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Full text of "The pronunciation of 10,000 proper names; giving famous geographical and biographical names, names of books, works of art, characters in fiction, foreign titles, etc"

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'J<r^ J 






















CoPTBiaBT, 1922» 


mBTPMSD tS TBM 17. 8* A* 

Co the flcmer^r 





This little book was first compiled in the hope of sup- 
plsring some useful assistance to the reading public. 
The modest place which it has kept for more than 
twenty years seems to show that it has not been with- 
out its value. 

It was not intended for scholars nor for linguists, 
who do not need it. It was planned to help the large 
number of readers who often wander far afield in the 
world of books, and who know but little of any language 
than their own. For them the signs and directions 
have been made as simple as possible, and it is hoped 
that they will be found dear. 

The original edition contained considerably more 
than the 10,000 words claimed for it, and for this new 
edition about 1500 words have been added, and the 
whole work has been carefully revised. The new 
words are for the most part names of persons, places, 
characters in literature, etc., which have come into 
prominence since the publication of the first edition. 
It may safely be claimed that no other single work 
contains them all 

Ths Authobs 






in f ftte, ftte. 

« fat, at. 

' f&ther, mftminft. 

* fftre, cAre. 
^ soda, ask. 

* mftte, w6. 

* mftt, bftd. 

"" hftr, father. 

"* fQe, ate. 

" fffl,8lt. 

as in n5te, Open. 
6 « n6t, b6x. 

6r, f6r. 


fool, sooth. 
d6 as in Id&k, bd6k. 
Q ^ Qse, attenaated. 
ii "^ fis, flOsh. 
ft « Fr. BUT, Ger. ttber. 


•• ♦rf^rvl a^^' 

adj. for 
Am. "" 
Arab. '^ 













Hind. '^ 

Hung. '^ 

I. « 

Ice. « 




Bible, Biblical. 





English, En^^and. 










Lat for 
loc. « 


Russ. '^ 
So. « 
Shak. "^ 
Sp. « 
Sw. « 
St ^ 
Turk. « 

























ch is prouounoed as in choose. 

Qi '^ " 5c toch, (?6r. ailL 

g is always hard in the pronunciation, as in get 

h '^ an aspirated sound. 

«h is stron^^y aspirated, as in «hither| <honid« 

ng is pronounced as in ring. 

& ** 


" Fr. boA-boft. 

oi « 


« OIL 

ow ^ 


* now. 

sh « 


^ show. 

th « 


« thin. 

fh « 


"" fidflier. 

y ^ 


^ a consonant, as in you. 

zh « 


' s in treasure. 


a rapid pronunciation or running together of 

two syllables 

: as MercieTi mftrs-^-ft', almost mirs-yft. 

' indicates the principal accent. 

// a 


secondary, or weaker accent. 


In all cases foreign sounds should be learned from a 
native, if possible. In many cases they can be indicated 
only approximately by English sounds. Some have no 
equivalent in English. 


1. e and eu are both sounded peculiarly in French. 
They have been indicated in most cases by S as in hSr. 
It should be remembered that this ianolthe exad sound. 



2. e at the end of a French word, and sometimes be- 
tween two syllables, is pronounced very lightly. At the 
end of a word this has been indicated by the syllable ]ru, 
with the tie-. Example, AllemagnCy U-mUn'-jrft. This 
slight sound is lost in rapid speech, but should be indi- 
cated, rather than pronounced, when the word is spoken 

3. tt is pronounced like the German ii. These sounds 
are not heard in English, but are between ii in fltlte, and 
wee in sweet. They are indicated by ii. 

4. n in French has no equivalent in English. It is 
like a smothered ng, and is sometimes so indicated in 
dictionaries. But it is a worse fault to give it the full 
ng sotmd than to keep it a simple English n. It is in- 
dicated by &. 

5. r is roUed in the throat in a way difficult for an 
English-speaking person to acquire. 


1. ch is a strongly aspirated sound, and has no equi- 
valent in English. If it is impossible to acquire this 
sound, it is perhaps best to use hard c or k instead. It 
is indicated by £h. Ex. Berchem, bSr'-ihSm, — bir'- 

2. g at the end of a word has nearly the same sound 
as ch, and has been indicated in the same way. In this 
case, however, one who cannot pronounce ih, should use 
hard g. Ex. Altenburg, Ml'-tin-booreh, — Sl'-tin- 

3. 5 is different from any English sound, and re- 
sembles eu in French. It has been indicated by 8 as in 
hSr, but this is no^ ^ exact sound. 

4. fl has no equivalent in English, but is like u in 



French and in Dutch. It is a sound between fl in 
flute, and wee in sweet, and is indicated by iL 


1. Spanish vowels are all pronounced, though some- 
times syllables are run together rapidly. Ex. Caimaneray 
U-S-mS-nA-rS. But the first two syllables are so rapidly 
spoken that they have the effect of kiy and the pronun- 
ciation is so given in some dictionaries. But here it has 
seemed best to keep the value of the vowels in most 
cases, according to Spanish rules. Sometimes this prac- 
tice has appeared misleading; accordingly, Aranjuez, 
S-rHng-ihdo-Sth^ has been given 8-rHng-hwSth\ as less 
likely to be confusing. 

2. b and v are often interchangeable, and have a 
sotmd between b and v, but as this is difficult for a 
foreigner, it has been given as a simple by and may be 
pronounced b or v according to the letter employed in 
the Spanish word. It is b pronounced without closing 
the lips. 

3. d is often softened or almost lost in Spanish, and 
in most dictionaries has been given as fh. But it has 
seemed better to indicate it here as a simple d. 

4. j and x are interchangeable in Spanish, and have 
an aspirated sotmd much like the German £h. If this 
is not to be acquired, it is better to use an aspirated <h 
as in «hifhery and the sound is indicated by both 6h 
and «h. 

5. r is rolled with the tip of the tongue. 


1 . Double consonants in Italian are both pronounced^ 
as the d's in sand dune. Ex. librettOy l^brftt'-tft. 

2. Before t the letter n is distinctly pronounced, the 
effect being of a pause between n and t. 



Aacben &'-tiiSn. 

Aare fir'-tt. 

Aanm Sr'-tin, &r'-fin, fi'-rfiiL 

Ab &b. 

Abaco a'-ba-kO. 

Abaddon &-bSd'-tin, &-bSd'-5n. 

Abana &b'-a-na. 

AbassideSy see Abbassides SrhSs'-ldz, Sh'-irAdz. 

Abate, see Abbate . . . arba'-t6. 

Abbas §.b'-bas. 

Abbassides, see Abassides SrhSs'Adz, ftb^-a-dds. 

Abbate, see Abate . . . &-b&'-t6. 

Abbaye a-ba^ 

Abbeokuta, see Abeokuta &b-6'^-5-koo^-ta. 

Abbeville Sb-vsr. 

Abbotsford &b'-dt8-ftlrd. 

Abdallah, see Abdullah . &bd-al'-ah. 

Abd-el-aziz, see Abdul-Aziz abd''-S^a-zez^ 

Abd-el-Eader, or Kadir . &bd-ei-k&'-dgr. 

Abd-el-Wahab .... ^bd'-el-wSrhEb'. 

Abd-er-Rahman . . . &bd-er-rS,'-m&n. 

Abdiel &b'-dl-el. 

Abdul-Aziz, see Abd-el-aziz abd'*ool-&-zez^. 

Abdul-Kerim &b-dool-k5-r6m'. 

Abdullah, see Abdallah . abd-oor-S.. 

Abdul-Medjid, or Mejid . &bd'-ool-m6-j6d\ 





ABecket a-bSk'-et. 

Abedaego &-b6d'-n6-g5. 

Abel a'-bel. JVor. &'-b61. 

Abelard. Ft. Ab61ard . Sb'-6-lard. Ft. SrbSrl&r'. 

Abelian &-ber-l(-&n. 


Abenceriages . . . . Sp. &*'-b6n-tha-r&'-6h88. 

Abeokuta, see Abbeokuta &b-S''-5-koo'-ta. 

Abeicrombie .... Sb'-§r-krilm-bL 

Aberdeen Sb-€r-den^ 

Abergayenny .... Sb-gr-ga'-nl, &b'-§r-garv&iK. 

Abemethy &b'-€r-neth-I, Sb'-§r-n&-thl. 

Abia, or Abiah .... a-bl'-a. 

Abiatfiar a-bl'^thar. 

Abib fi'-blb. 

Abiezar, or Abiezer . . 2l'bl-e'-z3r. 

Abigail Ab'-I-gSl. 

Abihu a-bl'-ha. 

Abijah arbr-j&. 

Abda, see Abyla . . . Sb'-I-la. 

Abimelech a-blm'-^lek. 

Abo &'-bO. Sw. 6'-b5. 

Abomey Sb-O'-ml, Srb5-Inft^ 

Abonita ...... &-b&-iie'-t&. 

Abookeer, see Aboukir, 

Abukir &-bdo-ker'. 

Aboa-ben-Adhem . . . a'-boo-b6n-&'-d6m. 
Aboukiri see Abookeer, 

Abukir a-boo-kSr'. _ 

About, Edmond .... Sd-mdAd' &-boo^ 

Abra &b'-ra. 

AbrantSs, (Due) d* . . diirbran'-t6s. 

Abruzzi &-brd6tz'-flS. 

Abruzzo §rbrd6t'-B5. 

Absalom ftb^Hsarltlm. 

Abt &pt._ 

Abu-Bekr &'*boo-bek'-r. 


AbukiTi see Abookeer, 

AboiiUr Srboo-kSr'. 

Abu-l-Hassan .... &'-bool-h&8'-&n, hfi»-&n^ 

Abul-Kasim-Mansar . . ft'-bool-kHrsem' (or 

k&'-flSm) man-aoor'. 

Abydos &-br-d6s, &-brdte. 

Abyla, see AbOa . . . &b'-I-l&. 

Abysdnia &b-I-dn'-I-a. 

Acadioiie Frmngai8e» V . Iark2rd&-me' fr&fi-8Bz^ 

Accademia deUe Belle Arti &k-kSrdft'-me-& dSl'-Ifi 

bsr-lg ar'-tS. 

Academus &k-a-dS'-mOs. 

Acadia a-kfi'-dl-a. 

Acadie ....... &-kardS[. 

Acapalco Srka-poor-kO. 

Acbar, see Akbsr . . • &k'-b§r. Hind. tkk'-bBr. 

Accademia deUa Crusca . &k-k2rd&'-4n6-a dfil'-la 


Acdajoli, or &-chSryOMS. 

Acdajuoli &-chdryoo-0'-te. 

Acconunboni &k-kO'-r&m-b5'-nS. 

Aceldama ars^'dfi-ma. 

Acemetaei Acemeti, see 

Acoemitae firefim'-e-tS, 8r(9^m'-&-tI. 

Acemetic Ss-S-mfit'-lk. 

Achaea, see Achaia . . &-kS'-ya, &-ke'-ya. 

Achaeaiii see Achean . . fi-ke'-an, &-kS'-an. 

Achaia, see Achaea . . a-kfi'-yi, &-kfi'-ya. 

Achaian, see Achean . . &-ka'-yan, &-kfi'-yan. 

Achan &'-k&n. 

Achates &-kfi'-tSz. 

Achean, see Achaean . . firkS'-an, &-k&-an. 

AcheloSs, or Acheloas . fik-^l5'-58, &k-&-10'-iis. 

Acheron &k'-6-r5n. 

Achillean &k-il-e'-an. 

Achilles ft-kfl'-Sz. 

d, see Ahithopbel &-kIt'-5-f61. 


Acfamety see Ahmed . • Uh'-m6t. 

Achray (Loch) .... &k'-r&. 

Ads fi'-ds. 

Ackbar, see Akbar . . . Sk'-h&t. Hind. tkk'-bSr. 

Acoemitae, see Acemetae &h&-ml^-t6, or 8H98in'-I-t6. 

Adabazar Srd&^bHrz&r'. 

Adelina ...... ftd^U'-na. 

Adeline ftd'-g-Un. Fr. Sd-lSn'. 

AdisAbeba §.'-dIs &-ba'-bft. 

Adlai &d'-ll. 

Aegades (Is.) .... e-^'-dSz. 

Aguada argwSd'-thi. 

Aguilar §rg5-Iar'. 

Aguinaldo §rg5-n§ld'-th5. 

Agttlhas (Cape) .... &-gool'-yS8. 

Acre a'-k§r, &'-k§r. 

Acropolis &-kr0p'-6-lIs. 

Actaeon &k-t6'-6n. 

Actian &k'HahI-an. 

Actium Sk'-sU-iim, ftk^-tS-flm. 

Acufka §rkoon'-ya. 

Adalbert &d'-fil-b&t. 

Adam (Mme.) .... Srdaii\ 

Adamawa &-dSrm6W&. 

Adamic &-d&m'-Ik. 

AdamowsU ardarmSf-aldL 

Adar fi'-d&r. 

Ade (Geo.) fid. 

Adela fid'-e-la. 

Adelaide fid'^lad. 

Adelaide (Princess) . . Fr. firda-UrM'. 

Adelaide (Beethoven) . . Ger. firdfirlSrS'-dtl. 

Adelheid a'-d6l-hlt. 

Adelphi, or Adelphoe . . Srder-fi, &-dei'-f6. 

Aden &'-den, fi'-d6n. 

Adeona Sd-&-0'na. 

fid'-Ij^. It i'-d&-i8. 


Adjanta, Adjuntai see 

Ajuntah ft-jOn'-ta. 

Adjimtas fid-hoon'-tfis. 

Adlai &d'.ll, Sd'-lM. 

Adler fid'-16r. 

AdmetOB, or Admetns . &d-mS'-tOs, Sd-mS'-ttl& 

Adonai &d-&-nSM, §rd6-nl'. 

Adonais Sd-Q-nft'-Is. 

Adonic arddn'-Ik. 

Adonijah Sd-5-nI'-]a. 

Adoniiam &d-&-nI'-r&in. 

Adonis 8rd5'nls, firdO'-nb. 

Adoni-zedec a-d5'-nl-z6'-d6k. 

Adtaste ....:. Srdrast'. 

Adrian a'-drl-an. 

Adriana SKlrI-&'-na. 

Adrianople Srdil-ftn-5'pL 

Adriatic &Klri-&t'-Ik, Sd-iI-&t'-Ik. 

Adrienne LecouTreur . . drdrS-Sn' iS-koov-i^'. 

AduHam a-diil'-am. 

Aaaddes e-Ss'-I-dez. 

Aeactts S'-a-ldls. 

Ai^dian (Is.) .... e-gS'-cfl-an. 

Aegates e-gft'-te2. 

Aegean, see Bgean . . e-js'-an. 

Aegeria, see Bgeria . . e-jS'-iI-a. 

Aegina, see Aigina • • . 6-]I'-na. 

Aeginetan S-jI-nS'-tan. 

Aeginetic ^-jI-nM'-Ik* 

Aeg^ 6'-]!s. 

Aeneas, see Eneas . . . e-nS^as. 

Aeneid &-n§'-Id. 

Aeoliani see Aiolian . • &-5'-II-an. 

Aeolic, see Eolic . . • e-5r-Ik. 

Aeolis, see Eolis . . . §'-&-Ss. 

Aeolus e'-5-lfis. 

Aerschot ar^HskSt. 


Aeschines 6s'-Id-nSz. 

Aeschylean 6s-Id-le'-an. 

Aeschylus 6s'-U-liis. 

Aesculapius, see AsUepios 6s-kQ-lS'-pI-iis. 

Aesir a'-s3r, mo(2. S'-sBr. /ce. InsSr. 

Aesop, see Esop . . . e'-fi5p. 

Aethelbeifat, see EAelbert Sth'-el-b6rht. 

Aethelwulf , see Ethelwulf Sth'-el-wd6If. 

Aether §'-tbgr. 

AStion a-S'^hI-5n. 

Aetna, see Etna . . . 6t'-na. 

AetDlian &-t5'-II-an. 

Afer fi'-fSr. 

Afg^ian ftf'-g&n. 

Afghanistan af-g&Il4£ht&n^af•f^llrb-tall^ 

Afium-Kaia-EQssar . . a-fe-^om'-kSrr&'-hIs-6ar^ 

Africaine,L' lftf-r&-ken'. 

Africander, see Afrikander Sf '-il-k&n-d§r. 

Africanus ftf-rl-k&'-niis. 

Afridis §rfre'-dlz. 

Afrikander, see Africander &r-il-k&n-d6r. 

Agades, Agadez, see Agdas a'-gft-dSz. 

Agag &'-g4g. 

Agamemnon &g-ft-m6m'-n5n. 

Agaf&a Il-g&n'-y&. 

Agassiz &g'-Ss-d, &g'-Ss-e. Ft. 


Agdas, see Agades . . . ^Lg'-das. 

Agen a-zhSA'. 

Agenor &-]S'-ndr. 

AgSsUas Fr. Srzh&-s5-lfi8'. 

Agesilaos, or &-]6-d-l&'-58. 

Agesilaus &-]6-sI-l&'-iis. 

Ai^irim, see Atq^irim . . dg'-ilm. 

Agincourt, see Azincourt . &]'-In-kQrt. Fr. 


Aglaia Sg-l&'-y&. 


Agnolo an'-yO-lO. 

Agnus Dei ftg^-ntis de'-I. 

AgoncillOy Felipe . . . f&-lS'-pa §rgon-thel'-y5. 

Agonistes ftg-dn-Is'-tez. 

Agora &g'-5-ra. 

Agoult (Comtesse d') . . d&-goo'. 

Agra &'-gra. 

Agram a'-grdm. 

Agricola &-grlk'-0-la. 

Agrigentum ftg-ii-jSn'-ttiin. 

Agrippiiia &g-ii-pi'-na. 

Aguadilla argwa-dgl'-y&. 

Aguado drgwa'-d5. 

Aguadorea §rgw3rd5'-rS8. 

AguasBuenas .... ^'-gwas boo-a'-nas. 

Aguas CaUentea . . . a'-gwas ka-l&^n'-tSs. 

Ahab fi'-h&b. 

Aliasuerus &-h&z-Q-e'-riis. 

Ahaz fi'-h&2. 

Ahimelech &-bIm'-^iek. 

Aliitlioiihel,8eeAchitDphel &-hIth'-5-f61, fi-hlth'-o-fgl 

Ahmed, see Acfamet . . fih'*mSd. 

Ahmedabad SrmSd-a-bad'. 

Alunednuggur .... &-mSd-niig'-€r. 

Ahrimsn &'-iI-maii. 

iU[, see Ay &'-«, I. Bib. ^'A 

AibonitD, see Aybonito . a-e-b5-nS'-t5. 

iUlda a-e'-d&. 

Aldi Sr&<i&'. 

Aideon a'-d6n. 

Aidin I-den'. 

Aiguia, see Aegina . . • i'-^-ii&. 

AigloniL' la-gldti^ 

AigoiUe du Midi . . . & ge'=yii dtl m5 d^. 

AigutUon (Due) d' . . . d&-g&-ydn' 

Ai jalon, see Ajalon . . &]'-Xldn. 

Aintab In-tab^ 


AioUan, see AeoliAn . . Sp^'-II-an. 

Aire ftr. 

Aisha &'-6H3bft. 

Aisne 6n. 

Aiz island, fi. city, 8k8» fis. 

Aiz-la-Chapelle .... ekB-UirBh&-pSi^ 

Aiz-les-Bains .... Sks-lft-bfiA'. 

Ajaccio Sryft'-chO. 

Ajaloiii see Aijaion . . &]'-arl5n. 

Ajax fi'-jSks. 

Ajmere, or Ajmir • • • &]-mer'. 

Ajuntahi see Adjanta . . A-jOn'-ta. 

Akbar, or 

Akber, see Ekber . . . Sk'-h&t. Hind. (Ik'-bSr. 

AUba (Rabbi) .... arkg'-b&. 

Akimenko §rk&-men'-kO. 

Akra fik-rft'. 

Aksakofif 9 or AksakoT . . &k-s&'-k6f. 

Akyab &k-y&b'. 

Al Aaraaf , see Al Axaf . fil-fir'-fif . 

Alabama fil^rb&'-ma. 

Alabamian fil-a-b&'-ml-an. 

Alacoque SrlSrkSk'. 

Aladdin, or Ala-ed-Din . arl&d'-In, Srl&'-8d-d6n'. 

Alamanni, see Alemanni . fil-a mftnM. 

Alamannic, see Alemannic il-^mftn-Qc. 

Alameda &l&.mfi'-da. 

Alamo &'-liil-mO. 

Al Araf y see Ai Aaraaf . al fir'-Af . . 

Alarcon 7 Mendoza . . firl&r-kOn'g m6n-dO'-th&. 

Alaric fil'4ir-Ik. 

Alastor A-Us'-tdr. 

Alba (Duke of), see Aiva . fil'-ba. Sp. &l'-b&. 

AlbaLonga fil'-ba Idngf-ga. 

Alban, St fil'-b&n, 6r ban. 

Albani(Mme.) .... &l-b&'-nS. 

Albania &l-b&'-nl-a. 


ADmuio il-b&'-nO. 

Albai, or AUmy .... &l-b&'-g. 

Alberic Sl'-b6r-Ik. 

Albert (of Bdgfaim) . . Sl-b&r". 

Albert, D' dfil-b4r'. 

Albertinelli fil-b&r-t&-n5l'-l5. 

Albertini fil-b&r-te'-nS. 

Albert N3^a]iza .... «l'-b6rt ny&n'-za. 

AlbitseeAIby .... fil-be'. 

Albigeiises . . . . • fil-bl-jSn'-fiSz. 

Albion Sl'-bl-5n. 

Alboin Sl'-boin. 

Alboni (Mme.) .... fil-bo'-ne. 

Albiedit fil'-bi«6ht. 

Albrety Jeanne d' . . • zh&n d&l-brfi'. 

Albuera fil-boo-ft'-r&. 

AUmqtierqiiie Sl'-ba-kSric 

8p. &l-bpo-kftr'-kft. 

Alby»8eeAlbi .... fil-be'. 

Alcams Sl-sS'-Qs. 

AlcaU de Henares . . . fil-k&-la' dfi Sriia'-rfts. 

Alcamenes il-k&m'-^nSz. 

Alcantara al-k&n'-tarr&. 

Aldlzar al-kfi'-thar. 

Alceste Sl-efist'. 

Aldbiades Sl-d-bf-ardez. 

Aldnooa Slndn'-Q-tlB. 

Alcmaeon filk-mS'-5n. 

Alcmaeonidae .... 8Ik-inS-5n'-I-d§. 

Alcmene 8Ik-m8'-n&. 

Alcofan, see Alkoran . . Si'-kO-rin, Sl-k&-rin'. 

Akott, (Bronaon) . . . 6r-kiit. 

Alcuin Sl'-kwln. 

Alcyone, see Halcyone . fil-el'-O-nS. 

Aldebaran gl-dSb'-^ran, &kl6-b&-rftQ^ 

Aldemey dr-dSr-nl. 

Alderabot ..••«« dl-d§r-ehdt. 


Aldine Sl'-dln, fil'-din. 

Aldobrandini atdO-bran-de'-nS. 

Aldus Manutius . • • Si'-dfis m&-nQ'-«hI-Os. 

Alecto &-lgk'-t5. 

Aleksyeer, see Alezeieff • a-lfik-sa'-yfif . 

Alemanni, see Alanuumi . Sl-&-mftn'-!. 

AlemamiiCy see Alatnannic 2l-6-m&n'-Ik. 

AlembertiD' .... d&-l^A-b&^^ 

Alengon arlgn'-sdn. Fr. ISAfntrebt! . 

Alethea Sl-6-th§'-a. 

Aleutian &-la'-«hI-&ii, Sl-e-a'-sbl-ftn. 

Aleuts &l'-&-Qts. 

Alezeieff, see Aleksyeey . §rl8k-6fi'-y6f . 

Alfadir &l-fa'-dlr. 

Alfieii, Vittorio .... yet-t5'-r&^ &l-f&-&'-r6. 

Alflo &l-fB'-5. 

Alfonso, see Alphonso . &l-f5n'-B5, &I-f5n's5. 8p. 


Alford dl'-fttrd. 

Alger Si'-jgr, 6r-g6r. 

Algerian &I-jS'-rI-an. 

Algerine il'-j6-ren. 

Algiers Sl-]§rz'. 

Algoa (Bay) 81-gO'-a. 

AlgonUn, or Algonquiu . fil-g5n'-kln, al-g5n'-kwln. 

Alhambra fil-h&m'-bra. 

AUBaba &Meb&'-b&. 

Alicante fil-e-kan'-tS. 

Alifi^eri Srl6-g&-a'-rS. 

AUwal gi-6-wgi'. 

Alkmaar alk-mfir'. 

Alkoran, see Alcoran . . Sl'-k&-ran, fil-kO-ran'. 

Anah ai'-&. 

Allahabad ^-a-hSrbad'. 

Alle^umy, or Allegheny . &l'-6-gSrDl, jU'-e-gSn-L 

Allegri al-la'-gr6. 

Allemagne Sl-in&n'=ytl. 


ADenstein al'-8n-fihtln. 

Alleyna &I'-£n. 

AUer fil'-6r. 

Allobroges fil-6b'-rO-jSz. 

Almacks dr-m£ks. 

Almagest jQ'-marjSst. 

Almahide &l-mgr^'. 

Almansa, see Almanza . §l-m&n'-8&. 

Al MansouTy Al Mansor . H m&n-Boor'. 

Almanza, see Almansa . gl-man'-tha. 

Alma-Tadema .... &I'-ma ta'-dS-in&. 

Almeida aI-mS'-€-d§.. 

Almeyda (Bay) .... §l-mfi'-da. 

Almirante Oquendo . . al-m6-ran'-tS 5-kSn'-d5. 

Almohades fil'-m5-hadz. 

Alnuxravides Sl-m5'-ra-vldz. 

Alnwick Sn'-Ik. 

Al<riadaei or Aloidae . . &-l5-I'-ard6, A-lM'-de 

Aloysios Sl-O-IshM-tis. 

Alpes-Maritimes . . . aII>-m£lr-&•tSm^ 

Alph &lf. 

Alpheios, or Alpheus . . fil-ft'-iis, Sl-fe'-tis. 

Alphonse Sl-f6fis'. 

Alphonso, see Alfonso . fil-fdn'-e5, SI-f5n'-z5. 

Sp. fil-f5n'H35. 

Al^ini al-pS'-n5. 

AlpajarraSy or Alpuxaras . aI-poo-6Mr'-rfis. 

Alsace-Lorraine .... al-zas' l5r-r&i'. 

AlSirat a se-r&t'. 

Altai al-ti'. 

Altaic Sl-t&'-Ik. 

Alter Fdtz &l'-t6r f lits. 

Althaea &I-thS'a. 

Altliing §l'-tlng. 

Alton Locke 6r-tanI5k. 

Altstrelitz ali-shtr&'-lltz. 

Alva, Duke of, see Alba . &l'-^a. Sp. al'-b&. 




Ahruado fil-b&-r&'-d0. 

Alvaies fil'-bft-res. 

Alvarez PorU fil'-v§rr62. 

Sp. gl'-bSrT6th* 

Alvary il-v&'-ri. 

Alvinczy, or Alvinzi • . dF-vIn-tae. 

Alwar, see Ulwar . . . fil'-w&r. 

Amadeo armSrd&'-5^ 

Amadeus Sm-ardS'-iis. 

Amadis of Gaul .... fim'-ardls fly g61. 

Amalfi hrmSL'4h. 

Amalia, Anna .... aa'-& arm&'-ls=fi. 

Aman-Jean SrmM'-2hM^ 

Amants Magnifiqnesi Les la zSrm&A' m&n-y&-fsk'. 

Amaxyllia Sm-a-ill'-ls. 

Amasa im'-a-sa. 

Amati &-m&'-t6. 

Amatuy &-md'-il. Fr. &-m0-^6^ 

Amazulu &-m&-zooMoo. 

Amboia M-bw^. 

Amboiae M-bw&z'. 

AmbrogiO) San .... s&n am-br5'-]0. 

AmbrosittSy (St.) . . . Sm-br5'-zhl-tis. 

Ambur am-boor'. 

Amenhotep &-mSn-hO'-t6p. 

Amerigo Vespucci . . . Srmgr-3'-g5 y6s-pdo'-ch§. 

Amerongen am'-6r-dng-6n. 

AmiciSy De d& SrmS'-chSs. 

Amiel &'-mI-«l. 

Amiel, Henri FjrM&ic . fiA-r^' fr&-dft-rek' a-m&^'. 

Amiens &-m&-fi&'. 

Amistad Sp. a-mes-tfid'. 

Amiwch Sm'-look. 

Amneiis am-n&'-rSs. 

Amoor, see Amur . . • Srmoor'. 

Amor fi'-m6r. 

Affloret fim'-9-r6t. 


Amorites iin'-&-rItB. 

Amoiy (Blanche) . . . fi'-mO-rl. 

Amoskeag im-ds-kSg'. 

Amoy Brxnoi'. 

Ampire M-p&r'. 

Amphictyonic .... im-flk-ti(-5n'-lk. 

Amphictyony im-flk^-U-dn-I. 

Amphion im-fl^-Sn. 

Amphipolis ftm-flp'-O-tb. 

Amphitrite &m-fl-trl'-t£. 

Amphitryoa &in-flt'-il-dn. 

Axnritsar, see Umritsir . am-ilt^HsSr. 

Amundsen &'-md6nt-88n. 

Amur, see Amoor . . . &-moOr'. 

Amuiath armoo-r&t^ 

Amyot Srme-6^ 

Anabasis a-n&b^-a-sls. 

Anacieon, see Anakreon . fl-n&k^-r&4n. 

Anadyomene Sn-ardI-5m'-6-nB. 

Anagni an-&n^-y6. 

Anahuac &-n&^-w&k. 

Anak fi'-n&k. 

Anakim Sn'-fl-klm. 

Anakreon, see Anacieon . fl-n&k'-r&4n. 

Anam, see Annam . . . &n-ftm', &n-fim'. 

Ananias &n-4-nI'-a8. 

Aflasco an-y&9'-kO. 

Anastadus Sn-JLa-tfi^-ebl-fis. 

Anathoth Sn'-a-thfith. 

Anatolian Sn-a-t5'-ll-an. 

Anaxagonis ftn-iks-ig'-O-ras. 

Anaziinander .... fin-iks-I-m&n'-d§r. 

Anaximenes Sn-&ks-Im'-6-nex. 

Anchises Sn-kl'-sSz. 

AndUon fiiiH3&-y6til^ 

AnckarstrSm fing'-kfiiHStrem. 

Ancona &n*kO'-n&. 


Ancre (Marquis) d' • . dSA'-kr. 

Ancus Mardus . • • • ftng'-ktis m§jr'-shl=i!is. 

Andaluda Sp. an-da-loo-the'-a 

Andalusia fin-darltl'-sM-a, 


Andaman ftn'-da-man. 

Andelys, Les Ifi za&=dii-Ie'B 

Andermatt an'-dSr-mat. 

Andemach ILn'-dgr-n&dh. 

Anderseni Hana . . • bans an'-dSr-s6n. 

Andes fin'-dSz. 

Andorra &n-d6r'-r&. 

Andrissy fin'-drSrshe. 

Andri an'-dr&, &n'-drl. Fr. 

Andrea del Sarto . . . &n-drr-& del s&r'-tO. 

Andrea Ferrara .... &n'-dre-a fSr-ra'-ra. 

Andr£e M'-dra. 

Andreieff (-eyev) . . . an-dra'-ySf . 

Androdus &n'-dr5-klti8. 

Andromadie &n-dr5m'-ft-ke. 

Andromaque Fr. M-dr5-m&k'. 

Andromeda fin-drOm'-6-da. 

Andromide ad-dr5-mM'. 

Andronicus £n-dF5-iiI'-]dl8. 

Shak. &n-dr5nM-id!i8. 

Anelida ft-ngr-I-da. 

Angara (R.) an-g&-ra'. 

Angelico, Era .... fra &n-jer-6-kO. 

Angilique M-sshS-lek'. 

Angelo &n'-ie-l5. It fin'-jH-lO. 

Angelus ftn'-jS-lOs. 

Angers ftn'-j^rs. Fr. ad-zha^ 

Angeyini or Angevine . . &n'-je-vln, &n'-js-vln. 

Anghiari an-g§-a'-re. 

Anglesea (-sey) .... ftng'-gl-sS. 

AngraPequefia .... ang'-gra pft-kSn'-ya. 


Annas &n'-as. 

Annecy an-B6^ 

Anse Mm, 

Antares £n-ta^-r€z. 

Antigone &n-ti[g'-0-nS. 

Antigonus &n-tIg'-5-ntis. 

Antigua &n-te'*gw&. 

Antilles &n-tU'-lez. Fr. SA-iiA'. 

Antilochus in-tH'-Q-kiis. 

Anti-MaccUavel . . . &n-ti(-m&ky-^a-ySl. 

Antin(Dttc)d' .... daii-t&fL'. 

Antinous &n-tIn'-&-tls. 

Antioch &n'-ti(-5k. 

Antiochus &n-tI'-&-kOs. 

Antiope &n-tf-&-pS. 

Antipas, Herod .... hSr'-dd Sn'-tl-pSs. 

Antipater in-tifp'-a-t^r 

Antiphanes &n-ti[f'-8rnSz. 

Antiphon &n'-ti(-ffin. 

Antipodes &n-tIp'-&-dSz, &n'-tl-p(kls. 

Antipole &n-t^pOM5. 

Antistates &n-tls'-tft-tez. 

Antium &n^-shl*iim. 

Antivari &n-te'-varrS. 

Antofagasta an^'-tC-fargas'-ta. 

Antoine de Bourbon . . &]&-tw&n' d§ boor-bdti'. 

Antokolsky ^n-t^-kcrnske. 

Anton ITlrich &n'-t5n dor-rich. 

AntonelliGiaccomo(Cardinal)ja'-k&-m5 ltn-t6-nglMe. 

Antonello da Messina . §ii-t5-nSr-l0 damgs-s6'-n&. 

Antonina £n-t5-nl-iia. 

Antoninus Pius .... &n-t5-m'-ntls pI^-Os. \ 

Antonio an-t6^-ne-5. 

Antraigues, see Entraigues ad-trag'. 

Antwerp fint'-wSrp. 

Anubis, see Anoobis . . ft-na'-bb. 

Anvers &!i-y&rs'. 


Anzac &n'-zik. 

AOBta Sr86'-t&. 

Apache, or &-p&'-chft. 

Apaches pop. &-pftch'-S8. 

Apart, or Aparri .... a-p&r-rS'. 

Apelles ft-pSr-^z. 

Apemantos &p-6-in&n^-ttk8. 

Apennines &p'-6-nInz. 

Aphrodite Sf-r5-dI^-tS. 

Apia ••••••.a **p&^. 

ApicittS 8rpl8h'-I"tiB. 

Apocalypse a-p5k'4rllps. 

Apocrypha arp5k'-il-fa. 

Apollinare in Classe . . arpGl-l&-n&'-r& In klfiB^-efi. 

Apollino fl-p5I-le'-nO. 

Apollo Belvedere . . . a-p5r-5 b^-vS-dSr'. 

7^. irpOl'-to ba-va-dfi'-r8. 

Apollo Chresterios . . . a-pSr-O kres-tS'-iI-Ss. 

Apollo Citiiaroedtts . . a-pSl'-O dth-a-re'-diis. 

Apollo Sauroktonos . . arp5r-5 86r-5k^-t5-n5B. 

ApoUodorus a-pdr-^-dO^-rOs. 

ApoUonius fiphfil-O'-nl-tis. 

ApoUyon 8rp6l'-y0n, fi-p5r-I-5n. 

Apozyomenos .... &p'-5ks-I-5m'-6-n5B. 

Appalachian &p-arl&ch'-I-&ni 


Appii Forum &pM-I fo'-riim. 

Appomattox &p-5-m&t'-6k8. 

Apponyi 6p'-p5n-yS. 

Appuleitts, see Apujeius . &p-tl-l5^-tls. 

Apraadn arprak'-sln. 

Apries fi'-pr§-$z. 

Apuleius, see Appoleius . &p-tl4s'-il8. 

Apulia. ItPu^ . . . arpa'-U-a. 

Aquae Seztiae .... &'-kwS sSk'-stl-S. 

Aquambo &-kwam-b5^ 

Aquapim a-kwa-pem'. 

AQUAttroS 17 A&CADS8 

Aqoarius arkw&'-il-tks. 

Aquednek, or • • . • 8rkw8d'-n6k. 

Aquidneck arkwid'-n6k. 

Aquila fi'-kwS-lA. 

Aquinas a-kwl'-nas. 

Aquitaine Sk-wl*t&n'. Fr. &-k6-tfta'. 

Arab ir'-ab. 

Arabia Petraea .... a-rfi'-bl-a pS-trS'-ft. 

Arabic ir'-a-blk. 

Arabi Pasha ..... ft-r&'-be pSah-d', parshft^ 


Araby Sr'-arbl. 

Ara Cell, or Coeli . . . &'-r&s6'-]I. 

Arachne arr&k'-n6. 

Araf 9 Al, see Al Aaiaaf . §1 &'-raf . 

Arafat &-rfirfat'. 

Arago ftr'-a-gO. Fr. &-rfirgO'. 

Aragon Sr'-a-gdn. 8p. Sr^&-gOn^ 

Araktcheyeff &-r&k-ch&'-yef . 

Aral (Sea) Sr'-al. 

Aram (Eugene) .... fi'-ram. 

Aramaic ir-a-mft'-Ik. 

Aramis 5rrarmS8^ 

Aranjuez &-rang-^'hw6th'. 

AranyJ&Dos fir-5n-ye' y&'-nOah. 

ArapahOy or Arapahoe . a-r&p'-arhd. 

Arar fi'-r&r. 

Ararat Sr^-ft-r&t. 

Arayat Srra'->&-&t. 

Arbaces ar^-bft-sSz, &r-b&'H962. 

Arbate ar-b&t'. 

Axbela ar-be'-Ul. 

Arblay (Mme.) d' . . . d&r-blft'. 

Arbois ar-bw& . 

Arbuthnot fir'-biith-ndt. 8c. 


Arcades ftr^'-kardez. 


Axcady ar'-ka-cS. 

AitdeTcloinphedeL'fitoile &rk dd trS-dAf ' dil l§-twSl'. 

Arc de Txiomidie du Car- &rk dH trS-dAf ' d(i 

rousel kSrroo-zer. 

Archangel &rk-fin'-j81. 

Archangelsk ar-^hang'-^lsk. 

Archelaus &r-k&-lfi'-tks. 

Axchias &r'-kl-as. 

Ardiidamua &r-ld-ds'-inils. 

Arcfaflochtis &r-kIl'-5-kiis. 

Archimage ar'-ld-mSj. 

Archimago &r-ld-ma^-g5. 

Archimedean &r-ld-m5-de'-an. 

Archimedes &r-ld-me'-dez. 

Arcifl-sur-Aube .... &rH9e'-sQ^-0b^ 

Ardte ar^nslt. 

Arco dei Leoni .... ^r^kO d&'-^ l&-5^-nS. 

Arco della Pace .... ftr'-ko d6r-l& pa'-ch6. 

Areola, or Areola . . . ar'k5-la, ar^-k5-16. 

Arcot &]sk6t'. 

Arctttrua ark-ttl'-r(is. 

Arcueil ar-kS'-ytt. 

Ardahan ar-da-han'. 

Ardennais ar-dSn-na'. 

Ardennes ar-dSn^ 

Arditi,Loigi loo-S'-je ftr-dS'-U. 

Ardres ardr. 

Ardrossan ar-drfie'-an. 

Arduin &rd'*wln. 

Are, see Ari a'-rS. 

Arecibo a-ra-6S^-b5. 

Arenas Gordas, Las . . las a-rS'-nas gQr'-das. 

Arensky a-rSn^-shkS. 

Areopagite &r-5-^p'-a-jit. 

Areopagitica &r'-6-5-pHIt'-I-k&. 

Areopagus a-re-dp'-ft-gtis. 

Arequipa a-r&rk5'-pa. 


Ares ft'rez. 

Arefliusa &r-6-tha'-4&. 

Aretine ir'-fi-tidi. 

Aretinoy Guido .... gwS'-d5 arrfi-t6^-n5. 

Arezzo arr6t'-B5. 

Argamy see Argaum . . &r-gSin'. 

Argan S.r-gaA^ 

Argante (Spenser) . . . ar-g&n'tS. 

Argante (Moliire) . . . ar-gaAt^ 

Argantes ar-gan'-tSs. 

Argaiimy see Argam . . &r-g6m^ 

Argenis ar'-j6-nls. 

Argenson, d' dar-zhfiA-B6A'. 

Argenteau ax-zh6tii-t5'. 

Argenteuil ar-zhfiti-t^'-ytl. 

Argentiiia &r«]Sn-tS'*n&. Sp, 


Argentine ar'-j6n-tln, ftr^-jen-tSn. 

Argives ftr'-jlvz. 

Argolis &r'-g6-UB. 

Argonauts &r'-g5-n6tz. 

Argonnes &r-g8n^ 

Argiielles ar-gwei'-yds. 

Argyle, or Aigyll . . . ar-gll^ 

Ariy see kn &'-r€. 

Ariadne &r-I-&d'-nS. &-iI-ftd'-nfi. 

Arian &'-il-an. 

Ariane grr6-&n'. 

Arians fi'-il-anz^ a'-il-anz. 

Aridge arre-6zh'. 

Ariel a'-il-gl. 

Aries a'-ri-ez. 

Ariete arr6-g'-ta. 

Ariguanabo a-rS-gwSrna^-bO. 

Arimatbaea, or Arimatliea &r-I-ma-thS^-a. 

Arion ft-r!'-dn. 

«r-I-6s'-t5. It a-rMs'-W. 

AhlStA iO AftirOLPHS 

Arista (Gen.) .... &-r€8'-t&. 

Aristagons ir-b-tftg'-6-ras. 

Aiistarchtts ftr-b-tar'-kas. 

Arist© firrCst'. 

Aristeidesy or Aristides . &r-ls-tl^-dez. 

Aristippus Sr-b-tlp'-tis. 

Aristobulus fir^-b-tO-bu'-lOs. 

Aristodemus fir'-b-tC-de^-miia. 

Ariatogeltoiii or Aristogitoa &r'-b-t5-jl'.t5n. 

Aristophanes ir-Is-taf-a-nSz. 

Aristofle &r'-b-t6tl. 

Arius «rM.fis, fi'-ri-fis. 

Aijish &p.yl8h'. 

Aikansaa &r'-kSn-6d, ar-kftn'-zas. 

Aries . firlz. Fr. arl. 

Aritelenne,L' .... Ifir-Ifi-ze-Sn'. 

Arline ar'-l6n. 

Aimada &r-ma'-d&. 

AimadOyDon .... d6n ar-m&'-d5. 

Armageddon &r-marged'-dn. 

Armagh &r-ma'. 

Armagnac ar-man-yak'. 

Armando Bijart . . . . &r-maAd' ba-zhftr'. 

Annentidres Hr-mfiti-tS-ar'. 

Armida &r-mS'-d&. 

Armide et Renaud . . . &r-mSd^ fi r&-nO^ 

Arminius ar-mlnM-tis. 

Armorel of Lyonesse . . &r'-m5-rei iiv Il'-dn-Ss. 

Armorica &r-mfirM-k&. 

Armorican &r-m6rl-kan. 

Amanld &]vnO^ 

Amaut ar'-ndt. 

Amim, Bettina von . . bet-tS^-n& f 8n ar'-nlm. 

Amo fix'-nO. 

Amolf o di Cambio . . . ar-nor-fo d6 kam'-b&^. 

AmolfodiLapo .... Iur-n6r-f5 de la'-p5. 

Anudphe &r-n5lf'. 

arohdight 21 ARUwna 

Arondie^t ...... S'-rSn-dlt. 

Aroostook arroos'-td6k. 

Arouet arroo-S'. 

Arpachshad, see Arphaxad &r-p&k-sh&d'. 

Arpftd &r'-p&d. 

Arphaxad, see Arpachshad &r-f ftk^nsftd. 

Arquft &r-kw&' 

Arques &rk. 

Arras ar-rfis'. 

Arrfaidaeos ftr-I-de'-tis. 

Arrivabene &r-re-vll-b&'-nS. 

Arroyo Molinos .... Hr-rO^O mMS'nOs. 

Arsaces ax'HsSrflgz, &rH9&'-BSz. 

Arsacidae ar-sfisM-dS. 

Arsames fir'-sSrmSz. 

Arsenieff &i^n'-yef. 

Ardero ar-e&-&'-rO. 

ArsiiioS ar-dn'-O-S. 

Ars Poetica &rz p5-SV-I-ka. 

Artachshast &vtSk-sh88t'. 

Artagnan, D' d&r-t&n-ya&'. 

Artamine ar-t&-m6n'. 

Artaphemes &r-ta-fgr'-iiSz. 

Artazeixes ftr-tSks-grks'-Sz. 

Artegal ar'-t&-gal. 

Artemas ar't^-mas. 

Artemidorus &r-t&-ml-d0^-rfis. 

Artemis ar'-t&-znls. 

Artemisia ar-t&-znlsh'-l=&. 

Artemisitun &r-t@-ni!shM=iim. 

Artevelde^ Van .... v&n &r'-t6-vei-dS. 

Artiago ar-t&-&'-g5. 

Artichofd^ &r-t&-sh5y'*ake. 

Artois ar-tw&^ 

Aruba H-roo'-ba. 

Arundel &r'iln-d6l. 

Aruwimi ar-oo-w6^-m§. 


Arviragus fip-vlr'-argas. 

Aryan fti/yan, irM==aiL 

Asaph a'-iai. 

Asben i0-bSn\ 

Asboth &9'-bOth. Hung. eSsh'-bSt. 

Ascague i0-k&ii^=ytL. 

Aacalon, see Aakelon . . &3^-k&-ldn. 

Ascanio &Ehka'-n&=5. 

Aschaffenburg .... Srsh&f^-fin-bdorth. 

Ascham fa'-kftm. 

Asdrubaly see Hasdrubal &3'-dr(i-bal. 

Asenath &9'&-ii&th, Srse'-nftth. 

Aserraderos ars&r-ra-d&^-rQe. 

Asgard &3'-g&rd. 

Ashango gr6han'-g5. 

Aahantee or Ashanti . . aHsh&n'-tS, 2rsh&n'-t6. 

Ashby-de-la-Zouch . . &9hnbI-dfil-4-zdoch'. 

Ashestiel &h'-es-tsl. 

Ashtarotfay Ashteroth . . fish'-ta-rOth. 

Ashtocetfa, see Ashtaroth Ash'tO-rSth. 

Asia &'8hl=&, a'-zhl=&. 

Asiago ars6-a'-^. 

Asiatic fi*aU-&t'*Ik, fi-zhl-St'-Ik. 

Asisi, see Assisi . . . &-zS'-z6. 

Acdcabad &EhkSrbad'. 

Askeloni see Ascalon . . is'-kfi-lSn. 

Askew (Anne) .... &3'-kQ. 

AsUepios, see Aesculapius JLs-kle'pI-ds. 

Asmodeus Ss-m5-de'-tb3, Ss-mO'-dG-fis. 

Asnidies &-n&=ftr'. 

Asola &-zo1a. 

Asolando te-6-l£n'-d5. 

Asolo &'-z5-l5. 

Asolone fir6&-l6'-nS. 

Aspasia Ss-pS'HahI=a. 

Aspromonte &9-pr5-mOn^-t6. 

Asquith &'-kwIth. 


Assam i8F«&m^ 

Assaye, see Assye . . . IL8-6I^ 

Assen &s^-fin. 

Assini Sa-sS'-nS. 

Assiniboia &3'-In-I-boi'-4. 

Assisiy see Asisi . . . a-6S'-z5. 

Assommoiry L' . • . . la-BSm-w&r'. 

AssooanyAssuaxiyOrAsswan &s-8w&n'. 

Assoayy see Azuay . . . fisHsoo-f . 

Assye, see Assaye . . . fis-el'. 

Astaite Sfr-tij/tS. 

Asterabad, ^ee Astrabad . &9-ter-&-bfid'. 

Asti Ss'te. 

Astolat &'-t5-l&t. 

Astolf 0, or Astolpho . . fe-t6rf5. 

Astorga as-t^^r'-g^. 

Astrabad, see Asterabad . as-trar]^'. 

Astraea, or Astrea Redox JLs-tr@'a r^^dtlks. 

Astrakban &Ehtr&-6h&n'. 

Astree fichtra'. 

Astrolabe Ss'-trG-lftb. 

Astrophel ...... &3^-tr5-fSl. 

Astorias fi£htoo'-r6-fi8. 

Astyages Ss-H'arjSz. 

Astyanaz Ss-ti'-a-n&kB. 

Astmdoii llHa^on-th&-5n^ 

Astttbanipal araoor-b&'-nl-pSl. 

Atacama §rtSrka'-mS. 

Atahualpa SrtSrw§l'p&. 

Atak, see Attock . . . &t-&k^ 

Atala arta-l&'. 

Atalanta in Calydon . . &tra-ULn'-t& In k&lM-d6n. 

Ataliba &t-8rle'-ba. 

AtaHde atrSrled'. 

Atbara &t-b&'-r&. 

Ate . a'-t6. 

Ateino • • ^-tfir'-^id. 


Atfaalaiic, see Atfaalric . &th-81'-arilk. 

Aflialiah £th-arlI'-&. 

Attialie firtSrIe'. 

AtfaalxiCy see Atfaalaiic . &th-81'-ilk. 

Atfaanasian ftth-a-na'-zbl-zan. 

Alfaanasitts &th-arn&'-shI=Q8. 

Atfaarvaveda &t-h&r-vary&'-d&. 

Athena ft-the'-n&. 

Athenaeum, see Atheneum &th-6-ne'-fim. 

Athena \ . ft-th6'-n6. 

Athene Parthenos . . . 8rthe'-ne p&r'-th&-n58. 

Athene Polias .... SrtW-ne p5r-I-&9. 

Atheneum, see Athenaeum &th-6-Q5'-ttm. 

Athol &th'-«I. 

Ath06(Mt.) &ih'6a. 

Athos (Dumas) .... &-t6s'. 

Aflantean ...... £t-l&n-te'-an. 

Atlantides ftt-l&n'-ti-KlSz. 

Atreus a'-trOs, a'-tr^-As. 

Atii &'-tr5. 

Atria a'-tr^&. 

Atridae fl-tri'de. 

Atropos &t'-r5-p6B. 

Attalia it-a-II'-ft. 

Attains ftt'-a-IOs. 

Attsr &t-tar'. 

Atticus &t'-I-kOs. 

AttOa , . &t'-I-l&. 

Attis, see Atys .... &t^-Is. 

Attock, see Atak . . . fit-t6k'. 

Atys, see Attis .... ftt'-b. 

Aubanel &-ba-ngl'. 

Aubi, Jean Paul . . . zhfiA pOl 5-bfi^ 

Auber (D. F. B.) ... O-bftr". 

Auberge Rouge .... &-b&rzh' roozh\ 

Aubert (V-b&r'. 

AuUgni, D' . . . . . d5-b6n.yfi'. 





Ancassin et Nicolette . . 



Audefroy le Bastard . . 
Audenarde, see Oudeoaxde 
Audh, see Oudh, Oude . 




Aue, Hartmann von . . 




Auerstiidt or Auerstedt , 

AufderH5he . . . . 






Au^^lirim. see Aghrim . . 
Augiery Eniile .... 
Augsburg '• 

Augusta Victoria . . . 

Augustine . . 
Augusti y Davila 
August Wilhelm 
Aulis . . . 
Aulnoy) or Aunoy 
Anmale, Due d' 


&-k&-6fii!i'n& n5-kM8t'. 



Cd-frwa' 16 baa-t&r'. 






hart'mSn f fln ow'-tt. 





owf dSr h6'-ytt. 



6'.j6-8s, 6-i6'-fa. 

Fr. 5-zh5'. 



fi-mel' 5-zh€f=fi'. 

6gz'-berg. Ger. 

6-gtts't& vik-tO'-ri-a. 

Ger. ow-g6&s'-ta, 

d-gtts'-tin, 6'-ga&-tIn. 
fiFW-g6os'-t6 5 d&'-bS-UL 
Ger. ow'-gd&st vll'-hfihn, 
dtik dO-mSl'. 


Attrangabadi see Auren- 

gibad ow-rtLng-garbad'. 

Attielle de Paladines . . (^rerdtt parUrdSn'. 

Aiirengabad, or Amungabad ow-rfing-ga-bad^ 

Aureng-zebeyOrAiinuig-xeb d'-rting-zeb^ 

Aturigny 5-rgn-y5'. 

Aus der Ohe ows dSr-5'-tt. 

Ausea ow'hsII. 

Austerlitz ows'-tSr-Uts. 

Attstrasia de-trfi'-8hl=a, de-tr&'-zU=a 

Austria-Hungary . . . ds'-trl-arhttng^-gSril. 

Auteuil 6-tg'=yii. 

Autolycus d-t5r-I-k0s. 

Automedon d-t5m'-e-d5n. 

Autriche &-tr6sh^ 

Auvergnat &-v&^n-ya^ 

Attvergne (V-vftrn'=ytt. 

Aux Cayes, see Cayes . 5 kft. 

Auzerre 5k&4r'. 

Auxerrois (>ks-&^-w&^ 

Avalon or Avallon . . . &v'-ft-l6n. 

Aval08,D' da-v§.M08. 

Avare, L' iSrvSr'. 

Ave Maria a'-v§ ma-rl'-a. It ft'-y& 


Avenel Sv'-nSl. 

Aventine fty^-fin-tln. 

Avenue de l'Op£ra . . . iv-nU' dti l5-pfi-ra'. 

Ave Roma Immortalis . S'*y§ rO'-ma Im-dr-tfi'-Bs. 

Averrhoes or Averroes . ft-vSr^-0-Sz. 

Avesnes Srvfin'. 

Avicenna &v-I-een'-&. 

Avignon a-v6n-y6A'. 

Avila &'-ve-la. 

Avllion, see Avalon . . firvH^yfin. 

Avi2 Part Srvez'; Sp. &'-vith. 

Avlona &v-l6'-n&. 


Ayogadro JUvO-ga'-drO. 

Avon ft^fin, local Am. Av'-6n. 

Avre &vr. 

Aya]a, Pwo L6pez • . . p5'-r5 l6'-p8th firy&'-l&. 

Azayacatli or .... 2^tchSryfr-ka'-tl. 

AzayacatzUn lU-tchSrya-kStz-lSn'. 

Azim &ks'-Im, a-sh6ng'. 

Azminster iks'-m!nH9l)&. 

AYi see A! a'=6. 

Ayacttcho &=&-a-koo'-ch5. 

AyalA Srya^-la. 

Aybonito, see Aibonito . aF^b5-n5^-t5.' 

Ayesha aryS'HshS. 

Aymon &'-m5n. 

Ayoub Ebaiiy see Ayub Khan Sryoob' kh&n. 

Ayx ..■••••• cu. 

Ayscue . Ss'-kQ. 

Aytoun S'-toon. 

Ayub Khan, see Ayoub Khan §ryoob^kh&n. 

Azarael, or Azareel . . fiz'-a-rfirgl, az^-a-rfr-Sl. 

Azarias ftz-a-rl'-as. 

Azazel ft-za'-zSl. 

Azaziel fl-z&'-d-Sl. 

Azefi^OfD' dad-zfil'-y5. 

Azerbaijan &z-8r-bi-jan'. 

Azimgarh ft-zim-gtbr'. 

Azincourty see Agincourt . &z'-In-kOrt. Fr. 


Azof y or Azoff y see Azov . &'-z5f . 

Azor Sp, 5rth6r'. 

Azores ft-z5rz^ 

Azorin &-s5-r6n'. 

Azovy see Azof .... &'-z5f . 

Azraely or Azrail . . . fiz'-rSrSl, &z^-rfi-IL 

Aztecas &z^-tek-az. 

Azuayy see Assuay . . . &-thoo-I'. 

Azocena &d-zoo-cha'-D&, 



Baal bft'-al. 

Baalbac, or Baalbak . . b&l'-b&k, bal-bSk". 

Baalbeci or Baalbek . . bfil'-bek, b&l-b6k'. 

BaaUm bfi'-arllm. 

Bab b&b. 

Baba»AU &M6b&'-ba. 

Bab-el-lfandeb .... b&b-6l-man'-deb. 

Baber, see Babtir . . . b&'-b6r. 

Babieca, see Bavieca . . barbs- &'-k&. 

BaMngton .* bftb'-!ng-tOn. 

Babist b&b'-Ist. 

Baburi see Baber . . . ba'-b6r. 

Babiiyan (Is.) .... bSrboo'-yfin. 

Babylonic b&b-!-l5n'-Ik. 

Bacchae bSk'-e. 

Bacchante b&k-k&n'-ts. 

Bacchus b£k'-iis. 

BacchyUdes bft-kU'-I-dSz. 

Bacdochi bSrchSk'-ke. 

Bacdo della Porta . . . ba'-cho d6r-l& pOr'-tA. 

Bach»J. S b&6h. 

Bache b£U;h. 

Backergonge, see Baker- 

ganj bfik-^r-gOnj. 

Backhuysen b&k'-hoi-zfin. 

Bacolod ba-kO-lOd'. 

Bacolor b&-kO-10r'. 

Bacoor, see Bakoor . . bft-koor'. 

BacsAnyi b&'-chfin-y6. 

Bactriana b&k-trI-^'-n&. 

Badagry h§rdBrgr^'. 

Badajos, or Badajoz . . bad-firh(38'. Sp. 


Badebec bad-bek'. 

Baden ba'-dSn. 


Baden-Powell .... bS-dSn-powr. 

Badhigoet-Radot . . . bSrdUi-g&' nl-dO'. 

Badon(Mt) ba'-dto. 

Badouia b&-doo'-r&. 

Baedeker bfi'-dSk-^. Ger.W-dSkr6r. 

Baesa Sp. bar&'-n&; ParL 


Baer, Von f On b&r. 

Baez ba'-&th. 

Bafingy Ba-Fing .... bSrfSng'. 

Bagalor barg&-10r'. 

Bagamoyo bfirg&-mO'-yO. 

Bagdad or Baghdad . . b&g-d&d^ commonly 


Bagehot bftj'-Ot. 

Baghdad or Bagdad . . bSg-d&d'j, commonly 


Bagheila bfirg&-r6'-&. 

Baguio b&'-g9-5. 

Bagnacavallo .... ban'-yirkfirv&IMO. 

Bagnidi Lucca .... b&n'-y6 dS look'-k&. 

Bagration bargrSrt8&-Gn^ ba-gr&'-fihtbi. 

Bahamas b&-h&'-ma8. 

Bahar, see Behar, Bihar . bft-h&r^ 

Bahari bft-h&-r6'. _ 

Bahawalput b&-h&-wSl-poor'. 

Bahia b&-e'-&. 

Bahia Honda .... b^-S'-a On'-d&. 

Baiae : bS'-yS. 

Baikal bl'-kal, bl-k&l'. 

Bailleul b&-S-ygl'. 

BaiUie ....... baMe. 

BaiUot ....... ba-5-y6'. 

Bailly ba'-l6. Fr. bfiryS'. 

Baiqtiiri ba>S-ke'-re. 

Bairaniy see Beiram . . bl-r&m\ 

Baiieutfay see Bayreutfa . bl'rQth. Ger. bl-roit'. 


Bainit, see Beirut, or Bey- 
rout b&-root'. 

Baja ba'-yft. 

Bajazety see Bayazid . . b&j'-a-zet, bft]-&-26t'. 

Bajza b6y'-z&. 

BakerganjtSeeBackeiguiige b&k'-Sr-ganj. 

Bakhuyzen blUs:'-hoi-z6n. 

BakooryOrBakoriSeeBacoor bft-koor'. 

Baku barkoo'. 

>Balaain b&'-l&m. 

BaUlbac birla'-bfik. 

Balaclava, or Balaldava . bSrIarkl&'-vft. 

Balafr«,Le la bSrUirf rft'. 

Balaguer bSrUlrg&r'. 

BalaUreff ba-Iark^r'-ef. 

Balaldava, or Balaclava . bH-UirkUL'-vft. 

Balasore, Balasur . . . b&l-a-80or^ 

.Balaustion * bft-ids'-chOn. 

Balbek, see Baalbec . . bal'-bek, bal-b6k'. 

Balbo b&I'-b5. 

Balboa, De d&b§l-b5'-4L 

Balchen (Admiral) . . . bdr-chSn. 

Baldassare b&I-dd8H3&'-r&. 

^Balder, Baldur .... b6r-d€r. 

Btte, see Basle .... bfil. 

Baleares ba-l&-&'-r&s. 

Balearic b&I-&-&r'-^. 

Bal£chott barl&Hshoo'. 

Baler ba-14r'. 

Balestier bSl-S^-tSr'. 

Balfe bSlf. 

Balfour bSl'-foor, bil'-fgr. 

Balims^em ba-l&A-gftjl'. 

Balin and Balan . . . bS'-Un, &nd b&'-lAn. 

BaUol, see Balliol . . . b&'-U-AL Fr. b&l-yOl'. 

Baliuag bal-e'-wfig. 

Balize bft-tez". 


Balkan b6r-kSn, b&l-kan'. 

Ballarat b&l-arrSt'. 

Ballari bal-la'-t«. 

Ballesteros bal-ygs-t&'-reys. 

BaUiol, see BaUol . . . bS'-lI-61. Fr. bal-yOl'. 

Balliol (CoUege) . . . bftl'-ygl. 

Ballo in Maschera . . . bal'-lO 6n ma8'-kA-r&. 

Balmaceda bal-mfi-th&'-d&. 

Balmoral b&I-mOr'-&I, b&l-m5'-ril. 

Bahnnng bal'-md6ng. 

Balsamo bSlH9a'-m5. Fr. bfil-sarmO'. 

Baltliasar, or Balthazar . bAl-tha'-zar, b§l'-tSrz&r. 
BaliicW«tfln» aee Belucliifr- 

tan, or Beloochiatan . b&I-oo-chIs-t&n^ 

Balwhidder bil-wbl{h'-§r. 

Balzac bSksSk', ccmmonZ^bSl'zSk. 

Bamberg b&m'-ber6h. 

Banana bSrnil'-n&. 

Banaras, see Benares . . bft-na'-rfis. 

Banat ba'-n&t. 

Bancroft bin'-krtft. 

Banir, see Banner . . . barn&^^ 

Bangkok b&ig-kOk'. 

Bangor (Me.) .... bSn'-g5r. 

Bangor (Wales) .... b&Dg'-ggr. 

Bangweolo ..... b&Dg-wS-^Mo. 

Banner, see Banfe . . . birnkr'. 

Banquo b&n'-kwO, b&ng'-kwO. 

Bantam b&n-t&m'. 

Bantu b&n'-too. 

Banville (Th6odore de) . baA-vel'. 

Banyoro barny6'-r6. 

Bapaume b8rp5m^ 

BaraBanU b&'-r& ban'-kS. 

Barabasy or Barabbas . . bfirr&b'-as. 

Barabra» see Berabra . . barra'-bra. 

Baiacoa barrark5'-a. 


Baiaguay d'EDUiers . . b&-rargS' dS-y&^ 

Banitaiia bftr-artfi'-iI-&. Sp. 


Barbadoes, or Barbados . b&r-bfi'-dOz. 

BarbareUi b&r-bSri«lMS. 

Barbarossa bar-barr5s'-&. 

Barbaroux b&r-bSrroo'. 

Barbary b&r'-barri. 

Barbauld bar'-b61d. Fr.h&r-W. 

Bazbazoiit see Barbison . bar-b&-z6A'. 

Barberini bar-ba-rS'-nS. 

Barbey d'Aurevilly . . . bftr-bi' d5-r6-v6-yS'. 

Barbier de SCville, Le . Ifi b&r-be-a' da sft-ver. 

Barbiere de SevigUa, n . Si b&r-b&4'-r6 d& sSrvSl'-ya. 

Barbisoiit see Barbazon . bar-b&-z6A^ 

Barbusse, Henri . . . dii-re' b&r-bfks'. 

Barcellosa b&r-chel-10'-n&. 

Barcelona b&r-s6-10'-n&. Sp. 


Barclay deTolty . . . bar-klft' da t6-te'. 

Bardera b&r-d&'-r&. 

Bardi, Bardo de' . . . b&r'-d5 d& b&r'-dS. 

Bardolph b&r'-dOlf. 

Bardwan, see Burdwan . bard-w&n^ 

Bareja blU*r&'-6ha. 

Bar^ de Vieuzac . . . ba-r&r' da ve»&-z&'. 

Baretti ba-rat'-tS. 

Barfleur b&r-fl§r'. 

Bargello blU'-j8r-l5. 

Bargiel bar'-gSl. 

Bariatinski bar-ySrtSn'-«kS. 

Baring b&'-rlng, bAr'-Ing. 

Baring-Gould .... bAr'-Ing-goold^ 

Barlaymont ba^-l5rm^<i^ 

Bar-le-Duc b&r-le-dOk'. 

Barmecides bar^-mS-sIdz. 

Barnabas bar'-narbas. 


Bamato bfir-n&'-t5. 

Bamay Ger. bfir'-nL 

Bamett bftr'-n6t. 

Bameveld b&r'-n6-yfilt. 

Barocdo, see Baiozzio . barr8ch'-5. 

Baroda bSrr5'-da. 

Baroja bgrr6'-cha. 

Baron Fr. ba-r6A'. Oer. b&-r5n'. 

Baronin ba-r5'-n§n. 

Baronne bSrrSn\ 

Baroque bSrrOk'. 

BarotseLand .... ba-r6t'-s6-land. 

Barozzi bSrrSt'HsS. 

BarozziOy see Barocdo . bSrr6t'-e&|6. 

Barrackpur b&r-&k-poor'. 

Barradas bar-ra'-dSs. 

Barragan b&r-ra-g&n'. 

Barranquilla b&r-r&n-k§l'-y&. 

Barranquitas b&r-rfin-kS'-tSs. 

Barras bSrrits'. Fr. ba-rft'. 

Barr6 ba-rft^ 

Barrds, Maurice . . . mO-r^s' bftr-rfiz'. 

Barrie bSr'-L 

Banili bfir-r6'-te. 

Barrot bfir-r©^. 

Barrundia bfirroon'-d&4. 

Barryy Mme. du ... mard&n' dti bftr-r6'. 

Bar-sur-Aube .... b&rH3iir-5b^ 

Bartas b&r-t&'. 

Barth b&rt. 

Baxthaemy-Saint-Hilaire bar-tSI-mS'HsSA-t^l&r'. 

Bartholdi b&r-tOl-dS'. 

Bartholo bar-t5-10^ 

Bartlioloin6 bar-t5-l5-mft'. 

Bartimeus b&r-tlm-e'-ils. 

Bartol bar-tJSl'. 

Bartoli bfir'-t^-te. 


Bartolommeo bar-tO-lSm-mfi'-5. 

Bartolozzi bar-tO-l5t'-8S. 

Baruch b&'-rtlk. 

B8rwalde b&r'-v&l-dtt. 

Baiye bfirre\ 

Barzillai bftr-^'-Srl, bftr'-dl-S* 

Baseelan, see Basilan . harB^'4&a. 

Basel b&'-zgl. 

Bashan b&'H3han. 

Basheei or Bashi (I.) . . bSr8hS^ 

Bashi-Bazouk .... b&9h'-I-b&-sook'. 

Bashkirtseff I Marie . . xxiStT^' bSsh-kSrt'-sBf • 

BasQ bfi-'^, bftz'-n. 

BaBJlan, see Baseelan . biHse'-l&n. 

Basilicon Doron . . . hftn^'-I-kdn d5'-rOn. 

Baskonchak baa-kd6n-ch&k'. 

Basque bask. 

Basra, see Bussora . . bas'-ra. 

Bassanio b&HB&'-nl-O. 

Bassano (Duke of) . . bas-s&'-nO. 

Basses-Alpes .... bas-zalp'. 

Basses-Pyr&iies . . . bSs-pe-rfiriiA'. 

Basse-Terre bas-t&r'. 

Bassi b&s'-se. 

Bassompierre .... bSrsdi(i-pS"Ar'. 

Bastian b&3'-te-&n. 

Bastiat bas-te«a\ 

Bastien-Lepage .... baa-tS-SA' l&-p&zh'. 

BastUe, or BastiUe . . . bis'-tel. Fr. b&s-tS'-yfl. 

Basundi ba-soon'-d§. 

Basutoland bar80o'-t&-l&zid. 

Bataan bSrtSr&n'. 

Batabano b^tfirb&'-n5. 

Batalha b&-tdl'-y&. 

Batan(IO bSrtan'. 

Batanes ba-t&'-nes. 

Batangas bfirt&n'-gfis. 


Batevia bartS'-vta. Jav.hSM'-^yf^ 

Bitfaori, see Batory . . ba'-t&-re. 

Bathsheba b&thHshe'-ba, bftth'-«hS-ba. 

BatignoUes bS-tSn-ySr. 

Baton Rouge b&t'-tLa roozh. Fr. b&-lM' 


Batory, see Bithoii . . b&'-t5-re. 

Battenbeig b£t'-ten-bSig. Oer. 


Battersea bftt'-^r-eS. 

Batthyinyi bfit'-y&n-ye. 

Batumi or Batoum . . . b&-toom^ 

Baucis bd'-ds. 

Baudelaire bsd-l&r'. 

Baudissin bow'-dI&-6Sn. 

Baudricourt bO-drS-kdor'. 

Baudiy b&-dr3'. 

Bautista b^-oo-tSs'-tft. 

Bautzen bowt^Hsen. 

Bavieca, see Babieoa . . ba-b§«&'-k&. 

Bayambang bl-am-bang^. 

Bayamo b&-ya'-mO. 

Bayamon bSrya-m5^^ 

Bayard (Chevalier) . . . bfi'-ard. Fr. bfiryftr'. 

Bayard (James A.) . . . bf-ard. 

Bayazidi see Bajazet . . barySrz^'. 

Bayeux ba-yg'. 

Bayle b&l. 

Bayombong b£l»Mm-b5Dg'. 

Bayonne baryttn', bl'-yOn. Fr. 


Bayreuthi see Baireuth . bl'-riith. Ger. bl-roit'. 

Baza b&'-th&. 

Bazaine hSrz&n'. 

Bazalgette, L£on . . . Iar5n' b&-z&l-zh8t'. 

Bazaui Don Cesar de . . d6n sarzar' dti barz&il'. 

Bazin, Emilia .... &-mer-&-& ba-th&n^ 


Bazarof bfirsar'-Sf . 

Bazin b8rzSA\ 

Beaconsfield te'-k0i]js-{^,bSk'-5ii2-fgld. 

B£am bfin&r\ 

Btenuds, Le Id b&-ar-*n&'. 

Beata Beatrix • . • . b^ft'-ta bS'-ft-tilks. 

Beaton bS'-tOn. Sc b&'-tOn. 

Beatrice be'-artrib. Fr. bft-artrSs'. 

It barft-tre'-che. 

Beatrice Cend .... bfirSrtr&'-chfi ch8n'-chS. 

Beatrice Portinari • . . bfirSrtre'-ch6 p5r-t^na'-r6. 

Beatrix bS'-a-trOcs. 

Beatrix be'-artilks. Fr. bMrtrfiks'. 

Beattie bS'-tl. 8c b&'-tl. 

Beau Bruminel .... b5 brtlm'-61. 

Beaucaire bo-k&r'. 

Beauchamp (Aliihoiise de) Fr. bQ-shaA^ 

Beauchamp (PhQip) . . Eng. b6'-ch2m. 

Beauderci or Beauderk . b5-klfirk^ b5'-kl&rk. 

Beaufort Eng.W'tHrt. Fr. WV-f5r'. 

Beaufor^en-Vallfe . . b5-f0r'-t6A-v&l-lft'. 

Beaufort (Sir Ftands) . btt'-ftbrt. 

Beaugency bO-zh5l(i-6S^ 

BeauhamaiSy Eugene de . 6-zhfin' dH b5-ar-n&^ 

BeauhamaiSi Josiphine de zhO-zSrfSn' dH b5-&r-n&\ 

BeauhamaiSy Hortense de Or-tOfis' dH b5-&r-n&^ 

Beaujeuy Anne de • . . ftn dS b5-2h§\ 

BeauUeu bO-l5"$'. 

Beaumanoir b5-mSrnw&r'. 

Beaumarchaia • . • . b5-m&rH3h&'. 

Beaumont Eng. b6'-m5nt, or 

ba'-mOnt. Fr. b5-mAA'. 

Beaumont-aur-Oiae • . b5-mdii'-e0r-w&z\ 

Beaune b6n. 

Beaune-la-Rolande . • b5n-UirF0-l&]ld^ 

Beauregard b5'-r&-gftrd. Fr. bQ==rS-gar''. 

Beaurepaire bO-r^p&r'. 


Beattirais bG-vft'. 

Beatsz b5. 

Bebel bS'-bfl. _ 

Beccafami bSk-ka-foo'-mS. 

Beccari bek'-k§rr6. 

Beccaxia bek-k§rre'-&. 

Becher b66h'-6r. 

Bedmanaland .... betHshoo-A'-nfirl&nd. 

Bechtumas bSt-choo-a'-n&s. 

Becket (Thomas) ft . . a bSk'-ftt. 

Bicqaer bfi'-kfir. 

Becquerel bSk-^el^ 

Bedaweeiii see Bedouin . bSd'-arwCn. 

Bede bed. 

Bedel (Timothy) . . . be'-d61. 

Bedivere bSd'-I-vSr. 

Bedotti&t 8^0 Bedaween . b6d'-do-In. 

Bedreddin Hassan . . . bed-r6d-dSn' h&s'-sftn. 

Beebebub, see Belzebub . be-er-zS-bfib. 

Beerbohm ber'-b6m. 

Beersheba b&^-shS'-ba, b^-er'-sbS-ba. 

Beethoven, Van .... f&n b&'-t6-v6n. 

Befana bfi-f&'-n&. 

B^gtiinage bfi-ge-n&zh'. 

BegoinSi or B^;aines . . beg'-inz or bft'g^. 

Behaim b&'-h&n. 

Behar, see Bahar, Bihar . b&-h&r'. 

Behechio bfi-ft'-chS-5, bft-&H;hS'-5. 

Behn (Mxb. Aphxia) . . bSn. 

Behringi see Bering . . bS'-rlng. Dan. b&'-tlng. 

Beira b&'-r&. 

Beiram, see Baiiam . . bl*rftm'. 
Beirut, seeBairutandBey- 

rout bfi-root'. 

Bijart, Armando . . . &r-mfiAd' b&-shSr'. 

Bejol ^ . . bfir^hol'. 

Bejucal . . . .[^ . . bft-«hoo-kfil'. 


Belarius b6-ls'-il-0s. 

BelaspooTy see Bilaspoor . be-las-poor'. 

Belchite bei-che'-t&. 

Beleek b61-Sk'. 

Belfagor, see Bel^egor . bsr-f argdr. 

Belfast (Ireland). . . . bSl-fast', bSl-f&it'. 

Bel&st (Maine) .... b^l'-f&t, bgl-ffist'. 

Belfort Fr. bSl-for'. 

Belgian bel'-j!-&n. 

Belgiojoso bei-j5-y0'-z5. 

Belgique b€l-zhek^ 

Belgium bSl'-jtLm. 

Belgiad b^l-grad'. 

Belgrade bei-grSd'. 

Belial b6'-ll»il. 

Belianis (of Greece) • . ba-le-^'-nSs. 

Belisario bSrl&-za'-re-5. 

Belisaritts bSl-lHsa'-rl-tis. 

Bilise b^lSz'. 

Beliza b6-Ie'-za. 

Bellagio b61-la'-jO. 

Bellario bei-Ia'-iI-5. 

Bellannine b€l-lar-mSn\ 

Bellatriz bSl'-a-tilkB, bgl-Ifi'-trlks. 

Bellay bg-lfi'. 

Belle Alliance, La . . . la bSl al-Ig-ngj^'. 

Belleau bSl-IO'. 

Belle flei or Belle Isle-en- 

Mer b6i a' AA m&r'. 

Belle-Isle (Newfoundland) bei-Il'. 

Belle Jardini^rei La . . la bSl zliiLr-dSn-e«&r'. 

BeUe Laititee, La . . . la beil&-tS«&r'. 

Belliard . 
Bellini . . 
BellOi Andres 







Belloc, Hflaire .... ©-l&r'bgWk'. 

BeUona b6l-0'-na. 

Beloeil b61-6'=ytt. 

Belon b6-ldA', bldA. 

Beloochistaiiy see Behicliis- 

tani Baluchistan . . . bei-oo-chls-t&n'. 

Belphegor, see Belf agor . b6l'-fg-gdr. 

Belphoebe ba-fS'-be. 

Belshazzar bfil-sh^'-ar. 

Beluchistani see Baluchis- 

tani Beloochistan . . bSl-oo-chls-t&n'. 

Belvedere bgl-vfe^ier'. It. 


Belvoir Eng. b6'-v§r. 

Belzelmby see Beelzebub . bsr-zS-bttb. 

Belzoni bSl-tsO'-nS. 

Bemba(L.) b6m'-ba. 

Bembesi b&n-bS'-ze. 

Benaiah b6-nfi'-y&. 

BenalcazaTi see Velalcazar bSrnal-k&'-th&r. 

BenareSi see Banaias . . b&-na'-rSz. 

Benbow (Admiral) . . . bSn'-bO. 

Bendavid bgn-da'-fld. 

Bender-Abbasy or . . . bgn'-dSr^b'-bas. 

Bender Abbasi . . . ben'-dfir-ab-bSrse'. 

Benedetto da Majano . . bfi-na-dat'-t5 da m&-y&'HiG. 

Benedidte bfin-S-dis'-I-te. 

Beneke bfi'-ne-kfi. 

Benevento b6n-&-v6n'-t6. It 


Bengal b&x-gdl. 

Ben^ ben-g6-lS'. 

Benguela bSng-gS'-la. 

Ben-hadad bfin-hs'-did. 

Benicia bg-n&hM-a. 

Beni-Mansur • • . . bSrne-m&n-eoor'. 

Benin bS-n€n^ 


Ben Ledi b6n I6d'-I. 

Ben Nevis bennfiv'-Is. 

Bennigsen ben'-nIg-B8n. 

Benott b»-nwr. 

Ben-oni bSn-G'-nl. 

Bentbam ben'-tham, bSn'-tam. 

Bentinck b6n'-tlngk. 

Bentivoglio b6n-te-v6r-y5. 

BentEon, Th6o4ore . . t5r5-d5r' bdAt-zdA'. 

Benue» see Binue . . . bSn-wS'. 

Benvenuto Cellini . . . b&n-vfi-n6o'-t5 ch61-te'.n6. 

BenVorlich b8nvdr'-B6h. 

Beowulf b&'-5-w6&lf , bS'-5-w661f . 

Berabra, see Baxabra . . b6-r&'-br&. 

B6ianger|de da bfi-r&!i-ashfi^ 

Berar bflrrfir'. 

Berat bfirr&t'. 

Berber ber'-b€r. 

Berbera ber-b&'-rft. 

Beiceo, Gonzalo de . . gSn-tha'-lO d& bftr-th&'-O. 

Berchem, see Beighem . b&r6h'-h6m. 

Beiea b6-r6'-a. 

Berengaiia bSr-^n-g&rM-a, 


Berengarius b&r-^n-g&r'-I-tts. 

B£ienger b&-r6A-zh&'. 

Berenice bSr-^nl^Hse. 

Birfoice , b&-r&-nSB\ 

Beresford b6r'.*s-fiird. 

Beresfaia, or Berezina . . b&r*S-ze^nfi. 

Bergami, Bartolomeo . . bar'-t0-l6-infi'-0 Ubr^-ga-mS. 

Bergamo b&r'-garmO. 

Bergen-op-Zoom . • . b6r'-*h6n-6p-z6m'. 

Bergerac, Cyrano de . . 8lr-arn5' dtL berzh-r2k\ 

Beighemy see Berchem . ber6h'-hSm. 

BergsS b6rg'-s§. 

Beigsoni Henri .... d]&-r5' b&rg-sfiA'. 


Beffaanvor b§r'-am-poor. 

Bering, see Bebring . . b&'-ilzig, or bS'-ring. han. 


BMot bfirr&^'. 

Berkeley b^rk'-O, b&rk'-ll. 

BerHchingen, G8tz von . gets f An bSr'-lIAh-Ing-^n. 

Beriin bSr-Bn'. (kr. ber-l§n\ 

BerUner Tag^blatt . . . b&r-te'-ner t&'-gSrbl&t. 

Berfioz bfiM^yAz'. 

Bennootfaes bSr-moo'-fhfe. 

Bermudas bSr-ma'-daz. 

Benii see Berne . . • b&n. Qer. b6m. 

Bemadotte b&'-nardSt. Fr. bSi^nfirdSt'. 

Bernard b&'nard, bSr-nard'. Fr. 


Bemardin de St Pierre . ber-n&r-d&A'dii8UipS"&r'. 

Bemardine b&'-n&r-dln. 

Bernardo del Carpio . . bfir-n&r'-do d61 kir'-p6*0. 

Bemei see Bern . . . b6ni. Fv* b6m. 

Bernese b&^-nS8^ b6r-nSz'. 

Bernhardi b&m-h&r'-dS. 

Bernhardt, Sarah . . . sa'-ra b€rn'-h&rt. Ft. 

8arr&' b&r-n&r'. 

Bemice bS>nI'-B5. 

Bemhii b6r-ne'-n6. 

Bemoalli, or Bemooilli . b8r-noo'-yS. 

Bemson, Bernhardt . . bAm'-h&rt b&m'-sOn. 

Bemstorff bAms'-t6rf . 

Berri, or Berry • • . . b8r'-I. Fr. b8r-r©'. 

Berroguete . . • . . bSr-oo-g&'-tfi. 

Bertha Oer. b&r'-t&. 

Berthelot b6r"t6-l5'. 

Berthier bSr-tS-ft'. 

BerthoUet b6r-t6-lA'. 

Bertfai bSr-tUi'. 

Bertrand b6r-tr&&^ 

Bertucdo bAr-td6ch'-9. 


Berwick bfir'-Ik. 

BerzeliuB bSr-ze'-H-tks. Suh 


Besangon b6-zaii-s6li'. 

Besant (Walter) • • . bgs'-ant. 

Besant (Axmie) • • • • bgz'-ant. 

Besnard bSs-nar^. 

Bessaraba bes-a'-ra-bft. 

Bessarabia bSs-a-ra'-bl-a. 

Bessidres bfis^«&r^ 

BetelgeuX|Or • • • • bgt-el-g6^ 

Betelgeuze b6t>^l-g@z^ 

Betelguese b6t>-61-gez^ bfit'-ei-gSSi 

or -g§8. 

Bethabaia beth-&b'-a-ra. 

Befliesda b6-thez'-da, bS-thSs'-da. 

Befhincourt bfi-tftft-koor'. 

Befhlehem bethMS-6in, bgth'-l&-hem. 

Bethmann-Hollweg . . bat'-man h8r-v&6h. 

Betfapeor beth-pS'-dr. 

Betbphage beth'-fa-je, beth'-faj. 

Bethsaida beth-sa'-I-da, b6th-s&'-da. 

Befhuel b&-tha'-«l. 

Bethune b&-than^ 

Bithune bfirtOn'. 

Bettina von Amim . . . bgt-tS'-n& f Sn ar'-idm. 

Bettws-y-<;oed . . • . b6t'-us-e-k5'-6d. 

Beulah bu'-la, be-a'-la. 

Beust, von fSn boist. 

Bevis be'-vis. 

Bewick bQ'-Ik. 

Bey ba. 

Beyle bsl. 

Beyle, Henri ..... dA-rS' bSl. 

Beyme, yon ffinbl'-mii. 

Beyrout, see Baimti Beirut ba'-root. TurA;. bf-root. 

Beza b@'-za. 


Bezaleel bS-zSl'-^^L 

Bize, or Besze .... bSz. 

Bfeiers bS-z&=&'. 

Bhagalpur, see Bogl^oor . bhflrg&l-poor^ bdg-^l-poor'. 

Bhagavadgita .... bh&''-g&-vlUl-ge'-ta. 

Bhagavatapurana . . . bh&'-ga-v&-ta^poo-ra'-D&. 

Bhartpur, see Bhurtpore . bhiirt-poor'. 

Bhawalpur bha'-wal-poor. 

BheelyOrBhil .... bel. 

Bhopal bh6-pdr. 

Bhurtpore, see Bhartpur . bhgrlrp&r'. 

Biafra be-a'-fr&. 

Biagrassa b&4irgras'H9&. 

Bianca Capello .... b6^aii'-k& kSrpSlMO. 

Bianchi b^an'-kS. 

Blarxilz b&^i^rets'. 

Bias ....... bl'-as. 

Bibbiena bel>-b&-&'-n&. 

Biblical bIb'-II-kl. 

Biblioth&que Nationale . beb-l&-5-tek' n&hl=5-nfil'. 

Bicester bls'-tSr. 

Bichat b&Hsha'. 

Bicor b&-kflr'. 

Bidassoa b^as-B6'-&. 

Biddeford (Me.) . . . bId'-«-f5rd. 

Bideford (Eng.) .... bId'-6-fOrd. 

Biela be'-la. 

Bierstadt bSr'-stat. 

Bigelbw blg'-l5. 

Bigod big'-dd. 

Bihac be'-h&6h. 

Bihar, see Bahar, Behar . bI-ha^^ 

Bikspoor, see Belaspoor . b^lds-poor'. 

Billardidre b&-y£Lr-d&=ftr'. 

Billot (Gen.) b5-y5'. 

Bimani, or b&-m§rnS'. 

Bimini b^mS-nS'. 


Bingen Ung'-^n. 

Biondi b&«n'-<le. 

Binondo b^n8n'-dO. 

Binue, see Benue • • . bln'-w6. 

Biot bWi'. 

Birejik beivg-jW- 

Birmingham ber'-mlng-am. 

Birnam ber'-nam. 

Binm blr'-«n. Fr. b5-r6ft'. 

Bisayaa be-e&'-yfis. 

Bismarck, or Bismarck- 

SchSnhausen .... biz'-mark shen'-how-zfin. 

Bifliyiiia bI-tUn'-I=a. 

Bitolj b6-tflr=yil. 

Biton ...;... br-t5n. 

Bivar, Rodrigo de . . . rOd-rS'-gO dft b^-bar'. 

Bizet b&-za'. 

BjSmsoiiy BjSmstjeme . beF=em'-Bhftr-ntib&€m'-68n. 

Blackstone bl&k'Hstiin. 

Blaise blSa. 

Blanc blaA. 

Blanchaid bliAHsh&r'. 

Blanche bl&nch. Fr.blfiAah. 

Blanco bl&n'-k5. 

Blandamour blan'-darmoor. 

Blanqui blM-kS'. 

Blasius bl&'-d-tis. 

Blavatsky bUirvat'-Bkl. 

Blaze de Bury .... bl&z dtt b(i-r6^ 

B16neau blA-n(V'. 

Blenheim, see Blindheim bl8n'-hn. 

Blida,Blidah .... ble'-d&. 

Bliffl bll'-ffl. 

Blind Oer. bllnt. 

Blindheim, see Blenheim Oer. bllnt'-hlm. 

Bloemaert bloo'-m&rt. 

Bloemen bloo'-mfin. 


Bloemfontein . • • • bloom'-f6n-tin. 

Blois blw&. 

Bloomfield-Zeisler • • • bloom'-fSld-t^'-lfir. 

Blouet bloo-a^ 

Blomtz bl5'-vlt8. 

Blficher bl^'-k8r. Oer. hW-HtOt. 

Blmn bloom. 

Bhsmenbach bloo'-m&n-b&dh. 

Bhimenthal bloo'-mfin-tfiL 

Blyfhe Eng. bll. 

B'nai B'rilli b'-nftbrlth. 

Boabdelin bO^b'-dS-OiL 

Boabdil bO-&b-del'. 

Boadicea bO-ardlnsS'-a. 

Boanerges bO-a-n(ii^-jS8. 

Boas b5'-&9. 

Boaz b6'-ftz. 

Bobadil bSb'-ardll. 

BobadUla bO-bardgl'-y&. 

Boboli b6'-b0-le. 

Boca Chica b5'-ka chS'-ka. 

Boca del Diago .... b5'-k& d81 dra'-gO. 

Boca del Sieipe .... b5'-k§ del sS-«r'-p&. 

Boccaccio bSk-kach'-5. 

Boccardo bfik-Mr'-dO. 

Bocchezini bSk-kfi-rS'-nS. 

Boche bfisb 

B5ckfa b€k. 

Bdcldng b€k'-{ng. 

BScklin befk'-l6n. 

Bode b5'-dtl. 

Bodin b5-dSA'. 

Bodleian bdd-Ie'-an, b5dM&-an. 

Boece b5-es'y bois. 

Boehm b§m. 

Boellmann b^'-m&n. 

Boeotia be-5'-fiha. 


Boeotian b6-5'H3han. 

Boer boor. 

Boeiliaaye b6r'-hav. D. boor^-hft-vi. 

Boetfaius b5-€'-thI-tis. 

Bogdanovitch .... bSg-da-nO'-vIch. 

BogUpoor, see Bhaga^mr . b^g-lI-p^o^^ 

Bogoti bO-gO-ta'. 

Bogra b5g-ra^ 

Bohemond, Bohemund . bO'-hS-milnd. 

Bohio b5.yO'. 

BShme be'-mtl. 

Bohol, see Sp. Bojol • . b5-h0r. 

Bohun bo'-iin. 

Boiardo, Bojaxdo . . . bO-y&r'-dd. 

Boiadieu bwSF=gl-d§=a'. 

Bou bO'-M. 

Boileau-Despriaux . . bwa^I5'-da-p^ar5^ 

Bois de Boulogne . . . bw& dH boo-l5n'=3r(i. 

BoisdefEre bward6fr^ 

Bois de Vincennes . . . bwa dii vMnsSn'. 

Boise (Montana) . . • boi'-zS. 

Bois Gtiilbert .... bw&g^I-bAr'. 

Boisrobert bwa^rG-b&r'. 

Boito b5-€'-t5. 

Bojador (Cape) .... bdj-a-ddr'. 

Bojer bd'-y6r. 

Bojol, see Bohol . . . bO-hSF. 
Bokhara, see Bukhara, Bu- 

charia b6k-ha'*r&, b5-6h&'-r&. 

Boldini bGl-de'-ne. 

Boleyn, or Bellen . . . bd6r-^n. 

Bolingbroke b5l'-Ing-brd6k. 

Bolivar Sp. b5-lS'-var. 

Bologna b5-10n'-ya. 

Bolognese b5-l5n-yes^ b5-l5n-yez'. 

Bolsena bfilnsa'-na. 

Bolshevik bdr-eh&-vek. 



Bolshevist bSI^HshS-vist. 

Bolshevism bSr-shS-^^tzm. 

Bolsover (Castle) . . • bflrnaO-vgr, bow'-z6r. 

Bombastes Furioso . . b5m-b&3'-t@z ftl-il-5'-s5. 

Bom Jesus . . • Port, bfin 2hS'-zd6eh. 

Bonaca, or Bonacca . . b5n-Ak'-k&. 

Bonadeux bO-narfi&=@\ 

Bonalde, Pfoez .... pE'-rSs bO-nfil'-dft. 

BonaparteySeeBuoni^arte bC'-narpart. It. 


Bonapartist b5'-narp&rt'-Ist. 

Bonaventuni bO'-narvfin-too'-riL 

Bond bCn'-chS. 

Bonheur b8n-6r'. 

Bonhomme Ridiaid . . bdn-6m' r&Hshftr^. 

Boniface bdnM-fSs. 

Bonifado b&-n&-f&'-ch5. 

Bonn bdn. Oer. bSn. 

Bonnat b^Drna^ 

Bonnivard bfi-nS-vfir'. 

Bonnivet ...... b0-n&-vE'. 

Bonondni, see Buonondni b6n-5n-ch8'-n6. 

Bonpland bdA-pla&'. 

Bon Sildne b6ii 8e-lSn^ 

Bontemps bdii-t6A\ 

Bony Fr. b5-n5'. 

Boomplaats bCm'-plats. 

BoStes b&-5'-t§z. 

Booth booth. 

Boradiio b5-ra'-chSp=5, bG-r&'-chO. 

Bordeaux b6r-d5^ 

Bordereau (The) . . . b5F=d^rO'. 

Bordone b6iKl5'-n8. 

Boreas bC'-rS-as. 

Borghese b5r-g&'-<z6. 


Borgia b6r'-jft. 

Borgo b6r'-g5. 

Borneo bdr'-n5-5. 

Borodin bO-r5-dSn'. 

Borodino b5r-5-dS'-n5. 

Borrioboola-gha . • . b5r^-I-o-bdo'-lirgft'. 

Borromean (Is.) • • • bdr-O-me'-an. 

Borromie bSr-r6-m&'. 

Borromeo bdr-r5-mfi'-5. 

Borromini b8r-r5-mS'-n6. 

Bosanquet bO'^z&n-kSt. 

Bosboom bfiB'-b5m. 

Boscawen (Admiral) . • bfie'-karwfin. 

Boscobel bfiB'-k5-bei. 

Boslurf bte'-hdf. 

Bosna-Serai bfiB''-n§r6B-rI^ 

Bosnia b5z'-id-&. 

Bosphorus, or .... bfis'-f^-rfis. 

Bosporus bfiB'-p5-rtt8. 

Bossuet b&H3a=&^ 

Boston bfie'-tOn, bds'-tfin. 

Boswall b6z'-wSl. 

Botetourt b5t'-&-toort. 

Botha (Gen.) .... b5'-t&. 

BoliiweU bdth'-wgl, bSCh'-wSl. 

Botolph (St) bO-t5r , b5'-t61f. 

Botticelli bdt-te-chSl'-l8, 

b8t-teH3h6r-l6 ^ 

Boturini Benadud . . . bMoo-re'-nSbariiarddo'-chS. 

Botzaris, see Bozzaris . bOt^Hs^U-rSSi pop. b5-z&r'-Is. 

BotzeUiBozen .... bSts'-Sn. 

Boucher de Perthes . . boo-sha' dii p&rt^ 

Boudcault boo'H9§-k5. 

Boudinot boo'-dI-n6t. 

Boufflers boo-fl&r'. 

Bougainville boo-g&A-vSr. 

Bouguereau bdog-r5'i boo-g6r==5' 


Bouilli bdo-y&\ 

Booahm bdo-y6fL^ b^ol-y^A^ 

BoolainvilUeni .... boo-UUi-y&-y&'. 

Boulak, see Bulak . • . boo-lak^ 

Boolanger b^o-lfiA-zh&^ 

Bouleviird des Italiens . bool-v&r' dfi z&-tfil-&=^ti'. 

Bovilogiie, Of b^o-l5n^ Fr. bdo-l5n'=y11. 

Boulogne-sur-Mer . • . boo-IOn'-sUr-mftr'. 

Bourbon boor'-biin. Fr. boor-bdti\ 

Bouibon (B^entacky) . . pap, ber'-biin. 

Bourbon PArchambault . b^r-b6A' larH3h&m-b5^ 

Bourdaloue boor-dfirloo'. 

Bourdon boor-dAA'. 

Bouigeois (Sir Francis) . btb*-joiB^ 

Bouigeois (Frangois) . . b^or-zhw&^ 

Bouigeois Gentilbommey Le te bdoi^zhw&' zhAA-t81-6m'. 

Bourges boorzh. 

Bouiget, Paul . . . . p5l b^or-zhft^ 

Bourgogne boor-g&n'=ytt. 

Bourrienne, de . . . . dii boo-rS-fin^ 

Bourse, La la boors. 

Boutet de Monvel . . . boo-tfi' dH mdA-vSr. 

Bouvier b66-v6r'. Fr. b66-v&=5'. 

BouTines, see Bovines . boo-vSn^ 

Bovary, Madame . . . mard&m' b&-v&-T@'. 

BoTines, see Bouvines . b6-vSn'. 

Bowditch bow'-dlch. 

Bowdoin ...... b5'-dn. 

Bowring bow'-rlng. 

Boyadl b5-ySrkfi'. 

Boyesen boi'-&«Sn. 

Boylesve, Reni .... re-n&' bwSrlav'. 

Boz bdz. 

Bozzaris, see Botzaris . bOt^Hs^-res, pop. b5-z&r'-Is. 

Braban^nne, La ... la br&-b&ftHs8n^ 

Brabant bra-b&nt', bra'-bant. Fr. 



Brabant (Gen.) .... br&'-b&nt. 

Bxabantio br&-b&n'-6hl=5. 

Bxacdano brach-^'-n5. 

Biadlaug^ br&d'-Id. 

Bracdo da Montone . . brach'-5 da m8n-tO'-n6. 

Bradwardine brftdW&r-dln. 

BiBganga br&-g&n'-Ba. 

Biaganza brarg&n'-z&. 

Biagelonne br&zh=6-lSn\ 

Braham • br&'-am. 

BiaheyTycbo • . • . tl'-k& br& or briL Dan. 


Bxahma bril'-m&. 

Brahman bra'-man. 

Bxahmaputra .... br&-ina-poo'-tra. 
Brahmasamajy aee Brah- 

moaomaj br&'-m&-fla-m&]'. 

Brahmin br&'-mln. 

Brahminism bra'-mln-Izm. 

Brahmosomajy aee Brah- 

masamaj br&'-m&«G-m8j'. 

Brahma britmz. 

Braila bra-e'-la. 

Bramante br&-mlLn'-tS. 

Brandegee br&n'-d6-g6. 

Brandeia br&n'-dls. 

Brandenburg br&n'-dSn-boor^h. 

BrandeSy Georg .... y^itW bran'-dfis. 

Branidd br&n=yIt'H9kS. 

Brant6me braA-t5m'. 

Brasenose (ColL) . • . br&z'-n5z. 

Braaaington bras'-n. 

Brauwer, aee Brouwer . brow'-8r. 

Bravo br&'-v5. 

BraziL Sp.Bnudl . . . br&-^'. PorL htirilSi! . 

Brazoa bra'-zOs. 

Brazza br&t'-«&. 


Breadalbane brBd-Al'-bftn. 

Bribeuf brft-b§f'. 

Breda D. brSrd&'. 

Bredeiode br&'-da-rO'-d6. 

Bregenz b^&-g$nt8^ 

Breisgau brfo'-gow. 

Bieitenfeld bri'-ten-fSlt. 

Breitmann, Hans • . . h&nts brlt'-m&n. 

Bremai Marie .... marr^' brft'-m&. 

Bremen brfim'-8n. Oer. brfi'-mSn. 

Bremer (Frederika) . . br&n'-@r. Sw. brim'-fir. 

Bremeriiafen, or . . . br&'-mer-h&'-fSn. 

Bremeriiaven .... brSm'-3r-hft'-v6n. 

Brentano brBn-ta^^D5. 

Brera br&'-r&. 

Brescia brfi'-fih&. 

Breshkovskaya (-ia) . . brSsh-kfif nakfiryft. 

Breslau brSsMow, brSsMO. 

Brest brfist 

Brest-LitDVsk .... brest-le-tofsk'. 

Bretagne br&-t&n'=^. 

Breteuil br6-t6'=ytl. 

Bretigny brS-tSn-yS'. 

Bretan (Ct^) .... briVftn, brfit'-&i. 

Breton^ Jules .... zhtil bI^t^A^ 

Breug}iel br6'-6hSl. 

Brian Borohma^ Boroihmef 

or Boru bri'-an b6-r5'-m&, b5-roo'. 

Briance br&4ui'-ch£. 

Brian^n br&-&&H3dA'. 

Briand bre-a&'. 

Brian de Bois Gnilbert . br5-aii' dS bw& gSl-b&r'. 

Briareos bif-a'-r^-tiSy brl'-firrOs. 

Bridlington b^r'-Ung-tOn. 

Brie brS. 

Briel brSL 

Brienzy fidouard • . . Srdoo-ar' brM'. 


Brigtillielmstone, Brifl^ton bri'-tiin. 

Bxi^oli br6n-y5'-l6. 

Brihuega br6-w&'-g&. 

Bril bril. 

BiUesstts brl-lSs'-tts. 

Brillant br&-y&&'. 

Brillat-Samin .... bi^y&' sfirvfirrSft'. 

Brindisi bi«n'-d§-zg. 

Brinvimeni brSA-vSl-yft'. 

Biiseis bri-se'-ls. 

Brissot de Warvffle . . br6-fl5' dii v&r-v81'. 

Britannia bri-t&n'-l-a. 

BritomartfOrBritomartis . bilt'-d-mart, biIt-&-in&^-^. 

Biobdingnag br6b'-dlng-n&g. [-na'-jl-ftz^ 

Brobdingnagian .... br6b-dIng-nSg'-I-&n, 

Brody br5-d6'. 

Broek brook. 

Bioglie,de diibrtg-te Fr. dtl bidg-l5'. 

Broke (Sir Philip) . . . brd6k. 

Bromley brtLm'-H. 

Bronte br6n't§, brfin'-tS. 

Brougli brOf. 

Brougham broo'-am, broom, brO'-am. 

SC' broo6h'-am. 

Brottghton (Hug^ & Thos.) br6'-tiin. 

Brottghton (Rhoda) . . brow'-tftn. 

Brougniart broon-6=a^^ 

Brouwer, see Brauwer . brow'-gr. 

Brown-Siquard .... brown-s&-k&r'. 

Bruch brd66h. 

Brueys brtt-&'. 

Bruges broo'-jgz. Fr. brOzh. 

Brugsch Bey brooksh, or broosh ba. 

Brfihl brill. 

Bruis, see Bruys . • • brli-6^ 

Brumaire brtt-mAr'. 

Brummell brOm'-Sl. 


Bronehattt briin-A=&'. 

Brunefaild broo'-nil-hflt. 

Brunehilde, see Bronliild broo'-nii-*hII'-dii. 

Bninelleschi broo'^-nSl-lte'-kS. 

Bnineti&re briln-te=&r'. 

Brunetto Latini .... broa-nat'-t6 l&-t6'-nS. 

Brunhfld, see Bnmebild . broon'-hllt. 

Bnudiilde broon-hll^-dtL 

BrOnig brQ'.nI6h. 

Brunn brlin. 

Bruno broo'-n5. 

Bnsnswick-Wolf enbattel . brtez'-wIk-vSr-fBi^bQtr481. 

Brussiloff (-ov) .... broo-sSMfif . 

Brut broot. 

Bruxelles brOaH961^ brOks-Sl'* 

Bruycker, Jules de • . zhQl d€ broi'-kfir. 

BruySy see Bruis . . . brii-e'. 

Biydges bilj'-£z. 

Bryn Mawr (Pa.) . . . pop. biln mfir'. 

Bryn Mawr (Wales) . . brtin-mowr'. 

Bucdeus^ btt-klQ'. 

Bucentaur bQ-sBn'-tdr. 

Bucephalus btl-sef'-arltis. 

Bucer, see Butzer . . . bQ^Hsgr. 

Bucfay von fSn bdo6h. 

Buchanan b(ik-&n'-An, bQ-kSn'-ftn. 

Bucharest, see Bukhaiest boo-kariSst^ bQ-ka-rBst'. 

Buchaiia, see Bokfaaxa . btl-k&'-rl-a. 

Biichner btldh'-ii6r. 

Bnckingham bOk'-Ing-am. 

Bucolics bfL-kdr-Iks. 

Buczacz bd6ch'-&ch. 

BudaPesth bfl'-da^p6st. Hung. 


Budann boo-dSroon'. 

Buddha bd6d'-a, bdo'-d&, bttd'-a. 

Buddhist bd6d'-!st, b6od'-!st, bfid'-bt 


Buddism bd6d'-Izmy bood'-Izmi 


Budwds bd6d'-vls. 

BuenaVista bQ'-na vte'-ta. 8p. 

bwa'-na vfa'-tft. 

BuenAyre bwfinf-rft. 

Buencamino bwfiii-kSrmS'-n5. 

Buenos Aires .... b5'-ntis &'-ilz. Sp. 

bw5'-n08 1'-rBs. 

Buffon bttf'-On. Fr. btif^A'. 

Bogeaud de la Piconnerie ba-zh5' dfi la p6-kSn=S-r6'. 

Bugjaigal bOg zhar-gfil'. 

Buitenzorg boi'-tSn-z6rk. 

Bukhara, see BoUiaia, Bu- 

charia bdo-6h&'-r&. 

BuUiaiest, see Bucharest boo-ka-r6st^ ba-kft-r6st'. 

Bukowina boo-kO-vS'-ii&. 

Bulacan boo-lfirk&n^ 

Bulak, see Boulak . . . boo-l&k\ 

Bulawayoy see Buluwayo . bdo-l&-wft'-y5. 

Bulgaria bd61-gfi'il-a. 

Bulleuy see Boleyn . . . bd6r-Sn. 

BuUer (Gen.) .... bd6r-er. [baMSv* 

Biilowy Hans von . . . h&nts fftn ba'-l5. Oer. 

Bultfonteln bUt'-fdn-tln. 

Buhiwayo, see Bulawayo . bdo-loo-wa'-y5. 

BundelcundyBundelkhand bfln-del-kand', 


Bundesratti bdbn'-d&hr&t. 

Bunsen biin'-sBn. Oer. bd6n'-flBn. 

Bunwool biin'-wd61. 

Buola boo-0'-l&. 

BuonafMtfte, see Bonaparte boo=0n-&-p&r'-t8. 

Buonarroti bd&=5n-lu--r0'-t8. 

Buonondniy see Bonondni bd&=5n-5n-ch@'-n6. 

Buonsignoii bdo=5n'-6Sn-y5'-r6. 

Burano bdo-r&'-n5. 

BUSBON 06 btzakhum 

Buibon ber'-bun. 

Buxdett-Coutts .... ber-dSt'-koots'. 

Burdwan, tee Bardwan . btlrd-wan^ 

Burgdoif boorg'-ddrf. 

Biiiger btbrg'-Sr. 

Burgh, Hubert de . . . htl'-bert dS bbg or 

Burghley, see Burleigh • biir'-II. 

Burgkmair boork'-mlr. 

Burgos boor'-gOs. 

Burgundy biir'-gtLn-dl. 

Burleigh, see Buri^y . biir'-U. 

Burleson ber'-lfi-siin. 

Burrhus, or Burrus . . biir'-tts. 

Burscfaenschaft .... boor'-ehfin-eh&ft 

Bury, Blaze de . . . . bl&z dil btl-r6'. 

Busento boo-8Sn'-t6. 

Busfairi Un Salim . • . bdo-she'-r6 bin s&-lem'. 

Busiris bQ-sI -ils. 

Bussorah, see Basra . . bOs'-B^-ra. 

Busuanga booHSwftng'-ga. 

Bussy-Rabutin .... btis-e'-ra-bil-taA'. 

Bustamante boo&-ta-m&n'-tfi. 

Bustee btis'-te. 

Butauan boo-tar=oo-&n'. 

Buteshire bQt'Hshlr. 

Butte bat. 

Buttes de Chaumont . . but d(^ sh&-m6ft\ 

Buturlin bdo-toor-l6n'. 

Butzer, see Bucer . . . boot'-zSr. 

BuzhSwden books-h€v'-d8n. 

Byblis blb'-Hs. 

Byelostok b-yS-lSB-tSk'. 

^rsshe bish. 

Byzantian bi-zftn'-shl-an. 

]^rzantine bl-z&n'-tln, biz'-an-tin, 


Byzantium bl-z&n'-fihl-Om. 


Caaba, aee Kaaba . . • kft'-ba, k£'-arba. 

Cabal kSrhSl'. 

Cabala, see Kabbala . . k&b'-a-la. 

Caballero, Fernan . . . f&r-n&n' kft-bfil-y&'-rO. 

Caballoa kSrbfil'-y5s. 

Cabanagem ka-bfirn&'-zhSm. 

Cabafias karb&n'-y&9. 

Cabanel ka-bfimSr. 

Cabanilla karbSroSl'-yft. 

Cabania ka-b§rii^'. 

CabanoB ka-ba'-nfis. 

Cabatoan karb&-too-aii\ 

Cabazera karba-th&'-r^. 

Cabega de Vaca, see Cabeza karb&'-tha d& b&^kft. 

Cabell ....... k&'-bei. 

Cabet kdrba'. 

Cabeza de Vaca, see Cabeza k&-b&'-th& dft b&'-k&. 

Cabezas kfirb&'-thSs. 

Cabiao k^b&-&'=5. 

Cabiria ka-be'-il-a. 

CaboRojo kS.'-b6 rO'6h5. 

Cabot k&b'-5t. 

Cabral kSrbr&l'. 

Cabrera kft-brft'-nl. 

Cabttl, see Kabul . . . kSrboor. 

Cacama ...... ka'-k§rin&. 

CAceres ka'-th&-r6s. 

Cadena kdrda'-n&. 

Cadenus kft-dS'-nfls. 

Cadeiousse kad-roos^ 

Cadillac kAd'-U-&k. Fr. k&Kl&-y&k'. 

Cadiz k&'-dlz. /Sp. kA'-deth. 

Cadmean k£d-m6'-an. 

Cadoma kSrdar'-nlL. 

Ca' d'Oro ka d5'-r0. 


Cadoodal kft-doo-dfil'. 

Cadwalader k&d-w&l'-ap<l3r. 

Caedmon k&d'-m6n, kSd'-mSiL 

Caelian se'-H-an. 

Caen kM. 

Caerleon kaivlS'-dn. 

Caernarvon, see Caniarvon kllr-nar'-vfin. 

Caesalpinus sfift-ftl-pl'-nfls. 

Caesarea B^B-Sri^'-k, sSz-a-rS'-ft. 

Caesarian, see Cesarian . sS-z&'-iI-An. 

Caesarion se-zfi'-rl-^n. 

Caffarelli kaf-fiki«l'-le. 

CafEre, see Kaffir . • . k&f'-6r. 

Cagayan kargary&n^ 

Cagliari kSl-y&'-rS. 

Cagliostio kfil-y06'-tr5. Fr. kary5-tr5^ 

Cagnes kan'=ytl. 

Caguas ka'-gwfis. 

Cahors kfir5r'. 

Cahuenga kft-wSng'-ga. 

Caiaphas kH-yarfas, kl'-a-fas. 

Caibarien ...... kaF^b&^r5==&ii. 

Caicos, see Caycos . . kl'-kOs. Sp. kfi'=6-k06. 

Caillott, Le lSkaF=&-yoo^ 

Cafllebotte . . . • . k&=6-y«-b8t'. 

Caimaneni k&=6-m&-n&'-r&« 

Caknanes kar=&-m&'-xifi8. 

Qa ira 8& S-ra\ 

Cairo (Egypt) .... ]d'-r5. 

Cairo (U. S.) ka'-i<^. 

Caius Cestitts .... kfi'-yds sSst'-l^ds. 

Caius (College) .... kSz, kSs. 

Cajetan, or k&j'-g-t&n. 

Cajetano, or It. kSry&-t&'-n(V. 

Cajetanos k&j-S-t&'-ntis. 

Cajigal kSr«he-gal'. 

Calabar kfil-arbar', kSrUrbSr'. 


Calabria k&-l&'-bii<^. 

Calais kfil'-Is. Fr.Uri&\ 

Calajan karlarh&n'. 

Calaine kSrlam'. 

Calaxnianes k&'^-lar-m&-a'-n6s. 

Calaveras kfil-^va'-ras, karl&-y&'-ra8. 

Calayan k&-lfiryan'. 

Calclias kfil'-kas. 

Caldeiari kal-da-ra'-rS. 

Caldeion kfil'-dSr«6n. Sp. 


Caldercm de la Baxca . . kfil'-dgr-6n dil la bar'-ka. 

Sp. kal-dSrrOn' dfi 1& 


Caldieio k&l-d§-a'-rO. 

Calgaiy ka'-gar-I. 

Caliban kSl'-I-b&n. 

Calif , see CaUph, Khalif . kfi'-lif. 

Caligula kSrllg'-a-la. 

Caliph, see Calif , Ehalif . ka'-llf. 

Callao kal4&'-5, kal-jra'-O, pop. 


Calle Obispo k&l'-y6 5-b66'-p5. 

Callias kfil'-I-Ss. 

Callicrates kS14Ik'-rartez. 

Callimachus kfil-Um'-a-kOs. 

Calliope kSl-lI'-5-p6. 

CallixriioS kfil-JIr'-O-g. 

Callistlieiies kSl-fls'-the-nes. 

Callisto k&l-lXs'-t5. 

Callistiatas kSl-Us'-trarttis. 

Callot kSrlO'. 

CalmaTi see Kalmar . . kfil'-mar. 

Calne k6n. 

Calpuxnia kfil-p^r'-nl-a. 

Caltagiroiie kfil-tarj^rO'-n&. 

Caltanissetta k&l''-tarn&^t'-t&. 


Calumet kSl'-a-mSt. 

Calvados kal-va^58'. 

Calvart, Catvaert . . . k&l'-v&rt. Fr. k&l-v&r'. 

Calv6 kfil-v&'. 

Calvoi Baldassare . . . bSl-dSrs&'-ie k&l'-v5. 

Calydon kfilM-d6n. 

Calypso k2rUp'-fl5. 

Camacho ka-m&'-chS. 

Camaguey kSrm&^fi'^^. 

CamanchOi see Comanche kSrm&n'-che. 

Ciman (Admiral) . . . ka'-ml^ra. 

Camaialzaman .... k&m-arr&l'-zarm&n. 

Cambacetis kM-bSr6^^e8^ 

CamtMiy kfim-bfi^ 

Cambert k&A-b&r'. 

Cambon, Jules .... zhOl kfiA-b6A'. 

Cambral (-biay) . . . kSm-br&. Fr. ]dUi-br&^ 

Cambria kfim'-bii-&. 

Cambnmne kaii-br5n'. 

Camlmscan k&m-bOs-k&n', 


Cambyses kSm-br-sez. 

Camelot k&m'-64at. 

Cameiaiius karma-ra'-r&-oo8. 

Cameroon, see Kamerun . k&m*§r-oon', kHrmfi-roon'. 

Camille Isk-mhV. 

Camillo It. kfirmn'-lo. Sp. 


Caminha karmSn'-y&. 

Camino Real karmS'-nO rSnal'. 

Camisards k&m'-I-z&rdz. 

CamoenSiOr kfim'-G-Bns. 

CamSes Port. kSrmdA'-esh. 

Camorra y^mOr'-r&. 

Campagna di Roma . . kam-p&n'-y& d6 r5^-m&. 

Campan kaIi-p&(i^ 

Campanini kam-pfirnS'-ne. 


Campaspe k&m-p&s'-pS. 

Campbell k&m'-bei. Sc. k&m'<^L 

Campeadori El .... al k&m'^-pa-firdOr'. 

Campeachyt or Campeche k&m-pS'-chl, kam-p&'-cli&. 

Campeggio kam-p6j'-0. 

Camperdown .... k&m-per-down'. 

Campo Fonnido . • . kam'p5 fOr-mS'-dO. 

Campo Formio .... k&m'-p5 fOr'-mS-O. 

Casnpo Santo .... kam'-p5 Ban'-t5. 

Campos, Martfoez . . . mar-te'-nSth kSm'-pQs. 

Campus MartiuB . • . k&m^-ptbs mar'-shl-tbs. 

Camtoos kam-tOs', k&m-toos'. 

Canaan kfi'-nan, kfi'-nar&n. 

Canale, or Canaletto . . kSrn&'-lS, k§rnarULt'-t5. 

Canalizo karnSrle'-thO. 

CanariSy see Kanaris . . kSrn&'-ils. 

Cancaoi see Elang-Kao • kan-kow'. 

Cancelleria kSii''-ch61-l&-t«'-&. 

Candace k&n'-darsS. 

Candahar, see Kandahar . kan-dfirh&r^ k&n-darhar'. 

or Candehar .... kan-d5-hlu'^ k&n-dfi-har'. 

Candeish, see Khandesh . khan-dSsh^ 

Candide, ott POptimisme . kaQ-d6d'6olSp-t&-mS6'==mti. 

Candolle kM-dSr. 

Canea, see Khania . . k&-nS'-&. 

Caney, El filka'-n&. 

Can Grande kan gdln'-dft. 

Caniaius kl^ne'HseHls. 

Cannes k&n'-3. 

Cannes k&n. 

Canon, Hans .... hants k&'-nOn. 

Canoptts k&-nO'-ptb9. 

Canossa ka-nfis^Hsa. 

Canova ka-nO'-va. 

Clbiovas del Castillo . . ka'-n5-vfis dSl kas-tgl'-y5. 

Canrobert kaJ(i-r5-b&r^ 

Cantabrian (Mts.) . • . k&n-tfi'-bil-an. 


Cantacuzene k£n'^-tark11-zSn^ Or. 


Cantacuzenus .... k&n'^-tarkQ-se^-ntis. 

Cantal kfiA-tal'. 

Canto kan'-tG. 

Canton (China) .... k&n-t5n'. 

Canton (Ohio) .... kftn'-tiln. 

Cantfiy Cesare .... chfi'-zar-r8 k&n-too\ 

Canudi:, see Kanuck . . k&-ntik\ 

Canute, see Cnut . . . karntit^ 

Capaneus ka-pa'-nOs. 

Cape Breton br!t'-dn, br8t'«6n. 

Capel k&p'-el. 

Capella k&-p61Ma. 

Capelle, von fSn ka-pSr-a. 

Capello kSrp&lM5. 

Capernaum k&-p&'-n&-tim. 

Ciq^t kftp'-a, or kfi'-p6t. Ft. 


Capetian ka-pS'nahan. 

Cape Verdy or Verde . . kap v&rd. 

Ci^Haitien k&p fiF=6-8&^'. 

Capistrano k&-plH9tr&^-n5. 

Capitoline k£p'-l-t5*lln'. 

Capitolinus k£p-l-*t5-ll^-nfl8. 

Capiz kSrpeth'. 

Capo dlstria, or . . . k&'-p5 dSs'-trG-ft. 

Capodistrias ka-pO-d6s'-tr6-aa. 

Caponsacchi k&-p5n-Bak^-ke. 

Caporetto karp5-rfit'-t5. 

Cappadoda k&p-ard5'-fihl=i. 

CappellOy see Capello . . ka-pSlMo. 

Capreae k&'-pr&^. 

Caprera ka-pr&'-r&. 

Capii ........ ka'-prS. 

Capricomus k&p-il-kdr'-niis. 

Caprivii von fOn k&-prSW6« 


Capua kftp'-H-a. IL k&'-po&4. 

Capuchins k&p'-tl-cUiiz. 

Capttcines kS^pii-6Sn\ 

Capulet k&p^-a-iet. 

Capus, Alfred .... fil-f r6d' kft-pti^ 
Caiabag^, see Eara-Bagh| 

orKarabag^ .... kfirrarb&g'. 

Caiacalla kftr-arkftl'-a. 

Caiacallus kftr-arkftl'-tbs. 

Caracas Idirr&'-kfis. 

Caractacus k&r-&k^-tarkfis. 

Cara-Mustafa, see Kara 

Mustapha k&'-r& or k&-r&' rndSs'-tirf &. 

Caravaca karrarvH'-ka. 

Caravaggio kSrrarv&d'-jO. 

Carbonari kar-b^-n&'-rS. 

Carcassonne k&r-kasH96n'. 

Cirdenas kar'-dSrnas. 

Cardonnel k&r-dSn'-SL 

Carducd karKld6ch'-S. 

Cartme k&-rSm'. 

Carib k«r'-Ib. 

Caribbean kftr-I-bS'-an. 

Caribbees kftr'-I-bes. 

Carignan k&-ren-yU'. 

Carisbrooke k&r'-Ia-brd6k. 

Carl&i (Madame) . . . k&r-lfin'. 

CarlieTi Don Diego . . dOn d&^'-g5 k&r-laF=ftr'. 

Carlisle k&vUl'. 

Carlovingian» see Karlovin- 

gian k&r-l5-vln'-jl-an. 

CarlowitZy see Earlowitz . k&rM5-vIt8. 

Carlsbad, see Karlsbad . karlz^-b&t. 

Carlsruhe, see Karlsruhe k&rlz'-roo-ti. 

Carlyle kar-Ul'. 

Carmagnole, La .... 1& k&r-m&n-ySF. 

Camarvoui see Caernarvon kar-n&rW6n. 




CamavBl de Venise 
Carnegie . 

Caroltts Dunm 
Caipaccio . 
Caipeatix . 
CarpiOy Bernardo del 
Canacd, Agostino 
Carracd, Annibale 
Carranza . . . 

Carrefto, Teresa 
Carriire . . . 
Carriis, Jean 
Carrousel . . . 

Cartagena, see Carthagena 



Cartbagena, see Cartagena 



Cartier, Jacques . . . 




Casa Bracdo 

Casa d'Oro 


Cases, Las 




k&]vn&-vSl' dil v&-nez'. 
kAr'-ng-g), k&r-nA'-^, 

kir-O-lQs' dti-r§A'. 

b8r-nar'd5 d«l k&r'.p&=«. 
a-g6s-t6^-n5 k&r-r&ch'-e. 
&n-n&-b&'-ie k&r-rach'-e. 

t&-r&'H3a k&r-r6n'-y5. 
k&r-ta-j3^-na. Sp. 

kfir-tharjS'-na. Sp. 

zhak kar-<t&=S'. 
kA'-z& brach'-5. 
ka'-z& dO'-rO. 
k&'-zS gwS'-dS. 
1&3 ka'-s&s. 

kSrfld'.b6n. Fr.kfirz5.b6A'. 


Cases, Las Ifisk&z. 

Cashmerei see Eashmerei 

Kashmir kish-mSr'. 

Casigunm (Bay) . . . k&'H3&-goa-r&n'. 

Casimir kfa'-I-m5r. 

Casimir-P6rier .... kiz-S-mgr' pfirr6=fi'. 

Cassagnaci Gianier de . grarn&=S' da kSa-e&n-yak 
CassibelaunttSy see Cassi- 

▼ellaunus ' . . . . . k&M-M-ld'-nfls. 

Cassiepeia k&M-«-pe'-ya. 

Cassio k28h'-5. 

Cassiopeia kas-I-6-p6'.ya.. 

Cassitts k&sh'-t&s. 

CassiveUauntts, see Cassi- 

belaunas k&'-I-vWd'-niis. 

Castagno kte-t&n'-yO. 

Castaigne kSa-tftn'. 

Castaflos kSa-t&n'-yds. 

Castelar kfia-tfi-lar'. 

CasteKcanco kSs-t^l-fran'-kd. 

Castellamare .... k&s'-tei-larma'-rft. 

Castellane, de .... d6 k&-tei4ln'. 

CasteUon kas-t61.y5n'. 

Castelnaa kas-t£l-n5'. 

Castelnaadaxy .... kSs-ter-nO-darrG'. 

Castie^one k&s-tel-yO'-nS. 

Castilla, Sp. for CastUe . kte-tel'-yS,. 

Castillejo kaa-«l.yfi'-eh5. 

Castillo kfis-tel'-yO. 

Castlereac^ k&s'-ei-rfi. 

Castro del Rio .... kSs'-trO del-r6'-5. 

Catanduanes k&'-tan-doo-a'-nes. 

Catania karta'-n5-&. 

Catarina Comaro . . . ka-ta-re'-na k5r-na'-r0. 

Catawba kartd'-ba. 

Cateau Cambrisis . . . k8rt5' kM-br&-ze^ 

Cathay k«rtha'. 

cathshs es cazbmbb 

Catiline k&t'-l-lln. 

Cattack,8eeCuttack,Katak kat-Uk', kdt-t&k'. 

Cattaio k&t-ta'-rO. 

Cattegat, see Elattegat . k&t'-&-g&t. 

Caucasians kd-kfi'-ehaox, k6-k&Bh'-«ns. 

Caucasus (Mts.) . . . kd'-ka-stis. 

Cauldon kdr-diln. 

Caulincourty de . . • . dil k5-IM-kdor'. 

Cauterets kot-rfi'. 

Cauto (River) .... k&'=oo-t5. 

Cavaignac k&-vfin-y&k'. 

Cavalcantii Guide . . . gwS'-dO k^vSl-k&n'-te. 

Cavalierly Una .... lS'-ii& kSrvfirl&^'-r6 

Cavalleria Rusttcana . . k&'-val-l&-re'-& 


Cavan k&v'-an. 

Cavaradossi kft'-varrardOs'-ee. 

Cavell ....... karv61'. 

Cavendish k&v'-Sn-cUshi k&n'-dlsh. 

Cavey karbfi'=6. 

Caviedes k2rb€=6d'-a8. 

Caviti kSrbe-tfi'. 

Cavour ka-voor'. 

Cawein (Madison) . . . ka-win'. 

Cawnpore, or Cawnpur . kdn-pOr', kdn-poor'. 

Cay ka'=S. 

Caycos, see Caicos . . kl'-kOs. Sp. ka'=e-kOs. 

Cayenne k&-y8n^ k!-Sn^ 

CayeSi see Aux Cayes . 5 kfi. 

Cayister kdrls'-t€r. 

Caylus kfi-ltis'. 

Caymans ki'manz. iSfp. kSF=&-mfini'. 

Cayo Cocas ^'-5 k5'-kas. 

Cayor, see Elayor . . . kl-Or^ or kl-dr'. 

Cay Smith kl smith. 

Cayster kSrIs'-tSr. 

Cazembe kfir2gm'*b6. 

CAznr M cxRQUOza 

Cazin k&-z&&'. 

Ceadda» see Chad • • • k6=&d'-d&. 

Cean-Bennudez . • • tha-&n' bfiivmoo'-lhfith. 

CearA sMirrS/. 

CebaUos thfirbal'-y68. _ 

Cebfi) see Zebfi . • . . 8&-boQ'. Sp. thft-boo . 

Cecn sSs'-n, ds'-U. 

C6cile ....... Fr. sSreSl'. 

Cedlia s&^'-I-a. /^ chfirch8l'-y& 

Cecily s&'-I-M. 

Cecropsy see Kekrops . . sS'-krSps. 

Ced (St)» or k6d. 

Cedda k6d^-da. 

Cediic of Rotiierwood . k6d'-iik, sBd'-iIk tiv 


Cedi0ii|8eeSjednm|Z[idi0ii sS'-drfin. 

Cefatfi chSrfa-loo'. 

Celadon sfil'-ardSn. 

Celebes as.) ser-g-bSs, or sgr-6-bdz. 

Celia 8S'-K-&. 

Cfiimine sSrl&-m6n'. 

Cellinii Benvenuto . . . b&n-v9rnd6'-t5 ch81-le'-n6. 

Celsius sSr-d-Os, 8&1'-Bhl=tis 

CeltSy see Kelts .... sSltB, kfilts. 

Cenci ch6n^-che. 

Cendrillon a6fidie-y6fi'. 

CeniSy Mont m6t b6==s^\ 

Cephalonia sSf-arl5^-Dl-a. 

Cephas sS'-fas. 

Cephisodotus .... sSf-I-86d'-5-tils. 

Cerberian 86r-be'-r&-an. 

Cerberus a^r'-bS-ras, afir'-bd-rtts. 

Cerdic k§r'-dlk. 

Ceres sS'-rSz. 

Ceri»di d5ch&'.r6. 

Cemawoda (-voda) . . ch6]/-n&-yO-d&. 

Cerquozzi chftr-kwSt'-zS. 


Cerro (The) thSr'-rO. 

CerroG<»do sSr^-iO gdr'-do. Sp. 

thgr'-rO gOiZ-dS. 

Certosa, La la ch6]>t5'-z&. 

Cervantes Saavedm . . sgr-vSn'-tSs, sft-irva'-dra. 

Sp. thAr-b&n'-teB 

Cenreia th&r-bfi'-ra. 

Cisar Birotteau .... sfi-z&r' b&•r01rt5^ 

Cesare cha'-zipiS. 

Cesaii ch&'-zirre. 

Cesaiian, see Caesarian . 8&-zfi'-ri-an. 

Cesaxio B&-za'-rI-0. 

Cesnola chS&-nO'-l&. 

CtepedeSy de . . . . dfi thes'-pfr-dSs, 
Cetewayoi see Cetdwayo, 

Ketshwayo .... sStlw&'-yO. 

Cetigne, or Cettinjei or tsSt-tln'-yfii or ch6-t@n'-yft. 

Cettigno It. chfit-tSn'-yO. 

Cettiwayo, see Cetewayo, 

Ketshwayo .... 8&trl-wa'-y5. 

Ceuta 8Q'-ta. Sp. th&'=oo-t&. 

Civennes 85rv6n\ 

Ceylon se-lfin^ s8-l6n^ 

Cfoanne sa-z&n'. 

Chabaud sh&-b5'. 

Chabert, Le Colonel . . 16 k5-l5-nSl' ahfirb&r'. 

Chablis 8h&-ble'. 

Chabot 8ha-b5'. 

Chachapoyas charcha-p5'-yas. 

Chacon y Castellon . . chSrk5n' 6 ka&-t&l-y5n\ 
Chad (Lake), see Tchadi 

Tsady Tschad .... chad. 

Chad (St), see Ceadde . ch&d. 

Chaeronea,or .... k6r-5-ne'-a. 

Chaeroneia kfir-o-ne'-ya. 

Chagres cha'-grBs. 


ChaiUfi-Long ehfiryfiMd^'. 

Chaillu, dtt dasha-yU'. 

Chalds kAl'-flb. 

Chaldea k£l-de'-a. 

Chaldean kSl-de'-an. 

Chaldee k£l'-de. 

Chalgrin shal-grfiA'. 

Challemel-Lacaur . . . 8h&l-mei'-l&-koo]/. 

ChalmerB ch&l'-mdrz, ch&'-mSrs. 

Sc ch6'-m€rz. 

Chttons Bhfirlofi^ 

Cham k&m. 

Chaxnba ch&m'-ba. 

Chambertiii shaA-bSr-tJUk'. 

Chambfoy sha&-barr6'. 

Chambezi ch&m-be'-d. 

Chaxnbord shaji-b5r'. 

Chammade 8hfirm&-n&d^ 

Chamisso shU-mes^HaO. 

ChamoniXy or .... 8hSrm5-nS^ 

Chajnouni) or Chamouny . sha-moo-nS'. 

Champagne sh&m-p&n'. Fr. 


Champaigne, de . . . dd 8haA-pSn'=ytL 

Champaran, see Chtuniiarun chtbn-p§rriin\ 

Champ-de-Mars . . . shaA-dil-m&rs'. 

Champfieury sha&-fl§-r6'. 

Champigny 8hM-pSn-ye^ 

Champlain Bhfim-plfin^ Fr. shaA-pI&i'. 

Champollion sh&m-por-l-dn. Fr. 


Champs-£lysie8 . . . sha&-z5rl&-z&'. 

Chanda ch&n'-da. 

Chang Chau ch&ng'-chow'. 

Changsha ch&Dg'-6h&'. 

Chanoine sh^-nw&n'. 

Chanson de Geste . . . 8hM-s6fi' dil zhfist'. 


Chanson de Roland . . shM-^ii' dti rO-lM'. 

Chanson de Roncerauz . shM-^t' dil rdAs-vO'. 

Chantecler ahan=t&-kier'. 

ChantiUy shaA-tS-yS'. 

Chapdelaine et^p=d^Vin'. 

Chapelain fih&p-lSilk'. 

Chapu chUrpoo', shfi-poo'. 

Chaputtepec charpoor-tfr-pSk'. 

Chardin sh&r-dftA'. 

Chardonne, Jacques . . zh&k sh&r-dOn'. 

Chaiente 8h&-r6tt^ 

Chaig6 d'Affaires . . . ch&r-zh&' dSf-f&r'. 

Charlemagne .... shar'-lfi-mfin. Fr. 


Charleioi 8ha]:=le-rwa'. 

Charleville sharl-vel'. 

Charlevdx 8li&F=l&-yw&'. 

Channian k&r'-ml-an. 

Charon kfi'-rfin. 

Charpentier 8ha]vp6fi-t€f=ft'. 

Chattier, Alain .... SrlSii' shar-t€f=ft'. 

Chartism ch&r'-tlzm. 

Chartres sh&rtr. 

Chartreuse 8h&r-tr6z^ 

Charybdis k&-rib'-dl8. 

Chasles shal. 

Chasseloup-Laubat . . 8has-IdoM5-b&\ 

Chassepot 8h^p5'. 

Chastelard, de .... da sh&t-Iax'. 

Chasteler, du .... da sha1rla\ 

ChAtaignerie, La . . . 1& shSrt&n=ya-r6\ 

Chateaubriand .... shart5*br&-a]!i'. 

ChAteau d'U 8hSrt5' def. 

ChAteau Lafltte .... sha-t5larfet'. 

ChAteau Margauz . . . doMrW ma^-gO^ 

ChAteauroux 8hart5-roo'. 

ChAteau-Thieny . . . 8hart5'-t€p=Aivre\ 


ChAtelet sh&t-Ift'. 

Chatham chSt'-am. 

ChatiUon shfirte-ydA'. 

Chfttillon-sur-Seine • . shart6-y6fi'-B(ir-66n'. 

Chatrian 8hSrtr&-&(i'. 

Chaucer chd'Hs^r. 

Chauhies shOn. 

Chaumont shO-mOfi'. 

Chautauqua shd-td'-kwa. 

Chauvinism sh5'-vln-{zm. 

Chavamies, Puvis de . . pti-vSs' dil sharvan'. 

Chedorlaomer .... kSM6r-lfir5'-mer, 


Che-kiang ..... ch^-kySng". 

Chemin des Dames . . 8h§-mUi' dfi d&m^ 
Chenab, Chenaub, see 

Chmab ch&-n^b^ 

Chillier sh5rn6=&'. 

Cheops kS'-6ps. 

Chephren k6f'-r6n. 

Cher sh&r. 

Cherbourg ahgr'-bSrg. Fr. shir-boor'. 

Cherbuliez 8h&r-bll-IS=&^ 

Chemiavsky tschgr-nl-af'-skl. 

Chersonesus kgrHs^-ne'-stts. 

Chertsey ch6s'-d, chgrt'-el. 

Cherubini k&-roo-be'-nS. 

Chevalier Bh6-v§rl^a\ 

Chevalier deMaison-Rouge sh6-varl&=fi' dA wA-jAA'^ 


Chevalier de Saint George 8h&-v§rl6=&' dH s&A zhSrzh^ 

Chevalier d'Harmental . sh6-v&-I&=a' dar-mSfi-t&I'. 

CheviUard sh^-ve-y^r'. 

Cheviot chSv'-I-tit, chlv'-I-tlt. 

Chevreuse shgy-rSz^ 

Chevy Chase .... chfiv'-I-chfis. 

Cheyenne shI•^n^ 


Cheyne ch&n, chin. 

Chhatisgaih chiit-tes-g&r'. 

Chiaja,La l&k^a'-y&. 

Chianti ke-an'-te. 

Chicago shl-kd'-^O. 

Chichester chI'-chS&-t§r. 

Chicot sh&-k5'. 

Chienne sh&^n'. 

Chieveley chlv'-H'. 

Chih-U, see Chi-U . . . cheMe'. 

Chihuahua ch&-wa-w&. 

Chi-U, see Chih-U . . . che'-le'. 

Chile or Chffi . • . . chll'-S, chn'-I. Sp. che'-H. 

Chilkat chU'-k&t. 

ChiUon 8hn'-6n. Fr. shg-ydA', 

Chilp&ic chn'-pB-rlk. Fr. 


Chinuera kl-mS'-ra. 

Chimay sh^-ma'. 

Chimborazo chlm-b5-r&'-e5. 

Chinabi see Chenab . . ch&-n6b^ 

Chinese chl-nez', chI-n§B^ 

Chingachgook .... cUn-g§k'-gd&k. 

Chingleput chIng-gl6-piit^ 

Chin-kiang cUn-k§-&ng'. 

Chinon fih&-ndA'. 

Chinook chI-n^6k^ 

Chioggia, see Chiozza . kg-Ad''i&. 

Chios, see Sdo .... kI'-68. 

Chiozza, see Chioggia . ke-flt'-sa. 

Chippewa, or .... chlp'-p&-wa, chlp'-p^wa. 

Chippeway ch!p'-£-wa. 

Chiron kl'-r6n. 

Chisholm chlzm. 

Chisleu kis'-la. 

Chiswick cliiz'-Ik. 

Chita 6hS'-ta. 


Chitral chlt-rfil', or chl'-traL 

Chittagong chlt-ta-gSng'. 

Chittim, see Kittim . . Idt'-bn. 

Chiveiy chlv'-ft-ri. 

CUoe klO'-e, or klO'-I. 

Chlom dhSlm. 

CUopicU abl5-pIt'H9ke. 

Chlotar, see Clotaire . . dhlo'-t&r. 

Chmielnicki «hm&=SI-.Dlt'-6k6. 

ChocanOy Santos . . . 8&n'-t5B ch5-k&'-n0. 

Cho-Cbo-San, (see Cio-Cio) ch5-ch0-fito. 

Choiseul shwarzd^ 

Choiseul-Praslin . . . shwSrzfil'-prirUUk'. 

Choisy 8hwSr^6^ 

Cholmondeley .... chOm'-D. 

Chopin sh5-p8A'. 

Chorazin k5-rfi'-zln. 

Chosroes k68^-r0-€z, kSs'-rO-Sz. 

Chota» see Chutia . . . chO'-t&. 

Chouans shoo'-ans, Fr. 8hoo-ftA^ 

Chrestien» or Chretien de 

Troyes krSrtS-eA' dti trw&'. 

Chriemhildy see Kriemhild kr^m'-hUt. 

Christe eleison .... kils'-tS fi-lfi'-InsSn. 

Christian kilst^-yftn, or kilst'-l=an. 

Christianity krIst-y&nM-tl, 


Christtts kris'-ttbs. 

Chronos krO'-nds. 

Chryseis krl^nse-Is. 

Chrysostom kris'-6s-t6mi kils-ds'-tSm. 

Chumie choo'-mS. 

ChunQMrun, see Champaran chtim-parran^ 

ChuTi see Coire .... koor. 

Churubusco choo-roo-boos'-kO. 

Chusan choo-6&n^ 

Chtttiai see Chota • • . choo'-t6-&. 


Oaldini chfil-ds'-n§. 

Cibo (Cardinal) .... thS'-bO. 

Cibola, see Sibola . . . 8e'-b&-l&. 

Cifaiario ch&-bra'-r6-5. 

Cicero fils'-S-r5. 

Cid, El fil dd. 8p. H tUd. 

Cid, Le Fr. Is sSd. 

Cienfuegos thS-£Ln'-foo==&'-g08. 

Ciergnon s&-&m-y6A^ 

Cifuentas thS-foo=en'-ta8. 

Cimabue chS-ma-boo'-a. 

Cima da ConegUano . . chS'-ma da k0-iifil-yft'-ii5. 

Cimarosa ...... ch&-ma-r6'-z&. 

Cimmexia d-mS -rl-a. 

Comxneriaii ..... fiSm-mS'-iI-an. 

Cimon si'-mftn. 

Cincinnati dn-dn-n&'-tl. 

Cindnnatus dn-dn-nfi'-ttis. 

Cingalon then-gil-l6n^ 

Cinq-Mars sfiA-mar'. 

Cinque Ports .... dngk pOrts. 

Cintra 8en'-tr&. 

Cio-Cio-San, (see Cho-Cho) cho-ch&ns&n. 

Cipango d-p&ng'-g&. 

Cipriani che-pr&-a'-n6. 

Circaean, see Circean . . sSr-sS'-an. 

Circe sSf'-bS. 

Circean, see Circaean . • sSr-sS'-an. 

Cisleithania ds-U-tha'-nl-a, ds-U-t&'-dt-ft. 

Cisneros thSs-nfi'-r6s. 

Cispadane ds-pa'-d&i. 

Cissey 8§H3a'. 

Citta della Pieve . . . ch6t-t&' dei'-l& p&=&'-y6. 

Ciodad BoUvar .... 85-ocMiad' b5-I&'-var. 

Cittdad de Cadiz . . . th&=oo-d§d' da k&'-dlth. 

CiudadReal thS^^ad' r&-&l'. 

Ciodad Rodrigo . . . , th&=66-dad' r6d-r6'-g5. 

civrrA VBCCHIA 74 clusesst 

CMtaVecchia^ Civitavecchia ch&-v&-t&' vSk'-kML 

Claes klaz. 

Clairault, or Clairaut . . kla-4^'. 

Cbuivauz kl&r^y6^ 

Clarette kl&r-t6'. 

Clattdei Georges . . . zh6rzh kl6d. 

Claudel, Paul .... p0lkl5-d^'. 

Claude Lorraine . . . kl5d l5-r6n'. 

Claverhouse klfiv'-^ivtis. 

ClSante klfi-afit'. 

Cleishbotham .... kl^h'-b6Qi-am. 

Cleisthenesy see Clisthenes Idls'-thS-nez. 

C16Ue kiSrW. 

Cl£menceau kI5rln6AH95^ 

Cl&nent klSrindii'. 

Clementei San .... san klSrmSn'-t5. 

Clementi klSrinen'-tg. 

Clementine kl&n'-&n-tln, kI6m'-6n-tgni 

or kl6m-8n-t5n'. 

Cleobis kle'-O-bb. 

Cleopas Ide'-O-p&s. 

Cleopatra kle-5-pfi'-tra. 

Cltepfltre klS-5-pfttr'. 

CleveSi or klSvz. 

Cleves Fr. kUkv. 

CUo kli'-5. 

ClistheneSi see Cleistfaenes kUs'-thfi-nSz. 

CUtandre kl§-taiidr'. 

Clive kllv. 

Cloaca Mazima .... kl5-a'-ka m&k'-d-ma. 

Cloisonn6 kIwa-zSn-na^ 

Clonmel kl5n-m8r. 

Clos Vottgeot . . . . kl5 y^o-zh5^ 

Clotaire» see Chlotar . . kla-t&r'. 

Clouet kloo-&'. 

Clough kliif . 

Cluseret (Gen.) .... klu=z6-ra'. 


Chisiuiii klU'-d-Omi Ufl'-eU-ttm. 

Cntf^fl" nldM-an. 

Cnidtts nl'-dlis. 

Cmtt, see Canute . . . knoot. 

Coochella k5-a-chSl'-a. 

Coahuila kO-a-wS'-la. 

Coamo k5-&'-m5. 

CoanzayseeKaanzatQuaoza kO-&n'-z&. 

Gobi, see Gobi .... kO'-be. 

Coblenz, or Coblentz . . kO'-blSnts. 

Cobre^Bl 61k6'-br&. 

Cochin China .... ko'-chin chl'-na. 

Cockagne, or Cockaigne . k6k-&n^ 

Cockbnm k6'-biim. 

Codes k6'-klez. 

Cocytns kOnsI'-tfis. 

Codrus kO'-drfis. 

CoBlebs 8§M6bz. 

CoelhOi or Coetto . . . k0-%r-y5. 

CoelianHill sS'-U-an. 

Coeurd'Aline .... k§rdft-Ifin'. 

Coeur de Lion . . . . k& dtl U'-dn. Fr. kfir dtl 


Cogpnac k5n-y&k'. 

Cohoes k5-h0z'. 

Cobiibat0re,8eel[oimbatiir kO-Im'-ba-t6r^ 

Coire» see Chur .... kwar. 

Coke k6k, originally kd6k. 

CoUq^iy see Kolhapur . kO-lfirpoor'. 

Colbert Fr. k5l-b4r'. 

Colenso kO-lfin'HsQ. 

Coleone, see CoUeoni . . k5-la-6'-nft. 

Colesbeig k6lz'-berg. 

Colet kttr-6t. 

Coli|pii» or CoUgny . . . k5-ten'-y6. Fr. k5-l6n-y«'. 

CoUn Clout k5r-Inklowt. 

Coliseumi see Colosseum . kftl-I-^S'-Om. 


CoUeoniy see Coleone . • k0l-Ulr5'-n6. 

CoUetta k01-iet'-t&. 

ColmaTi see Kolmar . . k6l-mar^ 

Cologne kSrton'. Fr. k5-ten'=2 

Colon kfl-l5n'. 8p. k6-i6n\ 

Colon Cri8t6bal .... kre&-t5'-bfil k0-l5n'. 

Colonel Chabert . . . k0-l5-n6r shSrb&r'. 

Colonna kO-10n'-n&. 

Coloocan k5l-6'-k&n. 

Colorado k61-5-ra'-dQ. 

Colosse kO-I5sH9e. 

Colosseuniy see Coliseum kfil-CngS'-ttm. 

Colqnhoun kd-hoon'. 

Comacchio kO-m&k'-kS^. 

Comanchey see Camanche kO-m&n'-ch6. 

Combe kOm, koom. 

ComMie Fran^aise . . . kO-m&-dS' frM-sSz'. 

Comidie Humaine . . . k5-mft-d6' U-m6n'. 

Comeiro k0-ma'=e-r5. 

ComineSy or Commines . kd-mSn\ 

Commodus kfim'-m&-diis. 

Commune k5m'-ylln. Fr. k5m-tln\ 

Comneni k5m-nS'-nI. 

Comnenus kfim-nS'-nHs. 

Comorin kdm'-G-iIn. 

Compagnie G6n6ral — k6]li-pan-yS' zhft-nSriftl' 
Transatlantique . . . trfiiliz-&t-M-tek'. 

Compidgne k6A-p&-&n'==yti. 

Comte k6iit. 

Comtesse de Rudolstadt . k6A-tes' dfi rU-dfll-fit&t'. 

Comtist k5m'-ti[st. Fr. kOdt-tSst'. 

Comus kO'-mOs. 

Concas k6ng'-k&8. 

Concepdon kdn-sfip'Hshdn. Sp. k6n- 


Concliita k5n-ch§'-ta. 

Condeigerie k5n-e&=Sr-zh&-r§'. 


Condni /^ k5n-ch§'-ne. Ft. 


Concone k5n-k5'-n&. 

Concoidat k5n-k6r'-d&t. Ft. 


Cond6 k6ii-dfi'. 

Condi-sttr-Noireatt . . k6&-d§'-sil]vnwfirrO^ 

Condillac k6&-d&-y&k'. 

Condorcttt, de .... du kdA-dOr^-sS. 

ConegUano, Cima da . . che'-m& d& kO-n&l-y&'-no. 

Conf essio Amantis . . . k5n'-f Ssh'-O ft-min'-tita. 

Conflans k6n-flM'. 

Congreve kdng'-grev. 

Coniston k5n'-Is-tlin. 

Connaught k5n'-n6t. 

Conradin kGn'-rardSn. 

Consalvi k5n-efil'-ve. 

Constable kOn^Hsta-bl. 

Constant de Rebecque . kddiHstU' dtl rft-bfik'. 

Constantine (Emperor) . kdn'-stan-tln. 

Constantine (Algeria) . . k6n-6tfiA-t6n^ 

Constanza kfinnst&n'-zft. 

Consuelo kdn-aoo-fi'-Io. Ft. 


Conte k5n-ta. 

Contel kfln-tfil'. 

Contes d'Hoffanann . . k5nt dflf-mftn'. 

Contessa kOn-tes'-sft. 

Conti kdntr-te'. 

Contreras kOn-tr&'-rto. 

Conybeare kOn'-i-bfir. 

Coomassie) see Kumassi . koo-mas^-se. 

Coombe koom. 

Copenhagen ko-pfin-h&^-gfin. Dan. 


Copemictsa kO-pdr-'nl-kOs. 

Co^etua k5-f6t'-Q-a. 


Coppie Fransois . • . . frfiA-swft' k0p-p&'. 

Coquelin k5k-l&A'. 

Corcyia k6r-sl'-ra. 

Corday d'Amums • . . k6r-da d&^-mM^ 

Cordeliers k5r-d6-I&=&'. 

Cordilleras kdr-dfl'-gr-az. 8p. 


C6rdobat or Cordova . . kdr'-d5-v&. jSp-kOr'-dG-bft. 

Cordovan kdr'-do-van. 

Corea, see Korea . . . kO-r^'-a. 

Corean, see Korean . . ko-r^'-an. 

Corfu kOr-foo', kttr-ftt'. 

Cori k0'-r6 

Coriolanus k&'-iI-5-lfi'-n4s. 

Corioli k5-rI'-0-lS. 

Corleone k6r-lard'-nft. 

Comaro k5r-n&'-r5. 

Comeille k5r-n&l. Fr. kOr-n&'=ytl. 

Comelis kdr-n&'-Us. 

Cornice, or It. k6r'-n&-ch&. 

Comiche Fr. kdr-nSsh'. 

Cormia Borealis . . . k5-r5'-n& bO-re^L'-Us. 

Corozal kO-rOnsfil'. 

Corot k5-r5'. 

Correa ....... k5r-r&'-&. 

Correggio k0r-Fed'-j5. 

Corregidor k0r'-rfi6h-MQr' 

Corrize k0^-r&z^ "" 

Corrientes kflr-re-gn^-tfis. 

Cortes (The) kflr'-tSs. 

Cort6s (Fernando) or . . kflr ta8^ 

Cortez kfir'-tSz. 

Corufla»La 1& k5-roon'-ya. 

Corunna kO-rOn'-a. 

Corvisart-Desmarets . . kor-ve-z&r' dSrm&rT&\ 

Corydon k5r'-i-d6n 

Cosette k5-zet^ 


Cofifano k6'-2&-m6. 

Cosmati kOs-m&'-tfi. 

Cosmo de Medici . . . kOs'-mG dfi m&'-d&-che. 

Cossack k58'-4k, k52-ak'. 

Costa Rica k^s'-ta rt'-kfi. Sp. 


Costis kfts'-tts. 

Cftted'Azur kfltdft-zQr'. 

Cate d'Or kflt'- dOr'. 

Cotes dttNord .... kflt'-dtl-nOr'. 

Cottin k5t-t«A'. 

Coucy koonag'. 

Coulanges koo-lMzh'. 

CoulommieiB koo-10m-€=ft'. 

Couperin koo-p6-riUi^ 

Couperus koo-p&r'-oos. 

Courbet ko6r-b&'. 

Courcettes koor-sfil'. 

Courcy k6or-66^ 

Cottrland koor'-lfind. 

Courtenay kfirt'-nfi, kd&rt'-na. 

Coortois koor-twa'. 

Coortrai, or Coortiay . . koor-trfi'. 

Cousin, ^ctor .... y6k-t5r' koo-zftfi' 

Cousin Poos koo-z&i' pdA. 

CousineBette .... koo-zSn'b6t. 

Coutances koo-*t&(i8^ 

Coutras koo-tr&^ 

Couture koo-ttir'. 

Covent (Garden) . . . kiiv'-6nt. 

Coventry kav'-6n-trl. 

Correa kflr-rft'-&. 

Correggio ..*... kfli>rBd'-j5. 

Corregidor k8r*'-rfi6h-S-d6r'. 

Corrdze kflr-rfz'. 

CozsacUe kd6k-66'-kI. 

Coysevox kw&z-vflks'. 


L) or . . . Sc. krft-g8n^pttt^-4i6h. 

Craigenputtock .... krft-gen-pfit'-dk. 

Cramer (7cr. krfi'-mgr. 

Cniia€h(Lttca8)|8eeKnuiach kr&n^-ak| kr&'-nfi^h. 

Craonne krSrSn^ 

Crapaud krft-pO^ 

Cratyltts kritt'-Wiis. 

Cr6bmon krfirb&-y6A'. 

Cr«^» see Cresqr . . . kr6s'-L Fr. kr&H96\ 

Credi kr&'^iS. 

Cr6dit Lyonnais . . . krfird6M§-Sn-6'. 

CrMit MobiUer .... krfd'-It mO-bSMWr. Fr. 

kra-dS' m5-b&-le=ft'. 

Crtodeuz krfi-m&€'. 

Cremona kr6-m5'-n&. /^krSrmO^na. 

Crespy, or Crtpy-en- 

Laomiais krft-p5' dA l§r=6-n&\ 

Cressida krfe'-I-da. 

Creasy, see Cr6^ . . . krfe'-I. 

Creusa kre-Q'-sa. 

Creuse krSz. 

Creusot, or Creuzot . . kr&-z5^ 

CrdvecoBor krSv-kSr'. 

Crichton krI'tSn. 

Crillon kr6-y6A'. 

Crimea krl-mS'-a, krl-mB'^ 

Criqd kifs'-p§. 

Crist6bal Col6n .... krSs-tO'-b&l k5-ton'. 

Cristofoii kris-t5-f6'-r6. 

Critias krlsh'-I-as. 

Crito krl'-t5. 

Crlvelli krS-vel'-te. 

Cma Gora, see Czemagora ch6r'-na g&'-r&. 

Croat ....... kr6'-ftt. 

Croatia kr6-fi'-sh$=a. 

CromweU kr6m'-w61, krttm'-wa. 

pap. krdm'-l. 


Cronaca krOn'-firk§. 

Cronji kr6n'-y6. 

Cionstadty see Kronstadt . krdn'-st&t. Ger. krSn'-et&t. 
CronuSy or Cronos, see 

Kronos krG'-nlis. 

Cruz krooth. 

Ctesias t6'-8hl=a8. 

Cuba ku'-ba. 8p. ko5'-b& 

Cuchulain, (or -lin, etc.) . koo-'hooMfin. 

Cuddalore kfid-darlOr'. 

Cuddapah, see Kadapa . ktLd'-da-p&. 

Cuenca kdo=6n'-k&. 

Cuemavaca kwer-narva'-kft. 

Cui»C6sar ts&'-z&rkw§. 

Culebra koo-l&'-bra. 

Culiacan koo-l&-&-k&n'. 

Culion koo-l6-5n^ 

CuUoden ktU-lO'-den. 

Culmbach, see Kulmbach kddlm'-b&6h. 

Cumae ka'-mS. 

Cumaean kQ-m6^-an. 

Cumidres kil-mSp=Ar^ 

Cunctator kd6ngk-t&^-tAr. 

Cuneo koo-nft'-6. 

Cupey koo-p&'=e. 

Curasao, or Curazao, or . koo-r&-B&'-6, ktl'-rarsd, 

Curasoa kQ'-rars6'-«, koo-rfirsO'-ft, 


Cuxico kdo-r&-k6\ 

Curie ka-r6'. 

Curtius Ger. koor'-tse-dds. LaL 


Curzon k(fr'-zOn. 

Cush kflsh. 

Custine ka»-ten^ 

Custoza, or kd6s-tGd'-6&. 

Custozza kd6s-t6t'-z&. 


Cfistxiiiy see Kiistrin . . kOs-tren'. 

Cuttack,8eeCattack|Kutak kairt&k', kii-t&k'. 

Cuvier k(l-v©=a'. 

Cuzliaveii ktLkchh&'-vSn. Oer. 


Cuyo k66'-y5. 

Cuyos . koo'-yOs. 

Cuyp» see Kuyp . . . • koip. 

Cuzco kooz'-ko. 

Cwm koom. 

Cyaxares 8l-&x'-ft-rez. 

Cybele eib-^Me, Glb'-«-te. 

Cyclades eik'-U-dez. 

Cyclop &i'-kl5p. 

Cyclopean 8l-kl5-p§'-an. 

Cjrmbeline elm'-b6-lln, or sbn'-bS-lIn. 

Cymiy» see Kymxy . . kim'-il. 

Cynewttlf kIn'-6-wd61f. 

Cyprian dp'-il-an. 

Cyrano de Beigerac . . dr-a-n5' dil b&r=zh&-r&k^ 

Cyrene sl-rS'-nS. 

Cyienian 8l-r6n'-I-an. 

Cyril rir'-n. 

Cythera^ d-thS'-ra. 

Cytherean dth-€r-^'-an. 

Cyadctts dzM-kOs. 

Czajkowskii CzaykowsU . chl-kflv^-skS. 

Czar zar, ts^. 

Czardas ch&r'-dash. 

Czarevitchi see Tsarovitch zar'-6-vIch, ts&r'-fi-vlch. 

Czarevna, see Tsarevna . zar-fiv'-na, ts&rHgy'-n&. 

Czarfauii see Tsarina . . zar-^'-na, tsar-^'-n&. 

Czaritza zar-It'-za, ts§.r-It'-z&. 

Czamiecki ch&m-ygt'Hske. 

Czarowitch zUr'-O-vIch, tsar'-5-vIch. 

CzarowitZy see Tsarowitz . zar'-5-vItz, tsar'-5-vItz. 

Czartoryski char-t&-rI'-6kS. 


Czayk0WBki» Czajkowdd . chl-kflv^-Bke. 

Czecho-Slovak .... chSk'-O slO'-v&k. 

Czechs, see Tsech . . . chMhs, chfiks. 

Czennak ch6r-m&k^ 

Czemagoia, or Cma Gom ch6r'-n&-«;6'-riL , 

Czernin tch$r-nen^ 

CzemowitE ch&r'-nG-vIts. 

Czemy ch6r'-n6. 

CzOmlka ch^-bool'-ldL 


Dablon dfirbl6A'. 

Dacca, see Dhaka . . . d&k'-a. 

Dada d&'-Bh£=ft. 

Daedalian de-d&'-H-an. 

Daedalus d6'-<ia-ltb, ded'-a-liia. 

Daeye, mppolyte . . . 6p-(^.tet' da'=ytt. 

Dagestan dfirge».tftn'. 

Dagnan-Boaveret . . . d&n-yiUi'-boov-rfi'. 

Dagobert d«g'-M)Srt. Fr.da 

Dagon d&'-g6ii. 

Dagonet, or Dagttenet . d&g'-5-n«t, or dfig'-S-net. 

Daguerre darg&r'. 

Dagttpan or Dagfipan . . dSr^o-pan^ dSrgoo'-p&n. 

Dahlgren d&i'-gr6n. Bw. dal'-grfin. 

Dahn d&n. 

Dahomey d&-h6'-nil, darhy-mfi. 

DailEareann .... dlle'-r&n. 

Daimio dl'-in&=0. 

Daiquiri d&F=^kS'-rS. 

D'AIbert d&I-bftr'. 

D»Alembert dfirWA-bAr'. 

Dalgetty d&l'-get-I. 

Dalgleish d&I-glesh'. 

Dalhouale d£I-hoo'-zi, d&l-how'-zi. 

DaHda d41'-Ma. 


Dalin d&'-Un. 

Dalkeith (m-keth'. 

Dalles dSh. 

Dall' Ongato d&l flng'-gSrrO. 

Dalmatia d^-m&'Hshl-a. 

Dalmores dftl-mG-rSz'. 

Dakm, Jules zhaldSrl^o^ 

Dalxymple d&i-iim'-pL 

Daman, see Damaun . . da-m&n^ 

Damaraland da-m&'-r&-lftnd. 

Damaiis d&n'-arrls. 

Damascene d&m'-ft-eSn. 

Damasus dftm'-a-sfis. 

Damaun, see Daman . . da-in6n'. 

Dame auz Cam6Iia8» La . 1& dam 5 karmSrl&=ft^ 

Damiano darmS-&'-n5. 

Damien d&-m&=6]i'. 

Damis da-mSs'. 

Damnation de Faust . . dam-nSH3&=3dA' da fowst 

Damodean dftm-5-kle'-an. 

Damocles d&m'-5-kl&z. 

Damon dfi'-mdn. 

Dampier d&m'-pSr. 

Dampt dampt. 

Damrosch dam'-rSsh. 

DanaS d&n'-arS. 

Danai dftn'-a-I. 

Danaldes ddrna'-I-dSz, d9rn&'4-dez. 

Danaoi d&n'-Sroi. 

Dandin, George . . . zh5rzh daii-dJUi\ 

Dandolo dan'-d5-l6. 


Danegeld dSn'-ggld. 

Danelagh, Danelaw . . dan'-ld. 

Dannecker dan'-nSk-gr. 

D'Annunzio, Gabriele . . ga-bre-&Mfi 


Danse Macabre .... dans ma^k&br'. 


Dante Alighieri .... dSn'-tfi fflM-^=&'-rI. It. 

d&n'-ta aM6-ge=ft'-r6. 

Dantean d&n'-te-an. 

Dantds dM-tte'. 

Danton d&n'-tdn. Fr. dM-tdA'. 

DantsiCtDantzic, or Danzig d&nt'-eik. Oer. dant'-ddh. 

Daphne d&f'-nS. 

Daphnis dftf'-ids. 

DarbhangahySeeDurbunga da-ban'-g&. 

D'Arblay, Madame . . mSrd&m' d&r-bl&'. 

Darcy or D'ArCi Jeanne . zhan dark. 

DardJEUiettes dar-da-^5lz^ 

Dardanus dar'-dc^ntks. 

Dar-es-Salam .... d&r'-Ss-sa-l&m'. 

Darf or or Darfor • • • . d&r'-f 5r, dar'-f oor. 

Dargomijsky dar-gO-mlzh'-sk!. 

Darlen ds'-il-6n. Sp. dlU-r&-8n'. 

Dario, Rubfo .... roo-bSn' da-FS'-6. 

Darius da-rl'-tks. 

Darjeeling (-jiling) . . . dar-jg'-llng. 

Darwari see Dharwar . . dar'-war. 

D'Aubign6| Merle . . . mSrl dO-b^Il-ya^ 

Daubigny d5-bgn-y5'. 

Daudeti Alphonse . . . &l-f6]!is' dO-d&^ 

Daudeti Lion .... la-6A' dO-d&'. 

Daun down. 

Dauphin d5'-fin. Fr. dOfSA'. 

Dauphin^ d5-fen-fi'. 

Dauphiness d6'-fI-nSs. 

Dauphiny d6'-fl-nl. 

DauTi or Dauria .... daroor', da-oor'-r6-&. 

Davalos iSp. d&-b&'-l5s. 

David, Gheerardt . . . gS-r&rt' da'-vSt. 

David, Feliden . . . fft-IS-sS-gA' dSrvSd. 

David, (L. J.) .... da-v6d'. 

Davila da'.v5-l&. 

Da Wlndf Leonardo . . l&-Q-nar'-d5 da vSn'-chS. 


Davottst da-yoo\ 

DeAar dSar. 

Deik d&-&k'. 

De Amids d& SrmS'-ohfis. 

DeAmidtia de Sm-lHE&h'-I=qL 

Dibeney dftb-nft^ 

Dfibonnaiiai Louis to . . I00-6' 16 dfi-bSn-Sr^. 

Deborah dSb'-G-ra. 

Debreczin dfi-brSt'-flbiy or 


De Brtt]rdceri Jules . . shCd d6 broi'-kfir. 

Debussy, Claude . . . kl5d de-b0£h6'. 

Decameron de-k&n'-dr-On. 

Decamerone d&-kfiHn&-r6^-iift. 

Decamps dS-kfiA'. 

Decazes dii-k&s^ 

Deccany see Dekkan . . d6k'-an. 

Decelean d68-&-le'-an. 

Deffand, Marquise du . mar-k^z'-dtl dtf-f U^ 

Defregger dfi-f r6g'-6r. 

Degas d@-g&'. 

Delhi, see Delhi . . . d&MS. 

DehraDun dfih'-r&doon. 

Deianira, see Dejaxdra. . dS-yaroi^ra. 

De Imitatione Christ! . . dS ImM-tft-shl-O'-nS 


Deiphobus d&-if'-5-b1i8. 

Dejanira, see Deianira . d6j-ernl'-ra. 

Dejean dfi-shdA'. 

Dekkan, see Deccan . . d6k'-an. 

De Koveu de ko'«v6n. 

Delacroix dtt-l&-krwft'. 

Delagoa d61-arg5'-a. 

Delambre dfi-l&iibr\ 

Deland (Margaret) . . d&-l&nd^ 

De la Ramfie . . . . dtt 1& r&-m&\ 

Delaroche da-larrSsh'. 


Delaunay d&-l&-nfi'. 

Delavigne da lgryen'=7a. 

DecbuwC dei-k&hfi'. 

Deledda, Graxia . . • gr&tz'-&-a dfi-lfid'-dft. 

Delegorgue d6=l6-g&rg'. 

Delft delft. 

Delgndo dfil-ga'-dQ. 

Delhi, 8ee Dehli . . . dfil'-hl. 

Delian de'-U-an. 

DOibes dfi-teb'. 

DOila Fr.dSrl^W. 

Delilah d^ll'-l&. 

Delia Croacan .... dSi'-la krOs'-kan. 

Deloniie, Ifaifon . . . n^xMiA' dfl 16rm'. 

Deloa de'-Ids. 

Delphi dSl'-fl. 

Debbie dSi'-fik. 

DelpUne Fr.m4^\ 

Del Pino d8ip6'.n5. 

Delsarta dSl-eftrt'. 

Del Saxto, Andrea . . ftn-drft'-& dfil sftiZ-to. 

De Lttssan, ZClie . . . aS4e' dtt iQMftn'. 

Delyannis d£I-I-&n'.Is. 

Demange, Maftre . . . m&tr dd-mMzh'. 

Demeiara, or Demenxy . dfim-e-r&'-ra, dfim-er^rft'-rl. 

Demeter dfr-mS'-t§r. 

Demetriiis dg-mS'-trl-us. 

Demidoff , Demidov . . d&n'-&-d5f. 

Democritus d^-rndk^-rl-tOs. 

Demogorgon de-mO-g6r'-g6n. 

Demos de'-m6s. 

Demosflienes .... d&-m06'-th&-nez. 

Denderah d6n'-d6r-a. 

Deneb d6'-n6b, d6n'-6b. 

Den Haag den bach. « 

DeniUn dy&-ne'-kln. 

Denis, St| see Denys . . s&nt den'-is. Pr. 8&& dS-ne. 


Dent dtt Midi . . \ . d6A dii me-de'. 

DenyB, St, see Denis . . s&nt dgn'-Iis. Fr. An dH-n^' 

D'fipinay dft-pg-nft'. 

Dipit Amoureux, ^ . . te d&rp^' tfirmdo-i6'. 
De Pris, Josquin, see 

Desprez zhds-kM' dtl pr&'. 

De Profundis ds pr6-ffln'-dls. 

Deptford d6t'-ffird. 

DeQuincey dtlkwin'-d. 

Deiajat dgp-a-j&t'. 

Derby d6r'-bl, dftr'-bl. 

Dercetas der'Hsfi-tas. 

Der Fliegende Hollander . d6r fle'-ggn-da h8r-6n-dgr. 

Demlmrg dgm'-boorch. 

Dernier Chouan, Le . . Itl dgr-n&=fi' shoo-aA^ 

DCroolide dS-roo-lgd'. 

DeRuyter dSrl'-tgr. Z). da roi'-tfir. 

Dervis, Dervise, or Dervish dgr'-vis, dgr'-vlsh. 

Desaix de Veygouz . . . dd-sa' da ya-goo\ 

Descartes dfi-k&rt'. 

Deschamps dfi-8h&A\ 

Desdemona dgz-dg-mO'-n&. 

Desdicbado dgs-dl-ch&'-dO. 

Deseada dgs-g-&'-dft. 

DesGrieuz dfigr^-g'. 

Dteirade d&-ze-r&d'. 

Des Lys, Gaby .... g&-bs' dft Igs'. 

Des Moines dg-moin. 

Desmoulins d&-moo-l&A'. 

Despenser dg-spgn'-sgr. 

Desprez, Josquin, seeDe 

Pris zhds-kM' dfi-prft', 

Dessalines dgs-a-len'. 

Dessau dgs'-sow. 

Dessauer, dgs'-sow-gr. 

De Staa-Holstein ... da st&'-gl-hdr-stln. 

Fr. da sta-gl-^l-Bt&n'. 


D'Este dSs'-tg. 

De Stendhal dil stOA-dSl'. 

Destixin (Emmy). • • • dSs'-tln. 

Destottches dS-toosh'. 

DetaiUe dtt-t&'=ytt, 

De Tocqueville .... dtttSk'-vfl. Fr. 

dtt tok-vgl'. 

Deucalion dO-kfi'-H-dn. 

Deutsch doich. 

Deutsche Tages-Zeitung • doich'-il tll'-ggs tfil'-td6ng. 

Deux-Ponts d€p6A. 

Deux-Sivres 6& sSvr. 

Deventer d&-vSn'-t€r. 

Devereux d6v'-6r-6o, d8v'-6p-tt. 

De Vigny dtt vSn-y6', 

Devizes d^-vI'-zSz. 

D'Ewes dOz. 

DeWet da-v8t'. 

Dewetsdorp dS-vSts'-dfirp. 

DeWette dgwet'-tS. i>. d6 vSt'-te. 

DeWitt dSwit. Z). devlt. 

Dhaka, see Dacca . . . dh&'-k&. 

Dhar dh&r. 

Dharwar, see Darwar . . d&r'-w&r. 

Dhawalaghiri dha-waT-SrghSr'-^. * 

Dolphur dhfil-poor'. 

Diabelli dS-^-MlMe. 

Diable, Robert le . . . rO-b^r" IS d&=&bl'. 

Diadochi dI-&d'-5-kI. 

Diane de Poitiers . . . d§-&n dtt pwSrt&=&'. 

Diarbekir, or Diarbekr . de-&r'-b6-kSr', dS-&r-b6kr^ 

Dias de'-Ss. 

Diavolo, Fra fr& d§-&'-v6-l0. 

Diaz It dS'-atz. Mex. d§'-te. 

iSp. dS'-&th. 

Diderot dSd-rO'. 

Didot de-d5'. 


Didymus <Ud'4-miis. 

Diederichs, von . • • • fdn dS'-dSrilks. 

Diego de-ft'-g5. 

Dieppe d&-Bp'. 

Diesbae dl'-6al'-r6. 

Dieskau dSs'-kow. 

Dietrich von Bern . • • dS'-tridh fdn bfim. 

Dijon d6-zh6ft\ 

Dilke dllk. 

Dimitri d&mS'-tre. 

Dinan d6-n&&'. 

Dinant d&-iiant'. Fr. d^naii'. 

Dingaan dIn-ggJl^ or dlng-g&n'. 

Diodonu Sicoltts • . • dl-O-dd'-rOs dk'-d-ltiB. 

Diogenes dI-0j'-6-n62. 

Diomedes dI-5-mS'-dS2. 

Dionysia dl-G-nlsbM-^ 

Dionysius dl-G-nlsiiM-tlbs. 

Dionysus dl-G-nl'HsOs. 

Dioscuri dl-fifi-kQ'-ri. 

Dippel d[p'-pSl. 

Dirce dSr'HsS. 

Discobolus dIfihk6b'-5-lii8« 

DisraeU dts-rS'-li, dis-r6'-lL 

Dives dlW§2. 

Divina Commedia • • • de>vS'-n& k5m-m&'-d&-&. 

Dizmude d&-mtid'. 

Dmitri d-miS-trS. 

Dnieper, or Dniepr . . • n3'-p6r. Rum. d3m6p'-6r. 

Dniester, or Dniestr . . nSs'-tfir. Aum. dnyes'-tfir. 

Dobrudja d&-broo'-]&. 

Dodona d5-d0'-n&. 

Dogali d6-ga'-lS. 

Doiran doi'-r&n. 

Dolce d6l'-chg. R dftr-chS. 

Dold dfilchl. U.m''C\A. 

Dolgorouki, or Dolgoruki . d6l-g5-roo'-ke. 

Ddixmom 91 Doslk 

DSDinger d(^r-!ng-6r. 

Dolomite ddl'-5-mIt. 

Dolores dMO'-rSs. 

Domenichiiio dO'-mfi-nS-kS'-nO. 

Domifigae dd-mSAg'. 

Domiogiiez Mex. dG-mln'-gSs. Sp. d(V- 


Domiiiica d6m-In-S'<-ka. 

Dominical d6-mInM-kaL 

Dominique, La .... la d5m-S-nSk'. 

Domitian d6-ml8h'4[=an. 

Domod'Ossola .... d0'-m5 dOs'-sG-la. 

Dom Pedro dOm pfi'-drO. Pg. dM. 

Domremy-la-Pttcelle . . d6i!i-rSrmS'-l&-pii-efl'. 

Dofia dOn'-y&. 

Donalbain d5n'-JU-b&n. 

Donatello d5n-firta'-l5. 

Donati d5-n&'-t6. 

DonattwSrth d(5'-now-v6rt. 

Don Cisar de Bazan . . d6n sfi-z&r' dii b&-2aA\ 

Donegal ddn'-&is61. 

Don Giovanni .... dSn j5-vfin'-nS. 

Dongola dSng^-gO-lE. 

Donizetti d5-n&<iz6t'-tS. ^ 

Don Juan d6n]tl'-an./Sp.d5n'hoo-&n\ 

Donna d6n'-n&. 

Donnay dOn-^'. 

Donne (John) • • • • diin. 

Don Pasquale .... d5n pas-kw&'-UL 

Don Pedro de Aldbitara . dOn p&'-drO d& 


Don Quixote . Sp . Qtujote ddn kwlks'-fit. 

Sp. dOnk&^O'-tS. 

Dorado, Bl ftldO-r&'-dO. 

Dordogne d6r-d5n'. Fr. dOr-dOn'==^ 

Dordrecht ddr'-drSdht. 

Dcti d5>rft'. 


Dorgelte d5r-zhe-16z'. 

DoriA dO'-r&-&. 

Dorian d5'-il-an. 

Doiric d6r'-Ik, d6r'.Ik. 

D'Orieans dOr-lll-a&'. 

Dorothea ddr-5-thS'-a. 

Ger. d5-r5-tft'-&. 

Doiotfaie d6-rO-t&'. 

D'OraayyQuai .... kfiddrnsS'. 

Doit ddrt. 

D'OrtfaeZy see Orthez . • dSr-tess' or -t&z'. 

Dos8i» D088O dfi6'-65 dfie'-se. 

Dossier, The dfi&-8S4L'. 

Dostoievsky^ or Dostoyevsky d8s-t6-y8f HsGd. 

Dotfaeboys Hall .... d5'-th§-boiz hdl. 

Douai, or Douay . . . doo-&\ 

Douauinont d6&-5-inOA'. 

Doabs doo. 

Doultoa dor-t6n. 

Douma, see Duma . . . doo'-m&. 

Dottio doo'-rO. 

DottWy or Dow .... dow. 

Drachenfels drSk'-6n-f61z. 

Oer. dr&'-^hen-feiz. 

Diaconian dra-kO'-nl-an. 

Draconic dra-kdn'-Ik. 

Drakenbeig (Mts.) . • • dr&'-k6n-ber6h. 

Drave dr&'-v6. 

Drdla dSrd'-la. 

Dreibund drl'-bd6nt. 

Dreiser drl'nser. 

Dreuz dre. 

Dreyfus drSrftto'. 

Drina dre'-n&. 

Drogheda dr66h'-e-d&, dr6'-'hed-a. 

Dromio drO'-mI-6. 

Drouet droo-a'. 


Droz drO. 

Druid drQ'-id. 

Druidian drG-IdM-an. 

Druidic. .•.•.•• drO-ld'-Ik. 

Druses ..•'•••• drooz'-Sz. 

Drybuif^ drl'-btbvil. 

Dryope drI'-6-p6. 

Dry Tortttg«us( dri t6r-too'-gaz. 

Du Barry dli b&r-e^ 

Dubois Fr. dtt-bw&'. 

Du Bois-Reymond . . . dii bwa-r&-m6A^ 

Due Fr. dtik. 

Duca doo'-k&. 

Ducange, or Du Cange . dii-k&Azh^ 

Ducdo di Buoninsegna . dooch'-5 de 


DuChaiUu du8h&-ya'. 

DuChfttelet dtish&t-l&'. 

Duchesne dti-fih&n'. 

Duchessa It doo-kSB'-s&. 

Duchesse Fr. dtlHshte'. 

Ducrot dti-krO^ 

Dudevant dad-v&^'. 

Duero doo-fi'-r5 

Du Guesdin, or Duguesclin dti gSrklM'. 

Dukas du-k&'. 

Dukhobori doo-dh5-b6'-r6. 

Dulcamara dd61-karina'-ril. 

Duldnea del Toboso . . dtU-dn'-^^ del t&-b5'-fi5 

Sp. dool-the-n&'-& d&l 

Dulwich d^'-Ich. 

Duma, see Douma . . . doo'-]n&. 

Dumas dOma. Fr. da-m&'. 

Du Mauiier d(i mO r&=&^ 

Dumbarton dtbn-bar'-tSn. 

Dumfries diim-frez\ 


Dumouiiez dti-inoo->i^p^'. 

Diinaburg dti'-nSrboordh. 

Dunajecs doo-nSryfits'. 

Dunbar dii]i-bar\ 

Dundee dt&n-KlS'. 

Dunedin diin-6'-dIn, diin-Sd'-in. 

Dunes dtUiz. 

Dunfermline diin-f6nn'-]In« 

Dunkeid diin-kgld\ 

Dunois dti-nwa'. 

Dunsany diinHsft'-nl. 

Dunsinane dtLn'-d-nfini diin-dn'-An. 

Duomo doa==5'-m0. 

Dupaly dti-*pft-tS'. 

Du Paly de Clam • . . dti pft-tS' dii kla&'. 

Dupleasis dii-pl&H9&'. 

Duplessis-Momay . • • dtiplS-8S'-m5r-nft^ 

Duprat dii-<pr&'. 

Dupri dti-prft'. 

Dupr£ti8 doo-pr&^tSe'. 

Dupuy dti-pwS\ 

Duquesne dtl-k&n'. 

Duquesnoy dti-kft-nw&^ 

Duran, Carolus .... kft-rO-ltls' dtl-rfiA^ 

Durandarte doo-r&n-d&r'-tft. 

Durango doo-ran'-gp. 

Durazzo doo-r&t'-65. 

Durban, or D'TTrban . . d^r'-b&n. 

Durbar dttr'-b&r. 

Durbunga, see Darbhangah dtbvbW-gft. 

Diirer dti'-rtr. 

Durham dtbr'-am. 

Duroc dtl*rGk'. 

Duruy da-rQ=«'. 

Durward d^rWard. 

Duse doo^HsSy doo'H9fi. /<• doo'-st. 

Dussek doo'-ehSk. 



DOsseldoif dOs'-gl-ddif. 

Dvinsk dvlnsk. 

I>vofik,Antoa • • • • ftn'-tOn dv5r-zh&k^ 

Dyak dl'-Sk. 

Dyea dl'-ft. 

Dynow de'-nOv. 


Eadred. • . 
Eadrk (Bdiic) 
Eames (Enmift) 
Eau de Cologne 

Ebal . . . 

Bbotbard . 

EborSi Gmts 

Ebert . . . 

EbliSi see Iblia 

EboU . . . 

Ebonicum, see Eburaeam. 


Ebtmcom, see Eboracum 



EcceUno da Romano, see 


Ecclef ecban 






ficole des Beaux Arts, L' . 
ficole des FenuneSf V . . 




5 dii kM5n^ 

Fr. k5-l5n'=ytt- 
gSF^rch' ft'-bBrs. 

5'-bro. Sp. &'.br5, 

ek'-ee h5'-m0. 

Sch-Srle'-nO d& rO-ma'-nO. 

ek-Me6h'-&D, ek-l-fSk'-in. 





6k'-6, 6'.k6. 

Ia*k5l' dft bO-zfir'. 

l&-k5r dft {Sm\ 


£coIe des Maris, L' . . la-kol' d& uA-r^'. 

£coIe Polytechnique . . SrkSi' p6-I§-tek-n@k'. 

£corcheur8, Les . . . 1& z&-k6r-Bh€r'. 

Ecuador ek-ward5r'. iSp. arkwa-d5r'. 

Edam e'-dfim. D. Srd&m\ 

Eden S'-dn. 

Edfu gd-foo'. 

Edgecote Sdj'-kOt. 

Edinbttii^ Sd'-In-btir'-^y 


Edmond Fr. ed-m6ft'. 

Edom g'-d6m. 

fidouard ardoo-fir'. 

Edrei 8d'-r6-L 

Ecldumd Georges • . . zh6rzh &k'-howi. 

Eedoo 5rklO^ 

tgalitf, Philippe . . . f&-lSp' a-g81-6-t&'. 

Egean, see Aegean . . &<je'-an. 

Eger S, -gSr. 

Egeria, see Aegeria . . &-je'-iI-4. 

Egeus e-je'-Os. 

Eginhard, see Einhard . &'-^-hfirt 

Eglamour Sg^-Iarmoor. 

Eglantine SgMan-tln. 

Eguren, Jos£ h5H9&' a-goo'-r6n. 

Ehrenbreitstein .... firiSn-brlt'-fitln. 

Ehrenfels ft'-rfin-fglz. 

Eichberg I6h'.b6r6h. 

Eiffel r-fgl. Fr.g-fgr. 

Eikon Basilike .... I'-k5n b&^'-I-kS. 

Eikonoclastes .... I-kSn'-G-klfis'-tez. 

Eimbeck, or Einbeck . . bn'-bSk, Xn'-bek. 

Einhard, see Eginhard • Xn'-hart. 

Einstein In'nstln. 

Eisenach f-z&-n&6h. 

Eisleben Is'-l&-bSn. 

Eisner, Kurt koort is'-nfir. 


11 .1 :m lit 


mtei r-m. 

Ekatednbuxs, see Teka- 

texinbttig 8-k&'-t5-ren-boorg'. 

Ekber, see Akbar . . . 6k'-b6r. Hind, fik'-bSr. 
Elagababis, see Helioga- 

babis e-la-gftb'-arltte, 


Elamite S'-Iam'-It. 

Blandslaagte Srlftnt6-la£h'-tg. 

Elbe &h. Oer. er-bii. 

Kbeifeld H'-bgr-felt. 

Blbrooz, Elbruz .... fil-brooz'. 

Si Camino Real . ... SI k&'-m§'-no rSrfil' 

El Caxnpeador . • . . fil kfim'-pa-SrdOr'. 

BlCaney 5lk&-ii&'-e. 

Elchingen Sl6h'-Ing-6n. 

El Dorado eid(V-r&'-dO.£!p.eid6-r&'-d5 

Eleanor ei'-&<5rn6r^, 81'-a-n§r. 

Eleanora d'Este . . . &'-l2r5-n5'-r& dSs'-tS. 

Eleatic ei-&-&t'-Ik. 

Eleazar Sl-e'-zar, §-te'-fip2&r. 

Eletudnia ...... fil a-eln'-I-a. 

Eleusis fr-In'Hds. 

Eleutfaera fr-Ia'-the-rsL 

Elgin H'-jIn. 

Elia S'-lI-a. 

Eliab e-ll'-&b. 

EliaUm e-ll'-a-kiin. 

Ellas e-ll'-as. 

EUdure eiM-dtlr. 

filie de Beamnont . . . 5rle' dfi b6-m^A^ 

BUezer ei-I-e'-z6r. 

Elihu 6-lI'-ha. 

Elihu(Root) eiM-hti. 

EUmelech e-lim'-6-l6k. 

KiO 96 ' BMOr PACHA 

BUo(GeiL) S-te'-^. 

Bliodoro &M&-0-d5'-iO. 

EUphalet e-Uf'-arlSt. 

tlise SrW. 

Elifiir d'amore, U . . . Ifi-lS-zSr' dfipmO'-ri. 

Elizabethan Mlsr^htihr-isi, or 


Elkanah Sl-kft'-D&, ei'-k2rn&. 

EUichpur 81-Ich-poor'. 

El Mahdi, see Mahdi . . fil m&'-dS. 

Elmire Sl-mSr'. 

Elman, Miacha . • • • ndsh'-& 81'-mftn. 

ElObeid eUb^Sd'. 

Elohim &-10'-him, Sl'-5-blnL 

El Paso del Norte . . . H p&'-65 del nOr'-tS. 

El Puerto fil pwftrt'-to, poo=Ar'-45. 

Elaass il'-jsfis. 

Elsass-Lothringen • • . fil'-z&s-l5t'-iIng-&L 

Elainitfe Sl-d-nOr'. 

Elssler Sls'-ter. 

Bltekeh SI'-te-ke. 

Elul e'-im. 

filysie ft-lS-zft^ 

Elysiaii S-Uz'-I-in, &-Uzh'-6-ani 


Elydtun &-IIzM-1imy &-lIzh'4=aini 


Elzevir 81'-z6-v6r, 81'-zS-v6r. 

Emanuelei Vittorio • • vet-tO'-r6-0 Srm&-noo4l1ft. 

Emeer, see Emir • • • e-mGr'. 

fimigrisy Lea 1& zfi-m&-grft'. 

Emil fi'-md. 

fimile S-msr. 

Emilian S-mll'-I-an. 

fiminence Grise, L' • . l&-m&-n6A8' gr6a. 

Emin Pacha (or Bey) . • ft'-mSn p&ah-d' (bft)i 

-', ptah'-i. 

Bmir, see Bmeer • • • &-m§r, e-^nSr'. 

Bminaiui S-m&'-tbi, &n'-mft-fie. 

Bmpedoclee fim-p6d'-5-kl6s« 

Ems fims. 

fioAiitt (Louie) .... ft-n5^ 

Bnceledue ennsei'-aFdtbs. 

Bndna fin-e^'-na. iSp. An-thS'-na. 

Bncke Sng'-kii. 

BncydopMIe OfiH9&-kl&-pft-d6'. 

Bndymion Sn-dlm'-I-On. 

Bneas, see Aenees . • . e-ne'-jus. 

Bneid S-nS'-Id, S'-nMd. 

Bneoiessar Sn-^mfis'-sar. 

Bnfant Prodigue, L' . . Idn-fW prO-dfig^. 

Bngadine 6n-g&<len'. 

Bngafio fin-g&n'-yO. 

Bngedi Sn-ge'-dl, Sn'-gMl. 

Boi^n, Due d' . . . . dtUc d&n-g&=U', dU-glft' 

Bngland Ing'-gland. 

Jttt gUA Ing^-gUsh. 

Bnid e'-Dld. 

Bnobaifms Sn-G-b&r'-btbs. 

Bueefiada 6n-s8n-yft'-da. 

Bntente dtk-t6At'. 

Bntraiguesy Henrietta d% 

see Antraiguee . . . 6n-r6-St' ddtk-trfig'. 

Bolian, see Aeolian • . e-O'-U-an. 

Bolic, see Aeolic • . . S-sr-Ik. 

Bolia, see Aeolia • . • e'-5-Il8. 

Botlien &^'-then. 

Bpaminondas e-pftrnMn-fin'-dSs. 

Bpaphroditus e-pftf '^-rO-dl'-tOs. 

BpeLmi, see Epirua • . e-pl'-rtbs. 

fipemay S-p6r-n&'. 

ICpemon, d' d^pBr-nOii'. 

^ea Sps. 

Bpheaiana ^fS'.ahans. 


Ephesus £f-^{bs. 

Ephraim S'-frSrlm. 

Ephiata ef-rSrift, 6f -rarta. 

Epicoene ep'-K-sen. 

Epictetus ep-Ik-te'-ttls. 

Epicurean ...••• SpM-ku-rS'-an, 


Epicureanism • • • . 6pM-kQ-r3'-&n-Izmi 


Epicurus Sp-I-kQ^-rOs. 

£pidauru8 ep-Mdr^-Os. 

fipinajy d' d&-p&-n&^ 

Epipsychidion .... 8pMH9l-kId'-I-On. 

Epirot 8-pr-r5t. 

Epirote g-pi'-r5t. 

Epirus, see Epeiros . . ^-pl'-rOs. 

Epitfaalamium .... SpM-thfi-la'-ml-ttm. 

£rard a-rar'. 

Erasmus §-r&z'-miis. 

Eraste &-^88t^ 

Erastianism i^rSst'-y&Drlzm. 

Erato 6r'-&-tO. 

Erastosfhenes .... Sr-a-t5s'-thS-nSz. 

Erdlla Sr-fiSr-ya. 

Erckmann-Chatrian . . 8rk'-m&n-6h&-tr§-aA'. 

Erebus gr'-e-bOs. 

Erechtfaeum Sr-gk-the'-1imy 


Eretria S-re'-trl-a. 

Eretrian S-r8'-tiI-an. 

Erfurt gr'-foort. 

Eric, see Erik .... gr'-Ik, 6'-ilk. 

Ericsson Sr'-Ik-sSn. 

Erigena e-ilj'-8-na, 6r-Ij'-«-na, 


Erik, see Eric .... Sr'-ik, e'-rik. Sw. &'-rfk. 

Erin fi'-zln. 


Biinnyesi or Erinyes, or 

Erinnys 6r-InM-62, §-i1d'-I-5z, 

6r-ln'-Sz, 5-rIii'-€z. 

Erivan 6r-I-yan^ 

Erlangen er'-l&ng-Sn. 

Erl-lOngyOrGer.Erl-KSiiig §rr-klng. Ger. HrlW-vlch. 

Emani &r-n&'-n6. 

Eroica SriO'-e-kfi. 

Eros S'-rOs. 

Erostratus e-rOs'-trSrtOs. 

Erskiiie §rs'-kln. 

Ervine, St John . • . dn'-jtbi Sr'-vln. 

Erzerum Srz-room^ 

Esaias ^-zfi'-yas. 

Escadrine, Lafayette . . larf&-yet' es-kardr6'»o^. 

Escalus Ss'-ka-ltls. 

Escamillo $s-k&-mel'-y5 

Eschent>ach, Wolfram von v Slf '-ram f fin §8h'-Sn-b&ch. 

Escholier es-k81-&=fi'. 

Escholtzia fish-filtz'-S-a. 

Escorialior es-kO'-il-&'. 

Escurial es-kO'-rl-ftl. 

Esdraelon Ss-drft-eMdn, fis-drS'-e-ldn. 

Eskimo, see Esqoimatix . Ss'-kl-mO. 

Esneh Ss'-n8. 

Esop, see Aesop . . . S'nsdp. 

Espafia Ss-pan'-ya. 

Espafiola Ss-pan-y5'-l&. 

Esperey, Franchet d' . . fr&fi-shfi' dg8-p6-r&'. 
Espinasse, de P, see Les- 

pinasse di Ifi-pS-nas'. 

Espiritu Santo .... Ss-pS'-re-too san'-tO. 

Espr£mesnil, or £pr6m#nil ft-prS-ma-nel'. 

Esquiline Ss-ke-l^n', Ss'-kwI-lin. 

Esquimaux, or Eskimo . es-k6-m5'. 

Esquixol es-k6-r5r. 

Essenes es-eSnz^ 86'-e&-nez. 


Bssipofl Ss-§-p6f'. 

B8teing,d* des-tiUi'. 

Bstaires te-t&r'. 

Estaunii 68-t5n-y&^ 

Estcourt e8t'-k5rt. 

Bste Ss'-te. 

BsteiiiazyiSeeBgtzeiiiizy 8s'-t6r-h&-d| fist&yhft'-sS. 

Fr. fi8-t&r-fr-26'. 

Esther 6s'-t6r. 

EsthoDiA 68-th5'-i]I-fL 

Esdennei see fitienne . • ft-t&=4n'. 

Estrtes, Galnielle d' . . gfirbr&-Sl' dS^trft'. 

EstrellStLa 1& es-trfil'-yft. _ 

EstnunAduia 8Bh'^-tr&-ixikf-doo'-r&. 

Sstzexbizyi see Estexbazy es'-ter-hSrzI, fis-t&vh&'-ie. 

Fr. fi8-t&r-firs6'. 

Etah S'-ta. 

Etampes ft-t&Ap'. 

Etesian &-te'-zhI-an, ^t6'-shan. 

EthelbertiSeeAetfaelbeifat 6th'-6l.b6rt. 

Ethiopic e-thl-Op'-Ik, 6-thI-5'-pIk. 

Etienne, see Esdenne . Srt&=%n^ 

Eu S. 

Ettbosa a-be'-&. 

Eocken oi'-k6n. 

Eudes dd. 

Eudozia a-dSk'-sI-a. 

Euergetes a-6r'-]8-t6s. 

Eug^n Ger. oi-gftn'. 

Eugene (i-ien^ 

Eug^e Fr. 6-zh8n\ 

Ettgine de Beaiiharnais . &-zh&ii' dtl bO-8r-n&'. 

Ettgfinie de Montijo . • ^-shfirne' dtl m6n-t&-6h5^ 

Sp. dft m5n-te'-6h0. 

Ettgfinie Orandet . . . §-2li&-ne' grfiA-dfi'. 

Eulalla Sr=oo-l&'-lHl. 

EulaUe 6-Urte'. 




Bulate . . . . 

. . fir=60.1&'.ttU 

BoleiiBpiegel . . 

. . oiM6nH9hp6''-g$I. 

Bttler . . • . 

. . oiMgr. 

Bumenes . • . 

. . fl'-m&-nSz. 

Bumenito • . 

. . tl-m6n'-I-d6. 

Bumenides . < 

. • Q-mfin'-I-dSs. 

Btmice . • . . 

, • H'-qHiB, fl-nI'H96. 

Biqdbntes . . 

. . n-frs'-tez. 

Bt^hxosyno • . 

. • d-frSB^-In-e. 

Bttjihttes . • , 

. . d'-ffl-es. 

Buraaia • . . 

. . Q-rfi'-shl-a, fl«-rS'-ahI-a. 

BiuuiAn . . . 

. . fl-rfi'Hsdd=an, fl-rS'-zhI=an. 

Bute . . . , 

. . 6r. 


. . 6r-&-lw&r^ 

Buridice . . , 

It. SF=oo-re'-de^6. 

Boxipides . • . 

. . Q-rip'-I-dSc. 

Buroclydon . , 

. . Q-rSk'-H-dOiL 

BmofMii or • • . 

» • d-iO'-pft. 

Boxope . . . , 

. . ti'-r6p, Class. tl-r6'-p5. 

Buropean . . 

. . Q-rO-pis'-aii. 

Buxyanflie. . . 

. . fl-rl-to'-thS. 

Bozydico . . . 

. . Q-rid'-b-e. 

Bnsenada Honda 

. . &''=0OH^n&'-d& Gn'-dft. 

Bastache, St . . 

. . fMht^iMi'. 


* . Qs-tft'-U-aii. 

Btiatachio . . . 

. . Sr=oo8-t&'-k&o. 

Bttstachius . . 

. . fl»-tft'-kl-tt8. 

Btttaipe . . . 

. . tl-t6r'.p§. 

Bttterpean . • . 

, . fl-t6r'-p&-an. 

Biudne . . . . 

. . yQksMn. 

Bvangeline . . 

, . &-v&n'-j6-IIn, &-y&n'-je-ten. 

Bvelina . . < 

, . Sv-&-lI'-na, 6v-6-l6'-iia, 

Bvesham • • . 


fivreuz • • • . 

. . ftv-r6'. 

Bwazt • . . . 

, • a'-art 


Bzcalibar (— bur) . . . Sks-kSl'-I-bar. 

Exeter 6ks'-«-tfir. 

Syck, van v&n Ik. 

l^Utt iMow. 

Eyre &r. 

EytiBge fit -ting. 

Ezekias gz-g-kl'-as. 

EzeUel &.2e'-ld-fil. 

Ezra . gz'-rft. 

Ezzelino da Romanoy see 

Eccelino 6t-zft-le'-ii6 d& rO-mA'-nG. 


Fabian ffi'-bl-an. 

Fabliau ffirbl§-6'. 

Fabliaux fft-bls^'. 

Fabre f£br. 

Fabriano f^br&-&'-nO. 

Faenza fa-eii'-dz&. 

Fagin ffi'-g^n. 

Fahrenheit fa'-rSn-hlt. 

Faidherbe fft-dArb'. 

Failly faryg'. 

FainiantBi Les Rois . . la rwa {S^nSreiA\ 

Faizabad, see Fyzabad . fl-za-bad'. 

Fajardoy see Faxardo . . Sp. fa-6h&r'-dO. 

Falaise ..*..... fa-lgz'. 

Falconbridge fok'-an-brlj. 

Falemian fa-lgr'-nl-an. 

Falieri fa-le-a'-r6. 

Falkenhayn far-k^n-hln. 

Falkland f6kMand. 

Faneuil f&n'-^I. pop. ftln'-fil. 

Fantine faA-ten'. ^ 

Fantin-Latour .... fan-t&ii' iSrtoor'. 

Faraday •...,.• f&r'-ard&. 


FaraUones f&-rgl-y5'-n6s. 

FaridpOTy see Furidpur . fOr-Sd-poor'. 

Famese f&r-nSz'. It f&r-nfi'-iig. 

Faro, or Faroe . • • . f a'-rO, f &'-r66=«. 

Faiquhar f&r'-kwar, f ftr'-kar. 

Fanakhabad, see Famik- 

habad fOr-rOk-arbad'. 

Farrar (Canon) .... f ftr'-ar. 

Farrar (Geialdine) . . . farn&r'. 
Farruldiabady see Farrak- 

habad ftLr-rOk-arbad'. 

Fasdati f&HshSs'-tS. 

Fashoda farBh5'-da. 

Fata Morgana .... fa'-tamdr-ga'-na, 

f a'-t§. mdr-g&'-na. 

Fafhipor, see Futtehpor . ftlt-S-poor^ 

Fatima f&^-te-mE. pop. f&tM-ma. 

Fatimitea f&t'-l-mits. 

Faubourg St Antoine . . f5-boor' s&A-t&ft-twW. 

Foubourg St. Germain . fS-boor' s&n zh&r-mftn^ 

Fauntleroy f6nt'-ler-oi. 

Faure,F£liz fS-lSks'fOr'. 

Fauresmith fdr'-emlth. 

Faust fowst. 

FaustLoa fds-tl'-na. 

Faustua fds'-ttts. Oer. foW-tote. 

Favre fftvr. 

FazardOy see Fajardo . . fa-char'-dO. 

Fayal fl^'. Part.n-Sy. 

Fayoum, Fayum . • . f[-oom\ 

February fgb'-roo-ft'^-rl. 

Fechter fg6h'-t6r, fgah'-tfir- 

F6dora fa-dO'-r&. 

Fedotoff (— ov) .... f8-dfl'.t«f. 

Feejee, see Fiji .... fe'-jS. 

Feejeean, see Fijian . . f&-j5 -an. 

Felahie fH-lft-he'. 


Felice /(. ffirle'-chL 

Filice Fr. fft-le6^ 

Fflidtf fft-lSs-e-tft'. 

Felipe fft-lS'-pS. 

Felix ft'-Uks. 

Filix Fr.AlSlD^. 

Femme de Trente Ans • fSm dtt trOAt 8A. 

Fteelon f8n'-«-lfin. Fr. f Sr=n1i-1A&'. 

Fenian fSn'-yan. 

Feeder fft'-6-d5r. 

Feodosia fft-5-d8'H9&«. 

Fire-en-Tardenoia . . • fSr-AA^tlId-nw&^ 
Ferichtay Feirahta, Fer- 

iachta, see Firishteh . fSr'-Ish-tft. 

Fernandez ffir-nin'-dSz. Sp. 


Feinandina • • . • • fBr-nftn-de'-na. 

8p. fSr-n&n-de'-nft 

FeniandOi San • • . . sSn f 6r-nftn'-d6| sftn 


Feniey or Femes • • • f&r-nfi'. 

Fexozepore, eee Firocpiir fe-rGz-pGr'. 

Fenand fS-r&A'. 

Ferraxa fSr-r&'-rft. 

Ferrero, Gui^lmo • • gool-yftl'-mG f ftr-rft^-r6. 

Feniires ftr-&=4r', 

Fenol|Ei Slfer-ror. 

Fecronniire, La Belle . . I& bgl f fir-r0n-^F=Ar'. 

Feny, Jules zhtklf&-re\ 

Fesole» see Fiesole • . • fft'-z&-lA. 

Festabert fes-a-bfir". 

FMs fft-tSs'. 

Feoerbach foi'-fir-b&6h. 

Feuillet, Octave . • • • Ok-t&V fS-yft'. 

Feydeau fft-dO^ 

Feyjoo y Montenegre • . ffiF=§-h5' 6 m5n-tSrnS'-grO. 

Fezzan • • fSz-z&n^ 


Ffranfoon-DaviM . . . frSng'-kOn-dft'-ySs. 

Fkhte fl^h'-ta. 

UdeUo f6-dftM&o. 

Itermbxms f^p=flrr&»b^&^ 

Fiesote f&=ft'-29-]&. 

FigUD f&^r5^ 

FigoonMi fi(g-er-0'-a. 

Fijif see Feejee .... fe'-jG. 

Fijian, see Feejeean . . f&-je'-an. 

Flkrete f6-Urrft'-tB. 

FlUpbia fil-I-pe'-na, Sp. fS-le-pe'-Dft 

FU^ino ffl-I-p6'-n5. iSp. fS-le-p6'-n5 

FlUppo f6-tep'-p5. 

FOle dtt RCgiment, La . • I& fS da rft-zhe-md&'. 

FOomeoa (St.) . • • • ffl-O-mS'-iuL 

FtoJatire (— terre) . . . fln-IiEhtfir'. 

Florentino f&-5-rftn-t6'-D0. 

Fbenze fB-rftn'-dzft. 

Fixiahtah, see Ferichta . f6'-rS6h-t&. 

Flnniii Didot f6r-m&A'jle-dO\ 

FlfozpUTi see Feroaepoce • f8»r6a-pooF • 

Flamettea t^uAt'. 

Fltinie ••••••• i<&"00 Hxift* 

Flagellants flSj'-Sl-ants. 

Flameng fl&-mdA\ 

Flandsian flarinlnM-an. 

Flanunaiion flfirm&-r&-dA\ 

Flandrin flM-dr&&^ 

Flaubert fl5-bAr'. 

Fleance fls'-aos. 

Ftotuns fle-rCks'. 

Flettxy fl&-i«'. 

FUegende HolUnderi Der dfir flS'-gSn-dfl hdl'-en-dSr. 

Flodden flSd'-en. 

FloQzaley fl6A-z&'-lfi. 

Flot^al fl5-rft-Sl'. . 

Flofentine fl&r'-Sn-tibi, flOr'-Bn-tln. 


Floies flO'-rSs. 

Florizel flOr'-Iz6l. 

Flotowyvon f fln fl6'-t5, (?er. flO'-tOv. 

Fkmrens floo-rOA'. 

Foch fSsh. 

Focsani fSk'-sha-nS. 

Fogazzaxo f5-gat8-s&'-r6. 

Foggia f6d'-j&. 

Foiz fw&. 

FoUeni see Fu-Uen . . f5-ke-8n^ 

Folies Bergires, Les . . Ifi f A-le' bfir-zhfir'. 

Foligno, see Fuligno . . fo-l@n'-yO. 

Folkestone fOk^Hstiin. 

Folkething f5r-k&-ti[ng. 

FomaUiaut fO-m&I<^^ 

Fond du Lac fdn dii l&k. 

Fonseca fOn-6a'-k&. 

Fontainebleau .... foA-tan-bl5'. 

Fontenoy fdnt'-^noi. Fn f6]!it-nw&'. 

Fontevrault f6A=tS-vr5'. 

FoochoWi see Fu-chau . foo-chow'. 

ForH fflr-lS'. 

Fonnosa f6r-m5'-6&. 

Formosan fdr-m5'-8an. 

FomaiinaiLa .... 1& f dr-narrS'-n&y 

Forres f6r'-€s. 

Fors Clayigera .... fdrz kl&-vl]'-€r-a. 

Fort de France . . . . fOr dd fraAs. 

Fortescue fdr'-tSs-kQ. 

Fortinbras fdr'-titn-brfis. 

Fortimatus fSr-td-M'-tds. 

Fortimy fflr-t6o'-n6. 

Forza del Destino, La . .la f5r-dza dSl dfis-te'-nO. 

Foscari ffie'-kSrrS. 

Foscarini f5s-k&-re'-n6. 

Foscolo f8s'-k5-l5. 

Fotheringay fdth'-Sr-In-ga. 


FoacauH foo-k6^ 

Foochi foo-ah£^ 

Foucquet foo-kfi\ 

Foulques fook. 

Fouqui foo-k5^ 

Fourier foo-r8!=&'. 

Fourierism foo'-ii-Sr-Izm''. 

Foumetydtt dafoor-D&^ 

Fournier f66r-nSp=&'. 

FtaAngelko frfi an-jSl'-&-ko. 

Fta Bartolommeo . . . f ra b&r-to-lOm-mfi'-O. 

Ftacasse, Capitaine . . kSrpe-tSn' fra-kfis'. 

FtaDiavolo ..... fra de=a'-v&-l5. 

Ftaennaim frAr'-man. 

FiagiacomOi Pietro . . . pe-a'-trO frarj&^-k5-m0. 

Fxagonard frft-gO-na^^ 

Fnnce fr&ns. Ft. frans. 

France, Anatole .... fi-n&-t5r fr&Qis. 

Francei lie de . . . . §1 dii fraA8^ 

Ftancesca da Rimini . . fr&nHsgs'-ka dS re'-mS-ne. 

It fr&n-chSs'-ka 


Francesco frSn-fifis'-kO. It 


Franche-Comti .... frfiAsh k6fL-t&'. 

Franda fr&n^-ch&. 

Ftandsco fr&nHste'-kO. 

Sp. fran-thSB'-k5. 

Ftands de Sales .... fr£n'-6ls dii sSlz. Fr. sSl. 

Francky C£sar .... sS-z&r' frMk. 

Ftan^ois frSii-8W&\ 

Fran^oise fra&Hswaz'. 

Franconian fr&ng-k5'-nl-an. 

Fnmgipani frfin-jl-p&n'-I. U. 


Franz frants. 

Franz-Josef frfints' y5'-z6f . 

KRARi 110 nm 


Fnri {rft'-T6. 

Ftascati frto-k&'-te. 

Ftaunhofer frown'-h5-f9r. 

Ftid^gonde frfirdSpg6Ad\ 

Fteiberg fri -bfir6h. 

Fteflraig, see Fribouig ^ frI'-boor6h. 

Frefligrath frf-Ug-r&t. 

Fteischfltz, Der .... d6r f rl'-shatB. 

Freitagy see Freytag . . frl'-t&6h. 

Frelin^uysen .... fre'-l!ng-hI''-flBiL 

FrCmiet fr&-m&=ft'. 

FrCminet frfirm&-D&^ 

Frimoiit (Gen.) .... fr^-mdnV. pop. frS'-mOnt. 

Ftemont (Ohio) .... fr&-m5nV, fre'-mtat. 

Fremstad frem'-stad. 

Fteneau fr&-nO'. 

Ftere fr6r. 

Frtre fr&r. 

Ftescobaldi fi«B-k5-bia'-dB. 

Fteud froit. 

Freudian froi'-dI-«n. 

Ftey frl. 

Fteya frI'-&. 

Fteydnet fr&-e6-n&\ 

Freytag, see Freitag • . frl'-t&6h. 

Friant fi^-fiA'. 

Fribouig, see Freiburg . fre-boor'. 

FridOiof , see Frittijof . . frSt'-ydf . 

Friedland fred'-lfint. 

Friedrichsbau .... fr6d'-iI6h0-bow. 

Friedrichshafen .... fred'-iIdhs-h&'-ISn. 

Frieaiani see Frisian . . frez'-yan, frSih'-yan. 

Frinudxe frS-mkr'. 

Frisian, see Friesian . . fils'-l=an, tfl^'-yisL 

FriflLJof , see Fridtliiof . . fret'-yOf. 

FritZiDerAlte .... dSr fil'-ta frits. 

FritZiUnser oon'-i8r frits. 

raiDU 111 FTZABAD 

FriaU M'-oo-te. 

FrtR>el» or Froebel . . . fi6'-bei. 

Frobishcr frO'-blsh-fir. 

Frcdssait f roi'-fi&rt. Ft. frwiif^ii^. 

FioUo, Claude .... cl5d fr0-l5'. 

Framentin frO-mOA-tUi^ 

Ftonde frSnd. Fr. frAAd. 

Ftont de Boraf .... frAAdttbtf. 

Ftontenac fr6]!it-iifik'. 

Fkotsaid frfleHS&r'. 

Fltmde frood. 

Froo-Froo froo'-froo^ 

Fracfidor frQk-t&-d5r'. 

Ftydek fr£'-dek. 

Fu-diAtt, see Foochow . foo-chow^. 

Faji-8an,or foo'-j&HS&n'. 

Fuji-yiBia foo'-jS-y&'-^nft. 

Fa-Uen, see FoUen . . f^o-k&-Sn^ 

Fttk, see Folk .... foolk. 

Fnlda foor-dft. 

FuOiaiii fOl'-am. 

FuligiiOy see Foligno . . fdo-lSn'-y5. 

Fulk, see Fuk .... foolk. 

FuxidptuTi see Faridpor . fiir-6d-poor'. 

Fnrca (-ka) foo]<-k&. 

Fomess ffir'-uBs. 

Furor ftl'-rfir'. Sp. foS-rOr'. 

FSrst ftiiBt. 

FBrstin ftot'-In. 

Fusan foons&n'. 

Fust foost. 

Fuazki foos'-kS. 

Futtehpur, see Fathipnr . fflt-tfi-poor'. 

FynO) Loch Id6h fin. 

Fyt| Jan y&n fit. 

Fyzabadi see Faizabad . f[-z&-bfid^ 



Gabael g&b'.5r«l, ga'-bft-SL 

Gaberones g&b-e-rG^-nSs. 

Gaboriauy fimile . . . fi-mSI' g§rb5-rS^=5'. 

Gabriel g&'-bii*Sl. 

Gabriele g§rbr&-&Me. 

Gabrielle Fr. gft-br&^'. 

Gabrielli garbr&«l'-le. 

Gabrilowitch g§rbra-5'<-vIch. 

GabyDesLys g&-bS' dfirlSs'. 

Gadarenes g&d-a-renz^ 

Gaddi, Gaddo .... g§xl'd5 g&d'-d6. 

Gade g&'-dS. 

Gadeira, or gft-di'-r&. 

Gades g&'-dez. 

Gadhelic g&d-gr-Ik, gSd'-Sl-Ik. 

Gadite g&'-dlt. 

Gsa, see Ge jS'-a. 

Gaekwar, see Gaikwar . c^'-w&r. 

Gael gal. 

Gaelic ga'-lXk. 

Gaeta g&-S'-ta. 

Gaikwar, see Gaekwar . c^'-w&r. 

Gainsborough .... ganz'-btbr-tL, g&nz'-biir-0| 


Gaiseric gK'-zSr-Ik. 

Gakutei ggrkoo-ta'-e. 

Galahad g&l'-arh&d. 

Galapagos (Is.) .... g&l-a-p&'-g5B. 

Sp. garl&'-pfirgOS. 

Galashiels gftl-a-shSlz'. 

Galatea gSl-artS'-a. 

Galatians ga-l&'-BhI=an8. 

Galdos, P&rez .... p&'-reth gSl'-dOs. 

Galen g&'-16n. 

Galignani g&-ien-y&'-ng. 


Galilean gSl-I-lS'-&n. 

Galilee g&lM-Ie. 

GaUId, Gameo .... ga-Ie-l&'-o garl&-lA'-& 

Galitzin» see Gallitzin . . garl6t8'-6n. 

Gallait gal-Ifi'. 

Gallatin g&l'-artln. 

Gallaudet g&l-6-d8t'. 

Gallegos gal-yfi'-gSs. 

Gallicism g&lM-dzm. 

Galli-Curd gal'-lS koor'-chfi. 

Gallinfi g&l-y&-ii6'. 

Gallienus gSl-I-e'-nils. 

Gallifetfde dtL g&l-^f&'. 

GaUipoU gai-lIp'-0-lI./(.gftl-tep'-^lS- 

Gallitzint see Galitzin . . garlets'-eiL 

Galswortby g61z-w§r-{U. 

Galuppi garld6p'-p6. 

Galvani gal*y&'-nS. 

Galveston gfil'-vfifl-ttln. 

Galway gdl'-wft. 

Gama, da daga'-ma. 

Gamaliel g&-m&'-lI-Sl.. 

Gambetta g&m-bfit'-t&. 

Ft. gafi-b81>-t&'. 

Gambia g&m^-bI-4. 

Gananoque ga-nH-nOk'. 

Gandi see Ghent . . . gaii. 

Gandercleugh .... g&n'-d§r-kl(16h. 

Gandhi g&nd'-hS. 

Gando gan'-d5. 

Ganga, or Hind, gfing'-gft. 

Ganges g&n'-jez. 

Ganjam gan-jam'. 

Ganymede gftn'-I-mSd. 

Gan]rmedes g£n-I-m6'-dSz. 

Garagantua, see Gargantua gar-arg&n'-tu-&. 

Ft. gar-a-gM-tti-&'. 


Gaxay gSrr&'=8. 

Gaxblehy see Ghaibieh . g&r-be'-yS. 

Gaicfai or g&r'-shl=a. 8p. g&r-thS'-ft. 

Gaicbs, see Gank • • g&r-thS'4ls. 

Gardlaso g&r-the-l&'-BO. 

Gard g&r. 

Gardafai, see Guardafui . g&r-d&-fwS^ 

Gargantua, see Gangantisa g&r-gSn'tfl-4L. 

Fr. g&r-gslA-t&-A'. 

Gaigoille gjLr-gS'=y(i. 

Gaibwal, see Gmhwal . giir-wfil'. 

Garibaldi g&ivI-bSl'-dl. 

It g§rre-bfil'-d& 

GarigUano gSrrSl-y&'-nG. 

Gamier g&r-nS^&\ 

Gamier-Pagto .... g|L^-Il&=ft'-p&-2h6z^ 

Garofalo g§rrG'-ffi-l5. 

Garomie gfirr6n^ Fr. gft-rdn'. 

Garshin g&r'-fihSn. 

Garzfa, see Garcia . . • g&r-thS'-a. 

Gaacogne gas-kW=^. 

Gascony gfis'-ko-id. 

Gassend gfisnaSA'. 

Gasaendi gas-sen'-dS. Fr. gfirsftft-dS'. 

Gastein gfis'-tln. 

Gaston deFoix .... gia-tdfi' dfl fw&. 

Gaston d'Orlians . . . ga»-tdn' d6r-I&-SA^ 

Gatacre g&t'4rkfir. 

Gatshina g&'-ch&-Da. 

Gatti-Casazza .... g&t'-t^k&-sftt8'-sL 

Gatun g&-toon'. 

Gauchet g5-Bhft^ 

Gaudenzio gow-d&i'-di&-0. 

Gaudissart gO-dS-sfir'. 

Gauguin gG-g&&^ 

Gautamay se^ Gotama . gd'-tarma. 

Hind. gow'-t&-m&. 


-ylhiophfle . . tSr^-fer g5-tSf=&\ 

Gavan g&V-an. 

Gaveston g&v'-S&-tiin. Fr. gft-vfe-tOA' 

Gavin g&v'-In. 

Gaviota gar-y&-5'-ta. 

GavTOcfae gf^vrOsh'. 

Gawaiiii or Gawayne . . ga'-w&n. 

Gay-Lussac gft-UioHsSk'. 

Gaza g&'-ca. 

Gazaland g&'-zfirland. 

Ge, see Gtta gS. 

Geber gft'-bSr. 

Gebir g&'-b6r. 

Geddes gSd'-Ss. 

Gefleboig ySf'-lS-bOrg. 

Gehenna ge-h6n'-&. 

Geierstein 0'-Sr-stIn. 

GeiMe g6'-kl. 

Gel6e, Clande .... kl5d zh&-l&'. 

GeUert ggl'-lSrt. 

Gemini j6mM-nI. 

Geminiani j&n'^-^n&^'-ne. 

Gemmi gSm'-S. 

Genee zh^nSf. 

Genesarefli, see Gennesa- 

ret gg-nSs'-arrBth. 

Genesis jSn'-S-sIs. 

Geneva j6-n6'-va. 

Genevidvei Ste s&iiit zhSn-vS^V. 

Genevra jSn-6v'-ra. 

Gens^ Khan, see Jenghiz jgn'-^kh&n. 

Genlis, de dtl zhSfi-les'. 

Gennesareti see Genesa- 

refli gSn-ngs'-arrft, jfi-nfis'-arrBt 

Genoa jfin'-O-a. 

Genoese jSn-O-Sz', jen•4>-^^ 

Genova j&n'-5-va. 



Genovefo g&-n5-ffi'-f&. 

Genseric jSn^Hser-Ik. 

GentUes jgn'-tllz. 

GeoflErey j6f-ri. 

GeofErin zhQ-fr&A\ 

GeofEroy zh5-frw&'. 

Geoig Ger. gSF=Gr6h^ Sw. 


Georges zh6rzh. 

Georgics jdr'-jiks. 

Georgievsk ge=6r'-g&-efsk, 


Geraint g6-^fint^ 

Gfourd Fr. zhfirrfix', 

Gerardy (Jean) .... zhS-r&r-dS'. 

Gergesenes g€r-ge-6Snz^ 

Gexfaardt Fr. zhfi-r&r'. (?er. g&r'-hfirt. 

G£ricault zh&-re-k5'. 

Gericke g&r'-l-kii. 

Gerizim ggr'-Iz-Im. 

Gennain jSr-m&n'. Fr. zhAr-mftfi^ 

Gennaiiia jgr-mfi'«-iil-a. 

Geimaiiicos jgr-m&n'-l-ldis. 

Genninal zh&r-me-n&l^ 

Gemszheim gSms'-hlm. 

GfoAme zh&-rGm'. 

Geronai see Jerona, Xerona Sp. 6h5rr5'-iift. 

Gexonimo, Chief . . . je-rdn'-I-m5. 

Sp. cha-r8ii'-&>m5. 

Gfoonte zh5rr6fLt'. 

Gerould (Mrs. K. F.) • • jer-5\ 

Gerry g6r'-I. 

Gers zh&r. 

Gerster gSrs'-tfir. 

Geryais zhe^-y&^ 

Gervaise zh£r-vSz'. 


Gervase jSr'-yfis, j8r-vfiz'. 

Gervex zh&r-vfi'. 

Gerville-Riache . . . . zh&r-vS^-rft-fi8h^ 

Gervintis ger-vS'-ndbe. 

Geryon jfi'-ri-dn. 

Geryones j&-rI'-5-ii5z. 

Gesenios gdHsS'-ni-tts. Oer. 


Gessart, see Gossaert . . gfis'-ftrt. 

Gesta Romanonun . . j68'-t& rO-mA-nO'-rOm. 

Getlisemane gSth-eem'-a-nS. 

GeuUncx che'-Hnks. Ft. zhe-l&Ak8^ 

Gezer g6'-z6r. 

Gharbiehi see Garbieh . gar-M'-yS. 

Ghats, Ghaunts .... gdts. 

Ghaz^ttr g^-zS-poor'. 

Ghent, see Gand . . . ggnt. 

Gheiardesca, Ugolina della oo-gO-lS -n5 dSl'-lft 


Ghetto g6t'-ttJ. 

Ghibellines glb'-^Bnz. 

Ghibertl g6-b6r'-t6. 

GhilyReni r&-nfi'gel. 

Ghirlandajo g&r-lan-d&'-y5. 

Ghizeh, see Gizeh . . . g$'-zg. 
Ghoorkas, see Goorkfaas, 

orGhuricas .... gdor'-k&9. 

Giacomo ja'-k6-m5. 

Gian Galeazzo ^^sconti . j&n g§rl&-&tz'-0 vls-k0n'-t6. 

Gibaia 6h&-b&'-r&. 

Gibeah i^'-e^&. 

Gibra dh6'-br&. 

Gibraltar jlb-rdl'-tar. 

Giers gSrs. 

Giessbath gSs'-b&6k 

Ga Ft. zh6l. Sp. 'hfl. 

Gfla hS'-la. Sp. 6h6'-l4, 



GU Bias de SantiUane, Fr. zhsl blSs dii s&iitgl-^n'. 
Sp. Sanffllana Sp. 'hsl bl^ dft 


Gilboa gV-bO'-a, g9a'-bO-&. 

Gilda Fr. zh6l-d&', /t. i5r-d&. 

Gilead gV'-«-fid. 

Giles jllz. 

Gilgal ^'-gSI. 

GUibert zhSl-^-bSr'. 

Ginchy zhfiA-6bS^ 

Ginevra ^-nSv'-r&i ]^n8v'-ra. 

Gioconda, La .... ^ jd-kOn'-da. 

Giocondo j5-kdn'-d0. 

Gioja del CoUe, or Gioia . j5'-y& dal kdlMfi. 

Giordano Bruno .... j0r-da'-n5 broo'-n5. 

Gii»gio jSr'-jO. 

Giorgione j8r-]5'-n8. 

Giotto j8t'-t5. 

Giovanni ]5-v&n'-nS. 

Gixaidin zh&-r&r<IM'. 

Giraudouz zhe-r5-ddo'. 

Girgeh jgr'-jS. 

Girgenti - jer-jfin'-tS. 

Girolamo je-r5'-Uirm5. 

Gironde jl-r6nd'. Fr. zhS-rdAd'. 

Girondins ]I-r5A'-dInz. 

Fr. zh6-r66-dSA'. 

Girondists ]I-r5n'-dIsts. 

Gisors zhS-zOr'. 

Gittite ^tMt. 

Giulia jool'-yS. 

Giuliano joo*l&=&'-n5. 

Gittlietta joo*l&-ftt'-ta. 

Gittlio di Pietro di Filippo ioo'-lS=5 de 

p6=ft'-tr5 d6f8-l6p'-p5. 

Gittlio Romano .... ]ooM&=5 r5-in&'-no. 

Giuseppe ]00H9Sp'-p6, 


Gittstiiiiaiii ]oos'-t6-n6-IL'-n6. 

Givenchy zh^vdAHshS'. 

Gizeh, see Ghizeh . . gS'-zii. 

Gladstone gl&d'-sttbi, gl&d'-€t5n. 

GlamiSy or Glammis . . gUmz. 

Glamorgan gl&-m6r'-g&n 

Glasgow glis'-g5. 

Glaucus gl6'-kQs. 

Glazotinoff (-ow), or 

Glazunov ( -ow) . . . gI£-zoo-n8f . 

Glendower glSn-dow'-§ri glSn'-door. 

GUdre ^6-er'. 

Godard, Benjamin. . . bOA-zh&-ma&' g5-d&r'. 

Gloriana gl(V-il-ft'-nfi. 

Gloster, or Gloucester . gl6s'-t§r. 

Gliick gltik. 

Glomdalditch .... ^tim-d&l'-kllch. 

Glycera glIs'-6-ra. 

Glyptotheca gllp-t&-ths'-ka. 

Glyptothek gUp-KVtak'. 

Gneist ^=iilst. 

Gnostics nOs'-tifka. 

Goa g5'-&. 

Goajira, see Guajira . . g&=i^'hs'-r&, gw&-'hS'-r&. 

Goalpaia g(VSl-pa'-rfi. 

Gobelin gOb-lM'. 

Gobiy see Gobi .... gO'-bS. 

Gobseck g6b-86k^ 

Godavari g5-da'-vfirrS. 

Godebski g5-deb'-fild. 

Godefroy de Bouillon . . Fr. g5=dii-frw&Mii 


Godfrey of Bouillon . . gdd'-fil ov boo-ydA'. 

Godiva g6-di'-va. 

Godolphin g&<lor*fIn. 

Godowsky g5-d8f'-BkI. 

Godoy g5'-doi. Sp. g0-d5'=6. 


Godounoff (6odunov)» 

Boris bO-rSs' g6-doo-nfif '. 

Goebel (Wm.) .... g5'-bei. 

Goeben gg'-bSn. 

Goesslefy see GSssler . . g^isMSr. 

Goefhals g5'-thalz. 

Goethe, see Gothe . . g6'-ta. 
Goetz von Berlicbingeiiy 

see G5tz g§tz fSn b&r'-116h-lng^-en. 

Gogol g&-gSr. 

Goldoni g5l-d5'-n§. 

Golgotha gOr-g5-tha. 

Goliath g5-ll'.&th. 

GoUtzin go-Uts'-In. 

Gomara g5-ma'-r&. 

Gomez gd'-mSz. Sp. gO'-m6th. 

Gomorrah gd-mOr'-ft. 

Gompers gOm'-pSrs. 

Gonaivei La 1& g(Vn&-Sv'. 

GonaiveSy Les .... la g5-na-^'. 

Goncharoff ( -ov) . . . gSn-ch&r'-df . 

Goncourt, de di& gdA-koor'. 

Gonda gdn'-d&. 

Goneril gOn'-lir-!l. 

Goofaloniere g5ii'-f&-l5-n&4'-r6. 

G6ngora g8ii'-g5-ra. 

Gonsalyo de Cordova . . gOn-sal'-vO dS kSr'-dG-va. 

Gonse g5n'-sS. 

Gonzaga g6n-z&'-g&.jSp.gOii-tM'-ga. 

It. g5n-dza'-g&. 

Gonzales Sp. gOn-th&Mgs. 

Gonzalez gOn-thaMSth. 

Gonzalo de C6rdoba . . g5n-th&Mo d& kSr^-d^-bft. 

GoorkhaSi see Ghoorkas . goor'-kaz. 
Gorakhimr, see Goruckpur gO-riik-poor^ 

Gorboduc gdr'-bOndilk. 

Gordian, or Gordianus • • gdr'-dl-an, g6r-dI-&'-nfis. 


GStgeiy or GSrgey . . . gSr'-g^-I. 

Gorgias gdr'-jl-as. 

GoriotfPdre pir^r6-5'. 

Gorizia g&-r6d2'-&-&. 

Gorki (-ky) gdr'-kl. 

GSrHtz ggr'-lits. 

Gortchakoffy or -kow, or 

-kov g6r-cha-k6f'. 

Goruckpury see Gorakhpur gd-rOk-poor'. 

GSrz ggrts. 

Goshenland gO'-shSn-I&nd. 

Gossaert, see Gessart . . gSs'-firt. 

GossS, or Gossec . g6sH9&^ giWsBk'. 

GSssler, see Goessler . . g6a'-*lSr. 

Got g5. 

Gotama, see Gautama . gd'-tarma. 

GSteboigy see Goflienburg y§'-t6-b5r6h. 

Goth gOth. 

Gotfaa (duchy) .... gO'-tha. Ger. g6'-t& 

GStfaaCcttOal) .... gg'-ta. Sw. y6''t& 

Gotham « gO'-tham. 

GSfliey see Goethe . . . ge'-ttl. 
Gothenburg, see Gotten- 

buiigy GSteborg . . . g5t'-6n-bdor6h. 

Gothic gdth'-Ik. 

Gothland, or g6th'-land. 

Godand, Sw gOt'-l&nd. 

Gotland (10 gOt'-Und. 

Gottenburgi see Gothen- 

buiig g6t'-6n-boor6h. 

GStterdlbnmerung, Die . d6 gSt-t&Ml&m'-m) 

GSttingen g6t'-ting-gn. 

Gottschalk gSt'-sh&lk. 

G5tz Yon Berlichingen, see 

Goetz ggts f 8n bftr'-Uch-Ing^-Sn. 

Gout^ g6f . 

Goujon gOO-zhA&^ 


Gounod goo-n5^ 

Gounnid goo*r5'. 

GooTenieur goov'-^r-ngr. 

Fr. goo-vSr-nfir'. 

Gouvion- Saint-Cyr . . g6a-vI=6A'-€&(i-B6r'. 

Gower gow'-§r. 

Goya y Lttdontes . . . g6'-y& S loo*th&=$n'-t66. 

G<yyaz gO-y&z'. 

Gozoy (m: Gozzo .... g5d'-8s5, g6t'-fi5. 

Gozzoliy Benozzo . . . b^n8t'-s5 g8t8'-&-lS. 

Gnud, see Gndl, Grael . gr£l. 

Giadas i Dies .... g;ra'-th&=Ss a d6-&'. 

Gnuliska grgr<lls'-k&. 

GraefOt GrSfei von . . . f5n grA'-ftl. 

Giaely see Giaili Gnud . grfil. 

Giaene grSm. 

Graf grfif. 

GrSfin grA'-fln. 

Graham ...... gr&-ani| gr&zn. 

Grail, see Giael, Graal . grfil. 

Gramont grSrm6A^ 

Granada grfr-n&'-dfi. 

Grande Anse du Diamante grafi dfi^ dii d&4irinaAt'. 

Grande Mademoisellei La ik grSAd mfid-mwfirzer-ii. 

Grande-Terre .... grfifid-t&r'. 

Grandet, Euginie . 
Grand Monarque, Le 
Grandpri .... 
Grand Prix, Le . . 
Granier de Cassagnac 
Gratiano .... 

Gratz, see Graz . 
Gravelines, or 
Gravelingen, or . 
Gravelinghe . . 
Gravelotte . . . 

^zhfi-ne' graA-da^ 

16 grfiii m&-nark'. 


Ig grfiA pr6. 

grfirii^fi' dtl kasHS&n-y&k'. 


It. grfirt6=fi'-n5. 

Oer. gr&'-v6=Hng'-gn. 
Fl gra'-v6-lIng'-6. 


Gnveuxe gjrSrv&^. 

GfiZf 866 Giatz .... grats. 

Grecfaaninoff ( -ov) . . grech-firiiS'-nOf . 

Gr66iiough gren'-O. 

Gr66nwich Eng. gzln'-lj. 

GregCMy Naziaiiz6n . . gr6g'-0-rI nSa^-fin'-EBn. 

Greig grBg. 

Gremio gre'-ml-^. 

Gxeoada gr&ii-ft'-d&. 

Grenobte gr6-n5'-bL 

Greta gre'-ta. 

Gi6tch6n grgch'-gn. Oer. gjc&t'-^h&n. 

Gf6t8l gr&'-tei. 

Gritty gra-tre^ 

Greuz6 grSz. 

Gr6v6 grgv. 

Gi6vill6 grev-n. 

Griville Fr. gr&-vel'. 

Grftvy grft-v6'. 

QObojidoa gre-bO-yft'-d5f. 

Giidley grid'-H. 

Grieg greg. 

Grillparzer gill'-part-z&r. 

Grindelwald giln'-d61-y&lt. 

Griqualand gre'-kwa-l£nd. 

Grisi gre'-zS. 

Grisons grS-zdA'. 

Grodno grOd'-nO. 

Grolier gr5'-l©=fi. Fr. gr5-l5=ft'. 

Groniogeny or . . . . Z>. 6hr5'-zilng-^h8n. 

GrSningen, Ger gr6'-nliig-6n. 

Groot gr5t. 

Groote Kerii6 .... gr6'->t8 kfir'-kfi. 

Gros gr5. 

Gross! grOs'-sS. 

Grosvenor gr5v'-ngr, gr5'-vS-nSr. 

Grote grOt. 



GrotittS gr6'H9hI-tis. 

Grouchyy de dtt groo-6he\ 

Grtttli, see Ratii . . . . gdit'-ll. 

Gruydrei Grayires • . gra-y&r^ 

Guadalajaxa gwa'-darla-6hfi'-r&. 

Guadalquivir gft-dSl-kwIv^-^. 

Sp. gwaMal-ke-vSr', 

Guadalupe g6-dSrloop'. 

Sp. gwa-dfirl66'-pfi. 

Guadeloupe g^-de-loop^ Fr. g&d-loop^ 

Guahan, Sp. Guajan . . gw^-han^ 

GuaizEy La» see La Guayra la gwl'-ra, la ^'-ra. 

. Sp. \& gwa'=B-ra. 

Guajan, see Guahan . . Sp. gwa-'han'. 

Guajixa, see Goajira . . gwSr'hS'-ra. 

Gualfonda gw£il-fSn'-d&. 

Guam gw&tn. Sp. gwam. 

Guanabacoa gw&'^-nSrba-kO'-&. 

Guanahani gw§rIla-&-nS^ 

Guanaja gwdriia'-*' ha. 

Guanajay gw&-na-6hll'=S. 

Guanica gwa-nS'-k&. 

Guantanamo .... gwan-ta-na'-mO. 

Gui^ySeeTap 4 . . . gw&p. 

Guaidafui, see Gaidafui . gwar-d§rfoo==e'. 

Guarico gwa'-r§-k5. 

Guameriy or gw&r-nS'-re. 

Guamerius gwar-ne'-il-iis. 

Guatemala gd-t5-ma'-la. 

Sp. gwa-tSrma'-l&. 

Guayaquil gI-4-k§I'. Sp. gwI-&-ker. 

Guaymas gwl'-m&s. Mex. wl'-mas. 

Guayra, La» see La Guaira 1& gwfra, la gl'ra. 

Sp. Ul gw&'=e-r&. 

Gudrun goo-droon'. 

Guibiiant. ..... g&-bi&^'. 

Guelf S| Guelpha . . ^ • ^S^a^ 


Guendolen gwSn'-dft-16n. 

Guenevere gwSn'-&-vSr. 

Giierdno gwS]vch6'-n5. 

Gufirin ga rSA'. 

Guernsey ggm'-d. 

Guerrero gBr-Ar'-5. 

Guerriire, La ... * ik g&r-rQPiftr'. 

Gueuz g6^ 

Guglielino g6ol-§=61'-mo. 

Guiy see Guy ^r. gS. 

Guianai see Guyana . . g&-&'-n&. 

Guicdardini gw&-ch&r-de'-n6. 

Guicdoli gwS'-ch6-te. 

Guichard g&-Bhar'. 

Guiderius gwl-ds'-ri-tis. 

GuidiyCasa ka'-z& gwS'-de. 

Guido Aretino .... gwS'-dO &-rfirtS'-n5. 

Guide d'Arezzo .... gw6'-dO d&-r6t'-65. 

Quido Franceschini . . gw&'-d5 fr&n-chSs-kS'-ne. 
Guide of Lusignan, see 

Guy de gwS'-dO tlv Itl-zSn-y&l'. 

Guido Reni gwS'-d5 r&'-n§. 

Guilbert, Tvette . . . . &-vet' gSl-bfir'. 

Guillaume g&-yom'=0. 

Guillaumet ge-y5-mfi'. 

Guillemont gel-m6]!k\ 

Guillotin gg-yO-tiA'. 

Guilmant g6l-mM'. 

Gulmaris g6-m&-rfi8'. 

Guinea gSn. 

Guion S'-ttn. Fr. g6-dA'. 

\7Uiscaru ...... gci^&cur • 

Guise, de dii gSz. 

Guitty, Sacha .... sfish-ft' g&-tre'. 

Guizot ge-z5'. 

Gujianwala giizh-ran-w&'-l&. 


Ottjrat gOzh-rftt'. 

Quia goo'-l&. 

Oulistan goo-IIs-t&n'. 

Gilnthefy Guenther . . gOn'-ter. 

Gurdaspur goo-dda-pooi^. 

Giuliwaly see Garhwal . gOr-wSl'. 

Gurkliasy see Ghoorkas . goor'-k&z. 

Gustavus Adolphus . . gtb-t&'-vOs Srdsr-fOs. 

Gcr. gd68-t&'-voos 
Sp<l5l-fd6s. [va'H9&. 

Gustavus Vasa • • . . gtb-ta'-vfis, gd6s-t&'-vd&s 

Gutenberg goo'-t6n-berg. 

Oer. goo'-tSn-bSrth. 

Gutiforez N&jera . . . goo-tS-Sr'-fis nfi6h'-firr&. 

GutEkow goots'-kO. 

Guy, see Gui gf . Fr. gS. 

Guyana, see Guiana . . g&4'-n&. 

Guyandotte gf-ftn-d5t'. 

Guy de Lusignan, see Guide 
ofLusignan .... g6 dii l(i-z5n-y&ft'. 

Guyon tf '-ttn. Fr. g&^A'. 

Guyot g6^'. 

Guzman gooth-m&n^ 

Gwalior gw&M€-dr. 

Gyges gl'-jSz. 


Haagy Den, see The Hague d8n h&6h. 

Haakon h6'-kdn. 

Haas h&8. 

Habakkuk h&-b&k'-iik, h&b'-a-kiik. 

Habana, see Havana . . a-ba'-n&. 

Habsbuig, see Hapsbuig . h&ps'-boorth. 

Hadad h&'-d£d. 

Haden h&'-dn. 

Hades h&'-dSz. 


Hading (Jane) .... firdSA'. 

Hadiiany see Adrian . . h&'-dil-aD. 

Haeckel hSkM. Ger. h&kU 

Hafiz Pers. h6-flz'. 

Hagar h&'-g&r. 

Hagedom, von .... f On ha'-ggrddm. 

Hagen Oer. ha'-gfin. 

Haggaiy or Haggi . . . h&g'-i. 

Hagiogiapha hSrjI-Og'-rarfa, 


Hague (The), see Den 

Haag, LaHaye . . . hfig. 

Hahnemann h&'-nfirmfin. 

Haidarabady see Hydera- 
bad hl'-da-ra-bad'. 

Haidar-Ali, see Hyder AU hi'-dar a'-te. 

Haidee hl-d^'. 

HaidnkSy see Hayduks . hl'-dooks. 

Hainan hI-nan^ 

Hainaulty or Hainaut . . h&-nO\ Ft. fi*nO^ 

Haiti, see Hayti . . . . hft'-tif. Fr. &-5-te'. 

Hakluyt hfik'-loot. 

Hakodate ha-k5-da'-t2L 

Halberstadt hal'-ber-et&t. 

Halcyone, see Alcyone . hfil-d'-G-nS. 

Haidane hil'-d&n. 

Haldeman h61'-de-m&n. 

Halivy &-la-ve'. 

Halicamassas .... hfil'-I-kar-nis'-tls. 

HaUcz h&'-llch. 

Halle halMii. 

Haller,von f On hfil'-lSr. 

Hals hals. 

Ham (Fort) am. 

Hamah, or Hamath . . ha'-ma, ha'-m&th. 

Hamburg hftm'-bgrg. 

V... ... Ger. ham'-boorch. 


Hamdin, or Hameln . . hfi'-mfi-IIn, ha'-m6ln. 

Hamerling h&'-mSr-lIng. 

Hamerton h&m'-gr-tiin. 

Hamilcar Barca .... hft-mU'-ldLr bar'-ka. 

Hamitic h&m-It'-Ik. 

Hamauiiy Knut .... knM h&m'Hsoon. 

Hanabnsa ha'-nfi'-boo'H3&\ 

Hanau hfi'-now. 

Hindel, Handel . . . . hftn'-dfil. Oer. h&n'^Sl. 

Hang-chaui or Hangchow h&ng'-chow. 

Hangshan hang'-sh&n. 

HanHok han'hok. 

Han-Kow, or Hankow, or 

Han-kau h&n-kow'. 

Hannovor, see Hanover . Mn-nO'-vSr. 

Hanoi harno'-I. 

Hanover, see Hannover . h&n'-O-vgr. 

Hanotauz an-0-t5\ 

Hans hants. 

Hansa Mn'-B&. 

Hanseatic h&n-se-&V-Ik. 

HSnsel and Gretel . . . hSn'-zSl d6Dt gr&'-tfil. 

Hanyang han-yang^ 

Hapebuxg, see Habsburg . h&ps'-bgrg. 

Oer. h&ps'-boorth. 

Haibin hSx'-b6n. 

Hardanger Fjord . . . har^-dang-fir fy6rd. 

Hardecourt Srd-koor^ 

Hardeloti Guy d' . . . ged&F=d6-l6^ 

Harderwijk h&r'-der-wik. 

Hardicanute har'-dl-kS-naV. 

Hardd hiir'-d5-e. 

Haxfleur &r-fl§r^ 

Harleian harM&-an. 

Harlequin har'4^kwin, har'-l^kln. 

Haxo, Luis de . . . . loo-Ss' dS a'-r5. 


Hanmn al Raschid, see 

Hamn hirroon' &1 rSsh^d, 

h&-roon' Si rSrshM'. 

Haxpagon fir-pfirg6A^ 

Harpagus h&r'-pfi-gOs. 

Haipignies fir-pSn-yS'. 

Haipociates h&r-pOk'-ra-tSs. 

Hartmann von Aue . . hfirt'-man f 8n oV-tt. 
Haron al Rashid, see 

Haroun hirroon' al rSsh'-Id, or 


Harwich hftr'-Ich, hftr'-Ij. 

Hiaxz harts. 

Hasan, see Hassan . . h&'-san. 

Hasdrubal, see Asdrobal . h&'-droo-bfil. 

T Tfl fffffln^ gee TT^f^f^ . . hSs'-san. 

Hauchy (J. C.)> von . . . fOn how6h. 

Hauck (Minnie) . . . hdk. 

Haupt howpt. 

Hauptmanny Gerhart . . g&r'-hfirt howpt'-m&n. 

Hauser, Caqiar .... kas'-par how'-sBr. 

Hanssman (Baron) . . . 5&-m&n^ 

Haute-Garonne .... 5trg&-r5n'. 

Haute-Loire Gtrlw&r'. 

Haute-Mame .... Ot-m&m'. 

Hautes-Alpes .... Ot-z&lp'. 

Haute-Saftne .... Gt-s5n'. 

Haute-Savoie .... GtH3&-vw&'. 

Hautes-Pyrinfes . . . Gt-p§-r&-n&'. 

Haute-Vienne .... 5t-v6-Sn^ 

Haiiy,Abbi ab-&' arwS', fir1^=B'. 

Havana, see Habana . . hft-vftn'-a. 

Havel h&'-fei. 

HaverfaiQ Am. hfi'-ver-Il. 

Eng. hiv'Sr-n. 

Havilah hiv'-Il-a. 

Havre-de-6race . . . a'-vr-dtt-grSs'. 


HawaH hSrwl'^. 

Hawaiian h&-wi'-yan. 

Hawarden h6r'-dn, Mr'-d6n. 

Haweis hois. 

Hayakawa, Seasue . • sas'-oo'-ft ha'-ya'-k&'-w&'. 

Hajrdfie a-d&^ 

Ha]rdn hfi'-dn. Ger. hi'-dn. 

Hajrdtiks, see Haiduks . h!'-dooks. 
Haye, La» see The Haguei 

DenHaag lafi. 

Hayti, see Haiti . . . hSi'-H. Fr. are-tS'. 

Hazael h&z'-Srel, hfi'-sa-SL 

Hazaribagh harzi^r&-bd'. 

Hazebroudc &z'-brd6k. 

HazUtt h&zMIt. 

Hebe he'4>6. 

Hubert a-b&r'. 

Hebraist hS'-bra-Iist. 

Hebrides heb'-rl-dSz. 

Hebnm hS'-brOn. 

Hecate h«k'-§-t5, hSk'-ftt 

Hecuba hSk'-ya-ba. 

Hedin, Sven svln hl-dSn'. 

Hedone hSd'-O-nS. 

Hidottin ft-ddo-S&\ 

Hegel h&'-gSl. 

Hegelian h&-ge'-ll-an. 

Hegira, see Hejiia . . . hg-jl'-ra, hej'-I-ra. 

Heidelberg hi'-dei-b&g. 

Oer. hl'-d6l-b6r6h. 

Heidenmauer • • • . hI'-dSn-mow'-er. 

Heijn (Admiral) .... hin. 

Heilbronn hll'-brSn. 

Heimskringla .... hims'-kring-la. 

Heine hl'-*nti. 

Heinrich hln'-il6h. 

if see Hegira . • • he-jf-ra, hSj'-Ir-a. 


Helen hsr-gn. 

Eblena hSl'-e-na. 

Helena (Montana) . . . hsr-S-na. 

Helena, St (JL) ... . sSnt hei-S'-na. 

Helenus liSl'-6-niis. 

Helgoland, see Heligo- 
land hei'-g5-l&nd. 

Helicanus hSl-I-ka'-niis. 

Helicon hSl'-I-k5n. 

Heligoland, see EEelgo- 

land heF-I-g5-l&nd'. 

Heliodoraa h6'-lI-5-dO'-r&8. 

Heliogabaltts, see Blagaba- 

lus h6'-n-5-gSb'-a-liis, 


HeUopolis hS-lI-dp'^lb. 

Helios hs'.ll-6s. 

Hellas hfil'-as. 

Hellenes hSI-lS'-nSz, hsr-^nz, 

Hellenic hel-te'-nlk, hgl-l6n'-Ik. 

Hellespont her-l8s-p0nt. 

Hellevoetsluis, see Hel- 

voetsluis hSl-l&-v^ot-6lois^ 

Hfitolse firl5-«z'. 

Hebts hSl'-Sts, heMOts. 

Helsingfors h61'Hdng-f5r8. 

Helsintd hel'-slnk-kl. 

Helvetia hei-ve'.6hl=a. 

HelvMus hei-v6'-6hl.tis. 

Fr. gl-vS^e-lifl'. 

Helvoetsluis hel-vdot-filois'. 

Hemans (Mrs.) .... h6m'-anz. pop. he'->inanz. 

Hengist hSng'-^fst. 

Hengstenberg .... hSng'-BtSn-bgr^h. 

Henlopen hen-lo'-pen. 

Hennepin hen'-&-pin. Fr. en-p&]l^ 

Hennequin hSn'-ng-kwin. Fr. Sn-kSn'. 

HBNBI 132 

Henri 8A-r6'. 

Heniiade Oii-r&-yfid^ 

Hesrici h&i-ret'H9e. 

Henri de Bourbon . • . 5A-r6' dtl boor-b6A'. 

Henriette hSn-iI-gt'. Fr. tt-iMtf. 

Henri Quatre .... dn-r6' katr'. 

Henriquez fin-re'-kSth. 

Henry (CoL) 6A-r6'. 

Hepliestion hS-fSs'-tit-fin. 

HephflestaB, or .... hS-fes'-tils. 

Hephaistos hS-fls'-tSs. 

Heptameron h6p-tfim'-8-r5n. 

Heptarchy hep'-tar-Id. 

Heptateuch hSp'-tarttlk. 

Heia he'-riU 

Heradean hfir-a-klS'-an. 

Heracles hfir'-arklSz. 

Heraclida hSr-ark]I'-d§. 

Heiaclitus her-fi-kll'-tOs. 

Herat h6r-&t'. 

Hfoiult SrrO'. 

Herculaneum .... her-kQ-lfi'-n^iim. 

Herculean h§r-kQ'-l&^. 

Hercules her'-kQ-lSz. 

Here he'-rS. 

Heredia Sp. fi-rft'-dS-&. 

H&:6dia Fr. firrft-dWl'. 

Hereford hSr^-S-fiird. 

Hereward hfir'-g-ward. 

Hergesheinier .... h§r'-g6s-hl-m6r. 

H&icourt firr&-kdoi^. 

Herlstaly or Heristall, see 

Herstal hSr'-Is-tfil. 

Hermann hSr'-m&n. 

Hermant &r-man'. 

Hermaphroditus . • . . hgr-mftf'-rO-dl'-tfls. 

Hermes her^-m&s. 


Hennkme hto-*inI'-5-ne. 

Hennogenes .... h^r-moj^-^nSz. 

Hennosillo hSr-mOH9er-y5. 

Hernandez &r-nan'-dSth. 

Hernani fir-n&'*nS. 

Herod hfir'-dd. 

H&odiade firrO-de-id'. 

Heiodian hS-rO'-dl-an. 

Herodias hS-rO^-dl-as. 

Heiodotas h&-r6d'-5-tttB. 

Hiroid S^t6W. 

Heirera &vifi'-r&. 

Heneros &r-r&-rOs. 

Henchei h&'HshSL 

Herstal, see Heristal . . h&r'Hstgl. 

Hertford hSrt'-f6rd, h&r'-fdrd. 

Henili h&r'-oo-ll 

HerviRiel Ar-vfi' r&-Sl'. 

HervieUyPaul .... p5lftivy&=€\ 

Herzegovina hgrt'-e&-g5-y6'-n&. 

Herzog hSrt^-z66h. 

Heizogitt hSrt'-zO-^. 

Heshvan, see Hesvan . . hftsh'-vin. 

Hesiod he'-d-Sd, h6'-«hl-5d. 

Hesiodua he-sI^-O-dtls. 

Hesione h&^-5-nS. 

Hesperides h8s-p6r'-I-<l6i. 

Hesse hfis. 

Hesse-Cassei .... h&hk&'-Sl. 

Hessen hfis'-sen. 

Hesse-Nassau .... hfis-nSs'-d. 

Hessian hSsh'-I-an. 

l^stia h6s'-tl-a. 

Hesvani see Heshvan . . hSs'-v&n. 

Heureauzy Ulisse . . . H-lSs' @r-&'. 

Heyne hl'-nfl. 

Heyse hI'-ztL 

^ HBXO 134 mSPANU 

Hez8 hex^-e. 

Hiawatlia hl-arwA'-tha, hI4rw6'-ta. 

Hibernia hI-b6r'-Dl=a. 

mdalgo 6-dSl'-g5. 

mero hI'-e-rO. 

ffieron hl^-^r6n. 

ffieronymus hI-§-r6n'-I-miis. 

Hilary hll'-arri. 

Hildebnuidslied . . . . hfl'-dfi-br&nia-lSt. 

Hflo h5'-to. 

Himalaya him-&'-l&-yay blm-firlfi'-y&. 

Himilco U-inIl'-k5. 

Hindenbuig hIn'-d6n-boor6h. 

HbadoOy see Hindu . . hin'-doo, hin-doo'. 

Hbadoostan, see Hindustan hIn-dooHst&n'. 

Hindoostanee, see Hindu- 
stani hIn-dooH3tftn'-9. 

Hindostan, see Hindoo- 

stan, Hindustan . . . hln-dO-st&n^ hIn-dO-stftn'. 

Hindu, see Hindoo . . hin'-doo, hIn-doo^ 

HbnduKush hin'-doo koosh. 

Elndustany see Hbndoostan hln-doo-stan'. 

Hbndustaniy see Hindoo- 

stanee hIn-doo-fltSn'-6. 

ffiogo he-O'-gO. 

Hippocrates hIp-p5k'-T&-tez. 

ffippocrene hIp'-5-kren, hlp^kr6'-n6. 

mppoUta, or mppolyta . hI-pol'-I-t&. 

mppolyte hi-p5r-I.t6. Fr. S-pO-tet'. 

Hippoiytus bl-p5r-l-ttis. 

Hiren hl'-rSn. 

ffiroshige he'-rO'Hshe'-gft'. 

Hiroshima h6'-rO'H3hS'-m&'. 

Hirsch hSrsh. 

Hishikawa Moionobu . . he'H3hS'-k&'-w&' 


Hispsnia bls-pft^nl^a. 


Hispaniola hfa''-pan.I=6'.la. _ 

Hissar hlfrW'. 

mtate hit'-lt. 

mvite hi'-vlt. 

Hlangwane (HQl) . . . hl&ng-w&'-nfl. 

Hoang-ho, see Hwang-ho hwangf-ho. 

Hobbema h5b'-b8-m&. 

Hobbes hdbz. 

Hobbesian hdb'-zl-an. 

Hobbididence .... hSb'-I-dl'-dSoB. 

Hoboken h5'-bO-k6n, h5-b5'-ken. 

Hoche (Gen.) .... Sab. 

Hochkirch hC^h'-kerth. 

H8ch8t hMhst. 

Hfichstadt h^h'-6tgt. 

Hogolen, or HagoUn . . h0^-g6-ien, h5'-g6-IIn. 

Hogolu, or Hogohm . . h5'-g6-Ioo. 

Hohenlinden hO-^n-Un'-dSn. 

Hohenlohe h5-en-l5'-ii. 

Hohenlohe-SchillingsfBrst h5-en45'-a shn'-llng&-f urst 

Hohenstaufen, or HBtauffen h5'-6nH9tow-fen. 

Hohenzollem h5'-gn-ts8I-&m. 

HohenzoUem-Sigmariiigeii h5^-6n-t88I-iem 


Hokkaido hdk'-kl'-do'. 

Hokusai ho'-koo'-fia'=§'. 

Holbein hor-bin, hdl'-bln. 

Holberg hdr-bSrch. 

Holbom h5^-b11m. 

HolgerDanske .... h5r-g$r dans'-kS. 

Holguin hdl-gen', dl-gSn'. 

Holinshed hdr-Inz-hSd. 

Hobnes h5mz 

Holmils (Augusta) . . 5l-mS8\ 

Hoiofemes h5l-0-fgr'-n@z. 

Holstein h5r-BtIn. 


Holyhead hdl-I-hSd', hdr-I-hSd. 

]^l7<dce h5r-y(Jk. 

Holyrood hdl'-I-rood, hOl'-I-roSd. 

HombouiKyor .... Gm-booig'. 

Hombuig hOm-bdorfth. 

Homer h5'-m6r. 

Homeric hS-mfir'-Ik. 

HomildonHill .... hdm'-I-ddn hll. 

Hondekoeter hdn'-d6-koo'-tfiF. 

Honduras hdn-doo'-ras. 

Hong-Kong hdng'-kfing'. 

Honiton hOnM-tOn. 

Honolulu h5-n5-IooM6o. 

Honori 0-n5-rft^ 

Hooge 2>.h6'^«. Fr.bOu 

Hooghly, see Hugli . . hoog'-ls. 

Ho(^Uet hMh'-vtet. 

Hoopstad hOp^Hstftt. 

Hoom (Count), see Horn hOm. 

Hoozier hoo'-zh§r. 

Horace hdr'-as. 

Hor» hG^-r6. 

Horata h5-r&'.«hl.l. 

Horatio hO-rfi'-shI-5. 

Horatius Cocles .... hO-rft'-BU-flfi kO'-kl6s. 

Horn (Count), see Hoom hOm. 

Horsa hdr'-sa. 

Hortense dr-tfiAs'. 

Hortensio h6r-ten'-shl-^. 

Hortensius hdr-tSn^Hshl-flfi. 

Hortus Indusus . . . . h6r'-ttls In-klQ'HsAs. 

Hosea, see Hoshea . . h5-ze'-a. 
Hoshangabady see Hu- 

shangabad h<VH3hiiDg'-&-b&d. 

Hoshea, see Hosea . . hOnahS'-a. 

HftteldeCluny .... 5-tei' da kl11-nr. 

Hdtel de Rambouillet • . 0-tei' da raii-boo-«=ft'. 


HMd des Invalides . . O-tSl' dS zSA-ygrled'. 

HdteldeVme .... O-tei'dava 

HfttdDieo ^V&V d^^\ 

HStzendorf hetz'-6n-dflif. 

Houdia oo-dW. 

Houdon o&-d6A'. 

Hottssain, see Httssain, 

and Hussein . . • . 'hoo^-sln/hooHdD'i 

Houssaye, Arsine . . . firnsSn' ^OH3&^ 

Houston (Tez.) .... hQs'-tSn. 

Houjiinhnms .... hoo'-In-In-mz. 

HsQan-tung ahli'-Hii-tdoDg'. 

Habert de Buig^ . . . hn^-b^rt da bfirg, boorg. 

HudibtBS , hfi'-dl-brSs. 

Httiy or hoo-fi', hwfi. 

Hu6-fa h^o4i'-foo^ 

Huerta, Yictoriano . . . vDc-W-rWt'-nO wSr'-ta. 

Hugh Capet hQ_kft'-pet. Fr. tkg kfirp&'. 

Hugli, see Hoog^y . . hoog'-l6. 

Hugo, Victor hfl'-g5. Fr. 1i-g5'. 

Huguenots hil'-gS-n6ts. 

Huguenots, Lea . . . . Ift 1ig=ii-n5'. 

Huis ten Bosch .... hois tfin bJMh'. 

Humacao oo-mll-k&^-5. 

Humboldt htlm'-bOlt. 

Oer. hd&m'-b61t. 

Humperdinck .... hoom'-pSr-^lInk. 

Humfdirey htbnMrl. 

Huneker hfin'-8-k6r. 

Hungarian hOng-ga'-rl-an. 

Hungaiy hiing'-gft-ii. 

Hunyadyjinos .... hoon'-yfirdS y&'-nOah. 

HuS| see Huss .... htbs. Oer. hd68. 
Hushangabad, see Ho- 

shangabad hfish-tlDg'-a-b&d. 

Hu8S| see Hus .... htis. Oer. hd66. 


Httssain, see Houssaiiii or 

Husscjn 'hoo'-dn, 'hooHSbi^ 


Hassan 'hoo'-ean. 

Huygensy or Huys^ens . bl'-g$nz. 2>. hor-^hfins* 

Huysmans ..••'• 2>. hois'-m&iiB. 

Ft. wS&-m&ft. 

Huysmans, J. K. • • • wSs-maAs'. 

HuyBunii Jan van . . . yin vin hor-Bfim. 

Hwang-hOy see Hoang-ho hwin'-ho. 

Hyadnthei Pire . . . . p&r S-ircdUit^ 

Hyadnthus hl-ardn^-thtis. 

Hyades hI'-firdSs. 

Hybla hl'-bl&. 

Hyblsan ( -blean) . . . bl-blS'-an. 
Hyderabad^ see Haidara- 

bad hl'-der-a-b&d'. 

HyderAli»seeHaidarAli. hi'-der a'-lS. 

Hydia hi'-dra. 

Hyires S^&r'. 

Hygeia bl-jS'-a. 

Hyksos bIk'-656, hlk'-eOz. 

Hymen hi-men. 

Hymettos (-tus) .... hl-mSt'-tis. 

Hypatia hl-pa^-6hl=a. 

Hyperboreans .... hl-pSr-bO'-rS-anz. 

Hypereidesy Hyperides . hI-p§r-I'-dSz. 

Hyperion hl-pS'-iI-dn, hl-p6r-f -An. 

Hyppolite §-p&-lSt^ 

Hyrcanian h§r-k&'-Dl-an. 

Hyrcanua h§r-kft'-ntis. 




Tuchhno • • • • • 




Ibafiezy Vicente Blasco 

Ibeft . . . 
Iberia . . . 
Ibiza, see Ivi$a 
Iblis, see Bblis 
Ibo, see Igbo . 
Ibfahim Pasha 

Ibsen . 
Icaiian . 
leans . 


Ictinns . 

Ides . . 


Idiun»a, Idismea 

Idunueani Idumean 


U» CUteau d' 

litigao . . 

Igbo» see Ibo 

Igdxasily see Tggdiasil 

Igema, or .... 

Igeme, see Tgueme 

I GioeUi della Madonna 


I'-an or S'->an. 
y&-thSn'-te bli8'-k5 



6'-b5. Part, e'-boo. 
Ib-rft-hem' pS8h-6', 
paHsha^ pfish'-a. 
Ik'-arrOs, Ik'-fiprOs. 

I-da-mS'-a, Id-tl*mS'-a 









Igorrote S-g5r-r5'-t&. 

Ik Marvel Ik mar'-vel. 

n BaiUere di Seviglia . glb&r-b&^'-rades&-yel'-y&. 

De-de-Ftance .... Sl-dfl-fraAs'. 

ne de la Tortue . . . . gl dfi la t6r-tu'. 

n Flauto Magico . . . 61 fl&'=oo-tO m&'-j&-k5. 

Illinois U-I-noi', Il-I-nolz'. 

niuminati Sl-loo-m&-na'-te. 

Dhi^ioiis PerdueSy Lea • 1& z&-la-e§=6ii' p&r-dil'. 

Ilocoa &-l5'-kG8. 

ndlo I'-lW'-to. Sp. 6-l5-€'-l5. 

Dor!, or Ilorin .... &-l5'-r€y &-l5'-ren. 

n Penaeroso II pfin-sS-rO'HsS. 

n Penaiero el pan-«e=S'-rO. 

n Segreto di Suaaxma . • & B&-grS'-t5 d@ soo-z&n'-nft. 

Imber fifi-b&r'. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand . fifi-b&r' dtL sS&-tarm&n'. 

Tmmelmaiin W-61-m&ii. 

Lnogen Iin'-5-jSn. 

Imola $'-m5-la. 

Imua S'-moo6. 

Inca Ing'-k&. 

Indy^d' dM-de'. 

Indore In'-dOr. 

Indre-et-Loire .... Sndr-Srlwar^, 

Inea &-n&3^ 

Inez f -ngz. Port. &-n8B'. 

Ifiez Sp. 5n'-yeth. 

Infanta In-f&n'-ta. Sp. In-f&n'-t&. 

Infante In-fftn'-te. Sp. In-f&n'-tfi. 

Inferno !n-f6r'-n6. It. en-ffir'-nO. 

Ingelowyjean .... j^n In'-jS-l5. 

Ingres Afig^-r. 

Inigo InM-g5. 

Injalbert fifi-zh&l-ber'. 

Inkerman ...,,• Ink'-gr-man. 

RiL88. Ingk-er-mfin'. 


In Montibus Sanctis . . in mSn'-tif-btis sSnk'-tlis. 

Innsbruck, or Innspruck . tn8'-brd6k, Ins'-prdbk. 

Intelligenteia In-tei-I-g$nt^-d-a, 

Interlachen, or .... In'-t6r-l&6h-&i. 

Interlaken In'-tgr-lfi^kSn. 

Intombi In-t5m'-bl. 

InvaUdes, H&tel des . . 5-tei' dft-zftA-yil-^d'. 

Inverness In-vSr-nfis'. 

lo !'-«. 

lolanfhe I-C-Un'-ihS. 

Ion I'-dn. 

looA I-5'-nft. 

Ionia I-5'-id=a. 

Ionian I-d'-nlNan. 

Ionic I-6n'-Ik. 

Iowa I'-5-w&. 

IPag^iacci S pfil-yft'-ch6. 

Iphigeneiay or Iphigenia . IfM-jS-nl'-a. 

Iphigenie auf Tauris . . If-S'-g&'-n&-a owf tow^-ifa. 

Iphigteie en Aulide . . If-&-2h&-ne' 6n=n546d'. 

Ippolitoff-Ivanoff . . . Ip-5-te'-tSf-&-y&'-n0f. 

Ipswich Ips'-wlch. 

IPuritani S poo-re-t&'-nS. 

Iqnique S-ke'-kA. 

ban &-raa^ 

Iras I'-ras. 

Irawadiy see Irrawaddy . Ir-arwidM. 

Ireneus I-r^-ne'-tts. 

Irene I-rS'-nS. pap. I-r6n'. 

Irine f r. 6-r6V. 

Iiiarte, see Triarte . . . S-r&-&r'-tfi. 

Irigeyen S-r6-gO'-ySn. 

Iris . . I'-ris^ 

Irlnstsk, Irkootski Irkoutsk ir-kootsk'. 

Iroquois Ir-0-kwof . Fr. Iivo-kwA'. 

Irrawaddy, see Irawadi . Ir-a-w&d'-I. 

Isaacs, Jorge .... ^hOr'-^hfi &-2&k^ 


babela es-A-bft'-lft. 

babey §24irbft'. 

Isaiah I-za'-yft, I-2fi'=I-a. _ 

Isandlana, or Isandula . ens&nd-l&'-iifiy &«an«doo'-l& 

l8ar(R0 e'-z&r. 

Iscfaia Ss'-kML 

Ischl Sshl. 

Isengrim fa'-^n-giim. 

Iser S'-zer. 

Iseulti see Isolde, Tseult . Insoolt^ &«dt'. 

Isfahan, see Ispahan . . l8-firh&n\ 

Isham r-fih&m. 

Ishbosheth lah-bO'Hsheth. 

Ishii esh'-^^. 

Lshmael Ish'-mfirfi. 

Ishmaelite lah'-ma^I-It'. 

Isis I'-fils. 

Isla, see Islay . . . . Sp. Ss'-lft. Sc. I'-VL 

IsladePInos Ss'-lS. d& pS'-nQs. 

Islam b^-lfim. 

Islamic Is-lfim'-Ik. 

Islamite bMam-It. 

Islas Filipinas .... Ss'-lfis f S-le-pS'-nSs. 

Islay, see Isla .... I'-lft. 

Islington fa'-llng-ttln. 

IsUp b'-Qp. 

Ismail Pasha Is-mH^' pfish-6^ parshft^ 


Tgmflata l8-m&'-]I=a. 

Turk. Is-mdreMe-a. 

Isooates I-eSk'-rartSz. 

Isola Bella e'-z5-l& bei'-l&. 

Isolde, see Iseult, Tseult . IH36ld^ Oer. 6-£5l'«<ifi. 

Isonzo 6-z0n'-dz5. 

Isottde, see Tsoude . . §-flood^ 

Ispahan, see Isfahan . . b-pa^h&n'. 

Isiael Is'-rSrSl. 


IsnieUtic Iz'r&^-It'-Ik. 

Israelitish Iz'^-rS-fil-It'-Ish. 

Isnels, Josef yO^-fl6f Iz'-rdrfils. 

Isxafil, Israfely Israfeel . Iz-rft-f^', Is'-rfirf^i 


Issachar Is'-a-kfir. 

Istambottli or Istambul . ^t&m-boor. 

Istfimian Is'-nol-an. 

Istria Is-til-a. 

Italia Irredenta .... &-t&M&-& er-r&-cUln'-t&. 

Italian I-tU'-yan. 

ItaUanate I-t^'-yftn-fit. 

Italiens, Boulevard des . bool-var' d& ze-t&l-y6A' 

Itfaaca Ith'-a-ka. 

Ithuriel I-thoo'-ri-Sl. 

Ito S'-tO. 

Itoraea I-ta-rS'-a. 

ItorUde S-toor-bS'-dft. 

lufais i-a'-ias. 

Ivan I-yftn. Rusa. ^y&n^ 

Ivanhoe I'-yin-h5. 

Ivan Ivanovitch .... ^van' 6-v&n'-6-vlch. 

Iviga, or Iviza, see lUza . 5'-b6-th&. 

Ivry-la-Bataille .... 5v-r§'-larbfirta'=ytt. 

Ivry-sur-Seine .... 6v-r5'H3ur-s6n'. 

Ldon Iks-I'-dn. 

Iztaccihttatlt see Iztacd- 

huatl Sa-t&k-fiS'-hw&tl. 

Iztlilzocbitl Istrtm-BhO'-Kshlti. 

lyar S'-ftr. 

Izdabar Iz-doo-b&r^ 

Iitacdhnafli see Ixtacd- 

huatl Ss-t&k-sS'-hw&a. 



Jabalpor, see Jubbttlpore . jflb-Sl-poor'. 

Jablonica y&-bl5-n6'-k&. 

Jablunka (Pass) . . . y&b-loon'-k&. 

Jacmel eh&k-mei\ 

Jacob j&'-k5b. Oer. yft'-k5p. 

Jacobean, Jacobian . . j&k-O-bS'-an, jark5'-b&-an. 

Jacobi ja-kO'-bl. Gcr. ya-k5'-b6, 

Jacobins jftk'-5-bIn2. 

Jacobites jftk'-5-bIt8. 

Jac6bo 'h&-kG'-bG. 

Jacobsdal ..... y&'-kdp&-d8L 

Jacopo ....... y&'-k5-p5. 

Jacquard « j&k'-ord. Fr. shfirkar'. 

Jacqueline zh&k-len\ 

Jacquerie zhak-r^', zh&k==6]>-6^ 

Jacques zhak. 

Jael ift'-6L 

Ja«n yfi'-a. 

Jaen 'hir6n'. 

Jaffai see Tafa, Japho» Heb. jSf '-f&, yftf'-f&. 

JageUons y&-gSl'-dnz. 

Jagow y&'^f. 

Jagua 'ha'-^^a. 

Jah y&. 

Jahveh ya'-vft, 3r&'-v6. 

Jaime (Don.) 'ha'-S-mft. 

Jain jin. 

Jaipur, see Jeypoie . . jl-poor'. 

Jairus jl'-ms in New TestamenL 

ja'-lr-tis in Apocrypha. 

Jakobla yark5-bfi'-A. 

Jakutsk, see Yakutsk . . y&-koot8k^ 

Jalabert zhfi-Ul-b&r'. 

Jalalabad, see Jalalabad . jSl-a-l&-bSd^ 

Jalandhar, see JuUunder . jtkl'-an-dhar. 


alapa, see Zalaps . . • 'hfirl&^-pft. 

aliscoy see Zalisco . . . 'ha-lSs'-kO. 

amaica jarma'-ka. 

amblichus jSm'-bllk-ttB. 

ameson j&'-md-afin. 

ammersberg .... ySm'-^r8-b6r6h* 

ammesy Ftan^ois . . . f r&A-6w&' zh&n. 

amont zh&-mftii\ 

an Z>. y&n. 

anauschek y&'-nowHshfik. 

ane Eyre jfin Ar. 

anety Paul p5l zha-nft^ 

anicuhim jftn-!k'-yll-ltbn. 

aniiii Jules zhtil zhA-nSii'. 

anlnai see Tanina . . . y&'-n&-n&. 

ansen jin^HsSn. Z>. y&n'-eBn. 

ansenist jftn'Hsfin-Ist. 

ansenios j&n-sS'-id=Q8. 

anuaxy j&n'-ti-firri. 

anus j&'-ntls. 

apanese jftp-in-Sz' or -di\ 

apapa ha-p&^-p&. 

aphethy or Japhet . . . j&'-fSth, jfi'-fSt. 

i^Oy Heb.» see Jaffa, Tafa ja'-fO. 

aquenetta jftk-6-nSt'-t&. 

aques jaks, jftks. Shakespearef 


ardar y&r-dftr^ 

ardin des Plantes . . . zhar-dM' dfi plAAt. 

ardine j&r-dSn'. 

ardines 8p. 'hfir-dS'-nSs. 

rdinidre» La Belle . . la bSl zh&r-dSn-&=ftr'. 

ardinillos 'haiMiS-nSl'-yOs. 

axed j&'*red. 

amac zhfir-n&k'. 

amdyce jfim'-dls. 

aroslaffy see Taroslaff . 3r&-r5-6l&f '. 


Jaruco 'hfirroo'-k5. 

Jasfaer jfi^Hsh^r. 

Jason jfi'-eAn. 

Jaudenes 'hfiF^oo-dft'-nSs. 

Jau ja, see Zauxa . . . 'how'-^h&. 

Jaunpur, see Jounpoor . jown-poor'. 

Jaurds zh5"rfiz\ 

Java j&'-v&. 

Javan adj. j&Wan. Bib. j&'-vftn. 

Javert sha-vftr^. 

Jean de Meun .... zh5A dO mM\ 

Jean Jacques Rousseau . zhdA zhak rdoH95'. 

Jeanne d'Albiet .... zh&n d&l*brft\ 

Jeanne d*Arc» or Dare . . zhan d&rk'. 

Jean Paul zhdA pOl. 

Jebusite jSb'-U-zIt. 

Jedburgh jSd'-biiim. 

Jeddo, see Teddo . . . yed'-d5. 

Jehoahaz j&-hG'-arh&z. 

Jehoiachin je-hoi'-arkln. 

Jehoiada je-hoi'-arda. 

Jehoiakim j&-hoi'-a4dm. 

Jehoram, see Joram . . j6-h5'-ram. 

Jelioshaphat . . . . . je-hOsh'-arfftt. 

Jeisky see Teisk .... yfi'-Isk. 

JekyU jg'-kn. 

Jelalabady see Jalalabad . jel'^-arla-bSd\ 

Jellicoe jsr-I-kO. 

Jellyby jglM-M. 

Jemappesy see Jemmapes. zh^mfip'. 

Jemima jS-mi'-ma. Bib. j&-inl'-mai 


JemmapeSy see Jemappes zh6-map^ 

Jena jfin'-a. Oer. y&^*n&. 

Jengbiz Khan, see Genghis 

Khan, or Jinghis Khan . jSn'-^ khan. 

Jenner jSn'-^r. 


JephtiiAh , jef '-th&. 

Jeremiah jSr-^ml'-a. 

Jeremy j6r'-6-mI 

Jeres, see XereSy or . . 'hft'-rSs. 
Jerex de la Frontera, see 

Zerez de la Ftontera . ' ha-rfith' d& la f rSn-t&'-i&. 

Jerome j6-r5m', jSr'-5m. 

J&rAme Bonaparte . . . zha-r8m' b5-na-psLrt'. 

Jerona, see Gerom^ Xerona 'ha-r5'-na. 

Jerrold j6r'-61d. 

Jerusalem jS-roo'nsa-lSm. 

Jessica jfisM-ka. 

JessOy see Tesso . . . ySs'nsS. 

Jessor, or Jessore . . . jS&^r'. 

Jesu j6'-zoo, yft -floo, 

Jesuit j&'-yu-It. 

Jesus je'-ztLs. Sp. 'hfi-6006. 

Jetfaro jSth'-r6, j5'-thro. 

Jeunesse Dor£e .... zh&-n5s' do-rfi'. 

Jevons jSv'-finz. 

Jeypore, see Jaipur . . jl-pOr'. 

Jezebel j6z'-«-b81. 

Jeaxeel jSz'-r€-el. 

Jhansi jan'-se. 

^guani 'h&-gwa'-n8. 

Jimena, see Ximena . . 'h&-mSn'*&. 

Jimenezi see Ximenez . ' h&-men'-&ih. 
Jinghis Khan, see Jeng^ 

Khan, Geng^ Khan . jln'-^ kh&n. 

Jitomir, see Zhitomir . . zh!t^m'-er. 

Joachim jo'-a-ldm. 

Oer. y5'.a6h'.!m. 

Joan of Arc jOn, or j5-&n', or j5'-an 6y 


JoSo ..••*... Port, zh5-owA'. 

Joaquin 'h5=^ken\ 

Jodhpur jod-poor'. 


Joffre zhftfr. 

J<duum yO'-han. 

jahaniies j&-hfin'-^z. 

Oer. y^-yLn'-nfis. 

Johaimisbeig .... jo-h&n'-nls-berg. 

2). yO-h&n'-nfe-bftrfth. 

John o' Groat's . . . . j6n 6 gr6t8. 

Joinville zhw8n-v§l'. 

J6kai yO'-kfiFl. 

Jol6, see Sooloo . . . . 'h5-10'. 

Jomeltt, see Jommelli . . y5-meiM6. 

Jomini 2hG-m&-n5'. 

Jommellii see Jomelli . . y8m-mgl'46. 

Jonesca, Take .... ta'-ke yd-n&a'-IdL 

Jongleiir zh6&-glgr'. 

Joram, see Jehoram . . j6'-rain. 

Jordaens ySr'-dans. 

Jordanesior jdr-dfi'-nSz. 

JordaniSi see Joroandes . j6r-dfi'-iils. 

Jorge Sp. 'hOr'-dha. 

Jorflla 'ho-rsr-ya. 

JomandeSi see Jordanes . jdr-n&n'-dSz. 

JoniUOi see XoniUo . . 'h&-roor-y6. 

Jos6 Sp. *h5H3a'. Pari. zh5-zh&'. 

Joseffy y5-fl6f '-I. 

Josephus jo-se'-fOs. 

Josiah j5-fiI'-&. 

Josquin Desprez . . . zhSs-k&n' dfi^prfi^ 

Jost y58t. 

Jofham . jo'-tham. 

JStuoheim yg'-toon-Um. 

Jouaiist zhoo-5'. 

JoubertyFr. zho6-b4r'. 

Joubert|D yoV-bert. 

Joule jowl. 

Jounpoori see Jaunpur . jown-poor'. 




Jouidan . . • 
Joomal des Dibata 
Jodvenet, Jean . 
Jouy . . . • 
Jowett .... 
Joyeuse Garde, La 
Juan .... 
Juana, see Juanna 
Juan Diaz . . . 
Juan Fenandez . 

Juanna, see Juana . . . 



Jubbulpore, see Jubalpur . 


Jiicar, see Zdcar . . . 



Judas Maccabeus • . . 




Juif Errant, Le . . . . 



Jiilich, see Juliers . . 



Juliers, see Jiilich . . . 



JuUunder, see Jalandbar . 





zhoor-n&l' dS dSrb&'. 

zhaili zhoov-n£'. 



la zhwfiryez' g&rd. 



*ho6-an' d6'-ath. 

joo'-an f€r-nin'-d6z. 

Sp. 'hoo-on' 


jQ-bn-r-ts, jQ-bn-a'-ts. 




joo^-dafi m8k-a-bS'-Qs. 




l^ zhti=ef' 'r-ran'. 




Fr. zhtt-te'. 
Fr. zhti-lep=8n', 
Fr. zha-lep=&'. 








Juogfrau yd6ng'-frow. 

Juniata (JBL) jdo-nI-£t'-&. 

Junkers yddng'-kdrs. 

Junot zhQ-n5'. 

Junta jtln'-t&. 

Jupiter i66'-pl-t§r. 

Jura (I. and Mts.) . . . joo'-r&. 

Jura Fr. zhtt-rft', 

Jurassic ja-rite'-Ik. 

Juigensen yoor'-gSn-s6n« 

Jusserand zhi!k&-rM'. 

Jussieuyde dtLjtb9-6a^ 

Fr. dt zhtt-«&=«'. 

Justine jtis-ten'. Fr. zhtUhtin^ 

Justiidan jtis-tin-I*aQ« 

Jutes joots. 

Juvenal joo'-vfi-naL 


Kaaba, see Caaba . • . k&^-b&, kft'-arba. 

KaaterskiU k&'-tera-kfl. 

Kabaili see Kabyle . . karbIl^ 

Kabbala, see Cabala . . k&b'-a-l&. 

Kabul, see Cabul . . . k&-bo5r. 

Kabyle, see Kabail . . . ksrbll'. 

Kadapa, see Cuddapah . kfid'-ftrpft. 

KadeshBamea .... k&'-dfish b&r'-nML 

Kaffa kaf'-f&. 

KafBr, see Kafir, Caffre, 

KafEre kfif^-Sr. 

Ka£Eraria k&f-f lAr'-I-a. 

KafEre, see Kafir, Caffre . k&f'-6r. 
Kafir, see Ka£Br, Ca£Ere, 

Kaffre kftf'-Sr. 

Slaifeng, or kl-fSng'. 

Kai-fung kl-ftii]«'. 


Kaiser kl'-sSr. 

Kaiser Friedrich . . . . kl'-sfir frSd'-ii^h. 

Kaiserin kl'-zSr-In. 

Kaiseiin Augusta . . . k!'-zSr-In ow-gd6s'-ta. 

Kaiser "V^Hlhelm .... td'-zSr vfl'-h61m. 

Kalakaua k&l-£i-kow'-a. 

Kalevala, or Kalewala . . ka-l&-v&'-la. 

KalidBahr k&'-ledbfir. 

KaUdasa karll-da'-ea. 

E^almar, see Calmar . . kal'-m&r. 

Kilnokf kal'-nS-ld. 

Kaluga k&-loo'-g&. 

Katnchatkai see Kamt- 

chafka k&m-ch&t'-kft. 

Kamehameha .... kSrma''-h§rmfi'-h&. 

Kameruiii see Cameroon . ka-m^-roon'. 

Kaxnimura k&'-m5'-mdo'-r&'. 

Kamtchatkai Fr.» see Kam- 
chatka kam-ch&t'-ka. 

Kanakas kft-nik'-az. 

KanariSi see Canaris . . k&-n&'-ils. 

Kanawlui karn6Wa. 

Kanazawa k&-nSrz&'-w&. 

Kanchanjangai see Kun- 

chainjunga, Klnchinjinga k&n-ch&n-jSng'-ga. 

Kandahar, Candahari or . kan-darhar', kftn-da-har'. 

Kandehar k&n-dS-har', kfin-a^har'. 

Kang-Kao, see Cancao . kang-kow'. 

Kang-Wu-Wei .... ktog'-woo-wa'. 

KanoMasanobu . . . k&'-n5' ma'H3§.'-n5'-bii'. 

Kansas k&n'-zas. 

Kan-su kanH30o^ 

Kant kant. 

yflnfiiin k&n'-tl-an. 

Kanuck, see Canuck . . k&-niik'. 

KaraBai^, or Karabagh, 

see Carabai^ .... k&-rgrbfig'. 


Kara-raBsar ka'-nirUb-s&r'. 

Kara Mustapahi see Cara 

Mustafa ka'-ra md6s'-tSrfa, k&'-r&' 


Karfinina, Anna .... &n'-D& ka-r&'-n&-n&. 

Kamak k&r'-nik. 

Karlovingiani see Carlo- 

vingian k&r-lo-vln'-jl-an. 

EaxlowitZi see Carlowitz . k&r'-l&-vItB. 

Karlsbad, see Carlsbad . k&rlz'-bat. 

Karlsruhe, see Carlsruhe . kfirlz'-roo-tl. 
Kartoum, Kartunii see 

Khartoum k&>tdom^ 6h&]>-toom'. 

Karwina k&r-vS'-n&. 

I[asan» see Kazan . . . kSr2an^ 

Kashgar kfish'-g&r. Turk. kSsh-g&r'. 

Kashmere, Kashmir, see 

Cashmere k&h-mSr'. 

Kassai, (IL) kSrel'. 

Katahdtn, see Ktaadn . . ka-ta'-dln. 
Katak, see Cattack, Cuttack ka-tSk'. 

Kathiawar, see Kattywar k&t'-e-ft-wftr'. 
Kathlamba, see Quath- 

lamba k&t-lam'-b&. 

Katrine, Loch .... I56h kfit'-iln. 

Kattegat, see Cattegat . k&t'&-g&t. 

Kattywar, see Kathiawar . k&tr^w&r'. 

Kauai (I.) kow-f . 

KaufEmian kowf'-m&n. 

Kaulbach kowr-b&6h. 

Kaun kown. 

Kaunitz kow'-nlts. 

Kavanag^ kftv'-8rn&. 

x^ay .....••• jBLflr. vTcf . iQ« 

Kayor, see Cayor . • • kI-5r^ 

Kazak k^z&k'. 

Kazan, see Kasan . . • kflr2an\ 


Keang-Se, see KiaBg-d • k6=S]3g'H96'. 

Keang-Soo, see EJaxig-su . k^&ngf'&Sb^ 

Kearney kar'-nl. 

Kearsarge kSr'HS&rj. 

Keble ke'-bl. 

Kedleston k8dM-«ttin, kSi'-criin. 

Kedron, see Cedion, Kid- 

xon ke'-drOn. 

Kehama k&-ha'-m&. 

Kei(IL) kfi. 

Keig^ey, or Keitfaley . . keth'-H. 

Kekropsy see Cecrops . . kS'-kr5p6. 

Kelat, see Khelat . . . ke-lat^ 

Kelts, see Celts .... kfilts. 

Kempis, (Thomas) ft . . & kSm'-pIs. 

Kenai kS'-ni. 

Kenelm Chillingly . . ken'-«lm chU -ing-H. 

Kenilworth kSnM-w(irth. 

Kennebec ken-e-b6k^ 

Kensington kSn^-zIng-tiin. 

Keokuk kS'-^kOk. 

Kerensky k§r-£n'-6ld. 

Kerguelen kgr'-gei-^n. Fr. 


Kerman, see Kirman . . k€r-m&n^ 

Kfooualle, see Qu&ouaille k&-roo-al^ 

Keshab Chandra Sen . . k6-shtib' ch&n^-dra s&n. 

Kesho kfish'-^. 

Keswick k^z'-Ik. 

Ketshwayo, see Cettiwayo kSch-w&'-yO. 

Khafra kh&f '-ra. 

Khalif , see Calif, CaUph kSrlSf , k&'-M . 

Khalifa, or kSrle'-f&. 

Khaliff karler. 

Khan k6n, k&n, k&L 

Khandesh, see Candeish . khan-d^\ 

Khania, see Canea . . . karnS'-a. 



Khaitoom, or Khartmn, 

see Kartoum .... kfi]vtoom^ 6har-tdom'. 

Khedive kft-dev', ke'-div, kS-d^, 


Khelat, see Eelat • . • k6-lat'. 

Kherson 6her-fl5n'. 

Khiva kS'-va, ch6'-vfi. 

Khorasan, or Khorassan . 6h6-ra-Ban\ 

Khorsabad khOr-earbad'. 

KhosrUiOr k5s-r6o'. 

Khusrau kh<ii»-row'. 

Khyber 6hl'-b6r. 

Kiang-siy see Keang-Se . k&4ng'H96'. 

Kiang-sUy see Keang-Soo. k^-aDg^Hsoo'. 

Kiao-chau Id-^'=^0-chow'. 

Kichinefy Kichenevi see 

Kishineff ktsh-I-nSf . 

Kidron, see Cedron . . kld'-rSn. 

Kiefif I see Kiev .... ks'-«f , k&^^ 

Kiel kSl. 

Kievi or Kiew, see Kieff . k^'-ivy kMi\ 

Kilauea k&-low-&'-&. 

Kilimane, see Quilimane . k&-l&-ma'-n&. 

Slmry, Kymry, see Cymry Idm'-ii. 

Kincardine kin-kar'-dln. 

Kinchin jingEi see E^anchan- 

janga, Kunchain-Junga kln-chln'-jlng'-g&. 

King-te-chen kIng-t6-ch€n^ 

KiotOi see Kyoto . . . kS-6'-t6. 

Kirchhoff kSr6h'-h8f. 

Kirchner kSr^h'-nSr. 

Tgir ghJT kIr-gSz'. 

Kirkcaldy ker-kd'-dl. 

Khrkcttdbrie^t .... kSr-koo'-bil. 

Kirman, see Kerman . k^-m&n'. 
Kishineff, Kichenev, Kis- 

chenewi see Kichinef . kSsh-^-nfif '. 


nshlangoTyOr .... kSsh-l&n-gdv'. 

Kishlanott. • . • • . kSeh-lSriiO'. 

Kiskelim Ub-ke'-lim. 

Kissingea Ids^HsiDg-Sn. 

Kittiin, see Chtttim . . klt'-^. 

Kiong-cfaau k^-oong'-chow. 

Khudu kyoo^Hsyoo'. 

KiyQmine ke'-yO'-me'-n&^ 

Kiyonagt ke'-yo'-n&'-g&^ 

KizU-Irmak (R.) . . . klz'-U Ir-mSk'. 

KUunatfa kl&'-m&t. 

Elaisa klows. 

KUber kle'-ter, klfi'-Ur« 

Fr. klfirbir'. 

Klephta klBfts. 

Klindwortfa kHnt'-vSrt. 

Kluck,v<m f8nkld6k. 

Knaus k=noW. 

Knecht Ruprecht . . . ]F=nMht roo'-pr66ht. 

Kneisel k=Dl'-z61. 

Knetter ngl'-&. 

Knottys ii5lz. 

Knut, see Caimte . . . k=noot. Dan. kOnt. 

Kobe k6'-be. 

Koch kSdh. 

Kochanowski kG-ch&n-Of-flkl 

Kochian k5ch'-&-an. 

Koedoesbergi see Koo- 

doesberg koo-doos'-bSrch. 

Koedoes Rand» see Koo- 
doos Rand koo-doos' rint. 

Koemefi see KSmer . . k6r'-ngr. 

KoffTfontein .... k5r-fI-f6n'-tXn. 

Kdi-i-nuri Kohinoor . . kG-e-noor'. 

Kbiiler k6'-l6r. _ 

K<Mbnbatiir, see Coinibatore k^-im'^-baptoor'. 

Kokstadt k6k'-st&t. 


KolapooTi Kolapary Kol- 

hapar, see Colapur . . k^-lft-poor'. 

Kolchak k6l-ch&k'. 

Kolmar, see Colmar . . k6l-m&r'. 

K61n keln. 

Kolokol k«l-^k6r. 

Komom k5'-mSm. 

KoniahiOr k6'-n&^. 

Konieh k6'-n€-6. 

Kttnig ke'-nI6h. 

KSniggrXtE ke'-nSg-gr&tz. 

KSnigin k^-nS-^n. [kg'-Dl6h&-berch 

KSnigsberg k^fn'-Igz-bSrg. Oer. 

Koodoesbeigi see Koe- 

doesberg koo-doos'-bgrch. 

Koodoes Rand, see Koe- 

does Rand koo-doos' rint. 

Koordistan, see Kurdistan koor-db-t&n'. 

Koords, see Kurds . . koordz. 

Koorili see Kurile . . . koo^-iU. 

Koran k6'-rftn, k5-iin\ 

Kordofan kOr-d&-f&n'. 

Korea, see Corea . . . k&-re'-&. 

Korean, see Corean . . k5-r6'-an. 

K5mer, see Koemer . . ker'-n^r. 

Kom Spruit kOm sproit. 

Konuloff kdr-neMSf. 

Korolenko k5-rG-lSn'-k5. 

Korsakoff k6r-e&'-kSf . 

KosduskOiOr .... k68Hd-iis'-k5. 

Kosciuszko kOsh-choo'-skO. [kfiflh'-dot. 

Kossuth kteHSOoth'. Hung. 

Kotzebue (von) .... k6V-a8-bo5, kOt'- 

Koutouzof, see Kutusoff . kdo-too'-z6f . 

Kouyunjik koo'-iin-jik. 

Kraaft, or Krafft, or Kraft kraft. 

Krag-Jfirgensen . , . , kr^g^-yer'-gennsSn. 


SIiBgajevatz kr&'-gw&-yfi-v&t8. 

Krakau, or kr&'-k6, krfi'-kow, or 

Krakow, see Cracow . . Pol kril'-kSf . 

Kramskoy kramnska'-S. 

Kranachy see Cranach . . kr&n'-ak. Ger. kra'-nfiih. 

Krapf . kr&pf. 

KrapofUn krarp6t'-kln. 

Kramik kras'-nSk. 

KrasnoiyOr kras-noi'. 

Krasnyijar krfis-noi' y&r. 

KraszewU kift-shsr-skL 

Krause krow'-zti. 

Kreisler kiDsMgr. 

Kremlin krem'-Bn. 

Kreutzer, Kreuzer . . . kroit'-zfir. 

Kriemhild, see Chriemhild krem'-hflt. 

Kronos, see Cronus . . krOn'-Ss. QarGn^Hst&t. 

Kronstadti see Cronstadt . krOn'-st&t. Buss. 

Kroonstad kiOn'nst&t. 

Kruger krd'-gSr. 

B^mgersdoip knl'-gSrs-dOrp. 

Krupp krd6p. 

Ktaadn, see Katahdin . . k=t&'-dn. 
Kuanza, see Coanza, 

Quanza kw&n'-z&. 

Kubelik koo'-bfi-lsk. 

Kubla Khan, or ... . koob'-la khan. 

Kublai Khan koob'-U kh&n. 

Ku-Kiuz-Klan .... ku'-kltiks-kl&n. 

Kuku-Khoto koo'-koo-k5'-t5. 

KuliKhan kooMekh&n. 

Kuhnbach, see Cuhnbach kd6hn'-b&^h. 

Kumassi, see Coomassie . koo-mas'nsS. 

Kunchain-Jtinga, or . . kiin-chln-jting'-ga. 

Kimchm-Ginga» or . . . koon-chln-jlng^-ga. 
Kunchin-Jungai see Kan- 

chanjanga koon-chln-jiing'-ga. 


Ktmersdorf koo'-nSrs-dSif. 

Kunisada koo'-n6'.«fid'-{h&'. 

Kuniyoshi km'-ne'-yO'-she'. 

Kurdistaiii see Koordistan koor-dls-t&Q^ 

Kurds, see Koofds . . • koordz. 

KuifOrst koor'-f tkrst 

Kmile, see Kooril . • • koo'-iU. 

KvaoO, koo'-iO'-ke^ 

Kuiq{MLfkin koo-r5-pftt'-kfiiL 

Kursk kooTsk. 

Kurukshetra koo-rook-fihft'-triL 

Kurwenal koor'-vSriifiL 

Kiistrin, see C&strin . . kOs-tifo'. 

Kutais koo-tls'. 

Kut-el-Amaxa .... koot^-Srmi'-rL 
Kuttt8(^9 or Kutuzoff , see 

Koutottzof koo-too'-s5f. 

Kuychau, see Kweichow . kwl-chow'. 

Kuypy see Cuyp .... koip. 

Kwangsiy see Quangsi . . kwfiog^'. 

KwangSu kw&Dg-soo'. 

Kwangtttog, see Quang- 

tong kw&Dg-tooDg'. 

Kweidiowi see Kuy-cfaau kwl-chow'. 

Kwfaichpak kwlk-pftk'. 

Kymry, see Cymiy . . • Idm'-rit. 

Kyoto, see Kioto . . • k&-5'-t5. 

Sjrieelebon kir'-I-« fr-lft'-I-eSn. 


La Antigua 1& &n-t6'-gw&. 

Labanoff de Ro8t(^ . . iSrb&'-ndf dtt rte'-tSf . 

La Bassie 1& bSsHsfi'. 

Labienus Ift-U-e'-ntts. 

Lablache, Luigi .... loo-e'-je Ifirblfish'. 

LaBdiime IftbO-bn'. 


Laboii, Maltre .... mfitr ]arb5-T6'. 

Laboochere I&-boo-Bh&r'. 

Laboolaye l&-boo-Ifi'. 

Labrador l&b-rarddr'. 

LaBmyire I&brQ-y&r'. 

Labiian iSrboo-to'. 

LaCabafia ]ark&-ban'-yft. 

La Caille, or LacaiUe . . Ifik&'-yfl. 

La Caimanera .... 1& k&'=^map]ifi'-r&. 

Laccadive, see LakkadiT . lik'-a-dlv. 

Laced«inon l&9-&-dS'-m6n. 

LacipMe I8r€ift-p8d^ 

Lachaiae, or La Chaise . 1& shfis'. 

Lachesis ISk'-G-dis. 

Lachine IfirdhSn'. 

Lacfamei see Lakme . . lik'-me. 

LaCieca I&chML'-ka. 

Laoonia Ia-k5'-id-a. 

Lacroix ]drkrw&'. 

Ladikieh, see Laiakia . . Ur<l^k6'-& 

Ladislaus Ud'-b-lds. 

Ladoga I&'-d5-g§.. 

Ladr^e (Is.) Urdr5n'. 

Ladrones Ia-dr5nz'. Sp. l&-dr5'-ii8e. 

Ladybrand l&'-dl-br&nd. 

Laeken la'-kBn. 

Laennec ISn-nfik'. 

Laertes lA-^r'-tes. 

LaEstrella 1& es-trSl'-yft. 

LaFaige laffirj. Fr.fanh. 

LaFavorita I& fa-v5-re'-t&. 

Lafayette, De .... dUlSrfSriV. 

LaFdre laf&r. 

LaFenidre 1& f6r-r&=ftr'. 

Lafeu iSrft'. 

LafBtte iSrfSt'. [dtL la f 6A-t6n'. 

La Fontaine, de . . . . dtL 1& f 6n^-t&n. Fr. 


LaFordtBleu .... IfifG-rS'ble. 

LaFouiche l&foorah'. 

L'Africaine Ifirfr^-kSn'. 

Lagado la-gS'^id. 

La Gazza Ladza . . . . I& g&t'-z& la'-dra. 

Lageriof la'-gSr-tev. 

LaGioconda I& j&-k6n^-d&. 

LaGloire l&glwar'. 

Lagos AS. Ia'-g6s. Fori, la'-goos. 

Lagrange, de dtl I& grafizh'. 

LaGianja 1& graii'-dh&« 

T4igthing l&g'-tlng. 

La Guaira» or La Guayra . 1& gwl' -r& or gl'-ra. 

Sp. 1& gwa'=&=r&. 

LagunadeBay .... liirgoo'-na d& ba'=S. 

La Habanera la arblipn&'-ra. 

La Haye, see The Hague 1& ft'. 

Lahor» or Lahore . . . larhOr'. 

Laibachi see Laybach . . U'-bft^h. 

L'Aiglon Ifirgl6&'. 

Laing'sNek I&ngsnfik. 

Lajeunesse Ift-^gn-^'. 

LaJoUa Ifth6'-ya. 

Lajuive IftzhwSv. 

Lakfaimpttri see Luckimpur ItLk-bn-poor'. 

Lakhnau, see Lucknow . liik'-now. pop. Ifik'-nO. 

LakkadiVy see Laccadive . Iftk'^-ar-dlv. 

Lakme, see Lachmi . . Iik'-m6. 

Lalage Ul'-firjS. 

LaLiberti la l^-bSr-tft'. 

Lalitimr, see LuUitpur . • Itil-llt-poor' 

LallaRookh Ift'-Iftrrook. 

L'AUegro Iarlfi'-gr5. 

Lamartme lft-mfir-ten^ 

Lamballe, Princesse du . priUiHses' dtt laA-bftl'. 

Lamberti Louis . • . • loo-S' lad-bAr'. 


Lamech l&'-mSk. • 

Lamennais larm&=iiA^ 

Lamia Ifi'-nd-a. 

LaMiranao 1& m&-r&-n&'-(}. 

LammennooTi or . • . l&m-mgr-moor'. 

Lammennuir l&in-m§r-mtlr'. 

L'Aniore di tre Re • • • Uirm5'-rS d&-tr& rft. 

Laxnoiidere I&-m5-r@-8&=ftr'. 

La Motte-Foaqii< . • • la mOt'-fdo-k&'. 

Lamoureuz ]armdo-r6'. 

Lanark lin'-lirk. 

LaNavidad 1& nSrv&^lad'. 

Lancaster l&ng'-kte-tdr. 

Lancelot du Lac .... lin'-6&-10t da ISk. 

Lan-cfaau Ian-chow'. 

Landani lan-ch&'-nS. 

Lancret . . . 4 . . I&d-kr6'. 

Landes (The) .... la&d. 

Landgraf l&nt'-grif. 

Landgravine l&nt'-gr&-vSn. 

Landstfaing lans'-tlng. 

Landtag lant'-t&6h. 

Landwehr lant'-v&r. 

T^nfranc Ifin'-f r&ngk. Fr. M-frfiii'. 

Lange lang'-tL. 

Langres langr. 

LanguedoCi or Langue d'Oc Ung'-gwe-dSk. 

Fr. lfiA=ga-d6k'. 

Langue d'Oil Md5=gl^ 

Lanier UrnSr'. 

Lanjuinais IaA-zhw&-nfi'. 

Lannes lin. Fr. l&n. 

La None lanoo'. 

Lanson, Gttstave . . • gOs-t&v' UU-fl6ft'. 

Laocoon lar5k'-5-«h. 

Laodameiay or Tiaodamla . l&''-5d-a-ml'-a. 

Laodicea l&'^-dd-Is-e'-a. 


Laomedon l&-6m'-6-d6n. 

Laoa 106. 

Laos l&'-Qs. 

Lao-tsze l&'-^tsfl'. 

LaPaloma I&p§rl6'-ma. 

LaPatrie l&partre'. 

La Paz I& pfiA. Sp. Ifi p&th. 

Lapham l&p'-am. 

Lapiflw l&pM-thS. 

La Place, de dtll&pUa. 

La Plata I&pUL'-ta. 

La Princesse Lointaiiie * la priUinsBs' lwUk-t&i\ 

Laputa la-pQ'-ta. 

Lara l&'-r&. 

LaRfibida Iar&'-b6-d&. 

Laxamie l&r'-arnil. 

La Reine de Saba . . . 1& r6n d6 sfirbft'. 

Lares l&'-rSs. 

Laxgellidre lar-zhei-yAr'. 

Larisa, or Laiissa . . • iSrres'-^. 

L'Ailteieime Ia]>l5rz&=^n'. 

La Rodief Ottcault . . . la rOsh-foo-kO'. 

La Rochejacqaelein . . 1& rOsh-zhak-UA'. 

LaRochelle I&rO-fihSl'. 

Larrey IfirrS'. 

Larroumet lar-TOO-iD&'. 

La Saisiaz I& 8&-2&48s'. 

La Salle 1& sSl. Fr. 1& sSL 

LaScala Ifisk&'-la. 

Lascaris las'-karib. 

LasCasaSide .... d& Ifia k&'nsfis. 

Las Cases, de . . . . Fr. dii ULs kas. 

Las Gisasimas .... las gwSrsS'-mis. 

LaSocapa IfisG-k&'-pi. 

La Sorbonne 1& 85r-bOn'. 

Laspiflas iSs-pen'-yfis. 

Lassalle la-fial'. 



Lassen Ifis'-sSn. 

Lassigny Us-Sn-y6^ 

Latakia, or LataUyah, see 

Ladikieh Ia-t&-ke'-a. 

Latenm Ut'-^r^ln. 

Latium Ifi'-fihtim. 

Latour d'Auveigiie . . . l^-toor^ dO»vftm'=7tL 

La Txappe 1& trap. 

Latreflle lartrft'=ytt. 

Laud Idd. 

Laudon, see Loudon . . low'-ddm 

Lauenbuxg low^-fin-boordh. 

Launfal 16n'-fal. 

Laura . 16'-ra. It. l&'=oo-rft. 

Laurent l5-r6A^ 

Laurier l5'-r6Rfi. 

Lausanne l5-z&n^ 

LaValfiire 1& vgl.l&=ir'. 

Lavater Ia'-v&-t6r. Ger. ]fr-f&'-t6r. 

Fr. I&.v&-t4r'. 

Lavedan l&=va-da]!i^ 

Laveleye lav-lfi'. 

LaVendfe l&v6A-d&'. 

Lavengro Uv-en'-gr5. 

Lavigerie UrvSzh-rG'. 

Lavoisier l^rywapz&=S^ 

Laweman, or 16'-min. 

Layamon la'-yarmSn. 

Layard Ifi'-ard. 

Laybach, see Laibach . . ll'-ba^h. 

Leah l6'-&. 

Leamington Spa . . . . ISm'-Ing-tdn spft. 

Leander l&-Sn'-d§r 

L£andre l&-aAdr\ 

LeCateau Isk&-t5'. 

Lebbaeus, or Lebbeus . . M-be'-iis. 

Leboeuf l&*b§f'. 


Lebnm, see VigSe-Lebrun l^-briUi'. 

Lecce * Igch'-fi. 

Leclerc, or Le Clerc . . le-klAr'. 

Leconte de lisle . . . I§-kd]!it' dH lel^ 

Lecouvreur, Adrienne . . &-dr5-en' l^-koov-rfir'. 

Le Creusot Ig kre-so\ 

Leda IS'-da. 

Lederer ^ Ia'-d6r-8r. 

Ledru-RoUin le-dni'-rOl-UA'. 

Leeds IMz. 

Leeuwarden la^-var-dSn. 

Leeuwenhoeky see Leuwen- 

hoek Ifi'-ven-hook. 

Leeward le'-wanl, le'-4rd, la'-&rd. 

Lef ebre, or Lef dyre . . le-ffivr'. 

Legari(H. S.) . . . la-gre'. 

Legaspiior IS-gSs'-pS. 

Legazpe l&-g&th'-p&. 

Legendre I&-zh5Adr'. 

Leghorn ...... Ifig'-hdm, ieg-4m^ 

Legnago lILn-y&'-gO. 

Legouvi le-goo-vS'. 

Le Grand Monarque . . le gr§A mO-nark\ 

Lehar l§-ar'. 

Lehman, Lisa .... le'-za la'-man. 

Leibl libl. 

Leibnitz, or Leibniz . . llb'-nltz. 

Leicester ISs'-t^r. 

Leiden, see Leyden . . ll'-dSn. 

Leigh : . le. 



Leilah ISrW. 

Leinster ISn'-stSr, Hn'-stSr. 

Leipsic,or Up'-^. 

Leipzig lip'-tdch. 

Leith leth. 



Le Jongleur de Notre 

Dame 1^ zhSA-glSr' d6 N5tr dSm. 

Le Journal des Debate . 13 zhoor-ofil' da d&-M^ 

Lely (Sir Peter) .... te'-ll. 

Lemakre l&-mStr^ 

Ldmaii la-maIi^ 

Le Mans 16 mM. 

Lembeig ISm^-bercb. 

Lemerder l&-In&r-e&=a^ 

Lemerre IS-mSr/ 

Lemonnieri Camille . . karm6ll&-mSn-€^S^ 

Le Moyne 1@ mom^ Fr. 1§ mwftn\ 

Lempridre Igm-prSr^, lSm^-pr6-3r. 

Fr. 15A-pr&4r'. 

Lena (R.) lyg^-na. 

Lenape lSn'-&-pS. 

Lenbach 18n'-b£lch. 

LendoSi Ninon de, or 

L'Enclos ne-ndA' dii 10A-Id5.' 

L'Enf ant Prodigue . . . 16]!i-f&ii' pr6-deg'. 

Lenglen, Suzanne . . . sti-zfi]&' 16A-gl6A\ 

Lenin 16-n6n^ 

Lenni-Lenape .... l6n'-ni-len'-&-pS. 

Lenore ....... iS-nor'. 

Lendtre l&-nStr'. 

Lens laA. 

Leo l6'-6. ItVSfJ^. 

Leofric 16^f '^rik. 

Leofwine l6-6r-wIn-6. 

Leominster lem'-innstgr. 

Leon Ig'-On. Sp. IS-On'. 

Won . Fr.lS^t!. 

Leonardo da Vinci . . . la-0-n&r'-d5 d& vSn'-chB. 

Leonato l&-5-na'-t5. 

Leoncavallo, Ruggiero . rofidzh'-arr5 


Leonidas IS-dn'-I-dSs. 


Leonora It, Ul-5-n5'-ra. 

Lfonore Ul-5-n5r^ 

Leontes l&-0n'-tS2. 

Leopardi lfi-0-p§i^-de. 

Lepage^ Bastieii .... bas-t&^M&-pfizh'. 

lepando l&-pan'-<l5. 

Lepanto 16-p&n'-t5, l&-pan'-t5. 

LeProphite tepr5-f6t'. 

Le Nozze di Figaro . . la nfit»-6& dS fS'-ga-rO. 

Lirida lSr'-«-da. 

LirinSi ties do .... SIdel&-r&n^ 

Lennontoffy Lennontov . ISr'-mSn-tfif . 

Leroisx l§-roo^ 

Leroy-Beatiliett .... l&-rwll'-b5-l§=€^ 

Le Sage, or Leaage . . 13 s&zh^ 

LeschetizU leah-S-tits'-kl. 

Lea Contea d^offman . l&-k5nt dSf-m&ii'. 

Leadiguiirea Ulpd&-g&=4r'. 

Lea Httguenota .... latig-n5^ 

Lealtaliena 1& z^tSrl3=ea'. 

Leapinaaae, de, see Eapi- 

naaae dii l&»p&-IIafi^ 

Lea Rougoii-Macquart . la roo-gdA'-m&k-ar'. 

LeaaepBide dtHSB^-eps. 

Fr. dii le-figps'. 

Leaaisg l^'-slng. 

Le Sueuri or Leaueur . . l&-6(l-€r'. 

Leszczynddi Stanialaua . st&n'-Is-lfis ISsh-chln^HskS. 

Le Temps 13 t6A. 

Lefhe ....... IS'-the. 

Lefhean l&-tb3'-an. 

Letitia le-tlsh'-a. 

L'fitoile l&-twal'. 

Leucophiyne lu-kO-f ri'-n§. 

Leucofhea Iu-k5'-the-a. 

Leuctra iQk'-tra. 

Leuk loik. 


Leuthen loi'-tSn. 

Leutze loit'-ztt. 

Leuwenhoeky see Leeu- 

wenhoek l3'-vSn-bodk. 

L£van ....... la-vaii\ 

Levant le-v&ntS le-vint'. 

Levantine Ig-v&n'-tln. 

Leven, Loch ISch tevn. 

LeveryChas le'-vgr. 

Levenier, or Le Venier . Ift-v6r'-l-gr. Ft. l6-v&-i6Rft'. 

Leveson-Gower .... Iti'HstLn-gOr'. 

Levitan l&-vS'-tan. 

Levite l6'-vit. 

Levitic le-vit'-ik. 

Leviticus 16-vIt'-I-ktls. 

Ldvy (£mile) lA-vS'. 

Lewes la'-Ss. 

Leyden, see Leiden • . ll'-dSn. 

Leyds llts. 

Leyra (Antonio), de . • d& lfi'=§-r&. 

Leys Bs, 1&. 

Leyte lfi'-t&. i^.lfi'-&-tS. 

Lliermitte lgr-mSt^ 

L'Hdpital, or L'Hospital . l5-p&.t&l'. 

Liadow l&^'-dSf. 

Liaotong, Liantiing . . l&==ow-tdA'. 

Liapounoff ( -ov) . . . l9-a-poo'-nSf • 

Libanius II-bS'-Dl=as. 

Libanus IIb^-&-ntb3. 

Libau IS'-bow. 

Liber Il'.b§r. 

Liberi lS'-b&-re. 

Liberia Il-be'-if-a. 

Libra ti'.br&. 

Libya lib'-I-a. 

Lichas ll'-kas. 

Licbnows^ UAh-nAv^HskL 


Lichtenstein . . . . . Udh'-tenHstln. 

Licinian ...... ll-dn'-I-an. 

liddeU Ud'-Sl. 

lie (Jonas) 16. 

lieber l6'-b6r. 

Liebig . WAAth. 

lieder (dine Worte . . le'-dSr 5'-ntl vSr'-ttt. 

lidge Ff. iWzh'. 

liegnitz ISg'-Dltz. Ger. I66h'-Dlt2. 

Ligea, or ligeia .... ll-je'-a. 

Lign6|de diilSn'=yfl. 

ligny I6n'-yl. Fr. ten-yC 

Ligonier Ug-5-ner'. 

ligttori Ie-gw5'-re. 

li Hung Chang .... IS hoong ch6ng. 

LOis H'-Hs. 

Lfliih li'-Kth, ffl'-Ith. 

UliUokalani leMe-wO-kfirl&'-n& 

Lille Isl. 

LiUibuIlero mMI-bd61-W-r5. 

lima ll'-ma. Sp, le'-mft. 

T jmftf^A Um'-^ilk. 


limogesy see Lymoges . le-mSzh'. 

Limousin i&-moo-z&[i^ 

Limpopo Um-p5'-p0. 

Linaies I^-na'-rSs. 

Lincoln Ung^-kOn. 

Lingayen ...... ISn-garySn'. 

Linlithgow Iln-l!th'-g5. 

LinnankosU Un-^n-kOs'-kL 

Linnffwn» see Linnean . Iln-nS'-an. 

Linnaeus Un-nS'-ils. 

Linnean, see Limuean . Hn-ne'-^. 

Linz lints. 

liotard I5p=5-tar'. 

Upari Hp'.&.r6. 

Lippe Up'-pii. 


lippiyLippo lSp'-p5 ISp'-pS. 

LisbcMiy or Part, and 8p. l^b5'-& 

Lisbon Ilz'-bSn. 

Usieuz lS-2&=6'. 

Lisle, Leconte de . . . l&-k5M' de ISl'. 

L'Isle, Rouget de . . . roo-zhS' d3 M'. 

Uszt Hst. 

Uttoxale Iet-t5-r&'-lfi. 

Littr6 l&-ti&'. 

Litvinof Ht-ve'-nSf. 

Liu Kia, see Loo Choo, 

Lieou KhieoUy and . . I^-oo' k&-oo^ 

Liu Tchou I&-00' choo. 

liutpiandy see Luitprand . li-oot'-prSnd. 

livenza le-van'-dza. 

Livonia Il-v5'-nl=a. 

Livoma, see Leghorn . . i&-v5r'-n5. 

UTuan-Long .... l&-yoo-&n-hdA\ 

Uanberis 6hl&ii-bSr'-Is. 

Llandaff (^hlftn-dAf'. 

Llangollen 6hl&n-gd6h'-ien. 

Llanos Sp. I-ya'-n5s. 

Llewelyn ap Groffyddi or 

Llywelyn ap Grufi(ydd . 6hloo-Sl'-in &p grd'-feCh. 

Loanda l5-an'-d&. 

Loanda, Sio Paulo de . . esA powMoo d6 l5-&i'-d&« 

Loango l5-ang'-g5. 

Loangwa IS-ftng'-wi.. 

Lobengula l5-b6ng-goo'-lfi. 

Lochaber I56h-a'-ber. 

Loches ISsh. 

Lochiel I66h-er. 

Locfainvar Iddh-In-var'. 

Loch Katrine Id<!ih kftt'-iln. 

Lochleven Id6h-iev'-n, IMb-lS'-vn. 

Loch Lomond .... I56h lO'-mttnd. 

Lockroy Fr. l5k-rw&'. 


Lodi to'-d6. 

Lodovioo l5-d&^Ye'-k5. 

L6dz lodz. 

Loew I6v. 

Loff odeni or Lof odeni or . I5f-f5'-d8n. 

Lofoten l5-f5'-ten. 

Loggia dri Land . . . l5j'-ja dS'-6 l&nd'-i6. 

LogrofLo 10-gr5n'-y5. 

Lohardagai or .... lev-hSi'-da'-ga. 

Lohardngga l5-har-dtig'-g&. 

Lohengrin l5'-6n-grln. 

Loire Iwfir. 

Ldre, Haute Ot-lwar'. 

Loiie-Inf 6rieare . . . . lw&r'-Ut-f&-r&=er'. 

Loiret Iwa-rS'. 

Loir-et-Cher Iw&r'-firBh&r^. 

Lokal-Anzeiger .... l5-kal'-&n'-t8l-g8r. 

Loke,orLoki l5'-k6. 

LolaMontez l5'-la mdn'-tgz. 

Lombard's Kop .... lOm'-b&rts kOp. 

Lombardy ISm^-b&r-dl. 

Lombroeo lGm-br5'-zG. 

Lome l5'-m£. 

Lomonoeoff l5-m5-n5'-sSf. 

Lomza ldm^-zh&. 

Longcfaamp IdA-difiA'. 

Longimanns ISn-jW-firntbs, 

Longinus Idn-jI'-nfis. 

Longjumeau ..... I6A-zha-m5'. 

LoDgueville, de .... dtl ldiig-v§l'. 

Longwy ISA-y6\ 

Loo ChoOy Liu Tchou, see 
Liu Kitty and Lieou 

Khieou loochoo. 

Loos 10-08'. 

Lope de Vega .... to'-pS d& vS'-g&. 

Lopez lo'-peth. 


Lofpeiz (C. A., Ptm. Paim- 

goay) iG'-pSthy 2o(»Sy l5'-p8i. 

Lorbralgrod Idr-brQl'-grdd. 

Loreleii or Loreley, see 

Lurlei l5'-rfi-ll. 

Lorenzetti l5-rgnd-z6t'-tS. 

lAurenzo lO-rSn'-zG. It, lO-r6nd'-sO. 

Sp. l6-r8n'-th6. 
Lorenzo de* Medici . . l(VrSnd'-zO dfi mfi'-d&-Gh6. 
Lorenzo Marques, see 

Louren$o Marques • . lO-ren'-eO m&r'-kes. 

Port. ld-riUi'H905 
Loreto, or . • ' . • • • ]d-ra'-t5. 

Loretto Id-i«t'-t5. 

Lorraine ISr-ran^ Fr. l5>rSn'« 

Los Angeles lOs ftn'-gSl-Ss. 

Sp. lOs tog'-dhfi-lfis. 
Lot-et-6aronne .... lO-ti-gjIrrAn'. 

LoOaiio l5-th&'-i«-0. 

Lofliringen lGt'-iing-&n. 

LotiyPierre p5F=4r' l5-tS'. 

Lotophagi lo-tfir-fi-jl- 

Lottoi Lorenzo . • • • 10»rSnd'-£6 ldt'«tO. 

Lotze iGt'-fiii. 

Lottbet loo-bS^ 

Loucheur looHsh&r'. 

Loudon, see Laudott • • loV-dOn. 

Loudun loo-dM^ 

Louis loo'-b. Fr. loo-S'. 

Louisiana loo j-|^z5-4'-ii&, 


Louis Lambert • • . • loo^' IftA-bftr'. 

Louis Philippe .... IoonS' f e-lSp\ 

Louis Quatorze • . • . loo-S' k&-t6rz'. 

Louis Quinze loo-S' k&QLZ. 

Louis Seize loo-^^sfiz. 


Louis Treize ^ loo-S' trSz. 

LoaisviUe Ito'-I-vII, 166'-Is-vn. 

Lourdes loord. 

Lottienfo Marques, see 

Lorenzo Marques . . lO-rBn'-sC mar'-kSs. 

Port. 16o-rtUi'Hs66 

Louvain loo-v8]!i^ 

Louverture, Toussaint, or 

L'Ouverture .... too-sSA' loo-v&vtur'. 

Louvre loovr. 

Louysi Pierre .... p6p=&r' ioo-Ss'. 

Lowestoft l6'-8t6ft, l6'-6H3t6ft. 

Loyola loi-O'-lS. Sp. IS-yO'-la. 

L(»dre l&>z&r^ 

LoZingaro 15 dzSn'-garrO. 

Lualaba ioo-arla'-b&. 

Luapula loo-^pdo'-l&. 

Liibeck iu'-bek. 

LQbke Itib'-kO. 

Lublin loo'-blln. 

Lucan iQ'-kan. 

Lucania Ia-k&'-n!=a. 

Lucaya ldo-kI'-&. 

Lucayos Ioo-kl'-(k3. 

Lucca, Bagni di . . . . b&n'-ye d6 Iook'-&. 

Lucchese lAk-Sz', liik-^^ 

Lucerne, see Luzem . . lQ-sgm^ Fr, lU-s&ni' 

Lucia di Lammermoor . loo-ch6'-a de 


Ludan Itl'-ahl-ftn. 

Ludana looHahi-fi'-na. 

Ludna ItlH3l'-n§.. 

Lucinda iQ-stn'-da. 

Lucinde lu-^ild'. 

Lucldmpur, see Lakhimpur liik-im-poor'. 

Lucknow, see Lakfanau . Itlk'-now. pap. liik-nO. 


Lofon, see Luzon • • . Ioo-£6n'. Sp. ldo-th5n'. 

Lucrece iQ'-kres, la-kres'. 

Lucretius iQ-kre'-shl-tls. 

Lucrezia Borgia .... loo-krad'-z§-a bOr'-jft. 

LucuUus lO-ktil'-fifl. 

Ludendorf loo'-^gn-ddxf. 

Ludhiana loo-de-a'-nft. 

LudovisiAres • • • • loo^(Vv5'-26 fi'-rBs. 

Ludwig Iood'-vI6h. 

Lugano loo-g&'-n5. 

Lugo loo'-g5. 

Luigi loo-e'-je. 

Luini •••••.. loo-S'-nS* 

Luis loo-e8\ 

Luise Oer. loo'-^^-stL 

Lui^ld lTOMt-p5lt. 

Luitprandy see Liutprand . ioo-Yt'-prSnd. 

Luiz Part. loMth'. 

LulU Id&l'.l6. 

LuUitpur, see Lalitpur . . M-lit-poor'. 

Liinebuxg la'-ne-bdor6h. 

Lun£ville Iti-nSrvgl'. 

Lupercal lQ'-p§r-kSl, iQ-per'-kSL 

Lupercalia lQ-pgr-ka'-lI=a. 

Luria ioo'-re-a. 

Luristan loo-TIa-t&n^ 

Lurleiy see Lorelei . . . loor^-ll. 

Lusiad la'-d-Sd. 

Lusignan lu-z§n-y§A'. 

Lusitania lu-d-t&'-nl-a. 

Lutetia la-te'-shl-a. 

Luther la'-thfir. Ger. loo'-tSr. 

Liitzen iiit'-zen. 

Luzembouig ltik&-an-boor^. 

Luxemburg ItLk'-sSm-b^rg. 

D. Itik'-sem-b«r6h. 

Luxor ltiks'-6r, Id6k8'-6r. 


Luynes, de diiltl=en^ 

Luzenii see Lucerne • . loo-tagm^ 

Luzon, see Lugon . . . loo-z5n^ Sp. loo•thOn^ 

Lvoff l-v8f'. 

Lyautey I&-(V-t&'. 

Lycaon Il-kfi'-6n. 

Lycaonia lIk-&-5'-Dl=a. 

Lyceum U-BS'-tkm. 

Lycidas Hs'-I-das. 

Lydenburg U'dSn-btMh. 

LyeU ll'-a. 

Lylyjolm) m'-L 

Lymoges, see Limoges . le-mSzh'. 

Lyonesse ]I-6n-e8^ 

Lyonnais l&-5nr&'. 

Lyonnaise I&-Sn-Sz^ 

Lyons ll'-6na. Fr. le-6A'. 

Lys dans la Vallfe, Le . 13 iSs dM la vSl-A'. 

Lysias Us'-I-fis. 

Lysimachtts ll-drn'-a-kOs. 

Lysippus l!-fl!p'-tts. 

Lystra Us'-tra. - 

Lytton Ht'-ttn. 


Maartensy Maaiten . . mfir'-tSn m&r'-tSns. 

Maas, see Meuse . . . mfis. 
ICaastricht, see Maestricht, 

Mastricht mfis'-til^ht. 

MabiUon mSrb6-y6A'. 

Mabinogion (The) . . . mftb-l-n5'-g)[-&n. 

Mabusoi see Maubeuge . m&-bii2'. 

Macao m&-ldl'=5, mft-kow'. 

lifacbefh m&k-b6th'. 

Maccabaeus m&k-a-be'-tts. 

Maccabean mftk-a-be'-an. 


Maccabees mik'-artec. 

Macchiavellii see Machia- 
veUi makM-arv«r.H. 

It. ma'-k&^Yfil'-lB. 
Macedonia ..... mis-S-dO'-nl-a. 

Maceo mSrth&'-O. 

Macerata marchfi-r&'-tft. 

Machado marchad-fhO. 

Machiavel m&k'-I-arvSl'^. 

Machiavelian .... miULM-arvd'-yan, 

Machiavelism .... mSk'-I-arvel-te'^Hn. 
Machiavelliy see Macchia*- 
velU m«kM-a.v«r.lL 

It m&'-ke-SrvSl'-lB. 

Machpelah mSk-p^'-lL 

Madas mSrthe'-fts. 

Maclvor miUc-S'-vdr. 

Mackay (Charles) . • • m&k-f, miUc-ft', mSkf-L 
Mackaye (Percy) . • • in&-kl'. 

Mackensen m&k-Sn'-zSn. 

Madaren, Ian . • . • 6'-an, I'-&n ma-kU'-rSn, 


Maclise ma-klSs^ mAk-les'. 

MacMahon inilk-m&'-&n. 

Fr. in&k-m&-dA'. 

MacMonnies mSk-mW-Iz. 

Mflcon Fr. mark6A^ 

Macon (Ga.) m&^-kSn. 

Macready ma-krS'-dl, mSk-re'-cDL 

Mactan mSkri&a'. 

Madame Bovary • • . in&-d&m' bd-vfir-iQ^ 
Madeira (R.) .... m&-d&'=&-r&. 
Madeira (L) mJUdS'-rft. 

Part. m8rd&'=^riL 
Madeleine (Church) . . m&d-ien\ 
Mademoiselte de Maupin mfid-mwSrzfl' dtl m5>pUi\ 


Mademoiselle, La Grande la grfiAd m&d-mwa-z6r. 

Madonna mfirddn'-a. /^. mSrdGii'-ii&. 

Madias mft^-dras, m&d-r&s'. 

Madrazo mlHir&'-thG. 

Madrid mardrld'. iSp.mardiM'. 

Madruga m&-droo'-g&. 

Madura m&-doo'-r&. 

Maecenas m&^S'-nas. 

M«nad m6'-n&d. 

Maestricht, see Maas- 
tricht, Mastricht . . . mSa'-tildht. 
Maeterlinck mfit'-^-Hngk. 

D, ma'-tSr-Ungk. 

Mafeking m&-fa^klng'. 

Maffei mai-fa'-6. 

Maflia, or Mafia . . . mfirf6'-&. 
MagalUes, see Magellan Port. margal-y&'=3SAs 
Magaliesberg .... m&g'-firles-bgr6h. 
Magallanes, see Magellan mSrg&l-y&'-n^. 
Magdala (Abyssinia) mfig-da'-la 

Bib. m&g'-darla. 
Magdalen mig'-da-lSn. Eng. coUegCf 


Magdalene m&g-dd-l5'-n6,m&g'-d5rlen. 

Magdeburg mftg^-d6-biirg. 

Ger. m&6h'-d&-boor6h. 
Magellan, see MagalhSes, 
Maghellanes .... marjel'-an. 

8p. ma-gSl-y&n'. 

Magellanic mSj-gl-l&n'-Ik. 

Magendie marjgn'-dl. 

Fr. mSrzhdA-dS'. 

Magenta mSrjgn'-tfi. 

Magersfontein .... ma'^-6her»-{5n'-tln. 

Maggiore mfid-]5^^re. 

MagbeUanes, see Magel- 
lan mapg^lrla'-nSs. 


Magi m&'-jl. 

Magian mS'-jI-an. 

Magna Carta, or Magna 

Charta m£g'-n& kfir'-tft. 

pop. dh&r'-ta. 

Magnard m&n-yar'. 

Magnusson mfig^-noosnaSn. 

MagttindanaOi see Min- 
danao inargSnM3rii&'-^. 

Magog mfi'-g5g. 

Magyar m5d'-y0r, in&-i&r'. 

Mahatiaratai or Mahablia- 

rata m&^hSrb&'-r&-t&. 

Mahablesliwar .... m&''-ha-bl8sh-w1ir'. 

Malialaleel marh&'-la-le''-^, 


Malian Ina-h&n^ 

Maharajah m&-h&-ra'-j&. 

Mahdi, see El Mahdi . . mSrdS. 

Mahdist ma'-dlst. 

Mahican, see Mohican . ma-hlk'-an. 

Mahmud marmood'. 

Mahomet, see Mohammed mS-hSm'-St, m&'-hO-mSt, 


Mahon marhGn^ 

Mahony ma-b5'-nl, ma'-hd-nl. 

Mahopac ina^-5-p&k. 

Mahound m&-hownd', ma'-hownd. 

Mahrattas, see Marliattas m&-r&t'-&Zy ma-ra'-taz. 

Mahu ma'-bd0| ma-hoo'. 

Maia m&'-ya. 

Mailand, Ger. for Milan . ml'-lant. 

Maillol maF^ySr. 

Maimansinh, see My- 

mensing . . . InI-man-sIn^ 

Maimonides ml-m5n'-l-d§2. 

Main (R.) man. Oer. min. 


Maindion mfiA-dr6A^ 

Maine-et-Loire .... m&n'-&-lw&r'. 

Mainporiy see Mynpuri • mln-poo^-re. 

Maintenoiiy de .... dii mSA=ttt-n6A'. 

MainZi see Mayence . . mints. 

Maison Vauquer . . • mSrz61i' v5-k&'. 

Maistre, Xavier de . . z&v'-I-er. Fr. z&v-^ft' 


Maisor, see Mysore . . mlnsoor'. 

Maiwand ml-w&nd'. 

Majano m&-y&'-nO. 

Majorca, see Mallorca . mar]dr'-k&. 

Majttba mSrjoo'-b&. 

Makart mak'-&rt, nii-kart'. 

Makua mSrkoo'-&. 

Malabar mil-arbfix'. 

Malacca marl&k'-&. 

" ^ffl lfl^ M m&l^-arkl. 

Malaga • mil'arga. Sp. in&'-l&-g&. 

Malata mSrW't&. 

Malay m&-l&'. 

Malayan in&-l&'-an. 

Malaysia m&*l&'H3hI=a. 

Malaprop (Mrs.) . • . mil'-a-prOp. 

Malbrooky or m&l-br^6k^ 

Malbroug^ m&l-brook^ 

MalczewsU mil-chSf'-skL 

Maldive m&l'-dly. 

Male-bolge mSrie-bcr-je. 

Malebranche .... mSl-braAsh^ 

MalesherbeSy de . . . dtl mil-z&rb'. 

Malety Lucas lu^-kae mil-&'. 

Malherbe mSl-&rb'. 

Malibon ma-lS-b5n'. 

Malibran marlS-braA^ 

Malignants ma-llg'-nants. 


llalinesy see MechHn • ^l8rl6ll^ 

Hallarmty Stiphane . . stfirf Sn' mU4LMiift'. 

Mallorca, see Majorca . mfil-ySr^-kft. 

Mallory, see Maloiy . . mfilMS-ri. 

Malmaison mal*mft-B6&'. 

MabnestKuy mfious'-bfiM. 

MalmS mfil'-m6. 

Malmsey mftm'-d. 

Malolos mSrlO'-lfls. 

Malory, see Malloiy . . mil'-&-iI. 

Malot, Hector .... ek-tOr' m&-10\ 

Malpig^ii mia-p6'-ge. 

Malpi^ian m&l-pe'-C^=an, 

Malplaquet m81-pl8rk&^ 

Malta, or mdl'-ta. J(.mfil'-tL 

Malta, Fr. mfilt='ft. 

Maltese mdl-tSs', mdl-tte'. 

Malthus m&l'-ihfiB. 

MfliAwoiiitiiem .... mJU-tha'-d-ftn-Isn'^, or 


Malvern (Ark.) • . • • m&l'-v6m. 

Mahrem (Bug.) .... md'-v6m. 

Malvoisy mfil-vwSri6'. 

Malyotto m&l-y5'-]I-5. 

Malyavin Inal-3rSrvIn^ 

Mambrino . • • • • mftm-brS'-nO. 

Mambrimis mam-bri^-nito. 

Mfltfi^iii^^ • • • • • mam-boo-UL'-5. 

Mamelukes mam^-fi-lQks. 

Mamertine mSm'-^r-tln, mSm'-6r-t6n. 

Mamertines, or .... mim-6r-tlD2. 

Mamertini . . . m&m-er-tl'-nl. 

Mamiant della Rovere . m&-m§-&'-ne dSl'-]& 


Mamie mSm'-rS. 

MaiiaoB m&-xi&'-Os. 


Manasseh m&n-Ss'-ft. 

Manbhooniy Manbhum . man^-bhoom. 

Mancha, La la m&n^-ch&. 

Manchester m&n'-chSs-t&r. 

Manchoos, see Manchus . m&n-chooz^ 
Manchttriay see Mantchmia m&n-chdo'-il-a. 

llanchuSy see Manchoos . In&n-chooz^ 

Mancinelli man-chS-nfil'-lS. 

^anrinj m&n-chS^-n§. 

Fr. mfift-se-ne'. 

Mandalay, or .... min^-da-Ul. 

Mandelay in&n'-d&-l&. 

Manet m&-n&^ 

Manetiio m&n'-fi-thO. 

Mangnlore, or . . • • m&ng-garlOr'. 

Mangalur m&ng-garloor'. 

Mangin ]xuUi-zhM^ 

Manichgans, or Mani- 

cheans m&n-I-ke'-aius. 

Manichee m&n^-I-kS. 

Manila, Manilla . . . . mariill'-a. Sp.mSrn^'Ak. 

Manin mSrnSn^ 

ManipUTy see Mannipur . m&n-I-poor'. 

ManitOy see Manitou . . m&n'-I-t6. 

Manitoba mfin-I-tO-b&^ m&n-l-to'-ba. 

ManitoUy see Manito . . m&nM-too. 

Mannheim m&n^-hlm. 

Mannipur, see Manipur . m&n-I-poor'. 

Mftnop^ marn5^-&. 

ManonLescaut .... marndftMSs-k5'. 

Manrico man-re^-kG. 

Manrique, Gdmez . . . g5-meth m&n-re'-kfi. 

Mans, Le l6maA. 

Mansard, <^ Mansart . . m&Ans&r'. 

Anglicized^ mfin'-sfird. 

Mansfeld m&ns^-fSlt. 

Mansoor, or Mansor, Al . Si man-eoor'. 


Mantalini m&n-ta-lS'-nS. 

Mantchuria, see llanchuria mSn-choo'-iI-a. 

Mantegna m&n-tfin^-y&. 

Mantelli m&n-tfil'-te. 

Manteuffel man^-toif-fSL 

Mantinea, or m£n-ti[-ne'-a. 

Mantineia m&D-tI-Dl'-&. 

Mantova, or It. m&i^-tO-v&. 

llantua m&n'-to-a. 

llantaan m&n^-tO-an. 

ManutiuB m&-na'-fihI=aB. 

Manzanares man-th&-n&'-r6cL 

Manzanilla m&n-thSrnSl'-y&. 

MaBzaxiillo man-thSr-nSr-yO. 

Ifanzoni m&n-dz5'-ne. 

Maori ma^=5-il, moV-iI. 

Maoris m&'-&-ilz, mow'-iI& 

Map (Walter), or . . . mfip. 

Mapes (Walter) .... m&ps. 

MaracaibOy or Maracaybo mUrrflrkl'-M. 

Marah in&^-r&. 

MaraiSyLe lSni8rr&'. 

Maran, Ren6 . . . r6-Dfi' m&-r8ft^ 

Marat m^rr&^ 

Marathon mir'-arthOiL 

Maratta,or marrat^-tft. 

Maratti marrat'-tS. 

Marceau maiH35'. 

Marchesa m&r-k&'-za. 

Marchese m&r-k&'-z6. 

Marchesi mar-kfi'-zS. 

MarckOyVon fdn mar'-kii. 

Marconi m&r-k5'-nS. 

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus m&r'-kiis'- 6-re'-]I=d8 


MardiGras inar'-d§gr&^ 

Marengo mfirreDg'-g5. 





Mareuily ViUebois- . • . 


Margoty La Reine . . . 




Margueritte, Paul . . . 
Marliattasy see Mahrattas 
Maria de* Medici, see 
Marie de Midicis . . 
Maria Feodorovna . . . 
Maria-H6rMiai Josi de . 

Mariaimie . 
Marian (Maid) . 
Mariana (Is.) 
Mariana (Mason's) 
Mariana (Shak.) 

Marianne, La 
Maria Theresa • 

Mariazell . . . 
Marie Amilie 
Marie Antoinnette 

Marie de MMicis, see 

Maria de' Medici . . 

Marie Galanta .... 


Marignano, see Melegnano 




Marini, or 


mSrTe-5'-tl8, marrU^'-tib. 



I& rSn m&r-gO'. 




p5l m&^-g&-IIt^ 

m&-r&^-taz, mft-rit'-fts. 

mSrre'-a. dfi mfi^-de-cfaS. 
in8rre'-& f fir^5r'-{(v-n&. 
6h5-B&' da mdrre'-&- 


mSriI-<&n'-a, m&-r&4'-n&. 
m&-il^-a t&-r6'-Ba. 

Ger. ml^re'-& tSrr&'.2&. 

mSrt^' Sr-mSrW. 

m&rM &n-toi-nSt'. 

' Fr. m«rr6' antwI^-nBt'. 

m&-rS' dli mSTde-ees'. 

mirre' gSrlfi&t'. 



m&r-&-la'. [infi-r6'-n&. 

Shak. marri'-na. Sp. 





Marino FaUero .... mSrr6'-n5 f 8rl&=ft'*r5. 

Mario infi'-r6-5. 

Mariolatry mftr'-I-sr-a-trl. 

Marion Delonna . . . m&-re-6A' dtt-ldim'. 

Mariotte m&-r&=Ot^ 

Maris m&r'-Ss. 

Maritzbuig m&r'-Ito-boordlL 

Marius mfi'-ri-fis. 

Marivanz mSrr&-vO'. 

Mariveles mfirre-vfiMte. 

Marjoribanks .... m&rsh'-b&nks. 

Markgraf mark'-gr&f. 

Marlboroy or Mariboroogh Am. mfirl'-bttr-5, mAF-brO. 

Marlborough (Duke) . . m6r-br5, m61'-biir-ft. 

Mfonaros-Sziget . . . m&r'-mS-rOtah-dg'-fit. 

Marmont mSn-mtif. 

Mannontal mfir-m6A-tBl'. 

Marmont (Sea) .... in&r'-m5-ra. 

Mame m&m. 

Mami mfir-nS'. 

Maxochetti mfirr5-k&t'-t6. 

Maronita mftr^-^-nlt. 

Marot, Clftnent .... kUrmSft' mSrT6\ 

Marquesaa (Is.) .... m&r-k&^-s&s. 

Marquette m&r-kSt'. 

Marquis m&r'-kwls. arig. mSr^-i 

Fr. m&r-ke'. 

Marquise Infir-kSz^ 

Marrjrat m&r^-I-&t. 

MarseiUaise, La . . . . 1& m&r-fia.&z'. Fr. 1& 


Marseille, Fr. or . . . m§xH3&'-yti. 

Marseilles m&r-fiSl2^ 

Marshalsea m&r'-diU-fiS. 

Mars-la-Tour .... m&rs-ldrtoor'. 

Marsyas m&r^-d-as. 

Marszalkowska .... m&r-sh&l-kSv'-fikL 



Martel de JanviUe . . . mar-ter dtl zh5ft-vel'. 

Martin^ Henri .... 6ft-re' mar-t&&^ 

Martineau m&r'-tl-n5. 

Martinez Campos . . • max-tS'-nSth kfim'-pGs. 

Martini-Heniy .... mar-tS'-n^hSn'-rl. 

Maitmiy Simone . . . sS-m5'-n& mar-tS'-nS. 

Martinique mar-tI-nSk\ 

Martinist m&r'-t!n-Ist. 

Martins m&r'-Bhl-tis. 

MaruUns mft-rOl'-tLs. 

Marylebone mS'-rI-l6-bOn', mar'-lS-bfln, 


Masacdo mar«St'-ch5. 

Masaniello inSr6Srne=aI'-10. 

Masaryk m&'-sSrrlk. 

Masbate mfis-ba'-t&. 

Mascagni m&s-kan'-y§. 

Mascarene mas-karr6n\ 

Mascarille m&s-kSrrgl'. 

Masefield m&E^-fSld. 

Maseru m&z'4^-oo. 

Mashonaland .... m2^5'-n&-ISnd, 


Maskelyne m&'-ke-Un, mis'-kS-lIn. 

Masolino da Panicale . . ma-z0-l6'-n5 d& 


Masp&o m£s-pa-r5\ 

Massada mfis-s&'-da. 

Massasoit mSs^-fipSoit. 

Mass&ia mfi-6a'-n&. Fr. m&Hsa-nft'. 

Massenet m£s-n&\ 

MassUlon 17. £1. mSs'-Il-Sa. 

Fr. m4H56-y6ft'. 

Ma flginiA mSs'-&-m5. 

Massinger mSs'-In-jer. 

Masso mas'-65. 

MassucdOf see Masuccio m&-6d6t'-ch5. 


MassySy see Matsys and 

Metsys m&HSib'. 

Mastricht, see Maastricht 

and Maestricht . . . mas'-trI6ht. 
Masucdo di Salerno, see 

Massucdo mSrzd6t'-ch5 de 8&-l&/-nG. 

Masurenland ma-zoo'-r6n-lant. 

Masurian, see Mazurian . mSrsd'-rl-an. 

Mataafa ma-ta'-fa. 

Matabele, see Matabeli 

and Matebeli mfirtSrbaMS. 

Matabeleland .... marta-b£'-]6-ISnd. 
Matabeli, see Matabele 

and Matebele .... m&-ta-bsMS. 

'M' fljMnTytt in&-t&n'-zas. 

Sp. ma-t&n'-thfis. 

Matapan (Cape) .... ma-ta-p&n'. 

pop. m&t-arpSn'. 

Matebele, see Matabele . mSrtS-baMg. 

Matejko m§rta'-kd. 

Mater Dolorosa .... mfi'-tSr d6I-&-r5^-8&, 

m&'-t6r d5-l5-r5'-za. 

Matema ma-Uir'-na. 

Oer. mgrter'-nft. 

Matber (Cotton) . . . m&{h^4ir. 

Mathieu nifirt6=6'. 

Mathilde m&-tgld'. 

Matisse m&-t€8'. 

Matsys, Quentin, see 

Massys and Metsys . kwSn^-tln m&t-sls'. 

Mattel, Tito t§'-tO matrta'-§. 

Matthias ma-thl^-as. Ger, mftt-tS'-fls. 

Matthias Corvinus • . . ma-thf -as kdr-vl^-ntls. 

Maturin m&t'-u-rln. 

Matzenauer m&ts'-Sn-ow-Sr. 

Maubeuge, see Mabuse . m5-b€zh'. 

Mauch Chunk . , • • m6k chiingk^ 


Mam^m mAm. 

lfaiii(L) moV-6. 

MaunaEea mow'-nft k&'-A. 

IfaunaLoa mow'-nil 15'<4L 

Ifaimdy m6n'-dl. 

Maupftssant InO-paH9&!i^ 

Maupertais in5-p&r-tw6'. 

Maupiny Iflle. de . . . mfid-mwSraSl' dtl m^^pSA'. 

Mauprat mO-pr&^ 

Mauxel mO-rKl^ 

Bfaiirepas m(V=r^pft\ 

Ifamice Fr. mO-res'. 

Mauritius m6-ifeh'-I=a8. 

MauiOGordatos, see May- 

rocordatos m&v'-rO-kSr-d&'-tfiB. 

Mauser mow'-zBr. 

Mausohss in6-66Mtbei. 

Mauve m5y. 

Mavrocofdatosi see Mau- 

looordatos m&v'-rO-kSr-d&'-tSs. 

MaTimfflan m&ks-I-mU'-jran. 

Oer. mftkfih&-m§M54Lii. 

MaTimin mSks'-I-iidn. 

Maya m&'-yS, mI'-&. 

Mayaguez IDI-firgweth^ 

Maybun mfiF=&-bdon'. 

Mayence, see Mainz • . Fr. mfirySAs'. 

Mayenne ml-Sn^ m&-yen^ 

Mayer mft'-gr. Oer. ml'^r. 

Maysi mMf-^. 

Maytsouye mfttHsoo'-ye. 

Mazagan mas-a-gftn'. 

Mazanderan m&''-^an-de-rftn^ 

Mazarfn miz'-a-rln, m&z-fi^-SIl^ 

Ft. m&-z§rr8A'. 

Mazarini m&d-zar-6'-aS. 

Mazurian, see Masurian . ma-t8do-rS'-&n. 


Mairini m&lrflS'-nS. 

Mazzoola m&t-zoo-5'-l&. 

Meas^er ina'-6h€r, m&'-'h6r. 

Meaux m5. 

MecUin, see Malines . . mSk^-Un. D. mMh'-Hn. 

Mecfaoacan, see Michoacan mSr€h5''-a-k&n^ 

Meddenburg-Scfawerin . InSk-lSn-boor6h-6hvft-rSIl^ 

Meddenburg-Strelitz . . mSk^-ISn-boordh-fitrft^-Uts. 

Medea m&-d&'-&. 

M£d£e ma-dS'. 

Media me'-dl*a. 

Medici, de' dS m&'-d&-ch6. 

MMicis, de dH mardS-ste'. 

Medina Sp. mfi-de'-n&. 

Medina-Celi m§-de'-na-th£'-l6. 

Medina-Sidonia .... inSrde'-naH9S-dO'-n&4. 

Medjidi mS-j^'-S- 

M6doc mSrd^k^ 

Medusa mS-dtl^-sa. 

Meerkatsfontein . . . m&r'-k&ts-fSn'-tliL 

Meerut, see Mixat . . . mS'-rdt. 

Mefistofele marf6&-t6'-f8rlS. 

Megaera mS-gS^-ra. 

Megaia mfig'-arrft. 

Megiddo mfi-^d^-5. 

Mehemet Ali, see Moham- 
med Ali m&'-h$-mSt ft'4S. 

MShul m&-tll'. 

Meilhac mSryak^ 

Meissen mI'-aSn. 

Meissonier infi-80-nQp=;&'. 

Meistersinger von Niim- 

beigi Die dS mls'-ter-dng'-^r fSn 


Mejnoun mS]-noon^ 

MeUiongft or Mekong . . mft-kSng'. 

MXLAirCHTHON 188 MfiniPPftB 

Melanchtiioii, or . . . m&-l&Dgk'-th6n. 

Oer. mSrlang6h'-tOn. 

Melantiion mS-l&n'-th6n. 

Melba mer-b&. 

Melchisedec, or Melcfaize- 

dek mgl*]dz'-«-dgk. 

Meleager mSl-^&'-j&, mS-l&-5'-]Sr, 


Melegnano, see Marignano mft-lan-ya'-n5. 

MelilKBus mfil-I-be^-iis. 

MeliOa Sp. Af. mft-ter-ya. 

MCUiie mft-len'. 

MeUta mer-I^a. 

Mello (Jos€ de) V • • • m&'-loo. 

MeloB, see Milo . . . mSMde. 

Melozzo da Fori! . . . m&-lSt^-z5 d& fSr-l6'. 

Melpomene mSl-p6m^-&-nS. 

Melton Mowbiay . . . mgr-tiln mo'-br&, m5^-br&. 

Melusina mSl-oo-sI'-na. 

M61tt8ine,Fr mS-la-asSn'. 

Memling mgm'-Ung. 

Menabrea mft-n&-bra'-&. 

Menahem ; mfin'-a-hgm. 

Menai mSnM. pop. mSn'-fi or 


Mfeard|Ren6 .... re-n&^ ma-nfi^^ 

Mencayan m&n-kary&n^ 

Menchikoffi see Menshi- 

koff men'-shS-kSf. 

Mendus men'-sbl-tls. 

Mendelssohn-Barthokiy . mgn'-del-65n-b&r-t(3r-d5. 

Mendis, CatoUe . . . . kSrtOl' mdA-dgz'. 

Mendocino men-dO-sS'-no. 

Mendoza mSn-do'-th&. 

Menelaus mSn-S-l&'-iis. 

Menendez de Aviles . . ma-nfin'-dgth dS abSMSs. 

M6nippte| Satire • . . sartgr' mS-n^-pS'. 


Memocal m&-nG-kftl'. 

Menorcat Sp. for Minorca mfi-nSr^-ldL 

Menpesy Mortimer . . mSm'-p6& 
Menshikofif, see Menchi- 

koff mgn'-shS-k&f. 

MentonyOr m^A-t5A^ 

Mentone •••••. mSn-tO'-nS. 

Menzel mSnt'zfil. 

Mephibofihefh .... me-fIb^-QH3heth. 

Heb. mef-!-bO'H9hetlL 

Mephistophelean . • . mSf''-l8-t&*fS'-l&-an. 

Mephistopheles . • • . mSf-I&-t6f -S-lSz. 

Mercator mSr-ka'-tSr. 

D. m6r-k&'-tdr. 

Mercedes mSr-th&^-dSs. 

Merda mSr'H3hi=a. 

Merdi mgrH9S==S^ 

Merder m&rH3&=^^ 

Mercurius mSr-kQ'-il-tLs. 

Mercutio mer-kQ^H3hI=5. 

Merejkowski mfir-ezh-kSv'HskS. 

Mergui mfir-gS'. 

M&imte mfi-r^m&'. 

Merindol m5-riUi^-d5r. 

Merle (Maj.) .... mSrl. 

Merle d'Aubigni . . . mSrl d5-bSn-yfi'. 

Merlin m(fr'-l!n. 

Merodadi mSr'-O-d&k. 

MeroS mer'-5-S. 

Merom m§'-r6m. 

Meiope mSr'-^V-pS. 

Merovingians .... m^r^vln'-jI-^anB. 

Merowigi see Merwig ; . mSr'-O-wIg. 

Merrilies m6rM-tez. 

Merry del Val .... mSr-e' dSl vSl. 

Mersey m€r^-d. 

Merwig, see Merowig . . m3r^-w{g. 

MteT 190 IfETRICK 

Miiy mSrT^\ 

Mesa, or mS'-sa. Sp. mft'-flft. 

Mesha mS'-syL 

Meshach mS^nahftk. 

Mesmer mSs'-mfir. 

Mesolone^, see Misso- 

long^ mS-8&48Dg'-g6. 

Mesolongioni mod. Gr. . mft-z5-18Dg'-g&-0ii. 

Mesopotamia mes'-&-p6-t&'-mI-a. 

Messaliiiat or Messallina . mes-il4f -na. 

Messianic mSs-d-ftn'-Ik. 

Messidor mte-^5r'. 

Messina, AntoneUo da . &n-tO-nfilM5 d& mte-Be'*n&. 

Messines mes-Sn^ 

Mestrovich m6s'-tr5-vlch. 

Mesisxado (Cape) . . . ma-eoo-r&'-dO. 

Metastasio m&^taB-t&'-2&-5. 

Mdtiren martfirr6ft^ 

Mefliuen (Gen.) . . . mgth'-ii-Sn. 

Metbuen (U. S.) . . . mS-tha'-Sn. 

Methuselah me-tha'-«&-l&. 

Metsu, see Metzu . . . mgt'-sli. 
Metqrs, see Massys and 

Mats^s mSt-fils'. 

Mettemich-Winnebuig . mgt-tgr-nldh- 


Metz Fr. mSz. Oer. mSts. 

Metzu, see Metsu . . . mgt'-ztl. 

Meudon IDg-d^ft^ 

Meung,Jeande . . . zhandamM. 

Meunier mg-n&=a^ 

Meurthe-et-Moselle . . m€rt'-Srm5-zgr. 

Meuse, see D. Maas . . muz. Fr. m§2. 

MezicaU mSks-I-ka'-U. 

Meyerbeer mi'-gr-bfir. 

Meynell m&'-ngl. 

Meyxick ml^-rlk. 

MftZlftRES 191 lOGNARD 

M&deres m&-z&=ftr'. 

Mezzofanti mStrz5-f&n'-t9. 

Miako m§-a'-k5. 

Miami mI-Sixi^-6, ml-Sm'-L 

Miantonoiiioh .... inI-&n'^-t5-no^-m5. 

Micaela ...... n]l-ka'-&-l&. 

Micah ml'-k&. 

Mi-CarSme m&-IdIrI6In^ 

Micawber ml-k6'-bar. 

Midiael mi'-kgl, ml'-k2t=61. 

Micliael Aiigelo .... inl'-k&=^ fin'-JS-lO. 

Michaelis m5-k&'-l^. 

Michael Nicolaevitch 

(Grand Duke) . . • mI'-kSl n&-kG-l£'-^vIch. 

Michaehnas mlk'-^-'inas. 

Michal nd'-kal. 

Michel Fr. mS-shSl'. 

Michelagiiolo, or . . . m6-k&l-&n^-yG-10. 

Michelangelo .... ml-k^-an^-jfr-lO. 

It. m§-kei-an'-]ft-10. 

Michelet InS8h-lfi^ 

Michelis me-^ha^-Hs. 

MichehxEZO Michelozzi . mS-ke-lSt'-z5 m&>kB-18t'-z6. 

Michetti, Paolo .... pS.'-(>-l5 m5-k&t'-t&. 
Michoacani see Mechoacan me-ch5^k&n^ 

Mickiewicz mlt&-k6-8v'-lch. 

Micronesia ml-krO-nS'-sbl-a. 

Micronesian ml-krO-nS'-sUMuiy 


Midas mi'-das. 

Midgard mld^-g^. 

Midianites mld'-l-&n4to'. 

Midnapur mid-narpoor'. 

Mierevelt m6'-r6-v6lt. 

Mieris me'-ils. 

Mieroslawski m&=Srr5-sl&v'HskB. 

Mignard mSnrySr'. 

MIGNST ig2 MmiVBWir 

Mignet m§a-yS'. 

Mignon men-y6A^ 

Miguel m§-gSr. 

Mikado ml-ka'-d5. 

Milan (City) mU'-ftn, mT-l&n'. 

Milan (King of Servia) . mU'-an. 

Milanese mIl-&n-Sz^, cr es'. 

Milanoy see Milan . . . m§-la'-n5. 

Milazzo me-Ets'H35. 

Milesian (Irish) .... ml-le'-8hl=an, ml-le'-zhan. 

MiUtikofif (-kow, -kov) . mU'-yG-k«L 

Millais mU-l&'. 

Millefand mel-rfiA'. 

Millet Eng. mll'-lgt. Fr. mS-yft'. 

jxyp. mS-la'. 

Mil]0voye m^-vwa'. 

Millot mS-y5'. 

MUne-Bdwaids .... mlln-fid'-wards. 

Ft. mSl-n&-doo-&r^ or 


MOnM mllnz. 

MUOf see Melos . . . mS-l5'. 

MUoiadovitch .... m&-l5-rll'-d5-vlch. 

Miltiades ma-tI'-&-dez. 

Mimi m&-mS^ 

1fjf«lr me'-mir. 

Miiftcio mln'-<^h5. 

Mindanaoi see Maguin- 

danao mIn-dSrn&'-5. 

Mindoro mln-d5^-r5. 

Minerva mln-€r'-ya. 

Ming mSng. 

MinhOf Porf., see Mifto . mSn'-yoo. 

Mini6 min'-e. Fr. m6-ne=fi'. 

Minna von Banihelm . . mIn'-& f0n b§.m'-hSlm. 

Minnegerode mIn'-&^rGd. 

Min00^t» see Minnuit . mIn'-&-wIt. 


MifiOy Sp.f see llinho . • mSn'-yG. 

Mino da Fiesole .... mS'-nO d& f&-ft'-«0-UL 

Minorcai see Menofca • ml-nOr'-kfi. 

Minos mI'-nSs. 

Minotaur mtn'-^iAr. 

Minnuity see Minnewit • mln'-d-It. 

Mir mSr. 

Mirabeau n^n8rb5. Fr. m&*r&-bO'. 

Miraflores mS-ra-fiO'-rBs. 

Miragoane ml-rarg6n'. 

Fr. m&-rSrKwftn'. 

Minunon m&-r&-mOn'. 

MiranaOtLa la m&-r&-n&'-0. 

Miranda Shak.wl'T&Df-dL 

Sp. m&-r&n'-d&. 

Mirandola, Pico delta . . pe'-ko d&l'-^ m&-r&n'-d5-lA. 

MiratyOr mS^-rat. 

Mirath, see Meerut . . mS'-rath. 

Mirbeaui Octave . . . Ok-tSv' mer-b5^ 

Mirbel mer-b81'. 

Mirebalais mS^=r&-b&-l&'. 

Mirecourt mSr-koor'. 

Miron, Diaz dS'-as m§-rOn'. 

Miroufit, Ursule .... t!b*-stil' m&-r6o-ft'. 

Mirs (Bay) mSrs. 

Mirzaptir m5r-zfi-p6or'. 

Miiza-Schaffy .... mer'-zfi-Bh&f-fe'. , 

Misamis me-fi&m'-es. 

Misanthrope, Le . • • 13 mS-zM-tr6p^ [&m-&4ft'. 

Mise of Amiens . . • n^z 6v &m'-I-Sns. Fr. 

MisfirableSy Les . . . • UL m&-z&-r&'-bL 

Miserere m&-z&-ra'-r&. 

Misericordia mS'^-z&-r6-k5r'-de-ft. 

Misk61cz mIsh-kSlts. 

Missolonghii see Mesolon- 

ghiy mod* Gr. Mesolon- 

gion zDl8-fi5-l6ng'-g^ 




ICissooii mls-fido^-il/ ml-soo'-il. 

pop. miz-oo'-ra. 

Misterosa me&-t&-rO'-«a. 

Mistral mS&-tral'. 

Mitau me^-tow. 

Mithradates, see Mitlixi- 

dates mlth-rard&^-tes. 

IfiHuidate Fr. m^tr-r^&t'. 

Mithiidates, see WOuBr 

dates mith-ri-dft'-tez. 

Mifliridatic mlth-ri-<l&t'-ik. 

Mitre, Bartolomi . . . bar-t&-l(V-m&^ mS'-trft. 

MitsuoU mets'-oo'^'-ke'. 

Mitjiene, see MytUene . mlM-lS'-nS. 

Mivart mlv'-art. 

Mizndm miz-r&'-lm, mlz'-rft-Im. 

Mlava mla'-y&. 

Mnemosyne n&-m5B'-In-6. 

Moa mO'-&. 

Moab mO^-&b. 

Mobangi m^-bing'-gS. 

Mobtte m&-b3'. 

Mocenigo m5-charnS'-gO. 

Mocha mO^-k&. Arab. m5'^h&. 

Modder m5d'-8r. 

Modder's Spruit . . . m5d'-ers sproit. 

Modena m5'-d6-na. It. mO'-dfi-n&. 

Modeste Mignon . . . mO-dSst' mSn-ydA'. 

Modjeska mdd-jSs'-ka. 

Modredy see Mordred . mO'-drSd, mOd'-rSd. 

Moeris (L.) mS'-ris. 

Moewe m§'-yii. 

Mogador mSg-a-dOr'. 

Mogilef, see Mohileff . . m5-g&-lBf '. 

Moguls, see Mughals . . mS-gOlz'. 

Mohics mO-h&ch'. 

Mohammed, see Mahomet mO-h&n'-Sd. 

MOHAMiatD AU 106 mohbuttu 

Mohammed Ali, aee Me- 

hemetAli m5-him^-&l &'-l^ | 

Mohave, see Mojave . . m(V-h&'-yfi. 

Mohican, see Mahlcan . m^-hlk'-an. 

Mohileff, see MogUef . . m6-«he-IBf . 

Mohun mO'-htLiL ^ 

Moiseiwitsch mO-^^'-vIch. 

Moldavia m6l-dft'-vl-a. 

Moivre mw&vr. 

Mojave, see Mohave . . m5-'ha'-v&. 

Moldau mSr-dow. 

Molech, see Moloch . . m5'-lSk. 

Molenbeek-Saint-Jean . m6-16A-b&k'-68&-zhU\ 

Molidre m5-l&=&r'. 

Molina m&-lS'-n&. 

MoUnists m5'-lI-Dlst8. 

MoUnos ...... m5-lS'-n06. 

Mollwitz, see Molwitz . mSr-vIts. 

Moloch, see Molech . . mOM6k. 

Molokai m&-l&-kl'. 

Molokani m(V-l5-k&^-nS. 

Moltice, von fSn m61t'-ktL. 

Oer. m61t'-ktl. 

Moluccas m5-Iiik'-az. 

Molwitz, see Mollwitz . mSr-vIts. 

Molyneuz mtQ'-I-nd6k8y — vXL 

Mombas, or m6m-bas^ 

Mombasa, or m6m-b&'-Bft. 

Mombaz mSm-bSs'. 

Mombuttu, see Monbuttu m6m-b6ot^-too. 

Mommsen m8m^-z8n. 

Momus mO'-mtb3. 

Monaco m5n'-§rk5. 

Mona Lisa m5'-n& l5'-za. 

Monarque, Le Gnmd . • Ig graA m5-n&rk'. 

Monastir m&-Das-t6r'. 

Monbuttu, see Mombuttu m6n-bdot'-too. 


Moncqr m6ii-6&'. 

Mo&dididf m8&-d&-d&=nS • 

Monet m&-nfi'. 

Monfalcone m5n-fal-k5'-nA. 

Monge mfi&zh. 

MonghiTy or Mon^yrt see 

Mungir m6n-gSr'. 

Mongol mdng'-gttl, mOn'-gSl. 

Mongolian m6n-g5'-ll-an. 

Monmouth m5n'-mi&th| mtLn'-mtlth. 

Monna Vanna .... in5n'-n& y&n'-n&. 

Monieale m6n-r8r&'-l8. 

Monroe mtLn'-rO. 

Mens m6As. 

Monseigneur mdAHB&n-}^^!^. 

Mon8-«n-P£v£le. . . . m6As'-5A-pfirv61^ 
Monseirati see Montserxat m5n-sSr-r&t'. 

Monsieur mdH3&==6'. 

Monson mtLn'-stLn. 

Montagu, or Montague . m5nt'-a-ga. 

Montaigne mdn-tan'. 

Fr, md6-tan'=ytt. 

Montalembert .... m6A-tfirld&-b&r'. 

Montalvan m5n-tftl-b&n'. 

Montana in5n-t&'-nlL 

Montargis mdAt-ar-zhS'. 

Montauban m6A-t&-b&&'. 

Montauk (Point) . . . m5n-t6k'. 
Mont Blancy see Mount 

Blanc Fr. m6& blU. 

Montcalm Gozcm de Saint- 

V6ran m5nt-k&m^ 

Fr. m6ft-kfilm' g(>zd&' 
dii sUi-vS-rfiA'. 

Mont Cenis m6A 86-n§^ 

Montebello .... m5n-t&-b&r-l5. 

Monte Cristo m8n'-t6 kiis'-tO. 


Montecucolif or • . • . m6n-tg-koo'-k5-lS. 

Montecuculi m5n-t6-koo'-koo-te. 

Montefiore m5n-t5-f&=5'-re. 

Montego (Bay) .... m5n-te'-g0. 
Monte Grappa .... m5n'-ta grUp'-pfi. 

Montejo m5n-ta'-6h5. 

Montemezze mOn-ta-mfit8'-B&. 

Montenegro pop. m5n-t&-n5'-gro. 

It. mOn-tft-nfi'-grO. 

Montereau m6A=t6-rO'. 

Monterey (Cal.) .... m8n-te-r&^ 
Monterey (Mexico) . . m5n-ta-r&'=^. 
Montero Rios .... m5n-t&'-r5 rS^-Qs. 
Montes, LoIa» see Montez lO'-la m5n'-t8s. 
Montespan m5n-tS&-p&n'. 

Fr. mdii-tgs-p&&'. 
Montesquieu m8n-te&-kQ^ 

Fr. mdA-t8s-k&=6'. 

Montessori m5n-taaH95^-re. 

Monte Testacdo . . . m5n'-tS t£s-ta'-ch5. 
Monteverde . .... It. mOn*t8-v&r'-dS. 

Sp. mOn-t&-y6r'-{hft. 
Montevideo m6n-tS-vId'-&-5. 

Sp. mto"-tfi-v6.S'-Ch5, 
Montezi Lola, see Montes WA^ m5n'-t6s. 

Montfaucon m8A-f5-k8ii'. 

Montfleury m6A-fl6-r@'. 

Montfort mfint'-fdrt. Fr. mAA-fOr'. 

Montgolfier m6nt-g6r-fl-6r. 

Fr. m6A-g5l-fe=S'. 

Montholon m6A-t5-l^&^ 

Montii Vincenzo . . . vSn-chand'-zQ mSn'-tS. 
Monticello m0n-t&-8Sr-l5. 

It. m5n-t@-chal'-l5. 

Montijo Sp. m5n-te'-6ho. 

Montijo, Euginie de . . Fr. &-zh&-ng' da 



Montjoie mAA-2hw&'. 

Montluc mAA-lOk'. 

Montmartre m6A-in&r'=tr. 

Montmiiail mdA-m&-r&'=yii. 

Montmorendi or . . . mOnt-m5-rSn'-6e. 

Montmorency .... Fr. mdA-m6-r6A-86'. 

Montojo mOnt>-5'-6hO. 

Mon^lier mSnt-pSr-yer. 

Monomer Fr. mdA-pel-l&=ft'. 

Mon^nsier mdA-p6A-e§^a^ 

Montreal m6n-tre-al'. 

Ft. mbtrTMy. 

Montreuil«-sous-Boi8 . . mdA-tre'=yiiH9oo-bw&'. 
M<mt8errat| see Monserrat m6ntH9Sr-r&t', 


Montserrat (I.) . . . . m6nlH96-r&t'. 

Monza mOn'-z&. 

MoodkeOy see MudU . . mood'-kS. 

Mooi • mO'-S. 

Mooltan, see Multan . . mool-t&n'. 

Moore (Thomas) . . . moor, mOr. 
Moorshedabad, see Mur- 

shidabad moor'H9h6-d&-bfid\ 

MoraczewsU md-r&KshSv'-skl. 

Moradabad, see Murad- 

abad m5'-r&d-Srbfid'. 

Morales m5-r&'-]68. 

Moran (Thomas) . . . m(V-r&n^ 

Moray mtb/-I, mtb/-fi. 

Mordecai mdr'-dS-kl, mdr'-dfi-kfi. 

Mordred, see Modred . mdr'-drSd. 

Morea m5-re^-&. 

Moreau m5-r5'. 

Morelos m5-r&MS8. 

Moren m5-rftn'. 

Morghen mSr'-gBn. 

Morgue m6rg. Fr. m5rg» 


Moiiah m(V-ii'-a. 

Moiillo m6-r§l'-y5. 

Moiisot, Berthe .... b6rt m5-r&-85'. 

Moritz m5'-rlt8. 

Mornayt Duplessis . . dtl-pU-sS' mOr-nS'. 

Momy m5r-nS\ 

Moro (Castie)i see Mono mdr^-rO. Sp. mOr'-rQ. 

Moroko m(V-r5-k5. 

Moron de la Fnmtera . . m5-r6n' dfi la fron-tS'-r&. 

Morosini m&-r5-ze'-ne. 

Morpheus mdr'-fS-tts, mdr'-ftis. 

Morrisania mOr-ri8-S'-nI=a. 

Mono (Castle), see Moro mdr'-rQ. Sp. mdr'-rO. 

Morte d'Arfhur .... m6rt dar-ttir'. 

Mort Homme .... mor-tSm'. 

Mortier mOr-t@^ft'. 

Mosaic m5-zfi'-Ik. 

Mosby m5z'-bl. 

Moscheles mOsh'-S-ies. 

Moscow m5B^-k5. 

MoselfOr m^zSi\ 

Moselle m&-zSr. 

Mosenthal m5'-z6n-tSl. 

Mosheim mOs^-hlm. 

Moskva m5sk-v&'. 

Moslem m5s'-l6m. 

Mosquitia, or .... mO&-k§-tS^-a. 

Mosquito m50-kS'-t5. 

Mossoul, Mosul, see Mou- 

sul m5'H3&l. 

Moszkowski mOs-kSv^-skl. 

Moukden, see Mukden . mook-dgn'. 

Moulin Rouge .... moo-lM' roozh. [moo'-trl. 

Moultrie m5l'-tri, moor-trl, 

Mounet Sully .... moo-na' sQ-lS'. 
Mount Blanc, see Mont 

Blanc mowntblfingk. 


Mount Desert .... mownt d6-zSrt' 

Mouquet moo-k&'. 

Mousqueton moosk==a=t6A^ 

Moussorgsky moo-s6rg'-6kI. 

Mousul, see Mossoul . . moo'Hstil. 

Mouton moo-tdfi'. 

Mowbray m5'-brfi. 

Mozambique m5-z£m-bSk\ 

Mozarab m5z-dr^-&b, m&-za'-r&b. 

Mozart m5'-2S{Lrt. Qer, mO^-tsart. 

Mozuffergurh, see Mu- 

zafEargarh milz-iif-ar-goor'. 

Mozuffemugger, see Mu- 

zaffamagar .... m8z-flf-^niig'-g9r. 
MozufferfKvey see Muzaff- 

axpur mdehtlf-6r-p5r'. 

Msta • mst&. 

Mtesa mt&'-Bft. 

Muduti Alphonse . . . mdo6h'-«. 

Mudie moo'-dS. 

Mudldi see Moodkee . . mood'-kS. 

Muette de Portici, La . . 1& mQ-6t' dtl pOr^-t^-chS. 

Mughals, see Moguls . . moo'-galz. 

MiiUbach mul'-bfi^h. 

Miihlhausen mtil'-how-sfin. 

Muir mQr. 

Mukdeui see Moukden . mook-dSn^ 

M{mer(Maz) .... mtil'-er. 

Multan, see Mooltan . . mool-tan'. [moon'-ka-chS. 

Muncaczy, see Munkicsy moon-ka'A^hS, 
Munchausen, see Miinch- 

hausen EnQ, mfln-chd'-zen. 

Gcr. miln^h-hoV-sfin. 

Mttnchen, see Munich . miln^-6hen. . 
Miinchhausen, see Miin- 

chausen ...... £n(jr. mtln-chd^-zSn. 

Ger. mOndh-how'-zgn. 


Mungir, see Monghir . . mfin-gSr'. 

Munichi see MQnchen . mu'-nlk. 

Munkficsyi see Muncaczy moon-k&^-chS, 


Miifioz moon-yOth^ 

Milnster miin'Hster. 

Murad moo'-r&d. 

Muiadabad, see Morada- 

bad moo'^-rad-&-bfid'. 

Muxano moo-r&'-nO. 

Muiat . ma-rit'. Fr.mVtrrtJ. 

Muiatore, Luden . . . luH9S-8n' mtl-rartOr'. 

Muiatori mdo-r&-t5^-r§. 

MuraTieff mda-rary&=$r. 

Muida mSr'-shl-a. 

Sp. moor'-the-ft. 
Muifceesboio, or Mur- 

freesboxouj^ .... m^r'-frSz-biir^-O. 

Murger mtlr-zh&r'. 

Murillo mtl-rn'-6. Sp, m66-rgl'-y5. 

Muroy Salazar .... mdo'-r6-$ sa-lSrthS/. 
Murdiidabad, see Moof- 

shedabad m^or'^H3ht-darbSd^ 

Muscovite m{is'-k5-vlt. 

Muscovy ...... mtb3'-k5-vl. 

Musfe des Thermes . . m(i-zS dft t&rm'. 

Muste du Louvre . . . mti-z&' d(i loovr'. 

Mus6e du Luxembouxg . m(i-zS' dti Itik-sdA-boor'. 

Muskingum mfis-kXng'-gam. 

Musset mtls-H'. 

Mussulman mtls'-sai-man. 

Mustafa, or Mustapha . mddB'-ta-f&. 

Mustafdia Kemal . . . md6s'-tfi^f& kfi-mdl'. 

Mutra miit'-ra. 

Mutsuhito mdot^-soosh-t5. 

MuzafFaigarhi see Mozuff- 

ergurh mii2-8f*ar-g^« 


MuzafhrnagaTi see Mo- 

zuffemugger .... mtLz-tf-^r-nSg'-ar. 
MuzafFarpur, see Mozuff- 

erpore mtb^£f-ar-poor'. 

Muziano moo^-z&-a'-n5. 

Mycale mnc'-SrlS. 

Mycena mlHsg'-ne, ml-kSn'-L 

Mymenstngi see Mai- 

mansinh ml-mSn-sIng'. 

Mynpuriy see Mainpuri . m!n-poo'-r§. 

Mynnidons m(^r'-ml-d5ns. 

Myron ml'-r6n. 

Mysia iii!sh'-I=a. 

M3rsorei see Maisur . . mlH95r'. 

MytUene, see Mitylene . mlt-l-te'-n6. 


Naaman n&'-armaii. 

Naauw Poort na'==Qy-p5rt. 

Nabonidus n&b-&-nI'-dtb3. 

Nadelmany Elie .... Sl-yS' na'-dSl-m&XL 

Nadir Shah n&'-dgrfih&. 

Nadiya, see Nuddea . . niid'-&-y&. 

Nador nSrdSr'. 

Nagasaldy see Nangasaki nargaHsa'-kS. 

NSgeU n&'-gg-le. 

Nagny-Viiad n5d'-3r<i-v§rr&d. 

Nagoya n&-g5'-y&. 

NagporeyOr nag-p5r'. 

Nagpur luLg-poor^ 

Nahant na-hknt', na-hftnt'. 

Naiad nft'-yad. 

Nain nS'-in. 

N&jaxa na/-6li§rr&. 

NAjenty Gutiforez . . . goo-tS-gr'-es na6h'-S-nL 

Namaqualand .... na-ma'-kwarl&nd. 


Namur nS'-moor. Fr. n&rmOr'. 

Nana na-nft'. 

Naxia Sahib iia'-n& 8&'-hIb. 

Nan-chang nan-ch&ng'. 

Nancy (Fnince) .... n&n^HsL Fr. nM-se'. 

Nangflsalriy see Nagasaki nan-gars&'-ke. 

Ifanking nitn-kfng'. 

Nansen n&n'-«gn. 

Nantes n&nts. Fr. n&At. 

Nanteuil nM-td'-3r<i. 

Naomi nfi-5'-mI, nS'-&-m6. 

Naonabu na'-5'-n5'-b6'. 

NaphtaH nSf '-ta-l!, n&f'-t&-ll. 

Napier xiS'-pI-6r. 

Napoleon narp5'-le-5n. 

Napolion Fr. na-pO-IfirAA'. 

Napoleone n§rp()-li-(('-nS. 

Napravnik na-prav'-nlk. 

Narbada, see Neibudda . Dar-b&'-d&. 

Naidso Lopez .... nllr-th6'H95 lO'-pSs, €T 


Narcissus n&r-als'-tts. 

Nanraez nar-b&'-^th. 

Naseby naz'-bl. 

Nasiky see Nassick . . . na'nsIL 

Nasmyth nfi^Hsmith. 

Nasr-ed-Din, see Nassr- 

ed-Din nas'=r-6d-d6n'. [nars©'. 

Nassau nfa'-fi. (?er. nfis'-ow. Fr. 

Nassau (Is.) nSs'-d. 

Nassicki see Nasik . . . na'-slk. 
Nassr-ed-Din, see Nasr- 

ed-Din nfi8'=r-8d-dSn'. 

Natal na-tM'. Por«. nft-tSl'. 

Natalie, see Nathalie . . n&t'-a-lS. Fr. nlUt&-l6'. 

Natchitoches D&k-&-tdsh', 



Nathalie, see Natalie . . nSth'-arlS. 

Natioiial Zeitang . . . n&t'-ze-^n&l' tzl'-td^ng. 

Naucydes n6-«l'-d6z. 

Nauplia nd'-pH-a. 

Naudcaa n6-«da£'-fir&, n6-sI-kft'-&. 

Nautch n6ch. 

Navajo nSv'-ft-'hS. 

Navarete, see Navairette n&-y&]>rfi^-tft. 

Navarino na-v&i>r§'-n5. 

Navamii Sp.,OT. . . . nfi-v&r'-ra. 

Navarre na-v&r'. Pr. n&-vftr'. 

Navarrette, see Navarete n&-vaivr&^-t&. 

Navarro na-v&r'-rO. 

Nazarene n&z-a-rSn'i n&z'-&-r6n. 

Nazarite n&z^-a-ift. 

Naze Eng. n&z. Narw. n&^-z6. 

Nazianzen nll'^-zI-Sn'-z6n. 

Nazbnof nSrsS'-mSf. 

Nazbnova nH-ssS'-mO-vft. 

Nebucbadnezzar, or . . nSb'^-Q-kfid-nSs'-fir. 

Nebucbadrezzar . . . . n6b'^-fl-kfid-rSz'-&r. 

Nebushazban .... nfib-tl-shiz^-b&n. 

Neckar(R.) nek'-k&r. 

Necker (Jacques) . . . ngk'-^r. Fr. na-k&r'. 

Neerwinden n&r'-yln-dfin. 

Negri, Ada a'-d&'' na'-grt. 

N6grier nfi-gr§=ft'. 

Negritos nfr^'-tOs. 

Sp, nfi-gre'-tOs. 

Negropont nfig'-r(V-p6nt. 

Negros (Philippiiie I.) . . n&'-grOs. 

Nekrasoff, or Nekrassoff . nfik-rft^HsSf . 

Nellore, or nfe-tor'. 

Nellur nWoor'. . 

Nemea (City) .... n6'-m6-a, n8-m6'-a. 

Nemea (Games) . . . n6-mS'-a, nS'-m6-a, 



Nemean nS-me'-an, nS'-m&'aiL 

NemesiB nSm'-6-edb. 

N&nottTB nfi-moor'. 

Neoptolemus .... nS-Op-tor-^mfl& 

Nepali or Nepaul, see Nipal nS-pdr. 

Nepissingi see Niptssing . ngp'-Is-Ing. 

Nepomuk nS'-pO-mook. 

Nepos n5'-p58. 

Neptune ngp'-tOn. 

Nerbudda, or Nexbuddah, 

seeNarbada .... ngr-b1&d'-d&. 

Nereids n5'-r&-Id2. 

Nereus n6'-r6-iis, ng'-rOs. 

Nergalsharezer .... ngr^-gal-6h&-r6'-26r. 

Neri na'-r6. 

Neiissa nS-rls'-Bft. 

N£ron n&-r5A'. 

Nfiiy nS-r©'. 

Nesle n&l. 

Neuchfttel ne-eh&-tSl'. 

Neueste Nachrichten . . noi'-^ttl na6h'-iI6h-t6n. 

Neuilly-sur-Seine . . . n6-y6'^-sQr-fl8n'. 

Neumann nd'-man. Oer. nor-m&n. 

Neuss nois. 

Neuve Chapelle .... n6v shS-pBr. 

Neuvfflettei Chxistian de . kris-t&=U' dfl ne-ygl-St'. 

Neuwied noI'-vSt. 

Neva nS'-va. Ruas. nyS'-vft. 

Nevada n6-v&'-d&. 

Nevers nS-v&r'. 

Nevis n6v'-l8. 

Nevskii Prospekt . . . n8r-6ld=I prds-pfikt'. 

New-Chwangy see Niu- 

chuang nd-chw&ng'. 

Newfoundland .... pop. ntl-fownd'-land; 

loc. nd'-ffind-Iftnd, 


Newnham nOn'^m. 

New Orleans na drMs^anz. 

NezS ngks'-^. 

JNejT •••••••• Iln* 

NezPercS iifip6rH3&'. 

Ngan-hui, see Anhwei . . n-g&n-hwe'. 
Niam-Nianii see Nyaxn- 

Nyaxn nl=&m'-nl=&in'. 

Niassa, see Nyassa . . n$=as'-fia. 
Nibelungenliedy or Nibe- 

lungenLied .... nS'-bS-ld&ng'-Sn-lSt. 

Nictta DlHsg'-&. 

Nicaxagoa i^-ar-a'-gwa. 

Sp. n6-ka-rft'-gwa. 

mccola Pisanoy see Nicola nSk'-5-la pS-za'-n5. 

Niccolini n§k-k5-lS'-nS. 

Niccol&y see Nicoli . . . n&-k&-lO'. 

Nice nSs. 

Nicene nl'-sSn. 

Nicias nis'-l-as, nlsti'-I-as. 

Nicola, Niccola .... 71 n&-kO'-la. 

Nicolai ne'-k&-ll. 

Nicolette n§-k&-let.' 

Nicoli de' Lapi, see Niccolft n&-k&-l5' d& l&'-pS. 

Nicot n§-kO'. 

Nictheroji see Nitfaerohi . n&-t&-r5'-S. 

Niebuhr nS'-boor. 

Niemen nS'-mSn. PoL nySm^-6n. 

Niepce nySps. 

Nietzsche nSt'-shii. 

Nieuporty see Nieuwport . n&=^p5r^ 

NieuweKerke .... n&^v'-e kSrk'-g. 

Nieuwporti see Nieuport . n§=€y'-p5rt. 

Nieuwveld n6=€v'-f61t. 

Nidvre n§-6vr'. 

Niflheim nef-l-hlm. 

inOSL 207 inssA 

Nigel nl'-ja. 

Niger nl'-jSr. 

Nigra nS^-gra. 

Niigata n&-&-ga^-t&. 

Nijni-Novgorody or Nij- 
niy-Novgorodi see Nizh- 
ni-Novgorod .... n68h'-nI-n6y'-g5-r6(L 

Nike Apteros nl'-kS ftp'-tfi-rfis. 

Nikisch ne'-kbh. 

Nikita n§-k§'-t&. 

Nikko nek'-kO. 

Nikola nS'-kev-lfi. 

Nilsson (Christiiie) . . . Dll'Hsfin. 

Nimar n&-m&r'. 

NimeguexLi see Nimwegen nlm'-S-g^. 

Nfmes, see Nimes . . . nSm. 

Nimwegen, see Nimeguen 

and Nymegen .... nim'-wS-g^. 

Nifia,U lanSn'-y&. 

Nineveh nln^-S-vd. 

NingpOyOr nIng'-pO'. 

Ningpo-ftt nlng'-pG'-fdo'. 

Nillo n6n'-y3. 

Ninon de Lenclos, or UEn- 

dos n&-n6&' dii lOft-klO'. 

Niobe iii'-5-bS. 

Nipal, see Nepal . . . nl-pdl'. 

Niphon, see Nipon . . . Dlf-5n'. 

Nipissing, see Nepissing . nip'-Is-dng. 

Nipon, or Il][p-5n^ 

Nippon, see Niphon . . nIp-5n^ 

Nirvana nlr-va'-nfi. 

Nisan ni^Hs&n. 

Nisard nS-zfir'. 

Nisch, or Nish, see Nissa nSsh. 

Nismes, see Nimes . . n&n. 

Nissa, see Nisch . . . nSe'-eS. 


Nillierohii see Nictlien^ . nS-t5rr5'-^ 

Hitocris nl-to'-kris. 

Hitti n6t'-t6. 

Nitt-chuangy see New- 

Chwang ntl-ch^wSA'. 

Nivelle ne-vM'. 

Nivernais n5-v6r-n8'- 

Nireniaise n§-v6r-nS8'. 

Ni¥6se n^vOz'. 

Nizam nl-z&m^ nl'-sSm. 

Nizhni-Novgoiodi see Ni j- 

ni-Novgorod .... nSzh'-ziI-ndy'-g5*r0d. 

Noachian nO-a'-ld-an. 

NoacoUyy see Noakhali . n5-&-k6r-I. 

Noailles nM\ nO-&'=yii. 

Noabfaaliy see Noacolty . n&-&k-ha'-te. 

Nobel nO-b^'. 

Noctes Ambrosiaiiae . . n5k'-t62 8mbr5'-d-ft'-n3. 

Nodier n6-d&=&^ 

NoH nWl^ 

Nogi n0'-g6'. 

Noir Fainiant .... nwfir fSrn&-&A'. 

Noli me tangere . . . nO'-lI mS t&n'-jfr-rS. 

Noll nfil. 

Nombre de Dies . . . n5m'-brft d& dS'-te. 

Nome n5m. 

Nord Fr. nOr. 

Nordau n5r'-dow. 

NordenskjSld .... noo'-d6nH9hflt. 

Nordica ndr'-dl-k&. 

Nordlingen n(ird'-llng-6ii. 

Norn ndm. 

Nortfaanger (Abbey) . . n6rth'-to-j6r. 

Norumbega n5-ram-bS'-g&. 

Norwich Eng. nSr'-Ich, nftr'-?]. 

Am. n6r'-wlch. 

NMxe Dame nG'-tr dim. 


NotHnghmn n6t'-Ing-ain. 

Nottimahal noor-ma-hal'. 

Novaes, Guiomar . . . ge-5'-mar n5-y&'-Se. 

Novalis n5-va-QIs. 

Novara n5-v&'-ra. 

Nova Scotia nO'-va 8kd'-6hl=a. 

Novaya Zemlya, or . . Rtiss., nO'-vSry& 2Bm*II=&'« 

Nova 2teiiibla .... nO'-va zgm'-bla. 

Novgorod n6v'-g6-r6d. 

Novikoff n6v'-I-k8f. 

Nov6 Bazar n6-V5' bft-zfir'. 

Novo Geoigievsk . . . nO-vO' gS-dr^-gG-efsk. 

NowanagaTiOr .... nO'-w&-i]Largar\ 

Nowanuggur nO'-warntL-gOr'. 

Noyes noiz. 

Noyon nw&-y5ii'. 

Nozze di Figaroi Le . - . la nSt'-sS dS f&'-g9rr6. 

Nttchingeiii La Maiaon . 1& ma-zdA' nti-s&A-zhAA'. 

Nttddea, see Nadjya . . niid'-e-a. 

Nueva Andaluda . . . noo=&W& 


Nueva Ecija noo=a W& ft'-th&-dha. 

Nueva GaUda .... noo=fi'-v£L g£irlS'-th&-&. 

Nueva Vizcaya .... n66='-va beth-kI'-&. 

Nuevitas n6o=a'-v5-t88'. 

Nuevo Leon noo==S'-vO lar^n'. 

Nuggur niig'-tir. 

Nunce Dimittis .... no6nk dl-mlt'tib. 

Nundydroog ntln-dl-droog'. 

Nuneaton ntLn'-S-tttn. 

Nufiez noon'-ySth. 

Nuova Antologia . . . noo=5'-va an-t()-l5'-jft. 

Nu-PiedS| Nu-pieds . . nfi-pe-fi'. 

Nyam^Nyam n-yam'-n-y&m'. 

Nyanza n-y&n'-za. 

Nyassa, see Niassa . . ng=a8^-fla. 

Nyassaland ne=as'-a-l&nd. 


Hydto Dld'-I-ft. 

Nyland na'-l&nd. 

Nymegan, see Nimwegen nIm'-&-gSiL 

Nyoio n-y5'-r5. 

Nystad na'nstfid. 


Oahtt 6-4k'Ai5b, w&'-hoo. 

Ob, see Obi 5b. 

Obeid,Bl SI 0-bSd', Si 5-b&'-6d. 

Ober Ammeigiui . . . 5'-b6r am'-mSr-gow. 

Obeiland O'-bSr-lant. 

Obemmnn G-ber-m&n'. 

Obenm 6'-b6-r6n, 6b'-§r-an. 

Obeipfalz O'-bfir-pf&lts. 

OUiSeeOb O'-bS. 

Obidicut O-bW-I-cttt. 

Obispo, Calle .... kal'-yfi 5-bb'-p0. 

Obiter dicta O'-bf-tSr dYk'-t&. 

Obregon 5-bra-gOn'. 

Obrenovitch 5-bren'-5-vIch. 

Ocafta 0-k&n'-y&. 

Ocantos 5-kan'-t06. 

Ocjeana Q-sS'-a-na, OHshe-a'-nay 


Oceania, or eSHS^S'-nI-a, 5-Bh§-&'-nI-a. 

Oceanica 5-BS-&n'-I-ki, 


Oceanides 5-BS-&n'-I-dSz. 

Oceanus G-sS'-ariitis. 

Ocbiltree C^hM-trB. ^ 

Ocfaoa y Acutia .... 5-«h5'-a S firkoon'-ya. 

Ocklawaha 6k-larwa'-ha. 

Oconomowoc 5-k5-n5m'-&-w5k. 

Octavian 6k-ta'-T^-an. 

Odelsthing 0'-d«lz-ting. 


I Odten 0-d6'-6n. Fr. O-dA-dA'. 

Odessa 0-dea'-&. 

OdoaceTi see Ottokafi or . O-dO-ft'-sfir. 

Odovaker O-dO-v&'-k&r. 

Odysseus 5-dlB'-^-tbs, O-dto'-sOs. 

Odyssey 6d'-!s-6. 

(Edipe Fr. 6-dep\ 

(Edipus Coloneus . . . 6d'-I-ptis k5*l&-ne'-SSy 


(Edipus T^iamms . . . 6d'-I-p08 tlr-&n'-4s. 
Oehlenschlilgery see Ohlen- 

schUger g'-]gn-«hlfi'-gfir. 

Oenooe S-nO'-n6. 

Oersted, see Orsted . . §r'-fit6d. 
Oesteneichi see Osterreich (is'-tSr-if^h. 

Offenbachi Jacques . . zh&k 5f-6n-bak'. 

Oer. 8f-en-ba«h^ 

Qfterdiogen Sf-tSr-ding^-Sn. 

Oggione, see Uggione . . G]-]5'-nfi. 

Ogier 5'-iI-§r. 

Ogier de Danemaicke . . &-zh&=ft' dil d&n-m&rk'. 

Ogier le Danois .... 5-zhe=&' 13 d&-nw&^ 

Ogowayy or Ogow6 . . • 5-g6-wft'. 

O'Higgiiis O-hlg^-Inz. 8p. O-e'-g^ns. 

Ohlenschllgery see Oehlen- 

sdilMger 3MenH3hlft''*g9r. 

Ohneti Georges .... zhfirzh zO-Dft\ 

Ohod, or O-hOd'. 

Ohud O-hood'. 

Oflieus O-fl'-Mls, M'-lfls. 

Oise w&z. 

Ojeda (Mhh£'-d&. 

Ojetti 5-y&t'-t8. 

Okayama (J'-kft'-y&'-m&'. 

Okefinokee 0'-ke-fl-nO'-k6. 

Okhotsk Sea (MhtOsk^ O-hOtsk'. 

Okinawa 0-k&*D&'-w&. 


Oklahoma 6k-larh5'-in&. 

OkiUDft 0'-k6o'-m&'. 

Okomuni 5'-koo'-mdo'-r&'. 

Olaf 5'-lfif. 

01au8(St) O-lfi'-tis. 

Oldenbarneveldty van . . f in or-dBn-b&r'-iiiB-YSlt. 

Ole 5'-U. 

Oliion 5*lfi-r6A'. 

Oltfaunt 61M-fant. 

OUphant eiM-fant. 

OHtzka 5'-]It8-k&. 

Oliva (PMce of) . • • . 5-te'-f&. 

Olivarez 0-l&*v&'-rBth. 

OUvia 5.Hv'-I-&. 

OUivier, fimile .... &-mel' &-l§-v§=«\ 

Olmiitz Sr-matz. 

Olympe Ft. 5-12Ap'. 

Olympiad O-Um'-pI-ftd. 

Oljrmpus O-Um'-ptis. 

Omaha 5'-marh&. 

Oman O-m&n'. 

Omar Khayyam, see Umar 

Khaiyim 5'-m&r khI-yim^ 

Omar Pashai see Omer 

Pasha 5'-m&r p&sh-^^ parsh&^ 


Omega Q'-m8g-&y O-mdg'-a. 

Omer Pashay see Omar 

Pasha 5-m(ir pash-d', papshU^ 


Omeyyades» see Ommiads &-ma'-y&dz. 

Ommaya 6m-m&'-y&. 

Ommiadsy see Omeyyades 5-mi'-&dz. 

Omphale dm'-fa-lS. 

Omsk 6m8k. 

Oftate 6n-ya'-tft. 

Onega (L.) 5-nS'-ga. Rubs. On-y5'-g&. 


Oneida 5-m'-da. 

Onesiiims O-ngB'-I-mtis. 

Onesiphorus 5-nS'H3![f'-5-ri!is. 

Ongaro, Dall' . • • . d&l Ong'-g&-rO. 

Onias O-nl'-as. 

Onions (Oliver) .... 5-iiI'-<inz. 

Onondaga 5n-6n-dd'-ga. 

OodeypooTy see Udaipur . oo-dl-poor'. 

Oonalaska* see Unalaska oo-na-I&'-ka. 

Ophelia O-fS'-U-a, O-fSl'-ya. 

Ophir 5'-f6r. 

Ophiucus O-ft-yfl'-kOs, fif-I-Q'-kfis. 

Opie 5'-pI. 

Opigena 0-pIj'-&-na. 

OportOi Port, o. Porto • . O-pOr'-tG. 

Part. oo-pSr'-tdo. 

Oppenheim 5p'-Sn-hIm. 

Ops 5p6. 

Oran 5-ran'. Fr. 0-rfiA'. 

Orcagna Or-k&n'-ya. 

Oread 0'-r6-fid. 

Orel 5-i«r, 

Orellana O-r&I-y&'-nfi. 

Orense 0-r6n'-8ft. 

Orestes 0-r6s'-t6z. 

Oif eo ed Buridice . . . 8r-f a'-^ 6d Sr=oo-r&<lS'-chB. 

Oriana O-rl-an'-a. 

Origen, or . . . . • . dr'-I-jfin. 

Origenes ...... O-rlj^-S-nSz. 

Orinoco 0-rI-n5'-k5. 

Orion 5-il'-6n. 

Orissa 0-iIs'-&. 

OrizaU 0-r6-th&'-b&. 

Orlando dr-Un'-dO. /^. Or-lfin'-dO. 

Orlando Furioso . . . 8r-lan'-d5 foo-r&^'nsO. 

Orlando Innamorato . . 8r-l&n'-dG 



OrManais, see Orltennais 6r-lfi-&-IlS^ 

Oiieanists ^rM&^-Ist8^ 

Oritennaisy see Orl&mais dr-lfi-a-n6'. 

Orltens (Maid of) . . . dr'-l&^anc. Fr.trABriA'. 

Orioff fir-lCf . 

Ormuhim 6r'-mtl-10m. 

Ormtizd 6r'-miizd| 6r'-md6zd. 

Ome 6m. 

Onmte 0-r6At^ 

Orontes 6-rdn'-te2. 

0]ph6e et Biuidice . . 6r-f fi' ft 6-r6-dSB^ 

Orifhtoa 6r-f&-6A'. 

Orpheus dr'-fS-Qs, dr'-fOs. 

Or San Mlchele . . . . Or dto m&*kfi'-l&. 

Orsay firnsft'. 

Orsiiii 5rH9e'-n6. 

Orsiiio 6r-ee'-n5. It 5r-66'-n0. 

Orsova Gr^nshd-va. 

Orsledy see Oersted . . Sr^Hstfid. 

Ortega 5r-t&'-g&. 

Ortfaezi see D'Ortfaez . • Gr-tess', fir-IBS'. 

Ortrud 5r'-tr66t. 

Omba &-rdo'-b&. 

OrvietD 6r-vef=a'-t5. 

Osage ^^H3&]', G'h9&j. Fr. 0-z&8h^ 

Osakai see Ozaka . . 5H3&'-k&. 

Osbaldistcme fis-bdr-db-ttLn. 

Osceola 6s-&«'-la. 

Osiris 6-sr-ris. 

Osman Digna .... fis'-m&n dlg'-nE. 

Osmanli fis-min'-U. 

OsoabrOck 6s'-nSrbruk. 

Ospedale degli Innocenti . 09-pfi-d&'-16 d£l'-y6 

Osiick Oz'-iik. 

Ossa 6s'-^ 

Osserwatore Somano . . (te'-Bfir-vft-td'-ri rO-ma'-nG. 


Ossian fiah'-an, dflh'-fip=aii 

Ossoli te'-«5-le. 

Ostade fie'-t&-d6. 

Ostend fis-tend'. 

Osteiode (in Harz) . . 8s'-t6-rOMtL 

Osterreichi see Oesterreich 6s^-ter-]i6h. 

Ostrogofhs 58^-tr5-^tbs. 

Otaheite, or Otaheiti . . &-tSrh3'-te. 

Olliello 5-thel'-(>. 

Othman dth-m&n'. 

Otho (J'-th5. 

Otranto 5*tr&n'-t5. 

Otricoli 0-t]«'-k5*lS. 

Ottawa (Canada) . . . 6t'-arwft. 

Ottawa (Ohio) .... 6t'-arw&. 

Ottffie 8t'-t§l-ytL 

Otto 5t'-t6. 

OttokaT) see Odoacer . . dt'-tO-kfir. 

Oudei see Oudhi Audh . owd. 
Oudenaaxde, or Ouden- 

axde, see Audenaide . ow'-dSn-ftr'-dfi. 

Oudhi see OudOi Audh • owd. 

Oudinot oo-d&*n5'. 

Ouida ^=e'-d&, we'-dft 

Onrcq oork. 

Ouse 002. 

Outram oo'-tram. 

Ovalle (Alfonso) de . . dSO-v&l'-yfi. 

Overijssely or Over]r8sel . 0'-v6r-Is*^-flgl. 

Ovid «v'.Id. 

Oviedo 5-vWl'-d5. 

OwfayheO) or Owyhee . . 5-wI'-h6. 

OzenstieniiOr .... Sks'-SnHstSm. 
Ozenstiema, or Ozen- 

s^emtifSw Sks'-enHshftr'-Dft. 

Ozon dks'-^Ui. 

Oxonian 6ks^'-Dl=an. 


OyamA ....... 0-y&'-in&. 

Oyer 6'-y6r. 

Ozaka, 866 Osaka . . . &-z&'-k&. 

Ozaki 5'-z&'-k6'. 

Ozias 5-zI'-a8. 


Paardeb6ig par'-dS-bgrfth. 

Pabk> Sp.pSb'-lQ. 

Pabna p&b'-n&. 

Pacchiarotto pak''-k&-&r-Ot'-tG. 

Pacha, see Pasha . . . p&sh-d^ parBh&^ pash'-a. 

Pacheco pSrcha'-kO. 

Pachmann pa6h'-inan. 

Pachuca p&-choo^-k&. 

Pactoltts p&k-t5Mti8. 

Padan-aram pS-dan-Ar'-am. 

PaderewsU pgrda-rgy'-ske. 

Padilhty Juan Lopez de . 6hoo=&n' lo'-p&th dft 


Padishah pfird§H9h&'. 

Padooe, Fr., or .... pSrdoo'. 

Padova, It., at ... . p&'-d5-v&. 

Padua pfid'-yfi-a. 

Paedobaptist, see Pedo- 

baptist p&-d5-b&p'-tM. 

Paesiello, see Paissiello . p&'=3-zS=er-l5. 

Paestum pSs'-ttlm. 

P&ez p&'-gs. 

Paganhii pA-ga-Dln'-i. 

It. pSrg£irn&'-nS. 

Paget p&j'^t. Fr. pSrzhS'. 

Pagliacd,! S pSl-y&'-che. 

Pago-Pago, see Pango- 

Pango pan'^5-pan^-g0. 

Pailleion pgry§-rdA'. 





Paissieaoy see Pftesiello 
Paiwar, see Peiwar 
Paix des Dames 
Pajott .... 
Pakenham . . 
Pakfaoii see Peihai 
Pak d'Oro . . 
Palaemon . . . 
Palaeologos . . 
Palais Bourbon . 
Palais de Justice 
Palais dtt Ttocadfoo 
Palais Royal . . 
Palamedes . . 
Palamon and Ardte 
Palaos .... 
Palatinate . . . 
Palatine • . . 
Palatinus . . . 
Palau, see Pellew, Pelew 
PaUlwan . . . 
Palazzo Borghese 
Palazzo della Cancelleria 

Palazzo Doria 
Palazzo Famese . 
Palazzo Pandolfini 
Palazzo Pitti . . 
Palazzo Pubblico 
Palazzo Reale 
Palazzo Vecchio 
Palenda . . . 
Palenque . . . 
Paleologus . . 
Palenno . . . 
Palestine . . . 




pfi d& d&m'. 




pa'-lft dO'-rO. 

parl5'-m6n, pS-]S'-m6n. 


parte' bo6r-b6A'. 

pSrte' d(i zht)&-tes'. 

pirte' du tr5-ka-d&-r5'. 

parte' rwfirySl'. 


p81'-arm5n and &r'H9lt. 



pSl'-a-tln, pSl'-a-tin. 




p&-tet'-435 bOr-gfi'*z6. 

p§rtet'-435 dei'-te 

partet'*65 dO'-ri-a. 
It. partet'-435 f&r-D&'-z6. 
p^tet'-435 p&n-dOl-fe'-nS. 
pft-tet'-e5 p6t'-tS. 
pSrtet'-435 pd6b'-lg-k5. 
pSrtet'-sO r&4l'-lS. 
p&-tet'H55 v6k'.kS-0. 


pa-l6r'-mO. It pa-lSr'-m5. 


Palestrina parl8s-tr6'-nfi. 

ftdfrey p6r-fri. 

Palgrave pfir-grilv. 

Pidi, see Pallee .... p&Me, pfi'-U. 

Palikao p&-l6-ka'=0. 

Paliiiiinis p81-I-nu'-rtts. 

Palissy pfil'-Is-I. Fr. pft-le-fl6'. 

Palitana pSrl&-tS.'-n&. 

Palladio p&l-l&'-d&^. 

PftOas pSl'-afl. 

P&llee, see Pali ... p&'-l6. 

P^MaU p61m6L 

Palma Giovine .... pal'-m& ]0'-v§-n8. 

Palma Vecchio .... pal'-ma v6k'-k&-6. 

Pahnerstan p&m'-er-stfin. 

Palmyia p&l-ml'-ra. 

PaloAlto pft'-tea'-W. 

PalOS pSrlGB^ P&MOB. 

PameeTi see Pamir . . pSrmSr\ 

Pamela ps^mS'-la, pSm'-^la. 

Pamify see Pameer . . pfirmSr'. 

Pamlico pfim'-ll-k5. 

Pampanga pam-pfin'-g&. 

Pampeltma, or .... p&m-p&-loo'^n&. 

Pampeluney Fr.y or . . p^Ap-ltin^ 

Pamplona pam-pl5'-n&. 

Panama p&n-arm&^ Sp. pfirn&-mfi\ 

Panallienflaa pftn'-ftth-&-n6'-a. 

Panay p&^n&'=€.. 

Panch Mahalz .... panch marhftb/. 

Pandeani see Pandean . p&n-ds'-an. 

Pandarus p&n'rdaritts. 

Pandeani see Pandaean . p&n-de'-an. 

Pando pan'-d5. ^ 

Pandoori see Pandour . p&n-door^ p&n'-door. 

Pandora p&n-dO'-r&. 

Pandoury see Pandoor . pin-door^ p&n'-door. 


Paofuii p&Dg-ga'-n6. 

PftngMdnan p&ii'-gar«6-D&n'. 

Pango-Pdngo, see Pftgo- 

PagO pan'-g5-pfin'-g5. 

Panhard p&n-ar'. 

Pftnizzi p&-n6t'-6e. 

Pftnjab, see Punjab, Pen- 
jab ptln-j&b'. 

Panna, see Punnah . . pfln'-&. 

Panslavic pSn-d&v'-Ik. 

Pantagniel p&n-tSg'-roo-Sl. 

Fr. p&n-tSrgra-ei'. 

Panta]on»or p&n'-tarl8n. 

Pantalone p&n-ta-l5'-n8. 

Panllieon p&n'-th8-6n, pftn-thS'-On. 

Pan11i6on Fr. pfiA-tfirAA'. 

Pannrge p&n-€r]^ Fr. pfirntirzh'. 

Panza, Sancho .... sSn'-kO pftn'-za. 

Sp. s&n'-chO pdii'-th&. 

Paola(Fia.) pa'=o-lfi. 

PaoU,di dSp&'=o-te. 

Paolo Veronese .... p&'=0-te vfirrO-n4'-a6. 

Pao-tingy see Panting . . pa-O-tibg'. 

Papuan pfi'-fl-an. 

Paphos pfi'-f66. 

Papin p&-p&Ii^ 

Pappenheim pap'-Sn-hlm. 

Papua p&p'-66-a, pft'-poo-a. 

Part p&-rfi'. 

Paiacali, see Paxakale • pa-rark&'-lS. 

Paracelsus pftr-a-ser-sOs, 


Ruadet Fr. p&-rfirkl*'. 

Paraclete pSr'-a-kl6t. 

Paradise pa-rard6'-z5. 

Paragoa p&-rfirg6'-&. 

Paragua p&-rft''-gw&. 


Pangoay, or pii^a-gwl^ pSrriirgwft', 


Puaguaya, Sp. and Port. par-&-gwI'-a. 

PaiabflMii or ParahytMi . pfirr&-6'-b&. 

Ptoakalei see Puacali . pa-r&-k&'-lfi. 

Paramaribo p&va-m&r'-I-bd. 

Paran pfi'-ran. 

Paxani parra-IUl^ 

Parafiaque p&r-&n*3r&'-kft. 

Parcae p&r'-flS, p&r'-kS. 

Parc-Auz-Ceifs .... p&r-k5-^Lr'. 

Pari pfirrft^ 

Paredes pSrr&'-dSa. 

Parepa-Rosa parrft'-parrO'-z&. 

Paria pari&-&', p&'-re-&. 

Parian pfi'-rl-an. 

Paris pif-Is. Fr. p&p-e'. 

Paris, Comte de ... kOAt dft p&r-S\ 

Parisian p&-rIzM=any pfi-rlzbi'-An. 

Parisien pSr-€z-^-&!i^ 

Parisienne p&r-^s-Sp^n'. 

Parmegianoi see Parmigi- 

ano par^nft-j&'-nG. 

Parmenides p&r-mfinM-dSs. 

Parmesan pgr-m§-2&n'. 

ParmigianOy see Parme- 

giano pgr-m5-]&'-n0. 

Parnassian p§r-n88'-I=^« 

Parnassus p&r-nis'-ISs. 

Pamell p&r'-ngl. 

ParoUes pH-rftr-gs. 

Pares p&'-rSs. 

Parral . p&r-rfil^ 

Parrhasius p&-rfi'-6hI=Q8. 

Parsee, or Parsi . . . . p&r^-eS. 
Parsifal, or Parsival, see 

(Tcr. Panival • • . . 




Partabgaiiiy see Pertab- 

gurh • 
Panival, see Pandf al 
Pascal . 

Pasha, see Pacha 
Pasig • . 
Pasiiii . • 
PasiphaS . 
Pasquier . 
Passau . . 
Passf . . 
Pater (Walter) 
Pater Patrie 
Patiala . 
Patna . 
Paton . 
Patrae, or 
Patras . 
Patti (Adelina) 
Paty de Clam, du 
Pau . . 
Pauer • 
Paul. . 

Pauline, adj. 
Pauline, n. 
Paulo, see Polo 






pSs'-kfil. Fr. p&s-k&r. 

p&sh-d', par8h&^ pfish'-a. 











pftt-chdg', pftt-chfig'. 


p&'-t§r pa'-trl-S. 






pS-trO'-kltts, pJUtr5'-kltis. 


dU parte' dtL-kl&m. 



p6L Fr. p5L Ccr. powl. 

p6-l6'-na, p6-ll'-na, 

p6'.lln, p6'.lln. 

p6146n'. Fr. p5-ten'. 

p5'-te. It. pa'=6o-to. 


PAm 223 

Pftiir powr. 

Pausanias p^Hs&'-id-as. 

PfttHdlipo, see Posilipo . pow-26-lS'-pO. 

Panting, see Paoting . . p&=0-tlng'. 

Pavia p&-v5'4L 

Pa^owa pftv'-l5-va. 

Pavlovsk p&v-l6ysk\ 

Pawnee p6'-nS. 

PaZ| La loe. lA-pfts'. Sp. 1& pftth. 

Pazzi p&t'-eS. 

Peaiy (Robert B.) • • • p^'-A 

Peccii Gioachimo . . . j5-&'-k5-m5 p8ch'-6. 

Pe-chi-li, see Petchili . . p8-ch&*te'. 
Pedobaptist, see P^edo- 

baptist p6Kl&-bSp'-tl8t. 

I^edro pS'-drO. Sp. pfi'-drO. 

PeerGynt pa'-«r glint, yOnt. 

Pegftseani Pegasian . . p&f&'nd-an. 

Pegasus pSg'-arfiriis, peg^-A-sOs. 

Pegu PH500', pS^Po'. 

Piffiji Charles .... ah&rl pSrg9^ 

Peibaiy see Peihoiy Pakfad pl-hl'. 

Pei-lio pft-h5^ pap. pl-hO'. 

Peihoiy see Peihai, Pakhoi pl-hoi'. 

PeirsBuSy see Pirseus . . pI-rS'-Qs. 

Peiritliousi see Pirittieus . pI-rith'-Mks. 

Peishwa, see Peshwa . . p68hW&. 

Peiwar, see Paiwar . . pl-wfir'. 

Peizoto or Peizotto . . . p&-sh5'-too. 

Pekin(IlL) pS'-kin. 

PeUn, or p&•kin^ 

Peking (China) .... pS-ldng'. 

Pelagians p&J&'-jI-ans. 

Pelagius p6-lfi'-]I<4ks. 

Pelasgi pe-Us'-jL 

Pelayo pft-l&'-y5. 

Pete, or p6'-le. 


Pelee, or pSMS. 

Pel6e, Pointe • • . • pwMtp&=la'. 

Pdeus p6'-l&-tt8, p6'-ltl8. 

Pdew, see PeUew, Pako p6-loo^ 

Pelion p6'-H-dn. 

Pfilissier p&-l€s-€p=&'. 

PeUeaB pei'-«-Ss. 

PeUias et MiUflande . . pgl-A-Ss' S mfirlSHsaAd'. 

Pellew, see Pelew, Paku p6-16o'. 

PeOico, SUvio .... 8er-y&-5 p6I'-le-kO. 

PeOieux (Oen.)» Le . . tep81-&«'. ^ 

Pelopid pei'-&-pId. 

Pelopidas p6-15p'-I-d£8. 

Peloponnesian • • • • pei'-&-pdn-n6'H3hI=aQ, 


Pelopcmnestts . . • . pSr-^-pdn-^'Hstis. 

Pek^ pe'-lSps. 

Pemigewasset .... pSmMj-e-wte'-It. t 

Pensng p^-nftng'. 

Pef&as p6n'-ySs. 

Penates p&-n&'-tSs. | 

Penelope p&-n61'-&-pS. 

Penlel p6-nl'-61. ^ 

Penjabi see Panjab, Pun- 
jab p8n-j&b'. 

Penxifli p6n'-ilth. 

Penxyn p6n-iin'. 

Penseroeoill fl p6nH98-r5'-B0. 

Pensieroill SI panH9&^'-r5. 

Pensieroso, n . • • • £1 pftnH9e-firrG'-e5. 

Pentateuch p6n'-tarttlk, p6n'-t&-tQk. 

Pentecost p6n'-te-ktet, p6n'-t8-k06t. 

Pentelic pgn-tSl'-Ik. 

Pentelican pSn-tel'-I-can. 

PenthesOea . . . . . pen'-thSntf-te'-a. 

Pentlieus p6n'-the-fis, p6n'-thtl& 

Penuel p6-na^-8L 


Penza p8n'-z&. 

Penzance pSn-zSns'. 

Pepe pft'-p6. 

Pepin p6p'-In. 

PCpinleBref .... p&-pSAM6 br6f . 

Pepys pSps, p6pe, pips, pBp'-Is. 

Peia pa'-r&. 

Perak p&-r&k'. 

Percevali Percival . . . pSr'-flB-val. 

Percheron pS^=Bh8-r6li^ 

Perdicaiis . . . . . pSr-dSk'-ft-rSs. 

Perdiccas pgr-dlk'-Ss. 

Perdita p6r'-dl.t&. 

Pereda, Josi Maria de . 'h6-6fi' marr6'-& d& 


Pire Goriot p&r g5-re-y5^ 

PireLachaise .... pftrl&H3hSz^ 

Peiemysl p6r'-&-mIsl. 

Perez (Antonio) .... pfi^-rSth. 

Pergamos per'-garmSs. 

Perganmm pgr'-garmttm. 

Pergoleseior pgr-gO-lfi'-zB. 

Pergoleai p6r-g5-lfi'-zS. 

Peri pS'-ri. 

Peri (It composer) . . p&'-r6. 

Pexiander p6M-ftn'-d6r. 

Pericles p8r'-I-kl6z. 

P£rier| Casimir .... kSz-S-mSr' p&-I€^^ 

P6rigord pSri^gOr'. 

Pfirigueux p&-r&-g6'. 

Perioed pSr-I-e'nd. 

Perizzites pfir'-I-slts. 

Pemambuco p6r-naxn-b11'-k5, 


Part. p6p-nfiA-bo6'-k66. 

Pfoonne pfi-^8n^ 

Perod pfi-rO^HsG. 


Perowne p6-rown'. 

Perpigiian p8^-pSn-ySA^ 

Persephone p6r-flgf-&-nS. 

Perseus pSr^HsS-tts, pSr'-sQs. 

Persia per'-eU[=a, pSr^-dm, 


Persian pSr'-shan, p^r^-zhan. 


see Partabgarh • • . per-t&b-gOr', 

Peru, or p6-r6o'. 

PtT^Sp p&-roo'. 

Perugia pa-roo'-j&. 

Perugino p&-rdo-jS'-n5. 

Peruzdi Baldassare . . bal-daa-B&'-r& pfirrd6t'H36. 

Pesaro p&'-zSrr5. 

Pescadores p6s-ka-(l5'-res. 

Pescara p6s-k&'-r&. 

Peschiera p&&-k&=a'-r&. 

Peshawar, or Peshawur . p68h-ow'-€r. 

Peshwa, see Peishwa . . p68h'-w&. 

Pestalozzi p6s-tfirldt'-6S. 

Pesth p6st. Hung, pfisht. 

P6tain p&'-t£A'. 

PetchiU, see Pe-chi-U . . pS-ch&-le'. 

Petchota pSt-€h5'-r&, p6t'-chO-rft. 

Pfifhion, or Pfition . . . pa-tS-^li^ 

Petit Andre p3-te' taA^&'. 

PetSfl p6'-td-fl. 

Petrarca, /^.i or .... p&-tr&r'-kfi. 

Petrarch pS^-trfirk. 

Petrine p8'-tnn, pS'-trin', 

Petrograd p8t'-r5-gr&d. 

Petrucdo p&-trd6ch'-5. 

Petruchio p&-trQ'-chI-5. 

It. p&-trd6'-ke-5. 

Petschnikoff p6t8h'-n&-k8f . 

Peyrebrune p&^-b^QIl^ 


Pfalz pfalts. 

Phflsadans fS-fi^Hshl-ans. 

VhsbdOfOr f6'-d5. 

Phfledon fe'-dSn. 

PhAdia fS'-drft. 

Phasdrua fS'-drfis. 

Phaethon fft'-d-thSn. 

Phakiis f&l'-e^iis. 

Phanariot fft-n&r'-I-dt. 

Pharaoh f &'-rG, f&'-rft-5. 

Pharisee fSr'-I-se. 

Pharos f ft'-rSs, f ft'-rSs. 

Pharpar far'-p&r. 

Pharsalua f &r-«&M(fas. 

Phidre ffidr. 

Phenice f%-nI'-sS. 

Phenida, see Phoenicia . fS-nl8h'-I=a. 

Phidias fIdM-as. 

Philae fl'-te. 

Philemon fl-le'-m6n, fl4S'-m6n. 

Philemon et Baucis . . f&-lfi-m5ii' S b5-B68'. 

Philinte f^lSM'. 

PhiUppa ffl-Ip'-a. 

PhiUppe Bgaliti .... fS-tep' &-gfil-6-t&'. 

PhiUppi fl-Up'-I. 

Philippians fl-HpM-anz. 

Philippine (Is.) or . . . fllMp-In. pap. ffl'-l-pln. 

Philippines fllMp-Ins. pap. fll'-l-plns. 

Philistine ffl-fs'-tin, ffl'-Is-tln. 

Philoctetes ffl-dk-te'-tSz. 

Philojudaeus .... fl'-l5 joo-de'-fis. 

Philomel ffl'-^-mgL 

Philomela ffl-^-m^'-la. 

Phineas fIn'-&^. 

Phlegethon flej'-«-th5n, fl8j'-6-th6n. 

Phlegyas fls'-jl-as. 

Phoc«L fOH9e'-a. 


Phodan fy-4ihl=an. 

Phocion f5'H3hI-dn. 

Phods W-Oa. 

Phoebus fg'-btis. 

Phceniday see Phenida . fS-iiIsh'-I=a. 

Phorcys f6r'-ds, fdr'-lds. 

Phxygia frij'-I-a. 

Phiyne frl'-nC. 

Phthiotis i thI-5'-tl8. 

Ptacenza pe-archSn'-xL 

Piauhf , or Piauhy . . • pe-ow-e^ 

Piave pS-a'-vS. 

Piazza del Gran Duca, or p&-&t'H3& dSl gr&n doo'-IdL 

Piazza della Signoria . p&-at'H3& dSl'-lft 


Piazza del Popolo . . . p&-at'-6& del p0'-p0-l5. 

Piazza di Spagna . . . p^-at'-sa de spftn'-yft. 

Picardy plk'-&r-dl. 

Picasso p&-]diH35'. 

Picdni pe-che'-n6. 

Picdola pe'-chO-UL 

Piccolomini pSk-5-lS'-m&-n& 

Pidiegru pe8h-g^^o^ 

Fr. pSsh-gra'. 

Pidiindia pe-chSn'-€h&. 

Pico della Mirandola . . pS'-k5der*lft 


Pico, Giovanni .... jo-van'-ne pS'-kO. 

Picot pe-k5^ 

Picquard p^-kftr'. 

Picquigny pe-kSn-yfi^ 

Piedmont, see Pi&nont, 

Piemonte pSd'-mSnt. 

Piedres (R.) p6-a'-dras. 

PiSmont, Fr., see Piedmont pe=5rm6A'. 
Piemonte, It., see Piedmont pe-&-m5n'-t6. 

PIBRlTfi 228 FIEt£US 

Piemi pSr-n&^ 

Pierre P&=Ilt'. 

Pierrefonds p5=&r-f6A'. 

Pierrette pe=ir-6t'. 

Pierrot pe=56r-r6'. 

Pieta p&-&-t&'. 

Pietermaritzburg . . . p^tSr-mirMts-btMh. 

Pietro pe=fi'-tr6. 

Pilate . B*. pi'-l&t. Fr. p6-lat'. 

Pilatus (Mt.) pl-lfi'-tOs. It. p&-l&'-td6s. 

Pilatusi Pontius .... pfin'-shl-ds pi-la'-tfis. 

Piloty p6-l6'-te, pS'-l6-tS. 

Pilpay pll'-pi. 

Pilsudski i^-soOd'-skl. 

Pinacotheca pIn''-arkO-thS'-ka. 

Pinacothek pin'-a-ko-thek'. 

Ger. p&-na'-k5-t&k. 

PinardelRio .... p^-nar" del re'-5. 

Pinchot pin'-shO. 

Pindan (HQl) .... pIn'-eU-an, pln'-diaii. 

PiadOi Monte .... mon'-tS pSn'-€h5. 

Pindaric pin-dftr'-lk. 

Pindara3 pln'-dS-rOs. 

Pines, see Pinos, Isla de . pinz. 

Pinos> Isla de, see Pines . ^Ma dS p6'-n5s. 

Pints, La lapSn'-t&. 

Pinto, Anfbal a-n§'-bal pln'-t5. 

Pinturicchio pen-tdo-rek'-kS=0. 

Pinzon Sp. pbi-th5n\ 

Piombo pi-8m'-b5. 

Piotrkow p6-y6tr'-k6v. 

Piozzi pMz'-I. It. p6-8t'-s5. 

Pippa plp'-p&. 

Piqua pflt'-wa, pik'-wft. 

Pique-Dame p6k-d&m. 

Piraeeus, or pl-r6'-ytls. 

Piraeus, see Peiraeus . . pI-r6'-Qs. 

pmrrHOTJs 229 plato 

PirithouSy see PeirithouB . p!-rith'-&-iis. 

Piron p6-rdA'. 

Pisa pl'-sa. It. p6'-za. 

PisanOi Niccold • . . . n6-k5-l6' p^zft'-no. 

Piscataqua pl&-k&t^-arkw&. 

Pisces pls'-6z. 

Pisgah piz'-ga. 

^, or . . . . pls-ls-trSt'-I-dS. 


Pisistiatus pl-ds'-tra-ttiS; 


Pissarro pS-sa-rO'. 

»iay or Pistoja . . . pl&-t5'-y&. 

(L) plt'-k4m, plt^kAm'. 

Pithom pl'-th6m. 

Pittacus pit'-arkfis. 

Pita plt'-t5. 

Pizarro pl-z&'-r5. Sp. p^th&r'-rt. 

Place de la Bastille . . plfis dttla bas-te'=ytt. 

Place de la Concorde . . plfis dtt la k6ili-kOrd\ 

Place du Carrousel . . pl&s dti k^-roo-zSl'. 

Place Venddme .... pl&s v6A-d5m'. 

Plaideurs, Les . . . . U plSrd^. 

Planche pl§Ash. 

Planchfi plafL-shS^ 

Planchette plMnshSt'. 

Plan^n, Pol p5l plMnadfi'. 

Plantagenet plSn-t&i'-6-n6t. 

Plantin, Mus6e .... mu-z&' plM-tiUi^ 

Plassey, or Plassi . . . plas'-e3. 

Plata, Rio de la, see Plate rg'-5 dS la pl&'-t&. 

Platasa, or plS-tS'-a, plIL-te'-a. 

Plataee pl2rte'-e. 

Plate (IL), see Rio de la 

Plata plat, plat. 

Platine pla'-tln. 

Plato pW.t5. 


Platonic plft-t6n'-lk. 

Plautus pld'-tds. 

Plava pl&'-va. 

P16iade,La laplfi-y&d'. 

Pleiades, or pU^-a-dSz. 

Pleiads pll'-«da. ^ 

Plessis-les-Tours . . . pie-sS'-lfi-toor'. 

Pleyel pll'-*l. 

PHny pHn'-L 

Plockborst pUk'-hSrst. 

Plofomel pl5-6r-meF. 

Plombiires pl6A-b&=ftr^ 

Pkm-Plon pldili-pldii. 

Plotinua pl&-tl'-n1is. 

Pluto pla'-t5. 

Phiton Fr. pla-tOA'. 

Pltttus pla'-ttbs. 

Plttviose pltt-v6-y8z'. 

Ptiyx nUcs. 

Pdbyedooostser . . . . pSb'^-yg-dS-nSs'-tsBf. 

Pocono pO'-o6-n5. 

Podibiad, or Podiebiad . p8d'-ye-br&d. 

Podolia p5-d5'-U-a. 

Podolsk p5-d6lflk'. 

Prictiers, see Poitiers . . poi-tSrz^ Fr. pw&-t6=ft^ 

Poincar£ pwS&-kfirrS^ 

Pointe Pel6ei or .... Fr. pwMt p6-lfi'. 

(Point) Pelee, or Pele . . p6'-le. 

Pdsqr pwSrflS'. 

Poitovin pw&t-yS&^ 

Poitiers, see Pdctiers . . poi-terz^ Fr. pw&-te=&'. 

Poitou pw&rtoo'. 

Polaris pO-l&'-ris. 

Polavieja, Camilo . . . k^mS'-l5 p5MdrvSp=«6h'-&. 

Polignac pO-lSn-yak'. 

Polillo p0-ler-y5. 

Politian pO-lIsh'-I-an. 


Polizenes p6-lIkB'-&-n62. 

PolizianOy It pO-lSd-ssS-ft^-nO. 

Polk pOlk. ^ 

PoUaiuolOi or PoUajttolo . por-Uiryoa=G'-10. 

Pollux p5r-fik8. 

PolOy see Paulo .... pOM5. 

Polonius p5-lo'-Dl-fi8. 

Poltava, see Pultowa . . p51-t&'-y&. 

Polybius p5-m>M-flB. 

Polycarp pSr-I-k&rp. 

Polycletus, or • • . • p51-I-kl6'-t(is. 

PolycUttts p5l-l-kll'-tas. 

Polycrates p6-IIk'-rart6», 


Polyeucte p5-lS-ekt'. 

Polygnotus pdl-Ig-nS'-ttis. 

Polyhynuiia, or • • • . pdl-I-hlm'-nl-a. 

Polymiiia p5-Um^-nI-a. 

Polynesia p5l-I-]iS'-shI=ia. 

Polyphemus p5l-I-fS'-mtk8. 

Pomerania pfim-Srhft'-nl-a. 

Pomfrety see Pontefract . p5m'-fr6t. 

Pomoerium p0-me'-il-4m« 

Pomona p5-m5'-na. 

Pompadour, de .... da p5m^-pa-<loor. 

Fr. dtt pdA'-p&Kioor'. 

Pompeia pdm-pS'-ya. 

Pompeian p5m-pS'-yan. 

Pompeii p6m-pfi'-y6. 

Zxrf. p6m-p6'-yl. 

Pompeius pdm-pS'-ytts. 

Pompilia p5m-p6M$-&. 

Ponape pO'-n&-pft. 

Ponce p5n'H9S. Sp. pOn'-thft. 

Ponce de Leon • • • • pdns da te'-dn. 


Ponchielli pOn-k&41'-te. 


Pondicherri, or 

Pondicheny, or .... pdn-cK-shgr'-L 

Pondich^ry, Fr p6A-d&-eh£-r6'. 

Pondoland pdn'-do-l&nd. 

Poniatowski p5-n&=artAv'-^S. 

Pont-Aven pftA-ta-v6A^ 

Pontchartrain .... p^n-char-trfin^ 

Ft. pdA^har-trSA'. 

Pontefracti see Pomfret . pfin'-tl-fr&kt. 

pop. p6m'-fr6t. 

Poute Vecchio .... pfln'-t6 v6k'-kS=5. 

Pontevedra p5n-ta-vfi'-dr&. 

Pontine pdn'-tiln, pOn'-tln. 

Pontius pdn'-shl-ds. 

PontNeuf pdA ngf . 

Pont-Noyelles .... pdA'-nwaryfil'. 

Pontoise pSnt-w&z^ 

Poo Choo, see Pou Tchou> 

Pu Chu po5 choo^ 

Poonat or Poonah . . . poo'-n&. 

PooreOy see Pari. . . . poo-re\ 
Pooshldn, see Pouschldni ^ 

Puschldn pd66h'-ldn, poosh^-ldn. 

Popocatepetl pO-pa^'-ka-tgrpSt'-l, 


Poppeea Sabina .... p6p-p^'-a s&-bi'-n&. 

Pordenone p5r-d&-n5'-nS. 

Pomic p5r-n5k'. 

Porpora p5r'-p5-rft. 

Porsena,or p6r'-fl6-na. 

Porsenna p6r-s6n'-na. 

Port Arthur p6rt ar'-thSr. 

Port-«u-Prince .... p5rt'-5-pr!nfl'. 

Fr. p5r-tG*pr8A8'. 

Porte (The) p5rt. 

Porteous pOr'-tS-tis. 

Porte St-Antoine . . . p5rt s&n-tM-tw&n^ 


Porte St-Denis .... p5rt s&fi-d€-ne'. 
Porte St.-Martin . . . p5rt s&n-mar-t&i'. 

Porthos p5r-t5B'. 

Portia pOr'-shl-a, p6/H3hI=^. 

Portici p5r'-te-che. 

Porto Bello, see Puerto / 
BeUo pCr'-tS bSl'-lO. 

PoH. p5r'-t6o bfil'.y5. 
PortoRico, seePuerto Rico p5r'-t5 re'-k5. 

Port Said pOrt s&-€d^ pap. sad. 

Portugal p5rt'-3rQ-gal. 

Port. p6r-t6o-gal'. 
Portuguese p5rt-ya-g6z', p5r'-tu-g6z, 

or gSs. 
Poseidoui or Posidon . . p5-8l'-ddn. 
Posilipo, see Pausilipo . p0-ze-le'-p5. 
Posthumus, Leonatus . . le-5-n&'-tiis pfist'-htl-mtbs^ 

Potchefstrom .... pA'-chSfHstrdm. 
Potemkin pfi-tSm'-ldn. 

Russ. pfit-y5m'-kln. 

Potgieter p6t'-ge-tgr. 

Potinidre, La la pO-tSn-ydr". 

Potocka p6-t5t'-«ka. 

Potodd pfi-t6t'-Bk6. 

Potomac p5-t5'-mak. 

Potosf p5-to'-se. Sp. pO-t5H9S^ 

Potsdam pdts'-d&m. 

Ger. pAte'-d&m. 
Poughkeepsie .... pO-klp'-s!. 

Pourbus poor-bus^ 

Pourceaugnac, de . . . da poor-eOn-yak^ 

Pourtalds poo^-tfirl&z^ 

Pouschkiny or Pouchekine, 
see Pushkin^ Pooshkin, 

Puschkin pd68h^-kln, pdosh'-kln. 

Poussin p^o*6Ui^ 


POtt Tchott, see Poo Choo, 

Pa Chtt poo choo'. 

Powhatan p&-&t-&n^ pow-h&tnftn^ 

Pozi&res p5-zS=Ar^ 

Pozzuolit see Pateoli . . p0t-6oo-5Me. 

Prado pr&'-d5. 

Praed prfid. 

Pnuntmire (Statute of) . pr6-mtl-nI^-rS. 

Praterita pre-t6r'4-ta. 

Prag pr&g. 

Prague prftg. Ft. pr&g. 

Prairial prft-r^-Sl'. 

Piairie de Chlen . • . prfi'-rS do shSn. 

Ft. prft-r6' du Bh6-6A'. 

Prakrit pra'-krit, pr&k'-ilt. 

Prater pr&'-t6r. 

Praxiteles pr&ks-It'-S-lez. 

Pr6 aux Clercs (Le) . . prfi 5 kl&r. 

Pr£ Catalan prfi kfirta-Iaii'. 

Prtcieuses Ridicules . . pr5re&^z' re-d^kal^ 

Predosa prBs-l-O'-sa. 

Ger, prSt-e&-5'-z&. 

PrediSi Ambrogio de . . am-br5'-j6 d& prS'-dSs. 

Prelude (The) .... pr6'-lad, prtl'-ad. 

Presbyterian pr62-bl-t6'-ri-an, 


Presidio pr&-se'-d&^. 

Pressensi p^68-65fiH3fi^ 

Pretoria pr§-t5'-rf-a. 

Prfivost-Paradol . . . . pra-vflst'-p&-rftKl8r. 

Priam pri'-4m. 

Priapus pri-S'-pOs. 

PrlWtof (-bylolf) . . . pr&-bS-18f'. 

Priene pri-6'-n6. 

Prieska prfe'-k&. 

Prigionii Le Mie . . . Ifi mS'-g pr&-j6'-nS. 

Prilep pr6'-Igp. 


Prim (General) . . • • prCm. 

Prince Fr. prfiAs. 

Princesse de Clives . . prM-^te' da Ufiv. 

Princesse LointBiney La . 1& praA-fite' lwM-t6n\ 

Principe pren'-ch6-p6. 

Prindpessa pren-che-pfis'-eft. 

Prinz prints. 

Prinzessin prints-Ss'-In. 

Prinzivalle prints-&-y&lM& 

Prisdan pri8h'-I=aQ. 

Procne, see Progni . • 'pr6k'-n3. 

Procris pr6k'-ri8. 

Procrustean pr(V-kras'-t&-an. 

Proculeius prG-kQ-le'-tis. 

Procyon prO'ngJ-fin, prSs'-I-Sn. 

Pzofeta, n, see Prophite, 

Le 6lpr5-ffi'-ta- 

Ptoflllet pr6-f6-ya'. 

Progniy see Procne . . pr5g-nS^ 

Prokofief pr5-k5'-f6-6f. 

Promessi Sposii I . . . S prC-mSs'nae spO'-tf. 

Promethean pr5-me'-th&-an. 

Prometheus prO-m6'-th&4i8, 

Ptophitei Le, see Profeta, 

n igprtv-fst'. 

Propylaea pr6p-l-l6'-a. 

Proserpina prOnsgr'-pI-nay 


Proserpine prds'-^r-pln, prSs'-^r-pIn. 

Protean pr5'-t&-an, prO-tS'-^an. 

ProtesOaus prev-tesM-llL'-tis. 

Protestancy pr6t'-e8-tan-€S. 

Protestant pr6t'-£6-tant. 

Proteus prG'-t&-tis, prG'-tOs. 

Proudhon proo-d^lli^ 

Proust, Marcel . • . • m&rHsSr prooet* 


Piovensal prO-v8n'H98I. 

Fr, pr5-v6A-B4l'. 

Ptovence prO-vdoff. 

Pru^dhomme prti-dSm^ 

Prud'hon (Pierre Paul) . prU-ddii'. 

Prussia prtiah'-a, prd6sh'-I=a. 

Prussian prOflb'-an, prOshM-an, 


Prytaneum prltnft-nS'-Om. 

Przasnysz pshis'-nlsh. 

Przemysl pehfi'-mlshl. 

Psalms s&mz. 

Psammetidius .... sft-metM-kOa 

Psichari ps&-sh&-r6^ 

Pskoff pskfif. 

Psyche rf'-k6. 

Ptah pta. 

Ptolemaic t51-6-mS'-Ik. 

Ptolemais t^I-^-mfi'-ta. 

Ptolemy tsr-^ml. 

Puccini poo-che'-n6. 

Pucdo pd6ch'-5. 

Pucelle^La lapa-sSl'. 

Pu Chu, see Poo Chooi 

Pou Tchou poo choo^ 

Puebia poa=38b'-l&. 

Pueblo p6o=6b'-te. 

Sp. p66=ft'-bte. 

Puerto, El fil pdo=ftr^-tO. 

Puerto BellOi see Porto 
Bello p6a=ftr'.t5 b61'45. 

Sp. p6o=Ar'.t5 b6l'-y5. 
Puerto Cabello .... poo==&r'-t5 ka-bSlMo. 

Sp. p6o=Ar'.t6 karb61'.y5. 
Puerto de Santa Maria . poo^ftr'-tO dS s£m'-ta 

Puerto d'Espafia . . . poo=&r'-t5 da sp&n'-yS . 


Paerto Plata ..... poo=q&r'-t5 pla'-t&. 

Puerto Piincesa .... poo=fir'-t5 pren-thft'-s&. 

Puerto Principe .... pd&4r'-t0 pr6n'-th&-p&. 

Puerto Real poo=r'-t5 ra-al'. 

Puerto RicOy see Porto 

Rico poo=q&r'-t5 re'-kO. 

Pttget (Pierre) .... pU-zhS^ 

Puget (Sound) .... pQ^-jSt. 

Puglia poor-3rft. 

Pugno poon'-yd. 

Pujolyde depa-zhSF. 

Puld pd6r-che. 

PuldneUa, or pddl-ch&-n61'-l&. 

PttlcineUo pd61-che-nSlMd. 

Pulkowa p6or-k5-v&. 

Pultava, see Poltava, or . pdolrta'-v&. 

Pultowa pd&l-t5'-va. 

Pultusk pd6r-td6sk, pool'-tooak. 

Punchinello ptin-chl-n61'-^. 

Punic pti'-nlk. 

Punjab, see Panjab, Pen- 
jab ptin-j&b'. 

Punjaub piln-j.6b'. 

Punnahy see Panna . . piln'-&. 

Punta Gorda pd6n'-ta gOr'-dA. 

Puntilla poon-t6l'-y&. 

Purana poo-r§,^-na. 

Purcell ptb:'-s8I. 

Purgatorio p6or-ga-t5'-r6-0. 

Puri, see Pooree . . . poo-re\ 

Purim poo'-iim. 

Puritani di Scozia, I . . e pdo-r6-ta'-n6 dS 


Pumeahy or p^r^-nS-ft. 

Pumiah p€r'-nI-&. 

Pusey pii'-rf. 

Puseyism pa'-zl-lzm. 


PashUn, see P^mschldn, 

PooshUn poofih'-ldn. 

PuteoU, see Pozzuoli . . pfl-t6'-6-lI. 

Putnik poot-nlk'. 

Puvis de Chavannes . . pd-vSs' dS 8h&-ySn^ 

Puy-de-D6me .... pa=$'-dii-d5m'. 

Pyeshkov p-ySsh'-kSf. 

I^lades idl'-ardSz. 

Pyramus plr^-a-mtbi. 

Pyrenean ...... pIr-&-nS'-aiL 

I^rreneeSi or ..... plr^-^-nSz. 

Pyrinies, Fr p&-r&-nS'. 

Pyrilia pir'-a. 

Pyrrhic pfr'-Ik. 

Pyrrhus pir'-tls. 

Pytbagoras pIth-fig'-C-rfa. 

Pythagorean plth'-fi-g0'-r&-an, 


Pythla plth'-I^. 

Pythian pIthM-an. 

Python p!'-th6n. 

Pythoness pIth'-On-es. 


Quadragesima .... kwftd-rfirjSs'-I-inft. 
Quaid'Anjou .... kfidM-zhoo\ 
Quaid'Orsay .... kfid^r-sS^ 
Quangsiy see Kwangsi . kwangnsS'. 
Quangtongi see Kwangtung kw&ng-toong'. 
Quanza, see Coanza, 

Kiianzs kwan'-z&. 

Quashnodo kwSrd-mG'-dO. 

Ft. kSrze-md-dO^ 
Qnalfalamba, see Katfa- 

lamba kw&t-lSm'-b&. 

Quatre-Bxas kft'=tr-br&'. 


Quatre-Viiigt-Tteize . . k&'-tr-v&A-trSz^ 

Quebec kwS-bSk'. Fr. k6-Wk'. 

Queenston kw6nz'-ttLn. 

Queenstown kwenz'-town. 

QueiioSy see QuiroSy de . dfi ka-&-r08'. 

QuelpaerdyOr .... kwSr-pard. 

Quelpart, or Quelpaert . kwSl'-p&rt. 

Quentin kwgn'-an. Fr. kto-tSA'. 

Quercki della .... dsr-la kwer'-chft. 

Quer£taio k&-ra'-tarrO. 

Querimba k^-rSm'-bft. 

Qu&ooaille (Louise Renie 

de) see K&oualle . . k&-rdo4l'=7ii. 

Quesada, Ximenez de . . zl-me'-nez. 

Sp. 'h^ma'nSth dA 


Quesnay k&-D&^ 

Quesnel kfi-nSF. 

Quevedo y VUlegas . . k^-bfi'-dO 6 vel-y&'-gfis. 

Quiberon k&-br^A^ 

Quichexat kSH3h&=r&^ 

Quijote, Doni see Quixote d5n k&-'h5'-tS. 

QuiHmflne, see Kiliitmne . k&-l&-m&'-p&. 

Quiller-Coudi .... kwIl'-€r-kdoch. 

Quincy (Mass.) .... kwln'-id. 

Quinet k6-n5'._^ 

Quiniluban k&-ne-loo-bfin'. 

QuSnquagesima .... kwln-kwar jSs'-I-ma. 

Quintas da Recreo . . \ k^'-t&s d& rft-kr&'-O. 

Quintilian kwIn-tH'-I-ftn. 

QuirinalyOr kwlr'-l-nil. 

Quixinale kw&-r&-na'-lS. 

QuirinaliSi Mons, Lot, . m5nz kwIr-I-nS'-lis. 

Quidtes k^-ri'-tSz. 

QuiroSy de, see Queiros . dSL k&'-rSs. 

Quito ke'.t6. 

QuitoOis kwlt6l'-li9. 


Quixote, Doni see Quijote, 

Don Eng. d6n kwBcs'-Ct. 

Sp. dOn ke-'h5'-t&. 

Quogue kw5g, kw5g. 

Quoniam kw5'-Dl-8m. 


Raamah r&'-4-mft. 

Rabelais rSb^lfi'. 

Rabelaisian r&b-6-lfi'-d-an. 

Rabutin, Busqr .... bii&^' rarba-tUi'. 

Raca rfi'-ka. 

Rachel ....... ril'-chgl. Fr. ransha'. 

Rachmaninoff .... r&6h-tn§rnS'-nAf. 

Radne ........ riirsen^ Fr. r&-e6n'. 

Radacky or Radak . . . ra'-d§k. 

Radetzkiy or Radetzky . rSrdet^HskS. 

Radom ra'-d5m. 

Raemakers r&'-mSrk6rz. 

RaffaeUe^or raf-farSr. 

Raffaello, see Raphael . raf-fSrSr-lG. 

RagatZy or Ragaz . . . ra'-g&ts. 

Rages r&'-j§z. 

Ragnar Lodbrok . . . rag'-nar l(ki'-brOk. 

Ri^nar6k rUg'-nSrrek'. 

Ri«on,Filix fft-lSks' rgrg6fi'. 

Ragusa rSrgoo'-z&. 

Rahab rS'-h&b. 

Rahway rd'-w&. 

Rai Barell, see Roy Ba- 

reffly rlbarrilMe. 

Raimondii Marcantonio . m&rk-&n-t5'-n&^ 


Rainer il'-nSr. 

Rainier (Mount) . . . rft'-nSr. 

RaipuTy or Raipoor . . . rl-poor'. 


RaiSy de, or Raiz . . . dfl ras. 

Raisa rare'-6&. 

Saisali rarSHsooMe. 

Rajah|OrRaja .... ra'-]&. 

Rajeshaye» see Rajshabi . rarjSHsh&^-S. 

Sajpeepla raj-pS'-pl&. 

Sajpoor raj-poor'. 

Sajpootanai see Sajputana raj-poo-ta^-n&. 

Rajpoots, see Rajputs . . raj-p^ot8^ 

Rajputana, see Rajpootana raj-poo-t&'-n&. 

RajputSy see Rajpoots . . raj-poots'. 

Rajshahiy see Rajeshaye . raj-fiha'-hS. 

RSk6cxy ra'-k5t-s6. 

Rfikos ra'-kSsh. 

Raleigh rd'-H, rSl'-I. 

RaUckyRalik r&'-Uk. 

Rama rS'-ma, r&'-mft. 

Ramah r&'-in&. 

Ramapo r&m'-arpd, r&m-a-pO'. 

Ramayana rSrina'-y&-na, 


Rambaud raA-b5'. 

Rambouillety de . . . . dH r§J!i-boo-3rfi^ 

Rameau rSrmO'. 

Ram6ey Pierre de la . . p§=&r' dfl 1& ril-mft'. 

Ramenghi ra-mSng'-ge. 

Ramesesy see Ramses . r&m'-€-sSz, r&-mS'-86z, 


Ramillies r&m'-n-^z. Fr. rdrm&-ye'. 

Ramiro ...:... ra-m&'-r6. 

Rammohtm Roy .... ram-m5-htLn' roL 

Ramona rarm5'-na. 

Rampur ram-poor'. 

Ramsesy see Rameses . r&m'HsSz. 

Ramus rarmtis'. 

Ranc6 raA-sS'. 

RangooUy see Rangun . . ran-goon'. 


Rangpor, see Rungpoor . rtLng-poor'. 

Rangon, see Rangoon . . r§n-goon^ 

RankOy von fSn r&ng'-kii. 

Ranz des Vaches . . . tbA dfi v&sh. 

Raoul r&F=oor. 

Rapallo ra-p&l'-lo. 

Raphaeli see Raffaelle . rSf '-&-S1, r&'-f&-Bl, r&'-ffi-fil. 

Raphaelesque .... rSf'-l^l-fisk'. 

Raphaelite rSf'-&-Sl-It'. 

Raphaelitism rSf '-&-Sl-I-ti2m^ 

Rapidan r&p-I-d&n'. 

Ras-el-Abiad .... r&9-6l-&'-b&-&d. 

Rasputin ris-poot'-Sn. 

Rasselas rSs'-g-Us. 

Rata» see Rota .... ra^-t&. 

Ratfaenau r&'-t6n-ow. 

Ratisbon r&t'-Is-b5n. 

Ratlam, see Rutlam . . rtlt'-lam. 

Ratnagiri, see Rutnag^rry rtlt-narg6'-r6. 

Rattl r&t'-tg. 

Ranch row6h. 

Ravaillac rSrvdry&k'. 

Ravel rarver. 

Ravemia rarvSn'-&. It r&-y8n'-n&. 

Rawal Pindi, or Rawul 

Pindee r6'-iU pln'-d6. 

Rayo ra'-y3. 

Reay rfi. 

Rii ne de, see Rhi • • Si dfl rS. 

Reading r6d'-Ing. 

Rtaumur, de . • . • dfl-rft-^-mOr'. 

Rebikoff i«-be'-k8f. 

Ricamier r&-k&-mSp=&^ 

Rechab rS'-kAb. 

Rechabites rek'-arbItS| rS'-kftb-Its. 

Recife rS-sS'-ffi. 

Redus r6-kla'. 


RecoUet lek'-fil-Kt. 

Reddersbttxg iM'-dfiis-btMh. 

Redm r^SA'. 

Redriff . i«d'-rif. 

Regensbttxg rft'-gBns-boor&h. 

Reger rft'-fSr. 

Reggio i«d'-jO. 

Regaiu8(L0 i«-]U'-tS8. 

Regnard rtQ-yftr'. 

Regnault I6n-y5^ 

Rignier rSn-yfi'. 

Reguhis rBg'-a-liis. 

Rehan (Ada) i€^-an. 

Rehoboam r&-h6-b0'-am. 

Rehobotfa ie-h5'-b5th. 

Reichardt rI6h'-&rt 

ReichentMudi rI-6hSn-bfiAlL 

Reichsratli ..... li^hs'-r&t. 

Reichatadt rldh'nst&t. 

Reichstag iI6h8'-tA6h. 

Rdldavik, see Reylgavik . il'-ld=a-^^. 

Reimsy see Rheims . . r^mz. Fr. riUis. 

Reina Mercedes . . . rfi-^'-na mANth&'-dfis. 

Reine de Saba, La . . . 1& iSn dtL sarb&'. 

Reine Margoti La . . . la rBn m&r-gO'. 

Reinhold Tln'-h5lt. 

Rijane r&-zhfin'. 

I Religio Medici .... r&-IIjM-5 med'-Ingl. 

Rembnmdt, or .... rem^-br&nt. 
Rembrandt van Rijn, or 

Ryn i6m'-br&nt f &n ilu. 

Remedies r&-mfi'-d&-Ofl. 

. Remedtus re-me'-dl-fis. 

Remenyi rS-mftn'-ye. 

Remi|Or r&-me'. 

Remigitts re-m](]'-I-Os. 

Reimis T§'-4nfl8. 


Rftnosat, de dii r&-mii-z&'. 

Renaissance r^-na-slUis^ rB-n&'-sans. 

Renan Anglicized,T^n&n!,T^''nSji, 

Fr. r&-naA'. 

Renardy see R^ynaid . . Fr. r&-n&r'. 

Renaud r6-nO'. 

Ren6y Renie r&-nS'. 

Renfrew rSn'-froo. 

Reniy Guide gwS'-dO r&'-nB. 

Rennes rSn. 

Renouvier r&-noo-vSRft'. 

Rensselaer rtn'-se-ler. 

Repin r&-pSQ\ 

Repnin» Nikolai .... nS'-k5-llir=e rSp-nSn'. 

ReppUer ifipM^r. 

Resaca de Guerrero . . r&^'-k& d& gfi-r&'-rO. 

Resaca de la Palma . . r&H9&'-k& da 1& pld'-m&. 

Reshid Pasha .... rSnahSd' pSsh-d', pareh&^ 


RestigDUche . . . . . i6s-t6-gdo6h'. 

Reske^ de ...... dtL resh'-kS. 

Retfael re-tel'. 

Rett6, Adoliihe .... &-d81f ' r{it-t&'. 

RetZy see Rais, Raiz . . i6z. 

Reuchlin r6!6h'-IIn. 

Rfonion, lie de la . . . re-On'-yOn. 

Fr. el da 1& rartt-n6=Aa'. 

Reuss rois. 

Reuter roi'-tfir. 

Reuflingen roit'-ling-Sn. 

RevalyOr rgy'-Sl. 

Revel r6v'-8L 

Revue des Deux Mondes . r&-vtl' dS dd mOftd. 

RewayOrRewah . . . r&'-wfl. 

Reykjavik, see Reikiavik . n'-kl=ar^^. 

Reynaldo ra-nal'-d3. [Fr. rg-n&r'. 

Beynardi see Renard . . rSn'-ard, r&'-n&rd» iSn^-4rd. 


Iteynier r&-n&=S^ 

Reynolds rtn'-OIdz. 

Rezonville r&-z6A-vsr. 

mantin rSd-a-m&n'-thln, -tin. 

Shadamantfaus .... rid-a-mSn'-thlifl. 

Shaetian i€'HBhI=^. 

Rh6, ne du, see Ri . . Sldiirfi. 

Rhea r6'-&. 

Rheims, see Reims . . remz. Ft. rSOs. 

Rheinberger rln'-ber-fSr. 

Rheingoldi Dm .... d&3 rln'-gOlt. 

Rhenish ...... i6n^-Ish. 

Rhodes rGdz. 

Rhodesia r0d'-zhl==a, rO-dS'Hsd[=a. 

Rhodope rttd'-5-p6. 

Rhondda ...... rOnd'-a. 

Rhys ....... res. 

Rialto r&-al'-t5. 

Riazan, see Ryazan . . r6-Srzfin'. 

Ribaulti or Ribaut . . . r&-b5'. 

Ribecourt rSb-koor'. 

Ribera r&-bft'-r&. 

Ribot re-bO'. 

Ricardo ri-kar'-d5, rS-kSr^-dS. 

Ricasoli r&-ka'-s5-te. 

Ricd rgt'-ch5. 

RicdareOi rech-&r-eiMe. 

Ricdo (David) y see Rizzio rSt'-chO. 

Richelieu, de dfl rish-e-lQ'. 

ft. dtt r68h=tt.l8F=«'. 

Richepin re8h-p&li^ 

Richier r6-ah5=&'. 

Richter rI6h'-t6r. 

Ricimer ris-I-mSr. 

Rickenbacker .... rlk'-gn-b&k-€r. 

Rictns, Jehan .... zh&QiiIk-ttls\ 


Ridd T^'-dSL 

Riedesel (Gen.), vaa . . fSn red'-&'-^. 

RiegoyNttfiez .... r&-&'-gO 6 noon'-yfith. 

Rienzi, Cola di, or . . . kd'-l& dS rS-find'-se. 

Rienzo rt-end^-zO. 

Riesen-Gefabgo .... re'-26n-gft-b6rg'-tt. 

RietCEt) ret. 

RigH re'-g&. 

Rigaiid • r^^'. 

Rigaiilt r6-gO'. 

Ri^yOrRigi .... rC'-gK. 

Rigoletto r&«0-Ut'-tO. 

Rigsdag ilgs'-dSg. 

Rigveda ilg-v&'-d&. 

Riis r^ 

Rijks (Mttaeum) . . . riks. 

Rijksdag rdaHlUh. 

Rimbaott xSA-W. 

Rimini r6'-4n&-n8. 

Rimsky-Korsakov • . . rim'^Hski-kGivB&'-kSf . 

Rinaldo ed Armida . . rO-nfil'-dO Sd &r-me'-d&. 

Rinehart .' rin'-h&rt. 

Ring der NIbehingen, Der dfir ring dSr 


RingStnsse ring'Hahtr&Hstt. 

Rio Bravo del Norte, see 

Rio Grande del Norte . re'-O br&^-vd d«l Q6r'-ta. 

Rio de Janeiro .... 2>^. r6^-5 jarnSr'-5, 

ja-nl'-r6. PoH. r€'-5 d& 

zh&-D&'-r5, zharD&'=&-r5. 

Rio de laPlata, see Plate . r6'-d d& U pla'-t&. 

Rio Grande rl'-O gr&nd. 

Sp. r6'-0 gr&n'-dS. 

Rio Grande de Cagayan . r6'-0 gr&n'-dS dfi 

Rio Grande deiaPampanga rC'-d gr&n'-dfi d& 1& 





Rio Grande del Nortec see 

Sio BtaTD del Norte 
Sio Gnnde de Santiago • 

Sio Grande do Norte . . 
Sio Grande do Sol . . 
Kio Negro 

Kio Negro, SIo Josi do . 

Riordan . • 
Ripon . . . 
Ristori . . . 
Riviera . . 
Rivitoe, Doc de 
Rivinus . . 
Rivoli, Rue de 
Rizzio» see Ricdo 
Roanoke . . . 
Roatan, see Rnatan 
Robbia, Luca della 
Robert Oniscard 

Robert le Diablo 
RobespierrOi de • 

Robsart (Anqr) . 
Robusti, Jacopo . 
Rochy Saint . . 
Rochambeaa, de 
Rochef ort . . . 
Rochefoucauld, La 
Rochejacqueleini La 
Rochelle . . 
Rochet . . • 
Rochus. • . 

r6'-d gr&n'-dS dfil nOr'-tft. 
r6'-0 gr&n'-dfi dft 

r6'-0 gr&n'-d& doo n&r'-t6. 
rS'-5 gr&n^-dfi doo sool. 
Sp. r6'-d D&'-grO. 

Port. r6-oo D&'-groo. 
QOwA 2h6-2&' doo 

r6'-po nfi'-gro5. 




dtik da re-ye-Ar". 


rtt dtt r6-v(5-te'. 

ri[t'H96-5, ret'naWJ. 



loo'-kft d&VM r6b'-b6-ft. 


rOb'-«rt ges-kfir". 

Fr. r5-bftr'. 
rG-bAr' IS d&.a'=bl. 
da rO'-b6s-pSr. 

Fr. dtt rSbfr-pfip^ftr', 

y&-k5'-p0 r0-bd66'-t6. 
sSA r6k. 
do rOHshfiA-bO'. 
]& rOsh-foo-kO'. 
Is i«sh-2h&k-l&&'. 




Rockefeller r5k'-«-f&l-€r. 

Rockingham r6k'-Ing-am. 

Rocroi r0k-rw&'. 

Rod|fidouard .... a-doo-Sr' r5d. 

Rode, Pierre r5d. 

Rodenbachy Geoiges . . zhSrzh r&-d6n-bftfth^ 

Roderick Dhu .... r6d'-«r-Ik dQ. 

Roderigo r6d-6r-S'-g5. 

Rodini Auguste .... 0*gQst' rO-daA'. 

Rod6,Jo8i h5-e&' r5-d5'. 

Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar . rOd-rS'-gO de'-&th dS 


Rodxiguea, or . ... Ft. rOd-rSg'. 

Rodriguez (I.) .... rG-drS'-ggs. 

Rodriguez (Josi Joaquin) rGd-r6'-g$th. 

Rodrianko rSdz-3r&n'-k5. 

RoelaSy Juan de las . . 'hoo-&n'd&lfi8r5-&'-l&3. 
Roeselare, see Roulers, 

Rousselaere .... r6oHs8-l&'-r6. 

RoesUlde, see RSsUlde . rSs'-kSl-dS. 

Rofreit rOf-rlt. 

Rogero, see Ruggiero . . r5-]fi'-r0. 

Rc^t r5-zli&'. 

Rohan, de dfl r5-fiA'. 

Rohilcundi or Rohilkhand r5-hll-k(lnd'. 

Rohtak r5-tiik'. 

Roi des Montagues . . rw& dH mdili-t&n'-ytt. 

Roi dTvetot, Le . . . IS rw& dSv-t5'. 

Roi s'Amusey Le ... 13 rw& s&-mtiz'. 

Rois Fain&mtSi Les . . I& rwa f &-n&-&!i^ 

Rojas-Zorilla, or Zorrilla . r5'-6h&9-ih5r-rel'-y&. 

Rokeby r6k'-bl. 

Roland r5'-land. Ft. r5-lM'. 

Roland, Chanson de . . shfin-^di^' dH rO-M^ 

Roland de la Platidre . . r(^lM' dti la pl&-t€R&r'. 

Roland de Roncevaux . . r5-lan' dtL r6fis-v0'. 

Roldan rOl-dan\ 


Rolf rtlf. 

RoUandi Romain • . . r6-mfiA', r01-&]i^ 

RoUin r«r-In. Fr. r6-UUi'. 

RoUo r6r-5. 

Romagna r5-man'-ya. 

Romaic r5-mft'-Ik. 

Romance rO-m&ns'. 

Roman de la Rose . . • r5-maii' dii 1& rOz. 

Roman de Rou .... r5-mSA' dfl roo. 

Romanes r5-m&'-nSz. 

Romanesque r5-inan-fi8k'. 

Romanoi Ezzelino da . . etrz&-l&'-n6 d& r0-mft'-n6. 

Romanof 9 or Romanoff . rO-m&^-n&f . 

Romany, see Rommany . r5m'-arnl. 

Romeo r5'-m5-5. 

Rom£o et Juliette . . . r6-m&-()' ft 2htd-Sp=6t'. 

Romero (Matias) . . . r5-mll^-r5. 

Romilly rOm'-I-U. 

Rommanyi see Romany . rOm'-a-nl. 

Romola r0m'-6-ls, r5-mOMa. 

Roncesvallesi or . . . r0n-s§*valM68. 

Sp. r6Q-thSchvfil^-y66. 

Roncevaux Fr. r^Afip>v5^ 

Ronda r5n-da. 

Ronge rSng'-tl. 

Ronsard (Pierre de) . . rAAns&r^. 

RSntgen rGnt'-gSn. 

Roodepoort r5-d6-pdrt'. 

Rooidam rO-^^iSm'. 

Roosevelt rOs'-vSlt, rO'-aS-vSlt. 

Roquefort ...... rSk-fOr'. 

Rosa, Salvator .... 8&l-v&'-t5r r5'-zft. 

Rosalind rfiz'-a-Und. 

Rosaline rOz'-a-Un. 

Rosamond, Rosamund . rfiz'-armtind. 

Rosbachy see Rossbach . r0s'-ba6h. 

BosceliUi^or .. .... Fr. rSs=^l-^'.. 

ROscExinr an rouobt db uslb 

RosGe]lin,or rSs'-Sl-in. 

RosceUinus, see RuceUnus rds-e-U'-nds. 

Rosdus rOshM-Ofl. 

Roscommon r6s-k&m^-ttn. 

Rosecrans rO^-zS-krftnz. 

Rosellini r5-s61-l6'-ne. 

Rosenkranz rO^-zSn-kr&nts. 

Rosetta r5-z6V-a. 

Rosicnidan rOz-I-krQ'H3hI=an» 


Rosinante, see Roztnante r0z-I-nSn^-t6. 

RSddlde, see RoesUlde . r6B'-k&r-d6. 

Rosny (L£on de) ... rfis-nS'. 

RospigUosii Palazzo . . pSrl&ts'-fld rO-epel-yO'-aS. 

Rossbachy see Rosbach . r0a'-ba6h. 

RosselUno r0sH361-te'-n5. 

Rossetti ...... rOs-eSt'-tS. 

Rossi rfis^HsS. 

Rossini rO&-B6'-nS. 

Rostand, Edmond . . . Sd-m6fi' rOs-tSii'. 

Rostock r0fi'-t5k. 

Rostoff r5s-tSf . 

Rostoptchin rSs'-tSp-cbln, 


Rota, see Rata .... r5'-t&. 

Rotherhitfae r6eh'-«r-hl£&. 

Rothesay rOth'-sS. 

Rotiischild rOths'-chlld, rGs'-chlld. 

• Oer. rtt'HMt. 

Rotrou rO-troo'. 

Rotterdam rfiV-Hr-d&m. 

j). rtt-tSiMlfai'. 

Rottbaix ^oo-b&^ 

Roubillac rd5-b&-y&k'. 

Rouen roo'-Sn. Fr. ^oo-66^ 

Rottgi r65-zh&\ 

Rouget de Lisle, or lisle . roo-zh&' dfl 1§1. 


Rougan-Macquart, Les . Ift roo-g6A'-m&-kSr'. 

Routers, see Roeselare, 

Rottsselaere .... r65-U'. 

Rotunaniay see Rumania . ro5-mft'-nI-a. 

Roumelia» see Rumelia • roo-me'-II-a. 

Rousseau roo-«5\ 

Rousselaere, see Roese- 
lare, Roulers .... roos-Iftr'. 

Roussillon Fr. roo-sS-ydA'i 


Roustanit see Rustam . . roos'-tam. PetB. roos-t6m. 

Rouzville ro5-v£l'. 

Rovere» della d£l-Ur rO'-vSrift. 

Roveredo r0-v&-rft'-<l6. 

Rovereto r6-va-ra'-t5. 

Rovigo rO-v6'-gO. 

Rowe rO. 

Roweua r5-w6'-na. 

Rowland r5'-Iand. 

Rozana, or rOk8-&n^-&, rdk8-&'-n&. 

Roxane Ft. r5ks-ftn'. 

Roy, Ranimohun . . . ram-mG-htin' loL 

Roy Bareillyi see Rai Bareli roi b&-r&Me. 

Roye rw&. 

Riqrer^llard .... rw^-yfi'-kSl-Uta/. 

Rozinante, see Rosinante rfe-I-nSn'-tS. 

Ruatan, see Roatan . . roo-&-t&n^ 

Rubaiyat (The) .... roo'-bl-ySt. 

Rubens (Peter Paul) . . rdo'-b6nz. 

RfibezaU rO^-be-tsSl. 

Rubicon roo'-bI-k6n. 

Rubinstein (Anton) . • roo'-bln-etln. 

Rucelinus, see Rosoelin . roonafi-II'-nOs. 

Rucellai roo-chgl-l&'=6. 

Riickert rQk'-Srt. 

Rude rQd. 

Rudesheim r(l'-d8s-hlm. 


Rfidiger rQ'-dl-gSr. 

Rue de la Paiz . • . . rQ dfl ik pS. 

RttedeRivoU .... nl dfl r^y5-le'. 

Rttdl i11.ft'=ytt. 

Rue St-Antoine . . . . nl sftA-taA-tw&n'. 

Rue St-Denis . . . . rQ 8&&-d&-Il§^ 

Rue St-H6nor£ . . . . rQ 8&&-t5-n5-rS'. 

Rufl^ rd6f-f8'-nS. 

Rufinus roo-fl'-nOfl. 

Rug roog. 

ROgen rQ'-g@Q. 

RuggieiOy see Rogero . . rd6d-jfi'-rO. 

Ruhr roor. 

Ruisdaaly or Ruisdael, see 

Ruysdael rois'-dfil. 

Ruk(I.) rook. 

Rum (I.) rtbn. 

Rumaiiiay see Roumania . roo-mfi'-nl-a. 

RumeESy see Roumelia . roo-mS'-U-a. 

Runeberg rdo'-ii8-b6r6h. 

Rungpoori see Rangpur . rtlng-pdor'. 

Runjeet Singh .... rtln-jSt' dngh. 

Runnemedei or ... . rfin'-g-mSd. 
Rumiiinedey or Runny- 

mede rtLnM-mSd. 

Rupert r6o'-p6rt. 

Ruprecht roo'-prS^ht. 

Rurik roo'-iik. 

Rus rtts. ^ 

Ruscuky see Rustchuk . roos-chook'. 

Russ riis. 

Russia rttsh'-I=a, r6&8h'-I==a. 

Russian rashK=an, rd&8h'-I=an. 

Rustami see Roustam and 

Rustiun roos'-tam. Pera. 


Rustchuk, see Ruacuk . roosKshook'.. 


Rostenbuxg rd6s'-tBn-bdor6h. 

Rttstum, see Rottstamt 

Rustaxn roos'-tiim. 

Rutherglen rdth'-Sr-glSn, ragMSn. 

Ruthven (Raid of) . . . rdth'-ven. loc riv'-SiL 

Rutiam, see Raflam . . rdt'-Iam. 

RfitU, see GtiitU . . . iHt'-U. 

Rtttnagherryi see Ratnagiri rdt-nargSr'-I. 

Ray Bias ru=&'bl&s. 

RuyDiaz rdo'-6 de'^^th. 

Ruyghur ri-giir'. 

Ruysdale, see Ruisdaali 

Rtusdael rois'-dfil. 

Ruyter rl'-t§r. D. roi'-t8r, 

Ryazan, see Riazan . . r6-&-zan'. 

Rydal ri'^al. 

Ryswick, or . . . . ' rlz'-wik. 

Ryswijk £>. ris'-vlk. 


Saadi, see Sadi .... s&'-<l6, sft-de'. 

Saale z&'-Itl. 

Saalfeld zfil'*f61t. 

Saar zfir. 

Saarbriick, or ... . z&r'-brfik. 
Saarbrticken, see Sarre- 

bruck z&r'-brQk-en. 

Saarbtirg z&r-btirg'. 

Saardam, see Zaarrdam . sar-d&m'. 

Saavedra (Cervantes) . sSrSrvfi'-drft. 

Saba, see Sabea . . . 8£'-ba. 

Saba (I.) s&'-ba. 

Sftbana Grande .... 8a^-barn& gr&n'-dS. 

Sabaoth s&b'-a-dth, 8&-b&'-6t> 

Sabbatic s&b-fttMk. 

Sabea, see Saba • • . 8&-b6'-&. 


Sabeans 8&-bS'-anx. 

Sabine (Cross Roads) . . sft-bSn'. 

Sabine (Mts.) .... sfi'-bln. 

Sabine (Sbr Edward) . . s&b'-In. 

Sabinella sa-be-n6r-lfi. 

Sabines s&b'-Inz, sfi'-blnz. 

Saliini sfirbl'-nl. 

Sabrina s8rbri'-na, 8&-bif '-na. 

Sacharissa s&k-a-ils'-a. 

Sacfaeverell sSrshgy'-S-rSI 

Sachs (Hans) .... z&ks. 

Sachsen z&k'-z6n. 

Sachsen-Altenbuxgy see 

Saze-Altenburg . . . zak'-zen-Al'-tSn-boorth. 

see Saze-Coburg-Gotfaa zak'-zSn-k5'-boor6h-g5'-ta. 
Sachsen-Meiningen, see 

Saze-Meiningen . . zUk'-zSn-ml^-ning-Sn. 

Sachsenspiegel .... z&k'-zSn-sp§'^-g^L 

see Saze-Weimer-Eise- [n&6h. 

nach zak'-zSn-vi'-mar-I'-zS- 

Sacile sa-chsMfi. 

Saco(RO 86'-k5. 

Saco (Jos6 Antonio) . . sa'-k5. 

Sadducees sftd'-yu-s6z. 

Sadi» see Saadi .... 8Srde^ 

Sadi-Camot s&-de'-kar-n5'. 

Sadowa sardo^-va, sa'-do-va. 

Saenz Pefia sa'-anth pan'-ya. 

Safed sa'-fSd, sa-fSd'. 

Safed Koh| see Suffeed 

Koh 8a'-fedk5. 

Saffiy see Sufi, Sofi . . saf'-I. 

Sagajosoku sa'-ga' zha'-^'-kg'. 

Sagan za'-gan. Fr. sSrg&A'. 

SagaTi see Saugor, Saugur sa-gdr'. 


Sagasta (Prazedes Mateo) sa-gSs'-tft. 

Sage, Lei see Lesage . . Igs£zh^ 

Saghalien, or Saghalin . sa-ga-te'-gn, s&-g&-len^ 

Sagittarius sftj-I-ta'-rl-tis. 

Sagua La Grande . . . sa'-gw& la gran'-d&. 

Saguenay sSg-6-nft', sarggn-S'. 

Sahara, see Zahara, Sahra, 

Sahhra sft-h&'-r&, sa'-harnL 

Saharanpur, see Seharun- 

poor sarh&r-an-poor'. 

Sahhra, see Sahara, Zahara 6a'-hr&. 

Sahib sa'-hlb. 

Sahra, see Sahara, Zahara s&'-hr&. 

Said (Port) sa-Sd'. pop. sftd 

Saida d'-da. 

Said Pasha sa-gd^ pap. sSd, pash-A', 

pa-fiha^ pash'-a. 

Saigon sl-gOn^ Fr. 8S-g6ft\ 

Saigo Takamori .... e^'-gd tSrlul-md'-re. 

Saildo d-kS'-5. 

SaiUy-Saillisel .... sSryS'-BSrye-zgr. 

St Albans sSnt, sfint dl'-bans. 

St-Amand, or .... B&A-tSrma]i\ 

St-Amand-Montrond . . B£ii-ta-ma]^'-m6i!i-r6A'. 

St-Antoine, Faubourg . f5-bdor' siUi-tan-twin'. 

Salnt-Amaud .... 8&i-tar-n5^ 

St Augustine .... sSnt, sSnt d-gOs'-tln, 


St Augustine (City) . . sSnt, sfint 6^-giis-tSn. 

St Barthfilemy . . . . Fr. s&li b&i^t&l-me'. 

St Bernard sSnt, sSnt bSr-nard', 

bgr'-n&rd. Fr. 

eSii bSr-nar'. 

St Bernard de Menthon . s&i bSr-n&r' dil m6A-t6ft\ 
St Cecilia, see Santa 

Cecilia sSnt se-fifl'-I-a. 

St Chad B&nt, sSnt chid. 


St Clair sant, sSnt klAr. 

Eng. dng'-kl&r. 
St Cloud s&nt, sSnt klowd'. 

Fr. sM kloo'. 
St Croix, see Santa Cruz . sant kroi^ 

St Cyr B&A sgr'. 

St^ Denis sSnt, s6nt dSn'-Is. 

Fr. B&A d6n-6'. 
Sainte-Aldegonde . . . sfiiit-&l-<l&^6i!id'. 
Sainte-Beuve .... sfiiit-b@v'. 
Sainte-ChapeUe .... B&AtrahSrpel^ 
Sainte-Croiz, see Santa 

Cruz 8fiALt-krw&'. 

Saint Dizier s&A de-z&=;&'. 

StBloi aii-m-w&\ 

St fitienne dtt Mont . . sfiii-tfirt&=en' dii mSA. 
Ste. Geneviive .... s&At zhSn-v&=Sv'. 
Sainte-Gudule .... s&ftt ga-<lul'. 

SainteLttde sfiAtlti-^e'. 

SaintePOagle .... sSAt pfi-la-zhS'. 

Saintes s&At. 

St*fitienne 8fiAL-t&-tS=«n'. 

StEustache s&A t6s-tash'. 

St Bttstatius sSnt, sSnt fl-stS'-flhl-tLs. 

Saint-fivremond • . . . s&i-t&vr-mdfi^ 
St Francis Xavier . . . sSnt, Bfint f r&n'-sis 

aSv'-€-€r. Sp. 6hfirbS-Ar'. 

Fr. kfla-v&=&'. 
St Gall, see Sankt Gallen sSnt g61. Fr. sM-gal'. 
Saint-Gaudens .... sant, sSnt-gd'-dfinz. 

Fr. 8«A-g6-ddft'. 
Saint-Germain .... sSA-zher-m&fL'. 
St-Gemiain-des-Pr6s . 8fiAL-zhSr-mSA'-dS-pra^ 
St Germain FAuzerrois . sSA-zher-m&fL' l5ks-gr-w&'. 

StGotiiard Fr.a&AgM&r'. 

St Gottliard sant, sSnt gSth'-Hrd. 

Oer. sfinkt gSt'-hart. 


St Helena (Mather of 

Constantine) .... sSnt biSr-&-na. 
St Helena (I.) . . . . sSnt h8-le'-n&. 

t-Hilaire, Barthflenqr b&r-t&l-mS' sftA-tS-lAr'. 
t-Hilaire, GeofEroy . zh&-f rw&' s&fL-te-lAr'. 

Saintine s&fi-tSn'. 

Saint-IveSy see St Tves . s&nt, sBnt Ivz. 

Fr. BfiA-tev'. 
St Jean d'Acre .... sSA zh&A da'=kr. 
St-Jean d'Angfly . . . sfiAi zhW dfiA*zhfi-te'. 
St John sSnt, sSnt j&n'. Eng. 

sometimes eln' jttn. 

Saint JuUen s&fi zha-l&=«i!i'. 

Sahit-JttSt sfiiizhtist'. 

St Leger sSnt, s6nt 16j'-6r. Eng. 

sometimes d[l'*In-j5r. 

St-Leu sSA-te'. _ 

St Louis sfint, sfint loo'-Is, lo5M. 

Fr. bSA I00-6'. 
St Lada (L) see Santa 

Lttda sSnt, sBnt loo'-shI==a. 

^ lialo pop. sSnt mSl'-5. 

Fr. sM marl5'. 
Saint Marceatiz .... s&A in&r-B5'. 

Saint-Mars sM-mfir'. 

St Martin s&nt, s6nt mar'-tln. 

Fr. siA-mfir-tto'. 

St Michael sfint, sSnt ml'-kfil. 

St Michel s&li member. 

StMihiel sftfime-el'. 

St Nicolas Fr. sM n€-k5-]&'. 

St Olaus Bant, sSnt 5-lfi'-fls. 

St Omer sfiA t5-iDAr'. 

Saintonge s&i-tdfish'. 

St Ouen s&fL-too-5fi'. 

Saint Pancras .... s6nt p&n^-kras. 

St Paul de Loanda . . sant, sBnt pAl dfi l5-&n'-d&. 


St Pierre, de . . . . dii sSA p&==Ar'. 

St Pierre, Bemardin de . ber-n&r-dW d^ sSA p&=Ar'. 

St Pol-de-Lfon . . . . s&fi p5l-dil-l&-dA'. 

Saint-Pieoz sSA-prg^ 

StQuentin s&nt kwSn'-tln. 

Fr. sM kdA-tiUi'. 

StRoch sfiiir5k. 

St Roque, see Sto Roque, 

see San Roque . . . s&nt, sSnt r5k. 

Saint-SaSns sfiA-saAs'. 

St Sebastian, see San Se- 
bastian sant, 86nt 8S-b&8'-t&=an. 

St Simon, de . . . . dtl B&nt, s6nt si'-m&n. 

Fr. dii S&& Q^m6ii\ 

StSulpice bSA sCil-pSs'. 

St Vincent de Paul . . s&nt, sBnt vln'-sSnt dii pAl. 

Fr. sSA v&fiH9&n' dtL p5L 

Saint Tves, see St Ives . s&A tSv'. 

Sab sfi'-b. 

Sai8iaz,La l&s6-2&-as'. 

Sakai s&'-kl. 

Sakatal 8&-k&-tal'. 

SakhaUen sa6h-drlSn'. 

Sakuntala 8arkd6n'-tarla, 


Sa]a(G.A.) 8&'-l&, sa'-la. 

SabuUn, see Salah-ed-Diu sSl'-a-dXn. 

Salado de Tarif a . . . 8&-l&'-<l5 d& ta-r$'-f&. 

Salah-ed-Diu, see Saladin Arab. sa'-lSrM-den'. 

Salamanca s&l-a-m&n^-ka. 

Sp. sarlSrm&n'-k&. 

Salamis siU'-a-inls. 

SalammbA 8&-l&in-b0'. 

Salaxdo, or sarl&'-nl-d, sa-l&'-n3-(). 

Salarino 8&-larre'-n5, sa-lfirr6'-n5. 

Saldanha 8Sl-d&n'-y&. 

Salerno sarl&r'-nd. It. 8a-I^-n5. 


Sales (Fxands of) . . . sfilz. Fr. sSl. 

Salfoa 8drl&'-z&. 

Salian sfi'-U-an. 

Salic 8«l'.nc. 

Salignac sSrlSn-y&k'. 

Salins sfirUUi'. 

Salisbury sdlz'-btL-d. 

Salle, De la dfllasfl'. 

Salmon (Falls) .... sSm'-ttn. 

Salin-Salm zalm-zfilm. 

Salome sSrls'-mS, 8fi-l5'-me. 

Salon (The) sa-16ifi\ 

Salonica sSl-O-nS'-ka. 

SaloniU sa-l5-nS^k6. 

Salpttriire, La .... la 8al-p&-ti«=ftr'. 

Salts 8&l'-t&. 

Saltikoff , see SoUikoff . sal'-ts-k&f . 

Salvador 8&l-v&-d5r'. 

SalvatorRosa .... 8&l-v&'-t6r rO'-2& 

Salvini 8&l-v6'-n6. 

Salzburg zSlts'-boorth. 

Salzkammergut .... zSltz'-kfim-er-gSot. 

Samain, Albert .... Sl-bftr" sSrm&fL'. 

Samanfi, Santa Barbara de s§ii'-t& b&r'-bdrr& 

d& sfirmfi-n&'. 

Samar sSrmar'. 

Samara (City) .... Ruas. fSrmSirTi^ 

Samaning sSrmfi-r&ng'. 

Samanuind, or Samarkand sam-ai^k&nd'. 

Samaveda 8a-m&-vft'-d&. 

Sambalpur, see Sumbul- 

pur 8fim-btLl*poor'. 

Sambre (R.) 88A'=br. 

Samminiato, see San Min* 

iato 8fim''-inin-I-&'.t5. 

Samoa sSrm5'-a. 

Samoan (Is.) ..... 8&-m5'-an, 8a-m5'-&n. 




Samos . • 



Samson et Dalila 
Samurai . . . 
San Ambrogio 
San Antonio (City) 
San Antonio (Cape) 
Sanballat . . . 

San Clemente 
Sand, George 
Sandalphon . . 
Sandeau . . . 
Sandheir . . . 
San Diego . . . 
San Domingo, see 

Domingo . . 
Sandoval . . . 
Sandys (Edwin) . 
San Fernando 
Sangallo . . . 
Sangar (Strait) . 
San Gioigio . . 
Sangir (Is.) . . 
Sangpo, see Sanpu 
Sangraal . . . 
Sangrado (Doctor) 
Sangreal . . . 
Sanhedrim, or • 
Sanhedrin . . . 
Sanjadnto • • 





Or. sam-O-thr&'-eS. 
8M-66fi' na dSAh^'. 
san am-bp5'-j5. 
s£n ftn-t5'-nI-5. 
san &n-t5'-nQ-5. 
8&ng'-kd pSn'-x&. 

iSp. 8&n'-<;h5 p&n'-th&. 
san kUl-mftn'-tS. 
s&n kres-t5'-b&l. 
]6rJB&nd. Fr.zhfirshsSftd. 
8&n d&=&'-g5. 

s&n dO-mSng'-gO. 
s&n'-dlS; s&ndz. 
s&n f€r-nan'-d5. 
s&n j6r'-j5. 
s&D jarBln'-t5. 
Sp. 8&n 6hfi-thSn'-t5. 


San Joaquin . . • . . s&n 6h5-firkSn'. 

San Jose s&n 6h&-6fi'. 

San Jo86 de Buenavista . san dh5-fiS' dfi 


San Juan s&n dhoo=&n'. 

San Juan Bautista . . . 8an6hoo=&n'bir=oo-tes'-t&. 

San Juan de Puerto Rico . san dhoo-&n^ dfi 

p66-8r'-t5 r€'-k5. 

San Juan de Ulloa . . . san 6hdo-&n'd& d61-y5'-&. 
Sankt Gallon, see Saint Gall s&nkt gSl'-lSn. 

SanktGoar B&nktg5'-&r. 

Sankt Gotfliaxd .... s&nkt gOt'-hftrt. 

Sankt Jakob sankt y&'-kOp. 

Sankt Moritz .... sSnkt m5-ilts'. 

San Luis de Apm • • . s&n loo-Ss' dfi &'-prft. 

San Luis Potosf .... san loo-Ss' pO-t5H96'. 

Sanlilarco s&nmfir'-kG. 

San Marino slUi m&-i€'-nO. 

San Martin san m&r-tSn'. 

SanMichele s&n mS-kft'-lA. 

San Miguel s&nmS^'. 

San Miniato, see Samndn- 

iato sfin m&-n9f=&'-to^ 


SanOnofrio sfin 6-n5'-fr&-d. 

San Pietro in Vincoli . • sSn p&=nft'-tr06nv6n'-k5-l6. 

Sanpu, see Sangpo . , . s&n-poo'. 

San Remo s&n r&'-m5. 

San Roque, see St Rogue, 

Sio Roque s&n r5'-kft. 

San Salvador .... s&n s&I-v&d-fbO'. 

Sanscrit, see Sanskrit . . s&n'-skiit. 
San SetMUKtian, see Saint 

Sdlmstian s&n s&-ba8''-t6-&n'. 

Sans Gine, Madame . . m&rd&m' sSft zhfin. 

Sanskrit, see Sanscrit . . s&n'-skiit. 

Sansovino 8&n-s5-ye'-n5. 


Sans Soasi Fr. sSA soohsS^ 

SanSteCano s&n 8tsr-4-n5. 

Santa Ana s^n'-tft a'-na. 

Santa Cecilia, see St 

Cecilia 8&n'-t& chfi-ch6r-€-&. 

Santa Cioce suU' Amo . s&n'-ta kr5'-chfi sddl ar'-n5. 
Santa Cruz, see Saint Croiz 8&n'-t& krooz. 
Santa Cruz (Andres) . . san'-ta krooth'. 
Santa Cruz de la Palma . s&n'-ta krooth^ d& la 

Santa Cruz de la Sierra . s&n'-ta krooth^ d& 1& 

Santa Cruz de Santiago . 8&n'-t& krooth' d& 

Santa Cruz de Tenerife . san'-ta krooth' d& 


Santa F( san'-t&fa. 

Santal Parganas . . . s&n-tal' p&^giin^-fifl. 
Santa Luda, see St Luda It, san'-ta loo-chS'-&. 

jSp. san'-t& loo-thS'-a. 

Santa Luzia 8an'-t& loo-z6'-&. 

Santa Maria, La . . . 1& 8&n'-t& m&-re^-&. 
Santa Maria degli AngeU 8&n'-t& ma-i^'-a dfil'-yS 

Santa Maria del Carmine . 8fin'-t& ma-re'^ d61 

Santa Maria del Popolo . B&n'-t& mfirrS'-a d£l 

Santa Maria in Ara CoeU 8fin'-t& mH-rS'-filn &'-ra 

Santa Maria in Cosmedin 8fin'-t& marre'-a In 

Santa Maria Maggiore . B&n'-t& mfiri€'-& 

Santa Maria Novella . . 8&n'-t& m&-re'-a nO-vei'-lA. 
Santa Maria sopia Minerva s&n'-t& mSrre'-a 

sG'-pr& mS-n6r'-v&. 


Santander s&n-t&n-dAr'. 

Sp. san-tan-dfir'. 

Sant* Angelo It sant fin'-jSrld. 

Santarem sS^n-tarrfift^ san-tSrrSfi^ 

Santa Scala san'-ta ska'-la. 

Santayana san-ta-ya'-na. 

Santerre saA-tSr'. 

SantOlana 8an-tSl-y&'-n&. 

Santlllane saA-te-y&n'. 

Santi, Raphael, see Ra- 
phael and Sanzio . . ra'-fSr«1 8&n'-te. 
Santiago 8&n-t&-&'-g5. 

Sp. 8an-t&=a'-go. 
Santiago de Chile . . . 8aii-t&=&'-g5 dfi chS'-lfi. 
Santiago de Compostela, or 8&n-t6=n&'-g5 d& 

Santiago de Compostella . BaQ-t&=&'-g5 d& 

Santiago de Cuba . . . 8&n-t&=&'-g5 dfi kdo'-b&. 

Eng. kQ'-ba. 
Santiago de la Vegas . . 8&n-tS^'-g5 dfi l&s 

Santiago del Estero . . s&n-tS^'-gO del 6s-t&'-r5. 

Santillana 8&n-tSl-y&'-n&. 

Santo Domingo, see San 
Domingo 8&n'-t5 d&-mlng'-g5. 

Sp. sftn'-tO dO-mSng'-gS. 
Santo Espfrittt .... s&n'-t5 S&-pS'-r^too. 

Santoveneo s&n'^-t6-vfirna'-5. 

Santozza s&n-to6t8'-6&. 

San Tuste sSn yoos'-tfi. 

Sanzio, Raphael, see Ra- 
phael and Santi . . . ra'-fSr^I sand'-zS-O. 

SioAntio san&n-taft'. _ ^ 

Sio Josi do Rio Negro • saft zh5-zft' doo rS'-oo 

Saona . sdrO'-n&. 


Sadoe son. 

SaAne-et-Loire . . • • sOn-firlw&i/. 

Sao Paulo de Loanda . • s&ii poV-Id5 dfi l5-&n'-d&. 

Sio Roque, see Saint 

Roque sa&rO'-kfi. 

Safbo 8Srf5'. 

Sapor, see Saphur and 

Shahpoor sS'-pSr. 

Sapphic B&f'-Ik. 

Sapphiia sft-fi'-ra. 

Sap[iho B&f' -5. 

Swicen sftr'-^-sBn. 

Saracenic sftr-arsSn'Jk. 

Saragossa, see 8p. Zangoza sftr-argte'-^u 

Saran, see Sarun . . . sSrrdn'. 

Sarasate y Navascues . . sfirrfirs&'-tft 6 


Saratoff sSrr&'-tfif. 

Sarawak sSrrSrw&k', sft-rarwftk'. 

Sarcey, Frandsqae . . frfiA-sSsk' sdr-sft'. 

Sardanapaltts .... sftr^-dSrnft-p&Mils. 

Sardott sar-doo'. 

Sarpedon 8fi]vp6'-<10n. 

Sarpi s&r'-pS. 

Sarrafl 84r-rft'=ytl. 

Sarrebruck, see Saarbriick s&r-briUc'. 

Sartain. sSr-t&n'. 

Sarto s&r'-tO. 

Sartoris s&r-td'-iis. 

Sartor Resartas .... s&r'-tdr rG-fifir'-tfis. 

Sarum s&r'-iim. 

Sarun, see Saran . . . sfirrdn'. 

Saskatchewan .... sfts-kSch'-S-wan. 

SasUa 6&8'-k&-&. 

Sassari 8&3'-B&-re. 

Sassenach sSs'-fr-nidh. 

Sassoferrato sas'^-sO-fer-r&'-tO. 


Sataia, see Sattaia . . . sart&'-r&. 
Satire M&iippie, see 

Satyre M&iippie . . sft-tSr' mft-ne-p&'« 

SatolH Bfirtfll'-te. _ 

Satsuma ...... s£t-6Q'-ma, sat-soo'-mft. 

Sattaia, see Satara . . . 8art&'-r&. 

Satiimalia 8&t-€r-na'-]I=ft. 

Satyre M6nippie, see 

Satire M&iippie . . sartSr' mA-ne-pS'. 

SaugoTyOr s6-g(>r'. 

SaugUTy see Sagar . . • sd-gOr'. 

Sault Sainte Marie . . soo s&nt m&'-tl. 

Ft. s5 sMt m&-r6'. 

Satsmarez, see Sausmarez sO-ma-rSs^ 

Satsmur sO-mtir'. 

Sausmarez, see Saumarez 80-marre8^ 

Sautemes s5-tAm^ 

Savaii, see Sawaii . . . sSrvI'-S. 

Savana la Mar .... &p. 8&'-b&-ii& 1& mftr. 

Savaiy sarvft-i^'. 

Savigny sfirvSn-yg'. 

Savfle s&v'-n. 

Savde 8l^vw&'. 

Savoja 8ftrv5'-yft. 

Savonarola 8&'-yG-nA-r5'-lft. 

Savoy aft-voi'. 

Savoyard 8&-voi'-fird. 

Sawaii, see Savaii . . . sSrwi'-S. 

Sawantwari Ba-w<int-w&'*r6. 

Saze (Marshal de) . . . s&ks. 
Saze-Altenburg, see Sach- 

sen-Altenburg . . . 8&ks-Sl'-t6ii-b6rg. 
Saze-Coburg-Gotiia, see 

Sachsen-Coburg-Gotiia s&k8-k5'-b6i:g-g5'-ta. 

Saze-Lauenbtug . . . s&ks-low'-en-boordh. 
Saze-Meiningen, see Sach- 

sen-Meinin^n , , • s&ks-ml^-nlng-gn, 


Saze-Weimer- Eisenach, 

see Sachsen-Weimar- 

Eisenach s&ks-vl'-m&r-l'-sfi-ni^h. 

Say, Lfon ISr^' sa. 

Say Ontecount), or Saye sft. 

ScflMui (Gate) .... B/^'-m. 

Scaevola, Mutitts . . . mQ'Hshl-iis B6v'-(>-la. 

Scaf ell, see Scawfell . . skSrfSl'. 

Sca]a,La I&sk&'-la. 

Scala Santa ski'-UL s&n'-ta. 

Scaliger skfil'-I-jSr. 

Scamander skarm&n'-d^. 

Scandeifoeg, see Skander- 

beg Bkftn'-d6r-b6g. 

Sci^ sk&'-p&. 

Scapin sku'-pln. Fr. skft-pSii'. 

Scapino ...... It. 8ka-pe'-n5. 

Scatamoucbe sk&r'-a-mowch. Fr. 


ScaitK>roiis^ . . . sk&r^-bil-ril. 

Scaria(Emil) .... 8ka'-i«-a. 

Scarlatti sk&r-lat'-tS. 

Scarron skarrdi^i'. 

Scawfell, see Scaf ell . . sk6-feil'. 

Sceauz s5. 

Schadow sh&'-<l5. 

SchafiEhausen shaf-how'-z6n, 


Scharwenka (Philipp) . . sMr-vSng'-ka. 

Schaumburg-Lippe . . . showm'-boorth-Up'-ptL 

Schedone ska-d5'-na. 

Scheele (C. W.) . . . . shel. £[io. shll'-g. 
Scheherezade, see She- 

herezade 8h5rlifi''-r&-z&'-<lfi, 


Scheideck, or Scheidegg . shl'-^gk. 

Scheidemann .... shl'-da-man. 


Sclielde,or rth61'-<16. 

Scheldt skfilt. pap. shfilt. 

ScheUingy von . . • • fOn shgl'-llng. 

Schenck sk6nk. 

Schenectady 8k8n-6k'"tardl. 

Sch£rer sh£-r&r'. 

Scheurer-Kestner . . . shSr-Ar'-kfist-nftr'. 

Scheveningen .... 86hfi'-v6n-Ing-en. 

Schiedam sk&-d£m^ skS'-dSm. 

D. 86h&-d&m'. 

SchiehaDion sh&-h£l'-3riin. 

SchiUer^von fOnshU'-lgr. 

Schipka (Pass), see Shipka shlp'-ka. 

Schiegel, von .... fSnshla'-g^. 

Schiei, see Schley . . . shll. 

Schieiermacher .... shll'-gr-mafth'^-^r. 

Schiemihl, Peter . . . Ger. pfi'-tSr shlfi'-mSl. 
Schleswig, see Sleswick, 

Slesvig shiez'-v!6h, shie8'-i46h. 

Schleswig-Holstein . . shlez'-v!6h-h5rH9tIn. 
Schiey, see Schiei, Sley 

(Prussia) shll. 

Schley (Winfield Scott) . all. 

Schliemann shlS'-man. 

Schlilter shla'-t6r. 

Schmalkalden, see Smal- 

kald, Smalcald . shmfil^-k&l-dSn. 

Schnorr von Earolsfeld . shn6r f6n kar'-db-fSlt. 

SchoefFer, see SchSfFer . sh§f '-fSr. 

Schoelcher (Victcnr) . . Fr. skel-sh&r'. Oer. 


SchSfFer, see Schoeffer . shef -fSr. 

Schoharie sk5-hSr'-I. 

Schomberg, von . . . . ffin sh5m'-b6i:g. 

Fr. shdA-b&r', 

SchSmberg fihem'-bgrfth. 

SchSnberg-Cotta . . . shen'-bSrfth k0t'4u 


SchSobntim 8h6n'-brd6n. 

SchSnefeld shg'-ii&-feit. 

Schongauer (Martin) . . sh5n'-gow-£r. 

SchSnliattseii shen-how-zSn. 

Schopenhauer .... 8h5'-p6n*how'-Sr. 

Schouler skoo'4Sr. 

Schouvaloffi see Shuvaloff shoo-v&'-ldf . 

Schreiner (Olive) . . . shri'-nSr. 

Schreyer shri'-Sr. 

Schroder shi€'-d6r. 

SchrSder-Devrient . . . 8hr§'-dSr-d6y-r&==6]i'. 

Schubert shoo'-bfirt. 

Schumann shoo'-man. 

Schumann-Heizik . . . shoo'-man-hink'. 

Schurz shd6rt8. 

Schlitt shat. 

Schuyler skl'-l§r. 

SchuylUll skoor-ldl. 

Schwab (Chas.) .... sw&b. 

Schwanthaler .... shv&n'-tfil-Sr. 

Schwartzkoppen . . . . shvarts'-kSp-pSn. 

Schwarzenbeig .... 8hv&rt'-2s6n-b6i6h. 

Schwarzwald shvfirts'-yfilt. 

Schwerin shy&-rto^ 

Schwob (Marcel) . . . shvSb. 

Schwyz sh^t^. 

Schytte shlt'-tt. 

Scilly(l8.) Btt'-L 

Sdnde, see Sind . . . sind. 

SdOi see Chios .... sI'-O, 8he'-5. 

Scipio sIp'-M. 

Sdtuate dt'-yti-fit. 

Sclav skl&v, skl&v. 

Scone skoon, skOn. 

Soopas akO'-pas. 

Scorpio 8k6r'-pI-0. 

Scotti skSV-t5, 


Scriabine skr@-&'-bIn. 

Scribe, Engine .... &-zhSn' skr6b. 

Scriblerus skrib-lS'-rfis. 

Scad&i| or Scudfoy . . 8kti-dfi-r6'. 

Scoola di San Rocco . . skoo=(>'-l& dS s&n rSk'-kd. 

ScnrcolIaiOr akoor-kSr-Ul. 

ScurcukiOr skoor-koo'-UL 

Scurgola, see Scnrcolla . 8koor-g5'-l&. 

Scntari skoo'-ta-iS. 

Scylla dl'-ft. 

Sealkote, see Slalkot . . s3-Sl-k5t^ 

Seatde 85-&t'-L 

Sebastian 06-bS8'-tI=an. 8p. 


Sebastiano del Piombo . 8&-ba£hte=&'-n5 dfil 


Sebastopol, see Sevastopol s&b-'Ss-tO-p6l, 


Secchi (Angelo) .... aSk'-^. 
Sechnen, see Szechneni 

Se Tchnen Bfi-choo-8n^ 

Sedalia 86-d&'-II-4i. 

Sedan se-d&i^^ Fr.aMM\ 

Sedgemoor s&j'-moor. 

Ste sfi. 

Seeland sS^-l&nd. 

Seetapoofi see Sitapor . se-t&-poor'. 
Segan-fu, see Singan Fn, 

Sian-fu s&-gftn'-foo. 

Sego, see Sega .... sfi^-gO. 

Segovia sS-gO'-vI-A. iSfp. 


Segtti see Sego .... sfi^-goo. 

S^gOTf de da sfirgiir'. 

Seharunpoor, see Sahaian-. 

pur 86-h&i>iin-po5r'. 


Sddl, Anton fin'-tOn d'-dl. 

SddUtz, see SedUtz , . zld'-Uts. 

Seine (R.) sfin. Fr. sfin. 

Seine-et-lCame .... aSn^-Srm&rn'. 

Setne-et-Oise .... sfiii'-&-w&z\ 

Seine-Infiriettie . . . 86n'-&^-f&-r€^=^. 

Sejanus 8&-jI^-ntls, s&-jfi^-nfis. 

Sekiangi see Sikiang . . se-ke-anfif. 

Seleucidae, or .... se-lQ'-el-dS. 

Seleudds sS-lQ^-ddz. 

Seleocus 8&-lii^*k&8. 

Selim se'-Um, 8§-lem'. 

SiUncoort (Hugh de) . . s^-UUi-koor'. 

Seljuks sgl-jooks'. 

SeUe aSl. 

Sekms sSMtks. 

Sembrich zSm'-brldh. 

Semele aSm^-S-lS. 

Semeringi see Semmering zfim'-£r-Ing. 

Seminole 86m'-I-n5l. 

Semiramide sarme-ra'-ml-dfi. 

Semiiamis sfr-mlr^-a-mls, 


Semites eSmMts. 

Semmeringi see Semering z6m'-Sr-ing. 

SemonideSi see Simonides 86-m5nM-dez. 

Sempach zSm'-pa6h. 

SempionOi It. for Simplon 86m-p&=5'-n6. 

Senancour 8&-na]i-koor^ 

Sendai s&n-<U\ 

Seneca 8Sn'-6-k&, sSn^-^ka. 

Seneffe s&-nef ^ [sSn'-^gal. 

Senegal n. 8Sn-e-g^^ adj. and n. 

S6n6gal Fr, sa-na-g&l'. 

Senegambia s6n-g-gam'-bl-a. 

Senekal sSn-S-k&r. 

Senigalliai see SinigagHa . s&-ng-gSlMS=a. 

Sran«AC 271 SB TGHDBir 


Senlac ^gn'-lfik. 

SenUs B6h'W. 

Sennaar, see Sexmar . . 8gn-nar\ 

Sennacheiif s^-nfik'-e-ilby sBn-arkB'-iIb. 

Sexmar» see Sennaar . . 86-nar^ 

Seftor aan-ydr'. 

Seftoia sfin-yO -ra. 

Sens ad^. 

Seonee, or Seoni . . . 85-5'-n§. 

Seoul, see Seul . . . sS-oor. 

Sepoji see Spahi . . . sS-pd'-^. pop. sS'-poL 

Septuagesiiiia .... aep^'til-arjSs'-I-ma. 

Septuagint aSp^-td-arjInt''. 

Seraglio sS-ral'-yO. 

Seiajevo 8&-ra'-y5-v6. 

Seiao, Matilde .... ma-tel'-da s&-r&'-A. 

SerapeionyOr aSr-a-pe'-fin. 

Serapeium, or Serapeum . ser-a-pe'-fim. 

S£raphita sa-ra-fS-t^'. 

Seiapioiiy see Serapeion . sSr-a-pe'-fin. 

Serapis sS-ra'-pis, sS-rft'-plta. 

Seres aSr'-fis. 

Sereth s6^-£t^ 

Sergius 8§r'-jl-tis. 

Serinagori see Srinagar . sfir^-I-nargoor'. 
Seringapatam, see Sriran- 

gapatam s&-IIng'-g&-pS-t£m^ 

Seringes sS^-fidzh^ 

Seipukhoff 8Sr-poo-6h5f . 

Serra, Junipero .... 'hdo-nIp'-firr58Br'-& 

Serrano y Dominguez • . sSr-ra'-nO S dG-mln'-gftth. 

Serre s^r. 

Servetus s6r-vS^-ttls. 

Servius Tullitts .... s^r'-vi-fis tOl'-I-ths. 

Sesostris s&^sds'-trls. 

Se Tchuen, see Se Chueni 

Szechuen sa choo-&l^ 



Setebofl 8St'-«-bS6. 

Setfl, see Seoul . . * eS-oor. 

Setmt 86r-&'. 

Sevastopol, see Sebastopol aSv '-i8'*t5*p5L 

Ru88. 8By'-&»-tO'-p5I. 

Sevdk s&y'-chlk. 

Sevenis (Locfais Septimitts) aS-ve'-rOsy sS-ve'-rus. 

Sevier sB-vSr'. 

Sivigniyde dtt 8&-vSIl-yfi^ 

Sevflla, 5p. 8&-vSr-ya. 

Seville, Fr siSrvd'. 

Seville aSv'-n, 8&-vn'. 

Sivres sBvr. 

Sengesima s&ks-arjfis'-I-ma. 

S^cfaelles BftHshsr. 

Seydlitz zld'-Hte. 

SfakiiSyOf sf&'-ktkfl. 

Sfaz sf&ks. 

Sfoita sfOrd'-sft. 

Sgimaielle sgA-ufirrBl'. 

'S Gfttvenluuigei see The 

Hague 8-grfirv8n-h&'-6h8. 

Shadrach shft'-dr&k. 

Sha&lus shSf'-ArUbs. 

Shah shft. 

Shahabad shfirhfirbad'. 

Shah Jahan, or Jehan . • sh& ya-h&n', y6-hSn\ 

Shah Jehanpoor .... shft yS-h&n-poor'. 
Shahpoor, see Sapor, and 

Shapur shSrpoor'. 

Shakuntala 8hfi^koon'-t&-lft. 

Shalmaneser shfil-marn§'-z&-. 

Shalott 8hfirl5t'. 

Shanghai ah&ng-hl^ sh&ng-h&'=l 

Shanking 8h&n-kIng^ 

Shanai sh&n-flS'. 

Shantow, see Swatow . . 8hfin-tow\ 


Shan-tang shfin-l 

Shapur, see Sapor, Shah- 
poor shdrpoor'. 

Sharezer BhJ(ri§^-2§r. 

Sharon sh&r'-Sn. 

Shawangunk shSng'-f^fim. 

Shchedrin shch6d'-rin. 

Shebat she-bftt'. 

Sheboygan shS-boi'-gan. 

Shebuyeff 8biB*boo'-y6f. 

Shechem, see Sichem . . shS'-kfim. 

Shechemite shS'-k&n-It. 

Shechinah, see SheUnah . sh&-k['-n&. 

Sheemogga, see Shimoga she-mSg'-gft. 

Sheemz, see Shiraz . . she^-r&s. 

SheherezadOi see Sche- 

herezada Bbfi-hft'-rft-sft'-dft, 


Sheik, or Sheikh . . . sh6k| shAk. 

Sheila she'-la. 

Shekinah, or Shechinah . 8h&-k['-n&. 

Shelley. sheiM. 

Shenandoah shfin-&n-dO'-a. 

Shen-st| Shen-See . • . shSn-fl6'. 

Sheol shS'-Ol. 

Sheraton shSr^-artdn. 

Sherifhrair shSr-If-mttr'. 

Shiites shS'-Its. _ 

Shikarpur 8hIk-&r-poor'. 

Shikoku, see Sikoka . . she-kG'-koo. 

ShiUaber sUI'-a-bSr. 

Shitoh shiMo. 

Shimoga, see Sheemogga shS-md'-gft. 

Shimonosekii see Simo- 

noseU Bhim-5-n(V-sBk'-6« 

Shinar shi'-n&r. 

Shing^dng •••••• sUng-ldng'. 





Shintoisin 8hln'-t&-lzm. 

Shipka, see Schipka (Pass) shlp'-k&. 

Shiraz, see Sheenz . . shS'-raz. 

Shiri 8hS'-r&. 

Shiiran shIr-vSn'. 

Shiva, see Siva .... shI Wa. 

Shogun 8h5-goon'. 

Shokwado sh5'-kw&'-do'. 

Sholapur shd-lSnpoor'. 

Shoshone sh0^5'-iie, 8h0^5-ne^ 

Shrewsbuiy shrQz'-b^-I. 

Shcherbacheff .... shschgr-ba-chef. 

Shuntien-fu shoon^-t&=«n'-foo\ 

Shttshan shoo'-shin. 

Shuvaloff , see Schouvaloff 8hoo-v&'-l5f . 

Shjiock 8hi'45k. 

Sialkot, see Sealkote . . 8^&l-k6t'. 

Siam d-&in', sS-am'. 

Siamese d-a-mSz^ ^-a-mes'. 

Sian-fu, see Singan-fu, Se- 

gan-fu se-an'-foo. 

Siasconset d-Ss-kdn'Hset. pop. 


Sibelius s&-ba'-l&-oo8. 

Sibola, see Cibola . . . 8e'-b5-l&. 

Siboney se-b5-nfi'==5. 

Sibuyan sS-boo-yan'. 

Sibyl s!b'.n. 

Sicard se-kftr". 

Sichem, see Shechem and 

Sychem sT'-kSm. 

Sicilian dHsnM=^an. 

Sidly ds'-I-H. 

Siddngeni von .... ffin zlk^-Ing-gn. 

Sicyon dsh'-I-Sn. 

SiddhArta,or sld-h&r'-t&. 


Siddbartba d-dhfir'-lM. 

Sidon, see Zidon . . . d'-d5n. 

Siegfried, see Sigfrid . . sSg'-fred. Oer. agf4teL 

Siemaradski ze-marrfid'-dd. 

Siemering zS'-mfi-ilng. 

Siena, see Sienna . . . 86-Sn'-n&. 

Sienese 86-Sn-6z^ 8&-6n-6B'. 

Sienkiewicz s@=6n-k&=^'-vlch. 

Sienna, see Siena . . . 86-Sn'-&. 

Siena de los Ladiones . sS-Sr'-rfi dfi lOs la-diO'-niBs. 

Siena Leone 86-er'-r& le-d'-n3. loc 

le-5n'. Sp. sS-Sr'-ra 


Siena Madre .... s6-er'-ia m&'-drft. 

Siena Maestra .... sfi-er'-nL m&-Ss'-tr&. 

Siena Morena .... se-Sr'-ra m5-ra'-n&. 

Siena Nevada .... s^-er'-ra n^v&^-d&. 

Sp. s&^r'-rfi n&-v&'-dft. 

Sieyis sS-ySs', sMs', 8&=ft.yte^ 

Sigely Ftanz fr&ntz se'-g6I. 

Oer. zS'-isi. 

Sigfrid, see Siegfried . . sSg'-fred. Ger. zSg'-fret. 
Sigismund (Emperor), see [Oer. zS^-s^md6nt. 

Sigmund dj'-fe-mtbid. 

Sigmaiingen z^-m&-ilng'-8n. 

Sigmund, see Sigismund . dg'-mtind. Oer. zSg^-rnddnt. 

Signac sSn-y&k^ 

Signora sen-y5'-ra. 

Signoreitt 86n-y5-rei'-lS. 

Signoria 86n-y5-re^-&. 

Signoiy 8Sn'-y5-il 

Sigoumey sKg^-gr-nl. 

Sigurd zS'-goord. Fr. sS-gOr'. 

Sikfas sSks. 

Sikiang, see SeUang . . s3-k6-ang'. 

Sikoku, see Shikoku . • 8&-k9'-koo. 

Silenus ef-le'-ntls. 


SUasia dl-e'-sh^:^. 

Silhet, see S]ihet . . . dl-hSt'. 

Siloah, or d-l5'-a. 

Siloam d-l5'-ain, dl-0'4bn. 

Sllva s6l'-v&. 

SUvanna dl-va^-ntks. 

SQvester s6l-v68'=tr. 

SavioPelUco 8Sr-v&^ pSI'-l^k5. 

fflmatii^jia 8&-man'-kas. 

Simbirsk din-bSrsk\ 

Simecm Slylites .... slm'-e-On stl-lI'-tSs. 

Simla sim'-la. 

Simois 8lm'-5-Is. 

Simon de Montfort . . . a'-m5n dii m5nt'-f 5rt. 

Ft. s5-m64' dtt m6A-f8r'. 

Simoni Jules zhtU 8&-m6A^ 

Simonides, see Semonides d-m5nM-dSz. 
SimoDoseld, see Shimono- 

seki dm-5-n5-fl6k'-3. 

Simploiii see Sempione . sim'-pldn. Fr. 8&l(i-pl^l(i^ 

Sinai (Mount) .... d^-na, si'-nfirl, d '-nl. 

Sinaitic (Peninsula) . . d-n&-It'-Ik. 

Sinclair dn-kl&r'. Eng. dng'-klAr. 

Sindi or Sinde, or Sindhi 

see Sdnde s!nd. 

Singan-fu» see Sian-fU| 

Segan-fu sSn-g&n^-foo. 

Singapore dng-ga-pGr^, dn'-ga-pOr. 

Singhalese sSng-ga-lSz^ or -l^^ 

Sinigagliai see Senigallia s&-n&-giQ'-y&. 

in shin f&n. 

>, or sl-n6'-p6. 

Sinub|Turk 8&-noob'. 

Sioui see Zion .... sl'-6n. 

Sioux 800. 

Siraj-ttd Daula, see Sura- 

jahDowIah .... s5-rd.j'-ood-dow'-l&. 


Sirdar . ser-d&r'. 

Sirius fifr^-I-Os. 

Sirsa egr'-sa. 

Sisera ds'-^rH. 

Sismondii de dii ds-mSn'-dl. , Fr. dfl 


Sxssley 8S&-le'. 

Sistme, see Siztine . . ds^-tib. 

Sisyphus ds'-I-ffis. 

SitapisTi see Seetapoor . sS-ta-poor'. 

Sittt, see Assiuti Asyoot . sG-oot'. 

Sivat see Shiva .... sS'-va. 

Sivan fflv -an. 

Siward sS'-wfird. 

Siwash s^-vUsh'. 

SiZiJan y&nsSks. 

Siztine (Chapel)i see Sis- 
tine dks'-tib. 

SjSgren shS'-grBn. 

Skager-Rack sk£g'-&-r&k', 8k&g'-6r-rak. 

Skaguay skig'-wa. 

Skanderbegi see Scander- 

beg skSn'-dlir-bSg. 

Skaneateles (L.) . . . sk&n^-e-&t'-l^. 

Skeat sket. 

Skiddaw skld'-dd. 

SUemiewice 8k§=Sr^*n6=^yet'-85. 

Skobeleff 8k5'-be-lef. 

Skrzyneckii Jan Boncza . y&nb8n^-ts& 


Skupshtina 8kd6p6h'-ti[-n&. 

Slav, or Slave .... slav, sl&v. 

Slavonic 8l&-y5n'-Ik. 

Slesvig (DanOf see Schles- 

wig slSs'-vIg. 

Sleswick, see Schleswig . slSs'-wlk. 

Sley, see Schlei .... six. 

CTJOlffJi 278 80114 

SUdeU Bll<lgl'. 

Slowadd d5-v&t8'-kL 

Slovak shV-vSk'. 

Slovene sl5-ven^ 

Sluis, or Sliqrs .... dois. 
Smalcald, or Smalkald, 

see Schmalkalden • . smSl'-kXld. 

Smakaldic smSl-kSl'-dlk. 

Smaldeel sm2lt'-fil. 

Smectymnuiie • • • • smfik-tlm'-nQ-ths. 

Smetana smS'-tfirn&. 

SmiOie smi'*!!. 

Smith Cay smltiik&'=6. 

Smoleiiak smO-lSnak'. 

Smuts smo6t8. 

Sneydersy see Snyders . snI'-dSrs. 
Snorrei Snorrii or 

Snono Sturleson • . snSr'-rS, snSr'-re, or 

sndr'-rS stoor^-lfirsSn. 

Snowdon snG'-dtin. 

Snyders, see Sneyders . snI'-dSrs. 

Snyman (Gen.) .... sDl'-m&n. 

SoblesU s5-b^F=«8'-k6. 

Sobranje 86-br&n^-yS. 

SocapaiLa Ia86-k&'-p&. 

Sodnian 8&-dn'-I-an. 

Sodniis sOHsI^-niis. 

Socrates sSk'-ra-tes. 

Sfidermanland .... se^-dfo-m&n-I&nt'. 

Sodom fi6d'-6m. 

Sodoma»or 86-dG'-m&. 

Sodona s&-d5^-n&. 

Soerabaya, see Surabaya . 8oo-rdrbI'-& 

Sofak 86-f&'-la. 

Soft, or Sophi, see Sufl| 

Saffl sO'-fl. 

Sofia, see Sophia . . . 86-fe'-& 


Soho (Square) .... s5'-h5. 

Sohrabi see Suhxab . . mod. Pets. sdo-hr6b'. 

Arab. 86-hr6b'. 

Soignies sw&n-yS\ 

Soissons swSrfi6]fi'. 

Sokoto s5-k0'-t0. 

Sol 861. 

Solace (The) ssr-fis. 

Solario (Antonio) • • . 86-l&'-i6-5. 

Soldau zSr-dow. 

Solebay sor-ba. 

Solferino sSl-ffi-re'-nO. 

Solinus 86-li'-nii8. 

Soltlkoff , see Saltikoff . . sSr-tS-kdf. 

Solymani see Suleiman . sAr-I-man. 

Somaj sO-m&j'. 

Somaliland s(V-m&Me-l£nd. 

Sombofi see Zombor . . sAm'-bOr. 

Sombrero s5m-brS'-rO. 

Somme (R.) sSm. 

SSmmering J5§m^-m6r-lng. 

Somosierra sO'^-mO-d-fir'-a. 

Sonata Appassionata . . 86-n&'-ta 


Sonata Tragica .... s(V-n&'-t& tr&'-je-k&. 

Sonderbund zdn'-der-bd6nt. 

Sonnambukf La . . . 1& sSn-nSm^-boo-UL 

Sonnino sSn-ne'-n6. 

Sontag sfin^-tSg. Oer. zSn'-tUh. 

Soochow, see Su-chau . . soo'-choV. 

Soodan, see Sudan, Soudan soo-dan'. 

Soodnii see Sudra . • Boo'-dr&. 

Soolooy see Sulu, Jol6 . . soo-loo'. 

Sopater sAp'-a-tSr, sO'-part^r. 

Sophia, see Sofia • ^ . . s(V-£['-&. moiqwy 86-fB'-&. 

Serbia Doxothea . / • sO-fl'-a d5r-5-the'-a 

Sqphrosyne aO-frte'-In-e. 


SofbooneiLa .... I&flSr-bSn'. 

Sorel, Agnils fin-y&s' s5-rel^ 

Soda 80'-r&-a. 

Soriano 80-rQ-&'-nG. 

Sorolla sO-rOr-ya. 

Soxosis • . 80-r5'Hsdb. 

Sosigenes s5-6lj'-&-nSz. 

Sotatsu 80^-tat8'-6'. 

Soubise 8oo-bSz^ 

Sottdaiii see Sudan . . . soo-dan'. 

Soucbe soofih. 

Souchez sooHsha^ 

Sottdanese, see Sudanese soo-d&n-Sz^ soo-dfin-Ss'. 

SoufDot 800-fi5^ 

Soul£ B^la'. 

Soult soolt. 

Sousa soo'-za. 

Southey sow'-{hI, siiCIi'-I. 

Southampton (City) . . sowth-hkmp'-t5n, cr 


Sotttiuunpton (Earl of) . sa{h-&inp'-t6n, or 


SouAwark sa{h^-6rk. 

SouvarofFi see Suvaioff» 

Suwaroff 80o-v&'-r5f. 

Souvestrei £mile . . . S-i^el' 8oo-vfis'=tr. 

Souvigny soo*v§n-y6^ 

Soviet 86v-ySt'. 

SpagnolettOi n .... 61 8pSii-y5-I£t'-t5. 

Spahee, or sp&'-6, sp&'-he. 

Spahi, see Sepoy . . . sp&'-hl. 

SpalatO|Or spSrl&'-tO. 

Spalatro spdrla'-trO. 

Spallanzani sp^-Uuid-z&'-ne. 

Spandau splUi'-dow. 

Sparafttdle spa''-rarfoo-chS'-la. 

Spartftcus sp&r'-ta-kfls. 



281 STAAL 

Speichenii see Spicheren 8pI'-6hSm. 

Speleii see Speyer, Spire . spir, spI^-Sr. 

Spenceiian, or -seiian . . sp6n-fl6'-il-cui. 

Speianskii or Speransky . spfi-r&n^Hske. 

Spetzia, see Spezia . . . 8p6t'-z&-&. 

Speyer, see Speier, Spires spf -£r, splr. 

Speyeibach 8pl^-£r-bft6h. 

Spezia, or Spezzia, see 

Speteia 8p8t'-z6-&. 

Spica BpL'^Lk. 

Spicheren, see Speichem . spS'-^hSr-Sn. 

Spielhagen spSl'-hSrgSn. 

Spinola, de dk sp6'-n5-]&. 

Spinoza 8p&-n5'-z&. 

Spion Kop spS'-dn k5p. 

Spire, see Speier, Speyer . spSr. 

Spires, see Speyer, Spire . splrz. 

Spiridon 8pI-ild'-I-5n. 

Spitalflelds . % . . • spIt'-al-fSlds. 

Spluga, or sploo'-g&. 

SplQ^n ...... splti'-gSn. 

Spohr (Louis) . • • • sp5r. 

Spokan, or sp5-k&n^ 

Spokane spO-kftn'. 

Spoleto 8pO-lS'-t5. 

Spontini spSn-tS'-nS. 

Sporades sp&r'-SrdSz. 

Spree sprS. 

Spmgeon 8pih>'-]iin. 

Spurzheim 8po5rts'-hIm. 

Spnyten Duy vil • • • . spf -tSn dl'-vfl. 

Spytfontein spIt^-f5n-tTn. 

Squardone dcw&r-ch5'-na. 

Srinagar, see Serinagur . sri-na-g&r'. 
Srirangapatam, see 

Seringapatam .... srI-r&Dg^-garpartihn'« 

Staal,de dflstal. 


Stabat Mater .... stft'bSt ma'-ter, stft'-bat 

Stadtlohn stat-lOn'. 

Stael-Hblatein .... st&'-ei-h5r-«tin. 

Fr. starei'-Sl-4stiU'. 

Stai^ 8t&*jl'-ra. 

Slagixite st&j'-I-ift. 

Stagirua starjl'-rOs. 

Stamboul stam-bool'. 

Stambtdoff stfixn*boo'4fif. 

Stanhope st&n'-dp. 

Stanialasi aee Stanialaua . st&n'-b-las. 

Stanialas Lesczinsld . . ist&n'-fe-las Ifish-ehln'-akS. 

Stanicdausy see Stanislas • st&n-is-ls'-tis. 

Stanifdatts (R.) .... st&n^-is-low. 

Stanze 8t&nd'-2s6. 

Staihemberg st&'-r6m-b6rth. 

Statira • • sta-tf -ra. 

Staubbach stowb'-b&6h. 

Stavanger 8t&-vang'-g6r. 

Stavropol stav'-r(J-p61. 

Steen,Jan yfinstfin. 

SteenkerkOi or .... stfin^-kSrk-S. 

Steenkerken st&n'-kSrk-gn. 

Stefanie (L.) st6-f&-n5'. 

Steini von f Sn stin. 

Steinau sti'-now. 

Steinitz stfn'-Its. 

Steinmetz stin'-mfits. 

Steinwehr stin'-var. 

Stelvio stei'-vI-5. 

Stendhal, De dti st5]&-<lSl'. 

Stephanie st&-f&-nS'. 

Stephano Tempest, 8t&f'-&-n5. 

Merchant of Venice, 


Stephen Bithori • . • . ste'-vfin ba *tO-r6. 


Ste^niak 8tSp'-n&=fik. 

Sterkstroom Btfirk'HstrOm. 

Stetdn Bt&fr^n'. 

Steuben stQ'-bfin. Oer. stoi'-bfin. 

Steyn stln. 

Steyne stln. 

Stibeidlgebit 8tI'-b§r-dI-]6bMt. 

Stigand sti^-and. 

StOicfao 8tnM-k5. 

StOliano 8t6l-&4l'-n5. 

Stinnes, Hugo . • • . hoo'-g5 stin'-te. 

Stoddioku st6k'-h5hn. 

Stoke Poges stOkpO'-jte. 

Stolypin stO-Up'-In. 

Stolzenfels stSlt'-sSn-fgls. 

Stonnbeig st6rm'-b6r6h. 

Stor-ttiing stOr'-tlng. 

StBtteritz fiMt'-te-ilts. 

Stouc^tou sUMAn. 

Stour stoor. 

Stcabo starS'-bO. 

Stracfaey, Lythm • • • Dt'4in starS'-chl. 

Stradivaxius strSd-I-vft'-rl-tbs. 

Strakoach str&'-kflEdi. 

Stralaund sta:8l'H9d6nd. 

Strasbourg Fr. strfis-boor'. 

StraaburgyOr . • • • str&9'-b§rg. 

Straasburg Oer. strfis'-boorfth. 

Stratford-on-Avon • • . 8trftt-f(3rd-dn-fiW0iL 

Strauss ••••••• strews. 

Stravinalqr strirvin'-skl. 

Strelitz (?er. shtrft'-Bts. 

Strelitzes strgr-its-Sz. 

Strephon strfif-dn. 

Strindberg strlnt-bfir^h. 

Stromboli 8tr6m'-b0-l& 

Stropbadea straf-Mte 


Stioni sti6t'-z6. 

Strumitza stroo'-mets-a. 

Strove stroo'-yfi. 

Stiy] strS. 

Stiypa stre'-p&. 

StoUweissenburg . • • ahtool-vls'-en-bdorth. 

StOnnier shtur'-mBr. 

Stuim and Dnng • • . shtoonn d6iit drfing. 

Stuttgart shtd&t'-gart. 

Stcqrvesant stl'-v^Hsftnt. 

Stygian stlj'-I-aiL 

Stylites stl-lI'-tSz. 

S^ ster. 

Styz silks. 

Suabia, see Swabia . . sw&'-bI-«L 

Suabian, see SwaUan . . sw&'-bl-an. 

Subiaco 800-b&=a'-k5. 

SubigCBay) soo-beg'. 

Sublime Porte .... sub-llm' p5rt. 
Su-chau, or Suchow, see 

Soochow soo'-chow'. 

Suchet sU-6ha^ 

Sucrei de dfi soo'-krft. 

Sudan, see Soudan, Soodan soo-d&n'. 

Sudanese, see Soudanese soo-d&n-Sz', soo-d&n-Ss'. 

Sudermann zdo^-dgr-m&n. 

Sudra, see Soodra . . soo'-dr&. 

Sue, Eugdne yu'-j6nsQ. Fr. §-zhan' stt. 

Suetonius swS-t5'-nI-iis. 

Suez soo^-gz, 80o-Sz^ 

Su£Feed Eoh, see Sal ed Koh stif '-^-k5. 

SufEren de Saint-Tropez . stif-fren' dfi 8&!i-tr0-pg8s^ 

Fr. siif -frttA' du OA tr5-pa'. 

Sufi, see Saffi, Sofii . . soo'-fl. 

Suhiab, see Sohrab . . mod. Pera. soo-hr6b'. 

Arab. 8&-hr6b\ 

Suippe ....... swep. 


Stikenobu 80o'-k£'-n5'-b3^ 

Still Rio Gnmde do . . t^'-6 graii'-d& doo sooL 
Stileiman (Mosque of)i see 

Solyman eodASrm&n^ 

Sulla sU'-a. 

Sulty sttl'-I. Fr. su-te'. 

Sully-Pradhomme . . . sii-l6'-prti-d&m\ 

Sultanpur sCil-t&n-poor\ 

Sului see Sooloo, Jol6 . . soo-loo'. 

Suhik ado-look'. 

Sumag soo-mfig'. 

Sumatra soo-m&'-tra. 

SumbulpuTi see Sambalpur stlm-bill-poor'. 

Sundi soon'-dS. 

Suxma 8d6n'-a. 

Sumu 8d6n'-€. 

Sun Tat Sen - &S6n y&t sfin. 

Supp6, von fSn zd6p'-pa. 

Surabayai see Soeiabaya soo-r&-bI'-a. 
Surajah Dowlah, see Siiaj- 

ud-Daula Boo-r&'-i& dow'-UL 

Surat aoo-r&t'. 

Surikoff soo'-r&-kSf. 

Surinam aoo-il-nam'. 

Susa soo'-sa. It soo'-z&. 

Sutiej s&t'-lej. 

Suvaroffyor soo-va'-rSf. 

SuTla Boo'-vla. 

SuwalU soo-val'-ke. 

SuwaneOi or Suwannee . sQ-wd'-nS. 

SuwaroffyOr soo-va'-rftf. 

Suwarrowi see Suvaroff . soo-va'-rSv. 

Suzuki Hanmobu . . . soo'-zoo'-ke' 


Sverdrup sv6r'-dr6&p 

liai see Suabia . . swiL'-bl-a. 

if see Suabian . . sw&'-bl-an. 


Swansea swSn'-afi. 

SwartoWyOr swSr-tow^ 

Swatow, see Shantow . . swfirtow'. 

SwazQand ...... 8w&'-z&-lftnd. 

Swedenboig 8we'-d£n-b6rg. 

Sw. svld'-^n-b5ig. 

Swedenborgian .... sw6-den-b6r'-jl-an. 

SwegeiiyOr svfi'-g^. 

Sweiiiyor swftn. 

Sweyn swftn. 

^ybaiis db'-ap-ils, alb'-firrls. 

SytMuite db'-ap-rlt. 

Sybelyvon fSnse'-bSL 

Sychar d'-k&r. 

Sydiem, see Sichenit She- 

chem d'-kSm. 

Sycorax -8lk'-5-r8ks. 

Sydenham dd'-^n-am. 

^Ihet, see Silhet . . . dl-hSt'. 

Sylva, Carmen .... kfir'-mBn dl'-v&. 

Sylvester eil-vSs^-t&r. 

^Ivestre Bonnard . . . ell-yte^-tr bOn-Ar'. 

Symonds eim'-flndz, si'-miinds. 

Synums eim'-iinz, d'-mflnz. 

Symplegades dm-plfig'-ard^. 

Synge sing. 

Synod aln'-6d. 

3ynope eS-n5'-pe. 

Syracuse dr'-ap-kOs, dr'-arkOs. 

Syrinx d'-rlngka. 

Szechenyi sH'-chSn-yG. 

Szechuen, see Sechuen, 

Se Tchuen sSrchoo-fin'. 

Szegedin sSg'-fid-Sn. 

6zi^ dg'-^t. 



Taafe,Toii fSnt&'-fii. 

Taai tsl. 

Tabaga, see Tobaga • . t&-b&'-g5. 

Tabard t&b^-ard. 

Tabasco tarbfis'-k5. iSp. t&-b&9^k5. 

Tablas ta'-blSs. 

Tabor Af ^. t&'-b6r. BoA. t&'-bfir. 

Tacoa pop. t&k'-na, t&k^-n&. 

Taddeo t§d-d£'-^. 

Tadema, Alma- .... fil^-mll-t&'-d6-in&. 

Tadmir t§d-mer'. 

Tadmor tftd'-mdr. 

Taeping, see Tai-plng . . tl-pKngf. 

Tafna taf'-nft. 

Tagal, see Tegal . . . targfil'. Z>. tSr^hal'. 

Tagala targ&'-l&. 

Taganiog pop. tSg-an-rdg', 


Tag^, Sanchez de . • . san'-chgs d& t&'-glft. 

Tagliacozzo tfil-yfirkSt'-25 

Tai^iamento tal-yap-mSn^-tO. 

Taglioni (FOippo) . . .^ tfil-y5'-n6. 

Tagore, Rabindxanaih . .' ra'-bln'-dra'-D&th' ta'-gOr'. 

Tagus, see Sp. Tajo, Port 

Tejo t&'-gOs. 

Tahamis iSr&'-mSa. 

Tahiti tSrbS'-tS. 

Tahitian tSrh6'-tI-aiL 

Tahieqoah t&-]S-kw&'. 

Tahoe t&'-h5. 

Tai, see Thai, or Thai . tl. 

Tai-chau tl'-chow^. 

TaiUebomg tfir=ytl-boor'. 

Taillefer t&^ya-f&r". 

Taine tfin. 


Tai-plcg, see Taeping . . tl'-jdng'. 

Taiwan tl-w&n'. 

Tai-yuan tl-w&n'. 

Taj-e-mah (The) . . . t&zh'-«^n&^ 

Taj Mahali or Mehal . . tazh m&rhSl', or m6-hfil'. 

Tajo, /Sp. for Tagus . . ta'-6h5. 

Tajuirah t&-]do'-r&. 

Takahiia ta'-ka'-he'-r&'. 

Takala, see Tekele . . . tark&'-l&. 

Takao, or Takow . . . tlirk&'=0, tft-kow'. 

Taku t&'-koo. 

TalaiJt(l8.) tfirlowt'. 

Talaveia de la Reina . . t§rl&-v&'-r& dfi 1& ra-§'-na. 

Talbot tdl'-btlt. 

Talca t^'-k&. 

Tatfourd t6r-ftird. 

Taliaferro t6r-I-v&-. 

Ta lien Wan, or Talien- 

wan t&M6n'-w&n'. 

TaUesin tSlMnsIn. 

Tallard tft-l&r'. 

Talleyrand-PirigDrd . . t&l'-I-rftnd. Fr. 


TalUen tSrI&=«&'. 

Talma tSl'-ma, tfil-m&'. 

Talmud t&l'-mfid. 

Talmudic t&l-mfid'-Ik. 

Talmudist tfil'-mtid-Ist. 

Tamalpais tftm-al-p&'-es. 

Tamanieb tSrmSrne-«b'. 

Tamar tiL'-m&r. 

Tamaulipas tSrmow-le'-pfis. 

Tamboff tfLm-bdf. 

Tambisrlainei or Tamber- 

lane tSm-b6r4fin^ 

Tamerlane, see Timur- 

Leng t&m-€r-lfin'. 



Tamils tfLm'-flz, tarmSIz'. 

Tanimtiz tSm^-fiz. 

Tanuxra t&m'-5-ra. 

Tampico ••••.. t&m-pS'-k5. Sp. tam-pS'-k5. 

Tamsui t&mHsoo'-S. 

Tajoagna t&n'-argr&. 

Tanais i&n'-Sria, t&^-narls. 

Tananerivo tSrDll''-nSrFe'-v5. 

Tancred t&ng'-kred, t&i'-ki6d. 

Tancrdde t&!i-ki«d'. 

Tancredi tan-krS'-de. 

TaneiefE tan-y&'-ef. 

Taney (Robert) .... td'-nl. 

Tanganyika (L.) . . . . tan-g&n-yS'-kft. 

Tanger, Fr., or . . . . taA-zh&^ 

Tangeri Oer., see Tangier tang'-er. 

Tangerine t&n-j6-Fen'. 

Tangier, or t&n-jSr^ tan-jSr'. 

TangierSi or t&n-jSrz', t&n-jSrs/. 

Tanjai Native .... t&n'-j&. 

Tanjore t&n-j(3r^ 

TanKweilin tto'-kw&Men'. 

Tannenberg tan'-en-bSr6h. 

Tannhauser tan'-hoi-zSr. 

T8nnyu tan'-n-yO'. 

Tantalus tftn'-tarltis. 

Tao t&'-<J. 

Taoism ta'-^Izm, ta'-^Izm, 


Taparelliy Massimo . . m&9'-6&-m5 t&-p&-r61'-te. 

Ta^ t&'-p&-&. 

TappanZee t&p'-an-zS. 

Tapti (R.) tSp'-te. 

Tara ta'-ra. 

Taranto tSrran'-t5. 

TarapacA pap. t&-ra-p&k'-a. 

Sp. t&''-rarp&-k&'. 


Taxascon t§rrfia-kdA'. 

Taibes t&rb. 

Tardieu t&rKl&=y6'. 

Tarifa t&-re'-f&. 

Tirlac, or Tailac • . . tSr'-l&k. 

Tarn t&riL 

Tam-et-Garomi0 • . . tfi^I'4l-g8rr^Il^ 

Tamopol tSr-n5^-pfiL 

Tamovo, see Timova . . t&r'-n5»v5. 

Tarpeia tSr-pS'-y&. 

Tarpeian tftr-pS'-yan. 

Tarquin t&r'-kwin. 

Tarquinio t&r-kwe'-ne-O. 

Tarragona tSr-rargO'-nft. 

Tarshish t&r'-fihish. 

Tartar, see Tatar . • . tfir'-tSr. 

Tartarean t&r-t&'-re-an. 

Tartarin t&r-t&-riUi'. 

Tartarus t&r^-tarrOs. 

TartufOi or Tartuffe . . tar'-tOf. Fr. tftr-tOT. 

Tashkendy or Taschkend t&9h-kend^ 

Tasmania t&z-m£'-iil«>a. 

Tasso, Torquato .... t5r-kw&'-t6 tSa'-O. 

It. tfis'HSO. 

Tatar, see Tartar . . . t&'-tftr. 

Tatlana t&t-y&'-na. 

Taubert tow'-bfirt. 

Tauchnitz towk'-nlts. 

Ger. tow^h'-nlts. 

Taughannock .... t6-gSn^-dk. 

Tanler towMSr. 

Taunton tant'-dn. 

Taunus tow'-noos. 

Tauric td'-rik. 

Taurida tow'-re-dft. 

Taurus (Mt) td^-rOs. 

Tavannes tirvan'. 


Tavoy t&-voi'. 

TayalMis tl-&'rb&9. 

Taygetus tft"K]'-*.tfis. 

Taytay t&'=S-t&'=6, 

Tchad (LOf see Chadi 

Tsad chad. 

Tchaikowsky chl-kSv'-aUL 

Tcherepnin chSr-ep'-nln. 

Tchernaya chAr'-nI-&. 

Tchernigoff chgr-n^-gSf . 

Tchemyshevsky . . . . cher-n§H3hdr-Bk8. 

Tchitcfaerin chlch'-gr-In. 

Tchu choo. 

Tchukchis chook'-ch^s. 

Teani see Teian .... te'-an. 

Tebeih t8-b8t'. 

Teck t6k. 

Tecumseh te-kiim'-sB. 

TeDeum tsde'-tim. 

Tegaly see Tagal . . . t6-g§l'. 

Tegea t6'-je-a. 

Tegetthoff ta'-gg1>-h8f. 

Tegnfir t6ng-n4r'. 

Teheran, or t^h-g-r&n'. 

Tehran teh-ran'. 

Tehri t6h-r6'. 

Tehuantepec t&-w&i''-t5rp6k'. ^ 

Teiani see Tean .... tS'-an. i 

Telgitur t6-ij'-I-t&r. 

Teignmonfh tftn'-milth. \ 

TejOi Port for Tagus . . tfi'-zhoo. 

Tekele» see Takala . . . t&-ks'-le. 

Telamon t&r-armCn. 

TelorTeUElKebir . . tgUlkSb^r". 

Telemachtis tS-l^m^-a-kOs. 

T616tnaque t&-la-m&k'. 

TeUez tfil'-ygth. 


Teman tS'-m&n. 

Tembuland tfim'-boo-lfind. 

T£m6raire t&-ma-r&r^ 

Temesvii tSm'-fish-vSr. 

Temora t&-m5'-ra. 

Tempe t^m'-pfi, tSm'-p6. 

Tenasserim tfin-Ss'-Sr-im. 

Tencin t5A-6&A^ 

Tenebre tfin'-e-brS. 

Tenedos ten'-&<lfi8. 

Tenerife, or tft-na-rS'-fa. 

Teneiiffayor t5rnS-Fef-f&. 

Teneriffe t8n-^r-If^ 

Teniers (David) .... t«n'-y6ra. Fr. te-ne=ftr'. 

Texmiel t6n'-y6l. 

Teocalli t6-0-k&l'-§. 

Tepic tSrpgk'. 

TeplitZi see TSplitz . . tfip'-Kts.^ 

Terauchi t&'-ra'=oo-ch6'. 

Terbuig t6r'-btt6h. 

Terceiia ...... tfir-eS^-riL 

Terek tfir-Sk'. 

Tergnier t6m-y5'. 

Tennonde t&r-m5Ad'. 

Temina, Fraulein Milka . f ror-Un msr-k& t6r-nr-n&. 

Terpsichore t5rp-dk'-5-re. 

Terpsichorean .... t§rp'-d-k5-r5'-aii. 

Terracina tSr-ra-che'-na. 

Terra del Fuego» see Tier- 

radelFuego .... t6r'-rfi dSI fa-§'-g5. 

Terrazas t6r-a^-e&3. 

Terrei La 1& tAr. 

Terre Haute tfir'-C-hSt. Fr. lAivOt'. 

TertuUian t6r-ttil'-&=an. 

Teruel t&-r6o-*l'. 

Teschen t6sh'-6n. 

Tesla tSz'.l&. 


TSte-Noire tSt-nw&r'. 

Tefhys t6'-thls. 

Tetiazziiii tft-trats-sS'-nS. 

Tetuan tSt-oo-an^ 

Teucer td'Hsgr. 

Teuf elsdrSckhy Herr . . hSr toi'-feiz-dr6k. 

Teuton tQ'-t5n. 

Teutonic tQ-t5n'-Ik. 

Teviot tiv'-I-5t, t6'-vl-«t. 

Tewfik Pasha .... tQ'-fik pfish-d^ pa-6ha^ 


TezcocOyOr tSs-k5^-k(3. . 

Texel t6ks'-^L 

Tezcuco tSs-koo'-k5. 

Thaba ITChu, or Thaba _ 

Ntschu, or ThatMUichu . ta'-bants-choo. 

Thaddeus th&d'-^fis, thSd-§'-tl8. 

Thaii see Thi, Tai . . . tl. 

Thais th&'-fa. Fr.t&^\ 

Thaisa tha'-Is-&. 

Thalaba th&l'-ap-ba. 

Thaiberg ta'-bSrth. 

Thaies thfi'-tez. 

Thalia thfi-U'-a. 

Thames, Am thfimz. 

Thames, £tH|f tSmz. 

Thanatopsis th&n-a-tdp'-ds. 

Tharaud t&-r5^ 

Theaetetus th&-e-t6'-t&s. 

Th^itre Antoine . . • ta-fttr' aA-tw&n'. 

Th£itre Chauve Souris . t&-&tr' sh5v soo-rS'. 

Thiitre Comique . . . tfir&tr' k5-mSk'. 

Th6itre Frangais, Le . . 1§ tSr&tr' frafi-sa^ 

Th64tre ItaUen .... tSr&tr' 5-ta.lS=€A'. 

Thebaid(The) .... the'-bfi-Id, th6-ba'-Id. 

Th6baide,La .... l&t§-b^d'. 

Thebais the-ba'-Is, theb'-firls. 


The Hague, see Den Haagi 

La Haje, S^Grawn 

Haage thehSg. 

TheiaSy see Ilszai Hung. . tis. 

TheUa t£kM&. 

Themis thS'-mls. 

Themistocles the-mls'-tO-klSz. 

Theobald (Lewis) . . . the'-Q-bdld, tXb'-&ld. 

Theocritean the-Sk'^-rl-te^-an. 

Theocritus the-5k'-rl-ttis. 

Theodoiic th&^^-^rlk. 

Theodorus th&-0-d5'-r(is. 

Theodosia th@-5-d5'-d-a, -shi-a. 

Theodosius the-O-do'-sI-fis, 


Theodota th@^'-&-ta. 

Theodotus th@^'-^tfls. 

Theophilus th&-6f'-)(l-tis. 

Theophiastus .... thS-(V-frSs'-tiis. 

TheotocupuU tfi-5'^-t5-koo-poo^-lg. 

Theresa tg-re'nsa. Ger. t&-rft' 

Th&rise tSriiz^. 

Thermidor th€r-ml-d6r'. Fr. 


Thermopyto th6r-m5p'-I-l5. 

Thersttes thgr-ei'-tSz. 

Theseion thS-fi6'-0n. 

Theseum th&^se^^tbn. 

Theseus th§'-s(ls, thS'-sS-fis. 

Thessalonica th6s'^-sarl5-nl'-k£u 

Thetis th6'-t!s. 

Theuriet t€>6-a'. 

TTii, see Tai, Thai . . . tl. ^ 

Thiaucourt te-5-koor'. 

Thiaumont ...... tS-^-mftA'. 

Thibaut t6-b5'. 

Thibet, see TH>et . . . tlb'-St^ tit-bfiV. 


Thibetaxii see Tibetan . . tl-bet'-ani tlb'-^tran. 

Thielt t6lt. 

Thiepval t-y6p-vfil'. 

Thiergartea, see Tier- 

garten tSr'-gar-tSn. 

Thierri, (or-iy) AmM6e . &m-fi-dfi'-tS-£r-5'. 

Thieny, Chftteau . . . shart5' te-6r-5'. 

Thiers t6-4r'. 

Thing Dan. ting. 

Thionville t^i(i-ysr. 

Thisbe thlz'-bg. 

Thogji Chumo (L.) . . thdg'-je choo'-m5. 

Tholttck tO'-liik. Ger. W-ld&k. 

Thomas, Ambroise . . aA-brwaz' t5-m&'. 

Thopas (Sir) th5'-pa8. 

Thor thdr, tdr. 

Thoreau th5'-r6, th5-r5'. 

Thervaldsen, or often Thor- 

waldsen tfir'-yald-zSn, 


Thoth tot, th«th. 

Thotfames th5th'-mSz^ tOt'-mSz. 

Thou Fr. too. 

Thenars too-^. 

Thourout too-roo'. 

Thrace thrSs. Class. thrfi'-fiS. 

Thracian thTfi'H9hI=^. 

Thrasybnlus ..... thrfis-I-btl'-Iiis. 

Thrasymenes .... thrS-eim'-^nSz. 

Thrasymenus .... thra-d-mS'-ntba. 
Throndhjenii see Trondh- 

jem trdnd'-ySm. 

Thucydides tha-dd'-I-<lSz. 

Thugut too'-goot. 

Thule thQ'-l6. 

Thun (L.) toon. 

ThurgaUyOr toor'-gow. 


Thmgovie, Fr tiir-«5-v6'. 

Thfiringen Oer. t11'-rlng-6n. 

Thuringia thQ-rln'-jI-a. 

Thtuingian thQ-rln'-jI-^n. 

Thisxn toom. 

Thtmby thSrz'-bl. 

Thyxsis thSr'-ds. 

Tibet, see Thibet . . . tlb'-gt, tl-bSt'. 

Tibetan, see Thibetan . . tl-bSt'-an, tlb'-St'-an. 

TIbullus tl-btU'-tis. 

Tlbuizio tg-boort'-zC-6. 

Ticao te-ka'-5. 

Tichbome t!ch'-biirn, t!ch'-biin. 

Tidno te-chS'-no. 

Tidnus (R.) tl-sI'-nOs. 

Tldnns tis'-ln-ils, t!-sl'-nti8. 

Tien-Tsin, or Tientsin . t&^n'-tsen. 

Tiepolo t§-a'-p6-l5. 

Tiergarten, see Thier- 

garten tSr'-g&r-tfin. 

Tiena del Fuego, see 

TenadelFuego . . te=«r'-ra dSl f wfi'-g6. 

Tiers £tat tSrz &-t&', te=&r'-zfi-t&'. 

Tietjens, see Titiens . . tst'-ygns. 

Tiffis tif-les'. 

Tighe (Maty) . . . . ti. 

Tiglath-Pileser .... tIg'-l£th-pa-€'-zer. 

Tigris tl'-grfe. 

Tilghman tH'-man. 

Tillemont t§=y(i-mdA^ 

Tilly tn'-I. 

Tilsit tn'^t. 

Timaras tl-mS^-tls. 

Tlmbuctoo, or Timbuktu . tlm-btik'-too. 

Timoleon tl-m5'4e-dn. 

Timon tl'-m5n. 


Timor t^-mOr'. 

Timofheus tif-md'-the-fis. 

TunoiSTi or Timur, or. . t^-moor'. 

Timur Bey, or ... . t^-moor' ba. 

Timur-Leng, see Tamer- 
lane t&-moorM8Dg. 

Tinavellyy see Timievelli . tln-arvei'-I. 

Tinayrei Marcelle ... mar-sSl t&-n8r^ 

TindalOi see Tyndale . . tln^-dal. 

Ting-hae, or Ting-hai . . t!ng-hl'. 

Timieyelliy see Tinayelly . tln-^v^'-l 

Tim> (Gen.) tg'-n5. 

Tintagel tin-tftj'-ei. 

Tintem ttn'-tgrn. 

TintoretfOr tln'-tO-rSt. 

TintorettOi n 61 t!n-t6-i«t'-(5, 


Tioomeni or Tioumeni see 

Tiumeni Tyumen . . t§-do-mSn'. 

Tipttapa (R.) te-pS-ta'-pa^ 

Tippecanoe . . . . . tlp'-e-kariioo'. 

lipperah tIp'-6-ra. 

Tipperary tlpHB-rfi'-ri. 

Tippoo Sahib, see Tipu 

Saib ....... tIp-66' sa'-Mb. 

Tippoo Tib, or .... tip-oo'tlb. 

Tippoo Tip ttp-66'tip. 

Tipu Saib, see Tippoo 

Sahib tifp-oo' sH'-Ib. 

Ttresias t!-r6^-sl-as. 

Tirfaakah t6/-ha-k&. 

Tiifaoot t!r-ho6t'. 

Tirlemont tSrl-mSti'. 

Timova, see Tamovo . • ter'-n5-v&. 

Tirpitz, von fSntSZ-pIts. 

Tischendorf , von . . . f8n t!sh'-gn-ddrf. 

Tishri tish'-rl. 


Tisiphone tl-sIf'-IV-iie. 

Tissot t&«5'. 

Tisza, see Theiss . . . tib'-a. Hung. iSabf-L 

Titan . , tl'-tan. 

Titania . tl-t&'-nl-a. 

Titanic tt-tSn'-Ik. 

Titfaonus tl-thO'-nOs. 

Titian, see Tiziano . . tibh'-an, titeh'-€p=an. 

Titicaca(L.) tft-^kfi'-ka. 

Titiens, see Tietjens . . tet'-yfins. pop. tibh'-y&us. 

TitoMelema t6'-t5 ma-lS'-ma. 

Tittoni t6t-t5'-ng. 

Titurel tit'-Q-iei. 

Tityrus tit'-I-rtts. 

Tiumen, see Tioomen, 

Tyumen t&oo-mgn'. 

Tivoli (Italy) t6'-v5-le. 

TivoU (New York) . . . tIv'-l5-H, «v-5M6. 

Tiziano Vecelli, It . . . t61rflg=a'-n5 vSrchsrjg. 

Tobago, see TatMgo . . t5-b£'-g0, t5-ba'-g0. 

Tobias t5-bi'-aa. 

Tobit t5'-Wt. 

Tobolsk t5-b6lsk'. • 

Tocqueville, de .... dttt6k'-vn. Fr.dH 


Togoland t5'-g5-l&nd. 

Toison d'Or, La . . . . la twSrzAA' d5r. 

Tokaj, or Tokay .... tO-ka'. Hung. t5'-koi. 

Tokio, Tokyo t6'-k§=5. 

Tokugawa Shogunate . . t5-koo'-ga'-wa' 


Tolbootfa tor-booth. 

Toledo t(J-le'-d5. 8p. t6-l&'-d5. 

Tolentino t5-lSn-tg'-n5. 

Tolstoy t6r-stoi. 

Tomaszov t5'-mar6h8f . 

Tommaseo tSm-mans&'-d. 


Tomsk tSmsk. 

Tonga (Is.) tdng'-g&. 

Tongaland, see Tongoland t6ng^-garl&nd. 
Tong Chow, see Tung- 

chau tdng-chow'. 

Tonc^dngy see Tungking, 

Tonquin t6ng-Idng'. 

Tongoland, see Tongaland tSng'-gO-lSnd. 

Tonkin, see Tonquin . . t6n-kSn'. 

Tonnay-Charente . . . t0n-nft'H3h&-rA&t'« 

Tonquin, see Tonkin . . tdn-k6n'. 
Tonquin, Fr., see Tong- 

Idng t6fi-ka&'. 

Tonstall, see Tunstall . ttin'-stal. 

Toorkistan, see Turkestan too^-]ds-tftn^ 

Topeka t0-p5'-ka. 

Topete (Admiral) . . . t5-pfi'-tft. 

TSpliti, see Tepliti . . tSp'-Uts. 

Tond tS-ra'. 

Torcello tSr-chgl'-to. 

Tordesinias, Pofrt.j or . . t5r-d&-8Sr-y§8. 

TordesiUas, Sp, . . . . t5r-da-8Sl'-y§8. 

Torgau tfir'-gow. 

Torii t6'.re'-€'. 

Torino, see Turin . . . It. t5-r6'-n5. 

Torquato Tasso .... t5r-kw&'-t5 tte'HiO. 

Torquay t6r-k§'. 

Torquemada t5r-k5rm&'-dft. 

Torregiano, see Torrigiano t0r-r§r ja'-n5. 

Torres Vedras .... tAr^-rfis v&'-dr&sh. 

TorriceUi tSr-ri-egl'-H. 

It. t8r.r&H5ha'-lS. 

Torricellian tfiMnsSr-I-an, 


Torrigiano, see Torregiano t8r-r&-ja'-n5. 

Torso Belvedere . . . t6r'-fi5 Wl-v6-dSr'. 

Tortola. . . . . . t6r.t6'-l&. 


Tortoga tOr-tdo'-g&. 

Tortugas tdr-too'-^. 

To8ca,La latSs'-ka. 

ToscaneUi tSs-kamSr-le. 

Tosti t58'-t6. 

Tostig tfis'-tlg. 

Totila,ar tfit'-I-lfi. 

TotOas tdt'-I-las. 

Toul tool. 

Toufaiiin t5F-inIn. 

Tonlmoiiche tool-mooBh^ 

Toulon t6o'-16n. Fr. to&-ldA'. 

Toulonse too-looz'. 

Tottraine too-^eIl^ 

Tourcoing tooivkwSA^ 

Tour d'Auvergne . . . toor d5-v4m'=ytt. 

Tour de Nesle .... toor dti nSl. 

Tourgee toor-zhfi'. 

TourguenefFy or Tourgu£- 

nief , see TurgeniefF . . toor'-gSn-yBf . 

Toumai, or Toumay . . toor-nft'. 

Toumeur t§r'-n€ry toor-nSr'. 

Tours ....... toor. 

Tourville ...... toor-vSl'. 

Toussaint Louverture, or 

L'Ouverture .... too-eJUi' loo-vSr-tQr'. 

Toxophilus tSks-dfM-lOs. 

Toyoharu t5'-y5'-ha'-r6'. 

Trachonitis tr&k-5-Dl'-tIs. 

Trafalgar (BatUe of) . . trif-fil-gar', trfirfSl'-«ar. 

Trafalgar (Square) . . . tr&f&l'-g&r. 

Tiani tr&'-ne. 

Transbaikalia .... trftns-bl-k&'-U-a. 

Transkei tr&ns-k§'. 

Transvaal tr&na-vSl'. 

Ttapani tra'-pa-nS. 

Tn^zunt, see Trebizond trip-&-zoont'. 


Trasbneiiiis (L.) . . . trSs-I-me'-ntls. 
Tras-os-MonteSy seeTzaz- 

os-Montes tras'-5s-m8n'-t6s. 

Ttastevere tr&&-t&'-v&-re. 

Ttauttmansdoxff . . . trowt'-mand-dOrf. 

Tntvailleurs de la Mer . tra-vl-y(ir' dH la m&r. 

Tiavancore tr&v-an-k5r'. 

Tiaviata,La 1& trfirve-&'-t&. 

Ttax-os-MonteSy seeTtas- 

08-Montes tr&z'-()6-m8n'-t6s. 

Trebbla tr8b'-6-a. 

Trebizond, see Tlapezunt trSb-I-zfind'. 

Tregelles tr&^'-b. 

Tteitschke trlch'-k&. 

Trek Mk. 

Trelawney trG-ld'-nl. 

Tremont tr6-m5nt^ tr&-m5nt'i 


Trench Mnsh. 

Trenck, von fSn trSngk. 

Trentino Mn-tS'-n5. 

Ttevannion tr^-vftn'-yttn. 

Trevelyan tr8-v6r-yan, 

Trevena tr&-v6'-n&. 

Treves tr6vz. 

Trives . tr6v. 

Trevi (Fountain of) . . tr&'-vS. 

Trivisa tr8-vS'-e&. 

Treviso tra-ve'-z5. 

Trianon, Grand .... graA tr&-&-ndA'. 

Trianon, Petit .... p&=t3' tre-§rn^A^ 

TrichinopoU trich'-In-6p'-5JI. 

Tricoteusesy Les . . . Ifi tr&-kO-t6z'. 

Tricoupis, see Trikoupis . trS-koo'-pb. 

Trier, Ger tr6r. 

Triestyor trS-^'. 

trWst'. J^. trMfl'-tft. 

hufahum 302 troton 

Trifanuin tri-ffi'-ntlm. 

Trikala, or Txftkala . . tre'-kSrla. 

Trikoupis, see Tricoupis . tr&-koo'-pIs. 

Ttimalchio trI-m&l'-kl-O. 

Tdnidad trin-M4d'. 

Sp. tr&-n&d&d^ 

TrinWtat trlng.kl.t&t'. 

Tripoli trip'-5-ll. 

Tripolitan tri-pfil'-I-tan. 

Triptolemus trIp-t6r-&-miis. 

Trisagion trI-6&'-g^-6n. 

Tristan and Isolde . . . tris-t&n' d6nt e-zSr-dtl. 

Triton tri'-tdn. 

TriumyiiEte trl-Om'-vX-rSt. 

Trivulzio tr^vd&r-dze-5. 

Ttocadero tr5-kard&'-r5. 

Ttocadiio Fr. tr5-karda-r5*. 

Ttochu tr5-fihti'. 

Ttoilus tr6'-n-tts. 

Troilus and Ciessida . . tr5'-fl-iis and krgsM-da. 

Trois £chelles .... trwH zft-shsr. 

Trois Mousquetaires . . trw& moos=kfi-t&r'. 

TroUope trfil'-flp. 

Txondhjem, see Thrond- 

hjem trfind'-yfim. 

Trophimus trfif'-I-mtls. 

Tzoppau trftp'-ow. 

TrosachSy or Trossachs . trds'-ftka. 

Tiotdsy tr6ts'-k5._ 

Troubadours troo-bSrdoorz'. 

Troubetzkoy tr6o-b6ts'-k5-6. 

Trouvdres troo-v&rs'. 

TrouvOle troo-vel'. 

Tiovatorei H el tr5-vart5'-r6. 

Tioyes trwa. 

TroyeSy Chrestien de . . kra^t6=^A' dtl trwa. 

Troyon trwfiryto'. 


Trfibner trQb'-n6r. 

Trueba, Antonio de . . &i-t5'-n&-9 dS troo-S'-b&. 

Trujillo, or Ttuzillo . . tr6o-^her-y5. 
Tsad (LOi see Chad, 

Tchad, Tschad . . . ts&d. 

Tsarevna, see Czaxevna . t8&r-Sy'-n&. 

Tsarina, see Czarina . . tsar-^'-na. 

Tsaritsin ts&r-St'nsSn. 

Tsaritza ts&r-It'-z&. 

Tsaiovitch, see Czarevitch tsar'-l^vlch. 

Tsarowiti, see Czarowitz . ts&r'-^vlts. 

TsarskoiSelo .... tsar-skO'-I sS'45. 
Tschad, see Chad, Tchad, 

Tsad chad. 

Tschaikovsky .... tshl-kSf^Hskl. 

Tsech, see Czech . . . ch6k. 

Tseng tseng. 

Tsigane t8&-gan'. 

Tsimshian, or Tsimsian . tdm-fih&-an^ 

Tsi-nan ts6-nan\ 

Tsing tsSng. 

Tsingtau (or -tao) Tsinan- 

fu tdng'-tow' tsg'-nam'-foo'. 

Tsugaru Strait .... tsoo-g&'-roo strSt. 

Tsunenobu tsoo'-nft'-nd'-b3'. 

Tsushima (Is.) .... tsoo'H3h§'-m&^ 

Tabingen tO^-blng-gn. 

Tucson tooH9dn\ 

Tuesday tuz'-ds. 

Tugela (R.) too-g&'-la. 

Tugendbund t6o'-gSnt-bd6nt. 

Tuh Chau too' chow'. 

Tuileries twe'-18-riz. Fr. tw6l-rS'. 

Tula too'-la. 

Tulle till. 

Tuffia tiil'-I-a. 

TuH^-Veolan tttl'-I-vW-lin, 


Ttindia tiin-ch&'. 

Tong-chau, see Tong Chow toong-chow'. 

Ttmgkingi see TongUng . toong-klog'. 

Tunis tQ'-nfa. 

Tunisie, Fr ttt-n5-z6'. 

Tunstall, see Tonstall • • ttin'-fital. 

Turcaret tttr-kSrrfi'. ^ 

Turcomaiiy see Turkoman tgr'-k5-^aan, toor-k5-iaan'. 

Turennoyde dtttO-rgp'. Fr. dtt tQ-rSn'. 

Turgai, or t6or-g['. 

Turgansk toor-g&nsk'. 

TurgeniefF (or -lev), see 

Tourguenefl .... toor'-ggn-yCf . 

Turgot ttir-g6'. ^ 

Turiddu t66'-r5d-doo. 

Turin, It Torino . . . ta'-rin, ta-rin'. 

Turkestan, or .... toor-kgs-t&n^ 

Turkistan, see Toorkistan toor-lds-t&n^ 

Turkoman, see Turcoman t6r'-k5-man, toor-kG-m&n'. 

Turquino toor-k§'-n5. 

Tuskeegee tiia-ke'-gS. 

Tussaud's ta-fi5z'. 

Tutuila too-tdo-e'-l&. 

Tver. tvftr. 

Twickenham twIk'-Sn-am. 

Tybalt tlb'-alt 

lybum tl'-b6m. 

l^chicus ilkM-kOs. 

Tycoon tI-koon\ 

Tydeus tl'-dOs. 

lyndale, see Tindale . • tin'-dal. 

lynemouth tin'-mtith, tin'-mtlth. 

Typhon tt'.f(Jn, tl'-f6n. 

Tyrol tif-Ol, tl-rsr. Qer. tft-rOl'. 

Tyrolean tIr-OM&-an. 

Tyrolese ti[r-5-l6z', tIr-IV-l68'. 

Tyrone ti[-r5n^ 


T^rnliene tir'-Sn. 

l^^niieiiian tI-r6'-nI-aiL 

Tyrtaean tIr-te'-aiL 

Tyrtaeus tir-tS'-Os. 

Tyrwhitt t&r'.It. 

I^rumen, see Tioomea, 

Tiuinen t6=oo-m6ii\ 

T2igane|La I&t8&-gftn\ 

Tzigaoy telg'-arnL 


Uarda ••••••• o&-&r'-d&. 

Ubangi oo-bang'-ge. 

Ubiqtiitarian Q-blk'-wI-tfi'-ri-aiL 

Uccello do-cbSlM5. 

Uchatius oo-6ha'-tI-d66. 

Uclis oo-klSs'. 

Udalpur, see Oodeypoor • oo-dl-poor'. 

Udall (Nicholas) • . • yoo'-dal. 

Udine oo'-de-nS. 

Ufa 66'-f&. 

UfBzzi oo-fSt'HsS. 

Uganda oo-g&n'-da. 

Uggione, see Oggione • • ooj*j5'-n6. [gfi-rar-dSs'-kft. 

Ugolino delk Gherardesca oo-^l§'-n5 dsr-l& 

Uhland oo'-l&nt. 

Uhlansy see Ulans • • • oo'-l&nz. 

Uhrich Pr. Q-r6k'. Ger. 66'.r!6h. 

Uitenhage oi-ten-hft'-^hfi. 

Uitlander oit'*l&n-dfir. 

Ujlji ...•..•.. 66-jS'-jS. 

Ukerewe 0&-kS-r6'-w8. 

Uldyo-ye 66'-k6'-yo'^5'. 

Ukraine yQ'-kran, oo-kr&n^ 


Ulaltune oo-larloo'-ml. 


UlanSf see Uhlans . . . oo'-l&nz. 

nifllasy see Ulphilas . . til'-fi'-las. 

UUeswater OlzWd-tSr. 

Ulloa 6&l-y5'-fi. 

Ulm d61in. 

Ulldiilas, see Ulfflas . . ill'-fl-las. 

Ulpian iil'-pl-an. 

mpianus tU-pI-ft'-nfls. 

Ulrica til'-ri-ka. ft. d&l-rS'.ka. 

Ulrich 6&r.ri6h. 

Ulrici d&I-ret'-eg. 

Ulrike Eleonoie .... d&l-i6'-ldl sr-e-5-n5'-rii. 

Ultima Thule .... U'-titaa-a tha'-l6. 

Ulundi oo-loon'-dS. 

UlungUy see Urungu . . oo-loong'-goo. 

UlwaTi see Alwar . . . Ql'-w&r. 

Ulysses yQ-lSs'-$z. 

Umar Khai^im, see Omar 

Khayyam do'-mar U-y&m'. 

UmbertOy Principe . . . pren'-ch&-p& oom-b6r'-t5. 

Umkomanzi tLEn-kO-m&n'-86. 

Umritsiry see Amritsar . tLm-rit^nsSr. 

Unalaska, see Oonalaska oo'-na-lSs'-ka, 


Unao oo'-nar5. 

Un Ballo in Maschera . . oon balM5 Sn ina8'-k&-r&. 

Uncas tLng'-kas. 

Undine tin-dSn'. Oer. d6iMle'-nii. 

Unitarian ya-nl-t&'-il-an. 

Unser Fritz ..... d6ii'-z€r frits. 

Unter den Linden . . . d6n'-tSr dan Qn'-d8n« 

Unterwalden .... d&n'-tSr-v&lMSn 

Unyoro, see Nyoro . . . 6o-ny6'-r0. 

Upanishads ..... oo-p&-nI-6h&dz'. 

Upemavik, Upemivik . . 6o-per'-narvIk. 

Upolu (!•) 66-pev-l66'. 

Upsal fip'-sfiL 



Upsah tlp-fl&'-UL 

Ur §r. 

Ural 66'-ral, yd'-raL 

nrania yQ-rft'-nl-o. 

Uranus y0'-rarn&8. 

UrtMUi ttr'-ban. 

Urbanoy Pietro .... pe-fi'-trO oor-bft'-nO. 

Uibanua fir^bfi'-nfis. 

UrUno dor-bS'-n5. 

Uifi, Honori d' . . . . 5-n5-r&' dtbvf ft^ 

Uri oo'-rl 

Uriah a-rl'-ft'. 

Uriel yQ'-ri-a. 

Uiquhart fir'-klM. 

Uiraca d6r-rft'-kft. 

Una Minor Qr'-sa mX'-ntir. 

Uraula fir'H3Q-l&. 

Unule MinmSt .... tbHsOl' In&-ro^4l^ 

Uraolinea flr'HsQ-Bns, fir^HsQ-lIiu. 

Uruguay yQ'-roo-gwfi. 

Uruudi oo-roon'-de. 

Urungtty i0e Ulunftt . . oo-roong'-goo. 

Uahant flsh'-ant. 

UaUub, i0e Usknb . . oos'-k&-tlb. 

Uakub, i0e Uddub . . . oos'-kQb. 

Usununo do-fioo-rft'-m5. 

Utah yQ'-tft, yQ'-tA. 

Utamaio oo'-t&'-mfi'-rO'. 

Ute yOt. 

Utopian yH-tO'-pI-an. 

Utraquist ytt'-tra-kwist 

Utrecht yH'-trfikt. D. ii'-tiMht 

Uyaroff 5o-y&^-r6f. 

Uzte ti-2S8'. 

Uzztah tl2-zI'4L 

Uzdel iia-zI'-«L Os'-iI^L 



VialOEL) vai. 

Vftca,Cabezft,orCabesade k&-bft'-thft dfi vft'-kL 

Vaccaii or Vaccaj . . . v&k-k&'=e. 

Vacusia vft-kQ'-ii&. 

VagA vft'-g&. 

Vailima vl4r-4na. 

Vaillant vSrylUiL^ 

Va]«ls vSrl&'. 

Vald'Amo vSlcUr'-nO. 

Valdenses, see Waldenses yfil-d8n'H96s. 
ValdeiudAn, see Walden- 

sian vil-dSn'-d-aiL 

Valdte Sp. bfil-d«8'. 

VskUz Af ex. vSl-dSs. 

Sp. bal-dSth'. 

ValdMa yfil-d6'-v6-&. 

Valfe YSrl&\ 

Valence Fr. vSrlSAB'. 

Valeada y8rl6n'-6hl=a. 

Sp. vSJfin'-thML 
Valendennes vftMSnrd-Snz', or 


Fr. varl6AHS&=«n'. 

Valens v&'-lSnx. 

Valentine v8l'-Sn-tIn. 

Valentinian v8l-Sn-tIn'-I-an. 

Valentinois vSl-&A-t6-nwft\ 

Valem Sp.l^W-A. 

Vattie vSrlAr'. 

Valeria varls'-il-a. 

Val-es-Dnnes .... vii-firdtln'. 

Valhalla vU-hAl'-a. 

Valjeanyjean .... diiUi v8l-^hU^ 

Valjevo vfil'-ya-vO. 

VaUvrie v&l-ke'-rB. 


Valladolid ...... vSl-la-dO-lId'. 

Sp. bSl-ylKl5-l6ffi'. 

ValtondlghaTii . • • . vSl-lin'-dl-gam. 

Vaffiere,La lavil-€=Ar'. 

Vallombrosa v§l-18m-br5'-z&. 

Valmy v&l-m§^ 

Valois v&l-w&^ 

Valona, see Avlosa . . va-l5'-n&. 

Valparaiso v&l-pa^rl'-z5, val-pSrif'-zS. 

Sp. bal-pa-ra'=&H95. 

ValteOixiA, or val-tel-le'-na. 

Val Tellina, or .... val tel-le'-n&. 

Valtelline val-tei-len'. 

Vtoib&y vaA'-ba-r6'. 

Van . van. 

Van Artevelde .... v&n ftr'-tS-v^-dfi. 

Vanbrui^ y&n-broo'. 

Vandalic v&n-d81Mk. 

Vandamme vafL-dlLm^ 

Van der Menlen . . . vin dSr m(i'-Ifin. 

Vandyck, Vandyke . . . v&n-dIk^ 

VanEyck v&n Ik'. 

Van Gogh fan gOgh. Fr. v&n gBf. 

VanHoeck v&nhook^ 

Vanhomeri^y or . . . v&n-tim'-^r-I. 

Vanhomris^ v&n-tLm'-rl. 

Valjevo val'-yfl-v5. 

Vanloo Fr. vaA-to'. 

Vannucchi van-nd6k'-kS. 

Vannucd (Pietro) . . . vSn-nd&ch'-^. 

VanOstade v&n 0s'-t&-<16. 

Vanozza varnSt'Hsa. 

Van Schaick v&n skoik\ 

Vaianger Fjord, see Wa- 

ranger Fjord .... vfi-rang'-ggr f5F=6rd'. 

Varangians v&-r&n'-j!-anz. 

Vardar var-d&r'. 



Varennes v&-^Sn^ 

Varicourt vdrr^-koor'. 

Vaiit or Vaij del Porcari . va'-r6 d&'-6 p5r4cft'-r6. 

Varna vftr^-nA. 

Vamhagen von Eoae . . v&m'-h&-g$n ffln Sn'-siL 

Varus v&'-rttfl. 

Varzin vdr'-tsln. 

Vasa vft'-s&. 

Vaaari v&-6&'-r6. 

Vasco da Gama .... vft8'-k5 dft ga'-m&. 

Vashtl v8sh'-tl. 

VasOl ySir^'4^. 

Vasnietsof ( -ov) . . . vSa-n-yfits'-Sf . 
Vasquez de Coronado, see 

Vazquez Sp. bfe-kBth' dft 


VassUenko vSa-I-lSn'-kO. 

Vassy vft-sS'. 

Vatfaek vftth'-6k. 

Vatican v&t'-I*k&L 

VautMUiyde dfivO-bfiA\ 

Vaucelles y(>-eSl. 

Vauduse yO-kltiz^ 

Vaucouleurs vO-koo-Ifir'. 

Vaudy Pays de . . . . pfiF^' dtt y6\ 

Vaudois v5-dw&^ 

Vaudreuil vO-dr6'-ytt. 

Vaus^ian v6n, v6'-aa. 

Vauvenargues .... v5v-iiarg'. 

Vaux v6kB. Fr. v5. 

Vazquez de CoronadOy see 

Vasquez de Coronado . Sp. b&th-kSth' d& 


Ve-Adar vS'-ftKlfir. 

Vecchio v6k'W. 

Vecellio yft-chei'.«-5. 

Veda vft'-da, vB'-da. 



Vedic . v5'-<Kk, vg'^Bk. 

Vega v§'-ga. Sp. vft'-gft. 

Vega Real vr-gftr&-&l'. 

Vehmgerichte .... ffim'-gft-ridh'-tii. 

Veile vI'-K. 

Veit fit. 

Veitch (John) .... vSch. 

Velalcazar, see Benalcazar bfi-M-k&'-th&r. 

Velasco iSp. bS-lfis'-k5. 

Velasquez, or , . . . Sp, bSrlfts'-kfith. 

Velazquez Sp. bfi-l&th'-k6th. 

Velletri v61-lfi'-ti«. 

Vendeans vSn-d6'-anz. 

Vendte,La l&yOA-d&'. 

Vendteiiaire v6A-dS-m&=Ar'. 

Vendidad Un-d&^lad^ vfiiwi&Kl&d'. 

VendAmei de dtt vdA-d5m'. 

Venem (L.), see Wenem va'-nSm. 

Venetia yS-n6'H3hl=a. 

Venezia vS-nSd'-zML. 

Veneziano yft-nSd'-zS-ft'-nO. 

Venezuela vSn-Sz-w6'-l&. 

Sp. ven-eth-wft'-UL 

Venice vSn'-b. 

Venlo, or Venloo • . . vSn-l5^ 

Ventersbuig fSn-tfir»-btlr6h. 

Venters' Spruit .... fSn'-tSrs sproit. 

Ventose v6A-t0z^ 

Venus Anadyomene • . vS'-niis &n'-ardI-&m'-ft-nS. 

Venus Calliiiyge .... yS'-ntLs k&-lIp'-!-j6. 

Vera Cruz y&'-r& kroozj commonly 


Sp. ya'-r§ krooth'. 

Veragua, or y5rr&'-gw&. 

Veraguas yfirr&'-gwSs. 

VerazzanOy see Verrazano yft-r&t-fl&'-n5. 

Verboeddioyen .... fSr-bdok'-h5-fSn. 


VercaUi vSr-chgl'-te. 

Verdngetoriz .... v§r-dn-jfit'-IV-ilkB. 

Verd (Cape), or Verde . v§rd. 

Verdi v&r'-ds. 

Verdun v8r-dM'. 

Vereshagin, or .... vfi-reHsh&'-gSn. 

Verestchaguii Vassili . . Atf««. v&HseMs 


Vergennes y§r-j6nz^ Ft. vSr-zhSn'. 

Vergil, see Virgil . . . v6r'-ja. 

Vergniaud v6m-yep=5'. 

Veihaeren, fimile . . . fi-msr v6r-h&'-r6n. 

Verlaine vSr-lSn^. 

Vermandois vSr-mdA-dwft'. 

Vermellea vSr-m6I^ 

Venie, Jules zhlll vSm. 

Vemet vgr-nft'. 

Vemeuil v6r-n6'-3rtt.- 

Vemfiville v6r-nfi-v6l'. 

Verocchio, see Verrocchio v5HrAk'-kS=5. 

Verona v5-r0'-na. 

Veronese (Paul) . . . yS-r5-n&'*ze. 

Veronese (adjO .... v6r-0-n6z', vftr-O-nSs'. 

Veronica v6r-5^iil'-ka, v8-r5n'-I-ka. 

Verrazani, see Verazzano vfir-rad-za'-nS. 

Verrazano, or .... v&r-r&d-za'-n5. 

Verrazzano v6r-r&t-Ba'-nO. 

Verrocchio, see Verocchio vfi-r&k'-k&=5. 

Versailles ver-s&lz'. Fr. v6rHa&'=^ 

Vertumnus v§r-ttbn'-nils. 

Verulam (Lord) .... vSr'-oo-I&m. 

Verus v5'-rii8. 

Verviers v6r-vg=a'. 

Vervlns vSp-v4A'. 

Vesafius v^Hsa'-U-tls. 

Vesle val. 

Vespasian v^pa'-zhl=an. 


Vespocdy Amerigo . . . firinfirr6'-gG v8B-pd6t'-GbB. 

Veqnicius, AmericoSi Lat armS'-ri-ldifi 


Veazprtm, or ves'-prftm. 

Veszprim ves'-prbiL 

Vet(R.) fSt. 

Vevay, or Vevey . . . v8v-ft'. 

ViaAinilia vI'-A &mn'-I-ft. 

^HaAppia vI'-A ap'-pI-&. 

It. ve'-A l^'-pM. 

^naAareHa vI'-A A-i«'-B-&. 

Via, Dolorosa vI'-A dOl-&-rO'-«L 

^HalCala ve'-firm&'-UL 

^^ardot-Gaxda .... y&=fir-dO'-gfir-thB'-&. 

Viareggio yMrrBd'-j5. 

ViaSalaria vI'-A sft-U'-rl-a. 

^Hatka, see Vyatka . . vMlt'-kft. 

Viaxid Y^=6\ 

ViaVateria v^-A vfl-ls'-il-ft. 

Vibert vG-Mr'. 

Viboig, see Wiboig . . v6'-bfirg. 

Vkema vBHsBn'-zft. A. v5-efa8n'-ift. 

Vichy commonly J yiahf 4. 

Ft. v6-flh6'. 

Victor Amadous .... vIk'-tAr Sm-apde'-fis. 

Victor-Perrin vek-tGr'-pB-r&b'. 

Vidal(Piene) .... v^-dai'. 

Vidocq v6-d0k'. 

^el6-Oriflbi ye^'-gr&-ftt'. 

^^bona vI-8n'-A. 

deques vMl'-kSs. 

^^orsen fSr'-sSn. 

Vierzehnheiligen . . . fSr^-tsftn-hl'-Hg-gn. 

Vieux Cotombieri Le . . 16 v&«' k81-^m-bS4^ 

Vieuxtemps v&=^td&'. 

Vigan y&-gfin'. 

Vigie-Lebnm .... vS-shfi'-lS-brtiA'. 

vioBRo 814 vnciiniBs 

VIgpxo (Maxqvii)! di . • dBy6-]i'-f5. 

Vigneiinifts v^-nfi'sytL 

^nsDoU ven-yO'-Ift. 

Vignon, Claude • • . • IdOdvto-yAA'. 

Vign7,de dflvto-y6'. 

Vigo v^'-&. 

Vlljoen ffl-y65n'. 

VniaAlbani vei'-l& ftl-bft'-nfi. 

Vilk Aldofanndini . . . vei'-l& fil'-dO-brfta-di'-iA 

VilkBof^ae .... vSi'-l& b6r-gS'-flB 
Vniafranca, It., see VQle- 

franche vSl-lirfrftng'-kft. 

Vaia Lisdovisi .... vSi'4& lM-dO-ve'-i6. 

Vaia Medici vei'-l& m&'-d«-che. 

VUlamil (Admiial) . . . vSi-y&-mgl'. 

Villa Nazionate .... vfl'-U n&t'-fl8-&*iift'-]& 

imiani vSl-U'-ii§. 

^raiaid vC-yfir'. 

VUlaReal y«l'-l& rft-Al'. 

Villari va'-UriC. 

Villan ........ v6-lfir'. 

VUlebois- Mareuil . . . vSi*bw&'-mfiri«'=ytt. 
^^efianche, see Villa- 

francay/^ vd-frfiAsh'. 

Villehaidouin .... vSl-Ar-dooHbi'. 

Villemain vd«4nU^ 

^nileioi v6l-rw&'. 

VUlerB-Bxetonneauz . . y&-y&' brft^tAn-6'. 

^miers-Cotterets . . . v&-y&'-k8trrft'. 

VflUers vll'.yto. 

Villiers de risle Adam . v6-y&' dfl M &<UUk'. 

Villon va-yto'. 

^nina, see Wllna . . . vfl'-n&. 

^nmeiire v6-m6r'. 

Vimiiud vIm'-In-4L 

Vimy ve-mS'. 

Vincennes vIn-flSnz^ Fr.vU-•Sn^ 


Vinomt de Pftid . • . . vIn'-eBnt dfl pAl'. 

Fr. viiHMk' dfl pOl'. 

Vlnoentio vIiH96n'-flhI=0. 

Visd, da dft vln'-cb6| dft vbi^HsU^ 

ft. ven'-ch6 

Vingt Ans i^fis . . . . vU tftA sfirprft'. 

VioU vI'-(}-UL Je.vM'4ft. 

VioQet-to-Diic .... vM-l&' Ifi dOk'. 

VUm^IlIe ye=6A'vii\ 

Vtotti v6-6t'.». 

Vim vC'-riL 

Vircliow y6r'-chow. G0r. ftr'-AhS. 

Virgil, see Vergil • . • vSr'-ilL 

VlrgiiiiA vfir-jin'-iNt. 

IHr^idan v6r-]In'4=Hui. 

Virginie v6r-sh&-ii8'. 

^Hrgo vSr'-go. 

Visayan v&e&'-yftn. 

Viacaya, see Vizcaya . . Sp. bto-kft'-yft. 

Viacher, Peter .... p&'-t8r flsh'-Ar. 

inaconti vb-kfin'-tB. 

Viatgotha ...... vIs'-I-gSths. 

instola vb'-tQ-lft, vbt'*y(l-l&. 

VitaNiunra y6'-t& ndo-A^-vL 

Vitebdc ve-tSbek'. 

Vitemiia vl-tifl'-I-Os. 

Viterbo vC-tfir'-bO. 

VitiLeya ...... v«'-t6 Bv'-oo. 

Vibnia, or Vittofia . . . vG-tO'-r^-a. 

Vitry v6-tr6'. 

Vittofia ColMina . . . . v&-tG'-rMllL&-lAii'-i)&. 

Vittorio Emanude . . . v6trtO'-rM( 


Viviani y§-v5-firn6^ 

Vizagapatam v&4&'garpa-t8In^ 

Vizcaya, see Viacaya . . Sp. blth-kft'-]r&. 

l^der . • vla'-yftr, vl»-€r', vIa'*yBr, 


VbuUkai^EBz vl&r^6-kftv-k&s'. 

Vkdimir, see Wladimir . yUd'-&>mSr. Rusa. and 

Polish, vlirde'-mir. 

Vladislav, see VTladislaw . vl&'-db-l&v. 

Vladivosiok vl&'-d^vte-tOk'. 

Vogdweide fd'-gSl-vT-dfl. 

Vogeseiii see Vosges . . v5-g&'-26n. 

Vogler, Abb6, or Abt . . ftb-ft' (&pt) f5'-gl&r. 

Vogt f56ht. 

VocOi v5^-a'. 

Voitaie vw&-tQr'. 

VdapQk vo-liirpllk'. 

Volgia y6V^ 

Volhjnia y046n'-yeL 

Volsd vfil'-fll. 

Volksraad fOlks'-r&t. 

Vologda yO-l6g-d&'. 

VonBssen fSn&i'-Sn. 

Volsdan v0r-flhl=an. 

VolsoDg vSl'-flQng. 

Volla vM'-tft. 

Voltaire vdl-tAr'. 

Voltas(Cape) .... vsr-tfis. ' 

Voltenm,da d& y01-t6r'-r&. 

Voltigeuis y01-t6-zh§r^ 

Voodel y6n'-del. 

VonKhick fSnklook. 

VonSpee fAnspft. 

Voortrekkers ..... fOr'-trek-Srs. 

Vorarlberg fdr'-ftrl-Urth. 

VonmetZyOr yO-rS'-mSts. 

Vofonesdi vO-rO'-nSzh. 

Vosges, see Vogesen . . v5zh. 

Vogndch yoi'-*zdch. 

Viede fr&'-d6. 

Viybmg vrl'-bQrg. D. frt'-bttrth. 

Vrigny vr6n'-y5'. 




Viaubel • . 
Viyhdd . . 
VuettE Abajo . 
Viselta Aiiba 
Vtullard . . 
Vulgate. . . 
Vyatka, see Viatka 


D. fri'-hlt. 

iSp. b6a=«l'.t& firb&'-*h6. 

iSp. boo=«r-t& fir-r6'-b&. 







Wacht am Rhein, Die . . 









Wahabis, see Wahhabees 


Wahhabees, see Wahabis 
Wahlstatt (Battle of) . . 


Wahifaeit, Dichtong und . 

Wah&erstroom . . . 
Walachia, see Wallachia 
Wakheren .... 






dS yfi^ht &m iln. 


Fr. vardaA-tdA'. 

wSg'-n§r. Oer. vftg'-n8r. 









c&6h'-td6ng d6nt y&r'-hlt. 






wttl'-dfek. Gcr. va'^Sk. 


Oer. yfil'-dft-m&r. 


Waldensesy see Valdenies wAkiKn'-eei. 
Waldensian, see Valdeiudan wfil-dSn'-d^an. 

Wtldereee vfil'-der-sft. 

Weldehttt vfilts'-hoot. 

Waldstltter, Die Vier . . de f6r v&lt'Hstet-Br. 

Waldstein vSlt'-stln. 

Waldteuf el vfilt'-toi-fSL 

WalewsU y&-16v'-flk6. 

Walhalla vfil-hfil'-l&. 

WaUcBre, Die .... d6 vfil'-kQ-rii. 

WalJ^e wfil-ldr'-l. 

Walladiia, see WalacUa . wOl-l&'-U-a. 

Walleiurtein wOr-6ii-fittii. 

Ger. yfil'-KiMtliL 

Waller wSl'-^r. 

Wallis, <?er. for Valaie . vA'-Va. 

WaUoon wSl-oon'. 

Walpole w61'-p5l. 

Wa^ufSiB vfil-poor'-g^B* 

Walringham wtA'-tHnf^-im. 

WaMbam (U. S.) . . . wfil'-tham. 

Waltliam (Bog.) . • . . wAlt'4iam, w61t'4iam. 

WatOier von der Vogel- 

weide vfil'-tftr f 8n d«r 


Wamba wfim'-b&. ^ 

Wan-chow-fu .... wfin'-chow'-foo'. 
Waianger Fjord, see Var- 

anger Fjord .... vfirrftng'-g^ f&=^ftrd'. 

Warbeck wdr'-bfik. 

Wartburs yftrt'-boor6h. 

Warwick wOr'-Ik. 

Warwickshire .... wOr'-Ik-flhIr. 

Wasttltt wfinaooMoo. 

Waterloo wA-t^loo'. D. yarVb>to\ 

Watenrliet wA-tfir-vtet'. [v&-t5'. 

Watteau commonly, w6t'-tO. Fr. 


Wanchope (Gen.) . • . wd'-ch^. 

Waiif^ (Edwin) . . . . wd. 

Waukegan ..... w6-kS'-gan. 

Waiilradia wd'-k5-diA. 

Wavre v&vr'. 

Wawre v&'-vrt. 

Weald (The) w§ld. 

WeaMen w81d^-n. 

Weber, von fSnv&'-b&r. 

Weeninz wft'-nlnks. 

Wei-hai-wei w&'-hl-wft. 

Wei-ho w&'-&*h5. 

Weiniar vl'-m&r. 

Weissenbtirg vIs'-eBn-bdorth. 

Weissnicht-wo .... vIs'-nldhtrvG. 

Webbach w61z'-b&k. Oer.yiW-iMh. 

Welledey w61z'-ll. 

WemyBS (Castle) . . . wSms, we'-mls. 

Wenceslaus wSn'-eS^-ldai wSn^HEteJas. 

Wen-chau wSn-chow^ 

Wenem, see Venem . . vfi'-nfim. 

Wenzel vent'-sBl. 

Wepener vft'-pft-n&r. 

WMderiVon fSnyfiiZ-dfir. 

Werdty see Werth . . . vSrt. 

Wena vSr'-rft. 

Werrenxatii v6r^-Sn-rftt. 

Werfliy see Werdt . . . vSrt. 

Wertlier wfir'-tfir. Oer. vBr'-tBr. 

Wesel v&'-z81. 

Weser w6'-s§r. Oer. vft'-sBr. 

Westeyan wSs'-U-an. 

Westmoielaiid .... west'-mSr-Ubid. 

Westphalia w6st-f&'-ll-a. 

Weyden, van der . . • via dSr vl'-dfin. 

Weyler wft'-lSr. 

W^yman wl'-man. 


Weymouth w&'-mtLtb. 

WheweU ha'^. 

Whitefield, or Whitfield . hwIt'-fSld. 

Whydah, see Widah . . hwld^-a. 

Wibofgy see Vibozg . . . v6'-b6rg. 

Widdiff e, see Wyclif . . wlk'-M. 

Widah, see Whydah . . wId'-&. 

Widdin, or Widin . . . vld'-In. 

Widor vS'-dOr. 

^dukind, see Wittekind wid'-oo-kind. 

Wied v6t. 

Wiehmd w5'-lfind. Oer. vS'-I&nt. 

Wien v5n. 

WieniawsU v^n&«f h^S, 

Wiertz vSrts. 

Wiesbaden ves'-bardfin. 

Wigan wig'-an. ^ 

Wildenbruch vIl'-dSn*broo6h. 

Wilhehn vll'-helm. 

Wilhelmine Oer. vIl-hgl-me'-ntL 

^(mhehnj vll-hfil'-inl. 

Wilhehn Holster's Lehr- 

jahre vfl'-heim mb'-teiV 


TKnihelmshiShe .... vfl'-hSlm2-h&-yiL 

Wilhehnsthal .... vIl'-heimz-t&L 
Wilkesbarre, or Wilkes- 

Barre wilks'*bfir-I. 

Willamette wel-a'-m6t. 

Wilna, see ^nina . . . vfl'-nA. 

^initshire ^t'-shlr. 

Wlmpffen (de) . . . . Fr. viA-iiiii'. Oer. 


Winburg vln'-bflrth. 

Winckelmann .... wIngk'-Sl-m&n. Oer. 



Windischgriltz .... vin'-dlsh-grftts. 

Windsor wlnd'-26r. 

Winkeliiedy von . . . . fOn wing'-kei-rSd. Oer. 

Winnepesattkee, or ^Hxiiii- 

piseogee wtn'^-^p^^'-kJ^. 

Wirfli v6rt. 

^tenagemot wIt'-4-nirg6-mOt^ 

Witte vlt'-tl. 

WitteUnd, see WittOcmd . ^t'-«-kInd. 

Wittelsbach vlt'-tel8-ba6h. 

Wittenberg wit'-Sn-b^. Oer. 


Wittgenstein vlt'-ggnHstln. 

WittiUnd, see Wittekind . wItM-klnd. 

Wittstock vlt'-st6ck. 

Wituland vS'-too-l&nd. 

Witwaterstrand .... v!t-v&'-ter-Btr&nd. 

Wladimir, see Vladimir . vl&d'-S-mer. 

RiL88. ylfirde^HOiir. 

Wladidaw, see Vladislav . vla'-db-l&v. 

Woden wO'-d6n. 

WodenowsU vO-d6D-5f '-ekL 

Woerth, see WSrth . . . v6rt. 

Woevre v6vr. 

W8hler v«'-16r. _ 

Wolilgemutfa vOl'-gSrmoot. 

Wolcott woSl-kat. 

Wolf y von, see Wolff . . Oer. v01f . 

Wolfenbiittel vdr-«n-bat'-fil. 

Wolff, see Wolf .... Oer. ySIf . 

Wolfgang vSlf'-g&ng. 

Wolfiam von Eschenbach vOlf '-r&m fSn Ash'-en-bUh. 

Wolgast vor-g&st. 

Wolkonsky ySl-kSn'-skS. 

WoUaston wd6r*S8-ttln. 

WoUstoneciaft .... wd6r-6tftD-krift. 

woLowan 822 wrrscEABn 

WoiowiU vMOVnakS. 

Wolael^ wd6l2'-B. 

Woliej wd6r-d. 

Wdsogen yOl-ts5'-g$zL 

WboGhAng, see Wucfaaa . woMt^Sngf. 

Woolwich wd6r-Ich; wd6r^. 

Worcester (Bog.) . . . wdSe'-Uir, wooe'-tfir. 

Worcester (U. S.) . . • wdoe'-tfir, wd6s'-t6r. 

Worce s tershire .... wdSe' or wdOB'-t6r«h&r. 

Worms vOnns. 

WBrth, see Woeilh • . . vGrt. 
Wouvei'iusiif or Wouwer^ 

man wow'-vBr-mSiL 

Wouvermans woV-vSr-mXns. 

WiiDgd rftng'-fcBl' Oer. yriog^'tL 

Wrede vrfi'-dfi. 

Wren rfin* 

Wriothed^ rtto'-II, i«t'-6e^ 

Wudian, see Woocfaang . woo-ch&n'. 

Wmi woon. 

Wmidt vdAnt* 

Wurmser voorm'-sBr. 

Wmtemberg v&r'-t8m-b6r6h. 

Wllrtburg vOrts'-boSrAh. 

Wyandot, or Wyandotte . wI4UHl^t^ 

Wyboig, see VOofg . . y6'-b6rg. 

Wycheiley wleh'-to-B. 

WycUf, or Wydiffe, see 

WicUiffe wIk'*Bf. 

Wykeham wthZ-am. 

Wyndham wind'-am. 

Wyoming wI-6'-miiig. 

Wyss vis. 

Wytlie with. 

Wytschaete wIt8-6h&'-t(L 



Zalapa, see Jalapa . . . 6ha-lil'-p&. 

Xalisco, see Jalisco . . dh^lSe'-kC. 

Xanadu z&n-ardoo^ 

Xanfliippei see Xantippe . z&n-thlp'-e. 

Xanfliippus z&n-thlp'-tis. 

Xantiius z&n'-thtis. 

Xanlippey see Xanfliippe . z&n-tifp'-e. 

Zauxa, see Jauja . . . 'how'-6h&. 

Zaver ksft'-vSr. 

Zavier z4v'-I-er. Fr. zftvH5-S'. 

Sp. 6ha-v6-4r'. 

Xenia zg^-nl-a. 

Xenocrates zSn-dk'-ra-tSz. 

Xenophon zSn'-O-fdn. 

Xeres, see Jeres, or . . 'hs'-r6s. 

XereZy see Jerez . . . 'ha-r5th^ 
Xerez de la Ftonteia, see 

Jerez de la Frontera . 'hSrTiih' dft 1& fr0n-ta'-r&. 
Xeroiuti see Gerona, Jerona ' hfi-r5'-n&. 

Xerxes zgrk'na^z. 

Ximenay see Jimena . . 6h&-mSn'-&. 

Xbnenezi see Jimenez . dbn-e'-nez. 

Sp. 6h&>mSn'-&th. 

Smenez de Quesada . . 6h&>mSn'-ath dft kSrsa'-da. 

Xingii shSn-gdo\ 

XoruUoy see Jorollo . • 6h5-r6or-y0. 

Xucar» see Jucar . • . 'hoo'-car. 

Xury zQ'-rl. 


Tafa, see JafEa, Japho . . ySf-fSk. 

Yahoo ySrhoo'. 

Tahveh yarvfi'. 

Taka y&'-k&. 


7akaiiiat0r ySk^SrmL 

TaUma yftk'-I-ma. 

Takonan yft'-kO-nftn. 

Yakootskf see Takotski 

Jakotsk yirkodtek'. 

Takob Khan ySrkoob' khftn. 

Takutski see Takootak, 

Jakootsk 3r&-koot8k'. 

Yaltt yarloo'. 

Tana y&'-n&. 

Tang-cfaau y&ng'-chow. 

Tang-t8e-S3ang, or . . y&ng'-te6-kl-&iig'. 

Tang-tze y&ng'-tse. 

Tanina, see Janina . . y&'-n6-n&. 

Tankton y&ngk'-tiin. 

TapySeeGuap .... y&p. 

Yaqui yft'-kg. 

Yare yAr. 

YarkandyOr yftr-kand'. 

Yaikend yar-kfind'. 

Yannottfli y&r'-mflth. 

Yaxoslaff, or 3r&-r&-Bl&v'. 

Yaroslatrlf see Jaxoalaff . 3r&-r5-Bl&'-vl. 

Yarra-Yana y&'-riry&'-r&. 

Yaxribay see Yoruba . . y&'-re-ba. 

Yasunobu y&'-eoo'-ii5'-b6'. 

Yauco yfi'==6o-kO. 

Yazoo yiz'-oo. 

Youc^gheny .... y6-h0-g&'-nl. 

Youmans ...... yoo'-manz. 

Ypres 6pr. 

Ypsilanii Ii>^-ftii'-tl. 

Ynulier &-rftd-€^'. 

Yziarte, see btarte . . ^^re-ftr'-tft. 

Ysaye &-zI'-ytL. 

Yser §-z6r'. 

Yseiilt, see Isolde, Iseult &^t', S-soolt'. 

T80in>B 825 TOHCHAU 

Ysoude, see Isoode * • &-6ood'. 

Yssel I'-66l. 

Yuan Shi Eai . . • . 3roo-&n'-8h&-kL 

Yucatan yoo-k&-t&n'. 

Yuen y6o-6n'. 

YugoBlavia, see Jugoslavia yH'-gO slftv'4-a. 

Yukon yoo'-kSn. 

Yungchau yoong-chow'. 

Yunnan-fu ytLn-n&n'-foo'. 

Yuste yoos'-tS. 

Yvetot, Le Roi d' . . . 18 rwft dSv-tO'. 

Yeats yfits. 

YeddOy see Jeddo, or . . ySd'-dO. 

Yedo y6d'-6! 

Yegoioff yfi'-g6r-6f. 

Yaisen y&'-V-B&n. 

Yeishl ya'-5'-flh6'. 

Yeisky see Jeisk .... yS'-bk. 

Yeizan ya'-I'-zSn'. 

Yekaterinbuigi see Eka- 
terinburg yS-k&''-t6-rSn-bdorg^. 

Yekaterinodar .... yS-ka''-t6-r&-n(Mlfir'. 

Yekaterinoslaff .... y6-yi''-t6-r&-n&-6l&y'. 

Yelisave^l, or Yelizave^l ye-te'-zgrvet-p&r=y& 

Yellak yel-l&'-lH. 

Yemen y£m'-Sn. 

Yenesei y^n-e-sft'-e. 

Yenikale (Strait) . . . yto-S-k&'-l&. 

Yeniseisk ySn-e-e&'-Isk. 

Yessoy see JessOy or . . ySs'nsS. 

Yea> yfez'-O, yfi'-a5. 

Yggdrasily see Igdiasil . Ig'-dr^-efl. 

Yguemoy see Igemay 

Igeme , I-g§m'. 

Y-lin ^ ©-ten'. 

Yoga * y(>'-ga. 

Yohchau y5-chow^. 


Yotaihainii yd-kO-hA'-iiuL 

Trnge yfing. 

Tookeni y6iigk'-€n. 

Tonne yOn. 

Yorick ydr'-Ik. 

Toik von Wartenburg . « y5rk fSn vSr'-tSn-boordh. 

ToTttba, see YinitMi . . y5'-roo-b&. 

Toeemite y5H9Sm'-Itre. 

Touglud ydl,yd'-haL 


Tfl i^nHiimj see S flatiii^tn . s&n-dftoi'. 

7flfi"^*<"i see Ssardmn . z&r-d&m'. 

Zab zab. 

Zabuh>n z&b'-ya-l5n. 

Zacatecas dsa-ka-lil'-kfis, 


Zacchsmis, or Zaccheus • z&k-e'-Cbs. 

Zacconi, Ennete . . . Sr-ma'-tfi dzak-k5'*n6. 

Zachsriah z&k-arri'*a. 

ZadUel zSd'-ld-el. 

Zadok zfi'-d5k. 

Zahara, see Sahara, Sahhra zarh&'-ra, za'-harra. 

Zahn tsan. 

Zama zS'-ma. 

Zamacols thfirmSrkG'-Is. 

Zambales s&m-b&'-lSs. Sp. 


Zambesi z&m-bfi'-zS| pap. 


Zambeada z&m-bs'-zhl=a. 

Zamboanga z&m-b5-&ng'-ga. 

Zamora thSrmO'-r&. 

Zampieri dzam-pS-&'-r§. 

Zand (R.) z&nt. 

Zanguebar z&ng-g&-bfir\ 


Zangwjll sSngf-YTll. 

Zankoff z&n'-k6f. 

Zanoni z&-n5'-Dl. 

Zante z&n'-te, z&n'-t&. 

ZanzflMu: z&n-^-b&r'. 

Zaragoza, see Saragossa . thSrrargO'-th&. 

Zaratiittshtra zft-ra-thoosh'-tra. 

Zauberflate, Die . . . dS t80w'-b6r-fi§'-tiL 

Zaylah, see Zeila . . . z&'-lH. 

Zealand, see Zeeland . . z3'-lSnd. 

Zebedee zSb'-6-dS. 

Zebfi, see Cebfi .... 3E&-bdo'. Sp. thS-b^o^ 

Zebulon, or zSb'-H-ldn. 

Zebultm zfib'-H-ltLn. 

Zechaiiah zfik-a-rl'-a. 

Zedekiah zSd-e-kl'-ft. 

Zeebrugge 2a'-brd6g-4l. 

Zeeland, see Zealand . . zfi'-l&nt. 

Zeila, see Zaylah . . . z&'-l&. 

Zela zS'-l&. 

Zelaya sft-lU'-yft. 

Zenaida 3E&-nfi'-I-dft. 

Zeno z6'-nO. 

Zenobia zg-nO'-bl-a. 

Zenta zSn'-t&. 

Zephaniah zSf-arnl'-a. 

Zephon zS'-fdn. 

Zeppelin zSp'-fi-Un. G^. tsBp'-ft-ien. 

Zephyrus zfif-I-rds. 

Zeraf shan zSr-Sf-eh&n'. 

Zerin z&-r6n^ 

Zerlina dzSr-lS'-na. 

Zennatt z5r-m&t^ tsSr-m&t'. 

Zerubbabel, see Zorobabel zg-rtib'-a-bel. 

Zeus zQs. 

Zeuxis zQk'-flls. 

Zhitomir, see Jitoxnir . . zUt-5m'-er. 


Zidon, see Sidoa • • • d'-ddn. 

Ziethen, or Zieten • . • tse'-tSn. 

Ziimi dm'-ri. 

Zincali dng'-k^lG. 

Ztngaxa. dzSn-g&'-ra. 

ZingaieUi dz6n-garr«r-l6. 

Zion, see Sion .... zl'-dn. 

23|»ponh sdp'-5-r&. 

Ziskftior 2ls'-ka. 

Zizka zhlzh'-k&. 

Znaim tanlm. 

Zobeidah, or Zobeide . . eO-bS'-d&, 20-bI'-d&» 


ZoB z&'-§. 

Zola z&'-l&. Fr.tX^W. 

ZoUverein taSr-fSrrln. 

Zoloaga th&-l5-&'-ga. 

Zombor z5m'-b5r. 

Zonuxko • 25-ndor'-k0. 

Zophiei z&'-fl-ei. 

Zcnilla, see Zorrilla . . th6r-rsr-y&. 

Zom te6m. 

Zomdoif tB6m'-ddrf. 

Zoroaster 26-r&^'-tgr. 

Zorobabely see ZerobtMbel 25-rdb'-arb6L 

Zorrillay see Zorilla . . th5r-rgl'-y&. 

ZoRilla y Moral . . . . th6r-^r-y& e m5-r&l'. 

Zouave zoo-&y^. 

Zoutpansbeig • • • . zowt'-p&n&-b8r6h. 

Zschokke tshfik'-kii. 

ZuccareUi d2d6k-k§rieiM§. 

Zttcchero t8d6k'-S-rO. 

Zuccoli tsd&k'-kS-te. ^ 

Zug zoog. Oer. taoodh. 

Zuider Zee, see Zuyd^ 

Zee A'-d&c x§. D. soi'-d£r 2&. 

Zuinglius swlng'-|^-<kfl. 


Zukertort t8d6k'-«]vt9rt. 

Zttleika zQ-le'-ka. 

Zulu ' • . . zooMoo. 

Zttluland 2doMdo4ftiid. 

Ziimpt t6d6mpt. 

Zufii 2don'-y6. 

Zunz tadbnts. 

ZmtMuan thdo]>-b§rr&n\ 

Zurich, or zoo'-rlk. 

ZUxkh^Oer tsU'-iidh. 

Zurlinden (Gen.) . • . zQ]vl!n-dBn^ 

Ziitphen zat'-f6n. 

Zuyder Zee, see ZvdAet 

Zee A'-d&r aiS. D. zoi'-dSr z&. 

Zwarfkopjesfontein . . zyart'-k5p-y6s-fdii'-tln. 

Zweibriicken tevl'-brak-en. 

Zwickau tsvlk'-ow. 

Zwingle zwlng'-gl. 

Zwlngli zwing'-gle. Oer. 


ZwoUe zw5r-]£.