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Cofon Imagers. 







Embracing copies, in Fac Simile, of the first Constitution of this Stath 

AS adopted January 5, 177G; the Proclamation sent out to the 

people declaring the said Constitution to be in force; 

AND A Constitution framed in June, 1779, which 

WAS rejected by the people. Also, other 

interesting and valuable documents. 









In 1878 and 1S79 the editor of this volume, then deputy sec- 
retary of state, assorted a large mass of ancient manuscripts 
which he found in the various vaults and in the loft of the State- 
house, selected such as were of value, historical and otherwise, 
and placed them in volumes in the secretary's office. Thev at- 
tracted the attention of citizens who were interested in the his- 
tory of the state, and in the preservation of everything apper- 
taining to it, many of whom expressed a desire to have them 
published as a continuation of those edited bv the late Nathaniel 
Bouton, D. D. 

In June, 1881, Gov. Charles H. Bell, deeply interested in 
the history of New Hampshire, called the attention of the 
legislature to these papers in his message to that body, and 
advised their publication. The result was the passage of the 
following resolution : 

JOINT RESOLUTION relating to the preservation and publication 
of portions of the early state and provincial records and other 
state papers of New Hampshire. 

Resolved by the Senate and House of Repi-esentatives in General 
Conrt convened: 

That his excellency the governor be hereby authorized and empow- 
ered, witli the advice and consent of the council, to employ some suit- 
able person — and fix his compensation, to be paid out of any money in 
the treasury not otherwise appropriated — to collect, arrange, transcribe, 
and superintend the publication of such portions of the early state and 
provincial records and other state pai:)ers of New' Hampshire as the 
governor may deem proper ; and that eight hundred copies of each 
volume of the same be printed by the state printer, and distributed as 
follows : namely, one copy to each city and town in the state, one copy 
to such of the public libraries in the state as the governor may desig- 
nate, fifty copies to the New Hampshire Historical Society, and the 
remainder placed in the custody of the state librarian, who is hereby 
authorized to exchange the same for similar publications by other states. 

Approved August 4, 1881. 


In accordance with the foregoing resolution, the governor, 
with advice of the council, on the 12th day of October, iSSi, 
appointed and commissioned Isaac W. Hammond as " Editor 
and Compiler of State Papers ;" and this volume is the result of 
his labor as such. 

It is similar, in the character of its contents, to Vol. IX, and 
contains documents of great value concerning the early history 
of the towns herein i^epresented. These documents have been 
carefully copied from the original manuscripts, scrupulously pre- 
serving the orthography, punctuation, capitalization, etc. jMuch 
of it will be found of interest even to the general reader. It contains 
a large number of names of early residents, which are being much 
inquired after of late, some papers having been published mainly 
for the purpose of giving the names signed to them. All these 
names have been carefully indexed, in every place in which they 
occur, involving much time and great labor. They are thus 
placed where the historian and genealogist can readily refer to 
them. The editor has compiled an introduction to each town, 
containing in brief many facts relative to its grant, settlement, 
incorporation, origin of name, etc., the authority for most of 
them being obtained from original records. Great care has been 
taken to verify them where they conflict with other wa-iters. 
Notes have also been appended to most of the petitions, giving 
legislative action, and, when practicable, their final disposition. 
They have required considerable research, but the editor 
believes they will add materially to the value of the work, 
and be of much use to town historians. The editorial notes, 
with the exception of the introductions, have been inserted in 
brackets, to prevent any possible misunderstanding. In copy- 
ing names from original petitions, great care has been exercised, 
many of them being badly written, some almost illegible, and 
others incorrectly spelled ; but the editor has spared no pains to 
obtain a correct solution, and believes that most of them are 
printed as they were written. He submits this volume to the 
public, trusting its decision will be that he has done some- 
thing to rescue from oblivion some valuable material pertaining 
to the early history of the towns of New Hampshire. 

I. W. H. 

Concord, October 27, 1SS2. 



Introduction, ........ 

Reasons for not wanting to be classed for representative, 
and vote of the town, 1776, .... 

Certificate of non-i"eceipt of precept, 1781, 
Petition of John Duncan, about taxes, i7^3' 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents. 
Petition of selectmen relative to beef tax, 17S6, 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1787, . 
Petition of Matthew Wallace, poor debtor, 1792, . 


Introduction, ........ 7 

Petition to have a meeting called for the choice of ofh- 

cers, 17851 .....••• 7 

Petition of selectmen about taxes, 17SS, ... 7 

Petition for the appointment of a magistrate, 17S9, • 8 
Petition to be severed from Grafton and annexed to 

Strafford county, 1800, ...... 8 


Introduction, ........ 9 

Jeremiah Page's statement about Alexandria Addition, 

1773, 10 

Petition of inhabitants about taxes, .... 10 

Petition of inhabitants about representative, i775' • ^^ 

Request for guns and ammunition, 1776? ... 12 

Inventory of town, i777' ...... 12 

Inventory of Addition, . . . . . . 13 

Daniel McMurphy's petition, soldier, 17S1, . . . 13 
Remonstrance of the inhabitants about building a road, 

1782, 14 

Petition relative to road from Boscawen to Dartmouth 

College, 17S6, 15 

Petition of selectmen relative to taxes, 1787? ... 16 



Petition of Alexandria and New Chester for a new 

town, 1787, . . . . . . . . 17 

Petition for anthorit}^ to tax land for repair of roads, 

1790, ......... 18 

Petition for a division of the town, i794? ... 19 

Votes of town relative to a division of the town, i795i 20 

Petition for the appointment of a committee to run lines 

between Alexandria and New Chester, i795' • • ^^ 


Introduction, . . . . . . . . 21 

Petition for a grant of the township, 1750, ... 22 

Statement of grievances, 1777'' ..... 23 

Petition of Prudence Baxter, 1778, .... 24 

Confession of William Baxter, 1779, .... 26 

Deposition of Lemuel Holmes, 177^1 .... 28 

Return of representative, 1781, ..... 29 

Bounty paid David Abraham, 1783, .... 30 

Petition about taxes, 17S3, ...... 30 

Petition of Nathaniel Shepard, deer-reeve, 1 7S3, . . 31 

Petition of selectmen relative to taxes, 1783, . . 32 

Certificate of selectmen relative to taxes, 1786, . . 33 

Petition for authoritv to tax non-residents, 1790, . . 34 
Remonstrance of inhabitants against setting oti' a parish, 

^793' • • • • 34 

Remonstrance of selectmen concerning the same, 17935 35 
Petition for the incorporation of a religious society, 

17935 36 

Vote of town in favor of the same, 1793^ • • • 37 

Petition of Elisha Kingsbury for a loan, 1794, • . 38 


Introduction, ....... 

Certificate of abatement of soldiers' taxes, 1775? • 
Return of number of ratable polls, 1783, 
Petition for abatement of tax, 1786, 
Petition for the appointment of a magistrate. 1787? 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1789, 
Petition for the appointment of a magistrate, 1790, 
Petition relative to bridges over Suncook river, 








Introduction, ........ 44 

Jacob Chamberlin relative to election of representative, 

1778, 44 



Petition of inhabitants relative to the same, 1779, . 
Petition of inhabitants relative to roads through the 

Gore. 17S0, ....... 

Relative to procuring men for the army, 17S1. 
Relative to inability to furnish men for the army, 178:2 
Certificate of number of ratable polls, 17S3, 
Petition to have proceedings of town-meeting legalized 

17S4, . . . ._ . 

Resolve of legislature respectmg the same, 1784, 
Petition for an act of incorporation, 1788, 
Petition for the incorporation of New Durham Gore 

1794, . . _ . . _ . 

Petition ot Joseph Peirce relative to the same, 1794, 
Petition relative to same, i794i .... 
Petition relative to same, 1796, .... 








Introduction, ....... 

Petition of inhabitants for an incorporation, i753i • 
Petition of Lieut. Ebenezer Lyon, soldier, abstract. 
Petition relating to a division of Monson, 1763, 
Memorial of Rev. Daniel Wilkins, 1763, 
Petition of several towns relative to an escape from jail 

1773, . . . . . 

Certificate relative to Esquire Shepard, 1775, 
Petition of Peter Robertson, Bunker Hill soldier, 1776 
Petition of Susanna Munroe, 17791 
Joseph Wilson's receipt, soldier, 1779, . 
Petition of William Hastings, Jr., soldier, i779i 
Relative to raising men for the army, i779' 
Selectmen relative to the same, 1779, 
Petition of Capt. Archelaus Towne, i779' 
Petition of north-west parish, 1780, 
Petition of William Bradford, Jr., soldier, 1780, 
Town bills for supplies furnished soldiers' families, 1780. 
Petition to have the north-west parish set oft", 1780, 
Petition for a new parish, 1781, . 
Remonstrance against the ordination of Rev. Mr. Barn^ 

ard, 1780, ....... 

Remonstrance relative to the same matter, 1781, . 
Petition of several inhabitants about parish matters 

1781, ,• • • 

Petition to have the new parish set oft as a town, 1783 
Petition of inhabitants of the south-west part, 1782, 
Petition of south-w^est part to be set oft' as a parish, 




70, 71 







Remonstrance against reestablishing the town of Mon- 

son, 1782, ........ 85 

Deposition of Thomas Wakefield, 17S2, . . . 2/j 
Remonstrance against reestablishing Monson, 1782, . 88 
Jonathan Smith relative to land given Benjamin Whit- 
ing, 1782, 89 

Return of number of ratable polls, 17S3, ... 90 
Vote of the town on the adoption of the eighth article of 

confederation, ........ 90 

Memorial in favor of making goods legal tender, 1783, 91 
Memorial against M. Thornton's having the exclusive 

right to ferr}' people over Merrimack river, 1784, . 93 
Soldiers' orders for wages, ..... 94, 95 

Petition to have the north-west parish set oft' by " metes 

and bounds," 1788, ....... 95 

Protest against being set oft' with the north-west parish, 

1790, . . . . . . . . . 96 

Petition of Jonathan Wilkins, marine, 1790, . . 97 
Petition of Robert B. Wilkins, Bunker Hill soldier, 

179I' ^ • • : 9^ 

Petition of Isaac Baldwin, wounded militia man, 1790, 98 

Letter, Daniel Warner to Gov. Bartlett, 1791, . . 98 

Report of committee on south-west parish, 1 791, . . 99 

Description on plan, ...*... 100 

Resignation of Hon. Samuel Dana, 1792, . . . 100 

Revolutionary soldiers' petition for remuneration, i795» loi 
Petition of inhabitants of Amherst and Lyndeborough 

for a nev\^ town (Mont Vernon), 1803, . . . 102 

Biographical notes, ...... 104, ic; 


Introduction, ..... 

Petition for an act of incorporation, 1776, 

Consent of certain persons to the same, 1777 

Memorial relative to the same, 1776, 

Town committee's reasons why it should be incorpo 

rated, ...... 

James Aiken's certificate, soldier, 

Soldiers' orders for wages. 

Men's names who were in the army in i775 

Record of town-meeting, 1779? 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents. 

Memorial of non-residents about taxes, 1779 

Remonstrance to said memorial, 17S0, 

Deposition relative to bridges, 1780, 

Petition for authority to assess a special tax to build a 

meeting-house, 17S3, ...... 






Consent of non-residents to san:ie, . . . . 

Petition for authority to assess a tax for road purposes, 

1792, • • ' • 



Introduction, ...... 

Order of selectmen for ammunition, 17/'^^ 
Petition for appointment of a magistrate, i779' 
Petition for an act of incorporation, i779r 
Oaths of allegiance of several citizens, 1782, 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1794, 








Introduction, ....... 

Warrant for assessing a county tax, 1774, 
Petition for the appointment of a magistrate, 1776, 
Certificate of the nvunber of ratable polls, 17S3, 
Action of town concerning issuing paper money, 1786, 
Committee of legislature appointed relative to paper 

monev, ........ 

Report of said committee, 1786, .... 

Editorial note relative to the matter. 

Recommendation of Joseph Cogswell, 17S6, 

Consent of sundry inhabitants to be classed for repre 

sentatives, ....... 

Action of town-meeting relative to representative, 1786 
Petition for incorporation of Atkinson academy, 1791 
Petition to have the boundary line established, 1794, 
Memorial of Peter Clement, relative to same, 1794, 


Introduction, ....... 

Petition concerning boundaries, 1764, • 

Petition for the appointment of a magistrate, i777' 

Certificate of number of ratable polls, 1783. 

Petition of Jonathan Bunker, concerning a soldier 

17S2, . . 

Bounties paid to soldiers, ..... 
Remonstrance to appointment of John Tasker, 17S4, 
Statement relative to foregoing, 17S4, ... 
Another remonstrance to same, I'jS^, 
Petition in favor of appointment of Charles Hodgdon 


Petition in favor of appointment of Jonathan Cheslev 


1 30 









Petition relative to Jonathan Cheslev and Charles Hodg- 

don, 1789, ........ 144 

Relative to bridge over Suncook river, 1792, . I44? "45 


Introduction, ....... 

Petition for the abatement of taxes, 1744, 
Deposition of Ephraim Locke, soldier in i749i 
Petition of Thomas Johnson, concerning a soldier, 176 
Petition of Henry Hill concerning a soldier, 1761, 
Moses Caverly, Jr., soldier, 1761, 
List of Capt. William Gate's men. Qiiakers, 
Petition for the appointment of a magistrate, 1773? 
Petition relative to election of representative, 1774, 
Petition for the appointment of John Garland, 1776, 
Petition of Anne Runnals. soldier's widow, 1778, 
Petition for authority to dispose of the parsonage lot 

1779^ , • • / 

Petition ot Nathaniel Church, soldier, 1779, 
John Garland's statement, ..... 
Petition of non-resident proprietors concerning taxes 


Papers relating to Thomas How, soldier, 17S1, 
Certificate of number of ratable polls, . 









Introduction, . . . . . . . . 159 

Soldier's order, 1792, . . . . . . . 160 

Petition for an addition to the town, 1793, • • . 160 

Action of legislature — plan, 1793, .... 161 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, i793i • • ^62 

Petition for an addition to the town, i794i • • • ^62 

Petition to be severed from Grafton, and annexed to 

Stratibrd Co., 1793, . • . . • • 163 

Introduction, ....... 

Report relative to William Grimshaw, soldier, 1786, 
Petition of Jacob Bayley for a grant of land, 17S6, 
Memorandum of the families in Bath, 1786, 
Proceedings of town-meeting, i777^ 
Selectmen's statement about taxes, i779' 
Ratable estate, 1779, ..... 

Remonstrance concerning doomage, 1783? • 
Vote concerning paper money, 1786, . 




Report of committee on allowance for soldiers. 1786, 
Memorial against taxing non-resident lands, 
jVIemorial relative to legalizing the sale of lots foi 

taxes, 17S9, ....... 

Memorial of Daniel Ba\ ley relative to selling land foi 

taxes, 1791, . 
Report of committee on Bay ley's petition, . 
Petition for assistance to build an iron manufactory, 






Introduction. ..... 

Roll of Col. Goft^'s sconts. 1746, . 
Petition of John Moor, soldier, 1757^ • 
Statement relative to counties, 1769, 
Soldier's certificate. i'/'/6. 
Petition of John Gofle, soldier, 1778, . 
Petition of Robert Morrill, soldier, 1779, 
Petition of Gofte & Martin, com. of safety, 
Petition of John Gofte relative to an attempt 

cattle being sent to the enem}', i779' 
Another concerning the same matter, 17S1, 
Petition of Lieut. John Orr, wounded soldie 
Petition of James Bell, soldier, 17S2, . 
Vote of town relative to law-suits, 1782, 
Vote of town on 8th article of confederatior 
Return of ratable polls, 17S3, 
Petition of Samuel Fugard, soldier, 1784, 
Statement of his widow, 179^1 
Petition relative to soldiers sent to Coos, i 
Petition of Barnard McKeen, soldier, 1787^ 
Petition of Samuel Remick, soldier, 178S, 
Proceedings of town-meeting, 1786, 
Certificate of nails made, 1791, • 
Petition of James Houston, soldier, 1790, 
Memorial relative to fish-wardens. i797' 

to p 

. 1779 




I So 
I So 
I So 


1 86 

1 87 

1 88 


Introduction, ..... 

Petition for a grant of land, 1798, 
Petition for an act of incorporation, 1798, 


Introduction, ..... 

Petition for allowance for soldiers, 1786, 




Soldiers' certificates, .... 
Petition for appointment of a magistrate, 



Introduction, ...... 

Petition for a guard, i755i .... 

Petition for an act of incorporation, i757' • 

Petition for an act of incorporation, 17587 • 

Petition of Moses Call, soldier, 1776, . 

Petition of John Hale relative to a soldier, 177^1 

Petition of John Hale relative to a soldier, 17S0, 

Petition of Joshua Danford, bills for supplies, 1781, 

Soldiers' depositions relative to their discharges, 17S1, 

Petition of Benjamin Sweat, 17S2, 

Petition for grant of a lottery, 17S3, 

Petition of Samuel Fowder about firearms, 17S3, 

Certificate relative to Clement's ferry, 1780, . 

Certificate of number of ratable polls, 1783, • 

Petition of Henry Gerrish for a ferry, 1785, . 

Soldiers' orders for pay, 17S51 

Petition of Reuben Middleton, soldier, 1786, 

Petition of Peter R. Stevens, soldier, 17S6, , 

Petition for a new county, 17S8, . 

Petition for the incorporation of a new town. 




















Introduction, ...... 

Petition of James Cochran relative to land sold for 

taxes, 1759, . _ _ 

Petition of sundry citizens about taxes, 1766, 
Remonstrance to petition of John Noxes, 1758, 
Proceedings of a town-meeting, 17671 • 
Objection to E. Russell as a magistrate, 1776, 
Petition for changing the date of town-meeting, 17S0, 
Petition of inhabitants concerning a ferry, 17S2, 
Certificate of number of ratable polls, 1783, 
Petition of several soldiers, 1785. • 
Documents relative to Benjamin Jenness, soldier. 
Petition of Benjamin Noyes concerning a ferry, 1791? 





Introduction, ..... 

Soldier's order for wages, 1S74, • 
Petition for an act of incorporation, 1787? 





Town line defined, 17SS, . . . . . . 321 

Petition for authovitv to tax land for road purposes, 

1788, . . " 221 

Record of annual meeting, 1789, .... 232 

Petition for the appointment of a magistrate, 17895 • 223 


Introduction, ..... 

List of rates, 1743, .... 

Report of committee relative to parish affairs, 1743, 
Petition of John W. Smith, soldier, 1757, 
Petition of Jonathan Pulcifer, soldier, 175S, 
Petition of Josiah Bean, soldier, 1758, . 
List of Qiiakers, 1759, 

Certificate of service done by Qiiakers, 1761 
Petition of Daniel Moody, soldier, 1760, 
Petition of Bridget Clifibrd, soldier's mother, 176:: 
Petition of Job Kenniston, Qiiaker, 1762, 
Petition of selectmen concerning small-pox, 1762, 
Bill for supplies furnished patient sick with small-jDox 
1762, ...... 

Petition of Qiiakers concerning rates, 1769, 
Certificates of soldier hired by Qiiakers, 1769, 
Action of the legislature on the foregoing. 
Petition of Qiiakers concerning rates, 17691 
Action of the legislature on the foregoing. 
Petition of selectmen about small-pox, 1776, 
Soldiers' receipts, 17S2, 
Petition of James Bean, Qiiaker, 1779, 
Petition of selectmen concerning soldiers, 1779, 
Certificate of number of ratable polls, 17S3, 
Soldier's order for pay, 1784. 
Proceedings of town concerning paper money, 
Certificate of nails made, 1791, 







Introduction, ........ 33S 

Petition of selectmen concerning representative, 1798, 339 

Petition of inhabitants relative to same, 1798, . . 239 

Petition of Daniel Burley for a ferry, 1799, . . . 239 

Certificate of proprietors of a bridge, 1799, . . . 340 



Certificate of men enlisted, 1776, 




Memorial to Massachusetts legislature about soldiers, 

177S5 • • 241 

Memorial concerning soldiers. 177S, .... 242 

Memorial concerning taxes, 17S3, .... 343 

Petition of Wm. Spalding, wounded at Bunker Hill, . 244 

Petition concerning annexation of part of Hollis to Raby, 244 

Petition concerning annexation of part of Hollis to Raby, 245 

Description of plan, 1786, ...... 246 

Relative to locating a meeting-house, 17SS, . . 246 

Petition for a committee to locate said house, 178S, . 246 

Vote to have the name of the town changed, 1798, . 247 

Petition for change of the name, 1798, . . . 247 


Introduction, ....... 

Petition for arms and ammunition, 1776, 
Petition to be annexed to Grafton county, 
Soldiers' orders, 1784, ..... 

Petition of Joseph Homans, soldier, 1789, . 
Return of ratable polls, 178=^, .... 

Petition concerning election of representative, 178=5, 
Petition for authorit}' to tax non-residents, 1791, . 
Extract from town records, ..... 



Introduction, ...... 

Petition for a new grant of the township, 1768, 
Petition for extension of town charter, 1768, 
Petition for arms and ammunition, 1776, 
Vote of town, and petition relative to taxes, i779' 
Pay-roll of Capt. Joshua Wells's company, 17S0, 
Certificate of supplies furnished soldiers. 
Petition relative to scouts furnished, 1782, . 
Petition for appointment of magistrate, 1782, 
Town inventor3% 1783^ .... 

Relative to appointment of a magistrate, 1785, 
Relative to appointment of militia officers, 1785, 
Order for a soldier's bounty, 179O' 


















Soldier's order. 17S0. . 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, 






Introduction, ...... 

Concerning trade with the Indians, 1743, 
Vote to set oti'a parish, 1772, 
Petition for a parish in south-east part, 
Records of town-meeting, i773r 
John Melony's power of attorney, 1773, 
Records of town-meeting, 1773, 
Report of committee on Hne between this town 
Chichester, i779" ..... 

Petition of Abner Aliles, soldier, 177S, 

Vote of town appointing committee on line, 1779 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3. 

Petition for a division of the town, 17S0, 

Petition to be annexed to Hillsborough county, 

Soldiers' orders, 17S1 to 17S5, 

Vote of town concerning paper money, 1786, 

Return of ratable polls, 17S7, 

Petition for a new county, 1788, . 

Biographical note : Hon. Abiel Foster, 

Petition for an incorporation of library, 1797, 











Introduction, .... 

Petition for incorporation, 1788, . 
Report of committee on same, 1789, 
Petition for incorporation, 1797- 




Introduction, ....... 

Record of proprietors' meeting, 1742, . 

Petition of William and Joseph Willard, 175O1 

Petition of Simon Sartwell, I'J^o, 

Petition of Benjamin Bellows, 1750, 

Petition of Joseph Wood, ..... 

Letter, Capt. Phineas Stevens to Theodore Atkinson 


List ot owners of land (about i7=;3), 

Petition for a grant from New Hampshire, 1753, 

Petition of John Spallbrd, mill destroyed. 

Petition of selectmen for a hospital, 1777, 

Letter, Jacob Baylev to committee of safety, 1780, 

Concerning Simon Powers, soldier, 17S2. 

Concerning Rev. Bulklev Olcott, 1784, 

Votes relative to setting otl" a parish. 17S4, 17891 







Petition of the north part to be set oft', 17S5, 
Petition relative to the west bound of town, 1787, 
Vote granting permission to Universalists to preach in 

the meeting-house, ...... 

Petition of Academy trustees for a lottery, 1791, 

Petition of Academy trustees for grant of land, 1792 

Petition for a division of the town, 1793, 

Report of committee on division, 1794, 

Petition for annexation of part of the town to Langdon 

Bill for ferrving soldiers, 1776, .... 

Petition relative to soldier, died of small-pox, 1776, 
Petition of Capt. Wetherbee, for allowance for sol 

diers, 177^1 ....... 

Selectmen of the town to selectmen of Lempster, 1778 
Petition relative to Nathan Spoftbrd, soldier, 1779, 
Soldiers' receipts, 1781, ..... 

Documents relative to soldiers, 17S0, ... 
Statement of Col. Bellows relative to same, 17S0, 







Introduction, ...... 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 179S, 
Richard Kimball concerning roads, 1798, 
Obed Hall relative to land tax, 179S, . 





Introduction, ........ 304 

Record of an ecclesistical council, 1734, . . . 305 

Notice of ordination, 1734, ..... 306 

Certificate of ordination, John Willson, 1734, . . 306 

Record of an ecclesiastical council, i735- • • 307 

Record of town-meeting, 1736, ..... 30S 

Vote of town electing assessors, 1741- • • • 30S 

List of tax-payers, 1741, ...... 309 

Petitions for a road to Londonderry, 1742, . • • 310 

Record of meeting, minister's salary, . . . , 311 

Soldiers' petitions. 175S, 1761, ..... 313 

Petition of Samuel Blunt, post-rider, 1776, . . 313 

Petition of the Shirleys, Bunker Hill soldiers, 1776, . 313 

Petition of John Knowles, Bennington, soldier, 1778, 314 

Petition of Susanna Emerson, soldier's widow, i779? 3H 

Letter to President Weare, 1780, . . . . 314 

Letter, Joshua Wentworth to committee of safety, 1783, 315 

Petition of selectmen relative to tax. 1782. . . . 315 

Petition of Haseltine and Berry, soldiers, 1783, . . 317 



Instructions to representatives, 17S3, . 
Articles of confederation, editorial note, 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, 
Petition for a magistrate, 17851 
Petition relative to paper money, etc., 17S6, 
Soldier's order, 1784, ..... 
Petition of Isaac Tucker, soldier, 17S6, 
Petition of Jeremiah Towle, soldier, 1788, . 
Petition relative to town bounds, i 794, 
Petition for incorporation of west parish, 1796, 
Petition for incorporation of library, 1797, . 



Introduction, ........ 325 

Petition for a grant of the township, 1 75 1, . . . 326 

Petition of Jeremiah Wheelwright, 1771, . . . 327 

Election of a magistrate, 177^1 ..... 328 

Instructions to representative, i'J'j6^ .... 328 

Thomas Gibbs's losses at the Cedars, 1776, . . . 329 

Petition of Richard Coughlan, assault, .... 329 

Statement relative to the Governor's lot, i777' • • 33° 

Town committee to committee of safety, 1777, . . 332 

Town committee to President VVeare, I'J'J'J, . . 333 

Letter — N. S. Prentice to E. Baldwin, 1777, • . 334 

Deposition of Snow & Johnson, 1777, .... 335 

Deposition of John and Fear Sargent, t777' • • 33^ 

Ephraim Baldwin's acknowledgment, 1777, . • • 337 

Town committee to legislature, I'J'jSj .... 337 

Recommendation concerning tories, 1778, • . . 338 

Benjamin Kimball's receipt, 1778, .... 339 

Petition of William Lee, soldier, 1780, . . . 339 

Petition for appointment of magistrate, 1781, . . 340 

Petition of Francis Crane, soldier, 1783, . . . 340 

Petition for new magistrates, 1783, .... 341 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, ..... 342 

Nomination for magistrates, 1784, .... 342 

Petition for a lottery, 1786, ...... 343 

Petition for allowance for soldiers, 1786, . . . 345 

Petition of William Thomas for a ferry, 17S6, . . 346 

Petition of E. Hale for a ferry, 1786, .... 346 

Petition of E. Baldwin for an allowance, 1786, . . 347 
Petition for allowance for support of William Loudon, 

1787, ..... ... 348 

Petition for incorporation of a school, 1789, . . 349 

Petition of Josiah Hastings for a ferry, 1791, . . 3"^! 

Petition relative to bridge over Connecticut river, . 351 



Introduction, ....... 

Proceedings of town-meeting, 1776, 

Petition for appointment of a magistrate, 1776, 

Remonstrance to foregoing, 1776, 

Petition concerning election of representative. 1779, 

Petition concerning election of representative, 

Selectmen requested to call a town-meeting, 17S1, 

Proceeding of town-meeting, 17S1, 

Petition relative to a division of the town, 17S2, 

Petition relative to a division of the town, 17S2, 

Action of the legislature on the foregoing, . 

Request to be classed with Pittsfield, 1783, . 

Petition for a magistrate, 17S6, .... 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1791, . 


Introduction, ...... 

Rev. Ranna Cossitt collated to the church, 1773, 

Editorial note relative to foregoing, 

Town committee of safety- to the general court, 1776, 

Relative to appointment of magistrate, 1777, 

Record of marriage, Col. Wait's widow, 1777, 

Relative to David Bates as magistrate, 1777, 

Relative to service done by Lieut. Taylor, 1777, 

Tavlor's petition for an allowance, 177S, 

Petition relative to town officers, taxation, etc., 17S2, 

Petition relative to town charter, 17S2, 

Deposition relative to charter, 17S2, . . . 371 

List of ratable polls, 17S3, .... 

Soldiers' receipts and orders, 17S0, 17S4, 
Petition of Reuben Spencer, wounded, 17S4, 
Benjamin vSumner's statement, about soldiers, 1785, 
Petition of Lieut. Spencer, and roll of scouting party 
Soldier's order for pay, ^^S^, .... 

Petition of Martha, widow of Col. Joseph Wait, 17S6, 
Soldier's order for pay, 1790, .... 

Statement relative to inventories of i779i 1784, 

Inventory of taxable property, 1 7S4, ., 

Petition relative to bridge over Sugar river, 17S5, 

Petition relative to a magistrate, 178^, . 

Vote concerning paper money, 17S6, 

Councillor Kingsbury to President Sullivan, 1789, 

Elihu Stevens recommended for magistrate, 1789, 

Ambrose Cossitt recommended for magistrate, 17S9, 

Petition for the incorporation of the Episcopal Society, 

Proceedings of town-meeting, i794? .... 

















Veto of act incorporating tlie Congregational Society, 
Petition for incorporation of same, 1794, 
Statement of James Erskine, Universalist, iSoo, . 


Introduction, . . . . 

Petition for an act of incorjDoration, 



Introduction, ...... 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents. 
Petition for act of incorporation, 1797^ • 
Petition of E. De Forrest for a ferry, 1799, . 
Petition of I5ailey and Hibbard for a ferry, 1799, 
Statement favoring De Forrest, 1799, 


Introduction, ....... 

Petition for a guard, 1747, ..... 

Decision of Lords Justices, relative to Bow controversy 

1755' . • • 

Petition for incorporation, 1764, .... 

Petition of Moses Eastman for a ferry, 1767, 
Petition of John Alerrill for a ferry, 1773, 
Summons to Daniel and John Chase, 1777, . 
Petition of citizens of Canterbury to be annexed to Con 
cord, ......... 

Petition relative to same. 17S4, .... 

Petition to be annexed to Hillsborough county, 17S5, 
Petition of Lemuel Tucker for a ferry, 17S5, 
Petition relative to representative, 17S6, 
Petition for a surveyor of potash, 17S7, 
Statement relative to settlement witli Bow, 17SS, 
Petition for charter for Concord bridge, 1795, 
Petition for charter for Federal bridge, 1795, 
Petition for grant of a township, 1796, . 
Petition of William Walker, concerning muster-roll 

'753' • 

Soldier's certificate, 1776, 
Petition of Ezekiel Carter, soldier, 1778, 
Receipt, Sarah Pitts, soldier's wife, 1782, 
Petition of Jonathan Elliot, soldier, 1785, 


Introduction, ..... 
Vote of town-meeting, 1773, 
Petition for a magistrate, 1769, 

















List of ratable polls, 1773, .... 

Statement relative to delinquent proprietors, i77''5 

Petition to be annexed to StralTord county, 1778? 

Concerning^ authority of civil ofticers, i779' 

Petition relative to taxes, defence of frontier, etc., 17S0 

Petition for help to build a road to Coos, 

Petition relative to defence of the frontiers, 1781, 

Statement relative to raising men for the armys 17S1, 

Petition relative to refugees from the frontier, 17S1, 

Petition relative to a bridge over East Branch, 1781, 

Petition of Stephen Coffin for a ferry, . 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3, 

Town inventories, 1779-1783, 

Petition for abatement of taxes, 1784^ • 

Deposition of Nathaniel Merrill, surveyor, 1784 

Statement concerning freshet of 1785, . 

Estimate of losses caused by same. 

Petition relative to representative, 17S6, 

Petition relative to forming a new county, 17915 

Petition relative to class for representative, 1791, 

Petition relative to small-pox, 1792, 

Petition for annexation of several " Locations," 1799, 

Petition for incorporation of the Baptist Society, 1800 

Remonstrance to same, .... 

Deposition concerning same. 

Action of town, and certificate of selectmen, 

Petition of Nathaniel Hutchins, soldier, 1781, 

Roll of Lieut. Walker's scouts, 17S1, . 

Bill for supplies to same, .... 

Petition of Benjamin Heath, soldier, 1784, . 












Introduction, ....... 

Enlistment papers, 1780, ..... 

Cornishmen at Saratoga, i777' . . • . 

Statement of General Chase concerning frontier, 17S1 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, .... 

Documents relative to Vermont Controversy, 1782, 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1782, 

Certificate of town-clerk, ..... 

Protest against action of town-meeting, 
Deposition of Matthias Stone, .... 

Deposition of Nathaniel Curtice, .... 

Deposition of Wm. Pain and Eleazer Jackson, 
Deposition of Wm. Ripley and Francis Smith, . 
Deposition of Nathaniel Stone, .... 

Deposition relative to proceedings of town-meeting. 

43 8 




Deposition of Chapman and Stone, 

Selectmen's statement, ...... 

Representation of committee of inhabitants, . 
Petition rehitive to representative, 17S2, 
Memorial of Dudley Chase, ..... 

Petition of selectmen. 17S3, ..... 

Petition of Moses Chase for allowance, 17S4, 
Deposition of Daniel Putnam relative to ferry, 1784, 
Memorial of General Chase. . .... 

Petition for magistrate, 17S6, .... 

Statement relative to Vermont Controversy, 17S6, 
Petition for a poll parish. 17SS, .... 

Objection to same, ...... 

Vote relative to ministerial rates, 17SS,. 
Documents relative to Nathaniel Curtice, soldier, . 
Petition of Andrew Wilkins, soldier, 1794, . 
Petition for a lottery to purchase a medical library. 
Petition of Gen. Chase for charter for a canal from Con 

necticut river to Merrimack river, 1794. 
Petition of Gen. Chase for charter for toll-bridge, . 
Petition of Episcopal church for incorporation, 1794, 
Petition relative to glebe land, 1795, 
Petition relative to removal oi' dead bodies, 1796, . 
Petition for incorporation of library, 1797, . 
Petition for incorporation of Congregational church 

179S, ._ _. . .. ^. . . • . • 

Roll of militia companv in Cornish, 1776, 
Return of soldiers, 1777, ..... 













Introduction, ....... 

Petition for a re-grant of the town, 

Petition of Mary How, 177S, .... 

Petition relative to representative, 1779, 

Petition relative to town-meeting, 17S3, 

Petition relative to inventory of 1779, . 

Proceedings of town-meeting, 1786, 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 17SS, . 

Petition relative to election of representatives, 1793, 

Return of ratable polls, 1799, .... 

Petition relative to soldiers, 1783, .... 

Town claims a soldier, ...... 

Return of a soldier, 1777, ..... 

Muster-roll of Croydon men at vSaratoga, 1777, 
Soldiers' enlistment papers. 17S0, 








Introduction, ........ 472 

Petition for a division of the town, 17S3, . . . 473 

Consent of proprietors to foregoing, 17S3, . . . 474 

Petition of Moses Blake for a ferry, 1791, . . . 474 

Selectmen of Littleton recommend the same, . . 474 

Selectmen of Lancaster recommend the same, . . 475 

Walter Bloss recommends the same, .... 475 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1792, . . 476 

Petition of Walter Bloss for a ferry, 1799, . . . 477 


Introduction, ........ 477 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1796, . . 478 


Introduction, ........ 479 

Statement relative to inventorv, 1777, .... 479 

Petition of Mary Fellows, 1 77S, 480 

Petition relative to election of representative, 1779, . 480 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3, ..... 4S1 

Vote relative to annexation of Poplin people, 17S2, . 481 

Petition for a magistrate, 17S5, ..... 482 

Petition for an issue of paper money, 17S6, . . . 482 


Introduction, ........ 483 

Vote for assessing a tax to build a meeting-house, 1770, 4S4 

Nominations for magistrates, 1776, .... 4S4 

Statement relative to a counterfeiter, 1775, . . . 484 

Lieut. Hilton enrolled for half pay, 1778, . . . 4S5 

Petition of Israel Clifford about a soldier, i779i • • 4^5 

Petition of Dr. Edmund Chadwick, 17S0, . . . 4S6 

Petition of selectmen relative to a soldier, i779i • • 4S6 

Deposition of Amos Morrill, ..... 486 

Petition of Nathan Sanborn, soldier, I'jS^,, . . . 487 

Petition of Capt. Simon Marston, 178^, . . . 487 

Soldier's certificate, ....... 488 

Petition for an issue of paper money, 17S6, . . . 488 

Surveyor's certificate, 17S6, ...... 489 

Referees' report concerning lot No. 25, . . . 489 

Petition for the incorporation of a school, 1799, . . 490 


Introduction, ........ 490 

Letter, Nenian Aiken to Col. Moor, 1775, . . . 491 

Letter of transmittal of the foregoing, .... 491 



Statement concei'nin^ one Mrs. Hogg, 17S0, . . 491 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3, ..... 492 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 17S3, . v 492 

Petition relative to laying out a road, 17S3, . . . 493 

Petition for a committee to locate a meeting-house, 17S4, 494 

Report of said committee, . . . . . . 494 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 17S5, . . 40)5 

Petition relative to tax on land annexed to Weare, 17S71 49^ 

CertiHcate relative to same, ...... 496 

Petition relative to a road, i794i ..... 497 

Petition for incorporation of librar}', 17971 • • • 497 


Introduction, .... 

Names of proprietors, 1771, 
Petition relative to state tax, 1779'' 
Inventory of i777' 
Petition relative to state tax, 17S3, 
Petition relative to state tax, 17S6, 
Petition for a magistrate. 
Petition for abatement of taxes. 
Petition relative to representative, 1791 
Petition for change of date of annual n 






Introduction, ........ 506 

Precept for the election of assemblymen, 1694, . . 506 

Thomas Edgerley's acknowledgment, .... 507 

Return of assemblymen, 1695, ..... 507 

Return of assemblymen, 1697, ..... 508 

Lists of inhabitants. 1715, ..... 50S, 509 

Petition of Dr. Alden, concerning sick soldier, 1724, . 509 

Deposition of vSamuel Tebbitts, . . . . . 510 

Remonstrance to a division of the town, 1729, . . 510 

Action of legislature on the foregoing, . , . 511 
Statement relative to boundary line between Dover and 

Oyster river parish, 1731, . . . . . 512 

Relative to a parish in the west part, 1743, . . . 513 

Gov. Wentworth's order to Maj. Davis. 1744, . . 514 

Petition of Salathiel Denbo, sailor, 1730, . . . 514 

Petition of Eleazer Young, Jr., soldier, 1744, . . 514 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1745, ..... 515 

Proceedings of same. ....... 515 

Sunnnons to assemblymen, 174^, . . . . . 517 

Statement concerning election of representatives, i745' 5^7 
Parish rates, 1753, ...... 51S-522 

Depositions relative to Israel Peirce, soldier, 1753, . 5^2 


Description of plan, .... 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1754, . 

Petition of west part to be set off, ^75^t 

Action of legislature on fore^-oing 

Request for calling a town-meeting, 17^4, 

Action of said meeting. 

Petition of Capt. John Titcomb, soldier, 

Petition relative to assemblymen, iJ^J, 

Petition of Samuel Wentworth, soldier, 1759, 

Petition of Joseph Hall, soldier, 17^9, 

Petition of Capt. Samuel Gerrish, soldier, 

Petition of Ichabod Bussey, soldier, 1761, 

Statement relative to Madbury affairs, 176S, 

Statement relative to bridges. 1772, 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1770, . 

Action of town-meeting relative to bridge, 1770, 

Warrant for town meeting, 1770, . 

Action of said meeting. 

Petition relative to said bridge, 1770, 

Copy of record of the laying out of a road in 1711, 

Depositions relative to same, 

Petition of selectmen relative to the bridge, T773, 

Joanna Chase's receipt for beef, 177S, . 

Receipts of several soldiers, 1779, 

Report of committee to hire soldiers, T7S3, 

Petition of widow of a soldier wdio fell in battle, 

Petition of Moses Ham, collector of taxes, 17S2, 

Petition for a lottery, 17S6, 

Relative to navigation and port act, 17S6, 

Petition of Elisha Thomas for reprieve. 17SS, 

Petition for reprieve of sentence of Elisha Thoma 

Ladies' petition for same, .... 

Petition of Col. Titcomb, 1790, 

Petition of Ebenezer Tebbitts, soldier, . 

Petition of Levans and Chandler, soldiers, 179 

Petition for a lottery, 1791, .... 

Petition for incorporation of a library, 1792, 

Record of a meeting of the librarv society, i'/^2, 

Petition for a law against billiard-playing, 





5 so 






Introduction, ........ 555 

Bill for soldiers' pa}', 17S1, . . . . . . 556 

Soldiers' orders, 177S-17S1, ..... 556 

Petition of Abigail Bates, soldier's widow% 177S' • 557 

Petition of Bartholomew Gover, soldier, 1792, . . ^^y 

Certificate of Col. George Reid, ..... 558 




Introduction, ....... 

Request for powder, 177^' ..... 

Answer to same, ....... 

Statement relative to confiscated estates, 177S, 
Soldiers' receipts, 1777'' ^77^' .... 

Petition of John Hogg relative to soldiers, 177S, 
Soldiers' orders, 17S1, 17S4, .... 

Petition of John Hogg relative to school lot, i779' 
Letter, Robert Smith to general court, 1781, 
Petition relative to Stark and Stinson, 17S5, 
Petition for a coroner, 17S7, .... 

Petition for change of date of annual meeting, 1791? 





Introduction, ..... 

Answer to Oyster river petition, 1715, 

Rev. Hugh Adams's complaint. 

Rev. Hugh Adams's petition, 1740. 

Sherift"'s warrant against the town, i743^ 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1743, . 

Action of said meeting, i743i 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1743, • 

Action of said meeting. 

Petition of Daniel Meder, 1744, 

Petition for a grant of land, 1749, 

Petition of Dr. Samuel Adams, for an allowance fo 

treating soldiers for scarlet fever, 
Petition of Hercules Mooney, 
Proceedings of town-meeting, i755i 
Petition relative to line between Durham and Notting 

ham, ........ 

Petition of Jonathan Bunker, soldier, 1757, . 

Petition of George Barns, soldier, 1 761, 

Petition of Hercules Mooney, 1761, 

Petition of John Lavn, soldier, 1761, 

Petition of Thomas Tash, soldier, 1761, 

Petition of Benjamin Mooney, soldier, 1762, 

Proceedings of town-meeting relative to division, 

Petition for division of the town, 1765, 

Account of blankets furnished soldiers, I'J'JS, 

Petition of David Copps, soldier, 1777, 

Town account for bounties, 177S. 

Valentine Mathes's account for supplies, i779' 

Other accounts for same, 1779-1782, 

Soldier's certificate, 17S6, ..... 















Return of ratable polls, 17S3, . . . . . 501 

Soldier's certificate, 17S6, . . . . . . rg£ 

Odiorne's request to be appointed commander of the 

fort at New Castle, 17S6, ...... 503 

Petition of inhabitants relative to a road, 1793, . . 593 

Petition against a change of the road, 1792, . . 594 

Petition of Sarah Adams, ...... 1^96 


Introduction, ........ ^g6 

Soldiers in the army, i77^' ..... 597 

Petition for a separate military company, 1777, • • 597 

Petition relative to a militia regiment, 17S4, . . 598 
Appointment and report of a committee on boundary 

line, 1797, 179S, 600 

Introduction, ........ 

Petition to have the boundary line established between 

this town and Tamworth, 17SS, . . . . 

Petition relative to said line, 17S9, .... 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents. 
Petition for I'atification of town-meeting, 1793, 
Petition for annexation to the town of several grants, 



Introduction, ....... 

Petition for a road, 177S, ..... 

Petition relative to a road through Wakefield, 177S, 
Petition relative to same, 17S4, .... 

Vote relative to paper money, 1786, 

Statement relative to taxes, 17S6, .... 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 17S9, . 


Introduction, ....... 

Relative to a convention at Hanover, 1777, . 
Return of draft in Capt. Lasell's company, 1777, 
Return of men in the army, 1777, 
Petition for an incorporation, 1778, 
Petition for an incorporation, 1779, 
Report of committee on town lines, 1781, 
Retm-n of ratable polls, 1783, .... 

Petition for repeal of the '' Relhan charter," 17S3, 

Petition for abatement of taxes, 17S3, 

Petition for repeal of the " Relhan charter," 17S3, 









Petition relative to doomage, r7^4' .... 6115 

Statement relative to the burning of a liouse, 17S4, . 616 

Vote relative to issuing paper money, 17S6, . . 616 

Introduction, . . . . . . . . 616 

Petition relative to lotting the township, 1747, . . 617 

Petition relative to building a meeting-house, 1747, . 61S 

Report of money raised for ministerial purposes, 1749, 619 

Vote relative to laying out a road, 1747, . . . 620 

Petition of Jonathan Folsom, soldier, 1756, • . 620 

Soldiers' receipts for guns, 177^, .... 621 

Petition of Abraham Brown, soldier, 1775, . • . 621 

Petition of John VVadleigh, soldier. 1775, . . . 621 

Petition of vSamuel Prescott, soldier, 17S0, . . . 622 
Soldiers' orders, 1 7S I, ...... 622,623 

Petition relative to raising men for the army, 17S0, . 623 

Petition relative to Newmarket bridge, 17S0, . . 624 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3, ..... 625 

Petitions for appointment of William Plumer, 17S5, 625,626 

Petitions for appointment of David Lawrence, . . 627 

Petitions in favor of Nathaniel Rogers for sherifi', 179^? 62S 


Introduction, ..... 

Relative to John Dwyer, soldier, i779' 
Epsom men in first regiment. 1 777-1 7S0, 
Petition of Maj. Amos Morrill. 17S0, . 
Petition of Capt. Michael McClary, 17S0, 
Petition of Wevmouth Wallis, soldier, 1790 
Return of ratable polls, 17S3, 
Certificate of nails made, 1791, 
Petition relative to road from Concord to Dur 




Introduction, . . ... 

Petition for a renewal of the grant, 17S9, 
Joshua Heath's account for making roads, ijSg, 
Petition for confirmation of the grant, 1791, 
Action of legislature on the foregoing, i79'i 
Petition relative to proprietors' clerk, 1798, 



Introduction, .... 

Soldiers quartered in town, 1693, 
Return of assemblymen, 1692, 1694, 





Precept for election of assemblymen, 1691^, . 

Capt. Kinsley Hall's pay-roll, 1696, 

Account of wages paid soldiers, 1696, 

Petition of Richard Hilton for a ferry, 1700, 

Remonstrance to a division of the town, 1701, 

Relatiye to a sloop imjDressed, 1710, 

Billy Dudley's account, 1709, .... 

Petition relative to cutting timber, 1713, 

Petition relative to children captured by Indians, . 

Assessment on trades and incomes, 1731, 

Warrant for seizure of lumber, 17,^9, . 

Petition of George Creighton, soldier, 1746, 

Petition of Dr. Oilman, Cape Breton expedition, 1741^ 

Petition of Capt. Ladd, soldier, 1747, . 

Inventory of Maj. Oilman's loss at Fort William 

Henry, 1757, 

Petition of Dr. Lamson, taken prisoner by Indians, 
Statement relative to town-meeting, 175^ 
Statement relative to pay of assemblyman, 177^, . 
Petition of Peter Coffin, concerning his son, 1776, 
Statement relative to some salt, hoarded, 1776, 
Statement relative to appointment of a magistrate, 1776 
Petition of Adjutant Elliot, 177S, . . . . 

Petition of Richard Jordon relative to paper-mill, 177S, 
Petition of inhabitants concerning parish rates, 1779, 
Account for supplies to soldiers' families, 17S3, . 
Col. Jeremiah Oilman's petition, 17S2, 
Petition of Martha, widow of Oen. Poor, 17S1, 
Petition of Thomas Haines, 17S5, 
Petition of Nicholas Nicholle. 1790, 
Petition relative to Phillips Exeter Academy, 17S3, 
Statement concerning Nicholas Oilman's donation, 1785 
Statement concerning Newmarket bridge, 17S6, . 
Petition relative to fire-wards, 1787, 
Vote of the Society of the Cincinnati, 1793, . 
Petition for incorporation of a library, 1797, . 





















Introduction, ....... 

Memoiial of Sampson vStoddard against the incor 
tion of the town, 176S, .... 

Petition for the incorporation of the town, 1773, 
Petition of Abigail, wife of Capt Clayes, 
Petition of Oen James Reed, 17S0, 
Biographical notice of Gen. Reed, 
Soldiers' orders, etc., ..... 

Physicians' certificate relative to Oen. Reed, 1786 








Petition of Sylvanus Reed, soldier, 17S6, 
Town instructions to their representative, 17S3, 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 17S9, 
Petition of Gen. James Reed, 
Petition for incorporation of library, 1797, . 






Introduction, ...... 

Soldiers' orders, 1778, .... 

Petition of Nathaniel Boyd, soldier, 17S3, 
Certificates of bounties due, 1782, . 
Petition for a ministerial tax, 1772, 
Petition relative to militia officers, i775' 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, 
Petition for a new town, 



Introduction, ...... 

Petition of the Morristown grantees, 1793? 
Petition of the Morristown grantees. 
Petition relative to boundaries, etc., 179O1 
Petition for help to build a road, 1790? • 
Receipt for taxes, 1795, 
Town inventories, 1778 to 1782, . 
Petition of Morristown grantees, 1798, . 




Introduction, ........ 

James Dockham's discharge, 1780, 

Soldiers' orders, ....... 

Election of delegates to provincial congress, i775' 
Statement of Enoch 13rovvn relative to same, 1776, 
Statement relative to aforenamed election, 1776, 
Enoch Brown cliosen justice of the peace, 1776, 
Petition to be joined with Hawke for parochial 
poses, 1782, ..... 

Report of committee on the same, 17S3, 
Vote consenting to said annexation, 17S3, 
Remonstrance to foregoing, . 
Consent of town to same, 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, 
Statement relative to representative, 1785, 
Recommendation for magistrate, 17851 • 
Petition for relief from grievances stated, 1786, 








Documents relative to service done in the French war 
by the Qiiakers of Dover, Durham, Madbury, Roch- 
ester, Barrington, and Somersworth, .... 709 

Letter — Col. Theodore Atkinson to Mr. Fisher, 176S, . 712 

Proclamation to the insurgents in Cheshire and Grafton 

counties, Jan. 13, 17S3, ...... 715 

Letter — Col. Seth Warner, sent by express to alarm the 

people of the approach of the enemy, 1777, . . 719 
Roll of Capt. William Barron's Co., Canada, 1776, . 720 

Documents relative to charter records, . , . 721, 723 

Letter — Gen Sullivan to legislature, 1788, . . . 731 

Letter — Gov. John Wentworth to Gen. Sullivan, 17S7, 732 

Action of legislature, 17SS, ...... 732 

Documents relative to boundaries of several towns in 

Grafton county, 17S0-1793, .... 723-731 

Petition for appointment of a committee to settle said 

boundaries, 17S0, ....... 733 

Vote of convention relative to same, 1779, • . . 734 
Petition of proprietors of Canaan, 1781, . . . 735 

Convention of township agents. 17S1, .... 736 

Memorial of Jonathan Moulton, 1781, .... 727 

Petition of proprietors, 17S3, ..... 737 

Petition of proprietors, 1793, ..... 738 

Report of committee on the boundaries of Orford, Rinn- 
ney, Warren, Campton, Plymouth, Wentworth, Pier- 
mont, ......... 739, 730 

Col. Benjamin Sumner's scheme to secure an alliance 

with the Lidians in Canada, iSoo, .... 73^^ 

Documents printed \\\ fac-sitnile : 

First constitution of New Hai"rtpshire, 1776. 
Proclamation declaring the same to be in force. 
Amended constitution of 1779, which was rejected by 
the people. 
Index of towns, places, etc , ..... 74i~745 

Index intended to contain the name of every person 
mentioned in the volume, with reference to every 
page on which it occurs, ..... 747-812 



Early Town Papers, 


This town was first granted by Gov. Banning Wentworth, 
Dec. 28, 1752, to Col. Sampson Stoddard, of Chelmsford, 
Mass., and sixty-nine others, by the name of Burnet, prob- 
ably in honor of Gov. William Burnet. At this time white 
people could not live safely in this vicinity at any great dis- 
tance from the fort at No. 4, now Charlestown, on account 
of the Indians ; and the town, with others, was probably 
granted by Gov. Wentworth with a view of asserting New 
Hampshire's claim to the territory, which was also claimed 
by Massachusetts, and at that time in dispute. No attempt 
was made to settle under this grant, and it was regranted, 
Sept. 19, 1766, to Col. Stoddard and sixty-four others, by the 
name of Acworth, probably in honor of the governor's friend, 
Lord Acworth, of England. 

In 1767, three young men from Connecticut — William 
Keyes, Joseph Chatterton, and Samuel Smith — located here, 
and commenced clearing farms. The grant of 1766, being 
forfeited by the non-fulfilment of some of its provisions, was 
extended by Gov. John Wentworth, May 30, 1772, and was 
bounded as follows: "Beginning at a stake and stones & 
runs North two degrees West six miles and an half to a 
stake and stones, the South West corner of Unity, from 
thence running East by the needle five miles & three quar- 
ters to a stake & stones, from thence South by the needle 
six miles & an half to a stake & stones, from thence West 
by the needle five miles & f to the bounds first mentioned." 

Documents relating to the matter may be found in Town 
Papers, vol. 9. 

In 1772 the town contained fourteen houses. 


[i*] S^Reasofts for not ■wa7tting to be Classed for Representa- 
tive^ and Vote of Town.'] 

The reasons why we do not join with Towns of Unity, Ac- 
woth, Lemster, Saville, Croydin & Newport as we did the last 
year in chusing a Representative is this : viz : then we Sup- 
posed they was to act only upon the present Exigencies of the 
Government, but now the case is much altered, the Honour- 
able Contintal Congress has declared their independence of 
Great Britain therefore we think that the present assembly has 
not taken right methods in issuing out their precepts for the 
choice of Representatives and Counsellors for the year Ensu- 
ing, for in the first place they have as to Representatives in 
Some incorporated Towns allowed two or three representatives, 
to others they have joined five or six towns togather, whereas 
we think every incorporated town ought to be represented by 
themselves. Then as to Consellors in one Conty they have or- 
dered five, in Some others two, and in one County but one, 
which we Look upon not according to liberty, for as this State 
is but one body we think they ought to be Chose by the people 
at large, and also they have ordered that neither of these Shall 
have a Seat in the assembly without they have Real estate to 
the value of two hundred pound Lawful money, whereas we 
think every Lawfull elector is a Subject to be elected. 

Voted that the above resons be Sent to the Covmsell and as- 
sembly of this State which is to Convene togather at Exeter the 
third Wednesday of this instant and that the town Clerk Shal 
Sign it inbehalf of the town. This done at a Legal town meet- 

Acwoth December 9'^ A D 1 776 

Tho= Putnam Mod"" 

A true Coppy attest Sam'^ Silsby town Clerk. 

[2] [ Certificate of non-receipt of Precept by the Selectmen.'] 

To Whome it may Conciern. 

This may Sertifey that there wase No precept Come to us or 
to this town So fare as we know to rais one of the New Emmis- 
ion taxes for the year 1781 also one of the specie taxes & there 
wase no act come to us or to this town to rais aney beef in the 
year 1781. 

attest Daniel Grout [ Select 

acworth febu'^' ye 12* 17S1 Isaac Foster J men. 

* The number at the commencement of each article refers to the page of the manuscript 
volume from which it is copied. 


[3] \_Petition of John Duncan^ in behalf of the Tozvn.'] 

To to Hon"*^ the Counsil & House of Representatives for the 
State of Newhampshire Convened at Exeter Feb"^ 2&^ 1783- 

The petition of John Dvnican of Ackworth in said State in be- 
half of said town Humbly Sheweth. 

That Wheras your Petitioner finds That there is an Extent 
issued against Said Town for nonpayment of a New Emmision 
Tax for the year 1781 as also for a specie Tax for the Same 
year Likewise for a Beef Tax for that year, for all which your 
Petitioner beg Leave to inform the Hon*"^ Counsil that we never 
Received an}- Precept for assessing any of said Taxes : as will 
more fully appear by a Certificate under the Hands of the Sel- 
lectmen of Said Town. 

Wherefore your Petitioner prays That new preceipts may 
Issue to the Sellectmen of Said Town for the assessment of the 
above said Taxes and as in Duty Bound Shall pray. 

John Duncan. 

■^j TT_ [ In the house of Representatives Feb. 26"^ 17S3 

Upon Reading & considering the foregoing Petition Voted 
that the praver thereof be granted. 

Sent up for Concurrence. 

John Dudley Speaker. 

In Council the same day read and Concurred 

E Thompson Secy. 

[4] \_Memorial of John Duncan relative to Taxes of iy8i.'\ 

To the Hon**' the Council & House of Representatives for 
the State of Newhampshire Convened at Concord on the third 
wensday of December 1783. The memoriel of John Duncan in 
behalf of The Town of Acworth in Said State humbly Sueth 
That your memorialest on Feb'^^ ye 2&-^ 1 783 Did Petition the 
Hon"'* Court Laving before them the Dificulties we Labor under 
in having Extents isoued against Said Town : when we Never 
had aney act or Precept to inable the Selectmen to asses the 
Town in vSaid tax. 

One New Emmision tax for the year 1781 also a Specie tax 
for the Same year Likewise for a Beef tax for the Same year, 
all that your memorialest then praid for wase to heave the pres- 
ent Selectmen inabled to asses the town in the above three taxes 
all which wear granted, as will apair Reference being had as to 


the above petition which is Now in heand & we proceeded ac- 
cordingly & ordered the Colector to pay unto the tresurar of 
Said State the three aforesaid taxes but altho we heave Colected 
State Securities to pay Said beef tax with interest according to 
Law yet the treshurar says he is Not wilHng to discount Said 
tax untill we fetch a resolve of Cort to inable him to take the 
State Securities in Lu of the beef & if this resolve is Not gi^ant- 
ed to us we shal be obledged to take the State Securites from 
the Colector & rais another tax in Specie to pay for the beef 
tho we Never had aney pour to rais it which we are in Now 
ways able to do at Present altho our wills weare ever so good. 

Therefore we pray your Honors to take our Case into your 
wise consideration & grant us Releef and as in duty bound Shall 
Ever pray. 

Acworth Dec°" ye 13* 17S3. 

John Duncan 

[5] \_Petitlo7i for the Right to Tax Non-residents for Re- 
pair of Highxvays^ etc.'] 

State of New Hamp ) To the Hon. the Council & House of 
Ches'^'' ss. j Representatives in Genneral Assembly 

at Concord Convened. 
The petition of us inhabitants of Lemster, Unity and Ac- 
worth humbly Shews that your petitioners Living in a hill 
country where there is several Large Streams to Bridge and 
Roads to be made and maintained at a Verry Great cost and 
charge Several of which is made through large tracts of Un- 
improved lands the Owners of S'^ lands must Reap Great ad- 
vantage by our labor in advancing their interest yet they are 
freed by law from aney tax to highways whil your Petitioners 
Unimproved lands is Subjected thereto which is Surely unjust 
and opressive. 

Wherefore we pray your Honners to take the matter under 
your wise consideration and Grant us Relief!' by Passing an 
Act that S"^ Unimproved lands pay their proportion of all High- 
way taxes, otherwise that Roads and Bridges may be made and 
maintained through Unimproved Lands at the Charge of the 
Owners or in Such other way as to your hon** may appear just 

&c and your Petitionars as in Duty Bound Shall Ever 


John Duncan 
in behalf of the petitioners. 


[6] \_Selectmen''s Petitiojt abo7it Beef^ iy86.~\ 

Acworth June ye i 1786 

To the Hon^' the Senate and House of Representatives Con- 
vened at Concord The first v^'ednesday in June instant 

The Petition of the Select men of Acw^orth in behalf of said 
Town Humbly Sueth that in obedience to an act of Law Passed 
in this State the 27* of June 1780 calling on the Towns to fur- 
nish the States Collector with beef for the use of the army And 
on delivering S*^ beef & taking the Collectors recpt for The same 
(which is to S"^ Acworth 3,415 pounds) we should be Creted 
for the Same in the Next years tax of NewEmision According- 
ly we Delivered 3425 pounds of beef and prodused Our Recpts 
to the Tresurar But he tels us that the Collector Did not Return 
aney But 1925 pounds of beef and he will not Give us Credet 
without an order from this Hon" Cort and as we in obedience 
to your Hon""* did deliver the full Sum of 3425 Pounds of Beef 
as doth apear by Recpts Now in hand and Likewise John Hub- 
bard Esq'''* Testemony Theirfore We pray your Honers to take 
our Case into your Serious Consideration and as we are not to 
be accontabl for the Neglect of the States Collector in not Re- 
turning all the Beef he Collected, theirfore we Trist your Hon- 
ers will Direct the Treshurar to Give us Credet for all the Beef 
we delivered and for the Remendar of the beef more than setls 
the Newemision tax we desier To have it Reducted from the 
Beef we ow in the Next year which is the year 1781 or aney 
other w^ay in your wisdoms you shall think proper and we as in 
duty bound Shall Ever pray. 

John Duncan I g^jj^^^ 

[The allowance was granted. — Ed,] 

Daniel Grout , 
Amos Kiyes ) 

[7] S^Petition for Authority to Tax Non-resident Lands.'\ 

Acworth September 18"^ 1787 

To the honorable Senate and house of Representatives now 
sitting at Charlestown. The petition of James Camj^bell in be- 
half of the inliabitants of the town of Acworth Humbly Shcweth 
That your Petitioner has been at great Expences in repairing 
roads and Building a Meeting-house which has greatly Increased 
the value of lands belonging to Nonresidents, Granting this to 
be the Case your honors will Conclude they Ought to contribute 


a small moity to defray the Charges that has or may arise. And 
we are further incouraged to ask, and expect your honors hear- 
ing and Assistance, as we had one bridge over Cold river burnt 
with fire, And another Carried oft' by Water, the buttmans of 
which cost us Sixty pounds, as we have been great Sufferers, 
therefore we pray your honors to consider our case and Grant 
that we may be enabled to asses and Collect Two pence on the 
acre of all lands lying in said Acworth belonging to Nonres- 
ident Owners. And we as in duty bound Shall ever pray. 

James Campbell in behalf of the 
inhabitants of the town of Acworth. 

[In H. of Rep., Sept. 21, 1787. The matter was consid- 
ered, and a hearing ordered for the next session ; but I fail 
to find any record of anything done in the matter at that 
session. — Ed.] 

To the Honorable General Court of the State of New Hamp- 

The Petition of Matthew Wallace of Acworth humbly Shew- 
eth that he was commited to Goal in Keene the tenth day of June 
last and not being able to pay the contents of the Execution — 
the Honorable the Justice of the Superior Court in October last 
admited him to the Oath prescribed in an Act entitled an act 
for the ease and relief of Prisoners for Debt and ever since your 
Petitioner hath been and is now detained in the Goal in Keene 
aforesaid by his Merceliss creditor — and that your Petitioner 
hath a large family of small children who are in a suffering con- 
dition even for the Necessaries of life and your Petitioner in his 
present situation can afford no relief which mvist be peculiarly 
depressing to a Husband and a father and more easily felt than 
described — and your Petitioner is worth nothing and never like 
to be in his present situation and without a friend to pay the 
Debt and no one to Shew mercy to him in that way — Wherefore 
he most earnestly prays that this Honble court would pass an 
act to relieve poor prisoners in this Situation after they have 
paid the uttermost farthing that creditors may not be suffered to 
triumph in the distress of an honest Debter and in the entire 

destruction and Deaths of his Wife and Children 

and as in Duty bound will ever pray. 

Keene prison June ye i^' day 1792 
[8] ^ Matthew W^allace. 



This town was granted by Gov. B. Wentworth, Nov. 6, 
1766, to Clement March and sixty-three others, seven of 
whom bore the name of Senter. Among the first settlers 
were Orlando Weed, Jeremiah Oilman, and Benjamin Knowles. 
A dispute about the line between this town and Tarn worth 
was settled by a committee, consisting of Simeon Olcott of 
Charlestown, Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass., and Russell 
Freeman of Hanover, who were appointed for that purpose 
in 1796. They employed Henry Gerrish, surveyor. Henry 
Weed acted as agent for Burton ; and the line was run in 
December of that year. 

Burton was severed from Grafton county, and annexed to 
Strafford, November 27, 1800. 

By an act approved July 2, 1833, the name of the town 
was changed to Albany. 

[9] \_Petition to have a Meeting called to choose Toivri Offi- 
cers^ I78§.'\ 

To the Hon''''^ the Senate & House of Representatives for the 
State of Newhampshire Humbly Shews. The inhabatance of 
Burton in Said State that they are annualy Called upon for 
State taxes That they have no officers to asses or Collect Said 
Taxes and they know not of any way to obtain a meeting with- 
out great cost "& trouble there being no Justice of the Peace for 
Said County within more than forty miles of said Burton. 

Wherefore we Pray the Hon''''' Court to appoint Some Person 
in or near Said Burton to Notifie & call a meeting of the Inhab- 
atance of Said Burton for the Purpose of Chooseing all neces- 
sary Town officers so as they may be enabled Legally to assess 
and collect Said taxes & transact other necessary Business of said 
Town and as in duty bound Shall ever pray. 

Burton June i8"'"'i785 
Joseph Crosby Elisha Weed Isaac George 

Benjaman Crosby Ezekiel Gilman Nathaniel Head 

Orlando Weed Hanery Allard 

Nathaniel Hayford Benjamin Mead 

[10] \_Petitio7i of Selectmen about Taxes^ iy88.~\ 

To the Honorable the General Court of the State of New 
The petition of the Selectmen of Burton in behalf of Said 
Town humbl3' sheweth that there were Precepts sent to the 


Town of Burton for Taxes in the year 1784 & in 1785 there 
being at that Time only seven Families in the Town & they 
chiefly very poor and no Town meeting had ever been held in 
the Town, neither were they qualified to hold any and had they 
been able to pay a Tax it covild not be collected. In the year 
17S6 the Town petition'd the General Court to ennable them to 
collect Taxes should any more be sent, the Prayer of which 
Petition w^as granted and David Oilman Esq"" was impower'd 
to call a meeting in said Town, which he did the same year, 
since which time we have assesed such Taxes as have been 
sent to us for, and ai"e willing to pay the same, but are of opin- 
ion that it is not in the power of the Town to pay the aforesaid 
two years Taxes as they remain fev\^ in number and in general 
very poor and your Petitioners therefore pray that the Honor- 
able Court will abate the Town of the above mentioned two 
years Taxes and your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever 

Burton November 5* 17SS. 

Benjamin Meed ] Select 
Orlando Weed j men. 

[11] \_Petition in favor of Benjamin Weeks ^ iy8Q.'\ 

To His Excellency the President and the Honb' his Council 
Humbly Sheweth the Inhabitants of Burton in the County of 
Grafton that they Labour under many defecaultys for the want 
of a Justice of the Peace being appointed in Said town as there 
is no Justice of the Peace within and for Said County within 
fifteen miles of us where we Inhabit and our tow^n business is 
done, we would therefore Recomend Benjamin Weeks of Said 
Burton as a Suitable Person to be appointed to that office, or 
some other Suitable Person in said Burton as your Exellency 
and Honour Shall See fit and your Petitioners as in duty Bound 

Burton April 17S9. 

Orlando Weed Nathaniel Head. Theophelus Brown. 

Benjamin Meed. Nathaniel Hayford. Caleb Brown. 

Levi Rundlet. Elisher Weed. Isaac George. 

Orlando Weed Jr. Ezekiel Oilman. Jei'e. Oilman. 

Daniel Head. Ambros Hinds Joseph Crosbe. 

[12] \_Petition to be severed fro?n Grafton^ atid annexed 
to Strafford Cojinty^ 1800.^ 

To the Hon*"'"^ the Learslature of the State of New-Hamp- 
shire convened at Concord on the first Wednesday of Jvuie A. 
D. 1800. 


The Petition of the inhabitants of Burton in the County of 
Grafton, hiunbly Sheweth, that the God of nature has so formed 
a Chain of Mountains as to cut us of from all convenient com- 
munication Avith said County of Grafton, & we have to travel 
a large distance through the County of Strafford, to get to any 
Court that is, or ever will, be holden in Said Countv of Grafton, 
we have withheld this Petition for several years, thinking there 
would be a new arangement in Counties, & did not wish to give 
your Honor any trouble in the matter but we see no likelyhood 
of any olteration taking place in the Counties, therefore we pray 
your Honor to take the matter under your wise consideration & 
annex us to the County of Strafford, & your Petitioners as in 
duty bound shall ever pray. This by a unanimous Vote in 
Town Meeting. 

Orlando Weed. ^ o i ^ 

T 1 r^i f Selectmen 

ohn L-hase. r c r, 

V .1 • 1 T^ 1 t ot Burton. 

Aathaniei Knowles j 

[Granted by act of the legislature, passed November 27, 
1800.— Ed."1 


This town was granted by the Masonian Proprietors, 
March 13, 1762, to Jos. Butterfield, Jr., and others, and in- 
corporated November 23, 1782. The first settlements were 
made in 1769, by William, Jonathan, and John Moor Cor- 
liss. A portion of the town was taken off February 11, 
1788, and, with a part of New-Chester, now Hill, incorporated 
into a town by the name of Bridgewater. 

Another portion of the town was set off June 18, 1795, 
and incorporated as a town by the name of Danbury. 

By an act of December 7, 1820, a tract of land was sev- 
ered from the town of Orange and annexed to Alexandria; 
and by an act passed on the 20th of said month a tract of 
land was severed from Alexandria and annexed to the town 
of New-Chester. 

In consequence of so many changes, the shape of the 
town at present bears little resemblance to the original 

Alexandria Addition, referred to in some of the following 
papers, was incorporated into a town by the name of New 
London, June 25, 1779. 


^13] S^Jeremiah Pagers Statement^ Alexatidria Addition^ 


June ye i^' 1773^ by the Desire of Mathew Thornton Esq. and 
Mr. Robert MacMnrphy Boath of Londonderry . I have been and 
Took a Survey of all the Land Lying between Alexandria and 
fishersfield and Part of Parytown on the Easterly Side of the 
Pattent Line as is Shewn by the Plan herein Inclosed, and ac- 
cording to the Best observation I could make of the quality of 
said Land in Generall it appears to be more Ruft" and Poor Land 
than any I saw in the Neighbouring Towns it being very moun- 
tanious and Rocky the Lov\^er Land Generally Cold and Sprucy 
Boggs I did Not See a Grate Deal of Alexandria but Perry- 
town is according to the Best of my Judgment much Better 
Land in Generall than the Adition to Alexandria which I Lotted 
out. Gentlemen Mr Minot Desired my Judgment and to take 
Pirticular Notice as to the Goodness of the Land, and to Send 
it in w^righting with the Plan. Gentlemen your most Humble 
Sevt Jeremiah Page 

The above written, is a Copy of a Certificate wrote by Jer- 
emiah Page Surveyor, on the Back of a Plan of Alexandria 
Addition rendered by him upon oath and i-eturned to sd Grant- 
ors by a Com'*^*^ of the Grantees June i773 

attest, Geo : Jaftrey Proprs CI 

[14] \^Petit{on of Inhabitants about Taxes.~\ 

State of New Hampshire To the Honourable Council and 

House of Representitives in 
General Court Assembled 

At Exeter For the State of New Hampshire. 

The Petition of the Proprietors and Inhabitants of the Town- 
ship of Alexandria in Said State who Humbly Shews that 

they Aprehend the Sum Required to be Assesed on Said Pro- 
prietors and Inhabitants is a Burthen Insuportable for them in 
their Present Infant State and is a much heavier Tax than What 
is Laid on other Tovs^ns of their ability in Said State and they 
Pray that the Honourable Court Would Appoint A Time w^hen 
They May be heard on the Premises — and as in Duty Bound 
your Petitioners Shall ever Pray. 


Robert MacMurphy Joshua Tolford Jonas Minot 

John Tolford 



James Russell. 
Eliphalet Gale. 
John IVIoor Corliss. 
Josiah Emerson. 
George Corliss. 
Difvid Cross. 
William Patterson. 
Daniel MacMurphy. 
Cristopher Bartlet. 
Benjamin Hoyte. 
Thomas Hoyt. 

The Inhabitants 

Moses Johnson 
Asa Hastings. 
Jonathan Merrill. 
Jonathan Corliss. 
David Atwood. 
Jeremiah Ladd. 
Nason Cash. 
Joseph Atwood. 
Jonathan Farrar. 
Jonathan Taylor. 
James Taylor. 

Ebenezer Wells. 
William Powell. 
Anthony Taylor. 
John Tolford. 
William Palmer. 
Jonathan Palmer 
Jonathan Palmer Jr. 
Ebenezer Farrar 
John Champney. 
John Fravier 

[15] \^Petition of Inhabitants about Representative^ ^775-~\ 

Colony of New Hampshire to the Honourable Congress to be 
heald at exeter on the twenty first Day of December Instant at 
three of the Clock in the afternoon — Wee Pray That the Con- 
gress Will Consider our Greyinces in not Haying any fear Chance 
in Voting for a Person to Represent us in general Congress 
after the Warant Come to the tovyn the town met and thought 
it might Answer to Send two of their Selectmen to act for the 
town For this Reson Because it was So fare for the Whole Town 
to attend they had all Near thirty Miles to gow and the Trayil- 
ing So Bad to Whear they apointed the election to be Held and 
the two Selectmen met at the time and Place And the Modretar 
Refused to Let them Cerrey in Vots for the Legal Voters of S*^ 
town Without eyir Puting it to Vot to Se Whither the Rist of 
the towns Wood consent of it or not and ther is Number of the 
Voters of the other towns is Verey much Dissetisfied With His 
Presedings and the Selectmens of Plymoth and we the Subscrib- 
ers Do Beg that the Honourable Congress Will Let us haye New 
choice of a person to Represent us in Congress or wee Shall 
think that wee are Very hardly Imposed upon By the Congress 

Alexandria December ye 15"' 1775 

Nason Cass Jr. Jonathan Palmer Eliphalet Gale. 

JonathanPalmerJun Josiah Emerson. 
William Palmer Joseph Basfoixl Jr. 

Daniel M'"Murphy 
John M'^Murphy' 
Asa Hastings 
Benjamin Hoyt 
Dayid Cross. 
Nathaniel Lad. 

Anthony Taylor. 
James Taylor. 
William Morrow 
Jonathan Taylor. 
Robert Morrow. 
Ebenezer Farrar 
William Powell 
Jonathan Clark 

John Moor Corless. 
William Corliss. 
William Polee. 
George Corliss. 
Thomas Hoit. 
Joseph Hoyt 


[i6] \_Reqiicst for Gnns and Amniii7iitio7i^ ill6J\ 

Alexandria June 28 ye 1776 
To the Coloney Committy of New Hampshire Gentlemen, 
this may Inform you that our Distress Seems Great, We hear 
that the French & Indienes are Comeing Down upon us & We 
are In Poor Surcomstances as to Guns and Ammunitions, We 
are Ready to help Defend ovn* Selves & Cuntry as far as Is in 
our Power If your Hon''" Would help us to the above articles 
for the Best Security that we Can make We are In Want of 
iS Guns & ammunition for a town Stock for 36 men. We the 
Suscribers Do Engage to Return the above articles or Pay for 
them as witness ovn" Hands 

George Corliss David Atwood Joseph Atwood 

Jonathan Farrar David Cross Jonathan Taylor 

William Polee Asa Hastings William Powell 

Nathaniel Lad Benjamin hoit Anthony Taylor 

John Lad Jonathan Palmer John Tolford 

Jeremiah Lad Ebenezer Wells Jonathan Clark 

Josiah Emerson William Morrow John Champney 

William Corliss Benjamin Rowell James taylar 

Eliphalet Gale Rob' McMurphy jun Robert Murrey 

Daniel McMurphy Ezenezer Farrar 

made choice of Mr. Eliphalet Gale to Go after the Sade Guns 
& ammunition. 

[17] \_Iiivento?y of the To"U7i^ iyyy.'\ 

No. of Polls 18 years old and upwards 36 

No. Acres of arabal or Tilage & Mowing Land 93 

No. of Horses & Mares 12 

No of Oxen 28 No. Cows 42 No. Cattle 3 years old 10 
No. of Cattle two years old 15 

No of Cattle one vear old 14 

One Saw Mill & One Corn Mill 

Sum total of Money on Hand or at Interest £100 

Sum total of the Value of all Real Estate not Included 

Before in Lands No. acres 21358 640.7.1^ 

Alexandria April 1777 

S'' Inventory is Given in on Oath By us Ebenezer Farrar Eli- 
phalet Gale Select Men 

Bee Fore mee John AIcMurphy Town Clark 


[iS] Inventory of Addition to Alexandria, So Called. 
Taken by Ebenezer Farrar Selectman of iVlexandria 

But that said Inhabitants Refuse to answer to said Alexandria 
being in the County of Hillsborough — and that the Court will 
Direct Said Addition to pay Said Farrar for Three Day Take- 
ing s*^ Invoice 

Number of Polls iS years old and upwards 12 

No. Horses & Mares i No. of Cows 6 
Sum Total of the Value of all Reatabel Estates Not 

included Before in Wile Lands 20230 acres 606.9.0 

No Cattel 3 years old 4 No. Cattel 2 years old 2 

To Esq"' Thompson Secretary In the State of Newhampshier. 

[R. I*] State of New Hampshire. 

To the Hon**' the Council and Hon''''' House of Representatives 
of said State of New Hampshire, in General Assembly Con- 
vened June 14"' 17S1, 

Humbly Shezvs Daniel M'^Murphy of Alexandria in the 
County of Grafton in said State Gentlemen — That your Peti- 
tioner was a Lieutenant in the army and was wounded at the 
Battle at Bennington in 1777 whereby he was rendered Incapa- 
ble of Labour to earn his Living and was accordingly Enrolled 
as a Pensioner in this State. That by reason of the Depreci- 
ation of the Present Currency his half pay is I'endered of Little 
or no Value to him as to his support. 

Wherefore your Petitioner Humbly prays your hon" to take 
into Consideration his Deplorable Circumstances, and relieve 
him by making up the Depreciation of his half pay, or in any 
other way that your hon''^ shall think best — and your Petitioner 
as in Duty bound will pray &c 

Daniel M'^jMurphy 

[R. 2] State of New Hampshire. 

To his Excellency the President & the Honb'*' the Senate and 
House of Representatives in general court convened, Humbly 
shews Daniel M'^Murphy of Alexandria in the County of Graf- 
ton Gentleman. 

That your Petitioner is entitled to a Lieuts. half pay agree- 
able to the resolves of the hon''''' general Court to be paid in 
State notes ; which will neither pay taxes, nor purchase the nec- 
essaries of life, except by a great discount on said notes. Where- 

* R. refers to Revolutionary papers, collection of 1881, in office of Secretary of State. 


fore he humbly prays your honors, that you would grant him his 
said half-pay or a part in an order upon the treasurer that may 
be received in payment of taxes, and your petitioner as in duty 
bound will ever pray Daniel M'^Murphy 

Concord, Feby. ii* 1785. 

[20] \_Remonstrance of the Inhabitants of Alexa?zdria against 
Building a Road, and Petition to be Incorporated .'\ 

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives for The 
State of New Hampshire in general assembly convened at 
Concord June y*' 17S3. 

The Petition of the inhabitants of the Township of Alexandria 
Humbly Sheweth that whereas the Inhabitants of Cockermouth 
have Petitioned the Honorable Councill and House of Repre- 
sentatives for the State of New Hampshire Praying that the 
town of Alexandria May be compelled to make them a good 
"waggon road through said Town which is about seven miles, 
with only four settlers on said Road — we the Inhabitants of said 
Alexandria beg leave to sav that it will be a Burthen Insuport- 
able in our Present Infant State of which we Beg Leave to ofter 
a few things to your Honours consideration which are Real facts, 
first — That Cocermouth have never Reqviested us to Make or 
mend said Roads — That there is no more than Forty Inhabitants 
Freeholders in Alexandria — That we have above Forty Miles of 
Roads in said Alexandria. That said Roads are very uneaven 
Rocky and wet — Several Large Streams to Bridge — we have 
already built Three Bridges over Smiths River more are needed 
over the same — That there must be Two over the Branches of 
Fowlers River one of which we suppose w^ill cost at least one 
Hundred Hard Dollars the Stream not being fordable at many 
Seasons of the year — That our settlers are much Scattered it 
being about Fourteen Miles from one Extream to the other — 
that we are not Incorporated therefore Cannot Lay out any 
Roads at present. — That our Settlers in general are in low Cir- 
cumstances a great part has been obliged to bv;v great part of 
their Provisions Hay &c from the Neighboring Towns that has 
Run them Considerablv in Debt So that they have not for four 
years past been able to pav Their Taxes otherwise than bv Hire- 
ing Money for which thev are now In debt and by no means 
able to pay — We the Petitioners Therefore Humbly pray that 
your Honors will take the Matter into Consideration and grant 
us an Incorporation by the name of Alexandria. Beginning at 
A Maple in Masons Patent Line about Forty Rods from New- 
found Pond thence over part of said Pond South Twelve Degrees 
East Five Miles and an half more or less to the Place where A 
Hemlock Tree formerly stood and Marked for the Easterly Cor- 



ner Bounds of Alexandria, from thence South fifty Three De- 
grees west Eight and hah' Miles more or less to A Beach Tree 
Marked — From Thence North Twelve degrees west Four and 
half Miles More or Less to the Pattent Line aforementioned, 
from Thence Easterly on said Line to the Place first Mentioned, 
which Transcript is agreeable to Charter — and that as soon as 
we are Licorporated The Select Men or a Committee from Alex- 
andria May be ordered to Lay out all Necessary Highways, or 
Roads to Cocermouth in order to make the Same Passable as 
soon as may be, and that the Cost may be assessed on Residents 
and Non Residents as State Continental and war Taxes are — 
that your Petitioners be not Distressed till such order Can be 
obtained and your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall ever 
pray &c. 

Dated Alexandria June lo"" 17S2. 

Alexander Craige Jeremiah Lad 
Joshua Tolford 
John M'^Murphy 
Hugh Campbell 
Joseph atwood 
John Putnam 
Israel Putnam 
Jonathan taylor 
James taylor 
Ebenezer Farrar 
Jonathan Palmer 
John Tolford 

State of New Hamp''. In the House of Representatives Nov. 
20*, 17S3, Upon hearing and considering the foregoing Peti- 
tion. Voted that the prayer thereof be granted and that the 
Petitioners have leave to bring in a Bill accordingly. Sent up 
for Concurrence Timothy Walker Speaker P. T. 

In Council Nov. 21'' 17S2, Read and Concurred 

E. Thompson Secy. 

[In answer to the foregoing petition, an act was passed, 
Nov. 23, 1782, incorporating the town, and authorizing the 
selectmen to lay out and make the said road, and assess a 
tax upon all the land in town to pay for the same. — Ed.] 

William Powell 
Jonathan Corliss 
Josiah Emerson 
George Corliss 
Eliphalet Gale 
Nathaniel Lad Senr. 
John Lad 
Nathaniel Ladd 
Nathan Barker 
Enos ferrin 
David Cross 

Ebenezer Williams 
Jonathan Farrar 
Jonathan Clark 
Nason Cass 
James Wood 
Ebenezer Cleffbrd 
Christopher Bartlet 
Nathan Bartlet 
David Atwood 
Simeon Merrill 
Benjamin Hoyt 

[21] \_Petition about the Road from Bosca-ivcn to Dartnionth 
College^ iy86.'\ 

To the Honomal^le Senate and House of Representatives for 
the State of New Hampshire Convened at Portsmouth Febry 


The Petition of the Select Men of Alexandria in Behalf of said 
Town — Humbly Sheweth, that your Petitioners are Informed 
that the Honourable Court have Sent a Committee to Look 
and Lay out a Road from Boscawen to Dartmouth College 
which Road we hear is laid through the South westerly part of 
Alexandria about Seven Miles, which Road through Alexandria 
we think unnecessary for the Publick and very injurious to us — 
as we have been at great expense in making a Road through s*^ 
Alexandria and part of New Chester [now Hill] to accommo- 
date the Publick and some of our Inhabitants, which Road we 
have Latelv Laid out and have made many alterations, much 
for the better — and find that from Capt. Hoyts in Grafton to 
Capt Wiers in Andover is but Ten Miles and an half by meas- 
ure with the Alterations we have made through sd Alexandria — 
which we think may be made a good way with Labor. — and 
five Miles nigher than the other way our Inhabitants are few 
Much burthened with Making Publick Roads, most of them in 
Low Circumstances, much Scatered it being Fourteen miles 
from the Extreme parts of Settlement — Wherefore your Peti- 
tioners Humblv pray, That a Committee may be sent to view 
the Road which we have Laid out which w^e Doubt not will 
appear to be for the Public good and ours we therefore pray 
we may be Excused from Makeing the Road Laid by the Com- 
mittee through Alexandria, where we have no Settlers nor any 
prospect of any at present. 

And as in Duty Bound your Petitioners shall Ever Pray &c 
Alexandria February y*^ 2^ 17S6 

Simon Merrill ^ c 1 
Hugh Campbell )- -. ^ 
David Atwood 1 

[23] \_Petitio7t of Selectmen relative to Taxes.'] 

To the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives 
in General Court Convened at Concord the first Wednesday of 
June A. D. 17S7. we the Subscribers in behalf of the Inhabi- 
tants of Alexandria Humbly Sheweth that the former select- 
men of Alexandria have neglected to Return the Constables for 
the years 17S1, — 17S3 — & 17S3 by which means an Extent hath 
issued against us the Present Select men for a Ballance of £270, 
which sum we are by no means able to Collect at present, gi'eat 
part of our Inhabitants having their provisions to buy and noth- 
ing to spare wherefore we Humbly pray that your honors will 
give orders that the Treasurer Receive what we have collected 
and stay all Extents against us till the Last of October Next — 
that we may have time to collect our Non-Resident Tax by sell- 


ing their Land if they will not pay without, it being owing to 
our lenity to non-residents that our Town is so much in ar- 
rears — we having never sold an acre of non-residents land since 
the war Commenced, in the meantime we will make every pos- 
ible Exertion in our power and hopes to be able to pay up with 
other towns of our ability — and as in duty bound your Petition- 
ers will Ever pray. 

Dated Alexandria June 2^ 1787 

Simon Alerrill ] Select 
David Atwood | Men 

[The foregoing petition was considered by the legislature, 
June 19, 1787, and the prayer thereof granted. — Ed.] 

[23] \_Petition of Inhabitants of New -Chester a7id Alexan- 
dria for a new Town.^ 

To the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives 
Convened at Charlestown the Second Wednesday of Sept' 
A. D. 17S7. 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of a part of New-Chester Ly- 
ing Between Newfound Pond River and Smiths River so 
called — and the Inhabitants of the North Part or first Division 
of Alexandria, Humbly Shews that we your Petitioners for a 
number of years have Laboin-ed under man}- dificultys by reason 
of our Scattered Situation it being as much as fourteen Miles 
from one Extream part of our Settlements in Alexandria to the 
other Extream. — and the situation of that part of New Chester 
above mentioned is nearly as inconvenient to either of the 
Centers of New Chester which makes it extreamly Dificult 
to assemble either to transact Town Business or for Public 
Worship — Wherefore your Petitioners Humbly pray that your 
Excellency and Honours would grant us an Incorporation by 

the name of Beginning at the mouth of Smiths River 

so called thence westerly up s*^ River to the Range Line be- 
tween the first and Second Div"'* of Alexandria thence North 13 
Deg** West to the Pattent Line as lately Run — thence North 
Easterly by s'' Pattent Line to the Easterly side of Newfound 
Pond thence down the Easterly Shore to the outlet of s'^ Pond 
thence South Easterh' by the Range Line Between the Second 
and third Divisions of New Chester to the corner of the River 
Lott N" 56. thence Easterly on the Line Between t;6 and ^7 to 
Pemigesawasset River thence Down Said River to the mouth 
of Smiths River first mentioned and your Petitioners as in Duty 
Bound will ever pray. 

N. B. it was always expected and intended By the Proprietors 



of Alexandria and New Chester to make four or five Towns or 
Parishes of the two, and to Divide Nearly according to the vote 
of the Inhabitants of New Chester and this Petition 
Alexandria Sepf 3, 1787- 

Joshua Tolford. 
thomas fuller 
Hugh Campbell 
Sanders M'^murphy 
George Corlis 
Simon Merrill 
Alex"- M'=Murphy 
William Corliss 
Ebenezer Ferren 
Asa Hastings 
William Simonds 
Alexander Craig 
Benjamin Emerson 
W Willerd 
Nathaniel Ladd 

Theophilus Sanborn. John Sleeper 
John tilton Moses Johnson 

Joseph Hoyt 
Moses Worthen 
Moses Sleeper 
John simond 
Josiah Emerson 
John Moor Corliss 
John M'^Murphy 
Eliphalet Gale 
Joshua Taylor 
Ebenezer Simonds 
NatW Bartlet 
Peter vSmith 

Benj" Basford 
Timothy Simonds 
David Cross 
Shei'burn Tilton 
Sherburn Tilton Jr. 
Sherburn Sanborn 
Israel Ingalls 
Eleazer Taylor 
William Morrison 
Isaac Ladd 
William M-^Murphy 
^villiam Ladd 
peter Ladd 

Jeremiah Ladd 

N. B. the following are the Inhabitants of New Chester that 
are petitioners as they have signed their names in this Petition. 

Theophilus Sanborn John Sleeper 
John Tilton Joseph Hoyt^ 

Moses Sleeper "" ' 

Sherburn Sanborn 
Asa Hastings 
William Boyd 

Sherburn Tilton 
William Corliss 
William Morrison 
John Smith 

Thomas Fuller 
Moses Worthen 
Sherburn Tilton Jr 
Ebenezer Ferren 
Alexander Craigre 

[The foregoing petition was before the legislature, Sep- 
tember 14, 1787, and a vote passed granting a hearing on 
the third Wednesday of their next session. February ii^ 
1788, an act to incorporate the new town, by the name of 
Bridgewater, passed the house. The senate concurred the 
next day. See Bridgewater. — Ed.] 

[24] S^Petition for Right to Tax Land f 07- Repair of High- 
way s.'\ 

State of New Hampshire. 

to the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives- 
Convened at Concord on the first Wednesday of June A. D. 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the township of Alexan- 
dria in Said State Humbly Sheweth that your Petitioners have 


been and still are at great cost to Clear and Maintain Highways 
in said township and by Reason of Great freshits have been 
obliged to alter Clear and Make New Roads in Many places 
and have built Several large Bridges which are Costly to Alain- 
tain which Alakes the Burdens heavy upon us as our Number 
of Rateable polls is but small therefore your Petitioners hum- 
blv pray that your Honours would grant that all the lands in 
said township may be taxed one Penny upon an acre for three 
years Next in Ensuing for the Purpose of Clearing and Re- 
pairing Highways in said township and your Petitioners in 
Duty Bovnid will ever pray 
Alexandria June 12* i79°' 

Simon Merrill \ Selectmen for and in 
Joseph Atwood j behalf of said town 

[The foregoing petition was before the house, June 14, 
and a hearing ordered for the next session. Act granting 
permission to levy the tax, passed January 14, 1791. — Ed.] 

[26J \_Petition for a Division of the Toxu}i.'\ 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Honb^ the Senate and House of Representatives for said 
State Convened at Concord December 34"^ 1794'' Humbly 

The Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Alexandria that 
they labor under many Inconveniencies by reason of the dis- 
agreeable form or manner in which said Town lies also by rea- 
son of a Large movmtain that crosses said Town about midway 
of the length thereof — Said Town is nine miles in Length and 
about Six miles in breadth which makes it large enough for two 
Towns, and the movmtain in the middle of said Town renders 
it almost impossible for the Inhabitants of the South part and 
those of the North part to assemble on any occasion whatever 
without travelling a great length of way to get by said Moun- 
tain. — They therefore pray that your Honours would take their 
case under your wise consideration and grant them relief by 
making a division of Said Town at or near the middle thereof 
which your Petitioners conceive would be of public utility as 
well as greatly contribute to relieve the embarrassments of your 
Petitioners, and as bound shall pray 

Anthony Taylor Peter Smith Levi flanders 

his George Niles Samuel Pingry 

Athmore x hosking Samuel Pilsbery Jonathan Tolford 

mark Job" Tolford Joscph Atwood 

Daniel Reynolds Isaac Favour Obadiah Judkins 


Ezenezer Williams Benj" Pinter Eben Carleton 

Daniel Weare William Martin Sandrs M'^Murphy 

John simonds Eleazer Taylor Josiah Emerson 

Benjamin Emerson Timothy Emerson John Moor Corliss 

Daniel Corliss William vSimonds Timothy Simonds 

Enos Ferren David M'^Murphy Jorg Corliss 

Samuel jr Simons Moses Simonds Isaac Ladd 

David Atwood Ebenezer Simonds Jeremiah Ladd 

Peter Ladd Joshua Tolford Peter Ingalls 

thomas Reed Jonathan Burpe Stephen Gale 

Robert M^'Murphy William M-'Murphy David Morse 

Christopher Bartlet Ziba Townsend John Emons 

Jonathan Clark, James Taylor 

[-5] [ ^^^^-^ relative to Division of the To%vn.'\ 

Alexandria March 30"^ J^795 

then met agreable to said warrant 

ily voted Joshua tolford Modrator to govern said Meeting. 

2ly voted to Divid the town. 

3ly voted to Divid the town betwen the first and second Ranges 
of the second Divishion 

4ly voted to Divid the town begining at New Chester Line 
betwen the first and second Division from thence to Run 
w^esterly at Right angle from New Chester Line to the Patten 

5ly voted to Divid the town betwen the second and third 
Ranges of the second Divishion 

61y voted to Reconsider the two Last votes in Respect of Di- 
viding the town and that the first vote shall stand that is 
to Divid the town betwen the first and second Ranges of the 
second Division — 

a tru Cooppey Attest Nason Cass town Clark 

[In H. of Rep., December 29, 1794, a hearing was or- 
dered for the next session ; meanwhile, a notice was to be 
published in the New Hampshire Gazette, and one posted 
in some conspicuous place in the town. June 18, 1795, an 
act passed dividing the town and incorporating the southerly 
part into a town by the name of Danbury. For boundaries, 
see Danbury. — Ed.] 


[27] \_Petition for a Committee to Run the Line betxveen 
Alexandria and New Chester. "^ 

State of New Hampshire. 

To the Honorable the vSenate & House of Representatives for 
said State Convened at Hanover June 10*'' i79S' Humbly Shew 
— The Subscribers Selectmen of Alexandria and New Chester 
in behalf of themselves & Inhabitants of s*^ Towns beg leave to 
Represent that the Line between said Towns is not a Straight 
Line agreeable to the charters of said Alexandria or New Ches- 
ter — that in the fall of the year 1793 the Selectmen of the s'' Towns 
Employed a Surveyor to Run & Perambulate the s'' line and 
found it very croked — in one place crossing the old Line, in 
other places more than 60 Rods Distant The Lotts in Each 
Town is Laid out as tho there was a straight Line the Settlers 
on the one side & on the other are got into a Qiiarrell some 
contending for a straight Line & some for the crooked Line & 
the worst consequences is to be feared. — Wherefore your Peti- 
tioners pray that your Honours would take their case vnider 
your consideration & grant them Relief by appointing a Com- 
mittee to settle & establish said Line according to the true intent 
& meaning of both charters — or as your Honours shall think 
best — and your petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever pray 

Obadiah Judkins) Selectmen Samuel Wells "^ Selectmen 

•^ , V ot ( ■Avr Hnsp V 

A <-u . -p ,] . r of Carr Huse > of 

•^ ' - 3 Alexandria Peter Sleeper j New Chester 

Anthonv Tavlor 

[In H. of Rep., June 11, 1795, a committee was appointed 
to look into the matter and report, but I have not been able 
to find that they made any report. — Ed.] 


Thi.s town wa.s first granted by Governor B. Wcntworth 
to John Towle and sixty-three others, by the name of New- 
ton, December 28, 1752; — about the same time the first 
grant was made of Acworth, and probably for the same rea- 
son, as I believe no attempt was made to settle the town 
under this grant. 

It was re-granted August 6, 1763, to Samuel Chase and 
sixty-nine others, by the name of Alstead, and settlements 
commenced soon after. In 1771 there were twenty-five or 



more families in town, but some of the provisions of the 
charter not having been fulfilled, it was "extended" by Gov- 
ernor John Wentvvorth, January 25, 1772, in answer to a 
petition from the inhabitants. [See vol. 9, p. 5.] 

The governor's reservation of five hundred acres was 
located in the north-west corner. 

Among the prominent men prior to 1800 were General 
Amos Shepard, Nathaniel Sartell Prentice, Absalom Kings- 
bury, and Rev. Levi Lankton. Captain Jason Wait com- 
manded a company in Col. Bedell's regiment in the Rev- 

[29] S^Petitioii for a Grant of the Toiviiship^ ^TS'^-'] 

To His Excellency Banning Wentworth Esq. Capt" General & 
Governour in Chief in and over his Majestyes Province of New 

The Humble Petition of us the subscribers for ourselves and 
our associates being in number Fifty one Humbly Sheweth that 
your Petitioners are desireous of Setleing a Township in some of 
the unappropriated Lands in said province. 

Wherefore your Petitioners Humbly Pray that your Excel- 
lency will be pleased to grant to your Petitioners a Township 
of the Contence of Six Miles Square in some of his Majestys 
Land, in said Province of New Hampshire that are not allready 
appropriated, Subjected to such orders and restrictions as Your 
Excellency in Your Great W^isdom Shall See Meete. And as 

in Duty bound they will ever pray &c, 
Boston Sep"^ 10, 1750- 

Josiah Convers 

John Fullton 

David Whiteing 

Thos. Draper 

William Fild 

Samuel Winship 

Samuel Smith 

John Botherick 

David Comee 

Jonathan Briant 

Nathan Newhall 

Francis Whitemore 

Ebenezer Frances 

William Whittemore Tho^ Bennett 

Abiel Richardson John Bishop 

Ebenezer Shattuck James Pierce 

Unite Moseley 
Will'" Maxwell 
Sam' Servise 
Benj* Furness 
William Crombie 
Nath' Wales 
Joseph Scott 
Ebenezer Field 
Arch'' McNeill 
Robert Hill 
Jason Winship 
Joseph Newhall 
Jacob March 

John Fowle 
Seth Blogget 

John Skinner 
Jon"^ Bradish 
Benj'' Bellknap 
R. Cotton 
John Hill 
Isaac Kidder 
W™ Dunlap 
Caleb Brooks 
John Martin 
Noah Richardson 
John Douglass 
Fran*" Shaw 
Will™ Fisher 
Tim° Winship 
Th" Lambert 
Isaac Fillebrown 


[The grant was made December 28, 1752, to the fore- 
going persons and several others, but I think no settle- 
ments were made under it, and none of these appear in the 
grant of 1763 — Ed.] 

[30] \_Sfate/ucni of Grievances^ ^777 •~\ 

The Inhabitants of the Town of Alstead in Town meeting 
assembled Feb. 4, i777 to consider of matters of grievance to 
themselves and others to lay before the Hon''^ Committee of the 
Council and House of the State of New Hampshire : Do men- 
tion the following articles as grievous to them and needing re- 
dress. — That the present assembly was not called according to 
the direction of the Hon'''* Continental congress bv a full and 
free representation thro, the State : for a number of Delegates 
from a part of the Towns of the State did without any previous 
notice, and before the advice of the Continental congress came 
to hand did set up a plan of representation, in our opinion, par- 
tial and defective, curtailing and abridging, the privileges of 
many of the Towns in this part of the state, as the natural right 
of one Town is equal to that of another 

Further the present assembly in our opinion is not set up as 
the great Lawgiver and Author of Goverment requires : His 
order is that Rulers be fearers of Hini^ haters of covetovisness : 
whereas the present plan requires no religious or moral, but 
only pecuniary qualifications for jDOSts of office, ^vhich serves to 
discourage virtue and to promote vice as conjoined with wealth : 
The method of choosing Councillors and Representatives has a 
tendency this way likewise, as bv just implication every person 
paying rates man woman or child, however immoral and wicked, 
may vote in the choice of members of the assembly, by which 
means if the majority are evil, as like approves of its like, the 
vile will bear rule over a state professing true religion. The 
present plan of Goverment was set up while we were under 
the King of Britain, but now we are independent of him, and 
therefore a new form of Goverment ought as soon as may be to 
be erected, by a full and equal representation of every incorpo- 
rated Town thro the State, and that the plan of the same be 
sent to each Town for their approbation, and that which the 
majority agree to, be considered as the constitution of this vState. 
The act past Septemb'' 19 1776, we view as unintelligible, and 
by no means calculated to answer the end pretended of having 
an equal representation. The last assembly did not act a disin- 
terested party or for the good of the State, in confining all places 
of trust as much as they could among themselves : or in reject- 
ing Coll Hunt from being High Sheriff of this county, after his 


appointment, even before he refused to accept, which, with the 
putting in of Coll Hale we suspect was done by the influence of 
a certain well known member in these parts. 

Lastly the giving commissions for war, is another article of 
grievance, which is a thing unprecedented in any free state, and 
s*^ commissions are kept from the e3'e of the people, and they 
are unacquainted with the unlimited powers given officers there- 
by, we have expressed these matters in a way to be understood, 
and hope that they will be attended to by your Honors as their 
importance and the Public good requires. 

At y*^ aforesaid meeting was chosen Absalom Kingsbury & 
Jonathan Shepherd Jur. a committee for s'^ Alstead to present 
y^ above to y*^ Hon'^''^ Committee. 

Test Absalom Kingsbery Town Clerk 

The foregoing is a True Copy of y" voate of the Town of Al- 
stead as Matters of Grieveances to be laid before y"" Hon'' Com- 
mittee from y*^ Hon'' Assembly of y^ State of New Hampshire 
Test Absalom Kingsbery, Town Clerk 

The Committees of Mario Surry & Westmoreland concur with 
ye within matter of Agreevencis. 

[30^] \_Prudence^ the Wife of Simon Baxter — Petition.~\ 

To the Hon'^''^ Counsel and assembly for the State of New 
Hampshire — the humble petition of Prudence Baxter of Alstead 
in the County of Cheshire humblv shews and gives your Hon- 
ours to be informed that vour petitioner dos not send this prayer 
to your honours for riches nor honours — but for mercy and I 
may say forfited mercy might be extended to Simon Baxter the 
husband of your petitioner — who did in July i777 S^ over to the 
enemy — but has ever sence the day he joined them been sorry 
for his faidt — and has Repented his Erro with a flood of Tears 
• — I dont mean to trouble your patiences with any thing but the 
Truth, and Capt Holmns of Walpole and Capt Gilbert of Lit- 
tleton Can and will if Called upon Testify that the s'^ Baxter has 
for a Long Time past ben a friend to america and Capt Wait 
of this Town who is now in the army and has ben a prisoner 
with the enemy Can Testify the kindness y*" s*^ Baxter shew to 
the prisoners of the united states and ever sence has had a Desire 
to Return and sware aligence to the united states and is noAV 
Detained in a flag in Boston harbour — and their does earnestly 
pray for mercy — and as their is none that is guilty has Less then 
he so none a fairer plea for pardon — o spair him I humblv pray 
— I ask not for his Estate — only for his Life under such Limita- 
tion as you in your wisdon shall see proper to alow — the s'^ Bax- 
ter did while hear do his part in the war as my familey has 


sense without complaining — suffer him I hvunbly pvay to be 
once more a subject of this state and have the Liberty of the 
oath of aligence to the united states — I Cair not how we Live 
or how we are fed, if he can but ha^'e authoritive Liberty to 
Live in this state, the small [property] that we did possess shall 
with pleasure go only spair him — and as mercy is the Dealing 
of god and the Brightest Virtue of the human mind — o Let Bax- 
ter be one subject of your mere}' — the glory of a merciful Deed 
is in proportion to the Crime for which the Deed of mercy was 

The arms of america has spread Terrow thro the world — o 
that their mercy might not be Confined or Limeted — I do in my 
husband name Lay myself and him att the foot stool of this 
state for mercy and if we must perish we must perish there — as 
in duty bound shall ever pray 

Alstead December ye 14"" 1778. 

Prudence Baxter 

[Capt. Lemuel Holmes of Surry, and Capt. Jason Wait 
of Alstead, the men referred to in the foregoing, were pris- 
oners of war in New York when Simon Baxter and his son 
William were with the enemy, and, being old neighbors, 
probably received favors from them. 

Simon Baxter's property was declared confiscated to the 
state ; and Isaac Temple, Timothy Fletcher, and Absalom 
Kingsbury were appointed commissioners on the same, with 
the latter as trustee, who made an inventory of his estate, 
which includes the following : "A part of the 5*'' Lot in the 
eighth Range, about 100 Acres, and one half of Lot N** 17 
in the North Range of Lots in Alstead, and two acres in the 
Citidale [.?] Lotts — one Dwelling House in the Highway." 
Mrs. Baxter petitioned, May 13, 1778, with the "approba- 
tion of Abra™ Brown, Nath^ S. Prentice selectmen of Al- 
stead," stating that she had a large family of children, some 
of whom were small, and asked that the forfeiture of the 
estate might not be exacted. 

It seems that Simon Baxter left the flag ship in some way, 
as he and Benjamin Baxter were taken from Alstead to Ex- 
eter about January 21. 1779, and delivered to the Committee 
of Safety by Absalom Kingsbury, and was there confined 
in jail for some time. 

In my boyhood I have often heard my grandparents speak 
of " Simon Baxter the tory." — Ed.] 


[31] \^Confession of William Haxte?-.'] 

I left home 28*^ of March 177S & went to Cambridge there I 
found my father and he was to be exchanged and said I must 
go with him I told him I Did not Love to Leave my mother he 
said I had better go with him & I finally concluded to go with 
him to Rhode Island which I Did when I got to Rhode Island 

I worked with one , . seaven or Eight Days my father Did 

not Do any Business that I know of then he and I went to N 
York and had the Small pox together and was in N. York about 
A month then he told me I must go to Long Island and look out 
for myself and Dr. Pomroy [Doctor Josiah Pomeroy was an 
*' absentee" from Keene] would get me a place to live at and I 
went to Long Island with Dr. Pomroy and left my father at N 
York and I Lived with one Abraham Brinkroft' about a week 
and then my father come to me and told me he Intended to Re- 
turn to Cambridge for they Meaning the Regulars would not 
exchange him unless he would go into their servis & he said he 
would not Do that — he had Drawn Rations till then and be- 
cause he would not go into the Regular Servis they stopt his 
Rations then he worked in the same house with me till we went 
on board the Carteal that lay at newtown and went to N York 
before we went from Newtown my father & Dr Pomroy went 
Somewhere and then my father Gave me five hundred £ N 
York Currency and told me he had it of Dr Pomroy for which 
he told me he gave Dr Pomroy a note for tw^enty Pounds in hard 
money and my father told me to put it where the people of the 
house could not find it and said when we got back to Cambridge 
we could live well I told him we should be found out he was 
very angry with me & said he brought me to be a help to him 
but instead of that I was nothing but a plague and said he 
wished I was at home again — then we went to York and while 
we were wating for the flag to come of I went to work to help 
Lode the Vesel and my father went Back to Dr. Pomroy at 
Newtown and when he came back he brought about A thou- 
sand Dollars More as near as I Can Remember and told me 
to hide it and said he was to have some more as soon as it 
was struck of and Signed — the Next Day he went of again 
and brought so much as with what he told me to hide the 
Day before Made up A thousand povmds that I saw but how 
much more I Dont Know then he had some haixl money and 
with that bought Cloathing to send by me to his famely — while 
we lay at N York one evening Benj" whiting Sam^ Tarbull Will 

Stark Robt L. Fowle Blair two Cummins Benj" Trow my 

father and myself ware togather at Jn° Strouts in New York and 
I see Benj" Whiting have one thousand Dollars in forty Dollar 


bills and offered my fether if he would take the Money and put 
it of att Cambridge or anywhere in }'' Country he would give 
him five hundred Dollars of it which my father took but told me 
he Returned it Back then the said Benjamin Whiting Said if he 
could not get any Body to fetch it Cleaning the money he would 
fetch it himself for all the D'' Rebels would be overcome before 
Next year was out — the next Day we Sailed for Boston and 
after we had got to Boston I told my father I would not go back 
he said he believed I had as good go home and told me to take 
the Cloathing with me and carry it home to Mother and he 
counted some money to me vis ten forty Dollar Bills & Seaven- 
teen tw^enty D" and about Ninety five Dollars in good Money 
and told me to be carefull I said I was afraid it would hurt me 
he said the money would do him no good and if I was like to 
be hurt by it I might burn it — and then I set of for Cambridge 
and went to Joseph Welches and he was going to Boston and 
said he wanted some paper money and Asked me if I had any 
that I could spare I told him yes and I gave him fifty six Dol- 
lars for a Joannes and he went to Boston and came and told me 
he had got a hors for me and a boy to Cany me to Littleton for 
twenty dollars and said if I would give him twenty more he 
would find another hors for my baggage and said he had some 
more hard money & if I would change fiftv paper Dollars he 
W'Ould let me have another Joannes which I Did and if I would 
give him fifty six Dollars he would Let me have two Guinnes 
which I Did I sav^- a hessian in Cambridge and changed fifty 
Paper Dollars for two Guinnes then I left Cambridge and went 
to Littleton and Cap* Gilbert & I went to boston to Get my 
father out of the flag but Gen' Heath would not Permit him to 
come out & there I bought 3 yd^ of Salloon & 3 yds of Lace Sc 
Exchanged 3 twenty Dollar bills then I returned to Cambridge 
and there I Met a Negro fellow with a watch and I gave him 
four twenty Dollar bills and 3 Eight Dollar bills & one four 
Dollar bill for y'' watch then I returned to Littleton & from 
there to Keen and got to Benj" Halls and his Son Aimanias 
asked me if I had got any Catchett meaning countcrlit monev I 
told him yes he Looked on it and told me he would put it of 
for me & Return me two thirds of it in good monev which I 
consented to Do after that Zibia Hall his Brother asked me if I 
had any Catchett I told I had not for Anna' had got it he said 
he was the wrong Person to give it too for he would be to Ven- 
tersome I saw Anny after that he told me that Zibia wanted 
it for he had put of A large Some of it which if I mistake not 
was four Hundred Dollars & that 30 Dollars was returned Back 
which he could not put of So I went home and was Lumeiliately 
taken up and then I sent my Brother Joseph to Aima hall for 
the money I left with him and he brought 7 forty Dol Bills & i 


twenty Do & i good Do & Keep' two I had Left ten forty Dol- 
lar Bills with him & one twenty — My Brother Joseph & I hid 
the money he brought from Anna^ Hall in the barn Namely 7 
forty Dollar bills & i twenty Do all the Money I mentioned in 
the foregoing Account that I have not Called good I suppose 
was Counterfit — while I was at Cambridge at Joseph Welches 
Welch Inquired of me About the Monmouth Battle & about y^ 
Brittish troops I told him they Suftered A Good Deal he said 
the Rebels had it in there papers that they ware beat but he Did 
not Believe it and said he wished to God that he was at New 
York with his famely and Enquired if there was any Houses to 
be Let I told him yes but they w^are very Dear he Repeated he 
Wished he was there Dear as they was — while I was in New- 
York I saw one Timothy Lovell of Rockingham and one Hub- 
bard of Windsor in y* State of Vermont two Refugees and they 
have both stole out since and I saw Lovell in Littleton and he 
told me not to Mention to any Body that he was out of New 
York for it might hurt him and would not Do me any Good 
and he enquired where Maj'' Joseph Blanchard Lived & said he 
was going there to Holies but nobody suspected that Hubbard 
had ben to N York that I know of and he now Lives peaceably 
at home as I have heard I Likewise saw one Joseph Durfey of 
New London in y*^ State of Connecticut in New York He said 
he Did not know what the Rebells would Do to him when he 
came out nor Did not care a D'' t — d. 

the foregoing Relation is to the Best of my Remembrance the 
truth the whole truth and Nothing but the truth which I can at- 
test before the Almighty God. 

January 8* 1779. William Baxter 

N. B. Said Baxter confessed that his brother Joseph told 
him that annanias Hall told him he put oft" a 40 Dollar bill to 
one Hall a sadler in Keen, in the following way the Sadler gave 
a good 40 Dollar Bill to said annanias to change into small Bills 
— and ann** said after taking the good Bill & could not change it, 
and then gave him a Counterfeit in Lieu 

[See State Papers, vol. x, p. 503. — Ed.] 

[William Baxter was arrested by Joel Chandler, constable, 
on a warrant from Nathaniel S. Prentice, taken before said 
Prentice, November 11, 1778, examined, and sent to the 
general assembly. At the examination before " Squire 
Prentice," Capt. Lemuel Holmes testified as follows: — Ed] 

I Lemuel Holmes of Lawful age Testify and say, That as I 
was Prisoner on Longisland when William Baxter who Left his 
home in Alstead came their with his flither who came from Bos- 


ton to Newyork s'' William Baxter whilst he continued Their 
Lived with a farmer on Loncrisland & Laboured for him for hier 
and did not join in the Brittish servis or Draw Either Aloney or 
Provision from them to mv knowledge but Lived in a Peacable 
Retired manner with a farmer that appeared To be a friend to 
america : I further sav that Simon Baxter father to ye s"^ William 
Declared to me that he ordered his son away, and as he found 
it more Difficult to support him their Than he Expected he 
thought Best for him to Return : S'^ William Baxter came to 
Longisland some time in June Last Past according to my Best 
Rememberance — further this Deponent saith not. 
Alstead Nov/ ye 11, 1778. 

Lemuel Holmes 

[Sworn to before Nathaniel S. Prentice. — Ed.] 

[In H. of Rep., Nov. 18, 1778. William Baxter was or- 
dered to be delivered to the sheriff, in order to be " sent 
back to New York by the first conveyance." It seems that he 
was not sent, however, but was admitted to bail, the bond re- 
quiring him not to go beyond the limits of Exeter, In May 
following he had a pass to go to Alstead and return in twen- 
ty days. In July he was granted a permit "to pass and 
repass from Portsmouth to Exeter on Business for the print- 
ers ;" and in April, 1780, he was employed by the Commit- 
tee of Safety to carry letters "to the County of Cheshire to 
call the General Court together," for which he was paid one 
hundred dollars. I think some allowance should be made 
for his conduct, on account of his age, and his having been 
influenced by his father, although I think his statement rel- 
ative to Dr. Ziba Hall was not true. Dr. Hall was a respect- 
able physician in Keene for many years. — Ed.] 

State of New Hampshire, Cheshire ss. 

Alstead Nov. 26, 1781. 
Whereas the major part of the Selectmen of Surry refused to 
obey the within precept, being under oath to the State of Ver- 
mont, and having sent the same to the Selectmen of Alstead, the 
major part of whom likewise refused to obev the same on the 
same account. We the subscribers Selectmen for Alstead and 
Surry, and all the Selectmen in said Towns that acknowledo-e 
the jurisdiction of New Hampshire, did on the ninth of this in- 
stant November notify all the legal inhabitants of the towns of 
Surry, Alstead and Marlow within mentioned to meet at the 
house of Mr. Timothy Fletcher in Alstead on Monday the 26"* 
dayof this instant Nov. at ten oclock in the forenoon for the 


purpose within mentioned. Who being accordingly met made 
choice of Mr. Absalom Kingsbury to represent them in the Gen- 
eral Assembly within mentioned 

Timothy Fletcher, Selectman for Alstead. 

W'" Russell, Selectman for Surry. 

In Committee on Claims ] 

Concord June 13, 1783 j The Bounty paid by Alstead to & 
"which has been deducted from David Abrahams account amounts 
to Thirteen pounds Thirteen shillings 

Attest Josiah Oilman Treas. 

[David Abraham served also for Gilsum. — Ed.] 

[33] \_Petition about Taxes. '\ 

To the Hon'''® the council and house of Representatives for the 
State of New Hampshire 

The Petition of the Town of Alstead within said State Hum- 
bly Sheweth That considering the great Scarcity of a medium 
of currency we feel the greatest Impractibility of Discharging 
our Legal Taxes to the State to which we belong by cash. And 
as there is a number of Soldiers from amongst us that have 
Serv"^ in the continental Service and a great part of there wages 
is yet due — the greater part of whom are Nescesetated for pres- 
ent Relief and the produce of our Husbandry would be that 
that would grant them Relief perhaps as well as the cash — the 
former of which is in our Power to Relieve them with when 
the Latter is utterly out of our Power to Supply with at present 
— Therefore 3'our Petitioners pray that they may be directed in 
a mode that your honours in your great wisdom Shall point to 
pay our Qiiotas of Taxes in arrears Imediately to the Soldier for 
the reasons above mentioned and your petitioners as in Duty 
bound Shall Ever pray. 

Amos Shepherd ^ Selectmen of 
Alstead 29"' Sep", 17S3 Nathan Fay I Alstead 

John wood j in behalf and 

Tim" Fletcher J by order of the Town 

[General Amos Shepherd was one of the leading men of 
Alstead from 1777 until his death. He was noted for in- 
dustry, economy, honesty, and fidelity, and acquired a for- 
tune for those days ; frequently held positions of trust in 
the town; was elected state senator in 1786, and reelected 
fourteen times ; was president of that body from 1797 to 


1804 ; was a member of the council in 1785. He died Jan- 
uary I, 1812. — Ed.] 

[33] \_Petitio7i of Nathajiiel Shepherd^ Dec?-- Reeve. ~\ 

To the Hon^'*^ the council and house of Representatives for the 
State of New Hampshire, 

The Petition of Nath^ Shepherd of Alstead in the county of 

Cheshire state aforesaid. 
Humbly Shevveth 

That whereas your petitioner was chosen by the Town of Al- 
stead Deer reife for the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven 
hvnidred & Eighty and your Petitioner in Prosecuting his trust 
in that office under oath complained of one Elnathan Jenning 
as a person that had Broke the Law of the State in that case 
made and provided — Unto Nath' S. Prentice & Thomas Spar- 
hawk Esqs* Two of the Justices of s'^ county as Directed in 
said act and your petitioner at a Large Expense of his own pur- 
sued the steps of the Law and made it appear to the said Jus- 
tices that the said Jennings was actually guilty of killing Deer 
contrary to Law ; there Judgment accordingly was that he 
should pay a fine as the Law Directs which the one half thereof 
was promised by said act to the Prosecutor which relying on 
the faith of the State he Expected, but to his great Surprise one 
of the said Justices Received a Special order from the President 
of sd State forbiding him in any way or manner to Demand the 
Said fine of the said Jennings whereby he was and hath been 
ever since kept out of his Right as promised in s*^ act with an 
additional cost of his own Now your Petitioner prays that the 
aforesaid order may be Revoked or that your Petitioner may be 
Releived in some other way which your Hon"^^ in your great 
wisdom shall think proper which your Petitioner Supposeth he 
hath an undoubted Right to Expect. And your Petitioner as in 
Duty bound will Ever pray 

Nathaniel Shepherd 

Alstead 23'^ Ocf 17S3. 

[The said Jennings proved that he was in the continental 
army three and one half years, was driven from Long Island 
by the British on account of his loyalty, came to this state 
in July, 1779, did not know anything about the law, and 
was poor and needed the meat for the subsistence of his 

*For sketch of Nathaniel Sartell Prentice, see State Papers, vol. X, p. 36. Mr. Spar- 
hawk was of Walpole. Sketch will be inserted in papers relating to that town. 



family. For these reasons President Weare issued a spe- 
cial order to stay proceedings — Ed.] 

State of New Hampshire \ To the Hon'^''' general 
Cheshire ss. j Assembly 

the petition of the inhabitants of the town of Alstead in the 
County of Cheshire humbly sheweth that whereas there was in 
the year 17S0 a Large sum of Continental money Due from this 
Town to the state aforesaid — but for several Reasons (which 
would be irksome to us, as well as Disagreeable to your Honors, 
to mention at this Time we pass them) the aforesaid money was 
not paid into the Treasury in season as it ought to have been — 
but not out of any ill intention in us, in regard to the money, or 
in any manner to Defraud, or keep Back, what was really due 
from us, to the said state, the truth of which will appear, by 
reciting one or two paragrafts in one of ovn- Town Meetings 
about that time. 

the I*"' is this — that this Town will make a settlement with New 
Hampshire respecting all Debts that we have been with them in 

the second — Voted to chuse a Commitee of three men to re- 
ceive accounts from soldiers — (Viz) those that served the last 
campaign (meaning under the Authority of New Hampshire) 
as three months men, and six months men, and to take the said 
soldiers Receipts for the same money so paid, this last as far 
as the money amounted, was to answer the first, and from which 
we humbly concive, your honors will be Led to see, that the 
people in this Town have not been so opposed to the Laws and 
orders of the general Assembly, as has been represented, and 
that the people have been, was then, and Now are, willing to 
pay there full Qiiotas of money to Defray the public charge — 
for in that great hurry, and heat of the people those two votes 
before Recited ware obtained — Your Honours are as sensable 
of the Extreem scarcity of money thro the state as we can be, 
and if the Treasurer should be directed to call upon those two 
men in whose hands the aforesaid money now remains for so 
large a sum of hard money — your honours may Easily judge 
the fatal consequences it would prove to them and there fam- 

We your petitioners therefore in the most humble manner 
prostrate our selves at the feet of the general Assembly humbly 
praying that your Honours would not in your wisdome and good- 
ness by misrepresentation impute too much iniquity to the good 
people in this Town — but make some proper allowancies for 
human frailty by extending compassion to those two men, and 
receive the money they had collected before the time Expired 


for receiving Continental money as has been clone for other 
Towns in this county those two men aforesaid (viz) Nathan 
Fay, and Zebulon Crane are men of veracity who are at this 
time betrusted with public honours from New Hampshire — and 
whose affidavits in all matters may be relied on — this petition is 
not the prayer [of] one individual, but the voice of the people 
at Large in this Town — who with Confidence in your Clemen- 
cy, and Contrishon in our selves present this petition to your 
wise Consideration as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

Signed by order and in behalf of the inhabitants of the Town 
of Alstead 

Alstead September 29"" 17S3. 

Amos Shepherd") 

John wood > Selectmen 

Tim" Fletcher j 

Accep'*^ & voted that the Select men Sign the Same in behalf 
of y*^ Town 

Attest NatW S. Prentice Town Clerk 

[The H. of Rep., December 26, 1783, — 

" Voted, That the prayer of said petition be so far granted 
as to receive the money which is now in the hands of Na- 
than Fay, one of the constables, amounting to ;!{^i536.. 18*.. o. 
Continental Currency & that the treasurer discount the same 
out of the taxes called for from the Town of Alstead in the 
year 1780." 

The council concurred the same day. — Ed.] 

[35] \_Cei-t/Jicate of Selectmen about T'axes.~\ 

these mav Certify that it appears by Samuel Kidders Tax bill 

for 17S3 — that Lot N" 5 in the Eighth Range was Taxed in the 

war Tax two shillings and tenpence and N" 4 in the Tenth 

Range three shillings and nine pence to the same tax — and to 

the state tax N" 5 in y'^ Eighth Range 3/10 — and N" 4 in y* 

10* Range 5/2 — and in ye County Tax N" 5 in y*^ 8"' Range 

1/ all in the said Kidders Tax bills who was constable for 

17S3 which said Lots belong to the Confiscated Estate of Simon 

Baxter an Absentee 

£o..i6..7. Isaac Temple ^ gdcct 

Alstead January 21'' 1786 Benj'' Wood I ^ r 

Reuben Hatch \ x-, . ■, 
T , ^^, ,, Alstead 

Joel Chandler J 

Portsm" Feby 14. 17S6. 

Received an order for sixteen shillings and seven pence 

Amos Shepherd 


[In 1789, Gideon Delano and Eli Snow killed a wolf each 
in Alstead, for which they receiv^ed a state bounty. — Ed.] 

[36] \_Petition yor aiitJiority to Tax No7i-resideut LajidJ\ 

To the Hon^^*^ Senate and house of Representatives of the State 
of New Hampshire in general Court Convened at Portsmouth 
on the 8* day of January A. D. 1790. 

The Petition of the Selectmen of Alstead humbly sheweth 
that said Town lies a Large Shair of roads and Bridges to Sup- 
port it being a Veri mountainous town and to ad to these burdon 
the County have lately laid out a Road through the Southeast- 
ei'ly part of said Town through the non-residents Land about 
three milds which is no advantage to said inhabitants therefore 
your petitioners pray that the Selectmen of said town lay a Tax 
of two pence per acor on all the nonresidence Land in Said 
town to be Laid out on the roads through there own Lands, or 
other ways as you in your great wisdom Shall see meet, 
and \\& as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

") in behalf of 
Oliver Shepard V the Selectmen 
) of Alstead. 

[January ii, 1790, the matter was before the H. of Rep., 
and a hearing ordered for the next session. 

January 21, 1791, a bill granting the authority asked for 
was passed and concurred in by the senate. — Ed.] 

[40] ^^Remonstrance against setting off a Parish.^ 

To his Excellency the Governor and Hon''''^ General Court of 
New Hampshire. 

We the subscribers inhabitants of the Town of Alstead, being 
this day informed that a petition is circulating in the east part of 
this Town to the general Court praying to be set off as a Dis- 
tinct parish ; Now we would inform the Hon'''*^ General Court, 
that the situation of this Town is such that a Division would be 
hurtfull to the whole on many reasons that might be given as the 
matter is suden and unexpected to us till this date, and the No- 
tice we had accidental and the voices of the inhabitants have 
not been asked, and a day of hearing on the said petition might 
be a Large bill of Cost to this Town — we pray therefore that 
the petition aforesaid might not have a hearing as in Duty bound 
shall ever pray. 

Alstead may 31."" 1793. 



Reuben Hatch 
Job Thompson Jr 
Joel Chandler 
Asa Hatch 
Absalom Kingsbery 
Edward Waldo 
Isaac Brown 
John Robbins 
Joshua Wood 
Josiah Robens 
William thompson 
John Burroughs 
Benj" Baxter 
William Slade 
Elisha Kingsbery 
Richard Emerson 
Daniel Perin 
John Slade Jr 
Daniel Waldo 
Elkanah Stephens 
Nath^ Rust 
David Hale 
Frederick wardner 
Isaac Cady 

Judah Hatch 
Phinehas Hatch 
Joshua Crane 
Asa Grant 
Chr^ Williams 
Jonas Parke 
Mason Hatch 
John Fletcher 
Jonathan King 
IVIichel Grant 
James Kingsbery 
Elias Brown 
Nath" Man 
John Worster 
Ebenezer Palmer 
Paul Robins 
Josiah Crosby 
Ephraim Kingsbery 
Noah Vilas 
Moses Farnsworth 
Lemuel Barker 
Nathi Clark 
Tho^ Farnsworth 
Nath^ Cooper 

Amos Shepard 
\\'illiam Simons 
Abel Hebbard 
Jacob Cheever 
Sam' Slade 
James Brown 
Nathaniel Rightjunr. 
Azel Hatch 
Jacob Wardner 
Thomas Root 
Josiah Cook 
Dan' Williams 
Joseph Cady 
Josiah Cook Jr 
Joseph Peck 
John Ladd 
Rich'' Beckwith 
Luke Harris 
Benj" Cutter 
Jesse Watts 
David Hodgman 
Josiah Brooks 
Roswell Waldo 
Gideon Delano 

[41] \^Reinonstrance of Selective ?i.~\ 

To his Excellencv the Governor, the Hon''''' senate and house of 
representatives in General Court Assembled, may it please 
your honors. 

We the Subscribers Selectmen of the Town of Alstead, beg 
Leave to inform your Honours that this day we ware inform'' 
that a Petition is now Circulating in the East part of this Town 
praying to be set oft' as a distinct Parish or otherwise as the 
General Court may think proper — this matter has twice been 
before the inhabitants of this Town and twice Rejected by a 
Large majority, as a division of this Town at present would be 
very injurious to this Town in General, and they have not 
brought there petition before the inhabitents to know their 
minds on the matter — as selectmen and Guardians of the public 
affairs we pray the petition aforesaid might not have a hearing. 

Alstead may 31*'' 1793 

Isaac Temple \ Selectmen 
Oliver Shepard J of Alstead 



[38] \_Pctiti'on for the Incorporation of a Religious Society. '\ 

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives for 
the State of New Hampshire in General Court Assembled. 

The Petition of a number of Inhabitants of the Town of Alstead 

in said State. 
Humbly Sheweth — That whereas your Petitioners being a com- 
pact Society in one part of the Town and some years past built 
them a meeting-house and settled them a Minister when there 
was no other settled minister in the Town, and have ever since 
paid a tax towards the support of their Society by themselves 
without being called upon to support the ministry any other 
way : but still we find ourselves under some embarrassments 
not having legal authority to call on one another for the taxes 
so made, and having got the approbation of the Town by their 
Vote in Town-meeting legally appointed therefor — Therefore 
your Petitioners humbly pray that all those now paying taxes 
or that may hereafter choose to pay taxes towards the support 
of the ministry & meeting-house with us may be incorporated 
into a Society solely for that purpose. — And your Petitioners as 
in duty bovmd will pray. 

Alstead 36* Nov'' 1793. 

NatW S. Prentice 
Isaac Kent 
Abel Phelps 
Oliver Brown 
William Wood 
Laban Johnson 
Spencer Brown 

John Wood 
John Bridgham 
Daniel Newell 
Nathan Fay 
Thomas Taylor 
Jedidiah Johnson 
Thomas Wait 

Solomon Prentice Jr James Arch 
Eli Harrington Larnard Mann 

Samuel Smith John Wait 

Amaziah Wheelock Stephen Bridgham 
Elisha Gale Moses Blanchard 

Sylvester Partridge Paul Gale 

John Bryant 
Jonathan Atherton 

Sardis Miller 
Thomas Wood 

Elijah Holbrook 
Jon"^ Newton 
Benj" Wood 
Asa Whitcomb 
Abra™ Brown 
John Brooks 
John Kent 
Jesse Fay 
John Brimmer 
EplV" Barnard 
Sartell Prentice 
Phineas Olds 
Samuel Ball 
Abel Childs 
Jonas Newton 

[The original was signed also by Abel Button, William 
Richardson, Aristides Huestis, Timothy Child, Eleazer 

In H. of Rep., December 31, 1793, a hearing was ordered 
for the second Wednesday of the next session ; meanwhile 
the petitioners were to post a copy of the petition in some 
public place in the town, and deliver a copy to the town- 
clerk, which the following certificates show was complied 
with. — Ed.] 


Cheshire ss. March ii* 1794. This petition and order of 
Court thereon was deli\ered to me this day — and this day I read 
it in open Town meeting in the Town of Alstead. 

Isaac Temple T : Clerk 

Agreeable to the order herein contained this Petition and or- 
der of Court has ben Posted up in the Town of Alstead. 

Tho'' Tavlor ^ 

Simon Brooks Tr. 01 ^ 

T 1 ry^i -^T ^ Selectmen. 

Job 1 hompson Jr j 

James Kingsbury J 

[37] [ ^^^^^ ^if Toxvn in Favor of the hicoi-poration of a Re- 
ligions SocietyJ\ 

In a warrant Legally executed for calling a Town Meeting in 
the Town of Alstead on the nineteenth day of Nov'"' Last past 
was the following article (viz) article 3^ 

To see if the Town will approve of the persons payi'ng Taxes 
to the Rev*^ Levi Lankton to be incorporated into a society by 
themselves for the purpose of Maintaining their minister and 
Meeting house. 

In Town Meeting Nov'''' 19''' i793' article 3*^ the Qiiestion be- 
ing put wheather the inhabitants of this Town will approve of 
the persons paying Taxes to the Rev'' Levi Lankton to be incor- 
porated into a society by themselves for the purpose of Main- 
taining their minister and Aleeting house passed in the affirm- 

A true copy of Record 

Attest — Isaac Temple T : Clei'k 

Alstead Dec'"' 20"* 1793. 


At the annual Meeting of the Inhabitants of the town of Al- 
stead holden March 10* 1795. 

Article 16"^ To see if the inhabitants aforesaid will vote that 
the persons that now do or may hereafter pay Taxes to the Rev^ 
Levi Lankton may be Incorporated into a Society for the pur- 
pose of Soporting their Minister and Meeting House. 

Past in the affirmative 
Alstead Moses Plale 

May 13"' 1795. Daniel Perin vSelect 

Abel Phelps \ Men of 

Jn" Brigham Alstead 

Ephraim Kingsbery 

The above is a true copy of record 

Attest Daniel Perin Town Clerk 


[The foregoing petitions, etc., resulted in the incorpora- 
tion of a society by the name of the Second Parish in 
Alstead, the act passing the house June 15, 1795, the sen- 
ate the next day, and receiving the approval of Gov. Oilman 
June 18, 1795. — Ed.] 

[43] \_Petition of Elisha Ki/igsbety for JLoan.'\ 

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of 
the State of New Hampshire to be Convened at Amherst in 
said State on w^ednesday the fourth day of June 1794. 

Humbly Shew^eth your Petitioner. 

That your Petitioner did in the year 1792 at great Expence 
build a Linceed Oil Mill, and in the year 1793, on his own Ex- 
pence & on the same Dam build a Paper Mill both which mills 
are neax'ly finished and do good business to the great advantage 
and benefit of the Public in this part of the State — That your 
Petitioner finds a great demand for his Paper, not only in this 
but in the Neighbouring State of Vermont so that not onh- the 
saving of the importation of that valuable article in this part of 
the State is made, but is also likely to bring a considerable 
Qiiantity of money into this part of the State. — That the de- 
mand for paper has increased so much that he finds himself 
unable to procure Stock sufficient to supply all his customers 
by reason of this great expence in Constructing his works 

Therefore prays that your Honors would grant him the Loan 
of two hundred pounds for one or two years upon security of 
the Mortgage of the Mill to the state that he may be enabled to 
carry on his works to the better advantage of the publick and 
save the Importation of those articles into this part of the state. 
And your Petitioner as in Duty bound will ever pray 

Alstead May 31"' 1794. 

Elisha Kingsbery 

[The foregoing was before the legislature June 9, 1794, 
and a committee appointed to consider the matter, but I am 
unable to find any record of their report. — Ed.] 



This town was granted in council May ii, 1722, to the 
children of Gov^ernor Samuel Allen, and to their heirs, and 
described as follows: " A Tract of land of four miles square 
adjoining to Chester side line, and Nottingham head line." 
A part of this was incorporated with Pembroke in Novem- 
ber, 1759. It was named Aliens-Town, in honor of the de- 
ceased governor. Among the first settlers were John Wol- 
cutt, Andrew Smith, Daniel Evans, and Robert Buntin, who 
with others were there previous to 1748. 

In June, 18 15, some territory east of Merrimack river, 
which had previously belonged to Bow, was annexed to this 
town. It was incorporated July 2, 1831. 

[R. 3] [ Certificate of Three Soldiers liable to have their 
Tax abated r\ 


this is to searty that george \vins John Jedkins and Jeanis 
megoy [McCoy] was in the Continentle serves agrebel to the 
vote of thes province past in the year 1775 should be teaken of 
John heyes By us 

that the pole tax is Benj matthes 

0406 p"' head Seclect men 

to the state 
13/6 Sv\^orn to June 12, i777' before 

W™ Parker Jus. Peace. 
Joseph Dennet Constable for 1776. 

[45] \_Retur7t of Number of Ratable Polls ^ ^/^^J-] 

In obedience to the Order of the Hon' General Court we the 
subscribers Select Men of Allenstown have made the Following 
to be the Exact Number of Rateable polls from Twenty one 
years old & upwards in the bounds of said Allenstown viz. 
thirty Polls 

George Evans ) Select 
Samuel Webster j men 
December 9"* A. D. 1783. 

To the Hon'*' the General Court of the State of New Hamp- 
shire at Concord. 


[The above was sworn to before Samuel Daniell, of Pem- 
broke, justice of the peace. — Ed.] 

[46] \^Petition for Abatej?iefit of T'ax.~\ 

State of New ") To the Hon''^'' the Senate and House of Repre- 
Hampshire J sentatives in General Court Convened the 14* 
day of June A. D. 17S6. 

The Petition of the Selectmen of Allenstown in the County 
of Rockingham. 

Humbly Sheweth That said Allenstown in the year 1781 was 
called upon by the authority of said State to raise one man to 
serve in the Continental Army three years or during the war 
between Great Britain and the United States of America at 
which time it w^as supposed by s'^ Town that there was then 
serving in the Army aforesaid a Man for said Town, which if it 
had been true would have prevented said Demand, but on trial 
before the Committee of safety it was determined against them, 
by means whereof s*^ Town lost a large sum of money which 
was paid him for engaging as aforesaid. Your Petitioners after- 
wards hired one Samuel Kennistown and went with him to the 
Muster Master, who Informed them that a few days before he 
was ordered not to Muster any more — since which an Extent 
hath been issued against the Select Men of said Town by the 
Treasurer for Seventy two pounds twelve shillings, and is in an 
officers hands to execute — As the said Town has ever procured 
their quota of Men during the late War, tho' but an Handful 
compared with the greatest part of the Towns in the State, and 
were unfortunately deprived of a Man they supposed that they 
had a right to, and who they paid for his Service, beg this 
Hon'''® Court would take their case under their Consideration 
and relinquish the w^hole or part of said svnu. 

And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray. 

") one, and in behalf 
George Evins V of the other Selectmen 
) of said Town 

[In answer to the foregoing petition the legislature abated 
forty-two pounds. — Ed.] 

[47] ^Petition for fnstice of the Peace. ^ 

State of New Hamp'' ] To his Excellency John Sullivan Esq 
Rockingham ss j and the honourable Privy Council 
for said State. — Humbly shews that the Inhabitants of Allens- 
town in said State — That your Petitioners tho' small in Numbers 
Consider themselves Entitled To Common Privileges with other 
Towns in general in said state, that Ever since the settlement of 



said Town, the Inhabitants thereof have been destitute of a Civile 
Magistrate To Transact the Nessary business of said Town, and 
have ever been Obleged annualy To appl}' at least six miles and 
some times more Distance from said Town To a magistrate To 
qalify Town officers, and frequently upon other business which 
Proves very inconvenient, and as they himiblv Conceive that 
there is a Person who is a Reputable free holder in said Town, 
well quallified To sustain such a Commission and the most 
likley To give general satisfaction as a magistrate, therefore 
humbly Pray that Capt. George Evins may be appointed a Jus- 
tice of the Peace in and for the County aforesaid, and your Pe- 
titioners as bound &c. 
Allenstown Nov. 17S7. 

Robert Bunten 
Samel Kinstone 
Clement M^Coy 
Danel Daves 
Ede Hall Bergin 


Samuel Xfisk 


Josiah Allen 
Jacob Gay 
John Trefethen 
Moses Leavett 
farik Luces 

Samuel webster Junr. 
Philip Sargent 
Zablon Davis 
Josiah Johnson 
Riley Smith 
Roger Dugan 
Leonard Harrington 
Ichabod Clark 
James kinniston 
John Tomson 
Jerimiah Jonson 

John Hayes 
Nathaniel Smith 
Garshom Dugan 
Ichabod Clark 
Charles Bamford 
Samuel Rowe 
Hall Bergin 
Samuel kinneson 
Samel york 
John Jonson 
John Robinson 

[This petition was not granted, 
one following. — Ed.] 

See document next but 

[48] \_Petitio?i for Authority to Tax Land for Repairing 
Highways^ etc.^ 

State of ) To the Hon'''*^ General Assembly for said State 
New Hamp'' j convened at Exeter Januai'y 7* 17^9* 

Humbly Shew the Inhabitants of Allenstown in said State — 
That from the first settlement of said Town, the Inhabitants 
thereof (who are very few in number, not exceeding forty rate- 
able polls) have been at the sole expense of maintaining all pub- 
lic roads in the same — that from the roughness of the land, the 
many streams running through said Town, and the small num- 
ber of Inhabitants, they find it exceedingly burdensome to keep 
the roads and bridges (some of which are long and very often 
carried away by freshets) in barely passable repair — that unless 
said Inhabitants can have some assistance from the Non-resident 
Proprietors or owners of lands in said Town, (who are by far 
the greatest part of the propriety,) they cannot possibly keep 


said roads & bridges in proper repair, they therefore pray your 
Honours to take this their petition under your wise considera- 
tion, and alleviate their distress by granting them liberty to 
assess one penny per acre on all the lands in said Allenstown 
improved and unimproved for the term of three years, for the 
purpose of repairing and making passable and convenient the 
roads and bridges in said town, and as bound &c. 

John Leonard ^ Select Men for and 
Josiah Allen y in behalf of the 

Nathaniel Smith J Inhabitants of 

[The foregoing petition was before the legislature Janu- 
ary 7, and a hearing ordered for their next session. June 
1 8, 1789, an act passed granting the request. — Ed. J 

[49] ^^Petition for the Appointment of George Evans.'\ 

To His Excellenc}' the President of the State of New Hamp- 
shire and the Honorable Privy Council Convened at Exeter 
May 1790. 

The petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Allenstown in 
said State Humbly Shews — 

That your petitioners are desirous that a Justice of the peace 
may be appointed in said Allenstown (as they never have as 
yet had the privilege of having one in said Town) and they beg 
leave to recommend to vour Excellency & Honors Capt. George 
Evans as the most suitable person in said Town for that office 
and we pray that your Excellencv & Honors would take the 
matter under your wise Consideration & appoint him y*^ said 
Evans a Justice of the peace in and for the County of Rocking- 
ham. And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray. 

Allenstown 5"^ Feby. 1790. 

Ede Hall Bergin Walter Bergin Joseph Y. Bergin 

Josiah Morse Hall Bergin Robert Bunten 

John Clark Amos Carlton Philip Sargent 

John Woodward Capt. Staren Sargent Theod Shackford 

John Bergin Jo^'i Leonard Josiah Allen 

John Leonard Juner John Hayes Samuel webster 

Nathaniel .Smith John Hartford Samel fisk 

John Johnson federch Luies [ .^] Samuel gooken 

Benjamin Mathies James Hartford Nathaniel Smith 

Zebilon Daves Samuel york Charles Bamford 

Joshua Cates Daniel Daves Jr Samuel Kinneson Jr 

Samuel Kinneson Sr Ichabod Clark Sr 
Ichabod Clark Jr 


[This petition resulted in the appointment of George 
Evans justice of the peace for the county of Rockingham, 
he thus becoming Allenstown's first magistrate. — Ed.] 

^50] \_Petition relative to Building Bridges over Stincook 

River. '\ 

To the Hon''''^ The Senate and House of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court convened at Hopkinton on the first Wednesday in 
June A. D. 1798. 

Humbl}' Shews The Inhabitants of Allenstown in the County 
of Rockingham that in the year 1759 ^- Township w^as incorpo- 
rated in said County by the name of Pembroke bounded wester- 
ly by Merrimac & Sowcook Rivers, Northerly upon Chichester 
& Epsom, & Easterly & Southerly by Stincook River: that 
when said Pembroke was incorporated, about one mile was 
taken off from the Westerly part of Allenstown & included in 
Pembroke : That the Inhabitants of Pembroke have unreason- 
ably refused and still neglect and refuse to build or keep in Re- 
pair any part of the Bridges over Suncook River under pretence 
of their not being liable by Law^ to build said bridges nor any 
part of the same, said Town being bounded by Suncook River 
in the act of Incorporation ; by reason whereof your petitioners 
are in danger of being Compelled to build & keep in Repair all 
the Bridges across said Suncook River, a burthen which your 
petitioners in their present situation are wholly unable to bear 
on account of the fewness of their Number & the great expence 
of maintaining & keeping in repair the other Roads & Bridges 
through their town — that the public have a long time suffered 
much inconvenience and Danger for want of good Bridges over 
Sujicook River., and that said Bridges are now in a Ruinous 
Condition, the lives of passengers being daily endangered in 
passing the same : Your petitioners further shew that if that 
part of Pembroke which was taken oft' from Allenstown with the 
Inhabitants was to be Re-annexed to said Allenstown it would 
not be more than their Just proportion of the Highway tax of 
said Town to Build and keep in Repair the bridges over Sun- 
cook river ; 

Wherefore your Petitioners Humbly pra}^ that that part of 
Allenstown with the Inhabitants thereof, which is included 
within Pembroke, by said Act of Incorporation, may be Dis- 
annexed from Peml^roke, and Joined again to that Tract of land 
known and called by the Name of Allenstown, That they may 
Thereby be Enabled to build & keep in repair the Roads and 
Bridges aforesaid, — or that such other relief in the premises 


may be afforded to your Petitioners as your Honors shall think 
Just and proper, And they as in Duty bound will ever pray 
Allenstown June 6'^ i79^* 

Israel Marden Theod. Shackford Jr. James Clark 

John Leonard Simon Johnson Daniel Kinneson 

Samuel Webster David Webster Nathaniel Smith 

Samuel Fisk George Evens John Gate 

Phillip Sargent John Hayes Samuel Davis 

John Johnson Theod. Shackford Nathaniel Smith Junr. 

Robert Bunten John Fisk Hall Burgin 

John Leonard Jr. James Bunten Samuel Wells Jur. 

Moses Leavitt John Hartford 

[The result of this petition was an act extending the 
easterly and southerly line of the town of Pembroke to the 
easterly and southerly bank of Suncook river. This act was 
approved December 24, 1798. — Ed.] 


This town was called New Durham Gore until it was in- 
corporated by its present name, June 16, 1796, with the fol- 
lowing boundaries: "Easterly on New Durham, northerly 
on Wolfeborough, northwesterly on Winnipisiokee Pond, 
westerly on Gilmanton, and southwesterly partly on Gilman- 
ton, and partly on Barnstead." A description of the bound- 
aries (1794) may be found in one of the following documents. 
In a petition for incorporation, dated 1794, the inhabitants 
asked to have it named Roxbury ; but it was finally called 
Alton, by one of the proprietors, after a town in Southamp- 
tonshire, England. It was first settled about 1770, by Jacob 
Chamberlin and others. Barndoor island was annexed to 
the town in 1799. A portion of the town was severed and 
annexed to Barnstead in 1840, and a portion to Wolfebor- 
ough in 1849. 

[51] \^yacob Chamberlin^ relative to Election of Represent- 
ative, 1778.'] 

To the honorable the house of Representatives for the State of 
New Hampshire gentlemen 

I who am an Inhabitant of the gore have by Accident heard 

ALTON. 45 

your Honours had sent a precpt to Wolfborough the gore and 
New Durham reqviiring these three towns to meet and make 
choice of some man to Represent them att the next general 
Court and as the Inhabitants of the gore had no Kind of notice 
or warning that there was to be such a choice — I applied to one 
of the select men of said New Durham to know the Reason why 
we were not notified and he told me it was no matter whether 
we knew it or not as there would be no choice though I thought 
it Very unreasonable that a New Durham selectman should De- 
termine whether we in the gore should be represented or not I 
cannot think why we were not notified unless it was for this 
Reason that as they know Wolfborough never attends the meet- 
ings they inight chuse whome they pleased and it seems they 
think they have no one in their town fit they must pitch upon a 
man near forty miles Distant who we think very little acquaint- 
ed with the Circumstances of the gore what ever he may be 
with Wolfborough and we Desire to submit it to yovu' honors 
whether such a person chosen in such an illegal manner — and as 
I have been informed only by 5 or 6 men — is a suitable person 
to Represent three towns — if we have no man among us fit for 
a Representative we had much rather confide in the wisdom and 
justice of your honours to Represent us than that any person 
chosen in such an illegal manner should presume to Do it — we 
vipon the whole think we are slighted and very ill treated in this 
mater and hope that your honours in your great goodness will 
see we have Justice Done us — I am in be half of the gore your 
most humble Servant Jacob Chamberlin 

Gore December the 11"^ 177S. 

[52] \_Petltion of the Inhabitants conce7-ning the same mat- 

State of New Hampshire. 

To the Hon'''*' the House of Representatives of the State of New 


The Humble Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of 
the Gore in the County of Strafford in Said State, Sheweth 

That we have been informed, their Honours the Late General 
Court had Sent a precept to the Select Men of New Durham 
Directing them to Notify the Inhabitants of Wolfborough and 
the Gore to Meet at Said New Durham for the Choice of a 
Representative to attend this present General Court and that 
notwithstanding the Same Direction we never had any kind of 
Notice or warning of such Meeting but the Inhabitants of said 
New Durham met and Chose a Representative which appears 


to US to be illegal and Pray the Said Choice may be set aside, 
that we may have the priviledge of Voting at any future Meeting 
for the Choice of Representatives which we think we have a 
just Right to Claim — And that the Inhabitants of Wolfborough 
have never attended Such Meetings on account of the Great 
Distance they are from New Durham Meeting House 

That they have intimated to us their Great Desire to be pres- 
ent at Such Meetings if the Place appointed was such as would 
Be Convenient for the three towns and That Lieut. Charles- 
Rogers at Merrymeeting Bay would be the most suitable at 
which Place they \vould punctually attend. And your Petition- 
ers as in Duty Bound will Ever Pray &c. 

Joseph Roberts) ^ , 
Charles Rogers >• 
i nnothy Davis ) 
George Horn Olivah Reave Benj'" Bennett 

Jacob Chamberlin EphraimChamberlin Ephraim Roberts 
Eleazer Davis John Barker 

[Col. Thomas Tash was the man elected. The matter 
was before the H. of Rep., March lo, 1779, and a hearing 
ordered for the 24th ; but in the Journal of the House for 
that day no mention is made of the matter, and I think it 
was dropped. — Ed.] 

[53] \_Petition relative to Roads through the Gore.'\ 

State of New Hamp"" | To the Hon'''" Covmcil and House of 
Strafford ss. j Representatives in General Assembly 


The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of a Place called 
the Gore adjoining New Durham and Wolfborough. Hvnnbly 
Shew that upon a certain Petition preferred to the General 
Court praying that a Waggon Road should be made & repaired 
from New Durham by Merry Meeting to Wolfborough through 
said Gore & another Road from said Merry meeting to Gilman- 
ton at the Cost of the owners of the Land through which said 
Road should run : upon which Petition on the 33'' day of June 
1780 — it was enacted that said Road should be made & repaired 
as aforesaid at the Cost of the Inhabitants & owners of said 
Gore, in the same Proportion as the State Tax, and that the said 
Inhabitants & owners shall be liable to the same Pains and Pen- 
alties as an}' Town in the State for not repairing Highways — 
by which act your Petitioners the Inhabitants of said Gore hrnn- 
bly conceive, that they are laid under greater Inconveniences & 
Disadvantages than any other Inhabitants of this State, by being 

ALTON. 47 

subjected to large Costs ; or to Pains and Penalties, for large 
Tracts of Land that your Petitioners never had any the least 
civil or political Connection with : Your Petitioners the said 
Inhabitants being few in number living upon the Borders of 
said Gore, owners only of the small Parcels of Land they sev- 
erally live upon, without the Benefit of any Incorporation ; being 
obliged to make all necessary Roads to their own abodes ; es- 
teem it a great Hardship which they are unable to go through 
in being obliged to make and maintain Roads through Land of 
others that your petitioners can receive no Benefit by : If such 
part of said Gore as would accomodate your Petitioners was In- 
corporated into a Town or Parish, your Petitioners would then 
esteem it reasonable to be made liable, with the owners of Land 
within such Incorporation to perform everything necessary for 
Highways ; or as that is not the Case your Petitioners are ^villing 
that their Lands should be rated in common with other Lands 
in said Gore, to all Necessary Highways. In which Sense your 
Petitioners humbly conceive to be the Prayer of the first Petition 
upon which the aforesaid act ^vas made otherwise your present 
Petitioners \vould have taken Benefit in shewing Cause whv the 
Prayer of the same ought not to have been granted. Wherefore 
your Petitioners humbly pray your Hon'''*' Court to take under 
Consideration their present Ciixumstances & inability to fulfil 
the Requisitions of said Act & to order that the Lands onlv in 
said Gore be taxed towards said Roads, and your Petitioners 
shall ever pray 

October 12"^ 1780. 

Joseph Roberts [ Select 
Eleazer Davis j Men 

[I have searched the Journal of the House for the next 
session, and find no reference to the matter. — Ed.] 

[54] {^Relative to Procuring Men for the Arniv.~\ 

Gore adjoining New Durham March 26* 17S1. 

At the anual meating held in said Town by the inhabitants 
by law Qiialified to vote in town afiairs. 

Voted that the said meating stand adjourned to monday 30* 
Day of Ap' to see if the Hon'''*" Court will consider ous in our 
Proportion of Taxes for the present year, we the s"! inhabitants 
think we are agreved — therefore beg your Honours would Con- 
sider ous being but few in Number & Likewis Poor & it is out of 
Power to get those men sent for to serve in the Continental ser- 
vis as being more than our proportion according to other Towns 
attes Joseph Roberts Town Clark 


Joseph Roberts Eleazer Davis Silas Buzzell 

Nathaniel Smith r\^• w d Robert Buzzel 

T • 1 c VI Oliver X -revey ,^ ^,., 

Josiah Smith ...^^k Moses Gilman 

John Glidden Jonas thanlaffin Charles Rogers 

^uTm w Tames Dudley 

W"' X more -L tt -^ 

ma;k George Horn 

Daniel Rogers Eph'" Roberts 

[55] '\_Reprcsentation of Inability to J^urnis/i j\Ien for the 


State of New^ Hampshire. 

To the Hon'^''^ the House of Representatives of the State of New 
Hamjishire or in their Recess To the Hon''''^ the Committee of 
Safety of said State. The Representation of the Select Men 
for themselves, and other Inhabitants of the Gore in the Coun- 
ty of vStrafford. Sheweth — 

That there is no more than thirty seven rateable Poles in the 
Gore, and those in general very poor and necessitous — and dis- 
persed over a large Tract of rough wild Land, that we are 
much in Arrears for our Beef and Men supplied last year, & the 
year before, & that but a small proportion of the Inhabitants 
have paid their last years taxes, and say they are not able to 
do it. 

That there has been demanded from us by the Hon'''" Court 
four Men to sen^e in the Continental Army for three years or 
during the War, when it is a common thing in other Towns for 
forty Men, much more able than we are, to be classed in one 
Class, to get one Man. 

That we have as we conceive been always much over rated, 
and altho' the Hon"^ Court have ordered a considerable Abate- 
ment in our Taxes, yet the Treasurer constantly sends his 
precept to us for the whole Sum demanded, and we are this 
year charged a high price, for the Deficiency of Beef not sup- 
plied last year, which we suppose ought not to be the case, as it 
is contrary to a Resolution of the Hon'''*^ Court. 

And that notwithstanding we Labour under so many peculiar 
Disadvantages, we have exerted ourselves to the utmost to get 
two Men, hoping if we could have succeeded in the Attempt, 
w^e might have been favored as to the other two, but we are 
sorry to say that after spending a great deal of Time and Money, 
we have not been able to get one Man at any Rate, we have 
offered our Cattle, part of our Lands, or any other Thing within 
our Reach, to no purpose. 

We thought it our Duty to make this Representation hoping 

ALTON. 49 

that we might be alleviated of some of our Difficulties, and that 
you might take such further order herein, as you in your great 
Wisdom should think fit. 
Gore July S"^ 17S2. 

Joseph Roberts ] Select 
Jonathan Coffin j Men 

The Select Men beg leave to note further, That if their w^hole 
proportion of Men are four the number now required of them ; 
allowing the above mentioned abatement their just pioportion 
would be but about three, altho. they have heard that the Shei"- 
ift'has a precept for the whole Sum in Lieu of the four Men. 

[56] \_CertlJicate of Number of Ratable Polls^ lySj.'] 

Straflbrd ss. Pursuant to A Vote of the General Court, This 
may Certify that there is forty Rateable Pools From Twenty 
One years Old and Upward Living In New Durham Gore 

Taken by Order of the Select men 

Gore December 3*^ i7^3 

Joseph Roberts Town Clerk 

Straflbrd ss. 

New Durham Gore Dec"" 3*^ 1783- Then the above named 
Joseph Roberts made Solemn Oath to the above Certificate by 
him signed that it Contained the full number of Rataeble Polls 
living in said Town 

Coram Matth^ T. Parker Jus. Peace. 

[58] [^Petition asking- to have the Aiinual Meetings held i?i 
March^ 1784^ legalized.'} 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon''''' the General Assembly of the State of New Hamp- 
The petition of the Subscribers chosen Select-men of the Gore 
in the County of Straflbrd in said State Humbly Shews. 

That the Inhabitants of the Gore aforesaid, held an annual 
Meeting in March last past, when they chose Select-men Col- 
lector &c. as usual at slich meetings ; but as their power of 
holding meetings ceased with the late proportion Act, their 
transactions were void of Course. 

Wherefore your petitioners pray that the Choice of Tow^n 
Officers, and other proceedings at said annual Meeting may be 
established, and the trouble and expense of another prevented. 
And your petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray &c. 

Joseph Roberts 
Joseph Peirce 
Eleazer Davis 



[This petition resulted in the passage of the following 
resolution. — Ed.] 

[57] \_Resolve legalizing Annual Meeting.'] 

State of New Hampshire 

In the House of Representatives Octo. 29, 17S4. 

Whereas the Selectmen of the Gore (so called) in the Coun- 
ty of Strafford have petitioned the General Court setting forth 
that the inhabitants of said Gore in Alarch last held a meeting 
& chose all officers as usual to assess & collect their Taxes, but 
as their power of holding meetings ceased with the late propoi"- 
tion act their proceedings were void — wherefore they prayed 
that the choice of officers & other proceedings at said Annual 
Meeting might be established. — 

Therefore Resolved. That the meeting held in said Gore in 
March last be established and the officers chosen to assess & 
collect their Taxes are hereby fully authorized & empowered to 
transact the necessary business of their respective offices as fully 
as if said Proportion Act had continued in force through the 
current year. 

And the officers chosen at said meeting are hereby empow- 
ered to call a meeting for the purposes aforesaid sometime in 
March next : And the officers for the respective years to call 
meetings annuallv to choose such necessary officers until a new 
proportion of the State Taxes shall be made. Sent up for Con- 

Geo : Atkinson, Speaker. 

In Senate October 30, 1784, read & Concurred 

M. Weare, President. 

[643^] [^Petition of Straffo7-d Cojinty People fo7- an Act of 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon'''*' the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Assembly convened — 

The Petition of the Subscribers who are Inhabitants of a cer- 
tain Tract of Land within the following Towns in the County 
of Strafford in said State viz'. Rochester, Barnstead, New Dur- 
ham and the Gore adjoining New Durham — Humbly Shews 

That said Tract described within the following Bounds, 
(Namely Begining at the northeasterly part of half moon pond 
so called in said Gore, then running North about one mile to 



the South Side Line of Thomas Packer's Lot of Land n" three in 
said Gore then running east about two miles to said New Dur- 
ham Line, then running North by said Line about forty Rods to 
the Southwesterly Corner of Samuel Oilman's Land in said New 
Durham then running North 48° East about half a mile to Tas- 
kers River, then running easterly by said River as that runs 
about three miles to Rochester Line, then continuing by said 
River about one mile, or so far as to take two Ranges of third 
Division Lots in said Rochester then running South 48° West 
about three Miles to Barrington Line, then running northwest 
by said Line to the Northerly Corner of Barnstead, then running 
South 48° West upon said I3arnstead foot Line so far as to con- 
tain four Ranges of sixty Acre Lots, then running Northwest or 
as the Range Line of said Lots run, about three miles, then 
running North about three miles to said Pond, and from thence 
across said Pond to the Place began at,) is a large Ridge of Land 
situate at the Extremites of the above said Towns and would be 
very convenient, and seems b}' Nature to have been designed 
for a Town or Parish by itself, as it is detached from the Center 
of said Towns by Rivers, low meadows, and other natural ob- 
structions by means of which the said Inhabitants your Peti- 
tioners, are exposed to great Difficulties in attending the annual 
and other public meetings so that your Petitioners are led to 
suppose they do not stand altogether upon so good a footing, 
nor partake of equal advantages with the other Inhabitants of 
said Towns by reason of their your Petitioners remote situation 
from the Center of said Towns. 

Therefore your Petitioners humbly pray that the above de- 
scribed Tract may be erected into a Town by the Name of . . . 
and that an Act of Incorporation may be passed vesting the 
present and all future Inhabitants of said Tract with such priv- 
ileges and Immunities as the Inhabitants of other Towns within 
said State do enjoy. 

And your petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray &c 

Dated May 20"' 1 788 

Jacob Chamberlin 
Joseph Evans 
Nathan kineson 
Solomon Drew 
Zebulun Davis 
Daniel Evans 
John Jorden 
Nathnel Stevens 
Thomas Lanch ( ?) 
David Killey 
Ebenezer Killey 

Benjamin Bickford 
Abraham Bickford 
Joshua Pevey 
John Roberts 
David Roberts 
Benj" Pevey 
Thomas Canney 
Moses Hayes 
Joseph Jackson 
Joseph Canne 
Benjamin Dow 

Zachariah Boodey 
Ichabod Russell 
Thos Young Jr. 
Chas Young 
andrew Bickford 
Ebenezer Horn Jr 
John akers 
Henry Buzzel 
Thomas Buzzel 
Joseph Allard 
John Murrey 


John Wingate Moses Avery Jonathan Folsom 

Joseph Emei-son Winthrop Ayers Timothy Davis 

Theoder Richards Thomas Ayers James Jewett 

Thomas Leathers James Lock Jun"" Thomas Dame 

John GHdden Solomon Crocket John Benor 

Jeremiah Pahner EphraimChamberlin Joseph quint 

Daniel Durgin Joseph Chamberlin Stephen meder 

Abi'aham Chamber- Clement Pinkham moses meder Jun 

lin John Pearl Dan X Benson his 

Isaac Chamberlin Sam Demeritt mark 

Eleazer Davis Edmund Tebbets -. v"' -r> i 

T 1 13 A4^ his lames X Palmer 

Lemuel B. Mason -^, , "'I ^. , ■, ^ S,\ 

-D , ^, 1 ,. Elemuel X Richard- y , ^ , 
Paul Chamberlm mari. r Joseph Jackson 

Benf Avery ^^^^^^^ ^ -^^^^^^L^^^Abraham Lebbey 

Sam' Avery t v, u j o i moses meder 

hu Ichabod Pearl t^^. , , r-i- i i 

T 1 w A ^.^^T^^^■ \ht- ^ JNicholas (jlidden 

Iseral X Avery William vVinget -o • • t -i i 

Tohn Aver ^""''"'^ ^^^'''' Benjamin Libby 

^JL, -X .. Eleazar Bickford 

Ebenezer JN utter 

[In H. of Rep., June 17, 1788, hearing ordered for next 
session. — Ed.] 

[59] \^Pctition of the Inhabitants to have JVew Dza'ha^n Gore 
hicorporatcd^ iyg4.~\ 

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives, 
for the State of New^ Hampshire, to be convened at Amherst 
in said State on the first Wednesday in June next. 

The petition of us the subscribers Freeholders and Inhabi- 
tants of a place called New Durham Gore, in the County of 
Strafford and vState aforesaid. 

Humbly Sheweth — That your petitioners have a long time la- 
bored under many inconveniencies, for want of an incorporation, 
in their not having legal power, to lay out and make roads for 
the accommodation of the Inhabitants and public, to build a 
meeting-house for public worship, settle a minister of the Gos- 
pel, raise money for the maintenance of schools, and to transact 
and do many other things relative to town affairs, which the In- 
habitants of incorporated towns in this State by law^, exercise 
and do, notwithstanding which difficulties they have always 
cheerfully contributed their full proportion toward the support 
of Government and been firmly attached to the Laws of the 
State. Your Petitioners therefore pray that the abovementioned 
Tract of Land, now called New Durham Gore, and bounded as 
follows — to wit — Beginning at the south westerly corner of New 

ALTON, 53 

Durham and running north by the side line thereof about nine 
miles and three quarters, to the north westerly corner of said 
New Durham, then running North forty eight degrees East, by 
said New Durham line about two miles and three quarters to 
the southerly corner of Wolfborough, then running north west 
to winnipeseoke pond, then running by the shore of said pond 
as that runs a westerly course as far as Gilmantown line, then 
southerly upon said Gilmantown line as far as the line of the 
town of Barnstead, then rvnining south east or as said Barn- 
stead line runs to the Bounds first mentioned. — may be erected 
and incorporated into a township by the name of* Roxbry, and 
that the inhabitants thereof may be erected into a Body politic 
and corporate to have continuance and succession forever and 
invested with all the powers and enfranchised with all the rights, 
privileges, and immunities which other towns, in this State hold 
and enjoy, to hold to said inhabitants and their successors for- 
ever — And that Mr Eleazer Davis may be avithorized to call a 
meeting of said inhabitants to choose all necessary and custom- 
ary town officers, giving such notice and under such regulations, 
as your honors may deem necessary and that the officers then 
chosen may be invested with all the powers of such officers in 
other towns in this State. And that every other meeting, which 
shall be annually held in said Gore, for that purpose, may be on 
the second Monday of March forever, or otherwise point out 
any other mode of relief to your petitioners in the premises, as 
your honors in your wise consideration shall think best, and 
your petitioners as in duty bound will ever prav — 

New Durham Gore March the 31''' Anno Domini 1794. 

Lem^ B. Mason Samuel mc cluer Charles Rogers 

Micajah Hanson Ebenezer Place Jr Jonathan Coffin 

James M^Duftee Stephen Fall Samuel Rogers 

Ebenezer Wentworth Jonathan Molton Simon Clamp 

Jun. Moses Meader Jr. Thomas flanders 

Joseph Roberts Nicholas Glidden Thomas Lanchlen 

Thomas Edgerley Thos. Bennett George Walker 

Jon'' M'^Duflee Samuel Elkins Ebenezer Went- 

Ephraim Chamberlain Eleazer Davis worth 

Jr Benj" Bennett Elisha Drew 

John Ra\\lings Dan' M'^Dufiee Jr. Israel vStockbridge 

Thomas Dutton Robert E. Buzzel [name illegible] 

Silas Buzzell William M'^Dufiee Jacob Chamberlin 

Aaron Allard Lemuel Durrell Jr 

David Glidden Ephraim Chamberlain Richard flanders 

Moses Gilman Jonathan Laighton Jr John Folsom 

*The names New Dover and Liberty had been inserted next, and crossed off. 


Benjamin Shepard Ichabod Rawlings Stephen Drew 
Jonathan Leighton Jonathan Laighton 3*^ James Woster 
Thomas Edgerly Jr Ithamar Bnzel [ ?] Theoder Richards 
James Roberts James Rogers Jeremiah Wood- 
Joseph Chamberhn pauI Leathers man 
Joseph Buzzell Paul Chamberhn Reuben Smith 
Andrew Edgerly Eph'" Roberts 
Anthony Rawlings Tristram Hurd 

[61] \_Petitioii of Joseph Peirce^ I'JQ4.'\ 

State of New Hampshire \ To the Hon'''*^ the Senate and House 
County of Straflbrd j of Representatives in Gen' Court 
to be convened at Amherst in said State. — The Petition of Jo- 
seph Peirce of New Durham Gore in said County 

Humbly Shews — That a petition signed by sundry of the In- 
habitants of said New Durham Gore has been presented to the 
General Court, praying that the Tract of Land called New Dur- 
ham Gore in said County might be incorporated, and have such 
Privileges as other towns of said State enjoy — That it is not con- 
venient said Tract should be incorporated as the form of the 
same is such, that the Inhabitants never can without much diffi- 
culty meet together for public worship, for the doing the neces- 
sary town business, or for any other public or social purposes, 
as said Tract is not six miles wide in the widest part, and that 
Part is separated and divided for several miles together by a 
large Arm of Winnepisiokee pond called merry meeting bay, 
that said tract is nearly sixteen miles in extent from the most 
southeasterly to the most northwesterly part of the same, and 
the difficulty of passing from one to the other is greatly in- 
creased by the intervention of large and almost impassable 
Mountains low wet grounds and swamps that the most south- 
easterly part of said Gore is an acute angle, and your petitioners 
farm is so situated as to make said Angle, and is removed 
further from the Centre of said Gore, than any other farm in 
the same, is, or can be. That your Petitioners said farm which 
contains about fifteen hundred Acres is about seven miles from 
said Centre, and the roads leading to the same go over veiy 
high hills, and are in general very rough, and ever will be very 
uneven, That your Petitioner has left the employments he for- 
merly pursued, and has for several years last past engaged him- 
self in cultivating waste Lands, making public roads, and ad- 
vancing the general good of said State, That your Petitioner 
never had any thought that said Tract of Land wovdd be incor- 
porated, more especially as said Inhabitants have heretofore at 

ALTON. 55 

a public meeting held for that purpose, voted that they \vould 
not petition the Legislature for such Incorporation — That such 
incorporation if had, would evidently lessen the value of your 
Petitioner's Interest in said Gore — and would place him in a sit- 
uation much worse than he now is. — Therefore your Petitioner 
asks of your honours, that, if the Legislature should pass an Act 
incorporating said New Durham Gore, that the said farm of 
your Petitioner may not be included in said Incorporation, or 
that his said farm may be made into a separate corporation, or 
that your honours would take such other order thereon, as you 
in your great wisdom shall think fit. 
New Durham Gore Alay 27'*^ i794- 

Joseph Peirce 

[63] \_AIemorial relative to Incorporating the Town^ l'/g4.'\ 

To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of 
the State of New Hampshire to be convened at Amherst in 
and for said State on the first Wednesday in June next. 

The petition of the Subscribers, freeholders and Inhabitants 
of a certain tract or parcel of land called New Durham Gore. — 
Humbly Sheweth That whereas we understand sundry Inhab- 
itants of said Gore are about petitioning the General Court of 
said State, for an incorporation, which if granted without the 
liberty herein after exprest will greatly distress the undersigned 
petitioners as well as the Inhabitants of the other remote and 
attenuated parts, of said Gore, by reason of its being so exten- 
sive in length and running into sharp peaks and narrow cor- 
ners, which lap over, cover and lye behind almost impassible 
Mountains — and your petitioners living in the southerly peak of 
said tract and so far distant, from the intended center as to ren- 
der it utterly inconvenient for them to be connected or embodied 
with the aforesaid applicants and would greatly lessen their 
property. But they are of opinion that a town or parish might 
be formed and erected out of the middle of said tract of land by 
cutting oft' the several corners of it agreeably to a plan thereof 
herewith exhibted.* 

Your petitioners therefore pray, that in case said incorpora- 
tion should take place, your honors would reserve liberty, for 
your petitioners and such others as now do or may hereafter 
live in the aforesaid extreme parts or corners of said tract of 
land, at any time when either of them may think it convenient 
to be set of with their estate and be annexed to anv other towns 
adjoining, as they may see fit and which shall be willing to re- 

* This plan may be found in the office of the secretary of state, Town Papers, Vol. i. No. 


ceive them, in such way and manner and under such regulations 
as your honors shall think fit — otherwise we shall forever be 
debarred from town privileges merely because it has been our 
misfortune to settle in this tract of land, which was left out in 
the running the other towns adjacent, for the owners of Masons 
right and which we never expected would be incorporated in 
its present form, but would be annexed to other towns — which 
might have been obtained without difficulty or objection had it 
been seasonably requested, but we are sorry to say that we 
have every reason to believe, our Brethren are too much biased 
to consult the Benefit of their Neighbours as well as themselves 
— ^but we are convinced, that a bare suggestion of our situation 
to your honors, to whom we look up for protection as to our 
Fathers, vs'ill be sufficient. 

New Durham Gore May the 27"" A. D. 1794. 

Timothy Davis Zebulon Glidden Johi^ Penny 

Nicholas Glidden Zebulon Davis Moses Meder 

Gideon Davis Thomas Norton 

[63] \^PetUion for an Act of Incorporation^ i'/g6.'\ 

To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives in 
General Court convened at Exeter in & for the State of New 
Hampshire on the first Wednesday of June Anno Domini 
1796 — Humbly Shew 

The subscribers, your petitioners, inhabitants of a place called 
and known by the name of New Durham Gore in the County 
of Strafford in said State. That your petitioners are by means 
of their present situation subjected to many disagreeable incon- 
veniences, being unincorporated, and of course deprived of 
those privileges and immunities enjoyed bv the neighboring 
towns. That the land on which your petitioners are settled 
and that which remains as yet in a state of nature is good and 
capable of rapid improvement, was settlement further encour- 
aged by an incorporation. 

That we are already more numerous than many places, within 
our knowledge, which have been admitted to the enjoyment of 
town privileges ; and that a speedy augmentation of numbei's 
can only be retarded by the want of an incorporation. That 
we are deprived of the speediest and most eligible method of 
raising mone}- for the support of the Gospel ministry, schools, 
and for the laving out, making and repairing highways. That 
your petitioners conceive an incorporation would remedy many 
evils besides those above enumerated ; be a means of dissem- 
inating knowledge and contentment among the inhabitants, 



conduce to a speedy settlement of unimproved lands, and finally 
add a respectable town to the State of New Hampshire. 

Your petitioners, therefore, pray your honors that they may 
be ranked among the happy citizens of this State by being ad- 
mitted to an incorporation ; and as in duty bound will ever pray. 
Jvme 6"' 1796. 

Jacob Chamberlin } o i 
James M'^Duffee [ 
Daniel M-^Duftee ) '^^" 

Jonathan Leighton 

Jonathan Leighton 

James Rogers 

Ebenezer Went- 

Benj Bennet 
Thomas Edgerley 

George Walker 
Paul Chamberlin 
David M<=Duftee 
Jacob Chamberlin 


Lem' B. Mason 
John Rawlings 
John Plumer 
Thomas Jewett 
Silas Roberts 
Thomas Lanchlen 
Oliver Peavey 
Ebenezer Went- 

worth Jr. 
Joseph Roberts 

Thomas Edgerley 
Samuel Rogers 
W"^ M^Dutlee 
Anthony Rawling 

Charles Rogers 
Joseph Chamberlin 
Hezekiah Davis 
Jonathan Leighton 
David Hayes 
Aaron Allard 
David Wentworth 
Thos Bennett 
Andrew Edgerley 
James Roberts 
Eph'" Chamberlin 

Jon» M<=Duflee 
Ichabod Rawlings 

[The foregoing petition was before the H. of Rep., June 
13, and a vote passed granting the petition; the Senate 
concurred, and an act of incorporation received the ap- 
proval of the governor, June 16, 1796. — Ed.] 


The town was granted by the general court of Massachu" 
setts, in 1728, to the ofificers and soldiers then living, and 
the heirs of those who had deceased, that served in the Nar- 
raganset war in 1675, and was called Narraganset No. 3 ; 
afterward Souhegan West, until it was incorporated Jan- 
uary 18, 1760, and named Amherst, in honor of Lord Jaf- 
frey Amherst, commander-in-chief of the British forces in 
America at that time. The first meeting of the grantees 
was held in Danvers, Mass., July 17, 1734. Samuel Lam- 
son and Samuel Walton settled there about 1735. They 
came from Reading, Mass. 


A large portion of the town of Monson was annexed in 
1770; the largest part of the town of Milford was taken 
from it in 1794 ; and the whole of Mont Vernon, as original- 
ly constituted, in 1803. Amherst had some 275 men, in the 
war for independence, in the regular army and in the vari- 
ous militia expeditions ; was represented in the " Boston 
Harbor tea-party," December 16, 1773 ; and in the " Con- 
cord fight," April 19, 1775 ; had a full company at Bunker 
Hill, and one at Bennington. It was made the shire town 
for Hillsborough county in 1771. 

[65] \_I?ihabita?its^ Petition for Incorporation^ ^753'\ 

To his Excelency the Governor and to the Honourable Council 
of the Province of New Hampshire. 

This huml^ly sheweth that we the vSubscribers Inhabitants of 
a New Plantation or Township called Soughegen West or Nar- 
raganset No. 3, being Invironed with many irremidable Dificul- 
ties under our present situation as the Barer will Inform earn- 
estlv pray that his Excelency with your Hon* would incorporate 
us that we might enjoy the valuable Liberties and priviledges of 
a Town, and we Beg that the Charter of the Town may Bound 
us westerly on the Township commonly called Salem Canada 
Northerly on New Boston so called Easterly on Bedford and 
part of Merimack Southerly on Souhegan River so called. 

All which is humbly Submitted to your Excellencies and 
Honours wise Council as we in Duty Bound shall ever pray. 

Dated at Souhegan West January y'^ 26* 1753- 

Daniel Wilkins Ebenezer ElHnwood beniamin Wilkins 

Ebenezer L3-on Ebenezer Ellinwood Jr Israel Towne 

Andrew Bixbe John Smith John Everden 

Joseph Steel Andrew Seetown Robert Read 

Hugh Ross Josiah Sawyer Joshua Abbott 

Josiah Abbott Ephraim Abbott Samu' Lamson 

beniamin Lovejoy Solomon Hutchinson Caleb Stiles 

Samuel Lamson juner Benjamin Taylor Joseph Boutell 

Joseph Ellinwood Robart Stuard Sameul Stev^^ard 

Beniamin Chevar William vStewart Josep Clark 

Daniel Wilkins William Bradford 

[Extract from Journal of the House, January 31, 1753 :] 

Whereas there are sundry persons inhabiting within the Prov- 
ince of New Hampshire, upon a tract of land called and known 
by the name of Souhegan west, the major part of which lies 


within no township * * * therefore Voted^ that part of 
Souliegan west not within any township be one District, * * 
and that an act be drawn up to obHge them to pay their propor- 
tion of the Province tax, and to enable them to raise the same. 

[Extract from Jour, of C. and Ass., January i8, 1760, p. 


His Excellency ordered the Secy to read at the Board the 
Petition of the Inhabitants of a Place called Sowhegan West, 
pi'aying for a charter of Incorporation, and asked the Council 
whether they advised him to grant the same by a charter for 
some limited time, to which the council did advise & consent 
and accordingly the charter was read & advised to by the Board. 

[Under date "Amherst Dec"' 7*^15, 1761," the selectmen 
applied for an extension of their charter, which seems to 
have been limited to two years, and appointed Col. John 
Goff to attend to the matter. 

(Town Papers, vol. ix, p. 13.) January 7, 1762, the coun- 
cil advised the governor to " continue to the said inhabitants 
the privileges and immunities in the aforesaid charter until 
his Majesty shall be pleased to signify his approbation or 
disallowance of the same." — Ed.] 

[R. 5] \^Abstract from Lieut. Ebeiiezer Lyon's Petition., 
Soldier., j'/6o.'\ 

[In a petition to the governor and council, dated Amherst, 
May 9, 1760, Lieut. Ebenezer Lyon states that while in the 
province service his gun burst and wounded his hand badly, 
for which cause he was laid up at Oswego and Albany, and 
asks to be remunerated for his expenses at those places, 
amounting to £2^, old tenor, and for the following surgeons' 
bills :] 

Hollis April 15, 1760. Lieut. Ebenezer Lyon of Sowhegan 
Dr. to me for 2 visits & attendance while Lame with his hand 
is ten pounds thirteen shillings and fore pence old tenor, 
a true account errors excepted 

John Hale 
Amhirst May y'^ 3'^ 1760. 

Lieut. Ebenezer Lyon D"" to me for salves and Oyntments 
and attendants when Lame in his hand Eighteen pounds old 
Ten"^ — a true account attest 

Israel Towns 


[February 4, 1763, he was allowed two pounds two shil- 
lings sterling, money of the last emission. — Ed.] 

[66] \_PetitioJZ relating" to Divisloii of Monson^ iy6j.~\ 

To His Excellency Bening Wentworth Esq. Governor and 
Commander in Chief in and over His Majesties Province of 
New Hampshire, and the Honovn"able his Majesties Councill 
and House of Representatives in General Court Assembled — 
The memorial of Ruben Mussey and others Inhabitants of the 
Town of Amherst in the Province aforesaid Humbly Sheweth 
that latly an advertizement was published in Monson in the 
Province aforesaid signed by the dark of the House that not 
only a petition was preferred to the General Court aforesaid by 
the Inhabitants of Monson aforesaid ; vsdierein they prayed that 
the south side of Monson consisting of about a Mild and an 
half might be annexed to Hollis by an act of Court, but that 
the said Petition was considered in the Assembly and Con- 
curred in Councill that the day appointed for hearing and con- 
sidering said Petition is the first Wednesday in April next if the 
Court be then sitting if not the second day of the next session — 
and that anv person concerned may then shew Reason if any 
they have why the prayer of that Petition may not be granted — 
May it please your Excelency and Honours if we should pre- 
sume to give Reasons whv the Prayer of said Petition may not 
be granted perhaps some may say that we are busying ourselves 
in other mens matters — But we are well assured that your Ex- 
celency & Honours will see otherwise when you take the Cir- 
cumstances of Monson under your wise Consideration when 
the south side is annexed to Hollis ; viz that then their designs 
point directly at us, for we are well assured that your Exelency 
and Honours will see that they are then brought into Distress- 
ing Circumstances not only by the smallness of their numbers 
which will consist at most with not more than twenty Set- 
tlements but also by the smallness of their Town — which will 
be but bearlv three Milds wide one Mild of which is Reputed 
very poor Broaken Land not fit to make many if any good 
Settlements ; so that it will be necessary that they be annexed 
to us or part of us to them — the consequence of which will 
be verv fatal to us ; for it will remove our Meeting House and 
Consequently our Minister and if it should be a means of his 
leaving of us, as he declares he will if these Designs are effect- 
ed for he thinks it very hard, and unreasonable that he who be- 
gan with us in our Infancy and Spent the Prime of his life 
attended with the greatest fatigues in building up a flourishing 



ToAvn to be turned out of Dooi^s with a numerous family in the 
Decline of his life to begin the world anew — and further with 
the lowest submission we beg leave to she'w your Excelency 
and Honours that if our Minister leaves us, by those means we 
apprehend that we shall be thrown into the utmost confusion 
and a quarrel will commence that will be handed down from 
generation to generation and never end, and it is easily seen 
that such quarrel and confusion will effect the Government as 
it will obstruct the future growth and prosperity of the Town — 
Therefore being well assured upon former experience that your 
Excelency and Honours in your great wisdom and clemency 
will lay no plans to anoy the peace and prosperity of your 
most DutifuU subjects, so your Memorialists as in Duty bound 
will ever pray. 

Dated at Amherst the 2'^ day of March annoq Domini 1763. 

Reuben Mussey 
Josiah Abbott 
Hugh Ross 
David Burns 
John Mitchell 
John Burns 
Timothy Smith 
John Harwood 
Amos Truel 
Andrew Shunan 
James Cochran 
Ebenez'' Weston 
William Melendy 

Jacob Curtice 
Abijah Lovejoy 
William Felton 
Samuel Bradford 
Joshua Patingall 
Ebenezer whettimer 
Ebenezer Ellinwood 
Ebenezer Holt 
Timothy Mackintier 
John Cole 
Joseph Ellinwood 
Joseph Bouttell 
Andrew Seetown 

James Seetown 
Andrew Bixbe 
Hezekiah Lovejoy 
Jacob hildredth 
William Bradford 
Moses Truel 
Benimien Davies 
Oliver Sanders 
Kendal Bouttell 
Daniel Weston 
Jon" Lamson 
Joseph Lovejoy 
Nathan Fuller 
Thomas Towne 
John Patterson 
Benjaman Lovejoy 

Jacob Dresser 
francis Eliott 
Ezekiel Holt 
Simeon Flecher 
Abner Hutchinson 
Eben'' Ellinwood Jr 
Solomon Hutchin- 
David Heartshorn 
Joseph Prince 

Jonathan Lyon 
Moses Brown Jr. 
Samuel Seetown 
Joshua Abott 
Thomas Clark 
David Truiel 
Ephraim Lund 
william odel 
W^illiam Melendy 
John Davis 
Benj"* Lovejoy 
Elisha felton 
Benjamin Taylor 
Tho* Wakefield 
Oliver Carlton 
Nathan Phelps 
Benjamin Clark 
John Seecomb 
Rowlandson Ellin- 
Jedediah Ellinwood 
John Steward 
William Hogg 
John Averill 
Caleb Stiles 
Thos Averill 

[See next paper. — Ed.] 


[67] \_Me?norial of Rev. Daniel Wilkhis^* iy6j.'] 

To His Excelency Bening Wentworth Esq"" Governor & Com- 
mander in Chief in and over his Majesties Province of New 
Hampshire & the Honorable his Majesties Council and House 
of Representatives in General Court Assembled. 

This memorial humbly sheweth that the Towns of Hollis 
and Monson was lately notified of a Petition preferred to the 
General Court, to anex the South Side of Monson to Hollis by 
an Act which when done I humbly conceive will leave the Re- 
mainder under such circumstances, as that they cannot subsist 
alone (their Town then being but three Milds in wedth and very 
small in number not exceeding Twenty settlements) so that it 
will be necessary that they be annexed to us or part of us to 
them the consequence of which will not only prove fatal to our 
Town, but to me also ; it will not only throw an immense cost 
upon them in pulling down our present Meeting House (which 
is as large as Meeting Houses commonly are in the Country 
lately finished & situated to accommodate more people then 
any one Meeting-House can in the Town or in Monson) and 
cause them to build two instead of one (too heavy a burden at 
present for Amherst) and also this scheem will prove very fatal 
to me ; for it will remove the Meeting-house far from me at 
least two Milds, the travil of which will be too great a fateugue 
for me now in the Decline of life ; and to purchase & build 
again I am not able — and besides the present scheem will 
doubtless kindle a fire that will not go out in this age if ever ; 
so that if the Difficulties of travil could be removed, yet may 
it please your Excelenc}- & Honours I must conclude to live in 
the flames of Contention or else pull up stakes with a numer- 
ous famely now in the Decline of life the latter of which I shall 
choose. In a word I am aware of one great Argument they 
will use to inforce their Petition, and it is this (Viz) that the 
centre of their Town is such a broaken piece of Land that 
they cant without a great — be accommodated with Roads, to 
this with submission I reply that within half a Mild of the 
north side of our Meeting house there begins a Brake of Land 
and extends to the north line of our Town, across which a 
great number of families mvist travel if we have two Aleeting 
houses in the Town ; which Brake of Land I am so well ac- 
quainted with that it appear as practicable to me to make a 
road over the eminence of Jo-Englishes Hill as to make roads 

* Rev. Daniel Wilkins came from Middleton, Mass.; graduated at Harvard college in 
1736; was ordained minister of the township, Sept. 23, 1741, and remained there until he 
died, Feb. 11, 1784. Among his descendants were Hon. James McKean Wilkins, George 
Wilkins Kendall, founder of the New Orleans Picayune, Gen. John A. Dix of New York, 
and Rev. E. R. Wilkins of New Hampshire. 


feasible for travllling over said Brake of Land ; that this may 
more plainly appear to your Exelency and Honours the Select 
men of our Town went to look out a Road across part of it the 
better to accommodate some of our Inhabitants and found it 
impracticable — Now when your Exelency and Hon""* in your 
great wisdom consider how I began with this people when they 
were small in mmiber, but fourteen families and also the great 
fateugues and Dificulties that I endured for many years to build 
them up such a flourishing people especially in the Last War 
before this in encouraging a small number of families not ex- 
ceeding Thirty to keep their Possessions which if I had desert- 
ed the whole Town would have disbanded and perhaps had 
been a howling Wilderness to this day as in the case of other 
deserted places whereas now it is a flourishing Town, capable of 
bearing a considerable part of the Province Taxes and would 
be a place of great unimimity were it not for the scheem of 
splitting to pieces to satisfy the avaritious desire of some par- 
ticular Gentlemen — as also the Miserable condition that my self 
and my numerous famely will be in if I am obliged to leave 
the people by this means, I am well assured that your Exelency 
and Hon'^^ in your great wisdom and Clemency will favour no 
scheem that has any tendency to make your inost dutifull sub- 
ject Miserable and so your Memorialist as in Dutv bound will 
ever pray 

Daniel Wilkins 
Dated at Amherst the 28* March 1763. 

[The petition from Monson which caused these remon- 
strances will be found with Monson papers. It was granted 
a hearing in the house, June 3, 1763, and "dismissed." — 


To His Excellency John Wentvvorth Esq. Captain General 
Governor and Commander in Chief in and Over His Majes- 
tys Province of New Hampshire, The Hon''^^ His Majestys 
Council and the Hon'''" the House of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Assembly Convened 

The Petition of us the Subscribers, Freeholders of the Respec- 
tive Towns of Amherst, New Ipswich, Nottingham West, Dun- 
stable, Litchfield, Merrymac, Bedford, Denyfield, Dunbarton, 
Hopkinton. Weare, Mason, New Boston, Lyndeborough, Wil- 
ton, Temple, Boscawen, and Henniker, all in the County of 
Hillsborough in said Province which said Petitioners are Agents 
Legally Chosen and Constituted for the said Towns whereof 
they are Inhabitants, Humbly Sheiv^ That in the month of July 


A. D, 1772 An Action was brought by one John Hohand against 
Joseph Kelly of said Nottingham West Returnable to the then 
next Inferior Court to be held at Amherst aforesaid in October 
1772 and said Kelly was Committed to Goal for want of Bail. 

That at the same Court the said Cause was Called upon Tryal 
and said Kelly then a Prisoner and under the Power of said 
Court did (as your Petitioners are well informed) Move the 
said Court by his Council, that he might be present at the Tryal 
of said Cause, or that it might be Continued, neither of which 
were granted, but it was Ordered that said Kelly should be 
Defaulted : and Entered up Judgment against him in favor of 
said Holland for the sum of seventy five pounds Lawful Money 
Damage, and Cost of Court taxed at about Three pounds. 

That on or about the 14* Day of October aforesaid said Kelly 
made his escape from said Goal, and at the Court of General 
Sessions of the Peace held at Amherst for said County by ad- 
journment in June last upon application made by said Holland, 
the Justices made a Grant to said Holland of the said sum of 
Seventy Five pounds and Cost on Account of his said Judg- 
ment ; Obtained as aforesaid, to be paid out of the moneys of 
the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of said County ; without 
giving the Liberty of a Jury to inquire into the same, and 
wheither there had been any negligence in the Sheriff' in the 
said Escape. 

That your Petitioners (as soon as they were Apprized of 
these matters) Agreed in the most Dutiful manner to make a 
Remonstrance to the said Court, and did accordingly Petition 
said Court in August last past. Humbly Praying to be heard on 
the Premises by Council, and that the Court would reconsider 
the Judgment aforesaid and Reverse the same as being Errone- 
ous and that the Treasurer of said County might be Directed 
not to issue the said Sum of money on Account of said Kellys 
Escape ; But it was carried by one that the Court had not Power 
to reverse the said Judgment, after the Court in which it was 
obtained had been Dismissed without Day, and rejected the 
prayer of said Petition, and said County is now Liable to pay 
the said Money. 

That your Petitioners apprehend that the said Sheriff' was 
very negligent in his Duty not attending the Goal himself, and 
suffering all Deputys and servants to be out of Town on the Day 
of said Kellys Escape. 

That your Petitioners are Determined upon every Occasion 
to Testify their Duty and Loyalty to his Majesty, and all in au- 
thority under him ; but think that in duty to the County they 
ought not to give up the point, without Petitioning Your Excel- 
lency and Honours as the last Resort. 

That they Humbly Conceive they have been hardly dealt 


with, that if Kelly had been permitted to have appeared in 
Court and his Case Committed to a Jury the said Holland would 
not have Recovered more than Five pounds (if any thing) . 

Wherefore your Petitioners Most Humbly Pray Your Ex- 
cellency and Honours consideration of the matters aforesaid, 
and that they may have redress therein, either by Tryal of said 
Kellys Case by a Jury, or by such ways and means as to your 
Excellencv and Honours may seem most meet. 

And your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall Ever Pray &c. 

Amherst December i**' 1773. 

Benj*. Kenrick 1 Agents for 

Daniel Campbel J Amherst. 

Isaac How | Agents for 

Tim" Farrar j New Ipswich 

John Hazeltine Junr. Agent for Nottingham West 

Jon'' Lovwell ] Agents for 

Joseph Whiting j Dunstable 

Jon'' Blanchard ) Agents 

John Neal V for 

William Alld ) Merrymac 

Daniel Kendall Agent for Litchfield 

James Martin Agent for Bedford 

James M'^Calley Agent for Derryfield 

Caleb Page Agent for Dunbarton 

Stephen Harriman Agent for Hopkinton 

Sam' Caldwell Agent for Weare 

Archibald M*^]Millan, Jas. Caldwell, Agents for New Boston 

David Blodgett Agent for Mason 

John Stephenson Agent for Lyndeborough 

Jon" Martin Agent for Wilton 

John Cragin Jr. Samuel Howard Agents for Temple 

Henry Gerrish Agent for Boscawen 

Jonas Bowman Agent for Henniker 

In Council Jan^ 20, 1774, Read and ordered to be sent down 
to the Hon"'' Assembly. 

Geo : King D Sec^. 

[In the House, January 21, 1774, the foregoing petition 
was dismissed. 

See Town Papers, vol. ix, p. 21. — Ed.] 


This Certifies that Esq. Shepard in Ap' 1775 Went with a 
Detachment of the Melitia Consisting of about one hundred 
men from Amherst to Cambridge aided assisted & Comforted 
them, & at Cambridge left with them two Spanish Milled Dol- 
lars. Josiah Crosby 


[R. 7] \^Petitio7i of Peter Robertson^ ivotinded at Bunker 

State of New Hampshire. 
To the Honorable the Council & House of Representatives In 
General assembly Convened at Exeter Sept. 7? i77*^- 

Humbly Shews Peter Robertson of Amherst in said State 
Taylor That your Petitioner on the alarm of the Battle at Lex- 
ington In April 1775. Immediately Repaired to Cambridge 
where he did Duty as a Soldier That in may following he in- 
listed himself as a private Soldier into The Service of This Col- 
ony in The Company Whereof Archelaus Towne was Captain 
That on y^ 17"^ of June Following the Company was ordered to 
Repair with all speed To Bvmker Hill to Defend the Lines, 
That in passing the Causeway a Cannon Shot took oft' pai^t of 
your Petitioners Right Arm and by That means he is Rendered 
almost Incapable of providing for himself and family (having 
entirely Lost his Trade) That your Petitioners Relations & 
friends Live in England, that He has been in This Colony but 
a few years. That He has no Person to expect any Support 
from. That as he was Brave altho unfortunate he Entreats & 
Solicits your Honours Compassion and Charity and for whose 
Prosperity & happiness with that of This State he will ever pray 

Peter Robertson 

The Deposition of Ephraim Hildrith of Lawful age Testifies 
and says, that on or near about two months before Benjamin 
Whiting Esq'' absconded & went to the enemy, he was at my 
house & in conversation he said M"" Jonathan vSmith had former- 
ly given him a piece of Land adjoining To the goal in Amherst, 
which land he the s'' Whiting vSaid he would give it back to the 
said Smith. & if he had, had The Deed about him he would 
then settle the land on s*^ Smith except there was a prospect of 
his Comeing into his ofiice again. 

Ephraim Hildrith Jun'' Deposes to the above 

Ephraim Hildrith 
Ephraim Hildrith Junr. 

Hillsborough ss. May 21^' 177S. Personally appeared Eph- 
raim Hildrith & Ephraim Hildrith Jun'' & after due Caution 
and Careful Examination made Solemn Oath to the Truth of 
the above Deposition by them Subscribed 

Coram Moses Nichols, J peace. 

[R. 8] \_Abstract of Susa??na Munroe's Petit/on, i^/p.'] 

[Susanna Munroe, of Amherst, wife of Josiah Munroe, a 
lieutenant in Col. Cilley's regiment, states in a j^etition to 


the general assembly, convened at Exeter, June 25, 1779, 
that her husband is absent in the army ; that there is due 
to him ^560, depreciation money, which she needs to sup- 
port herself and family, and asks that it may be paid to her; 
which request was granted, and the money ordered to be 
paid accordingly. — Ed.] 

[R. 9] \_Josepk Wilson's Receipt^ ^779-'\ 

Amherst 1779 In June 

Rec'^ of John Bradford and others the Sum of Six Pounds 
thirteen Shillings and four Pence L. M. after the Rate of Indian 
Corn at three Shillings and Six Pence a Bushel for which Sum 
I Promise to serve one year in the Continental armey 

Joseph Wilson 

[R. 10] \_Abstract of Petition of William Hastings^ y^'"i 
ivotinded Soldier. '\ 

[William Hastings, Jr., of Amherst, in a petition dated 
March 8, 1779, says he received a dangerous wound in one 
leg while fighting in Col. Peabody's regiment, in Rhode 
Island, and asks for an allowance to pay his doctor's bill, 
and a further sum to enable him to place himself under the 
care of Dr. Kittridge of " Tukesbury." Signs his name with 
a cross. 

He was wounded by a cannon ball, August 29, 1778. The 
committee on sick and wounded soldiers reported that he 
was entitled to half-pay, and his name was placed on the 
pension-roll. — Ed.] 

[72] [^Relative to raising Men for the Army — 7to date., prob- 
ably 1779.'] 

State of New Hampshire. 

To the Honourable Gentlemen, the Council & House of Rep- 
resentatives in General Court Assembled. 

The prayer of your Humble petitioners Sheweth that whereas 
the Gen' Court of this State hath Repetedly sent to the Town of 
Amherst for their Qiiota of men for three year or during the 
war, but without any eftect, the Town of Amherst have neg- 
lectted to Rais their men until the authority have justly sent an 
Extent against the Town for the same faillure — 

We your Humble petitioners are so unwilling to be numbered 


amonghst those who neglect delay or Refuse to maintain and 
support the present war as long as the United States thinks it 
nessasary, and whereas the method that this Town hath lately 
taken has not answered the purpose to Raise the men, and this 
Town Refuses as a towne to take any other meathord to Raise 
their men, than by a Rate we therefore your huinble petitioners 
pray that your Honovn^s would grant to us to Class ourselves 
according to our poles and Estates in order to Rais our propor- 
tion of the Men which this Town has lately ben sent to for, for 
three years or during the w^ar. And likewise to Excuse us from 
paying any part of a fine or Extent that Shall Come against this 
Town, Realative to these men lately sent for Provided that we 
git our Qiiota of the Men Immediately, which purpose may and 
Shall be atiected without delay. And your petitioners as in 
duty bound Shall Ever pray. 

John Bradford Enos Bradford William Lamson 

Joseph Perkins William Bradford Jr John Cole 

Jos'^" Wilkins Richard Goold Abijah Wilkins 

Eli Wilkins Daniel Goold Nathan Jones Jr 

Joseph tuck Joseph Langdell John Averell 

Oliver Carlton Jonathan Wilkins Jr Ezekiel Upton 

Nathan Flint Enos Upton Nathan Flint Jr 

Thomas Carlton Peter Woodbury Alien Goodridge 

James Ray James Hopkins James Marvel 

Andrew Bradford Joseph Steel Robert Parker 

James Woodbury Benjamin Simonds Joseph Farnum 

John Mills William Bradford 
Moses Nichols in behalf of himself & Class. 

[73] \^Selectmen relative to raising Men^ iYyg.~\ 

To the Hon'^''' the Council and Assembly of the State of New 

May it please your Hon" 

The prayer of your Humble Petitioners Sheweth That where- 
as there is a call upon this Town for a Number of Soldiers as 
their quota for the Continental service during the war, and 
whereas at the request of the Militia Officers an article was in- 
serted in a late w^-^rrant for a Town Meeting To see what 
method they would take to raise said men and at said Meeting 
it was voted That the selectmen in behalf of the town should 
Petition the legislative authority of the state (as some persons 
have heretofore refused to do anything Toward carrying on the 
present war and have not done anything to forward our Cause 
since the commencement of this war) That they would be 


pleased to point out some method whereby those persons might 
be made to do their equal proportion with others — Wee there- 
fore pray That you would be pleased to point out some method 
for the same and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever 

Amherst June 11'^ 1779. Stephen Peabody "^ Selectmen 

Timothy Smith I r 

Tho^ Wakefield f , ,^ \ 
T- c, ^ Amherst. 

James Seetown j 

[R. 11] \^Capt. Archelaus Toivne's Petitio7t^ ^779'~\ 

To the Hon^'*^ The Council & House of Representatives & Gen- 
eral assembly to Convene at Exeter on Wednesday the 16''* 
Day of June Current — 

The Petition of Archelaus Towne of Amherst Htanbly Shew- 
eth That your Petitioner with his son Archelaus Towne Did 
on the 24**^ day July 1777 Set out from Amherst as Volunteers 
& marched & Joined the Continental army Commanded by 
Gen' Gates. Went Scouts & Did duty as other soldiers — and 
was in the battle of the 19 of Sept. Near Stillwater — & Contin- 
ued in s'^ army untill about Four Days before Gen' Burgoin 
Surrendered, being Very Sick I was obliged to Return home- 
ward — for all which Service I have not Rec'' any Recompence 
of any Person for me or my .Son — }-our Petitioner prays an al- 
lowance for his Time & sons as others had That went as Vol- 
unteers & your Petitioner as in Duty bound Will Ever pray 

Dated Amherst ye 15"' June 1779. 

Arch^ Towne 
[R. 12] 

This may Certify that I saw Capt. Archelaus Towne of Am- 
herst in the front of the battle on the 19"' of Sepf 1777 at Be- 
mas's heights and spake with him in the height of the battle — 
I saw his son Archelaus the next day & he told me That he was 
in s'' Battle which I believe altho' I did Not se him in it — 

Robert B. Wilkins 
Sargent in Capt. Isaac Frye's Comp'y 

[Sworn to before Moses Nichols. 

Dr. John Hale, of Hollis, "Surgeon to Col'' Cilley's 
Reg™*," also certifies to having seen them both there. — Ed.] 

[87] \^North-xvest Parish Protest^ 7-ecorded in Town Rec- 
We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the North W^esterly Part 
of the Town of Amherst having Repeatedly Petitioned the 



Town of Amherst to be set oft' as a Distinct parish and 
we think have made very Reasonable offers of Doing our 
parts of Defraying the Charge of Maintaining the Gospel and 
other Necessary charges while We Congregate with this Town 
but our petitions have been Hetherto Rejected we therefore 
hearby Enter our protest against Mr. Jeremiah Barnards being 
settled in this Town as our Minister or any other Ministers 
while we Remain in Conjunction with this Town and our Re- 
quest not Granted. 

Nathan Flint 
Larraford Gilbert 
Oliver Carlton 
Alien Goodrige 
Isaac Weston 
Joseph Farnum 
William Lamson 
Benjamin Starns 
Nathan Cole 
John Averell 

Samuel Stearns 
Peter Woodbury 
Night Nichols 
John Mills 
Joseph Tuck 
Joseph Perkins 
Joseph Langdell 
Eli Wilkins 
Joseph Lovejoy 
Enos Upton Jr. 
Jacob Smith 

John Cole 
Lemuel Winchester 
James Woodbury 
Abijah Wilkins 
Joshua Wilkins 
Josiah Dodge 
Thomas Weston 
William Bradford Jr 
John Harwood 
James Smith 

[This document has no date, but was probably signed 
sometime in the year 1780. — Ed.] 

[R- 13] 

[In a petition dated Amherst, Oct. 14, 1780, William 
Bradford, Jr., states that he served as lieutenant in Capt. 
Jason Wait's* Co., Cilley's regiment, until Aug. 24, 1778, 
and asks for his depreciation money, which was granted. — 

[R. 14] 

[January 25, 1780. The town presents bill for supplies 
furnished by James Woodbury to "those women whose 
husbands are in the Continental Army." 

Mrs. Tuttle, wife of Nathan Tuttle, ;£ii2 — 12 — 10 
Mrs. Cochran, wife of James Cochran, ;Qi<^ — 4 — 4. — Ed.] 

[R- 15] 

[January i, 1781. The town presents bill for supplies 
furnished during the past year to the families of John Mitch- 
ell, William Brown, Nathan Tuttle, James Cochran, Farror 
Miller, Ebenezer Williams, and Richard Hughes, conti- 
nental soldiers. — Ed.] 

* Jason Wait was of Alstead. 


[R. 16] 

[The following is a detailed bill, which will show the 
prices of those days :] 

The Town of Amherst to Dan^ Campbell Dr. 
To the following articles purchased for & Delivered to the 
wife of John Mitchel one of their Continental vSoldiers 
1780 oct. 30. to 2 Bushels Turnips at 18 Doll* 10 — 16—0 
31. to ij4 "■ Potatoes at 20 '' 9— o — o 
to 3 " Apples at 12 " 10 — 16 — o 
Nov. 10 to 175 w' of Beef at 4 DolP 210 — o — o 

14 to 3 Bushels of Potatoes at 20 DolP iS — o — o 
25 to I Peck of Salt at 20 — o — o 
27 to two Bushels of Potatoes at 20 Dolls 1 2 — o — o 

Dec'' 6 to 60 w* of Pork at 5 Dolls 90 — o — o 

15 to three Bushels of Rye at 70 Dolls 63 — o — o 
to keeping a Cow six Weeks 36 — o — o 

Stated price taken out 4 — 15 

True Errors Except 474 — 7 

Dan' Campbel 

[88] \^Pctition for N'orth-xvest Parish, lySo.'] 

To the Hon''''' The Council and House of Representatives in 
Gen' Court Assembled at Exeter in the State of New Hamp- 

The prayer of your Humble Petitioners Sheweth That in our 
Judgment The Town of Amherst is of so great an extent and 
its Inhabitants so numerous and scattered That it is more than 
any one Minister can take charge of and Propperly doe his duty 
to so great and scattered a Congregation and that many People 
who live at so great a distance as four five six and some more 
than six miles distance from meeting and cannot Conveniently 
attend there with their families might be much better Covened 
to attend the worship of God at meeting with their families. If 
there were a Parish sett of in the Northwesterly part of the 
Town of Amherst in the manner folllowing (Viz) Beginning 
at the Northwest corner bounds of said Amherst which is a 
great Rock at New Boston line from thence runing southerly 
on Lyndeborough line about two Degrees east four miles and 
an half to a Pine tree marked which is the southwesterly corner 
bounds of the lot of land on which Thomas Town Jr. now lives 


Then nearly an east point Two miles lacking eleven rods to the 
southeast corner bounds of the lott of land on which Amos Green 
now lives Then runing about north on the east line of said 
Greens land half a mile to land of Elisha Felton to a stake and 
stones Then east sixty five rods to a Maple tree blown Down 
Then north about Two Degrees west half a mile on the easter- 
ly line of said Feltons land to a small heap of stones which is 
the northeast corner of said Feltons land Then nearly east by 
land of Ephraim Abbott fifty eight rods to a stake and stones 
which is the southeast corner of the lott of land on which said 
Abbott now lives Then north about Two Degrees west partly 
by said Abbotts land partly by the Highway aljout half a mile 
to the corner of a stone wall which is the southwest corner 
Bounds of Nathan Jones's land Then runing east half a Degree 
north Eighty five rods by land of said Jones Then north Two 
Degrees west nearly about Three miles to New Boston line. 
Then westerly on said New Boston line Two miles and an half 
and about fifty rods to the first mentioned Bounds and as there 
are some persons living within the Bounds above mentioned 
who are unwilling to be set oft' as a Parish We pray That you 
would be pleased to set us oft' as a Parish with Town Priv- 
ileges, or otherwise if it might as a Town with such part of the 
Town of Lyndeborough as by Petition appear to be Desirous to 
be set oft' to us, According to the Bounds above discribed allow- 
ing those persons who living within said Bounds and are unwill- 
ing to be set oft' the Priviledge of being Considered as Inhab- 
itants of and belonging to the Town of Amherst and the first 

Your Honours Compliance will greatly oblige 3'our Petition- 
ers who as in duty bound shall ever pray. 
Enos Upton Samuel Stearns Jr Richard Gould 

Oliver Carlton Nathan Flint Jr Thomas Carlton 

Stephen Peabody Nathan Tuttle Alien Goodridge 

Joseph Langdell Isaac Smith Abijah Wilkins 

Ezekiel Upton Daniel Smith Jeams Hopkins 

Thomas towne Timothy Smith Jr Eli Wilkins 

Joseph Duncklee Stephen Washer Joshua Wilkins 
James Woodbury Nathaniel Heywood John Averel 
Robert Parker Amos Stickney James wSmith 

Daniel Gould Richard Ward Jacob Smith 

Josiah Dodge William Wilkins Henry Campbell 

Solomon Kittridgejr Peter Woodbury William Bradford Jr 
Joseph Perkins John Cole Nathan Jones Jr 

Nathan Cole Enos Upton Jr Joseph Tuck 

John Mills Zephaniah Kittridge Daniel Wilkins 

Joseph Farnum James Ray Timothy Jones 

Knight Nichols Daniel Simonds John Harwood 


Sam' Stearns Daniel Simonds Jr Lemuel Winchester 

Isaac Weston Nathan Flint 

[The foregoing is not dated, but was probably 1780.- — Ed.] 

[7"^] \^Pctition of S7indry Inhabitants to be set off ait d consti- 
tuted a nexv Parish^ Ij8i.~\ 

To the Honourable Council and House of Representatives in 
General Assembly Convened at Exeter in the State of New 
hampshire on the 14"' of March 1781. 

The Humble Petition of the Several parsons whose names 
are hereto set and subscribed Inhabitants of Amherst in the 
County of Hillsborough Chiefly in the North west part of said 
Town. Sheweth that your Petitioners Labour vuider very Great 
Difliculties Respecting our attending the Publick worship at 
the Stated place in Amherst Besides the Dissatisfaction which 
your Petitioners have manifested with thare Settling of M'' Jer- 
emiah Barnard as a Minister of the Gospel in this Town and In 
as much as your Petitioners have Requested Repeatedly of this 
Town to be set oft' as a Parish but have been as often Denied ; 
we have likewise Repeatedly Petitioned this honourable assem- 
bly to be set oft' as a Distinct Parish but the Honourable Court 
did not think meet to Grant our Petition we therefore your Pe- 
titioners are Still Left under the Same Disagreeable Circum- 
stances and besides our other Grievances, our Local Scituation 
is Such (as your Petitioners think) Calls for a Separation, we 
therefore your Petitioners Pray that this Honourable Assembly 
would be pleased to Grant us a Committee to View our Local 
Scituation and other circumstances and make Report to this 
Honourable Court as soon as may be that this Honourable Court 
may be more fully Informed of our Local Scituation and other 
Circumstances. In Patient Expectation of which your Humble 
Petitioners as in Duty Bound will ever Pray 

Nathaniel Haywood Nathan Jones Jr John Averill 

Oliver Carlton James Smith Jos'' Wilkins 

Joseph Langdell Jacob Smith Daniel Wilkins Jr 

Josiah Dodge Joseph Lovejoy Joseph tuck 

John Cole Abijah Wilkins timothv Smith Jr 

William Lamson Eli Wilkins Nathan Flint 

Peter Woodbury Daniel Simonds William Bradford Jr 

Daniel Smith Isaac Smith J"bn Mills 

Joseph Farnum Lemuel Winchester Andrew Leavitt 

Knight Nichels James Woodbury Samuail Starns 

John Harwood Enos Upton Ezekiel Upton 

Hannah Peabody William Wilkins James Hopkins 


Thomas Calton Joseph Perkins Amos Stickney 

Joseph Dunckle John Dunckle Richard Gould 

AHen Goodridge Thomas Towns Jr Nathan Cole 

Richard Ward Jeremiah Burnam Daniel Gould 

Robert Parker Joseph Steel Timothy Smith 

Nathan Flint Jr 

We the Subscribers Living in the Southwesterly Part of Am- 
herst Plumbly Pray that your Honours would Grant us the same 
favor that the above Petitioners Pray for & your Petitioners as in 
Duty Bound shall Ever Pray 

Stephen Burnam Andrew Bradford Ebenezer Averill 

Elijah Averill William Peabody Jr John Bradford 

Will'" Wallace Elisha Hutchinson John Wallace 

Benj" Hutchinson Nathan Hutchinson Jr Josiah Crosby 

Nathan Hutchinson William Peabody John Burns Junr 

Caleb Jones Bartho' Hutchinson Joshua Burnam 

Abner Hutchinson W" Crosby Joseph Crosby 

Thomas .Spiller Josiah Crosby Israel Burnam 

t79] [ ^^py '^f ^ Remo77strance zvhich xvas laid before the 
Council "Lvhich ordained Mr. Barnard^ i'j8o.'\ 

To the venerable the Ecclesiastical Council now convened for 
the purpose of setting apart and Ordaining M'' Jeremiah Bar- 
nard to the Pastoral Charge of the Church of Christ & Peo- 
ple of the Town of Amherst. 

The Memorial and Remonstrance of us Inhabitants of s*^ Am- 
herst humbly sheweth : That your Memorialists think them- 
selves much aggrieved and are highly displeased with the Pro- 
ceedings of that part of the Church and People of this Town of 
Amherst who have taken it upon themselves (against so much 
opposition) to call and invite the s'' M^ Barnard to take upon 
himself the sacred Office & Character of a Gospel Minister in 
this Place who (strictly speaking) has never even been heard a 
Day on Probation for settlement here, As also with the Conduct 
of the s"^ M^ Barnard Consequent thereupon. — First then we are 
not (now) about to object to the legality of the Towns Proceed- 
ings : But however Legal their Proceedings may have been :" We 
do aver that they have been by no Means justifiable : (In our 
humble Opinion) the Measures that they have adopted have 
been rash, hasty. Ungenerous & Imprudent: & in the room of 
having a Tendency to promote that Brotherly Love & Aftection, 
which for a long time past have been the Strongest Bands of our 
Union, have a direct tendency to promote Division Malice 111 
Will Dissention Animosities & heart Burnings one against 


another Which horrid train of e\ils we humbly deprecate and 
earnestly pray God to avert. — It is to be observed that at the 
Time the several Church & Town Meetings were called relative 
to these Transactions, or for the Purposes aforementioned, the 
Severity of the Season was such & the great & extraordinary falls 
of Snov\' about that Time rendered a general attendance of the 
Town morally impossible : In these circumstances, Gentlemen 
(with submission) what ought to have been the Conduct of the 
Town ; on a Matter of so much Weight and Importance ; Ought 
they not to have adjoin-*^ their Meetings from Time to Time, un- 
till the true sense of the People could have been deliberately 
taken — On the other hand how have they conducted those most 
weighty Matters, have they not push'd them forward with the 
greatest precipitation : & notwithstanding they had but a small 
Majority of Votes on their side, have Law3'er-Like grasped hard 
at a Point of Law : not considei'ing that extreme Right is often 
times extreme ivrotig; paying no manner of attention to the op- 
position which altho' they are rather the Minority as to Num- 
bers are the Majority in the Pay of the Town & in Case M"' Bar- 
nard shovdd be settled here ; we must be compelled to pay the 
Major Part of his Settlement & Salary, which we humbly con- 
ceive will be a grievance which cannot be justified either upon 
the Principles of civil or Religious Liberty. 

With Regard to M"". Barnard our personal Acquaintance with 
him is but slender, neither have we sought every Means & Op- 
portunity for a more intimate and perfect knowledge of his 
Character & Abilities which we might have done & should have 
done perhaps had we really esteemed him as a Candidate on 
Probation for Settlement among us — We alledge therefore noth- 
ing against his moral Character Life or Conversation — neither 
do we mean to accuse him of delivering anything contrary to 
Sound Doctrine. But however we must say that he is not the 
Man of our Choice, that he is not the Man that we should 
choose for our Spiritual Guide : for our Instructor in the great 
& deep Mysteries of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Neither do 
his Discoui'ses (however doctrinally sound they may be) appear 
to us to be delivered in Demonstration of the Spirit. & with 
that Life Power & Energy that we could wish for : nor yet with 
that Clearness & Perspicuity, that we think we should have a right 
to expect from a Man thoroughly furnished to every Good Work, 
& from one that might come to us in the fulness of the Blessings 
of the Gospel of Peace — It is such a Man that we want. And 
we think we have a right to covet earnestly the best Gifts Ap^ 
to teach. To conclude we hope that the sight of so manv names 
as will be annexed to this Memorial will be suflicient to con- 
vince M^ Barnard that he ought not think of Settling where 
there is so little Prospect of his being Beneficial unto the People 



or comfortable to himself. But (with due submission) Should 
M"". Barnard be so much mistaken as to think differently, & 
should even this venerable Council (in such Case) proceed to 
Ordination ; Candor obliges us (however disagreeable the ne- 
cessity of dissenting from so worthy a Body) to say that we 
cannot (in Justice to our own feelings) patiently aquiesce in a 
Decision (in our opinion) so manifestly injurious both of the 
Rights of civil & Religious Liberty — We shall however rest 
satisfied, that the venerable Covmcil will lay hands suddenly on 
no Man : & that the Prayer of this Petition will be fully granted 
by their refusing to ordain (under the present Circumstances) 
M^ Jeremiah Barnard to the Pastoral Charge of the Church of 
Christ & People of this Town. In patient Expectation of which 
your Memorialists as in Duty bound will &c. 

Stephen Burnham Capt Andrew Brad- Joseph Lovejov 
ford '~ 

Solomon Kittridge 

Samuel Henav 

Lt. William Brad- 
ford Jr. 

Nathan Flint 

Joseph Dunkle 

Lt. Joseph Farnum 
William Wallace 
Lemuel Winchester 
Abner Hutchinson 
Elisha Hutchinson 
James Woodbury 
Solomon Kittredsfe 

Caleb Jones Jr. 
John Burnes Jr 
Benj'' Sternes Jr 
Enos Upton Jr 
Thomas Burns 

Isaac Abbott 
Robert Parker 
Oliver Carleton 
Ezekiel Upton 
Jeremiah Burnam 

Nathaniel Heywood Joseph Langdell 
John Patterson Peter Woodbury 

Daniel vSmith James Smith 

Benj" Hopkins Jacob Smith 

Daniel Symonds Jr Ebenezer Averill 

John Averil 
John Harwood 
Joshua Burnam 
Samuel Dodge 
Caleb Jones 
Amos Stickney 
W" Peacock 
Knight Nichols 
Thomas Town Jr 
James Russell 
W"' Hogg 
Laraford Gilbert 
Samuel Sterns 

A true copy 

Jonathan Graham 
Joshua Wilkins 
Capt William Pea- 
John Cole 
James Hopkins 
Joshua Clark 
Daniel Lovejov 
Benjamin Hutchin- 
Joseph Tuck 
Samson Crosby 
Daniel Gould 
Jacob Burnap, 

Timothv Nichols 
Richard Gould 
Darius Abbott 
Lt. John Mills 
John Stewart 
Timothv Smith Jr 
Thomas Carleton 
Abijah Wilkins 
Ephraim French 
Timothy Smith 
Nathan Cole 
Benj" Temple 
W" Melendy 
John Harvel 
John Arbuckle 
W'" Lam son 
John Burns 
Daniel Symonds 
George Burns 
Capt John Bradford 
Richard Ward 
William Wilkins 
Daniel Wilkins Jr 
Nathan Jones Jr 
Josiah Kidder Jr 
Allen Goodridge 
Nathan Hutchinson 

Josiah Dodge 
Eben"" Hopkins 

Scribe to the Covmcil 



To the Hon*"*^ the Councel & Gen' of the Hon''^'^ House of Rep- 
resentatives in General Assembly Convened at Exeter in the 
State of New Hampshire, 14* March 17S1. 

The Humble petition of the Several persons whose names 
are hereto set and subscribed, Inhabitants of Amherst in the 
County of Hillsborough, living Chiefly in the Northwest part 
of s"! Town Sheweth that the Rev^^ IVf. Daniel Wilkins the 
former Minister of Amherst Being By age and infirmitites 
Rendered incapable of Duty the Town Choose a Committee to 
hire preaching until another minister should be ordained. By 
wdiich Means the Reverend M^ Jeremiah Barnard was intro- 
duced into the Church there, only By way of Supply, the Town 
not being in a proper sittuation for settling a Minister, however 
the s"^ M^ Barnard Officiated there for some time. 

That your petitioners for Reasons hereafter mentioned Could 
By no Means Rest Satisfied under his ministry, and openly 
Disapproved of him Notwithstanding which a party was form*^ 
In favor of s*^ Barnard which party taking advantage of Calling 
Church and Town meetings, when the Severity of the season 
was such and at times when such abundance of snow had fallen 
that it was Extreamly Difficult (if not morally impossible) to 
have a general attendance of the Town inhabitants, it was Car- 
ried By a very small Majority to give the s'^ M^ Barnard a Call, 
and an Ecclesiastical Council was Convened at Amherst on the 
first Day of March 1780, for the purpose of ordaining him. 
That although your petitioners were Convinced to their great 
grief and sorrow, (by being outvoted) that they were not the 
greatest part of the inhabitants of said Town yet Being Con- 
cious of their weight and Importance (as paying a greater part 
of Taxes, than those that Voted in favor of M"^ Barnards set- 
ling) they did think themselves agrieved in having the s*^ M"". 
Barnard imposed upon them, in that unfair mant/er^ and 
they did (previous to said ordination) sign and adress a Me- 
morial and Remonstrance Couched in the strongest, But most 
modest Terms to the said Council, setting forth amongst other 
things that with Regard to M^ Barnard they must say, that he 
was not a man of their Choise, that he was not the man that 
they should Chuse for thire Spiritual Guide, [here follows an 
extract from the document next preceeding this — Ed.] and pray- 
ing the Venerable Council that the said M''. Barnard might not 
be ordained. To which said Memorial yovu" Petitioners pray 
leave to refer themselves, and that it may be taken as pai't of 
this Petition. That Notwithstanding there are some few of 
your Petitioners who did not sign said memorial yet did they 
ojDpose the said M"". Barnard's being Settled as their minister 


and did in the strongest (though) modest terms, Manifest to the 
said Council their disapprobation of the said M'. Barnards be- 
ing ordained as a minister of the Church and People of this 
Town. — That notwithstanding the said Memorial & Remon- 
strance, Council thought fit to ordain and did accordingly or- 
dain the said M^ Barnard. In consequence whereof ; for the 
reasons aforesaid and also because the said M''. Barnard and his 
Party Cany the advantage they have gained in manner as be- 
fore set forth with a high hand, your Petitioners cannot in con- 
science resort to the now place of Public Worship in Amherst, 
nor Can they joyne in prayer nor in communion with the said 
M"'. Barnard, nor reap any benefit by his discoui'ses, so that 
they wholly absent themselves, and may be said to be without 
any settled Minister. Moreover under all these difficulties and 
hai-dships, which they labor under, your Petitioners are liable 
to be rated their Equal proportion of rates towards the support 
of the said M'^ Barnard and as under the foregoing Circum- 
stances your Petitioners think Hard of paying them, it seams 
to open a doore of Contention & Law suit which they would 

That your humble petitioners in Expectation of being set of, 
as a separate parish, did sometime ago at their own proper 
Charge build a Commodious Meeting house at the said N : W : 
part of said Amherst and have hired preaching for some time 
past hoping at the same time to have enjoyed the priviledge of 
a minister of their own Chusing our Local sittuation Being such 
as Required the same. But that not Being granted by the then 
Hon''''' Assembly Your Petitioners now have Recourse to your 
Honours, praying that you would take their most unhappy 
Cases into your Searious Consideration. And that they may be 
at liberty to bring in a bill whereby they may be severed from 
the saidnow meeting house and Minister, and from any future 
Minister there and from paying any rates for the repairs of the 
said meetinghouse or support of the now minister, or any future 
minister of the same, and that your Petitioners may be Invested 
with the Power of assessing levying and Raising money for 
keeping their said meeting-house in Repair when the same shall 
be in want thereof and for seteling and constant maintaining a 
Gospel minister in said N : W. Meeting house. And that it may 
and shall be lawful for any now minor Children or Servants 
of your Pef^ as soon as they shall Come of age to pole off* 
if they see fit, and join such future Minister or ministers of the 
Gospel at the said Northwest Meeting House, and may in like 
manner be declared Independent of said M^ Barnards Meeting 
House, and seperate therefrom & from all rates whatsoever In- 
cident to the support of that meeting house or minister. — Pro- 
vided that Such Child or Children sei-vant or servants, so be- 



coming of age do signify to the Town Clk. of Amherst, in writ- 
ing, liis, her, or their, desire of Joyning and becomeing Mem- 
bers of the said N. W. Society, or parish, or that your honours 
will grant your Pet" Relief in such other manner as you in your 
Great Wisdom shall see Most meet, and your Petitioners as in 
Duty bound will Ever Pray. 

Nathaniel Heywood Joseph Langdell 

Josiah Dodge 
John Cole 
James Smith 
Daniel Wilkins 
Nathan Jones Jr 
Joseph Perkins 
John Duncklee 
Timothy Smith Jr 
Thomas Towns Jr 
Daniel Simonds 

Amos Stickney 
Abijah Wilkins 
Joseph Farnum 
John Averill 
Thomas Calton 
Eli Wilkins 
Joseph tuck 
Richard Guld 
Nathan Flint Jr 
Richard Ward 

W^illiam Bradford Jr Jeremiah Burnam 

Isaac Smith 
Robert Parker 
Knight Nichols 
Samuail Starins 
Ezekiel Upton 
James Jenkins 

Daniel Gould 
Andrew Leavitt 
Timothy Smith 
John Harwood 
Hannah Peabody 

Oliver Carlton 
William Lamson 
John Mills 
Jacob Smith 
Joseph Lovejoy 
Josh" Wilkins 
Joseph Dunckle 
Alien Goodridge 
Nathan Flint 
Nathan Cole 
Peter Woodbury 
Daniel Smith 
Lemuel Winchester 
Joseph Steel 
James W'oodbury 
Enos Upton 
William Wilkins 

[In answer to the foregoing, an act was passed June 30, 
1781, setting off the petitioners and their estates from the 
old parish, and erecting them into a distinct parish for min- 
isterial purposes. 

The matter was contested, and some of the testimony 
may be found in Vol. i, Town Papers, collection of 1880, 
also a plan of Amherst and surrounding towns. The final 
result was the incorporation of the north-west parish as a 
town, by the name of Mont Vernon, in 1803. — Ed.] 

[74] [^Petition to Poll Off to Another Parish, 1781.'] 

State of New Hampshire. 
To the Honourable the Council and house of Representatives 
in General Assembly Convened at Exeter the 14"' day of 
June anno D. 1781 

The Petition of us the Subscribers inhabitants of the north- 
westerly part of the Town of Amherst with those in the old 
Town in the County of Hillsborough and State aforesaid — 
Humbly Sheweth, that whereas a number of the Inhabitants of 


said northwest part of Amherst with those in the old Town 
have petitioned that they niay have Hberty to pole off and be 
Released from paying ministerial taxes to the present meeting 
house & minister in s*^ Town for Reasons set forth in s*^ petition. 
Wee therefore your humble petitionei^s pray your honours, as 
we had no opportunity to sign said petition, that we together 
with them may have liberty to pole oft' from s'^ meeting house 
and minister, and this our petition may be Considered as a part 
of that Petition in as full and ampel a Manner as if our names 
were subscribed thereto, and your Petitioners as in duty bound 
will Ever Pray &c 

Amherst June 13*'' 17S1. 

James Ray Jonathan Wilkins Zeph"" Kittridge 

Robert Parker Jr Ji^m"^ Henry Codman 

Timothy Jones Benjamin Simonds 

[76] \_Petition of the Inhabitants of the Old Parish to have 
the Neiv Parish set off as a Town., I'j8j.'\ 

State of New Hampshire. Hillsborough ss. 

To the Honorable the Gentlemen of the Council — and the Hon- 
orable the Gentlemen of the House of Representatives in 
general Court Assembled. The Petition of sundry Persons 
Inhabitants of the old Parish in Amherst whose Names are 
hereunto subscribed — hu7nbly sheweth., 

That at the Sessions of the general Court held at Exeter in 
Ma}' Anno Domini 17S1.* obtained an act of the said Court dis- 
charging them from that time, the Polls of their respective fam- 
ilies & Estates, from anv future support of the Gospel Ministry 
& other expense attending public worship at M^ Barnards 
Meeting House as particularly mentioned in said Act, and 
erecting them into a distinct Parish with incidental Powers : — 
Still leaving the said Parishoners to act with the remaining 
Part of the Town of Amherst in all other matters proper to 
such a corporate Body. 

And whereas the disuniting a Body corporate in some things 
most commonly does (and probably always will, while human 
nature remains the same) disunite them in other matters — and 
such a particular disunion is little else ; but to set them at per- 
petual variance and discord : — a most unhappy situation ! which 
the unfortunate Sufferers lament in vain — while such particular 
Laws, perhaps too little adapted to the general good ; made to 
gratify a minority ; on the Spurr of present heat & opposition ; 

* The names of the fifty-two who were set oflF are inserted here, and as they may be found 
on page 79, I think it is unnecessary to repeat them. 


always against the great rule, that the Alajority imist govern ; 
chain each struggling Part}' to the vnirelenting Enemy of human 
happiness Contention. 

And it is the misfortune of these partial separations that they 
do not redress, but increase, the evils they are intended to rem- 
edy. This we find to be ovu" unhappy case in common with all 
those Towns where such Divisions have been encouraged by 
Law. Instances would be burthensome to your Honors. 

Your Petitioners do not presume, in this instance, to coun- 
teract what their Legislative Body have thought proper to pass 
into a Law : but their unhappy Situation compels them to seek 
redress in your power and wisdom, and thereby to extricate 
themselves from the Bondage of continual Discord, party Fac- 
tions, and those little uneasy arts, which are but too easily 
practiced by disunited Spirits. Those separate interests so es- 
tablished by La-ju in this place, make our Town Meetings 
Scenes of confusion Irregularity and vexation. Permit us to 
part with one of them — and to ask your Honors that the Per- 
sons above named who have thus chose to be separated in part, 
may be separated from us wholly. We therefore your Peti- 
tioners do humblv pi'ay that your Honors would cause it to be 
enacted, that the Polls & Estates aforesaid so set oft' in Minis- 
terial matters, may be wholly separated from us in all Mat- 

Your Honors have ample Power to confer on them any Priv- 
ileges necessary for their welfare unconnected with us, and 
we do not wish to retain them to our mtitual V^exation. (Noth- 
ing herein to alter the present method of paying Rev'' M^ Wil- 
kins salary) and we do hereby impower Mess''* Daniel Camp- 
bell, Samuel Wilkins, Thomas Wakefield, and Ebenezer Wes- 
ton, or any two of them, to prefer this Petition to the General 
Court and to carry the same into effect — with full power to ap- 
point one or more Agents on our behalf for the same purpose, 
all which is humblv submitted by your Petitioners who as in 
Duty bound shall ever pray &c. 

Amherst Feby. y*' 24''' 17S3. 

Will'" Bradford Jr. 
Samuel Taylor 
Thomas Woolson 
Timothy Hartshorn 
Francis Eliott 
Amos Flint Jn"" 
Nathan Kendall 
Joshua Kendall 
Joseph Boutell 
Phinehas Upham 


Saml. Wilkins 
Stephen Washer 
James Hartshorn 
Jon" Taylor 
John Steward 
Ebenezer Weston 
William Howard 
Robert Read 
David Williams 
Jedediah Ellinwood 

Jacob Cvn'tice 
Nathan Fuller 
John Hartshorn 
Nathan Phelps 
Amos Flint 
Joshua Atherton 
Nathan Kendall Jr 
Israel Towne 
Daniel Stevens 
William Steward 



Ralph Ellinwood 
Rolandson EUin- 

William Walker 
Benjamin Wilkins 
William Dana 
Samuel Dana 
Kendall Boutell 
John Eaton 
Andrew Davis 
John Tuck 
Joseph Jewett 
Samuel Seetown 
William Odell Jun"- 
William Hartshorn 
Benjamin Clark Jun'" 
Samuel Twiss 
Abel Prince 
Benjamin Merrill 
Hezekiah Lovejoy 
Ebenezer Ellinwood 
Joseph Small 
Francis Lovejoy 
Timothy Jones 
Reuben Holt 
Ebenezer Holt 
Joseph Cogin 
Timothy Hill 
Isaac Jaquith 
Moses Kimball Jr 
And"' Thomson 

David Steward 
Elisha Felton 
Nahum Baldwin 
Thomas Stevens 
Robert Means 
John Seeto\vn 
William Odell 
Eleazer Cole 
Amos Boutell 
Joseph Boutell 
Benjamin Wilkins 

Samuel Standley 
Bartholomew Dodge 
Benjamin Clark 
Samuel Stearns Jr. 
Jacob Lovejo}' 
Reuben Mussey 
Edward Lyon 
William Fisk 
William Walton 
Joshua Patingill 
Benjamin Pike 
Ephraim Barker 
Benjamin Pike Jun'' 
Joseph Rollings 
Ebenezer Batchelor 
James M'^Keene 
John Roby 
Andrew Wilkins 
Eben"" Weston Jn'' 

Ephraim Hildreth 
David Hildreth 
Jeremiah Hobson 
Timothy Nichols 

Stephen Kendrick 
Thomas Wakefield 
John Lovejoy 
Benjamin Davis 
Aaron Boutell 
Amos Truell 
Ben Wilkins 
Henry Kimball 
Jacob Standley 
Aaron Nichols 
John Hartshorn 
Joseph Prince Jr 
Reuben Diamond 

Moses Barron 
Samuel Henry 
Daniel Campbell 
William Small 
Enos Bradford 
John Twiss 
Jonathan Lamson Jr 
Joseph Cogin Jr 
John Batchelor 
Aaron Wilkins 
Moses Kimball 
William Taylor 
Tho'* Weston 

[03] \_Petitio7Z of some of the Inhabitants of the South-west 
Fart, 1781.'] 

To the Hon^'''^ Council and House of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Assembly convened at Exeter in the State of "New 
Hampshire on the 20*^^ day of June 17S1. 

The humble Petition of the persons' whose names are hereto 
subscribed — Inhabitants of the sutherly part of Amherst (form- 
erly Monson) Sheweth — That your Petitioners have a desire of 
being set oft" and haA'e the same Privileges granted with the 
petitioners that petitioned to your Honours in March 17S1 liv- 


ing in said souther part of Amherst, and your Petitioners as in 
duty bound shall ever pray 

Augustus Blanchard Isaac How Daniel Lovejoy 

James Russell Israel Towne Jun"" Joel How 

[The petition above referred to has not been found. One 
for the same purpose, dated May 23, 1782, may be found in 
Town Papers, vol. ix, p. 24. — Ed.] 

[90] \_Peiitio?i of the Inhabitants of the Sotith-'westei-ly Part 
of Amherst to be set off as a Parish^ 1^82.^ 

To the Honourable the Council and the Gentlemen of the 
House of Representatives in general Court convened at Con- 
cord in and for the State of New Hampshire on Wednesday 
the 13"^ day of March A D. 1782. 

The Petition of the subscribers Humbly Shew That your 
Petitioners are Inhabitants of the extensive To^vn of Amherst 
and the most of your Petitioners live in the south-westerly part 
of said Town — That their local situation renders it impracti- 
cable for some of your Petitioners and many of their Children 
to give a general attendance at the stated place of public Wor- 
ship in Amherst. That your Petitioners conceive that it is of 
great importance that youth as well as the aged should be in- 
structed in Morality and piety — That the settlement of the pres- 
sent Minister in Amherst was disagreeable to many of your 
Petitioners, and that some of yovu' Petitioners previous to his 
ordination did sign a Memorial and Remonstrance setting forth 
their sentiments of the matter and that he was not a man of 
their choice — That your Petitioners conceive that where there 
is dissatisfaction in some and an impossibility of a general at- 
tendance of others the great and important designs of Publick 
instructions in Morality and piety are frustrated. That your 
Petitioners being of the Opinion that Amherst might well spare 
them there being nearly three hundred rateable Poles that are 
now Taxed to their present Minister and when a sufficient num- 
ber to support a Minister desire to be set oft' from so large a 
number as there are in Amherst no reasonable objection can be 
offered against their request being granted. Provided they 
leave as large a number to support a Minister in the former 
Parish especially if the Petitioners have lately assisted in erect- 
ing an elegant house for Public Worship in the Parish they de- 
sire to leave and have paid their proportion (by constraint) to- 
wai'ds the settling a Minister there. 

Your Petitioners did sometime in the Month of March A. D. 


1 781, Petition the Honourable the general Court to be severed 
from the society that attended the Public Worship in Amherst 
meeting house to be set off as a Distinct Parish, and the Hon- 
ourable Court granted us a day of hearing, but through inatten- 
tion the Town of Amherst was not served with a copy of the 
Petition and order of Court thereon, and of course we could 
not have a hearing — Therefore your Petitioners pray yovn^ Hon- 
ours to take our Case under yovu" wise Consideration That we 
your Petitioners may have leave to bring in a Bill severing us 
from the society that attend the Publick Worship in the pres- 
ent meeting house in Amherst and discharging us from any 
future taxes for the erecting or Repairing a Meeting house in 
that Parish or for the support of their present or future Minis- 
ter, and ei-ecting us into a Distinct Pole Parish with power to 
levy, assess, and collect taxes for the Building a house for the 
Publick Worship of God and for the settlement and support of 
a Minister of the Gospel, and granting to us all other Parochial 
powers Privilidges and immunities proper for Pole Parishes, 
and also directing that the present inhabitants of Amherst that 
are or may be desirous of joining in Public Worship with us 
within the term of one year from our incorporation shall enter 
their names and such desire v\^ith the Clark of the said Parish 
and shall also produce to the Town Clerk a Certificate thereof 
and enter the same with him, Those that shall hereafter inhabit 
said Town that within the term of one year after they become 
inhabitants shall enter their names and their desire of joining 
with us in Publick Worship to the Clark of the Parish and shall 
produce to the town Clerk a Certificate thereof and enter the 
same with him and also all those that are or may be minors 
that shall within the term of one year after they shall come of 
age residing in said Amherst enter their names and their desire 
of joining with us in Publick Worship with the Parish Clark 
producing a Certificate thereof to the Town Clerk and enter the 
same with him Shall be deemed and taken to belong to the Pole 
Parish incorporated by this act and Rated there to all Parochial 
charges accordingly and be exempted from any other Parochial 
Chai-ges Whatsoever during their Residence in said Amherst — 
or to grant us Relief in such other way as your Honours shall 
think proper and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever 

Amherst Feb. y'' 25"' 17S2. 

Nathan Hutchinson Moses Averill Andrew Bradford 

Joshua Burnam Josiah Crosby Sr. Stephen Burnam 

Israel Town Jr Jonathan Hutchin- Caleb Jones 

Abner Hutchinson son William Peabody 

John Burns Jur. Samson Crosby James Gilman 



Benf. Hopkins 
Isaac Abbott 
Joel How 
Daniel Lovejoy 
Josiah Crosby Jr 
John Wallace 
Darius Abbott 
John Burns 
Henry Codman 
thaddeus Grimes 
John Grimes 
Bartholome\y Hutch- 
Benj° Hopkins 3*^ 
Samuel Graham 

Elijah Ayeril 
Tho' Burns 
Jonathan Grimes 
Isaac Howe 
Benj" Hutchinson 
Jonathan Lund 
Stephen Crosby 
Augustvis Blanchard 
Jonathan Towne 
John Bradford 
Israel Burnam 
Bartholomew Towne 
Benj" Hopkins Jr 
Dayid Burnam 
William Wallace 

Ebenezer Hopkins 
Elisha Hutchinson 
William Peabody Jr 
Stephen How 
George Burns 
William Grimes 
Samuel How 
W" Crosby 
William Melendy 
Samuel Dodge 
Nathan Hutchinson 

Benj" Conant 
Arter Graham 
Ebenezer Ayerill 

[89] \^Reino7tstrance of Inhabitants of that pai-t of ATonson 
which was annexed to Ho/lis, against reestablishing- the 
ancient Tow7t of ^lo ft son.'] 

To the Honorable the Council and house of Representatiyes to 
be Conyened at Concord in the State of New Hampshire in 
September Anno Domini 1782. 

The answer of the Subscribers to the petition of a number of 
the Inhabitants of the Town of Amherst and Holies, praying 
that your honours wdll take the said petition in all its parts under 
your Consideration and give them Leaye to bring in such a bill 
as will place the Ancient Town of Monson in its former situa- 
tion as to boundaries, and invest them ^yith such immunities as 
other Towns in this state hold and enjoy. 

We the said subscribers being Inhabitants of Holies, but 
yv^ithin the lines of what was formerly Called Monson, pray 
your honours not to Grant the Prayer of said petition for the 
following reasons Viz. First — because that long before the 
incorporation of Monson the greatest part of said Monson did 
belong to Plolles. and the Inhabitants thereof did assist in build- 
ing a Meeting house and settling a minister to their mutual 

Secondly ; — because said Monson was incorporated without 
the desire or consent of the inhabitants thereof. 

Thirdly — because that after said Town was incorporated they 
never could agree about their Town affairs (and in particular in 
settling the Gospel) but were always in Confusion. — 

Fourthly — because the Annihilation of said Monson was 
caused by the majority of the then Inhabitants thereof. — 

Fifthly — because said petition sets forth, that the contents of 


said monson is at least five miles square, "whereas in fact said 
Town is about eight miles in length and ab' four miles in wedth 
and the principal part of the Inhabitants thereof, especially 
those who Y^ay by far the largest proportion of taxes are situated 
upon the JNorth westerly, and South easterly Corners of said 
Town, being the two Extremes thereof, and the Center and the 
other two Extremes of the Town is very thinly Inhabited, and 
the land in the said two Extremes last mentioned is not Capable 
of Settlement — and the Inhabitants in the South easterly & 
Northwesterly part, who would pay a large proportion of taxes 
Could never be accommodated with roads to the senter of said 
Town, more especially in the winter season, being no publick 
road within two miles of the senter through the Town — 

Sixthly — because that instead of peace and harmony being 
promoted it is probably the Contention which will be occasioned 
thereby will be much greater, than ever it was before — 

Seventhly — because a very few of the Inhabitants of the 
Northwesterly & Southeasterly Corners of the Town, which 
cannot be accommodated as before mentioned, pay as much or 
more taxes than all the petitioners. 

Eighthlv — because there are near thirty of the inhabitants in 
that part of Holies which was formerly Monson, who attend 
publick worship at Holies, are by far better accommodated in 
that Respect than they Can be Elsewhere, and many of them 
have to travell at least as far to meeting as the principal part of 
the petitioners. 

Ninthly — because the said Town formerly Called Monson 
Continued to be a Town more than Twenty Years, and during 
that time they never settled a minister, nor hired one days 
Preaching, but attended the public worship at Holies and Am- 
herst in general without any expense as a Town, and tis highly 
probable that will be the Case again should the prayer of the 
petition be Granted. 

Tenthly — because a number of the petitioners inconsiderately 
subscribed the same, who now are Convinced that should the 
prayer of said petition be granted it would be pregnant with the 
Greatest Mischief. 

Holies Sept 13* 1782. 
Robt Colburn William Nevens Dan^ Bayley 

Samuel Hayden David Kendrick Thad*" Wheeler 

Jonas Willoughby Eben Farley Joseph Nevens 

Oliver Sanders Benjamin Nevens Robert Colburn Jun"" 

Nathan Colburn Daniel Bayley Jr Thomas Powars 

Josiah Parker Daniel Kendrick Jr Josiah Parker Jr 

Joseph Esta-brooks Joseph Stearnes Zack'' Shattuck 

Elnathan Blood Jr Zack'' Shattuck Jr Joel Bayley 
Benj'' Colburn 


|_86] \_Depositio?i of TJiomas Wakefield, 1/82.'] 

Thomas Wakefield of Amherst Deposes on oath that he has 
resided in Amherst for these twenty years passed, and for these 
three years hist passed has acted in the Capacity of Town Clerk 
and was at the Chief of the Town meetings when the affair of 
Monson uniting with Amherst was adjietated, and he very well 
Remembers that a great Majority of Amherst Inhabitants were 
averce to their Joining least a division of the Town might in- 
sue, and well Remember that when Monson made public appli- 
cation to be Received they were Rejected by the Town but still 
they were uneasy and often shew a desire of Joining Some few 
Inhabitants of Amherst seamed to Favor them Espcialy the 
Family of Colo'' Shepard and Capt. Peabody and the matter 
was again brought in question and Considirably Fowarded by 
Mr. Wilkins their minister and out of Complisance to him and 
the Solom promises some leading men in Monson made maney 
People ceased to oppose them the promises were that they 
would in no case promote a division or aney alteration in Town 

This deponent very well remembers that Josiah Crosby was 
very urgent for Joining and on its being observed that it would 
be a means of breaking up Amherst he said it would not and 
himself Solomly promised never to move nor promot any Such 
Thing or words to that purpose. 

That not long after the Town had agreed to Build a meeting 
house they were allarmed with the news that some of Monson 
People with others of this Town were about applying for a 
Small Town or Parish to be made out of the \vhole upon wdiich 
the Committee for Building the meeting house Stop*^ proceed- 
ing Maj"" Robert Read was desired to wait on the Govenor and 
Lodge Some Reasons against aney such Request this Deponent 
went with the Maj'' and after the Business was made known to 
the Govenor Col° Atkin[son] and others of the Council they 
said no such thing should Take place and the Committee then 
went on with building as was before Determined had aney such 
Petition taken place as they heard was in adjatation the meeting 
house would have been smaller and at considerable Distance 
from where it now is — as this Deponent thinks — 

This Deponent further says that at a meeting called last June 
to see if the Town would oppose the Petition in question the 
Petitioners and Parrisoners Living in said Town Claimed a 
right of Voting on that article and pretv Generally assembled 
with an Intent (as this deponent believes) to outvote those who 
would oppose it and then obtained an Entry in the Town Book 
not to oppose the said Petition and at a second meeting Called 
for the same purpose those persons again appeared and acted 
the same part and urged as thev might be Called on for a part 


of the Expense to be incurred in Defending they had a Right to 
Vote and Did Vote in every question of that kind, tho. not so 
generally as at the begining. and when the Petition last pre- 
ferred by Monson People was acted upon there People vizt Pe- 
titioners and Parrishoners Voted to oppose the prayer of it but 
was Negatived by the Rest of the Inhabitants of the Town. 

Qiies. Was that Promise which Mr. Crosby made relating 
his never doing anything to divide the Town made before or 
after the meeting held in Amherst in which the Petition of Mon- 
son People to join with Amherst was rejected — Answer — I do 
not remember. 

Qiies. Was there any persons that Voted relating to not op- 
posing the said Petition First mentioned besides Petitioners and 

Answer — I remember only two 

Dated at Amherst Sept. 14, 17S2. 

Tho'' Wakefield 

[The foregoing was sworn to before 

Nahum Baldwin, Just. Peace.] 

[93] \_Remonst ranee against i-eestablishing Monson^ 1^82 J\ 

To the Honourable the Council, and House of Representatives 
within & for the State of New Hampshire 

Your Petitioners, Inhabitants of the Southerly part of Am- 
herst in the same State, which was lately distinguished and 
known by the Name of JSIonson — Beg leave to observe (as we 
are informed) a Petition was lately preferred to your Honours 
signed by a nvunber of Persons, praying to have the Inhabitants 
of the Land not long since known by the name of Monson as 
aforesaid Reincorporated into a Body Politic — which we hum- 
bly Conceive would be utterly Subversive of the real good and 
Benefit of said Inhabitants collectively considered — to enumer- 
ate all the Evils that might be consequent thereon we think un- 
necessary. May it suffice for us to say, that during the exist- 
ence of said Monson various fruitless attempts were made to 
Continue it. It was adjudged that the Land in & near the Cen- 
ter, w^as so Ban-en Broken and Uneaven and its local Scitua- 
tion such as to render the making and repairing of Roads ex- 
ceeding diflicult — this Representation (founded in truth as ap- 
pears to us now) being made, J\lonson was no more. And we 
earnestly pray that it may not now be reanimated or Revived, 
— And your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray. 

John Grimes 

Dated August 17S2. 


John Burns Nathan Hutchinson Thomas Burns 

Caleb Jones Bartholomew Hutch-David Burnam 

Josiah Crosby inson James Oilman 

Jonathan Towne Samson Crosby thaddeous grimes 

Nathan Hutchinson Ebenezer Hopkins Jonathan Grimes 

Jr Stephen Crosby Isaac Abbott 

Josiah Crosby ]v Ezra Baldwin Isaac Southwick 

Benjamin Hutchin- William Graham Benja. Kendrick 

son George Burns Stephen Kendrick 

Augustus Blanchard Samuel grimes Isrel Burnam 

[The foregoing documents were before the legislature, 
Nov. 20, 1782. The matter was sharply contested, several 
depositions were presented, and considerable bitterness en- 
sued. The petition for reestablishing the town of Monson 
was refused, but by an act passed Nov. 23, 1782, Nathan 
Hutchinson and forty-six others, with their families and es- 
tates, were erected into a "Poll Parish," for ministerial pur- 
poses. This new parish was in the south-west part of Am- 
herst, and was, with a portion of Hollis, the Mile Slip, and 
Duxbury School Farm, incorporated in 1794 as a town by 
the name of Milford. — Ed.] 

[95] \^Petltion of yoiiathan Smith relative to Laud givett to 
Beujamijt Whiting.'\ 

To the Hon'''*' Council and Assembly of the State of New 
Hampshire convened at Concord Sept. 10, 17S2. 

The Petition of Jonathan Smith of Amherst in the State 
aforesaid. Humbly Sheweth That your Petitioner on the 31^* 
day of Jan^ 1772 gave a Deed of half an Acre of Land to the 
County for to set the jail on as a Present. Also at the same 
time gave a Deed of half an Acre of Land adjoining to Benj"* 
Whiting of Hollis as a present with a promise that he would 
never sell the said Land nor let any Person set any Buildings 
thereon. About 2 Moths before he absconded & went to the 
Enemy he called and told said Smith as he never gave him any- 
thing for the above half Acre of Land that if he was not restored 
to his f)ffice again he w : [ould] return the said Land back again 
by a Deed to the said Smith and desired said Smith to improve 
it as his own property. And as your Petitioner has certain De- 
positions to prove as aforesaid prays this Hon''"'' Court to take it 
into their Consideration that the said Deed given bv the said 
Smith to the said Whiting might be null and void that your Pe- 


titioner might come into full possession of the said Land accord- 
ing to said Whitings promise to him. And y'' Petitioner shall 
ever pray as in Duty Bound 

Jonathan Smith 
Amherst Sept 5''' 17S2. 

[103^4] \_Ret?/f'its of Ratable PoUs^ Amherst^ 1783 ''\ 

To the Hon'''*^ the General Assembly of the State of New 

Pursuant to a vote of the late General Assembly of this State 
Directing the Selectmen of the Several Tow^ns in this State to 
Return the number of all male Polls j^aying Taxes for them- 
selves, to the General Assembly of this State at their first Ses- 
sion in obedience to which — the Number of all male Polls pay- 
ing Taxes as aforesaid in the Town of Amherst is 339. 

By order of the Selectmen, 

Tho^ Wakefield, 

Town Clerk 

Amherst December 

Y 15* 1733- 

[103] [ Vote of Aiuhei-st on the Eighth Article of Confedej'a- 


At a legal meeting of the Town of Amherst in the State of 
New Hampshire held Ocf 20* 1783. 

Among other things — Voted with Reference to the proposed 
Alteration of the 8"^ Article of Confederation and Perpetual 
Union between the thirteen States of America that the reasons 
for the proposed Alteration do not preponderate with us (with 
due deference w^e say, it) as they did with the Honourable 
Congress, as appears by their address to the several States re- 
specting this matter, nor are We the same in sentiment with our 
own Legislators who appear to be Convinced of the expediency 
and Utility of the Measure as by their address to this State of 
the 30*'^ of Jvuie last past. 

We are Humbly of Opinion, that a strictly equal and just Da- 
ta or Rule for taking a Valuation is almost, if not v\^holly im- 
practicable. Vet we think no Rule can be devised subjected to 
fewer objections than from Valuations of the Soil &c, taken in 
and by each State. We therefore hereby Instruct & Im power 
OUR Representative to use every decent and Laudable means 
in his power to prevent the said proposed Alteration 

True Copy Attest 

Tho'^ Wakefield Town Clerk 


[103] \^Me)}ioriaI in favor of jnaking Goods, CJiattcJs, etc.^ 
Legal Tender for I)ebtsJ\ 

To the Honourable Council and house of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire, in General Court assembled at Ex- 
eter on the Second Wednesday of February ly^S- 

The prayer of your humble petitioners Inhabitants of Am- 
herst, and others in the county of Hillsborough, hereby Sheweth 
that your petitioners have beheld and do still behold with great 
concern and resentment the numerous needless Lawsuits that 
have Coinmenced in the year past, and that are still commenc- 
ing and carrying on in this State ; and more especially in this 
countv ; purely for private debts, it being a time of Great Scar- 
city (not only of the necessaries of life) but also of the Silver 
courrancy in this State, when all the money that can be found 
in this State, is Scarcely Sufficient to pay our Publick taxes, and 
procure the absolute necessaries of life. Therefore private 
debts cannot be suddenly paid (in money) without great neglect 
of Publick debts and damage to the Publick cause. Neither are 
private debts often recovered (at this day) by sueing, for all the 
money that can be procured is little enough to Satisfy attorneys 
and under Sheritls (which your petitioners think are too num- 
erous in this county ;) So that the creditors often take notes for 
their dues after the debts are sued and leave said notes in the 
hands of their attorneys where their debtors are exposed quick- 
ly to pay the same (or a greater) cost over again, for as though 
the cost of Sueing in the county where both debtor and creditor 
reside were too little, the Practise is begun of Sueing to anoth- 
er county wdiere neither debtor nor creditor reside which aug- 
ments the cost and is a practice which your petitioners view as 
very unjust and unreasonable in common cases. 

Your petitioners are of opinion that if this extraordinary Sue- 
ing be not Seasonably prevented it will have a very bad eflect 
on our Publick atlairs as it hath a tendency to disunite imbitter 
and allinate the atlection of the good subjects of the State from 
each other, in a time when peace harmony and congruity are 
very needful, yea the Greatest part of our humane Strength, 
this excessive sueing- (if it be not prevented) will fill our Goals 
with honest Laborious husbandmen and Mechanicks, and there- 
fore leave our Soil (in a measure) uncultivated and our manu- 
facturies damaged, it will Starve our army in the field, and our 
civil and Ecclesiastical officers at home, it will starve the poor 
and needy and Greatly debilitate the wealthy, it will Greatly 
Encourage and Embolden our external and internal enemies, 
l)ut discourage and dishearten our sincere (but injured) friends. 
It will l)uild up Lawyers and vShcriHs onh . and that upon the 



ruins and destruction of their fellow men. Therefore it ap- 
pears (to your petitioners) needful that Something (constitu- 
tional) be Speedily done in order to prevent this increasing Ca- 
lamity, otherwise we may expect that Soinething will be done, 
unconstitutionally, the dangerous tendency and consequence of 
which 3'our Petitioners would Greatly deprecate. Therefore 
(for the above reasons) your Petitioners hereby pray that this 
Honourable Court would take the above Case into their most 
Serious consideration and by a wise and prudent act prevent 
this Extraordinary cost of lawsutes : and establish some more 
reasonable way for the recovery of private debts, in this time of 
publick calamity, by making such lands Goods chattels lumber 
&c as the debtor is possessed of to be a Lawful tender for Debts 
at such a price as shall be set upon Such Goods &c by foithful 
men chosen for that purpose, or such men as the Debtor and 
creditor shall choose themselves, which inay be done with little 
cost and without the cost of any lawsutes. However your pe- 
titioners submit the particular method of proceedure in the mat- 
ter to the Wisdom and Prudence of this Honourable Court, 
(trusting as you rule for God and are Interested in the common 
Welfare and happiness of your country, and are touched with a 
fellow feelling of the calamities of the meanest of your vSub- 
jects) That you are able and willing to point out and establish 
a method, far Superior to any pointed out by your petitioners, 
both for the redress of our present Grievances, and for the safe- 
ty of this State. In patient expectation of which your humble 
Petitioners (as in duty bound) shall ever pray 

Robert Parker 
Thomas Carlton 
Richard Gould 
William Wilkins 
John Bradford 
Joshua Lovejoy 
Nathaniel Heywood 
Jon'' Taylor 
Joseph tuck 
Solomon Kittredge 
Benj" Davies 
Henry Kimball 
Eli Wilkins 
Oliver Carlton 
Isaac Smith 
Timothv Kendall 
Rob' Darrah 

William Wallace 
Benjamin Curtis 
John Case 
James Hopkins 
Zacchus Walker 
Elijah Averill 
Amos Eliot 
Benj'' Pike 
Isaac Weston 
John Patterson 
Benjamin Pike 
Arthur Dennis 
James Woodbury 
Nathan Flint 
David M-^Qiiig 
James Ray 
James Nahor Junr. 

Richard towne 
Samuel Town 
Richard Ward 
Elisha Hutchinson 
David Goodell 
W" Walker 
Ephraim Hildrith 
Elisha Felton 
Aaron Smith 
Sam' Standley 
Hezekiah Lovejoy 
John Harvell 
major Raby 
Daniel Kendall 
James Marvel 
John Cross 
Samuel Chase 

[See Atkinson papers for disposition of the matter. — 


[104] \^Memorial agaiiist j\I. Thornton's having- an Exclu- 
sive Right to ferry people over JMerrimack river. '\ 

To the Honorable the Council & house of Representatives for 
the State of New Hampshire to be Convened at Exeter on 
the last Tuesday of March 17S4, the Petition of the Subscrib- 
ers Humbly Shew That we are Informed that Matthew 
Thornton Esq has petitioned your Honors that he may have 
the Exclusive right of ferrying people over Merrimack River 
where Col" Lutwych formerly kept the ferry and that a hear- 
ing is appointed the 2^ Wednesday of your next session. 

We humbly pray that his petition may not be granted first 
Because it would be unjust that he should have the Benefit of 
the ferry when the owners and proprietors of Brentons Farm 
have been at so much cost and expence in Reserving Lands on 
both sides Merrimack River keeping proper Vessels for & tend- 
ing the ferrv 3'Uv because that CoP Thornton sence he has lived 
there has paid little or no attention to serve the publick in that 
way and if vour Honors Grant his petition the publick as well 
as yovn- petitioners will be much Injured as all that are ac- 
quainted with him know that he never did attend to such mat- 
ters neither can it be expected he ever will — Therefore we 
Humbly pray your Honors not to Grant his said petition, all 
which your petitioners as in Duty bound sencerley pray 

March 4, 1784. 

Benjamin Clark Benj'' Davies William Steward 

Peter Goss David Hildrith Timothy Hartshorn 

Francis Eliott Thomas Woolson Nathan Jones Jr 

James Hartshorn Jacob Curtice Nathan Cole 

Elisha Hutchinson Henry Codman John Eaton 

Nathan Fuller Nathan Kendall Jr Joshua Kendall 

Benj" Clark Jr Joseph Small ' J'^cob Hildrith Jr 

William Small Rolandson Ellin- Joseph Prince Jr 

Sam' Standle}- wood Jeremiah Hobson 

Nathaniel Haseltine Thomas Towne Eben Weston Jr 

Barthol"*' Dodge Francis Lovejoy Timothy Smith 

John Seetown Jr Samuel Stevens William Walker 

Jonathan Smith Samuel Shepard Edward Ellsworth 

Phineh'* Jones Israel Weston Richard Ward 

Peter Woodbury Oliver Carlton Joseph Perkins 

Joseph Langdell Richard Gould Abijah Wilkins 

John Alills James Woodbury Abner Hutchinson 

William Lamson William Bradford Jr James Smith 

John Averill Ebenezer Fisk Jacob Smith 

James Stickney Alien Goodridge Michael Keef 


Andrew Wilkins Jonathan Wilkins Nath^ Henchman ( ?) 

Philemon Perkins (?) Josiah Crosby Symes 

Eben'' Weston Eph'" Crosby 

Ephraim Ilildrith Ebenezer Odell 

[Notwithstanding this, the legislature, by an act passed 
April 14, 1784, granted to said Matthew Thornton the ex- 
clusive right of keeping a ferry for two miles above and 
two miles below his house. — Ed.] 

[The five documents next following are abstracts from 
original documents. — Ed.] 

[R. iS] 

[Amherst, Dec. 23, 1784. Joseph Perkins requests that 
what money is due him for services as a soldier in 1779, be 
paid to Joseph Blanchard.] 

[R. 19] 

[By petition, dated June 7. 1785, "Hannah Peabody Wid- 
ow .& Relict of Lieut. Col" Stephen Peabody late of Am- 
herst Deceased," states that her late husband served in the 
army in R I. in 1778, and asks to have the depreciation of 
his wages made up and paid to her ; which was granted.] 

[R. 20] 

[Amherst, January 20th, 1786. 
Henry Harris sends an order to the treasurer for wages 
due him for services in the war. 
Granted ;^20.] 

[R. 31] 

[Ebenezer Odell, of Amherst, petitioned the general court, 
under date Feb., 1786. stating that he served in Capt. Dan- 
iel Runnels's Co., Col. Peabody's Reg't, in R. I., in 1778, 
never received anything but nominal wages, was aggrieved 
because "stated prices" were not maintained, and wanted 
an allowance. 

Attested by 

"Tho. Wakefield Town Clerk for 1778. 
Hezekiah Lovejoy Captain"] 


[R. 23] 

[Abr™ Littlehale states, in an order dated Nov. 28th, 
1787, that he was hired for one year by the town of Am- 
herst, and served in Capt. Dustin's Co., Col. Read's Reg't, 
in 1779, that the town has rehnquished his hire to him, and 
requests the state treasurer to pay the same to Capt. Daniel 

[107] \_Petition to have the North-ivest Parish set off' by 
" Metes and Bounds^'"' 1/88.^ 

To the hon^^* Senate & House of Representatives for the State 
of New Hampshire, the petition of the Subscribers humbly 

That your petitioners labor under great Disadvantages on 
account of their great Distance in a roade rough & uneven from 
Amherst first parish Meeting House, and that we are all in- 
habitants of that part of Amherst hereafter described by meets 
and Bounds and Can be better accommodated by being Anexed 
to the Second parish in Amherst, that Some of us were minors 
belonging to the familys, that were set oft" to said Second pai*- 
ish at the time of their incorporation and were Entitled to the 
priviledge of being members of that Body had we seaasonably 
entered our names with the Town Clerk, as the law directed 
but through forgetfulness or Inattention, we omitted it and can 
have no help, but by your honours Direction — we therefore pray 
that your honours would take the matter into your wise Con- 
sideration, and set us oft' as a parish by meets and bounds as 
follows (Viz) beginning at the northw^est Corner bounds of the 
Tow^n of Amherst thence runing southcrl}^ on the west line of 
said Town about four & half miles to the southwest Corner of 
the lot of land formerly owned by Joseph Dunkle thence 
Easterly on the line between Deacon Elisha Hutchinsons & 
Richard Gould & about two miles to the Southeast Corner of 
the lot of land Amos Green now lives on, thence runing 
Northeasterly on a direct line about one & half miles, to the 
Crotch of the road.s between the houses of Lieut. William 
Bradford & Samuel Wilkins Esqr. thence runing more East- 
erly on a direct line about three quarters of a mile to the South- 
east Corner of Benjamin Pike Jun' land thence runing North- 
erly on a Direct line to the East line of Henry Spalding land 
& so continuing its course about two miles & three quarters, to 
New Boston line, from thence runing westerly on the Town line 
between Amherst & New Boston, about three miles to the first 
mentioned Bounds — and as all your pctitioner.s live within the 



limits aforesaid. Should we be so happy as to Comunicate to 
your Honours an idea of our disagreeable situation we Doubt 
not we Shall Receive your honovu's approbation and as in Duty 
Bound Shall Ever pray 

James Ray 
Jacob Kendal 
Isaac Manning 
John Damon 
Ebenezer Batcheller 
Aaron Wilkins 
Henry Trivett 
William Barron 
Isaac Jaquith 
Ezekiel Holt 
Peter Jones 
Moses Kimball 
Nathan Jones 
Henry vSpaulding 

Jacob Curtice Jr 
Thomas Weston 
Moses Kimball Jr 
James M'^Keen 
John Batcheller 
Benjamin Sterns 
Amos Flint 
Stephen Gould 
Ezenezer Odell 
Sam' Stearns Jr. 
Daniel Weston 
Zephaniah Kittridge 
Hutchinson Flint 
Samuel Peabody 

Jonathan Wilkins 
William Cogin 
John Fiske 
Didymus Pearson 
John Peabody 
Isaac Weston 
Eliphlelet Simonds 
Joseph Cogin 
Enoch Carlton 
Daniel Kendal 
Peter Abbott 
Benjamin Simonds 
Moses Peabody 
Henry Campbell 

[The foregoing petition is in the handwriting of Henry 
Campbell. It was before the H. of Rep., June 11, 1788, and 
a hearing ordered for the third Wednesday of the next ses- 
sion. A committee was appointed, who reported June 10, 
1790 (see House Journal, June 12), fixing different bounds 
from those asked for in the foregoing petition. The report 
was accepted, and an act establishing the same passed the 
house, June 18, 1790. The legislature adjourned the next 
day, the senate taking no action in the matter : the docu- 
ment following will perhaps explain why. The matter came 
up at the next session, and an act was passed January 25, 
1 79 1, defining the boundaries between the old and the north- 
west parishes. — Ed.] 

[109] \_Protest agai7ist behig set off ivith the North-ivest 
Parish, J790.'] 

State of New Hampshire. To the Hon'''" the Senate and the 
Hon''''' the House of Representatives in general Court now 
convened at Concord in s'' State. 

The subscribers humbly shew, that by the Report of the Com- 
mittee for setting the Line between the old or first parish in Am- 
herst and the northwest parish made to your Honours this Ses- 
sion, they are to be set oft' to the s"^ northwest parish — and 
whereas we your petitioners did most solemnly and voluntarily 


contract with the Rev'^ M''. Barnard for the annual payment of 
his sahiry together with the rest of the Inhabitants of the Town 
of Amherst, more especially with those who were active in Fav'' 
of his settling with them as their Minister, we cannot but esteem 
it a great Grievance that we should be set oft' and compelled to 
worship with a Society with whom we never joined in public 
worship, and to support a Minister with whom we never made 
any contract for such a purpose, while the solemn contract we 
made with the Rev"^ JVP. Barnard, and his adherents, is set 
aside and rendered null and void — Those who have no right, 
thereby claim otir Money ; Those to whom we are under the 
most solemn obligations to give it ; loose it — while every senti- 
ment and Feeling of our Hearts in the strongest manner impel 
us to remain under our former connection, and the full Force of 
our Contract made with M'' Barnard. 

Wherefore we humbly request your Honours that we with 
our estates may be permitted to remain to M"" Barnard's Parish, 
that we may have the double pleasure of worshiping the Su- 
preme Being with the Society of our Choice ; and at the same 
time of fulfilling our Engagement which the Laws of god and 
our Religion have pronounced inviolable — and your petitioners 
as in Duty bound &c. 

Amherst June y" 14"', 1790. 

Ebenezer holt Jonathan Lampson Jr Timothy Hill 

John Roby Amos Flint Jr. 

[R. 23] \_youat/ia}i IVilkins^s Petit io)i^ ^790 — jMarine.~\ 

To the Honorable Senate and house of Representatives For 
the State of New Hampshire in General Court Convened. 
Your petitioner humbly shews That in the Month of January 
1783 on board The Frigate Hague Commanded by John Man- 
ley Esquire your petitioner was wounded in his Right Leg by a 
Shot from the then Common Enemy, which has greatly dis- 
abled him, and he has never received any Compensation there- 
for, prays your honors To take the matter into Consideration, 
and Grant your petitioner some relief in the Manner your hon- 
ors may think proper. And your petitioner in duty bound will 
ever pray 

Amherst June 14"' 1790 — 

Jonathan Wilkins 


[R. 24] \_Petitlo7i of Robert B . Wilknis^ Soldier at Biuiker 


To the honble the Senate and house of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court Convened at Concord Feby. 11"' 1791. 

Hiitnblv Shews Robert B. Wilkins that on the Seventeenth 
of June i77'> at the Battle at Bunker hill he received a wound 
[musket ball through his right elbow^ joint] which has rendered 
it impossible for him to perform the Common and necessary 
business of life in Such a manner as to gain a comfortable Sub- 
sistence — that your petitioner with a firm Resolution of not be- 
ing burthensome to that Country which he thinks he had Sum 
hand in preserving from the Ravages of an inveterate Enemy 
has never asked for any assistance before but finding it nessary 
for his own Subsistance and that of a family to look up to his 
Country for Support he begs leave to lay his Case before your 
honours fully Convinced that you will Compassionate his Case. 
he therefore prays this Honorable body to grant him such Relief, 
or to direct him to Such Methods for obtaining it as your hon- 
ours in your Wisdom Shall think proper and your petitioner as 
in duty bound shall ever pray 

Robert Bradford Wilkins 

[R. 2=;] \^Abstract from Isaac Baldzuin's Petition., lygi.] 

[Isaac Baldwin, of Amherst, in a petition dated June, 
1791, states that he belonged to a company of matrosses in 
General Lovewell's brigade ; that, at a meeting for drill at 
Hollis, October 4, 1790, he was assigned to the duty of 
ramming the cartridge, and by premature explosion of the 
same he was severely wounded and Lieutenant Emerson 
was killed. He asks for an allowance. Simeon Shurtleff, 
captain, and John Eaton, lieutenant, certify that he was 
wounded as he states. He had been allowed twenty pounds 
before, and was granted a further allowance of twenty 
pounds. — Ed.] 

[R. 27] \_Letter from Daniel Warner to Governor Bartletty 


Amherst Sept. 26* 1791. 

Sir : Being Desired by some of the Hon' Council to forward 
a statement of the standing of Captains W"' Bradford and Henry 
Fields in Military Rank — have made Inquiry and find (although 


I have not seen Capt° Bradford sence I returned from Exeter, 
but am Informed) by Brigadier Lovewell that in February 1776 
he was appointed Ensign in Col° Bedels Regiment to go to Can- 
ady — And in 177S was appointed Lieut, in the Continental 
Army and in both Campaigns was taken prisoner and Detained 
some time — that in 17S0 he was appointed first Lieut, of second 
Company in the fifth Regt. of Militia and in Sept. 1781, his 
Capt. Resigned and he was appointed to the Command of the 
Company by a warrant from the Brigadier Gen' and was Com- 
missioned to the command of said Company in Jany, 17S3, and 
a 2*^ Capt"* Commission in Dec"" 17S6 — 

Capt Henry Fields was appointed Lieut, in CoP Baldwins 
Reg' Sept. 17, 1776 — Second Lieut of the 4* Comp-^ of JMilitia 
in Dec"" 20"' 1776, — and Capt. of the 15 Comp^ Jany. S"" 17S2, 
and Capt of the 13 Comp-^ Deer. 10, 1786. * * * * 

Your Excellencys most obed' 
and Very Hum' Serv' 

Dan' Warner 

His Excellency Josiah Bartlett. 


State of New Hampshire. | 

Hillsborough ss. j Pursuant to an order of the Hon'''® 

General Covut passed December the 8*, 1791, appointing the 
Subscribers a Committee to view the situation of certain Peti- 
tioners living in the Southwesterly part of Amherst in s*^ Coun- 
ty ; we have viewed said premises and beg leave to report as 
our opinion that the said Southwesterly part of said Amherst, 
be, erected into a Parish by the following lines, viz. Beginning 
at Lyndeborough line at the corner of the Northwest Parish in 
said Amherst, thence Easterly to the northwesterly corner of 
Amos Greens Lott, called the Mill Lott, thence southerly on a 
straight line to the southwesterly corner of the Lott numbered 
Twenty — thence Easterly on the Range line to the Northeaster- 
ly corner of William Peabodys land, thence Southerly on the 
Easterly line of the said Peabodys land, to land belonging to 
Jotham and Daniel Shephard ; thence easterly to the northeast- 
erly corner of the said Shephards land, thence Southerly by the 
said Shephards land to Souhegan River, thence down the mid- 
dle of said river to Land belonging to Benjamin & Stephen 
Kendrick, thence Southerly by the said Kendricks land to the 
Road leading from David Danforths to William Crosbys, thence 
crossing said Road & running a South Point to Hollis line, 
thence Westerly on said Hollis line, to the Southwesterly cor- 
ner of said Amherst, thence Northerly on the said Amherst line 
to Souhegan River aforesaid, thence down said River to the 


Southeasterly corner of Duxbury School Farm (so called) 
Thence northerly on the said Amherst Line to the bounds first 

Which is humbly submitted 

Eph"' Robinson Joseph Badger Jr. Charles Barrett 

[I do not find any petition or remonstrance, but think 
there must have been both. There is a plan with the Am- 
herst papers (Vol. I, 1880, No. 108) in the secretary's office 
on which is the following : " The Figure B. describes the 
tract on which the present petitioners dwell excepting about 
3 families who live near the middle of Amherst. The act 
establishing the parish A., [the north-west parish] was a 
great injury to the town by altering its center — but should 
the second petition succeed, a total breaking up of the Town 
Imediately takes place. The meeting house when built was 
by Universal consent of all these disaffected persons it is a 
large House and well finished which must be rendered use- 
less if Amherst Charter is to be destroyed in the manner 
proposed by the petitioners." — Ed.] 

[hi] \_Resignation of Hon. Sam?/el Dana^ i'/g2.'] 

His Exc^ the President and the Hon''^'' the Council of The State 
of New Hampshire. 

May it please your Exc^ & Hon''^ to accept the Subscribers 
resignation of the office of Judge of Probate for the County of 
Hillsboro : hereby made (the Com" is enclosed) — Accept also 
his unfeigned thanks for every mark of respect and confidence 
shown him by the government of said State, and believe him 
sincere when he assures you that he does not resign said office 
from anv dissatisfaction with the administration of the govern- 
ment in said State or want of affection and respect to the inhab- 
itants of said County but principally from a conviction, founded 
in experience, of the impropriety of his holding said office, while 
he is obliged, for the support of his family, to practice as an at- 
torney, there being danger that he may not always distinguish 
rightlv between a I^ee to the attorney and a Bribe to the Judge. 

And equally sincere when he assures you that he wishes all 
happiness to your Excellency and Hon'''' as citizens of the State, 
the highest success to your Public Administration, and the most 
uninterrupted prosperity to the State of which he esteems it a 
peculiar felicity to be a subject. 


And is \vith the sincerest affection, esteem and respect your 
Exc-' & Hon''^ most obedient &c. &c. 

Sam' Dana 
Amherst Dec"" 21, 1792. 

[The foregoing resignation was accepted, and on Febru- 
ary 13, 1793, Ebenezer Champney, of New Ipswich, was 
appointed to the position. Hon. Samuel Dana was from 
Groton, Mass. He settled in Amherst in 1781, and was 
soon after admitted to the bar. He filled many important 
ofifices, and died April 2, 1798. Among his descendants 
were James F. and Samuel L. Dana, Hon. Samuel Dana 
Bell, Hon. James Bell, and Dr. Luther V. Bell— Ed.] 

[R. 31J \_Petition of Revohitionarv Soldiers for Rcm7{ner- 
ation for Losses Sustained on Retreat from "Ticonderoga J\ 

To the Hon''''^ Senate & House of Representatives in General 
Court Convened, at Concord on the first Wednesday in De- 
cember Anno Domini 179^1 

The petition of John Mills and others of Amherst Jiumbly 
ShezvetJi that in the late war between the united States and 
Greate Britain in the year 177^ '^'^''^^ i'"' the action at the Cedars 
so called, where they were taken prisoners bv the Enemy and 
suffered the Loss of all their baggage accoutrements and prop- 
erty then in their possession, and that your petitioners never 
having received any Compensation for those losses, they Car- 
ried in their accounts of them to the Committee appointed to 
Collect those accounts and which have since, as they have been 
informed been transmitted to a Committee of Congress, upon 
which and others laid before said Committee thev Conceive a 
Considerable ballance in favor of this state has been Carried to 
its Credit, your petitioners does not found their Claim to a re- 
munerative for those losses which they sustained in the defence 
of our Common Country altogether upon the same being allow- 
ed by Congress although thev cannot but think that circum- 
stance fortifies the Justice of their claim : they are ready and 
able to Come forward and to substantiate their demand by in- 
contestible Evidence if the aforesaid losses were in fact Sustain- 
ed your petitioners cannot find any satisfactory reason wh}' they 
should not in some degree be recompensed, others whose 
Claims were certainly not preferable to your petitioners been re- 
lieved and have had an opportunity to speak of the Justice and 
gratitude of their Countrv ; yt)ur pctitit)ncrs wishes that they 


may have the same opportunity and that they may have reason 
to say that the Claims of Justice at all times indespensible v^'ill 
sooner or later prevail, your petitioners therefore prays the 
honourable Court to take their Case under their Consideration 
and that such remedy may be granted them as in Justice and 
Equity they are intitled to and your petitioners as in duty 
bound will ever pray — 

John Mills Joseph Lovejoy Tho^ Melendy 

Daniel Wilkins Obediah Holt Amos Boutell 

[On other petitions of same date, and for the same pur- 
pose, are the names of William Bradford and John Purple. 
In a petition dated Dec., 1796, John Manning, of the same 
town, says he was taken prisoner at Hubbardton, "on the 
retreat from Ticonderoga in the year 1777," and lost his 
baggage ; and Joseph Boutell, of the same town, says he 
lost his baggage when the British took Fort Lee, in the Jer- 
seys, Nov. 20, 1776. — Ed.] 


State of New Hampshire, — To the Honourable Senate & 
House of Representatives in Gen' Assembly Convened. 

The petition of part of the Inhabitants of the Towns of 
Amherst and Lyndeborough Humbly Sheweth, That a very 
considerable part of us live at such a distance from the Court 
House in said Amherst (the place where all our Town meet- 
ings have hitherto been held) as makes it very inconvenient to 
attend publick Town meeting at any season of the year, and 
whereas we are laving on the outsides of said Towns in such a 
manner as would not be hurtful or injurious to either of said 
Towns to have us seperated from them — bvit be very conven- 
ient for your petitioners to be set oft' into a seperate Town agree- 
able to the following lines (Viz.) beginning at the southwest 
corner of the second parish in Amherst thence runing east- 
wardly between land of the heirs of D" Elisha Hutchinson & 
land of the heirs of Nathaniel Ravmond about two miles to the 
southeast corner of land that Amos Green now lives on, thence 
runing Northerly about one and a half miles to the crotch of 
the roads between land formerly owned by Lt William Brad- 
ford & land formerly owned by Samuel Wilkins Esq. thence 
more easterly on a direct line about three fourths of a mile to 
the southeast corner of land formerly owned by Benjamin Pike, 
from thence Northerly on a direct line to the east line of Henry 
Spaulding Lott, and so continuing about two miles and three 
quarters of a mile, to New Boston Town line, from thence 



runing westerly on the Town line between Aniherst & New 
Boston to the northwest corner of Amherst, thence more west- 
erly, crossing Amherst Town line about half a mile into L/ynde- 
borough, to the Northwest corner of Abraham Frenches land; 
thence runing southerly on a parallel line with Amherst Tov/n 
line about four and an half miles in said Town of Lyndeborough, 
untill it Comes directly opposit the southwest corner of said 
Amherst vSecond parish, then runing easterly about half a mile 
to the bounds first mentioned. 

Therefore we pray vour honours to incorporate us into a 
Separate Town agreeable to and with the aforesaid lines with 
the privileges of other Towns within this State, and your peti- 
tioners as in duty bound will ever pray. 

Alien Goodridge 
Abijah Wilkins 
Ebenezer Mills 
William Bradford 
Ezekiel Upton 
Lambert Bradford 
John Fisk 
Josiah Dodge 
James C. Mace 
Jacob Smith 
Abraham French 
Cyrus Stiles 
Jeremiah Smith 
Daniel Smith Jr 
Samuel Mitchell 
Ezekiel Upton Jr. 
William Hastings 
Ezekiel holt 
Joseph Farnum 
Benjamin Pik jr. 
Ebenezer Batchellor 
Thomas Towne 
Timothy Smith 
Josiah Ilerrick 
Lot Conant 
Joseph Cogin 
Daniel Kendal 
Benj" Pike 
Jesse Lamson 
James Hopkins 
Henry Tri^•et 
Jonathan Wilkins 
Eli Brown 

James Ray 
John Ray 
John averill Jr 
Zeph" Kittridge 
Henry Codman Jr. 
Benjamin Darker 
Ben J" Durant 
Tha<i Kendall 
Solomon Kittridge 
John Harwood 
James Smith 
Edmund Perkins 
William Wallace 
W" Bradford Jr 
Isaac Smith 
Abel Stickney 
Amos Green Jr 
Jake Peabody 
Timothy Hill 
W" L. Kidder 
John Batchellor 
John Batchellor Jr 
Joseph Dodge 
Isaac Manning 
Eli Wilkins 
John manning 
Peter Jones 
Jon" Lamson 
James Hopkins Jr 
Thomas Cloutman 
Jonathan Conant 
Nathan Cleaves 
Wil'" Wilkins 

Robert Parker Jr 
Benjamin Stearns 
Enos Bradford 
Nathan Flint 
Aaron Peabody 
John Harwood Jr 
Isaac Weston 
Benj" Nurse 
Nehemiah French 
Daniel Averill 
Jesse Smith 
John Averill 
Isaac Smith Jr 
Nathan Green Jr 
John Fuller 
John Peabody 
Josiah Colburn 
Jesse Avrill 
Thomas Weston Jr 
Daniel Smith 
Josiah Kittridge 
William Cogin 
Jacob Curtice 
Jacob Kendal 
John Rollings 
Ebcn'' Holt 
John Lamson 
Israel Farnum 
Joseph Langdell 
Elisha Felton 
Thomas Weston 
Mark l^urnam 
Aloses Peabody 


John Carleton John Weston Joseph Trow Junr. 

Nathan Jones James Woodbvny Timothy Austen 

Joseph Perkins Jr Abijali Spafibrd Enoch Pike 

\_Committee Agreed upon by the Agents. '\ 

We the subscribers have agreed that Rob* Wallace, Rob' Al- 
cock, and Danl. Emerson, Esquires, be appointed a committee 
at the expense of the petitioners to Report proper lines to be 
established in the Town of Amherst as it respects a new Town 
petitioned for by the Northwest inhabitants of s*^ Amherst. 

Danl Warner for Amherst. 
William Bradford \ on behalf of 
Joseph Perkins Jr j the petitioners. 

[In the H. of Rep., June 8, 1803, the foregoing named 
gentlemen were appointed a committee to view the premises 
and report at the next session. The committee reported, 
under date Oct. 5, 1803, in favor of incorporating a town 
with bounds substantially as petitioned for, which included 
a portion of Lyndeborough ; but the legislature, by an act 
passed December 15, 1803, incorporated only that part 
which had belonged to Amherst, and made the town of 
Mont Vernon. Other papers relating to Amherst may be 
found in Town Papers, vol. ix. — Ed.] 

[Among the prominent men of Amherst in the latter 
part of the last century, besides those already named, were 
the following : 

Gen. Moses Nichols, a native of Reading, Mass., settled 
in Amherst about 1761 — a physician by profession. He was 
an ardent patriot in the Revolution, commanded a regiment 
at Bennington, and also at West Point in 1780; was a gen- 
eral in the militia after the war, member of the council in 
1779, and register of deeds until his death, May 23, 1790, 
aged 50. 

Hon. Robert Means, a native of Stewartstown, Ireland, 
settled in Amherst prior to the Revolution. He was born 
Aug. 28, 1742; came to this country in 1764; was member 
of the general court in the years 1783, '84, and '89; was 
elected senator in 1787, '89, and '91 ; and was a member of 
the council in 1786. He was a man of influence, and wide- 
ly known. One of his grand-daughters was the wife of 
Franklin Pierce. 

ANTRIM. 105 

Hon. Joshua Atherton settled here in 1773. He was a 
loyalist at the commencement of the Revolution, and was 
for a time imprisoned at Exeter, but took the oath of allegi- 
ance to the state in 1778. Was a member of the conven- 
tion which ratified the federal constitution in 1788, member 
of the senate in 1792, representative to the general court sev- 
eral years, and attorney-general. 

Hon. William Gordon, born about 1763, graduated at 
Harvard college in 1779 at the age of 16, commenced the 
practice of law in Amherst in 1781, was register of probate 
several years, state senator in 1794 and '95, and resigned on 
being elected representative to congress in 1796. He suc- 
ceeded Joshua Atherton as attorney-general in 1801. Died 
May 8, 1802. 

Stephen Peabody was an active and ardent patriot, and 
a distinguished soldier. He was adjutant of Col. Poor's 
Reg't. on Winter Hill, 1775; major in Col. Wyman's Reg't, 
raised in June, 1776; volunteer captain on the Ticonderoga 
alarm in June, 1777; was on Gen. Stark's staff at Benning- 
ton ; and Lt. Col. commanding in Rhode Island in 1778. He 
died in 1779. — Ed.] 


Was a part of a large tract of land belonging to the Maso- 
nian Proprietors, formerly called Cumberland, and afterward 
Society Land, from which several towns were formed. 

Antrim was incorporated March 22, 1777, and named 
from a town in the north-east part of Ireland. It was set- 
tled by people from Londonderry, the first one being Philip 
Riley, in 1744. He left through fear of the Indians, two 
years later, and the town had no inhabitants until he return- 
ed in 1761. Dea. James Aiken and others settled in 1766; 
he was in the battle of Bunker Hill. According to Rev. 
W. R. Cochrane, the town had twenty-six men in the Revo- 

[121] \^Petitiou for an Act of hicorporatioii^ 777<5.] 

To the IIoiKunahlc Council and House of Representatives in 
the Colony of New Hampshire at E.xeter Assembled — Tlie 


Humble petition of us the Subscribers being a Committee 
Chosen by the Inhabitants of a part of the Society-land (so 
called) in the County of Hillsborough 

Humbly Shevoeth — That your honours petitioners have been 
these two years past waiting for a Reconciliation between Great 
Britain and the Colonies. Rather than to assume the boldness 
to trouble any person or person's Invested with power or au- 
thority, to Grant our Request in such Troublesome times, w^e 
yovn^ honours petitioners being Ready and willing to pay our 
proportion of all the Reats Collected within this Colony these 
three years past, yet being Destitute of the priviledges laws or 
Customs Granted to other Towns by their Charters. Now^ as 
your honovu^s hath wisely plan'd a form of Government, agree- 
able to any Good Meaning person or persons, we your petition- 
ers do Request an Incorporation from your honours of a Town- 
ship In Said Society, the bounds of vv^hich being as follows 
(Viz) Begining at the North-East Corner of said Township, 
which is the Northwest Corner of Diring, and Runing South- 
erly According to the Course of Contacook river. Which River 
is the west line of said Diring, so as to make five Miles 'pon a 
Strait line. Thence westerly on the North line of N" three in 
the original plan of Said Society to the East line of peckers- 
field, [Packersfield, now Nelson] thence Northerly on said 
peckers-field and Stoddard to Camels-gore Thence Easterly on 
Camels-gore and Hillborough to the bounds first Mentioned we 
your honours petitioners being Destitute of the priviledges be- 
fore Mentioned can't oblidge a man to work one hour upon the 
Highways, which is a Gi'eat Damage to our-selves and to the 
publick, therefore doe Desire your honours Serious Considera- 
tion on the Contents of this petition and we will as in Duty 
bound for ever pray — 

Maurice Lynch ") 

John Duncan v Committee 

Sam^ Moore j 


Society Jen.ry the 14*^ i777 

this may Certify the genneral Cort of this State of New 
Hampshire that the Inhabitants of s*^ Society Living on the 
South part are willing the North part Should be incorporated 
the half being Left to us which is found upon misuring to be 
the Line betwixt Number 3 and 4 mentioned in ther petiton 

Moses Morrison George M'^Clourg John Moor 

Jonathan Barnet Thomas Miller 

ANTRIM. 107 

([127] \_^Ie}uoriaI Relative to I)icorporatio7i of Antriffi, 


To the Honourable Council and house of Representatives in 
and for the State of New Hampshire The memorial of us the 
subscribers Inhabitants of Part of a tract of Land Called the 
Society land Laying between the townships of Hillsborough 
and Peterborough in the state aforesaid Hutnbly Sheweth that 
whereas there has been a Petition prefered to your honours 
praying that five miles wide west of Contoocook River might 
be incorporated and vested with town priviledges this memorial 
humbly Shews that if your honours should condesend to grant 
the prayer of said Petition or any other of the Like nature that 
we the Inhabitants of the South pai't of said Society land will 
be left utterly incapable of acting in any manner as a body pol- 
itic a Narrow Strip of land only being Left extending west of 
Peterborough North west corner on Dublin line with a Jogg 
and cannot be connected with any part of the Society Land on 
the east side of Contoocook River s'' River being a great part 
of the year Impassable and cannot be bridged by reason of 
mountains and vast platts and that part wdiich Lays on the west 
side of the River is more than six miles in Length and said 
west part to the River does not extend to Peterborough North 
east corner by Near two miles and will Never be annexed to 
Peterborough as they will Not Nor cannot accept of us unless 
to their great disadvantage we your memorialists or Petitioners 
must be Left in capable of forming into any Society or acting 
upon any Social plan we your memorialists humbly pray as a 
Remedy for those inconveniences that said Society Land west 
of said River may be equally divided in the middle or that 
nothing may be done at present untill matters may be better ad- 
justed as Several of our Small Number now in their Countries 
Service — Your honours Compliance will greatly oblige your 
memorialists and they as in duty bound will ever pray 

Society Land August 29"' i77^- 

Moses Morison Thomas Einglaes Thomas Miller 

Sam' mitchel Junr. John Young John Espie (?) 

John Moore Jonathan Barnet William Laken 

[The foregoing was before the H. of Rep., Sept. 13 
1776, and a hearing ordered for their next session; mean- 
while the petitioners were to post notices in the locality, and 
publish one in the New Hampshire State Gazette, or Satur- 
day Circulating Chronicle. — Ed.] 


[i2o] \_Reasons ivJiy Societv Land should be Iiicorporated^ 

Whereas we the Subscribers have been Chosen as a Commit- 
tee, to prefer a petition to your honors for an Incorporation of a 
District of Land in the Society (so called) Butted and bounded 
as in said petition, which bounds is less than what is Granted 
to other Towns, and have Left more unincorporated land than 
what we have petitioned for, which we can A'lake appear, and 
whereas your honours have Been Delegated to Redress our 
Grievances, and ^ve have Just Reason to Complain of it as a 
Grievance, that w^e have Been Taxed to support Government 
and called upon for our quoto of men to Defend our privi- 
ledges, and yet Destitute of the pt"iviledge Granted to other 
Towns by their Charters. Therefore if the Request of their 
petition is not Granted, that we will take it verv hard to pay 
any of our Taxes till we have the same priviledges of other 
Towns, but yet is ready and willing, to Defend the priviledges 
expecting to Injov them in the ^vhole hereafter 

Society Aug' 30"' 1776. 

John Duncan Maurice Lvnch Samuel Moore 

[In the H. of Rep., Sept. 13th, 1776, the matter came up, 
and a hearing was ordered for the next session. Council 
concurred; and on March 22, 1777, an act was passed in- 
corporating the territory named into a town by the name of 
Antrim. — Ed.] 

[R- 32] 

State of New Hampshire, September 10* i776. 

To Nich° Gilman Esq. R. G.* 

Pursuant to a vote of Council and Assembly joay James Aik- 
en for a coat lost at Bunker Hill Fight Three Pounds L. M. 

M. Weare President 

[R- 33] 

Concord January 4* 177S. this may Cartufi the Honorabell 
Cortt that m' Jeams Akin Saured as a Sholder in the Conta- 
nenttel Sarves under me in Coll John Stark Regment at wenter 
hill in year 1775 Entered may 8 and was Discharge the 11 
Day of July and he was not made up in my muster Rol Becose 
the paymarster at that time ■whar at medford and he said He 
would go and geet His wagers himself By the virter of the 
Discharge the Coll gave Him But he Saes he has not got 

♦Receiver-General of taxes. 

ANTRIM. 109 

this wagers But Has Lost the Righting the Coll gave Him and 
now Desired me to give from under m\- liand to the Corte the 
tim he served with me as witness my Hand 

Aaron Kinsman Capt. 

[R- 34] 

Derryfield 3-^ Feby 1778 
Sir Understanding that the Bearer James Aiken Served in 
the Army at Winter Hill as a soldier in your Compan}' & was 
not made up for his wages if so would be glad you would Give 
him a Certifycate how long & how much wages is Due to 
him — 

& you will oblige 

John Stark 
Capt Aron Kinsman Concord — ■ 

[R- 35] • 

In H. of Rep. Feby. 17, 1778. 

Voted that James Aiken have and receive out of the Treasu- 
ry the sum of four pounds two and eight pence lawful money 
in full for two months & two days wages at the Camps at Bunk- 
er Hill &c, and for his expenses to recover the same the sum of 
four pounds more. 

Senate concurred same day. 

[R- 37] 

State of new Hamp"" — To the Treasurer of said State 

Sir pleas to pay John Duncan Esq"^ the Bearer all that may 
appear Due to me for wages & Depreceation for my Service in 
the contenental army & this shall be my Rect. for the same 

Moses George 

[R- 3S] 

iVntrim march y*" 9'^ 17S4. 
this may certify I with lieut. John mcCleary being Select 
men for s*^ Antrim in the year 1776 Drafted a Gune from Capt 
John Duncan prized at twelve Dolars old way for James Dickey 
who was killed at white plain & s*^ Gune lost 

att' Sam' Moore town clerk 

[John Duncan petitioned for pay for the gun above men- 
tioned, under date March 30, 1784. — Ed.] 

[R. 41] \^Men's Naynes zc/io -jvere hi the Army in ///j — So- 
ciety Laiidr\ 

Mens names Who ware in the Army Last year and according 


the Best Enformation we can get are gone into the war this 
year also, who belong to the Societe Lands, in the County of 
Hillsborough their names are as follows 

the tax 
Viz )■ Charles Covender o — i — 8") 

solom" Lenord o — i — 8 

adam Nicholes o — i — 8 

George M'^Clurg o — i — 8 

£o— 6— 8 

James acan John M'^Clarey vSelect Men 
Sworn to May 8* 1776 before 

Isaac Andrews Just. Peace 

[Directed to Col. Nicholas Oilman, Receiver-General of 
taxes. — Ed.] 

[128] \^Copj' of Record of Toxv7i-7neeting in Antrim^ ^779-\ 

Antrim March p**" A. D. 1779. In annual Town meeting — 
Voted Three Thousand Dollars to be worked out on the high 
Ways at Ten Dollars per Day for the present year. 

Voted Two Thousand Dollars be raised towards preparing 
for building a meeting house the wages the same as for high 

Antrim April 20* A. D. 1779. 

Town Meeting by adjournment — Voted that the 4"" article in 
the March Warrant is reconsidered — Voted that 2000 Dollars 
which was Reconsidered in the 4* article be worked out on 
highways excepting three days work of each man to be worked 
out at the Center for the prepareing for a meeting house 

Voted the Surveyors warn the Inhabitants work out the above 
three days at the Center. 

A true Copey per = Sam^ Moore Town Clerk 

[130] \_Peti'tioji of Afitrit/?^ Deerino-^ a7id Society Land, re- 
specting owners of Non-resident I.ands.~\ 

State of New Hampshire. 

To the Honourable Council and House of Representatives in 
General Assembly Convened. 

A. Petition in Behalf of the Inhabitants of Deering Antrim 
and Society-land, Humbly S/ietus, that your petitioners being 
few in Number are greatly oppressed, by working Roads through 
Large Tracts, of nonresidents Lands, to the great advantage of 


the owners, while they are Exempted from assisting ; also in 
being obliged to advance money to hier men and parches Beef, 
in proportion to said lands, which at the low Rate of one Half 
per cent, will be assessed in nigh one third of said proportion, 
and in some Towns much more, while bv Law they are Exempt- 
ed from payment for seven months after the quotos is Demanded, 
so that we are Deprived of the means to Enable us to Comply 
with the Courts Demands. 

Wherefore we your petitioners Relying on your Honnours 
protection and Justice, to Redres this our Greavence by Caus- 
ing said nonresidents to Defend their Extencive Interest, by 
finding their Respective proportions of said quotos ; or Ease 
your petitioners by Exempting us from finding their proportion 
of said quotos, untill after the time by Law prescribed, for the 
Recoverv of the taxes assessed on nonresidents Lands. And 
your petitioners as in Duty Bound will Ever pray 

John Duncan for Antrim ") 

Nath' Sweetser D° Deering > Committee 

Robert Dinsmoor for Societv-land ) 

[129] \^]\'Iemorial of jSfon-residents about Taxes, ^779-'\ 

State of New Hampshire — To the Honorable Council and House 
of Representatives in General Assembly convened. 

The humble Petition of the Nonresident Proprietors of An- 
trim in said State shews that your Petitioners with others are 
proprietors of the Town of Antrim in said State, that we have 
ever paid the strictest attention to the acts of Government for 
raising inoney to defray the necessary expenses of the present 
war, and whereas your honors had for the ease and benefit of 
the nonresident proprietors of new lands, as well as for the pub- 
lic good, made an act directing the collectors of all such taxes 
to deposit their lists with your Receiver General at Exeter in 
consequence thereof we expected to have paid the Taxes for the 
year 1778 at the same office, but that the Collector of Antrim in 
direct opposition to the act, and your honors intention & encour- 
aged by the designing inhabitants of said Town did designedly 
neglect to lodge the list of Taxes at the receivers office, and ad- 
vertize the same in the Exeter paper, which we never expected, 
fully relying on the benefit of said act, and he availing himself 
thereof loaded us with enormous charges & proceeded to sell 
great part of our interest there at the very low price of eighteen 
pence per acre — Your petitioners would further suggest to vour 
honors. That the vSelectmen of said Antrim misconstruing your 
honors acts for the support of the warr have not only assessed 
the lands of the nonresident proprietors with much more than 


their proportion of the war tax, but have also laid on us a gre- 
vious Town Tax, as will appear by the list now in the receivers 
office thereby Easing themselves of the greater part of their 
Town charges, a part of which is to be appropriated to defray 
the expense of building a bridge which was completed many 
years ago and have by said list directed us inhabitants of Ports- 
mouth to appear and work out our taxes on the roads in An- 
trim knowing the improbability of our attending, have affixed 
such prices to labour as they think proper — 

Your petitioners would still further humbly suggest that the 
laws of this State point out a mode whereby proprietors might 
raise money on unimproved lands in which we should be enti- 
tled to a vote, but by the mode the Town of Antrim has adopted, 
we are entirely excluded from that great priviledge — Your pe- 
titioners having discharged the sums demanded for the ex- 
penses of Government & relying on your honours protection & 
justice pray your honors would be pleased to take the matter 
into your most serious and wise consideration & make such im- 
mediate order as may redress our grevances & prevent the sale 
of our lands for non payment of said Town taxes thus illegally 
assessed, — and your Petitionei's as in duty bound will ever 
pray &c 

Portsmouth October 30'*" i779- 
Mark H'*'' Went- Geo. King John Penhallow 

worth Geo : Jaftrey Daniel Rogers 

John Pierce Th" Martin 

[The foregoing was before the H. of Rep., December 29, 
1799, and a hearing ordered for the next session. — Ed.] 

[_Remonstrauce to Memorial of No)i-Residents^ lySo.^ 

State of I To the Hon' the Council and House of Rep- 
New Hamp'" J resentatives in General Assembly convened at 
Exeter Feby. 17"^ 1780 — 

The Petition and Remonstrance of us the subscribers — Se- 
lectmen of the Town of Antrim in s'^ State in Behalf s'' Town 
Humbly Sheweth — That we understand that there was a Peti- 
tion Prefered to your Hon'''* at your Late Session on the 39"' of 
Dec'' Last past ; by the Non Resident Proprietors of s'^ Town of 
Antrim among other things setting forth that their Property had 
been unfairly taken from them for the nonpayment of Taxes 
in s'^ Town aleging that the Colector of Taxes in s"^ Town 
ought to have Lodged a List of the Non Resident Taxes 
with your Receiver General according to Law and that the 
said Colector Neglected to Do the same — We your Hon''' 

ANTRIM, 113 

Petitioners and Remonstrants beg leave to observe to that Pre- 
vious to our Receiving the order of Court for the above said 
Purposes, and Colector had Advertized the Non Resident Land 
for sale as speedy Payment of the Taxes was Demanded 

They also observe in their Petition that we Loaded thena 
with Enormous Charges and sold their land for the low price 
of eighteen pence per. acre — in answer to which we say we 
Taxed them No more than their Proportion and sold the Land 
to the Highest Bider by fair sale. 

They further aledge to your Hon" that the Town Not only 
Loaded them with much more than their Proportion of the 
War Tax, but also with a Greveios Town Tax which we 
supose to be a Highway Tax — We Beg Leave to observe to 
your Hon"''' that all New Settlements Labour under the Greatest 
Dificualtys with Respect to making and Repairing Highways 
and our town in Particular as there is two Large streams ; and 
a Large tracts of Non Resident Land which they Refuse to 
sell or settle to the Great Damage of our Town and state. They 
further observe to your Hon'"'" that the aforesaid Charges was to 
be appropriated to the Building a Bridge which had been Com- 
pleted many yerrs ago ; which suggestion we Beg Leave to ob- 
sei"ve to your Hon'"'* is groundless as w^e are able to Prove that 
the Bridge alluded to is yet unfinished and Dangerous to Pass ; 
for these and many other reasons we pray your Hon''^ would 
Dismiss the aforesaid Petition ; we your Hon''*' Petitioners and 
Remonstrants flatter ourselves that upon Due Consideration 
of the Premises vour Hon"'** will put us upon an Equal footing 
with our fellow subjects in this state and we shall Ever Pray 

John Duncan | Select 
Thomas Nichols I men 

[125] \^Deposition relative to so7ne Bridges^ iy8o.'\ 

We Joseph Boyd Alexander Jameson and Alan Anderson of 
Lawful age Testefy"' and saith that the two Great Bridges in 
Antrim Began in June 1777 over the south and west Branch^ of 
Contoocook River is yet unfinished & Dangerous to pass, that 
on the south Branch was Rebuilt the last No\'ember and made 
much higher and Cover** a new but the Reach being more than 
fifty feet between Butmans and no king posts to support the 
string peaces the bridge is Likely to be Lost for said bridges 
being built at the expense of but few inhabitance as there are 
but few in the town antrim — and further saith not 

Joseph Boyd 

feb' the 2''' 17S0. Alexander Jameson 

Allan Anderson 

Sworn to before Isaac Andrews Jus' Peace. 



[The foregoing petitions, remonstrances, &c., resulted in 
the passage of an act, March i6, 1780, authorizing the 
selectmen of the town to assess all unimproved lands owned 
by non-residents their just proportion of all taxes for the 
following purposes : The continental, state, and county 
taxes ; charges for hiring soldiers for the service of this 
state, or of the United States ; and for supporting the 
wives and families of those officers and soldiers who are in 
the service. — Ed.] 

[133] \^Petitio)i for leave to assess Lands for the piirpose of 
bnildhig a ]\Ieeti)ig-IIouse^ i'/8j.~\ 

State of I To the Honourable Councle and house of 
New Hamp"' j representatives in general assembly Convened. 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Antrim in s*^ State humbly 
shews that whereas this Town was not granted to any Set of 
men nor Any Land given for the Publick Use of this town Not- 
withstanding the great benefite the Noneresident Proprietors of 
Land in this Town Receives or may expect to Receive By our 
labour from the advancement of s*^ Lands which they Do not in- 
cline to sell nor settle which is a great damage to this Town 
therefore your Petitioners being unable to settle the gosple A 
prevelige we must be deprived of which Towns in general 
Enjoy and no Prospect of ever being otherwise untill the Non- 
residents shall think fit to sell or settle their Land — Your peti- 
tioners Pray that your Honours would take our Dificult Cir- 
cumstances under your most wise Consideration and grant us a 
tax upon all the Land in this Town as your Honours shall think 
Proper for the Sole Purpose of Building A Meeting house and 
buying a Ministerial Lot of Land. 

And your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever Pray &c 
James Dike Ja* Dinsmoor Thomas Nichols 

[131] \_Non- Residents consent to foregoi7ig Petition.'] 

State of New Hamp"" 1 To the Hon' the Concel & house of 
Hillsborough ss j Representatives in General Assembly 

The Memorial of us Non Resident Owners of lands in An- 
trim humbly shews that whereas a Petition was prepared at the 
last Sitting of the Court at Concord setting forth that s'^ town 
was not Granted to aney sect of men nor aney land Given for 


anev publick use & large tracts of unimproved lands lying near 
the Centor &cc 

And Prays that a small tax may be Grainted on all the land 
in s** town for the sole purpose of building a Meeting house and 
purchessing a lote for a minister which privelage hath been 
Grainted to other towns in like Sircomstances — 

Wherfor we humbly Request your Hon''^ that the subject 
matter prayed for in s*^ petition may be grainted as it would ad- 
vance our interest and promote the settlement of the town & the 
public Good, and your Memorialests as in Duty Bound shall 
Ever Pray 

John m'Kean Ju'' William Boyd Daniel Moor 

Abijah hadley Joh" Patten James Hopkins 

Hugh Orr James Eaton Samuel Dodge 
Robert M'^kean 

[December 31, 1783, an act was passed granting the 
selectmen authority to assess a tax of one penny per acre 
upon all the lands in Antrim for three years, for the sole 
purposes of building a meeting-house and purchasing a 
ministerial lot. — Ed.] 


Antrim Dec'' 15'^ 1783. 
The No of Poles in the town of Antrim of 21 years old & up- 
wards paying taxes Is 57 

Attest Daniel Nichols j Select 

James Dinsmoor j men 
Sworn to before me 

John Duncan J. peace 

[134] \^Petition for Authority to assess a Tax to make and 
repair Roads afid 3 ridges.^ 

State of New Hampshire — Hillsborough ss. 

To the Honorable Senate and Plouse of Representatives at Ex- 
eter Convened — 

The Petition of the Selectmen in behalf of the Inhabitants of 
the Town of Antrim J-Inmbly Sheweth : that we being situate 
near the height of land between Comiecticutt and Merrimack 
Rivers ; where the land is verry Mountaineos ; which makes our 
Roads verry Deficult to make Passable ; on account of the 
Rough ground it being verry Rockev. also, we have seven 
large Bridges to Maintain over the south and west Branches of 
Contoock River, Some of which must be Rebuilt Next Sum- 


mer, in a special Manner one on tlie south Branch, on the Road 
Leading to Amherst, and Boston which is of great Public util- 
ity — we being unable to make and maintain said Road and 
Bridges, so as to make them Passable, and as there is large 
tracts of unimproved lands which some of said Roads pass 
through — we your Petitioners Pray ; that a tax of two pence p"" 
Acre ; may be granted on all the land in said Town under such 
Regulations as your Honors may see fit ; for the sole purpose of 
making and Repairing said Roads and Bridges, and your Peti- 
tioners as in duty bound Shall Ever Pray 
Antrim Nov' 14"" 1792. 

Jonathan Nesmith ^ o i 
Daniel Nichols >- 
Arthur Nesmith ) "^^^^ 

[In H. of Rep., Dec. 8, 1792, the matter of the foregoing 
petition was considered, and a hearing ordered for the next 

June 19, 1793, an act was passed granting the authority 
asked for. — Ed.] 


This town was granted in 1746, by the Masonian Propri- 
etors, to Edmund Brown and fifty-nine others, and named 
New Breton, in honor of the captors of Cape Breton, some 
of whom were among the grantees. The town was in- 
corporated June 25, 1779, by its present name, the deri- 
vation of which is unknown. For bounds, see document 
No. 117. 

The first inhabitant was Joseph Fellows, who moved from 
Boscawen and settled in this town in 1761. He died in 181 1, 
at the age of 84. Elias Raino and William Morey moved 
in soon after. The following is a list of the Revolutionary 
soldiers, as given by Dr. Jacob B. Moore : 

John Chandler, Nathaniel Call, Thomas Sleeper, Ezekiel 
Fellows, Paul Smith Marston, Joshua Danford, Edward 
Danford, Josiah Hains, Joseph Tucker, Benjamin Fel- 
lows, Joseph Fellows, Robert Wise, John White, Thomas 

A church was organized in 1782. Rev. Josiah Badcock 
was ordained as its minister, and preached there until 


[11^] [ Order of Select?nen for Allowance of Animunition.A^ 

To the Honorabel general Cort of New Hampshir, Pies to De- 
liver to the Barer her of the Poudr and led and flints that is 
aloued for the town of New britton and in so Doing you will 
oblige your Humbl Sarvnts 
New britton Juley the 8, 1776. 

Paul S. Marston ") 

Nathan Rowe > Assessors 

Peter Weare J 

[116] \^Petition in Favor of jfonat/ian Weare.~\ 

To the Honourable Councel and house of Representatives In 
the General Court Now Sitting at Exeter the humble petition 
of the Inhabatants of the township of New Britain Whereas 
the Inhabatants of Said town being Desirous of haveing 
a Jestices of the peace in said town the Inhabatants of 
said town of New Britain meet on the fourteenth Day of 
June Currant and made Chose of M'' Jonathan Weare for a 
Jestices of the peace and your humble petitioners humbly 
Pray that M" Jonathan Weare might be appointed as he is 
aman Well Qiialefied for Said office and as the Eyes of the 
people are on him for a Jestices of the peace and as it W ill 
Give Great Contentment to the Inhabatants of the whole town 
of New britain and W^e your humble Petitioners humbly pray 
that M"' Jonathan W^eare may be appointed a Jestices of the 
peace at said Court Now Setting as we are in want of a Jestices 
of the peace in said town and W^ill sav^e vis a Great deal of 
Truble and Expence as your humbel petitioners beges your 
honours Will Grant our Reasonable Request as your petitioners 
Shall E\'er humbh' Prav 

New britain June y*^ 16 — 1779. 

Samviel Blake ^ Selectmen 
Joseph Philbrick >■ of 

Jabez morrill ) New britain 

[I am pleased to be able to record that Jonathan Weare 
received the appointment. He was a man of integrity, and 
much respected ; was a magistrate many years. He died 
January 18, 18 16, aged 60. — Ed.] 

[117] \_Petitio7i for an Act of Incorporation J\ 

State of New Hampshire. 
To the Hon'''*' the Council and House of Representatives of the 


State of New Hampshire in General Assembly Convened 

March lo* 1779. 

The Petition of the Inhabitants & Freeholders of the Town- 
ship Called New Britton in the Connty of Hillsborough in said 
State. Humbly Sheiveth — That the Inhabitants of said Town- 
ship Labour under many Disadvantages on account of their not 
being Incorporated into a body Politic & Corporate with Privi- 
ledges Powers and Immunities as other Towns Incorporated 
within this State have and enjoy — More especially with respect 
to their Levying and Collecting the State & Covmty Taxes, 
making roads, Highways &c &c in said Township — Wherefore 
yours Petitioners Pray that your Hon""^ will consider their cir- 
cumstances and Pass an act to Incorporate Said Township and 
the Inhabitants thereof into a Body Politic & Corporate by the 
name of Andover to have succession forever, with all the Pow- 
ers, Priviledges and Immunities that any other Towns in this 
State Have and Enjoy — and your Petitioners Shall Pray &c &c 
Thomas Blake Jonathan Robards Samuel Blake 

William Emery John Rowell Nathan Rowes 

Jonathan Stevens Josiah Scribner William Blake 

Ebenezer Tucker Nathaniel Danford John Row 
Moses Clough Peter Weare Robert Wise 

Jabez Morrill Joseph Philbrick Richard nuton 

Simeon Rawlings Jonathan Celey William Morey 

Jonathan robards Jr Simeon Connors Joseph Chandler 
Philip Mitchel Samuel Rano Benjamin Sweat 

Ezekiel fellows Paul S. Marston William Morey Jr 

Jedediah Sleeper Benjamin Selley Elias Rano 

[The foregoing petition was in the H. of Rep., March ii, 
1779, "^^^ ^ hearing ordered for the next session, at which 
the matter came up, and an act was passed incorporating 
Andover with the following bounds : " Beginning at a great 
Rock on the Westerly side of Pemigiwasset River which 
Rock is the Northeasterly Bounds of Salisbury then Run- 
ning West Seventeen Degrees South Ten miles then be- 
ginning again at said Rock running up said River so far as 
to contain four miles upon a Strait Line thence West sev- 
enteen Degrees South ten miles thence on a Strait Line to 
the End of the first ten mile Line." The council concurred 
June 25, 1779. — Ed.] 

[118] [ Oaths of AUegiaiice^ 1782 . ] 

I Thomas Blake, I Samuel Blake, I Moses Clough, I Jona. 
Silla, I Joseph Fellows, I Joseph Chandler, I Joseph Philbrick 


& Benjamin Silla — Do Solemnly Swear that I Do Renounce 
Refuse and abjure any allegiance or obedience to George the 
third King of Great Briton and that I will Do to the utniost of 
niv Power Support maintain and Defend the Independence of 
all the united States of America as the same was set forth by 
the Continental Congress in their Declaration of the fourth of 
July 1776 and I Do promise that I will bear faith and true al- 
legiance to the State of New Hampshire During my Residence 
therein and will Disclose and make known to some majestrate 
acting under said State all Treason and Consperaices which I 
shall know to be against the united States or any one of them as 
Independent of the Crown of Great Britain and these things I 
Do Sw^eare according to the plain and Common Sense of the 
words without any Equivocation or Secret Reservation whatso- 
ever upon the true faith of a Christian. So help me God. 

Thomas Blake, Samuel Blake Moses Clough 

Jonathan Celey ioseph fellows Joseph Chandler 

Joseph Philbrick Benjamin Seley 

Hillsborough Andover June ii"* 17S3. This is to Certify 
that the above named have taken the above Oath of Fidelity 
and Subscribed thereto In presents of Jonathan Weare 

Just. Peace 

[119] \^Petition for A^ithority to tax ]Von-residefzts.~\ 

To Hon' Senate & house of Representatives — In General Court 
Convened, at Exeter — December 25"^ '■793- 

The Petition of the Selectmen of Town of Andover in the 
County of Hillsborough and State of New Hampshire Humbly 
Sheweth — 

That the Inhabitants of s*^ Andover labour under Many disad- 
vantages, by Reason of bad Roads, Highw-ays, Bridges &c in 
s"^ Town. Wherefore your Petitioners Pray, that your Hon" 
would Consider their Situation, and Pass an act to enable the 
Selectmen of s'' Town to Lay a tax on all the nonresident 
Land, in s'' Town, of one Penny pr. acre for two years succes- 
sively, for the Purpose of Repairing Publick highways, bridges 
&c In s'' Town — and yovu" petitioners in duty Bound will ever 

Signed in behalf of") Silas Barnard ~) Selectmen 

said Town j Josepli philbrick >- of 

James Tucker ) Andover 

[This petition was before the H. of Rep., Jan. 27, 1794, 


and leave was granted to bring in a bill to levy a tax of one 
penny and two farthings per acre on all the lands in An- 
dover for the above mentioned purposes. — Ed.] 


This town was a part of a tract of land which was pur- 
chased by the inhabitants of Pentucket (Haverhill, Mass.), 
of the Indians, Nov. 15, 1642. It was deeded to them by 
Passaquo and Saggahew, with the consent of Passacona- 
way, their chief. Settlements were made in 1728 by Benja- 
min Richards, of Rochester, N. H., and Jonathan and Ed- 
mund Page and John Dow, of Haverhill, Mass. 

The town was set off from Plaistow by an act passed 
Sept. 3, 1767, and incorporated by its present name, in hon- 
or of Hon. Theodore Atkinson, who was for some years a 
member of the governor's council, secretary of the prov- 
ince 27 years, and a large land-holder in the town. Its first 
settled minister was Rev. Stephen Peabody, who was chap- 
lain of Poor's regiment at Winter Hill, and whose second 
wife was the sister of the wife of President Adams. He 
died May 23, 1819. 

[135] [ Warrant for assessing County Tax, iy'/4.'\ 

Province of ") To the Selectmen of Atkinson in said County 
New Hamp'' [■ Greeting you are hereby Required in his ma- 
Rockingham ss J jestys name forthwith to make an assessment 
according to Law on the Polls and Rateable Estates within 
your Precinct for the sum of nine pound one shilling and six 
pence — Proclamation or other currant money of Equal Value, 
being their Proportion of six hundred Pounds A'^oted and Re- 
solved by the Court of general sessions of the Peace held at 
Portsmouth in and for said County the tenth Day of may 1774 
to be Raised on the Polls and Estates of the Inhabitants of the 
several Towns and Parishes in the said County for the purposes 
of Building a Goal in Portsmouth and other Covnity Charges 
and you are to cause the same to be Collected according to Law 
and Paid to me, or the Treasurer of the said County for the 
time being on or before the twenty-fifth Day of December next. 
Hereof fail not as you will answer your neglect under the Pen- 
alty's of the La\y in that case made and Provided. 


Given under my hand and seal at Exeter the tenth Day of 
June in the fourteenth year of his Majesty's Reign Anno Dom- 
ini 1774. 

£ 9 . . I . . 6. 

Peter Gihiian ; County Treas. 

[136] \_Peiition in favor of Col. Nathaniel Peabody., abotit 


To the Hon''^® General Assembly of the Colony of New Hamp- 
shire now conyened & sitting at Exeter. 

Gentlemen — Whereas it has been represented to us. as the 
Minds of the general Court of this Proyince that the Inhabitants of 
each Town should nominate some Person properly qualified for 
a Justice of the Peace who might be most agreeable to y*^ gen- 
erality of the People — We the Freeholders Inhabitants of the 
Town of Atkinson beg leaye to recommend Col" Nathaniel Pea- 
body for a Justice of the Peace in this Place, as a Person well 
qualified and most agreeable to the Alinds of the People in gen- 
eral. — And as he has sustained the office of a Justice of the 
Peace, and of the Qiiorum to the universal satisfaction of the 
People of this Vicinity (except a Small Number of Personal 
Enemies) we flatter our selves that it will be agreeable to your 
Minds to confer upon him those offices as we apprehend him 
likely to promote the Peace and Happiness of this Town and 
the Interest of this Coloney 

Ezekiel Belknap Enoch Knight Nath' Cogswell 

Jesse Page John Dow Jr John Dow 

John Ingalls Daniel Page John Knight Jur. 

Asa Page Jonathan Page Nathaniel Noyes 

Stephen Page Daniel Richards Joseph French 

James Noyes Benjamin Emery Jesse Sawyer 

Tlio- Noyes Jonathan Page Jr Jonathan Whitaker 

Enoch Noyes Bradlcc Richards James Little 

Joshua Knight Joshua Emery Humphrey Noyes Jr 

Samuel Little John Atwood Joseph Knight Jr 

Stephen Dole Steplien Dole Jur. Micah Chaplain 

Benj" Hale Ebenezer Parker Joseph Little 

Benj" Stone Benjamin Philbrick Moses Belknap 

Daniel Poor Jr David Atwood Joseph Chandler 
John Knight 3*^ 

[Col. Peabody received the appointment. — Ed] 


[137] \_Ntimber of Ratable Polls, 1783.'] 

State of New Hampshire | In Pursuance of a Vote of the 

County of Rockingham j General assembly of said state we 

the undersigners select men of Atkinson in said County have 

taken the exact number of all male polls of twenty one years 

of age and upwards paying for themselves a poll tax within the 

said town of Atkinson and find there to be eighty one — 

December 13"' 17S3 

-D , /^i , ^ Selectmen 

Peter dement t r 

Humphrey Noyesjr I ^^J^^^^^^^ 

I^Sworn to before 

"Nath' Peabody Jus' Paice."] 

£140] \_Action of Atkinsoji co7tcerning Paper JMoney, 1786. '\ 

State of New Hampshire. 

At a legal meeting of the Inhabitants of Atkinson in the 
County of Rockingham in said State held by adjournment at 
the meeting house in said Atkinson, on monday the 21^' day of 
August Anno Domini 1786. 

Upon reading and considering the subject matter of a petition 
frorn sundry inhabitants of said Atkinson to the Selectmen ex- 
hibited, and on account of which this meeting was called. . . . 
The following memorial and petition was reported &c. for con- 
sideration (viz) — To the honorable the General Court of the 
State of New Hampshire to be convened at Exeter the sixth 
day of September next — The memorial and petition of the In- 
habitants of Atkinson in town meeting assembled, in behalf of 
themselves and their distressed fellow Citizens in said State, beg 
leave humbly to make known & request. — When the patriotic 
Citizens of this State take a retrospective view of the vast vari- 
ety of complicated fatigues and hardships, through which they 
have with unremiting ardor, amidst every embarrassment cheer- 
fully toiled during the late necessary and unavoidable opposition 
to the Tyrannic strides of the king of Britain and his emissaries 
— the unparralleled patience, resignation andassiduity with which 
they endured every species of accumelated distress, in anxious 
hopes, trusting to the righteousness of their cause, that the 
great Father of mankind and merciful disposer of human events, 
would in due time, crown their feble efforts with success, and 
establish their feet upon the stable mountain of peace, plenty, 
liberty, and happiness — and lay a pleasing foundation for the 
future freedom and glory of unborn millions, their progeny. — 

When they reflect upon the immense Treasures that have 


"been expended — the hosts of their beloved fellow Citizens that 
have fallen and the rivers of human blood with which the earth 
hath been wantonly crimsoned in the glorious conflict^^when 
they consider that the sovereignty and independence of these, 
nominally, united States and every of them have been acknowl- 
edged, and now stand Guaranteed — that peace hath been pro- 
claimed, and the clamor and din of war no more heard within 
our borders, — they are naturally led to look around them and 
■search for the golden prize, — the dear earned promised happy 
day — But alas to their chagrin and disappointment they find it 
not, though they have sought it diligently with tears, but in- 
stead of enjoying the blessings of peace heretofore predicted, 
and with confidence accepted, the Citizens of this State now 
find themselves in a labyrinth of difficulty and distress, like 
Issachar of old crouching under the weight of complicated bur- 
dens, an enormous public debt far beyond their ability immedi- 
ately to discharge, even if furnished with a medium of trade 
competent for transacting their other common and ordinary 
afikirs of life. — 

Silver and gold hath taken wing and flown to the other side 
of the Atlantic, without leaving a substitute or even its shadow, 
beside which to support the late war, the private debts of indi- 
viduals have in manv instances been augmented — that they are 
called upon to pay large taxes in silver and gold which is not to 
be obtained — that neither the united States or this State have a 
single shilling to call money, but for which they are beholden 
to foreigners — the silver and gold heretofore in circulation in 
this State, being English, French, Spanish, Portugal, or other 
foreign coin — 

That for want of a suitable medium of trade the Citizens of 
this State are altogether unable to pay their public taxes, or 
private debts, or even to support the train of needless and ex- 
pensive lawsuits, which alone would be an insupportable bur- 
den — To require the making of brick without straw, was form- 
erly esteemed arbitrary in rulers — In this deplorable situation, 
attended with a variety of other embarrassments, the distressed 
Citizens aforesaid, do with great confidence look up to your 
honors, being the Guardians and civil Fathers of the people, as 
the only constitutional appeal and resort, under God for relief — 
Notwithstanding the Inhabitants of this Town in particular 
place high confidence in the wisdom and integrity of those in 
authority — despise a spirit of faction tumult and disorder, which 
tend to weaken the reins of Government — are fully determined 
to yield every exertion in their power to support the Constitu- 
tion and Laws of the State, until regularly altered or abolished, 
to promote manufactures, agricidture, economy and industry, 
and in a word to restore and establish public credit, and the 


practice of that justice and righteousness which alone exalteth 
a Nation, and without which, vain will be the help of man. — 
And notwithstanding the said Inhabitants of Atkinson are fully 
sensible of the difficulties naturally attending partial attempts to 
remedy the evils complained of, and the variety of other embar- 
rassments consequent upon issuing paper money in the present 
situation of affairs — that it would be difficult if not impossible 
to devise a plan that would not be liable to objections, as either 
debtor or creditor of some supposable description might thereby 
be injured, nor do they once imagine themselves capable of pro- 
posing the most unexceptionable plan that might be devised. — 
Yet nevertheless upon mature consideration of all circumstances, 
and having been informed that it w^as the wish of the Hon*^'* 
Court to know the sentiments of the several Towns respecting 
so hazardous an undertaking — the said Inhabitants without dic- 
tating to your Hon'''*' Court, beg leave to suggest as their opinion 
and request. That the Hon''''' Court cause one Hundred and fifty 
thousand pounds lawful money to be emitted in paper bills, of 
such sums and denominations, as may be most for the con- 
venience of the people at large in this State, to be issued on the 
faith & credit of the State, solemnly pledged for the redemption 
of said bills, according to the face and tenor thereof, — without 
any deduction or depreciation whatever, being hereafter allowed 
or demanded, that the said bills bear an interest of Five p'' Cent 
to be paid annually if demanded in like money or in silver or 
gold, — that a law be enacted to punish with death any person, 
or persons, who shall be convicted of counterfeiting any of said 
bills, or of altering or increasing the sum originally mentioned 
therein : with a proportionable punishment for those who shall 
be convicted of knowingly uttering or passing any such coun- 
terfeit or altered bills, — That a solemn ordinance be passed & 
sacredly observed, for granting a tax justly proportioned, on the 
polls and estates, within this State, equal to one Tenth part of 
the principal and the arising interest of the aforesaid sum, to be 
assessed, levyed, and collected, and paid into the public Treas- 
ury of this State, on or before the 25"* day of December Anno 
Domini 17S9 ; and for one other tenth part of the principal and 
interest of the whole sum so emitted to be paid into said Treas- 
ury, in each & every succeeding year on or before the 25"' day 
of December, annually, until the whole sum issued shall be re- 
deemed and paid in by ten equal annual assessments & pay- 
ments — That the tax being so proportioned and assessed, any 
person or persons liable to pay the same, or any part thereof, 
may pay his her or their respective proportions either in the said 
bills according to the tenor and face recning and adding the in- 
terest due thereon, or in like sum in coined gold or silver at the 
respective rates and value already established by Law, or in 


well \vrought bar iron, or steel, Mei'chantable wheat flour, 
pork, beef, hemp, flax, sheeps wool, tobacco, pitch, tar, fish, 
oil, potash, pearlash, flax-seed, cordage, sailcloth, all kinds of 
materials of the manufacture of this Country necessary for rig- 
ging ships ; boards, and various other kinds of lumber, to be 
delivered at such places, and at such reasonable rates and prices 
as the Hon'"''' Covn't shall previous to issuing said paper money 
adjudge equitable, affix and determine. — That as soon as the 
said paper money shall be struck oft' and compleated, the money 
be issued for circulation as follows, & in all payments whei*e 
receivable the principal & arising interest due on said money to 
be considered equal to gold & silver, — (Viz) That all public 
officers & servants of the State, be paid their respective salaries, 
fees & wages, for all kinds of public service arising within the 
State, in the said paper money, at the same sums and rates as 
though paid in gold & silver, — That the Interest now due, or 
shall hereafter grow^ or become due, on the public notes of this 
State, be paid & discharged in said paper money, as also such 
parts of the principal of said State notes as the respective pro- 
prietors may request to receive. That all other debts due from 
this State to individuals, and for which notes have not issued, 
and where the mode of payment hath not been particularly 
agreed upon & determined, be paid & discharged in said 
paper money. 

And whereas this State is vastly in arrears in the payment of 
their quota of the principal & Interest of the foreign debts, due 
from the united States, and no means left in their power to pay 
and discharge the same, but by the exportation of such articles 
& commodities as by attending to industry & economy this 
State is capable of producing, and which bear such prices in 
foreign markets as will admit of the cost and charge of trans- 
portation, and it is impossible this should be effected without 
paying a particular attention to ship building, navigation, and 
commerce, which can't be carried on to advantage without a 
circulating medium of trade sufficient to purchase the pi'oduce 
and manufactures of the Country, & for other expenditures 
necessary to negotiate foreign commerce, — and in the present 
situation of affairs how shall such medium of trade be procured 
without drawing into use an Emission of paper monev? — There- 
fore it is humbly propos'd as a further method of putting the said 
money into circulation, giving life and vigor to business, and 
open a way to discharge at least a part of our foreign debt, that 
the surpkissage, or remainder of said paper money, that shall 
not be so drawn out of theTreasurv and gone into circulation on 
or before the day of next be taken out in 

such sum or sums, as may be most convenient for the Citizens 
of this State, who may apply for the same, and will contract to 


pay & discharge within Two years from the time of taking out 
such money an equal sum of this States quota of the foreign 
debt, either to France, Spain, or Holland, as may be most for 
the advantage of the State, and convenience of the respective 
contractors ; the said contractors, not to be charged with any 
further interest than what shall arise and grow dvie on said 
money, until the said Two years shall have expired, — the re- 
spective contractors, to give permanent security of three times 
the value of the sum taken out, faithfully to pay, and discharge 
the sums by them respectively received in the manner and in 
the time aforesaid. 

In order that the said paper money when issued and put into 
circulation may have credit, and sarve better to relieve the peo- 
ple under their present embarrassments. — That Laws be enacted 
making the said paper money a tender and receivable in all pay- 
ments due to the State from the Citizens thereof not heretofore 
particularly agreed upon & determined. — that the said paper 
money be received in payment and discharge of all fines & 
amercements that may accrue by virtue of the penal Laws of 
this State. — That the said paper money be a tender to pay, sat- 
isfy and discharge all judgments already recovered or that may 
hereafter be recovered in any Court of Law, or before any jus- 
tice of the peace in this State, whether said judgment be for 
debt, damage, cost or otherwise, and for all fees, and emolu- 
ments of any and of all the said Courts and their officers, and 
for the ballances of all such judgments & emoluments, where 
partial payments may have been made, & to pay satisfy and 
discharge all executions issued, or to be issvied, from any of said 
Courts, or Justices of the peace, whether in wdiole or in part 
due, and also to redeem all lands or other real estate, on which 
execution hath, or shall be levyed or extended within the re- 
spective terms allowed by Law — 

And when and so often as difficulty and inconvenience shall 
arise with respect to the debtor or debtors, his, her, or their 
agent or Attorney making tender and payment to the creditor or 
creditors to satisfy and discharge any such judgment or execu- 
tion, or for the redemption of any such real Estates, that it may 
be lawful for the debtor or debtors, his, her, or their agent or at- 
torney, to lodge with the Clerk of the respective Court, or Jus- 
tice of the peace, before whom any such judgment hath been, 
or shall be recovered, or from whom any execution hath already, 
or shall issue, of the said paper monev sufficient to pay satisfy 
and discharge any such bill of cost, judgment, or execution ; or 
for the redemption of such Estates respectively, and that the 
said Clerks of the s** respective Courts, and said Justices of the 
peace respectively may be ordered and directed, to receive the 
said money, and for customary fees to enter on record, payment. 


satisfaction, and discharge of any such judgment or execution ; 
or in full for the redemption of such real estate, and give the 
said debtor, or debtors respectively a proper certificate thereof. 
— And that the said paper money be a tender to pay satisfy and 
discharge all bills, bonds, notes, covenants, contracts, debts, 
dues, damages, or demands of every kind, name, or nature, im- 
mediately, upon, and ever after any action, suit or process shall 
be commenced, or brought forward, against any person or per- 
sons, for the recovery of the same, or demand of payment 
made, and that the debtor or debtors be in no case liable to pay 
or be taxed for any costs that may arise, or accrue by reason of 
any action, suit or process that may be commenced, brought 
forward, or continued by any creditor or creditors respectively 
after the full amount of what may be justly due with the legal 
costs so far, shall be tendered to pay and satisfy the same. 

Which memorial and petition having been sevei-al times pub- 
lickly read and well understood. — Voted that the same be re- 
ceived and considered as containing the sentiments of the In- 
habitants of said Atkinson, in Town meeting assembled, re- 
specting the several matters therein contained. — Voted that the 
Town Clerk make out a fair copy thereof duly certified, and 
cause the same to be transmitted to the Hon'"'^ General Court at 
their next Session. 

Attest John Dow Town Clerk. 

A true copy taken from the Town book of Records of At- 

Attest John Dow^ Town Clerk 

[Petitions relative to issuing paper money were sent to 
the legislature from various towns. The matter was debat- 
ed in committee of the whole, Sept. 8, 1786, and considera- 
tion postponed until the next day, at which time a sub-com- 
mittee, consisting of the President, John Sullivan, Col. John 
Bell, Londonderry, Col. Amos Shepard, Alstead, and Col. 
John Bellows, Walpole, of the Senate, and Col. Runnels, 
Col. Welch, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Bettan, and Mr. McMurphy.of 
the house, were appointed to "report the best plan they can 
devise for emitting paper money," with directions to report 
the next Wednesday. The committee reported, and the re- 
port was ordered to be printed, and sent out to the several 
towns for their consideration. The following is the report, 
as copied from the original : — Ed.] 

The committee appointed to report the best Plan they can de- 
vise for emitting paper money beg leave to report — 

That fifty thousand pounds be Emitted in bills of Credit 


the one half in bills not exceeding twelve shillings and none 
so small as six, the other half in bills of six shillings 
& Downwards all car[ry]ing an Intrest of four p"" Cent 
p' annum this money to be Deposited in the Treasury and 
ten thousand pounds thereof appropriated to the Discharge of 
specie orders on the Treasury & for Defraying the Expence of 
Governinent ; That the money be received in all Duties Im- 
posts Excise fines forfitures & other money Demands of 
Government with an allowance of the Intrest Due on the face 
of the Bills to the payer but not to be a tender in any other 
Case ; That the remaining forty thousand pounds be Loaned on 
landed security of Double the am mount of the sum Loaned to 
the Inhabitants of this State on Intrest of six p'' Cent p'' annum ; 
not more than one hundred & fifty or less than fifty pounds to 
any one person the Mortgages to be payable in six years in said 
Money or in silver & gold but if paid in the aforesaid bills the 
Intrest is to be reckoned as so much in Discharge of the Mort- 
gage any person may at any time within the six years make 
payment or fully Discharge his Mortgage not less than ten 
povmds to be received in any one payment imless in that which 
fully Discharges the Mortgage ; That no lands be received in 
Mortgage unless it be improved lands and so Certified by the 
sellectmen & that the Mortgagor is in possession thereof & that 
it is reputed to be his land & shall also Certify on oath the value 
thereof in their judgement & that they know of no incvmi- 
brance on the same ; and the person so offering the land as se- 
curity for money on Loan shall further produce a Certificate 
from the Register of Probate or Register of Deeds in the Coun- 
ty where such land lie that the same is recorded as lands be- 
longing to such person & that no conveyance thereof from him 
appears on record & he shall make oath before the Treasurer 
that such lands are his property & that he knows of no incum- 
brance or Defect of Title on or respecting said land and in 
case of his being Convicted of swearing falsely he shall be 
Deemed Guilty of willfull & Corrupt perjury & be punished 
accordingly and that the persons living in the remote part of 
this State may have an opportunity of receiving a proper pro- 
portion of said money your Committee recommends that the 
Treasurer shall not Loan to the Inhabitants of any one Town 
more than the Rate or proportion of svich Towns Tax untill 
after the next .Session of the Gen' Court Each person taking 
such Bills out of the Treasury shall allow for the Intrest Due 
on the face of said Bills. The Charge of writing & acknowl- 
edging of all Mortgages and all other Expences attending the 
same to be Defrayed by the Mortgagor And in Order to se- 
cure the Credit of said paper Bills and to render silver and Gold 
less necessary, your Committee Beg leave further to report ; 


That a State agent be appointed to receive such articles as may 
be Colected by Tax of the produce or manufacture of this 
state and to Draw bills for the proceeds according to orders re- 
ceived from the President with advice of Council agreeable to 
the Votes & Resolves of the Gen^ Court That the several 
Towns have liberty to Collect what remains Due of the ten 
thousand five hundred pounds granted to Congress in part of 
the Requisition of the 27'^ of Sep' last in potash pearlash fish 
flaxseed and such other articles as the Gen' Court may think 
proper provided the same is Collected & Delivered to said 
states agent at or befoi'e the first day of Jan''-^' next at such 
places & prices as the Gen' Court shall Direct & the said agent 
is to Dispose of the same for the purpose of Discharging that 
Demand And that all Taxes shall be made in future in the fol- 
lowing manner (Viz) one Tax in state notes to Draw in a 
twentieth part of the notes outstanding secondly an annual Tax 
in Intrest Certificates of such notes sufficient to Draw in the 
whole of the Intrest on such securitys 

2<iiy a Tax in Certificates of the Liquedated Debt of the unit- 
ecf States so as to draw in so much of said securities annually 
as will in twenty years bring into the Treasury a sum in those 
Certificates sufticient (with what may be in the Treasury) to 
produce an annual Intrest Equal to the Quota of Indents as- 
signed by Congress to this State. 

^thiy ^ Xax in Indents for Intrest on such Liquedated securi- 
ties which with the Intrest of those in the Treasury will amovmt 
to this States Quota of the Intrest of the Domestic Debt of the 
united States. 

^thiy ^ 'Yax annualy in the specific articles before mentioned 
to be put into the hand of the States agent & Disposed of for 
Discharging the Requisitions of Congress for payment of the 
foreign Debt & Intrest & for supporting our Delegates in Con- 

6"''-^' a money Tax for Defraying the Expence of Government 
payable in those bills or in silver and Gold at the Election of 
the payer. The Collectors allways allowing the persons in his 
list the Intrest of said Bills up to the Day affixed in his warrant 
for payment of his Tax & the Treasurer is to allow the Col- 
lectors Intrest on said Bills up to the time the money should 
have been paid into the Treasury but no longer, and all pa- 
per Bills paid into the Treasury towards Discharge of Mort- 
gages to be stop'' in the Treasury & not to be reissued but by 
special order of the General Court ; The whole of the ten 
Thousand pounds appropriated to the Discharge of the De- 
mands against the State to be Drawn in by Tax in four Equal 
payments in the years 1789; 1790; 1791 and 1792 and Can- 
celled & Burned. That the specie part of the Tax granted the 


4*^ of March Last for ten thousand pounds be Collected & paid 
in those Bills or in silver and Gold at the option of the payer 
all which is humbly submitted by 

Jn° Sullivan for the Committee 

[It is due to the memory of General Sullivan to state 
that the foregoing document is not in his handwriting, sig- 
nature excepted. The document was printed and sent to the 
towns for their consideration, and at a "very full and legal 
meeting," held in Atkinson, Nov. 20, 1786, the plan, report- 
ed by the committee of the legislature, was unanimously 
rejected, and the foregoing plan of their own adhered to, 
with the exception of the matter of interest, which was 
recommended to be fixed at 4 per cent, instead of 5. In 
H. of Rep., Dec. 21, a committee was appointed to exam- 
ine the returns from the towns of the votes cast on the pa- 
per money question, and said committee reported, January 
4, 1787, as follows : '• That 400 persons voted for the plan, 
697 against it, 837 for various alteration and amendments 
and 131 the various alterations and amendments — and 1238 
against paper money on any plan." Whereupon, "On mo- 
tion, can the legislature consistently with the Constitution 
and their oaths pass an act making paper Bills of Credit a 
tender to discharge private contracts made prior to the 
passing such act, the motion being put, voted unanimously 
in the negative. On motion whether paper money be emit- 
ted on any plan that has been proposed — Voted in the neg- 
ative." And thus the scheme ended, and wisely. Histori- 
ans say that the first paper money issued in the American 
colonies was by the government of Massachusetts in the 
year 1690: having no money to pay its troops, it issued bills 
of credit. Considerable amounts were issued in the prov- 
ince of New Hampshire at various times. Hard money was 
scarce, and at times the resort to bills of credit was seem- 
ingly necessary, yet they invariably depreciated in value, 
and became troublesome. — Ed.] 

[143] [^Recommending yoseph Cogswell for Surgeon, iy86.'\ 

Atkinson Decemb"^ 3"^ 1786. 
Sir I understand by the Orders of Congress there is a num- 
ber of troops to be raised from this State for the western Coun- 
try, consequently there will be wanted a Surgeon or Mate to 


attend them — I have a Brother Joseph Cogswell who has made 
a regular study in the Science of Physic & Surgery during 
which he was in the Hospital at West Point for near two years 
with my Brother Doctor William Cogswell who had charge of 
the aforesaid Hospital — he the s'' Joseph now oilers himself as a 
Candidate for the office of Surgeon to accompany the troops ; 
If agreeable, I wish he might receive the appointment ; for fur- 
ther particulars I refer you to the Hon''^'^ J"tlge Calfe 

I am Sir, Your Excel-'-^ Most Ob' & humble serv' 

Thomas Cogswell. 
His Excel'' John Sullivan Esqr. 

[144] Sundry Inhabitants of Atkinson and Plaistow Con- 
sent to be Classed xvith Hatnpstcad for Representative^ 


State of New Hampshire. 

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives in 
General Court to be assembled at Exeter on the First 
Wednesday of September Current — 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Towns 
Plastow and Atkinson in said State and each man paying a Poll 
Tax for himself therein. Humbly Shexveth. — That whereas the 
Inhabitants of Hampstead Have Petitioned the General Court 
Setting forth there desire to be annexed to the aforesaid Towns, 
Plastow and Atkinson in Sending a Representative to Repre- 
sent said Towns at the General Court in said State. — We your 
Petitioners Considering the Situation of the Inhabitants of said 
Hampstead They being unrepresented in said General Court 
by reason of there not having a Sufficiency of Polls for that 
purpose and it being Disconveniat for said Hampstead to be 
classed with any other Towns than those above mentioned, for 
the Purpose aforesaid. We therefore Freely give our Consent 
too and Desire you would annex said Hampstead with said Plas- 
tow and Atkinson, and that those Three Towns make but one 
Class for sending a Representative for the Future — and your 
Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever Pray. 

Daniel Poor Samuel Littel J<^hii Jo^""' S"" 

James Merrill Daniel Poor Jur. John Knight Jur. 

Stephen Hayes John Gilbert Enoch Knight 

David Noyes Jona Poor Moses Greenough 

Joseph Webster Enoch Noyes Humphrey Noyes 

William Webster Jonathan Eaton Joseph Noyes 

John Merrill Eben'' Green Joseph Knight 

Eliphalet Knight John Knight Joshua Emery 


Stephen Page Jonathan Page Junr. Joseph Little 

Samuel N. Little John Atwood Jacob Stevens 

James Noyes Junr. Moses Belknap Joshua Knight 

Ezekiel Belknap James Knight Benjamin Emery 

Joseph French Thomas Little Samuel Webster 

Moses Emery Nathaniel Morrill Ruben Mills 

Atkinson September y^ 9 : 1786. 

[i_|.i] \^Ac^/ou of Town Meetingr^ 

State of New Hampshire, | At a legal meeting of the male 
County of Rockingham \ inhabitants of Twenty-one years 
old and upwards belonging to Atkinson in s*^ county ; Paying 
each one for himself a Poll Tax therein having been Duly 
warned and held at y" meeting-house in s** Atkinson on monday 
the z^ day of Jan>' A. D. 1786, at one o'clock P. M. The s"^ 
inhabitants having assembled & meeting opened & M'' Hum- 
phrey Noyes Jun"' Chosen moderator of said meeting. — The Se- 
lectmen produced in town meeting & laid before s"^ inhabitants, 
a copy of a petition from sundry inhabitants of the town of 
Hampstead in said County, lately prefered to the Hon''^'^ Gener- 
al Court praying that s'^ Town of Hampstead might be classed 
with the town of plaistow and Atkinson for the purpose of 
Representation &c. with the order of Court thereon as mention- 
ed and refered to in the warning for this meeting, the subject 
matter of which petition & order being read, considered, and 
well understood, whereupon voted. That notwithstanding the 
inhabitants of said Atkinson Ardently wish at all times to live 
in the most perfect amity t*fe friendship with their brethren Citi- 
zens of the Town of Hampstead and are fully sensible it would 
be saving expence and tend to expedite public business if y^ ag- 
gregate body of y'' people Coukf on principles of equality be 
constitutioniy Represented by a less number of members than 
what now composes the Hon''''' General Court of s'' state yet 
when they reflect that Justice & Equality in taxation depends 
intirely on all parts of y" community being duly & equally rep- 
resented in legislation, and at the same time view a number of 
small Destrects not larger than Hampstead entitled to the priv- 
iledge of sending a member to the general Court, and not at all 
Doubting but that y^ inhabitants of said Town of Hampstead 
might obtain the like privilage if Requested, they cannot think 
it their Duty to consent that y'" s"^ Town of Hampstead should 
be annexed to the Destrict of plaistow & Atkinson and the 
whole made into one Destrict for the purpose of Electing only 
one Representative until the happy time shall arrive when y* 
good people of this State finding it for their interest shall make 


some \vise alteration upon general principles to enlarge the 
Destrects for Representation in all parts of the State. There- 
fore voted as the opinions of the s'' inhabitants of Atkinson not 
at this time to acquiesce in the prayer of the aforementioned pe- 
tition, of sundry inhabitants of Hampstead being granted, and 
that the Selectmen cause a Copy of the fo regoing yotes to be 
transmitted to the Hon''''' Genenil Court as an answer to s** peti- 

A true extract taken from the Town Book of Record 

Examined, pr John Dow Town Clerk 

[In town-meeting, Nov. 20, 1786, the town voted to ad- 
here to the foregoing vote, and chose Peter Clement, Esq., 
Capt. Moses Greenough, and Maj. William Cogswell a com- 
mittee to oppose the granting of said petition. — Ed.] 

[14^] Petition for Incorporating Atkinson Academy, lygi.'] 

To the Hon**'" Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court convened at Con- 
cord, January 1791 — 

The petition of the Subscribers, hnmbly shezueth — That in 
the year 17S7 a number of the inhabitants of the Town of At- 
kinson in the State aforesaid — being sensible of the importance 
of encouraging morality and literature ; did at their own ex- 
pense erect a large and commodious house for the purposes of 
establishing an academy in said Town, elected as their trustees 
the subscribers, with the Hon'"'" Nathaniel Peabod}' Esq^ and 
by the benevolent and generous assistance of the aforenamed 
Nathaniel Peabody Esq'' have been enabled to keep a public 
school for several years last past, where students have been 
qualified for the neighboring Universities, and considerable 
numbers have received such education as to be now employed 
as instructors of youth in various parts of the State. And such 
have been the advantages there enjoyed, as to induce gentlemen 
at a distance in this State and from the Massachusetts to im- 
prove the academy for the instruction of their sons. — That there 
are now near forty students, and at present it is in flourishing 
circumstances. — That lotteries are now established in the Mas- 
sachusetts, for raising funds to support accademies and for va- 
rious other purposes by means whereof considerable sums are 
daily drawn from the citizens of this State. — That a spiint of 
enterprize, and a desire to become adventurers having generally 
prevailed ; as the academy is situated near the borders of the 
Massachusetts ; your petitioners doubt not but large sums of 


money may be drawn from thence, and that the tickets will 
meet with a ready sale. — 

We therefore, encouraged by our constitution, and presuming 
upon the known generosity of this Hon"^ Body, to countenance 
every exertion to promote literature and virtue ; request that an 
act of incorporation may be past in favor of the institution by 
the name of the Atkinson Academy under such restrictions and 
regulations as in your wisdom may be judged expedient. And 
that we might have liberty to raise by lottery one thousand 
pounds, or such other sum as may be tho't proper, to be dis- 
posed of for the accomplishment of the above laudable purpo- 
ses — which together with one thousand acres of new lands 
given upon the establishment and organization of said Academy, 
that in future may so increase in their value as to enable us to 
support a litterary institution which may be extensively useful 
to the inhabitants of this .State, and to the public in general. — 

As in duty bound shall ever pray. — 

Stephen Peabody William Cogswell 

Benjamin Stone Peter Clemment 

[In H. of Rep., Jan. 22, 1791, the committee reporting in 
favor of granting the petition, leave was given to bring in a 
bill. The senate concurred Feb. 3, and an act passed Feb. 
17, 1 79 1, incorporating the academy. — Ed.] 

[142] {^Pctitioji to have the Boundary Lines Established^ 


To the Hon''"'^^ the Senate & house of Representatives in General 
Court, convened at Exeter in & for the State of New Hamp- 
shire, on the 2^*'' of December i793- 

Agreeable to a vote of the Town of Atkinson, passed on the 
jyth (^f January 1794. Your petitioners do in their behalf beg 
leave humbly to shew that on the third day of September 
1767, by a solemn Act of the Legislature of the then Province 
of New Hampshire, a Parish by certain lines & boundaries 
was set ofi' from the town of Plaistow in said State, & incorpo- 
rated by the name of Atkinson, to have continuance & succes- 
sion forever, with all the privileges and immunities usually en- 
joyed by an incorporated Town. That on the 16"' day of 
March 1768, in consequence of a petition prefered to the legis- 
lature of the then said Province of New Hampshire by James 
White, vSamuel Kimball & others, then inhabitants of the said 
incorporated parish of Atkinson, setting fourth their desire for 


particular reasons of polling oft' froni the said parish of Atkin- 
son to the said parish or town of Plaistow. — And in consequence 
of an agreement between the then committee of Atkinson and 
the said White and Kimball for them to poll to Plaistow during 
their natural lives with their estates ; a resolve & vote passed 
that the said White & Kimball should have liberty to poll ac- 
cord i>ig'ly- Since which time the Justice of the Hon''''^' Supe- 
rior Court in the county of Rockingham in said State, have 
construed the purport of the said i^esolve & vote, in a difterent 
manner from what was then understood ; in consequence of 
which, the town of Atkinson has been put to much expense, & 
many serious difficulties are likely to ensue. 

Wherefore vour petitioners humbly pray this Hon'^'" Court to 
pass an Act for removing said difficulties, by establishing & 
confirming the lines & boundaries of the said town of Atkinson 
agreeable to its original Charter. Your petitioners in duty 
bound will ever pray. 

Atkinson 1 8"' January 1794. 

Jona Poor 

Tames Noves ^ .,, 

\\..,,. ^ ,, Committee 

VVilham Cogswell 

Samuel N. Little 

[146] \_AIe?Horial of Peter Cleinent^ I'jg4..'\ 

[This memorial bears the same date as the one next pre- 
ceding, and is the same as far as the word " accordingly," in 
the twenty-second line, and then proceeds as follows : — Ed.] 

That on the 6"' Day of January A. D. 1777 your petitioner 
purchased the farm on which the said Kimball lived at the time 
when the above said resolve was passed, under a full persuasion 
of its belonging to said town of Atkinson, That the said farm 
is situated almost entirely within said Atkinson, and cannot 
without the greatest inconvenience to your petitioner be annexed 
to or united with the said town of Plaistow. That he is situ- 
ated much more conveniently to attend public worship in said 
Atkinson than in Plaistow, is a very considei-able proprietor in 
the meeting house & also in the Academy erected is said At- 
kinson, is connected with and well situated for the private 
schools in said town, and is most closely interested in the wel- 
fare thereof. That he has remained in possession of his said 
farm ever since his purchase in perfect peace and security. That 
he has ever paid taxes in said Atkinson, has largely contributed 
towards the support of the gospel and schools in said town ; 


and for fourteen or fifteen years last past has had the honor of 
officiating as selectman in said town. — 

That by a late most extraordinary and unaccountable deci- 
sion of the Justices of the honb'*^ Superior Court in the County 
of Rockingham in said State, in a cause wherein the estate of 
the aforesaid White was concerned, doubts have arisen in the 
minds of some whether your petitioner was a legal inhabitant 
of said Atkinson or his estate taxable therein — That he is per- 
fectly contented in his situation as an inhabitant of Atkinson 
aforesaid, and conceives it the greatest of hardships that the re- 
solve respecting the said Kimball, his predecessor, should sub- 
ject his said estate to the payment of taxes in a town to which 
by the lines and boundaries in the aforesaid charter, he does 
not belong. Wherefore your petitioner humbly prays this hon- 
orable Court to pass an act for removing said doulDts. and for 
establishing the lines and boundaries of the said town of At- 
kinson, so as that it may forever hereafter include and compre- 
hend the lands and farm afores*^, * * * * ^nd as in duty 
bound will ever pray 

Peter Clement. 

Exeter 3*^ January A. D. 1794. 

[In H. of Rep., January 3, 1794, the matter of the fore- 
going petitions came up, and a hearing was ordered for the 
next session. Senate concurred. — Ed.] 


This town was granted by Lieutenant-Governor John 
Wentworth, May 20, 1727, to Rev. Joseph Adams, of New- 
ington, and 105 others, v/ith the following bounds : " To be- 
gin on the Head of the Town of Harrington on the South 
West side of the Town of Coulraine and runing by the said 
Town of Coulraine eight miles & from the said Town of 
Coulraine to run on the Head of Barrington Line South 
West forty Two Deegrees six miles & then North West 
eight miles then on a straight Line to the head of the first 
eight miles." It was impracticable at that time to fulfil the 
conditions of the grant, and but few settlements were made 
until 1767. The town was well represented in the Revolu- 
tionary war, and in the war for the suppression of the Rebel- 


[2-13] \_Petition concerning Boundaries^ l'/64.'\ 

To His Excellency Banning Wentworth Esq. Governor & Com- 
mander in Chief in and over his Majesty's Province of New 
Hampshire The Hon''''' his Majesty's Councel & House of Rep- 
resentatives for said Province in General Assemblv Convened 
May 9"' 1764 

The Humble Petition of John Knight & Rich Downing Esq. 
& Dea. Francies Jenness 

That the Boundaries of Towns of Chichester & Barnstead 
are for want of due care become uncertain or rather unknown 
where they Join and they are as vour Petitioners apprehend in- 
croached on by the Towns belo\v them which makes the matter 
more Difficult and the Com'*"^^ of the said Towns are too much 
Interested to adjust an affair of this nature as more than a mere 
parambulation is necesary in this case — as in many places the 
Original Marks and Limits cannot be found — 

That Besides the objection above hinted to Such Com'"'"'' per- 
forming the Service Desired — your Petitioners Conceive that 
this Affair cannot come under the Rule of the Province Law 
directing that the Boundaries of Towns shall be parambulated 
& Renewed by the Selectmen & because the Property of the 
Lands is in the Proprietors and the Selectmen are Officers of 
the Town a Body of Men Distinct from The Proprietors & 
many of them have no property in the undivided Lands and if 
they might Lawfully renew boundaries their authority Ends 
where the old marks End 

Wherefore they Humbly Pray that a Committefe may be ap- 
pointed and Duly authorized to fix the Boundaries of the said 
Town on every side to prevent those Disputes & other Licon- 
veniencies which necessarily arise from Such uncertainties And 
they will as in duty bound Pray &c — 

John Knight J a Committee in the 
Rich'' Downing j behalf of Barnstead 

r • T ] in the behalf of 

francis Jenny | Chichester 

[January 9, 1765, Meshech Weare, John Wentworth, and 
John McDuffey were appointed a committee to perambu- 
late and fix the lines between the said towns, and report to 
the general assembly. — Ed.] 


o, ,>■ 1 ) To the Honourable Council and Committee and 

Stratlord ss ^ „ . . ^ \? ^ r^ i ■ /-^ 1 

j Representatives at Exeter Convened m General 

We the Humble Petitioners Inhabitants of Barnstead in the 



Colony of New Hampshire in the County aforesaid Hvnnbly 
Sheweth that Whereas the Said Towns is Taxed in Proportion 
to other Towns to the Coleny Tax & under the Necessity Chus- 
ing Town olhcers as the Law Directs and to be Qiiolified for 
their Office and having Received Orders and Instructions from 
time to time which Require a oath Administered which Cannot 
be Had without Trouble and Cost So we Yovu" Humble Peti- 
tioners Praye your Honours in your Great Pity woud Commis- 
sionate a parson for a Justis of the Peace for the Said Town and 
we your Petitioners Doth Recommend John Tasker — of said 
Barnstead for a Justis of the Peace and Good Order and Safty 
& Pray he may be Commissionated and we yovir Petitioners as 
in Duty Bound Do Ever Pray 
Barnstead June i8 Day i777 

Capt. Richard Sin- Tim Davis 

Lyman Colbath 
John Hawkens 
Joseph Nelson 


Leut Jonathan Em- 

Leut Samuel Pitman John mudget 
Insin Benia Nutter Edward vSanborn 

John Nelson 
nicholas Dudley 
Jonathan Bunker 
John Furber 
Winthrop Smart 
John Bickford 
Thomas Snell 
Samuel Drew 
Samuel Chesle 

Bradburv Sinkler 
Isaac huckins 
Stephen Pickren 
John Clark 
Samuel Eastman 
John Elliot 
William Lord 
Samuel Stephens 
Joseph Sanborn 

John Weaks 
Ben Edgerly 
Joseph Bunker 
Jonathan Jacobs 
Dodavah Bunker 
John Sanborn 
Nathaniel Pease 
Jethro Batchlor 
Benjamin Brown 
John hook 
Samuel Drew 
John Edgerly 
Nicohlas Wiggin 

State of New Hampshire 

Strafford ss | Barnstead June y^ 17'" 1777 

at a Legal meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Barn- 
stead M"^ John Tasker was chosen by a Large majority of votes 
to be a Justice of Peace for the County afores*^ and as he is the 
Town Clerk of s*^ Town it was thought proper it should be cer- 
tified by the moderator of s*^ meeting 

attest Winthrop Smart moderator 

[John Tasker was appointed. — Ed.] 


\_N21mher of Ratable Polls in i/Sj.^ 

Having Received Orders from the Honourable the General 
Cort tor the Number of Pole Paving taxes for them vSelves be- 


ing Twenty One years of age and upwords we the Select men 
find on the Rate List Ninty four atest 

Charles Hodgdon | ggig^tmen 
in Barnstead. 94 Benja Nutter j 

Strafford S'^ Barnstead November y'^ 26 Day 1783 
Then Charls Hodgdon & Benjamin Nutter appeared and mad 
Solom Oath to the aboye Number of Pole Paying Taxes in Said 
Town and b}' them Subscribed Befor 

John Tasker Jus Peace 

fR. 42] \^Petition of Joiiathan Bufiker^ 1/82.^ 

To the Hon''^'^ the Council & house of Representatives for the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court convened the 12''' 
of November 1782. 

Humbly sheweth Jonathan Bunker of Barnstead in said 
State that in April 1778 his son Joseph Bunker then a Minor, 
enlisted in one of the New Hampshire Regiments for & during 
the war, and continued in said service almost three years when 
he died. In which time he never Received but one suit of 
Cloaths. That his son in law Samuel Williams enlisted in said 
service in the year 1777 and was detained (by mistake) one 
year & eight months after s*^ three years were expired, during 
which time he never received but one suit of Cloaths, notwith- 
standing they had the faith of the State pledged that they should 
receive a suit of Cloaths yearly, therefore your Petitioner prays 
that the Cloathing due for the afores*^ services may be delivered 
(or the value in money paid) to your Petitioner & his said son 
in law — and as in duty bound will ever pray 

Jonathan Bunker 

Ordered to lay 

[R. 43] \^Bounties Paid to Barnstead Soldiers^ I'j8j.'\ 

John Sanborn I3 — 6 — o John Mudgett 22 — 18 — 3 

Joshua Sinkler 27 — 13 — 6 Samuel Sinkler 27 — 13 — 6 

Bradbury Sinkler 9 — 12 Jon* Judkins 9 — 11 — 5 

£109 — 14 — 8 

Allowed to Barnstead for bounties to their first 3 years men — 
as good money — 

Account dated March 15"' 1780 Signed by Richard Sinkler 
and Jon" Emerson Selectmen and sworn to before John Tasker 
Justice of the Peace. 



The above appears by the Committee of Claims Books — At- 
test Jos Gihiian 

Exeter April 23'' 1785. 

The above is for bounties & Supplies. 

April 23'^ 17^5* Reed, an order on the Treas"" for the above 
sum — 

Richard Sinkler 


[ Concerning yoJin Taskcr.'\ 

To His Excellency Meshech Weare Esq'' President of the 
state of New Hampshire Humbly shew the subscribers inhabi- 
tants of Barnstead and in the County of Strafford that the 
Conduct of John Tasker Esq"" one of the Justices of the 
peace for said County has been such that we Humbly pray the 
said John Tasker Esq'' may not in Future be appointed But 
that some other person who may be thought more Worthy by 
the people in General and more desirous of doing Justice may 
supply his place — 

all of which the subscribers without prejudice humbly beg 
leave to submit to the Discretion of you Excellencv — and your 
petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray June 7"^ 1784 

Rich'' Sincler 
Eph"' Tebbets 
Joshua Sincler 
John Mason 
David Jacobs 
Jos Brown 
Sa'" Williams 
thomas Brown 
Samuel Jacobs 
Stephen Bunker 
Rufus Ewer 
Rich'' Sincler Juner 
Charles Hodgdon 
Samuel Pitman 
Benjamin Avery 
Moses Avery 
Solomon Crocket 
Thomas Ayers 
Lem' B. Mason 

Ebenezer -Nutter 
Samuel Avry 
Benjamin Brown 
Nathaniel Pese 
John Clark 
Jonathan Clark 
David Rolings 
William Brown 
William Melard 
Edward Sanborn 
Volentine Chapman 
Nathaniel Dockham 
Samuel Eastman 
Jonathan Young 
John Hook 
Benj Egerlv 
Ezekiel Eastman 
Samuel Stevens 
Jonathan Jacobs 

Jethro Batchelder 
Georg Bunker 
John Bunker 
Daniel Jacobs 
James Brown 
Daniel Jacobs Juner 
thomas Edgerly 
John Nutter 
Eben'' Adams 
Daniel Jacobs 
Daniel Jacobs 3'' 
Mark Dame 
Joseph Bunker 
Thomas Bunker 
Samuel Drew 
John Clark Jr 
William Hawkins 

[2-17] \_Recantatio)i of two of the Foregoing.^ 

To his Excellency Masheck Weare Esq' President of the 
State of New Hampshire — we the Subscribers Inhabitants of 
Barnstead in the County of Strafford humbly Sheweth that a 
Petition hath been Sent to your Excellency baring Date y*' 7 


June 17S4 — Praying that John Tasker Esq' may Not be apoint- 
ed any more and we the Subscribers have Sind the Same peti- 
tion being Pe'' Swaid to Sine the Same which we onestly De- 
clare that we the Subscribers Never Saw or Kow to our own 
Knowladge any thing that we Can tax him of his unhiwfull 
Proceeding as to his Post as a Justis of the Peace and Look 
upon him Capble of that Post Praying that our Names may 
Not opperate again the S*^ Tasker and your Petitioners in Duty 
Bound Doth ever pray. 

Barnstead September y'' 26 — 17S4 

Nathaniel Docham 
Samuel Stephens 

[2-18] \^ReIative to the Foregoing PetltionJ^ 

To his Excellency Masheck Weare Esq"" President of the State 
of New Hampshire 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of Barnstead in the County 
of Straflbrd humbly Sheweth that a Petition hath been Sent to 
your Excellencv baring Date y'^ 7 Day of June 1784 Praying 
that John Tasker may Not be apointed for the said Town in 
Said County as Justis of the Peace and Repsenting his Con- 
duct hath Not been agreeable in that Post and finding our 
Names in Said Petition we Declare upon our Word and honour 
with Onesty we Never Signed Nor Gave any Orders for any 
Person to Sign the Same Petition and we are Content in the ad- 
ministration of Justis by the Said Tasker in that Post of Justis 
of the Peace we hartly wish them that Sot our hands to the 
Same Petition may be Brought to Justis and Convicted for the 
Same which vour Petitioners in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray 

Barnstead September y'' 23 Day 1 7S4 

Thomas Edgerly Nathaniel Peas A^r-n- w 1 \ ■ 

,, T^ 1 his William X hawkms 

tliomas Bunker -xt \ ^- Z, r^\ mark 

Tethro Bachelder Voletine X Chapman ,,, 

jetmo i5acneiaei „,„,, Jonathan X Clark 

Joseph Bunker Joh" Bunker -^ ^^^ 

Ebenezer Adams -p , , !"'' -r , ^ , I''" ^, , 

David Rllin^s Jonathan X Jacobs John X Clark 

[2-19] \^Anothe)- concerning Jolni TaskcrJ^ 

To His Excellency mesheck Weare Esq"" President of the State 
of New hampshire — 

Huml)ly vShewes the Subscribers inhabitants of Bearnstead 
and in the County of Straflbrd that the Conduct of John Tasker 



Esq'' one of the Justices of the peace for Said County has been 
Such that we Humbly pi'^iy the said John Tasker Esq'' may 
Not in futer be appointed but that Some other person who may 
be thought more worthey the Said Petition Earning Date y^ 7 
of June 1784 — Now we yovu" Petitioners finding by Expearance 
that the Said Tasker is very Tender in Prosecuting Sivel ac- 
tions and very Redy to bring Cremelel actions to Speady Trial 
and for Peace in the Town and County in the Poste as a Jus- 
tis of the Peace So we your Petitioners Pray he may be 
apointed again So your Petitioners in Duty bound to Ever 

Barnstead September y*^ 26 17S4. 

John Drew 
Thomas Peirce 
Israel Peirce J"' 
Jeremiah Davis 
Samuel Davis 
Stephen Pickeren 
James Lamos 
Samuel Chesle 
Samuel Nelson 
John Marsh 
Samuel Drew J'' 
Benjamin Emerson 

Thomas Snell 
David Rand 
Jonathan Bunker 
Eli Bunker 
William Lord J'' 
William Hill 
Depandance Colbath 
Joseph Bryant 
Arthur Danielson 
Timoth}' Davis 
Benj" Nutter 
Jon" Chesley 

Ebenezer Adams 
Isaac kenerson 
Nichlas vviggin 
William Davis 
John Hawkens 
David Rollings 
Samuel Snell 
John Elliot 
Solomon Muncy 


Israel X Peirce 


Nathaniel Hall 

[2—20] \_Peiition i)i favor of Charles Hodgdo}i.~\ 

State of New") To his Excelency the President and the Hon- 
Hampshire \ ourable Council for said State to be convened at 
Strafford ss, ) Exeter on the twenty fourth Day of December 

A. D. 17SS 

The Humble Petition of us the Subscribers Being Inhabi- 
tants of the Town of Barnstead in said County and State Hum- 
bly Sheweth that there is No person appointed in the westerly 
part of s'' town as a Justis of the peace and your Petitioners La- 
boxu" under the Disadvantage of going to the Easterly part of 
the town to have our Business Done or be Put to the Disad- 
vantage of going into other towns — we therefore pray your Ex- 
cellency and honours would appoint and Qiiallify Capt. Charles 
Hodgdon as a Justis of the peace as we Beleave him to be a 
person of the Best Qiiallifications In Said town Except the 
present Justic in the Easterly part of Said town and in grant- 
ing the prayer of Said Petition your Petitioners as in Duty 
Bound Shall Ever pray — 

Barnstead December y" 23^^ 17SS 



Samuel Snell 
William Hawkins 
John Clark 
Enoch Clark 
John Clark J^ 
Jonathan Clark 
Ebenezer Adams 
Aaron Hanscom 
Jacob Wille 
Rich'' Sincler J^ 
Samuel Edgerly 
Benf Edgerly 


Joseph Jackman 
David Jacobs 
Nathan Hatch 
Ezra Clark 
Samuel Langmaid 
Thomas Snell 

Benj* Nutter 
Sam' Nelson 
Rufus Ewers 
Joseph Tasker 
Paul Tasker 
William Green J'' 
William Green 
James Lamos 
Nathaniel Pease 
Thomas Edgerly 
Scammon Hodgdon 
Niclos wigens 
Nathan Meserve 
Stephen pickring J'' 
John Eastman 
Edward Sanborn 
Samuel Hodgdon 
Corn'' Kirby 
Jeremiah Davis 

Josiah Davis 
Stephen Pendergast 
John Elliot 
Dennes Pendergast 
William Davis 
Samuel Davis 
James Davis 
Jonathan young 
Nelson Chatman 
Aaron Chesley 
Daniel Dudley 
John Tuttle 
George Bunker 
John Hook 
John Stevens 
Joseph Sanborn 
John Smith 

[3-21] \_Petition in favor of yojtatkan Chesley.~\ 

State of New ") To his Excellency the President and The 
Hampshire > Honourable Counsel of the State aforesaid We 

Stratlbrd ss J the Subscribers your Humble Petitioners Inhab- 
atance of Barnstead in Said County Humbly Sheweth that as 
their is but one Justice of the peace in the Town of Barnstead 
& he is in one corner of the Town which makes it Very Incon- 
veanent for the inhabatance to Git business Done. W^e are frea- 
quantly Obliged to go out of the Town to git our Business 
Done. We therefore Hvmibly pray Your Honours That Jon* 
Chesly may be appointed a Justice of the Peace and we your 
Humble Petitioners as in Dutv bound Shall Ever pray — 

Barnstead Nov^ 11* Day A'. D. 1788 

John Drew 
James Lock Jun. 
Thomas Ayers 
Winthrop Ayers 
Ebenez Nutter 
William I-Iill 
John Beckford J'' 
Samuel Chesle 
Thos. Peirce 
John Drown 
Jn° Nutter 

Benj Emerson 
Samuel Pitman 
Eph^ Tebbets 
Mo" Rand 
Jonathan Emerson 
John Green 
William Green J"" 
John Bickford 
Corn** Kirby 
Aaron Chesley 
Jetho Pendel 

Ezekiel Eastman 
Nathaniel Dockham 
Daniel Dudely 
voltine Chtman 
Samuel Stevens 
Rufus Evs-ers 
Nath' ^leserve 
John Meserve 
Samuel Avery 
John Tibbets 
thomas I?unker 


Nicolas medei^ John Bunker William Jones 

Anth Nutter George Bunker William Brown 

Joseph Place Thomas Brown 

Depand Colbath Robart wells 

[2-32] \_Relative to jfonathan Chesley and Charles Hodg- 


State of \ To His Excellency the President and the 

New hampshire V Honourable Coinicil for Said State Conven- 
Straftbrd ss. ) ed — 

A Humble Petition of us the .Subscribers Being Inhabitants 
of the Town of Barnstead in Said County of Stratford Humbly 
Sheweth that a Petition the year past was presented to his Excel- 
lency and the Honourable Council Praying that Mr. Jonathan 
Chesley of Said Barnstead Might be appointed and Commis- 
ioned as a Justice of the Peace for said County 

Likewise another Petition Signed by a Number of the Inhab- 
itants of Said Town praying that Cap' Charles Hodgdon might 
Be Commisioned we your Humble Petitioners Not having an 
oppertunity of Seing or Signing in favor of the Latter we there- 
fore Pray your Excellency and honours would appoint & Com- 
mision the Said Hodgdon as a Justice of the Peace, as we Believe 
he is a man of the Best Qiiallifications and give the Best Satti- 
faction In Said town and your Petitioners as in Duty ■ Bound 
Shall Ever pray 

Barnstead Dec. y^ 33'' ^7^9 

Ezekiel Eastman John Stvens William Messer 

Edmon green Ezekiel Edgerley Stephen pickringjun 

John Sincler timothy morel William Colbath 

John hook Samuel Wilkins David Sinclar 

Nichlas Wiggin Stephen Piepier Samuel Chesle 

Nathaniel Dockham Isaiah Bunker Stephen Langmaid 

John Eastman Da^'id avery 

Samuel Stvens James Brown 

[3-33] \_JRe?ative to Bridge over Suncook River.'] 

To the Honourable the General Court of the .State of New 
Hampshire to be Convened at Exeter on the Last Wednesday 
of December Next 

The Inhabitants of the Town of Barnstead in s'^ State Hum- 
bly vShews that an act passed the Legislature in Jvme 1792 Au- 



thorizing the Selectmen of said Barnstead to asses a tax of two 
pence per acre on all the lands in said Town Improved and un- 
improved for the purpose of Building a Bridg across suncook 
river and for Repairing public Roads in said Town but by Rea- 
son of said acts not allowing but sixty pounds to be laid out on 
said Bridge, the good purposes thereby Intended will not be 
answered they therefore pray that they may have Liberty to 
bring a bill for the purpose of altering the afoi^esaid Act in such 
a manner as that they may have liberty to lay out Ninety 
pounds on said Bridg and the remainder as by said Act direct- 
ed and that a Further time of two years be allow*^ for making 
the assessment and Completing the Business as said Act directs 
and your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray 

Peter Hodgdon 
John Bunker 
Robert Wills 
Jn° Nutter 
Benj" Nutter 
Samuel Nelson 
Richard wSinkler 
David Rand 
Henery Munsey 
David Sincler 
Samuel Williams 
Timothy Sanborn 
Benjamin adams 
Nath^ Adams 
Joseph Adams 
Ezekiel G. Adams 

Charles Bickford 
Joseph Place 
James Stokes 
Rufus Ewers 
Edward Sanborn 
Jon'^ Young 
george Bunker 
Mo^ Rand 
William N. Ayers 
Corn*^* Kirby 
Nicholas Meder 

William Brown 
James Brown 
John Bickford Jun 
W'illiam Adams 
John Bickford 
Dudley G. Adams 
Aaron Chesley 
Nath' Tasker 
Moses Dennet 
John B 

Ebenezer Nutter 
Jonathan Bunker Jun Ezekiel Eastman 
Richard Joy Stephen Pickering 

Joseph Bunker Anthony Nutter 

Enoch Bunker Eph™ Tebbets 

David Jacobs John Tasker 


The State of New Hampshire. 

To the Honourable Senate and House of Representatives of 
said State convened at Concord the fifteenth day of June Anno 
Domini 1791. 

The petition of John Tasker Esquire Charles Hodgdon Esquire 
& Jonathan Chesly all of Barnstead in the County of Strafford, 
Humbly sheweth, That whereas a Bridge nine rods long and 
Eighteen feet high hath been supported in Barnstead across 
Suncook River for the Convenience of private and public Pas- 
sengers in the road from Coass to Dover — and as the same is by 
the effect of use and time almost worn out — it appears absolute- 
ly necessary to build a Bridge in the same place anew, of the 
aforesaid dimentions — and the Structure thereof to consist (con- 
sidering the rapidity of the stream) in its substantial part of 
Stones as we have had to build it in s*^ Town twice within six 


years and in reparing said Bridge we have been put to great 
Cost — Therefore the humble prayer of your Petitioners in be- 
half of tlie Town of Barnstead is, that your honors w^ould take 
the premises into your wise Consideration and pass an act em- 
powering them to asses and raise by a tax two pence p'' acre on 
all the lands in said Barnstead to be appropriated to the use of 
building the Bridge aforesaid and to the use of Clearing and 
finishing two roads one of which is on the north side of said 
Barnstead running from Gilmanton to Barrington the Other 
from Gilmanton through the Centre of s*^ Barnstead to Barring- 
ton which road the Inhabitants of s*^ Barnstead are compelled to 
cut out, and your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever Pray 
June 15* 1 79 1 

John Tasker 
Charles Hodgdon 
Jon" Chesley 

[In H. of Rep., June 13, 1792, Voted, that the prayer of 
the petition be granted. — Ed.] 


The grant of this town was made by Gov. Samuel Shute, 
May 10, 1722, " To our Loving subjects the Present Pro- 
prietors of the Iron works lately set up at Lampre}' river 
(viz) The Hon''^*' John Wentworth Esq. George Jaffrey Esq. 
& Archibald Macphedris Esq. & hon Robert Nellson [.?] for 
their encouragement & accommodation to carry on & main- 
tain the aforesaid Iron works." The first settlements were 
made in 1732. 

June 26, 1742, an act was passed to enable the propri- 
etors to more effectually conduct town affairs. The town 
was originally about 13 miles long by 6\. miles in breadth. 
By an act passed June 17, 1820, the town was divided, and 
the westerly part incorporated into a town by the name of 
Strafford. Several families of Quakers resided in town in 
1760, who, with their brethren in Dover, Durham, and 
Somersworth, held monthly meetings at " Cochecho." 

[193] \^Petition for Abatement of Taxes, //.//.] 

To His Excellency Penning Wentworth Esqr. Capt. Gen- 
eral & Governor in Chief In and over his Majestys Province of 


New Hampshire. The Hon''^'' his Majestys Council & House 
of Representatives for said Province in General Assembly Con- 
vened December 19"" 1744. The Humble Petition of Wil- 
liam Cate one of the Select men of the Town of Barrington in 
said Province in behalf of the Inhabitants of said Town S/ieivs — 
that the number of Inhabitants in said Town was atmost 
not above fiftv Families most of which were but in poor cir- 
cumstances just beginning their Settlements on a Soil not the 
most Encouraging but since the war with France near half the 
said niunber is gone to other Towns & have Settled there. 
That the Summer last past the Said Inhabitants being in Gar- 
risons could do no business to Earn any thing Excepting the 
Raising their Corn by Reason of fears they were under from 
the Indians Considering their Exposed Situation and upon the 
whole of their Circumstances apprehend that they will do their 
part of Public Duty if they Maintain their Ground & prevent 
the total breaking up the Said Settlement which it is easy to 
see must be attended with bad Consequences to other places — 
That the Select men of said Town have Received two War- 
rants from the Treasurer to Raise about fifteen pounds old 
Tenor in the whole upon the Polls & Estates of said Inhabi- 
tants for the Current year as their proportion of the Province 
taxes which all things considered they are very unable if at all 
capable of pa^•ing — Wherefore 3-our Petitioner In behalf of the 
said Inhabitants humblv Prays y" attention of this Court to the 
Case of said Inhabitants in this Particular and that they may be 
Exempted & discharged from Paying the said Taxes & he will 
as in dutv bound Pray &c 

W" Cate 

[In H. of Rep., Dec. 19, 1744, the foregoing was consid- 
ered and dismissed. — Ed.] 

[R. 44] \_JSpkraim Lock's Deposition^ Soldier in i'/4g.~\ 

August the 27"^ I7S3' 
Ephram Lock appered Before me and mad oth that he had 
sarved as a Soldger under Cap' Clamns * at Barenton one 
month and three Days in the year 1749 as to the Beast of his 
Remembernce ti was the month of august and never Reseved 
any Pay yet 

Richerd Jennes Just. Peace 

[R- 45] 

Province of New Hampshire 
To His Excellency Benning Wentvvorth Esq"" Captain General 

* Capt. Job Clements. 


Governor and Commander in Chief in and over his Majes- 
t} s Province aforesaid — The Hon'*'*^ His Council and House 
of Representatives in General Assembly Convened May 26, 
1761 — 

The Humble Petition of Thomas Johnson of Barrington in 
said Province husbandman for himself and on the behalf of his 
son John Johnson about eighteen years & half old. That the 
Said' John w^as a Soldier belonging to the Company Command- 
ed by Capt. Berry in the Regiment Raised in this Province in 
the year 1 760 for the Total Reduction of Canada — and marched 
and did his duty in said Company and Sometime in the Latter 
end of June he being in Camp above the Block house at Went- 
w^orth Ferry about five miles as they were Clearing a Road over 
from thence to Crown Point the said John was puting his Ram- 
Rod in the proper place of his Gun By accident and Great 
misfortune his said Gun then fired, she being Loaded with a 
Ball and Small Shot, the whole of which Load went through 
the Left hand of the said John and Greatly hurt & Damaged 
the same put the said John to Great pain and notwithstanding 
as good Care was taken of him as the Circumstance of the place 
would allow by Docf Cahoon of the Regulars, yet so it is that 
said hand is Ruined & Spoiled and he can do very Little if any 
service therewith as one of his fingers is quite gone and two 
others are Intirely useless, and as there is Two years and half 
he still hath to Serve his said Father who is a poor man & he 
having had much dependence on the said sons assistance he is 
entirely disappointed thereof and if the said John should live 
to be free he can do very Little if any thing towards his own 
Subsistance — 

Wherefore the said Thomas aforesaid Humbly prays as the 
same misfortune happened in the immedite Service of this 
Province that your Excellency & hon'''' will take the said Case 
into your Consideration and Examine the Same and make the 
said Thos. Such allowance for the Loss of the help of his said 
Son as to you shall seem Equitable and make Such Grant to 
the Said John in whole or annually as you shall think best, or 
Grant them such other aid and assistance Relating to the afore- 
said premises at his arrival at full age as you in your Great 
Goodness and Justice shall deem right, and as in Duty bound 
your petitioner will ever pray — 

Thomas Johnson. 

[In answer to the foregoing petition, he was allowed 
eight pounds sterling, which was to be placed in the hands 
of Thomas Westbrooke Waldron. who was to pay the 
father a yearly interest of ten per cent, on the same during 


the son's minority, and turn over the principal to the son 
when he became of age. — Ed.] 

[R. 46] \_Petition of Henry Hill, 1761.'] 

\_Addressed same as the one next preceding. "^ 

The humble Petition of Henrv Hill of Barrington in the 
Province aforesaid Husbandman on behalf of Henry Hill, Rob- 
ert Hill and John Hill all Infants — S/ieiveth — That Joseph Hill 
the late Son of your Petitioner and Father of the aforesaid In- 
fants, Inlisted in the last Expedition to Canada, in Capt Berry's 
Companv, in the New Hampshire Regiment : That the said 
Joseph was an active and forward man in the attack and taking 
of the Island of St. John, and in doing his Duty there as a Sol- 
dier in the said Regiment, he was slain by a Cannon Ball shot 
from the Enemv, which almost divided his Body. That the 
said Infants have neither Father nor Mother and your Petition- 
er being in Indigent Circumstances can atibrd them no relief, 
and the eldest of the said Infants is no more than five years of 

Your Petitioner therefore humbly hopes, that as their Father 
fell fighting boldly for his Country, the helpless state of these 
Infants will be thought a proper Object of the Pity and Con- 
sideration of this Hon'ble Court — and That such Provision may 
be made for them and that, in such due time as you in your 
great Wisdom shall deem most meet. And your Pef as in Du- 
ty bound will ever Pray &c. 


Henry X Hill 


[In council. Jan. 28, 1761, read, and sent down to the 
house. In the H. of Rep., June 18, 1761, "Voted, That it 
be dismissed." — Ed.] 

[R. 47] \_Abstract of Petit io?z of Moses Caverly\ fr.. iy6i.'\ 

[In a petition dated May 26, 1761, Moses Caverly Jr., of Bar- 
rington, states that his son Charles Caverly, enlisted in Capt. 
Eph" Berrys Co., Col. John Gofts Reg., April 9, 1760 ; that in 
crossing the lake, the " Battoe " in which he was, upset, where- 
by he the said Charles was drowned, and his gun lost. He asks 
to be paid for \\-\q. gun, and receives therefor the sum of 25 shil- 
lings sterling.] 

[It seems that the assembly allowed a man pay for his 


son's gun, lost in the service, but nothing to infants who 
lost their father in the same service. — Ed.] 

[R. 47/^3 [^J^ist of Capt. Williatn Gate's ?nen^ relative to 
^z/akers, lySQ to Jj6i.'\ 

Men that Inlisted. 

Ezekiel Willey John Johnson Josiah Frost 

Josiah Brown Thomas Foss John Brown 

Men that are Draughted 

Ephraim Holmes William Fowder Benjamin Young 

Joshua Sloper Jacob Horsom Jonathan Daniels 

N. B. of the So men in Barrington fit to bear arms 14 are 
Qiiakers whose proportion would be between 2 & 3 of the 14 I 
was ordered to raise. 

Barrington Apr. 17* i759- 

W™ Gate. 

Barrington february y'^ 4"^ 1761. 

This is a List of y** sons [sons of Qiiakers] who Listed in 
his Majesties Servis out of my Company of the people called 
quakers sence y'' Commencement of y'^ present war In the Can- 
ady Expeditions 

John Brown Jun. in y*" years 175S «&: 1759 & 1760 

Josiah Frost in y* year 1759 

Daniel Svs^aine in y*' year 175S 

one Ran Sarvent to John Renels in y" year 1758. 

David Johnson in y^ year 1758 

John Johnson in y^ year 1760 

Josiah Brown in y*" years 1759 & 1760 

these may sertify that y'' People under y*^ Denomination of 
quakers in my Company has always ben as Redy to obey orders 
as y*^ Rest of mv Company 

W"^ Cate 

[194] \_PetltioH in favor of foshua Foss^ y'''i ^773-\ 

The most humble petition of 

Joshua holmes James foss John more 

William Stanton Joshua Otes Isaac huckins 

Isaiah Felker Joseph Gray Sam^ walise 

John Brown Jeremy foss Isaac Runnels 



Joseph Brown 
Thomas Johnson 
Thomas How 
John Babb 
Samuel Brown 
Jacob Daniels 
Jacob Daniels Jvm. 
John Berry 
Jethro Lock 
Simon Lock 
Nathl. Berry 
Peletiah Daniels 
John macDaniels 
Jeremy mcDaniels 
Will'" macDaniels 
Michael felker 
Samuel Berry 
Samuel Stiles 
William Lock 
Obadiah Drew 
James Leighton 
Thomas Evens 
Sam' Buzel 
James Durgen 
John Boody 
Richard parshley 
Samuel Starbord 
John Banfel parshley 
Nicholas otes 
James gray 
Jeremy gray 
Stephen Berry 

Benjamin hall 
perry hix'n 
James Drew 
Isaac Hall 
mark foss 
Abijah pinkham 
James Shurburn 
Jacob Shepherd 
Abraham Allis 
Robert Bamford 
Robert Bamford Jr. 
Nath' foss 
mark foss Junr. 
Benjamin Jackson 
Peter Robinson 
Ebenezer Spencer 
william gray 
Charles felker 
John Row 
John Young 
William Lock Jur. 
Isaac Leighton 
Azariah Boody 
Aaron Waldron 
Joshua foss 
Daniel vSmith 
Cunningham mac- 

Nicholas Brown 
Stephen otes 
George parshley 

Charles Bamford' 
Charles Bamford 

Jabez Smith 
Stephen foss 
Samuel Holmes 
John parshley 
Will'" runnels 
John Ham 
John hall 
Joseph Daniels 
Levi Daniels Jr. 
Daniel foss 
Samuel foss Jur. 
Nath' Hanson 
Ebenezer young 
micajah otes 
Elijah otes 
Joshua Sloper 
Joseph hall 
Benjamin pearl 
Abraham row 
Joseph Pevey 
Thomas foss 
John Bickford 
Ephraim foss 
Garland Smith 
James Huckins 
Noah Holmes 
Michael felker Jur. 

Jacob Allise 

To his Excellency John wentw^orth Esq Captain General and 
Commander in Chief in and over his majestvs province of New 
hampshire in New England and vice admiral of the same — May 
it please your Excellency the Liberty and peace which we En- 
joy under your Excellencys administration induces us to Believe 
that your Excellency wishes our welfare we your Excellencys 
most humble petitioners pray that your Excellency will not 
Deny this oin^ hvnnble Request that M'' Joshua foss Junr. may 
Be a Justice of the peace for this our town of Barrington as we 
Esteem him the said Joshua Foss Junior to the most Suitable 
person in the town of Barrington And for the granting this 
our request your Excellencys most humble petitioners doth most 
Earnestly pray 

Barrington July 19 i773 — 

In Council " ordered to lay." 


[195] \_Petition Respecting Elect lo?t of Representative^ 

Province of New Hampshire. 

To the Honorable the House of Representatives of the Prov- 
ince aforesaid, convened at Portsmouth this .Seventh Day of 
april Anno Domini 1774. 

The Petition of the Subscribers, Inhabitants of the Town of 
Barrington in the County of Strafford in s*^ Province. quaHfied 
by Law to vote in the Clioice of Representatives, most humbly 
shews — 

That on Wednesday the Thirtieth Day of March last past, a 
Meeting of the Inhabitants of said Barrington was holden for 
the Choice of a suitable Person to represent them in the Gen- 
eral Assembly, of which Meeting, M'' Joshua Foss was Moder- 
ator. — 

That by reason of the Irregularity and Confusion at said 
Meeting many of your Petitioners had not and others could not 
have an opportunity of voting before M'' Joshua Foss Junr. 
(son of the moderator) was declared to be duly chosen to rep- 
resent said Barrington in the General Assembly, which appear- 
ing doubtful to your Petitioners, it was desired by more than 
seven of them "presently after" that the same be decided by 
the Pole — It being granted, the Electors withdrew for that pur- 
pose-^ — but it being folsely reported that your Petitioners had 
waved all Exceptions to the illegality of the Choice aforesaid, 
the said Joshua Foss Jnn'' was Entered by the Clerk as duly 
elected and the Meeting dissolved before the same was deter- 
mined — by means whereof your Petitioners think themselves 
greatly aggrieved, and many of them deprived of a Liberty & 
Priviledge which others at said Meeting (not qualified) were 
allowed Wherefore your Petitioners pray this Honorable House 
to take the matter into their wise Consideration and order them 
such Redress as is agreeable to Law, and which, in like Cases 
hath hitherto been granted — and your Petitioners will ever pray 

Barrington April 7''' 1774. 

Paul Hayes J^^hi^ Garland Samuel Hayes 

Henery Sevy Elijah vSevy Benjamin Hayes 

Daniel Ham Clemt. Ham Hezekiah Hayes 

Jonathan Church George Waterhouse John Drew 

Ichabod Bodge John Sherburne Ebenezer Jackson 

Isaac Sherbiu'ne John McDaniel Peletiah Daniels 

Robert Bamford Jr William McDaniel Richard Swain 

William Cate Julius felker nathan foss 

John Cotter Joseph Hayes ephrai[m] holmes Jr. 


ephraim holmes John Leighton John foay 

James Swain Samuel Buzzell Benjamin Buzzell 

Isaac Leighton John Buzzell George Seaward 

Jabez Smith Philip Caverly Moses Caverly 

Reuben Tuttle James Clark Jonathan Clark 

Paul hayes Juner John garland Juner Steven hawkens 

Province of | In the House of Representatives May 1 2''^ 
New Hamp"" j 1774. The within Petition being Read and the 
Parties heard thereon It appears to the House that the Election 
of Joshua Foss jur. to Represent the Town of Barrington is il- 
legal and Voted That said Election be set aside and that a Pre- 
cept issue from the Speaker of this House to the Selectmen of 
said Barrington to Call a Meeting to Choose a Representative 
for said Town of Barrington Giving Proper Notice. 

M. Weare CV 

[On the 25th of May the sheriff made a return on the 
precept issued by the speaker, " That M' Joshua Foss was 
returned by the selectmen of said Barrington as legally 
chosen to represent said town," and Mr. Foss was admitted, 
and sworn in May 26. — Ed.] 

[196] \_Petition of Inhabita)its in favor of y oh n Garland^ 


To the Hon"*^ Council & house of Representatives for the Col- 
ony of New Hampshire Convened, — At Exeter on Wednes- 
day the 6'^ of March 1776. 

The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of the town of 
Barrington Humbly Shexvs that your Petitioners Was Greatly 
alarmed at the News of John Garland Esq'' of Said Barrington 
being omitted in the Late Appointment of Magistrates for the 
County of Strafford He Being a person in the opinion of your 
Petitioners of The Best Natural Capacity for Such an office in 
Said Town & of Equal acquereiment to any other & while In 
that office Performed to General Satisfaction and More Espe- 
cially Considering how much he has Exerted himself In the Glo- 
rious Struggle for Liberty in which america is Now Contend- 
ing wherefore your Petitioners humblv Pray That the Said John 
Garland mav be appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Coun- 
ty afoursaid wdiich we conci\e Will Be a Benifit conferred not 
only on the ton of Barrington But the County afour*^ & your Pe- 
titioners As in Duty Bound Will ever Pray 

Capt. Mark Ilunking Ensn. John Bickford Simmon Starbord 



Capt. William Gate John foey 
Capt. Samuel Bru- Azariah Boody 

John Waterhouse 
Samuel Winkley 
Julius felkei" 
Richard Swain 
James howard 
James pevy 
James foey 
timothy perkins 
Joseph pevy 
James Clark 
John foey Jun'' 
Josiah Monson 
Mark Ayers 
Isaiah Felker 
Left, william babb 
Jeams Row 
mickel fulker Jun 
william pearl 
Richard babb 

Ichabod Bodge 
Ebenezer young 
Jabesh Smith 
Garland Smith 
Ruben Davius 
Lt. John Gate 
Ruben tuttle 
John Persley 
Mark Foss Jur. 
Jonathan Glark 
Joseph Boodey 
John Sherburn 
James Wodiar 
Joseph Gate 
william ham 
Stephen otes 
paul young 
benjamin babb 
John cater 
James Leighton 

Mark Foss 
Nathaniel Foss 
Lieut. William hayes 
Samuel Brown 
William howard 
Paul Bru ster 
Stephen foey 
Thomas tuttle 
Nicholas Brown 
Stephen Drew 
Daniel Glark 
Ebenezer Jacknson 
Isaac Sherburn 
James Ghurch 
gidon Laighton 
george ham 
mickel fulker 
wintrupt young 
timothy waterhouse 
Joseph greay 

Lieut. Georofe Waterhouse — 

[He was subsequently appointed. — Ed.] 

[R. 48] \^Anne Runals s Petition — Uusbajid died in the Ser- 
vice, 1778.1 

State of New Hampshire. 

To the Hon*'''' Gouncil and Assembly of said State now sitting 

at Exeter. — 

The Petition of Anne Runals of Barrington in said State, 
humbly shews. — That your Petitioners late husband Isaac Run- 
als was a Lieutenant in Gol° Stephen Evans Regiment in the 
Gontinental service in October last — that owing to indisposition 
of Body he was unable to continue in the service, and was 
about to return home — that on his way at Ghesterfield his dis- 
orders encreasing, he ^vas entirely confined, & there died — that 
the expense of sending there after him, together with the Doc- 
tor & Nurse's Bills amounting in the whole to fourteen pounds 
six shilling (as mav appear by the ac'** and vouchers herew^ith 
exhibited) has been paid by vour Petitioner — Wherefore your 
Petitioner requests that your Hon" would take the matter under 
your consideration & cause the sum she has expended to be 


reimbursed — or otherwise, grant her such compensation as you 
in your wisdom shall think meet, for which She as in duty 
laound will ever pray 

Anne Runals 
Barrington May 20"^ 177S. 

[The amount was allowed May 22, 1778. — Ed.] 

[197] S^Petition for Aidhoritv to dispose of Parsonage Lot^ 

1779 ■'\ 

State of New Hampshire. 
To the Honorable the Council & House of Representatives in 

General Court assembled at Exeter the 20"" day of October 

A. D. 1779.— 

The petition of John Garland Esq. & James Marden Yeoman 
both of Barrington in the Countv of Strafford & State aforesaid 
in behalf of the parish in said Barrington humbly shews That 
in the Charter of said Barrington two hundred acres of Land 
were reserved for a parsonage which have in consequence there- 
of been laid out at such a Distance from their Meetinghouse as 
renders the Design useless. — That the said parish are about set- 
tling a Minister, but feel themselves unable to raise his Support 
without the benefit of said parsonage and as the said parish con- 
ceive themselves not dulv authorized to appropriate said Land 
to any other purpose than is directed by said Charter — your pe- 
titioners therefore pray that said parish may be authorized by 
Act or Resolve to sell said Lands or to exchange them for others 
that may better accomodate their Minister & fullv answer the 
original Intention of the Reservation in said Charter — & your 
petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray &c 

Barrington Oct° 20"^ i779- 

John Garland James Marden 

[The foregoing resulted in the passage of an act, Novem- 
ber II, 1779, authorizing John Garland and Deacon James 
Marden to exchange the parsonage lot for one more con- 
venient, or sell it and purchase another. — Ed.] 

[R. 49. 50, !^i] \_Abstractfrof>i Pet if ion of Nathaniel CJnirch., 
icoiiiidcd Soldier, ^779-'] 

[Nathaniel Church, of Barrington, in a petition dated 
November 5, 1779, states that he "was a soldier in Capt 


Peter Browne's Company in Lt. Col. Stephen Peabody's 
Regiment, and was wounded in the action on Rhode Island 
on the 29"' of August 1778, by which wound he lost his Leg 
& part of his Thigh." He asks to be put on half pay, and 
that his expenses for nursing, and the expenses of John 
Church and Josiah Felker for going to Providence and get- 
ting him home, amounting to ;^59-i2-o in all, may be al- 
lowed him. 

The bill was allowed, and also half pay, commencing Jan- 
uary I, 1779. — Ed.] 

[R. 52] 

[Oct. 24, 1780. John Garland, at the request of said 
Church, states that Church lost his leg by a cannon ball ; 
that he is on the half-pay roll ; but, owing to the deprecia- 
tion of the currency, the amount he receives "will scarce 
pay his expenses of travelling to Exeter to receive it," and 
asks for further relief. — Ed.] 

[19S] \^Petition of No7t-Residetit Pi-oprietors concerning' 
Taxes ^ lySi .'\ 

State of New Hampshire. 
To the Honorable the Council and House of Representatives in 
General Assembly convened at Exeter June 25* 1781 

The Petition of Mark HunkingWentworth Geo. Jaflrev Jon- 
athan Warner and George Atkinson /lumbly skews — That the 
Collector of Taxes for the Town of Barrington, having called 
on your Petitioners for their Taxes in said Town, they find on 
inspecting his list, they are respectively taxed more than twice 
as much on their Lands, as any Resident in said Town is taxed 
on his — They have demonstrated this to be the case to the Se- 
lectmen, who are not disposed to afford them any relief; and 
as this has been the case not only the last but the preceeding 
years, and in all probability will continue, unless prevented by 
your Honors, they humblv request, that a stop may be put to 
such flagrant iniustice. and that thev mav not be compelled, to 
pay more than their equal proportion of Taxes, according to the 
value of their Lands — And your Petitioners shall ever pray &c. 

Mark H'*"' Wentworth 
Jonathan Warner Geo : Atkinson * Geo. Jafirey 

[In H. of Rep., a committee was appointed on the fore- 
going, who reported that, in their opinion, the petitioners 


had been much overrated, but should make their application 
to the court of quarter-sessions. — Ed.] 

[R. =53] \_Papers relating to TJio?)ias Uozv^ a Soldier^ ijSl .~\ 

To the Honourable Council and House of Representatives of 
the State of New Hampshire. 

The petition of Thomas How most humbly s/ieweth that 
whereas he was at all times prepossessed with a firm attach- 
ment to the States, in i777 he Inlisted in the three years service 
under Capt. John Drew* and quit his farm his family his con- 
nections and what was most dear to him and chearfully marched 
as a soldier for the defence of his Country having an obligation 
from the Committee of Barrington for £34. L. my. as a Bounty 
only and he to recieve his full wages without any deduction 
whatsoever on account of the foresaid Bounty, he faithfully 
performed his duty during the foresaid term of three years but 
has not as yet received but an inconsiderable part of his Bounty 
Clothing and wages for want of which his expenses fitting out 
for the service and the Misfortunes he had while he was their 
have Reduced him to very low circumstances — He has therefore 
at this time presumed to lay these his grievances before your 
honours reiving and Depending that you will be fully sensible 
of this his situation and grant a satisfactory answer to his i"e- 
quest — He does therefore ardently and humblely request and 
pray that you will be pleased to remedie the Matter in such a 
way as to procure to him his just due, and your petitioner as in 
Duty bound will ever pray &c. 

Barrington Nov'' y*^ 6* 

A. D. 1 78 1— Thomas How 

[R- 54] 

[The Barrington committee to hire soldiers in the year 
1777, consisting of William Cate, Jr., John Hill, Joshua 
Foss, Jr., and Silas Drew, signed a certificate dated January, 
1 78 1, substantiating the above statement.] 

[R. 55] 

[Josiah Oilman (August 23, 1782), one of the Committee 
on Claims, states that the town of Barrington had been 
allowed for the bounty the selectmen charged to Thomas 

*5th Co., 2d Reg't. 


[R. S6-] 

[The town refused to pay the said How his bounty, and 
he brought suit, but was defeated, as he says, for want of 
means to prosecute the suit. How also introduces the fol- 
lowing certificates : — Ed.] 

[R. 58] 

M' Independence Jul}' 6"' 1777. 

I Thomas How the subscriber do here say and certefy that on 
the 6"' Instant orders came for us to turn out and get the pow- 
der out of the Magizien after Cap' Buckland ordered me and 
a nother man John Doe by name to Carrey a Chest down to 
the landing he sent the weater to Conduct us down It Being 
dai'k he led us out of the way and the other man soon left me I 
having strict orders I was obliged to see it on Bord the Scuner 
which Brought it all most to sun rise Before I could Get back 
to my Tent again and when I came there my Gun pack Beding 
and Clothes and all that I had except what I had on my back 
was lost. 

Bemus's Heights Ocf 11, 1777. 

This is to Certify that the Bearer Thos. How was ordered as. 
within mention by 

Stephen Buckland 

Captain of artillery 

[R- 59] 

Moses Creek July the 31*^ ^777 — 
I Thomas How Doth testify and make it apeer, That orders 
Came for is to Retrate for Sarrey Toge we had not marched 
More Than 40 Rod Before The Enemy Came in Sight in oi"- 
der to Cut of onr Retreat Which obliged us to Return Back 
and Take the Hill in order give them Battle The Artilery 
Men woas ordered to Put their Packs in the Bagige Wagin Pur- 
pared for That Purpose we had Wounded Men The Wagoner 
was ordered to Throw our Packs out and take in the Wounded 
I being one of The train and By The Means I Lost My Second 

Thomas How 
The under mensend Thomas How Lost is Pack by wittness 
of uss Siners — John Neal, Clark Sarjent, Paul Otis, Ebenezer 

[R. 61] 

[December 13, 1784, Margaret Pitman asks the treasurer 
to pay Daniel Cook all that was due her late son, Joseph 


Pitman, soldier in the 2cl N. H. Reg't. The order is attest- 
ed by " Ralph hall, Solomon hall," and certified by " John 
Cate, Town Clerk." — Ed.] 

[199] \^Nu tuber of Ratable Polls ^ ^7^J-^ 

Barrington Dec"" 12, 17S3 — 
Pursuant to orders we have took the No. Polls which is 2S7 
of Twenty one years of age and upwards — 

Given under our Hands this 12* Day of T)ec'' 17S3. 

Peter Young ^ g^^^^^ 

George Waterhouse > '~-^ 
Eliph Cloutman j 

Sworn to before "John Garland Justes Peace " 


Diepotion of Samuel Brewster of Lawful age testefieth and 
saith that he was apointed as a Commitee man with others by 
the general Court to Lay out Roads in Barrington Did Lay out 
three Roads through said town one through or near the first 
Range agoing to Rochester one through or near the third 
Range and one on the west side of said town Called the Prov- 
ence Road and several other Roads in said town. 

Samuel Brewster 

Sworn to February the 13, 17S6, before 

Joshua Foss Jr. Justice Peace 


This town was incorporated June i6, 1790, and com- 
prised the following grants : The grant to Lieut. Andrew 
McMillan of 2,000 acres, made Oct. 25, 1765 ; to Capt. Will- 
iam Stark, same day, of 3,000 acres ; to Lieut. Vere Royse, 
September 6, 1769, 2,000 acres; Adjutant Philip Bayley, 
August 9, 1770, 2,000 acres; and to Major James Gray, 
June 12, 1772, 3,856 acres. It was named in honor of Jo- 
siah Bartlett, who was then President of the State. 

By an act passed June 19. 1806, the town received a 
grant of 600 acres of land belonging to the state, situated 
in the town of Adams, 300 of which was for support of 


schools, and 300 for the support of the gospel ; and by an 
act passed June 22, 18 19, 50 acres was severed from Ad- 
ams, and annexed to this town. July 3, 1822, a tract of 
land belonging to Nathaniel Carlton was severed from Bart- 
lett and annexed to Adams; and by an act passed July i, 
1823, a large tract of land westerly and southerly of the 
original town was annexed. June 18, 1836, a tract of land 
belonging to Jonathan Mclntire was annexed to the town. 
July 3, 1839, the farm of Nathaniel Tufts and Stephen 
Carlton, 2d, was severed from Bartlett and annexed to Jack- 
son. January 5, 1853, the town was severed from Coos 
county and annexed to Carroll. June 30, 1869, a tract of 
land was severed from Chatham and annexed to Bartlett ; 
and July 2, 1878, a small tract was severed from Hart's Lo- 
cation and annexed to this town. 

[R. 63] 

To John Taylor Gilnian Esq. — Treasurer of the State of 
New Hampshire — Please pay to Andrew McMillan Esq"" all the 
arrearages due Serg' Jonathan Tasker of the New Hampshire 
Line, Gen. Poor's Brigade, Col. Reeds Regt. & Capt. Clays 
Co. for services done his Country in the late war, in the years 
^777 — ^77^ ^ ^779i ^^^^ ^^^'^^ order shall discharge the state 
from the same 

Jon" Tasker 

Bartlett Nov' 16* 1793. 

[3—35] \^Petitiorz for a/i Addition to the Toxvn.'] 

To the Honourable the senate and house of Representatives of 
the State of New Hampshire in general Court convened at 
Exeter on Wednesday the 35 Day of December 1793. — 

The Petition of Andrew McMillan Esq. for & in behalf of 
the town of Bartlet humbly sheweth that in Consequence of a 
Petition from the Inhabitants of Starks, McMillans, Royes, 
Baileys and Greys Locations they obtained an Licorporation of 
said Location into a township by the name of Bartlet in the 
month of Jvuie 1791 ; but it is well known that the whole of 
said Location don't contain a tract of Land more than twelve 
thousand Acres a great part thereof very Mountainous and 
broken, and there can be had no pi'ivilege for a Minister or 
school Right or other public uses as other new towns have 
and enjoyed in consequence thereof places then in a worse situ- 
ation than they were in before their incorporation all which is 
a grievance and burthen on the Inhabitants ; but as there are 


Locations ; together with some unlocated Lands, altho moun- 
tainous joining on or near to the town of Bartlet, your Petitioner 
prays that a tract of Land located and unlocated may be grant- 
ed and incorporated with the town of Bartlet including Rindges 
& Pierces Locations : together with a number of hundred acre 
Lots laid out by the Committee for making and repairing the 
Roads from Conway to Coos agreable to the Plan herewith ex- 
hibited giving unto said town a tract of unlocated Land to the 
first settled Minister, for a school and all other public Uses as 
may be thought proper, and agreable to what is customary in 
all other towns in this State, under such Conditions & Regula- 
tions as you in your wisdom may think proper and your Peti- 
tioner as in duty bound will pray 

Andrew M'^Millan, 

State of New ) 

Hampshire j In the House of Representatives Dec 29"' 1793 

Upon reading and considering the foregoing Petition of An- 
drew MacMillan Esq"' for and in behalf of the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Bartlett, Voted that the Petitioner be heard thereon 
before the General Court on the Second Thursday of the Next 
Session and that in the Mean time the Petitioner cause that the 
Substance of the petition and Order of Court thereon be pub- 
lished three weeks successively in the Exeter News paper & in 
the Independent Chronicle printed in Boston commencing Six 
wrecks prior to said day of hearing — also cause that a copy of 
said petition and Order be posted up in some public place in 
the Town of Bartlett the Same term of time, that any person or 
persons may then appear and Shew cause if any they have why 
the prayer thereof May not be granted — 

Sent up for Concurrence — 
Nath^ Peabody Speaker 

In Senate December 28"' 1793 Read & Concurred 

Nathi Parker Dep^ Sec^ 

[The plan referred to may be found in Vol. II. doc. No. 
26i, Tovi^n Papers, 1880, in secretary's office. — Ed.] 


To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of 
the State of New Hampshire in General Court convened ; at 
Concord on the first Wednesday in June A. D. 1793 

The petition of the freeholders and inhabitants of the Town 
of Bartlett in the Countv of Grafton — Humbly sheweth — That 


whereas, your petitioners being few in number and very poor, 
and the whole Town consisting of Locations fomerly granted to 
officers in the Service of the King of Great Brittain, in the 
French war (so called) and the greater part of the land in s* 
Town, being still owned by the original Grantees, or their as- 
signs, who do not live in the Town, and in consiquence of our 
incorporation, we are at the expense of making and repairing 
all public roads through the Town. And those Gentlemen, 
who own by far the greater parts of the lands in said Town, are 
in consequence of their being Non-residents exempted from the 
cost of makeing and reparing those useful and necessary roads in 
the Town — And as there is a road lately laid out, from Conway 
to Shelburn, by order of Court, which must go nearly five 
miles in Bartlett, and this too, at the expence of the Inhabitants, 
which they must make through an uncultivated wilderness, to- 
gather with the cost of keeping in repair, the road leading to 
Lancaster, North of the White Hills, with other necessary roads 
in Town, All which 30ur petitioners view as a great grevience 
— Therefore, your petitioners pray that one penny per acre may 
be laid on all the lands in the Town of Bartlett, for the purpose 
of makeing and reparing the roads in s'' Town and appropriated 
to that use as soon as may be, under such order and regulation, 
as you, in your wisdom shall think fit : 

And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray. 

Ralph Hall Jonathan Hutchins John Scribner 

Anthony Emery John Pendexter James Rogers 

Miles Thompson Levi Chubbuck isick Stanton 

John wooster Thomas Spring Samuel Fall 

Joseph Hall Enoch Emery John weekes 

Levi Sevey Thomas Rodgers Humphery Emery 

Simon Seavey Joseph Thompson Joseph Pitman 

Jonathan Seavey Samuel Stratton george woodes 

Jonathan Place Richard Garland Timothy Walker 

James Basset Obed Hall 

Jonathan Tasker Samuel Seavey 

[Granted by an act passed December 28, 1795. — Ed.] 

[3—27] S^Petition for an Addition to the Toivn.^ 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Honourable General court of said State to be conven*^ 
at Amherst on the first Wednesday of June next — 

Humbly Shews your Honor's Petitioners that whereas a pe- 
tition was prefered to the Honourable General court of said 


State at their last Session by Andrew M'^Millan Esq"" in behalf 
of the To^^■n of Bartlett praying — that a tract of land might be 
aded to said Bartlett and the Town being notified of the order 
of court thereon appointed a commitee to examine the prem- 
ises and on examining the same found that Burton covered all 
the good land on which the prayer of said petition was founded 
— excepting a Small tract of Located land — therefore your peti- 
tioners pray that an addition be made agreeabley to the plan ac- 
companying this petition — it being all that is fit for settlements 
on that part of the Town — Said grant to be under such orders 
and regulations as you in your wisdom Shall think fit and your 
Petitioners as in duty bound will pray 
Bartlett May 25**^ "^1794 

Enoch Emery 

George place Committee 

John Scribner V for 

John weeks Bartlett 

Joseph Thomson Jun. 

[2-3S] \_Petition to be severed from Grafton County and an- 
nexed to StraJford.~\ 

To the Honourable Senate and House of Representatiyes of the 
State of New hampshire in General Court conyen'd, at Con- 
cord on the first Wednesday of June i793- 

The petition of the freeholders and inhabitants of the town of 
Bartlet and locations humbly sheweth ; the many difficulties 
they now labour under ; in consequence of their Being a re- 
mote part of the Extensiye County of Grafton ; and particular- 
ly your petitioners being nearly Ninety miles distant from any 
place where Courts are held : Excepting Justices Courts, for 
the tryal of any Cause whateyer : and nearly one Hundred 
miles from the registers Oflice, for recording of deeds ; all which 
is a verry great grieyance, which can be plainly made appear, 
therefore your petitioners pray, that the town of Bartlet and Lo- 
cations Northerly of Bartlet may be sot of from the County of 
Grafton and anexed to the County of Strafibrd, or make a new 
County in the Northerly part of the State, or otherwise relieyed 
as you in your Wisdom may think proper and your petitioners 
as in duty Bound will Eyer pray. 

Richard Garland James Rogers Humphrey Emery 

Enoch Emery Jonathan Place John Pendexter 

Joseph ILill isick Stanton Joseph Pitman 

Obed Hall James Baset Leyi Chubbuck 

Leyi Seayey Samuel Fall george woodes 


Samuel Seavey Jonathan Tasker Thomas Spring 

Simon Seavey Joli'^ weeks Timothy Walker 

John Scribner Jonathan Hutchins Joseph Pinkham 
Jonathan Seavey John wooster Joseph D. pinkham 


This town was granted by Gov. Benning Wentworth, Sep- 
tember 10, 1 76 1, to Rev. Andrew Gardner and sixty-one 
others. The conditions of this grant were not complied 
with, and on petition of Nehemiah Lovewell and others a 
new grant was made by Gov. John Wentworth, March 29, 

The first settlement was made in 1765 by John Harri- 
man, of Haverhill, Mass. Moses Pike and John Sawyer 
settled in 1766 or '^J. 

Among the distinguished men of the last century was 
Col. Timothy Bedel, an officer in the Revolution, who did 
good service in command of troops on the frontier and else- 
where. He was chosen to represent Bath in the convention 
at Gornish, in 1781, that town being one of the sixteen 
which attempted to unite with Vermont. 

[R. 63] [^Relative to William Grimshaw, Soldier^ i'/86.'\ 

The Committee to w^hom was referred a Petition in behalf of 
the Town of Bath having considered the same beg leave to re- 
port that the said Town be credited for William Grimshaw a 
Continental Soldier, late belonging to Hazens Reg* the sum of 
sixty pounds with the interest thereof that the same be allowed 
in settlement of the charge against said Town for deficiency of 
soldiers, and that the Treasurer take order thereon and govern 
himself accordingly — The committee further report as their 
opinion that the said Town of Bath is intitled to receive a 
Twenty pounds bounty for procuring the said soldier. 

submitted by Josh. Wentworth, 

for the Committee. — 

[In H. of Rep., March i, 1786, report received and ac- 
cepted ; senate concurred. — Ed.] 

BATH, 165 


To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq' 

Captain General Governor and Commander in Chief in and 
over his Majesty's Province of New Hampshire and Vice Ad- 
miral of the same and to the Honourable his Majesty's Council 
of the said Province, 

The Petition of Jacob Bayley Esq' 
in the Province of New York in behalf of himself and associ- 

Most Humblv Shews 

your Petitioner being a great Sufferer bv his Land falling into 
the Government of New York (which were Granted bv his 
late Excellency Penning Wentworth Esq'') your Petitioner be- 
ing very desirous of being under the Jurisdiction and Govern- 
ment of the Province of New Hampshire — 

Your Petitioner therefore in behalf of himself 
and associates — 

Humbly Requests 

That your 
Excellency and Honours would be pleased to grant unto him 
and them a Certain Tract of Land L\'ing on the North side of 
Connecticut River adjoining to Ha\erhill in Cohoss granted by 
his late Excellency Bening Wentworth Esq"' bv the name of the 
Township of Bath, which said Grant is become void and the 
same Reverts and is forffted. because the Grantees never Per- 
formed the Conditions of said Grant or Charter, there being 
not more than five or six family's on said Town and no Pros- 
pect of Increasing — 

In case your Excellency and Honours should be Pleased to 
Grant the Prayer of this Petition — 

on Condition your Petitioner and associates give proper Se- 
curity to those already settled on said Township he and they as 
in Duty bound shall ever Prav &c 

Jacob Bayley 
Preferred S"" September 1768 
Oct" 19"' 1768 Granted on the Terms stipulated in the Peti- 


account of what Families there is in the Township of Bath 

Lt. Richardson Two Sons & Famaly 10 acers cleared land 
Lt. Sawyer Two Sons & Famaly 20 acers 

John Sawyer & Famaly 7 acers 

1 66 


Mooses Pike & Famaly 5 acers 

Andrew Gardner & Famaly 4 acers 

Daniel Been & Famal}- 1 

Enoch Hall & Famaly j ^ "^"^^^^ 

Samuel Martain one Son & Famaly 10 acers 

the Single Men in Bath 

W" Belnaps 
Luther Richardson 

Jacob Pratt 

W" Dodge 

Robert Bedel 
Deliverance Sawyer 

The names of Sundry Persons now improving in the Town- 
ship of Bath lodged in the Secretarys office by M' Andrew 
Gardner the 25"^ Oct 1768 

Samuel Whittemore Daniel Jones Esq 
Elijah Wells 
Josiah Jones 
John Arms 
Thomas Baker 


\_Proceeding-s of Town-meetings i777-\ 

At A Legall meeting held at the House of Cap' Oliver San- 
ders in the Township of Bath on monday the 3'' Day of febru- 
ary one thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy vSeven acted as 
followeth (viz) 

i*'' Choose M' Elisha Cleaveland moderator 

2'y Chose Col Timothy Bedel Commitee man 

3'y Voted the Commitee M'' Elisha Cleaveland Col Timothy 
Bedel M' william Eastman Capt Sammuel Titus Should Be 
our Committee to act in Conjuncun with the united Committee 
of the County of grafton whose meeting now Stands ajurned 
to the 13"" of february to Be Held at Lebanon, this Town ack- 
noledging the Letter from the Assembly Committee of this 
Stat and refer them to our Committee for an answer which are 
to act in Conjunction with the united Commitee of grafton 
County at their above ajurnd metting and that the above Vote 
Be transmitted to the Assemblves Committee as quick as may 

test Aaron Bailey 

of s*^ meeting 

BATH. 167 


Bath June the 8"^ 1779 

Esq. King sur it is the Desier of us the selecmen for S'' Bath 

that you would Draw a Petition and sine it or git some one to 

sine it in our behalf to the General assembly seting forth that 

we are over Rated as it may Be seen by the invoice and by the 

information that we hear give as folors that more than one half 

of the inhabitance of this town Do not Rais thare provision 

and are abligd to work for it by the Day in other towns and 

tharefor unabel to cultivate thare one lands and many have no 

land attole beside the fortegs of the war wdio have mose of us 

ben mor or les in the war for sence the commencement of the 

war and many vs'idows by Reson of war so that we have many 

orphins to maintain and also that we are a frunteer place whear 

we have often ben cold out in Scouts &c &c 

from your humble sarvants 

Elisha Cleaveland 

Samuel Titus 


The Ratabel Estate of the Inhabitants of Bath Exclusive of 
thare Wild Land as it is in Aprel i779 

Heds 29 Oxen 18 Cows 41 3 year olds 12 2 year olds 27 i 
year olds 11 horses 13 mowing & plowing land 137 

Bath Jvme the 8"^ 1779 then parciuabely apeared Elisha 
Cleaveland and Sam Titus selecmen for Bath and solomly gave 
thare attest to the above invose to Just according to the best of 
thare Judgment 


Befor me David Weeks r r^^ 1 

j Clerk 

[2-6] \^Ret7ionstrance concerning Doojnage.~\ 

To the Hon""' the Council and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire to be Convened at Concord in S* 
State on the third Wednesday of Instant Dec'' 

Humbly sheweth 
We petitioners Proprietors and other Inhabitants of the 
Towns of Bath Landati' Lyman Concord alias Gunthwait and 
Apthorp in the County of Grafton and State afores*' that at the 
Commencement of the late Revolution the said Towns had 
very few settlers, and the most part of them w^ere very poor 
Notwithstanding they sem"^ willing and ambitious to turn out 
in Defence of the Country and the most of the Inhabitants of 
one or more of s*^ Towns Did actually turn out the first of the 
war some of which Died in the service some others Continued 
in the war until the close thereof &c. that they have Hired 
scouts to Reconnoiter the woods on the frontier at a great Ex- 


pense and also Built a Number of forts for a Retreat in Case of 
an Invasion ; all of which with many other sei'vices are not 
Recon'^ as any part of our proportion of the Expence of the 
late war as your Petitioners are Inform*^, that we have not had 
the order of Cort to make Returns and Never Knew the method 
b}^ Reason of not having any Representation that by mean of 
which we have been Doom*^ and if obliged to pay according 
to their Doomage their whole Estates are not sufficient to pay 
the Debt 

Wherefore your Petitioners Pray your Honours to take the 
matter into your wise and serious Consideration and grant such 
Redress of grievances as may seam Just — 

And your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall Ever Pray &c 

John Young 
in behalf of said Petitioners 

Dec"' 12"^ 17S3 

[2-7] [ V'ote of Town concerning Paper Money. '\ 

At a legal meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Bath 
held on November 21^' A D. 1786 agreable to both Branches of 
the Legislature on the 14 Septem — 17S6 for emitting a bank 
of paper Money — 

Voted to reject the plan of the sub-committee for emitting 
paper Money. No. of votes against Said plan Eighteen. No. 
of for Said plan, none. 

and the following plan was adopted Viz to emit so much 
paper Money as will Call in all the publick Securites that 
is against the state and that said Money be a sinking fund 
to run out in twenty years, to sink Six pence in every twenty 
shillings at the end of every six months, and to be atender in 
all Cases. 

No. of votes for it Seventeen 

One vote not to have it a tender only for Debts hereafter 

Bath 21''' November 17S6 

Jeremiah Hutchins ~) Select 
Ezra Child v men of 

Henry Hancock ) Bath. 

2-73^ \_Report of Co7uinittee on AUoivance for Soldiers.~\ 

•sj" yi. \ I" the House of Representatives June 22, 1786 

The Committee on the petition of Ezra Child agent for Bath. 
Reported that the Town of Bath be credited & allowed the 

BATH. 169 

sum of Seventy Two pounds for one Sam' Parker, Matross in 
the third Artillery Regiment, not allowed to any Town in this 
State — and that they be allowed and abated out of their out- 
standing Taxes the sum of Forty pounds in full of their ac- 
counts for services in Scouting, building of Forts, and for 
Alarms &c, in the late war — That all Taxes up to the valuation 
taken in 1783 — be laid on the land, in said Town exclusive of 
the Polls & other ratable Estate in the way & manner provided 
by a Resolution of the Gen' Court in march last, and that the 
petitioners be heard before the Gen' Court some day in the 
next Session respecting the Taxing the lands of Nonresidents 
for making & repairing highways Sign'd E. Payne for the Com- 
mittee — which report being read & considered — Voted, that it 
be receixed & accepted, and that the petitioners cause that the 
substance of the petition respecting said Tax & order of Court 
thereon be published three weeks Successively in one of the 
New Hampshire News papers that any person or persons may 
then appear & shew cause (if any they have) why the prayer 
thereof may not be granted — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

John Sparkawk Speaker P. T. 
In Senate June 24"" 17S6 read & concurred except the Forty 
pounds for building forts &c 

J Pearson Sec^ 

[2-8] \_Enoc/i Bartlett against Taxing the Non-Resident 


To the Honorable the Senate and Representatives of the State 
of New Hampshire now assembled at Charlestown in Said 

The petition or Memorial of Enoch Bartlet in behalf of him- 
self and others who are Nonresident proprietors of the town- 
ship of Bath in Said State humbly Slieweth 

That your petitioner was ever willing to pay his just propor- 
tion of all public charges, and having a due sense of the favour 
intended by the legislators to the proprietors of new towns by 
directing that all taxes and assessments on their lands. Should 
(unless known) be taxed in the name of the original Proprie- 
tors and that the taxes Should be loged in An office in Exeter 
now kept by M^ Odiorn where the proprietors might on notice 
given pay their Several assessments — and I also acknowledge 
their favours toward the town of Bath by waiting So long. 
But we are informed by M' Odiorn who has advertised an 
assessment, that the lands in the town of Bath are not asses'* in 
the name of the original Proprietors but according to their 


number by Lotts and Ranges which has prevented many from 
paying them under the present Situation of Said town ; and we 
would also inform your Honors that the affairs of Said town 
are in a very perplex'd vSituation ; and that the town was first 
granted to one Gardner and others in December 1762 in 68 
equal Shares, and was called about Six miles .Square or 23500 
acres ; But at present according to its boundaries and plan it 
does not contain 21000. And Said first proprietors laid out the 
town and a first division lot of 100 acres to each right, and voted 
at Sundry times that to the N" of 34 of the proprietors might en- 
ter pitch their rights and clear lands — till they had many Setlers 
in the town, vs^hen the then Governor of the province arbitra- 
rily excluded the greatest part of the proprietors of Said first 
grant and Issued a new grant to his favorites and others to be 
divided among s'^ 100 Sharers in that Scanty town, by which a 
68"' part was allowed to 26 only who had Settled, and the town 
on division was found to contain but 260 acres to a first Setler and 
160 acres to other Sharers with a remainder of about 1600 acres 
of common lands to be divided in that proportion and that the 
township and lotts were laid out accordingly in 1770 but was 
never allotted to each pi'oprietor. But the proprietors have 
since in 1770 ; 1772 and 1773 voted that they who should pitch 
their lots and cut down 5 acres on 100 acre lot or 3 on a 60 acre 
lot by a certain day or till December i773'' i^^ ^"^ J^^ii'i Should 
have those lots : and that no right has been given Since to pitch 
any Lot; yet we find that in 1775 there was about 20 lots en- 
tred by the Clerk as pitched lots and that some of them were 
on lots pitched in i773 ^'^^' which the duty was done, and that 
since 177S they have freelv entred and fraudulently pitched on 
all the best Lots in Said Town, and in a very perplex'd Situa- 
tion when the to^vn was taxed for all arrearage for Many years 
past when the Settlers to cover their fravids, when application 
was partially and artfully made to the General Court and bv a 
misrepresentation of the case (as I apprehend) Procured (as 
they Sa-s') a resolve of Said Court on the first day of March 
1786 directing the Select men of Bath to tax their Unimprov'd 
lands by Lots — whereby they cautiously endeavored to exempt 
all their pitch'd lots and intrusions by improvements (tho' Ille- 
gally obtained) from being sold or coming to a just allotment 
among the proprietors and thereby destroy all right of redemp- 
tion by law as it cannot be known to whom their lands was 
sold ; And it may be Qiieried whether we can expect to fare 
better if we Shall pay our taxes on our rights in the name of 
the original proprietors and whether we can expect to have any 
other lots than the refuse of the whole town for our Share. 

And tho I have Six rights in Said town that I purchased 
according to the first Charter and need not complain on that 

BATH. 171 

account, ^•et I know that there are many complaints made by 
the original proprietors of that and other towns against the arbi- 
trary proceedings of the late Governor and their exclusion with- 
out any process by law against them, The validity of which may 
yet be determined by an action at Law or Qixieted by the power 
of the General Court ; and as the taxes in the town of Bath are 
equal to about Six mill'd Dollars, on such last granted rights ; 
it would be very hard on them to pay such taxes unless their 
title is confirmed. 

Wherefore we pray your Honors to take the matter into your 
wise consideration and if thought needful to Disanul .Said resolve 
of the first of March 1 7S6 and afibrd us such further relief as you 
may think best. — I do not move in the aflair for any delay of pay- 
ment but that the town which have been much embarrassed and 
have neglected to draw their lots for many years and even till 
they are in danger of loosing them for the taxes ; may have 
time to warn a meetting and make a proper enquiry what Lotts 
are legally pitched and to make a draught or appropriation of 
the remaining lots to the Several proprietors with their propor- 
tions of the common lands. — and I hope that the title of the 
lands may be more fully assertained soon. And as our wise 
lepfislators have been so gfood as to favour us for more than ten 
years ; I also hope they will yet wait till our Lotts are drawn, 
or till our difficulties may be removed ; as the town will ever 
be able to pay taxes or make good the damages, and I as in 
Duty bound will ever pray 

Enoch Bartlet 

[2-9] [^Relative to legalizing the sale of Lots f 07- Taxes^ d'C.'\ 

To the Honorable Senate & House of representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court to be convened at 
Portsmouth on the fourth Wednesday of December 1789 

Humbly shcweth the Selectmen of Bath in said State, that 
said Town hath been twice granted & that the land is chiefly 
laid out into lots, but the lots are not appropriated amongst 
either of the grantees & the selectmen knows not to what rights 
either the settled or unsettled lots belong, nor do they know the 
owners of but very few of the lots, as some may doubtless have 
bad titles & some none at all, and many who have deeds of lots 
cannot affix their lots to any particular right, as they mention 
only the number & range of the lot : for which reasons it hath 
hitherto been utterly impossible for the selectmen to assess a tax 
either upon the proprietors or owners of the lots, as the law di- 
rects. Wherefore the selectmen some \cars past petitioned the 


General Court setting forth their difficulties & praying that 
some method might be pointed out to enable them to assess & 
collect the outstanding taxes charged against said Town where- 
upon the General Court in March 17S6 passed a resolve direct- 
ing that the unimproved lands should be taxed by the number 
& range of the lots, the law notwithstanding, and that all the 
outstanding taxes should be assessed in one bill, distinguishing 
each years tax bv itself — In obedience whereto the then select- 
men immediately made & committed a tax bill to the constable 
with a warrant for collecting the same accordingly — A copy of 
which bill the constable sent to M"' Odiorne & had published in 
due form and said taxes not being paid said constable proceeded 
to advertise the lots of the delinquents for sale — Whereupon 
Major Enoch Bartlet of Haverhill in the Massachusetts in be- 
half of himself & other prop"^** of said Bath petitioned the General 
Court praying that said resolve might be disaimulled & there- 
upon the Gen' Court on the S"' day of February 17SS ( a con- 
siderable part of said taxes not being then collected) passed a 
vote that, '' all sales of non resident lands (in said Bath) be 
stayed until tlie decision of said Court " which decision hath not 
yet been had — And said vote or order hath hitherto utterly pre- 
vented said Constable from proceeding any further in collecting 
said tax — And altho said Constable had paid a considerable part 
of said tax into the treasury yet notwithstanding all the fore- 
going premises, extents for the remainder have diverse times 
been issued against said town & they have been obliged to pay 
large sums for sheritls fees upon them. — 

And an extent now lavs in the officer's hands against them, 
& they are every day liable to be committed to gaol or have 
their property seized & disposed of thereby ; and all as they 
humbly conceive, with out any wilful or criminal default of 
theirs ; they having no controul over said proprietors ; there be- 
ing but few if any in said town, they think they ought not to 
sutler for their neglect or misconduct Wherefore your pe- 

titioners pray your Honors that some w^ay may be devised for 
their redress ; so that the remainder of said taxes may be col- 
lected by authority of law & that they may not be obliged to 
pay the same out of their own estates, or their bodies be impris- 
oned while the same authority that orders out the extent, pro- 
hibits the collection of the tax — 

Your petitioners beg leave further to represent that toward 
the latter part of the year 1787 the Constable of Bath published 
the sale of the delinquent lands in the Freeman's Oracle instead 
of the Gazette owing to the general report in this distant part 
of the State that the clause of the law confining such advertise- 
ments to the Gazette was repealed bv the General Court at their 
session in June preceeding & that the Citizens of the State were 

BATH. 173 

at liberty to improve what printer they pleased or could be the 
easiest come at — 

That by the sales of land under that advertisement a consid- 
erable part of the taxes were collected & paid into the Treasu- 
ry : And yovn^ petitioners are fearful that great & insurmount- 
able difiiculties mav arise on account of said mistake, That all 
the trouble & charges will be lost. That the Town will be oblig- 
ed to refund all the money that hath been collected by such sale 
— That the purchasers will lose their expected advantage in lay- 
ing out their money & the Constable exposed to many harrass- 
ing suits upon the deeds he hath given, unless sales can be es- 
tablished — 

Wherefore your petitioners pray your Honors to take their 
case into your wise consideration, & establish the sale of such 
lands as legal & valid — or otherwise grant your petitioners re- 
lief in the premises as in your great wisdom may appear wisest 
& best & your petitioners as in duty bounds shall ever pray &c 

TT TT 1 ^ Selectmen 

Henry Hancock ^ f " 1 

Jeremiah Hutchins ( t, ' , 
Bath December | 
15'' 1789 i 

[2-10] \_Memo?'ial of Dan/el Bayley relative to Selling Non- 
resident La}id for Taxes. '\ 

State of New Hampshire. 

To the hon' Gen' Court to be convened at Concord on the first 
Wednesday of June 1791 — 

Humbly Sheweth Daniel Bayley of Bath in s'' State, That s^ 
Town of Bath has been twice Granted That the General Court 
in order to relieve the inhabitants of s*^ Bath from many incon- 
veniences in Collecting Taxes which they were subjected to by 
means of s*^ Town having been twice Granted as aforesaid ; on 
the first day of March 1786 passed a Resolve directing the Col- 
lection in a different way & manner to that by law pointed out 
for collecting Taxes — That doubts have arisen whither s'' Re- 
solve can Supercede the law for collecting Taxes. — 

That your Petitioner was Constable for s'' Bath for the year 
1788 and not in the smallest degree doubting until of late the 
force, power and virtue of s'' Resolve & relying that no ditticul- 
ty could arise in collecting the Taxes of s*^ year, paid into the 
Treasury of his own money ; with what small sum he could 
collect from the inhabitants all the Specie part of this Tax for 


s*^ Bath for s'' year and a very considerable part of the paper 
Tax — & has caused the Lands to be Advertized by the State 
Collector according to law — that inasmuch as s*^ Tax was made 
by the Selectmen of s'^ Bath agreably to said Resolve, your Pe- 
titioner is in doubt whither he will be safe in selling the Lands 
of the nonresident owners, for the payment of a Tax made by 
force of s'* resolve — 

Therefore your Petitioner prays your Honorable body to take 
his case & the case of s'' Town in General respecting levying & 
collecting Taxes, into your wise & serious consideration and 
Grant them such Relief as the natui'e of their case may require, 
so far as may appear just and reasonable & your Petitioner as 
in Duty bound will ever pray 

Daniel Bayley 

Bath May 17* 1791 — 

[The matter was referred to a committee, who reported as 
follows : — Ed.] 

[3-10^ J \^Report of Co)U7nittee on IBayleys Petition.^ 

Your committee upon the petition of Daniel Bayley in behalf 
of himself & the Town of Bath, having considered the prayer 
of said petition, beg leave to state the following facts as they 
appear to your committee Viz. That the said Township is 
chiefly laid out into lots the greater part of which are unim- 
proved & belong to non-residents That the proprietors have 
not appropriated the lots in said Town to particular rights — so 
that the settlers know not to what particular rights their lots be- 
long & know them only by the number of the lots & the ranges 
& therefore the selectmen cannot tax the lots of non-residents to 
the owners — because they are not appropriated — For which rea- 
sons the selectmen have never been able to make a tax accord- 
ing to the present laws of this state — which require that the 
taxes on the unimproved lands of non-residents, shall be set 
either to the owners thereof or to the original right to which 
they ai'e appropriated — That under the foregoing circumstances 
the said Town have not been able to collect their taxes from the 
unimproved lands of non-residents for more than ten years 
past, neither are they now able to collect them — That some re- 
lief ought to be afforded them by this Court. This committee 
therefore report as their opinion that the most expedient way to 
grant them & others that may be in like circumstances, re- 
dress, will be to pass an act in addition to an act now in force, 
directing the mode for assessing & collecting taxes upon the un- 

BATH. 175 

improved lands of non-residents — Impowering the selectmen 
for the time being to lev'v & assess all the outstanding taxes 
against their respective towns & places, not already assessed as 
the law directs in one tax bill, distinguishing each years tax by 
itself and commit the same with a proper warrant, directing the 
collectors for the time being, to collect the same — and the said 
selectmen shall set a just proportion of said taxes upon the 
buildings & unimproved lands owned by non-residents both for 
state and county taxes — And in case neither the owners of said 
lands, nor the rights to which they belong shall be known by 
said selectmen it shall be lawful to assess said taxes by the num- 
ber & range of the lots or other known & particular description 
— And said collector shall proceed in all respects to notify & 
advertize said taxes & the sales of said lands, vendues convey- 
ing, &c as in & bv said act is directed — & the same mode in 
the redemption shall also be observed. * * * * 

San ford Kingsbury 

[The committee also recommended that a vote be passed 
directing the treasurer to return to Mr. Bayley the amount 
he had paid in out of his own money. The report was ac- 
cepted, and a bill ordered to be brought in accordingly. — 

[2-1 1 ] \^Pct it ion of Stephen CoucJi for Assistance to JBiiild 
Iron VVorks.'\ 

To the Hon''' the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court convened — 

Humbly Shews Stephen Couch of Bath in the County of 
Grafton & State aforesaid that at his own risque & expence he 
has erected works for the manufactory of Iron conveniently sit- 
uated in the vicinity where he lives, and within the said works 
has already manufactured Iron which proves of a quality supe- 
rior to any ever made within this State, and for the necessary 
uses to which Iron is appropriated within this State, equal per- 
haps to any in the world. That the expence of bringing the 
said works even to their present utility has been great, and to 
perfect them will cost considerable more. The utility of said 
works to this State when perfected, if properly attended to, will 
be very great, particularly to the Inhabitants of the County of 
Grafton who are obliged at a great expence to transport their 
Iron from Sister States, wdiereas the money yearly paid there- 
for, might be saved in our own vState ; and the purchaser be- 
sides will obtain his Iron at a reduced price. — That within a 


Short distance from his said Works there is the best of Iron Ore 
in great abundance, and in various places. That the expence 
however of carrying on the business, even after the completion 
of the Works, is greater than the pecuniary resources of your 
Petitioner will afford Avithout the greatest inconvenience to him- 
self and family. Your Petitioner therefore prays your Honors 
(having hitherto been totally unassisted in this expensive & ar- 
duovis undertaking) to grant him the use of the sum of One 
thousand pounds for the term of Ten years free from Interest, 
your Petitioner giving Bond w^ith good sufficient Surities for 
the repayment of said sum to the Treasurer of this State, or to 
his Successor in said Office, at the expiration of said Term ; and 
that so much of said sum as is necessaiy for the completion of 
said Works shall be appropriated for that purpose. Or that 
yours Honors would pass an Act Authorizing a Lottery under 
such Managers as your Honors may see proper to appoint for 
the raising of said Sum to be by them paid over to your Peti- 
tioner for the purpose aforesaid, he giving Bond in manner 
aforesaid. It is to the Patronizers of useful Arts and whatever 
may redound to the Public good that your Petitioner applies for 
assistance. The yearly Interest of One thousand pounds is 
comparitively trifling when put in competition with the benefit 
that will yearly redound to the State from said Iron Works. 
And if your Honors shall see proper to raise said Sum by 
Lottery it will in fact reduce nothing from the Treasury of this 
State nor burthen any Person. The purchasers of Tickets will 
some of them be the Public Spirited, and the rest, those will 
be benefited by the Works of your Petitioner. But if your 
Honors shall suppose the Sum within your Petitioners Re- 
quest more than ought to be Loaned to him, or shall suppose 
the means aforesaid not the best that may be devised for his as- 
sistance. Your Petitioner, in that case begs leave to pray vour 
Honors to take his case under your wise consideration & grant 
him in some other way such other assistance as shall seem to 
your Honors most proper, and your Petitioner as in duty 
bound will ever Pray — 

Stephen Couch. 
Portsmouth 4"' Nov'' 1797 


This town was one of the Massachusetts grants of 1733, 
made to the surviving soldiers of the King Philip war, 
including deceased soldiers' heirs, and was called Narra- 
ganset No. 5, also Souhegan East, and was under the 



government of that Province, until the settlement of the 
line in 1741. It was incorporated by the government of 
New Hampshire, May 19, 1750, and named in honor of the 
Duke of Bedford, who was at that time secretary of state in 
the government of George the Second, and for many years 
Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. 

The first settler was a man named Stebbins, from Brain- 
tree, Mass., in 1736. Robert and James Walker settled in 
1737, and Matthew and Samuel Patten the year following. 
The settlers from that time on were principally Scotch Pres- 
byterians, usually called Scotch-Irish, because they or their 
ancestors emigrated to this country from the province of 
Ulster, in the north part of Ireland. The following are the 
names of Bedford men who served in the " French wars :" 
Col. John Goffe, William McDougal, George Orr, Robert 
Holmes, Thomas McLaughlin, Samuel Patterson, James 
Patterson, Nathaniel Patterson, John Orr, and John Moor, 
the latter being taken prisoner at Fort William Henry, and 
carried to France. 

Among the leading men of the town was Col. John 
Goffe, who was born in Boston in 1701, came to this town 
from Londonderry, and settled at the place now known as 
Goffe's Falls — a man of commanding presence, and an able 
military officer. He was in command of a scouting party 
of forty-four men, in April and May, 1746;* was an ol^cer 
in 1757, at which time he joined the army under General 
Webb at Albany ; commanded a regiment raised by New 
Hampshire, under General Amherst in Canada, in 1760; 
was at Ticonderoga in 1761, and at Fort William Henry 
when it was surrendered. He was too old to take an active 
part in the Revolution, but was a member of the town com- 

*[The following is a list of the names of the men composing the party, as copied from the 
original roll, recently presented to the state by Hon. Frederick Chase, of Hanover: 

John Goffe Com'd 
Nath'l Smith Liet. 
Phillip flanders Sarg't 
W'm Walker Sarg't 
Corp Phillip Kimball 
C James Sticknee 
Cla'r Sam'l Harriman 
Cent's Ezekiel Diamond 
humphrey Clough 
Sam'l Goald 
John harvey 
tho's Greenfield 
Jon'a Currier 
Stephen flood 
Jos : Gile 

They were out about 2, 


Josiah heath 
Sam'l Heath 
abner Wheeler 
nath'l watts 
Josiah Kent 
Solom'n goodwin 
Edm'd Morse 
Jonaih'n Stevens 
Lemuel tucker 
Ebener. Martin 
John Johnson 
thomas wyman 
Benoni Rowell 
John bastings 
halbert Morrison 

; days. — Ed.] 

James Vance 
William McAdams 
thomas Rodgers 
Robert alexander 
William McKen 
James Anderson 
Joseph Calf 
John Sargent 
William Craford 
Joseph Mcferson 
Sam'l Boys 
John Cromey 
William Rodgers 
James Gregg 
James mcCormick 


mittee of safety in 1778 ; was appointed judge of probate 
of Hillsborough county on its formation in 1771, and held 
the office until 1776. He died about 1789. His daughter, 
Hannah, married Thomas Chandler, and their grandson, 
Samuel, born May 28, 1774, married Margaret, daughter of 
Hon. John Orr ; they had seven children, one of whom 
was the late Senator Zachariah Chandler, who was born in 
Bedford, December 10, 18 13, and moved to Detroit, Mich., 
in 1833. 

[R. 64] {^John Moor's Petition^ Soldie?-, i/S7-^ 

To His Excellency Banning Wentworth Esq, Captain General, 
Governor & Commander in Chief in & over his Majestys 
Province of New Hampshire. The Honorable his Majestys 
Council & House of Representatives in General Assembly 

The Humble Petition of John Moor Jun'' of Bedford in the 
Province aforesaid Hianbly Shews. That he Inlisted a Sol- 
dier in Captain Richard Emery's Comp^, the Eighth of March 
A. D. 1757. Was Taken Captive, at Fort William Hen- 
ry, from there Carried to Montreal, from there to Quebeck, 
there Lay Seven Wrecks of the vSmall-pox, from thence sent to 
Old France, There Confined in the Goal & Hospital, Ten 
Months, from there Sent to Old England, from thence Trans- 
ported to New York. — Before I got on Shore pressed on board 
a man of war, from there to Cape Britain, from there to Qiie- 
beck, from there To Boston, & the first Day of Nov' 1759, Had 
Liberty (as a sick man) to return home, from the time I was 
■taken Captive untill this Day, I have not received one peny 
from King or Contry, & Lost Sundry Things by the Enemy 
as will appear by the annexed ace' & Suffered too many hard- 
ships to be Here Enumerated — For all which. Time, Loss & 
Suffering, Your Petitioner prays Such recompense as in your 
great wisdom & Usual Clemency you think Sufficient, & your 
Petitioner, as in Duty bound will ever pray, 

John Aloor 

Nov' 20"' A. D. 1759. 

Taken from me by the enemy at Fort William Henry — a 
Good Gun — Good Coat, a W^est-coat, a Good Shirt & breches. 
Shoes & Stockings, a Hatt — 

John Moor 

Sworn to before Mathew Thornton Justice of Peace 



[In council, January 10, 1760, read, and sent down to the 

In H. of Rep., next day, voted to allow John Moor £127 
-10, new tenor in full for this petition. Council concurred, 
and Governor Wentworth "consented" to it. — Ed ] 

[202] [ Communlcatio7i Relative to Counties^ iy6g.~\ 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq. Capt. General Gov'" 
&c. of the Province of New Hampshire The Honourable 
his Majestys Council and General Assembly of said Prov- 
ince — 

We the Inhabitants of Bedford in said Province Return our 
most Hearty thanks to your Excellency and Honours for the 
wise and Prudent Measures you have taken in Dividing this 
Province into Countys Especially the Middle County the par- 
ticular lines whereof it appears to us were formed by natural 
ones And we doubt not but this County have ability sufficient 
to Defray the Necessarv Charges of the same Notwithstanding 
anything that may be made to the Contrary. We therefore beg 
that no alteration may be made That nothing ma}- be added or 
taken from this County That is so beautifully formed and we as 
in Duty bound will ever pray 

Bedford April 12* 1769. 

Math^ Patten 
Obahdiah Marsh 
Richard Ward 
Nathaniel petterson 
Sam^ Patten 
John Aiken 
Thomas murdough 
Daniel Moor 
Joseph Scobey 
John moor 2^ 
John Wallace 
William Boys 
Robart Matthes 
James Matthes 
William Holms 
forgees Kennedy 
Sam^ moor 
John m'^Kinney 
Gan Ridell 

John Goffe Jr. 
John Clark 
Robart Morall 
Math^ Little 
Sam' Vose 
James Caldwell 
John mcLaughlin 

Richard m'^alLster 
Joseph Wallace 
James Vose 
Charles Black 
Thomas Wallace 
William averill 
Thomas Boice 
William White Jr. 
James Little 
Daniel m'^kinncy 
Joseph Houston 

James Walker 
John Moor 
ffrancis Barnett 
Hugh Morrell 
Hugh Campbel 
Robart Gillmor 
John Gillmor 
James Gillmor 
Samuel Patterson 
James Patterson 
Wil™ Caldwell 
W^illiam Moor 
William White 
Moses Barron 
Robert Walker 
James Aiken 
John Brown 
Jonathan Currier 


[R. 66'] \^Bedford Soldiers^ ^775 <^^^d iyy6.'\ 

This is to certify that the men whose names are hereunto an- 
nexed (being Taxed in the Town of Bedford) Did Serve as 
Soldiers in the Continental army in the year 1775 and also this 
present year and that their poll Tax to the Colony for the year 
1775 was Two Shillings per man, — the names of the men above 
mentioned are William Barnett, Jonas Cutting, John Callahan, 
Thomas IVPCleary, Thomas Ennglish, Patrick Fling, John 
Gofte, Calvin Johnson, Hugh Matthews, Joseph matthews, 
James Moore, patrick murphy, John Manahan, William New- 
man, James Orr, John Oniel, John patten. 

Given under our hands this iS* day of September i77^* 

John Gofte ") 
Daniel Moor > Select Men 
John Orr ) 

[R. 67, 6^] \_Abstract of John Goffes Petitio7i^ 1 77 8-] 

[Under date November 3, 1778, John Goffe states that he 
went on horseback in the expedition against Rhode Island, 
and lost his horse and saddle, which property was prized by 
John Griffin, Stephen French, and Samuel Moor — the horse 
at ;^45, and saddle at j[,<^ — and asks to be paid therefor. — 

[R. 69] \^Abstract of Robert Mo/'rilPs Petition^ ^779-~\ 

[Robert Morrill states, in a petition dated March 13, 1779, 
that he has been in the service nearly two years for the 
town of Bedford, left a wife in said town, and the town will 
not do much for her subsistence ; wants something done 
about it. — Ed.] 

[203] \_Petition of Goffe and Martin^ I'/yS.'] 

To the Hon' Councel and Hous of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire the Humble Petiton of John Gofte 
Esq"" and James Martin — Selectmen and Committee of Safety 
for the Town of Bedford Humbly Sheweth Whereas your Pe- 
titoners having Attempted to Putt an act of the Hono' Court in- 
to force are Involved in the Law We Pray you would take this 


Our Cause into Consideration and Defend the Same and your 
Petitoners as in Dut}- Bound Shall ever Pray 
Bedford Nov'' the 3 1778 

John Goffe James Martin 

[305] \_Petition of John Goffe, 17/p.'] 

To the Hono' Councel and House of Representatives of the 
State of New^ Hampshire. — 

The Humble Petision of John Gofte Esq'' in said State Htim- 
bly Shezveth — Whereas at the Begining of the Present War the 
Congress thought it Necessary to Pass severall Resolves thereby 
Impowering the Commitees of Safety and Selectmen and other 
Town ofticers to apprehend and take up all Persons Suspected 
of Being Enemical to this Country, also to stop and secure all 
supplies of all kind of stores which they svispected to be going 
to our Enemies, to which Resolves this State Did Conform, and 
Passed maney other Additional Acts of the Like Nature. 

And by Vertue of which acts of Congress they have done 
maney things for the Benefit of the People in stopping of Cat- 
tle and Grain and all other Sorts of stores that ware Driving 
and Carring to the Enemy — also in apprehending and Confining 
maney Persons that ware Enemical or Supposed to be Enemi- 
cal to this Country — But at Length the Court thinking fit to Es- 
tablish the Original Laws of this Land in its Primitive Purity 
whereby these former Commitees and other officers are Liable 
to be tryed by a course of Law, and some are actuall}' engaged 
and maney others Exposed to be Brought in Qiiestion for their 
former Complying with those Resolves of Congress and acts of 
this State, 

All which your Petitioner Desireth you would take Into your 
wise Consideration, and Pass some Act to Prevent these Tre- 
bles which impending over the Good People of this State. 

also your Petitioner Humbly Sheweth that their is Maney 
Persons in almost Every town in this State that have shewed an 
unfriendly Disposition to the Cause of America in this Present 
war and they are still allowed to Sett in our J.uries in Courts of 
Judicature By which means maney of our Caises that Belong to 
the State are in Danger of Being Lost and maney other Inju- 
ries done to the Good People of this State. Therefore your 
Petitioner Desireth that the Towns be ordered to Purge the 
Jury boxes of all such Suspected Persons — and likewise that all 
Juries of Tryal Shall first take the Oath of Alegance to these 
States Before they be allowed To Try aney Caises that be 
Brought before them — All which your Petitioner tlumbl}' Pray- 


€th May be provided for as you in your Great Wisdom Shall 
think fit. — and vour Petitioner as in Duty Bound Shall Every 

John Goffe 
Bedford March 8"' Day A. D. 1779— 

[I fail to find that any action was taken on the above. 
The following will explain Col. Goffe's grievance : — Ed.] 


To the Hon Council & House of Representatives for the 
State of New Hampshire held at Exeter — The Petition of Maj"" 
John Gofle of Bedford Humbly Sheweth that in the Begining 
of the contest with Great Britain and the Colinies, I thought it 
my Duty to take the part of my Country and to Defend it 
against all its opposers to the utmost of my Power even to Life 
and Fortune and I knew that we could not stand against shuch 
a powefull an Enemy without Strict Adherence of the People 
in General to the orders of Congress & the Laws of this State 
& the Town Making choice of me with others to take up all 
Suspected Persons that Did not conform to the Laws of the 
State I thought it my Duty to see the Laws & orders of this 
State put in Execution & Many complaints being made to me 
of Michal Dolton & John O. Dobbin going about the Country 
Buying up all the Cattle, and Hay & Grain, that they could 
Get at any Price & about this time there came an Law from 
this Court to stop such Proceedings. Except such as had a 
Permit from the Committee of Safety of some Town or of the 
State. I then proceeded as I thought agreeable to that Law and 
finding that they Defied the Authorit}- of that act. I applyed 
to this Honourable Court for Direction in that cace but Got no 
other but tcj trv the Law out. 

But I finding a Faitier in the Law I thought it Best to Let 
him have the oxen again & so I did but soon after he Brought 
A wait against me for Trespass but I Thought it my Duty to 
Defend the Honour of the States Law, and have Been held 
from Court to Court for the space of Three years to my Great 
cost & Damage & at Last said Dolton has Recovered Judgment 
against me for the' sum of 888 <£ & I Pray your Honours would 
take it into your wise consideration and Judge whither Indevid- 
uals ought to suffer for your Misdating of your Law or not, 
and I Pray your Honours would make some Restitution for my 
cost & Damage as you in your Wisdom shall think fit & as in 
Duty Bound shall ever Pray. 

Bedford March y'^ 14"' A". D. 1781. 

John Goffe 


[R. 71] \_Abstract of LicNt. yohn Orrs Petition, i'/'jg.~\ 

[In a petition dated March 22, 1779, Lieut. John Orr, of 
Bedford, states that he was wounded in an engagement on 
the 1 6th of August, 1777, near Bennington, and by reason 
of said wound was detained there until the next February, 
when he hired " Capt. John Parker who was there with a 
sley and span of Horses to bring him home to said Bed- 
ford ;" that Capt. Parker charged him £,}^i-ic)-^, which he 
wants the state to pay. 

Allowed by the committee. 

Lieut. Orr was in Capt. McConnell's Co., Col. Stickney's 
Reg't, was on half-pay roll, by virtue of report of a commit- 
tee, in which the council concurred March 4, 1778. (R. 70.) 
He petitions again, January 6, 1781, stating that " by rea- 
son of the rapid Depreciation of our paper currency your 
petitioners half-pay has been vastly insufficient to Counter- 
vail the Damage sustained by the wound;" that he was con- 
fined to his bed in July and August, and had to employ 
Doctor Kittridge, to whom he paid one hundred and eighty- 
five pounds eight shillings, for which he wanted an order on 
the treasurer. (R. 73.) And again, June 23d, 1781, stating 
that he has not received all of his half pay ; that he is 
indebted to the confiscated estate of Stephen Holland, and 
wants the collection of it from him postponed until he gets 
his pension. — Ed.] 

[R. 74] \_ReIative to yawcs Bell., Soldier, 1/82.'] 

[In a petition, dated March 15, 1782, James Bell, of Bed- 
ford, states that he "entered into the service of this Coun- 
try at the Commencement of Hostilities at Lexington, and 
became an Inlisted soldier in the Continental service, and 
Continued in that service for the space of three years & 
nine months ;" that while he was absent in said service the 
justices of the inferior court of common pleas for Hillsbor- 
ough county rendered judgment against him by default, in 
an action in favor of William Gordon, which he believes to 
be " Contrary to a Resolution of the General Assembly of 
New Hampshire passed the 19^*^ of Sept, 1776, for the bene- 
fit of soldiers in actual service." He asks to have said 
.udgment set aside. (R. 75) In support of his claim he 
-ntroduces a deposition of Simeon Foster, of Hollis, who 


testifies that " he was a soldier in the Continental Army in 
January 1778," and knew "that James Bell was at that time 
a soldier in the Continental Army." (R. 76) And also one 
of Capt. Thos. Burkmar, of Shirley, who testifies " that I 
saw James Bell a Continental Soldier at the White Planes 
at the oupnen of the Camppan in the year of our Lord 
1778 ;" that he endeavored to obtain a furlough for Bell to 
go home to attend a lawsuit, but did not succeed. — Ed.] 

[207] [ Vote of Toxvu relative to Lazvsiiits.\ 

State of New Hampshire Oct. A. D. 17S2. 

To the Hon*'''' Council and House of Representatives To be 
Convened at Exeter on the Second Tuesday of November 

Next. — 

We your Humble Petitioners beg Leave to lay before this 
Hon'^''^ House our Grievances Respecting the Numerous Law- 
suits that are Daily Commencing among us for Private Debts 
and Nothing but hard Money will Satisfy Said Debts which is 
not among us and by that Reason our Cattle and other Movable 
Estate must be Sold to Pay Debt and Cost at vendue for Per- 
haps one Tenth Part their Real value. — Therefore yovu* Peti- 
tioners Humbly Prays that you in your wisdom would make 
and Enact Some Law wherebv Creditors mav Receive their 
full value (from Debtors) in specific articles or this or the 
United States Security and that no Creditor Have leave to Com- 
mence any action for Debt until He Shall have made a Proper 
Demand on the Debtor for the Same Which we think will Pre- 
vent much Unnecessary Cost which we Suppose Hath been for 
this year Past at Least Equal to the Support of the Publick War 
we are Engaged in and finding ourselves Entirelv vmwilling to 
Support So many Gentlemen of the Law to the Entire Destruc- 
tion of this State is One Principal Cause of this our Petition — 
We also pray your Honors That the Journals of the House of 
Representatives may be Printed and Sent to the Respective 
towns within this State, to the Intent we may know what we 
Pay our Money for — Toui- Compliance will greatly oblidge 
your Humble Petitioners and they as in Duty bound Shall ever 
Pray &c. — 

At a Legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Bed- 
ford held at said Bedford on Thursdav the Thirty-first Day of 
October A. D. 1782. The above Petition being Read and the 
Contents thereof Duly Considered in Meeting Vote (Nemine 


Contradicente) That the Same be Considered as the Petition of 
said town of Bedford and be forwarded to the Hon''''' Council 
and House of Representatives as Such. 

Attest Thomas IM'^LausfhHn Town Clk. 


Bedford Aug. 37, 17S3. 

Wednesda}^ Aug. 27. Town Meeting — The following Qiies- 
tions were put — 

Q^ Do you approve of any alteration of the Eighth Article of 
confederation of the 13 United States 

Voted in the negati\e — 

Q' Is it vour Minds that the Representative of Bedford gov- 
ern himself by this Vote. 

Voted in the affirmative — 

A true Copy from the Records of Bedford 

by John Rand Town Clark 

To Lieut John Orr. 


State of New Hampshire Hillsborough ss, 

Bedford Dec. 13, 17S3. 

Pursuant to a Vote of the House of Representatives on Nov. 
5 last — we have numbered the male Poles of 21 years old & up- 
ward, paying Pole Tax for themselves, the number of which is 
one hundred & thirty eight — 

John Rand \ Select Men 
John Wallace | of Bedford 

Bedford Dec. 16, 17S3. 

The Justice of the Peace of Bedford is not at home & there is 
no passing at Goftes Ferry therefore we send this without mak- 
ing oath to it, but ai^e ready to do opportunity offering. 

John Rand Jokn Wallace Select Men — 

[R. 77] l_A5s^racf of Samuel Fugard's Petitio7t^ i'/84.'\ 

[In a petition from Samuel Fugard, of Bedford, dated June 
8, 1784, he states that he was a soldier in the war in the 
first New Hampshire regiment, "and on account of the 
Asthma & being worn out in long service your Petitioner 
was discharged from the service of the United States, & a 
Certificate given him by his Excellency General Washing- 
ton Esq'' showing that he was entitled to the Provision 


made by Congress in such Cases, By their Resolve of 
April 22, 1782." He says that he has not received what 
said resolve entitles him to, and asks to have the same 
granted to him. 

James Martin, representative from Bedford and Merri- 
mack, certifies to the truth of Fugard's statement. 

In H. of Rep., February 23, 1785, it was voted that he be 
enrolled in the invalid list and paid accordingly. — Ed.] 

[R. 78] 

[In December, 1791, Abigail Fugard states that her hus- 
band, Samuel Fugard, is dead, leaving her with a family of 
children unable to support themselves ; that for the time 
between July 31, 1888, and March 4, 1789, no pension was 
paid him, and asks that it may be paid to her. — Ed.] 

[R. 79] \^Petitio7i relative to Soldiers se7it to Coos, l'/8j.~\ 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon^''" The Senate and House of Representatives to be 
convened at Portsmouth The first Wednesday in June Next. 

The Petition of the Selectmen of the Town of Bedford in said 
State Humbly Sheweth That in the year 1782 the said Town of 
Bedford was Required by the Said State to send two men as 
Soldiers to Coohas whereupon the said Town at a very Extra- 
ordinary Expense did hire and send one Robert Jones & John 
George Covenanting with them at the same time that The said 
Town should draw their wages from the said State when it Be- 
came Due, yet when the said Town did Call upon the State for 
the said wages the said State Refused to pay the same Because 
some Person or persons had Taken or Stole some of the States 
powder, of which crime Neither the said Jones or George was 
ever Convicted. Wherefore your Petitioners Humbly Pray that 
you would order the said wages to be paid to the said Town of 
Bedford, — and they as in duty bound shall ever Pray &c 
Bedford May zf 17S5. 

Zackarlah Chandler | Selectmen of 
Josiah Gillis j Bedford 

[R. 80] 

[James Martin had petitioned, February 15, 1785, for this 
allowance, presenting an order from Jones and George, on 
the treasurer, for pay for five months' service in Capt. Eben- 


€zer Webster's company : amount clue Jones, ^9-11-2, due 
George ;CS-io-6, which the House allowed, but the Senate 
did not concur. The account was allowed June 14, 1785. 

[R- 83] 

[Barnard McKeen, of Bedford, who signs his petition 
with a cross, states in said petition, which is dated 1787, — 
" That your Petitioner in Sept. 1776 inlisted in Capt. 
M'^Connels Company in Col° Baldwins Regiment as a pri- 
vate soldier & marched as far as East Windsor in Con- 
nec ut," was there taken with a fever "and put to great 
Charge," which he desires the state to pay, as he is poor 
and has a wife and six children depending on him for sup- 
port. September 27, 1787, he was allowed £4-16. — Ed.] 

[R. 84] [A6sfracf of Petition of Samuel Remick, i'/88.~\ 

[In a petition dated Bedford, December 24, 1788, Samuel 
Remick states, — "That your Petitioner enlisted as soldier 
in the late Continental Army under Capt M^'Connel on an 
expedition to Bennington, and in Bennington Battle, so 
called, your petitioner received a shot from the Enemy in 
his left thigh, and by reason of which wound your petitioner 
was put to great trouble and expense." He asks for re- 
lief.— Ed.] 

[R. 85] 

[Said Remick's case was before the legislature March 5, 
1778, and the committee reported in favor of his receiving 
half-pay until further order, and be paid ;^23-i, for doc- 
tor's bill and nursing ; which report was accepted by the 
house and concurred in by the council. — Ed.] 

[210] \_Proceediiigs of Toivn-JMeeti/ig'^ iy86.'\ 

At the annual meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Bed- 
ford March Twenty ninth A. D. 17S6, 

Voted To Petition the General Court to have the time of 
holding the Annual meeting in Said Town of Bedford altered 
from the last w^ednesday in March to the first Wednesday in 
March — 


Voted That the Representative of said Town Petition the said 
Court in behalf of the Town for the said alteration — 
Attest Josiah Gillis Town Clerk 
At the same meeting 
" Votedyi^ Stephen Dole to be Select man." 

[Mr. Stephen Dole petitioned, "in behalf of said town," 
that the annual meetings might be held on the first Wednes- 
day in March, which was granted by the legislature June 14, 
1786.— Ed.] 

[213] [ Certificate of Nails made by yames Martin.^ 
State of New Hampshire, Hillsborough ss. 

Bedford Jan^ 31^' 1 79 1. We the Subscribers being the Se- 
lectmen (or the Major part of the Selectmen, as the case may 
be) of Bedford do hereby Certify that James Martin of said 
Town has bona fide made or caused to be made in his work 
Shop within this State one hundred thousand of ten penny 
wroat Nails since February 7* 17^9- 

Will"' Moor ] c: 1 ^ 
0.1 -nv 1 r Selectmen 
Stephen Dole j 

Attest, Stephen Dole Just Peace — 

Feb^, 1791. Received an order on the Treasurer for five 
pounds Stephen Dole 

[A bounty was paid on nails manufactured in this state, 
by act of the legislature. — Ed.] 

[R. 87] S^Abstract yames Houston^ Blacksmith^ Petition^ 


[In a petition dated Bedford, June 10, 1790, James Hous- 
ton, blacksmith, states, — " That your Petitioner served as 
an Armourer in the year 1775 in the Regiment commanded 
by the then Col. now General Stark ; for which service 
your Petitioner has never received any Recompence." He 
asks to be paid. — Ed.] 

[214] \_AIcmo7-ial relative to Pish Wardens, lyQ'/.'] 

To the Hon''''^ Senate and House of Representatives of the State 
of New Hampshire, convened at Concord the first Wednes- 
day of June 1797. 



The petition of the undersigned Inhabitants of this wState, 
Humbly Shexcs — That your Petitioners live near the River 
Merrimack, and have some knowledge of the benefits arising 
to this part of the Community, from Salmon, Shad & Ale- 
wives, taken in said River and the waters falling thereinto. 
That this privilege has been abused by many who have, un- 
duly, obstructed the passage of Fish in said Streams, whereby 
they have been much decreased for many years past. That al- 
though the Legislature in the year 1795 passed an Act "to 
prevent the destruction of Salmon, Shad & Alewives in Mer- 
rimack River " which has had a tendency to increase the fish, 
yet it is so deficient that it has not fully answered the salutary 
ends therein intended. Wherefore your petiti'''' pray your 
Hon" to take the matter into consideration and enlarge the 
Powers of the Fish Wardens that their authority may extend, 
severally, as far as the law^ is intended to operate. That 
they be empowered to command assistance (if necessary) in 
the execution of their office, & any person resisting pay a fine 
of 30 dollars. That if any person be found dragging any Net 
in anv of the waters aforesaid at any time when fishing is pro- 
hibited by Law he shall forfeit & pay the sum of 10 dollars. 
That every net found in a Boat, or on the Stages or places of 
fishing, at an\' time, when fishing is prohibited bv law, be 
forfeited. Or otherwise make such alterations or amendments 
as to your Hon" appear to be for the pul^lic Good. 

And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray. 

Zechariah Chandler 
Joseph Patten 
Thomas Wallace 
Parmenter Honey 
James Walker 
James Mcintosh 
Samuel vSmith 
Joseph Moor 
Sam' Allison 
Sam' Smith 
Tho. Grirt'en 
Jonathan Wood 
Dan' Gould 
James Wallace 
Abel Kimball 
Reuben Hall 
Phillip P\Mren 
Sam' Abbott 
Robert ISPGilvery 
Josiali Wallace 
Samuel Eaton 

Sam' Moor 
Nath'el Baker 
Nathaniel Merrill 
Samuel Chandler 
Isaac Town send 
Thomas Chandler 
Joseph Harvel 
Alx^ Caldwell 
Joseph l^ell 
David Riddle 
George Clagett 
James Black 
James M'^Laughlin 
Isiah Row 
Nicholas Fi'cnch 
Theophilus Sargent 
John Parker 
\V" Parker Jr 
Nathaniel Moor 
.Samuel IVIoor 
William Parker 

John M-^Intosh 
David Patten 
Sam' Houston 
Tho* Macloughlin 
Ebenezer Hadley 
Pat'' M'^Laughlin 
Samuel Dodley 
Robert MTntosh 
Alex"" Gilmor 
John M'^Gilvary 
David M^allister 
vStephen Dole 
John Cushing 
John Blaisdel Jr 
Jon" Baglev 
Simeon Simons 
Levi Colbv 
timothy Johnson 
Amaziah Vickere 
Nath' Clark 
Tho* Saltmarsh 



This town was incorporated December 27, 1799, with the 
following bounds : " Beginning at the northeast corner of 
Franconia, thence running north fifty eight degrees west^ 
about nine miles and three fourths of a mile to the south- 
easterly corner of Littleton ; thence north fifty six degrees 
east, about six miles and one half, to the southwesterly 
corner of Whitefield ; thence south, fifty eight degrees east, 
about five miles and ten rods, to the line of Britton Woods ; 
thence southwardly about three miles, and thirty rods, on the 
line of Britton Woods to the south west corner of said Britton 
Woods; thence on a straight line about three miles and one 
hundred rods, to the bounds first mentioned." An addition 
was made to the town in 1848, and another in 1873. 

[215] \^Petition for Grant of Laud.'\ 

State of New Hampshire, 1 To the honorable senate and 
County of Grafton ss. j house of Representatives in Gen- 

eral Court Convened at hopkintown in and for said state on the 
first wensday of June one thousand seven hundred and Ninety 
Eight — We your humble petitioners Desirous of Becoming 
Setlers and inhabitants on a trackt of Land Laying in a place 
Called Bethlehem a part of the same was sold by a Committee 
appointed for makeing a Road through Britan woods Down 
ammonusick river to Littleton and in Loting out said Lands- 
thare is a smal quantity of Land remaining unsold in such Gore 
as would not admit of Laying out Hundred acre Lots and is. 
chiefly Broken and Mountanous nevertheless their is some good 
Lands interparc'^ in it that has given us a Desire to become 
setlers on the same could we obtain a title — and we your peti- 
tioners beg leave to state to your honours that we some time 
past went on and made improvements under Franconia but we- 
find the same not to be within their limits and being imprest 
with a full sence of our situation we your Petitioners pray that 
you would make a grant to us who shall Become settlers and 
Continvie the same as your honnours shall Direct of one hun- 
dred acres Each on the gores westerl}- of a strait Line Drawn 
from the South west Corner of Britan woods to the North East 
Corner of franconia included within the black lines Drawn on 
a plan hereunto annexed being the lines of littleton whitefield 


Britan woods and franconia — and we your petitioners beg leave 
further to state to your honour that w'e Conceive that those 
Lands being settled and fited with inhabitants will in futer Con- 
tribute something towards the support of Government and be 
much more advantageous to the state than to have the same 
sold into the hands of speculators and Land Jobers which here- 
tofore has been a very great Detriment in the Settlement of this 
part of this state and as this Cuntry is very Mountainous and 
uneven a great Deal of Labour is necessary to be Done on 
Publick Roads and the greater number of inhabitants the bet- 
ter they will be made and kept in repair — and we your Peti- 
tioners pray that your honours will take under your wise con- 
sideration this our Petion and grant us the Lands herein men- 
tioned as in Duty Bound we shall ever pray 
Dated at Bethlehem May 25'" A. D. 1798 

Abraham Taylor John Taylor Nathaniel Snow 

Ezra Snow Tim-' Taylor 

[The plan referred to is on the document. — Ed.] 

[216] \_Pctition for an Act of Incorporation.^ 

To the Honourable Senate & House of Representatives to be 
Convened at Concord on the third Wednesday of November 
A. D. 179S. 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of a Place called Bethlehem 
in the County of Grafton in the State of New Hampshire 
Humbly Shewet/i^ that whereas the said inhabitants are settled 
on a tract of land Formerly Belonging to said State and lately 
sold by order of said State for the Purpose of making and Re- 
pairing the Road From Conway to the upper Coos and down 
ammonnusick River to Littleton, and that the Number of Set- 
tlers being increased to more than Forty it becomes highly 
Necessary for the Peace and Good Order and Prosperity of the 
said inhabitants that they be vested with Lawful authority to 
Govern themselves and transact such Business as Respects 
them as a People which is Nearly impossible to be done 
without — Therefore the said People of Bethlehem from the 
above Considerations Sincerely Pray the Honourable Court that 
so much of the aforesaid Land be Formed into a Town and in- 
corporated by the Name of Bethlehem as lies between the fol- 
lowing Towns and adjoining the said tract of State land Lit- 
tleton on the west Whitcficld on the North Britton Woods on 
the East Franconia & Concord on the South Containing about 


twenty-seven thousand acres. And as in duty bound will ever 


Nathaniel Snow ~) Committee 
Amos Wheeler > For 

Stephen Houghton ) Bethlehem 

[In H. of Rep., December i, 1798, a hearing was ordered 
for next session ; meanwhile notice was to be given. Senate 
concurred. December 27, 1799, the town was incorporat- 
ed. — Ed.] 


This town was granted January 31, 1764, to Theophilus 
Fitch, Esq., and sixty-four others, by the name of Coventry. 
Eleven of the grantees bore the name of Weed. Settle- 
ments were made during the Revolutionary war, but the 
town contained only eighty inhabitants in 1790. By an act 
passed December 4, 1840, the name of the town was 
changed to Benton, in honor of Hon. Thomas H. Benton, 
U. S. Senator from Missouri for many years. 

[R. 89.] \_Petition for Allowance for Soldiers furnished^ 


To the Hon'ble Gen' Court of the State of New Hampshire 
now sitting at Portsmouth. 

Hvunbly shew the Inhabitants of Coventry in said State that 
when called on they hired one Jacob Whittier, & one Edward 
Clark to answer as soldiers for said Town in the Continental 
army during the war & gave them a generous bounty — That 
said town are so far remote from the seat of Government & not 
organized with town officers, never made a regular return of 
them and that there is an extent now against them for delinquen- 
cy, wherefore your petitioners pray that they may be credited for 
said Whittier & Clark & have an order to discharge said extent 
& your petitioners as in duty shall ever pray &c. 

Moses Dow in behalf of said Town 

Portsmo. Feb"' 17S6. 


[R. 90] \_Edzvard Clark's Certijicate.'\ 

October y"^ 20, 178S. this may certify that I have served Dur- 
ing the war in Cor' Hazen Rigermcnt for the Town of Coven- 
try and have Rec*^ full Satisfaction of Sam' Atkinson in Behalf 
of said Town for my hire or Bounty and they are Intitled to 
Receive all that the State of New-pshire allows me as Such 
Rec'' per me 

Amos Fisk Edward Clark 

[R. 91] 

[He presents a certified copy of a discharge, signed by 
George Washington, which states that Edward Clark has 
been honored with a badge of merit for four years' faith- 
ful service. In H. of Rep., March i, 1786, the town was 
allowed £,60 for Edward Clark's service. Senate con- 
curred. — Ed.] 

[215] \_Pet/'tioti in leaver of Obadiah Eastman^ iy88.'\ 

To the Honorable General Court for the State of New 
Hampshire. — The Hour' Petition of great Part of the Inhabi- 
tants of the Township of Coventry* in said State Sheweth 
their Desire for a Justice of Peace in said Township and De- 
sire your Honours would Grant a Commission for that Purpose 
to AP Obadiah Eastman of s'^ Coventry which your Hour' Peti- 
tioners in Duty Bound will ever pray 

Dated Coventry Dec' y^ ii"' 1788. 

Ephraim Lund Josiah Burnham Ebenezer Bailey 

Jerimiah Bown Joseph flanders Samuel Bowdy 

roBed Eellet Timothy LoCkwood Nathan Meed 

Daniel Doty John Mastin Silas Lund 

Oncsipherus flanders 

[Mr. Eastman was appointed. — Ed.] 


This town was granted by the government of Massachu- 
setts Bay, June 6, 1733, to John Coflin and eighty others, 
citizens of Newbury, in that province ; it was named Con- 

* Now Benton. 



toocook, and bore that name until it was incorporated as a 
town, April 22, 1760, for a term of two years, by the gov- 
ernment of New Hampshire, and given its present name in 
honor of Admiral Edward Boscawen, of the British navy. 
This charter was continued for an indefinite term, by the 
same authority, Oct. 7, 1763. The first proprietors' meeting 
was held in Newbury, Mass., in 1733, and thirty three of 
the proprietors commenced settlements in the town the 
following spring. 

By an act passed July 4, i860, the town was divided, and 
the westerly part incorporated into a town by the name 
of Webster, in honor of the great statesman. This divi- 
sion of the town was attempted as early as 1791, when the 
inhabitants of the west part petitioned to be set off and 
incorporated into a " separate town by the name of Bris- 

Boscawen has been the birthplace of many eminent men, 
and others who received their early training in the town 
have gone to other places and made their marks in various 
walks of life. It did its full share in the French, Revo- 
lutionary, and other wars, and has a record to be proud of. 

[221] \^Petitlon for a Guards ^755-^ 

To his Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq"" 

Captain General & Governour in chief in and over his Maj- 
esty's Province of New Hampshire. — To the Hon'"'" his Alajes- 
ty's Council ; & To the Hon''''' Assembly of this Province of 
New Hampshire in General Court Assembled. 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Contoocook in the Province 
of New Hampshire aforesaid humbly shcweth — That whereas 
your humble Petitioners (at least many of them) have their 
fields lying at two, or three miles Distance from the Garrisons ; 
and if the eneni}' should come down early this spring upon us 
(as we humbly think we have just Cause to fear they will) and 
should hinder us from plowing our Ground, & putting in our 
Seed, we shall not be able to subsist ourselves & families, but 
must of necessity break up and leave the Place, and consequent- 
ly be reduced to poverty, if we should escape Death, or Captiv- 
ity by the Hands of the enemy — We therefore your humble Pe- 
titioners humbly pray your Excellency, & your Honours to take 
our Case into your wise Consideration, & to grant us so many 


Soldiers, for our Guard & Defence as your Excellency & your 
Honours in your great wisdom shall think necessary & sufficient 
for us ; & to send them to us so as to guard us in Season to 
plow. &. put in our Seed — -And that your Excellency & your 
Honours would grant us such Guard & Defence thro' the ensu- 
ing Summer as in your great wisdom you shall think oiu" Cir- 
cumstances shall require — 

For which Goodness, your humble Petitioners for your Ex- 
cellency & your Honours, as in Duty bound shall ever pray. 

Dated at Contoocook March 20"' 1755. — 

Andrew bohonen Stephen Gerrish John Webster 

Jacob flanders Ezekiel flanders Joel Alanuell 

Joseph Easman Jacob flanders William Danford 

George Jackman Nathaniel Danford Moses Call 

John Fowler Edward Emery 

[222] \_Petition for an Act of Incorporatt'otz^ ^757 •'\ 

Province of New Hampshire, In New England. 

The Humble Petition of the Proprietors & Inhabitants of a 
Township or Plantation now called Contoocook in said prov- 
ince & now residing & Inhabiting there — To His Excellency 
Benning Wentworth Esquire Governor and Commander in 
Chief under his Majesty in and over said Province And to the 
Hon^''' his Majesties Council & To the wor' 

The Representatives for the s*^ Province now assembled at 
Portsmouth in y* Province afores*" Htimhly Sheiveth — That 
whereas^ It hath Pleased almighty God since our Settlement in 
this place to take from us bv Death our Late Rev*^ Minister M"" 
Phineas Stephens whereby we are now deprived of having the 
Gospel preached to us here. And whereas we Dwell in the wil- 
derness and are exposed to the Insults and Barbarities of Sal- 
vage & cruel Enemies & have for a great many years as well in 
former wars as in the present ; have been and now are so ex- 
posed and have been at a great expense & Charge to erect Forts 
& places of vSafegard for ourselves & Families most of our Time 
being obliged to dwell in them ; whereby we are not (to our 
great damage) able to Live on & Improve our lands as other- 
wise we might have done, and divers other Difficulties & hard- 
ships have attended us and still continue so on account of our 
having no Regular order amongst us, and a great manv of the 
non-resident Proprietors refusing or neglecting to contribute or 
pay any Thing towards our Necessary Charges as well towards 



y* Supporting the Gospel Ministiy amongst us as other neces- 
sary charges relating to the Township or Plantation afores^ 
which is a ver}- great Burden on us the proprietors and Inhabi- 
tants residing & Dwelling in s'^ Tow-nship or Plantation, where- 
by we are greatly exposed & Impoverished — Therefore we 
your Humble Petitioners being yet a young, weak, and poor 
Township or Plantation Occasioned mostly by the Means Hard- 
ships & Difficulties afores'' & having no power or authority 
vested in us Hereby Humblv pray vour Excellency respectively 
together with his Majesties Hon''''' Council & y'^ wor' House of 
Representatives for s** Province now assembled at Portsmouth 
in s'^ Province That they would Severally & respectively Take 
our deplorable case and circumstances into their serious Consid- 
eration, and would be so well pleased to Incorporate us into a 
Town with such Town privileges powers and Immunities In as 
full manner & to all Intents and purposes as are or have been 
granted to all other Towns grranted in s'' Province and also that 
you will please to make us an Act to -enable us to chose officers 
in s*^ Town when Incorporated as afores'' & to made such rates 
or assessments for support of the Gospel and other Town 
charges as shall be imposed on s*^ Town as shall be deemed 
necessary according to y*^ laws of said province for executing y^ 
same And that the name of y" Town when Incorporated may 
be called Newbury, or any other name vour Excellency & Hon- 
ours shall think fit 

In granting us the above petition we shall forever Humbly 
pray as in Duty Bound for y'' Excellency The Hon''''' Counsel & 
Representatives afores** who subscribe ourselves with y* most 
profound respect your most obedient Humble Servants. 

Dated and signed at Contoocook afores'' y'' 21''' of December 
in y'' 31"' year of his Majesties Reign Annoque Domini i757 — 

Joseph Coffin 
Cutting Lunt 
Benjamin Lunt 
Enos Bishop 
William Emery 
George Jackman 
Stephen Gerrish 
Cutting Moodey 
Oliver Fowler 
Jacob flanders 
John Webster 

Henry Rolfe 
Enoch Rolfe 
Benjamin Rolfe 
Benjamin Eastman 
Timothy Easeman 
Richard flood 
Joseph Easman 
Moses Bm^bank 
Joseph fellows 
Joel Manuel Junr. 
Nathaniel Danford 


The mark of Jesse X flanders 
The mark of Edward Q Fitz Gerald 

Joseph Willet 
Sam' Moodv 
Joel Manuel 
Joseph Eastman 
William Danford 
John fowler 
Nathaniel Danford 
William Courser 
Andrew Bohonnon 
George Jackman 

Moses Call 
Ezekiel flanders 


[223] \_Pctit/on fo>- a?i Act of Incorporation., J/^8.'\ 

To liis Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq"" Captain General 
Governonr and Commander in Chief in and over his ISIajes- 
tys Province of New Hampshire in New England and to the 
Honorable his Majestys Council for said Province. 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of that Tract of Land lying 
& being in the Province of New Hampshire (by the late Set- 
tlement of the Line between said Province & the Province of 
the Massachusetts Bay bv his Majesty in Council) Called and 
known by the Name of Contoocook most humbly Sheweth that 
your Petitioners labor under very great Dit^iculties for want of 
Power to levy & collect such sums of Money as are necessary 
for Supporting the Gospel Ministry and other Charges necessa- 
ry for the promoting Said Settlement — Wherefore your Peti- 
tioners Pray 3'our Excellency & Honours to Incorporate into a 
Township that Tract of Land Bovmded as follows Viz. Begin- 
ning on Rumford Line at the mouth of Contoocook River 
where the same falls into the Merrimack River & thence Ex- 
tending on a Course West Seventeen Degrees South Seven 
Miles & one Hundred Poles thence North seventeen Deg'' West 
Seven Miles thence East Seventeen degrees North to Merri- 
mack River thence it is bounded Easterly with said River to 
the Mouth of Contoocook River the Bound first mentioned 
And to give the Inhabitants Such Powers & Privileges as other 
Towns in this Province have and Enjoy And your Petitioners 
as in Duty bound shall ever pra}' &c 
June 20"^ i75>^ 

Joseph Coffin | Committee in behalf 
Stephen Gerrish j of the Petitioners 

[In answer to this the town was incorporated by the gov- 
ernor and council, April 22, 1760, for two years. At the end 
of that time the grant of incorporation was revived, " to 
have continuance until we shall approve or disallow the 
same." — Ed.] 

[^- 93] \_Moses CaWs Petition^ j'/yd.'] 

To the Honourable Coimcil and House of Representatives for 
the Collony of New Hampshire in General Court Now As- 

The petition of Moses Call of Boscawen in said Collony 
Humbly Sheweth that His Son Silas Call Inlisted Himself into 
the Continental Arm\' in the year 1775 and continued in Said 


Sarvice till august the 4 at which time he Returned Home by a 
Furlo upon his Brother Moses Call's Supplying his place Dur- 
ing the time Specified in Said furlo, and that the Said Silas 
Call Falling Sick at Home and Not able to Returne againe 
That His other Son Moses Call continued in Said Sarvice till 
Sepf the 39 in the Said year i775 

Your Petitioner Therefore prays your Honours would take the 
matter under your wise Considei'ation and allow Him wages 
for His Son Moses Call During the time of His Continuance 
in said Sarvice and also the cost of Doctring and Nursing the 
said Silas Call who lay sick and Not able to Joyne the armey 
for that Campayain — and your Petitioner as in Duty Bound 
^viil Ever Pray. 

Moses Call 

May 27, 1776 

[R. 94] ^Petition of John Hale, J778.'] 

To the honourable general Court of the State of New Hamp- 

The Petition of John Hale of Boscawen in the State afore- 
said, humbly sheweth that my Son Aaron Hale, a minor, en- 
listed during the war into the continental Service, in the Begin- 
ning of Dec. 1776, and came home to me the last Day of said 
month unable for Service, having been in the Hospital three 
weeks at Albany, his Pack, Gun, & eighteen Dollars, being sto- 
len from him, while in that circumstance. He was vmder the 
Doctor's hand, till the last of April, 1777, when he was called 
to join his Regiment, at Exeter, where he was confined, with 
the Fever & Ague, eight Weeks, at the expense of sixteen Dol- 

Mv Son having never drawn any continental Clothes, I went 
to Col. Poor, and he sent me to the hon'''" Committee of Safety 
of this State ; I spake with some of the Members, concerning 
s'^ Clothes, & they said, that if I would find my Son, the suit 
of Clothes, & come to them, — they would pay me the conti- 
nental Money therefor, and consider me also for boarding & 
nursing my Son. — Now hei'eupon I communicate unto your 
Honours, the inclosed Bills of my own Charge, & also of the 
Doctor, humbly praying that I may receive according to the 
above Encouragement, if your Honours, shall see meet to hear 

So prayeth your humble Petitioner 

John Hale 

Boscawen Feb. 13, 1778' 


[Following are the bills referred to : — Ed.] 

[R- 95] 

Boscawen Janiuirv v* i. i77"- 
Received of John Hale four pound ten shillings Lawful 
money in Full For Four visits & medicine to Aaron Hale, for 

Daniel Peterson 

[R. 96] 

Boscawen April the 12, 1777 ReC^ my father John Hale 
one Coat one Jacket one pair Leather Briches two Shurts 2 
pair Stockens one pair Shoues one Hat which I Receive for the 
first Suite of Clothing I was to Receive from the State as a Sol- 
der in the Continal armey 

Aron Hale 

[R- 97] 

The Account of Clothing John Hale found for his Son Aaron 
Hale who was inlisted in the continal army 

one Coat & Jacket homspun Cloth 

to one pair Leather breches 

2 pair Stockens 

2 Shurts 16. . o. . o I Hat 3. 

I pair Shoues 





. 0. 
. 0. 
. 0. 

. 0. 
. 0. 
. 0. 

. 0. , 

■ 0, 


. 0. 
. 0. 

. 0. 
. 0. 


. 0. 


John H; 


[R. 98] 

[In 1780 John Hale sends in the following to the honor- 
able general court of the state of New Hampshire: — Ed.] 

Humblely Sheweth John Hale that Since the war first Begun 
in this Cuntry he has had fovn" Sons in the army and two of 
their wives & children has been to a great expence to maintain 
them in their Husbands absence & Have one son after beeing 
Sixteen months in the armv came whome sick and allmost Na- 
ked I nursed & Doctored him four months till he was able to 
Joyn his Rigerment again but had no Cloths I mad a Journey 
to Exeter to his Colonal to no what I must do for he was en- 
listed in the Continal armey During the w^ar he told me there 
was no Clothing in the Continal Store But if I would Cloth him 
I should have the money for it agreeable to the act of Congress 
& further sent me to the Committee of Safty & Several member 
there told me the same I came whome & Clothed my son but 
have not Received for his Clothino; nor for his hire from the 


town nor for his wages one Dollar to this Day which Very 
much Distress my famerly & now have Large taxes to pay 
Wherefore your petitioner prays he may be allowed the Cloth- 
ing his son & the Doctors Bill & you will greatly oblidge him 
who has ever beean a friend to his Cuntry 

John Hale 
[R. 99] 

[The committee on above reported that said Hale be al- 
lowed the full amount of the clothing and doctor's bills. — 

[R. 100] 

[In a petition, dated January 19, 1781, Joshua Danford 
states that he is a "soldier in Maj. Whitcombs Core ;" has 
received no wages for last year's service, or anything from 
the town for his family ; wants some money to procure pro- 
visions for his family, so that he can " Return to his Core." 

By the following bill it seems the town furnished his fam- 
ily some provisions the next year: — Ed.] 

Boscawen May 2, 17S1. — 
Joshua Danford & Family To the Town of Boscawen Dr 

To 30'''^ of Salt Pork at 9*^ pr. pound i. . o. . 6 

June To Rum Sugar Coffe molasses & Salt Sundry 

To two pair Shoes one pair mogersons 

To one pair Shoes 
July To one Cow 

To 22^ pound of Salt Pork at 9'^ 

To pasturing a Cow 

To 4!/^ Bushels of Rye 
Aug' To one Bushel of Wheat 
Nov. To 3^4 Bushels of Indian Corn at 4 

To 6^^^ of Pork 

To one Bushel of Indian Corn 

To two Bushels Potatoes 

I. . 























in Pork 9. 7 
in Rye 4. 6 
in Wheat 6 


George Jackman ") 

Peter Kimball V Selectmen 

Cutting Noyes J 

o. 14. 7 
Sworn to before Henry Gerrish Dec. 12, 17S3 


[R. 104] 

[In 1782 his family was furnished, by the town, with pro- 
visions to the amount of ^27. i. 2. — Ed.] 

[R. 103] \_So/diers' Depositions relative to their Dis- 
cJ2arges^ 1781.'] 

Boscawen Jan\'. i, 17S2. 
Then Daniel Shepard personally appeared and Declared that 
He had lost the discharge which he Received from his Com- 
manding oficer at his Dismission from his six months service in 
the Continental armey in the year 1780 — and made solemn oath 
that the said Discharge Bore Date the fourth Day of December 

before me George Jackman Justice of peace. 

[R. 103] 

[Joseph Little makes oath to the same, with regard to 
himself, and William Jackman testifies that his was dated 
December 18, 1780. — Ed.] 

[R. lo:;] \_Benjami7t Sxueat's Petition, ij82.'\ 

[Addressed to the assembly in the usual form. — Ed.] 

Humbly Shews Benjamin Sweat of Boscawen in the County 
of Hillsborough. That on the first orders for enlisting soldiers 
for three years or during the war, he advanced fifty dollars as a 
Bounty to one Matthew Holcom, who enlisted in the Company 
commanded by Cap' Morrill. That the said Holcom served one 
year & then deserted, as will appear by the pay roll now in 
your Honors files ; and being afterward taken prisoner and car- 
ried to New York, he there died. — That the widow of the said 
Holcom, (who is the daughter of your Petitioner) & one child 
have been supported solely by him, from the time the said Hol- 
com first enlisted. — That your Petitioner having had one Son 
three vears in the army, two others five months each, and hav- 
ing himself voluntarily turned out at the time of General Bur- 
goynes capture, is under the necessity humbly to request your 
Honors, that he may be repaid the fifty dollars advanced to the 
said Holcom as aforesaid, and may also be permitted to receive 
the pay wdiich appears due to said Holcom on the rolls, & your 
Petitioner shall ever pray &c 

Beni" Sweat. 




\_Petitio?ifor Lottery^ d-c, lySj.'] 

To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives 
Now Convened at Concord in and for the State of New 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Humbly Sheweth that 
we being owners of Timber in Merrimack River and Well 
Wishers to Good and Wholesome Laws Humbly Pray that 
your Honours would make Such Laws as will prevent or put 
a Stop to any person or persons Taking Masts Logs or any 
other timber (without obtaining leave of the owners) or Al- 
tering marks ; which crimes are now become very common, 
owing as we conceive to the small penalty affixed to the Laws 
now in force against such offenders — We also Pray that your 
Honours would Grant a Lottery to Raise a certain Sum of 
Money to be laid out on the falls in Said River for the more 
easy and Safe Conveyance of Timber Down Said River But in 
all matters herein Contained, for your Hon''^ to act as you in 
jour Great Wisdom Shall think most condusive for the Public 
Good, and we as in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray — 

Boscawen february 23'' 17S3 — 

Joseph Tilden 
Jonathan Virgin 
Abiel Blanchard 
Joseph Atkinson 
Simeon Atkinson 

Isaac Pearson 
Isaac Pearson Jr. 
Benja Hannaford 
David Webster 
Jonathan Rollins 
David Norris 
Nath' Rolfe 
Rev'' E. Fletcher 
Ephraim Colby 
Nath' Green 
W" Jack man 
Joshua Abbott 
Jei'emiah Bo win 
Robert Davis 
Samuel Cleford 
Rich'' Hazn Osgood 
Sam' Robie 
Thos. vShirla 
Sam' Thompson 

Samuel Fowler 
John Chandler 
Caleb Buswell 
Nicholas Nicolle 
Daniel Gale 
Aaron Kinsman 
Thos. Stickney 
Thomas Cross 
Nathan Waite 
Joseph Chandler 
Henry Moore 
Sam' Ham 
Joseph Rogers 
Thomas Callahan 
Jere'' Clough Jr. 
Jonathan Stickney 
Will"' Walker 
John Bowin 
John flanders Jr 
John Elliot 
John Bradley- 
Joseph Akinson 
W" Chamberlin 
Jonathan Eastman 
James Vose 

Sam' Atkinson 
Nath' Rolf Jr. 
Isaac Chandler 
Benj'' Rolfe 
Thomas Shepherd 
Jacob Carter 
Joseph Gerrish 
Reuben Kimball 
Jacob Green 
David Carr 
Daniel Chandler 
Joseph Dunlap 
Joseph Clough 
Obadiah Clough 
Isaac Dimond 
Thomas Lacy 
John morrill 
Benj" Noyes 
Aaron flanders 
Jonathan Hoyt 
Samuel Corser 
Benj" Emery 
James Eaton 
Enoch Sawyer 
Jesse Johnson 


Jere'' Page Eben"' Duston John Hogg 

John Neal Moses Kelly Samuel Sanborn 

Jon" Alartin Enoch Page John Neele 

Jonatlian Stevens Moses Buihank Jr asa heiTick 

Nathaniel No^-es Mathew Scales Jonathan Burbank 
Humphrey Jackman Henry Gerrish 

[R. 109] [_Sa>/iuel Foxvler'' s Petition about Fire-arms^ ^783-'\ 

To the Honourable the Council And House of Representatives 
in General Court Assembled at Concord this 30"* Day of 
Dec"" 17S3.— 

The petition of Samuel Fowler of Boscawen Humblv vShew- 
eth that in march 177^ He entered the service of the State as 
a Lieut in Col Beedle's* Regiment — that there were Not a 
Suficiency of arms and other Acoutrements at Orford the 
place appointed to Receive them your petitioner Received Var- 
ble order from Col Beedle and Capt osgood of said Regerment 
to purchas the Arms Necessar)' as soon as I arived in Canada 
with a promis that I should be paid by the State for the same 
at my arival in Canada I purchased Five Guns amounting to 
to thirteen pound Four Shillings in the whole which ware De- 
livered to the soldiers then Destitute your petitioner has Not 
Received aney pay For the Same Sence that time Wherefore 
your Petitioner pi-ays your Honours to take the matter under 
your w^ise consideration and Grant him the money so paid if 
you in your wisdom see fitt and your petitioner as in Duty 
Bound Shall Ever pray 

Sam' Fowler 


Boscawen February 21, 1780 
This may certify that M'' Nathaniel Clement of Canterbury 
served me with a coppie of a petition and order of court there- 
on which he preferred to the General Assembly Relative to the 
Keeping A Ferry across merrimacke River between Boscawen 
and Canterbury. 

George Jackman 

one of the Selectme'n for Boscawen 

[A ferry over Merrimack river was granted to Nathaniel 
Clement, of Canterbury, June 19, 1780. — Ed] 

• Bedell's. 




^Number of Polls, 1783.'] 

The Exact Number of male Poles of twenty one years old 
and upward paying pole tax in the Town of Boscawen for 
April 1783 No. 128 

Boscawen Deer. iS, 17S3 — 

George Jackman \ vSelectmen 
David Corser |- for 

Isaac Pearson J Boscawen 

[Sworn to before Henry Gerrish, Justice Peace.] 

[227] \_Petition for Representation^ 1784.'] 

State of New Hampshire. 

To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives 
of said State in General Court Assembled 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boscawen 
Humbly Sheiveth that by there Returns they had not a Suffi- 
cient Number of Ratable Poles to Entitle them to A represen- 
tative agreeable to the New Constitution and there Situation be- 
ing Such as to leave them without being classed with any other 
Town — and whereas by the New Constitution Liberty is Grant- 
ed To petition the General Court For Relief in Such Cases — 
Wherefore your Petitioners pray your Honours To take there 
Case under your Wise Consideration and Grant them the liber- 
ty of Sending a Representative if you shall think fitt and your 
Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever pray — 

Boscawen March 2, 1784. 

Henry Gerrish Isaac Pearson 

Joseph Gerrish Jr. Moses Burbank Jr, 
Joseph Lunt Silas Call 

Sam' Fowler 
Sam' Ames 
Sam' Corser 
Joseph Atkinson 
Benj" Noyes 
Amos Mills 
Timothy Call 
Daniel Prichard 
John Rolfe 
Jonath. Corser 
David Corser 
David Burbank 

John Fowler 
John Corser 
John Atkinson 
John Manuel 
Mich' Sargent 
Daniel Peterson 
Benj" Day 
Nath' Atkinson 
Jacob Flanders 
Peter Stevens 
George Jackman 
Daniel Carter 

Peter Coffin 
vSimeon Atkinson 
Jeremiah Hidden 
Eben. Hidden 
Humphrey Jackman 
John Chandler 
Moses Morse Jr 
Ones. Flanders 
Jonath. Thurston 
VVill'" Danford 
William Marsh 
John Morrill 
John Muzzey 
Peter Kimball 
Sam' Morrel 


Ilezekiah Colby thos. Bedel R. Morrill 

John Hale William Osborn John Ilsley 

Samuel Jackman Sam' Atkinson Thos. Elliot 

Eben' Moody John Gerald William Jackman 

Wells Burbank Sam' Burbank Daniel Clark 

Cutting Xoyes Abraham Sweatt Moses Jackman 

Edmund Chadwick Samuel Jackman Joseph Hoit 

James Uran Sam Muzzy 

[In H. of Rep., March 31, 1784, voted that the prayer of 
the foregoing petition be granted, and that a precept be is- 
sued accordingly. 

A duplicate of the foregoing, dated June i, 1784, was be- 
fore the house June loth, upon which the same action was 
taken, the senate concurring. — Ed.1 

[229] \_Petition of He7iry Gerris/i for a Ferry ^ -^^TS-^ 
State of New Hampshire. 

To the Hon'''"" the Senate & house of Representatives .in General 
Court Convened. 

The petition of Henry Gerrish of Boscawen in said State 
H7{wbly S/iczveth — That about three years since He purchased 
a Farme in the Town of Northfield which was formerly owned 
by Jonathan Heath which Farm lyes adjoining Merrimacke 
River where there has been a Ferry kept b}- the Said Heath 
across said River from Northfield to Salisbury For Nearly 
twenty years which has been found very advantageous to the 
public and the Inhabitants of said Towns who travel that way 
— that your petitioner Since He purchased s'' Farm Has kept a 
Ferry at said place and lately has been at Considerable Expense 
in Building a New Boat and making Necessary preparations 
Sutable For transporting teams or Horses across said River — 
Wherefore your Petitioner prays your Excellency & Honours 
would grant to Him His heirs & assigns the Exclusive Right of 
Keeping a Ferry at said place under such limetations & Re- 
strictions as you in your wisdom may think meet — and your 
petitioner as in Duty boimd will pray &c 

Henry Gerrish 

[In H. of Rep., October 22, 1785, petition read, and a 
hearing ordered for the next Thursday. 

October 28, 1785, the house voted that the petitioner 
have leave to bring in a bill. 


"In Senate Feb^ 17*^ 1786, 
Read and non-concurred " 

The matter came up again in June, 1787, and the grant 
was made on the 23d of that month. — Ed.J 

[R. no] \_yeremiah Carter a /id Joseph Hoyt^ ^r., orders y 


Boscawen Feb. ly, i7^5* 
To the Treasurer of the State of New Hampshire. 

Sir Please to pay the Bearer Nathan Carter what is due ta 
me from the State as witness my hand 

Joseph Hoit Jun 
£5—6—6 Capt Heads Co. 

[R. Ill] 

[Jeremiah Carter's order is the same, and for the same 
amount. — Ed.] 

[R. 113] \_Petition of Reuben Aliddleton, iy86.'\ 

State of New ) To the hon''''' the Senate and House of Rep- 
Hampshire j resentatives in General Assembly convened at 
Concord on the first Wednesday of June A. D. 1786. 

The Petition of Reuben Middleton of Boscawen in the coun- 
ty of Hillsborough, humbly shews, that in March 177^ ^^^ ^^~ 
listed in Captain James Osgood's Company and Col. Beadle's 
Regiment for the term of one year and had just performed his 
tedious march to Canada, when in May following he was cap- 
tured by the Savages and carried, in spite of all his Indeavours. 
to escape some hundred Miles into the Desert, the sport of un- 
feeling Monsters, whose '' tender Mercies are Cruelty" and thus 
confined was your Petitioner for more than two years, when his 
bloody Masters sold him to the French in Montreal, where, 
with Seven years Servitude he purchased his freedom, and per- 
mission to return. And now your Petitioner humbly prays 
your Honours would hear his Sufierings, and grant him his pay 
for the year for which he inlisted or give order for his obtaining- 
it, and also to grant him such pay for the Time in which he 


was in Captivitv' as others have received, or such ReHef. and in 
such manner as to your Honours may seem meet — and as in du- 
ty bound shall ever pray. 

Sam' Fowler 
In behalf of the Petitioner 

[He was allowed ^48 and interest. — Ed.] 


[The next week he presented another petition, over his 
own signature, acknowledging "a grant of two years pay 
for which your petitioner returns humble thanks," and asks 
that he may be allowed at least half pay for the other seven 
years he was in captivity. — Ed.] 

[R. 115] \_Petitio?t of Peter Roswell Stevens^ addressed to 
the Legislature^ Dec.^ Ij86.'\ 

The Petition of Peter Roswel Stevens of Boscawen in said 
State Humbly Sheweth that your Petitioner Inlisted in the Sar- 
vice of the united States in the late American War in which 
Sarvice he continued faithfully to Sarve his Country for more 
than Eight years from his First Inlistment that when the News 
of peace was published in the Army your petitioner Suposing 
His time was Expired being Inlisted for During the war Inad- 
vartuntly left the armey without obtaining a Discharge for want 
of which he has Not been able to Draw His bounty Clothing 
Rations and such part of His wages as ware then Due — your 
Petitioner therefore Humbly Prays your Honours that as he has 
faithfully Sarved His Country so long and under Gon so many 
Hardships in the Defence thereof that your Honours would be 
pleased to take His Case under your wise Consideration and 
Give order that He may be Intitled to what he has merited by 
so Arduas a Task or other wise Relieve your Petitioner as you 
in your wisdom may think meet and your Petitioner as in Duty 
bound Shall Pray &c — 

Peter Roswell Stevens. 

[218] \_PetitionJ'or a new County^ I288.~\ 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon''''' Senate and house of Representatives in General 
Court convened at Portsmouth Janu"^ A D 1788. 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the town of Boscawen in 
said State Humblv Sheweth that some time since the said Town 


made Choice of Henry Gerrish and George Jackman Esqr^ to 
meet several other persons at the Town of Warner, in pursu- 
ance of Circular letters from Robert Wallace Esq. of Hanniker 
for Consulting a removal of the Inferior Courts of Common 
pleas in the County of Hillsborough as in said letters was men- 
tioned, accordingly the above persons met with Instructions 
from the Inhabitants of the Town aforesaid to t;se their Influ- 
ence to petition the General Couil of this State for a new Coun- 
ty but as that could not, at that time be obtained by a Majority 
of the persons then assembled — they did Sign a Petition to the 
General Court aforesaid praying onlv for a removal of said 
Court of Common pleas as in said petition is Expressed, and as 
the Granting the prayer of the Said petition will by no means 
redress our Grievances in the manner we Could wish, — We 
therefore most Humbly pray your honours that a new County 
may be Erected and properly Organized, Composed of the 
North End of the County of Rockingham Hillsboro and Straf- 
ford Or in such other form as to your honours may seem best 
and we your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray &c 
January 17'^ 17S8 

Henry Gerrisli ^ Committee in behalf 
George Jackman ,'- of the Inhabitants of 
Nath' Green ) the Town of Boscawen 

[319] \_Pctitio}i to Jiave tJie West Part inco)-poratcd into a 
Town by the name of Bristol^ ^79^ •'\ 

To the Hon''*'' Senate and House of Representatives of the State 
of New Hampshire in General Court Assembled. 

The subscribers inhabitants f)f the westerly half of the Town 
of Boscawen in said state, Humblv beg leave to show That the 
Easterly Half of said Town was first Settled, and the Meeting 
House built to accommodate that part of the Town only, giving 
the westerly part which was then thinly inhabited incourage- 
ment for a parish wdien their Numbers were Sufticient, but as 
that is not agreable to the Laws of this State, your petitioners 
are Exposed to great inconvenience & hardship in attending 
public worship Town meetings &c. Especially in the w^inter 
season — it being more than five miles from the Meeting House 
to the Center of the westerly half of said Town, and that from 
the Combination of Ponds Hills Swamps &c. which Lie be- 
tween the Easterly & westerly half, v/ill Ever render it incon- 
venient to remain in one district, and in our present Situation 
can have no redress without the aid of this Court, your peti- 
tioners Therefore pray that the westerlv Half of said Town may 
be Sett of from the Easterly half & incorporated into a Separate 



Town by the Name of Bristol with the Same privileges as other 
Towns in this State, or otherways relieved as your honours in 
your wisdom shall see meet & your petitioners as in duty bound 
shall ever pray. — 

Boscawen June i, 1791 

John Thorla 
Samuel Atkinson 
Joseph Hills 
Moses Coffin 
Ben Cass 

Nicholas Severance 
James Trussell 
William Danford 
Benj" Austin 
Moses Gerrish 
Noah Little 
Tristram Barnard 
Philip Barnard 
Thomas Barnard 
John Asten 
Nathan Stevens 
George Stone 
William Corser 
Enoch Easman 
Tho** Easman 
Moses Jackman 
Benj" Couch 
James Little 
John Corser 

Thos. Thorla 
Jon-' Corser 
Jedediah Kilburn 
Joseph Cass 
James Corser 
Friend Little 
Benj" Little 
Joseph Little 
Enoch Little Jr 
Jesse Little 
Nath' Barnard 
vSaml. Jackman 3'' 
Benj" Fisk 
John Gerald 
Sam' Googin 
Stephen Corser 
Samuel Beverly 
Joseph Little 
vSamuel Jackman 
John Jackman 
Moses Calf 
Sam' Morss 
Simeon Corser 
Dan' Colby 

Caleb Knight 
Benj" Stickney 
Jeremiah Gerrish 
Jedediah Danford 
Joseph Gerrish 
Eldad Austin 
Asa Day 
Benj" Day 
Simeon Jackman 
Edward Gerrald 
David Carter 
Jon" Knight 
Samuel Corser 
Benj" Severance 
David Burbank 
Samuel Roby 
Benj" Sweat 
Thomas Corser 
Timothy Easman 
James Colbv 
Eliphalet Little 
Eliphalet Kilburn 
Nath' Kilburn 

[In H. of Rep., June 9, 1791. Read, and a hearing or- 
dered for the second Tuesday of next session. The inhab- 
itants of the easterly part, fearing a division, held a meeting 
and voted to build a meeting-house in the westerly part, at 
the expense of the town, of the same size as the one in the 
easterly part, and proceeded to put up the same ; and this 
put a stop to the matter of division until i860. — Ed.] 


This town was granted by Lieut. -Gov. John Wentworth, 

with advice of council, May 20, 1727, to Jonathan Wiggin 

and many others, including the members of the council and 

the governor's friends. It was to contain eighty-one square 



miles, and received its name in consequence of the bend in 
the river within the hmits of the grant. 

This grant was on territory then claimed by Massachu- 
setts, and covered lands which had been granted by that 
government, and led to a bitter controversy which lasted 
many years. 

November i, 1759, a part of Bow, Suncook, and "a place 
called Buckstreet," were incorporated " by the name of the 
Parish of Pembrook." Concord was set off from Bow, and 
incorporated June 7, 1765. 

By an act passed December 13, 1804, two tracts of land 
were severed from Bow, one of which v^^as annexed to Con- 
cord and the other to Pembroke ; and June 22, 1815, a por- 
tion of the town was annexed to Allenstown, leaving the 
town at present about 16,000 acres. 

Among the early settlers were Timothy Dix, grandfather 
of Gen. John A. Dix, and Col. Aaron Kinsman, an officer in 
the Revolution, who owned " Bow Mills " in 1767. He was 
a man of little education, but possessed a good amount of 
common-sense and integrity. He was at Bunker Hill un- 
der Stark, in command of a company of men, one of whom 
(John Manuel) was killed, and was a resident of Concord in 

[148] \_yatnes Cochran' s Petition to have a Sale of Land 
for Taxes anmilled^ -^759-^ 

State of New \ To his Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq. 
Hampshire j Governor & Commander in Chief in and over 
his Majesties Prov. of New Hampsh' The Hon"'' His Majes- 
ties Council & House of Representatives in Gen' Assembly 
now convened. Humbly Shews James Cochran of London- 
dery in said Prov'' yeoman That yovn^ Petitioner was Seized in 
Fee of a certain Tract of Land in y'' Township of Bow in s*^ 
Prov*' containing forty acres more or less & is a first Division 
or Home Lot (so called) in Bow afores** & is y'' Seventh Lot 
in y" Second Range of Lots there & was originally granted & 
laid out to one John Leavit late of Stratham in y*" Prov. afores*^ 
yeoman Deceased & which I ptu'chased of one David Connor 
of Bow afores*^ yeoman as may appear by his Deed to me Due- 
ly executed & filed to be recorded — That one Francis Carr of 
Bow afores'' yeoman frequently apply ed to your Petitioner in y* 
Winter last past & proposed to purchase s"^ Lot at Length your 
Petitioner consented & agreed to sell him y" same for the sum 
of four hundred & thirt>- Pounds old tennor Currencv of v^ 

BOW. 2 1 1 

Prov* aforesaid & should then have executed a Deed accorcHiig- 
ly if I'd hud y*^^ above mentioned Deed bv which y'' s'' Lot was 
Conveyed to me about me but for want of that & other Reasons 
y* s'^ Carr & your Petitioner agreed to defer the Execution of a 
Deed for s*^ Lot 'til we should meet again or 'til a more conven- 
ient season & your Petitioner thinking that he had fairl}' & 
lawfully divested himself of all Right and Title to s'' Land by 
y* above mentioned Bargain & that y*^ Property was y*^ s"* Carr's 
& at & about y*^ time of s'^ Land's being advertised to be sold 
agreeable to a Law of s'^ Province for that Purpose your 
Petitioner was out of y*^ Province & necessarily detained to 
take care of some valuable Masts which he by Contract was 
obliged to procure for his Majesties use. That y*" said Carr 
taking y'' advantage of your Petitioners absence & Liattention 
as aforesaid attended y* Vendue for sale of y*^ delinquent Pro- 
prietors of s*^ Bow their Lands held at Stratham in s'^ Province 
in Julv last past agreable to \^ aforesaid Law & finding vour 
Petitioner absent & no other person present to represent him, & 
y* taxes still unpaid desired that said Lot might be Exposed to 
sale & that he would bid for it insinuating at the same time 
that he as a Suncook Settler was living upon or improving of 
s*^ Lot & that it would be vastly disadvantageous to him if s^ 
Lot should be sold from him & by these as well other wrong 
(not to say false) repres[ent]ations prevailed not only with y® 
Collector to set up said Lot but also with y'' Company not to 
bid upon him for y^ same and accordingly s*^ Lot was sold at 
said Vendue to s** Carr for fifty one Pounds ten shills old Ten"" 
money of s** Province (which is vastly less than v'' Value there- 
of) & a Deed given by Walter Bryant Esq'' Collector duly 
executed and filed to be recorded — yet the s*^ Francis Carr 
(Notwithstanding his afores*^ Bargain with your Petitioner & 
y^ small purchase sum paid y*" s*^ Collector for y^ s"* Lot of Land) 
refuses to pay your Petitioner y^ Consideration agreed for as 
afores'^ or any Part thereof or to restore him y*^ s'' Lot of 
Land tho he offers to reimburse him his expenses on s* 
Land but unjustly witholds both — Wherefore your Petitioner 
Humbly prays your Excellency & Honours to take his Case 
into your Consideration & to order the s** Carr to pay him 
the Sum agreed for or to reconvey the s*^ Lot to y' Petitioner 
(he reimbursing s^ Carr his Expenses in purchasing said Lot 
at s** Vendue) or to order that v" s** Vendue sale may be an- 
nulled or otherwise help your Petitioner in such a manner as to 
you in your Great Wisdom shall seem best and that he may 
have Liberty to bring in a Bill accordingly & your Petitioner 
shall as in clut\' bound ever Pray 

James Cochran 
Portsm" Jan. 4"" 1759 


[^49] \^P^i^tion of sundry Citizens about Rates ^ i'j66J\ 

To His Excellency Banning Wentwortli Esq"" Cap' General 
Governor and Commander in Chief In and over His Majesties 
Province of New Hampshire to the Honnorable his majesties 
Council and House of Representatives for said Province in 
General Assembly — 

The Petition of Sundry of the Inhabatants of the town of 
Bow not within Concord Humbly Shexveth that Great Diffi- 
culty & hardship hath Arose By our being Rated with old 
Arrairgges (in years past) with Concord People and some 
Difficulty arises with our being Rated with them now and it hath 
ben a Great hendrance to many more Settlements being made 
in s*^ Bow — Wherefore your s*^ Petitioners Humble Pray your 
Excellency and Honnors to take their Circumstances under 
Consideration and Relieve them from Being Rated with Con- 
cord any Longer as your Excellency & honnors shall in your 
Great Wisdom, and Clemency See fit and your Petitioners as 
in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray 

James moor Thomas Eatton Elisha Clough 

Joseph Rogers Elisha Clough Junr. Edw*^ Russell 

James Buswell Francis Carr Thomas Chandler 

John Chace Solomon Heath Ephraim Foster 

antony mannuell Ed"" Carlton Jolm Robertson 

Eliezer Emerson William Parker John Grushe 

Will'" Robertson David Merrill Ephraim moor 

Samuel Rogers* Joseph Baker Jur. Benjamin Noyes 
John Noyes Jr. Samuel Smith Juner 
Samuel Alexander Samuel Welch f 

In Council July 3, 1766, Read and ordered to be sent down 
to the honorable house. 

T. Atkinson Jr. Sec^. 

[147] \_Select?ne?i's Remonstf-ance to Petition of fohn Noyes ^ 


Province of | Pursuant to an order of Court made in the 
New Hamp'' ) Honorable House of Representatives & Con- 
curred by his Majestys Council February y*^ first 1758 upon the 
Petition of John Noyes of Bow in Said Province by which or- 
der we the Subscribers Select men of the town of Bow afore- 

* Samuel Rogers was one of the early settlers of Bow (about 1758) ; was son of James 
Rogers of Dunbarton, and brother of Major Robert Rogers of ranger fame ; was a promi- 
nent man. 

t Samuel Welch was born in Kingston, September i, 1710, and died in Bow, April 5, 1823. 

BOW. 213. 

said have Liberty Granted us to Shew Cause why the prayer 
thereof Should not be granted which^are as follows. first that 
a very great majority of Said Noyes his Constituents are Per- 
sons that came on there without Right and have Indevered to 
with hold the Lands from the Proprietors of Bow the Lawful 
owners thereof as appears by many actions that have ben 
Brought against them & many more now Depending and as 
there is proposals of acomadation made on Both Sides we 
Humble Conseive that If they Should be favored with there 
Request it would Strengthen them in their Error & weeken 
our Just Right & prevent the proposed agreement from being 
viguously pursued — Secondly we humbly conseive that If there 
was an agreement finished between the tnhabatance & the Pro- 
prietors of Bow that they ought not to be so fully Disunited 
from the town of Bow & Exempted from Subjection to it as 
they ask But that they be a parish in the town of Bow 
for we Can not Conseive what end it can answer to make 
a township & grant priviledges to a Society to Regulate 
them selves according to the Laws of y"' Land when we 
Look upon to be an Eragular Society and we are putting 
the same Laws in Execution to Dispossess them for these 
and many other Reasons that might be offered we humble Beg 
the prayer of the Said petition may not be granted — and this 
being the Day of our anual meeting the proprietors when Con- 
vened talk'd of the affair hearing the petition afore said Read 
& Let us know their minds to the same porpose as above 
Dated at Stratham, this 6"' Day of april 1758 

Abraham Tilton John Dearborn | vSel' 

John Stockbridge Joseph Clark j men 

[The following is from the town records :] 

The Concord Parish having been set of from Bow in 1765 
and those living outside not yet acting in the capacity of a 
town — a Petition of which the following is an answer was Pre- 
sented to Jeremiah Page Esqr of Dunbarton 

Province \ In answer to a petition to me Presented by 

of > fourteen of the inhabitants of Bow who are 

Newhampshire 3 not set of into any Parish ; Humbly Sheweth 
that they. Inhabitants of Bow who are not in any Parish Should 
he warned to meet at the Dwelling House of William Robert- 
son of s*^ Town on Wednesday the eleventh Day of march 
next att Ten o'clock in the forenoon to act on the following 
affairs — Furthermore all the Freeholders and other Inhabitants 
of s"' Bow that are not in any Parish are Hereby Notified and 


warned to meet at the Dwelling House of William Robertson 
on Wednesday the eleventh Day of March at ten o'clock in the 
forenoon then and to act on the following Particulai"s viz : 
I**' to choose a moderator to Govern s"* meeting 
2'^ to Choose Town Officers if the Town sees Cause 
3** to see if the Town will subscribe to build a Meeting 

4"' to See if the Town will agree on a place to set s'^ house 
Dated y*" twenty first Day of February 1767 

Jeremiah Page Justice Peace 

At said meeting they made choice of Sam'l Rogers for Mod- 
erator — William Robertson Town Clerk — Sam' Rogers Ep"^ 
Moor and .Samuel Welch Selectmen — Francis Carr Constable — • 
Edward Russell Elisha Clough & John Robertson Committee 
to Examine Selectmens accounts James Moor John Grushee 
Edward Carlton Thomas Chandler & Benj'" Noyes Surveyors of 

Voted to build a Meeting House by Subscription 

Voted to adjourn s'' Meeting to the i*"' Tuesdavof May next to 
meet at the House of Ephraim Foster met and adjovn-ned to 
the 1^' Tuesday of July then met and adjourned to the 13* of 
s*^ month at which time the aforesaid officers made oath to be 
faithful in the discharge of their offices according to law — This 
was the first Town meeting of the Inhabitants of Bow a no- 
tice of which being served on the Proprietors 

At a meeting of the Proprietors of Bow at Stratham on the 
first Thursda}' in April 1767 agreeable to Charter we find the 
following viz. Whereas it is signified to this meeting under the 
hand of William Robertson signing as a Town Clerk for the 
Inhabitants of the Town of Bow that s'' Inhabitants Exclusive 
of such as are sett of into Parishes have Lately held a Town 
meeting Legally called and voted the Persons Hereafter Named 
to the following offices in s'' Town of Bow viz. 

William Robertson Town Clerk — Sam' Rogers Eph'" Moor 
Sam' Welch Selectmen Francis Carr Constable &c and as it 
may be Nessecary that s'' Inhabitants should act in Town af- 
fairs separate from the Propriety it is therefore by s*^ Proprie- 
tors voted that as much as in them Lies thev approve of and 
accept of s'' Inhabitants choice of s'' Gentlemen to their Re- 
spective Offices aforesaid 

Attested by Samuel Lane 

Proprietors Clerk 

[From this time the inhabitants managed their own af- 
fairs, which had been previously controlled by the proprie- 
tors who resided in the easterly part of the state, many of 
them members of the N. H. government. — Ed.] 

BOW. 215 

[151] \_Caveai against szvearhi'g E. Russell^ yustice of the 
Peacc^ i/yd.^ 

This Petition Humbly Sheweth, that we the Subscribers In- 
habitants of Bow having Received Information that M'' Edward 
Russell of this Town is appointed a Justice of the Peace By the 
Honorable House of Representatives — Humbly pray your Hon- 
ours would Defer Commissioning the s*^ M"^ Russell untill Such 
Time as we shall have Opportunity to lay Before this Honour- 
able House such Reasons as we think will Be sufficient to Pre- 
vent it, and the Town have Opportunity to make Choice of 
some other man to Recommend to this Honoui-able House to 
be appointed and Commissioned if their Honours should think 

Bow February y^ 3"^ ^77^- 

Beniamin Bean Jobi^ Noyes Selectmen of Bow 

John Bryant Beniamin Bean | Committee 
John Noyes James Moor j of Bow 

To the Honourable Commitee appointed to swear into office 
the several Justices appointed for the County of Rockingham 

[1^2] {^Petition for changing date of Tow 7i- Meetings i/8o.'\ 

To the Hon''''' the Council and Gentlemen of the Hon'*''' House 
of Representatives in General Assembly at Portsmouth con- 
vened 24"^ Oct" 17S0. 

The humble Petition of John Br3'ant Esq'' on behalf of him- 
self and others Freeholders and Inhabitants of Bow in the Coun- 
ty of Rockingham and State of New Hampshire. Shcxveth — 
That by Charter, the annual Town Meeting in said Bow is ap- 
pointed to be held on the first Thursday in April in every year, 
which is found to be very inconvenient and too late for the Se- 
lectmen to Enter into office, as the Inventory is to be taken in 
said Town in that month, — Wherefore your Pef in manner 
as afores"^ prays leave to bring in a Bill That in future the said 
Town Meeting (instead of said first Thursday of April) may in 
each year be held on the first Tuesday of March. 

And your Pet' shall ever Pray &c 

Jn" Bryant 

[The foregoing petition was granted, and an act passed 
November 3, 1780, providing that the annual town-meeting 
should "be held on the first Tuesday of March annually for 
ever hereafter." — Ed.] 



[^53] \_Petition of Inhabitants concerning a Ferry ^ j'/82.~\ 

State of New Hampshire | A Petition to the Honourable House 
Rockingham ss j of Representatives together with 

the Hono''*'^^ Council Convened at Concord in this State 

Humbly Sheweth — Whereas there is a place on Merrimack 
River very Convenient for a Ferry for the Public Between 
Dunbarton and Chester Beginning at the Falls on said River 
known by the name of Isle a hookset, and to Extend Down said 
River as far as shall be tho't proper to Convene said Ferry. 
And whereas John Robertson of Bow has a view of having 
Lands adjoining said Ferry, where he would give Constant at- 
tendance with good Botes for the public good. 

Therefore we your Humble petitioners Beseech that your 
Honours would take this our Petition under your Mature Con- 
sideration, and grant said Ferry to the s*^ John Robertson, for 
which great Privilege towards us your Humble Petitioners as in 
Duty Bound shall ever Pray. 

Dated Bow March y*' 13'^ A. D. 1782. 

Reuben Currier 
Reuben Currier 
David Closh 
Ezra Badger 
Daniel Carter 
Ebenezer Simonds 
Elisha Clough Junr 
Samuel Smith 
Samuel Gault 
Bartholomew Hop- 
John Do^v 
Isaac White 
Hazen Osgood 
Nathan Noyes 
Joseph Rogers 
Benj" Bean 
woodman Carlton 
Joseph Rogers Junr 

Jonathan Currier 
Elisha Clough 
James Busel 
Philip Carrigain 
Samuel Rogers 
John Carter 
Joseph Carter 
Joseph Carter Junr. 
William Currier 
Leonard Harriman 
Joseph Baker 
Francis Mitchell 
Jacob Green 
Aarin Kinsman 
Aaron Noyes 
John Noyes 
Will'" Robertson 
Dunlap Bean 
Enoch Noyes 

edward Smith 
Benjamin Kimball 
Timothy Simonds 
William Simonds 
Thomas perrin 
W^illiam Walker 
John Robertson 

John Merrill 
Anthony Manuell 
John Moores 
David Car 
Jonathan Sargent 
Nathan Waite 
James Moor 
Ephraim Kingman 
Will'" Fifield 
Ja Robertson 

[The foregoing was in the H. of Rep., March 26, 1782, 
and a hearing ordered for the next session. A petition was 
presented by Timothy Walker and others, asking that Josh- 
ua Abbott might have the grant of a ferry near " Isle a 
Hucksett-falls," and on June 19, 1782, a committee was ap- 
pointed to consider the two petitions and report whether 

BOW. 2 1 7 

one or both were necessary. There is no record of any re- 
port at that session. An act was passed Februa:ry 23, 
1785, granting to James Robertson the right of a ferry over 
Merrimack ri\'er anywhere between Moor's brook and "Sow- 
cook " river. — Ed.] 


The Number of Polls in Bow from 21 years of age & up- 
wards, paying taxes in s** Bow is seventy nine, taken Dec'"' 13"^ 

1783- " ^ 

By James Robertson, Select Man Bow 

Sworn to before Sam' Daniell Jus' peace 

[R. 119] \_Petition of David Carr and others, soldiers., 
addressed to the General Court , February^ iy8^.'\ 

The petition of David Carr Trader and Williby Colby, Rich- 
ard Clough, David Clough, Benjamin Bean, Peter Manuel, John 
Dov\^, and Samuel Manuel all of Bow in the county of Rock- 
ingham Husbandmen Humbly Sheweth That your petitioners 
in July A. D. 1777 were draughted by Captain Bean of Bow 
aforesaid to march to Ticondaroga in the Service of this State, 
and that vour petitioners at their arrival at Charlestown received 
counter orders and returned, being seven days on their march, 
and that soon after, the said Cap' Bean died, which has ren- 
dered it necessary for your petitioners to apply to this honour- 
able Court for their pay for their said Service and their neces- 
sary Expenses at that time — * * * 

David Carr In behalf of the petitioners — 

[In June, 1786, David Carr "of Boscawen " sent in a pe- 
tition substantially the same as the foregoing, except that 
the name of Moses Noyes is inserted and the name of Ben- 
jamin Bean left out. — Ed.] 

[R. 116] \_Papers relative to Bcnj. yenness, a Boiv soldier. '\ 

The Deposition of Jeremiah Abbot of Lawful age Testifies 
and says, that he was a soldier in the New Hampshire Line in 
the year 1781, and Benj" Jenness was a soldier at the same time, 
and to the best of my knowledge the said Jenness was Dis- 
charged on or about the middle of December in said vcar. 

Jere'' "Abbott. 


[Sworn to, Pembroke, June 1 1, 1784, before Richard Bart- 
lett. Justice of the Peace.] 

[R. 117] 

Exeter June 28"^ 1784 
There is due to Benjamin Jennes a six months man for the 
town of Bowe in the year 17S1 Eight pounds one shiUing- and 
four pence. — J Gihnan 

[R. 118] 

Bow august I* 1 781 for vahxe Rec'd to the Paymaster for the 
Six montlis men Please to Pay to the Selectnien of Bow my 
wedges for the Six montlis Servis & I remain your Very Hum- 
ble Servant 

Moly Brown 

Hur his 

Sally X Hukker [ ?] Benj^ X Jennes 

mark mark 

Bow June y^ 24"* 1784. 
Sir Please to pay the contents of the within order to the Bear- 
er & you will oblidge yours 

James Robertson ] Selectmen 
Enoch Noyes j Bow 

£155] \_BenJamiu Noyes conco'uitig a Ferry ^ j'/gi.~\ 

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in general court convened. 

Humbly Shews Benjamin Noyes of Bow in the County of 
Rockingham gentleman, that he has kept a ferry in said Bow 
on merrimack river near the mouth of suncook river ever since 
the year 1764, in all which time he has endeavored to give 
constant & satisfactory attendance, which he conceives has been 
greatly for the benefit of the people of this vState ; and likewise 
thinks that a continuance of said feiTy will be of general utility. 
And as your petitioner from long occupancy hath acquired as 
he humbly supposes a natural right to the privilege of owning 
and keeping said ferry, he humbly prays your honors 10 grant 
him his heirs and assigns a right to said ferry exclusively and 
as in duty bound will ever pray 

Benj'' Noyes 

Concord Jan^' 11, 1791. 

[In H. of Rep., January 11, the foregoing was read and 


referred to a committee, who reported favorably, and an act 
was passed February 14, 1791, granting said Noyes the ex- 
clusive right of a ferry over Merrimack river in any place 
within one mile either above or below the mouth of Sun- 
cook river. — Ed.] 


The township was granted to John Peirce and George 
Jaffrey, and the first settlement was made by William Pres- 
bury in 1771 ; three years later several families from Brad- 
ford, Mass., settled here, and called the town New Brad- 

In answer to a petition of the inhabitants the town was 
incorporated September 27, 1787, and given its present 
name. The act included New Bradford, Washington Gore, 
and a portion of the town of Washington, and provided that 
it should be annexed to Hillsborough county. By an act 
approved December 6, 1796, a tract of land was severed 
from Fishersfield (now Newbury), and annexed to this 
town, and another June 22, 1859. 

[R. 120] \_TJionias Perry ^ soldier from Bradford^ i'/84.'\ 
To the Treasury of the State of New hampshire 

Pleas to Essue all my son Thomas Perry Wagers that is Due 

or ma Be Cum Due Ebenezer Perry or order it Being 

for value Received by me as witnes my hand 

obcdiah Perry 

Bradford January the 2 17S4 

[Benjamin Thurston certified that Obediah Perry had a 
son " Thomas Parrey, who went into the army of the State 
& who is said to be dead." — Ed.] 

[156] \_PetltloN for ail Act of hicorporatlon^ Ij8j.'\ 

State of Newhanipshirc i To tlie Senate and House of Rep- 
Hillsborough ss. ^ resentatives of Said vState to be Con- 

May y'' 30"' 1787. ) vened the firstVVedncsdayof June next. 


your Honours petitioners most Humbly Sheweth Being In- 
habitants of Said State in the Township of New bradford so 
called Labouring under many and great Inconveniencies for 
w^ant of Being Incorporated into a Town we your Honours 
Humble petitioners Earnestly Desire that Said Township of 
New bradford togeather with a part of the Town of Washing- 
ton and a part of Washington Goar So Called be Incorporated 
into a Town by the name of Bradford with all the priviledges and 
Immunities of a Town and be annexed to the County of Hills- 
borough, Containing all the Lands within the following Bounds 
(Viz) Beginning at a Beach tree on Hillsborough Line thence 
running north eighty two Degrees East on Hillsborough Line 
Six miles and eighty four Rods to a Hemlock tree thence the 
same point of Compass to the south west corner of warner 
thence north seventeen Degrees west by said warner four miles 
and two hundred and thirty one Rods to Sutton south Line 
thence westerly by said Sutton Line to fishersfield East Line 
Sixty Rods from Said Sutton south west corner Being a white 
oak tree marked thence by fishersfield Line to a Beach tree 
marked Being the north east corner of Washington Goar thence 
north seventy eight Degrees west three miles three hundred and 
ten Rods to a Small Beach marked on fishersfield Line thence 
South two degrees west two miles one Hundred an fifty Rods 
to a Black ash tree marked thence South twenty seven Degrees 
East two miles and one Hundred Rods to the Beach first men- 
tioned and in granting these our Desires your Honours will 
much oblige your Honours Humble petitioners and we as in 
Duty Bound Shall Ever pray &c 

Eben' Eaton James Presbury W™ Clements 

Eben'' Colby John Brown Daniel Eaton 

Daniel Cresey Abram Smith John Stanley 

Joseph Presbury Neh"" How Isaac Davis 

Stephen Ward Peter How Joshua Andrews 

Nathaniel Presbury Nathaniel Presbury Abnar Ward 

Jr Enoch Hoyt Moses Bailey 

May y^ 30* 1787. 

We the subscribers being Inhabitants of that part of Wash- 
ington Included in the within petition Desire the prayer thereof 
may be granted 

Samuel Crane Uzziel Bachelder Simeon Hildrith 

Martin Bi-ockway Asa Brockway, 

[In H. of Rep., June 19, 1787, the foregoing" petition was 
read, and a hearing ordered for the next session ; and on 


the 27th day of September, 1787, the town of Bradford was 
duly incorporated. — Ed.] 

[15S] \^Lme of Town defined. '\ 

State of New Hampshire. 
In the House of Representatives Feb'' 12* 17SS. 

Whereas by an act to incorporate a Township in the County 
of Hillsborough, by the Name of Bradford passed the twenty- 
seventh day of September Anno Domini seventeen hundred & 
eightv-seven, there appears to have been a mistake in describ- 
ing the bounds thereof; for Remedy whereof Resolved that the 
following shall be considered as part of the bounds of said 
Township — Viz beginning at a beach Tree at Hillsborough 
line thence running north eighty two Degrees East on the said 
line six miles & eighty four Rods to a Hemlock Tree & from 
thence Rumiing by Henniker Line, the same course to the south 
w^est corner of Warner, anything in the aforesaid act of Incor- 
poration to the contrary notwithstanding 

Sent up for Concurrence 

Tho* Bartlett, Speaker 

In Senate the same day read & concurred 

J. Pearson Sec^ 

[157] \ Petition for Authority to raise JMoney to build Poads.^ 

To the Hon. .Seanate and House of Representatives in Jeneral 

Court Conveaned at Concord on the first weadnesdav of June 


The Petticion of the in Habitants of Bradford in the State of 
New Hampsh. and County of Hillsborough Hu7nbiy SJieweth 
that they being but fue in Number that thare Roads are ex- 
treamely bad not with Standing thay have Dun much Labor on 
them tharefore the Prair of your Pettioners is that you would 
grant us Liberty to tax all the Land in Bradford one Pennv Per 
acre for the Space of three years which monev Shall be Laid 
out for the purpose of Repairing and making Roads in Brad- 
ford and we as in Dutv Shall ever Pray 

Bradford June the 2, 17SS 

Eben"^ Eaton | Select men 
Enoch Hoyt j for Bradford 

[The foregoing petition was granted by an act passed 
January 20, 1789. — Ed.] 



in Annual Metting, Bradtord March 10"^ 17S9. 
Voted Samuel Crane moderator to regulate this meeting 
Voted Eben'^ Eaton Town Clerk 

Voted Eben"" Eaton i Select man for the Present year 
Voted Isaac Davis 2 Select man for the Present year 
Voted Simeon Hildrith 3 Select man for the Present year 
Voted John Brown Tithing man 
Voted Peter How Tithing man for the present year 
a true coppy Attest 

Isaac Davis ] Select men 

Simeon Hildrith \ for Bradford 

[160] \^Petition for Appointment of a fust ice of the Peace^ 

To His Excellency and Honnourable Council 

As a majority of the in Habitants of this Town Petitioned 

the last year to your Honours for a Justis of the pease & we 

find that it was Not granted we Pray your Honours to grant 

that petetion for w^e find great Nead of a Justis as well as other 

Towns Notwithstanding we ar Small But we Donot see the 

harm that it Can Do But be to our Benefit in general as a town 

and to the pease and good order of the town and in so Doing 

you will oblige them that are In Duty Bound to Serve 

T T-» • 1 Select men 

Isaac Davis [ ^ 

Simeon Hildrith ( n jr j 
J Bradford 

Bradford June y^ 6 17S9 — 

[159] \_Inhabita71ts' Petition fo7' fustice of the Peace^ iy8g.~\ 

State of New Hampshire ^ To His Excellency the President 
Hillsborough ss. V and Councill of Said State your Pe- 

December 16"' 1789 ) tioners Hnmblv Sheiveth Being In- 

habitants of Said State in the Town of Bradford Being Desire- 
ous of Peace and good order Earnestly Desire that Ebenezer 
Eaton of Said Bradford may be appointed a Justice of the Peace 
in s** Town and Desire that this may be Annexed to a Petition 
Presented to your Honors in June 1788 and we as in Duty 
Bound Shall Ever Pray &c. 

Neh*" Howe Samuel Cheney Jacob Blanchard 

Abraham T. Sweatt moses Baley 
Jacob Abbott William Brown 

[Ebenezer Eaton was appointed January 12, 1790. — Ed.] 



Was set off from Exeter, and constituted a parish by the 
name of Brintwood, June 26, 1742. It was, however, not 
entirely separated from Exeter in town matters, as they 
were to "remain with Exeter as to choice of representatives 
till further order of this Court," and by act of November 30, 
1742. the selectmen of Exeter and Brentwood were to join 
"in making their province rates until otherways ordered by 
this Court." 

Under date May 26th, 1744, "Andrew Gillman, Nicho. 
Dudley & Humphrey Willson" petitioned in behalf of the 
inhabitants of Brentwood for an act of incorporation, and in 
council, October i, following, it was voted to advise the gov- 
ernor to grant the same, but I fail to find any record of the 
grant of incorporation. 

The west part of the town was incorporated into a parish 
by the name of Poplin (now Fremont), June 22, 1764. 

[162] [^List of Rates ^ ^74J-'\ 

The within is a List of the Rates of those that have Petition- 
ed the Gen'*" Court to Pole to a house in the Parish of Brint- 
wood to settel a minister there by them selves. Whither they 
be able is to be Determined or whither Somthing Else is not 
Desired Which may Prove fatal 

The Whole Sum money Raised in the Parish of Brintwood this 

s d 
year 1743 as it is sit Down in the Cons'''*' warrant £187-8-10 

The widow maryDudleyo- i -6 Stephen Leavit 2- 4- 7 

Jeremiah Bean i- 7-19 Samu" Edgerley 1-17- 3 

Jo.shua Bean 0-18- 4 mathy Bean 0-1-6 

Caleb Brown o~i3~ ^ Jonathan Qiiimby i- i- 9 

Edward Colcord 2- =;- i Daniel Qiiimby 0-14- 8 

Sam"^' Dudley Jr 1-18- 8 Samu" Smith i- 1-6 

Nicholas Dudley 3-10- 3 Halev Stevens i- 5- 6 

nicholas Dudley Jur i-i i- 6 Edwd thing 0-15- o 

John Dudlev 3- 7- 3 Jonatlian thing i- 5-1 1 

Sarah (Gordon Wd 1-0-8 Josiah thing 3- 4- 3 

Jeremiah (jillman i- 3- 3 Daniell wormall i- i-ii 

Andrew Gillman 2-12- i Humphrey wilson 3-14- 6 


Benj" Gillman 0-14- 6 Jonathan wadleigh 1-5- 


Jonathan Gihnan o~i3~ 6 thomas flanders 

John George i- S-ii timothy Leavit 3- 5- 7 

Antipas Gihiian i- S- 6 John Holon 0-13- ^ 

Joseph hoite i- 2- 6 John Leavit i- 8- 6 

Dailey Kelly i- 5- 6 John Morgan i- i- 4 

Sum total =£51-3-7 thirteen shillings Six Pence on the hund. 


Province of New Hamp' Nov' 30* 1743. 

We the subscribers haveing reconsidered the affair of Brent- 
wood, & think it will be Best, & make most for Peace, for them 
to be made two Parrishes according to the within request only 
allowing the Eight Persons hereafter named to Pole of to the 
South Part (viz') Jonathan Cram Jon'' Robinson Jonathan Ta- 
ler Nath'^ Prescot Jer : Rowe Dan" Tilton John James John 
Mudget if they desire it, wh'='^ the Parties when we were there 
seemed to Consent to — & that the South Part may have Liberty 
to come to this House for four years on free Cost if they are not 
otherwise Provided for before 

Eleazer Russell } ^ 

TV4- , T 1 r Committee 

Mark Langdon j 

The remonstrants desire they may be set oft' as follows (viz') 
Beginning where Brentwood lower line Strikes the river then 
to run up the River to the little falls next above Pickpocket 
mill then on a Strait line to the head of David Robinsons land 
then on a Strait line to Deer hill mill Pond then on a Parralel 
line w"* Kingstowni line to the Extent of Exeter town bound. 

[For petition, and other documents relating to this mat- 
ter, see Town Papers, vol. 9, p. yy. — Ed.] 

[R. I3i] \_PetitioH of John Waldron Smithy soldier^ ^757-\ 

Province of ) To the Honourable The Generall Court 

New Hampshire j or assembly of the Province aforesaid This 
Humbly Sheweth That I the Subscriber your Petitioner was a 
Soldier in Cap' Isaac Smiths Company in Col Miserves Ridge- 
ment of Troops that went in y" Expedition against Crown Point 
in y" year 17561 & I went to fort Edward and there was Taken 
Sick & Returned Down To y'^ half moon In a Waggon & there 
Laid Sick Three weaks & Senceless in which Time my Gun 


was Stolen from me : & from thence was Carried To y* flats in 
a Battoo & there Laid Sick three months att y^ Point of Death 
in which tim my Brother obediah Came up to see if he Could 
Gett me home If I was alive But I was so Bad I could not 
Come for which I paid him fifty five pounds old Tenor & now 
I humbly Beg of your Honours To Take my Grate Deficuelty 
& Cost Under your Wise Consideration and in vour Grate Wis- 
dom and wonted Goodness alow me Something for these Exter- 
oadanery Expences as you Shall See fitt In Which If your 
Honours Compley as your Petitioner Releys & Confides in your 
fidility you will Exceedingly oblige your Humble Servant 
Dated at Brintwood Novb"" y'^ 22*^ 1757 

John Waldron Smith 

N. B. my humble Request and fervent Charity for you 
Gentlemen is that you will alow me for my Gun & longer pay 
for my Time — N. B. after a long & Tedious sickness & Grate 
Expenc I Came Home January y*" 19* i757- — 

[The foregoing was sworn to before Benjamin Veasey. In 
H. of Rep., May 26th, 1758, voted that the treasurer pay 
said Smith nine pounds, and allow him for the gun. Council 
concurred, and the governor consented to it. — Ed.] 

[R. 122] Abstract of Jonathan Pulcifer's Petition^ iyj8.'\ 

[In a petition dated Brentwood, December 18, 1758, Jon- 
athan Pulcifer states that his son Jonathan was a soldier in 
Capt. Somersby Oilman's company, was taken sick near 
Sheffield, on his return from Lake George, and there died. 
He asks for an allowance to pay expenses of said sickness, 
&c., and is allowed fifty-four shillings sterling. — Ed.] 

[R. 123] \_Petition of fosiah Bean, soldier, 1758, addressed 
to the Governor and Assembly in due forTn.'\ 

The Petition of Josiah Bean of Brentwood in said Province 

Most Humbly Siiewetii, That your Petitioner was a Soul- 

dier in the Canada Expedition in the year 1757^ I'^ the Service 

of this Province under the Command of Capt. Richard Emery, 

and as such Proceeded to Fort William Henry, where after the 




seige he was Taken and made Prisoner by the Indians & car- 
ryed to Canada where he remained about the space of four 
months and was from thence Transported to Several parts of 
France & from thence to Plymoutli In England where he took 
Passage to Newfound Land & from thence to New York where 
he arrived the Tenth day of November last and Got home about 
the thirteenth of the same month. 

That the Indians who took him prisoner Stripped him of 
Sundry Cloaths Viz : Two Jackets, Two Shirts, Two pair of 
Stockins, a pair of Buckskin Breeches & one hatt, Napsack and 
Gun — That your Petitioner in the time of his Captivity had the 
Small Pox in Canada & the Fever In France which was both 
Grievous & Expensive to him — and During his Captivity had 
hard fare and 111 Treatment from the Enemy. — 

[He asks for an allowance of such an amount as the as- 
sembly shall see fit to grant him. The matter was under 
consideration March 14, 1759, and said Bean was granted 
£>T^, new tenor. — Ed.] 

[R- 137] 

A List of the men belonging to the People called Quakers 
living within the limits of the companys of Capt. John Dudley 
and Capt. James Robinson as Returned to me by the said Cap- 
tains or the Clerks of their Companys in April 1759- 

In Capt. Robinson's Company, effective men 

Stephen Dudley 
James Bean Junr. 
Thomas Gordon 

Joseph Judkins 
John Kenniston 
Ithiel Smith 

James Dudley 
Jon* Glidden 

Efiective men in Capt. Dudleys company 

Will"' Bean Joshua Bean Will'" Chase 

Province of New Hampshire, Exeter Oct'' 6"' 1761. 

Examined per Sam' Gilman CoP of fourth Redgment of foot 
in Said Province 

Jon® Beady 
Jeremiah Glidden 
Benj* Scribner 
Dan' Gordon 
Moses Magoon 
Joseph Kenniston 
Jacob Smith Junr. 

Non Effectives 

James Bean 
James Young 

Enoch Bean 
Dan' Stevens 
Dan' West 
Job Kenniston 
Josepli Dudley 
John Scribner 

Thomas Gordon 
Dan' Ladd 


[R. 13S] 

To the honourabel Cort this is to Sigenyfv that these men has 
Don thair Equel proportion In going in the Serves — Jeames 
Dudley one turn Joseph Judkins two turn in the Servis Daniel 
Gorden one turn Job Kinesons Son has bin out two years in the 
Searves under him Joseph Kineson to years for himself in the 
Scarves — and also Benj" Scribner has paid as a foin £16, — 
Jacob Smith has paid £16 Daniel West £16. 

Brintwood November 3*^ 1761 — Jeames Robinson Capt. 

[R. 139] 

An account of the sum or sums of money paid by ye friends 
at Brentwood, and how many years servise has Been Done by 
them — Daniel West 16 £ Jacob Smith 16 £ Benj"' Scribner 16 £ 
James Dudley one years servise — Jeremiah Glidden one months 
servise a scouting — Daniel Gorden one vears servise — Job Ken- 
niston two years servise and Lost a gun in the Capitulation prize 
thirty seven pounds ten shillings — Joseph Dudley had a servent 
out one year — Joseph Kenniston two years Servise — John Ken- 
niston one years servise Joseph Judkins two years servise — 
Daniel Stevens one years servise — Joshua Bean had a son one 
year in y* ranging servise 

[R. 124] \_Daniel Moody s Petition^ 1760, soldier^ addressed 
to the Governor and Assembly. '\ 

[In a petition dated Brentwood, January 23, 1760, Daniel 
Moodey, laborer, states that he enlisted with Capt. Jonathan 
Blunt, of Chester, for the Canada expedition, was taken sick 
before they marched, and was left behind ; that on his re- 
covery he applied to Capt. Blunt and to Capt. James Rob- 
inson to be sent to the army ; had held himself in readiness 
to go at any time, but had received no order to do so ; 
wants an allowance to pay his doctor's bill, which he says 
he is too poor to pay himself. He further says, — " N. B. 
your petitioner has been in The service two Campaigns be- 
fore and stands Reddy to go again." — Ed.] 

[R. 125] ^Widow Bridget Clifford's Petit io7i., 1^62^ ad- 
dressed to the Governor and Assembly. '\ 

[In a petition dated Brentwood, March 19, 1762, Bridget 


Clifford states that her son, Nathan Smith, enlisted "when 
about twenty years old under Capt. Jacob Tilton ye last 
Summer and went to Crown Point with said Tilton ;" was 
taken sick and left behind "when the company was re- 
leased," in care of her grandson Jonathan Judkins, who 
finally came home, leaving Smith at Albany without means 
to return. She asks for assistance to get him home. Peti- 
tion " ordered to lay." 

(R. 132) Nathan Smith got home July 3, 1762, and the 
next January asked the assembly to give him an order for 
his pay up to July, which was granted February 4, 1763. 

[R. 136] \_Petition of jfob Kenniston, Quaker ^ addressed to 
the Governor and Assembly^ June /j, 1^62 r\ 

Humbly Shew^eth Job Kenniston of Brintwood in said prov- 
ince — That the Selectmen of said Brintwood for the year 1760, 
Taxed this petitioner & his Two sons John Kenniston & Joseph 
Kenniston towards the Warr Rate So Called which was then 
assessed (by an act of the General Assembly) on the people 
Called Qiiakers, By means whereof this Petitioner is greatly ag- 
grieved, For that in his opinion he has done (by his said sons) 
his and their full share of Duty in supporting & carrying on the 
Warr, his said son John having been two years in the waiT at 
Oswego & his said son Joseph having been four years in the 
Kings service under the pay of this province, in which time he 
was Robbed by the Indians of his Cloaths & of a Valuable gun 
& was held a prisoner by them untill Redeemed by the French 
General. — 

[He asks relief from paying the said tax. The selectmen 
were notified of a hearing, which occurred December 8, 
1763, at which the assembly voted to grant the petition. 

[R. 127] \_Petition of Selectmen concerning Sjnall-Pox^ 17^2^ 
addressed to the Govet'nor and Assetnbly .'\ 

The Humble Petition of the Select Men of the Parish of 
Brentwood in said Province, In behalf of said Parish Humbly 

That Joseph Moody of said Brentwood was bound in his 
majesties Servis in the year 1760 under the Command of Gen- 
eral Amherst & in Col. Gofls Rigiment in which Servis said 


Moody took the Infection of the Small Pox which he secreatly 
brought home to his family where he was taken sick and died 
of the same, which sickness & Burials in his family Cost our 
Parish Six hundred & five Pounds old tenor Besides his Leav- 
ing a poor family of Children with the Small Pox which he 
brought to them & Leaving them naked and nothing for their 
Suport which Cost a considerable sum to our Parish to get 
them under care and nursing — and his Seecreatly bringing the 
Infection in amongst us notwithstanding our diligent care & 
Pains to Prevent its spreading has so far spread that it has gone 
through three Poor Families besides said Moodys and also sev- 
eral other Poor Persons which have not wherewith to pay the 
Cost the s*^ Parish are obliged to bare the same which amounts 
to the sum of abought nineteen hundred Pounds old Tenor — 
and also several other famelies have ben at Great Cost In there 
famelies by said sickness In which 17 of our Parisheners dyed 
— and otherwise our Parish has Greatly Suffered & ben at Great 
Charge by our ways being Shut up & our being obliged to 
agree with People to Let their fields Lay open for y*" Public 
Passing & by our Mills & Iron Mill being shut up &c — Where- 
fore Inasmuch as these things Came upon them by the means 
of a Soldier In the Comon defence they humbly Pray that they 
may be heard on the Premises & allowed an oppertunetv of 
makeing their Case more fully known and a proper Remedy 
applied and the}- shall as in Duty bound Ever Pray 

James Robinson James Bean ] Select Men 

Daniel Beede Hawley Marshall j of Brentwood 

[They presented the following bills, which they asked the 
province to pay, — all charged " old tenor money : " 

Daniel Beede JC22..17..6. Nathaniel Whittier £30. .14. .6 

Widow M'^Clenen 100.. 5.. — - Joseph Bean 124,. — ..- 

Jonathan Smith 95.. — .. — fames Merrill 228.. 0..6 

I will copy Merrill's bill entire, that the people of this 
generation may know what was considered necessary to 
carry a family through an attack of small-pox one hundred 
and twenty years ago. As it seems that two of the family 
died under the treatment, I do not wish to be understood as 
recommending its adoption. — Ed.] 

1761, Dec. 6. D' The Parish of Brentwood to James Merrill 
for Sundrys provided & expended for the Family of Joseph 
Moody late of said Brentwood deceased a Soldier who brought 
the Small Pox into said Parish 


To Rum & Sugar at svmdry times 
" building a house to remove said Family 
" refuse bords 800 ftt. Joist for s** house 900 ftt. 
" myself 3 Days in fencing up said house 
" Bord nails 8.. 16 To Rum 50/ 

" Expense on the house 50/ To refuse bords 9.12.0 i3. 

" a Coffin 40/ Sugar 13/ To 13 "" Beef <® 6/-3.12/ 6. 

" Rum 40/ to bord Nails & turneps 8/6 3. 

" Pork Beef Sugar butter Coffee Bread Meal &c 9. 7. 

" Bread Rum Sugar Beef & Pork 11. i. 
' ' Pork 1 1 >^ '" 5£ Sugar 34/ Rum 4£ Rum & But' 33/11. 6. 

" Rum ^£ Sugar 24/ Rum 30/ Do. 40/ 8. 4. 

" Potatoes Turnips & pork 3. 17. 

" Beef 43/6 To Cheese for the nurses 16/6 3. -. 

" Butter 1=^/ Coffee 16/6 Rum ^£ Sug' 34/ 6. 15. 

" Tobacco"" Beef Pork Meal & Coffee 13. 11. 

" Coffee Sug'' & Butter 23/ Rum ^£ 5- 3- 

" Rum Sug'' & fish 68/ hailing wood 4.10 7.18. 

" a Porringer & 3 Coffee Cups 30/ i. o. 

" M'' Jeremiah Beans Expense in attendance 4. 5. 

" Rum 40/ To cheese for the nurses 43/6 4. 3. 

" Attendance on said Moodys Family 40 Days 50. -. 

Old Tenor 338. o. 6 

[The accounts were sworn to before Benjamin Veasey. 

In H. of Rep., January 27, 1763, Voted, That the prayer 
of the petition be granted, and that the amount of the sev- 
eral accounts presented, amounting to twenty-three pounds, 
nineteen shillings, and eight pence sterling be paid to the 
selectmen of Brentwood out of the money for paying off the 
troops. The council concurred, and the governor consented 
to it. — Ed.] 

[167] \^^iiake7-s' Petition about Rates ^ jy6g.'\ 

Province of | To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq' 

New Hampshire j Governor in chief and over said Province, 
The Hon'''" the Council, And House of Representatives in 
General Assembly convened 30* March 1769. 

The Humble Petition of Joshua Bean and William Bean 
both of Brentwood in said Province, Yeomen, Sheweth; That 
your Petitioners now are and for a long time have been of the 
People called Qltakers. In the year 1757 the said Joshua give 
a Considerable Bounty to a man to inlist in the Provincial Ser- 


vice in the War against the common Enemy ; and the very next 
year following a son of the said Joshua then a Minor about 
seventeen years of Age inlisted and went in the said Service, 
and continued therein for the Space of thirteen months. In 
his return home, said Son was taken and Continued Sick for a 
long time, by means whereof the said Joshua was at great Cost 
in defraying the Expences of his Said Sons Sickness ; in cloath- 
ing him (who returned almost naked) and in hiring other Per- 
sons to perform the service and labor which his said son might 
have done, during his Absence. 

That the other of your Petitioners now is and for thirty years 
has been a Cripple by Reason of a very bad wound which he 
then received in his back — that a son of the said William in or 
about the year 1758 was impressed into the war, who was then 
obliged to give a very considerable Sum of money to procure 
another Man to serve in his stead — Notwithstanding, the Select 
Men of said Brentwood well knew all the Premises, they have 
assessed and rated your Petitioners towards the Expenses 
of last War, as much or more than would have been their pro- 
portion, if your Petitioners had not done or contributed any 
thing in Manner above mentioned. 

All which Rates and Assessments your Petitioners esteem 
grievous inequitable and oppressive. 

Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray that they may be 
Exonerated, discharged and exempted from the Payment of 
said Rates and Assessments in such Manner and by such Means 
as you shall think most expedient, and your Petitioners as in 
Duty bound shall ever pray &c. 

Joshua Bean William Bean 


Brintwood Apriel the 30 1769 

This is to Aquaint the honnourable house of Representatives 
the year when this Rate was Raised which was in the year 1760 
A Tax Laid on the People Called quakers Called a war Rate 
which i give hear a coppe of under my hand 

Jeremiah Rowe 

Joshua Been 62 : 13 : 6 

Wiliam Been 84 : 13 : 6 

147: 7:0 


thes fu lins Is to vSertfv thee Jenrll Cort that Abner Bean 
Paid me an hundred Pound old tcner for goen Into the War for 
him as witnes my hand 

Darby Kelly 



Brintwood apriel iS*** 1769 We y^ Subscribers Being De- 
sired by Joshua Been to signify to y'^ general Court that we are 
fully Sadsfyed that he Has Been his prepotion in y^ Late war 
his Son Being in the Kings Sarves in y*^ year 1758 and that we 
think it unreasonable for him to pay this rate laid on him 

Aaron Rawlings David Sanborn Jeremiah Sanborn 

John Sanborn Timothy Gorden William Graves 

Province of ] In the House of Representatives Apr' 19* 
New Hamp"" j 1769. The Parties being fully heard on this Pe- 
tition and it appearing Reasonable that the Petitioners Should be 
Relieved from paying the tax mentioned in the Petition Voted 
and Resolved That they be Each of them Discharged from 
Paying their Respective part of said assessment Namely the 
said Joshua Bean the Sum of 62-13-6 old Ten"' And the said 
William Bean the Sum of 84-13-6 old Ten'' The whole Equal 
to Seven Pounds Seven Shillings four Pence one farthing Law- 
full Money and the Treasurer of said Province is hereby au- 
thorized to Charge the Province with said Sum in his next 
acco' as so much Received of Outstanding Debts. 

M. Weare CI' 

In Council 29* April 1769 
Read and Concurred 

Consented to 

T. Akinson Jun. Sec^. 
J. Wentworth 

[168] \_^uakers' Petition about Rates^ iy6g.'\ 

Province of \ To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq"" 

New Hampshire j Governor in Chief in and over said Prov- 
ince. The Hon'''" the Council and the House of Representa- 
tives in general Assembly convened February 21''' A. D. 1769. 

The Humbly Petition of John Scribner of Poplin in said 
Province Yeoman in behalf of himself and Jacob Sfuith of 
said Poplin^ Da7ziel West, and yeremiah Glidden both of 
Deerjield in said Province yeomen (all being of the People 
called QiTAKERs) Sheivs, That they apprehend they have been 
rated illegally and inequitably relating to the Tax towards rais- 
ing Men to serve his Majesty in the last War. 

Your Petitioner humbly conceive that the Act by which the 
Men were levied was never designed to tax any of the People 
called Quakers who were always ready to contribute towards 
the Public Expense, By Sending their Sons, Servants or by 


paying their fines if unwilling or unable to Serve in person or 
sending other person in their Stead. That the above named 
Glidden and West were imprest to serve in the last War who 
were obliged to pay a fine for not serving, and that your Peti- 
tioner was then a Miller, which he understood exempted from 
other public Duty of that kind. And your Petif then offered 
to pay his part or Proportion towards Sending Some other Per- 
son but was then informed by ya77ies Robinson who was then 
Captain, of Brentwood, that your Petitioner was not liable to 
pay any thing. But afterwards the Select Men of Brentwood^ 
in said Province Assessed and rated your Petitioner and 
the others in behalf of whom he petitions, towards the Charges 
of the then Expedition and your Petitioner and the above 
named Qiiakers daily are threatened to be distressed for the 
Payment of the said Tax 

Wherefore your Petitioner in behalf of himself and others 
above mentioned humbly prays that they may be exonerated 
And discharged from the Payment of the whole or such Part 
of said Tax, as you in your great Wisdom shall think most 
proper and expedient And your Petiti'' as in Duty bound shall 
ever pray &c 

John Scribner 

February 23'' 1769. 

[In H. of Rep., February 24, 1769, a hearing was ordered 
for the next session, of which the selectmen of Brentwood 
were to have due notice. Council concurred. — Ed.] 

In the House of Rep., Ap' 19"' 1769. 

The petitioners and Selectmen of Brentwood being heard on 
this Petition and it appearing Reasonable that the Petitioners 
should be Discharged from the tax assessed on them bv the act 
mentioned in the Petition. Voted and Resolved that they 
be Each of them Discharged from Paying their Respective 
assessments to said tax Namely the Said John Scribner the 
Sum of 55-6-0 the said Jacob Smith the Sum of 35-14-3 the 
said Daniel West the Sum of 23-0-10 and the said Jeremiah 
Glidden the Sum of 44-18-9 all Old Ten"" the whole Equal to 
Seven Pound Nineteen Shillings Lawful Money And the Treas- 
urer of this Province is hereby authorized to charge the Prov- 
ince with said Sum in his next acco' as so much Received of 
Outstanding Debts. 

M. Weare Cl^ 

In Council 29"' April 1769. Read and Concurred 

T. Atkinson Jun. Sec' 
Consented to J. Wentworth 


[R. 140] \_Petition of Selectmen about Soldier^ iyy6.'\ 

[In a petition dated November 28, 1776, Ebenezer Col- 
cord, James Robinson, and Jedediah Robinson, Selectmen of 
Brentwood, state that "in July Last one John M'^Goon (son 
of John M*^Goon late of Raymond Deceased) a soldier in 
the Northern Army, and not an inhabitant of said Brent- 
wood, did come into s'* Parish & was taken sick of small 
pox," and that they were at an expense of ;£ 7-1 3-0 in his 
case, which they ask the state to pay. — Ed.] 

[R. 142] 

Brintwood the 6"^ Feb^ 1782. 
Received of W"" Morrill Esq eight shillings L. My. it Being 
For Corn he let my wife have towards her support while I was 
in the army, s*^ Sume I order to be allowed s'^ Morrill Esq or 
his order out of my wages from the Treasurer 

William Cutler — 

[Said Cutler also orders six shillings and sixpence to be 
paid to Dr. Thomas How Ranney. — Ed.] 

[R. 144] 

Brintwood December y^ 9'^ 1782. 
then Rec*^ of the Select men of s** Brintwood seven pound 
one shilling Lawfull money on my husbands wagers William 
Cutler Now a Continental solger in y" armey I say Rec*^ by me 

Betty Cutler 

[R. H3] 

Brentwood December y** 30"' 1782. 

Then Rec*^ of the town of s*^ Brentwood twelve pounds of 
my wagers for the Support of my family for y* year past to 
this Date I say Rec*^ by me as witness my hand 

Abel Morrill 

[169] \_yafnes Beanos Petition to be Released from yailJ\ 

State of New- ") To the hon'''^ The Council and House of 
Hampshire v Representatives in General Assembly con- 

Rockingham ss. ) vened at Exeter Nov. 1779 

TJie Petition of James Bean of Brintwood in the said Coun- 


ty, htunbly shezveih. That your Petitioner has for Thirty years 
past been a public teacher of the Gospel of God our Saviour 
among the Sect of Christians called Quakers — That he himself 
is a Qiiaker in principle and by profession, and has in the 
course of his labours preached to more than twenty different 
Societies of the same principles, notwithstanding which he was 
by the Constable of said Brentwood, cast into Prison at Exeter 
for taxes while all public preachers of other persuasions are ever 
exempted — 

He therefore prays that your honors would take his case into 
your consideration — and order him to be liberated from his 
said confinement — and as in duty bound he will ever pray — 

Exeter — Prison y'' lo"" November A. D. 1779. 

Sherburne Sleeper 
in behalf of s** Bean — 

[In H. of Rep., November 12, 1779, i^ ^^^^ ordered that 
the petitioner be brought before the house for examination ; 
council concurred. 

In H. of Rep., November 12, P. M., the petition of James 
Bean being read and considered, voted that it be dismissed. 

[170] \_Select?fzeft about furnishing Soldiers^ ^779 •'\ 

To the Hon^'^ Council and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire. 

The petition of The Select Men of Brentwood (at y^ Desire 
of their Constituents) humbly sheweth That the people of 
Brentwood did Seasonably and at great Expence provide their 
proportion of Continental Soldiers, and now a further requisi- 
tion is made for Eight men more in order as it is said, to fill up 
the Batallions which is said to be Brentvvoods proportion of 
Six hundred men, which appears to us to be greater than that 
was proportioned to us before, for our proportion of the Three 
Regiments was but Twenty Six, and now Eight are required as 
our proportion of Six hundred, and further more the people 
want to be satisfied in this, whether the new levies are to 
fill up the Regiments who lost men by y'' Sword or Sickness, 
or whether it is thro y" defect of Some of y* Towns who 
have not provided their j^roportion of men, if the latter, we 
think it very hard to be an Equal proportion in filling up the 
regiments with those who heretofore had not done their propor- 
tion. Therefore we think That ever}' Town Should furnish 


their first proportion of men, and then what is wanting to com- 
pleat the whole to be proportioned among all y" Towns. This 
Seems to be y*^ mind of our Constituents, and what they will 
willingly submit to. Thus w^e have signified to you the minds 
of y" people when assembled together, and pray you to take 
these things into your wise consideration and to grant us y' re- 
lief y' you in your wisdom Shall Think belongs to us and your 
petitioners as in Duty bovmd shall ever pray 
Juney^ 25* 1779. 

Robert Rowe Levi Morrill ") Select Men 
Joseph Johnson Samuel thing > of 

Thomas Gorden ) Brentwood 

[I fail to find any action of the legislature on the above 
matter. — Ed.] 

[171] ^Number of Ratable Polls, 1783. '] 

Agreeable to Directions to us sent From the Hon'''* the Gen- 
eral Assembly of this State wee have taken the Number of Male 
Poles From 21 years of age and upwards Paying Taxes which 
is 196 

Brintwood the 8"" of Decemb'' 17S3 

Tho'* Stow Ranney ") Select Men 
Levi Morrill V of 

Rich"^ York Jun"' ) Brentwood 
Sworn to before William Morrill Justice Peice 

[R. 146] \_Daniel Philbrook's Order. '\ 

Brentwood Nov. 26* 1784. 
To the Treasurer of the State of New Hampshire 

Sir — Please to pay Jn" Nichols or order all that is due to me 
I having been a Soldier in the 3*^ New Hampshire Regiment. 
Value Rec'' Witness my hand 

Susannah philbrick Danil philbrock 

[172] ^^Proceedings in To%V7i- Meeting about Paper JMofiey, 


At a Legal Town Meeting of the freeholders and inhabitants 
of Brentwood this 20"* day of Nov'" 1786. 


i'» Voted Sam*' Dudley Esq'' Moderator 

2^1? Put to vote to see if the Meeting will have paper Money 
upon any Plan and Twenty six votes for it and thirteen against 

^diy Put to vote to see if the Meeting will accept the plan 
Sent to this Town [see Atkinson papers] by the General Court 
for paper money, as it now stands, and past in the Negative by 
Twenty Six votes — 

^thiy Voted to Chuse a Committee of five men to make such 
Alterations and amendments upon Said Plan as they think 
Necessary — 

^thiy Voted Capt James Robinson Sam" Shaw Deacon Levi 
Morrill Sam" Dudley Esq'' Ens. Tho" Gorden to be a Commit- 
tee, to Revise the Said plan for paper money, and make such 
amendments thereon as to them appears Necessary, and make 
report thereof to this meeting at their next adjournment — 

gthiy Voted to adjourn this Meeting to the present place to 
Wednesday, the ap"' of this present Novemb. at Two o Clock in 
the afternoon — 

Met according to adjournment, to Receive the report of the 
Committee — which is as follows that in their opinion there 
ought to be the following amendment upon said plan (Viz) 
that the said paper monev Shall be a lawful tender so far as to 
satisfv Judgment upon all executions. 

ythfy p^^t to vote to see if the meeting will approve of the 
above amendment Recommended by the Committee to be made 
in Said Plan, and there appeared Eighteen for, and Two against 
it — the Meeting Dissolved — 

a True Coppy attest 

Thos. Stow Ranney T. Clerk 

[For the action of the legislature upon this matter, see 
Atkinson papers. — Ed.] 

[173] \_CertiJicate of Nails made^ i/Qi.'] 

State of New Hampshire \ 

Rockingham ss. j Brintwood March 5"" 1791- 

We the subscribers, being the major part of the Selectmen of 

Brintwood, do hereby certify that Levi Morrill of said Town 

has bona fide made, or caused to be made in his work shop 

within this State one hundred thousand of Ten penny Wrought 

nails since the 7"^ day of February 1789 — 

Tosiah Hook ) o 1 . 

\\r- w T^ u r Selectmen 

Wmthrop Dudley j 

Attest Thos. Stow Ranney Just" Paies 


March 18, 1 791. Received an order on the Treasurer for 
five pounds — 

Levi Morrill 

[The foregoing was for a bounty offered by the legis- 
lature. — Ed.] 


This town was part of New Chester (now Hill), until it 
was set off, February 12, 1788, and incorporated by the fol- 
lowing bounds : " Beginning at the mouth of Newfound 
River (so called) thence running by the southerly Bank of 
said river to Newfound pond thence by the easterly shore 
of said pond to Plymouth line thence by said line to Pemi- 
gewasset River thence down said river to the bounds first 
mentioned including all the Islands in said river against 
said tract." 

Thomas Crawford settled on that portion now included 
in the town in 1766; Jonathan Crawford and others soon 

By an act approved June 24, 1819, the southerly part of 
the town was severed, united with the northerly part of 
New Chester, and erected into a town by the name of Bris- 

[174] [^Petition of Selectmen abotit Represetztative^ jygS.'] 

To the Honorable the General Court of the State of New 
Hampshire ; to be convened at Concord on the third 
Wednesday of November A. D. i79S- 

Your Petitioners Humbly Shew, that the District of New- 
Chester, Bridgwater, Alexandria, and Danbury Contains about 
three Hundred Legal Voters, and that the Distance from the 
uper part of Bridgwater to Danbury is about twent}' miles 
which makes it extreamly inconvenient for the freemen to at- 
tend Election Meetings, they therefore Pray your Honors to Di- 
vide the said District into two Representative Districts, or grant 
them such relief as you in your wisdom shall think fit ; and as 


in Duty bound will ever Pray. Signed for and in behalf of the 


Nov' 13, 179S. 

Thomas Crawford ^ Selectmen 
Daniel Morse > of 

John Harriman J Bridgwater 

[175] \^Petition of Inhabitants Relative to the Same.'\ 

State of New Hampshire | To the Honorable the general 
Grafton ss. j Court of our Said State 

The petition of the Inhabitants of the Towns of Bridgwater, 
New Chester, Alexandria & Danbury, Sheweth^ that whereas, 
Said Towns, At Present Contain a Sufficient Number of Inhab- 
itants, to Send two Representatives to the General Court of our 
Said State. — Therefore we pray your Honors would Divide 
Said District for said purpose and class Bridgwater, & Alexan- 
dria together, & New Chester & Danbury, and your petitioners 
as in Duty Bound will ever pray 

Nov-" 19* 1798. 
Theophilus Sanborn Selectman of New Chester 
Stephen Gale Selectman 

Joshua Talford william martin Jonah Tirel 

Moses Lewis Moses Sleeper Eben' Kelly 

Christopher Bartlet Alexander Craig Peter Ingalls 
Benjamin Kidder Nathan Sleeper 
Peter Ladd Eliphalet Gale 

[The result of the foregoing petitions was the passage of 
a resolution, December 24, 1798, classing Bridgewater and 
Alexandria, and New Chester (Hill) and Danbury. — Ed.] 

[177] \_Pet it ion of Daniel Burl ey for Charter for a Ferry. '\ 
State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon'''" the Senate And House of Representatives in 
General Court Convened June 5"" 1799. 

Humbly Shews Daniel Burley of Bridgwater in the County of 
Grafton that he and the publick labour under Great Inconven- 
iences by Reason of not having any Bridg or Ferry over Pema- 
gawassett River between the Towns of Bridgwater and New 
Hampton and the local situation of said Towns renders it almost 


impossible to Cross said River with horses unless they are Swim- 
ed by the side of Conoes. — 

Therefore your Petitioner humbly prays your Hon" to grant 
him the previledge of keeping a Ferry a Cross said River near 
pine hill in Bridgwater This place in s*^ River being within a 
Grant of a Bridg CalP Bridgwater & New Hampton Bridge 
your Petitioner further prays that he may have the grant of a 
Ferry only till such times as said Bridge is built and in no way 
to Infringe the Grant of said Bridge for which Favour Granted 
as in duty Bound shall ever pray 

Daniel Burley 


May y^ 30, 1799. 
This Certifies that we the Subscribers are proprietors of a 
Grant of a Bridge Call*^ Bridgwater and New Hampton Bridge 
and that we are Intirely willing that Daniel Burley of Bridg- 
water should have a Grant of a Ferry within the Grant of the 
Bridge till thei^e is a Bridge Built so as not to Infringe the 
Grant of the Bridge 
all Concerned 

Daniel Kelly 
Benj" Colby 

[The foregoing petition was granted December nth, 
1799.— Ed.] 


The most of the territory included in this town was a 
portion of the Dunstable grant of 1673. The town was 
incorporated by the name of Raby, March 30, 1769. It in- 
cluded the westerly part of Hollis and the "mile slip," so call- 
ed, and Samuel Farley was appointed to call the first meet- 
ing of the inhabitants. A portion of the town of Hollis 
was annexed to this town by an act passed February 17, 
1786. In 1798 the town voted to have the name changed to 
" Brooklyne," and the legislature made the desired altera- 
tion by an act passed December i of that year. 

The "mile slip" referred to was a strip of land lying be- 
tween the westerly line of old Dunstable and the township of 
Mason, the grant of the latter town being made by the Ma- 
sonian proprietors, October i, 1749. 


[17S] \_CertiJicate of Meti etilisied, jy'/6.'\ 

Rab}* July 18, 1776 
Pursuant to orders from the Hon'''^ Nathaniel Folsom Es- 
quire Maj"" Gen^ to me directed to raise Six men in the Compa- 
ny under my Command to march and Reinforce the army un- 
der General Sullivan In Consequence of said Order I have 
Raised & Caused to muster & march in to said service five 
Men. Exclusive of one belonging to the Town of Raby who 
had Inlisted into said service & passed Muster. 

Robert Sever Capt. 
To the Hon'*''' Committee of safety 
for the Colony of New Hampshire 

[179] ^Icmorial to JMassacJiusetts Legislature about Sol- 
diers^ iy'j8.'\ 

State of Massachusetts Bay : To the Hon*''" Council & the 
Hon'''*' House of Representatives in General Court Assembled 
The Petition of Robert Server & Alex"' Macintosh in behalf of 
the Select men & Town officers of Raby In the State of New 
Hampshier Hitmbly Shexvs — That in the month of Jany. y® 
Last past that Benj : patten of Said Raby in the State of N. 
Hampshire aforesaid did inlist himself a soldier & mustered by 
James Barrett Esq muster master for the County of Middlesex 
as appears upon said muster masters Returns now lodged in the 
Secretarys Office of this State. 

that in the month of February 17"^ Day Last past that Benj. 
Osgood of said Raby In the State of N. hampshier aforesaid 
Did inlist himself a Soldier & was mustered by James Barrett 
Esq. — muster master For the County of middlesex as appears 
upon Said muster masters Returns Now Lodged in the vSecre- 
tary office of the State y'^ Petitioners therefore humbly Request 
this Hon"^'*^ Court Would Direct Some Suitable person to Re- 
ceive of your Petitioners this State Bounty & Likewise the 
Continental Bounty if this Court Shall think fit so that said 
Patten & said Osgood may Be Returned as Continental Sol- 
diers for said Raby In said State of New Hampshier. — And 
your Petitioners as in Duty Bound will Ever pray &c — 

Raby march 3, 177S. 

Robert Server Capt. 
Alex'' Mac Intosh 

Benj. Patten is Listed into Capt. Maxwells Companv in Co' 
Bailey Regement. 

* Now Brookline. 


[The foregoing petitioners were given leave to with- 
draw. — Ed.] 

[iSo] [_]\femo?'lal concerning- Osgood and Patten. ~\ 
State of New Hampshire. 

To the Honorable the Senate & Housed: of Representatives of 

the State of New Hampshire. 

The Petition of the Select men of the Town of Raby /lufn- 
bly Shews — That Benj" Osgood & Benj'' Patten two privates be- 
longing to the ti'ain band in the said Town of Raby in the 
year A. D. 1777 inlist into the Service of Massachusetts in the 
Continental Army for three years or during war which men 
were claimed by the town & were returned by the commanding 
officer of s'' Train band in favour of said Town and applied to 
the General Court of the Massachusetts for an order whereby 
your petitioner might have relief, but upon the principal that 
by a general resolve they had made Sufficient provision already 
for relief ordered the petition to be withdrawn, as may appear 
by the certificat accompanying this petition, whereas the Town 
of Raby have been fined for a delinquency of said two men 
when they supposed they had fully complied with the requisi- 
sions laid upon them Seems to your petitioners not founded in 
Justice your petitioners therefore humbly pray your honors to 
take their case under your wise consideration and remit the 
fine layed on the Town or grant such relief as you in your 
wisdom may see fit. 

And your petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray. 

Swallow Tucker") o 1 , 

-r> , ^ o f Select men 

Robert Sever v r t:> i 

Daniel Tyler j «^ ^^^>^ 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

This may Certify that in April 177S the Town of Raby pre- 
sented a petition to the General Court to pass an order whereby 
the said Town of Raby might have the advantage of two men 
inlisted into the Massachusetts forces, (Viz) Benj" Osgood & 
Benj'' Patten the Court committed the petition to a Committee 
who reported that as there was a general resolve of the then 
State of Massachusetts which fully took up the matter, that the 
petitioners have leave to withdraw their petition 

James Locke Chairman of said Committee 

This may Certify Benj'' Patten & Benj" Osgood both of Raby 
in the County of Hillsb(M-ough & State of New Hampshire 


were & are the proper Inhabitants of the said Town of Raby 
& belonging to my Company as private soldiers & belong to 
the Regiment whereof Moses Nichols Esq"" is Colonel who have 
lately enlisted into the Continental service as pri- 
vates in the same for the space of three years or during the 
present w^ar (Viz) the s*^ Benj" Osgood vmder Lieut Jonas Par- 
ker of Acton under the command of Capt. Ballard in Col" Al- 
dens Regt. and the said Benj" Patten in Capt. Maxwells Com- 
pany Col" Bayleys Regt. both in the State of the Massachusetts 
Bay by means vv'hereof we ai'e or possibly may be deprived of 
two men which we ought not to be bv the resolves of the State 
with regard to inlistments in this case made & provided 

Raby May 5* 1777 

To Col" Moses Nichols 

A True Coppy attest Robert Sever Capt. 

This may certify that the hire of Benj'' Osgood was paid — 
and the hire of Benj'' Patten was tendered. 

Raby May 31, 17S4. 

Swallow Tucker ) Select 
Robert Sever ( Men 

[iSi] [^Afemorz'al about Taxes ^ iy8j.'\ 

To the Honorable the Counsel and Hous of Representatives 

for the State of New Hampshire — 

The petishon of the town of Raby Humbly Sheweth that as 
the Constable for s"^ town for the year 1782 having solde his 
farme and moved out of town and has not Collected more than 
one half the taxes Cometed to him and we vour petishoners 
have sense the Removal of s** Constable chosen and agreed 
with Mr. Clark Brown to collect the Remand' of s*^ taxes, but 
cannot finde any Law of this State which we think enables s*^ 
Colector to colect the same becos the Constabel Did not move 
out of town til the year was Expired for which he was Chosen. 
We your petitioners theirfore humbly pray that their may be an 
act or resolve past to an able s'' Colector to Colect s** taxes or 
grant us Relief in Such other way as you in your wisdom may 
think best — as in Duty bound We Ever pray in behalf of the 
town of Raby 

Waldron Stone | Select 
Randel M'^Danels j men 

Raby June 10, 17S3 

[In answer to the above a resolve was passed, June 20, 
1783, authorizing Clark Brown to collect the taxes. — Ed.] 


[R- H7] 

To the Honb'" y® General Assembly of y^ State of New 
Hampshire — The Petition of William Spaulding Hutnbly 
Sheweth — That he was wounded in the battle at Bunker-hill 
by which he hath lost the use of his right hand — that he is on 
y® roll for half pay — that he hath lived in Raby in s*^ State up- 
ward of twelve years — that the loss of his hand & his poll 
Taxes & a large family to maintain hath much reduced him — 
and that he was chosen by s*^ Town of Raby a Constable for y'^ 
year 1782 — and beg'd to be excused but was not released — that 
his own Taxes with some small Debts which he ow'd have 
brought him into such surcomstances that he in the arear the 
sum of £25 — 7 — 3 — 3 to the state Tres"' and that he hath one 
state note of £20, & one order of £12 from y'' president both 
of them herein which is all he hath to pay with that he is 
about to remove to Norrigwalk in on Kenebeck river — There- 
fore he prays your Honours to except of the only means he 
hath to satisfie y** Tres"' & Grant that y*' Tres" may be Directed 
to receive so much of s'^ note & order as you in your great wis- 
dom & Justice to my necessities shall se fit & as in Duty bound 
shall prav 

Will™ Spalding 

April 17S4. 

[The foregoing request was granted by the legislature, 
April 16, 1784. — Ed.] 

[1S7] \_Mef)ioriaI asking for part of Hollis to be a7inexed to 

To the Town of Hollis 

the Petition of the Town of Raby humbly sheweth that we 
your Petitioners have for a Considerable Nomber of years La- 
bored under maney Disadvantages by Reson of the Town be- 
ing So Small which we belong to and we so fue in Nomber that 
we are not able to Settel a minister nor to hier preaching but a 
Small part of the year. Nor to carre on town affairs without 
great cost and as their is a part of the inhabitants of the wester- 
ly part of Hollis that have a Desire to be Set of to the town of 
Raby which we Sopose mite be very advantagous to us your 
petitions and those that Desire to be set of and not a great 
Damage to the town of Hollis We therefore beg you to take 
our Case into your wise consideration and if you can see fit that 
you would give your Consent that a part of the Westerly part 
of Hollis be set of to Raby — (Viz) begining at the Sandey 
bank So Call'^ on Nissitiset River and from thence a North pint 


acrost Hollis to amherst Line — which Line we think would Di- 
vid the towns of Hollis and Raby much more to the advantage 
of the whol then wheir the Line now is — 
Jan 18 — 17S4. 

Robert Sever ~\ in behalf of 

Swallow Tucker > the town 
James Campbell j of Raby 

[iSS] \^Petitio)i for A)inexatio)i of Part of Hollis.^ 
State of New Hampshire. 

To Honourable the Senate and house of Representatives of 

Said State in General Court assembled at Portsmouth in said 

State June ly^S- 

The petition of Swallow Tucker Robert Sever and James 
Campbell Committee in behalf of the Town Raby — hufnbly 
Shews — 

That the Town of Raby is of Small extent N. & South con- 
sisting of about four and a half miles in lenth and E. & W. two 
milds 59^^ in bredth and much of the land unfit for cultivation 
and more unfit for settlement and consequently thinly inhabited 
and unable to Settle or Support the Gospel or necessary schools 
for the instruction of youth (so necessary in Society) and other 
Town charges, and such is the unhappy Scituation of y'' Town 
that should we be anexed to other Town our difficulties would 
not be remided. the inhabitants are So Sensible of the import- 
ance of the education of youth that they can by no means rest 
easy to have their children brought up in Savage ignorance un- 
fit members for Scociety either in Church or State — that the 
Town of Hollis is a large Town both in quantity of land and 
Number of inhabitants & can well spare a part to build up the 
Town of Rabv. the Town of Rabv have repeatedly applied to 
the Town of Hollis to vote oft' to the Town of Raby some part 
of said Town which they refuse to doe, the Town of Raby 
therefore find themsehx's constrained to apply to your honors 
as to our civil fathers humbly praving vour honors to take their 
difficult case under your wise consideration & set oft' from the 
Town of Hollis and annex to the Town of Raby the following 
tract of land with the inhabitants consisting of nine families 
(Viz) beginning at the great Sand bank (so called) and run- 
ning parralell with east line of the town of Raby untill it comes 
opposite to Northeasterl)^ corner of the s** Town of Raby thence 
to said Northeasterly corner, in width about three Qiiarters of a 
mile that the inhabitants Settled on said tract of land are desir- 
ous to be Sett oft' to the Town of Raby (one excepted), we beg 


leave further to represent to your honors that nature seemed to 
design the abovesaid tract of land for the Town of Raby as the 
proposed line will run thro, a tract of poor land unfitt for culti- 
vation and the Town of Raby at their incorporation had reason 
to expect some further help from the town of Hollis — these rea- 
sons (w^ith many more which may be given if oppertunity 
therefor) \ve submit to the wise consideration of this honorable 
Court — praying your honors to grant us relief and your peti- 
tioners as in duty bound shall ever pray. 

Swallow Tvicker James Campbell Robert Sever 

[A plan of Hollis and Raby, showing the proposed alter- 
ation, and a plan of Raby, accompanied this petition. They 
are papers Nos. 183 and 184, Town Papers, vol. i, collection 
of 1880, in office of secretary of state. The latter locates 
the houses of the residents on the land, which they ask to 
have annexed to Raby, with the names of the residents, as 
follows : Senters House, James M^Danels, Purkins, Eze- 
kiel Proctor. John Cummings, Mr. Farley, Phin* Bennet, 
Joshua Smith, Joshua Smith Jr. Also the following as liv- 
ing in Raby on the side next to Hollis : Jonas Shead, R. 
M*^Danels, Capt. Sever, Widdow Dickey, R. Cutts Shannon 
Esq'', James Dickey, Greg, Thos. Asten. 

In H. of Rep., June 9, 1785, the foregoing petition was 
read, and a hearing ordered for the next session ; senate 
concurred same day. 

February 17th, 1786, an act passed annexing a part of 
Hollis to Raby. — Ed.] 

[189] \_ReIafive to locating- a Meeting-Hot<se^ 1788. "] 

At a Leagal meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Raby 
holden on the 14"' of April Last Past the Town Voted to Peti- 
tion the General Court for a Committee to Perfix a Place for us 
to set our meeting 

A True Coppv 

Raby May 30; 1788. Randel M-^Donald T Clark 

[190] \^Petitio/i for tJie Appoi)itmcnt of a Committee to lo- 
cate the Meeting- House J\ 

To the Hon''''' the Senate and house of Representatives for the 
State of New Plampshire. 
The Petition of the Subscribers Select men of the Town of 


Raby in the County of Hillsborough in said State, Humbly 
shews That the Inhabitants of said Town have voted to build 
a meeting house in said Town, but cannot Exactly agree on 
any particular spot of Ground to set it upon, and have agreed 
to petition your honours to send a Committee to find a Suitable 
place for that purpose. Your petitioners Therefore humbly 
pray your honours to Interpose and Grant us such a Committee 
as your honours in your Great wisdom shall think fit and they 
as in duty bound will ever pray &c 

Raby May 39''' 1788. James Campbell 

Sampson Farnsworth, selectmen of Raby 

Randel McDonald 

[This petition was granted June 7, 1788, and Timothy 
Farrer, Abial Abbott, and John Goss were appointed a 
committee to locate the meeting-house, the town to pay the 
expenses incurred. — Ed.] 

|]i92] \_Rc.lative to Chatiging the Nanic to Brookline^ i'/g8.~\ 

Att a legal meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Raby 
held on this Day, Voted to have the Town of Raby changed 
from said Raby and Called by the name of Brooklyne 

Mav 30* 1 798 

test R. ATDonald T. Clerk 

We order Benj" Farley to Draw a petition to the General 
Court for the within purpose and to sine our names as select- 
men to the same 

R. M'^Donald James MTntosh 

[And Benjamin obeyed orders by presenting the follow- 
ing : — Ed.] 

State of New Hampshire. 

To the Hon''''' the Senate and House of Representatives for 
said State Convened at Hopkintown. 

Humblv Shezvs — The Subscribers Select men for the Town 
of Raby that it is the earnest desire of tiie Inhabitants of said 
Town that the Name thereof mav be changed as by their vote 
in Town meeting mav appear — We therefore pray your Honors 
to pass an Act whereby said Town of Raby may take and hold 


the Name of Brookline in future — and as in duty bound shall 


Hopkintown June 11'^ 1798- 

Randel M<=Donald ~\ select 
Benja. Farley > men 

James M'^Intosh ) of Raby 

[The foregoing was granted by an act approved Decem- 
ber 4, 1798. — Ed.] 


This town was granted October 9, 1761, to Christopher 
Holmes and sixty-three others. By the terms of the grant 
Mr. Holmes was appointed moderator of the first meeting. 
The conditions of the grant not being fulfilled, the town 
was re-granted January 5, 1767. When the surveyors went 
up to lay out this and some other towns in the vicinity, 
they built a camp, and from that circumstance the town de- 
rives its name. 

A family by the name of Taylor, and one by the name of 
Fox, commenced the settlement of the town in 1765. 

The first meeting of the inhabitants was held December 
16, 1771. 

A dispute having arisen relative to the boundaries of the 
towns of Campton, Rumney, Warren, Wentworth, Plymouth, 
Piermont, and Orford, a committee was appointed by the 
legislature, October 27, 1780, to settle the matter, their re- 
port to be conclusive. (For report see Appendix.) 

The town was annexed to Grafton county September 14, 

By an act approved June 27, i860, a tract of land was 
severed from Campton, and annexed to Plymouth. 

Campton and Plymouth were connected by telephone in 

[3-31] ^^Petitioii for Arms and Ammunition.~\ 

To the honourable General Court of the Colony of New Hamp- 
shire The Petition of the town of Campton in the Colony 
aforesaid humbly sheweth, 
That whereas by a reverse of fortune (we have it from good 


authority) that Canady is in possession of the enemy so far as 
S' Johns ; — That being a frontier town we are in danger of be- 
ing attacked by the Canadians ; — 

That our deficiency in arms & amunition is such that renders 
us unable in case of an attack to make any resistance ; — there 
being 2^ stands of arms wanting for the number of inhabitants 
able to bear them ; — & with regard to amunition theie is none 
worth mentioning. 

These are therefore humbly to pray your honors in this exi- 
gence of affairs to furnish us with 25 stands of arms ; — So 
pounds of powder ; — 320 pounds of lead ; — & 200 flints from the 
Colony store & we will be accountable for the same. — 

Signed by order & in behalf of 
Dated at Campton Town of Campton 

June 27, 1776 By us 

Samuel Cook ] Select 
Jonathan Cone | Men 

P. S. please to deliyer the above articles to Capt. Benj" 
Hickcox & Lieu' Tho** Bartlet or either of them taking their 
Receipts for the same 

Samual Cook | Select 
Jonathan Cone j Men 

[2-32] \_Petiiion to be Annexed to the County of Grafton^ 
about l'/82.'\ 

State of New | 

hampshire j To the Honourable Councill and house of 
Representatiyes for said State. The Petition of the Subscrib- 
ers being inhabitants of the town of Campton in the County of 
Strafford humbly sheweth that the said town of Campton joins 
to the town of Plymouth in the County of Grafton where one 
Sup'' Court & two Inferior Courts & two Courts of Gen^ Ses- 
sions of the peace are annually to be held. And that they are 
situated about sixty miles from Doyer where the Courts are 
held for the County of Strafford. — Wherefore they pray the 
said town of Campton may be annexed to the aforesaid County 
of Grafton. And your petitioners as in duty bound shall eyer 

August 24"' 1 78 2. 

Jonah Chapman Darius Willey Joseph Palmer 

Samuel Holmes oli\er Taylor Samuel Cook Jur. 

William Page Abel Wifley Edward TayloV 

Samuel Cook J^'i'i Clark William Baker 

Jonathan Cone Moses Baker JSelden Church 


Thomas Bartlet John Hohnes John Southmayd 

Jesse willey Elias Cheney Nath^ Tupper 

Gershom Burbank Joseph Pahner Jur. Isaac Fox Junr 

[The petition was granted by an act passed September 
14, 1782. — Ed.] 

fR. 148] [ Ca?npton Soldiers' Orders^ iy84.~\ 

Sir Please to pay what is due for my son John Hohiies 
Wages & arrearages for service in the Continental Army to 
Maj"" Moses Baker of Campton, & you will oblige your humble 

John Holmes 

Campton Ocf 6^^ 1784. 

The hon'''" John T. Oilman Esq'' Treasurer. 

[Samuel Holmes and John Southmayd, selectmen of 
Campton, certify that John Holmes is heir to said John 
Holmes, who was in Capt. Stone's Co., Scammel's Reg't, 
and died in the service. — Ed.] 

[R. 149] [Edward Marsh ordered what was due to his 
son, Christopher Marsh, to be paid to Moses Baker. Said 
Christopher was in the same company and regiment, and 
also died in the service. (R. 150.) Isaac Fox ordered what 
was due to Joel Fox to be paid to said Baker. Said Joel 
was in same company and regiment, and also died in the 
service. — Ed.] 

[R. 151] {^Abstract of Petition of Joseph Hofnans.'] 

[Joseph Homans, of Campton, in a petition dated No- 
vember 28, 1789, states that " on the 15'*^ day of April 1781 
he inlisted himself a Soldier for three years for one of the 
Quota of the Town of Kingston, and served in the first N. 
H. Regiment until the 20*'* of December 1783, then your 
Petitioner received a Discharge ; " states that he was lame 
in his ankle, which grew worse, until March, 1788, he ap- 
plied to Daniel Peterson, of Boscawen, surgeon, and was un- 
der his care until November, when he had his leg ampu- 
tated. He asks to have some notes, which he received for 

CAMPTON. 2t;i 

his pay, cashed, and a further allowance of such sum as the 
legislature deem right. 

In H. of Rep., December 31, 17.S9, a grant of ;^i8 was 
voted to be paid from the specie tax ; senate concurred. — 

[2-33] IReturn of Ratable Polls, 1785.'] 

Campton 17"' October 1785 
To all whom it may Concern, This may Certify that there 
is Sixty Ratable Polls in the Town of Campton Twenty one 
years of age & upwards 

attest Jabez Church Town Clerk 

[2-34.] \_C0ncer71ing Electio}i of Representative.'] 

State of New | To the Hon''''^ Senate and House of Repre- 
Hampshire j sentatives in Gen' Court convened — The peti- 
tion of Campton, Thornton and New Holderness humbly 
Sheweth that your petitioners are subjected to great difficulty and 
inconvenience by being connected with Lincoln and Franconia 
for the purpose of chusing a Representative, as there is no road 
by which a Notification for a meeting of the district can be 
transmitted to them short of sixty or sevent}- miles travel — and 
if we cross the woods it is not less than 30 or 40 — And your 
petitioners would further shew that they have a sufficient num- 
ber of legal voters to entitle them to the choice of a Representa- 
tive without the addition of Lincoln and Franconia — and that 
the said Lincoln and Franconia can be better accommodated 
in the district of Gunthwaite Bath and others — Therefore your 
petitioners humbly request that the said Lincoln and Franconia 
may be set off from the district of your petitioners and annexed 
to some other district as in duty bound will prav — 

Noah Worcester for the Petitioners 
Concord Oct. 31 1785 

[2-35] [^Petition for Authority to tax Non-reside)it Lands 
for repairing Roads.] 

State of New Hampshire ) To the Hon'''* the General Court 
Grafton ss. j of the State of New Hampshire 

The Petition of John Southmayd, Abel Willey and Edmund 
March Select men of Campton in said Countv, 

humbly sheweth 


that there are a number of rapid streams in said Camptoa 
which require expensive bridges. — 

That by reason of great floods, the town of Campton has 
sustained considerable losses in the distruction of bridges, and 
by a necessary removal of the roads to a greater distance from 
the rivers which runs through the town. — 

That this has necessitated the assessment of very heavy taxes 
on the Polls & other rateable estate, merely to make the roads 
passable, — and that it is still necessary that there should be 
considerable more expended in order to make the roads in said 
Campton in any measure convenient for passing. — 

We therefore pray your Honors to take our case under your 
consideration & if it may consist with your wisdom grant us per- 
mission to assess all the unimproved lands which are laid out in 
said Campton, one penny per acre yearly for two years to be 
expended in making & repairing roads in said town — 

And we shall as in duty bound ever pray &c 

Campton January 14* 1791 — 

John Southmayd ~) Select 
Abel Willey >- men of 

Edmund Marsh J Campton 

[Granted by an act passed June 16, ijgi. — Ed.] 

[2-36] \^Extracts frotn Toxvn Records.^ 

At a Meeting legally warned and held in Campton on the 16* 
Day of December 1771 Agreable to Notification from Moses 
Little Esq"" for Calling the first Town Meeting in said town 
James Harvell was Chosen Selectman — 

By a warrant for Calling a Town Meeting Dated the Eleventh 
day of March 1772 

Signed James Harvell Selectman — 

At an annual meeting held in Campton on Tuesday the Sev- 
ententh day of March 1772 Voted James Harvell Selectman 

Extracts from the Records of the Town of Campton 

attest John Southmayd T. Clerk 

CANAAN. 253 


This town was granted July 9, 1761, to Thomas Giistin 
and sixty-one others, most of whom were from Connecticut, 
and the town took its name from Canaan in that state. 
John Scofield was its first settler, in the winter of 1^66- 6j ; 
George and Joshua Harris, Thomas Miner, and Samuel 
Meacham settled soon after. The charter of the town, 
which had been forfeited, was extended in February, 1769. 
March 28, 178 1, a committee, consisting of Jeremiah Page, 
Henry Gerrish, and William Chamberlin, was appointed to 
settle the boundaries of the town, in answer to a petition of 
George Harris, as agent for the proprietors. (See Acts, 
1 78 1, p. 220.) The report of that committee was made 
valid by an act approved June 18, 1802. By an act approved 
July 2, 1846, a tract of land called Dame's Gore was an- 
nexed to the town ; and by an act approved July 4, 1851, a 
tract called " State's Gore," or " Gates's Gore," was annexed. 
Jonathan Duston, who died here, July 4, 18 12, at the age of 
93, was grandson of the celebrated Hannah Duston. 

[2-37] \_Petition of George Harris for ne'v Grant of the 


Province of ] To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq"" ; 
New Hamp j Captain General & Commander in Chief in and 
over his Majestys Province of New Hampshire and Vice Ad- 
miral of the same in Council — 

The Petition of George Harris of Norwich in the Colony of 
Connecticut Husbandinan in behalf of Himself and the other 
Grantees of the Township of Canaan, vnito vour Excellency & 
the Hon'''*" Council humbly shews — 

That y"" Petitioner and his associates have expended large 
sums in bringing forward the settlement of said Township, 
which (on ace" of the many Obstructions & DifKcult\s they 
have met with for vv^ant of necessary Roads and Mills) they 
have not been able to effect, till his Majestys Grant to them 
was expired, and as the settlement of New Land is a heavy & 
weighty Work, y'' Petitioners pray they may be indulged with 
a New Grant of said Township for such time longer as y'' Ex- 
cellency may judge necessary and your Petitioner as in Duty 
bound shall ever pray — 

George Harris in 
behalf of Himself & associates 

Dec'3'i 1768 


[2-38] S^Pctition for Extension of Charter.'] 

To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq'' Gov'' and Com- 
mander in Chief in and over His Majesties Province of New 
Hampshire in New England — 

A Memorial of die Proprietors of the Township of Canaan 
in s'^ Province humbly represents, that your Excellencys Me- 
morialists having obtained A Royal Charter of the s'' Town- 
ship of Canaan Did A number of them soon begin A settle- 
ment on s'^ Land — but it being A Town in the second range, 
and the Town between it and Connecticut River not having- 
then begun to settle (namely Hanover) and indeed all the 
Towns thereabouts being Destitute of Roads, and also of Pro- 
visions (to Spare) which rendered the Settlement impracticable 
at that time ; Whereupon the adventurers withdrew untill the 
Spring of the year 1766; At which time (the abovs'^ Difficul- 
ties being in some measure Removed, and the Proprietors hav- 
ing given New Encouragement to the first setlers) Canaan be- 
gan to settle indeed, and Encreases fast to this time, and bids 
fair to Encrease still — that whither the Proprietors are engaged 
to settle the Town your Excellency may determine something 
by A coppy of part of Canaan Proprietors records which we 
herewith transmit to your Excellency. 

But your Excellencys memorialists being sensible that the 
time limited in their s*^ Charter for Duty to be done is Expired, 
and the Duty not done in full as required in the s"* Charter, al- 
though they have made Good proficiencv hereto — Therefore your 
Excellencys Memorialists humbly pray your Excellency would 
be Pleased to renew their Charter, that so the further settle- 
ment of Canaan may be Encouraged, and those who have ad- 
vanced their interests thereon not Deprived thei'eof, and the 
Hopes of all your Excellencys Dutifull Memorialists Resolved 
into Gratitude ; and furthermore your Excellencys Memorial- 
ists (apprehending it to be requisite to have the Lines of the 
Township of Canaan ran and the bounds Ascertained), Hum- 
bly beg Leave to recommend M'' Aaron Storrs to your Excel- 
lency as a fit person for s*^ purpose (he being A Surveyor that 
is well approv*^ of) and pray your Excellencies favour (if it 
may be also yovu" Pleasure) to appoint him to that service, 
whom we also appoint to be our agent to Lay this our Memo- 
rial befor your Excellency, and to Receive vour Excellencies 
answer to this our Memorial — & your Excellencies Memorial- 
ists as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray 

At a Meeting of the Proprietors of the Township of Canaan 
held in Canaan Aug' y*" 12"' Day 1768 Chose M'' Aaron Storrs 
to La}' the above Memorial before his Excellency the Gov'' of 
New Hampshire 

Test Joseph Crow j- q^^^ 

CANAAN. 255 

[An extension of the charter was granted by the gov- 
ernor and council, February, 1769. — Ed.] 

[2-39] \^Petition for Amis and Af>imi(nit/on.~\ 

To the Hon'''" Committy of Safety For the Colon}' of New 
Hampshire A Request from The Committv of Safety for the 
Towns of Canaan And Enfield alias Relhan in s*^ Colony ; 
Whereas we Being in Eminent Danger of being Ravaged and 
Destroyed by the Savages, and other of our Unnatural Enemys 
And we Being Unable to Defend our Selves in The Lest ; for 
the want of guns and ammunition We therefore Humbly Re- 
quest that your Honors Would send us Sixteen guns forty two 
pounds of Gunpowder and 168""* of Lead 21 Dozen of flints 
By Lieut' Sam' Jones of s'' Canaan and IVF Elisha Bingham of 
Enfield Which men are Chosen for the Said Purpose. Gent" 
your Compliance with this Request will Greatly Oblige and En- 
nable us to Defend our Selves in these frontier Towns 

Eben'' Fames ") ^ 
c 11 TVT 1 r Committies 
Sam" Meacham )■ r c r j. 
Tho^ Baldwin \ «f Safety 

Canaan July i^' A. D. 1776. 

The Reasons Why this Paper Was not Sign'' By two of the 
Committe is Because one is absent and the other is the Bearer 

S. Meacham 

[2-40] [ Voic of Tozvn relative to Taxes. ~\ 

State of New hampshier 

at a Legall meting, held in Canan voted Lent W™ Ayer make 
aplycation to the General Assembly of s"* State for an abate- 
ment on the Several Taxe biles Sent by the treasury of s*^ State 
to this town & to inquire into what conserns this town & to 
agree on anything he shall think proper 

attest thomas Baldwin Town Clerk 

Canaan June 11"' 1779 

[2-41] \_Petitiot7 relative to T'axes.~\ 

State of New 

To the Honourable council & House of representatives of said 


The petition of William Ayers of Canaan in the county of 
Grafton in said state in behalf of said town humbly shevveth 


that by means of the unsettled state of said County & the claim 
of Vei^mont they have never made their state tax ; but are now 
desirous to make the said taxes & to discharge the same ; but 
the said town being much too high in the proportion of the state 
tax the petitioner prays the same may be examined & set right 
and said town will immediately proceed to make & discharge 
their taxes, and as in duty bound shall ever pray 

W" Ayer 
Exeter June 17, i779 

[R. 152] 

A Pay Roll Made for part of Capt" Joshua Wellse's Compa- 
ny in Col° Chases Regiment of Militia who were Called forth 
in an alarm Oct" 20, A. D. 1780 

Days milds 
out travel 
Capt Joshua Wells 9 — 90 Nathaniel Bai'tlett 
L' Sam' Jones 9 — 90 Caleb Clark Ji 

Ensy" Thos. Baldwin 9 — 90 Jonathan Sprague 
Sergt. Caleb Welch 9 — 90 Daniel Blasdel 
Saml. Hinkson Private 9 — 90 Josiah Clark 
John Scofield Jun'' 4 — 30 Thos. Miner 
John Jones 9 — 90 Sam' Gates 

Sam' Meacham 9 — 90 Ezek' Gardner 

William Ayer 9 — 90 Benj" Robert Birts 

Robert Barber 9 — 90 Joshua Harris 

John Bartlett 9 — 74 Francis Smith 

N, B. Thirty Mild allowed out of said Travail 
count of Drawing Provisions on the way for the Distance of 
Thirty milds — 

A. True Return Errors Excepted — Signed in Behalf of the 

Days milds 

out travel 























on the 


Canaan Dec"" 15* A. D. 1783. 

Joshua Wells Cap" 

[R- 153] 

In Com'*"'^ on Claims — Concord Oct" 28"^ 1785 
There appears to be due to the Town of Canaan Twelve 
Pounds five shillings & seven pence for supplies to Benj" R. 
Burts, which sum has been deducted from his depreciation to 
Jan^ 1 78 1. 
£12, 5, 7. 

Ex*^ per Josiah Oilman Jun"" 

CANAAN. 257 

[2-42] \_RcIative to Scouis employed by the T'o'vn.'\ 

To the Hon. the General Court of the State of New Hamp- 
shire — 
The Petition of the town of Canaan Humbly Sheweth, that 
we the Inhabitants of Said Town the Summer past Conceived 
Our Selves in Danger From the Canadian and otiier Savages ; 
(our Frontier being in a great measure Neglected) and there- 
fore by a Vote of the Town Did agree to Raise and pay Three 
men for Six months to Scout and Guard &c to which men we 
have paid and are obligated to pay ten pounds Each — the men 
were Raised by No order nor by the authority of No State but 
onlv bv the Vote of the Town — Altho they went into a Regi- 
ment Raised by The authoritv of Vermont but Should your 
Honors think the}' Rendered any Service to This or the United 
States vour Petitioners pray that their Money Paid s'' Soldiers 
mav be Reimbursted them or abated on thier Taxes All which 
is Humbly Submitted and your Petitioners as in Duty bound 
Shall Ever Pray &c 


T^i s TD 1 1 • ^ Com""* in be- 
i ho** Baldwm 1 , ,c ro -j 
\n.Tm. A r halt of Said 

W" Aver t rj^ 

J i own 

Canaan State of New Hampshire Jvme 8"^ A. D. 1782 
[Read, and ordered to lay. — Ed.] 


Canaan January 22''' 1782 
To the Honorable and Generable assemble of the State of New 
hampshier greating — 

we haveing for a Long time bin under a broken situation the 
pretended state of Vermont pretend to Exercise athorrity over 
us which causis a great confusion among us & there being more 
than one half of the inhabitence of this town that have bin & 
now are willing subjects to this state pray that we mite be put 
in sum regulasion that we may have a Justise of the peace & 
militare otHcers that we may be in a way to defend our selves 
against the Enemies of the united States for we think ourselves 
in great danger having no athority amongst us but the pretend- 
ed athority of Vermont which we are not willing to be under if 
we can have anv other N. B. we the subscribers beg the priv- 
elege that the Honerable Cort wold commisonate Willian Ayer 
as Justise of the peace & that we mite be led to the choyce of 
miletery otficeers. 



Joseph Stickiiey Benjamin Burt Samuel meacham 

Joseph flint James woodbery Robard Barber 

Daniel farnum henry springer Jonathan Stickney 

Samuel Chatman Jaspur barber Ezkel wels 

Nath^ Bartlet thomas miner David fogg 

Joshus wils Damrell Carr John Bartlet 

Samuel josen William Smith Samuel Hinkson 

Mathew Man Leonard hor 

Josiah hall Bartlet Bejaman Sawer 


State of New Hamp"" \ A true Inventory of the Polls and 
Grafton ss J rateable Estate in the town of Canaan in 
said State in the year Anno Domini 1 783 — 

Number of Polls 50 

N° of Horses 28 

N" of Cows 62 

N*^ of Oxen 29 

N° of 3 years old 14 

N" of 2 years old 20 

N" of yearlings 10 

N" of Acres of Pastering 118 

N*' of Acres of Mowing 1 27 

N" of Acres of Tillage 34 
N" of Acres of wild land fit ' 
for improvement 

A true copy Attest — 

William Ayer } Selectmen 

William Richardson f of Canaan 

[2-46] \^Relative to jfustice of the JPeace.'\ 

To his Excellency the President & the Hon'''^ the Council for 
the State of New Hampshire 

May it please your Excellency & Honors We the Subscribers 
beg leave to inform you that as we the Inhabitants of the Town 
of Canaan are not Represented in the House, to our satisfac- 
tion, we cannot rest easy to have advice taken from that quarter 
in your Hon''''^ board, respecting the appointment of officers, 
Civil or Militar}' , as the peace & well-being of the State de- 
pends much on satisfactory appointments, we take the liberty to 
inform you that Caleb Clark Esq"" of s** Canaan will give much 
the best satisfaction to s'* Town for a Civil Magistrate of any 

CANAAN. 259 

man in the Town, we therefore pray your Excellency & Hon- 
ors that if consistant, he may be appointed to that office & the 
favour will be gratefully acknowledged by }-our Hum""'" ser- 
vants — 

Canaan Jan^ 26"" 1785 

Asahel Wells George Harris Samuel Hinkson 

Josep Stickney Tvu^ner Peterson William Smith 

Benj Harris Samuel meacham William Douglass 

Robart Barber benjamin hurts Elias Lothrop 

Joseph Flint Jonathan Stickney Thaddeus Lothrop 

Jehu Jones Zebulon Gates Humphrey Nichols 

Ezekiel Gardner willam Richson Abel Hadley 

Caleb Welch James woodbury Benja Sawyer 


To his Excellency the President & the Hon'''^ the Council for 
the State of New Hampshire — 

May it please your Excellency & Honors — We the subscrib- 
ers beg leave to inform you that as we the inhabitants of Can- 
aan, in s** vState are not Represented in the House, to our satis- 
faction, therefore cannot rest easy to have advice taken from 
that quarter, in your Hon*"'^ board, respecting the appointment 
of ofHcers Civil or Military, as the peace & well being of the 
state depends much on satisfactory appointments we take the 
liberty to inform you that Cap' Robart Barber, of s'' Canaan, 
will give much the best satisfaction to the inhabitants of s*^ 
Town for a Field officer, of any Person in s"* Town, we imder- 
stand a certain M"^ Jones, has been mentioned, who will not an- 
swer the valuable purpose of peace in s*^ Town we therefore 
pray your Excellency & Honors that if consistant, Cap' Barber 
may be appointed the field officer for the Town of Canaan & 
the favour will be gratefully acknowledged by your Hum^* 
Servt — 

Canaan Jan^ 26"^ 17S5 — 

Turner Peterson Joshua Harris William Richardson 

Samuel Medium Isaac Walker Elisha Lathrop 

benjamin hurts Benj Harris Elias Lothrop 

Ezekiel Gardner Asahel Wells Richard Clark 

George Harris Ezekiel Wells William Douglass 

Samuel Hinkson Jehu Jones 

State of 
Hampshire | day the eight day of august A. D. 17S6 the in- 

State of New ) At a legal meeting holden in Canaan on tues- 


habiteiits of s*^ Town unanimously voted to have paper money 

Attest David Fogg j Town Clerk 

[See Atkinson papers. — Eu.] 

[R. 154] \^S elect in eft's Order. '\ 

Canaan March 13'^ i79°* 

To William Gardner Esq, Treas. Pleas to pay to Jehu 
Jones or bearer the sum of twenty pounds with the Interest due 
thereon being a Town bounty paid by the Town of Canaan to 
one Jon'' Lock a Recruit in 1782. 

Samuel Jones William Richardson Selectmen 

To be allowed on IN-T Jones tax for 178S. 


The town was set off from Chester, in answer to a peti- 
tion, dated March 22, 1763, of thirty-eight of the inhabi- 
tants, and agreeably to a vote of the town of Chester of 
January 26, same year, and incorporated by an act of the 
provincial assembly, passed December 17, 1763. It was 
named by Governor Wentworth from an island in the Med- 
iterranean sea, where he was once a prisoner. Samuel 
Emerson was authorized to call the first meeting. Settle- 
ments were commenced in this part of Chester by William 
Turner in 1748, John Sargent and others in 1755. The 
line between this town and Raymond was established by an 
act approved June 23, 1848. 

[R- 155] 

[ William Hilton'' s Order^ Soldier^ l'/8o.'\ 

Camp New Hampshire Village, Dec. 22, 1780. 

May it please your honors — I inlisted into the service of the 
State of New Hampshire at Ticonderoga in the year 177^ — 
under the encouragement of ten Dollars per month, since which 
have not had an opportunity of being in the State consequently 


could not reinlist under the second encouragement — You will 
please to settle with Cap' Moses Dustin, (to whose company I 
belong,) for the Deficiency thereof & his Rec' shall be a Dis- 
charge from 

Gent. Your h' Serv' 
To the Hon''''^ the William Hilton 

Council & House of Representatives for N Hampshire 

[2-44] ^Number of Ratable Polls, lySj.'] 

Agreeable to Directions we have taken the number of the 
Polls in the parish of Candia of twenty one years of age and 
upwards paying for himself a poll Tax and find them amount 
to one hundred and fifty and five 

Sam" Buswell | Selectmen 
Ephraim Eaton j of Candia. 

Candia Nov^ i8"> 1783 

Rockinsfham ss 

Decem'' 5"' 17S3 then Samuel Buswell and 
Ephraim Eaton the Signers of the above written Personally 
appeared & made Solemn Oath to the truth thereof 

Before Sam'^ Aloore Jus 


This town was granted May 20, 1727, to Richard Wal- 
dron and a large number of associates, and comprised the 
territory now in the towns of Loudon and Northfield. Set- 
tlements commenced soon after, but for many years they 
were occasionally harassed by the Indians, and had to 
maintain a garrison, notwithstanding which some of the 
settlers were killed, and others taken prisoners and carried 
to Canada. An act granting the inhabitants town privi- 
leges was passed March 19, 1741. An addition was made 
to the town on the south-west side, June 13, 1765. The 
township of Loudon was set off January 23, 1773; and by 
an act passed June 19, 1780, the north-westerly part of the 
town was set off, and incorporated into the town of North- 
field. A small tract of land was severed from this town 
and annexed to Concord, June 2, 1784, and another annexed 
to Loudon, January 7, 1853. 


In 1774, Ann Lee, the founder of a religious denomi- 
nation called Shakers, came to this country from England, 
and a branch of the denomination was established in this 
town in 1792. Their first minister was Elder Job Bishop, 
who occupied the position many years. They are a frugal, 
industrious, and temperate people, intelligent and succes- 
ful tillers of the soil, and breeders of stock, and are at 
present a prosperous community. 

[2-49] [ Concerning Trade with the Indians. ~\ 

In the House of Representatives X'' the 33*^ ^743 
Voted That M'' Jotham Odiorn Jun-- & M'' Hunking Went- 
worth be a Comittee to Purchase thirty pounds worth of Goods 
to Send up to Canterbury for a Supply to Trade with the In- 
dians which Shall be laid out in the following Manner viz' 

for Rum £3, ,15 

for Blankets £10,, 

for Cloth Suitable for Indian Stockings £3, ,15 

for Linen for Shirts -£^11 

for Powder Shot Bullets & flints £s?i 

Knives Pipes and Tobacko £2, ,10 

And that the Treasurer pay the Said Sum of thirty pounds 
to the Said Comittee for the Ends aforesaid out of the Money 
that Shall be in the Treasury for Contingencies after the first 
day of february Next, And when Said Comittee have pur- 
chased s'' goods they Shall Convey the Same to the Town of 
Canterbury & Deliver them to M"" James Scales, who is hereby 
impowered to Sell the Same to the Indians, and receive the Pay 
in furs &c at Such Prices as Shall be Set b}' Said Comittee, 
and that the Comittee be Governed in Rating the Goods & 
Furs by the Prices that are Set by the Massachusetts Govern- 
men' and that Said James Scales Render an accomp' of the 
Sale of all Such vSales of the vSaid Goods as he shall Dispose 
of to the Indians as aforesaid to the General assembly Some 
time within vSix Months of the Date hereof, and all the Pro- 
duce of Said Goods Shall be by him paid & Delivered to the 
Treasurer, and to lye there for the use of the Governm' as Shall 
be Ordered by the Gen' ass"' And that Said Scales be under 
oath for the faithfull discharge of his Trust, and to have Such 
allowance made him for his service as Shall be Tho' reasonable 
by the Gen' ass'" at the Time of his rendering his ace' of the 
Sales & Returns of Such Goods — 

James Jeff'rey Cler'' ass"" 


[2-50] [ Vote to set off a Parish^ I'j'j2.'\ 

At a Reaguler Town Meeting lield at the Meeting House in 
Canterbury on Monday y" 5* day of October 1772 — Then 
Agreable to the fourth article in the above Warrant — 

Voted that the Southeaster!}' end of the Town of Canter- 
bury be Set off as a distinct Parish, begining at the corner of 
the Town, at the buckshorn beach tree, then runing South- 
west acrost the Easterly end of Said Town to that corner 
bound — then Northwest upon the Line between Canterbury 
and Bow, five Miles, then Northeast to Gilmantown Line — 
then Southeast to the first bound Mentioned. 

A True Coppy taken from Canterbury Town Records 

?■■ Ale Archelaus Moore Town Clerk 

Canterbury December y^ 26"* 1772 

[2-51] \_Petition fo7' a Parish in the South-East Part.'\ 

To his Excellency John Wentv^^orth Esq'' Governor and Com- 
mander in chief in and over his Majesty's Province of New 
Hampshire The Honorable his Majesty's Council and House 
of Representatives in General Assembly convened the 5"* day 
of January, 1773 

The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of the North 
East part of Canterbury in said Province humblv sheweth 

That your Petitioners live at the distance of ten and twelve 
Miles (as the Roads now go) from the Meeting House in said 
Town That the Roads are very bad and therefore they can't 
without great difficulty attend the public worship of God there 
nor any public affairs of the Town for which reason they have 
petitioned the said Town for their leave to be set off into a dis- 
tinct parish in consequence of which the said Town have 
voted at public Town meeting as follows viz*. "Voted that the 
South Easterly end of the Town of Canterbury be set off as a 
distinct parish begining at the Corner of the Town at the Bucks- 
horn Beech Tree then running Southwest across the Easterly 
end of said Town to that corner Bound then Northwest upon 
the Line between Canterbury and Bow, five Miles then North 
East to Gilmanton Line then South East to the first Bounds " 
Wherefore your Petitioners humbly prav that your Excellency 
and Honors would give your Petitioners libertv to bring in a 
Bill for erecting a distinct Parish with the Privileges of other 
Parishes in the Province within the Limits aforesaid. And 
your Petitif)ners as in dutv bound shall ever pray &c. 

John Danforth Ezekiel Morrill, Jun"" Eliphalet Rollins 

Daniel Bachelder Marston Morrill Nath' Batchclder 



Samuel Danforth, 
Henry Moulton 
Jethro Bachelder 
Samuel Morrill 
Isaac Alorrill 
Moses Ardua 
Moses Ardua Jun'' 
George Barnes 
Dudley Swanzey 
Amasa Dow 
Samuel Dow 
Samuel Lock 
Joseph M'^Goon 
Jacob Towle 
Enoch French 

Solomon Sias 
Benjamin Sias 
William Davis 
William Boynton 
Charles vSias 
John Glines 
Jethro Bachelder 

Samuel Rogers 
Abraham Bachelder 
Abraham Bachelder 

John Sanborn 
Philip Judkins 
Samuel Sargent 

Jonah Rines 
Samuel Carter 
Jonathan Smith 
John Smith 
Samuel French 
Gershom Mathes 
Stephen Perkins 
Nathan Bachelder 
Jonathan Clough 
Joseph Tilton 
John Drew 
Abel French 
Thomas Drake 
Thomas Swett 

To the Honourable his Majestys Council and House of Repre- 
sentatives in General Assembly — 

Whereas we the Subscribers have been notify 'd according to 
your Honours Directions we therefore shew no Cause why the 
South Easterly End of Canterbury should not be set off as a 
Distinct Parish according to the Petition Laid before your Hon- 
ours for that purpose — 

John Hoyt 1 Selectmen 

William Ellison V for 
Jonathan Clough ) Canterbury 
Canterbury Jan. 12*'* ^773 

[The parish was set off by an act of the general assembly 
passed January 23, 1773, and erected into a parish by the 
name of Loudon. — Ed.] 


\_Records of Tow7i- Meet ing ^^ 

At a meeting of the Proprietors of Canterbury Held at the 
Meeting house In s'' Canterbury on Day of may i773 

M"' Ezekiel Merrill chosen Moderator for s*^ Meeting David 
Forster Chosen Clerk to s"^ Proprietors — 

Voted To Chuse a Committee to Serch the Proprietors 
Books of Records to See if there be any omission or Mistakes 
in them & to Collect any Papers Relative to s** Proprietors that 
aught to be recorded tSc to get them Recorded & to make Report 
to s'' Proprietors & that the s'^ Committee apply to the General 
Court if it shall be found Necessary for Power to Record any 
of s'^ Proprietors Papers which have heretofore been neg- 
lected — 


Voted Col" John Gage Archelaus Moore & m'' Asa Forster 
Committee for that purpose — 

Voted Jeremiah Clough Esq"" Cap John Gage & m"" Asa 
Forster be a Committee to Settle accompts with any person or 
Persons who ha\'e Transacted any business for s'' Proprietors 
which have not yet been Settled with — 

The meeting adjourned to Second Wednesday in June Next 
at one o'clock afternoon — 

at a meeting of the Proprietors of Canterbury held by ad- 
journment at the meeting house in s"* Canterbury on Wednesday 
9"^ of June the follo\ving Votes ware pas*^ — 

Voted that John Gage Jun"" Esq"" be Chosen a Committee 
man in the Room of his hon'''* Father Col" John Gage who is 
unable to attend the business for which he was Chosen. 

Voted that archelaus moor Esq'' m"" Asa Forster & David 
Forster be a Committee to Call Proprietors meetings for the 
future — 

Voted that Meeting of s'^ Proprietors Shall be Called upon 
Aplication of Sixteen of s'' Proprietors — 

Voted that a Warrant for s'' meeting vShall be Published in 
the New hampshire Gazzettee & also at the Meeting house in 
s"^ Canterbiny — 

Voted to Raise four Shilling on each original Right to De- 
fray the Charges of the above mentioned articales into Execu- 
tion — 

Voted that the Committee for Calling meetings be also a 
Committee to Raise the above mentioned Rate — 

Voted that m"" Ephraim Clough be a Collector to gather the 
above mentioned Rate — 

Voted to give the Collector Six Shillings on the hundred for 
Collecting s*^ Rate — 

The meeting adjourned to the 4* of August next two oclock 
afternoon at the meeting in s'^ Canterbury on the forth Dav of 
August the Proprietors for s** met at the meeting house ac- 
cording to adjournment & adjovu'ned to the twcntv fifth Day of 
August S oclock the forenoon at the meeting house in s"^ Can- 
terbury — 

On the 25 of August the Proprietors met according to ad- 
journment & Voted that the meeting of s'' Proprietors be fur- 
ther adj()in"ned to the first Wednesday in October next at one 
oclock afternoon — on the Sixth Day of October instant the Pro- 
prietors of Canterbury met according to adjournment & Voted 
as follows Viz. 

Voted to Except their Book of Records as thev now stand & 
Confirm & Establish all Entries therein made by the Commit- 
tee appointed for that purpose — 

The meeting adjourned to the first "vs'ednesday of Janewary 
Next ten o'clock in the afternoon 


On the fifth day of Januaiy the Proprietors afor^*^ met accord- 
ing to adjournment & Voted as followeth 

Voted that the Rev*^ Abiel Forster be a committee man or 
agent to Present a Petition to the General Court & to lav their 
Proprietors Books before s*^ Court in order to get the Same Es- 
tablished — 

The meeting adjourned to the first wednesda3' of April Next 
at one oclock afternoon 

A True Coppy Test David Forster Prop C 1 k 

^2-53] \^Power of Attortiey granted to yohn Jfe/ony.'] 

Whereas an advertizement has appeared in the New Hamp- 
shire Gazette of the 30* of July 1773 Notifying the Proprietors 
of Canterbury to meet at the Meeting House in said Canterbury 
on the 25* of august next and among other things to See if the 
Proprietors will vote to prosecute a Writ of Review in the Ac- 
tion originally brought by Richard Melony of the County of 
Clare in the Kingdom of Ireland against George Kezer of 
Hampstead in the County of Rockingham for Two Forty Acre 
Lots in Said Canterbury and (if voted then) to vote how they 
will raise Money for that Purpose. The Subscribers being 
Proprietors and owners of as many Rights of Land in Said 
Canterbury as set against our Respective names, having Con- 
sidered the above mentioned Notifycation and think the Same 
if voted will be prejudicial to the Interest of the Proprietors, 
And not being able to attend said meeting personnally. There- 
fore we do appoint John Melony of Canterbury aforesaid yeo- 
man to be our Lawful Attorney in our Behalf & stead to attend 
Said Meeting, and there to vote according to our Interest (in 
the same manner as if we were personally present) against the 
proprietors undertaking to Prosecute said Review or raising 
any money for that purpose or being anyways concern'd there- 
in In witness whereof we have hereunto Set our hands & 
Seals August the 9* and in the Thirteenth year of his Majes- 
tys Reign George the third King of Great Britain France & 
Ireland iVnnoque Domini one thousand seven hvnidred & Sev- 
enty three — N° rights 

witness for Jon'' Warner Esq"" James Davis i 

Chas. E. Warner Samuel Davis i D° 

N° rights Sarah Hicks ) R-q-] t 

Tho Davis i Joseph Hicks j -^ * 

Seth Jacobs for Nath'Lomex i John Woodman 2j4 Rits 

right Jonathan Woodman ij^ I'ighs 

Sam' Emerson i right Smith Emerson i right 


Ephraim Davis i right Simon Rendel one Rit & a 

Geo : JaftVey i riglit half 

H Wentvvorth 2 Rights Benj Jones three Rights 

Jonathan Warner 3 Rights W'" Jenkins one Rit 

John Penhallow 2 Rights Rich^ Jenness one Right 

E Russell two Rights Robert Leathers i Right 

Peter Oilman i right Joseph Stevens i Right 

W"' Appleton I right 

Province of ~\ august y'^ 10"^ ^773 Then Jam' Davis Sam' 
Newhampshire >■ Davis Thorn Davis Seth Jacobs Sam' Emer- 

Stratibrd ss ) son Ephraim Davis Widdow Sarah Hicks & 
Joseph Hicks all above and Within Subscribed Personally Ap- 
peared Before me the Subscriber and Acknowledged the With- 
in Written Instrument to be their free act and deed 

Sol Emerson Just peace 

Province of ~^ aug" 16"' 1773 Then John Woodman, 
New Hampshire >- Jonathan Woodman, Smith Emerson, Si- 

Strafford ss ) mon Rendell, Benjamin Jones, and William 
Jenkins acknowledged the above and within Instrument to be 
their free act and deed 

Before Ebenezer Thompson Jus Peace 

Province of ~\ Then George Jaffrey, Hunking Went- 
New Hamp' )- worth, Eleazer Russell Esq% and John Pen- 
Rockingham ss J hallow Personally appeared before me and 
acknowledged the above and within lustrum' to be their vol- 
untary act and Deed — 

before me Daniel Rogers J^ Peace 

aug**' 12"* 1 773 

Then Jonathan Warner and Peter Gilman Esq'' and W'" Ap- 
pleton personally appeared before me and acknowledged the 
within Instrument bv them Subscribed to be their free act & 

Daniel Rogers Just Peace 

Province of ] 

New Hamp' j Aug' 30, 1773 then Richard Jeness and Rob- 
ert Leathers appeared Before me and acknowledged their In- 
strument to be their free act and Deed 

Joseph Atkinson Jus' Peace 

Province of "^ August the 31"' 1773 Then m'' Joseph Stevens 
New Hamp"" '- personally appeared & acknowledgetl the forego- 
StratVord ss J ing Instrument to be his act and Deed 

before me Jn" Sullivan Jus' peace 


[2-54] \_Proceedings of Tovj?i- Meetings 777J.] 

On the Twenty fifth Day of August instant the Proprietors 
of Canterbury being Legally Warned Met at y*^ meeting house 
in Said Town and Pas'd the following Votes Viz — 

Voted That John Gage Esq'' be Moderator for s'' meeting 

Voted To Prosecute a writ of Review in the Action original- 
ly Brought b}' Rich'd Melony of the County of Clare in the 
Kingdom of Ireland against Geoi'ge Kezzer of Hampstead in 
the County of Rockingham for Two forty acre Lots in Canter- 
bury So far as Sixty Dollars will go — 

Voted To Raise Sixt}' Dollars Toward Defraying Charges of 
the above Lawsuit — 

Voted that John Gage Esq'' be a Committee man or agent to 
Prosicute the above said action & to take Care of the above s*^ 
money — 

Voted that John Gage Esq'' hire said Money and the Propri- 
tors pay him the Interest for the same till it Can be Rais'd — 
Then the Meeting adjournd to Wednesday the Sixth Day of 
October Next two o'clock afternoon — 

The Same Day John Melony Objected To the Foregoing 
Proceedings in Behalf of himself and a number of 
Propritors absent as Illegal 

Canterbury august y*^ 25"' i773 

A True Coppy 

P'' me David Forster Prop Clk. 

On the Sixth Day of October the Propritors aftbr s'd Meet at 
the meeting house afibrsaid according to adjournment and Vot- 
ed as folio weth Viz. 

Voted that Lot N° 5 in the forty acre Lots shall be Returned 
to Daniel Davis for his first Division Lot — 

Voted To Establish & Confirm The Transactions of former 
Votes and former Committees Except those Imployed in Chi- 
chester Lawsuit — 

Voted That Ephraim Clough be a Collector to gether the 
above Rates — 

Canterbury October y'^ 6"' i773 — 
A true Coppy P"' me 

David Forster Prop. Clerk. 

[2-5 1^] \^Rcport of Committee Relative to Line bettveen Can- 
terbury and CJiicJiester^ ///p.] 

The return of the division Line between Canterbury old 
Town & a Parish proposed to be set oft' at the North west part 


of s*^ Town, run by the Subscribers a Committee chosen for 
that purpose. — Begining at a Beech Tree standing by the south- 
east corner bound of a hundred acre Lot in the second hundred 
acre division hiid out to Joseph Dearborn numbered forty two : 
runing south seventy seven degrees west, to a White Pine spot- 
ted standing by the turn of the River above Gerrishes Ferry — 
Canterbury June 24'^ ^779 

Josiah Aliles ^ 

Edward Blanchard I ^ 
A I . Ar-1 r Committee 

Arch' Mdes [ 

David Foster J 

Archelaus Moore Town Clerk 

A true Coppy attest 


At a Legal Meeting of the Lihabitants of Canterbury on the 
first day of July A. D. 1S79 

Voted to accept the return of the Committee appointed to 
run the Line for a Parish at the Northwest part of the Town as 
they have exhibited their pi-oceedings in s** affair 
A true Coppy attes' 

Archelaus Moore Town Clerk 

[R. 156] \^A3sfrac^ of Abner Ames's Petitioti^ Soldier^ ^77^-'\ 

[In a petition dated November 2, 1778, Abner Miles, of 
Canterbury, yeoman, states that he "Turned out as a Vol- 
untier in the service of his Country on the Expedition to 
Rhode Island under the Command of Capt. Benj'* Sias & 
served there untill the Company Came off the Island ; " was 
taken sick, and confined at the house of Joseph Goffe. at 
Rehoboth, and remained there until September 24, 1778. 
He asks that the bill of said Goffe, amounting to ^39-14 
lawful money, and the bill of Dr. Jos. Bridgham of £(^-6, 
may be paid by the state, and the said bills were allowed 
by the committee on sick and wounded soldiers. Miles 
also states that he lost a horse valued at $250 in the service 
at Rhode Island, and Capt. Sias certifies to said loss ; and 
Miles introduces the following to prove the value thereof, 
which was sworn to before Archelaus Moore. — Ed.] 


[R. 163] 

Canterbury March y"= S* 1779 
We Jeremiah Hacket and Obediah Clough both of Canter- 
bury being appointed by the select men of said Canterbury, ta 
apprize a Hose which Abner Miles of said Town Rode to 
Rhode Island and Lost Last august when he went a Volenter in 
Cap' Siases Company under Col" Moses Nichols in Gen^ Whi- 
ples Brigade — We therefore agreeable to the trvist Reposed in 
us do truly honestly and Impartily apprize said Horse to the 
best of our Judgment at £75, Lawful Money as witness our 

Jeremiah Hacket Obadiah Clough 

Consented to. | Selectmen 

Nehemiah Clough David Forster j for Canterbury. 


At an Annual Meeting held at Canterbury on the iS''' of 
March 1779 — 

Upon application of the Inhabitants of the Northwest part of 
the Town to be set oft' as a separate Parish — Voted to set off" 
the s*^ Inhabitants accordingly, and that Cap' Josiah Miles, 
David Foster, Cap' Edward Blanchard & En'" Archelaus Miles 
be a Committee to run a Line of division, & make return to 
the Town at the adjournment of this Meeting for their accept- 

A true Coppy attes' 

Archelaus Moore Town Clerk 


The Number of Polls in Canterbury 21 years old & upwards- 
paying for themselves a Poll Taxe for 17S3 — 143 

r>w -J T^ i. ] Selectmen for Can- 
David t orster y , , 


[2-59] \^Petition for a Division of the Towii.~\ 

State of New Hamp'' Rockingham ss. Canterbury March 30"* 
A. D. 1780 The Humble Petition of y'' Subscribers Inhabi- 
tants of y* North part of s*^ Canterbury to y^ Honourable y*^ 
Presidant and members of Council & house of Representatives- 
of Said State, we your Humble Petitioners Living at a great 
Distance from y'' Center of y^ Town Some of us at nine or ten 
Miles, & Consequently at a very great disadvantage in Joining 
with them in all Publick Town affairs, being encouraged Partly 



by our Living in that Part of y* Town that was Laid out for 
what was called y" upper Parish & Partly by y*" Kind Reception 
our Request mett with which we made to y" Town for a dis- 
mision but more Particularly by our Confidence in your Hon- 
ours desire to Promote y*" Happiness of every Part of this State 
Humbly Pray that your Honours would take our Case into your 
Serious Consideration and grant that we togather with all who 
Live in s"^ upper Part may be Erected & Incorporated into a 
body Politick & Corporate to have Continuance by y*^ name of 
North field — with all such Powers & Authorities Privileges Im- 
munities and Franchises which other Parishes or Towns in this 
State in General hold & Enjoy which your Petitioners as in duty 
bound Shall forever pray 

Will'" Kenistone 
James Blanchard 
Will'" Williams 
Jerem** M'^Daniel 
Ben" Blanchard 
Tho" Clough Jun"" 
Joseph Carr 
Richard Blanchard 
Simon Sanborn 
Tho^ Oilman 
Charles Glidden 
John Dearborn 
Joseph Levitt 
Shubal Dearborn 

Will"' Forrest 

Shubal Dearborn Will'" Hancock 
Jacob Morrill Nat' Perkins 

Aaron Stevens Jun"' James Lid Perkins 

Sam' Miles 
John Forrest 
Nat' whitcher 
Tho*" Clough 
John Cross 
Jon" Wadleigh 
Abnor Miles 
Jacob Heath 
George Hancock 
John Simons 
Joseph Hancock 
Benj" Collins 
Abra'" Dearborn 

Archelus Miles 
Edward Blanchard 
Will"* ad Perkins 
David Blanchard 
Aaron Stevens 
Reuben Whitcher 
Will'" Sanborn 
John M-^Daniel 
Eben^ Kimball 
Gedeon Levitt 
Mathias Hains 

[The petition was granted. The north-west part of the 
town was set off, and incorporated by the name of North- 
field.— Eix] 

[2-60] \_Petitioti to be annexed to Hillsborough Co7aity.'\ 

State of I To the Hon'"''' the Senate & House of Repre- 

New Hampshire j sentati\es of said State in General Court 

The petition of the Subscribers being Inhabitants of the town 
of Canterbury in the county of Rockingham humhlv shews ; 
that thev labour under great disadvantages, bv reason of their 
distance from Portsmouth & Exeter where the Courts are held 
& puhlick records kept for said Coiuitv — Wherefore thev prav 
that the town of Concord in said County togather with tlie said 


town of Canterbury may be annexed to the Covmty of Hillsboro, 
& that for the future half the Courts for said County of Hills- 
boro may be held at said Concord, and your petitioners, as in 
duty bound shall ever pray &c 

Jeremiah Clough Jere*" Clough jr William Hazeltine 

Archelaus Aloore John Sutton Obadiah Hall 

Thomas Clough Ezekiel Moore Simon Eames 

David Morrill John moore John Bean 

Sam' Eames Joshua Weeks Joseph Clough 

Laben Morrill Nath' Glines John Moore jr 

Gideon Bartlett Benjamin vSanborn William Foster 

T 1 n!/ TT f Zebadiah Sargent Jonathan Bradley 

-^^ "nik ''"^ Shubael Sanborn Masten Morrill 

David Foster Elijah Sargent Jesse Stevens 
John Carter 

[R. 163] Orders fj'om several Soldiers^ I'jSi to I'j8j.'\ 

Canterbury March 7"^ 1781. 
To Nicholas Oilman Esq'' Treasurer for the State of New 
Hampshire. S"" please to pay the Select Men for Canterbury 
the Sum Total of what shall be made up to Us in the pay Roll 
as Soldiers in the Six Months Service the Summer past and 
their Receipt shall Answer the same to the Subscribers 


Thomas Hoyt Ebenezer X Chandler 


Benjamin Glines Ebenezer foss 

Thos. Hoit £9.. 1 7. 6 — order granted & Roll signed by A Foster 
— J Pearson 

Please to pay the ballance of the within order to Abiel Foster 

David Foster \ Select Men 
O Mooney j for Canterbury 

[R. 164] 

[John Sutton, of Canterbury, in a similar order, directs his 
wages to be paid to Capt. Laban Morrill, — amount ;^5-5-2, 

[R. 165.] 

Canterbury March y^ 31'' 17S3 
To the Honorable Nicolas Gilman Esq'' State Treasurer for 
the State of New Hampshire, Sir Please to pay my Honoured 


father John GHnes of Loudon the wages Doe to me on muster 
Role ; made up by Cap* Ebenezer Webster of Solsbury, for five 
months serving as a Soldier under him at Coass, in the year A. 
D. 17S3, and this Indorsed shall be a Discharge for said wages 
p'' yours to Serve 

Eli Glines 

[R. 166] 

[Samson Bates orders the amount due him for three 
months' service in Capt. Nathaniel Head's company, to be 
paid to James Norris. Date, January 15, 1785 ; amount, 

(R. 167.) Thomas Curry orders the amount due him 
for three months' service in 1781 to be paid to David Foster. 
Date, Nov. 7, 1785 ; amount, ^5-15-5. — Ed.] 

[R. 1 68] [A^oa/i Si7tkle7''s Petition, Soldier, I'j86.'\ 

[In a petition dated June, 1786, Noah Sinkler of Canter- 
bury, states, — "That when he was in the Continental Army 
at St. John's in June 1776 he received two musket Balls 
through his wrist, by means of which he then lost the use 
of his hand." He asks the legislature to "grant him such 
relief as a faithful soldier may dare to ask, or his ill fortune 
may demand," &c. 

The committee reported that he be enrolled at the rate 
of fifteen shillings per month, from the time his pay ceased, 
v^^hich report was accepted. — Ed.] 

[R. 169] 

[Abiel Foster petitions, December, 1788, to have the 
wages of William Ervine, who was three months in the ser- 
vice as a ranger, in Capt. Ebenezer Webster's company, at 
Coos, in 1782, and who had deceased, paid to him for the 
benefit of the town of Canterbury. Amount, ;;^8-i9-o. 

[2-61] [ Vote concerning Paper Money. '\ 

At a Legal Town Meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitence 
of the Town of Canterbury held at the Meeting House in said 



Town on Munday the fourth Day of September A. D. 1786, 
Proceeded as follows Viz — 

Voted M"" Gideon Bartlet moderator for the well Regulating' 
Said Meeting — 

Then it was put to Vote to See Wheather or no they would 
have a Paper Ciurancy Made or not, and better than two Thurds 
of the people Voted in the affirmative to have a paper Currancy 
made on Such footing as the General Court in there Wisdom 
Shall think best, — and the other part in the negative not to have 
a paper Currancv. 

A True Copy attest 

Archelaus Moore Town Clerk 

[2-62] \_Nutnber of Ratable Polls^ ^7^7 •~\ 

These may Certify whom it may concern that the Number of 
Polls, paying Taxes in the Town of Canterbur}' being carefully 
Numbered by us the Subscribers do find the Amount thereof to 
be Two Hundred and Six as mav more fully Appear by the In- 
ventory of said Town for the Year 17S7 — 

Obadiah Mooney ] Selectmen for 
Obadiah Hall j Canterbury 
Canterbury Feb' 9"^ 17SS 

[2-63] \_Petition for a JVezu Counfv.~\ 

To His Excellency John Sullivan Esquire, President of the 
State of New Hampshire : The Hon'"'*' the Senate, & House 
Representatives in General Court convened at Portsmouth the 
twenty-third day of January A. D, 17SS. 

Humbly shews 
Abiel Foster Esq., David Morrill, & David M"=Crillis Gentlemen 
(a Committee chosen & authorized by the Town of Canterbury 
for the purpose) that the Inhabitants of said town are subjected 
to considerable inconvenience, and to vinnecessary expence by 
reason of their remote situation from the County Courts — That 
they apprehend the like inconvenience is felt by a number of 
Towns in the Counties of Rockingham, Hillsborough, and 
Strafford, which Towns formed into a New & distinct County 
might be sufficiently large and the Inhabitants thereof much bet- 
ter accommodated, than they are at present. And being fully con- 
vinced of the disposition of the Legislature to promote, to the 
utmost of its power, the convenience & happiness of the Citi- 
zens of the State — They are encouraged to Pra3% in behalf of 
the said Town of Canterburv, that the following Towns may be 


formed into a new County — Namely, Concord, Pembroke, Bow, 
Dunbarton. Hopkinton, Heniker, Hillsborough, Fishersfield, 
Perrystown, Warner, Salisbury, Andoyer, Sanbornton. North- 
field, Canterbury & Loudon, and invested with the powers and 
priyileges which are enjoyed by the other Counties in said State : 
And as in duty bound will eyer Pray. 

Abiel Foster ") Committee in 
David Morrill ,' behalf of the 
David ISPCrillis j town of Canterbury 

[Hon. Abiel Foster was born in Andover, Mass., 1735 ; 
graduated at Harvard in 1756 ; and was ordained to the pas- 
torate of the church in Canterbury in 1761, which position 
he held until 1779. He was a member of the H. of Rep., 
1780, '81, '82, and '83. Elected to congress in 1783, he held 
the position three years under the first confederation ; was 
state senator during the years from 1791 to 1795, and presi- 
dent of that body in 1793. Reelected to congress in 1789, 
he was a member of the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh 
sessions of that body. 

Mr. Foster was eminent also for honesty and integrity, 
and much esteemed by all who knew him. He died in Feb- 
uary, 1 806 — Ed.] 

[2-64] \^Petitio7i for an Act incorporating a Library. "^ 

To the Hon' the Senate & House of Representatives for the 
State of New hampshire Now Convened at Portsmouth 

Humbly Sheweth 
the Subscriber that he with others his associates — inhabitants 
of Canterbury have Purchased a Considerable Number of Books 
for the Purpose of a Social Library in s*^ Town — therefore pray 
that they may be incorporated a body Politic \yith Such Powers 
and Previliges as are usually granted in Such Cases — and as in 
Duty bound will ever pray 

Nehemiah Clough 

[The library was incorporated by an act approved Decem- 
ber 12, 1797. The grantees were John Sutton, David Mor- 
rill, David Foster, John Ayers, Abiel Foster, Jr., and Nehe- 
miah Clough. — Ed.] 



This town was set off from New Hampton and incorpo- 
rated by an act approved December 7, 1797. Tiie locality 
of the present village was known as "Centre-harbour" for 
some years previous to the incorporation of the town. Moul- 
tonborough harbor, now called Moultonborough bay, being 
east, and Meredith harbor, now Meredith bay, being on the 
west, made this the centre harbor, and the name was trans- 
mitted to the town on its incorporation. 

Nathan Hoit was authorized to call the first meeting. 

By an act approved July 3, 1873, an addition was made to 
the town, of territory taken from the town of Meredith. 

The village is located on and commands a fine view of 
Lake Winnipiseogee, making it a delightful summer resi- 

{^2-65] \^Petition for Incorporation^ I'j88.'\ 

To the Honorable the Senate & House of Representatives for 
said State in General Court convened — 

The petition of the Subscribers, Inhabitants of a tract of 
land called Meredith neck, of the northern district of New 
Hampton and New Holderness, and of the Southern district of 
Moviltonborough, — Humbly shews that the lands aforesaid are 
so surrounded with ponds and impassable streams running into 
& out of the said Ponds, and so remote from the Centers of 
the respective Tovs^ns to which they belong that we have hith- 
erto found the greatest inconvenience in attending public wor- 
ship and ordinary Town meeting, And that the said Districts 
are so situated as to render a Communication between their re- 
spective Inhabitants extremely convenient, and contains about 
twelve thousand acres, a sufficient number to make an ordinary 
Township — 

Your petitioners therefore humbly -^x^iy that the District 
aforesaid bounded as follows — beginning at Col Smiths Mill 
(so called) in Meredith aforesaid from thence by the West side 
line of Measley pond (so called) to the moutfi of the Brook 
running into said pond, from thence on a direct coui'se Rom- 
seys Mill (so called) in New Holderness afors'^ from thence 
over Squani pond (so called) to the Northwest corner of Red 
Hill (so called) from thence on a strait line to the Baron (so 
called) and from thence to the bound first mentioned, the said 



Meredith neck included may be severed 
Towns to which they now belong, and 
Township by the Name of Watertown. 
as in duty bound will ever pray &c — 

'New Hampton June 1788 
Benningf Moulton John Black 

John Pain 
Ezekiel Morse 
Moses Kelsa 
Joseph Senter 
Tho^ Warren 
Enoch Cate 

Samuel Jenness 
John Roberds 
Amos Pain Jun 
Robert Kelsea 
Daniel Page 
James Moor 

Daniel Chamberlain Israel Glines 

H. Kelsa 

Moses Morse 

Abel Morse 

Asa Foster 

Church Sturtevant 

Amos Pain 

Winthrop Robinson Edmund Black 

David Robinson Weare Leavitt 

Jacob Bunker Gideon Robinson 

John Been 
Moodv Bean 
Jon" Frost 
Ephraim Doten 
John Sturtevant 
Moses Senter 

from the respective 

incorporated into a 

And your petitioners 

Bradbury Oilman 
Robeart Glines 
James Lock 
Samuel Spiller 
Sam' M Senter 
Daniel Cass 
Levi Towle 
James Black 
John dockham 
Samuel Genness Jun. 
Richard Paron 
Ephraim Chamberlin 
James Tebbits 
Benj" Batchelor 
IVLark Blake 
Jon" Moulton 
Peres Sturtevant 

State of New 

Hampshire j In the House of Representatives Jan^ i, 1789 
Upon reading & considering the Petition of Penning Moulton 
& others, voted that the Hon. Joseph Badger Esq"" Daniel 
Beede Esq — Capt Abraham Burnham, be a Committee, at the 
expence of the petitioners, to view the situation of the premi- 
ses petitioned for, to be incorporated into a Town & report 
their Opinion thereon to the General Coin^t at their next Ses- 

Sent up for concurrence 

Tho" Bartlet Speaker 
In Senate Jan>' 2'^ 17S9 read & concurred 

J Pearson Sec^ 
CojDy Exam'* 

Joseph Pearson Scc^ 

[2-66] \_Thefollozvlng is the Report of the Cof/if/iittee.'] 

Center harbour may y" 28"' 1789 
We the subscribers appointed a Committee to Consider of 
the within petition of Penning moulton Esq"" and others and 


to Report our opinion thereon have met and heard the Par- 
ties Concerned and viewed the situation of the Premises Peti- 
tioned for and upon due Consideration Report as our opinion 
that the petitioners Labour under some disadvantages as they 
now are and that the Lands petitioned for would make a very 
convenient small town but at the same time we are of opinion 
they are too young to be set oft' at present and that it would be a 
great Damage to holderness and meredith to have them taken 
oft' at Present for it is our opinion it will make them all so 
small that Neither of the towais would be able to support Pub- 
lick worship 

Joseph Badger 
Daniel Beede 
AbralV" Burnham 

|]2-67] \_Petition for an Act of Incorporation^ lyg/.^ 

To the Honorable General Court of the State of New Hamp- 
shire now sitting at Concord, 

The Petition of the Lihabitants of the North East part of 
New Hampton humbly Sheweth, that whereas many Inconven- 
iences arise in our present Situation with respect to our Trans- 
acting Town Business we your Petitioners, humbly pray — That 
your Honours would sett oft' such a part of Said Town as is In- 
cluded in the Bounds following, as a Town, that it may be In- 
corporated, by the Name of Centre Harbour, Viz To begin at 
the Northeasterly Corner of New Hampton, thence on the Line 
between Meredith and New HamjDton, to Measly Pond so Call'd 
thence to Measly Pond Brook, thence, up the middle of said 
Brook to Long Pond, thence up the middle of Said Long Pond, 
to the Inlet at the Head of Said Pond, thence North thirty five 
Degrees West to New Holderness, thence East on s*^ Holder- 
ness Line, to the vSouth East Corner of said Holderness, thence 
North on said Holderness Line to the Westerly Corner of 
Moultonborough, thence on the Line between Moultonborough 
& New- Hampton, to the Bound first mentioned, the aforesaid 
Bounds being agreeable to a Vote of the Town of New Hamp- 
ton in the year one thousand seven Hvmdred & Ninty Six and 
your Petitioners as in Duty Bound will ever pray — 

New Hampton June S, i797 

Ezekiel Morse Jesse Stvutevant John Knowles 

Church Sturtevant John Sturtevant Abram B. Glines 

John Pain Hosea Sturtevant Nehemiah Lee 

John Hawkens Amos Pain Jun Penning Moulton 

Chase Robinson Stephen Hawkins Daniel Page 


Moses Morse William Berrey Benjamin Sturtevant 

Hugh Kelsea Jonathan Rohinson John Pain Jun. 

Joseph Kenney Joshua Pain Isaac Morse 

Daniel Norris Jeremiah Towle James Towle 

Robert Kelsa Pelham Sturtevant ^Vaclleigh Cram 

James Tebbets Jos. Moulton Joseph Senter 

Caleb Towle Jo"'' M. Pain Ephraim Chamber- 

Perez Sturtevant Abel Morse lain 

James Little Moses Kelsa Clement Hawkins 

Winthrop Robinson Smith Cram Stephen Kenney 

Walter Pain Joshua Norris Amos Pain 

[The foregoing petition was granted by an act passed 
December 7, 1797, incorporating the territory asked for in- 
to a town. — Ed.] 


The first grant of the township was made by the govern- 
ment of Massachusetts, December 31, 1735. Samuel, Da- 
vid, and Stephen Farnsworth made the first settlements in 
1740. Capt. Phineas Stevens, Lieut. Ephraim Wetherbee, 
and Stephen Farnsworth were the only original grantees 
who settled in the town. The first meeting of the grantees 
was held at Hatfield, Mass., April 5, 1737, at which a com- 
mittee was appointed to lay out sixty-three house lots. The 
township went by the name of No. 4, until it was re-granted 
by the government of New Hampshire, July 2, 1753, by the 
name of Charlestown, in honor of Commodore Sir Charles 
Knowles, of the English navy. This grant was made in 
answer to a petition from Capt. Phineas Stevens and others, 
and the name was probably suggested by him in conse- 
quence of his having been presented with an elegant sword 
by the English officer, as a tribute to his bravery in defend- 
ing the fort at No. 4, April 4, 1747. 

The town suffered greatly by Indian and French depre- 
dations for some years, on reading an account of which we 
may well be surprised that any of the settlers had the cour- 
age to remain. During the Revolution a depot of supplies 
was kept here, and the fort was a general rendezvous for 
New Hampshire troops sent to Canada or northern New 
York. Charlestown has been the residence of many emi- 
nent men, biographies of whom may be found in Saunder- 
son's history of the town. 


A portion of the town was severed January ii, 1787, 
united with a portion of Walpole, and erected into the town 
of Langdon. Hon. John Langdon being at that time speak- 
er of the house, accounts for the name. 

By an act approved June 20, 18 10, three families were 
severed from Unity and annexed to this town ; and by an 
act approved the same day, the town was divided into two 
parishes for parochial purposes. 


Whereas in the year 1742. A Certain Number petitioned to 
His Excellency the Governor of the province of New Hamp- 
shire and to His Majesties Honourable Councel there praying 
for a certain Track of Land for a Township on Connecticutt 
River above number four as by said petition may appear &c 
and the said petitioners being meet at Lunenburg January the 
9'^ 1748 then Choose M'' Jonathan Whitney and Cap' John 
Spoftbrd to wait on His Excellency and on His Majesties 
Honourable Councel above said to have the prayer of the peti- 
tioners granted. 

attest Edward Hartwell Clerk 

[2-69] [jPefif/on of William and yoseph Wiilard.'] 

Province of \ To his Exelency Benning Wentworth Esq"" 

Newhampshire J Govener In & over his Majestys Province of 
Newhampshii'e — 

The Petetion of William Wiilard and Joseph Wiilard of a 
Place Called N° 4 on the East Side of Connecticut River Hum- 
bly Shueth that your Petitioners own Two Rights In Said 
Township under the Masschusetts Grant and Built a House & 
Cleard Sundery acers of Land & Improved the Same & In y® 
Inden War the House was Burnt But Sence the Sesition of 
arms have Improved the s*^ Land & Paid thare Part to Rebuild- 
ing the Mill that was Distroyed* and Ben thare Part to all other 
Charge that has arissen toward the Bringing forward s'^ Town- 
ship all which by the Late Runing of the Line are found to be 
In the Province of Newhamp"" Wharefore y*^ Petitioners Hum- 
bly pray In Case that your Exelency Shall Proceed to make a 
Grant of those Lands that thay may be Favered with the Kings 

♦The mill was destroyed by Indians, with fire, April 19, 1 746. 


Grant of the .Said two Rights In the Same Lands as to be 
Equal to thair former Expectation and your Petitioners In Du- 
ty Bound Shall Ever Pray 
" March y*^ s"' i75o 

William Willard 
Joseph Willard 

[3-70] \^S/wou SarHveW s Petitio)ir\ 

To His Exelencv Penning Wentworth Esq'' Governour and 
Commander in Chief In and over his Majestys Province of 
New hampshare &c 

The Petition of Simon Sotwell of N" 4 Humbly Sheweth 
That your humble petetioner hath three Rights In Said town- 
ship of X" 4 which he purchased for himself att a considerable 
sum of money & att y*^ time thought that the Province of Mass- 
chusettets had a Good Right to y"^ Said Land But Sence the 
Running of the Line Between the Provinces that the Land Ly- 
eth In the Province of Newhamp'" your Petitioner Disires that 
your Exelency would Grant to him the s'' three Rights on Such 
Tearms as your Exelency Grants to others the King Subjucts 
Furdermore your Peti" would Inform your Exelencey that he Is 
Adminstrators to the Estate of Obediah Sotwell Late of s*^ N° 4 
who was Killed by the Indins att s*^ N° 4 & that there Is two 
Rights that Belong to s*^ Estate which he disires may be Grant- 
ed to the Heirs of the Said Sotwell when your Exelency Shall 
See cause to make a Grant of S'* Land In S"* N" 4 upon y^ Like 
Conditions that others the Kings Subjects have the s*^ Land & 
your petitioner disires that If the s*^ Land be Granted that they 
may be the Same Land that was Layd to the above s*^ Rights 
thare being a grate deal of Labour done on S'' Land and your 
Petetioner In Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray- 
No 4 March y*= 4"* 1 750 

Simon Sartwell 

[2-71] \_Bcnja/?ini Belloxvs J~or Heirs of Captain Ephraim 

Prov : of I To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq. 
N. Hamp"" j Govon"^ &c in & over his Majestys Province of New 

The Peti" of Benj" Bellows of Lunenburg numl)l\- Shews. 
That your Pet" & the Heirs of Cap" Ephraim Wetherbe Late 
deceased do Own under the Massachusetts Grant Six Shares 


being One tenth part of the Township Called N° 4. On Con- 
necticut River that they Built the tenth part of the fort there & 
have Spent much Labour in Improvements & Building on s*^ 
Rights now in part destroyed by the Indians 

That they like wnse Own thi-ee Rights in N° 2 Called Gould- 
ings town the West Side Connecticut River Ag' the S"^ N° 4 — • 
all which bv the Late Runing the Province line are found to be 
in the Province of New Hamp'' — 

AVherefore y'' Pet""" Humbly prays in behalf of Himself & the 
s'^ Heirs, that in Case your Excellency Shall proceed to make 
grants of those Lands that they may be favoured with the Kings 
Grant of So many Rights in those Lands as to be Equall to 
their former Expectations & in the Same Land and your Pef 
Shall Ever pray &c 

Oct 5* 1750 

Benj" Bellows 

[a— 72] \_yoseph IVood, by yo)iathan Whitney. '\ ' 

Province of | 

New Hamp'' j To His Excellency Penning Wentworth Esq' 
Cap' General Governor & Commander in Chief in and Over 
his Majesty's Province of New Hampshire and the Hon**'^ His 
Majestv's Council for Said Province — 

Humbly Shews — 

Joseph Wood of Lunenburg in the County of Worcester in 
the Province of the Mass" Bay Yeoman — That One Ephraim 
Withersbee Late of Said Lunenburg Yeoman Deceased Died 
Intestate on whose Estate your Petitioner had Administr" part 
of which was three Rights in a Township Called N" 4 — the 
House or Home lots were N" 32, 33, 36 on the East Side of 
Connecticut River in the Province of New Hampshire which 
part your Petitioner Sold by Virtue of a Licence for that pur- 
pose and the Money Raised therebv Applied to the Payment of the 
Debts of the Deceased — Which Land your Petitioner afterwards 
was Obliged to Repurchase at the Price of five hundred pounds old 
Tenor Because the Title of the Deceased \vas Doubtful & the 
purchaser from vour Petitioner Dissatisfied which Lands are 
now in the Possession of your Petitioner and he has Subdued & 
Settled part of the Same & is Still proceding & Carrying on 
three Settlements one on Each of Said Rights 

Wherefore your Petitioner Humbly Prays That whenever 
your Excellency Shall See Cause to make a Grant of the Lands 
Called by the Said Name of N° 4 your Petitioner may be Let 
in as a Grantee and have the Particular Settlements & Improve- 
ments made bv him & Others under him & in the Right of his 


Intestate (the Expence of which has been very Considerable) 
assigned to him that he may not Sustain the Loss of that Ex- 
pence and of the Purchase afores'' by being Turned off & the 
Said Lands Granted to others — 

And your Petitioner as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray &c 
Jonathan Whitney^ by order of 
& in behalf 
of S-^ Jos. Wood 

[2-73] l^Capt. Phineas Stevens's Letter to Secretaty At- 


When I Left Portsmouth It W^as My Full Intent to have 
Returned thither again Long before this time but our people 
ware so Started att the Change of Taking a General Plan that 
they Ware for finding out sum other Way of Preceding which 
has been a Clogg to the affear But they are Now Pritty well 
Convinced that there Is no other way and the Plan Would have 
ben In a grate forwardness bv this time but the man I depend- 
ed upon to Do the Work met With a hurt and has not ben fit 
for Bisness for sum time past But I Shall forward the matter 
With the utmost Expedition & Shall be att Portsmouth as soon 
as the matter will admit So Remain your Most Humble SeiV 

Phinehas Stevens 

No 4 Jen" y<" 31* i7=;3 

To the Hon''' Theodore Atkinson Esq'' att Portsmouth 

[Two plans of Charlestown, with the boundaries described, 
follow this letter in the manuscript volume. — Ed.] 


A List of The Names of the present Owners of Land at N'' 4 

Joseph Wells John Sawyer John Sawyer Jun. 

Stephen Farnsworth obadiah. Sartwels Isaac Amsden 

Nathaneal Parker heirs' Silvanus Hastings 

Seth Putnam M"" Andrew Gardners Obadiah Dickinson 

John Hastings Jun"^ James Porter Isaac Parker 

William Heywood James Kellogg Ebenezer Putnam 

Moses Willard Jonathan Hubbard Joseph Billings 

Thomas Adams Joseph Willard David Farnsworth 

Seth Walker James Johnson Eben^ Ilinsdcl 

Thomas Putnam John Hastings John Spafibrd 



Moses Wheeler 


Phinehas Stevens 
James Farnsvvorth 

Simon Sartwel 
Lemuel Hastings 
Peter Labaree 
Jon"' Page 

Isaac Holden 
Benj" Allen 


Jonathan Wetherbe 
Abijah Wetherbe 
Samuel Wetherbe 
Joseph Woods 

[2-75] \^Pctition for a Gra7it and Incorporation from New 


To His Excellency Penning Wentworth Esq Capt General 
Governor & Commander in Chief in and over his Majesty's 
Province of New Hampshire and to the Hon^''' his Majesty's 
Council for Said Province — 

The Humble Petition of Phineas Stevens of a place called 
Number four in Said Province in behalf of himself and others 
Settlers there, Shews That the Tract of Land called N° 4 was 
Granted by the Government of the Massachusetts, to one Jona- 
than Wells & others about the year 173=^ who proceeded to do 
Something towards making a Settlement, but Soon after the 
Grant began to Sell their Supposed Rights — That the present 
Inhabit''' there, are Purchasers under the Said Grantees, not 
knowing when their Purchases were made but that the Rights 
under them Wei'e good, upon which Supposition thev have en- 
ter'd, and made Considerable Improvements, there being about 
fift^'Men, Settlers on the Spot& all purchasers, and others Com- 
ing Daily, So that in Case the Peace Continues, there will Soon 
be a Great Number of People there, which will be a great ad- 
vantage as it extends the Frontier, & is a Security to Many Set- 
tlements within. — 

That there is not one of the Grantees aforesaid, who is now 
a Claimer there (they having all Sold) and the Present Settlers 
under them, have Defended themselves & kept their possession 
thro the Last War, at a Great Expence & Loss, by which they 
apprehend the Enemy were much disheartened and other Set- 
tlers & Planters Spirited to Proceed. — 

That your Petitioner & his Associats lay no Claim in Point 
of Right by virtue of their Said Purchases, nor make any other 
use of them than to suggest that they did not Enter on Said 


Lands Conscious of a Tort in So doing, and that as they were 
Inadvertently Induced to part with their Money for Nothing, 
thev think their Case Deserves Pitty — Moreover thev Humbly 
Conceive the Stand they made during the War aforesaid, the 
Subdueing & Settling a Wilderness Country So far from help, 
the General Benefit arising hereby many ways to the Public, are 
Considerations which Intitle them to all that favour and Regard, 
which those who do their Country Eminent Services may Rea- 
sonably Expect — 

Wherefore your Petitioner in behalf of himself & associats 
Humbly Prays that your Excellency & Honours would in your 
Great Goodness Consider their Circumstances — That your Ex- 
cellency Would be Pleased to make them a Grant of Said Tract 
of Land on Such Easy Terms as their Circumstances Seem 
to Claim, and as Will Encourage the Progress of said Settle- 
ment, That they may be Incorporated into a Township, that 
this be done with as much Dispatch as may be Consistent with 
your Excellency's more Important affairs, or That Such other 
matters & things may be done In favour of y'' Petitioners as 
your Excellency and Honours in your Wisdom & Goodness 
Shall Judge proper & 3'Our Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall 
Ever Pray &c 

Phineas Stevens 

[The charter was granted by the governor and council, 
July 2, 1753.— P:d.] 

[2-76] {.John Spafford's Petition.'] 

Province of ] 

New Hamp' j To His Ec*^-^ Penning Wentworth Esq Gov'' 

The Petit" of John Spauftbrd of N" 4 ; Humbl}- Sheweth — 
that your Peti'" was one of the first Settlers in s'' Township Un- 
der the Grant of the Massachusetts which we then Tho' was 
by Good Right and that after a great feateague in Gitting there 
Making Settlement with a Considerable Improvement Com- 
mon Charges my full Share in all the fortifications besides. 
Building of two mills at the Expence of at Least a Thousand 
Pounds Since burnt by the Indians the Irons Carry'd away & 
the Stones Destroyed with fire the Cheif of all which Expence 
and Hardships are Rendered almost useless, besides in Defence 
of the Cuntry while there was Captivated by the Indians 
and Carryed to Canada upwards of 15 months kept in Jail 
Suffering Great Loss in all his affairs as well as the great Diffi- 
culty and Hardsliips of his Tedious Captivity. That Since his 


Return at a very Great Expence, and Rebuilding the s'^ mills, 
that for his Encouragement was by the former prop""" given him 
and Hundred acres of Land, and by his own purchass one 
whole Right and part of a Second Right & Inasmuch as Con- 
trary to our then Expectation, the title, fails and becomes Lia- 
ble to the Kings Grant — I would begg your Excellencys Conn- 
sideration and Favour in the Premises & that I might have the 
Grant of two Rights in s*^ Town with One Hundred acres more, 
formerly Granted, for my Service on ace' of the mills and those 
parts before Severed to be the Same again, and y" Peti'' as In 
Duty Bound Shall ever pray &c — 

John Spaflard. 

[2-77] \_Pct/tio}i of the Selectme)7 for a Hospital.^ 

To the Hon'^''^ the Council & Assembly of the State ot New 


The Petition and Memorial of the Selectmen of Charlestown 
in said State hvmibly Sheweth & gives your Hon''' to be In- 
formed : that this Town, for Some Months past having been 
the general Rendezvous of the Troops of s*^ State and a place 
to which the Sick, wounded &c have been generally sent, by 
reason whereof the Invalids in s*^ Town are become consider- 
ably numerous and likely to be more so. And as there is no 
Hospital in s*^ Town and all private Houses being filled by the 
owners or those poor and distressed Families that have been 
drove from their own Habitations by the Enemy, whereby no 
Convenient & Suitable Accommodation can be had for s*^ Sick 
&c. Wherefore your Memorialists beg leave to Suggest to your 
Hon''" whether it may not be necessary that a Building be erect- 
ed for the purposes afores*^ and to pray your Hon''*' to make 
such order thereon as in your wisdom may be Judged best, and 
your Memo'" as in duty bound shall ever pray &c. 

Charlestown 12'^ Sepf 1777 

Elijah Grout \ Selectmen of 
Peter Labaree ) said Charlestown 

[A committee to take the matter into consideration was 
appointed September 25, 1777. — Ed.] 

[2-7S] \_yacob Bayley to Committee of Safety, iy8o.'\ 

Charlestown 14 April 1780. 
Gende" — 

A few days since I Rec'' a Letter from his Excellency Gen' 


Washington In which he says that in case of Danger from the 
Enemy on our frontiers we should apply to the state we Belong 
to but such is our Situation at Present that we know not what 
state we Belong too as this frontier is most contiguous to your 
state and we Expect the Desition of Congress Respecting the 
Grants will be in 3'our favor. I think myself Bound in Duty 
to Represent to you that (Except an Expedition is undertaken 
in to Canada) this whole Frontier will be exposed to the Rav- 
ages of the Enemv and as soon as the middle of may, and I 
think unless an Expedition takes Place or some other measure 
is taken to secure the People we shall not be able to keep them 
in the Coimtry — 

A verv large Party of Enemy Last Feb-^' advanced up Onion 
River more than twenty miles, nothing saved us but our Being 
Prepared for them. 

I am Gent" your most Humble Servant 

Jacob Bayley 

To Committee of Safety Exeter 

[2-79] \_Concernii2g Simon Poxvei-s.'\ 

Charlestovvn August 26"" 17S2. 
Sir We the Subscribers Selectmen of this Town hereby 
certify that it appears unnessary to us, to Support our claim to 
Simeon Powers a Soldier who was hired for the Town of Ac- 
worth as others in Similar Circumstances have been determined 
against us 

Hon M. Weare Esq Samuel Hunt 

Chairman of Com'^^ W™ Heyward 

John Hubbard 


At a Town meeting held Charlestovvn on y" 2'^ day of March 
1784, a moderator chosen, y*^ 4* article in the warrant. To 
see if the town are desirous that the Rev** Bulkley Olcott be 
dismissed from his ministerial services, and to Choose a Com'*''' 
to Confer with him for that purpose — y*" 5"* article. To see if the 
town will exempt any person or persons from paving taxes to M'' 
Olcott who by reason of their Distance from meeting or Dirt'er- 
ent sentiments Cannot be benefited b\- his ministr\'. 

Voted on y'" 4"' article that it is not the desire of the town to 
dismiss the Rev'^ Bulkley Olcott from his ministerial services in 
the town 

A true coppy of record W'" Hevwood Clerk 


[2-83] [ I'ofe of Tozvii about setting off a Parish.'\ 

At a legal annual Town meeting held in Charlestown on the 
4'*^ day of March 1789, a moderator chosen — 

7* article in the warrant — To see if the Inhabitants will Vote 
that a town or Parrish be set of at the north end of the town — 

Voted, that there be a town Parish or Precinct set of at the 
north end of this town — 

Voted, that the line be as follows beginning at the southwest 
corner of James Farnsworths farm on the east bank of Con- 
necticutt river, and proceeding easterly on said south line to the 
road, then easterly in said road & crossing the bridge by Mark- 
hams mills & crossing Sim" Alvords land & taking the road ■ 
leading to Acworth and following said road to the east line of 
the town — 

a true coppy of record 

W" Heywood Town Clerk. 

[3-84 [ Vote at Meeting held September 20, lyS^.^ 

Voted, that those persons & there estates that live in Charles- 
town that shall poll ofl', by giving in there names to the town 
clerk be a poll parrish, and that the General Court be petitioned 
to confirm the same at the expence & cost of the petitioners — 

a true coppy of record. 

W" Heywood Town Clerk 

[3-85] [Petition of North Part to be set off, 1783.'] 

The Hon''''^ Senate and House of Representatives for the State 
of New Hampshire to be Convened at Concord the third 
Wednesday of this Instant October 17S5 — 

The petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of the town 
of Charlestown Humbly Sheweth, our situation in General is 
Verry Inconvenient as to attending the place of public worship 
it being near eight miles from the meeting house to the north 
line of the town, besides our sentiments not agreeing with our 
Now Rev'^ Pastor, we are no ways accomadated with Preaching 
only what we Git at our own Expence other ways, we finding 
it an Hardship Petitioned the town for a devision, accordingly 
at a Legal meeting it was Granted by a majority of Votes and 
the Devision line agreed on, but their seem"* some perticular 
persons dissatisfied, we then petitioned to be a poll parish, by 



that hopeing to Remove Every difficultv, accordingly at a Le- 
gal Town meeting it was unanimously Voted and agreed to by 
most of the Inhabitants by tar, and a vote to have the General 
Cort petitioned for the establishment of the same, Nevertheless 
some being disafected have proceeded so far as to obstruct our 
proceding although so Legal and Just, — which seems a Hard- 
ship and cruel, therefore as free born Subjects we once more 
petition to your Honours and Humbly pray we may have the 
priviledge as such, and be made a poll parish as heretofore 
voted and petitioned for but if your Honours think it not equit- 
able we pray we may be set of as a town precinct, parish, or 
District with such Bounds as heretofore Voted or may be, be- 
fore the hearing this Petition as your Honours mav or shall 
think best, by which the Honourable Senate and House of 
Representatives will Greatly oblige your Honours Humble pe- 
titioners who in duty Bound shall ever pray — 
October 15"^ 17S5 — 

Isaac Putnam 
Timothy Holding 
Levi Putnam 
Elijah parker 
»Sam' Harper 
Timothy Newton 
Job Johnson 
Seth Putnam 
Joseph Farwell 
Oliver Farnsworth Jr 
Seth Walker 
William Henry 
Asa Walker 
Benj" Allen 
David Cross 
Joseph Powers 
Paul Cushman 
nathanel holden 
Thos. Farnsworth. 

Eben farnsworth 
David Hubbard 
Mathew Walker 
Constant Hart 
Simeon Hart 
John Grow 
Nath' Powars 
Chandler Porter 
David Lynd 
Rich" Holding 
Jeremiah Johnson 
Robart Henery 
Robart Hill 
W" Farwell 
Jonas gould 
Noah Porter 
William Henry Jr 
Isaac tuker 
Deliverance Wilson 

Levi farnsworth 
Oliver Farnsworth 
Rich" Glidden 
John Harper 
Asa Nichols 
John Convis 
deliverance wilson 

Jonathan Grout 
Calvin Judevine 
Jabis Walker 
David Henerv 
Jeremiah Parker 
Moses Wheeler 
Abner Powars 
Sol" Grout 
W" Farwell Jr 
Samuel Weatherbe 

[In H. 

of R., Nov. 9, 1785, hearing ordered for next 

[2-86] [This document is a list of the tax-payers in 
town, and the amount of each person's tax. It bears date 
June 2, 1787, and is signed by Wm. Heywood, Abel 
Walker, Simon Sartvvell, selectmen of Charlestown. — Ed.] 



[2-S7] \_Selectinen'' s Petition to have West Bound of Town 
extended to West Bank of Connecticut River. ^ 

State of New Hampshire — To the Honorable the General 
Assembly of the State of New Hampshire aforesaid now Con- 
vened at Charlestown in said State — Humbly Shews — The Se- 
lectmen of Charlestown beg leave to inform that there is two 
small Islands lying in Connecticutt river against said Charles- 
town one of said Islands may Contain nearly two acres 

and an half, and the other about half that quantity, and the 
said Islands were formed by reason of the breaking of the 
banks of said river, & others are forming in like manner, which 
is to the detriment of said Town — Your petitioners pray that 
the said Islands and all that may be formed hereafter against 
said Town may be granted to the Inhabitants of said Charles- 
town, or that the bounds of said Charlestown may be extended 
to the western bank of Connecticutt river so as to Include said 
Islands — & your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray. 

W" Hey wood \ Selectmen of 
Abel Walker j Charlestown 

Charlestown, Septem"" x'f^ i787« 

[The petition was granted, and an act passed February 
13, 1788, extending the bounds of the town to the west 
bank of Connecticut river. — Ed.] 


At a Town Meeting held in Charlestown on y'' 9"' of 
March 1790 — a moderator chosen 6"" article in the wari'ant, To 
see if the town will admit of those preachers who profess to 
hold universal salvation to preach in the meeting house in the 
absence of M'' Olcott — 

Voted, that the universalists have the priviledge to improve 
the meeting house in the absence of the Rev"^ Bulkley Olcott 

a true coppy of record 

W" Heywood Town Clerk 

[2—90] \_Academy Petition for Lottery., lygi .^ 

To the honourable Senate and house of Repi-esentatives of 
the State of New Hampshire convened at Concord June 4'*^ 
1791 — 
The Trustees of Charlestown Academy beg leave to inform 


your honours, that they have attentively considered of, and 
attended to, the duties of their appointment ; and are duly 
impressed with the importance of it ; The obtaining a fund suffi- 
cient to support the institution, is the principal difficulty they 
have, or expect to meet with, in discharging their office. A 
number of the principal inhabitants in this town built a house 
and have supported a school at their own expence, for upwards 
of four years past ; They found the number of schollars and 
spirit of literature increase to that degree, that it became nec- 
essary, in their opinion to enlarge the plan. The situation of 
the place, and the benefits that resulted from the exertions of a 
few, encouraged them to attempt it ; thev therefoi-e associated 
and have erected another large and convenient house, for the 
purpose of a public school or academy. Not doubting but the 
Legislature of New Hampshire would encourage so laudable 
an undertaking, they instructed their representative to apply to 
the Legislature for an incorporation, and leave to raise a sum 
of money by Lottery. The application was made and consid- 
ered at the two last sessions of the Legislature. 

The incorporation was granted and leave given to raise one 
thousand pounds by Lottery ; but when the bill was brought in 
according to order, it was rejected. The Trustees conceive, 
that the rejection of the bill must have arisen, either from a 
conviction that the Legislature was wrong in the first instance, 
or from a competition of interests among the members ; the 
first we cannot and the latter we are very unwilling to believe. 
However, with regard to the last we beg leave to observe, that 
the situation of this place is such that it doth not, in our opin- 
ion, interfere with any other institution of the kind. That 
the raising the sum proposed by Lotter}^, would not be disa- 
greeable or burdensome to this part of the Country ; so far 
otherwise, that were it submitted to the wishes of the people, 
they would readily grant it. We are further of opinion that the 
raising said sum under the direction of the trustees might be so 
managed as no wise to hinder or obstruct the raising of any 
sums that might be granted by your hon""** for similar purposes 
We will only add, that if no assistance is given to establish a 
fund for the encouragement and support of the Academy, as 
proposed by Lottery, or otherwise ; that the incorporation, to- 
gether with the great expence and exertions of the said inhabi- 
tants, will become useless to themselves and to the public ; and 
an infant seminary die, for want of that nourislnnent which we 
conceive you, as parents of Literature, ought to give. We 
therefore humbly pray your Honours that the said bill, which 
was rejected at the last session, may be passed, or one similar 
thereto, empowering said trustees to raise one thousand pounds 
by Lottery for the purpose afores'" or otherwise relieve your 


petitioners in such way as your honours, in wisdom, shall think 
just — and your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray. 

Sim. Olcott, at the request 
and in behalf of the Trustees. 
Charlestown May 25, 1791 — 

The committee on lotterys, report that the prayer of the 
aforenamed petition be granted in part, that they have leave to 
introduce a bill enabling them to raise the sum of five hundred 
pounds by lottery for the aforesaid purposes under such re- 
strictions as the Court shall direct, which is submitted by Dan- 
iel Emerson Jr for the Committee. 

[Charlestown Academy was incorporated February 16, 
1791, and Hon. Simeon Olcott, Benjamin Bellows, John 
Hubbard, Sandford Kingsbury, Samuel Hunt, William 
Page, Rev. Bulkley Olcott, and Rev. Thomas Archibald 
were appointed trustees. — Ed.] 

[2-91] \_Acade?ny Petition for Grant of Land^ IYQ2.'\ 

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire convened at Dover June 15, 1792 — 

The petition of William Page of Charlestown for and in 
behalf of the Trustees of Charlestown Academy Humbly 
Sheweth That said Academy has been brought forward and 
supported at the expence and by the exertion of a few indi- 
viduals — That they have nearly completed a large and conven- 
ient building which will cost upwards of one thousand dollars — 
That they have contracted with a Preceptor for five years one 
half of which tiine is Expired, That there is now & has been 
for more than two years past upwards of forty scholars at said 
Academy, and there is every prospect of its being one of the 
most useful Seminaries of the kind in the state if it can be sup- 
ported. And that your Petitioner is authorized to say it will 
not be in the power of the generous founders of said Academy 
to maintain and support the same if no assistance can be ob- 
tained from Government, And your petitioner conceiving it to 
be the design and wish of the Legislature to give every encour- 
agement to Institutions for the promotion of Learning ageeably 
to the spii'it of the Constitution, altho they are not disposed to 
do it by way of Lottery — Therefore your Petitioner pra_ys your 
Honors to grant to the Trustees of said Academy for the sole 
use thereof a Ti^act of unlocated land lying and being in this 
state westerly of the lands Petitioned for by Judge Cogswell 


meaning a line reported by a Committee of the Legislature at 
their last session and adjoining the Townships of Thornton, 
Lincoln. Franconia, & Breton woods under such regulations 
and restrictions as your Honors shall think proper & your Peti- 
tioner as in duty bound will ever pray — 

Dover June 16*'' 1792 — 

[2-92] \_Petitionfor the Division of the Tozvn, ^793-'\ 

To the General Assembly of the State of New Hampshire now 
sitting at Exeter — 

The subscribers Inhabitants of Charlestown in the County of 
Cheshire in said State — Humbly Shew 

That this Town extends in length from north to south about 
thirteen miles : that it would be very inconvenient for the In- 
habitants to assemble at any one place for transacting the busi- 
ness of the Town, were they well united in sentiment ; but un- 
fortunately for them there is a total want of that harmony with- 
out which, the public business of a Town cannot be conducted 
with pleasure dispatch or advantage — That the Inhabitants at 
the north part of the Town are in general of a diflerent relig- 
ious denomination from those in the south, that they have a 
Minister settled with them ; that the Inhabitants of the south 
part of the Town now destitute of a Minister wish to settle 
one, which it is out of their power to do as a To\vn while con- 
nected with their northern neighbors — For these and many oth- 
er reasons your Petitioners are fully persuaded that a division 
of the Town at such a place as the Inhabitants should agree on 
or as should be ordered by a Committee appointed by the as- 
sembly would conduce much to the peace and prosperity of 
those interested. They therefore pray that this Town may be 
divided and a new one incorporated — 

Charlestown Dec"" y" 31, 1793 

Sim. Olcott Abel Walker Oliver Hall 

Ephraim Carpenter Jonathan Arms John Hubbard 

David Taylor Samuel Garfield M. W. Hastings 

Roswell Hunt Elihu Dickinson Benjamin More 

Jonas Parks W. PAGE Sam Stevens 

Samuel Crosby James Bowtell Asahel Hunt 

Joel Cooley James Johnson Obadiah Wells 

Sylvanus Hastings Jr Aaron Dean Charles Bowen 

Timothy Putnam Jr Phineas Stone Timothy Carlton 

Benj" Clark Amos Silvester George Kimball 

Hazael Simonds Lemuel Hedges Amos Burnham 



Samuel Carlisle 
Jason Wetherbe 
Elisha Putnam 
John Converse 
Richard Gliden 
Benj" Brown 
Sam' Willard 
Oliver Coomes 
Thos Geer 
Henrv Perkins 
Julius Silsby 
Stephen Hasham 
Joseph Johnson 
Osman Baker 
Paul Cushinan 
Jon" Hubbard 
Philip Nichels 
Mathew Walker 
Samuel Perry 
Sam' Harper 
Tho'' Putnam 
Daniel Browni 
Joseph Brown by 
Benj" Allen 
Sam' Hunt 

Peter Page Jr. 
Jesse Hill 
W™ Heywood 
J. Parker 
Isaac Tuker 
Jabez Walker 
Levi Brown 
John Willard 
Thaddeus Nott 
Ebenezer Hart 
Benj'' Jones 
Sam' Revnientown 
John Harper 
David harmon Enos 
David Hubbard 
Asa Nichels 
Abel Putnam 
thomas Johnson 
John Grow 
Isaac Hill 
Levi Kimball 
Ebenezer Nickels 
desire & in presence of 

Noah Porter 
Josiah White 
John Hodgkins 
Abel Fling 
Joseph Brown Jr. 
William Bond 
John Hastings Jr 
Benj" Billings 
John AI*^Murphy 
John Grow Jr. 
John Hastings 
John Hewitt 
David Pierce 
Jonathan Baker 
Parker Cushman 
Christopher Crofts 
Abiah Walker 
Benj" West 
Horatio Bingham 
Peter Page 
Walter Bingham 
Simeon Church 
Nabby Lines 

State of New Hampshire — at a Legal town meeting held by 
adjournment in Charlestown on Tuesday y" 25 march i794 The 
Vote being Called for, for a division of the town, (agreeable to 
an article in the warrant for that purpose) was taken by yeas, 
and nays, for the Division yeas 112, nays 52. 

A true coppy of record 

attest W™ Heywood Tow^n Clerk 

[In H. of Rep., January 20th, 1794, a committee, consist- 
ing of Bezaleel Woodward, Sanford Kingsbury, and Joseph 
Burt, was appointed to " view the situation," etc., and re- 
port at the next session. They reported as follows : — Ed.] 

To the honorable General Court of the State of New Hamp- 
shire — Your committee within named having viewed the situa- 
tion of the Inhabitants of Charlestown and heard their commit- 
tee on the subject report That it is the opinion of your com- 
mittee that it is expedient that said town of Charlestown be di- 
vided into two towns ; and that the following be the divisional 
line viz beginning at the northeast corner of the lot number 
twenty one of hundred acre lots on the east line of said 


Charlestown — thence running westerly on the north Hnes of the 
hunch^ed acre lots number twenty one in the eighth, seventh and 
sixth ranges to the northwest corner of the said number twenty 
one in the sixth range — thence westerly a strait line to the 
northeast corner of the lot number fifty seven in the second di- 
vision — thence westerly on the north line of the said lot num- 
ber fifty seven to the northwest corner thereof — thence a strait 
line to the northeasterly corner of the lot number forty nine in 
the second division — thence on the northerly line of the last 
mentioned lot to the northernmost corner thereof, and thence in 
the last mentioned course viz of the northerly line of the last 
mentioned lot to Connecticut river 
Which is humbly submitted by 

Charlestown " | B. WOODWARD 

May 3'' A D 1 794 j Sanford Kingsbury 

Joseph Burt 


[A plan of Charlestown accompanied the foregoing pa- 
pers. It is partially lotted, and shows the proposed divi- 
sional line. 

At the next session of the legislature petitions were pre- 
sented (June II, 1794), to annex the north part of Charles- 
town to the town of Unity. Unity people remonstrated, the 
project failed, and the town of Charlestown was not divid- 
ed. The territory which was to compose the new town is 
now known as North Charlestown. Other papers relative 
to this matter will be published with Unity papers. — Ed.] 

[2-97] \_Petition in favor of Annexing Part of Charlestoxun 
to LangdonJ\ 

To the Honorable the General Court of the State of New 
Hampshire to meet at Hanover the first Wednesday of June 
next — 

We the Inhabitants of that part of the Town of Charlestown 
which lies between the west Line of the Town of Langdon and 
Connecticut River, Humbly vShew, that the Town of Charles- 
town, and the Town of Langdon having voted that the north 
Line of Langdon be extended to Connecticut River, your Peti- 
tioners Therefore Humbly pray that said north Line of Lang- 
don may be extended westerly to said river, and that all the 
Lands and Inliabitants of that part of Charlestown which lies 
west of Langdon west Line may be annexed to the Town of 


Langdon, and your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever 

Charlestown May 27'^ i795- 

Peter Bellows Jr — Elisha Putnam Samviel Guild 

Asahel Hunt Peter Bellows Samuel Bellows 

Asahel C. Porter Rufus Guild John Hodgkin 

M. W Hastings W"' Drown 

[Langdon subsequently voted against the annexation, and 
the project failed. — Ed.] 

[R. 170] {.P^^^ Harriman^ ferrying Soldiers^ I'/'/d.'] 

Charlestown — Province New Hampshire July 30*'' 1776. 
this may Sertify that Page Harriman Has ferried over Cor- 
neticut River on their way to Crown Point fifty seven men Be- 
longing to Capt Joseph Dearben Company in Col. Wymans 

Capten JosejDh Dearben 
[R. 171] 

[Eighteen more of the same company were ferried over 
August 2, as certified by Timothy Worthly. — Ed.] 

[R. 172] \_SeIectmen''s Petit ioti about a Soldier who died of 
Small- Pox ^ i/'/6.'] 

[In a petition, dated Charlestown, August 31, 1776, 
Samuel Hunt, Enos Stevens, and William Heywood, se- 
lectmen, state that a discharged continental soldier, by 
the name of Nathaniel Hatch, came to that town from Ti- 
conderoga on July 23, and was taken sick with small-pox ; 
that they furnished the services of Doctor Stevens, and oth- 
erwise provided for him, until August 17, when he died ; 
that the man had neither friends nor money. They ask the 
general assembly to grant an order to pay the bills. — Ed.] 

[R. 173] S^Petition of Captain Samuel Wetherbee, 1778.'] 

To the Honorable the Council and House of Representatives 
now Convened at Exeter in the State of New Hampshire — 
Humbly Sheweth, The Petition of Samuel Wetherby of 


Charlestown, did as a Volenteer upon the defeat at Qiiebec, 
march a Company of forty men into Canada to assist General 
Arnold, in which your Petitioner, underwent great Fetigue and 
was exposed to before unknown Hardships, and was at una- 
voidable Expence amounting to Ten pounds Twelve Shillings L. 
M.y paid at That time for Transporting the soldiers packs &c, for 
which your Petitioner hath never received any Compensation, 
and on my returne by reason of some diffuculty arising between 
the State of New York and Coll" Warner (under whose Com- 
mand I was wdiile in Canada), was obliged to make three 
Joiu-neys to Albany before I could obtain money to pay my 
Company for which your Petitioner hath never had any allow- 
ance, and your Petitioner beg Leave to suggest to your Hon"^* 
That in Consequence of orders rec*^ from the Commanding 
Officer was obliged to Halt his men (at Otter Creek) Consist- 
ing of Thirty which your Petitioner was obliged to support & 
pay for the same while there. Also your Petitioner paid Two 
Sergeants sixteen shillings, the Muster Master (Mr Grout) pay- 
ing their first months pay as privates. — And your Petitioner ac- 
cording to the best of his Capacity have Endeavored to answer 
your Hon" Expectation with respect to the Command given 
and Trust reposed in him, and the Campain being over made 
returne to the Hon*''*' Committee of Safety respecting some Sol- 
diers who were enlisted in your Petitioners Company & had 
rec*^ their Bounty and first months pay but never Joined the 
same, and the Hon''''' Committee Tho' it best I should wait their 
Further Orders and direction upon the same, when unhappily 
for vour Petitioner he received a Citation from the Hon*"'"^ House 
of Representatives to appear at Exeter to answer a compP Ex- 
hibited against him. Supposing your Petitioner Guilty of Fraud- 
elent Conduct, which your Petitioner Humbly Conceives could 
have been set in a clear point of View to your Hon" Full Satis- 
fiiction without his loss of Time and Expense Therefore your 
Petitioner prays your Hon''^ allowance for the account annexed 
or such part thereof as your Hon" in your Great Wisdom .Shall 
Think Just and meet, and your Petitioner as in duty bound will 
Ever pray 

Sam' Wetherbe 
Exeter Feb>' 21, 1778 

[Samuel Wetherbeewas appointed captain, June i8, i//^- 

[R. 174] \^Sc/ecimcn of Charlcstoxvti to Selectmen of Lemp- 
ster. 1778.'] 
There is one William Laiton of this town that is gone into 


the Continental army to do a turn for Lemster said Laiton has 
left a family that has become chargeable to this town agreeable 
to an act of this state every town is to bear y*' chai'ge of those 
families whose Husbands are gone in y'' army for said town. 
These are to desire vou, would immediately Take into your 
care s'^ Laitons family That this town be no longer burdened 
with them — Gentlemen with all due respect we remain your 
very Hum^'' Servants 

Charlestown April 20"* 1778. 

W" Heywood '\ Select men 
Elijah Grout |- of said 
To the select men Peter Page ) Charlestown 

of Lemster 

£R. 175] \^Rclative to NatJian Spafford^ Soldier, ///p.] 

[In a petition, dated March 15, 1779, Bradstreet Spafford, 
of Charlestown, states that his son Nathan, a minor, was in 
the service in October, 1777. in Capt. Abel Walker's com- 
pany, Col. Bellows's reg't, and had his leg broken ; was left 
at Saratoga, and he had to go after him ; pay expense of 
care, etc., in all amounting to ;£,2^>,-\<^-Q), which he wants 
the state to pay. 

Sworn to before William Heywood. — Ed.] 

[R. 177] 

Rec** of the Selectmen of Charlestown from Jan^ 1780 to 
Jan^' 1 781 Inclusive In sundry Articles of Provisions eight 
Pounds nine shillings and Two pence Estimating Indian Corn 
at Four shillings per Bushel and other articles Proportional 
thereto I say Rec*^ 

Charlestown May 8'*' 1781. 

Att. Lucy Newton 
John Hubbard 


Lydia X Powers 

[R. 178] [Lucy Newton acknowledges the receipt of 
provisions to the amount of ;^i8-7-4. for the same time. 
She was the wife of Timothy Newton, and in the year end- 
ing January, 1782, she was helped to the extent of ^15-16— 
9.— Ed.] 


||R. 179] S^The Case of Tyler Spafford and Eleazer Hey- 
wood, SoIdiers.'\ 

To the Honourable Council and House of Representatives 
we the Subscribers Beg Leave to Lay before your Honours our 
Distrest situation we engaged in the service of y* united states 
To serve Two years and No longer we think we have served 
our Times out faithfully after surmounting many Fatigues, we 
Then applied for a Discharge and were Denied after Long im- 
portunity to no avail we came home without a Discharge we 
like the service and the cause but we think it ungenerous that 
after we have punctually serv'^outour Times according to agree- 
ment we should be treated as Deserters we apprehend it is 
not the intention of our Rulers in whom we place much of our 
Confidence under God we Beg your Honours to take the mat- 
ter vmder your wise consideration and if you shall think Proper 
Relieve the Distresses of your Humble Petitioners as in Duty 
Bound we shall ever pray — 

Tyler Spaftbrd Eleazer Heywood 

Charlestown y'' 3'' June 1 7S0 — 

P S we have Drew no clothing for more than Two years 
nor Received Continental none 

[R. I So] 

These may Certify that we Tyler Spafford and Eleazer Hey- 
wood in the Town of Charlestown who engaged in the Service 
of the United States for the term of two years in Capt waits 
Company Col" Cilleys Reg' Never Drew Cloathing for more 
than Two years nor Drew any Continental Bounty 

Attest Tyler Spafford Eleazer Heywood 
Charlestown 5'*" June 17S0 — 
[Sworn to before Tho" Putnam.] 

[R. 181] 

These may certify when I inlisted Eleazer Heywood & Tyler 
Spaftbrd I agreed with the Towns for their hire The True in- 
tent of their engaging was for Two years only and Likewise 
gave them certificates for the same and Likewise that Capt wait 
when they arrived at Camp Returned them for the same Term 
of Time 

Peleg Williams 

[R. 182] \_Statement of Col. Bellows relative to the forego- 
ing matter., addressed to the General Asse?nbly.~\ 

Hon'' Gentlemen 

A regard to Justice the faith of Government and the Public 


Tranqviility are the inducements to the making the following- 
representation to your Honors, which you will make such use 
of, and follow with such Resolution as in your Great Wisdom 
may be thought necessary for the Publick weal — a number of 
men among wdiom are Tyler Spaftbrd and Eleazer Heywood 
both of Charlestown engaged as soldiers in the service of the 
United States, by agreement with the Towns for which they 
went, for the Term of two years only from the time they 
enlisted, they have Faithfully served out that time. At the 
expiration whereof they applied for a Discharge : some ob- 
tained it others were refused ; and sought to be held one year 
Longer. They therefore improved the tirst opportunity which 
Presented to leave the service and return home, and are now 
sent for as Deserters, and if taken will be forced back to the 
army and be liable to be treated as such — such a measure must 
be productive of the most serious consequences, to the peace of 
the State, and to the recruiting of the Army — They will be 
rescued by their friends at home, as one has already been from 
the officer that took him at Claremont. And men will enter- 
tain hard thoughts of Government if it Countenances any De- 
ceitful or Fraudulent methods to retain men in the Service be- 
yond the time for which they Designedly engaged — For my 
own part I cannot be assistant in taking and sending to the 
army those men, till I am better satisfied of the Justice of the 
measure, and its conduciveness to the Publick utility — I have 
refused to assist to retake those men when applied to by Cap* 
Dustin a Continental ofhcer. Nor do I suppose it in my Pow- 
er (were I desposed which at present I am not) to accomplish 
the thing without the most violent and Hostile Exertions, 
which must be more Detrimental to the Publick than the ser- 
vice of many forced and involuntary soldiers can be Profit- 
able — Your Honors will maturely weigh those things in your 
minds, and speedily come into such resolutions thereupon as 
will be most conducive to the Credit an Safety of the State 
and the maintainance of the Common Cause — And in so doing 
you will ease the minds of the men above specified, and of all 
friends to our Independence, and of none more than your Honors 
most obedient and Humble Servant in all things for the Gen- 
eral Good — 

Benj* Bellows — 
Walpole June 9"' 17S0 

[R. 183 and 184] [In 1795, Tyler Spafford for himself, 
and Samuel Stone and Francis W. Willard for Eleazer 
Heywood, Tyler Spafford, Sylvanus Hastings, and Joseph 
Wright, petition the legislature, making statements similar 
to the foregoing, with the exception of stating that they 


*'left the army publicly in open day, of all which s*^ Captain 
was not a stranger," and were not returned deserters un- 
til the command of the company fell on Lieut. Joseph 
Perkins. They were in Stark's regiment, in the company 
commanded by Captain Jason Wait, of Alstead. In this 
petition they ask to have their depreciation of pay made up 
to them. (R. 185) The committee of the H. of Rep., to 
whom it was referred, reported by Christopher Toppan, 
chairman, against granting it, and they were given "leave 
to withdraw." — Ed.] 


The town was granted by Governor Benning Wentworth, 
February 7, 1767, to Peter Levius and seventy-two associ- 
ates, and named in honor of Lord Chatham. It was laid 
out ten miles long and four miles wide. Governor John 
Wentworth, by a grant dated July 2, 1772, conveyed 1,829 
acres of land, near the centre of the township, to Thomas 
McDonough, his private secretary, who caused twelve acres 
to be cleared the following year. The locality is still known 
as McDonough's Location. He was an educated man, and 
being a loyalist fled to Canada on the breaking out of the 
Revolution. His property was confiscated, and a few fami- 
lies settled on the grant. After peace was declared he 
returned as British consul to New England, and, his land 
being restored to him, attempted to establish a colony of 
his countrymen, built three houses, but, becoming some- 
what discouraged, abandoned the project. According to 
information obtained from Ithiel E. Clay, Esq., the first 
settlers moved their families into Chatham in the year 1781 ; 
their names were Samuel Phipps, Increase Robinson, and 
Isaac Cox. The wife of the latter was something of a 
civil engineer, and run many of the lines in the vicinity, often 
camping out several nights in succession. She is repre- 
sented as being a woman of much physical force, and some- 
what educated. 

By an act approved June 23, 1817, a tract of land north 
of the town, containing two thousand acres, which was 
granted to Lieut. Samuel Gilman, March i, 1770, was an- 
nexed to Chatham. In the year 1823, the town was sev- 


ered from Coos county and annexed to Strafford, and so 
remained until the formation of Carroll county in 1840, 
when it was included in the latter. The farms of Jonathan 
Hardy and Edward Shirley were severed from Conway and 
annexed to Chatham, June 26, 1823. The farm of Judah 
Dana, containing 500 acres, was annexed to the town July 
2, 1838 ; June 30, 1869, a tract of land was severed from 
Chatham, and annexed to Bartlett. The westerly part of 
the town is mountainous, and covered with a heavy growth 
of timber. Mountain pond, situated in a basin on the 
aforesaid mountain, is one of the clearest and loveliest bod- 
ies of water in the state. Surrounded by dense forests, a 
pure and invigorating" atmosphere, it could be made one of 
the most heathful summer resorts in New England. — Ed.] 

[2-98] \^I)ihabitants' Petition for Authority to tax Non-Resi- 
dent Lands J\ 

To the Honorable General Court of the State of New Hamp- 
shire, convened at Concord on the first Wednesday of June next, 
the Petition of the Inhabitants of Chatham sheweth : that the 
Town of Chatham was granted, A. D. 1767, by Benning Went- 
worth the then Governor of New Hampshire, to Walter Bryant 
and others ; and afterwards regranted by John Wentworth Esq"' 
a later Governor of the State of New Hampshire, to Jonathan 
Warner Esq, Rev'' Samuel Langdon, and others; that Doct. 
Langdon, and Esq"" Warner, some years since, encouraged a 
number of persons to settle in Chatham, and cleared Roads to 
their Land ; but the whole of the roads cleared by them in the 
Town do not exceed three miles and a half, which are almost 
imppassible. About six or seven years since, the original Gran- 
tees ran the Town into Lots ; encoui'aged a number of Settlers 
to the amount of twenty or more, who from that time have been 
considered as Settlers for the Proprietors of Chatham : the said 
proprietors have never been at any expence in making roads in 
said Town, alth" the value of said Township is greatly enhanced 
by the Settlers, who sutler the greatest inconveniencies for want 
of Roads ; they therefore pray your honors to grant a Tax of 
two and a half cents per acre upon all the Lands in said Town, 
for the purpose of making Roads in said Chatham ; and to ap- 
point a Committee to see the same effected, or point out any 
other way that your Honors may seem meet : and your petition- 
ers, as in duty bound will ever pray — 

Chatham May 25"' 1797. 


Richard Walker Samuel Bradley Jr Asa Eastman 

Stilson Hutchins Jonathan Hazletine John Hazletine 

Jonas ^^\man William Abbott Abiel Chandler 

Jonathan Harder Nathaniel Hutchins Jonathan Shirley 

Jeremiah Hutchins Joshua Hazeltine Abraham Hazeltine 

Samuel Hazletine John Robbins Isaac Cox 

Isaac Robbins John Robbin Paul Chandler 


This may certify all whome it may concern that we haye been 
w'ell equainted with the town of Chatham from the time It was 
first Granted untill now ; and are certain that there has been no 
Rode made in said town. Excepting what Doctor langdon and 
Jonathan Warner Esq"" made only what the inhabitants ^vho 
liyed in said town made from house to house at their own ex- 

Conway May the 10"' 1798. 

Dayid Page Richard Kimball 

[June 13, 1798, the H. of Rep. "Voted that the prayer of 
the petition be granted and that the Petitioners have leave 
to bring in a Bill accordingly taking care in said Bill to ex- 
empt the lands owned by Doct Langdon and Jonathan War- 
ner Esq'' — " The senate concurred. — Ed.] 


To the Honorable General Court now convened at Hopkin- 
ton humbly sheweth Obed Hall in behalf of the Inhabitants of 
Chatham that w'hereas the said Inhabitants have obtained leave 
to bring in a bill for raising a tax of two and one half cents per 
acre on all the lands in said Chatham public Rights excepted 
and also the excej^tion of the lands owMied by Jonathan War- 
ner, and the heirs of Samuel Langdon, and wliereas difficulties 
have arisen in consequence of said exemptions of the lands of the 
said Warner, and Langdons heirs said bill has been dismissed — 
therefore your Petitioner j^rays that a tax of two and one half 
cents per acre be granted on all the lands in said Ciiatham pub- 
lic Riglits excepted for the purposes set forth in said Bill — And 
in duty bound \\ ill pray — 

Obed Hall 

Hopkinton June 15 A. D. 1798. 

[The foregoing was granted bv an act passed December 
27, 1798, Samuel Bradley, Isaac Waldron, and Asa East- 
man being appointed by said act as a committee to assess 


and collect the tax on all lands in Chatham, except public 
rights. The act provided that the proprietors might make 
the same void, by paying seven dollars on each and every 
right, on or before the 15th day of July, 1799. — Ed,] 


The town was granted August 26, 1720, and was known 
by the name of Cheshire until it was incorporated by its 
present name May 8, 1722, by Governor Samuel Shute, to 
Captain Henry Sherburne and 123 others, in answer to a 
petition dated September 24, 1719, signed by about 100 
members of the " Society for Settling the Chestnut Coun- 
try." This society had held meetings and chosen officers as 
early as October 15, 17 19. The boundaries of the grant 
were as follows : " To begin at Exeter south'ly corner 
bounds, and from thence run upon a West by North Point 
Two miles along Kingstown Northerly Line to Kingstown 
North corner bound then upon a South Point three miles 
along Kingstown head line to Kingstown South corner 
bounds and from thence upon a West North West Point 
Ten miles into the Country then to begin again at the 
afores*^^ Exeter South'ly corner bounds & run seven miles 
upon Exeter head line upon a North East Point half a Point 
more Northerly Then fourteen miles in to the Country upon 
a West North West Point to the river Merrimack & from 
thence upon a straight Line to the end of the afores'^ Ten 
mile Line." 

The first meeting under the charter was held March 28, 
1723, and town officers were chosen. December 15, 1763, 
that portion of the town known as Charming-fare was set off 
and incorporated by the name of Candia. May 9, 1764, 
Freetown was set off and incorporated by the name of Ray- 
mond. A considerable territory was also set off, which is 
now part of the city of Manchester. July 2, 1822, a por- 
tion of the town was set off, and with portions of other towns 
incorporated by the name of Hooksett. June 23, 1845, Au- 
burn was set off and incorporated. Notwithstanding all 
this territory has been set off, the town remains of a re- 
spectable size ; but being off from any line of railroad, and 
having little water-power that can be used for manufactur- 
ing purposes, it is not increasing in population. 



[2-1 01] \^Ecclesiastical Council to consult about the Settle- 
ment of a jSIinistcr at Chester^ //J^.] 

At an Ecclesiastical Counsel held at Salisbury [Mass.] Au- 
gust 13, 1734 consisting of y^ Elders & Messengers of y** 
Churches following (viz) 

from y*^ Churches Elders 

Salisbury i Chh M'' Caleb Cushen 

Salisbury z^ Chh 

Hampton falls 



M'' Joseph Parsons 
M-" John Odling 

M'' Joseph Whipple 

M'' Joseph Parsons 

M' John Lowel 

M^ Ward Clark 

Amesburv 2*^ Chh M*^ Pain WinJet 

M"" Justice Brad- 
Deacon Jabez True 
Deacon Joseph 

Deacon Onezipt : 

Deacon Thomas 

' Deacon Jonathan 

M' Jonathan Fy- 

Deacon Edward 

Deacon Moses El- 

Deacon Joseph 

Being regularly assembled by virtue of Letters from y® 
Church of Chester to y*^ aforesaid Churches to hear advise & 
direct y'' said Church of Chester what may be most proper for 
them to do under their present difficult circumstances by reason 
of y*^^ Rev"^ : M' : Moses Hale their Pastor being wholy disabled 
from sen'ing them in y* work of y"^ Ministry & having made due 
Enquiry Into y*" Estate & Case & Circumstances of y*" Said Min- 
ister and people they find y* y'= said M"" Hale having done little 
or no service among them & being by y" Providence of God 
brought under great disorder of body & Distraction of mind & 
for a long time beravcd of his reason & understanding & there- 
by rendered uncapable of Discharging y*^ work of y'' Ministry 
among them & so remaining without any present appearance or 
prospect of being restored to his ministery & therefore we Judge 
and determine y' it is y* wisdom & duty of y'^ Chh & people of 
Chester to proceed in y'' regular steps to call & settle a Gospel 
minister among them y' so they may no longer be destitute of 
y" word & ordinances of Christ & could also devise & direct y* 


said Chh & people of Chester y* besides allowing y'' said M'' : 
Hale y'' town right w"** : accrued to him upon settlement and 
what then was else given him to encourage his settlement thev 
should not forget their obligation to be ready to contribute to his 
support & relief according to their power & ability & so com- 
mending them to y*^ God of Grace & peace we subscribe vour 
Brethren in Christ 

Caleb Cushen Mod'' : 
John Odling Clark 

In y^ name & behalf of the Counsel 
Copia va Attest per Thos : thomson 

[2-102] \_Noticc of I)ivitation to Ordination^ iyj4.'\ 

that whereas a call has been presented by y^ Presbyterian In- 
habitants of Chester to y'' Rev*^ M"" John Willson these are to 
notify all persons concerned y' if they have any valid reasons 
why said M" : Willson shall not be ordained to said Inhabitants 
they are desired to lodge y*^ same in writing with y" Rev*^ M'' : 
Thomas Thomson at Allan Anderson's in Londonderry on or 
before y^ seventh day of October next for if nothing appears to 
y^ contrary y'' Presbyterie will proceed to ordination as soon as 
shall be convenient Subscribed according to order by 

Thos : thomson 

September 28 1734 

Copia va Attest per Thos : thomson 

[2—103] \_CertiJicate of Ordi)iation^ foJin Will soil., 113 4-'\ 

these are to certifie that I the subscriber together with y^ as- 
sistance of y'' Rev*^ Mess^ : Andrew L= Mercier John Moore- 
head & John Harvey did by y" appointment of y'' Rev*^ Presby- 
terie in N : England ordain y" Rev"^ : M'' : John Willson in Ches- 
ter to y" Presbyterians there according to y"^ method of y"" Church 
of Scotland & way proscribed by y'' Westminster Assembly in 
their directory to v^ Confession of faith given under my hand at 
Londonderry this 8* day of March 1737 

Thos : thomson 

this ordination aforesaid was performed -y" 16'^ of October 

[superscribed] For M"' James Campbell or APJohn Talford 
occasionally at Portsmouth per M'' Calfe 


[2-104] \_EcclesiasticaJ Council^ Chester^ ^735 -^ 

At an Ecclesiastical Council met at Chester June 4* 1735 to 
consider and determine of y" case in controversy between y* 
Rev'' Mr. Moses Hale & the people of Chester as proposed 
Feb'' 6"^ 1734/5 • We having met upon y"^ desire of s** parties & 
having heard their several pleas & aligations and duly consider- 
ed the same, 

We do judge and declare 

1 That we do not find y*^ objections brought against the said 
Hale sufficient grounds to remove him from the Pastoral office 
among them meerly upon the acco*of his Incapacity to exercise 
his ministry it being hopefull that any present indisposition ap- 
pearing in him mav in time be removed and we find his char- 
acter unblemished But 

2 In as much as we find y'' present [word illegible] & 
prejudice in this people against his ministry and impatience to 
wait any longer upon him which threaten to render his minis- 
try useless and unprofitable among them, We Judge it mav be 
most for the interest of Religion and comfort of both parties, 
That the s** M'' Hale should Qiiit his pastoral Relations to this 
people upon y** following reasonable terms and conditions (viz) 

I That y" s'' Town of Chester beside alowing him v*^ To\vn 
Rights w*^*^ accru** to him upon his settlement, and what they 
further advanc' towards his settlement. They shall & do sea- 
sonably & punctually pay and make up to y'' s'^ M'' Hale all the 
arrears that are behind and Justly Due to him upon y*' ace' of 
his whole salery yearlv untill this day of which thev have been 
greatly negligent in time past & 

3 That in considerations of the low & difficult circumstances 
w"^'' the s'^ M'' Hale will be left in upon his laying down his 
ministry the s** people of Chester shall be obliged to pay the 
whole arrears within 3 months and Int till s'^ whole is paid and 
until such time as they shall fuUfiU the payment of y*" afores'^ ar- 
rears for y" time past & Finally That upon the said M"' Hales 
relinquishing the pastoral office or the peoples accepting v^ 
aforesaid conditions we do direct and advise them speedily to 
take proper steps in order to a regular settlement of a Gospell 
minister amcjng them. — 

So wishing the God of Grace & peace to be with vou we 
subscribe our selves yo" in the Faith & fellowship of y" Gos- 
pell ; Voted in the affirmative 

Caleb Cushing Moderator Jabc/, Fitch 

Jos : Parsons J^^i'i Odlin Joseph Whipple 


Nath^ Weare W" Bradbery John Lord 

Jonath" Fifield Joseph French Thom^ Wilson 

[One name illegible. — Ed.] 

A True copy attest Caleb Gushing Moderator 

John Odlin Scribe 

[2-105] [.^^Py of Reco7'd of Toiv7i- Meetings i/j6.'} 

These are to warn the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the 
Town of Chester to assemble and meet at the meeting house in 
Chester on Wednesday the twenty third Day of June Instant at 
one of the Clock in the afternoon — to give the Rev*^ mr. Eben- 
ezer Flagg a call to the work of the ministery 

I By Vote to make choyce of him to be the minister of the 
town (3) Vote what sallery he shall have — 

Dated at Chester June i*"' 1736 — 

Jacob Sargent Ephriem Hesseltine Select men 

at the meeting Persuant to the above warning held June the 
twenty third 1736 — 

Voted Moses Leavite Esq moderator for said meeting 

Voted That the Rev'^ m"' Ebenezer Flagg shall be the minis- 
ter of the town of Chester — 

Voted that there shall be one hundred and twenty Pounds 
Paid to the Rev'' mr Ebenezer Flagg as silver at twenty shill- 
ings an ounce per annum During his ministery in Chester 

A true Copy taken out of Chester town book of Records 
page 206* as attest 

Sam'' Emerson town clerk 

[2-106] [ Vo^e of Town electing Assessors, 1^41. \ 

At the anneuel meeting of the Inhabitants of the town of 
Chester held at the old meeting house in Chester on the Last 
Thursday in March 1741, Capt Sam' Ingalls moderator, 
amongst other things Voted mr John Tolford and James Var- 
num Invoice men ; to take the Invoice of the poles and Estates 
of the whole town — a true copy taken out of Chester town book 
of Records as attests 

Sam' Emerson town Clark — 



[The following is a list of tax-payers, as returned by 
James Varnum, John Tolford, Invois Men," 1741. — Ed.] 

Moses Hills 
Henry Hall 
Robert Willson 
James Willson 
Benj" Derbon 
William Karr 
Thomas Derbon 
Charles ]Moore 
Jonas Clay Jun'' 
John Robie 
William Powell 
Robert Graham Jun'' 
John Allen 
Ithamer Berrey 
Benj" Bachilder 
King Calfe 
Joseph Calfe 
Henry Ambross 
Jacob Sergant Jun'' 
Daniel Macfarline 
John Clement 
James Shirley Jur. 
James Qiiainton 
John Dickey 
Bradbur\- Karr 
Daniel Webster 
Widdow Elizabeth 

David Crage 
Timothy Ingals 
John Wodwell 
John Mills Junr 
John Carswell 
Ens. Jacol) Sargent 
Benj" Hills 
Thomas Hesseltine 
John Talford 
Anthony Towle 
Benaih Colbe 
Isaac Foss 
Silvanus Smith 
William Healey 
Jacob Bassford 
Stephen Clay 

John Karr 
John Webster 
Francis Towle 
William Crawford 
Andrew Crage 
John Karr Jr 
Paul Mcfasen 
Nathanal Wood 
James Bassford 
Sam' Robie 
Titus Wells 
William Graham 
Thomas Worthen 
Joseph Clark 
Page Bachilder 
Robert Calfe 
John Foss 
Mark Karr 
William Leach 
Ebenezer Gial 
James Macfasen 
Michael Derbon 
James Shirley 
John Underbill 
Jonathan Sanders 
Stephen W^ebster 
Widdow Elizabeth 

Samuel Aken 
Moses Richardson 
William Turner 
Robert Mills 
Capt. Sam' Ingals 
Nathan Webster 
William Wilson 
John Hesseltine 
William Talford 
Thomas Smith 
Sam' Emerson 
Jonathan Moulton 
Paul Smith 
Robert Runnals 
Joseph Bassford 
John Smith 

Hugh Willson 

Sam' Hills 

Wintrop Sergant 

Sam' Brown 

John Aloore 

Jonas Clay 

Joseph Taylor 

Sam' Powell 

Robert Graham 

Patrick Melvin 

Eliphaz Sanborn 

Jonathan Hall 

James Calfe 

Daniel Calfe 

John Ambross 

William White 

John Orr 

Nathan Huse 

Adam Dickey 

Edward Crage 

James Willson 

Thomas Richardson 

Nathan Webster 

James Varnum 

John Boyd 

Thomas Wasson 

Robert Gillerees 

Mathew Forsaith 

Lieut. Ebenezer Der- 

John Calfe 

Ephraim Hesseltine 

Thomas Wells 

John Shirley 

James Campble 

Jonathan Blunt 

Ebenezer Derbon 

Peter Derbon 

Joshua Prescott 

Ebenezer Blunt 

Robert Gorden 

Daniel Macaphce 

Alexander Crajje 


Hugh Ramsey Archibald Macaphee Isaac Foss Jun. 

Alex Temlington Robert Crage Nathan Colbee 

Nathaniel Hall Jethro Tilton Thomas Hill 

James Wodwell James MacClure William Grims Junr, 

Peter Clifford Joseph Davis Archibald Delaph 

Thomas Crage David MacClure 
widdow Mary Cars- Thomas Gli nn 

well John Aken 

[2-1 oS] \_Petition for Road bet-joeen Chester and London- 
derry^ 1/42.^ 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq"' Gov"" & Com- 
mander in Chief In and Over his Majestvs Province of 
Nev\^ Hampshire and to the Honorable His Majestys Coun- 
cil & House of Representatives in General Court assembled 
June the ninth 1742 — 

The Humble Petition of the Select men of Chester on the Be- 
half of themselves and Constituents Sheweth — That there has 
Never been any Road opened between the Body of the Town of 
Chester and Londonderry — That the want of Said Road Is a 
very Considerable damage to your Petitioners — That your Peti- 
tioners have several times spoke to and once Petitioned the 
Town vSelect men of Londonderrv for the opening of a conven- 
ient Road but have never been able hitherto to obtain our End. 
— May it therfore please your Excellency & Hon''* to take the 
Premises under consideration and to grant that said Road may 
be opened by John Carr's Mills and from thence to run to the 
dwelling house of James Caldwell of Londonderry there being 
but about one Hundred and twenty Rhods of said Road to be 
opened which Road will (as far as we can learn) be most pleas- 
ing to the greater part of the Inhabitants both of Chester and 
Lon : Derry and your Petitioners Shall ever pray &c. 

Ebenezer Dearbon") o , , 

Nathan Webster >- 

^ ( men 

John Karr ) 

[2-109] \^Anot/ier Petition for Road^ addressed to General 
Co7irt assejnbled on Tuesday, the l6th day of November^ 

The Humble Petition of the Selectmen of Chester in behalf 
of themselves and Constituents Earnestly prayeth for a hearing 
of our former petition which your Excellency and Honors Re- 
ceived June the lo'*" 1742 Requesting for a Road or highway 


Jovning to our Road that Goes by John Kar's Mills and from 
thence to Run straight past the East End of James Caldwell's 
Dwelling house to the open Road in Lo : Derry which is about 
an hundred and Twenty Rhods and is also fit and suitable land 
for a highway and may be pinxhased on ease and Reasonable 
Terms — And we your Petitioners together with some of the vSe- 
lect Men of Londonderry have viewed and tryed the Road that 
Lieut. Andrew Todd of Lo : Derry made mention of to your 
Excellency and Hon""^ in opposition to our petition and find that 
said Road is altogether unfit to be made a highway of neither 
can we of Chester find convenient and suitable Land Jovning to 
said Road, Avhich in our Humble oppinion Renders it almost if 
not altogether Impossible to have any Tollerable Road there at 
all, and in our viewing of it we found it not opened nor Repair- 
ed and allowed to be but Two Rhods wide which is contrary to 
the laws of the Province. 

We also have spoke to the Selectmen of Lo : Derry in order 
to have the highway to Run by John Kars Mill as above Re- 
quested and they tell us that they cannot Do it by Reason of a 
vote that is in their Town Book to the contrary (viz) That no 
highway shall be laid out within a mile of another in their 
Town, nor can they either change or stop the other because it 
is upon Record. 

May it therefore please your Excellency and Hon" to take 
this our Humble Petition under your Consideration, and Grant 
that the Road may Run as above supplicated for, and your Pe- 
titioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever pray 

Select f John Karr 
men | Nathan Webster 

[The foregoing, with a plan (vol. 2, p. no), was before the 
H. of Rep., May 26, 1743, and a committee, consisting of 
George Walton and Richard Jenness, to which the council 
added Jos. Sherburne and John Downing, was appointed to 
view the situation, and report which was the best place for 
a highway. Report not found. — Ed.] 


At a meeting of the Presbyterian Parish in Chester held vSep- 
tember y* 14, 1753. 

ily voted Samuell Akin moderator of s** meeting 
2ly voted this meeting is to be caryed on by hand vote 
3ly voted three hundred Pound Cellery old tennor to Be set- 
tled to the Reverant mr. John willson a year 

Jun the 27 1 75 1 at a meeting of the Presbyterian Parish 


I ly voted Capt Andrew Jack moderator of s'^ meeting 
2ly the ineeting is to Be Caryed on by handy vote 
3ly voted the meeting house is to be moved to a proper senter. 
81y the Parisli Excepted of the Commites report for the sen- 
ter Between Capt John Tolfords house and Decon Wilham 
Leaatchs house. 

At another meeting of the Presbyterian Parish held at Chester 
march the 12 1750 

ily voted Andrew mcfarhind moderator of s** meeting 
then voted Capt John Tolford Hugh Cromey Thomas Crag 
wilham Leatch James Qiienton a Commitee to find a Place to 
move the meeting house too 

a true coppy taken out of the Parish Book By 

James Quenton Parish Clark 

[R. 1S6] 

[Jonathan Blunt, of Chester, presented a bill for boarding 
and nursing one " Benjamin York a soldier in the Hon- 
ourable Col" Misservey Regiment." The bill amounts to 
;^27i-i2-o, old tenor. Among the charges is this: "To 
Eight Gallons of Rum to Dress his wounds with a 4^ 10 
pr. Gallon ^$6. o. o." In H. of Rep., March 21, 1758, he 
was allowed £2^. Council concurred, and the governor 
" consented." — Ed.] 

[R. 187] 

[Jonas Clay, of Chester, gunsmith, in a petition dated 
December 26, 1758, states that he was a soldier in Capt. 
John Hazzen's company ; that at Fort Edward he was or- 
dered by Col. Hart " into the Kings Yard to do duty as an 
armorer," and filled that position until discharged ; for 
which he asks extra compensation, and is allowed forty 
shillings sterling. — Ed.] 

[R. 1S8] 

[James Quenton, of Chester, in a petition dated August 
10, 1761, states that his son James "was in the Province 
Service in Col° Goffs Regiment in Capt. Todds Company in 
the year 1760, and being discharged as a sick man. Came 
Home some time in December and in two days broke out 
with Small Pox." He further states that his wife and two 
children took it, one of whom died. He presented a bill 
amounting to ;^i 78-2-6, old tenor, which he asked the 


Province to pay. Sworn to before Matthew Thornton. 
The bill was allowed, amounting to jQ6-i6 sterling. — Ed.] 

[3-113] \_Pctifio?i of Samuel Blunt ^ Postrldei\ i'/y6.'\ 

Colony of New \ To the hon''"' the Council & house of Rep- 
Hampshire j resentatives for the Colony aforesaid The 
petition of Samuel Blunt of Chester in the County of Rocking- 
ham in the aforesaid Colony Sheweth — That your petitioner 
intends if properly encouraged to Ride post from hence to 
Canada in order to Carry Letters and bring them from thence 
together with all news to and from thence, and he thinks he 
shall not be able to Go thro' with the matter so as to save him- 
self from expence unless your honours will Grant him some 
encouragement therein — Wherefore he humbly prays your hon- 
ours to Countenance him in his intention herein and make him 
a Grant of a little money towards defraying his Charges for the 
present and he hopes, in future, that he shall have such en- 
couragement from the People as will enable him to serve the 
public, without troubling your honours for any Further Re- 
lief — And your petitioner as he is in duty bound will Ever 
pray &c. 

Samuel Blunt 
Exeter June 20* 1 776 — 

[R. 189] \_Pcfifio?i of the SJiirleys, Bunker Hill Soldiers.'^ 

To the Hon''''^ Council & House of Representatives in General 
Assembly convened — 

Humbly Shew's, Alexander Shirley in behalf of himself & 
his Brother John Shirley Both of Chester in the county of 
Rockingham, that the s*^ John & Alexander ware in the Battle 
at Bunkers hill in Cap' Kinsmans Company where they ware 
so unfortunate as to Loose one coat & jacket of Johns valued 
at Eight Dollers and one Coat of Alexanders valued at Eight 
Dollers & one Knapsack valued at half a Doller — to the am' in 
the whole sixteen Dollars, which your Petitioner Prays your 
honors would be Pleased to order them Pay therefor or Relieve 
them in any other w^ay your Honors sliall think Proper — and 
your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall Ever Pray &c. 

Alexander Shirley 
'' Dismissed " 

Exeter June the 8"' 1776 


[R. 190] \^yoh?t Knoivles' s Petition^ Bennitigtoti Soldier. '\ 

[In a petition dated February 13, 1778, John Knowles, of 
Chester, states that he was " a soldier in Capt. Stephen 
Dearborn's company," and was " wounded in the Battle of 
Bennington by a Balls Passing thro' his Body by means 
of which he was unable to Git home for two months after 
his time was out." He presented a bill amounting to 
^18-18-3, of which ;Qi2 was for nursing, and ;^2-2-6 for 
rum, wine, and brandy. — Ed.] 

[R. 193] \_Susannah JSmerso/i's Petition., 277Q.1 addressed 
to Cou7icil and House of Representatives .^ 

Susannah Emerson of Chester in said State, Humbly shows, 
that your Petitioners Husband Amos Emerson Cap' in the ser- 
vice of the United states of America was home on Furlow last 
winter, but Joyn*^ y^ army very early and since he went away 
your Honoi's at a late Session of the General Assembly voted a 
sum of money, to the officers Toward making up the Depre- 
ciation of money, and as your Petitioner is left with a Large 
Family, of children and the Necessarys of life is very expen- 
sive, your Humble Petitioner prays that your Honors would 
pay the whole or part of said money Due to your Petitioners 
Husband, as to your wisdom shall seem meet, and your Peti- 
tioner as in Duty Bovmd will ever Pray &c 

Susanna Emerson. 

Chester June y® 17* 1779 

[By vote of the House, she was allowed ;^8oo. Amos 
Emerson was promoted from lieutenant to captain in the 
first battalion, Nov. 8, 1776, at Ticonderoga. — Ed.] 

[2-1 14] S^Letter from Select?nen to President Weare., iy8o.'\ 

Chester July the 11"^ 1780 
Sir : As Lieutenant Jonathan Robins was appointed as 
an officer to serve in the corps destined to the Westward 
and he refusing to go and his Commission being sent back 
by Lieut. Eliot we humbly beg leave to recommend to 
your Honor John Webster son to Col" John Webster of this 
Town as a Person well qualified to serve in the Capacity of a 
Lieut, in that Corps, if your Honor thinks fit to grant him a 


Commission. Lieut Eliot who waits on you with this Recom- 
mendation will receive it at your Hands and leave it with Col° 

The Hon. M. Weare Isaac Hills ") Select Men 

President Josiah Forsith v of 

Josiah Flagg ) Chester 

£3-115] yoshua Wentwort/i to Cotninittee of Safety^ about 


Portsmo' Mar. 30, 1783. 
Gentl'"" The Selectmen of Chester have apply'd twice for 
my receiv'g Rum in lieu of Cash On the first application I 
desired the Sheriff to postpone leveying the warrant 'til the last 
day of this month, for the Town to have an opp'y to obtain 
leave of the General Coml, — The Selectmen apply this day to 
have a further time allow'd, that they may have an opp'y of 
apply'g. to your Honors for reasons they will suggest Was 
it in my power to settle the matter I sh*^ receive good Rum in 
lieu of what was provided & offer'd, because I suppose they 
wei-e deceived in the Qiiality by the person employ'd by them 
to procure it & I think any Town w'^^ had made anv provision 
to pay their tax, ought to be indulged. — I have lengthened the 
time again to the 15"' April next — 
I am Gentl'" 

Your Obt Serv 

Josh. Wentw^orth 

Hon''''^ Committee of Safety for State of New Hampshire 

[3-1 16] \_Pctition of Select?nen about Ru7n Tax^ 7/^3.] 

To the Honerable the Council and House of Representatives 
for the State of New Hampshire in General Assembly Con- 
ven*^ the second Tuesday of June Instant — 

The Petition of the Subscribers the Selectmen of the Town 
of Chester — Humbly Shews that the Town of Chester was 
asses'* the Qiiantity of one Hundred and Ninety Seven Gallons 
of west India Rum for the use of s'' State and ordered to Be 
Deliver'' to Joshua VVentworth P^sq. the States Receiver of that 
article at the Places mentioned in the Act for that Purpose — 
That the Selectmen of s'* Chester for theveariySi Purchas** 
tlie Rimi but it Did not Prove of such a (^ualitv as the s'' Re- 
ceiver could Receive it consistant with his Dutv and order'' an 


Extent to Issue against the Town for as many Silver Dollars 
As the Town was to pay Gallons of Rum but the Selectmen 
have hithertoo obtained so much Indulgence from Col" Went- 
worth that the money Has not as yet ben Leave'd and the 
Receiver is still Willing on his part to Receive it into Store 
Provided he can have the Direction of this Honorable Assem- 
blv so to Do and he Further adds that no Injury has arose to 
the Publick service by Reason of the Rums not being Deliv* 
as Directed by the s"^ Act — That the said Town of Chester 
has ever exerted themselves to the Utmost of their Power in 
Promoting The Service — 

That in this Extream scarcity of money ocationed in a Great 
Measure by Raising men for the Continental Service it will be 
almost Impossible for the Present Selectmen to Raise the mon- 
ey ordered by the s** extent without Distressing the Inhabitants 
to a Great Degree and Much more so than by Providing the 
Rum — Your Petitioners Therefore most Humbly Pray that this 
Assembly will Consider the Premises and the Great ease it 
will be to the Town still to have Liberty to Deliver the s* 
Quantity of rum in Lieu of the money any cost that has arose 
on the Matter your Petitioners will Cheerfully Pay and Procure 
the Rum as your Honours shall Direct — and your Petitioners 
as in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray &c — 

Jabez Hoit | Selectmen 
Jos. Blanchard J of Chester 

Chester June 12"' 1782. 

[R. 19=1] \_Petition of Peter Haseltine and Si'fuon Berry^ 
jySj. — Addt'essed to the General Assembly. '\ 

The Petition of the subscribers Humbly Shews That where- 
as Nathan Berry and Paul Clarke minors Both Inhabitants of 
the Town of Chester were Inlisted on the twenty ninth Day of 
July 1782 by the Selectmen of said Chester to serve as soldiers 
in the States service under Capt Titus Salter untill the Last 
Day of the December following unless sooner Discharged said 
soldiers were mustered by Col" John Webster and Marched & 
Joyned the Company agreeable to the General Courts orders 
for that purpose where they served faithfully untill the twenty- 
third day of November which was but a few Days before said 
company were all Discharged then said Soldiers came away 
without orders from their Capt who has returned them as De- 
serters — 

Your Honours Petitioners therefore most Humbley pray that 


This Assembly will consider the premises and Grant to said 
Nathan Berry and Paul Clark wages for the time they served 
the state and your Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever 
pray &c. — 

Peter Hasseltine 
Simon Bery 
Chester October 35'^ 1783 — 

[2-1 1 7] 

Instructions of the Town of Chester to their Representatives. 
To Jacob Chase Esq' and Maj' Will™ White — 

Gentlemen — Altho' we have full confidence in your Fidelity, 
and conceive that your publick virtues would lead you (with- 
out sinister views) to pursue such Measures onlv, as you sup- 
pose would tend to the public Good ; yet it mav be no Disad- 
vantage to have your Sentiments fortifved, bv those of vour 
Constituents ; particularly as the hon''''^ Gen' Assembly have, in 
justice to the People, called on them to instruct and impower 
their Representatives, respecting a proposed alteration of the 
Eighth Article of Confederation and perpetual Union between 
the thirteen United States of America — We having duly con- 
sidered this Matter, do recommend the alteration of said arti- 
cle, according to the proposals of the Hon''''^ Continen' Con- 
gress — When we consider the different Produce, the different 
method of building, together with the varying qualities of 
Land, and varying values fixed to Lands of the same quality in 
the different States ; any other Method we can devise is likely 
to be attended with more Difiicultv and greater Expence ; and 
considering the States collectivelv will not answer the ends pro- 
posed better ; at the same time we are not sure, but that some 
Inequality^ iTi'iJ arise, from too small a Number of Slaves be- 
ing taken into the estimate. You are further instructed, not to 
give your consent to invest any one Man with divers offices of 
Profit Trust & Honor ; You are to endeavor likewise, that no 
Person or Persons of whatever denomination, whom you have 
just Cause to suspect, have been, or are enemical to American 
Measures ; have aided her enemies, or been Idle Spectators 
during the Contest with Great Britain shall sustain, or hold any 
office of Trust, Profit or Honor, in the State ; & if anv Persons 
of this Character have crept in by art, or been inadvertently ad- 
mitted, you are to endeaver their Removal : and in all appoint- 
ments, you are to use your Influence, to promote men of trv'd 
fidelity, & strict attachment to their Country ; always consider- 


ing, that none but such ought to be accounted worthy to bear 
Rule in this Land, that has doneso much to secure the precious 
Liberties & Independence thereof — It is with Concern of Mind 
we consider the vmcomfortable Circumstances we are in by rea- 
son of high Taxes, the scarcity of Cash, & the surprising num- 
ber of Law-Suits, which have an evident Tendency to distress 
the good People of this State ; you are therefore to endeavor 
that something be done either by cutting down the Table of 
Fees, by making States Security, or Produce a tender for Exe- 
cutions ; or making a Small Bank of Money, which may en- 
able the People to pav their Taxes ; and thereby prevent the 
growing Evil ; or \vhat else you in vour wisdom, & Prudence 
shall think best adapted to that Purpose ; that their Land may 
emerge, as soon as possible from that state of Distress into 
which it is plung'd, by a long & expensive war 
Chester Sept: 30, 1783, 

Sam' Emerson town clerk 

[The "Articles of Confederation" of the United States 
were signed by Josiah Bartlett and John Wentworth, Jr., in 
behalf of New Hampshire, August 8, 1778. The eighth 
article, referred to in the foregoing document, was as fol- 
lows : "All charges of war, and all other expenses that 
shall be incurred for the common defence or general wel- 
fare, and allowed by the United States, in Congress assem- 
bled, shall be defrayed out of the common treasury, which 
shall be supplied by the several states, in proportion to the 
value of all land within each state, granted to or surveyed 
for any person, as such land and the buildings and improve- 
ments thereon shall be estimated according to such mode as 
the United States, in Congress assembled, shall, from time 
to time, direct and appoint. The taxes for paying that pro- 
portion shall be laid and levied by the authority and direc- 
tion of the Legislatures of the several states, within the 
time agreed upon by the United States, in Congress assem- 
bled."— Ed.] 

[2-1 iS] \_N?i7nber of Ratable Polls, ^7^3 •'] 

State of New Hampshire] The Town of Chester Being by 
Rockingham ss. j Vote of the General Court Directed 

to Return under oath to the Assembly at their next session the 
exact number of Male poles of Twenty one years of age and 


upwards paying for themselves a pole Tax within said Town 
which is as follows (viz.) 362 
a true account Errors Excepted 
Chester Decern"' i'^' 17S3 

Joseph Linn ") Selectmen 
Isaac Blasdel >- of 

Jabez Hoit J Chester 
[Sworn to before John Webster. 

The number of ratable polls in 1879 was 296. — Ed.] 

[2-1 19] \_PetitioH ifi J'avor of A/it/iottv S. Stickncv.~\ 

To the Honerbel Presedent and Councel Surs it appers to 
us that anthony Somerbv Sticknev is a Parson as Sutubel For 
a Justes of the Pease For this County and the End of the town 
Whare He Lives or in the Longmedow Parish so coled as eany 
Parson thare. and we your Humble Petoners would Requst 
his Being appinted 

Chester ianery the 15 — 17S5 

Samuel Sharley Arthur Dinsmore James Sharley 

Thomas Sharley Aren Burbank Johi^ Grimes 

William millor James Hunter Thomas Fowler 

obadiah Hall Samuel aiken Jun. James Witherspoon 

Mansfield APDuftey Josiah Hall Samuel Peirce 

James Witherspoon John m'^Duffy 

Jun. Peter Akin 

[2-120] \_Petitiofi relative to Paper ^ etc.^ 1786.'] 

State of New Hamp' j To the Honb' General Cort for said 
State to be Convened at Concord on the first Wenesdav of June 
Instant Humbly Shews The Subscribers Inhabitants of the 
town of Chester in the County of Rockingham in Said State 
That your Petioners Labour under many and very Great Difii- 
culties on account of the great Scarcity of a Circulating me- 
dium of trade also a grate uneasiness lies arisen in the minds of 
your Petioners and many others on account of a Claime lately 
maid to the uncultivated Lands within this State and as vour 
Honours are the Guardians of the Rights and Priviledges of 
the peopel and as we Have no other regular way of Redress 
than by aplying to you therefore wc Humbly Request that \our 



Honours would take our case under your wise Consideration 
and grant us relief by acting on the following Particulars — 

i^' That you would not a Low those Persons Purchasers of 
the alien Claime So Called any part of their Claime within this 

2^y That not any of those Persons that are Purchasers of Said 
aliens Claime Hold any Commission of profit or Honour with- 
in this State for the space of one year 

3'^' that the general Cort take up the matter Respecting the 
Masonian Title to Sertain Lands in this State (which we thinke 
their titel is not good) and that those Lands Claimed by them 
be converted to the youse of said State 

4'-' That there Might be a Banke of Paper Money made to Re- 
deem this States Securities. 

5'-"' That the General Cort Petition Congress to Redeem the 
Continental paper Currency that is in the Treasury in this State 
the same being more than our proportion of the same 

6'y That the Ports and Harbours in this State be Opened and 
a free traye [trade] for all except the Refugees 

Chester June i^' 1786. 

Alex'' Campbell 


Jacob Blasdel 
Ichabod Davis 
John Hasseltine 
Joshua Copps 
James Shirley 
Hugh Shirley 
John Mills his mark 
Robert Graham Jr 
William Shirley 
James Stevens 
Samuel Gault 
Joseph Brown 
James oterson 
David hildack 
Ezra Badger 
Daniel Harper 
Samuel Davice 
Robert Dinsmore 
Thomas Fowler 
Josiah Hall 
Samuel Akien 
William Hodgkins 
mathew tempelton 
John Giffin 
Husrh Miller 

Sam' Hoyt 
Thomas Sever 
Peter Hasseltine 
Richard Hasseltine 
Joseph Dearben 
Sam' Jack 
John Shirley 
William Mills 
Robert Graheme 
Abraham Silver 
Eliphalet Poor 
Sherben Dearben 
William Gault 
James Brown 
James Brown 
Laban Harriman 
Jonathan Carlton 
John Evens 
Peter Akin 
Roson M'^Alpine 
Adam Dickey 
Archibald mackafe 
David C. Bean 
Obadiah ILill 
John Shannon 
Thomas IM'^Master 
Willime miller 

Pearley Chase 
Hugh Tolford 
Joshua Bradshaw 
Rob' Forsith 
Joseph Copps 
Jonathan Jack 
David Mills 
Simeon Currier 
Amos Emerson 
Hail Stevens 
David Knox 
W" Knox 
William Brown 
Robert Gordon 
Robert Davis 
Nath' Martin 
James Harper 
Arthur Dinsmore 
Nathaniel Linn 
Daniel Aiken 
David Wetherspoon 
Stephen Heath 
Thomas Sfiirley 
William Gilcrest 
John Dickey 
James miller 
Pearson Richardson 


Samuel White Edward Pressen Reuben Clark 

Benj" Hall Joseph Hills mansefeld m'^Dufe 

Sam' Sharlev James Sharley John Brown 

Alexander Sharley thomes Sharley John Brown Jun 

Benj" Bean Francis Carr 
James oterson 

[For matter relative to paper money, see Atkinson papers, 
ante. — Ed.J 

[R. 196] 

[Joseph Davis, who signs his name with a cross, orders 
all that is due him for service in 2d N. H. Reg't, to be paid 
to Jno. Nicolle. Dated Chester, Dec. 20, 1784. Attested 
by Burton Pollard, Jr., and Anna Underbill. — Ed.] 

[R. 197] \^Isaac Tucker s Petition., I'j86.'\ 

a humble Potiscion of Isaac Tucker to the honnerible Court, 
gentelmen my son Inlisted in the year 17S3 for the town of 
Chester in the Contenentle sarvice for three yers and as your 
honners verry well knows there was a Bounty of twenty 
Pounds Lawful money Provided by Court to Be Payd in four 
years after their Inlestment for Every Solger Sent for that year 
and Insted of money in hand or cattle as maney other solgers 
had for incurrigement to Inlest my son a greed to take that 
Bounty for his incurrigement as will apper By JVP Locks order 
on the trasure and also from the Select men of Chester — and as 
my son was Proceding to the armey according to his orders he 
w^as taken sick and Died at Bennington as will appear By Esq' 
hathawavs Deposition — and now the four years is Expired your 
Potiscioncr Prays your Honners to provide some way to give 
him that Bounty Justly Dew to his son — and I Pray the god of 
all wisdom to give you wisdom and Knolige to Deal in Justis 
and murcy with your humble Potiscioner 

Isaac Tucker 

[R. 1 98] \^JercniiaJi Touolc's Petitiofz., Soldier .^ iy88.~\ 

To the Honorable the Senate and the Honorable the house of 
Representatives in General Court convened at Exeter in and 
for the State of New Hampshire on Wednesday the 24"' of 
December 17S8 — 

The petition of Jeremiah Towl of Chester in said State hum- 
bly sheweth — 

That your petitioner served as a Soldier in the Continental 


army for the term of three years, and that on the 19'* of Sep- 
tember A. D. 1777 at Bemuses Hight your petitioner in fighting- 
in defence of his Country received a wound in his arm and body, 
and by reason of which your petitioner has been but [put] to 
considerable expense in procuring physicians to take care of 
said wound, of which the said Jeremiah can produce the physi- 
cians bills — and likewise that one of said bills was for taking 
care of your petitioners wound ^vhen he w'as at said Chester on 
furlough, wherefore your petitioner Humbly prays your Honors 
for to grant him an oi^der on the Treasurer for the sum of the 
said bills amounting to £18. 2. 3 — in pi'esent currency, or grant 
him such other relief as your Honors in wisdom shall esteem 
more eligible — And vour petitioner as in duty bound will ever 

Chester December 15* 17S8. — 

Jeremiah Towl 

[He was attended by Dr. Benjamin Page, and the legisla- 
ture directed the bill to be paid. — Ed.] 

[2-1 21] \_Petition concerning the Western Boundary of the 


To the Honourable Senate & House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court convened humbly 
shew the Inhabitants of the Town of Chester, that the westerly 
line of said Town intersects Merrimack River in two places so 
that a small part of said Town is on the west side of the river 
in the county of Hillsborough, the principal part thereof being 
in the County of Rockingham : which renders it more difficult 
and expensive for your petitioners to perambulate said line, than 
if the river was the bound between Chester and those Towns 
which are situated to the west thereof — They also shew, that 
there are three small slips of land, belonging to the Masonian 
proprietors, so called, or their assigns, situated between the 
westerly line of Chester and Merrimack River which are not in 
any town — Wherefore your Petitioners pray that the River Mer- 
rimack may in future be the westerly Line of Chester and the 
aforesaid slips of Land be annexed thereunto. 

Will"* White, Stephen Chase, A. Livermore, 

Committee on behalf of the Petitioners. 
Chester June i, i794- 

[This committee was appointed by vote in town-meeting, 
March 13, 1794. The matter was before the H. of Rep. 


June 12, and a hearing ordered for the next session, and I 
presume a law was passed in accordance with the request, 
but I fail to find it. 

A plan accompanied this petition, which shows the south- 
west corner bound of old Chester — " the three pines " — to 
have been a little south of opposite the mouth of Piscata- 
quog river. Gen. Stark's house is located, and passing 
north is VVhitaker's, Stark's, Emerson's, Stevens's, Carr's, 
Dolton's, and Head's, — the latter in the north-west corner 
of Chester, above " Patucket falls." — Ed.] 

[2-122] \_Pet/'fion J~or Incorporation of West Parish^ I'jg6.~\ 

To the Hon''^'' the senate & house of Representatives in General 
Court to be convened at Exeter on the first Wednesday of 
June A. D. 1796 — 

The Petition of the subscribers Inhabitants of that part of 
Chester near masabesick pond Humbly Shews that in the year 
1753 the town of Chester at an anual meeting voted that a 
Tract of land in the westerly part of Chester might be Incor- 
porated into a parrish by certain boundary lines which are as 
follows (Beginning at Londonderry line at a stake and stones 
being the S W bounds of Land sold to Thomas Cochran by the 
Proprietors of s*^ Chester & run straight to a pich pine tree be- 
ing the S W bounds of Nath' Halls land by Penicook path then 
N N E by said Halls land so far as that goes & straight to the 
S W corner of the 39"^ lott in the second part of the second di- 
vision then north 29 degrees E to the N W bounds of the 43** 
lott in the aforesaid division & then N N W to Towerhill pond 
then straight to the N E corner of Derryfield then S by Derry- 
field to Londonderry line and so by Londonderry line to the 
first bounds mentioned) accordingly a parsonage lott was laid 
out within said lines by the proprietors of said Chester and that 
in Mai'ch i793 there was a vote to sell all the parsonage lotts in 
s** Chester reserving to the Longmeadow parrish (so called) the 
proceeds of the sale of the Hundred acre lotts to their use Pro- 
vided they should be Incorporated as a Parrish on or before the 
year iSoi that your Petitioners together with some other per- 
sons in the lower part of s*^ Town belonging to the Presbyte- 
rian Society, have lately erected a meeting house within the 
lines aforesaid but are in no Capacity to avail themselves of the 
Benefit of s*^ lott without the assistance of your Hon". Wlicre- 
fore they Pray that the Inhabitants within the lines afoi-es*^ may 
be Incorporated into a body Politic by the name of Chester west 



parrish for the sole purpose of setling & maintaining the minis- 
try within said lines and be Infranchised with all the Powers 
priviledges & Immunities incident to Corporations of a similar 
nature they Giving liberty to all persons living within said lines 
to poll to the other parrish that Please & Likewise to Persons 
living in any other part of the Town to poll into said parrish 
that shall choose so to do, & your Petitioners as in duty bound 
will ever pray — 

Dated at Chester this 15* day of March A. D. 1796 — 

Joseph Blanchard 
David Currier 
Joseph Linn 
Adam Wilson 
Robert M'^Kinley 
Robert Dinsmore 
Stephen Merrill 
William Brown 
Alexander Shirley 
Archable M'^Duftee 
John Wetherspoon 
William Hoyt 
David Calfe 
James M'^Farland 
Joshua Hall 
James Eaton 

David Carr 
James Wason 
Caleb Hall 
Sam' Crombie 
Jonathan Davis 
Thomas Anderson 
Thomas M'^Master 
Peter Akin 
Thom^ Sherley Jun 
James M*^ murphy 
Benjamin Brown [ ?] 
Micah Phillips 
Henry Read 
Barnard merrill 
Thomas Fowler 
Samuel Dresser 

Will"" Letch 
William Willson 
David Witherspoon 
John Grimes 
David Patten 
Hugh M^Duffee 
James Hunter 
George Russell 
William Crombie 
David Hall 
Alexander Eaton 
Joseph Calfe 
Amos Crombie 
Samuel Peirce 
Stephen worthen 
Sam®' Aken 

[The matter was in the legislature June 8, 1796, and a 
hearing ordered for the next session, but no act was passed 
granting the request at said next session, — Ed.] 

[2-133] \_PetitionJ'or Incorporation of Library^ lygy.'] 

To the Honour''''' the senate & house of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court convened at Concord June i797- 

The Petition of the subscribers humbly sheweth that they & 
their associates have formed themselves into a company under 
the name of the Proprietors of the social Library in Chester and 
have purchased a collection of useful books to be kept under 
certain regulations for the common benefit of said society and as 
no society can well subsist without the aid of civil authority 
therefore we pray this honourable court to incorporate those 
who now are or may hereafter become proprietors of the s** so- 
cial Library in Chester invested with all the powers priviledges 


& immunities incident to corporations of a similar nature & your 
Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray &c 
Chester June 8, 1797 — 

Benj" Brown John Emerson Will"" White 

Tho** Sarg^eant Simon Towle 

[The said library was incorporated by an act passed June 
16, 1797. — Ed.] 


The town was granted by Governor Benning Wentworth, 
February ii, 1752,10 Col. Josiah Willard and 63 others. 
No settlements were made under this grant, and, the condi- 
tions not being complied with, it would have been forfeited, 
but an extension was granted June 11, 1760. Indian hos- 
tilities having ceased in the vicinity, the first settlements 
were made by Moses Smith, William Thomas, and their 
families, in the fall of 1761. Simon Davis and Abel Em- 
mons settled the following spring, and for ten years the 
growth was such that there were about 150 families in town 
in 1772. 

Mary Thomas, born in 1762, is said to have been the 
first white child born in the town. She married Lemuel 

There are several ancient plans of the Connecticut town- 
ships in the office of the secretary of state, showing the 
boundaries of Nos. i, 2, 3, and 4 — Chesterfield, Westmore- 
land, Walpole, and Charlestown ; these show also the 
towns of Winchester, Hinsdale, and Upper and Lower Ash- 
uelot. Very little change has been made in the boundaries 
of this town since the original grant. 

Chesterfield has creditably performed her part in war and 
in peace, and has been, and is, a substantial farming town ; 
contains one of the finest bodies of water in the state, 
which is becoming noted as a summer resort. The town is 
connected with Keene, and Brattleborough, Vt., by tele- 



[2-124] \_Petltion for Grant of Town of Chesterfeld^ lyji.'] 

Province of ] To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq 
New Hamp'' j Gov"" in and over His Maj^" Province of New 
Hamp'' &c. the Hon' his Maj-^'* Council 

The Petition of the Subscribers Humbly Shews that Sundry 
of your Petitioners some years before the last Indian War had 
entered on a tract of Land Called N" One on the Easterly Side 
Connecticut River and adjoining to the same next above Win- 
chester, under the Grant of the Massachusetts Bay, but since 
the Dividing line Between the s*^ Massachusetts & the Province 
of New Hamp'' has been ascertained b}' his Majesty, Wee find 
that the same falls within the Province of New Hampshire and 
are Desirous to pursue our former Intention of making a Set- 
tlement there if we may be favored with a grant from his 
Majesty of that township, under Such Restrictions as other 
Towns Holding under his Majesty in this Province 

Wherefore your Petitioners pray that a Grant may be made 
them of the said Township N" one In Such a way and manner 
as y"' Excellency & Hon"^* See meet, & y'' Peti'^^as in Duty Bound 
Shall ever pray — 

Dated y*' of 1751 — 

Josiah Willard 

John Armes 
Oliver Willard 
Nathan Willard Jr 
William Willard 
William Lawrence 
Jonathan Hubbard 
Simon Cooly 
Simon Stone 
Thomas Pain 
Joseph Wheelright 
Benj" Lynde 
Lemuel Davis 
Elias Alexander 
Abraham Kendel 
Ebenezer Day 
William Spaulding 
Robeit Fletcher 
David Stevens 
James Stoodley Jr 

Nathan Willard 
John Armes Jun 
Oliver Willard Jr 
Wilder Willard 
Billy Willard 
John Hunt 
Samuel Kennady 
Joseph Willard 
Peter oliver 
John Wheelright 

Oliver Butler 
Josiah Willard Jr 
John Moor 
Caleb Trowbridge 
Simon Hunt 
Solomon Willard 
William Deen 
David Hubbard 
Natha' Wheelright 
Simon W^illard 

Jeremiah WheelrightSilas Spaftbrd 
John Spaftbrd Joanna Wetherby 

Pheneas Wait 
John Brooks 
Benj" Frentch 
John Frentch Jr 
Moses Gould 
David Field 
John Kendel 
Volentine Butler 

James Whitney 
Josiah Brown 
Samuel Greley 
William Down 
Samuel Field 
Daniel Kendel 

[This grant was made by Gov. Wentworth, February ii, 
1752.— Ed.] 


[2-13^] \^Petition of Jeremiah Wheel-jo rights lyji.'] 
Prov : of New Hampshire ss : 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Cap' Gen' & Gov'' in chief 
&c, and the Hon'''* his Majestys Council of s'^ Province 

The memorial of Jeremiah Wheelwright of Boston 

That your Memorialist by great accident came to the sight of 
the New Hampshire Gazette of 31''' of May last in w'^'' to his 
surprize he read a Notification w"*" was by order of your Excel- 
lency & Honors inserted therein, in consequence of a Petition 
of Josiah Willard* of Winchester in s*^ Province Esq: therein 
setting forth that there were sundry Grantees in the Township 
of Chesterfield in s** Province, & among the rest John, Joseph, 
Jeremiah, & Nath^ Wheelwright & others, who have, as he 
very groundleslv suggests, to say no more of it, been totally de- 
linquent in the conditions stipulated in the charter of said Town- 
ship &c, and, if your Excellency & Honors would take his 
word for it, that he has been at considerable expence in im- 
proving some part of the s*^ Rights, as no doubt was his Duty 
so far as concerned him to do ; but has not been so particular 
as to mention the total sum of this his considerable expence : 
and goes on and pra3'S that s*^ Rights may be vacated &c, and 
then with great modesty proceeds & still prays that s*^ shares, 
as he calls them, may be regranted to him the s*^ Willard — for 
what? viz — that he may be reimbursed the Rates & Taxes w'^'* 
by the same Charter he was oblig'*^ to pay & without w'^'' he 
must have forfeited his shares — 

Your Memorialist begs leave just to mention that he is ap- 
prehensive that he has been at as much charge as M'' Justice 
W^illard, & that he has very amply paid (as to his knowledge 
his Brother Joseph Wheelwright, who is now in London, also 
has) a Gentleman of this your Province, & who in Considera- 
tion thereof has obligated himself in all Respects to comply 
with every Injunction of the afores*^ Charter, viz — one M"' W"" 
Dawes : Nor was your Memorialist ever apprehensive till he 
saw the afores*^ M'' Dawes that he or his Father & Brothers 
were in arrears on acco' of any Rates or Taxes &c. he there- 
fore humbly prays that his land may not be regranted to M' 
Willard, as by him is so earnestly prayed for. Your Memori- 
alist will immediately see that every thing on his part shall be, 
pursuant to the Charter afores*^ complv'd with, & prays that M' 
Willard may be allow'd to withdraw his s*^ Petition ; and your 
Memorialist, as in Duty bound, shall ever pray &c 

Jer. Wheelwright 

Boston June 15"' 1771 — 

*See Town Papers, Vol. IX, page 122. 


[2-127] \_yustice of the Peace elected.^ 

To the Hon'''^ Counsell & House of Representatives 

Gent'™ these are to Inform you that the town of Chesterfield 
being Leagely warned assembled and made a unanimus choice 
of Lu' Ephraim Baldwin for their Justice of the Peace 
Chesterfield February y^ 22 : 1776. 

test Nath : Bingham") Select men 

Ephr"" Hubbard )■ for 

Moses Smith Jr j s'^ town 

Voted that this Petition Lay for Consideration 
[Appointed June 28, 1776. — Ed.] 

[2—126] \_Instr2ictiofis to Representative^ ///d.] 

To M'' Michael Creasy Representative for the Town of Chester- 
field in the State of New Hampshire — 

Sir Whereas it having pleased Almighty God to humble 
the People of this Land, by permitting the Tyrant of great 
Britain & his Minions in the Fulness of their Rage, to prevail 
against them by Subverting the civil Constitution of every 
Province in his late American Dominions affecting thereby the 
activity of Law and Justice, and the Litroduction of Vice and 
profimeness attended with Domestic Confusion and all the 
Calamities attendant on a Dissolution of the Powers of Civil 
Government, which in this alarming progress have made it 
absolutely necessary for each state to separate itself from that 
Land, from whence their Fore Fathers were exiled by the cruel 
hand of Tyranny ; and to form for itself under the Ruler of all 
the Earth, such a plan of civil Government as the People 
thereof should think most conducive to their own safety and 
advantage. Notwithstanding the Importance of an Equitable 
system of Government as it effects ourselves and our Posterity 
we are brought to the disagreeable Necessity of declaring that 
it is our candid opinion, that the State of New Hampshire in- 
stead of forming an equitable plan of Government, conducing 
to the Peace and safety of the State have been Influenced by 
the Iniquitious Intreagues and secret Designations of persons 
unfriendly to settle down upon the Dregs of Monarchical and 
aristocratical Tyrannv in Imitation of their late British Op- 
pressors. — We can by no means Imagine ourselves so far lost 
to a sense to the natural Rights and Immunities of ourselves, 
and our fellowmen as to Imagine y' the State can be neither 


safe nor happy under a Constitution formed without the knowl- 
edge or particular authority of a great Part of its Inhabitants, 
a Constitution which no man knows the Contents of, except 
that the whole legislative Power of the State is to be entirely 
vested in the will and Pleasure of a House of Representatives 
and that chosen according to the Sovereign Determination of 
their own will by allowing to some Towns sundry voices in 
the said house, others but one, and others none, and in a Coun- 
cil of Twelve men, five of which are always to be residents of 
Rockingham County, who by the assistance of two others of 
said Council have the power of a casting voice in all State 
affairs ; Thus we see the Important aflairs of the State liable 
to be converted to the advantage of a small part of the State, 
and the emolument of its officers by the reason of the other 
part of the State not having an Equal or Equitable share in the 
Government to counterbalance the Designs of the other, you 
are therefore authorized and instructed to exert yourself to the 
utmost to procure a Redress of the aforementioned greviences, 
and in case they will not comply to return home for further 

Chesterfield December y*" 13"' 1776 

Solomon Harvey — per order Com. 

[R. 201] \_Thomas Gibbs's Losses at the " Cedars."^ 

I the Subscriber whose name is hereunder written w^as in 
Coll° Timothy Beddell Regement But more espeshaly under 
the Command of major Butterfield Commander at the Seaders 
and was Captivated and Stripped by the Savage of the follow- 
ing Articles in y*^ year 1776 

Thomas Gibbs 

Thomas Gibbs Lost i gun i Coat 16-16-0 

£21- 0-0 I pr Shoes 2- 2-0 

I New Bever Hatt 1 2-1 2-0 i Snap Sack i Bag i-iS-o 

I Brace Ink Stand 0-14-0 i Canteen o- 7-0 

I Powder home i- i-o 

I Comb 0-3-6 £56-13-6 
[Sworn to before Heber Miller.] 

[2-1 28] \_PetUio7i of Richard Coughlan.r\ 

To the Honourable Council & House of Representatives for 
the State of New Hampshire — 

The Petition of Richard Couirhlan of Chesterfield in the 


County of Cheshire & State afores*^ humbly Sheweth — That 
whereas Kimbale Carleton of the Town & State afores"^ & 
Divers other Persons on the night of the twenty seventh Day 
of January hist past with Force & Violence in a Riotous Man- 
ner attacked & Broke open the House of y'' Petitioner & 
Destroyed about twenty Gallons of Rum & as the wife of y'' 
Petitioner in a Peaceable Calm Manner went to appease the 
Fury of the People & prevent the Rum being Destroyed they 
in an abusive Manner flung a Billet of Wood at her which hit 
her in the Breast and knocked her against the Chimney & also 
threatened & swore in a prophane Manner & the said Kimbale 
Carleton desiring your Petitioner to go with him to Town y"" 
Petition'' answered he had no business in Town & if he went 
he must be compelled thereto, whereupon said Carleton re- 
plied and told your Petitioner that if he would not go willingly 
he would bind him & at the same time took his straps from his 
saddle & ordered those with him to assist in binding your peti- 

Your Petitioners v^^ife endeavoring to reason the Matter with 
said Carleton he the s*^ Carleton (though being an officer of the 
Peace) swore by the living God he would lay her on the fire. 

Your Petitioner not choosing to risque the abuse he may 
receive consented to go with them & after being Detained about 
the space of Five Hours without order or Complaint Ephraim 
Baldwin of said Chesterfield Esq"" granted a warrant against y'' 
Petitioner & the time of Trial being adjourned to the eleventh 
Day Februarv last past at nine o'clock before noon y'' Petitioner 
appeared & no Person appearing to prosecute the Complaint y"" 
Petitioner was Discharged by s*^ Ephraim Baldwin Esq. — 
whereupon y'' Petitioner made application to s^ Ephraim Bald- 
win Esq'' desiring that Justice mav be done him for the Dam- 
age & abuse he sustained s^ Ephraim Baldwin Esq'' absolutely 

Therefore y'' Petitioner in order to get redress (tho' not with- 
out Reluctance) is under the Necessity of making application 
to this Honourable Court & prays they would appoint him a 
Day of hearing or act thereon as they in their wisdom shall 
think fit & y'' Petitioner will ever pray 

Rich<^ Coughlan 

N. B. y'' Petitioner prays that M'' Micael Cressy Represent- 
ative for s** Town of Chesterfield may not be heard on this 
Petition or act thereon he being a party concerned as your 
Petitioner apprehends — 

[2-129] \ Relative to the Governor' s Lot. '\ 

To the Honourable Council & general assembly of the State 


of New Hampshire to be convened at Exeter within and for 
said state on the second Wednesday of march inst A Dom. i777 
— is humbly presented the memorial and petition of Aran 
Smit// and others of the town of Chesterfield in the state above- 
said who beg leave to shew that Aron Smith abovesaid about 
ten years ago by an agreement with Benning Wintworth Esq' 
then Governor of this state settled on 500 acres of unimproved 
Land in the town of Chesterfield afores*^ the property of the said 
Benning Wintworth Esq'' with a promis of having a title to 50 
acres of said Land given to him as a setler notwithstanding 
which promis your petitioner hath not had a title to said Land 
neither from the said Go^'ernor Wintworth or his heirs ; Hav- 
ing ben at great Cost in subduing and cultivating said Land & 
building thereon with the Disappointment of remaining at un- 
certainties with regard to anv security for the Land he hath cul- 
tivated or the cost of doing the same — Moses S?nith another of 
your petioners begs leave to shew that since the settlement of 
Aron Smith on the Land above said that John Wintworth Esq' 
a late governor of this State Declaring that the said tract of 
Land abovesaid had reverted to the Crown and manifested a de- 
sign of regranting the same upon which your petitioner last 
mentioned applved to the said John Wintworth Esq'' for a grant 
of said Land in hope to secure to Aron Smith abovesaid the 
premises he was upon being sone to your last mentioned pe- 
tioner as well as procure Lands for his other sones and upon 
applycation to the said Governor John Wintworth had the 
promis of said Land and ordered by him to apply to Coll" Jo- 
siah Willard to apprise the Land who did accordingly and had 
orders or libertv from the said John Wintworth Esq"" to posses 
said Land and accordingly gave his sones orders to Labour on 
said Land one of which viz Benjamin Smith hath ben in four 
years actual Possession by subdueing and bringing forward said 
Land for Cultivation ; since which time W"" Thomas one of 
your Last mentioned petioners sons in law hath acquired a con- 
siderable property in said Land by Labour and money expended 
in clearing and subdueing the said Land yet notwithstanding all 
the Circumstances relative to said Land as here enumerated it 
seams to appear to vour petitioners that the said Land had not 
reverted to the Crown as was supposed which reather adds to 
oin^ disappointment with regard to procuring it wherefore we 
find it Necessary to Apply to Wisdom & justice of the Honour- 
able Council & general assembly of the state having ben inform- 
ed that since the Commencement discord betwen Great Britain 
and the states of America that the proprietors of the said tract 
of land have withdrawn themselves from the Continent and that 
the said Land is or is likely to become the property of the State 
in case it has or should so happne vour several petitioners whose 


Names are hereunto subscribed Humbly pray that the Honour- 
able Council & General Assembly would grant to your petion- 
ers the said tract of Land upon such terms as may in vour wis- 
dom seam most fitting or otherways releave your petioners as in 
your wisdom you shall think most proper and as in duty bound 
shall ever pray 

Chesterfield March y<^ 6* A Dom : 1777 

Aron Smith Moses Smith 

Benjamin vSmith William Thomas 

[2-130] \_T'oivji Committee to Committee of Safety. '\ 

To the Honourable Committee of the General Court of the State 
of New Hampshire for promoting peace and harmony throvigh 
the State to be Convened at the house of Col Wyman in Keene 
on monday the third day of February next — 

Gentlemen we repose much confidence in your abilities to 
serve the important purposes for which you have the honour to 
be appointed to by the General Court should esteem ourselves 
happv indeed to find the State freed from Commotions & Do- 
mestic Confusions abstract from all cans of complaint through 
your kind interposition — the town of Chesterfield have duly con- 
sidered vour precept Directed to the selectmen bearing date at 
Exeter January y^ lo'*" 1777 ; which being altogether unexpect- 
ed and the time for consulting the Numerous and greatly op- 
pressed inhabitants of a great Number of towns being so short 
as render it impracticable : we beg therefore to be excused from 
holding any personal conference with you on the subject : as we 
deem it highly inconsistant with the Nature of adjusting*greiv- 
ances of any kind to oblige the agrieved individuals to make 
separate and unconnected appearances to confer & make an- 
swers to matters respecting the whole : unless the assembly con- 
sider us as a nvuTiber of captious individuals without connection 
or cans of complaint — we have the pleasure to be Gentlemen 
your Honours sincere friends and most humble servants 

Chesterfield January y* 30"^ ^777 

Phinehas Brown ~) Committe of the 
Solomon Harvey > town of Chesterfield in 
Silas Thompson J the State of New Hampshire 

To the Honourable Meshech Weare to be Communicated to the 
Committe — 

[The committee referred to in the foregoing was appoint- 
ed December 30, 1776, "to take under consideration the dif- 


ficulties and Grievances Subsisting & complain'd of by sun- 
dry Towns & People in the County of Grafton & any other 
Towns, respecting the present Form of Government, and 
also concerning ascertaining the Election of Councillor for 
said County of Grafton, and to report thereon." The mem- 
bers of said committee were Samuel Gilman, Jr., of Exeter; 
John Wentvvorth, Jr, Dover; Joseph Whipple, Lancaster; 
Benj. Giles, Newport ; Geo. Gains, Portsmouth ; Timothy 
Ellis, Keene ; Daniel Brainard, Christopher Webber, Wal- 
pole ; Thos. Odiorne, Exeter, on the part of the house ; and 
Messrs. King, Blanchard, and Thompson, of the council. 

[2-13 1 ] \_Ckesterjield Cotntnittee to President Weare^ lyj'/ .'\ 

To the Honourable Court of the State of New Hampshire 

The Committee of Safety of Chesterfield in the above s"^ 
Humbly Shevveth this Honourable Court that Ephraim Bald- 
win Esq'' of s'^ Chesterfield hath of late much Displeased many 
persons that are steady friends to the American Cause and In- 
trist : Very soon after the Retreat from Ticonderoga s'^ Justice 
Baldwin procured to himself one of Burgoins Proclamations 
and it plainly appeared by his conduct and especially by his 
words that he would have us lay down our Arms and Petition 
for Peace with Great Briton and having Dispensed with one 
Proclamation s'' Justice quickly Procures another ; and from 
time to time Improved Burgoynes Language in treating with 
the Committee ; and according to his Ability Defended the 
Part that the enemies of this Land take : and says with regard 
to the Persons Carried to Keene Court last June and there 
tried, there \vant anything of Toryism found in them ; and that 
they were fined and confined to their farms for y'' sake of y" 
Rabble : Said Justice being a member of s"* Court has made it 
his business and care to set all those confined Persons at Liberty 
Conterary to the Advice of the Committee of Safety of s"^ 
Town : great Patience extended towards s** Justice & Improved 
many appointed times for accomodating the matter with said 
Justice yet all Proved fruitless and when the Committee and 
good people could no longer endure his conduct then the above 
s** Committee Advised with Genl"" of ofiice and Distinction 
that belong to this State and their advice to Justice Baldwin 
was to make satisfaction to the Comm' if it was in his Power 
the Com' have waited Times and again upon said Justice : and 
sometimes were treated with Naeglect and sometimes with Con- 
tempt, and the Comm' apprehending a delay in the cause very 


dangerous Have therefore Improved Esq"" Miller of this State to 
Administer the oath to the Deponents having first Notified s*^ 
Justice Baldwin of our doings and place and time : Justice 
Baldwin Being Present at the several administrations ; Great 
care and Pains was Improved with s*^ Justice to Convince him, 
and after Certain days the s'^ Justice signed a Piece acknoledg- 
ing to the Com' and all good People that he s'' Justice had given 
the greatest Reason Imaginable to his friends and Neighbors to 
view him as unfriendly to his Country : and signing said Piece 
and Delivering it to the Chairman of the Committee y^ said 
Piece being on the Table before them s*^ Justice takes the Piece 
without so much as asking the Comm' or either of Them and 
Betakes himself to another room and erases out some words 
and was Putting in others and being enquired of why he did thus 
and so ; he said Justice after some words moved that all the 
matters of Dispute then depending between him self and Com- 
mittee might be Transmitted to the General Court and Particu- 
larlv the Piece that he s** Justice signed at that time (being y® 
26"' of Sepf last) this Comm' Calling to mind the manv motions 
or rather Challenges the s'' Justice has made to have the matter 
laid before the State Court Do now Humbly take the Freedom 
and Beg the Favour of the Honourable Court to take this 
Cause (with the Depositions Relative thereto) and enquire of the 
said Justice Baldwin and deal with him as you in your great 
wisdom shall see fit ; and this the Committee as in Duty Bound 
shall ever Humbly Pray. Signed by order of the Committee 

Sam' Fairbank : Chairman 

Chesterfield November y'^ 3 : i777 

To the Honourable Meshech Weare President 

[The following are copies of the documents and deposi- 
tions referred to : — Ed.] 

[2-134] \_Letter — JV. S. Pretitice to J3aldzvhi.'\ 

Alstead Sep* 5"' 1777 — 

S'' I am informed by Sam' Fairbank of your Town that you 
have thro Inadvertancy or good will been endeavoring to Instill 
into the minds of your Neighbors to Lay Down their arms and 
to axcept of Burgoyns proclamation ; which I could not have 
thought could ever have entered your mind by the Little ac- 
quaintance I have had with you much more a man in your Sta- 
tion must have known it being very detrimental to the peace and 
good order of our very much oppressed and Injured Country 
and further more that you take it upon you [to] release those 
persons from their confinement which were put by the Court at 


Keen of whom you was one : which was done for the safety of 
the State and not to satisfie the Rabbel (as I understand }ou are 
please to say) notwithstanding their Refusing to take upon them 
the oath of allegiance which your Com'^*^ are favored with a 
copy of and which was made on purpose for the Benefit of 
them very men Laid under them Bonds which upon their ax- 
cepting & performing they were to be Released from their 
bonds and Not otherwayse and ought strictly to be kept to them 
as it is a still further proof of their being enimies — Now S"" as I 
have Laid the matter briefly Before you my further advise is 
that you make a publick & free Recantation of the oppinion 
that it seems you have advanced by the Depositions Before me 
& make full and ample satisfaction theirfor if it be in your 
power otherways I shall & do advise the Comitte of vour town 
to take proper depositions of the matters of complaint & trans- 
mit them to the Gen' Court for their determination theiron that 
that Iniquity that you have Indeavored to Distill into the minds 
of people which is of Dangerous Consequence and ought at all 
adventures to be stopped without any loss of time which I 
doubt not if done & a steady and firm mind amongst the friends 
of America duly cultivated that under God we shall in due time 
see this Land an Asylum of Liberty & Religion therefore my 
prayer and Desire is that all unfriendly ones may be Displaced 
from places of trust & power & even from society from true 
friends to her cause. 

Nathi S. Prentice 
To Ephraim Baldwin Esq"" 

Sir Having perused the Foregoing Letter I find it agreeable 
to my mind 

Benj" Bellows 
To Ephraim Baldwin Esq 

A true coppy of a Letter Esq"" Prentice and Esq"" Bellows to 
Ephraim Baldwin Esq'' and to the Comite of Safety of Chester- 
field this to be given to Justice Baldwin of Chesterfield forth- 

Sam' Fairbank Comitcman of 

The deposition of Anne Snow and Abial Johnston being at 
the House of Ebcn'' ILirveys in Cliestcrficld on Sabbath dav v° 
6"' of Aug 1777 the deponent saitli that she heard Ep'' Baldwin 
Esq'' say that if the People did not say less about tliat Procla- 
mation which he had (meaning Burgoins Proclamation) he 
would get one and set it up at the meeting house and set his 
name to it — this deponent further saith the Esq'' said what sig- 


nfys to fight till there is but a Small Posterity left without Law or 
Regulation, no, let us send out our ambassadors for Peace and 
not hold out sword of war forever and said if we was in the 
right of the case why did they come down from Westmoorland 
a sabbath day night in a riotous way and manner and take Peo- 
ple that were Peacible in their houses and carry them of which 
wos a Breach of Sabbath and they that regarded not the Sab- 
bath regarded nothing and said that Burgoine was a man of 
Honour and a Gen*'man and that he offered America peace and 
Pardon and all Liberties & Priviledges they were Born under if 
they would come and take Protection vmder him Answer was 
made what do we fight for then he said because they loved to 
fight and chose war rather than peace and s"" Abial Johnston 
further saith that said Ep'' : Baldwin said that it would be Bet- 
ter to make application to God and further saith Not 

[Abial Johnson was sworn before Heber Miller, Septem- 
ber 12. Mrs. Anne Snow was sick, and not sworn, — so say 
" Sam^ Fairbank James Robertson Elisha Rockwood Com- 
mittee." — Ed] 

[2-136] [^Deposition of John Sargent and Fear Sargent^ 

his %vifc.'\ 

Ephraim Baldwin Esq'' Being at my house y^ Next day af- 
ter his Return from Exeter Did then say that he thought it best 
for y" people to y" Northward to Lay down thare arms & Says 
that it was the advice of Coll'' Bellows & Hunt Likewise this 
conversation was quick after y^ Avacuation of tianteroga & 
mount Independent furder adds the Sq"" & Says that he had ben 
a jorney & had had conversation with y'' begest & best of men 
therefore he had mor Knowlege about them matters than I or 
others at home could have I then said to y* sq"' I was shure 
that it was not y" minds of y^ people to y^ Northward to Lay 
down there arms for I had this day bin with maj'' Wait & mr 
Robarson who told me that there people w^are Determined to 
to stand farm in their cause and that they had Sent of Capt 
Storrs & other for to git them a full supply of arms & amoni- 
tion — To which y'' Sq"" Replied & said I am very sorry to hear 
that : I had rather heard that they had given up what arms they 
had before : for so seartin as they Dont Leave of medling with 
guns & warlike wepons they will all get cild, for if wee should 
Now all exart owre selvs to build a fort at No 4 & there make 
a stand it would not be foure days before the Reguliors would 
cum and take it : for owre people could Not stand Brittons fire 
I then said is it Not a pittey that we ever undertook to fight 


them To which y* Sq'' said I never could tell what it was that 
begun this Warr Nether could he tell what would end it & his 
advise was for us all to take to plow y*^ hoe y^ ax y*^ sythe &c 
and mind owre owne bisiness 

[Sworn to September 12, before Heber Miller. A depo- 
sition by Phinehas Brown was included, but because of its 
similarity it is not copied. — Ed.] 

[2-139] \_JSp/irai?n Bald-jcin' s Acktiowledgment .'\ 

September y® 25*'* ^777 — 
These may certifye y* I Ephraim Baldwin of Chesterfield Do 
hereby acknowledge that I have been the Instrumental cause of 
Disaftecting the minds of my friends and Neighbours and by my 
conduct of Late have given the greatest Reason to them to sus- 
pect y* I am unfriendly to the American cause all which I Now 
Confess I am sorry for, and promis hereby to Improve the ut- 
most of my power and skill in y^ Defence of America Estimat- 
ing it my dutv so to do ; but I would Remark this I have not as 
yet meant or Desired any Hurt to the United States and all that 
has been don by me has been entirely throng Inadvertancy and 
Not from anv good will to georg the Brittish King : But as my 
outword conduct hath been such as that I have Justly provoked 
and moved the commite of y'^ said town to Deal with me as they 
have Don and I thank them for their great tenderness in Deal- 
ing with me ; and Do not Blame None of y*" evidences, Nor at 
all Dispute the truth of what they Do athrm and I hereby Ask 
forgiveness of the Committee : and all Boath public and private 
that I have offended and promise further to pay the s"^ comitee 
for the unnecessary trouble I have put them to In dealing with 
me, they being obligated in their office so to do for y*^ safety of 
y* state — and as there is much Dificulty in officiating in y* office 
of a Justice of y* peac I should be free to Resign if ye principall 
part of people are free for it and this confession of mine shall 
and may be made in a publick manner 

Eph"^ Baldwin 
Sam^ Fairbank James Robertson 

[2-140] \_Ckeste>'Jicld Committee to Legislature^ I'/yS.'] 

To the Hon''''' Court of assembly of y® State of New Hamp- 
shire — we the subscribers Having in y® month of September 


Last past Remonstrated to y*" Hon''"' Court our greviences and 
Improved means to Inform that Assembly of the Inconsistant 
and very Imprudent Administration of Justice Baldwin of our 
town : Now Having been Informed that y*^ said Remonstrance 
is Neglected : we beg your Hon''^ patience with us and pray that 
y* said petition may be heard and considered — We are confident 
that if we had Improved some artfull Gent" to Indite our peti- 
tion with the several agravated circumstances Relative thereto ; 
it might have been of more force in y^ Best and wisest Courts in 
America : but we can say that with y'^ very Simplicity of our 
hearts we have endeavored to Lay the matter open to the View 
of y'^ Court with as much Reservation of ye said Justics charac- 
ter as we can find Consistant of the safety of our much oppress- 
ed Land : and we your Humble petitioners in this cause Desire 
nothing but the peace and safety of y^ State and the good will 
and Harmony of y'^ Court and all its Constituents and do now 
Subscribe ourselves your obedient and Humble Servants and 
petitioners — Signed b}' order of ye Committee of Safety and 
Select men. 

Chesterfield Feabruary the 6* 177S 

Saml. Faii'bank Chairman 

[March 2, 1778, the House voted "that Ephraim Bald- 
win Esq' of Chesterfield be cited to appear before the Gen^ 
Assembly on the second Friday of their next session to an- 
swer to a complaint exhibited to this Court against him by 
the Committee of Chesterfield," &c. The Journal of the 
House for the next session has no reference to the matter. 

[2-141] [ Tories recommended to be discharged frofn Bonds.'\ 

Chesterfield April 6*'' i ']']'^— 
Whereas Ebn"" Harvey Eleazer Pomeroy & Sam' King were 
Put under Bonds By the Court Held at Kene Last June and 
whereas the Last years Committee Rote Some thing to the 
Committee of Safety att Exeter Concerning their Taking the 
oath of fidelity and as others Taken with them we understand 
are Discharged We as the present Committee and select men 
of this Town are willing That the said Eben'' Harvey Eleazer 
Pomeroy and Sam' King should be Discharged without Their 
Taking said oath 

Jonatlian Hildreth 
Chairman of the Committee for the Town of Chesterfield 

Samuel Hildreth Moses Smith Jr '\ Select men for the 
Kimball Carleton Jacob Hinds )- Town of Chesterfield 
Abner Johnson J 


[They were under bonds in ;!^500 each for good behavior 
toward the United States, and not to go beyond the limits 
of their respective farms. April 7, 1778, in answer to the 
foregoing, they were discharged by Justices N. S. Prentice 
and Isaac Wyman. 

Jacob Hinds was a captain in Reed's regiment at Bunker 
Hill.— Ed.] 

[R. 200] \_Be/?Ja7?ii// KhiibaW s Receipi.~\ 

January 2^ 177S Then Received U William Lee one hundred 
and twenty Two pounds Lawfull money which Sum he Re- 
ceived to Recruit men in Cap' Emersons Company in Col" Cil- 
leys Regiment — wdiich Sum I have Received in the following 
manner (Viz) by his account of eighty four pounds paid four- 
teen Soldiers as a Continental Bounty' and Twenty four pounds 
Twelve Shillings allowed him for Recruiting men and five 
pounds Twelve shillings for the eight shillings allowed for In- 
listing each man — and in cash seven pounds sixteen shillings 
and eleven pence The whole of which makes one hundred and 
Twenty Two pounds — I say Received per me 

Ben)" Kimball 
paymaster of Col" Cilleys Regiment 

[R. 202] \_Pefition of Lieut. Wi'llimn Lee for Allowance.~\ 

To the Hon^'*^ The Council and House of Representatives for 
the State of New^ Hampshire in General Assembly convened 
at Portsmouth on the twelfth of Ocf A. D. 17S0— 

The Petition of William Lee of Chesterfield Humbly Shews ; 
that your Petitioner was appointed a L' in Col" Cilleys Regi- 
ment on the eleventh of Novem'' A. D. i77^' '"^^^^ continued in 
the Service of the United States until Janu"'^ S"' 177^1 when he 
was honourably discharged, that he now finds himself deprived 
of that consideration, as to the depreciation of Money, which 
your Hon''* have tho't fit to allow to other Officers of the Conti- 
nental Army, and to which he thinks himself justly entitled. 

He therefore humbly prays that your honours would take his 
case into your wise consideration, & grant him such relief in the 
premises as in your wisdom & goodness you shall see fit, and 
as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Nath : Bingham 

At the desire & in behalf of v^ Petitioner 


[2-143] \^Petition for appointment of Civil Oficers^ iy8l.'\ 

To the Honourable Counsel & house of Representatives of the 

State of New Hampshire — 

Gentlemen — Whereas by the Late unhappy Revolt of a great- 
er part of this town and County from their Allegance to the 
State of New Hampshire whereby we who still maintain our 
Allegance to you are wholly Deprived of officers of all Kinds 
Both Civil and Military we a Respectable Number of the Inhab- 
itants of the town of Chesterfield humbly Pray your honours for 
the safetv of the State & good order of society that we may have 
some Civil officers appointed amongst us & for that Purpose as 
your Honours are Unacquainted with those Persons who are 
Qiialified for Civil Magistrates have assembled in the best man- 
ner we were capable & i"*' Voted & chose Phinehas Brown Mod- 
erator & Eph'" Russell Clark, 2'^ : Voted to Nominate & Rec- 
ommend two suitable Persons for Justices of the Peace 3'^ 
Voted that Lieu' Michael Cresey & Lieu' Will'" Lee be Rec- 
ommended as Persons suitable to be Commissioned as Civil 
Magistrates & whereas the Persons Nominated & Unanimously 
Chosen by us appear to us to be Persons Suitably Qiialified for 
Civil Magistrates therefore Pray your Honours to Commission 
them accordingly if your Honours in your wisdom se fit — 
Signed by order 

Eph'" Russell Clark 

Chesterfield Nov' 5"^ 1781 

[They were appointed Nov. 17, 1781. — Ed.] 

[R. 203] \_Petltlon of Francis Crane, Soldier.'] 

Chesterfield April y« 7* 1 783 — 
Francis Crane of Chesterfield in the County of Cheshire of 
Lawfull age Deposeth & saith that he the Deponent having 
enlisted into the Continental Servise for s*^ Chesterfield about 
the first of July in the year 1780 after which he the Deponent 
went & Pased muster at Winchester then going to Joine the 
army according to his orders, and being at Glasgo in the Bay 
State on or about the Twentieth of s'' July he the Deponent 
Did by misfortune & axcident Cut oft' two of his Fingers and 
was thereby Disabled to go forward to the army and was under 
the care of Doc : Primous a noted and approved Doctor & 
Surgeon near four months and further saith not — 

Francis Crain 

[Sworn to before Michael Cresey, as is also a deposition 


of Adonijah Grain, Jr., of similar import. Following is the 
doctor's certificate. — Ed.] 

[R. 204] 

East Windsor June the 27 17S2 
wdiereas I was imployed to Doctr francis Grain of said East 
Windsor for the Los of too fingers and a weakness in his Breast 
which Said Grain was unfit for Soldiers Duty from July 1780 
till January given under my hand 

Primous Manamit Doctor 

[2-144] \_Petitio7i for the Privilege of choosing new Alagls- 


New Hampshire ss. 

To the Honorable Meshech Wear president of the General 
Gourt to be holden on y'' second Tuesday of June at Goncord 
or Exeter 

We the Inhabitants of y^ Town of Ghesterfield humbly beg 
leave to inform y"^ Gourt of our present State & Gircumstances 
— 'Tis true there was a General Revolt of the People through- 
out the N : H : Grants in y* year 17S1, and the Inhabitants of 
our said Ghesterfield, were very much engaged in forming a 
Union with y'' Grants on y^ other side Gonnecticut River did 
compleat the same, but many Difficulties and lUconveniences 
attended that matter, which caused a Dissolution of the said 
Union, and since that Time the people have in General con- 
sented to subject themselves to the Government and Authority 
of this State ; And agreeable to y' Gharter of our s** Town, 
and in obedience to Authority of N : H : a meeting was warned 
to be holden on the fifth Day of March Last past ; — The In- 
habitants being meet and formed in order ; a Petition was ex- 
hibited to the Moderator, Signed by a Number of Inhabitants, 
Informing their desire to prefer a Petition to the General Gourt, 
praying their Hon" to drop the two Justices that pretended to 
act ; and Grant Orders to y" Town to chuse them as in the plan 
first proposed by the Authority of this State in v" year 1776. 
The motion being made it passed in the afiirmative and but 
two Negatives, also voted that the Town Glerk signed s'' Peti- 
tion, In behalf of the Town — And now as to the Gharacter of 
Esq' Gresy or Esq"" Lee — We Don't pretend to bring any Rail- 
ing Accusations against them, but the method and manner of 
their coming into office — It was done in the Night & void of 
public notice by not more than Eleven Persons ; and thcv not 
being men of the Law, and many other Impediments perhaps 


would be thought too barefaced to mention ; The greatest part 
of their Administration is so preposterous that their very 
Friends are put to y*^ blush, and the minds of the Inhabitants 
are so sowered against their Administration, that it keeps us in 

We therefore, pray your Hon''* to suspend each of them from 
their office, and Grant the Inhabitants Liberty to chuse them, 
such men as they can with confidence Repose special Trust in 
and submit to be Judged and Governed by. 

We beg 3- our Hon'*' to take our Cause under Consideration 
and dispose the same as you in your great wisdom & Prudence 
see meet — Your Compliance with this our Request will greatly 
indulge us, Your Constituents who as in Duty bound shall ever 
Humbly pray 

Attest Eph™ Baldwin Town Clerk 

Chesterfield June z^ 1 7S3 

[2-145] \_Nitmber of ratable Polls, ^7^3 •'\ 

N° of male Poolls of Twenty one years of age and upwards 
paying a Pooll Tax For themselves in said Town — 373 

Eben"' Hervey '\ Select men 
Eleazer Pomerov r 

roy V For 

Sam^ Davis j Chesterfield 

Chesterfield Dec"' 16 17S3 

[Sworn to before Michael Crese}*, Justice Peace.] 

[3-147] S^Nomiuation of ±^ Ten for Magistrates.'\ 

State of New Hampshire \ To his Excellency and the 

Chesterfield October y"" 30"" 17S4 j Honourable Council of said 

We the subscribers beg Leave to Inform your Honours that 
the Town of Chesterfield Being Legally met unanimously 
Anominated by Ballot two Persons to be Recommended to 
your Honours for Justices of the Peace Viz : Col : Sam' King 
and Ensign Eleazer Jackson ; which Persons if your Honours 
should see fit to Appoint ; it is our opinion they would give 
good satisfaction to the Town and Perhaps no Dishonour to 
the County, we therefore Pray they may be Appointed if your 
Honours should not think it any Infringement upon your Pre- 
rogative we would further Beg Leave to say that if any of your 


Honours should suppose that the Reason of our Desire to have 
new Justices was on Account of the Vermont Dispute we wish 
to Inform your Honours, that is not the case for we Look 
upon tiiat to be Buried in obHvion altho this Town after they 
Supposed they Belonged to Vermont were almost unanimous 
for a while under it yet one of the above Named Persons that 
is now Anominated always very much opposed the rest of the 
Town Respecting Vermont, we therefore have no Rafferance 
to them Disputes Either way — So we Beg Leave to Subscribe 
our selves your Honours humble servants 

Benj* Haskell ") Select men 
Peter Stone > For 

Amos Hubbard ) Chesterfield 


To the General Assembly of the State of New hampshire Now 
Setting — 

I do hereby Certify to your Honours that the Select men of 
Chesterfield were Petitioned by a Number of Inhabitants of 
said town to have said town Appoint Justices of the Peace & 
the Inhabitants being met at a Legal meeting the 27 of Sep- 
tember last for that Purpose Did Appoint Co' Samuel King & 
m'' Eleazer Jackson for said Justices as above mentioned 

By order of the Select men 

attest Eph"' Baldwin town clerk 

October 26 Day 1784. 

[2-148] \^Petitio)i for a Lottery to 13uild a RoadJ\ 

To the Honourable Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court Assembled at 
Portsmouth on the second Wednesday in December A. D. 

The Subscribers Committees appointed by the Towns of 
Winchester and Chesterfield in the Covmty of Cheshire, for and 
on behalf of those Towns humbly shew — 

That the Road leading from the Meeting house in said Win- 
chester to the Meeting house in s'' Chesterfield would be if prop- 
erly made and put in repair, the best, and nearest way from a 
Number of Towns Southward & Eastward to the Towns of 
Walpole & Charlestown, that the travelling therein by Horses& 
footmen is considerable, but being almost impassable for Teams, 
the Lading which they bear is obliged to be carried in a circui- 


tons rout, about eight miles further than would be necessary if 
said Road was made passable as it ought, That about five miles 
of s'^ Road is thro' an unsettled Wilderness, so remote from the 
settlements in those Townships as to render it a burthen too 
heavy for the Inhabitants to put the same in a passable state in 
the usual manner. That the Inhabitants of s** Towns, with 
some Assistance from Hinsdale have laid out a Road from the 
Furnace in s*^ Winchester on the North side of Ashuelot River 
to Sangars Bridge so called, and have cut the same through and 
done considerable labor thereon, but find themselves unable to 
complete the same although it would be the best, and the near- 
est Road yet found to pass, from Petersham, in the Massachu- 
setts State to the Connecticutt River at Fort Dummer — 

That the Inhabitants of Winchester have laid out & cut a 
Road from s'' Furnace to the former road leading from Win- 
chester to Northfield, through a Wood of more than two miles 
extent which will make a Road equallv good with s*^ former 
Road — and a considerable nearer and will tend greatly to com- 
mode a number of promising settlements in said Town — as well 
as serve the public but with the heavy burthens already upon 
them they are unable to complete s"^ Road in the common mode 
of making Roads — That the several Roads aforesaid would if 
completed be not only advantageous to the Community by ren- 
dering the necessary intercourse more easy & expeditious, but 
tend to incourage the settlement of large tracts of Lands in 
those Towns, which otherwise will long remain uninhabited as 
at present — Wherefore your Petitioners pray your honors to take 
the premises into Consideration, and Pass an Act for raising by 
Lottery the sum of Nine Hundred Pounds lawful Money to be 
appropriated to making and repairing s*^ Roads, in the follow- 
ing Proportions, Viz' Six Hvmdred and fifty Pounds for the 
Road first described to be applied Principally or in the whole 
upon that part thereof which lieth between Cap* Willards in 
said Winchester & Cap' Pratt's in s'' Chesterfield, and Two Hun- 
dred and Fifty pounds be applied to making and repairing the 
other two Roads afore described — 

Your Petitioners, to avoid increasing the difticulties which 
they are fully sensible already rest upon their Constituents on 
account of the present scarcity of Cash, have proposed that the 
sum to be raised by the s*^ Lottery, shall be received in grain of 
every kind and in Cattle — and the Ticketts in each and every 
Class thereof Paid for, and the Prizes paid oft' in the same Spe- 
cific articles — except such Low prizes as may be made payable 
in Ticketts in a succeeding Class — And as the making of said 
Roads as proposed will be of essential service to the Inhabitants 
of a considerable part of the Massachusetts State, particularly 
the County of Worcester, and of a Large Part of the State of 


Vermont, many of whom have expressed their desire and read- 
iness to promote a Measure of this kind your Petitioners have 
reason to expect huge numbers of the Ticketts will be sold in- 
to those States — 

Relying- in the Wisdom & Justice of your Honours and on 
the necessity & propriety of their request that the same will be 
granted your petitioners in dutv bound will pray 

Eben"" Fletcher ) .. .^, r 

r\i- r^ \ ^ • ^ f Committee tor 
Oliver Cobleigh ^ Chestert^eld 
ililisha Kockwooclj 

Dan' Hawkins ') ^ .^^ r 

T 1 -^^ 11 i. f Committee tor 
John toilet )- ,,.. , 
•"o- TT-ii J I VV inchester 

bimon VV illard J 

[Petition not granted. — Ed.] 

[3-149] \_Petitio7i for Allowance for Soldiers.'\ 

To the Honorable Senet and Honorable House of Representa- 
tives of the State of New Hampshire to set at Concord the 
first Wednesday of June Instant. 

The Petition of us the Subscribers humbly sheweth, That 
"whereas the Town of Chesterfield suffered the Fate of a large 
Fine for our Deficiencies in the last Cota of Men, — As to that 
Point we are consious to ourselves if the honorable House had 
been Rightly Informed of what we as a Town have done and 
performed in the war our Fines might have been much abat- 
ed ; But not casting y^ blame on y*^ Honorable Court, we blame 
ourselves for defects in y'' Returns made by y* officers then im- 
proved ; We would humbly inform this House, that we hired 
one Merifield Vicory who served in Coll : Hazell's Rcgt, 
and we have obtain'd his Discharge, we also hir'd one Nath' 
Merrild for three years and also one Silas Rav who served dur- 
ing y* war, — and your humble Petitioners beg we might have 
credit for what service we have done in y*^ war, 

Your Honors Complyance with this our Request will greatly 
Indulge us your humble Petitioners, which as in Duty Bound 
shall ever pray 

Chesterfield June y'' i"' 17S6 

Alartin Warner ~) Selectmen 
William Hildrith )- For y^ Town of 
Ezra Day \ Chesterfield 

[Allowed f,j2 on account of Silas Ray. — Ed.] 


[3-150] [ William Thomas's Petition for a Ferry^ iy86.'\ 

To the Honourable the Senate & House of Representatives 
in general assembly of the State of New Hampshire when next 
Convened after the date hereof, is humbly offered the petion of 
William Tliomas of Chesterfield in y'' state aforesaid who begs 
Leave to shew that wdiereas your Humble petitioner doth live 
on the East bank of Connecticut River in said Chesterfield at a 
certain place near the South End of Catsbain island where a 
public Road Leading from Chesterfield meeting house doth in- 
tersect said stream and Directly oposite to the spot where two 
Roads will ever Center on the west bank of the said stream 
which will be of great importance to the publick and your pe- 
tioner having been at a considerable cost in making fords & 
building vessels & giving tendance at the Request of travellers 
for several years past which your petitioner has improved to the 
satisfaction of the publick and as no other person has in any 
way or manner whatever occupied the said premises, or at 
present presumes in any wise to claim or improve the same 
your petitioner therefore prays that the privilege of improoving 
a certain space in said River extending one mile and a half 
from the North end of Catsbain island down said River for the 
purpose of feriing travellers &c over the aforesaid stream may 
be granted to him and his assigns under such regulations as you 
in your wisdom se meet and as in duty bound shall ever Pray 

Dated at Chesterfield June 6* 1 786 

William Thomas 

we the selectmen of the town of Chesterfield are fully of 
opinion that granting the request of the within petition would 
be highly advantagious to the public and no ways injurious to 
any individual 

Paul Eager Reuben Graves Selectmen for Chesterfield 

[In H. of Rep., September 20, 1786, the petitioner was 
granted leave to bring in a bill ; the journal of the senate 
of that session contains no record of the matter, and there 
is no act on record granting a charter to said Thomas. — 

[2-152] \^Petition of Eliphalet Hale for a Ferry, 1/86.'] 

To the Honorable Senate and house of Representatives in 
General Court Conveaned at Concord June the 8"' 1 786 — 

The Petition of Eliphalet Hale of Chesterfield in the County 
of Cheshire and State of New hampshire humbly shews that 


your petitioner lives and owns land adjoining Connecticut River 
whare thare is great need of a Stated ferry to accomidate trav- 
elers and as your petitioner owns the land and lives the most 
Convenient of any person in Chesterfield to tend said ferry he 
therefore prays that he mav have the exclusive right of keeping 
a ferrv accrost said River from the North end of Catsban island 
so called to the line of Westmoreland which is about two miles 
in the hole as there is no other ferry way occopyed or improv- 
ed within said limits therefore your Petitioner humbly prays 
your Honors to Grant the Exclusive Right of the ferryway 
heretofore Described to him and his heirs forever upon Condi- 
tions as your Honours in yovu" Wisdom shall see fit as in Duty 
shall Ever Pray 

Chesterfield June 4'^ 17S6 

Eliphalet Hale 

[On a copy of the above is the following certificate : — 


this Ma}' Sertify that the Within petision And the order of 
Cort Has Ben posted at the House of Andrew Hastinges In 
holder In Chesterfield as the Law Directed 

Chesterfield August 30 / 17S6 

Andrew Hastings 

In presents of Martin Warner") Select Men 
Ezra Day > of 

W" Hildrith 3 'Chesterfield 

[This petition was granted, and an act passed January 
loth, 1787, granting said Hale the exclusive right of keep- 
ing a ferry between Catsbane island and the south line of 
Westmoreland. — Ed.] 

[2-153] \_Ephraim Baldivins Claim^ 1/86.^ 

To the Hon**'" Senate & House of Representatives Convened at 
Concord the 7"' day of June 17S6 

The Petion of Ephraim Baldwin Humbly Shueth that vour 
Petitiner was Dctaind in the service of the Late war Fourteen 
Days at the charge of my own Expences it being in the year 
1777 — 'it the time when Ticontaroga was avaqated I was at 
Charlestown & by Desire of Col. Ashley I assisted in Dealing 
out stores to men going on Alarmes to said ticontaroga & Draw- 
ing of Coppyes that come from Conolls then at & beween [be- 


tween, probably] said Charlestown & ticontaroga & sent Ex- 
press to forward the men &c which is as follows 

one to Swanzey £0:13 one to Chesterfield £0:13 

one to Brattleborough 0:14 one up as far as Co^ meads 0:15 

myself 14 Days at 6/ pr Day 4 : 4 

And your Petitioner has not Rec*^ anything for said Sarvices 
and am obliged to pay Said foure Exspresses above mentioned 
out of his own pocket and as your petitioner is in Low Circum- 
stances Humbly Pray your Honours to take his case into your 
w^ise Consideration and grant him shuch Relief as you in your 
Wisdom shall think proper as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray 

Eph'" Baldwin 

[Sworn to before Jonathan Hildreth. The house ordered 
it " to lay." — Ed.] 

[2-160] \_Petition relative to Support of William Lotidon^ 
wonnded ivhile Jirittg a salute.^ 

To the Hon''''' the Court of General Sessions of the Peace 
within and for the County of Cheshire — 

Humbly Shews the select men of Chesterfield that on the 
eight Day of November Last William Loudon a tranchant Per- 
son and Not an Inhabitant in this or as we can learn in any 
other town or Place in this state or any of the united States of 
america being a Native of Scottland and one that served the 
united States in the Late war, was grieviously Wounded in at- 
tempting to fire a cannon on the arrival of his Excellency Gen' 
Sullivan in this town and being a stranger and Not of Known 
abillity to Defray the charges of his care the s'^ select men were 
obliged to engage for the same and accordingly the several Bills 
herewith exhibitid are charged against them, and it still appear- 
ing that the s"! Loudon has Not ability to Discharge the s'^ Bills 
either for his Doctoring Nussing or Boarding which are as fol- 
lows (viz) 

Josiah Goodhue surgeon Bill as sworn to £i3, 5.0 

Doc : Oliver Athertons Bill 10, 5.2 

Doc : Joshua Tyler Bill 6,10.2 

Amos Hails Esq' Bill for Board s'^ Loudon & wife at 

Putney 6,15.2 
Abner Harris Bill for Board and Nussing &c at Ches- 
terfield 5^ 5-8 

total 41, 1.2 


the s^ men therefore Humbly Pray that your Hon'''' would be 
Pleased to take the foregoing matters under consideration that 
after your Hon''^ haye adjusted the foregoing accounts & made 
such allowance as to your wisdom shall seem mete your Peti- 
tioners may be able to Lay the same Before his Excellency for 
Payment as the Law Directs and as in Duty Bound shall ever 

Chesterfield June y"" 21"' 17S7 

Eleazer Jackson ~\ Select men 
Michael Cresey >- for 

Benj" Haskell ) Chesterfield 

[The accompanying bills show that Loudon was at Amos 
Hail's, in Putney, Vt., ten weeks, under the care of " Josiah 
Goodhue Jun""," vvho amputated his arm ; and at Abner 
Harris's, in Chesterfield, ten weeks and five days, under the 
care of " Joshua Tyler Surgeon," and " Oliver Atherton Phy- 
sition." The Putney bills were sworn to before Noah Sa- 
bin, and the others before Michael Cresey, and the docu- 
ments were forwarded, with the following certificate, to the 
legislature, the account allowed, and the amount paid to 
Solomon Harvey. — Ed.] 


To his Excellency John Sullivan Esq 

This may certify that the Selectmen of Chesterfield in the 
County of Cheshire, exhibited the inclosed accounts, to the 
Court of General Sessions of the Peace for said County in June 
last, which accounts were, by said Court, adjusted and allowed, 
and the Court ordered, that a Certificate thereof should be sent 
to your Excellency 

Walpole Aug' — i — 17S7 

Attest Tho Sparhawk Clerk 

[2-161] \^Petition for I>icorporation of School. '\ 

To the Honab''' the Senate & House of Representatives in gen- 
eral Assembly Convened at Portsmouth on the 23*^ Day of 
Decern"" instant within and for the State of New Hampshire — 

Being sensible of the importance and advantage of promoting 
good literature among the youth And as we in this part of the 
State live at a Considerable Distance from any Semenary of 
Learning being encouraged by the Constitution we your hum- 
ble petitioners beg leave to lay the following Petition before you, 



Would inform you that a svifficient sum of Money has been 
raised by free Donation of the Petitioners to erect a House of 
sufficient bigness in the town of Chesterfield in which a Semi- 
nary may be kept and still have encouragement of further As- 
sistance from the Liberality of many of the inhabitants of the 
Neighborhood towards forwarding the Design and therefore 
pray your Hon""" to incorporate the subscribers hereto and their 
several Associates into a body corporate and politic subject to 
such regulations and form of Government as is Common in 
other Academias — As in Duty bound your Petitioners shall ever 

Abraham Wood Solomon Harvey") 
Moses Smith Silas Richardson >- Committee 

Zur Evans J 

William Fan- 
Simon Willard 
Abner Johnson 
Eleazer Marble 
Arthur Latham 
Abraham Wood 
Eleazer Pomeroy 
Th" Metcalf 
Nath' Bingham 
Ol' Atherton 
John Brown 
W^ill'" Robertson 
Oliver Hubbard 
Oliver Cobleigh Ju' 
Benj Haskell 
Ebn"- Fletcher 

Subscribers Names 

Sam' Soper 
Moses Smith 
Solomon Harvey 
Ol'' Brown 
Jon'' Fairwell 
Silas Thompson 
Eph'" Hul^bard 
Abel Fletcher 
Martin Pomeroy 
Antipass Bouker 
Willis Secomb 
Paul Eager 
Martin Hildreth 
Amos Hubbard 
Elisha Rockwood 

Zur Evans 
John Pratt 
Benjamin Wheeler 
Aaron Fisk 
Zenas Fairbank 
Will"' Fairwell 
John Bishop 
Sam' Fletcher 
John Hooker 
John Darling 
James Robertson 
Peter Hone 
Jesse Ware 
Silas Richardson 
Jarib Jackson 

[Chesterfield Academy was incorporated by an act passed 
January 12, 1790, and Rev. Abraham Wood, Dr. Solomon 
Hervey, Moses Smith, Esq., Silas Richardson, Zur Evans, 
Simon Willard, and Abner Johnson, all of Chesterfield, were 
appointed trustees by the act. 

In January, 1791, the trustees petitioned for the privilege 
of raising ;^ 1,000, by lottery, for the support of said acade- 
my, which was not granted, but an act was passed in 1808, 
and extended in 18 14, allowing them to raise $5,000, by lot- 
tery, for that purpose. — Ed.] 


[2-164] \_Petition of yosiah Hastings for a Ferry. ~\ 

To the Honourable the General Court of the State of New 
Hampshire — 

The Petition of Josiah Hastings of Chesterfield in the County 
of Cheshire Humbly Sheweth That he has for several years last 
past kept a ferry over Connecticut River at a place a little be- 
low the southerly bound of Thomas his ferry and about one 
mile above the mouth of West River which has been and still is 
of great advantage to the pul^Hck and your petitioner conceives 
would still be of increasing advantage to the publick in general 
and the Town near in particular, provided a grant of a ferry 
should be made over that part of Connecticut River against said 
Chesterfield which runs between said Thomas's and the mouth 
of said West river it being in length about one mile and a half — 

Your petitioner therefore prays your Honours to grant to him 
his heirs and assigns the exclusive Right of keeping a ferry over 
the part of s*^ River above mentioned, forever hereafter under 
such Limitations and restrictions as to your honours may seenx 
meet — and your petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Chesterfield May 28"' 1791 — 

Josiah Hastings 

[June 14, 1792, the legislature granted " leave to bring- 
in a bill," and one granting the right was passed June 20th. 

[2-166] \_Relative to a Bridge over Connecticut River. "^ 

To the Hon''^'' the General Court of the State of New Hamp- 
shire — 

The Petition & Remonstrance of us subscribers Humbly 
shews that having been Informed by the Newspapers Printed at 
Keen that Rufus Graves & others Have Petitioned the Hon"'''' 
General Court for the exclusive Privilege of building a toll 
bridge over Connecticut River In Hinsdale against Brattle- 
borough in the state of Vermont we Humbly confess that such 
a bridge over s*^ River at the most Convenient Place would be 
of great Public utility l^ut Beg leave to say that In our Humble 
opinion the place mentioned in the aforesaid Petition is not by 
far the most Convenient Place for s"* Bridge best to serve the 
Public But that a bridge over s** River near Lt : Josiah Hastings 
Ferry in Chesterfield against s'' Brattleborough would much 
more convene the Public and therefore your Petitioner Humbly 
Prays that the s** Hon"'''" Court would be Pleased to Grant unta 



US your Humble Petitioners the exclusive Priviledge of building 
a toll Bridge over s'' River in s*^ Chesterfield within such Limits 
and under such restrictions as shall be thought Proper : and that 
they may be Incorporated a body Politic and Invested with 
Powers necessary to carry the same Into eftect 

Josiah Hastings 
Benj Butterfield 
Oliver Hastings 
Eldad Granger 
Jonathan Colburn 
Martin Warner 
Amos Daws 
Ezekiel Powers 
Eli Sergeant 
Noah Emmons 
Edman Farnsworth 
Abel Stockwell 
Jonah newhall 
Moses Johnson 
Jon* Wheeler 

John Sergeant 
Nathaniel Sartwell 
Pearley Harris 
Ebenezer Saftord 
Moses Farr 
Jonathan Farr 
Oliver Wheeler 
Zur Evans 
Levi Sergeant 
Noah Emmons Ju'' 
Enoch Streeter 
Israel Johnson 
John Cobleigh Jr 
Eph'" Wheeler 3^^ 

Joseph Fuller 
Jonth" Hastings 
And"' Hastings 
Charles Wiggins 
Daniel Page Jr 
John Harris 
Abner Johnson 
Amos Thomas 
Levi Hastings 
Jonathan Merril 
Eli Davis 
Zebediah Johnson 
Amos Smith 
John Wheeler 1^ 

Jonathan Davis 

[A hearing was granted, and the petition " dismissed." 

[Among the prominent men of Chesterfield was Hon. 
Levi Jackson, born June 29, 1772 ; graduated from Dart- 
mouth college in 1799. ^^ ^^^^ ^ member of the state sen- 
ate from 18 1 2 to 1 8 16, at which time he was elected a mem- 
ber of the governor's council. He died August 30, 1821. 


This township was granted May 20, 1727, to Nathaniel 
Gookin (Googins in the grant) and others, including the 
governor, council, and other state officers, the grant being 
signed by Lieutenant-Governor John Wentworth, and in- 
cluded territory, according to the charter, to the extent of 
eight miles square. See copy of charter in Vol. IX, p. 125. 

By an act passed March 27, 1782, the northerly portion 
of the town was set off and erected into the town of Pitts- 
field. Union School District, comprising portions of Chi- 
chester and Epsom, was incorporated November 30, 1842, 
and an addition made in 1847. 


Traces of Indian settlements were visible within fifty 
years, and stone implements have been frequently found. 
The land on the banks of the Suncook river was once a 
favorite place of the Penacooks for raising corn. 

The first white settler is said to have been Paul Morrill, 
in 1758.] 

j]2-i 67] \^Proceedings of Tovjii- Meetings iyy6.'\ 

Colony of New | 
Hampshire j Chichester June the 10"^ ^"l^^ 

At a Legal Meeting of the freeholders and Inhabitance of the 
Town of Chichester Met acording to Notification Date of War- 
rant June the I**' 1776 — 

i'-' Voted Leut. Jonathan Stanyan Moderator to Govern s*^ 
meeting — 

2'^' Voted to have a Justice of the peace in s*^ town — 
3*^ Voted Cap' John Cram to Be a Justice of the peace in the 
County of Rockingham — 

furthermore we whose names are here under writen Being 
apointed a Committee of Safty for the town afores"^ do Recomend 
the Said John Cram as a man Sutible for that Important Trust 
and we beg the honourable Court would Qiiallifye him for the 

David Knowlton ~\ Comitee 
Jonathan Stanyan >- of 
Simeon Hilyard ) Safty 

[2-1 68] \_Capf. yohn Cram recommended^ ^77^ •'\ 

Colony of New \ To the Honourable President of the Con- 
Hampshire j gress we your humble pettioners whose 
names are here under writen Being fully Sensable of the ne- 
cessty of having a Justice of the peace in Chichester in the 
County of Rockingham for the due and impartial administra- 
tion of Justice therein and that Cap' John Cram of Said Chi- 
chester is fully quallifyed and accomplished for that important 
trust we humbly Beg Leave to Recommend him to your hon- 
ours for that purpos and most Earnestly pray that your honours 
would be pleas'' to Constitute and apoiiit him a Justice of the 
peace for the County afors'' and your pettioners as in Duty 
Bound Shall Ever pray 

Chichester march 13"' 1776 

Nehemiah Leavat Wadleigh Cram Joseph Marston 




Nathaniel Tebbetts 
Thomas bickford 
John Libbe juner 
Thomas Bh\ke 
Benjamen Thuston 
Dainel Eaton 
HuBarT Smith 
Samll Philbrick 
David Knowlton 
Dudley Lyford 
John Loverin 
Jeremiah Sanborn 
Ithiel Cliftbrd 

John Chase 
Jeremiah Garland 
Ebenezer Carter 
Benjamen Lamper 
John Blake 
Thomas Mason 
Joseph Clark 
Isaac Libbee 
Aquila Moftatt 
John Worth 
John Blake 
Joseph Purinton 
Jonathan Green 

John Libbe 
Willem Burgin 
Jabez Tucker 
Ebenezer Knowltort 
Jonathan Eaton 
Nathaniel Chase 
Jonathan Stanvan 
Job Haskell 
John Fullonton 
Samuel Daves 
Thomas Johnson 


\^Resi)io)ist ranee to foregoiugJ\ 

To the honourable Diligates of the Colony of New hampshire 
now seting at Exater we the subscribers Being freeholders 
and others Inhabitants of the town of Chichester humbly 
pray that you would not act apon A petition sent to you for 
Cap* John Cram to Bee A Justis a pees in the town of Chi- 
chester Except he Bee Chosen by a vouat of the town 

Chichester march 15* 1766 

Benjamin mason 
Benjamin Jackson 
Elijah Ring 
John Brown 
Edmund Rand Leav- 

James Morrill 
William Langmaid 
Theophilus Sanborn 
Nathan Marden 
Dyer Hook 

Simeon Loverin 
John Hilyard 
Stephen Lang 
Amos Blaso 
John Langmaid 
Micaiah Merrill 
masack haines 
Jacob Sanborn 
Jonathan Edmans 
David Brown 
Nathan Brown 

Simeon Hilyard 
Benjamin mason Jr 
Samuel James 
Jonathan Leavitt 
Paul morrill 
Samuel Langmaid 
Edmund Rand 
Jedediah Stanyan 
Smith Morrill 
Jeremiah Sanborn 

[2-170] \^Concerning Election of Representative^ i779-~\ 

A Petition. 

To the honorable general assembly of the State of New 
hampshire Convened at Exeter on Wednesday the 15"' Dec' In- 
stant humbly Sheweth the Legal Inhabitants of the tow^n of 
Chichester that whereas your honors Isued a precept to the 



Selectmen of Epsom directing them to legally notify the In- 
habitants of Epsom Chichester & Allenstown giving them fif- 
teen Days notice to meet in Some Convenient place in their 
town to Ellect a Suitable person to Represent them in general 
assemblv vet your Petitioners have not been notified agreeable 
to Said precept whereby we conceive ovu'selves greatly Injurd 
therefore humbly pray your honors would take this our petition 
under 3'our wise consideration and order another precept to be 
Isued whereby your petitioners may Be legally notified to 
Chose a suitable person to represent us in general assembly for 
the year Current and your petitioners in Duty Bound will ever 
pra}' — 

Chichester 20"" Dec"^ ^779 

Simon Knowles 
micaiah morrill 
masack haines 
Nathan Brown 
John Langmaid 
Theophilus Sanborn 
Smith Morrill 
John Worth 
Levi Stanvan 
Caleb Davis 
Moses Davis 

Paul Morrill 
Samuel Langmaid 
Jonathan Leavitt 
Ezekiel morrill 
Dver Hook 
Stephen Fellows 
Richard Sargent 
Edmund Rand 
Samuel Davis Jun"" 
george Sargent 
wiiliam moses 

James Morrill 
William Langmaid 
Jedediah Stanyan 
William Chase 
Thomas Johnson 
Joseph morrill 
Joseph morrill J"" 
Samuel Davis 
Daniel Sanborn 
Nathaniel Wells 

[2-1 71 3 \^Concerning Class for Election of Representative.~\ 

State of Newhampshire ] To the Hon''''^^ the Council and 
Rockingham Ss — j House of Representatives for said 
State in General assembly Convened at Exeter iS"' Feb'' 1780 
The Humble Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of the 
Town of Chichester in the County of Rockingham and State 
aforesaid Shevveth — 

That the Said town of Chichester for a Number of years 
Last past have been Coupled or Joyned with the Towns of 
Epsom and aliens Town in Choosing a member to Represent 
them at the General assembly and notwithstanding the town of 
Chichester is Larger and has more familys living in it than 
there is in Epsom and allenstown. both The precept has always 
heretofore been diverted to the town of Epsom and the meet- 
ings always held in Epsom and many of the Inliabitants of 
Chichester could not attend and so the Representative has ever 
been Chosen in the town of Epsom and we are Humbly of 
opinion that we have not had the priviledges in voting we 
ought to have had or what was the Design of Hon'''" Court 



when we were coupled, bad the precepts been sent to the 
towns of Chichester and Epsom alternately ■we should have 
Been Content Wherefore your petitioners Humbly pray that 
whereas the town of Chichester Consists of upwards of one 
hundred twenty Families they may have Liberty of sending a 
member by themselves without being Joyned with any other 
town or otherwise Relieved as yovu" Honours in Your Great 
Wisdom shall Judge Best and your petitioners as in Duty 
Bound will ever pray &c 

James Cram 
Daniel Sargent 
Elisha Eaton 
Simeon Hilyard 
Jeremiah Sanborn 
Benj"' mason 
John Kenney 
Jacob Bachelder 
Daniel Eaton 
Jonathan Fogg 
Timothy sanborn 
Nathanael Page 
Thomas Blake 
Jabez Tucker 
Jeremiah Dow 
Theophilus Brown 
Joseph Yeaton 
wadligh Cram 
Joseph mason 
Jon" Leavitt ju 

Reuben Cram 
John Blake jun"" 
Jonah Garland 
Samuel Robie 
Benj'" Nudd 
Sam^ Jackson 
Benj™ mason Jun"" 
Isaac Libbee 
Job Haskell 
Nathan White 
Samll Philbrick 
Samuel James 
John Cram 
David Knowlton 
Benjamin Lamprey 
John Tilton 
Aquila mot^att 
Jonathan Sargent 
Joseph Marston 
Hubartus Smith 
thomas Bickford 

James Garland 
John Eaton 
Stephen Lang 
Simeon Loverin 
Benjamin Jackson 
John Blaso 
Asahel Green 
Jonathan Eaton 
Edward Sargent 
Samuel Ring 
Richard durgain 
Jonathan fogg Ju' 
Benjaman thusten 
Joshua Berry 
william Durgen 
Nath' Wells 
eBanezer Barter 
Elipheleat marston 
Josiah white 
Abraham Sanborn 

[2-173] \_ScIcctmen requested to call a Town- Meet itigJ^ 

Rockingham ss Chichester November y^ 34* 1781 
To the Select men of the town of Chichester 

Gentlemen wee the Subscribers Inhabitants and Free hold- 
ers in the town of Chichester Desire you would be pleased to 
warn a meeting of all the Inhabitants of said town Qiiallified 
according to Law to vote in town affairs to meet at some Con- 
venient place in said town as soon as may be to act on the fol- 
lowing particulars (viz) 

i^' To Chuse a moderator to Govern said meeting 

2'*'^ To see if the town will vote that the second and third 



Division in said Town .Shall be Sett off from Said town in a 
parish to be Invested with town priviledges as other towns in 
this State 

2<ii.v Xo See if the town will Chuse a Committee to prefer a 
petition to the General Court of this State to Confirm the above 

Edward Sargant 
Daniel Eaton 
Isaac Libbee 
Edmon Sanborn 
Josiah White 
Jonathan Brown 
Daniel gilmon 
Ebenezer Barton 
James Drake 
Elishar Eaton 
Joseph sfoss 

John Cram 

Nathan White 
winthrop Smith 
James Sanborn 
James brown 
Jonathan fogg 
Joseph morstan 
Josiah Barton 
John. Eaton 
willam Chase 
Jonathan Tinkers 

Reuben towl Leavitt Samuel Ring 
Ebenezer Prescott Joshua Bery 
wadligh Cram Samuel Philbrick 

Jobe Haskel 
Robert Tibbets 
william munsey 
Reuben Cram 
Jona garlon 
Thomas Bickford 
Jonathan Dow 
Benjamin Thurston 
John Tilton 
John Blaso 
Benjamin Nudd 
Ithial Cliford 

[2-173] \^Proceedings of Tow n- Meet lug ^ iy8i.~\ 

State of Newhampshire \ 

Rockingham Ss j Chichester December 26* 1781 ata 

Leagal meeting of the Inhabitance of the town of Chichester 
met according to notifycation Date of warrant Deem the 12"* 

iLy voted John Cram Esq'' be a moderator to govern said meet- 

2Ly voted that there Be a Commity Chosen on both Sids of the 
town to Divide Said town 
voted that william Chase John Cram Esq'' Joseph morril 
Simeon Hilyard Dyer Hook Elijah Ring and Cap'"' Jon- 
athan Leavitt be a Commitee to Divide the town of Chi- 
chi ster — 

Chichister Deer 26"' — 17S1 then we the Subscribers a Com- 
mitee have agreed in Dividing the town into two Parishes 

iLy that the whole of the Land in the Second and third Di- 
vision below the River and all the third Division above 
s*^ River vSIiall be to the north Side of the town 

2Ly that the South Side and north Side of the town Shall Pre- 
fix the Centers for their meeting houses within three 
weaks from this Date 


3Ly that those People that Live on Either Side of the Dividing 

Line Shall have Liberty to Poal themselves and their 

Estates into Either Side of the Dividing Line that they 

Shall think best any time within three months after that 

the Centers are to be Perfix' in the South and north 

Parts of the town as above Dated 

T 1 /^ ^ Commitee 

ohn Cram \ ^ t^- • ■, 

•^ ^-^ IrnlJivirlp 

Will"' Chase 

o- TT-1 J r the town 

bimeon Hilyard \ ■ ^ . 

T *-i r -i-t- J "^to two 

onathan Leavitt un. t-, • i 

^ J Parishes 

2Ly Put to vote to see if the town will Except of what the 
Commitee hath agreed upon and Signed in Dividing of 
the town and Past as a vote 

3Ly voted that the Second Division of Land beloo Suncook 
River in S** Chichester with that Part of the third Divi- 
sion beloo S*^ River and the Six Ranges in Said third 
Division above Said Suncook River with the Priviliges 
and Preportion of Publick Lands belonging to Said Di- 
visions may be incorporated into a Town or Parrish by 
themselves and invested with all town Priviliges as other 
towns in this State — 

4Ly voted that their may be three months Liberty alowed for 
any Person or Persons to Pool themselves and their Es- 
tates Either Side of the Dividing Line that way they 
shall see best after the Centers are Prefixed — 

5Ly voted that John Cram Esqu"' william Chase and Captn 
Jonathan Leavitt a Commitee to Prefer a Petition to the 
General Court of Said State to Confirm the above votes 

a trew Coppy from the minutes 

per Dyer Hook town Clerk 

[2-174 \^Concerntng a Division of the Toxvn.^ 

To the Hon''''' the Council and House of Representatives for the 
State of New Hampshire, in General Assembly convened at 
Exeter January A Dom. 17S2 — 

The Petition of the Lihabitants freeholders, residing in the 
first & fourth Divisions in the Township of Chichester Humbly 
Sheweth — That a meeting of the Lihabitants of Chichester was 
called by the Select Men of said Town in consequence of a pe- 
tition of the Inhabitants who reside in the Second and third Di- 
vision in said Town for the purpose of severing or dividing the 


said Town into two distinct Parishes — That at said Meeting a 
Major vote was obtained in favour of said Petition— That for 
the conveniency of the Town, your Petitioners humbly conceiv- 
ed and do conceive that an equal division of the Town into two 
Parishes Vv'ould be necessary if the same could be properly ef- 
fected — That those said Petitioners have obtained by the afore- 
said vote more than an equal division without the voice of the 
Propriety of said Township who have never been consulted 
thereon, and have not as yet given up the reins of Government 
into the hands of said Town — 

That if a Petition should be preferred to your Honours in or- 
der to confirm the aforesaid Vote, that your Honours would 
take this our Petition under your wise consideration and direct 
Such Measures as shall be most conducive to the Interest and 
welfare of said Town — And Your Petitioners as in duty bound 
will ever Pray &c 

John Worth Edmimd Rand Leav- Edmund Rand 

Levi Stanyan itt Nathan Marden 

Jonathan Edmunds John Langmaid Simeon Loverin 

Joseph morrill Smith Morrill Dyer Hook 

Peter Hook william moses Danill Sanborn 

Paul morrill Ezekiel morrill william Langmaid 

Samuel Langmaid Jonathan Leavitt James morrill 

Samuel James William Seavey Samuel Daves 

IJ2-I75] \_Concerning Divisiott of the To-wn.'\ 

To the Hon'''*' Council & House of Representatives of the State 
of New Hampshire in General Assembly Convened at Exe- 
ter Jan'-'' 3"^ 1782. 

Humbly Sheweth John Cram Esq"' William Chase and Jona- 
than Leavitt a Comittee for and in behalf of the Freeholders and 
Inhabitants of the Town of Chichester in the County of Rock- 
ingham in Said State — 

That the Said Freeholders and Inhabitants of Chichester have 
at a Legal Town meeting Voted that the Second Division of 
Lands in Said Township below Suncook river with That part 
of the third Division below Said river and the Six ranges in 
Said Third Division above Said Suncook river with the Privi- 
ledges & Proportion of Public Lands belonging to Said Divi- 
sions may be Incorporated into a town or Parish by themselves, 
and Invested with all Town Priviledgcs as other Towns in this 
State, and that there may be allowed three months Liberty for 
any Person or Persons to Poll themselves & their Estates to 


Either Side of the Dividing Line that way they Shall Se best 
after the Centres of Each Town or Parish are Prefixed Where- 
fore Your Petitioners Humbly Pray your Hon''^ to Pass an Act 
to Incorporate the Said Lands and Inhabitants thereof into a 
Distinct Town or Parish by the Name of Pittsfield — and to 
Invest & Enfranchise them with all the Powers, Priviledges and 
Immunities that any other Town or Parish in this State Have 
Hold and Enjoy, with the Liberty of Polling as aforesaid ; and 
Your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever pray &c 

John Cram 
William Chase 
Jonathan Leavitt Jun'' 
State of I 

New Hamp"' j In the House of Representatives March 2Z^ : 

Upon hearing and considering the foregoing Petition 
Voted that the prayer thereof be granted with the following 
altei-ations and amendments (viz) instead of Six ranges in the 
third Division above Suncook River to allow only five ranges 
in said third Division, and that no polling shall be allowed and 
that the Tract of Land which they Petitioned to have set oft' by 
the name of Pittsfield be sett oft'as a Separate Town and called 
by that name and to have all Town priviledges distinct from 
Chichester except in the Choice of Representatives, and that 
the Petitioners have leave to bring in a Bill accordingly 

Sent up for Concurrence 

John Langdon Speaker 

In Council the same day read & concurred 

J Pearson D Sec^ 

[The result of the controversy was the setting off of the 
north part of the town, and incorporating the same into the 
town of Pittsfield, by an act passed March 27, 1782. — Ed.} 

[3-176] \^Request to be Classed with Pittsjield for Repre- 
State of New hampshire 
Rockingham Ss — 

To the Honorable Counsel and general Court of Said State 
the Humble Petition of us the Subscribers Selectmen for Chi- 
chester and Pittsfield whereas according to the establishment of 
the new Constitution or Plan of government it was agreed up- 


on that that town that hath one hundred and fifty Leagal votters 
Should have the Liberty of Choosing and Sending a member to 
the general Court and whear one town hant that number of 
Leagal voters it was agreed upon that two towns Shall be Cup- 
pled together we your Humble Pettisonars vSelect men for the 
townes of Said Chichester and Pittsfield humblev Desire ac- 
cording to the Desire of the inhabitance of Said towns that we 
may be Joyned together and have the Libertv of Choosing and 
Sending one member for both towns and your Petitioners as in 
Duty bound Shall Ever Pray and So forth 

Chichester December the 30 Day y* 1783 

William Seavey 
Dyer Hook 
Jonathan Perkins 
James Drake 


men for 


State of I 

New hamps™ J In House of Representatives Jan^ 2^ 17S4 

Upon Reading & Considering the foregoing petition 
Voted that the prayer thereof be granted & that Northwood 
proposed to be joined to Pittsfield be Class'^ to Epsom & Aliens- 

Sent up for Concurrence 

John Dudley Speaker 
In Council the same day read & Concurred — 

E Thompson Sec'^ 

[R. 207] 

Concord June 15, 17S6, 
The Bounty advanced by Chichester to Zebulon Colbie a pri- 
vate 6"' C°, I'' Reg' amounts to eighteen pounds eighteen shill- 
ings, which has been deducted from his depreciation to 17S0. 

Ex*^ per Josiah Oilman Jun' 

[2-177] \_BliJah Ring recom/ncndcd for Jtistice of the 

State of New ") 

Hampshire V To his Exelancy the president the honor- 

Rockingham ss ) able Councle in and for the State of New 
Hampshire for the year 17S6 whereas your humble petitisionars 
Inhabitants of Chichestere are Distitute of a Justice of the 
peace to tranceact that business in the aforesaid town of Chi- 


Chester therefore your humble petitisionars humbly Desire your 
Exelancy and honors Would appoint and Commision Ensign 
Elijah Ring as Justice of the peace In and for the aforesaid 
town of Chicher and in this appointment your humble Petiti- 
sionars as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray 

Dated at Chichester this thirteenth Day of July in the year 

Nathaniel Batcheldor Abraham true Jacob Sanborn 

thomas Lake Jun'' Joseph Sanborn Jeremiah Sanborn 

Benjamin Jackson John Fellowes Jonathan fellowes 

thomas Lak Edmund Rand John Langmaid 

Simeon Loverin Samuel Daves Samuel Daves Jun'' 

Caleb Daves Jonathan Edmunds 

'{[z-iyS] \_Petition for Aiit/iority to tax JVon-Residefit 


The State of New Hampshire. — 
To the Honorable Senate & house of Representatives of Said 

State convened at Concord the tenth Day of June Anno 

Domini 1791. — 

The Petition of Abraham True & Nathaniel Morril — Select- 
men of Chichester in the County of Rockingham, humbly 
sheweth that the Inhabitants of the Town of Chichester labor 
under a number of disadvantages ; — arising from the newness 
of their incorporation and scarcity of money ; — one of which 
disadvantages is their inability to carry on and finish a house 
lately began in Said Chichester for publick worship — and at 
the same time to make a publick road necessary for the conven- 
ience of the Inhabitants of Chichester ; — as well as for other 
Citizens from Capt Reuben Kimbals, in Concord leading 
through Chichester, to the Portsmouth Road, thro' Epsom. — 

Wherefore your Petitioners, in behalf of the Town of Chi- 
chester, pray your Honors to take their Circumstances into your 
wise Consideration ; and pass an Act to empower them to as- 
sess and raise by a Tax of two pence P' Acre, on all the Non- 
Residents Lands laying in said Chichester : — which would en- 
able them, both to go on with building their meeting house, & 
to make and finish the aforesaid Road. — 

and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray. — 

"^ Selectmen 
Abraim True I for the Town 
Nathanil morrill | of 

J Chichester 


State of New Hamhspire — 

In the House of Representatives Dec. 7* 1791 

Upon hearing and considering the within petition 
voted that the praver thereof be granted & that the petition- 
ers have leave to bring in a Bill accordingly provided the 
money be laid out for repairing the highways only — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

William Plumer Speaker 

In Senate the same day read & concurred 

J Pearson Sec^ 


The town was granted October 26, 1764, to Colonels Jo- 
siah VVillard and Samuel Ashley, of Winchester, and sixty- 
seven others, among whom were Colonel Joseph and Jon- 
athan Hammond, of Swanzey, and others from that vicinity. 
Colonels Ashley and Hammond were officers in the French 
and Indian war, the former of whom settled in the town. 

Settlements were made here by Moses Spafford and 
David Lynde, in 1762 ; in 1767 others came from Farming- 
ton, Hebron, and other towns in Connecticut. The early 
settlers were about equally divided between the Episcopal 
and Congregational denominations. Of the adherents to the 
former was Samuel Cole, a graduate of Yale college in 1731 ; 
he was a prominent teacher, and conducted Episcopal ser- 
vice in town until the settlement of Rev. Ranna Cossit in 


The governors' reservation, in the south-west corner of 
the town, was by him granted to Col. Joseph Wait, who 
was a captain in Rogers's Rangers in the French war, and 
commanded a regiment in the Revolutionary war until he 
died, in October, 1776. 

Some of the other prominent men of the town in the 
latter part of the last century were Hon. Sanford Kings- 
bury (see following papers) ; Hon. George B. Upham, Rep. 
7th Cong. ; Hon. Caleb Ellis, Rep. to 9th Cong., the hitter 
of whom died in 18 16, aged 49. Hon. William Jarvis. U. S. 
Consul to Spain 1810 and 181 1, imi:)orted the first Merino 
sheep into this country, with perhaps one exception. 


By an act approved December 29, 1828, a tract of land 
was severed from Unity and annexed to Claremont 

The town is favored with railroad accommodations, and is 
a substantial farming and manufacturing place. 

\_Chartei' Records^ vol. 4, p. 171. '\ 

\^Rev. Raima Cossitt collated to the Church in Claremont. ~\ 

Province of New Hampshire. 

By His Excellency John Wentworth Esq. Captain General 
Governor & Commander in Chief in & over said Province &C. 
— To the Reverend Ranna Cossit first ordained minister of the 
Gospel in Communion with the Chmxh of England at Clare- 
mont in the Province of New Hampshire aforesaid. 

By virtue of his Majestys Royal Commission appointing me 
Governor and Commander in Chief of this Province and the 
special authority thereby given me to collate any Person or Per- 
sons to any Churches Chapell or other ecclesiastical Benefices 
within said Province. — I do hereby Collate you the said Ranna 
Cossit to the Church of Claremont aforesaid with all ecclesias- 
tical Benefices to the same by law & right appertaining — To 
Have & to Hold the same during your said ministry — 

In Testimony whereof I have caused the Seal of said Prov- 
ince to be hereunto afiixed this 38"' Day of June in the 13''^ 
year of His Majestys reign Anno Domini 1773- 

J. Wentworth. 

By his Excellencys command 

Theodore Atkinson Sec'y- 

[He was also collated to Haverhill the same date. Rev. 
Mr. Cossitt was ordained by the Bishop of London early in 
the year 1773, he having sailed for England in December, 
1772, for that purpose. He settled at Claremont as the first 
Episcopal minister of that place, and remained until sent to 
the island of Cape Breton in 1785. He died at Yarmouth, 
Nova Scotia, in 18 15, aged 75. At the time of his settle- 
ment in Claremont there were but few church people in the 
western part of this state; meetings for the reading of the 
service, and printed sermons, had been held in Alstead, 
Claremont, Springfield, Vt., Haverhill, and Hanover. At 
Claremont the service had been under the charge of Sam- 
uel Cole, Esq., a schoolmaster, who gave good instruction in 
the service, and in singing. (Rev. Mr. Cossitt's letter, 
1773-)— Ed.] 


[2-179] \_ClaremoHt Covtmittee of Safety to the General 
Couf't, 1776.'] 

To the Worthy and Honourable Members of the State of 
New Hampshire, The Committee of Safety of the Town of 
Chiremont Beg leave to acquaint your Honours that there are 
Thirty or more Men that are of the Inhabitants of s*^ Town 
that are as they say Neuters in the affairs of the present day 
with respect to the Contest Between Great Brittain and the 
Coloneys and under this pretence they do not attend on any 
Military Duty among us nor Bear any part in the War — 

We beg leave further to inform the State that althoug Cap'" 
Benj" Sumner was by Order of the Committee Chozen by the 
Congress of New Hampshire Confined to the Limits of the 
Town of Claremont yet the s'^ Sumner doth frequently go from 
Town to Town upon his own and others Buisiness without 
leave from any Committee and in Open defience of the Com- 
mittees and the Congress. — and Furthermore we beg leave to 
Inform your Honours that the abovementioned Neuters have 
not paid any Regai'd to the Proclamation for Fasts or Thanks- 
givings for years past as we know of and the Rev*^ M"" Cosset 
has not thought fit to read them to his people — 

But these Neuters have many of them been seen about their 
work on Such solemn days, and these Thirty or more did ut- 
terly refuse to Sign the Resolves of the Congress when offered 
them and gave no Reasons for their refusal but they would not 
Fight any way yet are not quakers but chiefly of the church of 
England Except Cap'" Sumner, and all the reason that he has 
seen fit to give the Committee is that when the Committee 
that Confined him were Chosen the Government acted as a 

But now that they act as a free State and so he says that he 
is free from that Order — 

And we are sorry to say that we see no reason to think that 
any of the persons that were confined to s*^ Town by the Com- 
mittee appointed by the Congress, are now any more friendly 
to the cause of America than they were before they were Con- 
fined to the Town 

The Committee of Safety of the Town of Claremont in the 
State of New Hampshire, Beg leave to present the following 
Petitions to this State and beg that they may be considered at 
the next Session or as soon as may be — 

First your Humble petitioners Desire that something may be 
don by which those Neuters in s*^ Town may be brought to do 
their Military Duty at Home, and also to Bear their Just part 
in the War abroad either in their own Persons or by hireing 
others or by paying A fine on their refusal, or any way or 


ways that in your Wisdom and Goodness your Honours may 
think fit- 
there being so many that Excuse themselves from Serving- 
their Country under such pretences that it proves a Temptation 
to others to plead neutrality and neglect the Interest of their 
Country and so weaken the common cause 

Seconly we Humbly desire that some measures may be taken 
by which such persons may be brought to pay due Regard to 
the Authority of the State with respect to Fasts and Thanks- 
givings that the Godly may not be grieved nor the wicked grow 
bold in Sin by such bad examples. 

Thirdly your Humb*^ Petitioners desire that something may 
be done as in your Wisdom and Goodness you shall think best 
to prevent the Prophanation of the Holy Sabbath of the Lord 
which is much Prophaned at this Day in this part of this State 
not only by wayfareing men, but by Persons traveling on the 
publick Roads from place to place on the vSabbath and bearing 
Burdens & driving Teams on their own private Buisiness — to 
the dishonour of God, & the grief of the Godly and we have 
reason to think that this is one of the morral Causes of Gods 
Controversy with this People at this day thus we rest nothing 
doubting but wise and Just measures will be taken to Relieve 
all our Grievonses — 

Claremont Decem'"' y^ 9, i77^ 

Stephen Higbe 

Barnabes Ellis 

Lemuel Hubbard 

Elihu Stevens 

Mathias Stone 

Thomas Goodwin 

Jacob Rice 

William osgood 

!> of 


[2-182] \_Relative to Elihu Stevens.] 

To the Hon''''^ the General assembly of the State of New 


The Subscribers Inhabetents of the Town of Claremont 
Humbly Shews that the Publick affairs of Said Town are in a 
Grate measure Retarded for want of a Proper Officer the 
method that Some Town in this State have Taken for Remedy 
in Such a Case and there Success Semed fairly to Point out to 
your Petitioners that to be the best Mode of Redress the In- 
habetents of Claremont Assembled to Gather for the Like Pur- 
pose and agreed in a Very Large majority To Nomenate M"" 



David Baits to be a Jusf* of the Peice for the County of Chesh- 
ire ; M"" Baits was soon Informed of the Nomination and 
Desired Som time to Deliberate What Answer to Give the 
Town Consented att the Expiration of Ten Days M"' Baits Re- 
turned for Answer that he Could Not Accept of Said Trust 
and Desired the Town to Proseed to a New Nomination the 
Town Proceeded and Nominated our Worthy Representative 
Elihue Stevins whoo after being much urged by the Inhabetents 
Was Pleased to accept of our Nomenation and Was Desired to 
Lay the Same before the Honor''' General Assembly Expecting 
to have him Qiiallefyd for a Justis of the Peice for the County 
of Cheshire but to oure grate Sirprize as well as Grate Dam- 
aige wee find our Request Not Granted and are Alarmd to 
hear that an Opposition arose from a Qiiarter to us so unex- 
pected we Cannot account for Such Conduct unless from a 
Desire in the Opposer to Occupy the Birth wee think him 
Totalh' unfitt to fill Wherefore youre Petitioners Humbly 
Pray that our Last Nomination may Stand and that oure Rep- 
resentitive may be Qiiallefyd for Said oflice as Soon as may be ; 
and vour Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Pray 
Claremont may 11 — A D i777 

John west 
Beriah murray 
John Spencer 
BenJ" Towner 
Benj" Sumner 
Joseph hubbard 
John Sprague 
Jonathan packer 
Joseph Clark 
Seth Lewis 
Stephen Iligbe 
W'" Sumner 

Olever Ellsworth 
Jonas Steward 
Samuel Lewis 
Sam" Ashley 
Asa Jones 
Jer'"'' Spencer 
Edward Goodwin 
Daved Adkins 
Patricke field 
John Peake 
Ebenezer Fielding 
W" m'^Coye 

Lemuel Hubbard 
Oliver Cook 
Ephraim french 
T Sterne 
moses Spaftbrd 
Gidion Luis 
Barnabas Ellis 
Gideon Kirtland 
Joseph Taylor 
Thomas Goodwin 
Amasa Fuller 

[2-1 80] \^Record of Marriage. "^ 

M"" Henry Stevens and the Widow Martha Wait was mar- 
ried in February the 26, 1777 the above is a true Coppv of 
Records from the Town Book of Claremont 

Att David Bates Town Clerk 

[2-181] \_Relative to David Bates. "^ 

To the Honb''' the General Assembly of the State of New- 
ham psh ire Genteel men 
We have been informed By our Worthy Representative; that 


the Honb'® Gen' Assembly have Lately ben informed that the 
Nomination of M"" David Bates was Renued by the Inhabitants 
of the Town of Claremont Last March ; which in some meas- 
ure is Absolutely faults and Absurd ; thair was Nothing said 
in the Warning Realitive to that aflair Nither in Town meet- 
ing ; till our Town affairs were all transacted and peopel 
Cheifly Dispersed ; it is truth the aflair was mentioned after 
the meeting was over ; and we believe we may say their was 
Not more than Eight Votes ; for to have the Nomination 
Renued which was Contirary to the minds of the peopel in 
General ; these are undeniabel facts We therefor Leve it with 
your Honnours to do us Justis in this affair We are with 
Submtion your Honnours most Humble Servants 

Lemuel Hubbard Comit*^" Clark 

Claremont Ocf ii"' 1777 

^ Committee 
Barnabas Ellis f for the 
Stephen Higbe [ Town of 

[R. 208] 

These are to certify, whom it may concern, that Lieut Jo- 
seph Taylor of Claremont, being a Gentleman well acquainted 
with the Canadians, understanding both their manner and 
language, entered the service of the United States of America 
by the desire of Lieut. Col. Joseph Wait, & did actually go to 
Canada where he was of great service as an interpreter, & con- 
tinued there untill after the reti^eat from Quebec as his pass 
from Gen' Arnold will show ; for which service he has never 
received any reward. — Therefore by his desire we whose names 
are under written send this Certificate to the Gentlemen Com- 
mittee of War, Submitting of it to their Superior Judgment, 
whether s'' Taylor is not justly entitled to a reward for his good 

Claremont May 26* 1777. 

A Hibbbard. Joseph York J'' Reuben Spencer 

Jeremiah Spencer 

To the Committee of War for the State of N. Hampshire 

[R. 209] \_yoseph Taylor's Petition^ iyy8.'\ 

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of New 
The memorial of Joseph Taylor of Claremont in the state 


aforesaid humbly sheweth, — Whereas your humble Petitioner 
induced by the encouragement of Colonel Wright [Colonel 
Wait, probably] of Claremont did engage in the year 1776 on 
an expedition to Canada with a view to enlist a Company of 
Canadians, as your humble Petitioner was acquainted with 
the People and language of s*^ Province. In prosecution of 
which plan He exerted Himself and doubtless should have 
been successful had not aflairs in that Province taken such a 
sudden & unexpected turn, which entirely defeated the afore- 
said design — And whereas your humble Petitioner was five 
Months in the service of the united States, in which He sus- 
tained considerable expense and damage, which, tho' Col. 
Wright, engaged to see compensated ; yet his death has pre- 
vented, and nothing as yet has been received — This is therefore 
humblv to solicit the Honorable Assembly to take y" matter 
aforesaid under your consideration and attention and in your 
prudence and wisdom judge what may be an equivalent com- 
pensation for s*^ services. — And your humble Memorialist as in 
•duty bound shall ever pray — 
Claremont February 5* 177^ — 

Joseph Taylor 

The above named Joseph Taylor apeared and made Solemn 
oath to the above memorial before me 

Elihu Stevens Justice peace 

[In H. of Rep., March 6, 1778, a committee was appoint- 
ed to consider the matter ; they reported that Mr. Taylor 
■ought to be " Alowed and paid for four and an half months 
service at 40/ per month," but the house voted that it should 
lay until next session. — Ed.] 

i[2-i84] Relative to Town Officers^ Taxatio7i^ etc.^ i/'82.'] 

The Honorable the General Assembly of the State of New 
Hampshire. We Your Humble Petitioners Inhabtants of the 
Town of Claremont would Beg leave to represent to Your 
Honors, that We ever had, and still have a disposition to 
Demean ourselves as Peaceable Citizens of the State and are 
desirous to Aflbrd every Assistance in our Power that shall tend 
to the Weal and Tranquility thereof, and tliat shall best serve 
to promote the Common Cause in general, but sensible we 
are, that the several Recjuisitions from the Honorable Court of 
New Hampshire, wherein We were called upon for Men and 
Moneys have not and cannot at present be complyd with as 



their is no proper Officers in s*^ Town to take Charge of and 
Prosecute them to Etlect. Your Petitioners would further beg 
leave to represent to Your Honors, that before the Usual Time 
of Holding our Annual Town Meeting, their was Suitable Ap- 
plication made to proper Authority to Warn a meeting of s*^ 
Town for the purpose of Chusing Town Officers, the Town 
met at time and place specified in the Warning and proceeded 
to the Choice of Officers as the Law directs, and with much 
difficulty after several Adjournments had our Officers Elect- 
ed ; when s*^ Officers were call'd upon to Qualify them- 
selves to serve as Selectmen for the Town, they declined 
taking the Oath that is required by Law as a Necessary Qiiali- 
fication for a Man to serve in that Office, and still do decline 
takeing s'^ Oath. And Your Petitioners would further beg 
leave to represent to Your Honors, that at present their ap- 
pears a majority in the Town that would Act in favour of 
those that would not Qiialify themselves to Serve as Town 
Officers they thinking or Supposing that the Oath that is re- 
quired to be Unconstitutional, for which reasons We have not 
nor cannot have any proper Officers in s"^ Town to Transact 
our Publick Matters relative to the State, and thereby are 
Utterly Unable in and of themselves to Afford that Assistance 
that is required, and would Voluntarily be complyd with, if 
their could be any Measure or Measures Pointed out to them 
whereby a Just Estimate of their Estates might be Taken, 
their Proportions Ascertained, and proper Officers to receive 
them. We Ask for Ourselves, we Ask not for the Town as 
We have not their Voice in the matter. Therefore Your Peti- 
tioners begs that Your Honors would take the Above matter 
into their wise Consideration and Grant them relief by point- 
ing out to them some way or other whereby their Proportion- 
able part of the Taxes may be paid and they properly secured 
therefor. All which is submitted to Your Honors Wise Con- 
sideration, and Your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever 

Claremont June i" 1782 — 

Gideon Kirtland 
Thomas Jones 
John West 
Gideon Ellis 
David Matthews 
John Sprague 
Elihu Stevens 
San*^ Kingsbery 
Jeremiah Spencer 
R. Hinds 

Elihu Stevens Ju. 
Henry Stevens 
Joseph Ives 
Abner Matthews 
Timothy Pearsons 
T. Sterne 
Barnabas Ellis 
Nath'^' Goss 
John Peckers 
Stephen Alarks 

Rowell Stevens 
Patrick Field 
Joel matthews 
Jesse matthews 
Josiah Rich 
Gideon Lewis 
Sam' Ashley 
Oliver Cooke 
Levi Higbe 
Benj" Towner 


Stephen Higbe Joseph Taylor Ebenezer Fielding 

Daniel Ford Oliver Ellsworth 

Beriah murray Josiah Stevens 

[2-1S5J \_Relative to the Charter of the Toivn.^ 

The Honorable the General Assembly of the State of New 
Hamshire. Your Humble Petitioners would beg leave to rep- 
resent to your Honors that in Consequence of an Act of this 
State that was Passed in Alarch 17S0 wherein it was required 
that the several Charters of the Towns in the State should be 
carried in to the Secretary's Office in Order to be recorded, 
their has been frequent applications made to the Proprietors 
Clarke of the Town of Claremont for the Charter of s** Town 
and never has nor could be Obtained since s*^ Act was passed it 
being mislaid, or by some Illminded Person Conveyed away, 
by which means the good People of s*^ Town are liable to be 
Injured in their Property and no remedy to be had by Law. 
Your Petitioners therefore begs that your Honors would take 
the above inatter into their Wise Consideration and Grant them 
relief by Establishing the Copy of s'^ Charter now in the Pro- 
prietors Clark's Office untill the Original can be found, All 
which is submitted to Your Honors wise Consideration And 
Your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever Pray 

Claremont May 30* 17S2 
Beriah murray Elihu Stevens Josiah Rich 

John Peckers Jeremiah Spencer Nath Goss 

Jacob Rovs Sam' Ashley Moses Spaftbrd 

San** Kingsbery Barnabas Ellis 

[2-186] \_Barnabas Ellis^s Deposition concerning Charter. ~\ 

The Dipposition of Barnabas Ellis of Lawfull Age testifieth 
and Saith that Sumtime in the month of October or November 
in the year one thousan seven hundred and Eighty I went to 
Cap' Benjamin Sumners with others to Serch for the propria- 
ters charter of the town of Claremont but found Nothing but 
the propriaters book of Records furthermore the Deponant 
Saith not 

Claremont September 16 AD 1782 

Barnabas Ellis 

Cheshire ss j September the Sixteenth AD 1782 then the 
above Named Barnabas Ellis Personally appeared and made 
Solum oath to the above written before me 

Elihu Stevens \ Justice peace 



[2-183] \_yosep/2 Hubbard's Deposition^ Ij82.'\ 

Joseph Hubbard of Lawful age Testifieth & Saith that Sum 
time in the month of November in the Year one thousand seven 
hundred & Eighty acordind to the Best of my Remembarance 
I Went to Capt Sumner with Esq Stephens & Barnibas Ellis & 
my Brother George Hubbard to Get the Charter of Said town 
of Claremont in order to Get it Recorded aGreable to an act of 
this State But Cap' Sumner was Not at Home wee Asked mrs 
Sumner for the Charter & She went & Brought the Propriertors 
Book of ReCords wee told Her that it was the origenal Charter 
that We Wanted She Said that there Was No other Charter in 
the House But that & Had Not Been for Sumtime Wee then 
Serched the Book to See If the Charter was Not in the Book 
But Could Not find it for it was Not in the Book & furthermore 
the Deponant saith Not 

Claremont September: 16 AD 1782 

Joseph Hubbard 
State of New ^ 

hampshire > September the Sixteenth AD 17S2 
Cheshire ss ) 

then the above Named Joseph Hubbard personally ap- 
peared and made Solum oath to the above written before me 

Elihu Stevens [■ Justice peace 


[^ List of Ratable Polls, 1783.'] 

A Return of the I 
of age & upwards p 
20* of Decb"" 17S3 

Stephen Higbee 
Dan" Ford 
Cap' Cook 
Joseph Taylor 
Francis Beaty 
William B. Sumner 
Assa Jones Ju' 
Benj" Sumner 
Benj" Towner 
Beriah Murray 
Jonas Steward 
M'' Fielding 
Gideon Lewis 
Christopher York 

nhabitants of Clermont of twenty one years 
living for themselves a Poll Tax Made this 

Charles Higbee 
Stephen Marks 
Paul Cook 
Ashbel Dickinson 
Josiah Rich 
Daniel Warner 
M^ Eddy 
Jacob Rice 
Levi Pardie 
Josiah Hatch 
Jeremiah Spencer 
Tho** Sterne 
John Spencer 
Gershom York 

Levi Higbee 
Tho^ Goodwin 
John Peck 
William Jones 
John Pickins 
Daniel Warner J' 
Amos Snow 
Jacob Rice Jun"" 
Ashvu' Robinson 
OP Ellsworth 
Barnabas Ellis 
Sanford Kingsbury 
Joseph York 
Patrick Field 



Samuel Ashley 
Ol^ Ashley 
Asa Jones 
David Bates 
David Stone 
John Goss 
Amariah Ainsvvorth 
David Bucknam 
Jo' Willson 
Amo^ Conant 
Ol-- Tuttle 
M^ Cleveland 
James Alden 
Reuben Petty 


M^ Twichell 
Enoch Judd 
W"' M Coye 
Jo* Ives 
David Dodge 
Henrv Stevens 
Ichabod Hitchcock 
M"' S perry 
Abel IVIunross 
Benj" Leets 
Jon" Parker 
Dan" Atkins 
Cap' Catlin 
Abel Rice 
Tho" Duston 
Nehemiah Rice 
Asa Leets 
Eph'" Peterson 
Zebel Thomas 
Z. Thomas 
M' Andross 
John Clark 
Eben// Brewer 
Jon" York 
Sam" Lewis 
Comfort Towner 

Samuel Thomas 
Samuel Ashley J'' 
M"^ Meacham 
Matthias Stone 
Edward Ainsworth 
Nath' Goss 
Eleaze^ Clark J-- 
M"" Bucknam 
M"" Osgood 
W" Strobridge 
Abner Mathews 
Joel Mathews 
Ebenez"" Judd 
M"" Mathews 
Jo Holmes 
M^ Judd 
Benj* Tyler 
Abel Batchelor 
John Hitchcock 
Moses Russel 
Roswell Stevens 
Tho*" Jones 
Abner Meigs 
M"" Washburn 
David Rich 
Sam" Atkins 
Tim° Atkins 
Dan" Curtis 
Gideon Ellis 
Tim° Dustin 
Jeremiah Peck 
M^ Judd 
Benj" Peterson 
Seth Lewis 
Cornelius Brooks 
Amasa Andross 
Ethan Clark 
Asa Stearns 
W" York 
James Goodwin 
M"" Si scon 

Eleazer Clarke 
Moses Spafford 
M"^ Meacham J'' 
vSamuel Stone 
Edward Ainsworth 

Ezra Jones 
Benj" Clark 


M^ Osgood J^ 
George Strobridge 
Ambrose Cossitt 
John Sprague 
Benj" Alden 
M-" Mathews J"" 
M'' Green 

M-- Judd y 

John Strobridge 
Tim° Gi'annis 
John West 
Elihu Stevens] 
Elihu Stevens J' 
M' Fisher 
Ebenez"^ Edson 
Docf Steel 
Bill Barns 
M^ Belfield 
M'' Atkins 
Amaziah Knights 
Samuel Bates 
Eben'' Rice 
Eph™ Tyler 
Isaac Morgan 
Amasa Peterson 
Jn" Thomas 
Raynor Leets 
Jo^ Clark 
Dan" Stearns 
M — Andross 
M^ Walker 
Ilczekiah Rice 

The before gowing Names are Inhabitants of said and all that 
I Can Recollect Returned by me the Subscriber one of the In- 
habitants of said Town 

Concord 20 Dec"' 1 783 

Ben Sumner 


[R. 2I0] 

Received of Cap* Sam' Ashley a Hire of loo dollars for a Sol- 
dier During the war in the Servis of the New Hampshire Line 
for the Town of Claremont 

Jan>' 17 — 1880 

Joseph Oilman 

[R. 311] 

Claremont March y^ 26"' 1784. 
To the Treasurer of the State of N. H. 

Kind Sir pray send me by y** hand of Ben Sumner Capt & 
Representative of y^ Town of Claremont — the whole of the 
Wages Due to me from the State for my service in the Conti- 
nental Army & his Receipt shall Discharge you for so much as 
you send me 

Solomon Harris 

[R. 213] \^Ads^rac^ of Reuben Spencer'' s JPetition.~\ 

[In a petition to the general assembly, dated Claremont, 
May 28, 1784, Reuben Spencer states that he was a soldier 
in Capt. Oliver's Co.. Reed's Reg't, in 1776, and, while on 
guard, fell on the ground, injuring his left knee in such a 
manner that it was incurable, and he was obliged to have 
his leg amputated. He asks for an allowance, and was 
placed on the half-pay roll. — Ed.] 

[R. 216] [kS. G. Allen's Order, — Soldier.^ 

To the Committee on Claims for N. Hampshire, 

I was a Recruit in the first battallion in the N. Hampshire 
Line Cap' Gilmans Company and Recruited for the Town of 
Claremont have Received what is my due as by my Receipts 
will appear — except from the State of N. Hampshire — you will 
be pleased to pay to Cap* Benjamin Sumner all my back arer- 
eges and his Receipt shall be your Discharge from your 

Test Samuel Green Allen 
Claremont Nov'" 16*^ 17S4 

paid him all that is due from the State 


[R. 217] 

To the Honorable Senit and House of Representatives of the 
State of N. Hampshire — 

Humbly Sheweth Benjamin Sumner of Clarement for and in 
behalfe of the Town ; that Sam' Green Allin ; and Amos 
Ames, ware Recruits During the late war Hired into serves by 
the Inhabitants of said Town and as they are Returned for no 
other Town, Begg's the above named soldiers may be Counted 
and Placed to the Cota of said Claremont as your Petitioner in 
Duty Bound Shall Pray 

Benj° Sumner 

Concord Oct" 28"^ 17S5— 

[The town was credited for Samuel Green Allen, b}' the 
legislature. — Ed.] 

[R. 214] \_yeremiah Spencer'' s Scouting Party, ij8o.'\ 

The Honorable the General Court of the State of New 
Hampshire Your Humble Petitioner would beg leave to rep- 
resent to your Honors that in August in the year 17S0 it was 
reported to your Petitioner that there was a number of the En- 
emy from Canada in this and the adjacent Towns, and that they 
had taken as a Prisoner an Inhabitant of the Town of Windsor, 
In consequence of which report He took under his Command 
(being then a Lieut of the Militia) Twenty four men and went 
in pursuit of the Enemy and after three days search in the 
woods, found Bewil & Johns, Two Lieutenants in the British 
Army who fell into His Hands as prisoners of War, with wdiom 
he was detained Three days after they were taken with the men 
under. his Command, and that vour Petitioner never has direct- 
ly nor Indirectly rec'' any Pay for his aboves** Service, therefore 
begs that your Honors would order him a Sum of Money that 
shall be adequate to his said Services and Expences — and your 
Petitioner as in duty bound will ever Pray 

Claremont Jan"^' 29"" 17S5 

Jeremiah Spencer 

fR. 215] \^Roll of Jeremiah Spencer's Scouting Party. '\ 

Mens Names N" Days Horses Mens Names N° Days Horses 

Lieut. Jer'" Spencer 6 i Priv' S. Waterhouse 4 i 

Serg' OV Cook 4 Eb" Petty 6 

Corp' Jermr Loomis 4 i Chas. Higbee 4 



Garshom York 


Levi Higbee 


Sam' Spencer 


Comfort Towner 


W- York 


Asa Sterne 


Henry Stevens 


John Spencer 


Joseph Clark 



Asa Jones 


Alarm men 

Maj"' San** Kingsbury 



Cap' Sam' Ashley 


Docf Sterne 



Cap' Taylor 


L' Jones 


U Ellis 


Ens" Jones 



M^ Rich 


The within is a true Return of the men under my Command 
in the taking of Bewil & Johns In Aug' lySo 

Jer'" Spencer L' 

[R. 2 1 8] \_Order for Money due Joel Rice.'] 

Claremont Jan" 26, 1785 — 
Be pleased to pay to Benjamin Sumner what Ever is Due 
•from the State of N. Hampshire or otherways in your hands to 
the Late Joel Rice Dec'' of Cap' Duston Company for which 
this shall be your Suticiant order 

To the Com" on Claimes for s** State 

£7, 15, II Jacob Roys 

Administrator on s*^ estate 

[R. 219] 

\_Martha Waifs Petition^ i'/86.~\ 

To the Honorable the Senet and House of Representatives of 
the State of New Hampshire — 

Humbly Sheweth Martha Wait ; Relick and widow to the 
Late Joseph Wait* Esq'' Late Lieut. Col° in the Contenatal ar- 
mey in the New Hampshire Line ; that in the year 177^ "^ ^^^ 
month of September the 28"" Day he the said Wait Departed 
this Life being then in the servis of His Country ; and Left 
your Petitioner and a Large famely of small Children in Dis- 
tressed Sircumstances and what added to my sorrow the estate 
he left was soon Licumbered with a Lawsuit which ended in 
the Loss of all the Real and Personal estate he Left for oure 
suport — 

*Joseph Wait, "of Windsor, county of Cumberland, Province of New York," received a 
grant of 500 acres of land in the south-west corner of Claremont, and three islands in Con- 
necticut river, from Governor John Wentworth, February 12, 1772. 


Therefore your Petitioner Prays she may have the Benefits 
usiallv Granted to widows of otEcers of his Rank that Lost 
their Lives in the servis of the united States which your Peti- 
tioner in Duty Bound Shall Pray 

Jan" 17"^ 17S6 

^lartha Wait W D 

[R. 220] 

[The legislature voted "that she receive half pay agree- 
able to a Resolution of Congress passed the 24*'' of August 
1780, from the time of her late Husbands Death until the 
time of her Inter Marriage with her second Husband." and 
the children to receive the same for seven years from the 
time of said second marriage. — Ed.] 

[R. 222] \_Thomas Utitchmsoft's Order. ^ 

Claremont April 3*^ 1790 
To the treasurer of the State of Newhampshire 
Sir please to pay David Qiiinton or Bearer all my wages 
due for services I having served as a Serjeant in the Second N. 

Hampshire Reg. also all the arearages of that 

may be found due to me — and this order shall be your Dis- 
charge from me 

Attest Tho*' Hutchinson 

[2-18S] \_Relative to Inventory of i'j'/g.'\ 

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of New 
Hampshire Convened att Concord — June 1784 

Humbly Sheweth Benjamin Sumner of Claremont in behalf 
of Said Town that the inventory Returned by the Select Men 
of the Town in the year 1779 was not Exsepted as Returnd 
and a Domage was added of £36, 11, 11 — and thare Taxes mad 
out accordingly ; which Laid an Unequal burden on the Sub- 
jects of that Town ; and when the order of Cort was made for 
the Late Assessment ; or Prepotion through the State in the 
year 1783 there being No Select men in the Town, the order of 
Court was Not Complied with ; and att the Late Session of As- 
sembly att Exeter, the Town was by Domiages Placed in thare 
Tax bill att £350.0,0, Since which for the Corent year ; the Se- 
lect men of the Town have Made out there Invoice ; and is 
Redy to be Delivered in Court with a Deduction of one years 


groath on the same; itt being made in the year 1784 and of 
Corse one years groath of Said Town added more than ought 
to be ; all which Domages your Petitioner Prays your Honors, 
to take under Consideration and grant such Relief as shall be 
found Propper Which your Petitioner in Duty bound Shall Pray 

Benj Sumner 

£2-189] \_I?iventory of Taxable Property^ iy84..~\ 

The N° of Poles from Eighteen Years Old and Upwards — 
196 — N° of Male Negros and Malatto Servants from 16 to 45 
Years of Age-i — N" of Female Negros and Malatto Servants 
from 1 6 to 45 Years of Age-2 — N^of Acres of Orchard — N°of 
Acres of Mowing Land-565 — N° of Acres of Arable or Tillage 
569 — N° of Acres of Pastureland 1 190 — N" of Horses and Mares 
123— N'^ of Colts 3 Years Old 2— N° of Colts 2 Years Old 8— 
N" of Colts I Year Old 4— N" of Oxen 15S— N° of Cows 254— 
N° of Cattle 3 Years Old 31— N'^ of Cattle 2 Years Old 74— N° 
of Cattle I Year Old 95 — Yearly Rents of Mills Wharfs and 
Ferries; repairs being deducted JC40,,o..o Sum total of the 
Value of all Buildings and Real Estate unimproved owned 
"by the Inhabitants £7979,, 0..0 Sum total of the Value of all 
unimproved Real Estate not Owned by the Inhabitants 
JEiS33,,o..o Sum total of the Value of Stock in Trade — Sum 
total of the Money at Interest in the Public Fund — Sum total 
of Money in Hand or at Interest not in Public Fund — 

The within is a true Bill of all the Rateable Estate of the 

Town of Claremont Taken in April 1784 by Us the Subscrib- 


Asa Jones Sanford Kingsbery ^ c 1 

Elihu Stevens Ambrose Cossit >- -nt 

T • 1 Tj- 1 i men 

Josiah Rich J 

Cheshire ss j Claremont May y*' 28 AD 1784 

then the above Named Asa Jones Sanford Kingsbery Am- 
brose Cossit and Josiah Rich Select men of the town of Clare- 
mont Personally appeared and Made Solom oath to the within 
written before me 

Elihu Stevens > Justice peace 

Cheshire ss Claremont May 28* 1784 Personally Appeared 
the Above Named Elihu Stevens One of the Selectmen of s** 
Town of Claremont and made Solemn Oath to the truth of the 
within Writen Bill 

before me Sanford Kingsbery Justice 



f 2— 190] [ Concerning Bridge over Sugar River J\ 

To the Hon''''' the Gen' Court of the State of New Hampshire 

Humbly Shevveth — 

That Your Petioners Who Were appointed a Committee by 
a Number of the Inhabitants of the town of Claremont, assem- 
bled on the first day of November 17S3 for the Purpose of Lay- 
ing a plan for building a bridge Over Sugar River, to Accoma- 
date the Main Country Road ; Subscriptions Were Open'd in 
the Town aforesaid And the Generous Donations Came in to 
the Am' of Sixty Pounds Chiefly by V Petitioners (Except a 
few Individuals on the Great road who Expected to be Accom- 
adated by Said Bridge) Which Money Was Carefully Laid Out 
by y'' Petitioners in procuring timber Which is Now on the 
Spot. And in the Meantime When Said W^ork Was Carried 
on Subscription papers Were forwarded to the Principal Gent"" 
in Each Town From Walpole to Haverhill, beging their assist- 
ance in So Public & Important A Matter. We had Many kind 
Ans""*" from these Gent'" We Adressed, And Wrote to, but When 
a return of the Subscriptions Were Come in found the Whole 
Am' to be but About one pound ten Shill^ — 

That your Petitioners have Since in public Town Meeting in 
Said Claremont Urged the Assistance of the town but to No 
purpose ; therefore y'' Petitioners beg leave to Represent that 
there is Sixtv pounds Worth of timber on the Spot, and the 
Cost of Building Said bridge Will be According to the Judgm' 
of the best Artificers two Hundred pounds — therefore y"" Pe- 
titioners beg y'' Hon""^ to Grant a Lottery that Shall Neat free 
of the Needfull Expence two Hundred pounds, to be appropri- 
ated to the Use afores*^ And Appoint Such Directors as y'' 
Wisdom Shall think fitt And y"" Petitioners as in duty bound 
Will pray— 

Fran** Beatty San'' Kingsbery John Spencer 

John Cook Elihu Stevens T Sterne 

Josiah Rich Asa Jones 

[An act was passed June 23, 1785, authorizing them to 
set up a lottery, and thereby raise ^^300 for the aforesaid 
purpose. Samuel Ashley, Jr., Sanford Kingsbury, and 
Francis Beatty were appointed managers. — Ed.] 

[2-191] \_Relative to Elihu Stevens.^ 

To the Honorable Counsil of the State of New Hampshire 
we the Subscribers Select Men for the Town of Claremont 
Humbly Shevveth 

That whereas Elihu Stevens Late Justice of the Peace for the 


County of Cheshire was Dropt in the New Appointment of 
Civil Officers for Rasons best known to Your Honors and as it 
is Highly Necessary that Some Person Should be Appointed to 
that office in that Vicinity for the benefit of the Said Town of 
Claremont as the other Justices in Said Claremont Live on the 
Main Road at Least five miles from the East line of Said Clare- 
mont and as Said Stevens has Heretofore Given General Satis- 
faction in that Character we your Humble Petitioners Beg that 
the Said Stevens may be Appointed to that Office all which is 
Submitted to your Honors wise Considerations and Your Peti- 
tioners as in duty bound Shall Ever Pray 

Claremont May the 2'"^ 17S5 

John Cook "] 

Ambrose Cossit ! Select 
Eben"' Rice f Men 

Joseph Ives 

[2—192] [ Vo^e of Tonvn concerning Paper j\Io7tey.~\ 

Agreeable to an Order of the General Court of Sepf 14*** 
1786 a Legal Meeting was Warned of the Lihabitants of the 
Town of Claremont to take under consideration the Plan pur- 
posed for emitting fifty Thousand pounds in Paper money 
Votes in favor of s"^ Plan 19 against it 3 — 

Asa Jones \ Select 
Eben"" Rice \ Men 

[2-193] \_Councinor SanJ'ord Kingsbury to President Sul- 

Claremont July 8"' 1789 

I Rec*^ Your Excellency's Letter desiring me to meet Your 
Excellency and Council at Portsmouth on the 15"^ of this In- 
stant shall ever feel myself in duty bound to Obey your call so 
long as I remain One of your Council when in my power to 
Attend Your Excellency is not Unacquainted of the Reasons 
why I left Concord before the rising of the Court, am exceed- 
ingly sorry that I have the same Reasons for not Attending the 
Council at Portsmouth at the time prefixed, M''' Kingsbery is 
still in a very poor state of Health, and the greater part of her 
time bereaved of Her Reason, but a hopefull Prospect of her 
Recovery — 

Your Excellency is not Unacquainted with the exertions of 
One particular Gentleman against Esq'' Hubbard's being Ap- 


pointed to the Office of Judge of Probate for the County of 
Cheshire, this I can say that I have not heard One discenting 
Voice against him since my return from Concord 

I am Your Excellency's most Ob* and very Humble Serv' 

His Excellency Sanford Kingsbery 

John Sullivan Esq'' 

[Sanford Kingsbury was a prominent man in his time. 
He was a member of the council in 1789 ; of the state sen- 
ate in 1790 and 1791 ; and of the convention to revise the 
constitution, 1791-92. — Ed.] 

[^2-194] \_EliJiu Stevens recommended. '\ 

Claremont Dec'' 17* 1789 

Honorable — 

Sanford Kingsbury Esq"" 

Whereas the Town of Claremont is becom settled Univer- 
sally with Inhabitants and it in our Opinion is Needfull that 
we should have more than One Justice of the Peace and as 
Elihu Stevens is a man well quallified in Our Opinion for that 
Office therefore would Wish you to Use your Influence with 
his Excelency the President and Council that He may be Ap- 
pointed in to that Office Your Compliance will Oblige your 
Humble Serv'° 

Bill Barnes Abner Matthews Oliver Tuttle 

James Alden Enoch Judd Joel Matthews 

Amaziah Knight Phine'* Parker Preserved Clapp 

Roswell Clapp Jonathan Parker Abraham Fisher 

Joseph Sperry Jacob Fisher Eben'' Sperry 

Gid" Ilanderson Thomas Jones Ichabod Hitchcock 

Moses Russell John Dunkin Henry Stevens 

John Hitchcock Ambrose Cossit 

[2-1 95 J \_Ambrose Cossitt recommended. '\ 

Claremont Dec"" 17"' 17S9 

Sanford Kingsbury Esq"" 
Whereas the Town of Claremont is becom Universally Set- 
tled with inhabetants and it is Needfull in our Opinion that 



there Should be more than one Justice of the Peace in s*^ Town 
and as Ambros Cossit is a man well qualified in our Opinion 
for that Ofiice therefore would Request you to use your influ- 
ence with his Excelency the Presedent and Councel that he 
may be appointted in to that Office your Compleance will 
Oblige your humble Serv** 

Christo'' Erskine 
Joel Matthews 
Jacob Matthews 
Preserved Clapp 
Phineas Cowls 
W"^ Strobridge 
Moses P. Russell 
John moore 
Georg Strobridg 
Ephraim Tyler 
Daniel Atkins 
Abraham Livermore 
Oliver Tuttle 
David matthews 
James Alden 
Bill Barnes 
Moses Stone 
William Syms 
Solomon Putman 
Isaac Cleavland 
John Alden 
Eliakim Stevens 
Joseph Sperry 
Ziba Stevens 
Jabez Lewis 
Solomon Tuttle 

Benj" Alden 
Joseph Whiston 
Abel Rice 
Roswell Clapp 
Gideon Ellis 
martin Andrews 
Roswell Stevens 
Amos Conant 
James Strobridg 
Ebene'' dodge 
Samuel Whittle 
Benj" Cleveland 
Jesse matthews 
hubbard matthews 
Ezra Jones 
John Goss 
Matthias Stone Jun 
David Bucknam 
Lemuel Wright 
Jesse Matthews Jun'' 
Enoch Judd 
Abraham Fisher 
Jacob Fisher 
Henry Stevens 
John Hitchcock 

Elisha Sheldon 
Phin"* Parker 
Eben'' Edson 
Alex"' Peckens 
Gershom Hyde 
Asa Leach 
James Alden 
David Stone 
Josiah Fisher 
Sam" Atkins 
And" Wilkins 
Abner matthews 
David Judd 
John Sprague 
Nath' Goss 
Asa Mecham 
Lemuel Ainsworth 
David Bucknam Jun"" 
Gershom Tuttle 
Gershom Tuttle Jr. 
Meigs Stevens 
Jeremiah Fisher 
Eben Sperry 
John Dunkin 
Elihu Stevens 

[2-196] \ Petition for Incorporation of Episcopal Society. '\ 

To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives in 
General Court convened Humbly shew 

Benjamin Sumner & Ebenezer Rice — Members of the Prot- 
estant Episcopal Church in Claremont in the County of Chesh- 
ire that said Church has laboured under many and great incon- 
veniences for want of an incorporation, they therefore pray 
your honors to incorporate said society by law and make them 
a body politic capable of receiving & holding property both 
real and personal and to have & enjoy all the privileges and 


immunities belonging to a corporate body, and as in duty bound 
will ever pray 

Claremont December 26"" i793 

Benj" Sumner ] In bebalfe of the 
Ebenezer Rice j Church 

State of New I In the House of Representatives Jan-^' 21 
Hampshire J i794 
Upon reading and considering the foregoing petition & the 
report of a Committee thereon, Voted that the prayer thereof be 
granted and that the Petitioners have leave to bring in a Bill 
accordingly — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

Nath' Peabody Speaker 
In Senate the same Dav Read & Concurred 

NatW Parker Dep>' Sec^ 

[2-197] \_Proceediugs of Town-AIeeting^ iyg4.'\ 

State of New") At a Legal Town meeting holden at Clare- 
Hampshire >- mont on Monday the Ninth day of June in the 
Cheshire ss ) year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred 
and Ninety four of the People belonging to the Congregational 

i^' Voted & Chose Capt Josiah Stevens Moderator 
2^1y Voted to Petition the General Court of New Hampshire, 
for an Act, of Corporation, to incorporate the Congregational 
People in said Claremont agreeable to the Law, in that Case 
made & provided 

3''ly — Voted to Chose one Person to present said Petition to 
the General Court 

4"'ly — Voted & Chose Elihu Stevens Esquire, to be agent to 
present said Petition to the General Court, And attend to the 
same, as acation may require 

5"'ly Voted to disolve this meeting 

Josiah Stevens Moderator 
attest Ambrose Cossit Town Clerk 
A true Copy of record 

attest Ambrose Cossit Town Clerk 

[2-198] [ Veto of Act hicor para ting the Congregational So- 

The Bill Entitled " an act to incorporate the Congregational 
Society in Claremont " having been presented to the Governor 


this day, is now Returned to the Honorable the House of Rep- 
resentatives with the following Objections — 

That it has not been usual in any Town or Parish Incorpo- 
rations for Religious purposes, to authorize them to keep a 
Common Seal and it does not appear to the Governor to be 
particularlv Necessary in the present case 

The Bill purports that the Society may hold Real or personal 
Estate to the amount of Three hundred pounds neat yearly in- 
come, but for what purpose, is not Expressed — 

The Bill purports, they may consider persons coming of Age, 
or moving into Town as belonging to this Society which has 
the appearance of giving preference to them when compared 
with the other Society in Said Claremont Incorporated by an 
Act passed Febuary 19: 1794. 

That it Expressly authorizes them to Tax persons moving in- 
to Town or coming of Age, but no mention is made of Taxing 
the Society. — 

That the Bill does not appear to the Governor to be perfectly 
consistent with the Sixth Article in the Bill of Rights — 

State of New Hampshire 
June 18 : 1794 

J. T. Gilman 

[3-199] \_Petitio>i for Incorporation of Congregatiotial 


To the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives in 
General Court convened at Amherst on the Third Wednes- 
day of June 1794 Humbly Shews 

Elihu Stevens of Claremont in said State in behalf of the 
Congregational Society of said Town, that said Society has la- 
boured under many and great inconveniencies for want of an in- 
corporation He therefore prays your honors to incorporate 
said society by law and make them a body politic capable of re- 
ceiving & holding property both real and personal & to have 
and enjoy all the privileges and immunities belonging to a cor- 
porate body — and as in duty bound Will ever pray — 

Claremont June tenth 1794 

Elihu Stevens 

[2-200] [_yaffies Erskine's Memorial., — Universalist.'] 

Claremont Nov"" 14"' 1800 
May it please your Excellency 

Your Catholic and benevolent attention, to the good of the 


people of the State of New Hampshire induces me to hiy before 
you the following Statement. In the Year 1789 the people of 
Claremont being destitute of any Settled Minister, I attended 
on such Religious Meetings as happened to come in my way 
and after hearing diferent opinions, and diferent doctrins, re- 
specting Religion, and due consideration had thereon I joined 
myself to a Society of people in Charlestown, known by the 
Name of the Universal Society who held to the doctrine, of 
Salvation for all men, in March 1796 the people of Claremont, 
Settled for their Minister, the Rev'^ John Tappen, I being of a 
diferent Sentement, from him & those people which he was set 
•over, I took a Certificate from the Clerke of the society in 
Charlestown, in February preceding the time of M"" Tappens 
Ordination, and presented said Certificate to the Selectmen, in 
order to give them a perfect knowledge, that I cold not Join 
them, and had Joined myself to a society in Charlestown, the 
Town of Claremont did not proceed to Tax me to the support 
of their Minister untill the Year i799i when they taxed & oth- 
■ers, that never did Join with them, I never attended on M'' Tap- 
pens meeting more than half a day, during his Resedence here, 
and the Collector come & took my property & sold to pay said 
Tax, I Commenced my Action against the selectmen and the 
Same was appealled to the superior Court, and in May Term 
iSoo the Cause after being fully investigated went to the Jury, 
who returned their verdit not agreed so the Action was put over 
to October Term iSoo, when I appeared, ready for trial, by 
some means or other the Action was quashed, and a Bill of Cost 
recorded against me, now if I am obliged to pay taxes to Sup- 
port a Religion which I think is rong, & Contry to the holy 
Scriptures, or the Doctrine contained in them, my Case is a 
hard Case, & not the freedom which I served the United States 
for I should view, and shall take it a great favour, if your Ex- 
ellency would be kind enough to direct me in this great affair 
v\diat to do. 

Am your Exellency's most obedient 
humble Servant 

James Erskines 
To his Exellency John T. Oilman Esq"" govnor & Commander 
in Chief in & over the State of New Hampshire 


The township was granted December i, 1770, to Sir 
George Colebrooke, Sir James Cockburne, and John Stew- 
art, Esq., of London, England, and John Nelson, Esq., of 


Grenada, in the West India islands, by the name of Cole- 
brooke Town. The town was incorporated by its present 
name, by an act approved June 1 1, 1796 — John Farmer says 
December i, 1790, which must be a mistake, as I get my 
date from the original manuscript. The petition for an in- 
corporation follows this. Previous to 1800 the town con- 
tained but few inhabitants, numbering 160 at that time. 
It is now in a flourishing condition, with about 1600. 

[2-201] \_Petitio7t for an Act of Iticorpo7-ationr\ 

State of ) 

New Hampshire j To the honorable Senate, and house of 
Representatives in general Court assembled — 

The petition of the subscribers, inhabitants of a place called 
Colebrook in the County of Grafton and State of New Hamp- 
shire, humbly sheweth, that your petitioners have with much 
difficulty effected a settlement in said Township, and the Inhab- 
itants thereof are so increased that about thirty rateable polls- 
are resident and settled therein : that they suffer many incon- 
veninces on account of their unincorporated State, the want of 
authority to lay out highways and raise money to make and re- 
pair them, to maintain regular Schools for the instruction of 
Youth and to conduct many other matters necessary to promote 
the interest of the inhabitants and encourage the settlement of 
said Township : Therefore your petitioners pray this honor- 
able Court to incorporate them, and vest them with all that 
power and authority which other Towns in said State do by law 
exercise and enjoy, and your petitioners shall ever pray — 

Colebrook 15* December AD 1795 

Andrew M" Allan Moses Smith Joseph Griswold 

Josiah King Ebenezer Brainerd Will'" M-'AUaster 

And"' M'^Allaster Joseph Goddard Nehemiah Spencer 
Isaac Covil 


The township was granted December i, 1 770, to the same 
men to whom the grant of Colebrook was made, and named 
Cockburne Town, in honor of Sir James Cockburne, one of 
the grantees. It was incorporated by an act of the legis- 
lature, approved December 16, 1797, and named Cockburne. 


By an act approved November 30, 1804, a tract of land 
called Wales Location was annexed to the town. This tract, 
said to contain 5822 acres, was granted May 4, 1773, to Seth 
Wales and 17 others. The name of the town was changed 
by an act approved June 19, 181 1, to Columbia, the deriva- 
tion of which is obvious. 

[2-202] \_Pctition for Aiithot'ity to tax JVofi- Resident 


To The Honorable Senate and House of Representatives When 
at Hopkinton Convened 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Township of Cock- 
burne Humbly Sheweth that they Labor under great Incon- 
venence on account of Roads and Whereas said Township hath 
been setled a Considerable number of years and no establish*^ 
Road through said Town renders the traveling extremely irk- 
some as well as dangerous for persons on horseback — and your 
Petitioners not being able (together with what is now allowed 
by Law for taxing the unimproved Lands of nonresidents) to 
make said Road passable — fit for wheel Carriages And whereas 
the neighboring Towns suffer great Inconvenence by the bad- 
ness of the main Road leading through said Township — as 
well as odier travellers We your Petitioners Pray the Legisla- 
ture of this State to take the matter into Consideration and 
grant us relief in the premises by passing an Act granting three 
Cents on each acre of Land in said Township for making and 
repairing said main Road — or otherwise as you in your wisdom 
shall think fit as in Duty bound will ever pray. 

Abel Hobart ^ ^ 1 .. 

T 1 rr, T f oelect 

Jacob ierry Junor > 

Noah Buftington J 

Com* Buffington Abige"" Lennard John Jorden 

Julus Terry Jacob Terry Philip Jordan 

Wil'" Jorden And"^ G. huntington Sylvanus Larned 

William Wallis Abel Larned Perly Wallis 

Nath^ Wales Bradford Hammond 

[2-203] \_Petition for an Act of Iticorporation.'\ 

Gr-ifton ss 1 ^^ ^'^^ Hon*"'^ Senate and Plouse of Represent- 
j atives to be Convened at Concord June 1797 

Humbly Sheweth that there is a Considerable number of 


Inhabitants in the Township of Cockburne who Daily experi- 
ence tlie inconvenence of being in an unincorporated state 
Wherefore we Pray to be incorporated with all the Priviledges 
and Immunities as other incorporated Towns in this State as in 
Duty bound will ever Pray 

Abel Larned Ebn"' Larned Abel Hobbart 

Philip Jorden Jacob Terry Jun'' Ahaz Friench 

Julius Teny Jacob Terry William Wallis 

Nath^ Wales Abner osgood Abijah Learnard 

[The foregoing was granted by an act approved Dec. 16, 
1797.— Ed.] 

[2-204] \^Elihu de Forrest for a Ferry .~\ 

To the Hon' Gen' Court of New Hampshire to conveen at 

Concord on the first Wenesday of June next 

The petition of Elihu de Forrest of Lemington in Vermont 
humbly showeth, that there is no ferry on Connecticut River 
from Canada line for nearly forty miles down said River & that 
there is great need of a ferry On said River between the Towns 
of Cockburn in New Hampshire & Lemington in Vermont 
both for the Accommodation of travilers as well as the Inhabi- 
tants of said Towns ; therefore your petitioner prays your 
Honors to grant unto him his Heirs and assigns for ever the 
Exclusive right of keeping a Ferry over said River any where 
from the head of Blackmans fall to the mouth of Simstream 
which is a Distance of about five miles 

That your Hon''^ would grant the above request is the con- 
stant prayer of Elihu de Forrest 


May 30"" 1799 


Cockburn Nov"" 27*'' 1799 
This may Certify that we have been served with an Attested 
Copy of the Petition of Elihu D. Forrest Praying for the Ex- 
clusive right of a ferry on Connecticut River between Cock- 
burn and Lemington as set forth in said Petition together with 
the Order of the General Court of New Hampshire thereon, 
and being well acquainted with the said D. Forrest k. the 
Place he Pi'oposes (in his application to us) to keep the said 
ferry, it is our oppinion the Prayer of the said Petition ought 
not to be granted 

Lyndon Hebard ") Select Men 
Noah Bufiington >- of 

Eben' Brown ) Cockburn 


[3-306] \_Bailey and Hibbai-d for a jFcrrv-'} 

To the Hon^ the Senate and house of Representatives for the 
State of Newhampshire in General Court Convened at Exe- 
ter on the first Wednesday in December A D 1799 
The Petition of the Subscribers Humbly Showeth That there 
is no EstabHshed Ferry Across Conncctticut River from Canada 
Line for Nearly Sixty Miles Down Said River That your Peti- 
tioners in the Month of May Last Built a Boat Sufficient to 
transport Loaded Teams and Passengers which Was Done at 
Considerable Expence to your Petitioners, that your Petitioners 
Owners and Possessors of the Land on Each Side of the River 
Where Said boat has been used That the Publick have Been 
Much Benifited by useing Said Boat — that your Petitioners not 
having a Grant of a Ferry are Not Authorized to Collect a 
Compensation for Carrying Passengers Over Said River — They 
therefore Pray that your Honours Would Grant to them their 
heirs and assigns forever the Exclusive Priveledge of keeping 
A Ferry from Cockburn in Newhampshire to Lemmington in 
Vermont Beginning at Blackman falls to Andrew Grisvvold 
Huntington in Cockburn Being About two Miles and one half 
under such Restrictions as to Your Honors Shall Seem Meet 
and as in Duty bovaid will Ever Pray — 
Cockburn Nov"" 37"' 1799 

Christopher S. Bailey 
Luther Hibird 


To Mess""^ Lyndon Hibbard Noah Buffington Ebenezer 
Brown Selectmen for the Township of Cockburn we the Sub- 
scribers whose names are underwritten think that M'' Elihu De 
Forest is the most Suitable place for a ferry to accommodate 
the public which is the onlv object to be looked at wish you to 
take the matter into Consideration and give your approbation 
in favour of his Petition if you as we Do Consider it as the 
most Conveniant place 

Cockburn November 35 — 1799 
Abel Earned . Bradford ?Iammond An''"' G. Huntington 

Hez'' Parsons Eliphaz Hibod Chancy Curtis 

David Curtis W" Jcn'dan Orlan Wales 

[Name illegible.] Comens Buffington John Burke 
Jacob Terry Jun'' Sylvanus Learned John Jorden 
Beniamin Jorden Abel Hobart William Wallis 

William Wallis Jun"" Danfred Wallis Almcrin Wallis 

Julius Terry Jacob Terry 

[The ferry was granted to Elihu de Forest Dec. 24, 
1799.— Ed.] 



The township was granted January 17, 1725, by the gov- 
ernment of Massachusetts, to Ebenezer Eastman and others, 
by the name of Penacook, which name the locaUty received 
from an Indian tribe, and had borne many years. Captain 
Eastman and others moved into the place and made settle- 
ments in 1727. The town was incorporated by the gov- 
ernment of Massachusetts, February 27, 1733, and named 
Rumford, the derivation of which is unknown. 

May 20, 1727, the government of New Hampshire made 
a grant of the township of Bow, which covered a large por- 
tion of the Penacook grant, and these conflicting grants 
led to a lengthy and expensive controversy, which was 
carried to the Court of St. James, by the Hon. Timothy 
Walker as agent for the Rumford proprietors, and decided 
in their favor by the king in council, December 27, 1762. 

By an act of the legislature of New Hampshire passed 
June 7, 1765, the town was incorporated as a parish with 
town privileges by the name of Concord, probably with a 
hope that thereafter the inhabitants might live in peace and 
co7icord W\\.\\ their neighbors in Bow. By an act approved 
January 2, 1784, a gore of land containing about one thou- 
sand acres was severed from Canterbury and Loudon and 
annexed to the " parish of Concord ; " and by an act ap- 
proved December 13, 1804, a tract of land was severed 
from Bow and annexed to the town of Concord. 

The first state-house built in Concord was commenced in 
1816, and first occupied by the legislature in June, 1819. 
It was remodelled in 1865. 

Concord was incorporated as a city July 6, 1849, but the 
charter was not adopted until March 10, 1853, the first 
election under it being held on the 26th of that month. 

Water was introduced from Penacook lake in January, 
1873 ; and the Horse Railroad, running from Concord 
(south end) to West Concord, in 188 1. 

[2-208] S^Petition for a Guards i'/4'/.'\ 

To His Excellency Banning Wentworth Esq"" Cap' General & 
Governor of His Majestys Province of New Hampshire — To 
the Honourable His Majesty's Council & Assembly of Said 
Province — 
The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of Rumford Can- 



terbury & Contoocook humbly Shevveth — That we especially at 
the two last mentioned places are greatly distressed for want of 
Suitable grist Mills, that M'' Henry Lovejoy has att great 
Expence Erected a good Alill att a place the most advanta- 
geously Situated to accomodate the Three Towns, that it is the 
only Mill in all the Three Towns that stands under the Com- 
mand of y^ Guns of a Garrison — That the ill consequences of 
abandoning the s*^ Garrison the year past has been severely felt 
by us, That the s'' Lovejoy appears Desirous of Residing 
there again. Provided he might be favoured with Such a 
Number of Soldiers as Just to keep his Garrison with a 
Tolerable Degree of Safety & That as an Additional Encour- 
agement to us to appear as Petitioners on his Behalf & to 
Your Excellency & Honours to grant our S'^ Petition, He will 
become Engaged with all Convenient Speed to erect a Forge for 
the making of Barr Iron which may also Stand under the Com- 
mand of the Said Garrison which Undertaking would probably 
be vastly advantageous to all the Towns & Plantations up this 
way as well as to the general interest of the Province. We 
therefore pray as well on behalf of our Selves as the Said Love- 
joy that Your Excellency & Honours would Take the Premises 
into your wise Consideration & Grant unto the S*^ Lovejoy Such 
a Protection as may Encourage him to reenter & posses his at 
present abandoned Garrison for the ends and purposes above 
mentioned & Your Petitioners Shall, as in duty bound ever 

Rumford January y'^ 2"*' ^747 

Ebenezer Eastman 

Nathanel Eastman 
Nathan Stevens 
John fowler 
Richard flood 
philop Caul 
Joel manuel 
Stephen Call 
William Da n fo r d 
Jeremiah Clough 
Thomas Clough 
Archelaus Moor 
Thomas Danforth 
James Gipson 
William Forrest jun'' 
Ebenezer Eastman 
Stephen farrington 
Samson Colbe 

Ephraim farnum 
Philip Eastman 
Joseph Eastman 
Ebenezer virgen 
George Jackman 
Jacob Flanders 
John Corser 
John flanders 
Phincas Stevens 
Henry Lovejoy 
William Miles 
Josiah Miles 
Moses Danforth 
James Head 
William Moor 
Sam''' Shcplierd 
Jeremiah Stickney 
Stephen Hoyt 
Ezra Carter 

Daniell Chase 
Jeremiah Eastman 
Daniel Anis 
Stephen Gerrish 
Richard Jackman 
William Peters 
William Emery 
Phillip flanders 
Nath'i Malloon 
James Scales 
William Forrest 
John Gipson 
John Forriast 
Benjamin I^lanchard 
Samuel Moor 
John Chandler 
Aaron Stevens 
George Hull 
Nath" Abbott 



Isaac Waldron 
Isaac Chandler 
Abraham Kimball 
Jacob Hoyt 
Amos Abbott 

Amos Eastman 
James Osgood 
Joseph Pudney 
John Burbank 
John Chandler 

Edward Abbott 
Seborne Peters 
Ben fifeld 
Caleb Burbank 
Benjamin Abbott 

[2-309] \_Dectsion of the Lords jfiestices at Whitehall^ rela- 
tive to Controversy zvit/i Bow, jysS'^ 



New Hampshire 

Lion Unicorn 

Merrill agt. 

The Proprietors 

of Bow 

Order in Council 

on hearing the 
appeal June i755- 

Secretarys Office 1 756. Filed by the Rev'^ M"" Tim" Walker — 

T. Atkinson Sec'y 

At the Council Chamber Whitehall 

the 24"' day of June i755 


Lord Chancellor Lord Steward 

Sir Thomas Robin- Lord President 

Earl of Buckingham- Lord Berkeley 

shire Stratton 

Sir George Lee 

The Lords Justices 

Duke of Dorset 
Duke of Queensberry 

of Lord Chief Justice 

Upon reading at the Board, a Report from the Right Hon- 
ourable the Lords of the Committee of Council, for hearing Ap- 
peals from the Plantations, dated the 27"^ of last Month, in the 
Words following — Viz 

" His Majesty having been pleased, by His Order in Council of 
the 38"' of March 17=^4, to referr unto this Committee the hum- 
ble Petition and Appeal of John Merrill, Setting forth, amongst 
other Things, That in 1725, at a General Court or Assembly for 
His Maiestys Province of the Massachusetts Bay, Benjamin 
Stephens, and others, having applied by Petition for a Grant of 
Land at Pennycook, on the River Merrimack, and the said Pe- 
tition having been referred to a Committee of both Houses, the 
said Committee made a Report thereon, to the Assembly, That 
the Lands Petitioned for should be assigned and set apart for a 
Township, to contain Seven Miles Square, and to begin where 


Contacook River falls into jMerrimack River, which Report was 
agreed to by both Houses of the Council and Assembly of that 
Province, and concurred in by the Governor — That, on the lo"^ 
ofMav 1726, a Committee proceeded to that Place, with Sur- 
veyors and Chainmen, and laid out One hundred and Thi^ee 
Lotts, on the said River Merrimack, agreeable to the said Res- 
olution, and in February following they admitted the several 
Settlers, amongst whom the Petitioner was one ; — That the Pe- 
titioner together with several others of the said admitted Set- 
tlers, in the Spring of the Year 1727, went to the said Place to 
bring forward the said Settlement of a New Town, and pur- 
sued their Purpose with such Vigour, that in 1730 thev had a 
Church built, and a jSIiuister ordained, and in 1733 thev were 
incorporated into a Township, bv the Name of Rumford, by 
An Act of Assembly of the said Province of the Alassachusets 
which was confirmed by His Majesty ; And the Petitioner, and 
the said other Settlers have been at very great Costs and La- 
bour, in clearing and cultivating the Lands, and improving the 
same by Buildings, and otherwise, for almost Thirty Years past 
That the Petitioner, and the said other Settlers, at the time of 
their entring on, and settling the said Lands, had not the least 
Doubt but that they were quite safe in so doing under the said 
Governor and Company of the Massachusets Bav, 

The said Town of Pennycook, otherwise Rumford, being 
scituate upon the said River Merrimack, and included, as was 
then generally understood, within the Boundarv of that Colony 
— That some Years since, upon a Dispute about the Boundary 
Line, between the Provinces of the Massachusets Bay and New 
Hampshire, His Majesty was pleased to issue a Commission to 
mark out the Dividing Line between them, but with an express 
Declaration against Private Property being affected thereby — 
And upon hearing of the Report of the Commissioners ap- 
pointed to settle the said Boundary s, His Majestv was pleased, 
by His Order in Council made in 1740? to adjudge and order 
the Northern Boundarvs of the said Massachusets Bav to be a 
Similar Curve Line pursuing the Course of the said Merri- 
mack River at three Miles Distance on the North Side thereof 
beginning at the Atlantick Ocean and ending due North at a 
Point called Pantuckett Falls, and a streight Line drawn from 
thence cross the said Ri\er till it met with His Majestvs other 
Governments — Which Adjudication, determining the Boundary 
Line of the said Province of the Massachusets to Pursue the 
Course of the said Ri\er no further than the said Falls, thereby 
excluded out of the Massachusets great Part of the said River 
Merrimack, with the Lands thereon adjoining, and particularly 
the said Town of Pennycook, otherwise Rumford, which had 
formerly been reputed to lye \vithin that Province, and tlirowcd 


the same into the said other Province of New Hampshire — 
That notwithstanding His Majesty had been pleased, at the time 
of issuing the said Commission to fix the said Boundary, to de- 
clare the same was not to affect Private Property, and in which all 
Persons acquiesced for several Years since elapsed. Yet very 
lately certain Persons of New Hampshire being minded to dis- 
turb the Petitioner, and others the said first Settlers of the said 
Town of Pennycook otherwise Rvmiford, and take from them 
the Benefit of all their Labours, On the 14* of November 1750, 
brought an Ejectment, by the Name of the Proprietors of the 
Common and undivided Lands lying and being in the Town of 
Bow in New Hampshire, against the Petitioner, in the Inferior 
Court of Common Pleas holden at Portsmouth for the Said 
Province, by which thev demanded against the Petitioner Eight 
Acres of Land (being part of the Premises the Petitioner had 
settled and improved in the said Township of Pennycook alias 
Rumford as aforesaid) with the Edifices and Appurtenances, 
alledging the same to lye in Bow aforesaid, and laid their Title 
back as far as 1727, and alledging that the Petitioner had within 
Twenty Three Years then last past entered thereon, and dis- 
seized them, and withheld the Possession from them ; To which 
the Petitioner Pleaded Not Guilty ; And on the 7* of March 
17^0, the said Cause was brought on to Ti'yal in the said Court 
before a Jury, who gave a Verdict for the Petitioner with Costs 
of Court, and Judgment was entered up for the Petitioner ac- 
cordingly. From which Judgment the Plaintiffs Appealed to the 
next Superior Court ; And at the said Superior Court of Judi- 
cature held the Second Tuesday in December 1752, The said 
Cause was brought on to Hearing again, before another Jury, 
When (amongst other things) the Plaintiffs produced a Grant, 
dated the 20"" of May 1727, made by John Wentvvorth, as 
Lieutenant Governor of New Hampshire, for the Encourage- 
ment of settling a New Plantation to sundry of His Majestys 
Subjects whose Names were entered in a Schedule thereunto an- 
nexed, that inhabited or should inhabit within the said Grant to 
v^^hom he thereby granted a certain Tract of Land beginning on 
the South East Side of the Town of Chichester and running 
Nine Miles Square, as therein mentioned, and to be a Town 
Corporate bv the Name of Bow, To hold to the said Grantees 
and such Associates as they should admit, for ever, upon sever- 
al Conditions therein mentioned, and, amongst others, upon 
Condition of building Seventy five Dwelling Houses thereon, 
and settling a Family in each House, and clearing Three Acres 
of Land within Three Years — And the Plaintiffs also Produced 
a Return of laying out the said Town of Bow, in the latter End 
of 172S in such Manner as to interfere with a considerable Part 
of the said Town of Pennycook, but it appeared by such Re- 


turn, That, instead of beginning the same on the South East 
Side of the Town of Chichester, according to the Direction of 
the said Grant, they had begun it at the South West Side of that 
Town, which was quite contrary thereto, and otherwise it is ap- 
prehended there would not have been any interfering between 
the said Towns ; And the PI''* also produced some Oral Evi- 
dence to show, that they the said Grantees of Bow, in 1738 and 
1729, after the Petitioner, and the rest of the said Settlers at 
Pennycook, had begun their said Settlement, and were carrying 
on thereof, had made some Objections to their Proceeding 
therein, but had not pursued any Course of Law against the said 
Pennvcook Settlers, in respect thereof, till since the said Bound- 
arv Line, between the said two Provinces, was settled by His 
Majesty, Yet the Jvuy. on the said Tryal, in the said Superior 
Court, gave their Verdict for the Plaintiffs, and found for them 
a Reversion of the former Judgment, and the Premises sued for, 
and Costs of Court ; And Judgment was thereupon entered up, 

that the Proprietors of Bow recover against the Petitioner the 

£ s D 
Premises sued for with Costs, taxed at 50 : iS : 8 New Tenor — 
From which last Judgment the Petitioner, on the 4*'' of June 
1753, brought a Writ of Error before the Justices of the said 
Superior Court ; And on the First Tuesday in August 1753 the 
said Cause was brought on again to Tryal, and the Jury gave 
their Verdict for the said Original Plaintiffs, and Judgment was 
thereupon entered up. Affirming the said former Judgment in 
the said Superior Court against the Petitioner, and that the said 
Proprietors should recover Costs of the Petitioner, taxed at 

£ S D 

18 : 5 : o New Tenor That the Petitioner conceiving himself 
to be greatly aggrieved, by the said last mentioned Judgment, 
moved the said Superior Court for an Appeal therefrom to His 
Majesty in Council, which was rejected, for that the Premises, 
for whicli the abovementioned Suit was prosecuted, was not of 
sufficient Value for which an Appeal might be granted : — But 
upon the Petitioners Application to His Majesty, setting forth, 
that though, in this Instance, the Premises sued for are only a 
few Acres, Yet the Qiiestion determined therein affecting the 
Petitioners Right to several other Lands, held by the Petitioner, 
under the same Title, of very considerable Value in the Whole, 
and much exceeding the Sum limited by the Royal Instructions, 
and also affecting the Rights of many other Persons who are in 
the like Circumstances with the Petitioner, and hold under the 
same Title, and being intended to settle a general Qiicstion of 
Right, and for avoiding a Multiplicity of other like Suits, His 
Majesty was graciously pleased, by His Order in Council of 
the 28"" of March 17^4^ to admit the Petitioner to an appeal 
from the said Judgment of tlie vSuperior Court — And the 


Petitioner humbly prays, that the said Judgment of the 
said ^Superior Court, on the said Writ of Review, Affirming- 
the Judgment of that Court on the Appeal thereto from the 
Inferior Court, may be reversed, with Restitution of the 
Premises to the Petitioner, and of the Costs thereby awarded 
against the Petitioner ; And that the said Judgment of the Infe- 
rior Court may be affirmed : — The Lords of the Committee, in 
Obedience to His Majestys said Order of Reference, did, on the 
15"' of this Instant, and again upon this day, take the said Pe- 
tition and Appeal into their Consideration, and heard all Partys 
therein concerned by their Counsel learned in the Law, and do 
thereupon agree humbly to Report as their Opinion to Your Ex- 
cellencys. That the said Judgment of the said Superior Court, 
on the Writ of Review, of the First Tuesday in August 1753, 
affirming the Judgment of the Superior Court, of the Second 
Tuesday in December i7'^2, should be reversed, in regard it did 
not appear, that the Premises in Question are comprized within 
the Respondents Grant, And that the Appellant should be re- 
stored to what he may have lost by Means of the said Judg- 
ment." — 

The Lords Justices this day took the said Report into their 
Consideration, and were pleased, with the Advice of His Ma- 
jestys Privy Council, to Approve thereof and to Order, as it is 
hereby Ordered, That the said Judgment of the said Superior 
Court, upon the Writ of Review upon the First Tuesday in 
August 17=^3, affirming the Judgment of the Superior Court, of 
the Second Tuesday in Deceml^er 1752, be reversed. And that 
the Appellant be restored to what he may have lost by Means of 
the said Judgment. Whereof the Governor, or Commander in 
Chief, of His Majestys Province of New Hampshire for the 
time being, and all others, whom it may concern, are to take 

W. Sharpe 

[2-210] \_Petltion. for an Incorporation of the T'o'wn.~\ 

To His Excellency Penning Wentworth Esq' Capt° General 
Governor and Commander in Chief in and over His Majes- 
ty's Province of New Hampshire, The Honble His Maj- 
esty's Council and House of Representatives in General 
Assemblv Convened. 
April 1 1"' 1764 

The humble Petition of Timothy Walker on behalf of 
himself and the Inhabitants of Rumford (so Called in said 
Province Sheweth, That the Affiiirs of the said Inhabitants 
(so far as relates to Town matters), have been in great Confu- 
sion Ever since the Year 1749, for want of the Power which 


thev had 'till then Enjoyed ever since the Year 1741 by the 
District Act (so called) which this Honble Court say in July 
1746 when it was received had been found " Convenierit both 
J'or the Government of this Province in General^ and also 
the Inhabitants incorporated thereby in particular. ^^ 

That altho' it has been pretended that they might still have 
Enjoyed the same Priviledges (as Inhabitants of Bow) yet 
thev never understood Matters in that Light ; And for this 
their Opinion and Practice consequential thereupon, they hum- 
bly conceive they could give reasons which wo** be satisfactory 
to this Court, were they permitted. — But to pass over all this — 
This Power or the Exercise of it has been lost to them (if 
Ever they had it) Ever since March 1756, for want of a first 
Meeting — 

That by the Year 1760 they were so heartily tired of such 
an vmsettled State that thev would have been glad to have acted 
Even under the Incorporation of Bow, if they could (altho' 
highly inconvenient for them as it blended part of three Towns 
together whose Interests had always been seperate, and would 
Consequently be apt to create Strife and Contention). 

That this Court was apprized of their utter Incapacity of 
doing any Corporate Act (Even as Bow) by a Letter signed 
"Jeremiah Stickney, on behalf of himself and others, now 
on File, together with their dutiful & ready disposition to Com- 
ply wMth every motion of tliis Court to the utmost of their 

That the said Inhabitants conceive themselves greatly ag- 
grieved by a late Act of this Government, imposing a heavy 
Tax on the Inhabitants of Bow as Arrears &c — a Tax which 
Nobody has Power to assess and Collect at y" Time when y® s*^ 
arrears became due and which if now done, must be laid in 
many Instances on wrong Persons. 

That what they suffered for want of the Powers they itad 
Enjoyed by the first mentioned District Act. was mispeakably 
more to their Damage, than to have paid their Proportion of 
the Province Expence. 

That the Incapacity complained of all along, still continues 
and yet the People are subjected to pay their part of the Cur- 
rent Charge but nobody has power to assess or Collect it. 

They therefore most hum]:)ly Pray That your Excellency and 
Honours will take the Matters complained of under Considera- 
tion, and either revive the said District Act so far as relates to 
Rumford, or (which wo*^ be much more satisfactory to the said 
Inhabitants) Incorporate them by a standing Act, and by 
their former known Boundaries That the said Inhabitants may 
Be abated at least one half part of said Arrearages, And that 
with respect to their part of the Current Cliarge of the Prov- 


ince, thev may be subjected to pay no more than their just pro- 
portion with the other Towns in this Province, or grant them 
such other Relief as in your great Wisdom and Goodness you 
shall see meet 

And Your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall Ever pray &c 

Timothy Walker 

[The township was incorporated by an act passed June 
7, 1765.— Ed.] 

2-21 1] \_AIoses Eastman yor a Fer7-y.'\ 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq Governor of his Maj- 
esty's Province — of New Hampshire — 

We the subscribers Selectmen of Concord in said Province 
beg leave to Inform Your Excellency that there is great need of 
an Establish'd Ferry across merrimack River at or near the 
Place where the Small Brook which Issues from Sewels Farm 
so Called Empties into said River not only for the conveniency 
of the Inhabitants of said concord but also for Strangers who 
have occasion to Travel through the same and we would here- 
by recommend M'' Moses Eastman as a suitable person to have 
said Ferry settled upon & who on Several accounts has by 
much the fairest pretentions to it of any person whatsoever. 
We are Your Excellencies most Dutiful and obedient Ser- 

Concord 28"* Sep''" 1767 

Richard Hasseltin \ selectmen 
Amos Abbott \ of 

Philip Eastman j Concord 

[2—212] \_yohn Merrill for a Ferry. ~\ 

Province of ) To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq"" 

New Hampshire ) Governor & commander in chief of s*^ Prov- 


The Petition of John Merril Humbly Sheweth That he 
(Merrill) at y* general desire of the Settlers of y^ Plantation 
then called Pennicook now Concord undertook to tend a ferry 
across merrimack River at a Place commonly called Merrils 
Ferry in s'^ concord as Early as about y*^ year 1730 That for 
many years the Profits did not near answer y** Expence of 
Boats & attendance notwithstanding which your Petitioner has 
constantly kept a good Ferry at y* s'' Place from that Time to 


this — That within y* Limits of y* Plan herewith exhibited to 
3'our Excellency there is not nor ever likely to be any need of 
another Ferry across y* s** River — He therefore humbly prays 
that your excellency would be pleased to Grant & confirm y* 
s** Ferry to him his Heirs & assigns for ever in y"" manner & 
on the conditions usual on y^ like occasions — 

and your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

John Merrill 

[The ferry privilege asked for in the foregoing petition 
was chartered February 6, 1773. — Ed.] 

[2—314] \_Summons frot7i General Assembly. '\ 

State of New ) To Daniel Chase & John Chase both of Con- 
Hampshire j cord in Said State Husbandmen 

You are hereby Required in the Name of the Government & 
People of said State to make Your Appearance before the 
General Assembly of said State as Soon as may be, to give 
Evidence of what you know Relating to any Treasons Con- 
spiracies or Misdemeanors Commited by any Inhabitants of the 
said State against the Same : hereof fail not as you Will an- 
swer your Contempt at your Peril. 

Given at Exeter the 10'^ day of June 1777. 

E. Thompson Sec'' 


To the Honoui-able the Council and House of Representatives 
of the State of New Hampshire in General Assembly con- 
vened at Concord June the 10* 1783 

The Petition of John Hoyt and Others Humbly Sheweth 
That your Petitioners live upon a gore of Land formerly 
claimed by the Proprietors of Rumford and Canterbury, that 
when said Rumford was incorporated in the year 1765 by the 
name of Concord your Petitioners were left to said Canterbury 
since which time said Proprietors of Rumford & Canterbury 
have amicably settled said Dispute. Your Petitioners would 
further shew that by the late Division of Canterbury, they were 
all (except one) set ofl' to the Parish of Loudon, that they are 
situated at a great Distance from the Meeting House in said 
Loudon which makes it very inconvenient for them to be con- 
nected therewith — 

Wherefore your Petitioners humbly Pray that the above- 
mentioned Gore of Land containing about one Thousand and 


fifty Acres, lying at the northeasterly corner of Rumford, with 
the Inhabitants thereon may be dissevered from said Canter- 
bury and Loudon and annexed to the Parish of Concord. 

And your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever Pray &c — 
John Hoit .Stephen Crossman Simon Trumbel 

Abner Hoit Henry Lovejoy Jeams Glins 

Samuel goodin Philip Eastman Amos Heath 

Timothy Bradley Timothy Bradley Eben foss 
John Chandler J^n'' Benjamin bradley 

William Virgin Phinehas Virgin William Stickney 

[The foregoing petition was granted by an act passed 
January 2, 1784. — Ed.] 


To the Hon'''* the Council and House of Representatives, of 

the State of New Hampshire convened at Concord Decem"" 

17" 17S3 
The Petition of John Hoit and Others 

Humbly Sheweth — 

That your Petitioners preferred a Petition to the late General 
Assembly in November last praying to be dissevered from 
Canterbury and Loudon and annexed to the Parish of Concord, 
the Prayer of which Petition was granted and leave given to 
bring in a Bill for said purpose, but the General Court ad- 
journed without day before said Bill could be passed in due 
form — 

Wherefore vour Petitioners humbly pray that they may be al- 
lowed to bring in a Bill to perfect said Business agreeably to 
said Petition and order of Court thereon herewith exhibited — 
and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Timothy Walker 
In behalf of the Petitioners 

[See preceding document. — Ed.] 

[2-217] \^Petition to be severed fro7)i the County of Rock- 
ingha}n and annexed to the Coufity of Hillsborough. A^ 

To the Honourable the Senate & House of Representatives of 

the State of New Hampshire in General Assembly convened 

at Concord Feb>' the lo"' 17S5 — 

The Petition of Timothy Walker in behalf of himself and the 
Town of Concord humbly Sheweth — 

That your Petitioners live at a great Distance from the several 


Courts of Law which are held in the County of Rockingham, 
that thev apprehend said County is so large that they might well 
spare Concord, Northfield, Canterbury Loudon Pembroke Al- 
iens Town & Bow. 

Wherefore your Petitioner humbly prays that the above men- 
tioned Towns may be dissevered from said County of Rocking- 
ham and annexed to the County of Hillsborough, and that part 
of the Courts may be held in the Northerly part of the County 
last mentioned. — And your Petitioner as in Duty bound will 
ever pray &c 

Timothy Walker 

[2-2 iS] \_Le?f2uel Tucker for a Ferry. '\ 

State of New ] To the honourable the Senate, and house of 
Hampshire j Representative in General Court convened at 
Concord on the second Wednesdav in Feb-^ AD 178^ The peti- 
tion of Lemuel Tucker of Concord aforesaid Yeoman humbly 
sheweth That your petitioner some Years since puixhased a 
Ferry in said Concord, known by the Name oi Eastmans Fer- 
ry.^ not knowing at the time of said purchase but there was a 
proper Grant made by Authority of the said Ferry, to the per- 
son of whom he purchased, but has since learned no such 
grant has been ever made — It is his prever, therefore, that this 
honourable Court would grant said Ferry to your petitioner, as 
it is the only way in which he at his Age can hope to support 
himself and family the unhappy circumstances of which, he 
prays may plead in his favour, and induce your Honours in 
your Goodness and Wisdom to grant his praver. 

And your petitioner as in Duty bound will ever pray — 

Peter Green At^ 

for said Tucker 

[This request was granted February 22, 1785. — Ed.] 

[2-219] \_Rclat/vc to Representative^ iy86.'\ 

State of New ] To the Hon''''" the House of Representatives 
Hampshire j in General Court convened at Concord June 
26'" 1786 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Concord qualified by Law 

to vote for a Representative, humbly shews — That at a legal 

Meeting held at said Concord on the dav of March last, 

Col. Peter Green was chosen to represent said Concord for the 




present year — Since which another Town Meeting has been 
warned, to meet in said Concord, on the twenty fourth day of 
June current, at which last meeting, a Vote being repeatedly 
called to know if said Town would again choose a Representa- 
tive for the remainder of the present Year, the Moderator of 
said Meeting, absolutely refused to put said Vote although the 
same was several times legally moved and seconded ; Where- 
upon, your Petitioners, still considering their former Choice as 
legal and unwilling to proceed in another, without a Vote of 
the Town therefor, which was not in their power to obtain, — 
Your Petitioners therefore pray that this Hon''' House would re- 
consider the Choice of the said Col. Green and grant him a 
seat, as Representative for said Tovv^n the present Year, — And 
as the Inhabitants of said Town at their said Meeting in June 
current, contrary to the pressing and repeated motions as afore- 
said, and contrary to all Order or legal proceeding, went on to 
choose a Representative, in the most partial manner, as a large 
Majoritv of the said Voters had left the House — And then and 
there chose M'' John Bradley to represent said Concord the re- 
mainder of the present Year — in a manner thev judge unjusti- 
fiable and altogether illegal, Tis therefore prayed this Hon'''^ 
Court would consider the premises, and not allow said Bradley 
to take a Seat in Consequence of said Choice — 
And as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

Jn° Stevens Rich*^ H Osgood 

Thomas Willson Daniel Carter 

Dan Stickney Joseph Abbott 

Moses FiField David Stickney 

Samuel Bradley John Gage 

Dudley Ladd Nath' Kimball 

Jn° Roche 
William Duncan 
Aaron Kinsman 
John Currier 
Daniel Stickney 
Rob* Duncan 
Daniel Barker 

June 25"* 17S6 

[2—220] \^Request for Appoint>}ient of a Sn7-veyor of Pot- 
as h^^ 

State of New Hampshire — 

To the Hon'''^ Senate & House of Representatives in general 
court convened — 

Humbly sheweth the subscribers being Inhabitants of the 
town of Concord & y"^ adjacent towns in the County of Rock- 
ingham. That they labour under great disadvantages by rea- 
son of there not being a surveyor of pot & pearl ashes in said 
town, or any where in the vicinity — 

Wherefore your petitioners humbly prays your honors that a 


surveyor of pot & pearl ashes may be appointed in said Concord 
agreeably to law — And your petitioners as in duty bound \yill 
ever pray — 

Concord Jvuie 20"^ 1787 — 
Robert Harris W'" Duncan Sam' Duncan 

Stephen Harriman John C : Gale 

[2-221] [^Relative to Settlement ivith Proprietors of Bow.^^ 

State of ) To the Hon'*^'' the Senate and House of 

New Hampshire j Representatives in general Court convened 
the tenth Day of June 1788 

Humbly shews Thomas Stickney of Concord in the County 
of Rockingham and State aforesaid, that the whole of the Town 
of Concord was originally granted in the Year 1725, by the late 
Province of Massachusetts Bay to certain Proprietors and In- 
corporated by the Name of Rumford, and in the Year 1727 the 
greatest part of said Township was granted by the then Prov- 
ince of New Hampshire to certain other Proprietors by the 
Name of Bow ; that the Right to the soil was disputed by the 
Proprietors on each side for upwards of twenty Years ; that in 
the Year 177^ they came to an agreement which was that the 
Proprietors of said Rumford should have the whole of said 
Township, except one Hundred and sixty two Acres of Land, 
which was to be laid out by them in some part of the Town, 
and the Proprietors of Rumford were to pay ten Pounds to said 
Proprietors of Bow for each Hundred Acre Lot which was laid 
out by said Bow in said Rumford : Whereupon your Petitioner 
with Andrew IVPmillan Esq'' and one Abiel Chandler who is 
since deceased, was chosen a Committe by said Proprietors of 
Rumford to give security for said ten Pounds for each Hundred 
Acre Lot as aforesaid, and receive a Qiiit Claim Deed from a 
Committee of the Proprietors of Bow chosen for that purpose : 
Whereupon your Petitioner with said M'^Millan and Chandler 
met the Committee of Bow, received a Quit Claim Deed, and 
gave a Bond upon Literest for the ten Pounds for each Hun- 
dred acre Lot. And in March 1773 at a Meeting of the Free- 
holders and Proprietors of said Township of Rumford alias 
Concord, it was voted to assess the several divisions in said 
Township the sum of five Hundred Pounds, which sum would 
at that time (it was supposed) pay for each Hundred Acre Lot 
and also sixty Poiuids voted by said Proprietors and Freehold- 
ers to give the Masonian Proprietors for their pretended Right 
to part of said Land. — Whereupon Benjamin Emery Joseph 
Hall Jun"" and John Chandler Jun' were cliosen Assessors, and 


Timothy Walker Jun'' was chosen Collector, an assessment was 
made and committed to the Collector, who collected near two 
thirds of said Assessment, which was paid to said Proprietors 
of Bow, but as it was doubtful whether said Collector could, by 
law, compel any one to pay his Tax, the remainder is unpaid 
until this Time. The Bond lies now against your Petitioner on 
Interest, and he is liable to be sued for that he never received a 
farthing for — Wherefore he prays this Honourable Court would 
enable said Collector to finish collecting said Assessment, and 
also to enable said Proprietors of Rumford to call a legal Meet- 
ing and vote what sum they shall think necessary to discharge 
said Bond and assess the several Divisions in said Rumford 
alias Concord therefor, in the same way and manner the former 
Assessment was made ; and your Petitioner as in Duty bound 
will ever pray 

Concord June lo"^ 1788. 

Thomas Stickney 

[In H. of Rep., June 11, 1788, the matter came up, and a 
hearing was ordered for the next session. January ly, 1789, 
an act was passed authorizing Timothy Walker to collect 
the remainder of said assessment. — Ed.] 

[2-234] \_P<itition for Charter for Concord Bridge.^ 

To the Hon"^ Senate & House of Representatives of the State 
of New Hampshire in General Court convened. The Petition 
of the Subscribers humbly shews 

That public convenience requires that a Bridge be erected 
over Merrimack River within the Town Concord — The rapid 
increase of the country renders it necessary that travelling 
should be facilitated — For this purpose they apprehend, that the 
erection of a suitable Bridge will meet with the encouragement 
of the General Court, Your Petitioners therefore pray that they 
& their associates may have a grant of the exclusive privilege 
of ei-ecting a Bridge at the rocks below Butters ferry, so called, 
and they pray for this grant under such regulations as to your 
honors shall appear proper — And your Petitioners as in duty 
bound will ever pray 

Peter Green Thos Stickney Tim" Walker 

Moody Dow Samuel Fowler William Duncan 

Robert Harris Thomas Wilson Tim° Chandler 

John Thorndike William A Kent Rich"^ Ayer 

W™ Partridge W" Manley Eben' Duston 

George Hough 


[An act was passed January 16, 1795, incorporating the 
signers to the foregoing by the name of the " Proprietors of 
Concord Bridge," and the structure was erected the follow- 
ing summer, where the "Lower Bridge" now stands. — Ed.] 

[2-223] \^Petitlon fo)- Charter for Federal Bridge.~\ 

To the Hon'"''' the Senate and House of Representatives in 
General Court convened at Concord Dec"' 15"" i795 — 

Humbly Shew — The undersigned that a Bridge across the 
River Merrimac at or near Tucker's ferry (so called) in said 
Concord would in their opinion be of great public utility — and 
as the Country is fast increasing in population they humblv con- 
ceive the Hon''''' Court will encourage everv attempt to facilitate 
the communication between the ditlerent parts of the state — 
They therefore pray your Honors that they, with such others 
as may associate with thein may have the exclusive privilege of 
erecting a Bridge over the river Merrimac at the place afore- 
said and that they may be erected into a Body politic and cor- 
porate for the purpose aforesaid, under such regulations as your 
Honors think proper — and your petitioners as in duty bound 
will ever pray. 

Tim" Walker, Benj" Emery, William Partridge, 

Jonathan Eastman, Joshua Thompson, 


Concord Dec' 15"' 1795. 
This may certify that I the subscriber have agi^eed with the 
petitioners for a Bridge over Merrimac River at my ferry — to 
relinquish my right to the Ferry for four hundred and fifty dol- 
lars, payable when the Bridge shall be passable, — provided said 
Bridge shall be finished in three years. 

Eliphalct Tucker 
P. Green 

[An act was passed December 28, 1795, incorporating the 
signers of the foregoing petition, and their associates, by 
the name of the " Proprietors of Federal Bridge," and the 
bridge was soon after erected near the present site of the 
bridge leading to East Concord. — Ed.] 


[2-337] \_Petition for Grant of a Township.^ 

To the Hon''''^ the Senate and House of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court convened at Concord Decern'' 1796. 

The Petition of the undersigners most humbly sheweth, — 
That there are Large tracts of Land unlocated in the Northern 
and Northeastern parts of tliis state — That there are many citi- 
zens who are good and loyal subjects wdio are obliged to seek 
for land to cultivate and places of residing without the bounds 
of the Union in the provinces of Lower & Upper Canady — 
whereby the state of New Hampshire is Deprived of our young 
men the flower and pride of the state — That no encouragement 
has as yet been given, nor leave obtained to settle those Lands 
which we humbly conceive is the cause of the above mention- 
ed -emigration — We therefore pray that we and our associates 
may have a grant of a Tovvmship of Land in some part of the 
above mentioned Tract under such restrictions and regulations 
as to your Honors may seem fust and reasonable, and as in duty 
bound shall ever pi'ay. 

Concord Decem'' 7"^ ^19^' 

Richard Herbert Richard Herbert J"' James Flanders 

Philip Flanders y Calvin Flanders Jonathan Herbert 

James Herbert Jonathan Chase Aaron Greeley 

Tim° Walker Tim° Walker Ju^ Charles Walker 

Abiel Walker Isaac Emery Nath' Abbott Jr. 

Joshua Abbott Rob* Choate Moses Hale 
Aquila Davis 


[This document is an elaborate plan of Merrimack river, 
from Federal Bridge to some distance below Hooksett falls. 
It was presented with a petition from Jonathan Dix for a 
ferry, 1774. — Ed.] 

[R. 225] [ William Walker's Petitio7z^ ^753 •'\ 

Province of New Hampshire. 

To the Honourable General Assembly for said Province — 
The Petition of William Walker of Rumford in said Province 
humbly sheweth ; that there is a mistake in the Petitioners 
Muster roll lately passed in said Assembly which is as follows 
viz': John Rawlings is born on said Roll beginning april 25*'^ 
& on untilljuly i" then Enoch Webster beginning with July 


1°' served in his place untill July 27'** as pet' said Roll appears, 
then John Rawlings resumed his service & served untill Octo- 
ber 3*^ : being nine weeks & five days for which service and 
subsistance he is not made up or born on said Roll and your 
petitioner therefore prays that vour Honours would take the 
Premises into your wise consideration & grant to the Heirs of 
said John Rawlings lately dec*^ wages for his said nine weeks 
& five days service & also subsistance money for the respective 
person or persons who billeted him the said term & your Peti- 
tioner shall as in Duty bound ever pray. 
Rumford June 13"', 1753. 

William Walker 

[Sworn to before Ezra Carter. The assembly granted 
him ;^6-i3-7 for wages, and ;!^4-5 for billeting, "new 
tenor." — Ed.] 

{R. 226] \^yoshua Abbott's Cet'tijicate^ ^77^ •'\ 

This may sertifye that John Roberson did not draw any 
money For his Coat or blanket that was Promised Him During 
His stay in my Companey. 

Joshua Abbott Cap' 

|]R. 227] \^Ezekiel Carter s Petition for TifuotJiy JoJmson^ 


State of New Hampshire. — 
To the Hon'''" The Council & the House of Representatives of 

the State of New Hampshire convened at Exeter August 18* 


The Petition of Ezekiel Carter of Concord in the County of 
Rockingham in the State of New Hampshire. — Humbly Shew- 
eth — That your Petitioner's Son in Law Timothy Johnson en- 
gaged in the service of this State in July 1777 in Cap' Peter 
Kimball's Company in Col" Stickney Regiment in General 
Starks Brigade, that he marched to Bennington and was there 
taken sick, that he was sent to N" 4 under the care of John 
Peters of Concord where he languished for several weeks and 
then and there died That your Petitioner expended Four 
Pounds Six Shillings and six Pence, according to the Bill here- 
with exhibited, in taking care of said Johnson — The said Carter 
therefore humbly prays that your Honours would take his case 
into consideration and make him a grant of the above sum. 

and your Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever Pray — 

Tim" Walker Jun"' in behalf of s'' Carter 

[The amount was allowed August 19, 1778. — I^d.] 


[R. 22S] \_Sara/i Pitts's Receipt.'] 

Concord May 31^' 1782. 

Receiv'^ of the Select Men of Concord by the Hand of Tim" 
Walker Jr : Fifteen Spanish Mill'' Dollars for supplying my 
Family in the absence of my Husband Thomas Pitts who in- 
gaged as a Soldier during the War, for said Concord, in the 
Continental army 

I say rec'^ by me 


Sarah X Pitts 


Tes* Rob^ Harris 
[R. 229] 

[September 5, 1782, Sarah Pitts acknowledges the receipt 
of £7-4, lawful money, attested by Mehitabel Harris. — Ed.J 

[R. 230] \_yonat/ian ElUof s Petition.] 

State of New Hamp"' 

To the Honb' the Senate and House of RejDresentatives for said 
State in General Court convened, Feb"" 1785- 

Humbly Shews. Jonathan Elliot of Concord in said State — 
That your Petitioner engaged in the service of the United States 
in the year 177^ ^^^ Cap' William Stilson's Company in Col° 
Wymans Reg', and served in said Company until discharged, 
that at the time of his being discharged there was one months 
pay due to said Company that at the Captains return he drew 
from the Treasury of this State the money due to said Company 
and left the State — The Lieutenant of said Company with al- 
most all the Company Petition the then Honb' Assembly for 
their pay & had their Petition granted, but your Petitioner living 
at a Distance from the Petitioners before mentioned had not the 
opportunity of then Petitioning — and has laid out of his just 
due to this time and your Petitioner is informed that the said 
Cap* Stilson has since returned and paid the money into the 
Treasury Wherefore your Petitioner prays that your Honours 
would take his case into your wise consideration and give him 
an order on the Treasurer for said months pay or otherways re- 
lieve your Petitioner as to your Honours shall seem meet — and 
your Petitioner as in Duty Bound shall pray 

Jonathan Elliot 

Concord Feb"' 11* 17S5 

CONWAY. 409 


The township was granted October i, 1765, to Daniel 
Foster and others, to contain 23,040 acres. Settlements 
had been made the year previous ; and between the time of 
the grant and 1766, James Osgood, Benjamin Osgood, Eb- 
enezer Burbank, and John Dolloff settled in the town. 

The first proprietors' meeting was held in Chester, De- 
cember 10, 1765, at which Thomas Merrill was chosen pro- 
prietors' clerk, and held the office twenty years. 

April 6th, 1772, ten of the original rights were regranted 
to other parties, for conditions broken. Col. Andrew Mc- 
Millan, one of the grantees, moved into the town, from 
Concord, in 1774; he was a lieutenant in the French war, 
and for his services as such, in accordance with a procla- 
mation of the king of October 7, 1763, he received a grant 
of 2000 acres of land north of Conway, and now within the 
limits of Bartlett, said grant being dated October 25, 1765. 
He was a prominent man there until his death, November 
6, 1800, at the age of 70. 

November 10, 1778, the town was severed from Grafton 
county and annexed to Strafford, and so remained until the 
formation of Carroll county in 1840. By an act approved 
June 14th, 1800, the following territory was annexed to the 
town : 

Grants of 2000 acres each to Lieutenant Hugh Sterling 
of Londonderry, Lieutenant Samuel Stark of Derryfield, 
and Lieutenant Archibald Stark of Dunbarton, made in 
consideration of services in "our Independent Company' of 
rangers" in the French war, and dated October 31, 1765. 

June 26, 1823, the farms of Jonathan Hardy and Edward 
Shirley were severed from Conway and annexed to Chat- 

[3-2] [ Vote of Town-Meeting:'] 

At a meeting of the propriators of Conway at the dweling 
house of Mr. Joshua Heath inholder in S^ Town on the 
30"' of March 1773 Unanimusly Voted, The Thanks of the 
Propriators of Conway to His Excellency the Governor & the 
Honorable his Ma)estys Council for their Care and kindness to 
Said Town in their Endeavors to Promote the Settlement of it 


by making a regrant of Such rights as belong*^ to those that 
would not Settle them to other of his Majestys Subjects as 
would Ingage to do it — And that the Moderator & Clark be de- 
sir*^ to Signify the Same to them — 

Timothy Walker Moderator 

Thomas Merrill Prop-- Clk. 

[3-1] \_Tho))ias Alerrill recom7nendedJ\ 

Province of \ 

New hamp'' J To His Excellencie John Wentworth Esq'' Gov- 
ernor and Commander in Chief in & over His majestys Prov- 
ince of New hampshire & vice adm' of Same the Humble Pe- 
tition of Sundry of y" Proprietors & Inhabatance of y^ town of 
Conway in S*^ Province & others adjacent — Whereas Said town 
of Conway hath a great number of Inhabatance & no person in 
the Commission for y*^ Peace within forty miles of S*^ town & 
Such a person being Greatly wanting among us we Humbly 
Beg your Excellence would Commission a person according to 
your Great wisdom to act in S*^ office among us (and we would 
Humbly Beg Liberty to Let your Excellency know that we 
Should Be Glad & Rejoyce If your Excellency Should appoint 
to that office Lieu' thomas Merrell of Said Conway) & as In 
Duty Bound your petitioner Shall ever pray &c — 

Walter Bryent James Osgood Joseph Eastman 

Ezekiel Walker Richard Ayer And"" M-^millan 

James gay Samuel Bodwell 

James Cochran Daniel Foster 

29 Apr. 1769 

We the Subscribers of His majestys Councel In New hamp' 
Beg Leave to Recommend to your Excellency the Person with- 
in Named (vis Lieu' thomas merrell) as a Suteable Person to 
be in the Commition for y^ Peace &c — 

D' Warner 
Theodore Atkinson 
T. Atkinson Jun'' 
Geo. Jaffi'ey 
Jonathan Warner 

[3-3] \_List of ratable Polls i?? Conivay^ as sworn to May p, 
1773, by Abiel Lovejoy and jfo/in Webster, Selectmen.^ 

Cap' Tim" Walker Ezekiel Walker Tho^ Merrill Esq-" 

David Page Benj'' Heath Tho' Merrill Jun'' 

CONWAY. 411 

W" Merrill Enoch Merrill Ja' Osgood 

Jeremy Page RicM H. Osgood Joshua Kelly 

Jeremiah Farronton John Dolloft' Eben"" Burbank 

Joshua Heath Eben"" Farnum Benj" Farnum 

John Willson John Webster Peter Chandler 

Leonard Harriman And''' M'^Millan Esq"" Enoch Webster 

Jona. Cochran Anthony Emery Abiel Lovejoy 

Abiather Eastman William Knox Levi Carter 

Tho' Russell Nath' Smith Nathan Davis 

Cap* Henr}' Brown John Dolloff Jun'' Abraham Colby 

Joseph Odell Daniel Buttertield Richard Eastman 

John Osgood Benj" Osgood. 

Total number polls 43 — arable land 1 20 acres — mowing land 57 
acres — Horses 6 — Oxen 34 — Cows 43 — 3 y"" olds 28 — 2 y'' olds 
12 — I y'' olds 9 — 

[3-4] \^Relative to deliiiquent Grantees.~\ 

Province of \ To his Excellency John Wentworth 

New Hampshire j Esq"" Captain General Governor and Com- 
mander in chief in and over his Majesty's Province of New 
Hampshire aforesaid &c. In Council — 

The Petition of Andrew M'^Millan Esq : In behalf of him- 
self and associates most humbly Shews — That the Township 
of Conway in said Province was granted by his Majesty's 
Charter bearing date the First day of October, 1765 in Sixty- 
nine Shares on certain Conditions of Settlement to be per- 
formed and fulfilled by the Grantees thereof in Five years from 
the date of said Charter, 

Also That certain of said Grantees, namely Moses Eastman, 
Nathaniel Eastman, Richard Ayers, Jacob Ayers, Nathaniel 
Peasly, Peter Ayers, William Ladd, Samuel Ayers, James 
Ozgood, Moses Foster Jun' John Carr Samuel Ingalls, John 
Lang, Asa Kimball and Andrew Buntin, have not performed 
the Conditions of settlement agreeable to Charter 

And your Petitioners have been at great Expence in settling 
said Town building Mills and making Roads into the Country 
at a Time when provision was very dear and to be transported 
many miles through an uninhabited Country. — 

Your Petitioners tlierefore Pray the Said Rights or Shares 
of the aforesaid delinquent Grantees, may be granted to vour 
Petitioners under such Conditions as to your Excellency shall 
seem meet ; and they as in duty Bound shall ever Pray &c. 

Portsm" 29"' January 1771 

And' M'=millan 

[The rights were regranted April 6, 1772. — Ed.] 


[3-5] \_Petitiofi to have the Towfi annexed to Strafford 

State of New ~\ 
Hampshire |- To the hon*'''' the Council & House of Rep- 
Grafton ss. j resentatives for said State 

The Petition of Thomas Chadbourn, Andrew M'^millan & David 
Page, a Commitee of the town of Conway in the County of Grafton 
and State aforesaid, humbly sheweth. That at a legal meeting 
of the inhabitants of said Conway on the 21''' day of Alay A D 
1778 the petitioners where chosen to petition the Genei-al- 
Court for said State, to disjoin said Conway from Grafton and 
annex it to the County of Straflbrd In pursuance of which trust 
we do in behalf of the inhabitants of said Conway humbly 
pray that your honors would take into your consideration the 
peculiar circumstances and situation of that Town — that it is 
50 miles distant from any inhabited Town in the County of 
Grafton — a still greater distance from the nearest shire Town 
in that County and almost 100 miles from the furthest, to wit 
Hayerhill. That it lies more contiguous to the incorporated 
Towns of Straftbrd, which County is now in a settled, con- 
nected State with the other parts of New-Hampshire, which 
cannot strictly be avei*red of the s*^ County of Grafton, add to 
all this, that it is no new start, but was proposed and voted in 
the year i774 to present a petition to the then Gen^ Court to 
the same purport with this, but the times put a stop thereto for 
all these Reasons your petitioners in behalf of said Conway pray 
your honors w** take the matter into your wise and deliberate 
consideration, and grant the prayer of their petition if you sh*^ 
think it promotive of the good of said Conway, and not incon- 
sistent with that of the State. — and y'' petitioners as in duty 
bound &c 

Conway July 7"^ 1778 

Thomas Chadbourn") r^ ., r 

Andrew APMillan ( <^o"^"^'te of 

David Page j ^°"^^''^^ 

[The above was granted by an act passed November 10, 
1778. — Ed.] 

[3-6] [ Concerning Authority of Civil Officers.^ 

Conway June 14*^ ^779 

Sir — When the town of Conway was annexed to the county 

of Stratibrd by an act of General Court there was no mention 

made in the act Respecting those Persons in Commision where 

they should be Renewed or otherwise ; Esq"^ Page is one of 

CONWAY. 413 

those Esq"" Page was made a Justice of the Peace in the year 
1776 and has Remained Ever sence in that office to the accept- 
ance of the People but by said act is Scrupelous of his author- 
ity and Prayes to be set Right by the General Court — in behalfe 
of the Town of Conway I am Sir your obliged Humble Ser- 
vant — 

Thomas Chadbourne 
To the Honb' John 

Langdon Esq. at Exeter 

or in his absence to Hon*"' 

John Dudley Esq"" — 

[3-7] \_Relative to Taxes^ Defence of Frontier^ etc.^ i'j8o.~\ 

State of New") To the Honourable, The Council and House 
Hampshire >- of Representatives of said State. 
Straflbrd ss. ) 

The Petition of the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the 
Town of Conway in the County & State aforesaid ; At a Legal 
Town Meeting assembled : 

Most humblv sheweth, 

That the Circumstances, & Situation of said Town are very 
peculiar ; that it is a Frontier Town, Ninety Miles distant from 
Sea-Port, Fiftv Miles whereof are through a Wilderness almost 
uninhabited ; that the great Distance from Market, & Badness of 
Roads (especially in the Winter Season) render the Transpor- 
tation of Produce & other Articles of Commerce exceeding 
difficult, & costly ; that your Petitioners have no other Means 
to raise Money but by the common Produce of the Land, & 
transporting the Same to Market, and for the Reasons afore- 
said, the neat Proceeds thereof are not more than one Third 
Part of the current Price at market ; that the incidental Cas- 
ualties & Charges of settling a new Township, together with 
the Distresses of the present War, have rendered your Petition- 
ers extremely poor ; that your Petitioners have always been 
chearful in paying their Qiiota of Taxes, when demanded, 
excepting the pressent Continental & State Taxes : and your 
Petitioners beg Leave to affirm as their Opinion, that there is 
not now, nor hath been since the Pavment of said Taxes being 
due. One Fourth Part so much Money owned by the Lihabi- 
tants of said Town as will discharge the Same : Therefore 
your Petitioners earnestly pray that your Honours would take 
the Premises into your Consideration, and abate them in Part 
of the present Taxes and favour them for the Future, or as you 
shall think fit. And your Petitioners farther humbly Shew, 
That whereas the Town of Conway with the few adjacent 


Inhabitants have always been considered as an Independent 
Company of Mihtia, have been at great Expence in equipping 
themselves with Implements of War, agreeable to the Law of 
said State, & the Rules & Order of said Company, and have 
ever defended themselves against their Frontier Enemies ; and 
their remote Situation is such, that it must render it extremely 
difficvilt & costly for them to be joined to any Regiment what- 
soever ; Therefore your Petitioners further pray that your 
Honours would take these Matters also into your serious, 
wise, & deliberate Consideration, & grant that said Company 
may continue in their former State, if your Honours shall 
think it promotive of the Good of your Petitioners, & not in- 
consistent with that of the State. And your Petitioners, as in 
Duty bound, will ever pray. 
Conway, Decemb'' 12"' 17S0 

Tho's Chadbourn ") o 1 ,. 

XT 1 o^ 1- ' Selectmen 

Hug-h Sterlmof 

D- V 1 T7 4- t ot Conway. 

Richard Eastman ) ■' 

In behalf of the Inhabitants 

[3-8] \_Petltion for Help to build a Road to Coos.^ 

To The Hon'*'" the Council and assembly of the State of New 

Hampshire — 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Conway — 

Humbly Shews That your petitioners being anxiously con- 
cerned for our Brethren & Neighbours the Inhabitants of the 
upper Cohos who altho' our near Neighbors are cut oft" from 
an easy communication with us by an almost inaccesable pass 
at the Heighth of the land which divides the River Saco from 
the River Connecticut — 

This pass which is mountanious & interrupted by several 
Brooks & small Rivers is not contained within the bounds of 
any Located Tract of Land & therefore remains to the State — 
& is of small extent — all other parts of the road between Con- 
way & said Cohos having lately (at the expence of the owners 
of the Lands) been repaired. Our concern on this Occasion 
arises from an apprehention that an Enemy may at some time 
& Probably this Summer make an attack on Connecticut River 
& shou'd such attack be made below said upper Cohos all 
means of Retreat for the Inhabitants above will be cut oft" sav- 
ing by the said Road which is so difticult of passage that it 
would be almost impracticable to remove with safety Women, 
Children or eftects of any kind and it would be equally difticult 
for the Inhabitants of Conway or the Neighbouring Towns to 

CONWAY. 415 

repair to the relief of our said Neighbours on Connecticut 

Therefore vour Petitioners Humbly pray that your Honors 
woud take the matter under your Wise Consideration & order 
that the said Road Shall be completed by the State in Such 
Way & manner as your Honors shall think best — and your Pe- 
titioners as in duty bound will ever Pray — &c 

Tho^ Merrill in behalfe 

(See Northumberland papers.] 

[3-9] \_Relative to raishig Men for the Defence of the 


State of New Hampshire | To the Honourable the Com- 
Straftbrd ss. f mittee of Safety for the State of 

New Hampshire. 

The humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Con- 
way, Sheweth, That the Town of Conway is a Frontier Town 
& exposed to the cruel Depredations of the Savages who have 
lately made Inroads in the neighbouring Towns ; — That they 
have alreadv sent out as a scouting Party all the Men that can 
possibly be spared from said Town, but said Party is much too 
small to answer any Purpose ; That immediate Succour is ab- 
solutely necessary for the Safety of the Frontiers of this State ; 
— That they have exerted themselves to their utmost to raise 
men on the Terms offered by the Honourable Committee, but 
all to no Effect : your Petitioners therefore humbly pray, that 
the Premises may be taken in to your prudent & deliberate 
Consideration, that some other Method may be devised for the 
speedv Raising of Men for the Defence of the distressed 

And your Petitioners will ever pray &c 

Conway, August 20"" 17S1 — 

Richard Eastman, Town Clerk. 
Bv Order of the Selectmen — 

[3-10] [ Colonel foseph Whipple relative to raising' Men for 

the Ar?ny.~\ 

Conway Aug'' 17, 17S1 

Sir — On mv arrival here this day I find that the order of the 

Committee of the 10"' Instant for raising 30 Men cannot be 

complied on the terms proposed of Continental pay &c — The 

officer appointed to the Command & sent out by Col. Page has 


been 3 days in the Business & has not procured a single Man — 
The Liut' is still out but there is no prospect of his Succeeding 
better — Not having myself been acquainted of late with the 
business of raising men it was not for me to suggest the im- 
practicability of raising them on these terms when I had the 
honor with M"" Page to receive the Committees orders — but I 
find that ever}^ Town who hath lately raised men for the Ser- 
vice hath been obliged to add greatly to the Wages in order to 
obtain them, & even then they have been obliged to class & 
draught, in some cases at least — I conceive that no method can 
be fallen upon to raise the Men immediatelv for this service 
but to draught them from the neighbouring Towns Vis, Con- 
way, Tamworth, Wakefield, Leavittstown, Wolfb" Moulten- 
bor° say such of them or such others as the Committee shall 
think fit Conway hath lost more than 300 days already, since 
the late alarm in scouting &c which may be a good plea for 
excusing them — The circuitous rout of lower Cohos is so 
intirely out of the way, besides its being in the heart of the 
disatlected part of the State I think renders it of little effect to 
call for them there — 

The Hon'''" Committee will see the necessity of imediately 
raising the men — I think the number before ordered inadequate 
to the occasion but if the Committee do not think proper to 
encrease it ; when these are raised there will be time to see 
w^hat better can be done — We know there ai'e three parties of 
the Enemy on the Frontiers of 9 to 11 each & their numbers 
may be much increased — the success that each of these parties 
met with will be the greatest encouragement to their future 
attempts, & to other adventures. — It is my humble opinion that 
there ought to be an establish'd force on the frontiers subject 
to such regulations as to be speedily encreased when the season 
of the year admits of the Enemys travelling the Wood with 
ease, & deminished when that season is over — at no time to be 
totallv dismissed, but a party stationed for Militia to collect to 
as occasion may require. — The Committee will have heard 
that the Inhabitants of Shelburn have come in and a single 
murder on Connecticut River will send in all the Inhabitants 
of vipper Cohos — we are endeavouring to form a small scout 
for a few davs till the Bearer shall return — I am using my en- 
deavours to prevail on the inhabitants of Shelburn to return & 
take care of their Crops, but have not yet suceeded with those 
I have seen — I shall not fail of my exertions to keep the people 
from removing in (if they once break there is no kno-wing 
where they will stop), for that purpose contrary to the Remon- 
strance of everybody here I am determ*^ to go forward myself 
in hopes that by being on the spot, I may calm the minds of 
the people till some force shall arrive — If the men are ordered 

CONWAY. 417 

to march as above proposed, I think they shoud be directed to 
take 6 Days allowance with them, provision cond be rais** soon 
after their arrival agreably to the Committees appointment — 

I cannot find that the 13 men raised in Col. Websters Rege- 
ment are arri\ed — The Bearer M"" Abiather Eastman is the 
person appointed to the Command of the party ordered to be 
raised & is approved of by the people here — I have the Honor 
to be with great respect 

Your Honors most Obed' & most 
Hb' serv' 

J. Whipple 
Cap' Eastmans Family being 
sick he cannot wait on you 
as was intended — the Bearer is Cap' Heath 

[3-1 1 ] S^Relative to Refugees fro77i frontier' Towns. ~\ 

State of Ne^v Hampshire. | To the Honourable, the General 
Strafford, ss. j Court of the State of New Hamp- 


The humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Con- 
way, Sheweth, That they have been at considerable Expence 
in assisting & relieving the distressed Inhabitants of the 
Frontiers of this State, who have suffered by the Ravages of 
the Savages of the Wilderness. That they have made out a 
just and exact Account of said Expence & sent it by Col. David 
Page their Representative, who is to exhibit it to the Honour- 
able Court, Your Petitioners humbly pray that the Premisses 
may be duly & equitably considered, that the said Expence 
may be reimbursed to the said Town. And your Petitioners, 
as in Duty bound, will ever pray. 

Conway Sept. 15"' 1781. Thomas Chadbourn ^ Selectmen in 

Richard Eastman |- Behalf of 
Enoch Webster J said Town. 

[3-12] \^ReIative to a Bridge over East BraJich.~\ 

cu ^ nvT Tj 1 • } To the Honourable the General 

otate or JNew Hampshire - r^ , -- o • 1 c . 
^ ) Court ot Said State 

The Humble Petition of The Inhabitants of a place called Starks 

Location & the Neighboring Locations Sheweth 

That they have been at a considerable expence in Makeing 

Roads trough Said Location that there is a Rapid River on S^ 



Location called the Eastering Branch, Great part of the year 
vmpassable that your Petitioners are unable to build a Bridge 
over the Same and have a long time Suffered and Endangered 
their Lives and properties for w^ant of S"^ Bridge That about 
two years agoe this Honourable Court did apoint Coll. Mc. 
Millan and others as a Committee to Make or Repaire a Road 
through S'^ Land in Conjunction With other Land, and Sell So 
much of S*^ Land as Would pay for the Same that the S* Mc- 
Millan did take one Hundred acre's of the best Land of S'' Lo- 
cation to Himself for that purpose but hath not built S'' Bridge 
or laid out one farthing on the Road Wherefore your Petition- 
ers Pray that this Honourable Court Will Take the Premisses 
in their Wise & Deliberate Consideration and Direct the S* 
M-" Mc. Millan to Make s'^ Bridge or otherwise as they Shall 

judge Proper and your Petitioners as in Duty Bound will 

Ever Pray 

vSigned Tho** Rickard in 
Pickwacket, Sept. iS'^, 1781. behalf of Himself and the 

Petitioners — — — — 
Vere Royse Benjamin Copps 

Enoch Emery Richardson Emery 

Josiah Copps George Wooddes 

Samuel Wooddes John Pendexter 

Nathaniel Smith Humphrey Emery 

Joseph Pitman Thomas Spring Peter Coffin 


To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives 
for the State of New hampshire in General Court assembled 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Conway Sheweth That 
the situation of the Town is Such that by the River (called 
Saco River) Runing through Said Town Divides it in two 
parts which makes it Dificult (especially in freshets) to pass 
from one part of the Town to the other — 

Wherefore your petitioners humbly prayeth that a patent 
may be granted for a ferry over Said River to M' Stephen Cof- 
fin and his Heirs for ever agreeable to the proposels of David 
Page Esq'' our Representative — and your Petitioners as in Duty 
bound will ever pray — 

Richard Eastman | Selectmen of 
Ezekiel Walker j Conway 

in behalfe of the Inhabitents 
June 5"^ 17S3. 




\_Number ratable PoUs^ -^7^3 •'] 

Conway December the 12'^ 1783 

An Inventory of the Number of male Polls of twenty one 
years of age and upward in the township of Conway and Loca- 
tions adjacent 

The N° of Polls in Conway — 72 

the N° of Polls in the Location — 36 

N. B. the township of Eaton and Burton consists of forty 
one Polls upw^ard of twenty one years of age as near as we can 

Richard Eastman") o 1 

r men 

Ezekiel Walker 
James osgood 

Straflbrd ss con way December the 1 2* 1 783 

the with Named Select men made solum oath that the with 
in In Ventory taken and subscribed by them was done accord- 
ing to the best of there knoledge and under standing 

Before me David Page Just peace 


[ Toivn Invent or ies.'\ 

A Coppy of the Sum total of all the Real and Personal Es- 
tate in the town of Conway as was taken by the Selectmen (by 
which they have made their taxes) in the years 1779 & 17S0 & 
1 781 & 1782 & 1783 



A D. 



Number of Pols 



N° of acres of arble Land 



N° of acres of mowing 



N° of acres of Pastureing 



N° of Horses 



N" of oxen 



N° of cows 



N° of three years old 



N° of 2 year old 



N° of I year old 



Value of Real Estate £ 




Ad 1781 












Number of Pols 

N° of acres of arable 

N° of acres of mowing 

N° of acres of Pasture 

N° of Horses 

N° of oxen 

N" of cows 

N° of three year old 

N° of 2 year old 

N" of I year old 

Sum total of the Real Estate 











• 5- 




. 6. 




• 9- 




• 7- 










The Sum of all the Real and Perso 
April 1783 AD 

Number of Pols 

N° of acres of arable Land 

N° of acres of mowing 

N° of acres of Pasturing 

N" of Horses 

N° of oxen 

N° of Cows 

N" of three year old 

N° of 2 year old 

N° of I year old 

the Sum total of Real Estate 

nal Estate 













taken in 








the Several inventorys within this Paper is a true coppy tak- 
en from the original inventorys that the Select men of Conway 
hav^e made their taxes by yearly 

Richard Eastman \ Select 
Ezekiel Walker j men 

[3-16] \_Conce7-ning Abatemeiit of State Tax.'] 

To the Honourable the General Court of the State of New 


The Petition of the Select men of Conway in behalf of said 
Town humbly sheweth, that when the State was proportioned 
for a new Tax in 1779, the town of Conway was doomed ; and 
the Sum was greater than their just proportion — said Town 
immediately petitioned the General Court for an abatement of 
their Tax but to no purpose. Your Petitioners therefore hum- 
bly pray that your Honours will take their Case under your 

CONWAY. 421 

wise consideration and abate so much of their Taxes, since said 
proportion was taken, as you in your wisdom shall think meet 
& your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray. 

Conway June i*' 1784 

Richard Eastman 1 o 1 

Ti f ociect 
ames Osgood V 

Ezekiel Walker ) '"^'^ 


The Deposition of Nath^ Merrill of Lawful age testifiet'* and 
saith that he surveyed all the Land that is Laid out in the Town 
of Conway and is well acquainted with what is left as Com- 
mon or undivided, and that according to the best Estemation 
your Deponant can make their is more than the one half of the 
Town of Convvav, that is Mountains Pine Plains or Wast Bogg, 
and that a Bout three Thousand Eight Hundred acres of that 
half is in one Alountain and further saith Not 

Nath' Merrill 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts | Personallv appeared 
York ss. Brownheld October 8"^ 17S4 j NathanielMerrill& made 
Solemn Oath to the Truth of the above Deposition by him sub- 
scribed taken at the request of the Selectmen of the Town of 
Conway in the State of New Hampshire to be used in the Gen- 
eral Court — 

Coram Josh B. Osgood 

Just Pacis 

[3-20 \^Co7icer7iing Freshet of October, I'j8§.'\ 

To the Hon''^" the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire convened at Portsmouth the second 
Wednesday of December A D 1786 

Humbly shcwcth Andrew McMillan Esq'' in behalf of the 
Inhabitants of the Town of Conway in the County of Strartbrd 
in said State : That said Town is situated on Saco River about 
twenty miles South East from the White Hills ; 

That it is often flowed by sudden and heavy Rains, which 
cause great damage; That in the month of October 1785 an 
unusual Rain fell, which raised the River to a much greater 
height than was ever known before ; The Water overflowing 
the Banks, deluged the surrounding Countrv. greatly injured 
many Farms, totally ruined others, drowned many of tlie Cat- 
tle, carried ofl" almost all the Fences, damaged some Buildings, 


destroyed others, and swept away or ruined great part of the 
produce of the Town — the Inhabitants sole dependance for 
support, or for the pa3aiient of Taxes — 

The said Andrew therefore prays the Hon'''" Court that they 
would take the distresed situation of the Town of Conway un- 
der their wise consideration and abate the Taxes of the Lands 
that were destroyed for the present year and untill a new valu- 
ation is taken ; and on account of the extraordinary losses sus- 
tained, abate for this year so much of the Taxes of the Town 
as to their wisdom shall seem meet. And as in duty bound 
will ever pray 

Andrew M'^Millan 

The following is an Estmiate of the losses sustained in the 
Town of Conway by a grate Freshet in October 1 7S5 About 
three hundred and twenty seven Acres of Arable and Mowing 
Land totaly spoild two Barns carried away With all the Hay and 
Grain in them Seven Dwelling Houses and four Barns so much 
Damaged as Obliged the Owners to Rebuild them again — and 
as the most of the Barns stood on the Interval a grate part of the 
hay was lost ten Oxen twelve Cowes Eighty sheep two Horses 
and twenty-five swine Drowned ; a large Qiiantity of Flax 
which was spread in the Intei'val, a greater part of the Corn 
then in the fields : allmost Every rod of Fence in the Town 
and Every Bridge great and small two of which Cost the Town 
About one hundred pounds also one Tun and a half of Potash 
Consumed Besides many other losses — 

the above is agreeable to an account taken by the Selectmen 
of Conway August 17S6 and Sworne to before 

Andrew M'^Millan Justis peace 

N B One Saw Mill and one Grist Mill together with Dams 
Carried ofi' 

[3-19] \^Co7icerHing Electio7i of Represe7itative.~\ 

to the Honourable House of Representatives of the State of 
New Hampshire the Petition of David Page of conway in Said 
State in behalf of the town of Eaten burten conway and Loca- 
tions Sheweth that the above mentioned Places ware formed 
into a Destrict for the purpose of sending a member to the 
General Court & it fell by Rotation to burten to Notify the De- 
strict this year which they went to Doe but upon exammenation 

CONWAY, 423 

it was found that they had not mentioned all the Places in the 
Destrict in there Notifycation by which means the meeting was 
not agreable to the costitution and consequencele there was no 
Person chosen to Represent the Destrict, your petitioner there- 
fore prays that an order may pass this house Impowering said 
Burten to call a meeting and if the Destrict think fit make 
choyse of some Person to Represent them in the General court 
— and your petitioner as in duty bound will pray 

concord June the 7 1 786 

David Page 

[June 12, 1786, H. of Rep. voted to grant the petition. 

[3-21] \^Concer>iing the fo7-77iation of a netv Co7intv.'\ 

To the Honourable The Senate and House of Representatives 
of the State of New-Hampshire, in General Court convened 
at Concord, the first wednesdav of June 1791 — 

The Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Town of Conway 
by their Selectmen in this ^^etition. humbly beg leave to shew, 
That your petitioners being informed that a new arrangement 
of the counties througout the State is likelv to take place, 
wovdd, with submission, give their opinion with regard to the 
northerly part of this State. It is needless to observe to your 
Honors, that the town of Conway is the most northerly town 
in the County of Straftbrd, and nearly seventy miles distant 
from where the Courts are held in and for said County which 
is no small inconvenience on many accounts ; and as your 
petitioners conceive the northerly part of the County of Graf- 
ton labours under similar difficulties — they therefore humbly 
pray that a new County may be formed in the northerly part of 
this State in such a manner as to include part of what is now 
the County of Grafton, and a small part of the County of 
Straftbrd, which would greatly encourage the settlement and 
population of the northerly part of the State ; an object truly 
desirable with every wise Legislature — 

Your petitioners further beg leave to suggest, that, in their 
opinion it would be convenient that the bounds of the new 
County be as follow : Beginning on the line between the Dis- 
trict of Maine and the State of New Hampshire to the South 
of the Locations which are situated on the South of Conway 
near Ossipce River thence running northerly on said line to 
Connecticut River or Canady line thence down said River to 
the Southerly bounds of Lyman ; from thence easterly to the 


bounds first mentioned ; including Eaton, Burton, and Tam- 

"worth ; 

Or to be limited otherwise, as yovu" Honors, in your wisdom 

shall think fit. — And your petitioners, as in duty bound, shall 

ever pray. 

Richard Eastman ^ Select- 
Stephen Webster > men of 
James Osgood j Conway 

[S^-^S] [ Co7icerning Rep resent at ive Classr\ 

To the Hon^^® the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in general Court convened at Ports- 
mouth Novem*" 30*^ 1791 — 

The Petition of the freeholders and other Inhabitants of 
Conway, Bartlett and the Locations to the North of Bartlett — 
Together with Sterlings, Archibald Starks and Samuel Starks 
Location South of Conway — Humbly Sheweth — 

That your petitioners finding it very inconvenient for them 
to be classed with Eaton and Burton for the choise of a Rep- 
resentative among the many inconveniences attending it with 
submission point out That the scattered, and Remote Situation 
of the Inhabitants, from the places where their Meeting are 
held, being nearly thirty miles distance — and in the month of 
March when s*^ meeting is held the Roads are so bad and Rivers 
high. That Renders it almost impossable for the greatest part of 
Conway and the whole of Bartlett to attend yvhen the Meeting 
is held at Eaton or Burton altho Conway and Bartlett, have 
three times the number of Reatable polls there are in Eaton 
and Burton — In consequence of the foregoing inconveniencies 
togather with many others — your petitioners conceive them- 
selves in some measure, deprived of a voice in the Choice of a 
Representative, that they as Citizens are intitled to and of 
course a greivance, yovir petitioners pray may be Removed, by 
classing Conway, Bartlett, & Locations aforesaid for the choice 
of a Representative or otherwise Releaved as you in your 
wisdom shall judge Expedient — and your Petitioners as in duty 
bound shall ever pray — 

John Pendexter, Samuel Willd, Elijah Densmore Ju"" 

Ralph Hall Joseph Pitman, Josiah Thompson 

Samuel Wooddes, Jonathan Hutchins, Samuel Carlton, 

Enoch Emery, Timothy Walker, George Wooddes, 

Joseph Hall Juner, Thomas Spring, Joseph Pinkham, 

Isaac Stanton, Joseph Hall. Josiah Hall, 

James Rogers, Jonathan Tasker, James Bassett, 



levi Sevey, 
Samuel Fall, 
John Dollof, 
Obed Hall, 
Josiai^ wekes, 
Joseph tompson, 
Ja^ Harrold, 
Ben^ Osgood 
Samuell Howard, 
Stephen Coffin. 
John Boswell Juner, 
Caleb Smith 
William Webster, 
Stephen Webster, 
William Chadbourn, 
Joshua Heath, 
William Knox, 
James Emery, 
Eben Bean, 
Benjamin Canna, 
Daniel Leary, 
Thomas King, 
Abiather Eastman, 
Noah Eastman, 
Elijah Densmore 

Simon Seavey, 
Jonathan Place, 
Richard garland,