ya, t Nap., 5. 
Griinstadt, Gr^n-stqt, t Ilhen. Bav., 3)^, 
Guacara, Gwq-kq-rq, t Ven., 4. 
Guachinango, Gwci-(ii-n4a-g«fl, t Mqx.,^* 

Guachipe, Gwq-qe-pa, or Guachipas, 

Gwq-qg-pqs, r La Plata. 
Guficuba, Gwq-kob-bq, r N-Gran. 
Guadalajara or Guadalaxara, Gwq-dq- 

Iq-Ac'i-rq, c Mex., 70. 
Guadalaviar, Gwq-dq-lq-vi-<\r, r Sp. 
Guadalquivir, Ga-dai-kwiv-er, r Sp. 
Guadalupe, Gwq-dq-l(f>-pa, rn», r and t 

Sp., 3-K. 
Guadalupe, G9-da-l(f>p, r and co Tex. 
Guadalupe Hidalgo, Gwq-dq-ldb-pa He- 

dql-go, t Mox. 
Guadalupe-y-Calvo, Gwq-dq-16-pa-i- 

Kql-vo, t Mex., 10. 
Guadeloupe, Ge-de-lcJbp or Gq-de-lc6p, 

i W. Ind. 
Guadiana, Gwq-di-<^-nq, r Sp., Port. 
Guaduas, Cwq-dwqs, t N-Gran. 
Guahan, Gwq-hqn, i Puc. Oc. 
Guaianeco, Gwi-q-na-ko, i gr w. Pat. 
Gualan, Gwq-lqn, t Cen. Am., 2. 
Gualateiri, Gwq-lq-ta-i-rg, m p Andes. 
Gualillas, Gwq-lel yqs. m pass Peruvi- 
an Andes, 14,750 ft. high. [163^. 
Guanabacoa, Gwq-nq-bq-kQ-q, t Cuba, 
Guanajuato or Guanaxuato, Gwq-nq- 

Avvq-to3, st Mex.; c same, 63. 
Guanaparo, Gwq-nq-pq-ro, r Ven. 
Guanare, Gwq-nq-ra, t Ven., 12. 
Guano (Gwq-no) Islands, coast S. Am. 

and Af,, some of which are the Seal 

and Chincha Islands. [Cuba. 

Guantanamo, Gwqn-tq-n(^-mo, har 3. 
Guapai, Gwq-pi, r Bol. 
Guarambari, Gwq-rqra-bq-re, r Par. 
Guarapari, Gwq-rq-pq-re, r, m and t 

Guarapicho, Gwq-rq-pe-qa, r Ven. 
Guaratiba, Gwq-rq-t£-bq, s-pt v Bra., 4. 
Guarico, Gwq-re-ko, r Ven., 200 m. 
Guaruapo, Gwq-roD-^-po, two rs Ven. 
Guatavita, Gwq-tq-ve-tq. -p and I N- 

Guatemala, Gwq-ta-m(\-lq, et Cen, Am. 

Area, 44,500 s. m.; pop. 1,000,000. 

— New, cap above state, 50. — 
Old, c 12. 

Guaviare or Guabiare, Gwq-vi-(^-ra, 

r N-Gran., 450 ra. 
Guayama, Gwj-q-mq, s-pt t Porto Ri., 6. 
Guaya<iuil, Gwj-q-kgl, c Ecuador, 20. 

— Gulf of, ditto. 

Guaytara, Gwj-t^-rq. r Ecuador, 75 m. 
Gubbio, Gt6-bi-G), c Cen. It., 17. 
Guben, Gi6-ben, i Prus,, 9%. 
Guelph, Gwelf, t C. W., 2. 
Guerande, Ga-r6nd, t Fr., d>%. 
Gucrara, Ga-rq-rq, t Algeria. 
Gu6rot, Ga-ra, t Fr,, 5. [co O. 

Guemaey^ O^rn-ze, ouo of Channel Is.j 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Guerrero, Ger-a-ro, st Mex.. 270. 
Giigliiigen, Geg-liy-en, t Wiirt., 143^, 
Guiana or Guyiuia, Ge-q-nq, ter S. Am. 
Guicowar's, Gwik-o-warz, at Hind. 
Guijar ar Guixar, Ge-Aq/', I San Salv. 
Guilford, Gil-ford, ve Me., Vt., Conn., 

N-Y., &c. [30. 

Guillotiere, La, Lq Ge-yo-ti-^r, i Fr., 
Guiloom, Ge-ld)m, r Senegambia. 
Guinea, Gin-E, a geographical division 

of Af. [Cuba, 4. 

Giiine?, Gwe-nes, (almost We-nes,) t 
Guingauip, Gen-goii, t Fr., 7%. 
Guionsville, Gj-onz-vil, p o la. 

I^^For gulfs not mentioned below, 
see proper name. 
Gulf of Guinea, At. Oc, coast N. Gui. 
Gulf of Lyons, Lj-onz or Le-on, Med., 

s. Fr. 
Gulf of Mexico, s. coast of the U. S. 
Gulf of Panama, Pq-nq-m^, Pac. Oc, 


Gnlf of Paria, Pq-ri-q, Carib. Sea, Ven. 
Gulf of St. Lawrence, Lo-rens, At. Oc, 

lying bet. C. E. and Newfoundland. 
Gulf of Tehuactepec, Ta-wqn-ta-pek, 

Pac. Oc, Cen. Am. 
Gulf Streiim, a singular current in the 

At. Oc, having its origin in the Gulf 

of Mexico. 
Gumoorjeena, Gum-oar-je-nq, t Ea. 

Tur., 8. 
Giins, Gens, fr t Hun., 8. 
Guru pat uba, GxD-r(l)-pq-t(fi-bq, r BraziL 
Gurupi, GiX>-ra)-pe, r and t Brazil. 
Gurutuba, Goo-rtD-tdo-bq, r Brazil. 
Gustavia, Goos-tq-vi-q, cap island St. 

Bartholomew, 10. 
Giistrow, Ges-trov, t N. Ger., 9. 
Guyandotie, Gj-an-dot, r and v Va. 
Gwalior, Gwq-li-or, c Hind. 
Gwinnett, Gwin-et, co Ga. 
Gyongyos, Dyen-dyeJ, t Hun., 14%. 
Gyula, Dyd)-lo,* t Hiin., Vd%. 


Haarlem or Harlem, Hqr-lem, c Neth., 

Habersham, Hab-er-Jam, co Ga. 
Haddam, Had-am, v Conn., 2%. 
Haddington, Had-iy-ton, hurgh Scot., 4. 
Haddonfield, Had-on-feld, v N-J. 
Hadersleben, H4-ders-la-ben, s-pt t 

Den., 6. 
Hadleigh, Had-li, t Eng., 3i^. 
Hadley, Had-li, vs Mass., Mich., 111. 
Hagerstown, Ha-gerz-fsn, t Md,, 4; vs 

la., 0. 
Hague, Hag, The, t Neth., 72,1^. 
Haguenau, Hqg-n6 or flg-nw, t Fr., 

Haina, Hj-nq, r and h Hayti. 
Hainan, Hj-nqn, i of China, 1,000,000. 
Hainaut or Hainault, Ha-no, [n^ov Belg. 
Hainichen, llj-ni/i-en, t Sax., b)/^. 
Hala (Hq-lq) Mountains, Beloochistan. 
Halberstadt, Hql-ber-stqt, t Prus. Sax., 

Halcyon, Hal-si-on, p o Pa. 
Halesowen, Halz-6-en, t Eng., 2^^. 
Halfmoon, Hqf-moDn, t N-Y., 2-%. 
Halibut, H61-i-but, Island, N. Puc. 
Halifax, Hal-i-faks, t Eng., 331^; c 

Nova Scotia, 27; rs U. S. 
Halle, Hq-le, c Prus. Sax., 29^. 
Hallettsville, Hal-ets-vil, co t Texas. 
Hallowcll, Hal-o-el. t Me., 3. 
Hall's lianding, v 111. 
Halstead, Hal-sted, t Eng., b%. 

Hamadan, Hq-mq-dc^n, c Persia, 30. 
Ilamah, Hq-mq, c Syria, 44. 
Hamburg, Ham-burg, ( Ger. Hqm- 

bu?A,) c Ger., 16 li^; ts N-Y., N- 

J., Pa., S. C, 111., &c 
Hamehi, Ilq-meln, t Han., Q%. 
Hamilton., Ham-il-ton, t Scot., 9)^: 

C8 0., 8; C. W., ISj T8 N-Y., N. C, 

Ga., &c. 
Hamm, Hqm, t Westphalia, 7. 
Hammersmith, Ham-er-smit, t Eng., 

Hammond. Ham-ond, v N-Y. 
Hammondsport, r N-Y., %. [Va. 

Hampstead, Harap-sted, rs Eng., Md., 
Hampton, Hamp-ton, ts N-H., Va., N- 

Y., Conn.; ( Eng., 5. 
Hampton Roads, arm of Chesapeake 5. 
Hanau, Hq-mj, t Ger., \b]4. 
Hancock, Han-kok, num, cos U. S. 
Hang-Chow-Foo, Hqg-C-s-FcJb, c China, 
Hanging Rock. ■» 0., 1. 
Han-Kiang, Hqn-Ki-q^, two rs China, 

600 and 200 m. 
Hannibal, Han-i-bal, t Mo., 4. 
Hanover, Han-o-ver, c, k d-c, N. Ger.; 

rs N-H., scat of Dartmouth College: 

o.,iii.; tv■.i.,^y,. 

Hanover Court- House, cot Va. 

Hanse (Hans) Towns, f/r Hanscatic 
(Han-SE-at-ik) League, an associa- 
tion of towns for mutual support, 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Han -Yang or Han-Yang-Foo, Hqn- 

Yqy-FiD. c China. 
Hapai, Hq-pj, i gr S. Pac. Oc. 
Hiirburg or Haarbarg, Hqr-biar^, t 

Ger., 5. [51^. 

Harderwick, Hqr-der-vik, s-ft t Netb., 
Hardin, Hqr-din, xs 0., 111., Iowa. 
Hardinsburg, Hqr-dinz-burg, v Ky., 1. 
Harlem, Hqr-lem, sub N-Y. City, 5; 'cs 

0., 111., &e. 
Harlingen, HqMitj-en, ft t Neth., 83^. 
Harmar, Ilqr-marj t) 0., 1%. 
Harmony, Hqr-mia-ni, f* N-J., Pa., &c. 
Haro, fl'ro, t Sp., 6. 
Harper's Ferry, Hqr-perz Fer-i, t; and 

U. S. armory, Ya. 
Harpeth, Hqr-pet, r Tenn., 100 m. 
Harricanaw, Har-i-kan-e, r Br. N, Am. 
Harrisburg, Har-is-burg, cap Pa., 10; 

■cs Texas, 0., la., Mo., Iowa. 
Harrison, Har-i-son, vs Tenn., 3^j 0., 

\yi ; la., Ill, &c. 
Harrisonburg, r« Va., 1^ ; La. 
Harrisonville, «'« N-J., Pa., Ky., 0., &c. 
Harrisville, Har-is-vil, d Pa., Va., 0. 
Harrodsburg, Har-odz-burg, co t Ky., 

3; vs la.. Mo. 
Harrowgate, Har-o-gat, watering-place 

of Eng., 3%. 
Hartford, Hqrt-ford, c, semi cap Conn., 

20; ts Me., N-Y., Pa., Miss., Ky., &c. 
Hartland, t Eng.: vs Mich., Wis. 
Hartlepool, Hqr-ti-pcol, s-pt t Eng., ^y^. 
Hartsgroro, Hqrts-grov, v 0., %. 
Hartsville, r« X-Y., Mass., Pa., la., &c. 
Hartwick, Hq,rt-wik, v N-Y., 3^. 
Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 
Harveysburg, Hqr-viz-burg, v O. 
Harwich, Har-ij, s-pt t Eng., 4)^. 
Harwich, Hqr-wig, t Mass. 
Harwington, Hqr-wio-ton, v Conn. 
Haslingden, Has-lig-den, t Eng., 9. 
Hasselt, Has-elt, t Belg., 8^. 
Hasiloch, Has-loA, v Rhen. Bav., 4^. 
Hastings, Has-tiflz, t Eng.; vs N-Y., 

Mich.; r Australia. 
Hatborough, Hat-bur-o, r Pa. 
Hatchie </r Hatchy, Ha.Q-i, r Tenn., 

nav. 150 m. 
Hatfield, t Eng., 6]^; xs Mass., Pa. 
Haukivesi, H'8-ki-va-sc, I Finland. 
Havana, Ha-van-a, cap Cuba, 1341^ : 

xt N-Y., III., &c. 
Havel, Hq-vel, r Ger., 180 m. 
Haverford, Hav-er-ford, t Pa. — "West, 

r-pt S. Wales. 
Haverhill, Hav-eril, t Eng. [0. 

Haverhill, Hti-ver-il, vs Mass. 4, N-H., 
Haveratraw, Hav-er-stre, « N-Y. 
Havr6, Hq-vr6, v Belg., 2. 

Havre, Le, L§ H^v-r, s-pt c Fr., 30. 
Havre de Grace, Hav-er de Gras, D 

Md., 1%. 
Hawaii, Hq-wi-E.. (or Owhyhee,) lar- 
gest of Sandwich I:*lands, 24)4. 
Hawash, Hq-wqf, r Abys., 460 m. 
Hawes, Hez, t Eng., 1^. 
Hawesville, Hez-vil, v Ky. 
Hawick, Hd-wik, ^ Scot., 6%. 
Hawkeshead, Heks-hed, t Eng. 
Ilawley, Ht5-li, v Pa., 3. 
Haw River, N. C, 
Hayes (Haz) River, Brit. N. Am. 
Hayneville, Han-vil, i) Ala., %. 
Haysville, Ilaz-vil, Ds Pa., 0., la. 
Hayti or Haiti, Ha-te, t second in size 

W. Ind., 943. 
Hazebrouck, Hqz-brdok, t Fr., 8. 
Heathsville, Hjjts-vil, co t Va. [115. 
Hebrides, Heb-ri-dez, 160 is w. Scot., 
Hebron, He-bron, t Palestine, 10; ta 

Conn., N-Y., 0., III. 
Hechingen, He^-in-en, t Ger., 3^. 
Hecla, (Hek-la,) Mount, vol Iceland. 
Hee-Ho or Hi-Ho, He-Ho, r Corea. 
Heidelberg, Hj-del-berA, c W. Ger., 12. 
Heilbronn, Hii-bron, t Wiirt., 8^. 
Heiligenstadt, Hj-li-gen-stqt, t Prus., 

4^. [Wis. 

Helena, Hel-e-na, w N-Y., Ark., Ky., 
Helgoland, Hel-goi-lqnd, i of Great 

Britain, North Sea, 2)^. 
Helicon, (Hel-i-kon,) Mount, m Greece. 
Hell Gate or Hurl Gate, rocky pass 

East River, near New-York. 
Helmsley, Helmz-li, t Eng., 3X. 
Helmstadt, Helm-stet, t Ger., b%. 
Helmund, Hel-mdnd, r Afg., 650 m. 
Helsingfors, Hel-sig-fors, s-^t t Rus., 

cap Finland, 16. 
Helstone, Hel-ston, hor and t Eng. 
Helvetia, Hel-ve-Ji-a, anc. name of 

Switzerland ; x 111. 
Helvoetsluis, Hel-viat-sl^s, ft s-pt t 

Neth., 2%. 
Hemel-Hempstcad, H^m-el-H^mp-sted, 

t and par Eng., 714,. 
Hempstead, v N-Y., l}^. 
Henderson, Hen-der-sou, rs Ky. 1%, 

N-Y., N. C, 111., Tex., Min. 
Heng-Choo-Foo, Hep-fc^oj-FtS, c China. 
Heng-Kiang, Heg-Ki-^n, r China, 
Henley-on-Thames, Hea-li-on-Tdmz, t 

Eng., :i%. 
Hctitiupin, llen-e-pin, co t 111. 
Hunrico, Ilon-rj-ko, co Va. 
Henrietta, Hen-ri-6t-a, i) N-Y. 
Henry, H6n-ri, v 111., 1^. 
Henryvillc, Hen-ri-vil, rs C. E. IJ^, la. 
Herat, Hcr-^t, /< c W. Afg., 40. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Hereford, H^r-e-ford, co and cEng., 12. 
Herford, Her-fort, t Wesphalia, 5>^. 
Herkimer, Hor-ki-mer, v N-Y., 1%. 
Hermann, Hor-man, v Mo., 1. 
Hermannstadt, Hor-mqn-stqt, t Aus., 

213^. • [111. 

Hertuitage, Her-mit-aj, vs N-T., Ga., 
Hermon, Her-inon, X) N-Y. 
Hertford, Hqr-ford, 'bor and t Eng., 6)^. 
Hertford, Hert-ford, co and v N. C. 
Hesse-Cassel, Hes-Kas-el, Ger. iiriiici- 

pality, pop. 709,751. 
Hesse - Darmstadt, Hes - D^rm- stqt. 

Grand Duchy, ind. Ger. sty pop. 

Hesse -Homburg, Hes-Hom-burg, div 

W. Ger., pop. 24,921. 
Heuvelton, Hij,-vel-ton, v N-Y. 
Hexham, Ileks-hara, t Eng., A%. 
Hiang-Ho-Vou, IIi-4i)-Ha)-Vi6, c China. 
Hibernia, Hj-ber-ni-a, a name of Ir- 

land; v Mo. 
Hickman, Hik-man, oo t Ky,, 2. 
Hickory, Hik-o-ri, ts Pa., 0., III. 
liicksford, Hiks-ford, co t Va. 
Hierapolis, Hi-er-ap-o-lis, anc. ruined 

c As. Tur. 
Higgin*i)ort, Hig-inz-port, « 0., %. 
Highland, Ilj-land, va Pa., 0., la., <fec. 
Highlands, Hi-landz, div N. and N. W. 

Hightstown, Hjts-ttfn, t> N-J. 
Highworth, Hj-wurt, hor and t Eng., 4. 
Hildesheim, Ilil-des-hjm, t Ilan., 14^. 
Hillah or Hilla, Hil-a, t As. Tur., 10. 
Hillsborough, Hilz-bur-o, U Ir. 3^^, 

N-H., Va., N. C, 0., la.. 111., Mo. 
Hillsdale, Hilz-dal, ts N-Y., Mich. 
Himalaya, Him-a-lj-a, or Himmaleh, 

Him-q-le, Mountains, Hind. 
Hinckley,^ Iliyk-li, t Eng., 6%; t 0. 
Hindoo-Koosh, Hin-dtD-KoDj, or Ghoor 

Mountains, Cen. Asia. 
Hindostan, Hin-do-stan, extensive re- 
gion, S. Asia; pop. 150,000,000. 
Hinds, Hjndz, co Miss. 
Hinesburg, Ilinz-burg, v Vt. 
Hinghum, Hiy-ham, i) Mass., 4. 
Hinsdale, Hinz-dal, ts N-H., Mass., N-Y. 
Hiram, Hi-ram, ts Me., 0. 
Hirschberg, HerJ-beM, ft t Prtis. Si- 
lesia, 73^. 
Hivaoa, 8-vq-6-q, i S. Pac. Oc, 6i^. 
Hjelmar or Hielmar, Hyel-mar, ZSwed. 
lioai-IIo, Hu)-i-II(>i, /■ China, 400 m. 
Hoai-lvhing, Hoj-j-^ig, c China. 
Hoang-Ho, Ho-ay-II(i), r Chinese Em. 
Ilobart, U<j-bart, ts N-Y., la. [25. 
Hobart Town, ca^i Van Diemen's Land, 
Hoboken, H(5-bo-ken, c N-J., 63 t Cal. 

Ilochstadt, H(f)^-stqt, t Bav., 2X. 
Hocking, II6k-ii), r and co 0. 
Hodgdon, Hoj-dun, t Me. 
Hoei-Ho, Hu)-a-Hw, r China, 400 m. 
Hoei-Ngan, Ho-a-iigqn, c Chinese Em 
Hoei-Toug, Ho)-a-T6ij, c China, 44. 
Iloeksche-Waard, De, De Htak-sAft 

Vqrd, i of IIol., 22. 
Hof, Hof, t Bav., 8. 
Hogansburg, Ilcb-ganz-burg, « N-Y.^ 
HohenzoUern-IIechingen, Ho-en-tsol- 

crn-IIe/i-i«-en, frin. Ger., 20^^. 
HohenzoUern-Sigmaringen, — Sig-mq- 

rii]-en, prin. Ger., 45)^. 
Holbeach, Hol-beq, t and^>ar Eng., V/^. 
Holland, Hol-and, (North and ^South,) 

k Netb., composed of peninsuhis and 

islands; ywp. 1,106,248: r« N-Y., Mich. 
HoUey, H6l-i, t N-Y., 1^- 12^- 

IloUidaysburg, I16l-i-daz-burg, t Pa., 
Holliston, H61-is-ton, r Mass., 1%. 
Holly (H6l-i) Springs, r Miss., 4. 
Hollywood, V Ir., 1^. 
Holmes' (Horaz-ez) Hole, « Mass. 
Holmesville, Hd)mz-vil, ts 0., la.. Miss. 
Holslein, (Hol-stin,) Duchy of, be- 
longing to Den.; pop. in 1850, 482,364. 
Holston, Hol-ston, r Tenn., 200 m. 
Holt, Holt, t Eng.; co Mo. 
Holyhead, H61-i-hed, * and s-pt t of 

N. Wales, 5^. 
Holyoke, Hwl-yok, v Mass., 'iyi. 
Holywell, H6l-i-wel, t N. Wales, 6^. 
Homburg, U6m-bu;A,/^ t Rhen. Bav. 3. 
Home City, •y 0. 

Homer, Ho-mer, ts N-Y. 13^, La., 0. 
Horns, Hums, 0?' Hums, t Syria, 30. 
Honda, H6u-da, (Sp. CJn'dq,) t New 

Granada, 5. 
Honduras, IIon-d(6-rqs, st and & Cen. A. 
Honeoye, Ho-ne-t^, t N-Y.j — Falls, 

V N-Y., \y^. 
Honesdale, Hcinz-dal, co t Pa., 5. 
Uong-Kiang, Hoy-Ke-qy, nav. r China, 

800 m. 
Hong-Kong, Br. i s. e. China, 37. 
Honiton, Hun-i-ton, t Eng., 3)^. 
Honolulu, Hon-o-ldb-lo), t and s-pt 

Sandwich Islands, 6. 
Iloobly, IM-bli, t Br. Ind., 15. 
Hoogly or Hooghly, Hdog-le, t and r 

Br. Ind. 
Hoorn, Horn, ft t N. Hoi., 8%. 
Hoosick (Hdo-sik) Falls and Tunnel, 

near Troy, N-Y. 
Ilopedale, Hop-dul, t Mass.; v 0., and 

seat of McNeely Normal School. 
Hopkinsville, Hop-kinz-vil, co t Ky., 

3>i^; t O. 
Uoricon, H6r-i-kon, V6 N-Y., Wis. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 



Horncai«tle,ni5rn-kas-l, ^and7'arEnj:.5. 

Homellsville, Hor-nelz-vil, v N-Y., l}4. 

Hurshiim, Hers-am, bar and t Eng., 6; 
V Pa. 

Hurton, Hor-ton, s-pt Nova Scotia. 

Hot Springs, r« Va., Ark. 

Hottentots, Hot- en-tots, an Af. race, 
Cape of Good Hope. 

Houghton, Hiij-ton, co and p o Mich. 

Houghton-le- Spring, t and par Eng., 

Houlton, Hul-ton, v Me. [3^. 

Houma, Hi6-mq, v La. 

Hounslow, H-snz-lo, t Eng., 33^. 

Housatonic, HiD-sa-ton-ik, Kiver, Mass., 
150 ua. 

Houston, Hct>3-ton, co ts Miss., Texas 
6 : t Kansas Ter. 

Howden, H^s-den, t and pa7' Eng., 2]/^. 

Howell, His-el, cot Mich., %. 

Hoy, Hflr, i and /»ar Eng., 1^^. 

Haaheine, Hcn-q-hg-na, Society Is., 2. 

Huailagii, Wql-yq-gq or Hwql yq-gq, 
r Peru, 500. 

Huamunga, W'q-raqy-gq, or Guaman- 
ga, Gwq-mqi) gq, c Peru, 20. 

Hnamantla, Wq-mqat-lq, t and battle 
field, Me.x. [ru, 8. 

Huancaveliea, Wqn-kq-va-le-kq, t Pe- 

Huaraz, Wq-rqs, t Peru. 5. 

Huuura, W-y-rq, s-pt t I'eru. [Eng., 25. 

Huddersfield, lliid-erz-fcid, lor uisd t 

Hudson, Hiid-son, or North River, N- 
Y., the finest in the U. S., 300 m.; 
nav. for the laf-gest ships to Hudson, 
117 in.; c N-Y., 7; re 0. % Mich.: 
CO t Wis. 

Hadson's Bay, inland sea of Br. Am., 
850 by 601) m. 

Hudson's Bay Territory, tho whole of 
Br. N. Ana., excepting tho Caniidas, 
N-Brunswick, Nova Scotia and New- 
foundland, over which Hudson's Bay 
Company have a charter for its use 
as hunting ground for furs. 

Hud, Hwa or Hio-a, r Anam. 

Hue, or Thua-Thien, T-hwq-Ti-en, 
cap empire of Anam. 

Huesca, Wes-kq <w Hwes-kq, c Sp., 9. 

Hughesville, Hi^^z-vil, r« N-J., Pa., Va. 

Hull, Hul, r-pt and h/v Eng., 83. 

Hulmesville, Homz-vil, « Pa. 

Humber, Hiim-ber, r Newfoundland, 
150 m.; eat. Eng. 

Humboldt, Hum- bolt, T Wis.j J and r 
Cal., 350 m. 

Humphreys, Um'friz, co Tenn. 

Humphreysville, vg Conn., O. 

Hungary, Hiiy-ga-ri, cy S. E. Europe, 
forming a part of the Austrian Em- 
pire: ar. 69,170 s. m., pop. 11,000,000. 

Hungerford, Hiig-ger-ford, t and par 

Hunslet, Hun-slet, chapelry Eng., 20. 
Huntersville, Hun-terz-vil, cot Va. 
Huntingdon, Hiint-ig-don, W and / 

Eng., ^yi\ CO ts Pa. \%, Tenn. 
Huntington, Hdnt-ig-ton, I'sN-Y., Vt., 

S. C; CO t la. 
Huntly, Hiint-li, t andjoar Scot. 
Huntsville, Hunts-vil, co ts Ala. 4, Mo., 

Tex. IX; TsO., la., III. 
Hurdwar, Hurd-wdr, t famous for its 

annual fairs, N. Hind. 
Huron, (Hq-ron,) Lake, third in sizo 

of N. Am.: rs N-Y., O. 
Hurst Moneeaux, (Mon-scS,) /)or Eng. 
Husum, Hob-sum, s-pt t Den., 4. 
lluy, Her, t Belg., S%. 
Huyton, Hj-ton, par Eng. 
Ilyannis, Hj-.^n-is, v and 8-pt Mass. 
llydepark, Hjd-pqrk, co t Vt.: vs N-Y., 

Pa. \%. 
Hyderabad, Hj-der-a-b^d, e India, 200; 

t and /«! Hind., 20. 
Hvdra, He-drq, or Idra, 8'drq, i of 

Greece, 20. 
Hyeres or Hieres, He-^r. t Fr., 10. 
Uy the. Hid, hor and t Eng., 2%. 


t-^" In order to ngreo with Lippin- 
eott's Gazetteer, " names in Eastern 
Europe and Asia, beginning with I, 
foll()W*>d immediately by a vowel, will 
generally be found under Y ; thus, for 
lakoutsk, see Yakootsk; lana, see Ya- 
na, &c. 

Ibaguo, 8-b4-ga, t N-Gran., 5. 
Ibarra, 8-b4^-q, t Ecuador, 11. 

Iberia, ^-bg-ri-a, ts 0., Mo., 
Iberville, "J-'ber-vil, jnir and co t I/ft, 
Ibicui, 8-bi-kwe, r S. Am., 400 m. 
Iceland, is'land, » of Don., bet. N. At. 

and Arc. Oceans, 60. 
Ico or Icco, 8'ko, t Brazil, 7. 
Icod, 8-k6d, t inland of Teneriffe, 5>^. 
Ida, i^da, co Iowa; p o Mich. 
Idjeng, Id-jdy, active rol is. of Java. -. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Idle, f dl, r Eng. 

Idria, Id'ri-a or f'dri-q, t Illyria, 4}-^. 

Iduinaea, Id-yi]-u38-a, aiic. cy VV. Asia. 

lesi, ^"--a-se, t It., i). 

Igatimi, i>-gq-ti-me, r S. Am., 200 m. 

Iglau, Ig'lTi, t Moravia, 16i^. 

Iglesias, C-gla-si-qs, t Sardinia, 12)^. 

Iglo, Ig'lG., t N. Ilun., 6. 

Iguacu, 8-gwq-S(i), t and r Brazil. 

Iguaiada, 8-gwq-lq-dq, t Sp., JO. 

Igualapa, 8-gv\q-lq-pq, t Mex., 3. 

Iguape, 8-gwq-pa, /• Brazil, loO m. 

Ikropa, i:'-krd>-pq, r Madagascar, 270 m. 

Iltracotnbe, li'tra-kuom, s-pt i Eng., 3. 

llha Grande, ^I'yq Gr^u-da, * of 

Brazil, 2. 
Ilinicii, 8-li-ne-sq, m p Andes, Ec, 

17,380 ft. 
Ilkeston, Il'kes-ton, i and par Eng., 6i^. 
Ill, tX r Fr., 100 in. 
Iller, ll'er, r S. Ger,, 85 m. 
Illiinani, 81-yq-mq-ni, m Bol. Andes, 

21,149 ft. 
Illinoii?, Il-i-nef, one of the w. U. S.; 

area 55,409 s. m., pop. 857,470; r 111. 
Illinois College, Jsicksouville, 111. 
Illyria, 11-ir-i-a, ter forming the s. w. 

part of Austria; area 10,996 s, m., 

pop. 1,284.947, of whom % are slaves. 
Ilminster, li'min-ster, t and j^/ar Eng., 

Iloilo, 8-l<5r-lo, proT of Panay, 259%. 

Imbros, Im'bros, or Imbro, Im'brw, i 
Gr. Arch., 4. 

Imola, 8'uia)-lq, t Cen. It., 9%. 

liiagua, 8-nq-gVFq, one of Bahama Is. 

Independence, c Mo., 3; co ts Ky., lo.; 
rs Tex., O., la., <fcc. 

India, In'di-a, region of cy S. Asia; 
divided into India beyond the Gan- 
ges, and Brit. Ind.; area of the latter 
1,427,547 s. m.; pop. 170,813,668, 
"The gov. is vested in the East Ind. 
Company as trustees for the crown, 
consisting of the Governer-General, 
and a c >uncil of five members." 

Indiana, In-di-an-a. one of the w. U. 
S.; area, .33,809 s. m., pop. 988,342. 

Indiana, co t Pa., 1 ; v C. W. 

Indianapolis, In-di-an-ap-o-lis, c cap 
of La., 18 ; -e; Iowa. [coast. 

Indian Ocean, a vast sea off the Af. 

Indianola, In-di-an-o-la, ts Tex., Iowa, 

Indian Uiver, Fa., 100 m. 

Indian Territory, w. Ark., set apart by 
gov. of U. S. for the exclusive occu- 
pation of the Indian tribes of the 
West. [750 m. 

Indighirka, In-di-gir-kq, r E. Liberia, 

Indragiri, In-drq-ger-e, nav. r Sumatra, 
Indre, And'r, r Fr. 
Indus, In'dua, ?• S. As., 1650 m. 
Industry, lu'dus-tri, r« Pa., 0., 111. 

C. E. . [9%. 

Ingolstadt, Ip'ol-stqt, ft t Upper Bav., 
Ingoolets, In-gu)-lets, r Rus., 220 m. 
Inkerman, Ir)k-er-mqn, v s-pt of S, 

Bus. in the Crimea. 
Inn, r Swit. and Bav., 250 m. 
Innspruck, Ins'pruk, cap Tyrol, 123^. 
Insterburg, Ins'ter-burA, t E. Prussia, 

Inverness, In-ver-nes, s-pt t Scot., 12- 

% ; V Mich. [Ter. 

Inyan Reakah, In'yqn Rg-q-kq, r Min. 
Inyan Yankey (Yay-ki j River, Iowa, 
loua, 8-a)-na, i Hebrides, Scot., 1. 
Ionia, i'-dj-ni-a, rs Mich., 111., Mo. 
Ionian (ii-o-ni-an) Islands, Med., w. 

of Gr.; bel. to Gr. Br.; pop. 219%; 

aea, part of Med. 
Iowa, i^'o-wa, one of U. S,; area 50,914 

s. m., pop. 33Q ; r Iowa, 300 m. 
Iowa City, cap Iowa, 4. 
Ipswich, Ips'wiq, hi/r and t of Eng., 33; 

t Mass., 3J^. 
Iquique, 8-ke-ka, s-pt t S. Peru. 
Iraja, J^-rq-jq, f Brazil, 5. 
Irasbiirg, t^'ras-burg, v Vt. 
Irasu,8-rq-st6, rol Custa-Rica, 11,478 ft. 
Iren, 8-ren, or 8- ran, /• Rus., 150 m. 
Iredell, ir'del, co K. C. 
Ireland, 4'r'land, western is of the 

Kingdom of Gr. Brit.; area 32,513, 

pop. 6,553,163. 
Irish Sea, i'rij, portion At. Oc, bet. 

Ir. and Eng. 
Irkootsk, Ir-k(f)tsk, c Siberia, 120. 
Iroquois, Ir-o-kwff, r la.. 111.; v 111. 
Iroquois, or Six Nations, Fr. name of 

the united Mohawk, Oneida, Onon- 
daga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscaro- 

ras Indians. [1200 m. 

Irrawaddy, Ir-a-w6d-i, r S. E, Asia, 
Irtish, Ir'tiJ, r N. As., 1700 m. 
Irvine, Er'vin, s-pt t Scot., A%; rs Pa., 

Isar, S'zar, or Iser, 8'zer, / Ger., 165 m. 
Ischia, Is'ki-q, i in Med., 24. 
I^eghem, 8'se-/iem, t Belg., 8%. 
Iserlohn, 8-zer-lc[)n, t Prus., H)%. 
Isernia. 8-ser-ni-q, t Nap., 5}4^. 
l.set, 8-set, ;■ Siberia, 250 m. 
Ishim, {/>' Ischim, Ij'im, r Sib., 700 m. 
Isla de Leon, 8s'lq da La-(f)n, c Sp., 

Isla de Negros, 8s'lq da Na-gros, u 

in the Malay Arch., 35%. [12. 

Islamabad, Is-lqm-a-bqd, t Brit, lud., 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Island Pond, v Yt. 

Islay, i^la, in Hebrides in Scot,, 16. 

Isle, 81, ?■ Fr., 100 ra. 

Isle Au Bois, 81 o Bwq, p o Mo. 

Isle Au Haul, 81 o Ho, an entrance of 

Penobscot Bay. 
Isle-aux-Coudres, 81-o-K(j6J-r, z C. E. 
Isle-Dieu, 8l-D£-e, fi i Fr., 2^. 
Isle of Pines, * Pac. Oc, 2}4 ) «* W. 

Ind. Arch., 1>^. [oQi^. 

Isle of Wight, i\ ov Wit. i Eng. Chan., 
Isle Royale, 5*1 Kdf-al, i Lake Superior. 
Islington, Is'lii)-ton, par Eng., 95}/^. 
Islip, Is'lip, V N-Y. 
Ismail, Is-mqel, /? ^ Rus., 21^. 
Isola, 8'so-lq, t Illyria, S^. 
Isola Grossa, 8'dCJ-ln Gros-q,, i Adriatic 

Sea, 12. 
Ispahan, Is-pa-hqn, or Spahawn, Spq- 

hen, c Persia, 150. 
Issaquena, Is-a-kwg-na, co Miss. 
Issoire, 8s-wq/', t Fr., b%. 
Issoudun, 8-stT>-duh, t Fr., 13>^. 
Istip, Li' tip, t Eu. Tur., 8. 

Italy, Tt'a-li, (It. I-t(\-li-q,)a/in S. En. 
consisting of divisions, kingdoms, 
dutchies, «fec., formed of the penin- 
sula, and adjacent islands; area 
118,356 £. m., pop. 24,733,385. 

Itamaraca, 8-tq-mq-rq-kq. i Bra., 8. 

da, r Brazil, 410 m. 

Itasca Lake, It-as-ku, the head of the 
Mississippi. [Chili. 

Itata, 8 tq-tq, or Chilian, Gel-yqn, r 

Itawamba, It-a-w6m-ba, co Miss. 

Ithaca, It'a-ka, Ionian Is., 9^; co t 
N-Y., 7:^0. [Go. 

Itooroop, 8-t«.T)-rc6p, Koorile Is., N. Pac. 

Itu, Hitu. or Ytu, 8-t(D, t Bra., 10. 

Itzehoe, It'se-hcj-e, t Den., 6. [Bra. 

Ivahi, 8-vq-he, or Ubahi, (D-bq-h£, r 

Ivi^a, Iviza, 8-V8-sq, « Sp.. 11. 

Ivinghoe, Iv'ig-ho, t Eng., 2. 

Ivrea, 8-vra-q, t Pied., 7. [8}^. 

Ivry-sur-Seine, 8-vrg-ser-San, v Fr., 

Izard, Iz'ard, co Ark. [15,705 ft. 

Iztaccihuatl, 8s-tqk-si-hwq-tl', 'vol Mex., 


1^'" To agree with Lippineott, 
"Names beginning with J, in Eastern 
Europe and Asia, will generally be 
found under Y, thus : for Jablonoi, see 
Yablonoi : Jassy, see Yassy, &c." 
Jubary, Xabary, //q-bq-re, or Yavary, 

Yq-vq-re, r S. Am., 450 m. 
Jaca, or Xaca, /^-kq, t Sp., 3. 
Jacarehi, Xq-kq-ra-he, t Bra., 7. 
Jacinto, Ja-sin-to, v Miss. 
Jackson, Jak-son, vs La., Tenn., Ky., 

O., Mich., Mo., &c. 
Jacksonville, co t 111., also of Va., Ga., 

Fa., Ala. 
Jacuhy, Xq-kcD-e, r Bra., 250 ra. 
Jaen, or Xaen, /fq-en, c Sp., 11%. 
Jaen de Braca mores, /iq-en daBrq-kq- 

m<i-ros, t Ec, 2. 
Jaffa, Jaf-a, or Yqf-q, t Pal., 5. 
Jaffnapatara, Jqf-nq-pq-t^m, s-pt i 

Ceylon, 8. [120 m. 

Jagua, or Xagua, /?('i-gwq, r Hon., 
Jaguaribe, Xq-gwq-r^-ba, r Bra., 400 m. 
Jalapa, or Xalapa, //q-l^-pq, c Mex., 

10; Ja-lq-jHi, r« Tenn., la.. 111. 
Jallore, Jq-lJ)r, t Hind., 15. [ra. 

Jalomnitza. Yq-U.m-nit-sq. r Wal., 110 
Jaloun, Jq-I(j[»n. t Hind., 180. 
Jamaica, Ja mA-ka, largest of the 

Brit. W. Ind. Is., Caribbeaa Sea: 

pop. 377,433; i; in N-Y., 4J^. 

Jamaica Plain, v Mass. 

Jamesburg, -v N-J. 

James River, Va., 450 m. 

James's (Jamz-ez) Bay, g Brit. Am. 

James Town, cap of is St. Helena ; 

CO ts Tenn., Ky.; v N-Y., 2% ; Va., 

0., la. 
Janesville, Janz-vil, c Wi.'?., 6. 
Japan, Jq-pan, (called Niphon, Nip- 

hon, by the Japanese,) an empire in 

the N. Pac., composed of three largo 

and several small islands area 116,- 

405 s. m.; pop. 35,000,000. 
Japura, y/q-pd>-rq, r S. Am., 1000 ro. 
Jarrow, .Tar-o, jtar and ij Eng., 423^. 
Jasper,, co ts Ala., Tex., Ark., 

Tenn., la. S^. 

Jasz-Apathi, Y4s-0-p6-tg, t Con. Hun., 
Jasz-Bereny, Yqs-Ba-rany, t Hun., 17. 
.lauer, YS'-er, t Pru.<<. Silesia, 6)^. 
Janja, Ifi-hq, or Atanjauja, il-tqn- 

A-*-Ad, r 400 m. 
.Tauru, X's-rcfi, r Brazil, 220 ra. 
Java, J^-vq, an i Malny Arch.: area 

49.730 s. m., pop. 9,600,000; Ja-va, 

r N-Y. 
Javana, Jq-v^-nq, i Java, 10. 
Jawahir, J^-wq-her, peaks of Himalaya 

Mountains 25,670 ft. 
Jaxartes, Jak3-<^r-tez, r Ind. Toorkia- 

Ud, 900 m. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Jedburgh, Jed-bur-u, t Scot,, 2%. 
Jefferson, Jef-er-son, v N-Y., IJ^; 

cots'H. C, Ga., Ala., Tex., 0., Wis., 

lM;v la. 
Jeffersoa City, cap Mo., 3. 
Jeffersonville, t Id., location state pen- 
itentiary, pop. 3 ; CO t Va. [Pal. 
Jehoshaphat, Je-hoJ-a-fat, Valley of, 
Jeimnapes, Sa-tnqp, v Belg., 4^. 
Jena, Jen-a, or Ya-nq, t Cen. Ger., 6}4.- 
Jenne, Jen-e, t W. Af., 9. [Bra. 
Jequitinhonha. Xa-ke-ten-ycfin-yq, r 
Jerez de La Frontera, Hi-ret da Iq 

Fron-ta-rq, ^ Sp. 
Jerez-de-Lo3-Caballero3, Ha-re6-da- 

Lcos-Kq-bq-la-ros, c Sp., 63.^. 
Jericho, Jer-i-ko, anc. c Pal.; ts Vt., 
Jerome, Je-rcjin, v la, [N-Y., Ala. 

Jersey, Jer-zi, the largest of the Is. of 

Gr. Brit, in the Eng. Chan.; area 

39,000 acres, pop. 57>i. 
Jersey City, N-J., 22. 
Jersey Shore, v Pa., %. 
Jerseyville, Jer-zi-vil, co t 111., ^. 
Jerusalem, Je-rit-sa-lem, a revered c 

Pal., 10; Ts^-Y., Va. 
Jessulmeer, Jes-ul-mer, t Hind., 20. 
Jeypoor, or Jypoor, Ji-pdor, st and c 

Hind., 60. 

Jhylum, or Jilum, Jj-lum, r Punjab. 
Jiddah, o/'Djiddah, Jid-q, s-ptt Ar.,22. 
Johnson, Jou-son, ts Vt., Ga., 111. 
Johnson, Jon-ston, « Scot., b%. 
Johnstown, co t N-Y., 1%; v Pa., 2. 
Joigny, Xwqu-ye, t Fr., 6V^. 
Joliet, J61-i-et, co t 111., 4. 
Jonesborough, Jiinz-bur-o, cots Tenn., 

111.; i:s Ga., Ala., la.. Mo. 
Joaesville, co t Va.; v Mich., 1, 
Joodpoor, Jdod-pdar, nt and t Hind., 60. 
Jordan, Jar-dan, r As/ Tur., 120 m.; 

v N-Y. 
JoruUo, XuruUo, Ha-rdA-jCi, vol Mox. 
Josephine, Jo-ze-fen, v III. 
Jouna, Jijo-nq, r lius. Am,, 300 ra. 
Juan Fernandez, Jq-an Fer-nan-dez, 

i Pac. Oc, 18 by 6 m. 
Judea, Jq-de-a, anc. k of Pal. 
Juggernaut, Juggernauth, Jug-er-net, 

t and temple of Ind,; pop t 30. 
Jujuy, Hrt-fiVii, r La Plata, 300 m. 
Jumna, Jdm-nq, r Ind., 6S0 m. 
Juneau, Jq-ncj, v Wis. [671 ft. 

Jungfrau. Yiiij-frif, ?» Swiss Alps., 13- 
Juniata, Jq-ni-q-ta, r and co Pa. 
Jura, Jq-ra, i Inner Hebrides Scot., 

m-s separating Fr. from Swit. 
Jutland, Jdt-laud, pen and jorov Den. 


Kaffa, Caf fa. Kqf-q, t Tlus., 7J^. 

Kaffraria, Caffraria, Kq-frq-ri-q, re- 
gion of S. E. Af.; pop., 34J,00(I. 

Kafiristan, Kq-fc-ris-tqn, cy Cen. As. 

Kairwan, or Gairwan, Kjr-wqn, c N. 
Af., 50. [8000 h. 

Kaisareeyeh, Kj-zar-e-e, c As. Min., 

Kalafat, Kq-lq-fqt, t Eti. Tur. 2000 h. 

Kalamazoo, Kal-a-ma-zda, r and co t 
Mich., 5. 

Kalantan or Calantan, Kq-lqn-tqn, st 
Mi.lay Pen., 50. 

Kalida, Ka-lj-da, co t 0. 

Kalimno, Kq-lim-no, or Calamo, Kq- 
Iq-mQ, is s. w. coast As. Min. 

Kalisz <tr Kaliseh, Kq-liJ, c Pol., 12. 

Kallo, Nagy, Noj Kq-16, t Hun., b%. 

Kallsioen, Kql-si-e-en, I Swed. 

Kalraar, Kql-mar, two C8 of Swed. 

Kalocsa, Ko-loq-o, t Hun., 8, [l^. 

Kalooga, Kq-I{6-sq, goo and t Rus., 29- 

Kalwarya, Kql-rq-ri-q, t Pol., 1. 

Kama, Kq-mq, r Rus., 1400 m. [15. 

Kamieniec, Kqm-yen-yefc-?, t Rus. Pol., 

Kampen, Kqm-pen, t Neth., 10%. 

Kamtchatka or Kamtschatka, Kqm- 
q(\i-ka, pen forming a part of the Si- 
berian Gov., n. e. of Asia, 6. 

Kanawha, Ka-no-wa, co and r Va. 

Kanayawa, Kq-nj-q-wq, c Japan, 200. 

Kan-ehoo or Kan-Tchou, Kqn-qif), ft 
China. [jee Is., 10. 

Kandaboo, Kqn-dq-bdo, one of the Fee- 

Kandy or Candy, Kqn-de, t Ceylon, 7. 

Kane, Kan, v and co 111. 

Kangaroo, Kap-ga-r(6, is S. Aust. [•)^. 

Kanisa, Nag.y. Noj Ko-ne-Jo, t Hun., 8- 

Kankakee, Kan-ka-kg, r la. and 111.; 
D 111.; — City, CO t 111. 

Kankaree, K^n-kq-re, t As. Tur., 18. 

Kan-Kiang. Kqn-Ki-qij, r Chi,, 350 m. 

Kanona, Ka-nu-na, v N-Y. 

Kanam, Kq-nobm. c Little Thibet. 

Kanzas, or Kansas, west. Ter. U. S., 
the " bone of contention" between 
the free and slave states, eomraenc- 
ing with the repeal of the "Missouri 
Compromise," in 1854; area 114,798 
s. m.; r of the ter,, 120 m; v Mo,, Xi 
tr Indians. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Kara, Kq-rq, r Kus., 125 m. 

Karakool or Karakoul, Kq-rq-kcfcl, t 
Bokhara, 30. 

Kararaan, Kq-rq-inqn, t As. Min., 12. 

Karaii;;-Assaui, Kq-rqtj-R-sqm, st Ma- 
lay Arch., pop. 250,000. 

Kara .S.»o, Kara Sou, or Kara Su, Kq- 
rq SiD, rs As. Min., Per., A*. Tur., 
Eu.T^r. [S. Ru3., 15. 

Kara-boo-Bazar, Kq-r<\-So)-Bq-74r, t 

Kardzag, Kord-s6g, t E. Han., HX. 

Karikal, Kq-ri-kql, t Ind., 15, 

Karlsburg, or Carlsburg, Kq/ls-burA, 
t Tran., 12)^. 

Karlstadf, or Carlstadt, Kqrl-stqt, free 
t Aus. Croatia, U^ ; t Bav.. 21^. 

Kars or Khars, Kqr:^, c As. Tiir., 12. 

Kasanlik, Kqz-qn-lik. t Eu. Tur., 10. 

Kasehau, Kq-I-**, or Kositze, Ko-sit-sa, 

Hun., 15^^. 
vn, or 
Ka-=hgar, or Cashgar, 

Ka^^han, or Cashan, Kq-Ji^n, t Per., 30. 

' _ r, KqJ-gqr, c Chi. 

Toork., K). [7%. 

Kasim >v, K»«imow, Kq-si-mov, t R 
Kaskaskia, Kas-kas-ki-a, r IlL, 300 in.; 

Kassaca, Kq-S(^-kq, c Japan, 150. 
Kastamoonee, or Kastamouni, Kqs-tq,- 

m6-ne, t As. Min., 48. 
Katonah, Ka-to-na, v S-Y. 
Katrine, Ka-trin, or Kat-rin, I Scot. 
Kaufman, Kof-man, co Tax. 
Kaukauna, Ko-kd-na, D Wis. 
Kavala, Kq-v^-lq, f>-})t t Tur.. 4. [10. 
Kavaya, Kavaja, Kq-vj-q, ^ Eu. Tur., 
Kazan, Kasan, Kq-z^n, gov and c Rus., 

Kecskemet, Keq-kem-at, t Hun., 42. 
Koiliri, Ka-d8-rg, prov, t and r Is. of 

Kedron, Ke-dron, brook of Pal., in the 

Valley of Jehoshaphat. 
K«;ea-Hing-Foo, Ka-q-IIin-Fd), ft C 

China, 270. 
Keeno, Ken, co t N-II., 2M ; v Ky. 
Keeseville, Kez-vil, v N-Y., 2. 
Kojghley, Keb-li, t Eng., 13. 
K'Uth, Ke6, t and par Scot.. 5. 
Keithsburg. Kets-burg, co t III., 3^. 
Kdat, or Khelat, Ke-l^t, t Belg., 12. 
Kelso, Jtel-scj, t and par Scot., A% ; 

V la. 
Kemijoki, Kd-raj-y6-ke, or Kemi, Ka- 

niE, r Ru'«., 300 m. 
Kempten, K^rap-ten, < Bavaria, 1%. 
KcMnptviUc, K<5int-vil, t C. W., \%. 
Ken, or Kent, r Eng.; Ken, r Soot. 
K»!nansville, K^n-anz-vil, r^ t N. C. 
Kendal. Ken-dal, t and ;>or Eng , lOJ^. 
Konduskeft^, Ken-dui-ka;;, v 1\q, 


Kenesaw. Ken-e-se, p o Ga. 

Kenilworth, Keu-il-wujt, t and par 
Eng., 3,1^. 

Kenjua, Ken-jq-a, vVa. 

Kenmire, Ken-m4r, r and t Ir., l)'^. 

Kennebec, Ken-e-bek, r x\Ie., 150 in. 

Kennebunk, Ken-e-bvigk, ;• and v Me. 

Kennedy-sviile, Ken-e-diz-vil, v N-Y. 

Kennet, Ken-et, r Eng, 

Kenosha, Kcn-c5-Ja, t Wis., 51/^. 

Kensico, Ken-si-ko, v N-Y. 

Kensington, Ken-sir)-ton, ^ and par 
Eng., 44 ; svh Philadelphia, 48. 

Kent, rs Conn., la. 

Kenton, Ken-ton, co t 0. 

Kent's Hill, v Me. 

Kentucky, Ken-tiik-i, on6 of the w. 
U. S.; area 37.680 s. m., pop. 761,449 
whites, 10,011 free blacks, 210,981 
slaves,— total, 982,405 ; r Ky. 

Keokuk, Ke-Q-kuk, co ani t Iowa, 15. 

Keosauqua, Ke-o-so-kwa, co t Iowa, 

Kerah, Ktx-rq, r Per., 350 ni, 

Keriuan, Ker-mqn, ft c Per,, 30. 

Kermanshah, Ker-mqn-Jq, t Per., 35. 

Kern Lake, Cai, 

Kortch, Ke/-q, t Rus,, 10, \2%. 

Keswick, Kez-wik, or Kez-ik, t Eng., 

Keszthely, Kest-hely, t \V. Hun,, 7j5. 

Ket, Ket, r As, Rus,, 500 m, 

Keta, Ka-tq, r As, Rus. 300 m. 

Ketcho, Keq-o, or Cachao, Kaq-^'Oi 
c of Anatn, in S. E. As., 100. 

Kettering, Ket-er-ig, t and par Eng., 

Kew, Kq, v Eng., palace of George III. 

Kewaunee, Ke-wd-ne, r and co Mich. 

Keweenaw (Ke-wK-no) Bay, Lake Su- 
perior: — l^)int, n. part Mich. 

Key, or Ki, Kj, is Malay Arch. 

Key port, Kg-port, v N-J. 

Keysport, Kez-pcart, v III. 

Keys, Kez, (or Cays,) islets on the 
shores of Honduras. 

Keytesville, Kets-vil, co t Mo. 

Key West City, co t Fa., 3. 

Khania, //q-ne-a, {or Canea,) s-pt t 
Crete, 8. 

Khanpoor, //qn-p(fir, t Hind., 20. 

Kharkov, i/qr-kov, (or Slobodisch 
Ukraine, Sl(f)-b(a-di/ OD'kran,) gov 
8. Eu. Riis,, area 20,931 s. m., pop. 

Kharkov, or Charkov^, o, cap of the 
above, 35, 

Khartoom, //qr-t(£»ra, cap Nubia, 20. 

Khatanga, i/q-tqij-gq, ' r As. Has., 

^ 700 iq. 

Khatmandoo, Kqt-mqn-dJ), {or Kath 
iuaro, Kat-h-mq-ro,) cap of NejJaut, 

' 6S 

Geographical Yocabulary. 

Kherson, nr Cherson, ifer-s^n, yoi) and 

ft t S. Rus., 241^. 
Khilok, i/e-lok, r As. Rus., 430 m. 
Khiva, Ke-va, cy and ca^) in Lad. 

Toork., 10. 
Khoi, iier, ^ N. Per., 30. 
Khonsar, JETon-sqr, i Per., 13. 
Khoolooin, //o-lifern, < Afg., 10. 
Khyen-Dwem, Ki-en-Dwein, r Far. 

Ind., 400 m. 
Khyerpoor, Kj-er-pAr, t Sinde, 15. 
Kiakhta wKiachta, Ks-q/i-tq, t Sib., 5. 
Kickapoo (Kik-a-pd)) Indians, Kansas 

Ter.; r Wis. 
Kidderminster, Kid-er-min-ster, hor 

and t Eng., iZ%. 
Kiel, Ksl, 8-pt t Den., 15. 
Kielce, Ke-eit-sa, c Pol., 0%, 
Kiev, Kiew, Ks-ev, {or Kief, Ke-ef;) 

^ot) Eu. Rus.; area 1942 s. m., pop. 

1,63(5,339 ; c do., 47X. 
Kilbarchan, Kil-bqr-/win, ^ and par 

Scot., 5^. 
Kilbeggan, Kil-beg-an, par and ^ Ir., 2. 
Kilbirnie, Kil-ber-ne, v a,nd.j)ar Scot., 

Kildare, Kil-d4r, co and t Ir. 
Kilia, Ke-li-q, /i^ t Bessarabia, 7. 
Kilkenny, Kil-ken-i, co, c and Jor Ir., 

pop of c 20%. 
Killaloe, Kil-a-ldo, t Ir., 2%. 
Ki Harney, Kil-qr-ni, t and par Ir., 6; 

three h, do. 
Killiecrankie, Kil-g-krag-ke, pas» in 

Grampian Mountains, Scot. 
Killough, Kil-o, s-pt t Jr., 1. 
Killucan, Kil-d)-kan, par Ir. 
Killyleagh, Kil-i-la, 8-pt t Ir., 1. 
Kilmacduagh, Kil-mak-ddD-a, par Ir. 
Kilmalie, Kil-ma-le, jc»a/' Scot. 
Kilmalloch, Kil-mal-oA, t Ir., Ij^. 
Kilmarnock, Kil-mqr-nok, t Scot., 213^; 

'V Va. 
Kilmuir, Kil-raer, ?>ar Scot. 
Kilmun, Kil-miin, sea-bathing i' Scot. 
Kilrea, Kil-ra, t and par Ir., l^^, 
Kilrenny, Kil-ren-i, s-pt and par Scot., 

Kilrush, Kil-riij", 8-pt and < Ir., 4X- 
Kil.syth, Kil-sjd, ^ and par Scot., 4. 
Kilwinning, Kil-win-ig, t and ^^fa** 

Scot., •i%. 
Kinbooru, Kin-b(t)rn, ft Rus., at the 

mouth of the Dnieper. 
Kincardine, Kig-kqr-din, 8-pt t Scot. 
Kinderhook, Kin-der-huk, ts N-Y. 4, 

Ark., la., 111. 
King-Ki-Tao, Kip-Ki-Tq-o, cap Corea. 
King-and-Qucen Court-House, cotYa. 
Kingsbury, Kioz-ber-i, vs N-Y. 3, la. 

Kingston, cs C. W. 14; Jamaica 35; cap 
island St. Vincent, 5; co t R. I ; va 
N-Y., Pa., Ga. 

Kingston-upon-Thames, ( — Tcmz,) t 
and par Eng., 123^. 

Kingstown, Kir)z-t"8n, s-pt t Ir., 10)^. 

Kingsville, t'« 6., Md., S. C. • 

King-Te-Tchiang,Kir)-Ta-Gi-qri, t Ch. 

Kington, Kig-ton, t and pur Eng., 334. 

King William Court-House, co t Va. 

Kingwood, co t Va. 

Kinsale, Kin-sal, lor and «-p^ ^ Ir., 5^^. 

Kiong-Choo, Ke-ofl-6^iJb, c* China, 100. 

Kirengha, Ke-ren-gq, r Siberia, 300 m. 

Kirgbeez, Ker-gez, Mongul race of 
Cen. As., num. 2,260,000, sub. to Rus. 

Kirkcaldy, Ker-kol-di, s-pt, t and par 
Scot., i0>^." [Scot., 2%. 

Kirkcudbright, Ker-k6-brs, t and par 

Kirkintilloch, Kerk-in-til-oA, ^ and par 
Scot., 6)^. * [N-. C. 

Kirkland, Kerk-land, I'S Scot., N-Y., 

Kirkwall, Kerk-wdl, s-pd t and par 
Scot., 33^.' 

Kirriemuir, Ker-i-mer, or Killamuir, 
Kil-a-mer, t and ^ar Scot., 33^. 

Kirtland, Kert-land, «; O. 

Kishonev, Kif-e-nev, t Rus., 43. 

Kishm, Kijm, i Persian Gulf, 5, Arabs. 

Kistnah, Kist-na, r India, 600 m. 

Kitianning, Kit-an-iij, v Pa. 

Kittatinny, Kit-a-tin-i, or Blue Moun- 
tains, running through N-Y., N-J., 
Pa., Va., N. C., Tenn., Ala. 

Kizil-Irmak, Kiz-il-Er'mqk, r Asia 
Minor, 520 m. 

Kizliar, Kiz-li-qr, ft t Rus., 12. 

Kjoge, Ke-e-ge, t Den., 2)/^. [U}4. 

Klagenfurth, Klq-gen-fmrt, t Illyria, 

Klamath, Klq-mat or Klq-raat-h, writ- 
ten also Tlamath, r and t Oregon. 

Klattau, Klq-fs, t Bohemia, 6)^. 

Klausenburg, KH-zen-btarA, cap C 
Transylvania, 25)^. [Kng., IO34. 

Knaresborough. N4rz-bur-o, t and par 

Knightstown, Nits-t'sn, 'O la., \%. 

Knottingley, Not-ig-li, v Eng., 4>^. 

Knovvlesville, N6lz-vil, v N-Y. 

Knoxville, Noks-vil, c Tenn., 5; co is 
Ga., 111., Iowa. ['i/^* 

Knutsford, Niits-ford, t and par Eng., 

Koisoo, Kflr-s<6, r Rus., 1200 m. 

Kokomo, Ko-ko-mo, v la. 

Kokoora, Ko-kdb-rq, t Japan. 16. 

Kolin, or Ncu Kolin, Ner Ko-len, t 
Bohemia, 5^. 

Kolomea, Ko-lo-ma-q, t Aus. Galicia, 7. 

Kolomna, Ko-l6m-nq, t Rua., 13. 

Kolyma or Kolima, Ko-li-mq or KO' 
le-mq, r Siberia^ 700 m. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Konieh, K6-ni-e, c Asia Minor, 40. 

Koniggratz, Ke-niA-gretii, t Aus., 83^. 

Konigsbcrg, Ken-igz-berg, c I'rus., 75. 

Kooban, Kco-bqn, r S. Kussia, 380 m. 

Koordistan or Kourdistan, KoDr-dis-tan, 
cy of \V. Asia, divided bet. Turkey 
and Persia; area 500,000 8. in., pop. 

Koorile (K(f>-ril) Islands, N. Pac, pop. 

Koorsk, Kdbrsk, dzv Eu. Rus.; area 
17,382 8. m., pop. 1,065,215; cap of 
same, 30)^. 

Kordofan, Ker-do-fqn, cy Cen. Af ., 400. 

Koros, Nagy, Noj Ke-reJ, t Hun., 18)^. 

Kosciusko, i^Kos-i-us-ko) Mount, Aus- 
tralia; CO t Miss.; CO la. 

Koslov, Kos-lov, t Rus., 8. 

Kossuth, Ko-Jtibt, co Iowa; v 111. 

Kostroma, Ko8-tr(f)-mq. r, gov and 6 

Rus., 14. 
Kovno, K6v-no, t Rus. Poland, 7. 
Krajova, Krq-yo-vq, cap Lit. Wal., 8. 
Krementchoog, Krem-ent-Jcbg, t Rus., 

Kremnitz, Krem-nits, t Hun., 61^. 
Krnutzuach, Krtfts-nq/i, t Rhen. Prus., 

Kronstadt, Kron-stqt, t Aus., 36. 
Kuenlun, Kwen-]c6n, 7«* Cen. Asia, 
Kumo, K(t)-mo, r Rus. [22,000 ft. 

Kurrachee, Kur-a-(;e, s-pt t Sinde, 15. 
Kurrichane, Kur-i-kq-na, ^S. Af., 16. 
Ku.ssnacht, KcGs-nq//t, v Swit., the 

scene of William Tell's trial. 
Kutaieh or Kutaiah, Koo-tj-ye, t Asia 

Minor. [2i^. 

Kyparissia, Ke-pq-ris-e-q, t Greece, 


Laaland, Le-land, or Lolland, L61-qnd, 

i of Den., bb%. 
La Bale du Febore, Lq Ba de Fe-be/*, 

» C. E. 
Labansville, Ld-banz-vil, i) Pa., y^. 
La Rathie, Lq Bq-tE, v Sard. States, 1. 
Labooan, Lq-boo-qn, i Malay Arch. 
Labrador, Lab-ra-d6r, pen e. coiist Br. 

N. Am., as yet very little known in 

the interior; area 450,000 s. m., pop. 

5,000. ^ [210 m. 

Lacautuu, I/i-kqn-t(Da, r Cen. Am., 
Laccadive (L^k-a-djv) Isles, group in 

Ind. Oc, 10. [cian at. 

Lacedajmon, Las-E-de-mon, anc. Gre- 
Lachine, f^q-Jsn, v C. E. 
Lachlan, L^k-lqn, r Australia, 400 m. 
Lackawanna, Lak-a-wan-a, or Lacka- 

wannock, Lak-a-wan-ok, r Pa. 
I^ackawannock Mountain, Pa. [Pa. 
Lackawaxen, Lak-a-waks-en, r and f 
La Clair, La Kl^r, v 111. 
La Clede, La Klad or La Klsd, co Mo. 
Lao Muskinong^, Lqk Mqs-ke-non-ga, 

« C. E., 2. 
Lacon, La-kon, co t 111. 
Laconia, Lq-ku-ni-q, g</v Greece: v la. 
La Cote St. Marie, Lq* Kot Sent Ma-re, 

p o Wis. 
Ijac Qui Parle, Lqk Ke Pqrl, v Min. 
La Crosse, La Kros, r, co and co t Wis. 
Ladnkh, Lq-dqk, pr</v Cen. Asia; area 

30.000 B. m,, pop. supposed to be 

500,000. [Eu.; D lu. 

Ladoga, Lq-d6-gq, I Rus., largest in 

Ladrones, Lq-dr(5nz, or Mariana, Mq- 

ri-c^-nq, Islands, of Sp., group N, 

Pac, 10. 
Lafayette, Lq-fa-et, c la., 9 ; par La., 

and suit N- Orleans, 7; co ts Ga., Tenn.; 

Ts N-Y., N-J., Pa., Va., Ky., 0., la., 

Iowa, Or. [100 m. 

La Fourche, Lq F(£)rJ, hayou La., nav. 
Lagan, Lu-giin, r Ir. 
Lago Maggiore, Lq-go Mqd-j6-ra, or 

Lake of Locarno, Lw-kq/-uw, I N. 

It., 40 by 2 m. 
Lagos, L(^-gos, ft 8-pt t Port., 7; t 

Me.x.; t Guinea, 5; g and t Eu. Tur. 
La Grange, La Granj, co la.; co ts Ga., 

Tex., Ky., la.; rs Ala., Tenn., &c. 
Lagro, La-grco, v la. [8. 

La Guayra, Lq Gwj-rq, t and s-pt Ven., 
Laguemba, Lq-gem-bq, Feejee i. 
Laguna del Madre, Lq-g(6-nq del M^d- 

rn, lagofm or hayou Tex., 1 10 by 14 m. 
Laguna Seca, Lq-gdb-nq Sa-kq, ^j Cal, 
Lahajan, Lq-hq-jqn, t Persia, 15. 
La Hurpe, La Ilqrp, v 111. 
Lahaska, La-has-ka, p Pa. 
Lahore, Lq-hoJr, cap of the Punjab, 

Br. Ind., 100. 
La Hoya, Lq Il(5-yq, v Mcx. 
Lahsa, Lq^-sq, fertile dis E. Arabia, 50. 
Lake Kattakittekon, Kat-a-kit-e-kon, 

head of Wisconsin River. 
Lake Mills, r Wis. 
Lake of the Woods, I Br. N. Am. 
Lake Pleasant, Plez-ant, co t N-Y, 
Lako Prairie, Prii-re, v Iowa. 

Geographical V^ocabulart. 

Lake Providence, Prov-i-dens, v La. 

Lake Village, i) N-H. 

Lakeville, Lt'ik-vil, vs Conn., N-Y., &c. 

Lake Zurich, Zi\-rik, v 111. 

Lalita-I'atan, Lq-le-tq-Pq-tqn, t N. 
Hind., 24. 

Lamar, La-mqr, co Tex.; v Miss. 

Liiinarlino, Lain-ar-ten, p os Pa., Ala., 
Ark., Tenn., 0.; ^' Wis. 

Lambayeque, Lqtn-bj-a-ka, t Peru, 8. 

Lambertville, Luin-bert-vil, t N-J., 2. 

Lambourn, Chipping, Cip-iy Lam- 
burn, t and par Eng., 2%. 

Lamego, Lq-ma-go, c Port., 9. 

La Mine, La Men, r and v Mo. 

Lamoille, La-rarfl, rand en Vt.: v 111. 

La Motte, La Mot, i Lake Champ., 3^^; 
D Iowa. 

Lanark, Lan-ark, co and t Scot. 

Lancaster, Lay-kas-ter, co and «-/>< t 
Eng., 16%; c Pa., 15; co ts N-IL, 
Ky., 0., Mo., Iowa, Wis.; vs Mass., 
N-Y., la. 

Lancaster Court-House, co is Va., S. C. 

Lancaster Sound, bet. Baffin's Bay 
and Barrow's Strait. 

Lanchang, Lqn-qqt], cap Laos country, 

Lanciano, Lqn-qi-q-no. t Nap., \'6. 

Landau, L^u-d-s, ft t Rben. Bav., 6: ts 
Germany. [Fr. 

Landerneau, Lon-der-n(5, s-pt t and r 

Landsberg, Lquts-be/'/i, t I'rus., 11%. 

Land's End. keadhi'id w. Eng. 

Landshut, Lqndz-hcDt, t Low. Bav., 9J/^. 

Lane End, t Eng., 12i^. 

Lanesborough, Lanz-bur-o, vs Ma33.,Pa. 

Lmesville, rs la., Ky., V^a. 

Langeland, Lqi)-E-lqnd, « of Den., 17J/^. 

Langensalza, Lqij-en-sqlt-sq, t Prus. 
Sax., 7%. _ 

Langholm, Lay-unri, })or and t Scot., 3. 

Langres, Loh-gr, /f ^ Fr., 11^. 

Lanho, Lqn-htf), r China, 300 m. 

Lanier, La-netr, co t Ga. 

Lannion, Lqn-i-6h, t Fr., fii^. 

Lansing, L;\n sii), cap Mich., 3. 

liunsingburg, Lan-siij-burg, v N-Y., 5. 

Lanzarote, Lqn-.*q-rQ-ta, Canary *, 18. 

L:ion, Lq-6h, c Fr., 10. 

Laona, La-6-na, ts N-Y., 111. 

Laos, Lq-os, cy S.-E. Asia ; area un- 
known, pop. supposed to be 1,000,000. 

La Paz, Lq Pqz, (Up and t Bol., 20; 
cap Lower California. 

Lapeer. La-per, co and v Mich. 

Lapland, Lap-land, ter N. Eu., inhab- 
ited by a people noted for their sin- 
gular physical appoarance, ethnog- 
raphers being unable to say whether 
they belong more to the Mongolian 

or Caucasian race; area 130,000 s. m., 
pop. 20,000. 

La Pointe, La Ptrnt, co and •?; Wis. 

Liporte, La-port, co ts Pa., la. 2)^. 

La Prairie, Lq Pra-re, n C. E., ]%. 

La Purissima, Lq PiO-rss-i-mq, v Cal. 

Lar or Laar, Lq/-, t Persia, 12.' 

Laredo, La-ra-do, co t Tex. 

Largs, Lqrgz, s-pt and par Scot., 3. 

Larissa, Lq-ris-q. t Eu. Tur., 20. 

Larissa, La-ris-a, T) Texas. 

Larkhana, Lqr-k^-nq, ft t Sinde, 12. 

La Rue, Lq Roo, jt *'> 0-: <^ Ky. 

Lasalle, Lq-sql, ■?; Fr., 23^. 

La Salle, La Sal, co and v 111., V/^\po 
N-Y.; « Texas. 

Las Palmas, Lqs Pql-mqs, c island of 
Gran Canaria, 17'/^. [50. 

Lassa or H'iassa, H-lqs-q. cap Thibet, 

L'Assomption, Lqs-tjn-si-on, v C. E. 

Litakeea, Lq-ta-lig-a, s-p}t t Syria, 10. 

Lauderdale, Lii-der-dal, cos Ala., Miss., 
Tenn. [Den.: t Prus. 

Lauenburg, L"!«-en-biarg, duchy and c 

Launceston, Lqns-ton, })or and t Eng., 
6; t Van Diemen's Land, 5. 

L\ureana, L"5-ra-q-nq, t Naples. 

Laurel, Lg-rel, m Del. \y^, 0., la. %. 

Laurel Factory, -i' Md., 1. [Pa.: •» III. 

Laurel Hill, cemetery Philadelphia; ww 

Laurens, L'i-rens, dis S. C: co Ga. 

Laurens Court-House, co t S. C. 

Lauria, L-s-ri-q, t Nap., 6%. 

Luuricocha, L"X-ri-kto-qq, I I'eru. 

Lausanna, Lo-zqn, c Swit., on the Jnra 
MountJiins, 450 feet above lake Ge- 
neva, 20. Here Voltaire, Ilaller, Tis- 
sot, Gibbon and Byron ouce resided. 

Lausanne, Lo-san, r Pa. 

Lauven, L"i-ven, r Nor. 

Lavacca. La-vuk a, r and co Tex. 

Laval, Lq-vql, t Fr., 19>^. 

Lavaur, Lq-v6/', ^ Fr., 7}^. [Bra.,12. 

L ivras-de-Funil, Lq-vrqs-da-F(D-ncl, t 

Lawrence, Lo-rens, c Mass., 15 ; a rap- 
idly growing c Kanzas Ten; also 
numerous cos in the states. [v Pa. 

Lawrenceburg, t la., 5: co ts Ky., Tenn.; 

Lawrencoville, 'v and U. S. arsenal, Pa.; 
CO ts Va., 111.: vs la., &(j. 

Laybach, Li-bqA, ?' and t Aus., 171-^. 

Leakcsville, Leks-vil, v N. C: cot Miss. 

Leamington, Lem-iy-ton, t Eng.. 15^<^. 

Leavenworth, Lev-en-wurt, c Kanzas 
Ter., 1. 

Lebanon, Leb-a-non, ms Syria, cele- 
brated for their ancient and historic 
associations; cots Pa. 3, Va., Ala., 
Tenn., Ky., 0. 3)4, la.; vs N-II., III., 
Conu., &c. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Lebrija or Lebrixa, La-bre-Aq, t Sp., 

7% ; r N-Gran. 
Lecce, Let-qa, c Nap., 19)^. 
Le Claire, Le KLv, v Iowa. [Ter. 

Lecompton, Le-koinp-ton, cap Kansas 
Leetoare, Lek-lcD/*, t Fr., 6%. 
Ledbury, Led-ber-i, ^ andy^arEng. 4^. 
Ledyard, Led-yard, xs Coun., N-Y. 
Leeds, Ledz, c or J^r Eng., 152. 
Leedsville, Lsdz-vil, r« N-Y.,N-J., Va. 
Leek, Lek. t and far Eng., loj^. 
Leesburg, Lez-burg, co t Va., 2 j r« 0., 

la., Ky., Tenn., Ala. 
Leesport, v I'a. 

Leesville, xs N-Y., Ya., Ky., 0., la., 111. 
Leeuwarden, Le-w&r-den or Le-u-vq/-- 

den, t Hoi., 243^. [Ind. 

Leeward (Le-ward) Is., applied to W. 
Lefkosia, Lef-ko-ze-q, \or Nicosia,) 

cap island of Cyprus, 18. 
Leflore, Le-flcir, xi Miss. 
Leghorn, Leg-hern or Leg-horn, s-ft t 

Tuscany, 78. {t Aus. It. 

Legnago, Len-yq-go, ft t Lombardy, 6; 
Leh, La, 09' Lei, La-e, c Cen. Asia, 8. 
Lehi (Le-hi) City, i- Utah Ter. 
Lehigh, Le-hj, r and co Pa. 
Lehighton, Ls-hj-ton, v Pa. [v Mass. 
Leicester, Les-ter, co Eng.; t do., 60)^; 
Leigh, Le, t and par Eng., SJ^. 
Leighton-Buzzard, Le-ton-Buz-ard, t 

and 7)ar Eng., 7. 
Leipsic, Ljp-sik. ^jwp and c Saxony, 

noted for its fairs, 70. 
Leipsic, Lgp-sik, r Del.; p os 0., la. 
Leisnig, Lis-ni/*, t Sax., 5*^. 
Leith, Let, s-pi t Scot,, 31. 
Leitmeritz, Ljt-mer-its, ft t Boh., A]/^. 
Leiiomis-chel. Lj-to-miJ-el, t Boh., BJ/^. 
Leixlip, Las-lip, t and par Ir. 
Lema (La-mq) Islands, Chinese Sea. 
Le Maire, Le M^,/*, ttr S. Am. 
Lemberg, Lem-berg, {(/r Leopold) t 

Aus., 71. * [m. 

Lena, Le-na, (Rus. La-n<!i,) r As., 2400 
Lenawee, L<^n-a-we, co Mich. [P^i- 
Lendinara, Len-di-nq-rq, ft t Aus. It., 
Lennox Town, Len-oks Tisn. ■?> Scot., 3. 
Lenoir, Le-ncbr, co and co t N. C. 
Lenox, L6n-ok3, co t Mass., ^. 
Lenoxville, Len oks-vil, v C. E. 
Lens, Lofj, t Fr., 9%. 
Lentini, Len-te-ni, t Sicily, 5. 
Leominster, L^m-in-ster, t and par 

E»g-. A\i ; ^ Mas.s. 
Leon, Le-on, c Sp., 7; t Nicaragua, 30; 

t# Va., 0.; r Tex. 
Leon, La-clJn, t Guanajuato, 6. 
Leon, or Managua, Mq-n^-gwq, I Nic. 
Leoua, Le-6-Da, o; ^ Tex. 

Leonardstown, L^n-ardz-t^n, co t Md. 

Leouardsvilie, Len-ardz-vil, x N-Y. 

Leonforte, La-on-fer-ta, t Sic, 10^. 

Leoni, Le-o-nj, v Mich., %. 

Leoaidas, Lc-on-i-das, x Mich., J^. 

Leopold, Ls-Q-pold, v la. [Hun., 1^. 

Leopoldstadt, La-6-pold-stqr, ft t Cen. 

Lepanto, Le-pan-to, s-pt t Greece, 2. 

Lerchenfeld, Le;'A-en-felt, v Aus., 7^. 

Lerici, Ler-i-qe, t lt,b%. 

Lerida, Ler-i-dq. t Sp., 123^. 

Lerins (Le-ran) Isles. Med., bel. to Fr. 

Le Roy, Le Rer, ts N-Y. 2, :Mich., &c. 

Lesina, L6s-i-nq, i of Dalmatia, 12)^. 

Le Sueur, Le Sc6-er, co and v Min. 

Leutschau, Ltrt-J?^, //■ ^ Hun., 53^. 

Levanna, Le-van-a, ts M-Y., 0. 

Levant, Lp-vant, e. coasts Med. Sear t« 
Me., NY. 

Levanto, La-vqn-to, t Sard., A}^. 

Leven, Le-ven, rs Eng., Scot. 

Leven, Loch, LoA Lev -en, I Scot. 

Levenworth, Lev-en-wurb, co t la., ^^. 

Levering, Lev-er-ij), v 0. 

Lewes, Li\-is, W and ^ Eng., 93^. 

Lewis, Li],-is, i of the Outer Hebrides; 
cos N-Y., Va., &c. 

Lewisburg, Li],-is-burg, t Pa.; co ts Va., 
Tenn.: ts Ky., 0., la. 

Lewis or Snake River, largest tributa- 
ry of Columbia River. [2. 

Lewiston, Lq-is-ton, t Me.,7:co^ N-Y., 

Lewistown, Lq-is-tTjn, co ts Pa. 3, 111.; 
V 0. [Ark. 

Lewisville, Lix-is-vil, r« Pa., 0.,la.; cot 

Lexington, Leks-iy-ton, c Ky., 12; co is 
Va„ N. C, Ga., Miss., Tenn., Mo., 
S. C; V Mass. 

Leyden &r Leiden, Lj-den, c Neth., 36. 

Leyland, Le land, t and parEn^.,l'i%. 

Leyte, La-i-ta, Philippine i, 923<^. 

Leytha, Lj-tq, r Aus., 90 m. 

Leyton, La-ton, x and par Eng., 33<^. 

Libau, Le-b-8, s-pi t Rus., 103<. 

Liberia, Li-be-ri-a, rep of Af.; it was 
founded in 1820, by the American 
Colonization Society, for the occu- 
pation of the free American blacks ; 
the enterprise cannot be said to havo 
proved, as yet, very successful ; 250. 

Liberty, Lib-er-ti, co ts Va., Miss., 
Tex., Ky., la.. Mo.; va N-Y., Pa. 

Liberty Falls, v N-Y. 

Libertyville, rs 111., Iowa. 

Libourne, Le-bcibrn, t Fr., 12%. 

Libyan Desert, Lib-i-an D6z-ert, part 
of Sahara. 

Lichfield, Liq-feld, c Eng., 7. [5%. 

Lichtervelde, Li/i-ter-v61-do, I lielg.. 

Licking, Likriy, Rivor, rs Ky. 200 m.j 0. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Licordia, Li-kor-di-a, t Sicily, 7. 

Liddel, Lid-el, r Scot. [Con., 7%. 

Liechtenstein, LeA-ten-stjn, prin Ger, 

Liege, Lej, c Belg., 60. 

Liegnitz, Leg-nits, t Prus. Silesia, 14. 

Lierre, Le-4'", ^ Belg., 16^^. 

Lifu, Le-fi6, i Pao. Oc. 

Lignieres, LEn-yE-4'', t Fr., 2%, 

Ligny, Len-ye, v Belg. 

Ligonier, Lig-o-ner, hor and t Pa. 

Lika, Le-kq, r Aus. Croatia. [Fr., 76. 

Lille or Lisle, Lei, a manufacturing c 

Lillebonne, Lsl-bon, t Fr., 5%. [100. 

Lima, Le-mq, jyrov Peru, 125; cap do., 

Lima, L|-ma, vs N-Y., Mich., la., Wis.; 

CO t 0. [prus. 

Limasol, Ls-mq-s61, e-pt t is. of Cy- 
Limburg, Lira-burg, t Ger., 33^. 
Limerick, Lim-er-ik, co and c In, 55)^; 

m Me., Pa., &c. 
Limestone (Ljm-ston) Springs, ■» S. C. 
Limington, Lira-ip-ton, v Me. 
Limoges, Le-moj, c Fr., 27. 
Limoux, Le-mc6, t Fr., 1%. 
Linares, LE-nq-res, t Sp., 6)^. 
Lincoln, Lig-kon, co Eng.; c do., 14; vs 

Me., N-H.', Mass., 0. 
Lincoln Centre, v Me. 
Lincolnton, Lirj-kon-ton, cots N. C, Ga. 
Linden, Lin-den, ts N-Y., Pa., Wis.j 

CO ts Ala., Tenn. 
Lindenville, m 0., Wis. 
Lindville, Lind-vil, v Iowa. [20 m. 
Lingen, Liij-gen, i Malay Arch., 40 by 
Linkoping, Lin-qe-piij, t Swed., 4-%. 
Linlithgow, Lin-lit-go, co Scot.; t do., 
Linn, Lin, co t Mo. [4)^. 

Lintz, Lints, cap Upper Aus., 31. 
Lipan, Le-p4n, Ind tr of Tex., Mex. 
Lipari (Lip-a-ri) Islands, 'col is Med., 

22: t same, U]4. [Ger., 10G>^. 

Lippe-Detmold, Lip-e-Det-molt, prin 
Lippstadt, Lip-stqt, /^ t Prus. Westp. 
Liria, Le-ri-q, t Sp, 8)^. [i^. 

Lisbon, Liz-bon, cap Port., 280: r JQl., 
Lisburn, Liz-burn, t Ir., 7; v Pa. 
Lisieux, Le-zi-^, ^ Fr., IV/3. 
Liskeard, Lis-ki^rd, t and par Eng., 3. 
Lisle, Ljl, V Mo. 
L'Islet, Lfi-la, co and 1) C. E. 
Lismore, Liz-m6r, i w. Scot., 1% ; c 

and par Ir., 3. [8%. 

Lissa, Lis-q, i Adriatic, 3; t Prus. Pol., 
Litchfield, Liq-feld, co ts Conn., Ky.; 

vs 0., Mich. 
Lithonia, Lit-6-m-a, v Ga., J^. 
Lithopolis, Lit-6p-Q-lis, v 0. 
Lithuania, Lit-yiva-ni-a, anc. ter Eu., 
Litiz, Lit-its, V Pa. [bel. to Kus. 

Little Chute, Suit, ij Wis. 

Little Egg Harbor River, N- J. 

Little Falls, ts N-Y., 4; N-J. 

Littlehampton, Lit-1-hamp-ton, t and 
watering place Eng., 2}^. [150 m. 

Little Kanawha, Ka-no-wa, r Va., 

Little Miami (Mj-am-i) River, cen. 0. 

Little Missouri, Mi-zda-ri, rs Ark., Mo. 
Ter. [foundland. 

Little Placentia, Pla-sen-Ji-a,*-;^^ New- 
Little Red River, Ark., 150 m. 

Little River, La., nav. 150 m.; various 
other streams. [S. arsenal; 3. 

Little Rock, cap Ark., and seat of U. 

Littleton, Lit-1-ton, « N-H. 

Livadia, Liv-q-de-a, {or Libadia,) div 
Gr., 332% ; cap same, 9. 

Liverpool, Liv-er-pool, c Eng., and sec- 
ond in commercial importance, 376 ; 
s-pt ts Nova Scotia, N-Brunswick: 
vs Pa., 0., la.. III. 

Livingston, Liv-igz-ton, co ts Ala., Tex., 
Tenn.; vs Mich., 111. 

Livonia, Li-v6-ni-a, maritime gov Rus.; 
area 20,450 s. m., pop. 821,457: ^' la. 

Ljusne or Liusne, Lydbs-na, r Swed., 
220 m. 

Llunbedr, Zan-bed-er, hor S. Wales. 

Llanberris, Zan-ber-is, par N. Wales, 
containing scenery among the most 
magnificent to be found in N. Eu. 

Llandeilo-Vawr or Fawr, or Llandilo, 
Zan-dj-lo-V^sr, t S. Wales, IJ^. 
Here is Grongar Elill, where, in 1282, 
the last effort was made for the in- 
dependence of Wales. [2, 

Llandovery, Xan-do-ver-i, t S. Wales, 

Llanelly, Zan-e-Ze, s-pt t S. Wales, 

Llangollen, Zan-go-Zen, t N. Wales, 5. 

Llanidloes. Zan-id-les, hor and t N. 
Wales, 3. 

Llanrwst, Zan-rflost, t N. Wales, 3J^. 

Llantrissent, Zan-tris-ent, t S. Wales, 1, 

Llewellyn, Zq-el-in, ■« Pa. 

Lloughor, ZdT-gor, r and t S. Wales, 1. 

Llumayor, LycD-mj-e/', t is. of Majorca, 

Loa, Lu-q, s-jit t and r Peru. [7. 

Locarno, Lo-kq/'-no, t Swit., 25^. 

Lochaber, LoA-<},-ber, moun. dis Soot. 

Lochapoka, Lto-ka-po-ka, v Ala. 

Loches, LoJ, t Fr., b%. 

Lochgilp-Head, LoA-gilp-Hed, 1? Scot. 3. 

Lochinvar, Lo/i-in-var, I Scot. 

Lochmaben, LoA-ma-bcn, hor and par 
Scot., 1. 

Lochwinnoch, LoA-win-oA, par Scot, 

Lockhart, L6k-hqrt, co t Tex. 

Lock Haven, Lok Ha-ven, v Pa., 1. 

Lock-Hoi, Lok-Hdr, s-pt t China, 90, 

Lockland, L6k-land, v 0. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Lockport, Lok-port, vs N-Y. 12>^, III. 
2, Pa., 0., La., &3. 

Locle, Le, Le Lok-1', v Swit., 8)^. 

Lodive, Lo-dtiv, « Fr., 10'^. 

Loii, Lo-de, c Lotn., 15% : Lo-dj, t'« 
N \^, 0., la.. Wis. 

Loffoden, Lo-fio-den, is n. w. Nor., 4. 

Lof», Lif>-fe, i Gait" of Bothaia. 

Lo^an, Lo-gan, v 0., 134- 

L'jginspujft, Lj-gaaz-port, e la., 3)-^. 

Logiuoby, Lo-gq-zo-hK, t W. Af., 9. 

Loggua, Lo-gDi, ci/ Af. [7%. 

Logrono, Loj-groa-yo, />wi» and ^ Sp., 

Loir, Lwqr, r Fr., 150 in. 

Loire, Lwqr, largest r in Fr., 645 ra. 

Loja or Loxa, L<j-Aoi, <' ^P-> ^^'^ ^ ^^-f ^^• 

Lokeren, L;j-ker-en, t Belg., 163^. 

Loinbardo- Venetian, Lom-bqr-doJ-V^en- 
8- Jan, k Austrian dominions; area 
17,511 s. m., p)p. 5,00a,00i. 

Lombardy, Lom-bir-di, former div It. 

Lomblcm, Lom-blom, i Malay Aroh. 

Lombok, L »m-b6k, i Malay Arch.j area 
1,480 8. m., pop. 250,000. 

L<»mond, Looh, L Ji L6-mond, I, largest 
in Scot., 40 s. m. 

Lonato, Lj-nq-tta, t Lorn., 5)^. 

London, Ldn-don, cap Gr. Brit., and 
largest city in the world; circumfer- 
ence estimated at 30 m.; pip. 2,352,- 
236; cC. W., 7: co ts Ky.,0. 

Londonderry, Liia-don-der-i, c Ir., 20; 
T8 N-II., 0., &e.; S'pi t Nova Scotia. 

Long Branch, watering-place, N-J. 

Longford, L5g-ford, t Ir., \i4,- 

Long Island, portion of N-Y., separated 
from the state by a strait: is lljbrides. 

Long Island Sound, .separates Long Is- 
land from N-Y. and Conn. 

Longueil, Log-gely, v C. E., 4^. 

Longwy, Lon-ve,/i{ t Fr., 3i^. [Fr., S)^. 

Lons-le-Saiilnier, Lofi-le-Su)-ni-a, t 

Loo Choo, Ld Gjo, is Pac'. Oc. [20. 

Loodianah, L D-di-<'i-nq,/(^ t N. W. Hin., 

Lorain, Lo-ran, co and v 0. 

Lorca, L-ir-kq, c Sp., i^%. 

Loreto, La-ra-to, or Loretto, Lo-r6t-o, 
c Cen. It., 8. 

I»rctto, Lw-ret-o, t Pa. [Fr., 25%. 

L orient or L'Orient, Lo-ri-6n, s-pt t 

L'Orignal, Lo-rcn-yql, v C. W., %. 

Los Angeie:^, Lea* An'je-lcz, w Cal. 

Lossiui, Lo3-e-ne, * of lUyria, 63<^. 

Lothian.9, Lj-fci-anz, divs Scot. 

Loudon, L'S-don, co Va.; vs N-H., Pa. 

Loudonville, Li-don-vil, v O. 

Loudoun, L.6 diDn, v Scot., 4)^. 

L ougen, Li)-gan, r Nor., 200 ra. 

Loughborough, Ldf-bur-o, t Eng., 11. 

Lougnrca, LoA-ru, ^ Ir., 5^., Lt)-8-zq, <w ?« Ky., Va. [C. 
Louisburg, Lb-is-burg, t Fr.; vs Pa., N, 
Loui-iiade (Lo-g-zi-qd) Archipelago,** 

S. Pac. Oc. 
Louisiana, Ljo-e-zi-d-na, one of the s. 

U. S., oil the Gulf of Mexico; area 

41,225 s. m.: pop. 255,451 whites, 

17,462 free blacks, 244,809 slaves- 
total, 517,762. 
Louis-Philippe (LD-g-Fil-ep) Land, a 

tract in the Ant. Oc, off S. Shetland. 
Louisville, Ldb-is-vil or Li)-i-vil,c Ky., 

513^; CO is Ga., Miss.; vs 0., la., &c. 
Louie, Li>-la, ft t Port., ^%. 
Lourdes, Lj)/'d, t Fr., 4J^. 
Louth, L-st, t Eng., 10>^- 
Loutre (Li»t-er) liiver. Mo. 
Louvain, Loo-van, c Belg., 24%. 
Louvier.-!, Ln-vi-a, t Fr., 10. 
Lovat, Lo-vqt, r Hus., 175 m. 
Loveland, Liiv-land, v 0. 
Lovettsville, Luv-ets-vil, v Va. 
Lovingston, Luv-ig-ston, co t Va. 
Low Archipelago, (Hr-ki-pel-a-go,) ia 

Pac. Oc. 
Lowell, Lu-el, manufacturing c Mass., 

37; vs Ga., 0., Mich., Iowa, Wis. 
Lower Blue Lick, watering-place, Ky. 
Lower Saginaw. L6-er Sag-i-ne, it 

Mich., \%. 
Lowestoft, Lii-e3-toft, s-pt t Eng., 1%. 
Lowndes, Lijodz, cos Ga., Ala., Miss. 
Lowville, L(f)-vil, vs N-Y. 1, Pa. 
Loyalty (Ltf-al-ti) Islands, Pac. Oc, 3. 
Loyola, Lo-y6-lq, -?; Sp. 
Liibeck, Li-bek, jfW/t Ger., 22^;^; cap 

same, 27; Lq-bek, v Me. 
Lublin, Ldb-blin, c Pol., 16. 
Lucas, Lq-kas, co and v Iowa. 
Lucca, Liik-a, ter and c Cen. It., 22%. 
Lucena, Li],-8e-na or Loo-ta-nq, c Sp., 

Lucera, Loo-qa-rq, t Nap., 11. 
Lucerne, Li],-sorn, c, canton, and I Swit.j 

pop. of c 10. 
Lucknow, Ldk-n-5, c Hin., 200. 
Ludlow, Liid-lcj, t Eng., by^\ v Vt. 
Ludlow ville, Ldd-lo-vil, v N-Y. [(JJ^. 
Ludwigsburg, Ijd[)d-wigz-burg, c Wiirt., 
Lugano, LtD-g(^-nia, I and t Swit., S^^. 
Lugo, Li>-go, c Sp., 7j4; t It,, 734. 
Lumborton, Lilra-ber-ton. v N-J.: co t 
Lumpkin, Ldmp-kin, co i Ga. [N. C. 
Lund, liJOnd, c Swed., 5%. 
Liinobarg, Lo-ne-burg, t Ger., 11%. 
Lunenburg, Li'i-ncn-burg, v Vt., l)^j 

s-pt Nova Scotia. 
Lun<5ville, L^-na-v^l, t Fr., 12^^. 
Luray, Lq-ra, co t Va.; vs 0., Ia. 
Lurgan, Lur-gan, t Ir., 4%. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Luton, Lit-ton, t Eog., 10%. [Hoi., 11. 
Luxemburg, Ldks-eui-bur^, ter and t 
Luzerae, Lii,-zurn, co Pa. [900. 

Luzon, LiD-zon, i Malay Arch., 2,170,- 
Lycotning, Lj-koin-ijj, co Pa. 
Lykens, L|-kenz, v Fa. 
Lyman, Lj-man, v N-II. 
Lyme, Lim, t'w N H., Conn. 
Lyrae-Ilegis, Lim-Re-jis,*-^^ 6 and par 
Eng., 3X. 

Lymington, Lim-ig-ton, «-;;i t and par 

Lynchburg, Linq-burg, t Va., 10; rs S. 

C, Tex., Ky., 0. [>^. 

Lyndon Corner, Lin-don Ker-ner, i) Vt., 
Lyndburst, Lind-hurst, D Eng., 1%. 
Lynn, Lin, c Mass., 14^^. 
Lynn-Regis, Lin-Re-ji.-*, t Eng., 19}/^. 
Lyons, Li-onz, second c Fr., 156V^ ; i;* 

Js-Y., Mich. 


Maad, Mqd, t N. Hun., 5%. 
Maasdluis, M^^-ler.-!, t Xeth., 4. 
Macao, Mq-k"S, s-pt t China, 30. 
Macapa, Mq-kq-pq, t Brazil, 6. 
MacArthar, Mak-Rr'tur, v 0. 
Macassar, Mq-kqs-ar, gov and t Is. Cel- 
ebes, 20; — iStraii, separating Is. 

Borneo and Celebes. 
Magayo, Mq-sj-tj, t Brazil, 5. 
Macclesfield, Mak-lz-feld, t Eng., 39. 
MacConnellsburg, Ma-K6a-ela-burg, co 
MacConnellsville, v 0. [t Fa. 

MacDonough, Mak-D6n-o, co III.; co t 

Ga.; v N-Y. 
Macedon, Mas-e-don, « 0. 
Macedonia, Mas-e-d(f)-ni-a, anc cy Eu., 

now in Tur.; r* Tenn., Iowa. 
Macerata, Mq-qa-rq-tq, t Papal Sts., 16. 
MacEwensville, Mak-Yq-enz-vil, v Pa. 
MacUillivray's, Kootanie, Mak-Gil-iv- 

raz, Kifi-tq-nj, or Fiat Bow River, 

W. Brit. Am., 400 m.^ 
MacGrawville, Mak-Gre-vil, 'V N-Y. 
Machias, Ma-qi-as, co t Me.; v X-Y. 
Machias Fort, -v Me. 
Machynlleth, Mq-hdnt-let, t and par 

N. Wales, 1%. 
MacKenzie, Ma-Ken-ze, r Brit. N. 

Am., 2500 m. 
Mackinac, Mak-in-e, t'« Mich., 1}^; 111. 
MacKinney, Ma-Kin-i, co t Tex. 
Macksville, Maks-vil, ts la., Ky. 
M.icLaughlinsville, Mak-LoA-linz-vil, 
MacLean, Mak-Lan, v N-Y. [« Pa. 
MacLeansborough, Mak-Lanz-bur-o, 

CO t 111. [Tenn. 

MacLemoresville, Mak-Lem-orz-vil, r 
M.xcomb, Ma-kciim, co Mich. ; i; III., 1)^. 
Macon, Ma-kon, t Fr., 12%. 
Macon, Ma-kon, c Ga., 1 \ co t Miss.; 

hayou, La., r Mich. 
Maci.upin, Ma-k<6-pin, Ctf and cr 111. 
MacQuarie, Ma-Kw6r-E, rs E. Aust., 

280 m.; Van Diemeu's ; spit N-S. 

Wales., &c. 

Macroora, Ma-krdbm, t Tr., 5. 
Mactan, Mqk-tqn, i Philippines. 
MacYeytown, Mak-Va-fsn, v Pa., 1. 
Madagascar, Mad-a-gas-kar, « lud Oc, 

area 240,000 s. m., pop. 4,700,000. 
Madawaska, Mad-a-was-ka, p o Me. 
Maddalena, La, Lq Mq-dq-la-nq, i of 

Sardinia, 12. 
Maddaloni, Mq-dq-lo-ne, c Nap., 11%. 
Madeira, Mq-de-ra, i of Port., in At. 

Oc, urea 300 s. m., pop. 110,000. 
Madeira, or Madera, Mq-da-rq, (or 

Cayari, Kj-q-re,) r S. Am., 1500 m. 
Madeley, Mad-li, t and par Eng., 8}^. 
Madison, Mad-i-son, c la., 13; cap Wis., 

7 ; CO t Ga ; ts Conn., N-Y., N-J. 
Madison, Court House, co ts Va., Fa. 
Madison Springs, xi Ga. [Ky. 

Mailisonville, Mad-i-son-vil, co^sTenn., 
Madjicosima ( Mq-ji-ko-se-mqj Islands, 

arch Pac. Oc, 113^. 
Madras, Ma-dra?, c and tcrdivHr. Ind.; 

pop. of c 720,000, of ier 19,901.808. 
Madre-de-Dios, (Mq-dra-da-Ds-os,) 

Archipelago, off s. w. coast Pat. 
Madrid, Mad-rid, (Sp. Mq-dred,) cap o 

Sp., 2(50. 
Mad River, st7'eams'S-Ji.,Yt., Conn.. 0. 
Madara. Mq-d(JC)-ra, i Malay Arch., 263 ; 

fi c Hind., 20. 
Maslar, Ma-lar, I E. Swed., containing 

1300 islands. 
Maelstrom, or Malstrom, Mal-strem, a 

whirlpool near Norway. 
Maestricht, Mqs-trikt, t Hoi., 2b]4,. 
Mafra, Mq-frq, t Port., 33^. 
Magdalen, ^Mag-da-len, sound s. Pat. 
Magdalena, Mag-da-le-na, r S. Am.; 

dep N-Gran.; r Bol., called also Uba- 

hy, (D-bq-he, t Mex. 
Magdalen Islands, Gulf St. Lawrence. 
Magdeburg, Mag-de-burg, gov and o 

Prus., 56J^. 
Magellan, Mq-jel-an, strait bet. Terra 

del Fuego and Patagonia. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Mageroe, Mag-cr-o, i Arctic Oc. 
Magnolia, Ma;^-na»-ll-a.fN-Y., 111., Wis. 
Mahanuddy, Mq-ha-ndd-i.r Ind., 500 m. 
Mcihaaka, Ma-has-ka, co Iowa. 
Mahavillygunga, Mq-hq-vil-i-gdn-gq, 

r Ceylon. 
Mahoning, Ma-hon-ig, r and co 0. 
Mahratta (Mq-rq-ta) States, Hind. 
Maidenhead, Mad-en-hed, hor and t 
Eng,3^. [20%. 

Maidstone, Mad-ston, par and t Eng., 
Main, Man, r Ir.; Min, r Sib., 180 m. 
Main, Muyne, or Maine, Man, (Ger. 

Mjn,) nav. r Ger., 280 m. 
Maine, Man. n. e. N-Eng. St., U. S., 

area 31,766 s. m., pop. 590,000. 
Majorca, Ma-jdr-ka, i Sp. in Med., 

pop. 179,753. 
Makallah, Mq-kq-lq, s-pt t Ar., 4)^. 
Mako, Mo-ko, or Makovia, Mq-koi-vi-q, 

^Hun., 21. 
Makoqueta, Ma-ki5-ke-ta, r and v lo, 
Makree or Makri, Mq-kre, s-pt t Tur., 3. 
Malabar, Mal-a-bqr, din lir. Ind.; area 

6060 s. ra., pop. 1,514,909. 
Mahicca, Mq-lak-a, dis Malay Pen.; cap 
of the same, pop. \'i]4,'i — Strait, 
bet. Malay Pen. and Is. Sumatra. 
Malaga, Mal-a-ga, s-pt c and prov Sp., 

pop. of c 68,577 ; of pron 438,000. 
Malay Archipelago, Ma-la Hr-ki-pel- 
a-giA), largest group is on the globe, 
8. e. of Asia. 
Malay Peninsula, 8. part of As.; area 

45,000 8. m., pop. 375,000. 
Maiden, Mdl-den. is Mass., 2 ; N-Y. 
Maldive (Mal-djv) Islands, Ind. Oc; 

pop. 175.000. 
Muldon, Mjl-don, t Eng., b%. 
Maldonado, Mql-dcj-nq-do, s-pt t Ur. 
Mallicollo, Mq-li-kol-o, in Pac. Oc. 
Mallow, Mal-o, t and watering-place 

Ir., «•<. 
Malmaison, Mql-ma-s<^n, chateau in 
Fr., residence of Empre.><s Josephine, 
Malmesburg, M^mz-bor-i, t and par 

Eng., 7. 
Malmo, Mal-me, s-pt t Swod., lOJ^. 
Malone, Ma-16n, v N-Y., 43^. 
Malpas, .Mal-pas, t and par Eng., 5%. 
Malta, Mol-ta, is IJr. in Med.; area 

98 8. ra., pop. 100,000; f 0., ^^. 
Malton, Mdl-ton, t Eng., 7%. 
Malrern, Md-vern, watering-place 

Eng., h% ; M4l-vern, « O. 
Maniauguape, Mq-mqn-gw^-pa, r and 

t Hrazil. 
3[atoaroneck, Mq-mar-o-nok, v N-Y. 
Mamers, Ma-m.-^r, t Fr., 6. 
Mauiuiotb Cave, Edajoodua CO., Ky. 


Maraore, Mq-mca-ra, r Bol., 500 m. 

Man, Islo of, i Irish Sea, 52i^. 

Maua, Mq-nq, r Fr. Gui., 157 m. 

Manacor, Mq-nq-k6r, ^i« Majorca, 10>^. 

Manahoeking, Man-a-hok-iij, fi N-J. 

Manasarowar, Mq-nq-sq-ra-wqr, I 

Manasquan (Man-as-kwon) River, N-J. 

Manatawny, Man-a-to-ni, p o and er Pa. 

Manawalu, Mq-nq-wq-ttf), r N-Zeal. 

Manayunk, Man-a-yiigk, t Pa., 7. 

Manchester, Man-qes-ter, manufactur- 
ing c Eng., 401>^: c N-H., 22; vs Vt., 
Mass., Conn., N-Y., Pa.; co ts Tenn., 
Ky. [50. 

Mandavee, Man-da-ve, s-pt t Hind., 

Mandingos, Man-dig-gos, tr \Y. Af ., re- 
markable for advance in civilization. 

Maneesa, Mq-ng-sq, t As. Minor, 25. 

Manfredonia, Man-fre-da-ni-a, s-pt t 
Naples, 5. 

Mangaia, Mqn-gj-q, i S. Pac. Oc, 2. 

Mangalore, AIag-ga-16r, s-pt t Br. Ind., 

Mangola, Mqn-g<i-lq,, is Malay Arch. 

Mangueira, Mqn-ga-i-rq, / Brazil. 

Manhattan, Man-bat-an, rs 0., la. 

Manhattan Island, s. e. part N-Y. 

Manheigan (Maa-he-gan) Island, off 
the coast Me. 

Manheim, Man-hjm, 'C Pa. 

Manicouagan, Mau-i-kwq-gan, r, I and 
I C. E. 

Manidowish, Man-i-do-lf, r Wis. 

Manilla, Mq-ne-la, cap c Is. Luzon, 15. 

Manilla, Man-il-a, v la. 

Miinitch, Mq-neg, r Kus., 300 ra. 

Manitoba (Man-i-t6-ba) Lake, Br. N. 
Am. [Wis., 2y^. 

Manitoowoc, Man-i-t(D-w6k, r and cot 

Manilou (Man-i-tO)) Kirer, Wis. 

Manitoulin, Man-i-t<6-lin, is Br. Ara. 

Manlius, Man-li-us, t N-Y., l}^ 

Mannheim, M(in-him, t Baden, 2S]4:. 

Manoel-Alves-Septentrional, Mq-no-el- 
Hl'ves-Sep-ten-tri-a-nql, r Jirazil, 
400 m. 

Manona, Ma-n6-na, co and v Iowa. 

Manresa, Mqn-ra-sq, t Sp., 13^^. 

Mans, Le, Le-Moh, t Fr., 22';«^. 

Mansfield, Manz-feld, t and par Eng., 
10; co ts 0., 4; La.; vs -Mass., Conn., 
N-Y., tkc 

Mantchooria, Man-qdb-ri-a, div China; 
area 700,000 s. ra., pop. 2,500,000. 

Mantiqueira, Mqn-ti-ka-rq, ms Brazil. 

Mantua, Man-tt^-a, o Au-<. It.. 30%. 

Manua, Mq-nA-a, is S. P.ic. Oc 

Manzanares, Mqn-tq-nf^-res, t Sp., 8%. 

Mauzanilla, M(tn-8q-nel-y(|, Ij Mex. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Maracaybo, Mq-rq-kj-bo, s-pt c Ven., 

8)^ ; I and g of same. 
Maragha, Mq-rq-gq, c Per., 15. 
Marajo, Mq-rq-jO), i At. Oc, 20. 
Maranhao, Mq-rqn-v^u, c Brazil, 30 ; 

— Island, Brazil, "40. 
Marburg, Mqr-burg, t Hesse- Cassel, 8. 
Marcellus, Mqr-sel-us, v N-Y. 
Marchena, Mqr-Qa-nq, t Sp., 11 5^. 
!Maree, Loch, Lo/i Mq-re, I 8cyt. 
Marengo, Ma-ren-go, xs N-Y., 111., lo. 
Margarita, Mqr-ga-re-ta, i Caribbean 

Sua, 15. 
Margate, Mqr-get, s-j}t Eng., 9»^. 
Mariana, Mq-n-q-nq, c Brazil, 5)^. 
Marianna, Ala-ri-an-a, co t Fa. 
Marias, Las Tres, Lqs Trea Mq-re-qs, 

is Pac. Oc. 
Maria's (Ma-rj-az) River, Nebraska 

Ter., 300 m. 
Marica, Mq-re-kq, t Brazil, 6. 
Marie (ialante, Mq-re Gq-16ut, one of 

the W. Ind. Is., 12^. 
Marienwerder, Mq-re-eu-ve;'-der, c W. 

Prus., 7%. 
Marienzell, Mq-re-en-tsel, t Styria. 
Marietta, Ma-ri-et-a, ^ 0., 5 ; co t Ga.; 

ts Pa., la. 
Marin, Mq-rgn, co Cal. [Arch. 

Marinduque, Mq-ren-ddQ-ka, i Malay 
Marinilla, Mq-ri-nel-yq, t N-Gran., 5. 
Marion, Ma-ri-on, cots Va., N. C, Ga., 

Ala., Miss., Tex., Ark., Ky., 0., la., 

111., lo., S. C, &c. 
Mariposa, Mar-i-poJ-sa, r, co and 'O Cal. 
Marlborough, Mqrl-bur-o, or Mol-bro), 

t Eng., 53^; Mqrl-bur-o, vs N-H., 

Vt., Mass., N-Y., 0. 
Marlow, Great, t and par Eng., 63^. 
Marlton, Mqrl-ton, ■?? N-J. 
Marmande, Mq/'-mond, t Fr., 8J/^. 
Marmora, Mqr-mo-ra, sea bet. Eu. and 
Marne, Mqrn, r Fr., 210 m. [Asia. 

Maros, Mor-6J, r Tran., 400 m. 
Maros-Vasarhely, Mo-roJ-Va-Jqr-hely, 

t Tran., 10. 
Marowyne, Mq-ro-wjn, r S. Am., 400 m. 
Alarquesas, Mq/'-ka-sqs, is Pac. Oc, 20. 
Marquette, Mqr-ket, co and co t Wis. 
Mar-sala, Mqr-sq-lq, s-pt c Sicily, 21. 
Marseilles, Mqr-salz, (Fr. Marseille, 

Mqr-saly,) c Fr., 195 ; xs 0., la., 111. 
Marshall, Mqr-Jal, co t N. C, Tex., 

Mich., 23^; Mo. 
Martha's Vineyard, Mqr-6az Yin-yard, 

is. e. of Mass. 
Martigues, Mq/'-teg, t Fr., 83^. [121. 
Martinique, Mqr-tin-ek, W. Ind. Is., 
Martinsburg, Mqr-tinz-burg, co is N- 

Y., %; Va., 2^. 

Martinsville, M^r-tinz-vil, vs N-Y., % 

Pa., Va.; co t la., 1. 
Martirios, Mqr-te-ri-os, v Brazil, 7. 
Martos, Mq/'-tos, i Sp., 11. 
Maryland, Ma-ri-land, one of the orig- 
inal U. S.; area, 9,356 s. m., pop. 

417,943 whites, 74,723 free blacks, 

90,368 slaves— total, 583,034. 
Maryport, Ma-ri-pcjrt, s-pt t Eng., 5%. 
Marysville, c Cal., 10; co ta Va., Tenn., 

Mo.; D O., %. 
Masbate, Mqs-bq-ta, Phil. Is. 
Maskegon, Mas-ke-gon, ;• Mich. 300 m. 
Mason, Ma-sun, co t Mich., %\ v 0., }{. 
Massachusetts, Mas-a-qi^-sets, one of 

the original U. S.; area 7800 s. ni., 

pop. 996,000. [9%. 

Massa Ducale, Mq-sq D(X)-k4-la, c It., 
Massapeag, Mas-a-peg, R. li. station 

Conn. [400 m. 

Massaroony, Mq-sq-r(6-ne, r Brit. Gui., 
Massena, Ma-se-na, v N-Y. 
Massiilon, Mas-i-lon, ^ 0., 4 ; tJ lo. 
Massowah, Mq-so-wq, s-pt t Abys., 4. 
Matagorda, Mat-a-gor-da, b and co t 

Tex., 1%. 
Matamora, Mat-a-mo-ra, v Tenn. 
Matauioras, Mat-a-mtb-jas, t Mex., 20; 

fs Pa., la. 
Matanzas, Mq-tan-zas, s-pt t Cuba, 26. 
Matareeyeh, Mq-tq-re-ye, v Lower Eg. 
Mataro, Mq-tq-rci, c Sp., 13. 
Matawamkeag, Mat-a-w6m-keg, r and 

p Me. 
Matclica. Mq-tel-i-kq, t Cen. It., 7}4. 
Matera, Mq-ta-rq, t Nap., 11^. 
Mathura, Miit-ra, t Brit. Ind., 60. 
Maliua, Mq-tg-nq, ;• and D Costa-Rica. 
Matlock, Mat-lok, watering-place Eng., 

•6%. [50. 

Matsmai, Mqts-mj, c Japan; i Yesso, 
Mattapoisett, Mat-a-pof-set, v Mass. 
Mattawan, Mat-a-w6n, v Mich. 
Mattewan, Mat-E-w6n, ■» N-Y. 
Matto-Grosso, Mq-to-Gros-o, prov and 

c Brazil, 180. 
Maubeuge, Mo-hez, ft t Fr. 7%. 
Mauch Chunk, Mek Cuijk, t Pa.. 3)^. 
Maui, M^-e, Sandwich Island, 17^^, 
Maule, M^-la, r Chili, 180 m. 
Maulmain, Mel-mjn,«-p^ t Fur. Ind., 10, 
Maumee, Me-me, r la.; t O. 
Maurepas, M6-re-pq, I e. part La. 
Maurice (Mo-ris) River, N-J. 
Mauritius, Mo-riJ-i-us, (o/* Isle of Fr. 

i Ind. Oc, 162. 
Mauvaise (Mo-vaz) River, "Wis. 
Maxey. Maks-i, v Ga. 
Maxville, Maks-vil, rs Ky., la. 
Mayari, Mj-q-re, s-pt t Cuba, 3. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Mayenne, Mq-yen, ^ Fr., 10. 

Maynooth, Ma-mofi, t Ir., 2^,^. 

Mityo, Ma-o, r Va., N. C.j Mj-o, Cape 
Verd Is.; r Sonora. 

Maypu, ili-pd), r Chili, 130 m.j m peak 
Andes, 1*5,000 ft. 

May's Landing, co t N-J, 

Maysville, Maz-vil, c Ky., 7 ; cots^- 
Y., Va., III.; tJ la. 

Mayville, Ma-vil, v Wis,, %. 

Mazatnet, Mq-zq-ma, t Fr., 9^. [12. 

Mazatlan, Mqz-at-Iqn, t Cinalua, Mex., 

Mazzara, Mqt-sq-rq, t Sic, 83^. 

Mazzarino, Mqt-sq-re-noi), ^Sicily, 113^. 

Meade, Med, co Ky. [»; Va. 

Meadville, Mgd-vii, co tsVa,., 2%; Miss.; 

Meaux, Mca, ^ Fr., 10. 

Mecca, Mek-a, c Arabia, visited annu- 
ally by 100,000 Mohammedan pil- 
grims; pop. 28,000. 

Mechanicsburg, Me-kan-iks-burg, ve 
0.,V4; Pa., la., &c. 

Mechlin, Mek-lin, c IJelg., 27^. 

Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Mek-len-burA- 
Xwa-ren, d of the German Confed- 
eration; pop., 541,449. 

Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Mek-len-burA- 
Stra-lits, st German Confederation; 
pop., 100,000 ; cos Va., N. C. 

Medellin, Ma-del-yen, c N-Gran., 14. 

Medford, Med-ford, v Mass. 

Media, Me-di-a, cy Per.; co t Pa., )^. 

Medina, Ma-de-nq, c Arabia, 18. 

Medina, Me-dj-na, rs Eng., Tex.; v N- 
Y.; CO t 0. 

c Sp., 10>i. 

Mediterranean Med-i-ter-a-ne-an Sea, 
Eu., connecting with the Atlantic 
and the Strait of Gibralter. 

Medvieditza, Med-vi-a-dit-sq, r Ru3. 

Meerpoor, Mer-pdbr, t Sinde, 10. 

Meerut, Me-riit, dis and t Br. Ind. 

Meherrin, Me-her-in, r Va., 150 m. 

Meigs, Megz, cos Tenn., 0. 

Meigsville, Megz-ril, v Cal. 

Meiningen, Mj-nifl-en, ft t Gar., 63^. 

Meissen, Mj-sen, t Sax., 9. 

Meklong, Ma-k!6i), t Siam, 13. 

Me- Kong, Ma-K6fl. ra As. 

Melbourne, Mel-burn, c Aust., 50; i 
Pac. Oc. 

Melegnano, Ma-len-y^-no, t Aus, It., 7. 

M«lfi, Mel-fc, t Naples, %%. 

Melford, Mel-furd, v and par Eng., 23^, 

Mtjlksham, Melks-ham, t and car Eng., 

Melrose, Mel-r6z. hurgh and joar Scot., 
1}4\ V Ma-8., Tex., 111. 

Meltham, Mel-tana, v$ Eng. Z\i. 

Melton-Mowbray, M6-bre, t Eng., ^%. 

Melun, Me-liih, t Fr., 7>^. 

Melville (Mel-vil) Island; off N. Aust., 

also in the Artie and S. Pac. Ocs. 
Memel, Mem-el, or Ma-mel, t Pru., 10. 
Memingen, Mem-ig-en, t Bav., 6%. 
Memphis, Mem-fis, c Tenn., 12; co t 

Mo.; anc. c Lower Eg. 
Memphremagog, ( Mem-fre-ma-gog ) 

Lake, Vt. 
Menai (Men-j) Strait, N. Wales. 
Menara, Ma-nqm, r S. As., 800 m. 
Menard, Men-qrd, co III. 
Menasha, Men-aJ-a, v Wis., 1^. 
Mende, Mohd, t Fr., 6. 
Mendham, Mend-ham, v N-J., )^. 
Mendocino, Men-dci-se-no, cc» Cal. 
Mendon, Men-don, vs Mass., N-Y., 

Mich., 111., Iowa. 
Mendota^ Men-d(0-ta, v 111.; co t Min. 
Mendoza. Men-d6-za, r and c La Plata, 
Menin, Me-nah, /^ i5 Belg., 8. [12. 

Menomonee, Me-nom-Q-ne, r Wis.; 

— Falls, V Wis. 
Mentz, Mentz, c Ilesse-Darmstadt, 32. 
Mequauigo, Me-kwan-i-gcD, d Wis., 3^. 
Moquinez, Mek-i-nez, c Morocco, 60. 
Mequon, Me k won, 'V Wis. 
Mercede, ^Mer-sad, r Cul.; — City, t Cal. 
Mereer, Mer-ser, co t Pa., 1. 
•Mercersburg, Mer-serz-burg, t Pa., IJ^. 
Meredith (Mer-e-dit) Bridge, co^ N-H. 
Meredosia, Mer-E-d6-Ji-a, -v 111. [8. 
Mergui or Merghi, Mer-gg, t Br. Ind., 
Merida, Mer-i-dq, c Sp., 6. 
Merida, Mer-i-dq, cap c Yucatan, 23; 

t Ven., 4. 
Meriden, Mer-i-den, v Conn. 
-Merrimack, Mer-i-mak,rN-Eng,,110m. 
Mersoburg, Mer-se-bur/A, t Prus. Sax., 
Mersey, Mer-ze, r Eng., 60 m. [H^s. 
Merthyr-T'ydvil, M^r-der-Tid-vil, t and 

2)ar S. Wales, 63. 
Meshed, Mej"-ed, c Per., 45. 
Mesilla (Ma-.sel-yq) Valley, tract land 

8. part N-Mex. [cij As. 

Mesopotamia, Mes-o-po-ta-mi-a, anc. 
Messina, Me-se-nq, c Sicily, 97. — 

Strait, separating Sicily from Italy. 
Mostre, Mes-tra, t Aus. It., 6. 
Metft, Ma-tq. r S. Am., 500 m. 
Metamora. Met-a-mci-ra, co t III. 
Motapa, Ma-tq-pq. t Guat., 8. 
•Metetecunk, Me-te-te-kui)k, r N-J. 
.Mothuen, M^fc-yq-en, v Mass. 
.Metomcn, Me-tu-men, v Wis. [III., %» 
Metropolis (Mc-trop-o-lis) City, co i 
Metz, Mets, ft c Fr., 43^. 
Meuse, Mqz,' r rising in Fr., ooursea 

through Belg., IIol 434 lu. 


Geographical Vocabitlary. 

Mexico, Meks-i-ko, Sp. rep s. N. Am., 
having the following states and ter- 
ritories: Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, 
Chiapa, Cinaloa, Cohahuila, ])uran- 
go, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Jalisco, 
5lexico, Michoacan, New Leon, Oaja- 
ca, Puebla, Queretaro, San Luis Po- 
tosi, Sonora, Tabasco, Tamaulipas, 
Vera Cruz, Yucatan, Zacatecas, Tlax- 
cala, Colima, Tehuantepec, Lower 
California, Isla de Carmen ; area 
8;U,140 s. m., pop. 7,852,394. 

Mexico, cap of the Republic, 200 ; rs 
N-Y. %, Pa., 0., la.; co t Mo. 

Mezen, Mez-an, v and r Rus., 450 m. 

Mezieres, Ma-zi-4'',./i^ t Fr., 4. 

Miako or Meaco, Me-q-ko, c Japan, 500. 

Miami, Mj-am-i, 'V Fa. 

Miami River, (Little and Big,) 0. 

Miamisburg, Mj-am-iz-burg, v 0. 

Miamisville, v l). 

Miamitown, Mi-am-i-t-sn, v 0. 

Miami University, Oxford, 0. 

Miarim, Me-q-reh, r Brazil, 350 m. 

Miava, Me-6-vo, t Ilun,, 10. 

Michigan, MiJ-i-gan, n. w. of U. S.: 
area 56,243 s. m., pop. 525,000; I 
within and w. of the state. 

Michigan City, « Ta., 3. 

Michigantown, MiJ-i-gan-t-sn, v la. 

Michigan University, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Michilimackinac, Mijf-il-i-mak-in-e, co 
Mich. [Superior. 

Michipicoton, MiJ-i-pi-ko-ton, b Lake 

Michoacan, Mi-qo-q-kqn. st Mex.; area 
22,993 s. m., pop. 491,679. 

Micmac, Mik-mak, tr liid Br. Am. 

:Middelburg, Mid-el-burg, t Hoi.. 16. 

Middleborough, Mid-1-bur-o, 'O Mass., 
5J^. [0. 

Middlebourne, Mid-1-born, co t Va.: v 

Middleburg. Mid-l-burg, xs N-Y., Pa., 
O., Va., (fcc. [0 , &c. 

Middlebury, Mid-1-ber-i, vs Vt., Conn., 

Middleport, Mid-l-port, vs N-Y. 1, O.; 
CO t 111. {par Eng., ly^. 

Middlesborough, Mid-lz-bur-o, r-pt and 

Middlesex, Mid-l-seks, vs Pa. 

Middleton, Mid-I-ton, i and par Eng., 
5%; t Ir., 6. 

Middletown, Mid-1-t-sn, c Conn., i}/i\ 
TS O.iyi, Pa., N-Y., Del. 

Middletown Point, v N-J. 

Middleway, Mid-l-wa, v Va., y{. {^}4- 

Middlewich, Mid-1-wiq, t andjva/'Eng., 

Middle Yuba, Yi|,-ba, r Cal. 

Midhurst, Mid-hurst, t and par Eng., 7. 

Midnapoor, Mid-na-pd>r, dia and t Br. 

Midway, Mid-wa, vs Ga., Ky., Pa., S. C. 

Mifflinsburg, Mif-Hnz-burg, v Pa. 
Mifflintown, Mif-lin-tTin, qo t Pa. 
Milam, Mi-lam, co ts Tex. 
Milan, Mil-an, prov and c Aus. It., 160 
Jlilan, Mj-lan, re 0. 3, la., 111., &c. 
Milazzo, Me-l^t-so, s-j)t t Sic, 7. 
Milbourn, Mil-burn, 'V Ky, [Eng., 4^^. 
Mildenhall, Mil-den-hol, t and paf 
Miletus, Mj-le-tus, ruined c As. Minor. 
Milford, Mil-ford, s-pt t S. Wales, 3; 

rs Eng. 1, N-II.,Mass., Conn., N-Y., 

N-J., Del., Va., 0.. la., &c.; co^ Pa. 
Milford Centre, re N-Y., O. 
Military Frontier, Mil-i-tii-ri Frdn-ter; 

cy Aus. ; area 12,922 s. m., pop., 
Millau, Me-lc), t Fr., 10. [1,747,733. 
Millbrook, Mil-bruk, v 0. 
Millburn, Mil-burn, v 111. 
Millbury, Mil-ber-i, v Mass. \y 111. 
Milledgeville, Mil-ej-vil, cap Ga., Zy^] 
Millersburg, Mil-erz-burg, co t 0.; v» 

Pa., Ky., 0., la., 111. 
Millerstown, Mil-erz-t-sn, Tg Pa., 1. 
Millersville, Mil-erz-vil, vs Pa., Md., 

0., la. 
^lilierville, Mil-er-vil, -?; N-Y. 
MiUeville, Mil-vil, -» N-Y. 
Mill Grove, r« 0., la. 
Mill Hall, V Pa. 
Millheim, Mil-hjm, 'V Pa. 
Millport, Mil-port, w N-Y., Pa. 
Millville, Mil-vil, V8 Mass., N-J. 1>^, 

Mo., Iowa, &c. 
Millwood, Mil-wud, v 0., 3^. 
Milo, Me-lo, i Grecian Arch., 4. 
Milo, Mj-lo, v Me., %. 
Milton, Mil-ton, ts N-IL, Mass., Pa. 2, 

N. C. \yi, Miss., la.; co t Fa. 
Miltonsburg, Mil-tonz-burg, v 0. 
Miltonville, Mil-ton-vil, 'v O. [do. 

Milwaukee, Mil-we-ke, c Wis., 35 ; r 
Minchinhampton, Min-qin-hamp-ton, t 

and joar Eng., 4)^. [74. 

Mindanao. Min-dq-n^-o, i Malay Arch., 
Minden, Min-den, ft t Prus., 12^ ; « 

La., 1. 
Mindoro, Min-do-ro. Philippine 'i,29%. 
Mineral Point, co t Wis., 3. 
Minersville, Mj-nerz-vil, t Pa.. 4 
Minerva, Mi-ner-va, vs Ky., 0. 
Minho, Men-yo. prov and r Port. 
Minisink, Min-i-siijk, i' N-Y. [3^. 

Minneapolis. Min-e-ap-o-lis, co i Min., 
Minnesota. Min-E-s(f)-ta. ter n. w. U. S., 

area 166.025 s. m.. pop. from 10.000 
Minnesota City, co t Min. [to 15.000. 
Minni Wakan. Min-e We-kqn, I Min. 

Ter., 40 by 12 m. 
Minorca, Min-er-ka, » of So., Med., 40, 

Geographical Vooabularit. 


Jlinot, Mi -not, v Me, 

Minsk, Minsk, gov and t Rus., 23. 

Miosen, Me-e-zen, I Nor., 55 m. 

Miquelon, Me-ke-16ri, is off coast New- 
foundland; area 85 s. m., pop. 510. 

Miramichi, Mir-a-mi-Je, b, r and jpt N- 

Miranda, Mi-ran-da, v N-C. 

Mirandola, ME-rqn-do-lq, /if ^ It., 6. 

Mirim, Me-reh, I S. Am. 

Mirzapoor, Mer-za-pif>r, t Hin., 100. 

Mishawaka, MiJ-a-wo-ka, v la., 2}/^. 

Miskolcz, MiJ-kolts, t Hun., 30. 

Missisque, Mi-sis-kwe, r Vt. 

Misaissinewa, Mis-i-sin-e-wa, r la. 

Mississippi, Mis-i-sip-i, / N. Am.; with 
the Missouri, its principal tributary, 
the longest river in the world ; 4350 
m., including the Missouri. 

Mississippi, one of the s. U. S.; area 
47,156 s. ra; pop. 295,718 whites, 030 
free blacks, 309,300 slaves,— total, 

Missouri, Mi-Z(f>-ri, one of the s. w. U. 
S.; area 67,380 s. m.; pop. 592,004 
whites, 2,618 free blacks, 87,422 
slaves,— total, 682,041. 

Missouri Territory, now divided into 
Kanzas and Nebraska. 

Missouri University, Columbia, Mo. 

Mitau, Me-t-s, t Rus,, 28. 

Mittineague, Mit-i-neg, p o Mass. 

Mitylenc, Mit-i-le-ne, z Gr, Arch,, 40, 

Mobile. Mo-bel, r and c Ala., 20)^; 
— Bay, 8. w. Ala. 

M(x;ha, Moi-qq, i of Chili ; t Arabia. 

Modena, M6d-en-q, st It.; area 2,073 
8. in.; pop. 586,458 : c do., 27)^. 

Modica, M6d-i-kq, t Sicily, 17^. 

MoeHj M^-en, t of Den., 13%. 

Moffat, M6f-at, t and par Scot., 2\4. 

M'jgadore, Mog-a-dor, /if c Morocco, 17; 
v 0. [Brazil. 

Mogi-das-Cruzes, M(S-3e-dq?-Krd)-zes, t 

Moguer, Mo-g4r, t Sp., 6^. 

Mogul, Mo-giil, empire, llin. 

3Iohacs, llQ-h(^q, t S. Ilun., 10. [Y. 

Mohawk, Mo-hok, r N-Y., 160 m.; v N- 

Moheelev, Mo-Ae-lev, t Rus., 16. 

Mohiccanville, Mo-hik-an-vil, v 0. 

Moissac, Mwq-s^k, t Fr., 10%. 

Moldau, M6I-d-5, r Boh.. 200 m. 

Moldavia, ( Mol-da-vi-a,) Principality 
of, et S, Eu.; area 18,000 s. m,, pop, 

Molfetta, Mol-f6t-q. t-pt t Nap., 13. 

Mi)line, Mo-Ien, v III, 

MoUdo del Roy, Mo-lc-no del Ra, range 
of atone buildings near city of Mex- 
ico ;/> (? Ark. 

Molton, (Mol-ton,) South, t and par 

Eng.,4X, . , , . 

Molua, Mo-IcD-q, natton in int, Af. 
Moluccas, Mu)-luk-az, ar Spice Islands, 

group in the Malay Arch, 
Mombas, Mom-bqs, i and t Af,, 6. 
Morapox, Mom-p6/i, t N-Gran., 10. 
Monastir, Mo-nqs-ter, s-pt t N-Af., 12j 

c Eu. Tur., 15. 
Moncaliori, Mon-kq-li-a-rs, t Pied., 8. 
Mondegj, Mon-da-ga, nav, r Bra.,180 m. 
Mondovi, Mon-do-ve, t Pied., 16. 
Monee, Mo-ne, v III. [Ind., 30. 

Monghir or Mungeer, Mug-ger, t lir. 
Mongolia, Mon-go-li-a. reg Asia; area 

1,400,000 s. m., pop. 2,000,000. 
Moniteau, Mon-i-to, co and v Mo. 
Monmouth, Mon-mut, t and par Eng., 

6; v Me.; co t 111. 
Monomoezi, Mca-nu)-mo-a-ZE, em Af. 
Monomotapa, Mo-no-mo-t^-pq, ew Af. 
Monongahela, Mo-non-ga-he-la, r Pa., 

150 m. — City, opp. Pittsburg, Pa., 

Monongalia, Mo-non-ga-li-a, co Va. 
Monopoli, Mo-nop-Q-ls, t Nap., 16, 
Monreale, Mon-ra-^-la, t Sic, 13. 
Monroe, Mon-ro, co ts Mich. 4, Wis,, 

La,, Ga., N. C; m N-Y., Tenn. 
Monroeville, Mon-ro-vil, ts 0.; co t Cal. 
Mons, Mohs, ft t Belg., 231^. 
Monserrat, Mon-ser-qt, m Sp. 
Monson, Mon-son, v Mass. 
Montague, M6n-ta-gi|, ra Mass. 1)^, 

Va.; i Pac. Oc. 
Montauban, Mon-to-bon, t Fr., 24%. 
Montauk (Mon-tok) Point, /;?'ow L. I. 
Montbeliard, Moon-ba li-qr, t Fr., 6i^. 
Mont Blanc, Moh Bloh, highest m. ia 

Eu., 15,810 ft. high. 
Montbrison, Mon-bre-zon, t Fr., 6. 
Montcalm, Mont-kqm, cu and co t Mich. 
Monte-Christi, Mon-ta-Kris-te. t Hayti, 

3. [niaica, 4. 

Montego (Mon-te-go) Bay, s-pt t Ja- 
Montelimart, Moiu-ta-le-rnqr, c Fr,, 10, 
Montello, Mon-tel-o, v Wis., \^. 
Montenegro, Mon-ta-na-grU), ind 

Eu. Tur., 100. 
Montereau, Mori-te-r6, t Fr., 6)^, 
Monterey, Mon-ta-ru, c Mex., 12 ; co 

and c Cal,, 2, [Alps. 

Monte-Rosa, Mon-tft-Roi-sq, m I*ennino 
Monte San Giuliano, M6n-ta Sqn Jo)- 

li-(^-no, t Sic, 7)^, 
Montevallo, Mon-tc-val-o, v Ala. 
Montevideo, Mon-tc-vid-i-o, 9 pt c, cap 

Uruguay, S. Am., 12. 
Montezuma, Mon-te-zii-ma, V9 N-Y.| 

Ga., Ia., (fee. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Montgomery, Mont-giim-er-i, cap Ala,, 

7; cot Tex.; vs N-Y. ]>i, O. 
Monticello. 3Ion-ti-sel-o, residence of 

Thomas Jefferson, Va.; Tj N-Y., \\^\ 

CO ts Ga., Fa., Miss., Ark., Teuu., 

Ky.. Li., III. 
Montilla, Mon-tEl-yq, t Sp., 133^. 
Montlucon, Mon-le-soh, t Fr., 0. 
Montmartre, Moh-inq/t-r', t Fr., 2Z}-{. 
Montmorency, Mon-mo-ron-se, 'V Fr., 

234;Mont-mo-ren-si, CO Mich.;r C.E. 
Montoro, Mon-to-rca, c Sp., 10^. 
Montour, Mon-tit)r, co Pa. 
Montoursville, Mon-ttJbrz-vil, v Pa., %. 
Montpelier, Mont-pel-yer, cajJ Vt., 23/g; 

rs Ga., la. 
Montpellier. Mont-p^l-i-er, c Fr., 37%. 
Montreal, Mon-tre-61, c C. E., 58. 

Island, on which the city is built, is 

32 by 10 m. — River, Wis. 
Montrose, Mont-roz, s-27t t Scot., 15%; 

CO t Pa., \}4; V Iowa, %. 
Montrouge, Mu)n-r(63, d Fr., OV^. [8. 
Montserrat, Mont-ser-at, Br. W. Ind. i, 
Monza, M6n-zq, c Aus., 183^. 
Mooltan, Majl-tqn, old c of Punjab, 80. 
Moorefield, Mtjr-feld, co t Va.; i? 0. 
Mooreshill, McJrz-hil, v la., i^. 
Moorestown, M6rz-t"sn, i) N-J., 1. 
3Iooresville, Murz-vil, v la., }^. 
Moorshedabad, MoDr-le-da-bqd, c Br. 

Ind., 165. 
Moose, Mibs, r Br. N. Am., 250. 
Moosehead (Mobs-hed) Lake, Me., 35 

by 10 m. 
Moquehua, Mo-ka-wq, c Peru, 323^. 
Moquelumne, Mo-kal-um-ne, r Cal. 
Moradabad, Mo-rq-dq-bqd, t Br. Ind., 
Morano, Mo-rq-no, t N&p., 8. [32%. 
Morant, Mo-rant, t Jamaica, 7. 
Moratalla, Mo-rq-tq-lq, t Sp., 8. 
Morava, Mo-rq-va, r Servia, 130 m. 
Moravia, Mo-ra-vi-a, prov Aus.; area 

10,239, pop. 2,238,424; v N-Y.;^ o lo. 
Morea, Mo-re-a, or Peloponnesus, Pel- 

o-pon-E-sus, pen Greece. 
Moreau, Mo-rtj, jj o N-Y. [Tenn. 

Morgan (Mer-gan) Court-House, <?c> ^ 
Morganfield, Mor-gan-feld, co t Ky. 
Morgantown, co ts Va. 1, N. C, Ky.; v 
Moriah, Mu)-rj-a, v N-Y., 1. [la. 

Morlaix, Mor-la, t Fr., 12i^. 
Morocco, Mo-rok-o, c and em Af .; area 

222,560 s. m., pop. 8,000,000. 
Moron, Mo-r<f)n, t Sp., 103^. 
Morpeth, Mor-pet, t and pai' Eng., 10. 
Morris, M6r-is, co t 111., 1. 
Morrisiana, Mor-is-i-a-na, u N-Y. 
Morristowu, Mor-is-tun, rs Vt., N-Y., 

Tenn., 0., la., &c.j co t N-J. 

Morrisville, v Vt. %, Pa., la.; co t N-Y. 
Morrow, M6r-o, r 0., 1. 
Mors, Mors, i of Den., 6. 
Morla'ra, Mor-tq-rq, t Pied., by^. 
Mortimer, Mdr-ti-mer, 'V 111. _ 
Mortonsville, Mer-tonz-vil, t Ky., 3^. 
Moscow, M6s-kc3, j/r;* Kus.; area 12,609 

s. m,, pop. 1,349,000; can c 350; T$ 

N-Y., Ky., Tenn., 0., Mich., la., Ac. 
Moselle, Mti-zel, r Fr. and Ger.,328 m.; 
Mosiertown, Mci-jer-t'sn, r Pa. [v 111. 
Moskva, M6sk-vq, r Moscow, 200 m. 
Mosquito (Mos-ke-to) Territory, cy 

Cen. Am.; area 34,000 s. m. 
Mosul f/r Mosel, M6-sul or Mdb-sul, t 

As. Tar., 40. 
Motagua, Mo-tq-gwq, r Cen. Am. 
Motril, Mo-trt'l, c Sp., lO^^. 
Mottville, Mot-vil, r Mich,, 3^. 
xMoulins, Ma)-lah, t Fr., 14^. 
Moulton, MtJl-ton, co t Ala. 
Mount Auburn, M-sntG'burn, cemetery^ 

Cambridge, Mass.; ts la.. 111. 
Mount Carmel, K^r-mel, xs Ky., la.j 

cot 111., 1)^. 
Mount Carroll, Kar-ol, co t 111., %. 
Mount Clemens, Kl6m-ens, co t Mich., 

Mount Desert, Dez-ert, i coast Me., %. 

Mount Etna, Et'na, v la. 

Mount Gilead, Gil-e-ad, r« Va., Ky., 0. 

Mount Healthy, Hel-ti, vs 0., la. 

Mount Holly, H61-i, co t N-J., 2; r 0. 

Mount Holyoke, Ilci-li-ok or Hcil-yok, 
mt Mass. 

Mount Hope, rs N-Y., Pa. 

Mount Ida, i'da, co t Ark. 

Mount Jackson, Jak-son, rs Pa., Va. 

Mount Joy, Jdr, r Pa. 

Mount Morris, M6r-is, rs N-Y., 111. 

Mount Pleasant, Plez-ant, co ts Tex., 
Ky,, Iowa ; rs Pa, )^, Tenn., 0., la. 

Mount Sidney, Sid-ni, v Va. 

Mount St. Elias, 8-lj-as, rol m N. Am., 
17,900 ft.; var. ms Eu. [v 0. 

Mount Sterling, Ster-lifl, co ts Ky,, 111.; 

Mount Tahawus, Ta-he-wus, peak of 
Adirondack Mts,, N-Y. 

Mount Union, Yii,n-yon, rs Pa., 0. 

Mount Vernon, Ver-non, residence of 
George Washington, Va.; t 0., 5.; co 
ts Ga., Ky., la,. 111,, Mo,; rs N-Y,, Wis. 

Mount Washington, WoJ-iij-ton, peak 
White Mts., N-H.; rs Pa., Ky., 0. 

Mount Zion, Zj-on, r Ga., }.{. 

Moyamensing, Mer-a-men-sig, sub Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., 27. 

Mozambique, Mo-zam-bek, c Af., 6. 
— Channel, str Ind. Oc. [250 m. 

Jklsta, M-stq, or Masta, Mq-st^, r Rua., 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Muhalitcb, Mu-q-leq, t As. Minor, 11. 
Muhlenburg, Mii,-len-burg, co Ky. 
Miihlbausen. Mel-h^-zen, t Frus., U%. 
iiaihausen, Mel-hu-zen, t Fr., 29%. 
Miilheiin-aia-Kuhr, Mel-hiin-qui-liojr, 

t Prus., \Q%. 
Mull, Mul, Hebrides t, 153^. [i%. 

MuUingar, Mul-it)-gqr, t and par It., 
Mulweeya or Muluia, Mul-we-yq, r 

Morocco, 350 m. [la., 1)^, 

Muncie, Miin-SE, or Muncietown, co t 
Muncy, Mun-si, v Pa., 1. [3^. 

Manfordsville, Mdn-fordz-vil, co t Ky., 
Munich, Mi|-nik, cap c Bav., 95)^. 
Munster, Mda-ster, jsrou Ir. 
Mil uster. Men-ster, caj^ c Westphalia, 25. 
Murcia, Mdr-Ji-a, c Sp., 55. 
Murf reesborough. Mur-f rez-bur-o, v N. 

C; CO ts Ark., Tenn. 

Murphy, Mur-fi, co t N. 0. 

Murphysborough, Mdr-fiz-bur-o, co t 

Murray, Mdr-a, r Australia ; co t Ky. 

Murrumbidgee, Mdr-um-bij-e, r Aus- 
tralia, 400 m. 

Murviedro, Mijor-vi-a-dro,/^ t Sp., 7^^. 

Muscat, Mus-kat, st and c Arabia. 

Muscatine, Mus-ka-tsn, co t Iowa, 6, 

Muscoda, Mus-ko-da, xi Wis. 

Muscogee, Mus-ko-ge, co Ga. 

Musconetcong, Mus-ko-net-ko^, r N-J. 

Muscovy, Mds-ko-vi, applied to Russia. 

Muskingum, Mus-kiij-gum,r 0., 110 m. 

Musselburgh, Mds-el-bur-o, s-pt i Scot., 
7. ^ [6. 

Myconus, Mik-o-nus, t Grecian Arch., 

Myers'own, Mj-erz-t-sn, t; Pa., 1. 

Mystic, Mis-tik, r and xi Conn. 


Nabloos, Xq-bl(j5s, c Pal., 8. [Tex. 

Nacogdoches, Nak-o-dci-qez, co and « 
Nacoochee, Na-kdb-qc, v Ga. 
Nadudvar, No-dtftd-vqr, t Hun., 6i^. 
Nagaranu, Nq-gq-rq-ncf), t Hin., (5. 
Nagasaki, Nq-ga-sq-ke, c Japan, 65. 
Nagore, Nq-g6r, ts Br. Ind., 40. 
Nagpoor, Nqg-p(6r, ter India ; area 76,- 

432 s. m., pop. 4,650,000 ; c do., 115. 
Nahant, Na-hant, v Mass. 
Nailsea. Nal-.^e, « Eng., 2)/^. 
Nain, Xjn, t Hin., 10. 
Nairai, Nj-rj, Feejee % Pac. Oc. ' 
Nairn, N^rn, co and t vScot., 33^. 
Nakhitchevan, Nq-ket-Je-v^n, t Kus,l 0. 
Namalouk, Nq-mq-lrf)k, Islands, Pac. Oc. 
Namur, Na-mur, lirm and c Belg.,24J/<^. 
Nanaa, Xo-noJ, «; Hun., 7%. 
Nanche, Xqn-tja, c China, 200. 
Nancy, Xau-si, (Fr. Noh-se,) c Fr., 45. 
Nanking, Nqn-ki{), or Nankin, Nqn- 

kin, c Chma, 400. 
Nan-Ling, Nqn-Lij), ms China. 
Nantasket, Nan-tas-ket, jyen 
Nantes, Nants, c Fr., built partly on 

islands in the Loire, 963^. 
Nanticoke, Nan-ti-kak, v Pa. 
Nantucket, Nan-tdk-et, co t Mass., 8. 
Nantwich, Nant-iq, i Eng., 51^. 
Napa, Nq-pa,,r, co and t Cal. 
Napanee, Nap-a-iic, t C. W. [C. E., 1. 
Napierville, Na-per-vil, co t 111., 1%: v 
Naple«, Na-plz, k, c and h It.: area of Jt 

32.571 8. m., pop. fi.610,873; pop. c, 

400; w Me., N-Y., I 

Napo, N^-po, r S. Am., 500 m. 
Napoleon, Na-p(5-Ie-on, m Ark. 1, 0., 

la. %. 
Napoleonville, Na-pcS-le-on-vil, « La. 
Naponock, Nap-o-nok, ■» N-Y. 
Naraul, Nq-rdl, t Hin., 6. 
Xarberth, Nqr-bert, hor S. Wales, 13^. 
Narbonne, Nqr-bon, c Fr., 13. 
Narborough, Ni^r-bur-o, Islands, S.Pac. 
Nardo, Nqr-do, t Nap., 8. 
Narcw, Nq-rev, r Rus., 200 m. 
Xaro, Xq-ro, t Sic, 10. 
Xarraganset, Xar-a-gan-set, Bay, R. I. 
Xarraingungo, Nar-jri-gdnj, t Br. Ind., 
Narva, Nqr-vq, ft t Rus., 3. [15. 

Xashport, NaJ-port, x 0, 
Nashua, NaJ-yq-a, r and t N-H., b%. 
Nashville, NaJ-vil, cap c Tenn., 20; co 

ts la., III.; vs N. C, Tex., 0. 
Nassau, Nas e, st Ger., pop. 429,341; ta 

X-Y., Fa., Iowa: c Bahama Islands, 7. 
Xassuck, Xq-sdk, c Br. Ind., 30. 
Xatal, Xq-tql, cy Af., bel. to. Gr. Br.; 

area 18,000 ?. m., pop. 121,000; ts 

Brazil 10, Sumatra. 
Xatchez, Naq-ez, c Miss., 6; rs C, la. 
Natchitoches, Naq-i-toq-ez, par and co 
Natick. Na-tik, v Mass., 2%. [t La. 
Xaugatuck, No-ga-tdk, v Conn. 
Xaumburg, X-sm-bmrA, t Ger., \2%. 
Nauplia, No-pli-a, ft s-pt t Gr., 15; g 

yEgean Sea. 
Xauvoo (Xo-vif)) City, 111., 2. 
Navarre, Xa-vqr, prov Sp.; area 4,069 

8. in., pop. 280,000. 


Geographical Vocabulary.' 

Navaza, Nq-v^-sq, * Caribbean Sea. 

Navigator's, Nav-i-ga-torz, or Samoan, 
Sa-ino-an, Islands, populous is, Pac. 

Naxos, Naks-os, * Grecian Arch., 20. 

Nayoe or Nayoo, Nj-6, is Malay Arch. 

Nazareth, Naz-a-ret, U Pal., Pa. )^. 

Nazareth, Nq-zq-ret, <« Belg. 53^, Bra. 

Naze, Nq-ze, cape Nor.: headland Eng. 

Ne, Na, v Sard. States, 33^. 

Neagh, Lough, Lo7i Na, I Ir. 

Neath, Net, r and bor S. Wales, 6. 

Nebraska, Nt-bras-ka, ter U. S., organ- 
izeil in 1854; area 335,882 s. m.; v lo. 

Noches, Neq-ez, r Tex., 100 in. 

Nochow, Na-G-», t China, 30. 

Nockalofa, ^ek-q-lcj-fq, t island of 
Tonga, Friendly Islands, 2. 

Neckar, Nek-ar, r Ger., 210 m. 

Necosta, Ne-kos-ta, co Mich. [3%- 

Nederbrakel, Na-der-brq-kel, t Belg., 

Nedjed, Nej-ed, interior portion of 
Arabia. [Brunswick. 

Negowac. Neg-o-wak, Indian v New 

Negros, Na-gros, Philippine i. 

Neilgherry, Nel-ger-e, Mts., S. India. 

Neisse, Ni-se, t Prus. Silesia, 11%. 

Neiva or Neva, Na-vq, r llus., 300 m. 

Nekinai, Nek-i-mj, v Wis. 

Nellore, Nel-6r, t Br. Ind. 

Nelson, Nel-son, ts N-Y., 0., N-Brun. 

Nelsonville, Nel-son-vil, v 0. 

Nemi, Na-mr, I and v Cen. It. 

Nenagh, Na-na, t Ir., 9)^. 

Nene, Nen, r Eng. [v Wis. 

Neosho, Ne-6-Jo, r Kanzas; co t Mo.; 

Neosho City, a vegetarian settlement, 

Nepaul, Ne-pel, ind cy Hin.; area 53,- 
000 s. ni., pop. 2,000,000. 

Nepenski, Ne-pen-skj, v Wis. 

Nephi (Ne-fj) City, i) Utah. 

Neponset (Nc-p6n-set) Village, Mass. 

Nerac, Na-iqk, t Fr., 1%. 

Nerbudda, Ner-biid-a, r India, 620 m. 

Nescopeck, Nes-ko-pek, m and v Pa. 

Nesochaque, Nes-o-qa-kwe, River, N-J. 

Nesqually, Nes-kw6l-i, r Wash. Ter. 

Nethe, Na-te, r Belg. 

Netherlands, Ned-er-landz, called also 
Kingdom of Holland, ey in the west- 
ern part of Eu., embracing the fol- 
lowing j)rovinces : North Brabant, 
Gelderlarid, South Holland, North 
Holla nd, Zealand, Utrecht, Friesland, 
Overyssel, Groningen, Drenthe, Lim- 
burg; area 12,662 s. m.,pop. 3,767,671. 

Nethou, Pic, Pek Ne-tdo, highest pealc 
of the Pyrenees, 11,168 ft. 

t Meck.-Strelitz, 6. 

Neuburg, Nff-biarA, t Bav., %%, 
Neufchatel, NeJ-q-tel, I, canton and 

t Swit., 1%.' 
Neuhausel, Ner-her-sel, t Hun., &%. 
Neuilly-sur-Seine, Ne-ye-ser-San, t 

Fr., 16. 
Neurode, Nff-ro-de, t Prus. Silesia, 5J^. 
Neusatz, N(T-sqts, t Hun., 17^^. 
Neuse, Nqs, r N. C, 300 m. 
Neii-Shehr, Na-a)-Je-r', t As. Tur., 15. 
Neusiedl, Nof-sed-l, I Hun. 
Neuss, Ners, t Ilhcn. Prus., 9. 
Neustadt, Nff-stqt, ts Prus., 6%; Aus,, 
^ 91^, Prus. Saxony, 6%. 
Neustadt-an-der-Hardt, Nof - stqt - qr- 

der-Hq/"t, t Rhen. Bav., 6. 
Neustadt-Eberswalde, Nff-stqt-3'bers- 

vql-de, t Prus., by^. 
Neustadtl-an-der-Waag, Nef-stet-1-qn- 

der-Vqg, t Hun., b%. 
Neu'-Strelitz, Ner-Stra-lits, t Ger,, &}{. 
Neutitschein, Nt?-tit-Jin, t Moravia, 9. 
Neuwied, Ntf-vet, t Rhen. Prus., 6^, 
Neva, Na-vq, r or dr Rus. 
Nevada, Na-v^-dq, co Cal. — City, 

CO t Cal., 5. 
Nevers, N3-v4r, c Fr., 17. 
Neville, Nev-il, v 0. 
Nevis, Nev-is, W. Ind. i, 10}4. 
New Albany, Nq Gl'ba-ni, c la., 15. 
Newark, Ni\-ark, c N-J., 50; co t O., 5; 

M Del., la.. 111., <fec.; hm Eng., \\%. 
New Bedford, Nq Bed-ford, c Mass., 18. 
New Berlin, Ber-lin, 'o N-Y.; co t Pa, 
Newbern, Nq-bern, co t Va.; t N. C, 

4%; 'V la. [la. 

Newberry, N\j,-ber-i, co < S. C; vs Pa., 
New Boston, Nq Bos-ton, rs 111. |^, N-H. 
New Brighton, Brj-ton, vs N-Y., Pa. 
New Britain, Brit- en, v Conn., 3; arch 

Pac. Oc. 
New Brunswick, Briinz-wik, Br. ter N. 

Am.; area 27,700 s. m., pop. 194,000; 

c N-J.,13>^. 
New Buda, Bq-da, i? Iowa. 
New Buffalo, Buf-a-lo, ts Pa., Mich. 
Newburg, Nq-burg, co ts N-Y., Tenn.j 

IS Pa., 0., la., Wis., Ala. 
Newbury, Ni^-ber-i, t and par Eng., 

61^; TS Vt., Mass. [131^. 

Newburyport, Ni\,-ber-i-port, c Mass., 
New Caledonia, Kal-e-do-ni-a, « S. 

Pac. Oc: area 6600 s. m. 
New Carlisle, Kar-ljl,t; 0., 1. 
New Castle, Nii Kas-1, co ts Pa. 15^, 

Del., Va.. Ky. 
Newcastle, Ni\,-kas-l, co t la. 
Newcastle (Nq-kds-l) upon-Tyne, c 

Eng., 873^. [10%. 

Newcastle-under-LymejWand t Eng., 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


New Catuberland, Kiim-ber-land, ta 
Pa., Va., La. 

New Diggings. Dig-igr., v 111., %. 

New England. Iij'gland, embraces Me., 
N-H., Vt., Mass. R. L, Conn. 

Newfoundland, Ni\-fund-land, i Br. N. 
Am., At. Oc, bel. to Gr. Br.5 area 
^ 57,000 s. m., pop. 102.000. 

New Granada, Ni^, Grq-nq-dq, rep S. 
Am.: area 480,000 a.m., pop. 2,364,000. 

New Hampshire, Hamp-Jsr, one of the 
original U. S.; area 9280 s. m., pop. 

New Hampton, H;imp-ton, vs N-T., N-J. 

New Harmony, Hqr-mo-ni, v la. 

New Hartford, Hqrt-ford,** Conn.,N-Y. 

New Haven, Ha-ven, c, semi-cap Conn., 
noted for its beauty, and being the 
seat of Yale College ; ts N-Y., Pa., 
^ Ky., 0., 111. 

New Hebrides, Heb-ri-dez, ts Pac. Oc. 

New Holland, Hol-and, v Pa. 

New Hope, rs Pa. 1%, 0. 

New Ipswich, Ips'wiq, v N-H. 

New Ireland, ^r'land, i S. Pac. Oc. 

New Jersey, Jer-zi, one of the original 
U. S.: area 8320 s. m„ pop. 489,555. 

New Leon, Le-on, si Mex.; area 16,687 
s. m., pop. 133,361. 

New Lisbon, Liz-bon, cot 0., 2}4; ^» la. 

New London, c Conn., 10: rs ()., la.. Mo., 

New Madrid, Mad-rid, co t Mo. Ttfec. 

New Market, Mqr-ketv ^* N-II., ??-J. 

New Mexico, Meks-i-ko, ter of the U. 
S.; area 207,007; pop. is of a mixed 
character, 61,547 being Mexicans and 
Americans, and 45,000 Indians. 

New Milford, Mil-ford, r« Conn., 111. 

Newnan, Nq-nan, co t Ga. 

New Orkney, Ork'ni, is S. At. Oc. 

New Orleans, Or'le-anz, c La., built on 
deposit made by the Mississippi 
river, which is about 5 feet lower 
than the river level; 126}/^. [2. 

New Philadelphia, Fil-a-del-fi-a, 10 O., 

Newport, Nq-port, two important hers 
Eng.; 8-pt t S. Wales, 1%; t Eng., 
2>^; c, semi-cap R. I., 9>^; c Ky., 9; 
CO ta N-H., la.; vs N-Y., Pa.. 0., Mich. 

Newport-Pagnell, Nii-port-Pag-nol, t 
Eng., V/i. [i; v Tenn. 

New Providence, Pr6v-i-den3, Bahama 

New Richmond, Riq-mond, v 0., 23^. 

New Rochelle, Ro-Jel, v N-Y., \%. 

Newry, Nq,-ri, h/r Ir., 25. 

New Sharon, Xa-ron, v Me. 

New Siberia, Sj-be-ri-a, is Arc. Oc. a 

New South Wales, Ni], Sut Walz. ex- 
tensive cy Australia; area 350,000 
8. m., pop. 208,254. 

Newton, Ni\-ton, co is N-J., N. C, Ga., 
Ala., 111., Iowa; v 0., >^. 

Newton-Abbot (Ab'ot) with Newton- 
Bushell, (BtaJ-el,) i Eng., Z%. 

Newton-upon-Ayr, ( 9ix, ) hurgh Scot., 5. 

Newton Falls, v 0., %. 

Newton-Stewart, Sti\-art, t Scot., 2%. 

Newtown, Ni^-t-sn, hor N. Wales, Z%', 
r# Mass., Conn., N-Y., Pa., Va., Ky,, 
Md., 0., la. [Ir., lO;*^. 

Newtown-Ardes, Hrdz, hor and s-pt t 

Newtown-Liraavaddy, Lim-a-vad-i, Jor 
and t Ir., 3%. 

Now York, Nt), Yerk, the most populous 
of the U. S., and pre-eminent in in- 
ternal improvements and commercial 
importance; area 47,000 s. m.; pop., 
in 1850, 3,097,394 : 3,048,325 whites, 
49,069 colored; in 1856, 3,345,840. 

New York, c of the above state, the 
most important in the New World, 
and the third, only, in point of wealth 
and population on the globe; pop. 625; 
vs Tenn., la., III., Wash. Ter. 

New Zealand, Zg-land, is of Gr. Brit., 
in S. Pac. Oc, area, 105,115 s. in, 
pop. 26,656. 

New Ulster, and New Munster, prin- 
cipal is of New Zealand. 

Neyva, or Neiva, Na-i-vq, t N-Gran. 

Nezheen, Na-jen, t Rus., 16, 

Nez Perc» (Na-Pe/'-sa) Indians, tr Or. 

Ngami, N-gq-me, I S. Af. 

Niagara, Nj-ag-a-ra, r N. Am., form- 
ing between lakes Erie and Ontario 
the celebrated "Falls of Niagara." 

Niagara, co t C. W., 3. 

Niagara Falls, v N-Y., V^. 

Nias, N|-as, i of Malay Arch. 

Nicaragua, Nik-ar-^-gwq, st Cen. Am., 
area, 36,000 s. m., pop. 235,000; i 
Nicaragua, 8; ? ditto, 90 by 30 m. 

Nicaria, Ns-kq-re-q, i Gr. Arch., 1. 

Nicastro, Ne-k('i8-tro, t Naples, 10. 

Nice, Nes, c It,, 26. 

Nichohis, Nik-o-las, t Cal. 

Nicholasville, Nik-o-las-vil, cotYiy., 1. 

Nicobar(Nik-o-bar) Islands, *s Ind. Oc. 

Nicolet, Ne-ko-la, co and v C. E. 

Niccollet, Nik-a-la, co and I Min. 

Nicopolis, Nc-kop-o-lis, <'Eu. Tur., 10. 

Nicosia, Ne-ko-se-q, c Sicily, 13. 

Nicoya, Ne-kcfi-yq, 'pen, b, r and is 
Costa Rica. 

Xicuman, Ne-koo-m^n, r China, 220 m. 

Nieder-Hossen, Ne-der-Hes-en, prov 
Ilesse-Cassel, pop. 366,663. 

Niemen, Ne-men, r Rus. Pol,, 400 m, 

Nievre, Ne-avr, fiep Vt., area, 2595 8. 
m., pop. 327,161. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Nigdeh, Nig-de, t As. Min., 5. 
Niger, Nj-jer, r W. Af., 2000 m. 
Nikolaiev, Ne-ko-Ij-^v, {or Nikolaief,) 

ft t Rus., 12. 
Nikolsburg, Nik-olz-burg, t Moravia, 8. 
Nile, Njl, r E. Af., 700 m. 
Niles, ts 0., %\ Mich., 2%. 
Nimar, Ne-mqr, dis lad., area, 7000 s. 

m., pop., 250,000. 
Nimes, Nem, i Fr., bZ%. 
Nineveh, Nin-e-ve, anc. c and cap of 

the Assyrian Empire, now in ruins. 
Ning-Po, Nin-Po, c China, 250. 
Ninove, Ne-n6-va, t Belg., 4)^. 
Nio, Ne-o, is Gr. Arch., 3^. 
Niort, Ne-6r, t Fr., 18-%. 
Nipe (Ne-pa) Bay, Cuba. 
Niphates, Ne-fq^-tsz, m Armenia. 
Niphon, Nif-6n, {or Nipon, Nip-on,) 

largest is Japan, area, 200,000 s. m. 
Nipissing (Nip-is-ig) Lake, C. W., 50 

by 35. 
Nisari, N8-s(^-re, i Gr. Arch. 
Nishapoor, NiJ-q-pdbr, c Per., 8. 
Nisita, Ne-si-tq, i Naples. 
Nitinat, Nit-i-nat, o/' Berkeley (Berk- 

li) Sound, N. Am., w. Vancouver's Is. 
Nivelles, Ne-vel, t Belg., 8. 
Nixdorf, Niks-derf, (Groce and Klein, 

Gros and Kljn,) rs Bohemia. 
Nizhnee-Lomov, Nij-ne-Lo-mov, t 

Rus., 7 
Nizhnee Novgorod, Nij-ne-Nov-go-rod, 

t Rus., 7,2. 
Nizhnee-Taghilsk, or Nijnii-Taghilsk, 

Ni^-ns Tq-^ilsk, t Rus., 22. 
Noblesville, N6-blz-vil, -p la., 1)^. 
Nobosque (No-bosk) Point, Buzzard's 

Bay, Mass. 
Nocera Dei Pagani, No-qa-rq Da-e Pq- 

g(^-nE, anc t Naples, 7^. 
Noceto. No-qa-to, t It., 5%. 
Noci, N(5-qe, t Naples, 6. [Arch. 

Noessa-Laut, No-es-q-Lot, is Malay 
Nogent, No-36h, t Fr., 3. 
Nogent-le-Ber-nard, No-36n-le-Ber- 

r\(\r, t Fr., 3. [Fr., 7. 

Nogent-le-Rotrou, No-^on-le-Ro-tnf), t 
Nogent-sur-Seine, Nca-son-sur-San, t 

Fr.,3X. . [6. 

Nohcacab, No-kq-k^b, t5 Yucatan, Mex., 
Noir, Nwqr, i S. Am. 
Noirraoutiers, Nwqr-m<D-ti-a, i w. of 

Fr., 81^. 
Noja, N6-yq, t Naples, 5i^. 
Nola, N6-lq. c Naples, 5J^. 
Nombre-de-Dios, N6m-bra-da-De-os, 

t Mex., 6^ : ^pt N-Gran. 
■ Nookaheeva, Noo-kq-he-vq, one of the 

Marquesas Isles, Pac. Oc., 18. 

Noon, NiDn, r Mantchooria, 500 m. 
Noonivak, Na)-ni-vqk, i Rus. Am. 
Nootka-Sound, Ndbt-ka-S-snd, inlet w. 

of Vancouver Is. 
Nord, Nor, dep Fr., area 2170 s. m., 

pop. 1,158,285. 
Norden, Ndr-den, t Hanover, 5%. 
Norderney, Ner-der-ni, i N. Sea, ^. 
Nordhausen, Nort-h"S-zen, t Prus. 

Sax., 13. 
Nordland, Nord-lqnd, div Norway; area, 

14.337 s. m., pop. 65,512. 
Nordlingen, Nert-lii)-cn,/i( t Bav., 6)^. 
Nordstrand, Nort-strqnd, i Den., 3. 
Norfolk, Nor-fok. c Va., 16 ; cos Eng., 

Mass., Va.; — Bay, Van Die. Land ; 

— Island, Pac. Oc; — New, dis Van 

Dieman's Land,; — Sound, Rus. Am. 
Norman, Ner-raan, is W. Ind. 
Normandy, Ndr-man-di, anc. proxi Fr., 

area, 10,534 s. m. 
Norman Isles, comprise Channel Is., 

Jersey, Guernsey, &c. 
Norridgewock, N6r-ij-wok, t) Me., 1%. 
Norristown, Nor-is-tun, t Pa., 6; xt 

Ark., 0. 
Norrkjoping, Ner-qe-pig, t Swed., llj^ 
Norrska Fiellen, Ners-kq Fyel-en, ms 

North Adams, Ad'amz, « Mass., 3. 
Northallerton, Nert-al-er-ton, hor and t 

Eng., 5. 
Northampton, Nert-amp-ton, hor and t 

Eng., 26^; -c Mass., 4. 
North Bellerica, Bel-er-i-ka, v Mass., Y^^. 
North Bend, country residence of Gen. 

W. H. Harrison, near Cincinnati. 
North Bridgewater, Brij-we-ter, tJ 

Mass., 4. 
North Carolina., Kar-o-li-na, one of 

the original IT. S.; area 50.704 s. m., 

pop. 553,028 whites, 27,563 fr. blacks, 

288,548 slaves,— total 868,903. 
North Clarendon, Klar-en-don, t Vt. 
North Danvers, Dan-verz, v Mass. 
North-East, xs Pa., Md., &c. 
North-East Pass, or Balize, Ba-lez, t) 

La.; at the mouth of Mississippi. 
Northern Circars, Ser-kqrs, prov Br. 

Ind.; area 17,000 s. 'm., pop 2,995,500. 
North Ferrisburg, Fer-is-burg, t Vt. 
Northfield, Nort-fcld, ts Vt., 3: Mass., 

1%; N-J., 0., la. 
North Granville, Gran-vil, r N-Y. 
North Hadley, Had-li, r Mass. 
North Haven, Ha-ven, v Conn., V/^. 
North Hero, He-ro, co t Vt., %. 
North Lawrence, Ld-rens, v N-Y. 
North Lebanon, Leb-an-on, r Pa., 3^. 
North Madison, Mad-i-son, t; la., ^. 

Geographical VocABULARr. 


North Scituate, Sit-7q,-at, u Mass., 

R. I. 
North Sea, or German Ocean, an arm 

At. Oc, between the Brit. Is. and 

German States. 
Northumberland, Ner-tdm-bcr-land, t 

Pa., 11^; v^-K. 
North Vernon, Ver-non, v la. 
Northville, Norfc-vil, r* Mass., Mich., 111. 
Northwich, Nert-wiq, t Eng., ly^. 
Norton, Ner-ton, Ts Eng., 2; Mass., 2; 0. 
Norton-Chipping, 6ip-ii), bor Eng., 3. 
Norton Sound, inlet Behring Sea, Rus. 
^Am. ^ \IX. 

Norwalk, Ner-wok, t Conn., 4%; v 0., 
Norway, Ner-wa, cy of Eu., forming 

the extreme n. w. part; provinces, 

Aggershuus or Christiania, Chris- 

tiansand, Bergen, Trondhjem. Trom- 

soe: area 12:},386 s. m., pop. 1,330,000; 

w Me., 2: N-Y., 1; la. 
Norwich. N6r-ij. c Eng., 123^; Ner-wic, 

w N-Y., 14 ; Pa., 0. 
Norwood, Upper and Lower, two m 

Eng., United pop. 6046. 
Nos-Beh, N6s-Ba, i of Fr., coast of 

Madagascar, 15)^. 
Noss-Island, one of Shetland Is. 
Noto, N6-to, c Sicily 10^, 
Notre Dame, Nuit-r Dqm, p la.; — 

Bay, Newfoundland. 
Notre Dame de Cenilly, N6t-r D(\m de 

Se-ng-ye. v Fr., 2. 
Notteroe, N6t-e-re-e, i Norway. 
Nottingham, N6t-ig-am, hor and t 

Eng., pop., 57,407. 
Nottoway, N6t-ca-wa, r and co t Va. 
Novara, Nca-vq-rq, c It. 18)^. 
Nova Scotia, N<5-va Sko-Ji-a, prov Br. 

N. Am.; area 15,627 s. m., pop. 276, 


Nova Zembla, N(f»-va Zem-bla, two m 

Arctic Oc, area, about 61,967 s. m., 

has no permanent inhabitants. 
Novelda, No-vel-dq, t Sp., 8. 
Novellara, No-vel-q-rq, t It., 4. 
Novgorod, Nov-go-rod, gov Rus., c do., 

pop. 15,000. 
Novgorod-Severskoie, Nov-go-rod-Sa- 

ver-skQ-ya, t Rus., 8. 
Novi, N6-ve, t It., ]0>^, 
Novi-Bazar, N6-ve-Bq-zqr, t Bosnia, 8, 
Novoi-Oskol, No-vff-Os-kol, t Rus., 5. 
Novomoskovsk, No-vo-mos-kovsk, ft t 

Rus., l\i. [Rus., 17^. 

Novo-Tcherkask, N6-vo-t!er-kq3k, t 
Now-Chow. N-s-65, i China. 
Noxubee, N6ks-yri,-be, r and co Miss. 
Noyon, No-yoh, t Fr., 6^. 
Nubia, Nq-bi-a, cy E. Af .; area 35,000 

s. m., pop. 400,000. 
Nublada, No-blq-da, t N. Pac. 
Nueces, Nwa-ses, r Tex., 350 m. 
Nuevitas, Las, Lqs Nwa-VE-tqs, t Cuba. 
Nuits, Nwe, t Fr., 3>g. 
Nuko, N(6-ko, i Rus., Gulf of Fin., }^. 
Numa, Nii-raa, v la. 
Numidia, Nq-mid-i-a, anc cy N. Af. 
Nunda, Nun-da, v N-Y., 2. 
Nuneaton, Ndn-e-ton, t Eng., 4%. 
Nunez, Ncb-n^z, r W. Af. 
Nuremberg, Ni],-rem-berg, important 

Bavaria, pop. 46,000.' 
Nurpur, Nur-piir, t Punjab, 6. 
Nyack, Nj-ak, v N-Y., %. 
Nyassi, Ne-(\s-e, I S. E. Af. 
Nyborg, Ne-bor^, ft t Den., 3. {\b%. 
Nyireghyhaza, Nyg-rej-h^-zo, t Hun., 
Nykoping, Ne-qe-pi|], dis Swed.; area 

2516 s. m., pop! 120,113 ; t Swed., 3>^. 
Nvmwegen, Nim-wa-gen, ft t Neth. 


Oahu or "Wahoo, W4-h<», one of the 

Sandwich Islands, 19%. 
Ofuaca or Oaxaca, Wq-A^-^. ft of 

Mex.; area, 31,822 s.m., pop. 525,101; 

c Mex., 25. 
Oakham, (Ok'am, t Eng., 3. [111. 

Oakland, Ok'land, c Cal., 2^: i'« 0., 
Oakville. rs N. Y., Mich., C. W. 
Oban, O'ban, hor and 9pt t Scot., \%. 
Obeid, 0-ba<l, cap t Kordofan, Af., 30. 
Oberlin, Q'ber-lin, v 0., noted for its 

College, free to people of color, 2. 
Obernai, (0-ber-nii, t Fr., 5. [7)^. 

O-BeMcnora, O-beJ-a-nu-vo, t Hun., 

Obi, Oby, (rr Obe, O'be, r Sib., 2000 m. 

Obidos, O-be-dos, t Brazil, 6. 

Obies, O'bez, r Tenn. 

Obion, O'bi-on, r Tenn., 150 m. 

Oboyan, CD-bo-yc^in, t Rus., 5^. 

Ocana, O-kon-yq, ts Sp. 5: N-Gran., 5, 

Occoquan, Ok'o-kwon, r and ■» Va. 

Ocean, or Cure, Kc6-ra, i Pac. Oc. 

Ocean, or Paanopa, P^-no-pq, i Pao. 
Oc, X. 

Oceania, O-Je-^-ni-a, or Oceanica, 
O-Je-an-i-ka, fifth division of the 
globe, consisting of Malaisia, Aus- 
tralia, and Polynesia. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Ochil (O'^ll,) Hills, ms Scot. 
Ocmulgee, Ok-mdl-ge, r Ga., 300 m. 
Oconee, (D-ka-ne, r Ga., 300 m., re 
Ga., S. C. [v Wis. 

Oconomewoc, Ok-o-nom-c-wok, cr and 

, Ocraki)ke, O'kra-kok, v N. C. 
Odense, O'den-sa, t Den., 1134^. 

. Odense-Fiord, Fe-drd, h is. of Funen. 
Odenwald, Q'den-vq^lt, m Ger. 

Oder, O'der, r Ger., 550 ra. 

Odessa, Q-des-a, c Rus., 71)/^. 

Odovvara, 0-do-wq,-rq, t is. of Niphon, 
Japan, 5. RX- 

Oedenburg. E'den-bor/j, t W. Ilun., 

Oederan, E'da-rqn, t Saxony, 4^^. 

Oeiras, O-a-g-rqs, e Brazil, 5. 

Oels, Els, t Prus. Silesia, 6. [40. 

Oesel, E'sel, t Rus., area, 1200 s. m., 

. Offenbach, Of'ea-bq^, t Hesse-Darm- 
stadt, 9X. 

Ogdensburgh, Og'denz-burg, t N-Y., 8. 

Ogeechee, Q-ge-qe, r Ga., 250 m. 

Ogle, O'gl, CO and v 111. 

Oglethorpe, O'gl-terp, c Ga., 2)^. 

Ogono, O-gcon-yo, cape Sp. 

Oheteroa, O-ha-ta-rQ-a, i S. Pac. Oc. 

Ohio, O-hj-o, one of the U. S., third 
in population and commercial im- 
portance. Area, 39 964 s. m., pop. 
in 1850, 1,980,329: whites, 1,955,050, 
colored, 25,279. In 1856, 2,138,754; 
r U. S., 950 m. 

Ohomura, (D-ho-m(6-rq, t Japan, 20. 

Oich, Loch, hoh (Jh, I Scot. 

Oigniea, Wan-ye, v Belgium, 13^. 

Oise, Wqz, r and dep Fr. 

Oits Mitsoo, CTts Mit-sda, I Japan. 

Ojalava, O-yq-l^-vq, one of Nav. Is., 

Pac. Oc. [beria, 500 m. 

. Oka, O'kq, rs Cen. Rus., 650 m.; Si- 

Okanagon, O-kan-ag-on, r N. Amer., 
200 m. 

Okau or Okaw, O'ke, v 111. 

Okauchce, (D-k6-(j8, v Wis. 

Okhota, O-Ao-tq, r Siberia, 200 m. 

Okhotsk, Q-/t6tsk, Sea of, inlet of 
Pac. Oc. 

Okladnikovo, Ok-lqd-ni-ko-vo, I Rus. 

Okolona, Ok-o-16-na, v Miss. 

Oktibbeha, Ok-tib-e-he, r and co Miss. 

Oland, E'lqnt, i Sweden, 31. 

Olcott, Ol'kot, V N-Y. 

Oldburg, Old'burg, t Eng., 5}4. 

Oldenburg, Ol'den-burg, grand-duchy, 
Ger., 252,fi99; t Ger., 8; v la. 

Oldham, Qld'am, hor and t Eng., 72}/^. 

Old Point Comfort, v Va. 

Old Providence, i Carribbean Sea, %. 

Oldtown, D Me., 3. 

Olean, (D-le-an, v N-Y.; p o Ind. 

Oleggio, O-l^d-jo, t It., 7}^. 
Oiekma, O-lek-mq, r Siberia, 400 m, 
Olenek, O-la-n^k, r Siberia, 800 m. 
Olentangy, Ol-en-tan-ji, r 0. 
Ol^ron, O-la-ron, t coast of France, 17. 
Olhao, Ol-ysh, t Portugal, 6. 
Olinda, O-lin-da, c Brazil, 8. 
Oliva, O-le-vq, t Sp., b}^: 
Olivenza, W-le-ven-sq, t Sp., 7^. 
Olkhon, Or4on,« Lake Baikal, Siberia. 
Olmutz, Ol'muts, c Moravia, 12)^. 
Olney, Ol'ni, t Eng., 2}4; rs Penn., 111. 
Oloron, O-lo-ron, t Fr., 6J/^. 
Olot, 0-l6t, t Sp., 12. 
Olvera, 01-va-rq, t Sp., 61^. 
Olympia, O-lim-pi-a, cap Wash. Ter. 
Olympus, O-lim-pus, m Thessaly. 
Om, r As. Rus., 330 m. 
Omaha City, O-mq-hq Sit-i, cap Neb, 
Ombay, Om-bj, i Malay Arch. 
Ometepe, Q-ma-ta-pa, vol i Cen. Am. 
Omsk, Omsk, ft t As. Rus., lli^. 
Omun, 0-m(6n, t Guinea, 5. 
Ona, (D'nq, r Siberia, 280 m. 
Oneco, O-ne-ko, v 111. [Rus. 

Onega, O-ne-ga, r Rus., 250 m.; I 
Oneglia, O-n^l-yq, t Sard. States, SJ^. 
Oneida, Q-nj-da, I and co N-Y. 
Onekotan, O-na-ko-t^n, Koorile Is. 
Oneonta, 0-nt-6n-ta, -y N-Y. 
Onghin, On-gen, r Mongolia, 200 m. 
Onion, Un'yon, rs Vt., Wis. [N-Y. 
Onondaga, On-on-de-ga, I, co and v 
Onondaga Valley, v N-Y., 1. 
Onslow, Onz'lo, t-pt t Nova Scotia; h 

and CO N. C. 
Ontario, On-ta-ri-<a, one of the five 

great lakes, U. S.; co N-Y.: co C, W. 
Onteniente, On-ta-ne-en-ta, t Sp., 9)^. 
Ontonagon, On-ton-ag-on, r and t Mich. 
Oobsa, (Db'sq, I Chinese Empire. 
Ooch, (Bq, t N. W. Hindostan, 20. 
Ooda, or Ouda, (D'dq. r Siberia, 200 m. 
Oofa, (D'fq, t Rus., 6. 
Ooglitch, COg-liq, t Rus., 8. [ak. 

Oojak, (D-jqk, h N. Pac, Oc, is. Kodi- 
Oojein, (D-jan, ft c Hindostan. 
Oo-Kiang, (D-ke-4o, r China, 500 m. 
Oonalaska, (D-na-lqJ-ka, Fox Island, 

N. Pac. Oc. 
Oonimak, (D-ne-mc^k, Fox Island. 
Ooralsk, (B-rqlsk, t Rus., 13. 
Oorfa, 0)r'fq, t As. Tur., 30. 
Oorga, (Dr'gq, c Mongolia, 7. 
Ooroumeeyah, CD-roo-me-yq, yi{ t North 

Persia, 25. 
Ooroomtsee, CD-rdomt-SE, c China. 
Ooroop, CO-rcJbp, one of Koorile Is. [m. 
Oosooree, CO-soa-re, r Mantchooria, 340 
Oostacker, Os'tqk-er, v Bel., 5J^. 

Geoqraphical Vocabulary. 


Oostioog, CD5-ti-(65, t Rus. 13. 
Oozen, or Ouzen, (D-zen, two rs Rus., 

250 m. 
Opelousas, Op-e-ldEi-sas, v La. 
Ophir, tJ'fer, Mouat, nu Malay Pen., 

and Sumatra. 
Oporto, Cj-por-to, c Port., 80. 
Oppelii, Op'eln. t Prus. Silesia, 7}-^. 
Opwyck, or Opwijk, Op'wik, v Belg., 

Oquaka, O-kw^-ka, v lU., 1. 

Oran, Q-rc^n, ft c Algeria, 25; v N-Y. 

Orange, Or'anj, r S. Africa; t Fr., 10; 

vs Mass., N-J.; b Terra del Fuego. 
Orange Court House, c/) t Ya., i^. 
Orange River, Republic of, div. S. Af., 

area. 50.000 s, ui. 
Orbey, 0r-ba, t Fr., 5K. 
Oregon, O're-gon, most western of the 

territories. U. S.; area, 185,030 s. m., 

pop. 13,291. 
Oregon City, v 111.; t Oregon, 1. 
Orel, O-rel, t Rus., 25%. 
Orenboorg. (xi't&ix-hxixrh, c Rus. 6. 
Orense, CJ-ren-sa, t Sp., 5. 
Orgaos, Serra Dos, Ser-q dos Or-g^- 

ons, mg Brazil. 
Oria, a)'ri-q, t Sp., 5-%; t Naples, A%. 
Orihuela, (O-rc-wa-lq, c Sp., 11%. 
Orinoco, 0-ri-n6-ko, largo r S. Am., 

1600 m. 
Oriskany, O-ris-kan-i, v N-Y. 
Oristano, (O-ris-tq-no, t is. Sardinia, 

10; g is. of Sardinia. 
Orizaba, (0-ri-sq-bq, t Mex., 15. 
Orkhon, Qt-hon, r Mongolia, 380 m. 
Orkney Ork'ni, Islands, arch N. of 

Orland, Gr'land, v Me. 
Orleans, 0r'le-anz, c Fr., A7%. 
Ormus, Or'mus, i Persian Gulf. 
Orontes, O-ron-tez, r N. Syria, 240 m. 
Oroshuza, O-roJ-q-zo, v Hun., 9)^. 
Orotava, O-ro-t^-vq, t Canary Is., 8%. 
Orphano, Or'fq-no, g of C}r. Arch. 
Orphan's Island, Penobscot river. 
Orthez, Or-ta, t Fr., 10. 
Ortler, Ort-ler, m Austria. 
Ortona, Or-Ui-na, t Naples, 7. 
Oraro, 0-n6-ro, t Bolivia, 5. 
Orust, CJ'ro&st, i Sweden. 
Orvioto, 0r-ve a-Ua, c Con. It., 6i^. 
Orwigsburg, Or'wigz-barg. hor Pa., 1. 
Osage, (O-saj, r Ind. Tor., U. S., 500 m. 
Osak-'i, Ci)-«4-kq, 8-pt t Japan. 
Osceola, Os-e-6-la, cos Mich., Iowa; 

p 08 in many of Q. S. 
Qjcbatz, Cd-l^Uf t Sax., 5>^. 

Oshkosh, Oj'koJ, v "Wis., 3. 
Oshmooneyn, Oj-moo-nan, xi Egypt. 
Oskaloosa, Os-ka-lob-sa, •» Iowa, 1)^. 
Osnaburg, Os'na-burg, t Han., 11%. 
Ostashkov, Os-taJ-kov, t Rus., 9. 
Ostend, Os-tend,/< sptt^dg., 14)^. 
Osterode, Os'ta-ro-da, t Han., 034. 
Ostrog, Os-trog, t Rus. Poland, dj^. 
Osuna, 0-stt)-nq, t Sp., 17)^. [in. 

Oswegatchie, Os-we-gac-e, r N-Y., 120 
Oswego, Os-w8-go, c N-Y., 16; co and 

r N-Y.; vs la. and III. 
Oswestry, Oz'es-tri, hor Eng., 5. 
Otaheite, Q-ta-hj-te, Society Is., 9. 
Otisville, O'tis-vil, 'V N-Y. 
Otranto, (O-trqn-to, t Naples. 4)^; sir 

connecting Adr. and Med. Sea. 
Otsego, (Ot-se -go,) Lake, N-Y. 
Ottawa, Ot'a-wa, t III., 3)^; r Canada; 

cos O., Mich., and Canada. 
Ottery St. Mary, Ot'er-i Sant Mu-ri, t 

Eng., 2%. 
Ottumwa, Ot'um-wo, v Iowa. 
Ouachita, WoJ-i-to, City, v La. [1. 
Oualan, (J[>-q-lqn, i Pac. Oc, Carolines, 
Oudo, CDd, k Hindostan; area, 23,738 

s. m., pop. 2,970,000: c of the above. 
Oughter, Loch, LoA O/i'ter, I Ir. 
Oundle, Un'del, t Eng., 3. 
Ouro Preto, (D'ro Pra-to, c Brazil, 8. 
Ouse, OOz, r Eng. 
Outagamie, CD-ta-ga-rae, co Wis. 
Ovada, CJ-vq-dq, t Piedmont, 6)^. 
Ovar, O-vq/", t Portugal, 5. [phon. 
Ovari, CO-vq-re, Bay of, inlet on is. Ni- 
Overflakkee, Q'ver-flqk-a, i Noth. 
Overyssel, O'ver-j-sel, //w«?Noth.; area, 

1,312 s. m., pop. 227,683. 
Ovid, CO'vid, V N-Y., 1. 
Oviedo, O-vi-a-dca, Sp., ■%%. 
Owasco, (Ci)-w6s-ko,) Lake, N-Y. 
Owego, Q-we-go, co t N-Y., 4. 
Owenborough, Wen-bur-o, v Ky., 1|^, 
Owen's Lake, Cat. 
Owenton, CJ'en-ton, co t Ky. 
Owingsville, (d'iQZ-vil, cot Ky. 
Oxford. Oks'ford, c Eng., 28; co ts N. 

C, Miss., Ind.; t>8 Mass., N-Y., Md., 
Ga., 0. 
Oxus or Amoo, r» Cen. Asia, 1300. 
Oyapok, ti)-yq-p6k, r S. Am., 180 m. 
Oyonnax, OJ-yo-nt^, t Fr., 3^. 
OystorJiay, (Ts'ter Ba, v N-Y., 7. 
Ozark, tJ-z(^rk, co < Ark.; v Mo.; mt 

Ark., and Mo. 
Ozaukee, O-zo-ke, co and co t Wis. 
Ozieri, CO-zi-a-re, t is. of Sardinia, 8, 
Ozorkow, CJ-zdr-kov, ^ Poland, 5. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Pabba^ Piib-a, i Hebrides, %. 
Pacaja, Pq-kq-jq, r Brazil, 150 m. 
Pacajcj!, Pq-kq-Aes, r and m Bolivia. 
Pachacama, Pq-(jq-kq-mq, v Peru. 
Pac'ueco, Pq-qa-lsu. t Sp., 5. 
Pachitea, Pq-qi-ta-q, r Peru, 200 ra. 
Pachucaca, Pq-qa»-kq-kq, r Peru, 130 m. 
Pacific Ocean, Pa-sif-ik Q'fan, the 
largest division of water on the globe. 
Paco, Pq-ko, v is. Luzon, 6}{. 
Pacora, Pq-kcD-rq, r Isthmus I'anama. 
Paddock-with-Marsh./<ci?/i/ei; Kng,, 3)^. 
Paderborn, Pq-der-bu/'n, t Prus., H%. 
Padron, Pq-dron, t Sp., 6. 
Padstow, Pad-sto, s-pt t Eng., 2%- 
Padua, Pad-yq-a, ft c Aus. It., (iO. 
Paducah, Pa-dq-ka, co t Ky,, 3. 
Padula, Pq-d(6-lq, t Naples, 8. 
Paejaene, Pa-ya-na, I Finland, 90 by 20. 
Paete, Pq-a-ta, v Philippines, 3}^. 
Pago, Pq-go, i Dalmatia, Adriatic, 5. 
Pagsanjan, Pqg-sqn-jqn, ^ Phil. Is., 4%. 
Pahang, Pq-hqij, 6^ Malay Pen., 40. 
Pah Utah, Pq Ya)-tq, ind ^rTer. Utah. 
Paiinboeuf, Pau-bef, t Fr., 4^^. 
Painesville, Panz-vil, co t 0., 3j^. 
Painswick, Panz-wik, t and 'par Eng., 

Painted Post, t? N-Y., \%. 
Pain tvi lie, co t Ky. 
Paisley. Paz-li, htirg and t Scot., 48. 
Paks, PokJ, t Hun., S^- 
Palanpore. Pql-an-por, t Hind., 30. 
Palatine, Pal-a-tjn, v Ya. 
Palawan, Pq-lq-wqn, i Malay Arch. 
Palazzuolo, Pq-lqt-sdo-o-lo, t Sic, 8)^. 
Palembang, Pq-leoi-bqi), t Sumatra, 25. 
Palencia, Pq-len-te-q, c Sp., 113^. 
Palermo, Pq-ler-mo,/){ c Sicily, 167 14- 
Palestine, Pal-es-tjn, anc. ci/ in s. w. 

Asia; area, 11,000 s. m.; ix> is Tex., 

111.; vs 0., Ind. 
Palestrina, Pq-les-tre-nq, c Italy, 4%. 
Palhanpoor, Pql-hqn-pcfir,// t Hind., 30. 
Palk's (Peks,) Strait, bet. Ceylon and 

Pal ma, Pql-mq, ft t of the Balearic Is., 

40X-; t^ Sicily, 8; Naples, 6; Sp.,3%: 

i Canary Islands, 33. l^X- 

J Palma del Rio, Pql-mq del Bii-o, t Sp., 
' Palmar, Pql-mq/-, t Sp., 6. 
Palme, Pqlm, lagoon of Fr. 
Palmer, Pqm-er, v Mass., 4. 
Palmer Depot, Dg-po, v Mass. 
Palmetto, Pal-met-o, r and v Ga. 
Palmi, Pql-mc, c Nap., 63,^. 

Palmyra, Pal-mj-ra, anc. c of Syrian 

Desert; co ts Va., Mo., 2; .vs N-Y., 3; 

0., Mich., Wis. 
Palo Alto, Pq-lo Hl't£), battle-field, 

Mex.; CO Iowa; vs Ga., Miss., Iowa. 
Palte, Pql-ta, I East Thibet. 
Pamiers, Pq-me-a, t Fr., 7%. 
Pamlico, Pam-li-ko, r N. C. 
Pamlico Sound, e. coast of N. Carolina. 
Pampas, Pqm-pqs, plaitu S. Am.; area, 

l,(i2.»,000 s. m. 
Pampas del Sacramento, Sq-krq-m6n- 

ia, plains of Peru; area, 60,000 s. m. 
Pamplona, Pqm-pltj-nq, ft t Sp., 11; 

t New Granada, 3*4. 
Panama, Pan-a-mq, s-pt c N-Gran., 6; 

Isthmus of, connecting land bet. N. 

and S. America. 
Panaon, Pq-nq-on, Philippine Is. 
Panay, Pq nj, Philippine Is. 
Pancsova, Pqn-qo-vo, ft t Hun., 11%. 
Pandacan, Pqn-dq-kqn, v Phil., 4%. 
Pangansane, Pqtj-gqn-san, 4 Mai. Arch. 
Panola, Pa-ndj-la, co t Miss., J^. 
Pantar, Pqn-tqr, i Malay Arch. 
Pantellaria, Pqn-tel-q-re-q, i Nap., 5. 
I'aola, Pq-Q-lq, c Naples, 5. 
I'aoli, Pa-6-li, v Pa.; co t Ind. 
Paoo, Pq-O), Fejee island, Pac. Oc. 
Papa, Pq-po, t Hun., IB)^. [Am. 

Papagayo, Pq-pq-gi-o, g and vol Cen. 
Papandayang, Pq-pqn-dq-yqij, ■i;c^ Java. 
Papa-Stour, Pa-pa-Stoor, Shetland i, 3^, 
Papinsville, Pa-pinz-vil, co t Mo. 
Papua, Pap-iD-d, or New Guinea, i bet. 

Asiatic Seas and Pac. Oc; area 250,- 

000 s. m., inhabited by Malays and 

Papuans. [Brazil, 10. 

Para, Pq-rq, r S. Am., 200 m.; s-pt c 
Para^atu, Pq-rq-sq-t«f), r and c Brazil. 
Paradise, Par-a-dis, t' Pa., 2. 
Paragau, Pq-rq-g^, rs Bol., Ven. 
Paraguacu,Pq-rq-gwq-S(6,rBra. ,260m. 
Paraguaua, Pq-rq-gwq-nq, pen S. Am. 
Paraguay, Pq-rq-gwa, d S. Am.; area 

84,000 s. m., pop. 1,000,000 ; r do., 

1600 m. 
Parahiba, Pq-rq-e-bq, c Bra., 15. 
Parahiba-do-Sul, Pq-rq-e-bq-dw-SiDl, r 

Bra., 500 m. 
Parahitinga, Pq-rq-e-tin-gq, t Bra., 4. 
Paramaribo, Par-a-mar-i-bu), cap t D. 

Guiana, 20. [i}^. 

Paramatta, Par-a-mat-a, t N-S. Wales, 
Paramoosheer, Pq-rq- mco-jer, Koorilo 

i, area 120 s. m. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Parana, Pq-rq-nq, r S. Am., 2000 ra. 
Paranagua, Pq-rq-nq-gwq, t Bra,, 7. 
Parana-Iba, Fq-rq-nq-S'bq, /•Bra.SOOui, 
Paranpeba, Pq-rqn-pik-bq, r Bra, ,250 in. 
Parati, Pq-rq-te, s-pt t Bra., 10. 
Parchim, Pq/'A-im, t Ger., 6)/^. 
Parcipany, Par-sip-a-ni, v N-J., ]/^. 
Pardo, Pq/-do, r Bra., 280 m. 
Paredon, Pq-ra-d6n, i W. Ind. [ Ven. 
Parima, Sierra, Se-er-q Pq-re-uaq, ms 
Parinacochas, Pq-ri-nq-ko-qqs, I Peru. 
Paris, Par-is, (Fr. Pq-re,) metropolis 

and cap of France; pop. 1,053,262: co 

is Me. 3, Ky. 2>^, Tenn., Tex., 111., 

Mo.; V C. W., 2>^. 
Parisburg, Par-is-burg, co t Va. 
Pariu, Pq-re-tq,^ Cen. Am.; t N-Gran. 
Parkersburg, Pqrk-erz-burg, co t Va., 
Parkesburg, Pqrks-burg, v Pa., 3^. [3)^. 
Parkman, Pqrk-man, t' 0.. \%. 
ParkviUe, Pqrk-vil, t Mo., 1. [Mich. 
Parma, Pqr-ma, c It., 41 ; vs N-Y. 3, 
Parnahiba. Pqr-nq-E-bq, r Bra., 750 m. 
Parnassus, Pqr-nas-us, eel. m Greece. 
Paroparaisan, Pq-r<a-pq-mi-sqn, msXig. 
Paros, Pa-ros, i Grecian Arch., 6. 
Partenico, Pqr-ten-i-ko, c Sic, 11. 
Parthenay, Pqr-te-na, t Fr., 5. 
Partick, Pqr-tik, d Scot., 2%. 
Paru, Pq-rrf), r Bra., 350 m. 
Paruro, Pq-rda-ro, t Peru. 
Pascagoula, Pa8-ka-g(f)-la,r and 6 Miss. 
I'asco, Pqs-ko, t Peru, 12. 
Pascoag, Pas-ku-ag, v R. I., 1)^. 
Pascilaro, Pqs-kwq-ro, t Mex., 6. 
Pas-de-Calai:<, Pq-de-Kq-la, dep Fr. 
Pasewalk, I*q-ze-vqlk, t Prus., b%. 
Pasman. Pqs-m^n, i of Dalmatia. 
Paspaya, Pqs-pj-q, r Bol., 200 m. 
Pasquotank, Pas-ko-taj)k, /• X. C. 
Passaic, Pa-sa-ik, r N-J., 100 m. 
Passamaquoddy (Pas-a- ma-kw6d-i) 

Bay, 8. e. Mo. 
Passau, Pqs-'S, ft t Bav., 10^. 
Pagsoeroean, Pq-stD-roo-^n, prov Java; 

pop. 310,000. 
Passy, Pq-se, t Fr., llj^. 
Pastaza, Pqs-K^-sq, r S. Am., 400 m. 
Pasto, P^s-to, t S. Am., 7. 
Patagonia, Pq-tq-g6-ni-a, div S. Am.; 

area 350,000 a.m., inhabited only by 

Patak, P6-tok, t Hun., 5. 
Patapco, Pa-taps-ko, r Md., 80 m. 
Patchogue, Par-q6g, v N-Y. 
Paterno, Pq-ter-n6, c Sic, 11. 
PaterHon, Pat-er-Bon, c N-J., 17)^. 
Path-Head, Pdt-Hed. t Scot., 4. 
Patia, P(i-ti-q, r N-Gran., 200 no. 

Patraos, Pat-mos, i As. Minor, 4. 
Patoa, Pat-na, c Hin., 285. 
Patoka, Pa-to-ka, creek and i; la. 
Patos, Pq-tos, I Bra. 
Patras, Pq-trqs, s-pt t Greece, 8. 
Patterson, Pat-er-son, vs N-Y., Pa., O. 
Pattersonville, Pat-er-son-vil, i) La., %. 
Patti, Pq-te, c Sic, 5. 
Faturages, Pq-te-rqa;, t Belg., Q>%. 
Patuxent. Pa-tuks-ent, r Md., 90 m. 
Patzum, Pqt-S(J()m, t Guat., 5i/^. 
Pan, Po, t Fr., W%,. 
Paucartambo, l^-s-kqr-t^m-bo, t Peru, 

17; r do., 300 ra. 
Paulding, Pel-difl, co t Miss. 
Paulina, Po-ls-na, v N-Y. 
Pa via, Pq-VB q, c Aus. It., 28j<i. 
Pavlovo, Pqv-16-vo, t Rus., 8. 
Pawcatuck, Pe-ka-tiik, ;• and v R. I. 
Paweea, l*q-w£-a, t Guinea, 16. 
Pawlet, Po-let, 'O Vt., 2. 
Pawpaw, Pc3-po, r and v Mich., 1)^. 
Pawtucket, Po-tuk-et, t R, I. and Mass., 

10; r N-Eng. [1^. 

Pawtuxet, Pe-tdks-et, r and -» R. 1., 
Paxo, Paks-o, Ionian i, b]4,. 
Paxton, Paks-ton, -» Mass., X' 
Payta, Pj-tq, s-pt t Peru, 5. 
Peabody (Pg-bod-i) Bay, Greenland. 
Peace (Pes) River, Br. N. Am., 1100 m. 
Pearl (Perl) Islands, of N-Gran. 
Pearl River, Miss., 250 m. 
Pe-Chee-Lee, Pa-(!^E-le, inlet Yel. Sea. 
I'eckham, Pek-am, v Eng., 19)^. 
Pecos, Pa-kcas, r N-Mex., 700 m. 
Pedoe. Pe-de, (Great and Little,) r* 

S. C. 
Pedraza, Pa-dr(^-sq, t Ven., Z)^, 
Peebles, Pe-blz, t Scot., 2%. 
Pcekskill, Peks-kil, v N-Y., 2%. 
Peel, Pel, s-pt t Isle of Man, 2>^. 
Peel River, Br. N. Am. 
I'egau, Pa-g^, t Sax., 3>^. 
Pego, Pa-gu), t Sp., 5)^. 
Pegu, Pe-g(i), cy India, 70 ; c do. 
Poipus w?' Peipous, Pa-e-pcM, I Ru3. 
Pekatonica, Pek-a-ton-i-ka, r Wis. and 

Ill.;/^o 111. 
Pekin, Pe-kin, vs N-Y., 111. 2. 
Peking, Pg-kig, w Pekin, Pg-kin, cap c 

China, pop. 2,000,000. [4. 

Pelostrina, Pa-les-trg-nq, » and t N. It., 
Pelew (Pg-14) Islands, Carolines, N. 

Pac. Go. 
Pelham, Pol-ham, vs N-H., N-Y. 
Pellew (Pel-q) Islands, of Australia. 
Pel worm, IMl-vorra, i of Den., 2. 
Peraadumoook, Pom-a-ddm-kuk, I Me. 
Pumba, P6m-ba, i of Af. 
Pemberton, Pom-ber-ton, ri N-J. 5^, 0, 


Geographical Yocabulart. 

Pembina, P^m-bi-na, I and co MIn. 

Pembroke, Fem-briak, s-pt t S. Wales; 
'vs N-H., Mass. 

Pemigewasset, Pem-i-je-w6s-et, r N-H. 

Pemiscot, Pem-i-skot, I Mo. 

Penang, Pe-narj, oi' Prince of Wales' 
Island, on Strait of Malacca, 433^^. 

Penchant, Pen-/qnt, hayou La. 

Pendleton, Pen-dl-ton, vs Eng. 14J^, la. 

Penedo, Pa-na-do, c Bra., 14. 

Penha, Pen-yq, v Bra., 1. 

Penicuick, Pen-i-kek, burgh Scot., 3. 

Penjinsk, Peu-jinsk, g Siberia. 

Penkridgc, Pen-krij, t Eng., 33^. 

Pennar, Pen-qr, r India, 270 m. 

Pennington, Fen-ig-ton, v N-J., 3^. 

Penniston, Pen-is-ton, t Eng., 63^. 

Penn's Cove, Penz Kov, co ^ Wash. Ter. 

Pennsgrove, Penz-grov, v N-J. 

Pennsylvania, Pen-sil-va-ni-a, one of 
the original U. S., second in popula- 
tion; area 4(5,000 s. m.; pop., in 1850, 
2,311,786: 2.258,180 whites, 53,026 
colored; in 1856, 2,496,728. 

Penn Yan, Pen Yan, v N-Y., 23^. 

Penobscot, Pe-nob-skot, r Me., 300 m. 

Penrhyn (^Pen-rin) Islands, Pac. Oc. 

Penrith, Pen-rit, (often Pe-rit,) t and 
par Eng., 6^. 

Penryn, Pen-rin, hor and t Eng., 4. 

Pensacola, Pen-sa-kcb-la, co t Fa., 23^; 

Pensaukee, Pen-sG-ke, r Wis. \b Pa. 

Pensnett, Pens-net, u Eng., 5. 

Pentland Frith, Pent-land Frit, sound 
bet. Scot, and Orkney Islands. 

Penza, Pen-zq, gov Kus.; area 14,768 
s. m., pop. 1,058,444: c of same, IO34. 

Penzance, Pen-zans, i^w and s-pt t 

Peoria, Pe-6-ri-a, c 111., 18. [Eng., 93^. 

Pepperell, Pep-cr-el, v Mass., 1^. 

Pequot, P^-kwot, 'vs Conn., Wis. 

Perekop, Pa-ra-kop, ist Kus, Crimea. 

Pereslavl, Per-a-slqv-1, t Kus., 7. 

Perigueux, Pa-re-ge, t Fr., 13^^. 

Perleberg, Pe/'-la-berA, < Prus., 63^. 

Perm, Perm, t Kus., 10. 

Pernagoa, Per-nq-gcj-q, t Bra., 4. 

Pernau, Pe/'-ni?, 6-^j^ ^ Kus., 9. 

Peros Banhos, Pa-rQs Bqn-yos, is Cha- 
gos Arch., Ind. Oc. 

Perote, Pa-ro-ta, t Mex. 

Perpignan, Per-pen-yon, t Fr., 21%. 

Perry, Per-i, co t Gra., 13<^; ts N-Y. 3, 
111. 3^, Pa. 

Perryopolis, Per-i-6p-o-Iis, ■« Pa. 

Perrysburg, Per-iz-burg, v 0., 1%. 

Perrysville, Per-iz-vil, is Pa,, 0. 

Perryville, Per-i-vil, co ts Miss., Ark,; 
IS N-J., Pa,, la, 1. [cap Persia, 

Persepolis, Per-sep-o-Iis, aoc. ruined 

Pershore, Per-for, t Eng,, 2%. 
Persia, Per-ji-a, cy Asia; area 450,000 

s. m., pop. 11,299,500. 
Persian (Per- Jan) Gulf, arm Ind. Oc. 
Perth, Pert, c Scot,, 223^; t C. W., 2; 

(lis and cap W, Australia. 
Perth Aniboy, Pert Am-btf, ■« N-J., 2. 
Peru, Pe-roc), rep S. Am., comprising 

eleven departments; area 370,000 s. 

m., pop. 2,279,085 ; co t la., 1%; va 

lil. 3, N-Y., 0., &c. 
Perugia, Pa-rdo-jq, I and c Cen. It,, ISJ^. 
Peruwels, Pa-re-vels, ^ Belg., 73^. 
Pesaro, Pes-a-ro, t Cen, It,, 12, 
Pescadores, Pes-kq-dw-res, is of Peru; 

N. Pac, Oc, 
Peshawer, PeJ--»-er, c Afg,, 50. 
Pesth, Pest, fr c Hun., 100. 
Petchenegue, Peq-neg, t Kus., 7. 
Petchora, Peq-o-rq, r Kus., 900 m. 
Peten, Pa-ten, I and i Guatemala. 
Peterborough, Pe-ter-bur-o, c Eng., 

8%; cot C. W., 23^; V N-H., 234, 
Peterhead, Pe-ter-hed, s-pt t Scot., 5. 
Petersburg, Pe-terz-burg, ts Ya. 15, 

Pa. 1; CO ts la.. 111.; v Ky., 3^. 
Petersfield, Pe-terz-fgld, bor Eng,, 5)^. 
Peterwardein, Pe-ter-wer-djn, 6'a;^> t 

Slavonia, 4. 
Petit-Canal, Pe-tg-Kq-nql, t island of 

Guadeloupe, 7%. 
Petra, Pe-tru, anc. c Arabia Petraea. 
Petropaulovski, Pa-tro-p's-16v-sk£, cap 

t Kamtchatka, 1. 
Petrovacz, Pa-tro-vqts, « Hun,, 53^. 
Pctrovoszelo, PH-tro-vo-sa-lo, v Hun., 
Petrovsk, Pa-trovsk, t Kus., 7, [53^^. 
Petrozavodsk, Pa-tro-zq-v6dsk, ft t 

Kus,, 8. 
Petsh, Peg, t Eu, Tur,, 12. 
Fetworth, Pet-wurt, t Eng., 2^^. 
Petzka, Pets-^q, t Hun., 133>i. 
Peveragno, Pa-va-rqn-yo, t It., 6. 
Fewaukee, Fe-we-ke, v and ^ Wis. 
Feyster, P^-ster, i Pac, Oc. 
Fezenas, Fa-za-nq, t Fr., 73/^. [73^. 
Pforzheim, Pfd/'ts-hjm, anc. c Baden, 
Fhatuka, Fq-tdo-kq, t Br. Ind.. 12. 
Pheng-Hoo, Feij-Ho), i China Sea. 
Philadelphia, Fil-a-del-fi-a, c Fa., and 

second in the U.S., 4083^; cot Miss.; 

vs N-Y,, la., &c. [3%, Belg. 

Fhilippeville, Y z-\zi^-s i\, ft ts Algeria 
Philippi, Fi-lip-j, t in ruins, Eu. Tur.; 

CO t Va. 
Philippine (Fil-ip-en) Islands, a group 

in the N. Malay Arch., comprising 

1200 islands, of which Luzon, Min- 
danao and Palawan are the principal; \ 

urea 120,000 s. m., pop. 5,000,000. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Philipsburg, Fil-ips-burg, rs N-J., Pa., 
riiilipsville, Fil-ips-vil, v N-Y., 1. [0. 
]*hocaea, Fu-SE-a, s-pt t As. Minor, 4. 
I'hoeiiix, Fe-nik:s, v N-Y. 
Phoenixville, Fe-niks-vil, v Pa., 3. 
Pbookok, F.u-kok, t Gulf of Siam, 
Piacenzii, Pt>(i-qen-zq, ft c N. It., 30. 
Piana, Pe-q-nq. t Sic, 5. 
I'iasina,^ and r Sib., 250 m. 
Piaubi, Pe-"8-E, r Bra., 300 in. 
Piavozero, Pe-q-vo-za-ro, I lius. 
Piazza, Pe-qt-sq, c Sic, 16i<^. 
Pichincha, Pe-Qin-qqj vol S. Am. 
Pickaway, Pik-a-wa, co 0. [C. 

Pickens (^Pik-enz) Court-House, coti^. 
Pickering, Pik-er-ijj, t Eng., 2}^. 
Pico, Pe-ktj, Azores i At. Oc, 3o. 
Picton, Pik-ton, c t C. W., \%. 
Pictou, Pik-ttfi, (t-pt t Nova Scotia. 
Pie<limonte, Ps-a-di-mon-ta, t Nap., 

Piedmont (Ped-mont) Principality, ctj 

Eu,: area 11,913 s. m., pop. 2,134,152; 
Pielis, Pe-a-lis, I Finlund. [» Va. 

Piermont, Pt'r-raont, v N-Y., V/^. 
Pierpont, Per-pont, t 0. 
Pierre iJayou, PE-4r Bj-OD, stream, Miss. 
Pierrepont Manor, Per-pont Man-or, v 

N-Y\ [8>^. 

Pietraperzia,Pf:-a-trq-perd-ze-q, t Sic, 
Pietro-in-Oalatina, Ps-a-tro-in-Kq-lq- 

te-nq, t Nap., 7%. 
Pig Island, i S. Pac Oc. [ft. 

Pike's (Piks) Peak, Rocky Mts., 11,497 
Piketon, P|k-ton, co t O., %: t la. 
Pikeville, Pjk-vil, cots Ky.,Tenn., Ala. 
Pilao Arcado, PE-l-sn Hr-kq-do, t Bra., 
Pilatka, Pi-Iat-ka, cot Fa. [5. 

Pilaya, Pe-li-q, r S. Am., 300 na. [in. 
Pilcoraayo, Pil-ko-mi-o, r S.Am.,lOOO 
Pilsen, Pil-sen, t Boh., 9^, 
Pinckney, Pigk-ni, v Mich., X- 
Pinckneyvillo, Pigk-ni-vil, co t 111. 
Pine Bluff, Pin Bluf, a, t Ark., i^. 
Pinega, PE-na-gq, r lius., 290 m. 
Pine Plain.s v N-Y. 
Pinerolo, Pe-na-rol-o, t Sard. S., 13 J^. 
Pinos, Pe-nos, a Caribbean Sea. 
Pinsk, Pinsk, t Rus., 5J^. 
Piqiia, Pik-wa, t 0., 4. 
Pirahi, PE-rq-he, t Bra., 3. 
Pirano, PE-rq-nu, f-pt t Istria, 6J^, 
Piralinim, PE-rq-te-nKu, t Bra., 'i%. 
Pirmusens, Pir-mq-sent-?, < Rhen. Bav,, 
Pirna, Pir-nq,/< t Sax., 6. \b%. 

Piron, Pe-run, » Louisiada Arch. 
Pir-Panjal. PEr-l'qn-j(:il, ms bet. C(wh- 

inere and Puniab. 
Pisa, Pe-iq, c Tus., 22. 

( Pi3cataqua,Pis-kat-a-kwa, River, N-H. 

Piscataquis, Pis-kat-a-kwi.s,r and w. Me, 

Piscataway, Pis-kat-a-wa, vs N-J., Md. 

Pisek, Pe-sek, t Boh., b^i. 

Pisgah, Piz-go, anc. m Pal.: 'C Iowa. 

Pisticci. Pis-te-qc, t Nap., 63<^. 

Pistoja.' Pis-tcj-yq, t Tus., 12^. 

Pitcairn ( Pit-k4rn ) Island, Pac. Oc, %. 

Pitcher, Piq-er, v N-Y., l]/^. 

Pitic, Pe-tik, t Mex., 5. 

Pitt's Archipelago, Pac. Oc. 

Pittsborough, Pits-bur-o, co t N. C. 

Pittsburg, Pits-burg, c Pa., 46%; vs la., 
Mo., Iowa. 

Pittsfield. Pits-feld, t Mass., 6^; co t 
111.; « Pa. 

Pittsford, Pits-ford, ts Vt., N-Y. 

Pittston, Pits-ton. rs Me. 3, Pa. 2. 

Pizzo, Pit-so, c Nap., b%. 

Placentia, Pla-sen-Ji-a, s-pt t New- 
foundland ; — Bay, inlet, do. 

Placer, Plq-s4r or Pla-ser, co Cal. 

Placerville, Pla-ser-vil, xi Cal., b%. 

Plainfield. Pkin-fEld, m Vt. %, Conn., 
N-J. 2, la. 

Plainville, Plan-vil, xs R. I., Conn., 0. 

Plaquemine, Plak-men, hayou, par and 
V La. 

Plasencia, Plq-s^n-ti-q, c Sp., 6^. 

Plata, La, Lq Plq-tq, (or the Argon- 
tine Republic, )re/j S. Am., consisting 
of the provinces of Buenos Ayres, 
Santa Fe, Entre Rios, Corrientes, 
Cordova, La Rioja, Santiago del Es- 
tero, Tucuman, Catamarca, Salta and 
Jujuy, San Luis, Mendoza, San Juanj 
area 820,000 s. m., pop. 820,000. 

Platte, Plat, r tributary to Mo. River, 
1200 m.; also rs Iowa, Wis. 

Platte City, cot Mo., %. 

PlatteviUe, Plat-vil, v Wis., 1 1^. [Mo. 

Plattsburg, Plats-burg, co ts N-Y. b'j^, 

Plauen, Pl^-en, t Sax., 10%. [214'. 

Pleasant Valley, Plez-ant Val-i,'» N-Y., 

Pleasant View, Vi^, v la. 

Pleschen, PleJ-en, t Prus., 5. 

Plesse, Ples-e, t Prus. Silesia, Z}.{. 

Plock, Plotsk, c Poland, 6. 

Ploermel, Plo-§f-mel, t Fr., 8>^. 

Ploeue, Plo-ek, v Fr., 0. 

Plouaret, Ploa-q-ra, v Fr., b%. 

Plover, Pluv-er, v Wis., 3^. 

Plumb (Plum) Island, coast of Mas3.j 
also in Long Island Sound. 

Plymouth, Plira-ut, W and s-pt t Eng., 
523^: CO ts Mass. 6V^, N. C., la.; x» 
Pa. IX, 0., Mich., Wis.; — Sound, 
inlet of P]ng. Channel. 

Po, Pt), r It.. 340 m. [t III. 

^'ocahontas, Po-ka-huortas, co t AiJ<.; 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Pocklington, Pok-li^-ton, t and par' 

Eng., 2%. 
Pocomoke, PiS-ko-mok, r and h Md. 
Podgoritz.'i, Pod-go-rit-sq, t Eu. Tur,, 6. 
Puint-a-Pitre, La, Lq Pwaht-q-Pet-r, t 

island of Guadeloupe, 12%. 
Point Commerce, Pdnt Kom-ers, « la. 
Pointe Coupee, Pernt Koo-pg, par and 

V La. 
Point Isabel, Iz'a-bel, r« Tex., Ky. 
Point Pleasant, co t Va.; ts O., Mo. 
Poirino, Par-re-no, t It., 5%. 
Poitiers, Per-terz, t Fr., 29»:^. 
Poland, P(i-land, a former h of Cen. 

Eu., now divided between Ras., Aus. 

and Prus.; area 284,000 s. m., pop. 

11,000,000; r«N-Y.,0. J 34- 
Polar Regions, P6-lar Rg-jonz, ter 

about the n. and s. poles. 
Polar Sea, (Northern,) Arctic Ocean; 

(Southern,) Antarctic Ocean. 
Polieandro, Pol-i-kqn-dro, i Grecian 

Arch., %. 
Policastro, Po-li-kqs-tro, t Nap., 7. 
Poligny, Po-len-ye, t Fr., b%. [m. 
Polillo, Po-lil-o, Philippine i, 30 by 20 
Polk, Pok. cos U. S. 
Pollenza, Pol-en-zq, i is. Majorca, 6)^. 
Pollookshaws, Pol-ok-j6z, t Scot., 6. 
Polochic, Po-lo-qek, r Guat., 120 ra. 
Pulotzk, Po-16tsk, t Rus. Poland, 9. 
Poltava, Pol-tq-va, c Rus., 20. 
Polynesia, Pol-i-ng-Ji-a, numerous is 

Pac. Oc: united pop. 1,500,000. 
Pomerania, Pom-E-ra-ni-a, prov Prus.; 

area 12,304 s. m., pop. 1,197,701. 
Pomeroy, Piim-ro", co t 0., 4. 
Pomfret, Pom-fret, v Conn., 2. 
Pomigliano D'Arco, Po-mEl-y^-nC)- 

Dq?'-ko, t Nap., 6. [xMo. 

Pomme de Terre (Pom de T^r) River, 
Pomona, Po-m6-na, Orkney i, 16}4' 
Pompeii, Pora-pg-yj or Pom-pa-ye, anc. 

ruined c It. 
Pondicherry, Pon-di-Jer-£, cap French 

settlements in India, 40. 
Ponta Delgada, P6n-tq Del-g4-dq,, t 

Azores Islands, 22. [7%. 

Pont-a-Mousson,Poht-q-Ma)-s6n, v Fr., 
Pont-Audemer, Poii-CO-de-rnqr, t Fr. 
Pontehartrain ( Pon-Jar-tran ) Lake, 

La., 40 by 24 m. 
Pontecorvo, Pon-ta-ker-vds, t It., 5]4. 
Pontcfract, Pom-fret, hor and t Eng., 

Pontevedra, Pon-ta-va-drq, t Sp., 4^4- 
Pontevico, Pon-ta-vg-ko, t Lom., 5. 
Pontiac, P6n-ti-ak, co is Mich,, 2)^; 111. 
Pontianak, Pon-ti-q-nqk, Dutch c of 
Borneo, 19i^. 

Pontifical ( Pon-tif-i-kal ") or Papal 
States, central portion Italian Pen- 
insula, of twenty divisions; area 17,- 
210, jiop. 3,006,771. 

Pontivy, Pon-tE-vt, t Fr., 5. 

Pontoise, Pwh-twqz, t Fr., b%. 

Pontoosuck, Pon-t<i)-suk, r« Mass., 111. 

Pontotoc, Pon-tca-tok, co and co t Miss. 

Pont-Saint-Esprit, Pon-Sant-Es-pre, t 
Fr., h)4. 

Pontypool, Pon-ti-pcDl, t Eng., 3%. 

Ponza, P6n-zq, u Med. Sea, 1)^. [10. 

Pooching-Hien, PiD-qi^-IlE-en, t Chi., 

Poole, PiDl, 'bw and i Eng., 95^. 

Poona, P(6-na, c Br. Ind., 86. 

Poor or Pur, Pi&r, r Sib., 200 m. 

Poorbunder, PiDr-bun-der, t Hind. 

Pootivl, PiD-tEV-r, t Rus., 9. 

Pooto, Pi6-to, pop. i coast of China. 

Popayan, Po-pq-yqn, c S. Am., 20. 

Poperinghe, Po-pe/'-an/i, t Belg., lOJ^. 

Poplar Plains, ti Ky., y^. 

Popocatepetl, l'o-po-kq-ta-pet-1, 'nol 
Mex., 17,720 ft. 

Popo Great, Ptb-po Grat, t Guinea, 5. 

Popo Isles, Malay Arch. 

Poppi, P6p-£, t Tus., 5%, 

Porcuna, Por-kco-nq, i Sp., hy^, 

Pordenone, Po/'-da-no-nii, t Aus. It., 5, 

Poros, Po-ros, pop. i Gr. 

Port Adelaide, Ad's -lad, / S. Aust.,10. 

Port Adown. Port A-d-sn, t Ir. 3. 

Portaferry, Port-a-fer-i, s-'pt t Ir., 2. 

Portage, PtJrt-ag, 1} la., 1^. 

Portage City, co t Wis., 2. 

Portalegre, Por-tq-la-gra, t Port., 5-%. 

Portarlington, Ptort-qr-lig-ton,^ Ir., 2%. 

Port Au Prince, Port-o-Prins, cap o 
Hayti, 20. 

Port Byron, Bi-ron, r> N-Y., l)^. 

Port Carbon, Kqr-bon, hor Pa., 3. 

Port Chester, Ces-ter, 1} N-Y. 

Port Clinton, Klin-ton, co t O. 

Port Dalhoozee, Dal-hcb-ze, v C. W. 

Port Deposit, Ds-poz-it, v Md. 

Port Discovery, co t Washington Ter. 

Port Elizabeth, s-pt i S. AL, 4; «N-J., 1. 

Port Gibson, i) Miss., 1. [Scot., 7. 

Port Glasgow, Glas-go, hurgh and t 

Port Hope, t Upper Canada, 2]4. 

Port Hudson, Hiid-son, t} La., J/^. 

Port Huron, IIq,-ron, n Mich., 4. 

Portici, P6;'-t£-c;E, t Nap., 5. 

Port Jefferson, Jef-er-son. 'v 0., J^. 

Port Jervis, Jer-vis, li N-Y. 

Port Kennedy, Ken-E-di, ■» Pa., i^. 

Portland (Pwrt-land") Isle of, pen and 
par Eng., 53^; c Me., 223^: c Or., 6- 
}4\ CO t la.; fs Conn., Ala., Ky., 
Mich., Mo. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Portlaw, Port-le, t Ir., 3%. 

Port Leon, Le-on, pt entry Fa. 

Port Louis, Li>-i3, car) t is, Mauritius, 
35; t Guadeloupe, i%. 

Port Mahon, Mq-hon,/^ t Sp., V^\i. 

Portneuf, Port-nef, co and v C, E. 

Porto Alegre, Por-to H-la-gra, c Bra., 
12; t do. 4. [hiir S. Am. 

Porto Atacames, Par-to fl-tq-kq-mes, 

Porto Bello, Fior-to Bel-o, 8-pt t Scot., 
33^; «X-Gran.; < Bra. 

Porio Ferrago, Por-to Fer-^-yo, cap t 
Elba, Tuscany, 4>^. 

Port- of- Spain, t W. Ind., caj* I^. Trin- 
idad, 11%. [Verd Is. 

Porto Praya, P6r-to Prj-q, t Cape 

Porto Rico, Por-to Re-ko,' W. Ind. Is., 
area 2580 s. m.; pop. 500,000, 50,000 
being slaves. [Is., 6. 

Porto Santo, Por-to S(^n-to, Madeira 

Port Philip, Fil-ip, h Aust. 

Port Royal, R«r-al, ft t Jam.: v Va., %. 

Portsea (Poirt-se) Island, coast of Eng., 
pr)p. 72,126. 

Portsmouth, Purts-muC, hor and s-pt t 
Eng., 72; c N-H., 11; s-pt and naval 
depot Va., 8%; cot 0., 5; v Mich. 

pjrtsoy, P(3rt-s«f, «-/)^ t Scot., 2. 

Port Tobacco, Tta-bak-o, co t Md. 

Portugal, Por-tvi-gal, k Eu., area 35,- 
268 s. m.; pop. 3.471,203. [m. 

Portuguesa, Por-ta)-ga-sq, r Ven., 200 

Port Washington, v 0., ]4; co t Wis., 

Port William, v Scot., %. [2^. 

Posega, P«a-Ja-gq, t Aus., 63^. d 

Posen, P<D-zen, c Prus., 32; — Grand 
Duchy, polish />roo Prus.; area 12,248, 
8. m., pop. 1,352,014. 

Possncck, Pes-nek, t Con. Ger., Z%. 

Potawatamios, Pot-a-w6t-a-miz, tr In- 
dians, n. la. 

Poteau (Po-t<S) River, Ark. 

Potenci, Po-ten-^e, r Bra. 

Potenra, Pca-tdn-zq, t Naples, 12*^. 

Poti, Po-t€, r Brazil, 200 ra. 

Potomac, Po-t<i-mak, r Va., 350 m. 

Potosi, Po-to-se, dep Bol.; c do. 16^^. 

Potosi, Po-t(i-8i, Cfj t Mo.; t Wis.; 2%. 

Potsdam, P6t8-dqm. qov and c Prus., 
38; Pots-dam, v X-Y., 2%. 

Pottstown, Pots-tun, h/r Pa., 2. 

Pottsville, Pots-vil, t Pa., 10. 

Poughkeepsie, Po-kip-se, c N-Y., 15; 
T la. 

Pouinipete, Pwe-ni-p^t, « Pic. Oc, 2. 

Poallney, Pult-ni, v Vt. 2'^. 

Poulton, P(f)l-U>n, t Eng., 7^^. 

PoTiglio, Pu-vel-yo, t It., IViJ. 

Povoa de Meadaa, Po-vw-q da Ma-d- 
dqi, t Port., 7%. 

Povoa de Varzira, Po-v&»-q da Vqr- 

ZEri, t Port., &%. 
Poweshiek, P-^-e-Jek, C(7 Iowa, 
Powhatan, Po-ha-tan, co Va.; t? Ark. 
Poxim, Po-Jefi, ^ Bra., 3. [Ten 

Poyais, Pwq-ya, r and dis Mosquito 
Poyang, Po-yqij, I China, 80 by 40 m. 
Pozoblanco, Po-to-blqn-ko, t Sp., 63^. 
Pozzuoli, Pot-scD-o-ls, t Nap., 2>]^. 
Prado, Prq-do, t Port., 7. 
Praga, Prq-gq, ^ Poland, 4. 
Prague, Prag, important c Bohemia, 

Eu., 68^. [Wis. 

Prairie dii Chien, Pra-ri de Sen, co t 
Prairie du Rocher, Ro-Jer, v III. 
Prairie du Sac, Sqk. v Wis., %. 
Prairie mer Rough, Pra-ri mi^r RtDj, p 

Prairie Ronde, Rond, v Mich., ^. 
Prairieton, Pra-ri-ton, 'V la. 
Prairieville, va la.. Mo., Mich. 
Praslin, Prqs-lgn, is Ind. Oe. \_^\i- 
Prats de MoUo, Prq de M')-l(5, ft t Fr., 
Prattsville, Prats-vil,' v N-Y., 1^; o 

Ala., 6. [.Java, 700,000. 

Preanger, Pra-^g-hcr, Dutch residency, 
Preble, Preb-1, co O \ v N-Y. 
Pregel, Pra-gel, r Prus., 120 m. 
Prenzlow, Prents-lov, t Prus.. 12^. 
Presburg, Pres-burg, c, cap Hun., 38. 
Prescot, Pres-kot. t and par Eng., 71/^; 

CO ^ Wis.; t C. W., 2^. 
Presque Isle, Presk el, co Mich. [^. 
Presteigne, Pres-tan, W and <Eng., 1- 
Preston, Pres-ton, ftw and t Eng., 69)^; 

r* Te.x., Ky.; t C E., l^^. 
Prestonburg, Pres-ton-burg, co t Ky. 
Prestonpans, Pres-ton-panz, s-pt t and 

par Scot., 17^. 
Preto, Pra-to, rs Brazil, 150 ra. 
Prevesa, Pra-va-sq, /^ t Eu. Tur., 4. 
Pribylov, Pre-bi-16v, w Behring Sea, 
Priego, Pre-a-go, t Sp., \^\4. 
Prince Edward Island, Br. Am., area 

1950 s. m., pop. 90,000; i Upper C. 
Prince of Wales Archipelago, Rus. Am. 
Prince of Wales Island, Pac. Oc; Ma- 
lay Arch.; is Torres Strait. 
Prince's Island, Gulf of Guinea. 
Princes' Islands, Sea of Marmora, 
Princess Anne, co t Md. 
Princess Charlotte(Xqr-lot) Bay, Aust. 
Princeton, Prins-ton, hnr N-.I., 2)^: co 

ts Va., Miss., Ark., Ky., 1 W; vs la., 

1; 111., &c. 
Princeville, Prins-vil, 'v 111,, ]/^. [Go. 
Prince William Inland, Fecjee Is., Pao. 
Prince William Sound, Rus. Am. -- 
Pripcts, Prip-ets, r Rus. Pol., 350 m. 
Priarend, Pria-r6ad, t Eu. Tur., 20. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Pristina, Pris-te-nq,, t Eu. Tur., 12. 

Pritzwalk, Prits-vok, t Prus., 4. 

Privas, Pre-vqs, t Fr., b%. 

Prizzi, Prit-.SE, t Sic, 7>^. 

Procida, Prii-qi-dq, i Bay of Naples, 13. 

Proctor, Prok-tor, v Ky. 

Proctorsville, ts Vt., la, 

Prolog, Pro-log, 7ns Dalmatia. 

Prome, Priom, t Burmese dominions. 

Pronsk, Pronsk, t Rus., &%. 

Prossnitz, Pros-nit:*, t Moravia, 8. 

Providence, Prov-i-dens, c R. I., 47)^: 
CO t La.; v 0.; i Carribean Sea; — 
Lake, Lsi. 

Province Welleslcy, Welz-le, British 
settlement Malay Peninsula., 473^. 

Provins, Pro-van, t Fr., 7. 

Prussia, Prdb-Ji-a, extensive k Eu., 
consisting of Prussia, Posen, Brand- 
enburg, Poraerania, Silesia, Saxony, 
Westphalia, Rhine. Prussia, has 
adopted the most complete system of 
education in the world; area 109,314, 
pop. 16.935,420. 

Prussian Poland, Prc6-Jan Po-land, e. 
IVus., formerly part of Poland. 

Prath, Pnot, r E. Eu., 330 m. 

Psilorati ( Pse-lo-rq-te ) Mount, is. Crete. 

Pskov, Pskov, gov Rus., 6b7]4; c do. 9. 

Puehla La, Lq Pweb-lq, st Mex.: area 
12,042 s. m., pop. 580,000: c, cap of 
the above state, pop. 50,000. 

Pueblo Viejo, Pweb-lo Vs-a-Ao, t Vera 
Cruz, \%. 

Puerco. Pwer-k(D, /• X-Mex., 200 m. 

Puerto Bello, Pwer-to, Bel-yo, s-pt t 
N-Gran. * ^ [pt t Ven. 

Puerto Cabello, Pwer-to Ka-loel-yo, «- 

Puerto de Li Cruz de Oratava, Pwe/"- 
to da Lq Knns da O-rq-tq-vq, s-pt t 
Canary Is., 3)^. 

Puerto del Padre, Pwer-to del P(!i-dra, 

har C uba. 
Puerto de Santa Maria, Pwer-to da 

Sqn-tq-Mq-re-q, c Sp., 18. 
Puerto Principe, Pren-si-pa, c Cuba, 49. 
Puget (Pq-get) Sound, b Wash. Tor. 
Pughman, PiDg-mqn, m Afg;, 13,000. 
Pulaski, Pu-las-ki, ts N-Y., Ij Pa., 

\%; lo., 111.; w^Tenn., 11^. 
Pultusk, I\61-t<I)sk, t Pol., 4)^. 
Puna, PiD-nq, i Ecuador. 
Punderpoor, Pun-der-pobr, t Ind., 25. 
Pungudutive. Pu{)-gtt)-d(D-tgv, i n. of 

Ceylon, 2V,. 
Punjab, Pun"-jqb, ter of N. W. Hind.; 

area 210,000, pop. 4,740,000, inhab- 
ited by Sikhs, Cashmerians, and 

Punnair, Pu-n4r, r S. Ind., 220 m. 
Puno, Pq-no, c Peru, 9. 
Puntas Arenas, Po5a-tqs fl-ra-uqs, pt 

Costa Rica. 
Purbeck. ^^Piir-bek,) Isle of, Eng. 
Furdy (Piir di) Islands, S. Pac. 
Purneah. Piir-ne-a, t Br. Ind., 40. 
Purus, Pifi-ro)?, r S. Am., 400 m. 
Futnamviile, Piit-nam-vil, xs la., Mo. 
Putney, Fiir, ni, r Eng., b\^. [m. 

Putumayo, Pift-too raj-o, r S. Am., 700 
Futzig (Put-si A) Bay, an arm of the 

Gulf Dantzic. 
Puy, Le, Le Pwe, t Fr., \b%. 
Puy de Dome, Pwe de Dom, dep Fr., 

59(5%; m do. 4806 ft. 
Puylaurens, Pwe-lo-roh, t Fr., 63^. 
Pwllheli, P(t)^ha-l£, hor and 8-pi t N". 

Wales, 2%. 
Pyramid rPir-a-mid) Lake, Utah Ter., 

35 by 15. 
Pyrenees. Pir-en-ez, ms bet. Fr., and 

Sp., 11,168 ft. 


Qua, Kwq, m Guinea, 5000 ft. 

Quaco, Kwq-ko, v and lujht-house Bay 
of Fundy. 

Quakertown, Kwa-ker-t-sn, v N-J., %. 

Quampanissa, Kwqm-pq-nis-q, t Da- 
homey, 12. 

Quang-See, Kwqti-Se, c and prov Chi- 
na, pop. 7,313,895. 

Quang-Tong, Kwqg-Tog, proiy China, 
pop. 19,147,030. [atic Sea. 

Quarnero, ( K wqr-na-ro.) Gulf of, Adri- 

Quarto, Kwqr-to, r La Plata, 280 m. 

Quarto, Kwqr-to, t Sardinia, 5^. 

QuasquetoD. Kwa^-ke-ton, v lo. 

Quathlaraba, Kwqt-l^m-bq, m Af. 
Quatre Bras, Kqt-r Brq, v Belg. 
Quebec, Kwg-bek, c, cap of the two 

Canadas, 42. 
Qiieda, Ka-dq. st Malay Pen., 21. 
Quedlingburg, Kwed-lin-burA, t Prus. 

Sax., 1414. 
Queen Charlotte (Eqr-lot) Island, S. 

Pac. Oc: also numerous is Br. N, Am. 
Queen Charlotte Sound, w. of N. Am. 
Queenstown. v C. W., j^. 
Quelpaert, Qwel-pqrt, i Yellow Sea. 
Quenu, Ka-nc6, i Chili. 
Quequay, Ka-kwj, r Uruguay, 100 m. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Queretaro, Ka-ra-tq-ro, st Mex.; area 
2441 9. m., pop. 132,124; caja of the 
above state, 29^. [Af. 

Querioiba (Ka-rem-ba) Islands, e. of 

Quesaltepeque, Ka-sql-tq-pa-ka, t 
Guat., 4. [Guat., 14. 

Quezaltenango, Ka-sql-ta-nqn-go, c 

Quibebon, Ke-be-ron, jyen Fr., in Brit- 
tany, 3. 

<Jaibo, Ke-bo, i N-Gran. 

Quicara, Ke-k^-rq, is N-Gran. 

Quilimane, Ke-li-in^-na, t E. Af, 

j Quillota, Kel-y(f>-tq, t Chili, 10. 
Quimper, Kah-p4/', t Fr., 11. 
Quiraperle, Kah-per-la, t Fr., 6}/^. 
Quincy, Kwin-si, cots Fa., 1; Hi., llj 

vs Mass., 5; Pa., 3^; 0., )^, 
Quincy Point, 'V Mass. 
Quindiu, Ken-di-cb, in ^ ^^ 

Quinebaug, Kwin-e-beg, r and yConn., 
Quinto, Ken-to, r La Plata, 250 m. 
Quitman, Kwit-raan, co ts Miss., Tex. 
Quito, Ke-to, c, cap Ecuador, 70. 
Quitta, Kwit-q, t N. Guinea, 5. 


Raab, Rqb, or Nagy-Gyor, Noj-Dyer, 

t Hun., 18. 
Rabatt, Rq-bc^t, ft t Morocco, 27. 
Rabinal, Rq-bi-nql, t Gautemala, 6)^. 
Racconigi, Rq-ko-ne-je, t N. It., 10. 
Racine, Ra-sen, c Wis., 1)4\ en Wis. 
Racketville, Rak-et-vil, v N-Y. 
Raccoon, Ra-kif)n, cr Ind.; r luwa. 
Rac3, Rqts, t Hun., 11^- 
Radnor, Rad-nor, t S. Wales, ly^. 
R.vdokala, Ra-do-kq-lq, is N. Pac. 
Radom, Rq-dom, t Poland, 5^. 
Ragusa, Rq-gd>-sq, t Sicily, 21}^; s-'pt 

c Dalmatia, 6. 
Rah way, R6-wa, r and v N-J., |^. 
Raiatpa, Rj-q-ta-q, one of Society Is. 
Rai-Koke, kj-ko-ka, one of Koorile Is. 
Rainy, Ra-ni, I and r bet. Brit. N. A., 

and U. S. Territories. 
Raisin (R6-zin,) River, Mich., 140 m. 
Rajanaahal, Rq-jq-raq-hql, c Br. Ind. 30. 
Raleigh, R'j-li, cap c N. C, 4}^; co ts 

Miss., Tenn., III. 
Ralls, R9lz. CO Mo. 
Ralston, Rjls-ton, v Pa. 
Raoib^, Rqm-ba, one of Feejeo Is. 
Rarabla, La, Lq R^ra-blq, t Sp., 9. 
Raraboullet, Roh-ba)-el-ya, t Fr., 4]4. 
Raingiinga, Rqm-guo-gq, r Br. Ind., 

250 m. [ft. 

Ramne, Rdna-ne, m Himalayas, 22,768 
Rampoor, Rqm-pAr, ts Ind. 
Ramsay, Ram-za, « Can. West, 334- 
Ramsey, Rara-zi, t and par Eng., 2-%. 
Ramsgafe, Ramz-gat, s-pt t Eng., 12. 
Ranai, Rq-nj, one of Sandwich Is. 
Iianderi«, R4n-derz, t Den., 7%. 
Randolph, Ran-dolf. ( East and West,) 

« Ma*}.; v Vt., 2%: N-Y. 
Rangoun, Rqf^-giftn, t Burma, 20. 
Rannock, Loch, LoA Ran-oA, I Scot. 
Rapallo, Rq-p<:il-o, »-pt t Sar., 10, 

Raphoe, R(\-fo, t Ir., \%. 
Rapidan, Rap-i-dan, r and v Va. 
Rapide?, Rq-pgd, or Ra-pjdz, par La. 
Rappahannock, Rap-a-han-ok, r Va., 

125 m. _ [Oc, 4. 

Raratonga, Rq-rq-tog-ga, i S. Pac. 
Raritan, Rar-i-tan, r, h and v N-J., 1. 
Rasay, Rq-sa, i Hebrides, 3^. 
Rassegoo, Rq^-g-gdb, one of Koorile Is. 
Rastadt, Rqs-tqt,/if t Baden, 6i^. 
Rat Island, in Aleutian Arch. 
Rathboneville, Rat-bon-vil, -v N-Y.,3^, 
Rathenow, Ra-te-nov, t Prus., 5i^. 
Rathfarnhara, Rat-fqrn-am, v Ir., oj^. 
Rathkeale, Rat-kal, t Ir.. 4%. 
Rathlin, RaA-lin, i Ir., 1. 
Ratibor, Rq-ti-bor, t Prus. Silesia, 1%, 
Ratisbon, Rat-is- bon, t Bavaria, 23. 
Ratz Boszormeny, Rqts Bes-er-meny, 

t s. e. Hun., 17. 
Ravanusa, Rq-vq-ndb-sq, t Sicily, 6)^. 
Ravee, R^-ve, r Punjab, 370 m. 
Ravenna, Rq-ven-q, c Cen. Italy, 12; 

Ra-ven-a, co t 0., 3)^. 
Rawak, Rq-wd^k, i East. Arch. 
Rawdon, Ro-don, v Can. West., ]/^. 
Rawitsch, Rq-viq, t Prus. Poland, 10. 
liaymond, Ra-mond, v Me., 13^; co t 

Miss., Wis. 
Raysville, Raz-vil, v Ind. 
Rd, Ra, i w. of France. 
Readfield, RM-feld, v Mo., 2. 
Reading, Red-i^, hor and t Eng., 21)^; 

c Pa., 17; vs Conn., 0., Ind. 
Real, Ra-(il, r Brazil, IHO m. [3. 

Roalojo, Ra-q-la-/to, s-pt t Nicaragua, 
Rechnitz, Re/i-nits, t Ilun., 5, 
Recife, Ra-se-fa, c Brazil, 18. 
Red Bank, v N-J. 
Red Cedar River, Minn, and Iowa, 300 

m.; also Wis. 
Rod Creek, v N-Y., %. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Reddington, R^d-ig-ton, v Ind. 

Redditch, li^d-iq, v Eng., 5. 

Red Lake, Minn. Ter., 37 by 16. 

Redon, Ra-doh, t Fr., 5%. 

Red River, trib. of Miss., coursing 

Tex., Ark., La., 1200 m.j rs Tenn., 

Ky., Minn., 700 m. 
Red Rock, v Minn. 
Redruth, Red-root, t Eng., 7. 
Red Sea, an inland sea, Asia. 
Red Sulphur Springs, v and watering 

place Va. 
Reedsville, Redz-vil, v Pa. 
Refugio, Re-fiVJi-o, <^<? and co t Tex. 
Regello, Ra-jel-o, v Tus., 10. 
Reggio, Red-jo, c E. Italy, 18)^; c N. 

Italy, 17. 
Richenau, Rj-Ae-n-s, t Baden, l}^. 
Reichenbach, Rj-^en-bCl,^, <s Sax., 6%; 

Prus. Silesia, b)/^. 
Reichenberg, Rj-Aen-berA, < Boh., 13)^. 
Reigate, Ri-gat, Jor and t Eng., 5. [1. 
Reikiavik, Rj-ki-a-vik, cap t Iceland, 
Reims, Remz, c Fr., 45^. 
Remircmont, Ra-mer-mwh, ^ Fr., S)/^. 
Remscheid, Rem-/jt, t Rhen. Prus., 12. 
Renaix, Ra-na, t Belg., 12^. 
Rendezvous, Ren-de-vooz, i Borneo. 
Rendsburg, Rendz-ba)?7i,,/if t Den., lOJ/^. 
Renfrew, Ren-frcD, hurgk Scot., 3. 
Reni, Ra-ni, t Ru.«., 6. 
Rennes, Ren, c Fr., 39)^. 
Rennsselaer, Ren-se-ler, co and ■e; N-Y. 
Rensselaerville, v N-Y., 3%. 
Renton, Ren-ton, v Scot., 2^^. 
Republic, Re-pdb-lik, v 0., I34. 
Requena. Ra-kan-yq, t Sp., 11. 
Resaca de la Pal ma, Ra-s4-kq da Iq 

Pql-mq, battle field, Mex. 
Reshd, Rejt, t Persia, 50. 
Resina, Ra-se-nq, t Naples, 9. 
Resinar, Ra-ze-nqr, v Transylvania, C, 
Resolution, Rez-o-li],-Jon, i Hudson's 

Strait. [200 m. 

Restigouche, Res-ti-gdo-Ja, r Br. N. A., 
Retford, Ret-ford, (East,) lor and t 

Eng., 46. 
Rethel, Ra-tel, t Fr., 8>^. 
Reus, Ra-flbs, t Sp., 25. 
Reutlingen, Rfft-lig-en, ft t "Wiirtem- 

berg, 111^. [6. 

Revel, Rev-el. ft s-pt t Rus., 24^; t Fr., 
Revello, Ra-vel-o, t N. It., b%. 
Reynoldsburg, Ren-olz-burg, v 0. 
Reze, Ra-za, t Fr., 6%. 
Rezende, Ra-zen-da, t Brazil, 5. 
Rhea, Ra, co Tenn. 
Rhett (Ret,) Lake, I of Cal., 12 by 8. 
Rhine, Rjn, noted r of Europe, 900 m. 
Rhiuebeck, Rja-bek, v N-Y., IV^. 

Rhinns, Rins, pen Scot. 

Rhode Island, Read 4'land, one of the 
original U. S., having an area of only 
1,306 s. m.; pop. whites, 143,875; col- 
ored, 3,672; total, 147,541. ' [15. 

Rhodes, Rcodz, i As. Tur., 30; c same, 

Rhoe, lio), Shetland Island, 3^. 

Rhon, Ren, m Ger. 

Rhone, Ron, r Eu., 285 m. 

Rhuddlan, Hrid-lan, fto?- N.Wales, V%, 

Riazan, Re-q-zqn, t Rus., 9. 

Ribeauville, Re-bo-vel-ya, t Fr., ly^. 

Riccarton, Rik-ar-ton, v Scot., 4%. 

Riccia, Rit-cq, t Naples, 6. 

Rice Lake, Canada West. 

Richibucto, RiJ-e-buk-to, r and port 
of entry, N- Brunswick. 

Richland, Riq-Iand, v N-Y., 4; V8 0., 
Iowa, Wis. 

Richmond, Riq-mond, c and cap Va., 
Z'lYy, c la., 5; t and joar Eng., co of 
Surrey, 9; t Eng., co. of York, 5; tt 
Me., 2; Vt., Mass.; co is N-Y., Ky., 
Tex., Mo., La. 

RichviUe, Riq-vil, v N-Y. [5. 

Rickmansworth, Rik-manz-wurt, t Eng., 

Biddings, Rid-igz, v Eng., 4}^. 

Rideau, Re-do, r Canada East. 

Ridgefield, Rij-feld, d Conn., 2}4. 

Ridgeway, Rij-wa, co t Penn.; xs N. C, 
Mich., Wis. [Ger. 

Riesengebirge, Re-zen-ga-berA-a, ma 

Rieti, Re-a-te, t Cen. Italy, 11. 

Riga, lii-g<\,ft Rus., 71^. 

Rigaud, Re-go, v and College Can. E. 

Righi Culm, Re-ge Kolm, m Switz. 

Rigolets de bon Dieu, Rig-o-lets do 
boil De, duplicate channel of Red 
River, La., 50 m. 

Rimini, Re-me-ne, c Cen. Italy, 17)^. 

Rimouski, Re-mcJbs-ks, v Can. East, 4. 

Ringkiobing, Rig-kye-bii), s-pt t Jut- 
land, 134. 

Ringwood, Rip-wiad, t Eng., 4; v N. J, 

Rio, Re-o, Spanish for " river." 

Rio Branco, Re-o Brqn-ko, r Brazil, 
700 m. 

Rio Colorado Chiquito, Ko-lo-r^-do 
Ge-ke-to, r N-Mex., 500 m. [500 m, 

Rio das Mortes, dqs Mor-tes, r Brazil, 

Rio de Janeiro, da Xq-na-e-ro, prov 
Brazil; area, 70,630 s. m.; pop. 850,- 

Rio de la Pasion, Pq-S8-6n, r Cen. A. 

Rio de la Plata, Pl^-tq. r S. A., 2500 m. 

Rio de los Martires. Mqr-te-res, r Cal. 

Rio de San Juan, Sqn H(jt)-<^n, r New 
Mexico, 350 m. 

Rio Dulce, Ddbl-sa, r or outlet of tho 
Golfo Dulce Honduras. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Rio Grande, Ke-o Grqn-da, rs Sene- 
gainbia, Af.; lira., 600 m., also one 
250 m.; Bol.; N-Gran.; Mex., 400 m,; 
Mosquito Ter., 200 m.; (anglicized, 
Rj-o Grand,) r N. Am., rises in Mex., 
and separates Texas from Mex., 
1800 m. [1. 

Rio Grande (Rj-o Grand) City, < Tex., 

Rio Grande do Norte, Rs-o Grqn-da 
do isijr-ta, proo Bra.; area 22,784 
s. m., pop. UO.OOO. 

Rio Grande do Sul, Re-o Gr<^a-da do 
Sflol, t Bra., Z%. 

Rioja, Re-(f)-Aq, prov Argentine Re- 
public; pop. 19,000; ^do., 4. 

Rio Janeiro, Re-o Xq-na-e-ro, or Rj-o 
Jan-E-ro, cap Bra,, 350. 

Riom, Re-on, t Fr., 12%. 

Rio Negro, Re-o Na-gro, r N-Gran. 
and Bra,, 1000 m.; also rs S. Am., 
600 m.; Uruguay, 250 m., &c. 

Rionero, Re-o-na-iu, t Nap., 9%. [4. 

Rio Vermelho, Ke-o Ve/-mel-yo, t Bra., 

Ripatransone, Kg-pq-trqn-so-na, t It.,5. 

Ripley, Rip-li, w N-Y. i%, 0. 1%. 

Ripiin, Rip-on, c Eng., 6; v Wis. 

Risdon, Riz-don, v O., >^. 

Rising Sun, co t la., 2. 

Rivarolo, Re-vq-ro-lo,<« N.It. 6, Sard. 
States, 5%. 

Rive-de-Gier, Rev-de-SLc-a, t Fr., 13. 

Riverhead, Riv-er-hed, en t N-Y., 2>^. 

Riverton, Riv-er-ton, v N-J. 

River Trent, Riv-er Trent, « C. W., 1. 

Riviere-a-Jacques, Re-vi-4/'-q-Sqk, r 
Minn., 000. [Mo. 

Riviere-au-Boeuf, Re-vi-4y-Q-Bef, cr 

Riviere-au-Cuivre, Re-vi-^/'-o-Kwrv- 
r', r Mo. v'^\'2- 

Riviere Quelle, Re-vi-{\r 00 el, v C. E., 

Rivoli, Re-vo-le, t Pied., b\i. 

Roane, Ron, co Tenn. 

Roanne, Ro-qn, t Fr., 13^/^. 

Roanoke, Rw-an-6k, v Va. and N. C, 
250 m.; rs N-Y., Mo. 

Roapoa, Ro q-poj-q, Marquesas Is. 

Robideaux, Ro be-do, cr and v Mo. 

Rochdale, Roq-dal, hor and t Eng., 29. 

Rochefort, RoJ-f.'.r, t Fr., 24'/;. 

Rochelle, La, Lq Ro-Jel, s-pt t Fr., Ifi)^. 

Rochester, Roc-eS'ter, cs Eng. 15, N- V. 
4*1^: t« N-H. 3, Pa. 1%, 0., Mich., 
la., Iowa, Wis., <fcc. 

Rockaway, R6k-a-wa, t N-J.; v N-Y. 

Rockbridge, liok-brij, co t Mo. 

K-ckford, Rok-iord, c 111., 7; co is N. 
C, Ala.; V la. FVt. 

R.>ck Ingham, R<'jk-!g-ham, co t N. C.; 'V 

R.k;1< Island City, cot 111., 4. 

Rocklaud, Rok-laud, c Mo., 10. 

Rockport, Rok-port, co U la., Ark.j Ui 
Mass., 0., III. 

Rock River, Wis., 225 m. 

Rockton, Rok-ton, v 111., ^. 

Rockville, Rok-vil, co is la. IX, Md.j 
rs Mass., Conn., 0. 

Rockwell, Rok-wel, t III. 

liocky Mount, R6k-i M-snt, cot Va.,3/^. 

Rocky Mountains, cen. N. Am.; length, 
3000 m. ; highest peaks, Fremont'.s, 
13,570 ft.; Pike's, 11,497 ft. 

Rodez, Ro-da, t Fr., 10%. 

Rodrigues, Ro-dreg, i Ind. Oc. 

Roermond, RiB/'-mont, t Neth., TJ^. 

Roeskilde, Res-kil-da, t Den., 3%. 

Rogersville, Roj-erz-vil, co t Tenn. 

Rokelle, lio-kel, r Af., 250 m. 

Rolundswerth, Ro-lqndz-vert, i Rhine. 

RoUo, R6l-yo, m Sp. 

Roma, R6-mq, i Malay Arch.; v Tex. 

Romano, Ro-m(\-no, ,/i( ^ Lorn., 4. 

Romans, Ro-mon, t Fr., 11. 

Rome, liom, c It., and the most cele- 
brated in the world, 175; co ts N-Y., 
10%, la. %; c Ga., 3; rs 0., Wis. 

Romeo, lio-rae-o, r Mich., \}^. 

Romford, Riim-ford, t Eng., 3%. 

Romney, (R6m-ni,) New, t Eng., 1; co 
t Va.; ■» la. 

Romoe, R6-mo, i Den., 1)^. 

Romorantin, Ro-mo-ron-taii, t Fr., 8. 

Romsey, Rdm-zi, }>or and t Eng., 2. 

Rona, Rtj-na, i Hebrides, 3^. 

Ronaldshay, R6n-aldz-ha, ( North, ) 
Orkney i, %\ — (South,) do., 3>ig. 

Ronda, R(5n-dq, c Sp., 16. 

Rondout, Ron-d^t, r N-Y., 2}^, 

Ronne, Ren-a, s-pt t Den., Ay^. 

Ronneburg, Ron-e-buM, t Ger., j. 

Roostchook, Ra>*-q(dbk, ft c Eu.Tur.,30. 

Roques, Los, Los R<l>-kes, i Carib. Sea. 

Rosa Morada, Ro-sqMo-r^-dq, t Mex.,4. 

Rosario, Ro-s^-ri-o, i' is. Teneriffe, 1%. 

Rosario de Cucuta, Ro-s(^-ri-o da KiO- 
k(6-tq, t N-Gran., 5. 

Roscoe, Ros-ko, rs 0., 111. 

Roscommcn, Ros-kom-on, t Ir., Z}^, 

Roscrea, Ros-krn, t Ir., b]/^. 

liose, Roz, v N-Y. 

Roseau, Ro-zo, t is. Dominica, 5. 

Roiicnau, R6-ze-n"8, ts N. Uun., 7; 
Transylvania, 4. 

Rosendale, Ro-zen-dal, rs N-Y., Wis. 

Rosetta, Ro-zet-q, s-pt i Low. Eg., 4. 

Ross, Ros, ts and pars Eng. 2%, Ir. Ij 
— New, hor and t Ir., 9. 

Rossano, Ros-<^-no, c Nap., 15. 

Rossie, R63-E, v N-Y., 1>^. 

Rossicna, Ros-c-u-nq, t Rus., 5%. 

iCosaville, lW6-vil, rs 0. 2^, N-Y., la. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Rostock, R6s-tok, c Ger., 20%. 
Rostov, Ros-tov, two ts Rus., 8 and 6. 
Rota, R6-tq, t Sp., 8; t Tac. Oc, 
Rothenburg-an-der-Tauber, RcJ-ten- 

biarA-qn-der-T^-ber, t Bav., b}4- 
Rotherham, Rod-er-ain, t and par Eng., 

Rothesay, Rot «a, e-pi t and par Scot., 

Rottee, K6t-t, i Malay Arch. 

Rottenburg, Rot-en-bur/t, t Wiirt., 6. 

Rotterdam, R6t-er-dqui, c Neth., 89. 

Rotuuia, Ko-tcf)-inq, i Pac. Oc. 

Roubaix, licb-ba, t Fr., 34%. 

Rouen, Rob-en, c Fr., 100^^^. 

Rouge Bayou, RcDj Bj-do, La. 

Rouge (Ii(»3) River, Mich. 

Rough-and-Ready, Ruf-and-Red-i, t'« 
Ga., Ala., Ky., 111. 

Roulers, RiD-la, t Belg., 103^. 

Roundhead, R-snd-hed, v 0., J<^. 

Ruusay, Rt6-sa, Orkney i, 1%. 

Rouse's (li'ss-ez) Point, v is-Y. 

Reveredo, li<a-va-ra-do, t Tyrol, 8. 

Rovigno, \iG)-\in~y(ii,s-pt t lUyria, 10%. 

Rovigo, Ro-ve-goj, t Aus. It., 9%. 

Rowandiz, R"8-qn-diz, t Tur. Koord. 

Rowland's (Ro-landz) Springs, water- 
ing place, Ga. 

Rowlesburg, Rolz-burg, i? Va. 

Rowley, R-8-li, v Mass. 

Rowno, R6v-no, t Rus. Poland, 9J^. 

Row's, R«z, V O. 

Roxborough, R6ks-bur-o, co t N. C. 

Roxbury, R6ks-ber-i, c Mass., To', xs 
Conn. 134, Pa. 

Roxo, R6ks-<3, x Wis. 

Royal Oak, Rer-al Qk, v Mich. 

Royalston, Rtr-alz-ton, v Mass., 1)^. 

Royalton, Ror-al-ton, vs Vt., la. 

Royston, Rers-ton, t Eng., 2: r Ta. 

Ruatan, Rto-q-tqn, i Bay of Hond., 4. 

Rubicon, R<J[)-bi-kon, r Cen. It., 20 m. 

Rudgeley, Ruj-li, t Eng., 3. 

Rud(.lstadt, Ri6-dol-stqt, t Ger., 5^. 

Ruffec, Re£-ek, t Fr., 3%. 

Rugby, Rug-bi, t Eng., 6^, 

Riigeii, Re-gen, i Baltic, 37. 

Rum, Rum, i Inner Hebrides, Y^. 

Rumbeke, Riim-ba-ke, v Belg., 6%. 

Rumney, Riim-ni, v N-H. 

Rumsey, Riim-zi, x Ky. 

Runcorn. Riiy-korn, t Eng., 8. 

Rupert (li«6-pert; River, Br. N. Am., 
300 m. 

Ruppln, Neu, Ner RcD-pen, t Prus., 10. 

Rupununy, Rup-flo-ndb-ng, r Br. Gui- 
ana, 260 m. 

Rush, Ruf, i>-f.t t Ir., 1^: -J? N-Y. 

Rushford, RiiJ-ford, ^• Is'-Y. [N-Y., 0. 

Rushville, RiiJ-vil, CO U la. 1%, 111.; f* 

Rusk, Rusk, CO t Tex. 

Russell, Riis-el, xs N-Y. 1%, Mass. 

Russellville, Riis-el-vil, co U Ky., Ala.; 
ts 0., Tcnn., La. 

Russia, R^-Ji-a, empire Eu., and the 
largest that has ever existed, having 
the following divisions : European 
Russia; Asiatic Russia, embracing 
Siberia and Transcauca^ian Prov- 
inces; and Russian America. Area, 
7,430,125 s. m.; pop. 65,220,580. 

Russian America, RcD-Jan A-mer-i-ka, 
ter n. w. N. Am.; area 394,000 s. m., 
pop. 61,000, mostly Esquimaux. 

Russian Poland, l^o-land, former k 
Poland, and contiguous territory. 

Rule, R(6-ta, t Sp., 8. [N. C, %. 

Rutherfordton, Riid-er-ford-ton, co t 

Rutherglen, Rug-len, hurgh and par 
Scot,, 6I/2. [3^^. 

Ruthin, Rc6-diu, bar and t N. Wales, 

Rutigliano, RflO-tsl-yq-no, t Nap., 5. 

Rutland, Riit-land, co t Vt., Z%: x 0. 

Rulledge, Riit-lcj, co ts Tenn., Miss. 

Ruvo, RiD-vo, t Nap., 8. 

Rybinsk, Rib-insk, t Rus., 10. 

Ryde, Rjd, t Eng, 714. 

Rye, Rj, bar and t Eng., 8X; ^ N-Y. 

Rylsk, RiL^k, t Rus., 7. 

Rzhev, U-i^y, t Rus., 9. 


Saale, Sachsische, SaA-siJ-e Sq-le, r 

Ger., 212 m. 
Saulfeld, Sql-felt, t Cen. Ger., A%. 
Saarbriick, Sq/'-brek, t Rhen. Prus. ,8%. 
Saar-Louis, Sq?'-L(f>-is, t Rhen. Prus., 
Saatz, Sqts, t Boh., 5. [4%. 

Saba, Sq-bq, Dutch W. Ind., \%. 
Siibara, Sq-bq-rq, c Bra., 5. 
Subbionetu, S^-bi-o-net-q, t Lorn., 7. 

Sabine (Sa-ben) Lake, La. 

Sabine River, Tex., 500 m. 

Sibinetown, Sa-ben-ti?n, x Tex. 

Sabioncello, Sq-bi-on-^el-o, pen Dalm. 

Sable, Sq-bla, t Fr., b%. 

Sable Island, Sti-bla I'land, i At. Oo. 

Sables?, Sqb-1, t Fr., 6. 

Sabrina (Sa-brj-na) Land, Ant. Oc. 

Sac, Sek, r Mo.; co Iowa. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 

Sacarappa, Sak-a-rap-a, « Me. 
Sacatecoluca, Sq-kq-ta-Ew-ldb-kq,^ San 

Salvador, 5. 
Sacatepeo, Sq-kq-ta-pek, t Guat., 3. 
Saccatoo, Sqk-q-ti6, t Cen. Af. 
Sachem's Head, Sa-qeinz Hed, water- 
ing place. Conn. [N-Y., 2. 
Sackett's Harbor. Sak-ets Hqr-bor, v 
Saco, Sa-ku), r X-Eng.; t Me., b%. 
Sacomango, Sak-o-may-go, r N-Y". 
Sacramento, Sak-ra-men-tu), co t Wis., 
Sivcramento City, t, cap Cul., 20. [^. 
Sacs or Sauks, Saks, lad tr Iowa. 
Sacui, Sq-kcD-e, r Bra., 250 m. 
6ado, Sq-dcD, t Sea of Japan. 
SaegerstowD, Sa-gcrz-t-sn, v Pa., 3^. 
Saffee, Sqf-e, s-pt t N. Af., 12. 
Saff roD-Walden, Saf-ron-Wel-den, hor 

and t Kng., 6. 
Sagan, Sq-gqn, t Prus, Silesia, 6^. 
Saghalien, Sq-gq-le-en, i coast Asia. 
Sag Harbor, Sag Hqr-bor, v N-Y., 3>^. 
Saginaw. S.ig-i-no, /' Mich,: }> L. Huron. 
Saginaw City, co t Mich., IJ^. 
Sagua la Grande, Sq-gwq Iq Grqn-da, 

r and t Cuba. 
Saguenay, Sqg-a-na, r C. E., 100 m. 
Sahara, Sq-hq-rq, or Great Desert, 

vast uninhabited region of X.-E. Af.; 

area 2.700,000 s. m. 
Saida, Sj-dq, t Syria, 6. 
Sai-Gon, Sj-Gon, c Anara, 180. 
Saima (Sj-mq) Lake, Finland. 
Saint- Affrique, Saiit-Hf-rek, t Fr., 6%. 
Saint Alban's, Sant 61'banz, lor and 

t Eng., 7; V Vt. 
Saint A 1 ban's Bay, v Vt. 
Saint-Amand, Sant-H-mon, two ts Fr., 

81^ and 9)^. 
Saint Ambrose, Sant Ara'broz, i Pac. 
Saint Andrew, An'droj, s-jJt t Pr. Ed. Is. 
Saint Andrew's, An'drcDz, s-j)t c Scot.; 

a-pt t N-Brun., 8; re C. E. \%, Fa. 
Saint Anthony, An'tij-ni, t Minn., 2. 
Saint Anthony City, v Minn., }/{j. 
Saint Augustine, O'gus-ten, c Fa., 2. 
Saint Austell, O.-i'tel, t Eng., SX- 
Saint Bartholomew, Bqr-t6l-(t)-mq, i 

W. Ind., 18.^ [bon, 111.;^. 

Saint-Benoit, San-Bn-nw^, t is. Bour- 
Saint Bernard, Sant Ber-nqrd, singular 

tn past Alps^ par IiVl. 
Saint-Brieuc, San-Bre-e, t Fr., 14. 
Saint Catharines, Sant Kat-a-rinz, t 

C. W., 5. 
Saint Catharine's Island, coast Ga. 
Saint-C(4sairo, San-Sn-z^r, v C. E., 2. 
Saint-Chamond, Sah-Xq-m(5n, t Fr., 9. 
8aint Charles, Sant fc'qrlz, v III., S)^; 

CO t Mo., 3. 


Saint Christopher, Kris-to-fer, i Br. 

\V. Ind.; pop. 1612 whites, 21,521 

Saint Clair, Klqr, v Pa., 3; co t Mich.; 

I bet. C. W. and Mich.; r Mich., 40 

m.; — City, v Pa. 
Saint Clairsville, K14rz-vil, co t 0., 1}^, 
Saint-Claude, San-Klcad, t Fr., 6. 
Saint-Cloud, San-Kloo, t Fr., 4. 
Saint Croix, Sant Krer, /■ bat. Me. and 

X-Brun., 75 m.; /■ Wis., 200 m. 
Saint Croix (Krer) Falls, co t Wis. 
Saint Cyprian (Sip-ri-an) Bay, w. Af. 
Saint Day, t Eng., 2. 
Saint-Denis, San-De-ne, t Fr., 15^^; 

cap is. Bourbon, 19. 
Saint-Die, San-De-a, t Fr., 9. 
Saint-Dizier, San-De-ze-a, t Fr., 7^^. 
Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocaliere, Sant- 

Hn-de-lq-Po-kq-ts-a/*, v C. E. 
Sainte-Anne-des-Plaiaes, Sant-iln- 

da-Plan, -y C. E. 
Sainte-Anne-du-Machiche, Saiit-Hn- 

de-Mq- JeJ, v C. E.. 2. 
Sainte Croix, Sant-Krwq, or Santa 

Cruz, Sqn-tq Kroos, largest of Virgin 

Islands ; area 100 s. m., pop. 25,600. 
Saint Elizabeth, Sant S-liz-a-bet, v 

C. E., 3. 
Sainte-Murie, Sant-Mq-re, i of Mada- 
gascar, 5. 
Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, Sant-Mq-re- 

o-Men, t Fr., 11^^. 
Sainte-Marie-de-la-Beauce, San-Mq- 

re-de-lq-Bos, ■« C. E., 3^. 
Sainte-Marie-de-Monnoir, San-Mq-rg- 

de-.Mon-w^r, r C. E., 5. 
Saintes, Sant, t Fr., ll^. 
Saintes, Los, La Sant, i Fr. W. Ind., 1. 
Saint-Esprit, Sant-Es-pre, v and far 

C. E., 2K. 
Saint-Etienne, Sant-ff-ti-^n, t Fr.,58. 
Saint Eustatius, Sant Yu-sta-fi-us, % 

Br. W. Ind., 2. 
Saint-Flour, Safi-FlcQr, t Fr., 5%. 
Saint Francis (Sant Fran-sis) River, 

Mo., 450 m. 
Saint Francisville, Fran-sis-vil, co t 

La.: rs 111., Mo. 
Saint-Franoois, San-Fron-sw^, t Fr. 

W. Ind., 6%; commune Fr. is. Mar- 
tinique, ft. 
Saint Francois, Sant FrAn-sis, co Mo. 
Saint-Francois-du-Lac, San-Frori-sw(^- 

do-Lqk, V C. E., 7; — Jliviero-du- 

Sud, Re-ve-4r-de-Sed, ■»' C. E., 1%. 
Saint Gall, San Gql, 'i Swit., 11%. 
Saint-Gaudens, San-Go-don, t Fr., 5. 
Saint Genevieve, Sant Jeu-e-v^v, ce; ^ 

Mo., \%. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Saint George, Snnt Jerj, is Newfound- 
land, Nova Scotia ; Bermuda Island ; 
t on same, 2%; — Gulf of, e. Pat. 

Saint George's, Jdrj-ez, v Del., %. 

Saint George's Channel, the part of ihe 
Atlantio separating Eng. from Ir. 

Saint George's Island, Gulf of Mexico. 

Saint-Ciermaiu, San-Xer-man, ^ Fr., 12. 

Saint German, Sant Jer-man, bor and 
t Eng., 3. 

Saint-Gilles-les-Boucheries, San-Zel- 
la-B.D-Je-rt', t Fr., 6. 

Saint - Gregoire-le-Grand, San - Gra - 
gwq/--le-Gr6n, -r C. E , 3. 

Saint Helena, Sant Hel-g-na, i of Br,, 
S. At. Oc, well known as the place 
of Napoleon's banishment, from 1816 
till his death, May 5, 1821 j pop. 5; 
par La. 

Saint Helen's, Hel-enz, t Eng., 5. 

Saint Helen's Mountain, Or,, 13,000 ft. 

Saint Heliers, Hel-yerz, cap t is. Jer- 
sey, 21. 

Saint-llenri-dc-Mascouche, Sant-Hofi- 
r8-de-Mqs-kif)J, 'V C. E., 2)^; — de- 
Quebec, de-Ka-bek, v C. E"., 2%. 

Saint-IIippolyte, Sant-8-po-let, t Fr., 
5-%. [E., 3V^. 

Saint Hyacinthe, Sant Hj-a-siut, t C. 

Saint-Irene, Saht-8-ra-na, 'v and jmr 
C. E., 1. [Eng., 10. 

Saint Ives, Sent *vz, lor and s-pt t 

Saint- Jacques-de-l'Achigan, San-Xqk- 
de-Lq-Je-goh, v and par C. E., 8. 

Saint-Jean-Bonnefond, San-Xon-Bon- 
foh, V Fr., 61^. 

Saint-Jean-d'Angely, San-Son-Don- 
^a-le, t Fr., 63^. 

Saint-Jean-Molenbeek, San-Xon-Mo- 
lon-bak, t Belg., 1]/^. 

Saint-.Tean-Port-Joli, San-Xofi-Por- 
Xo-l£, v and />«;• C. E., 'iy^. 

Saint Joachim, San Xo-q-kan, v and 
par C. E., 1. 

Saint John, Sant Jon, or Saint John's, 
c N-Brun., 22% ; r do., 450 m.; 0, 
cap Newfoundland, 21; I C. E. 

Saint John's, Sant Jonz, t C. E., 2)^, 

Saint Johnsbury, J6nz-ber-i, c Vt., 3. 

Saint John's liiver, Fa., 200 m. 

Saint Joseph, Jio-zef, c Mo., 5; co t La.; 
'D Mich., 1: I Br. N. Am. [m. 

Saint Joseph's River. Mich, and la., 250 

Saint-Junien, San-Xe-ni-an, t Fr., 6. 

Saint Kilda, Sant Kil-da, i At. Oc, %. 

Saint Lawrence, L6-rens, large r bet. 
the U. S. and the Cauadas, 2200 m.; 
i Behring Sea. 

Saint Leonard Middleton, Len-ard 
Mid-1- ton, i Eng., b%. 

Saint-Lo, San-Lo, t Fr., %%. 

Saint Louis, Sant L(f)is or Sant L(6-i, 

c Mo., 95; ^ C. E.; i Senegambia, 

143^; t is. St. Louis, 12: t is. Bour- 
bon, 9i<^; r Minn., 200 ra. 
Saint Lucia, Loo-se-q, i Br. W. Ind., 25. 
Saint Lucie, Lcd-sk, co Fa. 
Saint-Malo. Sant-Mq-lo, s-jo^j{ Fr.,9>^. 
Saint Margherita di Rapallo,Sah Mq/- 

ga-re-ta dt Rq-pql-o, v Sard. Sts,, 
Saint Marie, Sant Ma-re, v 111. [6^. 
Saint Mark's, Mqrks, co t Fa. 
Saint Martin, Mqr-tin, i W. Ind., 1%. 
Saint Martinsville, Mqr-tinz-vil, co t 

La., 13^. 
Saint Mary, Ma-ri, t Iowa; Azores i, 

4%: i Madagascar, b%. [Ga. %. 
Saint Mary's, Ma-riz, xs C. W. 1, 0. 1, 
Saint Mary's Strait, unites Lake Su- 
perior with Lake Huron, 63 m. 
Saint Matthew, Mat-xx, «' Mergui Arch. 
Saint Maurice, San Mo-res, r C. E., 

400 m. 
Saint Michael, Sant Mj-kel, i Azores, 81. 
Saint Michael's, Mi-kelz, v Md., 1. 
Saint-Mihiel, San-Me-i-el, t Fr., 5^. 
Saint-Nazaire, San-Nq-z4;', t Fr., b%. 
Saint Neots, Sant Nets, i Eng., 3. 
Saint Nicholas, Nik-a-las, Cade Verd 

Is.; t Belg., 20. 
Saint-Omer, Sant-O-m^r, ft t Fr., 22. 
Saint Omer, Sant CO'mer, d la., ^. 
Saint Ours, Sant CD?-, 'V C. E., 3. 
Saint Paris, Sant Par-is, v 0., 1. 
Saint Paul, Pol, c, cap Minn. Ter., 10; 

San Pol, t is. Bourbon, I6I4:. 
Saint Paul de Loanda, S-sn P^-lo da 

Lo-4n-dq, cap Port. st. in Low. Gui. 
Saint Peter, Sant Pe-ter, I Canada. 

cap t land of Guernsey, 16^. 
Saint Petersburg, Sant Pe-terz-burg, 

(Rus. Pa-ter-boQrg,) c, cap> Russian 

Empire, 534. 
Saint Peter's River, Minn. Ter., 450 m. 
Saint Pierre, San Pe-4^', i Lake Bienne, 

Swit.; i s. Newfoundland, IJ^; cap t 

i.«. Martinique, 20)^; i Ind. Oc; i is. 

Bourbon, 14%. 
Saint-Pierre-les-Calais, San-Pe-^Ma- 

Kq-la, t Fr., llj^. 
Saint-Pol-de-Leon, San-Pol-de-La-on, 

t Fr., 7. 
Saint Polten, Sant Pel-ten, /«; i Aus.. 6. 
Saint-Queutin, Sah-Koii-tan, t Fr., 

Saint-Remy, San-Ra-me, t Fr., 6. 
Saint Scholastique, Sail Sko-lqs-tek, t> 

C. E., 5%. [Sp., 13. 

Saint Sebastian, Sant Se-bast-yan,/,^ d 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Saint-Servan, San-Ser-von, s-j^t t Fr., 
10. [N-Brun. ^ 

Saint Stephen's, Sant Ste-venz, s-j-it t 

Saint-Suzanne, San-Se-zqn, t is. Bour- 
bon. 6'-^, 

Saint Thomas, Sant Tom-as, one of the 
Virgin Islands, \2%\ i Gulf of Gui- 
nea; t C. W., \%. 

Saint-Trond, San-Tron,^ Belgian Lim- 
bo urj;, 93^. 

Saint- V^alery-en-Caux, San-Vq-la-re- 
oh-Ko, t Fr., 6^. 

Saint Vincent, Sant Vin-sent, Br. W. 
Ind. Is., m%: Ciipe Verd Is. 

Saint- Vincent-de-Paul, San-Vin-sent- 
d§-Po)l, V C. E., 3. [s. Aust. 

Saint Vincent (Saut Vin-sent) Gulf, 

Saint Xavier, Zav-i-er, i w. Pat. 

Saint-Yrieix, Saii-8-ri-a, t Fr., 7%. 

Sakmara, Sqk-mq-rq, ;■ Rus,, 350 m. 

Sal, Sql, rg Kus., 250 m.j Peruj Cape 
Verd Is., %. 

Sala, S4-lq, t Nap., 6. 

Salado, Rio, Rg-o 8q-lq-do. rs Buenos 
Ayres, 400 m.; La Plata, 1000 m. 

Salahieh, Sq-lq-he-e, t Lower Eg., 6. 

Salaina, Sq-lq-mq, t Guateoaala, 5. 

Salamanca, Sq-lq-m^g-kq, c Sp., 14. 

Salamis, Sal-a-mis, i of Greece, Gulf 
of ^Egina, 5. 

Salawatty, 8q-lq-wqt-e, i Malay Arch. 

Salayer, Sq-li-er, i Malay Arch., 60. 

Sale, Sq-la, t Sard. States, 5. 

Sale, Sq-la, 8-pt t Morocco, 10. 

Salem, Sa-lem, t Br. Ind., 19; c Mass., 
21, CO is N-J. 4, la. 2, 111. 1. Va.: cap 
Or., \}4x V8 N-Y. 3, N. C. 1%, Miss.; 
t 0., 2)4. 

Salemi, Sq-16-mE, t Sic, 8. 

Salerno, Sq-l^r-no, c Nap., 19; g Med. 

Salford, Sol-ford, t and par Eng., 63}^. 

Salgado, Sql-g^-^'*? f ^"'i ^ Bra,, 4. 

Salghir, Sql-gE/", /■ Crimea, 100 m. 

Salibabo, Sq-li-bq-bo, u Malay Arch. 

Salina, Sq-le-nq, Lipari Is., Med., 4; — 
Sa-lj-na, v N-Y., 2. 

Saline, Sa-len, rg Mich., Mo.; hayou 
La.; r Ark.. 200 m. 

Saliiieville, Sa-len-vil, v 0., )^. 

Saling, Sq-lah, t Fr., 1%. 

Salisbury, Solz-ber-i, c Eng., 11^; co t 
N. C, 2; v» Vt. 1, Mass. 3, Conn. 3, 
Md. UA. 

Salo, Sc'i-lo, t Au8. It., 5%. 

Salona, Sq-l<i-nq, t Greece, 4. [70. 

tialonioa, Sq-lo-n^-kq, t-pt c Eu. Tur., 

Sal R«y, Sql Ra, Cape Verd Is., iy^. 

SaUette, Sql-aet-a, i Br. Ind., 50, 

Salso Maggiore, S^l-so Mqd-jo-ra, V 
Parma, by^. 

Salta, Sql-tq, c La Plata, 8. 

Saltcoats, Solt-kcjts, s-pt t Scot., 4^^. 

Salfillo, Sql-tel-yo, t Mex., 6; — Sal- 
til -o, T8 la., Tenn. 

Salt Lake City, cap Utah Ter., inhab- 
ited by Mormons; pop. 10. 

Salt (Solt) Range, ms Punjab, 

Salt River, cr Ky., entering the Ohio 
below Louisville ; r Mo. 

Saltzburg, Sdlts-burg, v la., %. 

Salubria, Sa-li|,-bri-a. 'V N-Y. 

Saluda, Sa-lq-da, ;■ S. C, 200 m. 

Saluria, Sa-lq-ri-a, 'V Tex. 

Saluzzo, Sq-lc6t-so, c N. It,, 14^. 

Salvisa, Sal-vj-za, v Ky. 

Salwin, Sql-win, large r Far. Ind. a 

Salzburg. Selrs-burA, c Up. Aus., \iy^. 

Salzungen,'Sqlt-siai)-en, t Cen.Ger., :{. 

Salzwedel, Sqlis-va-del, t Prus. Sax.,S. 

Samakov, Sq-mq-kov, ^ En. Tur., 7. 

Sauiana, Sq-mq-nq, pen, Hayti, \%) 
h San Dumingo. 

Samar, Sq-mqy, i Malay Arch., 96)^. 

Samara, Sq-mq-rq, two rs Rus., 150 
and 280 m.: t Rus., 11. [50. 

Samarang, Sq-mq-r^i), ft s-pt t Java, 

Samarcand, Sq-mqr-kqnd, c Indepen- 
dent Toorki.stan, 10. 

Samarrah, Sq-mqr-q, t As. Tur. 

Sambas, Sqm-bqs, t is. Borneo, 10. 

Sambor, Sqm-bo/', t Aus. l^)land. &}^. 

Sambre, Sou-br, r Fr. and Belg., 100 m. 

Siimbuca, Sqm-b(j5-kq, t Sic, 8. 

Samoan, Sa-m(i-an, or Navigator's Is- 
lands, Pac Oc, 50. 

Samoieds, Sam-er-edz, three nomadic 
tribes occupying the shores of tho 
Arctic Ocean. 

Samos, Sa-mos, i w. As. Minor, 50. 

Samothraki, Sq-mo-6rq ke, i ..(Egean 
Sea, ly,. 

Saraozero, Sq-mo-za-ro, I Rus. 

Samsoe, Sqm-se-e, i of Den., b}/^' 

Samson, Xq™-Jon, v Ilun., 22]4. 

Samsoon, Sqm-8if)n, 8-pt t As. Minor. 

Sana, Sq-ndi, c Arabia, 40. 

San Angel, Sqn H\)'Ael, t Mex., 2. 

San Antonio, Sqn fln to-ni-o, t Ven.; 
one of Capo Verd Inlands; — San 
An-t6-ni-a, r and en t Tex., 7. 

San Antonio de Gibraltar, Sqn fln-t<ii- 
ni-o da Hf-hT(\\-i(\r, t Ven., 3. [I. 

San Augustine, San O-gus-ttn, v Tex,, 

San Bartolora6 de Tirajana, Sqn Bq?*- 
to-lo-ran da Te-rq-Ztq-nq, t Canary 
Island, 3V^. 

San Bias, San BIqs, 8-pt t Mex., 2. 

San Buenaventura, Sqn Bwa-nq-ven- 
t<f)-rq, r and t Cal. 

San Carlos, Sqn K(^r-lo8, i Von., 10. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

San Cataldo, Sqn Kq-tql-do, t Sic, 9. 
San Colombano, Sqn Ko-loin-bq-nu), < 

Lombardy, 5. 
Sanda, San-da, i of Scot. 
Sandalwood (Sau-dal-wud) Island, 

populous i Malay Arch. 
San Damiano d'Asa, Squ Dq-mi-^-no 

Dqs-te, t It., 7. 
Sandbach, Sand-bnq, t Eng., 2%. 
San Diego, Sqn De-d-go, co t Cal., 2. 
Sandisfield, San-dis-feid, « Mass., \%. 
San Domingo, San Do-mig-gu, f/r Uie 

Dominican Republic, *^ is. Hayti, 

having the following provinces: San 

Domingo, Azua de Composteia, Sey- 

bo, Santiago de los Caballeros, Con- 

cepcion de la Vega; area 22,000 s. m., 

pop. 126,500 ; c, cap same, 10. 
Sandusky, San-dus-ki, c O., 12. 
Sandwich, Sand-wiq or Sand-wij. hor 

and t Eng., 12%; cs N-H. 2^, Mass., 

\j. W . 
Sandwich Islands, or [lawaii, Hq-wj-s, 

13 is N. Pac. Oc: area 6500 s. m., 

pop. 78,230. 
Sandy Hill, San-di Hill, co t N-Y. 
Sandy River, Va. and Ky., 150 m. 
San Feliiie, Sqn Ea-le-pa, t Ven., 7; 

— San Fil-ip, v Tex. 
Sau Felipe de Aconc.tgua, Sqn Fa-le- 

pa da H-kon-kq-gwq, t Chili, 12. 
San Felipe de Jativa, Sqn Fa-le-pa da 

//q-te-vq, c Sp., 1314.^ 
San Fernando de Apure, Sqn Fer-n^n- 

do da H-i>i)-ra, t Yen., 6. 
San Filippo d'Argiro, Sqn .Fe-Iip-o 

Dqr-J8-ro, t Sic, 1%. 
San Francisco, San Fran-sis-ko c Cal., 

60 ; — Bay, the finest harbor in the 

world, Fac Oc, Cal. 
San Francisco de la Montana, Sqn 

Frqn-sis-ko da Iq Mon-tq-nq, t N- 

Gran., b%. 
Sangamon, Sar)-ga-mon, r 111., 200 m. 
Sangar, Sqn-gqr, dr separating islands 

Niphon and Yesso. 
Sangay, Sqn-gj, vol m S. Am. 
Sangerhausen, Sq^-er-h-g-zen, t Prus. 

Sax., b%. 
San German, Sqn JTer-m^n, t is. Porto 

Rico, 9i<^. 
San Germane, Sqn Jer-m(!i-no, t Nap., 5. 
San Gil, Sqn i/ei, t N-Gran., 6. 
San Giovanni in Fiore, Sqn Jo-van-e 

in Fe-d)-ra, t Nap., b%. 
Sanguir, Sqn-ger, t Malay Arch. 
Sang-Koi, Sq^-Kor, r Far. Ind., 600 m. 
San Jacinto, Sqn Ja-sin-to, r and v 

8&n Jaime, Sqn J7j-ma, t Yen., 7. 

San Joaqnin, Sqn fio-q-ken, r Cal., 

350 m.; co and t do. 
San Jose, Sqn Ho-za, one of Pearl Is., 

Gulf of Panama ; i Gulf of Califor- 
nia ; CO t Cal., 2. 
San Jose de Buenavista, Sqn Hq-ssl 

da Bwa-nq-ves-tq, t Phil. Is., 7. 
San Jose del Interior, Sqn i/u-sa del 

8n-ta-ri-a)r, t Costa Rica, 18. 
San Jo?e del Parral, Sqn JJq-sA del 

Pqr-ql, t Mex., 5. 
San Juan, Sqn i/oo-^n, re Nicaragua, 

li)0 m.; Bolivia, 300 m.; Mex., 150 m.; 

t I'eru, 18; — Ji^-an, t Cal. 
San Juan de la Frontera, Sqn //(D-qn 

da Iq Fron-ta-rq. prov La Plata, 25. 
San Juan de los Remedies, Sqn i/co-^n 

da lu)s Ra-ma-di-os, t Cuba, 5]4. 
San Juan del Rio, Sqn i/cD-^n del Re- 
el, t Mex., 10. 
San Juan de Porto Rico, Sqn Boi-^n 

da PoJr-to Re-ko, c is. Per. Ri., 11. 
San Lorenzo de la Frontera, Sqn Lco- 

ren-zo da Iq Fron-ta-rq, t Bol., 4. 
San Lucar de Barrameda, Sqn Ii()b-kqr 

da Bq;"-q-ma-dq, c Sp., 17. 
San Luis, Sqn L<f)-is, prov and c La 

San Luis Potosi, Sqn L()o-is Pca-to-SE, 

it Mex.; pop. 394,592: c same, 40. 
San Marco in Lamis, Sqn Mqr-ko in 

Ldi-mis, t Nap., 9. [Tex. 

San Marcos, Sqn M(!ir-kos, r and co t 
San Marino, Sqn Mq-rE-no. t It., 1%. 
Sau Martin, Sqn 'Sl(\r-iin,'V La Plata, 2. 
San Miguel, Sqn Me-gel, two is San 

Salvador, 8 and 10: t Cal.; tol state 

of Salvador; har N-Gran. [7%. 

San Nicandro, Sqn Nc-k^n-dro, <Nap., 
San Nicolas, Sqn Ne-ko-lqs, Gape 

Yerde Island, 6. 
San Nicolo, Sqn Ne-ko-16, cap t is. 

Tinos, Gr. Arch., 4. 
San Patricio, Sqn Pq-tre-si-o, co and 

CO t Tex. {%; pi Cal. 

San Pedro, Sqn Pe-dro, t La Plata 1- 
Sanquhar, Sa\)k-er, t Scot., 1%. 
San lloque, Sqn Rw-ka, c Sp., 7%. 
San Salvador, Sqn Sql-vq-d(f)r, repvh^ 

lie Cen. Am.; area 7500 s. m., pop. 

280,000; c, cap of the republic; one of 

Bahama Is.; t S. Guinea, 20. 
San Salvador De Bayamo, Da B^n-mo, 

t Cuba, 10. [10. 

Sansanding, Squ-squ-dip-, t Cen. Af., 
San Severo, Sqn Sa-vn-ro, t Nap., 17. 
Santa Anna, Sqn-tq fln'q, t San Sal., 

10; ts Cal., &c.: — Da Chaves, Da 

C4-ves, cap t is. of St. Thomas, 

Gulf of Guinea. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Santa Barbnra, Sqn-tq Bqr-bq-rq, co t 

Cal., 1; t Bra., 4; — Islands, s. of Cal. 
Santa Caterina, Sqn-tq Kq-ta-re-nq, 

ft t Sicily, 5%. [12. 

Santa Catharina, Kq-tq-re-nq, i Bra., 
Santa Clara, Sqn-tq Klq-rq, co t Cal. 
Santa Cruz, Sqn-tq KriDS, r Pat., 200 

m.: CO t Cal.; — or Saint Croix, Sant 

Krer, largest o£ the Virgin Is., 25% ; 

t Brazil, 3 : t\i. Luzon, 5)^. 
Santa Cruz De La Palma, Da Lq Pql- 

mq. cap is. Paluia, 5%. 
Santa Cruz De Los Rosalea, Da Los 

RoJ-sq-les, t N. Mex. 
Santa Cruz De Teneriffe, Da Ten-e-rif, 

cap c Canary Is., 8. 
Santa Fe, Squ-tq Fa, cap t N-Mex., 4- 

%\ t Sp., 43^; i and c La Plata, 4. 
Santagny, Sqn-tqg-n8, t is. Majorca, 5. 
Santa Inez, Sqn-tq 8-nes, r and t Cal. 
Santa Juana, Sqn-tq 7/d q-nq, i Chili. 
Santa Margarita, Sqn-tq Mqr-gq-re-tq, 

t Sicily, 7; * Lower Cal. 
Santa Maria, Squ-tq Mq-re-q, i of the 

Azores. [Majorca, h)^. 

Santa Maria De Rosal, Da Ro-sql, t 
Santa Maria Di Capua, Dc Kq-pco-q, 

t Naples, 8»^. 
Santa Marta, Mqr-tq, 8-pi N-Gran., 8. 
Santa Maura, M^-rq, Ionian Is., 18. 
Santander, Sqn-tq,n-d4r, c Sp., 16i^; 

r Mex., 110 m. [Brazil, 10. 

Santarem, Sqn-tq-ren, t Port., 8; t 
Santa Rita, Re-tq, t' Tex., \\i. 
Santa Rosa, R6-sq, t Mex., 4; t Chili, 6; 

t N-Gran.; co Fa. 
Santee, San-te, r S. C, 150 m. 
Santiago, Sqn-ti-^-go, largest Cape 

Verde Is., 10; dep Chili; ;• and ^ Ec; 

r San Salvador; v Mex. 
Santiago De Chili, D§ Gil-c, cap c 

Chili, 80. 
Santiago De Corapostela, Da Kom-pos- 

ta-lq, c Sp., 29. [24»^. 

Santiago De Cuba. Da K(Jb-bq, c Cuba, 
Santiago De Las Vegas, Da Lqs Va- 

gqs, t Cuba, h%. 
Santiago Del Estero, Del Es-ta-ro, 

prov and t La Plata, 4. 
Santiago De Los Caballeros, Da Los 

Kq-bql-yu-ros, t Hayti, 12. 
Santo Ant<jnio, Sqnt Hn-t^-ni-o, Cape 

de Verde Island. 
Santo Antonio De Sa, Da Sq, t Bra., 7. 
Santo Antonio Dos Guarulbos, Dias 

Gwq-r<)bl-yo3, t Bra., 6. [13. 

Santorini, Sqn-lo-r^-nt, i Gr. Arch., 
Santos, S^n-tos, t Bra., 8; t N-Gran. 
Santo Stefano Daveto, St'^n-to Sta-fq- 

so D<i-Ta-t<j, t Sardiaiau States, O)^. 

San Vicente, Sqn Vs-sen-ta, t Sp., 6%; 
t San Salvador, 8. [6. 

Sao Bernardo, Sun Ber-n^r-do, c Bra., 

Sao Francisco, S'sh Frqn-ses-kta, r Bra., 
1250 rn.; i Bra. 

Sao Joao Del Rei, S-sn So-^yn Del Ra-e 
c Bra., 6: — Do Principe, Do Pren- 
si-pa, t Bra., 6. 

Sao Jorge, S-sh Sor-ga, one of the 
Azores Is., 4. 

Sao Jorge Dos Ilheos, Sun Sor-ga Dos 
Pl-ya-os, t Bra., 3. 

Sao Jose, So-za, t Bra., 5. 

Sao Miguel de Piracicaba, Sun Me-gel 
da Pe-rq-si-kq-bq, -v Bra., 11. 

Saone, Son, r Fr,, 316 m. 

Saone-et-Loire, San-a-Lwqr, dep Fr., 
3270 s. m.. pop., 547,720. 

Sao Paulo, Sufi-Pu-lo, c Bra., 22. 

Sao Ramao, Ro-mun, t Bra., 3. 

Sao Roque, Rij-ka, -^ Bra., 4. 

Sao Salvador, Sql-vq-dor, c Bra. 

Sao Sebastiao, Sa-bqs-ti-un, t Bra., 3. 

Sapan Tagh, Sq-pqn Tqg, m As. Tur. 

Saparooa, Sq-pq-rci)-q, is Malay Arch. 

Sapucahi, Sq-pD-kq-e. r Bra., 200 m. 

Saquarema, Sq-kwq-rq-mq, t Bra., 7. 

Sara, Bayou, Bj-co Sa-ra, La. 

Saragossa, Sq-rq-gos-q, c Sp., 30. 

Sarahsville, Sa-raz-vil, co t 0., )^, 

Saramaca, Sq-rq-mq-kq, r Dutch Gui- 
ana, 200 m. 

Saransk, Sq-rc^nsk, t Rus., 8%. 

Sarapiqui, Sq-rq-pe-ke, r Ccn. Am. 

Sarapool, Sq-rq-p(6l, t Rus., 6. 

Sarare, Sq-rq-ra, r Brazil. 

Saratoga ( Sar-a-fo-ga ) Lake, N-Y. 

Saratoga Springs, i) N-Y., 6)^. 

Saratov, Sq-rq-tov, ft t Rus., 45. 

Sarawak, Sq-rq-wqk, t is. Borneo, 12. 

Sardinia, Sq/'-din-i-a, large i Med. 
Sea: area 9235 s. in., pop. 552,665; 
— Kingdom, s. of Eu., composed o£ 
the island of Sardinia, and the Sar- 
dinian States on the Continent, 
namely:— Alessandria, Anneoy, Co- 
ni or Cuneo, Genoa, Ivrea. Nice, No- 
vara, Savona, Savoy or Chamb^ry, 
Turin, Vercelli: area 28,229, pop. 
5,090,545; t'» N-Y., O. 

Sareo trr Sari, Sq-re, t Persia, 30. 

Saritit, Sqr-lq, t Fr., 6. 

Sarmatta, Sqr-mqt-q, * Malay Arch. 

Sarmiento, Sq/'-mi-en-to, m Terra del 

Sarnia, Sqr-ni-a, t C. W., IJ^. 

Sarno, Sq/'-no, t Nap., 7. 

Sarpa, Sq/*-[)q, r Rus., 200 m. 

Sarre, Sqr, /• Fr., and N. Gcr., 120 m. 

Sarreguemiacs, Sqr-gu-men, i Fr., ^%. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Sarthe, Sqt- 1, r Fr., 145 m. 
Sarzana, Sq/'d-zq nq, t N. It., 8^-^. 
Sarzeau, Sqr-z6, t N. It., 7)^. 
Sasik^ Sq-sik, I S. Kus. 
Sa.-<katchewan, Sas-kaq-e-won, r Br. 

N. Am., 1000 m. 
Sassari, Sq-aq-re, c is. Sardinia, 24. 
Satoralia Ujhely, S^-to-rol-yo (D-i- 
^ hely," ^ Hun., 7%. [Ind. 

Satpoora (Sqt-p(6-rq) Mountains, Ci!n. 
Sattarah, Sqt-tq-rq, du and co/J ^ Brit. 

Saucelito, Sa-se-le-to, natal station 

Cal., 12 m. of San Francisco. 
Saugerties, (rr Ulster, So-ger-tiz, or 

Ul'ster, V X-Y. 
•Sauk (Sak) Indians, same as Sacs. 
Sauk Rapids, CO < Min., ^: rdo. 
Saumur, So-mer, t Fr., 141^. 
Saundersville, Son-derz-vil, co t Ga. 
Saut (<?;• Sault) Sainte Marie, So San 

Mq-re, usually Sd) Sant Ma-re, xs 

Mich., 1. 
Savage Islands, Pac. Oc. 
Savaii, Sq-vj-e, Samoan Island, Pac. 

Oc, 20. 
Savanah, Sa-van-a, r S. C, 450 m.; c 

Ga., 16 ; CO ts Tenn., Mo.: t 111. 
Save, Sqv or Sav, r Aus. Em., 550 m. 
Saverne, Sq-v4?*n, t Fr., %]/^. 
Savigliano, Sq-vel-y(\-n(a,/if < It., 15)^. 
Savona, Sq-vto-nq, t It., '\^]/i. 
Savoo, Sq-vc6, i S. Pac. Oc, 25. 
Savoy, (Duchy of,) Sav-ff, one of the 

Sardinian States, pop. 591,135. 
Sawarcarna ( So-war-kqr-na ) River, 

Mo. Ter., 200 m. 
Saxe - Altenburg , Saks - fll'ten-burg , 

dxichy Cen. Ger., pop. 132,850. 
Saxe-Cobarg-Gotha, Saks-Koi-burg- 

Go-tn, duchy Gen. Ger., pop. 150,412. 
Saxe-Meiningen-Hildburghausen, Saks 

Mj-ni{)-en Hild burg-hi5-zen, ducky 

Cen. Ger., 160,364. 
Saxe-Weimar-Ei;ionach, Saks-Wj-mnr- 

ii'zen-ak, grand duchy Cen. Ger., 

pop. 262,524. 
Saxon (Saks-on) Land, s. part Tran- 
sylvania, pop. 446,700. 
Saxony, Saks-o-ni, k Cen. Ger., pop, 

1,987,832; — Prussian, prov central 

part Prussia, pop. 1,781.300. 
Saypan, Sj-pqn, Ladrone Island. 
Scala Nova, Skq-lq N6-vq, s-jit t As. 

Min., 20. 
Scalpa, Skal-pa, is Hebrides. 
Scalpay, Skal-pa, * Hebribes, "%. 
Scarborough, Sk^r-bur-o, hor and 8-pt 

t Eng., 13. 
Scarp, Skqrp, i Outer Hebrides, %. 

Scarpanto, Sk^r-pqn-to, i Med. Sea. 
Schaerbeek, SAqr-bak, v Belg., A}/^. 
Schaffhausen, >]qf-h^-zen, can and t 

of Swit., 1%. 
Schaghticoke, Sag-ti-kok, T N-Y. 
Schassburg, Xes-btDrA, t Tran., 6i^. 
Scheldt, Skelt, r Eu., 200 m. 
Schelestadt, Sa-les-tqd, /i f Fr., lO*^. 
Schcmnitz, Zem-nits, t Hun., 19. 
Sc-hcnccrady, Sken-ek-ta-di, c N-Y., 9. 
Schiedam, SAe-d^m, t Neth., 12%. 
Schiermonnik-oog, SAc/'-mon-ik-og, * 

N. Sea, %. 
Schintznach, Xints-nqA, 7) Swit., 1)^. 
Schio, SkE-C), t Aus. It., fi%. [>|. 

Schl,xngenberg, Xlq?)-en-be/A, t Sib., 4- 
Schleisingerville, Xlj-si^i-cr-vil, v Wis. 
Schleitz, Xljts, t Cen. Ger., 4%. 
Schleusingen, Xlff-sifl-en, t Prus. Sax. 

Schluckenau, Xluik-e-n-s, t Boh., 33<^. 
Schmalkalden, Xm4l-kql-den, t Ger., 
^ 43^. [3%. 

Schmiedeberg, Xme-de-berA, t Ger., 
Schneeberg, Xna-be^'A, t Sax., 7%. 
Schneekoppe, Xna-kop-e, m Prus. Sil. 
Schneidemiihl, S|n-de-mel, t Prus. Pol., 

4K. ' (2%. 

Schohario, Sko-har-c, co and v N-Y., 
Sehonheide, Xon-hj de, v Sax., 4)^. 
Sehonlinde, X6n-lin-de, t Boh., 6. 
Schonwalde, Xen-wql-de, t Prus., 2\^. 
Schoodic f Skcb-dik) Lakes, Me. 
Schoolcraft, Skobl-kraft, v Mich., \%. 
Schoorisse, SA6-ris-e, v Belg., Z%. 
Schorndorf, Xe/'n-dorf, t Wurt., 3%. 
Schouten (Xda-ten) Island, e. coast of 

Van Die. Land: i Malay Arch. 
Schouwen, Sk"^-en, i prov. of Zeal. 
Schreckhorn, Xrek-hern, vi Swiss Alps, 

13,492 ft. [the Danube. 

Schiitt, X?t, (Great and Little,) i in 
Schuyler, Skj-ler, cog 111., N-Y., Mo. 
Schuylerville, Skj-ler-vil, v N-Y. 
Schuylkill, Skitl-kil, r Pa., 120 m. 
Schuylkill Haven, hnr Va.Ji}^. 
Schwabach, Xwq-bqA, t Bavaria, 10. 
Schwarza, Xwqrt-sq, rs Ger. 

R<6-dol-stqt, princip Ger., 69,000. 
Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, Xwqrts- 

burA-Son-derz-hu-zen, principality 

Cen. Ger.. 60,847. 
Schwatz, Xwqts. t Tyrol, 8. 
Schwedt, Xwet, t Prus., 6)^. [13. 

Schweidnitz, Xwjd-nitz, /i t Prus. Sil., 
Schweinfurt, Xwjn-furt, t Bav., 1%. 
Schwcrin, Xwa-ren, t N. Ger., 17)/^; S 

Prus., 5)^: * Ger. 
Schwiebus, Xwe-btas, t Prus. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Schwytz, Svvits, r Swit., 5)^. 
Sciacca, S'lk q, s-pt t Sicily, 12^. 
Seiglio, Xil-yo, pntm'S Ap[^s. 
Scilly(Sil-i) Islands, 3. vr. oiEng.,2%. 
Scio, Xs-(0 w Sj-co, i w. of Aa. Min., 

62: t of same l4X: vs N-Y., 2.; Mich., 
Sciortino, ]S3/*-ts-nG), t Sicily, 6. [1-34. 
Scioto, Si-Q-to, r 0., 200 rn. 
Scipio, Sip-i-o, vs la., N-Y. 
Seituate, Sit-i],-at, .» Mass., 2}/^. 
Solavonia, Sklii-v6-ni-a, pi'ov Aus. 
Scoglio Grande, Sktjl-yo Grqo-da, 

largest Brioni Island, Adriatic Sea. 
Scotland, Skot-land, northern part of 

the island of Gr. Brit.; area 29,417, 

pop. 2,888,742. 
Scottsvillo, Sk()ts-vil, t?« N-Y., Va,, IJ^; 

CO ts Va., Ala., Ky. 
Scninton, Skran-ton, hor Pa., 3. 
Scriba, Skri-ba, v N-Y., 2^. 
Seriven, Skriv-en, co G:t. 
Smalltown, Skdl-tTn, v N-J. 
Scutari, Sktb-tq-re, t As. Min,, 50; t 

Eu. Tur., 40. 
Seabrook, Se-bruk, v N-H., Vyi. 
•Seacombe, Se-kutnb. « Eng., 3. 
Saaford, Se-ford, v Del., %. 
Seal Islands, Pac. Oc, oft l*eru. 
Seal River, Br. N. Am., 200 m. 
Searciy, Sor-si, co Ark,: en t do. 
Searsmont, Serz-mont, v Me., ^. 
Searsport, Serz-port, xi Me.. 2. 
Seattle, Set-1, co t Wash, Ter. 
Sebastian, Se-bast-yan, co Ark. 
Sobastopol or Sevastopol, Se-bas-t^- 

pol, i Has., 40. 
Su-Beero (Se-Be-rcD) Island, Ind. Oc. 
•Sebenico, Sa-ba-ni-ko, M)almatia, 6. 
Secunderabad, Se-kun-der-q-b^d, t 

Ind., 34>^, 
Sudan, Se-doh, ft t Fr., 37. 
Sedbergh, Sed-berg. t Eng., 4>^. \2\i. 
Sedgefield, Sej-feld, t and par Eng., 
Sediitz or Seidlitz, Sed-litz, v Boh., 

mineral springs. L'^/^- 

Seehausen, Sa-hK-zen, t Prus. Sax., 
Seekonk, Se-kogk, v Mass., 23^. 
Seeland or Zealand, Ze-lqnd, the 

largest » belonging to Denmark, bet. 

the Cattegat and the I^iltic Sea; 

area 2840 s. ra,, pop, 499,400. 
Seelyville, S«-li-vil, v Pa., %. 
Seevas, SB-vq?, t As. Tur., 2i. 
Seez, Sa, t Fr., 5. 

Sego, Sa-go, I Rus.; t Cen. Af., 30. 
Segorbe, Sa-g»r-ba, c Sp., 6. 
Segovia, Sa-g6-vi-q, c Sp., 6%. 
Segre, Sa-gra, r Sp., 150 m. 
Seguin, Se-gwin, o> t Tex. f m. 

Seguodo, Sd-giDo-dw, r La Plata, 130 

Segura, Sa-gc6-rq, r Sp., 180 m. 
Seil, Sel, i Inner Hebrides. 
Seiland, Sj-lqnd, i n. w. Norway. 
Seine, San, /' Fr., 497 m.; dep Fr.; 

area 185 s. ra,, pop. 1,420,580. 
Seine-et-Marne, San-a-Mqrn, dep Fr., 

area 2154 s. m., 345,076. 
Seine-et-Oise, San-a-Wqz, dep Fr.; 
^ area 2141 s. m., pop. 421.882. ^ 
Seine-Inferieure, San-An-fa-ri-er, dej) 

Fr.; area 2298 s. m., pop. 762,039. " 
Selangan, Sa-lqn-gqn, t is. Murdinao, 

Selby, Sel-bi, t and par Eng., b%. 
Selighor, Sa-li-g4/*, I l^us. 
Selime, Sa-le-ma, oasis desert Nubia. 
Selimno, Sa-lira-ncj, ^ Eu. Tur., 20. 
Selkirk, Sel-kerk, t and par Scot., 

Selma, Sel-raa, vs Ala., IJ^; Mo. 

Semao, Sa-mq-o, i Malay Arch. 

Semeudria, Ss-men-dri-q,/^^Servia, 9. 

Semerone, Se-me-ron, r Ind. Ter., 
600 m. 

Seminole (Sera-i-nol or Sem-in-o-k ) 
Indians, tr Fa. 

Semlm, Sem-lan, t Aus. Em., lOJ^. 

Seneca, Sen-e-ka, v C. W., 3%. 

Seneca Falls, v N-Y. 

Seneca Indians, tr w. N-Y. 

Seneca Lake, N-Y.; vs N-Y., N. C. 

Seneffe, Se-nef, v Belg., 33-^. 

Senegal, S3n-E-gal, r W. At., 1000 m.: 
Fr. col W. Af. 

Senegatnbia, Sen-e-gam-bi-a, a region 
\V. Af.: the history of the country 
is too imperfect to obtain its area, 
and the number of its inhabitants. 

Seniuvine (Sa-ni-q-ven) Islands, Pac. 

Senjen, Sen-yen, u n. w. coast Nor. 

Senlis, Soh-les, t Fr., 5^. 

Sennaar, Sen-qr, st and c Af., 4. 

Sens, Son, c Fr., W^i. 

Sentis, Son-tis, m Swit., SJ^ ft. 

Sept-Isles, Sot-Sl, is n. Brittany. 

Sepulga, Se-ptil-ga, r Ala. d 

Sequatchie, Sp-kwaq-e, r Tenn., 100 m. 

Seraing, Se-rafi, v Belg., 3>^. [%. 

Sorampore, Ser-ampur, t Br. Ind., 12- 

Seroq, S^rk, i Eng. Chan. 

Seres, Ser-es, t Eu. Tur., 30. 

Sercth, Ser-^t, r Moldavia, 270 m. . 

Sergipe. Sez-je-pa, v and prov Brazil, 
31,958 s. ra ; pop. 175,000. 

Serido, Sa-re-do, r Bra., 120 m. 

Serinagur, Ser-i-nq-gdr, cap c Cash- 
mere, 40. [S. Ind. 

Soringapatam, Ser-io-ga-pa-tam, ft 

Sariuo, Sq-re-no), t Naples, (}. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Serle (Serl) Island, Pac. Oc, %. 
Sermatta, Se^'-mq-tq, i Malay Arch. 
Sermide, Si3/--ine-da, v Aust. It., 5. 
Serpho, Ser-fo), i Gr. Arch,, %. 
Serpookhov, Scr-poo-Aov, t llus., 13. 
Serravalle, Ser-q-vq-la, t It., b%. 
Servia, Scr-vi-a, ei/ Eu., area 20,000 
Seskar, Ses-kqr, i Gulf of Fin. [s. m. 
Sestri a Levante, Ses-trs H-la-vqn-ta, 

t N. It., 7^. 
Setang, Se-tag, r Burmah, 260 m. 
Sotauket, Se-te-ket, v N-Y. 
Setta, Set-q, t Dahomey, 9. 
Si3ttle, S6t-l, t Eng., 2. 
Setubal, Sa-t*6-bql, s-ptcFort.f 15. 
Sevastopol or Sebastopol, Sev-as-td)- 

pol, t and naval station Eu. Ru3.,40. 
•Sevellan, Sa-vel-qn, w N. Per., 13,000 ft. 
Sevenoaks, Sev-n-(f)ks, t Eng., \%. 
Severn, Sev-ern, r Eng., 210 m.: r 

MJ., &e. 
Sevier, Sev-er, cos Ark., Tenn. 
Seville, Sev-il, c Sp., 100)^; vO. 
Sevre-Nantaise, Sevr (or Savr) Non- 

taz, r Fr., 70 m. 
Sevre-Niortaise, Ne-er-taz, r Fr. 
Sevres, Sevr m' Savr, t Fr., A%. 
Sevres, Deux, De Savr, dep Fr.; area 

2315 s. m., pop! 323,615. 
Sevvickleyvillo, SiVik-li-vil, t 0., %. 
Seybo, Si-bo, t Hayti, 5. 
Seychelles, Sa-Jel, is Ind. Oc, 7. 
Seymour. Se-mer, vs Conn., la., C. W. 
Sezzn, Set-:r-q, t It., ^%. 
Shaduan, Xq-doD-qn, * Red Sea. 
Shaftsbury, Xafts-ber-i, &<>;• and ^Eng., 

2>^; V Vt., 2. 
Shahpor, Xq-p(f»r, r Persia. 
Shalersviile, Xa-lerz-vil, t'« Pa., 0. 
Shainaka, Old, Old Sq-mq-kq, 'O Rus., 

Shammar (Xam-^r) Mountains, Arabia. 
Shamokin, Xam-o-kin, v Pa., 2. 
Shamrock, Xam-rok, 'V 0. 
Shanesville, Xanz-vil, v 0., %. 
Shang-IIai, Sag-Hj, s-pt c China, 190. 
Shang-I-Yuen, Xqij-B-YcD-en, t China, 
Shannon, Xan-on, r Ir., 221 m. [100. 
Shannondale ( Xan-on-dal ) Springs, 

tvatering- place Va. 
Shannonville, Xan-on-vil, ^'8 Pa., C. 

W., M. 
Shao-Choo, Sq-o-Cdo, c China, 40. 
Shao-Hing, Xq-o-Hip, c China. 
Shao-King, Xq-o-Kiij, /^ c China. 
Shao-Woo, Xq-o-Wdb, ft c China. 
Shapinshay, Eap-in-Ja, Orkney Is., %. 
Sharon, Xa-ron, 'Vs Vt., Mass., Conn., 

Pa., Va., Miss., 0., Mich., 111., lo., 


Sharon Centre, v 0. [N-Y. 

Sharon Springs, v and watering-place 
Sharonville, Xa-ron-vil, D 0. 
Sharpsburg, Xqrps-burg, rs la., 2; Ky. 
Sharpsville, Xqrps-vil, 'V la. 
Sharptown, Xqrp-tijn, v N-J, 
Shasta, Xqs-ta, co t Cal. 
Shaste, Xqs-tE, m Cal., 11,000 ft. 
Shatsk, Xqtsk, t Rus., 6. 
Shawnee (Xa-ne) Indians, t7' now in 

Kansas Ter. 
Shawneetovvn, Xo-ne-t-sn, t 111., 2. 
Shayuen, Xa-yq-en, r Min., 300 va. 
Sheboygan, Xe-ber-gan, r and t Wis.j 

— Fulls, V Wis., %. 
Shediac, Xed-i-qk, t N-Brun., 2. 
Sheeraz, Xe-rqz, c Per., 30. 
Sheerness, Xsr-nes, s-pt t Eng., 83^3. 
Sheffield, Xef-eld, 2^^^^ ^^^ ^ i^ug.j 

135>^; vs Mass., 2%; Pa., &e. 
Shehr, XeAr, t Arabia, 6. 
Sheilville, Xel-vil, p la. 
Shelbarn, Xel-burn, vsYt.,\'%:,J^-B.. 
Shelburne, Xel-burn, s-pt t N. Scotia. 
Shelburne Falls, v Mass., 1. 
Shelby, Xel-bi, xs N-Y., 0.; co t N. C. 
Shelbyville, Xel-bi-vil, co tt Tex. 

Tenn., 1; Ky., 2; la., l^; 111., Mo. 
Sheldon, Xel-don,^ ts Vt., .X-Y. 
Sheligov, Xel-i-gov, I Rus. Am. 
Shellitf, Xel-if, r Algeria, 250 m. {va. 
Shenandoah, Xen-an-dJ)-o, r Va., 170 
Shenango, Xe-nan-go, cr Pa. [2/^. 

Shepherdstowu, Xep-erdz-t-sn, t A^'a., 1- 
Sheperdsville, Xep-erdz-vil, co t Ky. 
Sheppy, Xep-i, i Eng., in mouth of 

Shepton-Mallet, Xep-toa-Mal-et, t and 

23ar Eng., Z%. 
Sherborn, Xer-born, v 3Iass. 
Sherborne, Xer-born, t Eng., 3^. 
Sherboro, Xer-bur-o, * off Guinea; r 

Guinea, 230 m. 
Sherbrooke, Xer-bruk, i C. E., 1)^. 
Sherburne, Xer-burn, v N-Y., 2%. 
Sheridan, Xer-i-dan, v N-Y. 
Shermon, Xer-man, co t Tex. 
Shermansville, Xer-manz-vil, v R. I. 
Sherington, Xer-ig-ton, v C. E., \)4,. 
Shetland (Xet-land) Islands, arch N. 

At. Oc, 31. 
Shiashkotan, Xe-qJ-ko-tqu, Koorile i. 
Shiawassee, Xi-a-wos-e, r, co and v 

Mich. [Eng., 29. 

Shields, South, S-st Xeldz, hor and t 
Shieldsborough, Xeldz-bur-o, co t 

Miss., 13^. 
Shiel, Loch, hoh Xel, I Scot. 
Shienne, Xe-en, /• Mo., 200 m. 
Shiffnal, Xif-nal, t Eng., b%. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Shikarpoor, Eik-ar-pcftr, t Sinde, 30, 

Shiloh, Sj-lo. T» N-J., N. C. 

Shinaadoah Xia-an-do-a, n N-T. 

Shinnston, Xinz-ton, t Va, 

Shippensburg, Zip-enz-burg, lyor Pa. 

Shippensrille, Xip-enz-vil, v Venn. 

ShipyMngport, Xip-ii)-port, T Ky. 

Shirley, Xer-li, v Mass., 1%. 

Shoa or Schoa, Scd-q, state Abys. 

Shoalhaven, Sol-ha-ven, r N. S, Wales. 

Shokapee, Xa-ka-pe, co t Minn. 

Shokokon, Xo-ko-kon, p o 111. 

Shoneaw, Xuj-ne-e, v Wis. 

Shongalo, Xor)-ga-lo, T Mis?. 

Shoojuabad, Xa)-ja)-a-bqd, t Pun Jab, 10. 

Shooinla, Xtora-lq, c Bulgaria, 21. 

Shooster, Xi)3-ter, c Persia, 8. 

Shoreham, Sor-ham, »-pt t Eng., 2}/^; 
f Vt., \%. 

Shoshonees, So-Jo-nsz, or Snake In- 
dians, tr Oregon. 

SUowstown, Xoiz-t-sn, v Penn., 1. 
■ Shreveport, Xrev-port, cot La., 3. 

Shrewsbury, Xr6z-ber-i or Erdbz-ber-i, 
hjr and t Eng., 19^; vs Vt., N-J., 
Ponn. [Scotia. 

Shubenacadie, X(6-ben-a-ka-de, r N. 

Shullsburg, Sdlz-burg, v Wis., 2}^. 

Shumalari, Xutn-a-lar-g, peak of the 
Ilimoaalaya Mountains, 27,200 ft. 

Shuna, Xi\-na, i Inner Hebrides. 

Sbusan, Xi\-san, v N-Y. 

Siah-Koh, Se-a-k6, m Afghanistan. 

Siak or Siakh, SE-qk,r and*^ Sumatra. 

Siam, Sj-am, kimj Asia; area, about 
250,000 s. m.; pop., about 5,000,000; 
g Siam, 500 by 300 m. 

Siaino, Se-^-mo, * Malay Arch. 

Siang-Yang; Se-^fl-Yqi), c China. 

Siasconset, Si-as-kon-set, v Mass. 

Siberia, Sj-be-ri-a, large territory of 
North Asia belonging to Russia. Di- 
visions: West Siboria — Tobolsk, 
Tomsk, Omsk. East Siberia — Yeni- 
seisk, Irkootsk, Yakootsk, Okhotsk, 
Katntchatka, Tchodktchee. Area, 
4.812,389; pop. 2,887,184. 

Sibkah, Al, fll Sib-kq, Bait I North 
Africa, 80 by 20 m. 

Sibley, Sib li, v Mo. 

Sibuyan. Se-bcD-ydn, i Malay Arch. 

Sicily, Sis-i-li, i Mediterranean; area, 
10,556 8. m.; pop. 2,041,583. 

Siculiana, Se-kii)l-y(\-nq. t Sicily, b%. 

Sidmouth, Sid-mut, 8-pt t and par 
Eng., 3txJ. 

Sidney, Sid-ni, n Me., N-Y., Tod., 
111., Iowa: CO t O. [fti^. 

Biegen, Seg-en, t Prus, Westphalia, 

Sieana, Se-^n-ci, c Tuscany, 22. 

Sierra, Se-er-q, Sp, TTord for " saw," 
applied to the notched appearance of 
mountain ridges. 

Sierra Acarai, fl-kq-rj, ms S. Am, 

Sierra Blanca, Blqp-kq. m New Mex. 

Sierra de Caballo, da Kq-bql-yo, ma 
New Mexico. 

Sierra de la Lanterna, da Iq Lqn-ter- 
nq, m New Mex. [Ter. 

Sierra de la Platte, da Iq Plat, wUtah 

Sierra de la Vinda, da Iq Ven-dq, m 
Cordillera in Peru. 

Sierra do los Ju manes, da los jHio-mq- 
nes, rm New Mex. [New Mex. 

Sierra de San Juan, da Sqn H<x>-c\n,m8 

Sierra Leone, Lg-6-ne, British colonial 
settlement. West Africa, 44)^. 

Sierra Madre, Mq-dra, ms Mexico. 

Sierra Morena, Mo-ra-nq, ms Spain. 

Sierra Morina, Mo-rg-nq, m,s Cal. 

Sierra Nevada, Na-vq-dq, ms Sp. Pen.; 
— Na-vq-dq, ms Cal. [Am. 

Sierra Pacaraima, Pq-kq-rj-mq, ms S. 

Sigourney, Sig-ur-ni, v Iowa, ^. 

Siguenza, Ss-gwen-tq, t Sp., 5. 

Sikhs (jt Seiks, Seks, warlike nation, 
Br. India. ^ {]4. 

Sikino, Se-kg-no, i Grecian Arch.j 

Sikokf, Se-kokf, i Japan. 

Silesia, Si-lg-Ji-a, prov Prus.; area, 
15,820 s. m.; pop. 3,060,593. 

Silesia, Austrian, part of Silesia sub- 
ject to Austria. 

Silistria, Si-lis-tri-a, c Eu. Tur,, 20, 

Siljan, Sil-yqn, I Sweden. 

Silvan, Sil-van, v Mich., 1. 

Silver Creek, » N-Y. 

Silver Spring, v Penn., 2. 

Simabara, Se-mq-bq-rq, g Japan. 

Simbeersk or Simbirsk, Sim-bersk, got 
Russia; area, 27,944 s, m.; pop. 1,- 
024,236; cap c of above, 35>^. 

Simcoe, Sim-ko, I and t Can. W., 1^. 

Simferopol or Simpheropol, Sim-fer- 
6-pol, t S. Russia, 8. 

Simooseer, S£-ma)-ser, Koorile island. 

Simplon, Sah-ploh, m Switz. 

Simpsonvillo, Simp-son-vil, i) Ky. 

Simsbury, Simz-ber-i, ^' Conn., 2. 

Sinai, Sj-na or Sj-na-j, Mount, Scrip- 
ture m, Arabia; pen bet. Gulfs of 
Suez and Akabah. 

Sind, Sind, r Hind., 220 m. 

Sinde, Sind, ter British India; area, 
52,120 8, m.; pop. 1,275,000. 

Singapore, Sip-ga-|HSr, British settle- 
ment in S, E, Asia; pop, 52,891; c, 
cap of above, 26. 

Sing Sing, Sij) Sip, -» N-Y., scat of 
oao ol the state prisons, 3. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Sinigaglia. Sr-ne-gql-yq, s-ptt Pontif. 

States, 22. 
Sinna, Sin-q, t Persia, 20. 
Sinnimari, SEn-q-mq,-rE, r Fr. Guiana, 

200 m. 
8inope, Sin-o-pe, s-jit t As. Minor, 8. 
Sinu, Se-n<6, r New Granada, 200 m. 
Sioot, Se-rf)t, t Upper Egypt, 20. 
Sioux Indians, Soo In'di-anz, tr Ne- 
braska territory; r Minn, ter.,300 m. 
Sipan Dagh, Se-pqn Dqg, rn, Tur. Ar. 
Siphanto, 8if-an-t&), i Grcc. Arch., 5. 
Sipotuba, Se-po-t(6-bq, r Brazil. 
Sippican, Sip-i-lian, « Mass. 
iSisitiyou, Sis-ki-yiD or Sis-i-k(D, coCal. 
Sistcron, Sis-te-roh, ft t ¥r., 4}^. 
Sisterville, Sis-ter-vil, v Va., 1. 
Sistova, Sis-t«d-vq, t Eu. Tur., 20. 
Sitka, Sit-ka, i w. N. Am. 
Sitkhin, Sit-/tin, Aleutian island. 
Sittingbourne, Sit-ig-burn, t and par 

Eng., 3. [China. 

Siue-Foong-Shan, Se-<D-a-F()t)u-Xqn, m 
Siue-Shan, Se-co-a-Sqn, m China. 
Sivana, Se-vq-nq, i IJr, Ind. 
Skagen, 8kq-gen, cape Jutland 1%. 
Skagur Rack f/r Skagerrak, Skag-er 

Rak, arm of North Sea. 
Skagtols-Tind, Sk^g-telz-tind, m Nor. 
Skalits, Skq-lits, t Hun., 8%. 
Skamania, Ska-ma-ni-a, c^Wash. ter. 
Skaneateles, 8kan-e-at-les, v N-Y., 

1%; I N-Y., 16 by 2 m. 
Skegness, Skeg-nes, t; and jioar Eng. 
Skerries, Sker-iz, t Ir., 2%. 
Skiatho, Ske-q-to, i Grec. Arch. 
Skiberbeen, Skib-er-ben, t Ir., 4. 
Skipton, Skip-ton, t Eng., 5. 
Skopelo, Sko-pa-lo, one of the North 

Sporades Islands, yEgean Sea, 2}^' 
Skopin, Sko-pin, t Rus„ 6. 
Skowhegan, Sk's-he-gan, •» Me., 1%. 
Skunk (Skuiik) River, Iowa, 250 m. 
Skye, Skj, z Inner Hebrides, 2Ij^. 
Skyros, Ske-ros, i Grec. Arch., 2%, 
Slatersvillo, Sla-terz-vil, v R. I., 1}4- 
Slavonia, Slq-vu-ni-q, or Sclavonia, 

Sklq-VQ-ni-q, ter Aus.; area, 3,656 

s. m.; pop. 336,000. 
Sleaford, Sle-ford, New, t Eng., 3%. 
Sleswick, Sles-wik, duchy Den., pop. 

363,000; t Den., cap. of'above, 11^. 
Sleydinge, Sli diij-e, v Belgium, b%. 
Sligo, Slj-go, hor and s-pt t Ir., ll^ij 

'vs Tenn., O. 
Slobdosk, Slob-dosk, t Rus., 6. 
Slonim, S16-nim, t Rus. Poland, 7)-^. 
Slootsk, SlODtsk, t Rus. Poland, 8. 
Smothport, Smet-port, cot Penu. 
Bmithborougb, Smit-bur-o, v N-Y. 

Smithfield, SmiC-feld, co fs Va., Ij N. 

C; V Ind. 
Smilhland, Smit-land, co t Ky. 
vSraith's Falls, t Can. West, 1. 
Smith's Sound, n. Baffin's bay. 
Smithville, Smit-vil, co ts N. C, Ark., 

Tenn.; ts N-Y.. Miss., Can. "West. 
Smolensk, Smo-lensk, t Rus,, 13. 
Smyrna, Smer-na, c Asia Minor, 150; 

vs N-Y., 2; Del., 2; Tenn., 0.; g 

^gean Sea. 
Sneedsville, Snedz-vil, co t Tenn. 
Sneek, Snak, t Netherlands, 1%. 
Sniatyn, Sne-q-tin, t Aus. Pol., 6^^. 
Snowdon, Sn(f)-don, m Wales. 
Snow Hill, cots Maryland, l^^; N. C. 
Society (Sca-sj-e-ti) Islands, S. Pac, 

the principal of which are, Tahiti, 

Eimeo, Osnaburg; pop. 10,000. 
Socorro, So-kor-o, t New Granada, 12. 
Socotni, S6k-o-trq, i Ind. Oc, 4. 
Soda (S6-da)Lake, La. 
Sodus, So-dus, n N-Y., 4)^; h 35 m. 

e. of Rochester, N-Y. 
Sodus Point, v N-Y. 
Soerabaya, S(D-rq-b|-q, ^-p^ t Java, 60. 
Soerakarta, Soo-rq-kqr-tq, t Java, 10. 
Soest, Sest, t Prus. Westphalia, 8%. 
Sofala, So-fq-lq, r E. Africa, 200 m. 
Soham, S6-ham, t Eng., 2%. 
Soignies, Swqn-ye, t Belgium, &]/^. 
Soissons, Swq-s6n, ft t Fr., 9)^. 
Solano, So-lq-nu, co Cal. 
Solesmes, So-lam, t Fr., b%. 
Soleure, So-ler, t Switz., b%. [<c)%. 
Solingen, S(5-lig-en, t Rhen. Prus., 
So-ling-shan, So-liy-Jqn, m China. 
SoUer, Sol-y^r, t is. Majorca, 7. 
Solo, S6-1q, r .Java, 356 m. 
Solofra, Scj-16-frq, t Naples, 5)^. 
Solomon (S61-(3-mon,) Islands, Pacific 

Oc; is Indian Oc. 
Solon, So-lon, c Me., 1; Iowa. 
Solor, So-ler. i Malay Arch. 
Solt, Solt, t Hun., 7. 
Solta, Sol-tq, i Dalmatia. \%. [Sea. 
Sol way Frith. S61-wa Frit, inlet \v\i\i. 
Somerford, Siim-er-ford, v 0. 
Somers, Siim-erz, ?;« Conn., N-Y. 
Somerset, Siim-er-set, t' Mass.; hor 

Penn., 1; cots Ky., 0., 1^^. 
Somers Point, v N-J. 
Somerton, Siim-er-ton, t an^par Eng., 

2%\ TS Va., 0. 
Somerville, Siim-er-vil, v Mass., 5; co 

ts N-J., 1; Ala., Tenn.: vs N-Y., 0. 
Sommariva del Bosco, Som-q-re-vq del 

B6s-ko, t Pied., by^. 
Sttmme, Som, dep and r Fr., 117 m, 
Sommen, Som-en, I Sweden. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Sommerfeld, Siim-er-felt, t Prus.,3%. 
Somonauk, Som-o-nek, 'C 111. 
Sondershausen, Son-derz-h-s-zen, t 

Cen. Ger., S)^. 
Sone, or Soane, Son, r Ind., 440 m. 
Song-Kiang, Sog-Kc-qg, c China. 
Sonneberg, S6n-a-ber7i, t Ger., Z%. 
Sonnenburg, S6n-en-burA, t Prus., 3. 
Sonoma, Su)-n6-ma, co and t Cal., 1. 
Sonora, So-no-ra, co t Cal., 2]4\ r 

3Iex., 300 ra.; state Mexico; area, 

123,466 s. m.; pop. 147,133; t sUte 

of Sonora, 8. [dor, 10. 

Sonsonate, Son-so-n^-ta, t San Salva- 
Soo-Chow-Foo, Sa)-C«-F<jb, t China, 

pop. 2,000,000. 
Soodan or Soudan, Sdb-d^n, undefined 

region of Central Africa. 
Sooja, ScS-jq,, t Russia, 7. [As.Tur. 
Sook-el-Shooyookh, Scok-el-Soo-ytJ)^, t 
Sookhona, Soi-Ao-nq, r Uus., 250 ui. 
Soolina, Soi-le-nq, branch pf the Dan- 
ube in Bessarabia. 
Sooloo ( Sa>-!(6, ) Islands, arch Ind. Oc, 

pop. 200,000; t Sooloo Arch., 6. 
Soomshoo, Sd)m-J"(t), Koorile Island. 
Soomy, S(f>-me, t Rua., 12; I Siberia. 
Soongaree, Son-gq-re, r Mant., 800 m. 
Soongaria, Sa);)-gq-ri-q, part of the 

Chinese Empire in Central Asia. 
Soosa, S<6-sq, i-pt Tunis, 10. 
Sophia, So-fe-q. c Eu. Tur., 50. 
Sora, So-rq, c Naples, 8. 
Soragno, So-r^n-yq, t Italy, 5}^. 
Sorau, Su-ru, t Prus., 6^. 
Sorel, So-rel, v Can. East, 3)^. 
Soresina, So-ra-se-nq, t Lom,, 5. 
Sorocaba, Sca-ro-k^-bq, t Brazil, 12. 
Soroe, So-re-e, i Norway. 
Sorrento, Sor-^n-to, t Naples, 10. 
Sosnitsa, Sos-nit-sq, t Rus., 5. 
Sosva, Sos-vq, r Siberia, 350 m. 
Sotoanne, Sca-to-^n, Caroline Is. 
Soucook, S(6-kiak, r N-H. 
Soubegan, Sa>-he-gan, r Mass. 
Sound, Sijnd, or Oeresund, P>-a-s<find, 

tlr between Denmark and Sweden. 
South Abingdon, Sut Ab'ig-don, v 

South Acton, Ak'ton, « Mass. 
South Adams, Ad'amz, ■» Mass. 
South Albion, Al'bi-on, v Me. 
South Amboy, Am-b(ir, r N-J., V^. 
Southampton, Sut-hamp-ton, hor and 

i-pt t Eng., 351/^; v Mass., 1; t Br. 

N. Am. 
South Australia, Gs-tr6l-ya, British 

colony of Australia; area, 300,000 8. 

m.; pop. 68,663. 
?5oath Bend, co i Ind., 2. 

South Berwick, Ber-wik, t Me., 2^. 
South Bloomfield, Bloom-fgld, v 0. 
Southborough, S-st-bur-o, t; Mass., \%, 
South Braintree, Bran-tre, v Mass. 
Southbridge, S-sfc-brij, t' Mass., 3. 
South Bridgewater, Brij-we-terj'i'Masa, 
South Bristol, Bris-tol, v N-Y., \%, 
South Britain, Brit-en, v Conn. 
Southbury, Sifc-ber-i, v Conn. 
South Butler, Bdt-ler, v N-Y. 
South Canaan, Ka-nan, Conn. 
South Candor, Kan-dor, x N-Y. 
South Carolina; Kar-o-lj-na, one of 

the original U. S.: area, 30,213 s, m.; 

pop., whites, 274.563; free colored, 

8,960; slaves, 384.984; total, 668,507. 
South Carroll ton, Kar-ol-ton, -y Ky. 
South Charleston, Cqriz-ton, -» 0. 
South Chai^estown, (i^qrlz-tl5n, r N-H. 
South Corinth, Kor-int, 'V N-Y. 
South Cortland, Kort-land, v N-Y. 
South Coventry, Kuv-en-tri, v Conn. 
South Danvers, Dan-verz, xi 
South Dartmouth, Dqrt-mut, v 
South Dedham, Ded-ham, v Mass. 
South Deerfield, Dsr-feld, ts N-H., 

Sotith Dennis, Den-is, v Mass. 
South Dorset, Der-set, v Vt. 
South Dover, D{5-ver, v N-Y. 
South Easton, tVton, t Penn. 
South English, Ig'gliJ, t Iowa. 
South Fairfax, F4r-faks, v Vt. 
South Fitchburg, Fiq-burg, v Mass. 
South Framingham, Fram-ifl-ham, 

South Gardiner, Gqr-di-ner, v Mass. 
South Genesee, Jen-e-sg, -r Wis. 
South Glastenbury, Glas-ten-ber-i, • 

South Hadley, Had-li, i) Mass., 2%. 
South Hampton, Hamp-ton, 'v N-Y., 5. 
South Hartford, Hqrt-ford, -D N-Y. 
South Harwich, H(^r-wic, t Mass. 
South Ilawley, Ho-li, v Mass. 
South Hingham, Hig-ham, v Mass. 
Southington, S'xt-ig-ton, v Conn., V/^, 
South Keene, Ken, t? N-H. 
South Lee, Le, v Mass. 
South Lincoln, Ligk-on, t Me. 
South Livonia, Li-v(5-ni-a, v N-Y. 
South Maiden, Mol-den, v Mass., 1. 
South Merrimack, Mer-i-mak, v N-H. 
South Middleborough, Mid-l-bur-o, « 

South Milford, Mil-ford, v Del. 
South Nashville, NaJ-vil, t Tenn., 3. 
South Newmarket, Nn-m^r-ket, rN-H. 
South Norwalk, Nor-wok, » Conn. 
Southold, Sit-wld; v N-Y. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

South Orange, Or'anj, v N-J. 

South Orrington, Or'ig-ton, v Me. 

South Paris, Par-is, t;' Me. 

South Perry, Per-i, v 0. [2}^. 

South Pittsburg, Pits-burg, hor Fenn., 

South Point, Pernt, v Mo. 

Southport, S-st-port, m Conn., lyi: N- 
Y., 2]4; Ind. 

South Heading, Rdd-irj, v Mass., 2J/^. 

South Royalston, K<^-alz-ton, d Mass. 

South Royalton, Rtf-al-ton, v Vt. 

South Salem, Sa-lem, vs N-Y., O. 

South Sandwich, Sand-wiq, v Mass. 

South Schodae, Sko-dak, v N-Y. 

South Scituate, Sit-yn-at, re Mass., 
R. L 

South Seekonk, Se-kopk, v Mass. 

South Shaftsbury, Sdfts-ber-i, v Vt. 

'South Shetland, Xet-land' arch South 
Atlantic. [li^. 

South Thomaston, T6m-as-ton, v Me., 

South Vernon, Ver-non, v Vt. 

Southville, S-st-viI, vs Conn., N-Y. 

Southwark, Sut-ark, hor Eng., 173. 

Southwell, SS'C-wel, t and ^jar Eng., 

South Wellfleet, Wel-flet, v Ma-^s. 

South Weymouth, Wa-mut, i) Mass. 

South Wilbraham, "Wil-bra-ham, v 
Arass. [Mass. 

South Williamstown, Wil-yamz-t"8n, v 

South Windham, Wind-ham, r Conn. 

South Wobarn. Wc5-burn, v Mass. 

Southwold, Sit-wold, hor and s-pt t 
Eng., 2%. 

South Yarmouth, Y^r-mtlt, v Mass., 

Povicille, So-ve-qel-a, v Tus,, 63^. 

Soxville, Soks-vil, ■« Penn. 

Spa, Sp9, t Belg., 3%. 

Spain, Span, /rt/?^ S. W. Europe, com- 
posed of the following divisions: — 
New Castile, Old Castile, Leon, As- 
turias, Galicia, Estramadura, Anda- 
lusia. Aragon, Murcia, Valencia, 
Catalonia, Navarre, Basque Provin- 
ces, Balearic Islands, Canary Is- 
lands. In America — Cuba, Porto- 
Rico, Virgin Islands. In Asia — Phil- 
ippine Islands. In Africa — The Pre- 
sidios, Guinea Islands. In Oceanica 
• — Part of the Ladrone Islands. To- 
tal area, 286,279 s. m.; pop. 18,144,- 

• 509. [101^. 

Spalato, Spq-l(^-to, s-pt c Dahnatia, 

Spalding, Speld-ip, t and par Eng., 9. 

Spalmadore, Spql-mq-d6-ra, is As. Tur. 

Spandau. Sp^n-dis, ft t Prus,, 61^. 

Spanish Town, or Santiago de la Vega, 
Sqn-te-q-go da \(\, Va-gc[, ca^ t Ja- 
maica, 6. 

Sparta, Sp(\r-ta, co te Ga., Ala., La., 

Tenn.; re N-J., Ky., 0., III., Mo. 
Spartanburg, Spqr-tan-burg, co t S. C. 
Spask, Spqsk, t Rus., 6. 
Speedsville, Spedz-vil, n N-Y. 
Spencer, Sp^n-ser, co te Tenn., Ind.: 

re Mass., l}4; N-Y., 0. 
Spencer Gulf, b South Australia. 
Spenserport, Spen-ser-port, v N-Y. 
Spencerville, Spen-ser-vil, v Ind. 
Sperryville, Sper-i-vil, v Va. 
Spesshardt, Sp^s-hqrt, tne Ger. 
Spcy, Spa, r Scot., 110 m. 
Speyer, Spj-er, c. cap Rhen. Bav., 93^4. 
Spezia, La, Lq, Sped-zi-q, t It., 9%. 
Spezzia, Spet-si-q, t Greece, 8. 
Spirit Lake, Iowa, 
Spitalfields, Spit-al-feldz, section of 

London, Eng. [Eng. 

Spithead, Spit-hed, roadstead coast of 
Spitzbergcn, Spits-ber-gen, i Arc. Oo. 
Spoleto, Spo-la-to, c Cen. It., 6)^. 
Spoon River, III., 100 m. 
Spottsville, Spots-vil, v Ky. 
Spottswood, Spots-wiad, r N-J. 
Spree, Spra, r Ger., 220 m, 
Spremberg, Sprem-berA, t Prus., 4}{. 
Spring Bay, v III. 

Springborough, Sprir)-bur-o, v 0., %. 
Springdale, Sprii]-dal, v Miss. 
Springfield, Spriij-feld, c Mass., 13^; 

c 0., 8; cap c III., 7; ve Vt., 2%, 

N-J., 1%; Mo., 1, &c. 
Spring Hill, vs Ala., Tenn., Ind., 111. 
Spring Hills, r O., X. 
Spring Mill, v Penn. 
Spring Place, co t Ga. 
Spring Prairie, Pra-ri, ■» Wis. 
Spring River, r Mo., and Ark.; v Mo. 
Spring Valley, r 0., j^. 
Springville, Spri^-vil, vs N-Y., IW; 

Penn,, Ky., Ind., 111., Mo., Wis. 
Springwater, Sprifl-wo-ter, v N-Y. 
Spring Wells, v Mich., 2. 
Sprottau, Sprot--?, t Prus, Silesia, 43^, 
Squam (Skwom) Lake, N-H, [11. 

Squammagonic, Skwom-a-gon-ik, « N- 
Stade, Stq-da, /^ < Hanover, 6. 
Staeden, Stq-den, v Belg., 4%. 
Staffa, Staf-a, i Inner Hebrides. 
Stafford, Staf-ord, hor and t Eng., 12; 

V N-Y., 1, [Dalmatia, b)^, 

Stagno Grande, Stqn-yo Grqn-da, t 
Stalimni, Stq-lim-ne, i Grec, Arch., 8. 
Stamford, Stam-ford, Wand^ Eng., 9; 

hvr Conn., 5; vs N-Y,, Can. W., 2i^. 
Stampalia, Stqm-pq-le-q, * Grec. Arch., 

Stanardsville, Stan-ardx-vil, co t Va, 
Stanford, Stan-ford, co t Ky,, 1, 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Stanhopo, Stan-hop, v N-J. 
Stanislawow, Stqa-is-lq-vov, /if i Aus. 

Galicia, 9%. 
Stanley, Stan-li, v Eng., 7}^. 
Stanovoi, Stq-no-vdr, ms East Asia. 
Stanstead, Stan-sted, t Can. East, 1. 
Stapleton, Sta-pl-ton, v N-Y. [8%;. 
Staraia-Roossa, Slq-rj-q-Ra)3-q, t Rus., 
Stargard, Stqr-gqrt, t Prus., i'5%. 
Starkey, Stqr-ki, v X-Y., 3. 
Starkville, Stqrk-vil, co ts Ga., Miss. 
Starling Medical College, Columbus, 0. 
Starodoob, Stq-ro-dcJob, t Rus., 9. 
Staten (Stat-en) Island, N-Y. Bay; i 

Terra del Fuego. 
Stateaborough, Stats-bur-o, co t Ga. 
Statesville, Stats-vil, co i N. C. 
Staunton, Stan-ton, r Va., 200 m.; cot 

Va., 2yy. TS 0., III. 
Stavropol, Stqv-rd)-pol, t Rus., 7. 
Steelsville, Stelz-vil, vs Mich., Mo. 
Steilacoom, Sii-la-ka>m, co t Wash. ter. 
Steinhude, Stjn-hcn-da, I N. Ger. 
Stendal, Sten-dql, t Prus. Sax., 6%. 
Stephens' (Ste-venz) P.ant,t; Wis., 3^. 
Sterling, St^r-liy, vs Mass., Ij Conn., 
. 1; N-Y., 2; co t 111. 
Sternberg, Stern-berA, t Ger., 8. 
Stettin, SiQi-in, ft t Prus., ^1%- 
Steubenville, Sti\-ben-vil, t 0., &%. 
Stewarton, Sti\-art-on, t Scot. 3^. 
Stewartstown, Stq-arts-t-sn, v Pa., \'^. 
Stewartsviile, Sti\,-art3-vil, v N-J., y^; 

Penn., N. C. 
Steyer, Stj-er, t Upper Aus., 10. 
Stifesville, Stjlz-vil, v Ind. 
Still Valley, v N-J. 
Stillwater, Stil-we-ter, xis N-Y., N-J., 

co^ Minn., l]^. 
Stirling, Ster-lio, t Scot., 9%. 
Stockbridge, Stok-brij, vi .Mass., 2. [93. 
St^jckholm, Stok-hom, c, cap Swed., 
Stockorn, Stok-hern, in Switz. 
Stockport, Stok-port, hor and t Eng., 

54; ts N-Y., Penn. 
Stockton, Stok-ton, co t Cal., 9. 
Stockton - on - Tees, Su^k-ton-on-Tcz, 

s-pt t and par Eng., lOj^. 
S toicesley, Stcjks-li, t and />«/• Eng., 23^. 
Stoke-upon-Trent, ^ and jaar Eng., 84. 
Stoipe, Stol-pa. t Prus., 8%. 
Stone, Ston, t Eng., 33>^. 
Stoneham, St<5n-ham, v Mass., 1^. 
Stonehaven, Stan-ha-veD, «-p^< Scot., 

Stoueleigh, Stdin-le, v Eng., IJ^. 
Stone Mountain, v Ga., ^. 
Stonington, Stci-nij)-ton, t Conn., 3. 
Stornoway Ster-no-wu, a-pt and par 

Hebrides, 2>^. 

Storsirin. Ster-si-en, I Swed. 
Stoughton, Sto-ton, is Mass., Wis. 
Stour, SttDr, four rs Eng 
Stourbridge, Stur-brij, t Eng,, 8. 
Stourport, Stdr-port, t Eng,, 3. 
Stoutsville, St-5ts-vil, i) N-J. 
Stow, Sto, V Mass., l^. [Eng., SJ^. 
Stowmarket, Sto-mqr-ket, t and par 
Strabane, Stra-ban, hor and t Ir., 5. 
Stradbally, Strad-bal-i, i Ir,, l*^. 
Stralsund, Strql-3unt,/if t Prus,, 193^. 
Stranraer, Stran-rer, s-pt t and /lar 

Scot., b%. 
Strasbourg, Strqs-bdor, c Fr., 65. 
Strasburg, Strqs-biarA, t Prus,, 4)-^; 

— Stras-burg, t Pa,, 1 ; rs Va,, O. 
Stratford, Strai-ford, co t C, W.; r» 

Conn., O. [Eng., 33^. 

Stratford-upon-Avon, fl'von, W and t 
Stratford le Bow, le Ba, ^ Eng,, 7. 
Strattonville, Strat-on-vil, d Pa. 
Straiibing, Stri-bii), t Lower Bav., 9. 
Strausberg, Str-ss-be//^, t Pru-i., 3)^. 
Strawberry Plains, Stre-ber-i Planz, v 

Strawtown, Stre-t^sn, tv^o vs la. 
Streefkerk, Straf-kerk, t) Neth,, 1^^. 
Strehlen, Stra-len, t Prus. Sil., \%. 
Strelitz, Alt, flit Stra-Iits, t Mecklen- 

burg-Strelitz, 3. 
Striegau, Strg-gTS, t Prus, Sil., b%. 
Stromboli, Strom-bo-li, Lipari Is,, IJ^. 
Stromness, Strom-ues, s-pt t Scot., 2. 
Strongville, Stroy-vil, v 0., 1%. 
Stronsa, Stron-ga, Orkney Is., 1. 
Stroud, Strisd, i and par Eng,, 36)^. 
Stroudsburg, Str-sdz-burg, co t Pa., 1. 
Stuhlweisseuburg, Stool-vj-sen-burA, i 

Hun,, 21. 
Sturbridge, Stur-brij, f) Mass., 23^. 
Sturgo, Sturj, i Ant. Oc. 
Sturgeon, Stiir-jon, I Br. N. Am. 
Sturgis, Stiir-jis, v Mich., %. 
Stuttgart, Stiat-gq/'t, c, cap VV'iirt.jSO. 
Stuyvesant, Stj-ves-ant, v N-Y., 1)^. 
Styria, Stir-i-a, prou Aus., 950,612. 
Suakin, Sw(^-kin, s-pt t is. Red Sea, 8. 
Subiaco, ScD-bi-q-ko, t Cen. It., 6. 
Subtiava, Sa>b-ti-q-vq, i Nicaragua, 5, 
Subzulcote, Sub-zul-kiJt, t Sinde. 
Suohiltepec, Sa»-qel-ta-p6k, t Guat. 
Suczawa, Sco-Qi^-vq./if t Aus., 5. 
Sudbury, Siid-ber-i,^ and ^ja/' Eng., 6; v 

Mass., 13/^. [ga, w» Ger. 

Sudeten-Gebirge, S(6-da-ten-Ga-bfcr- 
Sueca, Swa-kq, t S^., 9, 
Suez, Scf)-ez, s-pt t b^gypt, 2; g w. arm 

Red Sea; ist uniting As. and Af. 
Suffeed Koh, Suf-ed Ko, w» Afg. 
Suifern'a, Siif-ernz, v N-Y. 


Geographical Yocabulary. 

Saffield, Siif-dd, v Conn., 2. 
Suffolk, Siif-ok, CO t Va., \)4. 
Sugar (Xug-dr) Creek, dreams X. C, 

la., 111., &c. 
Sugar Grove, vs Pa., 0., Iowa. 
Sugar River, rs N-H., Wis. 
Suhl, Sdol, t Prus. Sax., 8. 
Suir or Sure, Xi^r, r Ir. 
Suisoon, SiD-e-stJGn, h Cal. 
Suleiman, S(D-la-raqn, ms E. Afg. 
Sulon (Sflb-Ien) Islands, w. Norway. 
Sullivan, Siil-i-van, co t Ia.; xs N-Y., 

Pa. ly,, 0., III., Iowa. 
Sulmona, SiDl-moi-nq, /if ^ Nap., 6. 
Sultaneeyah, Sml-tq-ne-a, anc. c Per. 
Sulze, Sult-sa, t Meck.-Schwerin, 8%. 
Sumatra, Sdj-uiq,-tra, i Indian Sea; 

area 140,000 s. m., pop. 6,000,000. 
Summer Hill, Siim-er Ilil, D Pa., l*^. 
Summer Islands, 30 ?V w. Scot. 
Summerville, Sum-er-vil, co ts Va., 

Ga.; V8 S. C, O., 111., Mich., Wis. 
Summit, Slim-it, v Pa. 
Sumner, Siim-ner, t" Me., l}^. 
Sumterville, Siim-ter-vil, co t S. C; 

IS Ga., Ala. 
Sunapee (Siin-a-pe) Lake, N-H. 
Sunbury, Sdn-ber-i, co t Pa., \% ; vs 

0., III. 
Sunda (Siin-da) Isles, Malay Arch. 
Sunday (Siin-da) River, Cape Colony, 

Af., 2m m. 
Sundcep, Sun-dgp, i of Hindostan. 
Sunderland, Siin-der-land, t and pai' 

Eng., 67K. 
Supaiwasi, SflQ-pi-w^-ss, tn Bel. 
Superior, Sn,-p8-ri-or, I n. w. U. S., 

the largest fresh water lake on the 

globe ; area 32,000 s. m.; — City of, 

V Minn, and Wis. 
Surat, SoQ-rqt, c Br. Ind., 157. 
Surinam, SoQ-rin-am, r Dutch Guia- 
na, 300 m. 
Surry (Siir-i) Court-IIouse, co t Va. 
Susa, S(6-sq. t It., Vy^. 
Susannah (Sq,-zan-aj Island, Mergui 

Suspension Bridge, D N-Y., 1. 
Susquehanna, Sus-kwe-han-a, r Pa., 

150 m.; t Pa., m. ^ 
Sussex, Sus-eks, v Wis. 
Sussex Ciiurt-House. co t Va. 
Sutlej, Siit-lej, r Punjab, 1000 m. 
Suttersville, Siit-erz-vil, i' Cal. 
Sutton, Slit-on, v Mnss., 2: co t Va. 
Sutton-Coldfield, — K61d-feld, t Eng. 
Button, Long, par and t Eng., 6i^. 
Suwalki, Sflo-w^l-ke, t Poland, 5. 
Buwauee, Si],-we-ne, ;• and v Ga. 

Sveaborg, Sva-q-berg, ft t Rus. Fin- 
land, 4. 
Sveer w Svir, Sver, r Rus., 130 m. 
Sviaga, Sv£-q-gq, r Rus., 200 m. 
Sviazhsk, Sv8-q55k, t Rus., 4. 
Swabian (Swa-bi-an) Alps, W5 Wiirt. 
S waff ham, Swaf-am, t and par Eng., 4. 
Swale, Swal, r Eng., 70 m. 
Swanage, Sw6n-aj, or Swanwick, 

Sw(in-wik, t and par Eng., 2. 
Swan Quarter, — Kwer-ter, co t N. C. 
Swan River, Swon River, r W. Aust. 
Swansea, Sw6n-SE, s-jpt t and par S. 

Wales, 25. ^ 
Swanton, Swen-ton, vs Vt., 0. 
Swanzey, Swen-zi, ^' N-H., 2. 
Swartwout, Swort-wst, -v Tex. 
Swatara, Swa-tq-ra, cr Pa. 
Swavesey, Swav-ze, 2^ar Eng. 
Sweden, Swe-den, k N. Eu.; area 
^ 128,076 s, m., pop. 3^482,541. 
Swedesborough, Swedz-bur-o, v N-J. 
Sweet Springs, v Va. 
Swindon, Swiii-don, t and par Eng., 5. 
SwinemiJnde, Swe-na-men-da, ^ Prus., 
Swineshead, Swjnz-hed, t Eng., 2. [4%. 
Switzerland, Swit-zer-land, rep Can. 

Eu.; area 15,261, pop. 2,390,116. 
Swords, Sordz, t and par Ir., 3. 
Sycamore, Sik-a-mor, co t 111. 
Sydney, Sid-ni, s-pt c Aust., and cap 

N-S. Wales, 100; s-pt t Nova Scotia: 

1) Me., 2. 
Syltoe, Sil-to, i of Den., 2%. 
Sylva, Sil-vq, r Rus., 300 m. 
Sylvania, Sil-va-ni-o, co t Ga. 
Sylvester, Sil-ves-ter, v Wis., J/^. 
Symi, Se-me, * w. As. Minor, 1; g do. 
Symsonia, Sim-s6-ni-a, f Ky. 
Syra, St-rq, i Grecian Arch., 30; c, cap 

same, 20. [Y., 2b]^. 

Syracuse, Sir-a-kqs, ft c Sic, 11; c N- 
Syria, Sir-i-a, cy As. Tur.; area 50,000 

8. m., pop. 2,000,000. 
Sysola, Si-s6-lq, r Rus., 200 m. 
Syzran, Siz-rqn, t Rus., 8. 
Szamos, So-moJ, r Transylvania, 200 m. 
Szarogrod, Xq-ro-grod, t Rus., &%. 
Szasz-Regen, Sqs-Ra-gen, t Trans., 5. 
Szathmar, Nemeih, Na-met Sot-mqr, t 

E. Hun., 15. 
Szegedin, Seg-ed-in, t Ilun., 34. 
Szent Miklos, Nagy, Noj Sent Me-kloJ, 

t Hun., 143^. 
Szexard, Seks-ord, t Hun., 83^. 
Szigeth, Se-get, t Hun., 7. 
Szoboszlo, Su)-b6s-lo, t Hun., 14. 
Szolnok, Sol-nok, t Hun., 11%. 
Szurul, Sa>-r(6l, m Transylvania. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 



Taasinge, To-sig-ga, ■£ Den., 4%. 
Tabarca, Tq-bqr-kq, i Med. Sea, i^. 
Tabareeyeh, Tqb-a-re-ye, I Pal, 
Tabasco, Tq-bas-ko), st Mex.; area 15,- 

609 3. m., pop. 63.580; r do., 250 m. 
Taberg, Ta-berg, v N-Y. 
Tabernacle, Tab-er-nak-1, v N-J. 
Tabernas-de-Valldigna, Tq-ber-nqs- 

da-Valy-deg-uq, t Sp., 6. 
Tablas, Tq-blqs, Philippine Is. 
Table Bay, Ta-bl lia, s. w. Af. 
Tabor, Tq-bor, t Boh., 4. 
Tabreez, Tq-brez, c Persia, 60. 
Tacloban. Tq-klo-bqn, t Phil. Islands. 
Tacna, Tqk-nq, t Peru, 10. 
Tacora, Tq-ko-rq, m Bol. 
Tacanga, Tq-kdotj-gq, t Ec, 10. 
Tadcaster, Tad-kas-ter, t Eng., 2}^. 
Taganrog, Tq-gqn-rog, t Rus., 16. 
Tagoda^t, Tq-gu-dqst, t Morocco, 7. 
Tugus, Ta-gus, r Iberian Pen., 640 m. 
Tahiti, Tq-he-te, Society Is., 9. 
Tahoora, Tq-h(f>-rq, Sandwich Is. 
Tahoorowa, Tq-hoj-rcJ-wa, Sandwich Is. 
Tain, Tan, t Scot., 2%. 
Tai-Ping, Tj-Pig, cs China. 
Tai-Wan, Tj-Wen, cap is. Formosa. 
Takinos (Tq'-ke-no.s) Lake, Eu. Tur. 
Talanda (Tq-l(!in-dq) Channel, arm 

sea in Greece. 
Talavera de la Reyna, Tq-lq-va-rq da 

Iq Ra-k'-nq, c Sp., 6>/^. 
Talbotton, Tal-bot-on, co t Ga. 
Talca, T<il-kq, t Chili, 143^. 
Tuliabo, Tq-li-q-bo, i Malay Arch. 
Taliafarro, Tol-i-ver, co Ga. 
Talladega, Tal-a-dg-ga, co t Ala. 
Tallahjissee, Tal-a-has-e, c, cap Fa., 2. 
Tallahatchie, Tal-a-haq-8,r Miss, 250 m. 
Tallahoma, Tal-a-h(j-ma, r Miss. 
Tallalocsa, Tal-a-lcb-sa, v Miss. 
Tallapoosa, Tal-a-pdb-sa, r Ga. and 

Ala., 250 m.; v Ga. 
Tallassee, Tal-a-se, v Ala. 
Tallow, Tal-o, i Ir., 4. 
Tallulah, Ta-hi-la, co t Miss. 
Tama, Tq-ma, co Iowa. 
Taiuandua, Tq-m^n-diD-q, t Bra., 8. 
Tainaqua, Ta-me-kwa, t l^a., 0. 
Tamar, Ta-inar, r Eng., 60 in. 
Tamarn, Tq-mq-rq, i w. Af. 
Tamaulipas, Tq-mi<-le-pq«, nt Mexico ; 

area a0,3.31 s. m., pop. 100,064. 
Tambov or Tainbow, Tqm-bov, gov 

Kus.; area 25.5 42 s.m., pop. 1,666,505; 

c, cap same, 20^^. 

Tamiagua, Tq-me-q-gwq, I Mex. 

Tamise, Tq-mez, t Belg., 7%. 

Tampa Bay, Tam-pa Ba, l Fa. 

Tampico, Tqm-ps-k(o, »-pt t Mex., 7 j 
r do., 200 m.; I do. 

Tamworlh, Tam-wurti, t Eng., 8%. 

Tanaga, Tq-nq-gq, Aleutian Is. 

Tanah-Pileh, Tq-uq-Pe-le, t is. Suma- 
tra, 4. 

Tanakeke, Tq-nq-ka-ka.«V Malay Arch. 

Tangermundc, Tqy-er-inen-da, t Prus. 
Sax., 434. 

Tangier, Tqn-jer, s-pt t Morocco, 10. 

Tangipaha, Tan-ji-pa-ho, r IjA. 

Tanjore, Tan-j6r, c Br. Ind., 40. 

Tanna, Tan-a, » N-IIeb., Pac. Oc. 

Tantalem, Tqn-tq-lem, i Gulf of Siaro. 

Taos, Tq-a)s, co and t N-Mex.; 1; Tex. 

Tapajos, Tq-pq-jos, r Bra., 500 m. 

Tapisi, Tq-pi-S£, ;■ S. Am., 200 m. 

Tappahannock, Tap-a-han-ok, co t Va., 
\i. [and 140 m. 

Taquari, Tq-kwq-re, two rs Bra., 400 

Taranto, Tq-rqn-to, c Nap., 15; g Med. 

Tarare, Tq-rq>', t Fr., lO>/3. 

Tarascon, Tq-rqs-kQU, t Fr., 123^. 

Tarazona, Tq-rq-tcb-nq, t Sp., 6. 

Tarazona de la Mancha, Tq-rq-t(f)-nq 
da Iq Mqn-qq, i Sp.. 6. 

Tarbagatai, Tqy-bq-gq-tj, t Chi.Toork. 

Tarbes, Tq?'b', t Fr., 14. 

Tarborough, Tqr-bur-o, co t N. C, 1. 

Tarentum, Ta-ren-tura, v Pa., IJ^. 

Tarifa, Tq-re-fq, H-pt t Sp., 83^. 

Tariffville, Tar-if-vil, 'V Conn., 2. 

Tarki, Tqr-ke, t Rus., 8. 

Tarma, Tq/'-mq, t Peru, 8. 

Tarn, Tqni, dep and r Fr., 220 m. 

Tarn-et-Garonne, Tqrn-a-Gq-ron, dep 
Fr., pop. 237,553. [3%. 

Tarnowitz, Tqr-no-vits, t Prus. Silesia, 

Tarporley, Tqr-por-li, t Kng., 2%. 

Tarragona, Tq/'-q-go-nq, *-/•< c Sp,,13. 

Tarrakui, Tq/'-a-kj, h Sea of Japan. 

Tarrant, Tar-ant, co t Tex. 

Tarrasa, Tqr-^-sq, t Sp., 5. 

Tarrinsay, Tar-in-sa, i Outer Hebrides. 

Tarrytown, Tar-i-t'sn, v N-Y., 5. 

Tarsus, T^r-sus, c As. Minor, 7. 

Tartary, Tc'ir-ta-ri, ext.reg As. and Eu. 

Tashkend, TqJ-kend, t Indep. Toork.,4U. 

Tasmau's (Tas-nianz) Peninsula, Van 
Dienien's Lund. 

Talay, Tq-tj, s-pt t Phil. Is., 3. 

Tat-Soen-Loo, Tqi-Stn-LiD,// i China, 

Ttttta, T^t-q, t Sindo, 10. [500. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Taunton, Ten-ton, t Eng., H}^', co t 

Mass., 12; r do. 
Taunus, Ti-nus, m Hesse-Darmstadt. 
Taurus, To-rus, nis As. Tur. 
Tauss, Ttjs, t Boh., 6>^. 
Tavira, Tq-vt-rq, t Port., 8^. 
Tavistock, Tav-is-tok, t Eng., 83^. 
Taw, Te, r Eng. 
Tawee, Tq-wc, t Malay Arch. 
Tay, Ta, r and est Scot., 160 m. 
Tayabas, Ti-^-bqs, t Phil. Is., 211^. 
Taycheeda, Ta-qe-da, v Wis. 
Taylor's Falls. Ta-lorz Felz, v Minn. 
Taylorsport, Ta-lorz-pcart, v Ky. 
Taylorsville, Ta-lorz-vil, co t^ N. C, 

Tenn., Ky., 111. 1 j t« Pa., Md., Va., 

O. 1., la. 
Taz, Tqz, r Siberia, 300 m. 
Tazewell, Taz-wel, co t Tenn.; co III. 
Tchad, (i]qd, I Ceu. Af. 
Tchadobets, (^'q-do-bets, r Sib., 200 m. 
Tchao-Naiman-Soome, Gq-o-Ni-uaqn- 

Sa»-ma, c Mongolia. 
Tcharytch, fq-riq, r Sib., 220 m. 
Tcheboksari, ya-bok-sq-re, t Ilus., 5. 
Tcherkask, Staroi, Stq-r^ Ge;"-kqsk, 

t lius., 15. 
Tchernigov, 6er-ne-g6v, t Rus., 73^^. 
Tchesme, 6'es-ma, v As, Minor, 6. 
Tchoogooev, GJoD-gCD-ev, /if i{ lius., 9. 
Tchooi, &(6-e, /■ Asia, 700 m. 
Tchooktchees, Gdok-qez, tnhe E. Sib. 
Tchooroom, yoD-rdbm, t As. Minor, 7%. 
Tchoruk, (^ca-riik, ?• Turkish Armenia, 
Teano, Ta-q-nto, t Nap., 8. [200 m. 
Tebesse, Ta-bes-q, t Algeria, 15. 
Teche, TeJ, hayou La. 
Tecumseh, Te-kdm-se, v Mich,, 1. 
Tedsi, Ted-se, t Morocco, 14. 
Tedzen, Ted-zen, r Persia, 250 m. 
Tees, Tez, r Eng., 90 m. 
Teglio, Tal-yo, v Aus. It., 63.^. 
Tegucigalpa, Ta-gflO-se-gql-pq, t Hon- 
duras, 10. 
Teheran, Te-her-4n, c, cap Persia, 10. 
Tehuacan, Ta-wq-kqn, t Mex., 12, 
Tehuantcpec, Ta-wqn-tq-pek, at Mex., 

pop. 82,395; ut and g do.; t do., 8. 
Teign, Tan, r Eng., 45 m. 
Teignmouth, Tan-mut, t Eng., 5. 
Telde, Tel-da, c Canaries, 12. [Mex., 5. 
Temascal tepee, Ta-mqs-kql-ta-pek, t 
Temesvar, Tem-eJ-vqr, c Hun., 193^4. 
Temiscaming, Te-niis-ka-miy, l C. E. 
Temiscouata, Tem-is-ka)-4-tq, I C. E. 
Temperanceville, Tem-per-ans-vil, t 

Pa., 23^. 
Tempio, Tem-pi-o, t is, Sardinia, 9)^. 
Templemore, Tem-pl-uiwr, t Ir., ^y<^. 
^empletou, Tem-pl-ton, v Mass., 1%. 

Tenasserim, Ten-as-e-rim, r Far. Ind., 
220 m. 

Tenasserim Provinces, Br, India, 

Tenbury, Ten-ber-i, t and par Eng., 2. 

Tenby, Ten-bi, s-pt t S. Wales, '6. 

Tendra, Ten-drq, i Black Sea. 

Tenedos, Ten-e-dos, i \i. As. Minor. 

Tenerifte, Ten-er-if, largest of the 
Canary Islands, 85; m peak 12,182 ft. 

Te-Ngan, Ta-ugqn, c China. 

Teng-Tchoo, Tey-Ccf), c China. 

Tenian, Ta-ni-qn, Ladrone Is. 

Tenimber, Te-nim-ber, is Malay Arch. 

Tennessee, Ten-e-st, one of the U. S.; 
area 45,000 s. m.: pop. 75fi,826 whites, 
6422 free colored, 239,459 slaves- 
total, 1,002,717; r Tenn., 800 m. 

Tenterden, Ten-ter-den, t and par 
Eng., 4. [Mex. 

Teotihuacan, Ta-o-ti-wq-kqn, plateau 

Topic, Ta-psk, t Mex., 10. 

Terauio, Ter-q-mto, c Nap,, 10. 

Terceira, Te/-^a-e-rq, Azores Is., 40. 

Tercero, T'i?'-sa-r6), r La Plata, 100 m. 

Terek, Ta-rek, r Bus,, 350 m. 

Tergovist, Te/--go-vist, t Wallachia, 5. 

Terlizzi, Te/'-lit-se, t Nap., 12. 

Termini, Te?'-mi-ue, s-j't t Sic, 13. 

Terminos, Te/--nu-n(i)S, inlet Canb. Sea. 

Terminos, Luguna de, Lq-g(6-nq da 
Ter-mi-nos, s-jit t Yucatan, 2. 

Ternate, Ter-nq-ta, i Malay Arch. 

Terni, Te/'-ne, t Pontifical Sts., 9^. 

Terodant, Ta-ro-dqnt, t Morocco, 21. 

Teror, Ta-ro/', t Canaries, 6. 

Terra del Fuego, Te?--q del Fwa-go, m 
s. 8. Am. 

Terranova, Te/*-q-n6-vq, 6-pt t Sic, 10. 

Terre aux Boeufs, Ter o Bef, r La. 

Terre Bonne, Ter Bon or Tqr Bon, 
hayf/u and par La.: co i C. E. 

Terre Coupee, Ter-e Koo-pe, 'v la. 

Terre Haute, Ter-e Ilcjt, co t la., 7. 

Terschelling, Ter-sAel-ii), i N. Sea, 2^, 

Teruel, Ta-roj-el, t Sp., O^^. 

Teschen, Tej-en, t Aus. Silesia, 6^^. 

Teshoo - Loumboo, Tej"-(6 - Lcom-bo), t 
Thibet, 4. 

Tesouras, Ta-so-rqs, r Bra., 200 m. 

Tetbury, Tet-ber-i, t and par Eng., '6\^. 

Tetooan, Tet-oo-qn, t Morocco, 16. 

Teutopolis, Tq-t6p-(o-lis, f III. [Eng., 6. 

Tewkesbuiy, Ti|,ks-ber-i, t and par 

Tewksbury, Ti\,ks-ber-i, v Mass., 34. 

Texana, Teks-q-na, ai t Tex. 

Texas, Teks-as, one of the s. w. U. S.; 
area 237,604 s. m. : pop. 154,024 
whites, 397 free colored, 58,161 
slaves— total, 212,592; i* N-Y., 0., 
la.. 111. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Texel, Teks-el, * North Sea, 5. 
Teza, Ta zq. t Morocco, 11. 
Tezcoco, Te:j-Ai6 ku), t Mex., 5. 
Thasne, Tom, t atid par Eng., '6%. 
Thames, Temz, rs Eng., 215 m.; C. W. 
Thunet, R:in-et, Isle of, * Eng., 32. 
Thjinn, Tqn, t Fr., 6. 
Thiiso, Rq-so,* ^Egean Sea, 6. \cn t 111. 
Thebe.^, Hebz, anc. c and cap Egypt; 
Thebes, Re-va, t Greece, 9. 
Theiss, Tjs r Hun., 500 in. 
Themsche, Tem-sAe, t Belg., 6i^. 
Theresa, Te-ri^-sa, v N-Y. [40. 

Theresienstridt, Tcr-a-zi-en-stqt, t Aus., 
Thermia, Rer-ine-q, i Grecian Arclu, 6. 
Tuermopyla?, Rer-mop-i-le, celebrated 

pass Greece. 
Thes^aly, Res-a-li, prr/o Eu. Tur. 
Theiford, Rer,-ford, t Eng., 4; v Vt., 2. 
Thian-Shan, Tc-qn-Sqn, nis China. 
Thibet '^r Tibet, Tib -et, large re^w>ft As. 
Tliibodeaux, Tib-o-dto, co t La. 
Thielt, Telt, t Belg., 12^. 
Thiers, Tt\t\ t Fr., 14. 
Thionville, Te-Qii-vel, ;; Fr., 83^. 
Thirlamero, Rer-la-tner, I Eng. 
Thirsk, Hersk, t and par Eng., b\^. 
Thogji-Chumo, R6g-JE-(!^cf)-mo, salt I 

West Himalayas, 15,500 feet above 

the sea. 
Thomaston, Tora-as-ton, co t Ga. 
Thomastown, Tom-as-t^n, t and par 

Ireland, 2%. 
Thomasviile, T6m-as-vil, co t Ga. 
Thompson, Tomp-son, vs Conn., Ga. 
Thompsonville, r* Conn. 2, Pa., Va. 
Thonon, Tca-ncoh, t Savoy, 4i^. 
Thorda, Toz-dq, t Transylvania, 8>^. 
Thorn, To/'n, t W. Prus., 12%. 
Thornapple, Rorn-ap-l, r Mich., 80 m. 
Thombury, Rorn-ber-i, t Eng., 4%. 
Thorne, Rom, t and par Eng., 3X. 
Thorn Hill, Rom Hil, v C. W., 3^. 
Thornton, R'im-ton, r« Pa., 111. 
Thorntown, Rorn-t^n, v la.. %. 
Thorold, Ror-old, t C. W., l^^. 
Thourout, TcTi-rob, t Belg., 8^. 
Thousand Isles, R-s-zand flz, 1500 

rocky islets river St. Lawrence. 
Thnict', Rras, or Thracia, Rra-Ji-a, a 

name applied to Turkey in Eu., or 

that part of Turkey bet. Bulgaria 

and the Archipelago. I^^* 

Thrapston, Rraps-ton, t and par Eng., 
Three Kings, </r Manawa-Tawi, Man- 

a-wq-Tq-we, i S. Pac. Oc. 
Three Rivers, Rre Riv-orz, v» Ma38., 

Mich.: t C. E.. 6j^. 
Thsieoo-Shan, R'E-oo-X^n, m China, 
Thun, Ta)n, I and t Swit., 5. 


Thunder Bay, Rdn-der Ba, Lake Hu- 
ron, n. e. Mich. 

Thuringian Forest, Rri-rin-ji-an For- 
est, ms Cen. Ger. 

Thurles, Rurlz, t and par Ir., 6. 

Thurso, Riir-so, par and s-pt t Scot., 5. 

Tibagi. Te-bq-^e, r Bra., 200 m. 

Tiber, Tj-ber, /• Cen. It., 185 m. 

Ticao, Te-kq-o, Philippine Is. 

Tichfield-with-Crofton, Tiq-feld-wid- 
Krof-ton, t and par Eng., 4. [2%. 

Ticonderogrt, Tj-kon-dcr-iJ-ga, v N-Y., 

Tideswell, Tjdz-wel, t Eng., 3^. 

Tidor, Te-dcjr, i Malay Arch. 

Tien-Tsin, Te-en-Tsen, c China. 

Tiete, Ts-a-ta, r Bra., 500 m. 

Tiffin, Tif-in, cot O., 4. 

Tiflis, Tif-lis, c, cap Ga. in Asia, 60. 

Tigris, Tigris, r As. Tur., 1150 m. 

Tilburg, Til-bur/i, t Neth.. 13><^. 

Tillanchong, Til-qn-qorj, Nicobar Isle. 

Tilsit. Til-sit, t Prus., Vi-}i. 

Tim, Tern, r Siberia, 250 m. 

Timbuctoo, Tini-bu.k-t*», t Cen. Af.,12. 

Timor, Ts-mc'^r, i Malay Arch. 

Timor Laut, Te-mor L-st, i Mai. Arch. 

Tinajo, Te-nq-Zio, t Canaries, 1^^. 

Ting-llai, Tii)-H|, c is. Chusan. 

Tino, Tc-no, i Grecian Arch., 22. 

Tioern, Te-ez-n, i of Swcd. 

Tioga, Ti-(f)-ga, xs N-Y. 1, Pa. 

Tioomen, Te-iD-men, t Sib., 12. 

Tippecanoe, Tip-e-ka-nda, v 0.; r la. 

Tipperary, Tip-er-a-ri, co Ir.; t do., 8)^. 

Tipton, Tip-ton, co ts la. ^, Iowa. 

Tirajana, Te-rq-Aq-nq, ^ Canaries, Z%. 

Tirana, Te-rq-nq, ^ Eu. Tur., 10. 

Tiraspol, Te-rqs-pol,/,^ t llus., 5. 

Tiree, Tir-i% i Inner Hebrides, 3^;^. 

Tirlernont, TeH-mtin, t Belg., 8>^. 

Tirnova, Tir-no-vq, t Eu. Tur., 8. 

Tishemingo, TiJ-e-mifl-go, co Miss, 

Tiskilwa, Tis-kil-we, v ill. 

Titiciica (Te-ti-kq-kq) Lake, S. Am. 

Tittibawassee, Tit-i-ba-w63-B, r Mich., 
nav. 80 m. 

Titusville, Tj-tu8-vil, ts N-J., Pa. 

Tiverton, Tiv-er-ton,^andjjarEng.,ll; 
1} R. L, 2)4. 

Tivoli, Tiv-(i)-le, t Cen. It., 6>^. 

Tivoli, Ti-v6-li, w N-Y., Iowa. 

Tizzana. Tit-s^-nq, t Tus., 1%. 

Tiajja, Tlq.pq. < Mex. 

Tlascala, Tlqs-k^-lq, t Mex., 4. 

Tlemcen, Tlera-s^n, j! Algeria, 9)^. 

Tnilaia, Tne-lj-q, r Rus., 120 m. 

Tobago, To-ba-«<i), i Br. W. Ind., X4^. 

Tobarra, Tci-b^r-q, t Sp., 6»^. 

Ti^tjcrmory, T(,)-b('r-m6-ri, «-^< < Scot., 

Tobol, To-bul, r fciib., u.OO m. [1>^. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Tobolsk, To-b6Isk,j7rw Sib.; area 1,000,- 

000 s. m., pop. 635,000 ; c, cap W, 
' Sib., 20. [^do. 

Tocanttns, To-kqn-tenz, r Bra., 1000 m.; 
Tocoa, To-ko-a, r Ga. and Tenn. 
Tocuyo, Tu)-kc6-yt>), /■ Ven., 200 m.; t do. 
Toddington, T6d-ig-ton, t and par 

Eng., 2X. 
Todmordeu-with-Wafsden, Tod-mor- 

den-wid-Wdfs-den, t Eng., 43^. 
Tokat, To-kqt, c As. Minor, 26%. 
Tokay, To-ka, t N.-E. Hun., 5%. 
Toledo, To-la-do, c Sp., U; — To-le- 

do, c 0., 111^: V II!. 
Tolentino, Tco-len-tt-no, t It., 9>^. 
Tolland, Tol-and. t-r) t Conn. 
Tolna, T61-no, ^ Hun., b%. 
Toloar, Tci-\a-{[r, i Malay Arch. 
Toluca, Ta)-l(6-kq, t Mex., 12. 
Tofti, Santiago de, Scin-ti-q-go da To- 

1(6, 8-pt t N-Gran. 
Tomaszow, To-mq-Jov, t Poland, 5. 
Torabigbee, Tom-big-be, r ^Miss, and 

Ala., 450 m. [v N-Y. 

Tompkinsville, Tomp-kinz-vil, cot Ky.; 
Tomsk, Tomsk, pov Sib.; c, cap same, 24. 
Tom's ( Tomz) River, co t N-J.. 1; r do. 
Tonawanda, Ton-a-w6n-da,r NY.,1)-^. 
Tondern, Ton-dern, t Den., 6)/^. 
Tondja, T6n-ja, r Eu. Tur., 150 m. 
Tondo. Ton-do), t is. Luzon, 17)-^. 
Tone, Ton, r Eng. 

Tonga ( T6g-ga ) Islands, Pnc. Oc, ISJ^. 
Tongataboo, Toi)-a-tq-ba), i Pac. Oc, 5. 
Tongres, Toh-gr, t Belg., 6%. 
Tongue (Tmj) River, Mo. Ter., 300 m. 
Tonneins, Ton-au, t Fr., 1%. 
Tonnerre, Ton-4r, t Fr., 4%. 
Tonquin, Ton-ken, g China Sea, 300 m. 
Toobonai, Ta-bo-nj, i Vac. Oc. 
Toola, Tc6-lq, gov Eu. Rus.; area 11.875 

s. m,, pop. 1,092,473; cap same, 55. 
Toolcha, Ta)l-qq./i{ t Eu. Tur. 
Toolsborough, Td)lz-bur-o, r Iowa. 
Toorabuddra, TiDm-bud-ra, /■ Ind., 400 m 
Toong, TiM), r China, 250 m. 
Toora, Tcf)-rq, r Sib., 300 m. 
Toorkistan, Toor-kis-tqn, reg Cen.Asia; 

• — Chinese, area 500,000 s. m.; — 

Independent, or Independent Tarta- 

ry, area 720,800 a. m., pop. 4,000,000. 
Tooz-Golee, Ta)z-G6-le, salt I As. Min. 
Topeka, To-pg-ka, cap Kanzas Ter. 
Topsfield, Tops-feld, v Mass., I14. 
Topsham, Tops-am, s-pt t Eng., 2% ; v 

Me., IK. 
Torbay, Tor-ba, I Eng. 
Torda^ Tor dq, t Transylvania, 7. 
Torgau, Tor-gTf, ft t Prus. Sax., 63^. 
Torget, Tor-get, » of Norway. 

Tornea, Ter-ne-o, r Scan., 230 m. 

Toro, To-ro, t Sp., 7. 

Toronto, To-ron-to, c, ca;? C. W., 50. 

Toropetz, To-ro-pets, t Rus., 8. 

Torquay, Tor-ke, t Eng., 8. 

Torre del Greco, Tw-a del Gra-ko, t 
Nap., 13. 

Torre dell' Annunziata, Ter-a del Lq- 
noon-ze-q-tq, t Nap., 10. 

Torre Don Jimeno, Tor-a Don ^e-ma- 
no, t Sp., 5%. [61^. 

Torrejoncillfi, T»r-a-Aon-tel-yo, < Sp., 

Torreu's (Tor-enz) Lake, S. Aust. 

Torrente, Tor-en-ta, t Sp.. 5. 

Torrington, Great, Grat Tor-ig-ton, t 
Eng., Zy^. 

Tortola, T(>r-t6-la, Virgin Island, 8}^. 

Tortona, Tor-t(5-nq, < Sard. St., 10^. 

Tortosa, Tor-t6-sq, t Sp., 20)^. 

Tortsvar. Terts-v^r, ?; Tran., 6%. 

Tortuga,'Tor-ta)-ga, * W. Ind. 

Tortugas, Tor-ta<-gqs, i W. Ind. 

Torzhok, Tor-jok, t Rus., 153^. 

Totana, To-tq'-nq, t Sp., 8)^. 

Totness, Tot-nes, t Eng , 4\^. [12. 

Totonicapan, To-to-ne-kq-pan, < Guat., 

Touboual, T(D-btt)-|, i S. Pac. Oc. 

Toul, TiDl, ft t Fr., 83^. 

Toulon, T(»-ld)h, H-pt c Fr., 693^. 

Toulouse, T(t)-kf)z, c Fr., 93><;. 

Tourcoing, TtDr-kwan, t Fr., 27%. 

Tournay, Toor-na, ft t Belg., 33. 

Tournus, Tcor-nes, t Fr., 53^. 

Tours, Tcor, c Fr., 33X. 

Towanda, Tu-an-da, Jcyr Pa., I34. 

Towcester, T^s-ter, j! Eng., 2%. 

Towyn, T6-win, « N. Wales, 2%. 

Traina, Trj-nq, t Sicily, 1%. 

Traitor's ("Trat-orz) Island, one of Nav- 
igators' Is. 

Tralee, Trq-le', lor and s-pt t Ir., 13%. 

Trani, Trq-ne, s-pt t Naples, 14. 

Transcaucasia, Trans-ko-ka-ji-a, cy As. 
Rus.: area 66,300 3. m.,pop. 1,625,000. 

Transylvania, Tran-sil-va-ni-d, prin- 
cipality Aus. Empire; area 23,078 s. 
m., pop. 2,074,202. 

Trapani, Trq-pq-ne, s-pt t Sicily, 25. 

Travancore, Trav-an-kor, st Ind.; area 
6710 s. m., pop. 1,300,000. 

Travi, Trq-ve, 1' Parma, hy^. 

Travnik, Trqv-nik, t Eu. Tur., 8^. 

Trebigne, Tra-ben-ya, 10. 

Trebitsch, Tra-biq, t Moravia, 5. [40. 

Trebizond, Treb-i-zond, s-pt c As. Tur., 

Tredegar, Tred-e-gar, t Eng., 17%. 

Tremiti ( Trem-i-te ) Isles, Adriatic Sea. 

Tremont, Trg-mont, v Pa., 1. 

Trent, Trent, r Eng., 140 m.; c Aus., 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Trenton, Tren-ton, c, cap N-J., 61^^. 

Trenton, t C. W., 1>^. 

Tresco, Tres-ko, Sciliy Island, }4.' 

Trevanion, Tre-vq-ni-on, i S. Pac. 

Treves, Trevz, c Khenish Prus., 19%. 

Treviglio, Tra-vel-yca, t Aus. It.. 6)^. 

Trevii«o, Tra-ve-su), c Aus. It., 193^. 

Tric:irico, Tre-k^-re-ko, t Nap., 5. 

Trichinopoly, Triq-ia-6p-o-li, t Brit. 
Ind., 100. 

Trlest, Tre-est, s-pt c Aug., 64. 

Trikeri, Tre-ka-re, t Tur., 5. 

Trikhala, Tre-kq-lq, t Eu. Tur., 10. 

Trim, Trim, hor and t Ir., G^^. 

Tring, Trig, t Eng., A%. 

Tringauy, Trin-gq-ne, t Malay pen., 15. 

Trinidad, Trin-i-dqd, (Sp. Tre-ne-) 
dad, one of the W. Ind. Is.; area 1,- 
5.36,000 acres, pop. 68,tU5. [v La. 

Trinity, Trin-i-ti, rs Tex., 550 m., Cal., 

Trino, Tre-no, t Sardinian States, 8i^. 

Triora, Tre-o-rq, v Sardinian States, 

Tripoli, Trip-o-lg, cjr n. Af., area, 105,- 

000 s. m., pop. 1,500,000. [15. 

Tripoli, Trip-o-le, s-pt ts Af., 20; Syria, 
Tripolitza, Tre-ptj-lit-sq, t Gr. 
Tristan D'Acunha, Tris-tqn Dq-k(6n- 

yq, i S. At. 
Trobriand, Tro-bri-^nd, is Lotiisiade 

Troia, Tr(S-yq, t Naples, 5. 
Trois Rivieres, Trwq Re-vi-q^, t is. 

Guadeloupe, Z%. 
Troitzkoi, Trert-sker, t Rus., 7. 
Trondhjem, Trond-yem, s-ut t Norway, 

Tropea, Tro-pa-q, t Naples, 4)^. 
Troppau, Trop-u, ft t Au-s. Silesia, 11. 
Troupvillc, Trdbp-vil, go t Ga. 
Trowbridge, Trci-brij, t and par Eng., 

Troy, Trflr, ruined c As. Min.; c N-Y., 

45; t 0., 2; CO te N. C, Ala., Tenn., 

0., 2; Mo.; V8 la.. 111., Pa., Ga., Wis. 
Troyes, Trwq, c Fr., 27»^. 
Trujillo or Truxillo, Troa-Ael-yo, c Sp., 

6; t Peru, 8; c Ven., A\8 ptt Hond., 4. 
Truinansburg, Tr<6-inanz-burg, v N- 

Y., I. 
Truro, Tn6-ro, hor and s-pt t Eng., 10- 

%\ V Mass., 1; s-pt t N. Scotia. 
Tsaritsin, Tsq-rit-cin, ft t Rus., A%. 
Tsiirakoe - Selo, Tsqrs-ko-a - Sa-lu), t 

Rus., 103^. 
Tsong-Gan-Hien, TjjoQ-Gqn-He-dn, t 

China, 10. 
Tsoosima, TaA-si-mq, t Japan. 
TsuDg-Ming, Tdug-Mio, e China. 
Tuaoa, T^-am, t and par Ir., 7%. ) 

Tiibingen, Te-big-en, t Wart., 1)4. 
Tuckahoe, Tuk-a-hd), r Md.: « N-J., %. 
Tuckerton, Tdk-er-ton, v N-J. 
Tucopiu, TcQ-ko-pi-q, i S. Pac. Oc, }4' 
Tucuraan, TiO-kco-mqn, prov La Plata, 

44,000: ^do. 12. 
Tudela, Too-da-lq, c Sp., 6%. 
Tulare, Too-lq-re, co Cal. 
Tule, T(f>-le, ^ Cal. 
Tullahoma, Tul-a-ho-ma, 'V Tenn. 
TuUamore, Tul-a-raor, t Ir., 4%. 
Tiille, Tel, ^ Fr., 11^^. 
Talln, Tain, t Aus., 1%. 
TuUow, Tiil-c:), ^ and par Ir., 3. 
Tally, Tdl-i, m N-Y., Mo., %. 
Tulmaro, TcDl-mq-ro, t Ven., 8. 
Tuipehocken, Tul-pe-hok-en, or Pa. 
Tunamaguont, Ta)-nam-a-gvv6nt, v Pa. 
Tunbridge, Tdn-brij, t and par Eng., 

Tunbridge Wells, t and watering-place 

Eng., lOX. 
Tuncha, Tun-c^, < China, 150. 
Tung-Chang, Ta)g-6'qfl, c China. 
Tunis, Tq-nis, st N. Af., area 70,000, 

pop. 2,500,000; s-pt t, cap Tunis, 150; 

— Gulf, Med. 
Tunja, T(jbij-Aq, t N-Gran., 7. [3^. 

Tunkhannock, Tui)k-han-ok, co t y-A.; 
Tunstall-Court, Tdns-tel-Kort, t Eng., 

Tunuyan, TiO-ndO-y^n, r S. Am., 200 m. 

Tuolumne, Twol-um-ne, r Cal. 

Tuparro, Too pq/"-o, r N-Gran., 200 m. 

Tupisa, Too-pe-sq, t Bol., 5. 

Tura, Tdo-ro, t W. Hun., 6}^. 

Turaboo, Tur-a-bda, Society Is., 2. 

Turin, Tq-rin, (Fr. Te-ran,) c, cap 
Sardinian States, 143i^; « N-Y. 

Tur-Kevi, Toor-Ka-VE, v liun., 9j^. 

Turkey, or The Ottoman Empire, Tur- 
ki or Ot'u)-man Em'pjr, extensive 
countries in Eu., As., and Af.; the 
following are the prominent divis- 
ions;— Room-Elee, Bosnia, Silistria, 
Jezayr, Is. of Gallipoli, Candia, Goz- 
zo, Standie, Thasos, Saraothraki, Im- 
bro, Stalimni or Lemnos, Strati, &c.; 
Wallachia, Servia, Moldavia, Asia 
Minor, Armenia and Koordistan, 
Syria or Sham, Irak and Mesopota- 
mia, Jidda in Arabia, Egypt, Tripoli, 
Tunis: area 2,095,194, pop. 35,360,000. 

Turner, Tdr-ner, v Me., 2. 

Turnhout, Turn-h^t, t Belg., 13^. 

Turqnino, TiDr-ke-no, 7n Cuba. ^ 

Turriff, Tdr-if, t and ;^ar Scot., 1%. 

Turyassu, Ta)-re-q-st6, r Bra., 350 m. 

Tuscuhoraa, Tu3-ka-h(f>-ma, v Ala., 

Tuscaloosa, Tu8-ka-l<6-ga, co t Ala.,3>^. 


Geographical Vocabulart. 

Tuscany, Tus-kan-i, grand duchy N. 
It,; having as divisions:— Florence, 
Lucea, Pi>a, Sienna, Arezzo, Gros- 
ser to, Leghorn, with is. of Gorgona, 
Elba and adjacent islands; area 8,- 
686, pop. 1,778,021. ^ [v 0. 

Tuscaravyas, Tus-ka-re-was, r, co and 

Tuscarora, Tu5-ka-ru)-ra, crs Pa., Va.; 
^ N-Y., Pa., %. 

Tuscola, Tus-k6-la, co and v Mich. 

Tuscumbia, Tus-kiim-bi-a, ii Ala.; co t 

Tuskegee, Tus-ke-ge, co t Ala. [Mo. 

Tutbury, Tiit-ber-i, 'V Eng., 1^, 

Tuxford, Tiiks-ford, t And par Eng., 1>^. 

Tuxtla, Td)kst-Iq, t Mex., 5. 

Tiiy, Twe. t Sp., 43^: r S. Am. 

Tyer, Tyer, c Rus.. 24. 

Tvert^a, Twe/t-sq. r Rus., 110 m. 

Tweed, Twed, r Scot, and Eng., 95 m. 

Tweedmouth, Twed-mufi, v Eng., 5^. 
Twickenham, Twik-en-ham, v and joar 

Eng., &%. 
Twofold Bay, e. coast of Aust. 
Two Rivers, v Wis., 1. 
Tygart's Valley (Tj-garts Val-i) River, 

Va., 150 m. 
Tyler, Tj-ler, co t Tex.; v lU. 
Tymochte, Tj-raok-tf, xi 0. 
Tyne, Tjn, r Eng., 80 m. 
Tynemouth-with-Xorth Shields, (Tjn- 

mut,) two ^*Eng., SO)^. 
Tyngsborough, Tiyz-bur-o, <€ Mass. 
Typin:Jan, Tj-pin-sqn, Madjicosima Is. 
Tyri-Fiord. Te-ri-Fe-e/*d, I Xor. 
Tyrnuu, Ti/'-uTJ, t Ilun., b%. 
Tyrol, Tir-ol, jjvftv Aus.; area 11,084 3. 

m., pop. 859,706. 
Tyrone, Tj-ron, r« N-Y., Pa. 


Uanapu, (D-q-nq-pif), r Bra., 400 m. 
Uatuma, CI)-q-t(f)-mq, r Bra., 350 m. 
Uaupes, W^-pes, r Bra. 
Ubatuba, CD-bq-t<f>-bq, t Bra., 6. 
Ubeda, (D-ba-dq, t Sp., Vi%. 
Ubrique, Q-brE-ka, t Sp., S^. 
Ucayale, Oi-kj-^-la, /• Peru, 500 m. 
Udine, (D'de-na, ^ Aus. It., 26^. 
Uelzen, Elt'son, t Han., 3. 
Uerdingen, Ey-'dij-en, t Rhen. Prus., 3. 
Ugliano, Obl-yq-no, i in Adriatic Sea. 
Uhricksvillc, Yq-riks-vil, 'V 0., 1. 
Uist, (Wist or Est,) North, i Outer 

Hebrides, 3^,. 
Uist, South, i Outer Hebrides, 4. 
Uithuizen, CTt-hor-zen, v Neth., 3%. 
Ujhely-Satoral.ja, (D'e-hely-Sq-t(A)-r61- 

yo, t Hun., 6)^. 
Uleaborg, OO'le-u-boz-g, 5-2>^ ^ Fin., 5. 
Ulea-Trask, (D'le-o-trqsk, I Fin. 
Ulloa, COl-yci-q, rHond.,100 m. 
TJllswater, Ulz'wo-ter, t Eng. 
TJlm, Ulm, t Wiirtembcrg, 13}^. 
Ulster, Ul'ster, /■ Ger.; Ul'ster, co and 

p o N-Y. 
Ulva, Ul'va, is Inner Hebrides, ^. 
Ulverstone, Ul'ver-ston, t and /Jar 

Eng., 61^. 
Umbagog (tTm'ba-gog) Lake, N-Eng. 
Umea, (D'me-ca, 7' Swed., 250 \a. 
Umpqua (Ump'kwe) City, r Or. Tor. 
I''^na, (D'nq, four rs Bra.. 60 m. 
L'nadilla, Un-a-dil-a, r N-Y.; ts N-Y., 

Unare, OO-n^-ra, r Ven., 120 m. 

Uncasville, Un'kas-vil. t Conn. 
Unghvar, CD^-vqr, t Hun., 5. 
Unie, (Dn'ya, i Adriatic Sea, y^. 
Union, Yx'in-yon, co ts Va., Mo.; va N- 

Y., la., Mich., N-C. 
Union City, v Mich. 
Union Mills, rs Pa., Va., la., lo. 
Union Springs, rs N-Y., 1; Ala. [III. 
Uniontown, co t Pa., 2%; t'» Ala., la., 
Union Village, v N-Y. 
Unionville, co t S. C; is Conn., Pa., 0. 
United Stales, Yq-njt-ed Stats, Rep. 
N. Am., occupying more than half of 
the territory of the North Temperate 
Zone, and presenting in the unity of 
its States, the most perfect government 
the world ever witnessed. Th^faceof 
the country is of every variety — valley, 
mountain, and plain. Topographically 
considered, the United States are di- 
vided as follows : 1. The Atlantic, or 
Alleghany Slope; 2. The Mississippi 
Valley; 3. Ihe Pacific, or Rocky 
Mountain Slope. The first, the oldest, 
and comprising the original states of 
the confederacy, possessing the great- 
est number of inhabitants, farthest 
advanced in the arts and sciences, com- 
mercial and educational improvements, 
steadily furnishes the states and terri- 
tories of the other two divisions with 
"bone, sinew" and mind, for their set- 
tlements. The second comprises the 
ri(;hest and most extensive agricultural 
country in the world ; while the other, 



yet in embryo, contains beneath its hills 
great mineral wealth, and in it5 moun- 
tain etreams undreamed of manufac- 
turing power. 


States and Terri- 

Area in 



s, ms. 





New Hampshire, 









Rhode Island, 






New York, 



New Jersey, 












Dis. of Columbia, 






North Carolina, 



South Carolina, 






















































Kanzas Territory, 


Nebraska Ter., 


Minnesota Ter., 



New Mexico Ter., 



Utah Ter., 



Oregon Ter., 



Washington Ter. 


2,936,166 23,191,876 

The rapidity with which population 
increases in the United States is re- 
markable: at the rate of increase for 
the preceding ten years, up to 1850, 
the present population would be ( 1856 ) 
28,753,062. The nambor of persons to 
the square mile in the non-slavehold- 
ing states were 21.91: slaveholding, 

The educational system U unequal- 

led by that of any country (excepting 
Prussia) in the world. The nuraberof 
public and private schools, colleges and 
academies, is 87,162; of students in 
attendance 4,089,597, and the propor- 
tion at school is 1 to 4.9, not including 
slaves, and greater than that of any 
other country. The ratio of those over 
twenty years of age unable to read or 
write is 1 in 40 in the non-slaveholding 
states, and 1 in 12 in the slaveholding 
states. In the New England states, 
1 in 400. The number of papers pub- 
lished, 2,526; while other publications, 
such as books, pamphlets, etc., exceed, 
probably, all other countries together. 

American ships are found on every 
sea, and in its ports the productions of 
every clime are received. There en- 
tered from foreign ports, in 1854, 19,- 
103 vessels, with a tonnage of 5,884,- 
339 tons; cleared, in the same period, 
19,073, with a tonnage of 6,019,194-; 
value of imports, $304,562,384; exports, 

Unity, Yi],-ni-ti. vs 0., 111. 
Unna, Un'q, t Prus. Westphalia, 5)^; 

r Turkish Croatia, 110 m. 
Unst, Unst, Shetland Island, 3. 
Upland, Up'land, v Pa., 3^. 
Upolou, CD-pQ-l(6, Samoan Is,, Pac. 

Oc, area 60 s. m., pop. 25,000. 
Upper or New California, (Kal-i-fer- 

ni-a,) former ter. of the state of Cal. 
Upper Iowa, r Min. and lo. [Md. 

Upper Marlborough, Mqrl-bur-o, co t 
Upper Sandusky, r/r Fremont, co t O., 1. 
Upper Swatara, Swq-tq-ra, tp Pa. 
Upperville, Up'er-vil, i) Va., %. 
Upsal, Up'sal, t Swed., 5. 
Upshur, Up'Jur, v O. 
U pton-u pon - Se ver n , Up'ton-up-on-Ser- 

ern, t and^r 2%. 
Ural, Yi\ ral, r Rus., 1800 m.; rm do. 
Urbanna, Ur-ban-a, co ts Va., 0., 111., 

Mo. [7. 

Urbino, (Dr-be-no, c Pontifical States, 
Urghundaub, Ur-gun-dob, r Afg., 230 m. 
Urquhart, Urk'hqrt, par Scot. 
Ursa, Ur'sa, v 111. 

Urubamba, (J)-ra)-b<^m-bq, t Peru, 4. 
Urucaia, 0)-r<i)-kj-q, r Rrazil., 200 ra. 
Uruguay, OD-rtD-gwj, r S. Am., 800 m. 
Uruguay, a republic S. Am.; area 75,- 

000 8. m., pop. 1,120.000. 
Usedom, (D'zo-dom. i Prus. Pomerania. 
Ushant, Uj'ant, « off Brittany, 2%. 
L'skup, (D^'kup, t Eu. Tur., 10. 
Ustica, CBi'ti-kq, i Med. [400 m. 

Usumaainta, CD-sco-mq-siu-Ui, r C. Am., 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Utah, Yii-te, or Yix-tq, ter U. S.; area 

269,170, s. m., pop., whites, 11,3:^0; 

free colored, 24; slaves, 26; total, 11,- 

380, mostly Mormons. 
Utah Lake, central part ter. 30 by 10 m. 
Utica, Yii-ti-ka, c N-Y., 22i^; vs Pa., 

Miss., 0., 1; Mich., 1: la., III., Mo. 
Utiel, (B-tE-^1, t Sp., bfi, 
Utilla, OO-tel-yqj i Caribbean Sea. 

Utrecht, Yi|-trekt, t Hoi., 49i<^; prot> 

Neth., pop. 155,224. 
Utrera, (D-tra-rri, t Sp., 12^. 
Uttoxeter, Uks'e-ter, t and par Eng., 5. 
Uvalde, (D-vc^l-da, co Tex. 
Uxbrid^e, Uks'brij, t Eng., 3^^; V 
Uyea, CI)-ya, one of Shet. Is. [Mass., 2, 
Uzes, E-zas, t Fr., 7. 
Uzzano, O)t-sq,-no, t Tuscany, 4. 


Vaagen, V^-gen, (East and West,) 
two of the Loffoden Is., Nor., 4. 

Vache, (VqJ) Island, W. Ind. [m. 

Vadavate, Vq-dq-vq-ta, r S. Hind., 200 

Vaga, V4-gq, r Rus., 250 m. 

Vaigats, Vj-gqts, i Artie Oc, large and 

Vaila, Va-la, Shetland Island. 

Vahk, Vqk, r Siberia, 350 m, 

Valatie, VaUa-te, ^ N-Y. 

Valbenoite, Vql-be-nw(\t, v Fr., 6. 

Valdepenas, Vql-da-pan-yqs,^ Sp., 9^. 

Valdes, Vql-des, i Gulf of Georgia. 

Valdivia, Vql-de-vi-q, r Chili, 120 m. 

Valenca, Yq-len-sq, t Brazil, 3. 

Valence, Vq-lohs, t Fr., 16>4. 

Valencia, Vq-len-Ji-a, prov Sp.; c, cap 
of same, 70; c Ven., 17; — Lake, do. 

Valenciennes, Yq-loh-se-en, tYx.,2Z%. 

Valentia, Yq-leu-Ji-a, i w. of Ir.; t do. 

Valenza, Vq-len-zq, t Sard. States, 
Valetta, Vq-let-q, s-pt c is. Malta, 30. 
Valki, V41-ke, t Rus., 9. 
Valladolid, Vql-yq-do-led, c Sp., 30; 

c Mex., 18; c Yucatan, 15. 
Vail ay, Val-a, i Outer Hebrides. 
Valle-Hermoso, Vql-ya-Er-mo-so, t 

Canaries^ 3. 
Valognes, Vq-I6ny, t Fr., 6. 
Valpariso, Vql-pq-rj-so, c cap Chili, 50; 

Val-pa-ra-z(D, co t la. 
Van, Vqn, c Turkish Armenia, 40. 
Van, Lake, salt lake. As. Tur. 
Van Buren, Van Bq,-ren, co U Ark., 

\%; Mis. 
Vanfteburg, Vans-burg, vs Ky., %; III. 
Vancourer's, Van-k(6-verz, i w. Br. 

N. Am., 11. 
Vancouver, Fort, settlement Hudson's 

Bay Company, Wash. Ter. 
Vandalia, Van-da-li-a, co t IlL, 1. 
Van Deusenville, Van Di|,-zen-vil, t) 

Mass. [n. w. Aust. 

Van Diemen's (Van De-menz ) Gulf, 

Van Diemen's Land, i s. e. Aust; area 

24,000 s. m., pop. 80,000. 
Vandola, La, Lq-Vqn-d<f)-lq, Admiral- 
ty Island. 
Vanikoro, Vq-ni-ko-ro, i S. Pac., IJ^. 
Vannes, Vqn, 8-pt t Fr., 13>^. 
Vanua-Valavo, Vq-no) q-Vq-l^-vo, ♦ 

S. Vac, 1. 
Van Wert, Van Wert, co t 0., 1. 
Var, Vqr, dep Fr., pop. 357,967. 
Varazze, Vq-r^t-sa, t Sard., 7^. 
Varel, Fq-rel, t Ger., Zy^. 
Varinas, Vq-re-nqs, t Yen., 12. 
Varna, Vq/'-nq, ft s-pt < Eu. Tur., 14. 
Yaroqoa, Var-ci-kwa, co t Wis. 
Yasa, Vq-sq, s-pt i! Fin., 33^. 
Vasarhely, Hold-Mezo, Hold-Ma-zo, 

V(i-Jqr-hely, t Hun., 26 1^. 
Vasarhely, Somlyo, Xom-lyo V^-Jqr- 

hely, t Hun., 25. 
Vashka, YqJ-kq, r Rus,, 200 m. 
Vasilkov, Yq-sil-kov, t Rus., 8. 
Vasioogan, Vq-ss-flo-g^n, r As. Rus., 

170 m. 
Vassalborough, Vas-al-btir-o, v Me., 3. 
Vasto, V^s-to, t Naples, 9. 
Yatersa, V^t-er-sa, i Outer Hebrides. 
Vaucluse, Yo-klez, dep Fr., 264,618. 
Vaud, Yo, or Pays-de-Vaud, Pa-e-de- 

Yo, canton Switz. 
Vaudreuil, Vo-drely, co C. E. 
Yauxhall, Yo-hel, subwh London. 
Vavao, Vq-v^-o, Friendly Island, 6. 
Veglia, Yal-yq, i Adriatic Sea, 15. 
Yejer, \a.-h2^r, t Sp., ^%. 
Yelez, Ya-les, t N-Gran.", 7>^. {}{. 
Yelez Blanco, Ya-let Blqn-kcj, t Sp., 7- 
Yelez Malaga, Mq-lq-gq, t Sp., 16. 
Yelez Rubio, Rtfe-be-tJ, t Sp.. 12^^. 
Yelikaia, Ya-Ie-kj-q. r Rus., 160 m. 
Yelino, Ya-lg-no, r It. 
Velizh, Ya-li.^, t Rus. Pol.. 6^. 
Yelletri, Ye-la-tre, t Pontificial St., 10. 
Yenado, Ya-n(^-do, t Mex., 8. 
Venango, Ye-naj)-g<a, v Pa, 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Vendome, Von-dom, t Fr., 9^^. 
Vendotena, Ven-do-ta-nq, i Med., }^. 
Venezuela, Ven-ez-w8-la, (Sp. Va- 

net-wa-lq, rep S. Am., area 400,000 

s. m., pop. 1,419,289. 
Venice, Ven-is, c Aus. It., 110; v 0. 
Venloo, Ven-16, ft t Xeth., 1%. 
Venosa, Va-no-sq,, t Naples, 6. 
Ventnor, Vent-n(jr, t Isle of Wight. 
Vera, Va-rq. t Sp., 8)^. 
Vera Cruz, Va-rq-Kr(Ds, st Max., area 

27,595 s. m., pop. 274,686; s-pt t Mex., 

Veragaa, Va-rc^-gwa, t N-Gran., 5. 
Vercelli, Ver-qel-E, c Sard. Sts., 18)^. 
Verden, Fe/'-den, t Ger., 4%. 
Verdun, Ve/'-dun, t Fr., 14. 
Vereya, Va-ra-yq. t Rus., 6. 
Vergennes, Ver-jenz, c Vt., \)/^. 
Veria, Ve-rg-q. t Eu. Tur., 8. 
Vermejo, Vcr-ma-Ao, r S. Am.. 750 m. 
Vermilion, Yer-mil-yon, « O., 1, rs 

La., 111. and la. 
Vermilionville, Ver-mil-yon-vil, c» t 

Vermont, Ver-mont, one of the U. S., 

the first admitted after the union; 

area 10.212 s.m., pop. whites, 313,402, 

colored 982, total 314,120; v 111., 1)^. 
Vernon, Ver-n6n, t Fr., &%; Ver-non, 

CO t la., 1; Ts Conn., N-Y., Wis., Cal. 
Verona, Va-ro-nq, ft c Aus. It., 48; 

Ve-r6-na, v N-Y., 5)^. 
Vcrrct (Ver-et) Lake, La. 
Versailles, Ver-salz, c Fr., 35J/^; co ts 

Ky., la., Mo. 
Versecz, Ver-^eU*, t Hun., 15^. 
Vertou, Ver-td), v Fr., 6, 
Vervick, Vd^r-vik, t Bclg., b%. 
Verviers, Ver-ve-a, t Belg.. 20. 
Vesoul, Va-w61, t Fr., &%.' 
Vesuvius, (Ve-8ii-vi-u8,) Mount, act- 
ive vol It. 
Veszprira, Ves-prim, t Hun., 9. 
Vetlooga, Vet-l(f)-gq. r Rus., 300 m. 
Vevay, Ve-va or Ve-va, co t la., 2. 
Viana, Vc-^-nq, 8-pt t Port., 8. 
Viatka, Ve-^t-kq, gov Rus.: area 53,- 

493 8. m., pop. 1,818,752; c, cap 

same, 7; r do., 500 m. 
Viazma, Vc-(\z-mq, t Rus., 12. 
Viborg, V^-borg, e-pt t Finland, 3^. 
Viborg, Ve-borA, < Den., 53^. 
Vicenza, Ve-s^n-zq or Ve-Q6n-zq, c 

Aus. It., 33. 
Vich, Vik, c Sp., 10%. 
Vichada, Ve-q(\-dq, r N-Gran., 260 m. 
Vicksburg, Yiks-burg, c Miss., 3%. 
Vico Equenae, V£-ko {I-kw^a-sa, < 

It., 9?i. 

Victoria, Yik-t(4)-ri-a, Br. co? Australia; 

area 160,000 s. m., pop. 320,000; co t 

Tex.: V 111.; t Mex., 5>^; — Vek-to- 

ri-q, t Bra., 5. 
Victoria Lake, S. Aust. 
Victoria Land, Antarctic ter, supposed 

to be discovered by Sir James Ross. 
Victoria River, N. Ausf. 
Victoria Strait, Arc. Oc. 
Victory, Yik-to-ri, 'V N-Y. 
Yidalia, Vi-da-li-a, co t La. 
Vieille-Vizne, Ve-aly-Veny, y Fr., 5}{. 
Vienna, Vi-en-a, c, cap Aus., 408; co ts 

Ga., III.; r« N-Y. 2>^, Ala., 0., la.. 

Wis., C. W. 
Vienne, Ve-en, dep Fr., pop. 317,305; 

c do., 20^; r do., 220 m. 
Vieque, Ve-a-ka, i Br. W. Ind. 
Vierzon, Ve-er-z6h. t Fr., 6%. 
Viesti, Ve-es-te, t Nap.. 6. 
Vigan, Ve-gqn, s-pt t Phil. Is., 17i^. 
Yigevano, Vg-ja-vq-no, t Sard., 15>4. 

Viggiano, Vid-jq-no,;^ Nap., b%. 

I., 4% ; I Rus.; 
Vj-go, CO la 

Vigo, Ve-go, s-))t t Sp. 

Vilaine, Ve-lan, r Fr., 130 m. 
Vilcanota, Vel-kqn-y6-tq, m Andes. 
Vilkomeer, Vil-ko-mer, t Rus. Pol., 5. 
Villa-Bella-da-Princeza, Vei-q-Bel-q- 

dq-Pren-sa-zq, t Bra., 3. 
Villa del Fuerte, Vel-yq del Fwer-ta, 

t Mex., 5. 
Villa del Principe, Vel-yq del Prea-si- 

pa, t Cuba, 30. 
Villa do Rio Pardo, Vel-q do Re-o 

Pqr-do, t Bra., 5. 
Villa Franca, Vel-q Fr(^B-^. ^ Bra., 4. 
Villafranca de los Barros, Vel-yq-fr4l]- 

kq da los Bq?'-os, t Sp., 6. 
Villafranca de Panades, Vel-yq-fr^g- 

kq da Pq-n^-des, t Sp., 5*^. 
Villafranca do Xira, Vel-q-fr^Q-kq da 

X«-rq, t Port., 5. 
Villafranca di Picmonte, Vil-q-fr^g- 

kq dt Pe-a-mon-ta, t Sard., 8)^. 
Villajoyosa, Vel-yq-Ao-y(f)-sq, t Sp., 8. 
Villanovade San Antonio, Vel-q-niij-vq 

da Sqn fln-to-ni-o, t Bra., 4. 
Villanueva dc Cordova, Vel-yq-nwa-vq 

da Kdr-do-vq, t Sp., 6)^. 
Villanueva de la Serena, Vcl-yq-nwd- 

vq da Iq Sa-j-a-nq, t Sp., 9. 
Villanueva y laGeltru, Vel-yq-nwd-vq 

8 Iq //el-trd), t Sp., 10»/,. 
Villa Real, Vel-yq Ra-ql, t Sp., %]4. 
Villa Real de Concepcion, Vel-yq Ra- 

(\1 da Kon-tep-te-din, t Paraguay, 4. 
Villa Vi<josa, Vtl-q VE-g(fi-sq, t Bru.,5. 
Villfifranche-de-Rouergue, Vcl-fr66J- 

d§-lia)-4rg, t Fr., 9>^. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

"V illef ranche-sur-Saone, Vel-f ronj-ser- 
Scan, t Fr., 8. 

Villena, Vtl-ya-nq, t Sp., %%, 

Villeneuve-le-Roi, Vel-uev-le-RwcIl, t 
Fr., b%. ' [Fr., U%. 

Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Vsl-nev-se/'-Lo, t 

Villettc, La, Lq Vel-et, t; Fr., 18%. 

Vilna, Vil-uq, c lias. I'oland, o2^/i. 

Vilvourden, Vil-vor-den, t JJelg., b]4- 

Vinaroz, Ve-nq-rot, t Sp., 10%. [2. 

Vincennes, Vin-setiz, t Fr.,83^; cotlu., 

Vindhyu (Vind-yqj Mountains, Hin. 

Vinnitsa, Vin-it-sq, t Rus., 7}^. 

Viutimiglia, Vin-ti-mel-yq,/i^ t Sard. ,5. 

Vire, Ver, t Fr., 7>r^. _ [Ind. 

Virgin Gorda, V^r-jin Gor-da,t Br. W. 

Virginia, Ver-jin-i-a, one of the orig- 
inal U. S.; area 61,352 s. m.; pop. 
894,800 whites, 54,;i3;i free colored, 
472,528 slaves— total, 1,421,661. 

Virgin (Ver-jin) Islands, W. Ind. 

Virtzerv {Virt-zerv) Lake, Rus. 

Viseu, Vfi-sa-O), c Port., 9%. 

Visbera, ViJ-a-r^, r Rus., 260 m. 

Vishnee, Vij-ne, t Rus., 9. 

Viso, Monte, M6n-ta \e-sui, peaJc Alps. 

Vistula, Vis-ti^-la, r Eu., 530 ra. 

Vitchegda, Ve-qeg-dq, r Rus., 380 m. 

Vitebsk, Ve-tebsk, t Rus. Pol., 30. 

Viterbo, Ve-te/'-bo, c Cen. It., 14. 

Vitoria, Ve-to-ri-q, t Sp., 103^' 

Vitre, Ve-tra, t Fr., S%. 

Vitry-le-Frangoii, Ve-tre-l^-Fron-sw^, 
ft t Fr., 81^. [11. 

Vittoria, Vi-t(5-ri-a, ts C. W. %, 8ic. 

Vivero, Ve-va-ro, t Sp., 4%. 
Vlaardingen, Vlq/'-difl-en, t Neth., 7i^. 
Vladiuieer, Vlq-di-iuer, gov Kus.; area 
^ 18,445 s.m., pop. 1,168,303: t do., 7)^. 
Vlifcland, Vlg-lqnt, i Zuyder-Zee, %. 
Vodla, V6d-lq, I and /■ Jlus,, 120 m. 
Voghera, Voi-ga-rq, t Pied., 10%. 
Voiron, Vwq-ruh, t Fr., 83^. 
Volcan de Agua, Vol-kqn da il'gwq, 

Tol Guat. 
Volcano, Vol-ka-no, i S. Pac. Oc. 
Volga, V61-gq, /■ Rus., 2500 m. 
Volhynia, VoUhin-i-a, (jov Rus. Pol.; 

area 27,742 s. m., pop. 1,469,442. 
Volo, V6-I0, Gulf, inlet of vEgean Sea. 
Vologda, V(0-l6g-dq, (/«« Eu.Rus.; area 

148,674 s. ra., jjop., 864 268: c same, 14. 
Volta, V61-tq, /• Guinea, 360 m. 
Voltchansk, Vol-qqnsk. t Rus., 7. 
Vol terra, Vol-te/*-q, t Tus., 4]^. 
Volturno, Vol-tif)/'-no, r Nap., 90 m. 
Voorn, Vo;'n, i of S. Holland. 
Vorm>-, Ve/'ms, i Baltic. 
Vorona, Vo-ro-nq, r Rus., 220 m. 
Voronezh, Vo-ro-nei-^, gov Rus.; area 

25,878 s. m., pop. 1,629,741; c do., 44. 
Vosgos, Vo^, dep Fr.; area 2230 s. m., 

pop. 427.409; vu Fr. and Ger. 
Votkii, V6t-kq, t Rus., 9. 
Vozh, Voj;, I Rus. 
Vracane, Vrq-sa-na, v Belg., 5)/^. 
Vukovar, Va>-ko-vqr, t A us., 5%. 
Vulcano, Vool-kq-no, Lipari Is., Med. 
Vuna, V(6-nq, Feejee Is,, 7. 
Vuoxen, VcD-oks-en, r Finland, 350 m. 


Waag, Wqg, r Ilun., 200 m. [2. 

Wabash, Wo-baJ, r la., 550 ui; co t la., 
Wabashaw, We-ba-Jo, co t Minn. 
Wachusett (Wo-(jii,-set) Mt., Mass. 
Wacoochee, We-kiD-qe, 1) Ala, , 
Wacousta, Wa-k(6s-ta, v Mich. 
Waday, Wo-di, qj interior Af.; pop. 

Wnddington, Wod-ig-ton, 11 N-Y., %. 
Wadebridgc, Wad-brij, t Eng., 1, 
Wiidensweil, Va-denz-vjl, v Swit., 5. 
Wiidesborough, Wadz-bur-o, co t N. 

C, IK ; ^ Ky. 
Wadesvillo, Wadz-vil, v Va. 
Wadjier, Wqd-jg;', Arroo i. 
Waereghem, Wq-re-gein, v Belg., 5. 
Wagram, Wq-graui, v Lower Aus. 
Wahkiacum, VVq-ki-ak-uua, co Wash. 


Wahlahgas, Wq-lq-gas, r Me. 
Wahsatch (Wq-saq) Mountains, Utah 
Waia, Wj-q, Feejee Is., 3. __ [Ter. 
Waiblingen. Vj-bli()-en, t Wiirt., 3. 
Waikato, Wi-k(\-t(D, r N-Zeal., 250 m. 
Waiping, Wj-pig, t China, 150. 
Waitzen, Wjt-sen, t Hun., \\%. 
Wakefield, Wak-feld, t and par Eng., 

33 ; TS R. I., Md. 
Wakulla, Wa-kiil-a, r and co Fa. 
Walbridgeville, Wel-brij-vil. v Vt. 
Walcheren, Vql-Aer-en, i vi Neth., 45. 
Waldeck-Pyrinont, WcSl-dek-Pir-mout, 

2^rin. Ger., pop. 59,697. 
Waldenses, Wol-den-sez, a Protestant 

people in Piedmont. 
Waldo, Wol-do, rs 0. [4^. 

Waldoborough, W6l-do-bur-o, t Ma., 
WaldUrn, Vql-de/n, I Baden, Z%. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Wales, Walz, div Gr. .Br.; area 7,398 

s, m., pop. 1,005,721, 
Walker's (Wok-erz) Lake, Utah Ter. 
Walkersville, Wi5-kerz-vil, v Pa. 
Wallachia, Wol-a-ki-a, prin. Eu. Tar.; 

area 27.000 s. ra., pop. 2,000,000. 
Walla Walla, Wol-a W6l-a, r, co and 

CO t Wash. Ter. 
Wallenstadt, Vql-en-stqt, I Swit. 
Wallingford, Wol-ig-ford, t and par 

Eng., 2%; vs Vt., Conn., III. 
Wallis (W6l-is^ Lake, N-S. Wales. 
Wi^lloostook (Wol-OQ-stflbk) River, Me. 
Wallscnd, W.)l-send, v Eng., b%. 
Walpole, Wol-pol, vs N-H. 1, Mas3. 1. 
Walsall, Wol-sol, t and par Eng., %%. 
Walsh im, Wols-ham, North, i and par 

Eng., 3. 
Wal tenberg, V(\l- ton-berA, t Tran., 8>^. 
Waltersborough, Wol-terr-bur-o, co t 

S. C. 
Waltershausen, Vql-terz-hT-zen, t 

Saxe-Cuburg-Gotha, 3J^. 
Wakhain, Wol-tam. v Mass., 2}^. 
Walthain - Abbey, Wtilt-atn- Ab'i, t 
^^Z'y 2/^; — , Bishop's, t and par 
Eng., 2%. 
Walthourville, WoI-f-Ar-vil, f Ga. 
Walton, W.5l-ton, ts N-Y. 1, Ky. %. 
Walvisch, Wql-viJ, b 8. Af. 
Walworth, Wul-wiirt, ts N-Y., Wis. 
Wanchow, Wqn q^, s-pt t China, 200. 
Wandsworth, Woaz-wurt, par and v 

Eng., 9V^. 
Wiiigeroog, Vqt]-er-og, t of N. Ger., ^. 
Wanlock-Hsad, Won-lok-Hed, r Scot, I. 
WanUge, Won-taj, par and t Eng., 3. 
Wanzleben, V^nts-la-ben, i Prus, Sax- 
ony, 3. 
Wapello, Wa-pel-o, co and co t lo., %. 
Wapsipinicon, Wap-si-pin-i-kon, r lo., 

200 ra. 
Warasdin, Vq-rqs-din,< Aus. Croatia, 9. 
Wardsville, Wordz-vii, t C. W., %. 
Ware, W^r. t and par Eng., 5; v Miujs., 2. 
Warehara. W^r-harn, ftor and t Eng., 3. 
Waren, V^-ren, t Meck.-Schwerin, 5. 
Waresborough, W^rz-bur-o, co t Ga. 
Warminster, Wor-min-ster, t and par 

Eng., \%. 
Warm Springs, Worm Springs, co t 

Va.; Ti N. C, Ga. 
Warner, Wor-ner, v N-H. 
Warneton. Vqrn-tiih, t Belg , 6. 
Warren, W6r-«n, co ts Me. 2>^, Ark 
y\, O. 3: VH Mass., R. I. 2, Conn., Pa. 
1, la. ^, III. 
Warrensburz, Wor-enz-bure, co t Mo.: 
« NY. 


Warrenspoint, Wor-enz-p<^nt, t and ^ar 

Ir., 1%. 
Warren ton, Wor-en-ton, r^ <s Va. IJ^, 

N. C. 1>^, Ga., Ala., Mo.; xs Miss., 

Ky., 0., la. 
Warrcntown, W6r-en-t"5n, v Pa. 
Warrington, W6r-ii)-ton, t and par 

Eng., 231^. LK. 

Warrior's Mark, Wer-i-orz Mqrk, Xi Pa., 
Warsaw, Wor se, c Rus. Pol., ltVJl»^; 

OT ^s N-Y., Va., Ky. 1, la., Mo.;nil., 3. 
Warta, Vq/'-tq, r Ger., 450 tn. 
Wartenburg, Vqr-ten-biarA, t Prus., 3. 
Warwick, Wer-wik, hor and t Eng., 11; 

CO t Va.; xs N-Y., Pa. 
Wash a, W6J-a, I La. 
Washington, W6J-iy-ton, n. w. tei^ TJ. 

S.; area 123,022 s. ra.; pop. chiefly 

Indians ; some few whites, mostly 

traders, occupying a part of the 

Washington, c, and seat of government 

of the United States, situated in the 

District of Columbia; pop. 55: co U 

Pa. 2^, 0., la. 114, lo., Ky., Tenn., 

Ark.: xs Mass., Conn., N-J., Pa., 0., 

la.. III., Mo. 
Washington, land Arc. Oc, discovered 

by Dr. Kane, in 1854; — or Uahuga, 

05-q-htJb-gq, Marquesas Is. [500 ra. 
Washita or Ouachita, W6J-i-te, r Ark., 
Wat:ib, Wo-tab, X) Minn. 
Watauga, Wo-to ga, r and co N, C. 
Wateeo, Wa-te-o, one of Harvey Is. 
Waterbury, Wd-ter-ber-i, c Conn,, 7 j 

V Vt., 2. [than 200 m. 

Waterec, We-ter-e, T S. C., nav. more 
Waterford, Wo-ter-ford, c Ir., 25 >^; xs 

Conn. 2)i, N-Y. 1, Pa. X» Va., 0., 

la., 111., Wis., Miss. 
Waterloo, We-ter-l(6, v Belg., 2^; co ts 

N-Y. 3X. 111.; V8 Va., Ala., la., 

Wis., C. VV. 
Watertown, We-ter-t"»n, c Wis., 4; cot 

N-Y., 7%: X8 Mass., Conn, 
Watervillw, Wd-ter-vil, t'tf Me. 4, Conn., 

NY., 0. 
Watford, Wot-ford, t and par Eng., 4. 
VVatkinsville, Wot-kinz-vil, co t Ga. 
Watling's(W6t-lij)z) Island, Bahamas, 
Watlington, Wot-lig-ton, t and par 

Eng., 2. [Ter., 80 m. 

Watonwan ( W6t-on-wan) River, Minn. 
Watsontown, Wot-son-fsn, v Pa. 
Watton, W6t-on, t and par Eng., \y^, 
Wattsburg. Wots-burg, v Pa., »4. 
Waukau, We-kd, x Wis., X. 
Waukegan, Wo-kK-gan, cot 111., 4)/^, 
Waukesha, VVd-ke-Je, co t Wis., 4. 
Waujmoca, W«-pak-a, co and r Wis, 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Waupxin, "Wo-punjt? "Wis., %. 
Wau.-au, Wd-so, co t Wis., 1. 
^V^aiKshara, Wo-Jar-a, 'V Wis., y^. 
Wauwatosa, We-wa-to-sa, v Wis., 1. 
Waveland, Wav-land, v la., Y^. 
Wavcney, Wa-ven-i, r Eng., 50 m. 
Waverley, Wa-ver-li, « N-Y. 
Wavre, \VYiv-r, t Bolg., b%. 
Waxahachie, Waks-a-hac-e, co t Tex. 
Wayne, Wan, v N-Y., 1. 
Wuynesborough, Wanz-bur-ca, CO ts 

Ga., Tenn.; rs Pa. 1, Va., N. C. 
Waynesburg, Wauz-burg, co t Pa., 1%; 

T 0., 1. 

Waynesville, Wanz-vil, co ts N. C, 

Ga., Mo.: ts 0. 1. 111. 
Wazeuimes, Vq-zein, t Ft., 13. 
Wea, We-e, v la. 
Wear, Wf r, r Eng., 67 m. 
Weavervill(', We-ver-vil, t Cal., 2}^. 
Webster, Web-ster, ts la., Mo., Cal. 
Wediiesbury, Weaz-ber-i, t and par 

Eng., 12. 
Weeduwwee, Wc-d-5-we, co t Ala. 
Weedsport, Wedz-jnart, v N-Y. 
Weerdt or Weert, V^,rt, ^ Dutch Lim- 

burg, 6>4. 
Weersolo, Vq,r-se-l(j, ^ Neth., 5. 
Wehlau, Va-lu, t Prus., 'i%. [4. 

Weichselburg, Vik-sel-bu;7i, t lilyria, 
Weida, Vj-dq, t Saxe-Weimar, Z%. 
Weigh ton ( Wa-ton) Market, t and par 

Eng, 2>^. 
Weillioim-an-der-Tcck, Vjl-hjm-qn- 

der-Tek,^ VViirt., 31^. [11. 

Weimar, Vj-mar, c, cap Saxe-Weimar, 
Weingarten, Vjn-gqr-ten, v Baden, 3. 
Weinbeim, Vjn-him, t Bad., b]^. 
Weissenburg, Vj-sen-biarA,/^ t liav., 4. 
Weissenfels, Vj-sen-fels, t Prus. Sax., 

Weisskirchen, Vjs-kerA-en, t Aus., b}^; 

t Moravia, b]/^. 
Weissport, Wjs-port, v Pa. 
Weldon, Wel-don, v N. C. 
Welland, Wel-and, r Eng., 70 m. 
Welland Canal, connecting Lake Erie 

with Lake Ontario. 
Wellborn, Wel-born, co t Ala. 
Wellcrsburg. Wel-erz-burg, v Pa. 
Wellesley (Welz-le) Islands, Gulf of 

Carpentaria, n. Australia. 
Wellileet, Wel-flet, v Mass., 2. 
Wellingborough, Wel-ig-bur-o, t and 

par Eng., 5. 
Wellington, Wel-i^-ton, ts and pars 

Eng., 4>^ and 4; xs Mo., C. W.: Ket 

N-Zeal.; i w. S. Am. [do., 3^^. 

Willis, Welz, c I">ng.,4%: s-pt t and par 
Wellsborough, Welz-bur-o, co t Pa. 

Wellsburg, Welz-burg, cotY&.,S; v N- 
Wells' River, v Vt. [Y. 

Wellsville, Welz-vil, rs N-Y. %, 0. 1%. 
Wels, Vels, t Upper Aus., 4%. 
Welshpool, WelJ-pO)!, t and par North 

Wales. [2. 

Wener, Va-ner, or Wenner, Ven-er, I 

Wenhara, W^n-ham, i> Mass., i^. 
Wenloek, Wen-lok, t and two pars 

Eng., 20)^. 
Wentworth, Went-wurt, co t N. C. 
Werdau, Wer-d-y, t Sax., 614. 
Werden, Ver-den, t Khen. Prus., 5%. 
Werl, VeH, t Prus. Westphalia, 4. 
Wernigerode, Ver-ni-ga-r6-da, t Prus, 

Sax., 53^. 
Werra, Wer-q, r Cen. Ger., 150 m. 
Wertheim, Vert-hjm, t Baden, 33^^. 
Wesel, Nieder, Ne-der Va-zel, ft t 

Khen. Prus., 12i<. 
Weser, Va-zer. r Ger., 250 m. 
Wesley City, Wes-li Sit-i, t 111. 
Wesleyville, Wes-li-vil, v Pa., }4' 
Wessel (Wes-el) Islands, off N. Aust. 
AVest Alburg, West 91'burg, v Vt. 
West Alexandria, Al-eks-an-dri-a, r# 

Pa., O. 
West Alton, Ol'ton, v N-II. 
West Amesbury, ^mz'ber-i, v Mass. 
West Andover, An'doj-ver, v N-II. Barnstable, Bi\rn-sta-bl, v Mass, 
West Jiaton Rouge, Bat-on lla)^,par La. 
West Bend, v Wis., 1. 
West Bloomfield, Bldbra-feld, v N-Y. 
Westborough, West-bur-o, rs Mass., 0. 
Westbrook, West-bnak, v Conn., 1. 
West Brownsville, Bnsnz-vil, v Pa., }^. 
Westbury, West-ber-i, t and war Eng., 

7. [2. 

West Cambridge, Kam-brij, v Mass., 
West Camden, Kam-den, « N-Y. 
West Carlisle, Kqr-l|l, v 0. fO. 

West Charleston, fc.'qrlz-ton, ts Me., V t., 
Westchester, West-yes-ter, T 'N-Y. 
West Chester, fe'es-ter, co t Pa., 4}/^. 
West Columbia, Ko-liim-bi-a, t Va. 
West Concord, K6i]-kord, ts .N-H.,Vt. 
West Cornwall, Korn-wol, v Conn. 
Westecunk, Wes-te-kujjk, v N. J. 
West Eliziibeth, S-liz-a-bet, T Pa., i^ 
Westera.s, Wes-ter-os, t Swed., 3}^. 
Westerham, West-er-ham, t and par 

Eng., 134. 
Westerly, West-er-li, r R. I., 1%. 
Western Australia, West-ern Oa-tral- 

ya, Br. od Australia, H)]4- 
Western-Port, inlet s. Australa. 
Western Saratoga, Sar-a-to-g i, v III. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


"Wcstervik, V^=i-ter-vik, t Swed., 3. 

West Farms, tJ NY., 2^. 

West Feliciana, Ft-liJ-i-an-a, far La. 

Wustfield, West-feli, v& Mass. 4, N-Y. 
2, N-J. 

West Fitchburg, Fiq-burg, -» Mass. 

Westford, West-ford, z; Mass. 

West GileUd, Gil-e-ad, v 0. 

West Gloucester, Glos-ter, v R. I. 

West Gover, Gldv-er, v Vt. 

West Greenville, Grtin-vil, v Pa., 1. 

West Hartford, H^'t-ford, v Conn., 4)^. 

West Haven. Ha-veii, t Conn. 

West Indies, West In'dez, or Antilles, 
fln-tel, is At. Oc, s. U. S., embracing 
the following groups: Greater An- 
tilles; Ljsser Antilles; Caribbee; 
Virgin; Bahama, <fej.; of which Cu- 
ba, Hayti, Porto Rico, and Jamaica, 
of the first group, are the principal. 
Area 93,000 s. m., pop. 3,500,000. 

West Isles, is At. Oc, near Met 

West Jefferson, Jef-er-son, v 0., J^. 

West Kiiiingly, Kil-ig-li, v Conn.,2»^. 

West Lebanon, Leb-a-non, v N-H. 

West Liberty, Lib-er-ti, CO ^ Ky.;iO.,l. 

West Meridon, Mer-i-deu, v Conn., \y^. 

Westminster, West-rain-ster, did Lon- 
don, Eng.; CO t Md.,1; vs Mass., 0.^^. 

West Xeedham, Xed-ham, v Mass. 

West Newton, Ni'i" ton, t? Mass., IV^. 

Weston, Wft-ton, c Mo., Z\ co t Ya.; 
v« Vt., Mass., Conn. 

Weston-Super-Mare. We3-ton-Si|,-por- 
Ma-re, t and par Eng., 4. 

Westphalia, West-fa-li-a, -prov Prus.; 
area 7843 s. m., pop. 1,464,921; t? Mo. 

West Point, 52 miles n. of \-Y. City, 
on the Hudson River, site of the U. 
S. Military Academy; m Ga., Tenn., 
Ky., la., Mo., Iowa, 1. 

Westp'>rt, West-port, 8-J>t t Ir., 4 ; vs 
N-H., Mass., Conn., N-Y., Ky., la.j t 
Mo., \%. 

West Poultney, Pdilt-ni, v Vt. 

Westray, Wds-tra. Orkney Is., 2. 

West Rumney, Riim-ni, v N-H. 

West Rutland, Rut-land, v Vt. 

West Springfield, Sprig-feld, v Mass. 

West St'.clvbridge, Siolc-brij, v Mass. 

West Union, Yi^n-yon, co U Va., O., 
Iowa ; V la. [la.; co t Miss. 

Wcstville, W^st-vil, V8 Conn., \%, 0., 

West Wheeling. Hwel-ifl, v 0., \4. 

Wetherby, Wed-er-bi, t Eng., 1%, 

Wetta, Wet-q, i Malay Arch. 

Welter, Vet er, I Sweden. 

Wettcren, Wet-er-en, t Belg., %%. 

Wetterhorn, Vet-er-horo, ono of the 
Alpine MouaUiua. 

Wettin, Vet-gn, t Prus. Sax., Z\i. 
Wetumpka, We-tiimp-ka, c Ala., 3)^, 
Wetzlar, Vets-lar, t Rhen. Pru-<., 5. 
Weverton, Ws-ver-ton, v .Md., 2%. 
Wexford, Weks-ford, s-pt t Ir., 13. 
Wexio. Wek-Je-e, t Swed., 2)4^. 
Wey, Wa, r Eng. 
Weymouth, Wa-muC, s-pt Eng., 3; 8-pt 

t Nova Scotia; v N-J. 
Whaleysville, Hwa-liz-vil, 'V Md. 
Whalsay, Hwal-sa, Shetland Is., %. 
Wharton, Hvvor-ton, co t Tox. 
Whartonsburg, Hwer-tonz-burg, V 0. 
Wheatland. Hwgt-land, x> Wis. 
Wheaton, Hwe-ton, v III. 
Wheslersburg, Hwel-erz-burg, v 0.,%. 
Whseling, Hw£l-iij, c Va., U^. 
Whidby's (Hwid-biz) Island, i n. w. 

Wash. Ter. 
Whiddy (Hwid-i) Island, s. Ir., K. 
Whippany, Hwip-a-ni, v N-J., %. 
Whitby,Hwit-bi, W,^and7>a/'Eng.,ll. 
Whitchurch, Hwit-qurq, ts and pars 

Eng., 2 and 3%. 
White Creek, Ilwjt Krsk. ^ N-Y., 1. 
Whitehall, Hwit-hol, vs N-Y. 4, N. C, 

III. [pt t Eng., 19. 

Whitehaven, Ilwjt-ha-ven, hor and «- 
White Haven, Ha-ven, v Pa. 
White House, H?s, v N-J. 
White Mountains, N-H., 622R ft. 
White Oak Springs, CDk Spri^z, i; Wis., 
White Pigeon, Pij-on, v Mich., 1. \%. 
White Plains, Planz, co t N-Y. 
White River, Ark. and Mo., 800 m.; la. 
Whitesborough, llwits-bur-o, co ^ N- 

Y., 2%. 
Whitesburg, Hwjts-burg, co t Ky. 
White Sea, or Gulf of Archangel, g 

Arc. Oc. 
White Sulphur Springs, vs Va., La. 
Whitesville, Ilwits-vil, co t N. C; v 

Whitewater, IIwjt-w9-ter, v Wis., \\i. 
Whitewater River, Mo., 230 m. [I;?^. 
Whithorn, Hwit-horn, t and par Scot., 
Whitneyville, Ilwit-ni-vil, v Conn. 
Whitstable, Hwit-sta-bl, t and par 

Eng., .3. 
Whittlesey, Hwit-1-si, t Eng.,5i^: v 0. 
Wick, Wik, 8-pi t and par Scot., 12. 
Wickford, Wik-ford, v R. I. 
Wicklow, Wik-lca, s-pt t Ir., 3. 
Wiconisco, Wik-o-nis-ko, v Pa., 1. 
Widin, Vid-in, ft t Eu. Tur., 25. 
Wieliczka, Ve-liq-kq. t Aus. Pol., 4)^, 
Wiesbaden, Ves-bq-den, t Ger., 12%. 
Wigan, Wig-an, t and par Eng., 32. 
Wigton, Wi;r-ton, t and par Eng.,4j^. 
WijjtoWQ, Wig-t"8n, t aad par Scot. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Wilbraham, "Wil-bra-ham, v Mass. 
Wildervank, Wil-iler-vCit)'^' ^ Neth., 4. 
VVilkesbarro, Wilks-bar-e, ftt>r Penn.,3. 
'W"ilke?bi)rou;;h, Wilks-bur-o, cotlls.G. 
Wilkesville, Wilks-vil, v 0., I. [tn. 
■Willamette, Wi-lq-met, r Or. ten, 200 
Williamsburg, Wil-yamz-burg, c Long 

Island, 50; do ts V a., \]/^; Miss., Ky., 

vs 0., \%: Pa. 
Williamson, Wil-yam-son, v N-Y., \%. 
Williamsport, Wil-yamz-pcart, co U Pa., 

214, Va., la. 
Williainstown, Wil-yam7,-t"8n, co ts N. 

C, Ky.; vs Mas!<., I, Mich., X. 
Williamsvillo, Wil-yamz-vii, w N-Y., 

1: Vt. [:{3^. 

Willimantic, Wil-i-man-tic. t Cunn., 
Willington, Wil-in-ton, vs Conn., V^: 

S. C. 
Willingston, Wil-ifl-ston, -p Vt. 
Willoughby, Wil-o-bi, v 0., 1. 
Willow Grove, Wil-o Grov, v Pa. 
Willsborough, Wilz-bur-o, v N-Y., 1. 
Willshire, Wil-jcr, v O. 
Wilmington, Wil-mii)-ton, cDel., 16J4; 

c N. C. 10; r« 0., V/i, la., 111. 
Wilson, Wil-son, v N-Y., K: (^'^ i ^- C. 
Wilton, Wil-ton, ^ and jJ>ar Eng., 1%; 

r« N-H., 114, Conn. 
Wimborno- Minster, Wimborn-Min- 

•ster, t and par Eng., 2i<^. 
Wineanton, Win-kan-ton, t and /?a/ 

Eng., 2^A. [Eng., 2. 

Winchcombe, Winq-kum, i and /?ar 
Winchester, Win-qes-ter, c Eng., l:i%; 

t'« N-II., 21^; Mass., 1; co <* Va., 

41^, la., 1, ill., 1, Tenn. 
Windermere (Win-dcr-mer) Lake. Eng. 
Windham, Wind-ham, v Conn. 
Windsor, New, Ni], Win-zor, t and^^ar 

Eng., 9K. 
Windsor, co ts N-C; r« N-Y., Vt., 1, 

0., [a., 111., Wis.j s-pt t N. Scotia; t 

C. W. [sovereigns. 

Windsor Castle, residence of British 
Windsor Locks, v Cjnn., 1%. [^}4- 
Winfield, Win-feld, co t Va.; 'c N-Y., 
Winnebago Win-E-ba-go (Lake,) Wis., 

28 by 10 m. 
Winneconna, Win-e-kon-a, i) Wis. 
Winneshiek, Win-e-Jek, co and p o lo. 
Winnipeg, Win-i-peg, I Br. N. Am., 

210 by 55 ra. 
Winnipegnos, Win-i-pe-ga>3, I Br. N. 

Am., 125 by 25 in. 
Winnipiseogee, Win-i-pe-s6g-E, I N- 

H., 23 by 10 m: — River, do. [La. 
Winnsboronzh, Wins-bur-o, co<«S.C., 
Winooski, Win-tus-ki, 'C Vt. 
Winslow, Wiaz-lo, vs Me., N-J., la. 

I Winstead, Win-sted, « Conn. 
j Winston, Win-ston, co t N. C. 
Winterset. Win-tcr-set, co t lo. b%. 
Winterswyk, Win-terz-wjk, x Neth., 
I Wintoo, Win-ton, co i N. C. 
[ Winyaw ( Win-ye) Ba, S.C. 
Wiota, Wj (f)-t(i, ^- Wis. 
Wirksworth, Werks-wurt, t and par 

Eng., 2%. ' [\i. 

Wisbeach, Wis-beq, hor and t Eng., 10- 
Wifcasset, Wis-kas-ot, t Me. 
Wisconsin, Wis-kon-sin, r Wis., 200 m. 
Wisconsin, one of the n. w. U. S., re- 
cently admitted into the Confederacy; 

area, 53,924 s. m.; the increase of 

the pop. in this state is unexampled; 

in 1850, its inhabitants, numbered 
■ 305,391; whites, 304.756, colored, 630. 
Wismar, Wis-mur, s-pt t Mecklenburg- 

Schwerin, llj/^. 
Wisseinbourg, Ves-em-bcfcr, t Fr., 6. 
Wiston, Wis-ton, v and par Wales, %. 
Witham, Wi6-am, r. Eng., 80 m; t and 

par do. 31/^. 
Withamsville, Wit-amz-vil, v 0. 
Wi'hiacoochce, Wit-la-ka)-qe, rs Ga., 

Witney, Wit-ni, t and par Eng., 3. 
Wittcnbci-g, Wit-en-berA, ft t Prus. 

Sa.x., 8-K. ' [V^. 

Wittenberge, Wit-en-be?"^^, < Prus., 4- 
Wittstock, Vit-stok, t Prus., 6i^. 
Wittzenhausen, Vit-sed-h"8-zen, t 

Hesse-Cusscl, 3 14. [Eng., 3. 

Wiveliscombe, Wils-kum, t and par 
Wivenhoe, Wiv-en-ho, t and par Eng., 

1%. \v Mass. 

Woburn, W6-burn, t and par Eng,, 2; 
Wohlau, Vg»-1x, t Prus. Silesia, 3. 
Wokingham. W6-kiii-ham, t Eng., 2%. 
Wolcott, Wol-kot, vs Vt., N-Y. 
Wolcottville, Wol-kot-vil, vs Conn., 1- 

K: la. 
Woldenberg, Volden-berA, t Prus., 3. 
Wolfborough, Wulf-bur-o, v N-H. 
Wolfenbuttel, V61-fenbet-el, JlGcr., 9. 
Wolf River, Wis., 150 m. 
Wolgast. Vol-gqst, s-pt t Prus., h%. 
WoUin, Vol-en. s-pt t Prus., \)/^\ i do. 
WoUmirstadt, Vol-mer-stet, t Prus. 

Sax., 7,%. [Eng., 4^. 

Wolsingham, Wol-sifl-ham, t and par 
Wolverhampton, Wol-ver-harap-ton, t 

and lor Eng., 50. [2]^. 

Wolverley, Wial-ver-li, v andp«r Eng., 
Woodbridge, Wiad-brij, t and par Eng., 
Woodburn, Wud-burn, v 111. [5i<. 
Woodbury, Wud-ber-i, co ts N-J., 1 

Tenn., III.: v Conn. 
Wojdafield, Wiadz-feld, co t 0., %. 

Geographical Vocabulary. 


Woodstock, Wiid-stok, t Eng,, \li] co 
ts N-H.. Vt,, \]4; Va.., 114; III., N- 
Brun., C. W.. 2: is N-V., Ga., 0. 

WooilstMwn, Wxadz-tsn, v N-J. 

Woodville, Wiad-vil, co is Miss., Tex.; 
rs 0., I*., 111., Mo., Ya., Ga., Ala. 

Woodwardsville,VV''iid-wardz-vil, t' X-J. 

Wouler, Wu.!-er, t and par Eng., 2. 

Woolwich, Wiil-iq or Wiil-ij, t and 
/>tt/" Eng., 32%. 

Woonsocket. Wun-s6k-et, i) R. I., 6X. 

Wooster, Wtis-ter. c/; t 0., 4. 

Wootton-Bussat, Wiat-ou-Bas-et, t and 
par Eng., 21^. 

Worcester. Wiis-ter, c Eng., 273^: c 
Mass., 20%: » N-Y., III. 

Workington, Wiirk-ig-ton, s-pt and 
par Eng., 7i^. [%. 

Worksop, Wdrk-sop, t and pa/* Eng., 7- 

Workum, Vor-kuin, t Neth., 'i^. 

Woriuditt. Vo/Ti-dit, t Prus., 3j^. 

Worms, Wurinz, anc c Hesse-Darm- 
stadt, 93^. 

Worthing, Wurd-ig. t Eng., b]/i. 

Worthington, Wdrd-iy-ton, m Pa., 
Ky, 0., K- 

Worthsville, Wdrts-vil, li la. 

Wragby, Rag-bi, t and par Eng., %. 

Wrangel, Rag -el, i Rus,, 1)^. 

Wroxhain, Rek.^-haua, t and ^ar N. 
Wales, 151^. 

Wrietzen, Vret-sen, t Prus., 6. 

Wrightsville, Rjts-vil, hor Pa., li^. 
Wrington, Rig ton, ^and/3rt?-Eng., 1%. 
Wrockwardine, Rok-war-djn, v and 

par Eng.. 31^. [^. 

Wrotham, Rot-ham, v and /jarEng., 3- 
Wulur, Wdl-er, I Cashmere. 
Wunsiedel, Vun-se-del, t Bavaria, 4. 
Wunzen, Wton-zen, '>'<>! Japan. 
Wurdah, Wdr-da, r Ind., 300 ra. 
Wurno, Wdr-no, t Cen. Af., 13. 
Wiirtemberg, Ver-tem-be/A. k Ger.; 

area 7554 s. m., pop. 1,733,263. 
Wurzburg or Wurtzburg, Yerts-burA, 

ft t Bavaria, 26%. 
Wurzen, Yiirt-sen, t Saxony, 4)^. 
Wyalusing, Wj-a-h^-sii), v Wis. 
Wyandot, Wi-an-dot, v 0. [Eng., 1)4,. 
Wycombe, Wik-um, Chipping, t Ami par 
Wye, Wj, r Eng. and Wales, 130 m.; 

par and v Eng., 1%. 
Wyhe, Yi-e, -y Neth., 11%. 
Wymondhara. Wj-mond-bam, t and 

par Eng., b%. 
Wynantskill, Wj-nants-kil, i) NY. 
Wyne-Gunira, Wjn-Gdn-ga, rlud., 230 
Wyngene, Wig-^i-ne, v Belg., 7. Im. 
Wyoming, Wj-6-miy, o Pa., N-Y., 

ky., la.. 111.," lo. 
Wythe, Wit, co Ya.; p o III. 
Wytheville, Wit-vil, co t Ya., 1. 
Wytoonee, Wt-tiD-ne, one of the Dis- 
appointment Is. 

Many names beginning with X, 
will be found under J, as the more 
recent orthography. [pek. t Mex., 4. 
Xamiltepec or JamiUepec, //ii-mel-ta- 
Xanten, K^qn-ten, t Rhenish Prus., 3. 
Xanthu.s, Zan-ius, r As. Min.; anc. c 
As. Min. 

Xenia, Ze-ni-a, co t 0., 3)^; v 111. 
Xingu or Chingu, Xig-gi6, r Brazil, 

1300 m. 
Xochimilco, //a-q8-mEl-k(a, v Mex. 
Xochitepec, //^-qe-ta-pek, v Mex. 
Xorullo, //u)-r(f)l-Q, tol Mex. 
Xulla, ZiJbl-q, is Malay Arch. 

Yablonoi, Yq-blo-n*. ms E. As. 
Yadkin, Yad-kin, r N-C, 200 m. 
Yakoono Seema, Yq-k(6-no Se-mq, i 
Yakootsk, Yq-k(6t8k, t Sib., 7. (.Jap. 
Yakova, Yq-k6-vq. t Eu. Tur., 18. 
Yallobu-ha, Yal-o-btfc-Ja, co and r 

Miss., nav. 90 m. 
Ya-Long-Kiang, Yq-Lofl-Ke-^o* ^ 

China, 600 m. 

Yalpookh, Yql-prf)^, I Ru«, 
Yamaska, Yq-m^-^-ka, v C. E., %. 
Yana, Y^-nq. r Sib., 600 m. 
Yaniicm, Yq-nq-(f)n, v Fr. Ind., 6%. 
Yancey ville, Yan-si-vil, co t N. C., %. 
Yang-Tse-Kiang, Yqg-Tse-Ke-^B, r 

China, 1000 m. 
Yanina, Y('i-ne-nq. c Eu. Tur., 36,000. 
Yan-Phing, Yqu-Eifl, c China. 


Geographical Vocabulary. 

Yaqui, Yq-ke, r Mex., 400 m. 

Yard ley-Hastings, Yqrd-li-IIas-tigz, i) 

and par Eng.. \}4. 
Yardleysville, Yqrd-Iiz-vil, v Pa. 
Yarkand, Yqrkqnd, cap c Chinese 

Toorkistan, 100. 
Yarkand River, China, 500 in. 
Yarmouth, Great, Grat Yqr-mut, s-pt 

t and par Eng., ^i)%. 
Yarmouth, Ycir-mut. t and par Isle of 

Wight, ]/^; s-2>t t N. Scotia. 
Yarmouth Port, ii Mass. 
Yaroshiv, Yq-ro-slqv, c Rus., 35. 
Yarra-Yarra, Yar-a-Yar-a, r Aust. 
Yas*y, or Jassy, Yqs-8, cap t Moldavia, 
Yaxley, Yaks-li, v Eng.. 1)4. [20. 

Yazoo, Yq-zi6, r Miss., uav. 290 m.; — 

City, cot Miss., 2. 
Ybicuy, S-bi-kwe, r Uruguay, 200 ra. 
Yealmpton, Yelmp-tun, v and par 

Eng., IK. 
Yecla, Ya-klq, t Sp., 9J/^. 
Yeddo r/r Jeddo, Yed-o, cap c Japan, 

1.500,000,- — Gulf, s. e. of the is. of 

Yefremov, Yef-ra-tnov, t Rus., 7%. 
Yeia. Ya-yq, r Ru;'., 140 m. 
Yekaterinboorg, Ya-kq-ta-rin-bi6rg, t 

As. Rus., 15. [Rus., 5. 

Yekaterinodar, Ya-kq-ta-rc-no-dq?*, t 
Yekaterinoslav, Ya-kq-ta-re-uo-slav, 

gov and t Rus., 13)^^. 
Yelagooi, Ya-lq-g«D-E, r Siberia, 200 m. 
Yelatom. Ya-lq-toin. t Rus., 5. 
Yelets, Ya-le.s, t Rus., 16>^. 
Yelisavetgrad, Ya-le-sq-vet-gr^d, ft t 

Rus., 10. 
Yell, Yel, one of the Shetland Is., 2%. 
Yellow Sea, inlet Pac. Oc., n. e. of Ch. 
Yellow Springs, v 0., 1)^. 
Yellowstone River, a tributary of the 

Missouri, 1000 m. 
YellviUe, YǤl-vil, co t Ark. 
Yemen, Yem-en, s. w. div Arabia. 
Yen-Chow-Foo, Yen-Gif-Fcf), c China, 

pop. 200. 
Yenikale, Yen-i-k^-la, strait uniting 

the Sea of Azof with the Black Sea. 
Yenisei, Yen-i-sa-e, r Siberia, 2500 m. 
Yeniseisk, Yen-8-sask, gov and c Rus., 6. 

Yeoo, Ya-(6, r Af., 300 tn. 
Yeovil, Yw-vil, t and par Eng., 6. 
Ycshil-Kool, YeJ-iI-Ka)l, I Chinese 

Yesso or Jesso, Yes-o, Japanese Is. 
Yeste, Ye.->-ta, t Sp., 6. 
Yetholm, Yet-om, par Scot., IJ/3. 
Yezd, Yezd, c Persia. 
Ylopango, 8-lo-pqg-go, I Cen. Am. 
Yonkers, Y6i)k-erz, v N-Y., 4. 
Yonne, Yon,' dep Fr., pop. 380,856. 
Yoodoma, Yoo-dcj-raq, r Siberia, 170 m. 
Yoog, YoDg, r Rus., 220 m. 
Yoogan, YoD-gqn, r As. Rus., 228 m. 
Yoomadung, YoDm-a-dufl, m Fur. Ind. 
York, York, c Eng., Sfii^: co t Pa., 6%; 

Ts Me., 3. 111.: ft Br. N. Am., w. of 

Hudson's Bay. 
York River, Va., 40 m. 
Yorkshire, Yerk-Jer, t" N-Y. 
York Sulphur Springs, 'O Pa. 
Yorktown, York-t-sn, co t Va.; r la. 
Yorkville, York-vil, co t S. C; r« 

Tenn., la., III., Wis., C. W., la. 
Youghal, Y6-hil or Yol, s-pt t and Dar 

Ir., 1%. [Md.,'Pa. 

Youghiogheny, Yo-ho-ga-ne, r Va., 
Youngstown, Yui)z-t"8n, « N-Y., 1, Pa., 

1 oungsville, Yiigz-vil, ^'Pa. [t-sn,r Pa. 

Youngwomanstown, Yuij-wum anz- 

Youiitsville, Y"5nts-vil, t> la. 

Ypres, r/pr, ft t Belg., 15%. 

Ypsilanti, Ip-si-lan-ti, v Mich., 2}/^. 

Yreka, ^-re-ka, t Cal., 2}4. 

Ysselmonde, 4''sel-m6n-da, i S. Hoi. 

Yssingeanx, 8-san-5;6, t Fr., 7%. 

Ystad, Is'tqd, s-2)t t Swed., 43^. 

Ystwith, Isl'wid, r Wales. 

Yuba, Y\\-ba, r Cal. 

Yuba City, t Cal. 

Yucatan, Ya)-kq-tqn, ^t Mex., area 
52,947 s. m., pop. 668,623; — Bay, 
n. of Honduras. [400 m. 

Yuen-Kiang, Yco-en-Kc-ai), r China, 

Yuma, Yc6-mq, r Hayti, 70 m. 

Yurung-Kash. Yct>-rui)-KqJ, r Chinese 
Toorkistan, 250 m. 

Yverdun. 8-ver-duh, t Swit., 3%. 

Yvetot, 8v-tc), i Fr., 10. 

Zaandara, Zqn-d(^m, ^ Neth., 11^' 
Zah, Zqb, r Turk. Koordistan, 200 m. 
Zabakano. Zq-bq-kq-no, t W. Af., 9, 
Zacapa, Sq-k^-pq, t Cen. Am., Guat., 5. 

Zacatecas, Zqk-a-ta-kn3. U Mex,, area 
30,507 s. m., pop. 305,551; c, cap of 
the same, 25. 

Zacatula, Sq-ka-tdb-lq, t Mex. 

Geographical Yocabulart. 


Zacualpan, Soi-kwql-p^n, v Mex. 
Zncualtipiin, Sq-kwql-te-pqn, t Mex. 
Zafaran-Boli, Zq-fq-rqn-Bio-le, t As. 

Min., 15. 
Zaffarin, 7j<\-i(i-re,n, is Med. 
Zafra, Rq-frq, t Sp., 4%. 
Zigros (Zq-gros) Mount, As. 
Zaisan, Zi zqn, I Chinese Toorkistan. 
Zalesczyky, Zq-leJ-qik-e, t Aus. Gal- 

icia, 5. 
Zamora, Rq-rao-rq, c Sp., 8^. 
Zaraora, Sq-mo-rq. t Mex. 
Zatnosz, Zq-raoJ, t Pol.. 5. 
Zanesville, ZAnz-vil, c 0., 10^: v Til. 
Zangueliar, Zqjj-»a-bqr, ^^r of E. Af. 
Zanfe, Zqn-ta, louiau Island, 393^; t 

of same, 20. 
Zanzibar, Zqn-ze-b^r, or Zanguebar, 

Zqg-ga-bqr, i o. of Af., 150. fagua. 
Zapatera, Sq-pq-ta-rq, is Lake Nicar- 
Zapatosa. Sq-pq-tci-?q. I N-Gran 

'•■•-I'—' • • '^ I'-i — n' " * 

Zara, Zq-rq, cap c Daliu;itia, 6%. 
Zarevokokshaisk, Zq-ra-vu)-kii)-Jjsk, t 
Rus., 5. [40. 

Zaria, Zq-rc-yq, cap Zeg-Zeg. Cen. Af., 
Za^lav, Zq.s-lqr, t Ru^. Pol., 8%. 
Zbarasz, Zbq-raJ, t Aus. Galiuia, 5%. 
Z«a. Ze-q. i Gr. Arch., 9. 
Zealand, Ze-land, pron Xeth., 165. 
Z'-'b lyor, Ze-bj-er, t* Red Sea. 
Zebe»-d. Zeb-e*d. ft t Arabia, 7. 
Zebu. Ze-lKD, i Malay Arch., 8^. 
Zebulon, Zeb-yq,-lon, cv> t Ga. 
Zeiden,, t Transylvania, 3)^. 
Z'Utz, Tsits, t Prus. Sax., V2%. 
Zelaya. Sa-H-vq. t Mox., 10. 
Zolft. Za-le, t Helg., lOi^. 
Zcli (Ztil) Lake, s. part of Baden. 

Zengg, Zeg, s-pt t Croatia, 5. 
Zenjan, Zen-gqn, t Persia, 15. 
Zenta, Sen-f.o, t Hun., 13%. 
Zer-Afshan, Zer-flf-Jqn, r Independent 

Toorkistan, 400 m. 
Zerbst, Tserpst, t Ger., 8^. 
Zeulenroda, Tser len-rci-da," ^ Ger. 4X« 
Zhitomeer. Xit-o-mer, t Rus. Pol., 28. 
Zhizdra, Xis-drq, t Rus., 8. 
Zielenzig, Tse-len-tsiA, t Prus., A]4. 
Zierikzee, Zg-rik-za, t Neth., (>%. 
Zillerlhal, Tsil-er-tql, xal Tyrol, 11. 
Zilwaukie, Zil-we-ke, ti Mich. 
Zinder, Zin-der, t Bornoo, 10. 
Zionsville, Zj-onz-vil, ts la., Pa. 
Zittau, Tsi-t-s, t Saxony, 10. 
Znaim, Tsnjin, t Moravia, 5. 
Zoar, Zar, v 0., settled by Germans, 

having a community of property. 
Zolotchev, Zo-lo-qov. t Ru?., 5. 
Zombur, Zom-bor, t Hun., 22. 
Zschoppau, Tjop-o, t Sax., %%. 
Zug, TscdA. canton Swit.; c of same 3J^. 
Ziilia. S(6-li-q, r S. Am., 180 m. 
ZuUichau, T.^el-e-k-s, t Prus., 4%. 
Zuni, Z(Dn-yg, t N-Mex. d 

Zurgena, Roo/'-M-nq, t Sp., 12%. 
Zurich, Zi'i-rik, canton Swit.; cajp c of 

same, 17; — Lake, Swit. 
Zurrah, Ziir-a, brackish I Afg. 
Zuruma, SiD-rco-mq, t Ec, 6. 
Zutphcn, Zdt fon, t Xeth., I2>^. 
Zuyder-Zee, Zj-der-Ze, g German Oc. 
Zvornik, Zver-nik, /if t Eu. Tur., 15. 
Zwickau, Tsvik-'S, ts Bohemia, 3)^; 

Sax., 12X; Bohemia, Z%. 
Zwittau, Tsvit--}j, t Moravia, Z%. 
Zwolle, Zw6l-e, ft t Neth., 17. 



SunxAMES, like Steam Engines, Railroads, and Telegraphs, seem to be of 
modern origin, the expanse of mind and a rapidly advancing eirilization having 
created the necessity for a definite distinction between the actors in the drama 
of life. However this may be, the invention seems, to the mass of mankind, to 
be more perplexing than those mentioned in this connection ; but this difficulty 
is not, let it be borne in mind, in the names vocally expressed, but in their 
symholical representation. Following out the tendencies of a wretchedly im- 
perfect orthography, the good fathers dressed themselves [t. €., their names,] in 
ill-arranged costumes, which, after the established manner of things temporal, 
fell to their children, who have since continued to hand them down from gen- 
eration to generation, with but slight modifications. 

If it be true that, ^^ Sine nomine homo non ed,"* then should the clothing of 
the name be appropriate — an indication to the eye of what the thing is itself. 
But alas I such is not the case, and in view of the fact, which we cannot look 
to be changed at present, in any way whatever, we have endeavored, in the 
pages that follow, to overcome this difficulty to some extent — to place it in the 
power of the reader to call people by their right names. We do notclaim for it 
coTTGCtnGss \n evet'y particular, ioT the many difficulties in the way rendered 
this impossible at first, but we feel confident that the reader of general history, 
and the student in all the departments of science and literature, will find this 
list of Personal Xames an invaluable companion. And, furthermore, to those 
engaged in commercial, mechanical, or agricultural pursuits, who generally give 
their spare time each day to the reading of their "paper," this will be found of 
great use in rendering familiar what they read. The constant intercommuni- 
cation between the civilized nations of the earth, the numerous travelers fol- 
lowing the various directions of the compass, at the present time, render such 
a work highly important. There are biographical dictionaries, it is true, but 
while the names given are barely readable to the sarant, they are unapproach- 
able barriers in the way of the general reader. — Surely this class, as well as 

* Without a name man is nothing. 


Personal Names. 129 

all others who are in the habit of reading, will feel grateful for the appearance 
of this little work, and all other attempts to make intelligible words clothed 
in a strange orthography. If every Dutchman one meets has not a namo so 
long as Hans Jnkvervankoclsdorspanckinkadrachdern, — or every father of the 
Church so modest a title as that of "Si. CulIen-ap-Gyvnawg-ajy-Clyndarvg-cp- 
Wledig"* still there are many less imposing, of Anglo-Saxon as well as of for- 
eign races, quite unpronouncable without assistance, — to dress these in pho- 
notypy renders them intelligible. 

This, as we believe, is the first attempt to give the pronunciation of modem 
names, and in the absence of such a work of reference the task has been labo- 
rious. But no pains have been spared in procuring the correct pronuncia- 
tion of every name as far as possible, not only as instanced, but by reference to 
geographical names, poetry, and to works in every department of science and> 
Belles-lettres. For instance, the name of a distinguished Senator from Texas, 
(Houston,) is pronounced by some public speakers, His-ton, by others, H(6s-ton; 
now the object to be obtained was to find out how the gentleman pronounced 
it himself, which was done, and was found to be as last given. It would have 
been gratifying to the publishers to have been able to give a more ex« 
tended notice of the works of the great minds that have passed away, together 
with those actively engaged at the present time, — to have chatted column after 
column away about the Shakespeares, Newtons and Godwins, theGcEXHES, 
Kaxts and Schillers, the La Places and Franklins of the past, the Hum- 
BOLDTS, Araoos and Agassiz, of the present, but this would have alone re- 
quired a massive volume, and would have defeated the object of the publishers, 
which was to make a convenient book of reference for every class of persons. 

In conclusion, we invoke an honest criticism of our labors, hoping that such 
errors as are noted will be forwarded in timo to make the requisite corrections 
in the second edition. W. H. S. 

* The dedication of the Church of Llangollen in Wales. [Vide Recreative 
Review, vol. ii. p, 189, Eng.] It appears from the following laughable des- 
cription of cheese, designed to ridicule this system of nomenclature, that the 
Burnominal adjunct, ap, [meaning of, or from, by descent,] was used in Wales 
until recently: — 

"Adam's own cousin-german by its birth, 

Ikglish Surnames, vol. i. p. 18, 


The usual Geographical abbreviations are employed, as explained in the In- 
troduction to the Geographical Names ; also, the ordinary abbreviations of 
Christian names. In order to economize space, an abridged style of expression 
hu3 been adopted, which when once understood is sufficiently expressive for a 
book of reference. Thus: "Aaron, eld hr Moses," — elder brother of 3Ioses ; 
"b, A. }i\."—hYrn year of the world ; "B. C," — hefore Christ. The figures at 
the close of each paragraph, thus : " 1512 — 1571," are to be read, '' born 1512 — 
died 1571 ;" or if '* k." precede the last figures, read "killed 1571 ;" "g." "guil- 
lotined," &c. See "AinrauUer," "1807 — ," means, born 1807, but not dead, or 
if so it is not known ; "Allen," " — 1789," means, the birth is not known, but 
died in 1789. [Those who own the book, when they hear of the death of anj 
individual mentioned in it, should enter the time of hia decease opposite th« 

art "for ••actor. 

adm admiral. 

adv advocate. 

aq agriculturist. 

cuch alchemist, 

anat anatomist. 

ardiq • • • • 'antiquarian. 

ar army. 

arc, arch • • arch i tec t. 
archx • • • • archajologist. 

art artist. 

ast, astr •• astronomer. 
antral • • • • astrologer. 

au " author. 

h born. 

har barister. 

Iten benefactor. 

hiog biographer. 

hp bishop. 

hr brother. 

c crowned. 

capt captain. 

cari caricaturist. 

C£l celebrated. 

cert century. 

chem chemist. 

chr clergyman. 

com commodore. 

comman • •commander. 
commen ••commentator. 

conch eonchologist. 

conq conqueror. 

contr contributer. 

crit critic. 

dip diplomatist. 

dist distinguished. 

div divine. 

dram - • • -dramatist. 

ficc ecclesiastic. 

eci)n economist. 

ed editor. 

em eminent. 

eml embassador. 


emp emperor, empire 

eng engineer. 

engr engraver. 

ent<) entomologist. 

<-,<;*'« essayist. 

etk/w ethnologist. 

ex executed. 

exp explorer, and 


fab fabulous. 

found founder. 

(jen, general. 

ijeneal • • • • genealogist. 

genre various. 

geo geographer. 

yeol geologist. 

gov governor. 

hist historian. 

hu7a humorist. 

illns illustrious. 

imp impostor. 

inq inquirer. 

3 juf'ge. 

jour journalist. 

jur juror. 

k king, killed. 

law lawyer. 

lea lecturer. 

leg legislator. 

lieu lieutenan t. 

lin linguist. 

lit literary. [ter. 

l-pt landscape pain- 

muth mathematical. 

mat med • • materia medica. 

mcta metaphysical. 

meteor • • • • me teorologist. 

mil military. 

min minister. 

miner mineralogist. 

misc miscellaneous. 

m,or moralist. 

mu6 comp ' music composer. 

na national. 

nat naturalist. 

nab nobleman. 

noncon •• -nonconformist 

wjv novelist. 

o^ officer. 

or orator. 

(/ri orientalist. 

pa patron. 

2)at patriot. 

ph physician. 

phil philosopher. 

philol • • • • philologist. 
phren • • • • i)lirenologi3t. 

phys physiologist. 

pol pol i ticiau. 

pop popular. 

pr prince. 

pres president. 

prof professor. 

prot protestunt. 

phychol" -psychologist. 

pt painter. 

pxib publisher. 

polit political. 

ref reformer. 

rel religious. 

rep representative, 

repnb • • • • republican. 

schol scholar. 

6culp sculptor. 

ah shot. 

sol soldier. 

st statesman. 

mir surgeon. 

snrg surgical. 

then theologian. 

trage tragedian. 

trans translator. 

trat traveler. 

He viceroy. 

f)-pres vice-president. 

wr writer. 




Aaron, f\.'ron, eld hr Moses, first high 

priest of the Juws, b. A. M., 2434, or 

157a B. C. 
Aartsbergen, Alex. Van, Fon flrts'ber- 

gen, Tiftb and st of Holl., 17th cen. 
Abati, Nicolo, Nik-6-lo H-bq-te, pt 

Italy, 1512—1571. 
Abbas Pacha, Ab'qs P4-/q, f-'ic Egypt. 
Abbot, Ab'ot, Samuel, 7)ierch Boston, 

Mass., 17:J2— 1812. [aos Mass. 

Abbott, Ab'ot, John S. C. and Jacob, 
Abd-El-Kader.Obd-el-Kq-der, gen Al- 
geria. [awEng. 
A'Beckett, a-Bek-et, Gilbert Abbott, 
Abercrotnbie, Ab-er-krora-bi, John, M. 

D., ail and ph Scot., 1781— 18U. 
Abercroraby, Ab-er-krom-bi, Sir Ralph, 

of Scot., 1734—1801. 
Aberdeen, Ab-er-den, Geo. Gordon, 

Earl of, tt Eng. 
Abernethy, Ab'er-ne-ti, John, siir and 

au Ir., 176^-1831. 
Abingtjr, Ab'injer, James Scarlett, 

Lord,; Eng.,1769— 1844. [Chaldea. 
Abraham, il'br»-ham, patriarch, b. in 
Ai-billes. A-kil ii, fob, being dipped 

by his mother in the river Styx, was 

invulnerable in every part except his 

right heel, by which she held him; 

killed at the soigrt of Troy. 
Achilli, Giovanni Ctiacinto, Jo-v^-ne 

Jq-qen-to H-k^-it, Italian Church 

Actroon, Ak'te-on. fab, a hunter who, 

discovering Diana bathing, was by 

her turned into a jtfcg. 
Adam, Ad'am, father of the human 

race, live<l 930 years after his expul- 

8ion from Paradise. 
Adiirus, Ad'araa. C. L., geo and au 

" 18U-1853. 

Adams, John, st, V-Prcs. to Washing- 
ton, from 1789— to 1798; and Pres. U, 
S., till 1801; Mas9.,*?S?r-1826. V- 
Pres., Thomns Jefferson. 

Adams, John Quincy, son of Pres. John 
Adams, st and sixth Pres. of IJ, S., 
from 1825 to 1829, elected by House 
of Representatives, 1767—1848. V- 
Pres., J. C. Calhoun. [1722-1803. 

Adams, Samuel, Km. pat and d Mass., 

Adams, J. C, astr Eng. 

Adanson, A-dan-son, Michel, hot and 
au Fr., 1727—1806. 

Addison, Ad'i-son, Joseph, 7>9(?< and wu 
Eng., ed •' Spectatf^," 1072—1719. 

Adeluug, fl'de-lir)r), John Ch., pJiitul 
Ger., 1734—1808. 

Adolphus, A-dol-fus, Frederick II, h 
Sweden, 1710—1771. 

Adonis, A-du-nis, a youth remarkably 
beai^iful, beloved by Venus and 

yEriea.s, 8-nE-as, Trojan prince, son of 
Anchises andVenus, — 1197 B.C. 

iEolus, S'o-lus, the god of the winds. 

iEschines, Es'ki-nea, t/r cotem. Domos- 
thenos, 730 B. C. [B. C. 

iE-^chylus, E''ki-lus, poet Athens, 274 

^sculapius, Es-kq-la-pi-us, the god of 

-^■!op, S'sop, a Greek slave, au of the 
fables that bear his name, 200 B, C. 

Agamemnon, Ag-a-m6m-non, brother 
to Menelaus, captain-general of the 
Greeks at the seige of Troy. 

Agassiz, Louis, L<6-i Ag-^-st;, dist, nat, 
born 1807, in Switzerland, now of 
Mass. [1747—1822. 

Aikin, a'kin, John, M. I)., wr Eng. 

Ainmuller, ffn'mul-er, Maximilian 
Emanuel, aH Ger., 1807 - 



Personal Names. 

Ainsworth, ffnz'wurt, W. Harrison, 

nov Eng., 1805 — 
Ainsworth, ^Inz'wurt, comp English 

and Latin Dictionary, 1743 — 
Airy. Ar'i, Geo. Bideli, out royal Eng., 

Ajax, 3'jaks, faJf, one of the princes 

and heroes at the seige of Troy. 
Akenside, ££'ken-sjd, Mark, poet and 

ph Eng., 1721—1770. 
Alban,Ol'ban, St., first Christian mar- 
tyr in Britain, 3d cen. 
Albert, Al'bert, Franz-August-Karl- 

Emunuel, Prince Consort, Duke of 

Suxe - Coburg - Goiha, but better 

known as "Prince Albert," Eng., 

18 ly— 
Alcibiades, Al-si-bj-a-dcz, Athenian 

gen, slain 404 B. C. 
Alembert, H-lein-ber, John Le Rood 

d', math, died 17S3. 
Alexander the Great, son of Philip, k 

Mact'don, born 305 B. C. At 20 as- 
sumed his father's throne, and at 33 

had "conquered the world," and died. 
Alexander Paulowitch, Al-eks-an-der 

Po-lo-viq, emp Ru?., 1777—1825. 
Alexander II , present emp Russia. 
Alfieri, Hl-fi-a-re, Count Vitt^jrio, 

dramatic poet It., 1749—1803. 
Ali, Pacha, Pq-Jq, il'lj, prince Eu. 

Tur., 1750—1822. 
Alison, Al'i-son, Archibald, hint, adv 

and au Scot., 1792 — [Scot. 

Alison, Wm. J^ultney, pol econ and ph 
Allen, Ethan, tl'tan Al'en, ^' Am. 

army* —1789. [—1626. 

AUeyn, Al'jn, Edward, act Eng., 1566 
Allston, Ol'ston, Washington, p^ Mass., 

Almquist, fllm-k(6-ist, Karl Jonas Lud- 

wig, au Sweden, 1793 — 
Alsop. 01'sop, Richard, poet Conn., 

Alva, ill'vq, Ferdinand, duke of Alva, 

gen Sp., 1508—1582. 
Alvensleban, fll-fenz-la-ben. Count 

Albert, dip and min of state, Prus., 

Ambrose, Am'broz, St., father of the 

Christian church, 333—397. 
Ambrosia, Am-brM-3i-a,/a&, the food of 

the gods. 
Amerigo Vespucci, H-mer-e-go Ves- 

pA-qf:, nav It., —1512. [^808. 

Ames, llraz, Fisher, Am. st Mass., 1756 
Amici, Giovanni-Batista, Jo-vq-ne-Bq- 

tis-tq Hm-e-ce, <ut and nat ph It., 

1784— [785 B. C. 

Amos, £['mos, prophet and li Israel, d. 

Ampere, Jean-Jacques, San-Sak flu - 
pqr, philol and au Fr., 1800 — 

Amphion, Am-f j-on, a famous musician. 

Anacharsis, An-a-kqr-sis, ph Scythia, 
was assassinated for attempting to 
introduce Grecian customs into his 
own country, 550 B. C. [B. C. 

Anacreon, An-ak-re-on, Greek feet 270 

Anastasius I., pope of Rome, died 402. 

Anaxagoras. An-aks-ag-o-ras, Grecian 
p>h 450 B. C. 

Anderson, fln'der-son, Hans Christian, 
Dan. nov 1805 — 

Andral, flh'dral, Gabriel, ph and au 
Fr., 1797— [1749—1780. 

Andre, fln'dr, John, of Brit, army, 

Andrew, St., An'dro), dU of John the 
Baptist, put to death on the cross in 
Scythia, for preaching the Gospel. 

Andromache, An-drom-a-ke, fab, the 
wife of Hector. 

Anglesey, Ay'gl-sa, Henry Wm. Paget, 
Marquis of, (>ff 'Brit, army, 1768 — 

Anthon, An'ton, Charles. LL. D., clas- 
sic au N-Y., 1797— 

Antonius, Marcus, Mqrk-us An-to-ni-us, 
or Mark Antony, the Roman trium- 
vir, 40 B. C. 

Apis, a'pis, son of Jupiter and Niobe, 
taught the Egyptians to sow corn and 
plant vines; after his death worship- 
ped in the form of an ox, a symbol of 

A'poUonius, Ap-ol-6-ni-us, Greek poet 
and r1i£,t. Also, a I'ythag. ph 1st cen. 

ApoUos, A-p61-os, a Jew of Alexandria, 
convert to Christianity, in the time 
of Paul. 

Appert, Ap'er, Bcnj. Nicholas Marie, 
philan and au France, 1797 — 

Aquinas, Ak'wi-nas, St. Thomas, Italy, 

Arago, I^rancois Dominique, Fr<^n-swe 
Dom-i-nek H-?q-ga), oat Fr., 1786 — 
1853. [Fr. 

Arago, Etienne, Jl-ten fl-r^-go, jovr 

Arbuthnot, Hr'but-not, Dr. John, ph 
and au died 1735. [690 B. C. 

Archilochus, Hr-kil-o-kus, Greek poet 

Archimides, flr-kim-i-dez, anc. geom 
Sicily, k. 208 B. C. 

Argelander, flr-ge-lqn-der, Fred. Wm. 
Agustus, ast Prus,, 1799 — 

Argus, Hr'gus, fab, said to have had a 
hundred eyes. 

Ariosto, Lodovico, Lo-do-ve-ko H-ri- 
6s-tcD, poet It., 1474—1533. 

Arista, B-f^s-tq, Don Mariano, Pres. 
ilex., 1803— 

Personal Names. 


Arlatarcbus, Ar-is-t^r-kas, pTiil Greece, 
the first to maintain that the earth 
turns upon its centre, and describes a 
circle round the sun, lived about 200 

Aristides, A-ris-tj-dez, ^lius, Roman 
sophist and trav, died A. D., 180. 

Aristides the Just, Athenian gen, 480 

Aristippus, Ar-is-tip-u3, pTiil, 392 B.C., 
who asserted pleasure to be the ob- 
ject of life. 

Aristophanes, Ar-is-tof-a-nez, comic 
poet of Athens, 340 B. C. 

Aristottle, Ar-is-tot-l, peripatetic joMl, 
Athens, 384 B. C. 

Arias, a'rius, div 4th cen., found of a 
sect which denied the Godship of 

Arkwright, Hrk'rjt, Sir Richard, in- 
ventor of the spinning machine, 
Eng., 1732— 

Arlincourt, flr'lin-k(X)r, Victor, Vicomte 
d', poet and au Fr., 1789^ 

Arminius, flr-min-i-us, James, found 
of the doctrine that God creates men 
free moral agents, Holl., 1560 — 1619. 

Armstrong, flrm'strog, John, M. D., 2>A 
and au Scot.. 1709—1779. 

Arne, Hrn, Thos. Augustine, mu8 
comp Eng., 1710 — 

Arnold, Benedict, Ben-e-dikt ilr'nold, 
(^and traitor, U. S. army, —1801. 

Arnold, Samuel, mus comp Eng., 1740 

Arnold, Thomas, D. D., au Eng., 1795 
—1842. [1801 

Aschbach, Hj'bq^, Joseph, hist Ger., 

Atbanasius, £[-tan-d-Ji-us, St., born of 
heathen parents, became hp of Alex- 
andria, 326. 

Atlas, At'las, h Mauritania, aM, cotem. 
with Moses, now represented as an 
old man bearing the world upon his 

Atterbom, fl'ter-bom, Pe. Dan. Ama- 
dens, poe^ Sweden, 1790 — 

Attwood, At'wud, Thomas, coTTj^Eng., 

Auber, O'ber, Dan. Francois Esprit, 
(Es'pre,) comp Fr., 1784— 

Aubigne, 9-ben, Theod. Agrippa D', 
hist, sat Vind poet, 16th cent. 

Audubon, 9'de-bon, John James, Am. 
orni La., 1782—1851. 

Auerbach, Berthold, Ber-told "S^'er- 
haji, wr and poet, Ger. 

Auffenberg, "S^f'en-berA, Joseph, Baron 
Von, dram Ger. 

Augereau, (D-^er-o, Pierre Francois 
Charles, gen Fr., 1757—1816. 

Augustenburg, IJ-gus-ten-burA, Chris- 
tian August, Duke of Schleswig- 
Holstcin, etc., 1798— 

Augustine, 9'gus-ten, St., 5/>and fath- 
er of the church, — 430. 

Augustus, G-giis-tus, Caius Julius Cae- 
sar Octavianus, the first Roman Em- 
peror, A. D., 14. 

Aurora, 0-r(f)-ra, /a5, the goddess of 
the morning. 

Austria, Emperor of, Francis Joseph 
Charles, 1830— [Scot. 

Aytoun, i'tcon, William, ed and au 

Azeglio, fldz-eg-li-o, Massimo D', au 
Italy, 1798— 


Babbago, Bab aj, Charles, math and 

phil mech Eng., 1790— 
Bach, Johann Sebastian, Yo-hqn Sa- 

br^s-te-qn BqA, mas and comp music. 

Upper Saxony, 1685-1750. 
Bachmann, Bqlt-mqn, Charles Fred., 

coun and prof phu, Ger., 1785 — 
Bachmann, Gottlob Ix>uis Ernest, />^<2/" 

and a», Gor., 1792 — 
Bacon, Ba-kon, Franc's, Lord Verulam, 

Lord Chancellor, Ac, au Eng., 1560 

Babr, Bqr, John Christian Felix, coufi, 

prof and au. Ger., 1798 — 
Biiley, Bali, E. IL, sculp Eng., 1788— 
Bailey, Philip Jamed, poet Eng. 

BailHe, Ba-Ie, Joanna, poetess Eng., 

Baily, Ba-li, Jean Sylvain, ivr and 

hist, Fr., 1736—1793. 
Baird, B^rd, Rev. Robert, D. D., au 

and cler Pa., 1798— 
Bakewell, Bak-wel, Robert, experimen- 
tal farmer and cattle-breeder Eng., 

Balboa, Bql-bu-q, Vasco Nunez (Ndb- 

net) De, Spanish nan 16th oen. 
Balbo, Bql-bo, Count Cesaro, st and 

au Italy, 1789. [Gor., 1804 

Bajza, Bo-B-zo, Anthony, pfjet and au 
Balzac, Honore 1)«, Ilon-ur D§ Bql- 

i4k, nov Fr., 1799-1850. 


Personal Names. 

Bancroft, Ban-kroft, George, Am. au 

and hist Mass., 1800 — 
Bangs, Nathan, D. D., clef and essa 

Conn., 1778— 
Banks, Sir Joseph, Bart., hot and tfav 

Eng., 1743— 1820. 
Banks, N. P., st and Speaker of Hovse 

of Rep., U. S. Cong., 1856, elected af- 
ter 7 weeks of voting, Mass., 1810 — 
Baraote, Guillaume Prosper Brugiere, 

Gwil-6m Pros-per Bre-^^ftr Bq,r-q,nt, 

Buron. au and st, Fr., 1782. 
Barb-iuld, B^^-boId, Anne L., poetess 

Eng., 174;i— 1825. 
Barbes, Arinand, Rr'mqnd B^r-ba, a 

French revolutionist, 1810 — 
Barclay, Bq,r-kla, Robert, Apologist or 

Quaker, Eng., 1648—1680. 
Barebone, B^r-bon, Praise-God, zealot 

of Cromwell's parliament, Eng., 1653. 
Barentz, Bqr-ents, Wm., a Dutch nav 

16th cen. . [1757—1812. 

Barlow, Bqr-lca, Joel, poet au Conn., 
Barnes, Bqrnz, Joshua, cler, prof and 

poet, Eng., 1654—1712. 
Barnes, Daniel H., Am. conch and au, 

—killed, 1818. [—1818. 

Barney, Joshua, c^m U. S. Navy, 1759 
Baroche, Bq,/'-6J, Jules, mia and adv 

Fr., 1803. [«« Fr., — 1829. 

Barras, Bqr-(^. Faul Francis, Count De, 
Barrere De Vieuzac, Bqir-4^ De Ve- 

zqk, IJertrand, pol Fr., 1755— l'84l' 
Barrot, Odillon, O-del-yon \i<\r-dt,adm 

and ex-min Fr., 1790 — 
Barrow, Bqr-o, Dr. Isaac, math and 

dix) Eng., 1630—1677. 
Barry. Bar-i, John, com U. S. Navy, 

1745—1803. [1795 

Barry, Sir Charles, R. A., arch Eng., 
Barthclemy, St. llilaire, San Hil-4r 

Bqr-ta-Ie-rae, pol jour Fr., 1792 — 
Bartlett, Bqrt-let, Josiah, M. D., go/v 

and st N. H., 1729—1795. 
Bartlett, Josiah, M. D., ph and essa, 

Mass., 1759—1820. 
Barton, Bqr-ton, Benj. Smith, M. D., 

prof nat hist and hot, ed, &c.. Pa., 

1763-1815. [1784-1849. 

Barton, Bi^>rnard, "Quaker poet," Eng., 
Bartrain, Wm., hot and orni Pa., 1739 

Batthyanvi, Bot-yony-i, Louis, nob 

and pat Hun., 1809— shot, 1848. 
Bauer, B-s-er, Bruno, hlb crit Ger., 

1809— [Eng., 1615 

Baxter, Baks-ter, Richard, div and au 
Bayard, Ba-qrd, Jas. A., Am. st I'a., 

1767—1815. [1706. 

Bayle, Bal, Peter, crit au, Fr., 1647— 

Bayley, Ba-li, Richard, ph, med au and 

;jn/. Conn., 1745—1801. 
Bavaria, Ba-Va-ri-a, Maximilian Jo- 
seph, King of, 1811— 
Beattie, Be-ti, Jam«s, poet and mor 

Scot., 1735—1803. 
Beaumont, Bo-mont, Fraticis dram 

poet Eng., 1584—1616. [1853. 

Beaumont, Bo-inoh, Gustave De, pol 

and au Fr., 1802 — 
Beaumont, Jean Baptists Armand Lou- 
is LeonceElie De.eng, prfffgeoLeUi.. 

Fr., 1798- 
Beccaria, Bek-a-ri-a, marquis, wr "On 

Crimes and Punishments," Milan, 

Beck, Lewis C, Am. chem and hot N- 

Y., 1790—1853. 
Beecher, Lyman, D. D., cler, ref, etc.. 

Conn., 1775 — 
Beecher, Henry Ward, LL, D., son of 

above, div and ref, Brooklyn, N-Y., 

Beechey, Bec-i, Fred. Wm. nav capt 

and trav Eng., 1796 — 
Bcddoes, Bed-oz, Thos. Lovell, poet 

Eng., 1803—1849. 
Beethoven, Ba-tcj-fen or Be-t(fi-ven, 

Ludwig. Van, mus and comp Prus., 

1779—1827. [1744. 

Behring, Be-rig, Vitus, nav Den., — • 
Bekker, Bek-er, Immanuel, fhilol 

Ger., 1785— [king, 1831. 

Belgians, Leopold, King of the, elected 
Belknap, Bel-nap, Jeremv, D. D., cler 

and lor, Mass., 1741—1798. [—1842. 
Bell, Sir Charles, physiol, Scot., 1774 
Bell, John, st N-H., 1730—1825. 
Bellini, Vincenzio, mus comp Italy, 

1806—1835. [trav, —1823. 

Belzoni, Bel-dzo-ne, Giovanni, Paduaa 
Benedektow, Ben-e-dek-tif, Wladimir, 

a Russian lyric poet. 
Bentham, Ben-tam, Jeremy, a great 

thinker and writer, Eng., 1748—1832. 
Bentinck, Ben-tiijk, Lord Geo., pai'l 

leader Eng., 1802—1848. 
Benton, Thos. Hart, Am. st Mo., 1783. 
Beranger, Ber-qh-^^er, Pierre-Jean Do, 

song ivr and jioet, Fr., 1780 — 1857. 
Berenger, Ber-en-;^er, L. P., 2>0€t, rhet 

and aw, Fr., 1748— 1822. [1798— 
Beresford, Ber-es-ford, Wm., st Eng., 
Berghaus, Be?'A-h-8s, Henry, ge(<g Ger., 

1797— ■ [—1753. 

Berkeley, Berk-li, George, hn Ir.. 1684 
Berkeley, Wm., gov Va., — 1677. 
Bermudez De Castro, Bq,r-mi&d-at Da 

Kqs-tro, Don Salvador, poet Spain, 


Personal Names. 


BwSTtAdotie, T{er-nq-d(5t, k Sweden and 

rfi.iyru/, 1764—1844. 
Bernard, Ber-nqnl, Sir Francig, gov 

M-IS3., and pa Hi — 1779. 
Bombard, Bern-hqrt, Karl, Danish nov. 
Bernouilli, Ber-na)-e, family name of 

a cluster of celebrated mathemati- 
cians of the 17th and 18lh centuries. 
Berthollet, Ber-to-la, Claude Louis, 

ckemFr., 1748—1822. 
Berryer, Ber-i-a, M., pol and adv Fr. 
Berzelius, Berts-a-le-flos, Jno. Jacob, 

cke>n, Sweden, 1779—1848. 
Bethune, Bet-yi^n, Geo. W., Am. au 

and div 1805— 
Bsza. Bs-za, or Theodore De Beze, 

(Baz, Eng. Bez,) ed, trans and com- 

men, Fr., 1518—1605. [1800— 

Biard, Bi-ar, Francois Aug., pt Fr., 
Biermann, Ber-mqn, Chaa. Ed., l-jpt 

Ger., 1803— 
Bickersteth, Bik-er-st«t, Ed., tor rel 

iDorl-8, Eng., 1786—1850. 
Biddle, .Tames, Am. com 1783—1848. 
BiJdle, Nicholas, capt Am. Navy, 1750 

—1778. killed. 
Biddle, Nicholas, Am. fin and pres U. 

S. Bank, 1786—1844. [—1821. 

Bigelow, Big-E-lo, Timothy, st Mass., 
Binder, Bin-der, Wilhelm Chris., hint 

Ger., 1810. [Eng. 

Binney. Bin-i, Thos., noncon preacher 
Bird, William, mns Eng., 15 W— 1623. 
Bird, Dr. Robt. Mont., n<ni Pa., 1803— 
Bishop, Sir Henry Kent, mus comp 

Eng., 1786—1855. 
Bixio, Biks-E-o, M., ph and not, Fr. 
BIm;k, Joseph, chem Scot., 1728— 1790. 
Blackstone, Sir Wm., / and commen, 

Eng., 1722-1780. 
Blair,, Francis P., pol ed and st, 

Md., 1791— 
Blair, Blqr, Dr. Hugh, Scottish div 

and au of " Lectures on Rhetoric," 

1718—1800. [—1659. 

Blake, Admiral, adrn nary, Eng., 1599 
Blakeley, Johnston, cajit Am. Navy, 

perished at sea. [1801 — 

Blanc, Louis, Ij<Jb-i Blqn, pol theo Fr., 
Blessington, Marg. P., Countess of, wr 

Eng., 1789—1849. 
Blomfield, Blom-fEld, Chas. James hp 

London, 1786— [lur, 1809— 

Bloramaert, Blu-ra^rt, Philip, Flemish 
Bloorafield, BI{6m-feld, Robert, poet 

Eng., 1766—1823. 
Blucher, BlJ>-Aer, Gcbhart Lebrecht 

Von^ riff Prus. Army, 1742—1819. 
Blumcnbach, BUfim-en-bq/t, Jean Fred., 

anat,ph and nat Ger., 1752—1840. 

Boas, B6-qs, Ed., poet and au, Ger., 

Boccaccio, Bo-k^-qo, Giovanni, It. poet 

and au, 1313—1375. 
Bodenstedt, Bo-den-stet, Fred. Martin, 

wr Ger., 1819— 
Bochmen, B6-men, Jacob, rel tor and 

teach, Ger., 1575—1624. 
Boehtlingk, Bot-liflk, Otto, pTiilol 

Rus., 1815— [1785— 

Boekh , BcdA, Augustus, antiq Ger,, 
Boettcher, Bet-7ier, Adolf, poet and 

trans Ger., 1815 — 
Boettiger, B6-ti-ger, Karl Wilhelm, 

prof lit and A/#^,and au, Ger,, 1790 — 
Boileau-Despreaux, Bwo-ha-De-spro, 

Nicolas, sat Fr., 1636—1711. ' 
Boissonade, Bw6?-on-qd, Jean Frangois, 

Gr. sch'i'l and clas ed, Fr., 1774 — 
Boker, Geo. H., Am. poet and dram 

Pa., 1824— 
Bolingbroke, Bo-lip-brok, Henry St. 

John, Lord, or, st and phil essa Eng., 

Bolivar, Bo-ls-v^r, Simon, liberator of 

S. Am., 1783—1830. 
Bonaparte, B6-na-pqrt, Napoleon, emp 

Fr., 1769—1821. 
Bonaparte, Joseph, eld hr Napoleon, h 

Sic. and Sp., 1768— 1&44. [1846. 

Bonaparte, Louis, hr do., k Hoi., 1778 — 
Bonaparte, Lucien, hr do., pi' Canino, 

Bonaparte, Louis Napoleon, son of 

Louis Bonaparte, emp, Fr., 1808 — 
Bonaparte, Chas. Lucian, pr Canino, 

and dist nat, 1803 — 
Bond, William C, ad, Mass., 1790 — 
Boniface I., to LX., Popes fr. 422 to 1401. 
Bonpland, Aime, li-mk Bcan-plqh, Fr., 

nat, 1799— _ [1820. 

Boone, Daniel, Am. pio hunter, 1730 — 
Bopp, Bop, Francis, p^^oZ and orischol 

Ger., 1791— [1728—1804. 

Bordley, B6rd-li, Jno. Beale, ag au Md., 
Bf^rnhauser, Born -hs- zer, Thomas, 

Swiss poet, pol tor, etc., 1799 — 
Borrow, Geo., au Eng., 1805 — 
Boscovich, Bos - ko viq, Roger Jos., 

learned Jesuitical ivr\\t., 1711—1787. 
Bo.ssuet, Bo-s^ <rr Bo-si|-a, Jas. Be- 

nigne, Fr. div and au 1627 — 1704. 
Boswell, Boz-wel, Jas. hiog Dr. John- 
son, 1740— 1795. 
Botta, Bot, Paul 'Emile, a'mEl, Fr. 

archce and trav. 
Boudinot, B(6-din-ot, Elias, LL.D., 

law and edu hen X-J., 1 740— d. 
Bougainville, Bco-gan-vel, L. A. De, 

wn\ Fr. Navy, 1729— Ibll. 


Personal Names. 

Bourdon, Bti)r-d6n, Leonard J. J., pa- 
tron, na edu, Fr., d. about 1810, 
Boussingault, Bot)-sqn-g(f)l, M., cliein 

and au, Fr. 
Bowditch, Bo-diq, Nathaniel, LL.D., 

math and ast, Mass., 1773—1838. 
Bowdoin, B6-den, [Fr. Bo-dw6h,] Jas. 

LL.D., gov Mass., hen Harvard Uni- 
versity, etc., 1745—1790. 
Bowen, Bo-en, \Vm. C, D.D., chem, 

R. L, 1776—1815. [aw, Mass. 

Bowen, Francis, ed N. Am. Rev. and 
Bowring, B-s-rifl. John, LL.D., philol, 

poet, pol ivr, etc., Eng., 1792 — 
Boylston, Borl-ston, Zabdiel, M.D., F.- 

R.S., Am. ph Boston, 1780—1760. 
Braddock, Ed., maj gen Br. Army. k. 

1775. [1795. 

Bradford, Wm., att-gen U. S., 1775— 
Bradstreet, Anne, au first Am. vol po- 
ems, 1612 — 
Brahe, Tyeho, Te-ko, Br^-e, ast Den., 

Brainard, Bra-nard, John G. C, Am. 

poet, Conn., 1797 — d. 
Bramante, Bra-mqn-ta, Donate, It. 

arch, 1441r-15U. 
Brando, Brand, Wm. Thos., chem and 

wr Eng.. 1780. 
Brandis, Brqn-dis, Chris. Augustus, 

prof phil Prus., 1790 — 
Brant, Joseph, eel Indian chief. 
Brazil, Pedro, Emp. of, 1825, c. 1840. 
Braun, Brxn, August Emil, wr and 

archm, Gcr., 1809— 
Breckinridge, J. C, st and V-Pres. U. 

S. to James Buchanan, Ky., 18 

Breithaupt, B/jt-h-spt, Joh. Aug. 

Fried., mineralogist, Ger., 1791 — 
Breton De Los Herreros, Bra-ton Da 

Los Ar-q,r-6s, Don Manuel, dram 

and poet, Sp., 1796. 
Brewster, Bras-ter, Sir David, exp, 

jihil and au, Scot., 1781 — 
Brindley, James, civ eng, Eng., 1716 

Brissot, Bri-s(5, Jean Pierre, or and 

pol tvr, Fr., 1793. 
Brodie, Bro-di, Sir Benj. Collins, sur 

and surg wr Eng., 1783 — 
Brongniart, Br(l)n-yqr, Adolpho Theo., 

Fr. nat, 1801— 
Bronn, Bran or Brun, Heinrich Geo., 

Ger. nat, 1803— 
Brooke, Sir James, ro/aA of Sarawak, 

»,ud philan, 1803 — 
Brooks, John, LL.D,, gov Mass.. and 

lievt-col U. S. Army, 1752—1825. 
Brooks, ilaria, Am. poet Mass., 1795 — 


Brooks, Hon. Preston S., who brutally 

caned Charles Sumner, in the U. S. 

Senate Chamber, in 1856 ; South 

Carolina, 1810-1857. 
Brooks, Shirley, d7am tor and jour 

Eng., 1816 — 
Brougham, Bro-am, Henry, Lord, phil, 

st,iaw-ref&nd critic, Eng. 
Brown, ChJis. Brockden, Am. nov, Pa., 

1771-1810. [1775—1828. 

Brown, Jacob, maj-gen U. S. Army, 
Brown, Thomas, in^t and au, Scot, 

1778—1820. [1814 

Brown, Henry Kirko, Am. (.cvlp Mass., 
Browne, Sir Thomas, au and ph Eng., 

Browning, Robt., poet Eng., 1812 — 
Bruce, James, F.R.S., exp of Africa, 

Scot., 1730—1794. [1767. 

Bruce, Michael, Scotch poet, 1746 — 
Bruce, Brcos, Robert, Scotch gen, elect- 
ed king in 1306, died, 1329. 
Brullow, Bn6-lo, Karl, hid pt Bus.. 

Brunei, Bre-na o?" BrcJb-nel, Marc L, 

civ eng, Normandy. 
Brunelle.schi, BrCD-nel-es-ke, Filippo, 

It. arch, 1377—1448. 
Bruno, Giordano, Jor-d^-no Brdb-no, 

It. rel trr, an atheist, burnt at the 

stake, 1600. 
Brunswick-Wolf cnbuttel, Brunz-wik- 

Wolf-en-boQ-tl, A. W. M. Frederick, 

Duke of, 1806— 
Brutus, Brdb-tus. Marcu«, Rom. gen and 

pol, who assa.ssi noted Julius Caesar. 

He slew himself, 42 B. C. 
Bruyare, 'Bre-yi\,r, Jean. De La, Fr. au 

Normandy, 1644—1696. 
Bryant, Brj-ant, Wm. Cullen, Am.jpotf^ 

andjour, N-Y., 1794— 
Buba, B(f)-bq, Adolf, Ger. poet, 1802— 
Buch, BiXiJi, Leopold Von, geol Prus., 

Buchanan, Bix-kan-an. Geo., Latin poet 

and hid, Scot., 1506—1581. 
Buchanan, James, Am. *^ and fifteenth 

Pres. U. S., from 1857 to 1861, Pa., 

1791— J. C. Breckenridge, V-Pres. 
Buchanan, Dr. J. R., pre/ Physiology, 

Phrenology, etc., av, and ed ''Jour- 
nal of Man," Ohio, 181 — 
Buchez, Be-Ja, Philip Benj. Jos., Fr. 

ph and jour, 1796 — 
Buckingham, Jas. S., trav, wr, pol^ 

Eng., 1786—1855. 
Buckingham, Jo«. T.jjour, Mass., 1779 — 
Buckland. Dr. Wm., geol Eng. 
BupI, Bq-el. Jesse, Am. ag, Conn.| 


Personal Names. 


Buff on, Be-fon, Geo. L. Le Clerc, 

Comte Dc, nat Fr., 1707—1788. 
Bulgarin, BoDl-gcir-en, Thaddeus, wr 

Rus., 1789— 
Bull, BodI or Bial, Ole B., viol, Xorway. 

Billow, Be-lov,KarI Edward Von, Ger. 

nov, 1803 — 
Bulwer, Bidl-wer, Sir Edward Lytton, 

nov and poet Eng. 
BuhvtT, Sir Henry Earle Lytton, K.- 

C. B., dip and au Eng., 1804 — 
Bunsen, Boba-sen, Christ. Chas. Josias, 

Chevalier de, I'rud. errib and au, 

Buiiyan. John, au " Pilgrim's Prog- 
ress," Eng., 1628-1688. 
Burckhardt, Bia/7i-hcirt, J. Ludwig, 

irav Swit., 178:{— 1817. 
Burgkmair, Burg/i.-tn;\,r, Hans, pi and 

wood-eii'j Ger., 1472— 15o9. 
Burgos, BiJor-gtis, Don Javier De, st 

and au Sp., 1778 — 
Burgoyne, Bur-gtfn, lieu-gen'Rr.krmy, 
Burke. Burk. Kduiund, or, st and phil 

Ireland, 17;{0— 1797. 
Burleigh, Bdr-le, \Vm. Cecil, Lord, st 

Eng., 1520—1598. 

Burleigh, Chas. C, wr and ref Pa. 
Burmeister, Bur-mis-ter, Hermann, 

Ger. Tiat 1807— 
Burnap, Bur-nap, Rev. Geo. W., D.D., 

tJieo and gen au N-H., 1802— 
Burnet, Jacob, j, leg and au Ohio, 

Burney, Charles, mus camp and au 

Eng., 1726—1815. 
Burns, Robert, j^et Scot., 1759—1796. 
Burr, Aaron, st and V-Pres. U. S. to 

Thomas Jefferson, 1756—1836. 
Burritt, Bur-it, Elihu, lee, jov,r and 

lin Conn., 1811— 
Bury, Be -re, Henri B., Baron de, au 

and crit Fr., 1818— 
Bush, Rev. Geo., theo and commen Vt., 

1796 — 
Bus.s, Bdos, Franz Joseph, polit econ 

and an Ger., 1803— 
Butler, Richard, maj-gen U. S. Army, 

k. 1791. 
Butler, Samuel, poet sat Eng., 1612 — 

Byron, Geo. Gordon, Lord, poet Eng., 

Bystrom, Be-strora, Johann Nikolaus, 
I Swed. sculp, 1783— 


Cabanis, Ka-bq-ne, Pierre Jean G., pTi 

and phil Fr., 1757—1808. 
Cabet, Ka-ba, Etienne, Fr. communist, 

tonned communes in Texas and 111., 

1788 — 1856. [15tbcen. 

Cabot, K4-b(.it, John, Venetian nav, 
Cabot, Sebastian, son of Jno. C, nav, 

and discoverer of the variations of 

the magnetic needle, 1477 — 1557. 
Cadmus, Kad-mus, k of Thebes, intro- 
duced 16 letters into Greece, B. C. 
Cadwillader, Kod-wol-a-der, John, 

hrig-gen Am. array, — 1786. 
Caesalpinus, Ka-zqI-pin-us or Sa-s^l- 

pin-us, Andre, hut Tus., 1519—1603. 
Caesar, Cuius Julius, Ka-yus Ji'^-li-us 

Sg-zar, Roman gen, and hist, b. 98 

B. C. 
Cailliaud, Kal-yud, Frederic, Fr. trav 

Calaina, Ka-l^m, Alex., Swiss l-pt. 
r li'lonm De La Barca, K^l-dqr-on Da 

L<4 Bqr-kq, Pedro, pott dram Sp., 

Culderon, Don Serafin E., jMet and 

orientalist Sp., 1800— 


Calhoun, Kal-h(6n, John C, V-Prc3. 

U. S. to J. Q. Adams and Andrew 

Jackson, st, etc.. South Carolina, 

Caligula, Kal-ig-yi],-la, Roman emp and 

tyrant, began his reign A. D. 37 j 

assas. A. D. 41, aged 29 years. 
Callcott, Kelikot, John Wall, mu» 

comp Eng., 1766—1821. 
Callimachus, Kal-i-raa-kus, Greek poet. 
Calmet, Augustin, 0-gus-ten Kq,l-ma, 

Fr. au, 1672-1757. 
Calvin, John, rel ref Fr., 1509—1364. 
Caraoens, Kq,-mo-anz, Luis De, poaP 

Portugal, 1527- 1579. 
Campanella, Kqm-pan-el-yq, Thomas, 

mtta Sp., 16ih con. 
Campbell, Kam-bel, Thomas, poet 

Scot., 1777—1844. 
Campbell, Lord John, j and au 

Scot., 1781— 
Camper, Kqn-p^, Pierre, aiiat and i\at 

Fr., 1722—1789. 
Candolle, Kah-doly. Aug. Pyramus De, 

i^/f Fr., 177>J-ia4^. 
Cauina, Kci-ne-nq, Luigi, antiq, Italj. 


Personal Names. 

Canning, Kan-ig, Geo., et Eng., 1770 

Cano, K(\-no, Alonso, pt, scnlp and arch 

Sp., 1601—1667. [1757—1822. 

Canova, Kq-n6-vq, Antonio, sculp It., 
Cantu, Kqn-to), Cesare, sch<jl and au 

Italy, 1805— 
Capefigue, Kq-pe-feg, Baptisto H. 

Kayuioiid, hist Fr., 1799— 
Caracci, Ka-/q-qe, name of a celebrat- 
ed family of painters in It., 16th cen. 
Caravaggio, Kq-rq-v^-jo, Michelangelo 

},L,pt Italy, 1569—1609. 
Cardan, Kqr-dan, Jerome, ph, astral 

and au Fr., 1501 — 1576. 
Carey, Ka-ri, William, div, oriental 

philol and trans Eng., 1761 — 1831. 
Carey, Henry C, Am. pdit ecoti and 

au N-Y., 1793— [1798 . 

Carleton,^ Kqrl-ton, Wm., Irish mji), 
Carlisle, Kqr-ljl, Geo. Wm. F. H., 

Earl of, bt and lee Eng., 1802— 
Carlylc, Kqr-ljl, Thomas, Brit, au and 

reviewer, 1796 — 
Carmichael, Kqr-mi-kl, William, dip 

and Charge d'Atfaires, U. S., Md., 

Carnicer, Kqr-nE-t4'*, I^on Ramon, 

opera comp Sp., 1789 — 
Caruot, Kqr-no, Lazare Xic. M., mil 

enyin, and iiiin of war Fr., 1753 — 

1823. [1811 . 

Carrera, Kq-ra-rq, Rafael, pres Guat., 
Carroll, Kar-ol, Charles, signer Dec. of 

Lid., Md., 1737—1832. 
Cartier, Kqr-te-a, Jacques, Fr. nav 
. and ti'av 10th cen. 
Carver, John, first gov "Plymouth 

Colony," —1621. 
Carvallo, Kqr-vql-yo, min, of Chili in 

the U. S., 1808— 
Casus, Kqs-qs, Barthol. I^as, a misguid- 
ed jihilaa, — originator of African 

slavery, — 1566. 
Ca^ati, Kqs-q-t£, Gobrio, Count, st 

Lombardy, 1798 — 
Caspari, Kqs-pq-re, Karl Paul, Mb crit 
- Ger., 18U— 

Cass, Lewis, st Mich., 1782 — 
Cassini, Ka-sin-e, family name of sev- 
eral astrs Fr., 17th cen. 
Cassius, Caius, Ka-yus KaJ-i-us, tr- 

in-law Brutus, and one of Caesar's 
•. murderers, — 42 B. C. 
Castelli, Kqs-tel-£, Ignaz Friedr, hum 
. poet Ger., 1781— 
Castiglione, Kqs-tel-yo-na, Carlo Ot- 
, tavio. Count, It. philol 1795 — 
fcastillio, Kqs-ttl-yo, Antonio F^ Port. 
.\^oet, lSi).0— 

Castlereagh, Kas-l-ra, Robt. Stevr., 

Brit, ^t, 1769—1822. 
Castor, Hds-ioi; fab son of Jupiter and 

Castren, K^s-tren, M. Alex., lin and 

ethno Finland, 1813— 
Catesby, Mark, F.U.S., nat Eng., 1679 

— 1719. 
Catharine De Medici, — De Me-de-sg, 

a French ptiacess, 1519 — 1589. 
Catharine Alexievna, emjjress Russia, 

from 1725 to 1727. 
Catharine II., empress Russia, from 

Catilina, Kat-i-li-nq, Lucius Sergius, 

Roman tear, 62 B. C. 
Cato, Marcus Fortius, censor Rome, b. 

233 B. C. 
Catron, John, j U. S. Sup. Ct., Tenn. 
Cattermole, Kat-er-mol, Geo.,_p< i^^g., 

Cavaignac, Ka-van-yak, Eugene, Fr. 

gen and republican, 1802 — 
Cavendi^'h, lion. Henry, chem Eng., 

Caxton, Kaks-ton, Wm., introducer of 

printing, Eng., 1410—1491. 
Cecil, Se-sil, William, Lord Burleigb, 

Eng. st, 1521—1598. 
Cecrops, Se-krops, Egyptian found 

Athenian monarchy, 1556 B, C. 
Cellini, fe'el-e-ne, Benvenuto, sculp It., 

Centaurs, Sen-terz,/aJ half men, balf 

horse, Thessaly. [culture. 

Ceres, Se-rez fab the goddess of agri- 
Cervantes Saavedra, li.v-vqn-tas Sq- 

vfid-yq, Miguel De, au "D ju Quixote,' 

(KE-bci-ta,) Sp., 1547—1616. 
Cesare, (j/'e-sq-?'a, Giuseppe, Cavalieri 

di, hist Italy, 1783— 
Chalmers, Cam-erz, Thomas, D.D., L- 

L.D., pulpit or and div Scotland, 

1780— d. 
Chambers, Gam-berz, Wm. and Robt., 

jyubs and essayists, Scot., 1800 — and 

Chambord, Eam-be/'d, Henri Chas., 

Duke of Bordeaux, etc., rep of tho 

house of Bourbon, 1820 — 
Chamier, Xam-er, Fred., ncv Eng., 

1796— [1756— d. 

Champe, Zomp, John, Am. soldier^ 
Changarnier, ^an-gqr-ni-a, Gen., gen 

Fr. Army, 1809- 
Channing, t^an-ig, William Ellery, 

Unitarian die and moral phil, R. 1., 

Chantrey, Sir Francis, sculp and ben qf 

art, Eng., 1781—1841. 

Personal Names. 


Chapman, John G., artist, Va. 
Chapin, Rev. E. H., LL.D., pulpit or 

and au, N-Y., 1814— 
Charlemagne, Xqr-le-mahy, k Fr. and 

Ger., 8cn cen. 
Charles, name given to numerous hs 

of Europe; the most prominent of 

which in history is Charles the XII., 

of Sweden, who ascended the throne 

in 1697, at the age of fifteen, and 

was killed 1718. 
Charon, Ka-ron, fob ferryman of hell. 
Chase, Gas, Samuel, / U. S. Sup. Ct., 

Md., 1741—1811. ' 
Chase, Salmon P., st and gov Ohio. 
Cbasles, Xas-la, Victor E. P., wr Fr., 

Chateaubriand, Sa-to-bri-and, Fran- 

gois A., Vicomte De, French au, 

Chatham, Gat-ara, William Pitt, Earl 

of, or and d Eng., 1708—1778. 
Chalterton, Gat-er-ton, Thomas, au 

Eng., 1752—1770. 
Chaucer, Go-ser, Geoffrey, father of 

English poetry, 1328—1400. 
Cheever, liev. Geo. B., div and aw, 

Maine, 1807— 
Chehard, Xel-qrd, Andre H. J. B., mus 

comp Fr., 1789— 
Cherubini, Sjir-e-bi-ne, Lugi C. Z. S., 

mus comp Fr., 1760 — 1842. 
Chesterfield, Philip D. Stanhope, Earl 

of, xt Eng., 1694—1773. 
Chevalier, Z^v-a-li-a, Michel. Fr. wr, 

1806— [Fr.. 1786 . 

Chevreul, Xe-vr-el, M. Eugene, chem, 
Choate, Got, Rufus, law Mass., 1799 — 
Cbodzko, y/ud^-kQ, Jacques L., hist, 

Poland, 1800— 
Chomiakof, Xom-a-kof, Alexei ^.,poet 

and proM wr Rus. 
Chotek, //u)-tek, mvscomp Ger., 1800 — 
Christina, Kris-tt-nq, ^tieen Sweden, 

from 1633 to 1654, when she resigned. 
Chrysostoin, Kris-os-tom, John, op of 

Constantinople in 398, —407. 
Gibber, Colley, comedian, Eng., 1671 

Cibrario, Ge-br^-re-o, Luigi, hist wr 

Fr., 1802— 
Cicero, Sis-er-o, Marcus Tulliua, Ro- 
man phil, or and st, 107 — 44 B. C. 
Cincinnatus, Sin-sin-a-tus, Lucius 

Quintus, Roman dictator, 456—376 

Ciro', S?r-8e, ,/aJ hn enchantreM. 
Civiale, Siv-i-al, Jean, sttr Fr,, 1792 — 
Clair, Arthur Ht., gtn Am. army 1734 


Clairaut, K\nr-a, Alexis C, math Fr., 

Clarendon, Klar-en-don, Ed. Hyde, 

Earl of, st and hid Eng., 1G08— 1674. 
Clark, Wm., Am. st and ejcplo Var., 

Clark, Dr. Adam, lib coynmen Ireland, 

Clarke, Dr. Samuel, m^t div Eng, 1675 

Clarkson, Thomas, /lAzVa/i and at^Eng., 

Claudius, Kle-di-us, I. and II., Roman 

em'Js, d. A. D. 54 and 271. 
Clay," Henry, st and or Ky.. 1777—1852. 
Clay, Cassius M., anti-slavery speak er, 

Ky., 1810— [1773. 

Clayton, John, Am. hot and au, 1686— 
Cleanthes, Kle-an-tez, stoic phil k-ih.- 

ens, fl. 240 B. C. 
Clement, name of 14 Papal rulers. 
Cleopatra, Kle-a-pa-tra, ^wce/i Egypt, 

fl. 40 B. C. 
Clinton, De Witt, gov N-Y., and dis- 
tinguished for his enterprise in pub- 
lic improvements, 1769 — 1828. 
Clinton, Geo., gov N-Y., V-Pres. U. S. 

to Thos. Jefferson and Jas. Madison, 

Clinton, Henry, maj-gen Brit, army, 

Cloquet, Klca-ka, Jules G., Fr. ph, 1790 
Cobbet, William, wr Eng., 1762—1835. 
Cobden, Richard, M. V.,free trade adv 

Eng., 1800 — 
Coke, Sir Edward, commen on law, 

and chief justice, Eng., 1552 — 1634. 
Colbert, Jean B., st Fr., 1619—1683. 
Coleridge, KiJl-rij, Samuel Taylor, poet 

and niHa Eng., 1772—1834. 
Collier, Kol-yer, John Payne, crit and 

comptler, Eng., 1789 — 
Colton, Calvin, cler and au Mass. 
Collins, Wra., poet, Eng., 1720-1756. 
Cidumbus, Christopher, disc of the 

Western continent, an Italian, 1435 

Combe, Kom, Andrew, M. D., m£d tvr 

and phren Scot., 1797—1817. 
Combe, Geo., champion of phil and 

phren Scot., 1788— 
Comte, K<jmt, Auguste, founder of 

what is termed positive philosophy, 

Fr., 1797— 
Condillac, Kon-del-yak, Etionne Bon- 
net De, meta Fr., 1715—1780. 
Condorcet, Koh-dor-su, Marie Jean A., 

math and vol wr Fr., 174:^—1794. 
Confucius, Kon-fq,-Ji-u8, ChitxGSQ phil, 

651 B. C. 


Personal Names. 

Congreve, K6i)-grrv, Wm., foet and 

humorist, Etig., If)69--1729. 
Constant De Kebecque, Kon-stant De 

Ke-bak, IJenj., Fr. pol, au And poet, 

Conitantin, Abraham, Swiss porcelain 

ft, 1783— 
Constantine, Kon-stan-tjn, the Great, 

tirst Christian emp Romans, 272 — 

3;i7 ; succeeded by twelve others. 
Cook, Capt. James, Brit, nav, 1728 — 

1779, killed. [1812. 

Cooke, Geo. Fred., tragic acU/r, 1756 — 
Cooper, Jas. Fenimore, Am. mrvi N-J., 

Cooper, Thos. Sidney, art Eng.,1803— 
Copernicus. KtJ-per-ni-kuji, Nicolas, {^or 

Zepernich,) ad Prus., 1473—1513. 
Corbiere,. Kor-bi-q,?', Edward, ptet and 

nov Fr., 1795— 
Corday, Kor-da, Charlotte, French re- 
pub martyr, 1768—1793, guillotined. 
Corelli, Ko/'-el-E, Arcangelo,//M«t/ Ro- 
man school of mu^ic, 1653 — 1713. 
Coiiolanua, Ko-ri-u-la-nus, C. Marcius, 

Roman caijt, banished and killed as 

Cormenin, Kor-me-nan, M., -pol wr Fr.. 

Corneille, Kor-na-e, Pierre, wr Fr., 

Cornelius, Kg/'-na-le-us, Peter Von, art 

Gcr., 1787 — 
Cornwallis, Chas., Lord, Brit. gen. in 

American Revolution, 1738 — 1805. 
Correggio, Ko/--a-jO,j3nt., 1193— 1534. 
Cortcz, Ko/'-tat, Hernando, Spanish 

conq^ of Mexico, 1485 — 1547. 
Corwin, Thomas, Am. at Ohio. 
Ct)rvin - Wiersbitzky, Kor-fen - Verz- 

bits-ki, Otto J. B. Von, hist wr Ger., 

Cotta, K6t-q, Bernhard, geol Ger., 1808 
Cousin, KoQ-sah, Victor, metaphil Fr., 

Couthon, K(D-ton, Georges, French /ac- 

ohin, 1756— guillotined. [—1800. 
Cowper, K-s-per, Wm., poet Eng., 1731 
Cox, David, pi Eng., 1783— 
Cntbbe, Krab, Geo., poet Eng., 1754— 

Cranmer, Thomas, Eng, arcJibp, martyr 

to protestantism, 1489 — 1555. 
Crawford, Wm. Harris, Am. it and j 

Va., 1772—1834. 
Crawford, Thomas, Am. sculp N-Y., 

Cremieux, Kra-me-e, M., French leg 

Siud min of Ju6tice, 

Crittenden, Krit-cn-den, John J., Am. 

at Ky., b. about 1792— 
Croesus, Kre-sus, rvler Lydia, 548 B. C. 
Croker, John Wilson, ^^o^ and au Eng., 

1780— [Ireland. 

Croly, Rev. Dr. Geo., poet, au and cler 
Cromwell, Oliver, Lord Protector, Great 

Britain, 1599-1659. 
Cruden, Krdb-den, Alexander, au Con- 
cordance Scripture, 1701 — 1770. 
Cruikshank, Kruk-Jayk, Geo., art and 

cari Eng., 1794— 
Cruveilhier, Kre-val-i-a, Jean, med 

pro/ and au Fr., 1791 — 
Csaplovics, yop-lo-viq, Johanr), au 

Hungary, 1780 — 
Csaszar. (v'o-sq/-, Franz, prose ivr and 

poet Hungary, 1807 — 
Cubitt, Sir Wm., eugin Eng., 1785 — 
Cudworth, Kud-wurt, Ralph, phil 

Eng., 1617—1688. [1790. 

Cullen, Wm., M. D., ph Scot., 1712— 
Culpeper, Kul-pep-er, Thomas, Lord, 

g(A! Va., — 1719. 
Cupid, Ki\-pid, fab son of Mars and 

Venus; the god of love, smiles, &c. 
Curran, Kur-an, John Philpot, bar, or 

and piatiiut, Ireland, 1750 — 1817. 
Curti.<, George W., Am. au and led 

Curtius, K(or-ti-us, Ernst, arcTiot Ger., 

Curtius, George. jP^e7o^ Ger., 1820 — 
Cusa, Ke-sq, Nicholas De, astr, 1401 — 

1464. ' 
Custine, Kes-tcn, Aristolphe, Marquig 

de, French nov, poet and irai', 1793 — 
Cuvier, Ke-vi-a, Georges Leopold Ch. 

Fred., nat Fr., 1769-1832. (The distingui.-hed naturalist the 

world ever produced.) 
Cybulski, Tsib-ul-ski, Adelbert, Scla- 

vic au, 1812 — 
Cyclops, Si-klops, fah Vulcan's work- 
men, with only one eye, in the mid- 
dle of their forehead. 
Cynthia, Sin-ti-a, poetically applied 

to the moon. 
Cypria, Sip-ri-a. Cytherea, Si6-£-re-a, 

fab titles of Venus. 
Cyrus, Sj-rus, ft/und ancient Persian 

empire, —530 B. C. 
Czartoryiski, Cqr-tor-i-£s-k«, Adam, 

Prince, Polish nob'Ax\d patri<,t,\n{) — 
Czerny,Tser-ni, Karl, compGer., 1791 — 
Czefz, Tsets, Johaun, Hungarian au, 

Czuczor, TsoQ-t'csr, Geo., Hungarian 

prose wr, poet and lin, 1800 — 

Personal Names. 



Daguerre, Da-ga?*, L. J. M., pt and in- 

venter of Daguerreotyping, Fr., 1789 

—1851. [1788 . 

Dahl, Dql, Johann C. C, l-pt Nor., 
Dahl, Dql, Waladimir I., au Rus. 
Dahl born, Dql-born, Anders G., ento 

Swed., 1808 — 
Dahlmann, Dql-mqn, Fred. Christoph, 

prof hist and pol science, at Bonn, 

Ger., 17&5— 
D'Alembert, Dal-am-ber, Jean Le 

Rond, math and ast Fr. 1717—1783. 
Dallas, Dal-as, George M., Am. st and 

min Pa., 1792— 
Dalton, Dol-ton, John D. C. L., chem 

and math Eng., 1767— 18U. 
Damon, Da-mon, Pythagorean phil 

and friend of Pytbiag. 
Darapier, Dam-per, Wm. nav and nat 

Eng., 1652~d. 
Dana, Da-na, Francis LL. D., Am. st 

Mass., 1742—1811. 
Dana, Richard H.. son of F. D., poet 

and nov Mass.. 1787^ 
Dana, Richard H. jr., son of R. H. D., 

laio and aw Mass. [Fr.. 1800 . 

Dantan, Dan-tan, Jean-Pierce, sculp 
Dante. Dan-ta, Alighieri, It. poet, 1265 

Danton, Dan-ton, Georges Jacques, st 

and demagogue, Fr., 1759 — 179-i. 
D'Antonelle, Dan-ton-el, Pierre A., 

Marquis, Fr. pat, 1747— ex. 1819. 
Darius, Da-ri-us, three ks of Persia, 

404 B. C. 
Darley. Di^r-li, Felix 0. C, art of N- 

Y. City, born in Phila. 1822— 
Da'-win, D(^r-win, Erasmus, poet and 

ba Eng., 1731—1802. 
Daubenton, Do-ban-ton, Louis J. M. 

anat and nat Fr., 1716—1799. 
D'Aubigne, Do-ben, J. H. Merle, prM., 

the school, Geneva, and au History 

of the Roforraation. 
Daumer, l)ii-mer, Geo. Fred, phil tor 

Ger., 1800— 
Daumier, D6-mi-A, Henri, Fr. cara<'a- 

ttiriet, 1810. [1748—1825. 

David, Da-vcd. Jacques Louis, vt Fr., 
David, Pierre Jean, scuh) Fr., 1793 — 
David, Folicien, m.'us mmp Fr., 1810 — 
David, Ferdinand, xiol Ger., 1810 — 
Davis Da-vis, Andrew Jackson, seer 

and clair N-Y.. 1826— 
Davy, Da-vi, Sir Humphry, Bart., 

chcm phil Eng., 1778—1829. 

Dawson, De-son, Geo., Jec Eng., 1821 — 
Deane, Den, Silas, U. S. min to Fr., 

Dearborn, Der-born, Henry, m^afor gen 

U. S. army, N-H., 1751—1829. 
Decamps, Da-kamp, Alex. G., a Fr. 

genre and l-pt 1803— 
Decatur, De-ka-tur, Stephen, com U. 

S. Navy, Md., 1759—1820. 
De Foe, De Fo, Daniel, au "Robinson 

Crusoe," 'etc., Eng., 1661—1731. 
Deger, Dk-her, Ernst, pt Ger., 1809. 
Dehn, Dan, Siegfried W., Ger. wr on 

the theory of mus, 1799. 
Delaine, De-lan, John, jour and ed 

" London Times." 
Delambre, De-lam-br, M.. astr Fr., 

1749—1822.' [1797 . 

Delaroche, De-lar-oJ, Paul, pt Fr., 
Demetrius. De-me-tri-us, phil Athens, 

284 B. C. ^ [Thrace, 460 B. C. 

Democritus, De-mok-ri-tus, phil of 
Demoivre, De-mw6-vr, Eng. math and 

au 1667—1754. [ens, 370 B. C. 

Demosthenes, De-mos-ten-ez, or Ath- 
Denman, Den-man, Ijord Thomas, Eng. 

j and legis, 1779 — 1854. 
Denmark, Den-mqrk, Charles Christian 

Frederick, King of, 1808— 
Derby, Der-bi, Edward Geof. S. Stan- 
ley, sttug., 1799— 
Descartes, Da-kqrt, Rene, met phil 

Fr., 1596—1650. 
Desmoulins, Da moo -Ian, Benedict Ca- 

mille, Fr. repnh or and martyr, 1762 

—1794. [City, 1794 . 

Dewey, Dq-i. Orville, 1). D., div Wa«h. 
Do Quincey, De Kwin-si, 1homa.i, phil 

wr of Eng. 
De La Beche, D9 La Bee, Sir Henry 

Thomas, qeol Eng., 1796— 
Diagoras, f)i-ag-o-ras, surnamed the 

Atheist, // 412 B. C. 
Dick, Dik, Thomas, LL. D., wr on 

pop science, Sc^t,, 1772 — 1857. 
Dickens, Dik-enz, Chas., Eng. aw, 1812 — 
Dickinson, Dik-in-son, Daniel S., pol 

of N-Y., 1800— 
Diderot, Did-er-o, Dionysius. Fr. poet 

and tor on physics, 1713—1784. 
Didot, De-dca, Firman, inv of Stereo- 
typing, Fr., 1761-1836. 
Didymus, Did-i-mus, of Alexandria, 

wr 4r,h century. 
Diez, Dcts, Friedr. Christian, /own of 

romance, phUol Ger., 1794. 


Personal Names. 

Dilke, Dilk, Charles Went., once ed 
and now pmpri of the London "Ath- 
enaeum," 1789 — 

Pilworth, Dil-wurt, Thoma?, teacJier 
and compiler of school-books, Eng., 

Dingelstedt, Dig-el-stedt, Franz, poet 
of Ger., 18U— 

Dioclesian, Dj-o-kle-Ji-an, Cains Val- 
erius, Roman emp who persecuted 
Christians, 233—314. 

Diodorus Sieulus, Dj.-ca-d6-rus Sik-yn- 
lus, hist Sicily, fl in the times of 
Caesar and Augustus. 

Diogenes, Dj-oj-en-ez, phil Babylon, 
200 B. C. 

Diogenes, the Cynic, an austere pliil, 
who for a time lodged in a tub, b. 413 
B. C. 

Dionysius, Dj-o-niJ-i-us, L, tyrant of 
Sicily, died 366 B. C. 

Dionysius, Halicarnassensis, hist and 
critic of antiquity. [1766—1848. 

D'Israeli, Diz-ra-el-j,, au Eng., 

D'Lsraeli, (sometimes written Disraeli,) 
Benj., au and chancellor of exche- 
quer, Eng,. 1805— 

Doddridge, Dod-rij, Philip, D. D., die 
Eng,, 1702-1751. 

Donizetti, Don-idz-et-E, Gaetano, mus 
Cf/mp It., 1798—1848. 

Dorn, Dorn, Heinrich Lud. E., mus 
comp Ger., 1804 — 

Doughty, D<f)t-i, Thomas, Am. l-pt 
Pa., 1793- 

Douglas, Diig-las, Frederick, ed and or, 
who was a slave until 21 years old, 
N-Y. [1813—^ 

Douglas, Stephen Arnold, pol 111. 
Dow, D-s, Gerard, Dutch genre pt, 1613 

—1680. [er, —1834. 

Dow, Lorenzo, an eccentric Am. preach- 
Dozy, D6ts-i, Reinhart, orientalid 

Ger., 1820 . [1546—1596. 

Drake, Drak, Sir Francis, Eng. nav, 

Drake, Friedrich, tcvlp Ger., 1805 — 
Draper, Drap-er, John Wm., ph and 

cUm N-y., 1811— 
Draysen, Dra-sen, Job. Gustav, Ger. 

hid, 1808— [—1700. 

Dryden, Drj-den, John, poet Eng.. 1631 
Dubner. D(f>b-ner, Frederick, phil and 

cW^tc Ger., 1802— [1805 . 

Duchatel, DeJ-a-tel, M., min Fr., 
Ducpetiaux, Dek-pa-to, Edouard, Bel- 
gian philan and wr 1804 — 
Duller, Dial-er, Edouard, poet, nov and 

hist Ger., 1809— 
Dumas, De-mq,, Jean Baptiste, clum, 

Fr., 1800— [1803 . 

Dumas, Alexander, dram and nov Fr., 
Dumont D'Urville, De-raoh Der-vel, 

Jules S. C, Fr. nav 1791—1842. 
Duncker, Ddbii-ker, Max. Wolfgang, 

Ger. hist 1812— 
Dunglison, Diifl-gli-son, R., M. D., LL. 

D., prof mat med, au, etc.. Pa., born 

Eng., 1798— 
Dunlap, Ddn-lap, Wra., Am. art and 

wr N-J., 1760—1839. 
Duntzer, DAnts-er. Job. Ileinr. Joseph, 

Ger. philol and hid 1813 — 
Dupin, De-pah, Andre M. J. J., st Fr., 

a champion of the middle classes. 
Dupont Do L'Eure, De-poh De Ler, 

d Fr., 1770— 
Dupont, Pierre, poet Fr., 1826 — 
Dupuytren, De-pei-tran, Wm., Baron, 

sur Fr., 1777—1835. 
Duran, DiJb-rqn, Augustin, Sp. critic, 

Durand, Ddi-ri^nd, Asher Brown, art 

and pres of the National Academy 

of design, N-J., 1796— 
Durer, Doo-rar, Albrecht, Ger. pt 1471 

Dwight, Dwjt, Timothy, S. T. D., LL. 

D., poet, au and pres Yale College, 

1752-1818. [1797 . 

Dyce, Djs, Alex., Eng. au and ed 


Eastlake, 8st'lak, Sir Charles liockjpt 
Eng., 1800— 

Eckersberg, Ek'erz-berg, Christoph 
Wilhehn, hid pt Deri., 1783— 

Edgeworth, Ej'wurt, Richard Lovell, 
2)hil and inventor of the old tele- 
graph, 1744—1817. 

Edgeworth, Maria, daughter of above, 
au Eng., 1767—1849. 

Edmonds, Ed'inondz. Francis W., JanA;- 
er and art N-Y., 1806— 

Edmondson. Ed'mond-son, Joseph, her- 
aldic wr Eng., —1786. 

Edward, Ed'ward, name of numerous 
Saxon kings. [div au — 1758. 

Edwards, Ed'wardz, Jonathan, Am. 

Edwards, .Jonathan, D. D., son of the 
above, scholar, iheo and wr — 1801. 

Personal Names. 


Egerton, Ej'er-ton, Francis, earl of 
Ellesmere, au a.nd patron of the arts, 
Eng., 18()0— [1781 . 

Eichhorn, ^k'hern, Karl Fried., st Ger., 

Elizabeth, ^-liz-a-bet, queen of Eng., 
1533— 160:5. Also the name of other 
European queens. 

Ellenborough, El'en-bur-o. Ewd. Law, 
Lord, Eng. law and j, 1748—1818. 

Ellery, El'er i, Wua., ftigmr Dec. of 
lad., rnemol Cong. R. I., 1727—1820. 

Elliot, El'i-ot, Charles L., Am. por-pt 
N-Y., 1822— 

Ellis, El'is, John, nat Eng., 1710—1776. 

Ellis, Alex. John, one of the inventors 
of the phonetic alphabet, and a 
pAj7o?, Eng., 18 — 

Ellsworth, Elz'wurt, Oliver, LL. D., 
chief jmt ice Sup. Ct. U. S., Conn., 

Emerson, Em'er-son, Ralph Waldo, 
Am. meta und au Mass., 1803 — 

Emmet, Era'et. Robert, repuh and 
martyr, Jr., 1780— ex, 1803. 

Emmet, Thomas Addis, law and or Ir., 
latterly of X-Y., 1761-1827. 

Encke, Ei)k'a, Johann Franz, a^r di- 
rector of the Royal Observatory, and 
Secretary of the Academy of Scien- 
ces, Berlin, Prus., 1791 — 

Engelbrecht, E{]'el-b/-ekt, John, Ger. 
vUinnary 1519 — 1612. 

Epictetus Ep-Jk-tg-tus. phil and au 
of great humility, born 68 A. D. 

Epicurus, Ep-i-ki^-rus, phil who taught 
that the happiness of man consists 
in pleasure, born 310 B. C. 

Epimenides, Ep-i-men-i-dez, anc poet 
and phil, Greece, B. C. 

Erasmus. S-raz-mus, Desiderius, schol 
and aa IIol., 1167—1536. 

Erebus, Er'e-ba=!,/a^ an infernal deity, 
son of Chaos and No.x; river of hell. 

Ericsson, Er'ik-son, John, Swed. mech- 
anician, inventor (in U. S.) of a 
"coloric engine," 1803 — 

Erostratus, S-ros-tra-tus, fab, he who, 
to perpetuate his name, set fire to 
the celebrated temple of Diana at 

Erskine, Ers'kin, Thomas, Baron, law 
and or Scot., 1748—1823. 

Eschenmayer, Ej'en-mir, C. A., proff 
phil, and au, Ger., —1822. 

Espartero, 3s-pqr-ta-ro, General, ex- 
regent of Sp. 

Etty, Et'i, Wm. R. A., pt of Eng., 

Euler, YiVler, Leonard, analist, posthu- 
mous wron math, and physical scien- 
ces, Fr., 1707—1783. 

Euclid, Yix-klid, math and ad, when 
born, and in what country, we have 
no account: but \\o,fl about 277 B. C, 

Eunomius, Yi\-n6-mi-ns, /(run, of a 
Christian sect, died 394. 

Euripides, Yu-rip-i-dez, Gr. poet 240 
B. C. [Orpheus. 

Eurydice, Yi|-rid-i-se, fab, the wife of 

Eusebius, Yi^-SE-bi-us, Pamphilus, 
eco hist, Palestine, bishop of Caesarea, 
died in 338. 

Eustaohius, lI-cD-sta-ke-us, or Yix-sta- 
ke-us, Bartholomew, It. anat, — 1570. 

Eutropius, Yix-tro-pi-us, Flavins, It. 
sophiH and hist, f I 364. 

Evadne, g-vad-ng, daughter of Mars 
and Thebe, who threw herself on the 
funeral pile of her husband Cataneus, 
from affection. 

Evelyn, Ev'e-lin, John, nat and wr on 
archi. and numismatics, Eng., 1620 

Everett, Ev'er-et, Edward, Am. or, 
schol and dip, Mass., 1794 — 

Ewbank, Yi'i-bank, Thomas, wr on 
prac. mechanics, and U. S. com. of 
patents, N-Y., 1792— 

Exmouth, Eks'mut, Edward, Pellew, 
Lord, com Br. navy, 1757—1832. 

Eyck. ilk, Hubcr and John Van, pti 
of Bruges, 14th con. 


Fabriclus Fq-bre-ki-us, Jean Chro., 
Ger. entn, 1742—1807. 

Fahrenheit, F^-ren-hjt, Gibriel D,, 
phil and inventor of the Thermome- 
ter and Barometer. Prus., 1686—1736. 

Fairfax, F4r-fak3, Ewd., 'poetv^xA class- 
ic trans, Eng., — 1632. 

Fairfax, Thomas, Lord, officer ia the 

times of the parlimentary revolution, 

Falconer, Fql-kon-er, \V., Eng. cJtem 
and disc of the property of carboaio 
acid gas, 1743—1824. 

Fallopius, Fal-6-pi-ua, Gabriel, ;>/t,W, 
anat and dis of what are called "Fal- 
lopian tubes," Modena, 1490— 15C3. 


Personal Names. 

Faraday, F4,r-a-da, Michael, Eng. 

chem 1794— [1779—1853. 

Farrar, Far-qr, John, Am. math Mass,, 
Fatio Duiller, F4-si-o Del-ye, N., 

mack and art Fr., 166-1—1753.' 
Faucher. F<a-J^r, Leon, ex-min of Fr. 
Faust, Fest, John, theo and chem of 

Ger., 15th. Can. 
Faustus or Fust, Fda-tus or Fust, John, 

one of the inventors of printing, in 

1480, in Ger., —1466. 
Fellenberg, Fel-en-berg, Philippe 

Emanuel De. agri, bene of Edu., and 

au Switz., 1771 — d. 
Fenelon, Fan-a-16n, (or Fen-e-lon,) 

Francis Do S. De La Motte, priest 

/and au Fr.. 1651—1684. . 
Ferdinand, Fer-di-nand, titile of sev- 
eral emps of Ger., and kg of Sp. 

Ferguson, Fer-gi^-son, Adam, phil and 
an Scot., 1724—1816. [1774. 

Ferguson, Robert, priet of Scot., 1750 — 

Format, Fer-m^, Pierre, Fr. math 

Fessenden, Fes-en-den, Thomas G., an 
N-H., 177L— 1837. [Congress, Me. 

Fessenden, Wm. Pitt, st and mem of 

Feuillee, FiDly-a, horns, n<it Fr., — 1732. 

Fichte, FiA-ta, Johanu Gut., m^eta 
pJiil Ger., 1762—1814. 

Fielding, Feld-ig, Henry, nov and 
dram poet Eng., 1706—1754. 

Filicaija, Fil-e-kq-e-yq, Vincenzo, Da, 
poet Florence, 1642—1707. 

Fillmore, Fil-mor, Millard, F-Pres U. 
S., with Gen. Taylor, after whose 
death he served as Pres., bet. 1850 
and 1853, b. 1800— 

Finiquerra, Fin-gk-rq, Tommasn, the 
zfiv of metal plate printing, Florence, 

Fitch, F\q, John, tnv of the steamboat, 
Conn., 1743— 1798. [1646-1719. 

Flamsteed, Flam-sted, John, astr Eng., 

Flaxman, Flaks-man, John, sculp Eng., 

Fleischer, Flj-Jer, Heinr. Leber., prof 
oriental lang., Leipzig, Ger., 1801 — 

Fletcher, Fleq-er, John and F. Beau- 
mont, dram wrs Eng., 1579 — 1616, 
1585—1625. [1760—1814. 

Flinders, Flin-derz, Mathaw, Eng. nav 

Flora, Flio-ra./aft, goddess of flowers. 

Flores, Flci-rez, General Don Juan 
Jose, founder and preserver of the 
republic of Ecuador, 1800 — 

Fludd, Flud, Robert, Eng. ph and 
Rosicrucian phil, 1574 — 1637. 

Fonblanque, Fon-blank, Albany, jour 
Eng., 1800— 

Fontaine, Fon-tan, Jean De La, poet 

and wr Fr., 1621—1695. 
Foiiteneile, Foh-ta-nel, Bernard Le B. 

De, III savant and math Fr., 1657 — • 

1757. [1640. 

Ford, Ford, John, dram Eng., 1586 — 
Forrest. For-est, Edwin, Am. acUir, 

Pa., 1806— 
Forster. Fers-ter, John Reinhold, nat, 

philol and geog Prussia, 1729 — 1798. 
Forster, John, au and jour^ ed of the 

Examiner, Eng., 1812 — 
Forster, Fer-ster, Ernst J., art and wr 

Ger., 1800— 
Fortuna, Fer-ti],-na, fah goddess of 

happiness, &c., said to be blind. 
Fosbrooke, Fos-briak, Rev. Tii. Dud- 
ley, antiq wr and Saxon scholar, 

Eng., 1770—1842. 
Foscolo, Fos-ko-Jo, Ugo, It. poet, dram 

wr and lit savant, 1776—1827. 
Fourier, F(6-ri-a. Charles, socialist and 

au Fr., 1772—1837. 
Fox, Foks, W. J., an Eng. pol and led 

Fox, Chas. James, st Eng., 1749— 1806. 
Fox, George, fvtind of the Society of 

Friends, Eng.. 1624—1690. 
Francia, F/'qn-ce-q, Ruiboliui, «< of It., 

Francia, Frqn-se-q, Don Gasper R. De, 

dictator of Paragua, 1757—1840. 
Francis, Fran-sis, I., II., etc., empsGar,, 

and hs of Fr., from 15th to the 19th 

Francis, Philip, clas trans, trage, and 

pol wr Eng., —1773. 
Francis, Fran-sis, John W., M. D., LL. 

D., ph and jned wr N-Y., 1789— 
Franklin, Frayk-lin, Benj. Am. m(/ral- 

id, phil, and d, signer Dec. of Ind,^ 

Pa., born in Boston, 1706—1790. 
Franklin, Frai)k-lin, Sir John, Eng. Art- 
ie nav, 1786 — per. Arc. reg,, 1852-4. 
Frauenhofer, Fr-s-en-huf-er, Jos. Von, 

optician and phil Ger., 1787—1826. 
Frederick, Fred-er-ik, IL, k of Prussia, 

called Frederick the Great, b. 1712, 

began to reign 1740, died 1786 ; thia 

is also the title of numerous German 

emperors from the 12th to the 14ih. 

cen., also of other Eu. monarchies. 
Freiligrath, Frj-li-grqt, Ferd, poet of 

Ger., 1810- 
Fremont, Fre-mont, John C, exfjlorer 

and contr to the Physical Sciences, 

Cal., 1813— [1675-1728. 

Friend, John, ph and med wr Eng., 
Frisi, Fre-se, Paolo, math phil and 

astr au Milan, 1727—1784. 

Personal Names. 


Frobisher, Fro-biJ-er, Sir Martin, Eng. 

nav — 1594. 
Frost. Frost, John, off Am. army, Me,, 

173S— 1810. 
Frost, Frost. Wra. Ed^pt Enj;., 1810— 
Fry, Frj, Mrs. Elizabeth, philan Eng., 

1780— 18U. 
Fiihrich, Fe-rik, or Fe-rik, Jos., Itist 

pt Orer., 1800— 

Fulton, Fiil-ton, Robert, Ara. engin, 
and first to practically apply steam 
to vessels. Pa., 1765—1815. 

Furies, VCi-riz, fah, the three daughters 
of Nox and Acheron, with hair com- 
posed of snakes, and armed with 
whips, chains, &c. 

Furness, Fiir-nes, Rev. Dr. Wm. Henry, 
div and wr Fa. 


Gaertner, G^rt-ner, Joseph, hot Ger., 

Gagern, Gq-Aern, Baron Hein. Von, 

premier min Ger., 1799 — 
Gainsborough, Ganz-bur-o, Thomas 

R. A., pt Eng., 1727—1788. 
Galen, GA-len, Claudian, Greek ph, 

sur, and au of 500 books on physic, 

l:U— 201. 
Guliano, Gq-le-q-no, Don A. A., ?'^- 

vieu>^j)ain, pitet and or Sp., 1789 — 
Galileo, Gal-i-le-o, Galilei, astr and 

invehter of the telescope, Italy, 1561 

Gall, Gq,l, Francis .Joseph, fourJL Phre- 
nology, Ger., 1753 — 1828. 
Gallatin, Albert, st Pa., 1761—1849. 
Galvani, Gal-\-q,-ne, Luigi, p/i and 

physitil, and disc galvanism, Italy. 

1737— 179S. 
Gama, Gq-mq,, Vasco De, nav Portu- 
gal, — 1525. 
Gambart, Gim-b^r, Jean F. A., astr 

France, 1800 — 183;). 
Gans, Gqns, Edward, jiiriet and legal 

au Prussia, 1798—1839. 
Garcia Gutierrez, Gq/'-te-q Goo-te-a- 

ret, Don Antonio, dram Sp., 1813— 
Garden, Alex., bot and zool Soot., 1730 

— 1791. 
Garnett, Dr. Thos., Eng. ph and not 

pkil, 1766-1802. 
Garrick, David, actor Eng., 1716—1779. 
G.irrison, Wm. Lloyd, leader of the 

Abolition party, and ed •' Liberator," 

Gartner, Friedr. Von, arch and wr 

G.jr., 1792— 
Oassendi, Ga-sahd, Pierre, meta phil 

Fr., 1592-1655. 
Gates, llonitio, maj-gen Am. army, 

Va., 1728-1808. 
Gatterer, Gq-ti'ir-er, John Chris., Ger. 

hint, —1799. 
Oauis, Gtjs, ad Ger., 1777—1855. 


Gavard, Ga-v(^rd, Hyacinthe, anat 
France, 1753-1802. 

Gavarni. Gu-vqr-ii£, the nnm de crayon 
of a French artist, 1801 — 

Gavazzi, Ga-vqt-se, Padre A., Italian 
church ref, 1809- 

Gay, JohuJ)allad tor Eng., 1688 -1732. 

Giy Lus-iac, Ga Le-sak, N. F., chem, 
and diseoveror of chemical princi- 
ples and compounds, Fr., — 1850. 

Gad, Wm., iiiv stereotyping, Eng., — 

Genii, ii-x\\-\, fab guardian angels. 

Geolfroy, Xa-of-r-w6, Stephen F., ph 
and chem Fr., 1672—1731. 

Geoffroy St. Hilaire, — Siin Hil-4r, 
Etienne, z<xjI Fr., 1772—1844. 

George, name of several ks Eng., from 
16th to 18th centuries. 

Gerando, Xa-rand, Marie Joseph De, 
French meta, 1772-1842, 

Gerard, jE-;'qrd, Alex., div and eesa 
Scot., 1728—1795. 

Gericault, Xi^r-e-ku)l, Jean L. T. A., pt 
Fr., 1790-1824. 

Germany, J-B. Joseph Scbastin, Arch- 
duke of Austria, Ex-Regeufe of, 

Gerry, Jer-i, Elbridge, V-Pres, U, S. 
to Jas. Madison; Miiss,, 1741—1814. 

Gesenius, Ges-a-ne-us, Fred, ILmry 
Wm., philol and ori scholar Ger,, 
1786—1812, [Nova Scotia, 

Gesner, Jes-ner, Abraham, M. D., geol 

Ghiborti, Ge-ber-tg, Lorenzo, Floren- 
tine sculp, 1381— 1455, 

Giardini, Jqr-de-ue, Felice, vial Eng., 

Girardin, Xir-qr-daii, Eraile De, jour^ 
and ed "La Presse," Paris, 1802 — 

Giriirdin, Saint-Marc, j(/ur and au Fr., 
1800 — 

Gibbon, Edward, ;«W Eng., 1737— 1794. 

Gibbons, Grinling, carver in, wood, 
Holland. 1648-172U 


Personal Names. 

Gibbons, Orlando, mus comp Enoj., 

Gibson, John, sculp Eng., 1790 — 
Gifford, Wm., iJoet and ed Eng., 1756 

Gilbert, Wm., Eng. ph and exper phil, 

Gilfillan, Rev. George, critic and au 

Scot., 1813— 
Gil y Zarale, IM e Rqr-^-ta, Don An- 
tonio, Sp. poet and dram, 1793 — 
Gioberti, Ja-be/'-te, Viucento, Italian 

?v/and au, 1803 — 
Girard, Jir-qri, Stephen, />^«c? "Gir- 

ard College," Phila.,Pa., 1746—1831. 
Gladstone, Ut. Hon. Wm. E., Eng. at, 

Glauber, Gl^-ber, John Randolph, 

Ger. exp chein, 16th cen. 
Gleig, Gieg, Rev. Geo. Rubt., Eng. au. 

Gleim, Glim, Fred. Wm. Louis, poet 

Ger., 1719—1813. 
Glendower, Owen, last prince Wales, 

Gluek, Christoph, comp mue Ger., 

17U— 1787. 
Godwin, God-win, William, ref, essa, 

au, etc., Eng., 1766—1836. 
Godwin, Mary WoUstonecraft, wr on 

"rights of women," and on morals, 

educa. and pol., 1768—1797. 
Godwin, Parke, Am. e^sa N-Y. 
Goethe, Ge te, Johann Wolfgang Yon, 

Ger. poet and au, 1749 — 1833. 
Goldsmith, Oliver, Brit, poet and prose 

wr, 1728—1774. 
Goodall, Fred., Eng. pt, 1822— 
Goodrich, Samuel G., au and pnb 

Conn., 1800— 
Gordon, Lord Georgo, a factious d 

Eng., 1750 — 1793, died in Newgate 

prison. [ — 1827. 

Gore, Christopher, Am. st Mass., 1758 
Gorgey, Gor-ge-y, Arthur, Hungarian 

gen, 1818— 
Gorgons, — Medusa, Euryale, and Sthe- 

no, fab, who could change into stone 

those upon whom they looked. 
Goszezynski, GoJ-qins-ki, Seweryn, 

Polish poet, 1803— 
Gough, Gof, Am. temperance lee. 
Gould, Gold, John, Eng. (/rniih, 1804 — 
Gower, John, Eng. law and poet, 1320 

Graberg, Yon Hemso, G^'a-beT'g Fon 

Hem-so, Jacob, Swedish au, 1776 — 
Gnicchi, Griik-j, The, Tiberius and 

Caius, brothers, elected tribunes of 

the Roman people, secured a law by 

which all persons possessing more 
than 500 acres of land, should yield 
the surplus for the benefit of the 
poor citizens. Both suffered violent 
deaths by their enemies, 133 and 
121 B. C. 

Graham, Sir James Robt. Geo., Bart., 
Eng. St, 1792— 

Gramont, Gra-mon, name of an illus- 
trious French family. 

Granville, G. G. L. Gower, Earl, Eng. 
st, 1815— 

Grattan, Grat-an, Henry, Irish st and 
law, 1750—1820. 

Gray, Thomas, Eng. poet, 1716—1771. 

Gray, Asa, M. D., nat and jp?// at 
Cambridge, Mass., 1810 — 

Greece, Otho I., King of, 1815— 
crowned 1832. 

Greeley, Horace, jour, and chief ed 
"N-Y. Tribune," 1811— 

Greene, Nathaniel, maj-gen U. S. ar- 
my, R. I., 1742— 178j. 

Greenough, Gren-o, Horatio, Am. sct/?^ 
Mass., 1805—1852. 

Gregory, an illustrious Scotch family 
name, as well as names of numerous 
popes and saints of Rome. 

Gregory, O, Gilbert, LL.D., matli and 
au Eng., 1774—1841. 

Grenville, Richard, Earl Temple, Eng. 
st, author of the American Stamp 
Act, and reputed by some as the 
original "Junius," 1711 — 1779. 

Grenville, George, Eng. *<, 1712— 1770. 

Grew, Nehemiah, Eng. jsA, hot and aw, 

Grey, Charles Earl, Eng. st 1764-1845. 

Grey, Lady Jane, a talented and beau- 
tiful English lady, 1537 — exec. 1554. 

Griffin, Edmund D., wr Pa., 1804— 

Grimke, Grim-ke, Thos. Smith, lato^ 
au, and spell ref, S. C, 1778—1834. 

Grimm. Fred. ^1., Baron De, French 
an, 1723—1807. 

Grimm, Jakob Lud., elder of the 
"Brothers Grimm," Ger. au, 1785 — 

Grimm, Wilhelm Karl, younger of the 
"Brothers Grimm," Ger. au, 1786 — 

Griswold, Roger, LL.D., law, j Sup. 
Ct., Ac, Conn., -1812. 

Griswold, Rufus Wilmot, D. D., Am. 
hiixf Yt., 1816-1857. 

Grote, George, hanker, pol ref Siudi au, 
Eng., 1794— 

Grotefrend, Gr6-ta-frend, Geo. Fried., 
Ger. phil and antiq, 1775 — 1853. 

Grotius, Gro-Ji-us, YLxigo. jur, (lit and 
hint, Holland, 1583—1643. 

Personal Names. 


Guido, Gi-do, Aretinug, monk, begin- 
ning 11th cen., who introduced the 
present mode of writing music on 
the scale, and composing in differ- 
ent parts. 

Guise, William, Eng, die, and trans 
of oriental languages, 1653 — 1683. 

Guizot, Ge-/,6, Francois- Pierre -G,, 
Fr. hut and ex-min, 1787 — 

Gunter, Edmund, Eng. math, aU, and 
i/iV"Gunter's Scale," 1581—1626. 

Gustavus Adolphus, k Sweden, 1594 — 
crowned 1611— killed 1632. 

Guttenberg, John, disc art of printing, 
Ger., 14U0-1468. 

Guy^ Thos., found Guy's Hospital, 

London, and mo^t liberal benefactor 

in England, —1724. 
Gayon, Ge-i-6h, Madame Jeanne M. 

K. De La Mothe, Fr. aeer and aw, 

Guyon, Ga)-y(5n, General, cnmman in 

the patriotic Hungarian army. 1815 — 
Guyton De Morveau, Ge-i-toh De Mer- 

vo. Louis B., Fr. chem and aw, 1736 

Gutzkow, GtDts-kov, Karl, Ger. au, 

jour and dram, 1811 — 
Gyllenborg, Gel-en-bo/g, Chas,, Count, 

Swed. sen and man if letters, — 1746. 


Hagedom, Hqg-a-dern, Fred. Von, 
Ger. poet and an, 1708 — 1754. 

Hahnemann, Hqn-a-mqn, ^'dm'\. found 
Homoeopathy, Ger., 1755 — 1843. 

Haldane, Robert and James Alex., 
Eng. nars, 1764—1842, 1768—1851. 

Hale, Sir Math«;w, Eng.^' and constitu- 
tional law, 1609—1676. 

Hale, Nathan, fff Am. army, and exe- 
cuted by the British, as a spy, 1776. 

Halevy, Hal-av, Fromenthal, Fr. mus 
comp, 1800— 

Hal i burton, Judge, T. C, hum au No- 
va Scotia, alias ** Sam Slick." 

Halifiix, Geo. Saville, Marquis of, Eng. 
#^ 1630— 1695. [—1831. 

Hall, liev., preacher, Eng., 1764 

Hall, Samuel C, Eog. a//, and ed " Lon- 
don Art Journal." 1800 — 

Hall, James, yeol N-Y., 1811— 

Haller, Albert, M. D., anat amd physiol 
Swit., 1708-1777. 

Halley, Edmund. Enc^. ast, 1656—1742. 

Hallam, Henry, Eng. hist, 1778— 

Halleck, Hal-ek, Fitz-Green, Am. poet, 
Conn., 1793- 

Hamilujn, Alexander, Am. st, jur, fi- 
nancier, etc., N-Y., 1757 — 1804, 
killed in a duel with Aaron Burr. 

Hamilton, Sir Wm., Bart., Scotish 7}iet 
phil, and present Professor of Logic 
in the University of Edinburgh. 

l?*mmerich, Ham-er-eA. Fred., Danish 
//V< and prose tor, 1809 — 

Hami>.Jen, John, Brit, st, 1594— 16 W. 

HancocX, John, LL.D., Am. st, pres of 
the Continental Congress, and the 
first to sign the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence; MftM., 1737—1793. 

Handel, H^n-del, Geo. Fred., mus comp 
Ger., 1684—1759. 

Hannibal, Carthaginian ffen, who after 
numerous successful victories against 
the Romans, was defeated, and pois- 
oned himself, 182 B. C. 

Hanover, Geo.- Fred.- Alex.- Ch.- E.- 
Augustus, King of, 1819 — com- 
menced his reign 1851. 

Harding, J. D., Eng. art, 1797— 

Hare, Dr. Robt., M. D., M. A., P. S., 
chem, associate of the Smithsonian 
Institute, spiritualist, etc., Pennsyl- 
vania, 1781 — 

Haring, Hqr-ig, Wilhelm, Ger. noVf 
1798- [1771 . 

Harispe, Har-esp, Marshal, Fr. gen, 

Harpies, y'aft, three monsters, with the 
faces of virgins, bodies of vultures, 
and hands of claws. 

Harrison, Gen. Wrn. Henry, ninth Prea. 
U. S., from Ohio; 1773—1811, a 
month after assuming his duties. 
John Tyler, V-Pres. 

Hartley, David, Eng m^ia and au, 

Hartzenbusch, flrt-tnn-bd&J", Don Juan 
Eugenio, Sp. poet and dram, 1806-— 

Harvard, John, /oM;t</ Harvard College, 
Mass., —1688. 

Harvey, William, M. D., disc of the 
circulation of the blood, Eng., 1578 

Hastings, Warren, Brit. East India, pal, 

Hauy, Ho, Rene JiiAi^Yr, mineralogist, 

Hawes, Hoz. Dr. Wm., found Royal 
Humane Society, Eng., 1736—1808. 


Personal Names. 

Hawks. H:)ks, Francis L., D. D., LL.D., 
fulpit or and div N-Y., 1798 — 

Hawluy, Joseph, st Ma.=s.,' 1724—1788. 

Hawthorne, Ho- torn, Nathaniel, Am. 
au Mass., 1809 — 

Haydn, Hj-dn, Francis Joseph, Aus. 
mus comp, 1732 — 1809. 

Haydon, Ha-don, Benj. Robt., English 
2Jt and lee, 178S— 1846. 

Haynau, Hj-n-s, Baron, brutal Aus. 
C(jmman, 1786 — 

Hayne, Han, Robert Y., Am. law and 
U S. C, 1791—1839. 

Hayti, Faustin-Soulouque, (-Sco-ldbk,") 
Emperor of, b. a slave, about the 
year 1789— 

Hazlitt, Haz-Iit, William, Eng. crit, 
essa and ati., 1778—1830. [and au. 

Head, Hed, Sir Francis B., Enoc. maj 

Headley. J. T., Am. wr N-Y., 1814— 

Hebe, He-be, /ah goddess of youth. 

Hector, most valliuut of the Trojans. 

Hegel, Ha-gel, Geo. Wm. Fred., Ger. 
2j/iU, 1770—1830. 

Heiberg, Hj-be/g, Johann Ludwig, 
Danish poet and dram, 1791 — 

Heideioff, Hj-del-of, Karl Alex., Ger. 
arch and wr, 1788 — 

Heine, Hj-na </>• Hjn, Heinrich, Ger. 
critic, poet, sind prose ?z?r, 1799 — 1853. 

Helena, Hel-e-na, fab, the most beau- 
tiful woman of the world, who run- 
ning away with Paris occasioned the 
Trojan war. 

Helmont, Jean Baptist Van, alch Brus- 
sels, 1577-1644. 

Helvetius, Hel-vg-Ji-us, Claude Adrian, 
materialistic au, Fr., 1715—1771. 

Heliodorus, He-li-o-d6-rus, Phoenician 
romance wr, fl. 398. [1835. 

Hemans, Mrs. Felicia, Eng. poet, 1794 — 

Henry, name of Irs England, France 
and Castile, and of emps Germany. 

Henrv, Mathew, bib commen Eng., 

Henry, Patrick, Am. or Va., 1736—1799. 

Herault-De-Sechelles, Her-(t)l-De-Sa- 
Je-la, Marie Jean, Fr. /ja< and au, 
1760—1794, guillotined. 

Herbert, Her-bert, Edward, Lord, Eng. 
meta wr, 1581 — 1648. 

Herbert, Henry William, wr N-Y., 

Hercules, Her-kti-lez, fab son of Jupi- 
ter and Alcmena ; the man of great 

Herder, Her-der, Johann G. Von, Ger. 
au, 1744—1803. 

Hermann, He?"-mqn, Karl Hoinrich, 
Ger. hid pt, 1801— 

Hermes, Her-mez, Egyptian leg, priest 
and phil, year of the world 2076, 
soon after Moses. 

Herodotus, He-rod-o-tus, Greek Mstf 
484—413 B. C. [1591—1660. 

Herrick, Robert, Eng. clerg and poet, 

Herschel, Sir William, astr Eng., 1738 

Herschel, Sir John Fred. Wm., son of 
Wm. H., aUr Eng., 1790— 

Hervey, James, Eng. div atudi au, 1714 

Herwegh, Her-veg, George, Ger. poetf 
1816 — [not known. 

Hesiod, He-jji-od, Greek poet, his time 

Hesperides, Hes-per-i-dez, fab daugh- 
ters of Hesperus : who had a garden 
bearing golden apples, watched by a 
dragon, which Hercules slew, and 
bore away the fruit. [1802 . 

Hesse, Fred.-William IV., Elector of, 

Heyne, Hj'-na, Christ. Gottlob, Ger. 
au, 1729—1812. [5th cen. 

Hierocles, Hj-er-o-klcz, Platonic phil. 

Hill, Rowland, ecc div Eng., f 1. 1800-30. 

Hill. Rowland, Post- Office ref, Eng., 
about 1810— 

Hipparchus, Hip-^r-kus, first to reduce 
astronomy to science, 11. at Nice, bet. 
160 and 125 B. C. 

Hippocrates, Hip-ok-ra-tpz, father of 
physic, a Grecian, 440 B. C. 

Historia, His-to-ri-a, fab, the goddess 
of history. 

Hitchcock, Edward, D. D., LL.D., geol^ 
and prea Amherst College, Mass., 

Hobbes, Hobz, Thomas, meta phil Eng., 
1588-1679. [1800. 

Hoche, HoJ, Lazare, Fr. gen, 1768 — 

Hofer, Andrew, chief of the Tyrolese, 
in war against the French and Bava- 
rians, —1810, shot. [1784—1854. 

Hoffman, David. Am. law and au, 

Hoffman, Charles Fenno, K.m.poet and 
p^'o&e wr N-Y., 1806 — 

Hofland, Mrs,, Eng. au, 1770—1844. 

Hogun, John, Eng. sculp, 1800 — 

Hogarth, Htb-gqrt, William, Eng. pt, 
1697—1764. [—1835. 

Hogg, James, Seotisb au and poet, 1772 

Holbach, Htbl-bqA, Paul T., Baron 
Von, Ger. miner and nat phil, Paris, 

Holland, Henry Richard V. F., Lord, 
Brit. St. 1773—1840. 

Holland, William HL, Alex. Paul 
Fred. Louis, King of. Prince of Or- 
ange — Nassau, Grand Duke of Lux- 
embourg, etc., 1817—0. 1849— 

Personal Names. 


Holmes, Homz, Oliver Wendell, M. D., 

Am. ph and poet, 1809— 
Holt, Sir John, Eng.y 1642—1709. 
Homer, Hu)-mer, the must uncient nnd 

best of the Greek j^oets, whose only 

remaining works are the " Illiad," 

and Odyssey;" fl. 920 B. C. 
Hood, Thomas, kj/rn and humanitary 

poet, Eng., 1798—1845. 
Hooke, Robt., math and exp phil, 1635 

Hooker, Richard, au "Ecclesiastical 

Polity," Eng., 1553—1600. 
Hopkins, Stephen, signer Dec. of Ind., 

R. I., 1742-1785. 
flopkinson, Francis, Am. /, and signer 

Dec. of Ind., Pa., 1738—1791. 
Horace, H6r-as, {or Horatius, Quintus 

Flaccus,) Roman lyric and sat poet, 

fl. 65 B. C. [—1792. 

Home, Geo., Eng. prelate and au, 1730 
Home, Richard Henry, Eng. poet and 

Horrox, Jeremiah, astr, disc, and au 

of a theory of lunar motion, 1619 — 

Hortense Eugenie De Beauhamais, 

Hor-tans E-i?e-ne De Bo-hqr-na, 

daughter of Empress Josephine, and 

wife of Louis Bonaparte, 1783 — 1837. 
Houston, H(6s-ton, Gen. Samuel, Am. 

st and U. S. sen., Texas, 1793 — 
Houssaye, HcD-sa, Arsene, Fr. poet and 

au, 1815— 
Howard, John. 7}^?7aH Eng. ,1726 — 1790. 
Howe, Admiral Earl, adm Eug. navy, 

Howit, H-8-it, William, Eng. poet and 

desert tor, 1795 — 
Huber, He-bq,r, Frangois, nat Swit., 

Hubner, H(6b-ner, Rud. Jul. Benno, 

Ger. hist, 1806 — [ished at sea. 

Hudson, Henry, Eng. nav, — 1610, per- 
Hughes, Hq,z, Rev. John, D. D., arch- 

bp N-Y., 1798— 
Hugo, He-go, Victor, repvh pol, poet 

and au, forbidden, on account of his 

sentiments, to enter France, 1802 — 
Hull, L^aac, Am. om, Conn.. 1775—1843. 
Humboldt, Hiim-bolt, William Von, 

Ger. phU and st, 1767—1835. 
Humboldt, Alexander Von, Baron, 

brother of the preceding, Ger. nat 

and trar, au of that great work, 
*• Cosmos," the best product of his 
towering genius, 1769 — 1859. 

Hume, David, Scottish phil and hist, 
1711—1776 [1855. 

Hume, Joseph, Eng. st and ref 1111 — 

Humphreys, David, LL.D., sol rev, 
amh to Lisbon, ruin, to Spain, pat 
wr, U. S., —1818. 

Hunt, Fred. Knight, Eng. Jour, ed 
" Daily News," 1814— 

Hunt, Leigh, JO?//* and poet Eng., 1784 — ■ 

Hunt, Robert, Brit, au, 1814 — 

Hunter, John, Scottish surg and anat, 

Hunter, William, elder brother of the 
above, anat, phyeiul and ph. Scot., 

Huntington, Samuel, gov Conn., and 
si^jner Dec. of Ind., 1732—1796. 

Huntington, Daniel, art N-Y., 1816 — 

Hurd, Richard, Eng. au, 1720—1808. 

Huskisson, Hls-ki-son, Wm., Brit, st, 

Huss, Hias, John, Ger. church ref, 1370 
— 1415, burnt at the stake. 

Hutchinson, John, Eng. wr in opposi- 
tion to the theories of Sir Isaao 
Newton, 1674—1737, 

Hutton, Charles, LL.D., Eng. math 
and wr, 1737—1823. 

Hutton, Dr. James, Scottish geol, and 
found of Psychometry, 1720—1797. 

Huyghens, Htir-Aenz, Christian, Dutch 
math, astr, etc. In Geometry he 
gave theorems for the quadrature of 
the H3'perbola, the J^llipsis, and the 
Circle : he discovered Saturn's 
ring; he laid down the theory of the 
pendulum, and its application to the 
clock ; he discerned the synchronism 
of the Cycloid, invented the theory 
of Involutes and Evolutes of Curves, 
etc., 1629-1095. 

Hydra, Hj-dra, fab, a serpent, which 
had seven heads. [health. 

Hygeia, Ili-je-ya, fab, the goddess of 

Hymen, Hj-men, fab, the god of mar- 

Hypatia, Hj-p6-/i-a, female teacher in 
Alexandria, 4th cen. 

Hyperides, Hj-p^r-i-dcz, a disciple of 
Plato who procured the punishment 
of Socrates, 320 B. C. 


Personal Names. 


lanthc, f-an-te,/a&, the beautiful wife 
of Iphis. 

Ibraham Pa-ha, ?b'rq-bam Pa-Je, emp 
Egypt, 1789—1848. 

Ignatius, Ig-na-Ji-us, hp Antioch, torn 
to pieces by lions, at Rome, by order 
of the emperor Trajan, A. D. 107. 

IngersoU, Ip'gcr-sol, Jared, LL.D., j, 
law, etc., Pa., —1822, 

Ingres, Ah-g/'a, Jean DomiDique A., 
Fr, pt, 1780— 

Innocent, from I. to XIII., popes be- 
tween A. D. 402 and 1724. 

Irving, Er'viy, Rev. Edward, pulpit or 
and div, Scotland, 1792— d. 

Irving, Washington, Am. au, N-Y., 

Irving, Theodore, LL.D., nephew of 
Watih. Irving, au N-Y. 

Isabella of Castile, queen of Spain, 

Isturiz, Ss-tcb-rgti, Don Xavier De, 
Sp. pol, 1790— 

Iturbide, P-toor-bed, Don Augustus, 
emp Mexico, 1781— sh. 1824. 

Ixion, Iks-i-on,/a^, the son of Phlegy- 
as, who for some vico, was fastened 
in hell to a wheel perpetually turn- 
ing round. 

Izard, lialph, Am. st S. C, 1738—1804. 


Jackson, Gen. Andrew, seventh Pros. 
U. S., from 1829 to 1837 ; Tenn., 
1767—1845. V-Pres., J. C. Calhoun 
and Mnrtin Van Burcn. 

Jacobi, Yq-ko-be, Fred. Henry, Ger. 
iruta phil and wr, 1743 — 1819. 

Jacobs, Yq-kobz, Frederick, Ger. crit, 

Jacquard, Xa-kqrd, Marie Joseph, inv 
a loom for weaving damasks, France, 

James, name of Scottish and English hs. 

James, Wm., Eng. naval hist, — 1827. 

James, G. P. R., Eng. au, now of N-Y., 

Jame.^on, Jam-8-son, Robert, nat Scot., 

Janin. Xa-nan, Jules, au and jour, 
France, 1804— 

Jarvis, Jqr-vis, John Wesley, por-pt 
N-Y., 1780—1834. 

Jasmin, Sas-man, Jacques, "harher 
poet" France, 1798 — 

Jay, John, Am. d, and first rhief Jus- 
tice U. S., sig7ier Dec. of Ind., for- 
eign min, etc., N-Y,, 1745—1829. 

Jefferson, Thomas, Am. st and scholar, 
draftsman of the Declaration of In- 
dependence, author of the ordinance 
of '87, and third Pres. U. S., from 
1801 to 1809; Va., 1743-1826. V- 
Pres., Aaron Burr and Geo. Clinton. 

Jeffrey, Jef-ri, Francis, Scottish wr, 
critic, and ed IkHnhirgh Review, 

Jeffreys, George, Lord, Eng. law and 

j, notorious lor his infamous cruelty, 

Jellachich. Xe-lqA-i^, Jos. Baron Von, 

hail of Croatia, Sclav, and Dalmatia, 

(ff Aus. army, 1801 — 
Jenner, Edward, M. D., F. R. S., disc 

of vaccination, Eng., 1749—1823. 
Jenyns, Jen-inz, Soame, ml and wr 

Eng., 1704-1787. 
Jerome, of Prague, disciple of Hus3, 

and p7(jt martyr, — 1416. 
Jerrold, Jer-old, Douglas, Eng. au and 

satirist, 1805—1857. 
Joan d'Arc, Xo-ah Dqrk, {or Joan of 

Arc,) the " virgin-martyr of French 

liberty," 1410—1431, burnt at stake. 
Johnson, Richard M., V-Pres. U. S. to 

Martin Van Euren; Ky., — 1850. 
Johnson, Dr. Samuel, lejc, au and critf 

Eng., 1709—1784. 
Joinville, Xwon-vEl. Frangois-Ferd.- 

Ph.-L.-M. D'Orleans, Prince de, of 

the house of Orleans ; 1818 — 
Jones, Jticob, com Am. navy, Del., 

1770—1850. [1736—1792. 

Jones, Paul, comman Am. navy, Scot., 
Jonos, Sir William, ori and trans, 

Eng., 1746—1794. 
Jonson, Benjamin, dram, ivr, contempo- 
rary of Shakspeare, Eng., 1573 — 1637, 
Jordan, Dorothea, Eng. actress, 1762— 

Josephine, first wife of Nap. Bonaparte, 

and empress of France, 1763 — 1814, 

Personal Names. 


Josephus, Jo-se-fus, Flavins, Mst of 
the Jews. Jerusalem, A. D. 37 — 93. 

Jouffroj D'Albiins, X.o-frwo Dqb-aii, 
Cl. F. D., Marquis De, Fr. machani- 
eian, to wlioua the Academy of Sci- 
ences has awarded the honor of 
having first applied steam to navi- 
gation, instead of Fulton ; 1751 — 
1832. [1813—1853. 

Judd, Rev. Sylvester, Am. au Mass., 

Judson, Emily C, (" Fanny Forester,") 
Am. aa and poet N-Y., —1854. 

Julian, Jii-li-an» Romin emp, styled 
the Apostate, for turning anti-Chris- 
tian after ascending the throne ; 
killed, 363. 

Junius, Letters of, famous Eng. pol 
writings, supposed to have been 
written by Hugh Boyd, who d. 1794. 

Juno, Jix-uo, fab, the sister and wife 

of Jupiter, 
Jupiter, Jii,-pi-ter, /aft, a son of Sat- 
urn and Ops ; the supreme deity of 

the heathens. 
Jussieu, Xe-se, Atoine De, Fr. hot, 

1686— 17o8.' 
Jussieu, Bernard De, brother of the 

above, hot, 1699—1777. 
Jussieu, Antoine L, De, nephew of the 

above, hot, 1748—1836. 
Justin, Jds-tin, ancient Latin hist, fl. 

A. D. 250. 
Justin, the Martyr, wr Chris. Church, 

and for his faith beheaded, 167. 
Justinian, Jus-tin-i-an, Roman emp, 

who collected and arranged the laws 

of the nation, 541. [youths. 

Juventa, Ji|,-ven-ta, fab, a goddess of 


Kaempfer, Kamp-fer, Engelbert, Ger. 

trav and nat, 1651 — 1716. 
Kaestner, Kast-ner, Abraham Gott., 

Ger. math, astr and au, 1719 — 1800. 
Kalb, Kqlb, Baron De, Polish maj-yen 

Am. army, — 1780, killed. 
Kalin, Kqira, Peter, Swedish nat. 

Kane, Dr. Elisha Kent, U. S. Navy, 

fur, nai,. and Arctic explorer, Pa., 

Kant, Kqnt, Iraraanuel, Ger. meta, 

phil a.nd critic, 1724—1804. 
Kaulbaeh, K"8l-bqA, Williajn, Ger. art. 

1804— [1790—1833. 

Kcan, Ken, Edmund, Eng. tragic act, 
Kean, Chas. John, son of the above, 

act, 1811— [1820. 

Keats, Ket.«, John, Eng. poet, 1796— 
Kemble, Charles, Yjng.act, 1775—1854. 
K<;mble, John P.,^, 1757— 1>23. 
Ke(np, Joseph, in,u8 comp Eng., 1778 — 

Kemp, Kenneth, Scotch chem, was the 

firjit to solidify carbonic acid gjis, 

and was the introducer of amalga- 
mated zinc plates into the galvanic 

battery, 1807—1843. 
Kennedy, John Pendleton, Am. nov 

Md., 1795— 
Kenrick, Wm., compiler of an English 

dictionary, — 1779. 
Kenrick, John, Eng. hist and phihil. 
Kent, James, Am. jurist N-Y., 1763 — 


Kepler, K^p-Ier, John, Ger. asir and 

an, 1571—0. s, 16;J1, 
Keyser, Kj-ser, Nicaise De, hist pt 

Belgium, 1813— 
King, Rufus, Am. st Me., 1757—1827. 
King, William R., V-Pres. U. S. to 

Franklin Pierce; N. C, — 1853. 
Kingsley, Charles, Brit, poet and au. 
Kinkel, Kiy-kel, Gottfried, Ger. wr and 

Kirby, Ker-bi, Rev. Wm., ento Eng., 

1759—1850. [1710. 

Kirch, Kir/i, Gottf., Ger. astr, 1639— 
Kirwan, Ker-wan, Richard, chem Scot., 

1750 — 1812. 
Klaproth, Klap-ruf), Heinrich J. Von, 

ori iichol and crit. Ger., 1783 — 1835. 
Klaproih, Martin Henry, Ger. chem,, 

the discoverer of uranium, zircouia, 

titanic acid, etc., 1743—1817. 
Kiopstock, Klop-stok, Friedrich, Ger. 
jx^t, 1724-1803. 
Knowies, Nolz, Jas. Sheridan, Irish 

dram poet, 1784 — 
Knox, Noks, IIi!nry, maj-gen Am. ar- 
my, Mass., 1750—1806. 
Knox, John, Scotch cler, and church 

ref, 1505—1572. 
Kock, Kwk, Chas. Paul De, Fr. nov, 

Kookkoek, Kook-kok, Bernard C, Dut. 

l-pt, 1803 — 
KosciuHco, Kiast3-e-<63-ko or Kos-i-ds- 

k<D, Thuddeus, Polish patriot and 

Xm.gen, 1756—1817. 


Personal Names. 

Kossuth, Ko-Jtiit-., Louis, ex-gov Hun- 
gary, and or, 1806 — 

Kotzobue, K6ts-e-b(6-a, August Von, 
Ger. dram, 1761—1819. 

Krause, Kr-s-sa, Chas. Christ. Fred., 
Ger. vieta, 1781—1832. 

Krusciuau, Kre-sa-man, Cornelius, 
Dutch kiet pt, 1797— 

Kugler, K(6g-ler, Franz. Theod., Ger. 

poet and au, 1808 — 
Kuiickell, Kd)y-kcl, John, Ger. cherrif 

Kyan, Kj-an, John H., the inv of the 

process of Kyanized WQod, Eng., 


Labitzky, Lq-bits-ki, Joseph, Ger. mM8[ 

C(mip, 1802 — 
La-Caille, Lq-Kaly, Nich. Louis De, 

Fr. adr fibserrer, ilX^—M ^2. 
Lacepede, Lq-sa-pad, Bernard G. Etie. 

De La, Fr. nut, 1756—1825. 
Lafayette, Lq-fa-et, Marie Paul J. R. 

Y. (t. M., Marquis De, Fr. rff, st and 

patriot, who assisted in the Ameri- 
can Riivolutionary War, 1757 — 1834. 
Lagrange, Lq-g/'ahj, Joseph Louis, 

mathf and geuni and astr au, France, 

Laharpe, Lq-h^rp, Jean F. De, Fr. 

crit and au, 1739—1803. 
Lahire, Lq-her, Philip De, Fr. math 

and astr, 1610—1719. 
Lalande, Lq-lahd, Joseph J. Le F. De, 

adr ohs and wr, Fr., 1732—1807. 
Lamarck, Lq-raqrk, <jr Jean B. P. A. 

De iMonet, Fr. nat, — conch, zool and 

hot, 1/41—1829. 
Lamarline, Lam-qr-ten, Alphonse De, 

poet, or, hut and pol, Fr., 1790 — 
Lamb, Charles, Eng. humor, critic and 

earn, 1775—1834. 
Lambert, Lqm-bert. John Henry ,Ger. 

math and phil, 1728—1777. 
Lamennais, Lq-mah-a, Felicite Robert, 

(Fa-le-si-ta,) Fr. ecc, pol and au, 

La-Motte-Fouque, Lq-Mot-Fook, Fred. 

Hein. Karl, Baron De, Normo-Ger. 

pcet and mm, VIll — 1843. 
Lane si, Lqn-qe-SE, Giammaria, Italian 

anat and physit'l, 1654 — 1720. 
Lander, Richard and John, Eng. exps 

of Africa, 1804—1832 ; 1806— 
Landon, Lititia Elizabeth, Eng. poet, 

— 18j8. [au, 1775 

Landor, Lan-dor, Walter Savage, Eng. 
Landseer, Sir Edwin, Eng. pt, 1801— 
Lane, Edward Wra., Arabic and ori 

schol, Eng., abi)ut 1800— 
La Perouse, Lq Pa-rcf)s, Jean F. G. De, 

Fr. nav, 1741— 1? 89. 

La Place, Lq Pl^s, Pierre S., Marquis 
De,Fr. geoin, and astr aM,1749— 1827. 

Lares, Lk-rtz,/ah, sons of Mercury and 
L{ira, wor^ihipped as household gods. 

Las Cases, Lqs Kq-sa, Fr. 7iaval corn- 
man, 1706—1842. 

Latham, La-tam, John, Eng. orni and 
antiq, 1740—1837. 

Latimer, Hugh, Eng. church ref, 1472 
burnt at the stake, 1555. 

Laube, L-s-be, Heinrich, Ger. nov and 
dram, 1806— 

Lauder, Lo-der, Robt. Scott, Scottish 
pt, 1803— [1724—1792. 

Laurens, L6-renz, Henry, Am. st S. C, 

Lavater, Lq-vq-ter, John Gasper, mr 
on Physiognomy, Ger., 1741 — 1801. 

Lavoisier, La-vw6-si-a, Antoine Lan., 
Fr. chem, contributing to this sci- 
ence, among other things, the chemi- 
cal nomenclature now in use; 1743 — 
1794, guillotined. 

Law, John, Scotch finan, projecter of 
the French money bubble, 1670— 

Law, Wm., Eng. relig wr, 1686—1761. 

Lawrence, James, Am. nav (ff N. J., 

Lawrence, Sir Thomas, P. R. A., Eng. 
por-pt, 1769—1830. 

Lawrence, Abbott, Am. merch Mass., 

Layard, La-qrd, Henry Austin, Eng. 
trav and ait, 1817 — 

Le Conte, Le Kont, John L., M. D., 
Am. nat N-Y., 1825— [i)t. 

Lecurieux, La-ke-re, Jacques, Fr. hint 

Ledyard, John, Am. trav Conn., 1751 

Lee, Anne, found of the " Shakers," 
Eng., 1735—1784. 

Lee, Arthur, Am. st, and ^oZ tvr, Va., 
1740—1792. [-1782. 

Lee, Charles, maj-gen Am. army, Pa., 

Lee, Francis Lightfoot, signer JL>€C. of 
Ind., Va., 1734-1797. 

Personal Names. 


Lee, Henry, cff Am. army, Va., 1756 — 

Lee, Richard Henry, Am. st and signer 

Dec. of lad., Va., 1732—1794. 

Lee, , Eng. l-pt. 

Legendre, La-jjan-dr, Adrian Marie, 

Fr. geom, and imxth av, 1751 — 1833. 
Lehtnann, La-mqn, Prof., Rus. iiat, 

Leibnitz, Lib-nits. Godfrey William, 

Ger. meta and rnathphil, 1646—1716. 
Lemon, Mark, Eng. jour, ed "Punch," 

Lennep, La-nap, Jacob Van, Dutch 

l>oet and tu/v, 1802 — 
Leo X., Pope Giovanni De Medici, 

Leonhard, La-on-hqrt, Karl Casar Von, 

Ger. miner and geol, 1779— 
Leopold I., enip Austria, 1640 — 1705. 
Leopold H., emp Germany, 1747- 1792. 
Lepsius, Lep-si-us, Karl Rich., Ger. 

ori, 1811— 
Lerminier, Lt^r-man-i-a, Jean Louis 

E., Fr. pMl and wr, 1803— 
Leroux, La-rcb, Pierre, Fr. aoc pMl, 

Le Sage, Le Sa^?, Alain, Fr. nov and 

dram, 1668-1747. 
Leslie, L63-li, Sir John, Eng. math 

and wr, 1766—1832. 
Leslie, Chas. Robert, Eng. pt, 1794— 
Lcising, Gotthold Ephraira, Ger. crit, 

phil, dram wr and au, 1729-1781. 
Leasing, Karl Fred., Ger. pt, 180S— 
Leulze, Ltrts-a, Emanuel G., Grer. art. 
Leuwenhoeck, L«r-ven-h§k, Atoine, 

Ger. nat, 1632—1723. 
Lcverrier, Le-ver-i-a, M., Fr. astr, 

and ditc of the planet Neptune. 
Lewi?, Samuel, pioneer in the cause of 

education in the west, aud anti- 
slavery refy Ohio, — 1853. 
Lieber, Le-ber, Francis, LL. D., Ger. 

repvh and au, and prea Columbia 

College, Ga., 1800— 
Liebig, L£-big, Justus, Ger. chem,\^ — 
Lilly, William, Eng. ow^ro/, 1602— 1681. 
Lincoln, Lifl-kon, Benjamin, gen Am. 

army, Mass., 1733—1810. 
Lindley, Lind-li, John, English hot, 

Liu ley, Thomas, vocal comp, Eng., 

Linnaeus, Lin-e-u", Charles, hot and au 

Sweden, 1707-1778. 
Liszt, Lest, Franz, Hungarian pianist, 

Livingston, Liv-iji-ston, Edward, Am. 

jurut and U N-Y., 1764—1836. 

I Livingston, Robert R., Am. law and 

st, and signer Dec. of Ind., N-Y., 

Livius, Liv-i-us, Titus, best Roman 

hist, most of whose books are lost, 

b. 59 B. C. [1704. 

Locke, John, Eng. meta phil, 1632 — 
Lockhart, John G., Scottish au, and 

ed " Quarterly Review," 1794—1854. 
Logan, io\\n, poet Scot., 1748—1788. 
Lollard, Walter, found of a sect who 

denied the use of the mass, baptism, 

&c.: was burnt for heresy, 1322. 
Lomenie-De-Brienne, Lo-man-8 -De- 

Bre-ah, Stephen Chas. De, finance 

min of Louis XVL, Fr,, 1727—1794. 
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, Am. 

poet Mass., 1807— 
Longueville, Lon-ge-vel, the name of 

a celebrated French family of the 

15th century. 
Lope De Vega, Lo-pa Da Va-gq, Sp. 

dram, 1562—1635. 
Lortzing, Ler-tsi;), Albrecht Gus., Ger. 

mus comp, 1803— [—1715. 

Louis XIV., (LA-i,) Bourbon k, 1638 
Louis XVL, k France, 1754— g. 1793. 
Lonis Philippe, Ijh-'i Fil-ep, h France, 

Lovejoy, Rev. Elijah P., ed ** Alton 

Observer," an anti-slavery paper, 

and became a martyr to that cause 

and a free press, in defending his 

paper from a mob ; III., 1802—1837. 
Lover, Samuel, Irish av and art. 
Lowe, L"S, Lieut. Gen. Sir Hudson, 

K. C. B., guardian of Napoleon at 

St. Helena, 1769—1844. 
Lowell, LcJ-el, James Russell, Am. poet 

and lor Mass., 1819 — 
Loyola, Lo-e-6-lq, Ignatius, found, of 

theOrderof Jesuits, Sp., 1491— 1556. 
Lucian, Lq-Ji-an, Greek crit and sat, 

Lucifer, Lq-si-fer, fdh, son of Jupiter 

and Aurora, made the morning star, 
Lucius, Lq-J'-us, I., II., III., popes, 

253, 1144, 1181. 
Lucretia, Lq-kre-Ji-a, Roman matron 

who was the cause of the revolution, 

509 B. C. 
Lncretius, Lq-kre-Ji-ns, Titus Carus, 

Roman phil and poet, 96—54 B. C. 
Lully, \jih-\\, Joan B., mus C(nnp Italy, 

Luna, Li\-na, fab, Diana's name in 

heaven. [—1546. 

Luther, Martin, Oer. church ref, 1483 

Lvcurgus, Lj-kiir-gus, Spartan leg^ 

'870 B. C.j— Athenian or, 408 B. C. 


Personal Names. 

Lyell, Ljl, Sir Charles, geol Scot., 

Lyndsay, Lind-sa, Sir David, Scottish 
^oet, 1490—1555. 

Lysander, Lj-san-der, Spartan gen,y^\iO 
defeated the Athenian fleet, and 
ended the 27 years' war, 396 B. C 

Lyttleton, Lit-1-ton, George Lord, Eng. 
au and d, 1709—1773. 


Mabuse, Mq-b(6-sa, Jan De, an It. pt 

Macaulay, Ma-ko-la, Catherine, liist 

&ad polwr Eng., 1734—1791. 
Macaulay, Thomas Babington, Br. hist, 

essa, poet and pol, 1800 — 
Macbeth, Mak-befi, vmrper of the Scot. 

crown, slain — 1054. 
Maccabees, Mak-a-bez, seven brothers, 

Jews, with their mother, put to death, 

at Antioch, 168 B. C. 
Macdonough, Mak-don-o, Thomas, 

comma Am. navy, 1784 — 1825. 
Macfarlane, Mak-fq,r-Ian, Henry, 'pol 

and misc wr Scot., 1734 — 1804. 
Machiavelli, i^-ke-q-vel-e, Nicolo, an 

It. pd wr and au 1469—1527. 
Mackay, Ma-ka, Charles, Br. poet and 

j(mr, 1812— 
Mackenzie, Ma-ken-zi, Sir. Alex., Br. 

nav, d. [—1831. 

Mackenzie, Henry, Scottish nav, 1745 
Mackintosh Mak-in-toJ, Sir. James, 

Scottish au and law, 1765—1832. 
Macklin, Mak-Iin, Chas., act and dram 

It., 1690-1797. 
Maclise, Ma-kliz, Daniel, Irish art 

M'CHntock, Ma-Klin-tok, John, D.D., 

ed, trans and au of Greek and Latin 

text books, Pa., 1814— 
M'Lean, Mak-Lan, John, chief justice 

U. S. ^S-^;^ a 0., 1785— 
Maclaurin, Mak-le-rin, Colin, Scottish 

wa^A 1698— 1746. 
Macomb, Ma-komb, Alex., com, in-chief 

of the Am. army, 1782—1841. 
Macon, Ma-kon, Nathaniel, Am. st N. 

C, d. 

Macpherson, Mak-fer-son, James, ed 

of '^Oasian," xor Scot., 1738—1796. 
M'Cullah, Ma-kiil-a, Wm. Torrens,^? 

and au Ir., 1813 — 
M'Culloch, Ma-kdl-ok, J. R., wr on pol 

econ Scot., 1790 — 
Madison, Mad-i-son, James, Am. stand 

fourth pres U. S., from 1809 to 1817; 

Va., 1758—1836. V-Pres. George 

Clinton, and Elbridge Gerry. 

Madrazo, Mqd-r^-to, Don Pedro, Sp. 
poet, jour, critic and pt 1816 — 

Madvig, Mqd-vig, Johann N., Ger. 
class wr and prof 1804 — 

Magellan, Ma-jel-an, (or Magalhaens, 
Mq-gql-yq-enz,) Fernando, Port., vav 
the first to circumnavigate ihe globe, 
1470—1521, killed by natives at 
Philippine is. 

Maginn, Maj-in, William, Irish wr,/ot/» 
of "Eraser's Magazine," 1794 — 1842. 

Mahmoud, Mq-m"8d, the name of Tur- 
kish Sultans. 

Mahomet, Ma-hom-et, the au of the 
"Koran" si,ndfoun of a new religion. 
A name applied since, to Turkish 
emperors, who ruled from the 13th 
to the 17th century. 

Mahon, Mq-h6n (jt Mq,-<5n, Philip H., 
Viscount, an Eng. hist wr 1805 — 

Mahoney, Mq-h6-ni, Francis, Br. jour 
and au, 1800— 

Mailath, Mq-el-qt, Count Johann, Hun. 
au, 1786— 

Mars, Mqrz, fah, god of war. 

Mechain, Me-Jan, Pierre Francis A., 
Fr. astr and math, 1774—1805. 

Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Mek-len-burg- 
Xwa-rgn, Frederick Francis, Grand 
Duke of, 1823 — assumed govern- 
ment 1842. 

Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Stra-litz, Fred- 
erick Chas. Joseph, Grand Duke of, 
b. 1779; he is a distinguished gov- 
enor, and a great friend of education 
and human rights. 

Medici, Ma-de-sE, an iUus. Florentine 
family, from the 14th cen. to the 
present time. 

Mchemet Ali, Me-hem-et fl'le, Eg. 
pasha, 1765—1848. [—1730. 

Mehemet-Effendi, Ef-en-de, Turk, et 

Mei.^s, Megz, Return Jonathan, Am. 
rf 0., —1828. 

Melanchthon. Mel-agk-ton, (Ger. Mel- 
4gk-ton,) Philip, colleague of Luther 
in the Reformation, 1497 — 1568. 

Melbourne, Mel-burn, Wm. Lamb, Vis- 
count, Eng. »t, 1779—1843. 

Personal Names. 


Melitus, Me-lj-tus, Greek or and j?oe^, 

accuser of Socrates, ex. 400 B. Cf. 
Mollen, Mel-en, Grenville, Am. poet 

and mLsc wr, 1800—1841. 
Melville, Mel-vil, Andrew, Eng. div 

and au 1545—1622. 
Melville, Henry Dundas, Lord Viscount, 

Eng. St 1740—1811. 
Melville, Herman, Am. a«N-Y.,1819— 
Mendelssohn, Men-del-son, Dr. Felix 

Bartholody, Ger. mus comp and per- 

/<>;77i«r, 1809— 1847. 
Mendelssohn, Moses, a Jewish ^A*7 and 

mor Ger., 1729—1786. 
Menelaus, Men-e-la-us, k of MycensB, 

hus of Helena. 
Mengs, Megz. Antony Raphael, Bohe- 
mians^, 1729—1779. 
Mercator, Mer-kq,-tor, Gerard, math 

and geoq Flanders, 1512 — 1594. 
Mercer, Mer-ser, Hugh, a Irig gen in 

the Am. army, — 1777. 
Mercury, Mer-kix-ri, /aft, messenger of 

the gods, inventor of letters, god of 

eloquence, &c. [1800 . 

Merimee, Mer-E-ma, Prosper, Fr. au 
Mesmer, Mes-mer, Fred. Anthony, a 

promoter of animal magnetism, Ger., 

Mesonero y Romanos, Ma-son-a-rca e 

Ro-mcin-6s, Don Ramon De, Sp. au 

iletastasio, Ma-tqg-ti^s-e-o, Pietro, It. 

dram, 1698-1782. 
Metternich, Met-er-niA, Clemens, W. 

N. L., Prince, Aus. st and dip, 1773— 
Meursius, Mer-si-es, John, Dutch critic 

philol an^'hut, 1579-1639. 
Meyer, Mj-er, Philippe, Ger. mus comp 

Meyerbeer, Mj-er-bar, Giaocomo, Ger. 

rang Cfimpy 1791 — 
Mezerai, Ma-za-ra, Francis E. De, Fr. 

hust 1610 -1683. 
Michaelis, MiA-q-el-is, John David, 

Ger. orien and hih critic, 1717 — 1791. 
Michelangelo Buonarroti, Me-ka-lqn- 

ga-lo Bid o-nqr-di-te, or anglicized, 

Michael Angelo, Mj-ka-el An'je-lo, 

It. a/-/, 1475 -1564. [1798 . 

Michelet^ MiJ-a-la, Jules, Fr. hist 
Mickiewicz. Mtts-ke-d-vcq, Adam, Pol- 
ish poet, 1798— 
Middleton, Mid -1-ton, Conyers, polem 

ivr and critic Eng., 1683—1750. 
Middleton, Arthur, signer Dec. of Tnd., 

S. C, 1743-1787. [—1816. 

Middleton, Henry. Am. st S. C., 1771 
Mignet, Meg-nd, Francoifl Au. Alexis, 

Fr. hid, 1790-- 

Mill, Mil, James, Sootish phil and st, 

Millar, Mil-ar, James, Scot, ph and 

chem, 1762—1827. 
Miller, Edward, ph and med au N-Y., 

Miller, Wm., found of the sect called 

the '♦ Millerites," —1849. [1856. 

Miller, Hugh, Scot, geol&n^. aw, 1802 — 
Miller, Thomas, Eng. poet and nov 

Millin, Mil-in, Aubin Louis, Fr. archce, 

nat and au, 1759—1818. 
Milman, Mil-man, Henry Hart, Eng. 

au and clerg, 1791 — 
Milnea, Mil-nes, Richard Monckton, 

Eng. poet, 1806— 
Milton, Mil-ton, John, Eng. poet whosd 

writings have given a name to the 

English language, 1608—1675. 
Mina, Me-nq, Don Francisco E. y, Sp. 

gen, 1782—1836. [wisdom. 

Minerva, Min-er-va, fab, goddess of 
Minot, Min-ot, Laurence, Eng. poet 

14th cen. 
Minto, Min-to, Walter, math and nat 

phil Scot., —1796. 
Mirabeau, Mi/'-q-bo, Honore G. R. 

Comte De, or and repuh Fr., 1749— 

Mirabeau, Mir-q-bca, Victor Riquetti, 

Marquis De, au an^fmn of pal seci 

of Economists, Fr., —1790. 
Miranda, Mir-4n-d(:j,, Don Francisco, 

Sp. S. Am. liberator —1816. 
Miraflores, Mer-q-flo-ras, Don Manuel 

P. F. De P. M. y D., et, min and au 

Sp. 1792— [1810 . 

Mitchel, Miq-el, 0. M., Am. astr 0., 
Mitchell, John, Am. nat and au, — 1772. 
Mitchell, Thomas, Eng. philol, 1783— 

1845. [1822 . 

Mitchell, Donald G., Am. wr Conn., 
Mitchell, John, Irish "patriot," exiled, 

now in U. S., 1814— 
Mitford, Mit-ford, John, miic tor Eng., 

—1831. [1827. 

Mitford, Mary Russel, Eng. au, 1786— 
Mitford, William, hist andi philol Eng., 

Mittermaier, Mit-er-mj-er, Charles J. 

Anthon, jurist and au, a friend of 

popular freedom, Ger., 1787 — 
Mitzler, Mits-Icr, Lan. Chns. de Kolof, 

Ger. m,v8 comp, 1711 — 1778. 
Modena, Mca-da-nq, Francis Ferd. Gem- 

imen, Duke of, b. 1819, commenced 

to govern, 1846. 
Moir, Mwor, David Mncbeth, Scottish 

wr and au, 1798—1851. 


Personal Names. 

Mole, Mol, John, an Englishman, em- 
inent for his sliill in the science of 
Algebra, —1827. 

Moliere, Mcil-i-4r, Jean B. Poquelin, 
Fr. actor and cnmto tor, 1622—1668. 

Moliers, Mol-i-.'\,r-a, Joseph P. De, »Ai7 
wrFr., 1677-1742. [1777 . 

Molina, Mtj-le-nq, Pedro, st Guat., 

Moitke, M61t-ke, Adam Wm., Count, 
Danish st, 1785— 

Molynenx, M61-i-no, Wm., an ingen- 
ious, math Ir., 1656 — d. 

Molza, M(f)l-dzq. Francis Maria, Italian 
poet, 1489— 1544. 

Monardes, Mca-n^r-das, Nicholas, Sp. 
ph find hot, —1578. 

Monbeillard, M<m-bal-yqrd, Philibert 
Gue., Fr. nat, 1720—1785. 

Moncey, Mon-sa, Adrien, Fr. of and 
.<;^. 1754—1842. 

Monge, Monj, Gaspard, an illustrious 
scientific man, (jeorn, au of the meth-. 
od known as " Descriptive Geometry" 
Fr., 1746—1818. 

Monk, Muflk, George, Eng. oen and 
2Jol, 1608—1670. 

Monmouth, Mon-mut, James, Duke of, 
a pretender for the throne of Great 
Britain; the attempt to seize which 
was the foundation of the revolution, 
in 1688; b. 1619—1685, beheaded. 

Monnet, Mon-et. Anthony Grim, Fr. 
cheyn, 1734—1817. 

Monro, Mon-r6, Alexander, Eng. j^h 
and anaf, 1697—1767. 

Monroe. Mon-ro, James, Am. st and 
fifth >/w U. S., from 1817 to 1825: 
Va., 1758-— 183L V-Pres., D. D. 

Montague, Mon-ta-gq,, Charles, earl of 
Halifax, Eng. st, 1661—1715. 

Montague, John, fourth earl of Sand- 
wich, Je>, *« and a?/, Eng.,1718— 1792. 

Montague, Basil, an English law and 
n-r, 1770—1851. 

Montague, Lady Mary Wortley, an 
English wr and friend of Addison, 
Pope, etc., 169U— 1762. [1800. 

Montague, Elizabeth, ?w Eng., 1720 — 

Montaigne, Mon-tan, Michel, Seigneur 
De, French essa, 1533—1592. 

Montcalm, Mont-kqm, Louis Jos. De, 
Marquis of St. Krau, French gen, 

MontecucuUi, Mon-ta-kco-kcfi-lg, Ray- 
mond De, Modenese gen Ger., 1608 — 

Montesquieu, M6n-tas-ke, Carl De S., 
Baron De, Fr. pkil and an, 1689 — 

Montezuma, Mon-ta-zi^-m<i, or Mon- 

ta-tcb-mq,) last Indian emp of Mex., 

stoned to death at the time of the 

Spanish invasion, — 1520. 
Montfaucon, Moht-fjj-kon, Bernard De, 

Fr., critic and antiq. 1655^—1741. 
Montgolfier, Mont-gol-fi-a, Jacques 

p]tie., the inventor of air-balloons, 

Montgomery, Mont-giim-er-i, James, 

l)oet Eng., 1771—1854. 
Montgomery, Richard, major-gen Am. 

army, 1737— k. 1775. 
Montgomery, Geo. Wash., Am. nov and 

trans, —1841. [—1828. 

Monti, M6n-te, Wncen^o, poet It.. 1753 
Monti, Raffaelle, Italian sculp, 1819 — 
Montmorency. Mont-mo-r^fis, Duke of, 

Henry II., French adm, 1595—1632. 
Montrose, Mont-r6z, James G., Marquis 

of, dist. royalist under Charles I., 

Eng., —1645. 
Montucci, Mon-t<6-ke, Antonio, philol 

and au, Italy, 1762—1829. [1799. 
Montucla, M6h-te-klq, Fr. math, 1725— 
Moore, Mor, Edward, an English poet 

and dram wr, 1712—1757. [1802. 
Moore, John, ph and au Scot., 1730 — ■- 
Moore, Sir John, Brit, gen, and the 

subject of the celebrated stanzas of 

Wolf, 1761— k. 1809. 
Moore, Thomas, British 2^oet and wr, 

Mora, M6-rq, Joseph J., Sp. poet and 

ati S. Am., 1783. 
Moratin, Mo-r^-ten, N. F. De, and L. 

F. De. Sp. dram poets, 1737—1760, 

1780—1828. [1833. 

More, Mor, Hannah, Eng. wr, 1744 — 
More, Henry, Eng. div, 1614—1687. 
More, Sir Thomas, Eng. au and st, 

Moreau, Mor-(f>, Jean Michel, designer 

and engraver Fr., 1741—1814. 
Moreau, Jean Victor, Fr. gen, 1763 — 
. 1813. 
MorcU, M6r-el, Thomas, Eng. critio 

and lexicng, 1703—1784. 
Moreto y Cabana, ^Ica-ra-to z Kq-b^- 

nq, Don Augastin, Sp. dram poet 

17th cen. [1755—1799. 

Morgan, M<5r-gan, Daniel, Am. gen Va., 
Morgan, Wm., Eng. math and wr, — 

Morghen, Mor-gan, Raphael, engraver 

Naples, 1758-d. 
Morier, Mor-er, James, Eng. trav and 

nov, 1780 -1648. 
Morison, M6r-i-son, Robert, Eng. ph 

and hot, 1620-1383, 

Personal Names. 


MoritK, Mor-its, Charles, P., Ger. wr 
1757—1793. [1764—1804. 

Morland, M6r-land, George, Eng. pt 

Morland, Sir Samuel, Eng. st and mech, 
1325— 159S. 

Mornay, Mar-na, Philip de, Fr. st and 
wr, 1549— 1G23. [dreams, &c. 

Morpheus, Mor-fe-us, fab, god of sleep, 

Morris, M()r-i?, Gouverneur, Am. «^and 
wr N-Y., 1752—1816. 

Morris, Robert, supt of the finances of 
the U. S., during the Revolutionary 
war, and signer Dec. (if lad., Pa., 

Morris, George P., Am.?rrX-Y.,1802— 

M.>rs, Mora, fab, goddess of death. 

Mortier, Mor-ti-a, Edmund, A. C. J., 
Fr. marshal, 1768—1835. 

Morton, M'ir-ton, Nathaniel, Am. an 
Mass., 1612—1685. 

Morton, MJr-ton, Samuel G., Am. nat 
and et/mo. Pa., —1851. [1838. 

Morton, Thomas, Eng. dram, 1764 — 

Moses, M6-zez, lawgiver of the Jews, 
Eg,, 1571 B. C. 

Mosheim, Moa-J-hjm, John L. Von, Ger. 
hist and phil wr, 1694 — 1755, 

Motherwell, Miid-er-wel, \Vm., Scottish 
poet and ed, 1798—1835. 

Mott, Mot, Valentine, M. D,, LL. D., 
Am. surgeon X-Y., 1785. 

Motley, M6t-li, John Lethrop, Am, 
hist who has recently distinguished 
himself by v^ very able and beauti- 
fully written history of "The Rise 
of the Dutch Republic." N-Y. 

Mottley, M6t-li, John, Eng. biog wr, 

Mortimer, Mor-ti-mer, Thomas, com- 
mercial wr and an Jlng., 1740 — 1809. 

Moultrie, M(f>l-trE, Wm., Am, r#S. C, 
-1805, [N-Y,, 1807 , 

Mount, M5nt, William S,, Am. art 

Mountfort, M-^nt-fort, William, Eng. 
acU^r and dram wr, 1659 — k. 1692, 

Mourad-Bey, Ma»-rad-Ba, chief of the 
Mamelukes, 1750—1801. 

Mozart, Mu)-zqrt, {or Ger. M<f>t3-qrt,) 
Johann, C. W, G »tt,, master of mug, 
and mus comp, Ger,, 1756—1792. 

Mudie, Ma>-de, R>bert, Scot, au in 
nat hist, \in—\%\2. 

Mudge, .Muj, M. D., F. R. S., 7n«cAand 
au, —1793. 

Muller, Miil-or, Carl Ottfried, Ger. 
archoi and au, 1797—1840. 

Muller, Gerard Fred,, Ger. trav and 

wr and Rus, hist, 1705—1783. 
Muller, John, Ger. ast, 1436—1476. 
Muller, John Von, Swiss, hist 1752^ 

1809, [-1784. 

Muller, Othon Fred., Danish nat. 1730 
Muncer or Muntzer, Mdbnt-ser, Saxon 

div, church ref and social leveller, 

beheaded 1525. 
Munro, Alex., M. D., a skilful anat and 

p/iScot., 1733— 1817. 1—1836. 

Munster, Miin-ster, Coun, st Hanover, 
Muntz, Munts, George Fred., Eng., 

merch and p()l reformer, 1794 — 
Murat, Me-rq, Joachim, Fr. gen and Ic 

of Naples, 1767— sh, 1815, 
Muratori, Moo-rq- to-re, Louis Anthony, 

It, hist and antiq, 1672—1750. 
Murillo, MiJD-rel-yu), Bartholome E., Sp. 

pt, 1618—1682. 
Murphy, Miir-fi, Arthur, dram and 

misc wr, Ir., 1727 — 1805. 
Murray, Miir-a, Alexander, Scotch 

linguist and au, 1775 — 1813. 
Murray, Hugh, Scot, geo Wr, 1779— 

1846. [—1820. 

Murray, John, -ph, chem and wr Scot., 
Murray, Rev. John, father of the Uni- 

versalistdenouainatiou, b. Eng., 1741 

—1815, U. S. 
Murray, John, F. S. A., Eng. pub, 

1778—1843. [1826. 

Murray, Lindley, Eng. gram, 1745— 
Murray, Wm. Vans, Am. dip Md., 1762 

Murray, Nicholas, D. D., Am. wr N- 

Y., better known by the iwm da 

plume, " KirwiiB;" b. 1802— 
Muses, Mqz-ez, fab, nine daughters of 

Jupiter, mistresses of all the sciences, 

presidents of musicians, and poets, 

and governesses of the feasts of the 

Musgrave, Miis-grav, Sir Richard, bari, 

au Ir. hist, 1753—1818. 
Musschenbroek, Mias-Aen-bAtik, Peter 

Van, Dutch nat, phil and math, 

Musset, M^-sa, Alfred De, Fr. poet, 

Mustapha, Miis-tq-fq, I,, ascended the 

Turkish throne, 1617 — strangled 

1623. — II,, asc, 1695— d.'fhroued 

1703. -IN,, asc. 1757-1774. 
Mutis, MiD-tes, Joseph Colestiuo, Sp* 

nat, 1731-1808. 


Personal Names. 


Nahl, Nq,l, Johann Aug., Prussian scvlp, 

1710-1781. [er.s, &c. 

Naiades, Na-ya-dRZ./ci^y, nymphs of riv- 

Napier, Na-per, Lieut. Gen. Sir Chas. 

^ James, (ff Br. army, 1782— 185;i. 

Napier, Sir Charles, adm lir. navy, 

Napier, John, Baron of Merobiston, 

iav of logarithms, and inati): au, 

Scot,, 1550—1617. 
Napier, Macvey, ed "Encyclopedia 

Britannica," and of the "Edinburgh 

Review," Scot., — 1817. 
Naples, Na-plz, Ferdinand II., k of 

the two Sicilies, b. 1810 — succeeded 

to the throne in 1830. 
Napoleon Bonaparte, Na-pcD-le-on Bcj- 

na-pqrt, einp Fr., 1768, died at%t. 

Helena, 1821. 
Narbonne Lara, Nqr-bori L^-rq, Louis 

Count, aid-de-camp to Napoleon, 

Narcissus, Nqr-sis-us, fab, a beautiful 

youth, who, falling in love with his 

own shadow in the water, pined 

away into a daffodil. [1555. 

Nardi, Nqr-de, Jaeopo, It. hist, 1476 — 
Nares, Nii,rz, Robert, Eng. critic and 

i]i£d, —1829. 
Naruszewicz, Nqr-floJ-a-veq, Adam 

Stamslans, Jiiat and poet Poland, — 

Narvaez, Nqr-vq-afc, Don Ramon, Duke 

of Viilencia, Sp. ^x)^, 1795 — 
Nash, NaJ, Francis, hrig-aen Am. army, 

— 1777 killed. 

Nash, John, P3ng. arch, 1752 — 1835. 
Nasmyth, Na-smif), Alex., Scot, l-pt, 

Nassau, Na-so, Adolph, Duke of, 1817 

— assumed government 1839. 
Naude, N-8-de, Philip, Ger. math, 1654 

— 1745. 

Naudet, N(j-da, Thomas Chas., Fr. l-pt 

Nauraann, N-s-mqn, Johann Got., Ger. 

mns comp, 1741—1801. 
Navarre, Na-vqr, Henry of, [Henry IV.] 

k of Fr., 1553 — ascended the throne 

Neal, Nel, Joseph C. an Am. wr, an of 

the " Charcoal Sketches," Pa., 1807 

Neal, John, Am. rvr Me., 1794 — 
Neander, Na-4n-der, Johann Aug., 

Church hint, Ger., 1739—1850. 

Necker, Nek-er, James, Fr. min, and 

pol, 1732—1804. 
Necker, Madame, wife of the above, 

dist. for her philanthropy and learn- 
ing, 1739—1796. 
Nelson, Nel-son, Horatio, Eng. adm, 

1758—1805. [ed, 1759 . 

Nelson, Samuel, an "Irish patriot" and 
Nelson, Thomas. Am. gen, and q<>v Va., 

mjner Dec. of //irf.,"l738— 1789. 
Ncpos, Ne-pos, Cornelius, Latin hiet, 

fl. 75 B. C. 
Neptune, Nep-tqn, fah, god of the sea. 
NtTo, Claud. Domit. Ciesar, emp and 

ty:-ant Rome, slew himself A. D. 68. 
Nestoi, comman at siege of Troy, said 

to have lived 300 years. [—1737. 
Neumann, Nff-mqn, Caspar, Ger. chem, 
Neureuther, Ner-rer-tq,r, Eugene, Ger. 

art, 1806— 
Newcomen, Ni'i,- ^^o-oi^nj Thomas, the 

first to improve the steam-engine, 

Eng., 17th cen. 
Newland, Peter, Dutch math and a.u, 

Newton, Sir Isaac, math .ind nat phil, 

au "Principia," etc., Eng , 1642 o. s. 

Ney, Na, Michel, Marshal of the 

French emp., Duke of Elchlxigen, 

Prince of the Moskwa, 1789- sh. 

1815. [B. CI. 

Nicander, Greek poet and med wr, 140 
Niceron, N£s-a-r6h, John Peter, Fr. 

Mop au, 1685 — 1738. 
Nicholas, Piiulovitch, emp Russia, 1796 

— c. 1824—1855. 
NichoUs, Charlotte, [" Currer Bell,"] 

Eng. ay, — 1855. 
NichoUs, Frank, M. D., F. R. S., Eng. 

ph and au, 1699—1779. 
Nichols, John, antiq and mittc wr, con- 
ductor of the "Gentleman's Maga- 
zine," 1744—1828. 
Nicholson, James, of Am. navy, Md., 

Nicholson, John B., Am. com. — 1846. 
Nicholson, William, wr on chera. and 

nat. philos., Eng., 1758—1815. 
Nicolai, Nik-o-la, Chris. Fred., Ger. 

au and booksdler, 1733—1811. 
Nicolas, Sir Nicholas Harris, antiq 

Scot., 1799—1848. 
Nicole, Francis, Fr. math, 1683—1748. 
Niebuhr, Ne-bur, Carstcn, Ger. ira^f 


Personal Names. 


Niebuhr, Barthold Geo., son of the 
preceding, hut, philol and dip, 1776 
— 1831. 

Nield, James, Eng. joAi7a?i, 1744 — 1814. 

Niemeyer, Nc-mj-er, Aug. Herman, 
Ger. educational and mbcellaaeous 
^ wr, 1754—1828. 

Nieuwland, Ne-cQ-lqnd, Peter, Dutch 
tcr on nat. phil. and mathematics, 

Ninus, Nj-nus, found Assyrian empire, 
husband of Semiramus, 2164 B. C. 

Niobe, Nj-o-be, /aft, wife of Amphion, 
who, preferring herself to Lntona, 
had lier 14 children killed by Diana 
and Apollo, and wept herself into a 
statue. [—2029 B. C. 

Noah, No-a, saved from the flood, 

Noah, Mordecai M., Am. joiir N-Y., 
1785-1851. [1784—1827. 

Noble, Mark, Eng. hut and hiog wr, 

Noehden, Ne-den, George Henry, Ger. 
wr, 1770-1826. [1823. 

Nollekens, Joseph, Eng. sculp, 1737 — 

Nollet, N6I-a, John Antoine, Fr. nat 

phil, 1770— d. 
Noodt, Noodt, Gerard, civilian Holland, 

Norris, John, Eng. meta phil and div, 

North, Frederic, Earl of Guildford, 

Lord, Eng. st, 1732—1792. 
Northcote, Nort-kot, James, Eng. pt, 

Norton, Andrews, Am. poet and prose 

wr Mass., 1786 — [wr. 

Norton, Mrs. Caroline, Eng. poet and 
Nott, John. M. D., poet and ori Eng., 

Nott, Eliphalet, D. D., W7*, and pres 

Union College, N-Y., 1773— 
Nox, Noks, fa^, the most ancient of 

Nuck, Nek, Anthony, Dutch ftnat and 

med wr, —1692. 
Nunez De Balboa, Nd>-ne6 Da Bql-bo-q, 

Sp. disc Pacific Ocean, by crossing 

the Isthmus of Darien, in 1513. 


Oberlin, John Fred., "Pastor of Wald- 

bach," an earnest laborer in the 

cause of education and the arts of 

civilization ; Ger.. 1740—1826. 
Oberlin, Jeremiah James, Ger. philol 

and anti'q, 1735 — 1806. 
O'Brien, O-bri-en, Wm. Smith, " Irish 

patrirjt," 1806 — 
Ockham, Ok'ara, William of, British 

meta />?ul, 14th cen. 
Ockiey, Ok'li, Simon, «/r» and au Eng., 

O'Connell. O-kon-el, Daniel, Irish or 

and patriot, 1775—1817. 
Odcs<-alchi, CJ-das-k^l-ke, Marc A., It. 

phil an, — 1670. 
Odin, war, poet, priest and monarch, 

Den., nftor death worshipped as a 

god, 70 B. C. 
Oeder. E'der, Geo. Christ., /)A, hot and 

au, Ger., 1728—1791. 
Oelilenschloeger, 0)-len-sl<6-ger, Adam, 

■ Danish dram poet, 1777 — 1850. 
Octinger. E'tin-Aer, Fred. Christopher, 

Ger. philol. 1702—1782. 
Og^, d-ia, a Creole of St. Domingo, 

founder of the Uaytian revolution, 

—1790, killed. 
Oglethorpe, CJ'gl-torp, James, Brit, gen, 

/ovnd Georgia, died in Eng., 1785. 

O'Keefe, O-kef, John, dram Ireland, 

Oken, Q'kn, Ix>renz, Swiss nat and 

au, 1778—1851. 
Olafricn, Q-lqf-sen, Stephen, fra«« the 

Edda and Voluspa, Iceland, — 1688. 
Oldenburg, Ol'den-burg, Aagustus- 

Paul-Fred., Grand-Duke of, 1783— 
Oldham, John, Eng. poet, 1653—1683, 
Olivan, Ol-e-vqn, Don Alosandro De, 

Spanish puhliciitt. 
Omar I., caliph of the Saracens, assas, 

Onosander, Greek an, A. D., 50. 
Opie, (O'pe, John, hist pt, Eng., 1761— 

Opie, Amelia, wife of the above, au, 

Orange, William of Nassau, Prince of, 

fimnd Dutch republic, 1533— as. 1584, 
Origon, a father of Christian church, 

Alexandria, 185—254. 
Orion, O-rj-on, /ai, a mighty hunter. 
Orleans, 0r-le-ah or Or'U-anz, duL-g' 

dom, and titular name borne by tho 

princes of tho blood royal in France, 

of which there are two houses : — 

1. Commencing with Louis I. of Fr., 

1393; 2. Commencing with Philip I«y 



Personal Names. 

Orleans, Louis Philippe Jos., Due D', 

father of the late king, and singu- 
larly enough, a republican, 1747 — 

ex. 1793. 
Orme, Robert, Eng. Ust, 1728—1801. 
Ormond. James B., Duke of, Eng. st, 

laiO— 1688, 
Orpheus, 9r'f e-us, Greek 'poet, mus and 

jih, fl. before Hoiner. 
Orville, 9r-vel, James Philip D', das 

wr Holland, 1696—1751. 
Ossian, OJ'i-an, Gaelic poet, 3d cen. 
Ossoli, 0s-(ij-le, the Countess, better 

known as Margaret Fuller, Am. au 

Mass., 1810—1850. 
Otho 1., k Greece, 1815— c. 1832— 
Otho, O'fco, Marcus Salvius, emp of 

Rome, in 69. — I., II., III., IV., 

emps Ger., 936 to 1218. 
Otis, James, Mass., 1725 — 1783. 
Otranto, O-trqn-to, Jos. Eouche,Duke 

of, mill of Police, Fr., 1763—1820. 
Ottley, Ot'li, Wm. Young, F. K. S., 

Brit, art and av, 1772—1836. 
Otto, 0-t(5, Louis Wm., Count de Mos- 

loy, Fr. dif), 1754— d. [1651—1685. 
Otway, Ot'wa, Thomas, Eng. dram, 

Oudinot, (I)-dan-(5, Chas Nicholas, 

Duke of Reggie, marehal Fr., 1767 

Ouvrard, (Dv-r4rd, Rene, Fr. div, pott, 

math and mvs, — 1694. 
Overbeck, Frederiok, Ger. art, 1789 — ■ 
Ovid, CD'vid, Publius Naso, Roman 

23o(t, 11. A. D. 12. 
Oviedo, O-vi-a-do, John G., Spanish 

nat, —1540. [1683. 

Owen, John, D. D., Eng. div, 1616 — 
Owen, Robert Dale, Am. wr, pol tJteO' 

rist, and pol, la. 
Owen, William, Eng. por-pt, 1769 — 

Owen, Robert, pol theorist Eng., 1771 — 
Owen, Richard, F. R. S., Eng , sur, nat 

and a a. 
Oxenstierna, Oks-en-ster-nq, Axel, 

Count, st Sweden, 1583 — 1054. 
Ozanam, Oz-a-nqm, James, Fr. math, 

Ozeretzkfif fsky, Oz - er - ets - kof - ski, 

Nicholas Yak., Rus. savant and ur, 

Ozeroff, Vladislas Alexandrovitsch, 

Rus. tragic poet, 1707—1816. 

Paaw, Pqv, Peter, Dutch ph and lot, 

Pacheco, Pq-cja-ko, Don Joaquin Franz, 

Sp.j^/ur, au and poet, 1808 — 
Paciandi, Pq-qe-qn-de, Paul Maria, 

Italian antiq and hut, 1710 — 1785. 
Paez, Pq-af). Jose Antonio, ex-pres Ven- 
ezuela, 1790 — 
Paganini, l^q-gq-ne-ns, Nicolo, Italian 

I'ioZ. .-1784—1 840. 
Page, William, Am. por-pt N-Y^., 1811 — 
Paine, Robert Treat, Am. law, and 

signer Dec. of Ind., 1731—1811. 
Paine, Thomas, pol wr and Mb crit, 

Pa., 1737—1809. 
Paisiello, Pj-ze-a-lo, Giovanni, Italian 

rnvs comp, 1741 — 1818. 
Palafox-Y''-Meizi, Pq-lq-f(a-S-Ma-E-t8, 

Sp. gen, the defender of Saragossa, 

Paley, Pa-li, Wm., D. D.. Eng. div and 

wr on ethics. 1743—1805. 
Palissot De Beauvois, Pal-8-so De 

Bo-vw6, Ambroise M. F. J., Fr. nat, 

J'alissy, Pq-lg-se, Bernard De, French 

cJtem, —1590. 

Palladio, Pq-lq-de-o, Andrea, It. arch, 

Pallas, Pq-lqs, Peter Simon, trav and 
«a< Ger., 1741— 1811. [1781—1850. 

Paluiella, Pqm-el-o, Duke ( f , st Port., 

Palmersion, Pqm-er-ston, Henry Tem- 
ple, Viscount, Eng. st, 1784 — 
t Pandora, Pan-do-ra, fah, the first 
woman made by Vulcan, and en- 
dowed with gifts by all the deities; 
Jupiter gave her a box containing 
all manner of evils, war, famine, «Sic,, 
with hope at the bottom. 

Paoli, Pq-o-l8, Pascal, Corsican st, 

Papin, Pq-pan, Denys, Fr. nat, phil 
and 2^h, — 1710. 

Paracelsus, Par-a-sel-sus, A urcol us Phi - 
lippus Theophrastus, &c, Swiss ph 
Sindp/iilwr, 1493—1541. [1590. 

Pare, Pqr, Ambrose, Fr. svr, 1509 — 

Pareja, Pqr-a-hq, Juan De, j<t and 
slut-e, Sp., 1610—1670. [1729—1799. 

Parini, Pq/-e-ne. Joseph, Italian poet, 

Paris, Par-is, fah, son of Priam, who 
ran away Avith Helena, and occa- 
sioned the Trojan war. 

Personal Names. 


Park, Mun!?o. Scottish irav and ezji in 

Africa. 1771— perished 1806. 
Parker, Rev. Theodore, Unitarian der, 

anti-slavery re/, and wr. Mass. 
Parkcs, Samuel, exjJer chetn and au, 

Eng., 1759—1825. [1830. 

Parkinson, Thomas, math Eng., 1745 — 
Parna.-sus, Pqr-nas-us, /a^>, a mountain 

of Phocis, famous for a temple of 

Apollo, and being the favorite resi- 
dence of the muses. 
Parncll, Pqr-nel, Thomas, Irish poet 

and an, 1679—1718. 
Parr, Pqr, Samuel, div and scholar, 

Eng.. 174')— 1825. 
Parry. Par-i, Caleb IT.. M. D., F. R. S., 

ph and nat. 1756—1822. 
Parry, Sir \Vm. Edward, Eng. nav^ 

1790—1855. [1705—1770. 

Pardons, James, Eng. med and 7nuc wr, 
Parsons, Theophilus, LL. D., laio and 

chief justice, Mass., 1750—1813. 
Pascal, Pas-kal, Blaise, math and nat 

phil, Fr., 1623—1662. 
Paskewitch, Pas-ka-viq, Ivan Feod., 

Prince of Warsaw, 1782 — 
Pastor Diaz. Pcis-tor Ds-^t, Don Ni- 

comedes, Sp. poet, 1811 — 
Patrick, St., (jvard saint of Ireland, 

native of Wales, carried to Ireland, 

and converted the people to Christi- 
anity, —460. {(jeol, 1742—1815. 
Patrin, Pa-tran, Eugene L. M., Fr. 
Paulding, Pol-din, James K., Am. wr 

N-Y., 1779— [imi. 

Paul, Petrowitz, tyr emp Rus., assas. 
Paul, Father, schdar and au "llistory 

of the Council of Trent." 
Paul, St., originally Saul, put to death 

by Nero, for preaching Christ, A. D. 

66. ^ [1272. 

Paulo, Marco, Venetian trav in China, 
Paxton, Paks-ton, Sir .Joseph, arch of 

the Crystal Palixce, Scot., 1804— 
Payne, Pan, John Howard, Am. wr 

and dram N-Y., 1792—1852. 
Peabody, Pg-bod-i, Rev. Andrew P., 

D. D., div and crit wr Ma-?a., 1811 — 
Pecquet, Pe-ka, John, Fr. anat and /)A, 

di.'*covcrer of the thoracic duct and 

the receptacle of the chyle, — 1674. 
Pedro I.. Pad-ro or Pe-dro, Antonio 

Jose D'Al., Don, ex-emn Brazil, 1798 

Peel, Sir Robert, Eng. st, 1788—1850. 
Pegasus, Pdg-a-<u*, /ah, winged horse 

b 'longing to Apollo and tho Muses. 
Pelagius, Pe-!a-ji-us, found of a sect, 

Brit., 5fh cen. — X and II., popes, 

555, 578. 


Pellico, Pal-e-ko, Silvio, It. fvr, 1789— 

Pemberton, Thomas, Am. hist, 1723— 
1807. [household gods. 

Penates, Pe-na-tez, /ah, statues or 

Pena Y Aguayo, Pa-nq S fl-gwq-E-o, 
Don Jose De La, Sp. laio and au, 
1801 — 

Penelope, Ps-nel-0-pb',/a?>, daughter of 
Icarus, celebrated for her chastity 
and fidelity during the long absence 
of Ulysses. 

Penn, William, a "Quaker," /ound 
Pennsylvania, 1644 — 1718. 

Pennant, Pen-ant, Thomas, Brit, nat, 

Pepusch, Pa-ix6J", John Christ., Ger. 
theor mus. 1667—1752. 

Perceval, Per-sc-val, Spencer, Eng. 
law and st, 1762— sh. 1812. 

Percival, Per-si-val, James Gates, Am. 
})0€t Conn., 1795 — 

Pcrcv, Per-si, Thomas, Eng. f(£ and ivr^ 
17'29-181l. [and gen. 

Pericles, Per-i-klez, Athenian &t, or 

Perry, .lames, Eng. jovr, pol wr, and 
ed " Morning Chronicle," 1756—1821. 

Perry, Oliver Haz., of Am. navy, R. I., 
1785— 1820. 

Pestalozzi, Pes-tq-l6t-se, Henry, Swiss 
educat(/r, founder of the system of 
instruction by "objects," and au., 
1745 — d. 

Peter, chief of the Apostles, crucified 
by Nero, head downward, A. D. 66. 

Peter, St., hp Alexandria, martyred 311. 

Peter the First, czar Rus., and a pro- 
moter of education and the arts of 
civilization, 1672—1725. 

Peter, the Hermit, Fr. of, and holy 
pilgrim, who instigated the war of 
the Crusaders, —1100. 

Pcthion Do Villeneuve, Pa-te-on D9 
Yel-yan-uv, Jerome, Girondist leader 
of the French revolution, — 1793. 

Petion, Pa-tE-6h, Alex. Salics, a negro, 
gen, and pres republic of Hayti, 1770 
—1818. [-1750. 

Petit, P*5-te, Jean Louis, Fr. mr, 1074 

Petrarch, Pe-trqrk, Francesco, chief 
restorer of classical learning, Tusca- 
ny, 1304-1374. 

Phaeton, Fa-e-ton, /ah, son of Sol 
(Apollo), who asked the guidance 
of his father's chariot for one day, 
as a proof of his divine descent; but 
unable to manage the horses, set the 
world on fire, and was therefore 
struck by .Jupiter with a thundor- 
bplt into the river Po. [B. G. 

Phidias, yid-i-as, Athenif^n ^cull>, 43^ 


Personal Names. 

Philemon, Fj-le-mon, comic poet, Ath- 
ens, 274 B. C. 

Philetus, Fj-le-tus, Greek poet. 
Philip II., Fil-ip, k Macedon, father 

IS, jfj-ie-t 
II., Fil-i 
ot Alex, the Great, assas. 336 B. C. 

Philip II., k Spain, Mgot and tyrant, 

Philip, St., the first whom Jesus called 
as a discipla. [—1749. 

Philips, Ambrose, Eng. poet and dram. 

Philips,, Eng. poet, 1671—1708. 

Philips, Samuel, Eng. jour and misc 
wr, 1815—1854. [ref Mass. 

Philips, Wendell, Am. savant, or and 

Phillpotts, Henry, champion of the 
Eng. High-Church party, 1777 — 

Philo, Fj-lo, Indaeus, Greek wr on 
mor. philos., fl. A. D. 40. 

Philostratus, Fj-los-tra-tus, Greek 
sophut and a'it, — 244. 

Phocion, F(i-Ji-on, Athenian gen and 
phil, poisoned 318 B. C. 

Piazzi, PK-(!it-SE, Guiseppe, It. aatr, 
discoverer of the planet Ceres, 1746 
—1826. [1728—1801. 

Piccini, Pe-ce-ne, Nicolai, It. mus comp, 

Pichler, PiA-ler, Caroline, posthumous 
Ger. ivr, 1769—1843. ^ 

Pickering, law, and chief j Sup. Ct. 
N-H., —1805. 

Pictet, Mark Aug., Swiss nat and ]i7bil, 
1752—1825. [k. 1815. 

Picton, Sir Thomas, K. C. B., Brit, fff, 

Pierce, Pers, Franklin, pol. and thir- 
teenth Prcs. U. S., from 1853 to 1857; 
N-II. V-Pres., Wm. R. King, who 
died before taking his seat. 

Pierpont, Per-pont, Rev. J., Am. cler, 
poet and r</Mass., about 1776 — 

Pike, Zobulon Mont., rff Am. army, 
N-J., — k. 1813. 

Pilate, Pontius, P6n-Ji-us Pj-lat, Ro- 
man gov Judea, under whose rule 
Christ suffered death ; he was ex- 
iled, and hanged himself A. D. 37. 

Pinckney, Pii)k-ni, Chas. Cutesworth, 
Am. off and dip S. C, —1825. 

Pindar,' lyric poet, much esteemed, 
—500 B. C. [1711—1796. 

Pingre, Pan-gr, Alex. Guy, Fr. astr, 

Pinkerton, Pig -ker-ton, John, au Scot., 

Pinkney, Pitik-ni, "Wm., Am. st Md., 

Piranesi, Per-qn-a-ss, Giambattista, 
It. arclioe, 1707—1778. 

Pitmnn, Isaac, inv of Phonography, 
and experimenter in phonetic print- 
ing, Eng., 1814- [1771. 

Pitot, Pe-tO; Henry, Fr, math, 1695— 

Pitt, Christopher, Eng. cter and pnet. 

1699—1748. [1806. 

Pitt, William, st and rnin Eng., 1759— 
Pius the Ninth, Pupe. was b. 1792- 

assumed the gov. 1846 — 
Pizarro, Pe-zq?'-o. Francisco, conq of 

Peru. 1517—1541. 
Plato, Pla-to, Athenian phil, of great 

repute, 429—348 B. C. 
Playfair. Pla-f;ir, John, math and nat 

phil Scot., 1749—1819. 
Pleiades, Plt-ya-dez, fa\ the seven 

dnughters of Atlas and Pleiono, who 

were changed into stars. 
Pliny, Plin-i, Caius Secundus, most 

learned of anc. Roman ^vrs, 23 — 79. 
Pliny, Ca?cilius Secundus. nephew of 

the above, law and consul, 62 — 113. 
Plot, Robert, Eng. nat, 1640—1696. 
Plaehe, PhiJ, Noel A., Fr. nat and wr, 

1688-1761. [-1854. 

Plunket, Wm. C, Lord, Brit, st, 1764 
Plutarch, Ph'i-tqrk, phil and hint 

Greece, — 140. 
Pluto, Ph\-to, fab, the god of hell. 
Pocahontas. Pcj-ka-hon-tas, Indian 

princess Va., who married Mr. Rolfe, 

an Engfishraan : died in Eng., 1616. 
Poinsett, Prrn-set, Joel R., Am. it S, 

C, —1851. [1646—1719. 

Poiret, Pwo-ra, Peter, Fr. mystic phil, 
Pole, Reginald, Eng. cardinal, and 

friend of Queen Mary, 1500—1558. 
Polignac, Pol rg-nak, Jules, Prince De, 

prime min of Charles X., of France, 

Polk, Pok, James K., eleventh Pres. 

U. S., from 1845 to 1849; Tenn., 

—1849. V-Pres., Geo. M. Dallas, Pa. 
Pollok, P61-ok, Robert, Eng. pvet, 1798 

Polwhele, Pol-hwg-le, Rev. Richard, 

antiq, jwct, hist and mi^'c wr Scot., 

1760—1838. [1667—1703. 

Pomfrct, Pom-fret, John, Eng. poet, 
Pomona, Po-mcb-na, fab, the goddesa 

of fruits. 
Pompadour, Pom-pa-dcDr, Jane Antoi- 
nette Poisson, a beloved mistress of 

Louis XV., 1720—1764. 
Pompey, Pom-pi, Cneius the Great, 

rival of Julius Cassar; being defeat- 
ed, he fled to Egypt, and was assas., 

48 B. C. 
Pompnnazzi. Pom-po-n^t-se, It. phil, 

1462- 1524. 
Pond, John, F. R. S.,Eng. astr, —18.38. 
Poniatowski, Po-ne-q-tiavs-ki, Stanis- 
laus Augustus, last k of Poland, 1732 

— drowned 1814. 

Personal Names. 


Pope, Alexander, poet and sat Eng., 

Person, Per-son, Richard, Eng. crit 

and classic au, 1759-^1808. 
Porta, Per-tq,. Giovanni B. D., nat 

phil and math, inventor of the 

camera obrcura, Italy, 1540— d. 
Purtcr, Anna Maria, n<}V Eng., — 1832. 
Porter, Jane, Eng. an, 1776—1850. 
Purter, Sir Robert Ker, Eng. art and 

wr, 1780—1842. 
Porter, David, com Am. navy, Mass., 

Portugal, Maria-Da-Gloria, Queen of, 

b. 1819— assumed gov. 1834— 
Potemkin, Gregory Alexandrovitsch, 

Rus. 2ynnc€ and rff, 1736—1791. 
Potocki, Pu)-to-ke, Claudia, Countess 

of, distinguished for her acts of 

charity in the Polish war, 1802—1830. 
Pott, Percival, Eng. mr, 1713—1788. 
Potter, Jno., aa '-Antiquities of Greece," 

Eng., 1674—1747. 
Potter, Paul, Dutch /)^ 1625—1654. 
Poaschkine,P'8;J-kin-e, Alex., Rus. pr>et, 

1799—1837. [—1665. 

Poussin, PiD-safi, Nicolas, Fr. j)t, 1594 
Powers, P-8-erz, Hiram, Am. sculp, 0., 

1805 — 
Powhattan, Pu-hat-an, Indian chief, 

Va., father of Pocahontas, — 1618. 
Pozzo Di Borgo, Pot-su) De Bo/'-gQ, 

Chas. A. Count, dip Corsica, 1768 — 

Prentice, Pr^n-tis, George D., Am. 

poet and jour, ed " Louisville Jour- 
nal," Ky., 1804— 
Preissnitz, Prjs-nits, Vincent, disc of 

the Water-Cure, Prus., 1799—1851. 
Prescott, Pres-kot., Wm. Hickling, Am. 

hi«t Mass., 1793 — 
Prescott, Wm., off Am. army, Mass., 

Prevot D'Exiles, Pr^-vo D^g-zel-a, 

Anthony Francis, a posthumous Fr. 

wr, 1697—1763. 
Priam, Prj-am, fah, father of Paris, 

Hector, &c.: the last king of Troy. 
Price, Dr. Richard, Eug. die, essa and 

math, 1723—1791. 
Prichard, Pric-ard, James Cowles, M. 

D., Eng. ethno, 1786—1818. 
Priestley. Prgst-li, Joseph, ch^em, iheol, 

hift, electrician and pol. To him we 

are indebted fur a knowledge of ox- 

ygen, carbonic oxide, binoxide of 
nitrogen, ammonia, muriatic acid, 
sulphurous acid, fluosilicic acid, etc., 
Eng., 1733—1804. 

Pringle, Pritj-gl, Sir John, Eng. nat 
jihil and ph, 1707—1782. 

Prior, Prj-or, Mathew, Eng. poet, 1661 

Procter, Prok-ter, Bryan W., better 
known as *• Barry Cornwall," British 

Prometheus, Pro-me-te-us, a great wary 
supposed to have been thn first dis- 
coverer of the art of striking fire by 
flint and steel, which gave rise to 
the fable of his stealing fire from 
heaven ; f 1. 1687 B. C. [of Pluto. 

Proserpine, Pros-er-pjn, fah, the wife 

Proteus, Pr6-te-us,/a(^, a sea-god, who 
could transform himself into any 

Prudhomme, Pred-ora, L., ed of "Lo 
Journal des Revolutions do Paris," 

Prutz, Pra)t5, Reinhold E,, Ger. poet 
and lit hist, 1810 — 

Prynne, Prjn, William, Puritan au^ 
Eng., 1600—1637. [sure. 

Psyche, Sj-ke,/(/ft, the goddess of plea- 
Ptolemy, T6l-s-mi, Claudius, yeo/jy 
math and astr, b. in Eg., A. D. 138. 

Publius Cyrus, Piib-li-us Sj-rus, Syr- 
ian slave, who distinguishing him- 
self as a poet, was set at liberty, 44 

Puffendorf, PiOf-en-dorf, Samuel, Ger. 
nat, jurist and, 1632—1691. 

Pultney, Pult-ni, Wm., Earl of Bath, 
pot Eng., 1682—1764. 

Pulaski, PiD-lqs-ke, Count, Polo off 
Am. army, — k. 1779. 

Purcell, l^ir-sel, Henry, Eng. mi/*, 

Putnam, Israel, Am. maj-gen Revolu- 
tionary war, Mass., 1718— 1790. 

Pym, Pim, John, Eng. st, 1581-1643. 

Pyrrbus, Pir-us, fah, son of Achilles, 
renxarkablo for his cruelty at the 
siege of Troy. 

Pythagoras, Pi-tag-o-ras, Grecian philf 
590—497 B. C. 

Pytheas, Pit-c-as, Greek phil, who 
discovered the difference in the 
length of days in different climates, 
384 B. C. 


Personal Names. 


Quarles, Kw(^r-les, Francis, Eng. poet. 

loU2— ItU-l. 
Quolinus, Ke-a-lin-ns, Erasmus, Dutch 

pt, 1607— iii78. 
Quorlun, Ker-Iofi, Anne Gabriel M. De, 

Yr.jour, 1702-1780. 
Quer y Martinez, Kar t Mqr-ten-at, 

Joseph, Sp. h<jt, 11)95—1761. 
Quesnay, Kes-na, Francois, Fr. pol 

earn, 1794—1774. 
Quesnoy, Kc^^-uwo, Francis Du, sculp 

Brussels. 1592-1646. 
Quevedo Villegas, Ka-va-do Vel-ya- 

gq-<, Francisco De, Sp. pott aud sat- 
irist, 1570—1617. 
Quin, Kwin, Jame.^, Br. act, 1693 — 1766. 

Quinault, Ke-ncJI, Philip, Fr. dram 

poet, 1636—1688. 
Quincy, Kwin-si, Josiah, Am. patriot 

and lato Mass., — 1775. 
Quincy, Josiah, ex-pres Harvard Uni- 
versity, Bt and sch Mass., 1772— 
Quincy, Josiah, jr., law and Jinan 

Mass., 1802— 
Quinct, Ke-na, Edgar, Fr. poet and 

hid of literature, 1803— 
Quintana, Ken-tq-nq, Jose Manuel De, 

Sp. ^x-if^ and hid, 1772 — 
Quita, Ke-tq, Domingos Dos Reis, poet 

Port., 1728—1770. 
Quintilian, Kwin-til-i-an, Marcus Fabi- 

us, Uom. law and cnt,\. D. 42 — 131. 


Rabelais, ■R<:i-bel-a, Francois, Fr. hum, 

Racan, Rq-kau. Honorat Do B., Mar- 
quis of, Fr. poet, 1589—1670. 
Racine. Rq-sen, Jean, Fr. trag dram, 

1639—1699. [1764-1823. 

Radeliffe, Rad-klif, Ann, Eng. nov, 
Radetzky, Rq-dets-ki, Joseph, Count, 

commun Austrian army, 1766 — 
Radowitz, Rq-dcj-vets, Joseph Von, 

Prus. 7nin., 1797 — 
Raeburn, Ra-burn, Sir Henry, Scot. 

art, 1756—1823. 
Raf u, Rq-fa>, Karl Christian, Icelandic 

critic and antiq, 1795 — 
Raglan, Rag-Ian, Lord Fitzroy James 

IL Somerset, Baron, Eng. yen com, 

Crimean forces, 1788 — 1855." 
Ragotsky, Rq-gots-ki, Francis, prince 

of Transylvania, 1676 — 1735. 
Raimondi, Rj-mon-de, Marc Antonis, 

It. engraver, 1478 — 1540. 
Raleigh, Rq-li, Sir Walter, Eng. nav, 

exp and ivr, 1552— beheaded 1618. 
Raiueau, Rq-mcj, Jean Philippe, Fr. 

mus theorist, 1683—1764. 
Rainier, R^ra^ler, Chas. Wm., Gor. 

poet and laisc ^vr, 1725—1798.' 
Raniraohun Roy, Ram-o-un R(T, Rajah, 

2)hil and reformer, Br. Ind,, 1774 — 

Raraond De Carbonnieres, Ra-moiid 

Da K(^,r-bon-E-ra, Louis F. E., Baron, 

Fr. phil and geol, 1776—1827. 

Ramsay, Rara-za, Allan, Scottish jjoe^, 

Ramsay, David, Am. ph and hist, S. C, 

Rainsden, Ramz-den, Jesse, opt and 

math instrument maker, Eng., 1735 

Ramus, Rq-m6s, Peter, Fr. meta phil, 

and wr, 1515 — 1572. 
Randolph, Ran-dolf, John, of Roanoke, 

Am. St Va., 1773—1833. 
Raiike, Rqij-ka, Leopold, Ger. histf 

Raphael, Ra-fa-el, Santi, the "prince 

of painters," It.. 1483—1520. 
Raphall, Raf-al, Morris J., M. A., Pb. 

Dr., a rabbi preacher, N-Y., and em. 

wr, 1798— 
Raspail, Rqs-pal, Francois V., Fr. tcr 

on the nat sciences, aud a rep^uh ed, 

1794— [1722—1805. 

Ratte, Rqt, Etienne Hy. De, Fr. ast, 
Rauch, RuA, Christian, Ger. sculp, 

Raumer, R-s-mer, Fred. Lud. Geo. 

Von. Ger. hid and trav, 1781 — 
Ray, Ra, Joseph, pr(>f and an math 

works, Ohio, b. Va., 1807—1855. 
Ray, Rev. John, lot and zool Eng., 

Raynal, Ra-nql, Wra. Thorn. F., Fr. 

hid and pol ivr, 1711—1796. 
Reach, Recj, Augus B., Scottish jour 

and au, 1821 — 

Personal Names. 


Reaamur, R6-me, Rene An. F. Do, 

phU nat, Fr., 1(583— d. 
Reboul, Ra-bi^51, Jean, " the bakor 

poet," Fr., 1796— 
Redesdale, Red-es-dal, John F. M., 

Baron, Eng. law and st, 1748— 1S:J0. 
Redfield, Red-feld, William C, Am. 

meteor Conn., 1789 — 
Redgrave, Red-grav, Richard, En*, pt, 

1804— [1626-1698. 

Redi, Ra-de, Francis, It., ph and nat, 
Reding, Red-i^j, Aloys, Baron Von, 

Swis.''. gen, 1755—1818. 
ReeJ, Red, llenry, Am. «6'/* Pa., perished 

at sea, 1854. _ [1742—1807. 

Reed, Isaac, critic and misc wr Eng., 
Reed, Joseph, Am. rev and mem of 

Congres-s, Pa.,— 1781. [1632—1707. 
Regi.-!, Ra-je, ^'iqttq 'A.,Yt. -meta phil, 
Regius, Ra-Ae-tDs, Urban, Ger. poet 

and controversialist, — 1541. 
Regnault, Ran-yol, Michel L. S., Fr. 

8t 1760—1819. [1736—1814. 

Regnault, Noel, math and phil, Fr., 
Regnier, Ran-yer, Maturin, Fr. poet 

and satirist, 1573 — 1613. 
Regulus, Reg-yq,-lus, Marcus Attitius, 

Rom. gen, put to death 251 B. C. 
Reicha, Rj-Aq, Antoiae Jos., Ger. rniis 

comp, 1770-1833. 
Reichardt, Rj^-qrt, Johann Fried., Ger. 

mus comp, 1752—1814. 
Reichenbach, Rj/i-en-bqA, George of. 

an arti«t dist. in manuf astro and 

phih instruments, Ger., 1772 — 1826. 
Reich stadt, RiA-stqt, Napoleon Fran. 

Chas. Jos. Bonaparte, Due De, only 

son of Niipoleon, 1811-1832. 
Reid, Red, Thomas, Scottish phil, 1710 

Reid, Col. Sir "William, Royal erhg and 

naut wr, 1791 — 
Reinhold, Rin-holt, Erasmus, Ger. 

math and ast, 1511 — 1553. 
Reiske, R|s-ke, John Jame.<<, philol 

and onentalUt, Ger., 1716 — 1774. 
Reiasigcr, Rjs-ig-er, Karl Got., Ger. 

7nus comp, \Ti^— [1733—1790. 

Reiz, Rjr.^, Frederic W., Ger. philol, 
Rembrandt Van Rhyn, Rcmbrqnt Fqn 

Rin, Paul, Dutch /vi and engra, 1605 

Eerausat, Ra-m(i>-s4, Jean Pierre A., 

Fr. ling, 1788—1832. 
Rcn^, Ru-na, of Anjou, the last of his 

dynasty who sat on the throne of 

Naplod. 1409—1470. [1761—1821. 
Rennie, R^n-e, John, citil eng Eng., 
EeU, Ret, Jean F. P. De Gondi, Card- 

mal De, Yt.pol and wr, 1614—1679. 

Retzsch, R^ts-J, Moritz, (*er. art, 1779 — 
Reuchlin, RerA-lin, John, Ger. philol, 

Rey, Ra, John, Fr. pneumatic chem 

and ph, — 1645. 
Reyneau, Ra-no, Chas. Rene, Fr. 

math, 1656—1723. 
Reynolds, Ren-oldz, Sir Joshua, found 

of the Eng. school of painting, 1723 

Rhigas, Re-gqg, a modern Greek pat- 
riot, 1753—1798. 
Rhyne, Rj-ne, Wm. Fen., Dutch ph 

and nat, 1640 — d. 
Ricardo, Ri-kqr-do, David, Eng. pol 

econ, 1772-1823. 
Rich, Riq, Claudius James, Eng. trav 

and orientalist, 1787 — 1821. 
Richard, Ri(}-(ird, I., the " Lion-heart- 
ed," b. 1157— k of Eng. from 1189 

to 1199 the time of his death. 
Richard, II., b. 1366— Tc of Eng. from 

1385 to 1399. 
Richard, III., the most execrable Eng'. 

prince, b. 1452— k from 1434 to 1485. 
Richard, Claude Louis, Fr. lot, 1754 — 

1821. [1761. 

Richardson, Samuel, Eng. nov, 1689 — 
Richardson, Wm., poet and misc wr, 

Scot., —1814. 
Richelieu, RiJ-el-?, Armand J. Da 

Plei-sis, Cardinal, Fr. min, 1585 — 

Richter, RiA-tcr, Jean Paul Friedricb, 

Ger. wr and au, 1763 — 1825. 
Riogo, Re-a-ga, Rafael Del^ Sp. pat' 

riot of, 1785—1823. 
Rienzi, Re-end-ze, Nicohas Gabrini do, 

a man of low estate, who raised him- 
self to sovereign power in Rr)me, 

1310—1354. [—1838. 

Ries, Res, Ferdinand, Ger. mus, 1784 
Rigaud, Ri-g6d, Stephen Peter, ast 

Eng., 1775—1839. 
Ritchie, Riq-i, Thomas, Am. pd and 

ed of "Richmond Enquirer," Va. 
Rittenhouse, Rit-en-h«3, David, math 

Pa , 1732-1796. 
Ritter, Rit-er, John Wm., Ger. phil 

and lor, 1776—1810. 
Rivaroi, Riv-qr-w6, Anthony, Count 

De, Fr. wr, 1757—1801. 
Rivas, Re-v^s, Angel De S., Duque 

De, poet, dram and pt, Sp., 1791 — 
Rivaz, Re-vq, Peter Jos. !)<% Fr. mech 

and chmnolfHjer, 1711—1772. 
Riviere, Re-vi-;\,r, .Muroicr De La, Fr. 

j>ol eom, 1747 — 1791. 
Rivinus, Riv-in-us, Augustus Q., Ger. 

bot, 1652—1723. 


Personal Names. 

Robert, Rob-^r, Peter Fran. Jos., Fr. 

st and wr, 1743 — d. 
Robert, Hubert, Fr. pt, 1732—1808. 
Robert-Flcury, — Fler, Joseph Is'icolas, 

Fr. pt, 1797— 
Robertson, Rob-ert-son, Dr. Wm., 

Scottish hist and clerg, 1729—1793. 
Robespierre, Rob-es-per, Francois Jo- 
seph M. J., the chief actor in the 

French revolution, and celebrated 

for his cruelty, 1759— guil. 1794. 
Robin Hood, Rob-in Hud, ca2Jt band 

of robbers, Eng., — 1247. 
Robins, Rob-inz, Benjamin, Eng. math 

wr, 1707—1751. 
Robinson, R6b-in-son, Mary, Eng. poet 

and mtso wr, 1758—1800. 
Robinson, Thomas, Eng. nat and clerg, 

Robinson, R6b-in-son, Edward, D. D., 

LL. D., Am. scholar, Conn., 1794 — 
Robison, R6b-i-son, John, Scottish wr 

on natphil, 1739—1805. 
Robson Geo. Fennel, draughtsman smd 

Roby, Ria-bi, John, Eng. 'banker, poet, 

and hist, — 1850. 
Rochambeau, Ro-Jam-bci, Jean B. D. 

])e Vimeur, Count De, Fr. cjf, 1725 

Rochejaquelein, Ro-fa-3a-ke-lan, Henri 

De La, chief of La Vendee, 1773— 

k. 1794. 
Rockingham, Rok-ig-ham, Charles "W. 

W., second Marquis of, Eng. st and 
, pol, 1730-1782 
Rodney, R6d-ni, George B., Lord, Eng, 

adrn, —1792. [1644. 

Roe, Ro, Sir Thomas, Eng. st, 1580— 
Roebuck, Rd)-buk, John, Eng. ph and 

natphil, 1718—1794. 
Roebuck, John Arthur, radical Eng, 

2X)l, 1801— 
Roemer, Re-mer, Olaus, Danish astr, 

dit^coverer of the velocity of light, 

1644_1710. [—1732, 

Rogers, Roj-erz, Woods, Eng. nav, 
Rogers, Samuel, Eng. poet and hanker, 

Rogers, John, Eng. div martyred in 

the persecuting reign of Mary, at 

Smithfield, — 1555. 
Rohault, Ro-ol, James, Fr. math and 

natphil, 1620—1675. 
Roland De La Platiere, Rol-^nd De 

Lq Plq-ter, Jean Marie, Girondist 

min of Fr., 1732—1793. 
Roland, Manou Jeanne P., the wife 

of the above and dist. as pol wr, 

1754— g. 1793. 

Rollin, Rol-an, Charles, Fr. hist, 1661 

Romanzoff, Ro-man-zof, Peter Alex., 
Count, Russian gen, 1730—1796, 

Romanzoff, ^Michael Paul, Count, Rus. 
dijy, —18—. 

Rome De L'Isle, Rom De Lei, John 
Baptist L., Fr. miner, 1736—1790. 

Rorailly, R6m-i-li, Sir Samuel, Eng. 
st, 1757—1818, [—1302. 

Romney, R6m-ni, George, Eng, ])t, 1734 

Romulus, R6m-yq-lus, found and first 
k of Rome, —715 B. 'C 

Rosa, Rij-sq, Salvator, ii^p. poet, pt and 
mi/s, 1615—1673, 

Rosa, Francisco M, De La, st, or, poet, 
dram and hist Sp., 1789 — 

Rosas, Ro-s^s, Don Juan Manuel, the 
dictator who ruled the Argentine 
Republic 23 years, b. 1783— 

Roscoe, Ros-ko, Wm., Eng. biog and 
misc tvr, — 1831. 

Roscoe, Henry, son of the above, Eng. 
wr and law, 1800—1836. 

Rose, Rqz, George, st and pol wr, Eng., 

Rosellini, Ro-sel-e-nc, Ippolito, It. 
archoi, 1800—1843. 

Rosenkranz, Roz-en-kr^nts, Johann 
Karl Fried., Ger. phil, 1805— 

Ross, Ros, Sir James Clark, Eng. Artie 
nav, 1800— 

Rosse, Ros, Wm. Parsons, Earl of, 
man of science, and projector of the 
largest telescope constructed up to 
this time ; pres of the Royal Society, 
Eng., 1800— 

Rossi, R(f)-se, Pellegrino, Count, noble 
victim of the popular cause in Italy, 

Rossini, Ro-se-ne, Gioachimo, It. mu8 
annp, 1792— 

Rosslyn, Roz-lin, Alex. W., Earl of, 
law and st, Scot., 1733—1805. 

Rostopschin, Ros-top-skin, Feador, 
Count, Rus. st and <ff, 1760—1826. 

Rothermel, R6d-er-mel, Peter F., Am. 
art, b, 1817— 

Rothschild, Rots-qild, House of, fimnd 
of this world-controlling financial 
establishment was Mayer Anselm 
Rothschild, a native of Frankfort, 
Ger., and monky- changer, b. 1740 — 
1812, His sons were five in number, 
Anselm, Nathan, Solomon, James de, 
and Charles; all aro now living with 
the exception of Nathan, who died 
1836, The heads of the house are 
stationed at Frankfort, Vienna, Na- 
ples, Paris and London. 

Persoxal Names. 


Bottcck, Ro-t^k, Charles Yon, Ger. 
hist, 1775— 18-lS. 

Roubilliac, R-D-bel-yi-ak, Louis Fran- 
cis, Fr. sculp, — 1762. 

Bouelle, Rtf)-el, Win. Francis, chemYx., 

Rouget Do Lisle, RflD-j^^t De Lei, Jo- 
seph, icf and c'ymp of the " Marseil- 
laise," and a Fr. ,ff, 1760-1836. 

Rousseau, R<D-.s(i), jean Baptiste, Fr. 
lyric poet, 1669—17—. 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques, 'phil and 'poet 
Fr., 1712-1778. 

Rowe, Ro, Nicholas, poet and dram wr 
Eng.. 1673—1718. 

Roxburgh, Roks-burg, William, ^A and 
lot Scot., 1759—1815. [—1847. 

Roy, R-wo, Count Antoine, Fr. st, 1764 

Royer-Collard, R-wo-^r-Kol-^rd, Pierre 
Paul, Fr. phil, 1763—1845. 

Rozier, Ro-zer, Francis, Fr. tot and 
agri wr, 1734—1793. 

Rubens, R*D-benz, Peter Paul, the 
great manter pt, b. at Cologne, 1577 

Rnbini, RcD-be-ne, Giarabatista, tenor 
opera dnger It., 1795 — 1854. 

Rucellai, liiio-qel-j, Bernard, It. st and 
hiU, 1449—1525. 

Ruckert, R<6-kert, Frederick, Ger. poet, 

Rugendas, IUt)-gdn-dqs, Geo. Philip, 

Ger. hattle-pt, 1666—1742. 
Ruhs, RoDz, Frederick, Ger. hist, 1780 

Ruschenberger, Rd)J-en-ber-ger, W. S. 

W., M. D., Hurg and wr L. S. navy, 

Pa., 1807— 
Rush, RuJ, Dr. Benj.,, scholar, 

phil an, painot, au, and signer Lee. 

///«rZ., Pa., 1741— 1813. 
Rush, Richard, son of the above, eX' 

min and pf.l Pa., — 1780. 
Russell, Riis-el, Lord Wm., Eng. st, 

1639— ex. 1683. [1792 . 

Russel, Lord John, Eng. st and min, 
Russia, Rob-Ji-a, Alexander II., einp of, 

succeeded to the government 1855, 
Rutherford, Ruder-ford, Daniel, Scot, 

nat,phil ».ndi ph, 1749—1819. 
Rulledge, Rut-lej, Edward, Am. st, 

and signer Dec of Ind., S. C., 1749 — 

Ruysch, Rers, Frederic, M. D., F. R. S., 

Dutch anat, 1638—1731. [167(>. 

Ruyter, Rtf-ter, Dutch adm, 1607— 
Rysbrach, Rjs-brqA, John M., Dutch 

$(yulpt 1694—1770. 


Sabatier, Sa-ba-ter, Antoine, Fr. v>r, 

Sacjy Sqs, Antoine I. S., Baron De, 
Fr. scholar and an, 1758—1838. 

Sa Da Bandeira, Sq Dq Bqn-da-^-rq, 
Bernardo De, Port, st, 1796— 

Sadler, Michael Thomas, F. R. S., 
Eng. scholar, or and philan, 1780 — 

Sadler, Wm. W., Eng. aronaut and 
chem, 1804-k. 1824. 

Saint Arnaud, San ilr-n6d, .Taques 
Loroy De, marshal, and commau of 
the French forces in the Crimea, 

Suint-Clair, Sant-Kl^r, (ff Am. army, 
Pa., —1818. 

Saint-CroJx, Saii-Krwo, G. E. J., Ba- 
ron Do, Fr. wr, 1746—1809. 

Sainte-Bouve. Saht-liev, Chas. Angus., 
Fr. erit and poet, 1803— 

Sainline, San-ten, Xavier Bon., Fr. 
j>t,et and dram, 1790 — 

Saint-Just, Antoine, rmn, of Robespi- 
erre, 1768—1794. 

Saint-Mars, Fr. ^ff, the Keeper of 

' The Man in the Iron Mask,' which 

to this day remains a historical se- 
cret; 17th cen. 
Saint-Martin, — Mqr-tan, Louis C. 

De, Vr.phil, 1743—1803. 
Saint- Pal aye, — Pa-la, Charles I. C, 

Abbe De, Fr. pf/l wr and philan, 

18th cen. 
Saint Pierre, — Per, Jacques B. H. De, 

phil wr Fr., 1737—1814. 
Saint-Simon, — Si-ni6ii, Claude Henri, 

Count De. pnind of a school of social 

science, Fr., 1760—1825. 
Saldanha, Sql-d^n-yq, Oliviera, E. 

Daun, etc., Duke of, min and (Jf 

Portugal, 1780— 
Sallust, Caius Crispus, Roman hist, 

85—35 B. C. 
Sam.son, celebrated in Scripture for his 

strength, was betrayed and peri.shed 

with 3000 Phi]i.«tinos in the temple 

of Dagon, 1117 B. C. 
Samuel, propJiet of Israel, —1057 



Personal Names. 

Sancho, San-ko, Ignatius, a negro tor 

and poet, born on board a sLave-ship, 

freed in England, 1729—1780. 
Sandby, Paul, Eng. art, 1732-1809. 
Sandford, Sir Daniel K., I). C. L., 

classic scholar and o)% Scot., — 1838. 
Sands, Robt. C, jour and poet^ N-Y., 

Sannazarius. Scin-(^,d-zqr-E-(6s, Jacopo, 

Italian poet, 1458—1533. 
Sansovino, Sqn-scia-ve-no, Giocomo F., 

Italian sculp and arch, 1479 — 1570. 
Santa Anna, S(^n-tq H'nq, Antonio 

Lopez De, ex-pres of the Mexican 

Confi'deration, 1790 — 
Santa Cruz, (Sp. Kroofc, S. Am. KrO)?;) 

protector of the Pern-Boliviaa Con- 
federacy, b. about 1790 — 
Sappho, Saf-o, Greek poetess, whose 

lover was so cruel to her that she 

threw herself into the sea. 
Sardanapalu-s k Assyria, who on a re- 
volt of his people, set fire to his 

palace, and perished in the flames, 

820 B. C. 
Sardinia, Victor-Emmanuel-A.-E. -F.- 
Thomas, King of, b. 1820 — assumed 

gov. 1849— 
Saumaise, So-mas, Claude, crit, archce, 

and ori, Burgundy, 1588 — 1658. 
Saumarez, So-ma-rez, Rt. Ilnn. James, 

Lord De, offMul. navy, 1757—1836. 
Saunders, Son-derz, John C, Eng. sur, 

ocului and med wr, 1773—1810. 
Saunders, Wm., ]oh and med wr, 1743 

Saunderson, Son-der-son, Nicholas, a 

blind math Eng., 1682—1739. 
Saussure, So-ser, Horace B. De, nat 

Swit., 1740-1799. 
Saussure, Nichdlas T. De, son of the 

above, nat and chem, 1767 — 1845, 
Sauvagps, So-vq-ja, Francis B. De, 

Fr. hU and j^K —1767. 
Sanveur, So-ver, Joseph, Fr. math, 

Savage, Richard, Eng. poet, 1698—1743. 
Savary, Sa-vqr, Rene, Fr. gen, 1774 — 

Savonarola. Sqv-on-qr-cS-lq. Franciscan 

monk and ref, 1452— k. 1498. 
Saxe, Count Maurice of Saxony, Fr. 

gen, — 1750. 
Saxe, Saks, J. G., Am. sat and hum poet, 

Vt., 18 — 
Say, Sa, Jean B., Fr. wr on political 

economy, 1767—1832. 
Say, Thomas, Am. nat, 1787—1834. 
Scanderbeg, Skqn-de;'-beg, Albanian 

chief, 1404—1467. 

Scarlatti, Skqr-l^-tc, Alesaandro, It. 
mus comp, 1658—1728. [—1826. 

Scarpa, Skqr-pq, Antonio, It. art, 1746 

SchaiJow, Xq-dov, Juhaun G., Ger. 
6c>.dp, 1764—1852. 

Schadow-Godenhaus, — iGr(f) -den -hiss, 
Fried. Wilhelm Von, Ger. ?ust and 
por-pf, 1789— 

Schaeffer, X;\f-er, Geof. Heinrich, Ger. 
phllol, 1764—1840. [1740—1823. 

Schank, Skayk, John, Eng. naval off) 

Scheele, Xe-le, Chas. William, Swed. 
chem. lie discovered fluorine, chlo- 
rine, malic, molybdic, arsenic, tartar- 
ic, oxalic, &c., acids, glycerine and 
oxygen. 1742—1786. 

Schetter, Xa-fer, Ary, Dutch art Fr., 

Schelling, Sel-ii), Fred. Wm. Joseph, 
Ger. 7n^ta phil and poet, 1775 — 1854. 

Schiller, i^il-er, Friedrich, Ger. poet 
and dram. It is enough to say that 
he is the only German poet who can 
contest the supremacy of Goethe. 

Schirmer, Xir-raer, Johann Wilhelm, 
Ger. l-pt, 1807— 

Schloetzer, Xlet-zer, Aug. Louis, Ger. 
hist, 1737—1809. 

Schlosser, Xl6s-er, Friedrich Chris., 
Ger. hist, and prof at University of 
Heidelberg, 1776— 

Sehlegel, Xia-gel, John Elias, Ger. 
poet and dram wr, 1718 — 1749. 

Sehlegel, August Wilhelm Von, Ger. 
poet, crit, hist and metaphil, 1767 — 

Sehlegel, Friedrich Von, brother of the 
above, crit and phil, 1772—1829. 

Schleierraacher, Xlj-er-mq^^-er, Fred- 
eric Daniel E., Ger. div and wr 

Schoefer, Xo-fer, Peter, one of the in- 
ventors of printing, Ger., — 1502. 

Schoepflin, Sep-f lin, John Daniel, Ger. 
hist, 1694-i771. 

Schomberg. Xom-berg, Isaac, hist and 
off Am. navy. —1813. 

Schomburgh, Xom-burg, Sir Robt. 
Hermann, Ger. nat and trav, 1804— 

Schoolcraft, Skifil-kroft, Henry Rnwe, 
Am. trav, nat, antiq and au N-Y., 

Schopenhauer. Sop-en-h-s-er, Johanna, 
Ger. qvthore.'^s, 1770—1838. 

Schrodter, 2r(f)d-ter, Adolf, Ger. pt, 
1805. [1680-1758. 

Schroeder, Xre-der, John Joa., Ger. ori, 

Schubert, Xi)-bert, Francis, Ger. 7nus 
comp, 1795—1830. 



Schulz, E(t)lt3, Wilhelm, Ger. pol wr, 

Scb u tnacher, Ec6 - m(\h - er, Heinrich 

Christijin, Ger. astr, 1780—1850. 
Schumann, SoQ-mqn, Robert, Ger. mue 

wr, 1810— 
Schuyler. Skj-ler, Philip, maj-gen, Am. 

army, N-Y., 1804. 
Schwanthaler, Xvcin-tq-ler, Ludwig 

Von, .Ger. sculp, 1802—1848. 
Schwartzenberg, Xvqrts-en-be/'g, Chas. 
Philip, Prince, Aixst. Jield-mankal, 
Scipio, Sip-i-o, Publius Cornelius, 

Roman ge/i, —180 B. C. 
Scott, David, Scottish art, 1806—1849. 
Scott, Michael, ati •' Tom Cringle's 

Log," Scot., 1789—1835. 
Scott, Sir Walter, Scottish poet, nov 

and misc wr, 1733 — 1832. 
Scott, Gen. Winfield, comman-in-chief 

Am. army. 1786 — 
Scribe, Skreb, Augustine Eugene, Fr. 

lyric poet and dram wr, 1791 — 
Sebastian, Se-bast-yan, ( Port. Sn-bqs- 
te-qn,) King of Portugal, 1554— k. 
in Africa, 1578. 
Sadgwick, Sej-wik, Theodore, Am. ivr 

Ma<8., 1730—1839. 
Seetzen, Sets-cn, Ulric Jaspar, Ger. 

trav, —1811. 
Segur, .Sa-ger, Louis, Count De, Fr. 

dip and hiet wr, 1753 — 1830. 
Seidl, Si-dl, John Gabr., Aust. poet, 

Selden, Sel-den, John, Eng. antiq, 

law, wr and hint, 1584 — 1654. 
Selkirk, Alex., Scot, voyager to the 

South Seas, 1680— d. 

Semiramis, Se-mir a-mis, queen, of 

Assyria, famous for her conquests : 

put to death by her son Ninyas, 

1220 B. C. [1742—1809. 

Senebier, S^n-e-ber, nat phil Swit., 

Seneca, Sen-c-ka, Lucius Annaeus. 

sttdc phil, preceptor of Nero, by 

whom he was put to death, b. Sp. 

A. D. 12. 

Sergeant, Scr-jeni, John, Am. law »nd 

St Pa., 1779—1852. 
Servetus, Ser-ve-tus or Ser-va-tus, 
Michael, tlteol, burnt at the stake 
through the instrumentality of Cal- 
vin, 1509—1553. 
Servius Tullus, sixth k Rome, col. 
for his laws on rank and property : 
murdered. 530 B. C. [211. 

Severus, Lucius 8';ptiraius, Rom. emp, 
.Severus, Sulpitius, kist, au " ilistoria 
Sacra," —420. 


Sewall, Sq-al, Stephen, Am. scholar 

and au Mass., 1734—1804. 
Seward, Sq-ard, William H., Am. $1 

and sen,. N-Y., 1801— 
Sewell, Sq-el, George, Eng. misc wr 
^ and poet, —1726. [A. U. 100. 

Se.\tus Empyricus, a Pyrrhonian pkil, 
Seymour, Se-mtar, Edward, Duke of 

Somerset, Eng. of, — ex. 1552. 
Shadwell, Sad-wel, the Rt. Hon. Sir 
Lancelot, vice-chancellor of England, 
and j, 1779—1850. 
Shaftesbury, Xdfts-ber-i, Anthony 
Ashley Guoper, Eng. meta phil and 
wr, 1671—1713. 
Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley C, Earl 
of, Eng. philan, and leader of the 
Low-Church party, 1801 — 
Shakspeare, i]aks-per, William, th« 
most illustrious dram pott of Anglo- 
Saxon origin, 1564—1616. 
Sharp, Granville, au, and projector of 
the society for the abolition of the 
slave-trade, Eng., 1734-1813. 
Sharp, William, Eng. e/i^r, 1749—1824. 
Shee, Sir Man in Archer, Irish art and 
^ poet Eng., 1769—1850. [1792—1822. 
Shelley, Xel-i, Percy Bys-he, Eng. pmt, 
Shenstone, Xen-stuin, William, poet 

and prose wr Eng., 1714 — 1763. 

Sheridan, Xer-i-dan, Richa d Brinsley, 

Irish dram, st and or Eng., 1751 — 


Sherman, Ser-man, Roger, Am. st, and 

bujner Deii.nflnd , Mass., 1721—1 793. 

Sherwin, John Keyse, engr Eng., 

^ -1790. [1749—1829. 

Shielil, Xsld, William, Eng. cumnosery 

Shirlev, Xer-li, James, Eng. dram wr 

andV><^^, 1594— 1666. 
Short, James, nat phil and optician 

Scot., 1710—1768. 
Shrapnel, Xrap-nel, Lieut.-Gen. Henry, 
inv of the spherical case-shot, Eng., 
Sibthorp, Sib-torp, John, nat, and prof 
hot in the University of Oxford, 
^ Eng., —1798. [1755—1831. 

Sidduns, Sid-onz, Sarah, Eng. actrens, 
Siddons, Mrs. H., actress of the Thea- 
tre Royal, Edinburgh, — 18 . 
Sid mouth, Sld-mut, Henry, Viscount, 

Eng. st, 1757—1844. 
Sidney, Sid-ni, Sir Philip, gentleman, 
au, and comman, of the reign of 
Queen Elizabeth, 1554 — 1583. 
Sif^bold, Scbojld, Philip Frunz Von, 

wr on Japan, Ger., 1796 — 
Sieycs, Se-i-a, Count Emanuel Jos., 
ool of tlxo Fr. rovolulioo, 1748- 1SJ6. 


Personal Names. 

SJgaud De Lafond, Se-god De Lq-fofid, 
Jno. Konatus, Fr. eur and nat phil, 

Sigisniund, Sig-is-moond, emp of Ger., 
1378 — 1437; also, names of three 
Polish kings. [U41— 1521. 

Signorelli, Seg-no-rel-E, Laca, It. pt, 

Silenus, Sj-le-nus, fab, the foster-fa- 
ther of Bacchus, who lived in Arca- 
dia, rode on an aas, and was drunk 
every day. 

Siliiman, Sil-i-man, Benjamin, M. D., 
LL. D., /;?v// of the Natural Sciences 
in Yale College, and distinguished 
for his scien. veritings, 1779 — 

Siuims, Simz, Wui. Gilinore, Am. nov, 
hut and poet S. C, 180(5— 

Simon Magus, Samaritan imp, who 
pretended to be the Son of God, — 
A. D. 5(3. 

Sim rock, Karl, Ger. poity 1802— 

Sims.m, Kobert, math Scot., 1687 — 

Sinclair, Sin-kl^r, George, eng and 
nat phil, au of works on hydrostat- 
ics and the principles of astronomy 
and navigation, Scot., — 1696. 

Sinclair, Sir John, Bart., philan, Scot., 

Sindiah, Sin-di-q, Mahadjee, Mahratta 
prince, 1711 — 1791. 

Singh, Sii)-A, Maha Raja Runjeet, cMcf 
of Lahore and Cachmire, 1779—1839. 

Sismondi, Sis-mon-de, Jean Chas. L. 
S. D', hi,st and ivr on pol. economy, 
Swit., 1773—1812. 

Sisyplius, Sis-i-f iiSj/a^, killed by The- 
seus, and doomed incessantly to roll 
a huge stone up a mountain in hell 
for his perfidy and numerous rob- 
beries. [1590. 

Rixtus Quintus, pope of Rome, 1521 — 

Skelton, John, poet-laureate of Eng., 

Sleidan, Sli-dan, John Philipson, Ger. 
hist, 1506—1556. 

Sloane, Slon, Sir Hans, Bart., hot Ire- 
land, 1660—1752. [1771. 

Smart, Christopher, 'Eng. poet, 1722 — 

Smeaton, Sme-ton, John, civil eng 
Eng., 1721—1792. 

Smith, Adam, meta phil, au and 2>ol 
econ Scot., 1723—1790. 

Smith, Sir James Edward, Eng. ph 
and nat, 1759—1828. 

Smith. James and Horace, lit duum- 
virate Eng., 1775—1839, 1779—1819. 

Smith, Capt. John, <ff and trav, con- 
nected with the history of Virginia, 

Smith, Rev. Dr. John, antiq and Cel- 
tic scholar and wr Scot., 1717 — 1842. 

Smith, Dr. John Pye, theol ivr Eng., 
1775—1851. [1689—1768. 

Smith, Robert, div and math Eng., 

Smith, Sir Wm. Sidney, Brit, adm, 

Smith, Rev. Sidney, M. A., div, essa, 
crit, wr and wit, the projector of the 
Edinburgh Review, Eng. ,1771 — 1845. 

Smith, William, LL. D., F. G. S., Eng. 
geol, 1769—1810. 

Smith, Thomas Southwood, au, ph add 
tor Eng., 1790— 

Smith, Gerritt, Am. philan, or, scholar, 
and anti-slavery ref, N-Y. 

Smithson, James, /ow^irf of the Smith- 
sonian Institution, Washington, Eng., 

Smollett, Sm61-et, Tobias, Eng. crit 
and nov, 1721—1771. 

Smyth, Smit, William, hid lee and w 
Eng., 1761-1819. 

Snell, Rodolph, math and philcl wr 
Holland, 1517—1613. [—1837. 

Soane, Son, Sir John, Eng. arch, 1752 

Sobiesky, So-bes-ki, John, k of Po- 
land, fam. in the Turkish wars, 1629 

Socinus, Sca-sin-u3, Faustus, champion 
of the doctrine of Unitarianism, It- 
aly, 1539—1601. 

Socrates, Sok-ra-tcz, greatest of anc 
phil, put to death by the Athenians 
(m false charge of atheism, 467 — 400 
B. C. 

Sol, fab, a name of Apollo; the sun. 

Solander, Su)-lqn-dcr, Daniel Chas., 
nat Sweden, 1736 — 1782. 

Solomon, S6l-o-mon, son of David, k 
Israel, wrote the books of Proverbsi, 
Eocl., and Canticles, died 975 B. C, 
aged 58. [80. 

Solon, sage of Greece, d. 558 B. C, aged 

Solvyns, Sol-vinz, Francis B., Dutch 
art and av, 1760—1821. 

Solyman, S6l-i-uian, the Great, Turk- 
ish emp, 1191—1566. 

Somnus, S6m-nus,/afe, the god of sleep. 

Somoza, So-m(f)-ta, Jose, Sp. pol and 
wr, 1781— 

Sonnini De Manoncourt, Son-an D? 
Man-on-k(f>r, Charles N. S., Fr. trav 
and nat, 1751—1811. 

Sontag, Son-tqg, Henrietta, opera 
singer Ger., 1805—1851. 

Sophocles, Sof-ca-klez, Greek poet, and 
chief magistrate of Athens, 500 — 410 

Soule, ScD-la, Pierre, km. ex-sen La. 

Personal Names. 


Soalt, ScdI, Nicole Jean De D., Duke 

of Daltnatia, Fr. marshal and off, 

Southcote, S-sft-kot, Joanna, the sub- 
ject of religious delusion, England, 

Southern, S'sd-ern, Thomaa, an Irish 

drain poet, 1660-— 1746. 
Southey, S^sd-i, Robert, Eng. poet and 

prose wr; and in ISVi, poet-taureate, 

1774—1843. [1588—1650. 

Spagnoletto, Spq,n-yo-let-o, Italian pt, 
Spallanzani, Spal-qnd-zqn-e, Lazaro, 

It. pht/sifil and nat, 1729 — 1799. 
Spanheim, Spqn hjiu, Ezekiel, wr and 

st Geneva, 1629—1710. 
Spark.s Spqrks, JareJ, Am. hiog and 

miscwr, and prea Harvard College, 

1794— \7iat, 1747—1820. 

Sparrmann, Spi^r-mqn, Andrew, Snred. 
Spartacus, Spqr-ta-kus, Thracian shep- 
herd, and conq of some of the Roman 

armies, 71 B. C. [Y., 1783—1855. 
Spencer, John C, Am. law and st N- 
Spencer, John Chas., Earl, promoter 

of agriculture, Eng., 1782 — 1845. 
Spenser, Edmund, Eng. poet, 1553 — 

Sphinx, Sfigks, fob, a monster, who 

destroyed herself because CEdipus 

8>lved the enigma she proposed. 
Spielmann, Spgi-mqn. James Reinhold, 

Ger. chem, 1722—1782. 
Spinoza, Spin-ii-za, Baruch, meta phil 

(atheistical,) Holland, 1632—1677. 
Spohr, Sper, Louis, Ger. mus comp, 

Spontini, Spon-te-ne, Gaspare, It. mus 

comp, 1778—1851. 
Sprague, Sprag, Charles, Am. poet 

Mass., 179 L— 
Spurzheim, SpArj-him or Sp<6rt»-him, 

phren, contemporary of Gall, Ger., 

Squier, Skwjr, Ephram Geo^ Am. wr 

and jhjI N-Y., 1821— 
Stael-Holstein, Stal-II61-st|n, Anna 

Louisa G. Necker, Baroness be. tragic 

poet, pot and romance wr France, 

Stahl, St»I, Geo. Ernest, Ger. ph and 

chem, 1660—1734. 
Stallbaum, Stql-b-Kra, Gottfried, Gor. 

clasnc scholar and au, 1793 —, Stan-di/, Frank Hall, Eng. 

aunnApoet, 1798—18 40. 
Stanficid, Stan-fcld, Clarkson, Eng. 

pt, 1790— 
Stanislaufl, 8tan-iH-l')f<<, Auguatus, the 

Lut k of Foiaad, 1732—1793. 

Stanley, Stan-li, Thomas, Eng. phil 

hist, 1625—1678. [—1822. 

Stark, John, gen,N-H., 1728 

Staudenmaier, Sfs-den-inj-er, Franz 

A., Catholic theul and au Germany, 


Steele, Sir Richard, Brit, essa, pol wr, 
dram poet and hvm, 1671 — 1729. 

Steevens, Ste-venz, Geo., commen on 
Shakspeare. Eng., 1738—1800. 

Stenbock, Sten-bok, Magnus, Count, 
Swedish gen, 1664 — 1717. 

Stentor, Sten-tor,/ai, a Grecian, whoso 
voice is reported to have been as 
.strong and as loud as the voices of 
50 men together. [pol wr, — 1832. 

Stephen, St«-ven, James, Eng. law and 

Stephen, St., first Chri.stian martyr, 
stoned by the Jews, A. D. 33. 

Stephens, John Loyd, Am. trav and 
wr N-J., 1805—1852. 

Stephenson, Ste-ven-son, Geo., Eng. 
ciril eng, 1787—1848. 

Stephenson, Robert, eng Eng., 1803 — 

Sterling, John, Brit, essa and crit, 1806 

Sternberg, Stern-berg. Alexander, Ba- 
ron Von, Ger. au, 1806— 

Sterne, Stern, Laurence, Irish wr and 
hu7n, 1713—1768. 

Steuben, Sttf-ben, (Am. Stx^-ben,) 
Frederic Wm. Aug., Baron, Prussian 
of Am. army, during the Revolu- 
tionary war, — 1795. 

Stevenson, StB-ven-son, Sir John An- 
drew, mus comp Ireland, 1761 — 1833. 

Stevenson, Robert, civil eng Scotland, 
1772-1850. [navy, 1778 . 

Stewart, Sti'^-art, Charles, com, Am. 

Stewart, Dugald, Scottish rneta, math 
and au, 1753—1828. 

Stewart, Mathew, D.I)., Scottish math 
and au. 1717—1785. [1727-1795. 

Stiles, Stjlz, Ezra, Am. div and hist. 

Stilling, Heinrich, pseudonyms adopted 
by Heinrich Jung, in a remarkable 
autobiography. He was a misc wr 
Ger., 1740-1817. 

Storch, StorA, Heinrich Fred. Now, pol 
ecnn Gor., 1766—1835. 

Storch, Nicholas, found of the sect 
called Anabaptists, Ger., —1530. 

Story, .luslicc Joseph, Am.j and jur 
wr Mass., 1779—1845. 

Stothard, Stod-ard, Thomas, R. A., 
Eng. art, 1755-1838. 

Stowe, Stu), Harriet Beecher, Am. au, 
now residing in Maine. 

Strakosch, Strak-oJ, Maurice, mu$ 
ovmp aad pianuit, Pulf, 1825—- 


Personal Names. 

Strafford, Straf-ord, Thomas Bent., 
Eiirl of, St Eng.. 1593~ex. 1641. 

Strange, Stranj, Sir Kobt., Brit, hist 
engr, 1721—1792. 

Strauss, Stnss, Dav. Rriedr., Ger. av, 
180S— [—1849. 

Strauss, John, mus camp Aust., 1804 

Strickland, Strik-land, E., tiav and 
nat Eng., 1811—1853. 

Struensee, Stri6-cn-se, John Fred., 
Count, ph find pot Denmark, 1737 — 
ex. 1772. [1749—1802. 

Strutt, Joseph, art and antiq wr Eng., 

Struve, Stroov <.r StrcLv-a, Friedr. Geo. 
Wilh., Rujisian astr. 

Stuart, the royal house of Great Brit- 
ain after the union of Scotland. 

Stuart, Daniel, pol wr, ed '• Morning 
Post," London, 1766—1846. [1786. 

Stuart, Gilbert, hist wr Soot., 1742— 

Stuart, James, Eng. trav and antiq au, 

Stuart, J.imes, of Duncarn, po^ tvr 
Scot., 1776—1849. 

Stukeley, St\\,k-li, William, Eng. antiq 
and av, 1687—1765. 

Sture, 8tt6-re, administrators of Swe- 
den, fr((ni the 14th to the close of 
the 16th cen. 

Sturgeon. Stur-jon, William, exp in 
the nat. science.*, Eng., 1783 — 1850. 

Stuyve-sant, Sttf-ves-ant, Peter, the 
last Dutch gov of New-York, ap- 
pointed 1664. 

Styx, Stiks, yaT), a river of hell. 

Suckling, Sir John, poet and courtier, 
Eng., 1609—1641. 

Sue, Se, Eugene, Fr. nov, 1808-1857. 

Sullivan, Sdl-i-van, John, gen Art. 
army, in the Revolutionary war, 
N-H., 1741-1795. 

Sully, Sdl-i, Thomas, Eng. art^ 1783— 

Sully, Maximilin De Bethune, Duke 
of, Fr. mi/i and of, 1560—1641. 

Sumner, Charles, Am. st, or, legal wr 
and scJiolar, sen from Ma.<8., 1811 — 

Suwarrow, SiD-vqr-ov, Peter Alexis V., 
Count, Russian gen, 1730 — 1800. 

Swammerdam, Svqm-er-dqm, Jean, 
Dutch anat and ento, 1637 — 1680. 

Swartz, SwqrLs, Olans, Swedish hot, 

^ 1760—1817. 

Sweden and Norway, Oscar L, King 
of, 1799 — assumed gov, 1844 — 

Swedenborg, Swe-den-berg (/r Swa- 
den-borg, Emanuel, 7»«^A and Chris- 
tian phil, found of a sect numerous 
at the present day J b. at Stockholm, 

^ 1688—1772. [1854. 

Sweet, John A., Am. ph Mass., 1808 — 

Swift, Jonathan, Brit, au, sat and pol 
ivr, and hum, 1667—1745. 

Sydenham, Sid-en-ham, Thomas, M. 
D., Eng. ph and mtd wr, 1624 — 1689. 

Sydney, Sid-ni, Algernon, pol wr and 

^ repob Eng., 1621— ex. 1683. 

Sylla, Lucius Cornelius, Roman gen 
and dictator, scourge of his country, 
— 78 B. C. [woods and forests. 

Sylvanus, Sil-va-nus, fah, a god of 

Symme.><, Simz, John Cleves, au of 
the eccentric Theory of the Earth, 
that the globe is hollow, wilh open- 
ings at the poles for the admission 
of light; Ohio, —1829. 

Syrens, Si-renz, fab, sea-monsters. 


Tacitus, Tas-i-tus, Marcus Claudius, 
emp Rome, — 276. 

Talbot, T(3l-bot, or Tal-bot, John, Earl 
of Threwsbury, Eng. of in the re- 
nowned Fr. wars, 1373 — 1453. 

Talfourd, Tal-furd, Sir Thomas Noon, 
dist. as the a^v of *'Ion," and other 
interesting writings, as a judge, and 
for his many virtues, Eng., 1795 — 

Tallard, Tal-qrd, Caraille D'H., Duke 
De, Fr. marshal, 1652—1728. 

Talleyrand-Perigord, Tal-s-rqnd-Par- 
£-gord, Charles Maurice De, the 
"prince of diplomatists," Fr., 1754 — 

Tallien, Tal-i-an, Jean Lambert, dist. 

Jacobine of the Fr. revolution, 1769 

Talma, Tal-mq, Francis Joseph, Fr. 

actrrr. 1770—1826. 
Tamerlane, Tam-er-lan, emp of Tar- 

tary, 1335—1405. 
Taney, Tan-i, Roger B., chief jvstice 

of the Sup. Ct. U. S., Md., 1777- 
Tannahill, Tan-a-hil, Robert, Scottish 

lyric poet. 1774—1810. [au. 

Tapia, Tq-pe-q, Eugenio, Sp. jWr and 
Tasman, Tas-m^n, Abel Janssen, Dutch 

wat', 1600-d. [—1595. 

Tasso, Tq so, Torquato, It. poet, 1544. 
Tate, Tat, Irish ^et, 1652— d. 

Personal Names. 


Taylor, Ta-1or, Jane, Eng. poet and 

prose wr, I78:i— 1S23. 
Taylor, Dr. Jeremy, bishop of the 

Church of En^'., 1813— 1'337. 
Taylor, Thomas, a m-Kleni promulgator 

of the Platonic Philosophy, Eng., 

Taylor, William, critic and trans, 

Eng., 1765—1836. 
Taylor, Wm. Cooke, LL. D., misc wr 

Ir., 1800—1819. 
Taylor, Zachary, Ara, gen, pres of the 

IJ. S., from 1819 to 1850; his career 

baing terminated by his sudden death 

in July of the latter year. Hi was 

succeeded in office by his V-Pres., 

Millard Fillmore: b. La., 1790-1850. 
Taylor, Bayard, Am. t/av, poet, and 

mwc Wr, N-Y., 1825 — 
Tching Tching Kong, 63ig -Gig -Kog, 

Chinese adrn, I7th cen. 
Tefft, Tefr,. B. F.. au, Methodist clerg 

and ed N-Y., 1813 - 
Tekeli, Te-kel-e, Emerie, Count De, 

Hungarian nob and patriot, 1658 — 

Telford, Tel-ford. Thomas, civil eng 

Scot., 1757—1831. 
Tell, Tel, William, Swiss hero ol the 

14th cen. 
Tempelhof, Tera-pel-hnf, Geo. Fred., 

Ger. offixnA a/i, — 1807. 
Temple, Tera-pl, Sir William, Eng. st, 

Teniers, Ten-erz, David, the elder, 

Flemish f>t, Belg., 1582—1649. 
Teniera, David, fhe younger, Flem. pt 

Belg., 1610—1694. 
Tennatit, Ten-ant, William, Scottish 

pf)€t and philol, — 1843. 
Tennant, Ten-ant, Sinithson, F. R. S., 

Eng. chern, 1761-1815. 
Tennyscm, Ten-i-son, Alfred, Eng. 

poet, and now poet-laiireate, 1810 — 
Tenterden. Ten-ter-den, Charles Abbot, 

Lord, Eng. law, j, and legal wr, 

Tertullian. Ter-ttil-i-ftn, Quintus Sep- 

timius Florus, failier and dtf early 

Christian Church, fl. 211. 
Thickemy, Rak er-n. Wra. Mak<»peace, 

Eng. au, left and Kumorid, 1811 — 
Thalberg. T4l-berg, Sigismund, mui 

camp, Switz., 1312 — 
Thalc!", Ha-.lcz. chief ol the seven 8age$ 

of Greece, 610— 515 B. C. 
Themistocles, Re-nws-to-klrz, Atheni- 
an gen and pat, being banished to 

Persia, to avoid taking arms against 

h\» county, he alew biouolf, 465 B. C. 

Theodosius, Ee-o-d6-Ji-u', the last 
1 Rom. emp, a convert to Chris., — 395. 
Theodotus, He-6d-o-tus, a tanner of 
I B^'zantium, who apostatized from 
1 Chris, faith to save his life, and 
' formed a sect. 

j Theon, Rg-on, Greek sophist, au Trea- 
tise on Rhetoric; also, a math of Al- 
I exandria. 
I Theophrastus, He-o-fras-tus, Greek 

phil, 288 B. C. 
i Thcspis, Res-pi?, Greek tragic poet, 
j and first actor at Athens, 536 B. C. 
Thibaut, Tib-'st, Anton Justus Fried., 

Ger. Jurist, 1792—1840. 
Thicknesse, Rik-nos, Anne, Eng. 7vr, 

1737—1824. [1798 . 

Thiers, Ter, Adolphe, Fr. pal and h/.st, 
Thierry, Ter, Jacq. Nic. Augustin, Fr. 

hid, 1795 — 
Thorn. Tom, James, sculp N-Y., 1799 

—1850. [1770-1821. 

Thom, Walter, hist and misc wr Scot., 
Thomas, T(Sra-as, St., surnamed Didy- 

inu?, one of Christ's apostles; suffered 

martyrdom in India. 
Thompson, Tomson, Alex., misc wr 

andprjet Soot., 1762—1803. 
Thompson. Col. Thomas Peyronnet, 

pol reformer and au Eng., 1783 — 
Thomson, T6m-.«on, Anthony Todd, M, 

D., med wr, Scot., 1778-1849. 
Thomson, James, Scottish poet, au of 

the " Season.s," 1700-1748. 
Thomson, Rev. John, Scot, l-pt, 1778 

— 1810. 
Thomson, Thomas, M. D., Scot, exp 

chem, led and ivr, 1773 — 1852. 
Thomson, Edward, M. D., D. I)., Am. 

div, wr and pres Ohio Wesleyau 

University, Ohio, 1810— 
Thomson, Samuel, med ref, and au of 

" Botanic Family Physician," in 1638, 

U. S. ^ 
Thornton, Rorn-ton, Bonnel, humorist 

wr inndpoet Eng., 1721—1768. 
Thornton, John Robt., Eng. hot, 1753 

Thorwaldsen, Tor-v(^ld-8en, Bortel, 

Danish art, 1770— 18U, 
Thucydides, Rii-sid-i-dez, Greek hid^ 

-391 B. C. 
Thurlow. Riir-lo, Edward, Lord, Eng. 

fol, 1732—1806. 
Tiarks, Te-drks, John Lewis, F. R. S., 

Ger. ast, Eng., 1789—1837. 
Tiberius, Tj-be-ri-us, Claudiua Nero, 

dissolufe emp Rome, — 37. 
Tiokcll, Tik-el, Thomas, wr aad pottf 

Eng., 1686—1740. 


Personal Names. 

Ticknor, Tik-nor, George. Am. scTiol 

and an, 1791 — 
Tieck, Tgk, Ladwig, Gqv. pnet and nov, 

1773—1853. [1756—1830. 

Tierney, Tir-ni, st and pol wr, Eng., 
Tillotson, Til-ot-soii, Dr. John, ar-hp 

Canterbury, published many valua- 
ble sermons ; — 1<594. 
Timothy, Tiin-o-ti, disciple of St. Paul, 

first hp of Ephesus, stoned to death, 

A. D. 97. 
Tindall, Tin-dal, Wm., Eng. div and 

antiq, —1804. 
Tintoretto, Tin-to-ret-o, Jacopo R., ^^ 

Venice, 1512—1504. 
Tippoo Saib, Tip-d) Sab, the last sul- 
tan of Mysore, 1749— k. 1799. 
Titian, Te-tg-qn, {or Tiziano Vecellio, 

Ted-zE-q-no Va-qa-le-o,) It pt, 1477 

Titas, Tj-tu3, Greek disciple of St. 

Paul, hp of Crete. 
Tofino De San Miguel, To-fe-no Da 

Sqn Me-Ml, Sp. ast, 1740—1806. 
Toland, Tol-and, John, Scot, mela au. 

Tompkins, Tom-kinz, Daniel D., gov 

N-Y. and V-Pres U. S., under Mr. 

Monroe, —1825. 
Tone, Ton, Theobald ^Y ., Irish revolu- 

tMiiar?/ pol, 1763 — 1793. 
Tooke, Tuk, John Home, Eng. pol_ 

gram and philol, 1736 — 1812. 
Toreno, Tor-a-no, Count Jose De, hist 

and d Sp., 1786— d. 
Torre, Tw-ra, Giovanni, M. D., nat 

phil It., —1782. 
Torricelli, To-re-qa-le, Evangelista, 

It. math, invented the barometer j 

1608— d. 
Torrigiano, To-rE-jq-nc:^, Pietro, sculp 

Florence, 1472—1522. 
Totten, T6t-en, Joseph G., Am. mili- 
tary eng, Conn., 1788 — 
Totten, George M., Am. citil eng, 

Conn., 1809— 
Torrey, T6r-i, John. M. D., LL. D., 

Am. hot and chem N-Y. 
Tournefort, Tdbr-na-for, Joseph Pitton 

De, Fr. lot, 1656—1708. 
Toussaint, Too-sah, L'Ouverture, an 

illus. and intel. chief of the negroes 

of St. Domingo, after the revolution 

they affected in that island, was for 

the greater part of hia life a slave, 
but noted for his kindness and skill. 
1743 — perished in prison, Fr., 1803. 

Trajan, Tra-jan, M. Alpinus Crinitus, 
Rom. emp celebrated for his mild and 
equitable government, —^117. 

Trembley, Trem-bli, Abraham, nat 
Swit., 1700—1784. 

Trenck, Treijk, Frederick, Baron Von, 
Prussian <ff, eel. for his adventures 
and misfortunes, 1726 — g. 1794. 

Trotter, Trot-er, Thomas, M. D., med 
wr Scot., —1832. 

Trumbull, Trum-bul, Jonathan, pat 
of the Am. Rev., and gov Conn., — 
1785. Son of the same name, Aid 
to Gen. Washington, st and lieid-go^ 
Conn., —1809. 

Truxton, Triiks-ton, Thomas, com Am. 
navy, N-Y., 1755—1822. 

Tschirnhausen, Tjirn-h-8-sen, Ehren- 
frd, W. Von, Ger. geom and exp 
phil, 1651—1708. 

Tucker, Tiik-er, Saint George, Am. 
law and st, —1828. 

Tuckerman, Henry T., Am. poet and 
essa, Mass., 1813 — 

Tupper, Tiip-er, Martin Farqubar, Eng. 
au, 1811— 

Turenne, Te-ran, Henri De La Tour 
D'Auv. Viscount de, Fr. gen, 1611 — 

Turgot, Ter-go, Anne Robert Jacques, 
Fr. d and phil, 1727—1781. 

Turner, Turn-er, Edward, M. D., chem 
and au Eng., 1797—1837. 

Turner, Joseph M. Wm., Eng. art, 

Turner, Sharon, hist of the Anglo Sax- 
ons, Eng., 1768—1847. 

Turner, Tiirn-er, William W., printer 
and philol Eng., 1810 — 

Tuscany, Tus-kan-i, Leopold II., Grand 
Duke of, b. 1797 succeeded to the 
government 1824. [—1849. 

Twiss, Twis, Horace, Eng. law and wr 

Tyler, Tj-ler, John, elected F-Pres of 
the U.S. in 1840, and succeeded to 
the presidency at the death of Har- 
rison in 1841: Va., 1790— 

Tyndale. Tin-dnl, Wm., trnns and 
TTMTtyr, Eng., 1484— ex. 1536. 

Tytler, Tit-ler, Patric Fraser, hist, 
Scot., 1790—1819. 

Personal Names. 



Uecktritx, E/t'trits, (c^ EVtrits,) Fiied. 

Von, (xer. dram poet, 1800 — 
Uhland, (D'lqnd, Ludwig, Ger. poet, 

Uilkens, CTrkcnz, James Albert, Dutch 

nat, 1772-1825. 
Ulloa, (JDl-yci-q, Antonio De, Sp. gen, 

«<and math, 1713—1795. 
Ulrica, (Dl-re-kq, Eleanora, two queens 

of Sweden, from the 17th to the 18th 

Ulysses, Yti-lis-ez, fah, k of Ithaca, 

who, by his subtlety and eloquence, 

was eminently serviceable to the 

Greeks, in the Trojan war. 
Unzer, (T)nts'er, John Aa»., Ger. ph, 

psychol and phys au, 1727 — 1799. 

Urban, Ur'ban, I. to VIII., popes from 
223 to 1614. 

Urquhart, Ur'kwqrt, Sir Thomas, 
Scottish philol and math, 17th cen. 

Urquijo, CDr-kg-ho, Mariano L. Chev- 
alier De, Sp. St, 1768—1817. 

Urqaiza, (Dr-ke-tq, Gen. Don Justo 
Jose, pres of the Argentine Confed- 
eration, 1800— 

Ursins, Er-saii. {or (Dr-senz,) Anna M. 
De La T., Princes Do, a French lady 
who indirectly governed Spain, ia 
the days of Philip V., —1722. 

Usher, Uj'er, Jamas, D. D., Irish dio 
and thei) lov, 1580—1656. 

Uwins, Y^-inz, David, M. D., Eog. ph 
and med wr, 1780—1837. 


Vabl, Vql, Martin, hot Norway, 1749 

—1804. [1669-1722. 

Vaillant, Val-ah, Sebastian, Fr. hot, 
Valckenaer, Vqlk-en-qr, Louis C, 

Daleh philol and critic, 1715 — 1820. 
Valerius Maximus, Val-e-ri-us Maks-i- 

mus, Laiin, hist, fl. A. D. 30. 
Valli, Vql-r., Eusebius, It. ph, 1762— 

Valperga De Caluso, Vql-j»dr-gq De 

Kql-e-so, Piedmontese inath and 

<ut, 1730-1815. 
Vanbrugh, Van-brdb^, Sir John, Dutch 

dram, 1666 — 1729. 
Van Buren, Van-Bi'i-ren, Martin, pol 

and eighth pres of the U. S., from 

1837 to 1841: N-Y., 1782 . 

V-Prcs. R. M. Johnston. 
Vancouver, Van-kdb-ver, George, Eng. 

nat, —1798. 
Vanderlyn, Van-der-lin, John, Am. 

art, N-Y., 1776-1852. 
Vnndervelde, Vqn-dor-val-do, William, 

Dutch pt, 1610-1693. 
Vandyck, Yan-dik, Antony, Dutch 7)^, 

Vandyk, Van-dik, Harry Stoe, poet 

and mwc wr Eng., 1798—1828. 
Vane, Van, Sir Honry, rehap, a cham- 
pion of the Engliah commonwealth, 

1612— ex. 1862. 
Van Schonten, Fan So-n-ten, Dutch 

nav, I7tb cea. 

Varignon,' Var-en-yon, Pierre, Fr. 

math, 1654—1722. 
Vasari, Vq-sq-re, Giorgio, It. au, 1512 

— 1574. 
Vattel, Va-tel, N., wr on jvris and 

meta, au <>f "Right of Nations;" 

Swit,, — 1770. — Emer di;, Swiss 

wr on same subjects, — 1767. 
Vauban, Vu-bafi, Sebastian L. Do 

Fr. military -emj, 1632 — 1707. 
Vaugclas, V6-gu-lq, Claude F. Do, 

Fr. wr, 1585 -d. [—1522. 

Vaux, Vo, Thomas, Eng off and poet, 
Vega, Va-gq, Lopez De La, Sp. poet. 

Veit, Vjt, Philipp, Ger. »«;, 1793— 
Velazquez, Val-q6-ka6, Don Diego R. 

Do Sitva Y, Sp. pt, 1599—11)60. 
Venus, Vc-nus, fah, the goddess of 

love and beauty. 
Vespasian, Ves-pa-/i-an, Titus Flavius, 

Rom. gen, made emp A. D. 69 — 79. 
Vorboockhoven, Fer-book-hij-ven, Eu- 

gen, Flemish pt of animals, 1799 — 
Vernet, Ver-na, Horace, Fr. pt, 1789— 
Vernon, V^r-non, Edward, Eng. adm, 

1084— 1751. 
Vernon, Robert, found of the Gallery 

of British Art, 1774—1849. 
Verplanck, Ver-plank, Gulian C, Am. 

au N-Y. 
Vertot D'Auboeuf, Var-to Do-b§f, 

Rene Aubert De, Fr. hist, 1655— d. 


Personal Names. 

Yesalius, Va-sq-Ie-dos, Andreas, anaf, 

father of the modern human anatomy, 

Brussel;^, 1513—1564. 
Vico, Vg-kca, Francis De, It. ast and 

«'/' on natjihil, — 1848. 
Vico, Giovanni Battit-ta, the first to 

propose a philosophical method of 

considering human history, Naples, 

VicUiria, Viii-to-ri-a, Queen of Enoj., 

b. Ibl9 — assumed government 1837, 
Vigny, Veu-ye, Couut Alfred, Fr. au, 

Villemain, Vil-a-man, Abel Francois, 
Fr. saiant n.nd pol, 1791 — 

Villoison, V'il-wo-s6n, Jean Baptiste 
G. D'Anse De, Fr. sc/ud, and discov- 
erer of the manuscripts of Greek au- 
thors, 1750—1805. 

Vinoe, Vins, Samuel, Eng. math and 
ast au, — 1821. 

Vincent, Vin-sent, Thomas, Eng. non- 
con div, au of "Explanation of Cate- 
chism, —1671. [1452-1519. 

Vinci, Vgn-<3E, Leonardo Da, It. pt, 

Virgil, Ver-jil, {or Virgilius,) Publius 
Muro, most excellent of Rom. poets, 
70—18 B. C. 

Virginia, Ver-jin-i-a, daughter of Vir- 
ginias, was stabbed by her father, to 
prevent the violence which Appius 
meditated against her, 450 B. C. 

Vivens, Viv-enz, John Louis, one of 
the revivers of English literature, 

Viviun, Viv-i-un, Richard Hussey, 
Lord, British of, 1775—1842. 

Viviani, Ve-ve-q-ne, Vincentio, It. 
math, 1622—1703. 

Volkoff, Vol-kof, Theodore, Russian 
dram, 1729—1763. 

Volney, V61-na, Constantine C, Comte 
De, Fr. wr, —1820. 

Volta, Vol tq, Alexander, It. nai phU, 
the inventor of the Voltaic pile, 1745 

VolUiire, Vol-t^r, the name assumed 
by Francois Marie Aronet, Fr. saiant 
who was a phil, essa, poet, hist, etc., 
etc., 1694—1778. 

Voss, Vos, John Henry, Ger. poet, critic, 
trans, and philol, 1751 — 1821. 

Vossius, V()S-e-i|,s, Gerard John, Dutch 
critic, phil and au, 1577 — 1649. 

Vulcan,, fab, the god of sub- 
terraneous fire. 


Wackernagel, Vqk - cm - (^ - gel, Karl 

Heinrich Wilhelm, Ger. wr smd poet, 

Waghorn, Lieut. Thoma.s, R. N., the 

projector of steam navigation bet. 

England and India, 1800—1850. 
Wahlenberg, Vql-en-be/'g, George, Ger. 

bot, 1781—1814. 
Waldo, Peter, merch Lyons, found 

sect Waldenses, 12(h cen. 
Wales, William, math and astr Eng., 

Walker, We-ker, Adam, exp phil and 

lect, 1732—1821. 
Walker, John, lex Eng., 1732—1807. 
Wallace, W6l-as, Horace Biuney, Am. 

savant, and wr on art, philosophy, 

&c., Pa., 1817-1852. 
Wallace, Sir Wm., Scottish gen, who 

sought to rescue his country from 

the English yoke, but was betrayed 

by Sir John Montieth, and ex. 1303. 
Wallenstein, Wql-en-stjn, Albert, duke 

of Friedland, Ger. connnan, during 

the first half of the Thirty Years' 

war J 1583—1634, 

Waller, W61-er, Edmund, Eng. poet, 

Walpole, Wol-pcal, Sir Robert, Eng. 

st and pot, 1676—1745. [—1797. 
Walpole, Horace, Eng. st and wr, 1717 
Walsingham, Wol-siy-ham, Sir Fran- 
cis, Eng. st, 1536—1590. 
Walter, Wol-ter, John, for many years 

proprietor of the "London Times," 

to whom its great success is chiefly 

owing, 1773—1847. 
Walton, Wol-ton, Isaac, wr on angling, 

Eng., 1593—1583. 
Wappers, Wq-perz, Gustavu.s, Dutch 

pt, 1803— 
Warburton, Wer-bnr-ton, Eliot Barth. 

Geo., Irish au, 1810—1852. 
Ward, Ward, Robert Plumer, Eng. au, 

Ward, Edward Mathew,Eng.;3^,1816— 
Ware, Wftr, Henry, Am. dio and poet 

Mass., 1794—1843. 
Ware, .lames, Eng. sur, ocultist and 

au, 1756—1815. 
Ware, William, Am. div and m,isc ivr 

Mass., 1797—1852. 

Personal Names. 


Waring, "Wor-ii), Edward, Eng. math 

and wr, 1734-— 1798. 
Warren, W6r-en, Dr. Joseph^ Am. of 
who fell at the battle of Bunker Hill, 

"Warton, Wtir-ton, Joseph and Thomas, 

Etig. aus and poets, 13 th cen. 
"Warwick. Richard Nevil, Earl of, gen 

and st Eng., —1471. 
Washington, George, illustrious as the 

" Father of his Country," — for his 

love of liberty, his stern advocacy 

and defense of human rights, and for 

his many private virtues ; first Pres. 

U. S., from 1789—1797 ; Va., 1732 

—1799. V-Pres., John Adams. 
Waterhouse, Benjamin, Am. pA, nat 

and wr, 1754—1816. 
Watf^ Wot, James, the author of im- 
provements in the application of 

steam to nlotive power, Scot., 1736 

Watts, I'Jaac, D. D., Brit. diVy wr and 

poety 1671—1748. 
Wayland, Francis, pres of Brown Uni- 
versity, and ^or, N-Y., 1796 — 
Wayne, Wan, Anthony, maj-gen Am. 

army, Pa., 1745—1798. 
Webb, James Watson, Am. jour and 

ed "N-Y. Courier and Enquirer," 

Weber, Web-er, Carl Maria Von, Ger. 

m>u, 1783—1826* 
Weber, Henry William, min, wr and 

archoi Scot., 1783—1818. [1852. 

Webster, Daniel, Am. »t Mass., 1782— 
Webster, Noah, Am. lex Conn., 1758 — 

Wed el, George Wolfgang, Ger. ph and 

au, 1015—1721. 
Weed, Thurlow, km. jour and ed " Al- 

b:iny Evening .Journal," 1797 — 
Weinbrenner, Yjn-bren-er, Frederic, 

Gir. arch, 1766—1828. [1303 . 

Weir, Wer, Robert W., Am.;)^ N-Y., 
Weisse, Vis-e, Christian Felix, Gor. 

misc wr and dram poet, 1726 — 180 1. 
Wellington, Wel-ifl-ton, Arthur W., 

Duke of, Brit, co/nman and st, 1769 

Werner, Abraham Gottlieb, miner and 

geoi Gor.. 1750—1817. [1785. 

Werner, Paul De, Prus. gen, 1707— 
Worn'jr, Z;icharias, Ger. dram poet, 

Wesley, W6i-li, John, found of the 

Arrainian branch of Methodists, Eng., 

We:<ley, Charles, brother of the above, 

preacher, 1708—1788. 

West, Benjamin, Am. pt, b. in Pa., 
1738— d. in Eng., 1820. 

Westall, William, Eng. art, 1782—1850. 

Westmacott, West-raa-kot, Sir Richard, 
Eng. sculp, 1775 — 

Weyse, Vj-se, Christopher Ernest 
Fred., Ger. dramatic and lyric comp, 

Wheaton, Hwg-ton, Henry, Am. law, 
dip and wr, R. I., 1785—1848. 

Whipple, Hwip-1, Edwin P., Am. wr 
Mass., 1819— 

Whiston, Hwis-ton, William, Eng. div 
and nat phil, 1667 — 1752. 

White, Rev. Gilbert, Eng. nat and aw, 

White, Henry Kirke, Eng. poet of great 
promise, whose e irly death was a 
nation's regret. 1785 — 1805. 

Whitefield, Hwit-feld, Rev. George, 
found of the Calvinistic Methodists, 
Eng., 1714— d. 

Whitney, Hwit-ni, Eli, inv of the cot- 
ton gi'n, Mass., 1756—1825. 

Whittier, Hvvit-i-er, John G., k.m. poei 
and prose wr Mass., 1808 — 

Wieland, Ve-lqnd or Ve-lqnt, Christo- 
pher Martin, Ger. poet, dram and wr, 

Wiffen, Jeremiah Holme, Quaker porf 
Eng., 1792-1836. 

Wilberforce, Wil-ber-fors, William, 
Esq., Brit, st and philan, 1759—1833. 

Wilkio, Wil-ks, Sir David, Scottish ^3^, 
1785— 18 U. 

Wilkins, Sir Chas.,F.R. S., on «cAo/ar 
and wr Eng., 1751—1836. 

William I., the Conqueror, aso. the 
Eng. throne 1066— d. 1087. 

William HI., k of Eng., stadtholder of 
Holland, and Prince of Grange, the 
defender of civil and religious lib- 
erty, 165')— 1702. 

William IV., h of Eng., b. 176S— suc- 
ceeded to gov. 1830 -d. 1837. 

William I. of Nassau, Prince of Or- 
ange, leader in the war of Indepen- 
dence that established the Dutch 
Republic, 1533— k. 158 1. 

William, two ks of Holland, from 1772 
to 1843. 

Williams, Roger, pret of the Colony of 
Rhode Island, 1599—1683. 

Willis, ThomaB, Eng. anat and pyl, 

Willis, Nathaniel Parker, Am. po*< and 
jour, N-Y., 1807-/5^^ V 

Wills, Wm. Henry, Eng. jfmf, 1810^ 

Wilson, Alexaader, oi'nith Pa., 176ft— 


Personal Names. 

Wilson, Jamei?, Am. law, wr, and sign- 
er Dec. of Ind., Pa., 1742—1798. 

Wilson, John, better known by the 
soubriquet of Christopher North, 
poet, wr and prof, Scot., 1788 — 1854. 

Wilson, Sir Robert, Brit, gen, 1777 — 

Wilson, Richard, R. A., Bnt. pt, —1782. 

Wilfion, Horace Hay man, />r(7/ of Sans- 
krit at the University of Oxford, and 
wr, Eng. 

Winclemann, Vigk-Ie-mcin, John Joa- 
chim, eel. in aj.sthetical and art lit- 
erature, Ger., 1718— 17(58. 

Windischgratz, Vin-diJ-g/-q,ts, Prince 
generalissimo of the Austrian troops, 

Winsor, Win-zor, Frederic Albert, the 
projector of gas-lights, Eng., — 1830. 

Winthrop, John, first gov of Mass., 

Wirt, Wert, Wra., Am. law and misc 
wr Va.', 1772—1835. 

Wirth, Virt, John Geo. Aug., Ger.pol 
wr, 1800— 

Withers, George, Eng.po^^, 1588—1667. 

WitherspooD, John, 1). D., LL. D., chrg 
Scot., j)^'^ of Princeton College, U. 
S., signer Dec. of Ind., <fec., — 1794. 

Withtner, Vit-mer, Michael, Ger. hiit 
pt, 1803— 

Wi'lflott, Wol-kot, John, assumed name 
PeUr Pindar, — gat poet and hum 
Eng., 1738-1819. 

Wolcott, Oliver, gov Conn., and signer 
Dec. of Ind., 1727—1797. 

Wolf, Volf, Fred. Augustus, philol 
and wr Ger., 1759—1824. 

Wolf, John Chrisrian, voluminous lor 
and superficial p}dl Ger., 1679 — 1754. 

Wolfe, Wulf, Charles, Irish poet, au 
of 'Ode on the Death of Sir Jchn 
Moore,' 1791—1823. [1759. 

r/, 1726— k. 

Wolfe, Gen. James, Brit. 

Wolff, Volf, Emil, Ger. scyjlp, 1802-- 
Wollaston, W61-as-ton, Wm. Hyde, 

M. D., Eng. chem, inv of the peri- 

scopic camera, etc., 1766 — 1828. 
Wolsey, Wiil-zi, Thomas, a powerful 

Cardinal of Eng., 147.1-153(1. 
Woodhouse, Wiad-hTjs, Robert, Eng. 

math, 1773—1827. 
Woodhouse, James, Am. chem and ^jA, 

Wool, Wial, John E., Am. gen, N-Y., 

1789— [1785. 

Woollett, William, Eng. engr, 1735— 
Worcester, AViir-ster, Joseph E., lex 

Mass., 18 — 
Wordsworth, Wurdz-wurC, William, 

Brit. 2)^xit, 1770—1850. 
Worth, Wurt, W. I., maj-gen Am. 

army, N-Y., 1794—1849. 
Wouverman, WflQ-ver-mqn, Philip, pt, 

b. at Haarlem, 1620—1668. 
Wraxall, Raks-el, Sir Nathaniel Wm., 

Eng. trao and hist wr, 1751 — 1831. 
Wrede, Vred-e, Field-marshal Prince, 

Bavarian soldier and si, 1767 — 1839. 
Wren, Ren, Sir Christopher, dist. as 

England's greatest arch, 1632—1723. 
Wright, Rit, Silas, Am. 6^ N-Y., 1795— 

Wright, Thomas, Eng. wr and lit ed, 
Wurtemberg, William I., King of, b. 

1781— assumed gov. 1816 — • 
Wyatr, Wj-at, R. J., Eng. scvlp, 1795 

—1850. [1503—1541. 

Wyatt, Sir Thomas, Eng. st and poet, 
Wycherley, Wj-ker-li, Wm., comio 

dram Eng., 1640—1715. 
Wycliffe, Wicklyffe, or Wiclif, Wik- 

lif, John De, Eng. dio and church 

ref, 1324—1381. 
Wyndham, Wind-ham, Sir William, 

Eng. St, 1687—1763. 
Wythe, Wjf), Am. st. and signer Dee. 

of Lid., 1726—1806. 


Xantippe, Zan-tip-e, wife of Socrates, 

had a morose and violent temper, 

480 B. C. 
Xantippus, Zan-tip-us, Lacedasraonian 

gen, in the service of the Cartha- 

Xavier, Za-vi-a, Jerome, Jesuit and 

mis to East Indies, —1617. 

Xenocrates, Ze-nok-ra-tez, Greek ^^*7, 
314 B. C. 

Xeunphon, Zen-o-fon, Athenian pJiil, 
sold and hist, 370 B. C. 

Xerxes, Zerks-ez, k Persia, who entered 
Greece with an army of 5,283,220 j 
was stopped at Thermopyla) by 300 
Spartans under Leonidas: murdered, 
434 B. C. 

Personal Names. 



Yale, Elihu, native of Conn., went to 

Eng., became gov East InJia Comp., 

and g'lve liberally to establish Yale 

College, —1721. 
Yearsley, Yerz-li, Anne, dram wr 

Eng., 1756—1803. 
Yeates, Yats, Thomas, ori sclwlar 

Eng., 1768—1839. 
STork, the House of, rival of that of 

Lancaster, in claim for the crown of 

York, Frederick, Duke of, comman, of 

the British army, 1763—1827. 
Yorke. Philip, geneal and hist Eng., 

Young, Edward. Eng. poet — an of 

"Night Thoughts," 1684—1765. 

Young, Matbew, Irish math and aw, 
1750— d. 

Young, Thomas, Eng. nat phil. Ho 
is principally distinguished for two 
things. Firs-t, he contests with Fres- 
nel the glory of founding the Undu- 
Jatory Theory of Light. Second, he 
was the first to detect the key to 
phonetic Hieroglyphics; 1773 — 1829. 

Ypsilanti, Ep-se-lqn-te, three Greek 
pHaces, who have endeavored to 
achieve the independence of their 
country; they lived from 1760 to 

Yriarte, Er-e-t^r-ta, Don Juan De, Sp. 
archce a.ndiphilol, 1702—1771. 

Z. . 

Zachariah, Zak-a-r]-a, prophet of the 

Messiah, 400 B. C. 
Zahn, Tsqn, Joh. Karl Wilh., arch,pt, 

and prof, of art3, Ger., 1800 — 
Zaionezek, Zq-e-i6n-qek, Joseph, Polish 

gen, 1752—1826. [1802 . 

Zaleski.Zq-les-ke, Bohdan, Polish />w<, 
Zaraoski, Zq-mois-kc, John, a dist. 

Polander, 16th cen. 
Zanotti, D«qn-6t-e, J. P., It. pt and 

pf)€t, 1674—1765. [15th cen. 

Zarco, Zqr-ko, John G., Port, nav, 
Zea, Ra-q, Don Francisco Antonio, bot 

and St, N-Gran., 1770—1822. 
Zendrini, Tsen-dre-ne, Bernardo, math 

and hydraulic eng, Aust., 1679 — 1747. 
Zeno, Dza-no, Nicolo and Antonio, are 

alleged to have discovered America 

prior to the voyage of Columbus; 

15th cen. 
Zeno, Ze-no, ttnic phil, Cyprus, stran- 
gled himself 264 B. C, aged 98. 
Zenobia, Ze-nci-bi-a. queenol Palmyra, 

and emprew of the East, —280. 

Zimraerraann, Tsim-er-mqn, Eberhard, 

Augustus W. Von, Ger. nat and aw, 

Zinzendorf, Tsin-tsen-darf, Nicholas, 

Louis, Count Von, found of tho 

Moravian Brethren, Ger., 1700—1760. 
Ziska, Tsis-kq, {or John Trocznow,) 

Ger. leader in tho religious wars, 

13S0— 1425. 
Zoroaster, Zo-ro-^s-ter, Persian phily 

found Majian religion, said to havo 

predicted the coming of the M(!ssiah. 
Zorrilla, Ror-el-yq, Jose, Sp. />y<iand 

dram, 1817— 
Z.schokke, Ts-J(f»k-e, Hoinrieh, Ger. 

hid, nov and dram, 1771—1848. 
Zschukowskii. Tj^-Joo-k-x-ske. (?) Was- 

silii Andrejewitach, Uos. poet, I78'i— 
Zumbo, Dzobm-bo, Gaotano Julio, Sil- 

ician art, 1656—1701. 
Zurnpt, TscDtnpt, Karl Gottlob, Ger. 

Latinist, 1792— 
Zwingli, Tsvig-gle, Ulriok, the great 

Swiss reformer 1484— k. 1531. 


Aballard, Ab-el-^rd, Pierre, mediceval 

sckol and au, Brirtariy, 1079— 1U2. 
Alaric I., Al qr-ik, A; of the West 

Goths, — d. 410. 
Albrechtsberger. fll-b^-eAts-berg-er, 

Johann Geo., dist. CMitrapuntut, 

Aust., 1736—1803. 
Bache, liqk, Alex. D., Sup. U. S. Coast 

Survey, Pa , 1^ 
Biirnum, B^r-num, P. T., a successful 

showman, but who finally failed for 

a large amount. Conn. 1810 — 
Bichart, Bt-Jq, Marie Francis X., Fr. 

pkys, 1771—1802. [1785—1825. 

Bec-hird, Be-klqrd, P. A., Fr. anat, 
Bouheur, Bon-er, Rosa, ¥r. paint, no- 
ted for her masculine picture, ''The 

Horse-Fair." 1825 — 
Brjnte, Bron-ta, Charlotte, (Emily and 

Anne, sisters, Eng. aus., who a?- 

sumed respectively the titles Currer, 

Ellis, and Acton Bell, by which they 

are best known.) 18 — 
Colquhoun, Kolk-hc6u, Patrick, a sta- 
tistical and economical w/; Eng., 

Do Quiney, De Kwin-si. Thos. phil wr, 

'•The Opium Eater," Eng., 18 
Empcdoclcs, Em-pod-okltz, Gr. pidl, 

5th cent., B. C. [4th cent. B. C. 

ErasistratuH, Er-as-is-tra-tus, /'ki/s, Gr. 
Fresnel, Fros-nel, Augustin John, exp 

]>hil and disc of the polarization ot 

light, Fr. 1788-1827. 
Ileberden, Ileb-er-den, William, M. D., 

F. R. S., Eng. y^nnd av, 1710—1801. 
Henault, Ila-ncjl, Chas. John Fransis, 

Fr. p(^t, 1685—1770. [cent. B. C. 
Herophilus, Her-of-i-lus, phys, Gr. 4th 
Hippolytus, Hi-p6l-i-tus, pol and hid 

wr, Rome, — d, 236. 
Hosmer, Hoz-mer, Harriet, a promising 

sculpt, Mass., 1831 — 
Liebig, Lg-big, Justus, Ger. chem of 

great celebrity, 18 

Muicenns, Me-se nas, Caius Cilnius, pa 

lit, Rome, — d. B. C, 8. 
Maistre, Mas-tr, Count Joseph De, j)oZ 

and meta wr. Fr. 1753—1821. 
Malebranche, Mq-Ie-brqnq, meta phil 

Fr. 1638—1715. 
Malpighi, Mql-pen-ye, Marcello, anat 

j)hijs, Italy, 1628-1694. 
3Iandar, Mqh-dqr, M. Vhillxpe, pol hint 

tor, Fr. 1759—1823. 
Mansfitld.Manz-feld, William Murray, 

earl of, Chief-Justice, Eng. 1705— 

Manuel, Mafi-e, James A., Fr. st and 

repub, 1755—1827. 

Maraf, Mq-rq, Jean Paul, exp pMl wVf 
pol, Fr. 1746-1793. 

Marcantonio, Mqr-kqn-to-ne-o, cngr, 
Italy, 1480—1539. 

Margaret, Queen of Norway, Denmark, 
and Sweden, 1353—1412, 

Maria Louisa, Mq-re-q Loo-e-zq, sec. 
wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, Austria, 

Maria Theresa, — Ter-a-sq, emp Aus- 
tria, 1717—1780. 

Marie-Antoinette, Mqr-e ilu-twon-et, 
queen Fr. 1755 — g. 1793. 

Marie De Medicis, — Ma-de-se, queen 
Fr., 1573—1642. 

Mari(.n, Ma-ri-on, Fransis, Am. off. 
Revolution, S. C., — 1795. 

Marius, Caius, Mn-ri-us, Ka-i-us, Rom- 
an gen, 157—86 B. C. 

Marlborough, Mqrl-bur-o, John C, 
duke of, gen Eng., 1650—1722. 

Miirlowe, Mqr-lo, Christopher, dram 
Eng., 1566—1593. 

Marmontel, Mqr-mon-tel, Jean, Fr. 
poet and nov, 1723—1799. 

Marshall, Mqr-Jal, John, j, chief jus- 
tice U. S., wr, etc., Va., 1755—1836. 

Martyn, Mqr-tin, Henry, Eng. mission- 
ary, 1781-1812. 

Marvell, Mqr-vel. Andrew, »t and poet, 
Eng., 1620—1678. 

Mary, queen of England, 1516—1568. 

Mary, queen of Scotland, 1542 — 1587. 

Masaccio, Mq-sq-ks-o, TommasoGuidi, 
art, Italy, 1402-1443. 

Maskelyne, Mas-ke-lin, Nevil, LL.D., 
adr and math, Eng., 1732 — 1811. 

Massena, Ma-sah, Andre, Fr. <#, 1758 

Massilon, Ma-sel-yon, Jean Baptiste, 
pulpit or, Fr., 1663—1742. 

Massinger, Mas-in-jer, Vh\\\p, poet and 
play wr, Eng., 1584—1640. 

Maury, Me-ri, M. F., LL. D., Lieut. 17. 
S. Navy, astr hydrograplur and au. 
Va., 1806— 

Mazzini, Mat-sg-nr, Guiseppe, demo- 
cratic ^6iZ of Italy, 1809— 

Miiller, Mul-er, Max A., Prof. Mod. 
Languages in Oxford College, Eng., 

Morse, Mors, Samuel Finley B., inven- 
tor of Telegraph, Mass., 1791— 

Proudhon, Prcfi-don, «(/^ wr, Fr., 


Tocqueville, Tok-vil, M. De, pol ivr, 
Fr., 18 . 

Zimmerman, Tsim-er-mqn, Johann 
Georg Von, phi^s and mis tvr of 
Ger., 1728-1795. 




Aalar, £I'a-lar. 
Aaron, A'ron. 
Ab, Ab. 

Abacue, Ab'a-kq,. 
Abadiih, Ab'a-dq. 
Abaddon, A-bad-on. 
Abadiaa, Ab-u-dj-as. 
Abagtha, A-bag-ta. 
Abal, a'bal. 
Abana, Ab'a-nq. 
Abarim, Ab'a-rim. 
Abaron, Ab'a-ron. 
Abba, Ab'a. 
Abda, Ab'da. 
Abdi, Ab dj. 
Abdias, Ab-dj-a*. 
Abdiel, Ab'di-el. 
Abdon, Ab'don. 
Abednegfo, A-bed-nc-go. 
Abel, a'bel. 
Abel Bethmaacah, U'bl 

Abel Maim, fl'bel Ma-im. 
Abel Mcholath, a'bel Me- 

h6-lat. [ra-im. 

Abel Mizraim, H'bel Miz 
Abel Sbittim, a'bel £it 

Abc.<«an, Ab'e-san, 
Abesar, Ab'c-sar. 
Abez, a'bez. 
Abgaru:*, Ab'ga-rus, 
Abi, a'bi. 
Abia, A-bj-a, or 
Abiah, A-bi-a. 
Abialbon, a-bi-al-bon. 
Abia^aph, A-bj-a-saf. 
Abiatbar, A-bj-a-tqr. 
Abib, a'bib. 

iVbidah, A-bj-da. 
Abidan, Ab'i-dan. 
Abiel, a'bi-el. 
Abiezer, a-bi-e-zer. 
Abiezrite, a-bi-ez-rjt. 
Abigal, Ab'i-gal. 
Abihail, Ab-i-ha-il. 
Abihu, A-bj-hii. 
Abihud, A-bi-hud. 
Abijah, A-bj-ja. 
Abijara, A-bj-jam. 
Abilene, Ab-i-le-ne. 
Abimael, A-bim-a-el. 
Abimelech, A-bim-e-Iek. 
Abinadab, A-bin-a-dab. 
Abinoam, A-bin-D-am. 
Abiram, A-bj-ram. 
Abirom, A-bj-rom. 
Abisai, A-bis-a-j. 
Abisei, Ab-i-se-j. 
Abishag, Ab'i-Jag. 
Abishahar, A-bij-a-hqr. 
Abishai, A-biJ-a-j. 
Abishalain, Ab-iJ-a-lam.or 
Abishalom, Ab-i-j'a-lom 
Abishua, A-biJ-q,-q, or 

Abishur, Ab'i-/ur. 
Abisum, Ab'i-sum. 
Abital, Ab'i-tal. 
Abitub, Ab'l-tub. 
Abiud, A-bj-ud. 
Abner, Ab'ner. 
Abram, a'brain, err 
Abraham, a'bra-ham. 
Absalom, Ab'sa-lom 
Abubus, A-bi'^-bus. 
Acaron, Ak'a-ron. 
Acatoo, Ak'a-tan. 

Accad, Ak'ad. 
Accaron, Ak'a-ron.- 
Accho, Ak'o. 
Accos, Ak'oa. 
Accoz, Ak'oz. 
Aceldama, A-s^l-da-mq. 
Achab, a'kab. 
Achad, a'kad. 
Achaia, A-ka-ya. 
Achaicus, A-ka-i-kus. 
Achan, a'kan. 
Achar, a'kar. 
Achaz, a'kaz. 
Achbor, Ak'bor. 
Achiacharus, a-ki-ak-a- 

Achim, a'kim. 
Achimelech, A-kim-c-lek. 
Achior, a'ki-or. 
Achiram, A-kj-ram. 
Achish, a'ki/. 
Achitob, Ak'i-tob, or 
Achitub, Ak'i-tab. 
Achitophel, A-kit-o-fel. 
Achraetha, Ak'me-tq, or 

Achor, a'kor. 
Achsa, Ak'sa. 
Achshaph, Ak'Jaf. 
Achzib, Ak'zib. 
Acipha, As'i-fq. 
Acitho, As'i-tci). 
Acua, A-ki'i-a. 
Acub, a'kub. 
Adn. a'da. 
Adnd, a'diid. 
Adada, Ad'a-dq. 
Adadah, Ad'a-dq. 
AcUtdezcr, Ad-ad-e-zes» 



Scripture Proper Names. 

Adadrimmon, Ad-ad-rim 

Adah, a'da. 
Adaiah, Ad-a-|-a. 
Adalia, Ad-a-lj-a. 
Adam, Ad'am. 
Adama, Ad'a-mq, or 
Adamah, Ad'a-mq. 
Adami, Ad'a-mj. 
Adami Nekeb, Ad'a-mi 

Adar, a'dar. 
Adasa, Ad'a-sq. 
Adatha, Ad'a-tq. 
Adbeel, Ad'be-el. 
Addan, Ad'an. 
Addar, Ad'ar. 
Addi, Ad'j. 
Addin, Ad'in. 
Addo, Ad'o. 
Addus, Ad'as. 
Ader, a'der. 
Adida, Ad'i-dq. 
Adicl, a'di-el. 
Adin, a'din. 
Adina, Ad'i-nq. 
Adino, Ad'i-no. 
Adinus, Ad'i-nus. 
Aditha, Ad'i-tq. 
Ad i thai m, Ad-i-M-im. 
Adlai, Ad'la-j. 
Admah, Ad'ma. 
Ad math a, Ad'ma-tq. 
Adna, Ad'na. 
Adnah, Ad'na. 
Adonai, Ad'o-na. 
Adonias, Ad-o-nj-as. 
Adonibezek, A-don-i-be- 

Adonijah, Ad-o-nj-ja. 
Adonikam, A-don-i-kam. 
Adonirara, Ad-on-{-ram. 
Adonizedek, » A-don-i-ze- 

Adora, A-do-ra. 
Adoraim, Ad-o-ra-im. 
Adoram, A-dci-ram. [lek. 
Adramelech, A-dram-e- 
Adria, £I'dri-a. 
Adriel, a'dri-el. 
Aduel, A-dq-el. 
AduUara, A-diil-am. 
Adummira, A-diim-im. 
'Aedias, a-e-dj-as. 
^gypt, {r'jipt. 
JEneas, 8-ne-a3, f Virgil.) 
uEnea^, 8'ne-as, {Adsix.} 
JEnon, P'non. 
-^nos, 8'nos. 
Agaba, Ag'a-bq. 

Agabu-s Ag'a-bas. 
Agag, a'grtg. 
Agagite, a'gag-jt. 
Agar, a 'gar. 
Agarenes, Ag-a-r^nz. 
Agee, Ag'e-E. 
Aggeus, A-ge-us. [bor, 
Agnothtabor, Ag-not-ta- 
Agur, £I'gur. 
Ahab, a'hab. 
Aharah, A-har-a. 
Aharal, A-har-al. 
Ahasai, A-has-a-j. [rus, 
Ahasuerus, A-has-yn,-E- 
Ahava, A-ha-va. 
Ahaz, S'haz. 
Ahazai, A-haz-a-j. 
Ahaziah, a-ha-zj-a. 
Ahban, H'ban. 
Aher, fl'her. 
Ahi, a'hj. 
Ahia, A-hj-a. 
Ahiam, A-hj-ara. 
Ahiezer, a-hi-e-zer. 
Ahihud, A-hj-hud. 
Ahijah, A-hj-ja. 
Ahikam, A-hj-kam. 
Ahilud, A-hj-lad. 
Ahimaaz, A-him-a-az. 
Ahiman, A-hj-man. 
xVhimelech, A-him-e-lek. 
Ahimoth, A-hj-mot. 
Ahinadab, A-hin-a-dab. 
Ahinoam, A-hin-o-am. 
Ahio, A-hj-o. 
Ahira, A-hj-ra. 
Ahiram, A-hj-ram. 
Ahiramites, A-hj-ram-jts. 
Ahisamach, A-his-a-mak. 
Ahishahur, A-hiJ-a-hur. 
Ahisham, A-bj-Jam. 
Ahishar, A-hj-Jar. 
Ahitob, A-hj-tob. 
Ahitophel, A-hit-o-fel. 
Ahitub, A-hj-tub. 
Ahiud, A-hj-ud. 
Ahlah, fl'la. 
Ahlai, R'la, or H-la-j, 
Ahoe, A-bo-e, or 
Ahoah, A-ht)-a. 
Ahoite, A-hcJ-jt. 
Aholah, A-h(i)-la. 
Aholba, A-hol-ba. 
Aholbah, A-hol-ba. 
Aholiab, A-ho-li-ab. 
Aholibah, A-hol-i-bq. [mq. 
Aholibamah, a-ho-lib-a- 
Ahiimai, A-hq-nia-j. 
Ahuzam, A-hi|-zam. 
Ahuzzah, A-hdz-a. 

Ai, a'K 

Aiah, a-i-a. 

Aiath, a-j-atl. 

Aija, a-l-ja. 

Aijah, a-j-ja. 

Aijalon, Aj'a-lon. 

Aijeleth Shahar, Aj'e-let 

Ain, a'in. 
Aioth, a-j-ot. 
Airus, a-j-rus. 
Ajalon, Aj'a-lon. 
Akkub, Ak'ub. 
Akrabbim, Ak-rab-im. 
Alamelech, A-lam-c-lek. 
Alameth, Al'a-mefi. 
Alauioth, Al'a-mot. 
Alcimus, Al'si-mu3. 
Alema, Al'e-mq. 
Alemeth, A-le-met. [q. 
Alexandria, Al-eks-an-dri- 
Alexandrion, Al-eks-aa- 

Aliah, A-lj-a. 
Alian, A-lj-an. 
Allelujah, Al-e-Iq-yq. 
Allom, Al'om. [hufl. 

Allon Bachuth, Al'onBak- 
Alniodad, Al'mo-dad. 
Almon Diblathaim, Al'mon 

Alnathan, Al'aa-tan. 
Aloth, a'lot. 
Alpha, Al'fa. ^ 
Alpheus, Al-fe-us. 
Altaneus, Al-ta-ne-us. 
Altaschith, Al-tas-kifi. 
Altekon, Al'te-kon. 
Alush, a'luj. 
Alvah, Al'va, or 
Alvan, Al'van. 
Araad, a'mad. 
Amadatha, A-mad-a-tq. 
Araadathus, A-mad-a-tus. 
Amal, a'mal. 
Amalda, A-raal-da. 
Amaiek, Am'a-lek. 
Amalekites, Am'a-Iek-jta. 
Aman, a'man. 
Amana, Am'a-nq. 
Amariah, Am-a-rj-a. [sq. 
Amasa, A-ma-sa, or Am'a- 
Amasai, A-mas-a-j. 
Araashiah, Am-a-Jj-a. 
Amatheis, Am-a-te-is. 
Amathis, Am'a-tis. 
Amaziah, Am-a-zj-a. 
Amen, a-men. 
Ami, a'mj. 
Aminadab; A-mm-a-dab^ 

Scripture Proper Names. 


Amittai, A-rait-a-j. 
Amizabiid, A-miz-a-bad. 
Amraadatha, A-mad-a-tq. 
Amma, Am'a. 
Ammi, Aua'j. 
Ammidioi, A mid-i-er, [el. 
Ammiel, Ain'i-el, or A-naj- 
Ammihud, A-in]-hud. [a-j. 
Ammishaddai, Am-i-Jad- 
Ammon, Am'on. 
Aramonites, Arn'on-jts. 
Amnon, Ani'non. 
Amok, 9'mok. 
Amon, a'mon. 
Amorites, Ara'o-rjts. 
Atnos, a'mo3. 
Amplia^, Am'pli-as. 
Amram, Am'ram. 
Araraiuites, Ain'ram-jts. 
Amran, Ain'ran. 
Anaraphel, Am'ra-fel. 
Amzi, Atn'zj. 
Anab, a'nab. 
Anael, An'a-el. 
Anah, d'na. 

Anaharath, An-a-ha-rat. 
Anaiah, An-a-j-a. 
Aoak, a'nak. 
Anakim?, An'a-kimz. 
Anamelecb, A-nam-e-lek. 
Anaiuiin. An'a-miin. 
Anan, U'nan. 
Anani, An-a-nj. 
Aoaniah, An-a-nj-a. 
Ananias, An-a-n^-as. 
Ananicl, A-nan-i-el. 
Anath, il'nat. 
Anathema, A-nat-e-m<^. 
Anathoth, An'a-tot. 
Anatholhite, An'a-tot-it. 
Andrew, An'dra*. 
Andronikus, An-dro-nj- 
ku3, or An-droa-i-kus. 
Anem, £I'nem, or 
Anen, il'nen. 
Aner, U'ner. 
Anes, U'nes. 
Anetb, U'net. 
Aniam, U'ni-am. 
Anim, U'nim. 
Anna, An'a. 
Anna:i5, An'a-as. 
Annas, An'as. 
Annuu.i, A-ni'i-us. [nus. 
Antilibanus, An-ti-lib-a- 
Antioch, An'ti-ok. 
Antiochia, An-t^-o-kis. 
Antiochuu, An-t{-o-kua. 
Anlipaa, An'ti-pas, 
Antipatrafl, AD-tip-a-tri0. 

Antipha, An'ti-fq. 
Antonia, An-tdi-ni-q,. 
Antothijah, An-to-t|-jd. 
Antothite, An'tot-jt. 
Anub, a'nub. 
Anas, a['nu3. 
Aparaea, Ap-a-mg-a. 
Apharaim, Af-a-ra-im. 
Apharsathchitea, A - fqr - 

Apharsites, A-f^r-sjts. 
Aphek, a'fek. 
Aphekah, A-fe-ka. 
Apherema, A-fer-e-mq. 
Apherra, A-fer-a. 
Aphiah, A-fj-a. 
Aphrah, Af'ra. 
Aphses, Af'sez. 
Apocalypse, A-pok-a-lips. 
Apocrypha. A-p6k-ri-fq. 
Apallos, A-p6l-o9. 
ApoUyon, A-p61-yon. 
Appaim, Ap'a-im. 
Apphia, Af'i-q. 
Apphus, Af'us. 
Aquila, Ak'wi-lq. 
Ar, flr. 
Ara, a'm. 
Arab, QVab. 
Arabah, Ar'a-bq. 
Anibattine, Ar-a-bat-i-ns. 
Arabia, A-ru-bi-q. 
Anid, a'rad. 
Aradite, U'rad-jt. 
Aradus, Ar'a-du3. 
Arab, SVa. 
Aram, a'ram. 
Aran, U'ran. 
Ararat, Ar'a-rat. 
Araunah, X-ro-na. 
Arba, or Arbab, flr'ba.' 
Arbal, Hr'bal. 
Arbattis. flr-bat-is. 
Arbela,flr-be-la. {Syria.) 
Arbella, flr-bel-a. 
Arbite, flr'bjt. 
Arbonai, flr-bio-na-j. 
Archelaus, Hr-kc-la-u3. 
Archeatratus, flr-k^-tra- 

Archevites, flr'ke-vjta. 
Archi, flr'kj. [rot. 

Archiataroth, flr-ki-at-a- 
Archippus, flr-kip-ua. 
Archites, flrk'jta. 
Ard, flrd. 
Ardath, flr'dat. 
Anlites, Hrd'jts. 
Ardon, Hr'don. 
Areli, A-re-li. 

Arelites, A-rs-ljts. 
Areopagite, Q-rE-op-a-jit. 
Areopagus, a-rE-6p-a-gu», 

(/T Ar-E-6p-a-gu3. 
Ares, a'rez. 
Aretas, A-re-taa. 
Areas, A-re-ua. 
Argob, Hr'gob. 
Argol, Hr'gol. 
Aridai, A-rid-a-j. 
Aridatha, A-rid-a-tq. 
Arieh, A-rj-e. 
Ariel, S'ri-el. 
Arimathea, Ar-i-ma-tg-a. 
Arioch, a'ri-ok. 
Arisai, A-ris-a-j. [lu». 

Arij^tobulus, Ar-is-t©-bq,- 
Arkites, flrk'jts. [on, 

Armageddon, flr-ma-ged- 
Armishadai, Hr - mi - Jad - 

Armon, ilr'mon. 
Arnan, flr'nan. 
Arnepher, flr'ne-fer. 
Arnon, Hr'non. 
Arod, S'rod. 
Arodi, Ar'o-dj. 
Aroer, Ar'o-er. 
Arom, a'rora. 
Arpad, Hr'pad, or 
Arphad, Hr'fud. 
Arphaxad, flr-faks-ad, 
Arsaces, flr'sa-SEz. 
Artemas, flr'te-uias. 
Aruboth, Hr'yq,-bot. 
Arumah, A-rtib-ma. 
Arvad, Hr'vad. 
Arvaditea, flr'vad-jts. 
Arza, Hr'za. 
Asa, a'sa. 
Asadias, As-a-dj-as, 
Aaael, As'a-el. 
Asahel, As'a-hel. 
Asaiah, As-a-^-a. 
Asann, As'a-nq. 
Asapb, a'saf. 
Aaaphar, Aa'a-fqr. 
Aaara, As'a-rq. 
Asareel, A-aar-c-cl. 
Asarclah, Aa-a-re-la. 
Asbazareth, Aa-baz-a-ret, 
Ascalon, As'ka-lon. 
Ascas, A-se-aa. 
Aaebebia, A-seb-e-bi-a. 
Aaebia, As-e-bj-a. 
Asenath, Aa'e-nat. 
Aaer, Q'^er. 
Aserar, A-se-rar. 
Aahabiah, AJ-a-b^, 
AsbaD, H'l&n, 


Scripture Proper Names. 

Ashbea, Aj'be-C^. 
Ashbel, AJ'bel. 
Ashbelites, AJ'bel-jts. 
Ashdod, AJ'dod. 
Ashdothites, AJ'dot-jts. 
Ashdoth Pisgah, A/'dot 

Ashean, SEi/e-an. 
Asher, Aj'er. 
Ashiraaoh, AJ'i-raaf). 
Ashkenaz, Aj'ke-naz 
Ashnah, Aj'na. 
Ashon, £I'Jon. 
Ashpenaz, AJ'pe-naz. 
Ashriel, AJ'ri-el. 
Ashtaroth, AJ'ta-rot. [jts. 
Ashtarothites, AJ'ta-rot- 
Ashtemoth, Af'te-inot. 
Ashuath, A-Ji^-at. 
Ashur, AJ'ur. 
Ashurim, A-Ji'^-riin. 
Asburites, Aj'ur-its. 
Asia, il'fx-a. 
Asibtas, As-i-bj-as. 
Asiel, £['si-el. 
Asipha, As'i-fq. 
Askelon, As'ke-lon. 
Asmadai, As'ma-da. 
Asmaveth, As'ma-veC. 
Asmodeus, As-mo-de-us. 
Asmoneaas, As - mo - ne - 

Asnah, As'na. 
Asnapper, As-nap-er. 
Asochis, A-s6-kid. 
Asotu, (I'som. 
Aspatha, As'pa-6q. 
Asphar, As'far. 
Aspharasus, As-far-a-sus, 
Asriel, As'ri-el. 
Assabias, As-a-bj-as. 
Assalimoth, A-sal-i-mot. 
Assanias, As-a-nj-as. 
Assideans, As-i-ds-anz. 
Assir, As'er. 
Assos, As'os. 
Astaroth, As'ta-rot. 
Astarte, As-tqr-te. 
Astath, As' tat. 
Asuppim, A-siip-im. 
Asyncritus, A-sin-kri-tus. 
Atad, a'tad. 
Atarah, At'a-rq. 
Atargatis, A-tqr-ga-tis. 
Ataroth, At'a-rot. 
Ater, il' ter. 

Acerezias, At-E-re-zj-as. 
Athack, a:'tak. 
AthaiaU, At-a-j-a. 
Athaliah, Afc-a-lj-a. 

Atbarias, At-a-rj-as. [us, 
Athenobius, At-e-no-bi- 
Athens, At'enz. 
Athlai, At'la. 
Atrotb, At'rot. 
Altai, At'a. 
Attalia, At-a-lj-a, 
Attains, At'a-lu9. 
Attharato3, At-tar-a-trz. 
Augia, e'ji-q. 
Auranitis, ra-nj-tis. 
Auranus, O-ra-nus. 
Auteus, 0-te-us. 
Ava, il'va. 
A varan, Av'a-ran. 
Aven, il'ven. 
Aviin, il'vira. 
A vims, ii'vimz. 
Avites, K'vjis. 
Avith, a'vit. 
Azaelus, Az-a-e-Ius. 
Azah, {I'za. 
Azal, £I'zal. 
Azaliah, Az-a-lj-a. 
Azania, Az-a-ni-a. 
Azaphion, A-za-fi-on. 
Azara, Az'a-rq. 
Azareel, A-za-re-el. 
Azariah, Az-a'-rj-a. 
Azarias, Az-a-rj-as. 
:\.zaz, O^'zaz. 
:\.zazel, A-za-zel. 
izaziah, Az-a-zj-a. 
Azbazareth, Az-baz-a-ret. 
Azbuk, Az'buk. 
Azekali, A-ze-ka. 
Azel, il'zel. 
Azem, a^'zem. 
Azephurith, Az-e-fi^-ri6. 
Azer, £t'zer. 
Azetas, A-ze-tas. 
Azgad, Az'gad. 
Azia, A-zj-a. 
Aziei, A-zi-s-j. 
Aziel, £['zi-el. 
Aziza, A-zj-za. 
Aztnaveth, Az'ma-vet. 
izmon, Az'inon. [bor. 
Aznoth Tabor, Az'not Ta- 
Azor, a'zor. 
Azotus, A-z(5-tus. 
Azriel, Az'-ri-el. 
Azrikam, Az'ri-kam. 
Azubah. A-zi|,-ba. 
Azur, £I'zur. 
Azuran, Az'yi],-ran. 
Azymites, Az'i-mjts. 
Azzah, Az'a. 
Azzan, Az'an. 
Azzur, Az'ur. 


Baal, Ba-al, or 

Bel, Bel. 
Baalah, Ba-a-lq. 
BaaUith. Ba-al-at. 
Baalath Beer, — Be-er. 
Baal Berith, Ba-al Be-rif). 
Baal Gad, — Gad. 
Baal Hamon, — Ham-on. 
Baal Hanan, — Han-an. 
Baal Hazor, — Ila-zor. 
Baal Hernon, — Her-non. 
Baali, Ba-al-j. 
Bualim, Ba-al-im, 
Baalia, Ba-a-lis. 
Baalle, Bd-al-e. 
BaalMeon, Ba-al Me-on. 
Baal Peor, — Pg-or. 
Baal Perazim, — Per-a- 

zira. [Jq. 

Baal Shalisba, — Xal-i- 
Baal Tamar, — Ta-mar. 
Baal Zebub, — Ze-bub. 
Baal Zepbon, — Ze-fon. 
Baana, Ba-a-nq. 
Baanah, Ba-a-nq. 
Baanan, Ba-a-nan. 
Baanath, Ba-a-nat. 
Baanias, Ba-a-nj-as. 
Baara, Ba-a-rq. 
Baasha, Ba-a-Jq. 
Baashah, Ba-a-Jq. 
Biiasiah, Ba-a-sj-a. 
Babel, Ba-bel. 
Babi, Ba-bj. 
Babylon, Bab-i-lon, 
Baca, Bii-ka. 
Bacchurus, Ba-ki^-rus, 
Bachrites, Bak-rjts. 
Bachutb AUon, Bak-ut 

Bagoas, Ba-g6-as. 
Bagoi, Bag-(o-j. [jt. 

Bahammite, Ba-ha-rum- 
Baburim. Ba-hq-rim. 
Bajith, Ba-jit, 
Jiakbaker, Bak-bak-er. 
Bakbuk, Bak-buk. 
Bakbukiah, Bak-buk-^-a. 
Balaam, Ba-lam. 
Baladan, Bal-a-dan. 
Balab, Ba-la. 
Balak, Ba-lak. 
Balamo, Bal-a-mo. 
Balanus, Bal-a-nus, 
Balthasar, Boi-td-aor. 

Scripture Proper Names. 


Baraah, Ba-ma. 
Ii:i:noth, Ba-inuO. [a\. 

Bamoth Baal, Ba-mot) Ba- 
Ban, Ban. 
Banaiiu*, Ban-a-j-as. 
liani, Ba-nj. 
Banid, Ba-nid. 
Binnus, Ban-US. 
Banuas, Ban-yn-a3. 
Barabbus, Ba-rab-as. 
Baraohel, Bar-a-kel. 
Barachiah, Bar-a-kj-a. 
Barachias, Bar-a-kj-as. 
Barak, Ba-rak. 
Barcenor, Bqr-S8-nor. 
Birjjo, Bqr-giJ. 
Barhuiniies, Bqr-hq,-mjts. 
Biriah, Ba-rj-a. 
Barjeriiis, BcLr-JE-SQS. 
BirjDna. Bq,i--j<f)-na. 
B;uk>>s, Bq^r-kod. 
Barnabas, B^r-na-bas. 
Barolis, Ba-ro-dis. 
Birsabus, Bq,i"-:?a-ba3. 
Bartacus, Bqr-ta-kua. [ran. 
Bartholomew, Bqr-t6l-o- 
Bartimiius, liqr-li-ine-ua. 
Biruch, Bii-ruk. 
Barzillai, Bqr-zil-a-j. 
Baseaiua, Bas-ka-mq. 
Bashan, Ba-Jan, or 
Bas.san, Bas-an. 
Basban Havulh Fair, Ba- 
Jan Ha-vot Fa-er. 
Baahcuiath, Ba/-e-mat. 
Baslitb, Bas-Iif). 
Ba^math, Bda-mat. 
Bassa, Bas-a. 
Ba-itai, Bas-ta-j. 
Bataae, Bat-a-ne. 
Bath, Bat. 

Bathaloth, Baft-a-loft. 
Bitbrabbim, Bat-rab-im. 
l{athsheba, Bafc-Jc-bq. 
Bathshua, Bat-Ji'i-a. 
liavai, Bav-a-j. 
BL>aliah, Be-a-lj-a. 
Beuloth, Bt-a-lot. 
li>;an, Bt'-an. 
Bcbai, Beb-a-|. 
Becher, Bc-qer. 
Bechorath, Be-k(5-ratl. 
BiMshtiletb, B^k-ti-iet. 
Bedad, Be -dad. 
B^daiub, Bu(I-a-i-a. 
B.-eliada, Be-el-j-a-dq. 
BvMil-'arus, Be-^l-iia-rU3. 
Be<'ltcthmu3, Be - el - tel- 


B««lMbab, Be-61-te-bub. 


Beer, Be-er. 
Beera, Be-e-rd. 
Beeruh, Be-B-ra, or 

Berah, Be-ra. 
Beerelim, Be-er-e-lira. 
Beeri, Be-e-rj. [i-rer. 

Beerlahairoi, Be-er-la-ha- 
Beeroth, Br-e-rot. 
Beerothites, Bt-e-rot-jts. 
Beersheba, Be-er-Je-bq. 
Bee.shtenvh, Be-eJ-te-rq. 
Behemoth, Bg-he-mot. 
Bekah, Be-ka. 
Bola, Bg-la. 
Belaites. Be-la-jts. 
Belemus, Bel-e-inuS. 
Belgai, Bel-ga-j. 
Belial, Be-li-al. 
Bi'ltnaim, Bel-ma-im. 
Belmen, Bel-men. 
Belshazzar, Bel-Jaz-ar. [ar. 
Belteshazsar, Bel - te - Jaz 
Ben, Ben. 

Bonaiah, Be-na-ya. 
Benarami, Ben-am-j. 
Beneberak, Bon-eb-e-rak. 
Bcnejuakam, Ben-e-ja-a 

kam. [Ben-ha-dad 

Benhadad, Ben-ha-dad, or 
Benhail, Ben-ha-il. 
Benhanan. Ben-ha-nan. 
Beninu, Ben-i-nii,. 
Benjamin, Ben-ja-min. 
Benjaraite, Ben-ja-mjt. 
Benjamite.s, Beu-ja-mjts. 
Bene, Be-no. 
Benoni, Be-nci-ni. 
Benui, Be-ni'^-j. 
Benzobeth, Ben-z6-het. 
Boon, Be-on. 
Beor, Be-or. 
Bera, Bc-ra. 
Berachah, B<5r-a*kq. 
Berachiah, Ber-a-kj-a. 
Beraiah, Ber-a-j-a, 
Bt'Tca, Bc-re-a. 
Bered, Be-red. 
Beri, BB-r[. 
Beriah, Be-rj-a. 
Beri tea, B^-rjt.«?. 
Berith, B^-rifc. [nis. 

Bornice, Ber-nj-se, or Bor- 
Berodach Baladan, Be-r6- 

dak Bal-a-dan. 
Beroth, Be- rot. 
Berothai, B^r-o-ta. 
Bcrothalh, Be-rdi-tat. 
Beryl, B6r-il. 
Burzelus, Berrj^-lua. 
Beiio4iubft }ie«-G>^^«a. 

Besor, Be-sor. 
Betah, Be-ta. 
Beten, Be-ten. 
Bethabara, Bet-ab-a-rq. 
Bethebarah, Bet-ab-a-rq. 
Bethanath, Beb-a-nat. 
Bethanoth, Bet-a-not. 
Bethany, Bet-a-ni. 
Betharabah, Befc-ar-a-bq. 
Betharam, Bet a-ram. 
Betharbel, Bot-qr-bel. 
Bethaven, Bet a-ven. 
Bethazmavelb, Bet-az-raa- 

vet. [me-on. 

Bethbaalmeon, Bet-ba-al- 
Bethbaru, Bet-ba-ra. 
Bethbarah, Bet-ba-ra. 
Bethbasi, Bet-ba-si. 
Bethbirei, Bet-bir-e-i. 
Bethcar, Bet-kar. 
Bethdagon, Bet-da-gon. 
Bethdiblathaim, Bet-dib- 

Bethel, Bet-el. 
Bethelite, Bet-el-jt. 
Bethemek, Bet-g-mek. 
Bother, Be-ter. 
Bethesda, Be-tez-da. 
Bethezel, Bet-e-zel. 
Bethgader, Bet-ga-der. 
Bethgamul, Bot-ga-mul. 
Bethhaccerim, Bet-hak- 

Bethharan, Bet-ha-ran. 
Bethhoglah, Bet~h6g-la. 
Bethhoron, Bet-htj-ron. 
Bethjesimoth, Bet - jes - i- 

Bethlebaoth, Bet-ldb-a-ot. 
Bethlehem, Bet-le-heni. 
Bethlehem Epliratah, Bet- 

le-hem Et'ratq. [jt. 
Betiilehemite, Be|)-le-hem- 
Bethlehera Judah, Bet-le- 

hem Ji'^-da. 
Betbloraon, Bet-lo-mon. 
Bethmaacab, Bet-ma-a^ 

kq. [ka-bot. 

Bethmarcaboth. Bet-m^r- 
Bethmeon, Bet-me-on. 
Bethnimrah, Bet-nim-ra, 
Bethoron, Bot-6-ron. 
Bethpalet, Bet-iia-let. 
Bethpazzer, Bi;t-paz-er. 
Bethpoor, Bet-pe-or. 
Bethpiiugc, Bet-fa-jc, 
Bethpholet, Bot-fe-let, 
Bethrabah, B^^l-ni-bq. 
Bethrapha, ^ict-ra-fq. 
Ii|tithr0hob> Bet-re-ho|}, • 


Scripture Proper Names. 

Bethsaida, Bet-sa-i-dq. 
Beihsamos, Bet-sa-mos. 
Bethshan, Bel-Jan. 
Bethshean, Bet-fe-an. 
Bethshemeshv BeC-Je-meJ 
Bethshittah, Bc-t-Jit-a. 
Bithsiinos, Bet-si-mo3. 
Bethsura, Bet-si|,-ra. [q, 
Bethtappua, Bet-tap-yi].- 
Bethuel, Be-tq-el. 
Bethul, Be'-tul. 
Bethulia, Bet-yix-lj-q. 
Bethzor, Bet-zor. 
Bethzor, Bet-zur. 
Betoliu^, Be-tu)-li-us. 
Betomestham, Bet-o-m63- 

Betonim, Bet-o-nim. 
Beulah, Be-yq-la. 
Bezai, Be-za. 
Bezaleel, Be-zal-e-el. 
Bezek, Bg-zek. 
Bezer, Be-zer, or 

Bozra, B6z-ra. 
Bezoth, Be-zet. 
Biatas, Bj-a-tas. 
Bichri, Bik-rj. 
Bidkar, Bid-kar. 
Bigthah, Big-ta. 
Bigthan, Big-tan. 
Bigthana, Big-ta-nq. 
Bigvai, Big-va-j. 
Bildad, Bil-dad. 
Bileam, Bil-e-um. 
Bilgah, Bil-ga. 
Bilgai, Bil-ga-j. 
Bilha, or Bilhah, Bil-ha. 
Billian, Bil-han. 
Bilshan, Bil-Jan. 
Biiubal, Biui-hal. 
Binea, Bin-c q. 
Binnui, Bin-yq-j. 
Birsha, B6r-Ja. 
Birzavith, Ber-za-vit. 
Bishlara, Bi/-lam. 
Bithiah, Bi-tj-a. 
Bithron. Bit-ron. 
Bizijothiah, Biz-i-jo-tj-a. 
Bizijothijah, Biz-i-jo-t]- 

Bizjothjah, Biz-j6t-ja. 
Biztha,' Biz-ta. 
Blaslus, Blas-tus. 
Boanerges, Bo-a-ner-jez. 
Bo.'iz, BiJ-az. or 
Booz, Bii-oz. 
Boccas, B6k-a3. 
Bocheru, Bok-e-rd). 
BochiiQ, Bio-kim. 
Bohan, Bu)-ban. 

Boscath, Bos-kat 
Bosor, Bd)-sor. 
Bosora, Bos-o-rq 
Bosrah, B6z-ra, 
B')zez, B6-zez. 
Bozrah, B6z-ra. 
Brigandine, Brig 
Bukki, Buk-j. 
Bukkiah, Buk-j-a. 
Bui, Bui. 
Bunah, Bi\,-na. 
Bunni, Biin-j. 
Buz, Buz. 
Buzi, Bq-zi. 
Buzite, Buz-jt. 



Cab, Kab.^ 
Cabbon, Kab-on. 
Cabhera, Kab-bam, 
Cabul, Ka-bul. 
Caddis, Kad-is. 
Cades, Kd-dez. 
Cadesh, Ka-de;. 
Caiaphas, Ka-ya-fas, or 

Cain, Kan. 
Cainan, Ka-j-nan. 
Cairites, Ka-rjts. 
Calah, Ka-la.' [a-lus. 
Calamolalus, Kal-a-mol- 
Calainus, Kal a-mus. 
Calcol, Kal-kol. 
Caldees, Kal-dtz. 
Caleb, Ka-lub. 
Caleb Ephratab, Ka-leb 

Calitas, Kal-i-tas. 
Calneth. Kal-net. 
Calno, Kal -no. 
Calphi, Kal-fj. 
Calvary, Kal-va-ri. 
Camon, Ka-mon. 
Cana, Ka-na. [na-an. 
Canaan, Ka-nan, or Ka- 
Canaanites, Ka-nan-jtSjO/- 

Candace, Kan-da-se. 
Canneh, Kan-e. 
Canveh, Kan-ve. [urn. 
Cipemauii, Ka-p^r-na- 
Capharsalamah, Kaf - ar- 

Capbenatha, Ka-f^n-a-tq. 
Caphira, Ka-fj-ra. 
Caphtor, Kiif-tor. 

Capbtorim, Kaf-to-rim. 
Caphtorims, Kat-to-rimr. 
Cappadocia, Kap-a- do-Ji- 

q. [on. 

Carabasion, Kar-a-ba-^i- 
Ciirchainis, Kqr-ka-mis. 
Carchetnish; Kqr-ke-miJ. 
Careah, Ka-re-a. 
Caria, Ka-ri-a. 
Carcas, Kqr-kas. [anz. 
Carraanians, Kar-ma-ni- 
Carrae, Kqr-me. 
Carmel, Kqr-inel. 
Carmelite, Kqr-mel-it. [eg,, Kqr-mel-jt- 
Carmi, Kqr-raj. 
Carmites, K^r-mits. 
Carnaira, K^r-na-im. 
Carnion, Kqr-ni-on. 
Carpus, Kqr-pus. 
Carshena, Kqr-Je-na. 
Casipbia, Ka-sif-i-q. 
Casleu, Kas-lq. 
Caslubim, Kas-lq-bim. 
Casphor, Kat<-fer. 
Caspis, Kas-pis, or 
Caspbin, Kas-fin. 
Cathuath, Ka-tq-at. 
Cedron, Sg-dron. 
Ceilan, Sj-Ian. 
Celemia, Sul-e-mj-a. 
Cenehrea, Sen-kre-a. 
Cendebeus, Sen-de-be-us. 
Centurion, Sen-tv|,-ri-on. 
Cephas, Se-fas. 
Cera**, Se-ras. 
Ceteb, St'-teb. 
Chabris, Ka-bris. 
Chadias, Ka-di-as. 
Chosreas, Ke-rc-as. 
Chalcedony, Kal-se-do-ni, 
Chalcol, Kal-kol. 
Chaldea, Kal-de-a. 
Chanos, Ka-nfz. [us, 

Channuneus, Kan-yq-ne- 
Charaathalas, Kar-a-at-a- 

Characa, Kar-a-kq. 
Charasim, Kar-a-sim. 
Charcus, Kqr-kas. 
Charea, Ka-re-a. 
Charrais, Kqr-mis. 
Charran, Kiir-nn. 
Chasoba, Kas-e-bq. 
Cbebar, Ks-bqr. [o-mer. 
Chederlaomer, Ked-er-lA- 
Chelal, Ke-lal. 
Chelcias, Kel-Ji-as. 
Chellians, K^l-i-anai. 
Chellub, K<51-ub, 

Scripture Proper Names. 


Chellas, K^l-u3, 
Chelod, Ke-loii. 
Chelub, Ke-lub. 
Cbelubai, Ke-hj,-ba. 
Chelubar, Ke-li^-bar. 
Cheuiftriins, Kem-a-rimz. 
Chcuio?b, Ke-moJ". 
Chenaanah. Ke-na-a-nCi. 
Chenani, Ken-a-nj, 
Cbenaniah. Ken-a-nj-a. 
Chephar Haamonai, Ke- 

far Ha-am-o-na. 
Chephirah, Ke-fj-ra. 
Cberan, Ke-ran, 
Cbereas, Ke-re-as. 
Cherethiras, Ker-et-imz. 
Cherethites, Ker-et-jts. 
Cherith, Ke-rit, or 
Cherish, Ke-rij'. 
Cherub, Ke-rub, {acity.) 
Cherub, ^er-ub. 
Cherubim, Ger-yi;,-bim. 
Chesalon, Kes-a-lon. 
Chesed, Ke-sed. 
Chesil, Ke-sil. 
Chesud, Ke ?ud, 
Che:=uUoth, Ke-sdl-ot. 
Chctim, Ket-itn. 
Chczib, Ke-zib. 
Chidon, Kj-don. 
Chilion, Ki-l|-on. 
Chiliab, Kil-e-ab. 
Chilmud, Kil-raad. 
Chimham. Kim-ham. 
Cbi.«leu, Kis hi. 

Casieu, Kas-lq,, or 

Cisleu, Sis-Ill, 
Chislon, Kis-lon. [Ta-bor. 
ChisUith Tabor, Kis-lot 
Chittim, Kit-im. 
Chiun, Kj an, 
Chloe, Kl(f)-c. 
Chobft, Ku)-ba. 
Chonu^in, Ko-ra-sin, or 
Chorashan, Ko-rd-/on, or 
Chorazin, Ko-ri^-zin. 
Chosamcus, Kos-a-m^-us. 
Chozeba. Ko-zc-bo, 
Chri.><t, Krjst. 
Chub, Kub. 
Chun, Kun. 
Chusn, Kn-sa, or 
Chuza, Kti-za. 
Cbu.^hnn Ki8harhaim,Kd/- 

an RiJ-a-ta-im. 
Chusi, K\\'^. 
Cinneretb, Sin-l-ret, or 
Cinneroth, Sin-e-rot. 
Cirama. Sir-a-m(i. 
CiMi, S|->a. 

Cisleu, Sis-iq. 
Citherus, Sit-e-ru3. 
Cittims, Sit-imz. 
ClauJa, Kle-da, 
Clea-^a, Kle-a-sa. 
Clement, Kl^m-ent. 
Cleophas, Kle-o-fas, or 
Cleopns, Klg-o-paa. 
Cloe, Klo-E. 
Cnidus, Xj-dus. 
Colhozeh, Kol-h6-ze. 
Collius, K6l-i-u3. 
Colosse, Ku)-I6s-e. 
Colossians, Ko-loJ-i-anz. 
Coniah, Ko-nj-a. 
Cononiah, Kon-o-nj-a. 
Cor, Kor. 
Corban, Kdr-ban. 
Corbc, Kor-bs. 
Core, K6-rE. 

Corinth, Kor-int. [anz. 
Corinthians, Ko-ria-ti- 
Cosam, K(f)-sam, 
Coatha, K-s-ta. 
Coz, Koz. 
Co'.bi, K6z-bj. 
Cresen?, Kre.^-enz. 
Cretans, KrE-tanz. 
Crete, KrEt. 
Cretes, Krsts. 
Cretians, KrE-Ji-anz. 
Cubit, Kii-bit. 
Cash, Kuf. 
Cu.shan, Ki'i-Jan. 
Cushan Rishathaim, Ki'i 

Jan RiJ-a-ta-im. 
Cushi, KiHJ. 
Cuth, Kut, or 
Cuthah, Kiit-a. 
Cutheans, Kii-ts-anz. 
Cyamon, Sj-a-mon. 
Cyrene, Sj-re-nE. 
Cyrenius, Sj-rE-ni-us. 


r>!tbareh, Dab-a-re. 
Diibbasheth. Dab-a-Jet. 
Daberath, I)ab-c-rat. 
Dabria, Da-bri-a. 
Dacobi, Da-k<f)-bi. 
Diiddeus. Da-dE-us. 
Dufjon, I)a-gon. 
Daisiin, Da-san. 
Dalaiab, Dal-a-J-a. 
Dalilab, Dal-i-lq. [ta, 
Dolmanutba, Dal'ina'Di^- 

Dalphon, Dal-fon. 
Damaris, Dam-a-ris. 
Damascenes, Dam-a-s^ns, 
Dan, Dan. 
Daniel, Dan -y el. 
Danites, Dan-jts. 
Danjaan, Dan-ja-an. 
Dannah, Dan-a. 
Danobrath, Dan-ca-brat.- 
Dara, Da-ra. 
Darda, Dqr-da. 
Darian, Da-ri-an. 
Darken, Dqr-kon. 
Dathan, Da-tan. 
Dathemah, Dat-E-mq. 
Dathmah, Dat-ma. 
David, Da-vid. 
Debir, DE-ber. 
Deborah, Deb o-rq. 
Decapolis. DE-kap-o-lis, 
Dedan, Dt-dan. 
Dt'danim, Ded-a-nim. 
Dedanims, Ded-a-nimz. 
Dehavites, DE-ha-vjts. 
Dekar, De- kar. 
Delaiah, Del-a-j-a. 
Delilah, Del-i-lq. 
Demas, Ds-mas. 
Derbe, Der-bE. 
Dessau, lies-o. 
Deuel, Dc-yq-el. [o-mi. 
Deuteronomy, Dq-ter-au- 
Diblaim, Dib-la-im. 
Diblath, Dib-lat. 
Dibon, Dj-bon. 
Dibon Gad, Dj-bon Gad. 
Dibri, Dib-rj. 
Dibzahab, Dib-za-hab, or 
Dizahab, Diz-a-bab. 
Didracbm, D|-drani. 
Didyinus, Did-i-nius. 
Diklah, Dik-la, or 
Dildah, Dil-da. 
Dilean, Dil-E-an. 
Dimnah, Dim-na. 
Dimon, Dj-mon. 
Diraonah, Dj-miS-na, 
Dinah, Dj-na. 
Dinaite?, Di na-jts. 
Dinhabah, l)in-ha-bq. 
Diofropheg, Dj-«3t-re-lei, 
Dishan, Dj-/an. 
Dishon, Di-Jon, 
Dizahab, Diz-a-hab. 
Docus, Do-kuH. 
Dodai, Dod-a-j. 
Dodanim, Dml-a-nira. 
Dodovah, D6d-a-vq. 
Dodo, D6-do. 
Docg, Hd-tg, 


Scripture Proper Names. 

Dophkah, D6f-ka. 
Dor, Dor. 
Dora, D6-ra. 
Durc:is, Di5r-kas. 
Doryiuenes. Do-xim-f-nez, 
Dositheus, Da-sifc-s-us. 
Dothaim. D6-ta im, or 
Dothan, Do-tan. 
Dumah, Di'i-ma. 
Dura, Dii-ra. 


Eanag, Fl'a-nas. 
Ebal, 8'bal. 

Ebod, 8'bed. [lek 

Ebedmelech, S -bed -me- 
Ebenezer, Eb-en-e-zor. 
Eber, 8-'ber. 
Ebiasaph, ir^-bj-a-saf. 
Ebronah, P/-bru)-na. 
Ecanus, 8-ka-nu3. 
Ecbatana, Ek-b:U-a-nq. 
Ecclcsiastes, Ek-le-zi-as- 
tez. [ti-kus, 

Ecclesiasticus, Ek-le-zi-as- 
Ed, Ed. 
Edar, P'dar. 
Eden, 8'don. 
Eder, 8'der. 
Edes, 8Mes. 
Edias, F/di-as. 
Edna, Ed'na. 
Edom, 8'd()rn. 
Edomites. S'dom-its. 
Edrei, Ed're-j. 
E.^'lah, E^'la. 
Egluim, Eijc'la-im. 
Eglon, Eg'lon. 
Egypt, 8'jipt. 
Ehi, S'hj. 
Ehud, 8'hud. 
Eker, 8'ker. 
Ekrebel. Ek're-bel. 
Ekron, Ek'ron. 
Ekronites, Ek'ron -jts. 
Ela, 8'la. 
Eladah. El'a-dc^. 
Elah, 8'la. 
Elam, 8'lam. 
Elamites, 8'lara-jts. 
Elasah, El'a-sq. 
Elalh, S'lat. 
Elbethel, El-bet-el. 
Elcia, El'Ji-q. 
Eldaah, El'da-q. 
Eldad, El'dad. 

Elead, e'le-ad, or g-le-ad. 
Elealeh, 8-lE-a-le. 
Eleasah, 8-le-a-sq. 
Eleiizer, 8-lE-a-zer. 
Eleazurus, 8-lE-a-zi\,-rus. 
Eleloho Israel, El-g-lo-bs 

Eleph, 8'lef. 
Eleutherus, 8 lvi,-tE-rus. 
P^leuzai, El-yq-za-j. 
Elhanan, £l-ba-naa. 
Eli. 8'li. 
Eliah, 8-l)-ab. 
Eliada, 8-li-a-dq. 
Eliadah, 8-Ii-a-dq. 
Eliadun, 8-li-a-dun. 
Eliah, 8-b'-a. 
Eliahba, 8-lj-a-bq. 
Eliakim, 8-li-a-kiui. 
Eliali, 8-U-a-li. 
Eliara, 8-lj-atn. 
Elias, 8-Ij-as. 
Eliasaph, 8-lj-a-8af. 
Eliashib. 8-li-a-;ib. 
Eliasis, 8 Ij-a-sis. 
Eliatha, 8-lj-a-tq, or 
Eliathab, 8-li-a-tq. 
Eliazar, 8-li-a-zar. 
Elidad, 8-li dad. 
Eliel, 8'li-el. 
Elienai, S-Ii-e-na-j. 
Eliezer, 8-li-8-zer. 
Elihaba, 8-Ij-ha-bq. 
Elihaena. El-i-hs-na. 
Elihoenai, El-i-hE-na-|. 
Elihoreph. El-i-hu>-ref. 
Elihu, 8-lj-hq. 
Elijah, 8-l)-ja. 
Elika, El'i-kq. 
Elim, 8'lim. 
Elitnelech, 8-lira-e-lek. 
Elioenai, 8-li-£-na-i. 
Elionas, 8-li-6-nas. 
Eliphal, El'i-fal. 
Eliphaleh, 8-lif-a-lq. 
Eliphaz, El'i-faz. 
Eiiphelet, 8-lif-e-Iet. 
Elisabeth, 8-liz-a-bet. 
Elisaeus, Ei-i-ss-us. 
Eliseus, El-i-se-u3. 
Elisha. 8-lj-;a. 
Elishah, 8-li-;a. 
Elisharaa, 8'-liJ-a-raq. 
Elishamah, 8-liJ-a-inq. 
Elishaphat, 8-liJ-a-fat. 
Elisheba, 8-liJ-E-bq. 
Elishua, El-i-Jq-a. 
Elisiraus, 8-li3-i-mu3. 
Eliu, 8 U-yq. 
lEliud, 8-lj-ud. 

Elizaphan, 8-liz-a-fan, 
Elizur, 8-li-zur. 
Elkanah, Ei'ka-nq. 
Elkoshitc. El'ko-Jjt. 
Ellasar, El'a-sqr. 
Elmodam, El'inu>-dana. 
Elnaatn, El'na-ain. 
Elnathan, El'na-tan, or 

Elon, 8'lon. 
Elon Bethhanan, 8'Ion 

Elonites, 8'lon-it3. 
Eloth, 8'lofi. 
Elpaal, El'pa-al. 
Elpalet, El'pa-let. 
Elparan, E!-pa-ran. 
Eltekeh, El't£-ke. 
Elteketh, El'tE ket. 
Eltekon, El'tE -kon. 
Eltwlad. El'to-iad. 
EIul, 8'lul. 
Eluzai, 8-h\-ZH-i. 
Elymais, El-i-ma-is. 
Elymas, El'i-mas. 
Elzabad, El'za-bad. 
Elzaphan, El'za-fan. 
Etnalcuel, Em-al-kq-el. 
Emanuel, 8-man-yq,-el, 
Emiras, 8'rtiimz. 
I]inmau3. Ein'a-u3. 
Eininer, Em'er. 
Emor, 8'mor. 
Enam, 8'narn. 
Rlnan, 8'nan. 
Endor, En'dor. 
Eneas, 8'nE-as. 
Eneglaiin, En-eg-la-im. 
Enemessar, En-E-mes-ar. 
Enenias, 8-nE-ni-as. 
Engannim, En-gan-iun. 
Engedi, En'gE-dj_. 
Enhaddah, En -had -a. 
Enhakkore. En-hak-ca-re. 
Enhazor, En-ha-zor. 
Enniishpafr;' En-miJ-pat. 
Enoch, 8'nok. 
Enon, 8'non. 
Enos, 8'no3. 
Enosh, 8'nr)J", . 
Enrimmon, En-rim-on. 
Enrogel, En-rw-gel. 
Enshemesh, En'jE-meJ. 
Entappuah, En-tap-yq-q. 
Epaphras. Ep'a-fras. 
Epophroditus, 8-paf-ro- 


Epenetus, 8-pen-e-tu3, 
Ephah, 8'fa. 
Ephai, S'fa. . 

Scripture Proper Names. 


Ephcr, 8'fer. 
Epbes-dammim, S'fes- 

Ephesians, S-fe-3i-anz. 
Ephlal, Ef'lal. 
Ephud, F'fod. 
Ephnr, 8'for. 
Ephphatha. Ef'a-t(\. 
Ephraim, 8'fra-im. 
Ephraiinites. 8'fia-im-jts. 
Ephratah, Ef'ra-tq. 
Ephrath, Ef'rat. 
Ephrathites, Ef'rat-jta. 
Ephron, 8'fron. 
Er. Er. 
Eran, S'ran. 
Eranites, S'ran-jts. 
Erastus, 8-ras-lu3. 
Erech. 8'rek. 
Eri, 8'ri. 
Em, 8'sa. 
Esaias, 8-zfl-yas. 
Esarhaddon, 8'sar-had-OD. 
Esau, &s/t. 
Esdrag, Es'dras. 
E.-idrelon. Es-dre-lon. 
Escbon, EVe-bon. 
Esebrias, 8-s8-bri-a3. 
Esek, 8'8ek. 
Eshbaal, Efba-al. 
Eshban, Ej'ban. 
Eshcol, Ej'kol. 
Eshean, 8'Je-an. 
E-hek, 8'Jek. 
Eshkalon. Efka-lon. 
Eshtaol, E;'ta-Ql. 
Eshtaulites, Ej'to-lits. 
Eshtemoa, Ef-tetn-o-q. 
Esfhteraoth, Ej'te'inot. 
Eshion, Ej'ton. 
E?li, Es'lj.. 

E.'^machiuh, Es-ma-kj-a. 
Esora, 8-?u-ra. 
Esril. Es'ril. 
Esrom, Es'rom. 
Esseneg, Es-enj5. 
Esthaol, Est'ha-ol. 
Esther, Es'ter. 
Etatn, 8'tam. 
Etham, 8'tana. 
Efhan, 8'tan. 
Erhanim, Kt'a-nim. 
Ethbaal. Et'ba-al. 
Ether, 8'tcr. 
Ethma, Et'raa. 
Ethnaa. Et'naD. 
Ethni. Et'ni. 
EuAsibua, Vq,-d8-i-bu». 
Eubulus, Yn-bii-lu8. 
EuoathaD, Yi^-na-taD. 

Eunice, Yii-nj-se. 
Euodias, Yi|-c>-di-as. 
Eupolemus, Yq,-p6l-£-mu3. 
Euroclydon, Yi], - rok - li - 

Eutychus, Yi^-ti-ku3. 
Eve, 8v. 

Evi, 8'vi. rr6-dak, 

Evil Merodacb, SVil Me- 

or 8'vil Mer-o-dak. 
Exodus, Eks'o-dus. 
Ezar, 8'zar. 
Ezbai, Ez'ba-j. 
Ezbon, Ez'bon. 
Ezechias, Ez-g-ki-ag. 
Ezekias, Ez-e-kj-as. 
Ezekicl, 8-ze-ki-cl. 
Ezel, 8'zel. 
Ezera, 8'zem. 
Ezer, 8'zer. 
Ezerias, Ez-e-rj-aa. 
Ezias, 8-zi-as. 
Ezion Gebar, 8'zi-on Ge- 

bar, or [ber. 

Ezion -geber, 8'zi-on-je- 
Eznite, Ez'njt. 
Ezra, Ez'ra. 
Ezrahite, Ez'ra-hjt. 
Ezri, Ez'rj. 
Ezriel, Ez'ri-el. 
Ezril, Ez'ril. 
Ezron, Ez'ron. 
Ezronites, Ez'ton-jts.. 


Felix, Fe-lik3. 
Festua, Fed-tus. 
Furtunatus, Far-tq,-Qa-tu8. 


Gaal, Ga-al. 
Gaash, Ga-a/. 
Gaba, Ga-ba. 
GabacI, Gab-a-el. 
Gabalha, Gab-a-tq. 
Gabbai, Gab-a-j. 
Gabbatha. Gab-a-tq. 
Oabriaa, Ga-bri-as. 
Gabriel, Ga-bri-el. 
Gild, Gad. 
Gadara, Gad-a-rq. 
Gadarenes, Gud-u-r^DZ. 

Gadues, Gad-ez. 

Gaddiel, Gad-i-el. 

Gadi, Ga-dj. 

Gadites, Gad-jts. 

Gaham, Ga-hara. 

Gahar, Ga-har. 

Gaius, Ga-yus. 

Galaad, Gal-a-ad. 

Galal, Ga-lal. 

Galeed, Gal-E-ed. 

Galgala, Gal-ga-lq. 

Galilee, Gal-i-lg. 

Gallira, Gal-im. 

Gallio, Gal-i-o. 

Gamacl, Gain-a-el. 

Gamaliel, Ga-ina-li-el. 

Gammadiras, Gaua-a-dini«, 

Gauiul, Ga-cQul. 

Gar, Gqr. 

Gareb, Ga-reb. 

Garizim, Gar-i-zim. 

Garmites, Gqr-tnjts. 

Gashmu, GaJ-mq. 

Gatam, Ga-tana. 

Gaih, Gat. 

Gath Hepher, Gat Hs-fcr. 

Gath Rimmon, Gat Rim- 

Gaulan, Ge-lan. 

Gaulon, Go- Ion. 

Gaza, Ga-za. 

Gazabar, Gaz-a-bqr. 

Gazara, Ga-zn-ra. 

Gazathite-i, Ga-zat-jts. 

Gazer, Ga-zer. 

Gazera, Gn-ze-ra. 

Gazez, Ga-zez. 

Gazites, Gaz-jts. 

Gazzam, Gaz-am. 

Geba, GE-ba. 

Gebal, Gfi-bal. 

Gebar, Gc-bar. 

Geber, Gs-ber. 

Gebim, Ge-bim. 

Gedaliah, Ged-a-lj-a, 

Geddur, Ged-ur. 

(Jeder, Ga-der. 

Gederah, Gfi-de-rq. 

(iederito, G^d-e-rjt. 

Gederoth, Gs-dc-rot. 

Gcderothaiin, Ged-e-rot-A- 

Gedir, Ge-der. 

Gedor, Ge-dor. 

Gehazi, Ge-hd-zi. 

(Jcliloth, Gel-i-lot. 

(Jcmalli, GE-inal-j. 

(lemariah, Gem-a-rj-a. 

(ienesareth, GE-ndd-a-reft. 

Genesis, Jea-e-sis. 


Scripture Proper Names. 

Genezar, GE-ne-zntr. 
Genneus, Gen-8-u8. 
Gentiles, Jen-tjla. 
Genubath, Ge-ni^-baf). 
Geon, Ge-on. 
Gera, Ge-ra. 
Gerah, Ge-ra. 
Gerar, Ge-rar. 
Gerasa, Ger-a-sq. 
Gergashi, Ger-gii-J|. 
Gergashites, Ger-ga-Jjts. 
Gergesenes, Ger-gg-senz. 
Geriziui, Ger-i-ziin. 
Gerraeans, Ger-8-anz. 
Gerrraians, Ger-ia-i-ani. 
Gershotn, Ger-Jom. 
Gershon, Ger-J"on. 
Gershonites, Ger-Joa-its. 
Gershur, Ger-Jur. 
Gesem, Ge-sera. 
Geshan, Ge-Jan, 
Geshem, Ge-J"ein. 
Ge^ihur, Gg-Jur. 
Geshirri, GeJ-yq,-rj. 
Geshu rites, Ge/-yi^-ritd. 
Getholias, Get-a-lj-as. 
Gethsemane, Get-sem-a- 

Gethur, Ge-tur. 
Geuel, G8-y»],-eI. 
Gezer, Ge-zer. 
Gezerites, Ge-zer-jts, 
Giah, Gj-a. 
Gibbar, Gib-ar. 
Gibbethon, Gib-e-ton. 
Gibea, Gib-g-q. 
Gibeah, Gib-e-q. 
Gibeath, Gib-e-aO. 
Gibeon, Gib-e-on. 
Gibeonites, Gib-e-on-jts. 
Giblite?, Gib-lits. 
Giddalti, Gid-al-tj. 
Giddel, Gid-el. 
Gideon, Gid-e-on. 
Gideoni, Gid-E-6-n|. 
Gidom, Gi-doin. 
Gier Eagle, Jj-er S'gl, 
Gihon, Gj-hon. 
GilaUii, Gil-a-la. 
Gilboa, Gil-bo-q. 
Gilead, Gil-e-ad. 
Gileadite, Gil-E-ad-jt. 
Gilgal, Gil-gal. 
Giloh, Gj-lo. 
Gilonite, Gj-lo-njt. 
Girnzo, Gim-zo. 
Ginath, Gi-nat. 
Ginnetho, Gin-e-to. 
Ginnethon, Gin-g-ton. 
Girgashi, Ger-ga-Jj. 

Gergashites, Ger-ga-Jjts. 
Gispa, Gis-pa. [fer. 

Gittah Hepher, Git-a He- 
Gittaim, Git-a-iin. 
Gittite, Gitjt. 
Gittites, Git-jts. 
Gittith, Git-if>. 
Gizonite, Gi-zo-nit. 
Glede, Glgd. 
Gnidug, Nj-dns. 
Gmth, Gci-afi. 
Gob, Gob. 
Gog, Gog. 
Gol.m, Gu)-lan. 
Golgotha, G61-go-tq. 
Goliah, GrQ-lj-a. 
Goliath, Go-lj-at. 
Gomer, Gcb-raer. 
Gomorrah, Go-ra6r-a. 
Gopherwood, Gii-fer-wud. 
Gorgias, G^r-ji-as. 
Gorty na, Gar- ti-nq, or Ger- 

Goshen, Go-Jen. 
Gothoniel, Gio-ton-i-el. 
Gozan, Go-zan. 
Grab a, Gra-ba. 
Grecia, Grg-Ji-q. 
Gudgodah, Gdd-go-dq. 
Guni. Gq-nj. 
Gunites, Gi^-nits. 
Gur, Gur. 
Gurbaal, Gur-ba-al. 


Haahashtari, Ha-a-haJ-ta- 
Hahaiah, Ha-ba-ya. [rj. 
Habakkuk, Hab-a-kuk. 
Habergeon, Ha-ber-jg-on. 
Habor. Ha-bor. 
Hachaliah, Hak-a-lj-a. 
Hachilah, Hak-i-lq. 
Hachmoni, Hak-mo-nj. 
Hachmonite, Hak-UKD-njt. 
Hada, Ha-da. 
Hadad, Ha-dad, 
Hadadezer, Had-ad-8-zer. 
Hadad Rimmon, Ha-dad 

Hadar, Ha-dar. 
Hadashah, Had-a-Jq. 
Hadassa, Ha-das-a. 
Hadassah, Ha-das-a. 
Hadattah. Ha-dat-a. 
Uadid Ha-did. 

Hadlai, Had-la-i. 
Hadoram, Ha-do-ram. 
Hadrach, Ha-drak. 
Hagab, Ha-gab. 
Hagabah, Hag-a-bq. 
Hagai, Hig-a-j. 
Hagar, Ha-gar. 
Hagarenes, Ha-gar-8n«. 
Hagarites, Ha-gar-jts. 
Haggai, Hag-a-J. 
Haggari, Hag-a-rj. 
Haggeri, Hag-g-rj. 
Haggi, Hag-j. 
Haggiah, Ha-gj-a, 
Haggi tes, Hig-'jts. 
Haggi th. Hag-it. 
Hai, Ha-i. 

Hakkatan. Hak-a-tan, 
Hakkoz, Hak-oz. 
Hakupha, Ha-kii-fa. 
Halac, Ha-lak. 
Halah. Ha-la. 
Hall, Ha-lj. 

Hallelujah, Hal-E-h],-ycL, 
Halloesh, Ha-16-eJ. 
Hallul, Hal-ul. 
Ham, Ham. 
Haman, Ha-man. 
Hamath, Ha-inat, or 

Heraath, He-mafi, 
Hamathite, Ha-mafc-jt. 
Kainith Zobah, Ha-maD 

Ilaraelech, Ham-e-lek. 
Hamital, Hara-i-tal. 
Hammath, Ham -at. 
Hammedatha, Ha-med-a- 

tq. [keft. 

Hammoleketh, Ha-m6l-8- 
Hammon, Ham-on. 
Hamonah, Hara-o-nq. 
Hamon Gog, Ha-mon Gog. 
Hamor, Ha-mor. 
Hamoth, Ha-mot. 
Hamoth Dor, Ha-mot Dar, 
Hamuel, Ha-mq,-el. 
Hamul, Ha-mul. 
Hamulites, Ha-mul-jts. 
Harautal, Ha-mi|-tal, or 

Hanameel, Ha-nam-c-el, 

or Han-a-rasl. 
Hanan, Ha-nan. 
Hananeel, Ha-nan-e-ol, or 

Han-a-nel. [na-nj. 

Hanani, Han-a-nj, or Ha- 
H luaniah, Han-a-nj a. 
Hanes, Ha-nEZ. 
Haniel, Han-i-el. 
Hannah, Han-a. 

Scripture Proper Names. 


Hannathon, Han-a-ton. 
Hanniel, H:in-i-el, 
Hirtioch, Ha-nok. 
Hmoctiite-!, Ha-nok-jta. 
H;i.nun, lla-nun. 
Hiipharaim, llaf-a-ra-im. 
Hara, Ha-ra. 

Haradah, Har-a-dq, or Ha- 
ra-da. [ra-a. 

Haraiah. Har-a-j-a, c^/*Ha- 
Hiran, Ha-ran. 
Har.irite, Ha-ra-rjt. 
Harbona, Hqr-bo-na, or 

Harbonab. Ilqr-b6-na. 
Hareph, Ha-ref. 
Hareth, Ha-ret. 
Harhass, Hqr-hai3. 
Harhata, Hqr-ha-tq. 
Harhur, Ilqr-hur. 
Harim, Hi-rim. 
Ilariph, Ha-rif. 
Harnepher, Ilqr-ne-fer, or 

Ilarod, Ha-rod. 
Harodite, Ha-rod-jt. 
Haroeh, Har-o-e, or Ha- 

ITarorite, Ha-ro-rjt. 

Haro-iheth, Har-o-Jet. 

Haraha, Ilqr-Jrt. 

Harura, lla-rnra. 

Hirumaph, Ha-r(6-raaf. 

Haruphite, Ha-r(6-fit. 

Hiru7,, Ha-ruz, 

Hasadiah, Has-a-di-a. 

Ilasenuah, Has-e-nq,-a. 

Hwhabiah, FlaJ-a-bj-a. 

llasbabnah, IluJ-ab-na. 

na:jbabniab, HnJ-ab-nj-a 

Ha.shbadana, IlaJ-bad-a- 

Hashein, Ha-j"ein. [nq. 

Hidhin'inub, HaJ-m^-na. 

Hicham, Ila-Juin. 

lli'^hupha. Ila-Ji'i-fa. 

Haiirab, Ila^-ra. 

IIas-?enaab, Ilas-e-na-a. 

Il.iiiupba, Ila-sq-fa. 

Ilalach, Ila-tak. 

Ilathath, Ha-tafi. 

Hitita, Ilati-tq. 

Until, Ilaf;^!. 

Haiti pba, Ila-tj-fa. 

Hattush, Hat-uJ. 

H'iuran, H^i-ran. 

Havilah. Hav-i-lq. 

H ivotb Jair, Ha-vo6 J4-er, 

Hazacl, Haz-a-cl. 

Hazaiab, Ha-za-ya. [ar, 

Uaxar Addar, Ha-zar Ad'- 

Hazar Pnan, Ha-zar 8'nan. 
Hazar Gaddah, — Gad-a. 
Hazer Haticon, — Hat-i- 
H i.z;»r Mavetb, — Ma-vet. 
Hazaroth, Ha-za-rot. [al. 
Hazar Shual, Ha-zar Sq- 
Hazar Susah, — Si^-sa. 
Hazar Susiin, — Sq-sim. 
Hazel Elponi, Ha-zel El- 

Hazjriin, Ha-ze-rim. 
Hazer Sbusitn, Ha-zer Sq- 
siin. [Ta-mar, 

H izezon Taroar, Haz-£-zon 
Haziel, Ha-zi-el. 
Hazo, Ha-zu). 
Hazor, Ha-zor. 
Hizabab. H;'iz-yq,-bq. 
Heber, He-bnr. 
H iberites, Hg-ber-jts. 
Hebrews, He-briDZ. 
Hebron, He-bron. 
Hebronito'?, He-bron-jts. 
Hcgai, Heg-a-j. 
Hege, He-ge. 
Helah, He-la. 
Helain, He-lam. 
Helbah, Hel-ba. 
Helbon, Hel-bon. 
H^^lchiah, Hol-kj-a. 
Heldai, Hel-da-f. 
H<ileb, He-leb. 
Haled, He-led. 
Helek. He-lek. 
Helekite.''. He-lek-jts. 
Helein, He-lem. 
Heleph, He-lef. 
Holcz. He-lez. 
Heli, He-lj. 
H.ilkai, He'l-ka-i. 
Hclkath, Hel-kai). 
Helkath Hazzurim, Hel 

kat Haz-yq-ritn. 
Helkias, Hol-kj-as. 
Holon, He-Jon. 
Heman, He-man, cr 
Hamath. Ha-mat). 
Homdan, H6m-daa. 
H3n, H.^n. 
Hona, He-na. 
Henadad, Hen-a-dod. 
Henoch, He-nok. 
Hupher, He-for. 
Hephorites, Hg-fer-its, 
Hephzibah, Hef-zi-bq. 
Horam, Hg-ram. 
Here?, He-rez. 
Fleresb, Hg-reJ. 
Uarmas, H^r-mos. 

Herraogenes, Her-m6j-e- 

Henuon, Her-mon. 
Hormonites, Her-mon-jts. 
Merod. Her-od. 
Herodian, He-rta-di-an. 
Herodians, Hs-rio-di-aoz. 
Herodia'^, Hg-ro-di-as. 
He3eb, He-seb. 
Hesed, He-sad. 
Heshbon, HeJ-bon. 
Heshmon, HeJ-mon. 
Heth. Het. 
Hethlon, Hefi-lon. 
Hozeki, Hez-e-kj. 
Hezekiah, Hez-E-k|-a, 
Ht'zer, Hjj-zer, or 
Hezir, He-zer. 
Hozia, He-zj-a. 
Hezion, He-zi-on. 
Hezrai, Hez-ra-j. 
Hezro, Hez-ro. 
Hezron, Hez-ron. 
Hezronitps. Hez-ron-jt3. 
Hiddai, Hid-a-i. 
Hiddekel, Hid-e-kel. 
Hiel, Hj-el. 
Hiereel, Hj-er-e-el. 
Hicremoth, Hj-er-e-mot. 
Hiorielus, Hj-er-i-g-lus. 
Hierma3, Hj-er-mas. [mus. 
Hieronymu?, Hj-e-ron-i- 
Hierapolis, Hj-er-ap-o-Iis. 
Higgaion, Hi-ga-yoa. 
Hilen, Hj-len. 
Hilkiah, Hil-ki-o. 
Hiilcl. Hil-el. 
Hin, Hin. 
Hinnom, Hin-om, 
Hirab, Hj-ra. 
Hiram, Hj-ram. 
Hircanus, Hor-ka-nus, 
Hiskijah, His-kj-ja. 
Hit,tit,c3, Hit-jts. 
Ilivites, Hi-v(t3. 
Hoba, or Hobah, Htfi-ba. 

obab, H6-bab. 
Hod. Hod. 
Hodaiah, Hod-a-J-a. 
Hodaviah, Hoil-a-v|-a. 
Hodova, Ho-de-va. 
Hodevah, Ho-de-va. 
Hodiah, llfD-dj-a. 
Hodijah, Ho-dj-ja. 
H..di«h. H(5-di;. 
Hoglah, HfV^-la. 
Hoham. Hco-ham. 
Holen, H6-len. 
Holofernos, Hjl-o-f^r-nei. 
Uulon, Hui-ion. 


Scripture Proper Names. 

Homan, H(5-man, or 
Hcman, He-maa. 

Homer, Ho-raer. 

Hophni, H6f-ni. 

Hophra, H6f-ra. 

Hor, Hor. 

Horagiddad, Hor-a-gid-ad, 

Horani, Ho-rain. 

Iloreb, Hu)-reb. 

Horein. ilo-rem. 

Hori, Ho-rj. 

llurims, Ho-rimz. 

Horites, Ilii-rjts. 

Hormah, Her-ina. 

Horonaim, Hor-o-na-im. 

Horonitea, H6r-u-nits. 

Hosa, H6-sa, or 
Hasah, Has-a. 

Hosanna, Hio-zan-a. 

Hosea, Ho-7.8-a. 

Hoshaiah, HoJ-a-j-a. 

Hoshaiua, H6|-a-m£|,. 

Hoshea, Hca-Je-a. 

Hotham, Hdi-tam. 

Hothan, Ho -tan. 

Huthir, H*j-ter. 

Hukkok, Ildk-ok. 

Hul, Hul. 

Huldah, Hdl-da, 

Humtah, Htiin-ta. 

Hupham, Hii-fam. 

Huphamites, Hi\,-fam-its. 

Huppah, Hdp-a. 

Huppiin, lldp-im. 

Har, Hur. 

Hurai, Hii,-ra. 

Huratn, Hi'i-ram. 

Huri, H4-ri. 

Ilushah, Hi],-Ja. 

Hushai, Hi'i-Ja, or Hi^-J"a-i. 

Husham, lli^-fain. 

Hushathite, Hi^-Jat-it. 

Hushiin, H^-Jim. 

llushub, Hq,-Jub. 

Hushubah, Hi],-J4-boi. 

Huz, Huz. 

Huzoth, Hix-zofi. 

Huzzab, Hdz-ab. 

Hydaspes, Hi-das-pez. 

llyene, Ilj-e-ne. 

Hymenous, Hi-men-e-us. 


Ibhar, Ib'har. 
Ibleam, Ib'Ie-am. 
Ibueiah, Ib-nJ-a. 

Ibnijah, Ib-nj-ja. 

Ibri, Ib'rj. 

Ibzan, Ib'zan. 

Ichabod, Ik'a-bod. 

Iconium, i'-kii-ni-um. 

Idalah, Id'a-lq,. 

Id bash, Id'baJ. 

Iddo, Id'o. 

iJuel, Id'yn,-el. 

Idumasa, Id-yn-m£-a. 

Iduraaeans, Id-yi],-ine-anz, 

Tgal, ii'gal. 

Igdaliah, Ig-da-lj-a. 

Igeabariin, Ig-E-ab-a-rim, 

Igoal, Ig'e-al. 

Ijon, ►Fjon. 

Ikkesh, Ik'eJ. 

Ilai, i'la, or Il'a-i. 

Iin, Iin. 

Iinlah, Im'la. 

Iirnnah, Itn'a. 

luimanuel, Im-an-yq,-el. 

Iminer, Iin'er. 

Imna, Im'na, or 

Imnah, Itu'na. 

Iiarah, Itn ra. 

Itnri, Iin'rj. 

Iota, ^-6-ta. 

Iphedeiah, If-e-de-ya 

Ir, Er. 

Ira, i''ra. * 

Irad, i^'rad. 

Iraiu, i'ram. 

Iri, ^'rj, 

Irijah, "ii-rj-ia. 

Irnahash, Er'na-haJ. 

Iron, i^'ron. 

Irpeel, Er'pc-el. 

Irshetnish, Er'Je-CQiJ. 

Ira, >Frit). 

Isajic, i''zak. 

Isaiah, i^-za-ya. 

Iscah, Is'kq. 

Iscariot, Is-kar-i-ot. 

Isdael, Is'da-el. 

Ishbah, Ij'ba. 

Ishbak. IJ'bak. 

Ishbi Benob, I/'bj Be-nob. 

Ishbo?heth, IJ'bo-Jet. 

I.Shi, FJi. 

Ishiah, *-Ji-a. 

Ishijah, i'-JJ-ja. 

Ishina, IJ'iua. 

I^hmael, IJ'ma-el. 

Ishmaelites, IJ"'ina-el-jts. 

Ishmaiah, If-ina-j-a. 

Ishmerai, IJ'uiE-ra. 

Ishod, i'Jod. 

Ishpan, I/'pan. 

Isbtob, IJ'tob. 

Ishua, IJ'yti-a. . 
Ishuai, Ij"'yi\,-a. 
Israachiah, Is-ma-kj-a, 
Isiuaiah, Is-ma-j-a. 
Ispah, Is'pa. 
Israel. Iz'ra-el. 
Israelites, I zr'ra- el-its. 
Issachar, Is'a-kqr. 
Istalcurus, l3-tul-kq,-ru3. 
I^ui, IJ'yii-i. 
Isuites, Ij'yi^-its. 
Italy, It/a-li. 
Ithai, It'a-i. 
Itharaar, It'a-mqr. 
Ithiel, Ii)'i-el. 
Ithinah, It'ma. 
Ithnan, It'nan. 
Ithra, 16' ra. 
Ithran, It'ran. 
Ithream, Ifc're-ain. 
Ithrites, It'rjts. 
Ittah Knzin, It'a Ka-'zin. 
Ittai, It'a-j. 
Iturea, It-yi\,-r£-a. 
Ivah, ^'va. 
Izehar, Iz'e-hqr. 
Izhar, Iz'hqr. 
Izharite, Iz'har-it. 
Izrahiah, Iz-ra-hj-a, or 
Israiah, Iz-ra-j-a. 
Izreol, Iz're-el. 
Izri, Iz'ri. 
Izrites, Iz'ri ts. 


Jaakan, Ja-a-kan. 
Jaukabah, Ja-ak-o-bq. 
Jaala, Ja-d-la. 
Jaalah, Ja-a-la. 
Jaalam, Ja-a-lam. 
Jaanai, Ja-a-na. 
Jaareoragim, Ja-ar-e-6r-a- 

Jaasania, Ja-as-a-nj-a. 
Jaasaii, Ja-a-se. 
Jaasiel, Ja-n-si-el. 
Jaazah, Ja-a-za. 
Jaazaniah, Je-az-a-n^-d, 
Jaazar, Ja-a-zar. 
Jaaziah, Ja-a-zj-a. 
Jaaziel, Jn-a-zi-el. 
Jabal, Ja-bal. 
Jabbok, Jab-ok. 
Jabfisb, Ja-beJ. 
Jabez, -Ta-bez. 
Jabin, Ja-bin. 

Scripture Proper Names. 


Jabneel, Jab-ns-el. 
Jabneh, Jab-ne. 
Jachan, Ja-kan. 
Jachin, Ja-kiu. 
Jachinites, Ja-kin-its. 
Jacob, Ja-kob. 
Jacobus, Ja-k(5-bu3. 
Jada, Ja-da. 
Jaddua, Ja-di|,-a. 
Jadon, Ja-don. 
Jael, Ja-el. 
Jagur, Ja-gur. 
Jab, Jq. 

Jahaleel, Ja-ha-le-el. 
Jahalelel, Ja-hal-e-lel. 
Jahath, Ja-haB. 
Jahaz, Ja-hiiz. 
Jahar.a, Ja-ha-za. 
Jubazah, Ja-ha-za. 
Jabazia, Ja-ha-zi-a. 
Jahaziel, Ja-ba-zi-el. 
Jabdai, Jq-da-j. 
Jahdiel, Jq-di-el. 
Jahdo, Jq-do. 
Jahleel, Jq-lp-el. 
Jahleelites, Jq-le-el-jts. 
Jahmai, Jq- ma-j. 
Jabza, Jq za. 
Jahzeel, Jq-ze-cl. 
Jahzeelitcs, Jq-ze-el-jts. 
Jabzerah, Jq-ze-rq. 
JabzicI, Jq-zi-el. 
Jair, Ja-er. 
Jairites, Ja-i-rjta. 
Jairus, Ja-i-rua. 
Jakan, Ja-kan. 
Jakeb, Ju-ke. 
Jakim, Ja-kiin. 
Jakkim, Jak-im. 
Jalon, Ja-lou. 
Jambres, Jam-brez. 
Jatnbri, Jam-bq. 
James, Jamz. 
Jarain, Ja-min. 
Jaminites, Ja-min-its. 
Jamlecb, Jam-Iek. 
Jamnaan, Jam-na-an. 
Jainnia, Jatn-nj-a. 
Jamnites, Jam-nita. 
Janna, Jan-a. 
Jaiines, Jan-ez. 
Jaooab, Janu-a. 
Janohah, Ja-nu-ha. 
Janutn, Ja-nutu. 
Japhet, Jii-tet. 
Jupbeih, Ja-fe!l. 
Japbiah, Ja-fj-a. 
Japhlet, Jaf-let, 
Japhleti, Jaf-lc-t|. 
Jafbo, Ja-fo. 


Jar, Jqr. 
Jarab, Ja-ra. 
Jareb, Ja-reb. 
Jared, Ja-red. 
Jaresiab, Jar-e-sj-a. 
.larha, Jqr-ba. 
Jarib, Ja-rib. 
Jarinutb, Jqr-raut. 
Jaroab, Ja-rci-a. 
Jasuel, Jas-a-el. 
•lasbem, Ja-Jein. 
Jasben, Ja-Jeo. 
Jasher, Ja-Jer. 
Ja!»hobeain, Ja /(S-bs-am. 
Jashub, Jaf-ub. 

Jebieli, jE-hj-e-lj. 
Jehisbai, Je-biJ-a-j. 
Jebrskiab, Je-his-ki-d. 
Jehoadab, Je-h6-a-dq. 
Jeboaddan, Je-bo-ad-an. 
Jchoabaz, Je-hci-a-haz. 
Jehoash, Jg-boj-aj". 
Jehohadab, Jc-bw-ha-dq. 
Jehohanan, Je-btj ha-nan. 
Jehoiacbin, Je-htf-a-kin. 
Jehoiada, Je-btf-a-dq. 
Jeboiakiin, Je-bof-a-kim. 
Jeboiarib, Je-hir-a-rib. 
Jehonadab, Jt-bon-a-dab. 
Jebonathan, Jebon-a-tan. 

Jashubi Lehetu, JaJ-yq-bjl Jehoratn, Js-bw-ram 

Jasliubites, JaJ-ub-jts. 
Jasiel, Jti-si-el. 
Jasubu.*, Ja-si\-bus. 
latal, Ja-tal. 
Tathniei, Jat-ni-el. 
Jattir, Jat-er. 
Javan, Ja-van. 
Jazar, Ja-zar. 
lazer, Ja-zer. 
Jaziel, Ja-zi-el. 
Jaziz, Ja-ziz. 
Jearitn, Je-a-rira. 
Jeuterai, Jg-at-e-ra. [a 
Jeberecbiab, Je-ber-e-kj' 
Jebus, Je-bus. 
Jebusi, Je-bq-?j. 
Jebusites, Jeb-yq-sjts. 
Jecatniab, Jek-a-raj-a. 
Jecoliah, Jek-o-Ij-a. 
Jceoniah, Jok-o-nj-a. 
Jedaia, Je-da-ya. 
Jedaiab, Je-da-ya. 
Jcddout?, Jed-e-us. 
Jeddu, Jed-i],. 
Jedediah, Jed-e-di-a. 
Jedeiab, Je-dj-a. 
•iediael, Je-dj-a-el. 
Jediab, Jed-i-q. 
Jediel, J^-di-ol. 
Jedatbun, Jed-yn-tun. 
Jeeli, Jc-e-lj. 
Jeezer, Je-e-zer. 
leezerites, Je-e-zer-its. 

Jebosbabeatb, Je-ho-Jab- 

Jebosheba, Je-boJ-e-bq. 
Jehoshua, Je-boJ-yq-q. 
Jehovah, Je-ha-va. 
Jehovab, .Tireb, — Jj-re. 
Jebovab Nissi, — Nis-j. 
Jebovah Sbaliom, — Xal- 

om. [Sam-a. 

Jehovah Sbarnmah, — • 
Jehovab Tsidkenu, — 

Jehozabad, Je-hoz-a-bad. 
Jehn, Je-hx|,. 
Jehubbah. Je-bub-a. 
Jebucal, Jg-bq-kal. 
Jehud, Je-hud. 
Jehudi, Jt-hq-di. 
Jehudijah, Je-hq-dj-ja. 
Jehusb, Jg-hu/. 
Jeiel, Je-j-el. 
Jekabzeel, Je-kab-ze-el. 
Jekameam, Jek-a-ine-am. 
Jekarniah, Jek-a-ruj-a. 
Jekuthiel, Je-ki'i-ti-el. 
Jemima, Jem-i-mq. 
emuel, Jg-mq-el. 
Jephtbab, Jef-ta. 
Jcpbunneb, Je-lun-e. 
Jerab, Je-ra. 
Jurabmeel, Jg-rq-me-el. 
Jerahraoelites, Jc-T{{-iue- 


Jegar Sabadutha, Je-garjJerechus, Jdr-g-kus. 

Jehaleel, Jg-ha-le-el. 
Jehalelel, Jg-hal-e-lel. 
JehazicI, Je-ba-zi-el. 
Johdeiah, .Jo-dj-a. 
Jehoiel, Je-bj-el. 
luhozokel. Je-hdz-e-kel. 
Jidiiah, Je-b{-a. 
Juhiul, Je-bi-el. 

Jered, Je-red. 
Jeremai, Jer-e-mn. 
Jeremiah, Jer-c-mj-a. 
Jcremoth, Jer-e-mot. 
Jereinouth, Jer-g-m'sB. 
Jeriah, Jf-ri-a. 
Jeribai, J^r-i-ba. 
Jcriclio, J^r-i-ku. 
Jeriol, Je-ri-el. 


Scripture Proper Names. 

Jerijah, Je-rj-ja. 
Jorimoth, Jei'-i-mot. 
Jerioth, Js-ri-ot. 
Jerob )atn, Jer-o-b6-aua. 
Jerodon. Jer-o-don. 
Jerohiui, Jer-o-hain. 
Jerubbial, Jp-rdb-a-al. 
Jorubesheth, Je-rdb-e-Jet. 
Jeruel, Jer-yii-el. 
Jorusalein, Je-riJb-sa-lem. 
Jerusha, Je-rcG-Ja. 
Jesaiah, Js-sa-yq. 
Jushaiah, JeJ-a-j-a. 
Jeshauah, JeJ"-a-nq. 
Jesb irelah, JoJ-ar-e-lq. 
Je.shebeab, J>3/-eb-e ab. 
Jo.shebeivh. JcJ-eb-e-q. 
Jeslior, Je-Jer. 
JesbiinoM, JeJ-i-uion. 
Jesbishai, Jr-JiJ-a-j. 
Jeshohaiiih, JeJ-o-ha-j-a. 
Jeshua, JeJ-yn,-q. 
Jeshuruii, JeJ-yii^-run. 
Jesiah, Je-sj-a. 
Jesiiniel, Je-sim-i-el. 
Jesse, Jes-e. 
Jesua, Je.-i-yi|-q. 
Jesui, Je^-yn-i. 
Jesus, J«-zu3. 
Juther, Js-ter. 
Jetheth, Je-tet. 
Jethlib, Jet-la. 
Jethro, Je-tro. 
Jetur, Jg-tur. 
Jeuol, Je-yi],-el. 
J3ush, Je uj. 
Jeuz, Je-uz. 
Jewry, Ji'i-ri. 
Jezabel, Jez-a-bel. 
Jezaniah, Jez a-nj-a. 
Jezelus, Js-ze-lus. 
Jezer, Je-zer. 
Jeze rites. Jii-zer-jts. 
Jeziah, Je-zj-a. 
Jeziel, Je-zi-el. 
Jezliah, Jez-lj-a. 
Jezoar, Jez-o-qr. 
Jezrahiah, Jez-ra-hj-a. 
Jezreel, Jez-rs-el. 
Jezreelite, Jez-re-el-jt. 
Jezreelitess, Jez-rg-el-jt 

Jibsam, Jib-sam. 
Ji'llaph, Jid-iaf. 
Jim, Jim. 
Jiuiln, Jirn-la, cr 

Imla, Im'la. 
Jimna, Jim-na, or 
Jim nab, Jim-ua. 
Jiiimite3, Jim-aits. 

Jiphtab, JiE-ta. 

Ji phrhaliel, Jif-ta-el. 

Joab, Jd)-ab. 

Joacbas, Ju)-a-kaz. 

Joiidanus, Jo-a-da-nus. 

J'lah. J6-a. 

Joahaz, JJ)-a-haz. 

Joakim, Joj-a-kiin. 

Joanna, Jca-an-a. 

Joaniian, Ja)-au-an. 

Joash, Joi-aJ, 

Jaatbara, Jij-a-tam. 

Joazabdus, Jcj-a-zub-dus 

Job, Job. 

Jobab, Jio-bab. 

Jochebed, J6k-e-bed. 

Joda, Ju)-d;l. 

Joed, Jo-ed. 

Joel, J6-el. 

Joclah, Jo-E-Ia. 

Joesor, Jo e-zer. 

Jogbeah, Jag-be-q. 

Jogli, J6g-ii. 

Joba, Jo-ha. 

Jobanan, Jo-hanan. 

John, Jon. 

Joiada, JtT-a-dq. 

Joiakim, J«r-a-kim. 

Jniarib, Jtf-a-rib. 

Jokdoaiii, J6k-d£-am. 

Jokim, Jo-kiin. 

Jokmeara, Jok-rae-ara. 
Jokneam, J6k-ne-am. 
Jokshtin, Jok-Jan. 
Joktan, Jok-tan. 
jjoktbeel, J6k-te-el. 
iJona, J6-na. 
Ijonadab. J6a-a-dab. 
jjonab, J6-na. 
|jonan, Jo-nan. 
I Jonas, Jo-nas. 
Jonathan, J6n-a-tan. 
Jonath Elira Rjchochim. 
J6-nat 8'lim Re-k6-kim. 
Joppa, J6p-a. 
Jora, J(f)-ra. 
Jorai, Jo-ra-j. 
Joram, J6-ram. 
.Jordan, .Jer-dan. 
Joribas, Jor i-bas. 
Jorim, J6-rira. 
Jorkoam, Jijr-ko-ara. 
Josabad, J6-i-a-bad. 
Josaphat, Jos-a-fat. 
Josapbias. Jos-a-fj-as. 
Jo^e, Jo-SE. 
|Jo!>edecb. J6s-e-dek. 
Joseel, J6-se-el. 
Joseph, Jo-zef. 
Joseph us, Jo-se-fu3. 

Joses, Jo-sez. 
Joshabad, JoJ-a-bad. 
Joshah, J6-Ja. 
Joshaphat, J6f-a-fat. 
Joshav'iah, JoJ-a-vj-a. 
Joshbekasha, JoJ - bek - a- 
Joshua, JoJ-yq,-q. [Jq. 
Josiah, Jo-sj-a. 
Josias, Jo-sj-as. 
Josibiah, Jos-i-bj-a. 
Josiphiah, Jos-i-fj-a. 
Jotbah, J6t-ba. 
Jotbath, Jot-bat. 
Jotbatha, J6t-ba-tq. 
Jothara, Jo tain. 
Jozabi,d, J6z-a-bad. 
Jozaehar, J6z-a-kqr, or 
Jo.acbar, Jo-zii-kar. 
Joza lak, J6z-a-dak. 
Jabal, JiVbal. 
Jucil, Ji'i^-kal. 
Juda3a, Ji^-dg-a. 
Judah, Ji^-dii. 
Judas, Ji\,-da3. 
Jude, Jqd. 
Judith, Jq-dit. 
Juol, Jq-el. 
Julia, Jq-li-q. 
Junia, Jq-ni-q. [sed. 

Jushabhesod, Jq-Jab-lie- 
Justu^, Jiis-tus. 
Juttah, Jdt-a. 


Kab, Kab. 
Ivabzeel. Kab-ze-el. 
ivadeSj Ka-dez. 
Kadesh, Ka-dej", or 

Cadesh, Ka-deJ". 
Kadesh Barnea, Kn-deJ 

Kadmiel, Kad-mi-el. 
Kadmonites, Kad-mon-its. 
Kallai, Kal-a-j. 
Kanah, Ka-na. 
Kareah, Ka-re-a. 
Karkaa, Kqr-ka-q. 
Karkor, Kqr-kor. 
Karnaim, Kqr-na-im. 
Kartah, Kqr-tat. 
Kattath, Kac->i. 
Kedar, Ke-dar. 
Kodouiah, Ketl-E-mq. 
ICedemotb, Ived-e-mot. 
Kcdesh. Ke-d-J. 
liehclathah, Ke-hel-aji^. 

Scripture Proper Names. 


Kfiilah, Ki-la. 
Kolaiah, Ke-la-ya. 
Kelitii, Kel-i-tq. 
Kelkathhazurim, Kel-kat- 

Keuiuel, Ks-mi'i-el. 
Kenah, Ke-oa. 
Kenan, Ke-nan. 
Kenath, Ke-nafi. 
Kenaz, Ke-naz. 
Kenites, Keu-jts. 
Kennizzites, Ken-iz-jts. 
Keretihappucb, Ker-en- 

Kerioth, Kg-ri-ot. 
Keros, Ke-ros. 
Ketura, Ke-tj^-ra. 
Keturah, Ke-li^-ra. 
Kezia, Ke-zj-a. 
Keziz, Ke-ziz. 
Kibroth Hattaava, Kib- 

rot Ila-ta-a-vq. 
Kibzaiiu, Kib-za-im. 
Ki'Jron, KiJ-ron. 
Kiuah, Kj-oa. 
Kir, Ker. [set, 

Kirliara.-seth, Ker-har-a- 
Kirheresh, Ker-be-reJ. 
Kirieth, Kir-i-et, or 
Kirjath, Ker-jut. 
Kirioth, Kir-i-ot. [ira. 
Kirjath Aim, Ker-iai Q'- 
Kirjaih Arbi, — Hr'ba. 
Kiijalh Arira, — il'riin. 
Kirjath Ariua, — il'ri-us. 
Kirjath Baiil, — Ba-al. 
Kirjath Uuzoth, — Hi^- 

zot. [rim, 

Kirjath Joarira, — Je-a- 
Kirjath Stnnah, — San-a. 
Kirjath Sepher, — Se-fer, 
Kish, KiJ. 
Kishi, Ki;-j. 
Kisliion, Ki/-i-on. 
Kidhon, Kj/(m. 
Kithlish, Kit-liJ. 
Kitron, Kit-ron. 
Kittim, Kit-iin. 
Koa, K6-a, 
Kohath, Ku-bnt, 
Kohatbite.t, K6-hat-it8. 
Kolaiah, Kol-a-j-a. 
Kurah, K(f>-ra, 
Kurahita.*, K<fi-ra-its. 
Korathites, Kci-rat-itA. 
K'>re, K6-re. 
Korhite, K<5r-h|t. 
Korbites, Kdr-hits. 
Kuntes, K6r-iUi. 

Koz, Koz. 
Kushaiah, KuJ-aya. 

Laadab, La-a-dq. 
Laadan, La-a-daa. 
Laban, La-ban. 
Labana, Lab-a-nq. 
Lacbish, La-kiJ. 
Lacunas, La-kq^-nus. 
Ladan, La -dan. 
Lael, La -el, 
Labad, La-had. 
Lahairoi, L:i-ha-rflr. 
Lahraan, Lq-man. 
Lib mas, Lq-maa. 
Libmi, Lq-mi. 
Laisb, La-ij". 
Lukum, La-kum, 
Lamech, La-mek. 
Laodicea, La-od-i-S8-a. 
Lipidoth, Lap-i-dot. 
Lasea, La-se-a. 
Lasbah, La-ja, 
Lasharon, La-Ja-ron. 
Lastbenes, Las-te-nez. 
r^azarus, Laz-a-rus. 
Leah, Le-a, 
Lebanah, Leb-a-nq. 
Lebanon, Leb-a-nun. 
Lebaoth, Ijeb-a-ot. 
I.ebbeus, Leb-e-us. 
Lebuna, Le-b(j-na. 
Lechab, Le-ka. 
Lobabim, Ls-ba-bim. 
ficbi, LB-bj. 
Lemuel, Lem-yq-eL 
Lujera, LE-j"em. 
Lettus, L^t-us. 
Lotusbim, Le-tq-Jira. 
Leummim Le-tim-im. 
Levi, Lc-vj. 
Leviathan, Le-vj-a-tan. 
Levis, Le-vis. 
Levitos, Lg-vjla, 
Leviticus, Le-vit-i-kua. 
Libanus, Lib-a-nus. 
Libnah. Lib-na. 
Libni, Lib-nj. 
Libnites, Lib-nits. 
Libia, Lib-i-q, 
Lignaloes, L'g-nal-oz. 
Liguro, Lj-xqr. 
Likbi, Lik-hj, 
fioammi, LG)-am-|. 
Lud, Lod. 

Lodebar, L6d-e-bqr. 
Log, Lf)g. 

Lois, L6-is. [mq. 

Lo Rubamab, Lo Rdb-ba- 
Lot, Lot. 
Lotan, L(f>-tan. 
Lozon, Lo-zon. 
Lubim, Lq-bim. 
Lubims, Lq-bimz. 
Lucas, Lq-kas. 
Lucifer, Lq-si-fer. 
Lucius, Lv],-Ji-us. 
Lud, Lud. 
Ludim, Lq-dira. 
Lubitb. Lq-bit. 
fiUke, Lqk. 
Luz, Luz, 

Lycaonia, Lik-a-(f>-Di-q. 
Lycca, Lik-a, 
Lydda, Lid-a. 
Lydia, Lid-i-a, 
liysanius, Lj-sa-ni-u3. 
Lysia, LiJ-e-q. 
Lysias, Lif-e-as. 
Lystra, Lis-tra. 


Maacah, Ma-a-kq. 
Nfaachah, Ma-a-kq. 
Maachatbi, Ma-ak-a-fi. 
Maacbabtbites, Ma-ak-a- 

Maadai, Ma-ad-a. 
.Nfaadiab, Ma-a-dj-a. 
Maai, JIa-a-i. 
Muaieh Acrabbim,Ma-al-« 

Maanai, Ma-a-DO. 
Maaratb, Ma-a-raft. 
Maaseiah, Ma-a-se-a. 
Maasiab, Ma-a-sj-a. 
Maath, Ma-at. 
Maaz, Ma-az. 
Maaziah, Ma-a-zj-a, 
Mabdai, Mfib-dn-i, 
Macalon, Mak-a-lon, 
.\Iaccaba3U3, Mak-a-bg-u3. 
Nfaccibees, iLik-a-bez, 
Machbenah, Mak-be-nq. 
Macbbonai, Mak-bc-na. 
Machelotb, Mak-Ue-lub. 
Macbi, .Mi'i-kj. 
Macbir, Ma -ker. 
Macbiritos, Ma-kor-|ts. 
Mu'hmas. Mak-raas. [ba. 
ilachuadebai, Mak-na-d«- 


Scripture Proper Names. 

Machpelah. Mak-pe-la. 
Macron, Ma-kron. 
Madai, Mau-a-j. 
Madiabun. Ma-dj-a-bun. 
Madiah, Ma-dj-a. 
Madian, Ma-di-an. 
Madmannah, Mad-man-a. 
Mad men ah, Mad-me-na. 
Madon, Ma-don. 
Maeluji, Mae-las. 
Magbish, Mag-biJ. 
Magdala, Mag-da-lq. 
Magdalen, Mag-da-len. 
Magdalene, Mag-da-le-ne, 

or Mag-da-len. 
Magdial, Mag-di-el. 
Magog, .Ma-gog. 
Magor Missabib, Ma-gor 

Magpiash, Mag-pi -aj. 
Mahalab, Ma-ha-lq. 
Mahalalecl, Ma-hal-a-lel. 
Mahalalh Leannoth, Mti- 

ha-lat Le-an-ot. [kil. 
Mahalath Maschil, — Mas- 
Mahaleel, Ma-ba-le-el. 
Mahali, Ma-ha-lj. 
Mahanaim, Ma-ha-na-im. 
Mahaneh Dan, Ma-ha-ne 

Mahanena, Ma-ha-nem. 
Maharai, Ma-har-a-j. 
Mahith, Ma-hat. 
Mahavites, Ma-ha-vjts. 
Mahaz, Ma-haz. 
Mahazioth, Ma-ha-zi-ot. 
Mahershalalhashbaz, Ma- 

Mahlah, M(|-la. 
Mahli, Mq-Ii. 
Mahlites, Mq-ljts. 
Mahlon, Mq-lon. 
Maianeas, Ma-an-e-as. 
Makas, Ma-kas, 
Maked, Ma-ked. 
Makeloth, Ma-ke-lot. 
Makkedah, Ma-ke-da. 
JIaktesh, Mak-te/. 
Malachi, Mal-a-kj. 
Malcham, Mal-kam. 
Mrtlchiah, Mal-kj-a. 
Malchicl, Mal-ki-&l. 
Malchielites. Mal-ki-el-jts. 
Malchijah, Mal-kj-ja. 
Malchiram, ^lal-ki-ram. 
Maichishuah, Mal-ki-Ji|-a. 
Malchom, Mal-kom. 
Malchus, Mal-kus. 
Mallas, Mal-as, 
Mallothi, Mal-o-t^. 

Malluch, Mal-uk. 
Mamaias, Ma-md-yas. 
Mammon, Maru-on. 
Mamnitanaimus, Mam-ni- 

Mamre, Mam-re. 
Matliucus, Ma-mi'i-kus. 
Manaen, Man-a-en. 
Manahath, Man-a-haft. 
Manahem, Man-a-hem. 
xManahethites, Ma-na-het- 

Manasseas, Man-a-se-as. 
Manasseh, Ma-nas-e. 
Manassitcs, Ma-nas-jts. 
Maneh, Ma-ne. [im, 

Manhanaim, Man-ha-na- 
Mani, Ma-nj. 
Manna, Man-a. 
Manoah, Ma-n6-a. 
Ma<;cb, Ma-ok. 
Maon, Ma-on. 
Maonite?, Ma-on-jts. 
Mara, Ma-ra. 
Marah. Ma-ra. 
Maralah, Mar-a-lq. 
Maranatha, Mar-a-nat-a. 
Mardocheus, Mqr-dca-ke- 

Mareshah, Ma-re -Ja. 
Mark, Mqrk. 
Marij^a, Mar-i-sq. 
Marmoth, Mqr-mot. 
Maroth, Ma-rof). 
Marrekah, Mar-e-k<^. 
Marsena, Mqr-se-nq. 
Martena, Mqr-te-nq. 
Martha, Mqr-ta. 
Mary, Ma-rt. 
Masa, Ma-sa. 
Maschil, Mas-kil. 
Maseloth, Mas-e-lot. 
Mash, Ma/. 
Mashal, Ma-Jal. 
Masman, Mas-man. 
Masmoth, !M:\s-mot. 
Masrekah. Mas-re-kq. 
Massah, Mas-o. 
Massias, Ma-sj-as. 
Matred, Ma-tred. 
Matri, Ma-trj. 
Mattan, Mat-an. 
Mattanah, Mat-a-nq. 
Maltaniah, Mat-a-nj-a. 
Mattatha, Mat-a-tq. 
Mattathias. Mat-a-ti-as, 
Mattenai, Mat-e-na-j. 
Matthan, Mat-tan. 
Matthat, Mat-tat. 
Matthclas, Mat-t^-las. 

Matthew, Miit-yq,. 
Matthias, Mat-ti-as. 
Mattithiah, Mat'-i-ti-d. 
Mazitias, Maz-i-tj-as. 
Mazzaroth, Maz-a-rot. 
Meah, Me-a. 
Mean!, Me-a-nj. 
Mearah, Me-a-ra. 
Mebunai, Me-bii-na. 
Mecherath, Mek-e-rat. [jt. 
Mecherathite, Mek-c-rat-* 
Medad, Me-dud. 
Medalah, Med-a-lq, 
Medan, Me-dan. 
Medeba, Med-e-bq. 
Medes, Medz. 
Media, Me-di-q. 
Median, Me-di-an. 
Meoda, Me-e-da. 
Megiddo, Me-gid-C5. 
Megiddon, Me-gid-on. 
Mehali, Me-ha-lj. 
Mehetabel. Me-het-a-bel, 
Mehida. Me-hj-da. 
Mehir, Me-her. 
Meholathite, ME-hol-at-jt, 
Mehujael, Me-h^-ja-el. 
Mehuman, Me-hi^-man. 
Mehunim, M8-hVi,-*im. 
Mehunims, Me-hi\-niraz. 
Mejarkon, ile-jqr-kon. 
Mekonah, Mek-o-nq. 
Melatiah, Mel-a-t^-a. 
Melchi, Mel-kj. 
Melchiah, Mel-kj-a. 
Melehias, Mel-kj-as. 
Melchiel, Mel-ki-el. [dek. 
Melchisedek, Mel-kiz-«- 
Melchishua, Mel-ki-Jq,-<i. 
Mulea, Me-Ie-a. 
Melech, Me-lek. 
Melita, Mel i-tq. 
Mcllicu, Mel-i kq,. 
Melzar, Mel-zar. 
Memphis, Mem-fia. 
Memucan, Mg-mq-kan. 
Menahera, Men-a-hem. 
Menan, Me-nan. 
Mene, Me-ne. 
Menith, Me-nit. 
Menothai, Men-o-ta. 
Meonencm, Me-on-c-nem, 
Mephaath, Mef-a-at. 
Mephibosheth, Me-fib-o- 

Merab, Me-rab. 
Meraiah, Mer-a-j-a. 
Meraioth. Me-ra-yoD, 
Meran, Me-ran. 
Merari, Mer-a-rj. 

Scripture Proper Names. 


Mcrarites, Mer-a-qtg. 
Merathaim, Mcr-a-ta-im. ' 
Mired, Me-reil. 
Mereiuoth, Mer-e-mot. 
Merez, Me-rez. 
Meriba, Mer-i-bq. 
Meribah, Mer-i-bq. [dej. 
Meribah Kadesh, — Ka- 
Meribbaal, Ms-rib-a-al. 
Marioioth, Mer-i-mnt). 
Merodach Balivdan, Me-ru- 

dak Bal-adan. 
Merom, Afe-rom. 
Meronothite, Me-roa-o-tit. 
Meroz, Ms-roz. 
Moruth, Me-rut. 
Mesech, Me-sek. 
Mesha, Me-Ja. 
Me?hach, Me-Jak. 
Meshecb, Me-Jek. 
Meshelemiah, MeJ-el-e- 

Meshczabel, Me-Jez-a-bel. 
Meshillainith, MeJ-i-la- 

mit. [mot. 

Meshillemoth, Me-Jil-c- 
Meshoba, Me-J6-ba. 
M^jshullam, Me-Jul-ara.' 
Meshullcinith, 51b -Jul- e- 

Mosobah, Me?-U)-bq. 
Mesobaite, Mea-o-ba-jt. 
Me.-»opotamia, Mes-o-pca- 

Messiah, Mes-j-a. 
Messias, Mes-j-as. 
Moteras, Me-te-rus. 
Metheg Ammah, Me-fteg 

Methredath, Mell-re-datl. 
Mothu-»ael, Me-ti\,-sa-el. 
Methusela, MF-Cq-se-lq. 
Methuselah, Mc-bq-sc-lq. 
Meunim, ME-yi;-nini. 
Mczahab, Mez-a-bub. 
Miainin, Mj-a-min. 
Mihbar, Mib-har. 
Mibsatn, Mib-satu. 
Mibzar, Mib-zar. 
Micah, Mj-ka. 
Miciiah, Mi-k6-yq. 
Mich a, Mj-ka. 
Michael, Mj-ka-el. 
Michah, Mi-ka. 
Michaiah, Mj-kd-ya. 
Michal, Mj-kal. 
Michraas, Mik-mas. 
Michmash, Mik-raa/. 
Michoxethab, Mik-me-t<i. 

Michri, Mik-rj. 
Michtam, Mik-tam. 
Middin, Mid-in. 
Midian, Mid-i-an. 
Midianites, Mid-i-an-jts. 
Migdalol, Mis;-da-lel. 
Migdal Gad, 'Mig-dal Gad. 
Migdol, Mig-dol. 
Migron, Mig-ron. 
Mijamin, Mij-a-min. 
Mikloth, Mik-lofi. 
Mikneiah. Mik-nj-a. 
Milalai, Mil-a-la-j. 
Milcah, Mil-ka. 
Milcha, Mil-ka. 
Milchah, Mil-ka. 
Mi loom, Mil-kom. 
Millo, Mil-o. 
Mina, Mj-na. 
Miniamin, Mi-n}-a-min. 
Minni, Min-j. 
Minnith, Min-ifi. 
Miphkad, Mif-kad. 
Miriam, Mir-i-am. 
Mirraa, Mer-ma. 
Misgab, Mis -gab. 
Mishael, MiJ-a-el. 
Mishal, Mi-Jal. 
Misham, Mi- Jam. 
Misheal, Mj-Je-al, or Mj 

Je al. 
Mishma, MiJ-ma. 
Mishmanna, MiJ-raan-a. 
Mishraites, MiJ-ra-iLs. 
Mispar, Mis-par. 
Mispereth. Miz-pe-retl. 
Mispha, Miz-fa. 
Misphah, Miz-fa. 
Misraira, Miz-ra-im. 
Misrephothmaim, Miz-rs 

Mithcah, Mit-ka. 
Mithnito, Mif)-nit. 
Mithridath, Mit-ri-dat. 
Mizar, Mj-zar. 
Mizpah, Sliz-pa. 
Mizpeh, Miz-pe. 
Mizraim, Miz-ra-ial, 
Mizzah, Miz-a. 
Mnason, Nii-son, 
Moab, Mci-ab. 
M'>abito3, M(S-ab-|tfl. 
Moadiah, Mo-a-dj-a, 
Nfockmur, Mok-mur. 
M(X!kram. Mok-ram. 
Mrxlin, Mij-din. 
Moeth, Mil) et. 
Moladah, Mol-u-dq. 
M-lech, MJi-lok. 
Moli, Moi-li. 

Molid, M(5-lid. 
Moloch, M(5-lok. 
Momdis, Mora-dis. 
Moosias, Md-cj-si-as. 
Morashite. Mcj-raj-jt. 
Morasthito, M6-ra3-tjt. 
Mordecai, Mer-de-ka. 
Moreh, xMo-re. 
Morosheth Gath, M6r-eJ* 

et GaD. 
Moriah, Moa-ri-a. 
Mosera, Mo-se-ra. 
Moserah. Mcs-se-ra. 
Moses, Mu»-zez. 
Mosollam, Mo-sol-am, 
Mosoroth, Mo-sdi-rot. 
Mosul lamon, Mo - sdl - a* 

Moza, M6-za. 
Mozah, Mo-za. 
Muppim, Mdp-im. 
Mushi, Mq-Jj. 
Mushites, Mq-Jjts. 
Miithlabben, Mat-lab-eiu 
Myadus, Min-dus. 
Myra, Mj-ra. 
Mytilene, Mit-i-le-ne. 


Xaara, Na-ara. 
Xaamah, Na-a-mq. 
Naaraan, Na-a-man. 
Naamathite, Na-a-mA-tit. 
\aamites, Na-ara-its, 
Naarah, Na-a-rq. 
Xaarai, Na-a-ra. 
Xaaran, Na-a-ran. 
Naarath, Na-a-ratl. 
Xaashon, Na-aJ-on. 
Naathus. Na-a-tus. 
Nabal, Na-bal. 
Xabarias, Nab-a-rj-as. 
Xabathitcs, Na-bat-it3. 
N'uboth, Na-bo6. 
Nachon, Na-kon. 
Nachor, Na-kor, 
\adab, Na-dab. 
N'lulabatha, Na-dab-a-tq. 
Nagge, N.Vgc. 
Nahabi, Na-ha-bi. 
Nahaliel, Na-ha-fi-ol. 
Nahallal, \a-hal-al. 
Nahulol, Na-ha-lol. 
Nabam, Nfi bam. 
Nabami, Na-bain-a-D}. 


Scripture Proper Names. 

Naharai, Na-har-a-j. 
Naha.^h, Na-haJ. 
Nahath, Na-hat. 
Nahbi, Nq[-bi. 
Nahor, Na-hor. 
Nahshon, Nq-Jon. 
Nahum, Na-hurn. 
N.iidus, Nd-i-dus. 
Naiin, Na-iin. 
Nain, Na-in. 
Naioth, Na-yoD. 
Nanea, Na-ne a. [mi. 

Naomi, Na-cD-mj, or Na-6- 
Naphisi, Naf-i-sj. 
Naphthali, Naf-ta-lj. 
Naphthar, N:if-tar. 
Naphtahim, Naf-tq,-him. 
Napijh, Na-piJ. 
Nasbas, Nas-bas. 
Nashon, Na-Jon. 
Nasith, Na-sit. 
Nasor, Na-sor. 
Nathan, Na-tan. 
Nftthanael, Na-Mn-a-el. 
Nathanias, Nafi-a-ni-as, 
Nathan Melech, Na-tan 

Naum, Na-um. 
Nave, Na-ve. 
Nazarene, Naz-a-rsn. 
Nazaroncs, Naz-a-renz. 
Nazareth, Naz-a-ret. 
Nazarite, Naz-a-rjt. 
Neah, Ne-a. 
Neariah, Ne-a-rj-a. 
Nebai, Neb-a-|. 
Nebaioth, Ne-ba-yoC. 
Nebajolh, Nt-ba-jot. 
Neballat. Ne-bal-at. 
Nebat, Ne-bat. 
Nebo, Ne-bo. 
Nebuchadnezzar, Neb-yT\,- 

Nebuchadrezzar, Ncb-yq,- 

Nebuchasban, Neb - ytl - 

- kas-ban. 
Nebuchodonosor, Neb-yq,- 

Nebuzaradan, Neb-yi],-zar- 

Necho, Ne-ko. 
Necodan, Ne-ko-dan. 
Nedabiah, Ned-a-bj-a. 
Neemias, Ne-E-mi-as. 
Neginoth, Neg-i-not. 
Nehelamite, Ne-hel-a-mjt. 
Nehemiah, Ne-he-mj-a. 
Nehemias, Ne-he-mjas. 
Nolnun, Ns-hum. 

Nohush'a, Ne-hd/-ta. 
Nehushtah, Ne-hiif-ta. 
Ntjhushtan, Ne-hiiJ-tan. 
Niiel, Nei-el. 
Nekeb, Ng'-keb. 
Xekoda, Np-ku-da. 
Nemuel, Ne-ni^-el. 
Norauelite^ Ne-raii-el-its. 
Nepheg. Ne-feg. 
Xephr, Ne-fi. 
Nephi?, Ne-fis. 
Nephish, Ne-fiJ. 
Xephidhesim, Ne-fiJ-e-sim. 
Xephthali, Nef-ta-li. 
Nephthoah, Nef-to-q. 
Nephtuim, Nef-ti|-im. 
Nephusira, Ne-fq^-sim. 
Ner, Ner. 
Nereus, Ne-re-us. 
NergJil, Ner-gal. [zer. 

Norgal Sharczer, — Sa-re- 
Nari, Ne-rj. 
Neriah, Ne-ri-a. 
Nethancel, Ne-tan-e-el. 
Nethaniah, Nnt-a-nj a. 
Xethiniins, Ne6-i-nimz. 
Netophah, Nr-to-fa. 
Xetophathi, Ne-tof-a-tj. 
Notophathites, Ne-toE-a- 

Ncziah, Ne-zi-a. 
Nezib, N£-zib. 
Nibbas, Nib-aa, 
Nibshan, Nib-Jan. 
Nicodotnug, Nik-o-de-mus. 
Nicolaitans, Nik-o-la-i- 

Nicolas, Nik-o-las. 
Nimrab, Nim-ra. 
Nimrim, Nim-rim. 
Nimrod, Nim-rod. 
Nimshi, Nim-Jj. 
Nineve, Nin-e-ve. 
Nifteveh, Nin-e-ve. 
Ninevites, Nin-e-vjts. 
Nisan, Nj-san. 
Nisroch, Nis-rok. 
Noadiah, Nca-a-dj-a. ' 
Noah, N(5-a, or 
Noe, N(o-e. 
Nob, Nob. 
Nobah, No-ba. 
Nod, Nod. 
Nodab, NiD-dab. 
Noeba, N6-e-ba. 
Noga, Ncf)-ga, or 
Nogan, N(A)-gan. 
Nohah, Nu>-ha. 
Nom, Nora. 
iNomades, Nomra-dez. 

Nomenius, No-me-ni-us. 

Non, Non. 

Noph, Nof. 

Nophah, N6-fa. 

Nun, Nun, j^the father qf 

Joshua. ) 
Nyoiphas, Nim-fas. 


Obadiah, Ob-a-dj-a, or 

Obal, O'bal. 
Obed, O'bed. 
Obed Edom, — S'dom. 
Obeth, Q'bet. 
Obil, O'bil. 
Oboth, O'bot. 
Ochiel, O'ki-el. 
Oeidelus, Os-i-de-lus. 
Oijina, Os'i-nq. 
Ocran, Ok'ran. 
Oded, Q'ded. 
OdoUara, O-dol-am. 
Odonarkes, OJ-on-dr-kei, 
Og, Og. 
Ohad, O'had. 
Ohel, Q'hel. 
Olamus, Ol'a-rau3. 
Olivet, Ol'i-vet. 
Olyraphas, Q-lim-fas. 
Oinaerus. Om-a-e-ru3. 
Omar, O'mar. 
Omega, O-me-ga. 
Omer, O'mer. 
Oinri, Om'rj. 
On, On. 
Onam, O'nam. 
Onan, O'nan. 
Onesiraus, O-nea-i-mug. 
OnesiphorCLS, On-e-sif-o- 

Oniare3, O-nj-a-rez. 
Onias, O-ni-as. 
Ono, O'no. 
Onus, O'nus. 
Onya3, O-nj-as. 
Onycha, On'i-kq. 
Onyx, Q'nik3. 
Ophel, Q'fel. 
Opher, Q'fer. 
Ophir, CO'fer. 
Ophni, Of'nj. 
Ophrah, Of'ra. 
Oreb, (D'reb, ^ 

Oren, O'ren, or 

Oran, O'ran. 

Scripture Proper Names. 


Orion^O'ri-on, or O-rl-on, 
Ornau, Or'nan. 
Orphah, Gn'm. 
OrthosiiW. 0r-tQ-s{-a3. 
Osaias, O-za-yas. 
Osea?, O-ze-as. 
Osee, Q'ze. 
Oshea, Q'Je-<l- 
Ospray, Os'pra. 
Ossifragrt, Os'i-fraj. 
Otbni, Ot'ni. 
Othniel, 06'ni-el. 
Othonias 06-(D-n|-as. 
Oze'D, O'zeui. 
Ozias, Q-zj-as. 
Oziel, U'zi-el. 
Ozni, Oz'iij. 
Oznites, O/Znita. 
Ozora, 0-z6-ra. 


Paarai, Pa-a-ra. 
Padan, Pa-dan. 
Padan Aram, — 3'rain. 
Padon, Pa-don. 
Pas'iel, Pa-gi-el. [ab. 

Pa hath Moab, Pa-hat M6- 
Pai, Pa-i. 
Palal, Pa-lal. 
Palestine. Pal-es-tjn. 
Pallu, Pal-yiv 
Palluit«8, Pal-yivita. 
Palti, Pal-ti. 
Paltiel, Pal-ti-el. 
Paltite, Pal-tit. 
Pan nag, Pan-ag. 
Paradise, Par-a-di3. 
Parah, Pa-ra. 
Paran, Pti-ran. 
Par bar, Pt^r-lxir. 
Paruiiishta, Pqr-maJ-ta. 
Parmenas, P^r-me-aas. 
Parnach, Pqr-nak. 
Parnatb, Pqr-nat. 
Parosh, Pa-r.»J. [tq. 

Parshandatha, Pcir-Jan-da- 
Paruah, Par-yt],-<i. 
Parvaim, Pqr va-im. 
Pa.'jach, Pa-8iik. 
Pajdaintnin, Pas-dam-in. 
PiMeah, Pii-ae-a. 
Pariior, PaJ-ur. 
Pa«sover, Pas-o-vcr. 
Patara, Pat-a-rq. 
Pateoli. I'a-ti-o-ll. 
Paiheua, Pa-te-ua. 
Pathrofl, Pat-ros. 

Pathrusim, Pat-r<6-sim. 
Patrobas, Pat-ro-bas. 
Pau, Pa-yq. 
Paul, Pol. 
Pedahel, Ped-a-hel. 
Podahzur, PeJ-a-zur. 
Pedaiah, Ps-da-ya. 
Pekah, Pe-ka. 
Pekahiah, Pek-a-h|-a. 
Pekod, Pe-kod. 
Pelaiah, Pel-a-j-a. 
Pclaliah, Pel-a-lj-a. 
Pelatiah. Pel-a-tj-a. 
Peleg, Pe-leg. 
Pelet, Pe-let. 
Peleth, Pe-let. 
Pelethites, Pe-let-jta. 
Polias, Pe-lj-as. 
Pelonite, Pel-o njt. 
Peniel, Pe-nj-el. ' 
Paninnah, Pe-nin-a. 
Penninah, Peii-i-nq,. 
Pentapolis, Pen-tap-o-lis, 
Pentateuch, Pen-ta-ti|,k. 
Pentecost. Pen-te-ko3t. 
Penael, Pe-nii-el. 
Peor, Pg-or. 
Perazinr, Per-a-zim. 
Peresh, Pe-reJ. 
Perez. Pe-rez. 
Perez Uzza, — Uz'a. 
Perga, Per-ga. 
Pergaino'^, Per-ga-mos. 
Perida, Pe-rj-da. 
Perizzites, I'er-iz-jts. 
PerFnena", Per-nie-na3. 
Peruda, Pe-rtb-da, 
Pethahiah, Pc6-a-h|-a. 
Pethor, Pe-tor. 
Pelhucl, Pc-tq-el. 
Peulthai, Pe-ul-ta. 
Pbacareth. Fak-a-refi. 
Phaisur, Fa-sur. 
Phaldaiu.''. Fal-da-yus. 
Phaleas, Fa-lE-as. 
I*haleg, Fa-leg. 
Phallu, Fal-yij,. 
Phalti, Fal-ti. 
Phaltiel, Fal-ti-el. 
Phanucl, Fa-ni\-el. 
Pharacim, Far-a-sim. 
l*haraoh. Faro. 
l*harathoni, FAr-a-t(5-n|. 
Pharez, Fa-rez. 
Pnurezites, Fa-rez-jts. 
Pharisees, Far-i-8£z. 
Pharosh, Fn-ro/. 
Pharpar, Fqr par. 
Pharites, Fqr-zjts. 
Phaseoh, Fa-ae-q. 

Phaselis, F^-se-lis. 
Phasiron. F:is-i-roa. 
Phebe, Fe-be. 
Phenice. Fc-nj-se. 
Phibeserh, Fib-e-set. 
Phicol, Fi-kol. 
Philarches, Fi-l^r-Uez. 
Philemon, Fi-le-mon. 
Philetus, Fi-le-tus. 
Philistia, Fi-lis-ti-q. 
Philistiin. Fi-lis-tiui. 
Philistines, Fi-lis-tinz. 
Philologus, Fi-lol-Q-gug. 
Philometor, Fil-o-uie-tor. 
Phineas, Fin c-as. 
Phinehas, Fin-e-has. 
Phison, Fj ?on. 
Phlegon, Fle-gon. 
Phonts, F(f»-ro3. 
Phal, Ful. 
Phur, Fur. 
Phurah. Fq,-ra. 
Phut, Fut. 
Phuvah, Fn-va. 
Phygellus, Fi-jel-us. 
Piiyiiicteries, Fi-lak-te-riK. 
Pihahiroth, Pi-ha-h^-rot. 
Pilate, Pj-lat, 
Pilda.-h, Pil-daJ. 
Piletha, Pil-8-tq. 
Piltai, Pil-ta. 
Pinon, Pj-non. 
Pira, Pj-ra. 
Pi rain, Pj-ram. 
Pirathon, Pir-a-feon. 
Pirathonire, Pir-a-toQ-jt, 
Pisgah, Piz-ga. 
Pison, Pj-son. 
Pispah, Pis-pa. 
Pithon, Pj-ton. 
Pochereth, P6k-R-ret. 
Pontius Pilate, P6a-ti-u8 

Poratha, Por-a-tq. 
Potiphar, P6t-i-far. 
Potiphera, Pu)tif-c-rq. Pr6k-Q-rus. 
Pua, Pq-a, or 
Puah, Pi'i-a. 
Pudens, Pq-den2. 
Pu bites, Pq-hjta. 
Pul, Pul. 
Punites, Pq-nita. 
Punon, Pq-non. 
Pur, Pur. or 
Purim, Pq-rJn». 
Put, Put. 

Puteoli, Pq-W-o-U. 
Putiel, Pq-ti-el. 
P/garg, Pi-gqrg. 


Scripture Proper Names. 


Raiimah, Ra-a-mq. 
liaamiah, lia-a-mj-a. 
Rn anises, Ila-am-sez. 
Kabbah, Rab-a. 
Rabbat, R,ib-at. 
Rabbath, Rab-ab. 
Rabbi, Rab-j. 
Rabbith, Rab-it. 
Rabboni, lia-bw-nj. 
Rabinag. Rab-mag. 
Rabi^aces, Rab-sa-sez. 
Rabsaris, Rab-sa-ris. 
Rabshakoh, Rab-Ja-ke. 
Raca, or Racha, Ra-ka. 
Racab. Ra-kab. 
Racal, Ra-kal. 
Rachab, Ka-kab. 
Rachel, Ra-qel. 
Raddai, Rad-a-j. 
Ragau, Ra-ge. 
Rages, Ra-jez. 
Ragua, Rag-yi],-q. 
Raguel, Ra-gi'i-el. 
Rahab, Ra-hab. 
Raham, Ra-hain. 
Rakcin, Ra-kcm. 
Rakkath, Rak-at 
Rakkon, Rak-on. 
Ram, Rain. 

Rama, or Ramah, Ra-ma. 
Ramath, Ra-mat. 
Ramathaim, Ra-mat-a-im. 
Ramathctn, Ram-a-tem. 
Ramathitc, Ra-mafc-jt. 
Ramath Lehi, Ra-mat Le- 

Ramath Mispeh, — Mis-pe. 
Rameses, Ra-ms-sez. 
Ramiah, Ra-mj-a. 
Ramoth, Ra-mot. 
Ramoth Gilead, Ra-mot 

Rapha, Ra-fa. 
Raphael, Ra-fa-el. 
Raphah, Ra-fct. 
Ra^)haim, Raf-a-im. 
Raphon, Ra-fon. 
Rapha, Ra-fi],. 
Rassis, Riis-is. 
Rathumu<, Rat-yti,-mus. 
Razis, Ra-zis. 
Reaiah, Re-a-j-a. 
Reba, Rt-ba. 
Rebecca, Rc-b^k-a. 
Rechab, Re-kab, 
Rechabitos, Rc-kab-jts. 

Recbah, Re-ka. 
Reelaiah, Re-el-a-ya. 
Reelias, Re-el-j-as. 
Reesaias, Re-sa-yas. 
Regem, Re -gem. [lek. 

Regemmelech, Re-g^m-E- 
Regora, Re-gom. 
Rehabiah, RE-ha-bi-d. 
Rehob, Rs-hob. 
Rehoboam, RE-ho-b6-am, 
Rehoboth, Rs-hci-bot. 
Rehu, Re-hiX. 
Rehura, Re-hum. 
Rei, Re-j. 
Rekem, Re-kcm. 
Rcmaliah, Rem-a-lj-a. 
Remeth, Re-met. 
Remraon, Rem-on. 
Remraon Methoar, — Met- 

Remphan, R6m-fan. 
Remphis, Rem-fis. 
Rephael, Re-fa-el. 
Rcphah, Re-fa. 
Rephaiah, Ref-a-;[-a, 
Rephaim, Ref-a-im. 
Re ph aims, Ref-a-imz. 
Rephidim, Ref-i-dim. 
Resen, Re-sen. 
Resheph, Re-Jef. 
Reu, Re-i^. 
Reuben, Rtj5-ben. 
Reuel, Re-yiVel. 
Reumah, Rdb-ma. 
Rezeph, Re-zef. 
Rezia, Re-zj-a. 
Rezin, Re-zin. 
Rezon, Re-zon. 
Rhegium, Re-ji-um. 
Rhesa, Re-sa. 
Rhoda, R6-da. 
Rhodocus, R6d-ca-kus. 
Ribai, Rj-ba. 
Riblah, Rib-la. 
Riramon, Rim-on. 
Rimmon Parez, — Pa-rez. 
Rinnah, Rin-a. 
Riphath, Rj-fat. 
Rispah, Ris-pa. 
Rissah, Ris-a. 
Rithmah, Rit-ma. 
Rogelira, Ro-ge-lim. 
Rohgah, Ro-ga. 
Roiraus, Ro-i-mus. 
Romantiezer, Ro-man-ti- 

Rosh, RoJ. 
Ruby, R(f)-bi. 
Rufus, Ii*f)-fus. 
Rubamab, R<jb-ha-mq. 

Rumah, Rdo-ma. 
Rusticus, Rds-ti-kiU. 
Ruth, Ra)t. 


Sabacthani, Sa-bak-ta-ni. 
Sabaoth, Sab-a-ot. 
Sabat, Sa-bat. 
Sabatus, Sab-a-tus. 
Sabban, Sab-an. 
Sabbath, Sab-at. 
Sabbatheus, Sab-a-ts-uS. 
Sabbeus, Sa-be-us. 
Sabdeus, Sab-de-U3. 
Sabdi, Sab-dj. 
Sabeana, Sa-be aoz, 
Sabi, Sa-bj. 
Sabtah, Sab-ta. 
Sabtecha, Sab-te-kq. 
Sacar, Sa-kar. 
Sadamias, iSad-a-mj-as. 
Sadas, Sa-dag. 
Saddens, Sad-e-U3. 
Sadduc, Sad-uk. 
Sadducees, Sad-yq,-sez. 
Sadoc, Sa-dok. 
Sahadutha Jegar, Sd-h»- 

dt\-ta Je-gar. 
Sala, Sa-la. 
Salah, Sa-la. 
Salasadai, Sal-a-sad-a-j. 
Salathiel, Sa-la-ti-el. 
Salcah, Sal-ka. 
Salchah, Sal-ka. 
Salem, Sii-lem. 
Salim, Sa-lim. 
Sallai, Sal-a-j. 
Sallu, Sal-yq. 
Sallum, Sal-um. 
Sallumus, Sa-lq-mu8. 
Salraa, or Salmah, Sal-ma. 
Salmon, Sal-mon. 
Salmone, Sal-mo-ne. 
Salom, Sa-lom. 
Salome, Sa-16-mg. 
Salu, Sa-lq,. 
Salum, Sa-lum. 
Samael, Sam-a-el. 
Samaias, Sa-ma-yas. 
Samaria, Sa-ma-ri-q, or 

Sam-a-rj-a. Itanz. 

Samaritans, Sa-mar-i- 
Samatus, Sam-a-tus. 
Sameius. Sa-me-yus. 
Samgar Nebo, Sdm-gqr 


Scripture Proper Name3. 


Sami, Sa-mi. 
Samis, Sa-inis. 
Sauilah, Saui-la. 
Sammas, Sam-us. 
Sarnpsames, 8ainp-sa-mez. 
Satnsoo, iSam-s^in. 
Samuel, Sam-yn,-el. 
Sanabadsarus, San-a-ba3- 

Sanasib, San-a-sib. 
Sanballat., San-bal-at. 
Sanhedrim, San-he-drim. 
Sansannah, San-san-a. 
Saph, Saf. 
Saphat, Sa-fat. 
Saphatias, Saf-a-tj-a3, 
Sapheth, Sa-fet. 
Saphir, Saf-er. 
Sapphira, Sap-fj-m. 
Sapphire, Sap-fjr, 
Sara, Sa-ra, or 
Sarai, Sa-ra. 
Sarabias, Sar-a-bj-as. 
Sarai ah, Sar-a-j-a. 
Sarah, Sa-ra. 
Saraia^, Sa-ra-yas. 
Saramael, Sa-ram-a-el. 
Saramel, Sar-a-mel. 
Saraph, Sa-raf. [nus. 

Sarchedouus, Sqr-ked-o- 
Sardeus, S^r-de-ua. 
Sard is, S^r-dis. 
Sardine, Sqr-dja. 
Sardites, S^r-djts. 
Sardine, Sqr-di-us. 
Sardonyx, Sqr-do-niks. 
Saroa, Sa-re-q. 
Sarcpta, Sa-rep-ta. 
Sarjfon, Sqr-gon. 
Sarid, Sa-rid. 
Saron, Sa- ron. 
Sarothi, Sa-r^-tj. 
Sarsechim, Sqr-se-kim. 
Saruch, Sa-ruk. 
Satan, Sa-tan. [nez. 

Sathrabazne3, Sat-ra-baz- 
Sathrabouzanes, Sat-ra- 

Saul, Sel. 
Savaran, Siv-a-ran. 
Savias, Sa-vi-aa. 
Sceva, Se-TO. 
Scribes, Skribz. 
Scythians, Skit-5-anz. 
Scythopolis, Ski-top-o-lis. 
Scythopolitans, Skit-o- 

Seba, Sg-ba. 
Sebat, Se-bat. 
Secacah S^k-a-ki^. 

Sechenias, Sek-E-nj-as. 

Sechu, S«-ki\. 

Sedecia?, Sed-e-sj-as. 

Segub, Se-gub. 

Sjir, Se-er. 

Seiratb, Se-i-rat. 

Sela, Se-la. 

Selah, Se-la. 

Selah Hammahlekoth, — 

Seled, Se-led. 
Selemias, Sel-s-mj-as. 
Sem, Sem. 

Semachiah, Sem-a-kj-a. 
Semaiah, Sem-a-j-a. 
Seraaias, Sem-a-j-as. 
Semei, Sem-e-j. 
Semelleu3, Se-mel-8-us. 
Semis, Se-mis. 
Sennaab, Sen-a-q. 
Seneh, Se-ne. 
Senir, Se-ner. 

or Sen-ak-e-rib. 
Senuah, Sea-yix-q. 
Seorim, Se-o-riin. 
Sephar, Se-far. 
Sepharad. Sef-a-rad. 
Sepharvites, Se-far-vita. 
Sephela, Se-fe-la. 
Serah, Ss-ra. 
Soraiah, SE-ra-|-a. 
Seraphim, Ser-a-fim. 
Sered, Se-red. 
Seron, Se-ron. 
Serug, Se-rug. 
Sesia, Se-ais. 
Sesthel, Sd3-6el. 
Seth, Set. 
Sethar, Se-tar. 
Sether, Se-ter. 
Shaalabbin, Xa-al-ab-in. 
Shaalbim, Sa-al-bim. 
Shaalbonite, Ea-al-bo-njt. 
Shaaph, Ea-af. 
Shaaraira, Ea-a-r6-im. 
Shaa.xhgaa, >3a-af-ga3. 
Shabbethai, Ea-bet-a-j. 
Shachia, 51'ik-i-q. 
Shaddai, Ead-a-j. 
Shadrach, Eu-drak. 
Shage, Xa-ge. [mat. 

Shahazimath, Ea-haz-i- 
Shalcm, Xa-lem. 
Shalim, Xa-lira. 
Shalisha, Eal-i-Jq. 
Shallecheth, Xal-e-keft. 
Shallum, Xr'il-ura. 
Shaimai, £al-ina-}. 

Shalman, Sal-man. [zer. 
Shalmaneser, Xal-ma-ne- 
Shama, Xa-raa. 
Shamariah. Xim-a-rj-a. 
Shatned, Xa-mod. 
Shamer, XA-mer. 
Shamgar, Xani-gar. 
Shamhulh, Xam-hut. 
Shamir, Xu-raer. 
Shamma, Xam-a. 
Shamraah, Xam-a. 
Shammai, Xam-a-j. 
Shammotb, Xam-ot. 
Shamraua, Xi-mq-a. 
Shammuah, X:i-mi\,-a. 
Shamsherai, Xam-Je-ra-l. 
Shapham, X.i-fam. 
Shaphan, Xti-fan. 
Shaphat, Xa-fat. 
Shapher, Xa-fer. 
Sharai, Xar-a-j. 
Sharaira, Xar-a-im, 
jSliarar, Xa-rar. 
iSbarezcr, Xa-rg-zer. 
Sharmaim, Xqr-ma-im, 
Sharon, X:i,-ron. 
Sharouitea, Xq-ron-jts, 
Sharuben, Xa-r(6-hen. 
Shashai, Xaj-a-j. 
Shashak. X<ii-Jak. 
Shaul, Xa-ul. 
Shaulitea, Xa-ul-jta. 
Shausha, Xa-y4-Ja. 
Shaveh, Xa-ve. 
Sbaveth, Xa-vet, 
Sheal, Xe-al. 
Shealtiel, Xe-al-ti-el. 
Sheariah, Xs-a-rj-o. 
Sheba, or Shebah, Xe-ba, 
Shebam, Xe-bann. 
Shftbaniah, Xab-a-nJ-a, 
Shebarim. Xeb-a-rim. 
Shebat, Xe-bat. 
Sheber, Xe-ber. 
Shebna, Xeb-na. 
Shebuel, Xeb-yq,-el. 
Shochaniah, Xok-a-n^-a. 
Shechem, Xe-kem. 
Shcchemitea, Xe-kera-jts. 
Shechinah, Xek-i-nq. 
Shedeur, Xed-e-ur. 
Shehariah, Xe-ha-rj-a. 
Shekel, Xe kel. 
Shelah, Xg-la. 
Sholanitea, Xe-lan-it8. 
Shelemiah, Xel-e-mj-a. 
Sheleph, Xe-lef. 
Shelesh, Xe-leJ. 
Shelomi, £el-o-n4* 


Scripture Proper Names. 

Shelomith, Sel-o-mit, or 

Shelomofh, Sel-o-mot. 
Shelumiel, Xe-lq^-mi-el. 
ShetB, Sera. 
Shema, Ee-ma. 
Shemaah, Sera-a-<l|,. 
Shemaiah, Xeai-a-j|-a. 
Shemariah, Eem-a-rj-a. 
Shemeber, Xem-e-ber. 
Shemer, Se-mer. 
Shemida, Xe-mj-da. 
Sherainith, Eem-i-nifi. 
Sheiniramoth, Se-mir-a- 

Shemuel, Se-mi^-el. 
Shen, Xen. 
Shenazar, Se-na-zar. 
Shenir, Se-ner. 
Shepham, Se-fam. 
Shephatiah, Sef-a-tj-a. 
Shephi, Xe-fj. 
Shepho, Xe-fo. 
Shephuphan, Xe-fii-fan. 
Sherah, XE-ra. 
Sherebiah. Xer-e-bj-a. 
Sheresh, Xs-reJ. 
Sherezer, Xc-rE-zer. 
Sheshack, Xe-Jak. 
Sheshai, Xe-Ja. 
Sheshan, Xe-Jan. 
Sheshbazzar, XtjJ-baz-ar. 
Shelh, Xet. 

Shethar, Xe-tar. [na-j. 
Shethar Boznai, — Boi- 
Sheva, Xe-va. 
Shibboleth. Xib-o-le«. 
Shibmah, Xib-ma. 
Shichron, Xi-kron. 
Shiggaion, Xi-ga-yon. 
Shihon, Xj-hon. 
Shihor, Xj-bor. [nat. 

Shihor Libnath, — Lib- 
Shiihim. Xj-j'-him. 
Sbilhi, Xil-hj. 
Shilhim, Xil-him, 
Shillem, Xil-ena. 
Shilletnite:', Xil-etn-its. 
Shiloah, Xi-16-a. 
Shiloh, or Shilo, Xj-Io. 
Shiloni, Xi-lo-nj. 
Shilonites, Xi-l^-njts. 
Shilshah, Xil-Ja. 
Shimea, Xime-q. 
Sbimeah, Xira-c-q. 
Shimeam, Xitu-e-ara. 
Shimeath, Xim-e-at. 
Shimei, Xini c-j. 
Shimeoo, Xitn-e-on. 

Shimhi, Xiru-hj. 
Shimi, Xj-mj. 
Shimites, Xirn-its. 
Shimna, Xim-na. 
Shimon, Xj-raon. 
Shitnrath, Xim-ratl. 
Shimri, Xira-rj. 
Shimrith, Xim-rifi. 
Shimron, Xim-ron. 
Shimrotiites, Xim-ron-jts. 
vShimron Meron, Xim-ron 

Shimshai, Xim-/a. 
Shinab, Xj-nab. 
Shinar, Xi-nar. 
Shion, Xj-on. 
Shiphi, Xi-fi. 
Shiphmite, Xif-mjt. 
Shiphra, Xif-ra. 
Shiphrath. Xif-rat. 
Shiptan, Xip-tan. 
Shisha, Xi-fa. 
Shishak, Xi-Jak. 
Shitrai, Xit-ra-j. 
Shittah, Xit-a. fWud. 
Shittim Wood, Xit - im 
Shiza, Xi-za. 
Shoa, X6-a. 
Shoab, X6-ab. 
Shoah, X6-a. 
Shobach, X(j-bak. 
Shobai, Xa-ba-^. 
Shobal, Xo-bal. 
Shobek. X6-bek. 
Shobi, Xw-bj. 
Shocho, X6-ko. 
Shochoh, X6-k(3. 
Shoham, XQ-ham. 
Shomer, X6-mer. 
Shophach, X6-fak. 
Shophan, X6-fan. 
Shoshannim, Xo-Jan-im. 
Shoshannim Eduth, — 8'- 
Shua, Xi'i-a. [dufi. 

Shuah. Xq-a. 
Shual, Xi'i-al. 
Shubael, Xi],-ba-el. 
Shuham, Xq,-ham. 
Shuhanaites, Xii-ham-jta. 
Shuhites, Xi\-bjts. 
Shulamite, Xq-lam-jt. 
Shumathites, Xii-mafe-jts. 
Shunaraito, Xi'^-nam-jt. 
Shunem. Xq-nem. 
Shuni, Xi\-nj. 
Shunites, Xq-njts. 
Shupham, Xi\,-fam. 
Shuphamite. Xq-fam-jt. 
Shuppim, Xdp-im. 
Shur, Sur. 

Shushan, Xq-Jan. 
Shushan 8duth, — S'dut. 
Shuthalite?, Xii-tal-jts. 
Shuthelah, Xq-te-lq. 
Sia., Si-a. 
Siaka, Sj-a-kq. 
vSiba, S|-ba. 
Sibbachai, Sib-a-ka. 
Sibbi.leth, Sib-o-let. 
Sibmah, Sib-ma. 
Sibraim, Sib-ra-im, 
Sichem, Sj-kem. 
Siddim, Sid-im. 
Side, Si-de. 
Sidon, Sj-don. 
Sigionoth, Si-gj-O-not. 
Siha, Sj-ha. 
Sihon, Sj-hon. 
Sihor, S|-hor. 
Silas, Sj-las. 
SiUa, Sil-a. 
Siloa, Sil-o-q, 6r 
Siloah, Sil-o-q. 
Siloara, Sil-o-am, or Si- 
Siloas, Sil-o-as, 
Siloe, Sil-o-E. 
Simalcue, Sj-raal-ki^-e. 
Simeon, Sim-e-on. 
Simeonites, Sim-e-on-jts. 
Simon, Sj-mon. 
Simri, Sim-ri. 
Sin, Sin. 
Sinai, Sj-na. 
Sinira, Sj-nim. 
Sinites, Sin-jts. 
Sion, Sj-on. 
Si ph moth, Sif-moD. 
Sippai, Sip-a. 
Sirach, Sj-rak. 
Sirah, Sj-ra, 
Sirion, Sir-i-on. 
Sisamai, Sis-am-a-|. 
Siaera, Sis-R-rq. 
Sisinnes, Sj-sin-ez. 
Sitnah, Sit-na. 
Sivan, Sj-van. 
So, Sa. 

Sochoh, S(S-ko. 
Socoh, Sra-ko. 
Sodi, S6-di. 
Sodom, S6(i-om. 
Sodoraa, S6d-o-mq. 
Sodomites, Sod-ora-jts. 
Solomon, S61-o-mon. 
So))ater, S6p-a-ter. 
Sophereth, S6f-e-re6. 
Sorek, Sa>-rek. 
Sosi pater, So-sip-a-ter. 
Sosthej^oj, S6d-te-nes. 

Scripture Proper Names. 


Sostbenes, Sos-te-nez. 
Sostratus, Sos-tra-tus. 
SotaJ, S6-ta-j. or So-ta-j. 
Stachys, Sta-kis. 
Stacte, Stak-tE. 
Stephana, Stef-a-nq. 
Stephanas, Stef-a-nas. 
Stephen, Ste-ven. 
S>iah, Sii-a. 
Suba, Si^-ba. 
Subai, Sq,-ba-|. 
Sucaathites, Sri-kd-at-jts. 
Succoth, Sdk-oft. 
Succoth Benoth, — Be- not, 
Sud, Sud. 
Sudias, Six-di-as. 
Sukkiinis, Sdk-i-imr, 
Sur, Sur. 
Susa, Sq,-sa. 
Susanchites, S^-san-kjts. 
Susannah, Si],-zan-a. 
Susi, Sij^-sj. 
Sycamine, Sik-a-aiin. 
Sycene, Sj-se-nE. 
Sychar, Sj'-kar. 
Syelus, Sj-8-lus. 
Syene, Sj-e-ne. 
Synagogue, Sin-a-gog. 
Syntyche, Sin-ti-kc. 
Syria Maacah^ Sir-i-a Ma- 

Syrion, Sir-i-on. 
Sy rophenicia, Si - ro - f e - 



Taanach, Ta - a - nak, or 

Taanach Shilo, — Xj-lo. 
Tabbaoth, Tab-a-ot. 
Tabbath, Tab-at. 
Tabeal, Ta-be-al. 
Tabeel, Ta-be-el. 
Tabellius, Ta-bel-i-U8. 
Tabera, Tab-e-rq. 
Tabitha, Tab-i-tlq. 
Tabor, Ta-bor. 
Tabriinon, Tab-ri-mon. 
Tachraonite, Tak-mo-nit. 
Tadmor. Tad-mor. 
Tahan. Ta-han. 
Tahanites, Ta-han-it8. 
Tahapenes, Ta-hap-c-nez. 
Tahaphanes, Ta-haf-a-nez. 
Tahath, Ta-hat. 
Tahponcs. T^-pe-nez. 
Tahrea, l<\,-n-<^ 

TahtJm Hodshi, Tq - tim 
H6d-Jj. [Kq-mj. 

Taliiha Cumi, Tal-i-tq 
Talraai, Tal-ina. 
TalmoB, Tal-mon. 
Talsas, Tal-sas. 
Tamah, Ta-ma. 
Tamar, Ta-raar. 
Tammuz, Tam-uz. 
Tanach, Ta-nak, 
Tanhuuaeth, Tan-hti-met. 
Tanis, Ta-nis. 
Taphath, Ta-fat. 
Taphenes, Taf-e-nez. 
Taphnes, Taf-nez. 
Taphon, Ta-fon. 
Tappnah, Tap-yq,-q. 
Tarah, Ta-ra. 
Taralah, Tar-a-Iq. 
Tarea, Ta-re-q. 
Tarpelites, T^r-pel-jts. 
Tarshis, Tqr-Jis. 
Tarshish, Tqr-JiJ. 
Tarshisi, Tqr-Ji-sj. 
Tarus, Tqr-sus. 
Tartak, Tqr-tak. 
Tartan, Tqr-tan. 
Tatnai, Tat-na-j. 
Tebah, Tg-ba. 
Tebaliah, Teb-a-lj-a. 
Tebeth, Te-beb. [hez 

Tehaphnehes, Te-ha£-nc- 
Tehinnah, Te-tin-a. 
Tekel, Te-kel. 
Tekoa, TE-k(f>-a, or 
Tekoah, Te-k6-a. 
Tekoites, Te-k6-|ts. 
Telabib, T^l-a-bib. 
Telah, Te-la. 
Telaim, Tel-a-im. 
Telassar, Te-las-ar. 
Telem, Te-lera. 
Telharesha, Tel-ha-re-/a. 
Telharsa, Tel-h^r-sa. 
Telmela, T^l-me-lq. 
Telmelah, Tel-me-lq. 
Tema, T^-rod. 
Teraan, Te-man. 
Temani, T6m-a-ni. 
Temanite^, Te-man-ita. 
Tomeni, T6m-t-Vi\. 
Tepho, Te-fo. 
Terah, Te-ra. 
Teraphim, T^r-a-fim. 
Teresh, Te-re/. 
Tertius, T^r-Ji-us. 
Tertullus, Ter-tdl-u3. 
Teta, Te-ta. 
Tdtrarch, Tct-rqrk. 
ThaddettSy Ha-d^-a«. 

Thahash, Ra-haJ. 
Thainuh, Ha-raa. 
Thamnatha, Ham-na-tq. 
Thara, Ha-ra. 
Tharra, Rar-a. 
Tharshish, H^r-JiJ. 
Thassi, Ras-j. 
Thebez, Re-bez. 
Thecoe, Re-ko-e. 
Thelasser, RE-las-er. 
Thelersa?, He-ler-sas. 
Theocanus, Re-6k-a-nug. 
Theodotus, Rg-od o-tus. 
Theophilus, Re-of-i-las. 
Theras, Rg-ras. 
Thermeleth, Rer-me-let. 
Thessalonica, Hes-a-lG)-n|- 
Theudas, Ri\-das. [ka. 
Thitnnathath, Rim-na-tat. 
Thisbe, Ris-be. 
Thomas, Tom -as. 
Thomoi, R6m-o-j. 
Thraseas, Rra-se-as. 
Thummim, Rdm-im. 
Thyatira, Hj-a-tj-ra. 
Tibbath, Tib-at. 
Tiberias, Tj-be-ri-as, 
Tibni, Tib-nj. 
Tidal, Tj-dal. 
Tiglath Pileser, Tig-lat 

Tikvah, Tik-vd. 
Tikvath, Tik-vat. 
Tilon, Ti-lon. 
Timelus, Ti-ra8-lu3. 
Timna, Tim-na. 
Timnath, Tim-nat. 
Timnathah, Tim-na-tq. 
Timnath Heres, Tim -nail 

Timnath Serab, — S^-ra. 
Timnite, Tira-njt. 
Timotheus, Ti-mo-te-ttS, 
Timothy, Tim-o-ti. 
Tipsah, Tip-sa. 
Tiras, Tj-ras. 
Tirathites, Tj-rat-jts. 
Tirhakah, Ter-ha-kq. 
Tirhanah, Ter-ha-nq. 
Tiria, Tir-i-q. 
Tirshatha, T«5r-Ja-tq. 
Tirzah, Ter-za. 
Tishbite. tij-bjt. 
Tivan, Tj-van. 
Tiza, Tj-za. 
Tizite, Tj-zit. 
Toah, Tu-a. 
Toanah, Tii-a-nq. 
T..b, Tob. 
Tobiah, To-bj-a. 


Scripture Proper Names. 

Tobias, To-bi-as. 
Tobie, Tu-bi. 
Tobiel, Tw-bi-el. 
Tobijah. To-bj-ja. 
Tobit, ToJ-bit. 
Tochen, T(ii-ken. 
Togarmah, Tu)-g(^r-ma. 
Tohu. TQ-hi\. 
Toi, Tcb-i. 
Tola, T6-la. 
Tolad, T«i>-lad. 
Tolaites, T(f)-la-|ts. 
Tolbane;!, Tol-ba-cez. 
ToUnai, T6l-ma. 
Tophel, To-fel. 
Tophet, T6-fet. 
Tou, TQ-ytv 

Trachonitis, Trak-ca-nj-tia, 
Tripolis, Trip-o-lis. 
Troas, Tro-as, 
Trogyllium, Tro-jil-i-um, 
Trophituus, Tr6f-i-mu3. 
Tryphena, Tri-fe-na. 
Tryphosa, Trj-fw-sa. 
Tubal, Tq,-bal, 
Tubal Cain, — Ka-in. 
Tubieni, Ti^-bj-e-nj. 
Tyberias, Tj-be-ri-as. 
Tychicus, Tik-i-kus. 
Tyrannas, Tj-ran-us. 
Tyre, Tjr. 
Tyrus, Tj-rus. 


Ucal, Yivkal. 

Uel, YiVel. 

Ulai. Yit-la-i. 

TJlam, Y\i-lam. 

Ulla. Ul'a. 

Ummah, Um'a. 

Unni, Un'j. 

TJpharsin. Yq,-f(ir-sin. 

Upbaz, Yi\,-faz. 

Urbane, Ur'ba-ne. 

Uri, Y^-ri. 

Uriah, Yi],-ri-a. 

Uria5, Yi^-rj-as. [el, 

Uriel, Yi'i-ri-el, or Yn-rj- 

Urijah, 1 ii-rj-ja. 

Urim, Yt\,-rim. 

Uta, Yix-ta. 

Uthai, Yn -ta-i, or Yu -ta-i 

Uthi, YijL-ti. 

Uzai, Y4-za-j.# 

Uzal, Yii-zal. 

Uzza, U&'a. 

Uzzah, Uz'a. [ra. 

Uzzen Sherah, Uz'en Xs- 
Uzzi, Uz'i. 
Uzziah, Uz-j-a. 
Uzziel, Uz-j-el. 
Uzzielites, Uz-j-el-jt^. 


Yajezatha, Va-j^z-a-tq. 
Vaniah, Va-nj-a. 
Vashni, VaJ-ni. 
Vashti, VaJ-tj. 
Vophsi, V6f-si. 


Xagus, Za-gus. 
Xanthicus, Zan-ti-kus. 
Xeneas, Ze-ne-as. 
Xerolybe, Ze-rol-i-bc. 
Xeropbagia, Zer-ca-fa-ji-a, 
Xystus, Zis-tua. 


Zaaman, Za-a-man. 
Zaanaim, Za-a-na-im. 
Zaanannim, Za-a-nan-im 
Zaavan, Za-a-van. 
Zabad, Za-bad. 
Zabadaeans, Zab-a-de-anz, 
Zabadaias, Zab-a-da-yas. 
Zabbai, Zab-a. 
Zabdeus, Zab-de-us. 
Zabdi, Zab-dj. 
Zabdiel, Zab-'di-el. 
Zabina, Za-bi-na. 
Z;ibud, Za-bud. 
Zabulon, Zab-yq,-lon. 
Zaccai, Zak-a j, 
Zaccheus, Za-ke-u3. 
Zaccur, Zak-ur. 
Zaehariah, Zak-a-rj-a. 
Zacher, Za-ker. 
Zadok, Za-dok. 
Zaham. Za-ham. 
Zair, Za-er. 
Zalaph, Za-laf. 
Zalraou, Zal-raon. 
Zaimoaah, Zal-uua-nd. 

Zalmunah, Zal-mdn-d, 
Zainbis, Zain-bi-s. 
Zambri, Zam-bq. 
Zatnoth, Za-mot. [\mt. 
Zamzuramims, Zam-zuin- 
Zanoah, Za-nd)-a. 
Zaphnalhpaaneah, Zaf- 

Zaphon, Za-fon. 
Zara, Za-ra, 
Zaraces, Zar-a-sez. 
Zarah, Za-ra. 
Zaraias, Zar-a-J-as. 
Zareah, Za-re-q. 
Zareathites, Za-re-at-jts. 
Zared, Za-red. 
Zarephath, Zar-e-fat. 
Zaretan, Zar-E-tan. 
Zareth Shahiar, Za-ret Sa- 

Zarhites, Z^r-hjts. 
Zartanah, Zqr-ta-nq. 
Zarthan, Zt^r-tan. 
Zathoe, Zat-o-e. 
Zathu, Zat-yiv 
Zathui, Za-ti'i-j. 
Zattu, Zat-yix. 
Zavan, Za-van, 
Zaza, Za-za. 
Zebadiah, Zeb-a-dj-a. 
Zebah, Ze-ba, 
Zebaino, Ze-ba-im. 
Zebedee, Zeb-c-ds. 
Zcbina, Ze-bj-na. 
Zeboim, Ze-bo-im. 
Zebuda, Ze-bi^-da. 
Zebul, Ze-bul. 
Zebulon, Z^b-yxi-lon. 
Zebulonites, Zeb-yti-lon- 

Zechariah, Zek-a-rj-a. 
Zedad, Ze-dad. 
Zedekiah, Zed-e-kj-a. 
Zeeb, Zeb, or Ze-eb. 
Xelah, Ze-la. 
Zelek, Ze-lek. 
Zelophead, Ze-l(S-fe-ad. 
Zelotes, Ze-16-tEZ. 
Zelzah, Zel-za. 
Zemaraim, Zem-a-rd-im» 
Zemarite, Zem-a-rjt. 
Zemira, Ze-ra|-ra. 
Zenan, Ze-nan. 
Zenas, Ze-nas. 
Zeorim, Ze-or-im. 
Zephaniah, Zef-a-n^-a. 
Zephath, Ze-fat. 
Zephathah, Zef-a-t<i. 
iZephi, Ze-f}, 
'Zepho, Ze -£<!>. 

Scripture Proper Names. 


Zspbon, Ze-fon. 
Zephonites, Zef-on-its. 
Zur, Zer. 
Zerah, Zg-ra. 
Zerahiah. Zer-a-hj-a. 
Zeraia, Zer-a-j-a. 
Zerau, Ze-re. 
Zeretl, Ze red. 
Zereda, Z^r-r-dfi. 
Zeredah, Zer-e-dq. 
Zeredathah, Ze-red-a-tq. 
Zererath, Zer-e-rat. 
Zere.-h, Ze-re j". 
Z«reth. Ze-ret. 
Zeri, Ze-rj. 
Zeror, Ze-ror. 
Zeruah, Ze-n6-a. 
Zerubbabel, Zs-rub-a-bel. 
Zeruiah, Zer-yq,-i-a. 
Zerviah, Zer-vj-a. 
Zetham, Zg-tain. 
Zethan, Ze-tan. 
Zethar, Ze-tar. 
Zia, Zj-a. 
Ziba, Zj-ba. 
Zibeon, Zib-e-on. 
Zichrj, Zik-rj. 
Ziddim, Zid-im. 

Zidkijah, Zid-ki-ja. 
Zid tn, Zj-don, or 
■ Sidon, Sj-don. 
Zidonians, Zi-do-ni-anz. 
Zif, Zif. 
Ziha, Zj-ha. 
Ziklag, Zik-lag. 
Zillah, Zil-a. 
Zilpah, Zil-pa. 
Zilthai, Zil-ta. 
Ziinraah, Zim-a. 
Zimrain, Zira-rarn, OT 
Ziinran. Ziin-raa. 
Ziinri, Ziin-rj. 
Zin, Zin. 
Zina, Zi-na. 
Zion, Zj-on, rrr 
Sion, Sj-on. 
Zior, Zi-or. 
Ziph, Zif. 
Ziphah, Zi-fa. 
Ziphion, Zif-i-on. 
Ziphites, Zif-jts. 
Ziphron, Zj-fron. 
Zippor, Zip-or. 
Zipporah. Zi-p6-ra. 
Zithri, Zit-rj. 

Ziz, Ziz. 
Ziza, Zi-za. 
Zizah, Z]-za. 
Zoan, Za-an. 
Zoar, ZQ-ar. 
Zoba, Z6-ba, or 
Zobah, Z6-ba. 
Zobebah, Zo-be-ba. 
Zohar, Zci-har. 
Zoheleth, Zu-he-let. 
Zonaras, Z6n-a-ra3. 
Zopeth, Ztb-pot. 





gorathite'j, Z^-rat-jts. 
Zoreah, Xo-rf-ci. 
Zorites, Z(f>-rjts. 
Zorobabol, Zo-rob-a-bel. 
Zuar, Zi\-ar. 
Zuph, Zuf. 
Zur, Zur. 
Zuriel, Zi\-ri-el. 
Zuzims Zi^-ziinz. 


The United States. 


States and Terri- 


New Hampshire, • • • 



Rhode Ishmd, 


New York, 

New Jersey, 




Dist. of Columbia, • 


North Carolina, 

South Carolina, •• • 


















Kansas Territory, •• 
Nebraska Territory, 
Mi n nesota Terr i tory , 
N. Mexico Territory, 
Utah Terri tory, • • • • 
Oregon Territory, • • 
Washington Ter.,-- 



i Concord, 


I Boston, 

INewport <fe Prov'e,' 
j Hartford & N. H'n, 




'Dover, • 


Washington Cit}', • 








Baton Rouge, 


Little Rock, 







Jeffer<on*City,«' •• 

Iowa City, 




Omaha City, 

St. Paul, 

Santa Fe, 

Salt Lake City, • • • 




Population in 1850. 

Whites. Fr.Col. Slaves. Totel 



































































19,553,068 434,495 3,204,313,23,191,876 

The MEETrxa of the Legislatures. — California, Mississippi, Ohio and 
Wisconsin, I M. Jan., — Indiana, January, — Illinois and Virginia, 2 M. Jan., — 
Louisiana, 3 M. Jan..— New-York and Pennsylvania. 1 Tq. Jan.. — New-Jersey, 
2 Tu. Jan., — Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts and Michigan, 1 W. Jan., — Con- 
necticut, 1 W. May,— Rhode Island, May & Oct., — Delaware, 1 Tu. Juno.— New- 
Hampshire, I W. June, — Tennessee, 1 M. Oct..— Vermont, 2 Th. Oct.,— Arkan- 
sas, Florida and Georgia, 1 M. Nov., — Alabama, 2 M. Nov., — N. Cmilina. 3 M. 
Nov.,— South Carolina, 4 M. Nov.,— Iowa and Kentucky, 1 M. Dec.,— Texas, 
December, Mitsouri, Last M. Deo. 

Presidents of the United States. 



Year. Presidents and Vice-Presidents. Vote Opposition. rote Set 



18 45 

George Washinj^ton, Vwfiaia 
J((hn Aduras, Massachi setts, 
George Washington, Virginia 
John Adaua^, Massachusetts. 
John Adams, Massachusetts. 
Thomas Jefferson, Virginia. 
Thomas Jefferson, Virginia. 
Aaron Burr, Xew-Ynrk. 
Thomas Jefferson, Virginia. 
George Clinton, J^ew- i^ork. 
James Madison. Virqinia. 
Geo, Clinton, New- York. 
James Madison, Virginia. 
Elbridge Gerry, Massachusetts. 
James Monroe, Virginia. 
D. D. Tompkins. New-Yi/rk. 
James Monroe, Virginia. 
D. D. Tompkins, New-York. 
J. Q. Adains, Massachusetts. 
John Calhoun, H. Carolina. 
Andrew Jackson, Tennessee. 
J. C. Calhoun, S. Carolina. 
Andrew Jackson, Tenn€S8''e. 
Martin Van Buren, New- York. 
Martin Van Buren, New- York. 
R. M. Johnston, Kentucky. 
William H. Harrison, Ohio. 
John Tyler. Virginia. 
James K. l^lk, Tennessee. 
Geo. M. Dallas. Pennsylvania. 
Zachary Taylor, Louisiana. 
Millard Fillmore. New-York. 
Franklin Pierce, N-IIampshire. 
W, R. King, North Carolina. 
Jas. Bnchanan. Pennsi/lvania. 
J. C. Breckinridge, Kentucky. 

23 4 1 
254 1 
254 1 

Goo. Clinton, N- Y. 

John Adams, Mass. 

C. C. Pinkney, • 

C. C. Pinkney, 

Rufus King, Mains. 

G. C. Pinkney. 

Rufus King, Maine. 
Dewitt Clinton, NY. 
.Tared IngersoU, Pa. 
Rufus King, Maine. 

J. Q. Adams, 3fass. 

Andrew Jackson, Tenn. 

J. Q. Adams, Mass. 
R. Rush. Pa. 
Henry Clay, Ky. 
John Sergeant, Pa. 
William H. Harrison, OJiio. 
Francis Granger, N- Y. 
Martin Van Buren, NY. 
R. M. Johnston, Ky. 
Henry Clay, Ky. 
J. Frielinghuyzen, N-Y. 
Lewis Cass, Mich. 
W. O. Butler, Ky. 
Winfield Scott, Md. 
W. A. Graham, Pa. 
J. C. Fremont. Cal. 
W. L. Dayton, N-J. 










Stated, Gen. Election. V. States, Oen, Election. V. 


New Hampshire, 


Massachusetta, •• 
Rhode Island, • • 
Connecfieut,. •• • 

New Vork, 

New Jersey,- •• • 
Pennsylvania, • • 




Norrh Carolina,' 
Soath Carolina, ' 


Fluridu,** • 


ren. Election. 


M, Sopt. 


Tu, Maroh. 


Tu. S'jpt. 

M. N :.V. 


W. April. 


•M. Anril. 


Tu, Nov. 


Tu. Nov. 


Tu. Oct. 


Tu. Nov. 


W. Nov. 


Th. April. 


Th. Aug. 


M. Oct. 


M, Oct. 


M. Oct. 


Alabama, • 
Texas, ■••• 
Arkansas, • 


Michigan, • 
Indiana, •• 
Illinois,- •• 





I M, Aug. 
1 M. & Tu. N 
1 M. Nov. 
1 M. Aug. 
1 M. Aug. 
1 Th. Aug. 

1 M. Aug. 

2 Tu. Oct. 

1 Tu. Nov. 

2 Tu. Oct. 
I Tu. Nov. 
1 M. Aug. 
1 M.Aug. 
1 Th. Nov. 
1 Th. Sept. 



















Alleghany, J 


Antioch College, 

Augusta, J 


Baton Rouge, 


Bethany College, 


Brown University,* 


Centenary, J 



College of New Jersey, • • •"• • • 



Cumberland University, •• •• 




Dickinson, t 

East Tennessee, 

Emory, J 

Emory and Henry, J 






Genesee College, 




Green Mount College, 


Hampden Sidney, 

Hanover College, 

Harvard University, 

Hobart Free College,! 

Holy Cross,§ 



Indiana Asbury University,* 
Indiana State University,"' 





Meadville, Pa. 

Amherst, Mass. 

Yellow Springs," Ohio. 

Augusta, Ky. 

Harrodsburg, Ky. 

Baton Rouge, L;i. 

Beloit, Rock Co.," -Wis. 

Bethany, Va. 

Brunswick, Mc. 

Providence, R. I. 

Burlington, N. J. 

Jackson, La. 

Danville, Ky. 

Charleston, -S. C. 

Princeton, N. J. 

Xew-York, N. Y. 

Washington, D. C. 

Lebanon, Tenn. 

Hanover, N. H. 

Mecklenburg co.,"N. C. 

Xewark, Del. 

Carlisle, Pa. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

Oxford, Ga. 

Emory, Va. 

Fayette, la. 

Athens, Ga. 

OpeloHsas, La. 

Xear Nashville," -Tenn. 

New Athens, Ohio. 

Genesee, N, Y. 

Georgetown, D. C. 

Georgetown, Ky. 

Granville, Ohio. 

Richmond, la. 

Clinton. N. Y. 

Prince Edwardco., " Va. 

Hanover, la. 

Cambridge, Mass. 

Geneva, N. Y. 

Worcester, Mass. 

Marion, Ala. 

Jacksonville, III. 

Grcencastle, la. 

Bloomington. la, 

Columbia, Tenn 

Canonsburg, Pa. 
































































































Colleges and Professional Schools. 






Lafayette," •• 

La Grange, J- 

Madison Uiiiv 




McKendree, J 

Mercer University,* 

Miami University, 


Mississippi College, 

Missouri U'niversiiy, 

Mount St. Mary's.^ 

Norwich Universi ly, 


Oberlin College, 


Ohio University, 

Ohio Wesleyan University,^ 


Randolph Macon, + 






South Carolina, 

Spring Hill,§ 

St, Charles,§ 

St. Charles, J 

St. James'Sjt 

St. John's,^ 

St. John's, 

St. Joseph 's,§ 

St. Mary's.g 

St. Phillip's,§ 

St. Vincent's, • 

St. Xavier,^ 



Tufts College, 




University at Lewisburg,*- • 

University of Alabama,-- •• 
** Louisiana, • - • 

" Michigan, • •• 

" Mississippi, -• 

* Nashville, • •• 

* New York, -. 
•* N.Carolina,- - 

• • Pennsylvania, 

* Rochester,*-. 
« St. Loui^8 - - 
** Vermont, • • • • 



Gambier, Ohio. 

Gulesbarg, III. 

Easton, Pa. 

J^a Grange, Ala. 

Hamilton, N. Y. 

Marietta, Ohio. 

Mercersburg, Pa. 

Marion co., Mo. 

Lebanon, 111. 

Penficld, Ga. 

Oxford, Ohio. 

Middiebury, Vt. 

Clinton, Miss. 

Columbia, Mo. 

Emmetsburg, Md, 

Norwich, Vt. 

Claiborne co., Miss. 

Oberlm, Ohio. 

Milledgevillc, Ga. 

Athens, Ohio. 

Delaware, Ohio. 

Gettysburg, Pa. 

Mecklenburg co.,---Va. 

Taylor Co., Va. 

Richmond, Ya. 

New Brunswick,- • -N. J. 

Shelbyville, Ky. 

Upper Alton, 111. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Spring Hill, Ala. 

Grand Cotcau, La. 

St. Charles, Mo. 

Washington co., •••-Md. 

Fordham, N. Y. 

Annapolis, Md. 

BardsU'Wu, Ky. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Near Detroit, Mich. 

Cape Girardeau, • • • - Mo. 

Ciricinnati, Ohio. 

Lexington, Ky. 

Hartford, Conn. 

Somerville, Mass. 

Near Greenville,- -Tenn. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

.Miirfrci.-sbi)ro' • • • • 'renn. 

Lewi.«burg, •*• Pa. 

Tu.scaioosa, Ala. 

New Orleans, La 

Ann Arbor, Mich, 

Oxford, Miss. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

New-York, N. Y. 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rochester, N. Y. 

St. Iioai.«, Mo. 




, Stn- 




















































































































Vols, in 


Colleges and Professional Schools. 


University of Virginia, 

Urbanna Universiiy, 

Virginia Military Institute 


Wake Forest,* 

Washi ngton, 





Wesleyan Female, 

Western Military Institute,- 

Western Reserve, 

Wesleyan University,^ 

William and Mary,t 


Wisconsin University, 




Charlottesville, Va 

Urbanna, Ohio 

Lexington, Va, 

Criiwi'ordsville, la 

Wake Forest, •• •••N. C 

Washington, Pa, 

Chestertown, Md, 

Lexington, Va, 

Washington co.,--Tenn, 

Waterville, Me, 

Macon, Ga. 

Drennon Springs, --Ky, 

Hudson. Ohio. 

Middle-town, Conn, 

Williamsburg, Va, 

Williamstown, Mass 

Madison, Wis. 

Springfield, Ohio. 

New Haven, Coun, 










































Tols. !n 









E^7~ The Colleges marked thus (*) are subject to the control of the Itap~ 
i$ts; thus (t) Hjiiscopaliaru ; thus (^) MethodiUi; thus (§) Catholia. 



Phonography has been defined as a philosophical method 
of writing the English language, with an alphabet composed 
of the simplest geometrical signs, which accurately represent 
the sounds of spoken words. It may be written six times as 
fast as the ordinary longhand, and is equally legible. Aside 
from the scientific propriety of the system, as made manifest 
in the Introduction which follows, the following practical 
advantages are worthy of consideration: 

1. To professors of scientific and literary institutions — to 
gentlemen of the bench or the bar — to legislators in the halls 
of representation — to ministers of religion — to lecturers on 
the various arts and sciences — it presents the most invalu- 
able aid, in enabling them to arrange, condense, and fix their 
thoughts, facts, arguments and proofs, in the briefest period 
of time and the shortest possible space, presenting, in the 
condensed schedule of a small page, a full and complete syn- 
opsis of their most elaborate speeches, orations, or discourses. 

2. By its aid, the advocates in the courts of justice or the 
halls of trial, will be enabled to write, with ease and accu- 
racy, either the full depositions of important witnesses, or the 
facts, proofs, evidences, and arguments of legal opponents, 
and thus be in a position, not only to meet them with readi- 
ness and strength, but eventually to thoroughly overthrow 
and refute them. 

3. The student in the halls of science can transcribe with 
faithfulness, and preserve in the smallest compass, the valu- 
able lessons of professors, and thus preserve, for the medita- 
tion of his leisure hours, a connected wJiole, instead of broken, 
detached, and uncertain fragments, that often serve to con- 
fuse, bewilder, or perplex. 

4. Merchants, and clerks of mercantile houses, to whom 
tirm and space are really a desideratum, will find Phonography 
a D.ost invaluable aviJ(iliary; as the ease with which it can 



be learncJ and acquired, and the facility and readiness with 
which it can be written and read, will enable them to tran- 
scribe their accounts, to note their memoranda, to post up 
their bills, and even to conduct their correspondence, in less 
than one-fifth of the ordinary time, and in a considerable re- 
duction of the ordinary space; and as " time is Trvoney^ it 
presents to them indeed a most invaluable gain. 

5. To the author, editor, or general writer — to the orator, 
legislator, or minister — how invaluable must it be, when they 
reflect how many of their most brilliant thoughts and most 
glowing conceptions, how many of the most sparkling gems 
of their imaginations and the most radiant pearls of their 
thoughts, that in moments of genius and enthusiasm flash 
like electric sparks from the mind, are forever lost for the 
want of some Dagiierrean process, like the one we present, 
to catch and transfix them on the wing, recording them on 
the glowing page in all the freshness, vigor, and brilliancy of 
their first conception, as rapidly as they are presented to the 
mind! and for the lack of which, alas! like tiie dazzling flash 
of the evanescent meteor, they fade and expire as rapidly as 
they are kindled, and leave but the indistinct memory of their 
trace behind. 

6. A practical acquaintance with this art is highly favor- 
able to the improvement of the mind, invigorating all its fac- 
ulties, and drawing forth all its resources. The close atten- 
tion requisite in following the voice of the speaker (in report- 
ing) induces habits of patience, perseverance and watchful- 
ness, which will gradually extend, till they form habits that 
will be found useful through life. The close attention to the 
words and thoughts of the speaker which is necessary in 
writing them down, will naturally have a tendency to endue 
the mind with quickness of apprehension and distinctness of 
perception, whereby the judgment will be strengthened and 
the taste refined. 

7. The memory is also improved by the practice of Pho- 
nography. The necessity for the writer to retain in his 


mind the last sentence of the speaker, while he is attending 
at the same time to what follows, and also to penning down 
his words, must be highly beneficial to that faculty, which is 
more than any other improved by exercise. It draws out 
and improves all the faculties of the mind. 

"Phonography," says Messrs. Fowlers &, Wells, "we re- 
gard as one of the most important inventions of the age, and 
one which should be open to every person desirous of being 
considered educated. As a system of reporting, general cor- 
respondence, and memoranda, it is unparalleled in usefulness. 
In chirography, it is what the telegraphs are in agencies for 
transmitting thought. We employ three reporters, one in 
our office and two who travel with lecturers from our house. 
In ten minutes we can dictate an article for publication which 
we could not compose and write in two hours; besides it con- 
tains more spirit and freshness than if labored through at the 
slow pace of ordinary composition. Every scholar should by 
all means learn it." 

Professor Hart, Principal of the Philadelphia High School, 
says: " Phonography has been introduced into this institu- 
tion two years and a half, and has been learned by about 
four hundred. Two hundred are studying it now. It is one 
of the regular branches of the course, being attended to three 
times a week during the whole of the first year. Had I not 
supposed it to be of much practical value, I should not have 
urged its introduction, a measure which I have seen no occa- 
sion to regret. Such of our students as have made Phono- 
graphic Reporting a profession, have got along in life faster, 
by all odds, than those in any other kind of business, and 
that without the possession of any special brilliancy of tal- 
ents. Some of them, not yet turned twenty, are now mak- 
ing more money by Phonographic Reporting than the Princi- 
pal of the High School, after having given himself for more 
than twenty years to his profession." 

Said the Hon. Thomas Benton: " Had this art been known 
forty years ago, it would have saved me twenty years of 
hard labor." 

♦* It is my humble opinion that it will eventually supersede 
the present system of writing, as the steam carriage train 
supersedes the old eight inch wheeled wagon." — Jiev. Dunbar. 

Such are the tendencies of the art this book is designed to 


it *• * < t i 1 

.A^T^IEZFLJC. GjOl.!^ 




i®NGLSY BIOTHERS, f uMiskn, 

No. 160 Vine Street, Cinciiinati, 0. 

Tev years' experience in the Phonographic art, as Teacher and Re- 
porter, and for nearly the same period occupied, more or less, in preparing 
books for the press, give the author of the Amkrican Manual of 
Phoxoqrapht the fullest assurance in presenting this work to the 
public. Since its first publication, it has undergone careful revision, and 
now appears in an entirely new dress, in every way adupted to the wants 
of the teacher and private learner. It differs from any other work pub- 
lished, in the following particulars: 

1. The explanatory matter is in large, clear type. 

2. The Phonographic Exercises are engraved in a bold, distinct style, 
that they may be as easily read by candlelight as daylight. 

3. The Reading and Writing Exercises are introduced just where the 
text requires them, whether it be on the same page or the opposite one, 

4. The Exercises to be written are printed in phonetic spelling, which, 
being fully explained, enables the learner to analyze accurately, and 
vocalize his writing correctly — two essentials to rapid progress and the 
attainment of a good style. 

5. Each lesson is closed with a review in the form of questions, which, 
as in all other text books on science, proves of great service to both learner 
and teacher. 

6. It contains more extensive lists of Contracted "Words, and more 
Phraseography than any other work. 

7. Beside the above characteristic features, the American Manual 
possesses all the late improvements in Phonography, including the adapta- 
tion of the art to the writing of foreign languages. 

8. The American Manual is one-fourth larger than works of the kind 
usually are, more space being devoted to an exposition of the philosophy 
of the system, f«r the purpose of satisfying the student in regard to the 
necessity of the various contractions, etc. It is printed on the very best 
of pnpor, and is substantially and elegantly bound. 

PBIOES:— Single copies, in paper covers, 40 cts.; postage 4 ct«. 

" in boards, 45 cts.; " 8 cts. 

" in cloth, 50 cts.; "- Sets. 

" in black sheep, 75 cts,; " Sets. 

Three to 10 copies at one-lourth less; 12 to 20 at one-third less-. 

V^ptpfyyyyyyyfPfPffy f Ppy fK ^f V T u yf^ H T ^ ^tifftfPftw u i' 

Published and Sold by Lon^ley Brothers, Cincinnati, Ot 

THE SPELLING REFORM— Instituted to make universal education possi- 
ble, by rendering the arts of Reading and Writing pleasant and easy to acquire. 
Phonotypy is a rational system of spelling words aa they are pronounced, 
by employing an enlarged alphabet containing a separate letter for each sound, 
by which means the drudgery of learning to spell is entirely dispensed with, 
and learning to read is accomplished in one-fourth of the time required in tho 
old way. Phon'OGRAphy is a truly philosophical method of writing the 
English Language, by an alphabet composed of the simplest geometrical signs, 
which accurately represent the sounds of spoken words. It may be written 
six times as fast as ordinary longhand, and is equally legible, and such is the 
simplicity of the art that its priiiciples may be easily mastered even without tho 
aid of a teacher. 

The first price is that charged at the counter: the second includes the 
prepayment of postage; a Uhaal reduction hy tJie quantity. 

Phonotypic Works. 

Chart of the Phonotypic Alphabet, on a sheet 28 

by 42 inches, with a Key, 25—25 

The same, 36 by 50, with explanatory matter, and remarks on the 

acquisition of Good Reading, 60 — 54 

Tho same, on canvas and roller, 1,50 

Phonetic Primer, each letter illustrated with a 

letter suggestive of its sound, 5— 6 

First Phonetic Reader, containing simple and in- 
teresting reading lessons, 1(^14 

Second Phonetic Eeader, containing lessons 

of a more advanced grade. 20 — 25 

The Transition Reader, or a Course of Inductive 

Romanic Reading Lessons. For the use of Phonetic Readers in 
learning to read Romanically, 20 —26 

Biographies of the Presidents, with their Portraits. 

In paper covers, 30 — 35 ; in cloth, gilt lettering, 40 — 43 

New Testament, 12mo. edition, according to the 

authorized version. In cloth, 75—90: dark sheep, 85—1,00; morocco, 

gilt, $1,25-1,40 

Money-Getting and Money-Spending; a Prize Es- 
say of twenty-four chapters; a serious and reformatory work. In 
pjiper, 25—30; cloth, 40—46 

Phonetic Dictionary of the English Language; 

a complete work of 800 octavo page=i, embracing also lists of Classi- 
cal, Geographical and Scriptural Names. ^ ^ $3,50—4,00 

Pronouncing Medical Lexicon, the definitions in 

the "ommon spoiling. An invaluable companion to Medical Students, 
readers of physiological and hygienic works. Cloth, 75—85; sheep, 85 — 1,00 

Phonetic Almanac, and Register of the Spelling 

and Writing Reform, together with a list of tho American Phonetic 
Society, for the yean 1852, 1853, 1854, 1855 and 1856. 10 


Phonetic Longhand Writer; exhibiting various 

styles of Penmanship, 10 — 11 

Longhand Alphabet, in slips, to be used as a key 

by enclosing in letters written in phonetic longhand. Per dozen, 6 — 7 

School Credit Tickets. — A handsome and useful 

form of Credit Tickets, in Phonetic dress. The Ticket is adapted for 
Primary and District Schools. Per hundred, 40 

Type of the Times; a journal of the Writing and 

Spelling Reform. Printed in the new orthography. Somi-monthly. 

Per year, in advance, $1,00 

The Youth's Friend; an elegant monthly paper, 

devoted to the improvement of the young. Embellished with Por- 
traits and Historical Illustrations, partly in the phonetic orthography. 
bO cents a year j three copies, $1,00 ; ten copies, $3,00 j twenty copies, $5,00 

Phonographic Works* 

First Lesson in Phonography ; Containing the Al- 
phabet and a simple reading lesson. Useful for lecturers to distribute 
in an audience, &c. 1 ct. Per hundred, 50 — 60 

American Manual of Phonography ; being a com- 
plete exposition of Phonetic Shorthand, especially arranged so as to 
give the fullest instruction to those who have not the assistance of the 
oral teacher. In paper, 40 — i2 ; cloth, 50 — 58 

^^ This instruction look isjnst jmUislied, and differs from, any other 
work of the kind in this important particular: It tJiorouqhly 'Kcplains 
the P%o7U)typic or new printing alphabet, and its exermes for writ- 
ing are printed phc/netically, which enables the pupil to progress more 
correctly and rapidly than if printed in the ordinary ortJiography. 


Manual of Phonography, 50 — 57, extra cloth, 60 — 67 
Phonographic Reader, engraved exercises, 25 

Cruise of the Tomtit; Second Eeader, ditto, 25 

Manners Book, corresponding style, do. 75 — 81 

Teacher, a Treatise on Lecturing and ' Teaching 

Phonography, 1,00—1,07 

Copy Slips, a series of Phonographic exercises, 10 — 11 
Phonographer's Song, richly illustrated, 25 — 27 

Phon. Mag., for 1854, '55, '56, per vol, _ 1,25—1,36 
Phonographic Chart, in colors, ' 75 — 1,00 

Reporter's Companion ; the adaptation of Phon. 

to verbatim reporting, 75 — 81, cloth, _ 1,00 — 1,07 
History of Shorthand, reporting style, 75 — 81 

Manners Book, in easy reporting, 75 — 81 

Phon. Reporter for 1854, '55, '56, per vol, 1,25—1,36