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KB nv 


Brewing Gompanu 

of Providence, R. I. 


^T'HE demand for whose product has so steadily increased in eveiy 
\i^ city, town and hamlet. Wherever out beeis have been tried 
they have been complimented and acknowledged to be equal to any, 

cods a 


trial a: 




ct that 
ture of 





This imitnre 

at the Bxpiration of Policies. 


Amot M> Bmrep, BoBcIw W, Muon, Chmrkl II. Miirlmui, 

CturlM I. Hmoo. Geo. C. NlghUDc>Ia, Willlun B. arugar, 

B. H. I. ODddud, Fruklln A. Chu«, Am« D. SmIUi. 

AMOS M. BOWEN, Pres't and Treaa, JOHN R. WHEATON, Sec'j. 



jflt EWDER BROS. & CO.. 


•3^ J^ Lca4r Ofl^ C>Io]:s^ VamisIieSy Glue and 

Also » oomplete line off ««>« ^ ^^ 

»— -« Deriffus, StonolU ftnd WmdOW UiaS& 

Brashes for Fresoo, Hoass, SIpi and Cmrriai^e Painters. 

ArttsU' llAterinls. Gralners' «« Speelal '• Tools, Bto. 

746 Westminster St., (Formerly 291 High St.) Frovidesoe, B. I. 
Tlfacullar, U^arker Company/, 

FIRST ^ J« C\ OTHTWri ^^^ '^®"' Youths 

^ ^ CLASS V^Lv->^ llllilVJ and Boys. 

S^^ady f^a«i& and 9^ati« to f^oasuro, 

/gff gg ^x/m/jt^/^r Sirooi, ^ EDWARD I.. ROOT, 

^^ *^ ^rom/«i0no0, ^, S. Nlanagei^* 

(Old No. lis.) 

A, Herbert Arnold, -^ 

838 Westminster St., Formerly 384 High Street. 




Nlsht Galls Answered. GOOD ASSORTMENT AIil¥A1S IN STOCK. 
Floral Department In Conneetlon. Telephone S341. 

Residence, 790 Westminster Street, Corner Springy- 

Pawtucket Directory, 

Issued Annually in Augrust, - Price, $2.00. 

SAMPSON, MURDOCK, & CO., Publisliers, 

64 North Main St., Providence, R. I. 



▲ ▲ A 


94 it 96 Dorrance St., Providence, R. L 

Ord«rs by Telephone 

attended to at once. 


▼ ▼ ▼ 

Street Directories, 

Providence and Pawtucket. 
Pricey 75 Cents each. 

Sampson^ Murdoch, & Co,, Publishers, 

54 North Main St^ Providence^ R, /. 

<?. ^, Johnson dt Co* 

General Printers 


Wey6ossei Street, 


National Bank 

— OP — 

North America, 

No, 48 weybosset Street, 


Vlce-President—B. F. VAUOHAN. 

Ca5hler-S. E. CARPENTER. 


Charles H. Mcrrlman, Arnold B. Cbftce, £. C. Bnckllo, William Wanton Dnnnell 
Stepben O. Metcalf, Benjamin F. Vanghan, John H. Hambly, Albert A. 

Remington » Marsden J. Parry. 

Discount Day, Monday, lO.^o, A. M. Other Days, 12 M. 

Annual Election, ist Monday in January. 
Dividends, ist Monday in January and July. 


Provipence Cornice Co.. 

Box 49, Bnllders and Tnid«rs Bzchanf^. 


Manafkctarera of Metal Work for Baildlnir** Comicea, Bkylig^hta and Ven- 

tilatora, Oatters, Conduotora and Finlals. 
Tin and Copper Roofing and all kinda of repairing execnted with neat- 
neiia, and promptly attended to. Eatlmatea of ooat fnmlshed. Call or write 
for onr prloea. TELRPHONB 1088. 

Pur chase a Providcnce Street Directory . 

For Convenience wiille in tEe dty. 

Contains a Map of Providence* PRICE, 15 CENTS, 

B* T* Potter, ^-^^5-^-^-- ^--^-y- 

STUDLEY BUILDING, 86 Weybosset St., Room 57, 



The Providence Directory, 



54 No. Main St., Providence, R. I 

Our List of Publications: 

Providence Directory and 
Bhc^e Island Bosiness 

ProTidence House 


Pawiucket Directory. 

Kewport Directory. 

Westerly Directory. 

Woonsocket Directory. 

Attleboro and Nortli Attle- 

boro Directories. 

Pawtnxet Valley Directory. 

Bast Providence* Warren 
Barrington and Bristol 

Providence Street 


Providence and B. I. Begis- 
ter and Business Direc- 

Pawtacket Street Direc- 
tory, and 

The Agricnltural Directory, 

Contolnlns 10»A00 Names of 
Farmers and I«and Owners In 
Rhode 'Island and Vldolty. 

State aod City Directories issued in the United States and many 
Foreign Coantries are kept on our shelves for reference and for sale. 

We furnish lists of names and addresses at reasonalile rates. 

Maps Qf Towns, Cities and States FpriSalOi 

r^arefully Selected 

Xiste of IFlames 


SflJWPSOfl, JWK^t^DOCI^, fit CO., 

54 North Main Street, - - PROVIDENCE. R. I, 


Directory Swindlers "• ""oTrJ^Co^cSs. 

Be advised not to sign ''Cash Vouchers" 

'Whicb may be used for Sii^nRtares to New Orden. 




Providence House Directory 




Complete List of Names of Householders and Business Places 
arranged in regular succession by street numbers. 

A List of Principal Residential Streets. 

Officers and Members of Prominent Clubs, Churches, Chari* 

table insmunons, hospitals, libraries, places of 

Amusement, Parks, Hotels, Banks, etc. 

Complete Improved Street Directory. 


No, 8, 1899. 



54 North Main Street, Providence, R. I. 

Price, $3.50. 

Copyright by Sampson, Murdock, & Co., 1899. 

Dl^ 677 

K-.i-v \rp'> ■" ' " •"•"'^■',1 



iv/E herewith present to our citizens the eighth issue 

of the Providence House Directory and Family 

Address Book. It is an indispensable assistant to the 

Business Public and greatly appreciated in the homes of 

our citizens. 

The annexed portion of the town of Johnston now 
Ward 8, District 3, is herein incorporated and adds much 
to the value of the book. 

We would respectfully call attention to the Title 
Page and Table of Contents on page 5. 

We thank all who have assisted us in obtaining 
information, and our patrons for their liberal support in 
the publication of this work. 


June, 1899. 




MAY 7 ly-^n 


Places of Amusements* 

Ah^r Diamatie Hftll, Qeo. C. Harrios- 
ton. manageTa Slmwood ftT.t cor. West 

Keitli's New Theatre, B. F. Keith, prop., 
HO Wesunlnator. 

Olympic (The), Z16 Westminster. 
ProTiUeoce Opera House, Dorrance, cor 
Westminster Theatre, 808 Westminster. 


AUen Hotel (The), Frank 8. Allen, 11 

OampbeUrrhe), 630 Westminster. 

Central Hotel, Hutchinson & Drake, 

Cicy Hotel, W. H. Waterman, 10i Wey- 

Clarendon Hotel, J. H. McLaugbHn, 118 
KoTth MAin. 

CoUece Street Hotel, Mrs. Lila Tomp- 
kins. 23 College. 

Columbian jBLonse, A. 8. Boberts, 06 

Commercial Hoase, 5M Westminster. 

Dresden Hotel, J. bcheminirer, 110 Snow. 

Emery Hooie. O. L. Leach, 102 Prairie ar. 

Gordon Hotel, 174 Delaine. 

Hopkins Hotel, T. A. CanlUI, 046 West- 

Hotel Arlington, Place & Carmolo, 68 

Hotel Bristol, Henry Jackson, 7 Market 

Hotel Dorrance, Thomna B. Reynolds, 
Westminster, cor. Dorrance. 

Hotel Francis, Mrs. E. A. Simmons, 146 

Hotel Girard, Jesse Brown, 61, 63 and 65 

Hotel Hallett, J. Tetlow. 480 Westminster. 

Hotel Perrin, J. B. Beea,l68 Washington. 

Hotel St. George, T. Miller, 106 and 108 

Hotel Vendome, H. H.Manning,102 Pine. 

Hot<- " - ■ 


Hotel Victor, Frank S 

. O'Neil, 

02 North 

Lrman House, C. H. Epple, 5 Franklin. 

Mansion Hoase, Geo.B.BarleJl50 Benefit. 

Narragansett Hotel, D. B. Hall, prop., 
Weybosset, cor. Dorrance. 

National Hotel, Bernard McCuUa, 112 

Newman Hotel (The), W. M. Bush, prop., 
18 to 28 Aborn. . 

Paton (The), Geo. W. Paton, 464 West- 

Bevere Hotel, B. B. Dodge, 116 to 120 

Bocbester Hotel, John Garst, 188 Pine, 
cor. Page. 

Boger WilliamsHotel.l North Main. 

Savoy (The), Barton Stanley, 120 Snow. 

St. James Hotel, A. B. Himes, 41 and 40 

Swoetland's Hotel. 16 Crawford. 

Westminster Hotel, Charles A.Leonhardt, 
46 Chapel. 

Westminster Hotel, P. Brucker, 317 West- 

What Cheer Hotel, B. C. Fogel & Co.,184 

darefufly Selectede^ 


Ftsmished at reasonable rates by 


54 North Main Street. Providence, R. I. 

House Directory. 


Established 1890. 


RAVfi DETECTIVE Licensed and Bonded under the Lswi of the 
w%mt 9 a^EiEWllWE gj^^^ Recognized and endoned by the Citj 

Goyernment. We ofier prompt, thorough and 
reliable senrice in any section ol the United 


States or Canada. All classes of (legitimate) worli qnietly and properly performed 
PRIVATE ROOMS. All business strictly coniidential. AU senrice positiTely reliable. 

Offloe, 89ft Westminster St. (opp. Muslo Hall.) ProTtdenoe, R. I. 


Tbe Providence Arcbltectnral Iron and Metal Works. 


The Kollen Co. 

Manulkdurers of 
all kinds of 

Metal Work, Cornices, 

Bay Windows, Gtitters, 



Baltigtradet» Tin and Copper 


and all kinds of Jobbing and 
Repairing Promptly and Neatly Done. 

Office and Factory, 
288 DyeriStreet, 

OroaiDeDtal Iron Works, 


Manufketurers of 

Fire Escapes, iron Roofs» 

Cast and Wrocsght Ifon Fences^ 
Gfating, Cresting, Finials^ 
Railings, Doors, Window 
Guards and Shutters* 

Bostwicks' Folding Gate for 
Elevators and Entrances. 


Providence, R. I. 



Wholesale and Retail 
Dealers in 

C oal and Wood 


Coal Plera t 880 Eddy St., 1S4 Dyer St. 


Circulars Addressed at Reasonable Rates 


54 North Main Street, - Providence, It. A 

House DutEcroRY. 


Advertising Index, 7 

Amosement. Places of 3 

Banks and Savings Banks, 56 

Blocks, etc, II 

Business Directory of Patrons 881 

Calendar, 16 

Carnage Fares, 13 

Cemeteries, 14 

Charitable Institutions, 57 

Churches 54 

Clubs 103 

Express Companies' Offices, 13 

Fire Alarm Boxes, 9 

Halls. Blocks, etc 11 

Hospitals, 15 

Hotels 3 

House Directory, 185 

Legal Holidays, 3 

Libraries, 15 

Parks 13 

Population, 892 

Railroads 14 

Residential Streets, 53 

Shopping Guide, 881 

Steamers, : 14 

Street Directory 17-52 

Theatre and Hall Plats, 177-180 

Ward Bonndaries 880 

Wharves, , 15 

6 House Directorv. 

PAWTUCKET DIRECTORY, - - - Price $2.00 


SAMPSON, MURDOCK, & CO, Publisher, 

54 No. Mala Stmt, Provtdence, R. L 

Whittemore & Colburn, 
. . Iprtnters, 

54 North Main Street, - Providence. R. I> 


We auarantM Ftnt-Oms Work at Fair PrIcM. 


OM Cohny 

Glyll Engineer . , 

iBill Posting Co., 

. . and Surveuor, 

S/£ S^Ji/oa Sfrnt. 

rrovldence, R. 1. 

Vht SSiii 3*oattrs . . 

■ oomt 341 md 34! Banlgin BiHidlafl. 

iV*Ii<r«, Crarttirn, ^»Ant- 

T.l.phon. 13dD. 

The Putnam Foundry 
and Machine Company, 


'■ Plamn<i "ind "Leidcc" Sieam ind WUfr BoUer 

Nutm» SUM FurDtcci ud Clock irlLi DimpcT 

Attmcbment. AgrDt* lor AUeni- Improifd 

UeulDK BoiJ<r. 

Cuerul AtteaUon Glico Co Gre^nlioui* Work. 

W.J. TURNER, Agent, 

FT*iU«aW Oate, I( Soalk X*Ia Btm 

Telephone MO. 

Buldena, M Plentj Street. 

FucMtt, U Pdiiiiiii, Codd. 

PHcei uid cttlmilen for coDdiDCtLoa vcik ■ 


Index to Advertisets* 

Andrews S. D. Son 108 

Aniold A. Herfiert front col. page B 

BiCoqF.S 108 

Bartoo WmUm 180 

Bender Bros. A Co front col. page B 

Besedici Clarence 128 

Berkshire Life Ins. Co 108 

Keknalldt Hudson 128 

Brown Jesse 112 

Batman A Tneker 116 

OupenterP. B. jr 118 

Cbase Clarence O 128 

ColeQeoqre K 110 

Cooke Henry W. A Co 122 

Coombs H. M. ft Co 108 

Cnrley Thomas 128 

Dodge Bart R 110 

Draks E. E HO 

Diaper William H 108 

Saston Thomas A. A J. J '....112 

Bgaa S.T 8 

Eqaiiable Fire & M. Ins. Co front corer 

FxankUn Bros front col. page C 

Franklin Mntnal Fire las. Co.... ft. col. A. 

FraserBros. Co 118 

Pritseher A. F 114 

FBlterJ.S 110 

Gelb Victor. 8 

€h>etthigJk Scbuize 118 

Grant W. A. H 122 

Giay's Detectire Bureau 4 

Hefeman T. J 128 

Johnson E. A. A. Co front col. page C 

iones Orrin S 114 

Kimball W. W. Co 116 

Knowles Horace B 128 

KoUenCo., The 4 

LasarasAMosk 130 

Learens Owen E. ACo 108 

Lake Horace ....120 

Loadgren JohnO.... 4 

Luther J. J 108 

MacuUar, Parker Co front col. page B 

Mason E. M. Miss ...128 

McGninncss Bernard.. 112 

Mcfioley William H 8 

Merchant's Insurance Co... 8 

Miles A. O. A Co 128 

Narragansett Brewing Co 114 

National Bank of N. A... .front col. page E 

O'Connor TImotbj bottom lines 

Old Colony Bill Posting Co 8 

Paine, Rockwell A Co 118 

Feck B. W. ASon 106 

Peirce Thomas F. A Son 128 

Pomroy Coal Co. (The) 8 

Porter W.D 122 

Potter B.T front col. page B 

Presbrey A. A. ASon Co 112 

Prorldence Banking Co 8 

Providence Brewing Co. . .front col. psge A 

ProTidence Coal Co 118 

Providence Cornice Co. . . .front col. page E 

Providence Public Market top lines 

Providence Telegram PublUhing Co. 

front col. page D 

Putnam Foundry and Machine Co 8 

Remington Henry A 122 

Ryder J. J. Co insert opp. 186 

SanSonci J. O. ACo 130 

Sampson, Murdoch, ACo back cover 

SmitbH. B. Co 108 

SUack William F 128 

Taylor George U. A Co. 112 

TierneyP. AJ 120 

Tripp A Olsen 106 

U. S. Gutta Percha Paint Co 114 

Warwick Bros 100 

Wells Byron W 114 

White Jobn R. ASon 120 

W hit te more A Col burn 8 

W^irth Jacob ACo 118 

S House Directory. 


ot Bhod« Island, 1861. PROVIDEPICE, R. I. 

CASH OAPITAK^, ... ^200»000. 

Office, Banff Ao Buildiiic« 10 Weybosset St., Provldeoce, R. 1. 

WAE. T. BARTON, PMsident. WM. P. GOODWIN, Seoretary. 


WillUm T. Barton. JamM S. Fhetteplace, Immc M. Potter, 

John S. Palmer, John Waterman, Wm. P. Chapin, 

Bobert B. Nortbam, Wm. P. Goodwin, Rowland G. Hasard 

This Company Issaes Safety Fund PoUolea. 

Providence Banking Co., 

48 Weybo58et St., Providence, R. I. 
CAPITAL, - $100,000. 

Transacts a General Banking and Commission business, receives de- 
posits, allowing interest on same, buys and sells Government and other 
tiigb-grade Municipal Bonds and Railroad Securities, Stocks, Commer- 
cial Paper and Foreign Exchange. Negotiates Loans for Municipalities, 
Corporations and Individuals. Private telegraph wires to New York 
and Boston. 

CORNELIUS S. SWEBTLAND, President. B. A. JACKSON, Treasurer. 

B. F. TAUOHAN, Tloe-President. ARTHUR KNIGHT, Secretary. 

Providence and R.I. Register and Business Dlrectom. 

PRICE $1.00. 

SAMPSON, MURDOCK, & CO., Publishers, 

54 North Main St., Providence, R. I. 

Caterer and Confectioner, 


191 Westminster Street, also Old Wilbur Restaurant, 

135 Weybosset St., Providence, R. L 

Fan&llles Supplied with Cake, JeHles, Charlotte Russe, Maoaroont, Etc. 


I 1 1 tuAIM) Wall Papers. Paints, Oils, Etc. 


1021 Westminster Street. ^"'''^v^^^^IM 

Hoase and Sign PAintinir. Grainioe, GlszlnK. P>^er Hanging, 
Hard Wood FlQisbing, KaUomining, Etc. 

House Directory. 

Fire Akrm Signal Boxes* 

Sdiool Si«rn*l« 9-S ^epe»ted.~At ft.l5 ▲. m. mdicatet no morning tession. At 
1130 A. M. indicates one seuion. At 1.S0 p. m. indicates no afternoon session. 8-3 
«lziick at the same hour, indicates no sessions In* primary schools onlj. 

JfHitla SipBAl— EleTen blovs repeated three times. 

PoUee Signal— Box 11. 

FlKrt A]ann->Three roands of box number. Recall two blows. 

Seeond AUsrm — ^Threelblows, followed bj box number. iCecall two blows repeated 

TUrd Alarm— Three blows repeated, followed by box nomber. Recall two blows 
three times. 

General Alarm— Fonr blows, followed by box nnmber. 

*Keyle88 Bozcb. 
















GoTemor and Williams sts. 68 

East St. and Armstrong ar. fiO 

Wiefcenden and Traverse streets. . 01 

8o. Main and Tockwotton sts. 08 

Ires and Tockwotton streets. OS 

Ssst RiTer and So. Angell sts. •04 

Chief of Police office, City Hall 06 

^;>olice onlT. 07 

So. Main street No. 2 Fire Station. 08 

CoDgdon and Bowen streets. 09 

Turk's Head. •71 

No. 17 Fire SUtion, North Main 78 

St. and Doyle arenne. 73 

Chalkstone av. and Charles st. 74 

Abom and Bourn streets. 76 

Lodrwood and Plain streets. 70 

Camp and Pleasant streets. 78 
Benefit and Benevolent sts. 

Union ami Washington tts. 79 

Ridimond, near Cllflbrd street, 81 

No. 7 Fire Station. 82 

Point and Chestnut streets. 88 

Eddy St. and Potter avenue. 84 

Friendship and Summer sts. 85 

Lester and Bridgham streets. 80 

Ship and Dyer streets. 87 

Olney and Brown streets. 89 

Dyer and Orange streets. 91 

Keene and Brown streets. 02 

Harrison St., No. 8 Fire Station. 93 

Westfield and Harrison sts. 94 

Willow and Sycamore streets. 96 

Smith and Francis streets. 90 

Ashburton and Charles streets. 97 

Meeting and Benefit streets. 98 

Bassett and Clayerick streets. •121 

Friendship at HsTward Park. ^122 

Meader and Marshall streets. *12ii 

Werbossei and Broad streets. 124 

Jackson and Fountain streets. 12& 

Chalkstone and Donglas ars. 120 

Butler ar. near Irring ar. 127 

North Main st. and Branch ay. 129 

Eddy and Borden streets. 181 

Boroen and Mary streets. 132 

Richmond and Elm streets. 1.S3 

Atwells ay. and Dean street. 134 

Orms and Smith streets. 135 

Atwells and Manton avenues. 
Carpenter and Bridgham sts. 
Mill St., No. 4 Fire Sution. 
Prairie av. and rublic street. 
Waldo and Brattle streets. 
Mathewson and Westminster sts. 
Atwells av. and Acorn st. 
Manton av. and Julian street. 
Appleton and Delaine streets. 
Amherst and Steuben streeta. 
Sabin and Mathewson streets. 
Broad st. and Elmwood av. 
Ridge and Tobey streets. 
Washington and Dean streets. 
R. I. Locomotive Works. 
Putnam St., No. 14 Fire Station. 
Rnmford Chemical Works, So. 

Main street.— P. 
Harris ar. and Grove street. 
Prairie avenue and Lockwood sU 
Westminster and Knight streets. 
Valley and Zone streets. 
Chalkstone a v. and Smith st. 
Fruit Hill and Manton avs. 
Manton av.opp.DycrvilleMfg. Co. 
South Main and Transit sis. 
Dover and Carleton streets. 
Pitman and Gano streets. 
Cole and Clarendon avenues. 
Hope and Bowen streets. 
East and Doyle avenues. 
Humboldt and Taber aves. 
DexterAsylum, Hope st. — P. 
Angell St. and Diman place. 
Waterman and Ives ntreets. 
Weybosset near Hay street. 
Pine and Hay .streets. 
Cranston and Westminster sts. 
Broad and Plenty streets. 
Butler Hospital.— P. 
Atwells av. and Eagle st. 
Broad and Baker streets. 
Summer and Pond streets. 
Benefit and Halsev streets. 
Longmont and Saiina streets. 
Smith and Jastram streets 
Douglas av. and Balaklava st. 
Admiral and Hawkins sts. 


House Directory. 

136 Elmhurst ay. aod Eaton at. 227 

137 EatoQ Farm, 701 Smith at.— P. 228 

138 Smith street and Oakland ar. 229 
18» Elmhurat, Smith street.— P. *231 

n41 Canal and North Court sU. *282 

*142 EzchanirePl. andWashinrtonBow. •283 

144 N.Y..N.H.&H.FreIghtYard.— P. •234 

146 Atlantic Mllla.— P. •286 

•146 North Main St. and Market aq. ^286 

•147 North Main and Thomas sts. •237 

•148 North Main and Bo wen sts. 238 

•140 North Main and Smith sts. 280 

161 Livinfcstone and Corliss sts. 241 

162 Smithfleld ar. and N. Grove tt. ^242 

163 Common and Daris streets. 248 

164 Oriental Mills. Admiral St.— P. 244 
166 Smithfleld and Branch avs. 

166 Smithfleld ay. and Cemetery st. •246 

167 Branch ay. and Silyer Spring st. ^246 

168 R. I. Tool Co., West Riyer St.— P. 247 
•160 Smith and Back streets. 248 

161 June. Smith and Eaton streets. ^240 

162 Chalkjitone and Biyer ays. 261 
168 Fletcher Mfg. Co., Back St.— P. 262 
164 Silver Spring Blcachery.— P. 263 
166 N. Main and Cemetery sts. 264 

166 North Main and Olnry streets. 266 

167 Ashburton st. and Inez court 

168 Cbalkstone and Oakland ays. 266 
160 Orms near Back street. 267 

171 Kinsley ay .opp.Cold Storage bldg. 268 

172 R. I. Vitriol Works, Promenade 260 

and Senter streets.— P. 201 

178 Valley and Uelme streets. 262 

174 Slater Mill and Povrer Co., 263 

Sabin street.— P. 264 

•176 Fountain and Abom streets. 265 

176 Park and West Park streets. 266 

177 Calais and Jewett i>treets. 267 

178 Brown A Sharpe Mf«. Co.— P. 268 
170 Promenade snd Park streets. 260 

181 St. Elizabeth Home, Melrose st. 271 

and Atlantic ay.— P. 272 

182 Rhode Island Ilospiul.— P. 273 

183 Adelaide ay. and Niagara st. 274 

184 Roger Williams Park. 276 
186 Point and Plain streeU. 276 

186 Congress ay. and Hamilton st. 277 

187 Roger Williams and Narragan- 278 

sett avennes. 279 

188 Vermont and Virginia ays. 281 
180 Eddy and Broad streets. 282 

101 East and Rochamboaa ays. 283 

102 Highland ay. and Eighth st. 284 
108 Lippitt and Bates streeU. 286 
104 Camp and Larch streets. 286 
106 North Main and Tenth sts. 287 

106 Jenkins and Padelford streets. 288 

107 Olney and Hope streets. 280 
•198 Deaf and Dumb School, East •SM 

ayenoe.— P. *ZIZ 

212 Potter ay. and Madison st. 314 

213 Reservoir av. and Crescent st. 816 

214 Reservoir and Elmwood avs. 816 
216 Oakland St., No. 11 Fire Station. 

216 Tburbers and Prairie avs. 817 

217 Broad street and Potter av. 318 

218 Elmwood av. &W. Friendship st. 310 
210 Broad street and Prairie av. 821 
221 Academy av.andHendrick street. 822 
228 Mt. Pleasant av. and Hendrick st. 323 
224 Academy and Chalkstone avs. 824 
226 Regent avenue and Robin st. 

226 AtwelU av. and Valley st. 826 

Chalkstone and SUtndiah avi. 
Regent av. and Huron st. 
Lawn street near Chalkstone ay. 
Dorrance and Westminster su. 
Union and Westminster sts. 
Eddy and Weybosset streets. 
Wevbosset opp. Snow street. 
Edav and Fountain sts. 
Excnange PI. n. Butler Exchange. 
Westminster and Walker sts. 
Butler Exchange.— P. 
SwartsBldg., Weybosset St.— P. 
Riverside Mill.— P. 
Page and Pine streets. 
Nicholson File Works.— P. 
Narragansett Electric Light Co., 

South street— P. 
Dorrance and Pine streets. 
Weybosset and Page streets. 
Chestnut and Friendship sts. 
PhenixIronFouDdry,Eday St.— P. 
Cllfibrd and Eddy streets. 
KendallMfg.Co.Fri'ndship st.— P. 
R.I.LumberC'o.Manch'ster st. — P. 
Davol Rubber Wks., Point 8t.—P. 
Narragansett Hotel.— P. 
Potter's Lumber Yard, AUen'a 

av.- P. 
American Screw Co.,Eddy st.— P. 
Willard av. and Bishop st. 
City yard, Allen's avenue. 
Pomroy Coal Co., Eddy St.— P. 
Providence GomCo., Public St.— P» 
Ocean street and Potter ave. 
Eddy St. andThurbers av. 
Public and Plain streets. 
Plain and Saylcs streets. 
Rugby St. and Logan av. 
Eddy and Oxford streets. 
Oxford and Orchard streets. 
Bumside st., No.lO Fire SUtion. 
Branch av. and Charles st. 
Northnp nv. and Luna st. 
Douglas av. and Veazle st. 
Branch av. and Cottage Row. 
Woodward Road. 
Branch and Douglas avs. 
Veazle and O'Neil streets. 
LangdoD and Sherman sts. 
Charles and Peter streets. 
Elmwood av. and Peace st. 
Elmwood av. and McKlnley st. 
Bucklin and Carter streets. 
Broad and Pearl streets. 
Cranston and Codding sts. 
Lockwood and Meadow nts. 
NewEnglandButtCo.,Pearl St.— P. 
Lester and A streets. 
Moore and Updike streets. — P. 
South Main and Crawford sts. 
South Main and Planet sts. 
Courtland and Ring streets. 
Wanskuck Mill, Branch av.- P. 
Steere Worsted Mill. Wanskuck. 

West River and Walling sts. 
Prospect and Meeting sts. 
Brown University. — P. 
Carpenter and Pallas sts. 
Federal and Sutton streets. 
Washington and Battey sts. 
Providence Worsted Mills, Val- 
ley street.— P. 
Cranston and Harrison streets. 

House DntEcroRv. 


WMtmliHUr BMi Dedvs «. 


redenl and Tower .tr«t.. 

WmmbiKcr ud BuiuMX M*. 



Atirekli*T. udPlrdmcntlt. 


Broad VBT and Dean Hrerl. 



Browl-aT and Amerl™ .rre... 

Braadsaj aad Knight .treet. 

Broadway and Tobej nrrtl. 



Br»diTaT and Howard tireet. 

J«ll<i and Ko»olb >t>«t>. 

B>iil«mD Bubbtr Work!, ViJltj 


WF>leyaii tr. ukd TajJor K. 

Ainib ud'scKn ■Tenon. 

WllJard .T. and Gay ittwU 

AlwHU >(. >ihI Banro Mnel. 

Dnrtlrr "Hi Taon«r itreeti. 

Vallir uid Usrold nneu. 



Pearl wml ProTldence >». 

Sleirkrt and Condait ■trwU. 

PiaLrie and Com.iock aT-. 


Broad nrett and Bcicoa it. 


Bomerwl and We.i Clifford lU. 


Field* foliit. 


PlaLu aud Prarl oMietl. 

Wm. E. JoiJlD Co., Dritcr it.— P. 

Uerebano Bank Boildlng.-P. 

JackKO (T. and Buninmau N. 

Norfolk S. S. Co.. India il— P. 

Boatoo Slorc. WeunlntWr at. 

Crauuii'L'aDd Pinter aT. 

Uaonfra. Bldy.Sablo al.-P. 

Si .« Normal g=h«>l-P. 

Jachsoii aT. aod Day flmet. 



PolUr aV. and H^uTi't. 

PrealoD and Irei rtireu. 

Jackwn ar.and Balcta >u 


TaRi Weeden-i MIU.OluTrUta. 



Aigcll and Sonth ArkeII iU. 

Bcnefolcnt n..Ko. «Fti«Suth)n. 


Maaua aT. near WenfaloMtr tt. 



McHcr airwt aod Chapin ar. 

Jalin and Tbanr atrteU. 

Jnbn and Uope ilrerU. 


SnrwDto atrm and Linwood IT. 


PmpccI and Waterman llreelR. 


CbanlD aT. and CnlBMon K. 


Traoiit and Ea*t streeu. 

H^mn^t. ...a«dU<Do.»<>gb ... 



Pbilnfleld and Aiwood »nm. 


CotlSaa Knicioe Work t.- p. 

Odd l>>liow. .qaare. 


Pmianreet near Folk .1. 


Webster and Puoa»-« aienaei. 
Poe.»cl and Dan)<'l aTeouc. 

Buildings, HaDs, Blocks, Etc. 


House Directory. 

Bnrrlll Building, We«tiiiintter,e.Mathew8on 
Burrows Block, 741 WeRCmlnster 
Batler Bxchanire, 128 W««tixiinster 
Batler HotptUl for the In«aoe, BlackBtone 

BoaleTard, near Batler ayeDoe 
B. T. Hall, 728 Wettminster 
Carroll Hall, 776 Weatmioeter 
Central Police Station, Foantain, c. BeTerly 
ChampIlD Baildlog, 287 to 291 Weybotset 
Cheapside Block, 28 North Main 
Cheaptlde Hall, 28 North Main 
City Hall, Exchange place 
Colonial Hall. 186 Holden 
Columbia Building, 16 8no«r 
Columbia Hall, W^Tbosset, c. Richmond 
Conrad Buildintr, Westmiaster, cor. Aborn 
Cottage Row, Wantkuck 
Court House, Benefit, cor. College 
Custom House, WeyboBSCt,c.Cu8tom 
Dani<*ls Block, 26 Custom House Hreet 
Day Building, Crawford sq. cor. Dyer 
Dimoiid Hall, Randall square 
Dorraoce Building, 180 to 194 Westminster 
Downes Block, rear Manton arenue, next 

above Aleppo 
Doyle Block. 170 to 182 North Main 
Durfee Building, 73 to 81 Dyer 
Dwigbt Building, 266 Weybosset 
Dyer Building, 206 Weybosset 
Eddy's Hall, 881 Westminster 
Elizabeth Building, 102 to 106 North Main 
Elk's Hall, 256 Westminnler 
Enterprise Building, Eddy, cor. Fountain 
Equitable Building, Custom House st. cor. 

Exchange Building, 60 to 63 Westminster 
Fleur*dc-Lis Building, 7 Thomas 
Francis Buildin*?, Westminster, cor.Orange 
Franklin Unuse, 27 to S3 Westminster 
Freedom Hall. 001 Eddy 
Freemasons' Hall, Dorrance.Pine and Eddy 
Fuller Building. 08 West Exchange 
Gaspee Block, 182 lo 108 South Main 
Gaspee Building, 204 to 208 Westmiuster 
Gorham Block, Kirhmond. cor. Ship 
Gorton's Hall. Potter Hvenue, near Cranston 
Granite Biock from 8 to 16 Market square 
Hagffal Hall, 41 Weybosset 
Hall's Building, 46 to 63 Weybosset 
Hanley Building, WashinsTton, cor. Union 
Harkness Block, 64 to 64 Weybosset 
Harmony Hall, 70 Weybosset 
High School, Summer, cor. Pond 
Hodges Building. 174 Weybosset 
Hope Block, 24 Nortli Main 
Hoppin Homestead Building, 347 to 876 

Hoppin*s Block, 10 to 87 Westminster 
Howard Hall, 171 Westminster 
Hoyle Building, West minster,iunc.Cranston 
Industrial Trust Co.'s Building, Westmin- 
ster, Exchange and Exchange place 
Infantry Building, 182 to 170 bouth Main 
Irons Block, 36 Olncyyille square 
Jesse Metcalf Bnildinic, 144 Pine 
John M. Dean Building, Westminster, opp. 

Jones Block, 88 to 44 Westminster 
Journal Building, Westminster, Eddy and 

Keith's Gaiety OperaHouse,266Westminster 
Lauderdale Building, Westminster, opp. 

Arcade street 
Laura Building, 60 Sprague 

Lederer Building, 180 Mathewton 

Lester Hall. 116 Cranston 

Library Building, 12 OlneyTille square 

I^nsdalo Block, 144 North Main 

Low's Block, 281 Westminster 

Lyceum Building. 06 Westminster 

Lyceum Hall, 06 Westminster 

Lyman Hall, 885 Westminster 

Manufacturers' Building, 101 Sabln and 7 

McKeal Building, 05 Westminster 
Mechanics Library, 98 Weybosset 
Merchants Bank Building, 20 Westminster 
Moshassuck Hall, 70 Weybosset 
Moulton Building, 327 to 883 Westminster 
Munroe Building, 842 Westminster 
Music Hall Building. 386 Westminster 
Narragansett Block, 103 Westminster 
Newman Building, 24 Aborn 
Normal School, Park, Lincoln, Francis, 

Gaspee and Promenade 
Normal School (old). Benefit, cor. Angell 
North Star Hall, Charles, c. Chalkstone ay. 
OddFellowsHall.Academy ay.c.Pomona ay. 
Odd Fellows Hall. 20 Chalkstone ay. 
Odd Fellows Hall, 97 Weybosset 
Olympic The, 316 Westmiuster 
Oriental Hall, 741 Westminster, cor. Dean 
Owen Building, Dyer, cor. Pine 
Palestine Hall, 40 Westminster 
Parsons Block, 23 Canal 
Pembroke Hall, 172 Meeting 
Phenix Building. 167 Westminster 
mgrim Block, btaniford, cor. Pilgrim 
Plymouth Block. 112 Mathewson 
Post-Ofhce, Weybosset, ror.of 
ProyMence Athletic Association Building, 

Weybosset, cor. Potter 
Proyidence Literary Asso. Hall. 137Atwells 

Proyidence Opera House. Dorrance, c. Pine 
Proyidence Reform Club Hall, 43 West- 
Providence Telephone Building, 110 to 114 

Providence Washington Building, 20 Mar- 

kt-t equsre 
Pythian Hall, 84 Westminster 
Raymond Block. 96 Mathewson 
Reynolds' Building, 37 Weybosset 
Rhodes Block, 231 Westminster 
Rhode Island Hospital. Eddy, n.Lockwood 
Richmond Building, 268 to 272 Weybosset 
Ricnmond Hall, 171 WeAtmint^t-er 
R. I. Hospital Trust Co. Bldg.l5 Westminster 
Savoy The, 126 Mathewson 
Scaodia Hall, 98 Weybosset 
Slade BuiMlnff, Washington, cor. Eddy 
Blade Hall, Washington, cor. Eddy 
Springer Hall, 1763 Westminster 
btanhope Building, Pine, cor. Hay 
State House (Old) North Main, between 

North Court and South Court 
Steinert Hall. 333 Westminster 
Steinway Hall, Westminster, cor. Snow 
Studley Building, 86 Weybosset 
Swarts Building, Weybosset, cor. Orange 
Tabernacle Building, 27 OlneyviUe square 
Talcott Building, 91 Sabln 
Talma Theatre, South Main, cor. Power 
Tefil Block, 241 to 247 Weybosset 
Temperance Hall, Eddy, cor. Potter av. 
Tierney Bldg., Westminster, c.Cathodral sq 

House Directory. 



Tisfnc Bklr-f Westminscer, cor. C'lemeDC* 

Troeadero, Mftthewioa, cor. WestminMer 

tDion Bank Buildiair, S to 13 WeflUDiactcr 

Uokm Clab, eso Westminster 

UoioB Umll, 161 Weyboftset 

Unioo PMMDirer Sutioo, Gftapce, Fimnds 

•ad We94 KxcfaaDse 
Unitj Hall« 767 We»tmi]»ter 
TakBtioe Hmll, 850 WestmiosKer 
Vaaj^faan Bblfr.. 17 tn S7 Custom Hens* tC 
Wad«'t Block, 247 to 257 Soatb Main 
Wsnskvck Hall, S20 Brmoch srenne 
Wsrwkk Bklc., Wejbosset, oor. RiduDond 
Wsskington Boildini?. 5 Washiogtoo roir 
Vashinfrtuu Hall. 19 Ashmont 
Witennao Baildln^, 20 OlnejTiile square 

W^land Baildinii, 188 Nortb Main 
Weeden's Block, 4» Westminster 
Westminster Block, 84 Westminster 
Weaiminster Theatre, 3M Westminster 
Weybosset Block, 17 to 25 Weyboeeet (ster 
Wheaton A AnthonjBldir.Jl to 77 Westmtn- 
Whitfield The, Broad, Lockwood and Ftoarl 
Wilcox Building, 42 to 48 Wejboesct 
WUkinson William Baydlng, Westminster, 

comer Eddj 
Winthrop Baildlogs, 386 Westminster and 

Snow and lloulton 
Woods Bailding. 6 Sooth Main 
Woods Hall, 4 Plainficld 
T.M.C.A.Bnildinir, Westminster, e. Jadcson 
Youam Men's Literarj Association Hall, 182 

Veazie, Wansknck 

Express G)mpanies Offices. 

Adams Sxpress Co. Union SuUkm, braneh 
ofice, 208 We7b<»ffnet. 

Aldrich li. G. Sxpress Co. (Pawtacket), 
mder slate S7 Cani&l and 20 Pa^e. 

Boftoo * Worceater Despatch, 20 Page. 

Clayton's Express, 7 Cranston. 

Darenport A Masons, Taonton Express, 
Union Station, branch olBce,206 Weybosset. 

Drake's Express, 156 Washington. 

Earle & Prew, Union Station, branch 
olBce, 2ro Weybosset. 

tiiTonis, 20 Pafre (BlTer Point). 

Hatch A Co.'s Keir B^ford Express, 
TJsioo Station, branch officr,208 Weybosset. 

Hopkins Transfer Co., Union Passenger 

Hunt H. B. A Co. 208 Canal. 

Hatchin«on's WoodyiUe, GeneTa and 
Wansknck, order slate 29 Canal. 

New England Express, 20 Page. 

New York A Boston Despatch Express 
Co., Union Station, branch office, 208 
Weybosset ^ ««. ^ , 

Old Colony Freight Express, 32S Canal. 

Perry's Express Co. (Pawtncket), order 
slate T Pine and 47 Exchange Place. 

Providence Transferee. 14 W.Exchange. 

Suburban Parcel Delivery, 7 Walnut. 

Thompson's (Kast Providence andlucal), 
78 Dorranoe. . , , 

Union Express Co. 12 Friendship. 

Parks in Providence. 

Abbott Park, Weybosset sU, opp. Snow at. 

Ward 4. 
Blaekstone P»rk, east of Butler ar., near 

Irving av. Ward 2. 
I>svis Park, between Cbalkstone ar. and 

VsUeyst. Ward 10. 
Dener Training Gronnd, between Dexter, 

Darfee, Parade and Waterloo sts. Ward 8. 
Frsoklin 8q[aan:, between Atwells av., 

Bradford and Adie sts. Ward 4. 
Hayward Park, between Beacon av.. Plain 

and Maple sta. Ward 5. 

Hoppin Park, between Bassett, Elm and 
Uoppin sts. Ward 5. 

Prospect Terrace, Congdon st. opp. Gush- 
ing. Ward 2. 

Roger WUllams Park, between Broad bU 
and Elm wood av., so. of N. Y., N. H. s 
H. R. R. Ward 7. „. , ^ 

TockwoUon Park, between WIckenden, 
What Cheer, Tockwotton and East sU. 

W»rdl. „ ^ ^ , 

Washington Park, between Benefit, Tock- 
wotton, Traverse and India sts. Ward 1. 

Carriage Fares. 


For eaefa passenger fh>m one place to 
uotber withtn the city, not exceeding one 
Bile, FIFTY CENTS. For each additional 
Bile or fraction of a mile, TWENTY-FIVE 

Children from four to twelve years of age, 
V more than one, or accompanied by an 
■dntt, HALF FARE. Under four years of 
•ge, FREE. 

Bv the Honr:~For the first hour, TWO 
DOLLARS. Each subsequent hour, ONE 

Ail distances shall be computed by 
•blight lines on the HAP UF THE CITY, 

and each owner or driver having charge 
of such Hackney Carriage hhall at all times 
when using the same have a copy of said 
MAP in said carriage, which shall be ex- 
hibited when denmnacd. 

BAGGAGE— One Trunk and One ValiHC, 
Saddlebag, Portmanteau, Bundle or other 
article used in traveling, FRUE. Every 
additional trunk or other article above 
named, TEN CENTS. 

Oboboe II. NoBOROSS, Superintendent ol 
Hacks. John R. Fbblbt, Clerk, Superin- 
tendent of Hackl. 


House Directory. 


SwM Point Cemetery— Office, Breck't 
Block, No. 85 Nnith Main utreet. ITotI. 
Idence, R. I. lucorpnrMted May, 184T. 
Prciident, Alfred Stoue; Bee and Treas., 
Charles B. tioald ; Birectora, Alfred Stone. 
Saniael A. Niirhtinfrale, Fred W. Arnold, 
Darius L. GotT. Gilbert A. Phillip*, Rath- 
bone Gardner, John II Cadj, I. H. South- 
wick; Supt. of the grounds, Timothy 

North Buryinir Ground— The property of 
the City of Proridence. Commisttionera, 
William Reynolds, Chairman and Sec.; 
Georire L. Piercf, Albert L. Anthony, A. 
Herbert Arnold; Supt of the Grounds, 
James Warren, jr. 

Locust Grore Cemetery— Elmwood — 
Incorporated 1052. Treas.. H. Midwood; 
Sec, George P. Tew; Supt., Arnold P. 

Grace Church Cemetery— Office, No. 48 
South Water street. Incorporated 1840. 
Treas., James Lewis Pierce ; Directors, the 
Vestry of Grace Church; Supt. of the 
Grounds, Aaron 8. Bsty. 

Pocasset Cemetery— Dyer arenue, Crans- 
ton, Treas., Wm. H. Dyer. P. O. Box, 
464 Providence; P. O. Box 204 OlneyTiUe. 
Telephone connection. 

Riverside Cemetery— Swan Point Road 
at Pawtocket line. Office at grounds. Paw- 
tucket. Treas., John W. Davis. 

Hebrew Cemetery— Reservoir avenue. 

Old Catholic Cemeterlea— St. Patrick's, 
Douglas avenue and St. Francia, Paw- 
tucket. Office, 524 Westminster street. 

Legal Holidays. 

Washington's Birthday, February 22d. 
State Election Day, first Wednesday in 
April. Arbor Day, first Friday in May. 
Memorial Day, May 80th. Independence 
Day, July 4th. Labor Day, first Monday in 

September. Thankssiving Day, last Thnrt- 
day in November. Christmas Day, Decem- 
ber 35th. Congressional Election Day, first 
Tuesday after first Monday in November,in 
even years. 


Butler Hospital for the Insane— Rocham- 
beau avenue, corner Blackstone boule- 
vard. Founded in 1847. Prea., William 
Goddard; Ireas., Mosen B. I. Goddard; 
Sec, Charles Morris Smith; Board of Con- 
sultations. J. W. C. Ely, M.D., George W. 
Carr, M.D. ; Supt. and Physician, William 
A. Gorton, M.D.* Assistant Physician, 
Henry C. Hall, M.D. : Sec. Assistant Phy- 
sician, Harold James Morgan, M.D.; Stew- 
ard, Harry H. Goss; Housekeeper, Alice 
L. Shields. 

Providence Homceopothic Dispensary — 
Rear of 8 Walnut street. Medical advice 
ftirnished to the poor without charge, daily, 
except Sundays, from 11 A. u. to I P. x. 
Sec. and Treas., Charles W. Boweu, 104 

Rhode Island Homceopathic Hospital- 

Morris avenue. Sec, A. C. Day; Treac., 
William P. Goodwin. Admitting Physi- 
cian, George B. Peck, 805 North Main 

Rhode Island Hospital— 503 Eddy. Sec, 
John C. Pcgram ; Superintendent, John H. 
Peters, M.D. Patients in the wards may 
be visited by a friend any day in the week 
including Sunday, between one and two 

St. Joseph's Hospital— Cor. Peace and 
Broad. In charge of Sister Mary Eulalia. 
House Physician, Dr. Wm. D. McDermott; 
Visiting Surgeon, George L. Collins; Visit, 
ing Physician, Frank L. Day; Assts., 
Thomas F. Black. M.D., and John D. Mc- 
Kenna, M.D.; Ophthalmic Surgeon, Fred- 
erick T. Rogers; Asst., Dr. P. Keefe. 


Brown University Library, Waterman, 
cor. Prospect. 

Franklin Lyceum, 06 Westminster. 
Olneyville Free Library, Waterman bldg., 
Oloeyville square. 

Providence Athensaum Library, Benefit, 
cor. College. 

Providence Evangelical Young Women's 
Christian Association. 485 Westminster. 
Providence Public Library, 32 Snow. 

Rhode Island Medical Society Library, 
54 North Main, room 0. 

State Law Library, Court House. 

State Library, State House. 

Union for Christian Work Library, 151 

Young Men's Christian Association, 610 
Westminster, corner Jackson. 

Yonnff Women's Tea Room Library, 
112 Mathewson. 


Davis Albert F., 191 Weybosset. 
Gragory H., 116 Union. 

House Dihiciory. 



NamiFMuett Fler B. R.—Prea. John N. 
Hazard; Vlee-Prea. and TreM., B. O. Uaz- 
ard; Sopt., Geoi^e T. Lanphear. 

Xev Eofrlsnd B. R.— Bxcbange place. 
Sapc CeotimJ ProTidence Dirialon, J. N. 

Nev York, New Haren & Hartford B. R. 
fStonlBftoo Dirteion).— Union Pafcsenfrer 

Uepot, Sapt. ; O. H. Briggs, 

General Bastem Pacaenger Agent; B. G. 
AHen, Gen. Sapt., Boston. 

Nev Tork, New Haren A Hartford R. B. 
— ?or Fail Birer, New Bedford, Newport, 
Bristol and Warren. P.. W. A B. depot, 
Beneffc, comer India street. For Boston 
sad Tannton, Union depot. Exchange place. 

Pawtaxet Taller B. B. Co.— Leased to the 
New York, ^ew Hayen & Hartford B B. 

Warren ft Bristol Branch B. B —Leased 
to the New York, New Haven A Hartford 

ProTldence A Springfield B. B.— Leaaed 
to the New England B. B. 

Providence & Worcester B. B.— Leased 
to the New York, New Haven A Hartford 
B. F. (Worcester Division). F. G. Spen. 
cer, Sapt. 

Warwick A Oakland Beach Bailway— 
Leased to the New York, New Haven ft 
Hartford R. B. From Providence toBntton- 
woods. Sapt., J. B. Gardiner. 

Wood Biver Branch B. B— From Wood 
Biver Junction to Hope Valley. Sapt., L. 
M. Barber. 

Newport ft Wickford B. B. ft S. B. Co.— 
From Wickford Janction to Newport. 
Agent, C. U. Coffin, Newport, R. I. 

Woonsocket ft Pascoag R. R.— Leased to 
the New England R. B. J. N. King, 8apt. 
Central Dirislon. 


Providenoe, Norfolk and Baltimore 
Steamship Line.— Jamea W. McClosky, 
Afcnt, India atreet, foot of Benefit street. 

For Philadclphbi — Winsor Line Steam- 
ihipa Ir^ve Ives wharf. India street, every 
Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 p. x. G. A. 
KiUoD, Agent. 

For Newport and Rpcky Point.— No. 186 
Djer street. Providence, Fall Biver and 
Xcwport Steamboat Company's steamers, 
the '*Bay Qoecn," ''City of Newport," 
"What Cheer,*' "Richard Borden." 
"Moont Hope" and "Bamhier," leave 
ProTidenee daily, Sundays excepted. 

For Fall River— Steamer " Richard Bor. 
den," leaves wharf opposite 193 8o. Water 
street, daily, Sundays excepted. 

For New York.— Providence and Stoning- 
ton Steamship Co. Providence Line, O. H. 
Briggs, Gcnenil Passenger Agent, Union 
SULion. Fox Point wharf, foot of South 
Water street. 

For Block Island. — Providence, Fall 
River and Newport Steamboat Company's 
steamer ** Mount Hope." Wharf opposite 
103 South Water street. 

For Seaconnct Point. — Steamers " Queen 
City " and '* A wasbonks." J. A. Pettcy , cap- 
tain, Doane'i wharf, foot of Planet street. 


Brown's Wharf (John R. White ft Sena), 
India rtreet. 

Cutler's Wbarf, opposite 120 Dyer street. 

Doane'a Wbarf, foot of Planet street. 

Dorranoe Wbarf, foot of Dorrance street. 

Daacan's Wharf, from 148 Dyer, foot of 
Peek itreet. 

Fall River lion Worka Wharf, opposite 
B9 South Water atreet. 

Fox Point Wbarf, foot of Sonih Water st. 

Hill's Wharf, rear 664 Eddy street, 
between Crary and Henderson streets. 

Hopkins' Coal Pier, rear 149 Dyer »treel. 

Ives' Wharf, India street 

John R White ft Sons' Wharf, opposite 
105 South Water street. 

Lonsdale Wharf, India Rtreet. 

Providence Coal Co.'s Wharf, foot of 
Dorrance street. 

Prorldence, Fall River and Newport 
Steamboat Co.'s Wharf, 130 Dyer street. 

i6 House Disectorv. 


E.fl.Jol i nson& Go. 

ftii-Round Printers. 

57 - 

Weubosset Street. « 

Circulars jiddressed 

At Reasonable Rates 


St North Main St., Prorldenee, R. 1. 


Oivlng th« locaUon of Mch itrMC and showing wh*t other itrecu and placet run from It or aoroei 
It, with the number at whieh thej inlereect. From thla llet, the location of any number on a etraet 
«an be eaally ascertained i at, tor initaace, wishing to know at what part of Westminster Street No. 
1U9 oomee, you look at Westminster Street, and find that Knight Street runs fh>m 1069. and Bridgham 
Street from IIM, showing that IU9 Westminster Street would oome about half-way between Knight 
and Brid^iam Streets. 

A. ■ti'eet, from M Lester to 

Blee, Wards. 
X^ MIflU. 
7 Uvermorc 
opp. 10 Parkins 
S TIghlman 
•pp. 48 Bioe 

A.bbo$t« from 9 Branch At. 
to Itt Gamp, Ward 1. 
S 1 Branch At. 
U 17 North Main 
90 08 Knowlee 
100 Highland 
ISS Bolander 
148 145 Qunp 
A.blM»U Paark Plshce* 
from VS WeyboMCt, Ward 4.« from Oemelery to city 
line. Ward 8. 

JLh^rnm fr. 880 Westminster 
to 20O West fizehange, Wd. 4. 
08 61 Wachington 
08 98 Fountain 
08 Broadway 
114115 Sabln 
- 114 Atw^Il'sAT. 
158 Mason 
164 HIeks 

US TMrar 
827 Merrill 
•pp. 8S8 Gove 
MO Cedar 

Harkness OomCwardt. 

A.csUleasy A.w. fbom 700 
Atweirs At. aeroes Baton to 
Walton, Ward 10. 

21 Newark 
88 Cambridge 
48 Kepler 
opp. 00 Wealth At. 
n Armlngton At. 
UO Bandriek 
m Heahh At. 
•pp. 138 Wisdom At. 
llO Pomona At. 

188 BennC At. 
164 AmUy 
190 Dover 

801 Attdem 
880 Beaufort 

887 LtntM 
880 Roanoke 
978 Belmont At. 
818 S77 ChalkstoneAT. 
648648 Smith 
077 6r8 Eaton 
780 788 Salter 
188 fn WaJton 
A.eom, ftwB Kinslty At. 
to 808 Atwells Av., Wde. 4, 9 
9 1 KiMiear At. 

48 47 Tingle 
60 67 BarrieAT. 

L^ Right. 

80 LAurel 
100 101 West Exchange 
114 118 Cedar 
186 ISS Spruce 
146 TYainor 
158U7 Atweil'sAT. 

Aetlalai., from 115 Sisson, 
westerly, Ward 10. 

A.dauna, fh>m Piedmont to 
91 Kniffht, Wazd 9. 
9 1 Piedmont 
18 I L Republican 
28 31 Knight 
▲delAide A.W. from opp 
966 Broad to Mashapauit 
pond. Ward 7. 
9 Broad 
22 Emerson 
78 77 Niagara 
188 127 Hamilton 
178 177 Melrose 
862861 Elmwood At. 
888 988 Reserrolr At. 
882 Downing 
865 Holbrook 
418417 Crescent 
486 485 MashapangPond 

JLdelphI ▲▼. from OOTabei 
At. to 947 Wayland At.,W<LS 
9 1 Taber At. 
88 81 Elm QroTC At. 
60 59 Wayland At. 

▲die, from 14 Cedar to 85 At- 
wells At., Ward 4. 
9 ICwlar 
18 Jones 
SO 26 Mountain 
48 41 Atwells At. 
▲dHalratl, lh>m opposite 889 
Charlee. near R. R. bridge, 
to ei^ line. Wards 8, 10. 
14 Orientol 
84 Whipple 
58 Fillmore 
188 Chad Brown 
S4S Mowry 

804 Newoomb 
880 Tappan 
868 Hawkina 
880 Douglas At. 
410 Veto 
418 Qrape 
490 ETa 
528 Loreday 
666 677 RiTcr At. 
697 Crandall 
717 Seaman 
741 Hasael 
765 Waito 
788 Fliebe 
794 Swan At. 
887 Corporal 
918 Oeaeral 
058861 City line 

Av. fh>iii Social, 
northerly. Ward 8. 

AArlcu, trom 19 Arthur At. 
to opp. 87 America, Ward 8. 

AKnee, from 76 Dike to 100 
McDonngh, Ward 8. 

Alnaerorth, from (81 Don- 
glaa At. to Cazton, Ward 8. 

AkeriMain, fr. 2IS Fenner 
At. to Kaiti), Ward 7. 
Fenner At. 
opp. 15 Frankfort 
40 DaTid 

Alatbsunaa A ▼. from PtotI- 
dence RiTcr to 285 Montgom- 
ery Av., Ward 6. 
Delaware At. 
Michigan Av. 
Maryland Av. 
288 987 Virginia Av. 
981 Montgomery Av. 

Alai.nd. fr. Cemetery, north- 
erly. Ward 8. 

Aiataka. from Charlea to 
107 Languon, Ward 8. 
2 1 Charlea 
22 21 Haasan 
86 85 Mendon 
58 57 Greeley 
78 77 Laufdon 

Albert, fr. 78 Reaervoir Av. 
acroaa Downing, to the pond. 
Ward 7. 

Albert Court, from 87 
Chafltoe, Ward 10. 

Albion, f^om Monterey to 
theR. R.,Ward8. 

Albro, fVom 216 Atwella At. 
to 119 Federal, Ward 0. 

Albiv C7oart» from ISO 
Federal, Ward 0. 

Aldlne, fr. 1350 Chalkstone 
At. to Almira At., Ward 10. 

Aldrlch, fhmi 1119 Eddy to 
1190 Broad, Ward 6. 
4 1 EOAj 
52 40 Rugby 
184188 Broad 

Aleppo, fr. opp. 145 Manton 
At. to Boaworfh, Ward 10. 

Alexatnder, from Robert, 
aontherlT. to city line, Wd. 7. 


Roger Wllllama At. 

Ronnda Av. 

Ruthcvf len At. 

Alfh>ed, from 189 Flaiaftild 
to £teJ, Ward 8 




t fl. Johnson & Go. 

I ♦\ 



flii-RoniHi miners 


99 i ;^ < = *- ^ :c 9u i :a ^ = s^ < > 

- - « : .r J 4 '•" r J 4 \ f - * 

.* • .' • --r i. • ..■.:•'» 

_. **jij. — i. i4:?>»- 

Pck. : 5 > 4 9 1.. 

» *i r • ♦•'!: 1« - I r 

:♦.; _ ii.i-4 3 •.«■'>" 

tmA - * *- T:is>>.5. 

.•:: •• .\:*\: > ^' y i h « t 

:-^»'i. .'.•:» :4iv •: ..? 4 

■>»-':>>3«'j; — .:.*.«-» i. 

lifiJ 1 •i4 2s>i:.- 

'^ •*4^4T««^^ 

- ■«:: :: :j:4:^ frt. . : J J 4 ^ 
>:: > .J*."-,: .'J ■'*-:-::.: 
2»j4jvj»» •*:>-> IS.*;:- - 

J» llli'24*S>- 

Mn ... I * I i s ^ £•> ji 

' :*»!•:: :2 11 Iff. i i 

i4is\Hi: I- :*j» ■*<:*'• 

2\::2S24 2s-i^r: i;'ji4:s> 

2*2*»ii - ':^3»2:*:2i 

Jat » 2 > m ->2T'>>;» 

: 4 V « T <*••!• ite. ' 

'II 1?:}14;S!k17 ; 3 4 5 «i t 

1*>3» 2: 22 23 24 I»1112n!4 

I , -. *4 2S3627 ■> 

: L-' 1... ~. 11 ... ~ 

"4 i 

s < 

: :4 

j 4 

:■ !'< 


Circuiars ^Mressed 

At Reasonable Rates 



S4 North Main St. , Providence, R. I. 



n«M V* WiTbM. wu 


«W>jkiidAi..ff>:j I 



A.lbrv t'vMrt, Iron in 
Aldrick, fr«n LIltUdJM 


■b*y» (nHD 687 


AUBV>aK.kBe. It. Ul Cu 
U MNorth MMb, Wu4 L 
AjH. from BBUtT B> U 
AUh», >™b hi Dotn 




to JlAmi At, 

UB jaUuIWudl*. 

AipUBnaia A.*, ten ga. 

IT ibg^"*., WKd t. 
LnaliiCtAB A.V. ft*B n 

Bnok u M ful, iFud I. 



jpaal fc CoUiia. ntthBlj, 


to on.ll'BovdokB,Wud to, 

Inf •> n ^liiold. Wai^ W. 
AinHHK, from tri EiUjto 

Onakr Hud Onw to AocU. 

Av«B, ftom T1 AnIhOBJ A*. 
10 BapVdLct L«l», D4l1tL«fIf , 

AfFBHii. fmii ViUiT 111 nt 

^JhtiWoM At., Wird 10. 


KM UiOmp 

p. FtoitrWUtlu 


BttlKklHHtln'IB IM Doii* 

■srclu, mni J01 Atnll'I 

i wlrfT '"'"' " 



BiU'lilelt. Arom 786 Elm- 
wood Ay. Mivond Ruwell, to 
MelroM, Ward 7. 

BArUeit A. v. from Baff«r 
WllliAra* Park, b^ond Uak- 
land Oemcfory, to Cranalon 
line. Ward 7. 

Borton, it, UB7 Wcatmlna- 
ter to 55i Broadway, Ward S. 
19 Barton Ootirt 
8U Gentannlal Court 

Barton Oouri, from 19 
Barton, Ward S. 

B»aa«it, trom 74 Ship to 
Hoppin Miiara, Ward 5. 
18 Iloipital 
SB ClaT«rlek 
40 Butlor 
48 88 Uoppin 8q. 

B»aaeti Ij*Me. from lOn 484 Waihlnff- 
ton. Ward 9. 

Baatcheller ▲▼. from 866 
Smlthflald At. to ArgoUWd.8. 

U trom 81 Llppltt to 14 

Mallatt, Ward S. 

Baath, trom 889 Ormi to 571 
Challutone Av., Ward 10. 

B*tteyt fr.944 Broadway to 
979 WMlminfttr, Ward 9. 

8 1 Broadway 
88 31 Vamon 
5S 51 Carpenter 

71 Fountain 

83 WachiuKton 
104 Weitmintter 

Baxter, trom 880 Potter At 
to Mawie At., Ward 6. 

Potter At. 
opp. 6 Gladstone 
18 Norwich At. 
Lillian At. 
opp. 40 MaMle At. 

Baxter Court, trom S3 
Robtnion, Ward 6. 

Bay, from AUen'i At. to 798 

Eddy, Ward 6. 
IM 1118 Allen'i At. 
128 1S7 Camm 
SU809 Eddy 

Bayard, from Fouxtli to US 
BeTonth, Ward 2. 

Beach, fr. 16 Park to 28 Hol- 
dan. Ward 4. 

Beaeon Av. fr. 190 Broad 

to87Pearl,Wardf4, 6. 

80 29 Pine 

48 Friendship 

Hay ward Park 

69 Maple 
76 75 Point 

90 Globe 
110 107 Frank 
146 143 Lockwood 
US East Beaoon 

Beaufbrt, tr. 280 Academy 
At. to Mount Pleasaat At., 
2 1 Academy At. 
86 SB Pemberton 
86 8S Carieton 
196125 Ml Pleasaat At. 

iwltk, ftom Jwnetloii 

Faeiflc At. and FleaaantTlew 
At. to 198 Falth^Ward T. 

9 Pleasant View At. 

Paeiflc At. 

Jaekaon At. 


BedfoiHl, trom Admiral, 
to Cornwall, Ward 8. 
8 1 Admiral 
82 81 Salina 
72 71 GomwaU 

Beetle, ir. Slseon, weeterly, 
Ward 10. 

Belair, fr* Obserratoiy At. 
to Cypress, Ward 2. 

Belli;nap, fr. 186 Carpenter 
to 16 Oliver place, Ward 9. 
9 West 
Bell, trom 517 Broadway, 
Ward 9. 

Beliewue, Arom 198 Pitman 
to Waterman, Ward 1. 

Bellevne A. v. fh>m Boek- 
lln, to 586 Cranston, Ward 7. 

Belmont Av. th>m 272 
Academy Av. to Claicmont 
At., Ward lU. 
60 Thome 
88 87 Carieton 
106 107 Claremont At. 

Bend, from 183 Laurel Bill 
At. to 54 Barrows. Ward 8. 

Laurel Hill At. 
opp. 16 Lawrence 

19 Barrows 

Benedict I^ane, ftx>m709 
Cranston, Ward 8. 

i»«n.r»»,trom 457 No. Mala 
to India, Wards 1, S. 
4 North Main 
27 lUliey 
48 Jenckes 
88 Church 
102 Rowland 
109 110 Bowen 
122Cady ' 
144 North Court 
155 156 South Court 
0170 Meetinc 
186 Arsenal Lane 
188 Thomas 
199 Angell 
210 Waterman 
940 College 

Cornell Place 
962 Hopkins 
opp. 270 George 
opp. 290 Benevolent 
Kt Charles Field 
880 Planet 
886 Power 
867862 Williams 
888 James 
409 406 Transit 
488 Sheldon 
445 OWlckenden 
0468 Pike 
480 Toekwotton 

Benevolent, trom oppo- 

I. 185 


site 890 BencAt to 
OoTernor, Ward 1. 
2 Benefit 

19 Magee 

96 17 Brown 

56 59 Thayer 

80 88 Brook 

86 OHope 
110 Cooke 


Bennett Place, trom 1754 
Westminster, Ward 8. 

Bentlev Liane, from Con- 
eord to Collyer. Ward 8. 

Benton, trom 49 Capron to 
56 Appielon, Ward M. 
12 Ryan's Laae 

Bercen, tr. 962 ChalkaCona 
At. to 158 Ke«cut AT.,Wd. 10. 

Chalkstone Av. 
opp. 44 Andem 

Begent At. 

Berkley, tVom 44 Lisbon to 
Harold. Ward 10. 

6 Fern 
RlTer At. 

Berkahli^, trom Admiral 
to Cornwall, easterly, Wd. 8. 
2 1 Admiral 
84 88 Salina 
74 78 Cornwall 

Berlin, fr. 89 Andem to 10S4 
Chalkstone At., Ward 10. 

Bernai^, trom Columbian 
At. to 96 Galla, Ward 7. 

Bernon. tr. opp. 48 Douglas 
At. to Nolan, Wards S, lOT 
8 7 Douglas At. 
94 OSCandaoe 
190 127 Nolan 

Beaale, fr. 86 Oakland At., 
Ward 10. 

Beverly, fh>m Mason to 157 
Washington, Ward 4. 
2 1 Mason 
88 87 Sabin 
50 49 Martha 
62 61 Washington 

Beevet, from 115 Mathewson 
to 18 Snow, Ward 4. 

BInsham. fr. IfKlS Branch 
At. northerly, Ward 8. 

BInney, trom 238 Fenner 
At, to Jackson At. Ward 7. 

Blabee, from New York At. 
southerly. Field's Point, Wd. 6. 

Biahon, tr. opp. 59 WiUard 
At. to Wn Plain, Ward 6. 

Blaaell, fr. Roser Williams 
Park, crossing 1248 Elmwood 
At., Ward 7. 
6 Stamtord At. 
40 89 Elmwood At. 

Black, nrom 59 Orms to 104 
Chalkatone At., Ward 8. 

• u Orms 


• Chalkstone At. 

Black atone, trom Allen's 
At. to Friendship, Wards 8j6. 
Allen's At. 
66 65 Eddy 
100 90 Culver 
164 168 Plain 
184 SUnifbrd 
210 209 Gay 
288 8^ Prairie At. 
414 411 Friendahlp 

BIfhckatone A v. tr. South 
Angell, to Glen AT.,Wds. 1, 1 

Blisckatone B o n 1 « • 
vard, fVom Butler At. to 
East At., Ward 8. 
86 89 Inring At. 
56 UniTersity At. 
74 Lloyd At. 
106 106 President At. 
125 Penroee At. 
£d|rcwo«d At. 
141 MarimTe At. 
156 157 Laurel At. 
174 173 Glen At. 
190 189 Uoton At. 
906 8115 Uneoln At. 
222 821 Clarendon Av. 
838 287 Mount At. 
854 253 Vernon At. 
346 345 Rochambeau Av. 
East At. 



n Abbon 







Ft Arn)ll A', Winl IS. 

°86 *" cJfi. ' 


Bub^IsBC. Bn>id!tv^ 

= Si, 


ODD. tt Ptdfle (t. 

Vvil 10. OurroWB, Ir. oofi- M Itofw 
rUlnu Wlllli>ii>iA>,IOESlrllni.VnO 

UDsbr« OoHrt» fnm 71 


SB! A.. 

ByacIO, trom Eddj' Is IL 
ftnod. Ward 1. 

O atrcet. ehiDErd id Dodf* 


S ^ 9^?™L~" 

1 s 

OlLHOIcr. tiiE KlTtnliK, 
IjUBiirrlU^ Ward 1, ""'' 


inui Nonhitf Ar. 


Hrlmu], Winl 1. 

JleKnUa^r.] m Clutkiuu 


Dm Ofp. B Cslllaa Cart, Iran ■ i fSasMltirtlaia. ^ 1*1 Wll- 
B. Warcia. WUtDV. WiFd 1. HMiriLnui, War^I. 

D«llvcr. rroa Ontnrr lo 0*Btea^ tnm Juttio* to 

! i^^.'i, 

n nPnlMM 


0«BHtscll At. hen 1! 

Fnlrta iT. (a MO Br» 





loanSiu, Ward 



MtDiS MConun. ^1 


C«t'^r' Irt,™ ii 

M |l'""''*'- 


'% " s:!^ 

Oritven, ftxd »r KaHr lo 

iSiS", "^ 

Ul Wi.'irlr, Wird «. 

CrKHlbr^, ftom IM 8«lil>i 

Mill! U hi^r ll», W.jd 1. 




o JSKlit^' 



J limll^"*'' 

D Strcrl, fna 

n iisibii^ 


M « Eln.*i»d 

••6 •iSsr™ 


OrlMB, fkom HolbtiAk (a U3 

I« IWWnl Ei<^ii|i<. Wd. >; 

rroia Cup U Eul 


Wudt. I FMFkjirimmltm i:\mmt4 ■ 1 

mi AlBIvOItll 

*B' Ui>Mam I 

DlHO, (Von to 8s. Hmln M 

M D«r1*PLu» 

li,. "^llfiJ^KSi.' 

VaakliMD. fram HI SoulB ! 
^TiDUW&.WiHi.Wirdl. , 

Dukr. trom «» SoilU lo 3eg 

Dlip. SUV ^FPiU. Wild t, 


VHntAni, Wi 

Br^ t 

OATtriMf to th« riv^, W v4 
Bbitlf ■■nlhtf, frttm U 



1 «n ciiabrd ' 

jnm HvrtJki^ 





Bi Wajluul At-, Wud t 

■ol«UUiilliioAi..Wud t 
■*er>Hem, hum Kn, HalB 

BTOrHB, from IK Lanfdoi 

I) "uj""'™" 

Mmmmxtfrvn A>pjw hi 

Ormi, Winl Ul. 


I 17 iuW 

t MBndlonl 
B Nnnon Coup 


U WtahlnfUB 

nrmnUin 10 Ui SidJii, Wd. 4 
At.^ BttUfJ. Ward 10. 
to tA^m, Want 1. 


epfi. ByltM.'wMirlT. VTd. 7 

■UlHMpe, ttlHIl Itt Doulu 

PsrMt. ham UB Cup 10 

MMiii^.At., Wud). 

EW aJT *'■ 
Panvth, fr. 80 Enflo FUk 

Hi. rr. 11 FiHntRt.w 


rrlead, fr«aa to A 

to Ceni«tBi]r, WftTd ]. 


HutDn 1 T.U dtr iW Wd.10. 
41 Spiuw. Wud-f. 

M Courtrifhl 
« « Fnlrk jIt. 



U U 


er. tram loKkm to 

1M8 BiMd 



t Sllacuk 

• §- - 


tr. U Bagliy to fit 

IS ^Oewn 

67 BBflMMC 

miSl PnirleAv. 
M lOGonlonAT. 

ftroB aBIndtot»«U 

Bam9« itob za 
«ii tadte 
14 UTo^cwolton 
74 WldM nden 
M TiCBtoo 
11B117 EiUtTntuat 

• Power 

mm FtwcoB 


war sutafuudBs 



,— ■^■. from Sr Qiceno to 

>, from 47 Kno vloi 
b US Ouay, Ward SL 


BwHett Ar..Wud7. 

I, flvia M flnlth to 

S 1 ABUth 


e Kinder At. 

• W«t EzdMBfo 

lAy« firon Bomenot to ITS 
Wfilud Ay., Wardi f , •. 

• tDodl^ 

f m BhcltatOBO 
n BoUnaOD 

• • Willord At. 

N»yl«rd, from SI FlomiM 
■orfkwwInlytWard M. 

wwv^M. from Hanoi lo 
d^liaa, Wards. 

from 17 Andem to 
AT^Ward li. 

a e» rge ,fromo|ip.gSBoBO- 
fll to OoTomor, Ward 1. 

S 71 

161 IB Brook 
flSnS Ooramor 

Oo^er, from 19 Ylnloii to 





,, from ns Flainiald 
10 Eaatwood Atm Ward 8. 
Whhtler At. 
40 SOLaban 
£aaCwood At. 

9llb«rt, from 100 Bridgham 
9 LAthar 

6 OMUlar 

OUeo Place, fromttSAW 
««Qa At., Waid 9. 

Ollheear, from Bmnmlt At. 
to 6tS £aat At., near CUj 
line. Ward 1. 

CMUen. from MS Ghnrlaa to 

ttllMMha, from 92 Lopm At. 
■ontlicrly. Ward 6. 

CHlai«rc« from 946 CranMon 


9 OLeoter 
84 Kendall 
44 Arch 


€ll«4lc. from SaS Eaat At., 
CMtarlj, Ward 9. 

CII«dn6oHe, from 799 Broad 
to opp. 6 Baxter. Ward 6. 

uBBoer, from HawUna, 
itnerly, to opp. 161 Salina, 

Cli«n Ave. from Warland 
At. to Orotio At.. Ward 9. 
9 OWojlandAT. 
Gole At. 
9 Slater At. 
Blaeketone BoolOTard 
9 9 0rottoAT. . 

OiendAle JLw. fr. 480 Kaet 

At., Ward 9. 

OicadoB Court, from 887 
Floe, Ward 8. 

dienhaaa. from 989 Prairie 
At. to 696 Broad, Ward 6. 
18 St Jamee 
88 Mt Vernon 
46 88 Taylor 
110109 Brood 

Olobe, fr- Prorldenee RlTcr 
toSOBeaeon AT.,Ward8. • 

106 OEddj 
189 188 Hoapital 
894 SOS BeaeoB At. 

01o«ne|». from Fmlt HiU 
At., Ward 10. 

AloTer, from 116 Home At. 
to Kimbell. Ward lU. 
9 Clematla 
9 Lawn 
9 Rowan 

Ood4« opp.l8 Doogla* 
At. to 19 Ca n dace, Ward 8. 

; from 668 Eddy to the 
fiTer, Ward 6. 

Ck»M, from 987 8o.l[ain 
296 Sovth Water. Ward 1. 


■f from Gole At. 
to Slater At., Werd 9. 

tr.468 PubUe 

to 168 Oolfaz, Ward 6. 
2 1 Publle 

14 ISBnekley 

80 99 Bernoldi Av. 

86 87 Potter At. 
1S8 8«ylei ' 
ISO 179 Oxford 
998 998rmit 
916 S45 Gallup • 
916 965 CoMax 

OerlMua«fromChad Brown, 
Ward 8. 

Ctoriea, from Oole At. to 
Hater At.. Ward 9: 

Cle«ld, from 88 Gheatant to 

Mlas. from 94STran«it 
to 460 WlAanden, Ward 1. 

OeaM'a Place, fr.Qoiild. 
Ward 4. 

Oeweraer, tkom 474 Wick- 
enden to 887 Antell, Ward 1. 
9 1 Wlekenden 
opp. 90 Trenton 
opp. 86 Transit 
49 Arnold 
48 EaetTraneit 
87 Pnmont 
98 John 
77 Winiama 
9 OS Power 
111 Piaiton 
116 Tonng Orehard At. 

nlSB BcneTolent 
189 EaetOeoTie 
9 Pitman 
9 Manninf 
186 Eaat Manning 

9 IM^Waterman 

Anf ell 

OradT Kiane. fr. 11 Com- 
■toek Place to 61 Roblnaon, 
Ward 6. 

OmaAoB, fVom Merchant to 
Chatham, Ward 8. 

Orakaai, fh>m 94 Jenklni, 
mm northerly. Ward 9. 

Cta'aad, Ikom 676 Potter At^ 
to the railroad. Ward 7. 

Clraad Aw. from 149 South 
Angell to Hawthorne Avenue, 

9 South Angell 

9 Madlaon At. 

Rhode liland At. 

9 9 AngeU 

Oriole At. 

Hawthorne At. 

Clraad BroadTvay. fr'm 
88 Sherwood to 89 Stanabuiy, 
Ward 8. 

Oraad VIctt, from 889 N. 
Main to 206 Camp, Ward 2. 
9 1 North Main 
28 Wllkini 
68 Knowlee 
86 HiEhUnd 
109 Bolander 
186 188 Camp 

OranKcr. firom 855 Harris 
At. to Watson, Ward 8. 

Oranlte, fr. 886 East A v. to 
199 Lorlmer At.. Ward 2. 

Orant, from 258 Knight to 
888 Carpenter, Ward 9. 

Orape, ttom Alicant to 419 
Admiral, Ward 10. 

17 Ceres 
9 59 Admiral 

Orave'e Liane,fr.6MWest- 
mlnster to 71 Pond, Ward 4. 

dray, from opp. 1060 Atwells 
At. near Manton At., Wd. 10. 

fr. 586 Charles to 

Or^eley, fr. i 
Bagan, ward 8. 

Oreeley Itane. from 76 
Charles to Back, Ward 8. 


W if WlAi'iDiiin. Wud I. 
GrmmwKmor At* from 1 


tftuhlHirir Ave. fk.opp.u 
BuriuUH uM fMMe Ah.. 


n }l fiUnlord Av, 
lUlDI AIiIiTav. 
HBHBaBil, fr. UH Wut- 
BiliuHr » KT CmuMn, ^4. 



HBnMttftou III Huold u 
HafHD, it'inlL 


Mar. •■■■ MW«rkaaM w 


'•"f'tMutlMjl *" 
Br—Jw y. W ard ^ 

mJu Bill) Dm, tTirdlL 

M « BDimu 

H*ld«H, tma FronMudc 




w&.'jWrr- " 








i RtEtnl At. Is WUdolB 

tUliBN. tr. 101 WcodT 

OeuIUob, Wmrd J. 

M nrrwittlB 

u » H " n^TlhWd. «. 

ifiU. Wud 1. 

JiHtmH. ftna Smtlll U 

Fulfli An. to npp. Un&. 
•Isukaa, tnmUBnattM 

It oFntt 

'%wlr AtTS*!!^ brUft, 

to BM Cruntim, Wuil r. 

10 W HMttortA... W«4 e. 
D Dl£list4At. 



KHt. Mi« M ICnWbI,Wd. ». 



KcHh Plus. 

Klnball, Imn lia>C3ulk. 

BIHB A>. ban Un4 Al. 


'1 SK" 

I^Kke. Ami M HoQlMl U U 

Li>tk>_ ri. I 

I BUI ^^j*- 


I3r"i5^& 'j 

>*?""":?\J:?" 5J 


UUI>M A (. rram UtBnH* 

ILMt, fnoi a^AtwtOl At. 

U CmrH^ir, Vai4 4- 

Uiia*l>. liDiii n Fuk ta 

Unoala A.T. ft. WulH* 
At. u amcw AT.. Wid I. 

I |^^".„^ 

n uwinaittrt 
■.Ink. (nm III w<c««i<n 


ClaboB, m>m IS Hiwnil At. 
U Ml CbiilkHoiH Atihiw. 

*%' u PriunT 

111 ArilEjilini At.^ Wu4 1 

l!M ."'""■''"" 

FsenraircK btuot DOOcnnT. 

Tnfa^T^ At., wi* 

Lrtch. ftom Has AEwHi 

liBomliBt. Wirdl. 



M^BMB At. I 




Mapj, (ton l« Cru:r u n 


to BprlniflrM. 1*il4 1. 

K»I^TlR|tlc7. Wudil, 

l»Bii«wWlUl»niiPllrt,W.I. . o»kliinfA.„W.n]10. 
■f^rk idtne, ftcm re Bo. -^ HKwBCTkfVwDBP.U 
WWt, Wud 1. I dika <a in Duln, Wud 

uvodtlusMClVBalldhill. Jj ai bimiTi^ 



■ eCiMiaklB.b.aUCIullr 
■mill Ai. UMfSmllh.WiL II 

McMhI !.■■«. IhiiD n 

MsMlar, turn n H4nh4U 


McllHB, finiii III BuUord 


Mlddleton, Inni flU 
1 BiFtRird Ai. 

■a IM PiTOba At^«u7«. 
Hutu-, fron M DuM w 
4»- MJhuft*. Wud A. 

MIIUiB, from Kntliip At. 

MtCekeU. In>m tU BnHd lo 

M W tlunllloa 
MokKwk. tnm M AtboM 

Sntitrlor to B aiHU.*Wu1lr. 
o». HMtlC to' Hiinii A.; 


n 71 UfiikM 

Iff 141 EbBwiMi At. 

IL« At, Wirt i, . 
At. >r.H>lMii(T, 



'. !s3^.. 



MyMIS, bmi OD Bind IB 

Kebraukn. nom dw u* 
BM; to Ul bitt^. Ward!. 

At„ HH CUT lllH. Wud£^ 

AtTuSITa Jnbil, I^jSv* 

HI CuJkihn* Av., wu^L 
*??■ dJSuuni At, 

■«rtli At. fnm onoiltaM 


NvrMj^rt. to- M i;«Ml 


. "la!!' 


s &■■'—• 

At. IO«0 Mor^ a/VikT? 

OhlSi ft. la WDodnid road, 

Okl* At. from prgTUnn 
Ut^U opp.ltN Udf ,W4,«. 

f«nljLn, Wirdt. 

Km K^A' ■ T- '<• PoK" At. 
4m^ a. 


li LIbimiT Conn 

OlyiM BjM. (roro iin>. *u£*- 

Ml Do^ilu At., Wtti I.* 
tatarls. ham Bfi Bn«d M 



AlnSSvJrud 1. 

WSik IUId. Wu4 L 




P>r»IIjl^ I 

J^JmtIuiuh ruk. wd. 1 

^r At. Kjrn. n» UbdI 
H HAnlwIjAT. 


PafelB. fmnlir Chilki 

' SKB™. *' 

rjJM At- fr.opp.* Bfu, 
Nl FiSia *?. Id loa 6rosd. 

Pfcefc^ftwB (J«i 

t»3r«>r. PllfTlm. if uil <. 



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fi srssifflii;-. 


PMBCt, fiom m So. wun 










* liK^'ollSt 




Off. JU pljniBlil 

l>ar*lKB«, from m bgad 
to A^OTkhoet, w>M(. 

s awMCuaGrd 

WiTMlHt to W D/fl^Vd.4. 

M M FcluAlUy 






M huikUm 


u loToiiHj, 



Kaskia A*, ft. Mr Chin- 
itnt A>, BMlHllr, WHd u. 
i^lUjIw^ ft. J^»lV. ■" 
msr^pva Oota At. Is BMh 

AthbU. Id'm ChlniMI 
AMmi Fuk Ft4a, Wud 4. 


S AJ^Sddm 


Hldn Court, Ir.SHliln 
■III, fnmW ViUq Is Bar4, 

ai>BB>)d, ft. lia&nnk 



CuabHdit Id Viugtiaj A^ 

nt IH NurmiuuM A>. 

Ksacr vruil>— ■ Ot. Ir. 


M**c, tTDin iriIIl*,iHnUiirlj. 


■•JAl, iTQnSiVffgitklll 




la CUnbiMti 

MB*k«k, ft. US W«^* 

•^fJ^from^^ufBtlll le 


46 PBonwMCE 



SlBHiaii*, Innii U Mhrl I 


U II TUf tl^ud At 

■IO«VBll. (WllD DDp. U All 

I Oupn 


M tu VtrboHM. Wail. 

•whiH, from 4i aibjrj to «». 
t 1 Mkjl '*' 


ID anils. Wud «. 
^orldaDH BItb 


!8 fstii:- 

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^yirfiiil I 11 irfiiilftilii 


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: Sis' 


M Otmnd Brtadwi 

HMrllBC At. (t, Atnod t 


■to», tr. Didi to Bttini 

0». It bonmU, Wtfd t. 


ShhAXi ftoQ on>- 19 l4Df- 

Ar 00 0«U, Wud I. 

•iTBB At. tr opp.lH Ellon 

•yb«rtfc ft. aiSlBon,! 
•riT. Wird UL 

vaovumxiCK btbebt dibcotosx> 




M IT Wad Bnliul 

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WiuUbi«5B Oourt, ft 

1 WHOaluurui 1 XBhuv 


'endBll, It. wr Cruil 

1 la HiuAlDpon AT-Wd 
■Hip. 7i Sujrtripi 

C>fkkluid C«n*tBi7» bi Cn 


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T «- 

TblM, fxn 191 No. HUll 
M CsUrir. Wud (. 


»r"»»s^ *■'*<"«•» 

W Ick ■■d», horn snp. 441 

BlnTu bnw, Tl?ii i 

I « I) Hu^hiMd Ai 
I Wlllsvr Csart, H 




WIBow. Wards. 

^rilMa. from • 
2 1 EfaBwood At. 



u vr 


• 0- - 

iMMthMly, Wards. ^^ 

HVtoalvw, , 

botMttoSlBraad, Ward 4. 

WlBMr, ftpm M7 Smith to 
SMOmu, Wards. 

Plalnflcid, Wardl 

Winter, fr. Sn Wnimiiutw 
to 277 Broad, Wards. 
I We«miiiaitr 

1 Cnnitoa 
aO 29 Food 
72 Winter Gout 

■• Iraai 107 Fuada to 

IW Huttai|ioa Av^ Waxd S. 

r» SI 
100 101 
US ill _ 
200 Its BandvilOB Ar. 

W«*dMae. ftom Ho. Mala 
to 81« l£a>< Av.. Waid S. 
Hoitt MaU 

• HlghJaad 

fl Miiteiy At. 

-^ , nwB HoRla 
At. opp 
Ward 2. 

-, fVom 287 KOI- 

tn^y. Borthcrlj. Wards. 

WiMter G«»«rS. 

WlnlBr, Ward S. 

ftom 72 ' ^^A^^'^vi 

w wvvllmai^ homtt Boldoa 

l^lBShrop. iron 101 PaetSc 
A*, to 88 nUh, Want 7. 
Pactfle At. 
28 Jaekaoa At. 

Wlmthr*p At. from 1281 
ChalkfltOM At., Ward 10. 
10 48 Maaomot 
86 or Canoaehct 

- — — .. _ v. __ v_ from 
SS Woodward Boao, Ward S. 

;_i.----T- *• oppoaito 

ISS AeadTmy At. aeniM Un- 
ron to S Alton, Ward lu. 

■-- — I, trffm 

07 Branch At. lo citr line. 


JS Jfaitin 

S8 Woodvnid Oottit 

101 IlUnolt 

128 Ohio 

1« Newport 

183 Iowa 


onn. 247 Teaxle 


of Ohalkatona AT^Aahtar- 

from Pmit 


At. to Cf^ 

^jmrnvTm ir. IB W*at Rz- 

ehanntoSCMaicaee.Wd. 4. 
2 I W«at£ielMaM 
6 6 Eddj *^ 

80 SI Union 
42 dSdemoneo 

ravmScd A.W. tnnn4S£f< 
wood At., Ward 10. 

Wrlirlit, from SBS 
At. to Htanilold, Wi 



it, from SSI Eddy to 

Vfh ~ - — - - 

ianc Plain, Ward 6. 
fr. 117 

irlr. Ward 10. 

k, fVom 9QB North M nia 

to Woodbine, Waid 2. 

YorlL»lilre,fr. ^ 

to HawklneTWaid S. 

2 1 LoofmoDt 

80 05 Chaahire 

128 128 Hawkins 

Y*«ld^M. fr. 1SB7 Brand to 
Rocer Wimanw Plrk, Wd. 7. 

Y*««j|, from 11 Appldon to 
S Anidr«7, Waid loT 

r»anar A weM^v, 

flmlthTo 615 Caialkitone At., 
Ward 10. 

fh>m Hope to 116 Qoremor, 
Ward 1. 
S4 S8 Oooke 
86 37 GhVTtmor 
3E«««, from 488 Orme to OS 
Chalketone At., Ward M, 

Circulars Addressed at Reasonable Rates 



54 North Main Street, 

Providence, R. I. 





Dndley— Prairie srenne to 







Wayland ar. 

H— Hi Vdw*j toFed«na 

Sim Orore ar. 


Elmwood aT. 


Enclid ar. 



Azilngtoa ar. 

Fr'da'p— Chestnut to Broad 


Geno— Pitman to AngeU 



Biker «▼. 



Gorernor^Power to AngeU 





Beacaft— N. Main to Transit 


BencTolen t— Benefit to 


Brova, Hope to Gore mar 

Harvard ar. 

Boirc»— Benefit to Hope 

Hazard ay. 




Hope— Power to Olney 


Hudson— Parade to Hesser 


Humboldt ar. 

Btook^Po«rer to Hope 

Irring aT. 




John— Benefit to Thayer 

BadcraTw— Wal'rm'n to end 




Ckailea Field 

Knight— Grore toCarpenter 


Lezington ar. 

(Saremont ar. 

Linden-Broad to Pine 


Lloyd— Prospect to end 

Conafk ar.—Br'd to Taylor 

Madison ay. 






Marlborough aT. 


Mawney— Broad to Bucklln 

DaboU-Br'd to Blmw'd ar. 

Med way 

DartBKmtli ar. 

Meeting— Prospect to Hope 

D e z t e x^Wescmlnster to 





Niagara— Adelaide aT. to 


Congress st. 

Doyle ar. 

Oak— Parade to Mcsser 


Olney— Camp to end 

Oriole aT. 



Parkis st. 


Pine— Chestnut to Broad 

Pitman— OoTemor to Qano 

Point— Plain to Friendship 

Pomona aT. to Pemberton 

Portland— Broad to Pine 

Power— Benefit toGoTemor 

Prairie aT.— Point to Dudley 

Princeton aT. 


ProTldence, Pearl to Dudley 

Public— Broad to Prairie aT . 

Beserrolr st. — Blmwood 

aT. to Adelaide aT. 

Rhode Island aT. 
South AngeU 
Stimson st. 

Satton— Br'way to Federal 
Taber aT. «. 
Villa aT. 

Wash'gton— Aborn to Dean 

Wajland aT., fr. Waterman 
We»lyn.aT.tBro<ui to Taylor 

Williams— Benefit to Brook 
Willow— Parade to Messer 
Wood— Parade to Messer 
Young Orchard aT. 


Churches and Pastors^ 


Branch Ayooae Baptist Chnrch, Flora, corner Asbton, Rer. C. F. Clarke. 

Broadway Baptist Charch, Broadwar, comer Valley, Rev. J. V. Osterhout. 

Central Baptist, Weybotaet, corner Burrill, Rev. Thomat D. Anderson. 

Congdon Street Baptist, Congdon, near Angell, Rer. James H. Presley. 

Cranston Street Chnrch, Cranston, comer Paine, Rey. M.H. Blxby. 

Ebenezer Baptist Church, A street, Rey. Wm. S. Holland. 

First Baptist, North Biain, between Waterman and Thomas, Rey. H. M. King. 

Fourth Baptist, Scott, comer Bacon, Rey. Robert Cameron. 

CaWary Baptist, Broad, corner Stanwood, Rey. Edward Uolyoke. 

Jefferson Street Baptist, Jefferson, comer Common, Rey. W. H. Palmer. 

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Academy ayenue, comer Roauoke, Rev. Amos F. Chase. 

Pearl Street Baptist, Pearl, corner Proyidence. 

Roger Williams Baptist Church, Wanskuck. 

South Baptist Church, Ocean, comer Gallup. Rey. T. E. Bartlett. 

Stewart Street Baptist, Stewart, comer Pona, Rey. Edwin Bromley. 

Union Baptist, East, comer John, Bey. James K. Ewer. 

Congregational Trinitarian. 

Academy Ayenue Congregational, Academy ayenue, comer Newark. 

Beneficent Congregational, Weybosset, near corner Chestnut. Rey. James 6. Vose. 

Central Congregational. Benefit, near corner College, Rey. Edward C. Moore. 

Elmwood Temple Church, Elmwood ayenue, corner Oakland, Rey. Edward T. Root. 

Free Congregational, Richmond, corner Pine, Rev. John H. Larry. 

Highland Congregational, Larch, near Ivy, Ilev. L. S. Woodworth. 

North Congregational, Walling, Rev. A. O. Stevens. 

Pilgrim Congregational, Harrison, near Westminster, Rev. Frederick B. C. Pullan. 

Plymouth Congregational, Pennsylvania avenue, near Broad, Rev. Herbert Toutz. 

Union Congregational, Broad, near Stewart, Rev. Wallace Nutting. 


Bishop, Rt. Rev. Thomas M. Clark, D.D. 
Bishop Coadjutor, Rt. Rev. William N. McVickar. 

All Saints Memorial, Westminster, corner Stewart, Rev. Arthur M. Aucock. 
Calvary Church. Orchard avenue, between Wayland and Butler aves.. Rev. W. L. Hoops 
Christ Church, Oxford, comer Eady, Rev. Samuel H. Webb. 

Church of the Epiphany, Potter avenue, near Elmwood avenue. Rev. Henry Bassett. 
Church of the Messiah, Westminster, comer Troy. 

Church of the Redeemer. North Main, comer Riley, Rev. Frederick J. Bassett. 
Church of the Saviour, Benefit, corner Transit. 

Grace Church, WeotmLnster, comer Mathewson, Rev. E. S. Rousmaniere. 
St. Andrews Church, Pomona avenue, corner Pemberton, Rev. Joseph M. Hobbs. 
St. James Church, Broadway, comer Courtland, Rev. Robert B. Parker. 
St. John's, North Main, comer Church, Rev. C. A. L. Richards. 
St. Paul's Church, Holden, near Orms, Rev. Daniel Goodman. 
St. Stephen's, George, east of Brown street. Rev. George McC. Fiske. 
St. Thomas Church, Douglas avenue, near Wanskuck, Rev. L. B. Edwards. 

Free Baptist. 

Elmwood Avenue Baptist, Elmwood av. corner West Friendship, Rev. Samuel A. B laisdell 

Firvt Free Baptist, Plainfield street. Rev. J. M. Lowden. 

Park Street Pree Baptist, Park* cor. Jewett, Rev. Ernest Wesley. 

Roger Williams Free Baptist, Westminster, cor. Knight, Rev.C. E.Cate. 

Second Free Baptist, Pond, Rev. Zacbariah Harrison. 


Rev. Edward C. Bass, Presiding Elder, Providence District. 

Asbury M. E. Church, Hewes, near North Main, Rev. C. A. Stenhouse. 

Broadway M. £. Church, Broadway, near Pallas, Rev. J. O. Randall. 


Str^t Charch, comer Clifford. 
CiuatoB Strc«t M. £. Choreb, 4W CntiMtoii, Rer. C. H. Bwer. 
VMbiaCton Phrk Church, Broad, near Craiutoa line, R«t. F. L. Streetor. 
Hope Street it. S. Church, Hope, comer Power, Ber. B. C. Miller. 
Meihtwton Street, Methewioii, neer comer Wettmiiister, Ber. Samael M. Dick. 
OfaKTTille Tkbenukcle, OloeTriUe Square. 

Bl nal'e Charch, Potter arenue, comer of Prairie aveiiae, Ber. J. A. L. Bicb. 
Trioi^ Methodist Episcopal, Broad, cor. Mi^r, Ber. A. J. Conltaa. 
SveONi M. S. Chnren, Saoie, comer Cope, Ber. C. F. Thoroblad. 
Waaakitek M. £. Church, Ber. B. Clark. 

Colored Methodist. 

Aiiriean Union M. X. Chareb, Sbawmat, Ber. Dennis Johnson. 
Alien ChapeU A Street. Ber. Isaac Emery. 
Bcthei, Meetinir near "niayer, Ber. Solomon Hammond. 
First A. M. B. Zion Church. Winter, Ber. F. H. Hill. 
BeeoDd A. M. B. Zion, 148 Lilac, Ber. A. O. Walters. 
Unioa A. kL S. Chnreh, I^rina, Ber. William H. WrigbU 

Roman Catholic. 

Cathedral Clergy. 

ffishop Matthew Harkins« D. M. Loimey, E. J. Baftery, J. Cofley, P. B. McGee, Fr. Craig. 
Chnreh of the Aasnmptioo, Poiter arenae, near Cranston, P. L. KelJy, P. Malone. 
Chorcfa of the Blessed Secrament, Academy arenae, comer Regent aY., William I. Simmons^ 

Fr. Snlliran. 
Chareh of Immaculate Conception, West Birer, M. J. Fitzgerald, J. T. Ward, John John. 
Chordi of the Holy Ghost, Knight, near Atirell's arenue, P. KoTati. 
C^mrcfa of the Hohr Name, Jenkins, corner Enowles, J. C. Walsh, Fr. Joseph Hughes. 
Church of Our Laay of the Holy Bosary (Portuguese). Wickenden, Antonio Serpa. 
St. John*s Church, Atwells ar. cor. Sutton, J. J. McCaoe, B. J. Colzon. 
St. Patiiek's Church, State, near Smith, Thomas Briscoe, Thomas J. Fitzpatrick, J. W. 

Beg^ott, assistants. 
St. Haiy's Church, Broadway, comer Barton, Thomas P. Grace, George Brown, John F. 

SuUiran, J. W. Conlin. 
St. Joseph's Church, Hope, corner Arnold, Ber. T. F. Doran, A. DuwUng, T. J. McGee. 
Si. Chaileu French Church, Harrison, opp. Lester, Edward E. Nobert, A. Carriere. 
St. Edward's, Genera and Branch sTenue^William Pyne, G. H. McKenna. 
SC Michael's Church, Prairie ar., Joseph F. McDonongh, M . V. McDonougb, T. Kennedy. 
St. Teresa, Manton arenue, Farrell O'BeiUy, Fr. Cornelias Kelly, James rowers. 
Sl Thomas, Fruit EUll arenue, Thomas F. Carroll. 
St. Anne's (Itelian), Charles street, Rer. G. M. Paolo. 


First Congregational, Benefit, corner Benerolent, Ber. Augustus M. Lord. 

Fourth Unitarfao Society, Poiter arenue, corner Ocean. 

Olaey Street Congregational, opposite Pratt. 

Westminster Congregational, Mathewson, near Westminster, Ber. Herbert Mott. 


Bailott UnirersaUst Church, Smith, near Orms, Rer. J. D. TUlingbatft. 
Church of the Mediator, Crsnston, corner Burgess, Ber. W. C. Selleck. 
First UnirersuUst, Greene, comer Washington, Ber. Henry I. Cnshman. 


First Presbyterian, Clifford, near Clarerlck, Rtr. C. A. Campbell. 
Second Presbyterian, Harris arenue. 

Second Cnited Presbyterian, Smith, near Orms, Rer. Hugh F. Given. 
Uaitad Piresbyterian, Broadway, near Sabin, Ber. M. S. McCord. 

Missions, Other Denominations and Religious Organizations. 

Adrcnt Gliristian Church, HammondjBer. A. 8. WilllamN. 
Allen Chapel, A street, Ber. W. M. Warrick. 
Bell Street Chapel, Ber. Anna Garlin Spencer. 
Bethany Oospei Mission, 90 Sonth Main, Joel Bassett, Sapt. 
Bcthei Salratton Army, 98 Wickenden. 



Ch*rle« Street MJttion, near Branch arenae CandenomlDadonal). 

Cbriitlan, Broad, comer Fenner, Ect. G. A. Conibear. 

Chorch of the Bmanael, 848 Westmlniteri Rer. John Pennington. 

Cong. Sons of larael and Dayid, Friendship, comer Foster. 

First Church of Christ, Scientist, 210 Bowen. 

Free Methodist Mission, KA No. Main, Bot. J. W. Cooke. 

Free Religions Sodetj, Blackstone Hall, Snow, comer Wasliinffton. 

French Bd^ssion, Stewart Street Church. Bdward Bamette. 

Friend's Meetinor, North Main, comer Meeting. 

German BTangencal First Presbjterian Church, Clifford. 

Hebrew Mission for Conrerted Jews, Synagogue, 460 North Main. 

Manton Christian Church, Manton aT. comer Chalkstone aT., Rev. William H. Bnllock . 

Mary Hopkins Rescue Mission, 17 Clemenoe. 

Mission of the Coming King, 82T Broad. 

New Jerasalem Church, Broad, comer Linden. 

Pawtncket Avenue Misslun, Baptist. 

People's Cong. Church, 46 £ddj. 

People's Pentecostal Church, Ashmont, Rer. Fred. A. Uillery. 

PortUiruese Mission, 27 Transit. 

Primitire Methodist CUurch, Buggies, near Smith, John Mason. 

Primitire Methodist Church, Harris aTcnue. 

Randall Square Gospel Mission and Rescue Home, Wm. G. Lawton, Supt. 

Be*Orsanized Church of Jesus Christ, 767 Westminster. 

Salratlon Army, 080 Westminster. 

Second Adrent, Temp. Hall, Eddy, comer Potter ayenue. 

Spiritualists' Associstion, Columbia Hall, Weybosset, comer Richmond. 

Swedish Episcopal, Beacon ayenue, comer Maple. 

Swedish Salyation Army, 2M Weybosset. 

Union Sea and Land Mission, Ashore and Afloat, Rey. Charles A. Plnmmer, Supt. 108 John. 

Volunteers of America, 776 Westminster. 

Wayland Chapel, South Angell and Wayland ayenue. 


American National, Banigan Building 
Atlantic National, 78 Weybosset 
Blackstone Canal, SO Market square 
City National, 08 Weybosset 
Commercial National, 60 Westminster 
Fifth National, 64 North Main 
First National, 100 Westminster 
Fourth National, 76 Westminster 
Globe National, 48 Weybosset 
High Street, 846 Westminster 
Industrial Trunt Co. 40 Westminster 
Jackson, 20 Weybosset 
Lime Rock National, 42 Weybosset 
Manufacturers National, 78 Westminster 
Mechanics NHtlonal, 40 Weybosset 
Mercantile Trabt Co. 10 and 21 Exchange 
Merchants National, 20 Westminster 

National Bank of Commerce,4 Market sonare 
National Bank of North America, 48 wej- 

National Eagle, 68 Weybosset 
National Exchange, 63 Westminster 
Old National, 26 Weybosset 
Phenix National, 83 Dorrance 
Proyidcnco National, 78 South Main 
B. I. Hospital Trast Co. 16 Westminster 
R. I. National, 27 Custom House street 
Roger Williams National, 27 Market square 
Second National, 84 Westminster 
Third National, 171 Westminster 
Union Trust Co. 138 Weybostet 
Westminster, 60 Weybosset 
Weybosset, 61 Westminster 

Savings Banks* 

Citlsen's Savings Bank, S. Allen, sec. and 

treas. 846 WeBtmin»ter 
City Savings Bank, George K. Cranston, 

treas. 21 Weybosset 
Jackson Institu. for Savings, 20 Weybosset 
Mechanics' Say. Bank, E. A. Smith, treas. 

and sec. 80 Weybosset 

Merchants' Savings Bank, J. W. Angell, 

treas. and sec. 42 Weybosset 
Peoples' Savings Bank, John G. Massle, 

treas. and seo. 1 Market square 
Providence Institution for Savings, Wm. A. 

Hoppia, treas. 76 South Main 
R. I. Instituiion for Sayings, 27 Custom 

[louse street 


Charitable Institutions^ 

BeCliaay Hane of R. I. iii South Angell st. Pres., Hon. Thomas 
E Stockwell; Treas., Mr. Preston H. Gardner; Sec.. Miss Maud Baker, 
67 Simson avecne. 

Bethel SalvJrtion Army. 98 Wickenden street 

INspensary for Women and Children. Pres.. Mrs. John W. Daniel- 
son. Headqaarters, 37 Orms st. Governed by women and for women 
and children only. 

Female Charitable Society (The). Or^nized i8oa First and 
second directors. Four managers. Sec, Mrs. William Ames, 121 Power 
street Aim of the society, to care for the widows, children and single 
women of American birth. 

Home for Aged Colored Women. 45 East Transit street Matron, 
Mrs. Mary £. Rhodes. 

Home for Aged Men. Broad, cor. Laura street. Matron, Mrs. 
H. B. Buffington. 

Home for Aged Women* Tockwotton, cor. East street Pres., 
Mrs. Samuel S. Sprague, 128 Broad street; Sec., Mrs. W&lter F. Angell. 
165 Brown street; Treas., Mrs. Emma L. Sackett, 1^77 George street; 
Matron, Mrs, M. A. HoUoway. 

Irrepressible Society. No. 81 North Main street The object of 
this society is the general charitable work of the city. 


Prisoners' Aid Association. Sec, Miss Susan Peckham, 27 
Cnsbing street 

Providence Association for Ministry to the 5lck. Pres., Miss 
Hattie Campbell, 141 Waterman street; Sec, Miss Janette R. Tingley, 
S3 Parade street; Treas., Miss Clara T. Childs, 337 Broad. 

Providence Association for the Benefit of Colored Children. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. H. N. Lathrop. 

Providence Charitable Fuel Society. Pres., B. W. Persons; 

Treas., Moses B. Forkey. 

Providence Children's Friend Society. No. 23 Tobey street, 
^>posite Ring. Pres., Mrs. Daniel Beckwiih; Cor. Sec, Mrs. Arba 
Dike Smith; Treas., Mrs. Christopher Lippitt. 

ih^vidence Dispensary. Medical Advice and medicine furnished 
to the deserving poor without charge. Sec, T. B Branch; Attending 
physicians, ist District, Dr. Halsey De Wolf, 212 Benefit street; 2d 
District Dr. William H. Peters, 21 Waterman street; 3d District, Dr. 
W. A. Russell, 252 Orms street; 4th District, Dr. Frank E. Burdick, 
1340 Westminster street ; 5th District. E. W. Remington, 109 Bridgham 
street; 6th District, Craig Cameron, 1847 Westminster street; specialty 
for all diseases of the eye. Dr. V. L. Raia, 272 Broadway. 


Providence Free Kindergarten Association. Pres., Alfred Stone ; 
Sec.. Henry Irvin Cusbman, D.D., ii Euclid av.; Treas., Mrs. Charles 
H. Sprague, 44 Stimson avenue. 

Providence Homceopatliic Dispensary. Rear of 3 Walnut street. 
Medical advice furnished to the poor without charge, daily except Sun- 
days, from II A. M. to T p. M. Sec. and Treas., Charles w. Bowen, 194 

Providence Slielter for Colored Children. No. 20 Olive street. 
Incorporated May, 1846. Cor. Sec, Mrs. H. N. Lathrop, 37 Aneell 
street; Treas., Mrs. Robinson Pierce, 172 Prospect street; Matron, Mrs. 
M. M. Manchester. 

ProvidenceSociety for Organizing Charity. 32 Westminster street, 
room 31. Pres., Henrv B. Gardner; Sec., Geo. G. Wilson; General 
Manager, Miss Alice S. Taylor; Treas., Howard L. Clark. Object — 
systemization of charitable work in this city. Maintains a registry 
bureau of destitute families, investigates cases without charge referring 
deserving persons to the proper source of relief. Has no funds for 
relief. Office hours of General Manager, 12 to i and 4 to 5. Office open 
8 A. M. to 5 p. M., daily except Sundays. Telephone 2126. 

R. 1. Catholic Orplian Asylum for Boys and Oirls. 473 Prairie 
avenue. Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy. Superior Mother Mary Leo. 

R. 1. Homoepathic Hospital Indies' Aid Association. Pres., Mrs. 
Frances E. Bates, Providence; Treas., Mrs. Thomas J. Hill; Sec.. Mrs. 
William Jamieson, Providence. 

R. 1. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. 

Organized April, 1883. Pres., Howard O. Sturges; Sec., Charles H. 
Thurber; Treas., James Richardson ; General Agent, Charles H. Thurber. 
Office 20 Market square, room 5a 

Roger Williams Free infirmary. No. 257 Broadway. For treat- 
ment of diseases of the Eye, Bar, Nose and Throat 

St. Elizabeth Home. A hospital for convalescent and confirmed 
invalids. Atlantic avenue, cor. Melrose. Pres., Rt Rev. Thomas M. 
Clark; Treas., Miss N. A. Greene, 355 Weybosset street; Sec, Mrs. 
J. H. Coggeshall, 178 Bowen street. 

St. Maria's Home for Working Qirls. 125 Governor/ Pres., 
Mrs. Joseph Banigan; Sec, Miss Mary M. O' Regan. 

St. Vincent de i^ul infant Asvlum. Cornell, cor. Regent av. 
Conducted by the French Sisters of Mercy. Takes care of Infants from 
birth to four years of age. 

Sophia Little Home. See Prisoners' Aid Association. 

Prominent Qubs 


Providence and Vicinity* 

Agawam Hunt QuK 

Grounds at Rumford. 


W. L. HoDGMAN. President 

£. Carrington ; Vice-President 

C Wm. Greene, Treasurer 

Frank L. Hinckley, Secretary 

Executive Committee, 
Officers and Stephen O. Metcalf. 


Abbott, Anne F. 
Abbott, Caroline L. Miss 
Abbott, Madeline L. Miss 
Adams, Benjamin B. jr. 
Aldrich, Abbie G. Miss 
Aldrich, Edward B. 
Aldrich, E. B. Mrs. 
Aldrich, Lucy T. Miss 
Aldrich, Nelson W. Hon. 
Aldrich, Stuart M. 
Aldrich. William T. 
Allen. E. S. Dr. & Mrs. 
Ames, John Ormsbee 
Armour, B. D. 
Barker, Abram 
Barrows, Edwin A. 
Beckwith, D. Mr. & Mrs. 
Beck with, Truman 
Bliss. T. Harrison 
Bowen, Holder Borden 
Branch, John M. 
Bridge, A. Alice Miss 
Bridgham, Ida Miss 
Bridgham, S. Willard 
Bridgham, W. H. 
Briggs. Chas. Mr. & Mrs. 
Brown, Arthur L. 
Brown, Earle 
Brown, Harold 
Brown, John Nicholas 

Brown, J. C. Mr. & Mrs. 
Brownell, W. W. Mr. & 

Bucklin, Edw. C. 
Bucklin, E. C. Mrs. 
Burnett, C. C. 
Burrough, Louis F. 
Campbell, Helen Miss 
Campbell, H. N. jr. Mr.& 

Campbell, N. Stuart 
Campbell, Winthrop 
Carpenter. Edmuna Mrs. 
Carrington, Edward 
Chaffee, Zacharich Mr. 
Chace, Arnold B. jr. 
Chace, Margaret L. Miss 
Chapin, A. D. jr. 
Chapman. Avis L. Miss 
Child, Clara D. Miss 
Child, Edward F. 
Clark, E. S. 
Clark, E. S. Mrs. 
Clarke. H. L. Mr. & Mrs. 
Clarke, Prescott O. 
Coats. A. M. Mr. & Mrs. 
Coats, James 
Coats, James Mrs. 
Collins, George L. Dr. 
Collins, George L. Mrs. 



Agawam Hunt CLub-ConUnuea. 

Colt, L. B. Mrs. 
Colt, Theodore L. Miss 
Coxnstock, William P. 
Congdon. Eleanor B. Miss 
Congdoo, Harold 
CoDgdoD Johns H. 
Cornett. C. G. Mrs. 
Comett, Gardner 
Cranston, Prank H. 
Cross. Harrv P. & Mrs. 
Danielson, A.L.Mr.&Mrs 
Danielson, J. DeForrest 
Danielson, John W. 
Davol. Charles J. 
Day, Elizabeth L. Miss 
Day, Prank L. 
DeLabarre, E. B. 
DeWolf J. Halsev 
Dews, J. Howard 
Dimon. Emily Miss 
Dodd. Edwin M. & Mrs. 
Dorrance, Alice Miss 
Dorrance,C.T.Mr.& Mrs. 
Dorrance, Maode D. Miss 
Dorrance, William T. 
Downes, Lonis W. Mrs. 
Dnnnell, Henry 
Dunnell, Wm. W. Mr. & 

Durf ee, Sam'lS. Mr. &Mrs. 
DnViUard. H. A. Mr. & 

Dyer. H. Anthony 
Dwight. Margarethe L. 
Ely, Edward P. 
Penner, H. N. Mr. & Mrs. 
Pletcher, J. E. Mr. & Mrs. 
Poster, Lonis T. 
Poster, Mary N. Miss 
Gammell,R. I. Mr.& Mrs. 
Gammell, Wm.Mr.&Mr8. 
Gammell, Virginia Miss 
Gardner, H.B.Mr.& Mrs. 
Gardner, Mary S. Miss 
Gardner, R. Mr. & Mrs. 
George, Daniel P. 
Gladding, J.R. Mr.& Mrs. 
Glezen, E. K. 
Goddard, Moses B, I. 
Goddard, R. H. I. Mrs. 
Goddard, R. H. I. jr. 
Goddard, Madeline Miss 
Goddard, Wm.Mr.& Mrs. 
Granger, Helen R. Miss 

Granger, M. A. Miss 
Green, Eleanor B. Miss 
Green. Theodore P. 
Greene, Charles William 
Gregg, Tames C. 
Grinnell, Russell 
Grosvenor, William Mrs. 
Guild. Edward M. 
Guild, Henry T. 
Hackney, Walter S. 
Harrington, Charles C. 
Harris, Benj. P. Mr. & 

Harris, Harriet W. Miss 
Harrison, J. L. 
Hazard, Harriet H. Miss 
Hazard. Jeffrey 
Hazard, L. H. 
Hazard, Marion Miss 
Heiser, C. L. A. 
Hidden. Charles H. 
Hidden, Walter and Mrs. 
Hinckley, Prank L. 
Hinckley. George C. 
Hinckley. Hert^rt P. 
Hodgman, Wm. L. Mr. & 

Hoppin, Pred S. 
Hoppin, H. Mr. & Mrs. 
Howard, Elisha H. 
Hunter. D. Mr. & Mrs. 
Iselin, C. O. Mr. & Mrs. 
Keach, William P. 
Kelley, A. L. Mr. & Mrs. 
Knowles. Helen L. Miss 
Ladd, Elizabeth Miss 
Lewis, John B. & Mrs. 
Lewis, 1. D. Mr. & Mrs. 
Lewis. Miss 

Lippitt. H. P. Mr. & Mrs. 
Lippitt, R. Lincoln 
LitUeiield. Leland H. 
Lord, A. M. Mr. & Mrs. 
Mackinney, Charles B. 
Mason, Eugene W. 
Mason. Stephen N. 
Matteson. Archibidd C. 
Mauran. John T. 
Mauran, William L. 
Merriman. Chas. H. Mrs. 
Merriman, Charles H. jr. 
Merriman, Harold T. 
Metcalf , S. O. Mr. & Mrs. 
Millar, Robert 

io6 House Directory. 



pipe )^at8 aT)d furT)'\s\)\\)(^ Qoods, 

Fme Shirts Carefully Made to Order* 

86 Westminster St., (Old No. 58), Providence. 


Sif/yA Class... 

. Tjaiiors. 

9^ Ul/ostmlnster Streot. 




Hair Mattresses and Feathers Renovated and Made Over. 
Work done at residence if required. All work g^uaranteed. Please 
send Postal and we will promptly attend. 


I860— 1899. 

Providence Blank Book Hannfactoiy, 

H. M. COOMBS & CO., 

Blank Book ^aket6» 
Ipaper 1Rulet9.*. 

We lead all others in the Ruling and the Making of Blank Books for Special Uses. 

We also cover the entire Field of Book Binding. 


IS Custom House St.* Provldenoot R. I. 



Agawam Hunt Qxxh-contmued. 

Miller, A. J. Mr. & Mrs. 

MiUer. Alfred J. jr. 

Nichols, J. Y. S. 

Nicholson, Elisabeth Miss 

Nicholson, Samuel M. 

Nickerson, Edward I. 

Nightingale, G. C. Mr. & 

Nig^httngale, T. D. Miss 

Nightingale, j. K. H. Mr. 
& Mrs. 

Owen.Cbas.D.Mr.& Mrs. 

Owen, Charles D. jr. 

Owen, Thomas B. 

Parker, R. B. 

Parsons, G. R.Mr. & Mrs. 

Pearce, Edw'd Mr. & Mrs. 

Pearce, Helen Miss 

Pearce, Henry & Mrs. 

Peckbam, Charles P. Dr. 

Pegram. Isabel H. Miss 
Pegram, N. DeW. Miss 
Phillips, Eugene P. 
Porter, Elizabeth D. Miss 
Rhodes, Isabelle M. Miss 
Rhodes. Rosita M. Miss 
Rhodels, William C. 
Richardson, James 
Richmond, Charles T. 
Richmond, Edith Miss 
Richmond, H. Mr. & Mrs. 
Richmond, H. Anson 
Richmond, K.C. Mr. & Mrs 
Robinson, Louis E. 
Roelker, W.G.Mr.& Mrs. 
Sackett, Elizabeth P. 
Sackett, Prank P. 
Sackett, H. W. 
Sayles, F. A. Mr. Sl Mrs. 
Sharpe, Ellen D. Miss 
Sharpe, Henry D. 

Sharpe, L. D. Miss, 2d 
Sharpe, Lucian, jr. 
Shepley, G. L. Mr.&Mrs. 
Smith, Brookholst M. 
Smith, CM. jr.Mr.& Mrs. 
Smith, F. M. jr. 
Smith, G. M. Mr. & Mrs. 
Smith, Hope, Miss 
Smith. Walter B. 
Stearns, C. F. Mr. & Mrs. 
Steedman, C. J. 
Sturges, H. O. Mr.& Mrs. 
S wee tland, Louisa A. Miss 
Taft. A. F. Miss 
Taft, Robt. W.Mr.& Mrs. 
Taft, Royal C. jr. 
Thurber. W. H. Mr. & 

Thurston, Wilmarth H. 
Tilden, Charlotte O. Miss 
Tillinghast, Charles F. 
Tillinghast. H. A. Mr. & 

Tillinghast, Wm. R. 
Tower, Louis Philip 
Tucker, Claudia Miss 
Vernon, EUery P. 
Waldron,H.A.Mr. & Mrs. 
Washburn, Henry B. Rev. 
Washburn, Maurice K. 
Washburn, Roscoe S. 
Washburn, R. S. Mr. &Mrs. 
Waterman, W. B. Mrs. 
Watson, A. H. Mr.& Mrs. 
Watson, Byron S. 
Wheelwright, F. R. 
White, Merwin 
White, Wm. Wirts Mrs. 
Wilson, M. A. Miss 
Willson, Edmund R. 
Woods, J. C. B. 

io8 House Dirbctobv. 



GniuBSi GlAiiofl uid Pvpcr Hvipng in ■![ iti brABcbea. FilIiD[ uuj Poluhipff of 

Hard WuacI a SpKultr- All oidcn promtKly iltoidcd id. 




^f^ AGES. 


S. D. ftNDReWS' SON, 


Uomcallo C3.A.L X . 

Baled Hay and Straw. 

J. M. S«n«, MuM<'- 


The Berkshire Life Insurance Co., PIttsfield, Mass. 

J. J. LCTHBB, e»>l igtai 


MONEYI MONE/I ''f.k^H.'t,:. 

Bondi, mi nil kindi oi Callateni S«uHl>ci -bich c 


rge or imall UDaunli DA Piuioi, Ors^BJ, 
I, Curdgo, Dlmnondt, W«Tch«, Siockit 
reinjLta*itK the ownct and tli« loan paid 
«yinent' Funiitun Lcasq paid i>flr and 


PRICE, SS.OOt Issued Annually in Angrust. 

SAMPSON, MURDOCE, & CO., Publish«ra, 

54 North Stain St., Providence. R. I. 



Deutsche Gesellschaft* 

HuMAKN RossMBERG President 

Db. Feux Hamburger, Secretary 

AooLPH Pies, Treasurer 

GusTAY Saacke, 
John Schrminger, 


John L. Remunger^ 
Jacob Ginand. 


Ahrweiler, J. S. 
Almy, David 
Althans, J. H. 
Ambach, Herman 
Armstrong. William 
Arnold, Otto 
Baecker, Lonis 
Baker, Charles 
Blink. Charles 
Brand, Wilhelm 
Brand, Wm. 
Breitschmid, J. P. 
Brenner, C. T. 
Brightman, N. V. 
Bogues, H. 
Bouchard, Aug. P. 
Bowe, Martin 
Bube. Aug. A. 
Buehler, W. A. 
Balcom. Walter 
Banspach, Carl 
Banspach, Henry 
Bartb, Gustav 
Barton, Wm. 
Baxter. Winslow 
Becker, Rudolph 
Berlepsch, Hemr 
Bennet, W. 
Bemner, H. C. 
Brunnckow, C. 6. 
Burger, August 
Boms, J. 
Butler, Lucius M. 
Cabisius, Bernard 
Chatman, W. 

Chevalier, John P. 
Christoph, George 
Christy John 
Clark, H. W. 
Clark, Ira Allen 
Clamer, Evans 
Crandall, Henry 
Crauston, John 
Crecelius, £^. 
Crecelius, Louis 
Dawson. T. B. 
Dauf, John T. 
Deignan, Chas. 
Deignan, John C. 
Diebcl, John 
Dietz, Greorge 
Doe, Charles 
Dolea. Thomas 
Dornheim, R. W, 
Dover, George 
Downes, J. P. 
Dring. Charles H. 
Eich. F. J. 
Ellis. C. A. 
Emmons. J. 
Erhardt, John 
Escble, Carl 
Esser. Frank 
Eufinger, Georg 
Pason, Alfred 
Fehlberg, John H. 
Feulner. Conrad 
Feuerhake, Aug. 
Plerkhauer, Alb. 
Fogel, Balth. 



UuiDbctanr of ud Wboleult uid R«UI1 Dulet In 

Picture Prames, 


Particular Attention Paid to Rc'Gil^ing Old Frames. 

TRCVCVC IDOtCl, B. R. DODGE. Proprietor. 

BoomiODeDoll«petd>r PmulrtMW R 1 C«f« «id BllUanl HaU 

■nd Upwsrda. rrDVIUWIJC, ni I. Connsotetl. 

Private Dlntns Rooms. Opan Ull S A. K. OH TBB BEBVPBIN PLAN. 

Newport Directory. •:• '^^"^° i^^i'*'-" 

PRICE, S2.00. 

SAMPSON, MURDOCK, « CO., Publhhers, 

B4- North Main Street, Providence, R. I. 

Prophet Spring Water. 


Furnished in any Quantity Desired. 


Telephone 1369. 156 Waxlilngtoii Street, Providence, R. I. 

House Directory. 


Deutsche Gtsdkchait—ConUHued. 

Precb, Chas. 
Pretwell. Totan 
Prichert, JaliuB 
Pritscher, A. P. 
Garderich, A. Le 
Gaach, John 
Gerlach, Henry A. 
Gerlacfa, Otto 
Ginaad^ I?^° 
Ginand, rhil. 
Glabo. Ernest 
Glotsl, Georg 
Gotberg, Max 
Grade, Wm. 
Grolman, Huto 
Grubc, Chas. w. 
Gnntber, Loais 
Goatber, Rod. 
Hainbach. Bern'd 
Hamburger, Pelix 

Hanke, Robert 

Hartman. Alex 

Hartwig, Mas 

Hasselbanm, Andreas 

Hasselbaum, Anton 

Haupt, George £. 

Heilman, J. H. 

Hein, Pranz 

Henerlan, H. A* 

Henerlan, Otto 

Herbach, Alex 

Herold, Paul 

Herman. Heury 

Henke, Gus 

Hits, Chas. 

Hits, Jos. 

Hitz, Wilh. 

Hoffman, Pred 

Horn, Wm. 
aeger, Carl 

] aeger, Hermann 
anzon, Olaf 
eatner, George 
efferson, W. P. 
elalk, L. 
odas, John P. 
aps, Emil 

Kempf, Oscar 

Key, E. 

Kfllian, Prank 

Klansch, E. Th. 

Knebel, Thad. 

Koblhagen, Pred 

Koppensteiner, L. 

Krauf, Loaia 
Kriegsmen, Rnd« B. 
Lees, Jos. L. 
Lehman, M. 
Lebmann, Rob. jr. 
Leopold, Gottlieo 
Ltebberr, Ben 
Lindner, Otto 
Link, Andrew 
Lippmann, Herm. 
Lobrmann, Ernst 
Loehr, Wolfgang 
Loepsinger, Albert 
Loy, Pelix 
Magnus, L. 
Martin, Chas. 
Matthies, Emil P. 
Mayer, Georg 
Menger, Henry 
Meyer, Louis 
Meyer, W. 
Molbertt. A. 
Molter, Henry T. 
Mueller, Herman 
Muller. Adolph W. 
Muller, John 
Munnfef, Henry 
Murphy, J. R. 
Nacbtrieb, George G. 
Nanck, Wilhelm 
Naumann, Max R. 
Neuman, jo. 
Niebhur, Edwin 
Niebhur, W. 
Nottage, H. T. 
Opper, John H. 
Otto, Hermann 
Peckfaam, Wm. 
Peek, John D. 
Peyke, P. H. 
Pfeiffer, Andrew 
Pfeiffer. Georg 
Pickering, Walter 
Pies, A. J. 
Poble, Emil 
Pohle, Carl 
Pollard. Rob. M. 
Possner, A. P. 
Possner. Herm. G. 
Potter, tames E. 
Priipe, Herm. 
Raab, Rob. 
Raibbel, John L. 
Reiff, Louis 


House Direceory. 

GEO. H. TAYLOR & ^^,, ^Watchmakers, 

Particular attention glren to Trade Work. 

204 Westminster Street. ■ ■ Provldenee, R. I. 


151 Summer Street Esiabfiahed 1869. 

The Latest Improved Carpet Beating Machine Now in Use. 

ThU {• POSITIVELY THE ONLY BEATER in the dty, and the only 
This is *^j;i{;{,^J;;„t ^here CARPETS ARE STEAMED. 

AU Moth and Larva are Deatroyed and Carpets Relieved of Imporiaea. 

By thle Process the Colors are brought out wonderftilly bright. 


Down Town Offl ce, 857 Weatmlnater St., Boom 7, 1»84; Factory, 15»9. 



Sid«* of BmU Bstato at AooUon a SpeeUIty. FBOTIDIENCE. B. I. 

Hotel Cipardy 


5t 53 and 55 Eddy St., 


JESSE BROWN, Proprietor. 
FRED 8BLBY, Clerk. 

Private Dining Rooms. Sample Boom 

Attached. Lunch Bar open all night. 

ProYidence and R.I. Register 

Bvsiness Directory. 

Price, $ 1 .00. 


A. A. Presbrey & Son Co., 


Kegs and Packing Boxes 


Contractors and Builders. 

Also Planing, Moulding and Sawing. p<»lersin Hemlock, Spruce, Pine, aapboarda. 
■' Shinies, etc. KINDLING WOOD for Family Use. 

Summer, Corner Meadow St., Providence, R. I. Telephone I575» 


House Directory. 


Deutsche Gesdlschah—conttHued, 

Reinarber. Otto 
Remlinger, John L. 
Ricbtef, Georg C. 
Riechardt, Chas. 
Rivard, Chas. 
Roseoberg, Herman 
Rosenberg, Louis 
Ross, Richard 
Rabland, Lewis 
Rudel, John 
Rtieckert, E. 
Rneckert, Fred 
Ruerat, JuL 
Ruyter, Heinr. 
Saacke, Gnstav 
SafiEord, Wm. A. 
Sauner, Wm. G. 
Schart, Carl 
Scheaer, Henry 
Schmidt, Albert J. 
Scheminger, John 
Schneider, Chas. 
Schnertzer, Emil 
Schetter, Ch. 
Schott, John N. 
Schweitzer, Ad. 
Seneg, Louis 
Shlefeld, Justus 
Simons, Fred 
Siegfried, F. 
Siegel, Chas. 
Sills, Sam 
Sisson, Frank 
Sloman, Max 
Smith. Herb 
Sperry, C. 
Sprague, John L. 

Staack, W. F. 
Stabl, Fritz 
Stahl, John 
Staples, Fred C. 
Stepban, G. 
Stephen, Jas. 
Straber, JOS. B. 
Strater, f. Ed. 
Strobl, John 
Sweeney, Phil 
Swift, Louis, jr. 
Tessmar, J. A. 
Tetzlaff, Hugo 
Thayer, Fred L. 
Thierfelder. Ernst 
Titelhof. Gus. 
Tors, Chas. 
Tost, Chas. R 
Trautz, Georg 
Ullrich, Frank 
Vetter, Herm. 
Vilweg, Rich 
Wayss, Christ 
Weadesch, Gus. 
Weaf, Fried Karl 
Weigardt, John 
Weissenborn, Jul. 
West, J. W. 
Wildentain, Wm. 
Wildprett, Wm. 
Wiesner, Ed. 
Wirth, Henry R. 
Wirth, Phil 
Wirth, Wm. H. 
Wisner, Rud. 
Wolpert, Ludw. 

114 House DnacroKv. 

U. S. Guttei PercHei Paint Co, 

Manulkctttrs, Wholesale and Retail 

WHITE LEAD, IIXBD PiUTS, ViRRISHBS, and All Palmers' Supplies. 

J. Wm. Rice, Free. M 1^ M» IfaiVaMMi Qiii4 fimnilnnM Q T 

Herbert W. Bice, Sec. IB 10 ift MUlWIlin WTIBi nWMBWj fil li 

BYRON lA/. IA/BLLS» o^^i^r i« 

•!• 0* CO AL, •3» WOOD 0* AND 0* KINDLINGS .3» e3^ 

Telephone 1508. 160 OOURTIiA.ND ST., Cor. CABPBNTIBK 8TRBBT, 

^TRRF HniKF^ l^or Fariiitare, Merchandise, Etc. 

WlUrik nUUOI.O 57 to 67 central 8TRKBT. 

Separate OompartmenU of Taxioas dimensioiiB. Also Horse Shoetnc and General 
Jobbing. Inquire at 936 Westminster Street, Providence, R. I. 

A. F. FRITSCflER. The Only Practical Furrier in Providence, 

Pure from the Common Coney up to the Finest Russian Sable, uMde and repaired* 

m \AI^mtmlnmtmr Str^^t. (Bursas* Sc|UAr»*) 


Lists of Names 

Furnished at Reasonable Rates 


Sampson, Murdock, & Co., 

64 North Main St., 
Provldenoe, R. I. 

Brewers ot Laaer Beer. 

Manufactyrtrt of JK "g^ ^P T Tf T ^ J T JK T m I CJ Kl • 

Brewery at Arlington, R. I. Telephone I863. 

HcxjsK Directory. 


Elmwood QuK 

Cor. Elmwood Avenue and Burnett Street. 

GxoEGE H. Grant President 

Charles Deane Kimball Vice- President 

Hbney L. Holmes, Treasurer 

H. L. Palmer, Secretary 

Board of Directors. 
Willi Ay B. Sherman, Chairman, 
Leonard P. Anthony, Marvin E. Allen. 

Amusement Committee, 
Lw P. AxTHONY, E. J. Law. 

J. P. Lestradb, J. M. Smith. 

J. W. Dun CAN SON, C. K. Huntley, 

J. L. Bullock. G. T. Brown, 

George Brownell. 


Aldricb, Clarence 
Aldricb, William A. 
Allen, Elijah 
Allen, Marvin E. 
Andrews. G. L. 
Angell, Willard I. 
Anthony, Albert L. 
Anthony, L. P. 
Babcock. C. A. 
Ballon, H. C. 
Barker, Henry R. 
Bassett, Edward D. 
Bassett H. L. 
Bemis, Reuben 
Bennett, Charles P. 
Bennett, Edgar A. 
Berry, N. L. 
Blaisdell, Bertram S. 
Blan chard, Horace K. 
Blanding, H. W. 
Boone, William P. 
Braitscb, William J. 
Brown, D. M. 
Brown, George T. 
Brownell. George P. 
Bnllock, Jamas L. 
Butler. L. M. 
Chesebro, Dr. E. 
Coates, W. W. 
Cooke, Henry W. 

Crandall. Benjamin C. 
Cross, William P. 
Danielson, William J. 
Darling. J. O. 
Davis, S. W. 
Deming. R. H. 
Dexter, Edgar M. 
Dixon, G. T. 
Duncanson, T. W. 
Eccleston, Alvin H. Dr. 
Eddy. R. H. Dr. 
Field, Fred E. 
Fitte, J. D. 
Friswell, A. E. 
Gladding. Charles A. 
Godfrey, F. W. 
Goff, Robert B. 
Gonsolve, George ^H. 
Goodspeed, L. r. 
Gowdey, M. M. 
Grant. George H. 
Greene, William H. jr. 
Greene. W. R. 
Hall, Clifton A. 
Hayward. George Y. 
Holmes, Henry L. 
Horton, W. H. 
Hubbard, G. W. 
Huddv. G. H. 
Huntley. C. K. Dr. 


HousK Directory. 



61 WESTMINSTER 8T.. - (ROOMS 32 AND 33.) 

Elevator 27 Excmanqe >t. Telephone 2096. 

BUTMAN & TUCKER'S UUNDRY, And Olean Towel SerTJoo. 

Largest And best eqalpped laaudry in th« city in oar line. We make a specialty of fine 
collar, cnff and shirt work, with either domestic finish or satin f^Ioss. Trr it and Judge for 
yonrself. Agents everywhere. On receipt of orders oar team will call for and deliTer 
goods free of charge. 


PRICE, 82.00. 

SAMPSON. MURDOCK, & CO.. Publishers, 

S4 North Haln Street, Provldenoe, B. I. 


School tor Dancino, 

28 North Main Street, 

OCTOBER 7, 1899. 

Basiness Hours :~10.80 to 12 A. M. 


Manufacturers of and 

Dealers in ... . 

and Organs 


Pipe and Reed Organs, 



Tuning and Repairing a Specialty. 

Telephoms 10S«. 

Fraser Brothers Compart, 
Tm InroRTCRS. 

Coflee Roasters, Spice Millers, and Manu* 
facturers of Fraser Bros.' 


And FraseVa Flavoring 

207 and 290 Weybosset St., 

pi^ovioHNCB. n, I. 


H- 80HULCB. 


Cabinet Makers, Finisheri and Up- 
holsterers, and Dealers In Uphol- 
stery Goods 


English and Colonial. 
Artistic Fumltare and Decorations. 

52 M XaiB Stmt, opp. Watimu St., 

TMtphon* Gall 281. PROVIOEMCE. R. I. 

Wirtb's Maaieb Malt Extract. 


Bottlers and Importers, 227 tO 231 West ExcbaOife St. 

House DtsxcroRy. 

Elmwood Qub— '^''"''"'"''- 

Hnrd, G«orge 
HntcbinsoD. WiUiam S. 

SRcksoD, John T, 
efferson, William P. 
enckes, Charles S. 
cAnsoD, A. H. 
oyce, A. W. 
leitb, Tbeodore B. 
Kempf . Oscar 
Kimball. C. D. 
Knight, C, P. 
L«w, E. J. 
Iaw, James B. 
Lawton, John F, P. 
LeaveDs, Thomas C. 
Licech. James 
Latrade, J. P. jr. ' 
Liscomb, I. F. 
Little, Robert B. 
Lloyd, Arthur E. 
Lyman, Richard E. 
Manchester, A. C. 
Haa Chester, Silas H. 
Manchester, Walter H. 
Martin, Willium D. 
Mason. Henry F. 
Mayoard, F. H. 
Merrill George W. 
Miller, Aug. S. 
Palm«r, H. L. 
Parker. J. Fred. 
ParsoQS, P. R. 
Peck, Ambrose M. 
Peck, Arthur L. 

Phillips, Gilbert A. 
Pierce, James B, 
Pierce. H. A. 
Rand. P. S. 
RauBch, A. J. 
Remick, AoKtistns Dr. 
Remington, Horace 
Reynolds, Francis W. 
Root, Edward T. 
Root. Harry G. 
Root, Henry T. 
Root, Henry T. jr. 
Root. Robert C 
Rowley, A. B. 
Schmid. A. J. 
Scott, James M. 
Sherman, WillUm B. 
Slade, Edward N. 
Smith, Charles S. 
Smith, James M. 
Spragoe, John L. jr. Dr. 
Straker. J. E. 
Tanner, C. S, 
Tanner, Willard B. 
Thompson, D. M. 
Tillingbasl, George L. 
Valleau, Henry 
Wagoner, H. S. 
Wardwell, S. W. jr. 
Warren, Joseph 
Webster, Christopher 
Whitehouse, John S. 
Wilcox, Dutee 
Wilde, S. S. 

ii8 HoosB DnticTOKY. 

rrovidenoe Goal Co 

Weubosset, cor. Custom House. 
Dorrance. cor. Dyer. 

Ciarefufly Selectcde^ 

^LIST wie OF ^ NAMES^ 

Furnished at reasonable rates by 


54 North Mam Street* Providence^ R« I» 

House DniEcrcHtY. ii^ 

Elmwood Wheelmen. 

Station A, Box 33 Providbnce, R. I. 

Th^ nuniber of the Club House is 377 Elmwood Avenue. 


Hkney C. Babcock Prtstdent 

Waltbe p. Suesm an Vice President 

Henry A. Palmer Correspondinir and Recording Secretary 

Wm . B. Smith Tretksurer 

Road Officers, 

Harry E. Batcukldbr Captain 

Wm. C. Chambers ist Lieutenant 

H. Ernest Stafford 2nd Lieutenant 

Prank J. Anthony Bugler 


House Committee, 

Brnj. p. Moulton, Chairman. 

Henry E. Fkarnby, Wm. C. McCormick. 

Auditing Comtnittee. 

Henry C. Babcock. 

Henry A. Palmer. Wm. B. Smith. 

Membership Committee, 

Aldricu G. PEARCEt Chairman. 

Edwin L. Clark, John R. Dennis. 

Reprenentative to the Rhode Island Division of League of Ameri- 
can Wheelmen, 
George H. Huddy, jr. 


Membership Roll, 

Anthony, Frank J. Brownell, Clifton T. 

Arnold, N. C. Browning, Arthur V. 

Babcock, Cvril A. Burlingame. John E. W. 

Babcock, Henry C. Capron, George H. 

Batchelder, Henry E. Capron, Lewis T. 

Bedell, Harold H. Carr, A. H. 

Braman, Willard E. Chambers, Wm. C. 

130 House Directory. 


Mattress and Feather Renovator and Mattress Upholsterer. 

Also Manofactorer of and Dealer in 

Ifattreaaes, Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Hair Mattressea, Feather Beds and 
Pillows Made to Order. Dimenaion Work a Specialty. Order! Promptly Filled. 

In case of sickness and death, MattresseSf Feather Beds, Etc., called for and relarned 
promptly. When Hair Mattreiset, Feather Beds, Etc.. befin to scent they shoold be at- 
tended to at once, or they will soon be worthless, as the Moths or Worms are doToarin^ 

All Orders will receire prompt attention. If left at Noa. 58 and 60 Maple, nor. 
Prinoe St., or addressed to HORACE LUKE, Lock Box 1014, ProTldence, R. I. 


Central Office. 27 Weybosset Street. 
Wharves, 1 67 India Street, and 1 66 South Water Street. 

Carefully Screened at Low Prices for Cash. 
Direct Rail Connections with K, Y., K. H, A H. R. R. 

p. A. J. TIERNEY, W2_ Westminster 8t 7 


Telephone Connection. PROVIDENCE, R. I. 







House Docectorv. 

Elmwood Wheelmen— cvwr/Mw*"* 

Chamberi. Win. S. Mott. Waii«m P. 

Clark. Edwin L. 
Cobb, ArtbnrL. 
Cobb. Lntber P. 
Coleman, K. G. 
CoUins, Walter E. 
Cooke, George L. 
Cottelle, Harry B. 
Coxe, Clinton £. 
Davis, Nelson S. 
Dennis. A. W. 
Dennis. John B. 
Dnnham, Wm. R., jr. 
Feamey. Henry E. 
Gardiner, H. W. 
Griniwood, A. S. 
Greene, Harry W. 
Havens, Walter B. 
Hewlett, George W. 
Hindle, Franklin R. 
HotmeG, J. H. 
Howland, Frank 1.. 
Howland, Herbert L. 
Hnddy, George H., jr. 
Hull, John E. 
Hutcbins, W. L. 
IngersoD, W. C. 
Jenckes, Joseph M. 
Jobnson, Freeborn 
Knight. R. W. B. 
Kriechbaum, Leon M. 
HcAnslan, Harold L. 
HcCormick, William C. 
Uoody, William S. 

Pearco, FrankT, 
Pearce. Howard A. 
Peck, Horace M. 
Perkins, Forrest J. 
Perkins, Howard L. 
Phillips, James L. Dr. 
Piatt, John T. 
Read, Arthur M. 
Richardson. Harry W. 
Robinson, Lawrence W. 
Robinson, Philip R, 
Root, Hiram G. 
Simons, Leon M. 
Smith, Albert H. 
Smith, Charles E. 
Smith, John W. 
Smith, Wiliiam B. 
Stafford. H. Ernest 
Suesman, W. P. 
Swan. Samael B. 
Sweet, George O, 
Thurston, Horace 
Tillingbast, George L. 
Turck, Joseph A. 
West. A. S. 
Wilcoi, Howard D. 
Wilkinson, H. H. 
Wyman, Ben. 

House Dibiciory. 




and Vamfshiiv 


CbUi Ultndtd dar u>d 

Ladr aiabtuit who] re- 

WKh ft eomplcte m*- 
■onmiDt of Q<wdi, Mid 
Sfrtct AUcntlaD to the 
wut* o/ thoH calllnc 

and Wafcroonw, 


ildSDM, in Poicer 

Unify W. Cooks, Fraofila M. amIUi. 


Real ' Estate, ' Mortgages < aM t Fire ' iDsnrance, 

312 Banigan Building. 
Agents fof Joseph W. Cooke Estate. Td^mne 1230. 

W. A. H. GRANT, C°al. Wo.d. Brick. 

30, 37 and 29 Manton Avenue. 

TKT. ^. E'Ofl.'PaiE*., 33. I^. »., 


DlAMses of the Mouth Incidental to the Teeth. 

Oppoalte Shepard'B, ifil Wotmlnittr St. 

HoosB Drectory. 


Home Society^ 

Edgxwood, nkar City Linb« 


Jahbs H. Bashford President 

Sow AID Smith , Vice Presideni 

Philip Tally, « Secretary 

Tboxas W. Hoye, ; ; ; . ; Treasurer 


Banigan, P. T. 
Bashford, James H. 
Conroy, James C. 
Dempsey, William P. 
Feeley. William J. 
Pinnigan. John (Est.) 
Flynn, James P. 
Gorman, Michael 
Grimes, Thomas 
Grimes, William H. 
Grimes, Joseph A. 
Good, John £. 
Hanley, James 
Hoye. P. F. 
Hoye, Thomas W. 
Hnghes, James 
King, Stephen H. 
Kennedy, James T. 
McAnline, Owen 
McCardell, Robert 
McCready, Thomas 
McGinn, John C. 
McManus, John 

McMurroughy ThomM 
McWilliams, John 
Moroney, Patrick 
Morrissey, H. P. 
Oates, John F. 
O'Connor, Timothy 
O'Connor. P. F. 
O'Leary, Charles Dr. 
O'Keefe, John A. 
Palmer, George E. 
Palmer, John 
Riley, John 
Rubber t, Bernard 
Ryan, James C. 
Ryan, John F. (Est.) 
Shaw, John J. 
Sheridan, Hugh 
Slattery, John (Est.) 
Smith, Edward 
Tally, Philip 
Tiemey, Patrick 
Walsh, John H. 


House Directory. 

Hope QxiK 

No. 6 Benevolent Street* 


William Ames, Prestdenf 

Charles H. Hidden Vice-PresuUnt 

James Richardson Treasurer 

A. D. Chapin, Jr Secretary 

Executive Committee. 

William Ames, Ex-Offkio, Johns H. Congdon, 

Frederick M. Sackett, A. M. Coates, 

" Lauriston H. Hazard, Secretary of Committee, 

Board of Governors, 

Ttrm expiree Navembert iBqq. 

F. M. Sackett, C. William Greene, 

R. S. Washburn, Christopher Rhodes.'] 

Ttrm expires November^ igoo. 

Charles H. Hidden, William Gammell, 

A. M. Coates, a. D. Chapin, Jr. 

Term expires November ^ iqot. 

£. K. Glezen, James F. Richardson^ 

L. H. Hazard, Johns H. Congdon. - 


Aldrich, Edward B. 
Aldrich, Nelson W. 
Aldrich, William F. 
Ames, John Ormsbee 
Ames, William 
Angell, Walter F. 
Arnold, Edward E. 
Arnold, Olney, 2d. 
Arnold, Newton D. 
Atwood, Henry C. 
Atwood, William E. 
Baker, WUliam C. 
Ballon, Walter S. 
Barker, Abram 
Barker, Benjamin, jr« 
Bates, Isaac C. 
Beckwith, Truman 

Binney, William 
Binney, William, jr. 
Borden M. C. D. 
Bourn, Augustus O. jr. 
Branch, John B. 
Bridgham, William H. 
Briggs, Charles 
Briggs, George 
Brown, Harold 
Brown, H. Martin 
Brown, John Nicholas 
Brownefl, Winthrop W. 
Buckland, Edward G. 
Burton, Frank V. 
Calder, Albert L. 
Carpenter. Francis M. 
Carr, George W. 



Hope Cluh-<^^^'^^^^' 

Carxington, Edward 
Case, Daniel R. 
Catlin, Charles A. 
Chapin, Alexander D. jr. 
Chapin. William V. 
Child. Edward F. 
Clark. Edward S. 
Clark. Howard L. 
Clementson, Sidney 
Cdates. Alfred M. 
Coates. James 
Coates, Stewart A. 
Colby, Everett 
Colt, LeBarron B. 
Colt, Samuel P. 
Comstock, Louis H. 
Ccmistock, Richard V. 
Comstock, Richard W. 
Comstock. Walter J. 
Conant, Samuel M. 
Congdon, Harold 
Congdon, Johns H. 
Cooke, Henry W. 
Cooney, William 
Danne, Frederick 
Danielson, A. Lock wood 
Danielson, J. DeForest 
Danielson. John W. 
Davenport, James H. 
Davis, Jeffrev 
Davol, Joseph 
Day, Frank L. 
Deming, Richard H. 
Detmold, W. L. 
DeWolf. J. Halsey 
Dodd. Edwin M. 
Dorrance. Charles T. 
Dorrance, Samuel R. 
Doty, Charles T. 
Douglas, Samuel T. 
Douglas, William W. 
Draper, Eben S. 
I^uncan. William, Butler 
Duncan. Wm. Butler, jr. 
Dnnnell, Thomas Drew 
Dunnell. Wm. Wanton 
Durfee, Samuel S. 
DuVillard, Henry A. 
Dyer, Elisha 
Dyer, Elisha. jr. 
Dyer, H. Anthony 
Dyer, William J. 
Edwards, Stephen O. 
Eiswald, George H. 

Ely, Edward F. 
Ely, William 
Ely. William D. 
Fearing, Daniel B. 
Fenner. Herbert N. 
Fitch, Louis H. 
Foster, James H. 
Foster, T. Clyde 
Freeman. John R. 
Gammell, Robert I. 
Gammell, William 
Gardner, Clarence H. 
Gardner, Rathbone 
Gladding, John Russell 
Gladdine. William B. 
Glezen. Edward K. 
Goddard. Moses B. L 
Goddard, Robert H. I, 
Goddard, William 
Goff. Lyman B. 
Goflf, Lyman T. 
Granger, William S. 
Green, Arnold 
Green. C. William 
Green, Theodore F. 
Greene. Edward A. jr. 
Greene, Isaac C 
Griswold, Alex. M. 
Guild, Edward M. 
Hackney, Walter S. 
Ham, Albert E. 
Harrington, Charles C. 
Harris, Frank 
Harrison. Joseph L. 
Hazard. Jeffrey 
Hazard. Lauriston H. 
Hazard, Rowland G. 
Heiser. Charles A. L. 
Hidden. Charles H. 
Hidden, Walter 
Hidden. Wilkins U. 
Hodgman, William L. 
Hoppin, Frederick S. 
Hoppin, Howard 
Hoppin, Joseph C. 
Hoppin. William A. 
Hoppin. William W. 
HortoD, Albert 
Horton. Bertram J. 
Howard. Stephen C. 
Howland. Richard S. 
Hunter. Duncan 
Ingalls. F. Abbott 
Iselin, C. Oliver 

126 House Directory. 


Koots, Sboes an6 IRubbers, 

173 to 177 Westminster Street, Providenoe, S. L 

A. O. M i LES & CO., ■ 

Embalmers and Funeral Directors, 

OfElce, 165 Weybosset Street, FroTidenoe, B. I. 

Opposite City Hotel . 


Attthorlz«d Caplttl. $100,000. THOMAS J. HEFFERNAN, PrMldant. 

Issaes Sndovment, Limited-Payment, Ordliiftrv Life, Joint Life, or Paitnenhipt uid 
Term Insurance, at the lowest rates. Policies participate in the surplus earn- 
ings of the Company. All afces from one year to sixty. 

Principal Office, 86 Waybosset St., PfOYldence, R. I. wlHTO^MTm . 

Attleboro and North Attleboro 


Price, • • • $2.00* 

54 North Main Street, • • Providence, R« L 


^^W l^r^ ^^^ 

By Steam or Dry Cleaning. Our Steam Process destroys all moths or larrae, and Arees 
the carpets from all impurities, bringing out the colors. Prices, 3, 4 and 6 cents per yard. 
Naphtha immersion for moth in fUmlture. 

Office, Room 8, 357 Westminster St. Worlcs, 34 Friendship St. 

Telephone 1167. Established 1878. 



Iackson, Benjamin A. 
ackson« Benjamin M. 
en ekes, Thomas A. 
Leefe, John W. 
Keefe. P. H. 
Kelley, Arthur L. 
King. Greorge G. 
Knigrht, Richard G. 
Kortwright, Lawrence M. 
Ladd, Herbert W. 
Ladd. I. Gifford 
Leete, George F. 
- Lewis, John B. 
Lewis, John D. 
Lincoln, Arthur 
Lippitt, Charles Warren 
Lippitt, Henry F. 
Lippitt, R. Lincoln 
Littlefield, Leland H. 
Maddnney, Charles B. 
Matteson, George W. R. 
McKim. Charles F. 
Mead, William R. 
Metcalf, Jesse 
Metcalf, Jesse H. 
Metcalf, Stephen O. 
Millar, Robert 
MiUer, Alfred J. 
Miller, Augustus S. 
Miller, A. F. jr. 
MitcheU, John W. 
Monlton, Edmund T. 
Mowry, Raymond G. 
Murray, C. H. 
Nicholson, Samuel M. 
Nickerson, Edward I. 
Nightingale, George C. 
Nightingale, Hotatio 
Nightingale, William G. 
Norman, Reginald 
Norris. Samuel, jr. 
Olney, Frank F. 
Ordway, Samuel H. 
Owen, Charles D. 
Owen, Charles D. jr. 
Owen, T. B. 
Pearce, Edward D. 
Pearce, Henry 
Peck, Walter A. 
Peckham, Charles F. 
Pegram, John C, 
Potter, Edward A. 
Potter, Frank K. 
Pdtter, Isaac M. 

Hope Qub— C(?«//>i«^df. 

Ouimby» J. R. 
Ray, Edgar K. 

Rhodes, Christopher 
Rhodes, Pelee A. 
Richardson, fames 
Richmond, Howard 
Richmond, Howard A. 
Ripley, James M. 
Rooinson, Louis £. 
Roelker, William G. 
Russell, Henry G. 
Sack, Albert A. 
Sackett, Frederic M. 
Sackett, Henry W. 
Sayles, Frank A. 
Sharpe, Henry D. 
Sharpe, Lucian 
Sharpe, Lucian, jr. 
Sheldon, Charles H. jr. 
Sheldon. Nicholas 
Shepley, George L. 
Slater, John W. 
Smith. Albert W. 
Smith, Amos D. 
Smith, Charles Morris 
Smith, Charles Morris, jr. 
Smith, Francis M. 
Smith, George M. 
Smith, Walter B. 
Spooner, Henry J. 
Stead, Charles M. 
Steams Charles F. 
Steedman, Charles J. 
Studley, J. Edward 
Sturges, Howard O. 
Sweetland, Cornelius S. 
Taft. Orray 
Taft. Robert R. 
Taft, Robert W. 
Taft, Royal C. 
Taft, Royal C. jr. 
Tanner, Willard B. 
Temple. W. H. G. 
Thurston, Benjamin F. 
Thurston, John D. 
Thurston, Wilmarth H. 
Tillinghast. Henry A. 
Titcomb, William G. 
Van Slyck, Cyrus M. 
Vaughan, Benjamin F. 
Waldron, Harry A. 
Washburn, Maurice K. 
Washburn, Roscoe G. 
Washburn, Roscoe S. 

i>8 House DutccroitY. 



Furnishing Undertaker and Embalmer, 

No*. 97 and gg North Main Street, Providence, R. I. 

Residence, 13 Arnold Street, 
Office Bell and Telephone answered during tbe night. 

MISS R. M. MASON, WntHrProtTyrwIlVi.B.LCisaule." 

A PaMDUil H;g1tDlc ippmtai apveUllT coDiuaeted (br dm Id Dr. WUford 

Oill'i tisiUHDt, kDOWD u " Saitilng tha coloD." 

OFFICE AND SALESROOM, - - 584 Cranaton, Cor. Althea. 


233 Friandship Str«at, Provtd«no«. R. I. 

Plain an& gecorattye Patnter 


PRINTERS 57 Weybosbtt Snuir, 



C. O. CHASE, lonngrljildiaDdSncc«ssortoE.R.OSGOOD. 
funeral Bltectot. 

700 Westminster street. Providence, R. I. 


Hack, Boarding, Livery and Sale Stable, 

Rear 175 Charlu Street, Randall Square, Providence, R. I. 



Hope QXvS[^ConttHued. 

Waterman. Harold P. Whitin, Albert H. 

Waterman, Paul Wilbour, Joshua 

Watson, Arthur H. Williams, Alonzo 

Watson, Edward L. Wilson, Ellery H. 

Webster, Daniel Wood, George H. 

Wells, Frederick S. Woods, J. Carter Brown 

Wetmore, Geo. Peabody Woods Marshall 

White, Hunter C. Woodward, William C. 

Nairagansett Boat GuK 

Seekonk River, foot of Oriole Avenue. 


Board of Governors. 

GioftGE F. Hall President 

PxANK BowEN, Vice President 

Edward S. White , Secretary 

Pbedkkick A. Barnes, Treasurer 

Locis H. Kalloch Captain 

Bradbury L. Barnes, Lieutenant 

Justice P. Thorndike, George C. Kelly, 

William J. Tully. 
John E. Furlong, Auditor 


Anthony, Howard L. Clark, Hariy C. 

Anderson, Charles D. Comstock, Fred S. 

Andrews. Clarence C. Congdon, Henry R. 

Ballon, W. S. Cook, Lorin M. 

Barnes, Bradbary L. Cumerford, Arthur S. 

Barnes, Frederick A. Dart. Willard C. 

Bowen. Frank Ely, William 

Bnffnm, AlbertJ. Finley, Frank H. 

Bnfihim, Fred fl. Furlong, John F. 

Calder, A. W. Dr. Glezen, Frank L. 

Claflin, William L. Gowdey, William B. 

130 House Directory. 

Circulars Jiddressed 

At Reasonable Rates __ 



S4 North Main St. , Providence, R, M. 

Lazarus & Mosk, 

ILabtcd' bailors an^ Ibablt fl)ahets» 

126 Mathewson Street, Providence, P. I. 

William Barton, 


288 Westminster Street. Providence, R. I. 


Street Directory. 

• Price, 15 Cents. 

For Sale at New* Stores and by the 

54 North Main Street, 


J. 0. SAN SOUGI & GO., 


2)/y Soods, 

Cloaks and Shoes. 




Narragansett Boat Qub— ^-^«''««^^^- 

Greenotigh, Henry W. 
Grimshaw» William H. 
Gtumey, C. Harris 
Hall. George P. 
Hallett, Tames W. 
Harson, M. J. 
Hevward, deorge P. 
Holmes, Daniel P. 
Holmes. Prank G. 
Hull. Harold M. 
Tencks. Wendell D. 
Kalloch. Louis H. 
Kellv, George C. 
Lad^, Walter J. 
Lewis, Henry B. 
Lewis, Warren B. 
Merchant. John S. 
Metcalf, Guy 
Miller. A. P. jr. 
Munroe. Harry H. 
Murphy, Louis H. 
Parkhurst. C. Prank 
PoUeys, WUliam V. 

Potter, Henry O. 
Preston, Walter L. 
Prouty, Benjamin P. jr. 
Rice. Herbert W. 
Sanderson, Harold P. 
Sayles, George W. 
Schotze, Edward P. 
Seymour, Walter P. 
Sheldon, Prank A. 
Shepard, John, jr. 
Shepley. George L. 
Sutherland, WUliam C. 
Talbot, Ernest D. 
Talbot, Laurie H. 
Thomdike, Justice P. 
TuUy, WUliam J. 
Waterman. Stephen 
Wceden, Arthur P. 
White. Edward S. 
White, Robert S. 
Whitford, Prank P. 
Williams, Irving 


Armington, Arthur A. 
Baker, Albert A. 
Baker, Prank L. 
Boyle, M. E. 
Bratesman, Pred H. 
BudloDg. Granville R« 
Buffington, J. Allen 
Cokley. Georjg^e W. 
Comstock. Richard B. 
CottreU, E. T. 
Cottrell, Samuel C. 
Day, Joseph P. 
Greene, Archer 
Grimes, Joseph A. 
Gurney, Embert S. 
Hamilton, Paul 
Harrington. Ernest S. 
Hayes, Prederic 
Huber, Anton 
Lee, Charles P. 
Lennon, J. P. 
Leonard, William A. 
Lewis, P. H. 
McGuinness, Edwin D. 
Mayno. George P. 
Mandell, WUliam J. 

Jfintum. A. J. 
Munroe, Henry A. 
Murphy, James 
Ostby, Harold W. 
Phillips. Eugene P. 
PhiUips, E. Rowland 
PhiUips. Prank N. 
Polk,lloeer W. 
Powers, fames C. 
Prior, John 

Robinson, Lawrence W. 
Bounds, Thomas B. 
RusseU.WiUiam H. 
Scholtze, Homer A. 
Shackleford, W. H. 
Simpson, Charles E. 
Southwick. Isaac H. jr. 
Steere, Herbert A. 
Stokes, Howard K. 
SuUivan, H. R. 
Talbot, Fred E. 
Walton. William H. 
West, Charles H. 
Wright, Percy 
York, Fred W. 

IJ2 House DmscioRy. 

Narragansctt Wheelmen* 

572 Westminster Street. 


Charles F. Martin President 

Robert B. Allardice Vice President 

Robert W. Joslin, Recording Secretary 

William F. Baxter Financial Secretary 

Fred J. Ryan. Treasurer 

William F. McDonald Captain 

Charles A. Griffin, First Lieutenant 

S. L. Trudeau Second Lieutenant 

L. P. Allen, 

,_. -, Y Color Bearers 

William Evans, 


Adamson, David H. Carroll, John 

Allardice, Robert B. Clayton, Alfred 

Allen. Lewis P. Chatman, Walter H. 

Ash, John S. Cleveland. W.»E. 

Baldwin, George E. Cook. William, jr. 

Barrett, John H. Dawson. James 

Baxter, Walter L. Dickinson, Myron W. jr. 

Baxter, William P. Dinberger. M. F. 

Bellefontain, A. A. Dumont, Albert S. 

Bishop. A. H. C. Dunhaine. Emile 

Blackmar, C. A. jr. Eaton, Charles DeM. P. 

Blicker, Charles Eddy. H. M. 

Bostrom, Charles A. Ekberg. Axel L. 

Branigan. George E. Elias, Agastine 

Brennan, Andrew Elliott, Frank E. 

Brennan. B, Elliott, William C. 

Bryant, Everett Enos. Herbert L. 

Bryant. George L. Evans. W. 

Cahoone. William L. Farrell, L. B. 

Cameron, James Fergpison, R. H. 

Cameron. William Fleming. John J. 

Campbell, Chester I. Fuller. Edwin P. 

Card. Oscar A Galvin, Thomas C. 

HousB Directory. 


Narragansett Whedmcn—conttnued. 

Gay, Charles 
Gay, Charles P. 
Goodwin, Charles H. 
Gray. F. L. 
Greenwood, Thamaa 
Griffin, C. B. 
Hall, William F. 
Hatch, C. W. 
Hatton, Prank 
Harvey, Edward 
Harvev, Frank 
Hanrahan, Otto 
Hajes, Edward 
Hebbert, Oliver L. 
Hebert, Arthur A. 
Hitchcock. Fred P. 
Horoho, John 
Houghton, Frank S. 
Howe, Harry R. 
Howho, John 
Hydner, Edwin B. 
Inglesby. John H. 
Jepson, Fred 
Joslin, R. W. 
Kenjon, James 
Keough, John 
Kerr, James, jr. 
King, Cyrus R. 
Lougee. Edward R. 
Longhlin, Thomas 
Mahoney, F. C. 
Manning, H. H. 
Martin, Charles F. 
Martin, R. B. 
'Martin. William 
Maxwell, William 

McDonald, William 
McElroy, William P. 
Mclntyre. John P. 
McLean, William H. 
McLeod, William 
McManns, John P. 
McNary. Peter 
Meadowcroft, Prank 
Monahan, Edward A. 
Morlock, C. Albert 
Morlock, Hermann P. 
Mowrey, Walter H. 
Murray. William H. jr. 
Norton, Roger P. 
Packard, W. P. 
Roland, William H. 
Ruhland, Lewis 
Ryan. Fred T. 
Scholes, William }. 
Shailer, Everett 
Sharpe, Arthur 
Shea, Prank M. 
Sheminger, Henry A. 
Silvius. Oscar 
Simmons, Louis E. 
Simpson, Charles 
Sutdiffe, A. L. 
Taber, Jonathan, jr. 
Taudvin, William D. 
Trudeau, Albert A. 
Trudean, Samuel, jr. 
Weaver, C. P. 
Whytock, William, jr. 
Williams. S. C. 
Young, Fred N. 


House Directory. 

Pomham Qub« 

East Providence, Between Silver Spring and Riverside. 
Post Office Address, Box 766, Providence, R. I. 


John Heathcote, President 

Ira Winsor. Vice-President 

F. A. Smith, Jr Treasurer 

Edwin A. Johnson, Secretary 

Executive, Committee, 
Pardon Wilbur, Jambs Randall, 

Wm. H. Hathaway, Franklin A. Smith, Jr. 

Committee on Members. 
J. Edward Studley, Albert L. Anthony, 

Walter S. Hough, Silas H. Manchester. 

Committee on By-Laws. 
Frank W. Tillinghast, Robert E. Smith, 

Jesse H. Metcalf. 

Board of Trustees, 
Edwin A. Smith, William H. Perry. 

William A. Walton. 

Auditing Committee, 
Charles C. Nichols, Eugene M. Sawin. 


Adams, John F. 
Adams, Stephen L. 
Aldrich, Clarence A. 
Allen, Ferdinand H. 
Allen, J. Edward 
Anthony, Albert L. 
Anthony, David S. 
Arnold, Thomas F. 
Arnold, Warren O. 
Austin, Arthur E. 
Babcock, Darius 
Baker, Albert A. 
Ballou, W. L. 
Barney, Walter H. 
Barrett, W. E. 

Bartlet, James, jr. 
Bartlett. Asel P. 
Batchelder, William W. 
Beach, Charles H. 
Bentley, George C. 
Bentley, William E. 
Blaisdell, Bertram S. 
Blackington, Roswell 
Blakely, William 
Boyden, George E. 
Brown, D. Russell 
Brown, H. Martin 
Budlong, Frank L. 
Budlong, Granville R. 
Buffinton, J. M. 



Pomham Chxh^Con^tHu^^i. 

Bull, Melville 
Bargess, Edwin A. 
Burt. Frederic B. 
Butler, L. M. 
Carpenter. Alva 
Carpenter, William H. 
Chaptoan, William 
Chapman, William A. 
Child, Benjamin H. 
Clark, Herbert A. 
Colvin, Theo. H.- 
Cummings, John C. 
Daggett, H. M. jr. 
Darhng. L. B. 
Darling, Lyman M. 
Davis, Lewis E. 
Davoll. William C. jr. 
Dean. John M. 
Dennis, Arthur W. 
Dewing. M. 
Draper, William H. 
Durfee, Philip B. 
Durfee, Walter H. 
Earle. William H. 
Eastman, James H. 
Eddy, Jesse P. 
Engley. Willard A. 
Pales, LeRoy 
Farwell. Fred S. 
Field, Henry C. 
Fiske, John T. jr. 
Fletcher, Charles 
Folsom, A. A. 
Franklin. Horace H. 
Freeman, Edward L. 
Fuller. Frederic 
Gardiner, A. B. 
Gibson, J. Fred 
Go£f, James C. 
Gray. Charles C. 
Greenhalgh. Geo. T. 
Hamilton, R. S. 
Harrison,. Alfred 
Harvey, Henry W. 
Haskell, William H. 
Haskins, William B. 
Hathaway. James B. 
Hathaway, William H. 
Heath. Ozro C. 
Heathcote, John 
Hopkins, E. W. 
Hopkins, William G. 
Horton, Everett S. 
Hough, Walter S. 

fencks, Joteph E. 

[enks. Albert A. 

[enks, Stephen A. 

fohnson, Edwin A. 

[eene, Dr, George F. 
Kendrick, John E. 
Kennedy, John 
Kenyon. John S. 
Kimball, Charles D. 
Kimball, Horace A. 
Kinsley, B. E. 
Kirby, Dr. A. T. . 
Kirby, Henry A. 
Knight. Richard D. 
Knight, Webster 
Learned. A. C. J. . 
Lester. William A. 
Little, Robert B. 
Longley Charles E. 
Lowe, Edwin 
Luther. W, H. 
Lyon, Georee C. 
Maertens, Emil^ 
Manchester. S. H. 
Mason. L B. 
McCoy. James C. 
Metcalf, Jesse. H. 
Miller. George L. 
Milner, Edwin 
Moore, J. William 
Morgan, William H. 
Newell, E. J. 
Newman, Tames J. 
Nichols, Charles C. 
Olney. Frank F. 
Otis, Samuel A. 
Parson. P. F. 
Pget, Cyril C, 
Peck, H. H. 
Peck, Leander R.^ 
Peck, Walter A. 
Perkins, Ezra K. 
.Perkins, Joshua 
Perry, Marsden J. 
Perry. William H. 
Phillips, Eugene F. 
Pierce^ George L. 
Pitkin. A. B. 
Possner, Herman G. 
Potter, Albert T. 
Potter, Isaac M. 
Potter. William H. 
Prentice, George W. 
Prew, Henry 

House DotEcroRv. 

Ponham Qub— c-wtf^iw^rf. 

Purfy. O. N. 
Randall, James 
Ray, Edgar K. 
ReroioKton, Horace 
Rich, Stephen S. 
Riley, W. H. 
Root, Henry T. 
Ross, George S. 
Sack, A. Albert 

Sbove, Samuel 
Smith, Charles Svdney 
Smith, Edwin A.' 
Smith, Franklin A. jr. 
Smith, H. D. 
Smith, Henry E, 
Smith, Robert E. 
Smith, Stephen N. 
Smith, TheroQ I. 
Stafford, George W. 
Steams, Henry A. 
Steams, Walter W. 
Stoddard, Charles A. 
Studley, J. E. 
Sturdy, J. H. 
SatcliSe, Adam 
Sweet, Leprilete 

Tbresher, Henry G. 
Thuraton, Benjamin 
Tillinghast. Prank W. 
Tillingtaast, Henry A. 
Tillinghast, L. A. 
Tillinghast, L. H. 
Tillingtaast, Dr. W. H. 
Vaugtaan, William P. 
Vaughn, Lorenzo 
Viair. William E. 
Walker, Dr. P. P. 
Walton. William A. 
WarburtoQ, Heniy A. 
Waterman, John 
Weaver, George E. 

Whitely, Samuel 
Wilbur, Pardon 
Wilson, Benjamin 
Winsor, Edwin 
Winsor, Ira 
Woodward, Lewis S. 
Young, Dalton E. 
Young, Nicholas B. 
Young, Rogers G. 

House Diriciory. 137 


Providence Art QuK 

1 1 Thomas Street. 


Howard L. Clark President 

H. Anthony Dyer, Vice-President 

Edward I. Nickerson Treasurer 

Edwin A. Burlingame, Secretary 

Board of Managers, 

Ttrm Expirtt iqoo. 

H. Anthony Dyer, Edward I. Nickerson. 

Term Expires tqoj. 

Edward C. Bucklin, Benj. P. Briggs, 

Sidney R. Burleigh, Jas. A. Kinghorn. 

Term Expires iqo2. 

Edwin A. Burlingame, Edmund B. Delabarre, 

John W. Sargent, Edwin A. Greene, jr. 

Executive Committee, 
Howard L. Clark, Sidney R. Burleigh, 

Edwin A. Burlingame. 

Advisory Board of Ladies, 

Mrs. Howard Richmond, Mrs. William Grosvenor, 

IIrs. Howard L. Clark, Miss Harrietts L. Rice, 

Mrs. Jeffrey Davis, Mrs. Edward B. Knight. 

Mrs. Louis W. Downes, Mrs. Edwin A. Cady, 

Mrs. Scott A. Smith, Mrs. Theodore W. Poster, 

Mrs. John G. Aldrich, Mrs. Sam'l M. Nicholson. 

Audit Committee, 
Newton D. Arnold, Lorin M. Cook. 

Committee on Sketch Class, 
Sidney R. Burleigh. 

Committee on Library, 
Benjamin W. Smith 


Abbott, Harlan P. Allen. Elijah 

Aldrich, John G. Allen, Elvira E. Miss 

Aldrich, John G. Mrs. Allen, Frederick W. 

Aldrich, Nelson W. Ames, George H. 

Allen, Edward S. Ames, Samuel 



Providence Art Quh—con/tnued, 

Ames, William 
Andrews, George F. 
Andrews, George F. Mrs. 
Angell, Walter F. Mrs, 
Anthony, Fred»k E. Mrs. 
Arnold, Frederick W. 
Arnold, Newton D. 
Arnold, Newton D. Mrs. 
Arnold, Olney H. Mrs. 
Arnold, William H. 
Atwood, William E. 
Austin, Katherine H.Miss 
Bacon. Edward S. 
Baker, Charles H. Mrs. 
Baker, David S. Mrs. 
Balch. Mary S. Miss 
Ball, Thomas W. Mrs. 
Ballon, Walter S. Mrs. 
Barker, Henry A. 
Barstow, Amos C. Mrs. 
Bartlet. Tames 
Barton, Nathan B. 
Barton, Nathan B. Mrs. 
Batchelder, H. L. Miss 
Bates, Isaac C. 
Bixby, Edward C. 
Boardman, Samuel H. 
Bogert, Theodore P. 
Boone, William F. 
Bourn, Robert C. 
Bourn, Augustus O. 
Bowen, Hannah S. Miss 
Bradley, Charles Mrs. 
Bridge, A. Alice Miss 
Bridge, Harrison P. Mrs. 
Briggs, Benjamin F. 
Briggs, Benjamin F.Mrs. 
Briggs, Charles Mrs. 
Brown, Anna T. Miss, 
Brown, Harold 
Brown, Henry Rolf 
Brown, Henry Rolf Mrs. 
Brown, John uarter 
Brown, John Nicholas 
Brown, Robert P. 
Bucklin, Edward C. 
Buffum, George A. 
BuUard, W. Harry 
Burgess, Eliz'th H. Miss 
Burleigh, Sidney R. Mrs. 
Burlingame, Edwin A. 
Burlingame, Fred*k E. 
Burt, Walter L. Mrs. 
Buttolph, Benjamin G. 

Cady, John H. 
Calaer, Albert L. 
Calder, Albert L. Mrs. 
Calder, Albert L., 2d 
Calder, Albert L. 2d Mrs. 
Calder, Charles A. 
Calder, Charles G. 
Calder, Dora G. Miss 
Callender, Walter R. 
Campbell, Horatio N. jr. 
Carpenter, Charles E. 
Carpenter, Francis W. 
Carpenter, William H. 
Carr, George W. Mrs. 
Carrington, Edward 
Catlin, Charles A. Mrs. 
Chace, James H. Mrs. 
Chace. Etta Miss 
Chapman, Chas. H. Mrs. 
Chase, Caroline Miss 
Chase, Fred A. 
Chase, Fred A. Mrs. 
Church, Henry A. 
Clark, Edward S. 
Clark, Herbert W. Mrs. 
Clark, Howard L. 
Clark, Howard L. Mrs. 
Clemence, Eva B. Miss 
Coates, James 
Cole, Jessie L. Miss 
Comstock, Louis H. 
Comstock, Richard B. 
Comstock, R. B. Mrs. 
Comstock, Richard W. 
Comstock, W. A. H. Mrs. 
Comstock, Walter J. 
Conant, Samuel Morris 
Congdon, George W. 
Congdon, Johns H. 
Converse, Waldron H. 
Cook, Charles N. 
Cook, Lorin M. 
Cook, Lorin M. Mrs. 
Cooke, George Lewis 
Corliss, George H. Mrs. 
Corliss, Maria L. Miss 
Cornell, William O. 
Cornell, William O. Mrs. 
Coyle. Philip H. 
Crooker, George Hazard 
Cross, John A. 
Cross, John A. Mrs. 
Danielson, Geo. W. Mrs. 
Danielson, John W. 

House Directory. 


Providence Art Qub— ^<^«''««^^- 

Darline, George H. Mrs. 
Dart, William C. 
Davenport, James H. 
Davis, James S. Mrs. 
Davis, Lincoln 
Davis, Jeffrey 
Davis, Jeffrey Mrs. 
Davis, Nathaniel P. 
Davis, Nathaniel P. Mrs. 
Davol, Joseph 
Dav, Frank L. 
Delabarre, Edmund B. 
DeMunn, Noble W. Mrs. 
DeWolf, J. Halsey 
Dews, Frederick S. Mrs. 
Dews, Joseph 
Doldt, John E. 
Dorrance, Courtlandt B. 
Douglas, Samuel T. Mrs. 
Douglas, William W. 
Downes, Louis W. Mrs. 
Dnrfee, Charles S. 
Dyer, Elizabeth H. Mrs. 
Dyer, Gabriel Bemon 
Eddy, Mary E. Miss 
Eddy, Sarah J. Miss 
Eiswald, George H. 
Ely, Edward Francis 
Penner, Herbert N. 
Field, James P. 
Pish, Ira L. 
Pisk, Stephen P. Mrs. 
Piske, Louise P. Mrs. 
Fitch, William 
Fletcher, Charles 
Flint, Alonzo Mrs. 
Foster, T. Herbert Mrs. 
Foster, Mary M. Miss 
Foster, Theodore W. 
Poster, Theodore W.Mrs. 
Foumeauz, Emile A. 
Fowler. Sybil A. Miss 
Francis, Elizabeth Miss 
Freeman, George A. 
Frost, Edwin Collins 
Fry, Charles B. 
Pry, Charles B. Mrs. 
Ga^mell, Robert L Mrs. 
Gammell, William 
Gardiner, A. A. Miss 
Gardiner, Charles C. 
Gladding, John Russell 
Gladding, Jf. Russell Mrs. 
Goddard, Moses B.LMrs. 

Goddard, Robert H. L 
Goddard, William 
Goddard, William Mrs. 
Goff , Lyman B. 
Gottschalk, Wm. von Mrs. 
Green, Theodore P. 
Greene, C. William 
Greene, Edward Aborn 
Greene, Henry A. 
Greene, Sarah P. Miss 
Greenleaf, William A. 
Greenough, Henry W. 
Greenough, William B. 
Grosvenor, William Mrs. 
Hall. Clifton A. 
Hal], Emily A. Mrs. 
Hall, Emily T. Miss 
Hall, George P. 
Harrington, Charles C. 
Harrington, Chas. C.Mrs. 
Harrington, George W. 
Harrison, Joseph L. 
Harvey, Edwin B. 
Hasbrouck, Sayer 
Hawes, Lyslie M. Miss 
Hayes, Henry W. 
Hazard, Jeffrey 
Hidden, Charles H. 
Hidden, Walter 
Hill, Francis A. C. 
Hoppin, Howard 
Hoppin, Washington 
Howard, Charles T. 
Howard, Elisha H. 
Howard, Emma L. Miss 
Howe, Wallis E. 
Howland, Richard S. 
Humphrey, Chas. B.Mrs. 
Hunt, Horatio H. 
Huston. William Mrs. 
Hutchins, Albert E. Mrs. 
Hutchinson, William S. 
Irons, Irving P. 
Irons, Irving P. Mrs. 
Tackson, Benjamin M. 
[ackson, Benj. M. Mrs. 
[ohnson, Edward L.Mrs, 
[ohnson, Edwin A. 
leach, William P. 
Kelly, Arthur L. Mrs. 
Kenyon, James S. 
Kenyon, James S. Mrs. 
Kern, Martin W. 
Kimball. Walter H. 


House Directory. 

Profvidcncc Art Cinh-Conttnued. 

Kinghorn, Tames A. 
Kinghorn. James A. Mrs. 
Kinyon, Frederick W. 
Knight, Amelia S. Miss 
Knight, Brayton B. Mrs. 
Knight. C. Prescott Mrs. 
Knight. Edward B. 
Knight, Edward B. Mrs. 
Knight, Erving J. 
Knight, Russell W. 
Knowles, John C. Mrs. 
Knowles, Stephen M.Mrs. 
Lamont, Hammond 
Lathrop, Harriet N.Mrs. 
Lawton, John P. P. Mrs. 
Lennon, John P. Mrs. 
Leonard, Grace P. Miss 
Lewis, Adalene S. Miss 
Lewis, John D. Mrs. 
Lincoln, Ellen D. Miss 
Lister, James, jr. 
Lister, James, jr. Mrs. 
Livingston, Thomas 
Loomis, Edward A. Mrs. 
Lord, Augustus M. 
Lustig.- Alfred L. 
Lythgoe, Albert M. 
Manly, John M. 
Marcy, Frederick L Mrs. 
Martin, Frank H. 
Mason, A. Liyingston 
Mason, Earl Philip 
Mason, Earl P. 2a 
Mather, W. Penn 
Mathewson, Frank M. 
Mathewson, Frank M.Mrs 
Matteson, Ella R. Miss 
Mauran, Eliza Miss 
Metcalf, Frederick 
Metcalf, Frederick Mrs. 
Metcalf, Isabel H. Mrs. 
Metcalf, Jesse 
Miller, Alfred J. 
Miller, Alfred J. Mrs. 
Miller, Alfred J. jr. 
Miller, Augustus S. 
Miller, Horace G. 
Miller, Joseph A. 
Miner, George L. 
Moore, Edward C. Rev. 
Moulton, Wilson P. Mrs. 
Munro, Walter L. 
Munro, Wilfred H. 
Nealey, James A. 

Nickerson, Edward I. . 
Nichols, James Y. S. 
Nicholson, Sam'l M. Mrs. 
Nightingale, George C. 
Nightingale, Horatio O. 
Nightingale, William G. 
Obrian, Lewis A. 
Olney, Frank P. 
Olney, Frank P. Mrs. 
Osborne, Mary R. Miss 
Ostby, Englehart C. 
Ostby, Englehart C.Mrs. 
Palmer, Harold G. 
Parkhurst, C. Frank 
Parsons, Edmond H. 
Pearce, Henry Mrs.. 
Pearce, William B. 
Peck, Allen M. 
Peck, Frederick S. 
Peck. Frederick S. Mrs. 
Peck, Ellen O. Miss 
Peck, Leander R. Mrs. 
Peck, Mary T. Miss 
Peck, Walter A. 
Peck, Walter A. Mrs. 
Pegram, John C. 
Peirce, Augustus R. 
Perkins, Fred*k E. Mrs. 
Perry, Marsden J. 
Peters. John M. 
Phillipps, Adrian Mrs. 
Pitman, Stephen Minot 
Poland, William Carey 
Poland, Wm. Carey Mrs. 
Potter, Albert K. 
Potter, Dexter B. 
Potter, Dexter B. Mrs. 
Potter, Frank K. 
Potter, Frank K. Mrs. 
Potter, M. Helen Miss 
Potter, Walter A. 
Potter, Walter A. Mrs. 
Preston, Howard W. 
Preston, Julius H. 
Rawson, Clara E. Miss 
Rawson, Thomas B. 
Rice, Richard H. 
Richardson, James 
Richmond, Charles T. 
Richmond, Howard 
Richmond, Howard Mrs. 
Robertson, Rich' d A. Mrs. 
Robinson, Jack A. 
Robinson. Jack A. Mrs. 

House Directory. 


Providence Art duh— Continued. 

RockwelUCharles B. Mrs. 
Rassell, Emory P. 
Ratherford. Jadob C. 
Sack, A. Albert 
Sanford, Edw. Congdon 
Sanford, Marv P. Miss 
Sanger, H. Mortimer 
Sargent, John W. 
Sawtelle, Franklin J. 
Schneider, Hans 
Shaw, Frederick E. 
Sheldon, Nicholas 
Sheldon, Walter G. 
Shepard, Thomas P.Mrs. 
Shepley, George L. 
Shipman. T. Harris 
Sisson. Charles, Mrs. 
Slade* George H. Mrs. 
Slocum. Percy D. S. 
Smith, Ada Frances Miss 
Smith, Albert W. Mrs. 
Smith, Benjamin W. 
Smith, Charles H. 
Smith, Edgar B. 
Smith, Francis M. 
Smith, Scott A. 
Smith, Scott A. Mrs. 
Smith, Walter Burgess 
Snow, Elizabeth H. Miss 
Snow, Franklin A. 
Snow. Franklin A. Mrs. 
Snow, George M. 
Spanlding. Arthur R. 
Spaulding. James P.Mrs. 
Stearns, Charles F. 
Stearns, Kath'rine RMiss 
Stevens, Allan P. 
Stewart, Waldo 
Stiness, Edward C. 
Stiness, John H. 
Stockwefl. Geo. A. Mrs. 
Stone. Alfred 
Stndley, Thomas E. Mrs. 
Sturges, Howard O. 
Swarts, Gardner T. 
Swarts, Gardner T. Mrs. 
Sweetland, Cornelius S. 

Sweetland, William H. 
Taft, Emma A. Miss 
Taft, Royal C. 
Talbot, iSaurie H. 
Talbot, Martha Miss 
Taylor, James M. R. 
Temple. William H. G. 
Thompson, S.Millett Mrs. 
Thornton, George M. 
Thurber, Alice Miss 
Thurber, William H. 
Thurber. William H.Mrs. 
Thurston, Wilmarth H. 
Tilden, Henry 
Tilden, Henry C. 
Tillinghast. William R. 
Tingley. Arthur" D. 
Tingley, Lemira S. Miss 
Torrey, Ellsworth 
Tower, Tames H. Mrs. 
Tripp, Amy F. Miss 
Tripp, Frederick E. 
Tripp, Julia A. Mrs. 
Tyler, Harriet H. Miss 
Vaughn, Alice E. Miss 
Vaughn, Lillian H. Miss 
Wardwell. S. W. jr. Mrs. 
Ware, Agnes Miss 
Watson. Arthur H. Mrs. 
Waterman, Stephen 
Webb. George H. 
Weeden, Benj. D. Mrs. 
Weeden. William B. 
Weeden. Wm. B. Mrs. 
Weston, George Franklin 
White, Albert C. jr. 
White, Edgar M. Mrs. 
White. Hunter C. 
White, William W. 
Wilcox, Dutee 
Wilcox, Howard D. 
Williams, Alonzo Mrs. 
Willson. Edmund R. 
Win ship. George P. 
Wood, Clarence D. 
Woods, Marshall 


Angell. Louise M. Miss 
Apollonj. Adolpho E. 
Bannister. Edward M. 
Barlow, John N. 
Baxter, filijah 

Breul, Hugo 
Burleigh. Sidney R. 
Cady. Edwin A. Mrs. 
Cbafee, S. Roscoe 
Coleman. Anna Miss. 

142 I^ousE Directory. 

Providence Art duh-Con/mueif. 

Cooke, Abigail W. Miss Phelps. Helen W. Miss 

Crouch, Emily H. Miss Pitman, Sophia L. Miss 

Drown. W. Staples Rice. Harnette L. Miss 

Dyer. H. Anthony Richards. Mary F. Miss 

Farnum, H. Cyrus Rose, Guy Mrs. 

Gray, Edith Miss Seaverns. Alexander H. 

Green, Cornelia E. Miss South wick, Albert A. 

Hubert, Hippolyte L. Springer, Charles H. 

Kenyon, Henry R. Stetson, Charles Walter 

Kohlhagen, Frederick Swan, Emma L. Miss 

Leavitt Edward C. Tolman, Stacy 

Mathewson, Frank C. Vail, Eugene L. 

Miller, Oscar Wheeler, Mary C. Miss 

Morse, Anne G. Miss Whitaker, George W. 
Norton, Louis D. 

Providence Athletic Association. 

Weybosset, cor. Potter. 

John Shepard, Jr President 

Franklin A. Smith. Jr., Vice-President 

William M. P. Bowen Secretary 

William C. Baker Treasurer 

Governing Committee, 

To serve until Aprils iqoo. 

F. A. BucKHouT, William W. Douglas. 

Harry C. Curtis. Herbert R. Lowe. 

C. Frank Parkhurst. 

To serve until Aprils igoi. 

William C. Baker, George L. Shepley. 

William M. P. Bowen, Franklin A. Smith, Jr. 

William G. Titcomb. 

To serve until Aprils tqo2. 

John B. Kelly, Harvey F. Payton, 

William H. Morgan, John Shepard, Jr. 

William J. Feeley. 

I To serve until Aprils iqo3» 

Walter W. Burnham, Charles H. Merriman, 

Herbert B. Ellis, James M. Smith, 

Edward H. Tingley. 


Abbott. Chas. W.. Lieut. Aldrich. Edward S. 

Adams, A. Bigelow Aldrich, Nelson W. 

Adams, Robert Aldrich. William F. 

Adams, W. L. Alexander. Charles 

House Directory. 


Providence Athletic AssodaAxoci-'Contmued, 

Allen, Asa P. 
Allen, C. J. Dr. 
Allen, Edward S. Dr. 
Allen, B^win P. 
Allen, Francis O. 
Allen, George R. 
Allen, J. Edward 
Allen, John F. 
Ames. Samuel 
Anderson, Arthur S. 
Andrews. Frank H. 
Angell, Walter F. 
Ancable, J. Herbert 
Anthony, James M. 
Anthony, w. M. 
Armstrong. D wight H. 
Arnold, Daniel H. 
Arnold, Newton D. 
Arnold. Warren O. Hon. 
Arnold, William R. 
Atwood, H. C 
Austin, Arthur £. 
Ayer, O. S. 
Babcock, Albert 
Babcock. Frederick W. 
Bain, Hugh W. 
Baker, Albert A. 
Baker, David S. 
Baker. William C. 
Balcb, Joseph 
Ballou, Daniel R. 
Ballon, Frederick A. 
Ballou. Walter S. 
Banigan, John J. 
Banigan. William B. 
Barker, Abram 
Barker, Henry A. 
Barker, Henry R. 
Barnes, Edwin 
Barnes, T. C. 
Barney, John 
Barney, Walter H. 
Barstow, Nathaniel 
Bartlett, Asel P. 
Barton, Nathan B. 
Bashford. James H. 
Bassett, Edward D. 
Bates, Isaac C. 
Baxter, £. jr. 
Beach, Charles H. 
Beaman, Elmer A. 
Becker, George 
Bedell, Harold H. 
Benedict, William C. 

Bennett, Charles P. 
Bennett. Mark C. 
Benson, Henry M. 
Berry, Rudolph 
Besley, D. C. 
Bishop, N. S. 
Bixby, Edward C. 
Bizby, George E. 
Blaisdell. B. S. 
Black. David O. 
Blackington. Louis A. 
Blanding. William O. 
Bliss, Zen as W. 
Bliss. Gen. Zeoas R. 
Blodgett, John T. 
Bod well, San ford 
Boms, J. C. 
Bourne, Augustus O. 
Boutelle, W. Herbert 
Bowen. W. M. P. 
Bradford, Henry C. 
Branch, J. B. 
Bray ton. Charles R. 
Briggs, B. F. 
Briggs, S. J. 

Briscoe, Rev. Thomas F. 
Bromley, Charles R. 
Bromley, John H. 
Brown, Arthur L. 
Brown, D. Russell 
Brown, Eben E. 
Brown, H. Martin 
Brown, Robert P. 
Brownell. Clifton T. 
Buckhout, Frank A. 
Bucklin, J. T. P. 
Budlong, F. L. 
Bull, Col. Melville 
Bullock, T. R. 
Burch, Orion W. 
Burgess, Herbert S. 
Burke, Tobias 
Burleigh, Sidney R. 
Burlingame, C. I. 
Burlingame, Frederick E. 
Burnham, George H. 
Burnham, W. W. 
Burrington, Arthur S. 
Bush. C. S. 
Bushnell. Fred N. 
Butterworth, Charles F. 
Cahoone, George H. 
Calder, Augustus W. Dr. 
Callender, Walter 


House Directory. 

Providence Athletic Assodation—Conrmued. 

Callender, Walter R. 
Caldwell, Alfred 
Carleton, Francis B. Dr. 
Carpenter, Albert G. 
Carpenter, Arthur A. 
Carpenter, Frank F. 
Carpenter, Henry A. 
Carpenter,' William A. 
Carr, George W. Dr. 
Carroll, E. F. Dr. 
Carter, John A. 
Carter, W. E. 
Carver, R. Herbert Dr. 
Case, Philip 
Casey, Stephen J. 
Cass. John Wilder 
Catlin, Charles A. 
Catlow Thomas U. 
Chace. Thomas W. 
Chaffee, Frank E. 
Chaffee, Zachariah 
Chandler, William A. 
Chapman, William 
Chase, Fred A. 
Chase, Thomas H. 
Cheney, Harry C. 
Chesebro, Edmund, M.D. 
Chevalier, J. F. 
Church, E. C. 
Church, George M. 
Church, Henry A. 
Church, W. P. Dr. 
Claflin, William L. 
Clarke, William E. 
Clarke, W. Osmond 
Cleveland. Albert N. 
Codman, W. C. 
Coe, Walter H. 
Cokely, George W. 
Cole, Isaac S. 
Cole, John W. 
Cole, William D. 
Coleman, Earl Stewart 
CoUey, William Edgar 
Collier. James H. jr. 
Colman, Roscoe L. 
Colt, Samuel P. 
Colvin, Charles T. 
Colwell, Francis 
Colwell, Ralph 
Comstock, Richard B. 
Comstock, Richard W. 
Comstock, Walter J. 
Conley, John E. 

Cook, Edward N. 
Cook, Percy O. 
Cooney, John P. 
Cornell, Howard P. 
Cory, A. H. jr. 
Cory, Joseph P. 
Cory, Thomas B. 
Costello, Clement J. 
Cottelle, Harry B. 
Covell, Samuel B. W. 
Crocker, D. H. C. 
Crocker. Wa.shington[I. 
Cronin, William J. 
Crooker, J. Foster 
Cross, John A. 
Cross. William P. 
Cumerford, A. S. 
Currier, Andrew J. 
Curtis, H. C. 
Cushing, A. J. 
Dana, Frederick I. 
Danforth, E. C. 
Darling. George C. 
Darling, John O. 
Davenport, T. H. Dr. 
Da vol, Charles J. 
Davis, Jeffrey ' 
Davis. Kay H. 
Davis. Solomon W, 
Day, Charles R. 
Day, Henry G. 
Dean. Henry B. 
Dean, John M. 
Dean, Robert W. 
Dean, Willis A. 
Dempster, W. W. 
Dennis, Arthur W. 
Devereux, Orin C. 
DeWolf, J. H. 
Dexter, S. Frank 
Dexter, Walter W. 
Dockery, John J. 
Dodd, Edwin M. 
Dodge. H. I. 
Doberty, Henry F. 
Doldt, John E. 
Donaldson, William 
Doran, John 
Dorrance, Charles T. 
Doty, C. C. 

Douglas. Hon. Samuel T. 
Douglas, Judge W. W. 
Dover, George W. 
Downes, L. W. 

House Directory. 


Providence Athletic Association— c<^«^'««^^- 

Downey, M. R. 
Darfee. Philip B. 
Dyer, Gov. Elisba 
Dyer, H. Anthony 
Earle, Charles R. 
Earle, R. B. 
Earle, William H. 
Eastman, James H. 
Easton, N. Howard 
Ecdes, William 
Eccleston, A. H. Dr. 
Eddy, Andrew B. 
Eddy, A. U. 
Eddy, Charles P. 
Eddy, Charles H. 
Edmunds. George W. 
Edward, David G. 
Edwards, Stephen O. 
Eiswald, George H. 
Ellis. H. B. 
Elsbree, Thomas D. 
Ely, William 
Eschle, Carl 
Pales, LeRoy 
Palkenberg, Julius 
Parley, Fred J. 
Pamell. George 
Pams worth, John P. 
Pamum, H. C. 
Farrington, William N. 
Parwell, Albert E. 
Parwell, Edmund A. 
Parwell, Pred S. 
Peeley, William J. 
Pergnson, Andrew J. 
Pidler. L. N. 
Pield, Prank O. 
Pitz, Edward E. 
PitzGerald, Dr. V. Lee 
Fletcher, Charles 
Fletcher. Pred C. 
Fletcher, Henry 
Fletcher, Joseph E. 
Flint, George H. 
Pomeau. Emil A. 
Poster, j. Herbert 
Poster, Robert G. 
Foster, Thos. Clyde 
Foster. Theodore W. 
Franklin. Charles A. 
Praser, Alexander S. 
Freeman. George A. 
Pricker, Julius 
Frothingham, T. G. 

Puller, Myron H. 
Puller, Robert G. 
Furlong, Joseph D. 
Gammell, Charles A. 
Gannett, William P. jr. 
Gardner, Rathbone 
Gardner. C. H. 
Gardner, C. T. Dr. 
Gee, James 
George, James A. 
Gladding, Benjamin C. 
Gladding. T. C. 
Gleason. William P. 
Goddard, Moses B. I. 
Godfrey, Pred W. 
Goff, Isaac L. 
Goff, Lyman B. 
Goflf, Lyman T. 
Goff, Rufus B. 
Good, John E. 
Goodwin, Almon K. 
Goodwin, William P. 
Granger. William S. 
Grant, H. T. jr. 
Granville, Bernard 
Gray. Charles C. 
Gray, D. P. 
Greene, Archer 
Greene, Augustus A. 
Greene, Edward P. 
Greene, Henry A. 
Greene, R. L. 
Greenough, Henry W. 
Grimes, Thomas 
Grim wood. Henry A. 
Grinnell, Frederick 
Gross, George L. 
Gross, Harold J. 
Guild, Charles F. 
Guild, P. T. 
Guild, Joseph L. 
Guile, Walter A. 
Gunderson G. A. 
Gumey, Ernest S. 
Gurney, C. Harris 
Gurney, Isaac M. 
Hackney, W. S. 
Hagan, James H. 
Hahn, J. Jerome 
Hahn. William E. 
Hail. E. L. 
Halkyard, William 
Hall, Charles P. 
Hall, George F. 


House Directory. 

Providence Athletic Association—Con/mued. 

Hallett, James W. 
Hambly, J. H. 
Hamilton, Paul D. 
Hamilton, Ralph S. 
Hamilton. Robert M. 
Hanley, James 
Hanley. Walter H. 
Harmon, Addison B. 
Harmon, Fred E. 
Harringtou, Charles C. 
Harrington, George C. 
Harrington, R. A. 
Harris. A. Walter 
Harris, Edward M. Dr. 
Harris. William M. jr. 
Hart, John J. 
Harson, M. J. 
Hartwell, Julius F. 
Harvey, N. D. Dr. 
Harvey, Henry W. 
Hasbrouck, Sayer Dr. 
Hathaway, Charles H. 
Hawes, Earl P. Dr. 
Hawkins, Dr. Joseph F. 
Hayes, Frederic 
Hayes, Henry W. 
Healey. Frank 
Hebden, John C. 
Helborn, Charles 
Henshaw, J. G. 
Higgins, Dr. Charles W. 
Himes, Elmer F. 
Hill, John E. 
Hinckley. Frank L. 
Hodges. Raymond 
Hodgdon, H. C. 
Hodgkinson, William 
Hogan, John W. 
Hoi brook, Edward 
Holmes, George H. 
Holmes, H. H. 
Holton, Thomas H. 
Horr, Frank 
Horton, B. J. 
Horton, F. B. 
Horton, Harry M. 
Horton. John W. 
Howard, Hirap 
Howitt, Arthur W. 
Hoye. Charles T. 
Huber. A. 
Hughes, Thomas S. 
Humphrey, Charles B. 
Hunter, Duncan 

Huntley, Carroll K. Dr. 

Huntsman, John F. jr. 

Hurd, C. Russell 
Hurley, James H. 
Hutchins, A. E. 
Hutchins, Charles H. 
Hutchins, Thomas L. 
Jackson, Benjamin A. 
Tackson, E. S. 

[ackson, Daniel 

[ackson, Frank H. 

[ackson. Frederick H. 

[encks, John 

[enks, Albert A. 

[enks, E. L. 

[ohnson, Edwin A. 

[ones, J. D. E. 

[ones, S. W. C. 

[oslin, William E. 

[alloch, Lewis H. 
Kaufman, Nathan 
Keefe, Dennis F. Dr. 
Keefe, Dr. P. H. 
Keene, George F. Dr. 
Keith, B. F. 
Kelley, J. B. 
Kelly, A. L. 
Ken n on, Frederick V. 
Kent. Walter G. 
Kenyon, George H. Dr. 
Kenyon, Walter S. Dr. 
King, Stephen H. Dr. 
Kingsbury, Clarence 
Kirby, A. T. Dr. 
Kittredge, Charles H. 
Knight, Charles L. 
Knight, Howard N. 
Knight, Richard D. 
Knight, Webster 
Knight, William F, 
Kreichbaum. L. 
Ladd, Walter J. 
Lamphear, George W. 
Lander, J. Warren 
Lapham, Oscar Hon. 
Lawrence, William F. 
Lawton, J. F. P. 
Leavitt, E. C. 
Lederer, Benedict B. 
Lee, Christopher M. 
Leete, George F. 
Lennon, John F. Dr. 
Lester, W. A. 
Levin, Alex. 

House Directory. 


Providence Athletic 

Lewis, Henry B. 
LfCwis, H. A. Dr. 
Lewis, John D. 
Lincoln, Ferdinand A. 
Lingane, D. F. 
Linton, James 
Lippitt, Chas. War. Hon. 
Lippitt, Clarence H. 
Lippitt. R. Lincoln 
Little, Robert B. 
Littlefield, A. H. 
LitUefield. E. N. 
Littlefield, Leland H. 
Livermore, F. D. 
Livingstone, Thomas 
Lockwood, Albert W. 
Lock wood. Lawrence A. 
Loomis, E. A. 
Lothrop. F. L. 
Lowe. Herbert R, 
Luther, Charles B. 
Lyman, Richard B. 
Lynch. James A. 
Lyons, George C. 
Maguire. Charles B. 
BiacLeod, George R. 
Mahler. Daniel J. 
Mahoney, M. P. Dr. 
Manchester, B. B. 
Mandell, W. J. 
Mann. Joseph M. 
Marsh, Henry, jr. 
Marshall. Frank W. 
Martin, E. W. 
Martin. Frank H. 
Martin. H. G. 
Martin. Jacob S. 
Mathewson. F. C. 
Mathewson. Frank M. 
Matteson. G. W. R. 
Manran, Sachet 
Mayer. Albert H. 
McAuliff. J. W. 
McBee. William B. 
McCaughin, Alex A. 
McCloskey. James W. 
McDonnell. T. F. L 
McDuflF, Edward W. 
McElroy. William B. 
McGuinness, E. D. Hon« 
McGuirk, William B. Dr. 
Merriman, Charles H. 
Merriman. Charles H. jr. 
Metcalf, Guy 

• * » 

I — Continued, 

Metcalf, Jesse 
Metcalf, Jesse H. 
Metcalf. Stephen O. 
Middleton. Caleb S. 
Millard, George W. 
Miller, George L. 
Miller, Pardon 
Mills. John W. 
Monroe, Henry A. 
Moody, L. M. 
Morgan, William H. 
Monarty. Daniel J. 
Morris, Andrew 
Momford, Charles C. 
Manroe. C. G. 
Munster. Thomas S. 
Murphy, Morgan E. 
Murray, William J. 
Myrick. Nathaniel W. 
Nauck. Wilhelm 
Newell. E. J. 
Newell, Frank A. 
Newell, Frank W. 
Newell. George C. 
Newhall. George H. 
Nichols. Charles C. 
Nichols, Charles M. 
Nichols Fred W. J 
Nichols. Mark S. 
Nicholson, Samuel M. 
Nickerson. Edward L 
Nordlinger. Sidney H. 
Nugent, C. Franklin 
Nye. Herbert E. 
Ockel, Hermann A. 
O'Connor, Patrick F. 
O'Gorman. Thomas 
O'Keefe, J. A. Dr. 
O'Leary, Arthur 
Olney, Elam W. 
Olney, Hon. Frank F. 
Olsen. Nils 
Otis. Orin M. 
Otis, Samuel A. 
Otis. William N. 
Owen, Charles D. 
Owen. Charles D. jr. 
Owen, Hon. Franklin P. 
Palmer, Amos D. ,,^ 
Parker, Fred E. 
Parkhurst, C. Frank j 
Parks. George M. ^ 

Parsons, Edmund H. 
Payne, Benjamin A. 


House Directory. 

Providence Athletic Association— ^<^«^'««^^- 

Pay ton, Harry F. 
Pearce, Aldrich J. 
Pearce, F. T. 
Pearce, Henry 
Peck, Arthur L. 
Peck. Cyril C. 
Peck, Fred S. 
Peck, Walter A. 
Peckham, Charles F. Dr. 
Peckham, Fenner H. Dr. 
Peirce, Clarence B. 
Penniman, B. G. 
Perkins, Howard L. 
Perrin, Royal E. 
Perry, Marsden J. 
Perry, William ft. jr. 
Peters, James M. Dr. 
Pettee, Charles S. 
Phetteplace, Wm. L. G. 
Phillips, .Bugene F. 
Phillips, George C. 
Phillips, George R. 
Phillips. Gilbert A. 
Phillips, H. O. 
Phillips, Theo. W. 
Phillips, Walter D. 
Pierce, D. A. 
Pierce. Walter P. 
Possner, H. G. 
Potter, A. T. 
Potter. B. Thomas 
Potter, Dexter B. 
Potter, H. O. 
Potter. L. K. 
Pratt. Seth 
Preston, J. H. 
Preston, Walter L. 
Prew, Henry 
Prew. H. Fred 
Prew. William E. 
Rankin. W. G. 
Rawson, Thomas B. 
Rea, David G. 
Read, Charles O. 
Rees, Walter D. 
Revens. John 
Reynolds, H. J. 
Rhodes. Charles W. 
Rhodes, Frank A. 
Rhodes. James P. 
Rhodes. William C. 
Rhodes, William M. 
Rice, Herbert H. 
Richardson, James 

Richardson. E. Russell 
Richardson. James W. 
Richmond, John M. 
Riley. Charles E. 
Ripley. James M. 
Rooertson. George H. 
Robinson, J. A. 
Rockwell, Harvey H. 
Rogers, Fred. T. Dr. 
Rogers. James A. 
Rose, P. H. 
Rosenfield, J. J. 
Rounds, D. E. 
Ruerat. Jules 
Russell. Dr. William H. 
Rust. Herbert B. 
Sack, A. Albert 
Safford, William A. 
San Souci, E. J. 
Sargent, John W. 
Sawin. Eugene M. 
Sawyer, F. L. 
Sawyer, Tohn P. 
Sayles. George W. 
Seabury. D wight 
Seymour, Manuel F. 
Seymour, Walter F. 
Sheldon. Frank P. 
Sheldon. John L 
Sheldon. Walter G. 
Shepard. E, H. 
Shepard. Harry H. 
Shepard, John,' jr. 
Shepley, George L. 
Shibley, Fred W. 
Shibley. J. A. 
Simmons. Frank D. 
Slater. A. B. 
Slater, A. B. jr. 
Smith, A. Frank 
Smith. Albert L. 
Smith, Albert W. 
Smith, Chester B. 
Smith. C. E. 
Smith. Edgar A. 
Smith, Edwin A. 
Smith. Fred L. 
Smith, E. A. jr. 
Smith. Harry M. 
Smith, J. Howard 
Smith. H. E. 
Smith. Tames 
Smith. James M. 
Smith. Walter J. 

House Directory. 


Providence Athletic Assoaztxcxi'-Contmued' 

Smith, William 
Snow, George M. 
Spear, Alonzo P. 
Spencer, R. L. 
Spooner, Henry J. 
Stafford, George w. 
Stafford, William A. 
Stanton, B. P. 
Steams. Charles P. 
Steere, Horace W. 
Steinert, Albert 
Stevens, Albert E. 
Stewart, Waldo 
Stokes, Howard K 
Stokes, Willis H. 
Stone, W. H. Dr. 
Street, John P. 
Stndley, J. E. 
Sullivan, George T. 
Sulzberger, Miltoo 
Swarts, Gardner T. Dr. 
Sweet, Pred S. 
Sweet, Jesse B. 
Sweet, Leon E. 
Sweet, Leprelette 
Sweet, Walter H. 
Sweet. Walter P. 
Sweetland, C. S. 
Swift, Arthur H. 
Taft, John L. 
Talbot, Pred E. 
Tanner, Herbert S. 
Tattersall. Pred Elmer 
Taylor, H. E. 
Taylor, William H. jr. 
Templeton, Arthur E. 
Terry, Herbert Dr. 
Thomas, George H. 
Thompson, D. M. 
Thompson, Robert W. 
Thurbcr, William H. 
Thurston, Clark 
Thurston, George W. 
Tiepke, Henry E. 
Tilaen, Henry 
TiUinghast, H. A. 
Tillinghast, Theo. P. 
TiUinghast, William R. 
Tingley, A. Curtis 
Tingley, E. H. 
Tinkham. Ernest W. 
Titcomb. William G. 
Tolman, Stacy 
Tower, Clifford S. 

Tower, Louis P. 
Treat, Robert B. 
Tripp. Prederick E. 
Trowbridge, E. R. 
Truman. Nathan H. 
Tryon, John S. jr. 
TuUy. W. J. 
Vincent, Walter B. 
Waldron. H. A. 
Waldron, S. C. 
Walker, P. Prancis Dr. 
Wall, A. T. 
WaU. G. A. 
Walton. John M. 
Walton John W. 
Ward, Walter 
Warner, Clarence M. 
Warner, Eugene P. 
Waterman, Stephen 
WatsoD, Arthur H. 
Watson, Byron S. 
Watson. E. L. 
Watt, Peter M. 
Webster, Daniel 
Webster, George E. 
Weeden. C. R. 
Weld. Charles Henry 
Welsh, John M. 
Wen delschaef er . Peliz R . 
West, Thomas P. 
Wheelock, Jesse M. 
Wheelwright, PranklinR. 
Whipple, Walter W. 
White, Albert C. 
White. Henry T. 
White, Col. Hunter C. 
Whitehouse, John S. 
Whitely, Samuel 
Whitlaker, George W. 
Whitten. William W. 
Whittier. R. H. 
Wightman. W. R. 
Wilbur, Charles B. 
Wilbur, fob 
Wilcox, Dutee 
Wilcox, Elmer A. 
Wilcox. Howard D. 
Wilkinson, E. DeP. 
Williams, Edward D. P. 
Williams, George W. 
Williams, Herbert M. 
Williams, Wade W. 
Williams. W. Pred Dr. 
Williamson. A. M. 


House Directory. 

Providence Athletic Association— c-^^^'^^^^- 

Willman, George P. 
Wilson, Charles A. 
Wilson, Edmund R. 
Winship, H. B. 
Winsor, Charles D. Dr. 
Wirth, Henry R. 
Wirth, Philip 
Wise, Edward 
Wolcott, Henry 

Wood, Delos C. 
Wood. WiUUm H. 
Woodworth, A. C. 
Wright, Percy 
Young, Arthur L. 
Young, N. B. 
Young, Rogers Gano 
Young, W. A. 

Providence Gimera Qub* 

174 Weybosset St., 5 th Floor. 


Fred P. Wilbur, Providence Machine Co President 

W. Penn Mather Vice-President 

Albert F. Manchester Recording Secretary 

J. Eliot Davison, 18 Lyon Street, F&vf tucket. Corresponding Secretary 
Edmund A. Darling, 28 Custom House St., P. O. Box 439.. Treasurer 
D. Howard Thornton, Librarian 


Allen, Howard W. 
Andrews. James 
Armstrong, Arthur 
Auty, John W. 
Blan chard, Arthur H. 
Bronsdon, Milton H. 
Burnhame, S. B. 
Burrow, W. T. 
Campbell. A. L. 
Cary, R. P. 
Chaffee. S. R. 
Childs, William H. 
Clark, D. A. Mrs. 
Clark, Walter B. 
Clarke, Martha R. Miss 
Clemence. Charles E. 
Coop, William L. 
Costello, Joseph E. 
Cottrell, Edmund A. 
Cummings, Franklin W. 

Darling, Charles C. 
Darling. E. A. 
Davis, C. Abbott 
Davison. J. Eliot 
Dean, W. A. 
Dow, Elliot L. 
Downey, John E. 
Doyle. Henry C. 
Drowne, Paul C. 
Dutemple, William R. 
Eddy. A. A. 
Eddy, S. J. Miss 
Field. E. W. Miss 
Field, Fred E. 
Field, Harry W. 
Fisk, S. Frank 
Ford, Chester C. 
Fretwell, John 
Frost. Edward E. 
Gage. Fred'k O. 

House Dimctoky. 

Providence Camera Qub-Ctfoz/wx^rf. 

Greene, Clarence H. 
Green. Erik H. 
Hatbaway. George A. 
Hill. E. B. Mrs. 
HodgmaD, P. C. 
Holt. O. L. 
Hopkins, George W. 
Howard. Byron C. 
Howe, Arthur W, 
Jenney, Aithnr C 
Kendall, Oliver, jr. 
Ladd. A. B. 
Laird, Frederick J. 
L'Amonrenx. R. Clyde 
Larrabee, William A. 
Lee, Cfarintopher H, 
Leonard. P. E. 
Leonard, W. A, 
Loveland. F. C. 
Hagoon. William H. 
Manchester, Albert F. 
Manchester. Horace H. 
Mann. P. C. 
Mather. W. Penn 
MattesoD. C. A. 
Hay, E. Benj. 
HcLanghltn, George A. 
McNeeHr. E. J. Miss 
Miller, Minton 
Mitchell. Howard T. 
Mitchell. O. R. 
Monett, Joseph B 
OIney. Elam Ward 
Orswell. William N. 
Otis, William Pierce 
Packer, Ernest 
Paine, Arthur S. 
Peck, Henry M. 

Pitman, S. M. 
Potter, A. U. 
Randall, Walter C. 
Remington, Clarence G. 
Reynolds. Henry J. 
Roper, Arthur T. 
Rattiman, Albert U. 
Sanders, Richard C. 
Schwegle, Raymond 
See. Henry S. 
SUde, E. H. 
Stoddard. Charles A, 
Stone, George A, 
Stone, Henry B. 
Studley, Harry P. 
Sturdy, Charles A. 
Swaru, Gardner T. 
Taylor. J, M. R. 
Thornton, D. Howard 
Tucker. Jerome H. 

Weatherbee. C. P. 
Weaver. Harold E. 
Webster, Charles L. 
Wheaton, Stockford, jr. 
White, Howard J. 
Wilber, C. D. 
Wilbur, Fred P. 
Wilder, T. B. W. 
Wilson. George A, 
Williams, George E. 
Winsor, Arthur W. 
Wood, Carlton V, 
Woodward, J. Henry 
Young. Charles W. 
Voung. Ezra 


House Directory. 

Providence Central Qub« 

Incorporated June 30, 1898. 
Club House, 289 Weybossbt Street. 

Hunter C. White, Presiilewtt 

William Blakely» Vic^-Presui^^ti 

John W. Morrow, Secretary 

Henry P. Manchester, Treasurer 

Executive Committee, 

Joseph C. Boms, Chairman. 
Christopher Duckworth, Walter H. Durfee, Secretary. 


Aldrich, Edward S. 
Allen. F. H. 
Allen, J. Edward 
Almy, Herbert 
Angell, Charles F. 
Armour, Brice D. 
Arnold, A. Herbert 
Arnold, Newton D. 
Arnold, Thomas F. 
Atwood, Charles 
Babcock, Darius 
Bacon, Edward S., M.D. 
Baker, Albert A. 
Baker, Reuben R. 
Baker, William C. 
Barney, John H. 
Barney, Rodman S. 
Barney, Walter H. 
Barton, Nathan B. 
Beach, Charles H. 
Belcher, Leander C. 
Bellows, Horatio E. 
Bennett, A. J. 
Bennett, Charles P. 
Bentley. William E. 
Berton. J. W., M. D. 
Bigney, Sidney O. 
Blakely, William 
Blodgett, John T. 
Boms, Joseph C. 

Bradford, Charles S. 
Brayton, Charles R. 
Brown, H. Martin 
Buckland, Edward G. 
Budlong, Granville R. 
Budlong, John C, M.D. 
Buffinton, John M. 
Cahoone, Georee H. 
Calder, Albert L. 2d 
Campbell, Prank 
Capron, Adin B. 
Carpenter, Prank P. 
Case, John W. 
Chafee, Walter B. 
Champlin, George B. 
Chase. William B. 
Child. Charles H. 
Cloudman, Charles G. 
Cole, Isaac S. 
Col well, Francis 
Comstock. Richard B. 
Cook, Lorin M. 
Cook, Welcome H. 
Cooke, George Lewis 
Cooke. Henry W. 
Co well, John A. 
Cross, William P. 
Daup^haday, Prank P. 
Davis, Lewis E. 
Dawley> Henry P. 

HousK Directory. 


Providence Central Qub— c-^«''««<f^- 

Decrow, William E. 
Deming, Richard H. 
Dennis, Arthur W. 
Dubois, Edward C. 
Duckworth, Christopher 
Durfee, Walter H. 
Dyer, Elisha 
Earle, Joseph O. 
Eddy, Charles P. 
Edwards, David G. 
Ellis. Herbert B. 
Evans, Henry L. 
Evans, Henry R. 
Evans, Thomas 
Fanning, Joseph H. 
Fanning, Slartin S. 
Parnham, Joseph E. C. 
Famsworth, John P. 
Famum. H. Cyrus 
Ferris, Charles R. 
Field. Henry C. 
Fifield. William S. 
Fisher, A. A., M.D. 
Fisher. William C. jr. 
Fiske, John T jr. 
Fletcher, Charles 
Fletcher, Henry 
Fletcher. Warren 
Freeman, Frank P. 
Freeman, James P. 
Fuller, Frederic 
Fuller, R. Clinton 
Gardiner, Marinus W. 
Goff, Isaac L. 
Goff, William D. 
Gowing, Fred. 
Grant, William A. H. 
Gray, Abraham A. 
Gray, Charles C. 
Giegory, William 
Griswold, Horace P. 
Grove, David 
Hall, George Frederic 
Harris, Lewis L. 
Harvey. E. B.. M.D. 
Hathaway, Charles H. 
Hathaway, William H. 
Hawes, Edward C. 
Hawes, Roland G. 
Hayden, Daniel P. 
Hayes. Henry W. 
Heathcote, George H. 
Heathcote, John 
Hibbard. W. E., M.D. 

Hill, Charles P. 
Hogg. Joseph W. 
Holden, Prank E. 
Holmes, George H. 
Hood, Arnold S. 
Horton. Albert 
Howe, H. M. 
Hun toon, Harrison B. 
^ encks, Charles W. 
] encks, John J. 
\ epherson, George A. 
! Cendrick, John E. 
Kenyon, James S. 
Kimball, Charles D. 
Kimball, Horace A. 
Kimball. H. W.. M.D. 
Knight, Charles L. 
Kirby. Abner T. 
Ladd. G. Raymond 
Lake, Beverly S. 
Law, Edwin C. 
Learned, A. C. J. 
Lester, William A. 
Littlefield, George A. 
Long, Isaiah 
Luther, Fred B. 
Luther, William H. 
Lyon. Elijah J. 
Manchester. Henry P. 
Manchester, Silas H. 
Marshall, J. Elmer 
Martin, Archibald 
Martin. Henry £. 
Mathews, Prank A. 
Matteson, Theodore V. 
Merrill, Silas L. W. 
Minchin, John J. 
Morrow, John W. 
Mowry, Classen, M.D. 
Mowry, Whipple P. 
Mueller, Louis W. 
Murphy, James 
Newhall, Charles C. 
Nicholson. George 
Nottage, H. P., M.D. 
Olney, Prank P. 
Parker, J. Fred. 
Parker, Theodore G. 
Parkhurst, C. Prank 
Parsons, Edmund H. 
Parsons, Prank R. 
Parsons, G. Richmond 
Parsons, P. P. 
Peck, Allen M. 

House Directory. 

Providence Central Chih— Continued. 

Peck, Frederick S. 
Peck, Leander R. 
Peckham. P. H. jr-.M-D. 
Perkins, Frederick E. 
PerkiDS, Jay. M,D, 
Perry, Maraden J. 
Phillips. Frederick S. 
Pbillips, Gilbert A. 
Phillips. William A. 
Pierce, George L, 
Pierce, Henry H. 
Pierce, Lewis J. 
Pitkin, Alfred B. 
Potter, Stephen A. 
Potter, Walter A. 
Power, Charles W. 
Presby, Allen A. 
Randall, James 
Read, J. Prank 
Read, Walter A. 
RemingtoQ, Horace 
Rice. y. William 
Richardson, Charles N. 
Rogers, Horatio 
Rose, Henry B. 
RoBenfeld, Joha I. 
Russell, Charles Ward 
Russell. Emory P. 
Russell, Levi W. 
Salisbury, Duty S. 
Scholtierd, Joseph J. 
Seabury, Benjamin 
Sellew, Clinton D. 
Sessions. William 
Seymour. Walter P. 
Shepard, John, jr. 
Shepley, George L. 
Sherwood. David F. 
Slade, Walter F, 
Smith. Charles S. 
Smith. George S. 
Smith, John 
Smith, Robert E, 

Smith, Stephen N. 
Smith, William 
Southwick. Isaac H. jr. 
cpeccer, Robert L. 
Spink. Benjamin W. 
Stafford, Charles L. 
Steere, George A. 
Stewart. Waldo 
Studley, J. Edward 
Sweetland, William H. 
Tarbell. Horace S. 
Thompson. John A. 
Thurston, Benjamin 
Thurston, Horace 
Tillinghaat, John W. 
Tisdale. Glenn A. 
Trask, James K. 
Tremper, William C. 
Viall, William E. 
Vincent. Walter B. 
Walker, William D. 
Walton, William A. 
Waters, Hardin C. 
Watson, Clarence L. 
Webb, George H. 
Webster. George E. 
Webster, Josiah L. 
Weston. George P. 
WheatOD, George, ad 
Wheeler, Alden D. 
White. Albert C. 
White, Hunter C. 
White. Stillman 
Whitmarah.P. B.,D.D.S. 
Williams, P., M.D. 
Wilson, Benjamin 
Winsor, Ira 
Woodley, George F. 
Woodmancy, Edgar A. 
Woodraatic- ' 

Woodruff, ' 


House Directory. 


Providence Ginical QuK 

\kEr EVERT Wednesday Evening at thb Ofhces of the Members. 


Capron. Pranklio P. 
Carver, R. Herbert 
Chapin, Charles V. 
Davenport, James H. 
Eaton, Franklin M. 
Fuller, Frank B..Paw*k*t 
Godding^, Clarence M. 
Hersey, George D. 
Keene, George F. 
McCaw, WUliam J. 
Moore. Elmer E.,Paw'k't 
Noyes, Robert F. 

Peckham, Frank E. 
Perkins, Jay 
Peters, \^t^ M. 
Porter, George W. 
Smith, Edgar B. 
Swarts, Gardner T. 
Terry, Herbert 
Tremaine, William A. 
Welch. Stephen A. 
White. William R. 
Whitford, Byron 

Providence Liederkranz. 

24 North Main Street. 


GusTAv'FiNGKRLiN, President 

A. ScHREiNER Treasurer 

Alfukd Willner Corresponding Secretary 


Legrand, Gabriel 
Lehman, L. 
Link, Andrew 
Minal, C. 
Muller. Gustave 
R006, C. 

Schetter, Louis 
Scheuren. A. 
Schott. T. 
Schulz, Max 
Willner, A. 


Abbott, J. A. 
Andreas, O. 
Bahmert, L. 
Behnke, G. 
Baker, Edw. C. 
Davis, Charles H. 

Ells. C. 
Paas, O. 

Fuerhacken, August 
Frank, F. 
Gamier. H. 
Gerlacb, C. 


House Directory. 

Providence Litdtrkranz—Conimued, 

Grossman, John 
Hallett. W. B. W. 
Hufnagel, John K. 
Teruck, A. 
kreamer, Alex. 
Kulr. J. 
Lehman, C. 
Lerch, J. 
LfCupelt, H. 
Levenson, N. 
Lincoln, J. H. 
Mever, M. 
Mckenna, F. 

Miller. W. 
Nachtrieb, George 
O'Hern. J. D. 
Payne, N. D. 
Schalley, August 
Schedly, William 
Schreiner, John A. 
Schulz, H. 
Williams. George 
Wirth, H. 
Wyner, Max 
Zorn. John 


Brug. Jacob 
Gerlacn. Otto 
Governor. William 
Greene, W. R. 
Heise. August 

Knowles, J. C. 
Ohler. J. 
Sack, A. A. 
Shirley, T. R. 
Vester, Alfred 

Providence Tackle Qub* 

Henry Rolf Brown, President 

E. G. Thompson, Secretary 

F. L Richards Treasurer 


Andrews, H. V. 
Bacon. E. S. 
Bratesman. F. H. 
Brown. Henry Rolf 
Briggs. S. J. 
Carpenter. Henry A. 
Costello. 1". 
Farwell, E. A. 
Fisher, P. E. 
Flynn. H. S. 
Frazier, A. L. 
Gibson, J. Fred 

Higgins, C. W. 
Higgins. E. J. 
Howe, A. W. 
Knapp. A. M. 
Morrison. W. F. 
Paine, B. A. 
Richards, F. I. 
Shattuck, G. L. 
Thompson, E. G. 
Tremaine, W. A. 
Van Duyne, E. S. 
Wolff. H. H. 

House Directory. 


Psi Upsilon Qub« 

No. 4 Manning Street. 


RoBK&T H. L GoDDARD. President 

HcaiATio R. Nightingale Vice' President 

James War&sn Treasurer 

JOHN Hbnshaw, Secretary 

Executive Committee. 
Thiodore Francis Green, Royal C. Taft.JJr., 

Alan R. Wheeler. 



Adams, Herbert M. 
Aldrich, William T. 
Ativood, Henry C. 
Bailey, Prof. W. Whitman 
Carrington, Edward 
Chapin, Alexander D. jr. 
Coats, Alfred M. 
Collins. Dr. GeorTO L. 
Cottrell, Arthur M. 
Danielson, J. DeForrest 
Dixnan, John B. 
Dorrance, Charles T. 
Donrance. Samuel R. 
Dorrance. William T. 
Dunnell, William W. 

Durfee, Samuel S. 
Dyer, H. Anthony 

Ely. William 

Fletcher. Frederick C. 

Foster. T. Clyde 

Gammell, William 

Gardner, Prof. Henry B. 

Gardner, Rathbone 

Goddard, Robert H. I. 

Granger. Daniel L. D. 

Grant. Henry T. jr. 

Green, Arnold 

Green. Erik H. 

Green, Herlwyn R. 

Green. Ronald C. 

Green. Theodore F. 

Greene, Edward A. jr. 

Greene. C. William 

Grinnell. Russell 

Hale, Carleton 

Ham, Albert E. Dr. 

Harkness, Prof. Albert 

Harrison, Joseph L. 

Hayes, Frederic 
Hazard, Lauriston H. 
Heiser, Charles L. A. 
Henshaw, fohn 
Hoppin, William W. 
Hun toon. William C. 
Jenckes, Thomas A. 
Kilvert. Walter D. 
King. George F. J. 
Lewis, John B. 
Lippitt, Charles W. 
Lippitt, Henry F. 
Lippitt, R. Lincoln 
Merriman, Isaac B. 
Nightingale, Crawf'd A. 
Nightingale, Horatio R. 
Owen, Franklin P. 
Richardson, Tames 
Richmond, Fioward A. 
Rockwell, Henry H. 
Rogers, Arthur Rev. 
Rogers. Horatio 
Rounds. Albert W. 
Sackett, Frank P. 
Sackett, Frederick M. 
Sackett, Henry W. 
Sayles, Frank A. 
Smith, Francis M. 
Taft. Edward P. 
Taft, Royal C. jr. 
Taft. Robert W. 
Talbot. William R. 
Tingley, George C. 
Tingley, Richard H. 
Waterman, Stephen 
Watson, Byron S. 
White, Merwin 


House Directory. 

R. L Yacht Qub* 



William B. Bannigan, Commodore 

F. F. Olney Vice-Commodore 

A. Homer Skinner, Rear Commodore 

R. H. Carver, M. D Fleet Surgeon 

A. M. Potter, Secretary 

E. T. Herrick, Treasurer 

C. H. Greene Measurer 

Herbert A. Capron, Frank P. Eddy 

Ladies' Day and June Regatta — June 22. 

Annual Cove Regatta — July. 

Open Regatta — August. 
Annual Cruise in July. Exact date not decided on. 


Adams, A. Bigelow 
Alexander, Alanson 
Alexander, Fred 
Allen, J. J. 
Alray, C. F. H. 
Almy, Darwin 
Almy, W. S. 
Althans, John H. 
Angell, Frank W. 
Angell. Willard I. 
Arnold. N. C. 
Austin, Arthur E. 
Babbitt, George R. 
Backus, J. E. 
Bacon, J. Earle 
Baker, W. C. 
Baker, W. E. 
Ball. George E. 
Ballam, T- J. 
Ballou, Walter S. 
Banigan, John J. 
Banigan, W. B. 
Banning, E. T. 

Barlow, Alfred C. 
Barlow, H. E. 
Barney, Jonathan 
Barstow. Nathaniel 
Barton, George C. 
Barton, Tames A. 
Barton, William 
Beckwith, T. 
Bemis, Charles P. 
Bennett, C. P. 
Berry, E. B. 
Blaisdell, J. L. 
Bloomer, Charles G. 
Bloomer, W. W. 
Bogie, John K. 
Boon, William F. 
Bos worth, J. D. 
Bower, S. W. 
Brennan, William G. 
Brower, S. H. 
Brown, F. H. 
Brown, Patrick 
Brownell, George F. 

House Directory. 


R. L Yacht Qxih-Conimued. 

on, Aixour l, 
irth, J. C. jr. 
irth, J. C. 3d. 
I. J. c. 

Brown ell, W. D. 
Bucklin, Daniel D. 
Bucklin, E. C, 
Bucklin, E. W. 
Badloog. Frank L. 
Bndlong, Louis A. 
Bnnce, George H. 
Barlingame, S. C. 
Burrington, Arthur L. 
Butter worth, 
Candelet. /obn E. 
Cannon. W. W. H. 
Capron. F. J. 
Capron, H. A. 
Capron, Herbert S. 
Carll, M. F. 
Carpenter, A. G. 
Carpenter, Frank F. 
Carpenter. Henry A. 
Carpenter. H. F. 
Carter, John A. 
Carver. R. H. Dr. 
Chevalier, J. F. 
Childs. M. M. 
Church. W. P. Dr. 
Clark, B. S. 
Clark. R. A. 
Cole, F. J. 
Cole. R. T. 
Cole. W. D. 
Comstock. R. W. 
Comstock. Walter J. 
Cory, Joseph P. 
Crocker, W. I. 
Cross, Alonzo T. 
Cross. J. D. 
Crossley. W. J. 
Curaerf'ord, A. S. 
Curtis, H. C. 
Darling. George E. 
Darling, J. O. 
Davenport, Frederick S. 
Davis, Benjamin 
Da vol. Charles J. 
Day. Charles R. 
Day. W. A. 
Dean, Eugene A. 
Dean, John M. 
Dean, Robert W. 
Deming, H. B. 
Dennis. A. W. 
Dennis, John R. 

Dexter. H. C. 
Dowler, R. H. 
Easton. Charles G. 
Eddy. A. B. 
Eddy, Charles A. 
Eddy. Frank P. 
Eddy. W. J. 
Edmunds. G. W. 
Eiswald. G. H. 
Ely, William 
Emmons. Arthur B. 
Evans, C. E. 
Fales, Leroy 
Fales, Warren R. 
Farwell. F. S. 
Fehlberg. J. H. 
Ferguson, Charles F. 
Field, Fred E. 
Fisher, E. H. 
Fiske, John T. jr. 
Fitzgerald, F. E. 
Fletcher, Charles 
Fletcher. C. J. 
Flint, George H. 
Folsora, Fred W. 
Foote, T. S. 
Foster, James A. 
Foster, J. Harris 
Fowler, T. L. 
Eraser, Alex. S. 
Fricker, Welcome 
Fuller, Ernest L. 
Fuller. R. G. 
Gamwell, John W. 
Gardner. W. L. R. 
Gibbs. E. W. 
Gibbs. N. H. 
Ginand, George 
Glines. C. T. 
Glover, A. E. 
Goddard. R. H. I. 
Goff, F. R. Dr. 
Goff. Isaac L. 
Gooding, Charles T. 
Gray, Charles C. 
Gray. Samuel M. 
Greene, Archer 
Greene, C. H. 
Greene, Edward P. 
Greene, Howard 
Greene, Isaac C. 
Greene, Robert L. 
Greene, Samuel J. 
Greene, William H . jr. 

1 60 

House Directory. 

R. L Yacht CXxxh-Continued. 

Gregory. Tames 
Grimwood, Henry A. jr. 
Grinnell, Frederick 
Griswold, Alex. M. 
G.oves, S. E. 
Hackney, Walter S. 
Hahn, J. Jerome 
Hall, Charles F. 
Hammond, £. H. 
Hancock, J. T. 
Harden. P. A. 
Harris, Benjamin P. 
Harris, G. W. 
Harris, Jabez G. 
Harvey, N. D. Dr. 
Hasbrouck, Sayer Dr. 
Haskins. C. F. 
Hathaway, Charles H. 
Hawes, E. P. Dr. 
Hayes, H. W. 
Hayward. Hon. Wm. S. 
Henley, J. Walter 
Herreshoff, Charles 
Herreshoff, John B. 
Herreshoff, ^Nathaniel 
Hermann, Charles 
Herrick, Edwin T. 
Hobart, E. Sidney 
Hodges, Everett B. 
Hodges, R. G. 
Holmes. C. E. 
Hope, Thomas 
Hopkins, E. S. 
Hopkins, Nelson, jr. 
Horton, Albert 
Horton, N. B. 
Hough, H. I. 
Howland, Charles H. 
Howland, Richard S. 
Hubbard, Elmer E. 
Hull, George M. 
Ingham. A. 
lackson, Albert S. 
[ackson, Henry A. 
[anes, Charles F. 
Jenckes, John 
Jenks, R. P. 
Johnson. George O. 
Reach, W. E. 
Keith, Theodore B. 
Kelly, Joseph 
Kenyon, Charles 
Kenyon, W. J. 
Kimball, H. W. 

King. J. Berry 
Knight C. P. 
Knight. W. F. 
Ladd. F. F. 
Law, E. C. 
Leete, A.-D. 
Lewis, A. F. 
Lewis, Elliott B. 
Lewis, William B. 
Lewis, William H. 
Linton, Andrew J. 
Lippitt, Charles Warren 
Lippitt, Harry F. 
Lippitt, R. Lincoln 
Long, Isaiah 
Malmstead, C. T. 
Marcy, F. A. 
Martm, William D. 
Martin. E. W. 
Martin. J. W. 
Martin, L. C. 
Martin, W. S. 
Mason, Fred 
Mather. W. P. 
Mathewson. C. H. 
Matthews. Charles A. 
Mattison. Edgar F. 
Merriman, C. H. 
Mertz, Clarence T. 
Metcalf. Authur H. 
Metcalf. Jesse 
Metcalf. Jesse H. 
Middlebrook, C. M. 
Miller, J. A. jr. 
Miller, George L. 
Mills, John B. 
Monroe, Henry A, 
Murphy, L. H. 
Myrick, E. C. 
Newman, James J. 
Nickerson, A. E. 
Nichols. Mark S. 
Niles, Gardiner H. 
Nock, Frederick S. 
Nock, Harold 
Nock, Leo F. 
Nock, Rupert 
Norman, Reginald 
North, Wilfred 
Nye. Walter C. 
Nye, W. P. 
Ohlinger, C. T. 
Olney, Elam W. 
Olney, Frank F. 

House DrREcroRV. 


R. L Yacht Oxxh-Continued. 

Owen, Charles D. 
Paine, C. E. 
Payne. Chas. B. 
Paime. James R. 
Pearce, Henry jr. 
Peck, Arthur L. 
Peck, John D. 
Peck. Samuel L. 
Peckham, W. L. 
Perkins, D. B. 
Perry, E. B. 
Phillips. W. J. R. 
Pierce. C. E. D. 
Pierce, George E. 
Pierce. Louis D. 
Pilchard, Geo. W. 
Potter. A- M. Dr. 
Potter. A. T. 
Potter. Benjamin J. 
Potter. H. B. 
Potter, W. W. 
Powell. S. C. Dr. 
Pratt, C. F. 
Rand, Pestus S. 
Randall. E. A. 
Randall. Norman 
Reeves. D. W. 
Reeves. D. W. jr. 

Reynolds, Francis W. 

Reynolds, Frank H. 

Rhodes. C. W. 

Rhodes. William B. 

Rich, A. F. 

Richardson, William F. 

Richmond, John M. 

Ripley. H. C. 

Roobins. Charles M. 

Robinson, E. A. 

Roelker, William G. 

Root, H. D. 

Root, H. G. 

Root. Robert C. 

Russell, Henry G. 

Salisbury. Herbert D. 

Sands. Fred P. 

Saugy, Augustus 

Sawin, £. M. 

Scattergood, A. T. 

Schmid. A. J. 

Schofield W. A. 

Seabury, C. A. 

Seag^ave, Marshall C. 

Searle, Andrew B. 

Seymour, M. F. 

Seymour, Walter F. 
Sbepard, John 
Shepley. George L. 
Skinner, A. Homer 
Smith, A. H. 
Smith, A. O. 
Smith, B. A. 
Smith, Charles E. 
Smith, Charles H. 
Smith. C. Henry, jr. 
Smith. C. S 
Smith, James A. 
Smith, R. E. 
Smith. W. J. 
Spooner, H. J. 
Spooner. H. J. jr. 
Sprague, J. L. jr. 
Stevens, H. E. 
Stiles. F. G 
Stokes, Howard L. 
Stone, H. P. 
Storm, George G. 
Straight. William E. 
S warts, George G. 
Sweet, George A. 
Sweet, Jesse B. 
Taber. Samuel W. 
Taft, J. B. 
Taft, Orray 
Taft. Walter R. 
Tanner, Willard B. 
Tarbox, Thomas H. 
Tattersall, Fred E. 
Taylor, Gustavus 
Terry, Herbert Dr. 
Thompson, A. C. 
Thompson, J. Fred 
Thorn ton._J. T. 
Thurber, W. H. 
Thurston, Horace 
Tillinghast, B. B. 
Tillinghast, George L. 
Tillinghast. James E. 
Tillinghast, Lewis H. 
Tillinghast. LodowickH. 
Tinkham, D. C. H. 
Tisdale, J. A. 
Titcomb, W. G. 
Todd, W. O. 
Tucker, J. W. S. 
Van Slyck. C. M. 
Vigernon, Adolph T. 
Vigernon, H. B. 
Waldron, S. C. 


House Directory. 

R L Yacht CXxxh—Contmued, 

Wall. George A. 
Walton. W. H. 
Waterman, John 
Webb, A. J. 
Webb, George H. 
Welsh, William P. 
Wendelshafer, Felix 
Wheeler, G. Galen 
Whelden, Chas. J. 
Whipple. F. S. 
Whipple. W. W. 
Whitall. John M. 
White. Frank E. 
White. W. E. 
Whitford. T. W. 
Whiteley, Samuel 
Whittier. R. H. 
Wilcox, L. Morton 
Wild. Samuel S. 

Wilkinson. Arnold A. 
Williams. Frank E. 
Williams. George W. 
Williams. Henry 
Williams. Isaac F. jr. 
Williams. J. S. 
Wilson, C. A. 
Wilson, Joseph 
Winsor, Charles D. 
Wirth, H. R. 
Wirth. Philip 
Wood. Fred B. 
Wood. W. L. 
Wright. A. H. 
Wright, E. Howard 
Wright, E. W. 
Wright, H. B. 
Wright. John F. 
Young, W. C. 

Rhode Island Wheelmen^ 

650 Westminster Street. 


William D. Stone, President 

Dr. a. H. Longfellow Vice' President 

Myron Ballou Treasurer 

Charles T. Colvin Assistant Treasurer 

Robert H. Brown Corresponding Secretary 

Elmer F. Seabury Recording Secretary 

John H. Stone Captain 

Fred R. Nichols, i 

Charles W. Collins, j. Lieutenants 

Clarence Colvin. J 


Adams, A. A. 
Aibro, Lester E. 
Aldrich, Allen T. 
Aldrich, Arthur F. 
Ames, F. F. 
Angell. Clarence S. 
Anthony. Charles W. 
Anthony, William L. 

Auty. J. W. 
Babbitt, William D. 
Baker, George D. 
Baker, G. Albert 
Ballou, E. S. 
Ballou, L. B. 
Ballou, Myron C. 
Banks, E. J. 

House Directory. 


Rhode Island Wheelmen— c^«^'««^^. 

Barber, Samuel K. 
Barnbrook, Frederick 
Bames. C. W. 
Barney, W, H. 
Barrows, B. W. 
Bartlett, Waldo G. 
Bates. Herbert P. 
Beach, W. B. 2nd 
Belcher. Horace G. 
Beard. Edward C. 
Bennett, William G. 
Bentley, E. 
Bentley. G. C. jr. 
Blackington, Amos B. 
Blackington. B. P. 
Blake. Charles A. 
Bdtine. C. S. 
BonneTl, A. Digby 
Boss, Walter R. 
Boswortb, R. L. 
Bontelle, Charles R. 
Bowden, Joseph Q. 
Boy n ton, 'Leslie 
Brayton. E. R. 
Briggs, E. A. 
Brown, R. H. 
Brownell. B. C. 
Browning, A. V. 
Ballard, Joseph A. 
Bnrlingame, J. P. 
Burton, Prank H. 
Butts, Charles H. 
Carpenter, L. H. 
Carpenter, P. B. jr. 
Catlow, Thomas U. 
Chafee, Walter B. 
Chandler, W. B. 
Chapin, H. S. 
Chapman, E. W. 
Chapman, N. C. W. 
Chase, P. R. 
Clarke. Clarence W. 
Clarke, P. N. 
Clark. Harry C. 
Clifford, D. E. 
Coburn, John 
Collamore, Harry N. 
Collingwood, J. H. 
Collins, Charles W. 
Colvin. Charles T. 
Colvin. Clarence H. 
Comstock, B. W. 
Cook, Prank E. 
Craban, Marcus P. 

Crowther, John 
Cruickshank, William S 
Davis. J. Sanford 
Davis, Richard G. 
Davis, Thomas P. 
Dawson, Charles S. 
Dawson. James E. 
Devlin, Frederic E. 
Dickens, William H. 
Doe, C. E. 
Dover, George W. 
Dyer, C. P. 
Dyer, P. O. 
Earle, Harry 
Parley. Arthur P, 
Parnell, Prank 
Farnum. Ernest C. 
Pessenden, Benjamin 
Pewell, W. B. 
Pifield, William O. 
Pitzgerald. V. Lee Dr. 
Planigan, Prank J. 
Poster. S. J. jr. 
Pranklin, B. jr. 
Preeman, Caleb E. 
Puller. James 
Gardiner, William H. 
Gardner, H. W. 
Gendreau, William 
Gobeille, Armand 
Goff. Pred K. 
Gordon, Samuel T. jr. 
Gould, Stewart P. 
Graham, John 
Greene, Jerome B. jr. 
Hall. John J. 
Hanley, John J. 
Harden, P. A. 
Hathaway, Robert W. 
Havens, E. A. 
Hayes, E. 
Henderson. J. J. 
Hills. H. B. jr. 
Himes. Thomas P. 
Hobbs. J. D. 
Holden, Lee S. 
Holden, T. H. 
Hopkins, P. L. 
Hough. H. D. 
Hoxsie, Ralph M. 
Hull. H. M. 
Hunt. Edward 

James, Albert L. 
ones. A. T. Dr. 


House Directory. 

Rhode Island Whttlmen—con/mu^d. 

Kelley, W. H. 
Kimball, R. D. 
Kinghorn, J. A. 
Kinnicut, Elmer H. 
Kittredge, Charles H. 
Lawson, Charles L. 
Lawton, Joseph J. 
Lawton. L. T. 
Lincoln, F. d. 
Littlefield, E. C. 
Longfellow, A. H. Dr. 
Lyman, T. H. 
Macdonald, W. M. P. 
Manchester, F. D. 
Manchester, Norman L. 
Mann, William A. 
Manning, Fred 
Marcy, Fred A. 
Marcy, Harry W. 
McCallum, C. A. 
McCrillis, Edgar 
McKay, Walter H. 
McMillen, C. W. 
Merchant, John S. 
Merritt, H. D. 
Miller, Fred 
Morris, L. P. 
Mowry, L. E. 
Munroe, C. E. 
Munroe, F. R. 
Munroe, G L. 
Murphy. W. C. 
Nichols, F. R. 
Northup, John H. 
O'Donnell. H. V, 
O'Donnell, John B. 
Owen, Walter B. 
Page, Rufus W. 
I'aye, Charles T. 
Payne, George W. 
Pennell, William H. 
Perrin, William D. 
Perry, Edwin B. 
Pierce, R G 
Potter, A. M. Dr. 
Potter, Charles H. jr. 
Randall, F. W. 
Randall, George B. 
Randall, W. N. 
Rankin, W. G. 
Rawson, H. G. H. 
Read, Harry B. 
Reid, W. H. 
Rhodes, Arthur A. 

Rice, Walter L. 
Richard, William B. 
Richardson, P. H. 
Richmond, Gedeon H. 
Riddle. D. A. 
Robinson, Jack A. 
Rose, A. J. 
Savles. G. W. 
Scheminger, John, jr. 
Scholes, Ernest H. 
Scholes, Frank A. 
Seabury, E. F. 
Seiffert, Max H. 
Sherman, W. M. 
Shippee, M. C. 
Shirley, Adolph 
Shirley, John 
Shumway, R. S. 
Silvia, George F. 
Smith, Almond O. 
Smith, Arthur L. 
Smith, Arthur M. 
Smith, E. W. 
Smith, William H. 
Smith, W. J. B. 
Sprague, E. L. 
Stebbins, Charles E. 
Steere, H. A. 
Steere, William H. 
Stiles, Irving B. 
Stone, Arthur 
Stone, J. H. 
Stone, W. D. 
Such, Charles H. 
Suesman, Asa B. 
Sutcliffe, C. F. 
Swett, Charles E. 
Taft, James W. 
Taylor, G. 
Taylor, J. T. 
Tebbetts, John R. 
Thompson, William H. 
Tierney, Charles J. 
Tillinghast, B. B. 
Trow, Fred E. 
Tully, Fred J. 
Tuttle, C. W. 
Vanderbeck, J. D. 
Vaughn, Arthur S. 
Vaughan, William H. 
Walch. H. S. 
Webster, E. A. 
Weeden, Allan A. 
Wennberg, Nelson 

House Directory. 165 

Rhode Island Whuixnen—confmue^, 

West. W. H. Wilson. F. H. 

Wheeler. H. L. Wilson. Philip H. 

Whipple, F. C. Winn. Harry E. 

White. Charles H. Winsor. William H. 

White, F. W. Withstanley. L. B. 

Whitford, F. M. Wolfe. Richard E. 

Wij^htman. George H. Wood. A. P. 

Williams. H. Wood. Edward S. 

Wilson , Charles H. Woodcock, John 

Squantum Association^ 

East Providence, near Silver Spring. 


James H. Bugbee President 

JosiAH W. Crookbr. Vice-President 

J. Herbert Foster Treasurer and Secretary 

Executive Committee, 
James H. Bugbee. Ex-officio, Wm. H. Pope, 

JoBK G. Massie, Charles H. Child, 

JosiAH W. Crocker, L. H. Comstock. 

Committee on Members, 
James H. Bugbee. Chairman. 
One Tear. 

Charles H. Merriman. John Foster. 

Two Years. 

A. W. Smith, 

Three Tear*. 

Wm. G. Nightingale. Joseph Davol. 

Committee on By-Laws. 

Henry W. Hayes, James M. Ripley, 

William W. Douglas. 

Auditing Committee. 
Edmund T. Moulton. Stephen M. Knowles, 

Thomas J. Gibney, Steward, 


Aldrich. E. Frank Arnold, Tames B. 

Aldrich, Henry L. Arnold, Newton D. 

Aldrich, Nelson W. Austin, Arthur E. 

Ames. Samuel Baker, Charles H. 

Ames, William Baker, William C. 

Angell. Edwin G. Ballon, Walter S. 

Anthony, Fred E. Barker, Henry R. 

Armington, James H. Barker, Robert Lewis 


House Directory. 

Squantum Association— c^«^'«»^^* 

Barrows, Henry F. 
Barton, Robert 
Barton, William T. 
Bates, Isaac C. 
Blanding, William O. 
Bourne, James N. 
Briggs, Charles 
Brown, D. Russell 
Brown, John Nicholas 
Brown, Obadiah 
Bugbee, James H. 
Calder. Albert L. 
Carpenter, Francis W. 
Carpenter, Frank F. 
Carpenter, Wm. Huckin 
Carr, George W. 
Carrington, Edward 
Case, Daniel R. 
Chafee, Zechariah 
Child. Charles H. 
Coats, Alfred M. 
Colt. Samuel P. 
Comstock, Frank H. 
Comstock. Louis H. 
Comstock, Richard B. 
Comstock. Richard W. 
Conant, Hezekiah 
Cook, Lorin M. 
Crooker, Josiah W. 
Danne. Frederick 
Davis, William D. 
Davol, Joseph 
ueming, Richard H. 
Doty, Charles C. 
Douglas, William W. 
Dunnell, Wm. Wanton 
Dyer, Elisha 
Eddv. Forest G. 
Ely,'james W. C. 
Fales, LeRoy 
Fenner, Herbert N. 
Flint, Alonzo 
Foster, John 
Foster, J. Herbert 
Foster, Samuel 
Francis, E. Charles 
Fuller, George A. 
Gammell, William 
Gladding, Benjamin C. 
Goddard, Robert H. I. 
Goff, Lyman B. 
Granger. William S. 
Gross, Harold G. 
Hackney, Walter S. 

Harris, A. W. 
Harris, Frank 
Hayes, Henry W. 
Hay ward. William S. 
Hazard, Jeffrey 
Hidden Charles H. 
Hidden, Henry A. 
Hoffman, William H. 
Horton, Albert 
H or ton, Bertrand J. 
Howe, H. M. 
Howland, Richard S. 
Humphrey, Chas. B. 
Jackson, Benjamin A. 
Kenyon James S. 
Knight, Richard D. 
Knight, Robert 
Knight, Webster 
Knowles, Stephen N. 
Ladd, Herbert W. 
Lapham. Oscar 
Lee. Geo. A. 
Leete, George F. 
Lewis, John D. 
Lippitt, Charles Warren 
Lippitt, Henry F. 
Littlefield, Eben N. 
Longley, Charles E. 
Makepeace, Charles R. 
Mason, Frederick 
Massie, John G. 
Mather, Wm. G. 
Mathewson, Frank M. 
Matteson, George W. R. 
Merriman, Charles H. 
Metcalf. Alfred 
Me teal f. Jesse 
Miller, Alfred J. 
Mitchell, John W. 
Moulton, Edmund T. 
Nealey. James A. 
Nicholson, Samuel M. 
Nickerson. Edward L 
Nightingale. William G. 
Northam, Robert E. 
Olney, Frank F. 
Owen, Charles D. 
Palmer, John S. 
Pearce, Edward D. 
Pearce, Henry 
Pearce, William B. 
Peckham, Fenner H. jr, 
Peirce, Daniel A. 
Perkins, Charles H. 

House Directorv. 

Squantum Association— c«r/r««^rf. 

Perry. Marsdeo J. 

Persons. Benjamin W. 

PhiUips. George C. 

Phillips, George R. 

Phillips. Gilbert A. 

Pitroao. S. MiDot 

Pope. William H. 

Potter, Dexter B. 
Potter. Edward A. 

Ray. Edgar A. 
Ripley. Janies M. 
Robinson, George H. 
Roelker. William G. 
Sack. A. Albert 
Sayles, Frank A. 
Sayles, Frederick C 
Sayles, Frederick C. jr. 
Sessions, William 
Sbarpe. L.ucie3 
Sheldon. Nicholas 
Shepartl. Jobn. jr. 
Shepley, George L. 
Slater. Alpheus B. 
Smitb. Albert W. 

Smilh. Anjos D. 
Smith, Edwin A. 
Speocer. WiltOD H. 
Spink, BenjamiD W. 
Spooner. Henry J. 
Squire. Frank, 
Stevens, Prank S. 
Studley, J, Edward 
Sweetland. Cornelius S. 
Taft, Royal C. 
Thompson, David M. 
Thurber. William H. 
Thurston, Wilraatth 
Tillinghast, Henry A. 
Tillingbast. James 
Tucker, James, 
Vincent. Walter B. 
Washburn, Roscoe S. 
Weeden. Benjamin D. 
White, Hunter C. 
Wightraan. Wm, Byron 
Wilbour. Joihua 
Wilkinson. Edward DeP. 
Wilcox, Dulee 

1 68 ' House Directory. 

Sunset Qub^ 

279 Plainheld Street. 


Gilbert R. Parker, President 

Nathan M. Wright Vice- President 

Walter D. Harris, Secretary 

John T. Kenyon Treasurer 

House Committee, 
Dr. F. a. Twitchell, H. W. Heaton, M. D. 

William E. Waterman. 

Social Committee. 
James A. Pirce, William S. Steere, 

Frank M. Whipple. 

Committee on By-laws. 
George F. A. Beane, Emery J. San Souci, 

Edward N. Cook. 

Executive Committee. 
Gilbert R. Parker, Walter D. Harris, 

Nathan M. Wright, John T. Kenyon, 

Henry C. Gorton. 

A uditing Committee. 
Gilbert A. Harrington, Wm. R. Greatorex. 

Ladies' Auxiliary Committee. 
Mrs. F. a. Spratt, Mrs. E. P. Burdick. 

Miss Elizabeth B. Carpenter. 


Post Office address, Olneyville, R. I. 

Amidon, George S. Bissell, Horace G. 

Angell, Alpheus B. Brownell, Walter S. jr. 

Barnes, Crawford W. Burdick, Benjamin H. 

Barney, William H. Burdick, Edward P. 

Beane, George F. A. Carpenter, Arthur W. 

House Directory. 


Sunset Cluh^^^^^'^^^^- 

Carpenter, J. Will 
Clark, E. Louis 
Colbum, Joseph G. 
CoUison, John T. 
Cook. Edward N. 
Day. Thomas R. 
Duffy, Lrouis A. 
Garoiner. Samuel E. 
Gorton, Henry C. 
Greatorex, William R. 
Harrington, Gilbert A. 
Harris, Walter D. 
Harris, William 
Heaton, Henry W. 
Hirst, Edwin 
Hohler, Louis G. 
Howland, John jr. 
Kenyon, John T. 

Longfellow, Austin H. 
Parker, Gilbert R. 
Parker. T. Roswell 
Pirce, James A. 
Potter. George T. 
San Souci. Emery J. 
Sheldon. Ethan T. 
Smith, Andrew W. 
Smith, James N. 
Spratt, "Frank A. 
Steere, William S. 
Twitchell, Frank A. 
Waterman, William E. 
Walch, Thomas 
Whipple. John D. 
Whipple. Frank M. 
Wright, Nathan M. 

Post Oflficc address, Providence, R. I. 

Arnold, Isaac N. 
Bo wen, John E. 
Darling, John O. 

Johnson, Clarke H. 
Read. Albert M. 

1 70 

House Directory. 

Wanimmoisctt Golf GuK 

Links at Rumford. 


J. Herbert Foster, Presid^wtt 

George Frederic Hall, Vice-President 

Fred'k S. Phillips, Secret ar-y 

Clarance M. Warner Treasurer- 
Board of Governors, 
J. Herbert Foster, George Frederic Hall, 
Fred'k S. Phillips, Clarance M. Warner, 
W. D. Brownell, Russell W. Knight, 
Frank H. Martin, Edward P. Jastram, 
Warren B. Lewis, Daniel Jackson. 

Greens Committee, 
W. D. Brownell, Russell W. Knight, 

George Frederic Hall, Fred'k S. Phillips. 

House Committee. 
Edward P. Jastram, Warren B. Lewis, 

Daniel Jackson. 

Finance Committee. 
Clarance M. Warner. J. Herbert Foster, 

Frank H. Martin. 


Aldrich, O. O. 
Allen, Frank O. 
Ames, Stephen B. 
Angell, Bertha 
Arnold, F. H. 
Ashley, Philip B. 
Bacon, J. Earle 
Baker, Marian T. 
Bangs, A. Curtis 
Bangs, LenaM. 
Barker, Robert L. 
Baxter, Cecil 
Blanding, William C. 
Blodgett, John T. Mrs. 
Bowen, Frank 
Briggs, B. F. 
Brown, Arthur L. 
Brown, Bessie 

Brown. Elizabeth T. 
Brown, H. Martin 
Brown, Robert P. 
Brownell. Walter D. 
Buckhout, Frank A. 
Burlingham. Hiram G. 
Burt, L. Millens 
Burt, Leah M. 
Burt, William A. 
Calder. A. W. 
Capron, Helen M. 
Champlin, Florence L. 
Chase, Allen H. 
Cobb, Eleanor M. 
Cokely, George W. 
Cole, Joseph S. 
Comstock, Richard B. 
Comstock, Walter J., jr. 

House Directory. 


WannamcMsett Golf Qvh—Con/mu^d, 

Cook, Maurice H. 
Cottrelljohn S. 
Cross. William P. 
Currier, Carrie 
Dart. Amey F. 
Davis. JeflFfey 
Day, liowara R. 
Dexter, Henry C. 
Dowues, Louis W. 
Dyer, William Allan 
Edgar. Jane H. 
Edwards. Seeber 
Ely, Ruth 
Panning, Martin S. 
Fish, Ira L. 
Fletcher. Fred C. 
Foster, A. O. 
Foster, J. Herbert 
Foster, J. Herbert Mrs. 
Gerald, Alice H. Mrs. 
Godfrey, Charles C. 
Goff, Elizabeth 
Granger, D. L. D. 
Greene, E. Shirley 
Greene. Howard 
Greene, Gertrude R. 
Gross, H. J. 
Gumey, C. Harris 
Gumey, Embert S. 
Gumey, George H. 
Hale. Elizabeth G. 
Hall, George F. 
Hall, George F. Mrs. 

Hart, John 
Hinckley, George F. 
Hoadley, George W.Mrs. 
Horton, Harry M. 
Hunt, Alice W. 
Huntoon, H. B. 
Hu tchins. WilliamO. Mrs. 

[ackson. Daniel 

[ackson, Daniel Mrs. 

[astram, Edw. P. 

lalloch, Louis H. 
Kelly. Louise 
Kimball. W. H. 
Knight. Harry D. 
Knight. Richard D. 
Knight. Russell W. 

Knowles, Edwin, jr. 
Knowles, Elizabeth S. 

Lennon. John F. 

Lewis. Henry B. 
Lewis. Warren B. 

Lothrop, Edw. E. 
Low, A. Frances 
Low. W. Kinsley 
Makepeace, C. K. 
Mandeville, C. H. W. 
Martin, Frank H. 
Martin, Frank H. Mrs. 
Martin. Fred R. 
Martin, George E. 
Martin, H. G. 
Martin. H. G. Mrs. 
Mathewson, F. M. 
Mathewson. F. M. Mrs. 
Maynard, Frank H. 
McGuinness, Edw. D. 
Miller, Pardon 
Munroe, Harry A. 
Nichols, Harold 
Olney, Elam W. 
Ostby. Harold W. 
Parks, George W. 
Peckham. Alice 
Perkins, D. Bradford 
Perry, Marsden J. 
Phillips, Frederick S. 
Place, Margaret S. 
Potter, Alfred K. 
Potter, H. O. 
Powers, Roland C. 
Reynolds, Wm. H. 2d 
Sheldon, F. A. 
Shepard, John, jr. 
Simmons, Sarah W. 
Slade. Ruthven T. Mrs. 
Smith, A. Blakelv 
Smith, C. H., jr.' 
Smith, Florence 
Smith. Stella M. 
Southwick, Walter S. 
Spink, Marian 
Stearns, Carol 
Stearns, Katherine 
Steele, Anna 
Stevens. Allan P. 
Stone. C. Moulton Mrs. 
Sweet, Jesse B., jr. 
Sweet, J. Hoppin, jr. 
Sweet, Walter L 
Taft. E. Padelford. jr. 
Tappan, Pauline E. 
Thayer. S. Willard 
Thompson, Anna A. 
Thornton, George M.Mrs. 
Tillinghast, Theodore T. 


House Directory* 

Wannamoisett Golf Cluh—conUnued. 

Tower, Louis P. 
Tripp. Amey 
Tripp, Frederick E. 
Trowbridge, Edw. R, 
Trowbridge. Edw. R. Mrs. 
Wallace. Wm. Victor 

Warner, Clarence M. 
Webb, George H. 
Weeks, Edw. H. 
White. Edw. S. 
Winship. George P. 
Wooley Frank F. 


Angell, Walter B. 
Angell. Walter F. 
Ballou, Fred A. 
Ballou, Walter S. 
Barton. N. B. 
Blanding, William O. 
Brown. James 
Brownell, H. F. Mrs. 
Carpenter. Prank F. 
Chase. Fred A. 
Chase. Fred. L. 
Chase. W. B. 
Comstock, Walter J. 
Day, Henry G. 
Edwards. S. O. 
Emerson. Lowell 
Goff, Lyman T. 
Hamilton, Ralph S. 

Hunt. Horatio A. 
Johnson, E. A. 
Lewis. S. M. Mrs. 
Mather. William Penn 
McColl J. R. 
Mills. John W. 
Nugent, C. Franklin 
'Ostby. E. C. 
Patterson. C. M. 
Peck. Walter A. 
Perkins. Fred E. 
Shepley, George L. 
Studley. J. Edward 
Sully, Daniel J. 
Thayer. Edward 
Tingley. A. Curtis 
Tryon. J. S. 
Vaughan, William P. 


Cook. Blanche, N.Y. City 

r -:^ ---• 

House Directory. 


Westmins ter W hedmen^ 


Howard L. Perkins. President 

Percy A- Harden. Vice-President 

Nelson H- Gibbs, Corresponding Secretary 

Herbrrt a. Cobb Recording Secretary 

Howard C- Ripley Treasurer 

Elwin J. Kenyon, Captain 

Charl£s E. Shaw First Lieutenant 

Herbert M. Kimball, 2d Second Lieutenant 


Adams, Charles E. Kilton, George J. 

ADgell, Clarence S. Kimball. A. Warren 

Angell, Wm G. Kimball, Fred E. jr. 

Anthony, Ellery C. Kimball, Herbert M. 2d 

Anthony, William M. McKay, Walter H. 

Astle, Elijah jr. Michon, E. . 

Astle, Herbert J. Millard, George W. 

Astle, Solon R. Mowry, Arthur I. 

Banigan. William B. Pease. Leander F. 

Barton, George C. Peck.|HoraceM. 

Barton, James A. Perkins, Howard|L. 

Bonnell. Harry C. Phillips, George F. 

Boyce, Justin. Dr. Phillips, John F. 

Brown, Edgar E. Pierce, Henry H. 

Brownell, H. P. Pierce, Walter P. 
Bugbee, George W. * Potter, A. M. Dr. 

Bullock. Lovell Randall. Walter C. 

Byrne, Robert E. Rankin, William G. 

Carpenter, P. B. jr. Richardson, Bert L. 

Chesebro, E. Eugene Richmond, Charles D. 

Clemence, Charles E. Ripley, Howard C. 

Cloudman, W. Frank Roland, William H. 

Cobb. Herbert A. Seabury, Elmer F. 

Congdon, A. Howard Shaw, Charles E. 

Cooke, George L. Smith, John B. 

Corp, Henry Snow, George L. 

Dana, Fred I. Snow, John L. 

Dary, George A. Steere, B. F. 

Dawson, Charles S. Stevens. Fred A. 

Ehrlich, Theo. jr. Stewart, Waldo 

Ellis, W. Howard Straker, A. J. 

Foster, Herbert S. Swan, Harry O. 

Freeman. Caleb E. Talbot, W. S. 

Gardiner, Herbert M. Trow, Fred E. 

Gibbs, Nelson H. Tryon, James S. 

Gladding, Howard K. Whatley J. H. 

GoflF, James A. Wheaton, Howland 

Hallidfay, Frank C. Wheeler, Howard L. 

Harden, Archie H. Whiting, Wm. L. 

Harden, Percy A. Whitten, W. W. 

Hart, Wm. B. jr. Williams. Sidney 

Hathaway. George W. Wilson. Robert D. 

Havens, Edward A. Winn, Harry E. 

Hibbard. William E, Winsor, William H. 
Kenyon, Blwin J. 


House Directory. 

West Side GuK 

1029 Westminster Street. 


Penner H. Peckham, Jr. , President 

P. S. Farwell Vice-President 

Charles A. Richards, Treasurer- 

Louis E. Cady, Secretary 

Executive Committee, 
Frank T. Pearce, Henry A. Carpenter, 

Dr. William H. Carpenter. 

Membership Committee. 

Nicholas S. Prior George C. Leonard, 

James B. Paine, Charles H. Perkins. 


Andrews, . William 
Anthony, William M. 
Armstrong. John R. 
Arnold, A. ft. 
Arnold, Dutee 
Arnold. F. F. 
Astle, Herbert J. 
Atwell, S. S. 
Babcock, Darius 
Babcock, D. S. 
Bacon, Jay Earle 
Baker, Charles K. 
Baker, Frank B. 
Baker, George M. 
Baker, R. R. 
Baldwin, William Henry 
Barker, Louis B. 
Barlow, Howard E. 
Bartlet, Tames, jr. 
Beach, Charles H. 
Becker, George 
Bender, Eugene 
Bennett, Edgar A. 
Bennett, J. M. 
Bentley, George C. 
Bigney, S. O. 
Blake, Charles H. 
Blanchard, Earl P. 
Blanding, Charles L. 
Bliss. J. D. 
Boms, Joseph C. 
Bostwick, L. R. 
Boutwell, George S. 
Boutelle, Charles N. 
Boyden, George E. 
Bridge, George A. 
Broadhead, F. 
Bromley, Charles R. 
Bromley. John H. 
Brown, George T. 
Prown, Henry Rolf 

Brug, George A. 
Buckley, J. B. 
Budlong, Frank L. 
Budlong, Martin S. 
Budlong, Prank S. 
Burgess, R. O. 
Burt. Fred B. 
Bushee, A. A. 
Cady, Alfred E. 
Cady, Louis E. 
Carleton, Oscar A. 
Carpenter, Alva 
Carpenter, H. A. 
Carpenter, Ph anuel B.jr. 
Carpenter, Wm. Howard 
Carpenter, Wm. Huckins 
Carr, C. D. 
Chapman, William A. 
Chesebro, Edward A. 
Chipman, E. S. 
Churchill, Alexander C. 
Clark, W. O. 
Coates, Albert O. 
Cobb, Charles D. 
Cobb, F. L. 
Colwell, Francis 
Colwell, John A. 
Colwell, Ralph 
Comstock, Richard W. 
Connelly, Peter J. 
Cook, Irving E. 
Cooke, Byron S. 
Cooke, Robert E. 
Cormack, Louis 
Cressy, George P. 
Darling, George C. 
Darling, John O. 
Davis, Lewis E. 
Dean, John M. 
Deming, Richard Henry 
Dennis, ^rtbnr W. 

House" Directort. 


West Side Chih-coH/tHu^d, 

Howe, Frank M. 
Howe Walter S. jr. 
Hubbard, Chas. A. 
Hudson, J[as. R. N. 
Hudson Thomas I. 
Hughes, Theodore S. 
Hunter, Alexander 
[ bhnson, Clarke H. 
] ohnson, D. W. 
] ohnson, Edwin A. 
^ ones, Louis B. 
' Ceene. George F. 
Kelley. Samuel E. 
Kelley, Walter S. 
Kendall, Webber G. 
Kendrick, John E. 
Kennedy, John 
Kimball, Charles Dean 
Kinsley, Benjamin E. 
Kirby, Henry A. 
Knight, Charles L. 
Knight, William F. 
Kraus, George W, 
Lake, Beverly S. 
Lawton, Charles E. 
Lawton, I. B. 
Leonard. George C. 
Leonard, Thomas H. 
Lester, W. A. 
Little. Robert B. 
Littlefield, Edward J. 
Long, Isaiah 
Lowe, Edwin 
Luther. E. T. 
Mandell. William J. 
Marston. Joseph 
Mason, V. W. 
McGuinness, Bernard 
McGuinness, Edwin D. 
Miller, Joseph A. jr. 
Miner, Frank W. jr. 
Molter, Augustus A. 
Molter, H. T. 
Molter, J. N. 
Moore, George W. 
Moore, J. William 
Morgan, William H. 
MouTton, Anthony A. 
Moulton, Benj. P. 
Moulton. Wilson P. 
Mowry, D. E. 
Mo wry, Whipple F. 
Murdock, John S. 
Newell, George D. 
Nichols, Charles F. 
Nichols, C. M. 
Nichols, Joseph 
Nugent, C. F. 
Olney, Charles P. 

Dennis, Charles R. 
Dennis, John Rhodes 
Devereux, O. C. 
Doherty, Henry F. 
Dow. Kelsey A. 
Drake, Edward Everett 
Dtmster, Henry, jr. 
Eastman, James H. 
Easton, Charles G. 
Easton, Prank T. 
Baton, Charles L. 
Eddy. Jesse P. 
Eddy, Jesse P. jr. 
Egan, E. T. 
Fales. Lewis L. 
Famell, Frank 
Farwell, F. S. 
Fifield, W. O. 

Fletcher. Charles 

Fletcher, Henry 

Folsom, J. N. 

Franklin. Chas. A. 

Gardiner. A. B. 

Gibson, J. Fred 

Gladding. Royal H. 

Greene. A. A. 

Greene. Joseph W. 

Greene, 5. J. 

Grim wood, H. A. 

Grimwood, H. A. jr. 

Griswold, F. W. 

Guile, W. A. 

Hancock, William H. 

Harris, Ernest A. 

Harris, George W. 

Harris, James 

Hart, William B. 

Hartwell, William E. 

Harvey, Henry W. 

Harvey, Job 

Hathaway, Arthur B. 

Hathaway. Frank B. 

Hathaway. W. A. 

Hausenstein Charles 

Hawes, Edward C. 

Hawes, Rowland G. 

Hayden, Daniel F. 

Hayward. George Y. 

Hayward, Samuel A. 

Heald. S. B. 

Healy. Morris L. 

Hemck, William 

Herrick, William H. 

Hersey. Walter H. 

Hill. Lester S. 

Hills, Horace B. 

Hopkins. E. W. 

Horton, Fred B. 

HoQgh, E. B. 

Hough. Walter S. 


House Directory. 

West Side Quh—Con/inued. 

Otis, Samuel A. 
Packard. Willis A. 
Paine, James B. 
Parks, Fred. W. 
Parsons, Frank R. 
Pearce, Aldridge G. 
Pearce, David H. 
Pearce, Frank T. 
Peck, Forrest A. 
Peck. F. S. 
Peck. L. R. 
Peck, Rufus A. 
Peckham, Fenner H. jr. 
Perkins, B. £. 
Perkins, Charles H. 
Perkins, C. H. jr. 
Perkins, Ezra K. 
Perkins, Fred E. 
Perkins, W. C. 
Perry, Marsden J. 
Petri, W. J. 
Phillips. George F. 
Phillips, James Lee 
Phillips, John F. 
Phillips, William A. 
Phillips, W. V. 
Pierce, Angell S. 
Pierce, Alfred G. 
Pierce. George L. 
Place, Charles J. 
Pomroy, G. P. jr. 
Possner. Herman G. 
Potter, H. B. 
Potter. John W. 
Preston, Walter H. 
Prior, Nicholas S. 
Randall, William R. 
Rawson, Thomas B. 
Read, Spencer P. 
Reiner, Nicholas F. 
Remington, Albert A. 
Remington, Horace 
Remington, Horace E. 
Reynolds. Frank B. 
Richards, Charles A. 
Richards, William R. 
Richardson, Richard 
Rogers, Henry R. 
Rose, Alanson D. 
Rounds. D. E. 
Rowe, Leon R. 
Sanford, W. H. 
Sanger, H. M., M. D. 
Sawin, E. M. 
Sayles. Fred L. 
Schofield. Mark W. 
Scholfield, William A. 
Sheldon, Charles M. 
Shepley, George L. 

Simmons, F. D. 
Sisson, H. W. 
Sisson, Isaac H. 
Smith, Chas. Sherman 
Smith, E. B. 
Smith, Henry W. 
Smith, James F. 
Smith, W. J., M. D. 
Spencer. Robert L. 
Spink, N. T. 
Stahl, Telesphore 
Steere, Edward J. 
Steere. Fred 
Stevens, Eugene 
Stoddard, Charles A. 
Stone, Samuel S. 
Sweet. Walter B. 
Sweetland. Wm. H. 
Tanner. Willard B. 
Terry. Herbert 
Thayer. Philo E. 
Thurber. Emery E. 
Tillinghast, F. W. 
'Wllinghast. L. H. 
Tillinghast, S. L. 
Tillinghast, W. H. 
Tillotson, John A. 
Titus, L. R. 
Todd. W. O. 
Tourtelotte. James L. 
Troup, A. C. 
Truman, N. H. 
Vaughn, Lorenzo 
Vaughn. Wm. P. 
Viall, William E. 
Walker. P. F. 
Walker, Robert L. 
Ward, W. 
Warren, James, jr. 
Waterhouse. Richard T. 
Wells. Byron W. 
Wendelschafer, Felix R. 
Whipple, Gilbert F. 
Whiteley, Samuel A. 
Whitford, Byron 
Whittemore. David H. 
Whittemore, Gilbert E. 
Wilbur, Pardon 
Wilcox, Robert 
Wild. S. S. 
Williams. George W. 
Winsor, Edwin 
Winsor. Ira 
Wood, C. C. 
Wood, Everett J. 
Woodward, Lewis L. 
Wright, J. Frank 
Young, Frank W. 
Young, Nicholas B. 

House DaKcroRv. 



DRESS Circle. 


House Directory. 

Y. M. C. A. HALL, 



House Directory. 














7iti» 1/gfTitti. tazaaszD 


• !' ■inm 

on-'r»rii< : ♦rsT»iri?i.' iff 

tmitelill 'j |«JSI>KIfII] 3 

inrEiiTi":- |»inmicTn:y 

EFiFir* lU ' j*T J>'^:I«I Of 

ifnnf :•_!' i"i«:tir/i -D/ 
Ei7ii»jiiiTrt:«rn:tjn?i, jO 

IBPnFI* HI' I uTTiTi liTt n S 


t/Tiil?.'!* Ml ;•!'-'» :r I'M 

['■.■ ['"'•Till!-:* >!i"i'i 
['I'l'^inu; :-.'/-r."i(i 

House DntBcroRV. 

south main st., providence. 



AflE OP t t 

At ProiideDce Public Market G0. 

Providence tiOD§6 Direotoru 



signifies ** rear/* but when it 

In lUs Hooae THrndbory the numben hxre been amnged in vegubur succeesion, wtthont dis- 
10 csdner side of the stieet. Names of houv' mers and boniders are given at 
being deaignaMd by the abbreriations h. and.b. alter the name. When neither of 
ifviatioas appear husoicts places are indicated, and at such places the names under 
vydi the bnsin— is canied om (iooividual, firm or company) , are giren. When at the same 
amt aniber, moie tbaa one name appears, they are arranged alphabetically, except that where 
£iaeBt loomt or apartments are given by nunubcrs, these are arranged nume r ically, and the 
■■MS ef dieir occnpants, in corresponding relation. 

The ■bheewisrioa r. betwaen tne street number and the nai 
faQswi the name, •' looma." 

The siiects arc arranged in alphabetical order. 

The asoal stieet directory giving the location of each street, and showing what other streets, 
fbee^ etc., run fvoan it or across it, u published on page 17. 

Abisviatiomss— Ab., above; adv., advertising; agt., afeent; al., alley; a. orav., avenuor; 
•M^spaitacat: b. or bda.* boards ; bdg., boarding; bid., building; bel., below; bet., between; 
B. U.tBiown Unrvenity ; B'way, Broadway: B. & S., Brown & Snarpe ; c. or cor., corner ; com. 
c nwi MJi o o ; com. mer.^ oommission merchant; com'l, commercial; confry, confectionery; 
4au, dealer; dep., deputy; dept., department; dr., daughter; drs.^ daughters; E-. East; est., 
csDue; each., exchaaga; fl., floor; h., nouse; ins-, insurance; insp., inspector; inst., instructor; 
Ug.,ladnBg; manuf, manufacturer; mer., merchant; mfg., maniuactunng ; mkr., maker; mkt., 
Barhet; N.. North ; n., near; N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. R., New York, New Haven and Hartford 
Raibowi; N. S. R. R . New EngUnd Railroad; O.C.R.R.. Old Colony Railroad ; op., operator; 
epp.,epBKMite ; ^.ifrfaoa ; pntr-, painter; pres., president; P. F. D., Providence Fire Depart- 
■mt; P. W. ft B. R. R., Providence, Warren and Bristol Railroad ; P. ft S. S. Co. , Providence 
aad Siottiagcon Steamship Co.; prop., proprietor; r., rear or rooms; rd., road ; rec. day, receiv- 
ing day ; lag. phar., cegiatered phamudst : rm.,room ; ims., rooms; S., South ; sec, secretary; 
asm. res., ■^"»m*T resioaioe; st , street ; sq., square ; supt., superintendent ; tchr., teacher ; 
U. R. R^ Union Railrond; up., upper ; U. S. A., United Sutes Army; U. S. N., United States 
Navf;vary., variety; Wash., Washington; W. West; wid., widow. 

A Street. 

7 Bnrke Arm stead, shoemkr. b. 
Warren Gilbert W. shoemkr. h. 
Woods David, longsh'eman, b. 

10 Smith Payton R. laborer, h. 
Smith Wm. H. teamster, b. 

11 Collins James R. laborer, b. 
Collins William H. nurse, h. 
Greene Martha, widow, b. 
Seymour Jacob H. driver, h. 
Williams Jos. P. bootblack, b. 
Williams J. W.cotn. sampler, b. 

12 Allen Chapel 

14 Lewis Thomas R. janitor, h. 

Price Jonathan M. cook, h. 

Turner Maxy A. widow, h. 
umer R. A. compositor, b. 
'alther George, hostler, b. 
altber Peter, laborer, h. 
Lni|>bell Hugh, liauors 
anning £. Miss, oressmaker 
">lan James, coal and wood, h. 

2t Doolan Catharine Miss, b. 

Furtado Samuel, clerk, h. 

Skmner Lillie F. Mrs. b. 
23 Denneney B. J. rub. worker,b. 

Finnegan Michael, laborer, h. 

Patten John F. teamster, h. 
23rToobey Margaret, widow, b. 
25 O'Reilly Ellen E. Mrs. grocer 
29 Kin^ Frank J. janitor, h. 

Williams Catharine Mrs. b. 

Wilson Charles E. janitor, h. 
-Jt Ebenezer Baptist Church 
32 Anderson Agnes Mrs. b. 

Anderson Alfred M. moulder, b. 

Anderson Robert, mach. b. 

Callahan Bartley, laborer, b. 
34 Dougherty John, laborer, b. 

Dugan Tobn, laborer, h. 

Dugan John J. jeweler, b. 

Dugan Martin, moulder, b. • 

Freel John, laborer, b. 
37 Board Samuel, paver, b. 


House Directory. 


A St.^Continued, 

37 Brown John H. janitor, b, 

Daniels Charles, waiter, rms. 

Harris Charles, waiter, b. 

Harris Ransom, waiter, rms. 

Silver Edward, laborer, h. 
41 Mason Samuel S. teamster, h. 

Abbott Street. 

II Crowley Michael, jeweler, h. 

Neilan James, granite wkr. h. 

Sullivan Daniel J. carpenter,h. 
24 Keefe Philip, police, d. 

Keeffe Michael J. h. 

30 Anderson Andrew, laborer, h. 
Freeborn Tohn, laborer, b. 

31 Seddon Alfred, machinist, b. 
Wolstenholme S. A. widow, h. 

35 Cassidy Cath. Mrs. fum're, h. 
39 Cotter Joseph F. laborer, b. 

Cotter William, laborer, h. 

Cotter Wm. C. laborer, b. 
41 Gartside J. h. 
4irCarrigan James, blacksmith,h. 

Gesterling Wm. P. jr. mach.h. 

Morris Catharine, widow, h. 
4a McNamara Eliz'bthA.nurse.b. 
43 Williams Susan E. H. h. 
46 Caffrey Charlotte E. tchr. b. 

Caifrey Maybelle, teacher, b. 

Caffrey Thomas, stoves, etch. 
46rCaffrey Thomas, tinsmith 

49 Udell Annie E. teacher, b. 
Udell Elizabeth, widow, h. 

50 Caffrey Herbert B. clerk, b. 
Caffrey John, moulder, h. 
McKeon Peter. wheelwright,h. 
Patterson Win field, teamster,h. 

51 Smith James, engineer, h. 
Trainor John J. carpenter, h. 

56 McCarthy Catharine, nurse, b. 
McCarthy Dora Miss, h. 

63 Bennis Margaret A. h. 

64 Hilton Chas. operative, h. 

68 Barry William, laborer, b. 
Brooks George, teamster, h. 
Holmes Pollie Miss, h. 

69 Mulvey Peter, engineer, h. 

75 Healey James H. teamster, h. 

Ruberry Henry, at Screw Co.h. 

Ruberry Thomas, loom fixer, b. 
7^ Coates Leon B. salesman, h. 

Cooper John, machinist, h. 
78 Lynch Patrick, police, h. 

McCort Neil, carpenter, h. 

McKenna Chas. F. atS'r' wCo. b. 

78 McKenna Patrick, beltmkr. h. 
82 Champlin Wm. conductor, h. 
H anion Thomas E. painter, h. 

85 Kehoe Mary E. widow, h. 
Kehoe William G. derk, b. 

86 Bagley Patrick, clerk, h. 
Gallagher Mary, widow, h. 
McCaffrey James, clerk, b. 
McCaffrey John, laborer, b. 

88, McCann fames, blacksmith,h. 

McCann Joseph V. printer, b. 

McCann S. A. Miss, tchr. b. 

McCann Vincent, clerk, b. 
93 Abell William, printer, h. 

Carpenter Henry F. mgr. h. 

Champlain Lewis, folder, h. 
100 Bland Ann, widow, b. 

Hood Julia, widow, h. 

Kieman Bryan, liquors, h. 

Kiernan Henry, clerk, h. 

Kieman Mary J. engraver, b. 
107 Burns John, jr. marble wkr.h. 

Smith Nettie, widow, h. 
118 Brug Philip, gold plater, li. 

Roberge Dosty, clerk, h. 
125 Crane Annie G. teacher, b. 

Crane Edward L. clerk, b. 

Crane James A. clerk, b. 

Crane Maria, Miss, h. 

Crane Richard J. clerk, b. 

Kingley Philip, lather, b. 
127 Kingsbury Frank D. clerk, b. 

Reeves Frank D. salesmn. h. 

Von Storch Frank, clerk, b. 

Abbott Park Place. 

2 Carr Albert D. jeweler, b. 
Carr Horace M. h. 

Carr Mary A. widow, h. 

3 Penno Helena C. Miss, h. 

4 Duckworth I. T. Miss, d'smkr. 
West Frances M. Miss, h. 

6 Lewis Chas. music tchr. rms. 
Mahler Dan*l J. hairdrsr. b. 
Mahler Mary E. widow, h. 

7 Merrill Silas L.W.detective,h. 

8 Charnley Isabella B.widow,h. 
Charnley William H. b. 

10 Bacon Herbert, rms. 

Friend Mary Mrs. rms. 

Greene WalterH.carpntr.rms. 

McLellan Margaret, Miss, h. 

McStay Bernard, machinist,h. 

Rourke John E. clerk, b. 
12 Calvey James, laborer, h. 

Hanson Charles, clerk, h. 

HousK Directory. 


12 McCartin Ellen Miss. h. 
Abo Street. 

14 Casino Orchestra 

Raitbel Carl« copper ixrorker. b. 

Raithel John S. musician, h. 
i5 Bottomley W.H.patternmkr.b. 
24 Davis Albert £. pedler, fa. 

35 L&Fery James, pedler, h. 

52 Hanley Peter, jr. filemaker, h. 

Aborn Street* 

i3 The Newman Hotel. Wm. M. 
Bush. prop. 

Bnileigh Joseph A. xnan^, b. 

Lind Thomas W. jewelers' 
fiDdiogs, b. 

Stetnert Albert M. pianos, b. 

Storm Geo. G. hairdresser, b. 

Woodworth A. C. manag^er, b. 
19 Eastman Sylvester, optician 
33 Arnold Ernest Lr. enameler, b. 

King Edna S. Mrs. clerk, b. 

Lather^s Orchestra 

Morgan M.Barratta. mus. tcbr. 

Pitt Richard C clerk, b. 

nn. 3, Palmer Wm. H. physician 

niLs.SheaMary L.Miss.drsmr. 

rm. S. King Esther I. Mrs. h. 

nn.10, Brown M.E.Miss.drsmr. 

nn. IS, Dodge J. F- optician,h. 

im. i6i, Mullen John T. rms. 

nn. 20, Morgan Warren H. b. 

nn. 24, Reynolds E. stencils, r. 

nn.25, Thompsons. P. Mrs. rms. 

rm. 31, Swindells A.photog'pr 
as Coulton Cigar Co. cigars, eta 
rj Mneller L>ouis W. merch. tailor 
39 Boston Gas Appliance Ex. 
Welsbach Light 

53 Uallen Thomas F. watchmaker 
33 Cohen Louis, variety store 

Moore Arthur C. music teacher 

36 Barker Stephen A. h. 
Francis Chas. G. & Co. baths 

3S Storti Frank, shoemaker 

41 Lally John C. plumber 
4trSchminke Fred'k, shoemaker 

42 Fraser Mary A- Mrs. h. 
M^ers Charles, tailor, b. 
Ware Leander M. b. 

Wood Prank, photoerapher, b. 
4S Blanchard Lillian Miss, h. 

Pooler Stephen A. h. 
47 Tucker C. M. a^t jewelry 

Tucker J. L. Miss, vary, store 

50 Howard Fred M. Mrs. Idg. h. 
Radcliffe John T. clerk, rms. 

51 Crapo Felix, clerk, h. 
Lincoln S. H. engineer, h. 
Sherman Daniel, clerk, rms. 
Smith William H.printer, rms. 

53 Fuse D. & W. Co. fuses, etc. 
Wilkinson C. A. & Co. spec, 
frame mfrs. 
58 Henriques Philip, physician 
77 Brown Patrick A. rms. 

Burroughs Herbert L. clerk, b. 


Champlain William A. law*r,b. 

Finnegan Pafk F. porter, b. 

Firman B. M. editor, b. 

Lahey Thomas F. eating h. b. 

Waterhouse Howard A. h. 
82 Hicks Harry, gateman, rooms. 
84 Anderson Sielden. b. 

Barrett William Mrs. b. 

Bigney S. O. b. 

Daggett Mary E Mrs. b. 

Davenport Hortense M. Mrs.h. 

DeCosta A. A. cashier, b. 

Fletcher Curtis, b. 

Goldsmith L. N. agt. liquors.b. 

Green Carver, b. 

Holroyd Samuel A. b. 

Leonard Frank C. clerk, b. 

McMahon Jos. P. salesman, b. 

Palmer L. W. b. 

Prince Alfred M. butler, b. 

Roberts Harcourt. b. 

86 Stimpson Dan'l E. bookkpr. b. 

87 Homer Bros, confection'y mfrs. 
Maynard Elmer L. fruit, etc. 

89 Willet Eugene, baker 
93 Bowen Henry C. b. 

Couch Lucille S. Miss, tchr. b. 
Kimball Daniel W. ins. agt. b. 
Kimball RobtD. special agtb. 
Murchison Mrgt Miss.nurse.b. 
Perry Charles F. physician, b. 
Snow John, h. 
96 Mclnness Wm.D. eating house 
100 Carpenter E. & Co. reg.phar's. 
103 Burke F. Edward, physician 
Corrigan Samuel, man'gr. rm. 
Keiltj?' M.M. eating house, rms 
O'Brien Peter, moulder, b. 
Sweeney Ann, widow, h. 
Sweeney John H. clerk, rms. 
Sweeney Peter A. tailor, h. 
Swift James H. at B. & S.rms. 
Ill Havens Frank H. carpntr. rms. 

1 88 

House Dikectorv. 

Aboro St.— Continued, 

III Montgomery Annie, widow, h. 
115 Atwood Fred A. newsdlr.rms. 

Breedon Fredk. J. clerk, b. 

Moffitt Earl C. clerk, h. 

Mofiitt Lloyd C cook, b. 

Perkins Cyrus, newsdlr. rms. 

Perkins Herbert, bag. mastr.b. 
117 Edwards Harry J. clerk, b. 

Fox James F.. P. O. h. 

Malett May Miss, h. 

Tigbe Tbomas. clerk, b. 
120 Anderson George, cpnfec b. 

Bateman Gideon R. pedler, h. 

Parks Fred W. at B. & S. h. 

Whipple Geo. R. trav.slsmn.b. 

158 Brigbtcliffe Wm at B. & S. b. 
Carlin John E., P. F. D. h. 
Davis Alfred T. clerk, b. 
Gibson Mrgt. A. widow, h. 
Ward John, driver, b. 

159 Providence Gas Burner Co. 
166 Donahue Ann Mrs. h. 

Donahue Michael E. clerk, b. 

Tierney Bernard, teamster, h. 
170 O'Brien Thomas H. laborer.h. 

Rein Paul, at B. & S. h. 

Shanahan John J. jeweler, h. 
176 Adamson Elizabeth F. wid. h. 

Aumich Chas. L. brakeman.h. 

Harding J. E. bookkeeper, b. 

Harding M. L. Miss, teacher, b. 

Harding Mary L. widow, h. 

O' Flaherty Jere. laborer, b. 
i76rCuroisky Frank, machinist, h. 

Pierce wm. F. musician, h. 

Young Thomas, at B. & S. h. 

179 Haupt Geo. E. riding acad. r. 

180 Crane Julia, widow, h. 
Crane Margaret M.dressmkr.b. 
Miner Frank, machinist, h. 

182 O'Rourke Edward, liquors 
1 84 Donnelly Frank S. boxmkr. b. 

Donnelly Jane Miss, h. 

Donnelly Patrick A. jeweler, b. 

Finnerty Patrick, laborer, h. 

Heron James, clerk, b. 

McElroy Edward, jeweler, b. 

McGeeney M. teamster, b. 

McGeeney Patrick, laborer, h. 

McKenna John, laborer, h. 
188 Curran John, laborer, b. 

Gray John F. moulder, b. 

Gray Rose, widow, h. 

McNultv Catharine Mrs. h. 

Smith Owec, colorer. b. 

188 Smith Patrick, salesman, h, 
194 Riley Patrick, laborer, b. 

Smith WiUiaaa, laborer, b. 

Sweeney Patrick, laborer* h. 
228 K. I. Braiding Machine Co. 
228rBates & Dix, pattern makers 

Cady Fred W. stairbuilder 

Mason Wm. H. shoe lacin^^ 

Miller William, wool combs 
247 Bohan Tames, laborer, b. 

Bohan John, laborer, h. 

Bohan John. jr. driver, b. 

Bohan Thomas, moulder, b. 

McCormick Patrick, laborer. h. 
255 Nolan Daniel, stonecutter, h. 

Smith John E. painter, b. 

Smith Thos. S. upholsterer, b. 

Academy Avenue. 

2 McGinn Sarah Mrs. vary. store 
4 Barrett John A. baggageman, h. 

McGinn Bernard, carpenter.b. 

McGinn S. Mrs. vary, store, b. 

Nixon Patrick, carpenter, b. 

Nixon Robert, operative, fa. 

Ryan John, hairdresser, h. 

15 Fahey Dennis, rubberworkr.h. 

16 Clarke Louis W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

17 Academy Ave. Congregational 

20 Baldwin John C. Mr & Mrs. b. 

Baldwin May Miss, dressrokr. 
cor. Cambridge, Academy Avenue 
Grammar School 
37 Crane George, clerk, b. 

Crane Mary A. teacher, b. 

Crane Mary A Mrs. h. 

Crane Matthew, b. 
45 Kenney Tames T. cloth insp.b. 

Kenney Michael, laborer, b. 

Kenney Mich. jr. operative, b. 

Rogers Edward, overseer, h. 
49 Lummis Albert S.Mr. &Mrs.h. 
57 Boucher Rich. P. physician. h. 

Moody J. L. bookkeeper, rms. 

O'Connor Wm. painter, h. 
65 Keating Daniel E. Mr. &Mrs.h. 

Keating Fred L. C. lawyer, b. 
67 Williams ElishaS.Mr.&Mr8.h. 

Sherman Herbert E. h. 
90 Donnelly Frank P. physician 

Greene Peter Mr. & Mrs. h. 
100 Brindell Robt. P. mngr. b. 

Brindell William, plumber, b. 

Brindell Wm. J. laborer, h. 

House Directory. 

1 8^ 

100 Taylor Joseph, carpenter, h. 
tia Plap^ William D. real estate 
is8 Trainer John, variety store 
134 Cameron Arch. J. saiesmn. b. 

Cameron Jf^nies, hairdressr.h. 

Cameron J- B. stationery, b. 

Gfdian J wm. stamper, b. 

M cCallion James, collector, h. 
136 Keefe John B. undertaker 
140 Mt. Pleasant Market Co. 
149 Cnmmtnes JamesMr & Mrs.fa. 

161 Mowry Helen L. widow, h. 
Mowry Raymond G. lawyer, b. 

x6irHosier Arthur, weaver, h. 

162 Mowry Jos. B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
cor. Repent av.. Church of The 

Bfessed Sacrament 

170 Ho^ Mary Mrs. & dr. h. 
Holland Elizabeth S. tcbr. b. 
Stone B. P. Mrs. dressmkr. h. 
Stone Hattie B. Mish, b. 

171 Simmons William I. Rev. b. 
Sullivan Patrick T. Rev. h. 

176 Cogswell Bdwara S. mach. b. 

Cogswell las. D.Mr. & Mrs.h. 

Holden Cbas. I. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
182 West Thomas F. lawyer, h. 
i82r Ralston David Mr. & Mrs. b. 

Ralston George W. clerk, b, 

Ralston Margaret Mrs fa. 
i83 Monahan 6ernardMr.ftMrs.h. 
1S9 Aaty Edward Mr. h. 

Rollins Edward A. clerk, b. 

Rollins Hannah Mrs. b. 

Whipple Harry C. b. 

Whipple Wm. P. Mr.&Mrs.h. 
191 Barrett Geo. M. C. salesman,h. 

Roskruge Wm. H. macbt. b. 
199 Tremaine Wm. A. Dr.&Mrs.h. 

Bampton Frederick W. b. 
900 Provan D. B. trav. s'l'sman, b. 

Provan Tames Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Provan tames P. student, b. 
311 Briggs o. J. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
SE7 Higgins Richard, florist 
opp. Beaufort, McKenna Thos. fish 
mr Kellogg Theodore, upholsterer 
ssS Ockef H. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
336 Parwell E. A. Mr. and Mrs. h. 
240 Cnrron Ellen Miss, dressmkr.b. 

Torbitt Liszie Mrs. h. 
247 Crook Henry W. h. 

Trafford James A, mason, b. 
HS Baldwin Clara Mrs. b. 

Howland Charles C. physician 
cor.Roaooke, Mt. Pleas. Bap. Church 

257 Dwyer Owen, h. 

Dwycr Owen. jr. wire drawer, b. 

Holland John, printer, h. 

Holland Oscar u. printer, b. 

Mnlvey William J.operative,b. 
261 Monahan Charles A. clerk, b. 

Monahan John P. clerk, b. 

Monahan J. W. wheelwright, b. 

Monahan Thos. blacksmith, fa. 

Monafaan Thomas H. b. 
26s Hall Jeremtafa H. bookpr. fa. 
26srBarney Levi F. Mrs. h. 
273 Manson Mary P.Mrs. reg.phar. 

Medbury E. R. confect'cr. fa. 
275 Pilling Charles, fish 
278>^Ashcroft & Kershaw, erocers 
280 Hardenbergh Abby E. Mrs. h. 

Hardenbergh I. H. asst.eng.b. 
287 Johnson Ida Miss, bakery 
332 Armour las. T. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Palmer Eugene H. mason, b. 

Palmer Joel G. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Palmer Thos. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
336 McGann John T. Mr. fa. 

McGann William E. clerk, b. 
524 Hazard Weeden Dairy Co.The 

Walker Gordon Laboratory 
980 Anderson Karl A. laborer, b. 

Anderson Karl W. laborer, b. 

Hazard Prank B. real est. fa. 

Hazard Isaac, farmer, b. 

Karlson Albion T. farmer, h. 

Swanson Swan, laborer, b. 
983 Hastings Walter, fa. 
587 Bullivant Harriet Mrs. fa. 

Fisfaer Henry Mr. & Mrs. h. 
G02 Hazard Wm. B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
604 Kile Berton E. Mr. & Mrs. b. 
617 Boulester J. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
621 Rundborn John, machinist, b. 
706 PalmerCransfnT. Mr.&Mrs.h. 

Acorn Street. 

23 Nicholson File Co. 

84 Ciarlelli Napoleon, blksmth.h. 

MarcelloTommaso, laborer, b. 

Marcello Vincenzo, laborer, h. 
86 DiMarco Carmine, laborer, h. 

DiMarco Frank, operative, b. 

DiSessa Antonio, laborer, h. 

Piccirillo Carmine, laborer, b. 

Piccirillo Costabile, laborer, h. 
90 DelSesto Crescenzo, laborer, h. 

DelSesto Salvatore, laborer, b. 

Mariani Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
QorConetti Giuseppe*, laborer, h. 

Timothy O'Connor 

RoMS a Spedaltj. 

iBIackstoae BonlevarA and272Westaifai8terSt 


House Directory. 

Acorn SU—Conitnued. 

9orPord John, laborer, h. 

92 Healey Thomas, machinist, h. 

96 Boscbetti Lui^, laborer, h. 
Cunningham Bridget, wid. h. 
Cunningham Michael G.lab.h. 
Perreoli Vincenzo, laborer, h. 
Ronzio Luigi, laborer, h. 

97 Adde Mousa, pedler, b. 
Haikel Eddih, laborer, b. 
Houde An tone, variety store, h. 
Kantour John, pedler, b. 
Kouri Kalil, pedler, b. 
Krabe Paris, pedler, b. 
Saleh Hanna. pedler, b. 

107 Auciello Cosmo, laborer, b. 
Palcone Michele, laborer, b. 
Pomari Benedetto, laborer, b. 
Pornari Giuseppe, laborer, h. 
Parrillo Giovanni, laborer, h. 
Rotelli Giovanni, laborer, b. 
Sciola Giacomo, laborer, b. 
Spinella Silvestro, laborer, b. 

108 Bertanio Pasquale, laborer, b. 
Borrelli Silvestro, laborer, b. 
Caldarone Antonio, laborer, h. 
Cipolla Antonio, laborer, h. 
DelDeo Vito, variety store, h. 
Giannelli S. laborer, h. 
Labanca Giovanni, coremkr.h. 
Torsi Paul, laborer, b. 
Vessella Antonio, laborer, h. 

no Ciaramelli Luigi, laborer, b. 

Cibbalerio Doroenico, lab'r, h. 
113 McCarthy John P. liquors 
115 DelDeo Vito, variety store 
117 D' Am bra Cristof ano» pedler, b. 

D' Am bra Gabriele, laborer, h. 
119 D'Ambra Vincenzo. baker, b. 

Matteri Carlo, laborer, h. 

Patalani Michele, laborer, b. 
123 Golno Viti A. laborer, b. 

lannetti Eusebio, laborer, b. 

La Bella Luigi, laborer, b. 

Nardozzi Vito, laborer, h. 

Picchione Pasquale, clerk, b. 

Rossi Michele. laborer, b. 

Tamaro Nicola, laborer, h. 
1 23r Amoroso Francesco, laborer, b. 

Bovino Rocco, laborer, b. 

Di Quattro Sabbatino.s'mkr.b. 

Interlini Michael, laborer, b. 

Latino Luigi, laborer, b. 

Lenzieri Giovanni, laborer, b. 

Lonardo Domenico, laborer, h. 

Lonardo. Luigi, laborer, b. 

i23rMaciarelli Vincenzo.laborer.b. 
Martinelli Michele, laborer, b. 
MassarelH Giuseppe, labor* r,b. 
Minetti Luigi, shoemaker, b. 
Scrocca Nicola, hairdresser, lu 
Zeoli Michele, laborer, b 

124 Hanley James, driver, h. 

125 Mianelli Luigi, grocer 

126 Cifelli J. hairdresser, h. 

La Pere Angelo, tinsmith, h. 
Riley Bernard, laborer, h. 

127 De 6ristofori Raffaele, jlr. b. 
Mainelli Cosmo, hairdresser, b. 
Mainelli Luigi, grocer, h. 
Mainelli Michael, clerk, b. 
Marti no Prancesco, laborer, lu 
Martino Michele, tailor, b. 
Paolino Carlo, laborer, h. 
Patota Prancesco, laborer, b. 

129 Bianco Thomas, laborer, h. 
Di Marco Salvatore, laborer, b. 
Macchia Michele P. laborer, h. 

130 De Rollio Luigi, grocer 
Robbio Luigi, provisions 

131 DiPetrillo Sisto, watchmaker 

132 Branda Giovanni, laborer, b. 
Delfino Luigi, U. S. V. b. 
Delfino Nicandro, shoemkr. b. 
Di Sarro Angelo, laborer, h. 
Gianfrancesco B. laborer, b. 
Manze Prank, tailor, h. 
Petrucci Pietro, laborer, h. 
Ricci Thomas, laborer, h. 
Rocchio Silvestro, laborer, h. 

135 Durante Alessandro, liquors 
Romani Antonio, liquors 

136 Ciccone Angelo, hairdresser 

137 Bucci Cosimo, liquors 

139 Berrillo Salvatore, laborer, b. 
Bofii Ludovico, operative, b. 
Bucci Antonio, clerk, b. 
Bucci Cosimo, liquors, h. 
Capardi Joseph, plumber, b. 
Coletta (riovanni. tailor, b. 
Gattone Tomraaso, hairdresser 
Maccaroni Antonio, helper, b. 
Maccaroni Raffaele, laborer, h. 
Marrone Nicola, laborer, b. 
Marsica Nicola, hairdresser, b. 
Marsica Rosa, widow, h. 
MorroneGioacchino, paintr. h. 
Olivieri Celestino, shoemkr. h. 
Quattrucci Rocco, jeweler, b. 
Tortolani Raffaele. jeweler, b. 

140 DiLuglio Domenico, grocer 

House Dirkctory. 


143 Ciccone Allesandro. tailor, h. 

Ciocone Ad^^Io, hairdresser,b. 

Polco Benedetto, laborer, h. 

Poico Herminto, hairdresser.b. 

Pettine & Sons, coal, etc. 

Riccitelli Giovanni, plnmbr. h. 
145 DeMarco Giuseppe, shoemkr. 
147 O'Brien John, engineer, h. 

O'Brien Wm. H. coremaker,b. 

150 Carroll J[ohn, painter, b. 
PaiD Philip, dry goods, h. 
Lewis Sarah Mrs. b. 

If cDermott Catherine, wid, h. 

151 Tacelli Antonio, shoemaker.b. 

Adams Street. 

5 Humane Elizabeth, widow, h. 
SrDorsej Mary, widow, h. 

Harding John, laborer, h. 
7 McNalty John C. clerk, 1l 

Rogers B. stonecutter, b. 

17 Coney Mary, widow, h. 

'7 Biggs Thos. stonecutter, h. 

IxKHnis Robert, weaver, h. 

McKenna H. P.trav.s'm'n.rms. 

Tennant Thos. machinist, b. 
31 Douglas Susan Mrs. b. 

McNally Charles, laborer, b. 

Sheridan James, laborer, h. 

Adelaide Avenue. 

14 Chappell Amos E. salesman,b. 
Cbappell E. R., N. E. Trade 

Supply Co. h. 
White Krancis H. chaser, h. 

18 Briggs Chas. L.meat cutter,b. 
Hughes Alfred, jeweler, b. 
LaBree P. R. silver chaser, h. 
Williams Prank E.saHsmn. b. 
Williams Tharsa J. widow, h. 

21 Webb Samuel H. "Rev. h. 

22 Achurch Wm. H. designer, h. 
Penis Chas. R. electrician, h. 

»3 Haxon Andrew N. grocer, h. 
25 Ames Caroline J. Miss, b. 

Ames George B. broker, h. 
27 Manchester HenryP.b'kkpr.h. 
33 6ermershausenAnton,clerk.b. 

Germershausen Oscar, bk'kr.b. 

Germershausen V.engraver.h. 
37 Church Frederick A. clerk, b. 

Church Geo. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Church G. Dudley, student, b. 
40 Costine Jere. capt. police, b. 

Roth Earle. bookkeeper, b. 
43 Jepberson Geo. lum. dealer, h. 

47 Manchester S. H. Mr.&Mr8.h. 

57 Earle Jos. O. produce, h. 

65 Luther Wm. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Tetlow Walter, coachman 
69 Astle Elijah Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Astle Herbert J. tinware, h. 
Thorp Mary, widow, h. 
76 Moxley Martha A Miss, b. 

Reynolds P. B.Mr. & Mrs. h. 
82 Allen Chas. O. salesman, h. 
85 Cory Thos. B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
92 Potter EdmundG .carpenter, h. 
Potter Lillian A. Miss, tchr.b. 
95 Woodmancy E.A.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
Woodmancy W. H.bookkpr.b. 
Ill Anderson Lindsav, jr. mgr. h. 
Dexter Charles N. h. 
Seymour Daniel J. baker, h. 
115 Carpenter Elmer E. clerk, h. 
117 Carpenter William B. clerk, b. 
125 Peirce Herbert S. salesman,b. 
Peirce Tames B. jeweler, b. 
Peirce wm. B. Mr. and Mrs.h. 
146 Webster C. Mr. and Mrs. h. 

Webster John L. h. 
172 Remington ClarenceG. clerk, b. 
Remington H. gold refiner, h. 
Remington H. £. bookkpr. b. 

181 Bailey S. H. Mr. and Mrs. h. 
Bailey Sam'l H. jr. student, b. 

182 Weston Geo. F. Mr. and Mrs.h. 
188 Blake Eliza J. Mrs. b. 

Hawes Emily H. widow, b. 
Potter Eliza E. Mrs. nurse, b. 
Rand Franklin P. Mr.& Mrs.h. 

196 Sweet Walter L dentist, b. 
Sweet Walter P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

197 Prescott John R. furn. h. 

198 Fowler Tos. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

202 Orville L. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Fowler Matilda B. widow, h. 
Winsor Morton F.Mr.& Mrs.h. 

203 Batchellor L. M. Miss, music 

teacher, b. 

Otis Fred A. student, b. 

Otis James O. clerk, b. 

Otis Samuel A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Otis William P. clerk, b. 

Pierce Arnold S. wool sorter, b. 

Pierce James L. collector, h. 
206 Earle Georgiana E. Mrs. b. 

Hughes Wm. silversmith, h. 
208 Hinds F. B. Mr. and Mrs. h. 

Reynolds Lydia W. Miss, h. 
211 Tillinghast L. H. Mr. & Mrs h. 
2iirHagerty Bart, coachman, rms. 


House Dirbciory. 

Ad#lakle Kw.-— Continued, 

216 Menslng Gustave F. aapt. b. 
SI8 FordPraoklinD.accounUntth. 
222 Reminf^ton A. A. Mr. & Mr8.h.' 
225 Berr^ Rodolph, h. 
232 Morrison A. L. Dr. & Mrs. h. 

238 Arnold George C. Mr.& Mrs.h. 

239 Hancock C. %. Mr. ft Mrs. h. 
243 Chase Victoria D. Miss, b. 

Callowbill Percy T. designer, b. 

Darling Cora £. Miss, b. 

Sweet Reuben, Mr. & Mrs. h. 
246 Hough Angie D. Mrs. h. 

Hough Herbert D. jeweler, b. 

Root Robt. C. gunsmith, h. 

Smith Julia Miss, b. 
252 Harrington Martha Mrs. b. 

Kenyon Charles H. b. 

Kenyon John S. Mr. & Mrs. b. 
oor. Elm wood av., Huestis Harry 
P. carpenter, h. 

Hurd Geo. L. hay, etc. h. 
381 Potter Sarah C. widow, b. 

SeeChas. H., P. O. h. 

See Henry S. student, b. 
391 Barker Clarence P. wd. crvr.b. 

Barker Horace E.pttrn.mkr.h. 

Barker Horace R. b. 
407 Hawkins George A.bicycles,h. 

Hawkins John P. machinist, b. 
411 McAlice D. B. at Gorham's,h. 

Adelphl Avenue. 

10 Locke Warren S. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
It Stone Allison, trav. salesman, b. 

Stone Charles M. Mr. & Mr8.fa. 

Stone Henry M. Rev. h. 
12 Billings Edward B. clerk, h. 
15 HoTsman Oliver C. student, b. 

Spencer Everett L.mfr.jwr. h. 

17 Bush Edwin A. 2d. student, b. 
Bush Jesse M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

18 Edwards Seeber Mr. & Mrs.h. 
20 Tillingbast Geo. H. clerk, h. 
38 Cook Frederick Mr. & Mrs. h. 
42 McAuliffeJohnW.stoves,etch. 

46 Allen Fred'k W. Mr. ft Mrs.h. 

47 Harris Benj. P. Mr. ft Mrs. h. 
51 Upham Clark D. clerk, h. 

Upham Edwin, clerk, b. 

Adle Street. 

34 AroDson Carl, machinist, b. 
Tanson Emil, jeweler, b. 
Koren Carl, machinist, b. 
Ryden Claus. machinist, h. 

Adrairmi Street. 

n. Charles, Oriental Mills 

46 Munroe Leon I. teamster, b. 

Savage Eli, machinist, h. 
64 Bartlett Matilda L Mrs. h. 

Holt Henry A. Mrs. h. 
74 Conley Owen, electrician, b. 

Desmond John, operative, b. 

Dowd Prank, weaver, b. 

Fisher George, carpenter, b. 

Kelly John, boarding house 

Manning Wm. boilermaker, b. 

McGrath Tohn, laborer, b. 

Seymoar tames, machinist, b. 

Welch John, machinist, b. 

Whalen William, mason, b. 
97 Knight James H. foreman, h. 
10 1 Walpole John O. ins. agt h. 
117 Baddeley Emily A. Mrs. h. 

Bigger N. Thomas, h. 

Titus Lena, widow, h. 
119 Kelley Anna R. widow, b. 

Kelley Henry F. b. 

Lapham Augustus. carpent'r,h. 

Rankin Clarence, laborer, b. 

Rankin Prederick,8ale8man,h. 
cor. Suffolk, BamforthE. forem'n h. 

Barlow Wm. overseer, h. 

DuxburyBerthaL. Miss, mil* nr. 

Duxbury John, overseer, h. 
cor. Berkshire, Clark Henry L. 
conductor, h. 

Taylor Hiram, comber, b. 

Trodden Peter J. jeweler, h. 
130 Elliott Bridget, widow, h. 

Hayes Joseph, loomfizer, h. 
132 Caae John, dresser, b. 

Gilboy Annie, widow, h. 
207 Bardsley John E. machinisth. 

Blount Samuel, toolmaker, h. 
209 Cull James, pressman, h. 

Kirby Charles M. police, h. 
SIX Chatterton Wm . H .mach'nst.h. 
217 Cassda Ernest L clerk, b. 

Cassda Wm. carpenter, h. 

Paine Albert W. conductor, h. 

224 Admiral Pharmacy 

225 Parker John, draftsman, h. 
227 Bamingham Chas. carp'ntr. h. 
233 Patstone Wm. T. grocer, h. 
235 Osborn Susan H. widow, h. 
241 McCuUough R. G. physician 

Smith P. M. Mrs. b. 
243 Dawson Jas. carriage mkr. b. 

Dawson John W. student, b. 
250 Graham William H. grocer 

Hoosx DituRrroRY. 


Oie haDdred larieties of Yegctables ^» '^^iSS TSU^n. 

3S2 Graham William H. grocer* h. 

Graham William J. student, b. 
351 Todd Wmiam S. clerk, b. 
255 Dnsbory Heory, waiter, h. 
356 Bardaley Dakin, macbioist, h. 

Todd laabeUa B. Mrs. h. 

Todd William S. clerk, b. 
760 Hanson Beiij. dress tender, b. 

Hanson J. H. pattern mkr. b. 

Scbofield Wm. H. sboemkr. b. 
361 Call Bdward, laborer, b. 

Cull James, laborer, b. 

Keams John M. foreman, b. 
364 WorthingtonJ. T.macbinist,h. 

Wortbington Thos. mach. b. 
366 Bethane RobL L. machinist, b. 

iohoson Eric, operative, h. 
[cCartfay Florence, b. 

McCarthy Justin, laborer, b. 

O'Donnell Catharine, widow, h. 

O'Donnell Charles £. mason, b. 

O'Donnell Joseph J. lather, b. 
373 Scattergood Edward, clerk, h. 

Scattergood E. H. bookkpr. b. 
274 Newman Samuel, laborer, b. 

Pickford Sarah, widow, h. 

Tansey Martin, dresser, b. 
376 Dobson Wm. G. hairdresser, h. 
3lo Arrouquier Wm. butcher, h. 

Gilliese James, laborer, b. 

Gilliese Thomas A. weaver, b. 

Shea James W. machinist, h. 
381 Dronsfield Joseph, supt. h. 

Hopkins William A. clerk, b. 

Horseiield Louisa Miss, b. 
3S4 Dazbury T. H. stair b'ldsr. h. 

Worth ington Joseph E. h. 

386 Wortbington Mary, widow, h. 
Worthingtoo T. machinist, b. 

387 Oderman C. Mrs. dressmaker 
Oderman J. P. tel. operator, b. 
Robinson John, dresser, h. 

390 I>rew Blisa A. widow, h. 
Drew John A. b. 

391 Burton Joseph, loom fixer, h. 
394 Dronsfield A. J. asst. supt h. 
100 Buckley Isaac, dresser, b. 

O'Brien Dennis J. teamster, h. 

Whitwortb Prank, laborer, b. 
301 Ogden Alfred, machinist, h. 
103 Dawson I. W. master mech.h. 

Dawson Mary Miss, hi 

308 Parker John, grocer 

309 Parker Chas. M. carpenter, h. 
Riding Albert, overseer, h. 

313 Dnggan John H. mason, h. 

314 Butler Walter J. driver, b. 

Simmons C.Benj. lunch cart,h. 

Simmons C. Benj. jr. clerk, b. 
318 Carroll Geo. H. machinist, h. 

Cadow Pred W. machinist, b. 

Goode Jessie, widow, h. 
3^3 Bridge Wm. H. machinist, h. 
324 Parker Joseph, at Screw Co.b. 

Parker Sam 1, variety store, h. 

Simmons Levina B. widow, h. 
337 Hambly Mabel Mias, b. 

Nichols Charles P. h. 

Nichols Chas. T. draftsman, b. 

Nichols Marcelia, widow, h. 

Whitcomb L. H. at B. & S. h. 
342 Bardsley John E. painter, b. 

Bardsley Joseph, painter, h. 

McDonald Margaret Miss, b. 

345 Drury Mary E. widow, h. 
Dugan Hugh, mason, h. 

346 Anderson Engre, widow, b. 
Carlson Gustaf, machinist, h. 
Catlow Albert, machinist, h. 

354 Bardsley Joseph H. painter, h. 

Bardsley L. Mrs. vocal teachr. 
356 Bam ford John, painter, b. 

Bamford Joseph, clerk, b. 

Bam ford Kuth, widow, h. 

Bamford Thomas, b. 

Bardsley M. A. Miss, nurse, b. 

Quarmby Eli. mason, b. 

Quarraby George W. helper, b. 

363 Cassidy Charles W. pi umber,b. 
Cassidy Elizabeth Miss, b. 
Cassidy Ellen, widow, b. 
Cassidy Ellen J. Miss, grocer 
Cassidy Michael T. mason, b. 
Cassidy Patrick H. coal, etch. 
Cassidy Thomas B pi umber, h. 
Nolan Tames J. lawyer, b. 
Nolan William D. porter, b. 

364 Ivandro Raffaele, grocer, h. 
366 Babato Guiseppe, laborer, b. 

Calippa Prancesco, laborer, h. 

Ciccone Retilio, laborer, b. 

Conte Antonio, hairdresser, h. 

Gerardi Chas. hairdresser, b. 

Ivandro Raffaele, grocer 

Iszi Nuziato. laborer, b. 

PersichinoGiuseppe. laborer, b. 

Petrocelli Gennaro,laborer, b. 

Pontarelli Achille, laborer, b. 

Puntarelli Antonio, laborer, b. 
371 Cassidy Patrick H.coal & wood 
374 Gallippo Alessandro, tailor, h. 

Giuliani Sabbatino, laborer, h. 


HousB Directory. 

Admiral St. ^Continued, 

374 Savaiani Giovanni, laborer, b. 

375 Parillo G. hairdresser 

377 Botere Micheal, laborer, b. 

Cosani Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Parrillo Frank, h. 

Parrillo G. hairdresser, b. 

Parrillo Luigi, teacher, b. 
379 Colacci Michael, shoemkr. h. 
387 Dawson Tas. H. provisions, h. 

Dawson James W. derk, b. 

Maher Cornelius, wheel wrt. b. 

Maher John, carpenter, b. 

Maher Richard, carpenter, h. 
389 Dawson Tames H. provisions 

Dawson fames W. clerk, b. 
396 Dobson Walter, machinist, h. 
406 Roney Thomas P. machinist, h. 

Rooney John, weaver, b. 

Rooney Robert, b. 
4x6 Bucci rietro A. laborer, b. 

Car nolo Saver io, mason, b. 

Castronuovo A. shoemaker, h. 

Cirelli Michele, laborer, h. 

Coppola Raffaele, laborer, b. 

D'Amelio Giovanni B. lab*r,b. 

D'Amelio Titta, laborer, b. 

De Sautis Nicola, laborer, b. 

Ferri Giuseppe, laborer, h. 

Mancusi Luigi, laborer, b. 

Puntarelli S. D. T. laborer, b. 

Ricci Costanzo, laborer, b. 

Ritota Bartolomeo, laborer, b. 

Vacca Antonio, laborer, b. 
430 Admiral St. Primary School 
521 Carney Michael R. mason, h. 

McGinn Edward, driver, h. 
715 Arnold Abby B. nurse, b. 

Brown Arnold W. machinist, b. 
733 Rochon Hormidas, jr. driver, h. 
814 Arnold Edwin C. conductOr,h. 

Arnold Stephen S. laborer, b. 

Witham E, Chester, fireman, b. 
849 Cohen Robert, baker, h. 

Noack August, weaver, h. 

Affleck Avenue. 

n. SociaWagger E.| watch man, h. 
Potts Thomas, machinist, b. 

Africa Street. 

I Hennessey Elizabeth, wid. h. 
McElroy Catharine A. wid. h. 
McElroy F. H. student, b. 
10 Paulsen Arvid, machinist, b. 
Paulsen Helmer, teamster, b. 

10 Paulsen Per, helper, h. 
Sundin Axel K. H. clerk, b. 
Sundin Oscar, druggist, h. 

12 Brennan Michael, hostler, h. 
Wright Thos. H. shoemakr. h. 

14 Kain Margaret A. widow, h. 
McEntee Mary, widow, h. 
McEntee Phihp J. clerk, b. 

n. Arthur av. Africa St Primary 

22 Cambio Alphonso, tailor, h. 
Muccmo Castin, tailor, h. 
Muccino Peter, hairdresser, b. 
Muccino Thomas, tailor, b. 
Pal umbo Peter, tailor, b. 
24 Lavin John H. liquors, b. 
Lavin ratrick, machinist, h. 
Lavin Patrick,jr.copp'smith,b, 
Marnane Cornelius, clerk, h. 
Marnane James, driver, b. 
McKenzie Bernard, jeweler, b. 
McKenzie Thomas, jeweler, b. 
McSoley Jerome, clerk, b. 

Akerman Street. 

11 Baner Fritz, jeweler, h. 

15 Knebel Carrie Mrs. h. 
Knebel Jacob, silversmith, b. 

19 Brown Frank J. brewer, h. 

20 Babcock Eklward R. janitor, h. 

22 McCann Patrick, h. 

Walsh Patrick, shoemaker, h. 

23 Elsey Robert G. teamster, h. 
27 Sullivan Mortimer, laborer, b. 
29 Healey Mary, widow, h. 

MuUer Theo. J. fireman, b. 

Paul Howard, laborer, b. 

Steinbach Oscar, brewer, b. 
34 Garvey John S. clerk, h. 

Roach George E. clerk, b. 

Roach Thomas, blacksmith, h. 
38 Murray Catherine Mrs. h. * 

Salisbury George, teamster, h. 
40 Luther George P. painter, lu 

Alatiama Avenue. 

170 Smith Edward K.harn*smkr.h. 

176 Candelet John E. carpenter, h. 
Candelet Walter, carpenter, b. 

177 Schafifer Wm. C.silversmith,h. 
181 Barr Frederick W. foreman, b. 

183 Baldwin Harriet J. Mrs. h. 
Baldwin Leon Fay N. mgr. h. 

184 Barr Frederick W. foreman, b. 
Hawkins E. E. letter carrier, b. 

187 Foster Geo. A. bookbinder, b. 

House Duuectory. 


i88 Hanglinger Richard }. h. 
191 Brown Chas. F.lithograpber.h. 
31 7 Peltham FrankB. stones tter.b. 
»i Jones Frank B. h. 
228 Smith Henry J. silversmith, h. 
239 Baker £dwin L. foreman, h. 
334 Snider Charles, carpenter, h. 
Snider Wesley, carpenter, b. 
346 Hilton John B. bookkeeper, h. 

350 Hawkes RasseU. machinist, b. 

351 Colbum Nancy Miss, h. 
Colbnm Samnel. coal, b. 
Mnnroe David H. carpntr. b. 
Manroe Duncan M. carpntr. b. 

355 Brown Walter S, foreman, b. 

358 McLaughlin Charles C. b. 

359 Carpenter Benj. E.jr.jV*ler,b. 
Carpenter B. E. gasfitter, b. 
Carpenter Hitty S. widow, b. 

263 Bowman Simon, machinist, b. 
38g Green William M. nniforms, b. 
291 Mathewson Geo. E. bat mfr. b, 
297 Edge wood M. E. Cburcb 

Aland Street. 

39 Creasy Mary, widow, h, 

n. Cemetery, Dorsey Peter, lab.b. 

Alaska Street. 

62 Beandin Mary S. Mrs. b. 
Roissy Deborah Miss, b. 
Roissy William P. b. 

63 McBnanev Francis, junk, b. 

66 Parrelly John E. machinist, b. 
Farrelly Margaret, widow, b, 

67 Banks Richard, ins. agt. b. 
Greene Thomas, dyer, b. 

71 Stockton Nicholas, laborer, h. 

Stockton Nicholas, jr. lab. b. 
lox Sl Pierre Alexandre, lather, b. 
n. Langdon, Allen Henry W. 
artesian wells 

Albert Court. 

5 Gallagher John T. teamster, h. 
Locke Thomas, operative, b. 
Mnrphy Patrick, driver, h. 

6 Manon Nelson, weaver, h. 
Withey Geo. operative, b. 

10 Bolar Thomas, operative, b. 
Bnrke James, weaver, b. 
Daniels Patrick, operative, b. 
Sbanley Patrick, weaver, b. 
Walsh John, laborer, b. 
Walsh Martin, weaver, b. 

11 Gibbons John, mason, b. 
Walsh Thomas F. laborer, h. 

13 Burke John, dyer. b. 
Burke Thomas, dyer, b. 
Maguire Alexander, finisher, b. 
Maguire Hugh, b. 
Maguire John, bartender, b. 
Maguire Patrick, jr. weaver, b. 

14 Howarth John, laborer, b. 
McCrave James E. painter, b. 
McCrave John F. operative, b. 
McCrave Mary, widow, b. 
McCrave Wm. H. operative, b. 
Rafferty Margaret Miss, b. 

Albro Street. 

6 Armeno Angelo, bairdrsr. b. 

Armeno Enrico, laborer, b. 

Baccari Giovanni, laborer, b. 

Falcone Giuseppe, sboemkr.h. 

DeMagistris Concezio,tmstr.b» 

DeMagistris Giacinto, lab. b. 

Picchione Francesco, lab. b. 

Tozzi Pasquale, laborer, b. 
10 Cunningham Margaret, wid.h. 

Murphy Hugh, painter, b. 

Ryan John, foreman, h. 

Ryan Walter, laborer, h. 

Sullivan J. P. upholsterer, b. 
14 Fitzgerald P. F. b. 

Murray Jane Mrs. rras. 
16 Blessinc; Annie, widow, b. 

Holland Patrick, gardener, b. 

Holland Patrick, jr. je\veler,b» 

McKenna Rosa Mrs. b. 
20 Brophy Mary E. widow, b. 

Cleeland William, driver, b. 
22 Callahan Albert, clerk, h. 

Parker Geo. W. n't'ngeng'r.b. 

Albro Court. 

38 Lindsay E. E. widow, h. 

Lindsay Richard M. folder, b. 

Lindsay William D. packer. b» 
42 Finneran Thos. J. team star, h. 

McCallum Dennis E. clerk, h. 

Aldrlch Street. 

12 Johnson Charles R. painter. b. 
cor. Rugby, AldrichSt.Prmry.sch, 
67 Purves John V. coal, h. 

Ricbarc^ Mary A. widow, h. 
87 Mulltn Albert H. toolmkr. b. 

Mullin Alzada B. dressmkr. b. 

MuUin George E. b. 

Mullin John E. carpenter, b. 
91 Parkinson F. H. machinist, b. 
95 Sanford T. A. C. confectioner 
1 01 Baker Edgar, teas. etc. h. 



Aldrich Si^—ConiiHned. 

105 Finley Matthew, gp^ocer, b. 

Macrnillan Daniel, clerk, b. 
Ill Eraser Horatio; teas, etc. h. 

Smith William, driver, b. 
114 Chalmers D. lithographer, h. 

Chalmers John T. clerk, h. 

Hyde Gea A engineer, b. 

Sulliv&n Joseph, jeweler, h. 
119 Willis Danford S. mason, h. 
131 Sowden Desire C. widow, h. 

Sowden J. M. dressmaker 

Aleppo Street. 

55 Martell Frank, carpenter, b. 
Martell Minnie Mrs drsmkr.h. 
Mulvey Hugh, laborer, h. 

57 Chatupka Albert, operative.h. 
Murphy Hugh, agent, h. 

58 Caul field Michael, laborer, b. 
Caul field Patrick, laborer, h. 
Caulfield William, helper, b. 
Con cannon James, oper. b. 

59 Boden Jane Mrs. h. 
Callaghan James operative, b. 
Edwards John, weaver, b. 
Peitte Joseph, stonecutter, b. 

bo Ainslie William, weaver, h. 

Duchesneau Ered, oper'tve, h. 
^3 Caulfield John, laborer, h. 

Fahey John, weaver, b. 

Rotter Karl, weaver, h. 
65 Forrest, Thomas, operative, h. 

Munie John, laborer, b. 

Rafferty Ellen, widow, h. 
<66 Dunnigan Margaret, h. 

70 Biennic Chris, operative, h. 
Neidling Paul, operative, h. 

71 Gillooly John, weaver, h. 

72 Colvin Barton A. piper, h. 
jColvin Edward O. weaver, b. 
Colvin William, operative, b. 
Williams Thomas, filler, h. 

76 Taylor John, dyer, h. 
78 Carroll Thomas, laborer, h 
S3 Pepler Albert, laborer, h. 
Sicard Lyman, weaver, b. 

Alexander Street. 

21 Brakenwagen Albert, h. 

Alfred Street. 

8 Dewey Edgar F. operative, b. 
Dewey Edwin A. carpenter, h. 
Dewey Elizabeth B. widow, h. 

22 Crothers Samuel, teamster, b. 

22 Crothers Wm. laborer, h. 

Crothers William 0.oper*tve.b. 

Kiefnan John, laborer, b. 

Mulvey Patrick, laborer, h. 

Mnlvey Robert W. operative, b. 
24 Donahue James, teamster, b. 

Donahue John, brakeman. b. 

Donahue Martha, widow, h. 

Lousier Zacharie, carpenter, b. 
t8 Brown Mary Mrs. h. 

Connelly Mary, widow, h. 

Neary Ellen, widow, h. 

Neary John, weaver, b. 

Neary Rodney W. weaver, b. 
30 Mizen Frank, weaver, b. 

Mizen Thomas, weaver, h. 

Murphy Joseph, machinist, I1. 
32 Dougherty John, operative, b. 

Lundy John, card grinder, b. 

Lnndy Thomas, h. 

64 Greene Geo. W. loomfixer, h. 

Alger Avenue. 

o McDearmid Daniel, silv's'mh,h 
3 Case Samuel T. h. 
II Akeroyd Tulius A. machinist, b. 

Akeroyd "iA. E. Mrs. h. 
1 7 Parsons Austin E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
45 Baker Fred M. Mr. & Mrs. b. 

Baker Wm. M. die cutter, b. 
51 Sawyer Elizabeth Mrs. b. 

VivadaAlbert,elocution tchr.h. 
53 Briggs Silas L. plumber, h. 

Schultz Walter C. clerk, h. 
56 Chubbuck Ed. A. salesman, b. 

Chubbuck Edw. T. oilclothing 
60 Broadbent Cbas.W. moulder, h. 
63 Greene George W. clerk, b. 

Greene Mary E. Mrs. h. 

Spencer Hattie M. Mrs. b. 
67 Rexford Fred'k C. student, b. 

Rexford Wm.J.jr. Mr.&Mrs.h- 
71 Johnson Emil, machinist, h. 

McGarvey David, machini8t,h. 
75 Brown M. A. watchman, b. 
88 Ballou George A agent, h. 

Ballon Louis H. clerk, b. 
91 Sharpies Henry, foreman, h. 

Sharpies Joseph, machinist, b. 
99 Hawkins Archie, jeweler, h. 

Snow Fred'k R. painter, h. 

Snow Wm. M. & Son, painters 
107 Arnold Wm. E. doors, sash, 
etc. h. 

Barden Luoinda, widow, b. 

House PotscTORv. 


113 Arnold Harry E. b'kkeeper.b. 
119 ReadCha& H. variety store, h. 

AUcast Street. 

Arptno Giovanni, laborer, h. 
Di Paola Domenico. laborer, b. 
Di Paolo Emilio, laborer, b. 
Scancio Giovanni,operative,b. 
Scuncio Giuseppe, laborer, h. 
Veneziali Lruigfi, laborer, b. 
Veneziali Vincenzo, oper. b. 

cor. Veto, Yamd Prank, laborer,b. 

Allen's Avenue. 

1 Donnelly Patrick, laborer, b. 
McGnire John, laborer, b. 
Rafferty Tames, laborer, b. 
Slavin John, laborer, h. 

a Campbell Archibald. t'mster,h. 
Keenan Thos. E. jeweler, h. 
Waters Edw. machinist, rms. 
3 Brown Henry J. coachman, h. 
4r Davis Coal do. 
6 Hope Carpet Cleaning Co. 
9 Coakley James L. bookkpr. b. 
Coakley Johanna Mrs. h. 
Coakley Robert, cleric, b. 
Coakley Thomas, clerk, b. 
Coaikley Wm. A. bookkpr. b. 
Kilmartin Manrice, laborer, h. 
It Brody James M. teamster, h. 
Brown Michael, teamster, b. 
Lenahan Cornelius, t'mster, b. 
X2 Conway Edmund, teamster, b. 
Conway Timothy, teamster, h. 
14 Doyle Joseph, teamster, b. 
McCarthy James, laborer, b. 
O'Neil Dennis, laborer, h. 
130 American Oyster Co. 
141 Capwell LieanderE.foreman,h. 
HcAmes Rneben G. lumber 
Hunter Amaziah. pile driver 
178 Almy Water Tube Boiler Co. 
foot Rhodes, Warren P.B. boatb'ldr 
n. Public, Lincoln Soap Works 
cor. Public, Providence Gas Co. 
cor. Seymour, Corinthian Yacht 
Thierlen John T. engineer, b. 
Upper George W. foreman, h. 
r. Pry James, mariner, h. 
n. Davis Benjamin, boat builder 

Allston Street. 

S McFadden Thos. carpenter, h. 
McFadden Thos. jr.spinner.b. 

5 Slack James, laborer, k* 
8 Kelley Catharine, widow, b. 

Kelley Tames, rubber wkr. b» 

Kelley Joseph A. knitter, b. 

Kelley Thomas, rubber wkr.b. 
10 Martin Mumford O. h. 
15 Holden Hamer, rubber wkr.h. 

Kirwin Paul P. pedler. h. 
19 Casey Julia Mrs. h. 

Duchesne Chas. W.blksmith.h. 

Huddleston Reuben,comber,b. 
22 McMillen A. N.PileCo.b. 

McMillen David S. clerk, b. 

McMillen James, machin't, h. 

Sheeban John A. clerk, h. 
47 Bramley Arthur, rubber wkr.b. 

Wilcox Joseph, bleacher, b. 

53 Carrigan Felix, rubber wkr. h. 
Carrigan Patrick, rub. wkr. b. 
Roberts Henry, stone cutter, h. 

54 Tones Edwin, filemaker, h. 

55 McCarroll John, laborer, h. 
Smith John, roller coverer, h. 

57 Dwyer Michael, rubber wkr.h. 
Smith Patrick, laborer, h. 

58 Hamilton Ann, widow, h. 
Hamilton Samuel, machinist, b. 

59 Walton Wm. machinist, h. 

61 Phillips Walter L. machinist, h. 

62 Hart James, laborer, h. 
Higgins Wm. F. boilermkr. h. 

63 Ahern Jeremiah, heater, h. 
O'Neil James H. carpenter, h. 

64 Miller Mary J. widow, h. 
Murray Frank, mason, h. 

65 Murray Michael, tailor 
70 Carlos Patrick, paver, h. 

Keelty Patrick, file cutter, h. 

72 Brennan Owen, laborer, h. 
Heaphy Michael, laborer, h. 

73 Radigan James, mar. wkr. h. 
75 Welch James, brakeman, b. 
81 Okerberg Fred'k, moulder, h. 
83 Redpath Andrew, rub. cut. b. 

Alma Street. 

10 Brown Whitaker, weaver, b. 

HalversoD M. stone cutter, b. 

Hodgson Mary, widow, h. 

Hodgson William, spinner, U 

Nelson Nels helper, h. 
12 Hanson Andrew, helper, b. 

Hanson Fred, laborer, b. 

Hanson Johanna, widow, h. 

Swanson Chas. laborer, b. 

Timothy O'Connor, Florist, 

Blackstone Boulevaru 

and _ 

272 Westminster SU 


House Directory. 

Alma 5t« — Continued. 

13 Darcy Thomas E. police, b. 
Darcy Wm. W. clerk, b. 
Parrell Ann, widow, h. 
Farrell M. Miss, dressmkr. h. 
McNiven Prank, driver, b. 
Payne George H. teamster, h. 

14 Lagerquist John P. mch. b. 
Nelson Ernest W. teacher, b. 

15 Colson Andrew, machinist, h. 
Dafgard Charles L. janitor, h. 
Dafgard Dorothy, widow, b. 
Thurn Alben, clerk, b. 

16 Anderson Matilda, widow, h. 
Gustafson Canute, polisher, b. 
Johnson Carl, helper, b. 
Walter Herman, carpenter, h. 

17 Heffernan Jane, widow, b. 
Morrison Patrick H.linemn. h. 

19 Dwyer Edward, laborer, h. 
Dwyer John J. jeweler, b. 
Sedgwick J as. J. brakeman, h. 

20 Crotty K. M. Miss, typewrtr. b. 
Doyle John P. fireman, h. 
Ryan Ja<;. H. patternmaker, h. 

21 Amzen Chas. blacksmith, h. 
Amzen Charles W. clerk, b. 
Arnzen Henry A. clerk, b. 
Arnzen Niles, U. S. V. b. 
Lemont Frank O. moulder, b. 
LemontT. Edwin, brakeman,h. 

23 Clarke Florence C. milliner, b. 

Clarke William P. h. 

McAuliffe Daniel J. porter, h. 

Viall Constranti, b. 
32 Carney Arthur, janitor, h. 

Millar Andrew H. engrraver, h, 

Almlra Avenue. 

I Hanley Prancis, carpenter, h. 

Almy Street. 

9 Avery Ann B. Mrs. h. 
Avery Sibyl H. Miss, tchr. b. 
Blake Elizabeth C. Mrs. b. 
Blake Herbert A. teacher, h. 
II Emerson A. Francis, wid. h. 

Emerson Clinton, P. O. h. 
15 Place Chas. J. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Sefton Annie P.Mrs.housekpr. 
Slade Howard R. paints, etch. 
19 Colwell Julia E. widow, h. 
Paine Susan D. Mrs. h. 
between Slocum and Meader, Almy 
Street Primary School 

27 Harris Henry H. h. 

Hay ward Walter. * 'Journal, "h . 

30 Wendelschaefer F. R. mgr. h. 

31 Barrett Emma P. Miss, b. 
Kelley Michael M. laborer, h. 
Tillinghast T. G. salesman, h. 

32 Downs Charles H. h. 

33 Donnelly Sarah B. widow, h. 
Grafe Theodore, tailor, h. 
Hunt Arthur, blacksmith, b. 
Hunt J. Arthur, horseshoer» b. 
Hunt Lewis W. machinist, h. 

33rCassidy Henry, helper, h. 
PerrinHenryP.file hardener,h. 

34 Harmon Everett I. clerk, h. 
Harmon Warren E. student, b. 

37 Clough Chas. M. conductor.b. 
39 Fink Daniel W. lawyer, b. 

Fink Henry S. jewelry, etc. b. 
41 Sanford A. H. Mrs. dressmkr. 
57 Emmons Amelia J. Miss, b. 

Ralph Allen B. hay, etc. h. 
59 Jackson H. T. trav. s'man, b. 

Jackson John H.trav.s*man,h. 
61 Baker Caroline P. widow, h. 

Baker Walter R. h. 

Potter Caroline P. Miss, h. 
64 Lythgoe Albert M. student, b. 

Lythgoe J. Mr, & Mrs. h. 

69 Spencer Chas. L. Mr.& Mrs.b. 
Spencer John C. artist, h. 
Spencer Wilton H. mill sup.b. 

70 Waters Hardin C. Mr.&Mrs.h. 

71 Crowell Elizabeth Mrs. h. 
Stone Arthur C. b. 
Stone Mary E. widow, h. 

72 WilliamsWalter S.Mr &Mr8.h. 

73 Rider Sidney S.Mr. & Mrs. h. 

74 Calef N. L.Miss,stenograp*r,h. 
Sanders Rebecca G. Miss, h. 

75 Cannell James, clerk, h. 
Stackpole George T. h. 
Stackpole Walter G.civ.eng.h, 

76 CoUer Charles A. clerk, b. 
Coller Chas. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

78 Disbrow Fred A. Mr. & Mrs.h. 

receiving day, Monday 
Disbrow Sarah A Mrs. b. 

79 Smith Wm. H. granite ctr. h. 

80 Day Catharine, widow, b. 
Kennedy A. J. policeman, h. 
Martin John, coachman, h. 

81 Campbell Helen P. widow, h. 
Hunt Louis R. machinist, h 
Lynch Catherine Miss, h. 
Murray William H. derk, b. 

House Dirsciory. 


81 Prew Mary Mrs. h. 

84 Coooey Bridget, widow, h. 

Coooey James, laborer, b. 

Doagoerty Michael, laborer.h. 

90 Connofs Mapa Mis^, h. 
Crompton James L. derk, b. 
Golden Annie Miss, dressmkr. 
Golden Ellen, widow, b. 
Golden Mark R. driver, b. 
Golden Martin A. clerk, b. 

91 Edmands B. B., K. I. Braiding 

Machine Co. h. 
93 Colton P. S. trav. salesn]an,b. 
Colton Mary F. widow, h. 
Colton Walter E. clerk, b. 
Hobson William H. clerk, h. 

93 Hood Arnold S., R. I. Bn^id- 

ing Machine Co. h. 
Tbnrston H. Edw. teller, h. 

94 Evans Thos. consul ting eng. h. 

95 Gerber Herman, machinist, h. 
97 Delehanty Patrick J. teLopr.h. 
99 Riley Thomas P. stonesetter,h. 

100 Mcwilliams Catharine, wid.h. 

McWilliams D. P. bookkpr. b. 

Mc Williams Pred, clerk, h. 

McWilliams Jas. H. mach. b. 

McWilliams fos. E. clerk, b. 

Rogers Prank, laborer, h. 

Rogers J. P. sign painter, b. 
xoi Walsh Thomas, bricklayer, h. 
103 Kirby Abner T. dentist, h. 

Aloe Street. 

I Tnmell John T. clerk, h. 

Alphonso Street. 

9 Lee Abraham, b. 

Lee James W. machinist, h. 
10 Brown Prederick, boilermkr.b. 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, b. 

Phillips Chas. cook, h. 

Rooney Michael, laborer, b. 

Sollivan Delia, widow, h. 
12 Kieman Philip, laborer, h. 

Magee Joseph, jeweler, b. 

Winters John, derk, h. 

Althea Street. 

33 Fleming Christ'r, plasterer, h. 

35 Boms Eliza J. dressmaker, h. 

Teixeira Antone, carpenter, h. 

39 Pyne James, teamster, b. 
Pyne John, teamster, h. 

40 Johnson Gnstave J. mach't, h. 
Sjoberg Carl, machinist, h. 

4S Cannon John, clerk, b. 

49 McAnally Francis P. painter, b. 

Mc Anally John J. painter, b. 

McAnally Mary, widow, h. 

O'Garra Hanora Miss, b. 
57 Conley John J. carr'ge. pntr.h. 

Dragon Frances, widow, h. 

Hamel Octave P. jeweler, h. 
61 Dragon Joseph, carpenter, h. 

Gibbons Chas. sailmaker, h. 

O'Neil Wm. carr'ge painter, h. 
65 Kelly John J. card grinder, h. 
73 Heaney Tames, brewer, h. 

Murrayjohn B. jeweler, h. 
77 Chace Thos. W. carpenter, h. 

§uigley Matthew A.dresser,h. 
arker Edw. P. engineer, b. 
Hopkins Jeremiah, mason, h. 
Hopkins william.enameller.b. 
8[ Bourget Joseph, laborer, h. 

Pelletier Horace, jeweler, h. 
83 Gowdey Mary E. widow, h. 
Kelly Mary, widow, h. 
Wells Leon L. teamster, b. 
Wood Harry M. painter, b. 
87 Bowers John H. driver, h. 
Campbell John S. clerk, h. 
Hagan John, plasterer, h. 
93 Dnnnigan Wm. T. plumber, h. 
Taylor George H. painter, h. 
93r Bennett Albert M.carpenter,h. 
95 Hofmayer George F. grocer 
Hofmayer Mary, widow, h. 
105 Bvron Martin, grocer, h. 
Cnedell Geo. H. painter, h. 
Layfield Wm. A. macbinist,h. 
Leferaner Raymond, lather, h. 
107 Byron Martin, grocer 
109 Kelley Mary Miss. h. 

Nichols Parker B. driver, b. 
Ill Elmer John, teamster, b. 
Holden Eliza Miss, b. 
Holden Frank, mason, b. 
Storey John R. machinist, b. 
113 Barnes George M. D. b. 

Callahan Chas. W. brewer, h. 
121 Mullen Mary A. Miss, b. 

125 Kelley Bridget Mrs. b. 
Smith Richard J. packer, b. 
White Horace fl.motorman.h. 

126 Hanley refiner,b. 
128 Packer Sam'l operator, b. 
133 Carignan C. Gorbam's,b. 

McEneney T.F.draubtsm'n,b. 
McEneney J. H. wood carv. b. 
McEneney Owen, melter, b. 
NcEneney M. Miss, drsmkr.b. 



Althea Si.^Contmu€d, 

133 McGlinn Mary, Miss, h. 

134 Drinan John T. jr. chaser, b. 

tepson &dwin, polisher, h. 
epson Fred, machinist, b. 
epsoQ Joseph, polisher, b. 
f cCabe James rl. Mrs. h. 
Roe Frederick W. clerk, h. 
39 Angell Edw T, compositor, h. 
Bowers Wm.D. dresser tndr.h. 
41 Doian Martin, clerk, b. 
Dolan Michael, folder, h. 

46 Lenehan Michael, laborer, h. 

47 Smith Arthur J. rubbr. wkr.h. 
Sweeney Daniel, plasterer, h. 
Sweeney Dan'l E. plasterer, b. 
Sweeney Joseph J. plasterer, b. 

43 Donahue Michael, laborer, h. 

Donahue Michael W. elec. b. 
49 Adamson David H. b. 

Adamson Philip H. janitor, h. 

51 Clauss Eugene A. clerk, h. 

52 Gay Calic, jeweler, h. 
Potter Benj. S. engineer, h. 

54 Gould Alfred, gas burners, h. 

Gould Franklin, h. 
73 Fournier Joseph T. h. 
75 Spencer Harold C. artist 

Steere Frederick L. engr. h. 

78 McQuilty William S. h. 

79 Link John S. h. 

McSoley Barth'mew.foremn.h. 

80 Foster Stillman A. foreman, h. 
84 Scales Benj. S. musician, h. 
86 Hopkins Charles W. clerk, h. 
88 Moore James, compositor, b. 

Moore Margaret, b. 

Spencer Charles E. clerk, h. 
93 Fiske Daniel S. b. 

Fiske Henry B. fruit dealer, h. 
95 Henrys Wm. R. silversmith, h. 
97 Chapman J. M. machinist, b. 
99 Chapman Ellen, widow, h. 

Chapman Ellen T. dressmaker 

Chapman Frank A. b. 

204 Coakley Edward D. police, h. 

205 Downing John T. clerk*, h. 
207 Kitson Percy, clerk, h. 

215 March ant Arthur J. jeweler, b. 

Marchant Eugene W. coal and 
426 Green Isaac, operative, b. 

Green Joseph, n. 

Major Hugh, plumber, h. 

Murtha Martin, watchman, h. 

Alton 3tr«et. 

3 Downey Peter, laborer, h. 

7 Corm ier Patrick, rubber wkr. h* 

Walker John J. laborer, h. 
9 Jones Prank, mbber wkr. h, 

10 Campbell John B. mason, h. 
Campbell Mary, teacher, b. 

1 1 Downs John R. moulder, h. 
McGirr Michael* laborer, h. 

15 Plynn Bridget, widow, h. 

Flynn John, file cutter, b. 

Gibson George, machinist, h. 

Haran John T. police, h. 

Haran Mary, teacher, b. 

Haran Patrick, file cutter, b. 

Osfield Annie, housekeeper 
18. Turbitt James, laborer, b. 

Turbitt John C. weaver, b. 

Turbitt Joseph, b. 

Turbitt Peter, h. 
19 Mulhearn John, painter, h. 
38 Dean James F. aver, h. 

Riley James, rubber wkr. h, 

40 Hawkins Edwin B. mach. b. 
Hitchcock Chas. R.foreman,h. 

41 Campbell Wm. R. finisher, h. 
Dugan William, jeweler, b. 
Johnson Charlotte, widow, b. 

43 Kell^ Michael H. collector, h. 

44 Banigan James, laborer, b. 
Lyons James, laborer, h. 

47 Bramley Wm. machinist, h. 
Shippee Benj. R. file grinder, h. 

48 Finnerty John, laborer, b. 
Finnerty Michael, laborer, h. 
Gibbons Patrick, laborer, b. 
Martin Francis J. fireman, h. 
Martin John, driver, b. 
Martin Thos. F. J. moulder,b. 
Mulleeney John, laborer, b. 

49 Mulligan J. K. loom fixer, h. 
Walsh John F. moulder, h. 

51 Doorley Patrick, paver, h. 
McNiflt James, helper, h. 

52 Grady John, laborer, h. 
Grady Martin, file cutler, b. 
McCaughey Edward, b. 
McCaughey Hugh,fileforger,b. 

56 Mainey Lot, plasterer, h. 

Alumni Avenue. 

24 Snow Geo. M. Mr. and Mrs. h. 
26 PeirceChris*ph'rA.Mr &Mrs.h. 
Peirce Walter P. b'kkeeper, b. 
28 Carter John A.Mr.and Mrs. h. 
30 Chase Caroline Miss, h. 

House Directory. 


Best Canoed Goods, provwaice PuSlc Market go. 

30 Chase Ralph S. student, b. 

Cfx>mwell CarciHue A. Miss, b. 
44 Earle Charles R. Mr. & Mrs.h. 

Earle Courtland C. student, b. 

Earle Hope A Miss. b. 
56 Davis Ellen M. Mrs. h. 
62 Metcalf Alfred Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Metcalf Guy, clerk, b. 
64 Barvrell Wm. C. Mr. & Mrs. b. 

Knowles Mary A. Mrs. h. 

Alversoa Avenue. 

13 Crandall Edw. S. milk d'lr. b. 

13 Blair Georg^e E. driver, b. 
Blair George W. watchman, b. 
Stone Caroline E. widow, b. 
Stone C. Pred, milkman, b. 
Stone Orville E. foreman, b. 

14 Harris Pred R. silversmith, h. 
Hatch Walter H. carpenter, h. 

15 Smith Joseph, h. 

16 Snow John E.. U. R. R. h. 
WinsorEmma A.Miss,drs'mkr 
Winsor Mary E. Miss,dr,smkr 

17 Thayer Edwin L. conductor^h. 

18 Cbadbourn Prederick G. h. 
Morse WalterH. second band.b. 

19 Wood Thomas, florist 

20 Dickinson George, overseer, h. 
24 Watson EdwardJ.caq)enter,b. 

Wood Thomas H. florist, h. 
36 Clark E. Lewis, coffin mfr. b. 
28 Fiske Andrew S. motorman,b. 

Fiske Herbert A. student, b. 

Francis William J. collector,b. 

Sawyer leremiah, painter, b. 
32 Adams Joseph W. painter, b. 
47 Rothemich wm. H. mach.b. 

Sullivan Wm. E. machinist, b. 

51 Lincoln Alfred C. machin. b. 
Lincoln Louis E. milkman, b. 
Lincoln Mabel C. M. b. 

52 Dakin Abra. dresser tender, b. 
Streker Charles, laborer, h. 
Timperly Bridget Mrs. b. 

55 Stillman D. J. expressman, h. 
Walch Charles L. iceman, h. 

56 Hiland James, ins. agt h. 
Randall Josephine Mrs. b. 

57 Sanford Annie L. widow, h. 

58 Hughes William, bicycles, h. 
Watson Wm. H. watchmkr. h. 
Wicks Adelbert, carpenter, h. 

59 Howland Albert L. clerk, b. 

59 Howland Isaac, overseer, h. 

67 Baldwin Jas. D. contractor, h. 

68 SchreinerJohn A. cigar mkr.b. 
Steere Frank A. iceman, b. 

70 Congdon Albert, h. 

71 Baxter Walter W. b. 
Spencer I. G. milkman, b. 

73 Poble H. C. grocer, b. 

Thayer car barn.b. 

76 Perkins Warren C. carpntr. b. 
Thurston George H.,P.P.D.h. 
Tucker Edgar Mrs. b. 

77 Taylor Fred'k W. var. store.b. 
Taylor P. W. Mrs. dressmkr. 

78 O'Neill John, overseer, h. 

79 Taylor Fred'k W. vary, store 
82 Marshall S. J. Mrs. var. store 
88 Dakin John F. mfr. jeweler.h. 

Gibson Prank, moulder, b. 

Marshall S. 

Wilman Henrietta, widow, b. 
92 Brown Noble C. inspector, b. 
94 Kelly Michael, wool sorter, h. 
lorj Blancbard Josepb,milkman,b. 

Dyer Edw. P. vet. dentist, b. 

English Thomas J. clerk, h. 
loi Potter James T.wool sorter.b. 
103 LaCross Joseph, overseer, h. 

Lacross Wm. S. driver, b. 
losrBrindle Evan, grocer, h. 

Wood Joseph L. butcher, b. 
106 CrowtherRodnevW.painter,b. 

Plynn Michael L. painter, b. 
114 Shawcross Edward J. clerk.b. 

Whittle Mary Mrs. b. 
117 Austin Eugene A. b. 

Brown James A. G. clerk, b. 

FletcberGeo. A. pattern mkr.b. 

Grieve Andrew, weaver, b. 

Summerscales T. dres. tndr.b. 

119 Cammack Sarah H. widow, h. 
Johnson Newton L. driver, b. 
Sears Ellery, overseer, b. 

120 Congdon Jas. M. mas.mecb.b. 

121 Barnes Honour, widow, b. 
124 Barker Tbos. H. machinist, h. 
129 Williams Byron S. milk dlr. h. 

Williams Stephen P. b. 

148 Daw Harry, machinist, h. 

149 Frail Edward, machinist, b. 

150 Ryder Wm. H. overseer, b. 
154 Goodwin Geo, W. roll cov, h. 

Nichols John J. loom fixer, h. 

Scowcroft Robt. loomfixer, b. 
157 Horsman William, b. 
161 Cooper Annie, widow, b. 


House Directory. 

Alverson Ky.— Continued, 

i6i Fletcher J. T. pianos, h. 

Scott Chas. rubber worker, h. 

Scott W. Walter, operative, b. 
163 Gibson, Titus, janitor, h. 

165 Powers Mary, widow, h. 
Sutcliffe Edw. operative, h. 

166 Sutill Priestly, machinist, h. 
168 Allen John, operative, h. 

170 Rabbitt John F. dep.sherifiE,h. 

Ambrose Street. 

3 Gleeck Abraham, laborer, h. 
Got fried Nathan, pedler, h. 

4 Cutler Chas. tinsmith, h. 
Cutler Jake, jeweler, b. 
Cutler Samuel, provisions 
Roshen B. pedler, h. 
Sherman Harvey, tailor, h. 
Valedofsky K. cap maker, h. 

5 Coniiskey Jacob, pedler. h. 
Gotfried Michael, pedler, h. 

10 Markowitz Abraham, pedler, b. 
Markowitz Harris, teacher, h. 
Markowitz Israel, pedler, h. 
Wyner Isaac, pedler, h. 

13 Schwarz Abraham, baker 

Smith Joseph, baker, b. 
15 Goldberg Bernard, grocer, h. 

Symon Philip, carpenter, h. 
29 Carrigan Ellen, widow, h. 

Flint James, laborer, h. 

Hanley Patrick, laborer, h. 

Tanner Joanna, widow, h. 
31 Reynolds Catharine, widow, h. 

Reynolds Michael, h. 

Tracy Wm. C. mason, b. 
38 Johnson Alexander, laborer,h. 

Lipshitz Hiram E. agent, h. 

Lipshitz Nathan, teacher, b. 

Rudorsky John, laborer, b. 

America Street* 

9 Goodwin Thomas, laborer, b. 
McElmeel M. foreman, h. 
McGinn Patrick, laborer, h. 
McGinn Wm. F. laborer, b. 
Monahan John C. tailor, h. 
Mellen Patrick, laborer, h. 

11 McSoley William, baker, h. 
McSoley Wm. H. civ. eng. b. 
Stamp Arthur G. machinist, h. 

15 Ford Michael, filecutter, h. 

Washington Edw. wire wkr.b. 
17 Callahan James, painter, b. 

Delphin John, shoemaker, h. 

17 Hagerty D. S. machinist, h. 

LaPoUa Francesco, hairersr.b. 

Sullivan Timothy, clerk, b. 
21 Cole Margaret C. widow, h. 

McGinnis Eliza, widow, h. 

McKenna Patrick, b. 
23 Graf William, b. 

Schutz John P. cook, h. 

Schutz Leo, cook, b. 
25 Rogers James, machinist, h. 

Rogers J. Edwin, P. O. b. 

Rogers Sarah P. Miss,drsnikr. 
27 Bannon John, liauors, b. 

McGuire Ellen Miss, h. 

McGuire I . T. harnessmkr. h. 
29 Hart Michael F. laborer, h. 

McCusker Mary Mrs. h. 

McElroy Edward, laborer, b. 

Meegan Charles, driver, h. 
31 Collins Jane, widow, h. 
33 Bradfield John J. clerk, b. 

Cooney John J. moulder, h. 

Farrell Pat*k J. sec hand, h. 

Sherlock James, moulder, b. 
35 McVey Francis H. liquors, h. 
37 Lindsay James K. h. 

McCaffrey Pafk, jr. lab. L. 

Ramsden Delia, widow, h. 
41 Ahearn Daniel, auctioneer, h. 
- Ahearn Joseph, hostler, b. 

Ahearn Mary A. Miss, h. 

Ahearn Timothy, agent, b. 

44 Bonner John A. jeweler, b. 
Farrell Samuel T. jeweler, h. 
Larkin James F. clerk, b. 
Larkin Patrick H. machin.h. 

45 Devereauz J. J. F. ins. ag^. h. 
Tames Mary F. Miss, nurse, b. 
Northup R. G. eating house, h. 

46 McGuirl Thomas F. clerk, h. 
48rCarolan James, jeweler, h. 

Carolan Jas. A. elec. pltr. b. 
Snow Frank H. clerk, h. 
49 Drisko George D. h. 
Gorman Ann, widow, b. 
O'Loughlin Tas. H.plumber.h. 

51 Jordan H. L. dresser tndr. b. 
Jordan Lucy A. widow, h. 

52 Cole Tames M. jr. clerk, h. 
Cole Joseph W. H. clerk, b. . 
Lanni Joseph, hairdresser, b. 
Melfi Ernest E. clerk, b. 

53 Cole Frank L. filecutter, b. 
Cole Martha, widow, h. 
Moss Benjamin, filegrinder, h. 
Moss Mildred E. Miss, tchr. b. 

House Directory. 


53 Hogs Phebe M. Miss,steno'r.b. 
Moss William B. stndeot, b. 

54 Cerbo Ferdinando, physician 
Costantino Pulfj^engio, h*rdsr. h. 
De Pasqnale A. R.hairdressr.b. 
Heoderson James, clerk, h. 
Rnssitano Antonio, jeweler, b. 

57 CarpenierW.H. iron founder, h. 
Preston Annie Lf. Miss. b. 
Preston Henry C. Mrs. h. 

55 Hatter William, brewer, h. 
6i Baker Allen, h. 

Baker Frederick D. clerk, b. 
Baker H. E. Mrs. h. 
Cole John W. b. 
lUins^orth Jachin,com.trav.b. 
68 Worden Marcus M. grocer 

64 BlickfaldtKnutA.dr*gbtsmn.h. 
Horton Moses W. b. 
Tanner Jeremiah, b. 

65 Ballon Elmer S. clerk, b. 
Ballon William L. h. 
Potter J. H. salesman, b. 

67 Collins Carrie F. Mrs. h. 
71 Harmon Fred E. jeweler, b. 

Harmon John C. provisions, h. 
73 Gay Anna, widow, h. 

King Geo. W. roof paint, h. 

King Mary E. Mrs. dressmkr. 
77 Ballon Daniel R. lawyer, h. 
76 Fifield Henry A. clerk, h. 

Pifield Henry L. student, b. 

Stott John, agent, b. 
81 Loveidl James N. h. 

Spn^rne Charles F. fireman, h. 
35 Allen A. May Miss, teacher, b. 

Allen Reuben L. optician, h. 
M Annstrongr Mary, widow, b. 

Horton Frances A. widow, h. 

Wesley Alice P. mus. tchr. h. 

Wesley Joseph B. manager, h. 

Wesley Ferley R. clerk, b. 

89 Case Clarence W. police, h. 
Randall Joshua O. Rev. h. 

SgrBnrt Albert G. pattern mkr. h. 
Burt Arthur H. pattemmkr. b. 

90 Barker Annette Mrs. b. 
Barker Edear R. mfg. jewlr. h. 
Haxford H. Miss, teacher, b. 
Hnzford J. A. picture frms. h. 

94 Jones I>oais B. scale bldr. b. 
Tmesdell Calvin,h. 

95 Girvin Samuel, bookkeeper, h. 
Wesson Carolyn V.G. wiaow,h. 

100 Downs Amelia £. widow, b. 
Greeley Elisabeth M.widow,b. 

100 Greeley Waldo E. h. 

Peckham Leonora D. Mrs. h. 
loi EichenbergJ.precio's8tones,h. 

103 Banister Robert B. h. 
Gardiner Mary J. widow, h. 

104 Connolly Louise Miss, h. 
Masterson Delia J. widow, h. 
Whipple M. L. Mrs. dressmkr. 

Ames Street. 

2 Brogan Sarah, widow, b. 

Cashion Thomas, laborer, h. 

Doyle James M. pedler, h. 

Durkin James, laborer, b. 
4 Donnelly Patrick, carpenter. h. 

Lovett Bridget, widow, h. 

Lovett William, painter, b. 

Montgomery J. H. filegrind'r,h. 

Win^e John, bostler, b. 
32 Gilchrist Micb'l J. carpenter,h. 

Sullivan John F. clerk, h. 
26 Curran Elizabetb, widow, h. 

Curran Thos. rubber wkr. b. 

Doyle John W. rubber wkr. b. 

GilDride Edward, laborer, b. 
28 Earley William, laborer, b. 

Kennedy Michael, laborer, b. 

McCarron Patrick, laborer, b. 

McBlroy James, laborer, b. 

McKenna James, laborer, b. 

Amherst Street. 

9 Bucklin W. I. jr. machinist, h. 

Gross Charles, weaver, b. 

Leneban Patrick, teamster, b. 
17 Creigbton Julia, b. 

Rylands Thomas C. spinner^b. 
19 Bomely Albert, machinist, b. 

Laubusch William, laborer, b. 

Matilo £. macbinist, b. 

Rotter Albert, weaver, b. 
38 Battle Charles, operative, h. 

Battle Stepben, operative, b. 

Davton M. widow, h. 

Girouard Charles, carpenter, b. 

Girouard Edward,carpenter,b. 
135 Booth Fred, clerk, b. 

Jackson Frederick, b. 

Jackson Joseph S. reporter, b. 

Jackson Mary, widow, h. 
138 Coen Ann, widow, h. 

Coen James E. P. weaver, b. 

Coen John, jr. b. 
153 Clough Ross, macbinist, b. 

Finnegan Honora, widow, b. 

Finnegan John H. dyer. b. 


House Drectory. 

Amherst St.^Coniinued, 

153 Finnegan Joseph, operative,b. 

Murray Patrick, mason, b. 
163 Corcoran John B. grocer, h. 

Corcoran Si. E. Mrs.dressmkr. 

Edgerton Mary, widow, h. 

Feeley Mary, widow, h. 

Fitzgerald Fatrick, weaver, b. 
175 Aspinwall Fred, finisher, h, 

Aspinwall Herbert, clerk, b. 

Berry Patrick, operative, h. 

Coleman Thomas, operative, b. 
178 Bowes John, h. 

Dugan Mary, h. 

Dugan M. J:. P. F. D. h. 
184 Cloude Joseph, carpenter, h. 

McGough Arthur, machinist, h. 
196 Ford George F. blacksmith, h. 

Nagle Michael, laborer, h. 
198 Gill Edward, engineer, h. 
200 Rogers Dominick, laborer, h. 

Rogers John, clerk, b. 

Scott John, liquors, h. 
202 Lee Sing, laundry 
204 Callahan Michael, liquors, h. 

McNally Ann E. widow, h. 

McNeal Sarah, widow, h. 
206 Kellv Joseph, liquors 

219 McMann Thomas jr. fish mkt. 

220 Gill John, laborer, h. 
Monahan Julia, widow, h. 
Monahan Thomas, weaver, h. 

221 McMann Thomas, jr. grocer 
224 Jackson John, machinist, h. 

Marshall Harry, laborer, b. 

O'Hara James, weaver, h. 

Taylor Fred'k, bartender, h. 
226 Meehan James, laborer, h. 

Wilson Nicholas, weaver, h. 
230 Cove Charles, weaver, b. 

Cove Margaret, widow, h. 

Jackson Thos. house fur. goods 
cor. Co veil, Covell Street School 
238 Burke Edward, laborer, h. 

Burke Michael, porter, b. 

Burke Patrick P. plumber, h. 

Harlow Ellen, widow, h. 

240 Cooney James S. hairdresser 

241 Hainsworth Jas. operative, h. 
Oslin Michael, overseer, h. 
Peel David, woolsorter, b. 

242 Hurley Thomas, carpenter, h. 
Jackson William G. painter, h. 

244 Ravnor Kate, variety store 
246 Dakin Thomas, spinner, h. 
Hirst William C. spinner, b. 

246 Sherlock Thomas, weaver, h. 
248 Hodgson Wm. machinist, h. 
251 Hartley James H. weaver, h. 

Johnston Joseph, grocer 
255 Cahill Thomas, laborer, b. 

Elgar Lewis, operative, h. 

Kilduff Edwara, weaver, h. 

McLaughlin James, iaborer,b. 

Quinn Margaret Mrs. h. 

Salmon Michael, laborer, b. 

Tourey Joseph, weaver, h. 

258 Finneran Bernard J. t*mster,h. 
Gordon Rose, widow, h. 

259 McSoley Arthur, jr. liquors 

260 Berry William, weaver, h. 
Whalen Elizabeth, h. 

263 Conaty Ellen, widow, b. 

Kleitgner Shelman . shoemkr. h. 
McSoley Arthur, butcher, h. 
McSoley Arthur, jr. liquors, b. 
McSoley Charles, teamster, h. 
McSoley Joseph F. bart*ndr. b. 
McSoley Wm. blacksmith, b. 

266 Pickles Luther N. liquors 

267 Mansell Martin,stone cutter,h. 
Modeleski George, operative,h. 
Morrison Clarence J . decor' tor, h 
Prochnik Geo. operative, b. 

273 Doyle Bridget, h. 

Mulvey James E. trav. agt. h. 

274 Connor Andrew, painter, b. 
Foster John, weaver, h. 
Welch Rose Mrs. h. 

276 Holloway John, operative, b. 

Mentel Andrew, dyer, b. 
283 Feeley Timothy, grocer 
' 290 Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h. 
292 Carroll Mary & Rose Misses, b. 

Kelley Daniel, bricklayer, h. 
, c Lavaugb n, Amherst St Prim. Sch. 
303 Farnsworth A. variety store 
305 Armstrong John F. teamster, h. 

Benson James J. janitor, b. 

Benson Jos. H. machinist, b. 
311 Cox John, laborer, b. 

Lannon Patrick J. janitor, b. 

Looby Edward, n. 

Looby Richard, clerk, b. 
317 Anson Edward, laborer, b. 

Barker Jonas, variety store 

Channock John, weaver, h. 

Lyons Daniel, percher, b. 

Lyons John J. laborer, h. 
3i7rGearin Jeremiah J. chaser, h. 

McCarron Patrick fireman, h. 

House Directory. 


Amherst Place. 

4 Donley & Co. manuf. jewelers 
Galvin Yarn Co. 

5 Devlin Eliza, widow, h. 
Devlin James, operative, b. 

7 Creamer Mary, widow, b. 

Geary Robt clerk, h. 
9 Graham Stephen, clerk, h. 
II Ainley Emmett, designer, b. 
Broadhead Herbert, clerk, h. 
13 Broadhead Benj. designer, h. 
Broadhead Wm. designer, b. 

Amity Street. 

7 Connolly John J. bookkeepr. b. 

Connolly Fa trick, h. 

HcLaagfalin Jas. H. fam. h. 

McLaughlin Wm. C. student, b. 
9 Donnelly Elizabeth, widow, h. 

McVicker James, plumber, b. 

McVicker ^hos. F. janitor, h. 

Morphy Theresa, teacher, b. 

Amsterdam Street. 

5 Gibbons Patrick, weaver, h. 

Mnrphy James, laborer, h. 
7 GarUand Owen, laborer, h. 

Gartland Thos. P. laborer, b. 
20 Kiggin Anthony, laborer, b. 

Kiggin James, helper, h. 

Kiggin James E. weaver, b. 

Kiggin John P. weaver, b. 

O'Hara James, clerk, b. 

O'Hara Thomas, laborer, h, 
24 Mabar John, helper, h. 
28 Beaumont Geo. woolsorter, h. 

Mooney Frank, fireman, h. 

Kiel Joseph, machinist, h. 

30 Hird John, comb maker, h. 
Moss Joseph, clerk, b. 
Wildman Emma Mrs. h. 

31 Landy John, laborer, h. 
McGarr Owen, mason, h. 

32 Hanson Alfred, spinner, h. 
Smith James, loomfixer, h. 

34 Galloway Joseph, helper, h. 

O'Connor Edward, weaver, h. 
36 Chamberlain G. W. carpentr.h. 

Wilson Thomas, engineer, h. 
38 Archer Frank, laborer, h. 

Atkinson Wm. laborer, h. 

Mainey Jerry, b. 
40 McCormack Jas. hairdrsr. b. 

McCormack Joseph, baker, b. 

McCormack J. J. comber, h. 

Amy Street. 

4 Rodman Chas. D. clerk, b. 

Rodman Chas. L. carpenter, h. 
9 McVey John F. jeweler, h. 

Patterson Geo. coachman, h. 

10 Mahoney K. A. Miss, seam's, h. 
Powers John, gardener, h. 

11 Shannon James T. clerk, b. 
Shannon John E. coachman. b. 
Shannon Timothy, gardener. h. 
Shannon Timothy L. clerk, b. 

13 Coleman Mich'l J . wire wkr.h. 
Reiil^* Dafaiel P. tinsmith, h. 

14 Cronm Daniel D. bartender.b. 
Cruickshank S. C.carpenter.h. 
Lucey CorneliusD.teamster.h. 

15 Garin Dennis, gardener, h. 
Garin Jeremiah J. clerk, b. 
Garin John F. gardener, b. 
Garin Mary F. clerk, b. 
Garin Nellie J. Miss, drsmkr. 
Healey James, machinist, h. 

1 5^ Blair David, bootfitter. h. 

16 Bryden Isabelle, widow, h. 
Bryden John E. machinist, b. 

17 Prendergast J. F. stamper, h. 

18 Gordon Ambrose E driver, h. 

19 Blair John, bootfitter. h. 
Biair John, jr. bootfitter, bi 
Croghan Stephen J clerk, h. 

20 Hawkins CharlotteE.drmkr.b. 
Hill Annie M. widow, h. 
Macdonald Jennie B. drmkr.b. 

21 Williams I. K. Miss, drsmkr. b. 
Williams W. H. & Son, caterers 
Williams W. H. caterer, h. 
Williams Wm. M. caterer, b. 

22 Goulding Catharine, widow, h. 
Griffin James, paper hangr. h. 
Griffin James J. clerk, h. 
Miller John A. machinist, b. 

26 Fay Bernard E. land agent, h. 
Fay Thomas A. planer, h. 
McKenna Michael, ins. agt. h. 

27 Gray George M., B. U. h. 
Mayer MarieK.Miss.t'lor'ss. b. 
Ruoff John, hairdresser, h. 

27rSullivan Cornelius, brakeran.h. 

30 Cronin James R. mason, h. 
Harvey James, gardener, b. 
McCoy Catherine, widow, h. 
Riley Catherine widow, b. 

31 Kelley Michael M. laborer, h. 
Kelley Thomas M. clerk, b. 

33 Mahoney Timothy, b'lermkr.b. 

Timothy O'Connor, 

BUuskBtone Boulerard Flowers Delivered 

and in any 

272WeBtinlnater St. Part of the Country 


House Directory. 

Amy St. — Continued. 

33 Murpby Lawrence, laborer, h. 
O'Reilly Thomas F. clerk, h. 
O'Reilly Walter T. printer, b. 

34 McElroy John, laborer, h. 
Murray tosepb. gardener, h. 

35 Murray Stephen J. laborer, h. 

36 Moran Bridget, widow, h. 
Moran Eugene P. clerk, b. 

38 Bell Moses, clerk, h. 

Gilliam D. T. white washer, h. 
41 O'Neil John J. grocer 

Andem Street. 

I Owens Bernard T. liquors 
3 Evans Frank A. machinist, b. 

Evans William, h. 

Evans Wm. A rubber cutter. b. 

Winn John, laborer, h. 
5 Blanchard Eli. hairdresser 
8 Shepard Robert, h. 

Shepard Robert A. painter, b. 

Trainor Owen, laborer, h. 
13 Connelly John, concreter, h. 
17 Delano Frank H. iilecutter, h. 

Hanley John, switchman, h. 

Hanley William, laborer, b. 
20 Coleman Frank, painter, b. 

Coleman Tbaddeus, painter, h. 

Martin Michael, mason, h. 

24 Meagher W. E. engineer, h. 
Miller George H. laborer, b. 
Phillips Arthur C. carpenter,h. 
Ryan Joseph H. b. 

Ryan Michael, h. 

25 McKenna John, pedler. b. 
McNally John, machinist, h. 
Taylor Tnomas, pedler, h. 

44 McKenna John, laborer, h. 

Mulvaney Hugh, laborer, h. 
48 Morrissey Edward, spinner, h. 

Mulvaney James, laborer, h. 

Mulvaney M. T. Miss.drsmkr. 
56 McDonald R. quarryman, h. 

Pearson John Mrs. h. 

71 Alexander G.R.Mr.andMrs.b. 

72 Winegar G. T. Mr. and Mrs.h. 

75 Sheridan Geo. H.fresco wkr.b. 
Sheridan Jas. C.stuccowkr. h. 

76 Donle Chas. B. Mr. and Mrs.h. 
79 Maguire C. B. Mr. and Mrs.h. 

84 Greene Clinton, b. 
Greene Mary J. Mrs. h. 
Humphrey George A. b. 

85 Rider John A. bookkeeper, b. 
Rider William B. h. 

88 MeaderLewisH.Mr.andMrs.h. 

89 White Emma J. Mrs. h. 
White Charles D'W. clerk, b. 

94 Durkee J. N. Mr. and Mrs. h« 

95 Slade AbbyM. B. Miss,tchr.b. 
Slade Henry B. teacher, b. 
Slade Susan E. Mrs. h. 

98 Butts A.M. and D.B. Misses, h. 
Butts David A. Mr. h. 
Eames Almira A. Mrs. b. 

Andrew Street 

2 Potter Earl C. inspector, h. 

4 CoryAnnieL.Miss,mus.tchr.b. 
Cory Elizabeth J. Miss, tchr.b. 
Cory J. R. trav. salesman, h. 
Whitaker Chas. M. ins. insp. h. 
Whitaker Wm. W. b. 

II Durfee Walter H.. P. F. D. h. 
Snow Wm. T. clerk, h. 

Andrews Avenue. 

2 Wilson Art'hur E. bookkpr. h. 

3 Devoll John H. loomfixer, h. 
Donaldson James, glazier, h. 
Graham Robert, laborer, h. 

5 Chase Edwin O. salesman, b. 
Chase John A. contractor, h. 

7 Chase Wm. E. carpenter, h. 
Chase W. E. Mrs. dressmkr.b. 

8 Fairlie Robert, bleacher, h. 
Murray David engraver, b. 

9 Varin Louis, jr. laborer, h. 
II McGowan Lewis, pedler, h. 

McGowan Margaret, wid. h. 
16 Graham William, engraver, h. 

Angell Street. 

2 Ham AlbertE.Dr.,Mrs.&dr.h. 
II AustinW*m.J.trav.salesman, r. 
16 Dunnell W. W. treas. Dunnell 

Mfg. Co. h. 
22 Capron Elizabeth C. Mrs. b. 

Collins Eliza and L. Misses, h. 
27 Waterman Martha B.widow,h. 

Waterman Marcus, artist, b. 

Waterman William C. b. 
33 MacCuUy L. Miss, vocal tchr.b. 

TiUinghast Henry A. mfr. h. 

36 Brown James, reg. phar. h. 
Harkness Josephine M. Miss.h. 

37 Brown Elizabeth B. S. Mrs. h. 
Lathrop Harriet N. Mrs. h. 

40 Arnold Sheffield, shirt mfg. b. 
Burbank Ralph L. chemist, b. 
Fogg Miller M. jr. B. U. b. 

HousB Directory. 


40 Harkness Elizabeth Mrs. b. 
Jackson E. S. broker, b. 
LaRose Emma J. Mrs. h. 
McKinney Herbert B. clerk, b. 
Phfllips waiter T.insorance.b. 
Smith Charles H. bookkpr. b. 
Waite Samuel A. clerk, b. 
Young George W. clerk, b. 

41 Chevalier Edouard, b. 
Chevalier John P . bldrs. paper, b 
Mackenzie Kenneth. moalder,b 
Mackenzie Margaret, widow,b. 

42 Fine James J. b. 
Rockwell Henry H. b. 
Spratt William, clerk, b. 

43 Cook Jaspar S. h. 

45 HiUyer Louise B. Miss, b. 
Vose Nathaniel M. h. 
Vose Robert C. b. 
Warren M. L. Mrs. h. 

48 Child E. P. Mr. &Miss M.B.h. 

49 Pegram John C. lawyer, h. 

$2 Baker Edward H. student, b. 

Baker Francis E. musician, h. 

Vickery Hannah C. Miss, h. 
59 Brown Prank H. Mr. &Mrs. h. 

Francis Elizabeth Miss, b. 

Francis Sally Miss, b. 

63 Butler Miriam Miss, b. 
Durrah Annie L#. b. 
Higg^ns Mary B. Miss, artist, b. 
Hutchison James, clerC, b. 
TaylorWilliaraR. electrician, b. 
Walsh Fannie L. Miss, h. 

64 Grosvenor R. A. Miss, h. sum. 

res. Newport, R. I. 
71 Nickerson E. I. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
89 Greene Eugene H. scientist, b. 

GreeneGrace A. Mrs scientist.h 
94 King Henry M. Rev. & Mrs. h. 
97 Paine Charles E. real estate, h. 

Paine John F. insurance, b. 

Paine L«ouisa Miss, b. 
100 Bucklin Edward C. treas. h. 

Bucklin Harris, student, b. 

Howard Henry, h. 

106 Hoppin Harriet J. Miss. b. 

107 Vaughan Benj. F. Prov. Bank- 

ing Co. h. 
iia Proebel School 

R-I.N.Trng.S. Kind'rgart'ners 
116 Capron F. P. Mr. and Mrs. h. 
121 Blodgett Isadore P. widow, b. 

Blodgett Walter L. clerk, b. 

Moulton W. P. carriage mkr.b, 
127 Putnam Helen C. physician 

129 Lippitt, Robt. Lincoln, agt. h. 

130 Sbarpe Henry D. b. 
SbarpeLucian,Mr &Mrs.& Drs 

h. sum. res. Nayatt Pt,R. I. 

Sbarpe Lucian, jr. b. 
132 Lincoln Kirk P. student, b. 

Lincoln Laura E. Mrs. h. 
135 Brown Henry W. coachman, h. 
142 Kimball H. A. Mr. and Mrs. b. 
147 Fuller Wm. reg. phannacist,b. 
1 52 Peirce Jas. L. oilmercbant, h. 
154 Richmond Charles T. b. 
161 Willard A. F. Vegetarian Sup- 
ply Co. h. 
167 Kenyon las. S. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

169 Briggs Emily M. Miss, b. 
Joslin Harry A. Prov. Tel. Co. b. 
Joslin Henry V.A.Mr.&Mrs.h. 

170 Leu Albert E. clerk, b. 
Leu Charles W., P. A. A. b. 

174 Young Marian A. variety store 
176 Patenaude A. E. Miss, nurse, r's 
T78 Anthony Edwin P. reg. phar. 

180 Waterman Harold P. b. 

181 McGregor A W. Mrs. tchr. h. 
McGregor Eben, bank teller, b. 
Middleton Percy, mus. tchr. b. 
Nutter Atta L. Miss, tchr. b. 
Sawtelle Fred. G. Dr.& Mrs.h. 

184 Calder Augustus W. physician 

185 Manton F. S. Mr. and Mrs. b. 
194 Hutcbins Sterns Mr. & Mrs.h. 

Shaw Ellen Miss, b. 

198 Hamilton Ralphs, mfg. jewlr. h. 
Hamilton RafpbS. civil engr.b. 
Hamilton Rob tM.mfg.jewr.b. 

199 Robinson Annie A. Miss, h. 
201 Bullock Ann T. Miss, h. 

Bullock Rhoda P. Miss, h. 
204 Richmond Knight C. Mr. h. 

209 Appleton J. H. Prof. & Mrs. h. 

210 Harris Thomas Mrs h. 
217 Carpenter Gilbert C. h. 
221 Brownell F. S. cotton, b. 

McNerney Mary Miss, h'kpr. 

224 Barstow A.C.Mr.&Mrs.&dr.h. 

Barstow T. Palmer, student, b. 

227 Grimes Thomas Mr. & Mrs. b. 

228 Chapman Charles H. h. 
244 Banigan Patrick T. h. 

Banigan Joseph, student, b. 
260 Tillinghast Charles F. b. 

Tillinghast James & dr. h. sum. 
res. at Nayatt 

Tillinghast Theo. F. lawyer, b. 
268 Tillinghast Wm. R. lawyer, b. 


House Directory. 

Angell St. — Continued, 

275 Dud ham Gilbert T. clerk, h. 
Dunham Wm. R. cashier, h. 
Dunham W. R. jr. civ. eng. h. 
Packard Alpheus A.student,b. 
Packard A. S. Prof, and Mrs. 

sum. res., Brunswick. Me. h. 
Packard Martha W. Miss. b. 

276 Carpenter Francis W. Mr. & 

Mrs. h. 
cor. DimanpL, Centr'lCon. Church 
289 Goff Emma P. Mrs. h. 

Hunt A. W. Mrs. physician, h. 
295 Brown H. Martin Mr. & Mrs. h. 
300 Diman Emily S. Mrs. h. 

Gilman M. Miss, teacher, b. 
303 Metcalf E. Harris, student, b. 

Metcalf I. Harris Mrs. h. 
311 Bancroft Edward Rstudent,b. 

Bancroft Sarah D. widow, b. 
314 GardnerRathbone,couns'lor,h. 
333 Watrous R. C. Mr & Mrs. h. 

324 Tower Jas. H. Mr. and Mrs.h. 
Tower Louis P. supt. b. 

325 Eddy Walter U. Air. & Mrs.h. 
335 Gardiner Jeremiah B. Mr. & 

Mrs. h. 

Gardiner A. A.Miss,mus.tch.b. 
365 Brown Elizabeth, widow, b. 

Brown Kate C. Miss. b. 

Greene Richard F.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
367 Huntsman E. L. ins. a^t. b. 

Huntsman Helen H. Miss, b. 

Huntsman John F. ins. agt. h. 

Huntsman John F. jr. clerk.b. 

Huntsman Mary G. Miss, b. 

Huntsman Ray, illustrator, b. 
371 Hey wood G.F.trav.salesmn.h. 
373 Bachelder Harriet L. Miss, b. 

Hamlin Charlotte V. widow,h. 

Hamlin Richard E. clerk, b. 

Stevens Allan P. ins. sec. b. 
377 Powers Herman W. b. 

Powers James C. b. 

Powers Roland C. clerk, b. 

Powers Wm. R. Mr. & Mrs. b. 
sum. res. at Barrington 
377rSt.Onge Peter, coachman, rms. 
381 Cooke Henry A. physician, h. 
387 Cornell Susan M. Miss, b. 

Hicks Elizabeth G. widow, h. 

NauckA. C.S.Mrs, vi'lin tchr.h, 

Nauck Wilhelm, teacher, h. 

Shepardson M. E. Mrs. h. 
389 Kinyon Fred'k W. salesman, h. 

Smith Benj. W. lawyer, b. 

389 Smith Chas. W. real estate, h. 

Sweet Arthur M. dentist 
391 Wallace Wm. V. physician, h. 

Wallace Wm. V.real estagrt.b. 
cor. Diman, Central Cong. Churcli 
394 Blanding Mary A. widow, h. 
407 Williams Z. Mr. and Mrs. h. 
410 Bowen E. F. Mr. and Mrs. b. 

Perry Oliver, h. 
412 Buffum Benjamin, h. 

Buffum Ellen K. widow, h. 

Sutton Mary H. Mrs. h. 

414 Fidler Henry T. ins. agent, h. 

415 McAuliffe, Owen Mr. & Mrs. 

& drs. recday Wedne^ay,li. 
4x7 Arnold Christopher B. h. 

Arnold Nathan T. clerk, b. 

Arnold Sarah E. Miss, h. 
420 Dickinson J. R. Mr. &Mrs. b. 

Maynard P. H. h. 

Maynard Sophia E. Mrs. h. 
425 Ballou Hannah Miss, h. 
429 Knight Erving J. Mr.& Mrs.h. 
435 Rawson Harriet, widow, b. 

Wool worth Jas. G. chemist, h. 
441 Greene Archer, b. 

Greene Ellen M. widow, h. 

Greene Isaac C. h. 

Greene Robt. L. paper, etc. b. 

Potter Sophia A. widow, h. 
44irPhiUips Kate, widow, h. 

453 Cook Lorin M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Cook Maurice H. b. 

Howe Sarah A. widow, b. 

454 Lovecraft Winfield S. Mrs. b. 
Phillips Lillian Miss, b. 
Phillips Whipple V. Mr. h. 

463 Tencks Geo. W. Mr. & Mrs, b. 

Morrow Mary, widow, h. 

Remlinger Ella F. Mrs. b. 
468 Banigan J. J. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

490 Lamb Augustus F. Mrs. h. 

491 Briggs George^old refiner, h. 
49 1 r Morris Alfred E. coachman, b. 
593 Ketchum Emoline, Mrs. b. 

Wilcox Annie E. Miss, b. 
595 Hathaway JohnM. Mr. &Mrs.h. 

597 Traver A. Watson Dr.&Mrs.h. 

598 Rounds Thos. E. Mr.&Mrs. h. 

599 Austin Ella A. widow, h. 
Baker Charles W. Mrs. b. 

600 Metcalf Jennie T. widow, h, 
603 Wakefield EttaF.Mrs.nurse,b. 

612 Phillips Theo. W. 2d, clerk, h. 
Phillips T. W. Prov. S.E.Co.h. 

613 Brown H. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

House Directory. 


LaiBt Mrtrt In leiBiigteiMi. Public Market Co. 

631 Brown Hannah S. Mrs. h. 

Brown Nannie C. Miss, b. 

Nickerson Jas. M. Mr.&Mrs.h. 
sam. res. Drownville 
633 Merchant J. S. bookkeeper, b. 

Merchant S. £. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
sum. res. at Drownville 
63S Allen Prank Mr. & Mrs. h. 
631 Sutton John A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
646 Prior John Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Riley Daniel V. clerk, b. 

Riley Eugene J. clerk, b. 

Riley Owen Mrs. h. 

Riley William A. clerk, b. 
foot of. Bethel Andrew S. tmstr.h. 

Aosell Place. 

3 Bosworth Mary £.Miss,tcbr.b. 
Casey Edward N. printer, h. 
Dickerson Mary Miss, tchr. b. 
Lam phear Gertrd e M iss, tchr. b. 
Wheeler Clara, teacher, b. 
Williams Charlotte Miss, b. 

4 Thornton Moses, bootblack, h. 
Williamson Herman, b. 

4rBryant Henrietta Miss, rms. 
Smith Andrew M. clerk, h. 

5 Glenn James, clerk, b. 
Jewett Charles H. C. clerk, h. 
Stoddard Louisa Mrs. h. 

8 Battey Susan E. Mrs. b. 
Beede Mary Ann Mrs. b. 
Fowler Sybil A. Miss, artist, b. 
Greene E. C. widow, h. 
Mnrdock John S. lawyer, b. 

Ansle Street. 

5 Payne Jptin, b. 
Payne Wm. H. laborer, h. 
Townsend Plyne, hostler, h. 

7 Stocket James M. driver, h. 
Stocket Mary E. widow, h. 

8 Mullen Frank, driver, b. 
Mullen Patrick, teamster, h. 

9 Bryan Walter B. driver, b. 
Smith Sarah E. Mrs. b. 
Walker Mark H.S.bootblack,h. 

10 Baxter Chas coachman, h. 
Baxter Edmund, b. 

11 Parsons Nils, coachman, h. 

12 McGinley James, gardener, h. 

Ann Street. 

30 Finan James, laborer, b. 
Finan John J. polisher, h. 
McCarthy Hannah Miss, h. 
Ward John W. police, h. 

28 Butler Tos. W. clerk, h. 
Gibbs Wm. C. foreman, h. 
Ryder Emeline. widow, h. 

29 Gregory E. Helena, tchr. h. 
Gregory Martha L. widow, h. 

38 Armington Ed. H. janitor, h. 
Hubbard Emory, painter, b. 
O'Neil Thomas F. clerk, h. 

Ann Avenue. 

3 Taylor Abraham, pedler. h.| 

Anthony Street. 

5 Ek Hilding, machinist, b. 
Gustavson F. O. goldsmith, b. 
Mahoney Jere. pat'rn. mkr. h. 
Sarnmark Gustave Mrs. h. 

6 Comstock Isaac T. clerk, b. 
Emerson Ed ward, engraver, b. 
Ripley Ira. file cutter, b. 
Simmons Anna M. widow, h. 
Simmons Louis E. bicycle re- 
pairer, b. 

7 Downs Mary E. widow, h. 
FoUett Chas. E. carpenter, h. 
Follett N. A. Miss, b. 

10 Anthony Mary H. widow, h. 
Anthony Mary L. teacher, b. 
Sisson Thos. P., P. F. D. h. 

12 Flynn Almira Miss, drsmkr. h. 
Flynn Joseph R. driver, b. 
Flynn Robert, carpenter, h. 
Franklin James, gasfitter, h. 

14 Arnold R. ironworker, b. 

Coyle Wm. H. coremaker, b. 

Quick Joseph, harness trmr. b. 

Santoro Martin, shoemaker, h. 

West George, helper, b. 
16 Roach William, waiter, h. 
18 Defeo Henry, musician, h. 

25 Stevens JamesA. blacksmith, h. 

26 Santantonio Antonio, tailor, h. 
Tucker Leroy S. jeweler, b. 
Tucker Thomas C.mfg. jwlr.h. 

Anthony Avenue. 

5 Fleming John, mason, h. 

13 Farrell Daniel F. teamster, h. 
Lambert Alphonse, carpntr. h. 

ig Bennett Albert F. mason, b. 

Bennett Francis, mason, h. 

Cropper Richard, twister, h. 

Nickell John, silversmith, h. 
2C Cook George A. iceman, h. 

Tate Isaac W. laborer, h. 

Tate James W. stamper, b. 

Tate Thomas H. clerk, b. 


Houss Directory. 

Anthony K\ .—Continued, 

31 Tate Wm. stamper, b. 

s8 Angell Phebe W. widow, h. 

Peckham Elias, farmer, h. 
29 Geist Augustus, jeweler, h. 

32 Mavis William H. clerk, h. 
34 Thiel Mark W. machinist, b. 

Thiel William A. tailor, h. 
38 Mayer Amos J. jeweler, h. 

McCarthy Timothy, laborer, h. 
40 Joyce Catharine, Mrs. h. 

Joyce Richard, rubber wkr. b. 
45 Briggs R. I barrel dealer, h. 
49 McDonald Bridget, widow, h. 

McDonald Joseph, jeweler, b. 
51 Keegan Ann Miss. b. 

Keegan Maria Miss, h. 

Lannon Thos. H. hack driver, h. 
71 Jordan E. F. Mrs. saleslady, h. 

Simmons F. W. dry goods, h. 
76 Coombs Hollis M. bkbinder.h. 

Gibbs Mary, widow, b. 
80 Martin Alexander, mason, h. 
82 Place Chas. F. bookkeeper, b. 

Place C. A. trav. agent, h. 

84 Brown Chas. E. combmaker,b. 

85 Holden Edmund, polisher, b. 
Holden Sarah, widow, h. 

86 Bohning F. H. grocer, h. 
87>iClaflin Jane B. widow, h. 

88 Drew J^eth G. cooper, h. 

89 Cornell Edward A. cook, h. 

90 Luther C. H. jr. draftsman, h. 
92 Dixon Chas. S. carpenter, h. 

Aplin Court. 

I Sharp John N. carpenter 
Teehan Katharine Miss, h. 
Teehan Patrick, operative, b. 

3 Wood David H. waiter, h. 

7 Boorom Geo. W. lamplighter, h. 
Levin Harry, shoemaker, h. 

Appleton Street. 

9 Atkinson John, laborer, h. 

Atkinson William J. weaver.b. 

Bellemare Joseph A. clerk, h. 

Gagne Davide, laborer, h. 

Lynch Michael J. machinist,h. 
II Alarie Araable, hairdresser 
15 Denomme Joseph, laborer, h. 

McDonnell Winnifred, wid. h. 
18 Britton Reuben, forgeman, h. 

Crimmings John, operative, h. 

McElroy Joseph, operative, b. 

19 Drolet F. operative, h. 
10 Gobin Oscar, operative, h. 

Savoie Baptiste, carpenter, h. 
22 Graves James J. laborer, h. 

Plante Joseph, clerk, h. 

Sommers Richard, var. store 

25 Casey Margaret, widow, h. 
Mahoney Daniel, weaver, b. 
McDermott Catherine, wid. h. 
McKenna James, bairdresr. h. 
Nolan James, operative, h. 

26 McVeigh Joseph, liquors 

27 McKenna Jas. F. hairdresr. h. 

40 Gough Bridget Miss. h. 
Sherlock Peter, hostler, b. 

41 Fitzgerald Catharine Miss, h. 
Fox Mary, widow, h. 
Franklin Cornelius, weaver, b. 
Sweeney Hugh, clerk, b. 
Sweeney Wm. hairdresser, h. 
Sweeney Wm. H. clerk, b. 

46 Merritt Thomas, weaver, h. 

54 Grimley Cornelius, sec.hand,li. 

55 Enright John, bartender, h. 
Reeney Joseph, helper, b. 
Robert Albert, spinner, b. 

56 Hing Wing, laundry 

59 Fournier Frank, painter, h. 
Fournier George, overseer, b. 

63 Bedard Albert, laborer, h. 
Demers Louis, laborer, b. 
Plante Cyriac, carpenter, h. 

64 Fox Bernard, laborer, b. 
Fox John F clerk, h. 

Fox Michael, pork packer, b. 

McNally Catharine, widow, h. 
66 Hughes Owen S. mason, h. 
72 Durell Jennie, widow, h. 

Fanning Tames L. clerk, b. 

Fanning Michael, clerk, b. 

Lenehan Michael, weaver, h. 

Murray Bernard J. grocer 

Rodgers Peter, h. 
74 Head John J. clerk, h. 

Head Maria, widow, h. 

Head Thomas, liquors, h. 

Manning Bridget, widow, b. 

McDermott Pa trick, laborer, h. 


Shea Daniel, laborer, h. 
78 Burnes Mary A. Miss, b. 

Creamer James, operative, b. 

Degnan John, bricklayer, h. 

Degnan Thomas, clerk, b. 

Lodge Rosanne, widow, h. 
80 Cassidy John B. operative, h. 

House Direciory. 


5o Garrett Catfaarine Mrs. h. 
St Henry Thomas, weaver, h. 

MaloDe Maria Mrs. h. 

MoUoy John, laborer, h. 

Nelson Catharine Miss, b. 
S2 Morgan John P. operative, b. 

Morgan Joseph H.operative,h. 

Morgan Margaret, widow, h. 

Morgan Peter, operative, b. 

Ryan Timothy E. coal, etc. h. 
86 Desroches Tiovel. weaver, h. 

Jarvis Benj. weaver, b. 

Lawrence Alexis, laborer, h. 

St Peter Wm. plasterer, b. 

Shiner Henry, operative, h. 

Sicard Pierre, laborer, h. 

6 Bagley Peter F. hairdresser 

Arch Street. 

9 Anthony J as. M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

10 Amcdd Georg^e A. clerk, h. 
Sayles Klizabeth Mrs. h. 
Savles Mary E. Miss. h. 

11 Eddy Philip B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Franklin Henry B. h. 

12 fencer John E. h. 
Watson John L. jeweler, h. 

i6 Freeman Delia S. Miss.tchr.b. 
Freeman Edith G. Miss.tchr.b. 
Freeman Walter, salesman, h. 
Swan Annie B. widow, h. 
Swan Sallie R. Miss. tchr. b. 
Swan Samuel B. clerk, b. 

17 George Wm. toolmaker. b. 
Prindle Edward M. clerk, h. 
Reed Frank W. bank teller, b. 

18 Little R. B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Simmons P. D. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

19 Groves Jas. H. carpenter, b. 
Lombard Wm. £. optician, b. 
Scribner W. E. , Bix'y Sil. Co. b. 
Tourtellott A. M. produce, h. 
Tonrtellott H; F. com. trav.h. 

so Bart Allen, moulder, b. 

Bnrt Florence M. Miss, tchr.b. 
Burt Mary T. Miss, tchr. b. 
Davidson David, student, b. 
Davidson George J. clerk, b. 
Davidson John H. tailor, h. 
Davidson John H. jr. clerk, b. 
Davidson William, clerk, b. 

21 Grammont Sam'lN. lumber.h. 

22 Holroyd Sarah L. widow, b. 
Lovegrove M. E. Miss, tchr.b. 






22 Lovegrove Wm. I Mr.&Mr&b. 
Rees Maud, teacher, b. 
Williams Emma J. teacher, b. 
Williams Florence A. tchr. h. 
Williams James N. Rev. h. 
Williams Mary E. Miss. tchr.b. 
Hesse Joseph, organist, h. 
Pearce D. H. Mr. & Mrs. b. 
Rice Thomas Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Haid Fred'k, liquors, h. 
Wismer Rudolph, clerk, b. 
Flye Angie L. Miss, b. 
Flye Mary A. widow, b. 
Harris John A. engraver, h. 
Johnson Geo. O. bookkeeper, h. 
Sullivan Jas. J.operative,rm8. 
Trott John, h. 
Crandall J. E. h. 
Donle A. D. tra v. salesman, h. 
Freeman C.W. awning mkr. h. 
Potter Otis W. auction mer.h. 
Bridge Wilber W. dentist, h. 
Bridge Wilber W.jr.student.b. 
Andrews F. J. salesman, h. 
Bicknell A. B. inst B. U. b. 
Bicknell Gertrude Miss, tchr.b. 
Bicknell J. B. pattern mkr. h. 
Humes George M. carpenter, b. 
Humes S. E.Mrs, clairvoyant, h. 
Nason Eliza G. widow, b. 
Teel H. Russell, boot mkr. h. 
Capron Herberts. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Leach Mary Mrs. b. 
Tuell Fred^k M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

36 Damon S. Abbie Miss, b. 
Otis William N. Mr. and Mrs. 

summer res. River View, h. 

37 Fiske William A. clerk, h. 
Manross Lena, widow, h. 

38 Bailey Abigail Mrs. b. 
Rowe Frank E. cigars, etc. h. 

39 Bridge George A. Dr. & Mrs.h 
Brown Nathaniel S. clerk, h. 
Hall Harriet C. widow, b. 

41 Daggett Byron E Mr.& Mrs.h. 
Shepley J. R. harness mfr. h. 

42 Angell Elizabeth L. widow, h. 
Pope Mary A. widow, b. 
Whitmarsh PrestonB.d'ntist.h. 

44 PierceZephaniabG.collector.h. 
Sanborn Arthur P. druggist, h. 

45 Potter Helen F. widow, h. 
Potter Theodore W. clerk, h. 

46 Mason Frank M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Reynolds Walter S. clerk, h. 

48 Becker Chas. H. jeweler, b. 

. 3« 



House Directory. 

Arch St. — Continued. 

48 Poole Chas. D. clerk, h. 
Purdy Robert M. jeweler, h. 
Rawson B. A. bookkeeper, b. 

49 Bedell Harold H. b. 
Bedell Lydia, widow, h. 
Bedell William H. b. 

51 Cory Benj. H. Mr. and Mrs. h. 
Whitma dJos iahA. real est rms. 
53 CaDQon Bernard, b. 

Argol Street. 

B4 Riley Patrick, pedler, b. 
Turner Nathaniel, pedler, h. 

Arlington Avenue. 

13 CoUey William E. banker, b. 
17 Shaw James, jr. Mr. & Mrs. fa. 
19 Gilmore C. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

rec. day, Tuesday 
31 Wilcox Howard D. h. 

50 Kiernan James, clerk, b. 

77 Williams John E. bank teller,h. 
33 Pettee Chas. S. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Armington Avenue. 

I Carberry Frank, P. F. D. h. 

Carberry Miria. widow, b. 
3 Driscoll Bartley, weaver, h. 

Reilly Bernard, h. 
5 Duflfy Frank, dyer, b. 


Winthrop John, machinist, h. 

7 Working Girls Club 

8 Crankshaw Annie T.widow.h. 

9 Hamilton Margaret, widow, h. 
Hamilton William, conductor.b 

10 Smith Walter, at B. & S. h. 

Tilley Wm. H. carpenter, h. 
13 Whitely Helen E. Mrs. h. 

Whittier Albert, machinist, h. 

16 Moses Eugene, overseer, h. 
Moses Wm. N. sec. hand, b. 

17 Covell Lucy F. Miss, b. 
Covell William H. Mr &Mrs.h. 
Covell Wm. H. jr. clerk, b. 

3 1 Davis Schuyler N. Mr &, Mrs.h. 
22 Hardman John Mr. b. 

Hardman Margaret S. Miss, h. 

Murphy James, rubber wkr. b. 

Murphy John J. tailor, h. 

37 Tainsh Wm. blacksmith, h. 

38 Kellogg Theodore, upholst'r.h. 
30 Mowry Albert L., U. S. N., b. 

Mowry Henry G. clerk, h. 
Mowry Oscar V. clerk, b. 

31 Slingsby David, overseer, h. 
Slingsby Samuel, weaver, b. 

33 Considine John, clerk, b. 
Considine J. W. overseer, h. 

34 Dunham Julia A. b. 
Dunham Louis E. Rev. h. 
Hiller Joseph L. draftsman, b. 

Armstrong Avenue. 

I Tanner Thomas H. grocer 
3 Devine Patrick, teamster, h. 

Moran Patrick, laborer, b. 
12 Botello Antonio, laborer, h. 

Falvey Timothy, laborer, h._ 

Guy Frank, brick layer, h. 

Kilday John F. h. 

Raignom Antonio, laborer, b. 

Silva Frank, laborer, h. 

Veara Manuel, laborer, h. 

Souza Frank, laborer, b. 

14 Evans Bridget, widow, h. 
Evans John F. laborer, h. " 
Evans Thomas, laborer, b. 
Kearins George, laborer, b. 
Kearins John, laborer, b. 
Kearins Patrick, laborer, h. 
Kearins Patrick, jr. laborer, b. 

15 Ferguson John J. clerk, h. 
Geary John C. blacksmith, h. 
Geary William H. moulder, b. 

18 Griffin James J. toolmaker, h. 

8uinn William, foreman, h. 
avis John, engineer, h. 
Reynolds Michael, p'licem*n,b. 
Reynolds Owen, laborer, b. 
Reynolds Patrick, grocer, b. 

21 Duffy Thomas H., P. F. D. h. 
Taylor Oscar R. motorman. h. 

22 Cawley Thomas F. laborer, h. 
Lucey John, laborer, b. 
Roderick Augustus, laborer, h. 
Tores George, laborer, b. 

26 Dean Edwin S. clerk, h. 
Rtley John, driver, h. 

27 Dillon Ellen Mrs. h. 

Dillon Eva Z. bookkeeper, b. 
Dillon Josephine Miss, tchr. b. 

28 Gould Walter, lineman, h. 
O'Brien John, boilermaker, h. 
O'BrienJohnE.boilermaker, b. 
O'Brien William T. student, b. 

32 Mahoney John F. paper ruler. b. 
Mahoney Timothy, laborer, h. 
McQuilton Margaret, widow, h. 
Walsh William H.operative,h. 

33 BaileyAlbertW.harnessmkr.h. 

House Dirbctory. 


33 Balchin Edwin G. foreman, h. 

36 Collier S. Kiiiner A. police, h. 
Reilley James, clerk, b. 
Wixon Nehemiah N. mach. b. 

37 Salltvan B. D. min'l waters, h. 
Toole John J. police, h. 

39 Lxndbere^Simon, machinist, h. 
Quillen Edward, engineer, h. 

40 Cameron Thos. machinist, h. 
Rosen g^n William, clerk, h. 

44 Monahan James, faackman, h. 

O'Brien Bridget, widow, h. 
46 Eldred Frank A., P. F. D. h. 

Habbel Geo. L. wire roller, b. 

McLarney Joseph, wire rlr. h. 

Silva John E. watchman, h. 

50 Kieman Edward,contractor,h. 
Kieman James F. laborer, b. 
Marshall Frank T. clerk, b. 
Marshall Louisa, widow, b. 
Silva Albert, laborer, h. 

51 Enos Manuel, conductor, b. 
Enos Mary, widow, b. 

52 Pnller Richard, machinist, b. 
Kelly Catharine T. widow, h. 
Vickery Daniel W. engineer, h. 

53 Peters John C. clerk, b. 
Peters Jfoseph M. salesman, h. 
Talty Joseph, pressman, h. 

56 O'Driscoll J. F. lumber, h. 
Small John H. liquors, b. 
Small Michael, laborer, h. 

57 Gallagher John, police, h. 
O'Malley John, police, h. 

65 Christie George, conductor, b. 
Raynor Ella M. Mrs. b. 
Smith John P. bridge dept h. 
Wall Arthur A., U. R. R. b. 

66 Conlin John H. machinist, b. 
Tarbell Henry A.machinist,b. 

69 Dennis Sam'l E. machinist, h. 
Johnson Mary & Ann Misses.b. 

73 Hayes Daniel, paver, h. 
Hudner Ellen, widow, h. 
Hudner Tosepbine Miss, gro- 
cer, h. 

74 Simmons Henry B. h. 
Wakefield Geo. machinist, b. 
Witchell Charles T., P.F.D.b. 

76 Macready E. Miss, bookkeep- 
er, b. 

Macready John, b. 
80 Dixon Granville, salesman, h. 

Dixon Nathaniel F. eng. b. 

Jenkins Wm. L. driver, b. 

FottB Jeremiah, fisherman, b. 

Arnold Street. 

7 Cbace Lewis J. clerk, b. 
Seamans Job F. asst snpt. h. 

8 Bucklin Jas.T.P. barbormsr.h. 

9 McCarthy Annie Miss,drsmkr. 
McCarthy D, cotton sorter, h. 
McCarthy Daniel J. mach. b. 
McCarthy M. T. dressmkr. b. 

1 1 Hyde Jasper G. manager, h. 

12 Baird Geo. P.trav. s*lesman,b. 
Barke Eliza A. widow, h. 
Fairbrother Chas. E. clerk, b. 
Fairbrother Esther B.widow,h. 

13 Knowles Elmer F. h. 
Knowles Horace E. clerk, b. 
Knowles H. B. undertaker, h. 

14 Persons Benj. W. coal, h. 

15 Fowler Anna T. widow, h. 
Leveck Charles C. chaser, h. 

16 Keirdon Daniel, machinist, b. 
Reirdon Robert M. waiter, b. 
Reirdon William, teamster, h. 
Reirdon Wm. A. machinist, b. 

20 Gladding Benjamin C. h. 
Gladding Mary T. Miss, artb. 

21 Morrison William, gardener, h. 

22 Pease L. F. sailmaker, h. 

24 Armington Rebecca K. wid. b. 
, Burke William P. bookkpr. b. 

Humpheys J. B. harness mfr.h. 
Pease E. E. sailmaker, h. 

25 Peck Sarah E. widow, h. 

26 Denton Henry C. clerk, b. 
McCabe Anthony, clerk, b. 
O'Garr Thomas, painter, b. 

27 Heaven D. beer mfr. h. 
Murphy H. A. lamplighter, h. 

29 McPherson Joseph E. clerk, b. 
Mcpherson Wm. compositor, h. 
Peckbam W. H. jeweler, h. 

32 Drown Harry F. clerk, b. 
Olney Albert E. teamster, h. 
Robinson W. S , P. F. D. h 

32^Birdsall Margaret L. widow, b. 

33 Chedel Sylvester W. b. 
Crosby Mary S. widow, h. 
Titus Albert F. L. h. 

34 Brazell Rose, widow, h. 
McKinnon Hugh R. janitor, b. 
Powell James W. blacksmith, h. 

36 Curran Wm. jr. clerk, b. 
Curran William C. clerk, b. 
Murray Ann, widow, h. 
Rankin Hermann, baker, h. 

37 Butts James R. jeweler, b. 

Timothy O'Connor 

BlackttOM Bovl«vard L>awnit and Gardens I^dd 
272W«£lMttr 8t Pot and Kept In OrdT. 


House Directory. 

Arnold St.—Conttnued. 

39 Harris Wm. farniture, h. 
44 Hennessey W. & J. laundry 
c. Brook, Ar noldSt. Primary School 
48 Eraser O. C. foreman, h. 
Galligan Charles, teamster, h. 

52 Field James E. clerk, h. 
Field Wm. H. driver, b. 
Sullivan Bridget, widow, h. 

53 Keenan Joseph, driver, h. 
Owens Bridget Mrs. h. 
Owens Michael C. laborer, b. 

54 Bedford John, filemaker, b. 
McConnell Tessie, widow, h. 
McKenzie fohn, blacksmith,b. 
Speelman Dirk, painter, b. 

55 Harahan Thos. bartender, h. 

56 Martin James W. clerk, h. 

57 Healey H. Thomas, h. 
Shine William H. liquors, h. 

60 Allen Tlys. £. engineer, h. 
Galligan Chas. J. laborer, b. 
Galligan T. F. cooper, h. 
Galligan T. F. jr. jeweler, b. 

61 McGuire Francis, b. 
McHugh Elizabeth, widow, h. 

62 Vogel Michael, caterer, h. 

63 Greene Ella A. Miss, tchr. b. 
Greene Fannie A. teacher, b. 

64 Anderson Gordon, paper, b. 
Carroll Sarah A. widow, h. 
Munroe Daniel, panitor, b. 
Waller George, janitor, h. 

65 Fleming James H. clerk, h. 
Fleming Joseph, laborer, b. 
Fleming Thomas, laborer, b. 
Kiley Abbie, widow, h. 
Kiley Dennis A. salesman, b. 
Mahoney Mary A. nurse, b. 
McCarthy Eugene, laborer, b. 
Reynolds Owen, teamster, b. 
Sullivan John, porter, h. 

66 Tones Edward M. waiter, h. 

68 Carroll E. J. teamster, h. 
68rAsten Charles F. clerk, b. 

Asten Mary A. widow, h. 

69 Doyle Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Doyle Tames E. machinist, b. 
Doyle John B. laborer, b. 
Doyle Robert E. E. clerk, b. 
King James, junk, h. 

King John J. stenographer, b. 

70 Robinson Wm. laborer, h, 

71 Conlin Thomas, clerk, b. 
Kane Martin, P. F. D. h. 
Shean Chas. E. reg. phar. h. 

72 Hoils Anastasia, widow, h. 

Hoils Francis R. clerk, b. 

Riley Stephen J. jr. comp' 
74 E^an P. aep.6hief of police, h. 
76 Miller Jeremiah, foreman, h. 
78 Morfi'an Joseph H. clerk, h. 

Webber Richard H. janitor, l>. 

Webber Thomas H. coal, h. 

Webber Thos. H.Mrs.nnrse,li. 
80 Dill Geo. E. wood carver, h. 

Heller Gelles. jr. U. R. R. h. 

O'Reilly Frank P. clerk, b. 

Parker Mary, widow, h. 
85 O'Brien Michael, laborer, h. 

Unsworth Wm. A. plumber, li. 
-91 Bicknall Henry, h. 

93 Hogan Daniel, teamster, h. 
Hofi^an Thomas F. laborer, b. 

94 Hodges Sophronia E. widow, h. 
Hutchings Helen S. widow, h. 
McCudden C. G. engineer, b. 
McCudden F. L. dressmaker 

95 Kenyon Ezra, b. 

Ken yon Leroy B. foreman, h. 

96 Manchester A. A. auctioneer, b. 
Manchester A. A. jr. clerk, b. 
Manchester Walter F. clerk, b. 

98 McAleer Catharine Mrs. h. 
McDermott Franci8,student,b. 
McDermott Thomas. laborer,li 

100 Hindmarsh G.M. policem'n, h. 
Randall Wm. H. foreman, h. 

10 1 Delano Maria M. Mrs. b. 
Delano Thomas S. clerk, h. 
McCall Celia A. widow, h. 

113 Walsh John T. gardener, h. 

Walsh John P. bookkeeper, h. 

Welch John, laborer, h. 

Welch John P. clerk, b. 

WelchThomasE. compositor, b. 
115 Young Ed wardM. machinist, b. 

Young Mary J. Mrs, dressrakr. 

Arsenal Lane. 

o Gladding W. E. & T. C. stable 

Arthur Avenue. 

5 Leonard Annie F. widow, h. 

Schultz Ferdinand D. clerk, h. 

Schnltz Gustavus A. grocer, h. 

West Albert, machinist, b. 
9 Capone Felix, musician, h. 

Storti Frank, shoemaker, h. 
15 Balcom Emma B. Mrs. b. 

Daniels Frederick A police, b. 

McStay Bernard, pat'rn.mkr.b. 

Houss DmicroRy. 


IS ThomtonSaxnaelA.carp'ntr. h. 
17 Costello P.Bj>tctareframer, h. 

Chace Geo. P. book binder, b. 

Chaoe Geo. H. belt maker, h. 

Pantom John T. moulder, b. 

Tonks Catherine D. widow, b. 
z8 Connors James, stucco wkr. b. 

Kendrick John, janitor, h. 

Kendrick Walter Lr. student, b, 
i^ licGuirk Bdward P. student, b. 

McGnirk Ellen A. Miss, tcbr.b. 

McGnirk Jennie Miss, tchr. b. 

McGnirk Michael J. supt h. 

RoseMinnieM. Miss,dre8s'mkr. 

SommerTille Elizabeth, wid. b. 
29 Martin Thomas P. clerk, h. 

Moriarty D. J. com. trav. h. 
33 Brownell Alex. R. engraver, h- 

Davis Henry A. engraver, h. 
37 Corrigan Henry J. student, b. 

Corrigan Mary A- widow, h. 
39 Teehan Charles J. clerk, h. 
41 Baxter Ann Mrs. h. 

Baxter John H. hostler, b. 

Baxter Wm. F. chaser, b. 

Carran Thomas A. burnisher, h. 
72 RetUy John B jeweler, h. 

74 Haupt G.E.riding academy.h. 
743^Gair Philip G. comp. h. 

75 Bezazian Hi B. oriental rugs. h. 
Bezasian J. B. oriental rugs,h. 
Ryan Wm. C. clerk, h. 

76 Andrews Eben, waiter, rms. 
Holbrook Ellen M. Mrs. b. 
WilliamsChristoph'r.for'm'n h. 
WilliamsM. E. Miss, music tchr. 

77 Pitman Samuel, clerk, b. 
Pitman S. Howland, clerk, b. 
Walcott Wm. J. foreman, h. 

7$ MitcfaeU Harry E. clerk, b. 

Mitchell Wm. E. clerk, h. 
S3 Greene Arthur D. bookkpr. h. 

Smith Almira T. widow, h. 
85 Carpenter Arinur A. clerk, b. 

Carpenter T. E. jeweler, h. 

Ash Street* 

zrMoan Thomas, teamster, h. 

A^burton Street. 

3 Cawley Catharine, widow, b. 
Cawley John, painter, b. 
Marion Elizabeth, widow, h. 
McMab William, fireman, h. 
Moran Catharine, Mrs. b. 

7 Brown John, bartender, b. 
22 Heusch William, teamster, h. 
24 Shulzky Henry, h. 
26 Leipsitz Isaac, grocer 
31 McKenna James P. bottler, h. 

Musnik Joseph, jeweler, h. 
33 Cohen John, carpenter, h. 

Kanar Harris, pedler. h. 
33rAbbidon Benny, pedler, h. 
37 Goldinburg Sam.Dlacksmth.h. 

Heafey David, laborer, h. 

Heafey David Mrs. dresmkr.h. 
39 Dorgan Patrick, laborer, h.' 

Finneran Thomas, laborer, h. 
41 Bo wen James, laborer, h. 

Bowen James, jr. clerk, b. 

Bowen Joseph, operative, b. 

Cull Michael, overseer, h. 
45 Flynn John, operative, b. 

Flynn Margaret, widow, h. 

Flynn Terrence, laborer, b. 

V^let Wanton, machinist, h. 

49 McGee Owen, laborer, b. 
Roach James, laborer, h. 

50 Clark Mfg. Co. coffins 

51 Lisker Samuel, pedler, h. 
Shapiro Nathan, painter, h. 

55 Cohen Jacob, pedler, h. 

Greenstein Abraham, clerk,b. 
Greenstein Nathan, pro vs'ns.h. 

67 Duquette Chas. A. fireman, h. 
Sweeney Edw. operative, h. 

68 Braman Geo. W. driver, h. 
Bushee Feb. brakeman, h. 
Sweeney John H. jeweler, b. 

69 Griffin Margaret Mrs. h. 
Moriarty Jeremiah, laborer, h. 

71 Blank Jacob, pedler, h. 
Cohen Reuben, pedler. h. 
Rosenberg Jacob, carpenter.b. 

72 Bennett Anson A. laborer, h. 
Creamer Michael, laborer, h. 
McDonougb John, laborer, b. 
Raymond James, polisher, h. 

73 Tacobson Samuel, pedler. h. 
75 Blumenthal Harris, laborer, h. 

Goldsmith Harry, tailor, h. 
77 GanzeraanHymon,filefrg'r,h. 

Generol Jacob, boots, etc. h. 
79 Goldberg Simon, pedler, h. 
81 Stein Charles, pedler, h. 
83 Haddican Tames, machinist, b. 

Haddican Margaret, widow.h. 
85 Mulligan Pat'k, iron grinder.h. 

Walsh Dennis, switchman, h. 
89 Mulvey John, laborer, b. 


House Directory. 

Ashburton St.— Continued. 

89 Mulvey Thomas, eogineer, h. 

Mulvey Thomas J. laborer, b. 

Prior Catherine Mrs. b. 

Gould Charles, operative, h. 
03 Fitzgerald Richard, laborer, h. 

Gould Wm. E. (U. S. A.) b. 

Luby Michael, section hand.b. 
97 McCarthy Jas. W. plumber, b. 

McCarthy Timothy G.helper.b. 

Michael Michael J. h. 

O'Loughlin Bern'a,op'rative,h. 

O'Loughlin Bridget, widow.h. 
loi Dansereau Frank, junk, h. 

Jefferson James, spinner, h. 
103 Finneran John J. engin'r.rms. 

Gallagher John J. laborer, h. 

McFarland James W. clerk, h. 

Norton Bernard, laborer, b. 

Ashcroft Street* 

7 Gaskell Charles F. laborer, h. 

8 Geary Joseph, carpet layer, h. 
Mitchell Rose, widow, b. 
Quinn James W. bottler, h. 
Roddy Bridget Miss, h. 
Roddy Margaret Miss, h. 
Roddy Peter, tailor, b. 

13 Bowman Freder'k, teamster,h. 
Keegan Catharine Mrs. h. 
Nelson John, carpenter, h. 
Wood Moses, blacksmith, h. 

14 Marksby John, tinsmith, d. 
Matteson Samuel, jeweler, b. 
McCann Katherine. widow, h. 
Rigney Michael, laborer, h. 
Tansey Bernard, laborer, h. 

17 Holland John P. teamster, h. 
Re veil Joseph, laborer, h. 

18 Hearney Annie, widow, h. 
Riley Edward, laborer, h. 

Ashmont Street. 

14 Smith Eva N. Miss, h. 

Whaley Robert, rubber wkr. h. 

16 Lambert Thomas, jeweler, h. 
Mellor Thomas H. jeweler, b. 

17 Russell Medicine Co. 

20 Blair William R. draftsman.h. 
Shattuck Hannah F. widow, h. 
26 Jillson Edmund T. coal, h. 
cor. Plain, People's Pentecostal 

45 Blackmore Edward, rub, wkr. lu 
Tinkham Bertie A. b. 
Tinkham Jas. A. bairdr'ser, ti. 

46 Barton Albert, rubberwkr. l>. 
46 Barton Joseph, rubberwkr. b- 

Reeves Alfred, rubber wkr. h. 
49 Wainwright Alex, cook, h. 
Wehoskey Oren A. locksxnitb 

53 Byron Tobn W. machinist. t>. 
Byron Michael F. pile driver.h. 
Farrell Luke B. jeweler, b. 
Farrell Patrick J. jeweler, h. 

54 Handley James, milkman, b. 
Handley Jane, widow, fa. 
Stevens' Alex. R. machinist^b. 

57 McCullen Charles D. clerk, b. 
McCuUen Mary, widow, h. 

58 McKeon Peter P. clerk, h. 

61 Hann John, engineer, h. 
Nelson Ernest, jeweler, b. 
Nelson John A. painter, h. 

62 Kelly Ann Miss, h. 

65 Cornell Charles A. painter, h. 
Kupfer Bernard F. machinist, h. 

66 Clark Henry C. mason, h. 
Clark John S. mason, h. 
Clark Richard A. clerk, b. 
Coolidge JohnCsteam fitter,b. 

66rSchetter Louis, cornice mkr.b. 

67 Barnaby Herbert M. clerk, b. 
Dean Willard N. jeweler, h. 

70 Chipman Wm. J. sailmaker,h. 

Sheehan Timothy, carpenter, h. 
72 Blackstaff Lizzie, widow, h. 

Bowder John H. jeweler, h. 
80 Stetson JoshuaA.jr.polisber,h. 

Stetson J. Augustus, clerk, b. 

Stetson Tyler W. clerk, b, 
83 Hillery Fred A. Rev. h. 
85 Johnson J. G, lettercarrier, h. 

Ashton Street. 

I Vanstone Samuel, woodwkr.b. 

Vanstone S. A. Miss,dressmkr. 
21 Reid John C. machinist, h. 

Smith John, provisions, h. 
37 Nickerson Jos. T. pedler, h. 
45 Connick Thomas L. h. 

Gilmore Harry E. helper, b. 
47 Cleasby F. G. paper, n. 

Cleasby F. G. jr. ms. agt. h. 

50 Wilson W. B. field sea h. 

51 Moore Nathan E. grocer, b. 
Ripley Adeline M. widow, b. 

57 Hancock Geo. engraver, h. 

House Directory. 




3 Anderson C. L. machinist, b- 

Gray Joseph, operative, h. 

Libby Allen, sexton, h. 

Potter Wm. S. laborer, b. 

Watts Francis, machinist, h. 

Whitehead James, fireman, b. 
9 Batcher William, helper, h. 

Carpenter Cbas. H. mach't, b. 

Carpenter F. L. carpenter, h. 

Goodrich George W. driver.b. 

Goodrich Maria B. widow, h. 

Goodrich Reuben, driver, b. 

Wild Ebenezer, laborer, h. 

Wild James, b. 

Atkins Street. 

9 McCnrdy John H. clerk, h. 
II Dennen J as. rubber worker, b. 
Henry Eliza Mrs. h. 
Henry John E. bookkeeper, b. 
Mooahan Frank, rub. wkr. b. 

Atlantic Avenue. 

15 Dary Geo. A. salesman, b. 

Dary Geo. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Hierlihy Eliza, widow, h. 

Remingt<»i G. H. j'lry, etc. h. 

Remin^on Hannah. widow,b. 
19 Baker Walter C. clerk, h. 

Qyrne Robert E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
23 Lawton S. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

23 Bishop Charles C. jeweler, h. 
Bishop WalterH.trav.s'man,b. 
McCloy Elizabeth C. widow, h. 

24 Capron John A. machinist, h. 

26 Barker C. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Barker E. A. Miss, teacher, b. 
Barker Robert J. student, b. 

27 Andrews F. M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Andrews Frank W. jeweler, b. 
Andrews George M. clerk, b. 
Bryton Fannie P. mus. tcbr.b. 
Whitlock I. P. A-H.lecturer,b. 

lyrVreeland Asa W.electrician,h. 

28 Burke Isaac S. jeweler, b. 
Valpey Chas. P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

39 Loe^stnger A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

41 Barlow Ellen, widow, h. 

43 Pillsbury Moses C. engineer, h. 

Pillsbury Thomas A. clerk, b. 
45 Hall Joseph A. clerk, h. 
47 Swarfs Eliza, widow, h. 

Swarts Geo. G. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
51 Briggs Eliza, widow, h. 

Searle Byron E. motorman.b. 

51 Searle Martin V. B. baker, h. 
61 Snow Benj. F. salesman, h. 

64 Donaldson Wm. jeweler, h. 

65 Fiske Wm. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
76 Luther Fred'k B. florist 

80 Potter Geo. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
82 Padelford E. L. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

92 Hubbard Chas. G.carpenter,h. 
Hubbard Charles R. b. 
Hubbard FrankR. carpenter, b. 
Hubbard James V. b. 
Hubbard John, carpenter, b. 
Hubbard M. E. Miss, milnr. b. 

93 Eastman WilseyS. optician,h. 
Spencer Catharme A.widow,b. 
Spencer Orin E. clerk, h. 

95 Goodchild Jeremiah, grocer, h. 

Wilde Frank D. clerk, h. 
98 Anthony Nancy H. widow, b. 

Ford Chester C. b. 
• Ford F. Ernest, b. 

Ford Geo. W. carpenter, h. 

Mathewson Edw'd, sil'smith.h. 

102 Ellery lames Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Ellery Wm. M. silversmith, b. 
Martin C. W. silversmith, h. 

103 Bentley W. T. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
105 Spencer C. W. Mr. and Mrs. h. 

107 Hewlett Geo. W. clerk, b. 
Hewlett G. W. L. driver, h. 

108 Lindstrom Carl, driver, h. 
no McMahon Daniel, b. 

Murphy James E. machinst, h. 

Murphy Joseph R. clerk, h. 
149 Bailey Edward, Mr.and Mrs.h. 

Bailey Harry E. B. student, b. 

Hatfield Lawrence, b. 
151 Blaisdell Sidney S. Mr. & Mrs.h. 

Briggs Nath*n A. Mr.& Mrs. h. 
157 Berry F. C. Miss, mus. tchr. b. 

Berry Nicholas L. flour, h. 
160 Shaw Fred'k E. contractor, h. 
183 St. Elizabeth Home, Miss E. 
C. Fales, supt. 

Allen Nellie B. Miss, nurse 

Blanding Abbie Miss 

Boyd Eliza G. Mrs. 

Butterfield Evelyn Miss 

Cameron Catherine Miss 

Campbell Eliza Mrs. 

Chase Mary L. Miss 

Chipman Catherine P. Mrs. 

Cole Sarah Miss 

Cole Sophia Miss 

Cooper Jennie F. Miss, nurse 

Darling Sarah Mrs. 


House DntEcroRy. 

Atlantic Kw.— Continued, 

183 Dexter Patienoe Mrs. 
Duchemin Mary F. Mrs. 
Evans Lizzie Howland Miss 
Fry Jane M. Miss 
Gardiner Luella Mrs. 
Hamill Sophia Mrs. 
Hatch E. D. Miss, nurse 
Holland Mary A. Miss 
Hurd Sarah Mrs. 
Kirby Lena Miss 
Lampen Mary Miss 
Lowell Elizabeth P. Mrs. 
MacDonald Jessie B. 
Machon Frederick, janitor 
McCarty Maggie Miss 
Mercer Hannah Mrs. 
Moody Fannie Miss, nurse 
Phillips Mary E. Miss 
Pond Delia Mrs. 
Shaw Pauline Miss 
Sullivan Margaret Miss 
Sullivan Mary Miss 
Turner Eliza Mrs. 
Weaver Edith L. Miss, nurse 
189 Austin Mary E. Miss, h. 
Johnson Naomi C. Mrs. h. 
Johnson Freeborn, clerk, b. 
Thompson Sarah E Mrs. b. 
West Ellen A. Mrs. b. 

193 Davenport Francis A. Mrs. h. 
Davenport Frank W. des'r. h. 

194 Huntley Carroll K. dentist, h. 
196 Donlon Patrick H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Prior Ann Mrs. h. 
198 Waterman Chas. Mr. &Mrs.h. 
207 Watt Peter M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
211 Howe A. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Howe Louise J. widow, h. 

221 Hope John, engraving mach.h. 
Hope "Louis A. machinist, b. 
Hope W.H.engravingmach.h. 

222 Blake Chas. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
228 WickensE.G.Miss.msctchr.b. 

Wickens Thomas, machinist.h. 
232 Padelford Mary E. widow, h. 

Tillinghast C. H. h. 
236 Kohlhagen Fredk. modeler, h. 

Atwells Avenue. 

cor. Aborn, Adams' Ex. Co. stables 

8 Brophy Michael, bootmaker 

12 Brannigan Bern, section hnd.b. 

Nicholson Peter, driver, h. 

Potter Harry W. driver, b. 

16 Davis Albert W. clerk, h. 

22 Carlisle William A. h. 

28 Nightingale Chas. S.foremn.h. 
Pond Charles H. chaser, h. 

29 Johnson John, boilermaker, b. 
31 Dinneny Richard, liquors 

35 Bradley John M. liquors 

36 MathewsonCatharineE. Mrs. h. 

37 McArdle Rose Mrs. h. 

39 Bradley Jno. N. liquor dea. h. 
49 Boyle Thomas, moulder, b. 

Cronin Patrick, laborer, h. 
51 Anderson Oscar, clerk, b. 

Bengston Charles, mach'st, b. 

Falk Robert, b. 

Forsberg Joanna Mrs. h. 

Hannah Patrick, grocer, h. 

Hedman Peter, b. 

Thunell Anthony, machinist, b. 

53 Boney Michael, laborer, h. 
Hannah Patrick, grocer 
Kerr Catharine Mrs. h. 
Sutton Fred L. porter, b. 
Sutton Henry C. cook, h. 
Sutton William, waiter, b. 

54 Laflamme Henri, at B. & S. b. 
Laflamme Hormidas Mme. h. 
Law Arabella Mrs. h. 
Marcello Felix, clerk, b. 
Merrill Sadie Mrs. h. 

56 Fogarty Kate Mrs. vary, store 

57 Lunn Chin Q. laundry 
Paolucci James, hairdresser 

58 Tedeshi Pellegrin N. tailor 
61 Barry Patrick, hostler, h. 

Hunt Honora, widow, b. 
67 Coyle John, porter, h. 

Coyle Thomas F. clerk, b. 

Hayden Ellen E. widow, h. 
72 Mc&overn Peter, coal & wood 
75 Congdon Z. T. moulder, h. 

Dean Edwin J. bottler, h. 

77 Byrne Joseph P. jeweler, b. 
Byrne Robert, diesinker, b. 
Byrne Sarah A. Miss, h. 
McGwin Thos. hairdresser, b. 
Vickere Albert N. clerk, h. 
Vickere Isabelle I. widow, b. 

78 Bauer Charles, clerk, h. 
Bowler William, laborer, h. 
Driscoll Jeremiah, jeweler, h. 
McCabe John J. printer, b. 
McCabe Margaret Mrs. h. 

82 Bowen Thomas A. mason, h, 
Campbell Michael A. h. 

83 Champlin Nellie G. Mrs. h. 
Eaton James F. brakeman, b. 

House Dikectory. 


93 Brooks Fred, stonecutter, b. 

Carr Thomas, stonecutter, b. 

Coombs Chas. A.sign writer, b. 

Cmmioghani Francisjewlr. b. 

Dennigan Pat* k. hairdr'sr. b. 

Downie Lyman, clerk, b. 

Pay James, silversmith, b. 

Hannifan Pat'k J. mach'st,!). 

Herman Francis, derk, b. 

Kenney James J. clerk, b. 

Kieman Prank, clerk, b. 

McDermott Charles J. clerk, b. 

McLaughlin Arch. L. jewlr. h. 

Mokahey Cornelius, painter,b. 

Mnllaney Patrick, derk, b. 

Shepard Joseph, b. 

Snllivan John F. clerk, b. 
96 Baxter Francis, at B. & S. b. 

Brierty Thomas, laborer, b. 

Fiimegan Michael, moulder, h. 

Pi tzpatrickThomas, teamstr .b. 

Hol]and Maria, widow, h. 

UcKenna James, laborer, b. 
102 Graham Stephen, grocer 
104 Hoffman Geo. R. engineer, h. 
106 Kip Chatfield H. core mkr. h. 

Walker Charles, machinist, h. 

Walker Henry C. clerk, b. 
no Houghton BdwinW.engin'r.h. 

White John C. conductor, h. 
114 Aogell Rosanna, widow, h. 

PercivalldaA. Miss,tailoress,b. 

Raymond Gideon, clerk, b. 

Wiklman Geo. combmaker, b. 

Winchester Gilman K. h. 
ISO Anderson Charles, driver, rms. 

HainbachB., R. LCorrwks.rms 

Haskell Bstelle M. Miss, h. 

Hedber|^ John, carpenter, rms. 

PowersMary& BerthaMisses,b. 

Thornton Joseph R. b. 

135 Koehler JE^nrietta Mrs. h. 
Koehler Herman, baker, b. 
Koehler Paul, U. R. R. b. 
Koehler Richard, helper, b. 

136 Braun Theodor, bottler 
131 Denschel Carl, bakeiy 

133 Cooney John J. boarding house 
Pi tsgeraldFred* kW. clerk, rms. 
Preedman Raphael,grocer,rms 
Kaplan Abraham, grocer, b. 
Wood S. A. Mrs. h. 

134 Bcrgiand Peter N. laborer, b. 
Carteon Chas P. carpenter, b. 
Dolan Thomas F. jeweler, h. 
Liflbeig £dw. boarding house 

134 Nelson John, machinist, b. 
Nelson Paul, tool maker, b. 
Peterson Andrew P. tailor, b. 

138 Bastastini O. baker, h. 
Gasperi Gaubdencia, tailor, h. 
Giunti Antonio, tailor, h. 
Giunti Clara Mrs. drsmkr. h. 
Tuzio Joseph A. cutter, h. 
Vota Antonio E. tailor, h. 

139 Brown Anne J. Mrs. h. 
McAree John, wire worker, b. 
McGuirl Jos. A. & Co. druggists 

140 Simonelli Crisandro, tailor, b. 

141 Wilson Charles, physician 
Wilson Samuel F. clerk, b. 

143 Mahoney Dennis T. tailor, h. 
O'Connor C. F. moulder, h. 
O'Connor J. Frank, clerk, b. 
O'Connor Wm. E. clerk, b. 

149 Hoxie Charles H. h. 
Maxfield Lucinda G. Mrs. h. 
Sprague Jane E. widow, h. 

150 Bosworth Mary A. widow, b. 
Drown Alfred M. b. 

Rice Emma F. widow, h. 
Rice F. H. periodicals, b. 

154 Martin William, jeweler, h. 
Small George A. jeweler, h. 

155 Barron AndrewJ.machinist,h. 
Caruolo Emily Mrs. drsmkr. h. 
Caruolo Michael C. tailor, h. 

157 Grover John, trav. s'man, h. 
Timmans KateMiss.dressmkr. 

158 Collins Chas.W. bookkeeper, b. 
Collins Tohn F. bookkeeper,b. 
Collins Michael R. plumber, h. 

159 McKnight John A. tel. opr. h. 

160 Collins John F. variety store 

161 Beckford Annie M. Miss, h. 
Beckford Frederick L. Mrs. h. 
DeLuca Luig^, tailor, h. 
Grazziano Michael, tailor, h. 
Pastore Frank, tailor, b. 

163 Makesh Anthony, musician, h. 

163 Smith Marshall, clerk, b. 

164 Gorman Dennis, painter, h. 
Johnson Howard C. clerk, b. 
Johnson P. A. Mrs. h. 

165 Daubney Sam'l E.,h. 
Reynolos John F. clerk, rms. 

169 O'Connor Michael D.provis'ns 
lyorKerr Thos. watchman, b. 

173 Caproni Giovanni, liquors, h. 

174 Marucci Pasquale, tailor, h. 
McMahon Thomas F. clerk, h. 

175 Caproni Bros. & Co. liquors 


House Directory. 

Atwells Ky.— Continued. 

179 Castaldi Luigi,confectioner,h. 
DelPonto Vincenzo, baker, h. 
Johnson Gustav, carpenter, h. 

180 Nutini Adolf o, baker, b. 
185 Storti Peter D. grocer 

187 Pinley Susan Miss, b. 
Hackett Rose, widow, ta. 
McAnally John, blacksmith, b. 
McAnerney Thos. J. clerk, b. 
McKenna Patrick, pressm an, b. 
McMaogh MaryA.laundress,b. 
Skelly Thos. teamster, b. 

188 Duggan John, harnessmaker 

189 Dillon John H. liquors 

190 Cabeen Wm. C. plumber 

193 Campbell Catharine Miss, h. 
Giusti Berardino, laborer, b. 
McNally Richard, laborer, b. 
Michelotti Luigi, laborer, h. 

194 Smith A. R. P. bookkeeper, h. 

195 Gerardi Prank S. eating house 

196 Bernucci Oreste.stonecutter.h. 

197 Campana Giovanni, laborer,b. 
Campana Nicola, laborer, b. 
Del Bene Antonio, laborer, b. 
Margadonna Pasquale, co'l, etc. 

199 DelDonnoFrancesco,rborer,b. 
Del Donno Giuseppe,conf y.h. 
Del Donno G. jr hairdresser, b. 
Del Donno Paolo, laborer, b. 

200 Bannon John, liquors 

201 Olivieri Celestino, shoemaker 

202 McHugh James, laborer, h. 
McHugh John P. laborer, b. 
Trainor Ann, widow, h. 
Trainor James J. clerk, b. 
Trainor John P. b. 

203 Condon Mary, widow, h. 
Condon Thomas, plumber, b. 
Smart David, cooper, h. 
Smart David A. clerk, b. 
Smart L. S. Miss, dressmaker 

205 Bachman Abraham, clothing 

206 Vincenti Boldo, hairdresser 
over. Regoli Dante, baker, h. 

207 Bachman A. clothing, h. 
McDonald Robt. H., P.P.D. h. 

208 Rice Prederick H. periodicals 

209 Arnold Louis M. coachman, b. 
Arnold Robert P. clerk, b. 
Arnold Timothy T. police, h. 
Dorney T. J. liquors, h. 

210 Ciaccia Vincenzo, grocer 
over, McKenna Patrick, lab. h« 

211 Dorney Thomas J. liquors 

213 Collins Prank, usher, b. 
Lane Herman, filecutter, h« 
Lanz Herman, clerk, b. 
McCallum Dennis E. clerk, bi. 
Merrie Henri, en^neer, b. 

214 Arnas Orazio, hairdresser, b. 
Di Pietro Peter, hairdresser, l>. 
Perrara Nicola, hairdresser, li. 
Giordano Carmelo, hairdrsr.b. 
Giordano Giovann i, hairdrsr. b. 
LaMagna Pran'ca. midwife, h. 
Martelli Ralph, hairdresser, t> 
Pausata Alfred, watchmkr. h. 
Pisco Emanuel P. watchmkr. Ir. 
Prisco Nicola, physician, b. 

215 Conroy William H. hostler, "b. 
Evans John J. laborer, h. 
Plynn John T. bartender, h. 

216 Contillo Leonardo, laborer, li. 
Dellarsina Raff aela, ice crtn. b. 
Di Nunzio Prancesco, labor. b« 
Di I^unzio Giovanni, shmkr. b. 
Di Nunzio Vito, laborer, b. 
Lazzari Giovanni, baker, b. 
Lombardi Crescenzo, labor, b. 
Vitale Augustin. liquors, h. 

217 MangioneMichelangelo,g:dr.b. 
McCusker John P. clerk, b. 
McMaun James, laborer, h. 
Piccoli Gennaro, carpenter, h. 
Russillo Donato, carpenter, b. 
Sciarri Nicola, confectionery, h • 

220 Donahue Tames, h. 
Donahuetames W. clerk, b. 

221 Mancini John, tailor 
Mancini V. pantaloon mkr. b. 

323 Habib Peter, salesman, b. 

Roukous George, var'y store 

Roukous Olies, clerk, b. 
224 Cacchini Prancesco, lab'r, b. 

Galeuzzi Prank, baker, h. 

Vicar io Raffaele, baker, h. 
cor. Messinger, Atwells Avenue 

Primary School 
226 Gilloran Edward, fireman, b. 

McKenna Prank, clerk, b. 

McKenna John P. clerk, b. 

McKenna r. P. h. furn. gds. b. , 

Riley James, clerk, b. 

231 Pearson Wm. J. foreman, b. 

232 Lavoie George, filemaker, b. 
Murphy Amelia J. h. 
Murphy John B. ^as piper, h. 
Oates Margarite Miss, b. 
Reall Arthur, lanndryman, b. , 
ReallNapoleon, file hardener, b. > 

House Directory. 


239 Castigliooi Rinaldo.jeweler.h. 

McElroy Edward P. derk, b. 

McEIroy James B. bookkpr. b. 

McBlroy Nellie T. Miss. Il 
239rDct:gherty Prank, m'chinist,h. 

Gorman Thomas, painter, h. 

Keanis James, laborer, h. 

McCarrxjn Owen, carpenter, h. 
241 D'AmbraPrancesco.laborer,b. 

Monti Manzie. variety store.h. 
243 Cunningham P. plasterer, h. 

Hart Alice Mrs. b. 

McCartin Hugh. P. P. D. h. 
143 Bowen John, brewer, h. 

Bowen Thos. P. compositor, b. 

DeMagistris Giovanni, lab'r.b. 

DeMagistris Mariano. tmstr.h. 
143)2 Moore Samuel, shoemaker 
245 Gormley Daniel, clerk, b. 

Hardman James, clerk, b. 

Mallon Thomas, laborer, b. 

Moore Samuel, shoemaker, h. 

Mnllen Chas. file cutter, b. 

Sch alien Eliza.beth, widow, h. 
247 Hardman Henry A. dry goods 
24S Moore Andrew,' carpenter, b. 

Moore Andre ^v, jr. b. 
«55 Masso Peter, tailor, b. 

^mbarano Ceaser. tailor, b. 

Zambarano Paul, mer.tailor;h. 
256 Carlson Charles, fish market 
256rEarley Chas. coal and wood 
2§S Ling Chin, lanndry 
2§9 McKenna&McL«aughlin,h.fur. 

260 Dillon John H. h. 
Earley Chas. coal, etc. b. 

261 H anion Timothy, teamster, h. 
Healey Ellen, widow, h. 
Healey James, plasterer, b. 
Langtoo Patrick Mrs. h. 
0'BrienAnn& Bridget, Mis' s,h. 

262 Perrara D. & Son, hairdressers 
264 Johnson Prancis P. police, h. 

Masterson Jas-H.hairdressr.h. 
266 Cesario Vincenzo, provisions 
^7 Briggs S. J. &Co. pnarmacists 
268 Schulti G. A. grocer 
271 O'Donnell John, carpenter, b. 

O'Donnell Mary, widow, h. 
27a Darigan Pat'k P. variety store 

274 Caniolo Ernest, hairdresser 
Tannenbaum Montz,w'chmkr. 

275 Cifelli D. laborer, h. 

Di Meglio Raffaele, fmit dlr. 
Manani J. shoemaker, h. 
Regina Vincenzo, laborer, b. 

278 Mancini Thomas, tailor 

280 Pazzano Domenico, tailor, h. 
Gonnella Rafaele, teamster, h. 
Mancini Alfred, cntter, h. 
Mancini Thomas, tailor, h. 
Travesonni Rnberto, tailor, b. 

281 MigliaccioGiuseppe.confect'ry 
28irCotroni Carlo, laborer, h. 

Pruscelli Angelo, operative, b. 
Fruscelli Joseph, operative, b, 
Galuppi Gaetano, operative, h. 

283 Di Meglio Raffaele, fruit de'lr. 

284 Aurello A. antique money, b. 
Auriemma Antonio, jeweler, b. 
Caporaso Ludonico, jeweler, b. 
Dambruch John, jeweler, h. 
D'Amore Antonio.plumber, b. 
Rossi Carlo, laborer, b. 
Stellato Tommanaso, mach. b. 
Stratton Jas. pattern maker, b. 
Stratton Rob t. E. machinist, b. 
Vicario Vincenzo, baker, h. 

285 Batastini Angelo, pedler, h. 
Batastini Silvio A. teamster, b. 
Batastini Vittorio, b. 

Lee Charles, laundry 
Martini Lorenzo, baker, h. 

286 Bander Michael S. clothing 

289 Bowes Patrick W. grocer 

290 Grillo Salomone, variety store 
Vicario Raffaele, baker 

291 Bowes Charles F. clerk, b. 
Bowes Patrick W. grocer, h. 
Bush Stephen, meat cutter, b. 

292 Aurello Adamo,antique money 
Auriemma Anton io&Co.jewlrs 

293 McSoley John F. laborer, b. 
McSoley J. E. liquor dealer, h. 

294 Roma Restaurant 

295 McSoley James E. liquors 

296 Grillo AUesandro, laborer, b. 
Grillo Luigi, laborer, b. 
Grillo Salomone, laborer, h. 
Pettine Anthony, printer, b. 
Pettine Gaetano, shoemaker, b. 
Pettme Michael, shoemaker, h. 
Zoglio Joseph, hairdresser, b. 
Zoglio Fasquale. confectionery 

298 Caruolo John, boots & shoes, h. 

299 Melaragno F. cigar mfr. h. 
Melaragno Pietro, cigar mkr. b. 

• Sheehan Michael, tailor, h. 

300 VentroniF. P. commission de'lr 
3oo3^DeBlasio Benj, clerk, b. 

DeBlasio Vincenzo, clerk, h. 


Blackttone Boylevard 

Funeral Flowers 

A Specialty. 


House Directory. 

Atwells Kwm^ Continued, 

3cx))^Lena James, stonecutter, b. 
Nucciarone Felice, tailor, h. 
Petrone FloraMrs.dressmkr,h. 
Petrone Frank, mason, b. 
Teolis Antonio, laborer, b. 

301 Toye Thomas, undertaker, h. 

302 Florence Drug Store 

303 Toye Thomas, undertaker 
306 Cardegnio Frank, hairdresser 

310 Fain Philip, dry goods 
Lynch Bernard 

311 Lavin John H. liquors 
313 Grimley Bridget Miss, h. 
315 Gendreau Godfrey L. grocer 
3i5rMcGirr James F. clerk, b. 

McGirr John, clerk, h. 

Miner John, laborer, h. 

O'Brien Matthew.coachman.b. 

Short John, laborer, b. 
317 Brady James, teamster, b. 

McElroy Barney, gardener, h. 

McQuade Terrence, prov's, h. 

Murphy Patrick, clerk, b. 
319 Cagnio Giuseppe, stonecut*r,b. 

Dilorio Vincenzo, laborer, h. 

Guerino Doraenico, grocer, h. 

Miner Constantme. mason, b. 

Petruccio Dom. operative, b. 

Petruccio Rabiele, laborer, h. 

Ricci Camillo, operative, b. 

Rocchio Antonio, operative.b. 

Rocchio Pasquale,operative,b. 

RussignioloGi'seppe, h'lp'r, b. 

Ryan Matthew, laborer, h. 
3i9rDiCesare John, laborer, b. 

Di Fazio Fietro, laborer, b. 

Dilorio Carmine, laborer, b. 

DiMaio Alesandro, baker, b. 

DiMeglio Saverio, laborer, h. 

Figliolini Cres. laborer, h. 

lacono Filippo, operative, b 

Melfi Marcello, operative, h. 

Reggina Filippo, laborer, b. 

Reggine Matteo, laborer, h. 

Ruber to Egidio, tailor, b. 

Ruberto Michel e, laborer, h. 
321 Guerino Domenico, grocer 
323 Masterson Jas. H. hairdresser 
325 Donnelly Peter, carpenter, h. 

Dugan P. at file works, b. 

Dullea Dennis, liquors, h. 

Dullea Eugene, liquors, b. 

McGirr Patrick, teamster, h. 

McVeigh Joseph, teamster, b. 

Sheridan John J. clerk, b. 

325 Slavin Hugh, laborer, b. 
Winn Thomas, mason, h. 

327 Dullea Bros, liquors 
cor. America, H. & L. No. 6 

Hose No. 9 

328 Carr John J. sexton, h. 
McCabe Thomas, undertaker 

328rCassidy James, laborer, b. 
McHugh James, laborer, b. 
Schouler BrimmerJ.painter.h. 

330 McCabe Thomas, h. 

331 Collins Philip, laborer, b. 
Forkin James, laborer, b. 
Kelly Peter, laborer, b. 
Kelly Rose Miss, h. 
McCusker Hugh, filecutter, b- 
McCusker Patrick, liquors, b. 
McCusker Patrick, moulder, h. 
McCusker Thomas, clerk, b. 
McKenna Peter, clerk, b. 
McVeigh Joseph, liquors 
Parsons William J. laborer, b. 
Phillips Owen, dyer, b. 

332 McGirr Ann Miss, var'y store 

334 Dwver John, liquors 
Kelly Peter P. liquors 

335 Giusti Vincenzo, baker, h. 
Giusti & Batastini, bakers 
Lubrano Michael, h. 
Nannini Antonio, baker, b. 
Nannizzi Adolfo, baker, b. 
Schianodicola Giuseppe,lab.b. 
SchianodimurilloGiosue,lab. b. 
Schianodimurillo Mich*l,lab.b. 
Scotti Domenico. laborer, b. 

336 Hackett Martin J. moulder, h. 
lannoni Rafaele, laborer, b. 
McGirr Ann Miss.var. store, h. 
Vetulli Michael A. clerk, b. 

337 Strasnach Morris, shoemaker 

344 Renzi Custode, shoemaker, li. 

345 Dellaporte Angelo,shoemkr.h. 
Palladino Giuseppe, eating ho. 
Petrone Joseph, hairdresser 

346 Dowd Michael W. grocer 

cor. Sutton, St. John's R. C. Church 

347 Giampalo Francesco, tailor, b. 
Giampaolo Giovanni, tailor, b. 
Petrone Antonio, hairdrsr. b. 
Petrone Joseph, mason, h. 
Petrone Pasquale, hairdrsr. b. 

349 Giusti Ferdinando, baker, b. 

Norci Antonio, laborer, h. 

Rossi Giuseppe, operative, b. 
351 Sing Moy. laundry 
353 Braley & Little, bakers 

House Directory. 


355 D'Aloio Nicola, hairdresser, h. 

McCauley David, carpenter, h. 

McMnllen Catharine Mrs. h. 
557 Gribinski Sarah, dry goods 
359 Hunter Geo. M. reg. phar. 

McDermott J. H. reg. phar. 
361 Cassidy Thomas, laborer, b. 

Grady Edward, filecutter, b. 

Hunt Annie J. widow, h. 

McLoughlin John, laborer, b. 

Scanlan Hugh, laborer, h. 

Scanlan Mary Miss, h. 

Wimsey John, laborer, b. 
363 Donovan Patrick P. laborer, b. 

Hanley Arthur J. helper, b. 

Maboney James, laborer, b. 

McMorrow John, driver, h. 
363 Naples Hand Laundry 
366 Golrick Michael, slater, h. 
370 Degnan Patrick, laborer, h. 

Keiiy Patrick, laborer, b. 
37' Rocco Giovanni A. grocer 
37i>iTorrigrossi A. shoemaker 

372 Carroll Edward P. physician 

373 O'Neil Charles T. polisher, h. 

375 Phetteplace Elliott, painter 

376 Hewitt Joseph M. currier, h. 
McLaughlin M. laborer, h. 
Thomas Charles W. moulder. h. 

377 Mooney Hugh, liquors 

379 Carlin Philip, laborer, h. 
Mooney Hugh, liquors, b. 

380 Vinton Drug Co. reg. phar. 

381 Moan James F. laborer, h. 
RetzlofE Philip, laborer, h. 

382 Altieri Raffaele, hairdresser, b.'mkr. b. 
Melfi Peter, tailor, h. 

Melfi Theresa Miss, dressmkr. 

Pettine Angelo, laborer, b. 

Pettine J.tchr.of mandolin, etc. 
384 McCusker Bernard, b. 

McCusker E. & J. Misses, h. 
3B3 Devine James, machinist, h. 

Kavanagh Kate Miss, h. 
386 McCusker E. & J. dressmakers 
390 Bander Maurice, clothing, h. 

Bander Michael S. pedler, b. 

McKenna Peter, clerk, h. 

O'Neil William, laborer, b. 
39X Keefe Brothers, grocers 
393 Kelley James, printer, b. 

Kelley John, moulder, h. 

McAleer Isabella Miss, h. 

McAleer Tohn J. laborer, b. 
395 Holland Bern'rd J. hairdresser 

396 Con Ion James, porter, h. 
Hines Edward J. liquors 

397 Batastini A Mrs. dressmaker.h. 
399 Hannaway Catherine, wid. h. 

Hannaway Hugh F. b. 
Hannaway James F. clerk, b. 
Hannaway John, laborer, b. 
O'Reilly Hanorah, widow, h. 
O'Reilly John P. jeweler, b. 

402 Mulgrew William F. blacksmith 

403 Fallon James, tailor, h. 
Fallon John, jeweler, b. 

408 Clifford Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Coffey Catherine Mrs. h. 
Doherty Rose, widow, h. 

409 Greene John J. variety store 

411 Crane Charles, teamster, b. 
Crane George, porter, h. 
Crane John J. expressman, b. 
Welch Matthew F. polisher, h. 

412 Crosby Owen, liquors 

413 Keenan Hugh E. rubber wkr.b. 
Keen an John F. blacks mith,h. 
Mills John, Rlemaker, h. 

414 Abom Frank, laborer, h. 
Hepburn Francis, driller, h, 
Marta Gaetano, b. 

Marta Raffaele, b. 
Marta Salvatore, h. 
McCaffrey Patrick, laborer, h. 
McCormick Bern ard, laborer, b. 
McCormick Peter, wiper, b. 
Nassi Michel e, jeweler, b. 
Nassi Raffaele, helper, h. 

417 Turbitt Henry, clerk, h. 
Wall Thomas, jeweler, h. 

418 McConnell John, liquors 
420 McConnell John, liquors, b. 

Trainor John, teamster, h. 
Trainor John, jr. teamster, b. 

423 McCaffrey M. & C. Misses, h. 
Sullivan Hannah, widow, h. 
Sullivan M. J. Miss, drsmkr. b. 

423rKelly Patrick, plasterer, h. 

424 Carlos James, laborer, b. 
Carlos Sf ary A. widow, h. 
Conway Catharine, widow, h. 
Conway Edward H. carp'r. b. 
Darcy Christopher, helper, b. 
McDermott Alex, laborer, h. 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h. 
Sullivan John C. teamster, b. 

425 Antonucci Charles, tailor, b. 
Lynch John, laborer, h. 
Pardi Angelo, tailor, h. 

426 Rodgers Michael, liquors 


House Directory. 

Atwells Av. — Continued, 

431 Mulvey Wm. F. grocer 
43irMulvey Henry P. clerk« h. 

Mulvey Wm. F. grocer, h. 

432 Carlos John, variety store 

433 Callahan Michael, laborer, b. 
Donnelly Jos. blacksmith, h. 

434 Bums Peter, laborer, h. 
Carlos John, variety store, h. 
Sqllivan John, driver, b. 

435 Brad J Patrick, rubberwkr. h. 
Heslm Joseph, collector, b. 
Logan Wm. laborer, h. 
McUonough John, laborer, b. 

436 Pettine Michael, shoemaker 

441 Hepburn James, filecutter, h. 
Kane Rose Miss, h. 

442 Byrne John F. clerk, b. 
Golrick Frank H. slater, h. 
Healy Tames H. driver, b. 
Healy Joseph, laborer, b. 
Healy Wm. shoemaker, h. 
Healy Wm. F. variety s tore, b. 
Leneoan James, laborer, h. 
Monahan Tames J. b. 

• O'Toole William F. jeweler. b. 

443 Burke Patrick, laborer, h. 
Cavannaugh James, fireman, b. 
Cavannaugh Thos. spinner, b. 
Gill John F. h. 

Kelly James T. laborer, h. 
447 Brady Patrick, laborer, h. 
Moan Caroline Mrs. widow, h. 
Oates Michael, clerk, b. 
Thompson James, painter, b. 

450 Broadhurst G. var. store, h. 

H ayesCa tharine M iss. var. store 

451 Neary Michael O. b. 
Neary Peter, laborer, h. 
Whalen John H. compositor,h. 

452 McElroy John C. plumber 

453 TuUy Thomas, liquors 
453rTully Margaret, widow, b. 

TuUy Matthew, tinsmith, h. 
Tully Thos. liquor dealer, b. 
Williaips Mary, widow, h. 

454 Campbell James, teamster, h. 
De Luca Louis, tailor 

De Luca Luig^, tailor 
Doonan James, laborer, h. 
Kelly James, laborer, h. 
Roderick Charles, laborer, h. 
Rogers John, laborer, h. 
454r Campbell Patrick, laborer, h. 
Glynn Patrick, laborer, h. 
Welch Rose Mrs. h. 

458 Fennessey George, clerk, b. 
Pennessey John P. clerk, b. 
Fennessey Patrick, grocer, li. 
Walsh Lawrence F. clerk, b. 

460 Fennessey Patrick, grocer 

461 Casey John J. wireworker, h. 
Howarth Nellie F. Miss, b. 
Howarth Susan, widow, h. 

463 Callahan Chas. blacksmith, b. 

Chute George L. stenciler, "b. 

Darling Walter S. clerk, h. 

McCaffrey H. stucco worker, li. 

McCaffrey Joseph, student, b. 
472 Arcelli Vmcenzo, cook, b. 

Novati Paolo Rev. h. 

475 CuUen Thomas, machinist, h. 
McSoley Ann, widow, b. 
McSoley Patrick, filemaker. b. 

476 Dermody Joseph, student, b. 
Gallagher John, rubber wkr.b. 
McLaughlm Chas. rub. wkr.b. 
Rush Bridget A. h. 
Sherman Wm. J., P. F. D. h. 

478 Figallo Antonio, h. 

Figallo Peter F. clerk, b. 
4S0 Brennan John, liquors, h. 

Danner Mary Mrs h. 
483 Johnson M. A. Mrs. dressmkr. 

Johnson Patrick, plasterer, h. 

Frior Patrick, rubber wkr. b. 

Rosmond Jas. rubber wkr. h. 
486 Burke Dennis, teamster, h. 

Burke Edw. J. bag. master, h. 

Burke James F. brakeman, b. 

Tosney John H. engineer, h. 
505 Green Michael, teamster, b. 

McCue John, laborer, h. 

Timmans Kate Miss, drsmkr.h. 
517 Carney Hugh, clerK, b. 

Case Arthu r, crossing tender, b. 

Clark Christopher, rub. wkr. b. 

Corrigan James, clerk, b. 

Corrigan Wm. rubber wkr. b. 

McKenna Margaret, widow, h. 
519 McKenna Geo. W. bottler, h. 

McKillop Alex, shipping cl'k. h« 
521 McKenna Bros.wholes'le liq'rs 
524 Greaves Annie, variety store. b. 

Greaves David E. machinist, b. 

Greaves Thomas, U. S. A. b. 

Hanley Peter, laborer, h. 

O'Brien Bridget, widow, h. 

O'Brien Dennis, porter, b. 

O'Brien Jeremiah, janitor, b. 

O'Brien Jos. A. compositor, b. 

O'Brien Wm. S. plumber, b. 

House Directory. 


One iaiidred Yarieties of Vegetables ^' "^^i^iS ?L«iiny. 

524 Wims Dennis P. physician, h. 
527 Canning Ann. widow, h. 

Canning Patrick, rub. wkr. b. 

Canning Timothy, nab. wkr. b. 

O'Connor J. W. stone cntter.h. 
SiS Egan John, laborer, b. 

McKoan Joseph, laborer, b. 

Monahan Patrick, laborer, h. 

Reynolds James, laborer, b. 

Tansey John, laborer, b. 

529 McKenna Bros, liquors 

530 Raddan Rose, widow, b. 
Trimble Wm. rubber wkr. h. 

532 Polco Herminio, hairdresser 
S36 Gnndlach £.F. carriage painter 
Monahan Thos. H. blacksmith 
546 Harris Wm- M. jr. lumber, etc. 

556 Peck A. &Co. wool & wool waste 

557 Christ John, rubber worker, h. 
Fisher John, laborer, b. 
Kiltbor Adam, rubber wkr. b. 
Masterson Cornelius, h. 
MastersonG. F.dr'ughtsman.b. 
Poole Philip, rubber worker, b. 
Robbins Everett, designer, b. 

569 Langher Edward C. weaver, b. 

•Sail ivanj as. overseer carder, h. 

Trainor James, expressman,h. 
573 Panning James, liquors, b. 

Panning Michael, rub. wkr. b. 

Gilmore Patrick, rub. wkr. h. 

Kenny Bridget and Nellie, h. 
!79 Pitzsimmons M. B. rub. wkr.b. 

Moore Geo. weaver, b. 

Moore Joseph, rubber wkr. b. 

Moore Wm. rubber wkr. b. 

Moore Winifred, h. 
581 Kmetz Joseph, rubber wkr. b. 

Malimanok F. rubber wkr. b. 

Malimanok John, rub. wkr. b. 

Miller Jacob, rubber wkr. b. 

Schwartz Peter, rubber wkr.h. 

586 Brady Cathanne Miss, h. 
Brady Maria & Rose Misses.h. 
Brown John B. rubber wkr. h. 
Brown John M. rubber wkr. b. 
Brown Richard J. laborer, b. 
Butler Edward, rubber wkr. b. 
Plynn James P. machinist, b. 
Hanson Thomas, laborer, b. 
Mulvaney James.rubb'r wkr.b. 

587 Cooper Joseph, laborer, b. 
Murphy Ellen, widow, h. 
White John, moulder, h. 

589 Covell Wm. H. & Co. grocers 
589rQueen Dyeing Co. 

616 Blumstrom Albert, jeweler, h. 

Brown Alexander, rub. wkr. b. 

Bums John, operative, b. 

Carlson Henry, weaver, b. 

Crowe Edward, rub. wkr. b. 

Hagan Olaf , rubber worker, b. 

McSoley Annie M. widow, h. 
623 Diamond Machine Co. 

MossbergF.Co.b'yc*e bells, etc. 
645 Dawson Peter W. machinist 
654 Brennan John, liquors 

Hughes John, foreman, h. 

Johnston Concrete &R'fing Co. 

Kelley Patrick, jr.h'rs-shoer.b. 

McDermott Michael, laborer, b. 

Rodd y Bartholomew, laborer, h. 

Slavin Frank, concreter, h. 
659 Barstow Thread Co. 

661 Dawson William, laborer, b. 
Rush James, dyer, b. 
Scott Robert, oyer, b. 
Stevens Chas. B. machinist, h. 
Sullivan John, laborer, b. 
Trimble Joseph, weaver, h. . 

662 Moffett Michael D. overseer, h. 
Moffett William A. butcher, b. 
O'Rourke James, operative, b. 
O'Rourke Jennie Miss, h. 
O'Rourke John, weaver, b. 
Thereant Adilad, carpenter,h. 

663 Doorley Patrick, liquors 

665 Cassidy M. operative, h. 
Going Catharine, widow, h. 
Going John, ins agt. b. 
Going M. F. machinist, b. 

666 McGrath N. Miss, drsmkr. h. 
McGrath Thomas, foreman, h. 

|uirk Arthur S. loom fixer, b. 
|uirk George, clerk, b. 
►uirk Jeremiah, h. 
677 Curry James E., U. R. R. b. 

Curry Margaret, widow, h. 

Eagan Patrick, operative, h. 

Markey Thomas, dyer, h. 

Riley Owen, operative, h. 

Riley Peter F. clerk, b. 
668 Fitzgerald John, grocer 
670 Bushee Peter, weaver, h. 

Fanning Peter, rubber wkr. h. 

Fitzgerald Bridget, widow, h. 

Fitzgerald John, teamster, b. 

Henry Thomas, laborer, b. 

Keefe John, laborer, b. 

Toohey Jere. operative, h. 

Toohey John, weaver, h. 

Toohey Thomas, weaver, b. 


House Directory. 

Atwells Av. — Continued. 

672 Storti Michele, hairdresser 

673 Cline William, operative, h. 
Gillooly Catherine, widow, h, 
Gillooly Hugh, spinner, b. 
Gillooly James, spinner, b. 
Gillooly Wm. jr. spinner, b. 

674 Sing Moy, laundry 

675 Grimes John, variety store 

676 Martelli Prancesco.shoemaker 

677 Dealy William S. hairdresser 

678 Lyons John T. clerk, b. 
Lyons Thomas. Mrs. grocer, h. 

679 Burns Owen, liquors 

680 Lyons Thomas Mrs. grocer 

681 Valley Pharmacy 

683 Conway Martha A. drsmkr. b. 
Crocker William J.filecutter.b. 
Donlon Lawrence, laborer, b. 
Donlon Mary, h. 
Frappiere Joseph. filemaker,h. 
McArdle Peter, laborer, h. 
Passmore Wm. H. jeweler, h. 

684 Byrne Daniel J. lunch room 
• Kean Thomas, physician 

685 White E. C. grocer 

1587 Whearty J. Son & Co. undtkrs. 

688 Lucitt Thomas S. grocer 

689 Hob On, laundry 

691 Jenkins Frederick, jeweler, b. 
Zim merman n John, rubr.wkr.h. 
Zimmerman n V. rubr. wkr. b. 

692 McCarthy C. J. blacksmith, b. 
- McCarthy E. Miss, dresmkr.b. 

McCarthy John F. mchnst. b. 
McCarthy Mary, widow, h. 
O'Brien Timothy, weaver, h. 

693 McMaugh Stephen, liquors, h. 

694 Devine Andrew, twister, h. 
Warriner James, machinist, h. 

695 Logan M. T. hairdresser 

696 Cooney Edward, machinist, b. 
De Lucca Frank, tailor, b. 
De Lucca John, tailor 

Kelly Bridget, widow, h. 
Moore William, rubberwkr. b. 
Reardon Annie T. dressmaker 
Reardon Cornelius, laborer, h. 
Reardon CorneliusJ.weaver.b. 
Smith Patrick, operative, b. 

697 McMaugh Stephen, liquors 
700 Council Edward, b. 

Duso Joseph, weaver, h. 
Kane Philip, weaver, b. 
Walling M. M. loomfixer, h. 
706 Mitchell James, laborer, h. 

710 Ryan John H. weaver, h. 
Scarry Tames, stone cutter, li.« 
Scurry Laurence, rub. wkr. l>- 

711 Domenico Natale, shoemaker 
Furey Theresa E. dressmaker* 
Furey Thomas, laborer, b. 
Peters Charles, weaver, h. 
Read Emily, variety store 

712 Durigan Henry J. liquors, h. 
Lynch Catharine, widow, h. 

71 2r Barrett John, laborer, h. 
714 Durigan Henry T. liquors 

717 Maloney Ellen Miss, n. 
Maloney M. F. wool sorter, b. 
McAnemy Annie Miss, b. 
McAnerny J. F. machinist, b. 

718 Crehan Thos. blacksmith, h. 
Crocker Wm. J. filecutter, h. 

722 Allen Wm. R. moulder, h. 
Trant Garrett, weaver, h. 
Whatley Jas. A. weave'r, h. 

723 Butler John J. janitor, h. 
Callahan Chas. machinist, h. 

725 Fallon Michael J. variety store 

726 Hamill Jas. C. file packer, b. 
O'Brien Patrick H. weaver, h. 

727 Bartlett Matilda, widow, h. 
Bushee Charles, weaver, b. 
Gallagher Catherine, hsekpr. 
McDonald Master, painter, b. 
Whitehead E. T. b. 
Whitehead William, oper. b. 

730 MonahanMichael.machinist.h. 

Murray Patrick, laborer, h. 
736 Finnegan Owen, laborer, h. 

Flynn Mary, widow, h. 

Flynn Thomas, rubberwkr. h. 
740 Heanue Mary Mrs. h. 

Heanue Michael, laborer, b. 

Reynolds James, laborer, h. 
74orMcKenna Catherine Miss, h. 

McKenna Mary Miss, h. 

743 Cummings Patrick, weaver, h. 
Cummings Thomas P. clerk, b. 
Kane Mary, widow, b. 

744 Bradfield Richard A. clerk, h. 

745 Barsalou Joseph, foreman, b. 
Leclair Joseph, weaver, h. 

746 Ryan Edward, laborer, b. 
Ryan Margaret, widow, h. 

747 TurbittJohnE. section hand.b. 
Turbitt Joseph, operative, b. 
Turbitt Patrick, laborer, h. 
Turbitt Patrick F. overseer, b. 
Turbitt Thos. H. sec. hand, b. 

748 Fenton Hannah and Mary, h. 

House Directory. 


74S Mahoney Michae], laborer, h. 

749 Bartlett Edward E. weaver, h. 
Bartlett E. F.Mrs.dressmkr.h. 
Bates Warren P. clerk, h. 
Rilley Bart, laborer, b. 

750 Smith Tbos. H. loomfixer, h. 

751 Graham Jane, widow, h. 
Malvaney John, laborer, h. 
McCabe Sarah Mrs. b. 

754 Crossin Nellie, widow, h. 
Dromgoole Thos. loomfixer, h. 
Dromgoole Thos. J. laborer, b. 
Lynch Charles, operative, b. 
Lynch John, plumber, b. . 
Lynch John r. plnmber, b. 
Lynch Joseph, weaver, b 
Ljmch Terrence, finisher, h. 
Lynch Thomas E. weaver, b. 

759 Garvey Bros, grocers 
Murray Patrick, moulder, h. 
Walker Prank A. draftsmn. b. 
Walker Jane, widow, fa. 

760 Doyle James, operative, b. 
?allon Michael, rubber wkr.b. 
Geogbegan Annie, widow, h. 
Masterson Frank, laborer, h. 
Masterson F. jr. operative, b. 
Masterson James, helper, b. 
Masterson Patrick, operative , b. 
Noon Patrick, laborer, b. 
Pilling James, weaver, b. 

761 Courtney Francis J. engraver, b. 
Courtney James, laborer, h. 

7^ Sullivan Aary H. dressmaker 

765 Byrne Peter C. grocer, h. 
Dnffy Owen, laborer, h. 
Heavier John, operative, h. 
Wetzel John H. rubber wkr.b. 

766 Breuoan Annie, widow, b. 
Dalton E. D. machinist, h. 
McGinn Ann, widow, h. 
McGinn Patrick, operative, b. 
Schneider Teresa, widow, h. 

767 Armstrong John, janitor, h. 
Armstrong John, operative, b. 
Armstrong William, carder,b. 
Beaudrv Joseph, weaver, h. 
Cnllen Michael, laborer, b. 
Larsen Svene, rubber wkr. h. 
UcMahon James B. mason, h . 

770 Hughes Patrick, moulder, h. 
Peodergast Mary, widow, h. 
Pendergast Pat'k H. oper. b. 
Pendergast Philip F. oper. b. 

771 Champagne Eugene, helper, h. 
Hughes Chas. E. weaver, h. 

771 Laprad Adolphus, weaver, h. 

Quinn Martin, moulder, h. 
77a Mahoney John, operative, b. 

Molnmby Ellen, widow, h. 
777 Carroll James, rubberwokr. b. 

Carroll Mary, h. 

Garceau Joseph, weaver, h. 

Rooney Ann Mrs. h. 

Rooney Thos. rubberwrkr. b. 

Smith Joseph, carpenter, b. 
781 Callahan John, dressertndr. h. 
783 Bray Michael, h. 

Bren nan Joseph, plumber, h. 

Gordon Thomas, liquors, h. 

787 Graham James, marble wkr. h. 
Preudergrast Mor's.clo.insp.h. 
Tiernan Aon, widow, h. 
Tiernan Charles, clerk, b. 
Tiernan Chas. P. reg. phar. b. 
Tiernan James, packer, b. 
Tiernan Peter W. clerk, h. 

788 McDermott Bernard, b. 
McDermott Kate Miss, b. 
McDermott Peter, weaver, b. 

790 Bowen Michael, rubber wkr.b. 

Brown George, machinist, b. 

Callahan Edward J. weaver, b. 

Hammond Chas. rubber wkr.b. 

Hammond Hugo.rubberwkr.b. 

Hammond Max, rubber wkr.b. 

Heffernan John L.operative.b. 

Kelly Edward, rubber wkr. b. 

Lyons Timothy, rubber wkr.b. 

Lyons William, dyer, b. 

Maher Mary, widow, h. 
792 Fogarty John P. h. 

Jenkins Sarah Miss, b. 

Powers Johanna, widow, h. 
798 Guglielmi Celestrino.shoemkr. 

Mone Charlie, laundry 
813 Kane Philip, laborer, b. 
819 Johnson Geo. M. private sec. h. 

McNamara Wm. weaver, h. 
821 Blackmar Isaac L. (P. F. D.)h. 

Blackmar Wm. D. clerk, b. 
cor. Julian, Fallon John, weaver, h. 

Nolan Celia, widow, h. 

Nolan Frank, blacksmith, b. 

Nolan Wm. carpenter, b. 

Selby Richard, jr. spinner, h. 
833 Albert Mary J. Mrs. h. 

Riley James A. weaver, b. 

Riley Mary Mrs. h. 

Walsh Patrick C. overseer, b. 
835 Rogers Henry, carder, h. 
837 Heenan James, weaver, h. 



House Directory. 

Atwells K\ •'^Continued. 

837 Moebus Henry, weaver, h. 
Palmer Harry, cloth insp. b. 

839 Sharpe Arthur D. police, b. 
Sharpe Sarah, widow, h. 
Sharpe Sidney, conductor, b. 

840 Steere Frances M. Miss, h. 
Steere Laura M. Miss, h. 

841 Young John, h. 

843 Marrinan Michael, liquors, h. 

847 Doheny Edward J. overseer,h. 
Rowen Chas. machinist, b. 
Rowen Wm. woolsorter, h. 

848 Pingle Frank C. h. 

851 Henry John, engineer, h. 

Henry M. J. Miss.dressmakr.b. 

Tibbals Walter B. foreman, h. 
853 Boubreau Henri, weaver, h. 

Lavin Fred'k L. carpenter, h. 

Lavin John, h. 
855 Perry Ann, widow, h. 

Perry Wm. H. rubber wkr. b. 
857 Hackett Ann, widow, h. 

Hackett Joseph, spinner, b. 

Hackett Michael, finisher, b. 

Hackett Patrick J. spinner, b. 

Hackett Thos. machinist, b. 

Kelly John, overseer, h. 
866 Rouse Reuben S. h. 
869 HoUingworth L. overseer, h. 
873 Gill Patrick F. lamplighter, h. 

Smith E. H. lamplighter, h. 
876 Conboy Luke E. trav. slsmn.h. 

Lyons Annie, widow, h. 
880 Doyle Joseph, file cutter, h. 

Fanning John, loomfixer, h. 
892 McCrillis Ellen Miss, tchr. b. 

McCrillis Emily R. b. 
900 Diamond Irving, clerk, h. 

Feeley James, policeman, h. 

Tierney Sarah, widow, h. 
910 Cunningham John, laborer, b. 

Cunningham M. J. police, h. 

Cunningham Patrick, labor, b. 

Gill Michael, laborer, b. 

Morrissev James P.plumber,h. 
914 Kelly John, engineer, h. 
916 Brennan Peter H. moulder, h. 

Riley Walter F. grocer, h. 
919 Morrissey Tas. P. plumber 
923 Morrissey Af argaret, widow.h. 
934 Bannigan John, liquors, h. 

Camach Thos. asst foreman, h. 
938 Bannigan John, liquors 
948 McCarthy Mary, widow, h. 

McGovern Geo. F. butcher, h. 

954 Geary James H. woolsorter, Ix 
Geary John J. (U. S. V.) b. 
Geary Laurence, operative, l>. 
Geary Martin, carpenter, h. 
Sullivan Dennis, oyer, h. 
Trainor Rose, widow, b. 

fuinn John, liquors 

juinn John, liquors, b. 

Ray Annie, widow, h. 
964^ De Lisi Frank, hairdresser 
968 Hogg Elizabeth, variety store 
972 Short Annie, widow, h. 

Theaker Thomas, fireman, h. 
972rSlater Arthur, weaver, h. 
982 Ramsden Chas. engineer, h. 
986 Fleming Thomas J. carpntr. h. 
990 Legacy George, weaver, h. 

Man ion Patrick, spinner, h. 

Quinn Bartholomew,labor'r.h. 

Quinn Hugh, bartender, b. 

Quinn James F. jeweler, b. 
996 Hood John, clerk, h. 

Knott Ellen, widow, h. 

Knott Wm. H. machinist, b. 

Wilde Mary Mrs.dressm*ker,tu 
ioo2Hague James, fitter, h. 

Paisley Wm. dyer, h. 
ioo6Chadwick Joseph, mason, h. 
io2iMarcello August, laborer, b. 

Marcello Ereole, laborer, b. 

Marcello Lowri, laborer, b. 

Marcello Pasco, farmer, h. 
io23McCaughey Bernard, open h. 
io29Kiernan A. M. Mrs. h. 

Kiernan Wm. H. laborer, b. 

Quinn Michael H. operative, b. 
i033Kennedy Robert, b. 

Lehane Catharine Miss, b. 
1 04 1 Sullivan James W. rigger, h. 

Sullivan John L. teamster, b. 
io45Croghan Annie Mrs. var. store 
i047HavenThomasP.night lunch, b 

Hodge John E. foreman, h. 

Lynch Dennis, oiler, b. 

Lynch Edward, laborer, b. 

Lynch John F. weaver, b. 

Lynch Matthew, laborer, h. 
io54H'anley Mary, h. 

White Gustavus, machinist, h. 
1058 Dalton, Catharine, widow, h. 

McBride Mary, b. 
io6oAspray Arthur, operative, b. 

Aspray James F. machinist, h. 

Aspray John, weaver, b. 

Cooper Geo. weaver, h. 
io66Bowen Michael J. grocer 

House Directory. 


lOToBowen MichaelJ. grocer, b. 

Swallow Geo. W. overseer, h. 
109s Wallace James £. liquors 
i097Bofid James, machinist, h. 
Pcdlara Robert, filecntter, b. 
Smith Elizabeth, Mrs. grocer 
Spellman Tames, operative, b. 
Spellman Martin,electncian,b. 
Spellman Will iam,loomfixer, h. 
iioiParrell Edward J. weaver, b. 
Farrell James, shoemaker, b. 
Farrell John H. loomfizer, b. 
Farrell Mary, widow, h. 
Farrell Mary F. Miss.grocer.b. 
Farrell Patrick, carpenter, b. 
1 109 Bennett Walter L. weaver, h. 
Hanover Charles T. jeweler.b. 
Shaw John T. dyer, h. 
ixisArrighie Guildo, finisher, h. 
iii9Hngbes James P. musician, h. 
McGovern Michael, grocer 
Smith George, dyer, h. 

Atwood Street. 

4 AtwoodRobertK.provision8,h. 
8 Freeman William J. clerk, h. 

10 Thayer Horatio,bairdresser,h. 

11 Evans Henry, operative, b. 
Hart Catharine M. widow, h. 
Henry John, combmaker, b. 
Kelley Martin H. bookkpr. b. 
Powers Joseph, motorman, b. 

14 Wells Amasa P. painter, h. 
19 Davis John, bobbin fastners 

Lucier Gelas, music teacher, h. 

Lucter H. Mme. dressmaker b. 

Lucier Mosart, music tchr. b. 

Lucier Peter F. clerk, b. 
ao Brusby Fred, operative, b. 

Bmsby Mark, operative, b. 

Brusby William, operative, b. 

McMillan Robert, h. 

White Charles. U. R. R. b. 
21 Stringer Thomas, ins. agt. h. 

23 Mathewson C. M. widow, h. 
Naser Albert, hairdresser, h. 

24 Congdon Ira M. engineer, b. 
Martin John F. laborer, h. 
Ward Tames, weaver, b. 

24rBraggxobtwool comb manuf. 

25 Morley Harry, boxmaker, b. 
Warren William, teamster, h. 

25rTomlinson Edward, twister, h. 

26 Hunt JohnT. league empire,h. 
Smith James, b. 

Swift Mary E. widow, b. 

26rGott Elizabeth Mrs. h. 

29 Hophold William, weaver, h. 

30 Ferris Stephen, weaver, h. 

32 Cunningham Henry, lab'r, b. 

Cunningham P. F. roller cov.h. 

Desmarais Rose Mme. h. 

Harrington Walter, hostler, b. 
32rCavannaugh Wm. moulder, h. 

Clark Rose Mrs. h. 

Holland John F. police, b. 

Kenney Patrick, operative, h. 
35 Cooper George F. butcher, b. 

Cooper Thomas W. hostler, h. 

37 Arnold Charles, weaver, b. 
Arnold Hermione, widow, h. 
Arnold Oscar, weaver, b. 
Carpenter Dan*l J. operative, b. 
Carpenter Herbert J. oner. b. 
Carpenter Tas. D. loomnxer,h. 
Carpenter wm. A. operative, b. 

38 Anderson Frank, operative, b. 
Domke Gottlieb, operative, b. 
Hanley Elizabeth, widow, b. 
Hanser Peter, operative, b. 
Hoerl John, operative, b. 
Hoffman Wm.G. drsr. tndr. h. 
Kirlsh Oscar, operative, b. 
Nidsky Fred, bartender, b. 

38rDuffy John, laborer, h. 

Murphy Bernard, dyer, h. 

Murphy Charles, laborer, b. 
41 Andrew Dudlev. operative, h. 
44 Andreas Oswald, baker, h. 

Clark Timothy J. plumber, b. 

Hopkins Patrick, b. 
46 Lundy James T. teamster, h. 

Whalen James, carpenter, h. 

49 Dougherty James, painter, b. 
Dougherty John, weaver, b. 
Dougherty Rose, widow, h. 

50 Conley James, laborer, h. 
52 Curley Daniel, laborer, b. 

Curley John, laborer, h. 

Curley Patrick, laborer, h. 

Curley Thomas, laborer, h. 

McGe'e Mary, widow, h. 

Mooney Lawrence, h. 

Mooney Law. jr. laborer, b. 
56 Crane John, operative, h. 

Hanley John F. clerk, b. 

Hanley Thos. E. expressmn. b. 

Smith Lawrence, laborer, h. 
56rCaulfield George F. clerk, h. 

Carty James, fiDisher, h. 

Corfield Mary, widow, h. 
59 Hanley George W. clerk, h. 

i\ M 


H«pt tnd Thay«r Sfs.» 

272 Wettmliifter St* 

hiki Us at Wlidesala 


House Directory. 

Atwood St. — Continued. 

93rHuntoon Reuben E. pedler, h. 

95 Stott Richard T. laborer, h. 

96 Hun toon Reuben, pedler, h. 
103 Lynch Joseph, laborer, h. 

Remington Benj. F. tmstr. h. 

Audrey Street. 

6 Allard Leandre, carpenter, h. 
Doyle Nathaniel, carpenter, h. 
Goudie Amelia, widow, h. 
Goudie Gilbert, woolsorter, b. 
Goudie James, woolsorter, b. 
Tekunceki Prank, operative, h. 

7 Douchard Lena, widow, b. 
Hickey Ann. widow, h. 
Shannon Cormick, laborer, h. 
Shannon Michael, moulder, b. 

9 Durvin Dennis, laborer, h. 
Durvin John, operative, b. 
McGuirk Mary, widow, b. 
Rush Andrew, laborer, h. 
Walsh James, weaver, b. 

13 Hanley Luke, woodworker, h. 
Noon John, laborer, b. 

14 Bedard Arthur, weaver, h. 
Godair Hildaige, hostler, h. 
Heffernan Edward, h. 
McKenzie Michael, h. 

15 Donlon John, spinner, b. 
Donlon Marv, widow, h. 
Donlon Michael, weaver, b. 
Malone John, machinist, h. 

16 Duffy Cnarles G. clerk, b. 
Duffy Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Duffy Patrick, operative, b. 
English Thomas, clerk, b. 
Mahon John, clerk, b. 
McElroy Matthew, h. 
Owen George, operative, b. 
Rice Bridget, widow, h. 

18 Carberry John, machinist, h. 
Parrand Mary Mrs. h. 

19 Grady Bridget, widow, h. 
Grady James H. dyer, b. 
Grady John jr. plater, b. 
Grady Michael E. engraver, b. 
Grady Nicholas, operative, b. 

i9rCampbell James, painter, h. 

20 Pinn Bridget, widow, h. 
Pinn James H. operative, b. 
Plynn Ann, widow, h. 

22 Duffy James, laborer, h. 
Shields William, spinner, h. 

23 McCormick Michael, weaver.b. 
McCormick Patrick, laborer, h. 

23 Russell Michael, laborer, h. 
Tiernan Edward, baker, h. 

24 Burns Rose, widow, h. 

25 Conroy Prank, engineer, h. 
Gaffney Joseph, machinist, l>. 
Hart Daniel J. driver, h. 
Tulley Joseph, machinist, h . 
TuUey Michael, laborer, h. 

25rMcGuigan Peter, carpenter h. 
27 Cunningham Patrick, tailor, b. 

Cunningham Philip, macb't, h. 
29 Morrancy Jeremiah, laborer, h. 
31 Goulet Alfred, laborer, h. 

Goulet Ofird, laborer, b. 

Aurora Street. 

7 Ihley Prank, rubber wkr. h, 
9 Crowley George, rub. wkr. b. 

Crowley Matthius, laborer, b. 
Rubeck Charles, laborer, h. 
Sevenhais Geo. rubber wkr. b. 

11 Manly Henry, machinist, h. 
Whitehead Henry G. mach. h. 

12 Pife John, laborer, h. 
Pife John, jr. printer, b. 
Pife Wm. J. blacksmith, b. 

15 Cusick James, folder, h. 
John E. engraver, b. 

16 Sawyer Edmund, laborer, h. 
Stuart Lewis K. carpenter, b. 
Stuart Walter R. machinist, b. 

24 Mernick Geo. S. filecutter, b. 
Monahan Edward, laborer, b. 

34 Connors Edward, laborer, h. 
Mulcahey Wm. blacksmith, b. 

Autumn Street. 

4 Whipple Mary A. Mrs. h. 

8 Allen John P. clerk, b. 
Allen Mary P. Mrs. h. 
Biddle Charles, polisher, b. 

9 Pry Albert P. jeweler, h. 
Mann Walter E. jeweler, h. 

13 Stalker Edwin J. hairdrssr. b. 
16 Smith Jane M. widow, h. 

20 Panning Bridget M. J. wid. h. 
Galligan Maria C. widow, b. 
Hawkes Kate J. Mrs. b. 

21 Muir James J. mech. eng. h. 

25 Briggs Clark, U. R. R. b. 
Wallace James, h. 
Wallace Wm. A. jeweler, b. 

Aventine Avenue. 

9 Galligan Sarah, widow, h. 
Lewis Walter J. operative, h. 

House Directory. 


9 Lynch M. E. Miss, dressmakr. 
M Sftggerson Wm. H. coremkr.h. 
15 Bockley Geoi^e, electrician, b. 
33 Parfitt Tohn, packer, h. 

Parfitt Lawrence H. laborer, b. 

Avon Streets 

4 Carscaden Eliza R. widow, h. 
Hackie Adam W. W. mang.h. 
Smith E. J. Mrs. b. 

5 Reynolds Frank A. bookkpr.b. 
7 Bradley Emory E. secthand,b. 

Bradley Spy, clerk, b. 

BnrliDgame Edwia,lineman,h« 
9 Birtwistle Arthur E. clerk, b. 

Birtwistle John T. clerk, h. 

Birtwistle Walter, clerk, b. 
13 Rogers John F. silversmith, h. 
13 Potter Albert C. iceman, h. 

Ayranlt Street. 

38 Qossick Thcs. filemaker, h. 

McGinn Patrick, laborer, b. 

McNolty P. filegrinder. h. 

Nagent Catharine Miss, b. 

Qainn Martin, filecutter, b. 
64 Cobarn Greor^^e, filecutter, h. 

Lindblom Elizabeth, widow, b. 

Manion Thomas, laborer, h. 

Miller Gustave 0.carpenter,h. 
63 Baxke Jplin, laborer, h. 

Dillon Francis J. jeweler, b. 

Moran J. A. filecutter, h. 
93 Teeyens Chas. machinist, h. 

B Street* Changed to Codding, 
Babbitt Street. 

IS Somner James, h. 

Thomas William, operative, h. 
17 Hntchinson J.T.H. dresser, h. 
19 Bonno Napoleon, operative, h. 

Radigan James, laborer, h. 
21 Carroll Dennis, cooper, h. 

Pinneran Bernard, laborer, b. 

Sullivan Mary, widow, h. 

Tracy Terrence, jeweler, b. 

W^idi Sarah, widow, h. 
23 McElroy William H. driver, h. 
25 Harrington Pr'*chmn.b. 

Harrington Thos. teamster, h. 

HarringtonThos. H.oper'tve.b. 

MHler H« T. carpenter, h. 

Miller John H. machinist, b. 

Killer Joseph E. dresser, b. 

Miller wm. F. operative, b. 

25 Noble Nellie Miss, inspector, b- 
27 PoUitt Richard, bleacher, h. 

Babcock Street. 

9 Kenney Gilbert A. agent, h. 
II Carlton Charles H. h. 
13 Doane Charles H. h. 

Helxne Daniel W. h. 
32 Watson Walter E. druggist, h. 
36 Barber Clarence, salesman, h. 
45 Daley Francis, machinist, h. 

Daley Francis J. b. 
48 Lally John C. plumber, h. 

Veech Edward M. b*kbinder, b. 

Veech Thos. F. plumber, b. 
57 Gore Aaron, butcher, h. 

Gore Aaron, jr. teamster, b. 

Gore Nancy, widow, h. 
87 Angelo Massari, laborer, h. 

Bernardi Rosco, laborer, b. 

Franceschi Francesco, lab*r.b. 

Frank Frank, laborer, b. 

Gerini Daniel, laborer, b. 

Massara Eugenio. laborer, b. 

Massara Paul, laborer, b. 

Mattel Aliesandro, laborer, b. 

Narducci Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Risso Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Tedeschi Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Terenzo Massari, laborer, h. 

Tomelini Gerolamo, laborer, b. 

103 Griffin John T. lamplighter, h. 
Ross James H. laborer, b. 
Williams Frank T. laborer, b. 
Williams Theodore, junk, h. 

104 Loehr Henry, machinist, b. 
Loehr W. carpet weaver, h. 
Waldron Sarah K. widow, b. 

109 Brownell Jeremiah, latb<;r, b. 

Upham Sylvester S. fish*mn,b. 
Ill Heathman Wm.A.not'ypub.h. 

Wilson Jos. boatman, b. 
118 Field Lewis B. farmer, h. 

151 Otto Frederick W. jeweler, h. 

152 Cutht)ert James, b. 

Back Street. 

9 Ginsburg William, tailor, h. 
20 Abraham Andrew, distiller, h. 
24 Abraham Andrew, distiller, h. 

Abraham Bros. dis. of brandy 

Abraham Elijah, distiller, b. 
28 Broderick John, laborer, h. 

Broderick Patrick, jeweler, b. 

Brown Jeremiah, laborer, b. 

Thomas Julia, widow, h. 


House Directory. 

Back St*^Coni$nued, 

28 Walsh John, machinist, b. 
32 McCool Michael, shoemaker, b. 

McCool Michael J. laborer, h. 

McSoley Peter, laborer, h. 

Monahan Timothy. plumber, h. 

Splan Michael S. h. 
34 Rowan Thomas, h. 

Sloan Tames F. laborer, b. 

Sloan Wm. H. machinist, b. 
59 Bradley John B. teamster, h. 

Cavannaugh Patrick, eng. h. 

Cavannaugh Renald, oper. b. 

Dee Tames, laborer, h. 

Dee Michael, laborer, h. 

Dee Robert, jeweler, b. 

Murray Michael J. laborer, h. 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, b. 
67 Burlingham Mary, widow, h. 

Malloy Bridget, widow, h. 

Malloyjohn, laborer, b. 
69 Kelly Thomas, jeweler, h. 

McDonald Catharine Miss, h. 

McDonald Margaret Miss, h. 

Sullivan Mary, widow, h. 
75 Bevans John, laborer, h. 

Pagent Daniel, filecutter, h. 

Reardon Edw. brakeman, h. 
78 Bouwstein J. cornice nikr. h. 

Frinkel Rebecca Mrs. grocer 
78rLipschitz Lazarus, rabbi 
81 Pearlstein Isaac, pedler, h. 

Pelosi George, bootblack, h. 

Silva Frank, laborer, h. 

Way land Joseph, laborer, h. 
84 Kritcher Harrv. laborer, h. 
84rAnerykansky Michael, h. 

Fein Jacob, painter, h. 

Fink Louis, shoemaker, h. 

Friedman Harris, pedler, h. 

Richoliski Felix, laborer, h. 

Spilberg Wm. cap maker, h. 
90 Donley James J. teamster, b. 

Harney Catherine Mrs. h. 

Harty James, teamster, h. 

Harty "Maurice, teamster, b. 

Harty Patrick, bricklayer, b. 

Kelly James, laborer, h. 

McCaffrey Mary, h. 

92 Kelly James, foreman, h. 
Sheenan Annie, widow, h. 

93 Cronan David, mason, b. 
Cronan Ella, widow, h. 
Cronan Pat'k H. operative, b. 
Cronan Peter J. laborer, b. 
Efros Morris, variety store 

96 Brynes John C. painter 

98 Lovett P. & Son, blacksmitlis 
100 Morris ThomasH.harnessasslcr. 

Bacon Street* 

5 Campbell Wm. carpenter, h- 

6 Miller Robt. C. machinist, b. 
Nickerson Wm. A. derk, b- 
Phillips Chas. H. teamster, li. 
Powers Thomas F. laborer, h- 

12 Burlingame Asa, conductor, lu 

Tetreault Joseph, engineer, h. 
1 8 Mathews Edgar, porter, b. 

Mathews James H. porter, 1>. 

Mathews John Mrs. h. 

Mears Geo. B. white washer, li. 
27 Bailey Daniel E. machinist, ]i« 

Bennett Daniel H. clerk, h. 
35 Bucklin Geo. H. clerk, h. 

■ Winsor Henry E. toolmkr. h. 
35rFish Albert (5. stamper, b. 

Pike Frank J. extracts 
38 Harris George, porter, b. 

ParisKennardV.elevatormn. h- 

Paris Wm. R. laborer, h. 

Robertson Robert S clerk, li. 
40 Jennings John, laborer, h. 

Jennings Thomas, laborer, b. 

42 Galvin Ann, widow, h. 
GaWin Bernard R. driver, b- 

43 Conch Lester, clerk, b. 
Flint George, butcher, b. 
Williams Mary E. widow, h, 

47 Crocker Isaac, h. 

Crocker Lester W. clerk, h. 
Everett Delia E. widow, h. 

50 Reynolds James H. clerk, b. 
Reynolds Joseph G. clerk, h. 

51 Anderson John A. laborer, h. 
Colbert Mary, widow, h. 
Tuhill Nora Miss, h. 

54 Grimes Frank, porter, h. 
Grimes M. W. laundress, h. 

55 Bell Joseph, fireman, h. 
Tones Thomas P. laborer, h. 
Kelley Thomas, laborer, b. 
Kelley Winifred, widow, b, 

SSrBuckley Michael, porter, h. 

Sadlier Clemence, laborer, b. 
5 7r Buckley John J. laborer, h. 
59 Reynolds Ellen, widow, h. 

Reynolds Leander, helper, b. 
65 Ballou Chas. A. laborer, b. 

Ballou John C. upholsterer, b. 

Gormley James, teamster, h. 
67 Sherman Frank P. nurse, h. 

69 Murphy Ida Mrs. h. 

70 Hampton Henry, laborer, h. 
Holmes William, pedler, h. 

House Dijubctoky. t$$ 

On kimdnd TarietiM of Fiesh, Ej cli FROVIDENCE^FXTBLTC 

Salt, Smoked aad Piokled 



?D Tyler George, laborer, b. 

73 Talaferro Chas. H. machinist, b. 

77 Smith Bernard, h. 

79 Rementa Charles, gardener, h. 

80 Clary Wm. wheelwright, h. 
Cody James P. sign maker, h. 
Cody John, laborer, b. 

Cody Martin, laborer, b. 

Cody Michael, laborer, h. 

Cody Patrick, laborer, b. 

Cody Patrick J. laborer, b. 
83 Crocker Thos. L. reed mkr. h. 

Ford Charitv, widow, h. 

Ford Wm. A. janitor, b. 

Mathews Wm. porter, h. 
U McCaffrey Jas. laborer, b. 

McCaffrey John, laborer, b. 

McCaffrey Margaret, widow, h. 

O'Brien M. J. variety store, h. 
87 Moolton Julia, widow, h. 

Parker Mary V. dressmkr. r. 
It Brown Benjamin N. b. 

Sherman Leander £. fa. 

Sherman Wm. H. bookkpr. h. 

90 Hall Robert, overseer, b. 
Robertson Peter, painter, h. 

91 Haliburton Wm. machinist, b. 
Perry Henry G. case maker, h. 

96 Collins Mary, widow, h. 

Collins William, laborer, b. 

Rieo Georgfe, jeweler, b. 
96rBoland Michael, loborer, h. 
106 Wilmarth Wm. L. shoemkr. b. 
109 Cashing Harriet P. widow, h. 

Mercer Harry P. bookkpr. h. 
no Bywater James, clerk, b. 

Dean William H. b. 

Fitzgerald A nastasia. widow, h. 

Fitzgerald MaryC. raus. tcbr.b. 
Ill Barnes Bradbury L. derk, b. 

Barnes Frederick A. clerk, b. 

Barnes George L. Mrs. h. 

TumerThos. A. carriage tmr.h. 
1X3 Cannon James, porter, h. 
117 Ash James, police, h. 

Cooper Lydia, widow, h. 

Cooper Marion L. teacher, b. 

Mayo Gertrude Miss, b. 

122 Crowell Jerome L. nurse, b. 
JenckesFrancisD. carpenter, h. 
jenckes Wendall D. clerk, b. 

123 Bent Elijah, clerk, h. 
Dtmlap Robert, sunt h. 

125 Hall S. A. and H. E. Misses, h. 

126 Booth Robert, piper, h. 


126 Noyes Walter, laborer, h. 
Weaver A nthon jr,silv*rsm*th, h. 

127 Golrick M. A. msp. prov's, h. 
Keily Wm. D. salesman, b. 

130 Dean Daniel W. screw mkr. h. 
Forsyth Wm. D. sash mkr. b. 

Bacon Place. 

1 Entwistle Mary, widow, h. 
irSmith Isaac B. carpenter, h. 

2 Costello Annie M. widow, b. 
Degnan Frank, laborer, b. 

Jacques Isaac, laborer, h. 
acques Joseph C. carpen'r, h« 

5 Crotty John Mrs. h. 
Montague Mary Mrs. dressmkr. 
Thompson Frederick, pedler,h. 
Thompson George, teamster, b. 

6 Bassett Walter, laborer, h. 
Fildes Wm. laborer, b. 

8 Anderson Mary, widow, h. 

Hammond John, plaraber, b. 
Anderson James, polisher, h. 

Anderson John, h. 

11 Daley Thomas, laborer, b. 
O'Brien Joseph, laborer, h. 

12 Brady Andrew P. machinist, b. 
Brady Edward J. laborer, b 
Brady Mary, widow, h. 
Stewart Martin Mrs. h. 

Baker Street. 

18 Briggs Er L. polisher, b. 
Boyce Clara, widow, h. 
Lewis William H., U. R. R. b. 
Longfellow GussieM.Mrs.rms. 

23 Waterman Henry H. teacher, b. 
Waterman Herbert, U.R R.h. 

24 Vaughan A. J. moulder, h. 
Vaughan Louis B. civ. eng. h. 

54 Such Charles H. die sinker, h. 

64 Avery Frederick Q. salesmn.b. 
Avery Fred R. silversmith, h. 

66 Morgan W. Rollin, clerk, h. 

68 Bliss Herman R. b. 

70 Bliss Herman, b. 

Bliss Sylvanus A. str. bldr. h, 
Worrall Henry, jr. jeweler, h. 

Baker Avenue. 

5 St. Mary's Parochial School 
St. Providence. Mother S'perior 
Tracy Chas. J. laborer, b. 
20 ParloskiApolinary.ladies tailor 
26 Eustice Mary A. widow, h. 
Lynch Bernard F. boots, b. 


House Pirectory. 

Baker Av. — Continued, 

.28 Merrill Edward A. foreman, h. 

Merrill William M. clerk, b. 

Walsh John H. undertaker, h. 
32 Miller Geors^e O. treas. h. 

Miller Harold T. student, h. 
39 Appleton Wm. jr. florist, h. 

McKenna Catharine, widow.h. 
*44 McGann James, clerk, b. 

McGann John, liquors, h. 

45 DevereuxOren C. Mr.&Mrs.h. 

46 Strecker Mark, jeweler, h. 

48 Essex Stephen, lawyer, h. 

49 Lawton Leon J. clerk, h. 
Patt Frank H. paints, etc. h. 
Sweet Wm. L. clerk, h. 

*55 Bates Chas. H. provisions, h. 

Bates Josiah F. provisions, h. 

56 Ward Walter Mr. and Mrs. h. 

' 59 Hazard Walter R. captain, b. 

Willard Charles L. jeweler, h. 

60 Smith Esther S. widow, h. 

61 Dow Kelsey, h. 

62 Angell Louis L. lawyer, h. 

Balaklava Street. 

6 Charleson Kerkor, shoemkr.h. 

Kelleher Wm. carpenter, h. 

McLaughlinDavid, shoemkr.h. 

McLaughlin Tas. coffin mkr.b. 
10 Flynn Patrick, bricklayer, h. 

McGuire Patrick, fireman, b. 

McGuire Thos. laborer, h. 
18 Moran Edward,stone cutter.h. 

Moran Edward F. clerk, b. 

Norton Thomas C. manager, h. 

22 McGovem Peter, plasterer, h, 
Ormand Wm. blacksmith, h. 

23 Leddy Joseph, jeweler, b. 
Leddy Michael, laborer, h. 
Leddy Peter F. clerk, b. 
Leddy William H. clerk, b. 

24 Dowling Edward M. clerk, b. 
Dowling Jeremiah, erocer, h. 

26 McGuire James B. clerk, h. 

Baich Street. 


4 Eberhard Geo.silv'r spinner,h. 
8 Black Arthur, waiter, b. 
Black Charles, h. 
Black Phebe, widow, h. 
14 Healy Daniel, polisher, b. 
Healy James, teamster, b. 
Healy John, h. 
18 Collins Charles, hairdresser,h. 
Collins James, plumber, h. 

19 Healey John J. refiner, h. 

O' RourkeTer. elec. Ight. trim, b- 
23 Gilmore F. B. paper hanger, h. 

25 Schattle Charles, operative, b. 
Schattle Fred, machinist, h. 

53 Caughey Andrew H. tailor, b. 
Jackson Adrian, painter, h. 

69 Powers Henry, gasfitter, h. 

Bancroft Street. 

16 Collins Thomas, laborer, h. 
Kelley Bernard, driver, h. 

17 Pearce Charles I. conductor.h. 
Rickards Robert M. clerk, h. 

21 Kelly Bernard, driver, h. 

22 Louzon John, operative, h. 
Louzon Edward P. clerk, b. 
Louzon Fred, Narr.Elec.Co.b. 
Louzon Maurice, druggist, b. 
Louzon Morris J. clerk, b. 
McDonough Chas. painter, b. 
McDonough Pat. con tractor, h. 
McDonough Robt. plumber, b. 

26 Jennings Thomas, salesmn. h. 
McDermott John, blcksmth. 1). 

32 Taylor Richard, h. 

Taylor Richard, jr. jeweler, b. 
Taylor Thomas, jeweler, b. 

33 Duffy Clarence G. clerk, b. 
Duffy Louis A. clerk, b. 
DuflEy Robert E. clerk, h. 

34 Brannigan Catharine, wid. fa. 
Brannigan Tas. carge. wshr. b. 
Brannigan John H.hackmn. b. 
McDowell Geo. W. bricklyr.h. 

44 Canning Frank, clerk, h. 
Weatherhead E.J. undertkr.h. 

45 Adam William, machinist, h. 
Appleton James, laborer, h. 

48 Larkin Michael, operative, h. 
Malole Thomas, driver, h. 
McQuade Ellen, widow, b. 
McQuade Joseph, laborer, b. 
McQuade William, laborer, b. 

54 McLaughlin Catharine, wid. h. 
McLaughlin Felix, jeweler, b. 
McLaughlin James H. clerk,b. 
McLaughlin John E. driver, b. 
McLaughlin Thos. operative, b. 

54rRyan Mary Ann, h. 

61 Singleton James E. clerk, h. 

62 Lawton Harry, plasterer, h. 

63 Riley John, loomfixer. h. 
Wright John, painter, h. 

65 Riley Mary, widow, h. 
Swift George, operative, b. 

HousK Directory. 


.66 Madden Catharine, widow, b. 
Madden John T. weaver, b. 
Madden Malachi, chipper, b. 
Madden Patrick, laborer, h. 
Nangle Bernard, liquors, h. 

Bank Street. 

13 Aldrich Thomas, h. 

Dunham S. M. widow, h. 
Graves Tbeodore. b. 

16 Chace James B. salesman, b. 
Lindsey John D. medicines, h. 

17 Brig^ R. T. machinist, h. 
19 Greene Effie Miss, h. 

22 Pettis Mary E. Mrs. h. 

85 Patterson Jennie Mrs. b. 

Patterson Paul S. carpenter,b. 
Rodgers John, laborer, b. 
Rodgers Michael, piper, h. 

86 Joyce William, weaver, h. 
97 Bmmett Enos, musician, h. 

Barclay Street. 

6 McCouU J. F. Mrs. b'kpr. h. 
Winchester S. A.expressm*n.h. 

7 Johnson C. J. machinist, h. 
Pnrdy Edw. F. carpenter, h. 
Wilson Levin, carpenter, h. 
Wilson Otto, carpenter, b. 

10 Pdonski Joseph, confec. h. 

14 Cutting Cfharles, clerk, b. 
Catting Charles A. painter, h. 
Goodwin James, b. 

15 Snow Alfred L. moulder, h. 
Snow Calvin D. coremaker, b. 

16 Diamond William, baker, rms. 
Snow Henry, moulder, h. 
Wfllett Eugene, baker, h. 

19 Brosnihan Thomas C. derk, b. 

Holland Samuel C. machinist, h. 

Stevenson Thomas, mach'st,b. 

Wheatley James B. clerk, b. 
S2 Sprague Joseph A. janitor, h. 

Wentworth Chas. F.jeweler.h. 

23 Gardiner Martha E. Mrs. h. 

24 Bonry Joseph. clerk« h. 

95 Gladding A. B. watchmkr. h. 
Gladding H. K. mach. opr. b. 

Bark Street. 

I Nelson John, clocks, etc h. 

White Stilhnan, brass founder 
9 Banks Alice, widow, h. 

Cohen Jacob, tailor, h. 

Pain Reuben, pedler, h. 

9 Gorman Morris, dyer, h. 
lersky Levi, pedler, h. 
fersky Moses, clerk, b. 
[ersky Simon, pedler, b. 
TasoQ Samuel, bookkeeper, b. 
Rothstein Anna Mrs. b. 
Soloto Nathan, h. 
31 Gordon Wm. laborer, h. 
33 Camp Annie, widow, h. 

Barker Street. 

5 Diggins John, laborer, b. 

Monahan Dennis, laborer, h. 
8 Houghton Edward W. eng. h. 

McNanley M. Miss, dressmkr. 

McNanley Matthew, baker, h. 

11 Mahoney Catharine, widow, h. 
McKenna Owen J. h. 
Roche Joseph W. clerk, h. 

12 Barry Thomas, helper, h. 
Solomon Jesse, laborer, h. 

15 Egan John, laborer, h. 

San ford Alfred, painter, h. 
19 Jenkins Walter B. baker, h. 

Koche James F. laborer, h. 
23 Fox James, laborer, h. 

McGuckian Hugh, plumber, b. 

McGuckian Hugh P. clerk, h. 

McNiff James, laborer, b. 

Rooney Frank T. cook, h. 

Sullivan Timothy, teamster, h. 

Barker Court. 

40 Rvan Michael, laborer, h. 
Wrenn Dennis, laborer, h. 

41 Duffy Ann, widow, h. 
Smitn Margaret, widow, h. 
Wilson Charles A. laborer, h. 

Bamaby Street. 

4 Felton Joseph, spindle mkr. h. 
cor. Faith, Walker Geo. laborer, h. 
Walker John, laborer, h. 

Barnes Street. 

7 Mowry Albert E. clerk, h. 
Mowry Elisha C. lawyer, h. 
Mowry Harris J. insurance, b. 
10 Newell Geo. C. insurance, h. 

12 Anderson Cliffords, student, b. 
Anderson T. D. Rev. and Mrs. 

sum. res. Duxbury, h. 
Hart well John, student, b. 

13 Whitford Geo. W. Mr.&Mrs h. 
Wood Charles O. coachman 

14 Esten Willard A. foreman, h. 
Estpn Willard A. jr. clerk, b. 


HousB Directory. 

Barnes 5t. — Continued. 

14 Nye J. Mr. and Mrs. h. 

19 Buffinton Harriet M. Miss, b. 

Buffinton Mary C. Mrs. b. 

Lee Henrietta, widow, h. 
ao Nye Lydia A. widow, h. 

Nye William P. clerk, h. 

Nye William S. clerk, b. 

21 KellyJ. B. Mr. and Mrs. h. 
Metcatf Lydia P. Mrs. b. 

22 Chase Ward B. Mr. and Mrs. 

rec. day, Friday, b. 

Gardiner Benjamin Mr. b. 

Gardiner Chas. C. lum. dea. h. 

Gardiner E. W. teacher, b. 
24 Guy Martha H. widow, h. 

Hale Gorden D. student, b. 

Hale Wendell P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
29 Addeman J. M. Mr. and Mrs h. 
34 Aldrich Edw. S. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Aldrich Edward 'S. jr. b. 

36 Brown A. L. judge, U. S. Dist. 

court, h. 

37 Burbank R. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

38 Lincoln James S. Mrs. h. 

46 Balch Anna L. Mrs. h. 

47 Davis Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. h. 

48 Baker Dwight, student, b. 
Baker Elizabeth C. tchr. b. 
Baker Nathan H. ins. sec. h. 

50 Sackett Adnah Mrs. h. 

51 Heathcote Geo.H. Mr.&Mrs.h. 

52 Metcalf Abbie B. Mrs. h. 
Metcalf Abbie E. widow, h. 
Metcalf Albert S. mus. tchr.b. 

54 Parkhurst C. F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

60 Jackson Daniel, h. 

63 Morse Jeannette W. Miss, h. 

Myers Chas. R. harnessmkr.b. 
67 Thomas Clara L widow, b. 

Thomas H. Howard, clerk, h. 

Willis Walter F. outfitter, h. 
69 Riley James P. stable, h. 

Young Walter A. register, h. 

78 Sherrocks Wm. O. trav.saln.h. 
Torrey Ellsworth, clerk, h. 

79 Bailey A. W. Mrs. b. 
Chase F. L. mill supplies, h. 

81 Rice John C. conductor, h. 
87 Farnura Henry G. clerk, b. 

Farnum Susan G. widow, h. 

Greenwood Harriet W. Mrs.b. 

Barre Street. 

X4 Dunlavey Mary, widow, h. 

14 Dunlavev Philip J. operative, li. 
Ellswofth Rosanna, b. 

15 Carlos James, laborer, b. 
Duffy James, laborer, b. 
Moran John, laborer, h. 
O'Brien Ann, widow, h. 
O'Brien William, laborer, b. 

16 Lamb John, laborer, h. 

17 McGuire James, laborer, h. 

18 Cooney John, laborer, h. 
Kieman Jane Mrs. h. 
Merrigan John, laborer, b. 
Merrigan Patrick, laborer, b. 

19 Brown John, operative, h. 
Leduc Benjamin, painter, h. 

20 Fagan Peter, weaver, h. 
Gillerin John W. weaver, h. 

21 McCarron John T. painter 

22 Havden Ellen, widow, h. 
Saalier Charles, jeweler, h. 

22rBarker Bernard, laborer, b. 

Barker Hannah, widow, h. 

Dawson Wm. dyer, b. 

Highman Mary A. widow, h. 
24 White John, t)oilermaker, h. 

White John, operative, b. 

Barrows Street. 

II Cole Mary M. Mrs. h. 

Cole William R. Mrs. h. 

Hammond Harris A. carp. h. 

Hudson Phebe A. Mrs. h. 
18 Drew Ernest C. clerk, h. 

Hopkins William E. farmer,b. 

22 Ainscough Wallington, pntr.b. 
Brown Morris H. motormn. b. 
Weeden Amos P. iceman, h. 

23 Hill WMUiam Mrs. h. 

Hill William P. machinist, h. 

Winsor John A. nurse, h. 
29 Hope Robert D. ins. ag^. h. 

Smith Horace B. h. 
33 Horton Sarah J. Mrs. b. 

Pike Alva O. milk dealer, b. 

43 Foster Edward W. mason, h. 
Vickery Maria E.Mrs. nurse,h« 

44 Burt Eugene D. timekpr. b. 
Weaver Edwin, h. 

59 Williams Warren B. carp. h. 

60 Aspinall James, machinist, h. 
Paget Joseph, clerk, b. 

cor. Bend, Spencer, Gea G. carp. 

Barstow Street. 

9 Quinn John, laborer, b. 



9 Quino Patrick, laborer, h. 

Reilly Lawrecce, operative.h. 

Sullivan Joseph, bookkpr. b. 
II Logan Owoi, tailor, b. 

Logan Wm. H. laborer, b. 
13 Kesoedy Has^h, weaver, h. 

Quinn Michael P. overBeer. h. 
21 ficKenna Sarah, widow, h. 

Ueegma Chas. asst. janitor, h. 
2$ Mnlvey Brid^^et, widow, h. 
33 Hunt Marti a, laborer, h. 

Mack James, weaver, h. 

O'Ronrke Patrick, percher, h. 
35 Logan Michael T. faairdrsr. h. 

Power Paul, carder, b. 

Power Richard, spinner, h. 
37 Kelley Tim. L. loom fixer, h. 
64 Logan Kdward, operative, b. 

Logan John, clerk^ b. 

Logan Michael, laborer, h. 

Logan Patrick, operative, b. 
6$ Cahill James, spinner, h. 
66 Armstrong Francis, carder, b. 

Armstrong Jas. operative, h. 

Butler James, operative, h. 

69 Gibbons John, weaver, b. 
Gibbons Peter, laborer, h. 
Logan Bridget, widow, b. 
Logan Edward, spinner, b. 
Noonan John, loomfizer, fa. 

70 Bean Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Heffeman Edward, carpentr.h. 
Manion Edward, fifeman, fa. 
Whalea Geor^^e, laborer, fa. 

72 Newton Meshach, fireman, fa. 

73 Gillan Edward, weaver, b. 
Gillan M. E. Miss, drsmkr. b. 
Gillan Timothy, operative, fa. 
Quinn John, laborer, fa. 

79 Corcoran Annie, widow, fa. 

Corcoran Jas. B.upfaolsterer, b. 

Gironard Louis, laborer, fa. 
83 Kelley Michael, weaver, fa. 

Waterman Fred, clerk, fa. 
ft4 Bei^heimer Henry, actor, fa. 

Wright Edward, coal, etc. b. 

Wright Edw. G. coal, etc b. 
87 Carr Edwin, operative, h. 

Rixson Chailes, derk, b. 
89 Lothian Jas. harness mkr. fa. 

McElroy John E. jeweler, b. 

McElroy Patrick, b. 

Whalen John, painter, fa. 
91 Barry Mary P. Miss, fa. 

Osbom Michael S. laborer, h. 

Osbom William J. jeweler, b. 


Bartlett Street. 

72 Codding M. E. Mr. and Mrs. fa. 
Codding Melvin W. b. 
202 Herbert Frank E. Mr.&Mrs fa. 
S04 Holton William J. salesman. fa. 
sio Atwood Walter, h. 

Barton Street. 

II Mitchell Elizabeth Mrs. fa. 

O'Connor Catharine, widow, fa. 

O'Connor Chas. F. jeweler, b. 

O'Connor Henry A. clerk, b. 

O'Connor Tosepfa T. clerk, b. 

O'Connor M. machinist, fa. 
19 Burns Garrett E. liquors, fa. 

Hudson Joseph W. cutter, fa. 

Hudson Mary A. widow, fa. 
24 Potter Charles, stenograp'r, b. 
27 Savage Timothy, foreman, fa. 

Shanley Michael, macbinist,h. 
31 Allen Marfi^aret. widow, fa. 

Carpenter Wm. H macbin't, fa. 

DeLaporte Mary Mme. fa. 

Etfaier Adeline Mme. fa. 

Hancock Henry, clerk, fa. 

O'Hearn John A. carpenter, fa. 

Riley Thomas P. grocer, fa. 
39 Hammond Frank I. dentist, fa. 

Pike Simeon M. machinist, fa. 
42 Thornton Thomas, tel. insp. fa. 

Wbalen Henry, weaver, b. 

45 Brassard Edege Mrs. mllnr. fa. 
Brassard Henri, salesman, fa. 
Brennan Jofan B. loom fixer, h. 
Gormley Frank, operative, b. 
Gormley Henry, painter, h. 
Levins George, agent, h. 
The Scrap I. & R. Supply Co. 

45rBlancfaette Margaret, widow, fa. 
Neary John F. laborer, h. 

46 Heelon Edward F. overseer, h. 
Mahar Thomas, blacksmith. h. 
McGaon Michael, bookkpr. fa. 

47 Owen Benj. T. marble wks. r. 
Spencer Richmond, h. 

49 Collins Patrick H.carpenter,h. 
McGovem Frank, faairdrsr. h. 

50 Cunningham B. C. clerk, b. 
Cunningham Edward J. b. 
Cunningham E. T. Miss, sten- 
ographer, b. 

Cunningham John. h. 
Cunningham L. music tchr. b. 
King Joseph A. liquors, h. 
SorGreene John T driver, b. 
Greene Peter, laborer, h. 

Bedding Plants 


Blsckftoae Bonlevftrd 
272 Wefltaluter 8t. 


House Directory. 

Barton St^^Continued, 

5or Spencer Wm. M. baker, h. 
51 Donnelly Annie Mrs. h. 

Jeambey Hugo, hairdresser, h, 
Koeher Frederic, operative^ b. 

53 Huntington Margaret Mrs. h. 

54 Brannigan Ellen, widow, h« 
Brannigan Geo. E. jeweler, b, 
Brannigan John P. clerk, b. 
Conley Bridget, Julia & Eliz- 
abeth Misses, n. 

Holland Tohn F. reg. phar. h. 

55 Goodier Geo. S. clerk, h. 
McLaughlin James, h. 
Troy Geo. F. student, b. 
Troy Joseph H. cashier, h. 
Troy Timothy, h. 

56 Lyons Bridget, widow, h. 
Lyons James J. police, b. 
Lyons John M. clerk, b. 
McCormick Martin, finisher,h. 

58 Kelly Chas. ins. agent, h. 
Kelly Peter, h. 
McCabe Ann, widow, h. 
McCabe Hugh A. clerk, b. 

59 Brown Hannah, widow, h. 
James John V. teamster, h. 
WhitmanStephen W.carpntr.b 

67 Healy Peter F. clerk, h. 
Hughes James, laborer, h. 
Mathewson Nellie Mrs. h. 
Shelley Martin, compositor, h. 

Barton Court. 

6 Cosgrove John T. clerk, h. 

Pike Edwin L. compositor, h. 
9 Gearin Margaret, widow, h. 
10 Reilly Joseph, motorman, h. 
Smith WilliamH. salesman, h. 

15 Chatterley James B. clerk, h. 
Maguire Alice Mrs. h. 
O'RourkeMichael J.mould'r.h. 

16 Murgatroyd G. stenographr.h. 
Shea Jeremiah, police, h 

20 Drysdale Peter, packer, h. 
Lapierre Theodore, b. 
Lapierre Treflfle, clerk, b. 
Lapierre William, foreman, h. 
Marsan Treffle G. clerk, h. 

21 Seymour Mary Mrs. h. 

24 Baker S. E. Mrs. housekeeper 
Boss Henry D. h. 
Burdick Thos. S. salesman, h. 
Potter Charles A. clerk, b. 

Bassett Street. 

1 Barker Alfred H. h. 

13 Burger Fred, architect, rzns. 
Jehle Sophia, widow, h. 
Ohler Albert, liquors, h. 
Schweigert Sophia Mrs. b. 

14 Fuller Henry L. plumber, h. 
Mc Arthur Rachel Miss, h. 
Ormsbee George W. baker, l>. 

15 Blicker Charles, stonesetter, t>. 
Bulheller Andrew, hairdrsr. h. 
Cohen Louis, pearl worker, t>. 
Kuehner Charles, b. 

Stone Chas. A. clerk, b. 
Yost Ferdinand, jeweler, b. 

16 Brownell Louis H. salesman, h. 

17 Allen Frank R.^ate tendr.rms. 
Bacon Geo. F. jeweler, b. 
Earle Bertram F. jeweler, b. 

" Fairbrother G. W. jeweler, h. 
Harlow Victor C. machinist, b. 
Owen Fred B. electrician, b. 
Page Ella Mrs. h. 
Smith Bangs K. jeweler, b. 

18 Milkman Aaron, auctioneer, h. 
21 Barth Antoine, tailor, h. 

Barth August, bookbinder, b. 

Evarsmidt Edw.silversmith.b. 

Magnus L. cigar maker, rms. 
23 Sutton Henry C. cook, h. 
25 Field Harry W. engineer, b. 

Field J. H. spt. hghw'y dept h. 

Taylor Sarah H. Miss. h. 
27 Barnes Fred'k A. carpenter, b. 

Barnes T. C. window screens, h. 

Barnes Wm. T. painter, b. 
2 7r Barnes Thos. C wndw screens 
29 Charbonneau Felix, slsmn. h. 

Charbonneau Felix, jr. b. 

Cole Felix, waiter, b. 

Maher James J. stable, h. 
34 Smith Bros. mfg. jewelers 

40 Burton D. steam pipe fitter, h. 
Burton F. H. draughtsman, b, 
Townsend Almon H. clerk, b. 

41 Hearn Frank, clerk, b. 
Hearn George E. jeweler, b. 
Simmons George, painter, h. 
WhitmarshE verett H. bkkpr. b. 
Williams C. H. sil. polisher, b. 
Williams Thos. C. baker, h. 

42 Dewar Jane Mrs. b. 

Doyle Fred, machinist, rms. 
Kenyon C. E. sign painter, b. 

43 Loftus Isabel Mrs. h. 

House Directory. 


43 M&xfield Charles H. clerk, bu 
43^ Himes Alonzo, clerk, h. 

44 Barney Jos. H. machinist, h. 
Morris John, laborer, h. 

46 Kettlety James S h. 
Robinson HowardP. stadent,b. 
Robinson W. V. machinist, h. 
Robinson W. B. h. 

47 Cordin Ernest A. overseer, h, 

45 Goff James, moulder, h. 
Reiser Nellie L#. widow, b. 

49 Bntler!AbbieP.Miss,teacher,fa. 

Tarbox Anthony, foreman, h. 
53 Briggs Eugene H. collector, fa. 

Smith Sidney A. clerk, b. 

Smith Wilmer B. clerk, b. 

Wing Henry K. paintmixer, b. 

Wing Willians, boxmaker, b. 

Batcheller Aveaue. 

Latraverse Henry, laborer, h. 
Latraverse John B. butcher,h. 

6 Davis Fred E. machinist, h. 

McGrail William, painter, b. 
8 Brown Albert H. h. 
10 McGrain John H. carpenter, h. 

McGrain John P. stair bldr. b. 
12 HoQand Jas.Amattressmkr.h. 

Pryor Mary J. tailoress, b. 
29 Gaffney Thos. machinist, h. 

Gribben Daniel, laborer, b. 

Gribben Edward, b. 

Gribben Francis S. laborer, b. 

Gribben John, laborer, h. 
35 Comi^ Robt. F.whitewshr.h. 

Lamott Frank, waiter, h. 
37 Baxter John E. miller, h. 
39 Perry Anastasia, widow, h, 

Gaole John, teamster, b. 

Gaule Walter F. laborer, b. 
41 Leach William A. printer, h. 

McRae John W. hmessmkr, b. 
43 Kenney Patrick H. laborer, h. 

Lord James, dyer, h. 

Lord Young, dyer, b. 

43 Robinson John, laborer, h. 

44 Redfem Matthew, laborer, h. 
Waide Eliza Mrs. h. 

Waide James, clerk, fa. 

45 Lncey Dennis, farmer, h. 
McDonoogh J. J. teamster, h. 

. 48 Hart Amy E. dressmaker 
Hart George H. b. 
Hart Tbos. A. cabinet mkr.h. 

49 Briggs Arthur, teamster, h. 
O'Brien Daniel F. polisher, b. 
O'Brien Mary, widow, h. 

51 Lawton Wm. S. H. mach. fa. 
Lawton Wm. S. H. jr. macfa. h. 
Rowley Tames H. jeweler, h. 

52 Taylor Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Taylor Mary J. Miss, drsmkr. 

53 Nulty John J. driver, fa. 
Nulty Michael J. teamster, b. 

54 Luby Andrew, laborer, b. 
Malloy John, laborer, h. 

55 King Alfred, hostler, h. 
57 Dunn Patrick, janitor, b. 

McKearin Thomas, laborer, h. 

Shine John J. gardener, b. 

Shine Michael, mason, h. 
59 Bagley Hugh J. clerk, b. 

Bagley Thomas F. janitor, fa. 

Bagley William H. clerk, b. , 

Garrett Peter E. printer, b. 
61 Hull Robert, teamster, h. 

Warhurst Alfred, comp'tor, h. 
63 Downs Mary A. widow, h. 

Houston Arthur, laborer, h. 

McGarrahan John, laborer, h. 

65 Graham John, moulder, h. 
Henry Peter B. hostler, b. 

66 Reddington Michael, hostler, h. 

67 Hogg Catb. Mrs. var. store, h. 
69 Brayman George, h. 

Hogg Catherine Mrs. var. store 

71 Johnson Ambrose, pict. hgr.h. 
Johnson Marsh' 11. coachman, h. 

72 feaxter Patrick W. safe mfr. 

73 Morris Mark, janitor, h. 
77 Helms Joseph, h. 

79 Creasey Edward, butcher, h. 

McCoy Henry V. butcher, h. 
82 Helms William W. janitor, h. 

Smith A. M. carpet cleaner, h. 

Smith Frederick W. laborer, b. 

85 Peters Edward S. variety store 
Peters F. Mrs. dressmaker, h. 

86 Mason Wm. L. janitor, h. 

87 Harden Elton, laborer, b 
Martin Emma, widow, h. 

87rStephenson A jr. elev.tendr.b. 

Stephenson Alex. A. lab. h. 
91 Howard Henry H. clerk, b. . 

Howard Julia, widow, h. 

94 Brown Thomas L. laborer, b. 
Nichols Charles E. b. 
Nichols Frank E. janitor, h. 

95 Bryant Amond B. chirop.rms. 
Ward Fred'k G. hostler, b. 


House DntBcroRv. 

Bates St.-^CoHtmued. 

95 Ward Geo. elevator tender, b. 
Ward Lafayette, coachman, h. 

96 Brown Albert H. coachman.b. 
Brown Edward S. b. 
Brown Frederick S. laborer, b. 
Brown John S. coachman, h. 
Brown John S jr. student, b. 
Hawkins Lucy, widow, h. 
Hawkins Samuel, porter, b. 

loi McHugfa Peter, engineer, h. 
102 Clarke Edward, waiter, h. 

Jackson John W. waiter, h. 
ro4 Dillon Edward, laborer, h. 

Riley Sylvester, boilermkr, h. 

Riley Sylvester L. clerk, b. 
105 Sykes John, machinist, b. 

Sykes Philip, machinist, h. 

Svkes Walter, machinist, b. 
114 McCabe Prank, laborer, b. 

McCabe John, operative, b. 

McCabe Michael, trackman, h. 

Smith John P. clerk, h. 
116 Burke Edward, electrician, h. 

Henderson Gilman C. cur'r.b. 
118 Palmer George W. h. 

Palmer John, h. 

Bath Street. 

2 Leonsky Sarah Mrs. grocer 

3 Prosser James, tinsmith, h. 
Prosser Oswald, jeweler, b. 

5 Terrio Daniel R. carpenter, h. 
7 Anderson Christina, widow, b. 
Smith John E^ laborer, h. 

11 Lonsdale Edward, laborer, h. 

12 Briggs Louis M. clerk, h. 
McDonald John L. clerk, b. 
McNiff Michael, laborer, h. 
Sidgreaves Joshua, laborer, h. 
Sidfi^reaves toshua, jr. mach.b. 

15 Anderson (jnristina Miss, b. 
Johnson Charles, carpenter, b. 

17 Welch Richard J. driver, h. 

18 Dunbar Jean Mrs. grocer, h. 
Larson Charles E. laborer, h. 
Olson Bertha M. widow, h. 

19 Gardner Lydia M. Mrs. b. 
Gavitt Theodore A. car. ins. h. 

21 Amberg John, laborer, h. 
LindehT John, engineer, h. 

22 Sheedy John A. electrician, h. 
Sheedy Michael J. boilermakr.b. 
Sheedy Thomas J. clerk, b. 
Sheedy William, laborer, h. 
Sheedy William F.filecntter.b. 

25 Leduc Louisa Miss, b. 
Simmers Paul A. engineer, h. 

26 Carpenter Bdw. B. jeweler, h. 
Hopkins Prank E.machini8t,h. 

27 McGeough Ann, widow, h. 
McGeoagh Patrick, laborer, b. 
McGeough Peter J. clerk, fau 

30 Stenmark Frank, machn'st, h. 

31 McCaffrey Thomas, latK>rer,b. 
McElroy John, machinist, b. 
McElroy John, jr. machinist, b. 
McElroy rhilip, clerk, b. 
McKenna James, derk, b. 

$4 Marshall Robert, b. 

Marshall Wm. P. laborer, h. 

Robb James, wood carver, b. 

Robb John A. wood carver, b. 

Robb John A. jr. draftsman, b. 
36 Bottomley Benj. machinist, b. 

Riding Joseph, moulder, h. 

38 Nixon William, blacksmith, h. 
Tully Catherine Mrs. h. 
TuUy M.E Miss, dressmaker, b. 

39 Forrester Adam D. janitor, h. 
Harley S. H. machinist, h. 

42 Jessop Albert, moulder, h. 
Langton B. laborer, b. 
Langton Michael, laborer, b. 

45 Shawcross Raymond, derk, b. 
Shawcross Wm. machinist, h. 

46 Grundin Charles, machinist, b* 
Marshman Samuel H. h. 
Osberg Peter, carpenter, h. 

49 GibbonsThomasH.(P.F.D.)ta. 

Wright Henry S. machinist, h. 
52 Fisher John, machinist, fa. 

Fisher Lizcie I. Miss, tchr. b. 

57 McGinn S. J. Miss, drsmkr. b. 
McGinn S. A. b. 

STrAlmquist Chas. machinist, b. 

58 Meehan Daniel P. machinist, h. 
Nickel C. A. L. Miss, tcfar. b. 
Nickel L. A. M. Mrs. drsmkr. b. 
Riebe Katharine, widow, h. 

61 Pernan Frederick R. b. 
King Charles R. banker, h. 
Tillinghast A.G. con tractor, h. 

Battey Street. 

14 Smith H. D. stable 

17 Lamson H. S. physician 

Pratt Wm. H. N. treas. h. 

Salisbury Lucy Miss, b. 

Salisbury Sarah F. widow, h. 
21 Creevv Maria Miss, h. 

Loveli Wm. E. engineer, b. 



LigBt Mrtit jB lew aghuid, ProTidrnftft Public Market Co. 

35 Duoster Henry, jr. b. 

Snow James, jr. b. 

Soov Wm. T. derk, h. 

Stone Maria, widow, h. 
51 Devlin Richard S. salesman, h. 

Hiaes Mary G. Mi9s,drsmkr.h. 

Nichols Beoj. W. musician, h. 
32 Penny James H., P. F. D. h. 

Wbelan Patrick A clerk, h. 
34. Hornby Fred H. clerk, h. 

Wilson Wm. A. kpr» of rec- 
ords, K. of P. h. 
35 AldrichThos. M . dog fancier, b. 

Bollock Helen P. widow, h. 

51 Penner Nathaniel, jeweler, b. 
McCarron John M. clerk, h. 
McCarron M.J. tra v. salesm' n. h 
ReynoldsElm' r J. ele' vtr. tndr. b 
Reynolds HennettaA widow,h 

52 Casey Frederick, b. 
Casey John E. clerk, h. 
Casey John O. h. 
McDonald Alex. lineman, h. 

57 Batchelder B. O. clerk, b. 
Batchelder Harry £. clerk, b. 
Fojt Harry, jeweler, b. 

Fox Henry M. jeweler, h. 

58 Hart Hiram, police, h. 

61 Brown PatricKH.hor8esboer,h. 

Strickland Frank S. driver, b. 

Westerberg C. A. cigar mkr.b. 
63 Howard Edwin N. b. 

53 Adams Pred'k M. porter, b. 
Carroll Ella Mrs. dressmaker 
Carroll Wm. H. teamster, b. 
Haines David H. sexton, b. 

91 Andrews William, mariner, b. 
Saugy Max W. b. 

93 Gould Addie R. widow, h. 

94 Hudson J. R.N. car. cleaning, b. 
Young George L. clerk, b. 

100 Slocum Ezra C. broker, b. 
102 Boyce Justin, dentist, h. 
104 Parrillo Antonio, shoemaker 

Baxter Street. 

5 Evans Alfred, carpenter, b. 
8 Cole Ida H. Mrs. b. 

Cole Louis A b. 

Gray Alvab H. painter, b. 
, to Callahan J. A. granite, b. 

Remington Edgar, b. 

11 Bearse Isaac A. iceman, b. 
Eldridge Bani E. teamster, b. 

12 Knigbt Edwin R. jeweler, b. 
Knigbt Eugene W.bookkpr. b. 

13 Garvey James A. at B. & S. b. 
Garvey Tobn H. teamster, b. 
Garvey Maria, widow, b. 
Garvey Michael H.atB.&S b. 
Garvey Mary, widow, b. 

14 Gray Charles H. dentist, b. 

iames Cbas. H. fruit dealer, b. 
ames Edwin P.milk dealer.b. 
[arsball M. J. Miss.teacber.b. 

Marshall Mary R. Mrs. b. 
18 Britton Ellen F. Miss, b. 

Britton Ezra F. nurse, b. 

Gray E. Carleton, clerk, b. 

Wilbur C. M. music teacher, b. 

Wilbur Rob't W. piano tuner, h. 
22 Dunham William, teamster, h. 

Dunham Wm. H. bookkpr. b. 

Hazard Belle Mrs. nurse, b. 
24 Frazer Allen, carriage mkr. b. 
26 Hugbes Mary Mrs. h. 

Watson Patrick, laborer, b. 
28 Burke Patrick F. jeweler, b. 

Cusick Susan B. Miss, h. 

Fitzpatrick John, clerk, b. 
32 Tbacher Emily J. Mrs. h. 

Thompson James F. helper, h. 
34 Foster Thos. S. foreman, h. 
36 BurrougbsWm.H.sirrsmitb.h. 
38 Boedeker Cbas. pearl wkr. b. 

Brayton Fred'kH., U.R.R. b. 
40 McKniebt Tobn. captain, b. 

Scbofield Wm. F. janitor, b. 

Bay Street. 

160 Barquist Stephen, b. 

Bergdabl G. at Gorham's, b. 

Lindgren James, b. 

Lindgren Mary A. widow, h. 

Swenson Albert E. bookkpr. b. 

Thornton Geo. E. painter, h. 
166 Cronan Daniel, teamster, b. 

McElroy James, laborer, h. 

Pine Toon, teamster, b. 
170 Murpny T. J. wire drawer, h. 

Randall Leroy E. pedler, h. 
172 Quinn Jobn, laborer, h. 

174 Bowers Frank H. baker, h. 

175 Murphy Martin, clerk, fa. 
178 Conaty Peter A. plumber, b. 

Conaty Thomas, laborer, h. 
Ring Frank, jeweler, b. 

182 Smith Thomas, watchman, b. 

183 O'Neil Bridget, widow, b. 
187 Donnelly John J. jeweler, b. 

Donnelly Michael F. lab. b. 
Donnelly Thomas, mason, b. 


House Directory. 

Bay St.— Continued, 

187 Donnelly Thomas, jr. lab. b. 
Radigan Thomas, laborer, h. 
Reynolds Patrick, laborer, h. 

188 Goodwin Rupert, engineer, h. 
Johnson Henry, engineer, h. 

190 Conaty Patrick, laborer, h. 
Sakrisson Gust, carpenter, h. 

191 Costello John, laborer, h. 
Devine J. Frank, laborer, h. 
Hart John, laborer, h. 
Waddell Hugh, machinist, h. 

194 Degnan Bernard, laborer, h. 
Degnan Bernard E. jeweler,b. 
Degnan James F. jeweler, b. 

195 Gilbert John H. laborer, h. 
Gilbert William, teamster, b. 
Keogan Frank, laborer, b. 
Keogan Hugh, laborer, h. 
Keogan Hugh, jr. laborer, b. 
McDermott John,bricklayer,b. 
McDermott Michael, laborer,b. 
McDermott Owen, laborer, h. 

198 Flanagan Francis, laborer, b. 
Flanagan James, laborer, h. 
Flanagan James E. b. 

Beach Street. 

I White Elmer E. variety store 
13 Accorn David, hackman, b. 
Coalter James, watchman, h. 
Dorsey John, carpenter, h. 
Hampson Geo. H.machinist.h. 
Lindgren Ernest, machinist,h. 
Schneider Killian, tailor, h. 

Beacon Avenue. 

5 Blauvell Joseph F. clerk, h. 
Davis H. A. steward, rms. 
Ray Arthur, teacher, b. 
Taylor Henry A. clerk, b. 

7 Beard E. C. clerk, b. 
Gray George M. b. 
McCrillis Edward, b. 
Norton Lucy, h. 

8 Bemis Henry J. gas insp. rms. 
Garst Margaret, widow, h. 
Scheuren Nicholas J. clerk, h. 

9 Holland J. N. clerk, h. 
Holland Sarah R. widow, h. 
Plummer Frank P. clerk, b. 
Stock bridge George G. clerk, b. 
Tremper Wm.C. undertaker, b. 

10 Brown Ellen P. teacher, b. 
Brown Mary L. teacher, b. 
Brown Samuel W. h. 

10 Brown Walter F. artist, b. 
Dow Francis H. widow, b. 

11 Sawin James M. teacher, b. 

14 Beacon Av. Kindergarten 

15 Lambert Thomas, U. R. R. b. 
Maine Albert M. machinist, b. 
Mayhew OHverF.motorman.b. 
Pearson Wm. 

16 Beacon Av., Cooking School 

17 Bell in Louis H. photog. rms. 
Burley Alfred, clerk, b. 
Dillon Marg.Miss, nurse, rms. 
Gross Arthur, rms. 

Kinney E. A. Miss, nurse.rms. 
Martin Wm. O. watchmkr. b. 
Newhall Chas. H. engineer, b. 
Riley Joseph H. tel. opr. b. 
Shippee Milford C. rms. 
ThurstonC. M. Miss,nurse,nns<. 
Washington Fred, clerk, b. 
WashingtonGeorge, clerk, rms. 
Wright Jennie, widow, rms. 

18 Bedard Napoleon, h. 
Branigan Benj. F. painter, h. 

19 Carey Ernest C. clerk, ritis- 
Ham burger J. M. bookkpr. b. 
Light Wm. w. draughtsmn.b. 
Lowden Elizabeth Miss, tch.b. 
Newhall Charles B. clerk, h. 
Newhall Edwin T. rms. 
Tranter T. Leslie, b. 

Tuck Alaric R. h. 

21 Fricker Julius, piano tuner, b. 
Minchin John J. printer, b. 
Newhall Charles B. clerk, b. 
O'Connell Thos. H. mgr. b. 
Kenzie W. A. buyer, b. 
Richardson James H. clerk, b. 
Schwenn John, rms. 
Underwood E. Miss, mil'nr.b. 
Weaver Harry F. bookkpr. h- 
Willis Gardner B. teacher, b. 
Wirth Philip F.C. W.mgr.rms. 

22 Forloni John, cook, h. 

25 Zoglio Joseph, hairdresser 

26 Godfrey S. F. blksmith, h. 
Godfrev S. A. Mrs. drsmkr, h. 

27 Hopp Julia A. Mrs. h. 

28 Prentice Jane, widow, h. 
Rounds Albion, jeweler, b. 
Rounds Leontes, clerk, b. 

41 Linton Andrew J. plater, b. 

Linton K. Miss, music tchr.b. 

Linton R G. Miss, teacher, b. 

Linton Thos. J. h. 
63 Handy H. R. salesman, h. 

House Directory. 


63 Lewis Frank H. clerk, b. 

65 Earlich Theodore, stonestr. b. 

Farrell A. E. diamond str. h. 
69 Crosswell Herbert E. clerk, h. 
71 Bowen William C. supt. h. 
73 Tbompson Fred D. clerk, b. 

Thompson J. Fred, clerk, h. 

75 MaDroe C. Fred, account, h. 

76 Carr Catharine G. Miss, h. 
Carr Jennie B. b. 
McCormick Bridget Miss, h. 
O'lfeara Mich'l B. mangr. h. 

77 Cnuidall Frank P. grocer, h. 
Gardiner Albert, watchman, r. 
SafiFord A. M. paper ruler, h. 
Safford Wm. A. jewelry, h. 

Si Heilbom Chas. physician, h. 
Prior Chas B. electrician, h. 

86 Farrell Lawrence. R. clerk, b. 
Price Edgar J. clerk, rnas. 
Sacker C. S. trav. s'man, b. 
Sacker Prank I. clerk, b. 
Sacker Fred J. clerk, b. 
Sacker Mary B. widow, h. 

87 Trow Eliza A. Mrs, h. 
Trow Fred E. clerk, b. 

S8 Howard Cbas. O. clerk, h. 
South worth Julius B. editor, b. 

89 Guild Chas. P. trav. agt. h. 

90 Chase William C. h. 
Desmarais Archie H. clerk, b. 
Desmarais P. jr. hrdresser, h. 
Petit Rene, hairdresser, b. 
Sherman Amos, clerk, b. 

9S Morrison John j. rl est etc. h. 
99 Porloni Frank v . eat house, h. 
Fifth Ward Room. 
100 Allen William F. h. 

Truman Percival H. clerk, b. 
loi Jacobs Benj. trav. s'man, h. 
TacobsGertrude L.Miss.tcbr,b. 
Jacobs Hannah, widow, h. 

105 Sloctim J. Frank, machinist, h. 
Truman Amanda M. F. wid.h. 
Truman I. A. teacher, b. 

106 Beacon Av. Primaiy School. 

107 Breitsch mid J. F. bairdrsr. rms. 
Grace Bridget, widow, h. 
Rines Chas. A. printer, h. 

no Brown Nathaniel, gasfitter, h. 
Pearson Thos. carpenter, b. 

112 Moran James C. lineman, h. 
Russell James Mrs. h. 

113 Hacking John W. painter, h. 
Hagan Sarah, widow, b. 

ixSj^Fiske Wm. H. foreman, b. 

ii3)4Robbins S. Miss, drsmkr. h. 

114 Salisbury Frank S. toolmkr. h. 
Salisbury Stephen P. h. 

115 Dean G. H. jr. bookkeeper, h. 
Smith Roswell C. jeweler, h. 

120 Sullivan Annie, widow, h. 
Sullivan J. P. trav. salesm'n, b. 
SuUivanJ. F. chaser, b. 

122 Carroll llios F. clerk, h. 
Carroll Wm. F. salesman, b. 
Gustafson Cbas. laborer, b. 
Monson Hannah Mrs. b. 
Monson S. Miss, dressm*kr. b. 
Nelson John, jeweler, b. 
Pearson John, driver, b. 
Prior Mary A. widow, b. 

123 Fischer Emest.tcbr. siug'g. r. 
GoodmanE. J. glasswkr.h 
Mears Lydia A. widow, b. 
Moore William P. grocer, b. 
Smith Lewis, painter, b. 

124 Mickel John D. clerk, b. 
Mickel Mary J. widow, h. 

125 Johnson Cbas. W. jeweler, b. 
Johnson Jane, widow, b. 
Johnson William P. jeweler, h. 
Sf itchell Sam*l T. collector, h. 

127 Johnson Annie, widow, b. 

' ohnson Cbas. W. jeweler, h. 
' bhnson Ernest, laborer, b. 
! *^elson Nels, machinist, b. 
Turogren Ernest,macbinist,b. 

128 Monroe Cbas. E. engraver, b. 
Monroe Mary A. widow, h, 
Pearson John, jr. Mrs. h. 

129 Erickson Andrew O. clerk, b. 
Leonard Mark, clerk, b. 

131 Baron Azarie. waiter, rms. 
Baron Eugene L. waiter, b. 
Bircbenough Wm. H. clerk, b. 
Kimball Edward, op' rtive, rms. 
Mott Herbert B. driver, h. 

132 Blessington John, plumber, b. 
Kumph Samuel C. salesman, h. 
Mc Williams Daniel, engineer.b 
McWilliams Da vid J. printer, h. 

136 Payne Geo. W. clerk, b. 
Payne Sereno W. agent, h. 
Robinson Alfred C.plumber,h. 

137 Adams Abby, widow, b. 
Baker Louise, widow, b. 
Ferguson Agnes, widow, b. 
Ferguson A. J. engraver, b. 
Ferguson Fred W. designer.b. 
Ferguson John B. student, h. 
Ferguson Robert'pr.b. 


House Directorit. 

137 McNamara John, mason, b. 
Ordveay LewisE. electrician, b. 

138 Lamb Charles P. carpenter, h. 
Sheridan Julia, widow, h. 

139 Lagerqnist A^el, moulder, b. 
Lagerquist Carrie Mrs. h. 
La^^rquist Ernest, moulder, b. 
Lyons Mary, widow, h. 
Lyons Michael, cabinet mkr.b. 

141 Dickerson Lewis C. jeweler, h. 

Work Carrie E. Miss, teacher, h. 
146 Braman Martha J. bumishr.b. 

Chace Geo. W. silversmith, h. 

Curtis Chas. F. jeweler, h. 

Tefft Susanna M. Miss, b. 

150 Presbrey Edward P. jeweler,h. 
Presbrey E. P. jr. stone settr. h. 
Staples John A. laborer, h. 

151 Baker Chas. H. engineer, h. 
Carter John W. engineer, h. 
Carter Wm. H. draftsman, b. 

152 Dablberg Antoine, carpentr.h. 
Searle Edwin W. engraver, h, 

154 Wiley Alvah J. machinist, b. 
Wiley Geo. N. machinist, h. 
157 Chenery Wm. H. foreman, h. 
159 Cloudman W. Frank, grocer, h. 

Beauf6rt Street. 

13 HoUoway Wm. D. V. b. 

HoUoway Wm. E.cora. trav. h. 
16 Higgins Richard, florist, b. 

Potter Walter I. motorman, h. 

Tucker A. Sydney, police, h. 
25 Spink Nathaniel T. h. 

Williams John P. Mr. & Mrs.b. 
29 Jackson Prank H.Mr.& Mrs.h. 

Jackson Prank H.jr.student,b. 
33 Jones Elisabeth, widow, h. 

McCrillis J W. Mr. & Mrs. b. 
4S Alexander A. H. Mr. &Mrs. h. 
49 Bull Albert, plasterer, b. 

Electrical Wir'g&Rep.Co.The 

Hopkins Fred'kJ.electrician.b. 

Hopkins Walter R b. 

Hopkins Wm. J Mr. & Mrs. h. 
56 Richards P. I. bookkeeper, b. 

Richards I. P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
68 Briggs Chas H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Swain Elizabeth, widow, h. 

Taylor William J driver, b. 
83 Randall D. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
100 Jackson John P. foreman, h. 
Z08 Greenup Henry S. engineer, h. 

108 Haines Joseph A. engineer, b. 
127 Poster J. Harris, 

Bedford Street. 

n. Admiral. PiskeC W. engineer, ti. 

Hague John I. tinsmith, h. 

Ha^e John J.Mrs.dressmaker 

Smith Washington L weaver, b. 

Watson Benj. carpenter, h. 

Watson Ernest, pattern mkr.b. 

Williams Robt foreman, h. 
12 Kingsley George, clerk, b. 

Kingsley Walter, at ScrewCo.b. 
Z4 Garside Tames, machinist, h. 

Garside Sarah A. Mrs. drsmkr. 

Kershaw George, helper, h. 
23 Murphy Arthur J. fireman, h. 
25 Greene Hulda H. widow, h. 

Greene Percy D. moulder, b. 
43 Dane Wm. P. messenger, h. 
62 Flanders John L. manager, h. 
81 Goodman P. W, lettercarr'r.h. 

Beetle Street. 

2 Hurst Samuel, laborer, h. 
8 Francis Herb*t A.pressman,b. 
Francis Job, weaver, h. 

Belknap Street. 

8 McLottghlin M. laborer, h. 

9 Blaser Rudolph, cook, h. 
Taylor Chas. A. porter, h. 
Taylor Wm. J. clerk, b. 

10 McGuinn John, stamper, h. 
McGuinn Mich*l. hairdr. b. 

1 1 Burke Patrick, carder, h. 
Packard Annie E. Mrs. h. 

12 Hammond Wm. H. beltmkr.h. 
White Samuel, overseer, h. 

13 Claffey Mary, widow, h. 
Holdgate H. J. hairdresser, b. 
Holdgate las. watchman, h. 
Hopkins Harriet E. widow, b. 
Read Grace Mrs. h. 

18 Kammerer Otto, teamster, h. 
Luft Gea C diesinker, b. 
Norris George S. janitor, h. 


2 Kelly Alice C. Miss, tchr. b. 

Kelly Mary a tchr. b. 

Kelly Samuel B. ins. agt. h. 
n Broadway Bell Street Chapel 
4 Eddy Samh J. Miss, h. 

Harris Amy £. Mrs. h. 

Harris Edward M. phys. h. 

House Directory. 


I Capron Daniel A. clotb fldr.h. 
CaproB Edw. H. doth fldr. b. 

5 Billings Frank S. collector, b. 
French Joseph B. b. 
Kingsbary F'k. P. musician.b. 

6 Sandelman John F. painter, b. 
Sandelman Rudolph, pntr. h. 

' 7 Owler John M. clerk, h. 
3 Morton H. Q. pbotographer,h. 
19 O'Donnell JobnP.galvanizr.h. 

CDonnell rleiU, carp. b. 
43 Brown Alonzo J. police, h. 

Millard Wm. A. , P. F. D. h. 
Bellevue av. Primary School 
46 Curtis Wm. H. bousesmith, h. 

Drew Geo. B. painter, h. 

Tally Patrick, clerk, b. 

49 Petsson C. W. carpenter, h. 

50 Geisert Chas. lapidary, h. 
Lloyd Edward, h. 

51 Lloyd Arthur E. foreman, h. 
S4 Joslin Lewis A. gfrocer, h. 


Northup Marcia S. widow, h. 
56 Barber Arthur S. derk, b. 

Barher J. Louis, clerk, b. 

Bliven Walter F. h- 
64 Batman Ella F. Mrs. h. 

Batman Fred O. jeweler, b. 

Chester Ben j.F. bookkeeper, h. 

Chester James S. clerk, b. 
63 Colwell festher A Miss, h. 

Morrish John, moulder, h. 

69 Francoeur Raoul J.designer,h. 
Hopkins Thos. H. police, h. 

70 Snow Chas. H. jeweler, etc. h. 
Snow Peace L. widow, h. 

71 Reorganized Church of Jesus 


72 Walker Earle T. foreman, h. 

74 Derscheidt Philip, brewer, h. 
Paine George H. toolmaker,h. 
Paine Sarah S. widow, h. 

75 Buchanan surgeon, h. 
Buchanan Walter S. vet surg. b. 
Buchanan Wm. H. collector, b. 

78 Church Geo. H. jeweler, h. 
Lowell John R. toolmaker, h. 
Lowell Russell C. student, b. 

81 Steere Edmund J. civ. eng. b. 
Steere Job F. real estate, h. 
Steere Wm. H. student, b. 

82 LangstafiF Geo. E. jeweler, b. 
Langstaff Henry CinspecVr.h. 

84 Woods Frank W.dr'ghtsmn. b. 

84 Woods Rufus V. cutter, h. 
92 Barrett HenryN. "Journal," h. 

Lee John M. Dumisher, h. 
95 Calvert Richard, engineer, h. 

Grant Frank W. pattern mkr.b. 

Grant Fred'k. A.electrician,h. 
97 Birkedal Carl P. jeweler, h. 
100 Gilmore William E. derk, h. 

Prentice Stephen C. clerk, h. 
103 Ains worth William A. derk,h. 

Brown Geo. T. book agent,h. 
106 Spencer Harriet N. Mrs» h. 

Thornton Geo. A. trav.slsmn. b. 

Thornton Jesse B. Mrs. h. 
112 Clegg Annie, widow, b. 

Clegg Robert I. machinist, h. 

Clegg William, student, b. 

Kenyon Charles E. jeweler, b. 

Kenyon Enoch C. pedler. h. 

114 Conway Mary A Mrs. h. 
Greene George £. clerk, b. 
Greene Geo. H. watchman, h. 
King William A. painter, b. 

115 Buker D. P. jr. publisher, b. 
Buker Francis L. Mrs. h. 
Whitney Roswell O.real est.h. 

116 Brown Frederick E. mach. h. 
Brown W. H. machinist, h. 
Wood Henry M. carpenter, h. 

120 Dickinson G. L. carpenter, h. 
Whitney Daniel D. mach. h. 

121 Allen Thomas H. grocer, h. 
126 Troop Henrietta C. widow, h, 

Walsh Selina A. widow, h. 
129 Boy n ton E. W. clerk, h. 
Boy n ton Leshe N. com p. b. 
Owen Flora M. widow, h. 
Owen Walter B. clerk, b. 

133 Boyd John A. drugs, etc. h. 
Boyce William P. clerk, h. 

134 Patterson H. N. engraver, b. 
Patterson Jane J. widow, h. 

159 Owen Harry C. clerk, h. 

Belmont Avenue. 

8 Corbett John J. ins. agt. h. 
Corbett Thos, F. laborer, b. 
Galvin Edward J. laborer, b. 
Galvin John, laborer, b. 
Ralston Matthew, painter, b. 
Ralston William, U. R. R. h. 

9 Johnson Herman, at B. & S.b. 
Johnson Ida Miss, bakery, h. 
Wennberg David, machinist.b. 
Wennberg Frank,machinist,h. 

12 Wilson A A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Tifflothy O'Connor, 

Blaok«ton« Boulevard THE LARGEST COLLECTION 

272Westiniiuiter St 



House Directory. 

Belmont Ky.-^Continued, 

13 Goslin James H.Mr.&Mrs. h. 

16 Lyon William P blacksmith, b. 
Roberts Asa P. Mr. & Mrs h. 
Roberts Fred W. student, b. 

17 Thompson Geo. A. file insp.h. 

18 Dana Charles P. Mr. & Mrs.h. 

19 Howe Benj. P. Mr. h. 

^ Dailey John M. machinist, b. 

Dailey Joseph, student, b. 

Dailey Michael Mr. h. 

Dailey Nellie Miss, drsmkr. b. 

Dailey Thomas, laborer, b. 
26 KernPerdinandM.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
29 Chace Joseph, jr. Mr.& Mrs.b. 

Sherman Wm. B. Mr.&Mrs.h. 

32 Lyons Alfred Mr. & Mrs. h. 

33 Nickerson B. B. accountant, h. 

34 Johnson A. C. dep. sheriff, h. 
Johnson Mary A. B. Mrs. h. 
Rounds Arthur B. reg.phar.h. 

39 Searle Prank Mr. & Mrs. h. 

43 Congdon Edw. O.Mr.& Mrs.h. 
Ouimette Joseph, teamster, b. 

44 Allardice D. Graham, clerk.b. 
AUardice D. S. B. Mr.&Mrs.h. 
Allardice Robert B. b. 

49 Mowry Alvin M. Mr. &Mrs.h. 

50 Provanjamieson.sketchmkr.h. 
Provan Jamieson E. ske tchkr. b. 

53 Gardiner Amos L. clerk, b. 
Gardiner L.M.W.Mr.& Mrs.h. 

58 Magill P. J. capt. police, h. 
Magill Wm. H. b. 

59 Crowell Albert Mr. & Mrs h. 
63 Jackson James E. Mr.& Mrs/h. 
65 Burke Joseph, loomfizer, h. 

Ryan Michael Mr. h. 

Ryan Michael, jr. b. 

Ryan Thomas, spinner, b. 
67 Strickland Prank N. reg par.h. 
73 0'HalloranThos.A.foreman,h. 
75 Douglas Jessie, Miss, b. 

Gardiner Dan'l H.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
77 Hiebler Joseph P. clerk, b. 

Hiebler Priscilla V. widow, h. 

Kenney Mary J. Miss, tchr. b. 
89 Brennan Thomas, grocer, h. 
91 Bogie John K. clerk, h. 

Bend Street. 

3 Gardner Pranklm P. car w'r, h. 

4 Birch Emma P. Mrs. h. 
Birch Hatzell R. student, b. 
Meade Edgar, jeweler, h. 

19 Parnell Prank, stenog'pher, b. 
Parnell George, lawyer, h. 

Benefit Street. 

I Page Prederick, shoemaker 

3 Hadden George, variety store 

4 O'Hare James, pharmacist 

5 Burroughs Alicia N. Mrs. h. 
Burroughs Eklw. H. agent, h* 
Scott Edward, h. 

7 Bartley Jas. H. physician, H. 
Longbottom Herbert, clerk, l>- 

8 O* Hare James, pharmacist, b. 

9 Bartley James H. physician 

11 Anness Lydia, widow, h. 
Crary William H clerk, b. 
Medbury Elizabeth J. widow,h. 
Perry Cfara P. Miss, teacher, b. 
Smith Jencks A. night clerk, h« 

12 Blanchard Henry, fireman, b. 
Day Martin C. journalist, h. 
Edgar Thomas, clerk, b. 
Wilde Alfred P. clerk, b. 
Wilde Martha Mrs. h. 

14 Allison Myrtilla M. Mrs. h. 

Stevenson Wm. plumber, b. 

Woodbury Geo. C, P. P.O. h. 
18 Guild Prederick T., B. U. h. 

20 Drowne Christopher R. h. 
Drowne Prederic P.student.b. 
DrownePaschal B musician, b. 
Drowne Robert H. clerk, b. 

22 Lonsdale J. P. Mr. and Mrs. 

rec. day, Thursday, h. 
24 Olmstead W. H. B. bookpr. h. 
27 Hoyt Dixi G. physician 

29 Chadsey Geo. H. hardware, h, 

30 Angell Edwin G. Mr. summer 

residence, Newport, h. 

31 Greene Allen, student, b. 
Greene Mary E. B. widow. Li. 

33 O' Reill yCatharine Miss, tchr. h. 
33>i Phillips R. W. Miss, b. 

Reynolds Daniel C. Mrs. h. 
Reynolds William H. 2d, h. 

34 Calder Albert L. Mr. & Mrs.b. 
Calder A. W. physician, b 

35 Bacon Edward S. physician, h. 
38 Dawson & Murphy, carg. mfrs. 

Cooke Edward Mrs. h. 

42 Cooke Abigail W. Miss, b. 
Kelly Caroline Miss, b. 

43 McKenna John, clerk, h. 
McTague Peter, clerk, b. 
Mulgrave John, folder, b. 
Saggerson Prank S. carp. b. 

House Directory. 


43 Sag:gersoD Mary A. h. 
Saggerson Wflliam. h. 

44 Kcach William P. clerk, h. 
Morse Caroline, widow, h. 

48 Cleveland Mary E. widow, h. 
Kendall H. C. salesman, h. 
Kendall LoaiseS. M iss, artist, b. 
Slooomb H. A. draftsman, b. 

49 Durfee Thos. Judge & Mrs. b. 
30 Dyson Thomas M. salesman, b. 

Hen thorn Abraham, coirtor,b. 
52 Cooper Arthur F. fireman, h. 

Cooper Walter E. conductor, h. 
56 McLaughlin J. A. jr. vet. sur.h. 

61 Harrington Francis J.driver,b. 
Munro W. L. Dr. & Mrs. h. 

62 Draper Edwin, auctioneer, h. 
Draper Martha M., b. 

65 Evans Bailey W. Mrs. h. 
71 Bridges Viola, nurse, b. 

Campbell Rose E. M iss, nurse , b. 

Foster Charlotte Mrs. b. 

Hannapell Lf. J. Miss, nurse,b. 

O'Brien AnnieT.Miss,nurse,b. 

Willard Harriet S. Mrs. h. 
73rElsted Walter, laborer, b. 

Halliday James, laborer, h. 

74 Kingsbury C. Mr. and Mrs. h. 

75 Brightman Frank B. b. 
Lane Leonard E. conductor,h. 
Norton Frank, conductor, b. 
Weaver Thomas L. S. clerk, b. 

76 Ash Sarah M. Mrs. h. 
Bissell George W. machinist, b. 
Hathaway Herbert E.overs'r, b. 
Miles David S. foreman, b. 
Moore Clarence, salesman, b. 

78 Draper Edward, clerk, b. 
Phetteplace J. S. Mr. &Mrs. h. 

80 Chapin Wm. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

81 Butler Mary E. widow, h. 
Howell William, b. 

StrHooper Levi, machinist, h. 

84 Sheldon Mary E. Mrs. b. 

85 Stillwell Edward A. clerk, h. 
87 Kelly Geo. L. foreman, h. 

Livsey Barrett C. ins. agt. h. 
87rHolmes Jas. L. shoemkr. h. 

Lowe Mary Mrs. h. 
83 GreeneCaroline A. Miss, tchr. b. 

Greene Snsan Mrs. b. 

Simons A. W. bank cashier, h. 

Simons William, student, b. 

93 Owen F. P. Mrs. h. 

94 Bacon Anna Miss, b. 
Brown Denison L. Rev. h. 




Aramian Hagajen, drau*n. h. 

Day George B. b. 

Hueblum Sigmund. tailor, b. 

Maguire E. Miss, dressmkr.b. 

Power Edmond Mrs. h. 
loi Crooker.Geo. H. physician, h. 

Crooker J. Foster, b. 

Crooker Jos. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
f 02 Alexander Chas. Mr. and Mrs. 

sum. res. Harrington, h. 
106 Capron Chas. W.Mr. & Mrs.h. 

South wick W.S. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
109 Ames Sam'l Mr. & Mrs. h. 
J 12 Newcomb Laura M. widow, h. 

HaDDa Matilda N. widow, h. 

Steere Herbert A. b. 

Steere H.W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Seagrave F. E. h. 

Seagrave Mary G. Mrs. h. 

122 Gardner C. H. physician, b. 
Gardnes. C. T. physician, sum. 

res. Seaconnet Point, h. 

123 Brady J. A. Miss, dressmaker 
127 Baker Wm. E. student, b. 

Carnoe Ann Miss, teacher, b. 

Grimshaw Wm. H. clerk, b. 

MacKinnon C. boarding, b. 

Mathewson Frank C. artist, b. 

Potter J. B. M. Mrs. b. 

Tallman Stacey, artist, b. 
129 Chace Samuel, collector, h. 
132 Mauran Eliza Miss, h. 

134 Mumford C. M. Mr. h. 

135 Babbitt Sophia C, Mrs. h. 

136 Peckham Chas, F. physician. b. 
Peckham F.H.jr. ph3rsician,h. 
Peckham Wm. T. student, b. 
Andrews Howard, cook, b. 
Appleyard H.E. Miss,nurse,r. 
Baron Mary V. Miss, nurse, b. 
Bates Wm. L. Dr. & Mrs. h. 
Bates Wm. P. student, b. 
McKenzie Mary C. nurse, b. 
Paine Addie Miss, b. 
Peters David, coachman, b. 
Richards C.A,L. Rev.&Mrs.h. 

147 Guild Amey L. Miss. b. 
Guild Edward M. clerk, b. 
Guild Henry T. h. 
Guild Herbert L. designer, b. 
Guild N. G. Mr. h. 
Humphreys Sarah L. Miss, h. 

149 Scott Henry B. clerk, b. 
Smith A. J. Mr. and Mrs. h. 
Smith A. Knowles, clerk, b. 

150 State House 




House Directory. 

Benefit SX.^Continued. 

151 Lewis Mary A. widow, b. 
153 DeflBey Frank, plumber, b. 

Mitchell Geo. driver, rms. 

Paine Robert R. bookpr. b. 

Peck Mary J. dressmaker, h. 

Sherman John W. bookpr. b. 

Waddington E. piano tuner.b. 

155 Thomas Nettie M. Mrs. bdg.h. 
West Wm. H. bookkeeper, b. 
Wilbur David A.compositor,b. 

156 Copeland Fred A. foreman, h. 
Smalley James H. hackman, b. 

158 Stone Samuel J. jeweler, h. 

159 Mansion House, U.R. Earl. pro. 
Barker Sidney S. foreman, b. 
Campbell John J. supt. h. 
Earl John P. clerk, b. 

Esten E. b. 
GammellAsa M. b. 
Granger Charles B. mangr. b. 
HeflFernan Tames, clerk, b. 
Holberton H. dressmaker, b. 
Kelley Thomas, electrician, b. 
Lively George, supt. b. 
Lowe Wm. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Maher James, watchman, b. 
Murphy A. J. draftsman, b. 
Potter Mary E. Mrs. h. 
Rigney John P. dry goods, b. 
Scoboria FerdinandM. driver, b 
Smyth Eugene L. artist, b. 
Wigfall Charles, clerk, b. 
i59>4Crooker Geo. H. physician 

160 Budlong Moses, carpenter 

16 1 Adams D. Fred. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Adams Frederick H. clerk, b. 
Adams Sidney F. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Clark Amey. widow, b. 
Tames Lucmda. widow, h. 
Slocum Abbie J. widow, h. 
Smith Alice L. Miss, b. 
Smith Ida B. Miss, teacher, b. 
Smith Mary L. Mrs. h. 

163 Bliss George, clerk, b. 
165 Grant Alexander, painter 
167 Adams Sidney F. provisions 
170 Copeland G. H. & Co. stable 
Stro wbridgeRobt. h'ckmn , rms. 

172 Newell Timothy, physician 
Prov. Park Association 

173 Hogg Walter S. florist 

176 Peckham Charles F. physician 
Peckham F. H. jr. physician 

180 Obrian Lewis A. carpenter 

181 Dyer Elizabeth H. widow, h. 

186 Chapman W. Louis, physician 
Rose John G. accountant, b. 

187 Weeden Benj. D. Mr. & Mrs. 

sum. res. Narrag* sett pier. h. 

188 Jackson Benj. M. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Thomas Mary M. widow, h. 

193 Knowles S. M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Knowles Stephen L.student.b. 

195 Brownell Stephen Mr. & Mrs. 

sum. res. at the mountains, h. 

Hunt Frances E. Miss, h. 
199 Ham Albert E. phvsician 
210 Davenport J. H. physician 
212 Cross Mary Mrs. nurse, b. 

DeWolf Halsey. physician 

McLaughlin Helen A. L. Miss. 
nurse, h. 
214 Weigel Emil, ladies' tailor 
216 Parker E. D. L. Dr. & Mrs. h. 

Parker Edward S. student, b. 
218 Parker E. D. L. physician 

222 McCaw Wm J. Dr. & Mrs. h. 

223 Collins George L. physician 

224 Parker Arthur L. vet. surgeon 
Phelan Michael, hostler, rms. 
What Cheer Stables Co. 

225 Bartlett Ellen E. widow, h. 
227 Mitchell John W. physician 
236 BurroughsE.B.Mme.milin*r.h. 
238 Millar Robert, physician 

240 Day Frank L. physician, b. 

Thurston S. B. Miss, h. 
cor. College, Prov. Athenseum 
254 Radeke Eliza G. widow, h. 

256 Walker Ed. F. Dr. & Mrs. h. 

257 Cooper Wm. S. salesman, b. 
Glezen Edward K. lawyer, b. 
Hoyt William B. supt. rms. 
Keefe Patrick H. physician 
Stockbridge M.T.M. widow.b. 
Wolcott Henry, manager, b- 

258 Kalloch Lewis H. dentist 
Kalloch Spencer M. h. 
Smith J. K. dentist's asst. b. 

259 Dews Joseph, woolen mfr. b. 
Wheelwright F. R. gen.agt.t>. 

260 Harvey N. Darrell, physician, 

office hours 12 to 4 p. m. San- 
days I to 3 p. M. Tel. 9024 
Miller Horace G. physician, 
office hours 12 to 4 p. m. San- 
days I to 3 p. M. TeL 2024 

261 Clark Katharine H. teacher,l>. 
Coudert Coralie Mrs. b. 
DeMunn I. S. C. clerk, b. 
DeMunn Noble W. Mrs. h. 

House DmEcroRv. 


Cits Af Heats 



:6i Smith William A. Rev. b. 

Spaalding A. R. architect, b. 
362 Miller Horace G. Dr. & Mrs.h. 
263 Farnam Charlotte B.widow.h. 

Uarlatt Abbie A. Miss.tchr.b. 

Neil Alice Miss, teacher, b. 

Phetteplace James F. b. 

Rhodes James P. cotton bkr.h. 

Rice Harriet L«. M iss, supt. art. b. 
2^5 Bnrt Frederick B. b. 

Gottschalk von Wm. Mrs. h. 

Hewitt Arthur W. salesman, b. 

Peck Cornelia, teacher, b. 

Ruggles Anne, cooking tchr.b. 

Taylor Alice S. Miss, b. 
266 Pancber Mary, widow, b. 

Peckham Prank E.Dr.&Mrs.h. 
268 BUdr James B. grocer 
170 Bridge Mary E. widow, b. 

Lnndhe Stellan E. masseur, h. 

WoltersGustave E.archit'ct,b. 

273 Baich Laura T. Mrs. h. 
Doyle Almira S. widow, h. 
Rice How^ard M. school, b. 

274 Brocken brough K. R. gen .ag^ b. 
Brown Ellen H. widow, b. 
Emerson Forrest P. Rev. h. 
Morrill Charlotte J. Miss, thr.b. 
Ralph Eliza J. dressmaker, b. 
Smith R. Herbert, student, b. 
Wood Clarence D., B. U. b. 

276 Palmer A DeP., B. U. h. 

Palmer Harold G. physician 
279 Pearce H. Mr. &- Mrs. & dr. h. 

Pearce Henry, jr. student, b. 
2B1 Rose John, clerk, b. 

Shipman T. Harris, physician 

Smith Natb. W.Iaw student,b. 
282 Larchar Sarah L. Miss, sum. 
res- Warwick Neck, h. 

Larchar William, h. 
SS3 Watson A. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Watson Byron S. clerk, b. 
286 Miller Eliza P. Mrs. b. 

Miller Gardner L.Dr.& Mrs.h. 
oor. Benevolent, First Cong. Church 
390 Rhodes Christopher, h. 
292 Allen Edward S. Dr. & Mrs.h. 

Allen Ezra S. h. 
S96 Shepley Geo. L. Mr. & Mrs. 
sum. res. at Warwick, h. 

Robinson Chas. S. coachman 
303 Dow Abby L. widow, h. 

Olney Elam W. b. 

Olney F.F.Mr.& Mrs. sum. res. 
Warwick Neck, h. 

306 Murphy Edw. provisions, h. 
3o6r Jackson Wra. F. hackmau, h. 

Profl&t Moses B.hack driver,h. 

ProflBt Moses W. hack'man, b. 

308 Baker I. G. Miss, arstistic 

needlework, b. 
Dow Elliott L. insp. b. 
Gale Catharine S. widow, h. 
Peck Cyril C. grocer, rms. 

309 Sims Gardiner C. Mr. & Mrs. 

sum. res. Warwick Neck, h. 

310 Greene Harriet Miss, rms. 
Moulton Geo.trav. s'man, rms. 
Pickering Eugene F. h. 

312 Godding C. M. physician 

Pratt Russell K.gas lighting, b. 
Webber Ann ieM. Miss. nurse,r. 

314 Perkins F. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

322 Collier John H.jr.Mr.& Mrs,h. 
McLeod Mary S. widow, b. 

326 Mauran Mary L. widow, h. 

327 Gammell Robert I. Mr.& Mrs. 

sum. res. Newport, h. 
332 Andrews C. C. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Bundy Cornelius T. cook, b. 


Burrough L. F. draftsman, b. 

Eames Benj. T. attorney, h. 

Gove Edgar R. adv. agent, b. 

Lewis John B. b. 

Lowd Mark, superintendent,b. 

Merriam Grant S. wall pap. b. 

Ordway Aaron L. pres. Inter- 
laken Mills, b. 

Spellman F. B. B. ins. agt. b. 

Waterman Stephen, b. 

Wilson V. 
336 Arnold Alfred J. manager, b. 

Arnold L. F. draftsman, b. 

Bliss Milford, purchas. agt. b. 
• Dover Nelson, cutler b. 

Eaton Annie E. Mrs. h. 

Eaton Ella S. Miss, b. 

McKinley John,draughtsm'n,b 

Townsend Wm. bagg. mstr.b. 

Watson John J. jr., bookpr. b. 

Worcester Geo. gold plater, b. 
338 Brennan E. F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Thayer E. S. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
340 Cusick John, laborer, h. 

Wotton Thomas, teamster, h, 
344 Aldrich Edwin Mr.&Mrs.sum. 
res. at Woonsocket, h, 

Aldrich Paul E. student, b. 
350 Chandler W. R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Chandler William A. bookpr. b. 


House Dirkctory. 

Benefit St.-^Continued. 

357 Brown Sophie A. Mrs. sum. 

res. at Newport, h. 
358>iGlover David&Co. carpenters 

363 Slocum John A. messenger, h. 

364 Gilmore C. Miss, dressrokr. b. 
Gil more Peter, machinist, h. 
O'Brien Jeremiah, painter b. 
O'Brien Michael T. jeweler, h. 

367 Bradley Charles J. student, b. 
Bradley Jane, widow, h. 

368 Bishop Arthur C. driver, b. 
Bouton Geo. W. inspector, b. 
Maillard FranklinN.des'ner,b. 
McEwen Alexander, clerk, b. 
McEwen Barbara Miss, b. 
McEwen James, janitor, h. 
McEwen Jennie Miss, b. 
Rauschenbeck P. E. instr'ctr,b. 

372 Abbott Walter H. clerk, b. 

Aldrich James, moulder, b. 

Aldrich Wm.S.draughtsm'n,h. 

380 Eddy John M. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 

res. at Narras^ansett Pier, h. 

Haskell Alice Miss, b. 
383 House of the Holy Nativity 
389 Lippitt Henry F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
392 Flanagan Edw. J. hairdrsr. b. 

Flanagan James V. clerk, b. 

Flanagan John, foreman, h. 

Flanagan John H. lawyer, b. 

Flanagan Thos. L. hairdrsr.b. 

Flanagan Wm. F. surgeon, b. 
395 Cranston C. L., E. Y. & I. G. 
Misses, h. 

405 Eno^ John B. hairdresser, b. 
Murray Timothy laborer, h. 

406 Harrington Elvira J. Miss, h. 
Rothen ichChas. J. com p' sit* r. b. 
Rowan Emily S. widow, h. 

407 Brazell Rose, widow, h. 
Dean Chas. V. clerk, b. 
Sullivan John, porter, h. 

cor. TransitjChurch of our Saviour 

409 Johnson Anna, widow, h. 
Roberts John, foreman, h. 

410 Crowley Florence J. clerk, b. 
Crowley James, compositor, h. 
Crowley James E. b. 
Crowley Joseph H. painter, h. 
Crowley Timothy F. clerk, b. 
Kerins John F. pnysician 

414 Cranston James E. h. 

418 O'Connor Michael, clerk, h. 

419 Bums Michael, laborer, h. 
Merritt, Samuel H. sailmkr. h. 

419 Slocum William A. painter, h. 

420 Phillips AlfredJ. pork packer,h. 
424 Collins John, teamster, h. 

Connelly Michael, ffl^. faler. b. 
McCarthy D. H. F. bookpr. b. 
McCarthy John, porter, b. 
O' Leary James, jeweler, b. 
0*Leary John, teamster, h. 
Regan Den n i s, gran, polish' g, b. 
Sugrue Dennis J. tailor, b. 
426 Mckellips Herbert S. eat h. h. 
McKellips Sylvester R.c*ter,b. 
O'Connor Teremiah, laborer,h, 

432 Burrows Annie J. Miss, h. 
Luthy Julia A. Mrs. cook, h. 

433 Slocum Grace W. typewriler.h. 
Slocum Mary A. Mrs. h. 
Slocum P. W. h. 

434 Stoddard H. W. machinist, h. 
Stoddard T. H. jr. pic. fmr. b. 

436 Randolph James M. driver, h. 

Stevenson Albert G. laborer, b. 
439 Cohen Jacob, longshoreman, h. 

Diggins Daniel, rdryman. b. 


Diggins John, printer, b. 

Lundin Morris, carpenter, h. 
443 Blondel Chas. M. H. cook, h. 

Nott Thomas, liquors, h. 

O'Connor Bernard, clerk, b. 
448 Daly Cornelius, police, h. 

Moran Catharine, widow, h. 

Moran John W. b. 

Moran Mary G. Miss, milliner, b. 
452 O'Brien John, watchman, h. 

Riley Wm. H. rubber wkr. h.. 
457 Anderson Lewis, mariner, b. 

Berry Mary A. widow, h. 

Clauson Charles, mariner, b. 

Ennis Frank, mariner, b. 

Haffey James E. boarding^ b. 

Lind holme Gus, mariner, b. 

McFarland Andrew, engin'r,b. 
462 Guilduff Martin, machinist, b. 

Gilduff Richard J. b. 

Hammond Anna Miss, b. 

McLaughlinThos. F.carpntr. b. 

McLaughlin Wm. at Gas W ks .b. 

McLaughlin Wm.H.phys'an,l>. 
468 Loughlm Elizabeth, widow, b. 

Loughlin John, janitor, b. 

McLaughlin Wm. H. physic' n 
492 Curran Michael, laborer, h. 

Doyle Mary J. widow, h. 

Doyle William V. b. 

Francis Mary, widow, h. 

House Directory. 


49a Golden Dennis, li. 

UcCool John, laborer, b. 
Sullivan Arthnr, jeweler, "b. 
Sollivan James, driver, b. 
SnUivan lohn H. laborer, b. 
^ Murray Ilannab Mis8,gprocer,h. 
496rDeady Thomas, laborer, h. 
4!9& Maher Thomas, laborer, b. 
Martin Patrick, laborer, h. 
Murray Felix, h. 
Murray HannahMiss.^ocer.b. 
Qainn Catharine, iwidow, h. 
Quinn John, laborer, b. 
A9&rE^?a3kS John, laborer, h. 
]erns John A. sailor, h. 
SC4 C^emence Welcome H. laVr.h. 

Perry Bridget Mrs. h. 
508 Facey JohnPrank,deckh'nd,h. 
Frauds Antone, mariner, b. 
Gonsalve Mary A. Miss, h. 
Gailmette Bmelia Miss, h. 
KetteU William, en^neer, h. 
McGrath Roger J. liquors 
Pena James, mariner, h. 
Pena Joseph, sailor, b. 
SoSrLenzieri Kaffaele, laborer, h. 

Lopes Mary Mrs. h. 
cor.India, P. W.& B. R. R. Depot 
fbotof,MeTch. & Miners Trans Co. 

Benevoleat Street. 

3 Calder Wm. C. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
6 Hcfpe Clnb 
Fononi H. cook, b. 
Lister James, fireman, b. 
SbepardJ. L. waiter, b. 
9 Backns Thomas, b. 
Sotting A. M. Miss, mns. tchr,b. 
Dimock Edwin F. ins. agt b. 
Puller Edward, "Journal," b. 
Han Emily A widow, b. 
Jenks Albert V. b. 
Mason Earl P. treas. h. 
Percy Anna E. Mrs. h. 
ri Anthony Joseph B. h. 

Whan John M. h. 
12 Brown J.Carter, Mr. & Mrs. h 
zj Bigelow Charles P. rms. 
Freeman Geo. A. clerk, rms. 
Holmes HarryH.typewtr.rms. 
Parish Minnie Miss, h. 
15 Mason Norman N.reg.phar. r. 
Padelfbrd Mary B. widow, h. 
17 Pamnm C. D. widow, h. 
Padelford Maria L. Miss, h. 

20 Sheldon Chas.H.jr.Mr. & Mrs. 
sum res. Box Lawn.Thopip- 
son. Conn. h. 
23 Tingley Sam'l H. Mr.&Mrs.h. 
Warner L. U. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

36 Arnold M. E. & R. Misses, h. 
Arnold Stephen H. merch. h. 

27 Pease House, Brown Unty. 
29 Adams Charles W. b. 

Adams Luther B. h. 

Adams Tbaddeus, b. 

Clark Theron, B. U. b. 

31 Simmons Walter C. h. 

32 Bartlett AselP. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

34 Brown Ellen L. Miss, tcbr. h. 

35 Bradbury Ed. E. grocer, h. 
Bradbury H. B. Miss, artist, h. 

37 Bradbury Edward E. grocer 

38 Steere Frank, lawyer, h. 
Waterman Ann L. Mrs. h. 

39 Bishop Nathaniel S. contr. h. 
Goodspeed C. E. collector, h. 
Goodspeed Jennie M. milliner 

40 Hall Henry J, student, b. 
Haskins William B. h. 

41 Keough Michael, groom, rms. 
Moore Robert, groom, rms. 

42 Conley Wm. J. b. 
Cusick Kate, widow, h. 

43 Marsh Delia Mrs. dressmkr. 
Marsh Wm. H. driver, b. 

43rMunro Margaret, dressmkr. b. 
Taylor Peter, janitor, h. 

44 Donahue Mar)r V. Miss, b. 
Donahue Patrick, porter, h. 
Dows Foster R. student, b. 
Dows Francis E. clerk, b. 
Dows Joseph W. student, b. 
Dows Martha A. Mrs. h. 
Dows William W. clerk, b. 

45 McKay Bridget, widow, b. 
Reynolds A.A.&E.A.Miss's,h. 

45rKerins Patrick T. painter, h. 

46 Furlong John W. builder, h. 
Furlong J. W. & Co. contractors 
Furlong T. Clifford, builder, b. 
O'Neill Honora Miss,dr'mkr.h. 
O'Neill Joseph, clerk, b. 

47 Gaffney Rose Miss, b. 

O' Regan John P. dry goods, h. 

48 Cullinan John, driver, b. 
Glenn Thos. F. lineman, b. 
Glenn William, lineman, b. 
Landrigan Gab'l P. carpntr.h. 

49 Cozzens Everline A. Mrs. h. 

50 Jeal Brittain, janitor, b. 


House Dirsctory. 

Benevolent St. — Continued. 

51 Farrell Patrick, painter, h. 
Hacking James, pedler, h. 
McCormick Patrick, jeweler, b. 

SirThayer Wm. H. machinist, h. 

52 Barry Daniel, lineman, h. 
Richards Geo. H.coachman,h. 

54 Lacour August, cook, b. 

Lambert Octave, helper, b. 

Setuval Aline, Mrs. b. 

Wilkinson Thomas, mariner, h. 
56 DeGoey Elizabeth Mrs. h. 

DeGoey John R. clerk, b. 

DfGoey Wm. manager, b. 
58 Campbell G.£.Miss,dressrakr. 

Campbell Sarah S. Mrs. h. 
60 Doty Amos W. h. 

Young SarahMiss,manicure,b. 
62 Lewis Alice L. teacher, b. 

Lewis Sarah M. Mrs. h. 
64 Hall Mary E. widow, h. 

Pope Ida K. widow, h. 
6 5 J odat J no. F. &Co. cabinetmkrs. 

66 Huling John R. coachman, h. 

67 Huggs Benjamin F. porter, h. 

68 Gibbs Henry G. clerk, h. 
-tg Talbot F. A. janitor, h. 

70 Camille Louis, h. 

71 Smith Jeremiah, janitor, h. 

72 Aborn Lydia W. widow, b. 
Cornell Chas. P. shoes, etc.. h. 

75 Collins Hugh, coachman, h. 
Cronin Timothy, porter, h. 

77 Valentine William, waiter,rms. 
Watkins Wm. E. electrician, h. 
Wilson Malachi, laborer, h. 

7 7r Edmonds F. longshoreman, h. 
Fleming John H. engineer, h. 

78 Thalman CelineMrs.drsmkr.h. 
80 Poor Charles M. inst., B. U.b. 

Woodman Irving L. student, b. 

83 Burdick Geo. W. tinsmith, h. 
Lamb Charles S. tailor, h. 

84 MacDonald ArthurB.studnt.b. 
MacDonald D. watchman, h. 
MacDonald James F. clerk, b. 
MacDonald J. R. salesman, b. 
MacDonald J. Stewart, h. 

85 Bulls Head Grocery & Market 

86 Reynolds Milla L. milliner, b. 
Reynolds T. W. D.,P. F. D.h. 
Shearman Elizabeth J. wid. h. 
Shearman Henry C. b. 

88 Hose No. 6 

89 Driscoll M. E. Mrs. van store 

90 Allen Lizzie Miss, h. 

91 Church Catharine M. Mrs. h. 

Reid M. Miss, embroidery, h. 
93 Hall Abraham, driver, h. 

Hall Malachi, laborer, b. 
95 Carpenter Joseph F. clerk, b. 

Carpenter MaryA.Miss.tcbr.b. 

Carpenter Sarah B. Mrs. h. 

Holmes Wm. T. Rev. rms. 
97 Chace A. L. Mrs. dressmkr.h. 

Chace William A. h. 

Livingston Clara A. K. Mrs.b. 

Metcalf Annie E. widow, h. 

Whipple Alpha A. Miss, h. 
99 Carpenter Geo. W. hack dr. h. 
100 Tumell John G. hostler, rms. 

Waters John, coachman, h. 

104 Monroe Henry A. h. 
Monroe Henry A. Mrs. h. 

105 Dyer Thomas E. hostler, rms. 
no Aldrich Nelson W. Mr. & Mrs. 

sum. res. Warwick Neck, h. 
Aldrich Stuart M. student, b. 
Aldrich William T. student, b. 
112 Smith Chas. M. jr.Mr.&Mrs.h. 

116 Smith Chas. M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Smith Walter Burges, clerk,b. 

117 Kent Chas. F. Prof. & Mrs. h. 

Benton Street. 

I Bartley Frank, janitor, b. 
Bartley Lawrence, carpentr.h. 
Donahue James, b. 
Donahue John, jeweler, h. 
iO Kelley Timothy, laborer, h. 
Miller Jane, Mrs. h. 

11 Burke Thomas P. weaver, h. 
Sweeney John, teamster, h. 

12 Lavin John B. colorer, h. 
Maguire Francis, laborer, h. 
Maguire Francis A. laborer, l>. 

Bergen Street. 

10 Eklund John, h. 
McGrath John, laborer, b. 
Pihlblad Ernest, iron worker, h. 

11 Holden Alfred, operative, h. 
Holden Mary, widow, b. 

12 Moan Frank, liquors 

13 Hedberg Wm. machinist, h. 

15 Hurst Oliver, machinist, h. 
Keough Daniel, paver, b. 
Keough J. concrete paver, h. 
Keough Thomas, paver, b. 

16 Erickson Gustave, laborer, b. 
Hulme Eliza, widow, h. 

19 Murray Patrick, mason, h. 

House Directory. 


19 Tracy John P. Ids. agent, h. 
90 Hulme Richard T. blacksmith 
21 Green Cecil, laborer, h. 

Lewis John, laborer, b. 
21)^ Ross Geo. G. machinist, h. 
23 Henman Geo. L. foreman, h. 

Wickizer Lotiis, rubberwkr. b. 
23 14 Read Theopfailus H. m't'n,h« 

3 1 Brennan Patrick, rubberwkr, h. 
Gilday Patrick, laborer, b. 
Hennessey Margaret, widow,b. 
Murray James, mason, h. 
Olsen Louis, rubber wkr h. 

32 Ozley Joseph, filecutter, h. 
Wilkinson Robert, turner, h. 

33 Beehen Anthony, rub. wkr. h. 
Beehen Thos. rubber wkr. b. 

34 Gates George, painter, h. 
King John, laborer, h. 
Oxley Maria, widow, h. 

35 Cunningham James, grocer 

36 Devries John, pedler, h. 
Munn Richard, carpenter, h. 

37 Murray Robert, com bmaker.h. 
Scanlon John, car insp. h. 

38 Grady Roger, laborer, h. 
Massart Joseph, spinner, h. 
Sullivan James, laborer, h. 
Truesdale Wm. forgeman, h. 

44 Butler John, overseer, h. 

Finlay Thos. rubber wkr. h. 

MuWey Alexander, rub. wkr .h. 

Mul vey ElizabethMrs.d'smkr. h 

Shellow John, laborer, h. 
48 Martin tames W. plumber, b. 

Martin Mary R.' widow, b. 

Maxwell Jonn F. jeweler, h. 
50 Maxwell C. T. Mi8s,var. store 

Maxwell Michael, h. 
52 H anna way John, b. 
S4 Lenders Mitchell, spinner, h» 
57 Flood Fannie Mrs. h. 

Flood Patrick, laborer, b. 

Standring Samuel, laborer, h. 
59 Doorley Edward, laborer, b. 

Pagan G^eorge H. singer, h. 

Peeney John, operative, b. 

Peeney Martin, paver, b. 

Leonard Thomas, paver, h. 

Toolan John, pedler, b. 
to McCusker John, laborer, b. 

McCnsker Susan, widow, h. 

O'Brien John, timekeeper, h. 
61 Doorley James, paver, h. 

Morrison Alex, nnisher, h. 

Parker Michael, laborer, h. 

63 Gilchrist Owen, carpenter, h. 
Kenney John, filecutter. h. 

64 Armstrong James F. driver, b. 
Armstrong Thos. overseer, b. 
Asbworth Charles, folder, h. 
Glynn Bridget Mrs. h. 
Glynn Patnck, laborer, b. 
Glynn Thos rubber wkr. b. 

65 Clavin Pat'k, steamfitter, h. 
65 >i Brady Hugh, weaver, h. 

Keefe James, rubber wkr. b. 
McDonald Thomas, jeweler,b. 
O'Rourke Patrick, rub. wkr. b. 

66 Cummings Michael.carpntr.h. 
Riley John, rubber worker, h. 

67 Coffey James, shoemaker, h. 
Coffey L. F. carpenter, b. 
Coffey Lawrence T. laborer, b. 
Coffey Patrick, collector, b. 
Coffey Wm. carpenter^ b. 

68 Burgess George, clerk, h. 
Mulgrew TerrenceE.mchnt, h. 

81 Croft Henry, rubber wki. b. 
Croft James, pedler, h. 
King Isabella, widow, h. 
King James, driver, b. 

82 Moran John M. laborer, h. 

Berkley Street. 

9 EkebladAlfredE.silvr*smith,h. 

11 Tierney John J., P. O. h. 
Truesdale T as. A. blksmith, h. 

71 Owen HerbertE. rubberwkr. b. 

Owen Wm. S. filemaker. h. 
73 Doyle John, belt fixer, h. 

Penney Hubert F. ins. agt. h. 
75 Appley Frankhn G.filef'rgr.h. 

Appley William D. b. 

Berkshire Street. 

nr. Admiral 

Crawford Thomas A. lather, h. 
Davis Wm. operative, h. 
Whitaker Fred'k, bookkpr. h. 

12 Armitage Thos R. carp, h 
14 Warnock Samuel, finisher, h. 

19 Hawkins John H. machinist, h. 

20 Hyde Albert W. clerk, h. 
Hyde Judson L. clerk, b. 

24 Martin James, carpenter, h. 
38 O'Hanlon Patrick, overseer, h. 
48 Brownell W. P. bookbinder.h. 
51 Drew N. L. machinist, h. 

55 Wheeler Annie S. Miss, nurse 

56 Vallett Fred M. clerk, h. 

59 Wheeler Henry, machinist h. 


Blaekttom Boulevard 


272 WMtmlntttr St. 

Funeral Flowers 

A Specialty. 


House Directory. 

Berkshire SU^Conimued. 

59 Wheeler William, h. 
nr. Douglas av. Olson G. R. pat- 
ternmaker, b. 
Olson J. M. patternmaker, h. 

Berlin Street. 

19 Mulick John, bookkeeper, h. 

Mulick Michael, laborer, h« 
26 Connelly Peter, laborer, b. 
30 L^nch Michael, carder, h. 
32 Pmn Johanna Mrs. h. 

Gleason Pat'k F.rubberwkr.h. 
34 Hafey James, laborer, h. 
36 Franklin M. A. rubberwkr. h. 

McKenzie William, clerk, h. 

Bemon Street. 

2 McCarthyFrankD.watchmn.h. 

Noonan Robert A. h. 
4 Ennis Edward J. moulder, h. 
6 Whalen Charles D. hostler, b. 

Whalen Elizabeth, widow, h. 
8 Goff John, bartender, h. 
Noons Edward J. civil ong. h. 
uirk John, laborer, b. 
uirk Michael, operative, b. 
12 nanley Thos. J. police, h. 
14 Hanley James, laborer, b. 
Hanley Patrick F. teamster, h. 
Harris Albert A. watchman, b. 
17 Chase Wm. R. laborer, b. 
MazHeld Andrew M.carpntr.h. 
Rothwell Richard A. carpntr.b. 
21 Greene Charles, h. 

Greene Julia E. cashier, b. 

24 Burlingame Asa, carpenter 

25 Hall Augusta C. Miss, h. 
Scarlet Wm. jeweler, b. 

28 Lynn James *. electrotyper,b. 

Lynn Owen, pedler, h. 
30 O Neil Edward, lieut.police,h. 

O'Neil Geo. E. machinist, b. 

32 Colburn Charles H. wiper, h. 
Gately James, grocer, n. 
Gately James H. printer, b. 
Gately John P. clerk, b. 
Gately Wm. J. clerk, b. 
Lougn James, laborer, b. 

33 ProsserOswald, brass m*lder,b. 
ProsserPeterT. brass m'lder,b. 
Prosser Thomas, foreman, h. 
Richardson Harry O. mach. h. 
Schouler John P. b. 

34 Gately James, grocer 

38 Dailey Jas. E. tel. opr. b. 

38 Dailey John, jeweler, b. 
Dailey Patrick, operative, b. 
Dailey William, h. 
Dailey William, jr. printer, b. 
Mc Laughl inComV s, teamstr. h. 
McLaughlinJohn, teamster, b« 
McLaughlin Peter, teamster.b. 
McLaughlin Wm. jeweler, b. 

42 Hanson John, laborer, b. 
Peterson C. V. filecutter, h. 

43 MorrisseyTim'thyT.toolmV.h. 
Owens Geo A. machinist, b. 
Owens G. A. Mrs. artist, h. 
Owens Wm. H. bookkeeper, b. 

44 Zetterstrom Chas. G. mldr. fa. 

45 Gleeksman Morris, agent, b. 
Hoffman Joseph, pictures, fa. 
Langan M. J. sub. bk. sir. b. 
Neylon Henry M. tinsmith, b. 
Neylon Tas. F. manager, b. 
Neylon Michael, b. 

46 Anderson Albert, laborer, b. 
Sjoberg John, at B. & S. h. 

48 Johnson Gus. W. machinist, h, 

52 Glavin Patrick, laborer, b. 
Glavin Thos. laborer, h. 

53 McCarthy H. brass founder, fa. 

54 Clifford Thos. operative, b. 
Dodd Jas. H. filecutter. h. 

56 Carlson Herman, toolmaker,h. 
Nelson Eric, laborer, b. 

57 Aptel Nathan, pedler, h. 
Camelhor A. N. pedler, b. 
Camelhor Louis, grocer, h. 

58 Wamock Sam'l J. laborer, fa. 

59 Camelhor Louis, grocer 

60 Lobben Jens, machinist, rms. 
Syverson Andrew, fireman, b. 

61 Quinn Henry, tailor, h. 
Keilly Jas. R. machinist, h. 

62 Bambrook Frank, laundry, b. 
Barnbrook Fred, clerk, b. 
Barry Benjamin F. clerk, b. 
Barry Stephen A., P. O. h. 

65 Cuddyer James B. polisher, b. 

Westlake John, laborer, b. 

Westlake John F. laborer, b. 
68 Giblin Augustine, blksmth. h. 

Haverly Ellis, expr'sm'ngr. h. 

71 Casey Catharine, widow, h. 
Casey Thomas, carpenter, b. 
Maloney And. T machinist, fa« 

72 Landy Edward R. laborer, b. 
Landy Thomas F. driver, h. 
Reilly Catharine Mrs. drsmkr. 
Reilly Michael J. machiQist* h* 



75 Dal ton Annie M. Miss, drsmkr.b 
Kent John H. machinist, h. 
Noonan Wm. H. moulder, h. 

76 Daoey las. ^ocer, h. 
Dfloey Michael J. clerk, b. 

Joyce Frederick, clerk, b. 
oyce Thos. B. machinist, h. 
8x Angell Walter L. clerk, h. 
Mowry Edgar, clerk, h. 
Page Wm. Ta. G. b. 
Sa Casey Thos. H. porter, h. 
Ma3niard Joseph P. driver, h. 

86 Mayor Harry, machinist, b. 
Mayor Joseph, machinist, h. 
Mayor Joseph J. machinist, b. 
Norwood George H. b. 
Norwood G. H. jr. machinist, h. 
Shaw Mary A. widow, b. 

87 Beckwith Maiy A. widow, b. 
Briggs Louis L. painter, b. 
Briggs Wm. W. machinist, h. 
Kenyon David T. motilder, h. 
Petithory Roy H.machinist.h. 

a. Candaoe, Erickson Frederick, h. 
103 Nolan Hope L. nurse, b. 

Nolan J as. J. stucco wkr. h. 

Nolan Jas. J. jr. reporter, b. 

N<dan S. Prank, civ. eng. b. 
107 Hyndes Augustus P. plumb, h. 
Ill Melarkey J[ohn, clerk, h. 

Ryan Patrick J. blacksmith, h. 
iiS Nolan Bertha F. Miss, tchr. b. 

Nc^D James F. teamster, h. 

Nolan John T. laborer, h. 

Thacker James, machinist, h. 
123 F06S Elvira T. widow, h. 

Foss George A. b. 

FosB Walter A. carpenter, h. 

Beverly Street. 

7 Manufacturers Building 
Fuller John G. & Co. jewelers 
Gale George P. Mfg. Co. cot- 
ton goods manufs. 
R. L Loom Reed Ca 
rm. 12, Hancock, Becker & Co. 

jewelry mfrs. 
rm. 14, Lindol H. C. jewelers 
rm. i6t Parks Bros. & Rogers, 

manufacturing jewelers 
rm. 17, Marden & Kettlety, 

manufacturing jewelers 
rm. 20. Cahoone G. H. & Ca, 

^old rings 
rm. 30, Prov. Optical Ca 

12 4th fl.Bigney Sidney O. & Co. 
manufacturing jewelers 
4th fl. Wightman & Hough Co. 
manufacturing jewelers 

12 Crook Jos. £.& Co. chain mfrs. 

13 Martin Alfred S. derk, h. 

43 Dickerson Joshua, clerk, rms. 
52 Adams Chas. F. janitor, h. 

Gears Frank, laborer, b. 

Gears Joseph C. h. 

Perry Prince, b. 

Profit Susan A. widow, h. 
56 Day Samuel R. waiter, b. 

Jones Handy, porter, b. 

Sheldon Arthur, hack dri ver, h. 

Tillman Caroline Mrs.nurse,h. 

Tillman Edward, porter, b. 

Bewet Street. 

29 Gilbert Wm. L. hairdresser, h. 
Harris Clarence H. painter, h. 

n. Snow, Rigby F'ck, coal & wood 

Binney Street. 

24 Cundy James, enamefer, b. 
Jenkins John, teamster, b. 
Jenkins Manuel, teamster, h. 
tCenahan James, enameler, h. 

30 McKenzie John, painter, h. 
McShane Ann. widow, h. 
Neal Emma Mrs. grocer 

31 Caples Daniel W. laborer, b. 
Love George H. teamster, h. 

34 Gaffney Chas. H. tinsmith. b« 
Gaffney John A. h. 

35 Caples Oliver M. teamster, h. 
Moorhouse George H. carp'r.h. 

39 Hull Wm. A jeweler, h. 

42 Hughes AlfredF.silversm'h.h. 

43 Neal Emma Mrs. grocer, h. 
Neal John W. painter, h. 
Neal lohn W. jr. polisher, b. 
Neal Walter, clerk, b. 

46 Mason B. A. carpenter, h. 
Mason Edwin B. dyer. b. 
46rMason B. A. & Co. carpenters 

Bishop Street. 

16 Barad Joseph, notary, h. 

Burke Frea. salesman, b. 

Burke Hermann, agent, h. 
18 McElroy John, laborer, h. 

Murphy Bridget C. widow, h. 

Murphy Eugene, clerk, b. 

Murphy Morgan, clerk, b. 

Murphy Vincent T. clerk, h. 


House Directory. 

Bishop St.^ Continued. 

25 Hanson Harold, mariner, h. 

26 Winters Bernard F. liquors 
28 Goodrich Edward, teamster.h. 

Kelly Timothy, moulder, h. 

Midgeley Geo. carpenter, h. 
35 Campbell Henry D. rijjrger. h. 

Degnan Edward, jeweler, h. 

Parker Thomas, laborer, b. 
37 Resh Samuel, grocer 
37rLunny Terrence. laborer, h. 
39 Smith Joseph, plumber, h. 
43 Hufsmith Joseph, jeweler, h. 

Hufsmith Thos. P. jeweler, h. 
47 Allen Chas. driver, h. 

Allen Flora, widow, h. 

Deignan John P. teamster, b. 

Deignan Thomas, teamster, h. 
52 Armstrong Frank, jeweler, b. 

Connolly Michael, painter, b. 

Connolly Wm. clerk, h. 

59 Baxter James, liquors, b 
Belcher Frank, box maker, b. 
Christy James, porter, b. 
Christy Patrick H. clerk, b. 
Fitzgibbons Marg't E. wid. h. 
Magee Charles F, clerk, h. 
Stuart Willard, box maker, b. 

60 Young'ge painter, h. 

65 Hamilton John, laborer, h. 
Hamilton tno. jr. teamster, b. 
Riechert Carl, foreman, h. 

66 Mahar James J. teamster, h. 
McGovern George, porter, h. 
Murray Mary, widow, h. 

68 Pearson T . Fred, harnessmkr. h. 
70 Murray Mary T. Miss, h. 

Murray Patrick J. clerk, b. 

Murray Robt. A. jeweler, b. 

72 Ellis Leroy, laborer, h. 
Maher James, laborer, h. 
Ward John, laborer, h. 

73 Greene Wm. C. jeweler, h. 
Woodhouse Sam'l, rub'wkr. h, 

76 Brophy John, furn. mover, h. 
Moran Hugh, laborer, h. 

79 McCaffrey Hugh, at gaswks.h. 
McCaffrey Pat* k, at gas wks.b. 
McGovern Mich' gas wks.b. 
Purcell Philip, laborer, h. 
Velander Gustave, mach. h. 
Winn James, laborer, h. 

80 McGuire Ann, widow, h. 
McGuire Mich'l, jr. painter, b, 

82 Clark Tames, moulder, b. 
Clark John, moulder, h. 

84 Cohen Charles, agent, h. 
Olson William, laborer, b. 

85 Burke David, laborer, h. 
McDonald John F. clerk, h. 

88 Gillooley Thomas, laborer, h. 
Quirk Michael, laborer, h. 
Whalen Joseph, b. 

Whalen Michael, laborer, h. 

89 Carey John H. liquors, h. 
McDonnell Wm. h. 

Bissell Street. 

172 Lagerberg A. John, mason, h. 
Pierce Sarah E. Mrs. b. 
Tanner Charles E. teamster.h. 
Tanner Claude E. teamster, b. 

Black Street. 

cor. Babbitt, Banning R. Miss, h. 

Farrell T. O. carpenter, h. 

Finan Patrick, laoorer, h. 

Fisher Edwin A. h. 

Locke Mary E. widow, h. 

Quinn John W. carpenter, h. 

Smith Ed. J. laborer, b. 
19 Charlton Rebecca, widow, b. 

Flynn John, carpenter, h. 

Reamer Isaac, brakeman, h. 

Whiteside Thomas, painter, h. 

Whiteside Thomas F. clerk, b. 
23 Gately Patrick, laborer, h. 

Love Patrick, plasterer, b. 

McDonald A. narness mkr. h. 

McDonald Thomas, laborer.h. 
39 Mistofsky Hyman, b. 

Rich Samuel, laborer, h. 

Silverman Henry, jeweler, h. 

Vecker Reuben, pedler, h. 
49 Roshen Simon, snoemkr, h. 
51 Large Shea, tea. etc., b. 

Schechter Samuel, baker, h. 

Shapiro Isaac, baker, b. 
SirBodar Celia, Mrs. h. 

Marcus Herch, pedler, h. 
55 Bergin Wm. pearl turner, h. 

Killion Catharine, widow, b. 

57 Dashevsky Jacob, roofer, h. 
Fierstein Henry, pedler, h. 
Ladisensky Hyman. pedler, h. 

58 Bettle Carl, pedler. h. 

Blackstone Street. 

62 Corcoran Richard, teamster.h. 

76 Stevens CarolineMrs.var. store 

77 Carty John A. brass foundry 

78 Morgan Philip E. bookk'pr. h. 

House Directory. 


Only Modem Martet In Hew Kngland, fSOVDENCE FDBUC IIABQT COi 

78 Stevens Caroline, Mrs. var. St. h. 

82 Flanagan Harry» enameler, b. 
Flanagan James, laborer, h. 
Flanagan John, clerk, b. 

83 Armstrong James F. mch. h. 
Harty John P. teamster, h. 
Martenson Samuel , blacks' th, h. 

86 Bidet Theodore F. i>ainter, h. 
Ebeling Herman C. jeweler,h. 

87 Batv John K. machinist, h. 
Mufry Frank W. laborer, h. 
Noon Michael, laborer, h. 

88 Hipkiss Chas. button mkr. h. 
Sparks Henry, button mkr. b. 

90 HartHenry A. teamster, h. 

Judge James J. piper, h. 
• O'Brien James, jeweler, h. 

92 Blanchette Philippe, laborer, h. 
Claveloux Andre, moulder, h. 
McCann Peter, fireman, h. 
Morgan John J. jeweler, b. 
Morgan Mary, widow, h. 
Shelyy Thos, F. jeweler, b. 
Williams Arthur L. jeweler, h. 

93 Casey Peter, liquors, h. 
Pearson Sven, tailor, h. 

94 Webb Thos. shoemaker, h. 
97 Curran Ann. widow, h. 

Curran Chas. rubber worker.b. 

Curran James S. jeweler, b. 

Curran Patrick, bartender, h, 

Curran Thos. clerk, b. 

Rooney James, jeweler, b. 

Rooney Wm. spindle makr. h, 
no Doyle Mary Miss, h. 

Doyle Simon, laborer, h. 

McCartyChas. laborer, h. 

Renter William, baker, h. 
iiorChace Edgar W. laborer, h. 

EddyCorneli'sM. atScre wCo. b. 

Gill Thomas, laborer, h. 

McNally M ichael, ward tndr. h. 
118 Costigan Ann, widow, h. 

Costigan John P. moulder, b. 

Denaney Jas. machinist, h. 
122 Clark John F. laborer, b. 

Greene Frank, laborer, h. 

Kiley John, laborer, h. 

Kiley John, jr. laborer, b. 
t25 Flynn James, laborer, b. 

Flynn.john P. clerk, b. 

Pox Hugh, laborer, h. 

Fox James, jeweler, b. 

Maher John, laborer, h. 

Prior Patrick H. melter, h. 

Prior Thomas, clerk, h. 

125 Reid Julia, widow, h. 
138 Cronin John, laborer, h. 

Lamphere Margaret, widow, h. 

McGovern Patrick, laborer, h. 

Riley John J. shoemaker 
140 Gibbons Frank, laborer, h. 
148 McDermott John, laborer, h. 

McGuire Elizabeth Mrs. b. 
i48rGunn Bridget, widow, h. 

Hickey John, laborer, h. 

McGarty M. liquor dealer, b. 

Reynolds Patrick, laborer, h. 
152 Bohan Patrick H.bartender,h. 

Con nole John 1. laborer, b. 

Fitzgeraid Catnarine, widow, h. 

Fitzgerald John,h. 

Fitsgerald J. F. machinist, b. 

Whalen Daniel F. helper, h. 
154 Fitzgerald John F. furniture 
i56rAtwood Harold, laborer, b. 

Gomes Peter, laborer, h. 

160 Gallagher Michael, laborer, h. 
Sloan Patrick J. machinist, h. 

161 Mulvey Daniel, tailor, h. 
Mulvey Daniel D. jeweler, b. 
Mulvey Joseph P. chaser, b. 
O'Brien John J. jeweler, h. 

187 Hackett Patrick, carpenter, h. 
Vesely Matthew, jeweler, h. 

196 Flynn Michael, laborer, h. 

197 O'Rourke John, laborer, h. 

198 Bergstrom Chas. carpenter, h. 
Peterson Victor, machinist, b. 
Peterson Wm. at ScrewFach. 

cor. Gay, Ludwig H.& Co.mfg.jlrs. 

200 Yuill John, clerk, h. 

202 Galligan Beazie Mrs.drsmaker 

Mulvey Daniel, teamster, h. 
204 Erickson Wm. carpenter, h. .^ 

Helgerson John, carpenter 

McGovern Bridget widow, h, 

McGovern Jas. W.bartender.b. 
220 BernardJ'sephineMme.dsmkr. 

Guion Frederic, jeweler, b. 

Herring Langford. b. 

Malm Martin, jeweler, b. 

Walker Margaret E. widow,h. 
222 Curley Bernard, carpenter, b. 

McElroy Michael J. iaborer,h. 

McGovern Martin, pedler, b. 
230 Trainor Felix, lithographer, h. 

Trainer James, baker, h. 

Trainor Tames J. plumber, b. 

Trainor John H. baker, b. 
234 McCartin James, teamster, h. 
244 Louth James J. clerk, h. 


House Directory. 

Blackstone SU^Conimued, 

244 Randall PranklinP.wtchmn.h. 

245 Atwood Annie, widow, h. 
Malm Andrew, roll maker, h. 
McDonald Ann, widow, h. 
Trask AndrewT.straw blchr.h. 
Trask Arthur B. clerk, b. 
Trask Ernest A. clerk, b. 

248 Hallberg Chas. cornice mkr.h. 

McLaughlin T. H.gasinspr. h. 

McLaughlin Margaret, wid.h. 
25J Doyle John H. F. hairdrsr. h. 

Sims Peter, carpenter, h. 
252 Baxter Patrick, laborer, h. 

Carlson John J. rubber wkr.h. 

255 Kelly Patrick, moulder, h. 
Smith Owen P. picture frmr.h. 

256 BoehneHenryE.silv'r smith, h. 
Boyle James, laborer, h. 
Boyle James H. polisher, b. 
Boyle John H. b. 

259 Magee Alfred V. jeweler, b. 
Mc DermottThomas, j e weler, h. 
Walsh Mary A. widow, h. 
Walsh Wm. E.elecli'ht trmr.b. 

260 Nolan John P. laborer, b. 
Nolan Th6mas, laborer, h. 
Todd Charles, tailor, h. 
Todd Chas. H. jeweler, b. 
Todd John J. pearl worker, b. 

263 Conley Ellen, widow, h. 
Fannmg Thos. W. printer, h. 
Hagerty David, laborer, b. 

264 Dawley Charles J. b. 
Dawley Joseph C. Mrs. h. 
McDonald Thomas, laborer, h. 

267 Anderson John A. carpenter,h. 
Miller James, baker, h. 

268 Hardie Robert, laborer, h. 
Hardie T. A. blacksmith, b. 

270 Babcock Prank H. jeweler, b. 
Pisher Chas. D. baker, rms. 
Moulton Prank E. prompter, h. 

271 Sartain Pred, rublJerworkr, h. 

274 Drury Ann, widow, b. 
Garvm Chas. A. plumber, h. 
McGirl Peter, laborer, b. 

275 Hallihan Thomas, teamster, h. 
278 Luther Julia M. Miss, h. 

Richards Benj. C. b. 

Wasson John, machinist, h. 

Wasson John H. clerk, b. 
293 Olsson Magnus, hardware, h. 

Pohle R. E. pearl gds. mfr. h. 
299 Spary Claude W. musician, b. 

Spary Wm. C. musician, h. 

301 CampbellJames, salesman, h. 

Johnson William A. h. 
303 Anthony Brothers Orchestra 

Anthony C. H., R. L Employ- 
ment Agency, h. 

Anthony P. J. draftsman, b. 

Anthony Geo. C. musician, b» 
307 Eaton Frederick D. clerk, h. 
309 McMahon Wm. clerk, h. 
311 Kindstedt Ineeborg Miss, h. 
315 Holden John F. pearl workr. h. 

Holden Mary, widow, h. 

Holden Thos. milliner gds. b. 

Holden Wm. W. plumt>er, b. 
321 Reid Jerusha, wiaow, h. 
323 Appleby Lucien O. fireman, b* 

Lee Andrew B. stucco worker 
325 Boutelle Wm. A. clerk, h. 

B. & B. Merc'tile Co. rub. gds. 
339 Snow Horace H. h. • 

343 SammisAlbert A. hardware,h. 

344 Peck Arthur B. mason, b. 
Peck Charles H. civil engr. b. 
Peck Henry M. mason, b. 
Peck James C. mason, h. 

345 Aldrich Harry L. clerk, b. 
Watson Robert, mason, h. 

347 Hunt George M. mason, h. 
350 Baldwin D. R. carpenter, h. 

Morgan H. P. invest, sec. h. 

Morgan Hugh P. b. 
356»Ross Winfred. teacher, h. 

Smith Geo. Wm. supt. h. 
359 Perce Warren R. lawyer, h. 
363 Field Henry H. clerk, h. 

365 Andrews William, fruit, h. 

366 Brayman Chas. clerk, b. 
Brayman Wm. H. H. Mrs. h. 
Hurlburt Arthur C. stenog. h. 

367 Ricketts Alfred H. student, b. 
Ricketts Edward, supt. h. 

368 Currin John, supt. h. 

370 Abbott Harriet Mrs. b. 
Chase Archibald B. clerk, b. 
Chase Prank L. clerk, b. 
Chase Ira P. wood turner, h. 

371 Kilton George A. agent, h. 

372 Blake Charles H. M. Mrs. h. 
Blake William S student, b. 

374 Newton Geo. draughtsman, h. 

375 Rich Joseph W. V. teacher, h. 
378 Francis John A. carpenter, h. 

Munro Angeline. widow, h. 
Munro Walter S. clerk, b. 
Perkins Alton C. clerk, b. 
381 WatermanThos.W. teaming, h« 

House Directory. 


382 Bowen Wm. W. cfroceries.h. 

Linton Winford H. treas. h. 

Randall Silas 6. h. 
384 Griffin M. L. Miss, teacher, b. 

Griffin P. A. Mrs. h. 
388 Sawin Mary A. widow, h. 
390 Brown Lewis L. cashier, h. 
394 Ballert A. A. bookkeeper, h. 
396 Howe F. Warren, clerk, h. 
398 Bennett Charles £. clerk, b. 

Bennett C. W. toolmaker, h. 

Bennett Ida F. dressmaker, b. 
408 Gladding Louis A. provisions 
410 Spalding Fred £. mill sup. h. 

Blackstone Boulevard. 

35 McCabe James E. h. 

McCabe T as. S.. U.S. Marsh* l.h. 

McCabe Wm.A. periodicals, b. 

cor. Irving av.Thomley R. wool.h. 

37 Gilland W. E. h. 

5 1 Pidge Stephen A. provisions, h. 

55 Griffin Samuel Rev. h. 

Reed Chas. H. reedmaker, h. 

59 Gray Abraham A. h. 

63 Douglass Wm. carpenter, h. 

73 Stone Samuel S. lawyer, h. 

89 Nye Wm. G. bookkeeper, h. 
Purkis Anna M. widow, h. 

97 Hathaway A. A. Miss. tchr. b. 
Hathaway F. L. carpenter, h. 
Hathaway M. K Miss,mill'r,b. 
Ill Stearns Charles F. lawyer, h. 
203 Clarke Prescott O. h. 
261 Ahern Cornelius, baker, h. 
Boyle Dennis, laborer, h. 
Peeney Michael, farmer, h. 

o 0'CONNORTIMOTHY,florist 
(see foot lines) 

II. Rochambeau a v., Butler HsptL 
Arnold Elizabeth, nurse 
Barden James, laborer 
Boylan John, farmer 
Brady Thos. laborer 
Bridges Mabel F. nurse 
Brierly J. F. engineer 
Brown 6eorge U. nurse 
Banker Catharine, nurse 
Carter William, nurse 
Christie Jessie Miss, nurse 
Coleman Thomas, laborer 
Cressey Frank A. nurse 
Curley Patrick, attendant 
Drew Hany A. attendant 
Edgar J. Miss,asst housekeepr 
Englisn John« laborer 

n. Rochambeau av., FoUett Wil- 
liam, nurse 
Frazier Margaret, nurse 
Getty Charles H. nurse 
Gilman Florence, nurse 
Goss Harry H. steward 
Greer L. Mrs. nurse 
Hall Heniy C. physician 
Halloran Joseph, nurse 
Handy Mac;gie 
Handreu M. A. Mrs. nurse 
Hanley Mary 
Hanney Lester E. nurse 
Heeney Mary, cook 
Johnston Janet Miss, usher 
Kammerer Emma, nurse 
Keefe Marion F. nurse 
Kelly James, laborer 
Kelly Owen, teamster 
Kelly Thomas, laborer 
Kemp Bert C. attendant 
Kent Lewis, nurse 
Kiernan Thomas, laborer 
Kingburv Jennie, nurse 
Kinne Cnarles J. Mrs. nurse 
Linscott E. O. attendant 
Mackay Kathleen, nurse 
Mackintosh Angus, nurse 
Maclean Hector, nurse 
Marshall Carrie B. nurse 
Marshall Lucie, nurse 
Martin Charles, attendant 
McDonald D. W. nurse 
McDougall Margaret, nurse 
McLeod Elizabeth, nurse 
McLeod Kathleen, nurse 
Moffitt Mary J.superintndnt 
Morgan H. J. 2d physician 
Nordholm Peter, nurse 
Peck Alonzo M. coachman 
Phillips Ida, nurse 
Plaisted L. C. nurse 
Potter Dummer, attendant 
Purdy W. S. nurse 
Rafferty Annie 
Reddington Rose, nurse 
Reynolds Maggie A. Miss,. 

Rowell William G. nurse 
Schwartz Violet, nurse 
Shaw L. nurse, b. 
Shepard Haanah, nurse 
Thompson Joanna Miss 
Todd Maggie Miss 
Turner Agnes, nurse 
Varney Charles E. teamster 


House Directory. 

Blackstone BXyd.^Continued. 

n. Rochambeau av., Walsh Ag- 
ones, narse 
Wilson William B. nurse 
Young Minnie E. nurse 

Blanding Street. 

19 DeMello Antone, laborer, b. 
Lewis Joseph, laborer, h. 
Macedo Augusto R. laborer.h. 
McCann Patrick, laborer, h. 
Raposo G. laborer, h. 

30 Gomes John, laborer, h. 

40 Fidalgo John, laborer, h. 
Ramos Manuel, engineer, h, 
Thomas Charles, clerk, b. 
Thomas Joseph, fireman, h. 

43 Malley Joseph, laborer, h. 

44 Amaral Joseph V. laborer, b. 
Amaral Manuel, laborer, h. 
Calvini A. laborer, b. 
Costa Frank, laborer, b. 
McDonough James, laborer, h. 
McDonough Mich'l, laborer, b. 
Rapose Manuel, laborer, h. 
Silva Joseph, laborer, b. 
Silva Manuel, laborer, h. 

45 Gormes J. laborer, h. 
Lopes JosephP. Tngshoremn. h. 
Pena Joseph, laborer, h. 
Semao C. M. mariner, b. 

46 Silva Manuel F. laborer, h. 
• Souza Manuel, laborer, h. 

48 Marshall Frank, deck hand, h. 

Silva John S. laborer, h. 

Silva Manuel F. laborer, h. 
52 Coleman Alfred D. jeweler, b. 

Coleman Chas. painter, h. 

Coleman John, machinist, b. 

Neves John, laborer, h. 

Roderick Antone, laborer, b. 

Bluff Street. 

5 Dean John, machinist, h. 

Lanno Richard, laborer, h. 
II Olin Charles T. reed maker, b. 

Olin William A. reed maker, h. 

Olin Wm. W. clerk, b. 
la Lloyd George, engineer, h. 

20 Ray George A. clerk, b. 
Ray Nellie I. Miss, dressmakr. 
Ray Robert A. farmer, h. 
Ray Robt A. jr. machinist, b. 

48 Kelly Mary, widow, h. 

Blundell Street. 

8 Clark John S. jr. mason, h. 

Shanley Thomas H. clerk, b. 

Shanley Thos. J. fish market, h. 
10 O'Donnell James E. clerk, h. 

O'Donnell Thos. F. liquors, b. 

O'Donnell Wm. teamster, h. 

O'Doanell W. H. liquors, b. 
14 McKenna John F. sil versm th. b. 

McKenna Owen, laborer, h. 

Smith Henry, polisher, h. 

25 Mooney Arthur, jeweler, b. 
Mooney I. G. tel. operator, b. 
Mooney J. L. tel. operator, b. 
Mooney Patrick J. clerk, h. 

26 Rowney Wm. jeweler, h. 
Rowney Wm. J. silversmith, b. 

31 Cahill John P. blacksmith, h. 
35 Goodwin John B. chaser, b. 
. McFarlane Geo. M. laborer, h. 

Morrow Harry, polisher, h. 
42 Pinder, Tames, machinist, h. 

Pinder Samuel, at Gorham*s,h. 
60 Wittum Frederick, jeweler, h. 
65 Allcock Alfred, silversmith, h. 

Forslund John H. blacks'th.h. 

Bogman Street. 

I Trainor Wm. liquors 

3 Trainor Frank, liquors, h. 

Trainor John, jeweler, b. 

Trainor Patrick, jeweler, b. 

Trainor Wm. liquors, b. 
14 Garrity Thomas, h. 

Kenney John, machinist, h. 

Quinn Michael M. clerk, b. 

16 Devlin Hugh, latorer, h. 

17 Tones Phebe J. Mrs. h. 
Nutting John A. painter, b. 
Sterling James H. dyer, b. 

18 Mc In tyre HughT.blacksm*h,h. 
M cin tyre Ronald J. carpent'r,h. 

24 Smith Ellen, Mrs. h. 

25 Hultquevist G. jeweler, h. 
Jenson Englehart, jeweler, h. 

35 Flynn Patrick, laborer, h. 
Gray Harry, machinist, h. 
Smailes James, blacksmith, h. 
Thomas Catharine, widow, h. 

36 Blaisdell Ellery, machinist, h. 
Carney Henry, machinist. Id. 
Kelly Ellen, widow, h. 

41 Christiansen Olaf, laborer, h. 
Grutzbach Karl, weaver, h. 
McGrath John, h. 

House Directory. 


41 Nelson Frederick, tailor, h. 
49 Crowley Timothy, teamster,h. 

Keilty ratrick, jeweler, h. 
52 Dorsey James F. clerk, h. 

Gilmore John L. laborer, b. 

Keough Patrick, b. 

Rowen John F. meat cutter.h. 

58 Plynn Tames, laborer, b. 
Flynn John, laborer, h. 
Hartnett John, painter, b. 
Hartnett Maurice F. jeweler, b. 
Hartnett Thomas, laborer, h. 
Hartnett Thos. jr. clerk, b. 

59 Galvin James H. jeweler, b, 
Geoghegan John, moulder, h. 
Larkham David £. gasmkr.h. 
RiJey Wm. H. sawyer, h. 

62 O'Neil John F. piper, h. 
Willoughby Matthew, laVr, h. 

63 Anderson Nicholas, b. 
Englund Matilda A. widow,h. 
Murphy James, laborer, b. 
Murphy John, teamster, b. 

65 Delaney Patrick J. clerk, b. 
M elver John, teamster, h. 

66 Glekman Moses, polisher, h. 
Helman Marcus, pedler, h. 
Helman Milton, jeweler, b. 
Rosenthal Aaron R.var'y store 

67 O'Connor Bernard Mrs. h. 
O'Connor Bernard J. jewelr.b. 

69 Poland Peter, laborer, h. 
Sundberg Neils M. carp. h. 

71 Cahill David, laborer, n. 
Cahill James D. clerk, b. 
Curran Catharine Miss, h. 

72 Deary Martin, laborer, h. 
Hearon Maria, widow, h. 

74 McGovern Patrick, wthmn. h. 

O'Rourke John, laborer, h. 

O'Rourke John H. laborer, h. 
76 Kennedy Pat'k H. coremkr. h. 
78 Bagge Herman, jeweler, h. 

Devlin John, miller, h. 

Devlin John T. etcher, b. 
82 Magner Eliza, widow, b. 

Moore Chas. W., P. F. D. h. 

84 Connelly Patrick, gold ref. h. 

85 Gunn James, coal and wood 
88 Byrne Patrick, liquors, h. 

Coleman Patrick, teamster, h. 

Quinn Joseph, teamster, b. 

Ouinn Thos. J. plasterer, b. 
91 Boh man Axel R. clerk, b. 

Peterson Ludwig, jeweler, h. 
93 Murphy Thomas, laborer, h. 

93 Peterson Chas. jeweler, h. 

94 Brelsforth Albert, sil. turn. h. 
Gunn James, teamster, h. 
Gunn Thos. H. teamster, b. 
McCaffrey James, laborer, b. 
McGahey John C. painter, h. 
McCahey John J. clerk, b. 
Train or M. F. rubber wkr. h. 

100 Tones Wm. H. silversmith, h. 

Kelly Martin, blacksmith, h. 

Peterson Edward, clerk, h. 

Prior Henry, moulder, h. 

Swanson John, car washer, h. 
114 Rich John J. polisher, h. 

Bolander Street. 

11 Royce EugeneG. H. foreman, h. 
Royce Walter H. E.stttdent,b. 

12 Kelley Henry A. clerk, b. 
Kelley Peter H. varnisher, h. 
Kelley Thomas F. clerk, b. 
Spearman James, laborer, h. 

13 McCann Frank J. clerk, h. 

14 Canham Alfred, jeweler, b. 
Canham John S. tailor, h. 
Delaney Mich'l J. coachman, h. 

15 O'Neill Mary, widow, h. 

16 Halsey Chas. E. clerk, h. 
Horton Lenora Mrs. drsmkr.h. 
Reader Geo. jr. machinist, h. 

17 Franklin Arthur L. car insp. h. 
Ives James, toolmaker, h. 

18 McLaughlin Wm. cab. mkr.h. 
Minahan John, porter, h. 
Minahan Joseph, clerk, b. 

20 Baker Samuel D. h. 
Sellew Thomas, tailor, h. 
Sweet Chas. C. picker mkr. h. 

22 Allendorf F. W. machinist. h» 
Brown Timothy, laborer, b. 
O'Neil John, laborer, h. 

23 Hillery Thomas, ins. agt. h. 

24 Connors Jas. J. machinist, h. 
Connors John J. laborer, b. 
Connors Johnj. machinist, b. 
O'Neil Frank L. clerk, b. 
O'Neil James, clerk, b. 
O'Neil Peter, machinist, h. 

25 Bogues Jas. F. silver col. b. 
Bogues Louisa A. drsmkr. b. 
Bogues Mary Mrs. h. 
Bogues Mary E. dressmkr. b. 

30 Smith Alfred, engineer, h. 

Bond Street. 

2 Mathews Caroline S.widow,h. 

TIMOTHY O'CONNOR, Floral Decorations a Specialty. 



House Directory. 

Bond St.^Ccntinued, 

2 TaxT Robert, laborer, h. 
Tarr R. Chas. P. O. clerk, b. 

3 McCabe Edward, h. 
McCabe Ewd. J. real est. etch. 

5 Gardiner P. B. Miss, nurse, h. 
Glidden Amelia J. Mrs. b. 
Walsb Thos. L. carpenter, b. 

7 Atwell Richard, cleric, h. 
Atwell V. E. Miss, stenog. b. 
Karcher Jacob, piano taner,b. 

8 Cavannaugh Henry. laborer, b. 
Cavannaugh R. laborer, b. 
Goodacre Chas.T.sil'ersmth.b. 
Karther Jacob, piano rakr. b. 
Shuttleworth Thos.moulder.b. 
Tully Annie S. Mrs. h. 

1 1 Allen Albert G. clerk, h. 
Allen Albert G. Mrs. drsmkr. 
Bartlett Henry A. driver, b. 
Bartlett Jennie A. Mrs. b. 
McDonald John G. jeweler, b. 
Rhodes Emulous, h. 

12 Clarke Jane M. Miss, h. 

13 Allen Tames S. jeweler, h. 
Arnold Joseph E. jeweler, h. 
Drown Maria B. widow, h. 

16 Lapierre Louis, tailor, h. 
McMahon James P. driver, b. 
McMahon Thos. packer, h. 
McMahon William A. laborer.b. 

24 Conley James, laborer, h. 
Conley James H. teamster, b. 
Conley William, grinder, b. 
Thomas James R. S. mach. b. 
Thomas Joshua H. clerk, h. 
Thomas kath. Mrs. nurse, h. 
Thomas Samuel A. driver, b. 

25 Brickley C. A. towel racks, h. 
Kilroy Chas. H. painter, h. 
Thornton Jas. K. hairdr'sr. r. 

26 Anderson Herbert N. driver, h. 
Hal ton Edward H. clerk, b. 
Halton Thos. boilermaker, h. 
Hal ton Thos. jr. machinist, b. 
La vers David B.L. teamster, h. 

28 Mara Jos. P. confectioner, h. 
Tasca Pietro, shoemaker, h. 

Booth Street. 

9 Bannister Mary E. Mrs. b. 

Timberlake Cora J. Mrs. h. 
10 Champlin C. R. foreman, h. 

Henson Wm. W. teamster, h. 
22 Lahey M. J. Miss.dressmkr.b. 

White James P. bricklayer, h. 

23 Gale Jane Mrs. h. 

Havnes Samuel, laborer, rms. 
Mckim Fred*k. teamster, rms. 
Twine Hattie Mrs. b. 
Tyler Matthew E. cook, rms. 

37 Hoagland Julia Mrs. h. 

38 Cayson Sarah Mrs. h. 
42 Brown Louisa Miss, h. 

Campbell Lucy E. Mrs. h. 
Dailey Chas. E. washer, h. 
Hardy CommodoreP. t* mster, h. 
Murray James H. waiter, b. 
Sprouts Melsena Mrs. h. 
42rDavis Wm. H. teamster, h. 
Moore Prances Mrs. h 
Scott Warner, teamster, h. 

Borden Street. 

3 Sweeney Patrick, laborer, h. 
7 Gillen Fatrick, at Screw Co.h. 

Keenan Michael, teamster, b. 

Keenan Patrick, laborer, h. 

Keenan Peter, rubber wkr. b. 
9 Gibbs Catharine, widow, h. 
17 Feehan Patrick, operative, h. 

Finley Peter, refiner, h. 

Gribben Henry, laborer, b. 

Keenan Michael, clerk, b. 
1 7r Sullivan Mark, laborer, b. 

Sullivan Mary, widow, h. 
21 Duffy Patrick, laborer, h. 

Duffy P. Mrs. variety store, h. 
2irMcCann Bernard, porter, h. 
36 Allen Peter J. laborer, h. 

44 Dickinson Geo. W. roll coverer 

45 Degnan Michael, bricklayer, h. 
Fahey Catharine, widow, h. 
Fahey John, laborer, b. 
Hanley John, laborer, h. 
Hanley John F. laborer, b. 

48 Tower J, H. iron fence manuf. 
6t Higfi^ns Pat*k, fireman, h. 

McKenna Bernard, teamster,b. 

Todd Ellen, widow, h. 

Todd John, clerk, b. 

Todd Wm. F. clerk, b. 
62 Galligan James F. engpraver.b. 

Galligan Patrick, laborer, h. 

Mulrine John, at gas wks. b. 

Sherry Owen, laborer, h. 
64 McGinn Albert, clerk, b. 

McGinn James H. clerk, b. 

McGinn John C. jeweler, b. 

McGinn T. horseshoer, h. 

McGinn T. jr. horseshoer. b. 

McGinn Walter P. clerk, b. 

House Directory. 


65 Hemenway Benj.H. jeweler.h. 
Ross James, laborer, h. 
Ross Matthew, clerk, b. 

66 McCaffrey Tames, laborer, h. 
McQuade Thos. laborer, h. 
O'Brien Martin, fireman, h. 

67 Belden Charles H. clerk, h. 
Dyer Frank, laborer, h. 
Dyer James, steamfitter, b. 
Parley Thomas, helper, h. 

68 Brennan Catharine, widow, h. 
Brennan John, bartender, b. 
Sullivan Stephen, laborer, h. 

70 Allen Dolor, jeweler, h. 

Fitzpatrick James, laborer, h. 
Fitzpa trick Michael, mould' r,b. 
Higgins Michael, fireman, h. 
Kammerer Ida Mrs. var. store 
Kelleher Michael, laborer, b. 
Mitchell Joseph, laborer, h. 

72 Mc Kieman Peter, at gas wks.h. 
McManus James, liquors 
Murphy John J. jeweler, h. 
Smith Thomas, h. 

73 Campbell Peter, laborer, h. 

75 Baxter Walter T., *»Journl."h. 
Golden Martin, card cleaner, h. 

76 Lynch Bernard, laborer, h. 
Meehan John J. baker, h. 

77 Hart Charles O. clerk, b. 
Hart Mary L. widow, h. 

78 Bailey Henry, soapmaker, h. 
Bums Prank, soapmaker, b. 
McMahon Matthew J. porter, h. 
Wolf Predk. G. paper hngr. h. 

78rMulvey James, laborer, h. 
Ward James, laborer, h. 

79 Brown Hugh, b. 
McGinn Frank, laborer, b. 
McManus Bridget, widow, h. 
Mulran Peter, packer, b. 
Pepall Frederick, actor, h. 
Riley John, laborer, h. 
Riley Peter, watchman, h. 

82 Egan Patrick, laborer, h. 
Gilchrist Francis, laborer, h. 
O'Rourke Ann, widow, h. 

83 Cox Peter, at gas works, b. 
Pinnegan Patrick, laborer, b. 
Kelly Michael H. lineman, h. 
Ktlgareff Mary, widow, h. 
Kilgareff Micnael, driver, b. 
Kilkenney Edward, refiner, b. 
Kilkenny James, h. 

McCue Charles, laborer, h. 

84 Canning Thomas, laborer, b. 

84 Conley Morgan, laborer, h. 
Conley Patrick, jeweler, b. 
McKenna James, laborer, h. 
Rourke Prank H. laborer, b. 
Rourke James, laborer, h. 
Rourke Thomas, jeweler, b. 

87 Holmes Ann, widow, h. 
Holmes Patrick T. spinner, b. 
Upton Chris. A. driver, b. 
Upton Ellen, widow, h. 

88 Goff Mary Mrs. h. 
McCaffrey Frank, jeweler, b. 
McCaffrey Margaret, widow, b. 
Small Oliver T. well digger,h. 

91 Freeman Sarah E. widow, h. 
Gibbons Michael, laborer, h. 
McManus J. P. metal turner, b. 

Borva Street. 

3 Fisher Harris, pedler, b. 
Fisher Tames, jeweler, b. 
Fisher Wm. painter, h. 

Bough Street. 

5 Nicholson Frank, real estate 
x6 Drake Cyrus D. shoemkr. h. 
18 Rathbun Annie Miss, h. 

21 Money Louis E. clerk,* h. 
2irGlavey Ann J. widow, h. 

Sweeney Chas. P. baker, b. 
Sweeney Margaret, widow, h. 
25 Barnes Eli, laborer, b. . 

Barnes Frederick, weaver, b. 
Barnes Taylor, engineer, h. 
Barnes Wm. loomfixer, b. 

Bourn Street. 

6 Hale Chas. E. cigars, etc. h. 
Hale Reliance Mrs. h. 

7 Brown Chas. A. mason, h. 

8 Jackson John P. blacks' th. h. 
Peterson Anthony, baker, h. 
Ripley Bernard J. clerk, h. 
Temper Horace, m'hinist, rm. 

8|^ Palmer John, coal and wood 
10 Giblin Patrick, laborer, b. 

Grabiel Montague, jeweler, h. 

Monahan Edw. jr. driver, b. 

Palmer John, coal, etc. h. 
12 Boyden Alice Miss, h. 

Conley Alma Mrs. h. 

Tedeshi Pellegrin N. tailor, h. 
16 Lepere Louis, tailor, h. 
cor.Atwells av. Bourn St.Pri.Sch. 

22 Corrigan Isabella Miss, b. 
Corrigan James, clerk, b. 


House Directory. 

B0U1I1 SU^Coniinued, 

22 Corrigan James P. student, b. 
Corrigan Margaret Miss, h. 
Corrigan Thos. engineer, b. 
Haas Henry, tailor, fa. 

24 Boyle Catharine, widow, fa. 

Boyle James H. pipe fitter, h. 

Clancy Dennis, paint mkr. h. 

Cotter Wm. helper, h. 

Sheehan Mary, widow, b. 

Sheehan Michael, laborer, b. 
26 Crosby Davis, helper, h. 

McSoley Thomas, moulder, h. 
29rCrossin Julia, widow, h. 

McCahey Catharine, widow, h. 

McCahey Hugh, coachman, b. 

McGovem James, labbrer, b. 

McGovern P. coal and wood,h. 

McGovern Peter F. porter, b. 

McGovern Thomas, driver, b. 
33 Gallagher Tames W. clerk, b. 

Gallagher Mary, widow, h. 

Gallagher Thomas, laborer, b. 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, h. 

Sullivan Michael, jr. laborer, b. 
35 Doherty John, moulder, b. 

Donahue Michael, helper, b. 

Fox- Bridget, widow, h. 

Fox Patrick, laborer, b. 

Higgins Hugh, laborer, b. 

O'Kourke Edward, liquors, h. 

O' Rourke Patrick, bartender, b. 

Bowdoln Street. 

2 Bedard Elzeard, laborer, h. 

Lefebvre Chas. weaver, b. 

Paquin Napoleon, loomfixer,h. 

6 McLaughlin Joseph,moulder,h 

8 Lenehan Richard, weaver, h. 

II Connors Patrick, operative, h. 

Kelley James, operative, b. 
1 6 Conley John E. weaver, b. 
Kelley Bridget, widow, h. 
Shields James, laborer, h. 
20 Oslin Patrick, carpenter, h. 
2orHamill John, lineman, h. 
Maxwell Mary, widow, h. 

23 Mackintosh Rbt. operative, b. 
Murphy Matthew, laborer, h. 

24 Coleman Fred*k.S.operative,h. 
Elgar Wm. H. polisher, h. 
Koch William C. police, b. 
Zurich Mary Mrs. h. 

24rDerinski Joseph, laborer, b. 
Derinski Mike, laborer, b/ 
Filack George, weaver, b. 

24rWadowsky Joe, operative, h. 
26 Armstrong Geo. H. driver, h. 

Conlan Thos. F. expressman, h. 

Feeherry Eliza, widow, b. 
26rAIarie Amable, liairdresser, b. 

Paquin Nazaire, carpenter, h. 

Wetzel Theobold, weaver, h. 
28 Larkin Patrick, vary, store h. 
30 Gartland John, laborer, h. 

Herbert John, operative, h. 

Kearns Thos. operatvie, h. 

Kearns Thos. F. operative, b. 

Martin James, laborer, h. 

Martin John, helper, b. 
34 Carroll John, la1x)rer, h. 

Finnegan Catharine, widow,h. 

Finnegan Michael, b. 

McNally Patrick, laborer, b. 

O'Hara Thomas, operative, h. 

Sherlock John, clerk, h. 
36 Kearns Ann, widow, grocer 
38 Adams Mary, widow, h. 

Alarie Louis, hairdresser, h. 

Charlotte Elzear, fireman, h. 
44 Farrell Michael, laborer, b. 

Farrell Patrick, h. 

Farrell Thomas, operative, b. 

Farrell Wm. laborer, b. 

O'Gara James, fireman, b. 

O'Gara Mary Mrs. h. 

O'Gara Owen, liquors, b. 

O'Gara Patrick, laborer, b. 

O'Gara Thomas, laborer, b. 
44r Hopkins Eliza, widow, h. 

Hopkins Henry, machinist, b. 
52 Flynn Chas. sec. hand, b. 

Flynn Mary A. Miss, h. 

Flynn Michael J. clerk, b. 

Flynn Thomas, operative, b. 

O'Connor Andrew, laborer, b. 

O'Connor Patrick, laborer, h. 
56 Casey Peter, bartender, b. 

Hunt James, driver, h. 

Kelly Michael, laborer, h. 

Murray Thomas, liquors, b. 

Murtaugh John, laborer, b. 

58 Carroll Bernard, laborer, h. 
Hampael Fred, weaver, h. 

59 CuUerton James, laborer, h. 

60 Connors Michael, h. 
Slattery Robert, operative, b. 
Slatterv Thomas, weaver, h. 

62 Caddick Thomas, machinist,h. 
Farrell Ellen, widow, h. 
Farrell John, operative, b. 

63 Crowley Cornelius, laborer, h. 

House Directory. 



ant. or 

* * 


At ProYidence Poblic Market Go. 

63 Crowley Cornel i'sjr. laborer, b. 
Crowley James, laborer, b. 
Crowleyj eremi'h, stonecuttr.b. 
KearnsAnnie, widow,grocer,h. 
Kearns James C. clerk, h. 
King Mary E. h. 

King Patrick, operative, b. 

64 Connors Robert M. police, h. 
Gorton James H. engineer, h. 

66 Dolan Patrick, clerk, b. 

Dolan Patrick J. clerk, h. 

Flanagan Francis B. op'tive,b. 

Flanagan Joseph J. melter, h. 

Flanagan JosephP.oper'tive.b. 
66rMcDermott James.oper*tive,h. 

Tracy Frank A. engmeer, h. 

69 Craig Thomas, machinist, h. 
Fortier David, moulder, h. 
Pelland Joseph, driver, b. 
Pelland Norbert, h. 
Richard Pierre, weaver, h. 
Woods Julius, laborer, h. 

70 Casey Patrick, laborer, h. 
Casey Peter, laborer, h. 
Dolan Thomas, liquors, b. 

72 Dolan Thomas, liquors 

80 Fanning D. H. woolsorter, h. 

Fanning Fred, operator, b. 

Fanning John J. woolsorter, b. 

Fanning Wm. H. spinner, b. 

Turner Bridget, widow, h. 
82 Corliss Chas. comb maker, b. 

McCusker Eliza Miss, h. 

McGonnall John, gardener, h. 
85 Delaney Harry, clerk, b. 

Delaney Jas. 6. woolsorter, h. 

Page Bruno, weaver, b. 

Page Cammil, comber, b. 

Page Daniel, blacksmith, h. 

Page Eugene, blacksmith, h. 

Page Eugene, jr. weaver, b. 

Savignac Charles, h. 

Savignac Emile, laborer, b. 

Savignac John, laborer, b. 
88 Clark James, hostler, h. 

Forbes Joe, weaver, h. 
92 Donlan John, weaver, b. 

Don Ian Michael, weaver, h. 

Fay Peter, moulder, h. 

Thompson John F. operati. h. 

Thompson Michael, operati. b. 

Thompson Patrick, laborer, b. 
96 Curran John F. jeweler, h. 

Cnrran Margaret Mrs. h. 

Curran Peter, laborer, h. 

Feeney B. A. & M. Misses, h. 


98 Donahy James, teamster, h. 

99 Cunningham John laborer, h. 
Cunningham J. jr. laborer, b. 
Darby John J. weaver, h. 
Darby Wm. laborer, b. 
Donlon Patrick, weaver, h. 
McCaffrey Hugh, weaver, b. 
McCaffrey James, laborer, h. 
Murphy Michael J. canvass'r,h. 
Reilly Margaret, widow, b. 

100 Brennan Thomas, liquors 

104 Dempsey Martin, laborer, b. 
Hassett Thomas, h. 
Dooley John, laborer, h. 

105 Croghan James, clerk, b. 
Croghan John, teamster, h. 
Croghan Patrick, operative, b. 
Crowley Francis, laborer, b. 
Kennedy Jos. patternmkr, h. 
Murray James, laborer, b. 

106 Blake Ernest, rubber wkr. h. 
Dzirmuzeg Wm. laborer, b. 
Leblanc Alex, carpenter, h. 
McDonough George, clerk, b. 
McDonough John B. mason, h. 

108 Birmingham John, painter 
no Croker William, laborer, b. 

Manning John, laborer, h. 

Welch Timothy C. weaver, h. 

113 Hind Bernard, weaver, b. 
Hind John, laborer, b. 
Hind Mary, widow, h. 
Hind Patrick J. cutter, b. 
Hind William, weaver, b. 
Lanue Wm. spinner, h. 
McGarry Roger, laborer, h. 

114 Eddleston Mich'l, stone cut. h. 
Horigarf James, weaver, b. 
Murray Hugh, weaver, b. 
Murray Mary, widow, h, 
Murray Michael, weaver, b. 

122 Dempsey Thos. carpenter, h. 

124 Cbausse Eugene, clerk, h^ 
O'Brien James, laborer, h. 
O'Brien James, jr. ins. agt. b. 
O'Brien Peter, machinist, b. 

125 Conway John H. operative, h. 
Cronan Jeremiah, rub. wkr. h. 
Hughes John P. weaver, h. 
Pendergast Edward, laborer.b. 

142 Cummings M. carpenter, h. 
Marousey Frederick, h. 

Bowen Street. 

10 Stevenson Neptune, janitor, h. 
12 Stone Clara E. Mrs. h. 


House DntEcroRY. 

Bowen SU^Coniinued, 

12 Stone Eugene, waiter, h. 

22 Adams Leon J. engineer, b. 
Bolivar Robert, lineman, b. 
Carlton James, harness mkr. b. 
Daniels Callahan, b. 
Daniels Jeremiah P. liquors.b. 
Dee John, carpenter, b. 
Farnnm Walter, carpenter, b. 
Lilly Patrick F. boarding, h. 
McDonald Peter, ham'smkr.b. 
Meehan John, porter, b. 
Mowry Charles E. foreman, b. 
Owen Francis, b. 

Rackle Fred'k, hamessmkr. b. 
Whittle Edward, dresser, b. 

23 Hyde Ellen G. Miss, h. 
McClellan Fred,elevatorm'n,b. 
Stillman Charles F. Mrs. h. 

27 Budlong Louis A. carpenter 

35 Ives John, hairdresser, h. 
Me re wether Thomas, grocer, h. 
O'Neil Elizabeth, nurse, h. 

36 Dunkerly Martha M. Mrs. b. 
Richmond Harriet T. Mrs. h. 
Richmond Henry, b. 

39 Arnold R. C. E. Miss. h. 
Bocock Thomas, tailor 
Degordv Joseph, foreman, h. 
DeGorcfy Joseph Mrs. drsmkr. 
Dej^ordy Joseph, jr. mus'n, b. 
Smith Louise J. Miss, h. 

40 Capron Adelia F. widow, h. 
Capron Anna W. Miss, tchr.b. 
Capron Clara L. Miss, bkpr. b. 
Capron George H. clerk, b. 
Capron Lewis T. clerk, b. 
Gurry John, salesman, r. 
Miller Elizabeth P. widow, h. 
Peckham Emma ^. widow, h. 
Stone Martha Miss, teacher, b. 

43 Cohen Abraham, tailor, h. 

Cohen Joseph, tailor, h. 

List Lubar. cigars, etc. h. 

List Walter H. clerk, b. 
77 French Horace Mrs. h, 

French Laura I. teacher, b. 

French Walter 1 clerk, b. 
96 Col well Francis Mr. & Mrs. h. 
98 George Chas. H. hardware, b. 

George Chas. H.2d,student,b. 

George Daniel F. clerk, b. 

George Jas. A hardware, h. 
100 Henshaw Charles H. h. 
02 Church Henry A. Mr. h. 

Galligan Patrick, butler 

to7 Taylor Chas. F. cop tubes, h. 

Taylor George A. student, b. 

Whitincf Florence J. tchr. b. 
109 Hale Ednah B. Miss, h. 

Hodge Emma C. Miss b. 
no Owen Charles D. agent, h. 

Owen Chas. D. Jr. student, b. 

Owen Thomas 6. student, b. 
Ill Perry Edwin B. salesman, h. 

Perry Hiram E. overseer, h. 
115 Bush Chas. S. drues, etc. h. 
X20 Kimball Sarah, widow, h. 
132 MetcalfS. 0.agt.Wans*kCo.h. 
147 Dailey Elizabeth F. Mrs. h. 

Dailej Howard C. clerk, b. 
153 Hams Fred'kW. snpt. h. 

157 Whitaker C. Earl Mr. h. 
Whitaker Frances A. Miss, h. 

158 Cooke Stephen A. Mr. Mrs. & 

dr. sum .res. Warwick Neck, h. 
161 Sawyer John P. manager, b. 
Sawyer J. W. Mrs. h. 

163 Mason Maria E. Miss, h. 

164 Wilkinson Henry W. Mrs. h. 
178 Coggeshall Alice H. Miss. b. 

Coggeshall James H. Mrs. h. 

Coggeshall Jessie L. Miss, b. 
180 Burnett EdmundC.inst.B.U.h. 

Martin Jacob H. Mr. & Mrs.h. 

Metcalf Howard T. b. 

Tucker Alice M. De W. Miss,b. 

Tucker Ethel D. Miss, b. 

Weston Edmund B civ.eng.b. 
182 Hart Charles Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Kendall Henry R. Mrs.& dr.h. 

187 Grant Henry T.jr.Mr.&Mrs.& 

dr. h. 
Manton Francis, clerk, h. 

188 Johnson Edwin A. printer, h. 
192 Brown Sophia F. Miss, h. 

Gushee Tbos. C. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

196 Jameson J. F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

197 Grossman Charles, clerk, b. 
Knight L & M. L. Misses, b. 
Knight Sophia F. Miss, school 

197 Wheaton Edw. Mrs. & dr. h, 
201 Mum ford Chas. C. lawyer, h. 

204 Thompson Millett T. stud. b. 
Thompson S. M. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
White Anna T. Miss. h. 

205 Robinson Jack A. mangr. h. 
208 Martin Geo. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Martin Harry G. h. 
214 Kendall H. E. Mrs. & dr. sum. 
res. Rutland, Vt. h. 
Perry Amos, Mr. & Mrs. h. 

HousB Directory. 


315 Loomis E. A. Mr. Mrs.&dr.h. 

223 Aldrich J. G. Mr. &Mrs. h. 

224 Matbewaon P. M.Mr.&Mrs. h. 
227 Bush L. J. mangr. b. 

Hicks C Rachel Miss, b. 
Orpen M. H. bank clerk, b. 
Orpen &C. M. Rev. & Mrs. h. 

233 Appleton E. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

234 Sprague Byron Mrs. h. 

240 Poster Wm. E. librarian, h. 
248 Place Albert B. real estbkr.h. 

Place Albert C. clerk, b. 

Whittemore Wm. H. h. 
254 PirstChurchof Christ(sci'tst) 
260 Stone C. Moolton. leather, h. 

264 Rogers H. Judge, Mrs. &dr.h. 

265 McGreevey J. Austin, b. 
McManus John, clothing, h. 

273 Williams £. D. Mr. & Mrs. 
rec. day, Tuesday, h. 

Bowlet Street. 

16 Stone Henry, weaver, h. 

Yonng Eugene P. clerk, h. 
20 Oates Josiah, plasterer, h. 

Orton Heniy, designer, h. 
42 Cochrane Wm. machinist, h. 

Cook Ellen, widow, h. 

McDay Anthony, fireman, h. 

Vick Arthur W. plasterer, h. 
nr. Hartford av. Bowlet St. School 

Boyd Street. 

8 Kneis Adam, rubber wkr. h. 

Schener Michael, laborer, h. 

Teamer Prank, brewer, h. 
10 Pinnegah James, laborer, b. 
48 Kelly John, dyer, h. 

Schwarzenberg Max, brew. h. 
63 jBazinet Arsene, weaver, h. 
65 Bachand Joseph A. clerk, b. 

Bachand Louis, carpenter, h. 

Bradford Street. 

32 King Austin H. springwtr. h. 
39 Gunn Harry E. clerk, b. 

Irving Mary A. boarding house 

McCanver Edw'd, waiter, rms. 

Morgan Eklwin D. cooper, h. 

Morgan Geo. L. clerk, b. 

Morgan John, at B. & S. b. 

Morgan Wm. E. cooper, b. 

Sullivan Prank, moulder, b. 

Weinrich William, moulder, b. 
40 Graves Grant G., N. E. R.R.h. 

40 Kelton Harry, conductor, b. 
Williams Geo. A. clerk, h. 
Williams Geo. J. conductor, b. 

41 Clarv Jas. carpenter, h. 
Markham Geo. A. machinist, h, 
Melfi Ralph, tailor, h. 

43 Tobey Walter L. Mrs. h. 
45 McGirl lane, widow, h. 

Reynolds Jas. A. laundry, h. 
49 Eddy John H. Mrs. h. 

Eddy William H. teacher, b. 

Langford W. C. elec'l engr. h. 
57 Callahan Chas. blacksmith, b. 

Corcoran Wm. J. stonecutter, bb 

Pagan Prank, stonecutter, b. 

Heaton Charles, combmaker,b. 

Horsley E. wool combm'kr, b. 

iohnson Edward, mason, b. 
/ittlefield Ernest C. clerk, b. 
McKay Patrick, porter, b. 
Pirosi Gim, hairdresser, bw 
Pirosi Michele, hairdresser, b. 
Reaves Ellen A. Mrs. b'd'g h. 
63 Bradford Geo. W. h. 
Bradford Gideon, b. 

71 Branch Nellie Miss, teacher,b. 
Mathewson Laura A. Miss, h. 
Palmer Reginald H. foreman, b. 
Say ward Alice G. ch.scient.b. 
Wade William H. bookkr. b. 

72 Blackinton AmosS.foreman,h. 
King Edith M. music tchr. b. 
King Jasa S. clerk, b. 

King S. Clydell, manager, b. 
King Wm. R. clerk, b. 
Rogers Guy C. cigars, etc, h. 

78 Battels Willis P. dentist, b. 
Higgius Annie M. Mrs. h. 
Nelson Peter, driver, rms. 

79 Reed Harry A. toolmaker, b. 
Reed Wm. J. toolmaker, h. 
Tefft Wm. fe. adv. agt. b. 
Walker Albert, jewelry, h. 

81 Martin Wm. stonesetter, h. 

Moody Sarah M. Mrs. b. 
83 Canning Susie M. Miss, h. 

Dwyer Daniel B. moulder, b. 
85 Norton Edward A. clerk, b. 

Norton John P., U. R. R. b. 

Norton Mary E. widow, h. 

Norton Roger, clerk, b. 

O'Reilly Daniel P. pavmtr, h. 

Sullivan Ellen E. Miss, drmkr.b. 

Sullivan John W. tailor, b. 
loi WilliamsonG.H.conveyan'r.h. 

Williamson Walter S. b. 


House Directory. 

Branch Avenue. 

6 BatchellerG. H. theatre mgrrh. 
12 Humes Wm. O. salesman, b. 

Potter J. Crawford, dog officer 

Potter W. C. real estate broker 
i6 Brown Willis A. inspector, h. 
20 Horton Henry W. carpenter, b. 

Potter Walter J dog officer, h. 

Winslow How'd F.dr'ftsm'n.b. 

Winslow John F. foreman, b. 

24 Washburn A. H. carpenter 

25 Gallagher Ellen M widow, h. 
Keefe Philip, b. 

29 Duval Chas. E. trav. salesman, h. 

Sullivan Daniel, carpenter, h. 
32 Lansing Geo. D & Son, lumber 

46 Fanning Peter, laborer, b. 

McKenna Frank, laborer, b. 

Morton Joseph, laborer, b. 

Sherson Fanny, widow, h. 

Wild Wm. machinist, h. 

Wild Samuel, laborer, h. 
50 O'Loughlin Joseph, laborer, b. 

Thorp Amelia, widow, h. 

Trimble Frank J. laborer, b. 

Trimble Wm. H operative, b. 
54 Spencer Henry, laborer, h. 
167 Carroll Patrick, hostler, h. 
183 Kieman Frank, laborer, h. 

Kiernan Thomas, laborer, b. 
204 Tones Henry, laborer, b. 

Jones Sarah, widow, h. 
210 Fellows Margaret, var. store 
2iorBell John, laborer, b. 

Buflf William, laborer, b. 
215 Barney Wm. W. operative, h. 

Sullivan John, h. 

Sullivan John, jr. helper, b. 

239 Sullivan Frank J. mason, h. 
Trainor John, h. 

239rMcCauley Wm. B. stovem' n tr. h. 

240 Bugbee Mary, widow, b. 
Halliwell John, laborer, h. 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, h. 
McCann Frank, laborer, b. 
McCann Patrick, laborer, h. 
McCann Wm. P. jeweler, b. 

250 GarceanEdw.T.T.brakem*n,h. 

Hathaway John L. teamster, h. 

Stowe Wm. laborer, b. 
264 Barker James H. liquors 
266 Comiskey MichaelB.laborer,h. 
270 Crosson Patrick, grocer, h. 

Kindelan Mary, widow, h. 

Kindelan Mary A. teacher, b. 

272 Crosson Patrick, grocer 
278 Conlon Ellen, widow, b. 

Howe George, machinist, h. 

Howe Wm. P. jeweler, b. 

281 Farlow Sarah A. widow, h. 
Lamb Frank, starcher, b. 
Lamb James J. foreman, h. 
Parr George H. fireman, h. 

282 Mulvey Michael, laborer, h. 
Mulvey Theresa Miss, h. 
Raleigh Nellie L. teacher, h. 
Raleigh Walter, engineer, h. 

283 Reall Thomas H. engineer, h. 

285 Robinson Wm. J. grocer 

286 McMann Bernard, lam plghr.h. 
McMann Edward J.jeweler,b. 
Sullivan John, liquors, h. 

287 Mackey Sarah J. widow, h. 
Mackey Wm. J. at B. & S. b. 

288 Sullivan John, liquors 

292 Courllarcf William, pedler, h. 
Gould Chas. H. laborer, h. 
Peakall Albert A machinist, h. 
Trainor Sarah E. Miss. h. 

316 Martin Hugh, teamster, b. 
Martin John E. watchman, h. 
Martin John E. clerk, b. 
Martin John H. police, h. 
Sullivan Cornelius, pedler, h. 
Sullivan M. E. Miss,drsmkr,b. 

317 Radigan John, porter, b. 
320 Hutchinson John M. grocer 
333 Chappell Wm. E. florist 
344 Gilfoil William, police, h. 

Masterson John P. machst, h. 

355 Donovan Jas. F. asst. supt.h. 
Wallace John, watchman, h. 

356 Crothers Andrew, reedmkr. h. 
359 Glasgow Wm. H. jr.P.F.D. h. 

Heskett Fannie Miss, h. 

McEwen Daniel, janitor, h. 
368 Bowen Frank S., U.R.R. h. 

Udell Geo. calico printer, h. 
372 Dolan Margaret Mrs. h. 

Williams Jas. L machinist, b. 

Williams James M. mason, h. 
374 Davis Joseph H., P.F.D. h. 

Thornton John, laborer, h. 
383 Haskins Fred'k G. operati. b. 

HaskinsRobt. G., P.F,D. h. 

Haskins Robt. H. clerk, b. 
opp. Commodore, Branch av.Gram- 
mer School 

Branch av. Primary. School 
387 McKenna Patrick, machst h. 

Ogden Henry, machinist, h. 

House Directory. 


387 Roberts Arthur F. jeweler, h. 
389 Haas Christian, tailor 

Haas Henrietta Miss, drsmkr. 
391 Haas Christian, tailor, b. 

Haas Henri'a Miss, drsmkr. b. 
393 Sbanley Sarah J.Miss,var.stor 

395 Sannita Tenazio, hairdresser 
395rDi Paolo Giuseppe, laborer, h. 

396 Bannon M.E. Miss, dry goods 

397 Di lorio John, shoemaker 
404 McDonald John, grocer 
406 McDonald John, grocer, h. 

McDonald Matthew J. clerk, b. 

Myers Wm. H. jr. macbinist,h. 
434 Di lorio John, shoemaker 
cor. Charles, Engine No. 16 
458 Duffy John M. vary, store, h. 

Duffy Susie G. teacher, b. 

Duffy Thomas, tailor, h. 

Kerner Albert C. machinist, h. 

460 Duffy 
466 Dunn 
468 Dunn 

ohn M. variety store 
ames, grocer 
ames, grocer, h. 

Reed fiichael, clerk, b. 
470 Balentine Hugh, machinist, h. 

Feeney Joseph H. filecutter.b. 

Kennedy John C, P. F. D. h. 

Smith Jennie Miss, b. 
476 Devlin Catharine A. Miss, h. 

Tracy Sarah J. widow, h. 
480 Devlin Henry, horseshoer, h. 

White Mary, widow, h. 

Wood w'rd AzroC. at Scr* wCo. b. 
485 Curley Malachi, b. 

Mecuen James, mason, h. 

Mulholland Joseph, butcher, h. 
490 Parillo Benedetto, hairdresser 

492 McCuUoughMichael, laborer, h. 
McCu Hough Peter, polisher, h. 

493 Staack Carl A. miller, b. 

496 Devlin Tames, mason, h. 
Devlin P, S. helper, b. 
Devlin Peter, mason, b. 
Ryan John W. laborer, h. 

497 De Benedictis Filomena Mrs. 

variety store, h. 
De Benedictis G.real est.agt.h. 
Fitzpa trick John C. polisher, h. 

498 Fmnerty James, h. 
Pinnerty M.J. Miss, milliner.h. 
McCul lough E. F. plumber, b. 
McCuUough M. E. dressmkr.b. 

500 Lombard! Antonio, shoemaker 

508 Smith Joseph H. piper, b. 
Smith Phihp, laborer, h. 

509 Rafferty Thomas, helper, h. 

509 Sauls Frank P. fish, h, 
Sauls Martin, loomfixer, b. 
Sauls Mary, widow, h. 

510 Smith Edward, farmer, h. 

513 Feeley James, laborer, h. 
Hughes Margaret, widow, b. 
Lamb Frank P. laborer, h. 
Lamb John E. laborer, b. 
Lamb Margaret Miss, h. 

514 Hammond T. J. moulder, h. 
Riley Mary A. Miss, h. 

517 Hunt Margaret Miss, h. 
Kerns Patrick, laborer, b. 
Radigan Michael F. clerk, b. 

518 Shanley Elizabeth K. wid. h. 
Taylor Jane Mrs. h. 

524 Longworth James, teamster,h. 
Longworth las. R. polisher.b. 
Porter Fred k E. painter, h. 

525 Murphy Timothy J. clerk, b. 
Murphy T. Y. carpenter, h. 

525rMurphy T. Y. carpenter 
533 Carlin John F. fireman, h. 

Gormley Martha, widow, h. 
535 Bird Henry, h. 
537 Sauls Frank P. fish 
541 Cicercbia Antonio, hairdresser 
543 Oates Bros, liquors 
547 O'Reilly M. T. grocer 
549 Deware Fred'k, laborer, b. 

Deware Geo. W. h. 

O'Reilly Matthew T. grocer, h, 
553 Langford James, weaver, h. 

Legg George, b. 

Major Samuel, weaver, h. 
555 Galligan James, liquors 
557 Galligan James, liquors, h. 

O'Connor James T. bartndr. b. 
559 HainsworthAlbert,plumber,h. 

Hainsworth John W. plumber 

The Automatic Light Co. 
563 Carmichael John, machinist, a 

Hainsworth Albert, plumber 
565 McGair Frank T. variety store 
567 Smith Alfred, grocer 
597 Weeden Caroline B. Miss, h. 

Weeden Maria H. Miss, b. 
605 Weeden Geo. E. coal, etc. h. 
611 Drew Horace, h. 
631 Weeden Geo. E. coal, hay. etc. 
673 Cooney Michael, laborer, h. 
725 Wanskuck Mill 
756 Garfield Lodge, No. 7,K. of P. 

Wanskuck Hall 
758 Rivers Edward, loomfixer, h. 

Rivers Eugene, laborer, b. 

Timothy O'Connor 

Blackftona Boulevard Lawnw »nd Gardeng I^dd 
272WMtmliitUr St. Oat and Kept In Ord er. 

2 JO 

HousB Directory. 

Branch A v. — Continued, 

758 Scrogey George, spinner, h. 
764 Hammond Cbas. loomfixer, h. 
770 Lambert Joseph, loom fixer, h. 

M all inson Josnua, overseer, h. 
776 Beliveau David, carpenter, h. 

Beliveau Joseph, photog. b. 

Beliveaa JosepnD. carpenter.b. 

Beliveau Patrick, carpenter.b. 

Jenkinson Tbos. L. painter, h. 
786 Vachon Alex, laborer, h. 

Vachon Ernest, laborer, b. 
796 Beaudry Dennis S. weaver, h. 

Donnendent Andrea, weaver^h. 

Hubert Isaac W. weaver, h. 

Tellier Thos. weaver, h. 
806 Auger Sigismond,operative,h. 

Beausoleil Henri, laborer, h. 

Paradis George, laborer, h. 

Plouffe Israel, weaver, h. 
869 Gillooly Etta M. Miss, milliner 

Robertson CbarlesM. millinery 

871 Murphy Harry E. clerk, h. 
Robertson Charles M. h. 

872 Gibbons Patrick, grocer 

873 Stark William weaver, h. 

874 Gibbons Patrick, grocer, h. 
Johnson William, liquors, h. 
Marrion Michael, pedler, h. 

875 Truesdele Jos. E. overseer, h. 

876 Tramonte Francesco, hrdrsr. 
878 Lung Wah, laundry 

882 McGrath Catharine Mrs. h. 
McGrath Edmund, weaver, b. 

884 Johnson William, liquors 

885 Robertson Mary, widow, h. 
Wheaton Henry E.,U.R.R. h. 

* Wheaton Hiram E..U.R.R. h. 
Wheaton Mary A. Miss, b. 
Wheaton Mary B. Mrs. h. 
Wheaton Nathan R. butcher, b. 
Wheaton William W. mason, b. 

887 Sudlow James, provisions 

888 Kern Michael, liquors, h. 

889 Robertson I. Miss, dry goods 

890 McGarty Henrv F. clerk, b. 
McGarty John fe. weaver, b. 
McGarty John H. h. 
McGarty Thos. operative, b. 
Sherlock Michael, weaver, h. 

891 Giroux Ernstein, weaver, h. 
Handheld Wilfrid, weaver, h. 
McHugh John A. clerk, h. 

892 Lyons John C. grocer 

894 Barnett Alfred, boots & shoes 
Barnett Harry A. wool srtr. b, 

895 Davis James, laborer, h. 
McHugh John A. clerk, b. 

896 Petschke Anna, widow, h. 
Petschke Julius, liquors, b. 

897 Kilroy John, plumber, h. 
Moran John F. teas, etc. h. 
Moran Sarah A. Miss, h. 

898 Petschke Julius P. liquors 

900 Petschke 1 ulius P. liquors, h. 

901 Moran Jonn F. teas, etc. 

902 Barman Joseph, shoemaker,h. 
Clarkin Arthur B. grinder, b. 
Clarkin Catharine, Mrs. h. 
Clarkin FrancisD.operative,b. 
Clarkin John, b. 

Clarkin Peter, carder, b. 

903 Black Thomas P. physician, h. 

904 Barman Joseph, -shoemaker 
Spellman James, dry goods 

904rClarkin Robt. H. pedler, h. 

905 Sheahan Dennis li. lawyer, h. 
Sheahan Joseph V. mach'8t,b. 

906 Barman Joseph, shoemaker 
908 Lyons Bridget, widow, h. 

Lyons Patrick F. b. 

Pahl Ferdinand, weaver, b. 

Riccius Alfred, jeweler, b^ 

Riccuis Gustave, b. 

Riccius G. A. foreman, b. 

Riccius Wm. jeweler, b. 
910 Drury Michael H. hairdresser 
912 Gilbert Fred E. reg. phar. 
914 Moy Thos. H. hairdresser • 

916 Gilbert Fred'k. E. reg.phar.h. 

917 Norton Wm. J. painter, h. 
9i7rGalvin Wm. F. stable 

918 O'Connor JohnD. variety store 
920 Black Thomas F. physician 

Flynn E. Mrs. h. 

Lindquist Andrew, weaver, h. 

Pearson Peter, laborer, b. 

922 Flynn Ellen Mrs. lunch room 

923 O'Connor J. D. variety store,h. 

926 Lyons Jobn C. grocer, b. 
Straight Dexter R w'tch'n. h. 
Straight Eugene D. oper. b. 
Straight Tames R.operative.b. 
Straight T. Joseph, spinner,b. 

927 Brodie Calvin, pedler. h. 
Ryan Sarah, widow, h. 

928 Scott Patrick T. shoemaker 
930 Hart Sarah, Mrs. b. 

Lavender Geo. L. opera tive.b. 
Scott John F. clerk, b. 
Scott Patrick J. shoemaker, h. 
Scott Sarah J. Miss, t'cher. b. 



930 Summers Mary Miss. b. 

931 HicKey Thos. wool scourer, h. 

937 Bowe Catharine, coal & wood 
93 yr Bo we Cath. coal & wood, h. 

Bowe Keyran J. grocer, b. 

938 I vers William, pedler, b. 
McGuy Edwara P. carder, b. 
McGuy James H. laborer, h. 
Shanlev John, laborer, b. 
Wells Joseph, pedler, h. 

941 Shea Jeremiah, weaver, h. 
943 Bowe K.J. grocer 
945rDoherty James H. h. 

949 Riley James, watchman, h. 

950 Olympic Social Club 
960 Oates Brothers, liquors 
964 Oates J. J. clerk, b. 

Oates Terreoce P. liquors, h. 

Oates Thos. liquor dealer, h. 
971 McMann Catharine, Mrs. b. 

O'Reilly C. T.Miss,drsmkr.b. 

O'Reilly Prancis, woolsortr.h, 

O'Reilly Thos, F. clerk, b. 
973 Riordan Catharine, tchr. b. 

Riordan Jas. com'l trav. h. 

Jas. J. com'l trav. b. 
979 St. Edward's Parochial Schl. 
984 Rita Mary, sister superior, h. 

St. Edward's Convent 

992 Callahan James, h. 
McGhann A. E. dressmkr. b. 
McGhann Ann Mrs. h. 

993 St. Edward's R. C. Church 
996 Collins M. Miss, dressmaker 

Collins Richard, laborer, h. 

Collins Richard jr. laborer, b. 

Gildea Michael, helper, h. 

McCaffrey John, dyer, h. 

Ottinger William, spinner, h. 
999 McKenna John H. Rev. h. 

Pyne Mary Miss, h. 

Pyne William, Rev. h. 

St. Edward's Rectory 
zoooPairbanks Merritt, weaver, b. 

Keen an John, weaver, h. 

Mahoney Thos. spinner, b. 

Sheldrick Andrew, sect.hd. b. 
xoo6Dunn Joseph J. macbinist,h. 

Lalendresse Alfred, weaver, h. 
loioWhearty John, undertaker, h. 

Whearty j.&Son, undertakers 

Whearty Jos. P. under tkr. b. 
ioi4McAvoy John J. sexton, h. 

Reddy Phebe J. Mrs. h. 
loisCusick rP.Jgateman U.Sta. h. 

Cusick Thos. P. gateman, h. 

loisDonovan Wm. hairdresser, h. 

McHu^h Margaret Miss, b. 
ioi7Hutchm8on R. express, h. 
loiSMeenan Tames B. loom fixer, h. 

Webb John, teamster, h. 
i033Tasker Rowland, engineer, h. 
io32McKenna Patrick, grocer 

Brattle Street. 

13 Jolicoeur Desire, blacksmith 
17 Weeden William H. fish 
21 Drury Henry, grocer 

Drury John H I river, b. 

Drury James W. clerk, b. 

Rawlinson Abel, designer, h. 
32 Panning Michael, liquors 
luinn John S. clerk, b. 
|uinn Joseph H. h. 
luinn Margaret, widow, h. 
:ally Michael J. filemaker, h. 
36 Greene Nelson A foreman, h. 

Knapp Jas. A. machinist, h. 

Steere Smith A^ h. 
39 Bond Julia Mrs. h. 

Greenville Wm. M. teamster, b. 

Lewis Monroe, teamster, h. 

Tyler Wm. H. clerk, h. 
42 Collins James, laborer, b. 

McDonough Prancis P. coll. h. 

McDonough Mary, widow, h. 

Miley Michael, teamster, h. 
44 Doty Melvin I. pen maker, b. 

Howe John K. clerk, b. 

Jennings Thomas J. rub wkr.h. 
46 Brennan James J. carpenter.h. 

Griffin Delia Mrs. h. 

Griffin James M. clerk, b. 

Spencer PramptonJ.carpntr.b. 
49 Droney Prank, prmter, b. 

Droney Thomas, grocer, h. 
51 Conway Patrick, grocer 

Slattery Michael, mason, h. 

Brayton Avenue. 

23 Smith Geo. S. roller engraver 
35 Lotti Charles, clerk, b. 

58 Anderson Chas.C. machinist, h. 
Johnson Gustave,at B.&S.rms. 
Vincenti Boldo, hairdresser, b. 
Vincenti Josephine, widow, h. 

59 Simonini Bros, liquors 

60 McKenna Patrick, liquors 

61 Coghill Jenette H. widow, h. 
Hobson Tedber, machinist, b. 
Smith David J. machinist, b. 
Wilsher George, moulder, b. 


House Directory. 

Brayton Ky .—Continued, 

64 Bucci Alberico, tailor, h. 
Ceccatelli Edwards, laborer,b. 
Christopher Gus D.hairdrsr.h. 
Colanera Giovanni, baker, b. 
DeCristofori C. hairdresser, b. 
DeCristofori Nicola, laborer, h. 
Gerardi Frank S. eating ho. h. 
Gerardi Louis, hairdresser, b. 
Marandola Antonio, laborer,b. 
Marandola Lorenzo, laborer, b. 
Micheli Annibale, carpntr. h. 
Papini Oraxio, baker, b. 
Riccitelli Costantino, tmstr. b. 
Vitale Ettore, laborer,"" h. 

65 D'Alfonzo Vincenzo,jeweler,h. 
White Ann, widow, h. 
White John H. laborer, b. 

70 Baker Jacob, junk 

Brenton Avenue. 

1 Hopkins Cordeliani, widow, b. 
Hopkins Stephen E. b. 
Sessions S. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

2 De Vignier J. F. h. 

De Vignier K.M. machinist, b. 
Grinnell Abbie Miss, h. 
Grinnell Julia Miss. h. 
Grinnell Mary Miss, h. 
Grinnell Wm. T. student, b. 
Shedd J. Herbert,civil engnr.h. 

Brewster Street. 

cor. Sarah, Harrison J. W. opr. h. 

Bridge Street. 

n. So. Water, Titcomb George D. 
lunch cart 

Brldgham Street. 

I Price Raymond H. clerk, h. 
9 Lederer Adolf, mfg. jeweler.h. 

Lederer Benedict B. jeweler.h. 

Lederer Irving, timekeeper.b. 

Lederer Izri, salesman, b. 

Lederer Edward, student, b. 
II Clapp Frederick O. student, b. 

Clapp O. F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
13 Costello Thomas, h. 

Messinger L. B. h. 
15 Blair Arthur G. clerk, h. 

Blair James B. grocer, h. 

Blair Walter G. electrician, b. 

Ladd F. F.real estate broker, h. 

McCoid James, inspector, h. 

16 Knight S. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

18 Becker Geo. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Graham Herbert J. stone str.h. 

19 Campbell Margaret Miss, h. 
Campbell William A. h. 
Mason Cora R. widow, h. 

20 Fowler J. D. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
23 Lincoln Henry A. jeweler, h. 

Sweet Walter H. produce, h. 
26 Ken yon W, S. Dr. & Mrs. h. 

28 Cushing Jane E. Mrs. h. 
Esleeck Fannie C. Miss, h. 

29 Baker Amy A. Mrs. h. 
Tetlow A. Miss, teacher, h. 
Tetlow F. A. Miss, teacher, h. 

30 Drew Maria R. Mrs. b. 
Hubbard Mary E. widow, b. 
Logan Edgar G. ins. agt. b. 
Mitchell Mary, widow, b. 
Reynolds Fi*ederickG.clerk,b. 
Reynolds Susan M. widow, h. 

33 Campbell Isabelle M. h. 
Donahey J'ohn, clerk, h. 

34 Fletcher Charles J., Fletcher 

Mfg. Co. h. 

35 Russell C. W., Russell Elect 

Mfg. Co. h. 

Russell Levi W. teacher, h. 
37 Carhart Edwin M. elect'n. h. 

Thomas Wm. H. salesman, h. 
•38 Brown Albert L. clerk, b. 

Brown Silas A. com, trav. h. 

Gorton Evvie L. K. widow, h. 

Greene Guilford W. clerk, b. 

Kent Phebe A. widow, h. 

39 Grimes Edward J. clerk, h. 
Moody Fred A. machinist, h. 
Morris John A. clerk, b. 

40 Aldrich Elliott F. draftsmn.b. 
Andrews CalebM. scrap iron,h. 
Andrews Geo. E.!electrician,b. 
Hall George H. foreman, b. 
Hall Harry G. draftsman, b. 
Rathbone Alice, widow, h. 
Rathbone P. A. Miss, tchr. b. 

43 Baker Colin C. 3d, gilder, h. 
Gay Ruth P. Mrs. nurse, b. 
Johnson Annie M. widow, h. 

44 Bunce Geo. H. ins. agent, h. 
46 Dan forth Charlotte Miss, rms. 

Heald Sumner B. h. 
Murray Mattie Mrs. rms. 
Pearsall Angeline Miss, b. 
Richardson B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
48 Buckleyjames B. novelties, rms 
Potter Ann M. S. Miss, b. 

House Directory. 


Best Canned Goods, providence PuiJlc Market Go. 

48 Potter Lydia A. Mrs. h. 
Ward Owen, helper, h. 

49 Dellaporte Anc^elo, shoemaker 

51 Hanley Patrick F. helper, h. 
Rice Walter C. plumber, h. 

52 Benz Charles, foreman, b. 
Dunham Allen B. gateman, h. 
Galvin Jas. rubber worker, b. 
Johnson Susan R. widow, b. 
Mowry Benjamin R. clerk, b. 
Otis J. Arthur, salesman, b. 

55 Bisno George H. jeweler, b. 
Bisno John B. jeweler, b. 
Bisno Mary M. widow, b. 
Bisno T. E. b. 

Keane John, rubber worker, h. 
Lanphear D. Curtis, mach. b. 
Lemoine John B. carpenter 
Lemoine Maxime, rub. wkr.b. 
Lindsay David, machinist, b. 
Lindsay Wm. L. finisher, h. 
Long Jesse, rubber worker, h. 
Smith William, rubber wkr. b. 
Sweeney Phebe, widow, h. 
Sweeney Philip, sur. instr. b. 

56 Child LiUie A. Miss, h'pr. h. 
Welch Elizabeth B. Miss. h. 
Welch Mary L. Miss, h. 

59 Ballou Mary E. widow, b. 
Ballou Wm H. jeweler, b. 
Riewold Frank J. clerk, h. 

62 Howard Irving A. salesman, h. 
Ripley Charlotte E. teacher, b. 
Ripley Howard C. bookkpr. b. 
Ripley Joseph A. carpenter, h. 

63 Adams George D. gas insp. h. 
Robinson C. W. trav.s'man,h. 
Robinson Mary J. widow, b. 

64 Mowry Arthur W. b. 
Mowry Orrin S. carpenter, h. 
Munroe Thomas J. h. 

66 Rodger s George O. h. 
Smith Silas T. C. b. 

67 Bowen Patrick J. plumber, h. 
Lawton W. E. lumber surv. h. 

70 Gilmore Mary E. Mrs. sum. 

res. at Bayside. h. 

71 Brown C. P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Sweet Patience O. widow, h. 

72 Baker George C. clerk, h. 
Clapp Martha W. widow, h. 
Wells Charles E clerk, h. 
Wells Edward H. tailor, b. 

73 Farrington Geo. W. clerk, h. 
Lamond John H. moulder, b. 
Spooner Frank W. clerk, b. 

74 Aldrich Ethan A. grocer, b. 
Harvie Thomas R. clerk, h. 

75 Col well Irving R. bookkpr. b. 
Douglas George A. clerk, b. 
Douglas Geo. L. expressmn.h. 
Fuller Annie M. Mrs. b. 
Macdonald Esther, widow, b. 

76 Butts Chas. H. trav. s'man, b. 
Had field William, grocer, h. 
Vaughan Wm. H. chemist, h. 

77 Battey Harriet, widow, b. 
Battey H. M.Miss,mus.tchr.b. 
Cokely Nellie Miss, h. 
Gorton John, machinist, h. 
Gravlin Margaret, widow.-'b. 
Gravlin Walter D. b. 

78 Greene Sam'l J. trav. agt. b. 
Kelley Samuel* E. Mr.& Mrs.h. 

80 Pearce W. I. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

81 Fleischmann & Co. yeast mfg. 

87 Rice Louisa Mrs. grocer 

88 Lusignan Louis A., P. F. D.h. 
Sheldon Eva E. Miss, b*kkpr.b. 
Sheldon Grace J. Miss, h. 
Wreschinski Simon, tailor, h. 

91 Nestell ArdeliaM.A.&'t 

92 Poole Austin, machinist, h. 
Thurber Arnold T. jeweler, b. 
Thurber Mary A. Mrs. b. 

95 Sunderland Henrv H. dry gds. 

96 Walker George W". bicycles 

97 Carr John J. bakery 

99 Babcock &mry Mrs. dressmkr. 
loi Gardner Preston H. book'pr.h. 
109 Remington E. W. Dr.& Mrs.h. 
no Paine J. B. Mr & Mrs. h. 

Sanford Sarah C. widow, h. 

San ford Walter N. collector, b. 

112 Farnum Martha M. Miss, b. 
Farnum Maud, teacher, b. 
Paine Mary H. widow, h. 
Underwood John, stable, h. 
Underwood Matilda, widow, b. 

113 Clemence Daniel P. rms. 
Curtis Annie E. Mrs. h. 
Harvey Job, clerk, h. 
Howard Wilson A. clerk, h. 
Larson Albin P. carpenter, b. 
McMahon John H. bag. mas. h. 

119 Angell James G h. 
ii9rAtwood Thomas H. Mrs. h. 

Bassett Martha J. Mrs. h. 
Goodwin M. A. Mrs. nurse, b. 

120 Fenner Edward P. b. 
Fenner Frances P. widow, h. 
Seamens Daniel, h. 


House Directory. 

Bridgham St.^Coniinued, 

I30 Warren Charles L. salesmn. h. 
133 Alverson Charles B. clerk, b. 
Alverson Charles F. mangr. h. 

133 Harris S. Amanda, widow, h. 
Hazard S. A. draughtsman, h. 

134 Owen Franklin P. lawyer, h. 

135 Hopkins AlbertG.draught'n.b. 
Hopkins Emilv A. widow, h. 
Peckham Emily, widow, b. 
Wood Caroline A. Miss, h. 

136 Bo wen C. A. sew. mac. rep. h. 
Mazon Geo. L. carpenter, h. 

137 Harris Wm. K. foreman, h. 
Otis Deborah H. Mrs. h. 

1 39 Ballon Isaac B. cigars, etc. h. 
Ballon Leslie B. cigars, etc. h, 

130 Belknap Albert S. bookk'pr.h. 
BelknapAnnie E.Mrs.dr. mkr. 
White Almon T. machinist, b. 
White Frank B. reg. phar. h. 

131 Raymond Wm. B. foreman, h. 
133 Salisbury Cbas. E.Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Salisbury Flavel P. baker, b. 
Winship Mary S. widow, h. 

133 Vaughn LymanA.Mr.&Mrs.h. 

134 BrainardM.L.confection'ry,h. trav.h. 

136 Coggswell Martha E. Mrs. h. 
Ryder Mary G. Mrs. b. 

138 Cornell Horace M. driver, h. 
Guile Chas. H. clerk, h. 
Guile W. H. clerk, b. 

i38rFowler Nathaniel C. lather, h. 
Taylor David R. driver, h. 

139 Bridgham Grammar School 

140 Barnes Eliza A. Miss, h. 
Curtis Amelia H. B. Miss, h. 

143 Spink Flora D. Miss, teacher, b. 

Spink Lvdia B. widow, h. 
143 Wilder A. Mr., Mrs. & dr. h. 

Wilder Ed. A. salesman, b. 

145 Corey Everett M. police, h. 
Luther Natban P. engineer,h. 

146 Cunliff Emma F. Miss, h. 

147 Bennett Mark N. b. 
Bennett M.C.trav salesman, h. 
Wood Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Wood Everett J. machinist, h. 

150 Davis Albert F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Dyer Clara P. Miss, teacher, b. 

151 Bennett A. J. Mr. and Mrs. h. 
Bennett Lucy C. widow, h. 
Lazelle E. L. Miss, teacher, b. 
Lazelle Henry C. mill sup. h. 
Lazelle Mertie C. sten'pher, b. 

153 Angell Pardon L. P. b. 
Burlingame Scott C. clerk, b. 
Tyler Thomas D. police, h. 

154 Aldrich Abbie A. Miss, b. 
Gilbert Fannie A. widow, h. 
Gould Alice J. Miss, b. 
Gould Catharine N. Mrs. b. 

155 Burlingame Abba Miss, h. 
Hopkins Waldo. A. clerk, b. 
Moore Elizabeth A. Mrs. h. 
Smith Sarah C. widow, h. 

156 Stevens Edmund O. h. 

158 Simmons A. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Simmons ClarenceH.sec.hd.b. 

1 59 Gilbert John S. clerk, h. 
Smith Annie M. widow, h. 
Smith Sarah T. widow, h. 

160 Breer Lewis B. chemist, b. 
Cook Ormond, engineer, h. 
Flowers G. H. trav. salesman, h. 

164 Mason John, bookkeeper, h. 

Mathewson E. O. coal, etc. h. 

Saul Edward E. h. 
173 Phillips Loretta, milliner 
175 Brown Mattie Mrs. h. 

Malone May Miss, b. 

Stillman Annie M. Mrs. b. 

Stillman Daniel E. engin'r, r. 
177 Clark Waldo E. publisher, h. 

Johnson Clarke H. lawyer, h. 

Prov. Weekly Guide 

Win son And. rubber wkr. h. 

180 O'Connor Pat'k F. liquors, h. 

181 Holt Jane Miss. b. 

Howe Frank M. reg. phar. h. 
Miller Stephen C, P.F.D. h. 
Shaw William T. machinist,h. 
183 Chace G. A. trav. sales man, h. 
Courtney Theodore, tchr. b. 

183 Stebbins Chas. E. elect, b. 
Stebbins Samuel F. machst,h. 

184 Weeks E. B. Mrs. dressmkr. 
Weeks Marshall, machinist, h. 

185 Barker Wm. H. janitor, h. 

1 86 Gorey Daniel, tinsmith, h. 
Gorey Elwood G. b. 
Thornton L.H.Miss.bkkpr. b. 
Thornton Ruth W. Mrs. h. 

187 Arnold E. W. conductor, h. 
Ham Wra. H. trav.salesmn.h. 
Harrington J. E. team.ster, h. 
Shepardson Edwin G.oversr,b. 

i87rBarry Thomas, hostler, h. 

188 Ford James J. carpenter, h. 
Hood John P. carpenter, h. 

189 Campbell Frank M. janitor, b. 



189 GravliD E. D. Mrs-drsmkr. h. 

Rocray Ferdinand, eng'r. h. 
z89rCampbell Chas. hostler, h. 

Campbell Michael F. b. 
191 Howe Harry R. b. 

Howe H. M. carriage mfr. h. 

Briggs Street. 

3 Brown Thomas D. jeweler, h. 
Rounds Seward, painter, b. 
Tryon Thos. P. clerk, h. 
S.Enckson Frederick, h. 
7 Land in August W. clerk, b. 
Landin Haken, helper, h. 
Landin Nils, jeweler, b. 
Landin Otto, painter, b. 
9 Davis Albert C. boat bldr. b. 
Davis Benjamin, boat bldr. h. 
Davis Ben J. G. boat builder, b. 
Davis Chas. I. boat builder, b. 
Davis Stephen L. b. 
Saunders Geo. R. clerk, h. 
12 Ghodey Henry D. refiner, h. 

Leacy Arthur H. tinsmith, h. 
18 Gill Geo. at Gorham's, h. 

Tooth ill James, machinist, h. 
22 Holt Ellis, 2d, shipper, h. 

41 Congdon Thomas, coal, h. 
Mowry Walter H. clerk, h. 

42 King Matthew, jeweler, h. 

43 Bennett S. A. jeweler, h. 
Fiske Lewis P. painter, h. 
Fiske Thomas W. painter, b. 
Fiske William A. clerk, b. 

47 Knight Charles E. lineman, h. 

Knight George H. stable 
58 Arnold Augustus R. carpntr.h. 

•Stokes Frank, jeweler, n. 
60 Roberts Lewis, clerk, h. 
63 Everett Allan W. clerk, b. 

Everett May J.Miss,drsmkr.b. 

Kitchen Arthur H. clerk, b. 

Kitchen W. A. foreman, h. 

Jackson Henrietta, widow, h. 
66 Carlisle T. F. h. 
69 Arnold L. A. widow, h. 

Tillinghast M.,h. 

Brighton Street. 

X Holt Ellen P. Miss, rec. day 

Monday, h. 
2 Saati David M. jewelry, etc. b. 

Saati Fathallah M.physi'an, h. 

Saatl Nowman M. h. 

4 Hopkins W. G. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

5 Kimball Mary D. Mrs. h. 

5 Smith Adeline W. Mrs. h. 

6 Lansinfi" Willard (J.bookkpr.h. 

7 Massie J. G. Mr., Mrs. & drs. h. 
Massie Walter W. b. 

8 Haskins Clara W. bookkpr. b. 
Haskins Fannie P. teacher, b. 
Haskins Mary A. widow, h. 

9 Crocker H. M. Miss, tchr. b. 
Crocker Nellie F. Miss, tchr. b» 
Winsor Ira, steam heating, h. 

10 Grant Howard M. b. 

Grant Wm. A. H. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
12 Slocomb Ella L. Miss, tchr. b. 

Slocomb W. F.Mr, and Mrs. h. 
14 Wellman D. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
20 Kelsey Harmon J. clerk, h. 
24 Hall Ahira, compositor, b. 

Hall Edward, grocer, h. 

Hall Matilda, widow, h. 

29 Allen EdnaL.Miss,stenog'r,h. 
Allen Lewis P. b. 

Allen Sylvester, bookkeeper, h. 
Whiting Wm. E. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Whiting Wm L. clerk, b. 

30 Ballam John J. h. 
Broome David, foreman, h. 

31 Ley Sydney A. clerk, b. 
Ley wm. A. clerk, h. 
Young Susan C. Mrs. h. 

32 Pierce Elizabeth W. widow, h. 
Van Alstyne Wm. T. grocer, b. 
Waite Caroline, widow, h. 
Waite Fred H. jeweler, h. 

34 Lockwood Albert W. supt. b. 
Moone Albert H. teacher, b. 
Moone Harris, h. 
Stone Pardon Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Mueller Fred'k J. cigars,etc.b. 
Mueller Katharme, widow, h. 

36 Fry Charles B. clerk, h. 

F ry Wm. C. asst. engineer, b. 

37 Sawyer C. H. crayon artist, h. 

38 Arnold Dutee, furniture, b. 
Cobb Eugene D. millinery, b* 
Nicholas Ben j. M. Mrs. h. 

39 Clark Arthur I. clerk, b. 
Doe Sophia S. widow, h. 

40 Avery William H. bookkpr. b. 
Barber Leonard L.b'kkeepr.h. 
Gardiner Mary S. widow, h. 

41 Campbell Chester I. b. 
Campbell E. W. designer, h. 
Cleaveland E. A. clerk, b. 

44 Messinger Chas. O., P.F.D.h. 
Winsor C. M. civ. eng. h. 


House Directory. 

Bris^hton St.—Conimued. 

44rDawley S. H. jeweler, b. 

Peck Ebenezer, painter, h. 

Peck Mary A. widow, h. 

Thrasher Fre<i V. clerk, b. 

Thrasher G. A. grocer, h. 
45 Wesley Warren B. rms. 

Winsor S. A. h. 
'46 Harris Cnas. W. grocer, h. 

Irons Walter S. manager, h. 

Seagrave Harriet L. Mrs. b. 
47 Bourn Chas. H. trav. slsmn. h. 

Knight Nehemiah, b. 

Raymond Chas. M.h fur.gds.h. 

Raymond George R. clerk, b. 

Wood George B. b. 
50 Remingtons. A. &P.A.Mis*s,h. 

Wight G. Henry, machinist, h. 

Broad Street. 

1 Stender Morris, shoemaker 

2 Horton Lyman E. grocer 

4 Trumpler Charles, hairdressr. 
6 Hobson House 

Carpenter Henry O. prop. h. 

Ripley R. A. electrician, b. 
9 Higgms Jos. A. coal & wood 

10 Thoene Fritz, liquors 

11 McDonald Wm. G. jeweler, b. 

12 Thoene Frank H. clerk, b. 
Thoene Fritz, liquors, h. 

15 White George, fish, etc. 

16 Hale Lizzie Mrs. h. 

17 Henderson Alice Miss, h. 
Horan Thos. L. printer, rms. 

18 Murphy Thos. J. plumber, r. 
Spinney Fred, machinist, r. 
Strong William A. clerk, rms. 

19 Peabody Joseph D. shoemaker 

20 Rockwell HerbertF. provisions 

22 Heise Augustus H. truit. etc. 

23 JencksCbas.W.&Bro.boxmfrs. 

24 Elmore Geo. W. collector, h. 

25 Ruff Chas. E. upholsterer 

26 Evans Wm. E. clerk, b. 
Stone Nellie Mrs. h. 

Welch Edw. M. pneriodicals, h. 
Welch Lois V. widow, h. 

27 Whiting & Barber, undertkrs. 
^9 Pistelli L. hairdresser & tailor 

31 McGann John T. plumber 

32 Kimball A. A. Mrs. drsmkr.h. 
Oatman Emma S. Mrs. h. 

35 Buckley William J. clerk, b. 

36 Welch Edw. M. periodicals 

38 Ainscough John J.painter,rms. 

38 Bowen M. J. Mrs. boarding h. 
Card George L carpenter, h. 
Clifford Mary M. widow, b. 
Conway Wm. polo player,rms. 
Ladd Albert M. cab. mkr. r. 
Smith Andrew W.machinist,b. 

39 Adams Frank, hostler, rms. 
Briggs Charles B. jeweler, h. 
Fenner Leander, b. 

Porter Albert L. h. 

Porter Alpheus, blacksmith, b. 

Wasswiler Louis, glass blwr.b. 

40 Aldrich Fred J. baker 

41 Oskar Victor C. teacher, rms. 
43 Martin Mary A. Miss, drsmkr. 
45 Lewis Victor, b. 

Mueller Benedict, clerk, b. 

Ten brink William, clerk, h. 
51 Brown Annie E. Mrs. h. 

Brown Elizabeth F. teacher, b. 

McGinn Arthur F.physician.h. 

Mullen Thos. H., P. F. D. h. 
57 Finnigan James, tailor, h. 

59 O'Doherty M. Mrs. bookseller 

60 St. Xaviers Academy 
Germain Mary, sister superior 

6 1 Senft Chas. E. hairdresser 
63 Hodgdon Reginald H. r. 

Mead Joseph M. clerk, h. 
65 Breen David F. upholsterer 
69 Gladding Chas. F. 

Gladding Maria S. Mrs. stable 

72 Pierce George L. h. 

73 Hutchins Ella F. Mrs. h. 

74 Bowen Wm. H. physician 
78 Nurse's Directory 

Balfour Anna L. Miss. rms. 
BoUes Emma Miss, nurse, b. 
Dumphy Mabel Miss, nurse, r. 
Greene N. A. Miss, nurse, r. 
Macpherson M.J. Miss, nurse, b. 
McKenzie Eliza Miss, nurse, b. 
McKeon Sadie Miss, nurse, b. 
Moore Annie Mrs. b. 
Moore Carrie B. Miss, b. 
Munroe Jennette Miss.nurse.b. 
Perkins J. physician 
PomroyM.T. Mrs. nurse's dir.h. 
Quinn Kate Miss, nurse, b. 
Quinn Mary A. nurse, rms. 
Ross Barbara, nurse, b. 
Ross Mary A., nurse, b. 
Schueman May Miss, nurse,b. 
SondereggerN. J. Miss, nurse, r. 
Towle Emily A. Miss,nurse,b. 
Walker A. i. Miss, nurse, b. 

House Directory. 


78 Wyse Julia Miss, nurse, rms. 

79 Burrows Maria L. widow, h. 
Gladding Cassie Miss, b. 

8a Lewis Mary E. Mrs. b. 

Norris James, bairdresser.rms. 

Shaw Henry S. engineer, h. 
84 Lee Yee, laundry 
86 Levinson Nathan, cigar mfr. 
88 Ashcroft Richard, rms. 

Brown Orlando D. bdg. h. 

Butler John, b. 

Irving John, watchmaker, b. 

Kinney Percy E. clerk, b. 


Smith EdwinC.draughtsmn.b. 

Stender Morris, shoemaker, b. 

Wilson Chas. R. advertising 
agent, b. 
90 Bancroft Frank M. clerk, b. 

Hibbard W. Ed. physician 

Nottage Herbert F. physician 
Qi Broad St Christian Church 

96 Kaeppel Albert G. manager,b. 
McCusker JohnF. physician 
McGuirk Wm. R. physician 
Reilly James D. stable, h. 

97 Swarts Gardner T. physician 

98 Partridge HerbertG. physician 
100 Potter William R. reg phar. 
loi Brown Mary B. Mrs. h. 

Jillson Esek A. h. 
102 Church Samuel M. baker 
Sunderland Fred S. bakery 

104 Carr John, engraver, h. 

105 Barker Mary W. widow, h. 
Hawkes Harry W. clerk, b. 
Morgan William E. cooper, b. 
Potter Wm. R. druggist, b. 
Reoch William S. physician 
Shepard Stephen S. foreman, b. 

X06 Kraus Henry C. erocer 

107 Brown Lucy H. A. physician 
Towne Charles A. engineer, h. 

108 Lockwood Edward, rms. 
Lvman Daniel T. broker, b. 
^xfield Albert, painter, b. 
O'Neill John A. h. 
Wilson Ernest T. clerk, b. 
Wilson Vincent, st'neset'r, rms. 

Ill Carpenter J. Isidore Mrs. b. 

Carver R. Herbert, physician 

Gage Charles I. clerk, b. 

Gage Rachel Mrs. h. 
xia Keville Lottie E. Miss, h. 

Stevenson George, toolmkr. h. 

117 Hasbrouck Sayer, physician, 

(h. at Pawtuxet neck) office 
hours 10 a. m. to 4 p. 
office 2070, res. 2015-3. 
Rogers Fred'k. T. physiciaa 
office hours 12 to 4 p. m. 
Sundays, 10 to xi a. m. tel.. 

118 Collins A. R.F. Miss, tchr. b. 
Collins Simon S. bookseller. h.. 
McElroy John Mrs. b. 

120 Grav D. Frank, physician 
123 Childs M. M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Gladding Walter H. clerk, b, 
Quilty Chas. S. clerk, b. 
Whipple Clarence, instB.U.b. 

128 Sprague Adeline Mrs. h. 
Sprague Henry S. grain, b. 

i28rTownsend Wm. coachman, h. 

129 Burlingame E.A. Mr.&Mrs. h. 

142 Darling G C. watches, etc. h. 
Darling Maria A. widow, h. 

143 Farley Fred J. clerk, h. 
Fisk Harley A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Smith E. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
WilliamsonAlfred M., Sterling 

Lumber Co. b. 
148 Edwards Harriet W.widow.b. 

Hersey George D. physician 
154 Leonard Chas. H. physician 
156 Leonard Chas.H. pbysician,h., 

Leonard Geo. M. student, b. 
159 Hodgman Wm. L. lawyer, h. 

Knight Phebe, widow, h. 
162 Hayward George W. h. 

Hayward Tulia A. G. widow, h. 

170 Thurber Emily M.Mrs.phy*n 
Thurber Isaac B. assay er, h. 
Thurber John H. b. 
Thurber W. elec. con. sup. b. 

171 Day C. Harold, student, b. 
Day H. G. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

172 Elkins Annie M.Mrs. eating h. 
174 Bak<ir Lewis, painter, rms. 

Rood John, tinsmith, rms. 

Soderstrom Eric M. physician . 

Taylor Ada F. Mrs.lodging h. 
176 Brown Nathaniel, rms. 

Clark Annie Mrs.rdginghouse - 

Menough Cheney, clerk, rms. 
178 Hop Hing, laundry 
181 Harvey Abbie M. teacher, b. 

Harvey Edwin B. physician, h. . 

183 Harvey Edwin B. physician 

184 Greene Wm. C. Mr. h. 

Timothy O'Connor, 

Blaokstone Boalevard Flowera Delivered.' 

and In any 

272Westmlnster St. Part of the Coonti^r 


Hocm Directory. 

184 Mathewson Nathan F. b. 
i84rGumley George coachman, h. 
186 Bennett Joseph M. ph^rsician 
x88 Bennett Jos. M. physician, h. 

Pitzpatrick Elizabeth M. Mrs. h. 
189 Bartlett Burrill. k 

Crocker Isaac, nns. 

Decker George H. clerk, b. 
igo Fewell Wm. B. clerk, b. 

TuttleC. Warren, glass wkr.h. 
191 Union Congregational Church 
194 Codman Wm. C. artist, h. 
198 Almy Laura £. Miss, teachr.b. 

Bliss Robt. B. trav. engr. b. 

Burgess William E. b. 

Burnham A. W. D. bookpr. b. 

Cameron Hugh T. salesman, b. 

Cohen Charles E. salesmn. b. 

CuUen Alexander, bookpr. b. 

Giddings Herbert D. clerk, b. 

HortonlohnW. stm. supplies, b. 

JonesLle welly nW.acco nt'ntb 

Louttit William E. b. 

Luther James W. clerk, b. 

Payton Sarah A. Mrs. b. 

Slader Arthur R. boarding h. 

Slader O. L. & Son, bdg. h. 

Slader Zenas, b. 
303 Hodges Charles H. J. clerk, h. 

205 Burrows Henrietta R. Miss, h. 
Tillinghast Maria G. widow,h. 

206 Kee Chung, laundry 
2x0 Svenson Andrew, florist 

213 Bushee Octave, picture mlds. 

214 Paine S. G. shoemaker, h. 

215 Capozzoli Louis, hairdresser 

216 Paine S. G. shoemaker 

217 Colvin Louisa, Mrs. h. 
Shaw Geo. H. stable, h. 

220 Finley Matthew, grocer 

221 French James S. painter, h. 
Hill Lester S. physician, h. 

222 Howe Arthur W. reg. phar. 

223 Chace Amy R. Mrs. h. 
Ellis Emily Mrs. b. 
Pender J. E. P. silversmith, h. 

224 Briggs Wm. E. clerk, b. 
Knierim Geo. F. bakery, b. 
Peirce Ida S. J. Mrs. h. 
Porter Charles, janitor, b. 

225 Hill Lester S. physician 

226 Knierim Geo. F. bakery 

227 Tones Harriet C. Mrs. b. 
Frew Willam E. clerk, h. 
Thompson Byron S. bkkpr. h. 

227 Thompson H. A. fruit dea. b. 
230 Gardner Owen G. clerk, b. 

Harrison John, clerk, b. 

Read Grenville E. salesmn. h. 
331 Frampton Prank, cashier.rms. 

iewett Henry M. physician, h. 
f osher Wm. G. waiter, h. 
232 Luther Cyrus B. jr. derk, h. 
Peck Avis B. Miss, drsmkr. b. 
Peck Carrie T. Mrs. millinery 
Peck Forest A. foreman, b. 

235 Wildes Willis P. bakery 

236 Alden Erastus C. clerk, b. 
Fisher George R. physician, h. 
Hirshson J. silver Dumisher,h. 
Steere Charles L. lawyer, h. 
Tourtellott Louis, b. 

237 Fechney Wm. R. dentist, h. 
Pierce Cora A. Miss, drsmkr. 
Pierce Geo. C. U. R. R. h. 
Warner Adelia L. Mrs. b. 

239 Read G. Ernest, clerk, b. 

242 CoUamore Cynthia M. wid. b. 
CoUamore Earl D., U.R.R. h. 
Love joy Mabel F. Mrs. rms. 
McLellan Harry A. buyer, b. 
Reynolds Rebecca S. wid. rms. 
Williams Georgina Mrs. rms. 

243 Cohn Max, tailor 

245 Gordon Thos. vet. surgeon 

246 Ray David L. physician 

247 Eddy Job R. fish 

248 Delano Richard M. physician 
Delano R. Frank, physician 
Whitford Frank M. clerk, b. 
Whitford Geo. A. harpist, h. 

249 Capron Geo. E. machinist, h. 
Griswold HarryH.sign pntr.b. 
Griswold Sarah E. Mrs. h. 

251 Cochrane Adeline, drsmkr. b. 

Rogan Patrick T. salesman, h. 
255 Mansur Bishara, clerk, rms. 

Shearid Samuel L. nurse, b. 

Trussell Harvey, Indrymn. h. 
258 Fitzgerald V.Lee, physic ian,h. 

Putnam Horace, b. 

260 Fitzgerald V. Lee, physician 

261 Fisher A. Arlington, physician 
Fisher George B. Rev. h. 
Johnson Wm. C. student, b. 
Johnson Wra. R. real estate,h. 
Miller Charles A. teacher, b. 

265 Sheldon Albert T. h. 
Sheldon S. T. trav. salesmn, h. 

266 Wilbur Ira R. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 

res. Shawomet, R. I. h. 

House Dirsctory. 

J 79 

267 Baker Eliza J. Mrs. nurse, b. 

Seney Louis, cigar manuf. h. 

Wade Augustus P. ins. ag^ b. 

Wilbur Geo. A. trav. s'man, h. 
369 Aylsworth Emma L.widow.h. 

Benson Vivian L. phvsician 

Puller Prank, clerk, h. 

Hennessy Dennis B. pianos,h. 

Hennessy Frederick b.clerk,b. Norman Rev. h. 

Wilbur Mary L. Mrs. h. 

270 Campbell James, wool ext. h. 
Hutcnins Malancis E. widow,h. 
Hutchins Thos. L.china,etc.b. 

271 Spooner Benj. P. clerk, rms. 
Wright Eliza E. Mrs. b. 

273 Handy M. B. asst. undertkr.b. 
Hunt Oliver P. painter, h. 

273 Accetturo Michael, boot rep. 
373rAshton Samuel, cigar mfr. h. 

274 Duncan Richard P. physician 
Worrall William H. teller, h. 

275 Lafontaine Marie Miss, h. 
Leahy Edward, coachman, b. 
Smith Almira Mrs. b. 
Taylor Joseph D. painter, h. 
Tucker Harris A. machinist, h. 

277 Tyrrell Coal & Grocery Co. 

278 Booth Pred Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Manchester Annie S. b. 
Rice G. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

279 Austin Alonzo O. reg. phar. 

280 Thompson E. P. pharmacist 

281 Gillett Edward P. bicycles 

282 Barsantee Edwin R. clerk, h. 

283 Brown Stephen, h. 

Chedell P.B. lumb. surveyor, b. 
Cunningham Jas. P. laborer, b. 
Moore Henry H. carpenter, b. 
Seaver Charles L. student, b. 
Seaver Emil, baker, h. 
Seaver Prank, jeweler, b. 
Voight Ernst, tailor, rms. 

284 apt. 20, Bliss Chas. A.driver,h. 

285 Lee Pang, laundry, h. 

286 apt. i8,ArabianManoog,jew.h. 
apt. 19, 

287 Meister Chas. L. & Co. tailors 
289 Draper Wm. P. hostler, rms. 
291 Hussey A. Manchester, v. store 

293 Chace George E. watchmaker 

294 Campbell Chas. P. clerk, b. 
Gardiner Owen G. clerk, h. 
apt 7, Robinson Emma,drsmk, 
^pt. 8, Allen Prank V. clerk, h. 
apt 21, GiffordMaryS. widow, h. 

294 apt 22, Murphy Daniel, elec'n,h. 
apt 34,Meister Chas. L. tailor, h. 
apt35,Predrickson N.filectr.h. 

295 Copeland Mary E. Mrs. grocer 

297 Knutton Edwin J. b. 

K nut ton Mary, widow, h. 
Mc Kenzie And? w,locksm' th,b. 
McKenzie A. W. locksmith, h. 
McKenzie James. machinist,b. 

298 Blackburn wilding, periodicals 

300 Lewis Geo. P. contractor 
Milner Jesse T. plumber 

301 Prov. Sash and Blind Co. 

304 Hayward Wm. S. Mr. & Mrs. 
sum. res. "The Glen," near 
Pawtuxet, h. 
307 Brown Wm. E. stocking mfr. 

Torr Mary, widow, h. 
310 Bernard Phileas, baker, b. 

Bicknell Ernest, baker, b. 

Brennan Patrick, baker, b. 

Brion William, baker 

Dunbar Alexander, clerk, b. 

Kiernan Thomas, baker, b. 

Norton John, baker, b. 

Rice&rfay ward, cracker bak'rs 

Tarbox William, clerk, b. 

Trainor Pelix, baker, b. 

Wall wood H. clerk, b. 
315 Arnold Charles Henry, rms. 

Morrison W. Prank, physician 

Morrison Wm. V. Rev. h. 

324 Seaver Henry M. baker, h. 

325 Kingman Eugene, physician 

326 Carpooty J. M. hairdresser 

327 Kingman Eugene Dr.& Mrs.h. 
Kingman Eugene A. student, b. 

334 Andrews A. H. Miss, sten. h. 

Andrews Clarke W. clerk, h. 

Littlefield Edw'd.J.bookkpr.b. 

Littlefield Nathan W. clerk, b. 

Powe Darius N. physician 

Rose Almanza J. h. 
337 Childs Arvedina H. Miss, h. 

Childs Clara T. Miss, h. 

Childs Wm. H. h. 
344 Brooks Emily E. widow, h. 

Brown J. Edmund. phvsician.h. 

Brown Martha Mrs. b. 

Brown M. Plorence, tchr. b. 

Harvey M. L. Miss,nurse,rms. 

Kay C. B. Mrs. mus. tchr. h. 

Kinney Myron R. Mrs. h. 

Swan Herbert Lewis, clerk, b. 
351 Hazelton Chas. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Packard Clinton J. clerk, b. 


House Directory. 

Broad St.— Continued. 

351 Packard DeW. C.Mr.& Mrs.h. 
Packard Joel, b. 

352 Eddy Jesse P. importer, h. 
Eddy Jesse P. jr. b. 

354 Arnold Thomas F. Mr. b. 

Church H. M. Mrs. housek'pr. 
359 Potter Archibald C. s'man, b. 

Potter James A. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
359rHynes Wm. N. hostler, h. 

369 Tourtellot A. C. Mr & Mrs. h. 

370 Rand Carrie S. Mrs. b. 
Sumner Arthur P. lawyer, b. 
Sumner A. M. Miss, b. 
Sumner Ossian Dr. & dr. h. 

371 Hall Charles F. ins. agt. b. 
Hall Clifton A. architect, h. 

cor. Major, Trinity M. E. Church. 
382 Saugy A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
386 Church of New Jerusalem 
393 Abbott Harlan F. physician, h. 
408 Hines William A. hairdresser. 
410 Shepley John R. harness mfr. 
414 Bates Prank A. liquors 
416 Waterman Margaret, widow, b. 
420 Sing Kee. laundry 
422 Haskell Mfg. b'rine mfrs. 

Jones William H. tinsmith 

usher File Co. file mfg. 
424 Berthiauame Feli:s. shoemaker 
426 Forshner Knapp, carriage rep. 
432 Forshner Knapp, blacksmith 
442 Riewold Frank, plumber, b. 

Riewold Julius, liquors, h. 
444 Riewold Julius, liquors 
452 Glines Edward C. broker, h. 

Glines E. RoUand. student, b. 

Pigeon Arthur, carpenter, h. 

Pigeon Ernest A. clerk, b. 

Pigeon Joseph A. operative, b. 
462 Coyle Francis, jr. clerk, b. 

Vetter Albert, clerk, b. 

Vetter H. cloth inspector, h. 
484 Leonard Michael, horseshoer 

McKay Wm. A. jr. &Co. h*shoers 
494 Goffe Fred'k L. clerk, h. 

Goflfe Fred'k W. clerk, b. 

Johnson William, colorer, b. 
500 Had field Mary, widow, h. 

Hadfield Wm. vary, store 
510 Jamieson Wm. dry goods 
ohearson James, shoemaker 

514 O'Donnell Hugh V. reg. phar. 

515 Fisher John W. driver, h. 
517 Jones William H. tinsmith, h. 
521 Costigan John, burnisher, b. 

521 Costigan Julia. Mrs. h. 
521 Gove Sarah, widow, h. 
527 Pellett Josiah K.Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Pellet t Samuel G. grocer 
529 Barney Josiah K.Mr.& Mrs. h. 
532 Comstock Wm. A. H. Mr. & 
Mrs. h. 

Jameson Walter, valet 
532rTennant F. U. coachman, h. 
543 Berton Jacob W. physician 

Gladding Margaret, widow, *b. 

Hubbard Fanny Mrs. b. 
550 Comstock Juliet, widow, h. 
557 Belcher Leander C. Mr.&Mrs. 
sum. res. at Shawomet 
Beach, h. 

Jones S. W. C. b. 

Leahy Daniel, coachman 

571 Halton Barbara Miss, b. 
Mason Israel B.Mr.&Mrs.sum. 

res. at Drownville, rec. day, 
Monday, h. 
Merchant Geo. B. Mr. & Mrs.h. 

572 Atwood Chas. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Atwood Ernest P. student, b. 

575 Fenner Alexander W.reg. phar. 
577 Woodward A.A.Mrs, dry gds. 
579 Allen Asa P. trav. s'man. h. 

Hammond Geo. L. pnnter, b. 

Hammond HerbtT.engrav.h. 

Sontag Emil A. clerk, b. 
583 Baker & Burke, grocers 

Dube Alexander, teamster, h. 

Dube Thomas, carpenter, h. 
585 Baker Abbie F. Mrs. h. 

Baker Ardelia Miss. h. 

Baker Frank E. grocer, h. 

Hall Chas. S. salesman, rms. 
587 Coffin Edward L. provisions 
589 Eddy Richard H. physician 
593 Darling E. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
599 Smith Ernest R. b. 

Smith Hattie Miss, h. 

Smith Robert E. Mr. & Mrs.h. 

Smith Robert O. h. 

Smith Sallie Miss, h. 

602 Billings E. G. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

603 Smith George H.machinery.h. 
Smith W. J. B. machinist, b. 

609 Bauer F. L. sec. & treas. h. 

610 Curry Rose & Mary, Misses, h. 
620 Brown John P. jeweler, h. 

Stone Benjamin, foreman, h. 
628 Desmond F. draperyman, b. 

Hudson W. R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
638 Campbell Frank H. editor, b. 

House Directory. 




638 Campbell Harvey, editor, b. 
§42 Boyd Samuel, Mr. & Mrs. b. 

BcclestonAlvinH. physician, b. 

Farnum Ernest, clerk, b. 

Stanley Frederick, coacbman 

Sweet Albert H clerk, b. 
650 Bayer Cbas. W. Mr. & Mrs. b. 

Shurrocks Alfred F.arcbit'ctb. 

Sburrocks Tbos. H.foreman^b. 

Zepp Louise M. Miss, h. 
656 Hazard Alfred, b. 

Macban George, pbysician, b. 

Winn Edward S. b. 

Winn Harry C. driver, b. 
660 Kendall Henry E.Mr. &Mrs. h. 

Kendall H. Augts.Mr.&Mrs.b. 
662 Hindle Frank R. dr'gbtsmn.b. 

McLane Jobn Mr. & Mrs. b. 

664 Arey Sophronia, widow, b. 
Stetson G. L.embr. stamping, b. . 

665 Antbony Cbas.W. salesman, b. 
Antbony Susan E. widow, b. 

666 Davis Sarab T. widow, b. 
Thompson James E. bookpr.b. 

671 Hedge T. F. Mr. & Mrs. b, 

Redneld Paul S. pbysician 

Suesman Asa B. lawyer, b. 

Suesman A. L. Mrs. b. 

Suesman W. P. lawyer, b. 
677 Marden Frank W. Mr. &Mrs.b. 
680 Doughty Henry J.Mr.&Mrs.b. 
704 Angell Arthur F.springwat'r,b. 

Chase Frank B. com pos i tor, rms. 

Manchester Benj. B. grocer, h. 
708 Angell Cbas. P. spring water, b. 

Angell H.N.Mrs, spring wtr.h. 

Angell Sarah L. widow, b. 

Gardiner Sallie F. widow, b. 
716 Pettis Robert, oysters, b. 
719 Holland D. J. lawyer, b. 

Holland Ellen F. widow, b. 

Holland James A. tailor, b. 
721 Jacobs T. Carroll Dr. & Mrs. 

Tacobs Ruth A. Miss.teacb'r.b. 

Whipple Emeline B. Miss, h. 
726 Hagan Ann Mrs. b. 

Hagan James H. importer, b. 
728 Weaver Cbas. H. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
730 HibbardNatbanielpbysician.b 

Robinson E. S. Miss. tcbr. b. 
736 Miller Lewis G. buyer, b. 
cor. Stan wood. Calvary Baptist 

753 Risk Wintbrop A. physic'n. b. 
755 Risk Wintbrop A. physician 


782 Goff Simon K. grocer 
786 Austin A. O. reg. phar. b. 

Austin Orren R. clerk, b. 
790 Carney Margaret Mrs. var. store 
794 Pierce Frank F. bartender, h. 
796 Canfield CharlesE. engineer, b. 

Canfield EdwardW.toolmkr.b. 

Sumner Edw. L. salesman, h. 
cor. Laura, Home for Aged Men, 
H. B. Buffiington, matron 

Allen Albert C. 

AUin Daniel R. 

Ames Jobn B. 

Ballou Frank O. 

Barney William, watchman 

Capen Geo. O. 

Capron Martin 

Child John N. 

Eddy Alexander W. 

Gardner Amos 

Gardner John H. 

Ingraham Matthew A. 

McKay David 

Middleton John 

Pinkham Hervey, 

Place Raymond G. 

Richardson Alonzo, nurse 

Rhodes William 

Sabin Jesse 

Searle Benjamin P. 

Smith George 

Smith Tames T. 

Snow Alvin 

Spencer Joel M. 

Tinkham Albert F. engineer 

Tuthill Seth H. 

Watson John W. 

Wells Henry A. 

Westcott Nathaniel W. 

White George F. 

White Thomas W. 

Wilmarth Joseph 

Wright Nathaniel R. 

Young Henry 
831 BamabvHerb'tM. bicycle agt. 
833 Gracia Frank, hairdresser 
835 Buckley Alfred, grocer, b. 

Jackson William, porter, h. 

837 Buckley Alfred, grocer 

838 Harris Mary L. widow, b, 
838rSmitb Arie, bricklayer, b. 

839 Grant David, physician 
Grant Eliza Miss, b. 
Manning Mich'l F. drugg,t, h. 
Vaugban AlbertF.Mr.&Mrs.b. 


House Dikectory. 

Broad SU^Continued. 

841 Keboe & Manning, reg. phar. 

859 Hawes J. M. Mr.,Mrs.,&ars.h. 
SsgrDwyer Philip, coachman, h. 

860 Swenson Ernest, bicycle repr. 
862 Ingraham E.B.agt.jew'rymfr. 
864 Herold Paul F. baker 

866 McElroy L. P. Miss, var'y store 
872 Longo Silvestro, shoemaker 
674 Dennis Lydia A. widow, h. 

iillson Andrew, h. 
illson Pardon P. jeweler, h. 
ohnson Conrad J. carpntr. h, 
^Tood John J. lapidary, h. 
878 Goff MezzeniaE.electrician,h. 
886 Richards C. P. carriage painter 

Trimble Wm. blacksmith 
890 Sing Fang, laundry 

South Prov. Plumbing Co. 
897 Astle Charles H. clerk, b. 
Astle Christopher, student, b. 
Astle Solon R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
899 Niven Wm. T. clerk, h. 
903 Goff Ira N. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Goff William W. clerk, b. 
906 Evans Edgar F. carpenter 
Stone Albert, wheelwright 

910 Yea ton R. A. grocer 

911 Wood ward W. Mr., Mrs.&drs.h. 
Woodward William L. clerk, b. 

926 French Ella, variety store 
930 French Ella Mrs. h. 

French M. E. Miss,mus.tchr.b. 

Magoon John M. Mr. & Mrs.h 

Magoon Oliver L. student, b. 

Westervelt Hezekiah, b. 

WesterveltWm. H. salesman.h. 
934 Tyler Charles H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Tyler Susan Mrs. & drs. h. 
940 Cory Zepporah B. Mrs. h. 

Remlinger JohnL.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
947 Batchelor Wm. W.motormn.h. 
953 Coakley Edward P. b. 

Coakley John, grocer, b. 

Coakley Mic'l Mr.,Mrs.&drs.h. 
955 Coakley Bros, grocers 
973 Everson Ed w'dW. con tract* r.h. 

Wheeler N. J. Rev. & Mrs. h. 
1002 Banks Edwin, silversmith, h. 

Cath George, engraver, h. 
io2oFrink Chas. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
1022 Fisher J. Leroy, physician 
i026Doe Rebecca L. Mrs. b. 

Doe Wallace A. Mr. & Mrs. b. 

Doe William L. police, h. 
i028Viall Wm. E., P. F. D. h. 

io54Washington Geo.A.teamstr.h. 

Williams George, teamster, b. 

io54r Powell Fredk. D. teamster, b. 

Powell Pembroke, hairdrsr. h. 

i056Alexander Evelyn Miss. h. 

Thomas William H. porter, h. 
io56rWarner Tno.'ge.p'ter.h. 
io66South Alfred, clerk, b. 
South Horace P. b. 
South Martha J. Mrs. h. 
Webb Fred, rubber wkr. b. 
io7oBarnes Albert K. b. 

Mathewson J.Arthur, t'mstr.h. 
io74Ayer Chas. H. painter, b. 

Ayer Wm. P. clerk, h. 
io82Angell Sylvester Mrs. h. 

Smith Chas. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
io86Manning P. F. blacksmith 
io88Camey Hugh & Co. tinsmiths 
i093Early Jos. C. clerk, h. 
i094Roberts Thomas, bicycles 
i096Roger Williams Hall 
-1 098 Barnes AbbieM. Mrs. physi'n,h. 
Barnes William H. b. 
Hollis Willis C. carpenter, h. 
ii02Kent Ezra H., U. R. R. b. 

Kent Huxhum P. toolmaker,h. 
iii2McGlinn Lewis, b. 

Salisbury Lydia B. widow, b. 
iii8Pratt William, machinist, h. 
ii24Aus|in Herbert P. grocer 
ii32Lee Ah, laundry 
ii42TensonJohn G. florist, h. 
ii44jenson John G. florist 
iiSoMuccino Peter, hairdresser 
1 163 Doughty Arthur S. ice cream 
ii9orSowden Edgar B.brksmith,h. 
iigSPark Coal Co. 
i204Sowden Edgar B. blacksmith 
i224Bliss William P. con feet' y, etc. 
i248Patt Fred'k A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Patt Howard E. b. 
i254Heaton Chas. D. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
i297Sludley Edw. S. blacksmith, h. 

Wagner Wm. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
i299Colwell Oscar H. bicycles 
i304Eddy George S. h. 
i3i6Engine No. 18 
i323Ballou F. M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Ballou F. M. & Co. concreters 
Hathaway F. A. concreter,b. 
Kent Herbert H. b. 
i348Ruff Chas E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
i366Crossley Joseph W. clerk, b. 

House Directory. 


i366Crossley Louis H. baker, h. 

Tan* Joseph H. silversmith, h. 
1 369 Davis Pred'k E. clerk, b. 

Haswell George H. plumber,h. 
i374Sperry Henry, h. 
i402Porter Frank H. painter, h. 

Stetson James N. mchst, h. 
i403SullivanA.V.Mrs. dressmkr,h. 

Sullivan J ulidT.Missdrsmkr,h. 
i405Goflf Jas. T., P.P.D., h. 
i406Curtis Abbie P., widow, h. 

Curtis Wilbur T. b. 

Griffith Isaac W. chaser, h. 

Griffith Phebe T. Mrs. h. 
i407Hill Geo. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
T409Marsh A. D. pres., Sterling 

Supply & R. Co. h 
141 1 Wilson James, grocer 
I4i2£llis Chas. L. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
1 41 8 Lawrence Mary £ Mrs. h. 
1 424 Watson James, plater, h. 
i426Mason Chas. B. jeweler, h. 
i428Dorr EdwinfH. clerk, b. 

Dorr John H. grocer, h. 

Dorr Samuel P. grocer, b. 
i43iBowditch Wm. J. collector, h. 

Simmons Geo. C. carpenter, b. 
i433Paterson J. D. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
1434 Parker £. L. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
i436Eble Rose, widow, h. 

Stahl P. G. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Stahl Prederick J. h. 
1437 Paterson John D. reg. phar. 
i459Anderson Chas. D. cashier, b. 

Anderson Lindsay , oyster h. h. 

Duxbury Mary E. Miss, b. 
1471 Buxton G. Edward, physician 

Buxton G.Edward jr.studnt,b. 
1 47 5 Washington Park News Co. 
i477Rodgers John C. dry goods 
i479Muccino I^eter, hairdresser 
June. Eddy, Broad St. GrammarSchl 
148 1 Peck Manton D. druggist 
i483Cyr Alfred A. carpenter, h. 

Cyr Peter, carpenter, h. 
i485Pontaine Edw. hairdresser, h. 
1487 Dillingham C. W. & Co. un- 
1491 Kimball Harry W. physician 
i493Kimball Harry W. physn, h. 
i497Greene Stejph. D. jr. jewlr. h. 
iSoiBuckJohn S. boarding stable,h. 

Daley John, laborer, b. 

Maloney John, ins. agt. b. 
i503Dauphinee Henry H. plumber 

Wing Sam, laundry 

iSosGymnasium for Women and 
Renzi Custode, shoemaker 


4 Case Philip, h. 
Case Philip Mrs. h^ 

5 Mead Wm. B. dentist 

21 Lance John D. physician 
Walford Prancis N. widow, h. 
Walford Herbert L. b. 
Ward Geo. A. draughtsman,h. 
Wilcox Pred'k. R. clerk, b. 

27 Smith Carrie L. mus. tchr. b. 
Smith Cynthia A. widow, h. 

28 Black Pred, b. 
Edwards S. M. switchman, b. 
Page Prank A. prop. man. h. 

30 Barnes Nellie L. Mrs. drsmkr. 
Barnes Timothy E. painter, h. 

31 Jones Pred H. salesman, h. 
33 "Barker Edward B. tel. opr. b. 

Melick Geo. H. bookkpr. b. 
Munro L. M. Mrs. mus. tchr. 
Munro WiirdN.Pos.Tel.Co.h. 
35 Millen Abbie M. widow, h. 

38 Bicknell George P. h. 

39 Cross Clarence S. clerk, b. 
Cross Hiram C. clerk, h. 

40 Bates Andrew J. clerk, h. 

41 Leong Charles, laundry 
4i^Barth Gustavus, tailor 

42 Langstaff Alfred M. b. 
Westraacott J. W.jew'rs.sup.h. 

43 Robust elle Anton io,shoemk.b. 
Rubustelle Peter, shoemkr. h. 

43)^Conte Antonio, hairdresser 
45 Dunn John C. plumber 

47 Valentine Jennie Mrs. bakery 
47rValentine John, upholsterer 

48 Aldrich Emma, widow, b. 
Mayers Prederick, clerk, b. 
Segar C. M. blacksmith, h. 

51 United Presbyterian Church 

52 Buckley Dennis P. mach. b. 
Buckley Jeremiah, mach. b. 
Huntoon Lizzie Mrs. h. 
Maloney Wm. machinist, b. 
O'Connell John, machinist, b 

54 Harmon John C. provisions 
56 Zampini Domenico, tailor, h. 
60 Broadway Grocery 
68 Carpenter Chas. A. rms. 

Penner Arnold B. oils, b. 

Martin Robt. H. colorer, rms. 

Nettleton DwightS.bdg house 


House Directory. 

Broadway— Continued, 

75 McNally Tames, h. 
SteereCx. A.chief of Firedept h. 

76 Marsh Henry, foreman, b. 
Taber Herbert, clerk, b. 

78 BurchardEdm' 
Kendall Chas. E. bookkpr. b. 
Morse A. Louisa Miss, b. 
Morse Mary H. Miss, b. 
Robbins Arthur E. clerk, b. 
Stone H. Amanda Mrs. h. 
Taber Herbert E. clerk, b. 
Willis George, draughtsmn,b. 
Wright Walter E. clerk, b. 

81 Whitman William H. h. 

82 Goodman George W. h. 
Good man Lou iseMrs.physic*n 
Mountain Margaret T. Mrs. b. 
Riopelle Felix S. h. 

St James Adeline, widow, b. 

Whipple Annie M. widow, h. 
84 Brucker Albert, clerk, h. 

Clauson J. E. reporter, b. 

Craig Ernest S. clerk, r. 
84 Davis Hugh, draughtsman, r. 

Donaldson Wm.atScrewFac.r. 

Healy M. E. Miss, manager.r. 

JoyGraceW. Miss, tchr. eleco. b. 

Morrill George, r. 

Redding Edwin A. bookkpr. r. 

Ward John, jeweler, rms. 

White Frank D. salesman, r. 

Wood Oscar W. musician, rms. 

89 Cederfelt Herman, tailor, r. 
Colwell Allen, clerk, rms. 
Hall William, clerk, rms. 
Hart Daniel, salesman, rms. 
Haynes Webster, salesman, r. 
Osborne Frances Mrs. rms. r. 
Rogers John, laundry man, r. 
Swift John F. rms. 
Wood Charles,provisions,rms. 

90 Leete George F. broker, h. 
Remington Kate, Miss, b. 

95 Blakely William, h, 

96 Coons Arthur, b. 

Eddy Walter M. clerk, b. 

Harris Charles A. clerk, b. 

Harris Etta Mrs. h. 

Selbing M. G. "Telegram." b. 

Smart William E.sterotyper.r. 
loi Gagnon Engenie L.Mme phy. 

Gagnon Fortunate, h. 
104 Harriman J. W. Me. DairyCo.h. 

Jones Arthur T. physician, h. 

106 Diacont Frank J. designer, r. 
Donald N. J. Miss,metaphys'n 
Stanton B. Frank, h. 
Stevens Olin W. salesman, b. 

107 Kenyon Geo. L. clerk, h. 
Monroe Byron L conductor, h. 

no Brown Albert N. clerk, h. 

Hudson Anthony, tel. opr. r. 

McKenna M. Miss,fancygds.h. 

Misch James, teacher, b. 

Peckham J. S. cabinet mkr. h. 
113 Arnold H. E. Mrs. h. 

Burlingame Margaret Mrs. h. 

Pierce Albert P. clerk, b. 

115 Durell Perham E. painter, h. 
Eccleston Edith Mrs. clerk, r. 
Latham Frank C. carpenter,h. 
Little Jessie A. clerk, rms. 
Millett Edw'd H. violin tchr. 
Mitchell Oscar R. jeweler, r. 
WhippleLonieJ. Miss,drmkr.b. 

116 Lothrop F. L^reg. pbar. 
ii8 Brink Chas. A. fireman, b. 

Najac Munson H. painter, h. 
Wright A. C.trav. salesman, b. 
Wright Augustus, h. 
121 Arnold Burrill, P. F. D. h. 
Hammerle Charles J. b. 
Hammerle Sebast'n.trV.agth. 

123 Kee Wah, laundry 

124 Claflin Geo. L. 2d, clerk, b. 
Clafiin Mary T. Miss, h. 
Claflin Oren, h. 

Claflin Robert F. b. 

Homer Frances M. wid6w, h. 

Simmons Frank A.j'lry mfr.b. 

127 Greene Chas. H. jeweler, h. 
Greene Howard, waiter, b. 
Greene W. A. engraver, b. 

128 Gardner Holly, conductor, h. 
Walsh Michael}sician,h. 

130 Stevenson Geo.L.scenic art.b. 
Stevenson Leon C. plumber, h. 
Stevenson L. C. Mrs. tchr. h. 

131 Angell Chas. E. belt hooks, b. 
Gardner Sarah S. widow, b. 
Presbrey Allen A. box mfr, h. 
Presbrey Howard A.b'okkpr. b. 
Ryan Clarence A. s'man, b. 
Sherman H. E. Miss, drsmkr. 

134 Lewis Hubert A. manager, b. 
Lewis R. J. M. physician, h. 
Lewis Samuel A.,b. 

135 Brown HarrietC. Mrs. d'smkr.h. 
Cleveland Louise, widow, h. 
Higgins Sarah, widow, b. 

House Directory. 


136 Francis Geo. B. civ. eng. b. 

Mead Harry B. clerk, b. 

Mueller Louis W.mer. tailor, b. 

Oatley Walter M. clerk, b. 

Robinson Warren I, b. 

Robinson W. I. gen. mangr.b. 

Whiting Borden D. student.b. 

Whiting Flore' ceC.Miss.t'hr.b. 

Whiting Joseph C. Mrs h. 
139 Collins Chas. E. fish, etc. 

146 Johnson Cordelia M. widow,h. 

147 l^wolinski Jos. K. ladies tailor 

148 Abbott Edmund, physician 
Moore Elizabeth A. Mrs. h. 
Porter Wm. J.trav.s'man.rms. 

151 Arthur Professor, palmist 
Morgan Jane Mrs. h. 
Roscoe F. H. h. 

155 Chaffee Walter B. periodicals 

156 Jenney ArthurC.electrician.b. 
Leonard George, jeweler, b. 
Peyser F. E. jeweler, b. 
Sparrow Orrin L. h. 

157 Barber Andrew J. bakery, h. 
Smith Kath. E. Miss.dsmkr. h. 
Taylor Chas. E. filecutter, b. 

158 Anderson Arthur S. hatter, h. 
Shattuck George L. physician 

159 Haynes & Co. apothecaries 
Sawyer Chas. H. crayon artist 

164 Dervin S. M. Miss, drsmkr. h. 
Dervin & Johnson, dressmkrs. 
Johnson Walter A. Mrs. h. 
Murray John A. physician, h. 

165 Powers James H.oct.surg'n.b. 
Stillman Celia A. Mrs. h. 
Wales Alfred B. die cutter, b. 

166 Murray John A. physician 

167 Gardner A. A. Mrs. drsmkr. h. 

168 McKenna M. Miss, fancy gds. 

170 Murray S. A. Miss, dressmkr. 

171 McCrillis Arthur M. clerk, b. 
McCrillis A. B. Mr. & Mrs. b. 

172 McLaren J. A. Miss, tchr. h. 
McLaren fcobt. J. collector, h. 
Owler Duncan J. clerk, h. 

175 Barriere Maurice E. clerk, b. 
Gibbs Edward W. bookkpr. b. 
Macwatty Alec, trav. slsmn. h. 
Nickerson Elias S. printer, b. 
Spalding Frank, mech. eng. h. 

176 Browne R. F. C. physician, h. 
Gardner S. B. h. 

Gardner W. S. salesman, b. 
178 Donnelly A. G.Miss,dressmkr. 
180 Blaney W. Harry, patrnmkr.b. 

180 ChapmanEdwinS.patrnmkr.h. 
Chapman G B. Mrs. bkkpr.h. 

181 Aldrich E. K. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Aid rich Ed\y. K. jr. student, b. 
Aldrich Thos.W.Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Horton Daniel M. b. 

182 Bailey Ambrose A. h. 
Bailey W. S. tel. operator, b. 
Bartlett Mary E. widow, h. 
Stevens Eugene. Capt.police,h. 
Woods Conrad C. liquors, b. 

185 Board man Henry W. lawyer, b. 
Carleton George O. clerk, b. 
Carleton Jennie E. widow, h. 
Flint Frank S. tailor, h. 
Shurtleff Fremont 

186 Private Sanitarium 
Macdonald Mrgrt. Miss, nurse 
Smith Lillian E. Miss,nurse,b. 

189 White Henry C. Mrs. & drs. 

sum. res, at Chepachet, h. 
194 Bowen Chas. W. Mr.& Mrs. h. 
196 Williams H. N. physician 
198 Williams H. N. Dr. & Mrs. 

sum. res. at Narraga*t Pier,h. 
nr. Pallas. Broadway M. E. Church 

201 Chapman H. W. trav. slsmn. h. 
Chapman W.A.trav.slsman.b. 
Clarke Charles,shipping clk.b. 
Clarke Charles N. clerk, b. 
McBlain J. & M. Misses, h. 

202 Peirce Caroline T. Mrs. h. 
Peirce Truman B. clerk, b. 
Rounds C. M. widow, h. 

207 Beedle Chas H. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
210 Crowell N. Mr., Mrs. & dr. h. 

214 Robinson Annie M. widow,h. 
Smith T. G. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 

res. West Dennis, Mass. h. 

215 Keily Andrew, b. 

Keily Bartholomew, brewer.h. 

216 Jackson Harriet A. Mrs. h. 
Metcalf Lucy A. Miss, h. 
Paine George T. Mr. h. 

221 Carpenter Thos. A.Mr. &Mrs.h. 
Carpenter Wm. B. clerk, b. 
Willard Hezekiah Mr.&Mrs.h. 

222 Dey Annie S. Mr.s. h. 
Rawson Susan R. Miss, art.h. 
Rawson Thos. B. Mr. h. 

225 Barolet Louis P. dentist, h. 
Barolet M. Mdlle, vocal tchr. 
Vian Alphonse, clerk, b 

226 Cressy Geo. P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

227 Brennan Mary A. Miss, b. 
Hoye C. T. b. 

Timothy O'Connor, Florist, 

Blackstone Boulevaro 

272 Westminster 8t« 


House Directory. 

Broadway— Con/tnued. 

227 Hoye Francis E. designer, b. 

Hoye Henry J. student, b. 

Hoye Pat'k F. Mr. & Mrs. b. 
231 Moss George M. student, b. 

Moss Mary D. Dr. 

Moss Norman A. student, b. 

Moss Wm. W. student, b. 

235 Holroyd Geo. F.Mr. &Mrs. h. 
Low Elizabeth E. Mrs. h. 

236 Beckwith Robt.L.Mr. &Mrs.h. 

242 Baker Alpheus Mrs. b. 
Foster Edward W.Mr. &Mrs.h. 
Foster Geo. E. electrician, b. 
Harding Susan, widow, h. 
Leete Elizabeth F. widow, h. 
Leete S. L. Miss, stenog'r. b. 

243 Spink Ben J.W.Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Spink Nicholas C. b. 

245 Greene Howard J. clerk, h. 

Greene Josephine G.widow.b. 

Johnson Wm.S. Mrs. sum. res. 
Warwick, h. 
250 Arnold Fred'k F. agent, h. 

Lamson Henry A. h. 

253 Gregory W. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 

res. Wick ford, h. 

254 Stanley Chas. H. jeweler, b. 
Stanley L. H. watchman, h. 
Wing Fred H. clerk, h. 

256 Burns Nellie Miss, h. 

Horton Albert Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Horton Albert, jr. b. 

Horton Harry M. foreman, b. 

256 Horton William S. b. 

257 Cunaingham H. W. supt. h. 
Roger Williams Eye, Ear and 

Throat Infirmary 

261 Folsom Herbert A. chemist, b. 
Swasey Helen S. Mrs. h. 

262 Bacon J. L. clerk, b. 
Gladding Elizabeth E. Miss, b. 
Gladding Louise C. widow, h. 
Gladding M. Louise Miss, h. 
Gladding Royal H. lawyer, b. 

265 O'Keefe John A. physician 
268 Brownell Harriet F. Mrs. & 
dr. sum. res. Middletown, 
rec. day, Wednesday, h. 

Osborne George, coachman 
272 Raia Francis A. clerk, b. 

Raia Vito L, physician 
276 Gleason James Mrs. h. 

Gleason 1. K. real est. agt. b. 
278 Parker Chas. S. physician, h. 
280 Brown Joseph W. liquors, h. 

280 Drake Henry L. b. 

Peabody Jos D. shoemkr, h. 
284 D'Alvini Fred'k, adv. agt. h. 

288 Evans Edwin B. student, b. 
Evans Henry R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Luther Charles E. clerk, b. 
Luther Wm. H. stucco wkr. h. 

289 Brown Clara W. Mrs. b. 
Walton John M. designer, b. 
Walton W. A. Mr. Mrs. & dr. h. 
Walton Wm. H. manuf. h. 

292 Appleton Wm. jr. florist 

298 Hayward C. A. rubber gds. h. 

299 Eddy Chas. F. Mr. Mrs. & drs. h. 
Eddy C. Sumner, clerk, b. 

306 Rose Freeman M. Mr.&Mrs.h. 
Tingley A. L. Miss, h. 

315 Arnold Wm. R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Arnold William R. jr. b. 

316 Hubbard Samuel R. clerk, b. 
Swan Alice Mrs. h. 

319 Bixby E. N. & Co. grocers 

322 Burke Lucy A. widow, h. 
Chase H. K. Miss, teacher, h. 
Fielden A. F. Mrs. teacher, b. 
Hart Geo. Thos. clerk, h. 
Pierce Bradford B. Mrs. h. 
Shelley Mattie W. Miss, b. 

323 Blaine Edwin L. jeweler, b. 
Blaine Frank J. jeweler, b. 
Blaine Joseph L. jeweler, h. 
Dowd Michael W. grocer, h. 
Field Albert H. actor, b. 
Field Tabez, printer, h. 
Field Wm. S. compositor, b. 

327 Barton William, clerk, b. 
Eraser John D. clerk, b. 
Eraser Mary Mrs. h. 
Harrison Thos. H. clerk, b. 
Rodman James W. jeweler, b. 

328 Pierce E. E. physician 

330 Holland Julia J. Miss, h 
Lester Clarence B. student, b. 
Lester Eugene B. bookkpr. b. 
Lester T. Erastus, lawyer, h. 

331 Bernard Chas. H. meat c'r, h. 
Bernard C. H. Mme.dressmkr. 

334 Hough E. B. Mr. & Mrs. b. 
Hough W. S. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 
res. at But ton woods, h. 
340 Phillips Geo. R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
343 Morgan Wm. H. Mr. & Mrs. 
sum. res. Prudence Park, h. 
347 Eaton Chas. L. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
355 Bent Margie Miss, bVding. h. 
Bissell Horace, teacher, b. 

House Directory. 


355 But terfield Edwin G.printer,b. 

Dale Henry O. clerk, b. 

Goodson Geo. A. b. 


Waters John W. clerk, b. 
358 Waite C. D. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 

res. Bay Side, b. 
362 Knight E. B. physician 
366 Knight E. B. physician, h. 

Knight Russell W. clerk, b. 
369 Cannon Mary P. Mrs. h. 

Peck L.R.Mr.&Mrs. sum. res. 
at Barrington, h. 

371 Spicer Geo. C. b. 

Spicer Wm. A Mr. & Mrs. 

sum. res. at Pawtuxet, h. 
Spicer Wm. A. jr. clerk, b. 

372 Sweet Leprilete, lumber, h. 
376 Darby Elizabeth A. Miss,phy. 

Flanagan Kate E. Miss, phy. 

380 Harris Margaret Mrs. h. 
Joslin Wm. H. manager, h. 

381 B. & C. Yeast Co. 

Healey Wm. H. car. p'nt'r, h. 

Munroe HerbertE.manager.h. 

Munroe Lyman A. driver, b. 

Neilon John, agent, b. 
387 Cressy O. S. box mfr. h. 

Snow Mary A. widow, h. 
390 Greene Charles, h. 

398 Parker R. B. Rev. & Mrs. h. 

399 Chapman A.W. b*cy spokes, b. 
Chapman Wm. A. Nfr & Mrs h. 

400 cor.Courtland, St.Tas.Epis.Ch. 
408 Calder A. L. 2d. Mr. & Mrs.b. 

Calder Geo. B. Mr. & dr. h. 
410 Northam R. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
414 Carpenter Sarah M. Miss, b. 

Garlin Nancy M. C. widow, b. 

Spencer Anna Garlin Rev. h. 

Spencer Wm. H. Rev. h. 

Taft Adin W. b. 
416 Sessions Wm. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

422 Peckham Charles H. Mr. sum. 

res. No. Scituate, h. 

423 Harris Adeline T. Miss, h. 

424 Barry Albert, physician 

426 Sampson C. F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
433 Gowmg Fred, teacher, h. 

Kendrick John Mrs. h. 

Kendrick John E. Mr.& Mrs.h. 
438 Brown PardonH.millwright,h. 

Robinson Clarence, bkkpr. h. 
441 Phillips George E. clerk, b. 

Phillips George E. Mr. & Mrs. 
sum. res. at River View, h. 

444 Spitz A. A. manager, h. 

Tompkins Fred L. clerk, h. 
446 Potter John W. Mr. & Mrs. h, 
451 Studley J. E. Mr. Mrs.& dr.h. 
454 Harrington C. C. Mr.& Mrs.h. 

Harrington Geo. W.student,h. 

Howard Emma L. Miss, h. 
459 Bray ton Robt. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

462 Kimball Lucy T. widow, h. 
Kimball Walter H. h. 

463 Adams Robert Mr. & Mrs. h. 
466 Bray ton Wm.E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Nye Walter C. bank teller, b. 

477 Troup Agnes G. Miss, h. 

478 Arnold Jas. B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
480 Wardwell Henry A. hrdrsr. h. 

Watt Andrew, physician, h. 

484 Mason & Allen, bicycles 

485 MattesonG.W.R.Mr.&Mrs. h. 

486 Fuller W. C. reg. pharmacist 
492 Battey Zepheniah R. bkkpr. b. 

Simmons Jas. A. Mr.& Mrs.h. 

497 Joslin Wm. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

498 Carroll Theresa S. Miss, h. 
507 Fuller George H. clerk, b. 

Fuller Henry A. Mr. &Mrs.h. 

Fuller Wm. H. cashier, h. 

Peirce C. E. D. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Peirce Eliza M. teacher, b. 
514 Bolden Lewis W. butler 

Prentice Frank, b. 

Prentice G. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Wilson Festus, coachman 
529 Hopkins E. W. yarn mfr. h. 
535 Loeb Wm. mfr. jeweler, h. 
538 Conlin James W. Rev. h. 

Corrigan Michael H. b. 

Brown George W. Rev h. 

Grace Thomas P. Rev. h. 

Sullivan John F. Rev. h. 
547 Eddy Elmer B. physician 

Tobey Jennie L. Miss. tchr. b. 
549 Kennedy James T.Mr. & Mrs. 
rec. day, Wednesday, h. 

Kennedy S. L. Miss, teacher, b, 

Kennedy Walter, b. 
cor. Barton, St. Mary's Roman 

Catholic Church. 
555 Hersey Walter H.Mr.&Mrs. h. 
557 Gough Margaret, h. 

Gough Peter F. bookkeeper, b. 

Kennedy Sarah, widow, h. 
563 Owen Benj. T. marble worker 
570 Howe James, lineman, h. 
572 Watters Willis E. h. 
574 Lock wood Phebe, widow, h. 


House Directory. 

Broadway— 0/f//>f»^//. 

574 Whipple Emily D. Mrs, h. 
580 Sawm Isaac W. physician 

582 Sawin Isaac W. physician, h. 

583 Gibbons John, granite 

587 GervaisF.Emeryj>hysician,h. 
587rSinipson Joseph F. h. 

589 Dunham Lucy A. Mrs. h. 
O'Donnell Ann, widow, h. 
Russell J. F. gents* goods, h. 

590 Brothers Victor, weaver, h. 
Moore Thomas, clerk, b. 
Reilly John, dressertender. b. 
Schenk William, weaver, b. 
Slater Mary, widow, h. 
Vanhoesen Brwin I. weaver, h. 

593 Gorman Bridget Mrs. h. 

Gorman Chas. A. engraver, b. 
Gorman R. A. Miss, drsmkr. 
Gorman S. A. Miss, teacher, b. 
Gorman Wm. M. clerk, b. 

595 Milan Mchl. B. physician, h. 

596 Dubeau J. D. N. physician 
Dubeau Peter, coachman, h. 

598 Dewsnap Arabelle Mrs. h, 
Dewsnap Jane, teacher, b. 
Wilman A. Albertina, wid. h. 

601 Comstock Melvill H. clerk, h. 
Lynch J. E. undertaker, h. 

603 Lynch T. E. & Co. undertakrs. 

604 Drury fames W. operative, h. 
Drury M. L. Miss, drsmkr. 
Legacy Peter, weaver, h. 
Teeban Wm. H. weaver, b. 

607 Sweeney Patrick K. florist 

608 Fish Eliza, widow, h. 

Fish Joseph A. electro pltr. b. 
Fish Wm. H. loomfixer, b. 
Reilly Thos. machinist, h. 
Reilly Thomas E. driver, b. 

609 Williams Archibald, b. 
Williams John F. ins. agt. b. 

618 Gifford Ralph E. police, h. 
McKeon Katharine S.physn.h. 

620 Grenier Ephrem, wheelwright 

621 Whitehead George E. supt. 

R. I. tool Co. h. 
624 ChapdelainePierre.stairbldr. 
cor. Harris av , Broadway Baptist 

632 Clarke Frederick, blacksmith 
640 Savoie & Page, bicycles 
650 Hanley & Cassells, plumbers 
655 Corcoran & O'Gara, liquors 
659 Dumphy Thomas, hairdresser 

659 Jacobsen Maurice, shoemaker 
661 Crowley Francis, teamster 

O'Connor Bros, liquors 
663 Reardon John J. foreman, b. 

Walsh James H. clerk, b. 

Walsh Margaret, widow, h. 
669 Keith John, loomfixer, b. 

Keith Nancy, widow, h. 

Keith Thos. clerk, b. 

Taylor Mary Mrs. confec. h. 

Taylor Thomas, laborer, b. 
671 Sheridan & Bums, liquors 
673 Cooper George, laborer, h. 

Taylor MaryMrs. confectionery 
675 Donnelly Wm. F. hairdresser 
677 Scott John, liquors 
679 Barrett Frank, weaver, b. 

Brennan Wm. spinner, b. 

Books Robert, laborer, b. 

Burke Frank, baker, b. 

Burns Patrick, woolsorter, b. 

Corden John, laborer, b. 

Cox John, clerk, b. 

Dee James, weaver, b. 

Doyle Nicholas, carpenter, b. 

Ferguson E. E. jeweler, h. 

Ferguson J. H. stevedore, h. 

Graves Patrick, laborer, b. 

Harrington Thos. laborer, b. 

MuUoly Michael, laborer, b. 

Taylor Wm. operative, b. 

Varin Joseph B. hairdresser, h. 
681 Cox Thomas L. liquors 
68irBarlow Jesse J. laborer, h. 

Gilmore James, fireman, h. 
685 Moore James F. teas, etc. 

Brook Street. 

9 Miller James S. mason, h. 
17 Gonnefla Edward, h. 

Ramos Manuel, laborer, h. 

Rogers Thomas, laborer, h. 
30 Morrits Manuel, laborer, h. 

0*Brien Geo. laborer, b. 

Sardine John, laborer, b. 

Whitty Michael, laborer, h. 
35 Sears Miller, laborer, h. 

Trainor John F. machinist, h. 

Trainor M. E. Mrs. var. store 
35rMiller George W. operative, b. 

Smith Charles F. engineer, h. 
41 Ferara Joseph, laborer, h. 

Foneca Vintura, laborer, h. 

Langton Joseph, clerk, h. 

Murphy Thomas, laborer, b. 

House Directory. 


Guts At Meats 


Different Styles^' 

Providence Public 
Market Com nan «- 

41 O'Brien Tames, laborer, h. 

Phillips Hugh, laborer, h. 

Pina Fred, laborer, b. 

Thomas John, laborer, b. 
49 Small Thomas P. liquors 

51 Arsenault Edward, teamstr,h. 
Pollard James A. laborer, b. 
Santia^ Joseph, hairdrsr. b. 
Small Thos. P. liquors, h. 

52 Ryan William H. liquors 

54 Donahue Margaret, widow, h. 
Kennedy Thos. chaser, b. 
Ryan Wm. H. liquors, h. 

55 Burke John J. laborer, b. 
Butler George, teamster, b. 
O'Brien Michael, laborer, b. 
Pollard- James, teamster, h. 
Pollard John, teamster, b. 
Reilly James, teamster, h. 
Welch Patrick, h. 

56 Kelleher Annie, widow, b. 
Kelleher John, clerk, h. 
Roderick Joseph, laborer, h. 

61 Burke Mary, widow, h. 
Ennis Lewis J. stoves, b. 
Ennis Patrick, laborer, h. 
Ennis Walter W. laborer, b. 
McGillicuddy B. blacksmith, h. 
Riley Patrick, laborer, b. 

62 Hayes John, blacksmith 
^3 Murray Bridget, widow, h. 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h. 

75 Carey John, laborer, h. 
Carey Joseph, laborer, b. 
Carey Thomas P., P.F.D. h. 
Costello Dennis, laborer, h. 
Gavin Arthur, laborer, b. 
Gavin Joseph, laborer, b. 
McSoley Charles, police, h. 
Tanner Thomas H. clerk, h. 

76 Bears John, longshoreman, h. 
Henry Joseph, mariner, h. 
Lopes Jos P. longshoreman,h. 
Willis Andrew, clerk, b. 

78 Dickinson Levi, harnessmkr 
80 Gonsalve Mary, widow, h. 

Lopes Manuel, laborer, h. 

Rose Tule, laborer, h. 

Rose Manuel, laborer, b. 
62 Frankland Joseph, clerk, h. 
83 Carey John J. h. 

Edmond Chas.E. blacksmith,b. 

McKinnon M. blacksmith, h. 
89 Santos Joseph, laborer, h. 

Silva Manuel, hairdresser, h. 

Sullivan Edw. J. plumber, b. 

89 Sullivan Jos. C. printer, b. 
Sullivan M. J. provisions, h. 

92 Dowling Michael, laborer, h. 
Dowling Michael M. jeweler, b. 
McElroy Thos. H. editor, h. 
Murphy Jeremiah, clerk, b. 

93 Sullivan Michael J. provisions 
Young Mary T. widow, h. 

94 Silva Manuel, hairdresser 
96 Reynolds Tohn, liquors 

99 Williams Celia Mrs. shoerep'g 
100 Dowling Michael, coal. etc. 
115 Lynch Cornelius, carpenter, h. 

Moylan Mich'l, horseshoer, h. 

O'Leary Daniel, laborer, b. 

Welch Garrett, carpenter, b. 
119 Wyatt Chas. R., P.F.D. h. 

122 Blake Chas. A. bookkpr, h. 
Blake John H. h. 

Cook Arthur, machinist, b. 

Cook Tames, baker, h. 

Cook Jonathan S. carpenter, b. 

123 Barton Albert G.auctioneer,h. 
Underwood Catherine, wid. h. 

127 Trainor S. Miss, var. store, h. 

128 Tate Charles J. clerk, b. 
Tate John W. jeweler, h. 

134 Difley Mary, widow, h. 
Tencks Thos. laborer, h. 
McHale Michael T. student, h. 

135 Douglass E. S. Miss. tchr. b. 
Douglass M. E. Miss, tchr. b. 
Douglass M. E. Mrs. tchr. h. 
Pelrine Clement D. P.F.D. h. 

142 Muir A. W. grocer. 

147 Shean C. E. reg. pharmacist 

148 Keegan Bernard, teamster, b. 
Keegan Mary, widow, h. 
Shea Patrick, laborer, h. 

1-51 Galligan Peter, laborer, h. 

Galligan Thomas, laborer, b. 

Victory Bridget Miss, dr.mkr. 

Victory John, laborer, h. 
152 Sullivan Michael, teamster, h. 

158 Gordon Maria A. widow, h. 
Southall Tas. H. laborer, b. 

159 Deasy John J. teamster, h. 
O'Neil Bernard J. laborer, h. 

171 Burdick John, clerk, h. 

173 Mathewson Avery S. driver, h. 

175 AndersonCharles,lunchcart,b. 

Anderson Oscar C. pipe cor. h. 

Lindquist Ernest, laborer, b. 

Nelson Edward, laborer, b. 
184 Stetson M. E. & Sarah Misses 
dressmakers, h. 


House Directory. 

Brook St. — Continued, 

185 Bulkljsy Noah E. foreman, h. 

Wilcox John B. bag. mstr. b. 
188 Powers James, machinist, h. 

Samson John, laborer, h. 
190 Ferguson Albert, laborer, h. 
211 Althans John H. baker 
248 Ballard Frank S. coachman, h. 

Robertson Wm. R. driver, b. 

Robertson JamesD. hackmn. b. 
250 Black well George, yeast agent 

Damphy Michael J. hostler, r. 

Riley James P. & Co. stable 
277 Fuller Caleb A. student, b. 

Fuller F. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
281 Fuller Herbert H.Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Peck Charles C. clerk, b. 

Peck Lewis B. clerk, b. 

283 Fuller E. D. machinist, h. 

284 Barrows Hepsea B. Miss, h. 
Browne Elizabeth K. Miss, h. 
Fitzgerald Diana B. widow, h. 

287 Combeck Geo. P. hairdr'ser,h. 

Gorham Alexander, h. 

Johnson David A. waiter, b. 
291 Burney Margaret, widow, b. 

Fegan John A. carpenter, h. 

305 DeWolf J. H. pres. h. 
305rBrady Peter J. waiter, h. 

306 Capuano Florindo, shoemkr. 
333 Wood George H. h. 

Wood Howland, student, b. 
345 Wilbur Pardon, contractor 
348 Flannigan William, florist 
359 Delaney A. G. steward, h. 
374 Holden A. F. private school 
cor. Waterman, Prov. Training 
School for Sloyd. 

406 Sully Dan'l J. cotton bkr. h. 

407 Horton BertrandJ.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
411 Balch Joseph Mr. & Mrs. h. 

415 Lamont H. Prof. & Mrs. h. 

416 Hatch W. T. Mr.&Mrs. h. 

425 Mackinney Chas. B. surv'r. b. 
Ormsbee G. L. C. drgtsman,h. 

426 Harrington Charles N. Mr. & 

Mrs. sum. res. Conanicut 

Harrington Ernest S. stud't.b. 

Stone Anna E. Mrs. h. 
434 Allinson F. G. Mr.&Mrs. h. 
436 Kilvert Charles A. broker, b. 

Kilvert Grahame. inspector,h. 

Kilvert Samuel W. h. 

Kilvert Walter D. student, b. 
422 Ballou Wm. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

444 Knight Tabez C. Mr. h 
Knight May C. Miss, b. 
Shedd Charles E. Mrs. h. 

450 Pearce Clementine C. Miss, h. 
Pearce Katherine W. Miss, h. 

456 Foster J. Herbert, cotton, h. 

470 Arnold O. 2d, Mr.& Mrs. h. 

Broom Street. 

6 Messinger Lewis G. paintr. h. 

12 Jorgeson Christian, polisher, h. 

Brown Street. 

2 Handley Mary A. Mrs. h. 
10 Clark Thomas M. Rt. Rev. h. 
Patterson Stephen H. mach.h. 
Sturtevant Eugene, b. 

13 Perkins A. R. Miss, teacher,b. 
Perkins D. Bradford, b. 
Perkins Ellen M. widow, h. 
Snow Howard V. plumber, b. 
Snow James R. salesman, h. 

17 Mason Chas. F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Mason Nannie W. Miss, b. 
Mason Sarah D. Miss, h. 
Mason Sarah P. Miss, b. 

18 Wilcox Marcy C. widdw, h. 

20 Remington E. R. widow, h. 
Remington Seth P. b 

21 Brown St. House, B. U. 

24 Scannell Jeremiah T. brdrsr.h. 

25 Goddard M. B. L Mr. & Mrs. 

sum. res. Warwick, h. 
25 Thalman Joseph, butler 
27 Pearce Elizabeth S. widow, h. 
29 Hidden Walter, Mr. & Mrs. h. 
29rMcGovern Thos. A. printer, b. 
35 Brown John Nicholas, Mr. & 

Mrs., sum. res. Newport, h. 
Hartig Richard, butler, b. 
Shewbridge Fred'k,footman.b. 
38 Goddard Wm. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 

res. Warwick Lodge. East 

Greenwich, h. 

iames William 2d, butler 
far borough George, butler 
68 Akers, John A. gardener, b. 
Johnson Abby J. Miss, b. 
Stoddard Annie H. cook, b. 
Train Elizabeth H. Miss, h. 
71 Buckland Edward G. h. 
73 Henshaw Daniel Rev. & Mrs. 
sum. res. Warwick Neck, h. 
Henshaw John, lawyer, b. 
Henshaw Joseph G. ins.agt. b. 
77 Briggs Benj. P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

House Directory. 


77 Sabin Caroline A. Mrs. h. 

Tingley Arthur D. Mr. & Mrs. 
sum. res. at Barrington, h. 
81 Metcalf Anna, librarian, b. 

Weeden Miro O. Mrs. h. 

Weeden Arthur P. broker, h. 

85 Banigan Joseph Mrs. h. 

86 Hoppin Howard Mr. & Mrs. h. 

89 Knowles Mary B. Miss, h. 
Knowles Mary H. widow, h. 

90 Pierce, Mary, widow, h. 
Tijffany Henry L. Mr. & Mrs, 

sum. res. Wickford. R. I. h. 

91 Anthony Edwin P. drugeist,h. 
Anthony Mary E. Mrs. h. 

93 Potter Irving H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

95 Sabre Geo. W. com. merch. h. 
114 Field Harold C. clerk, b. 

Field James F. hardware, h. 
129 Kimball Henry C. Mrs. h. 

133 Chace Henry K. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

134 Lewis John D. dye stuffs, h. 
140 Crandall Wm. T. Mr.&Mrs. h. 

PeirceAugustusR. Mr.&Mrs.b. 
159 Davis Nathaniel F., B. U. h. 
165 Angell Walter F. Mr. & Mrs.h. 

169 Trowbridge Edward R. h. 

170 Davis Ridiard G. Mr.&Mrs. h. 
173 Trowbridge Charles B. h. 
177 Tillinghast Albert H. clerk, h. 
216 Budlong Walter S.Mr.&Mr8.h. 
236 Mowry Hannah W. Mrs. h. 

Mowry L. N. Miss, teacher, b. 

Mann W. B. bookkeeper, h. 

Schroeder Tames V. clerk, h. 
238 Bromley Chas. R. tailor, h. 
240 Dodge Chas. H. grocer, b. 

Hornbrook Julia Mrs. b. 
276 Loughlin Hugh, horseshoer 
286 Mcintosh J. G. carriage mkr. 

Brownell Street. 

94 Cook Willard H. mach. b. 
Cortell Leon, machinist, b. 
Fuller Edgar, machinist, b. 
Hausley Ernest, mach. b. 
Phinney Ellen F. widow, h. 
Taber Albert, machinist, b. 

96 Evans Wm. D. toolmkr. b. 
Grant Mary C. Mrs. drsmkr. 
Hatch Roy, machinist, b. 
Johnson Hugh, carpenter, b. 
Kullander A. W. artsman, b, 
McDonald Edward, mach. b. 
McDonald Wm. at B. & S. b. 
Roger Winfred C. mach. b. 

96 Watt Robert, h. 

Watt Robt. T. carpenter, b. 

115 Palmer Orville D. h. 
Smith Maria W. widow, h. 

116 Booth Mary M. Mrs. h. 
Davey John, machinist, b. 
Horton Alpheus B. collector, h. 
Pierce Lydia A. widow, h. 

117 Becker Jacob, clerk, b. 
Whitaker Wm. G. H. cigars,h. 

119 Brown Hugh, machinist, b. 
Brown James, machinist, b. 
Streeter F. E. mus. tchr. h. 

122 Dinsmore A.E.Miss,dressmkr. 
Dinsmore Henry M. mach. b. 
Dinsmore Sam 1 carpenter, h. 
Loring Hannah L. Miss, b. 
Marshall Frank W. artist, h. 

123 Bromley John H. tailor, h 
Sayles Arthur E. clerk, b. 
Sayles Walter M. stable, h. 
Sayles WalterM.jr.sil'rsmth.b* 

124 Gardiner Arthur F. student,b. 
Gardiner Fred S. mus. tchr. h. 
Gherardin Ruth H. widow, b. 
Learned A. C. J. carpenter, h. 

136 Boutelle Albert L. mach. h. 

Bou telle Chas. R.compositor,b. 

Brown Betsey M. widow, h. . 

Randall Lyman A. stud't. b. 

Tyler Alonzo, clerk, h. 

Tyler Arthur B. student, b. 
138 Campbell A.E. Miss, reptr. h. 

Campbell Margaret F. wid. h. 

Giragosian Garo, carpenter.h.'man.h. 

Pierce Daniel F. rms. 

Bryant Street. 

12 Warren Michael,blacksmith,h. 
14 ConlonMatthew.rubberwkr.h. 

Buckley Street. 

40 Riley John, janitor, h. 

41 Scott Winfield D. jeweler, h. 
loi Button Andrea, widow, h. 

Bucklin Street. 

177 Davis Chas. H. silversmith, h» 

Johnson August, silversmith, h* 
181 Cresser George R. chaser, h. 

Hawkins John, h. 
187 Fenner Fred S. clerk, h. 

Tones Edwin F. Rev. h. 

Jones Harry G. chaser, b. 
189 Griffin Geo. T. clerk, h. 


House DtREcroRV. 

Bucklin St.— Continued. 

199 Clinton Geo. C. hairdresser, h. 
201 Green halgh Albert H. eng. h. 
205 Esten Reuben B. trav. sales. h. 

Meacham Lewis H. bookpr. b. 
215 Wing Curtis P. grocer, h. 
227 Steele Ira S. clerk, h. 

Steele Ira S. jr. clerk, b. 

Waterman Otto, designer, b. 
245 Buchanan John B. clerk, h. 
251 Sykes Wm. H. clerk, h. 
253 Schofield EdwardB.student.b. 

Schofield Fred S. student, b. 

Schofield Mark W. civ. eng. h. 
255 Barrus Arthur W. engraver.h. 
257 Nason Susan M. widow, b. 

Slocura Horace F. reg phar. h. 

Slocum Louie N. tr.h. 
273 Fraser John M. mfg. jewlr. b. 

Mann Geo. A. motorman, h. 

Mann Geo. A.Mrs.dressmkr.h. 
275 Simons Leon, b. 

Simons Wm. G. stable, h. 
279 Miller Frank A. clerk, h. 
283 Bennett George, b. 

Cody Alexander P. jeweler, b. 

Downing: Harry G. jeweler, b. 

Downing James T. clerk, h. 

Farnham Ralph W. jeweler.b. 

Maynard Herbert A. jeweler, b. 

Maynard Leonard, jeweler, b. 

Nagle Frank, b. 

Rogers Bridget Mrs. h. 

Wolpert Ludwig R. bartdr. b. 
301 Young Herrick P. teacher, h. 
303 Lloyd Herbert C. silver pltr.b. 

Lloyd Wm. H. silver pltr. h. 

305 Jefferson F. S. silversmith, b. 
Jefferson William P. clerk, h. 
Johnson Caroline M. tchr. b. 
Johnson Marie C. Miss, h. 
Johnson Paul0.cabinetmkr,h. 
Johnson Walter S. toolmkr, b. 

306 Willey Grafton,pawnbroker,h, 
311 Darrah Irving A. h. 

Gould Wm. M. conductor, h. 
313 Cook Thos. R. moulder, h. 

Henderson Geo. A , U.R.R.h. 
316 Case Ora E. h. 
325 CarrignanGeo.A.spoonmkr,b. 

Harris Henry A. motorman, b. 

Harris Susan S widow, h. 

Harris Walter S. moulder, b. 

Lowe Drusilla, widow, b. 
327 Miner Geo. machinist, h. 
M 8 Gray Herbert W. jeweler, b. 

328 Sankev Emma J. widow, b. 

West Benjamin, U. R.R. h. 
330 Thompson Wm. W. travelling 

salesman, h. 
332 Wood Horace A. shell wkr. h. 
344 Briggs Job S. h. 

Briggs Joseph S. clerk, h. 
346 Foster Albert T. mus. tchr. h. 

Gillon Susanna M. widow, h. 
348 Borden Chas. L., U. R.R. b. 

Sherman AnnieE. Mrs. nurse.b. 

Vallette Wm. L., U. R.R. b. 
350 AtwoodFrankF.silversmith.b. 

Parker Anna Mrs. h. 
372 Selleck Addie M. widow, h. 
374 Sylvia Chester M. clerk, h. 
376 Hopkins Mary J. Mrs. h. 

Burgess Street. 

6 Trudon & Gall, tinsmiths 

7 Hopkins Irving M. driver, b. 
Nicholas Sophia, dressmaker 
Snow James H. painter, h 
Sweeney Terreoce, blksmth.h. 
Wilkinson James, U. R. R. h. 

10 Gibbs Wm. trav. salesman, h. 

McClennen S. A.Mrs, mnc're.h. 

Riley Philip A. elect lighter,li 

Saucier Edouard, hairdrsr. h. 

Wilbur Carrie A. Mrs. h. 
13 Drake E. M. horseshoer 

15 Wagner Ed w. P. car'age trim*r 

16 Hixon Thomas, laborer, b. 
Steere Elijah, h. 

Waldron Henry, watchman, b. 
Watts Margaret Mrs. h. 

18 Arnold Warren, coachman, b. 
Boehne Chas. L. hairdresser, h, 
Goodhue Chas. machinist, h. 

19 Small Wm. H. coal and wood 

21 Allen J. Estelle Mrs. h. 
Claire Jos. W. cabinet mkr. h. 
C ush in g James F. carpenter, h. 
Dawley Sybilla. Mrs. h. 
Hayes Timothy, machinist, h. 
Pierce William, pressman, h. 

2 ir Burgess Adelaide, Mrs. h. 
Grow Charles A. hackman, b. 
Munro Benj. F. machinist, b. 
Swan Mary A. widow, h. 

22 Briggs Emeline L. Mrs. h. 
Mowry Jas. F. hamessmkr. b. 
Olney Thomas S. carpenter, b. 
Williams Chas. P. stonecutr.b. 

26 Abbott Richard P. machst h. 
Parr Thomas, machinist, h. 

House Directory. 


26 Smith Wesson G. machinist^b. 

Williams Wm. H. groceries, h. 
2^ Fenner Jno. C. machinist, b. 

Hunter Chas. E. clerk, b. 

Sweet Perry W. jeweler, h. 
35 Houston Philip, machinist, b. 

Kelley Lawrence, carpentr, b. 

McManus Prank, clerk, h. 

McManusThos. Mrs. h. 

McManus Wm. W.toolmkr. b. 

Morgan Peter, plumber, b. 
42 Macomber Ella P. Mrs. h. 

Burke Street. 

6 Johnston Robt. J. laborer, h. 

8 Campbell John J. pedler, b. 
Campbell Patrick, tinsmith, h. 

Burlington Street. 

9 Adams William E. grocer, h. 
Zuill John T. pickermaker, b. 

12 Chambers Ellen, widow, I3. 
Chambers John J. mchnst. b. 

13 York George A. pearl workr,h. 

Burnett Street. 

4 Police Station 7. 
15 Armstrong Dwight H. trav. 
salesman, b. 

Olney Sarah J. Mrs. h. 

Tourtellott L.O. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
17 Bodwell S. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
21 Bizby Bemadotte Mrs. h. 

Bixby E. C. asst. librarian, h. 

Dunham Maria P. Miss tchr.b. 

Jackson Arthur P. b. 

Keynolds Sarah A. Mrs. h. 
25 Holbrook Albert A., P.F.D. h. 

27 Brown Asa W. Dr. & Mrs. h. 
Brown S. B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Fenner Maria S. widow, h. 

28 Gould Frederick, carpenter, h. 
30 Murdock Louis R.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
34 Slocum Sarah F. Mrs. h. 

Slocum W. A. machinist, h. 
59 Allen Elijah Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Anthony Edwin E. s'man, h. 

Fales Alice M. Miss, tchr. b. 
63 White J. B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

65 Ellis Sarah E. widow, h. 

66 Deming R. A. cotton mer. h. 
71 Benton Caroline E. widow, h. 

Gladding FrankH.mfg.jwlr.h. 
Gladding Howard B. clerk, b. 
Thurber C. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Thurber Frank D. coIlector,b. 

77 Adams Harry H.Mr.& Mrs. h 
80 Morrill F. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

82 Deming Morris B. agent, h. 

83 Folsom HenryF.blacksmith,h. 
Spalding Charles C. h. 
Webber Edmund H.. P.F.D.h. 

84 Selleck Willard C. Rev. h. 

86 Cady Frank H.wall p'er etch. 

87 Dodge Woodbury, jeweler, h. 

88 Bonner Wm. Mr. & Mrs. h] 

89 Batchelder Albert J. clerk, h. 
91 Thatcher Lucy A. widow, h. 

93 Clarke, Albert F. clerk, h. 
Clarke Frances C. Miss, h. 
Clarke Wm. D. clerk, b. 

94 Spofford E. C. Mr. & Mrs. b. 
Spofford F. L. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

95 Keith Tared, clerk, b. 

Keith Jeremiah Mr. & Mrs. b. 

96 Remington W.H. Mr.&Mrs.h. 
Remington W.H.jr.sirsmth.b. 

97 Curtis M. G. Miss, teacher, h. 
Thomas Ida M. Miss, tchr. h. 

98 Shirley Alfred J. sil'smith, h. 

99 Hawkms Albert A. cigars, h. 
100 Huddy Geo. H. sale.sman, h. 

Huddy Geo. H. jr. lawyer, b. 

Huddy Xenophon, student, b. 
loi Clissold C. W. Mr. & Mrs, h. 

Clissold Phillis, widow, h. 
102 Gorman F. J. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
105 Carpenter C5has. A. jr. lith. h. 

Carpenter Mary M. widow, h. 

108 Conde Fred, machinist, b. 
Kirkman Thos. engraver, b. 
Phillips Edward, polisher, b. 
Silva John, jeweler, b. 
Slocum Mary A. Mrs. h. 

109 Burlingame J. B. Mrs. h. 
Dane John H. silversmith, h. 

1 10 Connors Thos. hostler, h. 

117 Murphy Tames E. plumber, h. 

Murphy Maurice J.plumber,b. 

Murphy Mich'l F. plumber, b. 

Murphy Thomas, laborer, h. 
123 Donalds Jennie A. Mrs. h. 

Eagan Pat*k, sir. polisher, b. 

Eagan Thos. watchman, h. 

132 Salisbury Geo. A. carp. h. 

133 Dore Andrew Y. grocer, h. 

135 Bain Robt. B. chaser, h. 

136 WooUey William, h. 

138 Allen Chas. N. iceman, h. 
Nason A. J. Mrs. h. 
Nason Fred'k L. polisher, h. 

139 Bellows J. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

iiiTiDiny u v0nnuriB^jfc3i„eBo5«vsrt 205*27^^ 


House Directory. 

Burnett St.— Continued, 

139 Pownall W. H. salesman, h. 

140 Gross Oscar B. die sinker, h. 
McCaffrey John J. police, b. 

142 Mahoney Dennis F. police, h. 

143 Beckwith Fred, Mr. &. Mrs. h. 
Cook Jas. W. ins. agt. h. 

146 Dwelly John W. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Woolley Jas. W.'^Mr. & Mrs.h. 

147 Briggs Geo. U. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Peck Herbert A. mach. h. 

149 Tanner Chas. £. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Tanner Nora B. dressmakr.b. 

150 Barrett Wm. H.Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Bosworth Eliza F. Mrs. h. 
Fiske Jere. L. Mr.& Mrs. h. 
Lake Mary L. Miss, steno. b. 

Bumside Street. 

10 Curran John, jeweler, h. 
12 Flynn Edward, M. clerk, b. 

Quinn Thomas J. b. 
18 Robinson Chana. B police, h. 
32 Austin Joseph S. engineer, h. 

Randall Barton, h. 

38 Dorsey Thos. jr. foreman, h. 
Moore John, pearl wkr. h. 

39 Sherburne Ernest R. clerk, b. 
Sherburne Walter, hostler, h. 

42 McLaughlin T. J. mchnst, h. 
Sterritt R. E. periodicals, h. 
42rSheridan Mary, widow, h. 

46 Bartlett Geo. W. machinist, h. 
Bartlett Joseph A. machinist, b. 
Ogg James S. foreman, h. 

47 Capelle Robert, stable 

50 Clark Henry W. mason, h. 
White Wm. H. machinist, h. 

54 Shaw Frank H. jeweler, h. 
Thomas Harvey C. melter, h. 

55 Gulick Geo. E. carpenter, h. 
Gulick Geo. N. painter, h. 

56 Johnson Wm. N. pat'rnmkr, h. 

57 kopstad Jans C. jeweler, h. 
Lincoln Delbert, h. 
Wilson Bertha, widow, b. 

58 McCaffrey Frank, janitor, h. 

59 Dyer Geoi^e, hostler, h. 

60 McKenna Patrick F.laborer.h. 
McManus James, laborer, h. 
Parks William, laborer, h. 

61 Midwood Henry, h. 

66 Wrinn John E. designer, b. 

Wrinn Michael G. machinist, h. 

Wrinn Michael, jeweler, b. 
73 Donnelly J. J. watchman, h. 

73 Seker Fred, jeweler, h. 

77 McPartlan Ann, widow, h. 
McPartlan Jas. H. jeweler, b. 
McPartlan John P. teamster, b. 

78 Hussey Albert M. jeweler, h. 
Hussey Frank E. clerk, b. 

80 O'Rourke John F. stamper, h. 
82 Keach A. J. proof reader, h. 
Keach Walter E. plumber, b. 

84 Cornell Benj.J.paperhangr. h. 

85 Harris M. P. carpenter, h. 

87 Maguire Jpbn H. tool mkr. h. 
Tennian Bridget, widow, h. 

88 Capron John H., P. F. D. h. 

89 Alverson S. stair builder, h. 
Alverson Wm. F. engraver, b. 

91 Dix Arthur A. h. 

92 Mullen Peter F. engineer, h. 

93 Herrick Chas. F. student, b« 
Herri ck Thos. F. mchnst. h. 
Hoyle Susan, widow, h. 
Tucker Gilbert W. coal&wd.h. 

94 Maguire Patrick, police, h. 
97 Anthony Tames E. grocer, h. 

Anthony Wm.M.trav.s'man,b. 
99 Anthony James E. grocer 
100 Stevens Henry G. clerk, b. 

Stevens Hiram K. coal, etc. h. 
loi Souza Manuel S. hairdresser 
103 Anthony James E. coal 
105 Nelson Maria L. Mrs. h. 

Sherman Chas. E. carp. h. 
ro6 Borsted Aug. P. jeweler, h. 

Lynch T. M. K. carpenter, h. 

Russin Axel, carpenter, h. 

1 1 1 Singele Chas. plumber, b. 
Singele Conrad, varnisher, h. 
Wade Walter C. conductor, b. 

112 Burgess Jas. W. com. mkr. h. 

114 Anglen H. H. hairdresser, h. 
Pirlot Jules A. physician, h. 
Rochon Albert, clerk, h. 

115 Dufley John H. plumber, h. 

118 Glynn Thomas, laborer, b. 
Guenther L. C. bbokpr. h. 
Higgins John, fireman, h. 
Higgins John H. hairdrsr. b. 
Higgins Mich'l J. engineer, b. 

119 Cassidy John, mason, h. 
Grundy J. E. sign painter, b. 
Grundy J. N. machinist, h. 
Leach James W, jeweler, h. 

122 Mc Adams Alex. J. lineman, h. 
126 O'Brien John J. clerk, h. 

Rafferty John W. tinsmith, h. 
132 Hunt Chas. H. milkman, b. 

House Directory. 


132 HuDt George, stable, h. 

135 Lee Ab'ce A. Miss, dr'mkr. b. 

Lee Wm. nickel plater, h. 

Totten Herb. H. electrician, h. 
cor. Oxford, Steamer 10, fire station 
146 Feeny Frank, fuller, h. 

149 Bowaen Betty Mrs. h. 
Fletcher Joseph, h. 
Gammell John W. foreman, h. 
Rouse Wm. S. jeweler, b. 

150 Cordin Albert, machinist, h. 
153 Bush John T. stucco worker, b. 

Bush John W. stucco worker, h. 

158 O'Donnell Bridget Mrs. h. 

159 Schubarth A. F. L. tchr. b. 
Schubarth Carl C. engraver,h. 
Schubarth John, clerk, b. 
Schubarth Wm. O. jeweler, b. 

167 Hennessey John H. jeweler, h. 

McPartlan Miles J.jeweler,h. 
170 Smith Alfred, ins. agt. h. 

Smith Ernest, b. 
176 Meerbott Herman, h. 
178 Bonderson Gus. S. jeweler, h. 

Ginand Jacob P. cutler, h. 

Ginand Philip J. cutler, b. 

181 Lawton Daniel, carpenter, h. 
LawtonTheo. H. mn. , U. R. R. b. 

182 Heintzelman Robt. jeweler, h. 
Skinner Franklin A. driver, b. 
Skinner Jesse C. rubber wkr.h. 

185 Dorsey Edward F. grocer 

186 McDonough Jas. jeweler, h. 
O'Reilly James, janitor, h. 
O'Rourke Patrick, jeweler, h. 

187 Dorsey Edward F. grocer, h, 
Jerome A. G. at Gorhams, h. 

189 Ward Will J. painter, h. 

190 Bennett Clinton S. mach'st, b. 
Bennett E. W. foreman, h. 
Bennett Henry F. mach'st h. 

195 Angilly Fred'k A. sil'smith, h. 
Bowen Isaac, machinist, h. 

196 Clark Fred'k S. clerk, h. 
Dickinson John H. bookkpr.b. 
Dickinson W right H. roll cov.h. 

197 Bliss Everett C. driver, h. 
Weeks Lucy, widow, h. 

198 Keach Alfred S. police, h. 
Reid Geo. E. driver, h. 
Reid Matthew, jeweler, b. 
Reid Susan S. widow h. 

209 Abbott Emma T. widow, h. 
Abbott Willis A. mchnst. h, 
Armington Emma J. widow, b. 
Boyden Wm. H. jr. mchnst.h. 

213 Turner Henry A. stm.fitter,h» 
215 Macauley Edw. J. plumber, h» 

220 Terome Harry T. sil'smith, h. 
Mitcinson J. G. glasscutter, h. 

221 McCartin Jerome B. t'ster. h. 
Moffitt Phebe N. widow, h. 

224 Bateman George, h. 

Bateman Maurice R. clerk, b. 

Bateman William, clerk, b. 

Richards Charles I. oiler, h. 

Richards C.F. carriage pn'tr.h. 
233 Bash ford' James H. bookkpr.b. 

Bashford John, coal, etc. h. 

Burrill Street. 

9 Sarini Antonio, shoe maker 
II Piacentini Louis, tailor 

15 Smith Hattie Mrs. h. 

16 Raymond Nellie Mrs. h. 
Stewart Fred W. coachman, b. 

17 Kwong Hung On Co. Chinese 


Burrington Street. 

26 Saunders T. A. coachman, h. 
35 Remlinger Jacob, jeweler, h. 
43 Cox Peter, laborer, h. 

Cripps Louisa Mrs. b. 

Ellsworth George, rms. 

Hill James, plumber, h. 

Hill James L. jeweler, b. 
47 Bogan John, laborer, h. 
51 McKenna J. H. blacksmith, b. 

McKenna Patrick, pedler, h. 
55 Banks William E. farmer, h. 

Perry Stella E. Mrs. b. 
59 Lomas J. Harry, moulder, h. 
65 Gears Ariana E. Mrs. b. 

. Parkerson Donald P. laborer, h. 
72 Wright Frederick, h. 
72r Jones Bridget, widow, h. 
75 Salisbury Mary, widow, h. 

Scallon Rose Miss, h. 
79 Lewis Ellen L. widow, h. 
83 Rice Jennie E. Mrs. h. 
87 Baten David, pedler, h. 

Baten Nicholas S. b. 
92 Butler Frank, cooper, b. 

Butler Wm. cooper, h. 

Mayno Bernard, stevedore, b. 

Smith John H. laborer, h. 
120 Brown William E. overseer,h. 

Wing Herbert F. teamster, h. 

125 Toner Fannie E. widow, b. 
Townsend Geo. A. silvers'h, h. 

126 Kilday Anthony, driver, h. 


House Directory. 

Burrlns:toii SU— Continued. 

126 Reddington Chas- J. cook, h. 

127 Gimminger Albert, cooper, h. 
Simon Robert, cooper, h. 

128 Collins George, machinist, h. 
154 Webb Albert T. janitor, h. 
156 Dorman Charles K. h. 

158 Eldredge L. A.trav.salesmn.h. 
160 Bosworth Geo. H. machinist.h. 

Spencer IsadoreA.Mrs.n'rse,b. 
186 Nauniann Max, collector, h. 
189 DriscoU David H. waiter, h. 
191 Skinner Owen L clerk, h. 
198 Maulsby Philip M. clerk, b. 

Newman Mabala A. widow, b. 
200 WightmanG.H.draughtsmn.h. 

Burrows Street. 

9 Thompson Chas. W. grocer 
21 Round Mary E. nurse, b. 

Round William T. jeweler, h. 
25 Littlefield Nichols.. U.R.R. h. 

Winsor Charles, laborer, h. 
27 Goddard Edward S. b. 

Goddard Edw. S. jr.foreman,h. 
45 Mulchaey Charles, jeweler, h. 
49 Everson Giles H. foreman, h. 

Everson Giles H. jr. engineer,b. 
57 Knight Robert E. wire dr'wr.b. 

Lay Annie, widow, b. 

Tupper Edwin N. I5. 

67 Thayer Chas. S. bookkeeper, h. 

Burr's Lane. 

3 Cressey Henry L. foreman, h. 
Luther Adeline A. Miss, rms. 
Lyon Harry, umbrella mfr. h. 

4 Cox Collin, laborer, b. 
Dyer Emily E. widow, h. 

5 Tones Doctor B. coachman, h. 
McBurnett John W. butcher,h. 

6 Diggs Coleman, laborer, b. 
Diggs Robert, laborer, h. 

7 Borod Samuel, h. 
Goldberg Louis, pedler. b. 
Helfenberg Harry, tailor, h. 
Kraus Philip, laborer, h. 
Zubricky Michael, laborer, h. 

Burton Street. 

41 Menton Simon, ins. agt. h. 

Roebuck Abel, watchman, h. 

Roebuck Frank, jeweler, b. 
43 Riley Eliza, widow, h. 

Bush Street. 

8 Balcolm Fred L. yardman, h. 

Brown Sarah W. widow, b. 
XI HallidayThos.J.lamplic;bt'r.h» 
14 Cronin Jeremiah, jeweler, b. 

Cronin John, bricklayer, h. 

Cronin Mary Miss. housekpr» 

Cronin Timothy, laborer, b, 

17 Br yon George, pedler, b. 
Byron Mary Mrs. h. 
Gaffney John J. pedler, h. 

18 Sullivan Eliza Miss, h. 
Sullivan Mary Miss, h. 

2 5 Brown Fred' k. H. car cleaner, h. 
Grataloup Louisa E. widow, h. 

31 Kennedy Charles, laborer, h. 
Kennedy P. J. laborer, h. 
Sowen Joseph, fireman, h. 

32 McEneney Peter, teamster, h. 
Summersall Joseph. I'mRxr. h. 

34 Kingsley Ann, widow, h. 
Oates Bridget, widow, h. 
Oates Thomas, laborer, b. 
Saunders Stephen V. h. 

35 Bush Stephen S. carpenter, h. 
Meehan Patrick, laborer, b. 
Meehan Thomas, laborer, h. 

36 McManus Patrick, laborer, h. 
42 Cresswell William, b. 

Fielding Thos. car inspect'r. h. 
48 Conlon Michael, moulder, h. 

Nolan Edward, laborer, b. 

Nolan John, laborer, b. 

Nolan Patrick, laborer, h. 
58 Durkin Bridget, widow, h. 

Durkin Michael, operative, b. 

Durkin Patrick, teamster, b. 

Riley Jefferson, plumber, h. 
62 Ahern Edward, laborer, b. 

Ahern S. E. dressmaker, b. 

Ahern Wm. watchman, h. 

Higney James, laborer, b. 

TuUy Bridget Miss, h. 
74 Dodd Robert W. currier, h. 

Moran Patrick H. dyer, b. 

Butler Street. 

4 Bennett & Bradford, mfg. jlrs. 
Smith B. K. & Co.mfg.jewlrs. 
Vesta KnittingMills.G.E.Boy- 
den, treas. knit gds. manuf. 
21 Peck Charles A. laborer, b. 
Perry Charles A. teamster, b. 
Perry Fred'k L. teamster, \>. 
Perry George W. teamster, b. 
Perry Mary E. widow, h. 

House Directory. 


Only Modem Market In Mew Epgland, nUVISENCE FUBUC MW Cd 

Butler Avenue. 

115 Munro W. H. Prof. & Mrs. h. 
117 Goodwin Sarah W. Miss, h. 
c Med way, PhilltpsPrankN.pres.h. 
163 Sears La Prof. Mrs. & Miss, h. 
205 Almy H. Mr. & Mrs. sum. res. 
Narragansett Terrace, h. 

Keltoir Lydia, widow, b. 
209 Hall Alvin E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Hall L. A. Miss, stenog. b. 

Usher Sarah £. fancy gds. h. 
219 Grimes Joseph A. liquors, h. 
235 Field Hosea B. salesman, h. 
237 Pyke Tames T. clerk, b. 

Pyke Samuel Mr. & Mrs. h. 
241 Chapman Fred' kR.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
n. Orchard av., Heatley James W. 

gardener, h. 
c. Orchard av., Humphrey Chas.B. 
Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Humphrey S. D. student, b. 
271 Ballou W. S. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 
res. Carman's River, L. I. h. 

Corey Edward, student, b. 
287 Mauran John T. bookkpr. h. 

Mauran J uliaL. wood carver, h. 

Mauran Sarah W. Mrs. h. 

Mauran William L. h. 

Byfield Street. 

80 Coggeshall Chas. A. Rev. b. 

Delaney Henrietta, widow, h. 

Jennings & Coggeshall, arch' ts 
83 Walsh Andrew A. engraver, b. 

Walsh Catharine, widow, h. 
87 LonerganF.P.OrientTeaCo.h. 
93 Smith John G. plumber, b. 

96 Tones Steenson, plumber, h. 

97 Nickerson W. F. laborer, h. 
125 Clements Thos. E. polisher, h. 

Fritz John, teamster, b. 
190 Smith Elizabeth T. widow, h. 
n. Broad, McLaughlin R. clerk, h. 

Byron Street. 

5 Astrap Sam'l, com. trav. h. 
Fitzpatrick Catharine Mrs. 

eating house, h. 
Mageau Joseph, waiter, rms. 
Nichols Herbert, waiter, rms. 
II Bense Charles, cook, rms. 
Bense Frank D. waiter, rms. 
Cohn Max, tailor, h. 
Franklin Benj. phrenologist, r. 
Higgins Peter, engraver, rms. 
Toohey John, carpenter, h. 


II Toohey Marie Mrs milliner.h. 

15 Luther John A. carpenter 

16 Briggs Geo. bootmaker, b. 
McCarthy Ellen Miss, h. 
Nolan Jane, widow, h. 

i6rRingstone Mary Mrs. h. 
22 Duff Jane, widow, h. 

Duff Patrick F. clerk, b. 

LaCross Joseph, hairdresser.h. 
22rBernard Annie E. Mrs. h. 

BoUen Annie, widow, h. 

Cramer Frank, chaser, h. 

Frackleton Henry, jeweler, b. 

Frackleton Mary Mrs. h. 

Ide Annie R. Mrs. h. 

Ide Ezra H. student, b. 

Lanergan Henry, musician, b. 

McCormick A. & M. Misses, h. 

McCormick Wm. laborer, b. 

McNiff B. & Mary Misses, h. 

McNiff Brown & S. b. 

Mullen Caleb A. teamster, h. 

Newhall Lavinia R. Mrs. h. 

Savage Margaret Miss, h. 

Smith Bridget, widow, h. 

Ward Bridge t& Kate Misses, h. 
24 Kelley Harris M. mchnst, h. 

Prospert Wm. H. plumber, h. 
26 Carey Emily Mrs. h. 

Lewis Fred, coal, etc. rms. 

C Street^Changed to Dodge. 

Cabot Street. 

15 Washburn Maurice K. h. 
18 Arnold J. O. Mrs. M. D. h. 
Arnold Wm. H. Mr. rec. day 
Monday, h. 

26 Wheeler Mary C. Miss, sum. 

res. Hottinguere &Co.Paris, 

France, h. 
Graves Elizabeth C. tchr. b. 
Hooker Bessie R. Miss, tchr. h. 

27 Nealy J. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

29 Hammond Henry H. lawyer, h. 
Hammond Jane S. widow, h. 

Cady Street. 

I Fallen Bridget, widow, h. 

Gallagher Wm teamster, h. 
8 Backus Herbert, silversmth,b. 

Bloom qui St Alfred, laborer, b. 

Carlson Charles, laborer, b. 

Cronin Marah Miss, waiter, b. 

Gillan William, clerk, b. 

Martin Geo. H. clerk, h. 

Martin Thomas, clerk, b. 


House Directory. 

Cady St.—Contmued. 

SrSullivan Wm. plasterer, h. 
9 Atkins Charlotte Mrs. h. 
II O'Reilly Chas. machinist, h. 
O'Reilly C. W. machinist, b. 
Sanderson Brooke, janitor, h. 

13 Andrews Fred L. clerk, b. 
Bourgeois Jos. hairdresser, b. 
Brody William, waiter, rms. 
Curtis Olive H. waiter, rms. 
Merrill Nathan L. clerk, b. 

14 Davis Edgar H. hairdrsr. h. 
Sullivan Martin A. tchr. h. 

Cady Avenue. 

69 Gregory Wm. F. collector, h. 
Roberts Thomas, bicycles, h. 
Stanton John, engineer, h. 

70 Waterman Albert A. jewlr, b. 
Waterman B. H. machinist,h. 
Waterman Geo. W. printer, b. 

X14 Munroe Wm. A. teamster, h. 

Cady's Lane. 

1 Brown Charlotte Mrs. h. 
Freeman Tames, waiter, h. 
Morton William, cook, h. 
Williams Arthur, laborer, b. 

2 Gray Wm. H. oysterman. b. 
Jackson Edwin S. waiter, b. 
LfOvett Peter C. coachman, h. 
Post Haney Mrs. h. 

Taylor Margaret Mrs. h. 
Topp Ceaser, waiter, b. 
Wilson William, cook, b. 

Calais Street. 

18 Kelley John S. teamster, h. 
iSrMcLeod William, clerk, h, 
21 Gormley Arthur A.teamster.b. 

Gormley Jennie T. drsmkr. b. 

Gormley rat'k H. teamster, b. 

Ward William H. machinist,h. 
27 Horton Joseph, h. 

Mitchell Alex S. clerk, h. 

Teed Orrin C. carpenter, b. 

Teed Sophia A. widow, h. 
2 7r Barry Patrick, h. 

Holmes Thos. J. carpenter, h. 

Lundberg Lars, laborer, h. 

Lunden John, laborer, b. 

McElroy James, teamster, h. 

McKenna Edward, laborer, h. 

Peterson John O. filecutter, h. 

Swanson Neils, laborer, b. 
29 Baxter John, compositor, h. 

29 McDonald Robert, melter, h. 

McDonald Wm. J. filecutter, h. 
39 Conway Elizabeth Miss, h. 

Farrell Daniel J. machinist, h 
41 Ash worth James H.teamstr.h. 

Burrows Bridget, widow, h. 

Ivers John, blacksmith, h. 

Scanlan Bridget, widow, b. 
44 Conway Timothy P. teamstr.h. 

Lewis Jas. machinist, h. 
48 Coleman L. F. yardman, rms. 

Hughes George, hostler, h. 

Machon Thos. C. carpenter, h. 
52 Clancy Mary, widow, h. 

Doherty John F. mason, h. 

Doherty M. J. Miss,drsmkr. h. 

Golden Clara W. widow, h. 

Calder Street. 

12 Eagan James P. clerk, b. 

Eagan John J. janitor, h. 

Eagan reter, laborer, b. 

O'Brien Catharine, widow, b. 
14 Schmelz Jacob, jeweler, h. 

18 Guinness Wm. H. hairdrsr. h. 

19 Camerino Henry F. polisher, b. 
Hazard Isabelle I. Mrs. h. 
Hazard Walter L. polisher, b. 
McCue A. R. W. chaser, h. 
McCue Harry, clerk, b. 
McCue R. Samuel, clerk, b. 

20 Davidcion Gorham's.h. 
Hogan John, clerk, h. 
Johnson John, coachman, b. 

22 Fraser Wm. K. silversmith, h. 
Studley Sidney H. poli.sher, h. 

23 Carlson Gustave. operative, h. 
Lang Justin D., U. R. R. h. 

28 Noon Margaret, widow, h. 

29 Egan John, case hardener, h. 
33 y^igley Edward S. clerk, b. 

juigley Martin, switchman, h. 
Juigley Thomas, student, b. 
35 Covin Alonzo E. motorman, h. 
Covin WiUie E. driver, b. 

37 Harding James R. iceman, h. 
Pike Geo. F. moulder, h. 
Sharkey Robert, iceman, b. 

38 Colton Thomas E. driver, h. 
Luft Christian, varnisher, h. 

43 Blake A. O. carpenter, h. 

Dodge Ambrose A. iceman, h. 

Rogers Sarah U. Mrs. h. 
57 Christiansen John C. s*smth,h. 

LindeauPowell,at Gorham's.h. 

Schweitzer Emil, jeweler, h. 

House Directory. 


Blender Street. 

irt Bliss, engineer, h. 

iton Frank J. driver, h. 

ames H. laborer, h. 

Harry, hostler, h. 

ill Uriah R. woolen mfr. 

11 R. &Co. fancy shirtings 

& Smith, shoe lacings 

Jal Tubing Co. 

Ington Real Estate Co. 

11 & Andrews, assayers 

Color Works, kalsomine 

rron T. A.& Co.mfg.jlrs. 

*elephone & Electric Co. 

ts A. L. & Co. jewelers 

•earl Works 
«^^^«*^ T. T. & Co. jewelers 
Grant t OS. W. & Co. jewelers 
Hold Fast Curtain Ring Co. 
Schutz Rudolph G.mfg.jewlrs. 
Silverman Bros. mfg. jewelers 
Star Carpet Cleaning Works 

California Street. 

70 Deakin T. A. cane head mkr.h. 
Deakin T. A. Jr. stonesetter,b. 
Shanley Austm, plumber, h. 

California Avenue. 

91 Bardsley Chas.E. electrician, b 
Bardsley Edmund, clerk, b. 
Bardsley Henry, inventor, h. 
Bardsley Willard W.dftsma.b. 
183 Bisbee Flora Mrs. h. 

Chase Anthony F., U. R.R. h. 
Walace Geo. W undertkr. h. 

195 Slater Mary J. Mrs.milliner.h. 
Slater William, machinist, h. 

196 Chandler Alvin B. engr. h. 

203 Emery Stephen H. h. 

204 Kay Edwin, engineer, h. 
Pickford Albert, cofl&nmkr. h.' 

206 Salisbury H. D.boat buildr, h. 

207 Bartholomew Jas. Gorbams,h. 
Inness Wm. A. silversmith, h. 

2x8 Richardson Mary A. h. 

219 Baker Joseph B. foreman, h. 

221 Brownmg Chas. A. macb. b. 

Browning Frank A. macb. b. 

Browning John S. jeweler, b. 
227 Niles Isaac G. conductor, b. 
229 Gibbs Elmer S. carpenter, h. 

234 Van Brunt Frank B.forman.b. 

235 Lundin Edwin, cutter, h. 

236 Greene Clar. H. civil eng'r. h. 
Hathaway E. C, U.R.R. b. 

256 Andrews Neils Mrs. var. store 
opp.256 California Ave. Primary 

258 Andrews Tas. toolmaker. b. 
Andrews Neil, drawer, h. 
Andrews Neil Mrs. var.stre.h. 

259 Nash Jas. A. cashier, h. 

266 Tompkins Frank A. clerk, h. 
Tompkins F. A. Mrs.mirnr.h. 

274 Chesbrough F. D. foreman, h. 

275 Merchant ArchieW. pay mstr.b. 
Penniman E. G. contractor, h. 

276 Forbes Cora R. feathers, h. 

279 Willman Wm. G. painter, h. 

280 Colwell Arthur B. clerk, b. 
Colwell Emory E. student, b. 
Colwell Mary B. Mrs. h. 
Colwell Oscar H. bicycles, b. 
Cummings M. A. Miss,tcbr.b. 

286 Swenson E. bicycle repr. b. 
Swenson E. T. machinist, h. 

287 Pearson Chas P. tailor, h. 
292 Gray Wm. H. ins. agt. b. 

297 Gifford Ann E. widow, h. 
Munroe Walter P. moulder, h. 

298 Johnson Joseph W. Hose i8,h. 

299 Smith Henry L. engineer, h. 
302 Harris H. Miss, dressmkr. b. 

King Henry E. clerk, b. 

306 Mortimer Frank, photo, h. 

307 Ellison John K. stone setr. b. 

308 Cheney Norman H. eng'r. h. 
312 Colley Henry W. broker, h. 

Litchfield Sarah, widow, b. 
315 Mason John J. jeweler, b. 

Calla Street. 

9 Dorr Jobn H. & Son, grocers, 
14 Jackson Thos. S. jeweler, h. 

Jones Cary R. barbrs.sup b. 
i4rEicbenfelat W. J. gas t. wk.h. 
19 Nicholas Chas. E. Mrs. h. 
21 Benson August B. painter 
23 Bruce Geo. W. jr grocer, b. 

Bruce Mary A. Mrs. h. 
27rMcElroy James, driver, h. 
28 Angilly Wm. O. silversmith, h. 
50 Matteson Lilis T. widow, h. 

Metcalf Harlan P. macb'ist, b. 
n Broad, BeardsleyE.H.t'v.a't.h. 
52 Sisson Bernard F. , P. F. D. h. 
56 Grimes John. U. R. R. h. 
64 Austin Harry E. clerk, b. 


Austin William W. h. 
68 Anderson T. Henry, pedler.b. 


House Directory. 

Calla St.'^Continued, 

70 Cocksbott Alfred, b. 

71 LockeEdwardJ.atGorham's.b. 
Rutttman Cba'rles H. b. 
Ruttiman Elizabeth. widow,h, 
Ruttiman Fred'k W. clerk, b. 
Ruttiman Louis O. driver, b. 

82 Singleton Cbas. H. cook, b. 

Smith Wm. H. coachman, h. 
86 Murray Albeus P. civil eng. b. 

Murray J. A. lieut. police, h. 

Murray Jos. M. contractor, b. 

Murray S. A. M iss, music tchr, 
96 Murray Bros, contractors 
116 Dreeland Catharine, widow, h. 
118 Penno Ernest B. b. 

Penno Thos. H. silversmith. h. 
185 Harris Sarah J. widow, h. 

Joplin Edward, laborer, h. 

Watson Daniel, mason, b. 

Watson J. Frank, laborer, b. 
197 Cobb Bethiah C. widow, h. 

Cobb Napthali D. sil'smith. b. 

Rich Fred W. b. 

Rich Sarah D. widow, h. 
201 San ford Jos. M. teamster, h. 

Cambridge Street. 

12 Campbell Daniel F. draper, h. 

Lord Thos. draftsman, h. 

Standring Elizabeth, h. 
33 Cutler Edward L. b. * 

Cutler Lewis A.. P. F. D. h. 

Swallow Jos. W. woolsorter.h. 

Swallow Stuart H. clerk, b. 
37 Tackson Arthur A. overseer.b. 

Jackson John. supt. h. 
39 Miller John B. engineer, h. 

Camm Street. 

6 Anderson James, teamster, h. 

Booth Berry, blacksmith, h. 

Gibson William, driver, h. 

Thornton Gabriel, driver, h. 
8 Ayers Peter A. teamster, h. 

Craghead Jackson, laborer, h. 

Hall Joshua, teamster, h. 

Shavers David, fireman, h. 

Shavers William, teamster, b. 

Camp Street. 

6 Sisson Harry W. clerk, h. 
8 Waldron B. R. foreman, h. 
Waldron M. E. stenog. h, 
iz Andem C. S. h. 

11 Andem Emma M. Miss, h. 

12 Earley James F. hostler, b. 
Thurber N. D. horseshoer, h. 

13 Harris William A. jr. clerk, h. 

14 Allen Asa A. physician 

15 Gay ton Archibald, h. 

Gay ton Arch. Mrs. mus. tchr.h. 

16 Finn Matthew, coachman, h. 
Loaghlin Hugh, horseshoer. h. 
Murphy Philip, gardener, b. 

17 Howes Shubael B. b'keepr, h. 

18 Regan D. A. brass moulder,b. 
Regan John A. stable, h. 

19 Bosworth M. S. Miss, tchr. b. 
Cressey Sarah E. widow, h. 
Davenport Mary R. widow, h. 
McVoy Kate, dressmaker, b. 
Suffa Anne M. widow, h. 

20 Austin William A. clerk, h, 
Brett Emma, widow, b. 

22 Feeney Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Feeney George E. b. 
Feeney Wm. H. conductor, b. 

24 Read Ellen S. widow, h. 

25 Crittenden John W. grocer, h. 

27 Sherman Joseph A. driver, h. 

28 Sheldon L. S. machinist, h. 

29 Crittenden John W. grocer 

32 Hawkins John B. boots, etc. h. 
Hawkins J. F. physician, b. 
Johnston Thos. J. florist, h. 

33 Chatterton Olive A. Mrs. b. 
Chatterton Wm. E. jeweler, b. 
Dorrance Frederick, jeweler, b. 
Man ton Benj. F. painter, h. 
Van Amringe Jas. S. mchst h. 

34 Waterman Ella E. h. 
Waterman Wm. A. grocer, h. 

36 Waterman Wm. A. grocer 

37 Dalton K. Miss,dressmaker,h. 
McAllister Geo. clerk, b. 
McAllister James, engineer.h. 

38 Tenne Antoinette E. widow, h. 
Nichols Mark S. reg. phar. b. 
Rockwood Calvin N. h. 

40 Buegling Julius, waiter, h. 

Gardner Josephine, widow, h. 

Rebholtz Louise, b. 

Schroeder Wm. bootmaker, h. 
43 Gibbs Andrew J. carpenter, h. 

Miller Clair C. jeweler, b. 

Miller John S. foreman, h. 
45 Kelley Charles A. teamster, b. 

Kelley James A. foreman, h. 

Kelley John T. foreman, b. 

Kelley Joseph, driver, h. 

House Directory. 


47 Hughes M. E. compositor, h. 

49 Meek Wm. H. reg. pharmacist 

50 Abel Mathias, physician, h. 

51 Braverman Adolph, tailor 

53 Dizazzo Silverino, shoemaker 

54 Bagley Wm. V. bag. master, h. 

55 Lun Moy, laundry 

56 Burleigh Winthrop R. claim 

adjuster, h. 

57 Grant John (estate), grocers 

58 Grant Bessie M. b. 
Stetson Lucy P. widow, h. 

59 Prink Elizabeth A. widow, h. 
Goodwin Chas. H. bookpr. b. 
Hazel ton Pred E. clerk, h. 
Hazel ton W. Pred, clerk, h. 

60 Burton Pranklin W. capt. h. 
King Sarah, widow, b. 

62 Cooney Lawrence, clerk, h. 

64 Chace Edward L clerk, b. 
Richardson Wm. H.jeweler.h. 

65 Ross George A. druggist, h. 
Ross Henry, machinist, h. 
Ross James W. druggist, h. 

67 Ross Brothers, druggists 
70 Burdick Chas. J. real est. h. 

Keefe Julia E. Mrs. b. 
76 Harding G. P. paper hanger, h. 

Rea Harriet A. Miss, teacher, b. 

Walling Leander M. h. 

Walling Thomas L. clerk, h. 

79 Sabre Charles P. clerk, b. 
Sabre Gilbert E. h. 

80 Marsh Henry, jr. lawyer, h. 

81 Newell E. I, grain, etc. h. 
83 Seymour li. P. teamster, h. 

Swanson Chas.O. coachman,b. 
86 England Ira I. leather mfr. h. 
90 Steere Robert, h. 
92 Seymour Walter P. clerk, h. 
96 Dunham Emma L. tchr. b. 

Dunham Sarah S. widow, h. 

Sweet Lucy, widow, h. 
99 Crosby P. B. boots and shoes, h. 

Crosby Harold B. clerk, b. 
100 ManchesterChas. B foreman, h. 

ManchesterChas. R. civil eng. b 

Manchester P. H. Miss, sten'r. b. 
102 Cooney Mary, widow, h. 

Douglas John, h. 
104 Hughes Joseph E. Rev. h. 

Walsh James C. Rev. h. 
107 Church of the Holy Name 
113 Grant Alexanaer, painter, h. 

Hallworth Robt. Q. clerk, h. 

115 Burr Calvin C. grocer, h. 

116 Hawkes Hattie A. var. store 
119 Kenyon James, engraver, h. 

Kenyon N. Miss, b. 
122 Ballard Edith M. dressmkr. b. 

Pope George L. clerk, h. 

Pope George L. Mrs. dressmkr. 
129 Grant Margaret M. widow, h. 

Grant Robert A. clerk, b. 
137 Stelley Wm. A. massura, b. 
cor. Cypress, Camp Street primary 

150 Lenz Albert E. bookkeeper, h. 
Lenz Otto C. h. 

151 Carpenter Wm. A. provi si' ns,h. 
166 Knight H. M. pattern mkr.h. 

Knight James T. clerk, b. 
175 Bowen Nancy B. Miss, h. 

Boyden Harry H.colormixer.h. 

Wiswall D. M. loom harness 
maker, h. 
182 Anthony Walter P. slsman. h. 

Young Mary E. widow, h. 

184 Pletcher Lydia W. widow, h. 
Perry J. J. supt. Butler Hosp.h. 
Potter Chas. A. boiler inspr.h. 

185 O'Connor Edward P. grocer 
187 O'Conner Edward P.grocer,h. 

O'Connor Chas. J. student, b. 
196 Black E. J. trav. salesman, h. 

Dekker Ary, b. 
202 Burdick Daniel P. overseer.h. 

Morgan Edwin P. draper, h. 
206 Everett Sam'l. manuf. selling 
agt. h. 

Miller Herbert C. bookkpr. b. 
208 Lees James W. bookkeeper, h. 

Lees Robert M. silversmith, b. 

Lees William, stonesetter, b. 
210 JoUs Annie E. Miss, b. 

Smith Charles E., City Hall.h. 

Smith Sarah B. widow, h. 
214 Bellamy William, h. 
220 Tubbs Eugene H.pie baker, h. 
224 Lenzen Albert T. casemkr. b. 

Lenzen B. jewelry cases, h. 

Lenzen Jos. H. casemaker, b. 

Rice Lucinda. widow, b. 
226 Pidge Annie M. Mrs. h. 

Pidge Sam'l W.patternmkr. b. 
232 Leary James E. clerk, h. 

Tanner James K. baker, h. 

Tanner William J. grocer, b. 
236 Sutherland W. A. & Co. agts. 

Moxie Co. 
240 Winchester Prank B. shoes, h. 

Winchester Wm.E. student, b. 


Hope and Thayer 8ts,« 

272 Wettmlntter St* 

Ms^ Tlants at fholssala 


House Dxrectory. 

Campbell Place. 

2 Riley Thomas, carpenter, h. 

4 Carbin Hugh, printer, b. 
Carbin John J. clerk, h. 
Carbin Fat* kP. plumber, b. 
Flynn Thomas, laborer, h. 

5 TuUy Patrick, teamster, h. 

Campbeirs Court 

5 Cohen Hannah, widow, h. 
Doherty Bridget Miss. h. 

Canal Avenue. 

I Devlin Henry, horseshoer 

3 Latham Frank C.&Co. carp. 
Williams W. R.& Co. painters 

6 Stanley William, stable 

Canal Street. 

5 Costantino P. hairdresser 
Mellion Bros, shoemakers 
Pelosi Geo. boot black 
9 Central Hotel, Hutchinson & 

Drake props. 
15 McGough Bros, liquors 
29 Hutchinson Rinaldo. ex'man 

Williams James P. grocer 
31 Aldrich W. W. & Co. butter, 

cheese, etc. 
33 Hull Chas. A. teamster 
McCausland John, cop tubes 
Pierce Chas. F. wools, etc. 
Pierce's Excursions Co. 
Tower C. M. stationary, etc. 
35 Richards Eugene.eatinghouse 
37 Champlin Ira J. agent "Boss 
Horton Bros, grocers 
53 Bolton Mfg. Co. bleachers 
Mason Earl P. Land Co. 
Mathieson Alkali Works 
Prov. Opera House Associ'on. 
G. H. Busiel, sec. 
55 Arnold Hoffman & Co. indigo, 

dyestuffs and chemicals 
65 Barrett W. E. Co. The, Agri. 

87 Tourtellot S. & Co. produce 
89 Sweet W.S.& Sons, produce 
99 Beedle C. H. broker 

Whipple W.W. Co.(The).eggs 
107 R I. Egg and Butter Co 
III Brayton Daniel W. produce 
n Steeple, CityScales.C. D.Cobb, 
125 Sweet J H.&J.B.flour,salt,etc. 

127 Almy Benjamin F. waste 
Pierce J. E. wool dealer 
129 Winsor F. E. & Co. produce 
135 Paull Zebedee, produce 
139 Farnum T. B.W00I& wool waste 

Patt B. A. teamster 
141 Wood Benjamin N. produce 
143 Gearin Edw.P.&Co. fruitdlra. 
155 Congdon&CarpenterCo. (The), 

iron, etc. 
171 Budlong J. A. & Son,Co.(The), 

pickle mfrs. 
173 Carpenter Wm. B. provisions 
Mason I. B. & Son. provisions 
179 Barney John H. flour, etc. 
1 8 1 Merchan ts Dispatch Trans. Co. 
S. H. San ford, agent 
Protective Coin-Lock Co. bi- 
cycle locks 
183 Griffin George M. produce 
189 Arnold & Tourtellot. produce 
195 Hammond G. H. Co. (The), 

199 Cole James, carpenter, rms 
Comstock Andrew (estate of). 

Comstock & Co. pork packers 
303 Hunt Henry B.&Co. teamsters 
207 Carpenter Wm. A. provisions 

220 Comstock J. F. & Sons, beef 

221 Lincoln Provision Co. beef 

c. Haymarket, Sherman Geo. R. 
City Sealer 
235 Sessions Stephen W. produce 
252 Providence Beef Co. 

Swift & Co. butterine 
255 Andrews Wm. J. butter, etc. 

Sheldon Bros, provisions 
257 Lucas Charles P. produce 
261 Prior John, liquors 
267 Thomas & Sidebottom, prov. 
271 Doyle Wm. H. & Co. liquors 
2 74 Sch wazchi Id & Sulzberge r Beef 

275 Grant Daniel, blacksmith 
277 National Biscuit Co. 
281 Clason Co. archit'l metal wks. 
289 McKenna Owen J. liquors 
293 Cartier M. Napoleon, roof mt'l. 

Langlois Nicholas, roofer 
297 rm.2, Schwartz & Kessler, cap 

rm. 8, Jennings Thos. repairer 

rm. 18, Special Cloth Mfg. Co. 

rm. 21, Gratian Cadets 

rm. 27, N. E. Shirt Co. (The) 

House Directory. 


297 rm. 28, Touro Cadets 
301 Corcoran James J. liquors 
309 Dempster Wm. W. hay, etc 

Osier Lemuel T. bay, etc. 
313 Foley & Newell, horseshoers 

3 16 Viall George R. beef dealer 

317 Guthrie Roger, horseshoer 
323 Old Colony Express Co. 

325 Western I*roduce Co. flour etc. 
327 JoUes Bros, grocers 

330 Armour Packing Co. beef d'lrs. 

331 Nickerson A.H.&Co.doors,etc. 
335 Goshen Mfg. Co. butterine 
341 White Fawn Bakery 

343 Corbisiero Gaetano, con fee. h. 

345 La veil James & Son, liquors 

346 Coates W.W.& Co. beef d'lers. 

347 Garrahan Thomas, laborer, b. 
Lynch Patrick, hostler, b. 
Wood George, laborer, b. 

348 McCrillis A. B. & Co. hay, etc. 

349 Bartlett Wm. F. clerk, b. 
Gardner Robert, restaurant 

355 Bozzuti Giovanni, hairdresser 

Bozzuti Michele. hairdresser, b. 

Collins Dennis, laborer, b. 
359 Banning Charlotte, widow, h. 

Brewster Frank S. laborer, h. 

Potter Isaac E. laborer, b. 

363 Cornelius T. confectionery, h. 
Marotta Angelo. laborer, n. 
Marotta Antonio, hairdres'r, b. 
Tripp Charles, engineer, h. 
Wiseman William, liquors 

364 Morris Nelson & Co. beef 

367 Saugy Augustus, bologna mfr. 

Candace Street. 

cor. Orms, Candace Street Gram- 
mar School 
6 Lung Wah. laundry 
8 Martin Philip, shoemaker 
JO Kelly Peter B. b. 

Logee Simon, machinist, h. 
Pearce Chester A. clerk, b. 
Pearce DeWitt C. hostler, b. 
Pearce Eliza J. widow, h. 
12 Zaker Simon, bicycle repairer 
16 Smith Catharine, widow, h. 

Williamson W.M.machinist,h. 
18 Caulfield Timothy. moulder, h. 
GriflBn James, laborer, b. 
Maloney T. F. color mixer, h. 
21 Bromiley James T. clerk, h. 
Bromiley K, R. machinist, b. 
Fraser Alice, widow, b. 

21 Hibbert Wm. file forger, h. 
23 Armstrong Harry, b. 

Armstrong T. W. moulder, h. 

Kelso Wm. h. 
25 Houston Chas.G.coremaker,h. 

McGlinn Louis, teamster, b. 

Shanley C. Mrs. dressmaker 

Shanley Wm. laborer, h. 
27 Bailey Fred'k J. coachman, h. 

Dailey Stephen H. pedler, h. 

McGuire James, blacksmith, h. 

29 Burgess John J. porter, h. 
Longmuir Alexander, clerk,h. 

30 Angell Lucien £. clerk, h. 
Marshall Thos. P. engineer, h. 

31 Dyer David L. machinist, h. 
McElroy Geo. E. provision s,h. 
Schofield Rosanna, widow, b. 

32 McNulty John F. driver, h. 
Reilly Frank M. filecutter, b. 

33 Fulton Hugh, carpenter, h. 
Fulton Hugh, jr. clerk, b. 
Neilan James f. clerk, b. 
Neilan Mary Ann, widow, h. 
Neilan Wm. E. jeweler, b. 

35 Bagley Hugh, hairdresser, b. 
Bagley Tames, laborer, h. 
Bagley fames, jr. laborer, b. 
Bagley Thomas, laborer, b. 
Carney Bridget, widow, h. 
Raymond Catharine J. Mrs. h. 

36 Cox Thomas, laborer, h. 
Garrick Robert, clerk, b. 
Guthrie Roger, horseshoer, h. 

37 Brennan James, laborer, h. 
Handy William, engineer, h. 
Mulvey John E. plumber, b. 

38 Madden William, laborer, b. 
Potter Geo. W. jeweler, h. 

40 Germano Giusepi>e, hairdrsr. 
MastrachioGiuseppe, shoemkr. 
42 Shoon Charley, laundry 
48 Erickson Adolph F. grocer 

50 Connors J. C. bookkeeper, b. 
Hayes Elizabeth, Miss, h. 
Hayes Michael J. clerk, h. 

51 Hicks James W. carpenter, h. 
McCauley Patrick, laborer, h. 

52 McElroy Robert J. provis'n. h. 
Petrie A. C. clerk, h. 

53 Allen William H. b. 
Spink Winfield S. driver, h. 
Stoddard Fred'k W. engin'r.h. 

54 Dumican D. C. machinist, b. 
Dumican Wm. machinist, h. 
Dumican Wm. H. clerk, b. 


House Directory. 

Candace St.^Continued. 

54 Gardiner John R. b. 
Gavitt Wm. S. engineer, h. 

55 Carr Charles H. machinist, b. 
Raftery John T. carpenter, h. 
Trask George, engineer, h. 

56 Eraser Francis H. janitor, h. 
Fuller Edwin P. toolmaker, b. 
Fuller Grace E. music tchr. 
Fuller James, machinist, h. 
Fuller Wm. R. machinist, b. 
Walker Hugh A. machinist, b. 

57 Pixley Wilbur C. fireman, h. 
Raftery Mary, widow, h. 

58 Ferguson Christina C. Miss, b. 
Ferguson George, clerk, h. 
Ferguson Jennie M. Miss. b. 
McDonald Alex.G., U.R.R. h. 

59 Dickson Justus H. fireman, h. 
Stevens Albert H. engineer, h. 

59>iAndrews Merrill V. filectr. h. 
Kenyon Joseph, machinist.h. 

60 Curtis Arthur M. fireman, h. 
McElroy Wm. F. teamster, h. 

62 Boss Thomas J. watchman, h. 

Ormond Edward. blacksm'h.h. 
64 Blackman Fred H. police, h. 

Carney Harry A. carpenter, b. 

Carney Henry, lamplighter.h. 
66 Goldrick Frank S. gateman.h. 

Horsefield S. M. machinist, h. 

Horsefield Thos. E. mach. b. 
68 Carney FraocisJ.lamplightr.h. 

McGrath Owen, laborer, h. 
70 Needham H. B. fireman, h. 

Canton Street. 

I McGovern Edw. rub. wkr. h. 

McGovern James, rub. wkr. b. 

McGovern John F. rub. wkr. b 
3 Walsh William, moulder, h. . 
10 Ogden Emma, widow, h. 

Ogden James H. b. 
12 Cate Ernest L. mason, b. 

Cate Royal A. mason, h. 
32 Bray Joseph F. loom fixer, h. 

Finn Frank, rubber worker.h. 

Walker Nellie Miss, h. 

35 Orton Arthur, at Gorham's, h. 

36 Hetherman Joseph, laborer.b. 
Murphy Joseph, baker, h. 
Regan Jane, widow, h. 
White Mary, widow, h. 

37 Tohanson A. J. machinist, h, 
39 rJicol Geo. machinist, h. 

Winter Sydney S. gardener.h. 

40 Elliott Margaret, widow, h. 

Rowand Byron E. con due tor, h. 

Walker James, weaver, h. 
48 Dudley J. G. designer, h. 

Jenckes Willard S. teamster, h. 

Richards Joseph, furniture, h. 

Richards Lewis J. clerk, b. 
56 Stewart Nathaniel, mason, h. 
6t Costigan Daniel J. foreman, h. 

Makin Edward, file cutter, h. 

O'Lreary Harry, laborer, b. 
63 Kindle Joseph, plumber, h. 

Hindle Wm. student, h. 
65 Kerr David W. clerk, h. 
67 Brown Daniel, toolmaker, h. 

Doonan William, clerk, b. 

Rynn Patrick, laborer, h. 
69 Herzog Max. stone cutter, h. 

Schoentzeler Mary, widow, b. 

87 O'Brien William F. police, h. 

88 Chase James H. operative, h. 

89 Baker Solon, mariner, h. 

90 Birch John A. trimmer, h. 
Riley Thos. dresser tndr. h. 

91 Crane Mary, widow, h. 
Kelley Daniel, teamster, h. 

96 Nelson Charles, laborer, b. 
Pearson E. machinist, h. 

97 Hillman Fred, watchman, h. 
loi Irving William G. carpenter, h. 
103 Greene Wm. J. machinist, h. 
109 McKenna Catharine, Miss, h. 

McKennaPatrick, coachman, h. 
Welch Edward, baker, h. 
i09r Welch Joseph E. h, 

Capron Street. 

35 Forrest Michael, weaver, h. 

Fournier Thomas.carpenter,h. 
37 Pinkman Edward, weaver, h. 

45 Guilbault George, moulder, h. 

46 Bernard Melolie, widow, h. 

47 Carey James J. boiler mkr. h. 
Goff Tames, operative, b. 
Goff Michael, woolsorter, b. 
GofiF Sarah, widow, h. 
Lynch Thomas, carpenter, h. 

53 Guertin Elvie, operative, h. 
Guertin Philippe, laborer, h. 
Lapointe Louis, laborer, b. 
Lapointe ZueDemiy,widow,h. 
Obie Remond, weaver, h. 

56 Richard Godfrey, oiler, b. 
Richard Lorenzo, weaver, b. 
Richard Napoleon, h. 

57 Pearson William. operative,h. 

House Directory. 


One hundred Yarieties of Vegetables ^^ ^''''il^^^ ^ilUy. 

57 Virian Charles, weaver, b. 
Virian Charles, jr. weaver, h. 
Wood John J. h. 

58 Lajoie Adolph, h. 

Lajoie Adolph jr. operative.b. 

Lajoie Pierre, operative, b. 

Roy Albert, operative, b. 

Roy Henri, laborer, h. 

Roy Olivier, laborer, b. 
58 Simoneau Terry, comber, b. 

Simoneau Moise, laborer, b. 

Simoneau Pierre, carpenter,h. 

Verrette Paul, carpenter, h. 

Villandry Fabien, h. 

Villandry Joseph, operative,b. 
61 Beatty J. mason tender, h. 

Brennan Margaret, widow, h. 

Brennan N. Miss, dressmaker 

Carey Annie, widow, h. 

Carey Michael, operative, b. 

Carey Thos. operative, b. 

Carey Timothy, operative, b. 

Wood Annie, widow, h. 
6a Axtell John, jeweler, h. 

Exley John G. Jeweler, b. 

Nealon Dennis, laborer, h. 

Nealon John, piper, b. 
65 Bowers Van ness V. linemn, h. 

Bowers Wm. H. lineman, b. 

Feely John J. clerk, b. 

McCurdy Ann. widow, h. 

McCurdy Thos. bartender, b. 

69 Bligh Catharine, widow, h. 
Bligh Thomas E. jeweler, b. 
Burkhardt C. F. operative, h. 
Kolpe Hermann, weaver, b. 
Mee Hugh, spinner, b. 

Mee Peter, mule spinner, h. 
Mee Peter, jr. weaver, b. 
Shiner Henry, operative, b. 

70 Burke Joseph, carpenter, h. 
Burke Joseph jr. clerk, b. 
Burke Louis, operative, b. 
Burke Vital, machinist, b. 
Lafare Henri, weaver, h. 

78 Marsh Frank O. asst. engr. h. 

Capwell Street. 

18 Madden Ann M. widow, h. 

Madden Ela T. Miss, b. 

Madden Francis J. agent, b. 

Stratton Mary, widow, b. 
iSrMcCartin Patrick, dyer, h. 
25 Flynn John F. laborer, b. 

Flynn Michael, laborer, h. 

25 Grayson Geo. blacksmith, h. 
Potter Henry W. jr. compr. h. 

Carder Street. 

6 McHugh John F. operative, h. 

12 Keefe John F. operative, b. 
Keefe Timothy, laborer, h. 
McLaughlin John P.laborer.h. 

Cargill Street. 

7 Bowen EU'n&HonoraMisses.h. 
Roberts Edw. C. watchman, h. 

10 McNamee Ann M. widow, b. 
McNaraee Henry P. clerk, b. 
McNamee John J. hostler, b. 

11 McDonald Eben W. jeweler. h. 
O'Neil Joseph 

13 O'Rourke James, hostler, h. 
Proffit Wm. H. toolmaker, h. 

14 Heffernan Patrick, laborer, h. 
Hennessey Jerem'h, labor* r,h. 
Smith Warren, teamster, h. 
Sullivan Edward B. lather, b. 
Sullivan John B. laborer, h. 
Welch Edward, laborer, b. 
Welch Thomas, lather, b. 

15 Lancta Lawrence I. clerk, h. 

17 McElroy M. Miss, grocer, h. 
McElroy Joseph F. jeweler, h. 

18 Cook Robert F. farmer, h. 
Palmer Joseph, laborer, h. 

i8rHughes John, laborer, h. 
Zacharias Rice D. driver, h. 

19 McElroy M. Miss, grocer 
Pierce Kose V. widow, h. 

igr Bedard Phileas. hairdressr.h. 

Casperson John A. laborer, h. 

Donnelly John, hostler, h. 
21 Cullen Frank jr. mason, b. 

Cullen Thomas, laborer, b. 

Downey Thos. F. jeweler, h. 

23 Allen William, painter, h. 
Gravel William, polisher, h. 

23rKennedy Robt. A. J. lather.h. 
McHugh James, jeweler, b. 
McHugh Jos. H. driver, b. 

24 Earley Bernard H. clerk, b. 
Earley John, mason, h. 
McKenna Patrick, laborer, b. 
O'Reilly Margaret Mrs. h. 

25 McDowell R. porter, h. 
Stewart James I. hostler, b. 

26 Prior John, jeweler, h. 
Prior Thomas, h. 

27 Hermann Wm. shoemaker, h« 


House Directorv. 

Cargill St — Continued, 

27 Sharkey Dominick J. laborer, h. 

28 Fox Patrick, liquors 

29 McCarthy Lawrence, clerk, h, 

30 Flynn Joseph, b. 

Flynn Patrick, liquors, h, 

31 Murray Patrick, liquors 

32 Mahady Francis J. laborer, b. 
Mahady John, laborer, h. 
Roberge Thomas, teamster, h. 

33 Murray Patrick, liquors, h. 

34 Hurley Daniel E. coal etc. h. 
Hurley Joseph H. bookbinder, b. 

35 Sherburne Otis, laborer, h. 

36 Dewyer P. F. boots, e^c. h. 
38 Casey Honora Mrs. h. 

Shea Margaret Mrs. h. 

Carleton Street. 

30 Sheridan George T. h, 

32 Fiske Charles H. h. 

34 Drown Tessie Miss. musician, b. 

Drown Paul, draper, b. 

Drown Will M. artist, h. 

Drown Will M. jr. machinist.b. 
64 Cannon George, rubber wkr.b. 

Cannon Joseph, h. 

Cannon M. A. Miss, drsmkr.b. 

Hurley Chas. A. clerk, h. 

Meegan Wm. J. compositor, b. 
73 O'Connor Francis, police, h. 
75 Hunt Henry, rubber wkr. h. 

Hunt J[. Albert, laborer, b. 
95 Cummings Charles, jeweler, b. 

Cum mings John, bricklayer. b. 


Cummings Patrick, mason, h. 

Cummings T. stone cutter, h. 
98 Mulcahey Timothy, helper, h. 
102 Carroll Thos. P. file cutter, h, 
105 Meegan Mary A. widow, h. 
117 Palmer James, weaver, h. 

Palmer Wm. loomfixer, h. 

Carlisle Street. 

14 Betts Charles T. b. 
16 Richards Albert J. salesman. h. 
22 Higgins J. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
24 Eddy Eliza A. widow, b. 

WilhamsAlbert H.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
40 Hudson Willard W. jeweler,h. 

Carpenter Street 

4 Jackson J ohn,steam fitter, rms. 
Patton Fannie A. Mrs. h. 
Simmons H.E.diam*ds,etc. rms 

8 Hacston J as. E. carpenter, h« 
Morey Josephine Mrs. b. 

Small fid ward P. dentist, b. 

Winslow Abial S. b. 
14 Donahue John H.compr. h. 

Heck Chas. F. plumber, b. 

Heck Mary A. widow, h. 
18 Bowler Elizabeth T. Mrs. h. 

Donahue Wm. driver, b. 

Geary Daniel J. teamster, b. 

Kennedy John, cooper, h. 

Schouler Edward J. waiter, b. 

Schouler Wm. J. waiter, rms. 
28 Buckley Ellen, widow, h. 

Buckley Timothy, hairdrsr. b. 

Dawson Sarah, widow, h. 

Kelley Joseph A. clerk, b. 

Mack James A. weaver, b. 

McGrath Alice, widow, h. 

31 Austin George, jeweler, rms. 
Burbank Chas. A. mach. b. 
Carpenter Elias, reg. phar. b. 
Lester F.teas and coffees, rms. 
Pontin Daniel M. rms. 

32 Tenks Ella G. Mrs. drsmaker 
Jenks Theodore W. h. 
Wallace John, carpenter, rms. 

36 Bicknall Edward, b. 

Bicknall Edward J. h. 

Bicknall Frank J. crockery, h. 

Franklin Margaret. A. wid. b. 
40 Degnan James, printer, b. 

Degnan John, printer, b. 

Moore Munroe, shoemaker, h. 

Moore Robert G. clerk, b. 
43 Ferrari Mary Mrs. h. 

47 Browning M. E. Miss, h*kpr. 
Browning Sarah W. tchr. h. 
Colson Rose M. widow, b. 

48 Boyden Lewis H. clerk, b. 
Carpenter Wm. jeweler, b. 
Dodge Chas. trav. salesman, b. 
Graves Arthur, brkman, b. 
Munson Cath. C. Mrs. h. 

49 Anthony John, b. 

Gall Philip. * 'Telegram," h. 

Perkins Geo. W. broker, b. 

Perkins Lyman W. Mrs. h. 
52 Metcalf L. A. Miss, tchr. b. 

Kelton H. Mary Miss, h. 

Knight S. S. & E. Misses, h. 

Wilson Alfred, lawyer, h. 
57 Dunbar Geo. E. Rev. h. 

Miller Frank C. foreman, b. 

Miller Horace, jeweler, h. 
61 Fay Robt C. supt. b. 

House Directory. 


61 FrobergAnderw P.raach'ist,h. 
Kelton Mary E. widow, b. 

62 Beattie A. Alexander, b. 
Chase Sherman, mariner, b. 
Cory Thomas, clerk, b. 
Litchfield Leonard P. h. 

63 Andrews Taney G. clerk, h. 
Bently Henry A. butcher, b. 
Larkin Henry G. h 
Taylor John H. porter, h. 

64 Burroughs Mary, widow, h. 
Price Annie R. Mrs. b. 
Price William H. clerk, b. 
Sharlon Caroline M. Mrs, b. 
ThomasLouisC. bookkeeper, b. 

69 Craig Clara E. teacher, b. 
Craig Emma J. teacher, b. 
McCormick C. E. Miss.tchr.b. 
McGrath Martin F. clerk, h. 

70 Barker Henri'a Miss, drsmk.r. 
Chaffee Willard, jeweler, b. 
Hadda way Oliver, tel. op'r. rms. 
Taylor Alice D. Mrs. h. 
Taylor George S. driver, b. 
Worden Frederick, clerk, b. 

73 Dunham Everett C.provis'n.b. 
Sheldon Frank L. contractor, h. 
Sweet Geo. F. janitor, h. 

74 Rice Geo. H. clerk, h. 
Rice Rol)ert C. clerk, b. 
Rice Wm. A. clerk, h. 

75 Foster Edward, plasterer, h. 
Graves Edward A. bkeman, h. 

77 Corley John, shoemaker, h. 
77rMunroe Benjamin F.mac'isth. 

79 Bates Mary L Mrs. b. 
Smith Chas S. painter, h. 

80 Janes Sophia T. widow, h. 
Janes Wm. F. clerk, b. 

81 Lorn bard i Chas. tailor, h. 
Smith Addie Mrs. dresmkr. h. 

83 Brown Tames P. engineer, h. 

84 Cooper Ed ward H. bartender, h. 
Steere Geo.N.jr.trav. s'man,h. 

85 Dunham Everett C. provisions 

86 Horton Harry H, hairdrser.h. 
Krumweide Wm.R.die sker.h. 
Skiff Benjamin F. janitor, b. 

87 Fisher Lawrence, rms. 
Greene Albert, operative, b. 
Pickering Jennie C. Mrs. h. 

89 Baxter Henry N. clerk, b. 
Baxter JohnT.photographer.h. 
Baxter Richard E. moulder,b. 
Dunham C. A. foreman, h. 
South worth Susan F. widow, b. 

91 Hall Charles C. grocer 

93 Hall Chas. C. grocer, b. 
Hall John A. provisions, h. 

94 Berg Chas. A. file cutter, rms. 
Blackled^e John, h. 

96 Jiosa Felicia, shoemaker 

97 Perry Ida A. Miss, h. 
Ransom E. C. shirtmaker, h. 
Ransom Wm. H. clerk, h. 

98 Fahlquist Frank G. tailor, h. 
Titus George L. grinder, h. 

99 GlassnerW.E. * 'Telegram,** h. 
Young Frederick, b. 

Young Nathan W. liv. sta. h. 
100 Estee Sidney T. machinist, h. 
May Charles E. jewelry, h. 
May Harriet M. widow, b. 
May Slater D. surveyor, b. 
Walker Mary J. widow, b. 

103 Young N. W. livery stable 

104 Church Oliver W. inspector,h. 

108 Donnelly A. G. Miss, drsmkr,b. 
Donnelly Mary A. wid-ow, h. 
Donnelly William, jeweler, b. 
Stedman Patrick, jeweler, h, 

109 Eddy G. Mrs. dressmaker, b. 
Randall Nellie G. Miss, h, 
Winship Emma C. Miss, h. 

112 Peckham Annie F. florist 

113 McDermott Thos. clerk, h. 
Willemin Paul A. die sinker,h. 

122 Doughty Benj.W. engraver.h. 

Jacobs N. Albert, jeweler, h. 

Jacobs Oscar F. jeweler, h. 

Maker Edwin A. music tchr,h. 

Pratt Sarah C. widow, b. 

Pratt William C. baker, b. 
128 McMillen Alexander, driver.h. 

131 Dickinson Whitney, h. 
Todd J a van N. bookkeeper, h. 

132 Bartlett Henry W. h. 
Bartlett Waldo G. clerk, b. 
McNamara P. F. jr. jeweler, h. 
Shine James F. jeweler, b. 

135 Wyant Louis, jeweler, h. 

136 Hamilton David, captain, h. 
Hamilton D., jr. mariner, b. 
Hamilton Oscar E.hackman.h. 
Hamilton William, driver, b. 

137 Hastings Jos. jr. tchr. sing.h. 
Miller Fred S. painter, b. 
Miller George B. clerk, b. 
Miller Isadore B. Mrs. h. 
Stillman Gideon S. filemkr. h. 

143 Perrin Emory A. fruit, etch. 

144 Keene Arthur, clerk, b. 


House Directory. 

Carpenter SU--Contmued. 
144 Keene Eliza, widow, h. 

Kelly Daniel M.harnessmkr.h. 
Kelly, Mary E. Miss. h. 
cor. Pallas, Carpenter St Primary 
School ^ 

146 Levinson Wm. cigar mkr. h. 
Sherman Wm.E.messenger.h. 
148 Mahon John, moulder, b. 
McLaughlin Jane Miss. h. 
McLaughlin John, laborer, b. 
150 Moral J.. Union Nickel Pltg. 
Works, h. 

Van DerburghGeo.diesinkr.h. 
156 Gordon Samuel T. h. 

Gordon Samuel T. jr. clerk, b. 

Thomas Henry F. clerk, h. 

Walsh William T. clerk, h. 
i6o Frost Theodosia. widow, h. 

Peckham Annie F. florist, h. 

Peckham Emily J. widow, h. 

Peckham Wm. H. clerk . b. 

Like M. E. Mrs. teacher, b. 

162 Hadfield William, grocer 

163 Sawyer William W. clerk, h. 

164 Gormley Thomas, blacks'th.h. 

165 Baker A. Mrs. h. 
Coombs Royal, rms. 
Haynes Herbert, manager, h. 
Rhodes Mary, widow, h. 
Wells Susan E. Mrs. h. 

167 Sheldon Wm. J. stable, h. 
Sheldon William J. jr. man. b. 

168 Lmdsey Walter, hostler, rms. 
Sleeper SquireD.manag.stable 

169 Penno Joseph H. Mrs. h. 
Sayles Lycurgus.counsellor.h. 
Sweet Orin. electrician, h. 

171 Bender Theodore, supt. h. 
Morrison Isabel, widow, b. 

172 Hodges Orville A. coal, etc. 
Powers James H. horseshoer 

173 Hallock E. S. furniture, h. 
Hallock George E. toolmkr. b. 
Langworthy Walter P. b. 
Langworthy Wm. B.manag.h. 

175 Pidge Geo. A. provisions, h. 
Pidge Wm. bookkeeper, b. 

179 Cook Dikram J. clerk, h. 
Ellis Charles F. student, b. 
Ellis Fernando M.carpenter,h. 
Sobage John, laborer b. 

180 Canning Frank, driver, h. 
Kelly Richard A. sawver, h. 
White Susan Mrs. h. 
Wright F. Alice Mrs. h. 

181 Andrews Frank H. assayer.h. 
Baker Anna F. Miss, tchr. h. 
Baker Anna M. widow, h. 
Budlong Rachael Mrs. h. 
Stone Lovica D. Miss, b. 

185 Simmonds Addis H. clerk, h. 
Spruce Charles, foreman, b. 

186 Littlefield Wesley T. grocer 
191 Bleasdale Ida M. Mrs. h. 

Bleasdale Wm. S. jr. clerk, b. 
Chapman HerbertL.jeweler.h. 

194 Waterman Geo. R. police, h. 

195 Gorham Charles F. b. 
Griffin Annie M. Mrs. b. 
Yerrington Preston, forem'n.h. 
Yerrington P. D. bookkpr. h. 

197 Bradford Edward F. clerk, h. 
Huling Fred, b. 

Ross Roderick, plumber, b. 

198 Jewett Jos. bookkeeper, h. 

201 McElroy Kate, widow, h. 

202 Barbour Jas. wheelwright, b. 
Barbour Nannie Miss. h. 
Perkins Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Slocum Ziba O. lawyer, h. 

205 Hotchner Fred, painter b. 
Hotchner Jos. sign painter, h. 
Kjellman A. shoemaker, h. 
Pearson Sarah, widow, b. 
Tanner Hiram E. clerk, h. 
Whitman Robie, jeweler, h. 

206 Binder Charles, jeweler, h. 
CarpenterMyraH. Mrs. nurse, h 
Murdy Frank R. clerk, h. 

211 Davis Eben, salesman, h. 

212 Donahue Michael J. carpn. h. 
Ettenborough AnnF.widow,h. 
Manchester Wm.W.jr. pntr.h. 
Thurber Eugene, silversmith,r. 
Thurber Wm. G. harn'smkr. r. 

213 Dailey Eleanor T. Miss, b. 
McMaugh Charles F. clerk, b. 
McMaugh F. J. draftsman, b. 
McMaugh John clerk, h. 
Toomey Edward, clerk, b. 
Toomey James E clerk, b. 
Toomey Mary, widow, h. 
Toomey Thos.F.dairylunch,b. 

216 Crowell A. M. Journal office, h. 
Crowell Harriet N. widow, h. 

219 Gardiner W. T. silversmith, b. 
Simons George, jeweler, rms. 
Stimson E. S. sheriffs kpr. h. 

220 Capron Mary E. widow, h. 
Cowell J. A. house furn. gds. h. 
Ordway Emma L. widow, b. 

House Directory. 


223 Ralph Harris A. clerk, b. 
Ralph Julia L. Mrs. h. 
Round George A. auditor, h. 
Round Wm. A. window drsr.h. 
Spencer H. C. Mrs. dentist, h. 

224 Beckford Clarence L. supt. b. 
Beckford Lewis, painter, h. 
Beckford Lewis P. chemist, h. 

225 Richards C. A. bookkeeper, h. 
Richards Walter R. student, b. 
Richards William R. h. 

226 Skerry John A. machinist, h. 

247 Johnson Robt. jr. florist, h. 

248 Carey David C. engineer, b. 
Carey Mary E. widow, h. 
Gardner M. B. trained nurse, h 
Tucker C. M. jeweler, b. 
Tucker J. L. Miss, var. store,b. 

249 Brown Lemuel, b. 
Cleveland Chas. hostler, b. 
Horton Chester S. clerk, b. 
Rowley John H. stable, h. 

251 HannafordA.J window drsr.h. 
Parker Eugene H. grocer, b. 
Thurston Walter I. clerk, h. 

252 Peck Elizabeth A. widow, h. 
256 Payan Ida Miss,dressmaker,b. 

Steere Fred,butter, ch'se.&ch. 

258 Crone Thomas W. b. 
Gilmore Jennie M. widow, b. 
Knapp Albert M. physician, h. 
Knapp K. A. Mrs. music tchr. 

259 Harris E. M. & N. C. Misses,h. 

263 Hydner Edw'd light trimer, b. 
Jonnston Jane, widow, h. 
Kendrick Samuel, weaver, b. 
Tompson Christie Miss, b. 
Treen John, jeweler, h. 
Treen William A. b. 

264 Hay ward Joseph, butcher, h. 
Lyons Thomas A. teamster, h. 

264rCorbin MansonE. watchman, h. 

268 Hermann Henry, butcher, h. 

269 Arnold Warren E. clerk, b. 
Arnold W. B. ni^ht lunch, h. 
Wads wort hBenai ah, iceman, h. 
Wadsworth Edw d C. driver, b. 

273 Donahey William H. clerk, b. 

Eastham Matthew, b. 

Bastham Wm. J. mill supt. h. 

Fisk Mary E. widow, b. 

Morrow F.F. h. 
275 Peck Allen P. sexton, h. 

Rogers Lewis L. painter, h. 

275 Tillinghast Wm. L. mchst. b. 
285 Robblee Harry N. clerk, b. 

Robblee Hugh D.srgt. police, h. 

Spencer Albert E.machinist,h. 

Spencer Chas. E. moulder, b. 

Spencer Thomas N. jeweler.b. 

287 Bartlett Emily M. widow, h. 
Bartlett John H. flagman, b. 
Colvin welcome G. hostler, b. 
Jordan George, clerk, b. 
King William, engineer, b. 
Rathbun John O. laundrmn.b. 
Thompson Herbert S. clerk, h. 

288 Angell Adaline A. widow, h. 
Seamans G. W. paper hngr. b. 
Seamans Susan H. widow, h. 

289 Angus Edward W. painter, h. 
Bell Lucy, widow, h. 

Bell William, laborer, b. 

Waterman H. A. teamster, h. 
291 Fuller Man ley C. jeweler, h. 

Reid David, moulder, h. 
293 Chase Frank A. clerk, h. 

Clark Josephine Mrs. h. 
300 Bryant Chas. C. bookkeeper, b. 

Bryant Forrester, machinist, h. 

Thornton Mary E. widow, h. 
304 Garvin A. Miss,dressmaker,h. 

Garvin B Miss, dressmaker, h. 
bhn M. florist, h. 
ohn M. jr. florist, b. 
1, Hebron Mfg. Co. 
326 Carter Frank R. h. 

Gammons B. L. carpenter, h. 
326rGammons Benj. L. carpenter, 
opp. Grant, Harris & Shea,b*smiihs. 
339 St. Denis Chas. driver, h. 

St. Denis Chas. Mrs. dressmkr. 
n . Courtland, RiceHoward W. cl'k, h. 

352 Gattrell Harry E.compositr,b. 
Irving M. Maude Mrs. h. 
Stormezand C. compositor, b. 

353 Cross F. E. A. widow, h. 

354 Ruyt«;r Erich, jeweler, b. 
Ruyter Henry, jeweler, h. 

355 Cook Welcome H. salesman, h. 
Nute John H. turner, h. 

356 Seiberlich Paul A.compositr,h. 

357 Smith Catharine G. l^h's. h. 
Smith Louis W. bookkeeper, b. 

358 McDonald Wm. J. steretyper,h . 

359 Perrin Jacob C. moulder, h. 
Perrin K. A.H.wheelwright,b. 

360 Gardner John N. h. 
Waldron Edwin M. b. 

362 Baxter James E. tailor, b. 

Sullivan ] 
313 Grant Mi' 

Timothy O'Connor, 

Blaokstone Boulevard Flowers DellTered 

and in any 

272WestnEilnster St. Part of the Country 


House Directory. 

Carpenter St.— Continued. 

362 Baxter James H. coachman, h. 

363 Godfrey Albert C,jr.eiigin'r,h. 

365 McGuinness J. H. hopbeer,h. 
Pellisey Jos. W. car. pntr. h. 

366 Porter Charles H. supt. h. 
371 Olney George W. clerk, h. 

Whitaker Amasa Mrs. h. 
375 Lamson Henry A. h. 

Pinckney E. S. salesman, h. 
Thompson Henry 

378 Bullock George 
. Reynolds Prescott D.s'man.b. 

379 Angell Chas. F. clerk, b. 
Angell Waity C. widow, h. 
Canfield Hector, physician, h. 

Carr Street. 

67 Carney Charles, mason, b. 

Murray John F. h. 
70 Lawton Patrick, laborer, h. 
77 Turner Jas. J. hairdresser, h. 
163 Keodarn Harry, engineer, b. 

Tourjee Catharine, widow, h. 

Carrington Avenue. 

13 ThurberNathanielD.horseshr. 

15 George William G. clerk, h. 
Jackson A. W. carpenter, h. 

16 Jeffrey Miriam, widow, h. 
Marshall John T. liquors, h. 

20 Donnelly Rose A. Miss, b. 

Hawkins Amos M. h. 
22 Harris Clayton, manager, h. 
26 Cafferty Edward V. clerk, b. 

Cafferty Farrell, clerk, h. 

Caflferty Frank, jeweler, b. 

Cafferty John A., P. O. h. 

Cafferty P. Jos. tinsmith, b. 
26rLoughman Frank, coachmn.b. 

Smith Andrew T. clerk, h. 

Smith B. P. carpenter, b. 

Smith J. Harry, student, b. 

Smith Rose, widow, b. 

Wood Frank, hostler, b. 
59 Grant James R. stable 
62 Bundy Cornelius T. cook, h. 

Bundy Robert, porter, b. 

Grandy A. P. carrier, P. O. h. 

Grandy A. P. Mrs. milliner, h. 
64 Bell Willard H. clerk, h. 

Reynolds William H. mach.b. 
66 Monroe Geo. E. coachman, h. 

Spranger C. sup. Hope Club,h. 
70 Ash Cora B. widow, b. 

Newhall Hannah C. widow, h. 

71 Bliss Arthur D. clerk, b. 

Bliss Walter B. engraver, h. 

Elkins Frank H. bicycle rep. b. 
76 Bond J. Winn, dentist, h. 
78 Lieb William R. foreman, h. 
80 Enos Joseph S. liquors, h. 

Carter Place. 

5 Durfee Amy W. Mrs. h. 

Durfee George F.. U. R. R. h. 
9 Clarke John J. file inspector, h. 
Fuyat Henry, h. 
Fuyat William J. musician, b. 
12 Fry Cordelia J. widow, h. 
Potter Henry A., Q. R. R. b. 

14 McCarthy John, jr. artist, h. 

15 Chew Harry H. driver, h. 

Carter Street. 

I Barker Charlotte B. F. Mrs. h. 
[ackson Alberts. silversmith,b. 
[ackson Henry A. b. 
>mith EugeneC.silversmith,b. 
3 Chace Stephen F. auctioneer, h. 
ChaceW.W.mech. engineer,h. 
5 Leech A. E. Miss, stenog'r. b. 
Leech Fred'k.asst. engineer, b. 
Leech James, supt h. 
Leech James W. student, b. 
7 Peirce Lucy M. Miss, t'chr. b. 
Peirce Rachel B. widow, h. 

10 Merrill George W. h. 

11 Dow Rebecca B. Mrs. b. 
HolmesH.L-reg.of tr'nsfers,h. 
Holmes Louis K. student, b. 

12 Anthony Albert L. sec'y R. I. 

Safe Deposit Co. h. 

Bullock Sarah J. widow, h. 
22 Davison M. N. ins. agt. h. 
24 McHardyJames dra'ghtsm*n.b 

McHardy R. H.draughtsm'n.h. 

26 Jordan Fred A. chaser, h. 

27 South William J. Mrs. h. 
Sweetland E. R. silversmith,h. 

28 Day Wm. A. clerk, h. 

29 Allanson Fred'k.silversmith,h. 
Randall Ervin A silversmth.h. 

31 Church Hannah M. Mrs. b. 
Sawtell Albert H. h. 
Sawtell Harry, b. 

32 Peck Ambrose R. engraver, h. 
Peck Horace M. clerk, b. 
Sawtelle Harry E. agent, b. 

33 Corey Harry E. b. 
Crowther Sarah L Miss, b. 
StewartAlbertH. con tractor, h. 

House Directory. 


34 Campbell Thos. N. foreman, h. 
M inch in Joseph, salesman, b. 

35 Lowe Fred G. clerk, h. 

36 Gee Edward £. machinist, h. 

37 Avery P. M. hamessmaker, h. 
Avery Harry L. desi^er, b. 

38 Hartnett lonn B. police, h. 
McDonald Catharine, widow,b. 

39 Austin Edith Miss, teacher, b. 
Austin Sarah M. P. widow, h. 

40 Andrews Geo. L. con tractor, h. 
Pogg John S. driver, h. 
Pogg John S. Mrs. drsmkr. h. 

42 Baker L. E. Miss, librarian.b. 
Gregory Harry, bookseller, h. 

ease Street. 

18 ManchesterAlbertS. laborer, b. 

Manchester G.B.S. jr. carp. h. 

Place Susan A. widow, b. 
25 Linder Lanord A. Miss, b. 

Loatenberger Mary W. wid.b. 

Schart Carl, brewer, h. 
31 Johnson William, teafnster, h. 
39 rarkerson Chas. eleva tndr, b. 

Parkerson John C. waiter, h. 
53 Simms Geo. H. janitor, rms. 

Cass Street. 

4 Waterman B. H. machinist, h. 
8 Carroll James, moulder, h. 

Palmer Chas. A. jeweler, b. 

Palmer Emma Mrs. h. 
8r Moore Albert F. jeweler, b. 

Moore Herbert E. b. 

Moore Thos. H. jeweler, h. 
14 George Harold A., U. R.R. h. 

Pollard Sarah F. nurse, b. 
16 Botham Elisha F. motrman,b. 

Botham Harry R. motrman.h. 
20 Dell Henry, upholsterer, h. 

Jennison Ray, blacksmith, h. 

Vaughn Albert D. driver, b. 
28 Ellis Jacob, janitor, h. 
36 Bowers Everett I. clerk, h. 

Maine Edgar, button mkr. b. 

Shelly Fred'k. at Gorham's, b. 

Shelly Maria, widow, h. 

Wells Albert, wheelwright, h. 
38 Masters Fred W. toolrakr. b. 

Masters W. J. silversmith, h. 

Watson Delila Mrs. nurse, h. 
44 McGrath Terrence.carpentr.h. 
46 Fallon Wm. motorman, h. 

Hanson F. L. motorman, h. 
50 Reed Claude G. b. 

50 Reed George T. h. 

Tripp Weston P. gas insp. h. 

Caxton Street. 

nr. Branch av. Jenkinson R. Ibr. h. 

Cedar Street. 

10 Derry's Waterproof Oil Co. 
44 Pox Jas. R. tel. operator, b. 

Fox Patrick, stonecutter, h. 

Peterson Carl G. clerk, b. 

PetersonChas.E.pat'rn mkr. h. 

Prov. Disinfectant Co. 
48 Clarke Annie, widow, h. 

Clarke Bengie S. loom fixer, b. 

MoorehouseHarry B. f orem'n.h 
50 Burns James C. laborer, b. 

Burns John, waiter, b. 

Bums Margaret, widow, h. 

Bums Michael, jeweler, b. 

Bums Patrick, laborer, b. 

Burns Thos. P. laborer^ b. 

Buxton Russell A. hostler, h. 
60 Anderson Alfred, laborer, b. 

Bergren Harry, laborer, b. 

Bjorkmund John, cab. mkr. h. 

Blumen Gust, laborer, b. 

Tillman Neils, machinist, b. 

Weston Ellen Mrs. h. 
80 Calisi Antonio, laborer, h. 

DeFina Giuseppe, b. 

DeFina Vincenzo. comp. h. 

Del Deo Jos. moulder, h. 

Dimaio Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Giordano Vincenzo, laborer, b. 

Giorgio Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
106 Casey Wm. steamfitter, h. 

Casey Wm. W. electrician, b. 
108 Caligiuri Fedele, laborer, h. 

Caparrelli Adolfo, laborer, b. 

Caparrelli Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Casentino Francesco A. lab.b. 

Feola Carmine, hairdresser, b. 

Grella Venazio, laborer, b. 

Libberante Gabbriele, lab. b. 

Maruffa Angelo A. laborer, b. 

Panzera Federico, laborer, h. 

Pascuzzi Angelo, laborer, b. 

Preite Agostino, laborer, b. 

Rizzuti Domenico, laborer, b. 

Storti Peter, h. 

Tamburrino Pasquale, lab. h. 

Tassone Domenico, laborer, b. 
112 Abba Salvatore, laborer, b. 

Badissa Giuseppe, hairdrsr. h 

Badissa John, laborer, h. 


House Directory. 

Cedar St. — Continued, 

112 Badissa Joseph, hairdrsr. h. 

Badissa Placido, laborer, b. 

Cappalli Francesco, foremn. h. 

Caraullo Placido, hairdrsr. h. 

Ciccone Angelo, laborer, b. 

Ciccone Antonio, laborer, b. 

Ciccone Paolo, laborer, b. 

Ferraracci A. baker, h. 

Ferrari Alessandro, baker, b. 

Gollucci G. operative, b. 

Marchetti Giovanni B. baker, b. 

Toppi L. laborer, h. 

Tucci Angelo, laborer, b. 

Zincone Antonio, laborer, b. 
1x4 Antonucci Paolo, shoemkr. h. 

Bellano Ermine, hairdresser.b. 

Bellano Giacinto, shoemkr. h. 

Bellano Nicola, hairdresser, b. 

Bucci Ismaele, shoemaker, h. 

Caruolo Luigi, teamster, h. 

DiNuose Saulle, eat. honse, h. 

Formichella Carlo, jeweler, b. 

Gentile Giovanni, teamster, b. 

Giordano Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Maddalena Angelo, laborer, b. 

Romano Nicola, moulder, b. 
114 Rossi Filippo, laborer, b. 


Tasca Nicola, operative, b. 

Tedeschi Francesco, op' rtive.h. 
116 Colavite Giuseppe, hairdrsr. b. 

Colavite Michele,shoemak'r,h. 

D'AlesioFrancesco,laborer, b. 

DePaolo Francesco, sh'emkr.b. 

Fedanzi Luigi. laborer, b. 

Mangioni Nicola, laborer, h. 

Monery Antonio, foreman, b. 

Regoli Jennie, Mrs. h. 
140 Fitzgerald Joanna, widow, h. 

McCahey E. J. hackman, h. 

McCahey J. H. hackman, h. 

Montecalvo Costanzo, jMer, b. 

Toppi Pamfilo, laborer, h. 
X44 Cappelli Antonio, laborer, b. 

Catino Teodore, laborer, b. 

Paolo Antonio, laborer, b. 

Paolo Antonio Sr.operative,b. 

Paolo Vincenzo, laborer, b. 

Rocchio Pietro, laborer, b. 

Tassone Giuseppe, shoemkr.b. 

Valente Bruno, laborer, b. 

Valente Domenico, laborer, b. 

Votta Domenico, jeweler, h. 

Votta Antonio, laborer, b. 
149 Bria Gaetano, laborer, b. 

149 Bruno Stefano, laborer, b. 
CaldaroneCarmine,op'ative, b. 
Caldarone Domenico, oper. h. 
Comparone Rocco, laborer, b. 
DeFusco Giacomo, laborer, b. 
Di Nuccio Antonio, laborer,b. 
Di Pierto Pado, laborer, h. 
Fortunati Nicola, tailor, b. 
Gallo Battista, laborer, b. 
Lonardo Giuseppe, laborer, bw 
Principe Antonio, laborer, h. 
Principe Natale, laborer, b. 
Schettini Guiseppe, dyer, b. 
Tito Frank, chet, b. 
Savastano Ferdinando,oper.b. 
Valentino Sal va tore, grocer 

Fiore Silvestro, laborer, b. 
Mancini Raffaele, laborer, b. 
Ricci Carmine, laborer, b. 
Santangelo Michele, laborer,b. 

150 Di Censo Angelo, laborer, b. 
DiMascio Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
Di Rienzo Gaetano, laborer,bw 
Leone Andrea, laborer, b. 
Marinelli Vincenzo, laborer, h. 
Susio Angelo, laborer, b. 
Susio Biasio, laborer, b. 
Susio Francesco, laborer, b. 

153 Antuono Giuseppe, laborer, h. 
Bianco Francesco, laborer, b. 
Carnevale Alessandra,wdw. h. 
Carnevale Benigno, laborer,b. 
Colopardi Domenico, labor, b. 
Di Manna Giovanni, labor, b. 
Lanzi Michael, laborer, h. 
Lanzino Pietro, laborer, b. 

154 Fox Patrick G. painter 
McGough Bernard, painter, b. 
McNanley Daniel, plumber, h. 
Morris Peter B. plumber, b. 

155 Storti Peter D. grocer 

157 Braica Andrew, laborer, b. 

Orlando Frank, teamster, h. 

Scorpio Antonio, laborer, h. 

Simonetti Emilio, jeweler, b. 
159 laccini Rocco, laborer, h. 

Magnello Francesco, lab'r, b» 

Magnello Pietro, laborer, h. 

Maleterna Antonio, laborer, b. 
163 Vitale Augustin, liquors 
165 Battista Luigi, laborer, b. 

Bianco Angelo, laborer, b. 

Borrelli Vincenzo, laborer, b. 

Bufalo Antonio, clerk, h. 

House Directory. 


One hnndred Tarieties of Fresh, C| oil 
Salt, Smoked and Pickled rioll, 


165 CappelH Antonio, soda wat. h. 
Congo Domenico, laborer, b. 
Corvese Bartholomew.lab'r, h. 
DeCristofori Domenico, hdsr. h. 
De Rosa Nicola, laborer, b. 
Di Salbetta Ramolo, labor, b. 
Ferrante Teodoro, laborer, b. 
Ferranti Carmine, laborer, h. 
Ferrari Luigi, shoemaker, b. 
Palanci Giovanni, laborer, h. 
Ricci Carmine, laborer, b. 
Ricci Giuseppe, operative, b. 
Ricci Pasquale, laborer, b. 
Sarno Antonio, laborer, b. 
Valente Francesco, laborer, b. 
Zelano Antonio, sr. laborer, b. 
Zelano Antonio, jr. laborer, b. 
Santantonio Pasquale, lab. b. 
Torti Giovanni, laborer, b. 

169 Colarossi Pietro, laborer, b. 
Colarossi Rocco, laborer, h. 
De Luca Antonio, laborer, b. 
Morrone Antoniol. laborer, h. 
Rastelli Francesco, laborer, b. 
Russillo Gennaro,carpenter,h. 
Scarduzio Joseph, laborer, b. 
Scarduzio Michele, teamster, b. 
Scarduzio Raffaele, mason, h. 

170 Cicirelli Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
Cicirelli Luigi, laborer, h. 
Pitoscia Giovanni, laborer, b. 
Pitoscia Raffaele, laborer, h. 

171 Simone Abele, grocer, h. 
173 Simone Abele, grocer 

181 Carlone Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
Carlone Michele A. laborer, h. 

i8irAntonelli Antonio, laborer, b. 
ADtonelli Pietro, laborer, h. 
Caruti Frank, operative, h. 

182 Conley Owen, laborer, h. 
O'Hara John, laborer, h. 

183 McCahey John F. student, b. 
McElroy John, painter, b. 
McElroy Mary Miss, h. 
McElroy Michael, laborer, b. 

184 CambopianoAchille, laborer, b. 
Holland Bernard, b. 
Holland Bernard J. bairdrsr.h. 
Holland B. J. Mrs. dressmaker 
Littera Tommaso, laborer, b. 
McManus F. J. hairdresser, b. 
McManus Mary, widow, b. 
Papa Giovanni, laborer, h. 

Z91 Kelly John M. bricklayer, b. 
Kelly Thohias, plasterer, b. 
Mc Bride Joseph J. clerk, b. 


191 McBride Margaret, widow, h. 
Miles Philip J. mason, b. 
McCarron tonn, laborer, b. 
McKenna Michael, iilecuttr.h. 
O'Brien Hugh, laborer, b. 
O'Neil Catharine, widow, h. 
Timmons John, laborer, b. 
Winn John, laborer, b. 

192 Di Toro Pasquale, laborer, b. 
Salvatore Giuseppe, laborer, h. 

197 Aspriuio Robert^ hairdressr,b. 
Cibbalerio Raffaele, laborer, b. 
Cox Luigi. laborer, b. 

Del Monaco Achille,laborer,b. 
De Marco Natale, sboemkr, h. 
De Stefano Luca, teamster, b. 
DiZazzo CrescenzOjlaborer, b. 
Maddalena Antonio.laborer,b. 
Nassi A^ustino, laborer, h. 
Nassi Vmcenzo, laborer, b. 
Palmiere Arcangelo,laborer,h. 
Tammaro Joseph, operative, b. 
Tammaro Fasquale. laborer,h. 

198 Bassi Francesco, laborer, h. 
Bassi Francesco A. oper. b. 
Bassi Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
Bassi Pietro, laborer, b. 
Bassi Raffaele, laborer, b. 
Campanini Giuseppe, labrer,b. 
Campanini Matteo, laborer, b. 
Cecere Salvatore, laborer, b. 
Colaminni Antonio,laborer, h. 
Del Sesto Antonio, laborer, b. 
Granieri Domenico, laborer.h, 
Granieri Nicola, laborer, b. 
Grillo Vincenzo, laborer, b. 
Lapadula Donato, laborer, h. 
La PoUa A. M. laborer, b. 
Laurenzi Angelo, laborer, h. 
Ludovico Andrea, laborer, b. 
Mancini Eraclio, laborer, h. 
Montecalvo Costanzo, lab. h. 
Montecalvo Domenico, hrdsr.b. 
Santantonio Antonio, lab. h. 
Totolo Antonio, operative, b. 

i98rMonteleone Nicola, laborer, h. 
Puntarelli Giuseppe, laborer.h. 
Robbio Giuseppe, laborer, h. 

199 Camack David, teamster, b. 
Collins Michael, teamster, b. 
Scanlon Bridget Mrs. h, 

203 Dibb Abdon, pedler, b. 
Doumib Nakli. pedler, b. 
Nassal Joseph, var. store, h. 
Saleh Hanna, pedler, b. 
Serhan Sabba, pedler, b. 


HousB Directory. 

Cedar St.— Continued, 

206 Catelli Annibale, operative, b. 

De Santis Vincenzo,laborer,b. 

De Sisto Cosimo, laborer, b. 

Izzi Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Kubinlon ski Joseph, oper. b. 

Norton Stanley, laborer, b. 

Pilenski Waldo, laborer, b. 

Spaziano Carlo, operative, b. 

Spaziano Crestese, laborer, b. 

Tasca Michele, operative, h. 

Tassone Giovanni, laborer, b. 

Volucci Vincenzo, bairdrssr,h. 

Wilson Louis, laborer, h. 
2o6rDel Sesto Raffaele, laborer, b. 

Festa Andrea, laborer, h. 

Fusco Antonio, laborer, b. 

Lisi Salvatore, laborer, h. 

Menicuccio Antonio, laborer, b. 

Pezzullo Domenico, laborer, b. 

Pezzulo Marti no, laborer, fa. 

Pezzulo Michele, laborer, b. 

Rape Andrea, laborer, b. 

Rotondo Luigi, laborer, b. 

Toscano Carmine, laborer, b. 
June. W. Exchange, Bucci Louis, 
machinist, h. 

Parkinson George, painter, h. 
217 Borrelli G. laborer, n. 

Cemetery Street. 

14 Strange Daniel F.eardener,h. 
18 Maloney Mary T. Mrs. h. 

20 Ballou Frank A. laborer, h. 
Ballou Peddy A. widow, b. 

22 Fitzsimmons Ellen Miss, h. 

Hackett Wm. T. laborer, h. 
253 Phillips George H. pedler, h. 

Phillips Herbert E. oper. b. 

Phillips Roscoe W. clerk, b. 
cor.CoUyer, Harper Henry, jr. h. 

Centennial Court. 

21 Fortin Abraham, h. 

Rice John T. machinist, h. 

22 Godfrey Edwin, jeweler, h. 
Godfrey F. A. mus. tchr. h. 
Staniels Chas. M. clerk, h. 
Staniels Hannah C. Mrs. b. 

23 Glavin William P. clerk, b. 
Howard Jas. H. engineer, h. 
Pickering Charles H. jewlr. b. 
Pickering Margaret, widow, h. 
Sheridan Bart, liquors, h. 

Central Street. 

3 Johnson Joel, teamster, b. 

Wood George W. foreman, h. 
17 Hartigan Thos. coachman, h. 

30 Holland H. B. inspector, h. 

31 Arnold Andrew J. stamper, h. 
Conway. Hannah Mrs. h. 
Pettis Charles, chaser, b. 
Simpkins Wm. brass finisher, b. 

32 Thatcher Chas. F. h. 

35 Fry Amos P. watchman, h. 

37 Fire Station, Hose 13 

38 CummingsA.G. Miss, mus. tchr. 
Cummings Edwin B.slsman.h. 
Cummings E Li ndsay, clerk, b. 
Cummings Frank B. clerk, b. 

40 Kelso Catharine, widow, h. 

Stoddard Frank D. dentist, h. 
42 Forshner Charles R. slsman.b. 

Forshner Knapp, blacksmith, h. 

44 Vars N. B. jr. asst. mangr. h. 

45 Gilmore Spencer H. nurse, h. 
Young Mary A. widow, b. 

46 Potter James A. jr. lumber, h. 

48 Tillotson Catharine C. Mrs. h. 
Tillotson John A. clerk, b. 

49 Devine Joseph, P. F. D. h. 
Devine Joseph A. helper, b. 

50 Aplin Emma A. widow, b. 
Hawkins Benj. C. salesman, b. 
Tones Dana E. machinist, b. 
Morgan Jacob, b. 

Proctor Wm. E. tinsmith, b. 

Sutton J. H. carriages, b. 

Viall Chas. E. driver, b. 

Viall Elizabeth H. widow, h. 

Viall Harry T. druggist, b. 
55 LaRose C. horse dealer, h. 

Marsh George R. laborer, h. 

Nichols Fred H. h. 

Rounds Samuel G. painter, b. 
57 Tones O.E. storage warehouses 

Moulton & Son Co. carriages 

Sutton J. H. carriage & harns. 
60 Barnes John F. clerk, h. 

Barry Geo. W. compositor, h. 

Blanchard Claudia Miss. b. 

Blanchard Lucy, widow, b. 

63 Tones Orrin E. storage 

64 Bard Ella F. widow, h.'v.sal'sm'n.b 
Eaton Mary Miss. rms. 
GardnerMary A. Mrs. housekpr. 
Luft Oscar C. clerk, h. 
Robbins Chas. V. pen maker, b. 
Robbins C. V. Mrs. drsmkr. b. 

House Directory. 


64 Taft Chas. G. jeweler, b. 

69 Maynard J as. W. clerk, b. 
Maynard John C. watchman »h. 
Mckee James, sausage mkr. h. 

70 Ash Adeline, widow, h. 
Ash John S. cutter, b. 
Ash Walter W. cutter, b. 
Lahey Mary, widow, b. 
Sullivan Tas. P. jeweler, b. 
Sullivan John, gardener, h. 
Sullivan Kobt. H. jeweler, b. 

73 McCarron Edward F. clerk, b. 

McCarron James T. clerk, h. 

McCarron John H. macb inist, b. 

Uglow Annie G. Mrs. h. 

Uglow Hubert A. reporter, b. 

Uglow M. A. Miss, vocalist, b. 
76 Bransgrove W. W. hairdrsr.b. 

Otto Gustave, draughtsman, h. 

Stone Prank, plumber, h. 
78 Cady A. B. Miss, stenog. b. 

Cady Alfred E. h. 

Cady David, h. 

Cady Frank L. student, b. 

Morgan Lusebia Mrs. b. 

83 Allen Jefferson, washer, h. 
Bonner Augustus, foreman, h. 
Everett Wra. A. porter, h. 
Gimby Fred'k. A. operative, h. 
Ockrey Stephen W. compos* tr. b 
Richardson Benj. janitor, h. 

.Ridley ChristopherC.temstr.h. 

84 Hawkins Sanford E. jeweler.h. 
Martin Sophronia A. Mrs. h. 

89 Anderson I var, painter, h. 

Hilldrum Gustave. moulder, h. 

Minkerman Henderika Mrs.b. 

Minkerman Henry, clerk, h. 
Qi Lee Bert C. engineer, h. 
97 Easton Fannie B. widow, b. 

Irish Sallie S. Miss, nurse, b. 

Irish William H. driver, h. 

Morrow Andrew, carpenter.h. 
103 Bates GeorgeH.& Son, grocers 
105 Bates Mary A. widow, h. 

Durfee L. S. Miss, teacher, b. 

Ceres Street. 

4 Cioci Pasquale. laborer, h. 
D*Andreta Giuseppi, oper. b. 
D'Andreta Paolo, laborer, b. 
Dolce Angelo, laborer, h. 
Pera Vin'jso,ice cream mkr. b. 
Gentile Serafino, laborer, h. 
'Giannini Giacomo, laborer, h. 
Montepari Cesiddio.laborer.b. 

4 Puntarelli Ruberto, laborer, h. 

10 Del Barone Lorenzo, oper. h. 
De Cristofori Vincenzo, lab. b. 
Di Vito Filippo, laborer, b. 
Fiore Giovanni, laborer, b. 
Grimaldi Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
Grimaldi Nicola, laborer, b. 
Notardonato Bernardino, lab. b. 
Pace Pasquale, laborer, b. 
Ricci Nicola, laborer, b. 
Santucci Antonio, laborer, h. 

11 Gelona Stefano, laborer, b. 
Olivo Francesco, laborer, b. 
Rando Pasquale, laborer, h. 
Santoro Antonio, laborer, b. 

13 Imondi Agostino. laborer, h. 

Mosca Giovanni, laborer, b. 

Pistocco Agostino, laborer, b, 
15 Ciuccio Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Ciuccio Nicola, laborer, h. 

DeCristofori Filippo, lab'r, b. 

Fosco Nicola, stone cutter, h. 

Gentile Pol is to, pedler, b. 
♦ Gentile Savino, laborer, b. 

Chace Avenue. 

87 Campbell Pat'k, gardener, h. 

Campbell Thos. student, b. 
120 Cassidy Andrew J. laborer, h. 
129 Chace Elcy M. widow, h. 
143 Baton Wm. A. teamster, h. 
160 Boylan Terrence, laborer, b. 

Lavell Jas. jr. liquors, h. 

Chace'8 Court. 

7 Hudson G. H. h. 

8 Carlson Peter, laborer, h. 

9 Fish Lorenzo D. painter, h. 

10 Holt Wallace, polisher, h. 
Potter Lewis w. motorman,h. 

11 Kinsley Arthur S. sil'smith. b. 
Kinsley Frances E. widow. h. 
Kinsley Herbert A. moulder, b. 

Chace'8 Place. 

1 5 Carrier John K. clerk, b. 
Carrier Lizzie, widow, h. 

17 Dawson Jas. M. plumber, h. 
19 Maloney James, laborer, h. 

Chad Brown Street. 

11 Connor John, laborer, h. 

12 McGovern Edward, laborer, h. 
Stuttard RichardA.blksmth.h. 

18 Cameron Geo. stone cutter, b. 
Cameron Jas. A. machinist, b. 


House Directory. 

Chad Brown SU^Continued. 

1 8 Cameron Robert L. jeweler, b. 
Cameron Wm. gardener, h. 
Cameron Wm. jr. jeweler, b, 

Chaffee Street. 

lo Denney Margaret, widow, h. 

Dolan Michael L. teamster, h. 
zi Callahan Ellen, widow, h. 

Feather William, weaver, b. 

Ingleby Alfred, machinist, b. 

Ingleby Edw. section hand, b. 

Ingleby Isabella, widow, b. 

Lovely John, loom fixer, h. 

Lovely Thomas, weaver, b. 

Ward Edward H. clerk, rms. 
15 Head Thomas, liquors 
^iSrConnors Thomas, ins. agt. h. 

Hague John W. weaver, b, 

Kane Thomas, weaver, h, 

Mellor Samuel, weaver, b. 

Noke Charles, laborer, b. 

Ridgewell Thomas, dyer, h. 

Stansfield Samuel, loomfixer,h. 

Wilson Henry, weaver, h. 

17 Armitage Richard, liquors 
lyrBrown Tames, dresser tndr. h. 

Fuller Tames, weaver, h. 
Sykes Earley, h 
Toner James, machinist, h. 
Welch E.M.&HonoraMisses,h. 
Wilde Thos. machinist, h. 

18 Dauphinais Henri,carpentr. h. 
Martin Thomas, carpenter, h. 

19 Donovan William, weaver, b. 
Drury- Patrick, dyer, b. 
Martin George J. driver, h. 
Simpson Thomas, laborer, b. 
Tennant David, teamster, b. 

2irWatremez Ernest Mrs. h. 

22 Brady Patrick H. laborer, h. 
Dougherty James, laborer, b. 
Lannon Michael, laborer, b. 
Merriam Edward, weaver, b. 

23 Brammah Fred, operative, b. 
Haynes Wm. T. B. clerk, h. 
Hodge John, florist, b. 

24 Terard Theresa, widow, h. 

27 Martell Marguerite, drsmkr.h. 

Paquin Cedula, Alice, Eveline 
Misses, h. 

Thornton Cappallo, widow, h. 
27rAshmore Margaret, h. 

Keegan Patrick, laborer, h. 

27rMatequin Paul, dyer, b. 

Mellet Emma Mrs. h. 

Mines Peter, dyer, h. 

Smith Kate Mrs. h. 

Snopezynski Michael, opera* 
tive, h. 
30 Slater John, weaver, h. 

Tobin John, laborer, h. 
33 Brophy John, teamster, h. 

Farrell Patrick E. weaver, h. 

McElroy Margaret Miss, h. 

McGarry William, weaver, b. 
35 Downey Wm. H. grocer 
39 McQuillian Thos. hairdresser 
cor. Capron, Police Station 6 
41 Ashmore Patrick H. laborer, h. 

Ballard George A. h. 

Farrell John, laborer, h. 

Farrell Matthew, laborer, b. 

Farrell Thomas F. clerk, b. 

43 H olden John, grocer 

44 Pelletier Gasper, clerk, b. 
Pelletier Philip, operative, b. 
Pelletier Tancrede, weaver, h. 

45 Callahan Wm. operative, h. 
Fournier Henri, weaver, h. 

49 McCaffrey Tames, tailor, h. 
McCaffrey Jas. F.brcksmith,b, 
McGovern Pat'k, carpenter, h. 

50 Annis Mary Mrs. h. 
Hutchinson Wm. sec. hand, h. 
Noeryl Wojciecho,operative,h. 

51 Plante Victor, operative, h. 
SirPaquin Ernest, clerk, h. 

54 Connell Francis J. jeweler, b. 
McGovern Frank J. studentb. 
McGovern T. card clothier, h. 
Pendergast Thos. weaver, h. 

55 Foley John, driver, b. 
Foley Mary, widow, h. 
Noonan Michael, laborer, h. 

SSrGetek Adolph, operative, h. 

Plante Harter, driver, h. 

Smolinski Roman, weaver, h. 

Sullivan Mary, widow, h. 

Zolty Wocloen, operative, h. 
57 Logan Patrick M. shoemaker 
59 Hogg Thomas, painter, h. 
61 Hogg Thomas, painter 

63 Gaumond Joseph, weaver, h. 
Larey Napoleon, operative, h. 
Leonard Patrick, h. 

64 Overhew James, operative, b. 
Slater Edward, h. 

65 Pichette James, operative, h. 

House Directory. 


Chalkstone Avenue. 

6 Greene John E. hairdresser 

Miller Newman, shoemaker 
8 Simmons & Co. fish 
12 Carroll Patrick, laborer, h. 

Carroll Peter, laborer, b. 

Ragan Hugh, overseer, h. 
1 6 Manchester Benj. B. grocer 
19 Byrne John C. jr. painter 
24 CapronMaturenR.&Co.tin'sms 
28 Gauch George Mrs. h. 

Lang John, machinist, b. 

Nachtrieb Geo. G. restaurant, h. 
30 Nachtrieb Geo. G. restaurant 
32 Nachtrieb Geo. G. liquors 

37 Brennan Patrick, laborer, b. 
Davis Cath. & Ellen Misses, h. 
Fleck Geo. W. clerk, h. 
Murray John, laborer, b. 

38 McElroy Bros, provisions 

46 BrownCbas.A.&Son,agts.ptrs. 

47 Kee Wah, laundry 

51 Wilson Ellen, grocer 

52 Latt Max. pedler, h. 
Mendelovitz Hyman, lab. b. 
Mendelovitz Isaac, pedler, h. 
Spadaro Peter, hairdresser 
Summer Joseph, jeweler, h. 

53 Bannon James, laborer, h. 
Wilson Ellen, grocer, h. 
Wilson P. M. bridgemaker, b. 
Wilson Joseph M. clerk, h. 

57 Randall Sq. Mission 

58 Cohn Falea, variety store 

59 Fenner Louisa Rev. b. 
McCulloch Samuel S. lab. h. 

60 Golden Morris, shoemaker, h. 
Goldman Morris,shoemaker,h. 
Levin Robert, shoemaker 
Salk Abraham, pedler, h. 
Shapiro Henry, tinsmith, h. 

6x Ginsburg Aaron, agt. h. 

Siegel David, pedler, b. 
6irMurphy Thos. laborer, h. 

Nay lor Albert, jeweler, b. 

Naylor Mary F. Miss, h. 

Smith Lydia A. widow, h. 
63 Klaff Harris, tailor, h. 

Klaff Jacob, shoemaker, b. 

Swirnoff Henry M. painter, b. 

65 Siegel Pincus, neckwear 

66 HaKer Charles, provisions 

67 Goodroe Wm. carpenter, h. 
Kalunian B. house furn. b. 
Kalunian D. house furn. b. 
Kalunian S. house fur. gds. b. 

67 Kalunian Sol. house furn. b. 
Moore Mary, widow, h. 

68 Cohen Hyman, pedler, h. 
Cohen Samuel, shoemaker, h« 
Haker Chas. provisions, h. 
Silverman Sam. pedler, h. 

cor. Ashburton, Police Station, 2 
70 Lazar Abraham, grocer 
74 Schachter Max, umbrella mfr. 
76 Epstein Herman, grocer 
78 Epstein Herman, grocer, h. 

Millman John, shoemaker, h. 
82 Bergel rfarris, pedler. h. 

Drankof George, jeweler, h. 
84 Kulman Louis, painter 

Rissell Barney, laborer, b. 

Rissell Carl, operative, h. 
96 Colton Meyer, tailor, h. 

Fitle Peter, h. 

Goldberg Simon, pedler, h. 

Goldstein Benjamm, pedler. h« 

Harris Nathan, cwpenter, h. 

Lewanda Saul, physician 
N Silverstein I. Mrs. var. store, h. 

Silverstein Joseph, pedler, h. 
102 Berger Kopel, grocer, h. 

Feldman John, shoemaker, h. 

Gordon Jake, tailor, h. 

Spector Joseph, cigarmaker^h. 

Vecker Obed, pedler, h. 

104 Berger Kopel, grocer 

105 Brotman Harry, blacksmith, h. 
109 McKenna Thomas, h. 

115 Greene Charles, pedler, h. 
Woolf Isaac, Prov. Corn. Co. h. 

iiSrKerShaw Hannah, widow, h. 
Shretter Sam, shoemaker, b. 

116 Pollock William, h. 

121 Cohen Abraham B. pedler, h. 

Dauer Morris, grocer, h. 

Fain Barney, tinsmith, h. 

Fain Isaac, painter, h. 

Fain Isaac, Mrs. h. 

Lickour Abram, pedler, h* 

Schwab Rachel, widow, h. 

Washkansky Harris, pedler,h. 

Washkansky Meyer.painter.h. 
123 Dauer Morns, grocer 

156 Kelman Philip, blacksmith 

157 Hughes Honora, Miss, h. 
Hughes Michael, machinist, h. 
Parker Bella, widow, h. 
Parker Fred, clerk, b. 

158 Bazar Bros, junk dealers 

159 Bearcovitch Abram, b*ksmth,h. 
Bearcovitch Bessie, drsmkr.h. 

Timothy O'Connor 

BlackftOM Boulevard I^awna and Omrdena Jjtdd 
272WettmUtter St. Oat and Kept In Order. 



House Directory. 

Chalkstone K\ .—Continued, 

1 60 BearcovitcbAbram,bla'ksmith 
163 Fienberg Jacob, shoemaker 
cor. SbawmuttRussianCoog.Ch'ch 
165 Silverstein Hyman, liquors 
169 Bloomberg Abram. janitor, h. 

Fienberg Faonie, widow, h. 

Fienberg Jacob, shoemaker, b. 

Fishbach Aharon, pedler, h. 

Kaminsky Harris, laborer, h. 

Kaplan Hymen, pedler, h. 
173 Goldberg Abraham, pedler, h. 

Japa Abram, laborer, h. 

Kaufman Samuel, pedler, h. 

Silverman Simon, pedler, h. 

175 Ooaseck Benj. dry goods 

176 Davis George, tailor, h. 
Fisher Levi, pedler. h. 

180 Winerman Morris, hrdrsr. h. 

181 Bazar Jacob, junk, h. 
Bazar Simon, junk, h. 
Himilfarb Morris, tailor, h. 
Wolk Samuel, foreman, h. 
Wolk Simon, pedler, h. 

188 Hirsch Edward F. pedler, h. 
190 Moore Robert, h. 

194 Abraham Lewis, pedler, h. 
Goldsmith Abraham, pedler, h. 

195 Reynolds Michael, liquors 

204 Cohen Meyer, grocer 

205 Boland Annie F Mrs. h. 
Gallagher Sarah Mrs. h. 
Goldsmith Sam. jr. collector, h. 
Goldsmith Samuel, pedler, h. 
Maher Kate, widow^ h. 

207 Gildstein Benj. variety store 

208 LevinS.&Sons.sodawatr.mfrs. 
215 Weinstock Morris, tailor, h. 
81 8 Falcofsky Philip, tinsmith, h. 

Kwait Jacob, pedler, h. 

Matzner Adolf, pedler, h. 

Rosenfeld Moses, shoemkr. h. 

Rosenfeld Albert.papr.hngr.h. 
2x9 Goldsmith Hyman G. police, h. 

Katz Morris, pedler, h. 
220 Stein Michael, hamessmaker 

223 Marrias Nathan, laborer, h. 
Shutzman Joseph, h. 

224 Coplan Ralph, provisions 
224rBlezer Julius, laborer, h. 

Musnik Louis, pedler, h. 

Smith Martha Mrs. h. 

Weiner John, pedler. h. 
226 Greenstein Nathan, provisions 
229 Epstein Simon, grocer 
233 Lowenthal Joseph, baker, h. 

233 Richter Samuel, coal, h. 

Rosen field F. L. laborer, b. 

Rosenfield John, clerk, b. 
235 Cohen Max, provisions 
235rAbelson Frank, b. 

Abelson Nathan, turkish baths 

Brenner Benjamin, laborer, b. 

Cohen Max, provisions, h. 
238 Block Harris, pedler, h. 

Block Louis H. laborer, b. 

Frinkel Moses, b. 

l^vin Julius, soda water, h. 

Lipstriz Moses, pedler, h., 

Newman Marcus, pedler, h. 

240 Cicerone Nicandro, hairdresser 
Herschfield Benjamin, grocer 

241 Schmidt Solomon, provisions 
243 Goldman Jacob, clerk, b. 

Lipshitz Joseph, pedler, b. 

Peltin Charles, pedler, h. 

Person Charles, pedler, b. 

Schmid Solomon. provisions, h. 
247 Spector Morris, shoemaker 
249 Blomberg Reuben, grocer 
251 Cassidy Cbas. J. clerk, h. 

Cassidy Mary, widow, b. 

Dieranian D. operative, b. 

Gamian O. operative, b. 

Gamian Toros, operative, h. 

Kirijian Margas, operative, b. 

Souremian Souren, teacher, b. 

Tavitian Hampar, blksmlh, b. 
25irDersakarian Aharon. labor *r,b. 

Foy Margaret, widow, h. 

254 Phillips John E. tinsmith, b. 
Phillips Owen, laborer, h. 
Rogers Michael, laborer, h. 

255 Shanley Wm. folder, h. 
Shan ley Wm. H. laborer, b. 

257 Campbell Robt. F. liquors 

258 Stanton Jeremiah, laborer, b. 
Walsh Michael, laborer, h. 

268 Brooks Geo. B. junk, h. 
Brooks Jos. S. clerk, b. 

272 Brooks Geo. B. junk 

273 Levin Maurier. laborer, h. 
Zwoden Louis, tailor, h. 

280 Billingkoff Joseph, grocer 
282 Sigal Harry, pedler, h. 

Winerman Hyman, jew'ler, h. 
284 Garfinkel L painter, h. 

Johnson Dennis Rev. h. 

M and el Harry, pedler, b, 

Mandel Menaell. junk, h. 
284rGold Philip, pedler. h. 

Johnson Herbert, teamster, r. 

House Dirkctory. 


284r Johnson John, mason, h. 

Kobinson Geo. laborer, b. 

Rosenberg Israel, pedler, h. 
287 Simons Himan, pedler, b» 

Simons Samuel, teacher, h. 

Tannenbaum Abram, pedler, h. 

Tannenbaum Sam'l, laborer,b. 
29a Blettle Lewis, pedler, h. 

Gertz Simon, pedler, b. 
293 Femasb Jos. hairdresser, h. 

Glazer Himen, pedler. h. 

Rosen witz Louis, pedler, h. 

Sheffers Jacob, var'ty store, h. 
297 Babcock Wm. P. laborer, b. 

Creighton Betsy, widow, h. 
399 Berberian Bros, hairdressers 

Berberian H. hairdresser, r. 

Berberian H.M. hairdresser, h« 

Berberian Ohannes, oper. h. 

Garmerian Zakar, operat've,b. 

MahmoorianGarabed. weavr.b. 

Tatosian Avedis, cook, b. 
303 Wynne Peter, shoemaker, h. 

305 Goldstein Abraham.provisions 

306 Fnrelli Joseph, con£ect*ery,etc. 
311 Bagdasarian M. cook, b. 

Donabedian Garabed, lab'r, b. 

Gastigian Asdoor, grocer, b. 

Gastigian Sarkis, grocer, b. 

Sargoojian Garabed, laborer, h. 

Sarkisian Zakar, grocer 
313 Gertz Joseph, pedler, h. 

Gertz Samuel, pedler, h. 

Gertz Simon, jr. pedler, b. 
316 Berberian H. hairdresser, h. 

Giblin James, laborer, h. 

Giblin John F. clerk, b. 

Giblin Michael H. clerk, b. 

Giblin Owen F. waiter, b. 

Miska Joseph, laborer, h. 

Wasylisgn Frank, laborer, b. 
319 Doran Pierce, grocer 

321 Colbert John, laborer, h. 
Conroy Mary, widow, h. 
Hagan J. H. teamster, b. 
Halliday Catharine, widow, h. 
Nolan Hannah T. widow, b. 

322 Riley Geo. F. switchman, h. 
334 Conley Daniel, laborer, h. 

336 Crossin Mary, widow, b. 
Heame Margaret Miss, h. 
McManus John T. jeweler, h. 

337 Lavin John F. liquors 

350 Falkofsky Harris, pedler, h. 
353 Elman Louis, laborer, h. 

Schendel Geo. horse dealer, h. 

353 Schendel Louis, pedler, b. 
Schendel Maple, machinist, b. 

358 Dolan Thomas, painter 

359 Smith Peter, variety store 

361 Bennett Henry J. painter, h. 
Russell Ernest, well digger, h. 
Smith Peter, variety store, h. 

362 DeCogan Mary A. widow, h. 
Doughty James, filecutter, h. 
Doughty Walter G. filecuttr.b. 

365 AloodjianBoghosH.mach'st,h. 

Alood j ian H . Boghos.laborer.h. 

Gillerlane Hugh, laborer, h. 

Kazandjian Soghomon,lab'r,b. 

Lofi^an Patrick, laborer, b. 

Mulvaney James, operative,b. 

Riley Patrick, operator, h. 
367 Watson Wm. J. provisions 
371 White Roscoe E. laborer, h. 
37irDomestic Coal Co. 
381 Graham A. T. Miss, dressmkr. 

Graham Michael, filecutter, h. 
391 Graves Richard, watchman, h. 

Graves Wm. machinist, b. 
399 Enches H. W. brakeman, b. 

Merewether Annie, widow, h. 
414 Byrne James E. painter, b. 

Dwyer Jeiemiah J. jeweler,h. 
418 Reilly William, hairdresser, h. 
420 King Henry, boiler maker, h. 

423 Dutton Wm.L. car inspector, b. 
Dutton W.L.Mrs, 

424 Conley Michael J. jeweler, h. 
McNift Maggie Miss, h. 
McNiif Thomas, clerk, b. 

425 Dutton W.L. Mrs. var. store 
427 Lee Sam, laundry 

430 Flynn Catharine J. widow, h. 
McElroy Emily A. widow, h. 
McElroy Francis P. laborer, b. 
Williams Ellen, widow, h. 
Williams John J. operative, b. 

431 Dunnigan John J. refiner, h. 
434 McManus Jfohn J. carpenter, h, 

Murray Bridget, widow, b. 

Salisbury Christopher, h. 
440 Chalkstone av. Primary School 
443 Dulin Patrick H. police, h. 

Dyer Bridget, widow, b. 

Geary Patrick, brakeman, h. 

Ryan Mary J. widow, h, 
447 Early John F. operative, h. 

Flynn Ellen, widow, h. 

Flynn Geo. R. carpenter, h. 

449 Hughes T. E. bag. mstr. h. 

450 Maroney Edward, carpenter, h. 


House Directory. 

Ctialkstone Ky.— Continued, 

454 Reilly Win. H. engineer, h. 
456 Ballon Clarence Abner.clrk.h. 
460 Doughty Charlotte, widow, b. 

Doughty C. Louis, clerk, b. 

Doughty Fred J. clerk, b. 

Doughty Josephine, widow.h. 

McAvoy (5eo. J. operative, b. 

McAvoy John J. operative, b. 

Reddington C. Miss, drssmkr. 

Reddington William, h. 

463 Tripp Wilson A. machinist, h. 
Young Henry, polisher, h. 
Young Henry, ]r. gilder, b. 
Young Wm. J. overseer, b. 

464 Curley M. H. furniture, h. 
Phillips Chas. A. bicycle mfr.h. 
Phillips Chas. W. bicycle mfr.b. 

469 Adams Charles E. b. 
Adams James G. carpenter, h. 

470 Baker Charles F. clerk, b. 
Cotter Bartlett E. machinist, h. 

473 Burnside Maurice P. tins'th. h. 

Quinn Joseph M. machinist,h. 
475 Hanson Henry R. blacksmith, h. 
482 McElroy O. E. boilermkr. h. 
- Reall Benjamin F. b. 

Reall Elizabeth Mrs. h. 

Reall Henry, machinist, b. 
485 Gibbons Robt. stair bldr. h. 

Gibbons Thos. jeweler, b. 

Hooper Sarah E. Mrs. h. 

Lassell Fred S. machinist, b. 

Lassell Walter E. b. 
487 Bosworth Charles H. eng. h. 
389 Baxter Hugh, h. 
491 Sjoberg August, tailor, h. 

Sjoberg A. Wm. tailor, h. 

Sjoberg Carl, clerk, b. 
493 Carlen Anton L. L, jeweler, h. 

Carlen Elliott A. S mach'st.b. 

Carlen Philip, machinist, b. 

Fredrickson C. A. machinist, b. 
497 Altoonian Chas. shoemaker 

501 Carroll Sarah, widow, h. 
Carroll Wm. H. plumber, b. 
Mulvey Michael J. plumber, b. 
Pearson Albert, carpenter, h, 

502 Chase Arthur H. clerk, h. 
Knowlton Elbert C.mach'nst,b. 
Letts Chas. D. machinist, h. 

507 Flynn Chas. H. machinist, h. 

508 Durkee Clement E. forem'n.b. 
Kelly James, wheelwright, h. 
Kelly Kate Miss, cigar mfr. 
Kelly Mary, widow, h. 

508 Shaw Geo. L. foreman, h. 

509 Okerlund Joseph, machinist, h. 
511 Day George A. polisher, b. 

Osbom T. A. harnessmkr. h. 

513 Day Edwin H. clerk, h. 

514 Capitol Hall 

515 Kelley John J. fireman, h. 
McKenzie Eugene, engineer,h. 

518 Elmhurst Bakery 

522 Heddle David, laborer, b. 

Heddle Tames, filemaker. b. 

Heddle Thomas, bl'ksmth, b. 

iackson Hodgson, machinist.h. 
CcCloud A. J. Miss, drsmkr. 
McCloud Catharine, widow, b. 

525 Paine Howard S. policemn. b. 
Phillips Chas. A. carpenter,h. 
Phillips Fred G. student, b. 
Phillips William H. clerk, b. 

526 Higgms Fred'k F. boltmkr. h. 
Higgins M. A. Miss, drsmkr. b. 

528 Burdick George W. clerk, h. 

McNelis Thomas, b. 

Schiffman Alphonse L. bkr. h. 
532 Harris Albert E. toolmkr. h. 

McDuff Frank J. machinist, h. 
535 Friedholm Gustav. tailor, h. 
547 Finlay Agnes, widow, h. 

Finlay William, agent, h. 

Naff John,, jeweler, b. 
551 Garrett William H. liquors, h. 

553 Garrett William H. liquors 

554 Briggs S. J. & Co. reg. phars. 
Cohen Abram, shoemaker 

555 Bostrom William P. grocer 
557 Bostrom Charles A. clerk, h. 

Bostrom William P. grocer, h. 
559 Conley Patrick, cook, h. 

Hamilfarb Morris, tailor, h. 
561 Lee Wah, laundry 
578 Gerrish Rachel, widow, b. 

Gray Alexander T. baker 

Leach Walter, baker, b. 

Ross Richard, baker, b. 
581 Bruce E. M. Miss, housekeeper 

Douglas Murdock.stm. fittr.h. 

Worden John K. foreman, h. 
585 Burnes James, moulder, h. 

McKenna Mary J. widow, b. 

590 Fuller C. L. Miss, dressmkr. 
Fuller Frank A painter, b. 
Fuller M. L. dressmaker, b. 
Fuller M. M. widow, h. 
Lincoln Henry L. h. 

591 Matley Wm. machinist, h. 
McDuff Alex, foreman, h. 

House Directory. 


Largest Market In lew England, PrnvidCTftft PflbUC Market CO. 

SQi McDuff H. A. die cutter, b. 
593 Hanney Julia E. widow, h. 

Kingsley E. H. machinist, h. 

Young Stephen E. T. mach.h. 
596 Kinsman Oscar, at B. & S. h. 

Spear Clarence A., U.R.R. h. 
606 Blackburn Wm. A. mach. h. 

Mathewson Edw. V. stnectr.h. 
612 Brandamore Jos. painter, h. 

Fraser Chas. W. ins. agt. h. 
616 Busill John, foreman, h. 

Phinney John D. jeweler, h. 
cor. Young av.. Second United 

Presbyterian Church 
640 McKenna Patrick, b. 

Read Edward, U. R. R. b. 

Sully P. Paul, policeman, h. 
1642 Brennan James A. mach. b. 

Hawksley Frederick, mach. h. 

McCann T. J. stenographer,b. 

648 Heath George E. engineer, h. 
Lathrop Lewis B. fireman, h. 

649 Barnes Joseph H. laborer, h. 
Higgins John T. machinist, h. 
Smith David, machinist, h. 

650 Bleisitzer Louis, confec. h. 
Le Blanc Adele C. widow, h. 

658 Horton Martha G. widow, h. 
Kay John, foreman, h. 

659 Johnson Jas. H. salesman, b. 
Johnson J. Everett, student, b. 
O'Hanlon M. M. Mrs. drsmkr. 

661 Lovett Thos. J. liquors, h. 

662 Bradshaw Enoch, jr. foremn. h. 
666 Olson Gustave, carpenter, h. 

Whitehead Harry, mach'st, b. 

Whitehead Joseph, laborer, h. 

Whitehead Thomas, mach. b. 
668 McDougall Jennie Miss, h. 

McDougall Mary Miss, h. 

McDougall Sam 1 A.student,b. 

Read C. T. jr., P. F. D. b. 
670 Taylor Chester W. mach. h. 
672 McVey John, h. 

Poole riarry I. clerk, h. 
676 Burke James E. foreman, h. 

Walsh Richard F. supt. h. 
678 Cain Geo. E. clerk, h. 
680 Canavan David J. h. 

Canavan John D. clerk, b. 
682 Andrews Thomas H. mach. h. 

Robbins Albert O. physician 

Wood Edgar A. asst. engr. b. 
696 Briggs Geo. A. machinist, h. 
698 Loughlin Michael, h. 

698 Loughlin M. W. operative, b. 
721 Burke Tobias, liquors, h. 
752 Higgins Ann, widow, b. 

Higgins Geo. blacksmith, h. 
771 Kelly Michael, jeweler, h. 

Munroe Fred B. tel. opr. h. 
77irCoflfey Edward, hostler, h. 
773 Canning Joseph P. h. 
778 McNally John, machinist, h. 
856 McCarron Chas. machinist, b. 

McCarron Edward, mach. h. 
856rMcQuade Francis, laborer, b. 

McQuade James, laborer, h. 
862 Murray John, h. 

Murray KobertJ. machinist, b, 

Murray Thos. F. milkman, b. 
865 Hannigan Kate Mrs. h. 

Lynch William D. clerk, b. 

O Kane Geo. R. com'l trav. b. 

O'Kane Margaret U.teacher,b. 

O'Kane M. E. Mrs. dressmaker 

O'Kane William D. clerk, b. 

868 Chambers Geo. W. B. mach.h. 
Person August, jeweler, h. 

869 Merithew Wm.W.carpenter,h. 

870 Eklund L. P. merch. tailor, h. 

876 Howrigan C. D. compositor,b. 
Howrigan Jno. H.boilermkr.b. 
Howrigan T. F. machinist, h. 
Howrigan T. P. b. 

877 McSherry Bridget, widow, h. 
McSherry John, laborer, b. 

878' Murray fames, moulder, h. 
902 Bishop Geo. laborer, b. 

Bishop Thos. E. carpenter, h. 

Fenner Henry R. butcher, h. 

Fricker Walter H.machinist,h. 
910 Wyllie Alexander Mrs. h. 

Yeager Wm.M.boilermaker,h. 
918 Kelly Bros, meat market 
932 Moore Geo. V. machinist, h. 
934 Brennan Daniel, paver, h. 

Wallace Thomas A. police, h. 
936 GrantVolkert J. switchman, h. 

Mason Alfred F. painter, h. 
936rGavin Edward, glazier, h. 

McDonald Catharine Mrs. h. 

McDonald Thos.W. jeweler, b. 

McDonald Wm. machinist, b. 
940 Brady Edward J. b. 

Brady James, carpenter, b. 
942 Maroney Alice, variety store 
945 Sullivan Thos. F. druggist 
947 Jones James B. moulder, h. 

McDonald James F. finisher,h. 
949 Cunningham Jas. grocer, h. 


House Directory. 

Chalkstone Ay •—Continued, 

949 Cunningham John F. clerk, b. 

Owens Bernard T. h. 
956 I^rgin John J. teas, etc. h. 
c. Harold, Hickey&Flynn, grocers 
963 Doonan Mary, widow, b. 

Miller Albert, combmaker, h. 
965 Brady Micb'l H. contractor, h. 

Cusick Jas. E. hairdresser, b. 
973 Hoyle Edward, machinist, h. 

Janson Geo. W. watchman, h. 

975 Brown Joseph O., U. R,R. h. 

976 Gorst Henry, card maker, h. 
Stevens Joseph, pedler, h. 

977 Hickey Nicholas H. h. 

979 Donnelly James A. h. 

980 Miller Arch S. teacher, b. 
Moan Frank, liquors, h. 
Moan Frank jr. clerk, b. 
Moan John, clerk, b.. 
Sawyer Chas. A. laborer, h. 

981 Tighe Hugh, driver, h. 

987 Hopwood Hannah, var. store 
Hop wood Harry; machinist, h. 
Hopwood J. S. machinist, h. 

995 Dyer MichaelT. grocer 

996 Chase Amos r. Rev. h. 
Muldoon E. T. Miss,drsmkr.b. 
Muldoon John, carpenter, h. 

looi Borland Kobt. machinist, h. 

Mann Albert, h. 
loosCumerford Eliza, widow, h. 

Whiteley John, machinist, h. 
ioi9Smith Geo. W. filecutter, h. 

Whitford Geo. N. milkman, h. 
Cor. Berlin, Berlin Street Primary 

i03oHampson George J. h. 

Hoi den John, boiler maker, b. 

Rogers Wm. N. mgr. b. 
i034Hayes M. Miss, fancy gds. h. 

Hayes Patrick, fireman, h. 

Jack Cornelius C. clerk, b. 
1036'Loughlin Mary, widow, b. 

McCartin M. F. Mrs. h. 

Newell Rodney J. bkkpr. h. 
io38Murray&McGuire,coal & wood 
io4oHayes M. Mrs. fancy goods 
losiMcGuire Henry J. h. 
io59Moy Ar & Co. laundry 

Soriero Alphonso. tailor 
io6iBoutier Thos. shoemaker, h. 
1063 Bou tier Thomas, shoemaker 
1065 Billings Linn L. tinsmith, h. 
io67Lappen Bros, grocers 
io83Dana Charles F. stable 

loSsLyon William P. blacksmith 
loSsCohen William, cutter h. 

Oatley F. h. 
I o86Lee Mary E. widow, h. 

Lee Matthew T. clerk, b. 

Lee Paul N. clerk, b. 
1088 Lee Robert H, variety store 
ii04Hannah James, machinist, h. 

Johnson Lixzie, widow, h. 
iio6Golden Morris, shoemaker 
iioSZaritts Constantine, hairdrsr. 
iii9Smith Wm. combmaker, h. 

Tillinghast Screw Co. h, 
iiasTracy Thomas, watchman, h. 
ii27Burgess Eliza J. widow, h. 

Burgess Samuel, U. R. R. b. 
ii33Dean S. Barnaby, clerk, h. 

Kirby Harry F., U. R. R. h. 

Vaughn Charles, hostler, b. 
ix4iGrady Daniel F. concreting,h, 
ii43Berglund Charles, rubrwkr.h. 

Hogg Richard, bleacher, h. 
ii49Burgess Mary Mrs. h. 

Kimball A. C. toolmaker, h. 

Kimball A. H. toolmaker, b. 

O'Reilly Chas. P. laborer, b. 

O'Reilly Francis, laborer, b. 

O'Reilly Thomas H. dieskr.b. 
iiSiHargraves Robert F. m'ist, h, 

McGuire Fred J. laborer, b. 

McGuire James H. b. 

McGuire Margaret Mrs. h. 
ii58Goodwin Ann. widow, h. 

Goodwin Edward, jeweler, b. 

McNeal James, lineman, h. 
ii6iDowning Everett B. eng. h. 

O'Reilly Chas. L. bookpr. b. 

O'Reilly Eugene P., painter, b, 

O'Reilly Thos. F. loomfixer, h. 

O'Reilly T. F. jr. asst. bkpr.b. 
ii62Kirk John, stonecutter, h. 

Robinson Robt. carpenter, h. 

Ryan Michael L. carpenter, h. 
1 165 Anderson Nath'l. pat'nmkr. h. 

Blanchard James A. machinst,h 

Blanchard James M. b. 

Blanchard f. A. Mrs.drsmkr h, 
ii68Haskins Alpheus L. linem'n.h. 

Rochon Augustine,stonec'tr.h. 

Zaritts C. hairdresser, h. 
ii82Foster John H. farmer, h. 

Sinkinson Elizabeth, widow,b. 
o Mount Pleasant av. Primary 
1 23 1 Ferguson Peter, farmer, h. 

Peterson Peter, farmer, b. 

House Directory. 


i235jensoD Jens, foreman, h. 
cor. Wintbrop av., Greer W. var- 
iety store 
i333Hutchins Fred P.jr.teamstr.b. 

Hutchins H. G.. U. R. R. b. 
i357Hargreaves E. L. wb*lwri't.b. 

Hargreaves Susan na, widow, b. 

Ozley Hiram, filecutter, b. 

WelcD Ellen, widow, b. 
i374Ward Pat'k. J. real est. bkr. b. 
i377Fenner Mary, widow, b. 

Loftus James, laborer, b. 

Loftus Jobn L. milk dealer, b. 

Loftus Tbomas F. weaver, b. 
i385Pringle Jobn, macbinist. b. 
i4i8Harley Cbas. M. farmer, b. 

Harley Geo. E. silversmitb, b. 

Harley Thos. J. silversmitb, b. 
i467jenson Jens, farmer, h. 

Feterson Cbristian, farmer, b. 
i533Brown Florence Miss, t'cbr. b. 

Brown Mabel Miss, teacber, b. 

Brown Obadiab, farmer, b. 
i586Cogswell Cbris. C. farmer, b. 

Cogswell Jos. B. operative, b. 
1 608 Bullock Howard B.lampligbtr.b 

Bullock Wm. H. Rev. b. 

Riley Tbomas, operative, b. 

Sprague A. G. painter, h. 

Sprague Clarence W.oversr.b. 
i624Miner Geo. second band, b. 

Miner Geo. E. operative, b. 
1 6a4r Broom bead Arth'r.oper'tve.b. 

Broombead Mary Mrs. b. 
i626Lawton Abel, plumber, b. 
i632lnman Harris W. clerk, b. 

In man H. S. Rev. bookseller, b. 
i668Hannan Marcell, police, b. 
i67oWinsor Alfred, b. 
i69iEmhoff Leroy, foreman, b. 
i692Greece David N. teamster, b. 
1693 Donovan Jas. A. laborer, b. 

Donovan Patrick, b. 
z696Bresett Albert, weaver, b. 
i7ooBulIock M. H. lamplighter, h. 
i7o6Dailey George, operative, b. 
i7i2Guynn Bertba I. Mrs. b. 

Guynn James A. clerk, b. 
i7i5Manton Primary Scbool 
i7i6Cummings Michael, t'smitb,b. 
i72oRotbwell Margaret, widow, b. 
i724Cuddy Honorab, widow, b. 

Cuddy John, operative, b. 
1 73 7 Jenkins W. Fred'k. laborer, b. 

Kounds Fayette A. butcher, b. 
cor. Manton av.,Milon D.shmkr.b. 

Chambers Street. 

10 Lab iff Mary, widow, h. 
Labiff Tbomas H. jeweler, b. 

12 Smith Albert W. jeweler, b. 
Smith Fred, jeweler, b. 

14 Coleman Honora, widow, b. 
Coleman John F. tea, b. 
Coleman Patrick H. b. 

15 Burke James, laborer, h. 
Cotter Bartholomew, lab. b. 
Ryan Patrick, iceman, b. 
Stackpole Thos. polisher, b. 

16 Lusignan Arthur J. mach. h. 
O'Connor Patrick, h. 

23 Cotter Michael, silversmith, b. 
Hagerty William, laborer, h. 
McCrate John, laborer, h. 

24 Manchester F. A. Miss.tcbr.b. 
Manchester Julia A. widow, h. 

26 Christian son Sophia Mrs. h. 

Monagban Peter F. laborer, b. 
30 O'Donnell Tbomas, b. 

White Edward P. h. 

White Patrick F. h. 
38 Worsley Christian, pat. mkr.h. 
42 Jiosa Charles, shoemaker, h. 

Jiosa Felicia, shoemaker, h. 
44 Jiosa Felicia, shoemaker 
46 ICerr James, baker, h. 
54 Green B. W. fum. repairer, b. 

McCormick Noah F. clerk, b. 

Chapel Street. 

17 Jennings Richard, liquors, h. 
19 Hutchinson Will iamM. clerk, r. 
21 Walton May Miss, h. 

33 Riley John, billards 

34 Pierce Henry E. carpenter 
38 Stiles Troy bteam Laundry 
40 Providence Shell Works 

46 Westminster Hotel, Charles A. 

Leonhardt, propr. 
57 McGuinness Bros, hop beer 

YuelSing Low, Chinese rest*nt 
6x Sun Yuen C, Chinese tea store 
63rMiles Wm. H. L. painter, h. 
65 Chung Fer Low, Chinese res' nt 
67 Johnson Emma, widow, h. 

Chapln Avenue. 

4 Bacon Geo. A. jeweler, h. 

5 Blackington Byron P.jewelr.h. 
Starr Harris E. student, b. 
Starr Wm. H. Rev. h. 

7 Blackinton Edgar L. jewelr. h. 

11 Smith Elma L. Miss, h. 



House Directory. 

Chapin Ky .—Continued, 

12 Arnold Elisa T. Miss, h. 
Farrar Annie W. Mrs. h. 
McGarel Elizabeth, widow, h. 

, Munroe Elizabeth A. Mrs. b. 

13 Harris Daniel R. Mr & Mrs. h. 
15 Sweet Rosella B. Mrs. h. 

17 Westcott Lydia J. Miss. h. 
White Mary A. widow, h. 

22 Caulkins John P. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Knight Geo. E. A. bookkpr. h. 
Knight Hannah, widow, b. 
Marston Joseph, police, h. 

23 Beach Adeline W. widow, h. 
Beach Chas. H. ins agt. h. 
Beach C. Lawrence, student, b. 

28 Pierce Sarah, widow, h. 

Willward William M. Mrs. h. 
31 Reumert Hannah F. widow.b. 

Yerrington Geo. A. clerk, h. 

Yerrington Geo. R. clerk, b. 
33 Chace fas. A. Mrs. h. 

Chace "Robert A. h. 
35 Leavitt Edw. C. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
. 36 Congdon J. E Mr., Mrs. & dr. h. 

Martin F. L. Mr. , M rs. &dr. sujn. 
res., Conanicut, h. 

Tourtellot Sarah A. Mrs. h. 

41 Stark Cha.s. R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

42 Andrews Ruth Mrs. h. 
Bartlett Ella L. widow, h. 
Saunders Colver L.carpentr.h. 

43 Gannett W. P. ins. agent, h. 

45 Lovering H. N. bookkeeper, h. 

46 Andrews Nellie R. Mrs. b. 
Andrews Roxellana M. Mrs.b. 
Knutton Charles A. clerk, b. 
Knutton Chas. S. Mrs. h. 
Powers Samuel Mr. & Mrs. h. 

51 Westcott Chas. E. Mr.&Mrs.h. 
Westcott Clinton S. student, b. 

52 Burnham C. B. jr. shipper, b. 
Mahoney Henry P. clerk, b. 
Mahoney Patrick, rub'rwkr. h. 

60 Harris L. S. Mr. Mrs. & drs. h. 
Lehmann Moses, bookseller, h. 

61 Clarke Erastus W. b. 
Clarke Langford P. teller, h. 

63 Ronne Geo. W. ins. agt. h. 

64 Eaton Edward Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Hall Caroline M. Mrs. h. 

67 Hackett A.V.Miss, mu.tchr.b. 
Hackett James, foreman, h. 
Hackett James, jr. U. R.R. b. 
Potter Chas. E. b. 
Potter Wm. C. bookkeeper, b. 

67 Potter Wm. P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

68 JilLson Ollys A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Wioslow I. O. Mr.and Mrs. h. 

71 Allen Lydia A. widow, b. 
Bullock Chas. H.Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Bullock George E. clerk, b. 
Crawford Agnes Miss, h. 
Crawford -Elinor Miss, h. 
CrawfordS. A. , E.&A. Misses,h. 
Dean Harriet T. teacher, b. 
Gregg Eliza Mrs. h. 

Gregg James C. h. 

72 Briggs Albert R hardware, h. 
Farnum Waldo E.Mr.&Mrs h. 

73 Ray bold Rich E Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Swift George E. Mr.& Mrs. h. 

74 Cory Zephaniah E. pianos, h. 
Young Richard A. h. 
Young Sarah T, widow, h. 
Young Thomas, collector, b. 

• 79 Briggs Wm. R. machinist, h. 
Chapin Harry S. engraver, b. 
Horton Henry F. clerk, b. 
Horton Jane A. Mrs. h. 

81 Youlden Isabella, widow, h. 
Youlden Joseph R.mus.tchr.h. 

82 Goodwin &shoes,h. 
Horton Alfred Z.Mr.& Mrs. h. 
Luther Thos. H. clerk, b. 

88 Bogner Henry, designer, h. 
Budlong Stephen W. sec. h. 

90 Bosworth John A. Mrs. h. 
Bosworth John C. wool' ns,etc. h. 
Bosworth Wm. A. hardware, b. 

91 CarpenterFred T. Mr.&Mrs. h. 
Mason Clifford M. bookkpr. h. 
Doe Lizzie W. Mrs. b. 

93 Leavitt E. H. music tchr. b. 
Leavitt E. H. Mrs. mus.tchr.b. 
Leavitt Wm. H. capt. police, h. 

95 Salandri Henry C. h. 

96 Eddy Cynthia P. Miss, nurse, h. 
Watterinan Chas.P.civ.engr,b. 
Waterman FrankE.civ.engr.h. 
Waterman Hannah E. Miss, h. 
Waterman S. B. Miss, tchr. b. 

99 Doane Thos. H. carpenter, h. 
100 Patterson Wm.H. Mr.&Mrs. h. 

Tift Elbert E. engineer, b. 

Tift E. G. Mips, teacher, b. 

Tift John L. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
loi Waterman Lewis A. lawyer.h. 
103 Bond Myron H. Rev. b. 

Oatley Albert A. clerk, h. 

Oatley Roscoe L. clerk, b. 
T04 Garde Chas. H. engineer, h. 

House Directory, 


104 Garde Edgar M. bootmkr. b. 
Little W. E. M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

05 Dohertby Mitchell E. liquors, b. 

06 Glover Thos. M. optician, b. 
Spencer Carrena E. widow, b. 
WbittemoreK.W.blk boards,b. 

07 Tbompson Wm. E. clerk, h. 
oyrBowen & Doane, carpenters 

09 Bowen Edgar L. draftsman, b. 

10 Commins Cbas. clerk, b. 
24 Babcock Darius, b. 

DiiLon Rufus S. clerk, b. 

Henley J. W. boots & sboes, b. 
27 Brown Cbas. P. bookkpr. b. 

Brown Jobn H. macbinist, b. 

Williamson F. A. b. 
34 McLaugblin Jas P. police, b. 

Murpby James, weaver, b. 
36 Tanner Cbarles A. police, b. 
39 Barr David J. blacksmitb, b. 
43 Heffernah Thos. moulder, b. 
45 Tamboe Alexander, laborer.b. 

Tamboe Jas. F. hostler, b. 

Tamboe Jobn A. operative, b. 

49 Chatwin Wm. teamster, b. 

50 Beaudreau Daniel, spinner, b. 
Beadreau John, carpenter, b. 

52 Donnelly Peter, h. 
Kiernan John F. finisher, h. 

53 Price Patrick, laborer, b. 
Price William H. machinist, h. 

55 Noon John, driver, b. 

Noon Maria, widow, b. 
65 Feeney Patrick, operative, b. 

Fox Michael, laborer, h. 

Hobbs Stanley E. clerk, b. 

Pollock Joseph M. Mrs. b. 
67 Boylan Edward, grocer, b. 
83 Dunn Carrie Miss, dresmkr.b. 

Dunn John, laborer, b. 

Dunn Katie Miss, var. store, b. 

Fay Luke, collector, h. 
86 Fournier Stanislas, baker, b. 
88 Dompbouse Alex, helper, b. 

Domphouse Edouard, Mrs. b. 

Letourneau James N. clerk, b. 

90 Belford Godfrey, carpenter, b. 
Loignon Joseph, baker, b. 

91 DucbarmeF rank, borsesb'er.b. 
Lefebvre Albert, blacksmitb, b. 
Nolan James, laborer, b. 

209 Kelly John, laborer, b. 

Radigan John, laborer, b. 

Radigan Patrick, laborer, b. 

Tiernan JamesE. h' nessmkr. b. 
212 Hamill Eugene, laborer, b. 

212 Hamill John, laborer, h. 

Hamill William, operative, b. 
Hougrand Emile, laborer, h. 

Chapman Street. 

290 Farley Thomas M. driver, b. 
Shepard James G. toolmkr.b. 
294 May Frank, driver, b. 

Charles Street. 

3 PROV. CORNICE CO. copper 
workers, etc. (see front col- 
ored page E) 
7 Learned A. C. J. carpenter 
12 McGregor James, carpenter 

West James, painter 
14 Giblin Augustine, blacksmitb 
37 Prov.Belt*gCo.J.B.Walsb.agt. 
44 Harris John M. cigars, etc. 

46 Harris Ann E. Mrs. copyist,h. 

47 Fletcher Mfg. Co. William 

Ames, treas. 

49 Hoffman Jos. pictures 

50 Schor Max, ladies' cloaks 

52 Elovetz Wm. sec. band furn.h. 

Taberisky Albert, pedler, h. 

Taberisky Bonnie, jeweler, b. 

Taberisky Daniel, laborer, b. 

Taberisky Neal, pedler, b. 
54 Elovetz Wm. sec. band fur. 
56 Greeley Michael, stoves, etc. 
58 Casey Jas. H. polisher, h. 

Ivers William, jeweler, b. 

Tutolo Antonio, hairdresser 

62 Contorubisi Louis, fruit, h. 
Silberman S. barnessmaker 

62rCorntombise Louis, b. 

Degnan Michael J. salesman, h. 

63 Lewis John D. dye stuffs 

66 Bader Isaac,ladies'garm'nts,h. 
68 Bergel Morris, dry goods, h. 

Blumenthal Louis, pedler, b. 

Segelman Nellie Mrs. h. 
70 Meyer Philip W. hairdresser 
72 Bergel Morris, dry goods 
74 Sacofsky Myer. tailor 
78 Lindner Geo. J. grocer 

O'Malley George, laborer, b. 

O'Malley George F. labor, b. 

Perlman Simon, pedler. h. 
80 New York Cloak & Suit Co. 

mfr. ladies' garments 
82 Cummings M J.overs'r poor,b. 

Dolan Morris, teamster, h. 

Greeley Michael, stoves.etc. b. 

McCarty Chas. engineer, h. 


Blaokitone Boulevard 


Funeral Rowers 

A Specialty. 


House Directory. 

Charles St. — Continued. 

82 Powers Thos. H. filecutter, b. 
Powers Wm. P. trackman, b. 

83 Shapiro Meyer J. clothing, h. 

84 Rabinovitz & Marrus, clothing 
87 Goldstein Philip, shoemaker 

89 Goldstein Philip, shoemaker.h. 

90 Lewano Lena Miss, millinery 
Volpe Reuben, clothing 

92 Falcone £rminio, hairdresser 

94 Hay man Benj. painter, b. 
Hayman Samuel, painter, h. 
Hayman Samuel.jr. painter.b. 

95 Bear man Jacob, grocer 

96 Zisman Rose Miss, dressmkr. 

98 Bagdigian Sarkes, shoemkr.b. 
Rodinsky L. clothing, h.* 
Rod in sky Richmond, clerk, b. 

99 Rodinsky L clothing 

100 Belisle Cyrille A. driver, h, 

Felber Herman, cigars, h. 

Potoshinsky Chas. salesman, b. 

Potoshinsky Joseph, h. 

Potoshinsky Louis, 2d,clerk,b. 

Potoshinsky Meyer,dry gds. h. 

Robinson Jacob A. slsman. h. 

Schoenberg Jennette.d. gds.h. 

Schoenberg Louis, s'man, b. 
102 Potoshinsky Charles, clothing 
no McHale Michael, liquors 

111 McLeod Daniel F. plumber 
McLeod Jos. R. carpenter, h. 
Scott George A. overseer, h. 
Scott George J. clerk, b. 

112 Kalunian Bros, house f urn. gds. 

113 Place Reuben A. carpenter 

114 McOsker John E. gents fur. 
Toye Margaret Mrs. h. 

115 Brissette Charles, provisions 
117 Cohen Simon, pedler. h. 

BanderSam'l, sec. hand cloth. h. 

119 BanderSam'l, sec. hand cl* thing 

120 James Harry, variety store 

121 Adelman John, cloaks, h. 
Cohen Meyer M. pedler, h. 

122 Crowell Hattie E. Mrs. h. 
Mulcahey Thomas, liquors 
Pierce Fred'k P. laborer, b. 

124 MorganMichael J.operative.h. 
New England Loan Co. 
Sundelovitz M. watchmaker 

1 24)i Felber Helman, cigars, etc. 

125 Boyajian Caspar, laborer, b. 
Boyajian Sarkis, tailor, b. 
Carsarian Vartan, laborer, h. 
Harpoothian Marnos, oper. b. 

126 Anderson F. O. teamster, h. 
Ford Hugh, laborer, h. 
McQuaid Daniel, liquors 
Pringle Maria, widow, h. 
Pringle Walter, machinist, b. 
Prior John, laborer, h. 

127 Ginsburg William, tailor 

128 Merchant Alphonse, provisions 

130 McCarville Felix, bartndr.rms. 
McCarville Mich'l.liquors,rms. 
Nelson Chas. driver, b. 
Walsh Myra Miss, h. 

131 Billings Linn L. tinsmith 

132 McCarville Michael, liquors 

133 Donovan Lizzie Mrs. h. 
Williams Geo. W. machinist,b. 
Williams MatfwC.locksmth.h. 

134 Riley Joseph P. hairdresser 

135 Williams Matt. C. locksmith 

137 Montague Patrick, liquors, h. 
Murphy Thomas, clerk, b. 

138 Corry Philip, liquors 

139 Montague Patrick, liquors 

140 Brennan John, laborer, h. 
Corry Philip, liquors, h. 

141 Blumenthal Philip, clothing 

142 Castnillo Louis, fruit, etc. 

143 Campanini Harry, hairdresser 

144 Cody Thomas, restaurant 

145 Boiajian John, shoemaker, h. 

146 Harris Geo. H. clerk, h. 
Walsh John, laborer, rms. 

148 McCusker Owen, liquors 

149 McKenzie A. W. locksmith 

150 Providence Clothing Co. 

151 Brissette Chas. provisions, h. 

153 Wing Sam, laundry 

154 Lee James H. liquors 

157 Rubbert Bernard O. grocer 

158 Nolan J. H. variety store 
i58)^Contorubisi Louis, fruit 

159 Kirkland John, laborer, h. 
McCarthy Patrick, laborer, b. 

160 McDermott Agnes, widow, h. 
Reid Thos. O. clerk, rms. 

161 Tattersall John, boots & shoes 

162 McCready Thomas, dry goods 
165 Dimond A. dry goods 

167 Kwait Jacob, pool room 
Thurber Geo. J. dentist 

168 Capwell R. F. bldrs. hardwre. 

170 Smith Roger & Co. dry goods 

171 Cavannaugh M. laborer, b. 
Donovan John J. laborer, b. 
Esten Samuel J. h. 
Garlick James, painter, b. 

House DmEcroRV. 


171 Hughes James, operative, b. 
May Martin P. carpenter, b. 
Moriarty Jeremiah, laborer, h. 
Rhendell John, laborer, h. 
Rogers James, laborer, b. 

172 Marston Chas. P. physician 
175 Bell Thomas, carpenter, rms. 

English Patrick, rub. wkr. b. 

Harootnian EUia T. shoemkr. 

Hughes Henry, operative, rms. 

Rush Michael, fireman, h. 

Welch James, carpenter, b. 

stable (see page 128) 
181 Castiglioni & Co. bakery 
184 Bell Walter I. clerk, b. 

DeCofif Jeremiah, Screw Co.b. 

Hutchins Amer. S. Co. Band 

Hutchins A. Prank, teacher,h. 
186 Dyson John T. boots & shoes 

Schofield Wm. H. shoemaker 

188 Peterson George P. hardware 

189 Pranklin Machine Co. 

190 Butts M. E. Mrs.dressmakr,h. 
Conaty Owen, laborer, b. 
Doyle John, at Screw Co. b. 
Greene Geo. fireman, b. 
Higney Michael, laborer, b. 
Kelly Patrick, laborer, b. 
Knox John, operative, b. 
Lynch Patrick, dyer, b. 
McCoull Osgood, piper, b. 
Morris Michael, painter, h. 
Murphy John, laborer, b. 
Queenan Jos. J. at Tool Co. b. 
Riley James, dyer, b. 

Wood "Frederick, laborer, b. 
192 Peterson Geo. P. wall paper 
194 Nass Chas. W. baker 
196 Perlow Max, pedler, h, 
198 Baletow Jacob, painter, h. 
ChemickSamuel,lithograph'r. h 
Fiertel Israel, tailor, h. 
204 Peterson Geo. P. crockery, etc. 
208 Lewanda Peba, Mrs. doc tress, h 
Lewanda LillieMiss,milliner.b 
Lewanda Saul, physician, h. 
210 McElroy Joseph H. liquors 
212 McElroy Joseph H. liquors, h. 
216 Matteson Theodore V.coal.etc. 
234 Bartley Luke E. physician 
236 Nichols Mark S. reg. phar. 
238 Kerr James, jr. baker 
240 McCarthvD.F.&E.J.undertkrs 
242 McKay Ann, widow, h. 

242 McKay James, coffin trmr. b. 
McKay Timothy, carpenter, b. 
Whalen J. Paulinus, clerk, b. 

243 Smith & Nichols, reg. phar. 

244 Brant John P. stable, h. 
Peterson Irving G. driver, b. 

245 Dwyer Thomas, tailor 

246 Patstone Wm. J. grocer 
246rWood David E. cabinetmkr. h. 

247 Chappell Elwin, salesman, b. 
Manchester Wm. A. clerk, h. 
Warfield Frank L. conductor, h. 
Warfield George L.salesm'n,b. 

248 McCarthy D. F. undertaker,h. 
McCarthy E. J. undertaker, h. 
McCarthy Henry G. student.b. 
McCarthy Jos. F. J. student.b. 
McCarthy Robert E. enginr.b. 

249 Hyde Daniel W. grocer 

250 Hyde Daniel W, grocer, h. 
Hyde Judson L. clerk, b. 
Hyde Ralph K. student, b. 

251 Boyajian Papan, operative, b. 
Lee Sam, laundry 

254 Delaney Ellen, widow, h. 
Delaney Thos. polisher, h. 
Edwards J. H. electrician, h. 
Krin^le Charles, laborer, b. 

255 Austm John H. expressman, h. 
Brady George E. steward, b. 
Brady Patrick, porter, h. 
Brady Thomas F. waiter, b. 
Duclos Samuel, painter, b. 
Flynn Henry P. porter, h. 
Nadeau Alfred, carpenter, b. 
St John Mary Mrs. dressmkr. 
Walsh Ellen, widow, h. 

257 Feldmanjohn, shoemaker 

258 Lennox T^hos. dyer, b. 
Ware Chas. L. steamfitter, h. 

261 Gacobellis Nunziato, fruit. etc. 

262 Rubbert Bernard, grocer, h. 

263 Boyle Johanna, widow, h. 
Boyle Wm. F. waiter, b. 
Costine Wm. H. plumber, b. 
Donovan Ellen L. widow, h. 
Flaherty Jos. elevatorman, b. 
Lane Margaret Miss, h. 
Owens Frederick, clerk, b. 
Pendergast Catharine, wid. h. 
Pendergast Fred N. clerk, b. 

264 Bleasdale Richard. overseer,b. 
Brooks James Mrs. h. 
Checkley Chas. H. moulder.h. 

265 Marlow Patrick H. coal, etc. 

266 Greene Byron W. foreman, h. 


House Directory. 

Charles St« — Continued. 

266 Wells Jeremiah R. clerk, h. 

268 Butler Thomas, jeweler, b. 
Cavannaugh William, b. 
Daly Mary A. Miss, dressmkr. 
McDandle Patrick, laborer, b. 
McGovern Thomas J. b. 
Riley Catharine, widow, h. 
Sexton Henry, operative, b. 
Whalen Thomas, engineer, b. 

269 Albanise P. G. hairdresser 
Mike David, confectionery, h. 

270 Murphy James H. clerk, b. 
Murphy John, laborer, h. 
Murphy §usan A. Miss, b. 

27orQuinn Patrick J. operative, h. 

271 Gillan Chas. F. hairdresser, b. 
Jackson Chas. A. raachinist.h. 
Jackson Fred'k, apprentice, b. 
Robbins Albert G. laborer, b. 
Robbins Frank G.machinist,h. 
Robbins Herbert C. 

273 Degnan J. Joseph, fish 
Lawrence Chas. R. fireman, h. 
Smith Geo. bookbinder, b. 

274 Duffy Ellen, widow, b. 
Sexton Chas. fireman, h. 
Wattles Wm. R. reg. phar. h. 

275 Bruno T. shoemaker 

277 Bartlett Geo. W. variety store 

278 Conroy G. R. reporter, b. 
Costello Arthur B. musician, h. 
McKay Joseph E. clerk, b. 

279 McGovern Thos. J. var. store 
.280 Alexson Alexander, laborer.b. 

Barr Daniel S. moulder, h. 
Barr EmilyM. Miss,milliner,b. 
Barr Thos. W. moulder, b. 
Barr Wm. D. machinist, b. 
Gaines Samuel, driver, h. 
Moredock Wm. overseer, b. 
Shortliffe John, machinist, h. 
West E. M. Mrs. boarding, h. 

281 D'Amico Nicola, hairdresser 

282 Boyle Peter, laborer, b. 
Durling Oliver P. H. oper. b. 
Hen nesseyjames, conductor, b. 
Ward John, calenderer, h. 
Ward Joseph M. operative, b. 
Wilkinson Joseph, h. 
Wilkinson J.M.conductor,rms. 
Wilkinson Kate Miss, b. 

283 Dunn James W. clerk, b. 
Dunn Joseph E. laborer, b. 
Mead James E. jeweler, h. 
Parker Jennie L. dressmkr. b. 

283 Parker M. Miss, dressmkr. b. 
Parker Mary Mrs. h. 

284 Corcoran John, laborer, h. 
Cox Arthur E. stamper, b. 
Cox Patrick F. engraver, b. 
Cox Peter J. plumber, b. 
Hardy Martha E. widow, h. 
Holden Abraham, laborer, h. 
Monahan Hugh T. tailor, h. 

284^Kranz Simon, grocer 

285 Devlin Arthur J. hackman, h. 
Hanlou Joseph, laborer, b. 
Harnedy Richard, laborer, b. 
Healey Peter, laborer, b. 
Lahue George, laborer, b. 
Lynch John, laborer, b. 

286 Kranz Simon, grocer, h. 
Olevson John, photographer, b. 
Olevson John B.salesman.rms. 
Olevson Louis, watchmkr. b. 
Kranz Simon, grocer, b. 
Rosen Ephraim, pedler. h. 
Rosenberg Dave, machinist.h. 

287 At wood Moses, b. 

Baron F. N. L. coffinmaker,h. 

Gillibrand Richard, laborer, r 

Raiden John, laborer, rms. 

Sawyer Chas. H. ins. agt. h. 
290 Muraock William C. clerk, h. 

Ogden Mary, widow, h. 
292 Dailey Thomas, plumber, h. 

Kirby John A. grocer, h. 
292^Kirby John A. grocer 
294 Clinton Margaret, h. 

Clinton M. A. Miss, drsmkr.h. 

Gunnston Eugene H. mach. h. 

296 FlemmingAngeline, widow, b. 
Gunnston G. Frank, plater, h. 

297 Reynolds Thomas P. porter, h, 

298 Carey John, brakeman, h. 
Graham Geo. P. jeweler, h. 

299 Cornell Walter, driver, h. 

300 Arnold Byron O. engineer, h. 
Riley Charlotte Mrs. h. 

301 Dart Ann, widow, h. 
Dart William, plumber, b. 
Tracy Hannah, widow, b. 

302 Brown Geo. W. brakeman, h. 
Haskell Henry A. engineer, b. 

305 Dorney Bernard J. laborer, b. 
McCarty Mary, widow, h. 
McGovern Margaret, widow.h. 

306 Corbett S. P. stenographer, b. 
Shore David C. conductor, h. 
Shore Thomas D.conductor.b. 

307 McKeon John F. beltmaker,h. 

House Directory. 


Q'»']=,J[ \^^j,^ At ProYidence Pnblic Market Co. 

307 McKeon J. F. Mrs. board'g h. 

308 McCarthy James W. p'ber.b. 
McCarthy MichaelJ.laborej.h. 
McCarthy Timothy, driver, b. 
McCarthy Timothy G. o'p'e.b. 

309 Underbill John T. clerk, h. 
o Corliss Steam Engine Co. 

363 Harris Wm. M. lumber, etc 
365 Harrington Patrick, grocer, h. 
Holbrook Ellen M. widow, b. 
Mason Henry, laborer, h 

367 Keough Michael, mason, h. 
McNeil Peter, laborer, h. 
Partelow Geo. hostler, h. 

368 Harrington Patrick, grocer 

369 Cross Andrew, oiler, b. 
Cross Thomas, weaver, h. 
Flynn Thomas J painter, h. 

370 Barr Mary E. widow, b. 
Cronin James, weaver, b. 
Johnston Ellen, widow, h. 

' ohnston Francis E. oper. b. 
] ohnston Lewis J. laborer, b. 
' ohnston Patrick, laborer, b. 
' ohnston Wm. J. teamster.b. 

371 Farrell Bernard S. mchnst. h. 
Ballon Warren S. jr. clerk, h. 
Degnan J. Joseph, fish, b. 
Walker Tames P. engineer, b. 

373 Boyle William, laborer, h. 

Morse AUin B. brakeman, h. 
375 Langevin Henry, laborer, h. 

Scott John, laborer, h. 

Swenson Carl H. laborer, b. 
377 Waterman Richard, teamstr.h. 
379 Miller Charles A. teamster, h. 

Sisson B. D. operative, h. 

Smith F. T. dresser tender, b. 

Smith Gilbert G. teamster, b. 

Smith Jennie Mrs. h. 

Williams HerbertT.teamstr.b. 
381 Renehan Andrew J. fireman, h. 

Sheehan Mary, widow, h. 
383 Northup M. G. Mrs. dressmkr. 

Northup S. G. teamster, h. 
389 Silver Spring Bleaching and 

Dyeing Co. 
415 Darling C. P. &Co. box sh'ks. 
498 McLaughlin Mary Mrs. h. 

McLaughlin Mchl. laborer, b. 
51X Burney Lawrence, laborer, h. 

Talbot John, laborer, h. 

Talbot John C. laborer, b. 

Talbot William, laborer, b. 
513 Burns Eliza, widow, h. 


513 Burns James, laborer, b 

Burns Robt. laborer, b. 

Crook Mary A. widow, b. 

O'Brien Mary& Ellen Misses, h. 
519 Morris Mannus J. laborer, b. 

Morris Mary, widow, h. 

Morris Peter J. porter, b. 

Morris Rosella Miss, dressmkr. 

Morris Thos. H .harness mkr. b. 
523 McKendall Frank D. mason 
525 Avenia F. laborer, b. 

Ciuccio Angel i CO, laborer, b. 

Ciuccio Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Ciuccio Rosario, laborer, b. 

Cosati Pietro, laborer, b. 

DeSantis Nicola, laborer, b. 

Donatella Leonardo, laborer, b. 

Falcone Pasquale, laborer, h. 

lacobellis Sal va tore. laborer, b. 

Marino Domenico, laborer, h. 

Pati Antonio, tailor, b. 

Stivani Giuseppe, laborer, h. 

Testa Maria, widow, h. 
527 Mellor Jas. E. jeweler, b. 

Mellor Thos. L. clerk, b. 

Mellor William, grocer, h. 

Mellor Wm. G. clerk, b. 
542 Fleck John, operative, h. 

Gainer M. J. Mrs. grocer 

Gainer Jos. H. student, b. 

Gay nor James, clerk, h. 

Keogh Joanna &Nora Mis's.h. 
cor. Branch Av. , Smith Arthur T. 
reg. phar. 
n. Branch av., BelisleJos.blks'th. 
553 Cortellese Giuseppe, lab'r. b. 

Diraarco S. laborer, h. 

Giorgenni Pietro, laborer, b. 

Macaro Libero, laborer, b. 

Maselli Antonio, tailor, b. 

Meloni Domenico, laborer, b. 

Pelosi Giovanni, laborer, h. 

Petrone Pietro, laborer, h. 

Prata Jas. laborer, h. 

Venditto Antonio, laborer, h. 

Zecchino Rocco, laborer, b. 
555 Bruno Domenico, laborer, h. 

Bruno T. shoemaker, h. 

Campanini Jas. hairdresser, h. 

D'Agostini K. section hand. h. 

Riccardo A. fresco painter, h. 

Sannita Nicola, hairdresser, b. 
557 Martin.M. J. carpenter, b. 

Martin Patrick, starcher, h. 

Martin Thomas, laborer, b. 

Martin Wm. J. helper, b. 



ChaiiM SU--ContmuetU 

557 Triolo Giulio Maria Rev. h. 
561 Belisle Joseph, blacksmith, h. 

Du^gan Mary & Lizzie M is' 8,h. 

O'Neil Thomas F. printer, h. 
563 O'Connell Bros, provisions 
565 Sauro Michele, laborer, h. 

567 DeBenedictis F. Mrs. va'y store 

568 Reed Daniel P. liquors 
570 O'Connor John T. driver, h. 

Reed Daniel F. liquors, h« 
572 Di lorio John, shoemaker 
575 D'Agostino Paolo, laborer, b. 

Di lorio John, shoemaker, h. 

Verducci Francesco, lab'r, b. 

Verducci Pasquale, lab'r, h. 

577 Triangolo G. stonecutter, h. 
VenditVuoli Giuseppe, grocer 

578 Casey Joseph, laborer, b. 
Casey Susan Mrs. h. 
Casey Thomas, laborer, b. 
Cox Christopher, laborer, h. 
O'Reilly Charles, grocer 
Wynn James W. machinist, h. 

580 Ferraro Antonio, shoemaker 

582 Porter Wm. H. blacksmith 

583 Aurelio Thomas, hairdresser 
lanetta Giusseppe, provisions 
Melone Pasquale, laoorer, h. 

586 Lonardo Paul, grocer 

587 Testa Vincenzo, var. store, h. 
589 Mancone Antonio, laborer, h. 

Parrillo Desiderio, laborer, h. 

592 Lebeau Antoine, operative, h. 
Smith John T. machinist, h. 
Tiernan Bridget, widow b. 

593 Capaldi Antonio, operative, b. 
Capaldi Diamante, laborer, h. 
Capaldi Gesualdo, laborer, h. 
Silvestro Prank, teamster, h. 

597 Bruno Filippo, cigars, etc. 

598 Ronga Stetano, provisions 
Testa Thomas, hairdresser, b. 

598rRonga Stefaoo, provisions, h. 

Testa Crescenzo, h. 
600 Blessing Michael, laborer, h. 

604 Di Cesare Pasquale, grocer 

605 Kern Augustus M. teamster, h. 
McGrath H. M. dressmaker, h. 
McGrath Patrick T. laborer, b. 

607 D'Agostino Nicola, baker, 

610 Han ley Bridget, Miss, h« 
Hanle^ Kate Miss, h. 

611 Baroni Francesco, liquors 

612 Caparoni Enrico, liquors 
Croce Vito, laborer, b. 

612 Molarelli Gennaro, laborer, h. 

Parillo Francesco, laborer, b. 

Vecha Pasquale, laborer, b. 
616 Cristaini Domenico, laborer, h. 

D' Afi^ostini Giovanni, labrer, b. 

Di Muccio Antonio, laborer, h. 

Marcacci Domenico, laborer, b. 

Parrillo Giovanni, laborer, h. 

Parrillo Pietro, laborer, h. 

Ricci Cosmo, laborer, h. 

Rocchio Antonio, laborer, b. 

Rocchio Maria, widow, b. 
618 Imbriaco Saverio, laborer, b. 

Barone Saverio, laborer, h. 

Carbone Sabato, laborer, h. 

Parrillo Benedetto, hairdsr. h. 

Serrone Sal va tore, laborer, b. 
620 Parillo Berenice Mrs, drv goods 
622 Campanni Harry, hairdsr. b. 

Campanni John, shoemkr. h. 

Campanini Paul. hairdresser, b. 
622rLanai Antonio, hairdresser, b. 

Landi Michele, laborer, b. 

624 DeNicola Teodoro, laborer, h. 
Renzi Mentini, shoemaker 
Ricci Teresa Mrs. h. 
Salerno Domenico. opr. b. 
Taccone Giacomo, laborer, b. 

625 Boonas Nicola, tailor 

626 Cinquegranellino Paolo, lab. h. 
Luminelli Castantino, lab. b. 
Marciaro Antonio, laborer, h. 

627 Caranci Tommaso, laborer, b. 
Caranci Vilto, horseshoer, b. 
Cicerone Nicandro, laborer, b. 
Cicerone Nicandro jr. opr. b. 
De Luca Giovanni, grocer 
De Nicola Gioaccbino, lab. h. 
Marchionne Nicola, lab. b. 
Marino Francesco, lab. h. 
Mascioni Francesco, lab. h. 
Pescarini Francesco, lab. b. 
Santomarco Giovanni, lab. h. 
Verrecchia Pietro, laborer, b. 

628 Aceto Giuseppe, grocer 
Cicerone Nicandro, hairdsr. h 

630 Laurenzi Luigi, laborer, b. 
Lepore Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
Marchionne Antonio, lab. b. 
Parillo & Barone, liquors 
Petrillo Giovanni, laoorer, b. 
Santaniello Salvatore, lab. h. 
Telia Antonio, laborer, h. 
Uoraboia Antonio, laborer, h. 
Uoraboia Vincenzo, lab. h. 
Ursillo Gennaro, laborer, b. 

House Directory. 


631 Ayenia Mariano, teacher, b. 

DeCesare Antonio, laborer, b. 

Lonardo Luigi. laborer, h. 

Lonardo Pasquale, laborer, h. 

Salvatore Carmela Mrs. dmkr. 

Salvatore Vincenzo, lab. b. 
633 Capece Antonio, laborer, b. 

Izsi Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Paone Nicola, stonecutter, b. 
633rAltieTi Antonio, laborer, h. 

Altieri Antonio, jr. laborer, b. 

Baatoni Carmine, laborer, h. 

Cardarelli Saba tin o, laborer, b. 

Castratarro Francesco, lab. h. 

DiTommaso Francesco, lab.b. 

Mancone Vincenso, laborer, b. 

Palumbo Domenico A. lab. b. 

Ricci Domenico, laborer, b. 
635 Ricci Anzelmo, grocer 

637 Albanese Giovanni, laborer, h. 
Lepore Gennaro, laborer, b. 
Lepore Michele, laborer, b. 
Lepore Serafina, laborer, h. 

638 Ciccone Francesco, laborer, b. 
Ciccone Michele, laborer, b. 
Cinccio Lorenzo, laborer, b. 
DiGobebellis Salvatore, lab. b. 
Pitochelli Francesco, lab. h. 
Ricci Domenico, operative, h. 
Ricci Pasquale, laborer, b. 

640 Di Loia Nicola, laborer, h. 
Ricci Giuseppe, hairdresser 

641 Melarkey Bros, plumbers 

643 Capobianco Giuseppe, lab. b. 
Capobianco Raffaele, h'drsr.b. 
Capobianco Rocco, laborer, b. 
Flamiglietti R. laborer, b. 
lackvony Antonio, contr'ctr.h. 
Martines Salvatore, h,dressr.h. 
Rufo Santino, laborer, b. 

644 Albanese Francesco, grocer 
Fascitelli Antonio, laborer, b. 
Mancini Antonio, laborer, b. 
Parrillo Baldasarre. laborer, b. 
Penta Giorgio, operative, b. 
Ricci Giovanni, laborer, b. 
Sannita Catelli, shoemaker, b. 
Sannita Raffaele, hairdresser 
Sannita Tenazio, hairdrsr, b. 

654 Ca^tellucci Michele. laborer, b. 
De Nicola Domenico,labrer, h. 
Di Santro Domenico, labrer.h. 
Guatieri Giacomo, laborer, b. 
Izzi Giovanni, laborer, b. 
Litterio Ales'dro, stonecut'r.h, 
Penta Vincenzo, laborer, b. 

654 Reo Carlo, laborer, b. 

Ricci Alfonzo, h. 

Ricci Giuseppe, hairdresser 

Ricci Pasquale, laborer, b. 

Ricci Ranaele, b. 

Rufo Alfonso, laborer, h. 

Rufo Pasquale, laborer, b. 

Tremendozzi Luigi, lab'r, b. 
664 Bucci Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Columbus Hfidl 

Ferri Giovanni, laborer, h. 

Mancone Antonio, laborer, h. 

Martini Pietro, laborer, b. 

Matteo Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
669 DiTommaso Antonio, lab'r, h. 

DiTouzo Angelo, laborer, b. 

Falciglia Gaetano, laborer, h. 

Izzi Cosmo, laborer, b. 

Motta Giuseppe, laborer, h. 

Penta Giorgio, laborer, b. 

Petiscia Pasquale, laborer, b. 

Ricci Gerardo, laborer, b. 

Ricci Giulio, operative, b. 

Rufo Michele, laborer, b. 

685 Conlin Wm. H. police, h. 
Dolan Wm. F. operative, h. 

686 Bucci Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
Caccia Antonio, laborer, h. 
Griechi Luigi, laborer, b. 
Izzi Domenico A. laborer, b. 
Petassi Maria Mrs. h. 
Vettese Vincenzo, laborer, b. 

690 Mimande Alfred, teamster, h. 

Mimande N. teamster, h. 
700 Hackett Bernard, laborer, h. 
720 O'Connor Geo. W. mach't, b. 

O'Connor John E. tailor, h. 
732 DeLucca F. laborer, h. 

Marcacci Antonio, laborer, b. 

Marcacci Giovanni, laborer, b. 

Porcella F. laborer, h 

Rampone Giovanni, laborer, b. 
734 Lisi Kaffaele. laborer, h. 

Marcacci N. laborer, b. 

Viccione Angelo A. laborer.h. 
754 Baroni Antonio, h. 

Baron i Rocco, operative, b. 

Baroni Antonio, liquors, h. 

760 Cipriano D. A. operative, h. 

Marfea Pasquale, laborer, h. 
768 Lisi Tommaso, laborer, h. 

Murro Antonio, laborer, b. 

Murro Vincenzo. laborer, h. 
773 Smart Charles H. farmer, h. 
797 Can ton i Giuseppe, laborer, h. 


House Directory. 

Charles St^— Continued, 

797 Magnoni Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Parrillo Antonio,hairdresser,h. 

Pati Giovanni, laborer, b. 
8ii Di Bellis Antonio, laborer, b. 

Di Biaso Antonio, laborer, h. 

Romano Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
820 Caruolo Vitangelo, laborer, h. 


Passarelli Joseph, laborer, h. 
831 Gillen Tames H. teamster, h. 

Gillen Moses B. iceman, b. 

Gillen Sarah E. Miss, drsmkr. 

Gillen Wm. A. police, b. 
bey. city line, Harrison A. & Co. 
manufacturing chemists 

Charles Field Street. 

7 Glezen Frank L. h. 
9 Larned Russell Mrs. h. 
II Dyer Elizabeth H. Miss, h. 

Dyer Helen C. Miss, h. 
13 Brown Robt. P. bookkeeper, h. 
15 Wheelwright Chas. K. clerk, b. 

Wheelwright C. S. Mr.&Mrs.h. 

Wheelwright Franklin R. b. 
17 Aldrich Amy H. Miss, b. 

Aldrich Wm. F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

19 Shepard John jr. Mr. & Mrs. 

sum. res. "Ravinehurst." 

Sheffield, Mass. (Berkshire 

Co.) h. 

Sullivan Michael D. butler 
i9rRidont James, coachman, h. 
23 McVicar E. C. Miss, h. 

McVicar William N. Rev. h. 
25 Bowen Holden B. h. 

Bowen T. D. Mrs. h. 
35 Davenport Dency E. widow, h. 

Dunbar Cornelia E. widow, b. 

Parkhurst Eliza K. widow, b. 

Rathbone Almira D. Miss, b. 

Rath bone Sarah W. Miss, b. 

Watson Frank E. insL b. 
37 Purkis Sarah A. Miss, h. 
39 Purkis Chas. A. engineer, b. 

PurkisEliiab'b F. Miss, tchr.b. 

Purkis John H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Purkis Robert J, clerk, b. 
41 Higgins Edwin F. clerk, h. 

Mills Minnie Miss, drsmkr. b. 

Pim Anna Miss, dressmaker 
43 Whittier Jane M. Mrs. h. 

Whittier Rich. H. elec. sup.h. 
45 Gould Charles S., P. O. b. 

GouldC.B. treas.,S.P.Cem. h. 

45 Snow Stephen W. watchmn.b. 
cor. Thayer, Thayer St. Grammar 

57 Andrews Wm. 2d Mr.&MrB.h. 

58 Hahn Wm. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Silvers Martha Mrs. b. 

59 Fuller Robert G. clerk, b. 
Fuller Wm. O. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Wads worth M. E. Mrs. h. 

60 Greene Howard J. clerk, h. 

62 Armington Arthur A. dftsmn.b. 
Armington Fred G. clerk, b. 
Armington Fred*kJ. clerk, h. 
Hutchins Theodore G. clerk, b. 

63 Bourn Joseph H. Mrs. h. 
Bourn Robert C. Mr. h. 

64 Bragg Mabel C. Miss, tchr. b. 
Gilman E.V.Miss,manicure,h. 
Roberts Roxanna P. widow, b. 
Skinner Miriam, teacher, b. 

65 Cranston F. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Cranston Frank H. clerk, b. 

71 Fuller George, jr. clerk, b. 
Fuller Harry, student, b. 
Fuller Mary A. Mrs. h. 
73 Fuller A. F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
79 Fuller Fred, brass founder, h. 
Fuller R. Clinton Mr.&Mrs.b. 
cor. Hope, Kerr Gordon & Son, 

Charles Field Court. 

2 Caldwell Alfred, mangr. rms. 

Jenckes Ann E. widow, h. 
7 >^ Hall Eliza Miss, b. 

Hall Ellen L. widow, h. 

Hall John J. clerk, b. 

Hall Mary Miss, b. 

Chatham Street. 

34 Lord George, carpenter, h. 
Lord John L. machinist, h. 
52 McDermott Thos. jeweler, h. 

66 Golden John, teamster, b. 
Noonan Martin C. clerk, h. 
Walton Joseph J. pressman,b. 
Walton Wm. at Print Wks. h. 

70 Reynolds Nettie M. widow, h. 

Walton William H. h. 
95 McCaffrey Edward, student.b. 

McCaffrey James, laborer, h. 

McCaffrey fohn T. engineer, b. 

McCaffrey M. E. Miss, tchr. b. 

O'Conneli Albert, laborer, b. 

O'Connell Wm. H. laborer, b. 

Walton John M. turner, h. 

House Directory. 


ii6 Hildreth James P. bookkpr, h. 
119 Fry Edward H. clerk, h. 
121 Shatwell Wm. laborer, h. 

123 Ouline Julius, operative, h. 
Paliferro John, laborer, h. 

124 Woodcock Joseph, janitor, h. 
137 Hamlet Asa, painter, h. 

Rogers Harry, laborer, b. 

Chattlet Street. 

9 Cassles Margaret, widow, h. 

Judisb Henry, carpenter, h. 
II Cassells Wm. F. plumber, h. 
20 Brown CatbarineMrs.var. store 

Brown George, carpenter, b. 

Brown John, machinist, h. 

Brown John T. weaver, b. 

Stehfest Frederick, weaver, h. 
27 Hartwig Ernestine, widow, h. 

Kurze Otto, designer, h. 
30 McAuliffe Cornelius, weaver, h. 
44 ludisch Carl, carpenter, h. 

ludisch Emma, widow, h. 

ludisch Fritz, at B. & S. b. 

ludisch Robert, at B & S. b. 
48 Aveyard John, overseer, h. 

Schofield William, weaver, h. 

Staple ton John, hairdresser, h. 
64 Nichols Thomas, loomfixer, h. 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, h. 

Peco Charles, milk dealer 

Stapleton Patrick, hostler, b. 

Chaucer Street. 

cor. Carleton, ConatyMich'l,lab'r,h. 
Kerrigan Bridget, widow, h. 
Kerrigan James, weaver, b. 
Kerrigan Thomas A. painter, b. 

Cherry Street. 

4 Gage Chester A. b. 

Gage Isaac N. h. 
1 1 Calder Eleanor S. Miss, b. 

Calder G. S. druggist, h. 

Calder William H. h. 

Vose Eliza S. Miss, b. 
13 Kent L. L. Miss,housekeepr.b. 

MacCarroU Agnes Miss, rms. 

Palmer William H. Rev. h. 
15 Alamanzo Frank, machinist, b. 

Armstrong John W. purser, b. 

Dexter M. A. Mrs. dressmkr. h. 

Howard Richard B. clerk, rms. 

Worsley RoUin, machinist, h. 
25 Higby Ellen F. Mrs, nurse, h. 

Lynch Mary A. widow, h. 

25 Lynch M. James, clerk, b. 
Ridings Samuel, moulder, h. 
Worsley Benj. F. foreman, h. 
Worsley Charles H. helper, b. 

30 Burt F. W. drain pipe, h. 
Eddy Ira W. b. 
Schoof Geo. A. machinist, b. 
Smith Margaret, widow, h. 

33 Robinson Benj. P. musician, h. 

34 Mowry Updike, P, F. D. h. 
43 Yates Geo. F. patternmaker, h. 

YAtes George L. clerk, b. 
Yates Matilda W. widow, b. 

Chester Avenue. 

II Dillon Agnes, widow, h. 

15 Haguer Jonas, machinist, h. 

O'Brien Ellen, widow, h. 

O'Brien Patrick, teamster, h. 

26 HigginsWm.J.trav.salesmn.b. 
29 Cuddy Edward H. h. 

Cuddy Michael, varnisher, h. 
Flannery Bernard, laborer, h. 
Swenson Anton, laborer, h. 

32 Lovett Patrick, mason, h. 

33 Reardou Daniel, clerk, b. 
Reardon Daniel S. laborer, h. 

35 Davis James R., P. F. D. h. 
Davis Robert, clerk, h. 

36 Degnan Annie, widow, b. 
Degnan Frank, machinist, h. 

38 McKivergan Henry, liquors, h. 

56 Connors L. machinist, b. 
Coyle Wm. mason, h. 
Lawson Charles T. painter, h. 
Lawson Chas. T. jr. polisher, b. 
McCarty Jeffrey, laborer, b. 

57 Sullivan Michael J. liquors, h. 

59 Church E. W. shipping clerk.h. 
Perkin«» Philo S. civil eng. h. 

60 Booth John, rubber worker, b. 
Rigby Fredericlj, coal, etc. b. 
Rigby Joseph, machinist, b. 
Rigby Mary, widow, h. 
Walker Wm. machinist, b. 

61 Johnson Lars, toolmaker, h, 

63 Brooks Frank, painter, h. 
Robinson William T. eng'n, h, 

64 Locke Walter I. & Co. coal 
66 Flynn Michael J. h. 

Mulvey Annie, widow, h. 
70 Kilcup Louis, moulder, h. 
72 Spencer Alfred, canvasser, h. 

Spencer Alfred H. machinist. b. 
79 Chester a v. Primary' School 
86 Lake Cyrus W. h. 

M^l Ms at fholesala 


House Directory. 

Chester Kw .-—Continued, 

86 Stone A. B. moulder, b. 

87 Charnley Ann, widow, h. 
Chamley Wm. J. tel. opr. b. 
Dorsey John H. moulder, b. 
McGinley Ann Miss, h. 

8^ Lindblum Wilhelm, tailor, h. 

91 Leacb Owen L. asst. f man,h. 
Thurber Herbert E.jeweler,h. 

92 Moran P. M. machinist, h. 
Rowe Mary, widow, h. 

94 Cole Albert B. Mrs. h. 

Cole Herbert W. civ. eng. b. 

Cole John A. mason, h. 

Robinson Robert, b. 
97 Parker Addie S. widow, h. 

Parker Geo. H. ship'ng clerk,h. 

Potter Elwin A. clerk, h. 
100 Cooke Geo. H. carpenter, h. 

Norberg Oscar, machinist, h. 
loi Chase James W. captain, h. 

Pierce I. M.C.Mrs.drs.cttng.b. 

Pilling Emanuel, ins. agt. n. 
102 Mackay John R. painter, h. 

Waterfall Frank, printer, h. 

107 Chappell Tohn, b. 

Osborn Aiaggie E. widow, h. 
Sweet Walter S. machinist, h. 

108 Dawley George, P. O. h. 
Ince Chas. E. bookkeeper, h. 

109 Chapman Blanche B. Mrs. b. 
Miller Samuel, jeweler, h. 

112 McClarence Avis, widow, b. 
O'Neil F. J. clerk, h. 
Pellett Harry A. civ. eng, h. 

113 Gallup George S. clerk, h. 
Weeks John W. inventor, h. 

1x6 Judkins Lydia A. Mrs. h. 

Tetlow Edwin, manager, h. 
117 Brown Amelia J. Mrs. drsmkr. 

King Justin, jeweler, b. 

Lloyd William, h. 
123 Benson Chas. mech. eng. h. 
125 Bray ton Edward R. clerk, h. 

Brayton Susan S. Miss.tchr.b. 

127 Praray Chas. A. architect, h. 

128 Randall John M. machinist, b. 

129 Stanley Alexis M. jeweler, h. 
Webster Henry, gilder, h. 

130 Becker John /.upholsterer, h. 
Lindsay Robert B.carpenter.h. 

133 Bronsdbn Milton H.. U.R.R.h. 

De Costa Charles A. clerk, h. 

De Costa Chas. A. jr bkpr. b. 
137 Ford Harry W. trav.sales*n,h. 
139 Holland Charles E. police, h. 

140 Place Chas. B. clerk, h. 

141 Cushman Chas. C. clerk, h. 
Cushman Emily W. teacher, b. 
Cushman P. R. teacher, b. 
Cushman M. E. H. widow, h. 

14a Johnson David H. moulder, h. 
Johnson H. S. machinist, h. 
Perkins Harold P. clerk, b. 
Perkins William G. bookpr. h. 

145 Anderson Millard P. clerk, b. 
Briggs Edwin P. jeweler, b. 
Briggs Mary C. widow, h. 
Petty Amos, h. 

Spink Addines Miss, h. 

146 Brown Joseph, overseer, b. 
Chenery Geo. H. salesman, h. 

148 Bepple John G. driver, b. 
Hopkins Preston B. Rev. h. 

Chestnut Street. 

8 Ahrweiler Sebastian, painter 

9 Bosworth Owen, bartndr. rms. 
Palmer Daniel, agent, b. 
Tanner John, jeweler, rms. 
Taylor D. Coit Dr. & Mrs. h. 
Taylor D. C. Mrs. period's, h. 
Wilcox Geo. F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

II Leonard Fred'k A. mfg. jlr.h. 

13 Wall Beriah Mr. & Mrs. h. 

14 Allen John, painter, b. 
Derapsey Arthur, blacksm'th,b. 
Grimes tames, jeweler, rms. 
Major Edward, hairdrsr. rms. 
Marksby Joseph, carpntr. h. 
Marksby Joseph C. b. 
Marksby Joseph W. bkkpr. b. 
Mcintosh Ross, clerk, b. 
ODonnell John, jeweler, rms. 
Ward Patrick, hostler, b. 
Wood Clarence O. comp'r. b. 

16 DelPonto Vincenzo, baker 

17 Barnet Joseph C. driver, b. 
Terry Herbert, physician, office 

and residence, office hours 
2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m. tele- 
phone 1459 
Terry Tane S. widow, h. 

18 Carroll Annie J. Miss. h. 
Hermann John, clerk, h. 
Smith Fred'k, electrician, rms. 

20 Bender George A. hairdresser 

22 Cooke Geo. L. lawyer, h. 
Sawyer Charles, clerk, b. 
Stone Virginia S. Mrs. h. 

23 Cromley Robert, rms. 
LeandroAnthonyS h'rdsr.rms. 

HousB DntECTORy. 


23 Willard Ada P. Miss, drsmkr. 

24 American Tailoring Co. 

27 Phillips Lavenda, widow, b. 
31 Bender Geo. A. hairdresser, b. 

Blackington Ernest, jewlr. b. 

Conroy jDaniel J. plumber, b. 

Liawton Charles T. clerk, b. 

McElrov Wm. E. salesman, h. 

Mitchell Harry, electrician, b. 
36 Wardwell Charlotte S. Miss,h. 
39 Bemis Fred, jeweler, rms. 

Gladding Geo. H. stable, rms. 

Groves Charles, hackdriver, b. 

Potter Samson W. paver, rms. 

Read Harry S. clerk, b. 

Read Henry Mr. & Mrs. h. 
42 Reddington J.upstr.&matmfr. 
44 Caniolo Emily Mrs. dressmkr. 

Caruolo M. C. & Co. tailors 

46 Gerald Stephen G. periodicals 

47 Lawder George T. fireman, h. 

48 Lorenz Joseph, painter, h. 

50 Hull Caroline T. Mrs. h. 

51 Dardis C. E. Mrs.dressmkr.b. 
Harding George J. b. 
Harding Geo. W.Mr. & Mrs.h. 
McArdle Thos. engineer, h. 

52 Possner Joseph, shoemaker 

54 Grisinger Harry, druggist 

55 Gladding LenoraMiss, h. 
Gladding Nathaniel T. b. 
Gladding William F. clerk, h. 
Gould Edwin S Rev. h. 
Hutchins Shubael, b. 

56 Barton Jas. pearl wkr. rms. 
Cullinan James, liquors, rms. 
Barley A. Miss,dressmkr.rms. 
Fitzgerald John, machinist, b. 
Hilton Otto S. jeweler, h. 
McArthur Margaret Miss, h. 
Peters Thomas, cook, rms. 
Thomas Arthur, cook, rms. 

64 Burt Emma J. h. _ 

Campbell Alexander, clerk, b. 
Easterbrooks William, cook, r. 
Fish Fred, clerk, b. 
Hawkinson John, carpenter, b. 
Humphrey WilliamH.porter.b. 
Mattson Theodore, driver, b. 
Watson H. H. tea pedler, h. 

67 Gladding Nancy, widow, h. 
Strass Nicholas P. jeweler, h. 

68 Boyce Fred'k H. electrician, r. 
Chapin George A. editor, rms. 
Desmond Edward, clerk, rms. 

68 Gichrist Arch. " Telegram." r. 
Haskins Forrest, driver, rms. 
Hill George, lineman, rms. 
Leonard foseph, jeweler, rms. 
Maeoon Arthur, bookkpr.rms. 
McManus John, conductor, r. 
Orlowitz Herman J. comp. b. 
Peabody David, watchman, b. 
Thayer Herbert A.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
Thayer James F. clerk, b. 
Uriot Fred G. engraver, rms. 
Young Fred E. clerk, b. 

69 Wright Geo. H. bookkpr. h. 
73 Carmody MartinW.salesmn.b. 

Davis Ezra W. bookkeeper, b. 
Day Charles G. 
Dexter S. P. salesman, rms. 
Hall Walter E. pressman, b. 
Kendrick D. T. b. 
Macgregor Tames F. b. 
McGregor James N. mngr. b. 
Nichols Jra G. pass, agent, b. 
Nichols Jonathan T.board'g.h. 
Peckham Fred, merchant, b. 
Smith C. Slocum, lawyer, b. 
Woodbury Frank W.foremn.b. 
76 Bryant Edna W. widow, h. 
Ferguson Albert, jeweler, rms. 
Friend R. L. Mrs.var. store,h. 
Mann Annie Miss, rms. 
Steiner Benj. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

80 Beals James P.machinist,rms. 
Davol Everett E. clerk, b. 
Davol Wm. A. foreman, b. 
Fish Frank D. engineer, h. 
Simmons Harry, machinist, b. 

81 DeWire T. fresco painter, b. 
Fricker Albert, clerk, b. 
Halliday las. W. carpenter, b. 
Jaynes Charles, machinist, b. 
Millard Edwin, h. 

Millard Edwin Mrs. bdg. h. 

Nye Wm. H. foreman, b. 

Slaney J.M. const. engineer,b. 
83 Battey Fred'k, clerk, b. 

Beattie Fred F. clerk, b. 

Gammon Warren, clerk, b. 

McAndrews John, clerk, b. 

Smith El win P. electrician, b. 
88 Wilson John, dry goods 

90 Lane H. F. Mrs. h. 
Paradis Jos. N. hairdresser, r. 
Sweet Leon E. com. trav. b. 

91 Farrar Charlotte L. Mrs. bdg. h. 
Gordon Frank, iron wkr. rms. 
Hatch Frank A. clerk, b. 


House Directory. 

Chestnut St.^Contmued. 

gi Murray Joseph, carpenter, rms. 

92 Lothrop Fred'k L. reg. plaar. 

xoi Burlingame Frank P. clerk, b. 

Doe Charles E. coal, b. 

Grover Amaziah, clerk, b. 

Harmon Addison B. clerk, h. 

Kelly Robert, tel. operator, b. 

Matthews James T. b. 

Mawrey Joseph, foreman, b. 

Ogden Walter, jeweler, rms. 

Scranton C. A. carpenter, b. 

Smith Annie C.Mrs.drsmkr.h. 

Sumner M. W. Mrs. h. 

Taylor Helen L. Miss, b. 

Wood Charles E. jeweler, b. 
cor. Clifford, Chestnut St. M. E. 

105 Rowland Harry Y. provisions 
107 Caldarone Bernard, shoemkr. 
Ill Lee Sing, laundry 
113 De Cristofori Constance, h'd'r. 

115 Angell William H. b. 
McGough Peter, h. 
Wood Clarence E. clerk, b. 

116 Champlin S. B. Co. mfg. jlrs. 
Lowe Edwin & Co. mfg. jlrs. 
Merrill S. K. & Co. jewelers 
Read & Lincoln, mfg. jewlrs. 

117 Babbitt Elmer E. jeweler, b. 
Fisher Charles D machinist,b. 
Fisher J. Mrs. boardinghouse 
Fisher S. I. Miss.millinery, b. 

177 Keith John L., P. F.D. b. 
Peckham Frank W. butcher, b. 
Peckham Lydia A. widow, h. 

118 Wyman Walter, jeweler, h. 

119 Wood C. O. compositor, h. 

120 Bjerkander Axel, grocer 

121 Maynard Elmer L. fruit, h. 
Read Ella L. Mrs. h. 

126 Hazard A. S. Mrs. clairv't, h. 

Hazard Marenus H. painter.h. 

Hazard Walter E. b. 

Kent Walter G.h. 

Thayer Elmer, clerk, h. 
129 Card Annie Miss, h. 

Keniston Albion, h. 

131 Dyaraeau Emma, widow, h. 
Kenyon Fred D. machinist, b. 
Kenyon Mary H. Mrs. h. 
O'Brien Roch S. chf. engr. b. 

132 Brady Martin V.trav.slsmn.b. 
Marx Frederick, h. 
Watkins William E clerk, b. 

135 Walsh Thomas, clerk, h. 

137 Eraser John, silversmith, h. 


Penno Mark H. silversmith, b. 

Wilson Joseph, glass cntter,b. 
140 Barber Earl, jeweler, b. 

Davis C. Prov. Str.Eng. Co.b. 

Fitzgerald Patrick, jeweler, b. 

Gormley Charles, engineer, b. 

Lenard Frank, jeweler, b. 

Lenard Henry, jeweler, b. 

Maynard Catharine Mrs. b. 

Mitchell David A. machinist, b. 

NeedhamB. Forest,engineer,b. 

Raphael George, engineer, b. 

Rappel George, engineer, b. 

Sherman Frank, machinist, b. 

Thornell Everline, mill'ner, b. 

Woods James J. clerk, h. 

146 Allen Asa. shoemaker, h. 
Allen Clarence, b. 
Angell Maria B. widow, h. 
Lachapelle Alphonse, tailor, b. 
Lee Freelove B Mrs. h. 
Lorimer A. Garfield, clerk, b. 
Lorimer Gertrude S. Miss, h. 
Lorimer John F. je\Veler. h. 
Tilton Chas. W. machinist, b. 

147 Clarke Benj. F. Prof. & Mrs.h. 
Clarke Martha R. Miss, h. 

155 Potter Everett E., P. F.D. h. 

161 Coutts Frank N. clerk, h. 
Gladding Geo. W. h. 
Gladding Olive B. Miss, h. 

162 Bradjr Catharine P. Miss, h. 
Martin John, blacksmith, h. 

164 Bushnell Newton C. engin'r.b. 

Clarke Jas. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Draper Edward, nurse, b. 

Sinclair Junia, jeweler, h. 
167 Hope DayNur.sery, Harriet P. 
Bowker, matron 

Gardner Jane Mrs. nurse, h. 
170 Clark Henrietta J. Mrs. h. 

O'Brien John T. stonesetter.b. 

Singleton Harry E. jeweler, b. 

Timian Fred E. cutter, b. 
174 Shaw C. J. & F. A. Misses h. 

179 Barrus Sophronia Mrs. b*d'g 
Freeman H. H. clerk, b. 
Trafton Albert, clerk, b. 

180 Gardner Chas. W. mason, h. 
Lyon T. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

x8i AngellAugustus.atScrewCo.b. 
Angell Mary L Mrs. h. 
Davison Wm. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Little Albert, bartender, b. 

House Directory. 


Best Canned GOOdS^ ProvWence PuWIc Market Go. 

i8x Vincent Joseph, bricklayer, h. 

Waters Minnie E. Mrs. h. 

Wolfe Wm. manager, rms. 
182 Cowell Mary J. widow, h. 

Heap Wm. H. clerk, b. 

Landers Mary, widow, b. 
186 Kandarian Kandar,sboemkr.b. 
188 Won^ Chee. laundry 
192 Harris Lilla, music tchr. b. 

Shallcross £ 

Wood Frank S. jeweler, b. 

Wood Fred B. Mr. & Mrs. b. 
202 Kittelle Elmer E. engineer, b. 

Miller Calvin B. paperbgr. b. 

Rice John E. teamster, h. 
306 Burns John, jeweler, rms. 

Card Mary A. widow, b. 

Goulet Arthur, jeweler, b. 

Goulet Henry, jeweler, h. 

O'Neil James, porter, rms. 
212 Hopkins Oliver P. foreman, b. 

Vaughn Jennie R. widow, h. 
215 Kelley Joseph, clerk, h. 
222 Baxter Philip, laborer, h. 

Moran James, moulder, b. 

225 Waite Geo. R. h. 

226 Brassil John, horsesboer, b. 
Brown William, clerk, b. 
Carey Tames, fireman, b. 
Jones Sydney S. fitter, b. 
O'Reilly John, mason, h. 
Tucker Carry B. Mrs. b. 

226rNa5on Arthur A. clerk, b. 

Nason Fannie V. widow, h. 

Simrock Philip, butcher, h. 
230 Bat^s Olive W. widow, b. 

Erickson Erick. jeweler, b. 

Harding Cora E. widow, b. 

Jordan Edward F. meter insp.h. 

Swanson Frederick L. b. 
234 ColvinMfg.Co.lig't auto.mach. 

Enterprise Hand Laundry 

Searle Edwin A. & Co. laundry 

Tuttle & Stark, mfg. jewelers 

White Stone Jewelry Co. The 
335 Gallagher Francis, b. 

Gallagher Mary, widow, h. 

Gallagher Wm. L. manager.b. 

Jones Cbas. W. h. 

Christopher Street. 

6 Rossi Pietro, laborer, b. 

Telia Domenico, laborer, h. 
16 Acciaioli Michele, laborer, b. 
Naccarati Francesco, laborer, b. 
Pota Antonio, laborer, h. 

16 Verreccbia Pietro, laborer, b. 
18 Russo Sabatino, laborer, h. 

Viccione Angelo A. laborer, b. 

Viccione Francesco, laborer, h. 
24 Clavio Michele, laborer, h. 

Church Street. 

2 Goodman Harry, canvasser, h. 

O'Hara Ann, widow, h. 

Sack Aaron, operative, h. 
4 McCann William, laborer, b. 

Murphy Martin J. teamster, h. 

Snields Ann, widow, h. 

Wallace Martin P. clerk, r. 

6 DonahueAndrew,brakeman,h. 
Greene Benj. compositor, b. 
Greene Isaac, pedler, h. 
Greene Meyer, cap mkr. b. 
Hart James, cook, rms. 
Rosen Nathan, pedler. h. 
Rosen Simon, shoemaker, b. 
Smith Harry W. brakeman, b. 
Sullivan Ellen, widow, h. 
Sullivan John J. jeweler, h. 
Sullivan Timothy F. jeweler, b. 

7 Carr William, brakeman, b. 
Congdon James A. teamster, b. 
Finness George, brakeman, b. 
Tones Lizzie F. Mrs. h. 
Keefe Christopher, h. 
Knight Henry G. engineer, b. 
Maher Michael, police, b. 
Riley Michael, mason, b. 
Stirling Frank, brakeman, rms. 

9 Joslin S. R. Miss, b. 

Paige Frederick, A. h. 
II Steere Warren H. trav. agt.h. 
13 Chace Georgiana H. widow.b. 
Chace Howard P. clerk, b. 

Claremont Avenue. 

4 San Souci Jos. O. Mr.& Mrs.h. 

Bonneville Belle A. O. tchr.b. 
18 Dyer Margaret, widow, h. 

Hogan Edward Mr. & Mrs. b. 
27 Casey John Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Clarence Street. 

59 Lamson Arthur E. clerk, b. 

Lamson Eugene L.salesm'n,b. 

Lamson Frederick J. clerk, b. 

Lamson George F. clerk, b. 
68 Pilz Henry, weaver, h. 
70 Grimm Clem e nee, operative, h. 

Smith Samuel, cabinet mkr.h. 
91 Flower Daniel, woolsorter. h. 


House Directory. 

Clarence St.—Continued, 

91 Taylor Joseph, jeweler, h. 
97 Allen Jude L. car'ter & b'der. 
Laroe Prank Z. canvasser, h. 

Clarendon Avenue« 

5 Farrell Bridget, widow, h. 
13 Pumell John W. laborer, h. 
15 Purnell George L. laborer, h. 
17 Briggs Moses, laborer, h. 
Grisby Alfred, laborer, h. 

Clarke Street. 

4 King Robinson G. moulder, h. 
9 Anderson Aug. H. W.stud't.b. 

Anderson Edw. G. foreman, b. 

Anderson Edw. J. engraver, h. 

Anderson F. W. diesinker, b. 

Anderson R. H. engraver, b. 
13 Hawkes Herman E. mach't,h. 

Leonard Anna A. widow, h. 

Clarke's Court. 

7 Almy Benj. P. clerk, rms. 

Hamilton H. A. jeweler, h. 

Hamilton M. Mrs. drsmkr. h. 
9 Heise Meta, widow, h. 

Mullaney Michael, clerk, h. 

Remington AddieMrs.knt.gds. 

Remington Chas. clerk, h. 

10 Booth Thos. K. jr. designer,b. 

11 Bogues Eliza, widow, h. 
Bogues William J. clerk, b. 

12 Bruce Robert P. h. 
Cassidy Mary Mrs. h. 

13 Fisher James, teamster, b. 
Lane John W. elevatorman, b. 
Martin Fred'k G. engraver, b. 
Martin Mary, widow, h. 
Parisault N. carpenter, h. 
Scully Charles, clerk, b. 
Scully Mary Mrs. h. 
Sullivan John J. clerk, b. 

14 Creath Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Creath George, waiter, b. 
Smith Ann Mrs. nurse, b. 
White Charles, cook, h. 

15 Brady John P. telegrph.opr.b. 
Poxalllfohn, clerk, h. 
Smith Hugh J. boxmaker, b. 
Smith John F. tel. operator,b. 
Smith Mary Mrs. h. 

16 Mowen Catharine Mrs. h. 
Mowen John P. jeweler, b. 

17 Ogg William B. carpenter, h. 
Slattery Catharine, widow, h. 

Claverick Street. 

5 Baird Herbert P. carpenter. b. 

Bernner H. C. toilet parlors, h. 

Chapman Nathan. d*ghtsmn.r. 

Kessler Bemfaard M. b. 

Kessler Simon, b. 

Molter Philip, hairdresser, b. 
7 McCormtck Prank,pres5m'n,b. 

McCormick John B. hostler, b. 

McCormi ck^foseph, teamster, b. 

McCormick M.T.Miss,drsmkr 

McCormick Wm. laborer, h. 
9 Cull Margaret, widow, h. 
9rLenah an Bridget Miss, h. 

O'ReillyK.D. Miss, flower pres. 
II Bennett John, teamster, 0. 

Capron Nellie, widow, h. 

Potter Byron, jeweler, b. 

St, Goddard Henry, jeweler, b. 

Sulzer Charles A. organist, h. 

Thorpe John T. actor, b. 

13 Dunnigan Wm. musician, rms. 
Hare Charles H. clerk, rms. 
Kimball Geo. W^ carpenter, r. 
Thornton A. H. carpenter, h, 
Williams Oscar B. var. store, b. 

14 Farmer Marv E. widow, h. 
Farmer S. M. Miss, teacher,b. 

15 Greene J. B. jr. adv. agt. h. 
Weeden David H., P. O , h. * 

20 Barnes H. M. Miss. h. 

Holt Mary A. Mrs. h. 

Holt Oscar L. boiler insp. h. 
23 Donahue William P. cook, rms. 
25 Adam J. Z. A. compositor, rms. 

Chamberlain M. Russell, elk. b. 

Parker C. H. hairdresser, h, 

Parker Mary A. Mrs. h. 

Sayles Margaret, widoV, h. 

27 Coggeshall Fred, waiter, b. 
Greene Wm. H. clerk, h. 
Jordan Jere. J. watchman, rms. 
Staples Charles H. cigars, h. 

28 Gardiner Chas. W. gasfitter.h. 
Lewis Albert, jeweler, b. 
Lewis Clara Mrs. h. 

Sutton Samuel, baker, b. 
32 Barry Richard, jeweler, b. 

Palmer Timothy, cook. h. 
32rWallace Silvin, candy maker, h. 

41 Elliott John H. driver, b. 
Sims Arthur E. machinist, b. 
Smith Alexander G. conf y, h. 
Smith Ann, widow, h. 

42 Bixby Chas. A. clerk, h. 
Denham Lizzie J. Miss, h. 

House Directory. 


43 Godwin Charles C. printer, b. 

Teachman Sidney M. h. 

Weeks Nat H. salesman, b. 
47 Harkins John, waiter, h. 
50 Burr Addie Mrs. h. 

Burr Bessie Miss, bookkpr. b. 

McCartin Ellen M. Miss, h. 

McCartin John, helper, b. 

McCartin reter J. waiter, b. 
54 Chandler John M. h. 

CodringtonB. , •*Teleg'm,"rms. 

Thayer Herbert A. n. 

Nye Katharine Mrs. b. 

Clay Street. 

I Beagan John, teamster, h. 
Day Delia Mrs. h. 

Clematis Street. 

16 Brayton Fred G. carpenter, h. 
Swift Mary, widow, h. 

21 Costello Joseph E. clerk, b. 
Glancy Frank, clerk, b. 
Glancy Jno. J. clerk, h. 
Glancy Peter, photographer, b. 
Reynolds Ann Miss, b. 
Smith Fred'k, compositor, h. 

29 McKeon Patrick, laborer, b. 

Olson Albert, rub. worker, h. 

Sheridan John, boiler mkr. h. 
33 Coflfey Lawrence J.electrc'n,h. 

Malley James, spinner, b. 

Malone John C. laborer, h. 
56 Craghan Mary, widow, h. 
140 Johnson John, carpenter, h. 

Soriaro Alphonso, tailor, h. 

Clemence Street. 

8 Bowen Henry P. painter, h. 
Bowen Sarah W. C. widow, h. 

9 Sweet RandallB.blacksmith,h. 
15 Lewis Fred, coal and wood 

22 Carroll Wm. H. clerk, b. 
Powers Michael P. carpntr. r. 

24 Boria Louis W. coal & wood, h. 

Bryant Frank, lineman, h. 

Carpenter William, clerk, h. 

Griggs Geo. S. laborer, b. 
39 Wood Emerson, shoemkr. h. 
43 Boitam Stephen, bootblack, h. 
85 Simons William G. stable 
91 Smith B. H. vet dentist 
95 Stearns Samuel H. liquors 

Cleveland Street. 

172 Jordan Martha A. widow, b. 
174 Charnley Benjamin H. b. 

174 Charnley Henry, carpenter, h. 

175 Barnes Wm. loomfixer, h. 
Rutter George, weaver, h. 

180 Christie Wm. J. overseer, h. 

181 Oldfield Emanuel, woolsrtr. h. 
Orton Jesse, woolsorter, h. 

192 Olney AlphaA.expressmn. h. 

209 Hall Walton, operative, h. 

210 Marchant Wm. R.]pomfixer,h. 
213 Coyne Michael, fireman, h. 

Coyne Patrick J. engineer, b. 
222 Hanley Edward, h. 

Hanley Michael J. weaver, h. 
227 Booth Thos. patternmaker, h. 

Walker Allen H. clerk, h. 
238 Kelley Cornelius F.stamper,b. 

Manning Bernard F. mach. h. 

Cliff Street. 

o Byrne Martin, foreman, h. 
Byrne Terrence, operative, b. 
n. Valley, Bruce W. M.rub.wkr.b. 
Burns Martin, foreman, h. 
Carney John, weaver, h, 
Clark Frank, rubber wkr. b. 
Dolan Peter, spinner, b. 
Flynn Elizabeth, widow, b. 
Flynn Patrick, weaver, h. 
Ford Hiram, laborer, h. 
Lonergan Thos. weaver, b. 
Perry Joseph, ins. agt. b. 
Riley Owen, weaver, h. 

Cliff Avenae, 

6 Breard Joseph, carpenter, h. 

30 Feeney Geo. P. carpenter, b. 
O'Connor John J. rub. wkr. h. 

Clifford Street. 

20 Eureka Novelty Co. no v. etc. 
Huxford Josepn A. frame wkr. 
Providence Wire Works 

31 Bruce Arthur S. die sinker 

35 Blundell H. & Co. machinists 
40 Chappell & Cabot, mfg. jlrs. 

Dodge & Adams, jlrs. findings 

Gowdey J.A.& Son. reed mkrs, 

New England Pearl Co. 
46 Lyon John W. brass finisher 
53 Barker E. R. & Co. mfg. jlrs. 

Bennett Thos.E.&Co mfg. jlrs. 

Bowen-Macomber Co. (The) 
manufacturing jewelers 

Fletcher, Burrows & Co. jlrs. 

Roy & Minahan, mfg. jlrs. 

Thornton E. B. & Co.mfg. jlrs. 


House Directory. 

Clifford St.^Conttnued. 

55 Sanitary Plumbers Supply Co. 
59 Vose Geo. L. mfg.Co jewelers 
65 Briggs J. & Sons Co. gld.pltrs. 
67 Langlier Mfg. Co. 
70 Boylan Thos. blacksmith, h. 
Uzabel I. steamfitter, h. 

72 Baker George, teamster, rms. 
Conroy» Joseph W. h. 
Conroy J. Vf. Mrs. laundry 
Harrington Pat'k, teamster, b. 

73 Halcrow Wm. J. carpenter 

74 Austin John & Sou, refiners 

75 Edmunds G. W. carriage mfr. 

76 Austin John & Son, refiners 

81 Tipson Joseph, printer, rms. 

82 Lowe E. Gold Plate Co. 

100 Anderson James, baker, rms. 
Coats Wm. toolmaker, rms. 
Fitzpatrick Catharine, wid. h. 
Pitzpatrick Jas. teamster, b. 
Hopkins Edward, refiner, rms. 
Patterson Winfield, tmsr. rms. 
Porter Wm. H. blacksmith, r. 

102 Calvert Mary J. Mrs. b'rdg h. 
Gear}' John J. carpenter, b. 
Geary Kichard, jeweler, b. 
Larsen John. rms. 
McDonald John, jeweler, rms. 
Snow Frederick, driver, rms. 
Snow James, driver, rms. 

103 Campbell George, rms. 
Carroll Thomas, rms. 
Con Ion Mary, widow, h. 
Conlon Wm. J. painter, b. 
Hahey John, laborer, rms. 
Manchester Sam'l, cook, rms. 
McGowan Geo. machinist,rms. 
McKenna John,brakeman,rms. 
Rinn Peter, laborer, rms. 

104 Dion Louise Mrs. rms. 
Fanning Patrick J. police, h. 
McNary Richard, musician, h. 
Powers David, clerk, rms. 
Thornton Albert H. met.dlr.h. 

I04r Block Nathan, upholsterer, h. 
McAntee Ann. widow, h. 
McAntee Jas. F. tailor, h. 

105 Bates Geo. painter, rms. 
Brown Carmyn C. agt. rms. 
Curtis Frank, trav. sales, rms. 
Donnelly John, jeweler, rms. 
Hargget John, cook, rms. 
Hopkins Chas. T. engineer, h. 
Hopkins John W. overseer, r. 
Johnson Harry C. carptr. rms. 

105 Karan Thos. jeweler, rms. 

Townsend Henry, jeweler, rms. 

Tyler John, carpenter, rms. 
108 Burns Daniel F. jeweler, b. 

Bums Mary J. widow, h. 

Delaney Mary Mrs. h. 

Hagan Joseph, jeweler, rms. 

Hagan Patrick, jeweler, rms. 

Hagan Thos. machinist, rms. 

O'Rourke Matthias, lab. rms. 

112 Clark Fred L. jeweler, rms. 
Gallagher Franci.s, clerk, h. 
Gilmore Betsy C. widow, h. 
Gilmore Ernest K. painter, h. 
Travers Frank, jeweler, rms. 

113 Ashbey Elmer E. carpenter, r. 
Comstock Jessie Mrs h. 

Ide Timothy P. jeweler, h. 

Kendall Lincoln W. driver, r. 
ri5 Monahan James, laborer, rms. 

Roussie H. musician, rms. 

Towne Emma E. Mrs. h. 
118 Goff James, jeweler, rms. 

Ingraham Nathan P. mach. h. 

120 Morrissey James, laborer, h. 
McDonald Maria, widow, h. 
McDonald Michael, laborer, b. 

121 Bishop Robert E. clerk, rms. 
Cannon George, jeweler, b. 
Fairgrieve Hugh, clerk, b. 
Gibbons Patrick, jeweler, b. 
Ladd Frank L. boarding house 
O'Hara Frank clerk, b. 
Pickering Arnold W. clerk, b. 

122 White Anna A. Mrs.drsmkr.h. 

123 Albro Edward, jeweler, rms. 
Hueston Susie, widow, h. 
Marshall James, engineer, r. 
Moore Mellen, jeweler, rms. 
Stanton James, jeweler, rms. 
Vaughan Ralph, clerk, rms. 
Winter Murray, machinist, r. 

130 Freimuth Herman, coal, etc. 
132 Carlson Chas. A. tailor 
136 Dart E. M. Mfg. Co. gas fix- 
tures mfrs. 
138 Anderson Louis agent, rms. 

Appleton Sarah J. waiter, h. 

Buckingham G. w. laundry,h. 

Miller Augustus Otto, rms. 

Miller Otto, toolmaker, rms. 

Reynolds Ellen Mrs. h. 

Veno Louis, agent, rms. 
140 Fricker Victor, machinist.rms. 

Griswold G. T. overseer, h. 

Roscoe Chas. A grocer, h. 

House Directory. 




140 Stanton Richard, jeweler, rms. 

146 Davis Asa G., P. F. D. h. 

147 Butler Michael, machinist, b. 
Gottschalk Anna M. widow, h. 
Hazen Anna M. widow, h. 
Rawcliffe Geo. F. machinist, r. 
Slaven Patrick, jeweler, rms. 

148 Billson Wm. J. machinist, h. 
Sheldon Albert G. clerk, h. 
Walcott Jabez E. Mrs. h. 
Gardiner M. W. sec. Phenix 

Iron Foundry, h. 

Henderson Wm. H. Mrs. h. 

Brown Maria R. widow, h. 

Field Daniel, overseer, b. 
154 Cornell William, carpenter, r. 

Newell Amos, foreman, b. 

Reed Gordon, baker, rms. 

Russell Lucy A. Mrs. h. 

Wilson Hector, carpenter, r. 
158 Brainard Samuel n. clerk, b. 

Brown Henry C. mesngr. rms. 

Dean Edward, laundryman, b. 

Doughty Edward, engraver, h. 

Hight John H. gasfitter, h. 

O'Malley Charles M. clerk, b. 

Lind F. Oscar, clerk, h. 

Boyd Daniel J. b. 

Boyd Elizabeth S. widow, h. 
162 Buckley Abby A. widow, b. 

Bucklin E. E. h. 

Bucklin Robert. P. F. D. h. 
165 Smith Julia R. widow, b. 

Williams Herbert, bicycles, b. 

Williams W. I. grocer, h. 

Aldrich S. brass finisher, b. 

Fletcher John, jeweler, b. 

McKenzie A. L.Mrs, board' gh. 

McKenzie James, captain, b. 

Watson Henry H. jeweler, b. 

Bergquist John G. h. 

Erickson Oscar, upholsterer, b. 

Hetstrom Edward, painter, b. 

Lind Axel, upholsterer, rms. 

Matson Lud wick, painter, b. 

Neilson Oscar, at Screw Co. b. 

Norman Franc A. cab. mkr.b. 

First Presbyterian Church 

Burns William, h. 

Chanione Ernest, waiter, rms. 

Donovan William, com posi tor, b 

Morse Fred O. physician, h. 

Tilford George, foreman, h. 
177 Keefe Sarah Miss, b. 

McCue Frank, jeweler, b. 

Perrin Eliza L. widow, h. 






177 Tilford George H. jeweler, h. 

178 Child J. E. plane maker, h. 
Goodbout Arthur, clerk, h. 
Whitney Ann T. Miss, h. 

if 9 Say ward Arthur D. h. 

Say ward JennieM.Miss,dr'smr 

181 Blinkhorn Ada Miss, teachr. b. 
Blinkhorn B. M. Miss. tchr. b. 
Blinkhorn Henry, clerk, h. 
Blinkhorn Janet Miss, tchr. b. 

182 Child Adeline A. widow, h. 
Child Bertha E. Miss, tchr. b. 
McDonald Jean, cashier, b. 
Root Edward C. student, b. 

183 Clinton Albert H. hairdrsr. h. 

185 Gladding Charles F. b. 
Gladding Horace W. clerk, b. 
Gladding Maria S. widow, h. 

186 Miller Otto, jeweler, h. 

189 Manchester A. F. electrician,b. 
Manchester Albert H. jr. h. 

190 Noble G. H. at B. & S. h. 

191 Sanford Sarah V. Mrs. h. 
Snow Edwin H. printer, h. 

192 Mason Albert F. R. h. 
Mason E. A. bookkeeper, b. 
Mason M. W. Miss, teacber,b. 

193 Flint M. H. Miss, teacher, b. 
Flint Mary M. widow, h. 
Stanton Robert L. clothing, b. 

194 Hanke Augusta, widow, h. 
Hanke Robert E. jeweler, h. 

195 Kneeland Ralph, clerk, b. 
Kneeland Ralph F. mgr. h. 
Watts Walter A. h. 

197 Dimond Harry, clerk, b. 
Dimond Martha B. Mrs.drsmkr. 
Kenyon Arthur F. h. 

198 Greene Lydia M. Miss. h. 
Greene Mary B. widow, h. 
Greene Walter C. clerk, h. 
Salisbury Elizabeth, Miss, h. 
Salisbury E. Miss, drsmkr. h. 

201 Graham James H. printer, h. 
Lassor John, clerk, b. 
Martin Chas. F. bookbinder, h. 

202 Gunderson John A. jeweler, h. 

203 Jalbert Archibald, musician, b. 
Little Emily S. widow, h. 
Pratt Frank W. clerk, b. 
Wood Harry, clerk, b. 

205 Richmond Charles D. clerk.h. 
Richmond Gideon H. clerk, h. 
Richmond Maria M. widow, h. 

206 Fuller Frederick C. jeweler, h. 
Looser John, clerk, rms. 

I llTluiny U w0nnUr|B|||ck8toiieBoSevarS2£42*7Sww^ 



Clifrord St.-— Continued, 

206 Lovell Geo. W. driver, h. 
2EO Greene Frederic A. lawyer, b. 

Howland Hariy Y. provis. b. 
302 Pratt Frank w. bookkpr. rms. 

Woods Harry A. bookkpr. rms. 

Ciottgh Street* 

135 Hirscb Bernard, rub. wkr. b. 
Hirsch Ferdinand, weaver, b. 

Clover Street. 

4 Baker Edwin G. jr.salesmn.b. 
Hanover Augusta, widow, b. 

6 Lambert A. J. Miss, drsmkr. 
Lewis Harriet I. widow, rms. 
Woodward Clarence A. mach.h. 
Woodward Ellen L. Mrs. b. 

7 Gagnier Albert, teamster, h. 
Gagnier Henry, clerk, b. 
Goldey Albert P. clerk, b. 
Goldey Caroline Mrs. h. 
Munro Frank E. porter, b. 

8 Brown Arthur C. operative, b. 
Brown Bertha M. teacher, b. 
Brown T. A. Mrs. h. 

Brown May H. teacher, b. 

Hayes Geo. A. artist, h. 

Hayes John H. painter, h. 
10 Smith Henry, janitor, h. 

Smith Henry W. operative, b. 

Williams Chas. R. hostler, h. 

Williams Frank, operative, b. 
12 Gartland Patrick, nreman, h. 
16 Casey John F. tailor, b. 

Hopkins Ed wardS. teamster, h. 

LaCross Wm. clerk, b. 

Codciing Street. 

9 Builders Iron Foundry, R. A. 

Robertson, treas. 
10 Ashley George M. h. 

Root L. M. Mrs. h. 
14 Branch Franklin P. jeweler, h. 

Dorney Michael oper. b. 
22 Crandall Walter H. mach. b. 

Forrest John, wire worker, b. 

Heagney Owen, janitor, h. 

Markbam Ellis H. at B.&S.h. 

Sidlow John, plumber, b. 

Smith Sarah F. Mrs. h. 

Smith Walter, painter, h. 

Smith William, h. 
49 Brown Rich, elevator man, h. 

Whittley Benj. F. laborer, h. 
51 Freeman Jane A. widow,b. 

51 Huggs Smith P. car trimmer, h. 

Sbe]>ard Gertrude, widow, h. 
5a Lewis Thomas, moulder, b. 

McAleer Richard J. moulder, h. 

McKee John, machinist, h. 

McKee Robt. A. jeweler, b. 

McKee Robt. D. plumber, b. 

Stephenson Wilton T mach.b. 

West Everett W. machinist, b. 

55 Gardner Benj. G. laborer, h. 
McGurley Charles, janitor, h. 
Richards Harriet Mrs. 'b. 

56 Decker Annie E. widow, h. 
McGovern J. W. blacksmith, b. 
Spencer John H. machinist, h. 
Spencer John H.jr.mach*ist,b. 

57 Colson Henry H. teamster, h. 
Saxon Charles H. machinist, b. 
Saxon Joseph, janitor, b. 
Saxon Robert, machinist, b. 
Saxon William, janitor, h. 

57rCushing Wm. H. laborer, h. 
Riendeau Daniel J. jeweler, h. 

60 Reddington John, laborer, h. 
Regan Austin, operative, b. 
Sherlock John, laborer, h. 
Sherlock Mark, laborer, b. 

61 Bennett Richard, baker, h. 
Brady Edward, laborer, b. 
Carre Alexander, moulder, h. 
Ferguson Bridget, widow, h. 
O'Reilly EUenE. Mrs.grocer,h- 
Reilly Michael, laborer, b. 
Smith Jas. M. brass finisher, h. 

62 Badmington Henry J. h. 

63 Berg Gustave, laborer, h. 
Booker Alfred N. carpenter, h. 
Doughty William, clerk, b. 
Newman Paul, grocer, h. 

64 Luther Henry A. blacksmith, h. 
Luther Leander A. baker, b. 
Luther Win field E. clerk, h. 

65 McGowan Jas. coremaker, h. 
Noons John, hairdresser, h. 

66 Pettis John P. oysterman, h. 

67 Bloomquist Albin, laborer, b. 
Larson Knut, teas, etc. h. 
McLaughlin Thomas, lab'r. h. 

69 Newman Paul, grocer 
6grCasey James, laborer, b. 

Casey John, laborer, h. 
West Margaret F. widow, h. 

70 UatchelderEugeneC.hostler.h. 
Brannigan Thos. laborer, h. 

7orRyan Charles, operative, b. 
Ryan James, laborer, b. 

HousB DmscroRY. 


7orRyan Manr A. widow, h. 
74 Coleman James, laborer, b. 

Flaherty Patrick, laborer, h. 

McLaas^falin John, laborer, b. 

St. Seaver Olivier, carpenter 
76 Reed John J. h. 

Reed John K. laborer, h. 

Reed Michael P. brakemn. h. 

Towey Kate Mrs. h. 

Towey John, laborer, b. 
93 CruicKshank D. B. s*man, h. 

Cruickshank Wm. S. clerk, b. 

Potter Chas. P. gateraan, h. 

Weeden James, hostler, b. 
96 Bilazarian Sarkis, operative,b. 

Boigian Artin, weaver, b. 

Boigian Harry, laborer, b. 

Hagajian George, operative, b. 

Hagopian Krikor, operative, b. 

Nahigian Artin, weaver, b. 

Nahigian Harry, operative, b. 

Maksoodian Moosekh , baker, h. 
104 Bean Tohn £. rubber wkr. h. 

Blaisdell Lucy, widow, h. 

Clarke Annie R. Miss, b. 

Gaffney Jas. T. violin mkr. h. 
109 Brady bennis F. machinist, h. 

Corcoran Ann, widow, b. 

Kelly Charles, baker, h. 
no Richardson Wm. M. driver, b. 

Smith Henry R. grainer, h. 

Smith Henry R". jr. painter, b. 

Smith Mary A. Miss, drsmkr. 

Tillman Luella I. Mrs. h. 

112 Shanley James H. liquors 

113 Dailey Susan Mrs. b. 
Pox Eugene, porter, rms. 
Tones Walter W. waiter, rms. 
Norris William, laborer, rms. 
Romes Sarah, widow, h. 
Wiggins Leon, porter, rms. 

114 Benoit Gilbert, engineer, h. 

117 Johnson Sarah A. widow, b. 
Johnson William F.teamster.h. 

118 MalboneChas. spectacle mkr. h. 
Malbone Willie S. teamster,b. 

119 Reilly Charles H. liquors 

120 Davis Wm. B. white washer, h. 
Dyer Joseph E. teamster, b. 
Pitchett John T. currier, rms. 
Gross John H. teamster, h. 
Stafford Maria Mrs. h. 
Thweatt S. T. longshoremn.h. 

121 Britt Joseph R. bookbinder, b. 
Britt Margaret Mrs. b. 
McNulty Mary A. Mrs. b. 

122 Griffin John, waiter, b. 
J^ohnson Chasr S. hairdrsr. b. 
Pelham Simon, blacksmith, h. 
Symonds John H. teamster.b. 

123 Dugan John J. clerk, b. 
Dugan Mary, widow, h. 

125 Burney Tames, moulder, b. 
North Henry, moulder, b. 
Olson William, painter, h. 

126 Baker James, laborer, h. 
Carl Geo. C. coachman, h. 
Clark Jacob, laborer, h. 
Greenville Wm. N. st' vedore,b. 
Lindsay Rachel Mrs. h. 
Marshall Lewis, mason, h. 
Mitchell John, junk, h. 
Richards Mary Miss, h. 
Talbot Charles, waiter, h. 

i26rKeelin Emily Mrs. h. 

Smith Rebecca, widow, h. 
Vincent Charles, laborer, h. 

127 Hunt Bros, grocers 
Leach William P. clerk, h. 

128 Duffy James F. liquors 
i28rDuffy James P. liquors, b. 

Duffy Mary A. widow, h. 
Duffy Michael H. clerk, b. 

131 Jones Letitia Miss, h. 
Jones William M. cook, h. 

132 Walker Anthony, bootblack. h. 

134 Rovelto Lorenzo A. clerk, h. 
Rovelto Loriano, bartender, b. 

135 Hunt Catherine, widow, h. 
Hunt James, grocer, b. 
Hunt Joseph H. grocer, b. 

136 Boy can Lucy, widow, h. 
Fields Wm. W. H. hostler, b. 
Maylon Henrietta Mrs. rms. 
White Francis E. carpntr. h. 

137 Corcoran Jane Miss, h. 
Forsman Henry, moulder, h, 

140 Ford Moses J. porter, h. 
Holland William S. Rev. h. 

141 Corcoran E. Miss, drsmkr. h. 
Corcoran John, moulder, b. 
Corcoran Mary A. widow, h. 

143 Alley Ahamed, salesman, b. 
Smith H. L. Miss, dressmkr. 

144 Greene Dorcas M. Mrs. h. 
Harry Lewis B. laborer, b. 

iackson Abbie Mrs. h. 
fippitt Benjamin W. b. 
i44rRocker L. P. hackman, h. 

145 Dunning Charles H. waiter.b. 
Venable Catharine Mrs. b. 
Walker P. A. Mrs. drsmkr. h. 


House Directory. 

Codding St. — Continued, 

145 Young Geo.'-M. teamster, h. 

148 Donagbey Jos. carpenter, h. 

149 Babbitt Anna C. widow, b. 
Babcock MaryA.Miss,nurse,b. 
Blunt Anna M. widow, h. 
Wheeler Edwin B. waiter, b. 
Wheeler Hannah F. widow, h. 
Wheeler Thomas B. porter, b. 
Wicks Sarah, widow, b. 

Cole Street. 

25 Smith Henry, laborer, b. 

Smith William, laborer, h. 

Smith Wm. jr. laborer, b. 
31 Cor bin John B. coachman, b. 

Corbin Mary J. Mrs. h. 

Dawson Peter L. hostler, h. 

Cole Avenue. 

c Glenn av.,Brannon D. h'kmn.h. 
97 Taylor Henry W. operator, b. 

Taylor Josiah J. mach. b. 

Taylor Thomas, janitor, h. 
127 Garin Hannah, widow, h. 

Garin Jere. laborer, h. 

Garin William, laborer, h. 
1 33r Fisher George, laborer, h. 

Woods William, laborer, h. 
135 O'SuUivan Jeremiah, jr.grocer 
c. Cypress, Cole F. S. student, b. 

Cole W. L. milk dealer, h. 
. Delemer John, laborer, b. 

Enos Frank, laborer, b. 

Colfiuc Street. 

I Brooks Harry, chaser, h. 
II Manz Frank, porter, h. 

McGinity George F.painter.h. 
McWeeney Wm.H. jeweler, h 
Roberts Frederick. en gineer,h. 

13 Carmicbael D*gald, glass, ctr.h. 

14 Hull Augustus, wheel wrt. h. 
Remington Mary E. widow.h. 

i4rHull Augustus, wheelwright 

15 Friend David, steward, h. 
Gilbert Eva E. Mrs. h. 

19 Coflfee Wm. H. stevedore, h. 

22 Gardiner Wm. H. captain, h. 

23 Blake Walter W. jeweler, h. 

24 Bogman Daniel E. plumber, h. 

28 Muspratt James, comp. h. 
Muspratt Walter G. clerk, b. 

29 Johnson Wm. C. stamper, h. 
McLaughlin Farrell, police, h. 

30 Blackler Charles Mrs. b. 

Blackler Mary A. widow, h. 

Hallett Marv E. Mrs, h. 

Hallett M. A. wood poli8her,h. 
34 Follis Harry, stonesetter, b. 

Follis William, jeweler, h. 
38 Lowe Mary J. Mrs. h. 

Lowe William H. clerk, b. 
52 Smith Harriet B. widow, h. 
58 Miller Albert L. clerk, b. 

Miller FredC. clerk, b. 

Miller Jere W. blacksmith, h. 
64 Bennett Byron W. plumber, h. 

Breard L. L. silversmith, h. 

66 Sessions CharlesLconductor.h. 

67 Chaffee Wm. H. clerk, h. 
Horton Henry M. clerk, h. 
Mowry Harriet J. widow, h. 
Tucker Geo. W. painter, h. 

68 Babcock Albert W. jeweler,h. 
Babcock RobL R. jeweler, h. 

71 Fernald Joseph F. iceman, h. 
Pfanner Emma Miss, t'cher.h. 

77 Baker Ida S Mrs. h. 

Dela Barre Victor,messen*r,h. 
Reynolds Joseph H.elvtrmn,h. 

78 Hicks Arthur E. teamster, b. 
Hicks Charles E. painter, h. 

81 D'Arcy James A. carpenter, h. 
D'Arcy Wm. E. undertaker, b, 
Langley Arnold, at B. & S. h. 

85 Winterbottiom /Lcoachman.h. 
Winterbothom Jas. driver, b. 

86 Clough Joseph, chair mfr. h. 
Helme Emma G. Mrs. h. 
Ryder D. Nelson, h. 

89 Keams John M. jr. laborer, b. 

Kearns Margaret Mrs. h. 
93 Poole John T. boxcutter, h. 
95 Andrew Francis H. mason, h. 
102 Biddle Fred, laborer, b. 

Webb Sampson, die sinker, h. 
106 Turner Charles S. student, b. 

Turner Lester W. clerk, b. 

Turner Sampson, fish, h. 
108 Harlow John F. clerk, b. 

Harlow John H., U. R. R. h. 
Ill Morris Cuthbert W. eng'r, b. 

Morris Harry W. jeweler, b. 

Morris Henry J. jeweler, h. 
121 Stone Samuel E. bicycle mfr.h, 
130 Buzzell Harry T. jeweler, h. 

Hultman Cbas. J. die sinker,h. 
136 Kraus Amalia, widow, h. 

Kraus Geo. W. clerk, b. 

Kraus Mathilda Miss, sten. b. 

House Directory. 



136 Walcott Henry L. jeweler, h. 
138 Brown Walter H. jeweler, h. 

Peck Fred'k A. toolmaker, h^ 
141 Appleton Geo. B.meatcuttr.b. 

Irons Elizabeth A. widow, b. 

Irons Ernest, compositor, h. 
145 Brown Lawton N., U. R. R.b. 
149 Selley Oliver J. jeweler, h. 
155 Rueckert A. H. engraver, b. 

Rueckert Ernst, cabinetmkr.b. 

Rueckert Ernst P.diesinker.b. 

Ruecbert Tbeodore,diesnkr,b. 
159 Doyle Catbarine I. sten. b. 

Doyle Edward V. clerk, b. 

Doyle Jas. hairdresser, b. 

Doyle [ ames F. b. 

Doyle John B. hairdresser, b. 
163 Myers Chas. E. electropltr. h. 

168 Reid Harry A. salesman, b. 
Reid Wm. W. ice cart driver,h. 

169 Merritt Wm. C. carpenter, b. 
Merritt Wm. H. carpenter, h. 

172 Fitzpatrick Peter, waiter, h. 
Mcintosh Jonath'n C. plumb. h. 

173 Mayer Christian, shoemkr. h. 
Mayer Henry A. machinist, b. 
Sorgel Otto, at Gorham's, h. 

179 Devon Geo. J. foreman, h. 
181 Scott Albert J. silversmith, b. 
Scott Catharine A. Mrs. h. 

183 Roberts Thos. bicycles, h. 

184 Heilman Henry, jeweler, h. 
188 Trautz George, jeweler, h. 

Trautz Geo. jr. scenic artist.b. 
193 Hammond Geo. silversmith, h. 

Hammond Geo. N. foreman, h. 
197 Robinson E. S. silver roller, h. 

Rudderham F. F. , BB.player.h. 
207 Ihlef eld Justus, painter, h. 

Magoon Oliver H. h. 

Colle]i:e Street. 

cor. So. Water, rm. 4, Smith Amos 

D. com. merchant 
3 nn. 2, Atlantic mills, C. D, 

Owens, agent 

Union Mfg. Co. 
rm. 3, Fisher V.& Bro. brokers 
rm. 4, Smith Bros. com. mer. 
rm.6, Chaffin 
rm. 6, Wickens Elizabeth G. 

Miss, music teacher 
rm. 7, Kendall Louise S. Miss, 

rm. 7. Macomb Edith H. Miss, 



5 Nichols Bradford W. cotbrkr. 
Rhodes J.P.&Co.cotton brok'rs 

7 Goodman E.J. R. &Co. art glass 
rm. I, Bebeau Joseph J. jr. & 
Co. carpenters 
Sanders Rich. C. architect 
rm. 2, Rhodes Wm. B. broker 
rm. 3, O'Brien John S. tailor 
rm. 7, Walker D. shoemaker 

9 Hayden Bros, periodicals 

13 Leonard Geo. C. provisions 

14 Lee Pierce, shoemaker 
16 Burlando Luigi, caterer 

18 Fox Samuel, tailor 

19 im. 3, Gilland Wm. E. colPtor 
rm. 5. McKenzie A. constable 

Salisbury C. M. counsellor 
rm. 6, Quinn P. H. lawyer 
rm. II, Byrne John F. lawyer 
rm. 13, Owen F. P. lawyer 
rm. 14, Hill Alpha R. broker 
rm. 15, Beagan 
rm. 17, Page&Page.counserr 
rm. 18, Bliss Geo. N. counsel'r 
rm. 19, Cushing Arthur, coun'r 
rm. 27, Dubois HenryJ. coun'r 
rm. 28, Greene Wm. 
rm. 33, Macnair R.J. ship agt. 
rm. 4i,Crouch E.H.draw.tchr. 
rm. 44, Hays George A. artist 
rm. 45, Sprague Chas. A. art. 
rm. 49, Arnold John N. artist 
rm. 51, Blodget Mary W. art. 

22 College Street Hotel, Mrs. L. 
Tompkins, prop. 
Barry Alexander P.lineman,b. 
Danforth Charles, b. 
Greene Wm. H. lawyer, rms. 
Kelly James J. gilder, b. 
MobbsJ. Fred.carpenter.b. 
Payson Arthur, upholsterer 
Sayles Lycurg^s, counsellor 
Tompkins Joseph R. junk, h. 
Winchester Wm. painter, b. 

24 Fox George J. cornice maker 

26 O'Connor P. plumber 

28 Fenner Arthur S. clerk, rms. 
Peck Jesse W. carpenter, b. 
Peck Wm. H clerk, h. 

32 Mayer Christian, shoemaker 

34 Gannon Tames, jeweler, h. 
Gannon Thomas, b. 
Morrow Geo. janitor, h. 
Roche Edward, shoemaker 

38 Angell & Logan, painters 
cor. Benefit, Court House 


House Directory. 

College St.— Continued, 

cor. Benefit, Court Hoase 

Blaisdell B.S. clerk, spm. Court 
Douglas Wm. W. Assoc. Justice 
Dubois Edward C, Assoc Jus. 
Matteson Chas. Chief Justice 
Reynolds Walter S. asst. clerk 
Supreme Court 
■ Rogers Horatio, Assocjustice 
Stiness John H. Assoc. Justice 
Tanner W. B. attorney-gen'l. 
Tillinghast P. E. Asso. Justice 
Warner Albert H. engineer, h. 
Webster Geo. E. clerk. C.C.P. 
White Hunter C. sheriff 
Wilbur G. A. Assoc. Justice 
rra. 2, State Law Library 
rm.36 Millard Geo repr. 

48 King Elizabeth G. Miss, h. 
King G. M. agent, h. 
King Mary J. Miss, b. 

53 Nightingale Sam'l A. broker, h. 

58 Larry Evangeline Miss, tchr. 
Larry John D. clerk, b. 
Larry John Hale Rev. h. 

62 Waldron Nathan B. Mr. & Mrs. 
sum. res. No. Kingstown, h. 

64 Sheldon F. J. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Sheldon Prank A. ins. agt. b. 

65 Richmond Caroline Miss, h. 

68 Pegram John C. jr. physician, h. 

69 Burleigh S. R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Wilkinson Sarah S. Mrs. ii. 

70 Bo wen Cordelia J. widow, h. 
Bowen E. G. Miss, teacher, h. 
Bowen Frank, hardware.etcb. 

College Court. 

I CushingKateR. Miss, tchr. rms. 
CushingRebeccaR. Mrs. tchr. r. 
Dart Willard C. publisher, rms. 
Peck Robt. H. draughtsman, h. 
Whipple Ines Miss. rms. 

Collins Court. 

11 McGirr Peter, gardener, h. 

12 Collins Daniel, coachman, h. 

17 Kelly Anthony, laborer, b. 
Kelly Jane A. widow, h. 
Kelly Thorn a.s, clerk, b. 
Kelly Wm. E. silversmith, b. 
McKenna Bernard J. mchst,b. 
McKenna Rebecca E. Miss, h. 

18 Cole Julia A. Mrs. h. 
Tucker Louis A. canvasser, h. 

18 Tucker L.A.Mrs, canvasser, h. 
54 Di Sano Carlo, laborer, b. ^ 

Pescicelli Nicola, operative, h. 

Ponti Angelo, laborer, b. 

Porcello Antonio, laborer, b. 

Russo Giovanni, laborer, h. 

Vallente Michele, laborer, b. 

Zoglio Franceso, operative, b. 

Zoglio Luigi, laborer, h. 

Collyer Street. 

4 Bates Jasper J. jeweler, h. 
Kimmel Katy, widow, h. 

Columbian Avenue. 

June. Babcock. Draper William H. 
broker, h. 
Himes Thomas G. coachman 

58 Wagner G. Wilkinson.archt.h. 
88 Smith Jos. S. carpenter, h. 

Columbus Avenue. 

42 Janson John A., U. R.R. h. 

54 Hathaway Edgar, U. R.R. h. 

Commodore Street. 

16 Gannon Elizabeth, drsmkr. b. 

Gannon Patrick, h. 

Gannon Thos. S. operative, b. 
27 Alexander Emily A. Miss, b. 

Peabody Alfred, carpenter, h. 

43 Kellett Moses, laborer, h. 
Phayre Edward, laborer, h. 

49 Foulkes Robert, compositor.h. 
Gillan Bernard, fireman, h. 
Gillan Michael P. laborer, h. 
Hallam Arthur, laborer, h. 
Sherson Wm. jr. machinist, h. 

55 Flynn John E. operative, b. 
Flynn Michael, calenderer, h. 
Flynn Michael F. starcher, b. 

59 Nagle Annie, widow, h. 
Nagle Edward J., P. F. D. b. 
Nagle Jas. H. laborer, b. 
Nagle Wm. J. student, b. 

63 Daley Michael, operative, h. 

Fogerty Margaret Miss, b. 

Fogerty Michael, laborer, h. 

Fogerty Philip, laborer, b. 
71 McCann Patrick, laborer, h. 

McCann Wm. J. laborer, h. 
79 Fleming Chas. J. laborer, h. 

Fleming Fannie J. widow, h. 

Fleming Rot>ertW.scrwmkr.b. 

Holt Chas. H. machinist, h. 

Holt C. H. jr. machinist, b. 

House Directory. 


83 Dann James J. student, b. 

Dunn Patrick, carpenter, h. 

McConnell James, b. 

McConnell John, laborer, h. 

McConnell J. jr. polisher, b. 
93 Gilloly Chas. H. weaver, h. 

Henry Arthur E. clerk, b. 

Henry Charles, laborer, h. 

Henry John, laborer, b. 

Henry Kobert, clerk, b. 

Welch Thomas, bozmaker, h. 
loa Dowling Thos, bricklayer, h. 
no Bowman John, laborer, h. 

Bowman John jr. laborer, b. 

Bowman Thomas, clerk, b. 
114 O'Connell Tas. brakeman, h. 

O'Connell Wm. laborer, b. 

Sheridan Ann, widow, h. 
120 Barlow Francis, laborer, b. 

Johnston Jas. M. machinist, h. 

Johnston Maggie Miss, b. 

Knott Joseph, laborer, b. 

Mitchell Francis, laborer, b. 

Pedden Jane Mrs. b. 
128 Beitzel Louis, moulder, h.. 

Sweeting Albert, ins. agt. h. 
132 Lloyd Lettice, widow, h. 

Lloyd Walter, machinist, b. 
138 Bannon E. A. Miss, dressmaker 

Bannon John, bartender, b. 

Bannon Margaret, widow, h. 

Bannon M. E. Miss, dry gds. h. 

Bannon Thomas P. helper, b. 

Common Street. 

10 Bell Joseph W. foreman, h. 
Roberts Eliza, widow, h. 
Sprague Mary E. Miss, h. 

11 Knight Annie B. widow, b. 
Patton Lorenzo J. engineer, h. 

15 Adams Charles H. b. 

Adams Wm. H. machinist, h. 

Waterman C. B. widow, h. 
17 Armington Emily A. Miss, h. 

Merithew Alex. U. janitor, h. 

21 Haszard Susan, widow, h. 
Haszard Susan A. A. Miss, b. 
Haszard S. J. Miss, dressmkr. 
Shawcross Adelaide Mrs. h. 

22 Simmons Chas. H. helper, b. 
Simmons Fred P. tinsmith, b. 
Simmons George H. h. 

23 Viall Edwin N. driver, h. 

26 Leach F.E.G. Miss, var'y store 

27 Bennett Mary A. Mrs. rms. 
Hawkins Chas. J. fish, etc. h. 

27 Hawkins John E. clerk, b. 

Seagrave Lawson, clerk, b. 

Seagrave Leonard, mach't, b. 

Seagrave Margaret, widow, h. 
31 Diacont Chas. E. var'y store, b. 

Diacont Frank, coach pntr. h. 

Diacont Frank H.die sinker, b. 

Diacont Paul A. painter, b. 

Diacont Walter P. b'kkpr. b. 

Heard Frank C. machinist, h. 
40 Peck Wm. A. silversmith, b. 

Vamey Albert M. clerk, h. 

42 Bragg Geo. J. machinist, h. 
Puffer E. K. S. Miss, tchr. b. 
Puffer T. Marshall, toolmkr. h. 
Puffer Marion A. Miss. tchr. b. 

43 Barrett A rthurS. messenger ,h. 
McNeill John, laborer, b. 
Remington Arthur E. b. 
Remington T. A. Mrs. drsmkr. 
Remington William L. b. 
Remington Wm. P. mach't, h. 

43rConnelly James, janitor, b. 

Dalton James, b. 

McNeill Bernard, laborer, b. 

McNeill Patrick, laborer, h. 

Savage James A. laborer, h. 
47 Lincoln I. Marshall, beef, h. 

Lincoln I. Nelson, clerk, b. 

49 BoutelleWm. L. moulder, h. 
CalderG. B. 2'd,draugh tsman , b . B.&S.h. 

50 Colwell Myra E. Miss. b. 
Pettee Charlotte E. Mrs. h. 
Steere Ada L. widow, h. 
Sweet Joanna S. Miss, b. 
Tasker Mary G. Miss, tchr. b. 

59 Foster Agnes A. Miss, tchr. b. 
Foster Wm. machinist, b. 
Watson Sarah, widow, h. 

66 Hartshorn Ernst, clerk, h. 
Hartshorn Frank, brakeran,h. 

67 Appleton Joseph C. h. 
Appleton M. F. Miss, sten. b. 
Crocker H. Clinton, physician 

71 Baxter W. P. machinist, h. 
Bradford Ann M. widow, b. 
Hutchinson Anna B. widow,h. 

Comstock Avenue. 

4 Curran John T.lithographer.b. 
Curran Julia N. dressmaker 
Curran Wm. laborer, h. 
Glennan Philip, slater, b. 
Glennan Thomas, jeweler, b. 
Glennan Timothy, slater, h. 


House Directory. 

Comstock Ky .-^Continued. 

4 Kelley Charles, piper, b. 

Kelley Edward J nib.wkr. b. 
7 Downing David, mason, b. 

Downing James G. h. 

Downing Lily Miss, b. 

Downing L. C. Miss, h. 

Rogers Wm. H. elect, trim. h. 
II DorseyP. H. blacksmith, h. 
13 McKeon John, granite plshr.h. 
16 Downing Catharine Mrs. h. 

Downing Geo. E. student, h. 

Downing Joseph, b. 

Gorman Michael, liquors, h. 
i6rHughe8 James, teamster, h. 

18 Gorman Lawrence E. clerk, h. 
Johnson Charles J. clerk, b. 
Wilkins Edwin, operative, h. 

19 Drum Hugh F. clerk, h. 
Drum Patrick, mariner, b. 
Neylon Louis, moulder, h. 

20 Graham William A. h. 

24 Goodwin Tames A. s*man, h. 

Goodwin Mary J. widow, h. 

Graham James E. h. 
28 Carroll Ellen, widow, h. 

Falker Charles, enameler, h. 

31 Flanagan James E. clerk, b. 
Keyes Alfred F. jeweler, h. 
Morrow James E. foreman, h. 

32 Johnson BernardF. tinsmith, h. 

35 Medbury Benjamin F. rms. 

36 Buizenac Alexander, jeweler, h. 
Conway Bridget Mrs. h. 
Flynn Frank M. clerk, b. 
Johnson Annie Miss, h. 
Johnson Chas. H. tinsmith, b. 
McCaffrey Frank, clerk, h. 
McCaffrey F. J. plumber, b. 

39 Heap Hargreaves, cot waste, h. 

40 Holmes Wm. J. machinist, b. 
Keyes Wallace L. machinist, h. 

45 Clapp R. Dexter, foreman, h. 

Greene Frank A. teller, h. 
60 Aucock Arthur M. Rev. b. 

Mandeville Chas. H. W.clerk,h. 

Mandeville Sarah C. widow,h. 
64 Hicks Albert, restaurant, h. 

Stone William D. jeweler, b. 
67 Dean Henry B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Sleinheuer Henry, jeweler, h. 
72 Coultas Andrew J. Rev. h. 
75 Manchester Emma L. Miss, h. 

Manchester Mary S. Miss, h. 

Manchester W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Trescott A. Luzette Miss, h. 

76 Edson Nelson H. manager, h' 
Rose Henry B. b' 
Slade Hannah T. widow, h. 

77 Eddy A. B. bookkee|)er, h. 
Eddy A. B. Mrs. music tchr.h. 
Mylod W. E. Christian Sci. h. 

83 Manchester W. H.bldg.math. 

84 Doe Edgar J. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
86 Ellis H. B. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 

res. Silver Spring, h. 
8 7 Cransha w John T. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
88 Becherer Caroline, widow, b. 
Dillon B. R. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 
res. Pawtuxet Neck, h. 
90 Bowen Lewis H. clerk, b. 
Franklin Benj. jr. Mr.&Mrs.h. 

93 Nichols Joseph Mr.' & Mrs. h. 

94 Brown Cyrus C. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

98 Abbott Alba R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Abbott Frederick B. b. 
Abbott Howard, b. 
Newbury F. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Ralph Harold E.bookkeeper,b. 

99 Stiles Fred G. Mr. & Mrs. rec. 

day, Tuesday, h. 
loi Havens Chas. E. Mr. & Mrs. 
rec. day, Thursday, h. 
Jamieson Wm. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
105 Potter Stephen A. electric* n,h. 
107 Wall George A. manager, h. 
113 Glines Chas. T. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Hawes Abbie. widow, b. 

117 Allen Waite H. Mrs. b. 
Boyce Frank S. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

118 Com.stock F. P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Comstock Place. 

8 Kane Thomas, laborer, h. 
Kempf John, jeweler, h. 
O' Bryan Daniel, upholsterer.h. 

11 Nilson August, at Screw Co.h. 
Witeam Aaron, pedler, h. 

12 McCarty Dennis, laborer, h. 
li) Chase William F. carpenter,h. 
16 Lu scorn b Andrew, laborer, h. 

Luscomb Geo. F. clerk, b. 
18 Carlson John, bootmaker, h. 

Peterson Frank, carpenter, h. 
20 TbedermanGustave.mould'r.h 
24 Flodin Chas. A. wire wkr. h. 

Flodin Claus, at Screw Co. b. 

O'Hern Dennis, laborer, h. 

O'Hern James D. printer, b. 

Turnquist John. atScrewCo.b. 
30 Forsberg John, at Screw Co.h. 

House Directory. 


Conanictit Street. 

15 Eagleson Wm. polisher, h. 

17 McCarty Timothy, laborer, h. 
20 Birkett Miles, moulder, h. 

23 Leddy Mary Mrs. widow, h. 
Mulvaney Patrick, pedler, h. 

43 Buckley Thomas, porter, h. 

Concannon Street. 

I Alford Rowland, electrician, h. 

Conway John W. weaver, h. 
5 Sainsbury Thomas, weaver, h. 
9 Drury Michael, spinner, b. 

Drury Michael H. hairdrsr, b. 

Flanagan Thomas, weaver, h. 

Wirth Charles F. weaver, h. 

Wirth George F. carder, b. 
II Cunningham Pat* k. laborer, b. 

Drury Dennis J. weaver, h. 

Kube Ferdinandi, weaver, h. 

16 Gartland M. H. pedler, h. 

19 Grady Jas. F. spinner, h. 
Brady John P. weaver, b. 
Brady Philip, laborer, h. 

20 Miller William, weaver, h. 

24 Gledhill Joseph, operative, b. 
Gledhill Wm. H. h. 

30 Carr James, jr. laborer, b. 
Edgers Rosanna, widow, h. 
Taylor Martha, widow, h. 
Taylor William H.bleacher,b. 

32 Taylor Joseph, weaver, h. 
Weidenmiller Louis. janitor, h. 

34 Rudolph Charles, laborer, b. 
Rudolph Frank, laborer, b. 
Rudolph L. laborer, h. 
Schneitzler Nicholas, oper. h. 
Wakerling Henry R.bartndr.h. 

47 RichardsFred'k.dressertndr.h. 
Richards Herbert,operative,b. 
Thibodean John W. weaver.h. 

48 For tin Lewis H. D. laborer, b. 
Ottinger Daniel, weaver, b. 
Ottinger Frank H. carder, b. 
Ottinger Joseph, spinner, h. 
Ottinger Nelson R, spinner, b. 

Concord Street. 

5 Tyler Wm. H. motorman, h. 
30 Fryxell Alfred, machinist, h. 
Renter Carl, clerk, h. 

33 Loeffler Albert, machinist, h. 

35 Brooks Charles, h. 

37 Crompton Joseph, machinist, h. 
41 Connors John, laborer, h. 
Drummond Thomas, clerk, b. 

42 Fitzpatrick H. B. plumber, b* 

Fity.patrick Wm. mason, h. 

Fitzpatrick W. E. b. 
45 Carr Geo. H. laborer, h. 
50 Flynn Ann Miss, h. 

Flynn John. b. 
52 Woodcock Wm.H. carpentr.h. 
58 Toher Patrick, laborer, h. 

Toher Stephen J. polisher, h. 
74 Garin John, color mixer, h. 

Lyons Daniel, laborer, h. 
78 Garin John 2d, fruit pedler, h. 

Garin Michael, jeweler, b. 

Kennedy Ellen, widow, b. 
80 Kane Edward, laborer, h. 

Conduit Street. 

2 Shaw Chas. S. compositor, b. 
Tyler Josephine Mrs. h. 
Tyler Mav E. Mrs. b. 
Winslow V. C. Mrs. b. 

3 Graves Margaret A. Mrs. h. 
Mowry Alfred, clerk, h. 
Pierce William B. carpenter, b. 

5 Black John T. painter, h. 
Burlingame Wm. C. janitor,h. 
Reilly Philip, jeweler, b. 

6 Simpson Charles E. clerk, h. 
8 Brown Arnold C. clerk, b. 

Brown Mary S. widow, h. 

11 Nimmo C. M. Mrs. h. 

12 Arnold Josephine D. Miss, h. 
Driehsen Louis, clerk, h. 
Tillotson William J. b. 

13 Armington J. 0.silversmith,h. 
cor. Stewart, Potter H. F. mchnst. 

28 Benson Mfg. Co.tacks.nails, etc. 
30 Deming Frank O. h. 

Karoli Catharine Mrs. h. 

Tasker Frank ]. painter, b. 

32 Butler Tames, jeweler, h. 
Leach & Deming, coal, etc. 
Savignac Alcide, carpenter, h. 

33 Fitzgerald Junius H.teamstr.h. 
Gardner Hannah S. Miss, h. 
Pierce Anderson, porter, h. 
Williams Charles, cook, h. 
Williams George, laborer, b. 

33rBrown James A. driver, h. 

Brown Moses, salesman, h. 
35 Abram Anna, widow, h. 

Hallam Mary Mrs. dressmkr. 

Congdon Street. 

2 Collins Geo. L. physician, h. 
10 Anthony M. E. Miss, tchr. r. 

Timothy O'Connor 

Blaekttone Boulevard Lawna and Gardens l4dd 
272WMtaHnttor St. Pot and Kept tn Ord e^ 


House Directory. 

Consdon SU^Continued, 

10 Hadfield John, tinsmith, h. 
Hayden D. M. Miss, teacher, h. 

11 Congdon Street BaptistChurch 

12 B.irtlett Louis B. purch.agt. h. 
Chamberlain A.H.asst. B.U.b. 
Churchill Alexander, la wyer,b. 
Cunningham Lester R. rms. 
Johnson Prances, student,rms. 
Psakie Emanuel, student, rms. 
Read Albert W. clerk, b. 
Whalan Thomas, waiter, rms. 

19 Presley James H. Rev. h. 
24 Potter Elizabeth D. Miss, h. 

Whitaker Harriet M.widow,h. 
26 Chace Harriet B. Miss, b. 

Chace Martha H. Miss, h. 

Greene Sarah A. Mrs. h. 

Mosher F. E. Miss, tchr. elocn. b. 
30 Halliday Milton, b. 

Holden R. B. distilled water,h. 

Watson Arthur E., B. U. h. 

Watson Josephine, widow, h. 
34 Hogg Walter S. florist, h. 
38 Richardson Helen Miss, h. 

Sheppard Alice R. teacher, b. 

Sheppard Jane P. widow, h. 
41 Hail Nathan B. h. 
48 Congdon Geo. W. hardware, b. 

Sanford Edward C. clerk, b. 

Sanford John, freight agent, h. 

Sanford Welcome C. clerk, b. 
55 Smith A. D. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Smith E. W. T. Mrs. h. 

Talbot Mary A. Mrs. h. 

60 Page Chas. H. lawyer, h. 
Page Chas. H. jr. lawyer, b. 

61 Ballou B. A. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 

res. Bristol Ferry, h. 
Ballou Chas. R. student, b. 
64 Thurston Jas. H. student, b. 
Thurston Sam'l L.electric'u, b. 
Thurston Wilmarth H. atty. h. 

67 Talbot Fred'k Mr. & Mrs. sum. 

res , Maine, rec. day. Mon.h. 
Talbot Ernest W. student, b. 
Talbot Laurie H. real est. b. 

68 HaynesAdelb*t0.rub.stmps.h. 
Luther Fred'k, clerk,' h. 
Luther Margaret, widow, h. 

70 Kir by Isaac, reporter, h. 

72 Drohan Michael, driver, h. 

73 Allen Elvira E. Miss, b. 
Potter Dexter B. Mr. & Mrs, 

rec. day, Monday, h. 
78 Brennan John M. lawyer, h. 

78 Brennan Margaret H. tchr. b. 
80 Gibson Percy B. clerk, b. 

Whitman Lucia K. widow, h. 

Whitman Ralph M. clerk, b. 
85 Austin Elizabeth, widow, h. 

Austin Katharine H. b. 

Austin Rachael Miss, h. 
88 Frost Isabella M. widow, b. 

WillsonEdmundR. architect, h. 
90 Cooper Geo. S. student, b. 

Cooper Gerald, manufr. h. 

93 Vinton F. A. Dr. & Mrs. h. 

94 Hoard Frederick R. h. 

97 Arthur James H. b. 
Lyon Emory, teacher, h. 

98 Davis Henry R., Providence 

Journal Co. h. 
102 Flinn Tames, carpenter, h. 

Flinn James, carpenter, h. 
104 Braden Geo. A. bookkeeper, b. 

Porter John R. carpenter, h. 
116 Carlisle Harlon M. clerk, b. 

Gleaaon Wm. janitor, h. 

Mason Henry E. clerk, h. 

119 Brown Jane F. Mrs. h. 

120 Lawton Chas. H. hrdrsr. b. 
Millard Georgian na B. Mrs. h. 

138 Adams Harriet N. Miss, b. 

Aldrich John B. b. 

Robinson Charles A. clerk, b. 

Robinson Edgar E. clerk, h. 
141 Henderson Elizabeth, wid. h. 

Henderson John, machinist, b. 

McCullough Robt.coachm*n,h. 
144 Arnold Arthur C. clerk, b. 

Arnold Julia E. C. Mrs. h. 
148 Parker P. H. police detective.h. 

Torrey Chas E. clerk, h. 
152 Feiler Mark S. student, b. 

Lenz Chas H. salesman, b. 

Lenz Geo. C. clerk, b. 

Lenz Gustav R. clerk, b. 

Lenz Sarah Greene, widow, h. 

Richards AugustusJ.coirtor h. 
154 Guild L. graham flour, h. 
163 Claflin Geo E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Talbot Mary C. widow, h. 

Talbot Wm. S. clerk, b. 

171 Spaulding James P. Mrs. b. 
Hovey Mary E. widow, h. 

172 Mayo Christine Mrs h. 
Norton Charlotte, widow, b. 

173 Purkis Louise H. Miss, h. 
Wigbtman W. R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

174 Fletcher Warren Mr. & Mrs.h. 
176 Wheaton Geo. 2d. Mr.& Mrs.h. 

House Directory. 


Congdon Court. 

3 Allen Lewis N. ship'g clerk, b. 
Saugy Alpbonse L.salesm'n,h. 

Congress Avenue. 

12 Tepherson Geo. A. lawyer 
19 feowater A. E. bicycle mkr. b. 

Bowater Jobn, liquors, h. 

Dolbey Sidney, silversmith, b. 
25 Cory & Reynolds, jewelers 
37 Cory Alexander H. jr. b. 

Cory Joseph P. h. 
49 Stanyan Walterl. conductor, h. 

Tiemey Francis, conductor, h. 

Willis Alfred P. motorman, b. 
51 Peeley M.Joseph, motorman, h. 
53 Ricketts Josepn, machinist, h. 
55 Mathison Duncan, foreman, b. 

Mathison Margaret, widow, b. 

Mathison Neil, clerk, h. 

59 Cordery Edgar A. clerk, h. 

60 Clissolci Walter A. clerk,' h. 
6| McCausland Ida Mrs. h. 

McCausland W. W. chaser, b. 

62 Lester Horace, h. 

63 Cornell Wm. R. carpenter, h. 
65 Arnold Edward B. jeweler, h. 
67 Hubbard G. W. carriages, h. 
69 Andrews William H. plater, h. 

81 Darling Daniel W. stamper, h. 
Roberts Louisa, widow, b. 

82 Strater T. Edward, diecutter,b. 
Strater Mary C. widow, h. 

91 Cook Percy O. salesman, h. 
93 Wilmarth Alfred A. clerk, b. 

95 Coleman Prescott H. h. 

96 Nye Herbert E. salesman, h. 
Smith J. Howard, salesman,b. 

97 Darling Charles C. h. 
Darling Martha E. Mrs h. 
Reynolds Margaret A. wid. b. 

98 Carr Mary M. widow, b. 
Drown Charles L. clerk, h. 
Rockwood Frank A. , U. R. R. h. 

loi Wilson Robt. E. train dis. h. 
103 Richardson H. W. clerk, b. 

Richardson J. Bushnell, b. 

Richardson J. B. salesman, h. 
116 Salt Joseph, foreman, h. 
125 Arnold Edwin C. mason, h. 

127 Cottrell Frank L.trav.slsmn.h. 
Kimball Clarence W. artist, h. 

128 Mason Henry F. mason, h. 
Mason L. E. Miss, milliner, b. 

131 Barker Roy S. h. 

133 Niles Bradford G. police, h. 

137 Lyman R.M.,Gor*m Mfg. Co.h. 
139 Gonsolve Geo. H. foreman, h. 
Gonsolve Mary A. widow, h 

143 Thom.son F. H. Mr. & Mrs, h. 
Wilkinson Helen S. widow, h. 

144 Brown Geo. T. lawyer, h. 

145 Chase 1^. S. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Chase Philip S. jr. clerk, b. 

149 Darling Geo. B. lapidary, h. 
Darling Geo. C. artist, b. 

150 Chapin Wm. P. h. 
Chapin Wm. P. jr. clerk, b. 

179 Bassett Ed ward D.Mr. &Mrs.h. 

Gallagher Henry, coachman 
185 Cole Catherine S. widow, b. 

Cole Joseph C. W. clerk, h. 

Fanning Mary F. Mrs. h. 

Constitution Street. 

7 Eldred Ernest G. hairdrsr. h. 
Fish Lizzie A. Mrs. h. 

10 Branch Harriet, widow, h. 
Kessler Louis, tailor, h. 
Waterman George F. h. 

11 Beanpre Edouard,coffinmkr.h. 
Dwyer Patrick, blacksmith, h. 

13 Colgan Catharine, widow, h. 
Colgan Margaret, clerk, h. 
Medbury Herman, teamster, h. 

14 Barber H. H. draftsman, h. 

17 Davies George, clerk, h. 

18 Berthiaume Eugene, jeweler, b. 
Berthiaume Felix, sfaoemkr. h. 
Berthiaume Jos. jeweler, b. 
Berthiaume Sidney, mchst. b. 

21 Hill Holden O., P.F.D. h. 

Rice Louisa Mrs. grocer, h. 

Rice Samuel, clerk, h. 
25 Bateman Sarah A. Mrs. b. 

Legg Julius V. teamster, h. 

Salisbury Clifford, clerk, h. 
27 Aldrich Albert A. jeweler, b. 

Aldrich Robt. engineer, h. 

Aldrich Robert N. b. 

29 Carr Cornelius D. h. 
Ham Clara A. Miss, b. 

30 Hendrick Elmer A. teamstr, h. 

33 Weaver Ed w. G. "Journal", h. 

34 Lawson Chas. F. jeweler, b. 
Lawson Chas. H. jeweler, h. 
Lawson Pardon D. plumber, b. 

35 Richmond Sheldon R. jewl'r.h. 

36 Glasheen Wm. J. jeweler, h. 
39 Smith Chas. H. fireman, h. 

Smith Herbert E. ship. elk. b 


House Directory. 

Constitution St.—Continued, 

40 Hollen Jas. H. painter, h. 
42 Edgar P. John, Am. Loan Co. b. 

Cook Avenue. 

cor. Smithfield av. Cunningham 
John, butcher, h. 
Gilmore Louis, operative, b. 
McLaughlin Edwin, laborer.b. 
2 Allard Peter, carpenter, b. 
Connelly Bridget, widow, h. 
Plante Peter, carpenter, b. 
Frew Frederick, Doxmaker, h. 

Cooke Street. 

2 Moroney Patrick Mr. & Mrs. h. 

5 Ely William Mr. & Mrs. h. 

6 Draper Annie P. Miss, h. 
Draper Lucy A. widow, h. 

7 Harkness A. G. Prof .& Mrs. h. 
10 Dorrance Mary S. Miss, b. 

Draper Antoinette E. Miss. h. 
12 Dunbar Arthur, b. 

Dunbar Eben F. publisher, h. 
14 Fenner Jesse C. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
16 Sheldon Chas. H.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
18 Carpenter F. F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
20 Stockwell Arthur M. clerk, b. 

Stock well Ed ward A. student, b. 


Stockwell T. B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
26 Butts Eliza T. widow, b. 

Merriman C. H. Mr. & Mrs. 
sum. res.NayattPoint,R.I.h. 

Merriman C. H. jr. (Woon.)b. 

Merriman E. Bruce, b. 

Merriman Harold T. b. 

Merriman Isaac B. student, b. 
36 Tripp Benjamin Mr.& Mrs. h. 
38 Greene C. William, h. 

Greene E. A.jr. bleacher, b. 

Greene Sarah F. Miss. h. 
46 Bliss Theo. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
56 Remington Jane, widow, b. 

Wood Florence Miss, b. 

Wood Wm. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
66 Roelker William G. lawyer 
66rTefft Moses, coachman, rms. 
74 Fenner H. N. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 

res. Watch Hill. h. 
74r01sen Frank, coachman, rms. 
85 Campbell H. N. jr. Mr. & Mrs. 
sum. res. Warwick Neck, h. 
87 Congdon Eleanor B. Miss. b. 

Congdon Harold, clerk, b. 

Congdon Johns H.Mr.&Mrs.h. 

Cope Street. 

7 Dupont Clara Mrs. drsmkr. h. 
Dupont Henry A.carpenter,h. 

8 Lyon Edgar L. foreman, b. 
Thornton Robert E. clerk, h. 

16 Grant Laroy S. stable, etc. h. 
Holmes Daniel, plumber, h. 
Holmes Daniel F. student, b. 
Pearce Franklin, painter, h. 

17 Eddy Albert, clerk, h. 
22 Ryan Mary A. Mrs. h. 
26 Harris William H. rms. 
a? Gardner M. L. Mrs. nurse 

Lee Mary M. Mrs. h. 

Corliss Street. 

2 Burke Frank J. waiter, b.. 

Burke John, blacksmith, h. 

Burke John H. clurk, b. 

Decaire Oliver, laborer, h. 

Devaney John, laborer, b. 

Devaney Mamie Miss, h. 

Devaney Wm. laborer, b. 
5 Armstrong Jas. teamster, h. 

Gilleny John, laborer, h. 

Hubbard Terrence, laborer, b. 

8 Kennedy Robert. fish pedler.h. 

9 Dwyer Thos. R. laborer, h. 
Flemming John, n. 
Fleraming Robert P. J. clerk, b. 
Smith Edward, laborer, h. 

14 Kelley Peter, machinist, h. 
Keough Mary I. widow, h. 
Owens Daniel J. bartender, b. 
Owens Edw. F. bartender, h. 

15 Maher Thomas, coal, etc. 

16 Bishop Philip, engineer, h. 
Brickley Chas. dresser, h. 
Crowley Dennis, laborer, h. 
McElroy Patrick, laborer, h. 

17 Brennan Patrick, laborer, h. 
Caffrey Ann Mrs. h. 
Caffrey Tames, operative, b. 
Henry William, h. 

Tully Thos. J. gas burn mkr.h. 
19 O'Connell Bros, provisions 

26 McAteer Patrick, jr. oper. h. 
Salesses David T. grocer, h. 

27 Coughlin Patrick, laborer, b. 
Mar key Mary, widow, h. 
Mealey Frank, laborer, b. 
Morris Joseph, boiler mkr. h. 
Mulholland John, laborer, b. 
Salesses David T. grocer 
Smith Edward, laborer, b. 

Smith John E. clerk, b. 

House Directory. 


Lamest Martrt In Hew England, Prnyidflnftft Pnblic Market Co. 

29 Corrijjan John, at Tool Co. h. 
Higgins James, laborer, h. 
Higgins J. H. bookbinder, b. 
Higgins Thos. J. clerk, b. 

30 Crossin Cbas. machinist, b. 
Crossin Henry, laborer, b. 
Crossin Tames, b. 

Crossin Margaret, widow, h. 
Prior Patrick, laborer, h. 
Powers David W. blacksmith, h. 

31 Stillman Mary, fancy goods 
33 Carey William, mason, b. 

Dai ley John, laborer, h. 

Donnelly Patrick, laborer, h. 

Gilbride James J. jeweler, h. 

Gil bride William H.jeweler.b. 
35 Dwyer Julia, widow, h. 

Dwyer William, clerk, b. 

McCaffrey Margaret Miss, b. 
37 Boy Ian Michael, laborer, b. 

Brady Thomas, laborer, h. 
39 King George, operative, h. 

Neelon Tames r. car. paintr.h. 

Smith Bros, provisions 
41 Dolan Bridget, widow, h. 

Maboney John H. laborer, b. 

Mahoney Wm. painter, b. 

Stillman Mary, fancy goods, h. 
43 Corrigan Patrick, laborer, h. 

Sartoris Henry,confectioner,h. 
45 McKenna Margaret Miss, b. 

Mulvey Mary, widow, h. 
47 Foley Hugh, laborer, h. 

Gillan Thomas, laborer, b. 

Lynch John, laborer, b. 

McAteer James, laborer, h. 

McGinn John J. clerk, b. 

Mulholland Jos. teamster, b. 

Riley John, laborer, b. 

Smith Thos. machinist, b. 
49 Dudt Joseph, at Screw Co. h. 

guinn Mary, widow, h. 
ngelhardt Fred'k, pedler, b. 

52 Conley Tohn, laborer, h. 
Flynn Edward, laborer, b. 
Hackett Owen, laborer, b. 
Kivel John, laborer, b. 

53 Dunnigan Mary, widow, b. 
Oligmy Teles, box maker, h. 
Shapley Wm. H. paver, h. 

54 McCahey Hugh, laborer, h. 
McCahey John, machinist, b. 

55 Salesses John, grocer 

58 Pennessey Patrick, laborer, h. 
Harney Ann, widow, h. 
Wilson Chas. A. laborer, h. 

63 Leveille Charles A. box mkr. h. 
McAteer John, operative, h. 
McGinn foseph. b. 
McGinn Margaret, widow, h. 
McGinn M. E. Miss, grocer, b. 

64 McElroy Edw. furn. mover, h. 
McElroy John, furn. mover, b. 

68 Heaney Patrick J. laborer, h. 
McGee John, laborer, b. 
McGee Manus, laborer, b. 
McGee Patrick, laborer, b. 
McPhillips Katie, drsmkr. b. 
Mc Phillips Mary A. widow, h. 

69 Kringel Lewis, driver, b. 
Stegnan Fritz, baker, b 

74 AshworthJamesH. operative, h 

76 Rancour tDol phis, carpenter.h. 

77 Dubs Rosanna, widow, h. 
Smith Frank M. coffin mkr. b. 

78 Herbert Edwin, machinist, b. 
Houle Wm. laborer, h. 
Parent Rock, laborer, b. 

80 DeMancore Alphonse. fmstr.h 
Remillard Moise, laborer, h. 

87 Carolan Edward, laborer, b. 
Carolan John, laborer, h. 
Riley John, laborer, h. 
Riley Thomas J. laborer, b. 

88 Davey Michael, laborer, h. 
Meehan Charles, h. 

89 Barnet Ann. widow, h. 

93 McCabe Peter, laborer, h. 
97 DuflFy Frank, laborer, h. 

DuflFy Matthew, laborer, b. 

Farlow James C. clerk, h. 

Henry rfarry, laborer, h. 

Lynn James, actor, b. 

Mx:Bride Bernard, laborer, h. 

Cornell Street. 

10 Drury Bridget, widow, h. 
12 Hassett Cornelius, laborer, h. 
Schmidt Alfusse. machinist, h. 
14 McCabe FrancisB. machinist, h. 
cor. Regent av. St. Vincent De 
Paul Infant Asylum 

Cory Street. 

3 Sundberg NeilsM. carpenter, h. 
24 Burke Richard, clerk, b. 
Healy Alice, Miss, h. 
McGrath Ellen Mrs. b. 
Reilly Patrick F. porter, b. 
Rhodes T. Alexander, clerk,b. 
Rhodes L. Wm. steam fitter, h. 
Rhodes S. Frank.laundrym'n.b 


House Directory. 

Cory St.— Continued, 

24 Smith Matthew, porter» b. 
Smith Thomas P. clerk, b. 

25 Keenan John C. b. 
McKenna Mary A. widow, h. 
McMahon Edward, carder, h. 
Mullen Mary A. Mrs. h. 

27 Galvin John J. watchman, b. 
Galvin Fatrick, laborer, h. 
Heron Mary, widow, h. 
McGuire Bartlet, laborer, b. 
McGuire Hugh, laborer, b. 
McManus Peter, laborer, h. 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, b. 

30 Flynn Margaret, widow, b. 
Walsh J. P. bookkeeper, h. 
Whalen Richard, reed mfg. h. 

31 Cory Lucy P. hat trimmer, h, 
34 Corr Ellen, Mrs. h. 

Stein Antonio, clerk, h. 
37 Duffy Hugh F. foreman, h. 
Parnum Oscar, bookkeeper, r. 
Knowles Corisanda M. wid. h. 
Wing Newton A. toolmaker,h. 

Cottage Street. 

8 Perkins Aimee Mrs. h. 
12 Hanson Peter, driver, b. 
Larsen Maurice, clerk, b. 
Lawton Edwin A salesman, h. 
Hislop Stephen H. b. 
Madsen Christian, manager,b. 
Madsen Mette C. widow, h. 

14 CobbChas. D. city weigljer.h. 
Mason Horace I. clerk, h. 
Oxx Henry G. clerk, b. 

15 Brown Robert H. clerk, rms. 
Cooke Byron S. liquors, b. 
Curry Aaron B. Mrs. h. 
Fisher Emanuel, jr. eng'r. h. 
Randall George B. clerk, rms. 

20 Boy n ton David A. cooper, h. 

Lizars John, h. 

Lyon Frank E. jeweler, rms. 

LA'on Pearl B. brakeman, h. 

Miller Walter jeweler, rms. 

Oxborough Andrew mach'st.r. 
25 Holden EdwardM. teamster, h. 

Lavelle Cyril, jeweler, h. 

Montigny Edward, jeweler,b. 

Montigny Joseph, jeweler, b. 

Montigny Louis, operator, b. 

Payette Almedos, laborer, h. 

Payette Almedos, weaver, b. 

Payette Narcisse, laborer, h. 

Payette Nelson, h. 

27 Begley Daniel, carpenter,. h. 

Follett Louis, laborer, b. 

Sharpe Mary G. widow, h. 
30 Aborn Ellen, widow, h. 

Aborn Frank, b. 
33 Cram Jennie Mrs. h. 

Parkins Matilda T. Mrs. h. 

35 Maynard Mary Mrs. h. 
Raymond Nellie Mrs. h. 
Smith John, laborer, h. 

36 Hamilton Geo. laborer, h. 
Hughes Thomas, machini8t,b. 
Kennedy Stover, driver, b. 
Kettles Bradford, jeweler, b. 

40 Simpson E. A. eating house,h. 
43 Hayes James, boilermaker, h. 

43 Shaw Elizabeth Mrs. h. 

44 Thurston Geo. S. foreman, h. 

Cottage Row. 

11 Barry John, laborer, b. 
Coleman Alice, widow, h. 
Conley Thomas, spinner, b. 

12 Enfield Arthur, weaver, h. 

13 Threas Lemario, weaver, h. 

14 Willette Archie, laborer, b. 
Willette George, laborer, h. 

15 Paquin Joseph, weaver, h. 

16 Carter Henr^, helper, h. 

17 Frechette Joseph, weaver, h. 

19 Ingham A. carpenter, h. 
Ingham Robert, helper, b. 
Ingham Samuel, machinist, b. 

20 Brooks Friend, sec. hand, h. 

21 Garrett Thomas, h. 

22 Hall Chas. H. d resser tender, h. 

23 Gregory John, weaver, h. 

24 Phillips Chas. teamster, b. 
Rankm George, b. 
Rankin James, engineer, h. 
Rankin Wm. operative, b. 
Richardson Chas. W. teams' r,b. 

25 Lemay Robert, grocer, h. 

26 Desjarlais John B. operative, h. 

27 Drew Wm. weaver, h. 

28 DeverellFrancisW. sec. hand, h. 

29 Sullivan Jere. weaver, h. 

30 McCann John, b. 
McCann Margaret, widow, h. 
Robertson Hugh W. weaver, h. 

32 Cashman Chas. W. clerk, b. 
Cashman John, loomfizer, h. 
Cashman Jos. T. student, b. 

33 Hoyle Sarah, h. 

34 Hoyle Emor. h. 

35 Greenwood Arthur,overseer,h. 

House Directory. 


36 Beaven Sarah, widow, h. 

38 Hill John S. dyer. h. 

39 Bouchard Gedeon, hairdrsr. h. 

[long block wanskuck.] 

40 Taylor Thos. laborer, h. 

41 Bryant Margaret D. Mrs. h. 

42 Plumline Mary A. widow, h. 

43 Curtin Michael, laborer, h. 

44 Blank Octave, laborer, h. 

45 Rivers Lewis, laborer, h. 

46 Brouillard Ernest, spinner, b. 
Broaillard Michel, h. 
Brouillard Omere, laborer, b. 
Brouillard Ovide, weaver, b. 
Brouillard Wilfrid, spinner, b. 

47 Rowell John, second hand. h. 

48 Beaulieu LeanderH. weaver, h. 
Beaulieu William, laborer, b. 

49 Crossin Charles, laborer, h. 
Crossin Patrick, carder, b. 
Crossin Terrence F. laborer, b. 

50 Kuhl Mary, widow, b. 

Thi erf elder August, laborer, h. 

51 Piche Jules, laborer, h. 

52 Bloom John, weaver, h. 

53 Hearing Thomas, weaver, h. 

54 Cavannaugh Mary, widow, h. 
Koenig Hermine Mrs. h. 
Koenig Paul, operative, b. 

55 McCue James, operative, h. 

56 McCormick Fred, painter, h. 

57 Kuba G. Henry, weaver, h. 
Kuba Henry G. carpenter, b. 

58 Golden Joseph, machinist, b. 
Golden Mary A. widow, h. 

59 Parente John, laborer, h. 

61 Henry Catharine A. widow.h. 

62 Campbell Bridget Miss, h. 
Irwin Maggie Miss, b. 

63 Simon Frederick, weaver, h. 


66 Lovely Philip, weaver, b. 
Picara Eugene, weaver, h. 

67 Blanchard Joseph. loom fixer, h. 
Carrier Edward, weaver, b. 
Carrier Joseph, weaver, b. 

68 Carrier Alfred, weaver, h. 
Carrier Amiel, weaver, b. 

69 Berube Napoleon, weaver, b. 
Burnett Treffle. plumber, b. 
Inkerman Eugene, weaver, b. 
Paquette Eugene, weaver, h. 

70 Lemay Robert, grocer 

88 McNiit Catharine, widow, h. 
McNiff James, teamster, h. 

88 McNiflf Peter, painter, b. 

89 Godfrey Charles A. fireman, h. 

90 McCann James F. coremkr. h. 

92 St. Louis Adolphe, laborer, h. 
St Louis Firmier, laborer, b. 
St Louis Hormida8,laborer,b. 
St. Louis Urban, laborer, b. 

93 Favro Lewis, laborer, h. 

96 Lepine George, weaver, h. 

97 Willard Leader Mrs. h. 

98 Horan Joseph, weaver, h. 

112 Haley Wm. S. second hand, h. 

113 Dainton Richard, laborer, h. 
Dowdinc; Jesse W. polisher, b. 
Merritt Harriet Mi-s. h. 

114 Spencer George, designer, b. 
Spencer James, laborer, h. 

115 Smith Benj. carder, h. 

116 Beaulieu Napoleon, weaver.h. 
Cody Frank, weaver, b. 
Lovely CharlesG.secd. hand. b. 

117 Heaton John, cloth insp. h. 

11 8 O'Malley Patrick, laborer, h. 

119 Dupont Jeremie. carpenter, h. 
Dupont terry A. bookkeeper, b. 

120 Rivers Eugene, loomfixer, h. 

121 Janes Clarence N. b. 

Janes N. H. dresser tender, h. 

Courtland Street. 

c. Gesler. Courtland St Prim. Sch'l 
4 Fitzpa trick John E. clerk, h. 
Rodgers Michael, liquors, h. 
9 Nocole Herbert H. plasterer. h. 

Regan Peter, blacksmith, b. 
12 Ahern John, stonecutter, b. 
Campbell T. F. steamfitter. b, 
McCarron O. F. machinist, h. 
14 Scott John T. painter, h. 
Scott Walter T. jeweler, b. 
Sprague W. F. machinist, h. 

17 Kendrick Solomon. overseer, h. 

18 Danahy John J. piper, b. 
Danahy Patrick, carpenter, h. 
Hines Edward, liquors, h. 
Hines Edward, jr. liquors, b. 
Hines Kate T. Miss, teacher. b» 

21 Orcutt Edward S. foreman, h. 
23 Briggs Harry A. civ, eng. b. 

Cobb Leonard M. student, b. 

Reese Charles A. student, b. 

^tevens Arabelle A. Mrs. h. 

Tinkham Angenette E. W. h* 
30 Cordery Jesse W. clerk, b. 

Cordery Sarah W. Mrs. h. 

Fleckhamer Josephine Mrs. h» 


House DrREcroRV. 

Courtland St.—Coniinued. 

30 Fleckhamer Louis A. mchstb. 
32 Abraham Jas. silversmith, h. 

Johnston William H. mach. h. 
37 Carpenter HannahG.widow.b. 
' Tinkham D. C. H. draperies. h. 

42 Franey Jas. T. salesman, b. 
Franey Thos. machinist, h. 
Franey Thomas T. clerk, b. ' 
Horton Donald C. fireman, b. 

43 Keenan Margaret Mrs. h. 
Kitcheman E. wool sorter, h. 
Parkinson C. Mme.clairvn't.h. 

47 Jones Mary A. widow, h. 
Whiting Chas. A. laborer, h. 

48 Hoxsie Clark T. machinist, h. 

54 Weeden Fred H. carpenter, h. 

55 Bishop Robert B. supt h. 

57 Bradley Robt. jr. jeweler, h. 

Charnley Nugent, finisher, b. 

Simpson Jas. D.hairdresser.h. 
^i Hope Geo. H. compositor, b. 

Hope George W. printer, h. 

Thornton Harold E. clerk, b. 
70 Case Ella Miss, h. 

72 Christianson Hans, driver, h. 
White Irving S. overseer, h. 

73 Fitzgerald Wm.R. teamster,h. 
Jordan Robert, asst. janitor.h. 

77 Andrew Albert L.machinist,b. 
Andrew A. Thomas, in.agt. b. 
Andrew Eddy E. machinist,b. 
Andrew Ernest P. at B.& S.b. 
Andrew Laura S. widow, h. 
Barnes Marshall P. b. 

78 Jackson Chas. B. machinist,h. 
Rodman Constant T. mchst,h. 

81 Gibson J. Fred, druggist, h. 

84 Mann Joseph M. Mr.&Mrs. h. 

85 Gardiner Thomas J.slsman. h. 
89 Foster John Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Tillinghast John R. Mrs. h. 
Ill Anthony David C. Mrs. h. 
113 Anthony David C.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
120 Barrows F. A. shippingclk, b. 

Brooks John A. clerk, b. 

Mathewson P. M. Mrs, h. 

Mathewson Charles S. h. 

Steele Ira S. jr. clerk, b. 
123 Herrick E. T. Mr & Mrs. b. 

Herrick Geo. E. clerk, b. 

Knight Edwin Mr. and M^s.h. 
126 Gardiner Adeline, widow, h. 

Hazard M. C. Miss, t'chr. b. 

Hazard Sarah M. Mrs. h. 
129 Lewis Adelbert J. h. 

129 Lewis Jason Mrs. h. 

Whipple Jeanette B. widow,h. 

134 Forsyth William S. gilder, h. 
Hawkes J. Grant, clerk, h. 
Sneeston Robert, watchmkr, b. 

135 Armington A. H.Mr.ft Mrs.h. 
Armington H. H. student, b. 
Taylor Marv J. Mrs. h. 

136 Dawley H. E. Mrs. dressmkr. 
Dawley Vernon H. clerk, h. 
McArtbur Isabella, nurse, b. 
Miller Edward H. driver, h. 

142 Alexander C. Henry, h. 
Paine Hannah S. Miss, rms. 
Robbins W\ A. carpenter, h. 
Waible Henry, baker, h. 
Walker Robt. M.bUcksmth.h. 

143 Greene Lucy, h. 
Greene Mary A. Miss, h. 

147 Eaton Josephine Miss. h. 

Haskins G. E.trav. salesmn.h. 

150 Johnson Joseph G. teamster, h. 
Read George W. painter, h. 

151 Dailey Moses P. nurse, h. 

152 Kelley Joseph A. clerk, h. 
Tucker Edwin B. teamster, h. 

153 Johnson Anna M. widow, h. 
Weld Geo. B. toolmaker. b. 
Weld Mary E. b. 

158 Harris C. W. grocer 
160 WELLS BYRON W. coal & 
wood, etc. (see page 114). 

167 Cameron John D. laborer, h. 
Cleveland Geo A. foreman, h. 
Pratt Edgar L. jeweler, b. 
Pratt Wm. machinist, b. 
Ripley Joseph B.watchman.b. 

168 Wells B. W. coal & wood. h. 

169 Dickinson Everett S. clerk, b. 
Dickinson M. W. "Journal," h. 
Dickinson M. W. jr. clerk, b. 
Lally T. C. Mrs. dressmkr. 
Lally Wm. T. adv. agent, h. 

170 Taber Wm. E. salesman, h. 
Taber Wm. E. jr. clerk, b 

i7orSanger Harry N. hostler, h. 
174 Mitchell Geo. M. filecutter. b. 

Mitchell Geo. W. mason, h. 

Mitchell J.Eldred,machinist,b. 

Mitchell Walter S. student, b. 

Peckham John H. driver, h. 

Courtright Street. 

8 Allen Abner G.. P. F, D. h. 
10 Allen Chas S. meter setter 

House DmEcroRy. 


Covell Street 

3 Millard Wm. F. finisher, h. 
Street George E. weaver, h. 
1 1 Gray John, weaver, h. 

McKenna Wm. P. machinist, h. 

15 Burke John, laborer, h. 
Flanagan Ann. widow, h. 

1 6 Brown Edward, clerk, b. 
Burke Mary A. widow, h. 
Hunt Edward F. clerk, h. 
RyanEliz'h&Minnie, Misses,h. 

19 Taylor Wm. operative, h. 
Underwood A. engineer, h. 

20 Knight Arthur, weaver, h. 
Walsh Matthew J. laborer, h. 
Walsh Wm. A. plumber, b. 

22 Lawson Thomas, laborer, h. 
White William, carpenter, h. 

23 Boyce Wm. operative, h. 
Foley Michael, overseer, h. 

27 Brock Roger, carpenter, b. 
McNamara John, laborer, h. 
McNamara Thomas, carp'er.b. 
Ryan Martin, operative, b. 
Ryan Patrick, operative, h. 
Ryan Patrick T. operative, b, 
Ryan Wm. J. plumber, b. 

28 Gibbons Ellen Miss, drsmkr. 
Hanley Bridget, h. 
Hanley John J. b 

30 Connors Wm. F. foreman, h. 
Kelly John F. operative, b. 
Kelly Joseph, clerk, b. 
Kelly Thomas, laborer, h. 

31 Casey Daniel, operative, h. 
Darsey John J. dresser tndr.h. 
O'Donnell John, laborer, h. 

34 Lally David, loomfixer, b. 
Malone John, driver, h. 

35 Lucas Charles, jeweler, h. 
Lucas Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Lucas MichaeI,'confectioner,b. 
Tynan John F. machinist, h. 

40 Holaw Thomas, h. 

Lally Catharine, widow, h. 

Lally Michael, weaver, b. 

Lally Thomas, operative, b. 
42 Gorman Annie, widow, h. 

Harrigan Michael, teamster, b. 

Lee Geo. W.dressertender, h. 

Murphy John, operative, b. 

46 Fowler John, laborer, h. 
Waddington Sam'l, toolmkr,h. 
Whitehead Henry ,loomfixer,h. 

47 Counsell Thos. H. plumber, h. 
Hill Harry, weaver, b. 

47 Hill John, second hand, h. 
51 Gibbons John, granite, h. 

Kelley John P. clerk b. 

Kelley Michael T. clerk, b. 

Kelley Thomas F. laborer, h. 

Crandall Street* 

12 Hamer Samuel, laborer, h. 
15 Crowell Wm. H. machinist, h, 
18 Settle Fred, toolmaker, h. 
20 Verdon Robt. W. pedler, h. 

VerdonRobt. W.jr. teamstr.b. 
24 Collison Henry, plumber, h. 

CoUison Henry J. machinist.b. 

Collison Naomi Miss, drsmkr. 
26 Beard William, laborer, h. 

Terry Frank, woolsorter, h. 
30 Martin Albert R. machinist,b. 

Martin Frank, weaver, h. 

Cranston Street. 

2 Williams Sidney S. harness 

7 Clayton William, periodic^s 
Clayton's Express 

8 Sayles H. A. & Co. provisions 

10 Wamsitta Hall. 10 Cranston 
rm. 6, Excelsior Brass Band 
rm. 7,Brown Wm.E.painter.h. 

11 Larrivee Louis, eating bouse 

12 Tift John L. fish, etc. 

13 Imbruglio Nunziato, hairdrsr. 

14 Daniels Z. & G. crockery, etc. 

15 Hudson Thomas L plumber 

17 Kennedy Robert, baker 

18 Bebirjian Armenak. laborer.h. 
Bebirjian Hagop, jeweler, b. 
Bebirjian Jac jeweler, b. 
Beyhkjian H. jeweler, b. 
Biberjian Leon, laborer, b. 
Chandler E. E. tinsmith, h. 
Clarke Jonas W. vet surgeon, h. 
Derohannessian&Deohan, fruit 
Kajanjian Mick, tailor, b. 
Keorkian Harootane. lab. h. 
Gar abed ian Avak, at B.&S. b. 
Hairdebian Minas,stonesetr.b. 
Johnson Chas. D. confec'ry, b. 
Johnson Kasper D. confec. h. 
Manoogian Jacob, laborer, b. 
Ohannessian Chas. teacher, b. 

19 Dwyer Rich'd J. asst. jan'r. r. 
Nelson Henry C. physician 
Wells D. M. physician 

rm. 3, Tillinghast Kate Mrs. 

Timothy O'Connor, Florist, 

Blackstone Boulevaro 
272 Westminster 8t« 


House Dirbctory. 

Cranston St*^Continued, 

19 rm. 4, Ragan Thos. mldr. rms. 
rm. 5, Bates John M. exp'n, h. 
rm.6, Williams Amos C. fancy 

floods, h. 
rm. 7, StruthersClara J.Mis8,r. 
rm. 8. Craggy Chas. P. pntr. h. 
rm.9, Healy Stephen, jeweler, h. 
Wharf Sam'l. can vasser.b.,SpoonerW.E. jew'r.rms. 
rm. 12, Hilton W. D. agt. rms. 
rm 13, Powers Henry.gasftr.h. 
rm.14, Blaisdell HattieE.MisSp 

chiropodist, h. 
rm. 17, Davis Zola A. Mrs. 
bookkeeper, h. 
Mathewson Jeremiah, 
inspector, rms. 
rm.19, ShattuckF.W. denft.h. 
Wood Clarence, mach.r. 
rm.2i, Allen F. R. gate tndr.h. 
rm.22,KiesN. M.Miss,dressmkr 
rm.23,Tumell Everett,plum.b. 
Turnell Jos. clerk, h. 
20 Johnson Bros, confectionery 

Johnson Mardiros, fruit, etc. b. 
22rBaligian Mardiros, b. 

Balieian Peter, fruit, etc. b. 
Cottle Edward B.watchman,h. 
Cottle Robt. W. hackman, b. 
Greene Abby L. Mrs. h. 
Kasabian H. at B. & S. h. 
Parillo Baldassarre, tailor, h. 
Rooney Frank, washer, h. 
Trudeau J. B. wheelwright, h. 
J3 WARWICK BROS.upholster- 
ers, (see page 106) 

24 Rice W. C. & Co. plumbers 

25 Cargill Chas. & Son, ppr.hngrs. 

26 Cady Bertha Mrs. h. 
Cottle Frank, hostler, b. 
Hilken William, hostler, b. 
Johnson Chas. P. iceman, h. 
Miller Wm. plasterer, h. 

27 Door of Hope Mission 

28 Cory Charles S. hairdresser, h. 
Martin Robt. J. cook, h. 
Stone John A. weaver, rms. 
Voorneveld Theo. florist, rms. 

28>iMelucci Anthony, tailor 

29 Bander & Silverman, grocers 

30 Cory Chas. S. hairdresser 

32 D'Amico Giuseppe, hairdrsr.b. 
Olivieri Saverio, hairdrsr. b. 
Palandi Antonio, laborer, b. 

32 Pallante Antonio, hairdrsr. h. 
Pallante Michael, hairdrsr. h. 
Pallante Thomas, hairdrsr. h. 

34 Sing Charles, laundry, h. 

35 Peckham John G. watchmaker 

36 Baligian Bros, fruit, etc. 
Baligian Mardiros. rms. 
Baligian Peter, confec'nery, r. 

37 Hutchins G. agt. gas fxts. etc. 

38 Brown Robt H. hairdresser 
Chambers Victor D.cigars.etc. 

40 Babcock Saris, salesman, h. 
Shaw Jane Mrs. h. 

Wilson William, japanner, b. 

41 Freeman Thomas, shoemaker 
Peirce Thos. L. & Co. masons 

42 Armstrong Car. Co. car.repos'y 
McGinn T. & Son.horseshoers 

43 Carmen Chemical Co. 

47 Cook James W. hostler, rms. 
Donovan Henry, stable 

48 Beckwith On'in,meat cutter,r. 
Lavoie Urbain, carpenter, h. 
Morrill Everett P.,U. R. R. b. 
Mulligan Bernard, hostler, rms. 
Potter David T. h. 
Turgeon J. A. carpenter, rms. 

49 Benson Peter, porter, b. 
Brown Kitty Mrs. b. 
Chase Edwm, carpenter, b. 
Corri^an Mary Miss. b. 
Flemmg John, laborer, b. 
McElroy Chas. E. shoemaker, b. 
McHugn Edward.canvasser.b. 
Pepper Harlan N. boarding h. 
Regan Timothy, moulder, b. 

53 Adams Aaron, ticket seller, b. 
Adams A. H. clerk, h. 
Chandler Edwin H. clerk, rms. 
Cole Chas. V. salesman, h. 
Frazer Henry, machinist, b. 
Frazer Myra Mrs. h. 

57 Allan Rose, widow, h. 
Chapman H. W. trav.slsran.h. 
Clark Charles, clerk, b. 
Robinson Charles H. b. 
Robinson John D. stable, h. 

58 Hall Robert, physician, h. 

59 Tones Walter, blacksmith, h. 
Ken yon Herbert E.moulder,b. 
Robertson J.W. hairdresser, h. 
Willis F. E. Mrs. drsmkr. h. 

60 Hall Robert, physician 
63 Goodier Alice, widow, h. 

Hatha way Albert, jeweler, 
Rochon Anatole, printer. 

House Directory. 


63 Taylor George A. clerk, b. 
Taylor John H porter, h. 
Taylor Laurence, driver, b. 

68 Chadsey Terry G. clerk, h. 
Chadsey Merlon L. student, b. 
Potter Archibald B. clerk, b. 
Potter Arthur R. b. 

Potter William K. h. 
Rice Archibald B. h. 

69 Wilson George A. photog. h. 
Wixon Edgar V. collector, b. 
Wixon Ensign R. broker, h. 

71 Haskins Charles B. clerk, b. 
Haskins Ferdinand, mldr. h. 
Murray Chas. H.asst.f man,b. 

75 Hahn Isaac, braid mfg. h. 
Hahn J. Jerome, attorney, b. 
Nathanson Max, h. 

76 Anthony Henry B. clerk, b. 
Bowers A. M. Miss, sten. b. 
Bowers Seraphine A. Mrs. h. 
Collamore Edwin J. florist, h. 
CoUamore Edward M. b. 
Moore Frank M. brakeman, h. 
Roberts Margaret J. widow, b. 

79 Gallagher Mary E. Mrs. h. 
Mansur Bishara, clerk, b. 
Mason Harry R. architect, h. 
Mason Jane J. widow, h. 
Sherman Mattie Mrs. b. 
Smith James B. carpenter, b. 

81 Long ^aiah, warrant officer, h. 

82 West George W. glazier, h. 
West G. I. draughtsman, h. 
West Susie A. dressmaker, h. 

83 Logee William K. agent, h. 

84 McKenna Prank, iilecutter, h. 
Smith J. Mrs. dry & fancygds. 

90 McDermott J. F. & Co. tailors 

92 Briggs Baron J. carpenter, h. 
King Martha Miss, h. 
TurnbuU Edgar H. painter, r. 
rm. I, Gilmore Addie Mrs. h. 
rm. 8, King Martha Miss, b. 
rm. 10, Vickery W. porter, r. 

93 Badger Clarence R.,U.R.R.h. 
Badger Mary Mme. dressmkr. 
Howland Benj. L. teamster.h. 
Rowland Henry M. b. 
Howland Job L. laborer, b. 
Howland Wra. O. jeweler, b. 
Miner Frank, jeweler, b. 
Murray Walter, laborer, b. 

c. Burgess, Church of the Mediator 

94 Gilbert James A. physician 
98 Kelley Ellen, widow, h. 

98 Kelley Thos. F. pearl trim. b. 

Meehan Frank. cabinet mkr.h. 

Meehan John P. laborer, b, 
100 Barnes Agnes, widow, h. 

Mason M. A. Miss, supt. b. 

Women' sCityMission'ryL'ndry 
102 Walker Lurie A. Mrs. h. 

Vose Stephen S. carpenter, h. 
no Dandurand Geo.E. bairdrsr.b. 

Hubeley Fred'k E. plumber, h. 

Hurd G. L. photographer, h. 

Jennings Jas. ci^armaker, h. 

Lenney Mary, widow, b. 

Smith Maria L. Miss, artist, b. 
115 Abram Geo. L. carpenter, h. 

Carr Pardon W. foreman, h. 

118 Anderson John O. agt. h. 
Briggs Thomas R. h. 

119 lanantuoni Frank, shoemaker 
121 O'Connell John, teamster, h. 

O'Connell Thos. H. fitter, b. 
123 Chipman Edward S. grocer 

126 Beaford & Browning, grocers 

127 Carpenter Lucian, h. 

- demons Wealthy N. Mrs. b. 
Fenner Mercie A. Mrs. h. 
Root Frederick (U.S.N.) b. 
Root Hubert W. collector, h. 

128 B. & W. Hall 

130 Pellett Albert B. provisions 
132 Pooler John, baker, h. 

135 Bender Barnet, grocer, h. 
Shmirer Marcus, jeweler, h. 
Weaver E.H.Mrs.,h. 

136 Jin Moy, laundry 

137 Boehne Albert O. hairdresser 

138 Bartlett A. A. Mrs. var. store 
Bartlett Chas. H. real est. agt. 

140 Hebbard George, h. 

Hewitt Emma A. widow, h. 

Larrivee Louis, eat. house, h. 

Love Albert C. confectioner,h. 
142 Rosenberg G. umbrella repr. 

144 O'Donnell James, liquors, h. 
O'Donnell Wm. pressman, b. 

145 Hotel Francis, Mrs. E. A. 

Bacon Etta Mrs. b. 
Browe Frederick, architect, b. 
FitzgeraldOrmond E. la wy er, b. 
Lamb G. R. trav. salesman, b. 
Merry Chas E. clerk, b. 
Paye Charles T. spoons.etc.b. 
Price Walter, ins. agt. b. 
Price William E. broker, b. 
Rathbun Arthur T. clerk, b. 


House Directory. 

Cranston SU—Conimued. 

145 Richardson LouisD. survey* r.b. 

Searle Harvey K. foreman, b. 

Simmons Elisha A. b. 

Simmons Jesse O. novelties. b. 

S to well Geo. L. salesman, b. 

Strater Bernard, engraver, b. 

Thurber Philip, jeweler, b. 
150 Adams George A. clerk, h. 

Adams Wm. L. clerk, b. 

Blessing Jas. coremaker, b. 

Carter Joseph, moulder, b. 

McCormick A. plnmber, b. 
152 Maksoodian Moses, baker, h. 

Maksoodian Moosekh, baker 

Norsogian Hagop, baker, b. 

155 Allen Josephine A. widow, h. 
Man Anna H. Miss, h. 
Spencer Elmira. widow, h. 
Spencer Julia A. Miss, h. 

156 Brig^s Mary L. widow, h. 
Phillips Annie F. Miss, b. 
Ryan George F. printer, h. 

160 Catlow Joseph, mtg. jeweler, b. 

Catlow Thos. U. mfg. jewlr.b. 

Catlow Urban, h. 

Chandler Chas. B. chaser, h. 

Chandler Walter B. toolmkr.b. 

Tourtellotte Reed G. clerk, b. 
166 Coe Walter H. gold leaf, h. 

Eddy Charles H. clerk, h. 
174 Branch Alfred, b. 

Peckham J. A.carriage trim.h. 

180 Brown Frank A. operative, b. 
BrownW.E. elastic stockings,h 
Stowell EugeneM machinist,h. 

181 Cutler E. Mrs. variety store 
Cutler Harry, jeweler, h. 

183 Prezeau Charles, operative, b. 
Prezeau Clifford E. hairdrsr.b. 
Prezeau R. L. photographr, b. 
Prezeau Vanance, carder, h. 
Prezeau Vital, hairdresser, b. 

186 Clark Robert E. medicines, h. 
Patterson Sarah J. widow, h. 
Taylor Mary J. widow, h. 

187 Jamieson Gilbert L. tailor 
189 Kates Chas. D. carpenter, h. 

Taliman Mansig, bootmakr, h. 

191 Cox Stephen, laborer, b. 
Coyle Michael E.steamfitter,h. 
Hudson Rosanna, widow, h. 
Potter Hiram, jeweler, h. 

192 Belair Andrew, janitor, h. 
Matteson Ira O. moulder, h. 

T94 Sholes Samuel A. wood, etc. 

196 Shole§ Samuel H. teamster, h. 

197 Spink Robert C. h. 

Spink R. C. Mrs. variety store 

202 Gentrey Agnes Miss, b. 
Gen trey Wm. vet. surgeon 
Manchester E. L. ins. agt. h. 
Wheat Geo. H. salesman, b. 
Wheat Lucy A. widow, h. 

203 Remington Albert F. laborer, b. 
Remington F. A. clerk, h. 
Remington F. A.Mrs.drmkr.h. 

208 Hubbard Chas. A. broker 

Hubbard C. A. jr.inspector,b. 

Mathewson Eleanor V. wid.h. 
210 Joslin Myron L. grocer 
2iorf)owd Margaret L. widow, h. 

Dowd Thomas A. teamster, b. 
212 Clough Henry P. fur. mov. b. 

Hill Eliza A. Mrs. h. 

McGill Daniel L. hairdrsr. h. 
218 Manchester M. A. millinery 

220 St. Jacques W. H. reg. phar. 

221 Hunt George W. machinist, h. 
Pierce Helen F. Miss, h. 
Pierce Robert A. printer, b. 

222 Sullivan Annie G.Missdrskr.h. 

224 St. Jacques W. H. reg.phar,h. 

225 Domi^ian Artis, laborer, b. 
Nazanan Hagob, laborer, b. 
Nazarian Moorad, operative, b. 
Tateosian Tonor, laborer, b. 

227 Moodie A. Y. & Co. dry goods 

228 McGill Daniel L. hairdresser 

231 Smith Charles H. hardware 

232 Pistocco Louis, boots, etc. 
2^2 yi Lehmann Moses, bookseller 

233 Johnson Edwin F. clerk, b. 
Johnson Williard A. clerk, h. 

235 Chatman Amanda A. widow,h. 
Maker Amos, h. 

237 Spink William R.agent grocer 

238 Adams Thomas E. fish 

239 Bennett Albert L. clerk, h. 
Bennett Lester H. clerk, b. 
Brown Amanda M. widow, h. 
Brown Nicholas K. carp'r. h. 

242 Fisher Harriet M. Mrs. b. 
• O'Connor John T. driver, h. 

244 Grifl&ths John, baker, h. 
Knight A. H. jeweler, h. 

245 Davey William, packer, h. 
Davey William, R. P. student, b. 
Parsons Guy H. clerk, h. 

246 Parker Wm. T.& Co. reg. phar. 

247 Russell Wm. Bartlett, phys cian 
25or Martin John H.& Co.carpntrs. 

House Directory. 


Cats of Meats mrlTotKoDiffcrent Styles *♦ ^""'jsz ^£l.. 

253 McDonald Ed winG. provisions 
255 Boyce Arthur E. moulder, h. 

Brown Marcelia, widow, b. 

Earle Geo. A. jeweler, b. 

Earle Wm. L. machinist, b. 

Harrison John, b. 

Harrison T. jr. b. 

Tenney Pnoebe. widow, rms. 
257 Lee Hong, laundry 

259 Wright F.B. confectionery, etc, 

260 Aprahamian Apranan, lab. h. 
Nazarian Moorad, laborer, b. 
Palooian Hoshmat, carpntr. b. 
Sarkisian Sarkis. laborer, h. 

261 Weaver E. H. Mrs. eat. house 
263 Bursey George N. clerk, h. 

McWeeney J as. plumber, b. 

Randall Harriet Mrs. h. 

Randall Howard M. lab. b. 

Wright F. B. confectionery, r. 
265 De Pasquale Peter D.shoemkr. 
267 D'Aloia Emanuel, tailor 
269 Marjoram J. W. W. periodicals 
271 Gilmore Florence A. widow, h. 

Marjoram J. W. W. periodic'ls,h. 

Marjoram Wm. w. clerk, b. 

Taylor John H. porter, b. 
273 Dumont Sam i;elT. hairdresser 
275 Millman Geo. shoemaker 
279 Palizza J. B. statuary, h. 
281 Tighe Joseph, fruit, etc. 
283 Cabeen Walter C. plumber, b. 

Commette Alphonso, clerk, b. 

Commette Henry, clerk, b. 

Commette Jos. organ builder.h. 

Doldt Lelia F. widow, h. 
285 Sanford Frank A., U. R.R. b. 

Sanford Nelson, b. 

287 Malcom & Holden, grocers 

288 Bowen Wm. E. teamster, h. 
Lincoln Henry L. cook, b. 
Lincoln Louis M. confect'r, b. 
St. Laurent Ben, bricklayer, b. 
St. Laurent Daniel, mchst. b. 
St LaurentErnest,operative,b. 
St. Laurent Jos. operative, b. 

288|^ Beauregard Fra blr.h. 
Beauregard Fred, organ bldr.b. 
Perreault Touissaint. sexton h. 

290 Conc^don W. M. plumbing, etc. 

291 BarUett Alfred K. grocer 
294 Connolly Edward T. Mrs. h. 

Egan Michael, concreter. b. 
Goodwin Thos. F. jew^eler, b. 
Gormley lames, rub. wkr. b. 
Heaney John, foreman, b. 


294 Kelley James, engineer, b. 

Leary Michael J. rub. wkr. b. 

McCahey Hugh, plasterer, b. 

McKenna Edward, mchst. b. 

McKenna James, jeweler, b. 

Riley Bernard, concreter, b. 
296 Connelly Edw.T. upholsterer, h. 

298 Pen ten gill S. A. Mrs. var. store 

299 Carpenter John H. box mkr. h. 
Legg Susan, widow, h. 
Manson Mary F. widow, h. 
Pearson Lizzie, seamstress, h. 
Sharrock George A. b. 
Smith Willam, clerk, b. 

307 CargillChas. paper hangings.h. 

Cargill W. J. wall paper.etch. 

Lamb Harty L. hats, etc. h. 

Lehmann Julius, manager, b. 
311 Bissell Robert O. watchmkr.b. 

CrowellSarahL. Mrs.drsmkr. b. 

Gallup George T. engineer, h. 

Topp o?deeds,h. 
348 Barden Peter, marble worker 
350 Carr Emeline L. Miss, h. 
360 Stoddard Peter, baker 
362 Wood Wm. A. fish market 
368 French Martin V.B. painter, b. 

Whipple CharlesM.moulder,h. 

Whipple Mary E. Miss, b. 
370 Dolan James, coal and wood 
372 Millman Max. shoemaker 
374 Dolan Ann, widow, h. 

Dolan James, coal, h. 

Lee Sun, laundry 
376 Reynolds Frederick B. grocer 
378 Randall Frank E. var. store 
380 Nichols Charles M. h. 
382 Philips James L. physician 

Walker P. Francis, physician 
384 Kelley Edward, re^. phar. 
386 Dufault Arthur, hairdresser 

388 Bromley John H. mer. tail. h. 
Fletcher Patrick E. clerk, h. 
Holt Harriet A. Mr«j. bakery, h. 
Vars Pardon, coachman, h. 
Whittemore S. F. salesman, h. 

389 Leyden Geo. T. grocer 

390 Holt Harriet A. Mrs. bakery 

396 Stone Henry P. real est. h. 

397 Healey Patrick, coal 
404 Goff Fred A. clerk, h. 

Winsor Elmer, clerk, b. 
Winsor Henry A. carpenter, h. 
408 Bragg Clement P. reporter, h. 
ClafiinBenj.M. carpet cutter,h. 
Patterson A. J. drsmkr. h. 


House Directory. 

Cranston St,— Continued, 

408 Patterson E. A. Miss, m.tchr.b. 
414 Lemay AlbertT. hairdresser, h. 

Rogers John P. jeweler, h. 
417 Hopkins Chas. W. clerk, h. 

Hopkins Hannah C. widow, b. 

Mathews Geo. S. physician, h. 

419 Mathews Geo. S. physician 

420 Bristow Lottie E. widow, b. 
Davis Lina W. Mrs. h. 
Irwin Moses E. clerk, h. 

421 Carter David E. music tchr.h. 
Carter David E. Mrs. artist, h. 
Carter Wm. B. clerk, b. 
Johnson Wm. A. machinist, h. 

422 Henry Flora Mrs. b. 
lackson George L. b. 
[ackson Merle K. b, 
>utherlandLizzieMiss dmkr.h. 

Sutherland Margaret A. Mrs.h. 

424 Pearce Fred L. junk, h. 
Pearce John R. junk, h. 
Pearce M. E. dental student.b. 

425 Machon Albert Bjpatternmkr.h 
427 Walker Charles T. h. 

433 Griswold Horace P., P.F.D.h. 
436 Pike Calvin E. moulder, h. 

Pike Jabez C. moulder, b. 

Pike Lloyd T. clerk, h. 

Weaver Alice A. Miss, drsmkr. 

Weaver John E. salesman, h. 

Weaver Lucius E.brakeman,b. 

Weaver M. E. Miss,milliner,b. 

Weaver Susan Mrs. h. 
440 O'Brien John, marble worker 
442 Logan Lee, hairdresser 
444 Hop Sing, laundry 

451 Knight Ellen M. Mrs. h. 
Plympton W.D.real est. bkr.b. 

452 Bowen W. F. reg. pharmacist 

453 Thomson Alexander, jewlr. b. 
Thomson H. C. engraver, b. 
Thomson Isabella, widow, h. 

454 Corcoran John E. spinner, h. 
Taft Henry S., U. R. R., h. 
Taf t Irene W. widow, h. 

455 Andres Levings S. clerk, h. 
Collins William B. b. 
Pearson Josiah Wj)hysician,h. 
Thompson Mary F. Mrs. b. 
Townsend Cordelia, widow, b. 

456 Spink Marcus M. grocer 

cor. Superior, Cranston St. Baptist 

460 Gibson John, periodicals 
468 Douglass David, carpenter, h. 

468 Gibson John, periodicals, b. 
472 Sprague Wm. A. real estate 
481 ArnoldM.L.Miss&Co.var.stre. 
Walker Chas. C. bookkeeper, h. 

486 Aikin Elizabeth Mrs. h. 
Aikin Orrin M. S. bookpr. h. 

487 Kennedy H. J. grocer 

489 Easterbrooks M. E. Mrs. h. 

Wheeler Jos. G. produce, h. 
494 Hardon Bmily F. Mrs. dry gds. 
496 McDonald Malcolm, carpntr.h. 
498 Bemis Charles A. agent, h. 
507 Crowell Emily L. widow, b. 
509 Possner Albert P. prop. h. 
518 Capron George W. clerk, h. 

Capron Harold S. student, b. 

Capron Laurinda P. widow.b. 

Hey worth Geo. S. com.trav.h. 
527 Eddy Everett H. salesman, h. 

Eddy Mary F. widow, h. 
529 Kiernan Augusta F. b. 

Kiernan Charlotte J. h. 

Kiernan Henrietta, h. 

O'Connor Louis J. clerk, b. 
531 Holmes L. E. jeweler, h. 

Young Frank W. salesman, b. 
533 Saunders Henry B.manager,h. 

535 Walker Robert L. b. 
Walker R. N. jeweler, h. 

536 Knight Henry S. h. 

537 Smith Arthur F. clerk, h. 

555 Place Henry H. police, h. 

556 Randall Stephen O. cashier, h. 

557 Nichols Geo. H. physician 
559 Mowry Jesse E. physician, h. 

561 At well Segar S. shore dinrs.h« 

562 Crosbie Eleanor, Mrs. h. 
Wheeler Laura, Mrs. h. 

563 Mowry Jesse E. physician 

571 Bamford Thomas, clerk, h. 
Davis George H. hostler, h. 
Dwyer Thos. cabinet mkr. h. 

572 Eastwood John, janitor, h. 

573 Burke Henry M. clerk, h. 
Champlin Walter E. clerk, h. 
Lincoln CharlesB.bookbndr.h. 

575 Muc Gun Charley, laundry, h. 
577 Capaldi Joseph, plumber 
Petrone Louis, shoemaker 

579 Hay ward Henry A. clerk, h. 
Malaney M. Mrs. h. 
Tucker Etta Mrs. h. 
Tucker Fred. B. b. 

580 Bowen W. Fred, reg. phar. h, 

581 Smirar Max, grocer 

582 Irons Mary E. widow, h. 

House Directory. 



583 Reed Thomas L. wire insl. h. 
Reed Walter H. trav. sales, b. 

584 Adamson James W.hairdrsr.h. 
Mason £. M. Miss, h. 
Mason L. C. machinist, h. 

589 Negus George H. clerk, b. 

Seabury C. Frank, clerk, h. 

Seabury Elmer P. clerk, b. 
591 Blake Walter, optician, h. 
594 Bailey Clarence M. teams'r, h. 

Briggs Herbert J. clerk, h. 
596 Brown Fred'k N. student, b. 

Brown Wm. V. clerk, h. 

Kendall Frank F, producev h. 
610 Palmer P. A. bicycles, b. 

Palmer Fred H. physician 

Palmer Luther A. Mrs. h. 

Pierce Franklin A. civ. eng. b. 

Pierce Helen B. widow, h. 
6iorMathewson Elias H. coal 
617 Hough Henry I. druggist, h. 

Hough Mary A. widow, b. 
636 Healey James P. mason, b. 

Healey Patrick F. contrac'r, h. 

Matbewson E. H. coal&wd. h. 
639 Hodson William, U. R.R. b. 

Place Henry H. police, h. 
642 Mathewson Daniel, h. 

Whipple Edgar D. driver, h. 

Whipple S. T. calico printer, b. 
650 Murphy Michael J. physician 

Smith Godfrey M. jeweler, h. 

Sweet Frank E. bookkeeper, h. 
654 Henshaw Gorham, clerk, b. 

Henshaw Ophelia L. widow.h. 

Nelson Axel, grocer, h. 

Smith D. J. lithographer, b. 

Smith Walter E. clerk, b. 
660 Capron C. F. A. jeweler, h. 

Koch Alvin A. physician, h. 

Mishler Annie M. widow, h. 
665 Kerr James jr. baker, b. 

Senft Chas. E. hairdresser, h. 

667 Burnham Angelia B. wid. h. 
Burnham Perley N. clerk, b. 
Hixon Charles M. clerk, b. 
Sherwood Fred L. jeweler, b. 

668 Bessette Louis, provisions, h. 
Bessette L. Mrs. music tchr. h. 
Ham Allen V. B. b. 

Ham Franklin B.dep.sheri£E,h. 
Ham Geo. H. huckster, b. 
Trahan Alfred, jeweler, h. 
Trahan Clara Mrs. dresmkr.h. 

669 Stewart Bement P. jeweler, h. 
676 Bohan Gilbert, tailor 

677 Carroll Robert F. undertaker 
679 Carroll Robt. F. undertaker, h, 
cor. Lorea, Cranston Street, M. E. 

682 Jones Daniel F. plumber, b. 

Jones Thos. S. plumber, h. 

Rislev M. M. Mrs. drsmkr. b. 

685 Callahan Edward J. liquors, h. 

686 Bartholomew John A. b. 
McNally Jas. P. hackman, h. 

692 Millard Emily H. Miss, h. 

Millard Theodore H. grocer.h. 
694 Millard Theodore H. grocer 
696 Desmarais Jos. J. machinist,h. 

Josf W. F. clerk, h. 
698 Donahue John F. bicycles, etc. 

700 Bouchard Z. V. granite cutter 

701 Maglone John F. dry goods 

705 Crofton Bros, grocers 

706 Fenner T. M. reg. pharmacist 

708 Joyce Thomas, laborer, b. 
Stone Daniel, extracts, h. 
Stone F. J. Mrs. milliner, h. 

709 Downing Geo. L. clerk, b. 
Downing George M. h. 
Rittmann Emily F. widow, b. 

710 Normandy W.O. boots & shoes 

71 1 White Burdett, hardware 

712 Dermody Frank M. b. 
Dermody Martin, h. 

Luce C. W. pattern maker, h. 
Mills James H. foreman, b. 

717 Taylor F. W. & Co. grocers 

718 Coombs A. H. variety store 

719 Durning D. M. enameler, b. 
Normandy Henry, h. 
Pindikowsky Alex, painter, h. 
Rounds Waiter B. clerk, h. 
Walden F. W. silversmith, h. 

720 Williams Joseph, harness mkr. 
722 Sweet Darius A. fish 

724 Cooney Mary F. widow, h. 
Cooney Michael J. jeweler, b. 
Counton Daniel, plasterer, h. 
Fuller James E. jeweler, b. 

725 Fouchecourt Alcide, hairdrsr. 

726 Hopkins Ira, grocer 

727 Knight Ezra R. grocer 

728 Williams James T. hairdresser 
730 Hopkins Jas. H. silversmith, h. 

732 Moredock Edwin D. provisions 

733 Bristol Ella A. Mrs. h. 
Colvin Candace, widow, h. 
Seagrave Louia K. clerk, h. 

735 Simmons F. W. & Co. dry goods 
737 Clark Elisha S. iceman, h. 


House Directory. 

Cranston St.-^Conttnued, 

737 Clark Otis E. clerk, b. 
Colvin Charles E. driver, b. 
Colvin Wm. H. clerk, h. 

738 Bell Harry M. laundry 
739rBriges George M. teamster, h. 
74orBelT Harry M. laundry, h. 

Reynolds Mark A. laborer, h. 
742 McKenna Jas. H. blacksmith 

745 BarberW. L.&Co. bicycle grds. 
Nadeau Edward J. clerk, h. 

746 Walsh Patrick, shoemaker 
748 Howard Robinson R baker 
750 Howard Robinson R. baker, h. 

Kearns Tames, engraver, b. 

Keegan Margaret Mrs. h. 
752 Bohning Fred'k H. manager 
756 Mo wry Arthur P. b. 

Mowry Fred E. clerk, b. 

Taylor Frank W. grocer, h. 

765 Conant A. M. Miss, drsmkr. h. 
Tweed Isabella Mrs. h. 
White Josephine H. widow, h. 

766 Smith David, pearl worker, h. 
778 Hanson John H., U. R. R. h. 

Mowry Charles A. clerk, h. 

Mowry Daniel D. driver, h. 
786 Bradford James W. moulder, h. 
794 Verrill Jesse R. artist, h. 
803 Kidder Royal S. h. 

807 Gilmore & McGuire.blksmths. 

Crary Street. 

o Bolland Wm. engineer, h. 
23 McVicker James P. baker, h. 

Mulvey Michael, bricklayer,h. 

Mulvey Thomas, driver, b. 

Tammaro Carlo, shoemkr. h. 
23rKelly Patrick, laborer, h. 
25 Battaglio Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

DePaolo Antonio, laborer, b. 

Doyle Thos. butterine mkr. h. 
25rMurphy Martin L. laborer, h. 
42 Dunlavy Pat'k, at Gas Wks.h. 

McDonald Hugh, teamster, h. 

45 Gillen James, laborer, b. 
Gillen John, laborer, h. 
Hill Catharine, widow, h. 
Kilcran Michael, machinist, b. 
McNally Patrick, laborer, b. 
Reynolds F. laborer, b. 
Reynolds J. laborer, b. 
Rooney Thos. F. foreman, r. 

46 Brennan Mich'l blacksmth. b. 
Kenney Patrick, puddler, b. 

49 Curran Margaret, widow, h. 
Donovan William, clerk, h. 
LaBelle Arture. jeweler, b. 
LaBelle Joseph, laborer, b. 
LaBelle Minna, widow, h. 

50 Burke Arthur, jeweler, h. 
Cleveland Alex. lat>orer, b. 
Jussaume Lewis, helper, b. 
LaChance Alex, polisner, h. 

53 Bergeron Alfred, cabin' t mkr. h, 
St. Jean Henry, woodwkr. h. 

54 Conley John, laborer, h. 
Conley John J. laborer, h. 
Mullen Patrick, laborer, h. 

55 McCarthy Eliza Mrs. h. 
McCarthy Hannah Miss, h. 

56 Allen Ernest, jeweler, h. 
Allen Henry C. carpenter, h. 
Manning Patrick, laborer, h. 
Oeser Henry, baker, h. 

57 Hackett Michael, boiler mkr. h, 
Hackett Peter, teamster, b. 

58 Chandler George, clerk, b. 
Chandler Lucy C. Mrs. h. 
Connell Daniel, laborer, h. 
Manning Thos. E. moulder, b. 
McGuire Michael, laborer, h. 
McNiff Mary, widow, h. 

61 Clare John, fireman, h. 

62 BreitensteinAdolph, 
Breitenstein R. H. cab. mkr.h. 

64 Smith Jas. J. pearl worker, b. 
Smith John, laborer, h. 
Smith John T. polisher, b. 

65 Farrell Jas. H. jeweler, h. 
Farrell Thos. R. jeweler, b. 
Flynn Lawrence, clerk, h. 

67 Clark John P. jr. clerk, h. 

Kennedy Patrick, laborer, h. 

LowderHerbert,at ScrewCo.h, 

Moulton Nellie L. widow, h. 
71 Brennan Wm. laborer, h. 

Shea M. J. and E.F. Misses, h. 
75 Farrell Michael, buttonmkr. b, 

Mann George, gasfitter. h. 

McHugh Edward, laborer, h. 

McHugh John, laborer, b. 

McHugh Michael, laborer, b. 
79 Gallogly Felix, laborer, h. 

McGrath Bridget, widow, h. 
81 Violet Gustave, tinsmith, h. 
83 Breslin James, porter, h. 

Carberry J. C. watchman, h. 
83rCostello Patrick, laborer, b. 

Giblin Dominick, laborer, h. 

McDonough Michael, lab'r, b. 

House Directory. 


83rNilstrom Pbihp, toolmaker, b. 

Westman S at Screw Co. h. 
87 McCuen Ann, widow, h. 

McCuen William, laborer, b. 
89 Lavey Felix, machinist, b. 

Moffit Catharine, widow, h. 

Moffit John H. jeweler, b. 
91 Bogue James S. printer, b. 

Bogue John, pearl coverer, b. 

Bogue Michael, laborer, h. 

McManus Hugh, jeweler, b. 

McManus John, moulder, h. 

McManus Philip, laborer, b. 
93 Hayes John, jeweler, h. 

Walsh Wm J. polisher, h. 
95 Goodrich Charles, laborer, b. 

Goodrich Morton J. laborer, h. 

Keefe William, laborer, h. 
97 Read Wm. A. teamster, h. 

Read Wm. F. starcher, b. 
99 McPartlan Patrick, laborer, h. 

101 Hayes Isaac, laborer, h. 
Hayes Isaac, jr. laborer, b. 
Hayes James,^ clerk, b. 
Hayes Peter, file cutter, b. 
Hayes Thomas, driver, b. 

102 McHugh Edward, grocer 

103 Fitzsimmons Patrick, mach.b. 
Grant James, oyster opener,h. 
Kearns Thomas, laborer, h. 
McCool Owen, laborer, b. 

105 Dolan Joseph, laborer, h. 

Nugent James, laborer, h. 
107 Dyer James, laborer, h. 

Leonard Josephine, widow, h. 
109 Canning Frank J. jeweler, b. 

Canning James, jeweler, b. 

Canning Lawrence, jeweler, h. 

111 McDonald Elizabeth, Mrs. h. 
McDonald johnF. machinist, b. 
Redding Adelaide Mrs. h. 
ReddingEdwin, bookkeeper,b. 

112 Fois^ Frank, woodworker, h. 
Herfemanjames J.teamster,h. 

X13 McPartlan Miles, machinist, h. 

114 McLaughlin Edw. laborer, h. 

115 Deary Peter, laborer, h. 
1x6 Campbell James, laborer, h. 

Eade James H. teamster, h. 
Looney Michael, at ScrewCo.h. 
Rodden Patrick, laborer, h. 
Rodden Philip, jeweler, b. 
Tierney John, laborer, h. 

145 Household Sewing Mach'e Co. 

146 Brewer Charles, laborer, h. 
172 Sullivan John, soapine mkr. h. 

172 Trimble John, grocer, h. 
174 Kenney Michael, laborer, h. 

McDermott Michael, laborer, h. 

O'Shea Edward, laborer, h. 

Roddy John, laborer, h. 
i74rLynch Patrick, laborer, h. 

Lynch Peter, teamster, b. 

Shields Patrick, porter, h. 
178 Connell Daniel.laborer, h. 

Connors James, laborer, h. 
180 Bridges William, sailor, h. 

182 Jordan Mary, widow, h. 
McEllin Thomas, gardener, h. 

183 Cannon Francis, laborer, h. 
Cannon Frank J. plumber, b. 
Deignan Ann T. widow, h. 
Deignan Edward, laborer, b. 
Deignan Tames H. laborer, b. 
Deignan Peter A. laborer, b. 
Flynn Patrick, h. 

186 Donley Michael, laborer, h. 
Earley Patrick, laborer, h. 
Kenneyjames, laborer, h. 
O'Neil Thos. A. laborer, h. 

187 Donahue John, laborer, h. 
Handy Chas. P. jeweler, h. 
StarK Andrew A. refiner, h. 

i8g Cramer Patrick, laborer, h. 

Craven Street. 

^4 Brown Isadore L. widow, h. 

Hardon E. F. Mrs. dry gds. h. 

Hardon Henry, dry goods, h. 

Stimpson Annie L. teacher, b. 
26 Reynolds Horatio N. clerk, h. 

Reynolds Winthrop B.clerk,h« 
28 Ashworth Henry, clerk, h. 

Ashworth John, clerk, b. 

Ashworth Lucy E. w^idow, h. 
30 Cooper May M. widow, b. 

Smith Fred'k B. teas etc. 

Crawford Street. 

3 Paull Zebedee, produce 
7 Pease L. F. & Co. sailmakers 
17 Badessa Placido, shoemaker 
19 Sweetland Henry F. hotel 
AUston Turner, cook, rms. 
Antonius Joseph, cook, rms. 
Jackson Isiah, hostler, b. 
Tucker Wm. H. watchman, r. 

Crawford Square. 

cor. Dyer, Day building 

Chester F. E. & Co. toys, etc. 

Timothy O'Connor, 

BlAokstone Booleyard Flowers Delivered 

and In any 

2 72 Westminster St. Part of the Country 


House Directory. 

Crei8:htoii Street. 

9 Arnold William H. b. 

Tracy Phebe R. widow, h. 
II Foster Robert G. h. 
13 O'Conner Edw.DeV.lawv'r.h. 
1 5 Cottrell James C. tailor, h. 
17 Whaley AdelbertR.Bta.mas.h. 

Williams Chester F. teacher, b. 

19 Kelly Dorcas, widow, b. 

20 Talbot Fred E. manager, h. 
Tully Wm. J. special, b. 

23 Gould Emily Miss, h. 
23 JoUs Jennie H. Miss, h. 
25 Gannon James J. clerk, b. 

Gannon Mary J. Mrs. ladies' 
furnishing goods, h. 

Gannon Thomas, h. 

28 Doran Catharine F. tchr. b. 
Doran James, engineer, b. 
Doran John, lawyer, h. 

29 Allen Francis O. sec. h. 
Barton Theodore A. h. 

31 Sheldon Walter G. architect, h. 

35 Olney Chaj^les P. coal, h. 

37 EngquistCaroline.ladieshrdrs. 
Engquist Gertrude E. massage 
Engquist Olive S. Miss, h. 
Wake John N. h. 

Crescent Street. 

25 Dane Annie B. Mrs. h. 

Dane Girard. clerk, b. 

Sheffield Fredie. jeweler, b. 

Sheffield James W. b. 

Sheffield Lewis C. b. 

Sheffield Sarah S. Mrs. h. 
55 Orr Carl E. silversmith, b. 

Orr Chas. S. letter carrier, h. 

Orr Francis B. chaser, b. 

Orr Jas E. silversmith, h. 
64 Martin Alexandre, slv'rsm'h.h. 
138 Bellamy Henry, silversmith, h. 
146 Harding Lester A.slvVsm'h.h. 

Crescent Terrace. 

1 Hayward Arthur G. b. 
Higgins John C. clerk, b. 
Storms wm. R. Mr. & Mrs.h. 

2 Chase George W. carpenter, h. 
McCallum Chas. foreman, h. 

3 Jerauld J. R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

4 Clark Mary E. widow, h. 
Holland Frank, watchman, h. 

Crimea Street. 

10 Reynolds Bern ard.oper'tive, fa- 
Reynolds Eugene G. mach. b- 
Reynolds Jas. P. rub. wkr. b* 

15 Allen Mowry A. brakeman, h« 
Keenan Hugh, engineer, h. 

16 Daley Edmund S.machinist,b. 


as. stonecutter, h. 


Glynn ] as. E. machinist, b. 
Glynn John F. engraver, b. 
Glynn Thos. W. clerk, b. 
Kean Catharine E. widow, h. 

Cromwell Street. 

6 Taft Catharine, teacher, b. 

Taft Frank P. liquors, b. 

Taft John L. salesman, b. 

Taft Lawrence, h. 

Walsh Patrick, wheel wright,h. 
8 Cram Henry, auctioneer, h. 

Cram Henry C. lawyer, b. 

Cram Howard A. clerk, b. 

Cram Mary B. Miss. teacher, b. 

10 Cole Mattie M. Miss, b. 
Cole Wm. H. teamster, h. 
Farrell Anna Miss, teacher, h. 
Farrell Emma Miss, tchr. b. 

11 Covell Wm. W. mfg. jewlr. h. 
Fisher Fred, silversmith, b. 
Fisher Harry, tool maker, b. 
Hassett Bert. rubber worker, b. 
Maher John, jeweler, b. 
O'Brien Ellen Miss, h. 
Parish Walter, polisher, b. 

15 Bernhardtson C. elec. trim. h. 
Johnson John, laborer, b. 
Lindsay Hannah, widow, h. 

iSrStickney Edmund C. slsmn. h. 

16 Davis Arthur D. inspector, h. 
Davis Harry D. clerk, b. 
Franklin M. B. picture hks. h. 

17 Felker Fred W. engraver, h. 
Felker John P. tailor, h. 
Ray David G. silversmith, b. 

19 Harris Rollin A. h. 
21 Johnston G. S. clerk, h. 

Leach James H. h. 

Sherman Edith B. widow, b. 
77 Potter E. A.& Co.sboe lacings 

Prov. Wire Nail Co. 

WhitneyPearlCo. pearl buttons 
81 Higgins James, laborer, h" 
85 D'Arcy Charles E. mach. h. 

St. John Richard, tinsmith, h. 

House Dibsctory. 


Cross Street. 

25 Sullivan Michael, laborer, h. 
27 Preston Willis A. teamstr. h. 

White Mosely, teamster, h. 
68 McEnanley James, junk, h. 

McEnanley jas. P. mach. h. 

74 TMmalty Michael, laborer, h. 

75 Leahy Michael, grocer 

76 Cusick Wm. F. plumber, h. 
McCarthy Daniel, mason, h. 

76rWisdom Margaret, widow, h. 

77 Leahy Michael, grocer, b. 
Leahy Patrick, <5lerk, b. 
McElroy Hugh, h. 
Morris Samuel, laborer, h. 

82 Haley Bernard, pedler, h. 
McNally John, laborer, b. 
McNally Martin, fireman, h. 

83 Cavannaugh John, laborer, h. 
Freeman Michael, engineer, h. 
Grady Daniel, shippingclerk,h. 
Tomhnson John, loomfixer, h. 

83rMahoney Francis J. printer,h. 
Mahoney Frank, operative, b. 
McOsker Daniel J. bookkpr. h. 
Quinn Margaret Mrs. h. 
Quinn Peter, printer, b. 

88 Gallagher Ann. widow, h. 
Mulvey John E. liquors, h. 
Mulvey Joseph E. operative, b. 

8 8r Armstrong Jos. blksmth. b. 
Cranshaw Robert, helper, h. 
Higgins John, operative, b. 
McOsker Fergus J. h. 
McOsker Marg.F.Miss, tchr.b. 

89 Marlow Patrick, teamster, h, 
Marlow PatrickH.coal&w'd,b. 

93 Bishop Joseph, engineer, h. 
Doeg Frank H. engineer, h. 
Fisher James J. moulder, h. 

94 King John, laborer, h. 
King Ro$e A. drsmkr. h. 
Mulvaney M. J. laborer, b. 
Mulvaney Peter, laborer, h. 
Stuart Hugh A. clerk, b. 
Stuart Margaret, widow, b. 

95 Curtin Patrick, laborer, h. 
Fisher Dellon D. laborer, h. 

97 Carney Richard, laborer, h. 

Dwyer John, laborer, h. 
99 Bums Hugh, laborer, b. 

Burns James, grocer 
102 Martin Tames, hairdresser 
ic Bailey wm. blacksmith, h. 
McLoughlin Kate, widow, h. 

106 Martin James, hairdresser, h. 
O'Connell D. J. provisions, h. 

Crout Street. 

3 Gizzarelli Carmine,shoemkr,h. 
Tomassi Angelo A. laborer, b. 

4 Cardillo Antonio, laborer, b. 
Cardillo Giovanni, laborer, b. 
Fazzini Antonio, laborer, b. 
Fazzini Desiderio. laborer, b. 
Catolozzo A. laborer, h. 
Longo Gaetano, laborer, b. 
Matarese Gaetano, conftny, h. 

10 Antonelli Raffaele, laborer, h. 
Casparrino Pasc^uale, labrer.h. 
DiNufrio Antonio, laborer, b. 
Farrina Antonio, laborer, b. 
Folco Pacifico, laborer, b. 
Mariani Nicola, laborer, h. 
Marian i Vincenzo, laborer, b. 
Riccardi Luigi, laborer, b. 

18 Cambio Camille, tailor h. 
Caruso Gaetano, liquors, h. 
Sassi Cosmo, laborer, h. 
Sferri Joseph, grocer, h. 

19 Cardosi Egidio. image mkr. h. 
Catelli Angelo, operative, h. 
Fiorani Adolfo, image mkr. b. 
Mocci Charles, laborer, h. 
Papini Antonio, image mkr.b. 

22 DeSimone Luigi, laborer, b. 
DiMitro Giovanni, laborer, b. 
Lombardi Angelo, laborer, b. 
Medici Celso, laborer, h. 
Paolisso Enrico, laborer, b. 
Paolisso Giovanni A.laborer,b. 
Pozzessere Antonio, carpn. b. 
Pozzessere Giusseppe.carpn.h. 
Vessella Antonio, clerk, b. 
Viti Francesco, shoemaker, h. 

23 Cardillo Giuseppe, laborer, h. 
Fontanella Bartolomeo, lab.b. 
Vastano Joseph, operative, b. 

24 Janson John, laborer, h. 

25 Battista La vino, laborer, b. 
Capozzoli Antonio, teamster, h. 
Capozzoli Louis, hairdrsr. b. 
Di Biasi Domenico, helper, b. 
DiScenza Nicola, laborer, h. 
Fusco Salvatore, laborer, b. 
Fusco Sylvester, pedler, b. 
Pazzanese Eugenio. bootblk.h. 
Pazzanese James, hairdrsr. b. 
Tamburro Cristenziano, lab.b. 

26 Antonelli Francesco, laborer, h. 
Ciaramelli Francesco, lab. b. 


House Directory. 

Crout SU^Continued, 

26 DeFilippo Antonio, laborer, b. 
Lombardi Eraclio. laborer, b. 
Lonardo Tommaso, laborer, b. 
Laongo Domenico, laborer, b. 
Mastrangelo Domenico, lab. h. 

27 Ginty Andrew, concreter, b. 
Kelly Patrick, laborer, b. 
McHugh John, carpenter, b. 
McHugh John, laborer, h. 
McHugh Patrick, carpntr. h. 
McHugh Patrick, laborer, b. 
McKenna James, laborer, b. 

28 Antonelli Vincenzo, laborer, h. 
D'Alesio Luiei, laborer, b. 
DeSisto Nicola, laborer, b. 
DiMuccio Giovanni, laborer, h. 
Giarrusso Andrea, laborer, b. 
Giorgianni Paolo, laborer, b. 
Novembrino N. tailor, b. 
Rega Francesco, laborer, b. 
Sabbatino Nicandro, baker, h. 

34 Ailano Antonio, laborer, b. 

DeRollio Lui^i, grocer, h. 

Giampaolo Nicola, laborer, b. 

Maffoud Joseph, pedler, h. 

Mancini Pasquale, laborer, h. 

Rehill James, laborer, b. 

Rehill Michael, laborer, b. 

Rehill Thomas, laborer, b. 

Robbio Luigi, provisions, h. 

Tammir Peter, pedler, b. 

Zelano Antonio, operative, b. 

Zelano Costanno, laborer, h. 

Zelano Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
38 Caruti Francesco, laborer, b. 

Lombardi Francesco, lab'r, b. 

Pascarelle Luigi, painter, b. 

Piscioni S. laborer, b. 

Piscioni Vincenzo, laborer, b. 

Pitocco Eraclio, laborer, b. 

Scorpio Giuseppe, laborer, h. 

Scorpio Raffaele, laborer, h. 

Crown Street. 

2 Fox John J. machinist, h. 
Murray Patrick, porter, h. 

Crown Street. 

(Ward 8.) 

2 Perkins John V. medicines, h. 
4 Salsbury Jas. W.. U. R. R. h. 
10 O'Neil Martin, pedler, h. 

' Culver Street. 

cor. Dudley, Prov. Chandelier Co. 
5 Spofford Wm. S.& Son, tubing 
16 Gallagher Ellen Mrs. h. 

McCarron Peter, rubberwkr.b. 

Mullen John, bartender, h. 
23 Chase Rouse B. grocer . 
25 Sheehan Mary, widow, h. 

Sheehan Wm. H. jr. clerk, b. 
31 Amos John J. polisher, h. 

Conroy Mary, widow, h. 

McDermott B. laborer, b. 

McDermott Winifred Mrs. h. 

Potter Margaret, widow, h. 

Radican Michael, painter, h. 

Sheridan James, laborer, h. 

Sheridan Michael, laborer, b. 
47 Anderson Gustave,tinsmith,h. 

Fryer Alex, iron worker, h. 

O'Rourke Hugh, at gas wks.h. 

Strong Mary, widow, h. 

Cumerford Street. 

81 Bos worth Charles, mach. b. 

Bos worth Elizabeth, widow, h. 

Bosworth John, tinsmith, b. 

Bos worth Joseph, weaver, h. 
94 Burgess Wm. gold plater, h. 

Burgess Wm H. jeweler, h. 

Mahen John, carpenter, h. 
102 Bunn James, laborer, b. 

Clifford Edward P. pedler. h. 
109 Daly Patrick, operative, b. 

Monroe Annie Mrs. h. 

Wallace Charles, operative, b. 

Curtis Street. 

7 Lvons Patrick, laborer, h. 

M!oran Charlotte, widow, b. 

Wilson Chas. E. overseer, h. 
II Dansereau Geo. clerk, h. 

LeBlanc Arthur, clerk, h. 
53 Cooney James S. hairdresser. b. 

Cooney John T. hairdresser, b. 

Cooney Peter, spinner, h. 
55 Harrison Mary Miss, h. 

Harrison Patrick, mach. h. 
58 Exley Benj. B. section hand.b. 

Exley Reginald G. b. 

Exley Sam'l H. weaver, h. 

Exley William B. weaver, b. 
60 Hunt James M. clerk, b. 

Hunt M. J. expressman, h. 
64 Baldwin Thomas, h. 

Chapdelaine A. laborer, b. 

Chapdelaine C. carpenter, h. 

House Directory. 


Only Modern Mar tet In Hew England, nUnCE TOBLIC MA RK ET CO. 

70 Bayer George, weaver, rms. 

Malley Patrick, filecutter, b. 

Mulleady Patrick, woolsorter.h. 

Quinney Thomas W. piper, h. 
76 Daosereau Henri, operator, b. 

Dansereau Louis, operative, b. 

Dansereau Philip, helper, b. 

Dansereau Pierre, crpntr. h. 

Trainor Edward, carder, h. 

Trainor William, designer, b. 

Cushlng Street. 

^ Bailey C. E. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
^ Bailey W. W. Prof. & Mrs. h. 
8 Aldrich Amey O. Miss, b. 
Aldrich Elisha S.Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Gladding Abby P. Mrs. b. 
JO Williams Alonzo, Prof. &Mrs.h. 
Williams Alonzo R. student, b. 
13 Brown Ellen M. Mrs. h. 
22 Gladdipg M. A. Miss, h. 
24 McHugh Patrick, coach man, h. 

27 Peckham Eliza A. Miss, h. 
Peckham M. J. Miss, h. 
Peckham Susan Miss, h. 

28 Carrington Phoebe A. Mrs. h. 
Church Elton C. sec. h. 
Church Katherine A. widow.h. 
Hamilton Paul D. b. 

30 Woodward William C. h. 
32 Brownell Ernest H. civ eng.h. 
34 Lord Augustus M. Rev.& Mrs. 
sum. res- Kennebunk, Me. 

38 Matteson Frank W. h. 

-87 Franklin Thomas E. Rev. h. 
Rose Albert E. porter, h. 

39 Nichols S. F. hairdresser, h. 
^g^Teel Anna Miss. h. 

Walker John P. laborer, h. 
-91 Bates Harriet Mrs. h. 
99 Adams Rebecca, h. 
Merrill Mary Mrs. h. 
loi Greene N. P. janitor, h. 

Sadlier George W. janitor, h. 
105 Petri Valentino, shoemaker 

121 Bell Henry G. tinsmith, h. 
Miller Edward W. porter, h. 

122 Coleman Jos. P. coachman, h. 
Fuller Frank, driver, h. 
Grinnell Henry, h. 

Kelley Jane Mrs. h. 
Kelley Robert J. clerk, b. 
i22rProberg John L. coachman, h. 
Hayes James, hostler, h. 

iohnson Gus, janitor, h. 
ionergan John, groom, b. 

i22rLonergan Mary Mrs. h. 

Lonergan Patrick, groom, b. 

Smith Eliza A. b. 
123 Phillips Milton H. porter, h. 

Simms Peter, laborer, h. 
125 Hynson Daniel, h. 

Laing Annie B. P. widow, b. 

Laing Joseph, clerk, h. 

Parker Amy F. widow, h. 

128 Becket Geo. E. letter carrier, h. 
Johnson M. M. Miss, drsmkr. 
Pearsall John, laborer, h. 

i28rBrown Benjamin, h. 

129 Jackson Cornelius, jeweler, h. 
Poindexter Henderson, jlr. h. 
Poindexter Lucy, widow, h. 
Stephenson Mary J. widow, h. 
Stephenson Thomas, clerk, b. 

133 Edmonds Chas. I'shoreman, h. 

Hart Richard, laborer, h. 
143 Mott Amey Mrs. h. 

166 Thomas Arthur A. student, b. 
Thomas Chas. L. dry goods, h. 
Thomas George H. student, b. 

167 Low William H Mrs. h. 
Low William K. student, b. 

172 Aldrich Mary L. Miss, h. 
Chace Arnold B. Mrs. h. 

Custom Avenue. 

2 Phetteplace & Co. oils 

Custom House Street. 

15 COOMBS H. M. & CO. book 
binders (see page 106) 
Snow & Farnbam, printers 
17 Vaughan Building 

Consolidated Tel. & Tel. Co. 
National Surety Co. of N. Y. 
Starkweather&Shepley , in. agt. 
rm. I. Perry L. D. yarn mfr. 

Smith E & Co. cot. yarn 
rm. 4, Wood & Fitch, lawyers 
rm. 7, Cook Lorin M. lawyer 

Hart Chas. counsellor 
rm. 8, Diamond Hill Gran. Co. 

Wilson E. H. 
rm. io,Blodgett J.T.counsellor 

Sumner A. P. lawyer 
rm. 13. Baker D. S. jr. lawyer 

McDonnell T. F. I. law. 
rm. 1 5, Baker Wm. C. lawyer 

Hinckley Frank L. law. 
rm. i5>i, Comstock M.T.Miss, 


House Directory. 

Custom House St.— Continued, 

17 rms. 18 & 19, Walker Wm. R. 

& Son, architects 

rm. 21. Cram Henry C. lawyer 

Pegram & Cooke, lawrs. 

rm. 24, Aspinwall L &Co. real 

estate, etc. 
rm. 29, Lonsdale J. F.counslr. 

17 rm.3i LUTHER J. J. ins. agt. 

(see page 108) 
Stellings J.Miss.tvpewr. 

18 Daniels,Cornell &Co.wno.gro. 
21 Greene William A. flour. 

Lang Archer W. envelopes 

25 Pierce Joseph H. bootblack 

26 Catholic Publishing Co. 
Daniels Building 

Banks W. Neal, tea broker 
LoynesG. Burr, tea broker 
Minsher J. B. & Son, sugar 

rm. 2, Mandel Wm. J. teabkr. 
rm. 5, Cummerford P. teabkr. 
rm. 6. Brando M. H. teas 
rm. 14, Washburn W. H. brkr. 
rm, 15, Berry N. L. flour 

Stokes Willis H. coffees 
rm. 27. Burgess E. A. publish' r 

27 R. I. Institution for Savings 
R. L National Bank 

32 R. I. Elec. Protective Co. 
White Joel W. supt. rms. 
rm. 12, Angell James E. bkr. 
rm. 18, Hay ward George B. 
watchman, rms. 
Millard Frank C. clerk. r. 
White Cl'r'nce A. elect'n 
Wood W. H.w'tch'n, rms. 
42 Remington Stand. Type w'r Co. 
Wyckoff, Seamans & Benedict, 
48 Wilcox Building 

Bellows Horatio E. lawyer 
Lester William A. ins. agt. 
Pawtucket Land Co. 
Shaw Jas. H. hairdresser 
rm. 4, New York Jewelers* 

Board of Trade 
rm. 8, Owyhee Land & Irr. Co. 
Phillips W. V. 
Providence Trust Co. 
rm. 12, Lymansville Co. 

Mass. Mut'i Ace. Assn. 
Mathewson C. A. insur. 
Tucker Chas. D. ins. agt. 

48 rm. 1 6, Coleman Prescott H. 

Coleman Sewer TrapCo, 

rm. 18, Johnson W. H. ins. agt. 

rm. 22, Arnold Stephen H. mer> 

King Edw. G. (est. of) 

King Wm. J. (estate of) 

rm.23,Dimock Ed. P. ins. agt, 

Taylor Chas. cop tubes 
rm.25, Gallivan & 0*DonnelU 

ins. agents 
rm.26,R. I. Charcoal Co. 
rm. 27, Parker Ezra K. lawyer 
rm.3i,Crowell W. F. real est.. 
Hopkins Ed. S. lawyer 
Joyce A. W. pension aet. 
rms. 32 & 33. Field F. E. aren't 
rm. 37, Easton Chas. G. 

Lawyers Security Co. of 

New York 
Rice H. A: lawyer 
Vincent Walter B.lawy'r 
Warner EugeneF.lawyV 
rm. 40, Maguire & Penniman,. 

rm. 41, Vermont Life Ins. Co. 
Old No. 3, Barney Anthony R. & 
Co. coal & wood 
Barney O. C. & Son, masons 
Chadsey W. N. & Co. con tract. 
Hopkins W. X. artesian wells 
Rhode Island Concrete Co. 
Richardson Charles R. & Co. » 

paints, etc. 
United Type Writer & Sup. Co. 
Eaton Sarah B. estate 
(see front cover) 
rm. 2. Phil brick Chas. H. ins. 
rm. 3, Cook Jas. W. ius. agent 
rm. 4, Burnham G. H. auct'nr 
rm. 5, Nightingales. A. brokr. 
rm. 6, Bunce Geo. H. ins. agt. 
rm. b, N. E. Steam Brick Co. 
rm. 1 1, R.I. Underwriters Asso. 
White William F. hay, etc. 
cor. Weybosset, 
Providence Coal Co. 
Windsor Edgar G. ticket agent 

Cutler Street. 

I Burke Joseph, packer, h. 
8 Cummings Wm. carpenter, h. 
Trainor Bernard, blacksm*h,b. 
12 Butler Michael, laborer, h. 
Butler Richard, b. 

House Directory. 


13 Butler P. H. boilermaker, b. 

19 Whalan Ann, b. 

Whalan John, rubber wkr. b. 

Whalan Michael, rubberwkr.b. 
21 Larsen John, rubber wkr. h. 
23 Bradley Wm. H. rubber wkr.h. 

25 McGrath John J. operative, b. 
McGrath Martin W. helper, b. 
McGrath Theresa, widow, h. 

26 Connors Frank H.hairdr'ser.h. 
Bannahan JamesE. teamster,h. 

27 Burke Joseph, shippingclerk,h. 
Hannan Thomas, weaver, h. 

Cypress Street. 

4 Kelleher Daniel F. ins. agt. h. 
9 Underwood E. E.wh'wright,h. 
II Lansing Willard I. lumber, h. 
15 Barlow Frank, clerk, h. 

Barlow Smith, blacksmith, h. 
Whitford Everett T. student, b. 
Whitford Thomas E. mach. h. 

20 McKenna & Conaty. soda, etc. 

25 Mulcahey Thomas, liquors, h. 

26 Garside Edwin, operative, h. 
Garside Emma, dressmaker 

•Garside Thomas, clerk, b 
Kollett Augustus A. mach. h. 
KoUett Samuel, clerk, b. 

27 Palmer Fred'kW. piebaker.h. 

29 Ewing Robert, colormaker, b. 
GregsonCharles,callcoprntr, h. 
Gregson Charles E. student, b. 
Gregson John H. call coprntr, b. 
SheppardThos. G. sk'tchmkr. b. 

30 Conaty Bernard, soda, etc. h. 

31 Duesbury F. W, sketchmkr.h. 

32 EmmottFrederick, foreman, h. 
36 McKenna Alice L. widow, h. 
38 Boothman J. D. foreman, h. 
40 Bui lard Geo. E. tel. opr. b. 

BuUard M. Ella, widow, h. 

Bullard Paul R. b. 

BuUard Wshi'gtonl.student.b. 

Greene Charles W. b. 
42 Akers Earle C. student, b. 

Akers Joseph H. physician 
45 Cady 6, William, pressman, b. 

Darling Walter L. s'man, h. 

McGowan Charles F. clerk, b. 

McGowan James E. clerk, b. 
53 Apple ton Joseph, engineer, b. 

Cunningham John A. clerk, b. 

Keily John W. surveyor, h. 

Murphy Julia, widow, b. 

ThayerSamuel D. machinist, h. 

54 McCormick Hamilton, clerk,b. 
McCormick lane, widow, h. 

55 Stevens Walter H. grocer, h. 

56 Keough Patrick L. mach. h. 

57 Harrall Edwin T. salesman, h. 

59 Bailey RichardA draftsman ,h. 

60 Carter Chas. R. machinist, h. 
Carter Edwin H. machinist, h. 
Smith Edith Mrs. b. 

Smith Edith K. dressmaker, b. 

61 Dyson Samuel, calicoprntr. h. 
Dyson Walter, calico prntr. b. 

63 Sheppard Frank M. foreman, h. 

64 Philbrick Chas. H. ins. agt. h. 

65 Hastings Stephen C. grocer, h. 
70 Reeves Sarah J. widow, h. 

Reeves Richard J. reg.phar.b. 

Woofindale W. H. chemist, h. 
78 Burke Patrick J. overseer, h. 
80 Charlton Wm. J. designer, h^ 

Wilcox George, b. 
129 Holmes Willard R. h. 
156 Gardiner Edna R. b. 

Gardiner EdwinR. law rep. h. 

Gardiner Harriet, widow, h. 
168 Barstow J. E. widow, h. 

Barstow r^athaniel, jeweler, h. 
173 Macomb Ann, widow, h. 

Macomb C. Miss, dressmkr. b. 

MabombEdithH.Miss,tchr. b. 

Macomb Harriet Miss,miirr,h. 

Macomb J. M, Miss, tchr. b. 

Macomb Richard, clerk, b. 
178 Titcomb Geo. D. restaurant, h.. 
182 Ketcham Hope A. h. 

Vancott Harriet A. Mrs. h. 

Vancott John D. b. 
340 Carpenter LammaZ.widow,h. 

Carpenter T. Z. machinist, b. 
340 Carpenter WilU^tt P.laborer,h. 

Luther Edward P. teamster, h. 
423 Rice Joseph E. machinist, h. 

Cyr Street. 

n. Broad, Washington Park Hay 

& Grain Co. 
3 Gardiner George W. clerk, h. 
24 Fletcher Otis B. carpenter, h. 
Godfrey James, carpenter, b. 
Kane Thomas O. carpenter, b» 
28 Moulton CyrusO. compositor, h.. 
42 Cyr Alfred A. carpenter 

D Street. 

I Burns James E. jeweler, b. 


House Directory. 

D St. — Continued, 

I Burns Michael, wire wkr. h. 

Heeley John, jeweler, rms. 

Tones Frank M. toolmaker, h. 
3 Kearns Bernard, shipper, b. 

Kearns Edward P.musician, b. 

Kearns Patrick A. musician, h. 

Laycock Walter J. plumber. h. 
5 McLaughlin J. H. stucco wkr.h. 

McLaughlin J. F. stone cuttr.h. 
7 West Howard S. janitor, b. 

West Stephen J. sexton, h. 
II Brown Chas. H. painter, h. 
13 Henry Thomas J. hostler, rms. 

Place Elwin-, hostler, rms. 

15 Braswell Hattie, widow, h. 
Purnell Fillmore R. polisher, h. 
Purnell Susan J. widow, h. 
West Geo. H. laborer, b. 
Windfield Benj.F.coachman,b. 

1 5r Tack son Ida V. Miss, h. 

Rathbone Thos. A. laborer, h. 

16 Duffy James, laborer, h. 
Jordan Ellen Mrs. b. 
O'Connell Daniel F.jeweler.b. 
O'Connell Honora, widow, h. 
O'Connell Thos. J. driver, b. 
Tully John, laborer, b. 

i6rBergman Joseph, waiter, h. 
Connell Bridget widow, h. 

17 G»ibbs Eliza F. Mrs. h. 
Mackey Joseph, oysterman, b. 
Rhodes Eliza Mrs. b. 

iS Boiling Eliza Mrs. b. 
Green Louis, laborer, b. 
Mason Moses L. bootblack, h. 
McLean Wm. A. cook, h. 

19 Booth Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Carrington Gal way, laborer, h. 
Freeman Esek, laborer, b. 

20 Fletcher Wm. J. teamster, h. 
Simmons William H. cook, b. 
Smith Wm. H. B. laborer, h. 

2or Lancaster Petronia Miss, h. 

21 Purnell George, waiter, h. 

22 Miller Mary, widow, h. 
Walker Cordelia, widow, b. 

24 Hardy James, teamster, h. 

Nellis Peter, teamster, h. 

Williams Gerald T. cook, b. 
26 Berry John B. laborer, h. 

Daboll Street. 

5 Hatch Walter E. Mr.& Mrs. h. 
.7 Sam Mary E. Mrs. & dr. h. 

9 Chevers Aurion V.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
1 1 Ratigan R. B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
13 Pettis Chas. E. trav. .s'man, h. 
15 Foster F. L. jr. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

17 Kenefick Wm. F. mangr. h. 

18 Barth Alfred Mr. & Mrs. h. 

19 Fisher Geo. S. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
21 Potter Wm. E. silversmith, h. 
23 Curtis Henrietta T. Mrs. h. 

Nichols Galen F. jeweler, h. 

Nichols Grosvenor P. clerk, b. 
31 Tebbetts ForestF.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
36 Pierce Seth A. stable. 

39 Pierce C. F. Mr. Mrs. & drs.h. 

40 Prentiss L. Miss, dressmkr. b. 
Van Doom H. D. Mr.& Mrs.h. 

42 Grim wood Arthur S. clerk, b. 

Grim wood D. C. Mr.& Mrs. h. 

Hawkins L. Mrs. dressmkr. b. 

Shaw Sarah B. Mrs. b. 
47 Moore Crawford G. clerk, b. 

Moore Wm. E. grocer, h. 

Westcott G. O. Mr & Mrs. h. 
51 Cranston Chester R. b. 

Cranston Orlando R. clerk, h. 

Gardner H. W. merch. tlr.. h. 

Gardner Thos. W. D pntr. h. 

55 Brown Fannie M. widow, h. 
Bugbee Alroy L. clerk, b. 
Turner Thomas, ins. agt. h. 

56 Hewett Elwin E.. U. R. R. h. 
Ingerson D. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Ingerson Fred'k A. con't, h. 
Ingerson Fred'k D. b. 
Ingerson Walter C. clerk, b. 
Ingerson William W. b. 
Ingerson & Nash, contractors 

c. Updike, Webster H.L. grcr.h. 

Webster & Wilde, grocers 
65 Henry Jas. W. mfg.jeweler,h. 

Webster H. L. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Williams John, mfg.jeweler.b. 
72 Ford Andrew, muscian, b. 

Ford Robert M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Hooper P. O. Mr. Mrs.& dr.h. 
74 Dexter Samuel A. bookkpr. b. 

Scott J. P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

76 Lythgoe W. F.Mr. Mrs &dr.h. 

77 Leonard W.H.Mr. Mrs. &drs.h. 
Williams Ernest, Mr.& Mrs.h. 

77rLeonard Disinfectant Co. 

78 Cushman Asa. stonesetter, h. 
Gowdv Mahlon M. h. 
Thrall Raymond D. tel. opr.b. 

82 Metcalf M. and L.G.Misses,h. 
Cory W. H. Mr. Mrs. & dr. h. 

House Directory. 


82 Cory William H. jr. b. 

84 Simmons C. E. Mrs. drsmkr. 

Simmons W. P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
87 Towne E. L. Miss, teacher, b. 

Towne Herbert D. clerk, h. 

Towne Jerome Mrs. h. 
91 Cotter Abby F. Mrs. & dr. h. 

Heidt Anthony Mr. & Mrs. h. 

McCaroron T . A. mf g. jeweler, h. 
95 Law E. J. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Randall Jonathan C. b. 

Randall Josephine A. widow.h. 
99 Bacheller Charles E. h. 

Bryer John C. decorator, b. 

Bryer Stafford, bookkeeper, h. 

Sherwood Geo. B. foreman, h. 
105 Russell Emory P. Mr.&Mrs.h. 
109 Sturdy Geo. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

117 Anthony Mark Mr. & Mrs. h. 

118 Lawton Fred C. Mr. & Mrs.h. 
127 Sanborn A. F. leather, etc. b. 

Sanborn A. J. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Sanborn Herbert A. leather, b. 
138 Bernkopf D. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
188 Champney George, b. 

Daboll Floride Miss, h. 

DaboU Walter F. clerk, b. 

193 McElroy Ellen, widow, h. 
McElroy James H. iceman, b. 
McElroy Wm. J. coachman, b. 

194 Midgley H. A. silversmith, h. 
208 OKerblom A. carpenter, h. 
216 Curry Michael, baker, h. 

218 Hall Edward G. annealer, h. 
222 Gronhagan C. jeweler, b. 

Gronhagan John E.shoemkr.h. 

McHugh Frank, laborer, b. 

McHugh John, engineer, b. 
cor. Dexter, Joslin Wm. E. Co. 
The, shoe laces 

Dakota Street. 

14 Bennett John, weaver, h. 

Dale Street. 

4 Gorman James, at B. & S. h. 
Hughes Patrick, laborer, h. 
Mulligan John, laborer, b. 

10 Delmore John, teamster, h. 
Delmore John jr. laborer, b. 
Greene Maria Miss, h. 

11 Colapietro Crescenzo, lab. b. 
Correnti Frank, laborer, h. 
De Bonis Toramaso, mason, b. 
Longobardi Luigi,operative,h. 

14 Goodwin Thomas, h. 


14 Lamothe Michel, laborer, h. 
i4rCole Patrick, laborer, h. 

Logan Edward, laborer, b. 
Martin Thomas, laborer, b. 
Morrison John, laborer, h. 

15 D'Agostino F. teamster, h. 
D'An^edo Frank, laborer, h.. 
D'Alvmi Lavinia, widow, h. 
Di Deonizio S. laborer, b. 

Di Paris Domenico, laborer, h. 
Di Sarro Carmine, laborer, h. 
Francesconi Geppino, lab. b. 
Fratantuono Angelo,ins.agt.h^ 
Imondi Sabatino, laborer, h. 
Maccaroni Francesco, lab. b. 
Mignanelli Francesco, lab. b. 
Milano Francesco, laborer, b. 
Santora Donato, laborer, h. 

18 Brady Bridget Mrs. h. 
Brady Chas. operative, b. 
CipoUa Alessandro, lab. h. 
Keenan Owen, laborer, b. 
Paolino Michele, laborer, h. 
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, b. 
Villari Giuseppe, carpenter, h.. 

19 Boyle William laborer, h. 
Murray Andrew T. laborer, b. 
Murray John J. laborer, b. 
Murray Michael F. laborer, b. 

22 Conlon Michael, laborer, h. 
Conlon Owen, laborer, b. 
Fiore Michele, operative, b. 
Fiore Vincenzo, laborer, h. 

23 Dolan James, spinner, h. 
Finley Owen, laborer, h. 
McGuire Francis, operative. h.. 

24 Healy Wm. F. jeweler, h. 
Murray Michael, laborer, h. 
Tiemey Patrick, laborer, h. 

Dan Street. 

8 Smithies Sam'l, jr.teamster.b. 

Spencer Arthur, machinist, b. 

Spencer John, machinist, b. 

Spencer Kobt. operative, h. 
10 Mooney John, laborer, h. 
12 Atamian Antrias, operative, b. 

Atamian Garabed, filemkr. b. 

Bedrosian Bedros, cook, h. 

Chanian Bagdasar, laborer, b. 

Coloyan Melcon, operative, h. 

Garabedian Garabed , c' rpntr. b. 

Manoogian Charles, weaver. b. 

Mooradian Giragos, laborer, h. 

Mooradian H. carpenter, b. 

Yeranian Stephan, clerk, b. 

Funeral Flowers 

A Specialty. 

.Blackttone Boulevard 



House Directory. 

Dan St. — Continued. 

12 Zooloomian Khachadoor.lab.h. 

1 6 Arjoomanian Artin, mason, h. 
Bayandoorian SimoD,op*rtve.h 
Bogoossian Paul, cook, h. 
Demirjian Bagdasar, laborer, h 
Dolbashian Garabed,carpntr.b 
Mooradian Aprabam,carpntr,h 
Papasian Varitan, mason, b. 
Yeranian Krikor, carpenter. b. 

Danforth Street. 

5 Porcheron C. D. filecutter, h. 

Prosser Agnes, widow, h. 

Prosser Andre wT. B. jeweler, b. 
1 8 Clancy Margaret, widow, h. 

Custer Mary, widow, h. 

Custer William, machinist, b. 

Donovan Daniel, carpenter, b. 

Donovan Johanna, widow, h. 

Maher Patrick, teamster, h. 

Maher Patrick, jr. b. 
31 McGinn Francis J. bartender,b 

McGinn Patrick, teamster, h. 
39 Slaven Andrew, teamster, b. 

Slaven John J. teamster, b. 

Slaven Patrick, laborer, h. 

Slaven Patrick J. laborer, b. 
41 Melarkey Sarah, widow, h. 
52 Anderson Antone, laborer, b. 

Gustafson Gus, laborer, h. 
57 Anderson J. S. ship, clerk, h. 

Anderson Severin, clerk, h. 

Carney John, h. 

Hjelmstrom A. F.machinist,h. 

Owens Patrick J. driver, h. 

Powers John, laborer, h. 

60 O'Connor David, lineman, h. 

61 Canavan Michael, laborer, h. 
Dillamore Patrick, moulder, h. 
Mackey Daniel, b. 

Mackey Michael, laborer, h. 

Okerlund Conrad L. jeweler, h. 
65 Degnan Bernard, laborer, h. 

Degnan Jeremiah, laborer, b. 

Degnan Patrick, teamster, b. 
76 Madden Michael, grocer, h. 

Seaburg Nelson, machinist, b, 

Daniel Street. 

10 Morena Michele, laborer, h. 

Mugno Cecelia, widow, h. 

Vuzzi Michele, laborer, h. 
15 Votta Antonio, laborer, h. 
25 Barone Giamoco, laborer, h. 

35 Campanile Luigi A. laborer.b. 
Parnllo Giovanni, laborer, b. 

Daniel Avenue. 

I Clege Charles, operative, h. 

Smith Thomas P. carpenter,h. 

Timperley Wm. T.plumber,h. 
3 Greene Fernando M. bkkpr.h. 

Johnson John £. farmer, n. 
9 Harding Calvin F. h. 
15 Daniels Frank L. painter, h. 

Searle Priscilla, widow, h. 

Smith Martha A. widow, h. 

Waterman Thos. W. bkpr. h. 

Waterman Walter D.survyr.b. 
17 Grant Edgar W. milkman, h. 
19 Boss Chas. O. milk dealer, h. 

Harris William Mrs. h. 

Phillips Walter H. carpenter 
21 Irons Thomas F. wool merch.h. 
23 Hall Warren G. clerk, h. 

Waitt Harry S.letter carrier, h. 

38 earner Hattie Mrs. h. 
38>iR. I. Brush Co. 

39 Clark G. E. teas & coffees, h. 
Winsor Arthur W. clerk, b. 
Winsor George W. jeweler, h. 

41 Law ton Almond W. b. 

Lawton Emily B. Miss, b. 

Lawton John E. h. 

Lawton Nicholas W. mach. b. 

McLaughlin Charles, jewlr. h. 

McLaughlin F. D. student, b. 
45 Grant Ulysses S. milkman, h. 

Horton Josephine M widow,h. 

Ramsdell John. h. 
50 Tyrrell Ezra E. tinsmith, h. 

Tyrrell James A. tinsmith, b. 

52 Siegel Charles E. provisions 

53 Matteson John W.. U. R. R,h. 
Wilcox Amos E., U. R. R. h. 

54 Siegel Chas. E. provisions, h. 
Siegel Pauline, widow, h. 

57 McAvoy William, driver, b. 
Morgan Charles, clerk, h. 
Morgan Charles A. clerk, b. 
63 Romer T. William, hostler, h. 
66 Donneliy John J. meat dlr. h. 
69 Doyle Thomas, fireman, h. 
Massard Lucien, spinner, h. 
99 Petri William C. shoemaker 
100 Freeman Philip, h. 
104 Starkweather M. H. carr'ges.h. 
no Taylor John, coal, h. 

Taylorjohn. operative, b. 
113 Casey Thomas, bricklayer, h. 

House DiREcroRy. 


113 Holmes H. Lucinda, widow,b. 

Holmes Juliet, widow, h. 
121 MellorEugeneN. dresser tdr.h. 

Daiiins Street. 

% Brady John, clerk, h. 

Dwyer Thomas R. laborer, h. 
Hogan John, teamster, b. 
Huroho Patrick, laborer, h. 
Tracy Mary Mrs. h. 
Whalen James, laborer, h. 

12 Grayson George,blacksmith,h. 
Montague A.Miss.dressmkr.h. 
Montague Michael, grocer, h. 

13 Connery John, laborer, h. 
Galligan M. E. &M. Misses,h. 
Masterson Thos. teamster, b. 
Masterson William, laborer, b. 
McLaughlin Frank, laborer, h. 
Tracy Wm. J. bartender, b. 
Wisdom John, laborer, h. 

14 Montague Michael, grocer 

15 DriscoU M. case hardener, b. 
Driscoll Wm. H. laborer, h. 
Lynch Francis, laborer, h. 

16 Mahon Bridget, widow, h. 
Mahon C. laborer, b. 
Mahon Thos. H. salesman, b. 

20 Mahon Bridget, widow, h. 
Mahon Thomas J. clerk, b. 
Mahon W. Miss. mus. tchr. b. 
McKenna James T. laborer.h. 

23 Craddy Thomas, laborer, h. 
McMahon Thos. F. laborer, b. 

24 Duffy Hugh, laborer, h. 
Garvey Annie Miss, h. 
McNulty Francis, laborer, h. 
McNulty Francis,} r. laborer, b. 
McNulty Michael, laborer, b. 
McNulty Patrick, laborer, b. 

26 Connolly Philip, laborer, h. 
Shanley Catharine, widow, h. 

27 Kerins Tames, bartender, b. 
O'Rourke Thomas, liquors, h. 

29 O'Rourke Thomas, liquors 
29r Donnelly James, laborer, b. 

Donnelly Peter, laborer, b. 
Hughes Patrick, laborer, b. 
Palmer William, laborer, h. 

30 Donnelly Peter, boiler mkr. h. 
Healy John, coachman, b. 
Trim Mary E. widow, h. 

32 Gilbride Tames, laborer, h. 
Gilmore Louis, pedler, h. 

33 Tague Edward, watchman, h. 
36 Bedard Valere P. engineer, h. 

36 McCusker Patrick,operative,h. 
O'Connell Thomas, laborer, h. 

Dart Street. 

22 Dunn John, h. 
Dunn John, jr. b. 

27 Armstrong Samuel, laborer. h. 

30 Salesses John, grocer, h. 

31 Corrigan James, laborer, h. 
38 Fulton Tames H. baker, b. 

Fulton Jessie, widow, h. 
Fulton Joseph, operative, b. 
Fulton William E. operative, b. 
Martin Henry, laborer, h. 
Martin John, machinist, b. 
Martin Terrence, laborer, b. 

43 Barlow John T. operative, h. 
McCabe Owen, supt. h, 

44 McCahey Owen, laborer, h. 
Remillard Lambert, h. 

45 Gorman Chas. A. laborer, h. 
Thornton Frank, clerk, b. 
Thornton JohnW. appr'ntice.b. 
Thornton Thomas W.mach. h. 

45rHeflPernan Willi am, laborer, h. 
MuUholland James, paver, h. 

47 Parker Wm. R. machinist, h. 

48 Lynch James W. jeweler, h. 
Salesses Wm. machinist, h. 

46 McCahey Frank, bleacher, h. 
Roggemoser Ellen, widow, h. 

Dartmouth Avenue. 

6 Burke Emory, grocer, h. 

Prince Frank L. foreman, h. 
12 Knight R. D. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Remington S. B. Mr,& Mrs.h. 
16 Rogers George M. painter, h. 

Russin A. C.P.draughtsmn.h. 

18 Fleming Rebecca E. Mrs. h. 
Gould S. H. carpenter, h. 
Richmond Oscar R. elec. b. 

19 Burrows Jesse, jr. coachmn.h. 
Evans Thomas coachman, h. 

20 Barney Chas. A. Mr, & Mrs. h. 
Moulton Anthony A. b. 

23 Burgess Lucy A. widow, h. 
Chubbuck Etta H. Mrs. h. 
Davis Mary C. widow, h. 
Sayer Fred'k P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

26 Church Nancy D. widow, h. 
Harper Wm. R. clerk, h. 

27 Lay field Sarah Mrs. b. 
Mathison John, clerk, h. 
Shaw Fanny Mrs. h. 



House Directory. 

Dartmouth Kw .---Continued, 

30 Bates Albert M. clerk, b. 
Bates C. F. Mrs. h. 

31 Fritsch Carl, h. 

32 Hammond John A.salesman.fa. 
Hammond Wm. B.musician.h. 
Watson Bruce, clerk, b. 
Watson Edward W. hatter, b. 

33 Olsen Nils Mr. & Mrs. h. 
35 Dewing Ardelia C. Mrs. h. 

Dewing Martin, fish dealer, h. 
Taft Orsmus A. Mr. & Mrs. b. 

38 BarrettE. A. Mr.,Mrs.&drs.h. 
Barrett John H. clerk, h. 
Johnson Josephine E. Mrs. h. 
Lincoln E. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

39 Race Nelson Mrs. h. 
Turner Edwin, h. 

40 Flynn A. and S. Misses, h. 
McClarence John H. weaver.h. 
O'Brien Ed ward, g'ld refiner, h. 

43 Dodge Ezra S. jeweler, h. 

44 Hull Henry A. moulder, h. 
Hull Lizzie L. dressmaker, h. 
Mykins Mary A. nurse, h. 
Mykins Mwy E. Miss, tchr. b. 
Piatt John T. clerk, b. 
Reading Benj. T. jr. driver, h. 

45 Holden Randall C. shirts, h. 
Ljunggren C. Tulius Rev. h. 

47 Burns James A. clerk, b. 
Burns John H. H. rub wkr. b. 
Cielfield Frank W.Mr.&Mrs.h. 
Mott John H. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Ward Alfred Mr. and Mrs. h. 

48 Cox W. Irving Mr. and Mrs. h. 
Higgins Charles W.salesmn.h. 

51 Dube Peter F. carpenter, h. 
Flynn Frank, baker, h. 
Jillson Fred'k W. jeweler, h. 
Raftery Thomas, rub. wkr. h. 

53 Donahue Patrick, laborer, h. 
Terrian Elie, hairdresser, h. 

54 Heath Samuel W.Mr.& Mrs.h. 
HerJihy Cornelius A. hairdsr.h. 

55 O'Rourke Patrick, jeweler, h. 
Osterman Joseph, waiter, h. 
Smith James J. clerk, b. 
Smith John H. clerk, b. 
Smith Patrick, painter, h. 

56 Carberry Hannah, widow, h. 
Car berry James H. clerk, b. 
Macdonald Charles M. clerk, b. 
Macdonald Geo. A. buffer, b. 
Macdonald Mary P. widow, h. 

58 Dix Joseph, dyer, rms. 

58 Taylor Wm. J. teamster, h. 

59 Clegg Bessie Miss, h. 
Clegg Edward, filecutter, b. 
Clegg Herbert), silversmith.b. 
Holland To.s. rubber wkr. h. 
O'Brien Michael J. hostler Ji» 

60 Deignan C. B. toolmaker, 57 
Deignan James W. b. 
Deignan Thomas laborer, h. 
Deignan T. F. rub. worker, b. 

61 White James R. baker, h. 
Williams John J. jeweler, h. 

62 Lindgren Bror.J.Mr.& Mrs. b. 

63 Fitzpatrick Annie J. widow,h. 
Fitzpatrick Francis P.jewlr. b. 
Fitzpatrick Jas. E. plumber, b» 
Williams David Mrs. h. 
Williams John, beltmaker, b. 

64 Grover Pearly V. clerk, b. 
McCrann Frank, foreman, h. 

65 Beatty Margaret, widow, h. 
Terry Harold O. bookkeeper. h. 

67 Logan Joseph, rub. worker, h. 
• 68 Bardeen Ella F. widow, h. 
69 MoUoy John. h. 

Williams Elizabeth M.Miss. h. 

Williams Frank H. clerk, h. 

73 Louineus Eric, jeweler, h. 

74 Bullock James L. clerk, h. 
76 Barstow Achsah G. Miss, h. 

Barstow Rebecca B. Miss, h. 

Snow Luella B. teacher, b. 
81 Lassen Harry T. jeweler, h. 

Wood Marcus M. h. 
83 Ettlinger M. gents furn. h. 
85 Anthony Leonard F. clerk, h. 

Anthony Martha F. widow, h. 

Brown David M. clerk, b. 

87 Butts Susan N. widow, h. 
Lawrence Wm. police.h. 

88 Esser Israel, coachman, h. 

89 Suddard Wm. A. manager, h. 

David Street. 

1 1 Stehr Clara, widow, h. 

Stehr Henry B. chaser, h. 
16 Hollis William, waiter, h. 
19 Cheney M. B. carpenter, h. 

Sherman C. E. carpenter, h. 

Turner Adeline, widow, h. 
32 Merrifield A IbertM. moulder. h. 
35 Komischke Gottlieb, lab. h. 

Wright John, junk, h. 
64 Bishop Jacob, jeweler, h. 
68 Coleman Henry B. mason, h. 
70 Denton Joseph, polisher, b. 

House Direciory. 


One hnndred Yarieties of Vegetables ^^ "^^^mISS ^Hmy. 

70 Fletcher Arthur, silversmith,b. 
Fletcher Henry, laborer, h. 
Pollitt John, laborer, h. 
Rawlinsou Robert, driver, h. 
79 Vieweg Richard, moulder, h. 
87 Stapleton Frank, jeweler, h. 
94 Openshaw John , silversmith, h. 
99 BruecknerFrederick,cooper,h. 
McWeeney Mary E. widow, h. 
105 Powell S. A. jeweler, h. 
108 Carroll John H. granitecut'r,h. 
Z12 Miller John J. waiter, h. 
X15 Barney Edward E. pedler, h. 
119 Alexander A. E. wood turner, h. 
Alexander E. E. wood turner, b. 
c. Tyler, Boyd J. F. pork cutter, h. 

Davis Street. 

3 Cullen Timothy, teamster, h. 

Young- Wm. carpenter, h. 
7 St. Patrick's Convent 

Alphonsus M. Sister Superior 
19 St. Patrick's Parochial School 

24 Smith Albert W. & Co. wool 

25 Sisters of Mercy School 

31 Bos worth Olive M. Miss, h. 
37 Fisher Frank, polisher, h. 

Gee John, machinist, h. 
43 Hennessey John H. police, h. 

Hennessey Mary A. widow, b. 

Hennessev Mary G. Miss, b. 

Loveless 1. S. lineman, b. 

LovelessSpoffordP. foreman , h. 

Friday Charles H. h. 
49 Cullen T. H. collector, b. 

Tatro Alvin, clerk, b. 

Tatro Donate E.hairdresser,h. 
55 Handy Mary D. widow, h. 

Murray Joseph, h. 
SSrCumming J. W. restaurant, h. 

59 Clark John L. coffin mfr. h. 

60 Ackerman Emil F. at B.&S.h. 
Eraser John, machinist, b. 
Fxy Waiter U. machinist, b. 
Gibbons Wm. T. machinist, b. 
Henderson T. machinist, b. 
Leydendecker E. A. clerk, b. 
Mackay John J. machinist, b. 
McCum Malcolm, machinist,b. 
McLeod John, machinist, b. 
Morse J. Burton, engineer, b. 
Taf t Grace A. Mrs. bdg. house 
WebsterGeorgeC. machinist, h. 
Woodmansee Ernest. mac't.h. 

61 Clark Albert E. clerk, b. 


6 1 Clark Albert H. treas. Clark 
Mfg. Co. h. 

Graham Wm. H. machinist,b. 

Steadman A. N.bookkeeper,b. 

McLaughlin Robt. mach'st. r. 

Prew David, messenger, h. 

Wooley Anna L. Miss. h. 

Wooley Juliet M. Miss, h. 
66 Goldstein Chas. expressman, b. 

70 Johnson Chas B. dentist, h. 

71 Max Esther, Mrs. h. 
Robinson John P. electric'n.h, 
Robinson Mary J. Mrs. h. 

72 Adams Nancy G. widow, b. 
Cameron Jas. W. clerk, h. 
Gray Helen T. Mrs. clerk, b. 
Richards Albert, h. 

76 Hale Philip W. switchman, h. 
Thomas Beriah W. b. 

77 Clapp Matilda M. Miss, h. 
Sanborn Sarah D. Mrs. h. 

81 Cassidy Geo. L. clerk, h. 
FoUett Wm. L. steamfitter, h. 
Hanley John F. liquors, b. 
Pickara Fred, carpenter, b. 
Seagrave James H. laborer, r. 

82 Evans Abby Miss, b. 
Sanford Walter W. clerk, h. 
Thomas Harry machinist, b. 

85 Brown Mary E. widow, b. 
Doyle Peter, h. 
Russell Alfred, polisher, h. 
Russell Alfred G. clerk, b. 

89 Doyle John F. liquors, h. 

90 Devenish John J., P. O. h. 
Friend Geo. W. asst. engr. h. 
Friend Harold L. b. 

93 Slocum Chas. E. grocer 

95 McGregor John, carpenter, h. 

98 Hughes James, tailor, h. 
Hughes James jr. salesman b. 
Hughes M. A. Miss, drs'mkr. 

99 Bullock S. T. Mrs. housekpr. 
Goff Alva, h. 

loi Baush Philip H. b. 

McGough John H. liquors, h. 
105 Cooney Ann, widow, h. 

Cooney H. L. Miss, music tchr. b. 

Cooney John P. physician, b. 

Cooney Mary G. Miss, tchr. b. 
X06 Boyle Micheal J. liquors, h. 

Boyle Owen, bookkeeper, b. 

Leith Harvey L reg. phar. h. 
107 Boss Walter R. clerk, b. 

Sawin William A. h. 
no Bowen Elizabeth E. widow, b. 


House Directory. 

Davis St.—Continued, 

no Congdon Caleb, hardware, h. 
113 Dupouy Clara E. Mrs. nurse.h. 

Dupouy Milton A. clerk, b. 

Parker Allie E.Mjss.dressmkr. 

Parker Catsup Mfg. Co. 

Parker E. C. expressman, b. 

Dawson Street. 

6 Andrews Emma E. Miss, h. 
Andrews P. A. Miss, tcbr. b. 
Atkinson Frank E.,P. F. D.h. 

8 Benson Al vers R.coal& wood, b. 
Benson Newton D. architect, b. 
.12 Ingham Marcia, widow, h. 
Olney Frank H. clerk, h. 

Day Street. 

7 Miley John A. steamfitter, h. 

8 Miley Soap Co. soap mantifs. 

11 Forsberg Annie M. widow, h. 
Forsberg AugustJ.carpenter.h 
Forsberg John V. teamster, b. 

12 Miley Michael, h. 

14 Miley T. A. soap manufac h. 

24 Bullock George, butcher, b. 
Bullock John E. silversmith, h. 

25 Althen John, machinist, h. 
Schattle Frank, silversmith, h. 

27 Martin John, woodturner, h. 

28 Landers John M. painter, h. 
32 Gross Chas. C. driver, h. 

41 Cross Benj. bookkeeper, b. 

Smith Fred»k. B. b. 

Smith John P. h. 
44 Reilly Tames, florist, h. 

Reilly tames B. b. 

Reilly Nicholas, compositor, b. 

Reilly William, enameler, b. 
54 Pernell A. F. Rev. h. 

Pernell Noah H. laborer, h. ' 

Dayton Court. 

1 Cook Davis, h. 

Cook Olney A. provisions, b. 

2 Stearns Elmer K. jeweler, h. 
Young John A. motorman, h. 

2rSamuelson Fritz, b. 

3 Coppage Edward.jr.jeweler.b. 
Coppage E. chandelier mkr. h. 

4 Shurtleff Morris L. foreman, h. 

Dean Street 

12 Bogoossian Simon,operative,b. 
Boyajian Charlie, operative,h. 
Boyajian Hoogas, operative.h. 
Eramian Paul, operative, b. 

12 Mananian Bagdasar.carpntr.b. 

Manaselian Krigor, weaver, h. 

Melcomian Bogos, mason, h. 

Nazarian Hambarsom, lab'r.b. 

Sahagian Giragos, laborer, h. 

Sarkisian Hartis.laundrymn.b. 
16 Melconian Bogos, cook. b. 
39 Marks Thomas, laborer, h. 
45 McDonald T no. F.expressmn.h. 

McDonaldMatth*v^,coal &wood 

Mitchell Edward, baker, h. 

Powers Michael, jr. laborer, b. 
4SrMikel David, pedler, h. 

Rafone Kalil, pedler, b. 
49 Hall Joseph, clerk, h. 
49rCrivass Pasquale, laborer, b. 

Mazzeo Antonio, laborer, h. 

Oliverio Biasio, laborer, b. 
71 McCormick James, b. 

McCormick Mary, widow, h. 

McCormick Thos. E. painter, b. 
73 Spaziano Davide, carpenter, h. 

Wren John B. clerk, b. 

Wren Mary, widow, h. 

77 Calabro Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
Calabro Santo, laborer, h. 
Celio Giovanni, laborer, h. 
Cirttelli Pietro. mason, b. 
Notti Orazio, laborer, h. 
Polidori Vincenzo, laborer, b. 
Spinosi Croce, laborer, b. 
Sprecacemere V. laborer, h. 
Tedeschi Cesare. laborer, b. 
Tedeschi Pietro. laborer, h. 

78 Di'Iorio Giuseppe, grocer, h. 
Maciocia G. Ia1x)rer, h. 

80 Carrozza Falco, clerk, b. 
Carrozza Samuele, laborer, b. 
Coppola Perdinando, tmstr. h. 
Delmonte Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
Flaminio Fiorindo, laborer, b. 
Mansion! Giuseppe, laborer, h. 

83 Spaziano Giacomo, laborer, h. 

84 Cifelli Felice, laborer, h. 
Cirino Liberato, laborer, h. 
Dascoli Biagio. bootblack, b. 
Fratantuono Michael, lab*r, b. 
lafrate Filippo, laborer, h. 
lafrate Giovanni, laborer, b. 
Palanci Carlo, laborer, h. 
Renzulli Luigi, laborer, b. 

85 DeFelice Giuseppe, laborer,b. 
Ferri Louis, tailor, h. 
Longo Silvester. shoemaker,b. 
Senesi Bartolomeo, laborer, h. 
Votta Pasquale, jeweler, h. 

House Directory. 


90 Cherella Angelo, moulder, h. 

CbiaveriniGaetano, shoemkr. h. 

Chiaverini Luigi, clerk, b. 

Cipolla Leonardo, laborer, b. 

DeBottis Francesco, laborer, h. 

Di Gasparrira Rafaele, lab. b. 

DiMascio Raffaele, laborer, b. 

DiSarro Benedetto, laborer, b. 

Fera Giuseppe, laborer, b. 

Montagona Antonio, tailor, h. 

Muccini Nicholas, tailor, h. 

Paolantonio Francesco, lab.h. 

Polidori Vincenzo, laborer, b. 
92 Spaziaio Mariani,bricklayer,h. 
94rCataldi Alfredo, shoemaker, b. 

Oliva Vincenzo, laborer, h. 

Scuncio Federico, laborer, b. 

Villa Catone, hamessmkr. b. 
96 Bucci Giovanni, laborer, b. 

Buffo Carlo, shoemaker, b. 

Cardegnio Carmen, laborer, h. 

Cardegnio Frank, h'rdressr, b. 

Cardegnio Giuseppe, labor, b. 

Cipolla Giovanni, clerk, b. 

Longo Camille M. tailor, b. 

Santancini A. tailor, h. 

Santancini Nicola, baker. 

Santantonio Giuseppe, tailor, b. 

Telli John, tailor, h. 

Toppi Falco, laborer, h. 

Toppi Giuseppe, weaver, b. 
98 Caroccia Antonio, laborer, b. 

Longo Camille M. tailor, b. 
loi Carroll James, laborer, h. 

Ferri Peter, operative, h. 

Giovannini Albert A.jewelr.b. 

Giunti Luigi, laborer, h. 

Vettulo Giovanni, laborer, h. 
loa Caldarone Bros, liquors. 

105 Dwyer John, laborer, h. 

106 Casey Thomas E. clerk, h. 
Ill Ferrazzano Gennaro, labor, h. 
113 McKenna Bridget, widow, h. 
117 DiBiasi Nicola, laborer, h. 

DiPietro Domenico, laborer, b. 

DiPietro Francesco, laborer, b. 

Volpe Loreto, laborer, h. 
133 Carr James, clerk, b. 

O'Connor M. D. provisions, h. 
137 Baker Edward A. laborer, b. 

Baker Edward W. h. 

McKenna Patrick A.filecut'r,h. 

139 Caldarone Pasquale, shoemkr. 

140 D'Errico Luigi, baker, h. 
Giunti Ettore, jeweler, b. 
lanantuoni Prank, shoemkr. h. 



140 Masso Albert, jeweler, b. 
Moroni Antonio, laborer, h. 
Morrone Antonio, painter, h. 
Pucci Regolo, tailor, b. 
Vitale AUessandro, laborer, b. 
Fanning John F. clerk, b. 
Fanning J. Edw. jeweler, b. 
Fanning Patrick, bricklayer.h. 
McDonald Catharine, wid. h. 
McDonald Thos. jeweler, b. 

146 Atwood Chas. B. driver, h. 

147 Quinn Fred'k J. clerk, b 
Quinn John J. variety store, h. 

148 Carey John H. h. 

149 Quinn John J. variety store 

150 DeCesare G. hairdresser 

153 Caldarone Pasquale, shoemkr. 
162 Gilroy Thos. F. jeweler, h. 

Hutchins Carrie A. Mrs. h. 
164 Beckwith Henry F. h. 

Campbell Flora A. widow, b. 

Clark C. P. driver, h. 

King Lena H. Mrs. b. 

Locke Julian W. toolmkr. b. 
179 Hitchcock Alva A. agt. grocer 
18 [ Hawkes Sam'l L. carpenter.h. 

Kempton Elvira L. Mrs. h. 

Taylor David R. driver, h. 

185 McManus James, hostler, b. 
Doris Bridget Miss, h. 
Heaney Bernard, b. 
Reynolds Hugh M. b. 
Reynolds Mary Mrs. h. 
Reynolds Mary E. Miss, b. 
Scboles Irving, brakeman, h. 

186 Crowell Albert E. collector, h. 
Mo wry Arlon, h. 
Whitman Ruth R. Miss. h. 

187 Briggs Chas. N. jeweler, h. 

188 Tasca Peter, shoemaker 
190 Heck Chas. F. plumber 

194 Griffin Abbie F. widow, h. 
Griffin Chas. A. clerk, b. 
Henry Mary R. Mrs. h. 
McGregor Duncan, asbestos, b. 

195 Sperry Mary L. Miss, h. 

196 Brownell Abby B. widow, h. 
Brownell Chas. R. printer, b. 
Brownell Geo. H. clerk, b. 
Manchester G. H. salesman, h. 
Slocum Harriet Mrs. b. 

197 DauphineeJ. N. tinsmith 
MacKay & MacVicar, plumbers 

198 Murray Michael, shoemkr. h. 

200 JonesHelenM. Mrs. var. store, h. 

201 Hickey Mary, widow, h. 


House Directory. 

Dean St^^Conttnued, 

201 Tighe Joseph, toolmaker, h. 

204 Sleeper Squire D. stable, h. 
Stone Henry B. elec. b. 

205 Barber Andrew J. bakery 
207 Buchanan David H.weaver.h. 

217 Goodrich William M. coal etc. 

218 Campbell Howard C. agent, r. 
Chamberlin Edwin L.c'pter.h. 
Cbamberlin Julia Mrs. h. 
Frawley Henry, machinist, h. 
Guiseppe F. sew. mach. agt.r. 

219 Ward Ambrose, foreman, b. 
Ward Ambrose Mrs. var. store 

220 Harriman C. E sew. mach. h. 

221 Sanford A. Lester, baker 

222 ChamberlinJuIiaMrs. var. store 

223 Lepere Louis, tailor 

225 Morrisse Wm. cigar mfg. 

226 Darling Levi B. refiner, h. 
Hastings Ettie Miss, h. 

227 Powers James H. vet. surgeon 
Sheldon Wm. J. stable 

230 Edmonds Charles, blacks'h. b. 
Jones Charles S. clerk, b. 
Randall Fred'kA. watchman, b. 
Randall Walter L. contractor, h. 
Sweet Kenneth F. upholster, h. 

231 Lee Yune, laundry 
233rDorr Patrick, laborer, h. 

234 Campbell JamesH. musician, r. 
Holden Geo. E. watchman, h. 
237 Hall Charles C. provisions 
246 Moy Charles, laundry 
248 Kirk Wm. J. bakery 

250 Allen Edward P. car paintr.b. 
Jolly Joseph, clerk, b. 

Kirk Wm. J. bakery, b. 
Miller Jacob B. clerk, b. 
Miller Martha, widow, h. 
Peacor Almira, widow, h. 
Peacor Frank, driver, b. 
Wilson Edward D., U.R.R b. 
WMlson Frank H. gateman, b. 

251 Arnold Ella F. Miss, h. 
Morrisse Wm. cigar maker, h. 

252 Clark Patrick, mason, h. 
McDonald Arthur A.bookbr,b. 
McDonald John F. watchm'n , b. 
McDonald Peter, gardener, h. 

254 Chisholm R. D. lineman, h. 

Read Fred S. clerk, rms. 
256 Belanger Chas J. clerk, rms. 

Eich Peter J. bartender, rms. 

Herrick Alvin N. h. 

Proud Alexander, tailor, rms. 

256 Sweet Hannah E. Miss, h. 

257 Durfee Addie J. dressmkr. h. 
Durfee John H. brakeman, b. 
Kelly Philip W., P. F. D. h. 
Kelly William W.. P. F. D. h. 

258 Sawyer Frank O. b. 
Sawyer Frank W. supt. h. 
Whitlock Joseph, clerk, h. 

260 Cecil John, clerk, h. 

Kelly Joseph A. sec hand, h. 

Parker Joseph L. laborer, b. 
265 McCormack Mars^aret, Miss,b. 

McCormack M.G. Miss,drsmkr. 

Neilson MekulineMiss,drsm.h. 
265rCoffey Wm. B. blacksmith, h. 

McLaren J. A. meat cutter, h. 

Murphy John W. b. 

Murphy Rosanna, widow, h. 

270 Barnes Orsemus S. h. 
Fenner Joseph H. engineer, h. 
Fenner Joseph H. jr. b. 

271 DegnanThomas,silversmith,b. 
Degnan Bartholomew, lab'r.h. 
Morse Archie M. clerk, b. 
Morse Wm. F. clerk, h. 

272 Irwin James, laborer, b. 
Irwin Thomas, laborer, rms. 
Stewart Charles E. hostler, b. 
Stewart Chas. J. painter, h. 
Stewart John, clerk, b. 
Stewart Samuel, clerk, b. 
Stewart Walter, clerk, b. 

277 Wilson Samuel S. printer, h. 
Wright Samuel M. baker, b. 
Wright William, baker, b. 
Wright William A. h. 

281 Nickerson&Dugan.bldg.mvrs. 
Wright Baking Co. 

282 Farrell Michael, jr. hostler, h. 
Ferris Henry, painter, h. 
Marcy WMlliamE.horseshoer.h. 
McGoldrick Andrew, clerk, h. 
Peter Sarkis, tailor, h. 

283 Barton William M. driver, h. 
Harootunian Hagop.hairdrsr.b 
Wright Malcom. baker, b. 

284 Anderson And r'w P. coach mn.h 
Cash man Sam'l B. laborer, h. 

285 Harootunian H. hairdresser 

287 Paine John S. provisions 

288 Brady James T. clerk, b. 
Brady John, b. 

Brady Rose Mrs. liquors, h. 
Wilson Alfred, agent, h. 

289 Horton Wm. H. clerk, h. 


House Directory. 


289 Patterson Albert H. clerk, r. 
291 Amesbury Edgar, policeman, b. 

Burton Fred'k W. painter, b. 

Dew Charles, var. store, rms. 

Lewis N. E. clerk, rms. 

Perry Frank, lithographer, b. 

Turner Elizabeth S. widow, h. 

Turner J. M. bookkeeper, b. 
296 Page Charles H. & Bro. stable 
300 Powers Jas. H. horse shoeing 
304 Ivazian Assadoor, hairdresser 
307 Pales Lewis L. carriage mfr. 
309 Burrows & Kenyon, lumber 
324 Arnold S. C. & Son, cloors,etc. 

329 Phillips J. A. & Co. boots, etc. 

330 Shippee Jos. A. coal & wood 

Dean Place. 

6 Pearce William. P. O. h. 
Ryan Patrick, rms. 
Tighe John, laborer, h. 
Tighe John E. toolmaker, b. 
Tighe William T. b. 
10 Sisson Samuel C. h. 

Tray nor Annie M. Miss. h. 
Tray nor M. M. Miss, bkkpr.h. 

13 Carney Mary Mrs. h. 
McGrath Walter, pat. mkr. h. 
Toomey Charles, clerk, b. 
Toomey John M. laborer^ h. 

14 Williams Nancy, widow, h. 

17 Mitchell Ellen, widow, h. 
Mitchell John T. laborer, b. 
Trainor Frank P. laborer, h. 

18 Sanders Chas. H.var. store, h. 

Deborah Street. 

12 Pierce Jos. M. wool sorter, h. 

Underwood Joseph, liquors, h. 
17 Chedell Leander'W. painter, h. 

McCaffrey James H. grocer. h. 
1 7r Bailey S. H. rubber wkr. h. 

Sugden John H machinist, h. , 

21 Dean Arthur, clerk, h. 
Hawthorne John A. teas, h. 

22 Curry John F., U. R. R. h. 
Milnes Richard, h. 
Woodward Frank A. clerk, h. 

25 Gibson Mary E. widow, h. 
Gibson Seth R. painter, b. 
Vickers William G. clerk, h. 

26 Howland John, clerk, h. 
Ryan Edw. carriage mkr. h. 

29 Goodwin Elisha R. jeweler, h. 

Kerr John R. teamster, h. 
35 Coffin Mary A. widow, h. 

Van Leuven Chas. A oversr.h. 

Delahunt Street. 

2 Hackett John, provisions 
Massey Sarah, widow, h. 

5 Schoedel Charles, weaver, h. 
Scboedel Chas. jr. machin. b. 

6 Fogerty Nora Miss, h. 
Fogerty Thos. F. painter, b. 
Riley Patrick, laborer, h. 

28 Collins Mary, widow, b. 

Larkin David J. operative, b. 

Larkiu James J. carder, b. 

Moy Thos. H. hairdresser, h, 
35 Pahl Ferdinand, jr. painter, h. 

Pahl Franz, machinist, b. 

Delaine Street. 

15 Gallagher Thos. coal & wood 

17 Garner Thos. filecutter, h. 
Tobin James, weaver, h. 

18 Devitt John, weaver, h. 
Rounds Alex, laborer, h. 

20 Powell Richard, weaver, h. 

21 Flanagan Tames V. weaver, b. 
Flanagan Margaret Mrs. h. 
Flanagan Patrick S. weaver, b. 
Flanagan Wm. H. spinner, b. 
Larkin James, operative, b. 
McGuire Bernard, h. 
McGuire Wm. laborer, b. 

23 Sommerville James, baker, h. 
28 McSherry E. P. liquors, b. 

McSherry James, engineer, h. 

McSherry James F. spinner, h. 

McSherry John, weaver, b. 
31 Brown Richard J. fireman, h. 

Wolfe Wm. conductor, h. 
35 Dowd Jennie Miss, h. 

Quinn Chris. H. engineer, h. 

Trainor Joseph, laborer, h. 

Warren Mary Miss, h. 
41 Dusseault Calixte, oper. b. 

Dusseault Pierre, operative, b. 

Dusseault Sylvestre.opertve.h. 

McHale Jas. watchman, h. 
45 Earley Hugh P painter, h. 

Keating Tames L. laborer, h. 
57 Lasell Edward I. weaver.rms. 

Matley Elizabeth, widow, h. 
67 O'Keefe, Lucy widow, h. 
69 Farrell Francis, laborer, h. 

Jacobson Maurice, shoe mkr. h. 

Smith Henry, carpenter, b. 
73 Gibbons P, H. blacksmith, h. 
75 Gibbons P. H. blacksmith 
83 Feeley John, teamster, h.l 

Keegan Bartholomew, lab'r,b. 


Bedding Plants 



House Directory. 

Delaine St.--Continued. 

83 Rodgers Peter, grocer 

Sweeney Cbas. clerk, b. 

Wbalen MaryMrs. h. 
87 Fanning Rooert, h. 

Gartland Patrick, porter, b. 

McCourt Hugh, laborer, b. 

Meeban James, electrician, b. 
97 Dunpby Tbos. hairdresser, h. 

Feeney Catherine, widow, b. 

McQuillan Thos.bairdresser,b. 

Murray Timothy, mason, b. 
102 Senior James R. clerk, b. 

Winslow Wm. tinsmith, h. 

104 Breen John F. loom fixer, h. 

105 McKenna James, liquors 

106 Butterworth Joseph,weaver,h. 
White George E. spinner, h. 

107 Kirwin Fred W. clerk, b. 
Kirwin John, h. 
Kirwin Mary A. Miss, b. 

109 Lancaster James, comber, h. 
Lancaster John E. comber, h. 
Morinville Joseph P. grocer, h. 

1 10 Boothroyd Jane Mrs. h. 
Carson Walter, operatvie, b. 
Deacon Arthur, moulder, b. 
Gross George, machinist, b. 
Sykes John B. weaver, h. 
Travers Alice Miss. h. 

113 Bennett Clarence, weaver, h. 
Padien Patrick, loom fixer, h. 

1 14 Gilson & Co bakers 
McElroy Patrick, bartender,h. 

122 Hartford Kate, variety store, h. 
126 Campbell Wm. R. h. 

Halligan Wm. weaver, h. 

Martin John F. teamster, h. 

Ward James, weaver, b. 
128 Rider Cbas. W. Rev. h. 

133 Grace Memorial Home 
Cathers Mary Mrs. h. 
Curran Julia Mrs. h 

134 Adams Joseph F. baker, h. 
Johnson G. E. Miss, teacher, b. 
Johnson Jas. W. loomfixer, h. 

138 Garrity Agnes V. Miss, b. 

Garrity Elizabeth Miss, b. 

McCormick James, laborer, b. 

McGuy Rose, widow, b. 

Sullivan Jeremiah F. weaver, b. 

Walsh Ellen, widow, h. 
140 Breen John, weaver, b. 

Davis David, operative, b. 

O'Brien Timothy, weaver, h. 

Sullivan John P. painter, b. 

141 Gorman Francis H. grocer.h. 
Gorman James, h. 
Gorman James, jr. engraver, b. 
McElroy Patrick, bartender, h. 

i4irO'Neil John, jeweler, h. 

142 Chase Annie, widow, h. 

144 Bowen Walter A. machinist,h. 
Gore Edwin C. weaver, h. 
Shaw Albert, weaver, b. 
Wilkinson James, operative,b. 

147 Beaumont Benj. hostler, h. 
Pickering RobL carpenter, b. 
Robertshaw J. sec'nd hand, b. 

148 Gleeson Frank P. dentist, b. 
Gleeson Jeremiah, h. 
Gleeson W. S. bookkeeper, b. 
Lober Paul Rev. h. 

149 Daesen Ephraim, h. 
Parsons Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Parsons Isaac F. operative, b. 

152 Barnes Frank, weaver, h. 
Wilkie James, conductor, h. 

153 Conboy Edward H. clerk, h. 
Cufif Matthew, laborer, h. 
Damour Treffle, weaver, b. 
Grady John, plumber, h. 
Malo Frank, laborer, h 
Malo Louis, laborer, b. 
Malo Omere. teamster, b. 

1 53r Halligan John E. weaver, h. 
Harris Charlotte Miss. h. 
Muller Rudolph, weaver, h. 

155 Fine James, hairdresser 

156 Birmingham Patrick, labor, b. 
Burke James, finisher, b. 
Cogan James, weaver, b. 
Haslam James, weaver, b. 
Jones Joseph, weaver, b. 
Leach Leonard M. teamster,b. 
Riley Thomas, painter, b. 
Sanborn Geo. S. teamster, h. 
Spotwood William, mach. b. 
Underwood A. upholsterer, h. 
Warburton William, clerk, h. 
Woolley Elizabeth, widow, h. 
WooUey Wm. silversmith, b. 

i56rHainswoTth Thos. laborer, b. 

Harrison Margaret, widow, h. 

Smith Samuel, grocer, h. 
1 58 Fowler Cycle Club 
160 Brady Nellie & Mary Misses, b. 

Gilroy John, weaver, b. 

Grady John weaver, b. 

Hey Daniel C. printer, b. 

Lee John, clerk, b. 

Ormrod Wm. dyer, b. 

HousK Directory. 


160 RoUinson John, printer, b. 
Rollinson Joseph Mrs. bdg. h. 
Rolhnson Turner, b. 

161 Brennan James, slater, b. 
Brennan Joseph, operative, b. 

164 Berkler Philip, weaver, b. 
Callahan William, weaver, b. 
Dumas Charles, weaver, b. 

iohnston Charles, weaver, b. 
lurphy John, weaver, b. 
Palkey Mary, widow, h. 

165 HoUoway Thos. H. solicitor, h. 
168 Cleary James F. weaver, b. 

Curfoot Herbert, operative, b. 
Dakin Jacob, paper hanger, b. 
Ernshaw Geo. spinner, b. 
Halliwell Wm. weaver, b. 
Macy Peter, weaver, b. 
McTie Wm. weaver, b. 
Murphy John, operative, b. 
Rowley Samuel, spinner, b. 
Webley Fred'k, weaver, h. 

170 Corcoran & O'Gara, liquors 

171 Underwood Alfred.upholsterer 

172 Hopkinson Thos. est. liquors 
174 Hotel Gordon, Mrs. A. Hop- 
kinson, prop. 

Clough Hiram, clerk, b. 
176 Bergeron Fred, operative, b. 
Bergeron Geo. comber, b. 
Boucher Joseph, weaver, h. 
Desmarais Josephine, wid. h. 

Delhi Street. 

8 Derbianty Avedis, clerk, b. 
Harootunian Manoog, lab'r, b. 
Harootunian Mardiros, oper.b. 
Sarafian Antig, laborer, b. 
Sarafian Doni^, operative, b. 
Sempad Poladian. jeweler, b. 

9 Allen William, laborer, h. 
Drew Cornelius, jeweler, b. 
Drew Patrick, teamster, h. 
Moran Daniel, butcher, h. 

14 Brown Emeline V. Mrs. h. 
Brown John H. teamster, h. 
Bush Wm. H. machinist, b. 

15 Pickett John J. laborer, b. 
Pickett Maria, widow, h. 

37 Connelly Mary, widow, h. 

Connolly Hannah, widow, h. 

Cox Delia L. Mrs. h. 
a8 Farley Thomas, laborer, h. 

Goldstein Michael, h. 

Handy Rachael P. Mrs. h. 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, b. 

28 Taberofsky Meyer, pedler, h 

30 Campbell John F. plumber, b. 
Campbell Robt. canvasser, h. 
Goldstein Jacob, pedler. h. 
McDermott John J. laborer, b. 
Reynolds Thomas, laborer, h. 

36 Cull Frank, laborer, h. 

Johnston Frederick, b. 

Johnston Kate Miss. h. 
38 Johnston George, grocer 

Denison Street. 

8 Kay Thos. thread dresser, h. 
Taudvin John, carpenter 

9 Langlands James, laborer, h. 
Langlands Jas. jr. laborer, b. 
Langlands John, laborer, b. 
Langlands Sarah Miss, b. 
Langlands Thos.F. machin. b. 

Depew Street. 

12 Clark Geo. A. serg. police, h. 
16 Winter Walter G. machin. h. 

31 Leonard Henry, tinsmith, h. 
41 Cary Alfred H. printer, h. 

Derry Street, 

i3rAltoonian Chas. shoemkr. h. 
15 Allen George, laborer, h. 

19 Duklsky John, pedler, h. 

20 Bagdasanan Avedis. lab. b. 
Hahanasian M. coal, etc. 
HampaijoomianD.oper'tve, h. 
Hjirootunian Chas. laborer, h. 
Kapogan K. baker, b. 
Kemennjian Karlo, oper. h. 
Kokian Zaky, laborer, b. 
Ohannessian Garabed, lab. b. 

22 Bagdasar Mooradian, oper. h. 
24 Aghajanian Agajan, lab. h. 
* Aghajanian Garabed, lab. b. 

Asarian Vartan, operative, h. 

Biberjian Armenag jeweler,b. 

Ehmalian Sarkis, laborer, h. 

Keleshian Megero, laborer, h. 

Shervaman Hachadoor.oper. h. 

30 Caglan Vartan. operative, h. 
Cartalian Chas. operative b. 
EghoyanOhannes, operative, h. 
MejaaoorianChas.o|>erative. h. 
Mooradian Bedros laborer, b. 
Moradyan B. operative, b. 
Sarkisian Garabed. laborer, b. 
Verneyan Vartan, operative,b. 
Zemanian John, laborer, b. 

31 Agajanian Garabed, shomkr.h. 


House Directory. 

Deny St.— Continued. 

31 Curry John, laborer, h. 

33 Besbanian Jacob, laborer, h. 

Crigian Meyer, laborer, h. 


Ehmalian Sarkis, operative, b. 

Harpoothian Mikran, oper. b. 

Keleshian Megerdick. lab. h. 

Latifian Zakar, operative, b. 

Navoyan Moorshegb, lab. b. 
35 Aloodjian Bogbos H. macb. b. 

Caprielian M. laborer, b. 

Domigian Sarkis, carpentr. b. 

Galeserian Artin, operative, b. 

Hagopian Cbas. operative, b. 

Kenderian Dede, laborer, h. 

StepaDian Cbas. operative, b. 

Tatiosian Obanniss, laborer, b. 

TopabanObannes, operative, h. 

Vartanian Megerdick, oper. b. 

Vartanian M. cook. b. 

38 Clark Henry J. coremaker, b. 
Clark Hugb J. painter, b. 
Clark Jobn J. laborer, b. 
Clark Mary A. widow, b. 
Clark Thomas E. corerakr. b. 

39 Driscoll John, laborer, h. 
Gaffney Mary E. widow, b. 

41 McQueeneyJames, moulder,b. 

42 Pilkinton Jos. carpenter, h. 
Reynolds Francis, laborer, b. 

51 Harvey Robt. blacksmith, h. 

56 Bertrand J. E. carpenter, b. 

Riley William G. fireman, b. 

59 McDonald Patrick, moulder,b. 
McDonald P. jr. laborer, b. 
McDonald Tbos. laborer, b. 

60 Giblin Mary, widow, h. 
Giblin Michael A. painter, b. 
Giblin Richard J. foreman. b» 

60 Giblin Thomas E. laborer, b. 

63 Cummings James, laborer, b. 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, h. 
Gallagher M. at Screw Co. b. 

64 Hartford George, driver, h. 
Kelley Thomas F. teamster, h. 
Riley Margaret A. widow, h. 

65 McDonald Daniel, laborer, b. 

69 Corrigan Ed. blacksmith, h. 

70 Greene John W. laborer, b. 
Greene William, laborer, h. 

76 DowlingEdmond,operative,b. 

Dowling Mary, widow, h. 

Flynn Bernard, laborer, h. 
83 Carageojian Hajop, laborer,b. 

Devlne Street. 

9 O'Leary Ellen, widow, h. 

Dewey Street. 

19 Place W. M. Ind. Trust Co. b. 
Place William H. carpenter.b. 
Preston Cbas. A. real est. br.h. 

20 Saunders Walter M.chemist,h. 

39 Olney Edward W. h. . 

40 Leonard Hugb P. b. 
Leonard James, bldg. mover, b. 
Leonard John, b. 

Leonard Peter, b. 

Leonard Peter jr. carpenter, b, 
56 Nichols Lilla A. widow, b. 

Steere Abraham T. foreman, b. 

Steere Louisianna, widow, b. 
60 Stearns Herbert E. fumture,b. 

Stearns Hiram A. clerk, b. 

Dexter Street. 

14 Serror Nicholas J. dentist, b. 
20 Carpenter F. B. machinist, h. 

Chamberlain Elizabeth E. h. 

Delemontex Charles, cook, b. 

McKee J. Hugh, clerk, h. 

Whitney Julia Mrs. b. 
26 RosentwistBergerG.A.dyer,b. 

Wiessner Edonard, designer, h. 
32 Parks EdwardH.mecb.engr.b. 
34 Goodspeed L. P. salesman, h. 
36 Phillips Henry J. h. 
40 Brayton Cbas. R. counsellor,b. 

Smith John P. real estate, b. 
46 Cooke Wm. T. bookkpr. h. 

Cooke Charles O. student, b. 
54 Barry Michael, jeweler, b. 

Brown Stephen F. machinist, b. 
58 Conklin Elsie C. widow, b 

Fuller Byron C. clerk, b. 

Fuller John P. expressman, b. 

Fuller Lizzie F.-Miss, b. 

Langelier A. M. L. Miss, b. 

Langelier Antoine J. supt. b. 

Langelier A. T. mch. mfr. b. 

Pierce Annie F. widow, b. 
64 Bennett Waity A. widow, b. 

Henry William A. b. 

Irwin Henry W., P. F. D. h. 
68 Babcock DwightS.mus.tcbr.h. 

Babcock Frank W. clerk, b. 
74 Griffin George M. produce, b. 

Tupper Alice E. widow, b. 
78 Robertson James, b. 

Robertson vVm. salesman, b. 
80 Sisson W. S. special agt. b. 


House Directory. 


One hundred rarietiea of Fresh, Ejcfi 
Salt, Smoked and Piokled ildlly 


80 Winsor Edwin, h. 

82 Rhodes Margaret, widow, b. 

Ross Charles R. h. 

Schofield Thos. jeweler, h. 
88 Macomber JohnM.wheelwrt.h. 
94 Lyon William W. h. 

Spink Benoni, clerk, h. 

Spink E. V. Mrs. dressmkr. h. 
98 Williams Chas. A. clerk, h. 

Williams James F. grocer, h. 
106 Downs L. W. jr. eyelet mkr.h. 

Wells Mary E. widow, h. 
108 Bacon Mary A. widow, h. 

Engley George D. clerk, b. 

Engley Harriet M. widow, h. 

Vibbert Emeline A. widow, h. 
no Burnham Henry O. b. 

Cheever Annie E. widow, B. 

Merrill Edgar L. salesman, h. 
f 12 Cavannaugh Patrick, h. 
157 Plyrapton Warren H. carpntr. 
171 Clark Flavins A. porter, h. 

Crowley Hannah Mrs. h. 

Crowley John P. machinist, b. 
174 Aldrich Arthur, clerk, b. 

Aldrich James J. machinist, h. 

Moore George W. supt. h. 
178 Butts George L. clerk, h. 

Butts Hiram D., P. F. D. h. 

Hopkins Nelson, manager, h. 
183 Kenney Tas. H. ice cart dvr.h. 

KenneyMary S. widow, h. 

189 Peckham L.E.Mrs, medium, h. 
Peckham W. H. carpenter, h. 
Place Hattie E. Mrs. dressmkr. 
Sheldon Harriet N. widow, h. 

190 Briggs Stephen H. broker, h. 
193 Gagnon Chas. carpenter, h. 

Hanky Daniel, blacksmith, h. 

Knower Timothy B. h. 
i93rHolden Wm. H. teamster, h. 
197 Stevenson H. W. car. pntr. h. 

Woodmansee Louis S. carpr.h. 
200 Stearns F. N. trav. salesmn.b. 

Stearns Frederick A. salsmn.b. 

Stearns John, dentist, b. 
«02 Tetreauft Rerai, machinist, h. 

Tetreault Wilfrid, machinist,b. 

204 Bennett Lysander, grocer 

205 Wallace Bridget A. widow, h. 
Wallace Hugh C. piper, b. 
Wallace Wm. J. collector, b. 

207 Murphy Annie J. Miss, b. 

Murphy Joseph M. jeweler, b. 
Murphy Peter A. rub. wkr. h. 
Roberge Ovilla. h. 

212 Walker Margaret, widow, h. 
2f3 Campbell Hugh, grocer 
2 1 3r Anthony Josephine Mrs. h. 

Dewhurst A. moulder, b. 

Doyle James F. printer, b. 

Doyle Patrick, laborer, h. 

Martin Alfred A. laborer, h. 

Sweet Georgia E.Mrs. nurse, h. 

Sweet Herbert P. engineer, b. 

Sweet John T. engineer, b. 

Wahl George W. laborer, h. 

214 Kelly Martin, teamster, h. 
Larkin Seth E. coachman, h. 
West Joseph, pencil maker, h. 

215 Ballou Rachel A. widow, h. 
Malo Amedee, machinist, h. 
Malo Olive, widow, b. 
Quinn Patrick, blacksmith, h. 

2i5rGorton Lillian Mrs. b. 

Radikin Margaret Miss, h. 

White William, laborer, b. 
219 Leraay Arthur, stonecutter, h. 

Mulrain Thos. liquors, h. 

Mulraiu William, h. 
223 Brody John, laborer, b. 

Parent John, broomraaker, h. 

Trudeau Louis A. carpenter, b. 
226 Casselo Antonio, hairdresser 

230 Merrill George, laborer, b. 
Wood Benjamin C. laborer, h. 

231 Duchesneau Jos. wheelwr't, h. 
McCann James, rubr. wkr. h. 

232 Bliss Amos, teamster, h. 
Bricard Wm. A. harness mkr.b. 
Henderson Isam H. laborer.b. 
Scott Richie E. Miss, h. 

233 Lusignan John J, painter, h. 
Ouimette Delphis, porter, h. 

234 Delaney Samuel, teamster, b. 
Kenyon Mary A. widow, h. 

236 Taber Stella Mrs. h. 
Weeden Mary Miss, h. 

237 Beauregard Ovila, slater, h. 
Simmons Robert, painter, h. 

238 Williams Daniel, laborer, h. 
Williams Daniel jr. laborer, b. 
Williams George W. laborer.b. 

239 Bastien Armiene, carpenter,b. 
Beaudreau Olivier, tire mkr.h. 
Malo Joseph, carpenter, h. 

243 Boyle James, jeweler, h. 
Boyle Michael, mason, b. 

244 Allen Amanda, widow, h. 
Allen Edward F. laborer, b. 
Russell Charles H. waiter, h. 

246 Eger Barbara, variety store 


House Directory. 

Dexter St, ^Continued, 

248 Randall S. Leon, dry goods 
251 Hunter Wm. tinsmith, h. 

O'Connor James.rubber wkr.h. 

O'Connor J as. J. rubber wkr. b. 

O'Connor Thos. rubber wkr. b. 
254 Lynch E. J. laborer, b. 

Lynch John, spinner, h. 

Lynch John L. helper, b. 

McPartlandThos. F. moulder, h. 
256 Hickey Wm. F. locksmith, h. 
258 Rousseau Amos, cutter, b. 

Rousseau Prudence, widow, h. 
260 Hasselbaum A. Co. bottlers 
266 McGwin T. E. & J. F. liquors 
319 Phelps Cnarles N. clerk, h. 
321 Monroe James, h. 
323 Frazier Henry L. iceman, h. 
325 Klepper Samuel J. clothing, h. 
329 Wood Arthur P. painter, b. 

Wood Earl A. printer, b. 

Wood Frank L. laundrymn. b. 

Wood Louis I. painter, h. 

331 Ballon Michael J. rub. wkr. b. 
Logan Patrick, rubber wkr. b. 
Mulligan John, rubber wkr. b. 
Shea Michael, rubber wkr. b. 
Toll in Patrick, rubber wkr. b. 

332 Scott Edwin A. machinist, h. 
Walker Robert, hairdresser.h. 

337 Shearman W.R.lamplighter,h. 
439 Greene James L clerk, b 

Greene Peter, iceman, h. 
483 Cooper Henry, silversmith, h. 
502 Gray Hannah Mrs. h. 

Gray Harley W. watchmkr. h. 
518 Fleming Ann, widow, h. 

Franz Charles, jeweler, h. 

Taylor Geo. F. dressertndr. b. 

Taylor Walter R. laborer, h. 

Unger Jacob, jeweler, h. 
524 GronhagenChristian,jeweler,h 

Wetherbee Geo. A., U.R.R.h. 
527 Olson Oscar, laborer, h. 

Ramstrom Charles E. mason, h. 
531 Congdon Nancy A. D. wid. h. 

Congdon O. L. stm.laundry.h. 

Cummings C. L. bookkpr. b. 

Cummings Henry J. grocer, b. 

Cummings Jas. F. student, b. 

Cummings John A. grocer, h. 

Elmwood Steam Laundry 
535 Bosworth Benjamin P. b. 

Bosworth H. C. bookkeeper,h. 

Cole Albert M. instructor, h. 

Cole Clinton D. b. 

535 Cole Myron A. clerk, b. 

536 Beattie James H. h. 
Whipple Edward, laborer, h. 

539 Allen Ann Maria, widow, h. 
Allen James B. iceman, b. 
Rogers Francis P. electric' n,h. 

540 Skivington John, driver, h. 
Tanner Tames, h. 
Tanner Joseph, clerk, b. 

543 Colson William, teamster, b. 

Lundberg Chas. teamster, b. 

Luther Geo. F. iceman, b. 

Luther Roxellana D. widow. h. 

White Alfred, forger, h. 

White George H. stamper, b. 
546 Duffy John, h. 
546rLynch Philip, laborer, h. 

Stott Harry, polisher, h. 
548 Hermann Fred'k O. moulder. b, 

Hermann Louisa A. widow, h» 

Tatz Max, jeweler, h. 

550 Brand Barbara Mrs. grocer 

551 Swift Bernard, polisher, h. 
Vaughn Oscar C. iceman, h. 

554 Remlinger Jacob, jeweler, h. 

561 Hardman James, machinist, h. 

562 Stranberg G. W. travellings 

salesman, b. 
Stranberg John J. foreman, h. 
571 Ash ton Mary Mrs. h. 

Dexter Avenue. 

10 Farmer Edward G. artist, h. 
12 Wilhelm Frank H. assayer. h. 
14 Johnston Wm. J. diecutter, b» 

Snow C. Herbert, watchman, b. 

Spencer Hattie L.Mrs.drsmkr. 

17 Harably James B. tailor, h. 

18 Fechney Robt. E. watchmkr. b. 
Greene Geo. A. blacksmith, h. 
Martin Henry W. tailor, h. 
Martin Wm. H. tailor, h. 

21 Bates Julia A. widow, h. 
Darling Wm. L. teamster, h. 
McCready Frank, rms. 

22 Clarke Chas. S. silversmith, b» 
Clarke Daniel, painter, h. 
Clarke Edw. C. silversmith, b, 
Clarke Thomas, clerk, h. 
Clarke Thomas C. clerk, b. 
Cutting Wm. A. salesman, h. 

32 Armstrong E. H. clerk, h. 
Armstrong Geo. E. clerk, b. 
Armstrong Wm. J. moulder,h. 
Armstrong Wm. J. jr clerk, b, 
Riley Michael, moulder, h. 

House Directory. 


32 Riley Thos. F. filemaker, b. 
Riley Wm. E. machinist, b. 

Dexter Court. 

I Gormley Thomas, laborer, h. 

Gormley Thos. jr. teamster, b. 

Keegan Elizabeth, widow, h. 

Miller Rose Mrs. h. 
3 DonahueComelius, teamster, b. 

Donahue John P. teamster, b. 

Donahue Patrick, laborer, h. 

Donahue Peter, laborer, b. 

Neville J. F. cabinet maker, b. 

Neville Patrick, laborer, h. 

Neville Richard, jeweler, b. 

Diamond Street. 

8 Jackson Samuel, steam fitter.h. 
12 Lincoln George W. h. 

Lincoln James H. ins. agt. b. 

14 Bailey Jennie E. drsmkr. h. 

15 Douglas Wm. carpenter, h. 
Whelan Matthew, carder, b. 
Whelan Peter, h. 

Whelan S. lithographer, b. 

16 Providence Steam Trap Co. 

19 Atkinson Joanna Mrs. b. 
King Emiry J. Mrs. h. 
LonerganThos. F. silv'rsmth. b. 
Nevin Edward, h. 

Nevin Edward J. jeweler, b. 
Nevin Michael J. b. 
Nevin MinnieJ.Miss.bookkr.b. 
Potter Henry B. h. 

20 Kelly Rose, widow, h. 
Quick Frank, rubber wkr. b. 

22 Duffy Michael, laborer, b. 
O'Mara John, laborer, h. 
O'Mara John F. rubber wkr.b. 

23 Hannum Wm. h. 

24 Chafee Tames H. clerk, rms. 
Corbin B. B. jeweler, h. 
Hicks Henry E. patt'rn fin. b. 
Hicks Oliver W. steamfitter,b. 
Hicks Stephen P. engineer, h. 
Jordan Ella F. Mrs. h. 

27 Kenyon Chas. moulder, h. 
Kenyon Chas. E. clerk, b. 
Lavoie Archil, carpenter, h. 

28 Hamilton John, moulder,h. 
Pierce George R. machinist, b. 
Pierce Samuel N. moulder, h. 

31 Duffy Michael, h. 

Lee Fred'k A. paper hanger, h. 

32 Murphy Annie E. Miss, drsmkr. 
Murphy Bridget, widow, h. 

32 Murphy John F. clerk, b. 
Pouliot Auguste, laborer, b. 
Pouliot Joseph, h. 

33 Sharpe Geo. A. provisions, h. 

35 Pierce Walter P. lawyer, h. 
Sharpe Geo. A provisions 
Sharpe G. A. Mrs.dressmkr.h, 

36 Sprague Fred. K. enameler.b^ 
Sprague Harriet H. Mrs. h. 

37 Armstrong Amy J. widow, h. 
Armstrong A. * 'Telegram," b» 
Brady John, h. 

41 Duffy Frank J. clerk, b. 

Hughes John, trav. salsmn. h. 
Reed Fred'k E. police, h. 

45 Groves Gardner, stevedore, h. 
Lee Hattie W. Mrs. h. 
Maxey Manfred E. jeweler, h. 

46 Ch am pi in Alf red E. teamster, h. 
Tames Herbert, salesman, b. 
Phelan P. F. horse clipper 
Phelan Richard F. clerk, b. 
Teach man Chas. R.wood tr.h. 

49 Cost Herbert A. clerk, h. 
King Wm. A. F. jeweler, h. 
Mackie John S. driver, b. 

52 Asher Gordon K. plumber, b. 
Asher Ross, teamster, b. 
Peters Benj. F. machinist, h. 
Peters Sarah A. widow, h. 
Wilson Isabella, widow, b. 

53 Kelley Catherine, widow, h. 
Kelley Jas. B. piper, b. 
Kerens Mary, widow, h. 
Kerens Wm, H. bookkeeper. b, 

63 Walsh John, coremaker, h. . 

64 Billings Abraham L carptr. b. 
Billings Joseph T. carptr. b. 
Billings Mary, widow, h. 
Collins Joseph P. laborer, h. 
Bywaters Mary, widow, h. 
Bywaters Thos. plumber, b. 
Morrisey James, laborer, b. 

65 Fountain Adelard, blksmth, b. 
Welcome Frank F. blksmth. b. 
Whelan James, laborer, h. 

67 Fontain Joseph, jr. blksmth.b. 
Whitney Mark, laborer, h. 

68 Cavannaugh Edward, spin. b. 
Cavannaugh James, laborer, h. 

71 Ferguson Chas. rubber wkr. b. 
McRae Wm. driver, h. 

Snow Robt. W. painter, h. 

72 Kelly Patrick, laborer, h. 
O'Rourke John B.machinist.b 
O'Rourke Wm. watchman, h.. 


House Directory. 

Diamond St.— Continued, 

73 Dillon G. E. canehead mkr. h. 
Hickey John, carpenter, h. 

75 McHugh Joseph E. liquors 

76 Collins Charles, painter, h. 
Leonard C. Miss, elocutionist, h. 
McQuade Wm. laborer, b. 
Murphy John, blacksmith, h. 

77 Duke John W. clerk, h. 
Duke Wm. laborer, b. 
McHale John, h. 

McHale John jr. rub. wkr. b. 
McHale Joseph, rub. wkr. b. 
McHale Richard, rub. wkr. b. 
Shea Chas. H. teamster, b. 
'80 Brown Catharine, widow, h. 
Conway Bridget Mrs. h. 
Conway James, cornice mkr.b. 
Fletcher Patrick, h, 
Shippee Herbert O. laborer,h. 
Venus George, laborer, h. 

83 Barrett John, laborer, b. 
Barrett Michael, moulder, h. 
O'Donnell Cornelius, carpen- 
ter, h. 

84 Sellen Charles, laborer^ h. 
^4r Han son Charles, laborer, h. 

86 Freel John J. coremaker, h. 

87 Brais Frederic, tinsmith, b. 
Brais H. J. bricklayer, b. 
Brais Joseph, mason, h. 
McGoorty George F. clerk, b. 
McGoorty Thomas, h. 
McGoorty Thos. H. polisher, b. 

88 Roy Joseph, laborer, h. 

89 Gilmore Mary, widow, h. 
Gilmore Thos F. blacksmith, h. 

90 Fitzgerald Gerald, b. 
Fitzgerald James, weaver, b. 
Fitzgerald John, rub. wkr. b. 
Fitzgerald Thos. shoemkr. h. 
Hoban Wm. bowling alley, b. 
Quinn Peter, gardener, h. 

•92 Gleason Mary E. widow, h. 

Manchester Otis E.teamster.h. 
^5 Gallagher James, jeweler, b. 

Gallagher Patrick, gardener,h. 

Hopkms Edgar E. driver, b. 

Kelly Peter E. rub. wkr. h. 

96 Doonan John B liquors, h. 

97 Sherry James Co. grocers 

98 Doonan John B. liquors 

106 Eatough RebeccaJ.tailoress,h. 
207 McDonald John, iceman, h. 
Nagle Richard, gardener, h. 

Dickens Street. 

22 Arnold Caleb, h. 

Dike Street. 

4 Bedard Frederic, weaver, b. 

Bedard Mane Mme. h. 

De.sailier Amable, wheelwrt.h. 

Desailier Frederic, painter, b. 

Lafontaine Peter,carpenter.h. 

6 Deslandes Damase,hairdrsr.h. 

27 Madden Mich'l H. loomfixr. h. 

Mulleedy Eliza Mrs. h. 
34 Esten Thos. H. wool grader 

Taft, Weeden & Co. agents 

Weybosset Mills 
35rFox Owen. h. 

Fox Owen, jr. stonecutter, b. 

Fox Thomas, jeweler, b. 
37 Cella John, h. 

Middleton John, operative, h. 
39 Messiean Leopold, weaver, h. 
43 Berry John, oiler, h. 

KunzeEmile, baker, h. 

Troy Daniel, carpenter, h. 

Troy James J. student, b. 
45 Bartleit George, carder, b. 

Bar tie tt Joseph, carpenter, h. 

Erbe Charles, weaver, h. 

Kreusche Herman, weaver, h. 
55 Canavey Joseph, hostler, b. 

Canavey Patrick, driver, b. 

Cogan Patrick, laborer, h. 

Cogan Patrick J. woolsrtr. b. 

McLaughlin Wm.H.spinner,h. 

McMahon James H. spinner, b. 

McMahon Thos. laborer, h. 
61 Geary Margaret, widow, h. 

McGrath James, weaver, h. 

McGrath James L. weaver, b. 

Riley John, overseer, h. 

Riley William, spinner, h. 
68 Lawton Spin. Co. cot. yarns 
98 Healey William, painter, h. 

Lefebvre Albert, blacksmith 

Morin Zephas M. blacksmith 
100 Carrol Peter, laborer, b. 

Garrahan Joseph, weaver, h. 

Morrison William, weaver, h. 
loorCameron John, weaver, h. 

Raney Annie Mrs. h. 

103 Callahan Thos. salesman, h. 

104 Lynch Andrew, loomiixer, b. 
Lynch Bridget, widow, h. 
Lynch James H. woolsorter,b. 
Lynch Peter, woolsorter, b. 
Lynch Thos. F. weaver, b. 

House Directory. 


108 Geizer Gus, weaver, b. 

Naser Frank, weaver, h. 

Naser Richard, beltfixer, b. 

Tbirhofer John, laborer, b. 

Wetzel Karl, h. 
no Doran John, weaver, b. 

McKenna Ann, widow, h. 

McKenna Charles, spinner, b. 
112 Berry John, loomfizer, h. 

Suess Herman, lunch room, h. 

Whitaker Albert O. laborer,b. 
n. Plainfield,AhernDaniel,clerk,h. 

Hasney James O. weaver, h. 

Dlman Place. 

o Emerson M. E. Miss, tchr. b. 
15 Fisher M. A. Frances Mrs. h. 
Lamb F. F. Mrs. h. 

19 Thurber Gorham Mrs. & dr. h. 

20 Moore Edw. C. Rev. &Mrs.h. 
24 Bc^art T. P. Mr. & Mrs. sum. 

res. Warwick Neck, h. 

26 Aldrich E. Frank Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Buckout Frank A. clerk, b. 

Dime Street. 

18 Benson Benjamin E. h. 

Clancy John, laborer, h. 

Stevens Thomas, fireman, h. 

Whitaker Frank, laborer, h. 
26 Gabriel Frank, laborer, h. 

Hawes Wm. T. laborer, h. 

Pereira Manuel, laborer, h. 

Rose Joseph, plasterer, h. 

Rose Manuel, laborer, h. 

DivUion Street. 

6 Hunt Almira R. real estate, h. 

Hunt Chas. M. civil engi'nr.h. 

Hunt Stephen R. clerk, b. 

Tabor Peleg C. b. 

Whitford Mary R. widow, h. 

Whitford Theron D. b. 

Whitford Ulysses E. clerk, b. 
9 Pearce Emerson P. jeweler, h. 

Ross Elsie, widow, h. 

Ross G. M. Miss, milliner, b. 
13 Dana Walter G. designer, h. 

Hawkins John, machinist, h. 
15 Fenner Samuel A. driver, h. 

Kruger Wm, H. jeweler, h. 

28 Clark Howard P. driver, h. 
Lyon Belle Miss, b. 

29 Adams G. M. tinsmith, h. 

30 Sandford R. J. h. 

32 Hale Lorenzo H. clerk, h. 

32 SmoUin John, com. trav. h. 

33 Kelton Nahum A. mason 

34 Luther Geo. H. bookkeeper, h. 
Sweet Byron W. boots, etc. h. 

36 Raymond Robert B. clerk, h.. 

46 Chapman Cornelius, tmstr. h. 
Chapman Daniel, laborer, b. 
Chapman Thomas J. clerk, b. 
Robinson Amos G. clerk, h. 

47 Easton Charles G. clerk, b. 
Easton F. T. lawyer, b 
Easton William, h. 

Dixon Street. 

3 Godat Louis, die sinker, h. 
17 Howland Wm. H., U.R.R. h. 

Taber J. jr. steam fitter, b. 
29 Allen Henry B. carpenter, h. 

37 Chase Albert V. carpenter, b» 
Luce William H. Mrs. h. 

38 Carbee S. C. lithographer, h. 
47 Bucklin George E. mason, h. 

Bucklin George E. jr. h. 
70 Crocker Henry T. salesman, h.. 
73 Brown M. P. ins. adjuster, h. 
80 Hopkins F. horse medicine, h. 

Seamans Layton E. b. 

Dodge Street. 

8 Brennan James B. clerk, b. 
Brennan James H. clerk, b. 
Callaghan Augustus H. clerk, b. 
Callaghan F. J. blacksmith, b. 
Callaghan Hugh, folder, h. 
Callahan Wm. A. clerk, b. 
McGuinness Jas.H.hop beer,h.^ 
Scully Mary A. widow, b. 

11 Bradley George C. clerk, b. 
Bradley Irving L. student, b. 
Bradley W. B. gold pltr. h. 
Hart John, piper, h. 

12 Conway Francis F. clerk, b. 
Dexter Lucretia M. widow, h. 
Dexter W. G. machinist, b. 
Harden Arlon S. janitor, h. 
Harden Nancy J. Miss, b. 
Hayden Nettie L. widow, b. 
Jeffrey H. Mrs. nurse, h. 

17 Francis Albert J. carpenter, h» 

Hanny AbbieA.Mrs.drsmkr.h.. 

Hanny Geo. H. collector, h. 

Higginson Thos. steam fittr. b» 

Martin Henry S. h. 

Tanner James, jr. clerk, b. 
20 Collins Mary A. widow, h. 

Collins Merton W. reg phar.h. 


O'Connor. «****»::a'^->""* 




House Directory. 

Dodge St.— Continued, 

20 Peckham E. F. conductor, h. 

Peckham E. F. Mrs.dres8mkr. 
23 Day David C. jeweler, rms. 

Griffith Rufus K. clerk, h. 
29 Archer Clarence H. c'hman.b. 

Fanning A. F. jeweler, h. 

Field Mary E. Mrs. b. 

Holt Albert A. brakeman, h. 

Holt Mary, widow, h. 

Pratt T. D. jeweler, h. 
35 MercierChas.W.mfg.jeweler,h 

Morris Antone, laborer, rms. 

Reed Chas. F. mason, h. 

MorrillTappan W. w' tchm n. rm . 

Shanaban Daniel, laborer, h. 

Shanahan Jas. silversmith, b. 

Mitchell Thomas, coremkr h. 

64 Baxter Catherine Mrs. h. 
Baxter Walter L. pressman, b. 
Clark Patrick J. stonecutter,h. 
Greene John J . blacksmith, h. 
Lynch Annie, widow, h. 
Lynch Edward W. clerk, b. 
Lynch John J. printer, b. 
Lynch Thomas F. clerk, h. 

65 Beirne Chas. F. stenog. b. 
Beirne John, waiter, b. 
Beirne Peter, teamster, h. 
Lamson Solomon E. mgr. h. 
Radigan John, porter, b. 

66 Gidley Chas. H. painter, h. 
Meehan Matthew W. laborer, b. 
Meeban Pat'k F. laborer, h. 

67 Davis Wm. stonecutter, h. 
70 Kelley James, machinist, h. 

Kelley J. Edward, laborer, b. 
Kelley Thomas P. plumber, b. 
7£ Butler Pat'k. F. carpenter, h. 
Canole Terrence, coremkr. h. 
Kiernan Peter, polisher, b. 

72 RiendeauEdmundF.painter,h. 

73 Ward John A. grocer, h. 
Shaw James B. hostler, h. 
Smith Lemuel B. h. 

76 Corcoran Michael laborer, h. 
78 Gaule Wm. F. h. 

80 Robinson Cornelius, laborer, h. 
Robinson Frank, laborer, b. 
Robinson Julia Mrs. h. 
Russell Henry, carriage wshr.h. 

81 Bassett Abraham L. driver, r. 
Brown John, coal, etc. 
Clough Henry P. furn. mover 

82 Coughlin K. E. Miss, drsmkr. 
Coughlin Mary, widow, h. 

82 O'Neil Jas. H. engineer, h. 

84 SuUivanMarionF. Miss, drsmkr 
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h. 

85 Elam John M. watchman, h. 
87 Durfee Herbert E. teamster, h. 
93 Chase Leander (estate of), 

livery stable 
Lovely Augustus, hostler, rms. 
99 Carr Daniel, laborer, h. 

Fitzgerald James, shoemkr. h. 
Howard Benj. R. hackman, b. 
Howard Thos. D. carpenter, h. 
Mc Aloon James, laborer, h. 

124 Scheller Elizabeth A. Mrs. b. 
Schultz Hugo R. painter 

125 Carter T. Edw. lithographer, h. 
Fanning Peter J. musician, b. 
Walsh Edward L. baker, h. 

128 Bowman Thos. E. caterer, h. 

130 Dixon James E. tel. oper. h. 
Dunbar Louisa, widow, h. 
Dunbar R. J. Miss, drsmkr. b. 

131 Morris Alice A. widow, h. 
Morris Ezra J. laborer, b. 
Sterns Richard, cook, h. 

134 Johnston H. W. piano mov. h. 
Kennedy Francis, laborer, b. 
Kennedy William, laborer, h. 

135 Gears Hattie Miss, h. 

V Johnson Elizabeth Mrs. h. 
Roach Cornelius A. janitor, r. 

137 Harris George D. hostler, h. 

138 Carney F. P. blacksmith, h. 
Soper Martha G. widow, b. 
Soper Tunis T. jeweler, h. 

139 Harris Courtland P. labor, b. 
Johnson Chas. E. driver, h. 
Toomey Joseph H. porter, b. 

140 Clark Patrick J. baker, h. 
Cousineau Alfred, driver, h. 
Madden Thos. F. moulder, h, 
Morrison Patrick, driver, b. 

i4orCurtis John F. carriage pntr.h. 

141 Groce George, laborer, rms. 
Johnson John, hostler, h. 
Willis Annie E. Miss, h. 

143 Robinson Chas. W. porter, h. 

144 Burton Benjamin F. cook, rms. 
Jefferson Arthur R. caterer, h. 
Fayton J. H. piano mover, h. 

145 Tones Henry H. boxmaker, h. 

147 Upshaw Elwood B. waiter, b. 
Upshaw Julia Mrs. h. 

148 Jackson Ueorgiana A. Miss, h. 
Sands Frank H. clerk, h. 

151 Johnson Cornelius W. tmstr.h. 

House Directory. 


iSirAsb Lizzie Mrs. h. 

154 Pauls Bridget, widow, h. 
Pauls John J. boxriiaker, b. 
Tannepol Alaurice, tailor, b. 

i54rCromptoD Timotby,yardmn.h. 
Glancy Michael, laborer, h. 

155 Moore Christopher, provisions 

157 Borsey William, watchman, b. 
Griffin Ephraim J. driver, b. 
Griffin John W. driver, b. 
Griffin Margaret A. Mrs. h. 
Mitchell Robt. coremaker, h. 

158 Radigan Michael, carpenter, b. 
Radigan Thomas, laborer, b. 
Radigan Thomas F. clerk, b. 
Reynolds Michael, stonectr. h. 

159 Forrest John, wire worker 
Forrest Sarah Mrs. h. 

160 Gaboury George, jeweler, h. 
Schoch Mary J. widow, h. 

162 Brady Bella Miss, h. 
Brady John £. machinist, b. 
Brady Peter, plasterer, b. 
McCourt Susan Miss, h. 

163 Goodall Isaac, hackman, h. 

164 Harney Kate Miss, h. 
McGale James, coremaker, b. 
McGale Mary J. widow, h. 
Mulharen Patrick, laborer, h. 

168 Lunsford Jacob, laborer, h. 

Waters Mary Mrs. b. 
170 Blackwood Wra. moulder, h. 

Dollar Street. 

17 Cost Geo. H. porter, h. 
Jennison Nelson, boilermkr.h. 
Shepard Anthony, laborer, h. 
Wallace Wm. laborer, h. 

Dora Street. 

19 Tausend William, operative, h. 

Dorchester Avenue. 

12 Foster S.J as. jr. ''Journal, " h. 
14 Langdon Charles £. h. 

Mucha Albert, weaver, h. 

New hall Samuel, carpenter, h. 

18 Lockwood Chas. H. bkkpr. b. 
Lockwood Henry, motormn.h. 

20 Crowell Silas K. conductor, h. 
22 Hendrick Elvin O. pedler, h. 
24 Banspach C. C. cabinetmkr. h. 

Banspach Fred H. caterer, h. 
Lavoice Frederick A. b. 
La voice Tames A. J. b. 
Lavoice Mary A. widow, h. 

28 Bradley James, machinist, h. 
Edmonds Jos. W. motorman,h. 

29 Bradley Edw. pattern mkr. h. 
31 Hero John, loomfixer, h. 

51 Bates Charles, rms. 

CoUingham Frank, motormn.h. 

Van stone Eliza Mrs. nurse, b. 

Watts Frank C. filecutter, h. 
53 Saunders N. L. conductor, h. 
55 Cobb Fred. E. conductor, h. 

Cobb Henry T.conductor.rms. 

57 Clegg James W. overseer, h. 

58 Mathewson E. F.gunsmith, h. 
Perry Lavinia, widow, b. 

59 Stites Irving B. salesman, b. 
Stites John T. carpenter, h. 

60 Parker George H. overseer, h. 
62 Weld Julia H. dressmaker 

64 Butts Sarah N. widow, h. 
Butts Walter H. clerk, h. 
Mathewson P. A. nurse, b. 
Mathewson Wm. A. baker, h. 

65 Macdonald J. M. milk dlr. h. 
67 Cunningham L A Miss.tchr.h. 
70 Bratley Edmond, butcher, h. 

Nicholson Francis, grocer, h. 
7i Ferguson John, baker, h. 

Nicholson Frank,real estate, h. 
74 Weeden Allen A. reg. phar. h. 

Weeden George W. h. 
76 Amison G. W.gro. & mark. h. 
78 Burdick J. Howard, clerk, h. 
80 Ball Mercy A. widow, h. 

McCurdy James E. h. 
82 Howland Orville L. clerk, h. 
84 Kitchen William T. clerk, h. 

Windfield John A. collector, h. 

86 Chase Lewis W. cigar mfr. h. 

87 Lamondc Charles, teamster, h. 

88 Cooper Andrew S. clerk, b. 
Cooper Henry D. pedler, b. 
Cooper Henry E. cigar mfr. h. 

90 Viall Pardon N. pressman, h. 
92 Boudreau Oliver D.salesmn.h 

Dorrance Street. 

o City Hall 

Riaer A. D. janitor, h. 
27 The Hub Loan Co. 
31 Creighton Thos. H. bootblack 

34 CoUer C.E. & Co. saddlery, etc. 

35 Bulheller Andrew, hairdresser 
Simmons P. A. jewelry mfr. 

36 Troup A. C. & Co. cigars, etc. 

37 Smith Melvin H. watchmaker 

38 R. LExch. for Women's Work 


House Directory. 

Dorrance St.^Coniinued. 

39 Greene Chas. H. piano mover 
United Workmen Cigar and 

Tobacco Store 

40 Packard DeWitt C. carriages 
Potter & Co. furniture 

41 Carr Wm.P. &Son, shoemkrs. 
43 Martin John, eating house 

45 Alexander G. R. watchmaker 

46 Prov. Cooking School 

47 Geer Charles W. optician 
Washburn Credit House, cloth. 

5 1 Fidler Bros, hats and caps 

68 McGough Bros, liquors 

69 Foster James A. &Co. loan office 

70 Sawyer & Mullen, restaurant 
76 Ellin wood Edwin, hairdresser 

McAleer Owen, shoemaker 
Richards Porter W. musician 
Thompson's Express 
rm. 2, Smith J. J. L. bandl'dr. 
rm. 5. Lovell Fitzroy, tailor 
rm. 7, National Band 
rm. 10, Foumier Bros, tailors 
78 Saugv Max W. liquors 
cor. Weyf)08set,Ettlinger Maurice, 

fents' furnishings 
'henix National Bank 
86 D'Arcy Thos H. engraver 
ker (see page 108) 
Kelso John, diamond jeweler 
Leeder&Bernkopf, prec. stones 
Mathewson Geo. E. hat mfr. 

86 rm. 2, Hanson O.scar, tailor 

87 Auty Chas. H. merch. tailor 

88 Walker Anthony, bootblack 
90 McKenzie H. K. eating house 
92 Burgess F. D. express 

94 Armstrong J. M. vet. surgeon 
94 FRANKLIN BROS, stable 

(see front col. page C) 
97 Narragansett Hotel, D. B. 
Hall, propr. 

Barnard Geo. E. clerk, b. 

Blake Charles, clerk, b. 

Brayton Chas. R.counsellor,b. 

Clinton Chemical Co. The 

Church Thaddeus H. b. 

Cutter Frank, electro plater, b. 

Eld ridge Harold T. cashier, b. 

Heffernan John Vv. cashier, b. 

Hill E. C. gen. manager b. 

Huber Anton, b. 

Humphreys Harriet E. wid. b. 

Hunt Geo. elevator tender, b. 

97 Tones A. E. cashier 

Lyon Lucius Mrs. b. 

Maertens Emile, b. 

Maloy James, clerk, b. 

Mannattan Life Ins. Co. 

Marshall Wm. H. clerk, b. 

May Florence Miss, assistant 
housekeeper, b. 

Millar Robt. ph^ician, b. 

Moore HattieMiss.bousekpr.b* 

Pearce Wm. B. b. 


Regan Michael F. clerk, b. 

Stewart G, Percival, b. 

Sullivan Edmund P. b. 

Towle Wm. elevator man 

Wellman Harvey, lumber, b. 

Wilson J. S. hallman 

Winship Henry B. b. 

Worm an John S. b. 
107 Dowling thos. H. liquors 
no Daniels Jeremiah F. liquors 
112 Higgins Fred'k T. enameler 
Dodge, propr. (see p. no) 

Dix Edward H. clerk, b. 
cor. Pine, Prov. Opera House 

Freemasons' Hall 
1 19 Ohler Albert, saloon 
122 Prov. Dry Dock & Marine Ry. 

Whitf ordl Aldrich & Co. grocers 
136 Brown Orrin L. carver 

Fisher Wm. C. jr. painter 

Manchester AlbertC. carpenter 
140 Man Chester ArnoldA. auctnr. h. 

Mc Williams Dan'l,salsmn.rms. 

Prestcott & Jenkins, stable. 

143 French G. (5.&Co. contractors 

144 Dougherty John E. liquors 

147 Morlock & Bayer, furn. mfrs. 

148 Church Land Co. 
Halkyard Mfg. Co. lacing studs 

152 Pearce John K.& Son Co. junk 
155 Richards Joseph, furniture 
157 What Cheer Wire Works 

161 Charnley J. A. jewlrs. findings 
Hamilton Wm.& Co. jewelers 

162 Tillinghast L. H. Supply Co. 
167 Holt A. & Co. gold platers. 

Palmer & Capron, mfg. jlrs. 
169 Allen Jonathan H. machinist 
Orpin Collin C. machinist 
Wmsor Ira & Co. st. heat ap. 
176 Kilner Geo. F. wood turner 
182 Horton Royal D. & Co.jewlrs. 
• Universal Nail & Button Ca 

House Directory. 


Q^']=,J[ \^^j,^ At ProYideace Poblic Market Co: 

182 Vegetarian Supply Co. 
Whitford Darius, taper wire 

183 Barney Algernon H. stable. 
Morris Harry, vet. surgeon 

foot of, Dorrance Wharf 

Douglas Avenue. 

I Clark John N. clerk, b. 

Clark Patrick, liquors, h. 

James Mary L. widow, b. 

Riley Edward, clerk, b. 

Riley James, grocer, h. 
3 Mitchaera Abrara, teamstr, b. 

Mitchaem Albert C. clerk, b. 

Mitchaem Joseph, teamster, h. 

Mitchaera Wm. cab. mkr. b. • 
5 Carney Patrick, grocer 
S^Hort'on John S. hairdresser 
7 Beagan Margaret Miss, h. 

Beagan Mary A. Miss, h. 

Boynton John R. brakeraan.h. 

Mackenzie Helen, widow, b. 
9 Linehan John, police, h. 

McConnell Thos. liq. dlr. h. 
II Toole Alicia M. widow, h. 

Toole John F. police, b. 
15 Brissette Joseph, machinist, b. 

Brissette Rosalie, widow, h. 

Brissette Samuel, painter, b. 

McCarthy Thomas, mason, h, 

McDonough John, laborer, h. 

Murdock John, painter, b. 

Murdock Margaret Mrs. h. 

Murdock Wm. painter, b. 
18 Donnelly Tames, helper, h. 

Nolan C. C. widow, h. 

Nolan H. J. Miss, tailoress, b. 

O'Keefe David, teamster, h. 

Stafford James, laborer, h. 
iSrBarry William, teamster, h. 
21 Zawatsky Zelick, glazier, h. 
23 Keenan Michael F.coremkr,h. 

Lyons Stephen, porter, h. 
25 Walsh Michael J. engineer, h. 

Watson John H. clerk, b. 

Watson Mary Ann, widow, h. 
29 Flanagan John W. clerk, h. 
31 Boss George W. police, h. 

Boss Peter, b. 
33 Drew Henry I. engineer, h. 

Richmond Calvin H. f'man, h. 

Richmond Storrs, m'chin*st,b. 
35 Dow Duncan, machinist, h. 

Minturn Alfred F. trunks, etch. 
fli7 Allen Sam O. confectioner, h. 

Paine J. Frank, clerk, b. 


37 Spinney Edward R. con'tor,h. 
37rCorbin Patrick, clerk, h. 

Kieruan John, gardener, h. 

KiernanMarvE. Miss,drmks.b. 
39 Banks John J. P. F. D. h. 

Burke William, P. F. D. h. 
39rAllen Gardner P. cook, h. 

Curley William F. clerk, h. 
41 DawleyEdwardE.wa'chm'n,h. 

Paranteau Maude E. Mrs. b. 

Parmaler R. H. driver, b. 

Potter Elisha W. cook, h. 
43 Goff Bessie L. Mrs. b. 

Johnson Fred'k D. painter, h. 
49 Amos S. F. expr's mes'ng'r,h. 

Bailey Geo. C. foreman, h. 

Earle Charles E. b. 

Sykes Eva E. widow, h. 
51 Bradley Chas. M.machinist,b. 

Bradley Edw.A.trav.s'lesn. b. 

Bradley Judith, widow, h. 

Bradley Wm. F. machinist, h# 
53 Earle Lucy A. widow, h. 

Howard Theo. F. mach. h. 

55 Butler James, foreman, h. 
Kilmartin David, laborer, h. 

56 Hall Lewis E. clerk, h. 

57 Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, b. 
Hanley John J. teamster, h. 
Hanley Mary E. Mrs. grocer 
Hanley Patrick, laborer, h. 
yuigley Frank, laborer, b. 

58 MillerJ\ Augustus, mach in'st.h. 
61 James Elizabeth Mrs. b. 

James George H. b. 
64 James John-L. h. 
66 Connor John B. jeweler, b. 

McCristall Mary Miss, h. 
68 Keough Ann, widow, h. 

Whittaker James, machinist, h. 
70 Evans & Booth, grocers 

73 Hornberger C. E. reg, phar. 

74 Dutton Wm. L. car. insp. h. 

75 Duffy Anna G. Miss, tchr. b. 
Duffy Chas. G. collector, h. 
Duffy Wm. bookkeeper, b. 

76 Coyne Peter, shoemaker 

77 O'Reilly Hugh, laborer 

78 Greene John E. hairdresser 

80 Lovett James B. real est. h. 

81 Catlow David T. machinist, h. 
Catlow Tohn W.atScrew Co.b. 
Catlow Nelson, at Screw Co. b. 
Hulme Ann J. widow, h. 
Hulme W. S. stage hand, b. 

82 Anderson S. D.& Co. var. store 


House Dirbctory. 

Douglas Av. — Continued, 

83 Atkinson Geo. box mkr. h, 
Atkinson Wm. operative, b. 
Meeban Catharine, widow, h. 
Meeban James A. b. 

84 Hanley & Hoye, liquors 

85 Johnson Harry, laborer, b. 
SahagianKachadoor. laborer.b. 
Public Coal & Wood Yard 

86^Maney M. Mrs. var. store. 

87 Maney Michael, horse dealer, h. 
Maney M. Mrs. var. store, h. 
Nolan John, filecutter, h. 
Nolan Thomas H. file hard.b. 

88 Gallagher John T. foreman, h. 
Lawson David, machinist, h. 

89 Watson James, laborer, h. 

91 Fleming RobertL.loomfixer,h. 
Roach James, laborer, h. 

92 Donahue P. G. machinist, h. 
McCall John, laborer, h. 
McCall John J. clerk, b. 
McCall Thos. J. machinist, b. 

93 Davis Jas. F. pedler, h. 
Hayhurst Jacob, machinist, h. 

94 Hurley James, laborer, b. 
Hurley John, tailor, b. 
Hurley Thomas Mrs. h. 
Reynolds Frank J. laborer, h. 

95 Bless ington Michael, blksmh,h. 
Killion Annie, widow, h. 

96 Ahem Patrick, grocer, h. 
Harrington Ambrose, jewlr.b. 

97 McElroy Bridget, widow, h. 
McElroy James W. clerk b. 

98 Ahern Patrick, grocer 

100 Baragamian George, opera, b. 

Baron ian Hoogas. blksmth, b. 

Hachigian Tato, laborer, h. 

Melconian Doonabed, mason, b. 

Najigian John, laborer, b. 

Smith George rub. wkr. h. 

Vartanian Shomavon, lab. b. 
102 Ashworth Zachariah, clerk, b. 

Gostanian Avedis, grocer, h. 

Harootunian M. operative, b. 

Tack Martin, operative, b. 

Kachigian David, operative, b. 

Keorkian Garabed, cook, b. 

Manoogian Mooshag,labrer.b. 

McGough Michael J. grocer 

107 Shields Alicia Mrs. liquors 

108 Brennan John, painter, h. 
Lovett Anna, widow, h. 

109 Doran David, machinist, h. 
Downes John B. bartender, h» 

no Htggins James, laborer, b. 
Maloy Daniel, laborer, h. 
Maloy James, laborer, b. 
Nelson Geo. H. b. 
Nelson Wm. laborer, h. 
Norton Mary A. widow, b. 
O'Connell Patrick, laborer, h. 
Shepard Thos. H. machinist, b. 

112 Delesandro D. shoemaker, h. 
Delesan/lro Louis, hairdrsr. b. 

113 Martin Frederick, baker 

114 Delesandro D. shoemaker 
116 DuflFy Patrick, operative, h. 

Kennedy Timothy, laborer, b. 
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, b. 
Walsh James, laborer, h. 
Walsh John, teamster, b. 
• Walsh Thomas, laborer, b. 
Wbalen MartinF. jr. plumber, b. 

118 Norton Edward, moulder, h. 

119 McHale John. jr. liquors 

121 Galligan Bernard, helper, b. 
Galligan Chas. A. laborer, b. 
Galligan Mary J. widow, b. 
Galligan Thomas, painter, b. 
Sullivan James F. clerk, b. 

122 Fay Catherine, widow, h. 
Pay Edward, b. 

Fay Jas. bartender, b. 
Jeffcott Bridget, widow, b. 
O'Brien John, moulder, h. 

123 Callahan John, teamster, h. 
Callahan Michael, laborer, b. 
Gustafson Carl, machinist, h. 
Gustafson Chas. Mrs. drsrmkr. 
McHale John jr. liquors, b. 
Ohlson H. B. carpenter, rms. 

124 Downey Mary, widow, b. 
Gaumand Jere. A. laborer, b. 
McKeon Chris, machinist, h. 

126 Conley Annie Miss, h. 
Conroy Bridget T. Miss, h. 
Monplaisir Pierre,machinist,h. 

127 Scott Herbert, laborer, b. 
Scott Walter, blacksmith, h. 
Scott Walter, jr. at B. &. S. b. 

128 Miller Robt. J. machinist, b. 
O'Connor Bridget Mrs. h. 

129 Reynolds Edward, b. 
Reynolds E. C. foreman, b. 
Reynolds Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Reynolds Jas. P. moulder, b, 

130 Lynum Antoine, painter, h. 

131 Hokenson Samuel, mach'sth. 
White William, dyer, h. 

House Directory. 


132 Backman Martin, boil'rmkr.b. 
Doyle John, laborer, h. 
McGuire Maurice F.laborer.h. 

133 McHale James, grocer, b. 
McHale Tbos. P. clerk, b. 

135 McHale James, gjocer 
137 McNally Jane, widow, h. 

McNally Maggie Miss, b. 

McNally Michael, laborer, b. 

Sutton James G. clerk, h. 
139 O'Donnell Mary A. widow, b. 
14 1 Sharpe John, laborer, h. 
145 Callahan John, laborer, h. 

Callahan Feter F. laborer, b. 

Collins John, h. 

Murphy Frank, laborer, h. 

Peterson Anna T. widow, h. 

Peterson John, laborer, b. 
156 Shields Alban B. clerk, h. 

Shields Alicia Mrs. liquors, h. 

Shields James A. clerk, b. 

Shields Matthew E. at P. O.b. 

Shields Rose Miss,mus.tchr.b. 
Z57 Gannon John, h. 
1 58 Davis John W. engineer, h. 
160 Jordan Christopher C. eng. h. 

tordan Walter M. toolmkr. b. 
162 Mills Abraham, laborer, h. 

Mills Hattie Miss, milliner, b. 

Mills Jesse, machinist, b. 
164 McCormick Hugh, mach. h. 

Murray Thomas, machinist, b. 
166 Ken worthy Thos. engineer, h. 
170 Eddy Wm. F. clerk, h. 

Eiddy Wm. W. lawyer, h. 

Murphy Edw. A.compositor,b. 

Murphy J. A. foreman, h. 

Murphy Joseph F. clerk, b. 

Murphy Margaret V. s'lady.b. 
172 Heddle John, filecutter, h. 

McQueeny John, laborer, h. 

McQueeny John, jr. laborer, h. 

McQueeny Wm. laborer, b. 
191 Hickey John J. grocer 
193 Hickey John J. grocer, h. 

Hickey Martin, pedler, b. 
266 Lucas John, machinist, h. 
266rCurry Joseph F. salesman, h. 

Parker Wm. gardener, h. 
270 Haffue Elizabeth, widow, b. 

Phillips John J. operative, b. 

Phillips Luke, laborer, h. 
275 McClusky Francis, laborer, h. 

McClusky John messenger, b. 
279 Brogan ElizabethW. widow, h. 

Brogan L. H. operative, h. 

279 Gilbody Margaret, widow h. 
290 Halkyard William, moulder, h. 
Healey Joseph, operative, h. 

292 Bennett Wm. J. engineer, h. 
Halkyard John, moulder, h. 

293 Forsyth Wm. machinist, h. 
Mackev Margaret Miss, b. 
McCall Rose, widow, h. 

294 Murtha Philip, gasiitter, h. 
Nolan Catharine, widow, h. 
Nolan Wm. P. bookkeeper, b. 

297 NotarantonioAngelant'o,grcr. 

301 D* A mico Albert, hairdresser, b. 
D'Amico Giuseppe, shoemkr.b. 
D'Amico Nicola, laborer, h. 
Leone Pietro, operative, b. 

302 DeLuca Angelo, grocer 
DeLuca D. helper, b. 
DeLuca Eugenio, laborer, b. 
Gigliotti Alessandro. labor'r,b. 
Velardi Michele, laborer, b. 

303 Calo Alfonzo, laborer, b. 
Campanella Pasquale, labr. b. 
CardulloFranc'sco,meatmkt. b. 
Chiaro Giovanni, laborer, h. 
Civittolo Antonio, laborer, b. 
Ferrante Pasquale, tailor, b. 
Fraeassi Davide, laborer, b. 
Inzana Francesco, laborer, b. 
Olivo Fortunato, laborer, h. 

304 Baccari Filippo, laborer, h. 
Cardarelli Francesco, grocer 
Carraturo Ferdinando, lab*r,h. 
Cucuro Pasquale, laborer, b. 
Donati Antonio, laborer, b. 
Donati Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
Gianfrancesco M. R. laborer, b. 
lemma Francesco. operative.b. 
Pesaturo Louis, hairdresser, b. 
Pesaturo Luigi, tailor, h. 
Pesaturo Oreste, operative, b, 

307 Gelardi Carlo, hairdresser, b. 
Golini & Zambarano, liquors 

308 Marino Oreste, shoemaker, b. 
Marino Salvatore, shoemaker 

310 Cardullo Francesco, meat mkt. 
312 Bamford John, clerk, h. 

Ibbotson Levi, liquors, h. 
314 Ibbotson Levi, liquors 
317 Muffin S.J.& Ellen E.Misses.h. 
340 Crowell Zenas. machinist, h. 

Mahonev A. Miss, teacher, b. 
348 Chace Martha W. widow, b. 

Chace Wm. C. machinist, h. 

355 Cary Martin L. foreman, h. 

356 Jerrett Roderick, clerk, h. 


House Directory. 

Douglas Av. — Continued, 
356 Worthington J. blacksmith, h. 

363 Mitchell Alvin, weaver, h. 

364 Anderson Charles, carpenter,h. 
Fleming Wm. J. 2d, weaver.b. 

366 Eason Richard, fireman, h. 

Murphy Frank H. jeweler, h. 
370 Angell Raymond C. b. 

Moore William, laborer, b. 

Turner William J.machinist.h. 
372 Dunbar John, blacksmith 
376 Boyd John H. draughtsn»an,b. 

Boyd Thomas, pedler, h. 

Dunbar John, blacksmith, b. 
388 Rattigan John, woolsorter, h. 

Rattigan John J. woolsorter,b. 

RattiganMichael A. student.b. 

Rattigan M. Miss, dr'smkr. b. 

Rattigan Thos. F.operative,b. 
390 Thornton Alfred, janitor, h. 

Thornton Alfred, jr. jeweler,b. 
398 Hodgkinson Earl F. h. 

Poore Isabel J. widow, b. 

Withey B. Eugene,carpenter,h. 

Withey Carlos E. carpenter, b. 
cor. Sherwood, St. Thomas Episco- 

cal Church 
404 Coleman Philip, laborer, h. 

Hanley Joseph B mason, h. 
419 Chidlow John, carpenter, h. 

Healey John F. overseer, h. 
425 Drew Carrie E. Miss, tchr. b. 

Drew Myra B teacher, b. 

Drew Nathaniel E. teamster, h. 
431 Donnelly Henry, boilermkr,h. 

Donnelly Margaret Miss, h. 
482 Devlin Edward, polisher, h. 

Devlin John I. law student, b. 

Keefe lames, laborer, b. 

Keefe Michael, liquors 

Keefe Michael J. bartender, b. 
486 Hart Fred'k W. weaver, h. 
496 Lydon James, laborer, h. 

Morrison MargaretT. widow, h. 
496rGay Edmund, blacksmith, h. 

500 Admiral Wheelmen 
McCrudden James, fireman, h. 
Mulholland Hugh, collector, b. 
MulhoUand James, laborer, b. 
Mulholland Sam'l,carpenter,h. 
Mulholland S. P. machinist, b. 
Murray Daniel, laborer, b. 

501 Hickey John J. h. 
Whatley Ed. J. machinist, b. 
Whatley Fred'k. teamster, h. 

501 Whatley John H. machinist.b. 

502 CareyMatthew P. machinist,b. 
Carey Teresa K. widow, h. 
Long George, weaver, b. 
McGirl John T. helper, h. 

506 Devaney Michael, var. store 
508 Calvey May Miss, h. 

Devaney M. variety store, h. 

Long Kate Miss, h. 
510 Sullivan John H. provisions, h. 
512 Aldine Ethline Mrs. drsrmkr. 

Holland Hugh, weaver, h. 
515 O'Malley Thos. operative, h. 
517 Bannon Ellen Miss. h. 

Clarke Arthur, stone setter, b. 
519 Hofeditz A. A. draughtsman, b. 

Hofeditz Fred'k, driver, h. 

Hofeditz Fred. A. salesman, b. 

McCormick O. J. painter, h. 
525 Seagraves Jas. H. laborer, h. 

W^alsh Thomas, weaver, h. 
530 Fenley Edw. T. bookkeeper, b, 

McCarthy Hugh J. plumber,b, 

McCarthy Mary, widow, h. 

Sweeney Peter, weaver, b. 
53orFenlay Anthony, weaver, h. 

Fenlay Mary Miss, nurse, b. 

538 Hennessey James, h. 

539 O'Neil James H. clerk, b. 
O'Neil Thomas, liquors, h. 

540 Sweeney Alice, widow, h. 
Sweeney Jas. S. weaver, b. 

541 O'Neil Thomas, liquors 
544 Smith Mary E. widow, h. 

Smith Walter, machinist, b. 
546 Atkinson Anna, variety store 
550 Shea Mary C. widow, b. 

Shea Thos. dressertender, h. 
552 Bates Geo. H. engineer, h. 

Bates Geo. H. jr. plumber, b. 
552rWilson James, overseer, h. 

560 Conway James, overseer, b. 
Conway] ohn, laborer, h. 
Higgins John F. weaver, b. 

561 McLinden Daniel, carpenter,h. 
McLinden P. jr. clerk, b. 
McLinden Patrick, grocer 

563 Conway Thos. operative, h. 

Major Gasper, weaver, h. 
566 O'Neil John, woolsorter, h. 

O'Neil John F. overseer, h. 

O'Neil Teresa, teacher, b. 
568 Rudolph William, jeweler,h. 

575 Sobin Carl, weaver, h. 

576 Diggs Alma, weaver, h. 
Jackson Jas. woolsorter, h. 

House Directory. 


576 Maerz George, piano repr. h. 
585 Gillooly Chas. W. fireman, h. 

Gillooly Walter R. b. 

Mullen Patrick, laborer, b. 

591 Tepson Joseph, h. 
Jepson William, weaver, b. 

592 Dowding Fred'k, loomfixer, h. 
Dowding F. jr. operative, b. 
Horton Herbert J. clerk, b. 
Slade William, weaver, h. 

J96 Wynn Michael, junk, h. 

609 Brennan Martin, polisher, b. 

610 Hanley John, laborer, h. 
Hanley Joseph, operative, b. 
McManus JohnH. overseer, h. 

612 Knoth William M. h. 

643 Miilaney Margaret, widow, h. 
Smith Wm. H. engineer, h. 

644 Neff John H. supt. h. 

644r Kennedy P. J. second hand,h. 

Smith Prank B. loomfixer, b. 
662 Davis John P. operative, h. 

Landry Adolphus, weaver, h. 

Landry Derirre, widow, h. 

666 Boucher Luke, operative, h. 
Conroy Arthur, teamster, h. 

667 Beck William T. Mrs. h. 
Deware Harry A. iceman, h. 

668 Barnett Edwin, h. 
Bonskie Peter, weaver, b. 
Garvin Patrick, weaver, b. 
Glum back Chelse, weaver, b. 
Kzustick K. weaver, b. 
Leclair Alfred, weaver, b. 
NefF August, percher, b. 
NeflE Fred C. foreman, b. 
Niles William, weaver, b. 
Perry Frank, laborer, b. 
Wajtasiak Frank, weaver, b. 

669 Farron James, weaver, b. 
Farron Joseph, overseer, b. 
Keats Alfred L h. 

681 Turner Geo. A. milkman, h. 
721 Geneva Worsted Mills 

Dove Street. 

15 Allen Dennis. longshoreman, h. 
Allen Elizabeth A. Miss, b. 
Allen John F. rubber turner, b. 
Allen William, 1' shoreman, b. 

16 Corey Frederick, engineer, h. 
Grace John, laborer, b. 
Grace Joseph, laborer, b. 
Grace Rose, widow, h. 
Silva Manuel, waiter, h. 

17 Coughlin John J. clerk, b. 

17 Leo Antonio, carpenter, h. 

18 Downing John, laborer, h. 
McGovern James, laborer, h. 

Dover Street. 

14 Armour O. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
21 Mo wry Percy R. clerk, b. 
Mowry Tristam Mr. & Mrs. h. 

28 Armour Brice D. Mr. b. 
Armour Isabella, widow, h. 
Smith J. M. Mr. b. 
Tillotson Samuel, overseer, h. 

29 Crockett Alice J. Miss, b. 
Place John A. Mr. and Mrs. h. 

34 Mason Ernest J. machinist, b. 
Russell Edwara B. buyer, h. 

35 Campbell W. J. Mr. b. 
Corrigan John T. Mr. h. 
Gillrain James M. Mr. b. 
Gillrain Mary, widow, h. 
Gillrain Wm. F. student, h. 

43 Dunn Edward L Mr. & Mrs.h. 
Dunn Ella J. dressmaker, b. 

44 Harkness Charles A. elevator 

safety devices, h. 
48 Swan Wm. D. Mr. &. Mrs. h. 
52 Sweet Bray ton D Mr.& Mrs.h. 
59 Markham F. C. Mr & Mrs. h. 
68 Boyden Betsey J. widow, h. 

Swan James O. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Swan Sarah L. dressmaker, b. 

73 Gorman Chas. E. Mr.& Mrs.h. 
Gorman Chas. W. student, b. 

74 Crandall Oscar M Mr.&Mrs.h. 
O'Keefe T. J. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

80 Cosgrove Matilda, b. 
Cosgrove Sarah, widow, h. 

81 Bourn Jennie, widow, b. 
Bourn John F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Holland Benj. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

91 Cold Grace Mrs. h. 

McCaughin A. A. lawyer, h. 

McCaughin Cath. Mrs. h. 

McCaughin C. Miss, s'lady, b. 
95 Wildes Etta M. Miss, tchr. b. 

Wildes Mary C. Mrs. h. 
97 Fenner William 0.provsins,h. 
99 Arnold John R. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Arnold Percy F. clerk, b. 

Greenwood Thos. machinist,b. 
113 Golden Ellen, widow, h. 
138 Bottomly Peter I. operative.b. 

Bottom ley Wm. weaver, h. 

Devine Thomas, bartender, h. 
140 Knowles AlbertH.silvrsmth,h. 

TIMOTHY O'CONNOR, Floral Decorations a Specialty. 



House Directory. 

Dowling Place. 

6 Linsin Albert, dyer, h. 
Maloney Richard, mason, h. 
McTague Thomas, laborer, h. 
O'Neil Peter, laborer, h. 
O'Neil Sarah, widow, h. 

Downe*5 Block. 

1 Roberts John, laborer, b. 
Roberts Richard, machinist.h. 

2 Killay Thomas, machinist, b. 

4 Clarkin Charles, canvasser, h. 

5 Brennan John, pedler, h. 

6 Plant. George, nlecutter, b. 
Smith Chas. J. machinist, h. 

Downing Street. 

II Aubrey Ernest, gilder, h. 

15 WeyerJosephG.atGorham's.h. 

Doyle Avenue. 

I Benedict Clarence, stable, h. 

Bradshaw Jennie, dressmkr.b. 

Bradshaw Jos. H., P. O. b. 

Bradshaw J. W. silversmith, b. 

Bradshaw Susan, widow, h. 

Brown Wm. W. engineer, h. 

Deware Freeman, U.R.R. b. 

Potter John H. bookkeeper, b. 
9 Toyne & Holmes, marble wkrs. 
25 Angell Rufus J. painter, h. 

Butler Lottie M. housekeeper 

Cornell Walter, clerk, rms. 

Vose Spencer C. h. 
28 Matteson Fred'k E. realest.h. 

Tompkins Abner S.lineman,h. 

Miller Minton, clerk, h. 
31 Paterson George, carpenter.b. 

Paterson Robt. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
33 Smith W. S. machine pntr. h. 

SwindellsGeo. machine pntr.h. 
38 Burdick Abbie Miss, h. 

Bussey John M. shoemaker, b. 

Potter Geo. W.watchmaker,h, 

41 Dewing Alfred P. clerk, h. 
Mcintosh Stephen Sutton, h. 

42 Goodwin Wm. H. engineer, h. 
Stedman Elliot P. clerk, h. 

43 Mowry E. A. mfg. jewlr. h. 

46 Capwell Roger F. h. 
Lillibridge ByronJ.physic*n,h. 

47 Sweet Jesse 6. hay, etc h. 
Sweet Jesse B. jr. clerk, b. 

49 Morse John B. b. 
Morse L. K. b. 

50 Hancock Artemus W. h. 
Smith Frederick, butcher, b. 

51 Esten Rhoda A. Mrs. b. 
Rogers Lafayette, engineer,h. 
Rogers LafayetteMrs. artist, h. 
Rogers Mil ford D. b. 
Thomas Abby A. widow, b. 
Wyer Arthur C. publisher, b. 

5? Nye George P. police, h. 

Nye George W. clerk, h. 
54 Royle J. Herbert mas. mech.h. 
56 Horton Frederick A. h. 

Horton F. A. jr. clerk, b. 
59 Chandler Levi C. h. 

61 Greenman Edw. jeweler, b. 
Potter Mary A. Mrs. h. 
Reynolds H. A. Mi ss, teach r.b. 
Reynolds Thos. ins. agent, h. 

62 Toye Ernest S. clerk, b. 

To ye Robt. G. marble wkr. h. 

63 Cheney John E. clerk, h. 
Morris Jane, widow, h. 
Reynolds Gardner, painter, b. 

64 Houghton H. P. foreman, h. 
Walker George trav.b. 

67 McLean John C. carpenter, h, 

McMurtne Alex, teas, h. 
69 NickersonAlb'rtH.doors.etch. 

Nickerson Howard A. clerk, b. 


Studley Isaiah, carpenter, b. 

Taylor Walter T. bicycles, h. 

Tingley Mary A. widow, b. 

71 Bennett John, machinist, h. 

72 FitzGerald C. W. bookkpr. b. 
FitzGerald M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

75 Canning John E. lawyer, h. 
Murphy Annie J. nurse, h. 
Murphy Chas. W. stamp dep.h. 
Murphy Mary, widow, h. 

76 Reeves D. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Reeves D. W. jr. student, b. 

83 Doyle A v. Grammar School 

84 Brown Charles H. b. 
Brown Emma J. widow, h. 
Brown George W. b. 
Dean James H., P. F. D. h. 

88 Carey Patrick J. ins. agt. h. 

Tanner John F. undertaker,h. 
95 Sessions Abby F. widow, h. 

Smith Alfred, foreman, h. 

97 Miller Wm. A. foreman, h. 

98 Snow Jeanette Mrs. b. 
Thurston C. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

99 Briggs Geo. D. designer, h, 
Briggs Geo. D. jr. clerk, b. 

House Directory. 


loo Thompson John A. clerk, b. 

Thompson J. H. Mr. & Mrs.h. 

Thompson Wm. A. student,b. 
io8 Kelley Marv E.Mis8,matron,h. 

Perkins M. U. Miss, ass t. matron 

R. I. Society for Prevention of 
Cruety to Children 
Z19 Aldrich B. D. h. 

Greene Henry A. salesman, h. 
122 Carpenter E. A. widow, h. 

Hanmer Edward J. engineer, h. 

124 Greene John, machinist, b. 
Greene Wm. H. machinist, h. 
McGregor Wm. A. brakeman,h. 
Scott George, salesman, h. 

125 Prestwich Thomas, jeweler, h. 
Sweet Elizabeth B. widow, h. 
Tucker Mary, teacher, b. 

126 Cottell Henry J. clerk, h. 

128 Bowman Fred, bookkeeper, h. 
Bowman S. L. H. b. 
Reynolds A.G. carriagemkr.h. 
Sherman Geo. E. electrician,h. 

129 Grant D. blacksmith, h. 
Grant Flora B. Miss, teacher, b. 
Grant Robert D. clerk, b. 
Grant Walter S. clerk, b. 

130 Chatterton H. L. Mr.&Mrs. b. 
Darling Chas. P. Mr.&Mrs. h. 
Darling EdwinS.boz shooks,b. 
Hyde Mary D. widow, b. 

131 Dyer Thos. brakeman, h. 
Has well J. A. carpenter, h. 
Haswell J. A. Mrs. nurse, h. 
Haswell Lilla, nurse, b 

133 Hanson Minnie Miss, h. 

137 Jordan William T. h. 
Merry W. A. D. b. 
Walling Huldah N. widow, h. 

138 Burnham W. G. at B. & S. h. 

141 Rogers John F. overseer, h. 
Slocum Jeremiah F. clerk, h. 

142 Arnold A. M. Mrs. librarian, h. 
Dyer Eunice C. Mrs. h. 
Dyer Wm. O. salesman, h. 

i43rGraves Joseph, laborer, h. 
Pierce Ezra B. V. milkman, b. 

144 Pierce Theodore B. clerk, h. 

145 Kingsley John H. clerk, h. 
Rogers Asa W. clerk, h. 

146 Spalding Chas. S. dispc h. 

147 Johnson Frank E. jeweler, h. 
Johnson G.A. scene paint er,h. 
Norton Jas. A. ins. agt. h. 

148 Doran Fierce, grocer, h. 

149 Casavant Joel A. conductor, h. 

149 Hill Esther A. widow, h. 
Hill John H. machinist, b. 

150 Gibson Frank, supt. b. 
Gibson Racilla, widow, h. 

'151 Weekes Silas B. carpenter, h, 
152 Potter Abby Miss, b. 

Prentice S. B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
154 Weeden Job S. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

157 Booth Wm. painter, h. 

iennings William T. clerk, b. 
IcLeod John, clerk, b. 
McLeod Murdoch, h. 

158 EUinwood Geo. A.fancy g'ds.h. 
McAuliffe John F. engraver, h. 
McAuliffe Patrick, b. 

160 Rounds G. Edwin, clerk, h. 

161 Edwards John W. janitor, h. 
McSally John, letter carrier, b. 
Smith Michael, coachman, h. 

166 Mann Chas. A. machinist 

167 Gloyd Benj. M. watchman, h. 
McElligottLizzieF.mus. tchr b. 
McEUigott Pat'k. coachman, h. 
McElligott Thomas L. clerk 

168 Dow Charles H. student, b. 
Hart Lewis B. machinist, h. 
Shaw Elizabeth S. widow, b. 

170 Snow Aug. F. second hand, h. 

171 Barney A. V. Miss, teacher,b. 
Barney Caleb R. Mr. & Mrs.h. 

1 71)^ Roach William, carpenter, h. 

Welch Hosea M. carpenter, h. 

173 McPherson John G. carpntr.h. 

179 Maxfield Hannah A. widow, b. 
Vial William E. provisions, h. 

180 Eager Walter F. millwright,h. 
x8i Abbott George A., P. O. h. 
182 Fielding Maud Miss, h. 

Southey J. H. jeweler, b. 
Soutbey Sam'l. engineer, h. 
Stanley Frank P. h. 
206 Hayden D. F. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Howard Wm. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

210 Ladd Observatory 

211 Donahue Thos. H. Mr.&Mrs.h. 
Fahey Margaret A. h. 

213 Toye Chas. B. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
217 O* Gorman T. A. dry goods, h. 
223 Higgins C. K. bookkeeper, h. 
225 Soule John C. driver, h. 
227 Jenckes Geo. W., U. R. R. h. 
229 Collins Fred, machinist, h. 
247 Mcintosh J. G. car maker, h. 

Mcintosh Wilfred, bookpr. b. 
249 Cox John, motorman, h. 

McLeod Melville, switch man, b. 


House Directory. 

Doyle Av. — Continued, 

250 Maguire John W,, P. O. h. 

252 Dobson Wm. H. toolmaker, h. 

253 Armington W. L. student, b. 
Lenz Anna A. Mrs. b. 

256 Graham John, P. F. D. h. 
258 Cosgrove Edw. A. overseer, h. 
Cosgrove F. de Sales, tchr. b. 

263 Swift Lewis, jr. cashier, h. 

264 Fowler F. H. Miss, teacher.b. 
Fowler Lewis P. plumber, h. 

265 Chace Chas. M. salesman, h. 

269 Hadley Thomas H. clerk, h. 

270 Greene Elmer J. plumber, h. 
Walsh James F. painter, h. 

272 Campbell John, clerk, h. 

Matteson ArthurB.plumber.h. 
279 Conway C. A. collector, b. 

Conway Tos. W. porter, b. 

Conway Richard, janitor, h, 
^94 Hannigan James, laborer, h. 

Hannigan John, polisher, b. 

Hannigan Thomas, polisher,b. 

Doyle Place. 

I Brennan Patrick, farmer, h. 
Cushman P. H. teamster, h. 

• 2 O'Donnell Daniel. carpenter,h. 

3 Cushman Margaret, widow, b. 
Smith Mary Miss, h. 

• 6 Macdonald A. W. widow, h. 

Smith Clara D. Miss, h. 

Drew Street, 

cor. Sherwood, Heppenstall H. h. 

Dudley Street. 

4 Beagan C. Mrs. h. 
Carey Frank, clerk, b. 
Johnson Andrew, laborer, b. 
King Patrick, laborer, b. 
McDonough Joseph, laborer, b. 
Morrissey HenryJ.soapmkr.b. 
Murphy Mary A. Miss, h. 
O'Garra Edward, laborer, b. 

48 Walsam Josiah, metal worker 
56 Novelty Pearl Co. pearl goods 
98 Lou the William, laborer, h. 
McCabe Frank, laborer, b. 
McCabe Michael, liquors, b. 
Winters Michael F. liquors, h. 
116 Gunn John, watchman, h. 
Mclntyre J. L car painter, h. 
Wood Alonzo G. laborer, h. 
H7 Anderson Albert, driver, b. 
Anderson Alfred, teamster, h. 

117 Anderson Claus, teamster, b. 
Hemmelin John A. sailor, b. 

118 Marlow John, laborer, b. 
McGee Patrick, laborer, b. 
Murray Mary, widow, h. 

119 Donahue Andrew, laborer, h. 
Sullivan Timothy O. clerk, h, 

121 Hart John H. foreman, h. 
127 Bailey James M. clerk, b. 

Bailey Patrick J. gardener, h. 

Healey Lawrence L. clerk, b. 

Healey Margaret, widow, h. 

Healey Peter H. police, h. 
136 McGovern Frank, clerk, h. 
138 Winters Bernard F. liquors, h. 
r44 Douglass Chas. jeweler, b. 

Douglass Frank T. jeweler, b. 

Douglass Thomas, h. 
146 Downing Michael A. G.clerkjh. 

Dyer Thos F. bartender, h. 
176 Downey J. H. coachman, h. 

Wilbur G. El win, bookkpr. h. 
178 Dunn Robert A. clerk, b. 

Manchester Chas. I. jr. clerk,h. 
180 Mc Andrews P. F. engineer, h. 

Norwood F. D. engineer, h. 
182 Smith Michael, shoemaker, h. 

Smith Patrick J. machinist, b. 
184 Stone Isaac, jeweler, h. 

Stone J. R. trav. salesman, b. 
186 Mc Arthur Marcus, driver, h. 
188 McGoldrick Harry, pilot, b. 

190 Corey Edward B. painter, b. 

Davis Thomas H. painter, h. 

White Elisha F. painter, h. 
192 Goffe Frederick W. H. h. 
194 Pearson Peter E. carpenter, h. 
196 Arnold Walter S. foreman, h. 

Dunn George T. clerk, b. 

Dunn Henry F. printer, b. 

Dunn Wm. H. carpenter, h. 

Dunn Wm. J. salesman, b. 
198 Quinn Hugh, jeweler, h. 

Quinn Maria Miss, dressmaker 
202 Reyff Henry, jeweler, h. 

Wells Frederick, optician, b. 
20| Hunter R.T.agt.prec.stones,h. 
206 Baacke August, piper, h. 

Balcom Wm. H. R. shipper, h. 
208 Larrabee Wm. A. clerk, b. 
210 Jacob John M. cook, h. 
212 White Alfred M. machinist, h. 
214 Ogg James S. foreman, h. 
216 Mackay Daniel G. plumber, b. 

Mackay Jane Mrs. h. 

House Directory. 


OBly Modem Market In Hew EDgland, HUmCE fOSUC MARKET COi 

218 Daley T. E. porter, h. 

Norns Edward H, toolmkr. h. 
220 Mitchell 
^36 Rice A. T. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Wood Charlotte, widow, h. 
242 Mertz G. H. Mr. and Mrs. h. 

O'Brien Jere, machinist, b. 

O'Brien John Mr. & Mrs. h 

O'Brien John F. clerk, b. 

O'Brien F. J. toolraaker, b. 

Sullivan Benj. G. jeweler, h. 
248 Newton Rich'd T. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Steere Daniel W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
252 Goss Maria M. widow, h. 
252 Goss Sylvester T. jr. clerk, b. 

Prell E. M. Miss, drsmkr, b. 

Prell John N. carriage bidr. h. 

Prell Wm. draughtsman, b. 

Tuells George H. jeweler, rms. 
254 Bu shell Clara M. Miss, nurse, b. 

Cady Margaret Miss, nurse, b. 

Fuller W. M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Johnson W. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
261 Hudson C. I. Miss,mus. tchr. b. 

Hudson Wm. M. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Pabodie C. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

264 Daughaday F. P. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

265 Brown Mahlon D Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Trenn Wm. H advr. agt. h. 

266 Taft J. C. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
268 Howard Emma S. widow, h. 
272 Congdon Joseph C. si vrsrath,b. 

Kenyon A. C. Mrs. teacher, b. 

Ken yon Wm. C. draftsman, b. 

King Fred L. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Wilbur N. L. M. & Mrs. b. 

Wilbur W. Ray, carpenter, h. 
276 DietherMargaretMrs. tailor.h. 

Tillinghast F. M.Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Wildprett G. Wm. jeweler, h. 
27Q Magnus Anna C. Miss, tchr b. 

Magnus Augusta T. widow, h. 

Magnus Elise T. teacher, b. 

Magnus Fred'k P. bookpr. b. 

281 Almy Wm. F. salesman, h. 

282 Lynch John H. jeweler, h. 
288 Beeler A. L. jr. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Peirce Chas. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
291 Clarke Ira F. enameler, h. 

Graff am Davis N. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Graffam G. L. Miss milliner, b. 
298 Belcher J. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

305 EastonT. A. carpet cleaning,h. 
Cranston Wm.A Mr. & Mrs. h, 
Cranston Wm. I. b. 

306 Carr Mary L. Mrs. h. 

306 Carr George E. Miss,mancr,h 
309 Benson John P. painter, b. 

Grinnell Theodore Mrs. h. 

Thayer Edw. O. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
312 Gray E. A. Mrs. h. 

Johnson Mary E. widow, h. 

Penno C. A. Miss, h. 
316 Moore Geo. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Wilcox Earle R. draftsman, b. 

Wilcox John L. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
318 Anderson Justus, coachman, b. 

Hawes Alice M. Miss. b. 

Hawes Edw. C. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
324 Armstrong Chas. C. ins. agt b. 

Taft Charles Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Taft Grace A. Miss, b. 

White A. V. Mrs. dressmkr.h. 

White Chas. V. clerk, b. 
326 Band Julius, music teacher, b. 

Buttendorf F W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

Sears Grafton W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
328 Schmadl Oswald H. h. 
332 Remington C. C. student, b. 

Remington G. H. Mr. & Mrs. 
sum. res. at Riverview. h. 

Remington Mabel Miss, h. 
336 Fish Joseph H. foreman, h. 

Lewis Edmund. U. R. R. b. 

Lynott Thos. W. jeweler, b. 

Major Jas. A. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
342 Bodwell Henry N. Mr. & Mrs.h 

Payson Stephen R. Mr. &Mrs.h. 

Duffy Street. 

I Eddy Geo. W. painter, h. 

O'Brien Henry E. clerk, b. 

O'Brien J no. currier, h. 
28 McGuire James E. helper, b. 

McGuire Patrick J. laborer, b. 
54 Bruno Giuseppe,stonecutter,b. 

Cardarelli Giovanni, laborer, h. 

Ferrante Antonio, laborer, h. 

Rosa Gennaro, laborer, b. 

Simeone Giuseppe, stonectr. b. 
cor. Luna, Moore Nathan E. grocer 

Duffy Court. 

9 Hammond Joshua F. carpntr. h. 

Maher John F. jeweler, h. 
II Cummings A. J., U. R. R. h. 
Cummings Thos. stonectr. h. 
nearDerry, Brown Geo. laborer, b. 
Brown J. A. stone dealer, h. 

Duke Street. 

6 Gould Amos S. foreman, h. 


House Directory. 

Dttke St.—Coniinued, 

8 Linstram C. T. Miss, drsmkr.b. 
Linstram John B. laborer, b. 
Linstram Martha, widow, h. 

10 Samoore Harootin, oper. b. 

Samoore Setrak, foreman, h. 

Zaker Simon, bicycle repr. b. 
12 Dingley Frank, carpenter, h. 
•i6 McLellan Mary Mrs. h. 

1 8 Holmes Mary A. Miss, h. 
Lewis Thomas R. clerk, h. 

19 Connell John F. driver, h. 
Hartnett William, porter, b. 
Mackey John, laborer, h. 

20 Whitman Harry, h. 
2orHallin Carl O. driver, b. 

Hallin Matilda, widow, h. 
Moffitt Daniel C. pedler, b. 
Moffitt Walter S. carpenter, h. 

Dunford Street. 

o Curley John, machinist, b. 
Curley Mary A. Mrs. h. 
Kelly Jos. R woolsorter, h. 
26 Thompson Chas. P. bkkpr. h. 

Durfee Street. 

9 Haines Delmore, laborer, h. 

12 Col well Edgar A. provisions, h. 
Colwell William R. clerk, b. 
Lyon Chas. E. horse clipper, h. 
Lyon Mabel R. Miss, tchr. b. 
Lyon Nellie M. Mrs. matron, h. 
Lyon S. Edward, clerk, b. 

13 Sbabeck John C. L. s'man, b. 
Shabeck John T. Mrs. h. 

14 Chase Alpha B. widow, h. 
Chase Leander, stable, h. 
Howard Walter D. cashier, b. 
Otis Robert N. moulder, b. 
Willard Annette, widow, h. 
Willard J. F4)arcel delivery, h. 

15 Brightman Chas. W. clerk, h. 
Shays S. P. Mrs. h. 

18 Hill Job W. liquors, h. 

Lyon Hattie E. Miss, h. 

Whitney Ernest M. clerk, b. 

Whitney G. & shoes, h. 
28 Gorman Fred'k G. clerk, b. 

Gorman Henry J. plumber, h. 
31 Mathewson L. Herbert, h. 

33 Browning J. Arnold, h. 

34 Bloom quist AugustM.mach.b. 
Brown James, piper, h. 
Gnenet Jos. E. clock mkr. h. 
Moulton Edson P. helper, h. 

34 Soderberg John, glazier, h. 
36 Johnson John C. canvasser, h. 

Lewis Geo. W. carpenter, h. 
38 Wing Fred E, clerk, h. 
53 Mc Davit J. Louis, salesman, h» 

Palmer Herbert S. clerk, h. 

56 Chambers Israel, carpenter,h» 
Winsor Charles P. clerk, h. 

57 Johnston James E.manager,b» 
Johnston Joseph F. h. 

58 Gartland James H. baker, h. 
Mills Wm. J. salesman, h. 

59 Phetteplace Sarah S. widow, h» 
Whipple Amasa C. teacher, b. 

62 Mitchell George D. clerk, b. 
Mitchell Howard T. clerk, b. 
Mitchell Jane Mrs. h. 
Mitchell Samuel N. clerk, h. 
Mitchell Sam'l N. jr. clerk, b. 

Dwight Street. 

5 Little C. A. painter, h. 
7 Thorp Wm. bookkeeper, h. 

10 Eatough Arthur G. fireman.b. 
12 Curry John H. jeweler, b. 

McDutt James, machinist, h. 
i4rEdwards John, machinist, h. 
Small James, polisher, h. 

Dye Street. 

I Carder Marcus L.electrician,h. 

Dyer Street. 

3 Andrews & Son, fruit 

11 Preston J. H. & Co. fruit, etc, 
21 Davis R. H. & Co. butter, 

cheese, etc. 
23 Hawes G. & Sons, steam traps 
25 Eddy Bros, produce 
49 Noonan Robert A. liquors 
51 Dow & Cleveland, eggs 
59 Shattuck Samuel T. eating h. 

63 Alexander Bros, grocers 
Yellow Dock Root Syrup Co. 

73 Cooper & Sisson, butter, etc. 

77 Allen Marvin E. millers' agt. 
Babcock Walter B. paper, etc 
Greene John F. Co. printers 
Harris Wm. M. hay, etc. 
Hooper Prentiss O. 
Laureldale Chemical Works 
Moulton Walter C. accountant 
Shepard T. P. & Co. chemicals 
Sherman Albert V. W. broker 

83 Eddy Philip E. fruit, etc. 
Rogers W.N. & mers. 

House Directory. 


89 Preston & Brown. fruit dealers 
91 Wesson S A. (est of) importer 
97 Rollinson John & Co. printers 
99 Whitford,Bartlett&Co.grocers 
100 Mid wood H. Sons, grocers 
108 Day, Sons & Co. grain 
117 Mudge H. A. butter, cheese, etc. 
121 Morse P. W. tinware 
139 Maguire John J. & Co. liquors 
136 Pro v.. Fail River and Newport 

Steamboat Co. 
June Friendship, O'Neill D.liquors 
141 Mullen Jas. horse collars 
145 Roberts Geo. E. boiler maker 
M8 ANDREW'S S. D. SON, hay, 

etc. (see page xo8) 
182 Burlingame C. I. hay & grain 
184 Pomroy Coal Co., The 
195 Bates Jeremiah H. well curbs 
308 Reliance Mill Co. mer. millers 
(see page 1 1 8) 
3 Dorrance Wharf 

Spellman T. & Co. salt 
1 1 Dorrance Wharf 

Prov. Oil Works, S. W. Davis, 

Zone Polish Co. 
323 Young Wm.M carriage painter 
336 Hurd Bros, hay and grain 
352 Read Chas. E. & Co. scrap iron 

367 Hanley Daniel, blacksmith 

368 Smith Edw'd E. & Co. turners 

381 Audette A. carpenter, h. 
Bovi John, clerk, h. 
Murphy John J. laborer, b. 
Murphy Mary, widow, h. 
Murphy W. H. porter, b. 

382 Scholfield Jos. J. machinist 

386 Cruickshank Engine Co. 
Watts Fred'k W. pattemmakr. 

387 Cooney Michael, laborer, h. 
Dnfresne Joseph, laborer, b. 
Hart Margaret Mrs. h. 
Hogan Frederick, laborer, h. 
Hogan William, clerk, b. 
Mahoney Joseph, laborer, h. 
McGonigle William, jeweler, b. 

a88 KOLLEN CO., THE, copper- 
smiths, etc (see page 4) 


IRON WORKS (see page 4) 
Perry W. H. & Co. scrap iron 
391 Brown Charles, laborer, b. 
Brown Georee, laborer, b. 
Hoils Maria Mrs. h. 

391 Houston Charles, driver, b. 

Miller Josephine Mrs. b. 

O'Brien Jennie Mrs. h. 

Rush Eliza Mrs. b. 

Shippee David, laborer, b. 

Stone Emma Mrs. h. 
393 Gendron Alfred, carpenter, h. 
397 Donnelly Arthur, laborer, h. 

Hamlet Ardin A. painter, h. 

Hamlet Otis O. laborer, b. 
314 Wa>uregan Mills 
316 Kiernan B. E. foreman, h. 

Taylor Henry C. weaver, h. 
330 Danis Adelard, weaver, b. 

Dan is Jos. second hand, h. 

De Feo Frederic, spinner, b. 

Dennis Jos. section hand, h. 

Guest wm. spinner, b. 

Hopkins Geo. B. operative, b. 

Hopkins Thos. laborer, h. 

iordan Geo. overseer, b. 
ledbury Fred, painter, b. 
Stone William, farmer, b. , 

Eagle Street. 

39 Houlihan Michael J. contractor 

Turcott Frederic, driver, b. 
39 Beanes James, machinist, h. 

Malone John, machinist, h. 

Walsh James, finisher, b. 

Walsh Luke, spinner, b. 

Walsh Patrick, spinner, h. 

Walsh Wm. H. operative, b. 
41 McGarty Catharine, widow, h. 

McGarty John, machinist, h. 

Weston John E. laborer, h. 
41 r Baxter Michael, h. 

Coffey Edward, teamster, b. 

Coffey Tames, operative, b. 

Coffey Mary, widow, h. 

Devine John, laborer, h. 

Gemmell Wm. laborer, h. 

Gillen John, laborer, h. 

Hand Edward, rubberwkr. h. 
45 Malone Bridget Mrs. h. 

Malone Thos. operative, b. 

Malone Wm. operative, h. 

Skiffington Jas. watchman, h. 

Sullivan Abbie Mrs. b. 
47 Conway Thos. laborer, h. 

Hanley Frank, laborer, h. 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, fa. 

Welsh Bernard, hostler, b. 
47rWhite Joanna, widow, h. 
53 McKenna Bros, bottlers 
55 Hines Thos. F. painter, h. 


House Directory. 

57 Dolan Martin, operative, b. 

Grieves John, watchman, b. 

Malm Strom Andrew, lab. h. 
59 Ellerbeck G. W. cabinetmkr. b. 

Ellerbeck John W. b. 

Ellerbeck Sarah \. var. store 
59rNeylon Michael, laborer, h. 
6i Burger Alfred, file cutter, h. 

Lanfi^ Arthur S. machinist, h. 
75 Valley Worsted Mills, yarns 
79 Brannon Patrick J. clerk, h. 

Ullman Henry, brewer, h. 
Sr Hagerty Kiernan A.laborer.h. 

Hyde Patrick, machinist, h. 
83 Bowers John V. operative, b. 

Covell William, machinist, b. 

Fleming Ann Mrs. h. 

Rohde Hermann, rubberwkr.b. 

Rohde Wilhelm, h. 
87 Carter Peter, carder, b. 

Farrell Margaret Mrs. h. 

Parrel 1 Thos. compositor, h. 

Gillooly Robt. weaver, h. 
89 Ashness James W. overseer,h. 

Ashness William, operative, b. 

Grady Patrick, laborer, b. 
-95 Gillooly Thomas, moulder, b. 

Gillooly William W.operative,h 

Greaves John F. machinist, b. 
97 Abar William L. stone wkr. b. 

Krebs Richard, machinist, b. 

Leo Andrew, laborer, b. 

Marshall Walter S. b. 

Mason Winnifred Mrs. h. 

McElroy James A. actor, b. 

Woods Thomas J. baker, h. 
99 Dockry John J. lawyer, b. 

McKenna James H. bottler, h. 
■cor. Harris av. Cosgrove Margaret 
Miss, dressmaker, b. 

Cosgrove Thos. F. coun.s*lor,h. 

Eagle Park Street. 

37 Carr C. at Brown & Sharp's, h. 

Green Chas. A. helper, n. 
41 Wilson J. E. dresser, h. 

Wilson Levi, carpenter, b. 

Wilson William, dresser, b. 
52 Maroelli G. B. variety store, h. 

Petrine G. machinist, h. 

Ricci Alborico, tailor, h. 
^2 Arundale Thomas, moulder,h. 

Hague Albert, laborer, b. 

Hague Mary A. widow, h. 

Hague Reuben, weaver, b. 

66 Maden Lord, machinist, h 
69 Telia Nicola, pedler, h. 

Testa Alfonso, laborer, h. 
73 Healey Ann Mrs. b. 

McCoid Samuel, blacksmith, b« 

RoUinson Eliza A. widow, h. 
97 Puntarelli Domenico, lab'r. h. 

Testa Antonio, laborer, b. 

Valentino Servideo, laborer,b. 

99 CentracchioFioravanti,lab*r.b. 
Ciccone Orlando, laborer, b. 
De An gel isG iuseppe, laborer, b. 
De Giulio Bernandino, lab'r.h. 
Izzi Giuseppe, laborer, h. 
Nero Davide, operative, b. 
Petrocelli Giuseppe, laborer, b. 
Pontarelli Francesco, labor' r,b. 
Santucci Pietro, laborer, b. 

99rMaione Carlo, laborer, b. 
Maione Cosmo, laborer, h. 

100 Di Cianni Antonio, laborer, b. 
Frangiose Angelo, laborer, b. 
Frangiose Luigi, laborer, b. 
Izzi Eliseo, laborer, b. 
Notarantonio A. A. laborer, b. 

Earl Street. 

5 Wheeler Walter, carpenter, h. 
14 Woessner&Bube. hairdressers 

17 Smith Nelson, m'r'n U.R R.b. 
Thompson Joshua, mo'orm'n , h. 

18 Johnson Alex. H. florist, b. 
Johnson Geo. florist, h. 

23 Anthony Chas L., U.R.R. h. 

Field Bert., U.R.R. b. 

Fisher James L. motorman,b. 

Frost Harry, U. R. R. b. 

Tones Wm. N. U.R.R. b. 

Luke Geo. silversmith, h. 

Walker Addie B. Mrs. h. 
26 Can field Chas. P. silvers' th. b. 

Carpenter Frank, U. R. R. b. 

Douglas James W.niotorm*n,b. 

Haley George. U.R.R. b. 

Massard Frank J. eating hs.h. 

Smith Samuel, conductor, b. 

White Samuel, silversmith, b. 

Wilcox Frank, U.R.R. b. 
30 Arnold Edwin W. conductor h. 
32 Aldrich Ruth V. widow, h. 

Bartlett Ernest S. pen. agt. r. 

Bullock Charles, motorman, r. 
foot of, Sullivan T. F. hostler, h. 
opp. foot of, Gorham Mfg. Co. sil- 

House Directory. 


Early Street. 

18 Cunningham John.milkman.h. 
21 Harris Mage Miss, h. 

Thornton Celia A. Miss, h. 
36 Darola Pietro, laborer, h. 

MenocchioGiuseppe, laborer, h. 

Simpson Samuel, fisherman, h. 
54 Connor J as. H. teamster, b. 

Connors Patrick J. hostler, h. 

Kelley John, h. 
6l3 Hull James W. teamster, h. 

Perry Frederick, teamster, b. 

Perry John, teamster, b. 

66 Meighan Geo. A.harn'smkr.h. 
Meighan John F. harn'smkr.b. 
Meighan Michael Mrs. h. 

67 Hapburn H. J. laborer, b. 
Hapbum Thomas, laborer, h. 

72 Meighan Chas. E. jeweler, b. 

73 Bassett George, h. 
McCanna Wm. H. teamster,h. 
McLaughlinJohnS. polisher,h. 

87 Monaghan Frank, carpenter, h. 
^onaghan Frank H. driver.b. 

88 Collins Caroline E. widow, h. 
Collins Helen M. widow, h. 
Crown Henry M. rub. wkr. h. 

129 Suyles Richard, slvrsmth. h. 
133 Cook William, laborer, b. 
Gower Chas. W. s'smith. h. 

136 Stone Willard G. h. 

137 Lynch William, jeweler, b. 
McKenzie John, plumber, h. 
McKenzie John, jr. s'smith, b. 

139 Abrams Edward, jeweler, h. 
King Emil, jeweler, b. 

144 Fitzpatrick Edward. student, b. 
Pitzpatrick James, dry gds. h. 
Fitzpatrick John, dry goods, b. 
Fitzpatrick Jos. dry goods, h. 
Fitzpatrick Mich'l, dry gds. b. 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, h. 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, jr. b. 

145 At wood Geo. B. jr. carpntr. h. 
Field Julia A. widow, b. 

147 Shirley Chas. H. slvrsmth. h. 

Smith Mary Miss, b. 
150 Andrew^s HowardB. jeweler, h. 

McNulty William, laborer, h. 
152 Andrews Aaron, h. 

Andrews James E. jeweler, b. 

Andrews John W. jeweler, b. 
154 Hye Charles F. engineer, h. 

Hye Edward J. jeweler, b. 

Hve Eliza, widow, h. 

154 Hye E. and J. Misses, b. 
Wentworth Eliza Mrs. b. 

155 Evans Thomas, jeweler, h. 

157 Jy<5ge Hercules B. laborer, b. 
Terry Irene A. Mrs. h. 

158 Congdon Chas.H. painter, h. 
Congdon Harry B. jeweler, b. 
Field Nettie E. Miss, drsmkr. 

167 O'Connor Ann, widow, h. 
Riley James, h. 
Riley James F. b. 
Riley Michael, b. 

188 Hanson Frank C. painter, h. 

189 Mulvey Patrick F.hackman, h. 
193 Knight Fred E. motorman, h. 

East Street. 

2 Dow Wm. W. inspector, h. 

4 Gardner Cornelius A. h. 
Goff Henry W. h. 

Paige Clifford D. clerk, b. 

5 Lee Charles F. h. 

6 Manton M.B. Mrs.mus. tchr.b. 
Miller Rennetts C. Rev. h. 
West Nathaniel H. salesman, h. 

cor. John, Union Baptist Church 

7 Lee Lucretia B. widow, h. 
Lee Mary A. M iss. sec. b. 

8 Baird Chas. B. police, h. 
Chase Isaac W. painter, h. 
Crowell Hannah, widow, b. 

12 Church George H. foreman, h. 
Church Julian E. jeweler, b. 
Church Melvin F. civ. engr. b. 
Cummings Chester B. mach.h. 

13 Cobb Samuel N. h. 
Kelly Clara, dressmaker 

15 Sands George, cabinet mkr. h. 

18 Mame William J. clerk, h. 
Tuttle Mary I. h. 
-Tuttle Percy R. clerk, b. 

19 Mason Ada E. Miss, teacher, h» 
Mason Hervey, grocer, h. 
Mott Emma F. widow, b. 
Snow George F. clerk, h. 
Snow Nat. jr. carpenter, h. 

20 Clifford Alfred B. piper, b. 
Kaighn Eliza A. b. 
Phillips Annie Miss, h. 

21 Crowell Arthur F. student, b. 
Crowell Otis F, stable, h. 
Freeman Marcus T. b. 

22 Dwyer Hanorah, widow, h. 
Dwyer K. M. Miss, teacher,b. 

23 Miller George D. carpenter, h. 
cor. Transit, East St. Prim. School 

Timothy O'Connor 

Roses a Specialty. 

IBUukstone Bottlevard ana 2 72 Westminster St 


HousB Directory. 

East St.'-Confmued, 

24 Reilly Benj. J. teamster, h. 

25 Arbuckle Wifliam E. clerk; h. 
31 McCarty Charles A. h. 

33 Connors Bridget Miss, b. 
Connors Bridget, widow, h. 
Hogan Michael, laborer, h. 
Mohan Bridget, widow, h. 
Mohan Edward J. clerk, b. 
Mohan Patrick F. teamster, b. 
Monahan Alice, widow, h. 
Monahan James P. jeweler, b. 
Monahan William J. jeweler, b. 
Moran Edward T. clerk, b. 

35 Green halgh Catharine, bkpr.h. 
Greenhalgh H. C. grocer, h. 
Mahoney T. J. carpenter, h. 
Murphy John A. clerk, h. 

35rCrane Mary Miss, h. 

McNeely Fa trick, laborer, h. 
Sullivan Catharine, widow, b. 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h. 

36 Foley Kate G. Mrs. h. ' 
Foley Julietta L. Miss, h. 
Lamb Delia, widow, h. 
Rogers Bridget, widow, h. 
Rogers George, laborer, b. 
Rogers Thomas J. teamster, h. 

37 Gormley Patrick, blacksmith 

38 Downes Tames F. , U. R. R. b. 
Halliwell William J. toolmkr. h. 
Sheehan Dennis, nreman, h. 

40 Butler John, machinist, h. 
Downes Ann, widow, h. 
Downes ElizabethC.drsmkr.b. 
Harrington John, printer, b. 

- Leonard Geo. H. hairdresser, b. 
Murphy John, b. 
4orGeist Louis T. jeweler, h. 

41 Lyons John, teamster, b. 
Lyons Stephen, teamster, b. 
Lvons Thos. laborer, h. 
McCarty C. A., Union Oil Co.h. 

42 Tabele Henry, laborer, h. 
Tabele John W. laborer, b. 
Tabele Thos. A. clerk, h. 

43 Graham Patrick, laborer, h. 
Jackson Geo. W. wheel wrt. h. 

44 Degnan Mary, widow, h. 
Degnan Patrick J. teamster, h. 
Maguire John J. plumber, b. 
Maguire Philip F. clerk, b. 
Maguire Thos. J. teamster, h. 

45 Bessom Wm. H. conductor, h. 
Sherman Lizzie B. widow, h. 
Stewart William, machin'st,h. 

46 Kieman Owen, grocer 
63 Mahoney John F. plasterer, h. 
Mahoney Michael P. physician 

East Avenue. 

H. & L. No. 7, Connor Chas. J. 
captain, rms. 
2 McNutt Robert, h. 
4 Gardner C. Abbott, mgr. h. 
Plant Albert R. bookkeeper, b. 
' Plant Joseph F. engineer, h. 
16 Dean Henry W. foreman, h. 
18 Black James B. jeweler, h. 

Robinson Grace Miss, h. 
20 Basset t Elizabeth, widow, h. 
Cunniff Delia, nurse, b. 
Lloyd Jas. D. jr. overseer, h. 

24 Lowry Samuel C. clerk, h. 

25 Macready Geo. P. supt h. 

26 Bye Walter, clerk, b. 
Bye Wm. R. clerk, b, 
Patterson Jos. coachman, h. 

27 Thyng Jones T. roofer 

35 Gorbam Fred. P. inst B.U. h. 

36 McCloskey James, agent, h. 
Pease Morgan E. carpenter, h. 

43 Coria Chas. F. grocer, h. 

44 Daniels Walter B. collector, h. 
O'Connor Daniel, jeweler, b. 

45 Damitio Albert H. clerk, h. 
Damitio A. Hames,bookkpr,b. 

52 McCarron Eugene, florist 

56 McCarron Eugene, florist, h. 
McCarron Owen, h. 

57 Paine Arthnr S. patternmkr.b. 
Paine Chas. E. civil engineer,h. 
Paine Howard, student, b. 

64 Turner Henry, sexton, h. 

66 Gumes Gertrude J.dressmkr.b. 

Gumes Sarah A. widow, h. 
74 McKay J. G. lamplighter, h. 
cor. Montague, East Ave. Primary 
& Free Kindergarten School 
91 Hopkins Samuel, clerk, h. 

98 Viall George R. beef. h. 

99 Gilbane Wm. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
Gilbane Wm. H. b. 

108 Danforth E. C. reg. phar. h. 
Haselwood George W. b. 
Haselwood liiLJ.Miss,m.tchr.b. 
Jacobs Silas T. b. 

109 Gilbane Thos. F. Mr.&Mrs. h. 
McGuinness B. real estate, h. 

nr. Doyle ave. , Ladd Observatory 
116 Sisson Chas. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
126 Collins James F. curator, h. 

House Directory. 


126 Coll IDS Jas. H. block mkr. b. 
Witberell Sarah E. widow, b. 
131 Bevan Alexander, teacher, h. 

133 Peabody FitzHerbert. crptr.h. 
Peabody Frank W. teller, h. 

134 Preston Mary, widow, h. 
Walsh J. Frank, salesman, h. 

139 Hughes Ed. A. b. 

Hughes Thomas J. h. 

McCormick Geo. E. clerk, b. 

McCormick Jas. moulder, h. 

McCormick Wm. clerk, b 
145 Cameron Moncrieffe, stud*t.b. 

Cameron Robert Rev. h. 
147 Parsons E. H. bookkeeper, b. 

Parsons Phineas F. agent, h. 
149 Bowe E. William, dentist, h. 
151 Sawyer A. W. jeweler, h. 
163 Woodmancy A. A. Miss, b. 
184 Anderson Fred, janitor, b. 
c Cypress, R. I. School for the Deaf. 
Laura DeL. Richards, prin. 

Cooper Florence M. housekpr. 
221 Powers Patrick, clerk, h. 
225 McLeod John, carpenter, h. 
258 Giblin Tames H. bartender, h. 

Giblin Marshall, h. 
292 Blake Alonzo. machinist, h. 
347 Sherman Sydney A.teacher,h. 
349 Barstow John A. clerk, b. 

Kehoe John L. carrier, P.O.h. 
cor. Rochambeau av., Jordan E. 

C. jeweler, h. 
452 Carroll John H. carpenter, h. 

Harding DominickT.mason.b. 
515 Harrison Mary A. widow, h. 
539 Gardner Wm. E. tinsmith, h. 

Griffith Arch'd T. mchnst. b. 
546 Dealey James Q.. B. U. h. 
566 Guild Joseph L. bank teller.h. 
opp. Mulvey av. Day E. laborer, b. 
650 Culley Mary, widow, b. 

Morrin Patrick, grocer 
652 Culley James, clerk, b. 

East Beacon Street. 

I Churchill Emma Mrs. h. 
Johnson Chas. W. carpenter, h. 

4 Carter M. J. blacksmith, h. 
Gates Sarah E. widow, b. 
Gates William P. captain, h. 

5 Fraser Daniel, clerk, b. 
Fraser Henry, dentist, h. 
Nelson Per. machinist, h. 

8 Evans Albert, grocer, h. 
Evans Albert E. clerk, b. 

8 Evans Geo. E. clerk, b. 
Evans John, h. 
Goff George H. fireman, h. 
Goff Mary A. widow, h. 
1 1 Fraser R. McG. clerk, h. 
Stayner Edward, clerk, h. 

East Qeorge Street. 

13 Russell Chas. E. clerk, h. 
15 Poole A. T. wheelwright, h. 
21 Feeley Wm. J. Mr. & Mrs. h. 
30 Sullivan Jeremiah J. liquors 

Sullivan Mary J. widow, h. 

Sullivan Nora T. Miss. tchr. b. 

33 Heeney M. T. & J.G.Misses.h. 

34 Wohlfarth Chas. clerk, h. 

36 Hurley Katherine M. tchr. b. 

Hurley D. J. dra'ghtsmn, b. 

H urley FlorenceT. compos'r. b. 

Hurley James H. clerk, b. 

Hurley John, h. 

Hurley M. Eliza, Miss. b. 

Hurley R. A. ins. agt. b. 

Smith Frank E. student, b. 
39 Johnson Alice A. Miss, b. 

Johnson Joseph C. h. 


Prouty John W. carpenter, h. 

Prouty Sabrina P. Miss, tchr. b. 
43 Clark Jas. jr. hairdresser, h. 

Coggeshall Lucy A. widow, h. 
46 Coria Walter P. clerk, h. 
48 Martin Andrew P. police, h. 

McEntee Bernard, moulder, b. 
50 McElroy Edw'dJ."Journal,"h. 

52 Barry Annie M. hatter, b. 
Barry Catharine, widow, h. 
Barry David E. mason, h. 

. Barry Edw. F. carpenter, b. 
Barry M. E. dresmkr. b. 

53 Mc Williams Joseph H. valet, h. 
. Stark James W. butler, h. 

Whalen Ellen, widow, b. 

54 Cosg^ove August, machinist, h. 
Costello Ann, widow, h. 
Costello C. J. stenographer, b. 
Murray Patrick, wire worker, h. 

55 Kelley Elizabeth L. nurse, b. 
Kelley Michael, coachman, h. 

58 GarbuttFrancisH.coachm'n,h. 
McCutchen Hugh F.printer.b. 
McCutchin Hugh,coacbm'n,h. 

59 Littleton Harry, coachman, h. 
61 Falck Nicholas A. P.F.D. h. 

Falck Nils. b. 
71 Mahoney D. S., 'Journal," h. 


House Directory. 

East Qeors:e St.— Continued. 

71 Mahoney N.M.Miss.drsmkr.h. 
Mahoney T. W. plasterer, b. 
Ross Thomas R. coachman, h. 

72 Frankland Wm. clerk, h. 
Spencer Wm. J. oyster man, h. 

74 Hammond Moses, janitor, h. 
Hughes Warren, teamster, h. 

75 Devine Charles A. student, b. 
Devine Edward L. student, b. 
Devine Edward S. butler, h. 
Devine Geo. W. toolrakr. b. 
Devine Joseph P. waiter, b. 
Landrigan Gabriel P.crpntr.h. 

77 Heeney C. brakeman, h. 

Lynch Michael, laborer, rms. 

Wilson Lucy C. widow, h. 
85 DevoeJ.T.dep.U.S.marshall.h. 

Hickey John E. clerk, b. 

Hickey Sfichael J. jeweler, h. 

Hickey William F. jeweler, b. 
90 Cox John W. engineer, h. 
cor. Gano, Webber T. H. coal, etc. 
126 Tiernan B. coachman, h. 
129 Christian Mary Mrs. b. 

Macdonald James, painter, h. 

May Wm. W. carpenter, h. 
135 Edward W. S. silversmith, h. 
137 Burton Mary A. widow, h. 

Burton Richard, clerk, b. 

Burton W. carpenter, b. 
139 Sutherland A. W. painter, h. 

Sutherland C. William, b. 

East Manning Street. 

7 Heffernan Tim. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

13 Goff Jas. C. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

14 Dawley Edwin P. chief eng.h. 
Dawley Emily F. Miss, b. 
Dawley Lucinda, widow, h. 
French Clara Miss, b. 

22 Cahoone Charlotte S. Mrs. b. 
Chase Kate B. Mrs. h. 
Hathaway Anna E. widow, h. 
Springer Katharine, widow, h. 
Vaughan Mary D. Miss, b. 

23 Cook Chas. N. h. 

25 Brownell Francis E. ins.agt.h. 

26 Cahoone G. H. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

27 Gurney George H. clerk, h. 
Howland Joshua L.plumber.b. 

31 Richardson T. A. salesman, h. 

32 Davis Abiel F. h. 

Davis Foster B. student, b. 
34 Barker William B. clerk, h. 
Barker William Cyrus, b. 

38 Guile Harriet N. widow, h. 
Richardson A. S. widow, h. 

40 Grant Harry L. dentist, h. 

41 Barney F. W accountant, h. 

42 Bicknell Walter J. salesman, h. 

43 Kellen Wm. Rev. & Mrs. h. 

44 Allen J. A. Miss. sec. h. 
Allen Sarah A. Miss, tchr. b. 
Allen Stella C. Miss, teacher,b. 

53 Lewis John C. mfg. jeweler,b. 
Mulvey Joseph L. bookkpr. h. 
Potter H. A. L.,h, 

54 Potter Chas. W. Mr. & Mrs. h. 

55 Dunn James, coachman, h. 

56 Dwyer Timothy F. clerk, h. 

57 Koopman Harry L. B. U. h. 
Koopman W. Franklin studt. b, 

60 Barry David J. contractor, b. 
Barry John W. carpenter, b. 
Barry Lew^is F. student, b. 
Barry Mary J. widow, h. 

61 Miller Albert P. b. 

Miller Albert P. jr. Mr. &Mrs.h. 

63 Crooker Henry H. clerk, h. 

64 Barry David J. contractor 

72 McKean Alex, cabinetmkr. h. 

McKean John, machinist, b. 

cor. Gano Manning st. Prim'r y schl 

91 Willey Emma W. widow, h. 

92 Hickey T. E. min*l wrter, h. 

93 Converse W. H. dec. uphorr,h. 

94 Harris Ernest A. Mr. & Mrs. b. 
97 Boynton Geo. G. clerk, h. 

Gustafson Frank, carpenter,b. 

Magnuson A. J. printer, h. 
113 Bevan James, machinist, b. 

Coyle Wm. H. clerk, h 

Lincoln Edward E. baker, b. 
117 Boynton Lucinda W.widow, b. 

Morgan Jacob jr. city w*gher,h. 
119 Milne Thomas F. **Journar'h. 

Milne Wm. L. "Journal** b. 
123 Kelly George C. florist, h. 

Kelly John W. florist, b. 

Kelly Sarah E. teacher, b. 
126 Cole MarthaW. widow, b, 

Gorton Wm. S. bicycles, h. 
134 Coursey Mills, engineer, h. 

Fisher Wm. H. laborer, h. 

Peck James H. farmer, h. 

137 Goflfe Robert E. grocer, b. 
Williams Annie M. widow, b. 
Williams Joseph H. janitor, h. 

138 Addison F. A. elevatorman, b. 
Addison Geo. E. laborer, b. 
Addison Nancy Miss, h. 

House DmEcroRv. 


Best Canned Goods, ProvWence PuSic Market Go. 

138 Addison T. W. laborer, b. 

Harvey Lucretia. widow, b. 
146 Greenlee Grant, butler, rms. 

Thomas Gazway, stevedore, h. 
153 Carroll Hugh F. compositerb, 

Carrol John, laborer, h. 

Carroll John G. shipper, b. 

McGann Patrick P. teamster, h. 
161 Page Fred C. clerk, b. 

Paye Harry E. engineer, b. 

Paye John £. gardener, h. 

East River Street. 

3rNilson Carl, laborer, h. 

Nilson Victor, laborer, b. 
7 Cordwell Elias, laborer, b. 

Thelbert Robt. T. teamster.h 


East Transit Street. 

cor. Governor, Fleming Michael J. 
foreman, h. 
2 McManus Thos. H. agent, h. 

7 Cavannaugh Chas. M. lab. h. 
Roach Anthony L. laborer, h. 
Wick wire Fred A. mariner, h. 

8 Hennessey Tames, laundry, h, 
Hennessey M. F. student, b. 
Hennessey Wm. laundry, h. 
Rosenquist Chas. C. printer,h. 

10 McGrath Pat'k F. con tractor. h. 
Miller Theodore, tailor, h. 

12 Brickley Jas. R. pressman, h. 

13 Costigan Daniel, laborer, h. 
Costigan Edward, driver, b. 
McDermott Michael. laborer.h. 
Worrall Wm. H. driver, h. 

16 Barber M. laborer, h. 

Bivines Chas. H. laborer, h. 
Harvey Clinton,long.shore'n,h. 
Nesbit John L. laborer, b. 
Ransom Henry, laborer, b. 
Scott George L. waiter, b. 
Tucker Samuel, laborer, b. 

18 West Florence E. dressmkr. b. 
West James E. janitor, h. 

19 Dunn Thomas F. driver, h. 

21 Carreiro Jose, laborer, h. 
King Albert, laborer, h. 
King John H. laborer, b. 
King Joseph F. laborer, b. 
King Stephen, laborer, b. 

2irKing Wm. J. carpenter, h. 
Lema Frank C. laborer, h. 

22 Hall Wm. H. caterer, h. 

23 O'Rourke Francis P. grocer 

24 Conway James, carpenter, h. 


24 Edmunds Mary Miss, h. 
Edmunds Wm. laborer, h. 

25 Boss Fred E. jeweler, h. 
Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, b. 
Murphy Mary A. widow, h. 

27 Keough John C. baker, h. 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h. 
Sullivan Marj", widow, b. 

28 Baggott Jolfn D. porter, h. 
Brown James J. laborer, b. 
Brown Thos. D. laborer, h. 

29 Carroll Daniel, carpenter, h. 
Flynn Martin, filecutter, h. 

30 Cooke Wm. J. machinist, h. 
Lent Walter M. conductor, h. 

^31 Brady Thomas, laborer, b. 
Burgess Frank, laborer, h. 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, lab'rer,b. 
Gallagher Henry, laborer, b. 
Gallagher Margaret, widow.h. 
Murphy Michael, laborer, h. 

32 Almeida John, h. 

33 Sexton Mary, widow, b. 
Sexton P. H. machinist, b. 
Wall Edmond, teamster, h. 

34 Keenan Wm. J. stevedore, h. 
Lyons John S. laborer, h. 

36 Costigan John, gardener, h. 

Costigan John J teamster, b. 

Costigan Michael, driver, b. 
40 McDonald James, laborer, h. 

42 Almeida Antone, mason, h. 
Dunn Peter E. cooper, h. 
Santas Jose, meat cutter, h. 

43 Cabral Jesse, mason, h. 
Enos Joseph, laborer, h. 
Lewis Joseph, machinist, h. 
Pementa Frank, shoemkr. h. 
Silva John A. laborer, h. 

44 Enos Manuel, laborer, h. 
Souza Manuel, laborer, h. 

45 Home for Aged CoVd Women, 
Mrs. M. E. Rhodes, matron. 
Amos Margaret, widow, 

. Dadford Jane Mrs. 
Garrison Lucy H. widow 
Harris Susan C. widow 
Jones Maria, widow 
Lee Malvina H. widow 
Lemond Susan S. nurse 
Morris Margaret, widow 
Ross Sylvia, widow 
Simmons Sarah, widow 
Upshaw Sophie, widow 
Vaneockey Amelia, widow 

46 Brown Manuel P. laborer, h. 


House Directory. 

East Transit St.— Continued, 

46 Gracie Prank, carpenter, h. 
Hackett John J. cook, h. 
O'Rourke Ellen, widow, h. 
Power Wm. F. clerk, h. 
Vieira Henry, mason, h. 

49 Holland Mary, widow, h. 
Browning Jonanna, widow, h. 

50 Dunn Wm. H, conductor, h. 
Peters Prank M. laborer, h. 

51 Kelley Mary A. Mrs. h. 
Luby Michael* J. police, b. 
Murphy Dennis, moulder, h. 

52 Mederios Joseph, laborer, h. 

53 DriscoU John, laborer, h. 
O'Connor John, jr. wire wkr.h. 

55 Harty John, polisher, b. 
Sullivan Julia, widow, h. 

56 Boyle John, laborer, h. ^ 

59 Sheehan C. J. carpenter, b. 
Sheehan Eliz'bethMiss.tchr.b. 
Sheehan Mary, widow, h. 

60 McCarthy W. H. carpenter, h. 
Quinn Hannah Miss, h. 
Shea Timothy, laborer, b. 
Sullivan John P. driver, b. 
Sullivan Margaret Mrs. h. 
Sullivan Wm. E. switchman, h. 

62 Murphy Annie, dressmaker 
Murphy Jeremiah, gardener, h. 
Murphy Michael, b. 

63 Campbell PrancisJ.jeweler,h. 
66 Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h. 

Sullivan Patrick J. clerk, b. 
Sullivan P. Jos. salesman, b. . 
Sullivan Timothy J. clerk, h. 
SulUvam Wm. F. clerk, h. 
66rBrennan Andrew, boilermkr.h. 
Crowley Dennis, laborer, b. 
Grandfield Mary, widow, b. 
Minahan Michael J. h. 

68 Geary J. C. jr. coppersmith, h. 
68rBrennan Geo. P. driver, h. 

Brown Harry J. machinist, h. 

69 Kelley Samuel, porter, h. 

70 Pannmg E. Miss, dressmkr. b. 
Rogers Wm. P. salesman, h. 
Sheehan John P. carpenter, h. 

71 Gilchrist "Edward, laborer, b. 
Gilchrist Richard, mariner, b. 
White Alexander M. driver, h. 
White Pred'k A. laborer, b. 

72 Sullivan Michael E. clerk, h. 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h. 

73 Davis Lilly Mrs. h. 
Evans Robert N. laborer, b. 

73 Pressy Luther, laborer, h. 

Tucker Wm. T. waiter, h. 
79 Affonso Prancisco. laborer, h. 

Howard Harriet, widow, h. 

Marshall S. longshoreman, h. 

Easton Street. 

2 Barker Pred, machinist, h. 

Morton Simeon, carpenter, h. 
4 Hopkins Edward, carpenter, h. 

Sullivan Patrick, carpenter, h. 

Eastwood Avenue. 

64 Spencer Geo. H. operative, h. 

Spencer William, polisher, b. 
92 Atkin Joseph W. bicycles, h. 

Morris Henry, finisher, h. 

Rushton Jackson, machinist,h. 
94 Myer William H. weaver, h. 

Naser Otto, weaver, h. 
112 La wton Tames, operative, h. 

Orton Wm. jr. operative, b. 

Orton William M. h. 

Whitely Mary Ann Miss, h. 
118 Child Thomas, bookkeeper, h. 

Gebhard Geo. A. lunch wag.b. 

Taylor Henry C. weaver, b. 
122 Clayton John W. painter, h. 

Taylor Joseph H. carpenter,h. 
124 Butler David D. teamster, h. 

Butler Wm. J. painter, b. 

Taylor Hannah Mrs. h. 
126 Tunnicliffe Elizabeth Mrs. b. 
128 Joslin Ruth Mrs. h. 

Pratt James W. weaver, b. 

Sherman Walter R. mach. h. 
130 Moody Edgar H. overseer, h. 
154 Nield Edward S. painter, h. 

Smith Wm. E. machinist, h. 
156 Cashman Patrick P. slsman.h. 

Darling Alonzo R.signalmn.h. 
176 Charlesworth W. J. grocer, h, 

194 Dawson Ernest, carpenter, h. 
Harrigan John, laborer, h. 

195 Eastwood Clinton W.dent*t.h. 
198 Callahan Tames, machinist, h. 

Callahan William, h. 

Rathbun Thomas, rub. wk. h. 
201 Austin Prank A. woolsorter,b. 

Austin James B. silversmith, h. 

Austin James P. carpenter, h. 

Hopkins Benj. P.woolsorter,b. 

Murchie Peter, woolsorter, b. 
203 Guile Prank, woolsorter, h. 

Middleton William, mason, b. 

Schultz George, jeweler, h. 

House Directory. 


207 Ives Charles S. pedler, h. 

Leckney Tohn, boilermaker.h. 
an Ainscouffh Wm. H. painter.h, 

Arnold Henry W. mach. h. 
215 Cooper Charles G. spinner, b. 

Co<^r Fred, machinist, b. 
. Cooper George, blacksmith, h. 

Dawes John, weaver, h. 
228 Ranger William, loomfizer, h. 
230 Fricker Alexander, agt. h. 

Reece Bmily Mrs. h. 
234 Lord Algron, percher, h. 

Lord Thomas, b. 

Ogden Smith, clerk, h. 

Taylor Lister, overseer, h. 
240 Ashworth Tames, helper, b. 

Ashworth Mary A. widow, h. 

Whittaker Wm. plumber, h. 
244 O'Neill Eugene H. hairdrsr.h. 

Eaton Street. 

cor. Millwood, r. Carmine William, 

coachman, h. 
257 Harris Wm. M. jr. lumber, h. 

Gore George, coachman, b. 
276 Harris Wm. M. hay, etc. h. 
349 McKenzie Isabell, student, b. 

McKenzie Murdock C. police, h. 

McKenzie S. L. Miss,bkkpr.b. 

McKenzie W. Arthur, b. 
516 Whitman Benj. A. S. farmer, h. 
524 Almquist Gustave, toolmkr. h. 
535 Parent Louis V. salesman, h. 
541 Bowen B. W. com. trav. h. 
567 Riebe Theo. C. A. mchnst. h. 
573 Duerr William, filecutter, h. 

Hebden Geo. B. milkman, h. 
619 Bowen A. C. W. student, b. 

Bowen Henry W. mchnst. h. 

Bowen Lucy T. b. 

Bowen Oscar S. lineman, b. 

Eaton Court. 

10 Bagley John E. teamster, h. 

Bagley Thomas A. clerk, b. 

Doherty Geo. M. moulder, b. 

Doherty James, h. 
16 Ash ton Henry, fireman, h. 

Chandler Lie welly n,loomfix.h. 
18 Owen Pryce, baker, h. 

Philips wm. machinist, b. 
22 O'Connell Edward, teamster, h« 

Eddy Street. 

3 Church B.C. Co. iron and steel 
7 Chase P. A.& Co. mill supplies 

7 National Ring Trav. Co. 
3d fl.,HowardSterl. Co. jewel' rs 
4th fl., Hamilton & Hamilton, 
jr. jewelers 

1 1 Am. Supply Co. 

12 Wright T. H. boot & shoemkr. 

14 Devlin Patrick, restaurant 

15 Burke Bros, liquors 

21 Angell C. E. mach.& belt hooks 

Hutchins W. O. & Co. jewelers 

Owen Mfg. Co. 

4th fl., Tuttle C.Warren, glass 

4th fl., Warren Joseph D.& Co. 
mfr. jewelers 

5th fl.,GlinesLiquidRubberCo. 
29 Bray Bros, liquors 

Bray Willam H. liquors, h. 
.30 rm. i7,McHenryNelson.labr.h. 

rm. 1 9. Tones Walter, I'drymn.h. 

rm. 20 Jones AmbroseB. cook, h. 

rm. 21. Ray Rebecca Miss, h. 

rm. 22, Stewart C.W. hostler, h. 

rm. 25, Potter Netty, widow, h. 

rm. 26, Osterlund Chas. shoe- 
maker, rms. 

rm. 2 7. Jefferson R.M.mus, rms. 
33 Brown Wm. R. mfg. jeweler 

Ryder J. J. Co. (The) eng. etc. 
41 Westcott, Slade & Balcom Co. 

paints, oils, etc. 
43 Hersey C. H. hairdresser 
45 Brown Wm. R. mfg. jeweler 

Foley J. B. &Co. tag& label mf rs. 

rm. 3, Williams & Co. printers 

rm. 8, Maxfield Charles T. h. 

rm. 9, Whitman J. A. real est. 

rm. 17, Cottrell Jas. C. tailor 

rm. 18, Brown John, upholsterer 

rm. ig. Pro v. Variety Co. 

rm. 20, Weaver Jos. P. picture 
frame mfr. 

rm.26.BarrH.C.g'latine printr. 

rm. 29, Garvey Owen F. oils 

rm. 30, Salisbury John H. 
glass signs 

rm. 34, Prov.Towel Supply Co. 
47 Ballou I. B. & Son, cigars 

NeLson Levi D. watchmaker 
Brown, prop, (see page 112) 

Burgess Prank, clerk, b. 

Lester George, clerk, b. 
57 Doyle John, hairdresser, 
59 Barrett J. F. liquors 
61 McVey & Curran, liquors 


House Directory. 

Eddy St.— Continued. 

65 HolisesDaniel & Co. plumbers 
67 Excelsior Enamel Co. 

Hopkins W. C. & Co. painters 
Swanlund Swan, tailor 
69 Cusson Philbert E. hairdresser 
71 Hines Edward J. liquors 
89 David John H. hairdresser 
93 Grant Laroy S. liquors 

103 Ballou, Johnson & Nichols, 

crockery, etc. 

104 Roberts & Kmg, liquors 
108 Allen John L. billiards 


Murphy Jere.P.& 

Young Thos. Hartly, sn. wrtr. 
no Roberts J. B. hairdresser 
112 DaboU Chas. M. eating house 
114 Ballou Frank E. boots, etc. 
125 Waterbury Brass Co. 
127 Milkman Aaron, auctioneer 
129 Adams D. Fred'k, mfg. jeweler 

Babington Geo. N. mfg.jewlr. 

Budlong S.E.& Co.mfg. jewlrs. 

Crossin & Co. jewelry rofrs. 

Eraser John M.& Co. jewelers 

N. E. Supply Co. sliced smoked 

Pratt Timothy D. mfg. jewlr. 

Quarters Wm. F. electropltr. 

Simmons & Fave, spoons, etc. 
135 Mills, Horton & Reed, steam 

139 Henry C. P. Novelty Co. 

Hofifman Henry C. engineer, r. 

Lane John W. jr. engineer, r. 

Lyon Baxter, toolmaker 

Martin H. L. jewelers finds. 
144 Brown Geo. J. hairdresser, b. 
163 Blair H Crawford, woodtrnr. 
cor. Friendship, Allen Fire Dep. 

Supply Co. 
172 Baratora George S. carpenter 

178 Bonniol A. & Son, die sinkers 
Harvard Pearl Co. 

Moore S. & Co. jewlrs findgs. 
Smith Geo. J. & Co. manufr. 

179 Wild S. S. & Son. enamelers 

180 Artesian Well & Supply Co. 

Ray C. A. contractor 
Wilbourn John H. tinsmith 

181 Otis Bros, gold & silver refiners 
183 Fowler Bros, jewelers 

Grover S. K. & Co. mfg. jlrs. 
Harvey & Otis, jewelers 
Holmes G. H. & Co. jewelers 

183 Logee Edgar L.& Co. jewelers 

185 Catlow Bros. mfg. jewelers 

Feeley W.J. Co. (The) sil's'ths 

Fitz Gerald M. & Co. jewelers 

Hutchison & Huestis, jewelers 

189 Hanley & Murdy, refii^ers 

190 Manchester J. B. &Cacop'sths 
Sturdy Rolf E. electro pmter 

191 Aerated Distilled Water Co. 

194 Miller W.H.&Sons.brksmiths. 

195 Cutler Jewelry Co. jewelers 
Rodenberg& Du n n , man f . i wrs. 
Workman Abrah'mP.mrf.jwr. 

197 Brown H. E. & Co.elec.platefs 

199 Eastern Tag Co. 

203 Bowen-Macomber Co. The 

mfg. jewelers 
21 [ Deming Morris B. safe agent 
212 Heathcote John, mach. b'lder 

Russell Electric Mfg. Co. 
218 Fuller A. F. brass founder 

Thayer & Co. glass pressers 
2i9rAlleabugh W. brass founder 

220 Armourdale Co. mfr. jewelers 
Bowes Geo. H. & Co. shell wk. 
Costigan D. W. & Co.mfr. jrs. 
Graham Bros. mfg. jewelers 

221 Kempf & Co. refiners 
224 Adams Bros, machinists 

Adams Earl A. machinist 
Devereux O. C, & Co. jewelers 

226rBurlingame Jos. P. & Co. jew- 
ers* findings 
Snell Tack Co. 

Sweeney W. Co. (The)roa's.m'r. 
Williams Manuel F.& Co.mfg. 

227 Banister Robt B. novelties 
Dutemple W. R. & Co. jew'rs 
Grinnell Frank, glass presser 
Lederer H.&Bro. mfg. jewelers 
Luther H. C. & Co. lapidaries 
Slocomb J. T. & Co. mach. tls. 
Tierney T. & Co. machinists 

233 Slocomb J. T. & Co. toolmfrs. 

235 Dover G. W. jewelers' settings 

236 Conley & Straight, goldreiiners 

237 Haley Oswald C. elevators 
McWilliams Mfg. Co. jewelers* 

242 Haid Frederick, liquors 
242rGoodwin Chas. F. stable 
246 Creamer Frank J. teamster, h. 
Lynch Timothy, teamster, h, 
McCabe Patrick, polisher, h. 
McDonald Chas. jeweler, h. 

House Directory. 


248 Dyer Charles, shoemaker 
250 Kellogs: Albert O. plumber 

257 Prov. Plumbing Supply Co. 

258 Potter & Gardiner, 'lumber 

261 Stratton Thomas H. liquors 
263 Burns John, laborer, h. 

Burns John, jr. clerk, b. 
265rBurt Frederick B. 
273rCullen Michael, operative, b. 

Lundy Thomas, laborer, h. 
274 Henchion Thomas, laborer, h. 

O'Neil Charles, clerk, b. 

O'Neil John F. driver, b. 

O'Neil John, watchman, h. 

Toomey Timothy, laborer, h. 
277 Union Gospel Mission 

279 Blessing John F. carpenter, b. 
Burke Thomas F. carder, h. 
Duclos Moise, weaver, h. 
Graham Michael, weaver, h. 
Moore Joseph, operative, b. 
Moore Thomas, laborer, h. 
Sweeney Mary A. widow, h. 

280 Tuitalo John, hairdresser 
282 Gore William, liquors 

284 Travers Bridget, grocer, h. 

286 Travers Bridget, grocer 

287 Alby Jane, widow, h. 
Crowley John J. operative, h. 
Foss ChaS. L teamster, h. 
Martin Napoleon, weaver, h. 
Moulton Eliza widow, h. 
Rowan Patrick, laborer, b. 
rm. I. Lebeau Geo. weaver, b. 

Lebeau, Minnie Mrs. h. 
rm. 2, Hazard Etta Miss, h. 

292 Fiske Chas. F. jeweler, h. 
Whalen Samuel, teamster, h. 

293 Brown Mary W. widow, h. 
Buxton Annie Mrs. h. 
Lennox James, moulder, h. 
Tucker Cassius C. teamster, b. 
rm. 2, Carrigan John.driver.h. 
rm. 3, KilmartinMarg't.Mrs.h. 

rm. 4. Marsh Margaret, wid.h. 
293rConnors Rose, widow, h. 
Crowley Stephen, laborer, h. 
Saunders George, laborer, h. 
Wall Mary, widow, h. 
rm. 16, TierneyPeter,driver,b. 

294 Baxter Annie Miss, h. 

296 Fitzgerald James, laborer, h. 

297 rm. I, Rourke Alice Mrs. h. 
rm. 2, Duxbury John, loom fixer 

297 rm. 4, Fournier Mary, wid. h. 
rm. 5. O'Neil Jas. spinner, b. 
rm. 6, Hilton John, mchst. h. 
rm. 7, Gilday Michael, lab. h. 

298 McKeon James, coal 

299 Bergin Henry, weaver, b. 
Clark William, weaver, b. 
Coughlin Bridget, widow, h« 
Davol Fred, Spinner, h. 
McCabe Ellen, widow, h. 
McDermott George, labr. h. 
Murphy Thos. weaver, b. 
Murphy Walter D. confec'r, b. 
Perry Wm. C. polisher, h. 
Sullivan Ann, widow, h. 
Sweeney Thos. weaver, b. 
Taylor Henry C. weaver, b. 

300 Degnan Patrick, teamster, h. 

302 Landy Paul, harnessmaker 

303 Barry John, laborer, b. 
Bradley Samuel, laborer, b. 
Creamer Hugh, laborer, b. 
Dolan John, laborer, b. 
Holland John, teamster, b. 
Hughes John, laborer, b. 
King Michael, laborer, b. 
Larkin James, laborer, b. 
Leddy James, laborer, b. 
McCabe Michael, laborer, b. 
McGuire Thomas, laborer, b. 
Millmore Joseph, laborer, b. 
Prior John, laborer, b. 
Sweeney Patrick, laborer, b. 
Townsend M. L. Mrs. eating 

307 Calder Gideon S. apothecary 
311 Connelly Terrence, liquors 

McConnell Alex, laborer, h. 

McGarrahan B. operative, b. 

McGarrahan P. laborer, h. 
313 Knowles Hubert, baker 
315 Duffy James E. printer, b. 

Duffy Mary A. widow, h. 

Duffy Wm. J. jeweler, b. 

Willey John G. fireman, h. 
319 Curran John J. jeweler, b. 

Cujran Patrick, engineer, h. 

Sullivan Stephen, teamster, h. 
323 Linn Alexander P. periodicals 
325 McCabe Joseph F. jeweler, h. 

McCabe Rose, widow, h. 

McComick Margaret, widow,h. 
32 srMcGuire James, laborer, h. 

Monahan Patrick, laborer, h. 
327 Charello Louis, hairdresser 
330 Pomroy Coal Co. The 

hUki Plants at Wliolesala 


House Directory. 

Eddy St.'-Continued, 

331 Berry George, hostler, b. 

McGarry Martin, plumber, b. 

Mulvey Prank, mason, h. 
335 Goflf Jas. J. elevator tender, b. 

Lajoie Rozella Mrs. h. 

Mullen Thomas J. clerk, h. 

Ray James, laborer, b. 
339 Carpenter Jos, R. pearlwkr. h. 

Mulvey Bernard, laborer, h. 

Mulvey Thomas, laborer, h. 

Waldron Tamseu Mrs. h. 
349 Murphy Maurice J. plumber 
351 Mulvey Henry, cigars, etc. 
355 Bercham John, laborer, b. 

Gardner James P. teamster, h. 

Garrahan John, fireman, h. 

Holt Benj. P. liquors 

Nelson Delia, widow, h. 

Robbins Jesse, mariner, h. 
357 Bo wen Electric Co. 
361 Gibson George J. machinist 
363 Pischer Sigman&Co.diesnkrs. 

Ken yon James G. mf^. jewlr. 
365 Shackford A. blacksmith 
373 Brennen Pat'k T. junk dealer 
375 McGertie Prant J. pedler, h. 

Pickles Chas. W. salesman b. 
377 Baxter Pelix, painter, b. 

Brady Peter, teamster, b. 

Dyer Prank, teamster, b. 

Purey George, tinsmith, b. 

Jurdan Prank, laborer, b. 

Keegan Hugh, laborer, b. 

Lowney Dennis, shipcrpntr. b. 

McKieman Catherine Mrs. h. 

Moran Prancis, laborer, b. 

Melighan James, laborer, b. 

Patton James, laborer, b. 

Quinn John, teamster, b. 

Smith Philip, stamper, b. 

Sweeney Prank, laborer, b. 
384 Barry ^la^garet, widow, h. 

Sheerin Ellen, widow, h. 

Sheerin John J. clerk, b. 

387 Ingallsby Phelix, laborer, b. 
McElroy D. P. jeweler, h. 
McElroy John, clerk, h. 
Royal Geo. P. blacksmith, b. 
Royal Julius M. blacksmith, h. 

388 Bowen John, clerk, h. 
Landry Albert, painter, h. 

391 Drum Edward, teamster, b. 
Keegan Arthur, laborer, b. 
McAllister B. blacksmith, h. 
Roach Patrick, teamster, b. 

391 Sullivan John, laborer, b. 
Sullivan Joseph, laborer, b. 
Sullivan Michael, laborer, b. 

392 Brady Jas. T. liquors, h. 
Brady John L. clerk, b. 
Devine Mary, widow, h. 
Heron Margaret, widow, h. 

393 Tinning Mary, widow, h. 

396 Slade Martin B. painter 
Taylor Simeon O. carpenter 

397 Smith Patrick, variety store 
399 Bouge Michael, laborer, b. 

Cruickshank Alex, machinist, b. 
Gilmore Alex. A. jeweler, b. 
Grace John J. jeweler, h. 
McLean Daniel, jeweler, b. 
O'Brien Richard, laborer, b. 
Savage Jane Mrs. h. 
Waters Richard, operative, b. 

401 McKeon Miles, teamster, b. - 
Mulvey Terrence, teamster, h. 
McKeon Patrick, laborer, h. 
Shippee Walter, teamster, b. 

402 Kilguss Carl, laborer, b. 
Kilguss Pred*k. carpenter, h. 
Kilguss Pritz, upholsterer, b. 
Kilguss Geo. upholsterer, b. 
Kilguss Mat. cabinet mkr. b. 

403 Kelley Patrick, laborer, b. 
McGrury Patrick, laborer, b. 
McLaughlin Peter, laborer, h. 

405 C&rr John, core maker, h. 

Taylor Jesse, salesman, rms. 
407 Barstow Amelia A. Miss. h. 

Bergeron Benj. laborer, h. 

Ripley Harriet E. Miss. h. 
410 Conley James, engineer, h. 

Lewis John H. laborer, b. 

Smith Frank P. laborer, b. 

Smith Mary, widow, h. 

415 Eager Wilfred H. b. 
Ross Jesse, foreman, b. 
Staples Leroy, machinist, b. 
Wells Arthur H. blacksmith, b. 
Wells Chas. H. restaurant, b. 
York Wm. bottler, b. 

416 Bray Wm. H. liquors, h. 
Cavannaugh Agnes, widow, b. 
Cavannaugh Joseph, b. 
Mulvey Henry, cigars, etc. h. 

417 Wells Chas. H. restaurant 

419 Schott Bros, button machinery 
Thurston Mfg. Co. machinery 

420 Nicolai Prank, shoemaker 
422 Scroca Nicola, hairdresser 
424 Santangelo A. confection, etc. 

House Directory. 


426 Danz JoliQ F. tailor 

428 Scott Edwin, plumber 

430 Watson Alex. J. hamessmaker 

436 Union R.R. Go's power station 

439 Boban Thomas. laborer, h. 

Keegan Catharine, widow, h. 

Smith Peter, laborer, h. 
444 Abrich Abram. junk 
448 Narra. Enamelling Co. 
450 Bolduc Theodore, jeweler, h. 

Silverman Louis, shoemaker 
460 Providence Aluminum Co. 

Prov. Brass F'dry & Mach.Co. 
473 Cook James L. clerk, h. 

Smith James H. teamster, b. 

Smith Susan M. Mrs. h. 
477 Christoph George, tailor 

480 So. Providence R. R Station 

481 Lynch James H. liquors 
483 Sterritt A. S. variety store 
487 Farrell James, mason, h. 

Fitzger^d Patrick, moulder,h. 

Flynn Thomas, h. 

Grimley Alice, widow, h. 
489 Sampson John J. fish market 
495 GaflFney Patrick, liquors 
497 Ryan James, hairdresser 
499 Moroney Patrick, importer 

502 CaulfieldCatharineE.var. store 

503 Brown Charles, helper, b. 
Kershaw John, button mkr. b. 
McKiernan James, laborer, h. 
McKieman Thos.woodt*rnr. b. 
Moore Edward, laborer, rms. 
Munson George, jeweler, b. 
Smith ElizabethJ.Mrs-drsm.h. 
Smith Lewis H. teamster, h. 

504 Conarty Michael, jeweler, b. 
Dolan James, laborer, b. 
Donahue Owen, laborer, b. 
Fallon Hugh, soapmaker, b. 
Fallon Patrick, laoorer, b. 
Feeley Michael, laborer, b. 
Feeney James J. hairdresser, b. 
Ganley Patrick, boarding ho. 
Ganley Thomas P. jeweler, b. 
Gildav James L. boilermkr. b. 
Ingallsby Patrick, rubber wkr.b 
Keenan John, boarding house 
Kelly Thomas, laborer, b. 
Kennedy James, at gas wks.b. 
McGarry Peter, laborer, b. 
McQuirk Patrick, laborer, b. 
McNulty Terrence, laborer, b. 
Moran Hugh, clerk, b. 

505 McAllister John, engineer, h. 

505 McGinn Chas. B. engineer, h- 
Waldron Patrick, engineer, b. 

506 Maselli Bros, hairdressers 
Murray Tames, jeweler, b. 

507 Campbell M. A. & Co. drv gds. 

508 Baggson Peter B. capt. n. 
Duboisk Charles, laborer, h. 
Ryan Theresa Mrs. h. 

510 Kenney Patrick, variety store 
515 Lester Wm. W. butcher, h. 
51 Sr Beauregard Alfred, oper'tve.h. 
517 Brown Harlan P. grocer 
519 Natel John B. shoemaker 
525 Campbell's Owen Sons,liquors 
527 Rooney John, liquors 
529 Benoit Alexander, hairdresser 
531 Prior Patrick, laborer, h. 
535 Brady Philip, liouors, h. 

Johnson Edward, captain, h. 
obnson John, sailor, b. 
IcElroy A. A. plumber, h. 

537 Brady Philip, liquors 

543 Hutchinson Thos.machinist,h. 
Hutchinson Thos. jr. laborer, b. 
Reardon Cornelius,blksmth.h. 

551 Wah Sam, laundry 

5 S3 Gill en Michael, liquors 

555 Tiernan Charles P. reg. phar. 
over, Dore Gilbert, carpntr.h. 
Henfield Emil, mach. b. 
Henfield Jeremie, h. 
Henfield N.machinist,h. 
Masse Chas. jeweler, b. 

557 McKinney Edward, plumber 

559 Duffy P. Mrs. variety store 

564 Elizabeth Mill 

Providence Machine Co. 

575 O'Rourke Bros, blacksmiths 

588 American Screw Co. 

593 R.L Hospital, J.M.Peters,supt. 
Ainley Mabel Miss, nurse 
Allen Agnes B. Miss, nurse 
Amos William, engineer 
Anderson Albert, ward tndr. 
Anderson Hattie S. Miss, nurse 
Anderson Jennie Miss, nurse 
Batty e Claus, steward 
Brewer Florence L. Miss, nurse 
Brolly Robert, watchman 
Campbell Isabel Miss, nurse 
Canney Annie E. Miss, nurse 
Cassin Margaret J. nurse 
Clark Jane G. Miss, nurse 
Crompton M. E. Miss, nurse 
Donaghey R. asst. engineer 
Esleeck Frances Miss, nurse 


House Directory. 

Eddy SU-'Continued. 

593 Falconer Mary C. Miss, nurse 
Fambam A. Mrs. matron 
Fitzgerald L. E. ward tender 
Fitzpatrick Winifred Miss 
Fleming E. Mrs. night mat 
Ford Michael A. interne. 
Freeman Olive M. Miss, nurse 
French Martha B. Miss, nurse 
Gerow Areta Miss, nurse 
Gillespie Mary E. Miss, nurse 
Griffin Clifford H. interne 
Groff John E. reg. pharmacist 
Hall Mary A. Miss, nurse 
Hogg Jennie Miss, nurse 
HoUingworth Arthur, interne 
Howie Julia Miss, nurse 
Johnson Fred, ward tender 
Keefer Josephine Miss, nurse 
Kenney Ellen, nurse 
King Geo. F. J. interne 
Kruger Fred'k, ward tender 
Lasell Ira N. cook 
Mathieson Jessie B. nurse 
McCaughey, Margaret, nurse 
McHale M. A. Miss, nur&>e 
McLoughlin A. drug clerk 
McLoughlin William, janitor 
McNally Mich*l, ward tender 
Patterson Fred, ward tender 
Patterson M. H. Miss, nurse 
Pearce Ada B. Miss, nurse 
Pierce Hattie B. Miss, nurse 
Pottie Daniel, laundryman 
Robinson Mary A. Miss, nurse 
Roebuck Annie E. Miss, nurse 
Sherman W. M amb. driver 
StoweE.L.Miss,supt.of nurses 
Street Olivia Miss, nurse 
Taylor Gertrude Miss, nurse 
Thurston Clara Miss, nurse 
Turnell Herbert amb. driver 
Vallet Frank, driver 
Van Duyn Ed. S. interne 
Van stone T. laborer 

600 City Yards 

661 Casey Peters, liquors 

665 Bjerkander Axel, grocer 

667 Johnson Claus R. painter, h. 
Lucas Thomas J. jeweler, h. 
Seery Michael jr. foreman, h. 

668 Place W. H. Mfg. Co. dye 

stuffs, etc. 

669 Massard Frank J. eating house 

670 Young Bros, paper box mfrs. 

671 Berkinshaw Sadie Miss, h. 

671 Zaller August F. manager, h. 

672 Conley Michael, refiner, b. 
Conley Thomas, refiner, h. 
Gray John, bartender, b. 
Gray Patrick, engineer, h. 
Manning Joanna J. Miss, h. 

673 Dolan Hugh F. printer, b. 
Mackey Henrietta, dressmkr. 
Russell Christopher B. b. 
Taylor Robt. wire worker, b. 
Taylor Sarah, widow, h. 

675 Easterbrooks Harry H. b. 

Humphreys James, painter, h. 

Stoddard Emily Mrs. h. 

Stoddard Ernest A. carpt'r, b. 
678 Anderson Augustus, lab. b. 

Benson John A. h. 

Fanneut Jos. shuttle mkr. h. 

Riley Thomas, clerk, h. 

680 Gaffney John H. pearl wkr. h. 
. Morrissey Patrick, laborer, h. 

Murray Charles Mrs. h. 

681 Goff Ere A. widow, h. 

Goff Herbert C. rubberwkr. b. 
^renn J . Howard, ele vtr. tndr. b . 
Trenn Sarah, widow, b. 
685 Brownell G. A. bookbinder, h. 

687 Drew Louisa M.Mrs, var. store 
Meehan Bernard Mrs. h. 
McKenney Bridget, widow, h. 
McKenney Edw. plumber, b. 
McKenney Jas. E. plumber,b. 
Sullivan fas. H. plumber, b. 

688 Brophy Edward, laborer, h. 
Brophy Wm. moulder, h. 

691 Hanley Wm. H. salesman, h. 
In terstateHousehold&M. S. Co. 
Leonard Jas. W. student, b. 
Leonard Mary J. widow, h. 
Lyons John F. laborer, h. 
McDonough Thaddeus. h. 
Ryan Jas. hairdresser, b. 

692 Gibbs Winslow S. wood wkr.b. 
Haselden Jos. spindle mkr. h. 
Price Wm. E. tool maker, h. 
Wilson Wm. E. cabinetmkr.b. 

693 Dorsey George F. grocer 

694 Holmes Reuben G. lumber, b. 
Lawton C. G. at Screw Co. h. 
Lyons J. R. switchboard tdr.h. 

696 Arnold Earl V. carriage mfr.h. 
701 Re illy Charles, h. 

Reilly Chas. F. clerk, b. 

Reilly Farrell A. clerk, b. 

Reilly Tames E. driver, b, 

Reilly Mark A. clerk, b. 

House Directory. 


One hnndred yarieties of Fresh, Ei c It 
Salt, Smoked and Piokled Ft Oily 


737 Ardern James, h. 

Ardem John C. h. 
749 Amylon Alfred, shoemaker 
751 Gott John T. liquors 
753 O'Connor Jere. J. coal, etc 

Scannell J. A. & Son, tailors 
755 Brady Joseph P. clerk, b. 

Brady Michael, laborer, b. 

Brady Michael, jr. engineer 

Hann Thos. H. hairdresser 

Shedd Charles F. h. 
757 Codding A. F. provisions 
766 Nichols Walter G. stable 
769 Alfred Julius B._police, h. 

Tabor Edward P. h. 
774 Dolan Thomas, liquors 
776 Cronin J. E. Miss, var. store 
778 Hogan Chris. J. clerk, b. 

Hogan Michael, liquors, h. 
782 Garrity James, clerk, b. 

Garrity Joseph, hostler, b. 

Garrity Joseph, moulder, h. 

Wicke Uhristian, cigar mfr. 
784 Hogan Michael, liquors 

786 Jaflfe Adolph, tailor 

787 Hill Susan W. Mrs. h. 
Steere Betsey S. Miss, h. 
Steere Otis Mrs. h. 

788 Michand Caroline, drsmkr. 
Michand Chas. pearl wkr. h. 

790 Anglen Harry H. hairdresser 

792 Walpole Matthew, liquors 

793 Whitaker Arthur B. clerk, b. 
Whitaker Carrie, widow, h. 
Whitaker William H. fish, h. 

794 Mount Hope Grocery 

795 Chambers Sylvester, coal 

796 Blakeney Chas. polisher, b. 
Blakeney Maria Mrs. h. 
Hann away F. P. teamster, h. 
Mulvey John A. clerk, h. 
Pyle Alice Mrs. h. 

Walpole Matthew, liquors, b. 

798 O'Neil George, liquors 

799 Fuller James, fish 

800 Rocha Anthony E. hairdresser 

801 Temperance Hall 

802 Lee Wing, laundry 
S03 Hickie John E. baker 

804 Studley Ernest W. R. coal 

805 Sterritt Robert E. periodicals 

806 Whitaker Arthur, fish 
Whitaker William H. fish 

811 Powell George R. reg. phar. 

812 Gartner Carl, baker 

813 Nichols Anna P. widow, h. 

813 Nichols Walter G. stable, h. 
Sam mis Martha G. Mrs. h. 

814 Gartner Carl, baker, h. 
818 Curran John, h. 

Curran Joseph, carpenter, h. 

Curran Mary E. drsmkr. b. 
820 Mulvey Hugh P. grocer 
829 Glines Harriet A. widow, h. 

Glines Wm. H. engraver, h. 

Hudson Geo. B. P. clerk, h. 

McDermottBernardF. physic'n 

Padelford Catharine, nurse, b. 

832 Mount Hope Hall 

833 Carroll Jas. P. boots & shoes 

834 Higgins John H. hairdresser 

835 EldridgeE.J.Miss.mus.tchr.b. 
Eldridge Joseph, dentist 

836 Peerless Cue-tip Co. 

838 Myers Chas. R. harnessmaker 
840 Wright William F. plumber 

844 Wo Sam, laundry 

845 Adair Albert, clerk, b. 
Adair Robert F. jeweler, b. 
Adair William, machinist, h. 
Etchells Wm. jr. printer, b. 
Gamarsh Henry L,. clerk, b. 

846 Wright Herbert, plumber, h. 
Wright William F. plumber, h. 

857 Allen Edward F. b. 

Batchelder Wm. cabinet mkr.b. 

Briggs E. A. real estate agt. h. 

Newcomb Harry, engineer, b. 

Shea Elton S. usher, b. 

Shea Emily H. Mrs. h. 
862 Croak Dennis T. planer, h. 

Lanigan Johanna, widow, h. 

Rider James, clerk, h. 
865 Kunze Louis G. jeweler, h. 

Rickard Leonora F. widow, h. 

870 Clark Cordelia T. Mrs. h. 
Streeter O. D. machinist, h. 
Streeter Wm. B. foreman, b. 
Sturdivant Sophia A. widow.h. 
Thompson Caroline Mrs. h. 

871 Martin C. M. & Co. dry goods 
873 Luscomb John E. clerk, h. 

Murray Allister C. clerk, h. 
875 Walpole Patrick C. shoemaker 
877 Beuhlah Christian 
880 McCaffrey Hugh, bleacher, h. 

McCaffery John, b. 

Medbury Nettie Mrs. h. 
opp. Mutual, Eddy St. Prim. School 
888 Donnelly John T.electrician.h. 

Donnelly Walter T. clerk, b. 

Palmer Arthur, silversmith, h. 


House Directory. 

Eddy SX.— Continued. 

888 Seamans Bernice L. , U. R. R. h 

889 Shaw William, fish 
894 Carty Hugh, grocer, h. 

Donnelly Mich'l M. jeweler, h. 
Donnelly Patrick, b. 

897 Carty migh. grocer 

898 Lee Wah, laundry 

900 Johnson Andrew J. sailor, h. 
Thurber Calvin P. clerk, h. 

901 Freedom Hall 

cor. Oxford, Christ Church 

90a Mitchell Charles, foreman, h. 

904 Crowe Jennie H. grocer 

913 Griffith Frederick E. fish, h. 
Griffith Howard E. clerk, b. 

9x3 Russell Medicine Co. 

RussellWm. jr.reg. pharmacist 

914 Pettis Edwin N. clerk, h. 
Searcy Mary H. Mrs. h. 

917 Russell Wm. jr. reg. phar. h. 
919 Hofstra Cornelius,gardener,h. 
923 Larkin Walter A. printer, h. 
925 Tinkham Jas. A. hairdresser 

927 Griffith Fred'k. E. var. store 
Mosher Clarence E. var. store 

928 Shaw William, grocer 
930 Clegg Tames, clerk, h. 

Shaw fames, clerk, rms. 

Shaw William, fish, rms. 

Wilson Hannah, widow, h. 
932 Knight Arthur E. jeweler, h. 
934 DiPietro Domenico, shoemkr. 
948 Appleby Wm. B. captain, h. 

Mathewson Ernest H. tchr. b. 

Moon A. T. Mr5. h. 

Steere Myra B. Mrs. h. 

950 Mackay Daniel, shoemaker 

951 White AlbertD.wood dealer. h. 
957 Metcalf Joseph M. b. 

Vaughan Frank L. clerk, h. 

960 Cooney Rose, widow, h. 
Laycock Robt buyer, h. 

961 Davis H. F. compositor, h. 
. 962 Docker Lewis, jeweler, h. 

965 Potter Cullen L. h. 

965 Locke Geo. A. Mrs. overs'r. h. 

Locke George E. overseer, h. 
970 Craddock Edgar E. com. trav. b. 
983 Connors Thos. F. hairdresser, h. 

Gorham Clarence T. clerk, b. 

Gorham L. S. Mrs. h. 

Paine Marvin M. carpenter, h. 
985 Furness Joseph, machinist, h. 

Goodby Albert E. bicycles, b. 

Spencer Lila J. widow, h. 

986 Franklin George C. b. 
Franklin Horace H. stable, h. 

987 Cook Olney A. provisions 
989 Wike James F. machinist, h. 
99 E Disley Geo. A. gas fitter, h. 

Disley Mary J. Mrs. dressmkr. 

Gleason Joseph F. piper, h. 

Low Fred'k. M. macninist, h. 

Sunderland Albert J. baker,h» 
993 Sunderland Albert J. baker 
995 Lee Alice Miss, dressmkr. 
997 Read Sam'lE. longshoreman, h. 
999 Crowell Edwin A.,U. R. R. h. 

Crowell Herbert A. student, b. 

Crowell H. F. Mrs. dressmkr* 

Hughes Joseph A. jeweler, b. 
looiHyland F.Walter,machinist,h. 

Wike John, machinist, h. 
ioo2Docker Ernest, silversmith, b. 

Docker George, silversmith, h 
ioo3Connors Thos. F. hairdresser 
loosLeicht Christian E. var. store 
ioo6Crossley Frank A. h. 

Long George W. silversmith, h. 
ioo8Mazon Bros, grocers 
ioo9Warburton James T. plumber 
loioMaxon Andrew N. grocer 
ion Sutherland John D. reg. phar. 
ioi2Spencer Edward H. h. 

Willis Robert, foreman, h. 
lOisKeegan John J. engraver, b. 

Keegan Wm. H. clerk, b. 

McCarthy C.Miss.cigar mfg.h. 

McCarthy D. P. tinsmith, b. 
io24Moore Fred'k W. jeweler, h. 

Sample James W.carpenter,h. 
i028Dodge Geo. A. conductor, h. 

Monahan Basil, driver, h. 
i029Porter Elvira A. Mrs. nurse.h. 

Richards LewisC.canvasser.b. 
1032 Bullock Henry P. carpenter, h. 

Dulan Charles E. clerk, b. 

Dulan John T. clerk, b. 

Sullivan Peter, laborer, h, 
TerbrigganG. O. silversmith, b. 
i033Hoyt Frank N., U. R. R. h. 
io36Radigan James, laborer, h. 
1041 Dyer Albert W. machinist, h. 
Monahan John P. carpenter, h. 
i042Kruger Cbas. R. jeweler, h. 
io43McLaughlin Alice M. h. 

McLaughlin Daniel, jew'lr, b, 
McLaughlin H. W.carpent'r, bw 
McLaughlin James, polisher,l>. 
i046Mott Charles E., U. R. R. b. 
Stewart Wm. diamond sett'r,h. 

House Directory. 


i048Nelson Cbas. A. butcher, h. 
losoManchester Alex. G. polisher, b. 

Round Edward, jeweler, b. 

Shirley Wm.T. jr. jeweler, b. 
io54Wood M. B. house furnishings 
io56WoodM. B. housefum'bngs, h. 
io6oConnelly HerbertE.coirctor,b. 

Hanlon Harry H.. U. R. R. b. 
io62Gladding M. A. and H. F. 
Misses, b. 

Livsey John B. police, h. 

Pepper May S. Mrs. h. 
io65Sutberland Jno. D.reg.phar.b. 
io66Brown A. C. carpenter, h. 

Brown M. B.Miss, mus.tchr.b. 

Brown W. L. bookkeeper, b. 
1 067 Barlow James, h. 
io68Haswell A. A. Mrs. grocer, h. 

Has well Henry V. clerk, h. 
loCgBender William, die sinker, h. 
1071 Warburton Jas.T. plumber,b. 
io74Groves E. J. bicycle mkr. b. 

Groves John S. h. 

Groves Sarah E. widow, h. 

Nevin Mary E. Mrs. b. 
i075Wilboum John H. tinsmith, h. 

Wilbourn Percy, tinsmith, b. 
io76McAloon Bessie Mrs. b. 
i078Docker Thomas, silversmitb.h. 
]079Goffe Eleanor E. Miss. h. 

Oatley Cbas. W., U. R. R. b. 

Slocum Alexis M. carpenter, h. 

Whitford Fannie F. Miss, h. 
loSoRemington Arthur M. jewlr.h. 
loSiHaswell Annie A. Mrs. grocer 
io82Bracey Fred'k G. mason, h. 
iiigBegan Frank, florist, h. 

Fairbrotber Fred A. florist 
ii2iHewitt Edwin P. b. 

Such Wm. jeweler, h. 
ii24Shirley John, silversmith, h. 

Talbot John, toolmaker, b. 
ii45Mellin Anthony, laborer, h. 
ii47Ryan Cornelius, teamster, h. 

Ryan Wm. H. compositor, b. 
ii49Bosworth Wm. O. salesman, b. 

Caulfleld Annie, dressmaker 

Caul field Thos. R. teamster ,h. 
ii6oDavis James, plumber, h. 
ii6orMorgan R. J. clerk, b. 
ii62CookJ. Henry, upholsterer, h. 

Kay Squire, shipping clerk, h. 
i203Sweeney Michael, florist, h. 
1 25 5 Hits Chas. cornice worker, h. 
i257McGuire Geo. H. clerk, b. 
McGuire John J. enameler. b. 

i257McGuire Margaret, widow, h. 

McGuire Wm. F. , U. S. N. b. 
i263Clarke A. L. Miss,dressmkr.b. 

Clarke Almira K. widow, h. 

Clarke Joseph W. clerk, b. 

Rising Ireland E. clerk, b. 
1 265 Gardner Edw. B. painter, h. 
1 271 Salisbury Abby W. Mrs. h. 

Salisbury Herman, gardener, h. 
i272Alexander Edward, grooer 
Field's Point, Briggs Chas. W. h. 

Cornell Charles E. h. 

Cornell H. W. b. 

Sutcliffe Robt. F. carpenter, h. 
Starve Goat Island, Cooper John A. 

oysterman, h. 
i273Freese Carleton F. clerk, b. 

Freese Geo. H. overseer, h. 

Freese L. M.Mrs. music tchr.b. 

Freese Osborn S. usher, b. 

Sayles Emeline A. teacher, h. 
1 2 74 Alexander Edward, grocer, h. 

Larvin John, machinist, h. 
i28oPaddock Miner H. teacher, h. 
i284Sweet Edward H. provs. h. 
i296Lewis Russell H. toolmkr. b. 
1 305 Coon Walter T. bookkeeper, h. 
i3o6Stevens Jas. E. moulder, b. 
i337Betz Toby W. printer, h. 
i33iPearce R. M. patternmkr. h. 
i335Salisbury WillisH. jeweler, h. 
i339Finley Chris. J. carp. clng. h. 
i343Cady Jessie Miss, h. 
i349Lasell Cbas. patternmaker, h. 
i35oCbesbrough Almira, widow,h. 

Chesbrougb F. E. ice cream. b. 

Streeter Florus L. Rev. rms. 
i353Harcourt Arthur, clerk, h. 
i354Tucker Geo. W.bookkeeper.b, 
i358Mann Elliott B. b. 

Mann Geo. F. miller's agt. h. 
1 368 Whitford Eugene E. clerk, h. 
i37oWoodhouse Wm. captain, h. 

Eden Street. 

2 TohannisHermann,m'sician,h. 

Fhinney James, operative, b. 
18 McGowan Roger E. laborer,b. 

McGowan Thos. A. moulder, h. 

Neary Michael T. laborer, b. 
22 Noonan Michael, laborer, b. 
26 Dezielle Henri, operative, b. 

Dezielle Ulric. operative, h. 

Leamy John E. rub. worker, h . 
30 Bonn James A. painter, h. 

Bonn Walter, painter, b. 



House Directory. 

Eden St. — Continued, 

30 Mason Everett, laborer, b. 
34 Champagne Mazime.blks'tb.b. 

Feeney William, mason, h. 

Feeney Wm. jr. machinist, b. 

Fournier Joseph, mason, h. 

Pelletier Joseph, laborer, b. 
36 Finnerty James, laborer, h. 

Larkin Thos. jr. operative, b. 

O'Brien Patrick, laborer, h. 
36rDailey Robt. E. engineer, h, 

Larkin Thomas, tailor, b. 

Palferman Colburn,plumb'r,h. 
44 Duff John, plumber, b. 

Duflf Mary, widow, h. 

Duff Patrick H. base ball plr.b. 

Duff Thomas, student, b. 

McQuillan Ann, widow, h. 

O'Garra M. F. Miss,drsmkr,b. 

O'Garra Michael, weaver, b. 

Edith Street. 

66 Jencks Chas. L. bookkeeper, h. 

Edna Street. 

3 Carleton Charles O. clerk, h. 
Dawson Matilda J. widow, h. 

4 Laraway Luther, real estate 
8 Lannon Tames F. laborer, b. 

Lannon Maria, widow, h. 

Lannon Martin, laborer, b. 

Tempest Mark, carder, h. 
13 Hesketh Robert, conf nery, h. 

McGovem Ann, widow, h. 

Ward James E. clerk, b. 

Ward Jane, widow, h. 

Ward William J. laborer, b. 
x8 Gates Margaret, widow, h. 

19 Donnelly Joseph, teamster, h. 

20 CollingsBenjaminH.jewel'r,h. 
Gatf Samuel, weaver, h. 

a I Connorton Timothy,weaver,b. 
GallagherFrancis,operative, h. 

22 Eastwood Mary, h. 

23 FlahertyJohnF.rubber wkr.b. 
Flaherty Michael F. h. 

27 Hasney Thomas, operative, h. 
Whitehead John, operative, h. 

Edwards Street. 

32 Cassidy Catherine Mrs. fur'e,h. 

Cassidy Hugh F. operative, h. 

Gray John, operative, h. 
40 O'Brien John J. operative, b. 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, h. 

O'Brien Thomas, jr. helper, b. 

Edwin Street. 

II Jarvis Frank, musician, h. 

15 Reeve Wm. H. teamster, h. 

17 Hainbach Herman, tailor, h. 
Ryan Albert, jeweler, h. 

18 Austin Henry F. carpenter, b. 
Jackson Mary F. Mrs. h. 

19 Dawson Thomas, laborer, h. 
Driscoll Dennis, b 
Driscoll J. J. silversmith, h. 

23 Monson Emile, carpenter, h. 
Williamson John, carpenter, h. 

25 Conley Stephen M. jeweler, h. 
DeAmaral Manuel, hairdrsr.h. 

26 N.E.Suppy Co. prize box's.etc 
31 Souza ManuelS.hairdresser,h. 

Thompson Ole, carpenter, h. 

Egan Street. 

16 Kenney Patrick J. file cutter,b. 

20 Grenier Joseph r. carpenter, h. 
Ludden Charles E. weaver, h. 

25 Canning Wm. H. weaver, h. 

26 Stranger Estella M. drsmkr. 
Stranger Mary, widow, h. 
Stranger W. car. trimmer, b. 

27 Flaherty Carrie A Miss,cletk,b. 
Flaherty John, laborer, h. 
Flaherty J. H. clerk, b. 
Flaherty Thos. F. jeweler, b. 

38 Dietz Frederick G. police, h. 
Mowry Dan'l M. bookkeeper, h. 

39 Lozon Frank, carder, h. 
Salisbury Richard, spinner, h. 

42 Rabbitt Joseph machinist, b. 
Rabbitt Martin, watchman, h. 

43 Kenney John F. sec. hand, b. 
Kenney Thos. J. operative, b. 
Kenney William, hostler, h. 

49 Ragan Peter, painter, h. 
Ragan Wm. wood worker, b. 

67 Costello Geo. spinner, b. 
Costello Patrick, laborer, h. 
Costello Thomas, painter, b. 

68 Farrell John F. shoemaker, h. 
Farrell Af argaret, widow, h. 

Eighth Street. 

16 Allen Fred B., U. R. R. h. 

Barber Alfred W., U. R. R.h. 
37 Dunn Jennie T. dressmaker 

Dunn Michael W.gran. wkr.h. 

Loeffler S. G. foreman, h. 
41 Cox John F. picker makec, h. 

Cox John F. jr. piper, b. 

Cox Thos. H. picker maker,b. 


House Directory. 


41 Fletcher J. H. silversmith, h. 
59 King John, plater, b. 

King Thos. jeweler, h. 

King William, waiter, b. 
63 Tracy James, laborer, h. 
67 Dillenberger G. F. mach. b. 

Dillenberger G. A. die snkr.h. 
71 Ahem Daniel, porter, h. 
75 Domina Isaac P. machinist, h. 
cor. Summit av. Smith AnnieMrs.h. 

Btowald Street. 

4 German Dramatic Hall 
Marks Emil, percher, h. 
Marks Paul, weaver, b. 
Skarka Ingaz, laborer, h. 

5 Bruce George D. grocer 

7 Casino Orchestra 
Guenther Rudolph, painter, h. 
Pruefer Bernard, painter, b. 
Pruefer Herman, musician, b. 
Pruefer Traugott, laborer, h. 

8 Flanagan John, h. 

Murphy Thos. E. operative, h. 
Phillips James, bell boy, b. 
Phillips John, operative, h. 

9 Christain Aime, brewer, h. 
Fischer Sigmund, jeweler, h. 
Gauch Eugene, brewer,' b. 
Hertzsch Albien, laborer, h. 

14 Heffeman D. grocer, b. 

Heffernan J. F. stenogrper. b. 
McDonougn M. widow, b. 
Sullivan John, grocer, h. 
21 Johnson James F. spinner, b. 
ohnson Joseph M. laborer, b. 
ohnson Thomas, laborer, h. 
ohnson Thos. jr. laborer, b. 
27 Sullivan Michael, laborer, h. 

30 Martin John, car inspector, h. 
Martin John E. clerk, b. 

31 Benoit Joseph V. cook, h. 

34 Drury M. J. blacksmith, b. 
Ryan William J. painter, h. 
Sipples Pat'k. rubber wkr. h. 

35 Burke Peter, laborer, b. 
Dermody Jane Mrs. h. 

38 Cavannaugh Jas. machinist, b. 
Garvey Thomas, teamster, h. 

39 Deffley Thomas, teamster, h. 
McGowan Wm. meat cutter,h. 
Wall Peter, b. 

42 Moore Jo.seph, trimmer, b. 
Moore Sarah A. Mrs. h. 
Sullivan Michael, operative,h. 

51 Troy Thomas, grocer 

54 Reilly James, jeweler, h. 

Reilly James Mrs. var. store 
58 Lawton Edwin, laborer, h. 

Lawton Hugh, weaver, b. 

Mahon Owen, laborer, h. 
62 Bradley Alfred, loom fixer, h. 

Cooke James H. fireman, h. 

70 Barker Albert, laborer, b. 
Barker Edward, laborer, b. 
Barker Ellen Mrs. h. 
Dunlavv Alice Mrs. h. 

71 May Edward J. spinner, h. 

75 Earley Frank, laborer, b. 
Sadlier Stephen, jeweler, h. 

76 Finnegan Owen, laborer, h. 

80 Murray Michael H. h. 
Newman Ann, widow, h. 

fuinn Christopher, clerk, b. 
|uinp Mary, widow, h. 

81 Murphy John, laborer, b. 
Murphy Julia, widow, h. 
Murphy Richard, jr. laborer, b. 
Murphy William, spinner, b. 

85 O'Reilly Timothy, pedler, h. 

88 Charnlev Charles F. h. 
Taylor Catharine, widow, h. 

89 Conningford J. L. woodwkr.h. 
93 Monigan Eliza, h. 

96 Linker Emile, clerk, h. 
Martin Augustus E. baker, b. 
Martin Charles E. porter, b. 

97 Mullen James M. jeweler, h. 
xoo McDonald Joseph Jr. weaver, b. 

Wilson James A. finisher, h. 

Wilson John, laborer, b. 
loi Barker Frank, roofer, h. 

Barker Peter, clerk, b. 

Barker Richard, cigar mkr. b. 
109 Heald John, dyer, h. 

Elbow Street. 

6 Croke Martin, laborer, h. 

Kay Frank B. eating house, h. 

McVey James E. clerk, h. 

Nye Marian M. widow, h. 
9 Maher James J. stable 
10 Clark H. J. b. 

McDermott Edward, laborer, b. 

Moran Henry, b. 

Moran John H. clerk, h. 

Rourke Joseph H. jeweler, h. 

Tally John, clerk, b. 
lor Graham Wm. H. filecutter, h. 
14 Ashcroft John, engineer, h. 

Barry John, watchman, b. 

Fay Mary J. widow, b. 


O'/lAvftMAM Blaokstone BonleTard 
Connor, ,„^.,---„^,,,. 





House Directory. 

Elt>ow St.— Continued, 

14 Moniz Manuel, hostler, h. 

16 Fleming Jas. carpenter, h. 
Frawley Wm. H. teamster, h, 

i6r Bngels Chas. H. compositor,b. 

Kelly Delia, widow, n. 

Kelly John F. jeweler, b. 

Roach Timothy, carpenter, h. 

Ryan Wm. jeweler, h. 

Short Wm. H. driver, b. 
t8 Banks Osbert Mrs. h. 

Cornell Lorenzo, carpenter, r. 

Edwards Harry, driver, rms. 
29 Hoagland Jos. P. hairdresser,b. 

Mitchell Benj. h. 

Spooner Earl G. apprentice, b. 

Spooner Jno. L. P. 2d, clerk, b. 

Spooner Joseph H. captain, h. 

Spooner Jos.H.jr machinist, b. 
31 Glaser E. R. jeweler, b. 

Glaser John H. bookkeeper, b. 

Glaser Mary J. widow, h. 

Glaser S. Amelia, teacher, b. 

34 Delaney Ellen, widow, h. 
White Cornelius A. real est. h. 
White E. Perry, reporter, b. 
White Roscoe E. clerk, b. 

35 Duley J. Earl, salesman, h. 
MarksMendel, tailors trim'ns.b. 

38 Wilcox Chas. E. shipper, h. 

Eleventh Street. 

17 Schmitz August, adv. agt. h. 
21 Burdick Eugene H., U.K.R.h. 
25 Voelker Henry, jeweler, h. 

Voelker Herman A. jeweler,b. 
29 Mulvaney Jos. F. plumber, b. 
Mulvaney Fat*k J. blksmith, h. 

33 Arnold Kdward A. carpntr. h. 
Arnold Geo. A. carpenter, h. 
Arnold Herbert H. laborer, b. 

Eliza Street. 

34 Parsons Benj. carpenter, h. 
Parsons Chas. J. laborer, b. 
Parsons Fred'k B. hostler, b. 
Remington C. H. carpenter.b. 

36 La very Arthur, weaver, b. 
La very John, laborer, h. 
La very John F. teamster, b. 
La very Richard, helper, b. 

112 McLaughlin John, teamster,h. 

Teubert Richard, operative, h. 
146 F