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'] F.S.Crawford, '| 
|.> BI KDER, .^ 

\ rONCOlUi, N. n. 1 

c . . 

C0fon papers. 







Embracing some Documents relative to Towns which have 

been returned to the State archives since the 

publication of Volume XI. 








JOINT RESOLUTION relating to the preservation and publication of 
portions of the early state and provincial records and other state 
papers of New Hampshire. 

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives hi General 
Court convened: 

That his excellency the governor be hereby authorized and empov^f- 
ered, with the advice and consent of the council, to employ some suit- 
able person — and fix his compensation, to be paid out of any money in 
the treasury not otherwise appropriated — to collect, arrange, transcribe, 
and superintend the publication of such portions of the early state and 
provincial records and other state papers of New Hampshire as the 
governor may deem proper; and that eight hundred copies of each 
volume of the same be printed by the state printer, and distributed as 
follows : namely, one copy to each city and town in the state, one copy 
to such of the public libraries in the state as the governor may desig- 
nate, fifty copies to the New Hampshire Historical Society, and the 
remainder placed in the custody of the state librarian, who is hereby 
authorized to exchange the same for similar publications by other states^ 

Approved August 4, 1881. 


In this volume is continued the publication of the same class 
of papers published in Volume XI, commencing with Gilman- 
ton, and taking the towns, as alphabetically arranged, to New 
Ipswich. They extend over a period, in some towns, of one 
hundred and fifty years, ending with the year iSoo. 

The editorial introduction to each town is intended to give 
data relative to the grant, charter, and incorporation, and all 
severances and annexations of territory, and all divisions for the 
purpose of forming new towns, said data being compiled from 
the manuscript records of the state in all cases. The petitions 
for various purposes are valuable, as furnishing much historical 
matter not elsewhere in existence, and the names of the inhab- 
itants at various dates. They have been in all cases copied as 
originally written, scrupulously preserving the orthography, 
punctuation, capitalization, etc. Many valuable documents rel- 
ative to soldiers of the various Indian and French and Revolu- 
tionary wars may be found in this and the preceding volume. 
Volume XIII, the printing of which has been commenced, will 
contain the remainder of this class of documents. 

The editor desires to express his gratitude to many citizens 
of the state, who are especially interested in its history, for 
encouragement given him in his labor, and for the many favor- 
able comments awarded to Volume XI, and particularly to His 
Excellency Charles H. Bell, for valuable advice and support. 

Should this volume be as favorably received as its predeces- 
sor, the editor will be entirel}' satisfied with the result of his 
labor, and encouraged to future eflbrts. i. w. h. 

Concord, May, 18S3. 



Introduction, ........ i 

Petition for authority to assess and collect taxes, \^2)'7i ^ 

Petition of inhabitants relative to a road, 1770, . . 3 

Petition for a magistrate, ...... 4 

Letter from Col. Joseph Badger to committee of safety, 

1776, ......... 5 

Roll of men of Col. Badger's regiment, mustered July 

2.3' 1776, , • • • • • • • . 6 

Roll of officers in Col. Badger's legiment, 1776, . . 8 

Gilmanton soldiers' orders and receipts, ... 9 

Return of ratable polls, 17S5, . . . . . 10 

Petition for a magistrate, 1 7SS, . . . . . 11 

Petition to have courts held at Norway Plains, 17S9, . 11 

Action of town relative to Gilmanton Academy, 1792, . 14 
Thomas Cogswell to Hon. Abiel Foster relative to the 

academy, i794' ....... 16 

Thomas Cogswell to Hon. John Prentice, relative to the 

academy, ........ 16 


Introduction, ....... 

Petition for a grr.nt of the towaiship, 1752, . 
Petition to have the charter lengthened out, 17631 
Relative to boundary line between this town and Stod 
dard, 176S, .... 

Relative to a wire factor}', 1776, . 
Relative to collection of taxes, 1782, 
Return of ratable polls, 1784, 
Petition for a new town, 17S6, 
Certificate of vote of town, 1787, 
Non-resident land-owners, 1793, . 











Introduction, ....... 

Relative to church matters, ..... 

Petition from Presbyterians, 1 77 1, 

Relative to the settlement of Rev. Mr. Currier, 1771, 

Remonstrance to Mr. Currier's settlement, 1771, . 

Proceedings of town-meeting, 177^' 

Relative to a dispute at town-meeting, 1772, 

Petition for a lottery to build bridges over Piscataquog 

river, 177S, ....... 

Petition for the privilege of sending a representative 

without being classed with Derryfield, 1779, 
Documents relative to soldiers, 177S, . 
Col. Kelley to Col. Stickney, .... 

Relative to Joshua Wilson, soldier, 17751 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1780, 

Petition relative to church atlairs, 1781, 

Request relative to management of town-meeting, 1783 

Deposition relative to constables' pay, . 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3, .... 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1783, .... 

Protest against action in town-meeting, 17S3, 

Trouble between the Congregational and Presbyterian 

parishes, 1783, ...... 

Protest against proceedings of town-meeting, 1783, 
Petition to have the line between Goffstown and New 

Boston established, 1787, .... 

Goftstown men in first N. H. regiment, 









Introduction, ........ 46 

Rev. Elias Fisher's certificate, 17961 .... 47 

Petition for relief from paying ministerial taxes in Lemp- 

ster, 1796, . . . . . . . . . 47 

Vote of Lempster relative to ministerial taxes paid by 

Goshen, 1796, ........ 48 


Introduction, ..... 

Petition for incorporation, etc., i777' • 

Petition for incorporation, 17785 • 

Petition relative to taxes, etc., i779' 

Justice of the peace elected, i779' 

Account of service done in the Revolutionary war. 






Petition for the passage of an act making produce, etc., 

legal tender for debts, 17S3, ..... 54 

Documents copied from Gen. Jonathan Chase's papers, 55 

Grafton men drafted, 1780, ...... 56 


Introduction, ........ 56 

List of grievances, i777» ...... 57 

Documents copied from Gen. Jonathan Chase's papers, 58 

Relative to town lines, 17S1, . . . . . 58 

Inventory for 1775, ....... 59 

Petition for a parochial parish, 17S0, .... 59 

Petition to have the name of the town established as 

New Grantham, 1787, ...... 60 


Petition of sundry inhabitants to be annexed to Fran- 

cestown, 1792, ....... 61 

Petition for annexation of some lands to Greenfield, 1793, 63 


Introduction, ....... 

Petition to have the boundaries established, 1714, 

Petition for authority to elect a representative, 1730, 

Relative to ministerial taxes, 1739, 

Military officers elected, 1775, 

Vote relative to forming a state government, 1776 

Relative to Thomas Packer, Jr., soldier, 1779, 

Soldier's order, 17S1, ..... 

Matrimonial agreement, Thomas Packer and Molly 

Tarlton, 1779, ...... 

Relative to election of representatives, 17S3, 

Petition for authority to raise money by lottery to build 

a bridge, 1789, ....... 






Introduction, ........ 73 

Election of justice of the peace, i779' ... 74 

Relative to a road through Plymouth, etc., 17S1, . 74 

Petition relative to a road through Alexandria, 1782, . 76 
Capt. Edmund Shattuck recommended for a magistrate, 

1785, • • • 77 

Petition relative to boundaries, 17S5, .... 'j8 

Petition for change of name of town, 1788, ... 79 

Petition of Cockermouth people for a new town, 1791? 80 



Petition of Plymoutii people for a new town, 1791, . 80 

Capt. Edmund Shattuck's resignation, 1791, . . 83 

Petition to have the name of the town changed to 

Groton, 1796, ........ 82 


Introduction, ....... 

Assessment of rates, about 1764, .... 

Petition for an incorporation of the town, 1746, . 
Committee to prosecute the foregoing petition, 1748, 
Request relative to foregoing petition, 1749, 
Committee to defend Kingston lawsuits, 176S, 
Votes in town-meeting relative to Kingston claims, 1760 
Votes of town relative to Kingston claims, 1767, 
Committee appointed to settle with Kingston, 1767, 
Relative to the settlement of Kingston dispute, 1768, 
Elijah Heath's account, 1760, .... 

William Heath, Jr., soldier, 1760, ... 

Benjamin Morse, soldier, I 763, .... 

John Sawyer, soldier of the R. I. expedition, 1778, 

John Eaton's petition, soldier, 1780, 

Petition to be classed for representative, 17S5, 

Petition relative to paper money, etc., 17S6, 

Relative to Revolutionary matters. 

Petition for a magistrate, 17SS, .... 

Certificate of nails made, 1791, .... 

Certificate of nails made, 1793, .... 









Introduction, ....... 

Depositions relating to boundary line between Hampton 

and Portsmouth, 1669, ..... 
Agreement relative to boundary between Hampton and 

Portsmouth, 1669, ...... 

Election of assemblymen, 1691, . 

Vote relative to granting new town, Kingston, 1694, 

Disbursements for soldiers, 1694, 

Selectmen about a new town, 1694, 

Election of assemblymen, 1694, .... 

Hampton soldiers, 1695, 1696, .... 

Hampton men in garrison at Exeter, i695-'96, 
Hampton soldiers, April to September, 1696, 
New Hampshire to Hampton men, 1696, 
Warrant for muster of the militia, 1697, 
Hampton men sent to the fort, 1704, 
Hampton soldiers, 1708, ..... 






I 10 



Remonstrance against a township being granted at 

Squamscot, 1709, .... 
Another of same tenor, 171=5, 
Weare's petition for a township, 1717, 
Warrant for parish meeting, 17 19, 
Falls men present at said meeting. 
New Parish men present at said meeting, 
Petition for grant of a township, 1731, 
Bill of expense for constructing a pillory, 1732, 
Petition of North Hill inhabitants relative to paying 

ministerial rates: addressed to Gov. Belcher and the 

assembly, 173S, ..... 

North Hill parish declaration, 1739, 
Report of committee concerning lines between 

Hill and the old parish, 1742, . 
Remonstrance to foregoing report. 
Abstract from Dr. Anthony's memorial, 1757, 
Abstract from Nathan Blake's petition, addressed 

governor and assemblv, Jan. 2S, 1760, 
Relative to small-pox, 17^8, 
Relative to a lottery, 1790, .... 
Vote of town relative to a lottery, 1790, 
Petition for authority to raise money by lotterv 

pair a bridge, etc., 1791, .... 
Relative to aforenamed lottery, 1791, • 
Relative to church matters, 1796, 
List of land-owners, about 1 73S, . 


to the 

to re 











Introduction, ........ 130 

Petition for grant of a township, no date, . . . 130 

Petition of John Brown, innholder, for the privilege of 

a town fair, about 1734, ...... 131 

Deposition of Joshua Pierce, ..... 132 

Petition relative to making a new town of the west part, 

1736; • _. • • _ 133 

Committee appointed to fix division line, and report of 

said committee, 1736, ...... 133 

Action of legislature, 1737, ...... 135 

Petition for a change of dates of the fairs, 1738-' • • '35 

Petition for the granting of a township, 1749, . • 136 

Petition of Quakers relative to service in the army, 1761, 137 

Relative to incorporation of Seabrook, 176S, . . 138 

Objections to the meeting called by Justices Brj^ant and 

Emery, 1770, . . . . . . . . 138 

Petition for the appointment of a committee to settle 

parish difficulties, 1770, ...... 139 


Report of the committee, i']^Oi 
Louisbourg soldiers, 1746, . 
Crown Point soldier, 1756, . 
Abigail Dwinnell's petition, 1759, 
Petition of Isaac Tobey, 1760, 
Jonathan Knowlton, soldier, 1760, 
Isaiah Row, soldier, 1760, . 
Eleazer Qiiimby, soldier, 1760, . 
David Steward, soldier, 1761, 
Proceedings in a parish meeting, i773' 
Summons to witnesses in foregoing matter, , 
Petition concerning aforesaid dispute, . 
Another statement relative to the foregoing dispute, 
D. Bachelder's statement concerning same, . 
Election of a magistrate, 1776, .... 
Return of ratable polls, 17S3, .... 
Recommendation for appointment of magistrate, 17891 
Relative to working highway taxes in Hampton Falls 
and Seabrook parish, 1791? . . . . . 











Introduction, ........ 152 

Consent of inhabitants of the east side to the incorpo- 

I'ation of Hancock, 1779, ...... 152 

Petition for an incorporation of the town, i779' • • ^5^ 

Petition relative to taxes, 1779: ..... 153 

Report of committee to locate a meeting-house, 1785? • ^54 

Petition for special tax to build a meeting-house, . . 155 

Petition for appointment of a committee to locate a 

meeting-house, 1785? • • • • • • ^55 

Petition for authority to levy a tax to build a meeting- 
house, 1785, 156 

Relative to building a meeting-house, 1787? • • 156 

Petition of Jos. Putnam to be annexed to Hancock, i793? i57 

Consent of the town to the foregoing, .... 157 

Relative to militia regiments, 17851 • • • • ^S^ 


Introduction, ........ 159 

Vote of the town relative to its boundaries, 177^' • ^59 

Petition for an additional grant, 1771, .... 159 

John Crane for leave to establish a hospital, i773'> • ^^^ 

Jonathan Freeman relative to Hanover addition, i774' ^^^ 

Precept for the election of a representative, i775' • ^^^ 

Vote of the town relative to the matter in dispute, . 165 

Petition of Lieut. John House, 1779, .... 165 



Petition of Thos. Clark, soldier, addressed to the gen 
eral assembly, 17S3, ..... 

Petition of Lieut. James Goold, 1783, . 

Peter Johnson, Bunker Hill, soldier, . 

Soldiers' orders, 17S6, ..... 

From Gen. Chase's papers, ..... 

Petition to have a part of Hanover incorporated into a 
new town, 17S3, ...... 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3, .... 

Petition for the appointment of a magistrate, 17S4, 

Petition for an issue of paper money, 17S4, . 

Relative to a road through town, laid out by a legisla 
tive committee, 17S6, ..... 

Petition for a grant to make a canal, etc., 1792, . 

Isaac Rogers's petition for a ferry, 1794, 






Introduction, . . . . . . . . 177 

Petition for a ferry, 1772, . . . . . . 177 

Extract from grant to Asa Porter, . . . . 178 

Report of the committee on the matter of granting a 

ferry to Thomas Johnson, . . . . . 179 

Relative to dead body found, 1776, . . . . 179 

Enoch Bartlet's complaint, 1780, . . . . 180 

Abstract from the petition of Geo. Moor, soldier, 1783, 181 

John French, armorer, 1780, . . . . . iSi 

Moses Dow declines to accept an election as a member 

of the congress of the United States, 1784, . . 182 

Vote of town relative to paper money, 17S6, . . 183 

Selectmen's protest to the grant of a ferrv to Ezekiel 

Ladd, \ . . 183 

Petition for an act of incorporation for the academy, 

1793, ......... 184 

Subscriptions towards building a bridge over Connec- 
ticut river, 1794, • . . . • . . 185 
Asa Porter for a ferry, . . . . . . 186 

John Hurd relative to roads, 1774, • • • • 1S6 

Representation of services done by the town during the 

war, and its present condition, 1798, • • • 1S7 


Introduction, . . . . . . . . 189 

Petition of the inhabitants to have the town incorpo- 
rated, 1768, 189 

Return of men raised for the army, 177^' • • • ^9^ 

Roll of Capt. Aaron Adams's company, 1776, . . 192 



Joseph Patterson, wounded soldier, 1778, . . . 193 

Abraham Kimball, wounded soldier, .... 193 

Soldier's order, 1779, ....... 194 

Petition for the appointment of a committee to locate a 

meeting-house, 1786, ...... 194 

Introduction, ...... 

Petition to be incorporated into two towns, 1776, 
Arms and ammunition asked for, 1776, 
Petition to be incorporated, 1778, 
Certificate of soldiers exempt from poll tax. 
Deposition of Capt. Edward Everett, . 
David Emerson recommended for coroner, 17S2 
Return of number of ratable polls, 1783, 
Deposition of Joseph Emmons, 17S1, . 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 17S5, 
Petition for a division of the town, 17S7, 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1789, 



Introduction, ...... 

Hillsborough soldiers in R. I. expedition, 1778, 
A list of alarm men in Hillsborough, 1776, . 
Return of a soldier, 1779, .... 

Bounties advanced by towns, 1782, 

Lieut. Sam. Bradford's petition, 1781, 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 17S0, 

Relative to drawing town lots, 17S4, . 

Relative to date of annual meeting, 1785, 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1785, 

Relative to Robert Tinney, soldier. 

Relative to incorporating a town library, 1797, 



Introduction, ....... 

Col. Josiah Willard's account for supplies furnished sol 
diers, 1750, ..... 

Col. Ebenezer Hinsdale's bill, 1785, 
Relative to Dummer's ferry. 
Relative to abatement of taxes, 1779, • 
Relative to Vermont controversy, 17S1, 
Petition for a grant of a ferry, 1785, 
Relative to aforesaid ferry, 1786, 
Another petition relative to same, 1786, 











Deposition of Josiah Wheeler, 17S6, .... 219 

Deposition of Nathaniel Stearns, 17S6, . . . 220 

James Hubbard for a ferry, 17S6, . . . . 221 

Petition for a magistrate, 17S9, ..... 222 

Petition for authority to send a representative, 1793, . 222 

Petition for the privilege of a lottery, 1795, . . . 223 

Petition of Nathan Willard for a grant of Gravel Island, 

1795' • • • , 224 

Petition of Zebulon Moflatt, soldier, 1776, addressed to 

the general court, . . . . . . . 225 

Account for soldiers' bounties, etc., .... 225 


Introduction, ........ 226 

Petition for a regrant of some forfeited rights, . . 226 

Petition for arms and ammunition, 1776, . . . 227 

Hercules JMooney's petition, 1779, .... 227 

Holderness soldier, 1782, ...... 228 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, ..... 228 

Relative to class for representative, 17S5, . . . 22S 

Maj. Sam. vShepard recommended for a magistrate, 

17891 229 

Against the appointment of Sam. Shepard, . . . 230 

Petition for the laying out of a road from Plymouth to 

Hill, 179S, ' . . 230 

Introduction, . . . , . . . . 231 

Peter Wheeler's petition, 1761, ..... 232 

Joshua Wright's ])ctition, 1760, ..... 232 
Selectmen's account for taking an inventory of New 

Ipswich, 1 761, ....... 232 

Petition from inhabitants of Dunstable to be annexed to 

Hollis, 1762, ........ 233 

Vote at a town- meeting, 1764, ..... 234 

Vote at a town-meeting, 176S, ..... 234 

Appointment of Sam. Farley, agent, 176S, . . . 234 

Petition for the formation of a new town, 176S, . . 235 

Petition for the formation of a new town, 1769, . . 2325 

Boundaries of Raby, 1769, ...... 236 

Agreement relative to extending the town further east, 

1.773' .236 

Petition of Dunstable parties to be annexed to Hollis, 

^773 , • . • • • • 237 

Consent of Dunstable to the foregoing, i773' • • 238 
Relative to a Hollis man enlisted in Massachusetts reg- 
iment, 177S, ........ 239 



Relative to appointment of officers in the militia, I'J'JS, 

Relative to the estates of absentees, i779' 

Estates of Hollis absentees, 1779? 

Account of sale of confiscated counterfeiters' tools, 1780 

Petition of Capt. Reuben Dow, 177^1 • 

Aid to the fiimily of Jacob Danforth, 1779, . 

Soldiers' Petition for an allowance for the depreciation 

of their pay, 1781, ...... 

Relative to Lemuel Blood, soldier, 1783, 

Testimony of Reuben Blood and Wm. Cormick con 

cerning the same, 1780, ..... 

Deposition of Jeremiah Prichard, 1778, 

Soldiers' orders, ....... 

Relative to estate of Wm. Brown, an absentee, 1784, 
Relative to the restoration of Monson, 1782, 
Petitioners' tax, 1782, ...... 

Statement of a grievance, 17831 .... 

Relative to articles of confederation, 1783, • 
Petition of certain persons to be set oti" to Raby, 1783 
Opposition of Hollis to the petition of Raby, 1785, 
Petition for a magistrate, 1784^ .... 













Introduction, . . . . . . . . 252 

Petition of Joshua Abbott for a ferry, 1782, . . . 253 
Petition of Dustin and Martin for a ferry, 1782, . . 253 
Petition of McGregore and Duncan for exclusive privi- 
lege of locking Hooksett falls, 1794, . . . 254 


Introduction, ........ 255 

Petition for the privilege of having a representative, 

1773. 257 

Relative to the formation of counties, 1772,. . . 257 

Proceedings of a town-meeting, 177^1 • • . . 259 

Relative to the formation of counties, 1772,. . . 259 

Capt. Stillson relative to soldiers, 1776, . . . 260 

John Hale declines the appointment of major, i777' • 260 

Petition of Timothy Clements, 1778, .... 261 
Remonstrance to the appointment of Benj. Wiggin, 

1785, .' . . 261 

Petition for the appointment of Benjamin Wiggin as a 

magistrate, 1786, ....... 262 

Another petition in favor of Wiggin, 1786, . . . 263 

Petition in favor of Lieut, Joshua Morse, 1786, . . 264 



Another remonstrance to Mr. Wiggin, 

Enlistment papers, i77^' .... 

Depositions relative to service in the army, 1777 

Enlistments, 1781, 

Certificate of soldiers mustered, 1 78 1, . 

Petition of Joseph Marsh, soldier, 17S7, 

Petition of Samuel French, soldier, 17S7, 

Petition of Elijah Smart, soldier, 1791, 

Hopkinton men in the First N. H. Regiment, 

Remonstrance to the ordination of Rev. Jacob Cram 

17^9^ • 

Another remonstrance of the same import, 1789, 





Introduction, ....... 

Nottingham West men in First N. H. Regiment, 
Complaint concerning Rev. Nathaniel Merrill, 1747, 
Granting authority to Mr. Cummings to petition the 
legislature, 1747, ..... 

Relative to ministerial affairs, i747? 

Alleged illegal voting, 1747, 

Petition relative to foregoing, 1747, 

Statement in favor of Moses Hadley's petition, 

Relative to Jonathan Searle, 1775, 

Relative to land of Wm. Brattle, 1777, 

Relative to the protection offish, 1778, 

Petition relative to aforesaid act, 17795 

Petition of Thomas Caldwell, 1783. 

Depositions of Cummings, Cross, and Hale, 17S3 

Statement relative to building the road, 17S3, 

More relative to said road, 17S3, . 

Petition of Sarah Bradbury, 17S0, 

Petition of Richard Cutter, soldier, 

Asa Davis recommended for a magistrate, 1785, 

Petition for an incorporation of a library, i797' 






Introduction, ...... 

Petition for an incorporation, 1796, 

Anotlier petition relative to incorporation, i797' 

Another, relative to incorporating a town, 1799? 



Introduction, ........ 291 

Bounds of the township, as granted Nov. 30, 1749? • 292 

Petition for an incorporation of the town, i773i • • 292 



Case of assault before courts were established In the 

county, 1775, ..... 
Evidence relative to foregoing, 
Petition of Daniel Russell, soldier, 1777? 
Petition of Ephraim Adams, soldier, 1779, 
Soldiers' orders, ..... 
Petition of Lucy Wesson, 1782, . 
James Turner, soldier. 
Petition of Benjamin Dole, 17S5, 
Return of ratable polls, 17^31 
Relative to Kendall Parsons, soldier, . 
Petition for authority to raise a company of cavalry 


Relative to Peterborough Slip, 17S7, . 

Protest against setting off a portion of the town, 17S7, 





Introduction, ........ 303 

John Goffe, relative to township bounds, 1770, . . 304 

Order to survey a tract of land for David Page, 1773, . 30^ 

Petition for an act of incorporation, 1793, • • • 305 

Inti'oduction, ....... 

Agent appointed to get the town incorporated, 1750? 
Jeremiah Hall appointed agent to obtain an act of in 

corporation, 1750, ...... 

John and Ruth Dinsmoor's petition, 1750? • 
Benj. Guild appointed to assist Capt. Hall, 1750? 
Petition for an incorporation of the town, 175I5 • 
Another petition for an incorporation, 17^3? 
Relative to inoculation for small-pox, 1776, 
Petition for a lottery for the purpose of building : 

bridge, 177S1 ....... 

Relative to a lottery for the purpose of building : 

bridge, 1778, . . . . 

Relative to trial of several royalists, 1777, 
Jeremiah Stiles chosen magistrate, i777' 
Deserters from the army, I777' .... 
Documents relative to Capt. Sam. Weatherbee, 177^? 
Col. Wyman's certificate, ..... 
Deposition of Ebenezer Putnam, . 
John Hart's discharge, 1776, .... 

Resignation of Maj. Timothy Ellis, i779' 
Substitute for Nehemiah Town, 17S0, . 
Nehemiah Brown, wounded soldier. 

















Petition of Charles Rice, Bunker Hill soldier, 1791, 
Warrant from Vermont for the election of two repre 

sentatives, 17S1, 
John Balch, post-rider, 17S1, 
Timothy Balch, post-rider, 1785, 
Relative to taxes on estates of absentees, 1783, 
Resignation of Timothy Ellis, 17S2, 
Return of ratable polls, 17S3, 
Relative to the county jail, 17S3, . 
Taxes on land of absentees, 1785, 
Certificates of nails made, 17S9, . 
Election of a representative, 1794, 





Introduction, ........ 324 

Petitions of soldiers, ....... 324 

Petition for a grant of land, ..... 325 

Ebenezer Brown's complaint, 1778, .... 326 

Petition for a paper currency, 1785, .... 327 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, ..... 327 

An appeal for Dr. Benj. Rowe, about 1785, . . 328 

Petition for a coroner, 17S6, ..... 329 

Jeremiah Fogg's declination of the office of Adjutant- 
General, 17S6, ....... 329 

and specification 


Introduction, .... 
Petition for a confirmation of the grant 

of its bounds, .... 
Precept for an election, 1710, 
Kingston men's names, 1727, 
Relative to taxation by Massachusetts, 173I1 
Petition of inhabitants of the easterl}' part for a 

parish, 173S, ..... 
Petition for a grant of land, 1738, 
Action of town-meeting, 1 742, 
Petition for lands, 17SO1 
Action of town relative to roads, i755' 
Petition relative to a road, i755' • 
Report of a committee on the foregoing, 1755, 
Petition for encouragement to manufacture salt. 
Petition for a lottery, 1777' • • • • 

John Prescott, soldier, 1753, 

Abstracts from petitions of French War soldiers 
Capt. Samuel Fifield's certificate, 1762, 
Petition of John Dent, soldier, 1759, . 







Petition of Paul Pressey, soldier, 1759, 
Certificate relative to foregoing, 1759, . 
Jeremiah Bartlett's petition, 177S, 
Soldiers' orders, . 
Petition of Sarah Hobart, 1797, 
Relative to the militia, 17S4, 
Another concerning militia, 1785, 
Certificate of nails made in 1791, 


Introduction, ...... 

Petition of David Page for more land, 1773, 

Relative to representative, 1775, . 

Return of ratable polls, 1 7S3, 

Petition of Col. Bucknam for the grant of a ferry, 1784 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1787, 

Petition relative to roads, 178S, . 

Relative to the formation of Coos county, 1790, 

Petition for a new county, 1791, . 

Petition to have the right of ferries vested in the tov^^n 

1792, . ._ . 

Petition for authority to levy a special tax for road pur 

poses, 1792, ...... 

Petition of Eleazer Rosbrook for a ferry, 1792 
Petition for special tax to make roads, 1793, 
Record of a town-meeting, 1793, . 







Introduction, ....... 

Town-meeting proceedings, i777i 
Petition for an allowance for services in the war. 
Relative to representative class, 1788, . 
Landaff claims Edward Marden, soldier, 17S6, 
Relative to a Bunker Hill soldier, etc., 1794^ 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1789, . 
Petition relative to sending representative, 1799, . 




Introduction, ........ 367 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1789, . . 367 

Petition for special tax to build a meeting-house, i793? 368 

Vote of town relative to extending its north line, 1795, 368 


Introduction, ..... 
Report of committee on boundaries, 1768, 




Return of arms and equipments, 1775, 

Petition of Nathaniel Bugbee, soldier, 1777, 

Certificate relative to foregoing, 1777, . 

Petition of John Slapp, 177S, 

Soldier's order, 178^, . 

Documents copied from Gen. Chase's papers, i777' 

Wm. Dana's return, 17771 .... 

Relative to a committee of conference, 1777, 

Letter from Nehemiah Estabrook, 1777, 

Complaint of N. H. adherents, 177S, . 

Relative to an alleged riot, 17791 

Protest against the action of the town, 1780, 

Call for a conference meeting, 1780, 

Relative to Vermont controversy, 1782, 

Disputed jurisdiction, 1783, 

Relative to recording grants in office of the secretary of 

state, 1782, ..... 
Protest against the incorporation of a district to b 

called Dresden, 1783 : incomplete, . 
Relative to the collection of taxes. 
Relative to the incorporation of Dresden, 1783, 
Relative to the incorporation of Dresden, 17S3, 
William Dana's petition for a ferry, 17841 
Petition for a new town, 1785, 
Samuel Bailey for a ferry, 17S5, . 
Relative to the charter of the town, 1786, 
Relative to town boundaries, 1 786, 
Report of committee on boundaries, 17S6, 
Certificate of nails made, 1791, 



38 1 




Introduction, ....... 

Relative to Edward Dearborn, soldier, 1778, 
Edward Leathers's order, 1784, .... 

Dr. James Brackett recommended for a magistrate 

17S5, •. 

Assessment list for taxes, 1787? .... 
Notice of a meeting of alarm-men, T787, 
Officers chosen at said meeting, .... 
Job Runnels recommended for a magistrate, 1789, 
Paul Giles recommended, 1789, .... 




Introduction, ...... 

Relative to the town's quota of soldiers, 1783, 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, 



Civil magistrate wanted, 1785, ..... 397 

Assessment list, 17871 .••.... 398 

Relative to town boundaries, 1788, .... 399 

Opposition to the north-east corner petition, 1790, . 399 
Remonstrance to having the north-east corner set oh\ 

1790, ......... 400 

Petition to have the north-east part set off', and with 

other territory incorporated into a town, 1791? • • 401 

Vote of the town relative to the foregoing, 1 791, . . 402 

Vote of the town of Newport relative to same, . . 402 

More opposition, ....... 402 

Portion proposed to be taken from Lempster to form a 

new town, ........ 403 


Introduction, ........ 404 

Petition for re-grant of township, ..... 404 


Introduction, ........ 404 

Representatives chosen to attend the convention at Leb- 
anon, 1 777' ........ 405 

Statement of condition of the town and service in the 

war, 1786, 406 

Statement of town affairs, 1787, ..... 407 

John Young relative to town affairs, 1789, . . . 410 
John Young wants a patent for building chimneys, 

179!' • • • . 4^2 

Capt. Samuel Young's petition, ..... 413 





Introduction, ...... 

Warrant for town-meeting, i743i 

Vote at said meeting, 1743, .... 

Relative to paying rates in two towns, 1746, 

James Hill's receipts, 1745, 

Invoice of Lieut. Pelatiah Russell's equipments lost in 

the service, 1757'' . . • . • 

Capt. John Parker's petition, 1776, 
Litchfield men at Ticonderoga alarm, i777' 
Relative to being classed for representative, 1780, . 419 

James Underwood relative to some confiscated estates, 

1780, 420 

William Patterson relative to some confiscated estates, 

1782, 420 




Selectmen concerning soldiers, 17S3, . 
Return of ratable polls, 17S3, 
Relative to their quota of soldiers, 17S3, 
Petition for a bridge at Cromwell's Falls, 1794, 



Introduction, ...... 

Relative to taxes, 1786, .... 

Relative to a tax for building roads, 178^, . 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1788, 
Relative to taxing non-residents, 1791, 
Lieut. Peleg Williams's petition, 1793, 





Introduction, ....... 

Relative to the burning of Alatthew Clark's house 

1725. .• • . 

Order relative to laying out some land, 172S, 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1733, 

Charge against the legality of a town-meeting, 1736, 

Precept for the election of an assemblyman, 1736, 

Two sets of town oflicers chosen, 1737, 

Relative to a new parish, 1737, .... 

Relative to a parish in the westerly part of the town 


Proposals for peace, 17371 ..... 

Return of laying out a highway, i73^' • 

Petition from persons formerly belonging to Dracut for 

a parish, 1741, ...... 

Londonderry bounds, ...... 

Relative to a road, 1743, ..... 

Certificate of service of a notice, 1742, 

Report of a committee on roads, 1743? 

Petition for a reduction of the number of licensed tav 

erns in town, i75^' •••••• 

Special town-meeting called for, i745i 

Relative to taxes, 1745, ..... 

Order to the constalDle to collect taxes, 1764, 
Relative to the election of an assemblyman, 1762, 
Election of assemblyman disputed, 1762, 
Abstracts from petitions of French war soldiers, . 
Relative to the formation of counties, 1769, • 
An address to the governor, i773' ... 

Relative to parish afiairs, i 774, .... 

Petition to have an election set aside, 1774? • 
Protest against the foregoing named town-meeting, 











Reimbursement wanted for money paid men who turn- 
ed out on the Lexington alarm, 1775, 
Petition of Thomas Lannen, 1764, 
Deposition of Thomas Davidson concerning a son, 
Certificate of James McGregore, 1776, 
Petition of David George, soldier, 1776, 
Service of minute men, 1775, 
Petition of Wm. MacMurphy, 1777, 
Thomas Archibald, soldier, 177^5 
Sergt. William Morrill, 1776, 
Soldiers' enlistments, 1779, . 
Samuel Thompson's petition, 1780, 
Col. vScammel recommends Lieut. Asa Senter for pro 

motion, 17S1, . 
Statement of John Nesmith, 17S2, 
Joseph Hogg's order, 1784, 
Petition of Samuel Houston, one of Washington' 

guard, 1785, _ . 
Petition ot William Adams, 1791, 
Relative to Lieut. Robert Barnet, 177^1 
Petition for the release of Stephen Holland, i777' 
Petition of certain persons to be annexed to Nottingham 

West, 1778, 

Relative to certain persons being annexed to Windham 

1778, . _ . . . . 

Recommendations for military officers, 1780, 
Relative to the enlistment of Londonderry men by 

Massachusetts, 1781, 
Relative to the line between this town and Windham 


Relative to foregoing matter, .... 

Verbal agreement made, 1782, .... 
Protest against Mrs. Jane Holland's being permitted to 

return, 1782, ..... 
Abstract from town inventories, 1782-83, 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, 
Petition to be exempted from paying ministerial tax in 

the old parish, 1783, 
Instructions to representatives, 17831 
Relative to counterfeit money. 
Petition of sundry persons to be annexed to the east 

parish, 1783, . ^ 

Relative to parish affairs, 1 7S4, 

Petition to be annexed to the west parish, 1784, 

Petition for a Sunday act, 17S4, . 

Relative to paper money, etc., 1786, 

Vote of the town on paper money, 1786, 

















Lettei', — Col. Reid to the president of the state, . . 482 

Daniel Reynolds elected to fill a vacancy in the house 

of representatives, 17S7, ...... 482 

Petition of Congregationalists for an incorporation, 

1796, ..•••• 483 

Committee chosen to present the petition, 1797. . . 4S4 

Introduction, ........ 

Petition to have a portion of the town annexed to Con- 
cord, 17S2, ....... 

Benjamin Sias recommended for a magistrate, 1785? 

Vote relative to paper money. 17S6, 

Joseph Smith recommended for a magistrate, about 
17S5, ........ 

Another recommendation for Joseph Smith, 

John Sanborn recommended for a magistrate, 17S9, 

List of soldiers in the army, 1776, 

Soldiers' enlistments, 17S0-S1, .... 

Soldier's receipt, 1780, ..... 

Soldiers' orders, 17S4-85, ..... 





Introduction, ..... 

Petition for an extension of the charter, 
Relative to taxes, .... 

Town invoice, 1777? .... 
Petition for abatement of taxes, 17791 • 
Report of a committee relative to a soldier. 
Relative to soldiers furnished for the war, i 
Petition of non-residents, 17S7, 
Petition relative to a ferry, 1790, . 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, i 
Vote of town relative to a ferry, 1791, . 
Petition of Jacob Hurd for a ferry, 1793, 








Introduction, ......... 501 

Thomas Sumner relative to the town grant, 1768, . 501 

Condition of the town, 1768, ..... 502 

Town inventory, 1773 : names only printed, . . 503 
Vote of town relative to the convention at Lebanon, 

1777. -504 

Letter, — Jonathan Childs to Hon. Jacob Bailey, 1776, 504 

Petition of Capt. Ebenezer Green, 1781, . . . 505 

Report of committee on soldiers, 1786, . . . . 505 



Documents copied from Gen. Chase's papers, . . 506 

Petition for charter for a ferry, 17S4, .... £506 

Complaint rehxtive to representation, etc., . . . 507 

Petition for the annexation of Grant's Island to the 

town, 1788, ........ 508 


Introduction, ...... 

Recommendation for a coroner, 1776, . 
Recommendation for a magistrate, 1779, 
Letter from Benjamin Lynde, 17791 
Petition for a division of the town, 1780, 
Remonstrance to foregoing petition, 1783, 
Another remonstrance, 17S4, 
Statement from the petitioners, 17S4, 
Another statement of the situation, 1784, 
Report of a committee of conference, 1785, 
Remonstrance to a division of the town. 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, 
Soldier's order, 1784, .... 

Soldier's bounty, ..... 

Lyndeborough men in First N. H. Regiment, 

Relative to military affairs, 17851 • 

Nehemiah Rand recommended for a magistrate, 1786, 

Relative to warning Elisha Wilkins out of town, 1788, 

Committee report relative to foregoing, 

Petition for the setting off of the north-west part of the 

town, 1790, ....... 

Inhabitants of Lyndeborough Gore for an incorpora^ 

tion, 17901 •.....■• 
Consent of Peterborough to foregoing, 179O1 
Report of a committee on the foregoing. 
Proceedings of a town-meeting relative to the foregoing 

1791, . . . ... . . 

Remonstrance of sundry inhabitants to being set oft 

1791, . . . .' . . . 

Report of a committee on the foregoing, 1791? 
Petition from inhabitants of the south-west part to b 

annexed to Temple, i795i ..... 
Action of town on foregoing petition, 1796, . 
Rev. Mr. Goodridge's statement, 1776,. 


















Introduction, ....... 

Petition for the appointment of a magistrate, 
Pelatiah Daniels, soldier, 1760, . . . 






Daniel Pinkham, soldier, 1776, 

William Twombly, soldier, 1779, 

Bounty to George Ham, 17S4, 

James Jackson's order, 17S5, 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3, 

Petition for authority to elect a representative, 17S6, 



Introduction, ......... 

Petition of Hadley and Kidder, 1759, .... 

Ebenezer Newman, soldier, 1779, .... 

Letter from Col. John Gofte to Gov. Wentworth rela- 
tive to trespasses and some sharp practice at an elec- 
tion in Derryfield, 1766, ...... 

Jeremiah Stevens for confirmation of a grant of land, 

1742, • • . • 

Relative to the discontinuance of a road, 1753, 

Relative to the alewive fishery, 1776, 

Relative to being classed for representative, 1780, 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, 

Relative to Sabbath-breaking, 17S4, 

Proportionment of foreign, domestic, and state debt 

1787. • • . • 

Petition for the appointment of a committee to settle 

the north line of the town, 1789, 
Vote of the town relative to line, 1789, . 
Petition for an incorporation to erect a bridge over Mer 

rimack river, 1792, ..... 
Relative to Amoskeag bridge, 1792, 
Petition for a grant of land, 1794, . 
Petition to have a gore of land incorporated with Der 

ry field, 1795, ...... 

Samuel Blodgett for a charter to construct a canal 

around Amoskeag Falls, 1794? • 
Petition for legislation to protect fish in Cohas brook 


Blodgett's canal, 1798, ..... 

Petition for the incorporation of a company to construct 

a canal from Merrimack river to Massabesic pond, 


Petition for authority to raise money by lottery to com- 
plete the canal, i799» ...•••• 

Relative to locks and canals on Merrimack river, etc., . 

Another petition for the protection of fish in Cohas 
brook, 1800, ........ 


















Introduction, ......... 566 

Petition for an act of incorporation, i775' • • • 5^7 

Another petition for an incorporation, 1775, . . . 568 

Petition for an incorporation, 1776, .... 568 

Petition of Maj. Andrew Colburn, .... 569 

Calvin Goodenow, soldier, 17S2, ..... 570 

Relative to taxes of Elijah Williams, 1781, . . . 570 

Certificate of nails made, 179O5 ..... 570 

Against the appointment of William Parker, 1790, . 571 
Relative to boundary between this town and Fitzwill- 

iam, 1795, . ." 571 


Introduction, ......... 572 

Inventory of 1773, . . . . . . . . 573 

Relative to the election of representative, 1776, . . 573 

Relative to the east line of the town, i777i • • • 574 
Relative to the settlement of the east line of the town, 

1778. '-575 

Relative to taxes, 1784, 575 

Relative to east line of the town, 1798, .... 576 
Remonstrance to the establishment of the east line as by 

the act of 1797, ........ 576 


Introduction, ......... 577 

Petition for a town charter, 1768, ..... 578 

Relative to an alleged theft, 1775, ..... 579 

Relative to paper currency, i777i ..... 579 

Vote relative to paper currency, 1786, .... 580 

Soldiers' orders, ........ 5^^ 


Introduction, ... ...... 5^^ 

Petition for an incorporation, 1768, .... 582 

Soldiers' orders, 1777, '83, '85, 582 

Relative to William Maloon, soldier, 1791, . . . 583 

Petition for a change of day of annual meeting, 17841 • 584 
Petition of the Baptist societv for an incorporation, 

1797^ \ .... 584 

Vote of town relative to the Baptist society, i797' • 585 


Introduction, ......... $86 

Sarah Lutwyche, relative to ferry, i775' • • • 5^^ 



Report of committee on the foregoing, 1775, • • 587 
Remonstrance to petition of Matthew Thornton for a 

ferry, 1784, 588 

Another remonstrance to same, 17S4, .... 589 

Nathaniel Garfield, quarter-master, i779' • • • 59^ 

Soldier's order, 1782, ....... 592 

Relative to William Cowen, soldier, 1784, . . . 592 

Petition in behalf of James Taylor, 1785, . . . 592 

Relative to the election of representative, 1762, . . 593 


Introduction, ........ 594 

Petition to be incorporated, ..... 595 

Soldiers' orders, 1784, '85, '92, ..... 596 

Petition of John IBarter, soldier, 1788, . . . 596 

Relative to the town's quota of soldiers, 1783, . . 597 

Petition for a division of the town, 1785, . . . 598 

Remonstrance to the foregoing, 1785, .... 599 

Relative to the town's quota of soldiers, 1786, . . 600 

Vote relative to paper money, 17S6, .... 601 

Petition for abatement of taxes, 1787, .... 601 

Petition for a magistrate, 1790, ..... 602 

Relative to division of state tax, 1794, . . • 603 


Introduction, ........ 603 

Asa Lewis, soldier, 1776, ...... 604 

Soldier's order, 1785, ....... 604 

Petition for an incorporation, 1779? .... 605 

Remonstrance to foregoing, 1779? .... 606 

Remonstrance from Amherst, ..... 607 

Petition for an incorporation, 1780, .... 607 


Introduction, ........ 609 

Vote of the town, 1761, ...... 610 

Vote relative to locating a meeting-house, 1756, . • 610 

Hollis asks for a portion of Monson, 1763, . . . 610 

Benjamin Hopkins's bill, 1761, ..... 610 

Relative to annexation of a portion of Monson to Hol- 
lis, 1773, 611 

Petition to be annexed to Hollis, 1762, . . . 612 
Reasons for not granting foregoing petition, 1763, • 612 
Address expressing satisfaction with the county arrange- 
ment, 1769, ........ 614 

Vote of Monson, 1770, . . . . . . 615 

Opposition to reestablishing Monson, 1782, . . . 6i6 




Introduction, . . . . . . . . 6i6 

Petition for an incorporation, 1773, . . • . 616 

Letter from Col. Joseph Senter to the legislature, 1776, 617 
Petition for an incorporation of the territory into two 

towns, 1777^ ........ 617 

Relative to Rev. Samuel Perley, 1779, • . . 618 

Relative to doomage, 1780, ..... 620 

Enlistment, 17S0, ....... 620 

Petition of non-residents, 1790, . . . . . 621 

Vote to change date of annual meeting, 1791, . . 622 


Introduction, ..... 
Vote of town relative to bridge over Nashua 
Relative to bridge over Nashua river, 1753, 
Relative to representative, 1762, . 
Trouble at a town-meeting, 1762, 
Petition relative to the foregoing, 1762, 
Notice of meeting, 1762, 
Votes relative to " One Pine Hill" matters. 
Relative to the formation of counties, 1769, 
Relative to bridge over Nashua river, i773i 
Petition for authority to elect a representativ 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, 
Lieut. Jonathan Emerson's petition, 1779, 
Dr. Hale's certificate, 1779, 

iver, 1753, 

e, 1783^ 


Introduction, ... .... 

Petition for an incorporation of the town, i773' • 
Petition for change of the name of the town, i777' 
George Brintnall's order to march, 17781 
Relative to taxes, town records, etc., 177S, . 
Relative to estate of Thomas Packer, etc., 1780, . 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, ..... 

Relative to a division of the town for the formation of 

Sullivan, 1786, ....... 

Petition of Ruth Batcheller, concerning her husband's 

confiscated estate, 17S9, ...... 

Certificate of number of ratable polls, i794i 

Relative to representative, 1794, ..... 









John Burns, soldier 





House burned, 1756. . . ... 

Petition foi' an incorporation, 1760, 

Relative to boundary lines, ..... 

Relative to the petition for an incorporation, 1761, 
Relative to locating a meeting-house, 1765, . 
Relative to ministerial lot, 176S, .... 

Relative to the formation of counties, 1769, 
Petition for the incorporation of a new town, 1771, 
Statement from the committees of safety of New BoS' 

ton, Weare, and Francestown, 1775, 
Concerning Dr. Jonathan Gove, 1777. • 
John Hunter, wounded at Bunker Hill, 1776, 
Rhode Island soldiers, 1778, . . . ' . 

Robertson and McMillan, wounded at Bunker Hill 


Jonathan Margery, wounded at Saratoga, 1781, . 

Relative to Johnston Smith, 1782, 

Relative to Samuel Boyd, ..... 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, .... 

Concerning Dr. Gove and Silas Hedges, 1786, 

Instructions to representatives, 1 7S7, 

Relative to boundarv line between this town and Goffs 

town, 1 788, ....... 

Report of committee on town lines, 1788, 

Report of committee on town lines, 178S, . 

Petition from soldiers who were captured at the Cedars 

1795^ • • ^ 

Soldier's order, 1798, ...... 












Introduction, ....... 

Relative to incorporating the town, 177S, 
Committee to petition for redress of grievances, 1781, 
Petition of aforenamed committee, 1782, 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1789, . 
Remonstrance to foregoing, 1789, 
Petition for the incorporation of a new town, 1791, 
Vote of town relative to foregoing, 179I1 
Petition of sundry inhabitants to be annexed to Brad 
ford, 1796, ....... 

Report rekitive to town lines, 1797^ 





Introduction, .... 
Relative to settling a minister, 1682, 
Petition of Humphrey Spenser, 1682, 










Petition for a tavern license, 1682, 
Joseph Purmort for tavern license, 
Statement and petition of Joseph Purmort, 1683 
Remonstrance of Portsmouth selectmen, 1682, 
Precept for the election of an assemblyman at 
Island, 1694, ...... 

Relative to town bounds, .... 

Precept for election of assemblymen, 1695, . 

Summons to assemblymen, 169S, 

Warrant for militia muster, 1697, 

Return of assemblymen, 1698, 

Col. Romer, relative to Fort William and Mary, 

Col. Romer's memorial, 1705? 

Supplies for soldiers, 17055 .... 

Relative to a bridge, 1719, . 
Petition of Rev. John Blunt, i737i 
Rev. Stephen Chase accepts a call to the ministry, 
Petition of Dr. Nathaniel Sargent, 1746, 
Petition of Joseph Langmaid, soldier, 1756, 
Petition of John Odiorne, Jr., for a divorce, 1759 
Eunice Odiorne binds out her child, a unique i 
ure, 1754, . . . . 

Relative to tax on Trefethen's mills, 1763, 
Relative to ministerial matters, 177^' ■ 
Relative to soldiers attending church, 1773' 
Relative to harbor defences, 177*^' 
Memorial relative to fishery business, 1776, 
Petition for authority to establish a lottery, 1778, 
Report of committee on damage done by the troop 
Relative to legislative representation, 1784^ • 
Petition for authority to establish a lottery, 1789, 
Petition from Rye relative to the lottery. 
Petition from sundry inhabitants to be annexed to Rye, 
Petition from George Jaftrey for an allowance for dam- 
age caused by building the fort, .... 


Introduction, ...... 

Petition from Canada soldiers, 1764, 
Petition from Elizabeth Doe, 
Petition from Peter Drowne, soldier, 17S5, • 
Petition from Samuel Runnels, soldier, 1788, 
Soldier's order, 1784, ..... 

Petition from Elisha Thomas, soldier, 1787, 
Petition from Richard Colomy, 1791, . 
Relative to Robert Karson, soldier. 
Return of ratable polls, 1783? 












Resignation of Col. Thomas Tash, 1791, 
Petition relative to library, 1797, . 



Introduction, ........ 706 

Benning Moulton recommended for a magistrate, . 707 

Another for same, ....... 708 

Vote of town to set off the north-east part, 1796, . 709 

Soldier's order, 1792, ....... 709 


Introduction, ........ 710 

Newington men sworn, . . . . . . 710 

Concerning irregularities in town-meeting, 1737? • • 711 

Additional petition concerning foregoing, . . . 712 

Irregularities in town-meeting, 1745, . . . . 712 

Deposition of Hateevil Nutter, ..... 714 

Relative to a road laid out in 1656, .... 714 

Deposition of Thomas Tibbetts, Joseph and Abigail 

Richards, . . . . . . . . 715 

Statement concerning aforesaid road, 1753, . . . 716 

Schedule of petitioners, ...... 717 

Deposition of George Walton, . . . . . 717 

Deposition of Samuel Huntress, ..... 718 

Proceedings of court of general sessions, i753' • • 7^8 

Proceedings of court of general sessions, i754' • • 720 

Report of committee on said road, i755' • • • 721 

Relative to dividing line against Portsmouth, 1763, . 721 

Military officers chosen, 1775, ..... 722 

Benjamin Adams's statement, unique, .... 723 

Relative to election of representative, 1782, . . . 725 

Petition for authority to send representative, . . 727 

Another communication from Benjamin Adams, . . 727 

Remonstrance to appointment of Mr. Adams, 1787, . 738 

George Gains relative to the aforesaid, . . . 729 

Petition for the incorporation of a library, . . . 729 


Introduction, ........ 730 

Petition for authority to levy special tax, 1762, . . 731 

Remonstrance of non-residents, 1763, .... 732 

Relative to paying committee to locate a meeting-house, 

176S, ......... 733 

Relative to establishment of counties, 1769, . . . 734 

Vote of town relative to lots, 1772, .... 734 



Petition concerning same, ...... 

Petition for pay for service done in the war, and lists of 

men who turned out on Concord alarm, . 
List of men who turned out on Royalton alarm, . 
Petition for pay for horses lost in the service. 
Appraisal of estates of absentees, 177^' 
Relative to oath of allegiance, 1783, 
Relative to militia regiment, 17S5, 
Service of Samuel Walker, ..... 
Petitions of John Thomas and Ezra Towne, soldiers. 
Petition for an allowance for bounties. 
Petition for the incorporation of New Ipswich Acad 

emy, ........ 

Petition for a lottery for the benefit of said academy, 










List of .Saratoga men, 1777, .... 

Boscawen enlistments, 1776, .... 

Boscawen, relative to John Allen, 

Boscawen returns of soldiers, 1778 and 1779, 

Bow, William Rogers's complaint, 1776, 

Bow returns of soldiers 1776 and 1778, 

Bow enlistments, 17S0, ..... 

Canterbury train band, ..... 

Canterbury enlistments, 177^' .... 

Canterbury enlistments, 1780 and 1781, 

Chichester, return of Capt. Cram's company, 1776, 

Concord enlistments, 1779 and 1781, . 

Agreement between the town of Exeter and Edmund 
Oilman, 1647, ...... 

Deed of Wadononamin to Edward Hilton, 1660, 

Docvnnents relative to a convention of delegates from 
towns in Hillsborough and Cheshire counties, . 

Address from said convention, .... 

Address from Amos Dakin, chairman of said conven 
tion, ........ 

Action of the legislature concerning same, . 

Index to names of towns, places, etc., . 

Index to names of all the persons mentioned in the vol- 
ume, ......... 











The documents in this volume were copied from the manuscripts in 
Vols. IV, V, VI, and VII, of the collections of 1880, and Vols. 
II and III, " Indian and French Wars and Revolutionary Papers," in 
the office of the secretary of state. They are numbered to correspond 
with the originals. 


Early Town Papers, 


This is one of the old townships, and was granted May 
20, 1727, to Nicholas Oilman and one hundred and seventy- 
five others, but was not settled until about 1761, when 
Benjamin and John Mudgett moved into town with their 
families and there settled. 

The Masonian Proprietors claimed the land, but a settle- 
ment was made whereby they relinquished their claim to all 
but eighteen shares, giving the town proprietors a cjuit- 
claim deed June 30, 1752. 

Iron ore was discovered in the town, and works for the 
manufacture of iron were built as early as 1763, but the 
business not proving remunerative was in a few years aban- 

Governor's Island was annexed to the town December 
30, 1799. June 16, i8i2,the northerly part of the town was 
set off and incorporated into a town by the name of Gilford. 
July 5, 185 1, a tract of land was severed from this town and 
annexed to Gilford. 

By an act passed June 29, 1859, ^he town was divided, 
and the north-westerly part incorporated into a town by the 
name of Upper Gilmanton, which name was changed to Bel- 
mont June 24, 1869. 

Gen. Joseph Badger was the first magistrate, and for 
many years a prominent citizen of the town. He was a 
member of the council in 1784, i790-'9i, i795-'96. Gen. 
Badger was born in Haverhill, Mass., January 11, 1722, and 
died April 4, 1803 ; was grandfather of Gov. William Bad- 



[4-8^^] \_Petitioii for AiitJiority to assess and collect Taxes., 


To His Excellency Jonathan Belcher Esq"" : Gov"" and Com- 
mander /?z Chief in and Over His Majesty's Province of New 
Hamp'"'' : The Hon''''' His Majesty's Council & House of Rep- 
resentatives for Said Province in Gen' Court assembled — 
The Petition of a Committee of the Proprietors of Gilman- 
town in the Province afores'' in behalf of the said Proprietors 
Humbly Sheweth — That the Propriet'^'' afore^"* live in Several 
Towns within this Province & Some of them who became So 
by Purchase live in the Province of the Mass"^ Bay — whereby 
they can by no means already Provided, Collect the money 
Voted by the Propriet" afores*^ to carry on the Settle m' & 
other matters relating to the Said Townships & Propriety, any 
further than they Voluntarily pay the Same. — 

That for want of Legal Authority to Collect the Said money 
the Settlem' of the Said Town is greatly Retarded, and an un- 
equal Burthen bro't upon Such of the Said Proprietors as are 
Diligent & forward in carrying on the Settlem* who are Some- 
times obliged to pay more than their proportion to prevent a 
total neglect of the Settlement. 

That the Proprief^ who are zealously Concern'd to promote 
the Said Settlem' have been at Great Charge to Cut a Way up 
to the Said Township, & building houses of Defence, Laying 
out their Lots &c — which they only have Defrayed — 

Your Peticon'''' in behalf of tliemselves & their Constituents 
therefore Humbly pray This Hon""'^ Court that you would be 
pleased to Enable their Selectmen for the time being to tax the 
Said Proprief^ to all Legal Charges relating to the Said Town- 
ship And also the Constables or Collectors for the time being to 
Levy the Same on the Lands & rights of the Propriet" who 
Neglect to pay their Said Taxes in Season and to make Sale of 
So much of the Said Lands of any Delinquent Proprief^ in the 
Same or Some vSuch manner as Constables of Towns are En- 
abled to do with the Goods of Such as do not Seasonably pay 
their Town Rates or in Such other way & manner as you in 
yo"" Great Wisdom & Goodness Shall See meet — 

And Your Petition'^ as in Duty bound Shall ever pray &c 

John Gilman 
John Brown 

In The House of Representatives. Voted That The Prayer 
of the Petition'^'' be granted with this Amendment — 

That the Constable before the Sale of any Lands Destraned 
upon Give forty Days Notice in Some one or more of the pub- 
lick Prints of the destres and Sale of Such Lands, and that y^ 


Lands So distraned upon be sold to the highest bider and after 
the sale thereof if there be any overplush besides a Suficiency to 
Pay that Assesment and the Charges acruing thereon, that y® 
Constable pay the Said Surplusage to y^ vSelect men of S*^ Town 
and there to remain in S'^ Select mens hands and y'' to remain, 
in order for y'' Said Delinq' or Delinquents Proprieters to Draw 
out the Same when they Demand It — and if not demanded be- 
fore a new Asesment then to be disposed of to defray S"* Charges 
of the new Asesments — Provided this act Continue for the Space 
of ten years & no Longer and that the Sale of Such Lands be a 
good title to y® Purchaser any Law usage or Custom to y" Con- 
teray notwithstanding and that the Pet'^ have Libertv to Bring 
a Bill accordingly 

James Jeftrey Cle'' ass'" 

In Coun' March 30"' 1737 — 
Read and non-concurr'd unanimously — 

Rich'' Waldron Sec^ 

[4-86] \_Pctitio)i of I)ihabita)its relative to a Road^ J/yo.'] 

To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq""*^ — Captain General 
and Governour in Chief the Hon'*''' Council and the Hon'''* 
House of Representatives of His majesties province of New 
hampshire in New England — 

The Petition of us the subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of 
Gilmantown, Humbly shew that by an act of this Government 
the proprietors of said Town were obliged to make a Road 
through the same and that we have Been always Informed that 
the Inhabitants had no Concern in it and the proprietors liave 
Disobeyed the Courts order and voted that they would not make 
the Road and the Courts Committee have Been obliged to Do it 
and we understand that some of the proprietors of said Town 
are Desirous that this Great and Honourable Court would order 
that all the Lotts in said Town should be Taxed to pay that 
Charge which we apprehend would be a Grievous Burden upon 
us that are Inhabitants there for the Inhabitants have Ventur'' 
their Lives and fortunes to settle that town and have had no 
help from the proprietors to make an}' Road in it or but a very 
little and are obliged to be at the Expence of two Hundred Dol- 
lars a Year to make and maintain their Necessary Roads and if 
the Expence of making the province Road should be paid by a 
Tax on the Lotts there is a Great Number of proprietors who 
own Large Interest in the Common Lands that will pay Little 
or nothing by Reason they have sold the Greatest part of what 


is Laid out and at an Exorbitant price bv Reason of the settle- 
ment and Roads we have made at our own Expence 

Therefore your Petitioners Humbly pray that Your Excellen- 
cy and this Great and Honourable Court would take the matter 
into Consideration and Grant us some Releif as Your Excellen- 
cy and Honours in your Great wisdom shall Judge proper 

and your petitioners as in Duty bound shall Ever pray &c 

Dated at Gilmantown afores*^ Nov"' zo'** 1770 

Sami Fifield 
John Dudley 
Simeon Bean 
Beniamin James 
Samuel morrison 
Joseph Avery 
Abnar Clough 
John Sanborn 
Samuel Clough 
Benjamin Weeks 
Sam" Avery ju'' 
W"' Smith 
Matthias Sawyer 
David Edgerly 
Philip Pain 
Joshua Bean 
NatW Wilson 
Beniamin dow 
Eliphalet Gilman 

Gil man Lougee 
Samuel hatch 
Edward Lock 
John Moody 
Dudley young 
Nath" Elkins 
Samuel Gilman 
Lemuel Rand 
Benj* Avery 
Andrew Glidden 
John fox 

Samuel Avery 
John Been 
Stephen Bean 
Daniel folsom 
Daniel Stevens 
Nicholas Gilman 
Benjamin Gilman 
wintrop Gilman 
Jeremiah Connor 
David Elkins 
Stephen dudley 

Summersbee Gilman Edward Gilman 
Jotham Gilman thomas mudeet 

Ephraim morrill 
Edw"^ Gilman jun 
Ebenz'' Paige 
Jonathan Edgerly 
Joseph Philbrick 
Samuel Ladd 

Simeon mudget 
Jude Bean 
Jerem}' Cogswell 
Jrimiah richisen 
Jonathan Gilman 


\^Petitioii for a AIagistrate.'\ 

State of New Hampshire Strafford ss. 

To his Excelency the President and the Honourable Council for 
Said State Convened. 

The humble Petition of us the Subscribers being Lihabitants 
of the southerly part of Gilmantown in the County and State 
aforesaid humbly sheweth that whereas the said town of Gil- 
mantown is large and Consisting of near Four Hundred Rate- 
able Poles & as there is no person that is appointed and Qtialli- 
fied as a Justice of the peace in the Southerly part of the Said 
tovv^n as Afores'd and we Your Petitioners pray your Excelency 
and Honours would appoint and Qriallify M"". John Shepard of 
said town as a Justice of the peace for said County ; as we think 
him to be a man of the best Qiiallification with us for the same : 
and your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall ever pray 



Joshua Bangs 
Nat' Oilman 
John melcher 
Daniel Evens 
Reuben osGood 
John Tucker 
Theophilus Drew 
Stephen Hutchinson 
John Melcher juner 
Benjamin Grant 
scribner muget 
Micajah Morrill 
Ephraim morrill 
Aaron moses 
Joseph flanders 
Samuel Osgood 
Natha Wilson Jur 
Paul Merrill 

Stephen Ben" 
Joseh Looge 
John Swain J"" 
Jonathan Avery 
Samuel Prescott 
Winslo Page 
John Lougee Jr 
Samuel moses 
Stephen Swain 
Joseph Oilman jun 
Samuel Smith Jun"" 
David meeder 
Samuel Avery 
Jonathan Flanders 
Jonathan Hutchinson 
Josiah Rundlet 
Pitt Lougee 
Sam'' Shepard 

True Page 
Elisha Hutchinson 
Jonathan Oilman 3 
Josiah Avery 
Elisha Sweat 
Nathan Morrill 
Henery Barter 
Oeorge Moses 
John Chase 
Joseph Jones 
Ebenz'' Paige 
Joseph young 
Josiah Avery Juner 
Jotham Oilman 
John Huckins 
Jeremy Cogswell 
John Edgerly Jr 

[Revolutionary Papers, Manuscript, pages 12 to 15.] 

\^Letter from Col. Jos. Badge}' to Co7nmittec of Safety.'\ 

To the Hon"'' The Committee of Safety for the Colony of 
New Hampshire — Oentlemen Pursuant to orders from Nath' 
Folsom Esq Maj"" General I have proportioned the men sent for 
on the several Companys in my Regiment and the ofhcers have 
Returned the Names of the men and as sent for except two 
wanting from Leavitts town [EfHngham] and two from IVliddle- 
town, and as there is no militia officers chosen there I applyed 
to the selectmen and Committee of Safety and they say that their 
men are so many gone in the warr that they cant raise any more 
as to Leavitts town if their should be danger of Indians I think 
they are exposed as they are the outside and the selectmen dont 
Incline to spare any out of their town and so I shall come four 
short of the Number sent for which I hope you' please to abate 
as Leavitts town Tamworth and Sandwich are frontier towns as 
my Regiment is so Extensive for Land I have ordered my men 
to'be muster'' next frieday at Oilmantown and to come prepared 
to march forward as they shall have orders there is Between 
fifty and sixty that are to pass muster who are to have Liberty 
of Chusing their officers they have unanimously agreed upon 
their Capt. and first Lieut, if they can have Incouragement they 
will equip themselves and go with the men. the men will be 
all mustered on frieday and ready to march and wait your fur- 


ther orders I am Gentlemen your Hon" most obe* & Hvmi' 

Gilmantown July y"" 15"^ ^77^ Joseph Badger Colonel 

of the tenth Regiment of militia in the Colony of New hamp- 

\_Roll of Men of Col. Badger s Regiment., mustered fzily 2J^ 


Colony of New hampshire | 

Straflbrd ss. j Gilmantown July 33'^ 1776 

Pursuant to a vote of the Council and Assembly and bv orders 
from the Major General of this Coloney I have Raised out of the 
Regiment under my Command to Reinforce the Army supposed 
to be at Crown Point the several men hereafter named as follows 

Mustered by James Knowles Esq and marched in Cap* Bad- 
gers Company. 

Joseph Badger Jr. Stephen Hutchins Stephen Scribner 

John Parsons Nathaniel Dow John Fullerton 

Francis Blake William Ray John Piper 

Winthrop Durgan John Marston William Rogers 

Bradbury Sinkler Ebenezer Blake John Folsom 

Richard Sinkler Jonathan Magoon Stephens Burley 

Jeramiah Richardson Samuel Meeloon William Burley 

Stepen Dudley John Drake William Eastman 

Robert Tibbitts Jonas Carter Chase Wiggin 

David Clough John Cooley Jonathan IBuzzell 

Joshua Sinkler Benj" Burley John Barker 

John Avery Stephen Gilman Jonathan vSmith 

Thomas Currier Ethridge Jonathan James 

Jonathan Gilman John Glidden 

Jabez James Jonathan Lary 

Mustered by Coll Baker and gone in the same company 

Ephraim Roberts John Powell 

Mustered by Coll Baker and gone in Cap' Drews company 

Joseph Runnils Job Allard Richard Colomy 

John York Jesse Wiggins John Wentworth 

William Chandler Henry Wentworth Benjamin Home 

Peavey Josiah Wiggins 

Benj'^ Moonev Listed with Cap' Harper 
Samuel Winslow gone with Cap' Marston. 


Mustered by Col' Walker and gone with Cap' Shepard 

Moses Randal Samuel Mackeriss Jonathan Morrison 

Jonathan Smith Jr Thomas Crosbey Timothy Somes 
Ezekiel Danford Jonathan Smith Elisha Cummins 

65 men in all 

There is eight wanting of the number required, which are 
from Leavitts town two from Tamworth two from Middletown 
three from Sandbornton one — The reasons are as follows viz. 
Leavitts town having no officers nor selectmen nor Committee 
of Safety I applied to Tho^ Parsons Esq who said that they were 
so exposed being the frontier town that he thought it would not 
be safe to spare any men out of that town, and did not think he 
could possibly raise any 

The Cap' of Tamworth writes to me that the state of their 
town is that they have fourteen men now in the service and but 
twelve men at home fit for duty but with great difficulty he has 
obtained one man who appeared on muster day but on hearing 
his complaint and the Captains Letter by advice of Deac Knowles 
the muster master I Released him 

The selectmen of Middletown were desired to Raise five men 
that being their proportion and they made return that there 
were so many of their men now in the service that they had 
done all in their power and could raise but three men and on 
muster day one of the selectmen came with two of the men and 
said that the third was taken sick and like to remain so there 
was but two mustered 

The Cap' of Sandbornton sa3'S that they have twentv six men 
now in the service but notwithstanding he raised the men sent 
for but Col° Walker the muster master put by one by reason he 
was so small and the Captain prays he may be excused from 
raising another to supply his place by reason it would be attend- 
ed with so much difficulty 

Col' Evans Taxed me Publickly at Concord for obtaining an 
order for my men to march by misrepresenting the number of 
my Company but if I did it was what was Impossible for any 
one to avoid for if I remember I wrote that my Company would 
consist of Between fifty and sixty men and at that time I had 
Return of five men from Wakefield five from New Durham, 
one from Middletown and one from Tamworth, that they would 
appear on muster day but afterwards ten of them enlisted with 
Cap' Drew and one proved sick and one I released which no 
man could foresee which twelve men added to forty four now 
gone would make fifty six which would 1 think agree very near 
with what I wrote Notwithstanding all Col' Evans parade 


about the superiority of his Regiment and of the ancient town 
of Dover when we mett at Concord it was in the power of my 
men to have chosen every officer but when the Cap* was chose 
I spoke to my men and desired that the}' would consent that 
Col' Evans'' men should Nominate the two Lieutenants which 
they unanimously agreed to had CoP Evans'* men been more 
in numbers than mine I believe it is the opinion of the Gentle- 
men spectators that he would not have advised as I did. I would 
not have been so troublesome but as my Character Laboured I 
thought it necessary to sett the matter clear 
I am your Honours most ob' Hum' Serv' 

Joseph Badger 

To the Honourable the Committee of Safety for the Colony 
of New hampshire 

[Ibid, p. 27.] \_RoU of Officers in Col. Badges-' s Reg't^ I77^''\ 

[Col. Badger's Tenth Regiment, as returned by him in 
1776, was composed of the follow^ing companies:] 

Field Officers 

Joseph Badger Esq Colonel Ebenezer Smith Esq Lieu' Colonel 
Vacant First major Bradbury Richardson Esq second major 

First Company in Gilmantov\'n — Officers 

Captain First Lieut. Second Lieut. 

Nathaniel Wilson Joseph Philbrick Daniel Stevens 

Ensign Jonathan Clark 

Second Company in Wolfsborough not yet returned 

Third Company in Sandbornton 

Chase Taylor Josiah Sanborn Jacob Smith James Gibson 

Fourth Company in Meredith 

Joshua Chrockitt John Kimball William Ray Robert Bryant 

Fifth Companv in Barnstead 

Richard Sinkler Jonathan Emerson Samuel Pittman 

Benjamin Nutter 

Sixth Company in Moultonborough 

Nathaniel Ambrose Johii Adams William Plaistead 

Joseph Richardson 


Seventh Company in New Durham 

Robert Boody Shadrach Allard Thomas French John Glidden 

Eighth Company in Sandwich 

Daniel Beede Ju'' Joshua Prescott Josiah Bean Jacob Weed 

Ninth Company in Middletown vacant 

Tenth Company in Watcefield vacant 

Eleventh Company in Leavitts town vacant 

Twelfth Company in Gilmantown 

John Moodey Samuel Ladd Simeon Bean Noah Dow 

Tliirteenth Company in Tamwoith 

Stephen Mason Jonathan Choat Joln^ Fowler 

Jonathan Burgees 

Fourteenth Company in the Gore [now Alton] 

Joseph Robards Ephraim Chamberlain John Glidden 

Timothy Davis 

Dated at Gilmantown march y" 5"^ A : D : 1776 

Joseph Badger Colonel 

To the Honorable the Council and House of Representatives 
for the Colony of New Hampshire. 

[R. 2-19] \^GiI))ianton Soldiers' Orders arid Receipt s.~\ 

Gilmanton march 17"' 17S3 Received of the Town of Gil- 

manton Twelve pound Lawful money It being In full for my 

part of my Husband Nehemiah Leavitts wages For one year 

who Is a Soldier In the Continental army For said Town I say 

Received by me From the 13"' Day of Febr^ 17S3 


Sarah X Leavitt 

Test Benj" Sias Edw'' Gilman J'' 

To the Treasurer for the State of New Hampshire for the 
time being please to pay unto the Select men of the town of Gil- 
mantown the whole of the wages Due to me for my Service in 
the Continental Army the Last year for said Town it being for 
value Received of said Town 

Ammi Choat 

Gilmantown March y^ 21^' 1782. 


[The following soldiers order their wages to be paid to 
the town : 

Benj^ Libbey, for six months in 1781. 
Jonathan Taylor, for six months in 1781. 
Joseph Morrill, for six months in 1781. 
John Cotton, for six months in 1781.] 

[R. 2-20] 

[Samuel Saunders orders his wages to be paid to Jn** Nich- 
olls ; John Taylor orders his to be paid to Joseph Badger; 
Mary Parry orders the wages due her, as heir to her son, 
Samuel Parry, deceased, to be paid to Penning Pickering, 
and the selectmen certify that she is heir to said Samuel] 

[4-90 \_Rettirfi of Ratable Polls, ^7^5 ''\ 

State of New Hamp'" 

In the House of Representatives Nov"' 5"' 1783- 

Voted, That the Selectmen of each Town & Place within this 
State be directed to return under oath to the Assembly of this 
State at their next Session the exact number of Male Polls from 
twenty one years of Age & ujDwards paying for themselves a 
Poll Tax within the said Towns and Places in Order to appor- 
tion the Representation of this State according to the new Con- 
stitution — 

sent up for concurrence 

John Dudley Speak' 

In Council the same Day Read & concurred. 

E. Thompson Sec''^ 
a True Copy 

Attest" E Thompson Se'^ 

No 31^2 Polls In the Town of Gilmantown Paying for them- 
selves a Poll Tax in the year 1783 — being the age of Twenty 
One Years — 

Gilmantown December the I3 17S3 

Edward Oilman ) Selectmen of 
Joseph Parsons ] Gilmantown 

state of Newhampshire straf^brd ss — 

Gilmantown, Decern'' y^ 13* 17S3 

Then the above Named Edward Oilman and Joseph Par- 
sons Personally appearing made solemn oath that the account 


of the Number of Polls in the Town of Gilmantown by them 
Exhibited as above is Just and true according to the best of their 
Judgment sworn before Joseph Badger Justice of Peace 

[4-91] \^Petitioii for a Alagistrate^ i^SSr^ 

To His Excellency the President of the state of New hamp- 
shire and Honour'"''' the Council of s*^ state the Petition, of us 
Inhabitants of the town of Gilmantown, — 

Humbly sheweth — that the town, of Gilmantown, is a Large 
tract of Land as Large as three six mile towns and that the 
southeast part of said town are fully settled with Inhabitants 
and that there is no Justice of the Peace within about five miles 
of them, and it would be very Convenient to have one in that 
part of the town. Your petitioners therefore pray Yoin* Excel- 
lency and Honours that Cap' Joseph Parsons may be appointed 
to that office he being in our opinion, a suitable person for the 
office and Lives in the most Convenient place to serve the peo- 
ple of that part of the town, and Your Petitioners as in Duty 
Bound shall Ever pray &c 

Dated at Gilmantow^n, Decem'' y"' 22"^ 17SS 

David Bean Noah Dow Charles Rundlct 

Joseph Huckinsjun'' John Nelson Samuel Greely 

Robert Rogers Thomas Cogswell Peaslee Badger 

Simeon Taylor Robert moulton Daniel Gale 

Nathaniel Dow Peter Folsom Antipas Gilman Jur 

Joseph Clifford Nath" Willson Jonathan Ross 

Edward Gilman Ju John Sanborn peter folsom 3 

John Gilman Thomas Flanders Ju"" 

Peter Gilman Simeon Copp 

[Joseph Parsons was appointed January 28, 1789. — Ed.] 

[4-92] \_Petitio7i to have Courts held at Norway Plains^ 


To His Excellenc}' the President the Hon*"'^ Senate and the 
Hon'''^ the House of Representatives of the state of New 
hampshire In General Court Assembled June y^ 4* 1789 

The Petition of us the subscribers Inhabitants of the Town 
of Gilmantown, in the County of straftbrd Humbly sheweth that 
all the Courts of said County are now Held at Dover and Dur- 
ham, which places are at the Very Lower End of the County 



and many of the Inhabitants of the County have to travel from 
a Great Distance some fifty and some sixty miles which is a 
Great hardship upon the people — 

Therefore Your petitioners pray Your Excellency and Hon- 
ours that all the Courts of said County may be moved to nor- 
way plain, in Rochester in s'^ County where we apprehend to 
be the most Convenient place as all the Roads seem to Center 
there and a Convenient place for publick Buildings and Good 
accommodations for the Court 

And Yoiu" Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall Ever pray &c 

Joseph Badger 
Daniel Grant 
Abraham Smith 
Benj* W" Dean 
Noah Marsh 
Jesse Louge 

Peaslee Badger 
Jeremiah Sanborn 
Jacob Kelley 
Elisha Odlin 
Stephen Dudley Jr 
Joseph Garman 

Samuel Brown Jur Wiggin Taylor 
Abraham Smith Jur Benjamin Stevens 
John thurston Jeremiah Morrill 

John Sincler Nicholas Gorden 

Thomas Hayes Jonathan louge 

Simeon Taylor Robert moulton 

Andrew Page David vSanborn 

William Thompson Daniel Moulton 
Joseph Avery moses Page 

Abner Evens Jur Jeremiah Gorden 
Nehemiah Lousfe Nathaniel Dow 

micajah Kelley 
Daniel Gilman Ju"" 
Simeon Copp 
Stephen Gilman 
Samuel thurstan 
Ephraim Libbee 
Benjamin Smith 
Nathanael Kimball 
Benj" Dow 
William Price 
William Price jun 
John Bond 
John Marston 
Joseph Clark 
alexander Gorden 

[On three other petitions of the same date and wording 
are the following names : — Ed.] 

Jacob Currier 
Charles Rnndlet 
Joshua Gilman Jr 
William Rowell 
Stephen Swain 
Daniel Gale Jun 
Ezekiel Hoit 
Zebulon Gilman 
Paul Merrill 
Joseph Cliftbrd 
David Bean 
Jonathan Sargent 
Simeon Bean 
Jacob Rowe 
Jacob Tucker 

Isaac Currier 
Jeremiah Chandler 
Mark Emerson 
Jonathan flanders 
Jotham Gilman 
William Rand 
vSamuel Follett 
Peter Gilman 
Joshua Gilman 
Samuel Dockham 
Isaac Batchelder 
Stephen Bean 
Samuel Mudget 
William Casey 
James Elkins 

John Nelson 
James Ladd 
Jonathan gilman 
John Swain 
Joseph Gale 
Richard Jones 
Joseph Huckins 
Nicholas Gilman 
William Nelson 
John Bean Ju 
Jonathan Dow 
Benjamin Pain 
Dudley Hutchinson 
John Swett 
John elkins 



Sami Fifield 
Jeremiah Richeson 
Peter folsom 
John Weeks 
William Dame 
Samuel maxfeald 
David Folsom 
Scribner Mudgit 
David Fifield 
Ebenezer Stevens 
Perkins Dow 
William Louge 
Dudley Oilman 
Peter Dudley 
David meeder 
Ebenezer Page 
Winthrop Giluman 
Samuel Smith 
Micajah Morrill 
Jude Bean 
Jeremiah Connor 
W" Smith 
Dudley Milman 
Paul Bickford 
John Parsons 
Enoch Hvmt 
Samuel Prescott 
Samuel Clough 
Nath" Webster 
Samuel F. Oilman 
Samuel Blasdel 
Abel Hunt 
Stephen Leavitt 
Samuel Ladd 
William Bennet 
Jacob Jevvett 
Nathaniel Oale 
John Sanborn 
Charles Currier 
Jeremy Connor 
Dudley Oilman 
Samuel Oilman Jr 
David Clough 
Joseph Richardson 
John Lang Weeks 
Caleb James 

Jacob Oale 
Joshua Bradford 
Jonathan Elkins 
n Joseph Richardson 
Daniel folsom 
Joseph Morrill 
Matthias Weeks 
Bezaleel Beede 
Samuel osgood 
John fifield 
Peter Bean 
william Edwards 
Joseph Huckinsjun 
Jonathan Ross 
Stephen Dudley 
Ezekiel Edgerlv 
Hibbard Morrill 
Samuel Oreeley 
Joseph voimg 
Zebediah Wattson 
Ebenezr Page Jr 
Joseph voung Ju'' 
Antipas Oilman 
Samuel Oilman 
Dudley Prescott 
Israel Farrar 
Nath' Wilson 
Rul)en osOood 
Thomas Flanders Ju"" 
Samuel Tilton 
Lowel Sanborn 
Philbrick Row 
Levi Oilman 
Stephen Oale 
Samuel Jewett 
Samuel Jewet 
David Page 
John Shepard 
John Bean 
Jonathan Oilman Ju 
Stephen prescutt 
Jonathan Folsom 
Jeremi Richardson 

Benjamin Weeks 
Thomas Sewall 
Jonathan Morrison 

Daniel Row^ell 
Nathan Heart 
Nathaniel Oilman 
Benjamin Richardson 
Thomas morill 
wintrip Barret 
Matthias Weeks Ju 
Elish Sweat 
Joseph Jones 
Nathaniel Tilton 
Caleb Bean 
Noah Dow 
Israel French 
John Dudley 
Dudley Young 
Jeremy Cogswell 
Ira kimball 
Edward Oilman Ju 
Timothv Smith 
Isaiah Clough 
Joshua Bangs 
Thomas Oilman 
Jonathan Nelson 
Jonathan Oilman 
John moody 
Ephraim Bickford 
James Chase 
Abner Clough 
John Tilton 
Josiah Rundlett 
Benjamin thurstan 
Jacob Rundlet 
Malachi Daveis 
John Oilman Jun' 
John Mash 
John Wadleigh 
Jon a flagg 
thomas foster 
William Parsons Jr 
Jonathan Prescott 
Jonathan Rundlet 
John Bradbury 
Eben'' Eastman 
Benj" Richardson 
Samuel Young 
John Edgerly 
Simeon Hoyt 


wintrop Oilman Jonathan Thing winthrop Thing 

John Bennet jun'' Noaii Weeks Jabez James 

John Folsom Nath Weeks Josiah Weeks 

Benja Bodge Jeduthan farrar Jonath Edwards 

William Morrison Samuell Clark Enoch Clark 

Joseph Badger 3'^ Robert Morrison George Wamouth 

Joshua Mudget Simeon Mason Levi Bean 

Edward Bean Saml Ames 

[4-96] \_Action of Town relative to Gihnanton Academy^ 


At a Legal Town meeting held by the freeholders and other 
Inhabitants of Gilmanton on Thursday the Eighth day of March 

Voted to Choose a Committee to Consist of Twenty men to 
take under their Consideration the appropriating the School 
Right in said Town for a Publick Academy to be set up in 
some Convenient place in said Town and to make report at the 
adjournment of this present meeting — 

Co' Antipas Oilman Mj"' Samuel Ladd Thomas Cogswell Esq"" 
L' Samuel Folsome Oilman D'' Jonathan Hill Co' Badger Col 
Oreeley Capt Joseph young Thomas Taylor Benj" Weeks Esq"" 
William Price Joseph Parsons Esq"" Hon Joseph Badger Esq"^ 
John Shepard Esq'' U Dudley Thing Josiah Avery Micajah 
Morrill Moses Page Rev*^ M' Smith and M"' Powers were Chos- 
en for the above Committee 

Voted to adjourn this present nieeting to the first monday in 
May Next at Two of the Clock in the afternoon 

Monday May 7"' i79-^ pursuant to the adjournment met 
Voted to Except the Committes Report respecting the appro- 
priating the School Right to the benefit of an Academy in said 
Town and is as follows — 

April 19* 1792 
at a meeting of the Committee to Consider of the propriety 
and advantage of Establishing an Academy in Oilmanton 

Voted I*' that it is the sense of the Committee that establishing 
an Academy in this Town would be useful to the Inhabitants 
and beneficial to the Publick — 

2'^ Voted as it has been Represented to the Committee that 
the value of five Hundred pounds would be subscribed by Indi- 
viduals for the above purpose therefore under these Consider- 
ations We the major part of your Committee do agree and it is 
our Opinion that the appropriation of the School Right towards 


Establishing an Academy in this Town would be agreable to 
the Spirit of the Charter and the design of Goverment and there- 
fore that it ought to be appropriated accordingly 

Isaac Smith W"" Price Joseph young "^ ^ 

Micajah Morrill Antipas Oilman Thomas Cogswell -y 

Samuel Greeley Joseph Badger Ju' Walter Powers [ 'g 

Moses Page Ben'f Weeks Joseph Badger 

Dudley Thing Samuel Ladd Joseph Parsons 

John Shepard 

upon the Towns voteing to receive the above Report of the 
Committee Respecting the School Right in Gilmanton, voted 
that the whole of said Right Excepting the Northwest half part 
of the first Division forty acre Lot which is reserved for Public 
uses be Given and Granted forever hereafter for the benefit and 
Support of an academy in said Town of Gilmanton when ever 
there shall be a Sufficient fund subscribed to Set up the same 

attest W" Smith Town Clerk 

At a Legal Town meeting held by the freeholders and other 
Inhabitants of Gilmanton on Monday the 37"" Day of Inst, 
(meaning) August 1792 

Voted to Choose a Committe to consist of Seven men to take 
the Charge of the Right of Land voted at the last Town meet- 
ing for the use of an Academy in Said Town and to apply to 
the General Court to procure an act for Incorporation and to 
open a Subscription for the benefit of said Academy 

Hon. Joseph Badger Esq"" Co^ Ebenezer Smith Co' Samuel 
Greeley Joseph Parsons Esq"" Co' Antipas Gilman Thomas 
Cogswell Esq' and Joseph Badger Ju'' Esq"" were Chosen for the 
above Committee 

attest W" Smith Town Clerk 

At the annual Town meeting held by the freeholders and 
other Inhabitants of Gilmanton March 14"" 1793 

voted that the proposed Academy shall be set on Co' Badgers 
Land within Thirty Rods of the School House by Huckins' 
Brook so Called — 

voted to adjourn said meeting to Monday 35th of March In- 
stant at one oClock P M — 

March 35"* Met according to adjournment 

The vote that was passed fixing the place where the proposed 
Academy should Set is voted to be reconsidered 

Voted that a meeting be Called by the Selectmen and be 
Seasonably Notified to he held on the first Monday in Septem- 
ber to determine where the proposed Academy Shall set 

Attest Joseph Parsons Town Clerk 


At a Legal meeting of the freeholders and other Inhabitants 
of Gilmanton on Monday the Second day of September 1793 

voted that the proposed Academ}' shall be Erected on Joseph 
Badger Jun'' Esq"" Land near Huckis** Brook within fifty Rods 
of the School House 

attest Joseph Parsons Town Clerk 

[4-97] \_Thojnas Cogswell to Hon. Abiel Foster relative to 
the Academy r^ 

Amherst 14"^ June 1794 — 


The duties of my Office require my attendance on Tuesday 
next, at Moultonborough, Eighty or ninety Miles from this 
place — Since I was before the Hon' Senate a Doubt has arisen, 
whither the Land voted by the Town, of Gilmanton for the use 
of an Academy, can be holden for the use of Such an institu- 
tion ; If it should turn out that they cannot be holden, there 
would be a great impropriety in the vote of the Town carrying 
so large a feature in the Act — What amendments the Hon'" Sen- 
ate may propose — I shall be so unfortunately situated, as not to 
know at present — vmder these circumstances. If my Proposals 
of amendment should not meet the approbation of the Hon'^ 
Senate, & no relieaf granted, I must, under all circumstances 
request the Hon'" Senate to Postpone the Bill until the next 
Session of the Gen' Court — Perhaps before that time we shall 
compromise & Settle the matter, which at present appears to 
be in dispute between us — 

I am Sir with much etseem Yours &c — 

Thomas Cogswell — 

Hon' Abiel Foster 

[4-9S] \^TJiomas Cogsxvell to Hon. John Prentice^ relative 
to the Acade7)iy .^ 

Amherst June iz"" 1794 — 
it often happens that a Citizen doing Business with the Leg- 
islative Body of the State is under the Necessity through you 
to Communicate his Sentiments on a Subject that is not only 
interesting to himself but the jDublic, under these circumstances 
I trust it will be a Sufficient appoligv for me to request you to 
lay before the Representative Body of this State the following 
Sentiments — Viz. — Sometime Since the Town of Gilmantown 
appointed Joseph Badger Esq and others a Committee to open 


a Svibscription for the Benefit of an Accademy in Said Town, 
and to apply for an Act of incorporation early in this Session a 
Petition was prefer'd to this Honerable Body for an Act of in- 
corporation of an Accademy in Said Town and an Order of 
this Court Issued with Leave to bring in a Bill accordingly. 
The Act for that purpose now under consideration contains a 
Clause fixing the place of said Accademy in Said Town which 
to me appears to exceed the power of the Committee or agents 
from the Town. — to exceed the request of the Petitioners, to 
Exceed the Order of Court thereon and is difterant from any 
other grant of this kind, known in the Union — it will have a 
tendency (if So continued) to enhance the Board of pupils and 
many ways discourage and hinder the increase and prosperity 
of Such a Semminarv of Learning — under these considerations, 
I Flatter myself it will be considered when I Suggest the Idea 
of the Clause fixing the Accademy at a Certain place to be 
Struck out, that I have no other view than the General Good — 
I am Sir 

with Every Sentiment of Esteem 
your Most Obe* hum' Servant 

Thomas Cogswell 
The Hon*"'® John Printis Speaker of the House of Repre- 
sentatives Stat N Hampshire 


To the Honourable the senate and House of Representatives 

for said state Humbly shew 

We the subscribers agents appointed by the Town of Gilman- 
ton, to apply to the General Court for an Incorporation of an 
academy in Gilmanton, we therefore pra}^ Your Honours that 
an act of the General Court may be Passed for the establish- 
ment of said academy with Powers and privileges Enjoved by 
other academys in said state and Your Petitioners as in Duty 
Bound shall Ever pray &c 

Dated at Gilmanton, May y'^ 5"' 1794 
Joseph Badger Eben"" Smith Antipas Oilman 

Samuel Greeley Joseph Parsons Thomas Cogswell 

Joseph Badger Jr 

[Gilmanton Academy was incorporated June 20, 1794, 
with the following gentlemen as trustees : Hon. Joseph 
Badger, Rev. Isaac Smith, Rev. Joseph Woodman, Rev. 
Jedediah Tucker, Rev. Simon Fenley Williams, Joseph Bad- 
ger, Jr., Thomas Cogswell, Ebenezer Smith, Joseph Parsons, 
and Samuel Greeley. The institution has been successful, 
and numbers many eminent men among its alumni. — Ed.] 



This town was granted December 28, 1752, to Joseph 
Osgood and others, by the name of Boyle. None of these 
grantees ever settled in the town, probably on account of 
the depredations of the Indians, and the grant was forfeited. 

It was regranted July 13, 1763, to Samuel Gilbert and 
others. Said Gilbert and Thomas Sumner were prominent 
in procuring the grant. Their families were connected by 
marriage, and the town was named by taking the first sylla- 
ble of each name and coining the word Gilsum. 

Jonathan Bliss and Josiah Kilburn were the first settlers, 
in 1762. March 9, 1769, the west part of the town was set 
off, and, with a portion of Westmoreland, incorporated into 
the town of Surry. 

September 27, 1787, the south-east part of the town was 
set off, joined with portions of Keene, Stoddard, and Pack- 
ersfield (Nelson), and incorporated into the town of Sullivan. 

A dispute relative to the boundary line between this town 
and Stoddard was settled by an act passed June 27, 1797, 
by which the " curve line of Mason's Patent" was made the 
dividing line of the two towns, and Gilsum lost another tract 
of land. 

In 1873 a few acres of land were taken from Sullivan and 
annexed to this town. 

Every man in town signed the " Association Test," and 
the town did its full share in the Revolutionary war and in 
the suppression of the Southern Rebellion. 

Among the prominent men of the town was Hon. George 
W. Hammond, for many years an eminent physician. He 
was a member of the constitutional convention of 1850, 
member of the state senate in 1855-56, and died January 
30, 1872, at the age of 70 years. 

[4-1 11] {^Petition for a Grant of the Townships i'j§2.'\ 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq Gov'' of the Prov- 
ince of New^ Hampshire &c. 
Humbly Shews — 

The Petition of William Lawrence of Groton & Thomas 
Read of Westford in the Province of the Massa"^ That they to- 
gether With fifty Six more of their Neighbours Are desireous 


of Setling a township in the Province of New Hampshire many 
of them not Having a Sufficiency of Lands in the Massachusetts 
to Employ them Selves in Husbandr}- And haveing Account of 
a tract of Land Yet ungranted by Your Excellency, that we 
Apprehend is Capable of Setlement. (which Lyes Northerly of 
the Upper Ashuelot and Westmoreland and Easterly from Wale- 
pool Adjovning to those towns, and Extends Eastward to make- 
the Contents of Six miles Square) and in case we may Obtain 
the favour of your Excellency in making us a grant on y'' Con- 
ditions, Other of his Majesty s Lands there are Gi'anted, Shall' 
make a Spedy & Eftectuall Setlement there 

Wherefore we pray that v"' Excellency would See meet to fa- 
vour us with Libertv to Survey the Same Under your directions,. 
And that we mav Obtain a Grant Accordingly And as in Duty 
bound Shall pray &c 

Groton March 16: 1752 William Lawrence 

Thomas Read 

[4-1 10] \_Petition to have the Charter lengthened out, iy6j.'\ 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq' Gov'' & Com- 
mander in Chief in and Over his Majesty's Province of New 
Hamp' and To the hon*''* his Majesty's Council for Said Prov- 

The memorial of Thomas Sumner in Behalf of himself & 
Others Prop'''* in the Town of Boyle in Said Province, Shews 

That in the Year 1752 Your Excell-^' & Honors Granted the 
Townsliip of Boyle upon the Conditions & imder the restric- 
tions as Per Charter Declar'd — 

That by the Litervention of the Late War your Memorialist'* 
Constituents have been (till Very Lately) Prevented from Doing 
the Duty, but Notwithstanding they have Sever'd & Drawn by 
Lotts the Said Tract of Land to & among all the Prop", that 
Many of Your Memorialists Constituents are now Actually Liv- 
ing with their familys on S'' Tract of Land & Many More Going 
Early In the Spring & there are Now Many Acres ofWHieat 
Sowd there & In all Probability the Township Will be Intirely 
Settled According to the True & Intent & Meaning of the Grant 
by Next Summer But as the Time Prefix'd in the Grant Was 
Elaps'd & that Before it Was Possible (for the reason afores*^) 
for 'em To Enter & Improve, they Conceive it Absolutely Nec- 
essary that Your ExcelP' & Honors (if you think fit) Sho"^ Grant 
a Suspension of the forfeiture & further indulge 'em with Such 
a Term of time as they may be Enabled to fulfill the Duty afore- 
said & are Encouraged to Ask the fav"" Because your Exc^ & 


honors are Wonted To Endulge Prop''^ in the Like Circumstan- 
ces & Your MemoriaHst Shall Ever pray — 

Jan^' 24 1763. Tho^ Sumner 

[The foregohig petition was granted by a regrant of the 
township by the name of Gilsum, July 13, 1763. — Ed.] 

[4-109] \^Relatlve to Boundary Line betzveen this town and 

Stoddard r\ 

To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq''^ Cap' General Gov- 
ernor & Commander in Chief in & Over his Majesty's Prov- 
ince of New Hamp'' The Hon*^'^ his Majestys Council for Said 
Province — 

The Memorial of Sampson Stoddard & Jonathan Blanchard 
for themselves & Others Prop"'^ of a Tract of Land Called Mo- 
nad*" N° 7, in Said Province Shew 

That on the 13"^ day of July 1763 his Majesty by his Letters 
Patent under the Seal of Said Province Granted a Tract of Land 
of the Contents of About Seven Miles Square to Samuel Gil- 
bert Esq"' & Others by the Name of Gilsum That a Considera- 
ble part was Laid out (as We apprehend By Mistake) within 
Masons Patent So Called Long Since Granted, to us & asociates 
That the Grantees of Said Gilsum have faild Making any Set- 
tlement on any part So falling within Masons Claim that to pre- 
vent Disputes Between his Majestys Good Subjects We pray 
that We May be Allow*^ to Improve our Lands as far West as 
the Patent Line afores** for the Benefit of our Selves & Fam- 
ilys — without Any Literuption from the Grantees of Gillsom & 
We as In Duty bound shall Ever pray — 

Sampson Stoddard 
Portsm" July 13, 1768 — J^^"" Blanchard 

[The foregoing was granted. See introduction. — Ed.] 

[4-108] \_Relative to Gen. yames Reed., i'jy§.'\ 

To the respectable Body of Delegates Assembled in Provin- 
cial Congress at Exeter in New Hampshire — The Petition of a 
Considerable number of the Inhabitants of Said Province. 

Humbly Sheweth — That your Petitioners are Strongly at- 
tached to the true Interest, welfare and safety of this their native 
Country, and are willing to Exert themselves to the utmost in 


the Defence of their Just and Constitutional rights and Privi- 
ledges and imagine that any man or Bodies of men who en- 
deavor to wrest them from us ought to be anathematized — 

It is real anxiety and concern for our Distressed Country, 
which causes us thus to trouble you at this time. Your Petition- 
ers apprehend (not that we would Presume to Dictate) that all 
Persons who have in any measure or Degree Discovered them- 
selves inimical to those Persons, (who have from the first rise 
of the Controversy Betwixt Great Brittain and the Colonies, ap- 
proved themselves to their Fellow Countrymen true and Disin- 
terested Patriots, or those who have Derided and Set at nought 
the Proceedings and resolutions of the united Wisdom of the 
Colonies in the Late Continental Congress) ought not to Sustain 
any Office, Either Civil or military in this Critical conjuncture 
of aftairs — Upon a review of these Sentiments, we were not a 
Little Surprised to here that James Reed Esq of Fitzwilliam 
was not only in nomination but Actually Appointed a Com- 
mander of a Regiment in the Army to be raised for Defending 
those rights and Immunities which, by some past Conduct we 
have reason to think were not very highly Esteemed by him ; it 
is truely painfull for us, thus to Impeach the Character of a re- 
puted Gentleman, much more that, of one who otherwise is 
really so ; yet we imagine the Exigency of our affairs will in a 
Great Measure, if not altogether, attone for Such a Measure of 
Proceedure, — We Earnestly Desire that neither he or any other 
Person (who have not Approved, themselves Steady and real 
Friends to the Great and Glorious Cause in which w^e are En- 
gaged) Should be Promoted Either in the Civil or Military 
Lists, Gentlemen Your Influence in this matter will Oblige 
Thousands besides Your Humble Servants 

May S"" 1775 Jonathan Smith 

Joshua Darte 

thos Darte Ebenezer Dewey Ebenezer Dewey ju 

Gershom Crocker John Row John Row jun'' 

Pelatiah Pease John Chapman Thomas Harvey 
Josiah Goldsmith 

[4-107] \_Relative to a Wire Factoiy^ ///d.] 

To the Honorable Council and house of Representitves of the 
Colony of New Hampshire. 

The Petetion of Joel Kilbourn of Gillsum in said Colony 
Humblv She\veth Whereas Your Petetionor being Desirous to 
Carry on the Business of Makeing Wire and having found by 
Experience that he can make any Size of iron Wire to Good 
Perfection yet not being able to Set up the Works unless said 


Wire is Sold at much Grater Price than usal — Therefore Hum- 
bly Desires Your Honours to take the matter into Consideration 
and if in Your Wisdom You think Proper to Encourage Said 
Manafacture by Allowing Your Petitioner a Sum that may En- 
able him to Set up s'' works he will Engage to Sell Said Wire 
as Cheap as Possable he Being Desireous to Serve the publick 
in the Best Manner he is able for Which Great Liberality tow- 
ards him and the Public your Petetioner as in Duty bound Shall 
Ever pray — 

Gillsum May 24"' 1776 Joel Kilburne • 

We the Subscribeis being Desireous that the Manufacture of 
makeing Wire may be Set up and being Acquainted with the 
ingenuity and fidelity of the Petetioner by his Desire have Set 
our Names here to Stephen Griswold | 01 

Ebenezer Dewey Ju 
Pelatiah Pease 

Signers in Keen 

Ephraim Dorman Tho'' Baker James Hunt 

Tho'* Wells Jolm Houghton Benj" Hall 

Elijah Blake Achilles Mansfield Silas Cook 

Benj Archer Rob' Gillmor Israel Houghton 

Eliph' Briggs Joseph Blake Daniel Kingsbury 

Josiah Richardson William woods Simeon Washburn 

[4—103] \_J^eIative to Collection of Taxes^ jy82.'\ 

Cheshire ss June 7* 17S3 

Then Personally appeared James Roe Constable for the 
Town of Gilsum for the Year 17S0 and to whom a Warrant was 
directed and delivered for Collecting the Qiiota of Continental 
Money for said Town of Gilsum, assessed upon said Town 
agreeable to an Act passed the Gen' Assembly of the State of New 
Hampshire March i:;th 17S0, for calling in the s*^ States quota or 
Propoi'tion of the Bills of Credit emitted by the Continental 
Congress, and after being Carefully examined and cautioned to 
testify the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth made 
Oath, that the enclosed Continental Currency counted by, and 
told by me amounting in the whole to seven hvmdred and twelve 
dollars and four shillings was taken and received, the same 
Identical Money upon the Rate to me delivered, 3nd upon s*^ 
Warrant, before the twenty seventh day of June 17S1 and is part 
of the said Roes collection on said Warrant and none of said 
Money was received after the said twenty seventh day of June 

Tho^ Baker Just Peac^ 


[4-104] \_Retztrn of Ratable Polls^ 1284.'] 

Surry 23'' March 17S4 

To Nath' S Prentice Esq"" — Representative for Alstead Surry & 

Sir from the principle Inhabitants of Gilsom the Town Class*^ 
with Surry we are certified that there is Sixty Eight Male polls 
paying Each One a poll Tax for himself within there Town 
which you may venture to certify to the Gen^ Court at your 
Option Lem^^ Holmes Town Clark Surry 


The legal Voters of the town of Gilsum that are quallefied 
acording to law^ to vote for repi-esentation are 71 
Dated at Gilsum Levi Bliss ) Select 

March 26"* 1784 Ebenezer Church j Men 

[4-106] \^Petition for a New Townr^ 

Cheshire ss State of New Hampshire 

To the Town of Packerfield in said county the Petetion of us 
the Subscribers Humbly Sheweth — 

That Whereas your humble petetioners Living in the most 
Remote Corners of the Several Towns viz the Northeast Corner 
of Keen the Southeast Corner of Gillsom and the South west 
Corner of Stoddard many of us living Six or Seven miles from 
publick Worship and the roads being exceding bad and by rea- 
son of many inconveniences we labour under on that Account — 
we therefore humbly pray that the Town of Packerfield would 
take our Circumstances into Consideration and insert an Article 
in the Warrant or Notification of your next Annual meeting to 
Se if it be the minds of the Town to Set oft" Some part of your 
Town viz from the Northwest Corner East Two Miles and 
South two Miles and half that so with the Corners of the Above 
mentioned adjoining Towns we should be able to form a Dis- 
tinct Town — which Request if Granted we your Humble pete- 
tioners as in Duty Bound Shall ever pray — 

To the Hon Select men of the Town of Packerfield 

Jonathan Burnam John Rowe Timothy Dewey 

Thomas Morse William Burnam Samuel Seward 

Oliver Carter Ezra Osgood Timothy Dimock 


Nathan Bolster Nathan Ellis Simeon Ellis 

Benj" Ellis Jonathan Horton Josiah Seward 

Joseph Ellis Joshua Osgood Ezra Metcalf 

Zadock Nims Eliakim Nims David Rugg 

Roswell Hubbard Erastus Hubbard James Lock 

Ebenezer Birdet James Rowe 

Packersfield march y^ 29"^ 17S6 

Voted to aloue the within Protision 

Provided that the other Parts Jenly and Severly Jone togather 

Consider osgood ) Select 
Amos Child I men 

[4-103] [ Cei-tijicate of 'Vote of Town, lyS'/.'] 

Gilsum Sep' 10* AD 1787 

This may Certify the Honourable General Court of the State 
of Newdiampshire Next to be holden at Charlestown That at A 
Legal town INIeeting of the inhabitants of Gilsum holden in said 
town the first Day of December Last the third article in the 
Warrant for Said Meeting Being to Se if the town would take 
any method to oppose the East Part of the town Being Set off 
Passed in the Negative it Being the Last time that any Article 
has Been inserted in any Warrant for That purpose — 

A true Coppy 

Attest Timothy Dewey T. Clerk 


Gilsum December i"* 17S6 

This may Certify the Honourable general Court of this State 
that the town of Gilsvmi Have Been Servd with a Coppy of the 
petition and order of Court thereon with Regard to Being incor- 
porated into a Distinct town when Connected with a part of 
Stoddard keene and packersfield agreeable to a petition sent to 
the honourable Court the Last sessions — 

Jonathan Adams ) Select 
Ebenezer Bill j men 

[The south-east corner of the town was set off, and, with 
portions of Stoddard, Nelson, and Keene, incorporated into 
the town of Sullivan by an act passed Sept. 27, 1787. — Ed.] 



\^Non-Reside7it Land- Owners^ lygj.'] 

[An inventory of Gilsum, certified May 30, 1793, by Za- 
doc Hurd and Robert Lane Hurd, selectmen, and sworn to 
before David Blish, gives the following non-resident land- 
owners. — Ed.] 

Josiah Kilburn 
John Biggelow 
Jonathan Lovelaud 
Noah Beebe 
Uriah How 
Nathan Hayward 
Eliphelet Dart 

Samuel Gilbert's heirs 

Philip Munro 
Levi Blood 
Jobe Gleason 
Oliver Prime 
John Boyinton 
Moses D. Field 
Jonathan Smith 

Benony Olcutt 
Jonathan Ramont 
Abel Allen 
Isaak Hammond 
Woolston Brockway 
Unprey Lion 
Joseph Sibley 


The township was granted by the Masonian proprietors in 
1748 to Rev. Thomas Parker, of Dracut, Mass., and others. 
It took its name from Col. John Goffe, and in the act of in- 
corporation it is given " Goff's Town." 

It was incorporated June 16, 1761, by the governor and 
council of New Hampshire, to continue a corporate body 
until March 25, 1763 ; and April 5, 1763, the incorporation 
was revived, to continue "until we shall please to approve or 
disallow the same." 

July 2, 1822, a portion of the town was taken, and, with 
portions of Dimbarton and Chester, incorporated into the 
town of Hooksett. 

June 20, 1825, some islands in Merrimack river were an- 
nexed to the town. 

June 18, 1836, the farm of Isaac Parker was severed from 
New Boston, and annexed to this town. 

The line between Dunbarton and Goffstown was estab- 
lished by an act passed Jan. 7, 1853. 

July I, 1853, a portion of Goffstown was annexed to Man- 
chester, the town previously extending to the Merrimack 


[4-1 1 3] \_Relative to Church j\Iatters.~\ 

County of Hillsborough Province of New Hampshire 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Cap' General & 
Commander in Chief in and over his Majesties Province of 
New Hampshire, and to the Honorable his Majesties Coun- 
cil, and House of Representatives 

We his Majesties loyal Subjects, living in the town of Gofts- 
town in S*^ Province, beg leave to ofler to your Excellency & 
Honors our Remonstrance against the Petition of a Number of 
the Inhabitants of S*^ town, who call themselves Presbyterians, 
and who have prayed your Excellency & Honors to set them of 
as a distinct Parish — and to be invested with priviledges as 

We humbly beg leave to inform your Excellency & Honors, 
that the Town of Goftstown is by no means at present able to 
Support two Ministers of the Gospel, and the Salary which 
they now give is very Small, by reason of their incapacity ; as 
was said when voted & therefore voted part to be paid in labour 
& in the Necessaries of Life, the town Subsists of about ninety 
Families ; Soiue of which are under very poor Circumstances, 
not able to raise their own Bread Corn — or Scarcly to clothe 
themselves and Children in any comfortable & decent Manner. 

And the town Considering the illconveniences which would 
unavoidably arise from their Being at present, in their weak 
Circumstances set of into two distinct Parishes, proposed & 
offered at a legal town Meeting, to those who were inclining to 
be Presbyterians — that if they would assist & dwell together in 
Love as becometh people professing Godliness — when ever it 
should be supposed by reasonable & indifferent Persons, that 
the town was able in a decent Manner to support two Ministers 
— they would assist them in building a Meeting as far as they 
had already assisted in building the present One. this proposal 
was rejected by them — 

We would likewise beg leave to acquaint your Excellency & 
Honors that some of the Petitioners who want to be erected into 
a distinct Parish in Goffstown, were never Inhabitants of S^ 
town, neither were ever rated in S*^ town Some of those which 
live in S*^ town were never educated, in what they call the 
Presbyterian Way, but thro' the importunity of others were 
perswaded to joyn them 

It is likewise certain that a learge Number of them have had 
their Children baptized by congregational Ministers & without 
the least dissatisfaction — 

therefore we pray your Excellency & Honors to consider our 
Circumstances, and how unhappy we should be, if made into 



two distinct Parishes — neither Parish would be able to support a 
gospel Minister among them, & of consequence both must be 
destute — and being bound in Duty Shall Ever pray 

Ebenezer Wood 
Benjamin Richards 
Joseph Sanders 
Jonas Hestins 
Benjamin Stevens 

Timothy farrain 
Hannary Dow 
Samuel Sanders 
Benj Tiffany 
Sam Blodget 
Aaron wells 
Jonathan Martain 
Thomis Stevens 


Richard -}- Colby 


Richai^d Collins 
Joshua Martain 
Moses Littel 
John Sargant 
Andrew Kimbal 
Joseph Hadley 
Tho" Huse 
Benj. Richards 
moses Littel 
Tho" Stevens 
Jonathan Stevens 
Elez : Emerson 
Tim^ Stevens 
Benj. Dow 
Jos. Dow 
John Smith 

Simon Tuttel 
Robert Richardson 
Tho'* Karr 
John Gorge 
Jonathan Stevens 
Joseph Emons 
Joseph Dow juner 
Simon Tuttle 
Eleezer emmison 
Obadiah House 
Jothan Tuttle 
Benjamin Stevens 
Job Dow 


John -\- Colby 


Henry Hlasdel 
moses wells 
Joseph O Wady 
David Hall 
Alex^ Walker 
John : George 
John Clogston 
John Hadley 
Enoch Page 
widow Butterfield 
Job dow 
Eb'' wood 
Joseph Littel 
Joshua Corles 
Eb"" Johnson 
Jos. Dow Ju"^ 
Jotham Tuttel 

Samuel Richards 
Hugh macCalley 
Jacob Sargaint 
Timothy Stevens 
James Eaton 
Benjamin Dow 
Josiah Wood 
William Bell 
Enoch Page 
Joseph Dow 
Joseph Little 
Thomas Saltmarsh 
Philip Noyes 
Ezekiel Wells 
Moses Wells iur 
Job Kider 
Elias Sargant 
Caleb Kimbal 
asa Pettey 
John Davis 
Philip Ferren 
Enoch Eatton 
Sam' annes 
Benj Steven Ju' 
Rob"" Gill more 
Benj Stevens 
Geor : Hadley 
Tim-^' Johnson 
Henry Dow 
Tim-^ Ferren 

[4-1 14] \^Petition from Presbyterians^ i'/'ji.'\ 

To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq"" Captain General 
Governor & Commander in Chief in and over his Majesty's 
Province of New Hampshire in N England And to the Hon- 
orable his Majestys Council and House of Representatives in 
General Assembly convened 

The humble Petition of his IVLijesty's Subjects Inhabitants of 
Goflestown and Province aforesaid sheweth 



That your Petitioners most or all of them have been educat- 
ed in the Presbyterian persuasion and look on themselves as 
bound in conscience still to adhere to the same persvvasion 

That your Petitioners generally inhabit one part of the said 
Goffestown which renders their associating together for public 
Worship more convenient 

That your Petitioners have had some Supply of Preaching 
from the Presbytery to which we are connected and expect 
more from time to time and soon to be in a capacity (through 
Providential Smiles) to build a Meeting House and settle a 
Minister of their own persuasion 

May it therefore please your Excellency and Honors impar- 
tially to consider the premises and by your Authority to enact 
that your Petitioners may be a distinct Society cloathed with 
Parish powers that so they may be in a legal Capacity of levy- 
ing Parish Charges and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall 
ever Pray &c 

Dated at Goffestown November 2.^ 1771 

William M=Doal Thomas Shirla 
Alexander Gilchrist John Dunlap 

John Gilmore 
John Orr 
Daniel M'^Farland 
Tho^ Miller 
Tho' Kennedy 
Wilam M<^ferson 
James Barr jun'' 
Silas Walker 

John Dinsmore 
Robert Spear 
Alexander Kennedy 
James M'^Ferson 
James Barr 
Samuel Kennedy 
George Cunningham 
David M<=Cluer 

George Adison 

James Marr 

James M'^ferson jun'' 

Daniell Marr 

Robart Kennedy 

James Moor 

Joseph Kennedy 

Alexander M'^Coy 
John M'^ferson Late of Haverhill now of Bedford 
William Dunlap Belongs to Chester 
John Butterfield Bread a Congregational 
Antipas Dodge Bread Congregational 
Jn° Little Swore he would do all in his power to Ruen Goffs- 

Daniel Allen not Rated 
David Currier Bread a Congregational 

[4-1 15] S^Relative to the Settleinent of Rev. Mr. Currier. ~\ 

Whereas there is a Town Meeting Legually Warned to be 
held in Goffstown this 15*^ Day of July 1771, and one of the 
Particulars that is Noted in the Warrant to be acted Upon is to 
See if the Town will Choose a Committee to Setde M'' Currier 
as a Gospel Minister, in the Town We the Subscribers Being 
Presbyterrians by Proffession, and having at Different times 


Renewed our Covenant With God and Vowed to him to Main- 
tain the Doctrins Discipline and Government of the Church of 
Scotland Whereof we Profess our Selves to be Members there- 
fore we Do Not as yet See our Selves in Duty Bound to Cast 
these our Vows Behind our backs and Settle a Man of Another 
Proswasion, and as we Would Not be found Lukewarm and 
Indifferent in a Matter of So Great Import We thought to Cer- 
tify our Bretheren of this Matter in this Manner 
Alex'' Gilcrest Thomas Miller Johii Dinsmoor 

Antipas Dodge James Barr Daniel Marr 

James Barr Jun"* Jobn Todd George Addison 

Daniel M'^farland William madoel David M'^Cluer 

Robert Speer James Person William Person 

Jam^ Person Jun'' Sam" M"=farland 

[4-1 16] \_Renw7istrance to j\Ir. Curriers Settlement. ~\ 

Whereas there is a Town Meeting Legally Warned to be 
held in Goft'es Town on friday the Thirtieth day this Instent 
and the Particulers that is insearted in the warrant to be acted 
upon that Day is mostly Concearning Ordaining m"^ Currier as 
a Gospell Minester in the Town and to Do Something more 
towards finishing the Meetinghouse, and we whose names are 
under written being of a Difl'erant Perswasion and are not De- 
tarmined to Settle m' Currier as our Minester therefore we Pro- 
test against Every particualer in the fore mentioned warrant as 
we are not Determined to act on any thing at that meeting 
Neither are we a mind to pay aney part of m"' Currier' Rates as 
we are Presbytereans by profession 

Goffes Town August 31 1771 
Will'" M'=Doel George Addeson Tho^ Shirla 

Alex*^' M'^Coy John Dinsmoor Xj'^mes Moor 

X Daniel Marr James Marr Thom" Miller 

X David M'^Cluer "x Daniel M-^farland Sam" M^'farland 
XTho^ Smith XAlex'^'- Gilcrest XRobart Spear 

John Todd Robart Kennedy Sam" Kennedy 

Xjoseph Kennedy James Barr Xjames Barr Jun"" 

X John Little X John Orr X James forson Jun'' 

XMathew Kennedy Antipas Dodge X Silas Walker 

XWill'" Kemp " XDaniell Allen Xjohn Butterfield 

James Person Jolm Dunlap X John Seshons 

Will'" ferson Tho' Kennedy Will"' M<=Dougall 

XThose of this mark were not at the Meeting 

A true Copy of Record attest 

P' Alex^J^ Walker 
Town Clark 


[4-1 16] ^^Proceedings of Toxvn- Meeting-^ lyyi.'] 

Province of New Hamp' 

At a meeting Legally warned and held at the Meeting house 
in Gofles Town on Friday the Thirteenth Day of August 1771 

Votted Sam" Blodgett JEsqr Moderator 

Votted That the meeting Be Carried on by a hand Vote 

Votted That the Protest Signed by Will'" M'^Doel and others 
against the Legallety of this Meeting held this Day by vartue of 
a warrant Dated August 17 1771 We Look upon it to be of no 
Velidety therefore the Signers have a Liberty to Vote this Day 
if they think proper for the Several Reasons here after Exprest 
firstly Because Sundrey of the names in Said protest Doth not 
Appear to the Town they Ever signed Being in number Eigh- 
teen. Some of which are Said to be Disartors the names of 
those absent are as followeth. 

James Moor Daniell Marr David M<=Cluer 

Daniel M'^farland Thomas Smith Alex*^"" Gilcrest 

Robart Spear Joseph Kennedy James Barr Jun"" 

John Little John Orr James Person Jun' 

Mathew Kennedy Silas Walker Will™ Kemp 

Daniel Allen Johi"i Sashons John Buterfield 

A true Coppy of Record attest p'' 

Alex'^'- Walker Town Clark 

[4-1 17] 

Goftstown may 29'" i77^ 
This may Certify that I the Subscriber was one of the Select 
men for the town of Goftstown for the year 1771 and attended 
the Last anual march meeting a Dispute arose concerning the 
choice of a moderator and it appears to me that Sam Blodget 
Esq' had twenty five voters and m"' alex'^'' Gillcrest had but 
Twenty four votes by pole Exclusive of Jonathan Rowell & 
John Pettey who ware in my oppinion neighther of them Legal 


Alex'''" Walker James Karr 

[4-1 18] \_Relative to a Dispute at Town-AIeeting^ iyy2.'\ 

To His Excellency John W^entworth Esq"" Captain General Gov- 
ernor and commander in Chief in and over his Majesty's 
Province of New Hampshire and Vice Admiral of the same 
The Honourable his Majesty's Council and House of Repre- 
sentatives for said Province to be convened at Portsmouth in 
said Province on Tuesday the 19* day of May Current 


We the subscribers Inhabitants of Goftstown in the County 
of Hillsborough in said Province Humbly Complains 

That the Inhabitants of said Goffstown at their last Annual 
March Meeting haveing some disputing on the Business of the 
day after which the selectmen published who were Legal Vot- 
ers according to the Law of said Province After which the 
Votes were brought in for a Moderator The Votes were Twen- 
ty five for the Honourable Samuel Blodget Esq"' and Twenty 
Six for Alexander Gillcrest. On which said M"^ Blodget said 
one John Pattee was not a legal Voter (Who had Voted for said 
Gillcrest' being Moderator) The Selectmen said he was but M"^ 
Blodget Insisted he was not and that his Vote should be thrown 
out which was done Then the Votes stood 2=^ for one and 25 
for the other After which M"" Blodget pulled a power of Attor- 
ney out of his pocket and Read it Given by one job Rowel (who 
is since Dead) to his son Jonathan Rowel (a Alinor and who 
had never been Rated) Impowering said Jonathan to Vote at 
said Meeting and M'' Blodget insisted that said Jonathan had a 
legal right to vote in said meeting by Vertue of said power 
Which said Jonathan did and Voted for M'' Blodget to be Mod- 
erator which turned the Vote in M' Blodgets favour And that 
said Pattee was not Allowed to Vote And the said Jonathans 
Voteing and Pattee being deprived caused Diferent men to be 
chose town officers than would have been By Which means We 
humbly conceive we are much Injured and Deprived of our 
just and Legal Rights 

Wherefore we your Complainants and petitioners Humbly 
prays Your Excellency and Honours to take our Case into your 
considerations and Grant us such Relief as in your Great Wis- 
doms shall seem meet and your Petitioners as in Duty bound 
shall ever pray 

Dated at Goffestown the iS"' day of May AD 1772 

William fearson James ferson John Orr 

David M'^Cluer John Dunlap Asa Pattee 

William madel George Addison Joseph Kennedy 

Matt"' Kennadey John Dinsmoor Sam" M'^Farland 

Robert Spear william Dunlap Thomas Shirla 

Antipas Dodge John Clogston Daniel Allen 

Silas Walker John Butterfield Jeames fearson 

Daniel m'^farland David Currier Geor Hadley 

Alex"' Gilcrest John Little Thom' Miller 

Dan" Marr James Marr James Moor 

James Barr iuner Alexander m'^Cay James Barr 

Tho^ Kennedy Thomas Hadley Samuel Kennedy 

John Patee Robert Kennedy George Cunningham 


[In council, June 3, 1772, the proceedings of the fore- 
going meeting were declared illegal, and a new election 
ordered. — Ed.] 

[4-1 19] \_Petition for a Lottery to build Bridges over Pis- 
cat a quog River ^ 77/(5'.] 

To The Hon^^^ Councel and Hojise of Representatives of the 

good People of y^ State of New Hajupshire i?z General 

Court assembled December 177"/ 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Goffstown, County of 
Hillsborough & State aforesaid and others, 

Humbly Sheweth 

That, There are two Large Streams, running through said 
Town, more Particularly one known by the name of Pis- 
cataquog River, which is well known to be wide, and Verry 
rapid, at Sertain Seasons, Passing through the Center of said 

That your Petitioners, are under the Necessity of Support- 
ing, three Large Bridges, over said River, for the Publick ben- 
efit Viz'— 

i" a bridge near twenty Rods in Length, (verry much Im- 
proved) on the great County Road, that Leadeth through 
Ware, &*= many Different ways. Northerly & Westerly to The 
Interior Parts of the State, — 

1^ another bridge, near 15 Rods in Length, of great use to 
the Publick, & near the Center of the Town that the Major 
Part of the Inhabitants are under necesity of crossing it to at- 
tend Public Worship — 

The Third Bridge is on the North Branch of said River, 
Near the Division line, of New Boston & Goffston on the 
Leading Road through N. Boston, to the Western Part of the 

The other Stream is called Black Brook, large, and verry 
rapid at Sertain Seasons, where we are oblidged to Support 
three other expensive Bridges, also a large share of Smaller 
Bridges, which with the aforementioned, — make an almost In- 
tolerable Burden, for a Town so thinly Inhabited to bear, and 
what still adds to it, we have never been able to make a bridge 
cross the Piscataquog of but few years Duration, and as their is 
an absolute and Imediate Necessity of rebuilding %^ Bridges, 
and we are not able to go to the expence of Stone piers & But- 
ments (which we find necessary,) your Petitioners humbly Pray 
they may be Indulged with the Benefit of a Lottery To raise 
Two Thousand five hundred Dollars which will Enable them 
to build Sutable & Durable Bridges in such Places as shall be 



most convenient, an Beneficial to the Publick, as the moneys 
raised by said Lottery will be apply* to so Necessary & Im- 
portant a Purpose — We doubt not of a Speedy Sale of the 
Tickets, by which we shall be Imediatly enabled to enter on 
this great work — 

And your Petetioners as in Duty bound will ever Pray &"= — 

James Eaton 
David Gregory 
David Richards 
John Bell 
Robert Spear 
John Dinsmoor 
Sam'i M-^Farland 
Robert m'^Calley 
nethen towle 
Joseph Buswell 
David Stevens ju 
John Patee 
Will"" Rogers 
Sam" Richards 
Job Dow 
tho^ Stevens 
John Little 
John Creaig 

Stephen Tuttle 
John Monahan 
Robert Oilman 
Ebenezer wood 
James Shirla 
David M'^Cluer 
George Addison 
Sam^ Kennedy 
George Little 
John Buswell 
Eben"" Costar 
Benjamin Stevens 
magnes Burke 
moses Little 
David Hale 
Jacob Stevens 
John Butterfield 
Philip Ferren 

Jonathan Bell 
Samel Karr 
William Bell 
Jonathan Wood 
Alex"' Gilcrest 
Tho^ Miller 
Rob' Kannedy 
wilimen herenton 
Caleb Little 
Timoth}^ Stevens 
Sam" Blodget 
Enoch Sawyer 
Joseph Little 
James Clement 
Peter Butterfield 
Eben"" Coster 
Nathaniel Stevens 
Ebenezer Ferren 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 26, 1778, petitioners granted leave 
to bring in a bill for said purpose. — Ed.] 

[4-120] \^Petitioii for the Privilege of se?zdi?zg' a Repre- 
sentative xvithotit being Classed with Derryfeld.~\ 

To the Honourable Council & House of Representatives of the 
Good peopel in the State of New Hampshire Conveaned at 
Exeter &c. 

The petition of the Inhabitants of Goffstown when in Town 
meeting assembled, — your petitioners beg leave once more to 
remind your Honours, that they have for three or four years 
past, contrary to their wish & will, been coupled with Derry- 
field, by the precept sent them by your Honours for the choice 
of a Representative, alth° your petitioners have repeatedly 
beg'd the favour of your Honours, that a precept might be sent 
them Independant of any Town whatever, which they Humbly 
conceive they have an Undoubted right to as well as any other 
Towns in Similer Circumstances with Goffstown ; which con- 
sists of near One Hundred & fifty families ; when at the same 



time, we would observe to your Honours, that their is noless 
then Nineteen Towns in this State, & all less in Numbers as to 
their Inhabitents, then Goffstown, & Yet, have precepts sent to 
Each of them, Independant of any Towns whatever; and some 
of them have litle more than half our Numbers ; surely this is 
w^orthy of your Honours consideration, as well as the attention 
of your petitioners who must be void of fealing at this day. If 
not tenatious of their Natural Rights and liberties ; are we not 
Spending our Blood and Treasure in defence of them against 
Create Brittan, and was not Taxation without a full and free 
Representation a pearte of the dispute. Surely it was, and can 
Goflstown be said to have a full and free Representation when 
compeled to Joyn with a nother Town and contrary to their 
wills ; we your petitioners do not meen to call your Honours 
authority in question, it is our Just Rights we are pleading for, 
which has hearetofore ben denied us, for we cannot conceive 
upon an}'^ Just principles why any Town that consists of 1 150 
families can be denied a full and free Representation & Inde- 
pendant of any other town ; at least nothing has been offered in 
any of our leate Conventions to the contrary, it Seemed the pre- 
vaiing oppinion theire was, that 100 famelies had an undoubt- 
ed Right to Send a Representative and we hope and trust your 
Honours will Remain of the same Oppinion, and If the Custom 
should be contineued for Issuing precepts, we trust and hope 
your Honours will provide for Derryfield in som Other way, & 
that Goflstown be allow'd their previledge in common with 
Other towns, which to their great mortification, has ben too 
Long withhild from them ; in granting of wdiich, your petition- 
ers in Duty bound will Ever pray 

Goflstown Ocf 26"' 1779 

at a legal meeting in Goflstown hild this day voted that Sam' 
Blodget Esq'' present the above petition to the general Court 
hild in Exeter, in behalf of the Inhabiters of y^ Said Goflstown 

Alex'^^ Walker Town Clark 

[R. 2-19] \_Documents relative to Soldiers^ jy'/S.'] 

Goflstown, febury y'^ 4"' 177S 

then Received of John Dunlap one Pound Sixteen Shillings 
L. M. for carrying Samuel Rimecks from Goflstown to An- 
dover to be Doctred of his wounds he Received in the Battel at 

per me Thomas Shirla 


These certifies That Samuel Remicks was a soldier in Cap* 
McConnels Company in Col" Stickneys Regiment at Bening- 
ton in 1777 and was wounded in the Battle there last August 

Robert Gillmor Lieut. 
Goffestown, Feb'" 3" 1 778 

[Col. Thomas Stickney certifies to the same. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-20] 

Sept. S"" 1 780. This certifies that on the first day of JNIarch 1 777 
The Committee of Safety (as appears by their Journal) agreed 
to give William Bell Twenty Shillings per month over & above 
his w^ages as a Soldier as a recompence for the time of his 
assisting M'' Noah Emeiy in the Commissary's Department 

attest E. Thompson S'^ 

[Joshua Bell, son of William Bell, of Goffstown, enlisted in 
1777. He was in Capt. Livermore's company, Scammel's 
regiment, and was discharged sick, after two years' service. 
(R. 2-22, 23, 24.) — Ed.] 

[R. 3-34^] [Co/. Kelley to Col. Stickney.'] 

Goffstowai Jnly y*^ 19, 1779. 

Der Sir 

after due Complements to you and Mr* Stickney, I perseve 
that M"" Eastman of weare have inlisted a man in haneker in 
your Regiment by the Name of Pope to do a tower of dute in 
the armey for said weare but Capten bowman Refuses to let 
him go for them, and the mater is left to the determination of 
you and me if vou think with me according to the orders from 
the Committee at Exeter april last, he ought to be held for 
weare the inlistment I think is good and will and ouglit to hold 
him for them — 

Sir I am witli grat esteem your most obedient and very hum- 
bel sarvent 

Moses Kelley 

To CoP Thomas Stickney Concord 

[R. 3-31] \_Relative to Joshzia Wilson., Soldier., -^7750 

I Samuel Richards of Goffstown do testify and say that I 
Commanded a Company at winterhill in the service of New 


Hampshire State, in tlie Spring of the year 1775, and that 
Moses Littel Esq'' was then my Lieu' who Inlisted Joshua Wil- 
son in said Goflstown wlio stiled himself an Inhabiten of the 
same, and at the Expiration of Eight monts the said Joshua 
Wilson Reelnlisted under me for said State & for Twelve 
month Longer Still Calling him self of said Goftstown and did 
actually Receive a Blanket and Gun of the Inhabitants of the 
said Goftstown together with provisions for his march to win- 
terhill previous to joyning my Company as he Informed me 
and further saith not 

Samll Richards 

[Sworn to July 10, 1782, before Robert McGregore. — Ed.] 

[4-133] \^Warrantfor Toivn- Meet 172 g^ 1/80.'] 

The freeholders and other Inhabitants of Goftstown Qiialli- 
fied to Vote in Town-meetings According to law, are Desired 
to meet at the Meeting-house in Said town on Monday the 8* 
Day of January Next at one "Clock after-noon then and there 
to act on the following Articles (Viz) First to Choose a Mod- 

3*^ Article in Said Warrant. To Know the minds of the 
Congregationals (so call*^) with Respect to the Presbyterians 
being set oft' a Distinct Parish by themselves. 4th Article and 
whither they will Vote the Parsonage on the South side of Pis- 
cataquage River to the sole use of the Gospel in that way they 
the said Presbytereans Relinquishing any Futer Pretentions to 
any Income Either to themselves or to the suport of the Gospel 
in their way to the Other Two Lots on the North side of Pis- 
cataqage River Called the Parsonage Lots, — 

Goftstown Decern'' 22*^ 17S0 

Sam" Blodget 
Joshua Martin 
Tho'* Shirla 

To George Addison Constable 
Goftstown January 8"' 1781 


this may Certify the Inhabitants of Goftstown have been Le- 
gually Notified by Posting According to Law, George Addi- 
son Constable — 

At a town meeting Legually warned to be held at the meet- 
ing house in Goftstown on the Eighth Day of January 1781, 
Voted CoP Moses Killy be Moderator 

Voted on the Third Article of the Warrant that the Town 


will Choose a Commity to Treat upon Matters Raletive to Sep- 
erating Parishes. 

Voted that the Commitee Consist of Six men, Voted Moses 
Kelly, Sam" Robie, Philip Clement. Alex"' Gilcrest John Craig 
and John Butterfield, be said Committee Voted that the 4'^ 
Article in the warrant be Referred to the Committee aforsaid 
for their Consideration, and to be laid before the Town at their 
Next Meeting — The Report of the forsaid Commitie made at 
the Next meeting by Adjournment Jan^^ 29, 17S1, is as follow- 
eth. Agreeable to a Vote of the Town at a meeting held at 
the meeting-house on the Eighth Instant Whereby we the sub- 
scribers were Unanimously Chosen, as a Commitie to agree 
upon a Method of Seperating the town into two Distinct Par- 
ishes Beg leave to make this Report of what we have Done — 

First it was taken under Consideration, whither it was best 
to seperate or Not. Unanimously Resolved in the AfHrmative. 
Secondly that the two Parsonage Lots on the North side of 
Piscataquage River be for the Congregational parish, and the 
Lot that is on the south side for the Presbyterian Parish. 
Thirdly that the Presbyterians Give up what they Did to the 
meeting-house in Common with Others to the Congregationals 
they Agreeing that when the Presbyterians Shall think fit to 
build a Meeting-liouse in the Town the said Congregationals 
will help them to the Value of one Qiiarter part of the frame 
and Boarding and Shingling, a house as Large as the one that 
is now in the Town 

Dated at Gofistown January 26, 1781 
Sam" Robie Alex'' Gilcrest Moses Kelly 

John Craig Philip Clement John Butterfield 

January 29 17S1 The town met According to Adjournment 
Voted that what was acted at the Opening Said meeting Rala- 
tive to the third and fourth Article in the warrant for Calling 
Said meeting was acted vipon Agreeable to their minds, 2** 
Voted that the town Agree to seperate Parishes 3*^ Voted that at 
to Relinquishing the Right to the Parsonage the Congregation- 
als act at one End of the meeting-house and the Presbyterrians 
at the Other 4"' Voted by the Presbyterians that they will Re- 
linquish their Rights to the Two Lots of the parsonage that is 
on the North side of Piscataquage River, to the Congregation- 
als t^"^ Voted by the Congregationals that they will Relinquish all 
their Rights to the Parsonage Lot that is on the South side of 
Piscataquage River to the Presbyterrians. 6'^ Voted by the 
Presbyterians that they Will Give up what they Did to the 
meeting-house in Common, to the Congregationals 7"^ Voted 
by the Congregationals that they will Give to the Presbyterians 
(when they think fit to build a meetinghouse in the Town), the 


Building of one Qiiarter-part of a meeting house frame as 
Large as tlie one that is now in the town and the boarding and 
Shingling the same 

Goflstown March 26 ; 1781 

A true Coppey of Record Examined 
attest P' Alex^^ Walker Town Clark. 

[4-1 21] \_Petition relative to C/iiirch Affairs^ i'/8i.'\ 

State of Newhampshire To the Honourable The President, 
and Members of the Council, And House of Representatives 
in General Court Assembled, The petition of us the subscrib- 
ers inhabitants of Got^stown, Humbly Sheweth That Your pe- 
tioners are of Two Different presuations of Religion Viz 
Congregationals and Presbyterrians, by which many Disputes 
and Lawsuits have happned among us, much To our Damage, 
and we think it has had a Tendency to hinder the settlement of 
the Gospel among us in the Town. 

Therefore after Duly Considering the matter the Town has 
Entered into this Resolution, that the Inhabitants that are of 
these Denominations Caled Congregationals & Presbyterians, 
(as Above) may be in two Distinct Parishes, by the Names of 
The Congregational Parish, and the Presbyterrian parish — 

We pray y"" Honours by Your Authority to Enact that Each 
of these may be Cloathed with parish Powers, that they may 
be in a Legual Capacity, to Colect Taxes for the Support of 
the Gospel among themselves And Your petitioners as in Duty 
bound will Ever Pray — 

Goflstown March 22'' 17S1 

James Kitridge Jonathan Bell Benjamin Stevens 3*^ 

Sam*^' Karr Eben'' Kitridge Robert Gilcrest 

Thos. Miller Abel wright Nathan Shed 

Enoch Sawyer Sam" M'^Farland James Eaton 

Benjamin vStevens Edmund Sawyer Simon tuttle 

Jun"" Philip Clement Enoch Page 

Tho' Vickere Vose Jonathan Stevens John Little 

Timothy Johnson Timothy Stevens Nathaniel Stvens 

George Little Thomas Stevens Peter Butterfield 

Moses Little Andrew Kimball Sam' Robie 

John Butterfield 

[In H. of Rep., March 29, 1781, petitioners were granted 
leave to bring in a bill for the aforesaid purpose. — Ed.] 


[4-133] {^Request relative to Management of Toxvn- Meetings 


Sir We the Subscribers Inhabitants of Goffes Town being 
Discontent with the manner of carrying on our prisent Annual 
Meeting for that a Considerable Number of the Men that Voted 
were not Qiiallified as the Law Directs and when we Requested 
the suposed Moderator to put the Vote to See if the people 
were Content to have the meeting Carried on in that manner 
we were Denied the Request Likewise when we Desired you 
as Town Clark, to open the meeting again and Let the Voters 
be Quallified we ware Denied the priviledge we Earnestly pray 
that at the hour appointed this Day as it is adjournment of the 
Said meeting, you would open the meeting and let the Voters 
be QLiallified that our town officers may be Legally Chosen, 

Gofles Town march 24 17S3 

Alex<i^ Walker Esq^ Town Clark 

Philip Ferren Alex-^^ Gilcrest Will™ Sawyer 

Samuel Sherley Tho' Shirla Moses Little 

Jonathan Stevens Enoch Page Timothy Stevens 

John Richardson Nathan Sheed John Little 

Philip Clement Enoch vSawyer John Craig 

Sam" Robie James Eaton Timothy Johnson 

A true Coppey of Record Exemened atest 

Alex"^ Walker T C 

[On another document of the same import and same 
date, are the following names : — Ed.] 

Moses Kelley Benjamin Stevens Tho' Vickcry Vose 

Joseph Buswell Jur 

[4-124] \_Deposition relative to Cofistable^s Pay.'\ 

The Deposition of Steven Tuttle of Goftstown of Lawfull 
age do Testify and Say that on Monday the Twenty fourth day 
of March in the 3^ear 17S3 at the adjournment of the annual 
meeting held in Said Goffstown in the State of Newhamp' 
Sam" Blodget Esq'' being the moderator of Said meeting a mo- 
tion was then made in said meeting to give the Constables Ten 
Dollars pr year for their Services your Deponent then objected 
against the motion the then moderator spoke with a Loud au- 
dible voice in the Ingllsh Language and said dont you Tuttle 


vote against it for it is not Likely that you will be Called upon 
to serve as Constable Soon ; and I will pay your parte of that 
Tax and any further your Deponent Saith not 

Stephen Tuttle 

we the Subscribers do afferme that w^e ware present at the 
adjournment of the Said meeting and did hear the moderator 
make the proposals of paying the parte of his the said Stephen 
Tuttle Tax if he would not object against the giving the Con- 
stables Ten Dollers p'' year for there Services in the office of 
Constable p"" us 

Philip Clement 
Benja™ Stevens jun"" 

[4-1 3^] \_Retur7t of Ratable Polls^ ^7^3 •'] 

Persuant to a Voate of the asembly we have Number'd all 
the Male Poals of Twenty One years of age and Upwards pay- 
ing for them Selves a Poll Tax within Our town acording to 
the best of Our Judgment and finde One Hundred and Sixty 

Ilenerey Blasdele ) Selectmen of 
Joshua Martan ) Goffstown 

State of New Hampshire Hillsborough ss 

Goffstown Dec' the iS : 17S3 the above named Henerey 
Blaisdel & Joshua Martain apeard and made to the above by 
them Signed befor 

Robert M'^Gregore Jus* Peace 


To Alex"^ Walker Town Clerk of Goffstown Sir 

Please to Begin the Town Meeting this Day as Soon as may be 
Conveniantly, and let the Voters be Qiialified in So Doing You 
will Oblige us the Subscribers Inhabitants of Goffstown March 

John Richerson Jeams Eaton true Sargent 

timothey Stephens Bengiman richerds Caleb little 

Alix'' Gilcrest Enoch Page Moses Little 

William Sawyer John Craig Enoch Sawyer 

Sam^ Robie Jonathan Stevens Edmund Sawyer 

timothey Johnson Philip Clement Tho** Shirla 

Nathan Shed Joseph Buswell Philip Ferren 


[4-127] [^Warrant for To-W7i- Meetings I iSj^^ 

State of New Hamp'' Hillsborough 

To mr Issaches Ring one of the Constables in Gofles Town in 
Said State Greeting — 

You are hereby Required in the name and by the authority 
of the good people of Said State to warn the Freeholders and 
other Inhabitents Qiiallified by Law to Vote in Town meetings 
to meet at the meeting house in Goftes Town on munday the 
third Day of march next at tea O Clock in the forenoon then 
and their to act on the following articles 

i'^* To Chuse a moderator to Regulate vSaid meeting 

2'y To Chuse all Town officers for the Insuing year as the 
Law Directs 

3'y To See if the Town will allow the Select men their ac- 
compts and others that may be brought before the Town 

4^y To See if the Town will Give the Constables their pole 
Tax the year past 

5'y To See if the Town will Raise money for a School the 
Insuing year and how much 

6'y To See how much money the Town will Raise to Defray 
Town Charges the Lisuing year and Likewise to Repair High- 

7'y To See if the Town will make aney adition to the wages 
Set by the town in Building the new bridge accross the River 
near Job Dows 

8'y' To See if the Town will Sell the School Right or aney 
part thereof to Suport a School in this Town for which this 
shall be your Sufficient warrant 

Given under our hands and Seals at Gofies Town this fiftinth 
Day of Febuary 17S3 

Henry Blasdell ) o 1 ^ 
Sam" Kermedy >- "" 
James Eaton ) 

A true Coppey of Record attest 

Alex'^' Walker Town Clark 

[4-128] \_Protest against Action in Town- Meetings iy8j.~\ 

We the Subscribers Lihabitence of Gotfestown do hereby 
Enter our protest against anv thing that may be Acted in A 
Meeting to be holden in Said Goftestown this thirteenth Day of 
October AD 17S3 as the Warning is not Legal 


Alex'' Gilcrest Enoch Page Timothy Stevens 

Moses Little Enoch Sawyer Moses Kelly 

Philip Clemant Timothy Johnson Philip Ferren 

A true Cop23ev of Record attest 

Alex-J-- Walker Town Clerk 

[4—1 29] [ Trouble between the Cotigregational and Presby- 
terian Parishes^ ^7^3 •~\ 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Honourable the Council & Gentlemen of the Honour- 
able House of Representatives in General Assembly at Con- 
cord convened the Seventeenth day of December Anno Dom : 


The humble petition of the several persons Inhabitants of 
Goflstown in the County of Hillsboro' and State aforesaid 
whose names are hereunto set and subscribed, Sheweth, 

That the said Goflstown consists of two seperate and dis- 
tinct Parishes, one of them distinguished by the name of the 
Congregational Parish, the otlier the Presbyterean. 

That on the first Monday of March in the present year (the 
day appointed by Charter to hold their Annual Meeting) two 
of the Selectmen, the Town Clerk, and a few of the Inhabi- 
tants met (without having previously warned the said last Par- 
ish) opened the Meeting, and proceeded to choose a Moderator, 
Town Clerk and Selectmen by hand Votes, and here your pe- 
titioners beg leave to observe that amongst those few who voted 
several were not quallified for that purpose according to law — 

That afterwards, when the Inhabitants were generally as- 
sembled at their usual time of attending and before the said 
new Officers had taken their several Oaths of Office, ten of the 
Inhabitants of said Town who were qualified Voters, moved 
the Moderator, to put it to Vote by polling, to see if the In- 
habitants then present were content with the transactions of 
that Meeting or not, but the Moderator refused to put it. 

That a petition (herewith exhibited) was then signed by 
more than twenty of the Inhabitants legual Voters and deliv- 
ered to the Clerk desiring him to open the Meeting again ; and 
to let the Voters be qualified, but this was also refused. We 
then entrd a protest against tlie proceedings of the Meeting, as 
being illegiial in our opinion and amongst the rest, they had 
Voted a gratuity to the two Constables of said Town of Ten 
Dollars each without the least hint thereof in the warrant. 


That the said Town Meeting being adjourned to the 24 day 
of the same month, another petition was signed and deHvered 
to the Clerk to the same purport as above mentioned, but the 
same petition was again rejected and the Clerk refused to de- 
liver it Back to the petitioners, but told them they might have 
a Copy. That they then entred a second protest against said 
Meeting — That the said Selectmen afterwards called another 
Town Meeting without warning the said distinct Presbyterian 
Parish and the same was held on Monday the 13 day of Octo- 
ber, where they also voted to raise 700 Dollars to defray a pre- 
tended Debt of said Town on account of Beef and Rum, not- 
withstanding a sufficient Sum of money had been voted & 
assessed before that time to answer the same — and your Peti- 
tioners again, protested against said Meeting and voted not. 

That the said Selectmen since have called another Meeting for 
the purpose of choosing a Representative and without warning 
the said Presbyterian Parish of said Choise, have elected a man 
to represent them in General Court, said Meeting was held on 
Monday the 8"" day of December Instant and your Petitioners 
entered a protest against said Meeting and Voted not. 

Therefore your Petitioners have taken the liberty of laying 
before your Honours the Difficulties they labour under, and 
shewing how hard they have struggled in a legnal way in De- 
fence of their Rights and Priviledges. 

We petitioned the Commitee of Safety as early as April but 
without effect. The same petition was preferred to the Hon- 
ourable Council and House of Representatives at their June 
Session but without its desired effect — 

afterwards we petitioned the same Honourable Coui't in Oc- 
tober when a day of hearing was appointed and an Order of 
Court given thereon, but before the day commenced the said 
Court desolved yet as the matters of Complaint are still in- 
creasing, and as your petitioners & others are obliged to submit 
to a part}', headed by some person full of Craft, Cunning & 
Design Your Petitioners humbly hope that your Honours will 
be pleased to interpose in their behalf in this day and that the 
said petition and papers belonging thereto which is now in the 
Office together with this petition be taken into your wise con- 
sideration and that all the said arbitrary Proceedings may be 
declared null & void, or give such other remedy, as to you in 
your great wisdom shall seem most meet, and Your Honours 
petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Ja^ Pike Tho' Vickere Vose John Richardson 

Caleb Little John Smith Nathan Shed 

George Poor Edmund Sawyer Samuel Eaton 

Timothy Wells Samuel Smith Edward Wood 



Timothy Silver 
Joseph Little 
George Little 
Sam' Boyd 
Thomas Stevens 
Sam' Robie 
Enoch Sawyer 
Philip Ferren 
Moses Little 
Jonathan Stevens 
Benjamin Stevens 
James Eaton Jun'' 

Ebenezer Wood 
John Busv^^ell 
Jonathan Bell 
Nath Clark 
David Hale Ju 
Tho** Shirla 
Joseph Bnswell 
Enoch Page 
Philip Clement 
Matthew Richard- 
Timothy Kimbeall 

Timothy Stevens 
John Little 
John Butterfield 
Peter Butterfield 
Alexander Gilcrest 
John Craig 
James Eaton 
Timothy Johnson 
Benj* Stevens Jun'' 
John ONeill 
Wood Clark 

We whose names are underwritten beg leave to inform Your 
Honours, that we signed a petition to the Honourable Court 
that was met at Concord last June, certifying our contentment 
with the transactions of our last annual meeting, being urged 
thereto by designing men but on further consideration of the 
matter and seeing the managments of the Town Officers since 
that time now pray your Honours to grant the prayer of the 
within petition 

Ebenezer Hadley Ephraim Wright Thomas Guy 
David Hale Prince Johonnet 

[On another petition of the same import, dated Oct. 28, 
1783, are the following names : — Ed.] 

Ensign Chubuck 
John Bassett 
Jonas Farmer 
William Moor 
John Smith 
Joseph Sargent 
Jonathan Wood 

Seth Wyman 
Lot Little 
Charles Sergeant 
Joseph Davis 
Jn° O Neil 
Philip Jones 
William Story 

John George 
Benja Richards 
David M^Cleary 
Moses Kelly 
Tru Sai"gent 
Moses Page 

[4-130] \_Protcst against Proceedings of Town- Meeting. '\ 

Gofles Town March y<= 3 17S3 

To Alex''"' Walker Town Clerk we the Subscribers do hereby 
Enter our protest against the proseeding of this meeting as the 
Said meeting appears to be Illegal and pray that the Same may 
be Entered in the Town Book 

Caleb Little 
Sam" Eaton 

Nathan Shed 
Timothy Stepens 

Joseph Buswell 
John Little 


Alex"^' Gilcrest John Creaig Moses Little 

Tho' Shirla Jonathan Stevens Philip Ferren 

Enoch Page Timothy Johnson Enoch Sawyer 

Sam" Robie Philip Clament 

A true Coppey of Record p"' 

Alexia Walker Town Clark 


At the annual meeting held in Goffes Town on monday the 
third Day of march 1 783 

Voted that the Town allow Each Constable Ten Dollars for 
their Services this year Exclusive of their perquesets 

A true Coppey of Record attest 

Alex'^^ Walker Town Clerk 

At a meeting held in Goftes Town on monday the thirteenth 
Dav of October 1 783 

Voted that there be two Hundred and ten pounds Raised to 
Discharge the Towns Debts 

A true Coppey of Record attest 

Alex^i' Walker Town Clark 

[4-136] \_Petitio?t to have the Line bet'ween Goffstown and 
Neiv Boston established^ //c?/.] 

State of Xewhampshire 

To the hon'''" the Senate & house of Representatives for S*^ 


Humbly Sheweth 

That the Line between Newboston & Goffstown has not been 
run or perambulated for many years, before last year & it was 
then run by Judge Page of Dunbarton who wag mutually 
Chosen by botli Towns, this Line was not agreable to some of 
the Inhabitants of New Boston, and it was since run by Sur- 
veyors belonging to S"^ Newboston & Goffstown, with this Line 
some of the Lihabitants of S'' Goffs Town were much dissatis- 
fied because it took oft' almost one whole Range of Lotts from 
S** Gofts Town, upon the Northwest Corner, the Lihabitants of 
S*^ Gofts town in Town Meeting rejected the Line as it was then 
run, & bv a Committee of S** Goffstown requested Newboston 
that S*^ Line might be run by Indifterent Surveyors belonging 
to Neither of S*^ Towns & the S*^ Town of Gofts Town agreed 


to abide the Determination of vS"^ Surveyors, but this the Town 
of Newboston hath absohitely refused, we therefore pray that a 
Committee may be appointed bv the hon'''^ Court to perambu- 
late & establish Said Line between Said Towns aforesaid as 
soon as Conveniently may be at the Joint Cost of both Towns 
& your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray 
Sepf" lo"^ A. D. 17S7 

rx-., 01 • 1 ") Selectmen 
1 hos. Shirla (^ r 

^ ' *' ) Goflstown 

[In H. of Rep., February 6, 1788, a committee, con- 
sisting of Jeremiah Page of Dunbarton and Daniel Camp- 
bell of Amherst, was appointed to perambulate and estab- 
lish a line between the two towns, and report at the next 
session. They reported, and the report was referred to a 
committee, who advised that the matter be referred back 
to the first committee, and Aaron Greeley was added to it. 
Report not found. — Ed.] 

[ Goffstoxvii j\Ien hi Fb'st N. H. Regiment. A^ 

[Samuel Davis, entered July, 1777, discharged Dec, 1781* 

Joseph Hadley, enlisted Jan. 1, 1777, discharged Sept. 2» 

William Kemp, entered Jan. 4, 1777,, discharged Sept, 6, 

Reuben Kidder, entered Feb. 27, 1781, discharged 1781. 

Samuel Smith, entered Jan. 20, 1777, discharged Dec, 

William Thompson, entered May 7, 1781, discharged 
June 7, 1781. — Ed.] 


This town was formed from portions of Fishersfield 
(Newbury), Wendell (Sunapee), Newport, Unity, and Lemp- 
ster, and incorporated December 27, 1791. 

The act of incorporation provided that the inhabitants of 
the portion taken from Lempster should continue to pay 
ministerial taxes to the support of the Rev. Elias Fisher, 
and did so until said provision was repealed, Dec. 8, 1796. 


By an act approved June 22, 1797, the boundary lines of 
the town were established, and the same were in part 
changed June 17, 1806. 

A tract of land was severed from Unity, and annexed to 
Goshen, July 6, 1837. 

The portion of the town taken from Sunapee was first 
settled in 1769, by Capt. Benjamin Rand, William Lang, 
and Daniel Grindle. 

Why the Bible name Goshen was given to the town is 
unknown to the editor. 

[4-139] \_Ivev. Ellas Elsher's CertlJicateJ\ 

Lempster Sep"" 14, 1796. 

this may certify that if in case the Town of Lempster see 
cause to give their consent that the People in that part of Go- 
shen which was taken from Lempster should not be holden to 
pay any part of my Salary After the present Year, that I will 
not exact of S^ Town any Augmentation of my Salary on Ac- 
count of the increas of list on S'^ Lihabitants — 

Elias Fisher 

The Above is a true copy of an Original certificate lodged in 
the Town clerks Office (Lempster) 

Attest James Bingham Town Clerk 

[4-1 40] \^Petltloi2 for Relief from paying Ministerial Taxes 
In I^e?npster.'\ 

To the Honourable Senate and House of Representatives to be 
Convened at Concord in the state of New Hampshire on the 
fourth Wednesday of Nov"' Listant — 

We your Petitioners Humbly Sheweth 

As their is a Clause in an Act Entitled an Act to Incorporate 
a Town by the Name of Goshen Empowering the Selectmen 
of Lempster to Assess the Inhabitants of that part of Goshen 
that formerly belonged to the Tow^n of Lempster towards the 
Support of the Reverend JVL Fisher so long as he shall remain 
the Minister of said Lempster and empowering the Collector of 
said Lempster to Collect said Taxes as though said Act of In- 
corporation had not been passed — 

We your Petitioners Inhabitants of that part of Goshen (for- 


merly Lempster) being Taxed in both Towns towards the sup- 
port of the Ministry makes it very Burdensom and having ob- 
tained the Consent of the Town of Lemster Humblv Pray that 
the Said Clause in Said Act may be Repealed (and your peti- 
tioners have all the priviledges and Immunities that any other 
Towns Do Enjoy) or otherwise as your Honours in your Wis- 
dom Seem meet And your petitioners as in Duty bound Shall 
ever pray 

Goshen November y^ i6"' ^79*^ 

John Tomson Calvin Bingham Allen Willey 

Micah Morse W"' Stoiy Hez'' Emerson 

Reuben Willey Daniel marston Nathan Willey 

James Philbrook Silas Smith Na' Beckwith 

[In H. of Rep., December 8, 1797, the aforesaid clause 
in the act of incorporation was repealed. — Ed.] 

[4—138] [ T^o^e of Lempster relative to JSIiiiisterial Taxes 
paid by GoshenJ\ 

Town Clerks Office Lempster 

At a legal Town meeting held in Lempster on the first mon- 
day of Nov^ AD 1796 — 

On reading and considering a Petition from the Inhabitants 
of Goshen — Voted that in case the inhabitants of that part of 
Goshen which was taken from Lempster will punctually pay 
up all the taxes now made up Against them for the payment of 
the Rev*^ M'' Fishers Salary, the Town will release them from 
paying any part of S"^ Salary in future 

The above is a true copy taken from the Town Book of Rec- 
ord of S'' Lempster. Attest 

James Bingham Town Clerk — 


The township was granted August 14, 1761, to Ephraim 
Shearman and others, and named in honor of an English 

This grant was surrendered by a vote of the grantees, De- 
cember 27, 1762, and the township was regranted Septem- 
ber 12, 1769, to Josiah Willard and others, many of whom 
were from towns in Cheshire county. 


The first settlement was made in 1772 by Capt. Joseph 
Hoyt, of Poplin, now Fremont. Capt. Alexander Pixley 
and family settled soon after. 

The town was incorporated by the legislature November 
II, 1778, in answer to a petition from the inhabitants, 
Daniel Sanders being authorized to call the first meeting. 

An act relative to the boundaries was passed March 28, 
1781, and one establishing the same was approved June 18, 
1802. See Vol. XI, page 726. 

A fine quality of mica has been mined in this town for 
many years, and excellent specimens of beryl are occasion- 
ally found. 

[3-142] \_Pet/iio?i J~or Incorporatio7z, etc.j i7y7-'\ 


Grafton May 9 AD 1777 

Hon gentlemen of the general Asembley in the State of New 
Hamsheir Wee take this Opertunyty to in form your onners 
that you Demand More of us then Wee are Able to perform for 
you Require of us a valiation of our Ratibel Estates Which val- 
iation must Bee taken By our seleck men Which Your Hon- 
ners Never Empowred us to Chuse And Wee your humble pe- 
titioners Do pray that your honours Will authorise and grant us 
Liberty to Chuse our select Men : and incorporate us : and 
Chuse a gestes of the Pees for us in the town and We take Leave 
to Nominate Capt Aaron Barney to Be the man ; and then 
Wee Will Com in town order: and then W^e Will give your 
onners A true Estamation and one faviour more Wee ash of 
yours honours that is to have A privilegs to Leve a Part of our 
tax upon the Wild Land if Your Honners see Cause to tax us 
and the Reason Wee give for that is this there is Men that has 
a grade Dele of Land in our town Which Lives out of this 
state and they Will not Due any Duty on the Rodes Except 
Wee mak their Wild Lands Do it and our Rodes are very Bad 
and Wont a gradel of Work Don on them And We pray your 
Plonners to take this in to Consideration and the Bouns of our 
town is as follers Be ginning at the North West Corner A hem 
Lock tree and then Running south sixty five Degrees Est six 
miles and half a mild to a Burch tree Marked J B With stones 
Round it from thence south thur ty six Degrees West five miles 
and A half mile to a Burch that is Marked J B from thence 
Running North seventy two Degrees West six miles and a half 
a mild and from thence North Eleven Degrees West three hun- 
dred and Eighty three Rods to a small Beech With stones 


Round it from thence North fourtv three Degrees Est five miles 
and half mild to the hemlock that Wee Bee gun at: and there 
is A gore of Land that Lise ginning to our town Betwene the 
Petten Line and our town and there is two famelies on it and 
they Desire to gine With our town if your onners see fit 

And We Bege that your onners Wold take this in to Consia- 
tion and grant us oui Pertision and Put us in order that We 
may Do our Bisenes in our one town And Where in Wee have 
mised it Wee Bage that your onners Wold for give us for it is 
thrue our Ignorence and We Bage that your onners Will De- 
rect us to Do Better for the futer and We here from other towns 
that Wee in these Newtowns shall Never have the privileg of 
Chusing a Representatives and We Wont to now Whether it 
shall Be so or not and We hope your honours Will send us Bak 
Word By the man that Brings this pertision to your Honners 
as sone, as our Pertision may Be grantted — for Wee Ecknowleg 
ourselves to Be under the laws and Derecktions of your On- 
nors sonomore 

But We remain yours to sarve 

Aaron Barney Jabez Bosworth Bar- Josep Hamelton 

Charles Aldrich ney Jonatha Buftlim 

Jonathan Nickles Russel Mason Matthew Peck 

Hezekiah Bullock Israel Winchester Daniel King 

Nathan Aldrich Peck Abraham aldrich 

Oliver Williams William Aldrich Jeremiah Williams 

Nathaniel Andrews William Williams Christopher Smith 

[In H. of Rep., June 6, 1777, a hearing was ordered for 
next session. See next document. — Ed.] 

[4-141] \^Pet{tion for hicorpoj-atioit^ J'/'/8.~\ 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon^'" the Council and House of Representatives of Said 
State of New Hampshire In General Assembly Convened at 
Exeter Nov"" S^MyyS. 

Humbly Sheweth Daniel Sanders of Grafton in the County 
of Grafton in Said State as agent for and in behalf of the In- 
habitants of Said Township of Grafton That the Said In- 
habitants Labour Under many Difficulties, Particularly that of 
Assessing & Collecting Taxes on the Inhabitants & Nonresi- 
dent Proprietors of Said Township, by reason of their not be- 
ing hitherto Incorporated into a body Politick & Corporate, 


with Such Powers and Priviledges as other Towns in Said 
State have & Enjoy — 

Wherefore the Said Daniel in behalf of the Said Inhabitants 
(whose names are also hereto xAffixed) Humbly Prays that this 
hon^'^ Court will Consider their Case and Pass an Act to Incor- 
porate the Said Township of Grafton into a Body Politick & 
Corporate with Such Powers Priviledges and Immunities as 
other Incorporated Towns in Said State have & Enjoy — And 
Your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray &c — 

Grafton October 15"^ 177S. 

Daniel Sanders in behalf of 

Benjamin Bullock Christopher Smith Jonathan Buffum 

Charles D'^Marain- Aaron Barney John Clark 

ville John D''Marainville Zurel Haskell 

Jabez Barney Abraham Aldrich Jonathan Nickels 

Samuel Braley Perez Mason John Johnson Jun'' 

William Williams Seth Martin William Aldrich 

Joshua Caswell Charles Aldrich Hezekiah Bullock 

Oliver Williams William Bowen Nathaniel Mason 

Nathan Aldrich Abial Knapp James Sanders 

Matthew Peck Daniel King 

[The town was incorporated by an act passed November 
II, 1778. — Ed.] 

[4-143] \_Pctitio?i 7-eIatlve to Taxes., etc., ^779-~\ 
State of Newdiampshire Grafton: ss : 

The humble Petition of The Town of Grafton To the Hon- 
ourable Councill And Jentleman of the house of Representa- 
tives Humbly Sheweth That we Labour under low Circum- 
stances & we Pray your Honours to take hour Petition under 
Your wise Consideration And Make an abatement in our taxes 
as You in your wisdom May think Proper our Condition is 
Such we humbly Concieve That if we Should bee obliged to 
Pay the tax thats Proposined on us and that we Expect to fol- 
low it would Reduce the Most of us to be a Specttickle of Pitty 
to All human Cretures a Great Part of hour People Came in 
to this Wilderness in Such dificult times that it has all most 
Redused Them to Nothing But familys of Small Children We 
have not above three familys in town that Ever Raised their 
Bred Corn and in other Nessarys we have Skarse any that will 
Raise any thing to Spare to Purchase Such Nesasarys as they 
must have to Keep their familys from Suffering and our town is 
Tw'o Thousand acres of Land less then our Charter Contains 


and Sence our town was incorperated there is a Considerable 
tract of Land and Some People on it that we Cant tax though 
they were Recond with us Before we humbl}'^ Pray your hon- 
ours to due what You in your wisdom thinks Just as Your 
humble Petitioners in duty bound Shall Ever Pray &c 

Grafton July y*" 37 AD 1779 

Jabez Boz"' Barney Town Clerk 

By order of the Town att A Legal Meating 

[4-144] \_ytistice of the Peace elected^ ^779'\ 

Colo. Timothey Walker Sir this is to Sartify that At a legal 
Meating of the Inhabetants of the town of Grafton At Legally 
warn*^ for that Purpose They Made Choice of Liut Daniel San- 
ders to be A Jistes of the Peace for the County of Grafton 

Grafton March ye 20 AD 1779 

test Jabez Boz* Barney town Clark 

[R. 2-25] \^Accoiiut of Service done in the Revolutiojiary 


State of New Hampshire 

Grafton December y** 22 A. D. 1783 

A List of The Servis Dun In the war for said Town from the 
year 1775 untill Now 

June 9*'' 1777 on the Alarm at tye 

1 Capt — 3 Sargents — 3 Privets — i month i week i day 

July y^ 20 AD. 1777 at Benington 

I Lieu' — r Sargent — 3 Privets — S months 6 days 

On alarm at Ticonteroga 

I Lieu' — I Sargent — 4 Privets — 3 weeks 

On alarm at Ticonteroga 

I Cap' — I Lieu' — i Sargent — 19 Privets — 2 years 10 months 

On alarm at The taking of Burgoine 

I Lieu' — I Pack boss — travell of the hors not paid 

On alarm at Royalton 

1 Cap' — I Lieu' — i Sargent — i Corporal — 18 Privets — 3 Pack 
hoss 7 months — Travell of three horses 416 miles Recieved 
Know Pay for the larm 

June A D 1780 at cohos 

2 Privets — i year — 4 months 


At Peekskill 1776 — i Privet 3 months 

At the Seders 177 — 61 Privet 3 months. Lost articles to the 
value of £6-18-10 

On alarm 1777 — i Lieu' 6 clays 

at Cohos 1776 — I Privet 3 months 

Inhabitants of said Town Before they came In to s*^ Town 
have Dun 34 years 9 months i week Sarvis in other states 

A True Coppey of the Officers of said town and privets that 
has Dun servis In the other states 

Select men 

Russell Mason c c •^ . 

for said town 

N : B Said Town has had three men has sarved three years 
each and one going on his third year in the Continantal Servis 
for s*^ Town 


To the Hon'^*^ the Councel and house of Representatives in 
gel a Sembly Convened at Concord in and for the State of 
Newhampshire in June 17S3 the humbel Pertion of the free 
holders and othe in habetants ofgraftonin Said State honbly 
Shueth that it is With the gratitis greef and Destress of mind 
that we are Constrained to Lav Before your honours the De- 
plorable and Shoking Setuation of the People of Said towir in 
Regard to our wilfair as to this wirlds goods, firstly VVe wold 
humbly Shew your onners that about the time of the Commins- 
ment of the Late Wor this town Began to Setle And as People 
was in Destres and Drofe from the old Setleed towns After 
they had Lost a grate Part of their in trust and fled here With 
a very Small intrust : and as our Lots hath Cast us here and a 
grater Part of the People Remains Pore and Destresed And 
Being So nie the front ters we have Ben much Distresed in the 
Lonums We have Ben at Sundry times all Cold for in the 
aLorrums and So man}' of our men hath gone that We hath 
Not Raised one half of our Daly Seport and We have Ben 
obliged to go a grate Distance for our Brat and then was oblig- 
ed to give a very Extragant Price and our Being at a Distance 
from the Jenaral Cort Never had the Acts of that onnarable 
Court and Lately we have Ben Destrest By Extents from your 
honners of Which taks Bil VVe never was notyfied and as it Now 
Stans : we humbly Shue your honners that wee have Abselute- 
ly Came to A Reselution to gite in to Regelation And intreet 
your honners to Stay all further Perseedings until the Next Ses- 
sions of a Sembly when and where Wee your Pertishanors Pro- 


perly State the matter and Lay it Befour your onners and also 
take A valeation and Lay that Befour your onners : for your 
wise Consideration on that mater As wee Look on your onners 
to be the gard Deens of our Rights : our Eiys are on you for 
Releas in this time of Distress : And Releaf we Pray your on- 
ners to grant us : and your Pertishenars As in Duty Bound Will 

Ever Pray. 

Graftown June y^ 13 AD 17S3 

Signned in Behalf of the town 

Russell Mason town Clark 

[4-146] \_Petition for the Passage of an Act making Pro- 
duce^ etc.^ Legal Tender for Debts, jy8j.'\ 

To the Honourable the Council & House of Representatives In 
General asembly Convend at Concord in & for the State of 
Newhampshire in October — 17S3 — 

The Petition of the Fi'eeholders & other inhabitants of the 
Town of Grafton Humbly Sheweth that it is with The Gratest 
Grief & Distress of mind that we are Constrained to Lay before 
your Honours the Deplorable & Shocking Situation of the Peo- 
ple of this Town Paper Currency So amediately Sinking & the 
Great Scarcity of Cash almost None Surculating in this Part of 
the State that the Like was Never Experienced by a Free Peo- 
ple our Taxes are Large & Not Money in the Town to Dis- 
charge one Twentieth Part of the Tax & it Seems at Such an 
innormous Rate there is Not Money to be had to Pay Even for 
the Copy of the Rits & if there is NotSomthing Done we Shall 
Soon be Reduced to a State of abe' Begary therefore we Pray 
your honours to Pass an act to inable the People to Pay there 
Debts without money for we have Property if your honours 
would in your wisdom Pass an act that State Securities of any 
of the four New England States Shall be a Tender & Stock & 
any kind of Marchantable Produce to Discharge Debts in order 
to Stop Suing or to Pint out Some other Method to Releave 
your Distressed Subjects as we look on you to be thee Gar- 
deens of our Rights we as Loyal Subjects Men not to Dictate 
nor Direct but meen to Let our Condition be known Not in the 
Least Doubting but that your honours will Point out Some 
Method to Releave us or we are to all intents & Purposes an 
undone People our Crops are Cut off more than one halfe Si we 
Desire your honours to Deal kindly with us & your Petitioners 
as in Duty Bound will Ever Pray — 

Andrew Aldrich | appointed Committee 
Russell Mason j for S'' Town 


\_The follow ifig Docutnents are froi?i the " Geiieral yonathan 
Chase Papers" in Library of N. H. Historical Society. ~\ 

Grafton May 12"' 1777 

Cournnel Chase here is the Return of the men that is drafted 
By me 

Capt Joseph Hoyt 

Lieutainant Seth Marten Sargent Perez Mason 

Sargent Israel Wenchester Peck Cristerfor Smith 

Marthevv Peck Nathan oldreg Nathaniel Mason 

Simun Bullock Simun Wheton Joseph Sevcy 

Grafton July y* 24 A D 1777 

Colol Chase Sir here is the Return of the men that I have 
Drafted according to your orders 

by me Cap' Joseph Hoyt 

Daniel Sanders Serg' Russell Mason Simeon Bullock 

Nathaniel Mason thomas Howard Martin Barney 

To Col" Jonathan Chase S'' These certify that Nathaniel 
Andrus of Grafton Belonging to my Company twenty years of 
age five feet nine inches high Enlisted into the Continental Ser- 
vis for three years in one of the three Regiments of the state of 
New Hampshire on the 3*^ day of March 1778 and also that 
Alexander Pigsley of said Grafton 25 years of age 5 feet 6 
inches high and Benjamili Pigsley of said Grafton 31 years of 
age 5 feet 8 inches High Boath Belonging to my Company — 
Enlisted into the Continental Servis in March i777t»y Enlisting 
into Ebenezer Soper' Company belonging to a Regiment in the 
Massachusetts Bay the Col" of which I have now forgot but is 
Mentioned in one of my former returns Made to yourself. 
Which three Men Make up the Qiiota that was proportioned 
for my Company to Raise of the Continental troops and there- 
fore have not Raised any men upon the last orders Sent to me 

from S"" Your obedient Hum' Sv' 

Joseph Hoyt Cap* 

Grafton 21'^' of April 1778 

Grafton August y" 3 A D 1779 
Col° Chase Sir this is the Return of the Solders in my 
Company thirty Soldiers Sklusive the otKcers and four in alai^am 

By me Ca])' Joseph Hoyt 


Grafton July y" lo 1780 

Colo Chase Sir I have hiListed two men Daniel Beean 
and Robart Raynold for six months 

Yo most humb Ser* 

Joseph Hoyt Cap' 

[ Grafton JSIen drafted^ i'/8o.'\ 

grafton July the 11''' Day 17S0 

to the Honourabel Jonathan Chase Esq Con' of the Redg- 
ment of the County of Graftown Sir after j'Ousing every pos- 
abel Meens to inlist the three men for three months my aforts 
was all in vain and I am Now oblidged to Draft and I hear 
Send you Sir a Return of the three Drafted men viz Joseph 
Hambelton Aaron Barney and John Buftbn Sir with grate 
Respect I Remain yours to Sarve 

Joseph Hoyte Cap" 

[Capt. Joseph Hoyt was from Poplin (Fremont), and v^as 
the first settler in town. — Ed.] 


This town was granted July 11,1761, to John Kathan 
and others. No settlements were made under this grant, 
and it was forfeited. 

It was regranted June 8, 1767, to " Col. William Simms" 
and others. 

June 23, 1780, the westerly part of this town and the 
easterly part of Plainfield were erected into a parish for 
parochial purposes, which has since been known as Meri- 

February 5. 1788, in answer to a petition, the name of 
the town was changed to New Grantham, and so remained 
until June 12, 18 18, when it was changed to Grantham. 

December 2, 1808, an act was passed establishing the 
lines between this town and the towns of Cornish and 


By an act passed January 13, 1837, a tract of land was 
severed from Grantham, and annexed to Enfield. 

December 25, 1844, some territory was severed from this 
town, and annexed to Cornish. 

By an act passed June 25. 1858, the gore between Gran- 
tham and Springfield was annexed to this town. 

Grantham, or New Grantham as it was then called, was 
one of the towns which attempted to form a union with 
Vermont, and was represented in the convention at Cor- 
nish, April 5, 1 78 1, by Capt. Abel Stevens. 

[4-147] S^List fo Grieva7ices^ ^777'^ 

A List of Greavances complain'' of by y*^^ Town of New 

i^' Unequal Representation. We hold that every Body Poli- 
tick has an inherent right of being Represented in General As- 
sembly and that no power on Earth is able to take that power 
from us no more than they have to take away y^ title of our 
Lands for y® same power that gave us y" one gave us v"" Other 
and y*" one is as assential as the other. 

2"** that when y^ Late General Court was chose they were chose 
for y'' sole purpse of acting on y" exegency of y'" ti mes and in y" room 
of that they immediately set up a Lasting plan of Goverment 
Vv^ithout either asking liberty of their Constituents or whether 
such a form of Goverment would suit them or not for we hold 
that y* right of instructing our Representatives is an assential 
prop in Civil Liberty 

3*"^ In the System of Goverment. We hold that a Council 
is as much the representatives of y'' State at Large as a Repre- 
sentative is of a perticar Town and therefore ought to be chose 
by y** state at Large and not have y^ stat struck out into De- 
stricts for that purpose. 

4"''y ye Code of Laws made on that system are of y" Same 
tenure of those we have Revolted from and for that reason we 
are Spilling our Blood and treasure for nothing 

Signed in Behalf of y^ Town of New Grantham Feb. 4**' 
1777 Abel Stevens a Committeman 

for that purpose 

[Some other towns sent in similar documents. See Vol. 
XI, p. 23. These opinions led to an attempt to unite with 
Vermont. — Ed.] 


\_F}-om Gen. Jonathan Chase s Papers in JV. U. Historical 
Society Library.'] 

[ Grantham Revolutionary Soldiers.] 

A Muster and pay Roll of New Grantham men being part 
of Coll° Jonathan Chase's Rigerment which Marched to Sara- 
toga in the sarvice of the United states of America in Septem- 
ber 1777 

Abel Stevens Cap' Jo'"!" Parkhurst Ju"" Priv 

Eben'' Jene Sarg' Jon" Parkhurst D<^ 

Lem" Colton Priv Joi^"^ Crow D° 
Nath" Parkhurst D° 

N. Grantham Augusust 2'^ ^779 
Sir. Agreeable to Orders receiv*^ dated July 16"' i779 -^ 
have Enlisted Lemuel Colton for y'' Rhodeisland Service for 
this Town 

I am your humble Ser' Abel Stevens Cap' 

Co' Jonathan Chase 

N. Grantham August 2^ ^779 
Sir. Pursuant to orders Receiv"^ Dated July 23'' 1779 a re- 
turn of y'^ Number of men in y® Trained Band and Alarm List 
in Cap' Abel Stevens Company 

I Capt I Se"" 14 Rank and file 2 alarm men 

Pr. Abel Stevens Cap' 
Co' Jonathan Chase 

N. Grantham July 27 1777 
Sir I have Lilisted our Complement of men agreeable to y® 
orders of the 23 Instant their names are Isaac Jenne Stephen 
Colton and Lemuel Colton, But they have receiv*^ no Orders 
when nor where to march 

I am your humble Servant 

Abel Stevens Cap' 
To major Francis Smith 

[4-148] \_Relative to Town Lines.] 

These may certify whom it may Concern that Canaan has 
Served the Select men of this Town with the coppy of a Peti- 
tion to y^ Ho" y^ General Court of N Hampshire concerning y* 
Lines of S'' Canaan 

N Grantham March y"" 14, 17S1 

Abel Stevens | Select 
James Jenne J men 


[4-149] S^Invciitory for I'/'/S ] 

Inventory of the Poles and i^ateable Estate in the Township 
of New Grantham for the year 1775 

Number of Poles 14 — Number of horses 5 — Number of 
oxen 9 — Number of Cowes 13 — Number of horses and cattel 
3 yr old 2 — Number of horses and Cattel 2 years old 4 — Number 
of horses and Cattle one years old o — Number of acres of 
plowing and moing land 33 — Number of acres paster Land o — 
Number of Writes of wild Land 66 

The abov writs Prized by the Select Men at ten pound a 

The above is a true Copy of the Inventory of the Poles and 
Rateable Estate of the Town of New Grantham for the year 


Attest Abel Stevens ) Select 
Elijah Gleason ) Men 

Cheshire ss New Grantham June the 2"'^ Day 17S7 Parson- 
aly apeared the above Named Abel Stevens and Elijah Gleson 
and maid Solom oth to the truth of y" above Inventory before 

Nathan Young Just Peace 

[4-150] \_Petitio)i for a Parochial Parish, iy8o.'\ 

To the hon''^" the Council & House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Assembly convened 
June 17S0 — 
Humbly Shews 

Benjamin Giles Esq"" in behalf of the Inhabitants of the 
westerly part of Grantham and the easterly part of Plainfield in 
the County of Cheshire. 

That from local Circumstances they labour under great diffi- 
culties & inconveniences with Respect to Parochial Matters, 
which might be removed if they could be united into a Parish — 
That the westerly part of Grantham is separated from the 
easterly part thereof by a Ridge of veiy high mountains run- 
ning quite across said Town so that there is scarce a possibility 
of passing from one to the other — That it woud be much more 
convenient for the Inhabitants of the Easterly part of Plain- 
field, in those matters, to Join and be connected with the west- 
erly part of Grantham than with the other part of said Plain- 

That the other Inhabitants of said Towns are willing they 
should be separated from them & incorporated into a Parish for 


the Purposes aforesaid — Wherefore he prays that they tnay be 
erected into a Parish within the following bounds beginning at 
the North line of Plainfield three Miles & Eighty Rods from 
Connecticut River thence running south forty Degrees West to 
a beach Tree marked standing in the South Line of said Plain- 
field then Easterly by said Line & the South Line of Grantham 
to the Top of said Ridge then Northerly by the Top of said 
Ridge to the North Line of Grantham then westerly by said 
Line & the North line of Plainfield to the place where it began, 
to have continuance & Succession, forever And that they may 
be invested with the Power of Assessing levying & raising 
Money for the Sole Purpose of building a Meeting house & 
keeping the Same in Repair & for Settling & constantly main- 
taining a Gospel Minister in the Same — & that they may be 
liberated & exempted from paying towards the Same in other 
part of their Respective Towns & as bound Shall pray &c — 

Benj" Giles 

[The parish asked for in the foregoing was incorporated 
June 23, 1780. It has ever since been known by the name 
of Meriden. — Ed.] 

[4-151] \_Petition to have the Name of the Town established 
as JVexu Granthatn^ iy8'/.'\ 

To the Honourable vSenate and House of Representatives now 
sitting at Charlestown the Petition of Samuel Duncan in be- 
half of the Inhabitants of New Grantham humbly shews, 

That whereas the s'^ Township is recorded in the Treasurers 
Office by the Name of Grantham, and the Inhabitants of s** 
Township being settled under the Name of New Grantham as 
appears by the Charter, it makes it verv difficult for s'' Inhabi- 
tants to collect any Taxes ; the Warrants issuing from the 
Treasurers office in the Name of Grantham and the Inhabitants 
and nonresident Proprietors holding their Title by the Name of 
New Grantham, are unwilling to pay s*^ Taxes, and the Col- 
lectors do not conceive themselves sufficiently authorized by s*^ 
Warrants to dispose of their Land for the Payment thereof 
your Petitioner therefore prays your honours would Order the 
Name of said Township to be altered in the Treasurer's Office 
and that all Proceedings of s*^ Inhabitants in consequence of 
collecting Taxes by Order of s** Warrants may be established. 

And your Petitioner further prays that said Inhabitants may 
have an Abatement of their Taxes in those Years in which they 
were doomed, they conceiving s** Doomage to be much more 


than their Proportion of Taxes which they are ready to make 
appear by their Lists, and also desires your Honours to look 
into the State of the Fine laid on s"^ Inhabitants for neglecting 
to send Soldiers, and if it shall appear reasonable, make an 
Abatement of the same, and your Petitioner as in Duty bound 
shall ever pray — 

Samuel Duncan 
Charlestown Sept 20 17S7 

[The foregoing petition was granted, as to the name, Feb. 
5, 1788.— Ed.] 


This town was incorporated June 15, 1791, and was 
composed of portions of Society Land, Peterborough, and 
Lyndeborough, and land between the two last named towns, 
called Lyndeborough Gore. Daniel Emerson, Esq., was 
authorized to call the first meeting. 

By an act passed Dec. 28, 1791, the boundaries of the 
town were changed and established. Dec. 11, 1792, the 
two east ranges of lots of land in Greenfield, in that portion 
which previous to the incorporation of the town was known 
as Lyndeborough Addition, were annexed to Francestown, 
together with the following inhabitants : Ithamar Wood- 
ward, Andrew Cresey, Francis Epes, Jacob Dutton, William 
DrajDer, John Batten, Isaac Balch, Israel Balch, and Rich- 
ard Batten. 

July 4, 1872, another portion of this town was annexed 
to Francestown. A portion of the territory now comprised 
in Greenfield was settled in 1771 by Major A. Whittemore, 
Capt. Alexander Parker, Simeon Fletcher, and others. It 
has been stated that the name Greenfield was given the 
town by Major Whittemore. 

[4—153] \_Pctitiou of Si/iid/y Inhabitants to be annexed to 
Francestown^ 7793.] 

To the honorable the Senate & House of Representatives of 

the State of Newhampshire in General Court convened the 

first Wednesday of June ADomini 1792 

Humbly shew 

The Subscribers now living, within the bounds of the Town, 
lately incorporated, in the County of Hillsboro' in said State, 


by the name of Greenfield — That it is with unspeakable sorrow, 
they consider themselves as included within the bounds of said 
Greenfield, to which they have been uniformly & decidedly op- 
posed, since the first movement with respect to said Greenfield, 
& with which they never can with any degree of contentment 
be connected — The high opinion they entertain of the wisdom 
& integrity of the honorable General Court, convinces them 
that their situations & dispositions were misrepresented to the 
Court, or they never would have passed an Act, which your 
petitioners consider, as totally disfranchising them from all 
Town priviledges, to which they were before entitled in Lvnde- 
borough. There they had spent their best days in bringing 
forvv'ard the Towai, building a meeting house, settling a minis- 
ter & providing for the education of their children, & flattered 
themselves, that under the enjoyment of our present constitu- 
tion, the second article, of the bill of Rights^ would have been 
a sufficient security against their being deprived, of those means 
of happiness without their consent, & are so pained at the Idea 
of finding themselves and their posterity in a place, where the 
greatest part of the buixlen, incident to new Towns, are yet to 
be submitted to, & their future prospects of ever enjoying the 
advantages, they once had of the Gospel — & of Schools &c. — 
that they are constrained to apply to your honours, and with 
the most profound humility, but greatest importunity supplicate 
the further attention of the honorable General Court to their 
unhappy situation — With the provision made for their poling 
to Lyndeboro', they cannot consider themselves, as properly 
belonging to any town, or entitled to priviledges in any — With 
Greenfield they cannot join, with Lyndeboro' they can claim 
no rights, tho' they doubt not of a friendly reception ; but do 
not wish to be viewed as interlopers or enjoy priviledges by 
mere Courtesy — The beg leave to suggest to your honours, that 
the Estates of your petitioners, all lay contiguous to each other, 
& are not mixed with those of any persons, who wish to go a 
different way, That they are all on the borders of Francestown 
& within two or two & a half miles of Francestown meeting- 
house & the shortest distance from said lots to said meeting- 
house but one mile & seventy one rods, & a good road leading 
thereto — That they have long attended public worship in s** 
Francestown, not only on account of its being the nearest & 
most convenient for them : but on account of the minister 
whom they highly esteem — & can be better accommodated with 
Schools there, than in any other place — That the distance from 
the place, now talked of, for holding public worship in Green- 
field, is a quarter, or a third further, from your petitioners & 
the road much worse, & always likely to be so, & the real 
centre of Greenfield still more distant, and the annexing 


your petitioners to Francestown will mend the form of that 
Town without injuring that of Greenfield — Your petitioners 
therefore prav that they may be rescued from the bondage of 
belonging to Greenfield, or living within the limits of it, & be 
annexed to Francestown, where they can enjoy privi ledges, 
which they will consider, as a compensation, for those they 
had a right to in Lyndeboro' & on account of local situation, 
superiour to any they ever can hope in Lyndeborough or in 
Greenfield — Wherefore as your petitioners always have been 
averse to any connection with Greenfield, as their interest, con- 
venience, inclination, & local situation all so stronly lead to 
Francestown — as Greenfield will not be hurt in its form, and 
Francestown will be mended by our being set from one Town 
to the other — as Lyndeborough have consented to release us & 
Francestown to receive us And Greenfield have no present 
right to us & will be better able to do without us in all proba- 
bility hereafter than at present, we therefore beg vour honours 
to set oft' the two east ranges of Lyndeboi^o' adition so called 
containing six lots from Greenfield, annex them to Francestown 
& thereby deliver your petitioners from their present distress & 
misery, and they as in duty bound will ever pray &c 

Ithamar Woodward Andrew Creesey Francis Epes 

Jacob Dutton Reuben Kimball William Draper 

John Batten Isaac Balch Israel Balch 
Richard Batten 

[The foregoing request was granted, and the petitioners 
and their estates annexed to Francestown Dec. ii, 1792. — 

[4-154] \^Pctition fo7- Annexation of sojne Lands to Gree7t- 

Jield, 1793-'] 

State of New Hampshire County of Hillsborough 

To the Honourable Senate and House of Representatives Con- 
vened at Concord in said State the fifth Day of June one 
thousand seven hundred and Ninet}'^ three — 

The Petition of We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town 
of Greenfield in the State & County aforesaid Humbly Sheweth 
that it appears by the Charter of said Greenfield that the South 
Range of the Odione Right so called, is divided nearly the 
middle, and it being much to our Damage to be the outskirts 
of two towns — We therefore prayj^ow Honours woud take into 
consideratioji and annex the remaining part of our Lands to 


the town of Greenfield the Bounds as follows beginning at the 
Norvvest Corner of Greenfield, thence by the River to the 
North line of the aforesaid South Range, thence Easterly upon 
the North side of said Range as the Lines Runs to Frances- 
town Line, thence Southerly to the Northeast corner of Green- 
field on the Crotchet Mountain so called — & Your Petitioners 
as in Duty Bound shall ever pray — 

Samuel Hixon Samuel Butterfield J. H. Eaton 

bengbeew Whitnee Jacob Johnson William Willson 

William Willson Ephraim Hildreth James Bayley 




This is one of the old towns, and was settled in the latter 
part of the seventeenth century, at which time it belonged 
to the town of Portsmouth. John Farmer states that it 
"was incorporated as a distinct town in 1703 ;" but I cannot 
find any mention of it in the records of the council and 
assembly for that year. The following documents seem to 
show conclusively that Mr. Farmer was mistaken. 

In May, 1705, the inhabitants petitioned for the privilege 
of having a minister and schoolmaster among themselves, 
and to be exempt from paying towards the support of the 
church and school at Portsmouth, which was granted, and 
Rev. William Allen was ordained there July 15, 1707. 

Greenland was assessed by the assessors of Portsmouth, 
and paid province rates in connection with that town until 
1721 ; after that year they were assessed by themselves, but 
had no representative in the assembly until the fall of 1732. 

Jan. 3, 1 7 16, the inhabitants of Squamscot Patent, living 
on the east side of the "line running from Wall Creek to 
Hampton bounds," were "joined to the Parish of Green- 
land." When Greenland became a town I am unable to 
ascertain. It was called a parish in an act passed in 1757. 

Dec. 18, 1805, some land belonging to Brackett Weeks 
was severed from Stratham and annexed to this town ; and 
on July 2, 1847, a tract belonging to Samuel Hatch was 
also taken from Stratham and annexed to Greenland. 

By an act approved June 23, 1859, the divisional line be- 
tween this town and Stratham was established, but said act 
was amended June 27, i860. 


[4-155] \^Petitlo7i to have the Bou?idaries established^ iyi^.'\ 

To His Excellency Joseph Dudley Esq'' Governour and Com- 
mander in Chiefe of Her Majesties province of New Hamp- 
shir and the Honourable Her Majesties Council and House 
of Representatives now Conven*^ in General Assembly 

The humble petition of the Inhabitants of the parish of 
Greenland Humbly Sheweth, 

That there is great occasion for your petitioners to Know the 
Bounds of their parish that they may not be Oppressed by be- 
ing taxed as Some of them is Said to live in portsm" parish or 
in Bloody point parish ; but that a line may be Run betwixt 
Greenland parish and Bloody point parish ; but that a line 
may be Rvmn betwixt Greenland parish and Bloody point par- 
ish and betwixt portsmouth parish & Greenland parish that 
Every Inhabitant may know wdiat parish he properly belongs 
to. And that Such persons as your Excellency and thes Hon"'''* 
Board may think meet be appointed for doeing the Same ; And 
that your Excellency and the General Assembly would be 
pleased Soe to Order that your petitioners in Maintaineing the 
principle School and poor among themselves may be Exempted 
from all other Charges Save only the province tax, and tax of 
the assembly ; all which wee humbly conceive to be Reason- 

Wee therefor most humbly Crave your Excellency & their 
Honours Concurrence to these our requests, and your petition- 
ers as in duty Bound shall pray &c. 

Jam* March Ebenezer Johnson Nathan Johnson 

Tho^ Perkins J*^^!!" Cate James Johnston 

Jonathan weeks Beniamin Skilen Nathaniell Berey 

Joseph Berey Israel March James Berrey 

William Haines Robart Goss matth bans 

Willa"' hodg nath' hugen Joh>^ briant 

Sam" Daves daniel Alien daniel davses 

Tho : Packer Josh Peirce Sam" weeks 

Joshua weeks John Johnson Sarah Jackson 

Joseph weeks Johi^ Philbrok Johi"! Philbrok 

Sam" neal John neal John Alien 

nathaniel watson robart briant junyer John Docom 

[In council, May 12, 17 14, Colonel Waldron, Mark Hunk- 
ing, Speaker Gerrish, George Jaffrey, John Downing, and 
Samuel Weeks were appointed " to ascertaine the Limits of 
the said Parishes." 131oody Point was named Newington, 
the same day, by the governor. The committee reported, 


July 28, 1 7 14, that " We are of Opinion the Parish of New- 
ington be Bounded from the River of Piscataqua by the 
Inhabitants following viz. James Gray Henry Bennet Joseph 
Johnson Sam' Tomson and Thomas Pickering upon the 
Great Bay and that these present Inhabitants, with the 
Lands and Estates they live upon and whosoever shall live 
upon them hereafter or build within the Limits aforesaid 
shall pay their parish taxes to Newington. And that the 
parish of Greenland be bounded upon the Great Bay by the 
ffarm of the widdow Jackson Joshua Pearce and Israel 
March and soe to Packers bridge, and thence to Joshua 
Haines M'' Gates and Edward Ayres ffarme and from thence 
Southwesterly to Hampton Bounds." Signed by the com- 
mittee. — Ed.] 


At a parish meeting holden In greenland march y^ 15''' 1721 
Voted Cap' Samuell weeks Cap' James Johnson Cap' Joshua 
weeks for A cometey to treate with y'^ onroabell Lift""' goviner 
that greenland be set of a destink parsh that we may have pour 
to Rais our porposion of provance takexis within our parish 

by John Gate P^ Clark 

[In council, March 21, 1721, the petition was granted, 
and a committee appointed to establish their proportion of 
the province tax. — Ed.] 

[4-157] \_Petitio7i for Authority to elect a Representative^ 


To his Excellencie Jonathan Belcher Cap' Gen" and Com- 
mander in Chief in and over his Maj'"'''' Province of New- 
hampshire to the Hon''''' the Council & house of Representa- 
tivs Conven'd in Gen" ass'" — 

The Humble Petetion of the Select men of the parrish of 
Greenland most humbly Sheweth — That the parrish of Green- 
land being set oft' a particular precinct from Portsmouth and 
Since they have been so set oft" hath not had any Vote in Chus- 
ing any assembly man : nor hath not any powder in their pre- 
cinct to Make Choice of any person to Represent them in the 
Gen" ass"' 

Therefore they humbly pray they may have Liberty and or- 


ders to Chuse a Proper person out of their precinct to Repre- 
sent them att all times in the Gen" ass™ & your Petitioners, 
shall as in Duty Bound Ever pray &c 
x"" the i' 1730 — 

Matthias Haines ] Select 
Daniel Lunt 

[4—158] [^Relative to Ministerial Taxes^ iyjp.'\ 

These may Certify y' M"' Thomas Packer, M"' Thomas Mars- 
ton & Will"' Simpson Are Clear"^ from paying Rates to the 
Minister of this Perish By atending devine Worship at the 
Church in Portsm*^ 

And likewise Will'" Jenkins is Exempted being quaker 

John Weeks Perish Clerk 
Greenland Febur. iS'*' 1739/40 

[4-159] l^Mititary Oncers Elected^ ^775 '~\ 

Whereas we the Subscribers inhabitense of gree 
Nland being duly senseble of the Importance of 
Being instructed in the militery art in this 
Alarming cricis & willing to be taught the same that 
We may be prepared to defend the libertvs of our 
Country which we hold dearer then our lives and 
Whereas our officers heartu appoynted 
And commissioned by the governer have been negle 
Gent in larnying us the same we have tharefore 
Thought fit to choose thomas berry captain 
Greeleaf dark first liu' david slmson second 
Liu' thomas Johnson ensign we tharfore pray that the 
Hon'''*' congress woud conferm our said choyce and 
Yure petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Greenland June 26 1775 

Thomas Marston Ebenezar Johnson John Rawlings 

Th' Brackett Sen'' Noah Haines 

Thomas Nudd Thomas Berry Ju'' william Lucy 

Joseph Wiggin Joseph Cate Samuel Philbrook 

xi • ^- ""^ ■\^ 1 Jeremiah Holmes Nathaniel Marston 3'* 

Benjamm X Nud <j., 1 a/t ^ xr t • 1 ^ 

■' his Nathanael MarstonJ"^ Jeremiah mason 

Nathaniel Avery Johnson Hoore ^t^, i''\'"J"''V.i 

hi3 o 1 TVT J 1 J- ho^ X Blaso 

T 1 Ty ,1 . • Samuel Nudd 

Joseph X thustam ^ . , ,,.. . -p,., t? 

•^ ^ „,ark David Wiggin Pike Burnum 



Joshua Berry 
John Haines jr 

Nathan X Haines 

Winthrop Johnson 
Joshua Johnson 
George Lang 
David Johnson 
Matthias Haines 
John Folsom 
Joshua Brackett 
Abraham Dearborn 

WilHam Simson J'' 
Simeon Norton 
James Berry 
Samuel Dearborn 
Thomas Lang 
Job Chapman 
John Philbrook 
WilHam Berry 
John Johnson J"" 
William pirkins 
John Johnson 
Nathaniel Haines 

thomas dearborn 
Richard Tarlton 
Samuel huggens 
Abraham Johnson 
Joshua call 
William Simson 
William Berry J'' 
Benjamin Norton 
Benjamin Norton 

Phinehas Weeks 

[4-160] [ Vofe relative to forming a State Governmetity 


Colony of New Hampshire 

To the hon'''® Council & House of Rejiresentatives lately ap- 
pointed for said Colony — 

At a legal full Meeting of us the Freeholders & Lihabitants 
of Greenland in the County of Rockingham, on Friday y^ 12"^ 
Day of Jan^ 177^' ^^ consider of the Propriety & Expediency 
of forming a new Government in this Colony — After mature 
Deliberation upon this very interesting & important Concern, 
We are clearly of Opinion that the erecting of a new Govern- 
ment in this Colony at this critical moment is unnecessary & 
impolitic, unnecessary as all the Business of the Colony might 
as effectually be done in Congress as under the present new 
form of Government and impolitic as it wears the appearance 
of a permanent Government & savours of Indcpendance and 
in its Consequences is likely to prove detrimental to the glori 
ous Cause in which all the Colonies are embarked and to dis- 
arm our Friends in great Britain of the most powerful Weap- 
ons in our favor Wherefore we humbly pray that the hon'''* 
Council & House of Representatives would resolve themselves 
again into a Congress which was the Line in which their Con- 
stituents expected they would conduct — 

Voted, unanimously That William Weeks Esq'' be desired in 
Behalf of the Town to present the foregoing Draught 

A true Copy 

attest : William Pickering Clerk 

Po T. 

[R. 2-36] 

[This is a detailed account of Joshua Haines, of Green- 


land, for going to Billerica, taking care of and carrying 
home one James Haines, a soldier, amounting to ^.T^. He 
was allowed £,Z, 15. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-29] \^Relative to Tho7)ias Packer^ J^'i Soldier.^ ^779''\ 

[In a petition dated " Greenland, Nov^" 8'^ I779-" Thomas 
Packer, Jr., states that he " Engaged as a Volunteer in the 
expedition to Rhode Island in the Company Commanded 
by Cap' John Folsom, in Col** Moses Kelleys Regiment," 
was taken sick of dysentery and fever, wants the state to 
pay the bills, which amount to ;!^3i, 12. Capt. Folsom cer- 
tifies to his having been a good soldier, and the account was 
allowed. — Ed.J 

[R. 2-32] \_Soldter's Order. '\ 

Greenland Sep'' 29*'^ 1781 — 
This may certify that I William Wallis of Greenland in y* 
County of Rockingham and State of New Hampshire do here- 
by renounce and give up to y" Selectmen of Greenland the 
wages which I as a soldier enlisting into y^ Militia may expect 
to receive from this State As witness my hand 

William Wallis 

[4-161] \_Matri7nojiial Agree7ne7tt.i Thomas Packer and 
Molly Tarltoft., 1779.'] 

This Indenture made this twenty fifth day of December A : 
D. 17779 by and between Thomas Packer of Greenland in the 
County of Rockingham and State of New-Hampshire husband- 
man on the one part, and Molly Tarlton of said Greenland 
Spinster, on the other part Witnesseth, that whereas a marriage 
is intended and proposed shortly to be Solemnized between the 
Said Thomas & the Said Molly, in consideration thereof and of 
the Mutual love the parties bear to each other 

It is hereby Covenanted, granted and agreed by the Said 
Thomas for him Self and his heirs, ex'rs & Adminisf* to and 
with the said Molly her ex'rs & adm'rs that in case the said 
Marriage should take Effect, and she the Said Molly should 
survive the said Thomas, there shall then be paid to the Said 
Molly her ex'rs & adm'rs out of the Estate of the said Thomas, 


annually during her widowhood the Sum of Twelve pounds at 
the Value of Money when Corn is Sold at the Rate of Six 
Shillings per Bushel, and shall be entitled to live in the Man- 
sion house of the said Thomas in said Greenland during her 
widowhood free of Charge, have the use of the Cellar & What 
it Contains Roots and Provisions liquors &'' from year to year 
the Produce of the Farm — and besides the General use of the 
said House, Cellar Dairy &'^ shall have the southwest room in 
said House, With one Bed Solely to her own use during her s^ 
widowhood Which shall be fitted up for that purpose by Said 
Thomas's Executors. And it is further Covenanted, granted 
and agreed by the Said Thomas for himself his heirs, ex'rs and 
adm'rs, to and with the Said Molly her ex'rs and adm'rs that 
in Case said marriage Should take Effect, and the Said Molly 
should Survive the Said Thomas That then the Said Molly 
her Ex'rs and adm'rs shall have and receive to her and their 
use all the apparel & furniture that belonged to her at the time 
of her Marriage — But in Case the Said Molly Should again 
marry after the death of the Said Thomas Then from that time 
the Said annuity Shall cease with the right to live in Said 
house & to the Produce of the Said Farm ; and in the stead 
thereof she shall receive out of the Estate of said Thomas The 
Sum of Twenty four pounds in money of like value with that 
before Mentioned to be paid her on Demand by the heirs, ex'rs 
or adm'rs of the Said Thomas — Provided that the said Covenant 
Grant and agreement with the Said Molly to live in said house 
and to receive sufficient Provisions off' the Farm for her support 
shall not be binding in case the s'' Estate is adjudged not to be- 
long to Said Thomas's heirs after his decease — 

In consideration thereof the said Molly for her Self her heirs 
ex'rs and adm'rs doth hereby covenant grant and agree to and 
with the said Thomas his heirs, ex'rs and adm'rs that she will, 
in Case said marriage should take Effect and she survive him, 
never ask or demand any Dower in the real Estate of the Said 
Thomas nor anything as thirds in his Personal Estate, nor ask 
Demand or receive any part of the Said Thomas's Estate, 
whether real or Personal, and that neither she, her heirs, ex'rs 
nor Adm'rs shall make any demand on the heirs or Assigns of 
the Said Thomas for Dower, nor on his ex'rs or Adm'rs for any 
thing Whatsoever that She might otherwise be entitled to as the 
said Thomas's widow further than wliat is granted in this In- 
denture, and that She and they Shall forever be barred and pre- 
cluded of all other demands by Virtue of these Presents and that 
after the said Thomas's decease She Shall and will at any time 
on request, release and quit Claim forever her Right of Dower 
and Power of thirds in Said Estate — To the due performance of 
the Covenants aforesaid the Parties Mutually bind themselves in 



the Penal Sum of Six Hundred Thousand Pounds, and inter- 
changeably Set their Hands and Seals the Day and year afore- 

Signed Sealed & DeF 
in Presence of 
Joshua Haines 
Jacob Haness 
SanV Hutchings 

Thomas Packer 


Molly X Tarlton 


[4-163] \_Relative to Election of Representative^ iy8j.~\ 
State of New Hamp'' Rockingham ss 

To the hon"*'® the Councel & House of Representatives for said 
State in General Assembly conven'd at Concord the 25*** day 
of Decern'' A D 1783 

Humbly shew the subscribers being a majority of the legal 
voters for the choice of Representatives in the Town of Green- 
land in the County of Rockingham and State aforesaid that the 
Inhabitants have long had the exclusive right of electing a Rep- 
resentative for themselves and that they have very nearly the 
number of male Inhabitants paying a poll tax for themselves 
which the new Constitution requires to intitle them to send a 
Representative and that the Inhabitants of said Greenland are 
so situated as to render the classing them with any other Town, 
Parish or Place very inconvenient. Wherefore your Petitioners 
humbly pray that your honors would issue a Writ for the said 
Town to elect and send a Representative to the next General 
Assembly and vour Petitioners as in dutv bound will ever pray 

David Simpson 
Jacob Haness 
William Cate 
Isaiah Berry 
Nathan Cate 
John Weeks J"" 
Ebenezer Johnson 
Nathaniel Goss 
Nathan Marston 
Joshua Ayers 
William Jenkens 
Ichabod weeks 
William Norton 
Robert Tuften Phil- 
brook Jr 

John Poor 
Bradbury Sanborn 
Thomas Berry Ju'' 
Samuel Hugginsjun"" 
George Weeks 
Noah Haines 
Volintine Dame 
Andrew Cate 
George Lucy 
Sam^ Pickering 
Jonathan Bailey 
Benjamin Norton 
Benjamin Norton J'' 
Josiah Haines 
Sam^ Philbrook 

Thomas Berrey 
Moses Brown 
W" Weeks 
Joshua Brackett 
Nathanael Marston J' 
John Weeks 
Joseph Cate Jun' 
John Thompson 
Abraham Dearborn 
W^illiam W^illis 
Simeon Norton 
Rob' tufton Phil- 
brook Senor 
Joshua Weeks 
William Jenkens 



John J Dearborn 
George Philbrook 
John Grant 
Richard Tarlton 
Sam' haines 
Sam' Avers jr 
Samuel Gate 
James VV hidden 
Joh Ayers 
Josiah Weeks 
Clement March 

John Haines 
Sam' Dearborn 
James Brackett 
Samuel ayers 
Joshua Neal 
Tho'* Packer 
Will"" Pickering 
Mark Jenkins 
Thomas Johnson 
George Brackett 
Simeon Dearborn 

John Haines jr 
David Wiggins^ 
Jotham Johnson 
Eliphalet A}ers 
Enoch Clark 
Jeremiah Gate 
Bradbury Sanborn 
Lewis Haines 
David Johnson 
Joshua Johnson 

[4-163] \_Petitio7t for Authority to raise Money by Lottery 
to Btiild a Bridge^ i/Sq.^ 

To the honourable Senate & honourable House of Representa- 
tives for the State of New Hampshire in General Court as- 
sembled — 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Greenland and others, 
humbly shevveth that Rebuilding the Bridge over what is called 
little Harbour River whereby New-Castle, or what is called 
great Island may be joined to the main Land and a free Com- 
munication opened between s'' Island and the Country, is of 
great Importance not only to New-Castle & Towns adjacent, 
but to the State in general — That by increasing the Numbers 
& Wealth of New-Castle, the Fishery will be increased ; and 
the Wealth thereby obtained, be in the Issue thrown into the 
Lap of the State in general and so the rebuilding the Bridge 
afores'' become of extensive & general Advantage — That on the 
other hand if s'' Bridge is not rebuilt New-Castle must empov- 
erish & dwindle, & in Time must sink into Nothing to the di- 
minishing of the Fishery and Wealth of the State in general — 
.And whereas the Inhabitants of s'' New-Castle & their Neigh- 
bours adjacent have not Strength to the arduous Work without 
the public Aid : these are therefore most earnestly to request 
the Legislative Body of the State to hear our joint Petition & 
Request with the Inhabitants of s'' Town of New-Castle & 
others, and grant a Lotterv to raise a Sum not exceeding fif- 
teen hundred Pounds for the Purpose of rebuilding the Bridge 
afores*^ under the Care and Management of such Trustees as the 
honourable Legislature shall appoint — Which we your Peti- 
tioners most dutifully pray &c. — 

Dated at Greenland December 34*'' 17S9 

George Brackett Nathaniel Goss James Brackett 

Joshua Brackatt Nathan Johnson J. Nathan Johnson 



Thomas Johnson 
Ichabod Weeks 
Thomas Berry J'' 
Job Chapman 
Enoch Clark 
Enoch Moody Clark 
Joseph Cate 
Josh" Weeks 
Samuel Nudd 
Willam Jenkens 
John Dearborn 
John Wingate 
Job Jenness 
John Potter 
Chas VViggin 
William Haines 
Sam' Chapman 
Levi Dearborn Jun' 
Christopher Smith 
Mark Jenkins 
John Ayers J"" 
Francis Berry 
Dan' Pickering Junev 
Jon* Bailey 
Jabes Sanborn 
George Simson 
Thomas Lang Ju'' 
Jonathan Wiggin 

David Simpson 

Thomas Lang 

Joseph Clark 

Ebenezer Johnson 

Gawen Patterson 

Josiah Lang 

John Weeks 

Mark Meloon 

Jonathan Downing 

John Fogg 

Sam' Dearborn 

Will"' Norton 

Reuben G. Dear- 
born Jr 

Jonathan Piper 

Noah Haines 

Simeon Norton 

Benj" Dearborn 

John Hains 

R Tufton Philbrook 

Joshua Ayers 

Sam' Pickering 

Job" Pickering 

Jonathan Bailey J"" 

fames Wedgwood 

George Libbey 

Clem' March 

David Johnson 
Joseph Dearborn 
John Haines jr 
Thomas Marston jr 
Josiah Haines 
William Haines Jr 
W" Weeks 
George Weeks 
Stephen IMarch 
Levi Dearborn 
Dan' Gookin 
Rich'' Jenness 
Tho'' Marston 
Mark \\'iggin 
Joseph Dearborn 
Nathaniel Alarston 
Benj" Norton Jun' 
Benj" Swett 
Benfa™ moulton 
George Philbrook 
John Ayers 
William Jenkens 
Absalum Pickering 
George Pickering 
Richard Tarlton 
Abraham Dearborn 


The township was granted to George Abbott and others 
July 8, 1 76 1, by the name of Cockermouth. No settle- 
ments being made, the grant was forfeited, and on Novem- 
ber 22, 1766, it was regranted to John Hale and others, 
who made some settlements in 1770, — James Gould, one of 
the grantees, Capt Ebenezer Melvin, Jonas Hobart, Phine- 
has Bennet, and Samuel Farley settling that year. The 
full conditions of the latter grant, however, were not com- 
plied with, and Governor Wentworth granted an extension 
January 24, 1772, for three years. 

In 1792 a portion of this township was united with a por- 


tion of Plymouth, and incorporated into a town by the name 
of Hebron. 

By an act approved December 7, 1796, the name of the 
town was changed to Groton, in answer to a vote of the 

By an act approved June 26, 1845, a tract of land known 
as the Gore, and some other lots, were severed from Hebron, 
and annexed to Groton. 

Among the Revolutionary soldiers from Groton were 
Gideon Fletcher and John Hazelton, in the First Regiment. 

[4-164] \_Election of Jtistice of the Peace ^ lyyg.^ 

State of Newhampshire Grafton ss 
To the Honerable Counsel and House of Representatives 

May it plese your Honours that the freeholders and other In- 
habetants of the town of Cockermouth at a Legal meeting may 
10 1779 

Voted that the Select men of S*^ town of Cockermouth make 
aplication to the Counsel and House of Representitives for a 
Justice of the peace for S'^town also Voted that Cap'Eben Ken- 
dall be S'^ Justice of the peace 

therefore your petitioners Humbly Request that your Hon- 
ours would appoint Said Kendall for a Justice of the peace and 
that He be authorized for that purpose 

and your petitioners as In Duty Bound Shall Ever pray 

Cockermouth may 30 i779 

I,..,,. T-, ") Select men 

Wuliam rowers ( r ^\ i. 
■Di • 1 Tj i-i. ^ 01 the town 

rhmehas Bennett I r /^ 1 iu 

) of Cockermouth 

[4-165] {^Relative to a Road through Plymouth^ etc.^ I'j8l.'\ 

To the Honb' Council And House of Representatives for the 
State of New Hampshire in Gen' Assembly, convened at 
Exeter, on the Second Wednesday of this Instant, 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Cockermouth, Dorchester, 
Lyme, & others; Humbly Sheweth, 

That your Petitioners have ever Since the Settlement of these 
Towns Labourd under many hardships, & great Inconven- 
ienses, for want of a good Carriage way through that part of 


Plymouth, that falls between Cockermouth and Alexandria, 
upon the road that leads from Docf Bartlett's Farm in S* 
Cockermouth, to M'' John APMurfey's in S*^ Alexandria ; which 
is So extreme Bad at present, that it is not passable without 
the greatest Difficulty on horse-back, inuch less with Teams. — 

Besides there is a road, located and mark'd through the N. 
W. part of S'^ Cockermouth, part of which is already cut out 
and Cleared, and the remaining part, will be Cleared imediate- 
ly into the Township of Wentvvorth, which Town is also, pre- 
paring a Road, in the most direct line of communication to 
Cooss. Your Honours will be pleased to observe, that when 
this Road is Compleated, the Inhabitants of Cooss with the 
Towns adjacent thereto, & likewise the Easterly Part of this 
State, that have concerns thither ; as also the greatest part of 
the Massachusetts, may have access & recess, to & from each 
other ; fifteen or perhaps twenty miles nearer, than the Road 
that is now travel'd : which your Petitioners humbly presume, 
■will be readily granted, by all the impartial, that are acquainted 
with that part of the Country and also that it may be made as 
good or better Road than that which is now occupied. — And 
besides, the many disadvantages, that accrue to your Petitioners 
and others, at present from the badness of that Road, throug 
that part of Plymouth above mention'd. your Honours, will be 
pleas'd to take Notice also, that the principal Impediment, with 
respect of this new Road to Cooss, lies in this way through 
Plymouth. — And that Some of your Petitioners, have made re- 
peated application, to Plymouth for a reparation of tliis Road, 
but hitherto it has been to no effect. 

And the Inhabitants of Cockermouth, have also Petitioned to 
this Honb' House heretofore, for redi'ess upon this Head, which 
was then read, and postpon'd, by reason of the member from 
Plymouth, engaging that this Road Should be repair'd immedi- 
ately ; but it has Still been neglected. 

Therefore your Petitioners humbly conceive, that your Hon- 
ours, will at once See the Necessity, Propriety and public 
Utility, in the immediate Reparation of S*^ Road, and humbly 
Pray that the Township of Plymouth, may be compell'd Speed- 
ily, to Clear, Bridge, and Caswa}', this road. So that it might 
be render'd convenient, for passing — Or that your Honours, 
would be pleas'd to appoint Some other method whereby S** 
Road may become Commodious for the Public benefit. 

And as in Duty bound your Petitioners will ever Pray &c. 

March 2^ 1 78 1 

Sam^ Piper Benj" Piper Sol" Blood 

David Clerk Step" Ames Peter Oilman 

Elijah Noyes W™ Powers Nath' Fyfield 



Sam' Page 
Pelatiah Bartlett 
Jotham Gillis 
Tyschal Cleaveland 
Tho** Gilbert 
Benj" Rise 
Silvanus Wood- 
John Woodworth 
Jacob Ceaford 
Tho' Clement 
Asa Foster 
Jon"* Bates 
Abr"^ Buell 
Sim" Lovejoy 
Sam' Hazeltine 
James Colburn 
Isaac Powers 
Eben' Melvin 
Sam' Farley 

Tho^ Caldwell 
James Walker 
James Goold 
W" Taylor 
Tho^ Folsom 
David Flanders 
Abner Ingraham 
Andrew Hicok 
Alex'' Jameson 
Tho^ Mills 
Joseph Rogers 
Tho^ Nevins Jun'' 
Eben'' Melvin J'' 
David Hale 
Enoch Noves Jun'' 
Jerath' Bowers 
Timothy Blood 
Nehemiah Hardy 
Sam' Perley 
Sam' Fellows 

Alex^ Caldwell 
John House 
Nath' Lord 
Jn° Sulloway 
Junia Ingraham Jun' 
Junia Ingraham 
Gideon Bridgman 
Daniel Jameson 
Nath' Green 
Zeb" Gilman 
Eben'' Phelps 
Sam' Phelps 
Nath' Ball 
John Hale 
Jacob Lovejoy 
Step" Ames Jun 
Eben'' Kendall 
N. Gilman 
Peter Gilman J' 

[4—166] [^Petition relative to Road through Alexandria^ i'/82.'\ 

To the Honorable Council, and House of Representatives for 
the State of Newhampshire, In General Assembly Convened, 
at Concord March 1782. 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Cockermouth, Dorchester, 
and others : 

Humbly Sheweth, That the Road from the Northerly Line of 
Alexandria through which Town Your Petitioners & others 
must pass, to Transact near all our Publick Business of import- 
ance is Extreme Bad, and uncomfortable to Travil in. That 
Some of yoiu" Petitioners have often Broke their Slays, Sleds, 
and Carriages in Conveying the Necesaries of Life to our Fam- 
ilies through S** Town. Our Selves, Oxen, and Horses have 
often Been Greatly Ingur'd, by the Badness of S'' Road, and 
this too, more or Less, at all Seasons of the Year. 

Your Honors will further Observe, That Repeated applica- 
tions have Been made to the S'' Alexandria, to make S'' Road a 
good Waggon one, Notwithstanding which the S'' Road Re- 
mains as is above Represented. Wherefore Your Petitioners 
Humbly Pray that the S'' Alexandria May be enabled and Com- 
pell'd or the Proprietors of said Town to make us a good 
Waggon Road, from the Road lately Repaired By the Propri- 
etors of Plvmouth on the Northerly Line of S'' alexandria, to 


Joshua Tolphords Esq, in S*^ Town, and as In Duty Bound 
your Petitioners Shall ever Pray &c. 

Cockermouth March 12 1783. 

Jonth Bartlet N Oilman Gershom Hobart 

Zechariah Kemp John Haselton Jonathan Bates 

Thomas Nevens Enoch Noyes Samuel Perley 

Samuel Hazelton Peter Oilman Hazel- Eb"' Kendall 

Evan Bartlett tine Jasariah Crosby 

Jerathmel Bowers Eben melven Jonas Hobart 

Thomas Nevins Ju'' John Hobart Stephen Ames 

Uriah Pike Sam" Farley Nath" Oilman 

Nehemiah Hardy Zeb" Oilman Ezekiel Metcalf 

Jeremiah newhall Abraham Buell Jacob Perkins 

Peter Oilman Jr Simeon Lovejoy Stephen Ooodhue 

Isaac Powers Timothy Blood Henry Phelps 

[In H. of Rep., March 27, 1782, a hearing was ordered 
for the next session. — Ed.] 

[4-167] \_Capt. Edmund Shattuck recommended for a Mag- 
istrate^ i'/8j.'] 

To his Excellency the Presedant of the State of New Hamp- 

May it please your Excellency 

We your dutifull Petitioners free holders and other Inhab- 
itants of the Town of Cockermouth in the County of Orafton 
and State aforesaid we understand that we have know Commis- 
sion of Peace Oranted to us although this Town is but Small as 
tis in Number we think that we Stand in need of a Commission 
of the Peace in it by reason of our Loes and other Circum- 
stances So tharefore we Humbly present this petition to your 
Excellency that if it wold Please your Excellency that you would 
Grant a Commision to Cap' Edmond Shattuck of this town. 

and as in duty bound Shall ever Pray &c 

Stephen Ames Nathaniel Blood William Powers 

Ezekiel Metcalf Samuel Metcalf Ebenezer melven 

Peter Oilmen John Hall David Plall 

Eben melven Ju Abel Lovjoy Thomas Ross 

Asahel Buell Jeremiah Ames William Blood 

William Colburn Nathaniel Blood Samuel Ooodhue 
John Woodbury Juner 


[4-16754] \_Pctition re/at ivc to Boundaries^ lySj.'] 

State of New | The Hon''''^ the Senate and house of Represent- 
Hampshire j atives convened at portsmouth in the state 

aforesaid the Tenth day of June Anno Domini 17S5. 

The petition of the Proprietors of the Town of Cockermouth 
in said State of New Hampshire — 

Most Humbly sheweth That in October Anno Domini 1780 
The State made an act intitled "An Act to servey & establish 
the bounds of sundry towns in the Counties of vStrafford & Graf- 
ton " which towns are particularly mentioned in said Act And 
also in & by said Act among other things impowering Ebenezer 
Thompson Esq'' & others as Committee to survey & lay out by 
proper metes & bounds the following towns viz — Rumney^ 
Wentworth, Warren, Plymouth, Campton, Piermont & Orford. 
And a return of s"^ Survey being made into the Secretaries Office 
under the hands of s'' Committee or any three or more of them 
in one year from the passing said Act, should be binding & 
conclusive in Law upon all persons upon certain conditions & 
limitations therein mentioned — 

And whereas the running the lines of the afores*^ towns, your 
Petitioners apprehend will be very detrimental to the town of 
Cockermouth for the following reasons viz — First, That altho' 
said Act sets forth that public notice had been given & no per- 
son had appeared to oppose the same yet that the Proprietors 
of Cockermouth who are mentioned in said Act & are material- 
ly concerned in the Issue of running lines, never were notified, 
neither was said Cockermouth ever notified as a town. — 

Secondly — That the lines of the towns of Lyme, Dorchester 
& Cockermouth were all surveyed by order of the Honorable 
the Superior Court of the Province of New Hampshire, more 
than ten 3'ears ago, which surveys were made use of in trials of 
actions at law then depending between the said Proprietors of 
Cockermouth & Plymouth, And that agreeable to said Surveys, 
said proprietors of Cockermouth recovered in all said Actions, 
& have constantly possessed, occupied & improved said land, 
paid the taxes thereof, & defended the same against the Com- 
mon Enemy throughout a tedious war & that a considerable 
part of the land in said Cockermouth has been sold for State & 
proprietory taxes within that time — 

Thirdly — That by the return of the Committee who were 
authorised by the before mentioned Act, your petitioners are in- 
formed, the said town of Plymouth will have one line of about 
two miles in length more than their Charter gives them, — 
whereas in fact it appears that they should come to a point, & 
leave out the said line of two miles, whereby a very large tract 
of land is included, more than Plymouth Charter contains. 


Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray a day of hearing 
may be assigned them and that in the mean time the said town 
of Plymouth may be ordered not to make any assesments upon 
the poles and estates of the inhabitants within the Claim of the 
township of Cockermouth, until the boundaries of s** Plymouth 
& Cockermouth shall be established by the General Court, and 
that your Excellency & Honors would be pleased to pass such 
further order thereon as you in your wisdom shall think fit — 

And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray 

R : Cutts Shannon ^ r^ 

TVT 1 Tir ^ I Committee 

Noah Worcester r ^i 

T 1 Tj 1 ^ oi the prop"^ 

ohn Hale ( c r^ X 

T7 1 1 ci 4-t 1 I oi Cockerm 

JLdmund ohattuck j 

of Cockermouth 
jciuuiuiiu ouaiiucK J 

June lo* 1785 

[4-1 6S] 

It is agreed between the Com**'^^ of Cockermouth & Plymouth 
that the Petition concerning the boundarys shall be forther post- 
poned to the next Session of the gen' Court in Concord which 
may happen after the first Wednesday of June next. 
May loth 1787. 

S Livermore for Plj'm" 
Sam' Hobart \ r 

Noah Worcester > r^ , ^, 

T> /^ ii. ou \ L^ocker mouth 

R : Cutts Shannon ) 

[For documents relative to foregoing, see Vol. XI, page 
723.— Ed.] 

[4-169] \^Petitioti for change of JVame of Tozvn.'] 

State of Newhampshire Grafton ss 

To the Honarabel the General Cort to be holden at Concord 
within and for said state on the first WednesDay of June 


the petition of the Inhabetants of the town of Cockermouth in 
the County and State afore said Humbly Sheweth that whereas 
we the Inhabetants of S** Town have for a Longtime been Dis- 
satisfied with the Name of Cockermouth being afixed to said 
Town these are therefore to in form your Honours that the In- 
habetents of S'' town by there Legal meeting Did meet in town 
meeting in S*^ Cockermouth on the Eleventh Day of march 1788 
and bv their unamus voice agree to and Voted to petition this 
Honourable Court to Change the Name of S*^ town from that of 
Cockermouth to that of Danbury as by their Vote on s** 11"^ 
Day of march may more fully appear these are therefore to 


pray your Honours that by an act of your Honours the Name 
of s*^ Cockermouth may be Vacated and that the Name of 
Danbury be affixed thereto and Known in Law as Such and 
your petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever pray 
Signed by order of the town 

Eb"- Kendell ) Select 
W" Powers ^ men 
Cockermouth may 30"^ 17SS 

[In H. of Rep., June 9, 1788, the petitioners were granted 
leave to bring in a bill. — Ed.] 

[4-170] \_Petition of Cockermo7ith People for a new Toxvn^ 


His Excellency the President, The Hon. Senate & House of 

Representatives for the State of New Hampshire in Gen' 

Court convened. 

The petition of us the Subscribers humbly sheweth, that the 
Southeasterly part of the Town of Cockermouth (by its natui*al 
formation is so situated that a connection with the Southwest- 
erly part of Plymouth (in all matters) would render it exceed- 
ingly advantageous to us inhabitants of said Cockermouth. — 
Wherefore we pray that a certain part of said Cockermouth 
(beginning at the Southwesterly corner of the lot Number six- 
teen in the first range & first division in said Cockermouth 
thence running North thirty degrees East to Rumney line which 
makes about a mile in width) may be set oft' from said Cocker- 
mouth, annexed to and incorporated with that part of said Ply- 
mouth now petitioned for as a New Township — 

And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Cockermouth Dec ^^ 1791 — 

John Haselton Samuel Haselton W"' Cummings 

Timothy Farley Nath" Ball Sam' Phelps 

Jaazariah Crosby Abraham Parker Ebenezer Wise 

[4-170] \_Petitlon of Plymotith People for a New Town^ 


His Excellency the President, the Plon'''^ Senate & House of 
Representatives for the State of New Hampshire in Gen' 
Court convened 
The petition of us the subscribers humbly sheweth, that by a 

late establishment of the boundaries of the Town of Plymouth 

GROTON. 8 1 

(of which we are Inhabitants) our connection with said Town 
of Plymouth is rendered exceeding difficult, as the road at pres- 
ent is new and in a great measure unoccupied, and the length 
of way from the principal part of us nearly six miles to the now 
Centre of said Plymouth. And further that the greater part of 
us have been at a great expence in settling a Gospel Minister & 
supporting the Gospel among ourselves without any assistance 
of the Town of Plymouth aforesaid, & having previously ob- 
tained approbation of the inhabitants of said Plymouth by a 
unanimous vote herewith inclosed and preferred to your Honors 
signifying that our desires may be fully gratified 

Wherefore we pray, that such a part of said Plymouth as is 
expressed by metes and bounds in said vote herewith preferred 
by the bearer William Cummings may be set oft' & incorporated 
into a Township and that we the Inhabitants of the same may 
be invested with Town privileges in such way as your Honours 
in wisdom may Judge fit and we your Honours petitioners as in 
duty bound shall ever pray — 

Plymouth Dec. 7* 1791 

William Cummings Evan Bartlett Jerahmeel Bowers 

Jonathan Morss David Cheney Josiah Hobart 

Jonathan Bartlett Eben' Kendall Ebenezer Kendall 

Uriah Pike Simon Lovejoy Jun' 

John W. Kendall Jacob Kendall James Colburn 

Samuel Hasalton Benj" Haselton 

Feb, 2^ 1792 Serv'd the select men of Plymouth with a true 

per W™ Cumings 

Feb. iS"" 1792 the Petitioners comply'd withy'' within order 
of Court by serving us with an attested Copy 

,,r„. r^ • ] Selectmen of s*^ Cockermouth 
W" Cummgs \c ,^^, 
° j tor 1 79 1 

T^j OT i-i. 1 \ Selectmen for 

Edm Shattuck ' a (^ 1 4.1 

s'' Cockermouth 

am Goodhue r l r ^ ^ 

^ J for 1792 

March 1792 

[The foregoing petitions were granted, and the portions 
of the two towns asked for were set off and incorporated 
into the town of Hebron. — Ed.] 


[4-1 71] [^Capt. Ed?mind Shattitck's Resignation^ i'/gi.'\ 

To His Excellency the President of the State of New Hamp- 
shire — 

The request of your Petitioner humbly sheweth that for 
many years even from infancy of the Town of Cockermouth, 
he has born a large Share of the hardships not only of settling a 
new Town, but has for considerable time Sustained the Trust 
of Cap' of the Company of militia in s'' Cockermouth and inas- 
much as he is in advanced age prays that he may be releas'd 
from military exercises & your Excellency's Petitioner as in 
duty bound ever prayeth — 

Cockermouth Jany 5"^ 1791 — 

Ed'" Shattuck Cap' 

[4-172] \_Petitioft to have the Name of the Town changed to 
Groton^ i'jg6J\ 

The Hon^'^ Senate & house of Repi^esentatives of the State of 
New Hampshire in Gen' Court convened 

The Petition of us the Subscribers humbly sheweth That, 
Whereas the Inhabitants of the Town of Cockermouth at a late 
Town Meeting unanimously manifested their Desire that the 
Name of said Town of Cockermouth might be altered and an- 
other Name for said Town Substituted in Stead therof — 

Wherefore we pray that your Honours would gratify the In- 
habitants of said Cockermouth and order by act of the Hon' 
Gen' Court that said Town be Called Groton — This your Peti- 
tioners as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Cockermouth Nov. 24* 1796 

Ed"" Shattuck | Selectmen 
David Hale j of s'' Cockerm'' 

[The foregoing petition was granted by an act passed 
December 7, 1796. — Ed.] 


Previous to the establishment of the line between this 
state and Massachusetts, the territory comprising this town 
was considered as parts of Haverhill and Amesbury, and 
went by the name of Timberlane. 


Settlements were made in 1728. 

The town was incorporated by the government of New 
Hampshire January 19, 1749, and named by Governor 
Wentworth from a town in England. 

A dispute arose, about theyear 1757, between the proprie- 
tors of the town and some Kingston parties, who claimed 
land under a grant from Massachusetts, which created con- 
siderable bitterness, but was finally settled by the payment 
of ;:^3,000 old tenor, amounting to ;^I50 lawful money, by 
the town of Hampstead, and the procuring of a grant from 
the governor of a township, from which land enough was 
transferred to the Kingston parties to satisfy them. It is 
said that men from both sides went to the township thus 
granted (situated in what is now Sullivan county) with bit- 
terness in their hearts, but came to an amicable settlement, 
shook hands, and parted in Unity, and named the town in 
commemoration of the happy event. 

By an act passed June 23, 1859, '^ portion of Atkinson 
was annexed to this town. 

June 28, 1877, a small tract of land was severed from 
Hampstead, and annexed to Danville. 

Among the noted early inhabitants of the town was 
Richard Hazzen,a graduate of Harvard college in 1717. He 
was a surveyor, and in March and April, 1741, surveyed the 
line between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, from the 
south-east corner of the present town of Pelham to Connect- 
icut river. He died in 1754. 

Hon. John Calfe, born June 13, 1741, was judge of the 
court of common pleas for twenty-five years, and for the 
same number of years clerk of the house of representatives. 
He died October 30, 1808, 

[5-1] \_Assessfnent of Rates^ about lyd^.l 

An assessment on the Lands Possessed By those Persons 
whose names are under written ; assess' By Vartue of a vote of 
the free holders of the Town of Hampstead : in order to Settle 
the Long & unhappy Despute that has Subsisted between the 
Said freeholders of Hampstead that Settled under Haverhill & 
Amesbury Title ; and the Proprietors of Kingstown or Clam- 
ers under them : 

John Atwood, Joseph Brown, Thos Crawford, 

Sam" Brown, John Calfe, Eben"" Copp, 



Joshua Bayley, Wid. Sarah Clark, 

John Chase, Josiah Davis, 

Asa Currier, Caleb Emerson, 

Dr. Peter Eastman, John French, 
JosephFrench, Jun., Capt. Eben'' Hale, 

Will'" George, 
Reuben Harriman, 
David Hadley, 
En. Will'" Heath, 
John Harriman, 
Capt. John Hazen, 
Stephen Johnson, 
Charles Johnson, 
Daniel Johnson, 
John Kent, 
Eben Kezar, 
Sam" Little, Esq., 
Stephen Little, 
Moses Little, Jun., 
Enoch Little, 
John Mills, 
Lieut Peter Morss, 
Joseph Noyce, 
John Plumer, 

Lieut. Benj" Emer- 
Dr. Joseph French, 
Nathan Goodwin, 
Capt. Hezekiah 

Bartho™ Heath, 
Wid. Judith Hadle}^ Joseph Hadley, 
Will"> Heath, Jun., Nath" Heath, 
Benj" Heath, 

Heirs of Richard 

Hazen, Jun., 
Sam" Johnson, 
Caleb Johnson, 
Dr. Benj'^ Kimball, 
Wid. Kimball, 

Will'" Hunt, 
Benj" Hale, 
Wid. Sarah Hazen, 
En. Jesse Johnson, 
Zech. Johnson, 
Moses Kimball, 
John Kezar, 

Wid. Merebah Rob- Joseph Pilsbury, 

Eben"" Kezar for his Daniel Little, Esq"", 

wife, Joseph Little, 

Joseph Little, Capt. Moses Little, 

Moses Little, Benj" LitUe, 

Clerk Benj" Little, John Muzzey, 
Lieut Will"' Moulton, Capt. Will"' Marsh- 
Abel Merril, ell, 
Hannah Moors, John Merriel, 
Wid. Judith Plumer, Benj" Pilsbury, 

Benj" Stevens, 
Sam" Stevens, 
Daniel Stevens, 
Joseph Sawyer, 
Jesse Turriel, 
John Webster, Esq 

Otho Stevens, 
Dc"" Wait Stevens, 
Levi Stevens, 
Joshua Sawyer, 
Enoch Sawyer, 
Wid. Sant clear, 
, Tho'' Williams, 

Wid. Mehe' Worthen, Abner Sawyer, 

Dinah Roberson, 
John Bardet, 

Dr. John Bond, 
Stephen Bayley, 

Job Rowel, 
Will'" Stevens, 
Arch. Stevens, 
Wid. Anna Stevens, 
Edmund Sawyer, 
the Rev'i M-" Henry 

Will'" Richardson, 
Tho-^ Wadley, 
Joshua Copp, 

John Muzzey 

Edmund Morss 
John Mills 


At a meeting held at Timber lane on the 
th . . - . 


Province of , ^^ ^ -.- 

New Hamshire j 13"" of July Listant it was voated that Mr 
Richard Hazzen & Daniel Little Esq"" and m"" John Webster be 
a Committee to prefer a petition to the Govenor and Council of 
said Province to see if that Hon''''''' Court in their wisdom will 


Incorporate Timber lane and Almsbury peak into a Parish or 


George Little Jun"" 
Timber lane Clerk 

[5-3] S^Petition for an Incorporatio7i of the Town, l'/46.~\ 

To his Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq"" Governor and 
Commander in Chief in and Over his majesties Province of 
New Hampshire the Hon'''''^ his majesties Councill July 2()^^ 

The petition of the Subscribers for themselves & in behalf of 
Sundry others to the number of About one hundred who live 
in that part of Haverhill District Commonly called Timber- 
lane together with that part of South Hampton District which 
is usually called Almsbury Peak. 

Humbly Sheweth That the Lands whereon your petitioners 
Dwell as herein described and bounded & containing near a 
five miles Square viz. Begining at the Southeasterly corner of 
the farm commonly called Tyngs farm : thence runing North- 
westerly by Said farm till it comes to Belknaps Land, So take- 
ing in Belknaps Land & Richard Heaths Land, thence runing 
by Land of Lieu' Caleb Page till it comes to Land of Richard 
Hazzen, thence running betwixt said Hazzens Land & Clem- 
ents Land till it comes to the Islandy pond, thence to the South- 
east corner of Edward Flynts Land, including the Great Island 
in s*^ pond, thence running by Flynts farm and takeing in 
the same till it comes to Stevens Land, and by Land of Ne- 
hemiah Stevens Northeasterly to y^ Twelve rod wa}', thence to 
y* Southwesterly angle of Sleepers fifth Division Lott, thence 
Northeast to a line Northwest from Holts Rock, & from thence 
to y* mouth of ye Angly pond so called, thence Southeast till 
it comes to y*^ Northeast Corner of Woodbridges farm thence 
Northwesterlv by Said farm till it comes to y'= way Leading 
from Capt Follingsbees to y"' Angly pond, from thence to North 
East Corner of Obadiah Avers fifth Division Lott thence South- 
westerly by Said Lott to the Twelve rod way, thence to y^ 
Northwest Corner of Lieu' Hales Land & by his Land to 
y* Southwest Corner of it, thence to y^ Northeast Corner of 
Tyngs farm & by S*^ farm to y^ first bounds are very vSuitable & 
Commodious for a Town or parish and that we who inhabit 
said Lands are so compactly situated, & by the blessing of God 
have made such Improvements as that they are now able to 
support a Gospell Minister amongst ourselves. We would 
further Humbly Suggest to your Excellency and Honours that 
most of us now Live far from y^ public worship of God (unless 



when carried on amongst our Selves) that we cannot possibly 
attend upon it without the utmost difficulty & hazzard. We 
therefore earnestly request your Excellency & Honours to Com- 
pasionate our Circumstances & incorporate us into a Township 
with y* powers & priviledges that other Towns in y^ Province 
have, or that you will at least invest us with power to tax y® 
people to support y*^ Gospell amongst ourselves as to your Ex- 
cellency & Honours shall seem best for us, & for your Excel- 
lency & Honours. Your humble petitioners as in duty bound 
shall every pray, 

Daniel Little 
Benjamin Heath 
Benjamin Stevens 
Moses Gile 
Ebenr Gile 
Moses Copp 
Otho Stevens 
benjamin kimball 
Nathaniell Heath 
Samuel Plummer 
Thomas Clark 
Benjamin hadley 
Thomas Williams 
Jonathan Hunt 

John Muzzey 
John Johnson 
William Hancock 
Lemuel Tucker 
JohnATen Gile 
Stephen Johnson 
David Copp 

Jeremiah Eatton 
Caleb heath 
Hugh Tallant 
Ebenezer Johnson 
Richard Hazzen 
George Little Junr 
Peter Easman 

Stephen Johnson Jur Benjamin Eatton 

Peter Morss 
John Plummer 
Edmund Sawyer 
rechar-d goodell 
Henry Trusell 
Jonathan Stevens 

John Webster 
Abner Sawyer 
amos Clark 
Bartholomew heath 
Joseph Hadly 

[In answer to this the town was incorporated by the gov- 
ernor and council Jan. 19, 1749, and named Hampstead, 
from a town in England, near London. — Ed.] 

[5-4] [ Committee to prosecute the foregoing Petition^ l'/48.~\ 

At a Meeting held Jan. y^ ii"" 1747/8 at the House of John 
Bond By a Society of the West end of Kingston John Hogg & 
James Graves were Chosen a Committee to Prosecute a Peti- 
tion said Society have now in Court. 

John Bond Clerk 
for s"^ Society 
Copia vera 

[5-5] \_Req2test relative to foregoing Petitio?i^ lY4g.'\ 

Kingst" July 17"" ^749 
May it Please your Excellency & Hon" 
It is the desire of us the Subscribers that if our Petition ac- 
cording as we were Sett of by Kingston should not be granted 


and 3'our Excellencie & Hon''^ See Cause to Establish Timber- 
lane that we may be established with them and that the North 
Line may include the Farm that was formerly Sam^^ Graves 
Deceas'd & the west Line may be the agreement Line between 
Kingston & Londonderry 

John Hogg 
James Graves 
John Bond 
Edman Easman 

[5-6] [ Co7nmittee to defoid Kingstoti La-jusuits, iy68.'\ 

Hampstead August 22'"' 1758 

At a Leagal Town meeting held this Day Persuant to a war- 
rant from the select men of this town the following things were 

i'' Voted to Chuse a Committee to Defend and Carry on to 
final Judgement and Execution the Case alredy Commenced 
against Some'Persons in this town by Kingstown in Respect of 
Land title or any Person in this town that may be sued, By 
Kingstown in Respect to Land title upon the Cost and Charge 
of the freeholders of this Town — every one to Pay his Propor- 
tion according to the value of his Land Calling it as wild or 
unimproved Land 

2nd Voted that those Persons that Settled under Kingstown 
title are free*^ and Excluded from Paying any Part of the above 
Said Cost & Charge. 

The Committee Chosen to Carry on any Case in Law against 
Kingstown are Lieut Peter Morss Nath" Heath John Webster 
John Muzzey and Eben"" Gile. 

Hampstead October 24"" 1768 

A True Copy 

n i. T^ i. ) Town 

Peter Eastman >- ^, , 
j Clerk 

[5-7] [ Votes in Toivn Meeting relative to Kingstoti Clai?ns, 


Hampstead Sepf i*' 1760 

This Day a meeting is Held Pursuant to a warrant from the 
Select men of this Town and the following things were voted 

i^'. Voted to Give twelve Hundred Pounds old tenor to Kings- 
town Proprietors for a Settlement with them in Respect of 
their Claims, in this Town. 

ond Voted to free those Persons that Settled under Kingstown 
Title from any Charge in Said agreement with Kingstown. 


Hampstead Sepf 19*'' 1760 
At a meeting held this Day Persuant to an Adjournment of 
the above meeting the Town Voted to Give the Proprietors of 
Kingstown three thousand Pounds old tenor to Qiiit their 
Claims to all the Lands in this town that was settled imder 
Haverhill & Amsbury title. Voted Likewise to bare half the 
Charges in Gitting a Grant of the new township which was 
Fropos*^ to them. 

Hampstead October 24'^ 1768 
A True Copy 

Peter Eastman [ ^, , 

[5-S] [ Votes of Town relative to Kingstofi Claims^ iy6y.'\ 

Hampstead February 9'^ ^7^7 

at a leagal Meeting held this Day (by the free holders of 
Hampstead that Settled under Haverhill & amesbury Title) by 
vartue of a warrant from the select men of this Town The fol- 
lowing things, were Voted, (viz) 

John Webster Moderator 

John Muzzey Chosen Clerk for Said meeting 

This meeting is adjourn'* to monday the 23** of this instant 
febr^ at one oClock in the after noon. 

Febr^ 23*^ at the adjournment of the above said meeting it 
was voted as followeth 

I voted to Raise the three thousand Pounds old tenor form- 
erly voted to Give to Kingstown Clamers, of Land in Hamp- 
stead for their Claims, in said Hampstead : Providing they Give 
us, the Deed already signed by a number of said Clamers : and 
Likewise Give sui^cient Bonds to Defend us against any that 
may hereafter Chalenge Land in Hampstead under a Kings- 
town Clame. 

2'y voted that John Muzzey Leiut Edmond Morss and John 
Mills be a Committee to Take a valueation of the Land in 
Hampstead belonging to the above said freeholders : and assess 
the above Said money and for Defraying the Charges of the 
Settlement with Kingstown 

March 21^' 1768 A True Coppy 

"J Clerk 
John Muzzey > for said 
) meeting 

[5-9] [ Coitimittee appointed to settle -with Kingston^ i7^7-\ 

Hampstead Dec'' 8"^ 1767 
At a Leagal meeting held this Day by the freeholders of 


the Town of Hampstead, that settled under Haverhill and 
Almsbury title Pursuant to a warrant from the Select men of 
said Town the following votes were Past 

I voted that John Webster Esq"" John Muzzey Benj" Kimball 
& Jesse Johnson, Be a Committee to Give security (to Kings- 
town Clamers) for the three thousand Pounds old tenor that was 
formerly voted to Give them for their Claims in Hampstead. 

2'y voted that the above said Committee, shall apply to the 
General Court to be enabled to Colect the Rate that is allready 
assesst in order to Compleat the agreement with Kingstown 

A True Coppy of those Purticuler votes Exam^ & attested 

John Muzzey Clerk. 

[5-10] \_Relative to the Settlcjnent of Kingston Dispute^ 


To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Govenor and Com- 
mander in Chieff in and over His Majestvs Province of New 
Hampshire & to the Hon^*^ his jVIajestys Councel and House 
of Representatives Convean'' in General assembly for Said 
Province — 

The Petition of us the Subscribers in behalf of the freehold- 
ers of the Town of Hampstead Humbly Sheweth That Where 
as there has Been an unhappy Dispute Long Subsisting Be- 
tween the freeholders of the Town of Hampstead (who hold 
their Lands in said Hamps'' under the ancient Grants of Haver- 
hill & Almsbury) and the Proprietors of Kingstown and others 
Claming under them : Respecting the title of Land within said 
Hampstead : and to Settle this unhappy Debate ; the said free- 
holders of Hampstead have Past a vote to Give the agriev*^ 
Party Claming said Land under Kingstown the sum of three 
thousand Pounds old tenor Equal to one Hundred & iifty Pounds 
Lawfull money ; and Likewise to be at one half the Charge of 
Gitting a Tonship Granted in order to Give to the Said agriev^ 
Partv for their Clames in Hamps'' and it hath Pleas'' His Excel- 
lency our former Govenor to Grant a Township by the name of 
Unity ; that there might be an ammicable Settlement made be- 
tween the Contending Parties ; Now the agreiv'^ Party Claming 
under Kingstown has Recc** a Deed of the Township of Unity 
from the Grantees of it and have taken the same in Part of the 
above said Settlement, and now the one Hundred & fifty Pounds 
yet Remains to be Paid to Compleat the agreement; and al- 
though the money be assess*^ for the Payment of the above said 
sum and for Defraying the Charges ; agreeable to a vote of said 


freeholders, yet we suppose that we have not Power to Colect 
the same or any ones Purportion that Refuses to Pay it ; which 
there is maney ; Some have farms or tracts of Land in said 
Hampstead and Live out of this Province ; and others are Late 
Purchessers and are unwilling to Pay their Purportion unless 
they Can Come Back upon their Warrantees, for Damage as 
being an incumbrance upon the Land when they Bought it. 
So that we Labour under a Great Difficulty and Cannot finish 
the agreement. Therefore the Prayer of your Petitioners, is 
that your Excellency and Honnours would be Pleased to Take 
our unhappy Case under your Wise Consideration and Grant 
us Power to Colect the above said assessment as in your Wis- 
dom Shall be thought most Proper. So that these unhappy 
Disputes which have subsisted above thirty years may be 
brought to a final and Happy End. 

And your Hum'" Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall ever 

Dated at Hampstead February 3'^ 176S 

John Webster 
John Muzzey 
Ben'" Kimball 
Nath*' Pleath 
Jesse Johnson. 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 24, 1769, voted that the petitioners 
have liberty to bring in a bill to enable them to collect said 
assessment. — Ed.I 

[R. 2-40] \_Elijah Heath's Accoiait^ l'/6o.'\ 

Province of New Hampshire, Hampstead January 21'' 1760: 
I the subscriber namely Elijah Heath being a souldier in Col" 
Lovewel Rigement under Capt Todd ; and as I was going to 
osswago I lost my Gunn going over the fauls it fell out of a 

Elijah Heath 

Sworn to before Daniel Little, Dismissed. 

[R. 2-41] [ WilUajn Heathy Jr. ^ Soldier^ 1/60.'] 

[William Heath, Jr., in a petition dated Hampstead, Jan. 
18, 1760. says he was "a soldier under Capt. John Hazzen 
in Col° Harts Rigiment," that he had his gun stolen coming 
home, and wants pay for it. His petition was " dismissed." 


[R. 2-42] \^BenJamin J\Iorse^ Soldier^ I'j62.'\ 

[In a petition addressed to the governor and assembly, 
Jan. 4, 1763, Peter Morss, of Hampstead, says, "Your Pe- 
titioner had a Son a Minor in the service of this Province 
in Col° John Goff's Regiment & Cap* John Hazzens Com- 
pany in the year 1762 at Crown Point ;" that his said son 
was taken sick on the way home at the house of Alexander 
Robbe in Peterborough. He presented a bill for care and 
expense of getting him home, amounting to ^^34, 12, o — 
and was allowed eight shillings and six pence sterling. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-43] [ yohn Sawyer^ Soldier of the Rhode Island Ex- 

peditio7i . ] 

[John Sawyer, of Hampstead, states that he was a vol- 
unteer in Capt. Jesse Page's company. Col. Gale's regiment, 
in the Rhode Island expedition, and had his horse stolen 
from him, and wants the state to pay 13 pounds 10 shill- 
ings. He was allowed $4$, Nov. 17, 1778. — Ed.] 

fR. 2-44] l^^ohfi Eaton^s Petition^ Soldier^ lySo.^ 
State of New Hampshire — 

To the Honourable the Council & house of Representatives for 
said State in General assembly convened Nov"" S*^** 1780. 

The Petition of John Eaton of Hampstead in said state 
Humbly Sheweth — That your Petitioner engaged in the service 
of the United States in Nov' 1776 as an Ensign in Capt. Ben- 
jamin Stones Company in y* 3'' New Hampsh'' Battalion and 
continued in said Service until August 1778, when the circum- 
stances of your Petitioners family was such that he was induced 
to ask Liberty to Resign, which was granted and a Discharge 
obtained, Dated Aug' 2^ 1778, as will appear by said Dis- 
charge — 

Wherefore your Petitioner prays that he may be allowed 
Depreciation for the Time he was in said Service equal with 
others of like Rank. 

John Calfe in behalf said Petitioner. 

[He produced a discharge, signed " General Headquar- 


ters August 2"^ 1778, by order of his Excellency the Com' 
in Chief 

John Fitzgerald 

V Aide de Camp."— Ed.] 

[5-1 1 ] \^Petition to be classed for Representative^ l/'8^.~\ 

State of I To the Honb'" the General Court for Said State 
Newhamp''" j convened at Concord octo' 19'^ '^^^S — 

Humbly Shews the Subscribers inhabitants of the Town of 
Hampstead : That the General Court for Said State in the year 
1783 in Classing the Several Towns that were not constitution- 
ally entitled to a Representative Left the Town of Hampstead 
unclassed which has occasioned our not being Represented un- 
der the new Constitution, and your Petitioners esteeming it a 
great priveledge to be Represeted in the Gineral Court, but not 
wishing to add to the public expences by adding to the num- 
ber of Representatives and being informed by some of the In- 
habitants of plastow & Atkinson that they are willing that 
Hampstead should be Classed with them Therefore pray that 
your Honours would appoint a day of hearing on this our Peti- 
tion and Call on the Towns of Plastow and atkinson to shew 
Cause, if any they have why the said three Towns may not be 

made one Class for Representation 

and your Petitioners as bound shall pray. 

Abner Rogers Timothy Goodwin Joseph Webster 

Edward Greeley John Harriman Daniel Little 

Micaj*" Little Caleb Webster John Brown 

Jonathan Little Amos Clark Levi Hildreth 

David Dexter John Richardson Joseph Noyes 

Ebnzer Coops 'William Richardson Heze'' Hutchins 

Noah Johnson Eliphalet Davis 

Abner Sawyer Ephraim Hutchins 


[Another petition of the same tenor and date contains 
the following names : — Ed.] 

James Brown Samuel Brown John kimball 

Joseph Chandler John True Jesse Johnson 

John Bond Moses Little Jn° Wiear 

John Gooden John Adams Thomas emery 

Austen George David Poor Joshua H. Noyes 


Samnel Johnson Samuel Johnson Jonathan Carlton 

Juner Amos mills Joseph French 

Samuel Little moses Brown David Moulton 

Thomas Wadley Timothy Stevens Moses Atwood 

James Huse Andrew Biyant Robard Darling 

James Atwood Joseph Johnson Jacob Currier 

Benjamin Tuxbury Joshua Eastman James Shepard 

Edmund Eastman John Atwood Jun Thomas Muzzey 
Ezekiel Currier Johii Eaton 
Jona. R. Hale Job Kent 


[Still another bears the following names : — Ed.] 

Samuel Johnson William Griffin Edmund Morss 

Nehemiah Kelley Thomas Emery Moses Emery 

John Brickett John Richardson Walter Little 

Thomas Wadley Reuben Harriman Moses Richardson 

Isaac Heath Jabez Hart Jun Joseph Noyes Jun 

Moses Morss Joseph Currier William Moulton 

Samuel Currier Henry Johnson Joseph Chase 

Jonathan Eastman Jonathan George Benjamin Kimball 

Jesse Heath vSamuel Currier Jun Abraham Johnson 

Thomas Williams Joseph French Ju Barthol''' Heath 

John Calfe John Williams Peter Morss 

[The town of Atkinson opposed the foregoing petition — 

see Vol. XI, page 132. Hampstead petitioned the next 
year for the privilege of sending one by themselves, which 
was granted. — Ed.] 

[5-14] \_Petition relative to Paper Money^ etc.^ lySd.^ 

State of New ^ To the Honb' General Court for said state to be 
Hampshire >- conveaned at Concord on the first Wednes- 
) day of June Instant — 

Humbly Shews 

The subscribers Inhabitants of the Town Hampstead in the 
County of Rockingham in said state that your petitioners La- 
bour under many & very great Difficulties on account of the 
gi'eat scarcity of a Circulating medium of trade also great un- 
easiness has arisen in the minds of your petitioners and many 
others on account of a Claim Lately made to the uncultivated 
Lands within this state and as Your Honours are the guardieans 


of the Rights and priviledges of the people and as we have no 
other reguhir way of redress that your Honours would take our 
case under your wise Consideration and grant us releaf by act- 
ing on the following particulars 

I'^'ly that yould not allow those persons purchesers of the Al- 
len Claim so called any part of their Claim within this state 

2'^ly that not any of those persons that are purchesors of said 
Aliens Claim hold any Commision of profit or Honour within 
this state for the space of one year 

3'^ly that the General Court take up the matter Respecting the 
Masionan title to certain Lands in this state which we think their 
title is not Good and that those Lands Claimed by them be Con- 
verted to the use of said state. 

4"'ly that there might be a Bank of paper money made to Re- 
deem this states security 

5ly that the General Court petition Congress to Redeem the 
Continental paper Currency that is in the treasury in this state 
the same being more than our proportion of the same. 

61y that the ports & Harbours in this state be opened and a 
free trade for all Except Refugees. 

Hampstead June i"' 17S6 — 

Joseph French Amos Clark Job Kent 

Joseph Conner Bartholomew Heath moses Brown 

John Leach Jesse Heath Reuben harriman 

Austein George Thomas williams David Dexter 

Jon" R. Hale Joshua Corliss Joseph Noyes 

Ben'" Kimball John Harriman Jur John Richardson 

isaac Kimball J"hri Atwod Eliphalet Davis 

Jonathan Eastman James Atwood moses Richardson 

Joseph Kimball David Moulton H. Hutchins 

Peter Eastman James Huse Joseph merrick 

John Kimball Timothy Stevens Jonathan Little 

John Eaton Beniamin Tuxbury William Richardson 

Samuel Kelley Joseph Johnson Ebenezer Copp 

John Colby Joseph French ju Parker Stevens 

Joshua H. Noyes moses Atwood Ezekiel Currier 

Samuel Johnson Da\id Poor Peter morse 

Nehemiah Kelley John Darling Watts Emerson 

Samuel Johnson Jun John Atwood Benjamen Emerson 

Timothy Goodwin Andrew Grant Jn° Wiear 

John Harriman Willi'" moulton 

John Brown Moses Wadley 

[For legislative action on the paper money question, see 
Atkinson Papers. Vol. XL — Ed.] 


[5-15] \_Relattve to Revolutionary Matters.'] 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon' the Senate and House of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court convened — 

The Petition and Memorial of the Inhabitants of Hampstead 
in said state to your Honours respectfully sheweth — That early 
in the late war with great Britain your Alemorialists not only 
willing to comply with every requisition of the Honb' Legislat- 
ure, but anxious to have their quota of men in the field, gave to 
several persons considerable sums of money over and above 
what the public promised as an inducement to engage in the 
defence of the Country — amongst others they hired one Brad- 
ley Richards to serve three years in the Continental army and 
paid him therefor Thirty pounds besides promising to take care 
of and supply his family in his absence which they did to the 
amount of upwards of twelve pounds more than he left money 
with them to make provision with — That before said term ex- 
pired the Army Petitioned the General Court to have the de- 
preciation of the then paper currency made up to them which 
said Court agreed to do on the following conditions, namely, 
that all supplies Gratuities Town Bounties &c should be allow- 
ed in part satisfaction for the depreciation and accordingly or- 
dered the Several Towns to charge the state with the Sums by 
them advanced as bounties or Supplies, as may be seen by a 
Resolve of the Legislature of the 26''' of March 1779 in order 
that each Town in the state might bear an equal proportion 
according to their proportioned value and also to reward the 
volunteer in as full and ample a manner as the hired Soldier — 
That in consequence of the method pursued b}' the Legislature 
there was with-held from the said Bradley Richards the Sum 
of forty two pounds and upwards of the depreciation that would 
have been his due had not the Town paid him said Sum — That 
afterwards (to wit) Jan, 16"' 17S2 an Act passed the Legislat- 
ure which entitled the Several Towns to receive the Sums by 
them advanced — That the said Richards has now brought an 
Action against your Memorialists for said Sum of forty two 
pounds and upwards for money had and received which if he 
should recover it would open a door by which every Soldier 
Similarly circumstanced might recover what has been stopped 
out of tlieir depreciation on account of the Sums to them sever- 
ally advanced by Towns and Individuals which would intirely 
frustrate the righteous design of the Legislature and leave the 
burden upon such Towns as were foremost in the cause while 
Towns that did not exert themselves nor procure any Soldiers 


but such as enlisted for the pubHc bounties only would go free 
of any part of said burden. 

Your Memorialists taking the matter into consideration & 
knowing that hundreds if not thousands, of Actions might be 
commenced on the same footing which might occasion much 
uneasiness in the state and also knowing that Several persons 
have been busy in procuring at small expence powers to recov- 
er said sums thus deducted from the soldiers depreciation, 
thought fit to state the matter to your Honours, not knowing, 
but that you in your wisdom would think proper to interpose 
so far as to point out some method of relief whereby your Peti- 
tioners and others in Similar circumstances maybe saved harm- 
less, or point out such remedy as to your Honours shall appear 
most agreable for which Interposition of your Honours, your 
Petitioners at this time pray &c 

John Hogg 

in behalf of said Inhabitants 

[5-1 S] S^Petition for a Magistrate^ I'j88.'\ 

To his Excellency the President the Hon^'*" the Council of the 
state of New Hampshire — 

The petition of the subscribers freeholders and Inhabitants of 
the Town of Hampstead in said State in behalf of themselves 
& others Plumbly shew 

That the Hon"'' John Calfe of said Hampstead Esq'' is the 
only person Commissioned as a Justice of the peace in said 
Town — that he is one of the Justices of the Court of common 
Please in the County of Rockingham and sustains other public 
offices & appointments in said state which Occasions his being 
absent from said Town a great part of the Time By means 
whereof the good People in said Town & the vicinity thereof 
often labour under great difficulties & embarrasments in trans- 
acting their business, for want of some other suitable person 
being appointed to the office of Justice of the peace in said 
Town — That the subscribers are fully sensible it is not their 
Constitutional right to nominate or appoint a person to that 
office yet they entertain Such an opinion of the Candor & good 
intention of your Excellency & Honours that it is only neces- 
sary for you to be made acquainted with the wishes and real 
interest of the Citizens of this state to ensure your favorable at- 
tention — The subscribers therefore take the liberty to mention 
as their opinion that Major Edmund Moores, of said Hampstead 
is a Gentleman well quallified for the office of Justice of the 
peace, and would give great satisfaction to the most reputable 


part of his acquaintance and would render service to the people 
in this vicinity & do honor to himself & those that should ap- 
point him — much might be said in favor of this Gentlemans 
quallifications and Character in life & respecting the services he 
has rendered his Country in the day of tribulation but as the 
subscribers have already trespassed on the patience of your Ex- 
celK & Hon"— 

Therefore only beg leave to request that the said Edmund 
Moores may be appointed & Commissioned a Justice of the 
peace for the County of Rockingham and as in duty Bound will 

Hampstead May 9"^ 17SS 

we also pray that Thomas Muzzey 
who we hear is Petition** for may not 
be appointed a Justice of the peace 

Hez*^ Hutchins Joli" True John Richardson 

Samuel Brown Daniel Little Watts Emerson 

Ebez"" Copp Micajah Little Abner Rogers 

David Dexter Thomas Emery Job Kent 

Moses Little Jabez Hoit Beniamin Tuxbury 

Thomas Reed Samuel Little Nathan Hadley 

John Brown David Poor Joseph merrick 

Nathan Goodwin Austein George Joseph Noyes 

Caleb Adams Joseph French Joseph Noyes Jun 

moses Richardson Timothy Goodwin Amos Howard 

John Atwod William Richardson Samuel Kelley 

John Kimball James Huse 

Nehemiah Kelly Joshua H. Noyes 

[5~^9] \_Certificate of Nails made^ lygi.'] 

State of New Hamp''^ ) To his Excellency Josiah Bartlett Esq' 
Rockingham ss. j President of the State of New Hamp'® 

These certify that James Shepherd of Hampstead has made 

it to appear to us the Subscribers that he has bona fide made 

and caused to be made one hundred thousand of Six penny nails 

in his work shop in said Town since the Certificate given in his 

favour the last year — 

W™ marshall ") o 1 ^ 

T^i s i\4- t Selectmen 

1 ho^ Muzzey )- r tt j. j 

T 1 rr^ -^ V for Hampstead 

John irue ) ^ 

Hampstead June 27'^^ i79i' 

John Calfe Jus* Peace 


[5-20] \_Certi/icate of Nails made^ iyg2.'\ 

These certify that Dudley Kimbal of Hampstead has made 
and caused to be made in his work Shop one hundred Thou- 
sand of six penny wrought Nails, as he has made appear to us 
the Subscribers 

attest W'" marshall 

Hampstead February 6* 1792 

Attest Tho^ ISIuzzey Jus' Peace 

To his Excellency 
Josiah Bartlett Esq"" President 
of New Hampshire. 

T 1 rr^ r Selectmen 

J ohn 1 rue 


These Certify that James Shepherd of Hampstead has made 
and caused to be made in his work shop in said Town one hun- 
dred thousand of four penny wrought nails, as he has made ap- 
pear to us, the Subscribers since he obtained a former Certifi- 
cate from the select men of Hampstead for making nails — 

Hampstead Jan 17"* 1792 

Attest W" marshall '\ o , 

Attest John Calfe Jus' Peace 

To his Excellency 
Josiah Bartlett Esq' President 
of New Hampshire. 

Tho° Muzzey .- c 

T 1 T- -^ t for 1 79 1 

John 1 rue ) ' ^ 


This Certifies that Edmond Morss of Hampstead has Made 
and caused to be made in his work Shop Two hundred thou- 
sand of Ten penny Nails & Two hundred Thousand of Six 
Penny Nails and one hundred Thousand of four penny wrought 
Nails, as he has made to appear tc^ us the Subscribers 

Hampstead February 6"^ 1792 

Attest W™ marshall 

T , T^ I Selectmen 

John 1 rue 

Attest Tho' Muzzey Just. Peace 

To his Excellency Josiah Bartlett Esq"" 
President of the state of New Hampshire 



This is one of the oldest towns in the state, and origi- 
nally included the territory which now constitutes the towns 
of Hampton Falls, North Hampton, Kensington, and Sea- 
brook. It was formerly a place of considerable importance 
in the fishery business and in ship-building, and for some 
years past its beaches have been much resorted to in sum- 
mer by persons seeking health or pleasure. Settlements 
were made as early as 1638, the place at that time being 
called Winnicumet. The present name was given by the 
general court of Massachusetts in 1639. It was " allowed 
to be a town and hath power to choose a constable and 
other ofificers," June 6, 1639, by the government of Massa- 
chusetts, which claimed jurisdiction over it. 

Considerable matter relative to the early history of 
Hampton may be found in Vol. I of this series. 

The south part of the township petitioned, in December, 
1709, for parish privileges, which not being granted they 
petitioned again in May, 17 10, and were virtually success- 
ful, so far as related to ministerial purposes. (Vol. Ill, p. 

North Hill parish was set off November 17, 1738, and 
incorporated into the town of North Hampton November 
26, 1742. 

Considerable dispute arose at sundry times relative to 
boundary lines between this and other towns, and docu- 
ments concerning the matter may be found in a volume 
entitled " Town Boundaries " in the office of the secretary 
of state. 

[4-173] \^Depositions relating to Botindary Line between 
Hampton and Portsmouth^ i66g.'\ 

The deposition of Thomas Marston aged about 52 years & of 
William ffifeild aged about 55 years 

These Depon'* do testifie y' about y^ yeare 1654 when m"" 
Seth ffletcher lived in Hampton wee y" s*^ depon'* were ap- 
pointed to treat with Cap* Bryan Pendleton & John Pickerin 
in y^ behalfe of y^ tovvne of Portsmouth concerning y* setling 
of y® bounds betwixt Hampton & Portsmouth by y^ Sea side & 
wee y^ s'^ depon'* mett y^ men abovsd & shewed them y^ power 


y' wee had to act by & they shewed us their power w'^'^ was full 
& ample for y^ ends abovsd ; but y^ s*^ Cap' Pendleton & John 
Pickerin sen"" did question y^ power given to us by y* town of 
Hampton not to bee suffitient for y^ attaining all y^ ends intend- 
ed, whereupon y" s*^ Cap' Pendleton & John Pickerin staid att 
Hampton untill wee obtained a meeting of y^ Select men & had 
full power to act in y"" behalfe of y"" towne of Hampton & then 
wee y* s"^ Tho : Marston & william ffifeild did treat \v"^ y^ s** 
Cap' Pendleton & John Pickerin & after a treaty wee did agree, 
& conclude & all hands y' Hampton bounds should 

begin to measure to y*" northward of y" Casway y' goeth 

over to y* beache & from miles norward neare y*^ sea 

side — 

Testified upon oath by Thomas Marston & Willi : ffifeild y* 
ninth of March 1669 before mee Sam" Dalton Commiss 

Sworn before y" Court held at Salisbury y* 29'^ of Aprill 
1673 by adjornm' 

vera Copia per mee Tho : Bradbury rec** 

as attests Tho : Bradbury rec*^ 

And Thomas Marston & John Samborn sen"" doe farther tes- 
tifie that y" next day after y"^ agreem' that 3-^ s'^ line was meas- 
ured, by Cap' Pendleton & Tho : Marston & John Samborne, & 
y"^ s"^ line ended on y" north Side of Jocelins Neck where 
wee sett up a stake & layd stones & finished y'' s*^ bounds ac- 
cording to y^ agreem' vmder there hands 

Testified upon oath y^ 9"^ i*' m° 1669 before mee 

Sam" Dalton Comissr 

Sworn before y® Court held att Salisbury y* 29'* Aprill ; 1673 
by Adjournment as attested 

This is a true as attested Tho : Bradbury rec"* 

[The original manuscript is torn, which is the cause of 
the blanks in the foregoing. — Ed.] 

[4-174] \_Agreeme7it relative to Jyouftdary between Hampton 
and Portsmouth.'^ 

Wee whose names are under written Viz Bryan Pendleton & 
John Pickering for y*^ towne of Portsmouth N. E. &c & Willi ; 
ffifeild w"* Tho : Marston for y** towne of Hampton have ac- 
cording to power given by y^ severall towns to debate agree & 
determine abovit & concerning a line to divide between y*^ afore- 
said towns upon y'' Seaside & y*^ extent thereof. 

Wee y" above named persons do consent & agree y' y^ afores"^ 
town of Hampton shall begin at y^ Cawsway lying Eastward 


from y* said towne towards Pascataway ten rod distance from 
y* said Cawsway there to begin & runn five miles upon as 
direct a line as may bee, keeping neare unto y* common way : 
The w'^'' line being runn ended on y* Edg of Jocelins neck on 
y** north side ; the said neck is y® next to y*^ northward of y* 
long stony beach Bryan Pendleton 

The marke of Jn" (A) Pickering 
Will : ffifeild 
Tho : Marston 

This is a true copie as it stands recorded in y* i"' Booke of 
records for Norfolke pa : (46) as attests 

Tho : Bradbury rec 

It was recorded as appears by y* booke betvveen y* 12"* m° 
1655 & y^ 24"" of y^ said m° : Tho : Bradbury rec 

The deposition of Major Brvan Pendleton aged about 70 
years ; This depon' saith that hee with Jn° Pickering was im- 
powered by y'' towne of Portsm" (but whither by y*" select men 
or y" whole towne hee doth not att present remember) to de- 
bate agree & determine, not as arbytrators, but being sent by 
y* town according to an act of y^ gen^^ Court about & concern- 
ing a line to divide between y^ afores*^ towns upon y^ seaside & 
y^ extent thereof, & y' y'^ above written was our determination 
& further saith [not] 

Sworn y'' 2'' 5"' m° 1669 before mee 
Elais Stileman Commiss'' 

Entered & recorded in y*^ County records for Norfolke (lib : 
2 : pa 145) y^ 16"" 5 m" 1669 as attests 

Tho : Bradbury rec 

[4-1 7S] \^Election of Assemblyme?t, i6gi.~\ 

According to a warrant by me Received from Richard Jose 
Esq"' High Shereft'for the province of New Hampshire for to 
convene the flreholders together upon this day being the 27"^ of 
September 1692 to choose three ffitt and discrett men to serve 
as Assembly men the flree holders mett accordingly and made 
choyce of 

Left John Smith M" Joseph Smith & John Hussy 
to serve as assembly men according to sayd warrant 
As Attests timothy hillyard 

Constable of Hampton 


[4-179] [ Voie relative to granting New Tozvfz, Kitigston^ 


Att a legall meeting of the tireholders of y^ towne of Hamp- 
ton May 17 1694 

3'^" It was voted that Capt" Henry Dow should goe to New 
Castell : the iS"' of this instant month in the behalf of the towne 
to the Honorable left"* Governor and Councell in obedience to 
an order Received barring date the 15"^ instant to manifest the 
towns earnest desire that no township may be granted to any 
persons to come within Seaven miles of Hampton meeting 
House westward upon a streight Line 

Voted James Prescott Senior appearing at the meeting in the 
behalf of said petitioners did consent to this voat above. 

vera copia taken out of Hampton Towne Booke 

As Attest Henry Dow Clerk 

[4-1 So] [^Disbursements yor Soldiers, i6g4.'\ 

Hampton Ace" Disbursm'^ 10*"" 1694 

To Souldiers at oysteriver whose wages ] ^ o 

as per perticular Ace* allowed 4 m° j 47 ' ' 
allowed to Capt Dow for subsistance of] 

Sould" at the Fort 3 b"'^ Ind Corne j °' 9' 

To horse & man to bring s*^ Corne o, 2, o 

Hen : Green Jun"" for y^ ni° service at his grandfath' o, 12, o 
To Jonathan Marston 2 da3's service Do, o, 3, o 

To m"" Hen : Green Sen"' to subsistance of) (k f, 

sold'' : 17 : days j ' ' 

To Ephraim Marston going post from Hampton to 

Boston o, 14, o 

To Jn° Tuck for his horse for s*^ Marston o, 8, o 

To Dan' Tilton for bringing letter to New Castle | 

that came from Boston &C j ' ' ' 

To Cap* Dow for quartering Massachusetts soul*^ 1 ^ 

ace' as one man 13 weeks ^z at 3^ per J ' ' 

To Cap* Dow for a man & 2 horses for the Cap' of] 

the Massachusetts sould" to Portsm° \ ' '^' 

5' 2, o 

[4-1S1] [Selectmen about a New Town, i6g4.'\ 

Pursuant to an order from the Lieu* Gove'' and Councill 
Baren datte the 1 1*"^ of may 1694 to the Select men of Hampton 


Consarning A purtishon presented to the Lieu' Gover'' and 
Counsel Consarning the plantten of A new Planttaion And we 
the Select men are bound up by the Towne nayther to give A 
way Lande nor to Enter Change Lande with aney men therfor 
we the Select men cante doe nothen Consaren Lande with out 
the advice of the Towne 

May 14* 1694 

Samuel Dow by order and in the 
behalf of the Select men of Hampton 

[4-182] \^Electioti of Assetnblytnen, 1694.'] 

Att a legall meeting of the ffreeholders of the Towne of 
Hampton the 29 October 1694. 

left°' John Smith M"" Nathaniel Batchiler Senior and Ens. 
Thomas Robey were chossen by the major voat tibr to Serve as 
Assembly men 

as attest Ephraim marston 
constable of hampton 

[4-1 87 and 188] 

[At a meeting held May 14, 1695, the foregoing three 
men were reelected. December 24. 1697, Capt. Henry Dow, 
Lieut, John Smith, and Benjamin Fifield were elected. 

"As Attests Thomas Robey Constable." — Ed.] 


[December 26, 1698, Dow and Smith were reelected, 
with Joseph Swett, as certified by Henry Dow, Ephraim 
Marston, John Tucke, and John Gove, selectmen. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-33] [^Hamptoti Soldiers, ^^QSi i6g6.'\ 

A true accompt of y® Soldiers & Provisions I have Impresd 
out of Hampton for his Majestys Servise at garison at oyster 
River Since Novemb' 2"'' 1695 until '96* 

£—6*. d 

Novembr 2 i Sent to oyster River Caleb Perkins 28 
X days and John Nay 28 days and found 
( themselfs provitions 3, 12, o 

•The year commenced in March, O. S. 


Nov 30 J Isaac Green 28 days & found provltions i, 16, o 

I Eben Gove 28 days i, 04, o 

Decembr zS**" J Jonathan Philbrook 28 days i, 04, o 

\ Joseph Cram 28 days i , 04, o 

Janury 25"^ j Chris Pottell 29 days I, 04, 10 

I Jacob Clifford 29 days I, 04, 10 

Febru^ 24 Samuel Hely 29 days i, 04, 10 

Jos Fanning sent y^ same day & 

Returned y^ 28"^ being 3 days o? o5i o 

March 23 Sam" Shaw sent and sent whome y* 6* day o, 05, o 

Sam" Melsher sent whome y^ 6'*^ o-^ 05, o 
a horse Impressed to carry y® Pro vi son 

and a man o? 03? o 

Joseph Smith Capt 
This accoumpt Compared by me 
Dated Apr' 7"^ 1696. 

13, 12, 06 
John Woodman Capt. 

The accoumpt of what was ordered to Exeter since Novem- 
ber 14: 1695 until 96 

Novembr 14* Nath ffrench 28 days & Timothy 

Hilyard 28 days 2, 8, o 

Decembr 12 Joshua Purington 28 days & John 

Mason 28 days 2, 08, o 

January 9''' Joseph Swet 28 days & Joseph fifield 28 

days 2, 08, O 

Februry 6"^ Moses Swet 29 days & Henry Dow 29 

days 2, 09, 08 

March 6'^ James Stanyan 28 days & Will'" Swain 28 

days 2, 08, o 

April 3*^ to y* 27 John French 4 days & Sam' Case 4 

days o, 08, o 

12, 09, 8 
Jos : Smith Capt. 

The above accoumpt Compared by me 

Kinsley Hall Capt 

a horse Impresed for y^ Post from Hampton to New s d 
Castle bount to Pemiquid and a man to bring him back 3- 6. 

Dated Apr' 7"^ 1696 



[R. 2-34] [^Hampton Me7i in Gar?-ison at Exeter, ^^95i 


A tru account of what is due to Hampton men for keeping 
garrison att Exeter ffrom the 14 of November last to the 8"* of 
Aprill 1696 

£. S. d 

To Tho. Dearborn Junor one month 

To Caleb Towle one month 

To Ephraim Marston and others one month 

To William Lane and others one month 

To Isaac Godfrey and others one month 

To Samuell Dearborn and others one month 

To Tho Ward and others one month 

To John Knowls and others one month 

To William Sambourn and others one month 

To Jabez Dow and others one month 

To Steven Sambourn and others one month 

To Daniel Wedgewoods and other one month 

To James flog and others three weeks 2 day 

To Ben Shaw and one more 

To Sam' Palmer one month 

To Simon Dow and others one month 

To Jonathan Marston and other one month 

To Ichabod Robey & Humprey Perkins a day apiece 

and sent home 

To Robert Drake & others one month 

To Daniel Wedgwood & others one month 

To Tho Robey i week diet his man 

To two Samborns a day apiece sent home | 

ftrom Richard Hiltons ) 

This is a tru account compared By me 

The Above is a tru account 
Errors only Excepted By me 

— 4 — o 
— o — o 
0-12 — o 


-4 — o 


Sum 22-09 — *-* 

Kinsley Hall Capt 

Henry Dow Cap" 

Due to Hampton men ffbr wages at Garrition att Oyster River 
and other disbursments ffrom November 1695 to Aprill 8"* 
1696 — 


2- 8-0 

8- 8-0 

Nov'' to John Marston Jo" Redman Roger Shaw"] £ S d 

2 ftVancis page Chris : Smith Sam Dearborn ! 

with their own provition each man i [ 10-16-0 

month J 

No : 2 to Sam'^ ffogg one month i- 4-0 

No""" 30 to Sam" Nudd with provition one month 1-16-0 

No. 30 to Ebenezer Webster* James Senter Moses") 

levitt peter Johnson Jonathan Elkins Sam^' ^ 7- 4-0 
Johnson each man his month ) 

Dec'"' 31 to Joiin Taylor Isaac Webster James Moul- ~) 

ton Ben James Ben Thomas Eben. Dear- V 8- 8-0 
born Moses Elkins each man his month ) 

January 27 to John Hobs ftbr his man and | 
James Senter each man a month j 
24 February to Daniel Kincaid Thomas levitt Sam'^ 
ftbgg Sam' Smith Nehemiah Hobs Jo- \ 
seph Moulton Roger Shaw each man a [ 
month j 

24 March to Henry Dow ftbr 143 pound pork ftbr the) 

sayd men att 3'' per pound ) -^ " 

to Joseph Moulton when his month is out i— 4-0 

43- 3-9 
This account is owned by me 

John Woodman Capt" 

24 february to a man & Hoss imprest to carry the said 
pork to oyster River Round by Exeter the 
way being bad o- 5-0 

Tanuary 27 to 4 men sent to ovster and sent home ) 

agani bemg 3 days apece ) -^ 

Mar 24 to five men sent to Oyster River and ) 

sent Home again 3 days apece 

I- 5-0 

£44- 8-9 
22- 9-0 


A true account Errors only Excepted 

By me Henry Dow Capt" 

*Ebenezer Webster was a son of Thomas Webster, who died in Hampton iri 1715, aged 83. 
He had a son Ebenezer, and a grandson by the same name, who was born in Kingston in 
1739, and settled in Salisbury in 1763. The latter was one of" Rogers' Rangers," and was 
in the army in 1757 to 1759. He commanded a company at Bennington, and was the father 
of Ezekiel, born 1780, and Daniel, born 1782. 



[R. 2-35] \_IIampton Soldiers, April to Septeitiber, l6g6.~\ 

Province of New Hampshire 
Account of Soldiers Impresed to keep Garrison Since Apr* y* 

7"' 1696 untill Sep"' y" 30"' 1696 at oyster River Exeter and 

Hampton by warrant from me out of one of y* Companys in 

from Ap' 7 

to Ap' 13 

from Ap' 13 
to May 1 1 

from May 1 1 
to June 8 

from June 8 
to July 6 

from July 6 
to August 3 

from August 3 

to August 31 
from Ap' 13 

to Septem'"' 30 


Octobr y* i 
to Octobr 29 

John fTrench & Sam" Cass at M' 

Wiggoms at Exeter, to each 6 

days, Kinsley hall Capt £10-0 

Philemon Blake, John Chase, & 

Wil'" Smith at oyster River 28 

days to each 3-12-0 

John Garland, Caleb Shaw, and 

Ben" Batcheldr, at oyster River 

28 days to each 3-12-0 

Richard Sanborn, Edw ffifield, & 

Josiah Shaw, at oyster River 28 

days 3-12-0 

Philip Towl, Sam" Melser, & Jo- 
seph french to oyster River 28 

days 3-12-0 

Jacob Clifford at oyster River 28 

days 1-4-0 

Natt' Blacklidge Service two 

months Due to Joseph Smith O 

River as per Deventerfrom Cap' 

Woodman 2-8-0 

one man posted at Dan' Tiltons 

Garrison in Hampton being 6 

months and 3 days 7-6-6 


Account of Soldiers Impressed to Garrison 

from octobr y*^ first 1696 untill octobr y^ 29"* 


Nath : ffrench and Thomas Ste- 
vens at Garrison at oyster River 
28 day to each £2-8-0 

Joseph ftaning & Benjamin Per- 
kins at Dan' Tiltons Garrison in 
Hampton to each 28 days 

Errors Excepted 

Joseph Smith Cap' 


Portsm" Novemb'' 13"^ 1696 
The within acco' Examine! & aproved by 

Kinsley Hall Henry Dow ") 

John Woodman John Tuttle [- of y* Comitty 

Theodore Attkinson W"^ Redford j 

[R. 2-36] 

The Province indebted to thes persons for keeping of Garri- 
tion as Souldiers att Oyster River since y® 8"" of Aprill last in 
1696 due to Hampton men 

[The following are allowed ^^^r, 4 for one month, except 
where otherwise stated : — Ed.] 

13 April Jonathan Elkins James Johnson peter Johnson fran- 
cis page Caleb Towle Ben Thomas James Senter 
Samuel Son Tho. Dearborn Tho Dearborn Junor 
James Moulton 
II May Christopher Smith Ebenezer Webster Joseph Tayler 
Sam' fogg Junr Samuel Palmer Jo" Redman Stephen 
Batchilder Ben : James Moses Elkins 
8 June Isaac Marston Samuel Smith Jonathan Moulton Tho 
levitt Roger Shaw Ebenezer Dearborn Samuel Johnson 
Jo" Son Ens Moulton Jonathan Marston 
6 July Samuel Nudd Peter Johnson Moses levitt Sam' Son Tho 
Dearborn Tho Son John Dearborn James Senter Ben 
Thomas 5 weeks francis page Jonathan Elkins 
3 August Ebenezer Webster James Moulton Samuel Palmer 
Ben James Joseph Tayler Ichabod Robey John Red- 
man Chris : Smith 26 days Sam' Johnson 3 weeks 
31 August Roger vShaw 31 days Caleb Towle Jonathan Moulton 
Tho levitt Jo" .Son Ens : Moulton Israil Smith Sam- 
uel Moulton 
1°' of October Samuel Colcord 10 days Ebenezer Dearborn 10 
days Ensign John Moulton S days John Tuck 8 
days Jonathan Marston i week John Redman 2 
from i^' October Samuel ffog Junr 28 days James Souther Jon- 
to y^ 29 athan Elkins 8 days James Johnson 22 days 

£70 — 2 — o 
A true account Errors only Excepted per me 

Henry Dow Capt° 
This Account Is ound by me to be a trew Account 

John Woodman Capt° 



[R. 2-36] \_Ne-w Ha77ipshire to Hampton Me7i.~\ 

A tru account of what is due to thos persons the province of 
New Hampshire is indebted too since the S"" day of Aprill last 
for keeping garrition and subsistance of Souldiers 1696 October 
29 Att Daniel Tiltons Garrition 

Mepheboshith Sam- Ichabod Robey 

borne Joseph Towle 

Humphrey Perkins John levitt Junr. 

Isaac Webster 
James Perkins 
Simon Knowles 
Sam' flbge Senior 
John Berry 
William lane 

John Hobs 
Ben Lamprey 
Jacob Browne 
Edman Johnson 
Daniel Moulton 
Steven Samborn 

A tru account per me 

Isaac Godfrey 

Tho : Webster Junr. 

Samuel son of Hen 

Arretas levitt 

Jo" son Hen Moul- 

James philbrook 

Samuel Colcord 

Henry Dow Cap" 

[The above were allowed six shillings each. — Ed.] 

Stephen Bachilder i month att oyster River Nov. 2, 1695 
Caleb Marston & Nathaniel lock 3 days apece at Mr. Tiltons, 
Ap' 9 to Ap' 13 

Portsm" : November 13"^ 1696 

The within acco' Examind and approved by 

Kinsley Hall Henry Dow \ 

John Woodman John Tuttle >ofy^Comitty 

Theodore Attkinson W" : Redford j 

[Capt. Kinsley Hall was of Exeter. Capt. Dow of Hamp- 
ton, Capts. Woodman and Tuttle of Dover. Attkinson was 
of New Castle. He was sheriff of the province for some 
years following 1692, and was father of Hon. Theodore At- 
kinson, who was for many years secretary of the province. 

[4- 1 89] [ Warrant for JSIuster of the Militia^ j6g'j.~\ 

Hampton the 11 December 1697 — 
for Major Joseph Smith 

In obedience to & pursuant of orders from White Hall bar- 
ring date 27 October 1697 directed ftbr his majesties Speaciall 


Service to the Honourable John Usher Esquire His Majesties 
Left Govenour & Commander in Chiefe of his majesties prov- 
ince of New Hampshire in America &C You are in his majes- 
ties name required to give notice to all Capt°^ militia officers & 
Souldiers in the Town of Hampton to appear in armes on 
Munday next being the 13"" instant att ten of the clock in the 
fourenoone in order to Comply ance with sayd orders as thay 
and every of them will answer the contrary for the Highest Con- 
tempt Given under my Hand and seale att Armes the day and 
yeare above written 

John Usher Left"' Governour 
& Commander in cheife 
To Major Joseph Smith 

A copie 
To Capt° Jacob Green 

Pursuant to the above written warrant you are in his majes- 
ties name required to give notice to all officers and souldiers 
under your command to appear according to the above s'' war- 
rant att the meeting House in Hampton to morrow at ten in the 

Dated December 12* 1697 

Joseph vSmith Major 

Vera Copia of the oridginall In the Hands of Cap'" Jacob 
Green Compared By me 

Henry Dow 
Jesfice of peace in new Hampshire 

[4-196] \_Hampton Men sent to the Fort^ iy04.'\ 

Hampton 20 June 1704 

ffi'iend John Bickford according to order Received I Have 
sent five laborarers and a Souldier to the ftbrt that you must 
sett over (viz) John Dearborn Humphrey Perkins John Sam- 
born William Marston John Redman & William ffifield Besids 
the Sherrift' Have ordered a carpenter to be prest out of my 
Company that was, but is now a trooper if he come that make 
seven in all besids Cap' Greens & he should send flour which is 
all needfull ftrom your flriend 

Henry Dow Capt" 

[John Bickford kept a ferry at Little Harbor, and took 
the men over to the fort. Others were sent as follows : — 



May 19 Jabez Dow Jonathan Moulton James ffogg 
" 30 Philemon Dalton Icabod Robey John Knowles 
" 3^ Joseph Towle a souldier 
June 9 Ben. Moulton Josiah Moulton peter Johnson 

Robert Drake a souldier 
June 30 Seth ffogg Stephen Samborn Tho Ward James ffuller 

Sam' Brown Samuel Chapman 
July 12 Sam' Dearborn Sam' Marston Icabod Robey 

Joseph Taylor James Moulton Labourers 

John Taylor a souldier James Johnson a carpenter 
July 34 Ensign Samuel Marston a carpenter 

Samuel Smith Caleb Towle Jonathan Elkins 

Hezekiah Jinnis Isaac Webster labourers 

John Chapman a souldier 

[R- 2-37] 

\^Hampton Soldiers^ i7o8.~\ 

A List of Souldiers Names, and Time they Served att her 
Majesties ffourt, W"' and Mary at New Castle in the province 
of Newhampshire New England 1708. 

[The following are Hampton men. The others will be 
given in connection with the towns to which they belong : 

May 18 to June i. 
Christopher Pottle Jon" Philbrook 
J n° Wedge wood Chr : Palmer 
Jn° Hobbs 

June I to June 15 
W" Mastin Joseph Brown 

Daniel Lamprey Isaac Green 

Moses Blake 

June 15 to June 39 
Jn° Green Ebenezer Gove 

Sam' Palmer Stephen Palmer 

Jn° Brown 

June 39 to July 13 
Christopher Page Jn"Sambourn 
Sim° Knowles W'" Brown 

July 13 to July 37 
Jon'^ Taylor Zach Philbrook 

Daniel Lampree Caleb Perkins 
Benj" Cram 

Jn° French 
Anthony Crosby 

Seth Fogg 
Jn" Gove 

Benj* Green 
Th" Mastin 

Richard Taylor 
Jacob Brown 

Stephen Palmer 
Israel Blake 



July 27 to Aug 10 
John Pickering- Abraham Brown 

Jn° Lunt Benj* James 

Tim" Blake 

Aug. 10 to 24 
David Moulton 
John Garland 

Tho : Batcheler 
Tho : Phillbrook 

Aug 24 to Sept 7 

Jas : Chapman Ja : Carr 

Phillamon Dalton Abraham Libey 

Sam' Tilton Israel Shepeard 

Sept 7 to 21 
Tho : Marston 
Abra" Libbey 
David Tilton 

Sept 21 to Oct 5 
Tho. Levett 
Jn° Dow 

Oct 5 to 19 
Robert Moulton 

Oct 6 to [9 
Benj" Perkins 

Oct 19 to Nov I 
Sam' Dow 
Edward Williams 

Isa : Phillbrook 
Josiah Dow 
Caleb Swain 

W™ Sandburn 

Jn° berry 
Tom Dow 
Jer : Marston 

W" Lunt 
Benj" Hillyard 

Joseph Palmer 
Sam' Melcher 

Tho : Harris 
W" Norton 

Jn° Garland 
Jacob Cliford 

Stephen Sandburn 

The men work att Six pence per Day 

the ftburt 
the Marsh for Sodes 
the use of the gondalow for bringin 

Day att i^ 6'' per D 

Jn° Cram 

Shadrach Walton Cap' 
in Repairing ) 

the Sodes 15 ) 

I -0-0 


[4-200] \_Reino7istrance against a Totvizship beijzg granted 
at Squamscot^ lyop.^ 

May it pleas your Excellency 

Wee whose names are under written living within the peti- 
tioned bounds of Qiiamscot doth earnestly desire that your Ex- 
cellency and Honnors would be pleased to deny y® Request of 


those petitioners for a town ship in Quamscot as for y® gener- 
ality of y^ said petitioners are poor people and several of them 
according to y*' best of our knowledg instead of defraying any 
town charge are reather likely to be a town charg themselves. 
Your earnest desirers 

Qiiamscot desember y^ fifth 1709 — 

Edward fifield david Robison Joseph Rolins 

Benjamin Brown Nathaniel Stephens Tho : Rolins 

John Robards Moses Rolins Moses Leavitt Juner 

Israel Smith John Clark Charles Rundlit 

William Chiles John Mead Josep Lawrence 

Nathaniel Ladd Nathaniel Right 

benjamin Taylor ionathan Robison 

[4-201] \_Another of same tenor, iyi^.~\ 

to his Excellency the Governour & Councell Sitting at ports™" 
this 23 day of Aprill, 1715 

Wee the Representatives for y* town of Hampton pray that 
where as there is a petition of a Company of persons for a 
township at a place called Quamscock we pray there may be 
no proceeding in y*" matter before the westward line of Hamp- 
ton be run for that Sundry of y*" petitioners are persons y' have 
no Land of their own but have entered into hampton mens 
Land laid out into lots to perticular men & possessed more than 
60 or 70 years since & there being severall writs against some 
of them y* above s*^ petitioners Causes them to endeavor to 
gett a grant of other mens possessions &C 

Your humble Servants 

Joseph Smith Peter Weare Joshua Winget 

[4-201 J^] Wears Petition for aTotvnship 8^'^ J^ lyiy. 

Too His Excelency Samuel Shute Esq"" Govern"' in Cheeft'of His 
Majesties Province of New Hampsheir, &C. & to the Hon- 
ourable the Council of said Province — 

May Itt Please your Excellency and your Hon" 

In as much as ther is a great quantity of Land in this Prov- 



ince unsettled & nowayes belonging to any particular Township 
we y*^ subscribers do become your humble & ernest Petitioners 
that A certain Tract thereof may be granted & La3'd out for y® 
Regular settel'"' of A Township for us & our Heirs & other His 
Maje'^ Loyal & good Subjects — The Bounds of which Town- 
ship we desire may Run from y" Massachusetts Line I3 miles 
Norward & so 12 mils squar in y*" Chestnut Countrey Commonly 
so called — In granting of which Petition your Excellency will 
greatly oblidge your Humble Servants 

Joseph Tilton 
Daniel Weare 
Benjamin Pearkins 
Joseph Sanborn 
William Healy 
Charles Stanard 
Samuel Page 
Zachrias Cliftbrd 
Benjamin SanBorn 
Jacob Garland Sener 
Tho^ Crosbie 
Jabez Smith 
Nath" Samborn 
Benj'' ffi field 
Jethro Tilton 
Richard Sanborn 
Jacob in'' Garland 
Nemiah Heath 
Nathaniel Healy 
Jeremiah Samborn 
ruben SamBorn 
James garland 
David Tilton 
Elisha Smith 
Thomas Waite 
Jacob Stanyan 
James Present 
Joshua Pi'escut 
James Sanborn 
Joseph Swett 
Jacob Moulton 
Hen : Lucas 
pheliman Blacke 

Bennoney ffogg 
Joshua Winget 
Jonathan Dearbon 
Jn" Tuck 
Josep Page 
John Sherburn 
Benjamin Thomas 
W" Lock 
Tho : Ward 
Jn° Sanborn Rich : 

Tho : Dearborn John 

Nat' Bachelder jur 
Josiah Sanbourne 
John Smith 
Abraham Drack 
Jonathan tailer 
Thos Philbrick 
John Green 
Charles Hunt 
Edward Williams 
James Stanyan 
Jonathan ffifield 
William Sanborn 

Ichabod Robie 
Roger Shaw 
David moulton 
Jn" Nay 

'Nat' Bachelder Sen"" 
Benja Tole 
Josh Lane 

Jonathan Cass 
Peter Weare 
Jonathan Garland 
Seth fogg Senior 
Nathaniel Drack 
Caleb towl 
John Casse 
William Ripp 
Benja Shaw Jn'' 
James Dow 
Edwaid Wear 
Samuell Shaw 
Jn" W^ebster 
Joseph Lett Jur 
James Foog 
Josep Tole 
Josep Cass 
Tho : Marston Sen"" 
James Perkins 
Abel Ward 
Jacob Carsfoot 
Roberd Drack 
John Webster Juner 
Seth Fogg 
Joseph Chase 
Timothy Blake 
William Couch 
Joseph Low 
Sam' Blake 
Sam' Cass 
Moses Downer 

[The foregoing are Hampton and Hampton Falls names. 
The petition was presented to the council October 3, 1717, 
by George Jaffrey, in behalf of Major Peter Weare. — Ed.] 



[4-205] [ War 7' ant for Parish Meetings i'jig.'\ 

This is to give notice to ye ftVeeholders of Hampton that they 
meet on Munday the second day of Maixh next att y*" old meet- 
ing house in Hampton att eight A clock in y*^ morning to choose 
Town officers &c. — And y*^ tiVeeholders of y^ old parrish to con- 
sider then & order about Raising the new meeting house and 
order something about y*^ seates, & glass of y® old meeting house. 

flebruary 21^' 171S/19 Nath' Sargent Justice of Peace 

Tabez Dow ^ c 1 i. 

T • 1 TVT li. t oelectmen 

losiah JVloulton r c ^^ 

T o nk u I 01 Hampton 

Jn" Dearborn J ^ 

Vera : Copia Test Jn° Tuck Town Clerk 

[4-204] \_Falls Men present at said Afeeting-.'\ 

Att y^ meeting of y* freeholders of Hampton March y* 1'' 
1718/19 men there present of y* fales side & voted with rest of y' 
freeholders to choice of Town officers 

Philemon Blake 
John Swaine 
Jn° Green 
Moses Blake 
Jonathan Philbrick 
Jethro Tilton 
Nathan Longfellow 
Caleb Swaine 

Jn° Bachelder 
Sam' Blake 
Jacob Stanian 
Ichabod Robie 
Nath' Batchelder 
Enoch Sanborn 
Sam' Shaw 

Robt Row 
Jacob Moulton 
Nath' Hodge 
Cap' Jos Swett 
Cap' Joseph Cass 
Cap' Jos Tilton 
L' Benj" Hilyard 

[4-206] \_JVeiv Parish Men presettt at said Afeeting:'] 

Wee whos naims are hear under Subscribed being at y* town 
meeting y*^ 2"* of March 171S/19 did vote for Chusing town offi- 
cers and thought it was our Duety and according to act of y* 
honer'''* Governer & Councell and have Reson to think all our 
people that was thair at the town meeting acted in y® same 

Nath' Bachiler Sen'^ Joseph Tilton Samuel Shaw 

Joseph Swett Nathan Longfellow Jonathan Philbrook 

Joseph Cass Enoch Sanborn 

The above Subscribers are all the Leding men allmost in the 
new parish & of Estats Save M' hilard who is Redy to Sub- 
scribe but is at Boston which is a princble man 


[4-207] \^Petitio?t for Grant of a Townships lyj I. '\ 

To his Excellency Jonathan Belcher Esq' Governour and Com- 
mander in Cheif in and over his Maiesties Province of New 
Hamp''and to the Honourable his majesties Council the Peti- 
tion of sundry Inhabitants of the Town of Hampton in the s** 
Province humbly sheweth — 

That most of the Towns and Parishes within the province of 
New Hamp'' have been favoured respectively with Charters for 
considerable tracts of his Majesties Wast Lands within this prov- 
ince for the making of new Towns proper to them, and though 
it was proposed in the time of granting these Charters that a 
Charter should be granted to the Inhabitants of the Town of 
Hampton, yet through neglect due notice was not given to the 
greatest part of the Inhabitants of that town to seek after a right 
in any of the new Towns or in any entire body of Land for their 
proper use, most of whome have done verv great service in this 
his Majesties province as souldiers against the Indian enemy but 
have not been favoured with any share in the new grants, at 
which they are extremely grieved, and therefore earnestly pray 
for help from your Excellency and Honours, and pray that you 
will please to grant your Petitioners who are represented by the 
subscribers and a List of their names hereto annexed, a Tract of 
Wast Land within this province to be embodied into a Town as 
the other new Towns be, or that whereas your Petitioners are 
informed that the Charter of Chichester is forfeited by the Pro- 
prietors by their neglect of fulfilling the conditions thereof, which 
Town was originally designed for the Town of Hampton that 
your Excellency and Honours will please to make them a grant 
thereof, and yo'' Petitioners will punctually comply with the con- 
ditions to be set thereon and shall ever pray as in duty bound 
May 1 731. Joseph Towle Thomas Marston 

March y^ 23 1731 an account of the mens names that peti- 
tioned for a new Township 

Timothy Dalton Samuel Hobs Benoni ftuller 

Samuel Darbon Joseph Towle Beniamin M marston 

Jeremiah Darbon John Garland John Towle 

Joseph Johnson Jonathan Towle Thomas ftuller 

Elisha Page Jonathan Elkins Jur Amos Knowles 

Caleb Towle junior Beniamin Hobs Samuel Smith 

Moris Hobs William Moulton John Hobs 

Josiah Hobs Joseph Page Joseph Taillor Jur 

Zacriah Towl frances Towl James Towl 

Henry Batchelder John Page Thomas Page 

Nathaniel Dearbon Beniamin Towle jur John Marston 



James Godfree 
John Weedgwood 
James Hobs 
John Leavitt 
Ebenezer Godfree 
Samuel Leavitt 
Thomas Marston 
Christopher Pahner 
Joseph Batchelder 
Jonathan Dearbon 
Jonathan Godfree 
Nathan Bleak 
Joseph Moulton 
Jonathan Sandborn 
Jeremiah Marston 
Henry Dearbon 
Benjamin Towle 
Moses Perkins 
John Tailor 
Obadiah Marston 
Jonathan Tuck 

Thomas Jams 
Joshua Towl 
Joseph Prescut 
Beniamin Prescut 
Jonathan Darbonjur 
William Sandborn 

Beniamin James Jur 
Jonathan Marston 

William Sandborn 
Richard Tailor 
Caleb Marston 
Abner Sandborn 
Thomas Nudd 
Wintrip Marston 
John Nay Jur 
Thomas Elkins 
Nathaniel Mason 
Jeremiah Towl 
Samuel Lock 

Daniel Sandborn 
Edward Moulton 
John Johnson 
Joshua Brown 
Edmund Chapman 
Reuben M marston 
Caleb ALarston Jur 
Thomas Hains 
Caleb Towl 
Reuben Dearbon 
Daniel Collins 
Gidian Shaw 
Josiah Brown 
James Leavitt 
James Marston 
Joseph Philbrick Jur 
Stephen Smith 
Thomas Batchelder 
John Knowls senior 
Nathan Marston 

[In council, May 5, 1731. 
sion." — Ed.] 

" Suspended till next Ses- 

[4—209] \_Bill of Expense for Cofistructifzg a Pillory^ iyj2.'\ 

for Time and expense for the Pillorey that wee caused to be 
built att Hampton In June Last Past by order of his Majesties 
Court of sessions then sitting their the wholl charg forty Shil- 

Jonathan Marston 
Benjamin Dow Select men 
Sam" Palmer 
Hampton June 1732 

[In H. of Rep., April 29, 1733, 25 shillings was allowed. 
— Ed.] 

[4-210] \^Petition of North Hill Inhabitants relative to pay- 
ing" Ministerial Rates : addressed to Gov. Belcher and 
the Assembly, lyjS.'] 

The Petition of Sundry of the Inhabitants of the North Part 
of Hampton in said Province humbly Sheweth That your peti- 
tioners labour under great difficulty as to attending the Public 


worship of God at the meeting house at Hampton Town by- 
reason of the distance from it, That there has been for some 
years past a meeting house erected at Nortli Hill so called in 
Hampton aforesaid, where there has been preaching at times 
for some years past, that the charge of Supporting the Preach- 
ing there has been carried on by a few, who at the same time 
have paid the full of all Town Charges, That in many of your 
Petitioners familys there are six or seven that generally attend 
the publick worship of God at North Hill meeting House when 
there is preaching there, when at the same time not more than 
two or three of them at most, could attend at Town, That your 
Petitioners are very desirous of having the Public worship of 
God among them so as they and their familys may constantly 
attend thereon — 

Wherefore your Petioners Humbly Pray your Excellency the 
Honorable the Council and House of Representatives in your 
Great Wisdom and Goodness to take your Petitioners Case 
under Consideration and to exempt your Petitioners Estates and 
Polls and the Polls under them ratable, from being rated tow- 
ards the defreying any part of the Town Rate or Rates of Hamp- 
ton afores*^ for so long time as the Public Worship of God shall 
be carryed on and maintained at the said North Hill and your 
Petitioners as in duty bovuid shall ever pray &c. 

John Darbon Samuel dearbon John B. Redman 

Jonathan Godfree beniamin hobs John Marston 

John Widgwood Job chapman Thomas Marston 

Jeremiah Dearborn John Godfree senior Daniel Samborn 

John Marston Jun Simon Dearbon Benjamin Marston 

Jonathan thomas Beniamin Marston John Godfree Juner 

Jonathan Marston Jur Winthrop Marston 

Henry Dearbon Nathan Samborn John Johnson 

David Jewell John Leavitt henry Bachelder 

Daniel marston David Moulton James Godfree 

[In H. of Rep., September 3, 1738, a hearing was order- 
ed for the next session. In same, November 15, 1738, the 
parties were heard, and the house " Voted that the Petition- 
ers be Poled off from Hampton old Town, and that their 
persons families & estates be cleared from paying to the 
ministry of the old Town, and from any payment to the 
Widdow of the Late Reverend m^" Gookin, and from pay- 
ment to the Town School so long as they keep and maintain 
an able orthodox Minister of the Gospell amongst them." 
The council concurred, with this amendment, — "That they 
be exonerated from paying to the support of a school at the 
old Town no longer than they support a writing & reading 


schoolmaster amongst themselves," — and further, that they 
should not be discharged from paying their proportion of 
the grant made by Hampton to the widow of Rev. Nathan- 
iel Gookin, who died in 1734. House concurred, and Gov. 
Belcher " assented." Act passed accordingly, November 17, 
1738. The parish thus set off was incorporated as North 
Hampton November 26, 1742. — Ed.] 

[4-212] \_North Hill Parish Declaration^ -^73 9-^ 

To the Rev'^ Ministers whom we have invited to be our mouth 
in addressing the throne of Grace For direction in the impor- 
tant affairs before Us & to others whom it may concern — 

North hill in Hampton May 24* 1739 — 

Rev*^ Sir^ Seeing there is a misrepresentation of our designs 
In our present proceedings made to you by our Brethren & 
neighbours as tho' we were about to Involve them in charge & 
contention against their wills. These may inform you that our 
Designs & aims are to set up & support the Gosple among us 
which we trust will be to the Glory of God & the great advan- 
tage of our selves & families 

And we think we shall be able honourably to support it tho' 
our numbers be not increas'd for we trust that God will bless 
the labour of our hands to enable us to Bear the charges of it 
as he has heretofore done — And it is not in our design (were it 
in ovu" power) To bring any into our Society untill they are 
willing Tho' they live never so convenient being sensible that 
Peace and Unity are what God is well pleased with and what 
will be our greater comfort & Security than larger numbers — 

This declaration we make & engage to Stand by and accord- 
ingly promise that we will not petition for any Parish line 
untill the major part within that line shall joyn in the petition — 

So desiring your prayers & directions we remain Rev*^ S" 
your humble Servants — Sign'd by 

Deacon John Dear- John Leavitt William Godfrey 

bon Sam' Dearbon Beniamin Hobbs 

John Marston John Godfrey Job Chapman 

Thomas Marston John Wedgwood Benjamin Marston 

Daniel Sanborn Josepth Dearbon Henry Dearbon 

John Marston Ju"" Daniel Marston Winthrop Marston 

Henry Bacheller James Godfrey Simon Dearbon 

David Jewell Jeremiah Dearbon 

[The names are all in one hand on the document. — Ed.] 


[4-214] \^Report of Co7mnittee coticerning Lines between 
North Hill and the old Parish^ 1^42 J\ 

Whereas we the subscribers with others Being appointed By 
the Gen^ Court at tliere Sessions on Sept. 17*'' 1742 To Go To 
hamton old Town & north Hill Parish and see whether it be 
Convenient to have a Line Setled between the old Town of 
hamton & north hill Parish or not If a Line then where to State 
It, or whether both Ministers shall be paid by one General Rate 
&c — In pursuence whereof we with Peter Gilman who was 
also one of Said Comitte niett at s"* hamton on October 4"* 
1742, and viewed both Parishes and heard the arguments used 
by the agents of s*^ Parishes, and have Determined as fol° : That 
we think It most Convenient That the ministers Rates of Both 
Parishes be Paid by one General Rate. But if the Gen' 
Court should think Proper It should not be then we are of 
opinion they have a devideing Line between s** Parishes : and 
that it be as fol" : The Line to begin at the Country high way 
that Leads from Portsm° to hamton one Rod to the Southward 
of Cap' Joseph Taylors new dweling house and from thence to 
Run on a Strait Line to the Sea Striking the Sea Eighty rods 
to the Southward of the mouth of the Litle River where it now 
Emties Into the Sea, & then to begin at the high way afores** at 
the Place where the Line before-mentioned first begun & from 
thence to Run a Strait Line To the Corner bounds between 
Exeter and Stratham at hamton Line. That To be the Devid- 
ing Line between the two Parishes — 

which is according to the best of our Jugem'^ and is Humbly 
Submited To the Gen' Court as our Report 

Portsm° Novemb'' 16"" 1742 

-r ^, r^ T ^ Mai"' Part of the 

otham Udiorne r^ ■' -.^ .■, . 

•i 1 T-w • r Comitte that was 

ohn Dounmg i .. . « r • 

•^ J actmg m y^ atair 

[4-21 f;] \_Renionst7'ance to foregoing Report. '\ 

The Humble Petition of Sundry Persons Inhabitants of the 
Northern Part of the Town of Hampton in said Province Shew- 

That your Petitioners have been Informed that the Parish- 
ioners of the North Hill Parish so called have Petitioned the 
General Assembly for a Line of Division between that & the 
Town or old Parish In pursuance of which a Committee has view- 
ed & Reported their Opinion (which your Petitioners were in- 
formed of before) that both ministers should be maintained by one 
Rate — or that a Line should be fixed as set forth in their Return 
— as to the first part, we humbly conceive it would be Intro- 



ductive of Multiplied Confusions & alltogedier Impracticable 
for any length of time but as that is more Immediately the Con- 
cern of the Town we wave it & Refer it to those whose Prov- 
ince it is — But as the proposed Line greatly affects us we beg 
leave Humbly to Remonstrate That we families & estates will 
be thereby Comprehended within the North Hill Parish utterly 
against our Inclinations as well as Interests — That as this Parisli 
was at first erected without our agency we think it Reasonable the 
charge of it should be supported without our aid and it would 
be a very hard case (as we conceive) to compel us to contribute 
to the ease & Conveneiency of others at the Expence of our own 
or that the wills of our neighbours should abridge or rather 
Destroy our Liberty & that in direct Contradiction to their own 
solemn promise — 

That there has not been a Parallel Instance at least within 
our knowledge but whenever Parishes have been erected those 
who were unwilling to belong to them have by the Indulgence of 
the General Court (agreeable to the Example of the Legislature 
at Home) had leave to continue as thev were & were Poll'd off' 
accordingly from the new Parishes which is but just and Rea- 
sonable for otherways it would be in the power of a few men 
frequently in a sort to Tyranize over their neighbours — That the 
Inconveniency hereby bro't upon us will be greater than those 
the Petitioners would be under if they were Reduced to their 
former condition & belong'd to the old Parish or at least equal 
to them — 

Wherefore we most Humbly pray that this Court would 
according to their wonted Goodness in Such Cases if a Line 
shall be Settled let us Poll off" Families & Estates from the said 

North Hill Parish & 
pray &c. 
John Smith 
William Moulton 
beniamin Johnson 
John Taylor 
beniamin Smith 
nathaniel mason 
Joseph Towll Jr 
Danil Dow 
Thomas Dearbon 
Samuel darbon 
Nathaniel Moulton 
Abriam Dreak Ju 
Jon a Palmer 
Daniel fogg 
Thomas Hains 
Obadiah Marston 

v"" Petition'* as in dutv bound shall ever 

Richard tayler 
Ruben Derbon 
david marston 
Simon Knovvles 
William Palmer 
James Towll 
Jonathan Towll Jr 
Caleb Marston 
Thomas Rowly 
Josiah hobbes 

Beniamin fullor 
Morris hobbes 
Benjamin Johnson iu 
John Shaw 
John Smith Ju 
beniamin mason 
David dow 
zechariah Towll 
Samuel Fogg 
Joseph knovvles 

Samuel bachelder Ju William Moulton Ju 
James Tomas Jona Knowles 

Joseph Page Joseph Moulton 

francis Page Benjamin Lamper 

Jeremiah Page Morrice Lamprey 

Elisha Marston 


[An act was passed November 30, 1742, incorporating 
the said North Hill parish into a parish by the name of 
North Hampton, with the following line between that and 
Hampton : " Beginning at a great rock in the Highway in 
Hampton afores*^ between the Dwelling Houses of Caleb 
Marston & Joseph Towle Jr. which is the first Great rock 
in the Highway afores'^ to the Southward of the Dwelling 
House of the widow Mary Levet of Hampton afores'^ Tav- 
ernkeeper & running from the afores" Great rock on a strait 
Line to the Sea at the mouth of the Little river where it now 
emtieth itself into the Sea — then to begin again at the 
afores'^ Great rock & to run therefrom on a strait Line to 
the corner bounds between Stratham & Exeter at Hampton 
Line." They were to be joined with Hampton for repre- 
sentative, and were to continue to pay their proportion of 
the grant made to Mrs. Dorothy Gookin. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-3S] \^Ahstr act from Dr. Anthony Emery's Alemorial^ 


The memorial of Anthony Emery of Hampton 

Humbly Sheweth : That your memorialist by the request of 
His Excellency, on the eighteenth day of April in y"^ year 1755 
Inlisted himself into his Majestys Service in an expedition 
against Crown Point, as Chirurgion of Col Joseph Blanchards 
Regiment. And as Chirurgions wages was not an adequate 
encouragement for your memorialist to leave his business, His 
Excellency gave your memorialist a Lieut^ Commission in Capt. 
John Moors Company, without which your memorialist would 
not have gone in s"^ expedition. * * * 

[Dr. Emery was discharged December 5 following. He 
claimed pay for a horse broken down in the service, and 
was allowed ;^2 5 out of the money "for the Crown Point 
Expedition." — Ed.] 

[R. 2-39] \^Abstract from Nathan Blake' s Petitioti., ad- 
dressed to the Governor and Assembly., fan. 3<?, //do.] 

Most Humbly Sheweth — Nathan Blake of Hampton in the 
Province aforesaid yeoman that whereas I the petitioner the 
said Nathan was out in his Majestys Sarvice in the last Sum- 


mer in the new Hampshier Ridgiment Command by Col John 
Gofte in the Company Commanded by Capt. Jeremiah Mars- 
ton and came from number four about the 20* of november last 
and got home to my own house the 29"* of said november, and 
well when I came home and after I had been at home eleven 
days I was taken sick and brook out with the small pox which 
was verey shoking and destresing to me and to my family who 
all left me and went to a house at a distance and no body with 
me for some days but onel}^ Ceazer Long. * * * 

[He was attended by Dr. Emery and Tristram Redman. 
Supplies were furnished by Major Moulton, for all of which 
he presents a bill amounting to ;^io, 8, 3, new tenor, which 
was ordered to be paid, and charged to the expedition fund. 

[4-216] \_Ilelative to Stnall-Pox^ l/j8^ 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqr Captain General 
& Commander in Cliief in & over his Majesties Province of 
New Hampshire And to the Honorable his Majesties Coun- 
cil And the General Assembly of this Province now Conven'd 

Aiay it please Your Excellency & the Honorable Council & 
the General Assembly — 

The Humble Petition of the Minister & Two vSelectmen of 
Hampton Town, Humbly Slieweth — 

Whereas it hath pleased God in his Sovereign Providence to 
send the Small pox among us, & we have the Greatest Reason 
to fear it will soon spread into divers parts of the Town If 
Speedy & Effectual Care be not taken to prevent it — And 
though The Select Men have Impressd several houses to re- 
move suspected persons into, according to Law — Yet they have 
been resisted by the owners of those houses — & their Lives 
threatned — So that tlie Major Part of the Select Men are dis- 
coraged & Determind to do Nothing further. And our present 
Danger being extremely great — We do therefore most humbly 
& Earnestly Entreat that the Legislature of this Province now 
assembled, would be pleased Imediately to appoint & empower 
some sutable persons to Come Imediately & remove these In- 
fected persons to Sutable places. One of which lives so near to 
the Meeting house, that the publick worship of God must be 
broken up if not remov'd, & the other person Living close upon 
the Country Road in the Heart of The Town — which will pre- 
vent all Travellers as well as Endanger Considerable Neighbor- 
hoods — We do therefore earnestly beg the Imediate help of 


You Our Civil Fathers, According as You in your Great Wis- 
dom Shall see fitt, And so Your Petitioners shall ever pray &c 
Hampton May 30: 1758 — 

Ward Cotton 

John Weeks — Two of ye 

Josiah Shaw — Selectmen 

N B : One is supposed to have broke out yesterday & the 
other is expected to Break out every Day 

[4-218] [ Vote of Town relative to Ministerial Rates ^ 1768. "] 

Province of Newhampshire 

at a Legal meeting of the freeholders & Inhabitants of the 
town of Hampton held at the meeting House In said town on 
tuesday the twenty-first Day of March 1 76S 

I voted Chrisf Toppan Esq'' is Chosen moderator for said 

ii"* voted to Excuse, mr Amos Coffin & Stephen Page from 
Paying their ministers Rates for the three years Past — 

Hampton march 27"^ ^770 — 

a true Copy attest — Joseph Dow : town C^ 

[4-219] \_Relative to a Lottery^ i'/go.'\ 

We the Subscribers being informed that there is a Town 
Meeting Called in Hampton to see if the Town will Vote to 
petition the General Court for Liberty to raise a sum of money 
by Lottery Sufficient to Raise Hampton Causeway to such a 
hight as to make it Safe and Convenient passing at highwater 
when the Tides are high and as we have been informed that 
some persons have Doubted whether the owners of the marsh 
and Meadow Laying above said Causeway would Consent that 
it should be raised we being owners of said Marsh & Meadow 
have no objection but are desirous that it may be done Provided 
there be sufficient sluceways for the water being Sensable of 
the very great advantage it would be to travellers Especially to 
Strangers the passing over which Causeway often times is not 
only Dificult but dangerous & at some times Impracticable 

December the 14"* ^^790 

To the Select men of Hampton to be Communicated to the 
Town at the meeting 

Anos Coffin Cotton Ward Simeon Shaw 

Samuel Drake John Taylor John Fogg 


Josiah Shaw David Bachelder Caleb sanborn 

Sam' Weare Robert Marshall Mickel dalton 

Stephen Coffin Simon Brown James Wedgwood 

Reuben Dearbon Joseph Dow John Drake 
Benjamin Shaw 

[4-220] [ Vote of ToiV7t relative to a Lottery^ lygo."] 

State of Newhampshire — 

Rockingham ss at a Legal meeting of the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Hampton held at the meeting-House In said Town 
on monday the 27''' Day of December 1790 — 

Voted unanimous to Petition the General Court at their next 
session for a Grant of a Lottery, in order to Collect a Sum of 
money Sufficient to pay the Cost of Raising the town Cause- 
way in said Hampton so High as to prevent High Tides & 
freshets overflowing the Same — 

Voted Joseph Dow Philip Towle Josiah Moulton Jonathan 
Garland Josiah Dearbon John Fogg & Cotton ward be & hereby 
are Impowered a Committee (in behalf of said Town) to pre- 
pare a Petition and present the Same to the General Court for 
the purpose as above mentioned — 

Hampton Jan^ 3*^ ^79^ — 

a Copy attest Joseph Dow : town Clerk 

[4-221] S^Petltion for AutJwrity to raise Money by Lottery 
to repair a Bridge^ etc.^ iygi.'\ 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon'''"^ The Senate, & House of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court Convened, January 5"* 1791 — 
Respectfully Shews, 

The Subscribers, in behalf of the Inhabitants of Hampton ; 
that the main Road from Boston, to Portsmouth, in passing 
through said Town, crosses one main Branch of Hampton 
River, & Salt Meadow Ground, for about half a Mile in 
length ; over which the Inhabitants of said Town by much labor, 
& Expence have built a bridge & a Causeway, & have kept the 
same in as good Repair, as could possibly be expected consid- 
ering the smallness of the Town, & the very great Expendi- 
tures it required — Nevertheless by high Tides & Freshets, it is 
frequently rendered impassable, & at other times dangerous, & 
difficult for Travellers ; & as the Cost of raising said Causeway 


to such an height as to make it safe & convenient passing at all 
Seasons, would exceed the Abilities of the Town, & consider- 
ing the great Advantage it would be to the publick to have it 
done ; Induces us to petition your Honors for Liberty to raise a 
sufficient Sum by Lottery to effect it, under such Regulations, 
and Restrictions as you may think proper, & your Petitioners 
as in Duty bound will ever pray — 

Joseph Dow 
Philip Towle 
Josiah Moulton 
Ton" Garland V ^.^iiun ui m 
T • \ r\ 1 iown or 

osiah Dearbon tt 

s- , ^:^ Hampton 

John r ogg | ^ 

Cotton ward j 

[In H. of Rep., Jan. 22, 1791, the foregoing petition was 
granted, with the proviso that any surplus should be the 
property of the state. — Ed.] 

Committee in 
behalf of the 

[4-222] \^Relatlve to aforenamed Lottery^ i/gz.'] 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon^'" the Senate & House of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court Convened June 7"^ 1791 — 

Respectfully shews That a petition was presented to the 
General Court at their last Session by Joseph Dow Esq"" and 
others a Committee in behalf of the Town of Hampton pray- 
ing for liberty to raise a Sufficient sum of money by Lottery to 
raise Hampton Causway — the prayer of which Petition was 
granted by the then Hon''^"^ House but was ordered to lay by the 
Hon*''^ Senate the Subscriber begs leave to request of your 
Hono^ that you would take the Subject matter of said petition 
into your Consideration & make such order thereon as you may 
think proper and as in duty bound will ever pray 

Christo'' Toppan in behalf of the 


The Committee on petitions for Lotteries, Report that the 
Committee for the Inhabitants of the Town of Hampton have 
leave to Inti^oduce a bill to Raise by lottery the Sum of Eight 
hundred pounds, under such Restrictions as the Court shall 
direct, for the purposes afores'^ 
which is submitted by Daniel Emerson Jr for 

the Com* 


[4-223] [^Relative to Chtirch Matters^ I'/gS.'] 

State of New-hampshire 

To the honourable Senate & House of Representatives for said 
State in General Court convened at Exeter the first Wednes- 
day of June 1796 — 

Humbly shew the subscribers inhabitants of Hampton in the 
county of Rockingham and state aforesaid. That they always 
have iDeen and are conscientiously of the congregational persua- 
sion which has been the established mode of public Worship in 
said Town ever since the first settlement thereof uiitill very 
lately — When about one third of the church and a major part 
of the congregation, professing themselves Presbyterians, called 
& Settled a Minister of the presbyterian oi'der, notwithstanding 
the rest of the church and congregation dissented therefrom. 
The dissentients being conscientiously of a diflerent persuasion, 
and desirous of worshipping their creator in a social manner, 
according to the dictates of their conscience j have since the 
unhappy separation took place, provided a house for public 
worship and procured preaching at their own expence, and 
being anxious to join with the church of congregationalists in 
said Town, in settling a minister of their own persuasion Your 
petitioners pray that they with the congregational church there 
may be erected into a Poll Parish and vested with such rights 
and privileges as other parishes have and exercise, and your 
petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray &c 

Samuel Dow Joseph Leach Morris Hobbs 

Simon Marston John Lamprey Jeremiah Marston 

James Philbrick Ephraim Marston John Dow 

moses Brown Jonathan Lock Samuel mace 

Josiah Dearbon Joseph Philbrick Ju Amos Knowles 

Abraham Perkins Joseph Palmer Jon" Garland 

Jun" Benj" B Shaw John Batchelder 

Daniel Ware Abner Page Nathan Brown 

James Philbrick Jur moses Perkins Josiah mason 

Nathaniel Johnson Samuel Drake Samuel Sanborn 

Stephen marsten Joseph S Dearborn Sam" Page 

Samuel Philbrick Winthrop Sanborn Daniel Marston 

Simon Lane Samuel Blake James Lane 

Elisha Towle Elisha Moulton Joseph mace 

Reuben Dow Samuel Palmer David LamPrey 

Elisha Marston Jonathan Gofery jun Nathaniel Lock 

Samuel Philbrick ju Jacob marston Jeremiah Hobbs 

Phinehas Feltch Daniel Lamprey Simon Lane Jr 

John perkins John Brown Simeon Shaw 

Ashel marston Joseph Redman Sam" S. Page 


John Readman Simon Brown John Green 

Joseph Dow Christo'' Toppan Elisha Towle J"" 

Zaccheus Brown Jeremiah Knowles Isaiah Dow 

Daniel Brown EHsha Brown Reuben Lamprey 

Samuel Marston Simeon Blake Joseph Palmer Jun' 

Trustram Godfree Josiah marston 


State of New Hampshire 

To the honorable Senate and House of Representatives for said 
State in General Court convened at Concord November 23'' 

Humbly shews the subscribers inhabitants of Hampton in 
the county of Rockingham and State aforesaid had not an oppor- 
tunity to sign a petition in June last to be incorporated into a 
Congregational poll parish in Hampton and that they desire to 
be considered as if they had then signed said petition 

Hampton November 33** i79^- 

Joseph Towle Moses Shaw Joshua mace 

Josiah Dow David Philbrick 

[In H. of Rep., June 6, 1796, a hearing was ordered for 
the next session, at which, on the 6th day of December, an 
act was passed to incorporate the " Congregational Society 
in Hampton." — Ed.] 

[4-326] \_List of Land Owners^ about i'/j8.'] 

A List of the Land owned in Hampton When North Hamp- 
ton was Set oft" as a Parish & Since owned as Rateable in Said 


Former owners of Land Present owners 

Reuben Sanborn i3 acres Cap' Hoite 

Jona Dearborn 24 Ditto Josiah Dalton 

Henry Dearborn 74 jenny 

Joseph & Ezekiel ] o t -d p iu 

•^ -..'■ ,^ y Ao Tona. Brown & others 

Moulton ) ^ -' 

Samuel Palmer 24 Jona Page 

Willi'" Smith 16 Stephen Page & others 

Thomas Nudd I3 David Page 

James Towle I3 Stephen Page 



Joseph Towle 
Jona Mavston 
Joseph Radman 
Peter Johnson 
Joseph Batchelder 
Caleb Towle 
Jona Sanborn & ) 
James Johnson ) 
John Batchelder 
David Dowe 
Jacob Marston 
Jona Godfrey 
Chrisf Page 
Edward Wilmot & 
Nathan Godfrey 
Zechariah & ) 
Sam" Brown ) 
Sam" Palmer Esqr 

Sam" Brown & ) 
Thomas Nudd ( 
Peter Johnson 
Thomas Brown 
Simon Dowe 
Jonathan Freess & 
James Johnson 
Epharim Marston ) 
Moses Perkins ) 
Zechariah & ^ 
Sam" Brown ) 
Sam" Palmer 
Jona Garland 
Jeremiah Monlton 
Joseph Radman 
John Moulton 
Sam" Dowe 
Nehemiah Hobbs 
Joseph Taylor 















James Godfrey 
Ebenezer Loverin 
Daniel Dowe 
Doct"^ Dearborn & others 
Decon Sam" Batchelder 
Simeon Marston 

Joseph Garland & others 

Decon Benj" Hobbs 

Zachariah Towle & others 
Joseph Moulton & others 
Joseph Moulton & others 
Joseph Moulton & others 

abner Fogg 

Isaac Jennes & others 

Moris Lamprey & Thomas 

Jacob Brown 

Tristram Radman 

John Brown 

Josiah Batchelder & others 

Thomas Cotton 
Tristram Radman 
Tristram Radman 

Benj» Philbrick 

Tristram Radman 
Henry Batchelder 

the three following Farmes the most of them was ound in 
Town Since they were Sett off as a Parish Viz 

Capt Abner Fogg Esq' 
James Batchelder & 
Jona Brown 



This town was formerly a part of Hampton. 

In 1709, by a vote of the council, the inhabitants of that 
portion of the town of Hampton west of Taylor's river, 
called Hampton Falls, were authorized to choose assessors, 
and raise money for "the maintenance of such learned and 
orthodox minister to officiate in the New Church" as they 
might call to service there, with advice of Rev. Mr. Cotton. 

In 1685 there were 212 inhabitants in what is now 
Hampton Falls. 

In council, May 12, 1718, Peter Weare and others "of the 
new parish" petitioned that it might be separated from the 
old parish, and were granted the privilege of holding annual 
meetings to choose selectmen and other ofificers to manage 
their parish affairs, and to choose one representative to the 
general assembl}', but were to pay province rates as they 
had before. In accordance therewith they met and chose 
Peter Weare as assemblyman, who took his seat October 7, 
1718. He was speaker of the house in 1724. 

John Farmer says Hampton Falls " was separated and 
incorporated in 1712." I do not find this to be the fact; 
but do find that they were not entirely separated in parish 
affairs until November 23, 1726. After that each parish 
was to be free from the other in raising their ministers' 

The west part of the town was set off April i, 1737, and 
incorporated into the town of Kensington. 

June 3, 1768, the town was again divided, the south part 
set off, and incorporated by the name of Seabrook. 

By an act passed December 4, 1742, a part of the town of 
South Hampton was annexed to this town. 

December 7, 18 16, a small tract of land was severed from 
this town, and annexed to Seabrook. 

[4-237] \_Petition for Grant of a Township — no date. '^ 

To his Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq'' Governour and 
Commander in Chief In and Over His Majest3''s Province of 
New Ilamp.s"' ; in New England ; And the Hon'''* his Majes- 
ty's Councill in Said Province — 

The Humble Address and Petition of Sundry of his Majestys 
Loyal Subjects Inhabitants of Hampton-falls in Said Province \ 



Praying that Your Petitioners may be Sharers in Such Grants 
of Land as may be made to his Majesties Subjects in this Prov- 
ince : That Your Petitioners may have A Township Granted 
them of Ten Miles Square Lying Upon Amuskieg fall or In 
Such other place and of Such Dimensions as to Your Excellen- 
cy And Honours in Your Great Wisdom And Goodness shall 
Seem Proper: And Your Petitioners As In Duty Bound shall 
Ever Pray 

Joseph Tilton 
Benj" Swett 
Ralph Butler 
Josiah Bachelder 
Richard nason 
Bradbury Green 
Jacob Stanyan 
Samuel Lane 
Timothy morgin 
John Treadwell 
Jonathan Nason 
Joshua Purinton 
Sam" Present 
Nathan Tilton 
Jeramiah Pearson 
Benjamin Swett 

Elisha Present 
Robard Row 
Jonatha Cram 
Ebnezer Prescut 
Charles Stuard 
Simon fogg 
Jacob Brown 
John Philbrick 
Jonathan Gove 
Abner Philbrick 
John green 

Job Haskell 
Jabez Smith 
Sam" Shaw 
John Brown 
Timothy Hilyard 
Abner Sanborn 
Walter Williams 
Thomas Brown 
Jonathan Stuward 
Edmond Brown 
obadiah worth 
Daniel Peirkins 
John Robie 
Timothy Tilton 
Enoch Carter 
Abaraham Bachel- 
Joseph Whipple 
Robert Miller 
Abraham Green 
Edward Gove 
John Gove 
Jonathan Green 
Amos Cass 
John Clatibrd 
Jonathan Tilton 
David swett 
John Tilton 

John brown Qyiarto John Gove Juner 

Caleb sanborn 
John Swain 
Stephen Swett 
Winthrop dow 
thomas Boyd 
Robert quinbe 
Timothy Blak Juner 
Benjamin Sanborn 
Ebenezer Sanburn 
Thomas Cram 
nathanel Gove 
Meshech Weare 
Joseph Bachelder 
Thomas Leavit 
Enoch Gove 
Edward williams 
Jacob Freese 
Matthew Morton 
John worth 
John Swain Jun"^ 
Reuben Sanborn 
theopillus Bachelor 
Dan' swett 
Jonathan Hilyard 
Hanary Robie 
Enoch Sanborn 
Benj" Hilyard 
Ebenezer Gove juner 
Abraham dow 

[4-229] \_Petition of yohn Brotvn, Inn holder^ for the priv- 
ilege of a Town Fair^ about iyj4.~\ 

Province of Newhamp"" 
To His Exelencey Jonathan Belcher Esq' Capt" general Gov- 
ournor and Cumander in Cheaf in and over y^ Province of 
Newhampshier and Province Massachusets bay in New-Eng- 
land &c — 


To the Hon''''' His Maj^'^ Councel and Hous of Represent^ Now 
Setting in Portsmouth in The Province of Newhampshier — 
By an Ajournment — The Humble Petition of John Brown 
Inholder in Hampton-falls Most Humbly Sheweth — 

That whareas Thare Hath Been in the Year Past Two Meet- 
tings of Not ondly y® People of This province But of the Nigh- 
bouring province also att Your Petitionours Hous for to Bye 
and Sell all Sorts of Quick Stock and Sundry othor Traidings 
Which hath Proved Greatly Benificial to many in This our 
Province and to many others farthur East then our Province 
Extendes Aas also to y*" Byers many of them Came from Boston 
and from y* Nighbouring towns thare unto and bought many 
Hundred Pounds worth of fatt Cattle fatt Sheep and Lambs and 
y* Like Thay haveing a Carttain market to go unto — 

And whare as Your Petitionour* Hous is Thought to Stand 
in y"' Most Accommodaiting place espeschaly for y^ byers thay 
Cuming from y'' South-ward y" Most of Them as also whare y* 
Roads meet from all y'^ Towns in This Province And upon y" 
Great Road from y^ Eastward and So Most Accomodeating to 
Therefore Your Petitionour Most Humbly Prays that This 
Cort wold Grant y* Liborty of haveing three fairs in a year att 
your Petitionours hous in Hampton-falls Yearly and y' y* first 
may be upon y^ Second wedensday and Thirdsday in May And 
yW^Seccond fair be upon y*^ Seccond Wedensday and Thirdsday 
in Augost and y'^ Third upon y^ Last Wedensday and Thirdsday 
in Octob'' — And as In Deuty Bound shall Ever Pray — 

[The selectmen petitioned, October 10, 1734, for the 
same privilege, which was granted. See Vol. IX, page 340. 

[4-22S] S^Deposition of yoshua Peirce.'] 

The Deposition of Joshua Peirce Esq'' who Testifies and Says 
that he very well Remembers that in or about the year 171 7 the 
Log House that did belong to Peter Wear Esq*" late of Hampton 
Fails Deceased in which he formerly keept Tavern was Licenced 
for that Purpose by the Government and that he always under- 
stood it was So Granted as to be a Privilege annexed to the Said 
Estate and alienable with that the Depon' being a Member of 
the Lower House at the time the Said Grant was made 

Josh : Peirce 


[4-230] \_Petition relative to ynaking a new Town of the 

West Part^ ^7S^'] 

To his Excellency Jonathan Belcher Esq'' Governour and Com- 
mander in Chief in and over his Majesties province of New 
Hamp"" to the Honourable his Majesties Council of the s** 
province, and the Representatives in gen" Assembly con- 
vened at Portsm° in the s*^ province, this S"' day of March 
an: Domini 1736/7 

The Petition of Joseph Wadley Ezekiel Dow John Batchel- 
der and Jonathan Prescut John Wear most humbly Sheweth 

That at the Sessions of the gen" Assembly of this province 
in the month of May — A : D : i735- Your Petitioners with Sun- 
dry others to the Number of about Sixty who were Inhabitants 
of the West part of Hampton Falls parish did prefer a Petition 
to Your Excellency and the Honourable Assembly praying that 
they might be Set of a Seperate Parish by themselves, which 
Petition was acted upon at the last Sessions of the assembly 
after a full hearing of the s** Parish by their Attornies, on the 
one part and Your Petitioners and their other Companions on 
the other part and there it was ordered by Your Excellency and 
the Honourable Assembly that a Committee Should be ap- 
pointed to goe upon the Spot and make enquirv into the aflhir, 
to Survey the whole parish and to See whether it was big 
enough for Two, and if tliey found it was big enough for Two 
then to prefix a Line and to make a return to the gen" Assem- 
bly on the third day of their Sessions, and your Petitioners fur- 
ther Shew that Soon after the passing of that order both the 
Petition and order are Consumed to ashes in the burning of 
the Secretaries house in whose keeping they were, and that 
notwithstanding they were So consumed and destroyed yet the 
Committee who were appointed have proceeded and acted 
thereon, and it being now the time appointed for them to make 
their return thereof, they are accordingly attending for that end, 
your Petitioners therefore pray that your Excellency and the 
Honourable Assembly will please to accept thereof and to con- 
firm the Same, so your Petitioners Shall ever pray &c 

Jonathan Prescut Joseph wadleigh John Bachelder 
John Weare Ezekiel Dow 

[4-231] \_Committee appointed to Jix Division Line, ana 
Report oj" said Comjnittee, i'/j6.'\ 

Prov of New Hamps'' Aprill 24 — 1736 
In the House of Representatives 

The Inhabitants of the West end of Hampton was heard on 


theii'e Petition for a Precinct, according to the day Limitted 
Last Sessions and tlie parrish of Hampton falls was present by 
their Selectmen and both parties heard — 

And voted that there be a Committee 

Entred on the Back of the Petition viz 

The within Petition was Read & the Petitioners and the se- 
lect men of Hampton falls parish was heard thereon by their 

The House having Considered thereon 

Voted Capt Edward Hall and m"" Samuell Palmer be a Com- 
mittee of this House to Joyne with Such as the Hon'''^ the Coun- 
cill Shall appoint, to Go and view Hampton falls parish, and 
See if at present its Reasonable there be a new precinct Set off, 

and if in their Judgment it oft So to be. Then to view the 
precinct and Consider what district may be Set off to them 
having regard to the Qiiaintity & Qiiallity of the Land, and to 
make return to the next Gen" assembly on the third day of their 
Sitting and Each party pay half the Charges of Said Committee 

James Jeffry Cle'' ass" 

the same day a Mess* Came down that the Board had Con- 
curr'd with the above Vote and that Theodore Atkinson & Jo- 
seph Sherburn Esq'' were appointed a Committee by the Board 
to Joyne the Committe of the House on the affaire of Hampton 

Copy out of the Journall of the House of Representatives 

Attest James Jeffry Cle"" ass°* 

According to the within Vote we whose names are under 
written have been at Plampton falls Parrish & do report thereon 
that we apprehend that the best Place for a Dividing Line in 
case the Governm' Should think Proper to Divide the S*^ Par- 
rish is to begin at Stone Bridge & run West & by North half a 
mile & from thence on a Streight Line till it Crosses Horse hill 
road forty rods below or to the Eastward of Jon" Browns House 
& so on a Streight continued Line till it Litersects the Dividing 
Line between Salisbury & Hampton & from the beginning of 
the first S** Half mile above Stone Bridge the S'^ Line to Extend 
on the Same Course as from Salisbury Line to Exeter Line 

Septemb'' z^ 1736 

Joseph Sherburn 
Theodore Atkinson 
Edward Hall 
Samuel Palmer 


[4-230] [^Ac^io?z of Legislature. '\ 

Mar. 2(f^ ^17)1' I" th^ House of Representatives The Peti- 
tioners of the within Petition was heard (the opposite parties 
not appearing) & voted : That the prayer of the Petition be 
granted, and the Petitioners be set of a Distinct Parish accord- 
ing to the Bound prefixt In the Returne Committe ; and that 
they have Liberty to Bring in theire Bill accordingly 

James Jeffry CI' Ass" 
In Council March 30: i737 

Read and Concurred Rich*^ waldron Sec"^ 

Same day assented to J. Belcher. 

[An act passed. April i, 1737, incorporating the territory 
asked for into a " distinct parish by the name of Kensing- 
ton." The following September another act was passed 
slightly changing the bounds. — Ed.] 

[4-233] \_Petitio7i for a Change of Dates of the Fairs.^ 


To Jonathan Belcher Esq"" Cap' Genaral Govournour and Cum- 
ander In Cheaf In and Over his Majest" Province of y* 
Masachusetts Bay In Newengland And thes His Majestes 
Province of Newhampshier 

The Most Humble Petition of us the Subscribers Selectmen 
for y^ Parrish of Hampton falls in Behalf of s'* Parish Most 
Humbly Sheweth That altho with humble Thankfullness we 
Acknowledg your Exelencyes and Hon""* Goodness and favour 
done unto us in Granting unto us & our Successors for Ever to 
Hould And Keep Two P^airs in a Year the first to begin upon 
the Last Tusday in Apriel And the other to begin the Last 
Tusday in October Yearly Which Grant was made y* 24*** day 
of Ocf A. D. 1734 

Yett Since it So happens that our first Fair proves to be in 
the midest of our planting Seasond — Viz, that in Apriel And 
that in October proves to be too Late upon Account of what we 
have to Despose of Cheafly As Grass fead Cattle Sheep &c — 
Which to Geather with many Other Reasonds too tedeious to 
Trouble your Exelencies and Hon"^^ with 

We Your Most Humble Petitionours most Humbly Pray 
That Your Exelencie And this Hon''^* Councel wold pleas to 
alter our Fairs for the feuture 

That for the Time to Come the Fairs here may begin upon 
the Second tusday in June and Continue two days — 


Also That for y^ time to Come our fall Fair begin upon the 
third Tusday in September Anualy and for ever & continue two 
days And that a Clark be also Appointed to attend s*^ Fair Ac- 
cording to what may be Coustomary or Necessary for y** Good 
of the publick And what Others Mesurs to prevent Disorders 
eviel Deeds and all breaches of Law As You In Your Great 
wisdom may See meet — 

And As in Deuty Bound Shall ever pray — 

And we Humbly Pray that M'' John Brown may be aloued 
to prefer this our Petition And to Make Answars if Need Re- 

Hampton falls Novemb" 7 : 1738 

Josiah Bachelder \ Selectmen for 
Thomas Cram > the Parrish of 
Benj* Hillyard ) Hampton falls 

[4-233] \^Petition for the granting of a Township, iy4g.'\ 

To his Excellency Penning Wentworth Esq' Governour and 
Commander in Chief in and Over his Majestys Province of 
New Hamps" in New-England, And the Hon'''" his Majestys 
Councill for Said Province — 

Humbly Shew Your Petitioners Inhabitants of the Parish of 
Hampton falls in Said Province That Your Petitioners being 
Informed that Your Excellency now proposes to make Grants 
of Tracts of Land Sutable for Townships, And we having most 
of us families for whose Settlement we are Concern'd to Pro- 
vide, so that a Grant of Land would be Very Serviceable to us, 
And many of us having hitherto had no Share in Grants which 
heretofore have been made And being Desirous to Share with 
others in Such Grants as may now be made, We pray that we 
may have a Grant of a tract of Land Sutable for a Township in 
Some Convenient Place, And as the Season of the Year will not 
Admitt us now to look Out a Place and take a Plan thereof, 
We pray that we may have the Liberty when the Season of the 
Year will allow thereof to Look out some Sutable place with- 
out the Grants which are already made. And take a Plan thereof 
And may have the Same Granted to us And Your Petitioners 
shall Ever Pray &c 

Hampton falls Feb^ 19, 1749 

Nath' Weare Meshech Weare Stephen Healey 

Jonathan Fifield Josiah Bachelder Jeremiah Brown 

Jonathan Green Joseph Perkins Sam" Present 

Richard Nason Joseph Whipple Joseph Bachelder 



Elisha Prescut 
Jon* Chase 
Benj'' Moulton 
Stephen Cram 
Abner Philbok 
Nathan Tilton 
Henrey Robey 
Samuel Lane 
Samuel Tilton 
Jonathan Hilyard 
Jonathan Prescutt 
Ruben Sanborn 
Benj" Prescutt 

Joshua Blake 
Thomas Brown 
Thomas Cram 
Abner Sanborn 
Jonathan Cram 
John Tilton 
Jonathan Sweatt 
Benj* Cram 
Benja Sweatt Juner 
Amos Leavet 
Pain Row 
John Chase 
James Moulton 

Eben"' Prescut 
Enoch Gove 
John Swain 
Joseph Worth 
Jonathan Green jun'' 
Jonathan Tilton 
Benj'' Hilyard 
Samuel Melsher 
Edward Gove 
Bradbury Green 
Benj'' Sanborn 
Benj'' Moulton 
Richard Smith 

[4-234] \_Petition of Quakers relative to Service in the Army, 


Province of New Hampshire 

To Benning Wentworth Governour and Commander in Cheif 
in and over said Province the Council and assembly of said 
Province. In General assembly February 3, 1761. — 

The Petition of John Brown and Elijah Brown of Hampton 
falls in the Province aforesaid Husbandmen. Being members 
of the Friendly Society Called Qiiakers — 

That in the war Some time about four Years Since the Peti- 
tion" then living togather on their farm in Common and undi- 
vided and Elijah Being a minor under the age of Twenty one 
Years, he was Iinpressed to go into the war which he Refused 
to obey as being against his Relegion upon which Refusal Na- 
than Green a Clerk of a Companv to which they said we did 
Belong Came with a Warrant from the Cheif officer of said Reg- 
iment and took a Yoke of good four Year old Steers and Sold 
them and hired a man to go in the Room of Elijah, the said 
Steers then being also undivided. But this Grevance would not 
have been Repeeted had not Something farther been laid upon 
the Petitioner By an act of the Goverment Called the Quiaker 
act, past the Last Year which they apprehend you have before 
you to Refer you to it, b}' which act they are apprehensive that 
the Court laid a Burden on Some of the Qiiakers that was never 
intended by the Court, and Especially on the Petitioners, for 
after a man being hired out of their Joint Substance tliey are 
Tax't by means of the Act aforesaid upwards of fifty pounds old 
Tenor Each to pay for their part of the people that was Called 
the Quaker proportion the Last years War Which the Petitioner 


apprehend as a Very Great burden on them as they think they 
wei*e properly Cleard from that Duty for the Reasons afore- 
said — 

Wherefore the Petitioners would be Glad of the Considera- 
tion of this Court on the matter, and order us Such Releif in the 
Last mentioned Tax as to you may Seem Right. 

John Brown 
in behalf of himself & Brother 

[For other matter relative to this, see Vol. XI, page 709. — 

[4-235] \_Relative to Incorporatioti of Seabrook^ iy68.~\ 
Province of New Hamps^ 
In the House of Representatives March 10"* 1768 

Whereas a Number of the Inhabitants of Hampton falls have 
Liberty by the Votes of the General Assembly to be set ofl' as a 
Distinct Parish the Dividing line between the Old Parish and 
the New to be Setled by a Committee to be Appointed by the 
General Assembly And have moved for Such a Committee to 
be Appointed 

Voted That Josiah Bartlett Esq'' Doc'' John Giddings And 
Doc'"Ebenezer Thompson be the Committee to Settle the Divid- 
ing Line Above mentioned And make Report to the General 
Assembly As Soon as mav be 

M Weare CI' 

In Council March 18"' 1768 
Read and concur'd 

Geo : King Dep^ Sec'^ 

Assented to J Wentworth 

[In accordance with the foregoing, an act was passed June 
3, 1768, setting off the south-westerly part of the town, and 
incorporating it into a parish by the name of Seabrook. — 

[4-235^] \_Objecttons to the Meeting called by yustices 
Bryant and Emery, i/yo.^ 

Province of New Hamp" 

To the worshipfull Walter Bryant and Noah Emery Esq"^ two 
of his majestys Justices of the Peace for said Province who 
have warnd a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Hampton falls to 
be held the 30'" Jan^ 1770 


The following Objections to the Legality & Propriety of the 
Calling and holding said Meeting are humbly offered — 

I, Justices have no authority to Call town meetings unless 
the Selectmen Refuse — But such a meeting as is now Called 
hath not been Requested of the Selectmen or Refused by them 
Consequently the Justices authority cannot take place 

2 The Denial of the Selectmen must appear to be unreason- 
able Otherwise Justices have no authority and the Justices can- 
not know that the Denial is unreasonable without hearing what 
Reasons the Selectmen have to offer unless they will Judge 
Exparte which cannot be presumed — But in the present case 
the Selectmen had vSufficient Reason to give (if they could have 
had Opportunity to have offered them) why they Did not call 
the meeting Requested So that if the warning for this Meeting 
had been the same as was Requested of them their Denial was 
not unreasonable 

3 On Supposition that in Strictness you might have authority 
yet it is humbly Submitted whether it is Prudent to call a meet- 
ing for such Purposes as have a Direct tendency to bring the 
Parish into much Greater Confusion and Difficulty than any 
already arisen : and this appears to be the tendancy of the 
present warning 

[No signature. — Ed.] 

[4-236] \_Petition for the Appointment of a Co??imittee to 
settle Parish Difficulties^ ■^770-~\ 

Province of New Hamp* 

To his Exellency John Wentworth Esq' Captain General Gov- 
erner and Commander in Cheif in and Over his Majestys 
Province o{ New Hampshire. The Hon"* his Majestys 
Councell And House of Representatives for said Province in 
General Court Assembled March 26* 1770 

Humbly Shew Your Petitioners Freeholders and Inhabitants 
of Hampton falls in said Province, That many Disputes and 
Difficulties have Arisen and Still are Subsisting in said Parish 
Respecting the Situation and Building of a Meeting House for 
the Publick Worship of God in said Parish — That at present 
there Appears no Prospect of Accomodateing Matters and Set- 
ling said Disputes But Great Danger that Lawsuits may Arise 
And the Parish be Greatly Divided And put to Great Expence 
and Difficulty if not wholly Broken up without the Interposi- 
tion of this Honourable Court. 



Wherefore your Petitioners Humbly Pray that a Committee 
may be Appointed to view the Situation of the Parish to hear 
what Any Party may have to offer Respecting the Situation 
And Building of A Meeting house And to Make Report to the 
General Assembly what is best to be Done by the Parish to put 
An End to those Disputes which have Arisen Respecting these 
Matters. And your Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever 
Pray cS:c. 

Ralph Butler 
Philip Burns 

Joseph worth 

Joshua Chase 

W-" Blasdell 

Jonathan Stanyan 

Josiah white 

Meshech Weare 

Abner sanborn Jun 

Nathan Rowe 

Stephen Lang 

T 1 ]• 1 v*"^ O;,. Dudley Sanborn 

Jedediah X Stanyan ^^^^J^ ^^^^.^ 

Enoch Sanborn Abner Sanborn 

David Bachelder Simeon Hilyard 
Theophilus Sanborn Samuel Shaw 
Nath" Hub"" Dodge Jonathan Fifield 
malachi Shaw Nathan Green 

Richard X meder 


Stephen Cram 
Jacob Saturlay 
Richard Nason 
Pain Row 
Nathan Cram 

Francis Marshall 
Isaiah Lane 
Jon'' Stuward 
william Lang 
Caleb Sanborn 
Samuel Prescutt 

Sam' Weare 
Zebulon Hilyard 
John keney 
Ebenezer maloon 
Christopher Blake 
Hilyard Shaw 
Jonathan Fifield Jur 

[In H. of Rep., April ii, 1770, Thomas Westbrook Wal- 
dron, Richard Downing, Esqrs., and Dr. Ebenezer Thomp- 
son were appointed as a committee to look into the matter, 
and report. — Ed.] 

\_Report of the Co}n7nittee.'\ 

Province of New Hampshire, June ii"" 177° 

Pursuant to the order on tliis Petition, we have viewed the 
Parish of Hampton Falls and heard what the Petitioners & 
others of said Parish tho't proper to offer on the Subject matter 
thereof — And altho' it does not appear that the new Meeting 
House is placed as it could have been for conveniency when the 
Parsonage House &c is bro't into consideration, yet it is well 
Situate for a House of Publick Worship for said Parish. And 
therefore are of opinion that all concerned would do well to 
accept of it as such. 

And for conciliating affairs in the Parish, we think two 
things would have a tendency that way, viz, That such persons 
of the Parish who in three months signify their inclination to 


have Pews in the new Meeting House, should by some resolu- 
tion of said Parish (after said three months, to be taken) be put 
on the same foot relative to having Pews as tho' no sale thereof 
had been. 

And Secondly that those persons who are better accommo- 
dated by the new Meeting House & assisted in building the 
same, (and no others) should present the Rev*^ M"" Pain Win- 
gate, with the Sum of Sixty pounds, in order to provide Suit- 
able carriage &c for Travel of himself & family to and from 
Meeting. And this seems reasonable, in consideration the 
House of Publick worship will be near Two miles distance 
more from him than it was when he settled ; and in general so 
much the more commodious to those on which this otherwise 
seeming burthen is proposed to be laid. 

All which is most Humbly submitted by 

Tho' W Waldron 
Rich*^ Downing 
Eben' Thompson 

[R. 2-45] \_Louisbourg Soldier^ J/46.'] 

[In a petition dated May 6, 1746, Sarah French, of Hamp- 
ton Falls, states that she is " Widow and Relict of John 
French Late of Hampton falls who Died at Louisbourg in the 
service of his King and Country and left a Large family of 
Small Children." She asks for assistance. The petition 
was dismissed, as her husband was in the service of Massa- 
chusetts. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-46] [_ Crown Point Soldier^ l/jd.'] 

[William French of this town was in the Crown Point 
expedition, Ezekiel Worthen's Co., Col. Nathaniel Me- 
serve's Reg. He entered May i ; dismissed October 18. — 

[R. 2-47] \_Abig-ail DwijiiielVs Petitio7i^ ^759-\ 

[In a petition dated May 15, 1759, Abigail Dwinnell, of 
Hampton Falls, states that she is the widow of Amos Dwin- 
nell, who " was a soldier in the Service of this Province at 
Albany in the year 1756 where he died." — Ed.] 


[R. 2-4S] \_Petitiofi of Isaac Tobey, l'/6o.~\ 

[In a petition dated January 15, 1760, Isaac Tobey of this 
town states "That your Petitioner was a soldier in the Ser- 
vice of this Province the Summer Past, That while he was 
in the Service at Sarratoga he had his Gun Stolen." He 
asked for an allowance for the same, but the petition was 
" dismissed." — Ed.] 

[R. 2-49] \_yonathan Kitoxvlton^ Soldier^ lydo.^ 

[Jonathan Knowlton, son of Ebenezer, was in the service 
under Capt. Marston in 1759, and was taken sick at Albany 
Flats. His father went after him, and took him home, where 
he died soon after. His father presents bill of Dr. John 
Weeks for attendance, which was allowed to the extent of 
thirty-two shillings sterling. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-51] \_Isaiah Row^ Soldier^ lydo.'] 

[Petition of Isaiah Row, of Hampton Falls, who states 
that he was in the province service in 1760, returned home 
in December, and was soon after taken with small-pox. He 
was attended by Dr. Anthony Nutter, and presents a bill 
for all expenses, amounting to £,^2^ old tenor, and was 
allowed ^^13 sterling. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-54] \_Eleazer ^tiimby^ Soldier^ 1/60.'] 

[Petition of Eleazer Quimby, who states that his brother 
Elisha was in the service in 1760, came home in December, 
was taken sick with small-pox, and died. He was allowed 
£7, II, 2.— Ed.] 

[^K. 2-57] [^Dav/d Steward^ Soldier, ^7<^^-] 

[David, a minor son of Jonathan Steward, was at Crown 
Point in 1761 ; was sick at Keene on the way home. His 
father went and got him home, and was allowed 30 shil- 
lings. — Ed.] 


[4—237] \_Proceedings in a Parish Meetings ^773-'\ 

We the subscribers being present at the Annual Parish meet- 
ing at Hampton falls 9"" of march 1773. — Jon" Fifield Esq'' was 
Chosen moderator after which he the Moderator ordered the 
Voters to bring in their Votes for a Clerk in wrighting and 
after the Moderator had counted them he declared Cap" Caleb 
Sanborn was Chosen Clerk — A Dispute Immediately Arose and 
a Poll demanded, which was denied some Considerable space 
of time, but more than one hour after the first demand, the 
Moderator granted a Poll, & ordered them that were for M' 
Benj" Tilton to be Clerk, to go out at the east end of the Meet- 
ing house, & them that were for Cap' Caleb Sanborn, to go out 
at the west end, & ordered m"" David Batchelder to number 
them, said Batchelder said, the number for Tilton was forty 
Three — But those that were for Sanborn kept there places, in 
the meeting House, & would not go out to be numbered the 
Moderator & others then said Sanborn was Chosen by Proxy, 
& that was the end of the Law The party for Benj" Tilton still 
required a fair Devision by Poll, & about Twenty then again 
demanded it — After some time more was Spent in dispute the 
Moderator ordered all them that were for m"" Benj" Tilton to be 
Clark to go into the Womens seats, and them for Cap' Sanborn 
to go into the mens seats, and again m*^ David Batchelder Num- 
ber'd both parties — After which said Batchelder said the num- 
ber for Tilton was fifty five and the number for sanborn did not 
exceed Thirty three — and directly after said Batchelder had 
reporeted the numbers, the Moderator Administered the oath 
of a Clerk to Cap' Caleb Sanborn — Our Judgement by Appear- 
ance of the Numbers is that their was more than two for Tilton 
to one for Samborn — 

John Lane Henry Elkins Abraham Sanborn 

Samuel Tucke Jo'i'^ Blake Jesse Tucke 

[4-238] \_Sumtnons to Witnesses in yoregoing- matter. '\ 
Province of New Hamp"^*^ 

To Major John Lane of Kensington Cap' Henry Lane Elkins 
Ensign Samuel Tuck David Batchelder 

You are hereby required to make your appearance before the 
General Assembly on Wednesday next then to give evidence of 
What you know relative to a Petition preferred by sundry of the 
Inhabitants of Hampton falls of & concerning a dispute at their 
last annual Town meeting with regard to the Choice of a Parish 
Clerk as by said Petition more fully appears — 


Hereof fail not as you will answer your default under the 
pains & penalties of the Law 

Dated at Portsmouth the thirteentli day of May A D 1 773 — 

Geo : King D Sec'^ 

Province of New Hampshire Rockingham ss 
May 13*'' 1773. 

I have Summoned all the within named Witnesses to Appear 
According to the within Summons — 

Per Jonathan Cram 

[4-339] \_Petitio)i concerning aforesaid Disptite.~\ 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq"' Captain General Gov- 
erner and Commander in Chief in and Over his Majestyes 
Province of New Hampshire ; To the Hon*^''" his Majestys 
Councill, And to the Hon''''^ House of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court Assembled May 1773. 

Humbly Shew your Petitioners That at our Annual Parish 
Meeting in March Last, after the Moderator was without contro- 
versy or Opposition Chosen it was moved that the Parish Clerk 
Might be Chosen by written votes, they were Accordingly 
Called for and Regurlaly brought in and no Exceptions taken 
or Complaint made that the Ballot was not fair, untill it ap- 
pear'd by counting the Votes that Cap' Sanborn was Chosen, 
Then a Poll being Demanded was granted. And the two Parties 
who were for or against the Clerk that had been Declared 
Chosen being Seperated and no Exception taken that the Sep- 
aration was not Sutficient for Determining the Poll exactly, the 
Moderator desired One of the Last years Selectmen to Count 
those on One Side and who were of his party, while he Care- 
fully Numbered the Other Party himself; at length M' Batchel- 
der, who was the person Desired by the Moderator to Count one 
side Returned to the Moderator, and without Exspressing any 
uneasiness as to the Manner of the Poll or doubt as to the Num- 
ber of persons he was Employed to tell, Declared the Number 
precisely, and the Moderator Declar'd the Number on the Other 
Side, Whereby it appeared that Cap' Sanborn was Chosen Clerk 
by Poll as he before had been by Ballot — nor did any Dispute 
Arise about the Regularity or Validity of the Poll that had 
been taken untill the Number were Declared on both sides and 
it Appeared who was Chosen. Then a Poll again Demanded 
which was Judged needless and unreasonable by many and they 


declined paying any regard to it, Insisting that the Clark was 
clearly Chosen already both by Ballot and Poll, and the Mod- 
erator altho' willing to have gratifyed even an unreasonable Re- 
quest yet thought it incumbant upon him and did proceed to 
Admit him bv Oath to his Office — That as the Selectmen and 
Other Parish Officers there is no dispute of their being legally 
Chosen and so no pretence for having the Choice of them made 
void, had the adverse Party been a Majority at the Meeting as 
has been pretended they might have had an Oppertunity of 
Shewing it by After Pollings and Choosing such officers as they 
pleased. But as we doubt not they being Conscious that they 
were the Minority withdrew and left the Majority peaceably to 
Choose those Officers they saw fit. That at the Adjournment of 
the Meeting, upon a Motion made by one in Opposition to the 
proceedings of the Meeting it was put to vote whether the Par- 
ish would reconsider their Votes respecting the Choice of Parish 
Officers and it passed in the Negative, That the Selectmen and 
Other Officers have proceeded in their business as bound by the 
duty of their Offices Excepting wherein the}' have been pre- 
vented by some persons unreasonably keeping the books and 
Other necessary papers belonging to the Parish out of their 
hands — That it would put the Parish to very great Trouble and 
Expence to Call a new Meeting, and Especially to Choose all 
the officers anew wou'd throw many Affiurs into great Confu- 
tion such as takeing the Invoices for Taxation as by law Di- 
rected, paying the School Marster and the Like which we trust 
will not be done only in Case of necessity and much less where 
there is no pretence of Dispute in any transaction of the Meet- 
ing except in the Choice of Parish Clerk and in that as we 
humbly Conceive very unreasonable. And we apprehend that 
the Major Part of the Parish who were at Said Meeting are not 
only fully Satisfied that the Meeting was legally and fairly Con- 
ducted but also well Contented with the Persons Chosen to the 
Several Offices, We are led thus to Lay before your Excellency 
and Llonours an Account of tlie Proceeding at Said Aleeting be- 
ing informed that a Number of the Inhabitants of Hampton falls 
have Petitioned the General Assembly representing the Proceed- 
ings at said Meeting to be illegal and unfair and praying they 
may be Set aside A Copy of which Petition with the order of 
Court for a hearing thereon has been Read to, but Refused to 
be left with the Moderator of Said Meeting, so not being Ac- 
quainted with any thing more then the General purport of the 
Petition cannot make so purticular a Reply As Otherwise he 
might. But can only give a true Account of the Proceedings of 
the Meetings by which we trust it will appear Clear to your Ex- 
cellency and Honours that their Petition is Groundless and Cal- 
culated to keep up Divisions and Disputes in the Parish — 


Wherefore your Petitioners humbly Pray That said Petition may 
be Dismiss'd, and as in Duty Bound we Shall Ever pray &c : 

Richard Nason Jon"* Fifield Jur Ralph Butler 

Hilyard Shaw Francis Marshalls Aai-on Smith 

Philip Burns Jon'' Tilton Jr Nathan Weare 

Abner Sanborn Jun" Gideon Marshall Nath" Hub*^ Dodge 

David Norton Richard Mace Pain Row 

Caleb Sanborn Obadiah Worth Malachi Shaw 

Jacob Saturlay Joseph worth Simeon Hilyard 

Abner Sanborn Jon'^ Stuward Samuel Robie 

William Lang John Gove Davaid Nason 

Joseph Wells moses Norton Joseph Batchelder 

Isaiah Lane John Kenney Joshua Chase 

Zeb" Hilyard Stephen Cram David Pearkins 

Walter Williams Stephen lang Jonathan Fifield 

Theophilus Sanborn Husev Hoag Meshech Weare 

Chaney Smith W" Blasdell 

I was not present at the Meeting but from all the Accounts I 
have Since had Am fully Satisfied the foregoing is a true Ac- 
count of the transactions of the Meeting respecting the Poll 

[The last clause is in the handwriting of M. Weare. — 

[4-240] \_Another Statefnent relative to the foregoing 


To His Excellency John Wentworth Esquire Captain General 
Governer & Commander in Chief in & Over his Majesties 
Province of New Hampshire 

To the Hon'''* his Majesties Councill and House of Representa- 
tives for Said Province Convened in Generall Assembly — 

Most Humbly Sheweth 

The Subscribers Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Parish of 
Hampton-falls in the County of Rockingham in Said Province — 

That at the Annual Meeting of the Freeholders and Inhab- 
itants of Said Parish held at the New-meetinghouse in Said 
Parish on the Ninth day of March AD 1773 — Jonathan Fifield 
Esq'' was Chosen Moderator for Said Meeting, and Called upon 
the Voters to bring in their Votes for a Parish Clerk, whereupon 
one Party Voted for Caleb sanborn and the Other Party (of 
which your Petitioners are) Voted for Benjamin Tilton to be 
Parish Clerk for the Currant year, and upon Sorting the Votes 


the Said Moderator Declared that Capt Caleb Sanborn was 
chosen, But we (Suspecting that Several who Voted for Said 
Sanborn were not Legal Voters and that some had put in more 
than One Vote Each) to the Number of Eighteen Desired and 
Requested a Poll, which was for some time Denied us, but at 
length Granted, and David Batchelder one of the Select men 
was Ordered to Number the Polls of the Voters, who made Re- 
port to the Said Moderator that there was Fifty five Votes for 
the Said Tilton & Thirty two or thirty three for Said Sanborn — 
Notwithstanding which the Said Moderator then (to our great 
Surprise) declared the Said Sanborn to be Chosen Clerk and 
imediately Administered the Oath to him Accordingly — 

Which Proceedings We humbly Conceive to be Unfair, Ille- 
gal and Designed by the Said Moderator to hurt and Injure the 
Major Part of the Legal Voters in Said Parish — 

Wherefore and for many other good Reasons to be offered & 
Proved to your Excellency & your Hon''^ upon a hearing of this 
our Petition We Humbly Pray your Excellencv & Honours to 
take our Case under your wise Consideration and Nullify and 
make Void the Proceedings of said Meeting and Order the 
Selectmen for the last year or some other Person or Persons to 
Call and warn another Meeting of said Freeholders & Inhabitants 
as soon as may be for the Choice of all Parish officers in said 
Parish for the Currant year, Or Otherwise grant us Such Relief 
in the Premises as to your Excellency and Honours Shall Seem 
Meet. — 

And your Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall ever Pray &c 

Hampton falls March 29* 1773. 

Jonathan Bm^nam Jeremiah Blake Jonathan Cram 

Stephn Swain Nehemiah Cram Benj" Tilton 

Peter Tilton William Present Samuel Melcher 

Stephen Tilton Michael Tilton Juner 

Benjamin melcher Radmund moulton Caleb Tilton 

James Prescutt Samuel Lane Jun"^ Ebenezer Tilton 

Malcher Ward Nathan Tilton Joshua Blake 

Elisha Prescutt Nathan Tilton Samuel Melcha 

Richerd moulton Samuel Prescot Samuel Lane 

Caleb Swain James Present juner John Swain 

John flood William Swain Benjamin Sanbun 

Jeremiah Lane Jediah Sleeper William Davison 

Benja moulton henry Blake 

[2-242] [Z?. Bachelder^ s Statement concerning same. ~\ 

David Bachelders Decleration of the managment of the an- 
nual metting Held in Hampton Falls on march 9"' 1773 being 


one of the Select men to Call Said metting first Jonathan Fifield 
Esq"" was Chosen moderator one part Carried their Votes for 
Cap' Sanborn to be Parish Clerk in Number 38 the other Voted 
for m'' Benjamin Tilton to the Num"" of 37 But we being Scrup- 
lus of Some of theirs being Legal Voters we Desired a pole 
"which was for Some time Denied we Nev^ertheless Continued to 
Desire a fare opportunity Tiiat the matter mite be Farley Deter- 
mined who was Chosen to the office of Parish Clark & after 
Somthing more Then an our the moderator Grainted a pole & 
ordered Thouse That where for Cap' Sanborn to go out at the 
mens End Door & thouse who where for m'' Tilton to go out at 
the womans End Door & Desired me to Number thouse that 
went out at the womans End Door and Said That he would 
Number thouse that went out at the mens Door Immediately 
thouse who where for M"" Tilton went out at the womans Door to 
the Number of 43 but Not one went out at the mens door For 
Cap Sanborn we where tould by the moderator That Cap' San- 
born was Chosen by Proxes & That That was the End of the 
Law our party was Stil Very uneassy & Stil Desired a fare Dis- 
sission of the Distute by a pole to the Number I thought of 15 
or 20 at Length the moderator ordered that thouse which where 
for m'' Tilton to Draw into the womans Seats & those that 
where for Cap' Sanborn to Draw into the mens Seats & Desired 
me to Number them I accordingly Numbered them as Near as 
I Could 6l Found fifty five for m"" Tilton & about thirty two or 
thirty three for Cap' Sanborn I immediately tould the modera- 
tor the Number of Voters on both Sides but then Directly to 
mv Great Supprise the moderator administraed the oath to Cap* 
Sanborn to be parish Clark & then proseeded to Chose the Se- 
lect men This relation I am Ready to give oath is matter of Fact 
& as Near as I Can relate the management of the meetting 
Hampton Falls march 13"' 1773 

David Bachelder 

the following are the Names of those that Disired a pole 

Cap' Jonathan Tilton Samuel Lane Elisha Present 

Nathan tilton Samuel Present Jeremiah blake 

Jeremiah Lane John Swain Nehemiah Cram 

Jonathan Cram David Bachelder James prescut Juner 

Henry blake Cap' Jonathan bur- Benjamin Sanborn 

C"P Benjamin moul- num Stephen Swain 

ton william Davidson 

Voted that the Meeting mentiond in the Petition "has been 
Illegally Conducted & that it thereby is Dissolved & that a New 
Meeting be held & in consideration of the Division in said Pai*- 
ish that CoPJn° Philips Esq'' a member of this house be a Mod- 


erator of Said Meeting he giving Notice of the time & Place 
& design of holding the same & that the Legal Charge the Per- 
sons who were Chosen Select Men have been at in the Service 
of the Parish shall be defrayd by the Parsh as tho the Said Meet- 
ing had been Valid and that the Petition" have leave to bring in 
Bill accordingly 

[In H. of Rep., May 19, 1773. The proceedings of the 
aforesaid meeting were declared to have been illegal, and 
another meeting was ordered to be held, and in considera- 
tion of the "division in said Parish, Col° Jn° Phillips Esq" 
was appointed to act as moderator. — Ed.] 

[4-243] [^Election of a Magistrate, 1776.'\ 

Colony of New Hampshire 

Hampton falls July i^' 1776 

att a Meeting of the freeholders and Inhabitants of Said 
Hampton-falls and when meet Samuel Weare was made Choice 
of for a Justice of Peace for Said Parish by a Unanimous Vote 

Samuel Pi-escot ") Select Men 

Abner Sanborn V of 

Jeremiah Blake Jur, ) Hampton falls 

To The Hon'''^ Philips White Esq Speaker of the House of 

[4-244] {^Return of Ratable Polls, iy8j.~\ 

State of Newhampshire County of Rockingham 

Pursuant to an order from the Hon"*^ General Assembly of 
Said State We have taken an Exact number of the Male polls 
of Twenty one years old & uj^wards Paying for themselves a 
Poll tax within the Town of Ilamptonfalls and find them to 
amount to one Himdred & Six Persons — 106 

James Present ju" ") Selectmen 
Caleb Tilton V of 

Benj" Pike ) Hamptonfalls 

Exeter December the 5"* 17S3 — 

the above Subscribers made oath to the truth of the above Re- 
teturne before me — 

Nath" Folsom 

Jus' Peace — 


[R. 2-59] 

Account of supplies to Soldiers Families from the Town of 
Hampton falls from January first 17S3 till July first 1783 

Jonathan Millers Family iC^, 7, n, 

Edward Wades Family 7, -^, o, 

John Rawlins Family 4, 10, 6, 

Melcher Wards Family 5, 18, 7, 

James Present Jn"") Selectmen 

Caleb Tilton y of 

Benj* Pike ) Hampton falls 

Sworn before Sam' Weare 

[4-245] S^Recomtnendation for Appointment of Magistrate.'\ 
Hampton Falls Nov'' 4"^ 17S9 

We the subscribers beg leave to Recommend to your Excel- 
lency and Honors, Col. Caleb Tilton of this Place as a Person 
well qualified for a Justice of the Peace, and beg he may be 
appointed to that Oflice — 

We are Sirs, with due Respect your Excellency and Honoi's 
most Obedient Servants, — 

His Excellency the President and Hon'''® Council — 

Caleb Sanborn Abner Sanborn Jon* Burnham 

Isaiah Lane Josiah Peaver Peter Tilton 

Jeremiah Lane Benj* Pike James Prescut ju**" 

Aaron Wells Nath" Hub'' Dodge Michael Tilton 

Simeon prescutt Benj'' Tilton George Fifield 

Joseph Wells Meshech Sanborn 

Nath" Dodge James Prescutt 

[4-246] \_Relative to working- Highway Taxes ifi Hampton 
Falls and Seabrook Parishes, iygi.~\ 

To the Hon'® President Senators and House of Representatives 
of the State of New Hampshire in General Court Assembled. 

The Petition of the Subscribers chosen as a Committee in 


behalf of the Parish of Hampton falls at a Legal Meeting of the 
freeholders and Inhabitants Thereof in August last passed for 
the purpose of making application to the Honorable General 
Court, humbly Sheweth — 

That some Years ago, upon the settlement of the Rev"* M' 
Wingate as the Minister of this Parish, — Seabrook was taken 
off from Hampton-falls and made a distinct Parish on account 
of their dissent from said settlement ; and a line of Division 
was Drawn betwixt the said Parishes by Order of General 

That notwithstanding the said line of Division Liberty was 
given by the Court to any Person on either side of said Line to 
Poll off with their Estates into the other Parish within Tv^^o 
Months after the said Division was made the plain Design of 
which was that they might have their choice as to the enjoy- 
ment of the Privileges of religious worship in one Parish or the 

That in consequence of this Liberty some Persons within the 
Line of Seabrook Polled into Hampton falls ; and likewise sun- 
dry Persons within the line of Hampton-falls Polled into Sea- 
brook ; by which means much difficulty hath been occasioned 
as to doing their part in repairing highways : 

Whereas it would be more convenient for both Parishes if 
they who have Polled ; might be Obliged to do their part of 
Labour on the Road within the Lines of the Parishes in which 
they belonge ; why this was not mentioned in the Charter was 
entirely thro' forgetfulness : 

Therefore it is our Humble Petition that Your Honours in 
your wisdom would Pass an Act that all those Inhabitants who 
Lives within the Bounds of s** Hampton falls who have Polled 
into Seabrook be caused to work or pay their proportion of 
Taxes According to their Polls and Estates on Roads or High- 
ways within the Bounds of s** Hampton falls; Also all those 
Inhabitants who Live within the Bounds of Seabrook who have 
Polled into Hampton falls be caused to work or pay their pro- 
portion of Taxes According to their Polls and Estates, on Roads 
or highways within the Bounds of Seabrook, — As in Duty 
Bound shall Ever Pray. 

Dated at Hampton falls November 26 AD 1791 

[Petition granted December 6, 1792. — Ed.] 

Abner Sanborn 

David Bachelder \ Committee 

Georsre Fifield 



This town was incorporated November 5, 1779, and 
named in honor of Gov. John Hancock of Massachusetts, 
who was one of the original proprietors of the town. The 
territory comprised in the township was a portion of Society 
Land, so called, belonging to the Masonian Proprietors, 
some of which had been settled by John Grimes in 1765, 
and, within four or five years from that time, by Moses Mor- 
rison, William Lakin, and others. 

January 16, 1794, the farm of Joseph Putnam, of Society 
Land, was annexed to this town. 

January i, 1849, ^^^ farm of John Flint, of Antrim, was 
annexed to Hancock. 

[5—23] [ Consent of Inhabitants of the East Side to the 
Inco7'poration of Hancock^ I'j'jg^ 

State of New hampshire And County of hillsborough 

These may Sartfy the honorable Council And house of Rep- 
resentatives for said state That we whose names are underriten 
and Sined who Live in the Society Land So Called on the 
East Side of Contoocook River have no obctions to make 
against the in habintients on the weast Side of S"* River in the 
Society afore S'^ to be incorporated Into Town and Likewise ta 
be Disanexed From those on the west — 

Society Land April 20''' i779 

Robert Rogers James gragg Isaac Butterfield 

Charles Lawrance John gragg Samuel Butterfield 

Alexander parker Samuel Dickey 

[5-24] {^Petition for afi Ifzcorporation of the Town^ -^779-^ 

To the Honourable Council and House of Representatives for 
the State of New hampshier in general asembly Conveen"^ at 
Exeter in the mounth of June i779 — 

the Humble petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of that 
part of the Society So Called Laying on the west Side of Con- 
taucook River and South of Antrim North of petterBorough & 
Dublin & East of Packersfield— 


Humbly Sheweth that by Reason of the Lai'ge flats on Each 
Side of s"^ Contaucook River it will Ever be Impractable to 
Build any Bridge and therefore there Can be no Communica- 
tion with those that inhabite on the East Side of Said River all 
which will Render it inconvenient to be incorporated into one 
Body and them Inhabiting on the East Side of S** River have 
Signed their willingness to be Disanexed from those on the 

furthermore your pettitioners would Inform your Hounours 
that the tract of land on which we Inhabit from the River west 
to packerfeild East Line is Six mills and one Half and from 
Antrim South Line to Pettersbrough North Line is five mills 
and near one Half and the Land is so good that it will make a 
very Comodious town or Parish and your petitioners pray your 
Honours that they may be Incorporated and invested with all 
town priviladges as other Incorporated towns — your Honours 
Compliance with the above petition Will greatly oblidge your 
petitioners and they as in Duty Bound will Ever Pray 

Society June the 3'' ^779 

Robert Duncan John Cumings Asa Adams 

Moses Morison Joseph Simonds Nathan Meriam 

Jonathan Bennett Timothy moors Adam Patterson 

Thomas Miller Reuben Cumings Arther grayham 

John Moor Joel Russell David Ames 

John Miller John Cumings Juner William Lakin 

Thomas English Oliver Lawrance John Foster 

Stephen Bennett James Davis 

william williams W'" Williams J'' 

[In answer to the foregoing the town was incorporated 
November 5, 1779. — Ed.] 

[5-25] \_Petltio7i relative to Taxes ^ ^779-^ 

State of New Hampshire 

To The Hon*''^ the Council and House of Representatives for 
the State of Newhampshire afores** in General Assembly 
Covened — 

The petition of the Inhabitants and Proprietors of the Lands 
of the place called and Known by the Name of y*^ Society Land 
in the County of Hillsb° in the State of New hampshire afores^ 
humbly sheweth — 

That y* said Place called y* Society Land is Taxed for y* 


Current Year for a Larger Sum than other places and Towns 
in Proportion, intlie same State, being One pound five shillings 
11*^ to Every Thousand pound — and we further Shew that in 
fact we the said Inhabitants are very poor and Low in the 
world, our Lands are a great Part of them Low and Sunken, 
we have many Large ponds and some very mountainous and 
Rocky Land — which are not nor Ever Can be improved — The 
Road thro y^ Township could not be made Good and passable 
for Teams, in One year, for y^ whole Sum y® Township is 
worth, it being so Exceeding Rocky mountainous and Sunken — 
We declare our Selves Good and faithfull Subjects to the state 
afores*^ and Truely willing to pay our full Proportion of publick 
Taxes ; but at the same time upon considering Every Circum- 
stance, we are assured and do plainly See that our Valuation 
was given in three Times too Large, in Proportion to other 
Towns, Therefor We humbly pray for an abatement in our 
Tax in such proportion as your Hon" in your Wisdom shall see 
fit, and your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall Ever pray — 

Society Land Septemb'' y"* ^779 

Signers Neames 

Jacob Ames David Ames Moses Morison 

Robert Duncan Jonathen Bennett Thomas Miller 

John Moor John Miller Robert Wyllie 

Williams Clarck Jesse Cristey Benj"' Wilson 

Asa Adams Stephen Bennett William Williams 

Adam patterson Williem Lakin James Davis 

Edmund Davis Jon'' Davis Charles Barrett 

David Hubbard Amos Barrett Jonas Wheeler 

Thomas Barrett Joseph Hayward John Preston 

\.S~'^5}^'\ \_Report of Committee to locate a Aleeting-House.^ 

State of new Hamp"^* ) Hancock may y*' 3*^ ^7^5 
Hillsborough county j 

Your committee appointed to fix on the place for bulding a 
Metting house in said Hancock having meet and viewed the 
Ground & heard the pleas, beg leave to Report — that the place 
Agreed upon for the aforesaid porposs is on the plain at the 
South End of noraway Pond so called there marked out and 
shown to the Inhabitants which is submitted 

John Duncan 
Levi Spaulding 
Jo : Young 


[2-26] \^Petition for Special Tax to Build a Meeting- House J\ 

State of New Hamp''^ ) to the Hon' the sennat and House of 
Hillsborough ss j Representatives in Gen' Court at Con- 

cord convened 

The Memorial of us Nonresident Owners of lands in Han- 
cock shews that whereas a Petition hath been perfered Request- 
ing a tax to be Laid on all the Lands in s*^ Hancock for the 
purposs of bulding a house for publick worship & it appeare- 
ing to be for our intrest & the publick Good we also pray that 
the subject matter prayed for in s"* petition may be Granted and 
your Memorialests as in Duty Bound will ever pray &c — 

James Davis Jo"'' Davis John Preston 

Amos Barrett Ben" Knight Moody Morss 

Elezer Cumings Charles Barrett Elijah Hills 

James Hosley Noah Wheeler 

[5-27] S^Petition^for Appointment of a Committee to locate 
a Meeting- House ^ iy8§r\ 

State of new Hamp*^ 

To His Exalancy the Presidant the Honerable the Council and 
House of Representatives in general Assembly at Concord 
Convened — 

A Petition in behalf of the Inhabitants of Hancock humbly 
shews that we have been at pains and cost to find the Centor of 
our town in Order to buld a House for Publick Worship : but 
Unfortunatly it falls in a Bogg where it is not possable to buld : 
and altho we have Meetings Called Reppitedly for that pourpos : 
yet we Cannot all Agree where to move it to find the Ground 
that will be most Suitable and Convenient : W^herefor we pray 
that your Honors would appoint a Committy of three Persons 
out of towns ajacent that is not Intrested for the porpos afore- 
said as we have agreed to abide the Judgement of s*' Comitty 
and pay the Cost : and your Petitionars as in Duty bound will 
ever pray 

Hancock Jen^ y"= 20"' 17S5 

T T^ ^ a Commit- 

James Duncan f r 

Seth Hadley C u , 

•^ ) Hancock 

[In H. of Rep., February 10, 1785, a committee was 
appointed, consisting of John Duncan, Esq., Capt. Levi 
Spaulding, and Dr. John Young. For report, see ante. — 


[5-2S] \_Petitio7t for AutJiority to levy a Tax to Build a 
Aleeting- House ^ i'j8§.'\ 

State of New Hamp''^ ) to the Honerable the Sennet & House 
Hillsborough County S of Representatives in General Court 
Convened — 

A Petition in behalf of the Inhabitants of Hancock Humbly 
Shews : that s"^ Hancock was not Granted to any number of 
persons as other towns in this State have Been nor aney Lands 
Given for aney publick Use but a Great part of the land in s"^ 
town is owned by non-Residants the most of whome lives in the 
massachusetts who do not incline to Sell or Settle their lands : 
so long as they find them advanceing by our labour : whilest all 
the burthing of Roads &c : layeth heavey on the oppressed 
inhabitants : & Whereas other towns in the same sittuation have 
Upon applycation been Relived : which incorigeth us to hope 
that we will not be worse Used than other subjects wherefor 
we pray that your honors would Grant us a small tax on all the 
Land in s'* Hancock for the sole purpose of bulding a house for 
Publick Worship : and your petitioners as in Duty Bound will 
Ever Pray 

Hancock may y*" 16"^ 1785 

Seth Hadley 1 ^ .,, 
■c- ^z • 1 *. \ Comittee 
Lnes Knight j 

[The foregoing petition was granted by an act passed 
November 4, 1785. — Ed.] 

[5-29] \_Relative to bttilding a Meeting- House ^ ^7^7 •'\ 
State of New Hampshire — 

To the Great and General Court of said State to be conven'd on 
the first Wensday of June next. — 

The Select men of the Town of Hancock in behalf of s*^ 
Town Humbly Shews. — that they received an Act passed by 
said Court upon the 2'^ of November, 1785, Impowring the 
Select Men of Hancock to Assess the Lands in said Hancock 
for the purpose of Building a Meeting house in s'^ Town at one 
penny an Acre for the term of three years. — But in s^ Act there 
appears liberty for the whole thereof to be paid in Certificates 
— which liberty must of Necessaty prevent our Building at 
present for we Cannot purchase one article for Building with 
them so as to answer our purpose — we therefore pray the Hon- 
orable Court to take our Case into there Consideration and 


reverse that Clause of said Act which has respect to said Tax 
being paid in Certificates, and Order it to be paid in hard 
Money Grain and Lumber, or some other way, to Answer our 
purpose, as they in their wisdom shall see meet, and your 
Petitioners in duty bound shall ever pray 
Hanocock April 26'^ 17S7 

Edmond Davis ") selectmen 
Samuel Gates > of 
Oliver Lawrence j Hancock 
jjQi-jbie |.j-jg General Court — 

[The petition was dismissed. — Ed.] 

[5-30] \^Petition of Joseph P7itna?n to be annexed to Han- 
cock, 1793 •'\ 

to the Legeslature of the State of New hamp™, in general Court 
Convened at Concord on the first wensday of June 1793 

the petition of Joseph Putnam of the Society land in the 
County of Hillsborough humbly shews that your petitionar 
lives Remote from any neighbour in Said Society and a great 
part of his land lays in Hancock and he attends publick wor- 
ship there and owns a pue in the Meeting house and cannot 
conveniently be joyned to any other Society and now pays taxes 
for a great part of his Intrest there — Wherefore your petitioner 
prays your honners that he with the whole of his Intrest be dis- 
anexed from the Said Society where they injoy no previlages 
and be anexed to the town of Hancock and as. in dutty will 
ever pray 

Joseph Putnam 

[5-2934] S^Consent of the Toiv?i to the forcgoing.'\ 

At a Townmeeting held in Hancock upon the 13"^ of may 
1793 — James Duncan Moderator — Voted to Receive W"" Joseph 
Putnam of Society so called as an inhabitant of said Hancock 
and approve of his being annexed thereto provided the Gen- 
eral Court shall Concur therewith. 

Coppy attest 

James Hosley Town Clerk. 

[Joseph Putnam's farm was annexed to the town January 
16, 1794. — Ed.] 


[5-31] \_Relat/ve to Militia Regiments^ I'j8§.'\ 

To His Execellency the Presedent and the Hon^'^ the Senate & 
Hon**'^ House of Representatives of the State of New Hamp- 
shire In General Court Assembled at Concord in said State 

Humblety She-weth the Selectmen of Hancock in the County 
of Hillsborough — In behalf of the Inhabitants of s*^ Town — 
That at the last session of the Gen^ Court a vote past by which 
the 12* Rig' of melitia was Divided and the west part Call*^ 
N° 12 and the east part Call*^ N° 23. 

The Real situation & all the Circumstances of the towns that 
Now Compose the East Rigement we suppose was not then 
laid before the Hon^'*' Court for we believe if the}^ had it would 
not have passed — wherefore we beg leave to say That the East 
Rig' (viz) New Ipswich mason Wilton Temple Peterbor- 
ough, Lyndsborough societ Hancock & Peterboroughslip Was 

L s d 

all formerly of the fifth Regiment — That they pay 49-15-10 to 
every £1000 of the State Taxes as will appear by the last pro- 
portion Act — And that the west or 12"' as by s*^ vote (viz) 
Ringe Fitzwilliam Jaffery Marlborough Dublin & Packersfield 


pays but £32-13 which is not two thirds so much or in other 

s d 

words we pay £17-2-10 more to every £1000 than they which 
is more then half they pay — That we are Nine towns to their 
six — That more than iioo poles w^as return'd in the last Inven- 
tory in y"^ Nine & but little more than 600 in the west Rig' 
And That the most of the Towns in the East Reg' was settled 
(viz), New Ipswich Wilton mason Peterborough & lyndsbor- 
ough a Number of years before there was one Inhabitant in the 
six towns which Now takes away ovu" Number — And that there 
is now four Field officers within the this Reg' (to wit) Heald 
Willson Abbot & Clerk (which Cannot by the melitia Rules, 
which is only Honour) renew their Commitions in the 23** 
regim' — That in every point of view we Consider ourselves 
agreaved by said vote — Wherefore We Humbly pray your Ex- 
celency & Honours that the East Regiment (to wit) New Ips- 
wich &c which is now call'd the 23'' regiment may be restored 
to their former Number Or that The Devision of s** 12"* Regi- 
ment may be made nul & void and be put to Gether as but one 
regiment & as In Duty bound shall pray 

Jan'y 27"^ 17S5 

David Hubbard 
Edmond Davis 
Moses Dennis 

Selectmen of 
Hancock in 
behalf of 
the Town 



The township was granted July 4, 1761, to Edmond Free- 
man and others. 

Col. Edmond Freeman, who came from Mansfield, Con- 
necticut, made a settlement in town in May, 1765. The 
following year Benj. Davis and Benj. Rice, from the same 
place, made settlements, and others came soon after from 
Coventiy, Conn. 

In 1770 there were about twenty families in town, living 
in log-houses. In September of that year Rev. Eleazer 
Wheelock, of Lebanon, Conn., settled in the town, and 
established Dartmouth college, a charter having been ob- 
tained from Governor Wentworth, dated December 13, 1769, 
for that purpose. 

An additional grant was made to the proprietors of the 
township January 9, 1775, of some 2,000 acres on the north 
side of the town, in consequence of some misunderstanding 
concerning the bounds of the original grant. 

About 300 acres of land in the south-west corner of the 
town was granted to Dartmouth college December 19, 1771, 
and 200 acres adjoining to Rev. Dr. Eleazer Wheelock, 
president of the college. 

[5-32] [ Vote of the Town relative to its Boundaries^ iy/2.'] 

x\t a Meeting of tlie Proprietors of Han"" Sep' 23*^ '772 Voted 
that wheras it now appears to this Propriety uncertain whither 
they have a Legal Title to all the Land Contained within y® 
reputed Boundaries of s** Hanover, we therfore think it Expedi- 
ent to have the Matter relative thereto truly represented to his 
Excellency our Governor And to appoint Jon* Freeman as an 
agent for that purpose to act thereon and take such Methods for 
secureing the Charter of all y® Land within s** Boundaries (if 
needful) as he shall think proper 

A True Coppy of Record 

Jon"' Freeman Clerk 

[5-33] \^Petition for aji additional Grants iyyi.'\ 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq"" Cap' General Gov- 
ernor & Commander in chief in and over His JSIajesty's prov- 
ince of New^ Hampshire, and Vice Admiral of the same, In 


The petition of Jonathan Freeman of Hanover in the County 
of Grafton and province afores*^ as Agent for the propriety of 
said Hanover, humbly sheweth — That whereas by the original 
Survey of s*^ Hanover the Boundaries on Connecticut River 
were about Two hundred & twenty rods further distant from 
each other than the length of Lines as mentioned in said Char- 
ter, and the proprietors being ignorant of the same, run each of 
said lines from the river Connecticut S. 64° E. agreeable to the 
courses given in s*^ Charter, and have lotted out and settled on 
said lands to each line, and have given considerable Tracts 
adjoining to each of said lines for the use of Dartmouth College, 
and being nov\^ convinced that said lines contain about Twenty 
seven Hundred Acres more than the Contents of s'^ Charter, 
which if taken from the Propriet" of Hanover will throw the 
Town into great confusion by breaking up Divisions, remove- 
ing Settlers, &c. We therefore humbly pray that Your Exc^ and 
Honors would grant to us the land contained with the above 
said Lines & not granted in the former Charter And we beg 
leave to assure your Exc^ and Honors that (as we have already 
One Hundred & ten Male Inhab" upwards of sixteen years of 
Age) so we will further pursue & encourage the settlement of 
s*^ Town. 

And your pet" as in duty Bound shall ever pray 

Dated Wolfboro' Oct" S"^ 1773. 

Copy Exam*^ 

Province of New Hampshire 

In Council Feb^ i^' ^773 

The within petition having been Read — Order'd thereupon — 
That the Clerk of the propriety of Lime, or the Select Men (if 
any there be) be served with a Copv of the petition & order of 
Council thereon at the cost of the pet" that they may be heard 
thereon on Tuesday the 23*^ of March next to shew cause why 
the prayer of s'" petition may not be granted. 


Theodore Atkinson Sec'' 

Province of New Hampshire 

Lime 22*^ of Feb 7 1773 

Then read the foregoing petition and Order of Council there- 
on within the Hearing of the selectmen of the Town of Lime, 

Jon''' Freeman Agent 
for s*^ Hanover propriety. 

Theodore Atkinson Sec*^ 


and likewise left a True Coppy of s*^ petition and Doings of the 
Council thereon, with the Clerk of s*^ Lime Propriety 

Peters Grant 
Indifferent person 

[5-35 is a plan showing the line in question. The grant 
was made January 9, 1775. — Ed.] 

[5-36] \_yoh71 Crane for Leave to establish a Hospital^ 


Province of | To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Cap- 
New Hamp""® J tain General Governor & Commander in Chief 
in and over his Majesty's Province afores"* and 
Vice Admiral of the same in Council — 

The Humble Petition of John Crane of Hanover in the 
County of Grafton in the Province aforesaid Physician unto 
your Excellency and Honours shews — 

That you Petitioner has a great Inclination of erecting an 
Hospital for Enoculation for the small Pox in some remote Part 
of said Town of Hanover under such Regulations as your Ex- 
cellency & Honours may subject the Institution. Your Peti- 
tioner humbly concieves that there are many advantages that 
may result to the Public from his Intentions if permitted by y"^ 
ExcelK & Hon" especially as that Part of the Country will short- 
ly be exposed to travellers from the Province of Canada and 
your Petitioner has in thought making the Hospital of publick 
Utility which he begs leave to lay before y"" Excellency & Hon- 
ours in Person, if he may be indulged with an Audience and 
y"" Petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

Portsmouth May 28 1773 

John Crane 

[5-37] \_jfonatha7t Freejna?i relative to Hanover addition.'] 

To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Cap' General Gov- 
ernor and Commander in chief in and over His Majesty's of 
New Hampshire and Vice Admiral of the same in Council 

The Petition of Jonathan Freeman of Hanover in the County 
of Grafton and Province afores'' Humbly sheweth That your 
Petitioner being appointed as an Agent for the Proprietors of s"* 
Hanover (on the 23*^ of Sepf 1772) to procure a Charter of a 
piece of Land lying on the Northerly part of said Hanover to 
be confirmed to said Town and your Petitioner did on the 8'^ 


of Ocf 1772 Petition your Excellency and Honours for a grant 
of the aforesaid Land which Petition being read in Council 
Feb^ i^' 1773 it was ordered that the Clerk of the Propriety of 
Lime or select Men of s*^ Town should be served with a Coppy 
of the said Petition and Order of Council thereon, and that the 
said Select Men and Proprietors were accordingly served with 
a Coppy of the said Petition on the 2Z^ of Feb^' 1773, all which 
may appear by the records and files of council and likewise by 
order of the Surveyor General a survey of the said Land has 
been made and return'd into his Office, all which has been at- 
tended with considerable Expense to your Petitioner and as the 
Proprietors of Lime have not appeared to shew cause why the 
prayer of the said petition should not be granted and the Pro- 
prietors of said Hanover having in Consequence of the encour- 
agement hereby given us, of a grant of said Land proceeded in 
the cultivation and Settlement of the same. We therefore Hum- 
bly pray that your Excellency and Honours would be pleased 
to complete the grant agreeable to the prayer of the aforesaid 
Petition and your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray 
Dated Portsmouth July 23'^ 1774 

Jonathan Freeman 
agent for Hanover prop^ 

[4-38] \^Precept for the Election of a Representative^ ^77S-'} 

In Congress at Exeter December 26'^ ^775' whereas a writ 
issued from the late Congress of this Colony directed to the 
Selectmen of Hanover requiring them to notify the legal In- 
habitants paying Taxes in Hanover, Lebanon, Relhan [Enfield], 
Canaan, Cardigan, [Orange] & Grafton to meet at said Hanover 
and choose one Person to Represent them in General Congress 
to be held at Exeter the Twenty first day of December then 
next which Writ has been Returned by the Selectmen of said 
Hanover, and no return thereon Certifying the choice or ap- 
pointment of any Person as directed. Therefore to the end 
that the Inhabitants of the aforesaid Town may not be unrep- 
resented in the Present Congress. Resolved that the foi/ozui?i^ 
Writ Issue. 

Colony of New Hampshire. 


To THE Select-men of Hanover — in said Colony, 
Greeting. You are hereby required to notify the legal Inhab- 
itants paying Taxes in the Towns of Hanover, Lebanon, Rel- 
han, Canaan, Cardigan & Grafton (giving them fifteen Days 
Notice) to meet at some convenient Place in your Town, to 


elect one Person (having a real Estate of the Value of Two 
Hundred Pounds Lawful Money in this Colony) to represent 
them in General Congress now setting at Exeter — And to im- 
power such Representative for the Term of one Year from the 
21^' of December cur' to transact such Business and pursue 
such measures as they may judge necessary for the public Good. 

And in Case there should be a Recommendation from the 
Continental Congress that this Colony assume Government in 
any particular Form, which will require a House of Repre- 
sentatives, that thev resolve themselves into such a House as 
the said Continental Congress shall recommend, and it is re- 
solved that no Person be allowed a Seat in Congress, who shall 
by himself, or any Person for him, before said Choice, treat 
with Liquor, &c. any Electors, with an apparent View of gain- 
ing their Votes, or afterwards on that Account. 

And the Person who shall be elected. You are to notify, that 
he attend at Exeter abovementioned. And make Return here- 
of with your Doings thereon. 

By order of Congress, 


Exeter Nov. the 14th 1775. 

E. THOMPSON, Secretary. 

[No return was made on the back of the foregoing, as no 
representative was chosen. A similar precept, dated Sept. 
30, 1776, was sent to the town, which was returned with the 
following endorsement on the back : — Ed.] 


Hanover Nov'' 27"" 1776 — 

Pursuant to the within Precept We notified the Inhabitants 
paying Taxes in the Towns of Hanover Canaan and Cardigan 
to meet at the meeting house in said Hanover this day for the 
purposes within mentioned — Who being met passed the follow- 
ing Votes. Viz. 

1. Voted unanimously That the Address of the Inhabitants 
of this and otlier Towns, to the People of the several Towns 
thro' this Colony, published by their Committees in July last, 
is truely expressive of our Sentiments respecting Representa- 
tion and the unconstitutional Formation and proceedures of the 
present Assembly of this State — 

2. Voted unanimously that we will not chuse a Representa- 
tive as directed in the Precept issued by the Assembly of this 
State for the following Reasons Viz. 

I. Because no plan of Representation is as yet formed in this 


State consistant with the Liberties of a free people ; in that the 
people have not universally had a full Representation in any 
Assembly since this State was declared independent of the 
Crown of Great Britain, by which declaration we conceive that 
the powers of Government reverted to the people at large and 
of course annihillated the political Existence of the Assembly 
w^hich then was ; notwithstanding which they have since pre- 
sumed to act in the name of the people, and in their precept 
undertaken to prescribe & limit the mode of proceedure in our 
Choice of a Representative which it does not appear that they 
are to be chosen for the purpose of recognizing the rights of 
the people and assuming such Government as shall be agreeable 
to them, tho' nothing of that nature has at any time been done 
in this State ; except a Plan formed by the Representatives of a 
part of this State, by which the whole Rights of the People are 
assumed by that House. 

II. Because the Precept in Consequence of which this meet- 
ing was called is inconsistant with the Liberties of a free peo- 
ple ; in that it dii'ects to have diflerent corporate Towns (who 
have a right to act by themselves in all Cases) to unite for the 
purpose of chusing a Representative and Counsellor 

III. Because it limits us in our Choice to a Person who has 
a real Estate of £200. L. M. whereas we conceive that there 
ought to be no pecuniary Restriction ; but that every Elector is 
capable to be elected. 

3. Voted Unanimously that the Select Men be directed to 
make return of the foregoing Vote with the reasons annex'd to- 
gether with the Precept to the Assembly proposed to be held 
at Exeter on the third Wednesday in Dec' next. 

4. Voted unanimously that we will not give in our votes for 
a Counsellor as directed in the Precept I. Because we can see 
no important end proposed by their Creation, unless to negative 
the proceedings of the House of Representatives ; which we 
humbly conceive ought not to be done in a free State, 

II. Because every Elector ought to have a Voice in the 
Choice of each Counsellor (in Cases where they are needful) — 
and not be restricted in his Choice to any particular Limits 
within the State — For which Reason we protest against a Coun- 
sellor being chosen in this County, as directed in the Precept. 

t^. Voted unanimously that the Clerk be directed to make 
return of the last Vote with the Reasons annex'd, and our Pro- 
test, as the Precept directs relative to Vote for a Counsellor. 

6. Voted that this meeting be dissolved — And it was accord- 
ingly dissolved 

Ichabod Fowler \ Select Men 
Thomas Durkee ] of Hanover 


[5-40] [ Vote of the Toivn relative to the matter in Dis- 

At a meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Hanover 
Feb^ 3'' ^777 Warned for considering and acting upon any mat- 
ter that might relate to a Hand Bill from the Hon'''" Meshech 
Weare Esq'' in behalf of a Committee appointed b}' the assem- 
bly at Exeter Informing that the said Committee propose to be 
at m"" pains, at Hanover on the 10"' of this Inst' Feb^ to con- 
verse with any persons the people shall appoint in order to give 
them all the satisfaction they can with regard to the proceedings 
of the said assembly for the promoting peace harmony &c. 
This meeting having taken the matter under consideration and 
being desirous of facilitating any design to promote peace and 
Harmony as well as secure the Liberties of the people thro' 
this state Think it necessary that m"' Weare be informed that 
this Town have heretofore appointed their Committee to join 
with the Committee of a number of Towns within this State 
for the purpose of pursuing some proper measures to obtain a 
redress of those Grievences we Labour under in consequence 
of the proceedings of the late Congress and Assembly at Exe- 
ter, that the doings of said Joint Committees have been laid 
before and approbated by said Town, that their meeting stands 
adjourned to the 13"' of this Instant Feb-^ at M' Ordways at 
Lebanon ; and that we think it Expedient that in this matter 
we act in concert with said Joint Committees as it appears to 
us the most likely method to answer the End proposed namely 
to satisfy the minds of the people and promote Harmony and 
peace which we Earnestly desire may be efl'ected on reasonable 
Terms, for which reason we omit appointing any persons to 
meet the Committee at m' Fains and refer them to the aforesaid 
meeting at Lebanon. 

Voted that the select Men be desired forthwith to send a 
Coppy of the Above to m' Weare 

David Woodward Moderator 

A True Coppy Attest Jonathan Freeman Clerk 

To The Hon'''" Meshech Weare Esq : and the other gentle- 
men of the Committe appointed by the Assembly at Exeter to 
endeavour to satisfy those persons in the western part of the 
State of N. Hampshire who are Dissatisfied with the proceed- 
ings of s*^ Assembly on their Journey to Hanover Via Walpole 

[R. 2-63] [^Petition of Lieut, yohn House., ^779-] 

To the Hon*"'" the Council & House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in general Assembly convened 


Humbly Shews John House of Hanover in the County of 
Grafton That in September 1775 upon the Requisition of the 
late General Montgomery for the People upon Connecticut 
River within this State to turn out to his Assistance at the Seige 
of S' Johns Capt Israel Curtis & your Petitioner raised a Com- 
pany of men who engaged as Volunteers for two months (of 
which Company he was chosen Lieutenant) & served at the 
said Seige — That in order to the Equipping & marching said 
Company as Expeditiously as possible the said Captain & he 
upon their joint credit supply*^ said Company with Thirty five 
Blankets & Six Camp Kettles — That after the Reduction of 
S' Johns the said Company was taken into the Continental Ser- 
vice & the Command thereof devolved upon him That the said 
Articles were worn out or lost in said Service in Canada — That 
the said Captain died in Canada, insolvent & your Petitioner 
has since been apply** to, for pay for said Blankets & Kettles & 
has accordingly paid for the same Wherefore he prays the 
matter may be taken into Consideration & that he may have an 
adequate Compensation granted him — & as bound shall pray &c 

March 24"^ 1779 

John House 


[R. 3-64] \_Petitio7i of Thomas Clark, Soldier, addressed to 
the General Asseinbly, l'/8j.'\ 

The Petition of Thomas Clark of Hanover in the County of 
Grafton — Humbly Shews — That at the Commencement of the 
present War he inlisted as a soldier during said War in the first 
New Hampshire Regiment — That in the year i777 ^^^ ^^'"^^ 
wounded, & rendered incapable of service — That in April 177^ 
he procured a Furlough and returned Home, where he re- 
mained sick, and unable to do any business during the term of 
Fifteen months — That on the sixteenth day of June Anno Dom- 
ini 1 781, he procured an able bodied Man to serve in his stead 
during the War, and on the same day was discharged. That 
he paid to the Man he so procured one hundred Spanish Mill'd 
Dollars, * * * — 

Sam' Maccluer in behalf 
of the Petitioner — 

[R. 2-65] \ Petition of Lieut, yames Goold, l/8j.^ 

To the honorable General Assembly of the State of New Hamp- 
shire Humbly Sheweth 

The petition of James Gould a Lieutenant in CoP Cilley's 


Regiment in Cap' Houses company in the Continental service — 
That your Petitioner being wounded in the Continental service 
in Sep'' 1777 ^"*^ thereby rendered unfit for duty was afterwards 
placed on half pay — and that he has not received the deprecia- 
tion money due previous thereto — * * * 

James Goold 
Concord Nov' 5* 1783. 

[R. 2-68] 

[In a petition dated June, 1793, he, the said Goold, states 
that "a short time before the taking of Gen' Burgoyne, in 
an engagement with the enemy he received a wound by a 
shot of a musquet ball through his body." — Ed.] 

[R. 2-61] \_Peter jfohnson^ Bunker Hill Soldier.~\ 

[The two following documents have come to light since 
the Enfield papers were in print : — Ed.] 

State of New Hampshire 

I the subscriber do certify that Peter Johnson Now an inhab- 
itant in the town of Enfield in said state was a soldier in Capt 
Goardin Huthens Compiny and Col Starks Rigimant and was 
personely Preasent in the Battel at Bunk hill then and there 
Receive a wound by a muskit ball in his Rite arm I then being 
a Chirurgeon in said Rigimant took care of said wound and 
with my own hand extracted several Peases of Boons out of 
said arm and found the Cords very much damaged 

Certifyd By your very Humble Serv' 

Doctor Benjamin Tiffany 
hanover December the 21 : 17SS 

[David Curtis, Moses Jones, and David Choat, selectmen 
of Enfield, certified to his being unable to support his fam- 
ily of five small children, in consequence of said wound. 
Dated Dec. 15, 1788.— Ed.] 

[R. 3-60.] ^Soldiers' Orders^ i'/86.'\ 

Sir please to pay the bearer the whole that is due to me as a 


Soldier in Cap' Samuel Paiiies Company to the Northward in 
the year 1 780 

Nathaniel Ketchum 
Hanover Jan 7* 1786. 

to the paymaster of said Com^ 
£10, 13, 9. 

[Orders bearing the same date, in similar language, were 
signed by John Durkee, £10, 13, 8, and Benjamin Smith, 
£11^ 14, 9. The following men signed orders for pay for 
service done in Capt. Abel Stevens's company, in 1780. 

Elinda Brown £8, 16, 2 Corpl. Silas Tenney, £9, 10, 9 

Jonathan Woodward 8, 16, 2 " robud Hase," 10, 14, i 

Salmon Dow ]o, 14, i Daniel Jacobs 8, 16, 2 


[From "A return of Provisions which Hanover Men in 

Cap' Freemans Comp In Col° Jonathan Chases Reg* 

Brought from home with them Sep* 26, 1777" I copy 
the following names. — Ed.] 

Edmund Freeman Nat Wright W"" Woodward 

David Eaton W™ Dewey Salv^ Freeman 

Jehial Woodward Silas Tinney Elisha Smith 

David W^right Jon* Curtis Tho^ Brown 

Benj" Davis Dan' Kindrick Nat Lord 

Jos'' Curtis Step'' Benton Dav"^ Chandler 

W"' Chandler Hem" Durkee John Durkee 

David Tinney Elij'' Smith Step'' Murch 

\^From Gen. Chasers Papers.'\ 

A List of the ofisers & Soldiers Engaged in the Continental 
Service out of the Second company of militia in Hannover un- 
der the command of cp' Joshua Henda 

in new hampshear Service 

Leu' Daniel Clapp Sergant William Winton 

Sergant jotham Stearns 

Privates thomas Clark Jobn Baldwin 


in the Service of new york and the State of Vermont 

Major John Whelock Cap' Comfort Sever 

Lieu' Elezer Whelock Lieu' John Payne 

Sergant Asa huntington Sergant Samuel Clap 

Isac Osbon Jonathan gillit Elijah Hammon 

William Broughton Benjamin Chase John Wilcoks 

Benjamin Larrabe Zebina Curtis John Stockbridge 

This return made By Simeon Dewey Ensign of s*^ Company 

hannover Sep. 8"* ^777 

Cap' Freemans Return [no date]. 

Names of Hanover men 

Sarg' Sam' Slade Aaron Smith Ezekel Parker 

Able Bi idgman Deliverance Wood- Zopher Kitcham 

Robert Mason ward Jr Elez^ Hill 

Ruben Tenney Danel Taylor Medad Taylor 

A return of the men that went into the continental service 
out of my company for the state of New Hampshier 

William Winton aged 42 five feet six inches high place of abode 
when listed was Hanover 

Jotham Stearnes aged 35 six feet high place of abode when list- 
ed Hanover 

thomas Clark aged 36 five feet five inches high place of abode 
when inlisted Hanover 

the three men above written inlisted with Cap' House in Col' 
Sillevs Rigement 

John Bolden an indion five feet eight inches high aged 28 his 
place of abode has generally ben at Dartmouth Colege in 
Hanover he inlisted with Cap' Farewell in Colo' Silleyes 


Joshua Hendee Cap' 
Hanover April y* 13 177S 

To Colon' Jonathan Chase att Cornish 

Col. Chase 

Sir I have with the officers and the Concurrence of the town 
have proseede to Raise the three months men and have done 
as follows have inlisted four men and Drafted the other too. 
the Names of the inlisted are as follows Silas Tenny Elinda 


Brown Daniel Jacobs and Jonathan Woodward — the Drafted 
ones Ebenz'' Kindrick and Abijah Smith Mr Kindrick has paid 
his fine 

Thomas Durkee Lieu' 
Hanover July the lo Instant 17S0 

To Col" Jon^ Chase 

S'' This may Certify that Robert Mason John Pindal & Me- 
dad Taylor all of this Town have this week inlisted into Cap' 
Houses Company Col" Sillys Regiment for the Term of three 
years and have been mustered by Maj. Jon" Child Muster Mas- 

Hanover march 30* 177S 

Attest Jon" Freeman L' 

also Davis by information of L' Durgee 

([5-41] \_Petition to have a part of Hanover incorporated 
into a new Town^ iy8j.'\ 

To the honorable Council and Assembly of the State of New 
Hampshire. Humbly sheweth The petition of the subscribers 
residents of a destrict of land hereafter described in the vicinity 
of Dartmouth College in the county of Grafton and State of 
New Hampshire That at the settlement of said College in the 
southwest part of Hanover A. D. 1770 it was proposed that a 
distinct town or parish should be formed contiguous to it out of 
the towns of Hanover and Lebanon ; in compliance with which 
proposal the said towns have passed votes expressing their 
consent that it may be effected — That the inhabitants within 
said territory have formed settlements there in expectation that 
such town would soon be formed ; and great inconveniences 
must arise on account of their situation from a connection with 
Hanover and Lebanon in town matters — That in consideration 
of such inconvenience and by consent of said towns the said 
inhabitants have transacted matters separate from the said towns 
for near six years last past, which necessity has at many times 
in the course of the war compelled them to in cases of alarms 
&C as a separate militar}' company was established there be- 
fore the commencement of the war — Your petitioners therefore 
humbly pray that all that part of the town of Hanover bounded 
southerly by the southern line of said town, eastwardly by the 
two mile road (so called) and the second hundred acre lots 
drawn to the original rights of the first Minister and Prince 



Freeman northwardly by the southern and western lines of the 
second hundred acre lots drawn to the original rights of John 
Sherwin Stephen Walcot Nathan Wright and Otiss Freeman 
and the fifty third river lot. and westwardly by the western line 
of said Hanover — Also all that part of the town of Lebanon 
bounded as follows viz. Beginning at an hemlock tree (marked 
4 on the south side and 5 on the north side) being the north- 
west corner of said Lebanon thence running eastwardly on the 
northwardly line of said town three miles to a white pine tree 
marked 3 thence turning off at right angles and running south- 
erly one mile and a half, thence turning at right angles and 
running westwardly to the westward line of said town, thence 
northerly on said line to the first mentioned bovmd be incor- 
porated and erected into a distinct town and be invested with 
such privileges and immunities as other towns within the State 
have and enjoy, and so as shall best subserve the rights and in- 
terest of said College, 

And we would further request that Bezaleel Woodward Esq*" 
(whom we have appointed our Agent in this matter) may be 
heard on the premises in our behalf as occasion may require. 

And as in duty bound shall ever pray &C 

Dresden October 24"' 17S3 

John Young 
Joseph Lee 
Asahel Warren 
Sam''' Green 
John Smith 
James Goold 
Beza Woodward 
Dan'^' Porter 
Eben Brewster 

Simeon Dewey 
Aaron Storrs 
John Crane 
Sam' Maccluer 
Jabez Bingham 
Daniel Clapp 
Laban Gates 
Benoni Dewey 
Parker Smith 

Daniel Gould 
Joseph Green 
Luther Ingals 
Benj" Colt 
Ebenez. Fitch 
George Eager 
Svlvanus Ripley 
Eleazar Wheelock 

[5-42] {^Return of Ratable Polls, ^7^3 •'\ 

State of Nevs^ Hampshire Grafton ss Dec' 21'' A D 1783. 

Then Russel Freeman and Aaron Storrs a committee of the 
town of Hanover each personally appeared and made solemn 
oath that they have carefully computed the number of male 
polls of twenty one years of age and upwards paying for them- 
selves a poll tax in said Hanover and find the said number to 
be one hundred and fifty four. 

Sworn before Beza Woodward Justice of Peace 



[5-43] \_Petitio7i for the Appointmetzt of a Magistrate^ i'/84.'\ 

To his Excellency, the President: the Hon. Council for the 
State of New Hampshire. 

The Petition of a number of the Inhabitants of the town of 
Hanover, in the County of Grafton in s*^ State ; Humbly Shew- 
eth that the Inhabitants of the Town ; are so large, as to be 
moi^e than a Competent number for one Representative ; and 
that the Settlements are made in almost every part of s** town ; 
and at present, w-e have no Justice of the Peace appointed, ex- 
cept IVP Woodward ; who lives in that part called the College 
District, which is at one Corner of the Town, and remote from 
the main body of the Inhabitants ; which renders it very in con- 
veniant for the People back from the College part. 

We therefore, pray, that your Excellency, and Hon", would 
take our Case into your wise and Candid Consideration ; and at 
your Next meeting to appoint the Authority, in the State, would 
Nominate, and appoint M'' Russel Freeman : to the office of 
Justice of the peace : and your Petitioners, as in Duty bound, 
will ever Pray. 

Hanover Nov"" 27""* 1784- 

Stephen Herrick 
Salmon Dow 
Calvin Toplit^' 
Simeon Forbes 
Augustus Storrs 
Nathaniel Wood- 
Benjamin Plumley 
Elijah Hurlbutt 
william woodward 
Silvanus Freeman 
John Ordway 
John Wright Jun. 
Edw^ard Smith 
John Tenny 
Solomon Jacobs 
Nat. Heaton 
Samuel Slade 
Phinehas Page 
Deluno Wright 
Thomas Miner 

Joel Brown 
John Durkee 
David Tenny 
Lemuel Dowe 
Silas Tenny 
John Williams 
Thos Durkee 
Eldad taylor ' 
Abijah Durkee 
Timothy Owen 
Nathaniel Ketcham 
Abel parks 
Webster Hall 
Perley Buck 
Asa hill 
Eliezar hill 
Daniel Chandler 
Samuel Hase 
David hase 
Robart hase 
Benjamin Tiffany 

James Tifl^any 
Israel Camp 
Nathanae^ Hurlbutt 

Reuben Tenny 
David Woodward 
Asahel Warren 
Abijah Smith 
Asa Parker 
Timothy Parker 
John Smith 
Elijah Wolly 
Robert Mason 
John Wright 
Peter Knap 
David Wright 
Peter Walker 
Zadoc Brown 
Elinda Brown 
Peter Knap Jn 



[5-44] \_Petitio7i for an Issue of Paper Money ^ 1^84^^ 
State of Newhampshire 

To his Excellincy the Presidant the honourable the Senate and 
house of Representatives for Said State in general assembly 

The petition of us the Subscribers being inhabitants of Said 
State Most humbly Shueth that your petitioners with others the 
inhabitants of this State Labour under great Inconveanancy for 
■want of a Courancy or medium Sufficient To transeact the Com- 
mon busness between Man and man But more Espeically for 
the payment of publick taxes in this State and as the State is 
greatly in debt and have Issued their State Nots to a Large 
amount for the Interest of which they are annually Taxed as 
well as for part of the principal and wheras the State is also 
Caulled upon and Taxed for a Very Large Sum for the pay- 
ment of interest on Contenental Loan office Certificates issued 
in this State the payment of all which is Rendered Next To 
imposable for the Scarcety of money — Notwithstanding your 
petitioners are Desireous to Discharge their publick Debets 
with the Strictest honour And integrity that Nature of Things 
will admit your petitioners therefore Pray your Excellincy and 
honours would ammediatly Make and issue a Sum or bank of 
paper money Sufficient to pay of and Discharge all Such State 
Notes and Contenantal Loan office Certificats issued in this 
State as aforesaid and that Said paper money might Be made a 
Tender in all past or future taxes in this State and answer in 
all payments in the publick Treasury and in all payments in all 
private Contracts what.Soever — or otherwise Releave your peti- 
tioners as to your Excellincy and honours in your wisedom 
Shall Seem meet and your petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall 
Ever pray — 

Hanover Sep"' 28* 17S4 — 

Ebe"' Brewster 
John marshall 
Benj" Chase 
Sam" M<^Cluer 
Daniel Gould 
Zechariah Weston 
Nicholas Oilman 
George Foster 
Joel Brown 
W™ Taylor 
Luther Lincoln 

Aaron Storrs 
John Payne 
Jabez Bingham 
James Goold 
Ebenezer Fitch 
Ralph Wheelock 
Calvin Waldo 
John Ordway 
Nathaniel Hulbert 

David Woodward 

Tilly Howe 
John Crane 
Parker Smith 
Benoni Dewey 
John House 
Benj"" Coult 
Joseph green 
Enos Kellogg 
Tho^ Durkee 
David Tinny 
Stephen Benton 


Nathaniel Heaton Webster Hall Eldad Taylor 

James Murch John Willis David Eaton 

David Chandlar Sam' Hase Able Parker 

David Hase W™ Hunt Silas Tinny 

Jacob Eaton J<^lii^ Bridgman Joshua Cushman 

Jon" Curtice Stockm" Sweat J^n" Beard 

Asa Hill Gideon Rudd Ebene"" Wright 

Lemuel Dowe Andrew Tenny Reuben Tenny 

John Williams John Tenny David wright 

[Some of the foregoing were students at the college, and 
not residents of Hanover. — Ed.] 

[5-45] \_Relative to a Road throtigh Towii^ laid out by a 
Legislative Comfuittee^ J'/86.'\ 

To the Honourable the General Court of the State of New 


The petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Hanover in 
the County of Grafton Humbly sheweth 

That in the oppinion of your petitioners, the Countv road as 
laid by the states Committee through said town of Hanover, 
May be altered to great advantage to the public in general as 
well as to this Town in particular, as we are fully persuaded 
we can show where a road may be laid through said Town on 
more suitable land for the purpose both on account of the Hills 
and dryness of the Land, and the distance of which from the 
College to the Southeastly corner of said Town will not be so 
great as where y*' road is now laid by more than one mile & 
half — That this alteration will save y" Town great expence in 
making said road, and as the Committee who laid said road 
had not the Benefit of viewing this place. Your petitioners 
would Humbly pray your Honours to take this matter into your 
wise consideration, and to appoint an Lnpartial Committee to 
look into the aforesaid matter and act thereon as may be most 
conducive to the public good — 

And your petitioners and in Duty bound shall ever pray 

June 3^^ 17S6 

Nath' Babbit ") A committee in behalf 
Gideon Tiffany J of Said Town 


[5-47] \_Petition for a Grayit to make a Canal^ etc., iyg2.'\ 

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of Newhampshire to be convened at Dover June 

The Petition of Ebenezer Bruster Aaron Hutchinson & Rufus 

Humbly sheweth That whereas the rendering Connecticut 
river navigable for boats is an object of the greatest Importance 
to the Inhabitants of that Country and ingrosis the attention of 
all the states thro' which the river passes and grants have actu- 
ally been obtained for locking all the falls below the Towns of 
Lebanon & Hanover in this State 

And whereas the erecting of a Bridge over said river against 
one or other of said Towns would also be of great advantage to 
said Country and the public in general, and your Petitioners 
being disposed to undertake said Business provided they can 
meet with sufficient encouragement— Pray your Honors to grant 
to them their heirs and assigns forever the exclusive priviledge 
of cuting a Cannal and locking all the falls between the south 
line of Lebanon and the north Line of Hanover aforesaid and 
of erecting a Bridge within the limmits aforesaid Under such 
regulations and restrictions as your Honors shall Judge prop- 
er — 

and your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

Hanover June i*' 1792 

Ebenezer Brewster 
Aaron Hutchison 
Rufus Graves 

[In H. of Rep., the foregoing petition was referred to a 
committee, who made the following report : — Ed.] 


State of New Hampshire 

In the Plouse of Representatives June 13* 1792 — 

The Committee on the petition of Ebenizer Brewster and 
others reported, That the prayer thereof be so far granted, as 
that the petitioners have leave to cut canals and lock all the falls 
in Connecticut River between the mouth of Mink brook in 
Hanover and the eddy below the lower bar of White River falls 
in Lebanon, and likewise the privilege of building a toll bridge 
over said River in any place within the limits aforesaid, not to 
interfere with private property, or the grant of any ferrv, with- 


out compensation to the owner ; and that they have leave to 
bring in a bill accordingly — Which report having been read and 
considered it was voted that the same be received and accept- 
Sent up for Concurrence 

Jn° Sam Sherburne Speaker 

[They were incorporated by an act passed June 20, 1792. 

[5-48] \^/saac Rogers's Petitio7i for a Ferry^ ■^794-^ 

To the Honourable The General Court of the state of New 
Hampshire to be holden at Amherst the first Wednesday in 
June 1794 

The Petition of Isaac Rogers of Hanover in the County of 
Grafton in s"^ state; humbly sheweth, that there is no public 
ferry kept over the River Connecticut from Brewster^ ferry in 
Lime so call*^ to the Colledge ferry in the lower part of s*^ Han- 
over, the distance of About nine miles, that there is About four 
miles of s'* river opposite to the upper part of s"^ Hanover, which 
remains ungranted ; that your petitioner Owning the land Ad- 
joining to s'^ river within the Aforesaid ungranted part ; and 
where a ferry will be most Convenient ; He therefore pray^ 
that Your Honours would Grant to him his heirs and assigns 
the Exclusive right of keeping a ferry over s*^ river, from Lime 
for three miles down s*' river ; and Your petitioner as in duty 
bound will ever pray 

Hanover May 28* 1 794 

Isaac Rogers — 

The Subscribers select Men of Hanover are satisfied that the 
facts stated in the within petition are true that the s*^ Ferry will 
be A public benifit are desii-eous the prayer of the within peti- 
tion may be granted 

Joseph Curtiss \ Select 
Samuel Slade j Men 

Att a Legal Meeting held March 8"" 1790 

Voted that Gideon Smith of Hanover have the Approbation 
of the Ferry 

True Copy Attest Joel Brown T. Clerk 


This may Certify the Honourable General Court that I Gid- 
eon Smith have sold the land Adjoining s*^ river to the Above 
petitioner and humbly pray that the Above Grant be made to 
the within Petitioner 

Gideon Smith 


The township was granted May i8, 1763, to John Hazzen 
and 74 others, some of whom were from Haverhill, Mass., 
and the town derived its name from that place. It had pre- 
viously borne the name of Lower Cohos, and was a favorite 
place with the Indians, who had a fort on the bank of the 
river, near where Capt. John Hazzen settled in 1764. 

By an act approved June 21, 181 5, the town was divided 
into two parishes. Samuel Morey of Orford, Jonathan 
Merrill of Warren, and Samuel Hutchins of Bath, were 
appointed to run the divisional line between the two par- 

Among its prominent men prior to 1800 was Hon. Moses 
Dow, a native of Atkinson, and a graduate of Harvard col- 
lege in 1769. He was elected a member of congress by the 
legislature of this state in 1784, but declined the honor. He 
was a member of the New Hampshire senate in 1784, and 
of the council in 1785 and 1786, and again in 1792, and was 
a judge of the court in Grafton county at the time of his 
death, March 31, 181 1, aged 64. 

[5~49] \_Pctition for a Ferry ^ I'j'j2.'\ 

To his Excellencey John Wentworth Esq'' Captain General 
Governor and Commander in Cheif in and over the Province 
of New Hampshire and vice Admiral of the Same In Coun- 

The Petition of Thomas Johnson of Newbury in the County 
of Gloucester & Province of New York, humbly Sheweth that 
by Charter, there is but one Ferry, Across Connecticut River 
in Haverhill in the County of Rockingham, by Charter allow- 
ed to be kept, which by said Charter ought to be kept within 
one mile of the Point of the little Ox Bow (so Call'd) as said 


River runs and that said Ferry so allow'd to be kept, hath hith- 
erto been, kept, more than four miles above said Point, as said 
River runs, and that there hath, for a number of Years before 
the making-out said Charter, a Boat been kept and us'd, for the 
Conveniency of Travellers, passing said River, at y'' Place 
where the publick Highway passes s*^ River from said Haver- 
hill to said Newbury near the now Dwelling House of Richard 
Chamberlin in said Newbury which place is almost two miles 
below s*^ Point, of the little Ox Bow, where your Petitioner 
beggs Leave to Say a Ferry ought Still to be kept for the Con- 
veniencey of Travellers, Whereupon your Execellency's Peti- 
tioner, humbly prays, that Your Excellency would Grant him, 
Liberty to Sett up & keep a Ferry, accross said River, at or 
near s*^ places where said Highway passes, from said Haverhill 
to s"^ Newbury by v^ House of s*^ Chamberlin under usual Reg- 
ulations & Restrictions and as in Duty bound Shall ever pray 

Ports" Novem"" 13, 1772. 

thorn' Johnson 


[A plan of a portion of Connecticut river. The ferry 
asked for was granted November 11, 1774. — Ed.] 

[5-50] \_Ex tract from Grant to Asa Porter.~\ 

the Sole right of keeping a Ferry & keeping useing and em- 
ploying a Ferry Boat or Boats for the Transporting of Men 
Horses Goods Cattle Carriages &c from the Shore of Haverhill 
afores'' — cross Connecticut river to the opposite Shore of New- 
bury & from s"^ Newbury to the oppose Shore of Haverhill with- 
in one Mile on a Strait Line from that Part of HaverHill called 
the Point of the little Ox Bow being a Point of medow Land 
now in Possesion of Cap' John Hazzan To Hold &c 

And as a further encouragement to the said Asa Porter in and 
about the premises, we Will that none of our loving Subjects do 
presume to molest or interrupt the s** Asa Porter in his said Fer- 
ry or set up any other Ferry upon or Across the said River Con- 
necticut, within One Mile above or below the Ferry of the said 
Asa Porter. 

The above Two Paragraphs extracted from the Record of the 
Grant of Mr. Asa Porter's Ferry across Connect' River from 
Haverhill to Newbury, and are truly Copied from thence 

Attesf Theodore Atkinson Sec'' 


[5~5i] S^Report of the Committee on the flatter of Granting 
a Ferry to Thomas yohnson.'\ 

Pursuant to a Vote of Councill appointing us a committee to 
consider of the petition of Thom' Johnson for the priveledge of 
a Ferry across Connecticut river between the Towns of Haver- 
hill and Newbury also the grant made to Asa Porter Esq'' of a 
Ferry priveledge between said Towns beg Leave to report as 
follows. The grant made to Asa Porter Esq' we suppose fixes 
the place where said ferry is to be kept at the point of the little 
Ox Bow and that the priveledge of one mile above and one mile 
below said point is to be measured upon the river agreable to 
its general course, but upon viewing the plans exhibited to us 
by the Parties we find that the ferry now kept by AP Porter is 
between three & four miles upon the river above said point & 
the place fixed upon by AP Johnson is near Two miles upon the 
river below the aforesaid point, it also appears to us absolutely 
necessary for the public utility that two ferries be established 
across the River between the aforesaid Towns & nearly in the 
places now fixed upon by Aless" Porter & Johnson as there is 
no Spot upon the river within a mile either above or below said 
point convenient for keeping a ferry we would also humbly sug- 
gest that care should be taken in all such grants that the Taxes 
arising therefrom should be paid in this Government 

D Peirce 
D Roeers 

[5-52] \_Relative to dead Body founds iy/6.^ 

M' Crocker 

The Bearer JVP Chamberlain informs me, that the Body of 
poor John Presson drowned this afternoon is just now taken up 
and they are in quest of a Coroner to set upon him — I woud 
inform you, (if you are not already knowg to it) that you were 
appointed by the General Court at Exeter a Coroner for this 
County, and in Case you are willing to accept the Office, I am 
ready to administer the Oath — that you may do the Dutv neces- 
sarily required & w*^^ please to let me know immediately — 

Yr hum Serv' 

Haverhill 9*'' Aug'' 1776 

M"" Crocker returnd this Billet with an Answer, that he did 
not chuse to accept the Office, for he did not like our form of 


To M"' And"^ S : Crocker present pr M' Chamberlain 

CoP Hurd begs leave to recommend M"" Simeon Gooding of 
Haverhill (in the room of And"' S : Crocker) — for a Coroner — 

[S^SS] \_E)wch Bartlefs Complaint^ i'/8o.'\ 

To the Hony'' the Council And Representatives of the State of 
New Hampshire in General Court Assembled 

The Petition Memorial And Address of Enoch Bartlet of 
Haverhill Humbly Shews. — 

That he Your petitioner has latel}^ Suffered Much injury by a 
Sort of Banditti who in Contempt of all laws did at Northum- 
berland in the County of Grafton in Said State in September 
last without Any colour of right commit a most horid ravage, 
by entering Upon his Your petitioners Grist Mill And Saw Mill 
in Said Northumberland (lately erected or repaired at a great 
expence) And Cut and destroy'd the wheels Shafts &c And took 
Away all the Iron Work of Said Mills Mill Stones and other 
Gear And a Quantity of Boards and Carried them a Cross Con- 
necticut River into the State Called Vermont And improved 
them for other Mills — And have Since when demanded refused 
pay for the damages done — And that he having Apply'd to 
Gentlemen of the law in order to bring his Process Against the 
trespassers is informed by them, that Unless Some further pro- 
vision is Made by the legislators of the State the good And 
wholesome laws of it Cannot be carried into execution — And As 
it has ever been esteem'd a great and most valuable part of our 
English liberties And Constitution founded on Magna Charta — 
That Justice and right Should Not be delay'd or denied to Any 
Man — And as the Suppression of laws And good Order in a 
State is Attended with Anarchy And the most fatal Conse- 
quences — He therefore humbly prays that you As the guardians 
of the just rights of the people And as legislators of the State 
will make provisions for the due And just Administration of 
Justice by law in every part of it — 

And your petitioner is humbly of Opinion that if Such fla- 
grant Acts of injustice Are conniv'd at And Not prosecuted. 
Every ones property in that county will be in danger, And that 
if he Shall Again furnish Stones Iron truck &c And repair Said 
Mills for the benefit of the Inhabitants he cannot think they will 
be Secure Against Such Free Booter}- — And your petitioner 
also further Says — That he has Suffered much at the town of 
Bath in s'^ County for that he could not enforce the Contract 
Against his Tenant who has improved his house And land there 


for Some Years past — And for that on his Said Tenants leaving 
it without Notice, He by his attorney was obliged to let it on 
Very disadvantageous terms to procure one to enter immediate- 
ly, To prevent one who was going to enter And get Possession 
of it without leave 

And Further Says that he cannot Suppose that his affairs 
(tho not the most trivial) will alone put you Upon Acting on 
the affair ; But that a due consideration of the many Instances 
of Fraud, Injustice and oppression that prevails in that County 
Since the laws were Suppress'd — will inffuence You to Make 
the Necessary Provision Pray'd for And he As in duty bound 
Shall ever pray — 

Enoch Bartlet 

June 2 2^ 17S0 — 

[R.2-71] \Abstract from the Petition of George JMoor, Sol- 
dier, 1 78 J.'] 

[In a petition, dated Haverhill, June 6, 1783, George Moor 
stales that he leased a piece of land in Haverhill of Capt. 
Joseph White, of Newbury ; that said White left and joined 
the enemy in Canada, and thereby his property was confis- 
cated by the state. He wants the state to recognize his 
claim as lessee, and sell him the land for what it was worth 
when he took the lease. He further states, " that upon the 
breaking out of the Troubles at Lexington he went down 
as a Volunteer and Engaged in the service for Eight Months, 
and afterwards engaged with Colo : Bedel and went to Can- 
ada and was under the command of Gen^ Sullivan upon the 
Retreat, and have since been in all the different calls for 
Men." — Ed.] 

[R. 2-72] \^yoh7i Fre7tch, Armorer, i/'So.'] 

Haverhill 21''' Nov' 17S0 — 

This may Certify that John French work*^ as an armour for 
the Troops Raised for the Defence of these frontiers by the state 
of New Hampshire three months in the year 1780 — 

Benj" Whetcomb 

Major Com<*' 

[John French, of Haverhill, petitioned November 7, 1783, 
for pay for said service, and was allowed " three pounds 
over and above the pay he received as a soldier." — Ed.] 


[5-54] [^Afoses D01V declines to accept an Election as a 
Member of the Congress of the C/nited States.'] 

Haverhill Oct° 4'*^ 17S4. 


Having lately received from your Secretary a copy of the 
vote of the Gen' Court, appointing the Hon'ble Abiel Foster, 
Jon" Blanchard & John Langdon Esquires, with myself delegates 
to represent this State in the Congress of the United States, 
the ensuing year. I take this opportunity to make my sincere 
and hearty thanks, to your Excellency & the Court for the hon- 
or done me in this appointment. 

I feel the most agreeable sensations, when I find, that I pos- 
sess so much of the confidence of my fellow-citizens, as leads 
them to such an election and as I have always made it my prin- 
cipal design, uprightly to endeavor the promotion of the public 
good, my ambition is highly gratified, while I thus experience 
the public approbation. 

I acknowledge the appointment, to be honorable, & very 
respectable, and conceive, the tour & employment would be 
exceeding pleasant and agreeable — and that all the unhappiness 
I should find in the pursuit, would arise from a consciousness 
of my inability to render that service to the State, my inclina- 
tion would dictate. 

As I have had no apprehension, but some two of the three 
worthy Gentlemen, at the same time elected, who are experi- 
enced, & much better cjualified for the purpose, at this impoi"- 
tant and critical juncture, when matters of the last Consequence 
are before Congress, which require the greatest wisdom & per- 
severance, would have undertaken the i-epresentation of the 
State, I have intirely neglected every necessary preparation. 

The present infirm state of my health, the real conviction of 
my inequality to the business of the mission, and many other 
circumstances, unnecessary to be mentioned, render it extreme- 
ly difticult, or rather impossible for me to engage in a trust so 
arduous & interesting ; And I doubt not but the candor of your 
Excellency, and of the worthy members of the General Court, 
will readily apologize for, and excuse me, while I say that I 
cannot conceive it to be my duty, or by any means, see my way 
clear, at this time, to undertake an appointment of such weight 
& importance 

With the highest sentiments of esteem, I have the honor, to 
subscribe myself, 

your Excellency's 
most obedient & most humble Servant 

Moses Dow 

His Excellency Meshech Weare Esquire President of the 
State of New Hampshire. 


[It is difficult in these times to believe that any man 
would decline to accept an election as member of the Unit- 
ed States Congress, on the plea of a lack of ability to fill 
the position. — Ed.] 

[5-55] [ Vote of Towii relative to Paper Money ^ lySd.^ 

At a Legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Ha- 
verhill the Eleventh Day of December 17S6, Voted Unani- 
mously, that a Paper Currency be Emitted on the following 
plan — Viz 

That One Hundred Thousand pounds be Emitted, — Twenty 
Thousand pounds to be in Suitable bills to defray the Charges 
of Government & to Exchange for such publick securities as 
may be offered at their current Exchange, which is to be Asser- 
tain'd, and to carry no Interest but to be receivable in Taxes & 
all demands of Governm' and a tender in all cases equal to 
silver and Gold & to be called in by Taxes Annually — The res- 
idue to be made in different Bills Expressing their import & to 
be Loaned to individuals at five per cent on landed Security of 
double the value & to be paid into the Treasury at proper times 
which shall carry an Interest of Two & half per cent, & so re- 
ceivable in all Demands of Government and a Tender in all 
cases as above — with the Interest due on said bills at the time 
of Payment — 

A true Coppy 

Attest Andrew S. Crocker Town 


[For action of the legislature on the matter, see Vol. XI, 
p. 130.— Ed.] 

[I5-56] {^Selectmen's Protest to the grant of a Ferry to 
Ezekiel Padd.~\ 

To the Hon'ble the Senate & the Hon'ble House of Represent- 
atives of the State of New Hampshire in General Court to 
be convened at Exeter on the fourth Wednesday of Decem- 
ber 17S8 

Humbly shew the Subscribers Selectmen of Haverhill, in 
behalf of said Town that they have been honored with the copy 
of the petition of Ezekiel Ladd Esq' for the grant of ferry in 
this Town & the order of Court thereon & beg leave to object 
to granting that privilege to an individual, when very many of 
the inhabitants of this town have equal pretensions to it — This 


town was a frontier during the late war & much exposed to & 
harrassed by the enemy — whereby they were obliged to expend 
great sums of money, as well as time & labor, for their own 
safety as well as for the public good, for a great part of which 
they have hitherto laid no claim for reward or compensation — 

That the grant of all privileges of ferries in this Town, not 
already made, would be considered by the inhabitants as some 
compensation for said services & sufferings 

Wherefore your petitioners, in behalf & at the direction of 
said town pray your Honors that all the privileges & emolu- 
ments of ferries across Connecticut river against said town, not 
already chartered, may be granted & secured to & for the bene- 
fit of the Inhabitants of said Town & their successors forever 

And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray &c 

Charles Johnston ~^ 
Andrew S Crocker [ Selectmen 
Joseph Hutchins | of Haverhill 
Naf^i Merill 

[5-57] \,P(^tition for an Act of Incorporatio7i for the Acad- 
emy, 1793.'] 

To the Honorable the Senate, and House of Representatives 

of the State of New Hampshire ; In General Court to be 

Convened at Exeter on the Twenty-fifth day of December 


Humbly shew the Subscribers, that they have lately Erected 
and finished a large and Commodious Building for an Accad- 
emy In the Southwardly part of the Town of Haverhill, and 
have employed a Gentleman of Liberal Education every way 
eminently qualifyed for a Preceptor of an Accademy at their 
own Expence ; and about thirty Pupils are already admitted 
there for Education, In the Usefull arts and Sciences ; and the 
prospect is very flattering to be of great Utility to the Publick 
and especially to the rising Generation ; and the undertakers 
are determined to spare no pains to make it answer every pur- 
pose that can accompany such an Institution — 

Wherefore they pray your Honors ; to grant them an Incor- 
poration, to enable them with more propriety and Efficacy to 
pursue their Object, and render Service to the Publick — 

And your Petitioners as In duty bound shall ever pray — 

Dated at Haverhill iS"' Dec"' 1793 

Charles Johnston Asa Boynton Moody Bedel 

Sam' Brooks Jonn Page Joseph Bliss 

Michael Johnston Israel Swan Moor Russell 

Amos Fisk Joshua Young Chrisp B Noyes 


Managers (viz) 

Charles Johnston Joseph Bliss John Page 

Esq'' Samuel Brooks 

Moses Dow Esq'^ 

[The petition was granted Jan. 14, 1794. — Ed.] 

[5-58] \_Subscriptions towards building a Bridge over Co7i- 
necticut River, lyg^..'] 

Whereas Benjamin Chamberlin of Newbury proposes build- 
ing a bridge over Connecticut River betwixt Haverhill & s'^ New- 
bury at or near the place where he & his fathers have kept a 
ferry for more than thirty vears, that is from the beginning of 
the first settlements in said Towns to the present time — which 
is upon the nearest — best & oldest road for passing said river 
from the State of New Hampshire into the State of Vermont 
& to the northerly & north westerly settlements therein & to 
Canada — And has petitioned the General Court of the State of 
New Hampshire to grant hinv the privilege of building & tend- 
ing a bridge at said place for reasonable toll 

And whereas we the subscribers are of opinion that this 
is the best & easiest place of any betwixt said Towns to build 
a bridge & the place where it is most likely for a bridge to 
stand — & best situated to serve the public — 

Therefore We are desirous of becoming adventurers & un- 
dertakers in promoting a plan so beneficial to the public good 
& as we conceive, advantagious to our own interest And do 
hereby agree & promise severally to advance & pay towards 
building a bridge at the place aforesaid the sums annexed to 
our respective names — upon condition that the said Chamber- 
lin shall obtain such grant, & of our receiving our several pro- 
portions of the profits arising therefrom, agreeably to the sums 
by us respectively subscribed — Witness our hands — 

Dec'' 30* 1794 — 

Moses Dow four hundred dollars 
Tho' Johnson three hundred dollars 
Ezekiel Ladd 100 dollars 
Josiah Little 100 dollars 
Nath' Chamberlin 100 dollars 
Benjamin Chamberlin 100 dollars 
John Montgomery 100 dollars 
Samuel Ladd — 50 dollars 
Stephen Couch — 40 d° 
Martin Phelps — 20 d° 


Joseph Pearson — 20 d° 
Joseph Ladd — 30 d° 
Ezekiel Ladd jiin"" — 20 d° 

N. B. There is one more subscription paper in Newbury 
which could not be procured, on account of the river being 
impassable at this time — which may contain as large a sum as 
this, tho not known — 

Copy per Moses Dow 

[5~59] [Asa Porter for a Ferry^^ 

Province of New Hampshire — 

To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq"" Governor & Com*^ 
in Chief of s'^ Province in Council — 

The Petition of Asa Porter of Haverhill in the County of 
Rockingham Esq'' humbly sheweth — 

That in behalf of the Towns of Haverhill & Newbury on 
Connecticut River He would represent the Necessity of an es- 
tablish"* Ferry over s*^ River to be kept at a convenient Place 
near the Center of the afors*^ Towns to accommodate the In- 
habitants and many Others that occasionally travel that way, 
which He the s*^ Porter would willingly undertake to do having 
a large Boat well suited to the Purpose, Therefore prays your 
Excellency would be pleas'^ to favour Him with a Grant of 
such a Ferry to be established at certain Rates & with a Privi- 
lege including s'^ River within the Compass of five Miles from 
the Place where s*^ Ferry shall be kept, or otherwise under such 
Limits & Directions as to your Excellency may seem meet — 
And your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray — 

Asa Porter 

[5-60] \^yoJin Hurd relative to Roads ^ lyy^.'] 

Province of New Hampshire 

To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Captain General, 
Governor & Commander in Chief — The Honble His Majes- 
ty's Council, and The Honble House of Representatives in 
in General Assembly convened — 

The Memorial of John Hurd of Haverhill in the County of 
Grafton Esq'' humbly Sheweth — That the late Act of the Gen- 
eral Assembly made for the purpose of opening a Road thro' 
the new settling Towns Westward, to Haverhill, or Coho'os, 


on Connecticut River, being expired — but a considerable part 
of the said Road remaining yet unfinisli'd, and that thro' the 
most difficult & mountainous Tracts of the Countr}- to the great 
Detriment & Discouragement of the New Settlers ; as the 
Transportation of all Their necessary Stores thro' this Road in 
its present Situation is not only very expensive but dangerous 
for Man & Beast, being miry, rooty, rocky, & narrow with bad 
pitches in many places — And whenever it may be necessary for 
the Honble Judges of the Superior Court to attend their Busi- 
ness at Haverhill, unless something is speedily done upon the 
Road, will render their Journey very tedious & hazardous — 
But as the Expence of immediately making the said Road good, 
& safely passable, will be a peculiar Hardship on those partic- 
ular Towns lying on the Highth of Land in their now infant 
State, without the public Aid, tho' if once completed would be 
greatly advantageous not only to the Upper Settlements, but to 
this lower part of the province to w'=^ all their spare produce 
may then with Ease be conveyed — Your Memorialist humbly 
prays in behalf of all the Settlers on that part of Connecticut 
River, & the Towns adjacent — Your Excellency & Honors 
woud take this Matter into Consideration — that the aforesaid 
Act may be revivd with the addition of a New Committee to 
prosecute the Business, and such Alteration or Amendment & 
such public Assistance as to vour Wisdom may seem meet. 
And Your Memorialist as in Duty bound will ever pray &c. &c. 

John Hurd 
Portsmouth 26'^ May 1774 — 

[5-62] \_R e present at io7i of Services done by the Towti during 
the War, and its Present Condition, jyg8.~\ 

To the Hon'ble Senate & Hon'ble House of Representatives in 
General Court now convened at Concord 

Humbly shew the Subscribers 

That in the year 1776, James Bayley, Ephraim Wesson, 
Charles Johnston, Joseph Hutchins Joshua Howard & Simeon 
Goodwin, were appointed a Committee of safety for the Town 
of Haverhill, — In which year, this western frontier, was much 
exposed to & in eminent danger of being ravaged, by the ene- 
mies from Canada — Insomuch that many of the inhabitants of 
this town removed, to more safe & central parts of the State — 
Those that stood by the shipp spent a great part of their time, 
& considerable part of their property in building forts, that is 


four large ones in this town, supporting & paying guards, & 
scouting parties, in order to keep up a frontier at this place — 

That we were very poorly suppHed with arms & many poor 
persons, tho perhaps the best soldiers, were intirely destitute — 
We considered the cause as common to the whole Country, & 
greatly interesting to all, & were zealous to do everything in 
our power to contribute to the salvation of the Community — 

Thus circumstanced, and disposed, we in our said capacity, 
employed Major Jonathan Hale, then a reputable citizen of said 
Haverhill, & in behalf of said Town — to make a tour to Exe- 
ter, where the Convention or supreme Government of the State 
or Colony were then in Session, and make application for pro- 
tection or means, to help us to defend ourselves, & contribute 
our mite in holding this frontier & aid in the protection of the 
State — Maj"' Hale failed in procuring the arms of the State as 
we wished & expected — Yet the government, advanced to him 
two hundred pounds of the then paper money, out of the treas- 
luy, to procure arms for the common defence 

Accordingly Major Hale after receiving said money traversed 
the sea coasts as far as Salem, & round the adjacent parts of the 
Country — & purchased up at very exorbitant prices, tho doubt- 
less to the best advantage that the time & circumstances would 
admit. Guns & parts of Guns — such as, barrels, locks & stocks, 
in detached parts — & brought to Haverhill & delivered them to 
said Committee — & said Committee, gave said Hale their obli- 
gation for said Guns &c & for his cost in going to Exeter — get- 
ting said money, purchasing said Arms & transporting them 

The Committee, disposed of said Guns, to poor persons who 
were not able to pay for them, but vet perhaps the best sol- 
diers, for no more than the first costs paid bv said Hale, & took 
their obligations — Manv of which obligations if ever paid, were 
not paid till money had depreciated, to ten, twenty & perhaps 
forty for one — 

That two of said Committee viz Bayley & Wesson are 
removed, at a distance out of this State & the burden may fall 
upon the residue, the obligation being out lawed in Vermont 

Your petitioners would further suggest, that they are inform- 
ed, that sundry towns, who were favoured with money out of 
the treasury about the same time have been considerably fav- 
oured, by the State in the settlements thereof — 

That they have applied to & petitioned the States Committee 
for abatements in a settlement thereof but said Committee, not 
feeling themselves authorz'' for that purpose recommended, pe- 
titioning this honoui'able body — We therefore, pray this Hon'- 
ble Court to take our case under their candid consideration & 
grant us such abatement, or deductions, in our settlement with 


said Hale or his settlement with the State, which will dispose 
him to settle with us in the same proportion, as reason & 
justice under our peculiar situation & circumstances, in your 
Honors wisdom, prudence & benevolence may seem reasonable 
& just — 

And vour petitioners as in duty bound pray &c 


Nov'' 22*^ 1798 Charles Johnston 

Joseph Hutchins 
Simeon Goodwin 
Joshua Howard 


[This document is a plan of Connecticut river, and the 
ferries of Johnson and Porter. — Ed.] 


This township was granted by the government of Massa- 
chusetts in December, 1735, but the grant was not located 
and confirmed until 1737. It was called No. 6 in the line 
of towns, and sometimes New Marlborough, many of the 
grantees living in Marlborough, Mass. 

On a settlement of the state boundaries in 1741, the 
township proving to be in New Hampshire, and within the 
limits of the Masonian Proprietors' Purchase, was granted 
by them July 16, 1752, to Andrew Todd and others, mostly 
Londonderry men. It was incorporated November 9, 1768, 
and named by Governor Wentworth in honor of John Hen- 
niker, of London, Eng. 

The township was granted six miles square, and I believe 
no territory has been severed from it or added to it since. 

[5-65] \_Petition of the Inhabitatits to have the Town incor- 
porated^ iy68.~\ 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Captain General Gov- 
ernour and Commander in chief, in and over his Majesty's 
Province of New-Hampshire, in New-England; And To 
his Majesty's Council in the Province aforesaid — 


The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Place called Num- 
ber Six of the Line of Towns ; or New Marlborough, in the 
Province aforesaid, humbly sheweth, 

That whereas your humble Petitioners, whose Names are 
hereunto subscribed, find our selves under great Inconvenien- 
cies & Difficulties for want of the Powers and Privileges which 
incorporate Towns in this Province enjoy : And We, your 
humble Petitioners humbly pray your Excellency & your Hon- 
ours to take our Case into your wise & compassionate Consid- 
eration ; and if you think it proper & necessary, you would in- 
corpoi'ate into a Town, indued with the Powers & Privileges of 
other Towns in the Province, that Tract of Land, which is the 
sixth in Number of the Line of Towns which was first laid out 
by Order of the General Court of the Province of the Massachu- 
setts-Bav. & granted to some of the Inhabitants of Marlborough 
in said Province : and was since granted by the Masonian Pro- 
prietors to some of the Inhabitants of Londonderry, in this 
Province of New-Hampshire, (Said Tract of Land lies between 
Hopkinton & Hillsborough,) We your humble Petitioners hum- 
bly pray that your Excellency & your Honours would incor- 
porate the said Tract of Land, with the Inhabitants, present & 
future, their Polls & Estates, into a Town, included within the 
same Bounds and Limits wherein it was included when it was 
first granted by the General Coui't of the Massachusetts Prov- 
ince : and when it was granted by the Masonian Proprietors 
(not infringing, or hurting any private Property) : And that 
your Excellency, & your Honours will be pleased to appoint, & 
impower, M'' Eliakim How, M'' Ebenezer Hawthorn, and m' 
Jonas Bowman; (now Inhabitants of said Tract of Land;) or 
any others whom your Excellency & your Honours shall think 
proper, as a Committee to call the first Meeting of the Free- 
holders, & Inhabitants in said Town. 

For which Goodness, your humble Petitioners, for your Ex- 
cellency & your Honours, as in Duty bound, shall ever pray — 

Dated at N" 6, or New-Marlborough, aforesaid, the fourteenth 
Day of March, 1768. 

William Eastman Ezekiel Stone Ebenezer Hawthorn 

Jephthah Tyler David Willson Silas Barns 

Jacob Whitcomb Adonjiah Tyler Josiah Ward 

Hezekiah Newton Eliakim How James Joslin 

Amos Goold Jonas Bowman William Powers 

Thomas Pope David Pope Timothy Ross 

Jesse Ross William Presbury Joshua Tyler 

william Peters David m'^Killips John Johnson 

Ezekiel Smith Joseph Williams 


[In answer to the foregoing petition the town was incor- 
porated by the governor and council November 9, 1768, and 
named Henniker by the governor. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-73] \_Return of Men raised for the Arjny, I726.'\ 

Henniker Sep' y* 20 : 1 776 
Col" Stickney 

S' In obedience to your orders I have mustered my Com- 
pany and Raised five men for this Expedition their Names are 
as follows 

Samuel Smith Nahum Newton Joshua Whitney 

Joseph Patterson Isaac Patterson 

this from your obedient Servant 

Aaron Adams Capt 

[R. 2-74] 

To Col° Thomas Stickney 

S"" the Following is a list of men Raised by the Town of Hen- 
nicar for three years agreeable to yovu" order 

Jesse Campbel Hennicar") 

Daniel Squire Hennicar V Cap* Cloys Company 

James Peters d° ) 

Joseph Marsh Hennicar Cap* Frj's Company 

Benj Adrews Hillsborough Cap' Adams Company 

Jonas Bowman Cap* 

[R- 2-75] 

A True State of the Seventh Company and Thirteenth Rig* 
of Foot Commanded By Cap' Jonas Bowman 

Training Band No 75 

Laram Men No 25 totel 100 

Henniker March 19'" 1777. 



[R. 2-76] \_Roll of Capt. Aaron Adams's Company^ iy^6.'\ 

A list of Cap' Adams's train^ Soldiers 

Sarg' Benj'' Clark 
Sai'g' Jon" Basford 
Sarg' Phinehas Ward 
Sarg' Joseph Paterson 

Fifer Joseph Williams 

Jonas Alexander 
William Chambers 
William Clark 
James Durston 
Samuel Frisel 
Noah Gile 
Otis How 
Thomas Howlet 
James Joslin 
John M'=Duftee 
Hezekiah Newton 
Moses Powell 
Jonathan Ross 
Ezekiel Smith 
Ezekiel Stone 
Charles Whitcomb 
Alexander Whitney 

Jabez Alexander 
Eliphalet Colbey 
Solomon Childs 
Jon"* Eastman 
Isaac Gates 
Joshua Heath 
William Heath 
Sargent Heath 
Joseph Lewis 
Nathaniel Merril 
Nahum Newton 
Isaac Paterson 
Lemuel Ross 
Moses Smith 
Benoni Tucker 
Ruben Whitcomb 
Samuel Wadsworth 

Corp' Joshua Heath 
Corp' Samuel Steel 
Corp' Tho^ Townsend 
Corp' James Stone 

Drum''Josiah Paterson 

Abiather Bowman 
Benj" Currier 
Robert Campbel 
Aaron Eastman 
Timothy Gibson 
Moses Huse 
John Harthorn 
Joshua Kimball 
Ephraim Morrel 
Samuel Morrison 
David Pope 
Jesse Ross 
Daniel Rice 
Samuel Smith 
Jacob Whitcomb 
Josiah Whitridge 

we have 10 men gone in the Army 

mager Chandler S"", in obedience to your orders I have 
warn'd my Company to Apear on ye 21 Instant to view the Cit- 
uation of the Company, but the more part did not Apear but 
Acording to the Best Acompt that I can give Above half have 
No arms 

Aaron Adams Cap' 

Henniker May the 21^' ^776 

A Larm list for said Henniker 

Ecclesiastical Clark Jacob Rice 
Cap' Eliakim How 
Ens" William Heath 
Esquire Joseph Kimball 

Thomas Stone Timothy Ross 

John Putney Thomas Pope 

Alexander Paterson Stephen Spaldwin 

Uriah Amesden Francis Withington 

Lent Jonas Bowman 
Cap' Josiah Ward 
Coroner Samuel Kimball 

James Peters 
Elijah Rice 
John Eastman 
Dea Eben"^ Harthan 


[R. 2-77] S^yoseph Patterson^ wounded Soldier. "^ 
In the House of Representatives Nov"^ 13* 177S. 

The Committee on the Petitions &c of wounded soldiers &c 
reported their opinion that Joseph Paterson, a soldier in Cap* 
Emery's Company in Col" Baldwin's Regiment who was wound- 
ed at White plains and lost sundry articles to the amount of five 
pounds fourteen shillings be allowed & paid the said sum of five 
pounds fourteen shillings, which is submitted — 

signed Nich' Oilman for the committee 

[The said amount was allowed and paid. It has been 
handed down in the family that Joseph Patterson was on 
guard at the time of attack by the British troops at White 
Plains, October 28, 1776. He fired an alarm, and was im- 
mediately shot, the ball entering back of the ear, and pass- 
ing out through the cheek. He fell, and was for some time 
unconscious, but reviving he found the enemy passing over 
him. Watching his opportunity, he rolled under a log, and re- 
mained apparently dead till all was quiet. He then succeed- 
ed in getting to a house, in an exhausted condition, found the 
woman friendly to the cause of the colonies, and was cared 
for by her for some weeks. When sufficiently recovered, he 
gave the woman all the money he had, and started on foot 
for New Hampshire. He had received an overcoat from 
home just before the battle, and attempted to take that with 
him ; but one day, while attempting to ford a rapid stream, 
the coat became saturated with water, and being too weak 
to stem the current with it on, he was obliged to take it off 
and let it drift. He reached home, and lived to tell the tale 
to his grandchildren, to one of whom, Hon. James W. Pat- 
terson, I am indebted for the foregoing. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-7S] \_Ab7-ahani Kimball^ wounded Soldier. '\ 

[In H. of Rep., November 14, 1778, Abraham Kimball, 
" a soldier in Cap* Baileys Company Col** Stickney's Regi- 
ment & General Starks Brigade wounded in the Battle of 
Bennington i6th of August 1777" was allowed ^27, 14, 6 
for his doctor's bills, nursing, etc. It was also voted that 
he was entitled to half pay for two years, from September 
18, 1777. Council concurred. — Ed.] 



[R. 2-79] 

\_Soldier' s Order ^ ^779-~\ 

Henniker Sepf 13*^ 1784 

M' Gilman S"" Be Pleased to Pay to Robert Wallace or 
Bearer all My Wages Travel Money Deficiency in Cloathing, 
and all that is due to me for my Serving in the Continental 
Army one year in Co" Reeds Reg' in Cap* Rowels Company 
which time Began Jvdy i779 ^^^'^ ^^'^ vShall Be your Discharge : 
and you will Much [oblige] 

Witness Present your Humble Serv* 

Wi"" Wallace Simeon pope 

William Partrick 

[5-663 \_Petition for the Appoitttment of a Conijnittee to lo- 
cate a Meeting- House^ l'/86.'\ 

To the Honourable Senate and House of Representative of the 
State of newhampshire now Seting at Exeter in Said State — 

we the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Henniker 
Humbly Sheweth whereas we are about Building a Meeting 
house in Said Town and are So unhappy as not to agree upon 
the Spot where to Set Said house although we have had Two 
Commitee to Perfix the Place for Said house and they reported 
to Two Different Places and the Distance Between the Two 
Spots is about one hundred and forty rods where four we Pray 
your honnours to appoint a Disinterested Commetee from the 
Neighbouring Towns Consisting of three men to View the Sit- 
uation of the Place and hear the Pleas and Determin the Spot 
where Said house Shall Be Set and we your Petitioners as in 
Duty Bound 

Henniker September y 11"' 1786 

Jonas Bowman 
James Wallace 
Joshua Heath 
Nathan Putney 
Michael Archer 
Thomas poop 
David M'^Killips 
William Sargent 
Joseph Chadwick 
Francis Withington 
Joshua Wright 
John Campbel 
Jesse Campbell 

Thomas willson 
Johnthing Connor 
David poop 
Isaac Putney 
Stephen Spelgren 
Samuel Estman 
Oliver Noyes 
David Clough 
John Chadwick 
Elias Withington 
Samuel Morison 
David Morrell 
Benjamin Currier 

William Wallace 
Abiathar Bowman 
John Smith 
John Putney 
Bengben Clogh 
Joseph Lewis 
John Withington 
Samuel Barr 
David Chadwick 
Si mi on Pope 
William Morison 
Thomas Stuart 
Benjamin Hoyt 



John Campbell Jun'' William Patrick Nahum Nuton 

Thos Townsend Semieon Simonds Benjamin Clai'lc 

George Hoyt Jf>hn Smith Jun J°^ Marsh 

Moses Hoyt Phinehas ward Oliver Clough 

Thomas Howlett Timothy Ross Jonathan Ross 

Samuel Dunalls Josiah ward Jesse Ward 

Joseph ward Alexander parker Mather withington 

[In H. of Rep., September 13, 1786, a committee was 
appointed, consisting of the following men : Major Isaac 
Chandler of Hopkinton, Ninian Aiken, Esq., of Deering, 
and Samuel Caldwell of Weare. Their report has not been 
found. — Ed.] 


The township was granted by the Masonian Proprietors, 
September 14, 1753, to eighty-seven proprietors, mostly 
Chester men, and went by the name of New Chester until 
January 14, 1837. ^^ 1768, settlements were made by Capt, 
Cutting Favour and Carr Huse. The latter was town-clerk 
for thirty-three years, and held other ofifices. Several other 
families from Chester settled the same year. 

The town was incorporated November 20, 1778, in answer 
to a petition from the inhabitants, and named New Chester 
at their request. 

The town being about nineteen miles long, and in one 
place not more than one mile wide, made it very inconven- 
ient, and it was divided February 12, 1788, the north part 
being incorporated into the town of Bridgewater. 

In answer to a petition from the selectmen, an act was 
passed by the legislature, June 11, 1808, appointing William 
Webster, Bradstreet Moody, and Enoch Colby " to deter- 
mine the jurisdictional lines between the Towns of New 
Chester, Alexandria, and Danbury," and report to the legis- 

By an act approved June 24, 18 19, all that part of the 
town "which lies northerly of Smith's river" was, with a 
portion of Bridgewater, incorporated into a town by the 
name of Bristol. 


December 21, 1820, the town was enlarged by the annex- 
ation of a portion of Alexandria ; and by an act approved 
December 21, 1832, a tract of land was severed from New 
Chester, and annexed to Wilmot. 

The name of the town was changed, January 14, 1837, to 
Hill, in honor of the Hon. Isaac Hill, who was at that time 
governor of the state. 

The town lost another portion of territory June 26, 1858, 
when certain lots of land were severed, and annexed to Dan- 

The town was in Grafton county until July i, 1868, at 
which time it was annexed to the count}'^ of Merrimack. 

IJI5-67] [^Petition to be Incorporated into two Towns ^ iyy6.~\ 

To The Honourable Council and House of Representatives of 
The Colony of Newhampshire 

The Humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Township of 
]>^ew Chester Wee the Inhabitants of S** N. Chester Do Labour 
under many Grievances and disadvantages for want of an In 
Corporation whereby wee might have officers Endowed with 
Power and Authority as other Towns in this Colony Do En- 
joy We therefore Humbly Pray your Honours to Grant us a 
Charter of In Corporation — Investing us with the Powers Priv- 
iledges and Authorities as other Towns within this Colony 
have it is the Desire of your Humble Petitioners that the S*^ 
Township may Be In Corporated into two Distinct Towns if 
your Honours Please, By Reason of the Township Being Very 
Long, which will abundantly Best Accomodate the Inhabitants 
of S*^ Town Ship, it is Desired that S*^ Towns may Be Divided 
at New Found River So Called Allowing the upper Town to 
InClude the priviledges for mills upon S^ River within the 
Limits of S*^ Town, and your Humble Petitioners as in Duty 
Bound Shall Ever Pray 

N. Chesf Decemb"" 24*'' 1776 

Jonathan Crawford Robert Crawford Benj M'^Allester 

Josah heath Nason Cass Rob' Forsith 

Thos Crawford Jun' John Mitchell Beniemin Emery 

John Clark gideon Sleeper Carr Huse 

Cutting favour Reuben Wells David Emerson 

Jonathan Ingalls John Smith Joshua Tolford 

Joseph Sanborn Nathaniel Sanborn Tilton Bennet 

Jacob wells John Bussell 

HILL. 197 

[5-68] \_Arms and Ammunition asked for ^ i'jj6.~\ 

New Chester June y^ 29'^ ^77^ 

To the Honourable Colony Committe 

We the Subscribers being A Majority of the Select Men and 
Comittee of Safety for the Township of New Chester being 
willing to Defend ourselves and fellow Country men to the 
Utmost of our Power — But finding our Selves Destitute in A 
Gret Measure of Arms and Amunition Humbly beg You 
would use your Interest to procure About 56"" of Powder and 
112"'° of Lead & about 150 Flints and Fifteen Guns which we 
Bind our Selves to the Honest payment of as Witness our 

Abner fellows 

Joshua Tolford 

Thos. Crawford 

Jonathan Ingalls 

Cutting favour 

Ebene' Ingalls ~\ Select Men 
Beniamin Emons > For 
Carr Huse ) New Chester 


[5-69] \_Petition to be I?icorporated, iy/8.'\ 

To the General Court of the State of Newhampshire — 

The Humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Township of 
New Chester. Wee the Inhabitants of S*^ Tow'nship Do La- 
bour vmder Many Grievances and Disadvantages for Want of 
an Incorporation whereby wee might have officers indowed 
with Power and authority and that wee might Lay out our 
highways So that wee Might make and Repair them So that 
travilers might Safely travel, or pass through the Town Ship 
Saifly for want of which wee are Sensible Some of your Hon- 
ours are Sensible of and many more Difficulties which wee 
Labovu' under, we therefore Humbly Pray your Honours to 
Grant us a Charter of Incorporation Investing us with the 
Powers Priviledges and authorities as other Towns within this 
State Do Injoy, and your Humble Petitioners as in Duety Bound 
Shall Ever Pray 

New Chester October 15"^ 1778 

It is Desir'' that the Town May Be Incorporated By the name 
of New Chester 

Carr Huse Jacob wells Tilton Bennet 

Cutting favour Abner fellows John Emery 


Chase fuller Beniamin Emons Eben"" Ingalls 

Jonathan Crawford Simeon Cross Jesiah heath 

thomas Lock Samuel worthen Jonathan Ingalls 

moses Worthan Theophilus Sanborn Peter Sleeper 

Gideon Sleeper John Cleaveland John Kidder 

John Bussell Nathaniel Sanborn 

[In answer to the foregoing, the town was incorporated 
by the legislature Nov. 20, 1778. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-So] [ Certificate of Soldiers exe7)ipt fro?ii Poll- Tax. ~\ 

Whereas wee have Received a Vote of the Congress which 
hath excused all non Commissioned officers and Soldiers who 
served in the Continental Army and shall enlist there for the 
year Coming from paying any poll Tax, and an account being 
exhibited under oath by the Select men of the number of such 
Soldiers in their Respective Towns and the amount of their 
poll Tax to the Colony Treasurer, in obedience thereto we have 
Return*^ their names and the amount of their poll Tax. 

£. s. d. q. 

Nathaniel Bartlett 0-2-4-3 
John Crawford 0—2-4-3 

Joseph Davis 0-2-4-3 

Totals 0-7-2-1 

Carr Huse | Select men 
Rob' forsith j for N. Chester 

[R. 2-81] \_The Deposition of Capt. Edward Everett.~\ 

I Edward Everett of Rumney in the County of Grafton and 
State of Newhampshire Gentleman Testifyeth and saith that 
Some Time in the Fall of the year 1776 that I heard David 
Emerson of New Chester agree with a man at Mount Independ- 
ent for to serve in the Continental Servis during the war for 
twenty dollars and also Saw the man Sign a Receipt and gave 
to David Emerson which Receipt I witnessed with my own 
hand but as it has been some time since I have forgot the Mans 
name but should know the Receipt if I could See it & further 
saith not Edward Everett 

[Sworn to Oct. 13, 1781, before Carr Huse. — Ed.] 

HILL. 199 

[^-yo] \_Davzd Emerson recom77ie7ided for Coroner^ iy82.'\ 

To the Honourable General Assembly of the State of New- 
hampshire now Setting at Concord in Said State — 

The Humble Petition of Us whose names are under written 
think it very necessary that there Should Be a Coroner in the 
Town of New Chester as the Town is almost twenty miles in 
Length as the Road Goes through the Town and as there has 
Been two men found dead within said town within Six years 
and no Coroner within twenty five miles of them wee Recom- 
mend to your Honours David Emerson Esq"" of New Chester 
to Be a Suitable Man as he has been a Coroner Some years 
agoe wee pray your honours would Commission him therefor 
and your Petitioners as in Duety Bound Shall Ever Pray. 

New Chester September lo"" 1782 

Eph"" Webster Nathaniel Sanborn t , ^'^ o , 

^\ 01 ci u T^-u losesh X Sanborn 

Peter Sleeper Sherburne 1 ilton -' „„,, 

John Cleaveland Jonath Ingals Gideon Sleeper 

Eben" Ingalls thomas Lock Jonath Ingals Juner 

David Stiles Emery Josiah Heath John Kidder 

Jacob pesLee Jo^'""^ heath Joseph Emons 

Chase fuller Beniamin Emery Willam Powell 

John Sleeper Amos Steven oliver smith Blake 

thomas Rowell tilton Benet Jacob wells 

John Straw William Benet 

[5-71] \_Return of Nutnber of Ratable Polls, 1783. '\ 

State of New Hampshire 

New Chester December 12'*' 1783 

A Return of the Number of Male Polls from Twenty one 
years of Age & upwards paying for themselves within the Town 
of New Chester, No 66 

Carr Huse ) Select Men 
Peter Sleeper \ For N. Chester 

Grafton ss Alexandria Dec'' 12"* ^7^3 

Then the above Named Carr Huse Esq"' and Peter Sleeper 
Select Men of New Chester Made Oath to the Truth of the 
above Return By them Sign"^ Before me — 

Joshua Tolford Jus' Peace 


[5-72] \_Deposition of Joseph JE?7tmons, iy8i.'\ 

I Joseph Emmons of Alexandria in the County of Grafton 
and State of New Hampshire, yeoman Testifyeth and Saith 
that sometime in the fall of the year 1776 soon after the orders 
came out at mount Independent for men to Inlist during the 
war I heard Joshua wilson say that he would Inlist and do a 
Turn for David Emerson of New Chester during the war for 
twenty dollars & the s'^ Emerson agreed with the s*^ wilson at 
mount Independent & the s*^ Emerson had a Receipt which 
he shew me that he said the s*^ wilson gave him soon afterwards 
and further saith not 

alexandria October 15"" 17S1. 
Sworn to before 

Joseph Emons 
Carr Huse Just Peace. 

[5-73] \^Petitio7i for AutJiority to Tax JVon-JResidejits^ i/Sj.'] 

To His Excellency the President, and to the Honourable the 
Senate & House of Representatives in General Assembly 
Conven** at Concord Ocf 1785 

Wee the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of New Ches- 
ter Being Desireous of Promoteing the Publick Good and the 
Settlement of the western part of the State which at Present is 
a great part of it Uncultivated and as it is highly Necessary that 
good Roads Should Be Made and kept in Repair in order that 
People might pass and Repass From one part of the State to 
the other with as Little Trouble and Difficulty as possible, and 
the Town of New Chester is a very Long Town it is Between 
nineteen & twenty miles in Length as the Road goes Besides a 
very Bad Mountain which Must be Cros'^ and wee have Several 
Long Bridges Some of which wee have Been obliged to Build 
twice in a year By reason of Freshets, in Short wee have up- 
wards of Fifty Miles of Roads already in the town to maintain, 
& But Eighty Six polls in the town which makes it Such a Bur- 
den to us that wee are not able to Make our Roads Good with- 
out Some help therefore wee pray your Excellency and Hon- 
ours to grant the Town the Liberty to Tax the Lands of the 
Nonresidents Lying in the Town to the highways in Such a 
way and Manner as your Excellency & Honours in your wis- 
dom Shall think Best, and your Petitioners as in Duety Bound 
will Ever Pray 

New Chester Septemb'' 24'*' 1785 



Benj° Boardman 
Joseph marshall 
Peter heath 
Simeon Cross 
Joseph sanborn 
Joseph Hoyt 
Winsor Goolden 
Michael Mosher 
Case fuller 
John Sleeper 
Carr Huse 
Tilton Bennet 
Josiah heath 
John Bussell 
Tho= Crawford 
Jonathan Crawford 
Peter sleeper 

Elias Bordman 

Seth Spencer 
David Craig 
Cutting favour 
David plum 
william murray 
John Cleaveland 
Thomas Lock 
Jacob Peaslee 
John tilton 
David Emerson 
Eph™ Webster 
Jacob wells 
Reuben wells 
John Smith 
Abner fellows 
Sherburn Sanborn 

John Mitchel 
Josiah Brown Jr 
Alexander Craig 
Jonathan Merrill 
Nathan Colby 
Jacob Gurdy 
John Cleaveland Jun'' 
Daniel Heath 
Shurburn Tilton 


willom Benet 
Nathaniel Sanborn 
Thomas Rowell 
thomas Wells 
Nason Cass 
Moses Sleeper 
Theophilus Sanborn 

[5-74] \_Petition for a Divist'oft of the Town, 1/8/.'] 

State of New-Hampshire 

To the Honourable Sennate and House of Representatives of 
said State to be convened at Charlestown on the Second 
Wednesday of September AD. 1787 — 

The Petition of the inhabitants of New Chester in said State 
Humbly Sheweth, Wee your Petitioners Labouring under many 
Difficulties and Disadvantages in our present Circumstances by 
Reason of the Town Being Exceeding Long and in one place 
but a very little more than one mile wide, which makes it very 
Difficult for the Major part of the people to attend Publick 
Worship when wee have preaching in the Town, and like wise 
to Attend Town Meetings, as it is Commonly bad — traviling 
when wee have our Annual Meetings, the Town is more than 
Nineteen miles in Length. Wee your Humble Petitioners 
Earnestly Request that your Excellency and Honours would 
Divide the Town of New Chester into two Towns, and that it 
may be Divided at Newfound River So Called (Vz) Beginning 
at the mouth of Newfound River and running up said river 
untill it comes to Newfound pond, then running on the easterly 
Shore of said pond untill it comes to the Town line between 
New Chester and Plymouth, and your petitioners as in Duty 
Bound will ever Pray 

New Chester August 23'^ 17S7 


Carr Huse Nathaniel Sanborn David Emerson 

Reuben Wells Eph™ webster Thomas Rowell 

John Bussell Cutting favour Joseph Jonson 

Nathan Colby Michael Mosher Thomas Lock 

Peter heath Thomas Huse Samuel worthen 

Jonathan Ingalls Jun John fellows Benj" Boardman 

Elias Boardman Jonathan Holt John Mitchel 

Jona"^ Ingals Josiah Brown Jacob Fellows 

Joseph marshall Jonathan Carlton Seth Spencer 

Joseph Emons Ephraim Clark Isaac Senter 

Moses Fellows John Mitchel Jupr Jonathan Crawford 

Simeon Cross Ziba Townsend Beniamin Emons 

Daniel Heath Chase Fullar William Powell 

James heath Joh'^ Ladd Josiah heath 

Jonathan heath Samuel Drew John heath 

David powell David Craig James Craige 

Alexander Craige Rob' Craige 

[An act was passed Feb. 12, 1788, incorporating the 
north part into a town named Bridgewater, and authorizing 
Thomas Crawford to call the first meeting. — Ed.] 

[5-75] \^Petitio7i for Authority to tax JVon- Residents.'] 
State of New Hampshire 

To the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives 
convened at Portsmouth the Fourth Wednesday of Decem- 
ber AD 1789. 

The Petition of the inhabitants of the Town Ships of New- 
Chester and Bridgwater in said State Humbly Sheweth that 
your Petitioners have been and Still are at great Cost to clear 
and Maintain Highways in Said Town Ships and by Reason 
of great Freshits have been obliged to alter Clear and Make 
new Roads in Many places and have built several large 
Bridges which are costly to Maintain which Makes the burden 
heavy upon us as our number of Rateable polls is but Small, 
therefore your petitioners humbly pray that your Honours 
■would grant that all the lands in said Town vShips may be taxed 
one penny upon an Acre Public lots Excepted for three years 
next Ensuing for the purpose of Clearing and Repairing high 
ways in Said Town Ships and your Petitioners as in Duety 
Bound will Ever pray. 

New Chester December 16'*" 1789 


Theophilus Sanborn Reuben Wells Michael Mosher 

Jonathan Carlton Thomas Crawford 

Select Men For and in Behalf of Said Towns. 
[The authority asked for was granted Jan. 14, 1790. — Ed.] 


The township was granted by the government of Massa- 
chusetts previous to the settlement of the province bound- 
aries in 1741, and settlements were made by James Mc- 
Calley, Samuel Gibson, and others, under this grant, but 
were broken up and deserted through fear of Indians. 

A settlement of the province boundaries decided the 
land to be in New Hampshire, and being within the limits 
of the Masonian Proprietors' Purchase, it was granted by 
them to Col. John Hill, of Boston, and derives its name 
from him. Hill was one of the proprietors under the Massa- 
chusetts grant. The town was incorporated by the gov- 
ernor and council Nov. 14, 1772, to contain about six miles 
square of territory, and none has been added or severed 
since that I am aware of. Petition for incorporation may 
be found in Vol. IX, p. 380. 

Hon. Franklin Pierce, president of the United States 
from 1852 to 1856, was a native of this town, where he was 
born Nov. 23, 1804. He graduated at Bowdoin college, 
1824, was a member of Congress two terms, from 1833 to 
1837, when he was elected to the United State senate. 

\_Hillsborough Soldiers i?i Rhode Island Expedition^ ^77^'^ 
[Revolutionary Papers, p. 373. — Ed.] 

Hillsborough Agust 8 1778 

By orders Esued from the Commitey of Safety of this State 
This May Sartify that we the Select men of Hillsborough have 
Dron out of Archrball Tagart hand Constabel for the year 1777 
Eightty Pounds LawfuU money which we have Paid to the 



Volintears which Tornd out of this Town for the Experdishon 
to Proverdance or Rodisland 

Ten Povmds to John Graham 
Ten Pounds to Archibel Tagart 
Ten Pounds to Will'" Pope 
Ten Pounds to William Gammell, 
Ten Pounds to Alexinder m'^Clintock 
Ten Pounds to Daniel Gibson 
Ten Pounds to Samuel Preston 
Ten Pounds to Solomon Andrews 

Atest Tim" Bradford 

Samuel Bradford 


Select men 

[R. 2-82] A List of Laram Men in Hills^. 

the R'' Jonathan Barns 
Cap' Joseph Symonds 
Lieu' Sam' Bradford 
Decon John Meed 
M^ Timothy Wilkins 
M'' Andrew bixbe 
M"" william Jones 
M"" George Booth 
M' Will™ Hutcheson 

Cap' Sam' Bradford 
Leu' Daniel M-^Neal 
En' Timothy Bradford 
M' Nathaniel Coledge 
M"" William Tagart 
M"" Joshua Estey 
M'' Thomas Murdough 
M'' Joseph Clark 

Mens names Belonging to the training Band in the town of 
Hillsborough including under officers 

alexander MClintock John MClintock 

John Gibson 
Lot Jenison 
Jonathan sargent 
william Symonds 
Benjman Ruft' 
James Gibson 
Nehemiah wilkins 

Andrew Bixbe Ju"''^ 
Elias Cheney > 

Jedediah prston 
Benjman Lovjoy 
william Booth 
Joseph Gagart 

Jonathan Durant 
Daniel Gibson 
William Love 
Samuel Merdough 
Nathaniel Howard 
thomas Murdough 

abel wilkins 
Jonathan Graham 
nathan Taylor 

Honored S'' among those of the above named we have about 
twenty Guns and sum of them not fit to go into the war, the 
best of our Guns are gone in the war either sold or our men 

these five newly 
r put into the List 


with them. I should have sent your Honner a List before this 
time, but could not without sending on purpose 

S'' I am your Hon° most Hum' Ser 

June the 3^ 1776 Isaac Andrews 

To Honered Col° Stickney Living in Concord 

[R. 2-83] \_Return of a Soldier^ i779-\ 

Hillsborough July 14* 1779 

Persuant to orders Rece*^ from your Hon. I have herewith 
ordered William Hutcheson to appear at Concord in order for 
passing muster — Beg the favor he may Return to Hillsb** a few 
days before he marches for Rhodisland — These from your 
Humb' Se'' Isaac Andi'ews Cap' 

To The Hon' Tho' Stickney Coll. at Concord in New Hamp- 

[R. 2-84] \^Bou7ities advanced by Towns ^ iy82.'\ 

In Committee on Claims, Exeter June 17, 1782. 

The Bounties and Supplies advanced by the Town of Tem- 
ple amount to Two Hundred & Fifty one pounds two shillings 
and ten pence — and the Bounties advanced by Hillsborough 
amount to Fifty Three Founds eight shillings — and the Boun- 
ties & supplies advanced by Peterborough amount to Ninety 
six Pounds eight shillings and seven pence good money which 
sums have been deducted from the soldiers depreciation 

Ex'' Per Josiah Oilman Jun' 

The Bounty advanced by Packersfield [Nelson] to Bunker 
Clark which was deducted from his depreciation amounts to 
Eighteen Pounds twelve shillings good money 

Ex*^ Per Josiah Oilman Jun' 

[]R. 2-85] \_Lieut. Samuel Bradford's Petitiott^ lySi .'\ 

[In a petition dated Jan. 2, 1781, Samuel Bradford states 
that he " engaged in the Service of the United States of 
America in Nov'^ 17/6 as a Lieutenant in the Second New 
Hampsh'^' Regiment and continued in said Service until the 



13*^ of Sept'' 1778." Being sick at that time he received a 
furlough from Gen. Poor, and did not again enter the ser- 
vice. He was in Capt. Claye's company in 1777. When the 
regiments were reorganized he was left out on account of 
his disability. — Ed.] 

[5-76] \_Petition for Authority to tax Non-Residents^ lySo."] 
State of New Hampshire 

To the Honourable the Council and Assembly of S*^ State in 
general Court Conveaned 

May it Please your Honors we the Subscribers freeholders 
in the town of Hillsborough in S** State Beg Leave to Petitions 
that whereas the Late John Hill Esq"" Boston who was Sole 
Proprietor in this town Did Before the Com.mencement of the 
present war Promies to give one hundred Acres of Land to- 
wards Buildings a Bridge over Connecticut River So Called in 
this town which Bridge we should have Built foore or five 
years a goe had it not Ben for this unhappy War but at Last 
we have Compleated s'^ Bredg and the Shairs of the s"^ Jho° 
Hill Es'' Have Ben Solisted to Make good there father Promies 
but refuses we therefore humbly petition that yoore Honnours 
would order a tax to be Leved on the Non Risidents Land ly- 
ing in town to dyfree the Chrges of building s*^ Bridge as we 
Labour under heavy Burdens in town and s*^ Bridge will be of 
grate Sarvis not ondly to this town but also to the Publick as 
s*^ Bridge cost us two thousand three hundred and three poond 
as Money was Last October and if yoore honours shall in yoore 
wisdom Se fit to grant this, our Petition we as in Duty Bound 
Shall Ever Pray 

Hillisborough the Eighth Day of May Anoq DoD 1780 

Samuel Bradford jur 
w" taggart 
Calven Stevens 
David Wright 
Nathaniel Haywood 
James Dutton 
Benj"" Jones 
thadeus monroe 
John Mead 
Lot Jeneson 
Jesse Rolf 
Jonathen Durant 

Zebediah Johnson 
archibald taggart 
George Willy 
Isaac Andres 
Sam' Jones 
Isaac Andrews Jun' 
John Duton 
John Shed 
timothy Bradford 
Daneeil Rolf 
William Booth 
Andrew Wilkins 

Jacob flint 
Joseph taggart 
Samu' Bradford 
william Pope 
James Jones 
William Jones 
Benjamin Dutton 
Nemiah wilkins 
William Grout 
Smith Robertson 
Jonathan Sargant 
George Booth 


Joshua Easty Benjamin Kimball william taggart Jun'' 

James taggatnt William Gammett Nathanell Colledge 

Joseph Symonds Samuel Symonds Robert Taggard 

Daniel Gibson tristram Cheney John Cheney 

John m'^Calley William Hutchinson John Gibson 

Andrew Bixbe John m'^Clary W™ Jones Junr 

Alexander m'^clintok John m'^Clintok Fortunatus Wheeler 

[5—77] \_Relative to drawing Town Lots., 1284.'] 
State of New Hampshire 

To the honorable the Council & House of Representatives now 
sitting at portsmouth within & for the said state of New 

Humbly Shew the Subscribers that at the time of settleing 
the Town of Hillsborough in the County of Hillsborough & 
State afores*^ many of your petitioners received Deeds from John 
Hill Late of Boston in the County of Suffolk & Commonwealth 
of Mass" Esq' Deces** of Lots of Land in the first Division in 
said Town & after settleing the Lots in the first Division, Drew 
by virtue of said Deeds which also conveyed them an undivided 
Share in the residue of said Town other Lots in the Second 
Division annexed to their first Number, & that those of your 
petition who did not purchase from said Hill purchased from 
others who held under him as afors*^ That on the Severance of 
the Second Division as afores** a plan was made of said Divi- 
sions, & Entries made by said Hill of the Numbers Drawn to 
each original Lot & the persons Interested Entered into the 
same have cultivated improved & they & those who purchased 
from them have held & possessed the same severally to this 
Day agreably to the Division plans & Drawing afores** that the 
said Hill at the time possessed himself of the plan & minutes 
afores** & held the same in his possession untill his Death & 
from his Decease the same have come to the hands & possession 
of his heirs & Executors who have Suppressed the Same & now 
claims the Lands against your petitioners who have nothing but 
oral Testimony to prove the Severance aforesaid or to Secure 
to them the fruits of their Labor for many years past expended 
upon their several possessions wherefore they most Humbly 
pray that on their producing to your honour clear and indis- 
putable proof of the facts aforesaid that your honors will by an 
Act Establish the aforesaid Severance & Secure to them their 
possessions or give tliem such other relief as to your honors in 
your great wisdom Shall appear Just & Equitable 



Robert m'^Cluei- 
James m'^Calley 
William Pope 

John M'^Calley 
Andrew Bixbe 

John Gibson 
James Taggart 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 17, 1785, the foregoing petition was 
granted. — Ed.] 

[5-78] {^Relative to Date of Annual Meeting-, 178 J. "] 
State of Nevvhampshire 

To the Hon'''^ Senate and House of Representatives in General 
assembly Convened at Concord the third w^ednesday of octob'' 
Anno Domini 1785 

The Petition of the select men & other inhabitance of the 
Town of Hillsborough in the County of Hillsboro'' and state of 
New Hampshire aforesaid — 

Humbly sheweth that our annual meeting being held on the 
Last thursday of march Discommods us sum Times it happens 
to be on the Last Day of march the Town officers not being 
sworn on that Day we are obliged to adjourn our annual meeting 
into april ; which is attended with much Difficulty on ace' of 
taking our invoice early in the month of april and by Reason 
of many Conveyances being rnade between the first Day of 
april and the time of taking the invoice it is Defec' matter to 
take the invoice so that Every person my have Justice. 

Your Petition therefore pray that our annual meeting may be 
held on the first monday of march annually for the future insted 
of the Last thursday 

and your petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray &c — 

October 20"^ 1785 

Isaac Andrews 
John Dutton 
Wm. Taggartjuner 


Select men 

Jedidiah Preston 
William Taggart 
John mead 
David Wright 
William Booth 
Joseph Symonds 
Benjamin Dutton 
Jonathan Danforth 
Daniel Killam 
Paul Cooledee 

William Parker 
Eliphalet Bradford 
Andrew Bixbe 
Jonathan Sargent 
Daniel Rolf 
Samuel Bradford 
David Marshall 
Benj" Gould 
Ephraim Train 
William Jones 

Benj'* Kimball 
John Hartwell 
Otis How 
Gorge Booth 
Joshoa Estey 
James Dutton 
Uriah Cooledge 
Samuel Danforth 
James mcCalley 
James Jones 


Elijah Beard Isaac Andrews Perkins Andrews 

William Little Calvin Stevens Nehemiah Wilkins 

John Shed John mcNeall Moses Steel 

William Hutchinson Samuel Symonds William Love 

Timothy Gray Solomon Andrews John gibson 

William Symonds Nath" Symonds 

[In H. of Rep., Oct. 31, 1785, the foregoing petition was 
granted. — Ed.] 

C5-79] \_Return of Ratable Polls, i/Sj.} 

State of New Hampshire — 

Hillsborough Decern'' the 16"" 1783 

We find by Estimation Ninety Eight Male poles upwards of 
twenty one years of age paying Taxes in s"^ Town 

John Dutton ) Select 

Isaac Andrews Jun"" ) Men 

Hillsborough ss December the i6"* 17S3 

Then the above Named John Dutton & Isaac Andrews Jun'' 
Each personally Appeared and made solemn oath they had 
taken the N" of the male poles in the above s*^ town Before Me 

Isaac Andr" Jus peace 

[5-81] \_Petition for Authority to tax Non- Residents, lySj."] 

To His Excellency the President of the State of New Hamp- 
shire the Hon*''" Senate and House of Representatives in 
General Assembly Convened at Concord the third Wednes- 
day of October Anno Domini 1785 — 

The petition of the Select men & other Inhabitants of the 
Town of Hillsborough, in the County of Hillsborough and 
State of New Hampsliire aforesaid 

Humbly sheweth that the Land in said Town is very rocky 
and that the Inhabitants have been at Great Expence, in mak- 
ing, mending and making passable the highways therein, and 
Also by means of a Number of Large bridges, which they were 
obliged to build, and Maintain over Contucook River, the 
Charges of said roads & bridges have become Excessively 
heavy and burdensome — 

Your Petitioners therefore pray that a tax of one penny per 


acre may be Laid upon all the Lands in said Town to be 
appropriated for the sole purpose, of making repairing, and 
maintaining said roads and bridges, or that your Excellency 
and your honours would in your Great wisdom, be pleased to 
Grant them such other relief as you shall think fit and your 
petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray &c. 

October 20'" 1785 

Isaac Andrews ^ Select men 

John Dutton > of 

W™ Taggart Juner ) Hillsb^ 

Eliphalet Bradford John Hartwell John mead 

Jonathan Danforth Benj* gould Samuel Danforth 

Daniel Killam Ephr"" Train James m'^Calley 

Paul Cooledge Andrew Bixbe Otis How 

David Wright Gorge Booth William Booth 

Daniel Rolf Joshua Estey William Parker 

Benj'' Kimball William Taggart Joseph Symonds 

Samuel Bradford James Dutton Benjamin Dutton 

David Marshall Uriah Cooledge Jonathan Sargent 

Jedidiah Preston William Jones James Jones 

Elijah Beard Isaac Andrews Perkins Andrews 

William Little Calvin Stevens Nehemiah Wilkins 

John Shed John mcNeall Moses Steel 

William Hutchinson Samuel Symonds William Love 

Timothy Gray Solomon Andrews John gibson 

William Symonds Nath^^ Symonds 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 28, 1786, the foregoing petition was 
granted. — Ed.] 

[5-83] \_Relative to Robert Tinney, Soldier.'] 

To the Hon*"'^ Sennate and hon"'' house of Representatives 
in General Assembly Conveined for the State of New Hamp 
the 3'' Wednesday of octo'' Instant at Concord in s** State 

The Petetion of the Select men of Hillsborough in the Coun- 
ty of Hillsborough and other of the Inhabitants of said Town 
Humbly shews — That the Select" for s'' Town in the year 17S1, 
by the names of Samuel Bradford and John M'^Calley Signed 
a note of hand bearing date March y^ 14"' 17S1 thereby prom- 
ising to pay one John M'=Clintock or order one hundred and 
ninety two Bushells of Good Merchantable Indian Corn or as 
much money as will jDurchase it, at or before the fourteenth day 
or March then next with Interest till paid &c — That the above 



note was Given to the Said M'^Clintock for the hire of a Certain 
Robert Tinney who the said JVPClintock had procured to enlist 
into the Continatal Army said Year as a man for the said Town 
of Hillsborrough — That notwithstanding the Said Note was 
given to the s*^ M'^CHntock as hire for said Soldier he the said 
Soldier immediately after his Muster Diserted and Never Joined 
the Army at all and your petitioners Vehemintly Suspect that 
this Disertion was advised and Countinanced by the s'^ M^Clin- 
tock That the Town of Hillsborrough were so Well Satisfyed 
that the said M'^Clintock was not entitled by either Law or 
Equity to the corn or money promised by the s** note that they 
universally discountinanced the paymint thereof and suffered a 
suit to be brought against the Signers of the said Note intend- 
ing to dispute the same before the Superior Court of this State 
but by the inattention of one of the Signers to the said Note 
when the tryal came on before the inferior Court for the County 
of Hillsborough which was held at Amherst the 4"^ day of Aug' 
1782 — a Default issued and Judgment Entered against the Per- 
sons who Signed the said note for the sum of 47,, 16,, 8** Dam- 
age and 3,, 13,, 8'^ Cost of Court as appears of Record — Both 
which Sums has since been paid to the said John jVPClintock 
by the said Town of Hillsborrough notwithstanding the s^ 
Tinney never Served in the Army one day in Consequence of 
this Hire — 

Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Honers 
will Order the said M'^Clintock to return the said money he has 
received as afores*^ or Order a New Tryal in such a way and 
manner as the nature of the said Contract made with the s^ 
M'^Clintock may be enquired into by some Court proper to Try 
the same that Justice may be done in the premises — or in any 
way that shall Seem to your Excell^' and honers — 

and Your Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall ever pray &c 

Dated at Hillsbourough Octo' 20"^ 1785 

Isaac Andrews 

John Dutton I- Selectmen 

W" Taggart June'' 3 


Andrew Bixbe 
William Parker 
Samuel Danforth 
Nehemiah Wilkins 
William Love 
John gibson 
Joseph Symonds 
Benj" Dutton 
Jonathan Sargent 

Otis How 
Benj" Kimball 
Daniel Killom 
John Shed 
Timothy Gray 
William Symonds 
Samuel Bradford 
David Marshall 
Gorge Booth 

David Wright 
Jonathan Danforth 
Calvin Stevens 
John m'^Neall 
Solomon Andrews 
Nath^' Symonds 
James Dutton 
Uriah Cooledge 
William Booth 



Daniel Rolf 
William Taggart 
John mead 
James m'^Calley 
James Jones 
Perkins Andrews 

Joshua Estey 
Eliphalet Bradford 
Benj^ gould 
Paul Cooledge 
Elijah Beard 
William Little 

Jedidiah Preston 
John Hartwell 
Ephraim Train 
William Jones 
Isaac Andrews 
Moses Steel 

William Hutchinson Samuel Symonds 

[5-84] \^Relative to Incorporating a Town Library^ ^797'^ 

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives in 
general Court convened at Portsmouth November 1797 

Humbly sheweth Benjamin Peirce Joseph Symonds Isaac 
Andrews Jonathan Barnes Calvin Stevens and others their 
Associates have purchased a number of books for the purpose 
of Establishing a Social Library in the Town of Hillsborough, 
but finding it necessary to be Incorporated in Order to realize 
the advantage Anticipated, by purchasing books in common, 
therefore pray that they may be Incorporated with such privi- 
ledges, as are usually granted in such cases and they as in duty 
bound will pray 

Benjamin Pierce* 

[The foregoing petition was granted Dec. 6, 1797. — Ed.] 


Previous to the settlement of the divisional line between 
the provinces of New Hampshire and Massachusetts in 
1 741, a large portion of the territory now comprising this 
town and a portion of what is now Winchester belonged 
to Northfield, Mass. Settlements had been made here by 
authority of a grant from the government of that province, 
and a fort had been built by Col. Ebenezer Hindsdale on 
the east side of Connecticut river a little north of the old 
line of Northfield, as shown on an ancient plan which is No. 
842- in the volume from which the following papers are 
copied. Fort Dummer was situated on the west side of the 

[*Hon. Benjamin Pierce was born in Chelmsford, Mass., Dec. 25, 1757. He was a sol- 
dier in the Revolutionary war; sheriff from 1807 to 1814, and from 1819 to 1827 ; represent- 
ative eleven years, and for six years a member of the council. He was elected governor of 
the state in 1827, and again in 1829. He was the father of Franklin Pierce, president of the 
United States from 1852 to 1856. He died April i, 1839.— Ed.] 


river, a short distance above the mouth of Venters brook, 
and was built by Hon. William Dummer, Anthony Stod- 
dard, William Brattle, and John White, of Boston, who 
owned by purchase the tract of land west of the river 
known as the " Equivalent Lands." It was named for Mr. 
Dummer, as was also the town of Dummerston, Vt, 

The inhabitants and others petitioned the government of 
New Hampshire for a grant of the township, and were 
favored with one dated Sept. 3, 1753, which covered all the 
territory on the west side of Connecticut river now in the 
town of Vernon, Vt., in addition to what is now Hinsdale, 
except the north part east of the river, which was contained 
in the grant of Winchester, made July 2, 1753, and by which 
the north part of Winchester extended to Connecticut river. 
On the 26th of September of the same year. Gov. Went- 
worth, with advice of the council, decided and declared that 
the east line of Hinsdale, instead of running no further north 
than the old north line of Northfield, should run through 
to Chesterfield, thus taking a considerable portion of land 
that had been granted to Winchester, but leaving the latter 
a more compact township. 

The name of the town is derived from Col. Ebenezer 
Hindsdale and is so spelled in the charter, and in many 
other documents prior to 1800. So far as I have seen, the 
colonel always wrote his name as above, and it is so written 
in most of the original manuscripts of the documents pub- 
lished in Vol. IX. The petition for the charter may be 
found on page 382 of that volume. 

On the formation of the state of Vermont the town lost 
about one half its territory : with that exception I believe no 
change has been made in its boundaries since Sept. 26, 1753. 

[5-S5] [ Col. yosiah Willard's Account fot- Supplies furtiish- 
ed Soldiers, lyjo.^ 

Fort Dumer July y* 6"^ ^750 

John Gofle Esq"" Cap' W" Shackford Richard Downing Jon* 
Tilton & Zach-- Tole D^ to Col° Josiah Willard— 

To Pork loi"' a ii"! p' "> a 
To Beaf 13"' a 9<^ p^ "^ a 
To Cheas 22'*' a 9 p'' "* a 
To Bread 71^'^ a 6<* p"" a 
To Beanes one Peek a 
















To Meal i Peek a 

To w Rum 6 gall" a io° p' gal a 

To Sug"" 2'" a i" : 6^ p' ^^ n 

Boarding 1 2 men 3 Days a 2' 6'' p"" Day ] 

D° 9 men 1 Day a J 

To Cash Paid Cap' Fairbanks moore Lieu' Volintine 

Butler & William Willard for Boating 
To Cash Paid David Farnsworth 
To Cash Paid James Johnson 
To Pasteiung 7 horses 14 Days a 6^ p^ Day 
























o. o 

[5-S6] [ CoL Ebenezer Hinsdale s Bill^ 1755 •'\ 

Province of } to Ebenez"" Hindsdales and others 

New Hampshire] D"" 17=55 

1755 — June 7'^ To a man & Horse Riding Post to Fort 
Dum"" & So to Charlestown to Notify y* People of the misheif 
Done by the Indians at Hoosock £10. o. o 

June 1 2"^ to a man & Horse from Deerf** to No- \ 
tify the Frontiers of the mischief Done by the Ind- \ £\o. o. o 
ians at Chailymont j 

To an Express of 2 men to N° 4 to Notify of a ) 
body of Indians Descending on our Frontiers } 

June 27 to an Express to Charlestown &c to No- \ 
tify of a l3ody of Indians Killing & Captivating 3 I £6. o. o 
families near Hindsdales Fort ,' 

(JVol allow"^) July 1 7 To Ten Horses i Night 64 /, ) 
62 meals for y* men that Come to bury y'' Dead & \ £i'J. 10. o 
Follow y® Enemy j 

July 27 to an Express from Maj Bellowses of ) 
2 men to y^ great meadow Charlestown & Keen to > £6. o. o 
Notify of 2 men Killed near His Garrison j 

July 22** to a man & Horse to Deerfield when the ^ 
men were Killed & Taken at Hindsdales Garrison 
in order to get men to go out & bury y" Dead and 
pursue y'' Enemy 

to be paid \ To the Entertainment of 31 

by y* Com'"^ of war > men & their Horses who 10- 
£19. 10 J come to bury Ordeway and j ■^' 

pursue the Enemy | 

to a Winding Sheat for Said Ordeway J £4. o. o 

£4. o. o 

10. o 


To the Hire of a Horse from Winchester to Ports- \ 
mouth for Timo* Wells a Soldier Caring the No- > £7. 10. o 
lice of the above mischeif to His Excell-^' ) 

July 27 To an Express from Maj"' Bellowses to 
y* great meadow to Notify of y* Enemies attacking 1 ^ 
Maj"' Bellows & men & besetting m"" Killbourns 

Total Old Ten' £88. o. o 

Left to be paid for 
Expresses £51 Old Tenor 

To His Excell^ Gov"' Wentworth with the Honourable His 
majestys Councill or y^ Honr'''* the Committe of warr. 

May It please Your Excell^ & Honr' : The above ace'' are 
Justly Charged & as it would be a great Hardship for me or y* 
particular persons who have been Sent on Such Emergencies 
Should bear the Expence I Intreat It may be allowed & paid to 
Maj"" Bellows or whom you may order for y* Severall persons to 
whom it belongs 

from your Excell^' & Hon" most Dutifull & 
obedient Serv' 

Hindsdale Dec' aG''^ 1755 

Ebenez"" Hindsdale 

In Councill Jan'^ 15"" 1755 

The foregoing Acco' Examined by the Council who are of 
opinion that the Sum of Twelve Pounds fifteen Shillings N 
Ten' be allowed in full of the Sundry Charges for Expresses the 
other articles not being Directed to them are not Considered in 
the said allowance 

Theod' Atkinson Sec'^ 

£5—87] \_Relative to Duniiyier's I^erry."] 

To the Honourable Members of the general Cort Now Set- 
ting in the State of N : Hampshire whereas we the Subscribers 
have been Informed that there hath Been astrife Between one 
Allen willard And one James Hubbard Each One of them hav- 
ing Exhibited a Pertion to the Board of this State Requesting 
the Privaledge of having the Bennefit of the Ferra Commonly 
nown by the Name of Dummers Ferra Now as to the matter of 
M' Allen Willard having the farra Stated to him as his Situation 
is Very Rermoat in Deed we Viewe it much Contry to Right 
And good Reason the above s** James Hubbard having for this 



four years and Above owned the Land that Must Necesarly Im- 
proved by all that Cross the River at that Place for s'^ Hubbard 
Bought the Land of M' Henry Gibbs of Old Salem and hath a 
warrantee Deed and all the Privaladge that apertaine thareunto 
And as to the Land that s"^ Hubbard Bought is not Seficant to 
Seport a famualy on But Varry Conveanant for a farra man, 
and we do Challang of Proffit belongs to the Town of Hinds- 
dale as the Line Between N Hampshire and York was Precise- 
ly afixed to the west Banks of Connectacut River Now the s** 
Hubbard is Allowed to be a man of good general Character 
aud wold be Likely to Indulge Passengers Even to his Best 
Abilety & we the .Subscribers Bag the fovour that Even for the 
good of the Publick that the s<i James Hubbard might be a 
Pointed & Improved as a farra man 

& we understand that if Allen Willard gits the farra that it is 
to be Kept on the west Side of the River by another man 

Daniel Shattuck 
Benj Stone 
Ebenezer Soule 
William Lyon 
David Bishop 
Samuel Batchelder 
John Streeter 
Elijah Barret 
Nathan Thomas 
Gideon Shattuck 
Henley Ward 

Oliver Doolittle 
Elihu Stebbins 
Elijah Cooper 
Isaac Barret 
Makpeac Shattuck 
Samuel Thomas Ju 
Ivory Soule 
Philips Barret 
William Davenport 
Israel Thomas 
Isaac morgan 

Eldad Wright 
Amasa Burt 
Aaron Blanchard 
Edward Morgan 
Cyprian Peirce 
Hezekiah Elmer 
Asa Philips 
Silas Barret 
often Burnam 
Billey Burnham 
daniel thomas 

[5-88] \_Relative to Abatement of Taxes ^ i'/yg.'\ 

To the Honorable the Council for the State of New Hampshire 
and House of Representatives in General Court Assembled at 
Exeter on the day of October 1779. — 

The Inhabitants of the Town of Hindsdale in the County of 
Cheshire humbly Shew. That in the Year 177S Your petition- 
ers prefer'd a memorial to the General Court, Setting forth That 
The Inhabitants of said Hindsdale were taxed more than Their 
Just and Equitable proportion to the State tax for the Years 
1777 & 1778, and pray'd an abatement thereof, in Consequence 
of said memorial the Honorable Court did take the Case of your 
petitioners into Consideration and did order that an Inventory 
of all the Polls and Rateable Estate in said Town (the Common 
& undivided Land excepted) be taken & return'd into the Sec- 
retarys Office within three months in which Case your petition- 


er should have an Allowance in the next years Tax, and that in 
Consequence of said Order the Selectmen of said Hindsdale did 
make an Inventory agreable to the directions of the General 
Court, and as 3'our Petitioners had no Representative in this 
Honora''" Court except Coll Ashley One of the Council for said 
County, said Inventory was Committed to his Care to be deliv- 
ered agreable to the directions of the General Court, but your 
Petitioners finding no Relief in their assessment for the present 
year, immagine that the Case of your Petitioners was pass*^ over 
in Silence. Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray That this 
Honorable Court woud take their Case into Consideration and 
Grant them such Relief as in Your Great Wisdom shall seem 
Meet, as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

Aaron Cooper ) Selectmen 
Micah Rockwood \ of Hindsdale 

[5-89] \_Relative to Vermont Controversy^ lySi.^ 

New hapshir. To the Honorable the Commitee of the State 

We the Subscribers Holding our selves as good subjects of 
the State of New Hapshire are Now purplexed and vexed : a 
number of Designing men as we apprehend who with a Dissign 
to Distro}' the quiet & peace not only of this town but in all the 
towns in the New hampshire grants on the East of the River 
have got commissioned by the Govcnor of the State of Vermont, 
both in the civil and military order, and Now Require of us the 
most strictest obedience which if we Refuse we are punished & 
Delt with according to thir Laws whos juriousdiction and au- 
thority we Deney and Humbly pray for your Protection and as- 
sistence in Defending our Selves — 

Hensedal July y'' 13 17S1 

Oliver Doolittle Zeph^ Richmond James Peacock 

Daniel Shattuck William flagg Baz^ Grandey 

gershem Densmere Ephraim Eaton Elisha Belding 

Joshua Frost Jo^""^ Evans Nathaniel Collens 

Uriel Evans Remembrance W^right Asa Flagg 

Amasa Burt Nath' Sanger Isaac Barret 

Cyrus Shattuck Eldad Evans Philip Barret 

Silas Barret Makpeace Shattuck Jonathan Barret 

Gideon Shattuck j , v Fl o- Darius wright 

Aaron Wright *^ ^.y, '''^ Jedediah Smith 

Ivorj' Soule oliver Smith 

John Peacock David Bishop 


[5-90] {^Petition for a Grant of a Ferry ^ lyS^^ 

To his Excellency the President the Honorable Senate and 
House of Representatives in General Court convened. 

Humbly shews your respectful Petitioner the Subscriber, that 
over Connecticutt River in the Town of Hinsdale at a place 
known by the name of Fort Dummer there has been a ferry 
way much improved for a long time — 

That the same has been supplied with boats and attended 
upon by the late father of your petitioner and others of the said 
family for the space of fourscore years — 

That the land on both sides of the river belongs to the heirs 
of his said father — that one of the heirs at present waits at the 
same ferry, and has convenient boats for the conveyance over of 
passengers & their Cattle & Carriages of all kinds. The prayer 
of your petitioner therefore is, that he may have a grant of the 
exclusive right to said ferry way upon such terms and under 
such I'estrictions as to your Excellency and Honors shall seem 
expedient. And your petitioner as in duty bound shall ever 

Allin Willard 

Octo"" ye 12, 1785 

Hindsdale May lo"" 1786. 

We the subscribers having been served with the Petition and 
order of Court pray that your Honours would grant the Peti- 
tioner his Prayer And would Inform your Honours the Road to 
& from said Ferrie is layed out, on land of the Heirs of Capt. 
Nathan Willard dec^ 

Micah Rockwood ) Select Men 

Hollis Taylor j of Hindsdale 


[5~9^] S^Relative to aforesaid Ferry ^ iy86.'\ 

We the Subscribers being applied to by James Hubbard with 
an Instrument of Writeing Signifying the Necessaty of a Ferries 
being keep in the Town of Hindsdale on the East side of the 
River Opposite Dummer Landing — And that he might have the 
Benefit thereof, and that we would Signify our approbation to 
the Same, Accordingly there was a Town Meeting Called by 
the desire of s*^ Hubbard, — And it was the Opinion of the 
Town, And allmost an Unanimous Vote, that as the Heirs of 
the Willard Family own'd Land on Both sides of the River, & 
Cap' Nathan Willard Dec"^ had keep the Ferrie for a great Num- 
ber of years, — that his Son Allyn should have the Preheminence, 
We are therefore of the Opinion of the Major part of the Town, 



& we do hereby Revoke and Disannul our Names being to s"^ 
Hubbards Instrument, and we do Annex the same to Allyn 
Willards Petition, — For the foregoing Reasons And for s*^ Hub- 
bards giveing us a Rong Representation of the same. 

David Lyon ") Q 1 f en 
Hindsdale Jan^ 25"^ 1 7S6 Cyrus Shattuck [ ^^ Hindsdale. 

Eldad Evans ) 


\_Another Petition relative to same.'\ 

Hinsdale Jan^ 12"^ 1786 

We the Subscribers Select Men & Inhabitants of the Town 
of Hindsdale, having taken the above Petition into Mature Con- 
sideration, — and as the Heirs of Cap' Nathan Willard own Land 
on both sides of the River, — We strongly Recommend it to 
your Honours, that he may have an exclusive right to the Fer- 
rie, in s'' Town of Hindsdale on the east side of the River, it 
being in the County of Chesshire and State of New Hamp- 
shire, — and Opposite the old Landing known by the name of 
Dummer Landing in the town of Brattleborough and that said 
Allyn Willard may be Established in the same & enjoy the 
Benefit thereof 

Yours &c &c 

Cyrus Shattuck ") Select 
Eldad Evans >- men of 
David Lyon ) Hinsdale 

Abner Comins 
gershem Desmore 
Ephraim Eaton 
Seth Bishop 
Aaron Wright 
Hollis Taylor 
Jedediah Smith 
Thos Beebe 
Joshua Frost 
Uriel Evans 

Jonathan Wright 
Aaron Cooper 
Benja"" Sanger 
Oz" Elmer 
Drius Wright 
John Medcalf 
John Peacock 
Timothy Beebe 
Nathan Willard 
Jon* Carver 

Daniel Jones 
John Gardiner 
Isaac Crain 
Thomas Rockwood 
Jesse Hill 
John Evens 
Hezekiah Elmer 
Thomas Taylor 
Nath" Sanger 
Tilley Wilder 
Luther Winslow 
W"' Smith 

[5-94] \_Deposition of yosiah Wheeler^ Ij86.'\ 

Cheshire ss Hindsdale April y* 19"" 17S6 

The Deposition of Josiah Wheeler of Hindsdale afore"^ of 
Lawfull age who Testifys and says that sometime about the first 
of January Last Past I the Deponent being in Company with 
Chearles Evans he presented a certain Paper to me the Depo- 


nent to sign in faviour of Alain Willard of s'^ Hindsdale that 
he the s'^ alain mite have the Priviledge of the fearry acrost 
Conecticut River at a Place called Dummer in sd Hindsdale ; I 
told him I should not ; he the s"* Evans then told the Deponent 
that I had better ; for s"^ he you will want to cross often and you 
hant always money Implying as I understood that If I would 
not sign said Paper I should not be carried acrost s*^ farry with- 
out the money in hand ; thereby attempting to force me to sign 
$'' Paper and farther invited me to go to town-meeting and take 
a Drink with him and further the Deponent saith Not 

Josiah Wheeler 

At the same time and Place I Edward morgan of Hindsdale 
of Lawfull age testifies and says that on or about the fifth day 
of January last past being in Town-meeting in s*^ Hindsdale I 
saw considerable of cherry Rum handed about to be Drank in 
the meeting House in s*^ Hindsdale and Drank of the same 
myself and farther the Deponent saith Not 

Edward Morgan 

Cheshire ss : April y^ 19"* 1786 then the above said Josiah 
Wheeler and Edward Morgan signers to the above Decla- 
ration personally appear'd and after due caution and careful! 
Examination made solemn oath to the truth of the above Dec- 
larations by them severally Signed and subscribed 

Coram Michael Cresey Just : Peace 

[5-95] \^Depositlon of Nathaniel Stear7ts.~\ 

Cheshire ss : Hindsdale April y'' 19"^ 17S6 

The Deposition of Nathanel Stearns of s** Hindsdale of Law- 
full age who Deposeth and saith that he the Deponent being in 
Company with Alain willard of Hindsdale afore"'^ att s'^ Hinds- 
dale about the first of January last past ; and discoursing with 
him the s'^ Willard about the ferry at a place called Dummer in 
s** Hindsdale which ferry he the s'' willard and James Hubbard 
of s'^ Hindsdale both Claims the Previledge of; and there being 
then a town meeting of s*^ Hindsdale warn*^ to Know the minds 
of s*^ town concerning the s*^ Dispute ; the said Willard then 
and there desired me the Deponent as I was soon going toward 
the lower end of s*^ town to Inform sundry Persons that if they 
would come to s*^ meeting and vote in faviour of him the s'^ 
willard he would give them as much Groge as they could drink 
and further the Deponent saith not 

Nathaniel Stearns 


Cheshire ss : April y^ 19''' T7S6; then the above Named 
Nathaniel Stearns signer to the above Declaration personally 
appear'' and after due Caution and careftdl Examination made 
solum oath to the truth the above Declaration by him sub- 
cribed — 

Coram Michael Cresey Just Peace 

C5~97] [_y-ames Hubbard for a Ferry ^ iy86.'] 

The State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon'''* John Langdon Esq'' President of said State : The 
honourable Senate and House of Representatives in General 
Court assembled. 

The petition of James Hubbard of Hinsdale in the County 
of Cheshire in said State Yeoman : 

Humbly sheweth : That there being great need of a stated 
Ferry over Connecticut River, in said Hinsdale against where 
the Fort called Dummer formerly stood ; as there is much travel 
with Teams Horses Carriages &c — And as said Ferry has not 
been properly provided with Boats, to carry over loaded Teams 
by which means mens lives and properties, have been much 
exposed, and some have sustained, great damage and loss. 
And whereas, your Petitioner owns the Land on east side of the 
River, at the Landing ; and has a Dwelling House, about eight 
Rods distant therefrom, which is the only house within half 
a Mile on this side of the River ; and will enter into sufficient 
Bonds, obliging hemself, his heirs and assigns forever ; to pro- 
vide and keep suitable Boats ; and give proper attendance at all 
Times, to transport over said Ferry, subject to such regulations 
as the Honourable Court shall order : provided the exclusive 
priviledge, of keeping said Ferry, at the Place where it now is, 
and one mile and a half up the said River ; and three Miles 
down ; may be granted to him and his heirs forever. 

Your Petitioner therefore humbly prays, the Honourable 
Court, to take the matter into their wise consideration ; and 
grant the exclusive priviledge of keeping the said Ferry, to 
your Petitioner and his Heirs forever ; or otherwise order, as 
you in your Wisdom shall think proper ; and your Petitioner 
as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

Hinsdale January the 2^ 17S6 

James Hubbard 

[The ferry was granted to Willard, June, 1786. — Ed.] 


[5~9S] \_Petition for a Magistrate^ iy8g.~\ 

State of New Hampshire ) 

Cheshire County ) Hindsdale Ocf y^ 12'^ 17S9 

To His Excellency John Sullivan Esq'' Captain jeneral & Com- 
mander in Chief in and over the Province of New hamp- 
shire — 

We your Informers Humbly Beg leave to shew that the Town 
of Hindsdale is Now Destitute of any justice of the Peace 
within s'* Town which is much to the Damage of the same we 
therefore with advise of others Do Recommend m' uriel Evans 
for that Purpose ; we therefore Pray your Excellency to Qiialify 
& Commission the said mr uriel Evans for a justice of the 
Peace for said Town of Hindsdale and we Shall Greatly Ac- 
knowledge your Excellencyes favour for the same 

Nathaniel Stearns ) Selectmen 
Samuel Robbins ^ for Hindsdale 

[5-99J \_Petition for Authority to send a Representative^ 

1793 ''\ 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Hindsdale 

To the Honorable Senate & house of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court conven** 

Whereas in & by the Constitution of the State of New Hamp- 
shire it is Requir"^ that a Town shall have One Hundred & 
Fifty Rateable Polls of Twenty One years of age and upwards 
to be Intitled to the Previledge of a Representative Whereas 
the Town of Hindsdale has not the Number requir** and Cannot 
with any Convenience be Clast with any other Town parish or 
place and we your Petitioners conceive that we Labour under 
many Disadvantages for the want of the previledge of a Rep- 
resentative to many to be innumerated in this Petition and we 
the Selectmen of Hindsdale by order of the Majority votes of s* 
Town to Petition the General Court Above Mention'' that Said 
Hindsdale may have the previledge of a Representative in s** 
Court we the Subscribers humbly request that the previledge 
may be granted to the s"* Town of Hindsdale as in Duty bound 
shall ever pray 

Hindsdale May 30'^ 1793 

Cyrus Shattuck ~\ Selectmen 
Uriel Evans > for 
Perley Marsh ) Hindsdale 


[5-100] \_Petition for the Privilege of a Lottery^ i'jg§.~\ 

To the Honorable General Court of the State of Newhampshire 
convened at Hanover June 1795 — 

we your Petitioners the Inhabitants of Winchester Hindsdale 
and others humbly sheweth tliat vour Petitioners as well as the 
Publick at large suffer great Inconvenancy for want of a good 
Publick Road leading from the Furnace in Said Winchester on 
the North Side of Ashewillet River till it strikes the grate Road 
at or near Whelers mills in Said Hindsdale that leads from 
Northfield to Chesterfield allso another Road Begening about 
one Mile East of Said Whelers Mills on the first Mentioned 
Road and runing a Northerly course till it Strikes Said Chester- 
field Road Sixty or Eightv Rods Southerly of M"" Daniel Fish- 
ers House allso to make Two stone butments two stone pillors 
for string peaces to lye on for the Bridge over Ashewillet River 
nere Said Furnace and whareas between three and four miles of 
Said Intended Road there is no Inhabetants live and by reason 
of Hills and Brooks there will be much diging and Bridging to 
be don on Said Road which will make it very Expencesive al- 
tho when don will be of grate utility to the Publick as well as 
Individles b}- shortning a grate Roade four or five miles leading 
from the Country to the seport Towns and whare as it is Too 
Havy a Burthen on the Inhabitants living near Said Road to 
make it passable for Teams &'' — in this Situation we cheerfully 
Bring forward this our Petition Looking up to your Honours as 
the gardiens of the People, that you will take our Case into 
your Wise Consideration & grant us a Lottery to raise fifteen 
Hundred Dollars for the purpose of making Said Roads & 
Bridges with the other Expence & as the major part of the 
Tickets will be sold out of this State this with the grate advan- 
tage which will arise to the Publick frome the object we make 
no Doubt your Honours Will Grant our Request and as in 
Duty bound Will Ever pray — 

Thomas Gould William Humphrey Elisha Knapp 

Reuben Alexander J"" Stephen Flawkins Nathan Parker 

Ezra Parker Jun'' Asa Alexander Abel Oldham 

Ephraim Hawkins Ezra Healy Thadd : Bancroft 

Sam" Warren Richard Gale Paul Richardson 

Noah Pratt Henry Pratt Daniel Severance 

Nathan Pratt Samuel Hill Abel Hammond 

Justus Jewell Asa Allexander Ebenezer Bancraft 

Moses Chamberlain Josiah Ward Asa Bancroft 

Charles Conant Emery Gale Joseph Williams 

Jacob Rich Robart Flemin William Bencraft 

Asa Conant Enoch Robbins John Erskine 



Joseph Jones 
Abraham Scott 
Philip Goss Jr 
William Gould 
Jon" Howard 
Josiah Wheeler 
John Barret 
Thomas Butler 
William Howe 
Lemuel Whitney 
Rob' R Field 
Thomas W : Daven- 
Cyprian Pearce 
Samuel Or vis 
Erastus Sargent 
Nathaniel Sanger Jr 
Daniel Fisher 
Elihu Stebbens 
Dan' Healy 
Daniel Hawkins Jun' 
Levi Ripley 
Heniy Foster 
David Hammond 
John Everden 
John Follet 
Henry Thayer 
Joseph Allen 
Hezekiah Willis 
Ezra Parker 
Amasa Houghton 
Elijah Butler 

Benj" Conant 
Jesse Scott 
James Scott 
Henry Ashley 
Elijah Cooper 
Stephen Coye 
Joshua Frost 
David Wolley 
William Reed 
Gard"' Chandler 
Eben' Hoyt 
Edward Morgan 
Elisha Pierce 
Jonathan Burt 
Allyn Willard 
John Evens 
John Badger 
Abraham wheeler 
Eleazer Lawrence J"^ 
Eleazer Ripley 
Jacob Fisk 
Nath Bartlett 
Abiel Naramore 
John Alexander 
Jeremiah Pratt 
Ebenezer Kelmarn 
Samuel wood 
Samuel Healy 
Eben'' Scott J'' 
Jesse Spaulding 
Ezra Conant 
Daniel Ashley 

Philip Goss 
Curtis Gould 
John Alexander 
Cyrus Shattuck 
Vine Coye 
John Barret Jun' 
Nathan Thomas 
Sam' Wellman 
Elisha Briggs 
Benj"* Doolittle 
Wm. Paterson 
David Joy Jr. 
Thomas Sargeant 
Daniel Thomas 
William Fisher 
Edward Gustine 
Eleazor Lawrence 
George Farrington 
William Ripley 
Daniel wise 
Tho's Curtis 
James foster 
Lemuel Taylor 
Tertius Lyman 
Ziba Ware 
Theodosius Moore 
Nehemiah Healy 
Lewis Wotkins 
Reuben Alexander 
Benjamin Linkfield 

To the Hon the Senate & House of Representatives of the State 
of New Hampshire in Gen' Court convened 

The Petion of Nathan Willard of Hinsdale in the County of 
Cheshire & State afors*^ humbly shews 

that whereas there is a certain small Island situated in Con- 
necticut River within the Township of Hinsdale called Gravil 
Island unlocated and which never has been claimed as the prop- 
erty of any person or Persons known to your Petioner and the 
s*^ Isleand (tho of small value) would greatly benefit the s*^ Na- 
than Willard as in a time of Low Water it almost communicates 
with the Land extending to the adjacent Banks and as the s* 


Island can never be of any real value while it remains in its 
present situation your Petioner prays that the same may be 
granted to him — And as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Nathan Willard 
Hinsdale May 30 A D 1795 

[Petition granted June 10, 1796. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-S7] \_Petition of Zebulo7t Moffatt^ Soldier^ ^JJ^t ^^" 
dressed to the General Court. ~\ 

Zebulon Moftatt of Hindsdale in the County of Cheshire Hum- 
bly shews and gives your Honors to be informed that in the 
year 1776, your Petitioner was a soldier in the Continental 
Army And served for the State of New Hampshire in Capt 
Hinds Company, and in the Regiment of which General Reed 
was Colonell & your Petitioner during the Campaign Furnished 
himself at his own Expence with a Good Firelock and other 
Implements necessary for a soldier expecting to enjoy his own 
property and bring the same home with him, but when your 
petitioner left the army the Firelock or Gun above-mentioned, 
by order of the Commander in Chief, at Fort George, was taken 
from your Petitioner, without his Consent and without ever be- 
ing allowed anything in satisfaction. * * * 

Chesterfield June 18* 1777 

this May Certify that the Firelock taken from Zebulon Mof- 
fatt was his property taken at Fort George 19"^ August 1776 & 
Returned into the Continental Stores S*^ Firelock Valued at 
£3, 12, o, for me 

Jacob Hinds Cap' 

[The said amount was allowed. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-S9] \^Account for Soldiers' Bounties^ etc.~\ 

State of New Hampshire to the Selectmen of Hindsdale Dr. 

1779 paid the State Bounty & travel money to 

July 22 Thomas Bishop a Soldier rais'd for the 

defence of Rhode Island, per Rec' 41, o, 

27"^ paid Joel Preist State Bounty for i year 

in the Continental Army pr Rec' to Cy- \ 60,-"-" 

rus Shattuck, 



■^"g' 3 paid Samuel Robins State Bounty for 

one year in the Continental Army per |- 60,- 
Rec' to Cyrus Shattuck 


Errors Excepted in behalf of the Selectmen of 
Hindsdale per Moses Smith 

In Committee on Claims Exeter Septem"' 16"^ 17S6 

This account by the Scale, amounts to Ten pounds Eighteen 
shillings — The vouchers are lodg'd in this office 

Ex*^ per Josiah Oilman Jun'' 

June 20**^ 17S7 Rec*^ an order on the Treasurer for Ten 
pounds eighteen shillings in full of the within account 

Moses Smith 


The township was granted Nov. 10, 175 1, to John Shep- 
ard and others by the name of Holderness ; the conditions 
of this grant not being fulfilled, it was forfeited. It was re- 
granted Oct. 24, 1761, to Major John Wentworth and others, 
some of whom were grantees by the first charter. Six of 
the grantees bore the name of Shepard, and seven the name 
of Cox. In this grant the town was named New Holder- 
ness, in honor of Robert Earl of Holderness, and retained 
that name until June 12, 18 16, when it was changed to 
Holderness, in accordance with a vote of the town. It was 
in the county of Strafford until it was annexed to Grafton, 
Sept. 14, 1782. By an act approved July i, 1868, the south- 
west part of the town was set off and incorporated by the 
name of Ashland. 

[5-103] \_Petition for a Regraiit of some forfeited Rights. '\ 

Province of Newhampshire 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq Governour & com- 
mander in chief & to the honourable his majestys councill 
for said province of Newhampshire — 

The petition of Samuel Livermore of Portsmouth in said 
province Esq humbly shovveth that in and by the Charter of 


New Holderness One right or sixty seventh part was granted 
to Sam^ Wentworth Esq. of Boston and One h'ke right or share 
to Murry Hambleton ; that the said Grantees are both deceased 
without taking any step towards fullfiUing the conditions of set- 
tling said township, according to Charter. And that he this 
Petitioner hath agreed with the heir that claims the right of 
said Hambleton & purchased the same from him. The peti- 
tioner therefore prays that said Hambletons right may be re- 
granted to this petitioner & that the said Sam' Wentworth Esqrs 
right may be granted to such person as will eftectuallv fullfiU 
the conditions of the Charter & pay the taxes Due thereon. 
And your petitioner as in duty bound shall pray &c 

Sam Livermore 

[5-103] \_Petition for Arms and A?nnuinitio7i^ ly/d.'] 

To the Hon''''^ the great and general Court or Committee of 
Safty for the Colony of New Hampshire 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of New Hol- 
derness, having gain'd Intelligence, that a considerable Part of 
our Army in Canada have lately been forc'd bv our unnatural 
Enemies (the British Troops in s"^ Canada) to retreat, and 
relinquish their Ground ; and apprehending ourselves in the 
greatest Danger from the s*' Troops, and scouting Parties of 
Indians that may be sent down to annov and destroy us ; and 
being in no Capacity for Defence do in Behalf of the s*^ Town 
pray your Honours to send us by the Bearer hereof M'' Samuel 
Curry the necessary Powder, Musquet-Balls and Flints for 
thirty three able and effective men, (belonging to the s^ Town) 
who are ready with their Lives and Fortunes to assert and 
maintain the american Cause ; and we your humble Petitioners 
as soon as may be will pay to your Honours, or the Committee 
of Safety for the Time being, an Equivalent for the same ; and 
as in Duty bound will ever pray &c 

William Cox \ C^ Sam' Sheperd ) O 

Samuel Curry j rT And"' Smyth > g 

Nath" Thompson 



[R. 2-90] \^Herc7des JMoofiey's Petitloft, iy/g.'\ 

To the Hon''''' the Council and house of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Assembly convened 

Humbly Shews Hercules Mooney Esq'' that in the year 1777 


he was a Lieut Col° of a Regiment in the Service of the United 
States of America at Ticonderoga — That the unfortunate Evac- 
uation of the Fortress there he in the common Calamity by the 
loss of his Horse the most of his Clothes and all his Camp 
Equipage to a very considerable value — that he has never had 
any Consideration for his Losses — that being now appointed to 
the command of a Regiment to go to Rhode Island he is under 
a Necessity of supplying himself with such articles as he then 
lost the Expence of which he cannot conveniently support un- 
less he is compensated for his said Losses — * * * 
Exeter June 26"" 1779 

Hercules Mooney 

[The petition was ordered to lie until the next session, 
and he was " allowed ;!^200, to be accounted for." He peti- 
tioned in June, 1786, representing himself as of New Hol- 
derness, for the depreciation of his pay, which was allowed. 

[R. 291] \^Holderness Soldier, iy82.'] 

I have this Day mustered Isaac Head to serve as a soldier 
three years in the New Hampshire Line and to serve for the 
town of Holderness 

Pembrook July 26, 1782 

E. Frye Cap' m ma'' 

[5-104] \_jRefut'n of Ratable Polls, 1783. '] 

We the Subscribers Do hereby Certifie that we have this Day 
Numbered the Rateable polls of the Male Inhabitants from 
Twenty one Years old & upwards of the Town of Newholder- 
ness, which we find to Amount in Number to 37 Polls and No 
More Given Under our Hands Newholderness December the 
8"^ 17S3 

Mich' Dwyer j g^j^^^ ^^^ 
Samuel Curry j 

Grafton ss December 8"" 1783 The foregoing return was 
sworn to by the said selectmen. 

Cor. Sam' Liverraore Chief Justice 

[5-105] \_Relative to Class for Representative, lyS^J^ 
Sir, this is to certify, that it is our Desire to be Disconnected 


with Lincorn, and frankcony, as we are at two great a Des- 
tance, to attend their meetings there or they to attend here and 
as we Suppose there Is Enough of freeholders in tliese tliree 
towns, to answer for a Destrict — 

We requst, to have our Desires presented to the Court, in so 
Doing you^ oblige your humble Servants — 

Andrew Smith 
Mich' Dwyer 

>• Selectmen 

The number of voters in this town is forty five 

New Holderness October 20, 17S5 

Noah Worcester Esq' 

[5-106] \_Major Samuel Shepard recotnmended for a Mag- 
istrate^ i/8g.^ 

State of New Hampshire 

To his Excellency the President and Honourable Council for 
the State aforesaid 

The Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of the Town of New 
Holderness and other Towns adjacent Humbly sheweth that a 
Justice of the Peace is much wanted in said Town therefore 
beg leave to nominate and recommend Major Samuel Shepard 
of said Town as a person well quallified and Suitable for that 
office who they pray may be appointed thereto and your Peti- 
tioners as in duty bound will ever pray &C — 

Portsmouth December 23'' 17S9 

Richard Shepard Samuel Curry Andrew Baker 

John Thompson Nath thompson John Bayley 

Levi Drew Edward Senter william Plaisted 

William Hodgkins David Webster Jun'' Mich' Dwyer 

Thomas Crawford Willm Piper Sam' Shepard 

Tho' Hill Jolii^ Shepard John sweeny 

S. L. Blair Joseph Shepard Joseph Senter 

John Shaw Samuel Bickford Bryan Sweeny 

Joseph Cochran Charles Cox 3'''' Robert Hill 

John Whitten William Hogan Charles Cox 

David Blair John Lowd Joseph Sheperd 

Jacob Shepard John Cox Thomas Sheperd 

William Cox Nathanl piper Stephen Morse 

Jonathan Crawford Jacob Ellison 

David Webster John Mooney 


[5-107] \_Ag-ainst the Appointment of Samuel Shepardr\ 
To the Honourable president and Council of this State — 

Whereas there is a petition Circulating in the Town of New 
Holderness for Maj. samuel Shepard to be Appointed Justice 
of the peace, and whereas the inhabitants of said town have 
ben misled to sign said pertition, and whereas the j^ertitioners 
upon a Reconsideration do think that the two Justice, alReady 
in town, is sufficient for said town, therefore your pertitioners 
do humbly pray, that said shepard may not be appointed — and 
your pertitioners will allways pray — &. C. 

Joshua Smyth William Smyth Hugh Ramsey 

And''' Smyth James Smyth John Whitten 

John Clark Archelaus Innis James Cox 

John Smith Jo'"'i^ Innis 

Robert cox Caleb Smvth 

[5-10S] {^Petition for the laying out of a Road from Ply- 
mouth to Hill^ lygS.'] 

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court convened — 

The Subscribers respectfully shew that a road from Plymouth 
Court House across the River into New Holderness and thence 
on the most suitable ground near the River through New Hol- 
derness and New Hampton and across the River again to the 
house of Captain Cutting Feavour in New Chester would be 
very useful to the public — That the Laws of this State do not 
empower any Court to lay out such Road, the same having to 
pass through a part of two Counties — Wherefore they pray the 
Legislature to pass an Act authorizing some suitable persons, 
at the expence of the petitioners if thought proper, to survey, 
and if in their opinion the public good requires it, to lay out 
such Road, ordering the Towns respectively to compensate In- 
dividuals for damage done by means of the road passing on 
their Lands — 

Nov' 1798 — 

W'" Webster Chauncey Holmes Samuel Cook 

Israel Blake John Blake David Webster 

Rob' Towle G W Livermore A. Livermore 

Thomas Bartlet Moody Cook John Lowd 

Eben'' Little William Smyth Samuel Holmes 

John Brown John Porter 

HOLLIS. 231 


Thomas Brattle, Jonathan Tyng, and 24 others, petitioned 
the general court of Massachusetts, Sept. 15, 1673, O. S., 
for a grant of land on what was then and for many years 
thereafter the frontier; and on the i6th day of October fol- 
lowing (October 27, 1673, N. S.) received a grant of the 
large tract of land afterwards known as the township of 
Dunstable, which included nearly all of the present town of 

Dec. 28, 1739, the westerly portion of Dunstable was 
"erected into a separate and distinct precinct" by the gov- 
ernment of Massachusetts, and went by the name of West 
Dunstable until April 3, 1746, when in answer to a petition 
from the inhabitants about one half of it was incorporated 
with full town privileges by the governor and council of the 
province of New Hampshire, and named Holies. I think 
there can be no reasonable doubt about the origin or 
orthography of this name. Benning Wentworth was gov- 
ernor of the province, and owed his position to Thomas 
Pelham Holies, Duke of New Castle, who was colonial sec- 
retary. It is well known that Gov. Wentworth named many 
of the towns in this state in honor of his friends, sometimes 
when the inhabitants had petitioned to be incorporated with 
a name of their own choosing, they preferring to accept a 
name which was distasteful to them rather than incur 
the governor's displeasure, and perhaps refusal to grant 
their charter. As to the orthography of the name of 
the Duke of New Castle, I think John Farmer is mis- 
taken in writing it Hollis, as there are manuscript docu- 
ments in the ofifice of the secretary of state to which the 
duke signed his name " Holies New Castle." That the 
town was named for him I think there can be no question ; 
and because of his ignorance and detestable character, its 
citizens were justified in changing it to Hollis, as they evi- 
dently did to perpetuate the name of Thomas Hollis, the 
benefactor of Harvard college. 

Dec. 13, 1763, the place called One Pine Hill was annexed 
to Hollis, thus extending its domains further east. March 
30, 1769, a strip was taken from the west side of the town 
one and a quarter miles wide, and with " mile slip " incorpo- 
rated into the town of Raby (Brookline). A small addition 


was made to the town May 14, 1773, of land taken from 

On the 17th day of February, 1786, a strip three quarters 
of a mile wide, the entire length of the west side of the 
town, was annexed to Raby. 

Hollis has a record for service in the Revolution not 
exceeded by any town of its size in the state, and the town 
furnished more than its quota of men for the suppression 
of the slave-owners' rebellion. Many eminent men were 
born or received their early training in the town: among the 
latter was Joseph E. Worcester, LL. D., the lexicographer. 

[R. 2-92] \_Peter Wheeler's Petit ioft^iySi. '\ 

[In a petition dated " Holies January the 27*'^ 1761," Pe- 
ter Wheeler states that he "was in his Majestys Sarves in 
the year 1759 in Cap* Nemiah Lovewells Company in Col* 
Zac"^ Lovewells Regiment, and that your Petitioner was 
taken sick about the 23'^ day of July at Ticontiroga and sent 
down to Albany flats," was sick there, and also on the way 
home, where he arrived Nov. 15. He asked for relief, and 
was allowed jQc^, 15, sterling. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-93] 

[Joshua Wright, of Hollis, had a son in the army in 1760, 
name not given, who was taken sick and died at Crown 
Point. — Ed.] 

[5-1 11] \_SeIectmefi''s Account for taking- an Inventory of 
New Ipsivich^ l'/6l.'\ 

Persuant to a Precept from the assembly to bring in a True 
Inventory of poles Lands &c Signed by M' Clarkston we the 
subscribers Select men for the Town of holies have ben to N : 
Ipswich & taken a True Invoice according to y* best of our 
Judgment we was three Dayes upon s*^ business & Charge £.iz 
p^ Day old Ten"" which sum please to pay to Ensign Sam'^ Ho- 
bart and you' Oblige Y"" Humble Serv*^ 

Holies 15 Ap^ 1761 ^n"w^K°/ [ Select men 

Total £36-0-0 Abel Webster j 

MOLLIS. 233 

[5-1 1 2] \^PetUio7i from Ifihabitants of Dunstable to be An- 
7iexed to Hollis^ iy62.'\ 

Pi^ovince of New h amp — 

To His Excell^ Benning Wentvvorth Esq Gov^ &c of the Prov- 
ince of Nevvhamp : the Hon''''^ his Majestys Council and As- 
sembly of said Pi^ovince — 

The Humble Petition of us the Subscribers being Inhabitants 
of the North Westerly Part of Dunstable in said Province 
Humblv Shews, that your Petitioners Live very Remote from 
the Meeting house in said Dunstable (the Chief of us near 
Seven miles) by reason of which we cannot Attend the Public 
worship of God there without Great Inconveneancey to our- 
Selves & Familys and as we Lye very Contiguous to Holies 
meeting house where we once belonged and hclp'd settle a 
Minister there before w^e were Incorporated to Dunstable and 
have ever since done Considerable towards his Suport and At- 
tended his meeting — Notwithstanding all this we have cheefly 
paid our full Proportion towards Preaching in Dunstable when 
we could have no Priviledge thereby by reason of the Distance 
we Live from there meeting house we have often requested 
of Dunstable to Either abate our Minister rate or set us oft' to 
Holies but they Wholley Refues to do either which Constrains 
us to make this Application to y"" Excels & Hon" Desireing 
your Consideration and Aid in y*^ Premises by freeing us from 
Suporting the Gosple where we can have no benefit thereby 
and add us to Holies or otherwise as y"' Excels & Hon''* shall 
see meet and y"' Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Dated at Dunstable Sep"" S : 1762 

Amos Phillips Ebenezer Hartshorn Jonathan Hobail 

Daniel more J^^h'^ VVilloughby David Hobart 

Gersliam Hobart Joseph ferly Jonathan Russ 

Elnathan Blood Benj=' Parker James Hobart 

[The foregoing petition was from the inhabitants of what 
was called " One Pine Hill." It was strongly opposed, and 
for the time defeated, by Dunstable. The following spring 
the Pine Hill people procured the services of Col. Samuel 
Hobart, and renewed the contest. A committee appointed 
by the general court went and investigated the matter. It 
was a bitter fight, but resulted in the annexation of Pine 
Hill to Hollis by an act passed Dec. 13, 1763. — Ed.] 



Att a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Holies 
March the 5"* 1764 — 

Voted to measure east from Holies meeting house to the East 
Line of the Town and then measure west from the said Meet- 
ing House the Sam Length of line and all to the west by a 
north and south line to be settofl'to the Mile Strip* So Called 

A true Copy p"" Sam" Cumings Town Clerk 

Holies May the : 1764 — 


Att a meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Holies 
March the 7"' 1768 — 

Voted ofl' the West end of the Town according to a Vote of 
the Town att their meeting march the 5'^ 1764 Provided they 
fulfill their obligation that was made Relating the same — and 
Messires Sam" Farley and Sam" Brown has Renewed their ob- 
ligation according to said vote 

Holies may the 17* 1768 — 

Pr. Sam" Cumings Town Clerk 

[5-1 15] \_Appotnime7it of Sa?mi el Farley^ Age7it^ i'/68.~\ 

We the subscribers Inhabitance of the Westwardly part of 
the Town of HoUis & the Inhabitance & the freeholders of the 
Tract of Land Call** the Mile Slip, in the Province of New 
Hampshire do constitute and Appoint Samuel Farley of Holies 
Gen' to be our agent Attorney and Trustee in our names and 
Stead to Petition His Excellency the Governer, the Honour''^* 
His Majesties Counsel & House of Representatives, That we 
the Inhabitance afores*^ may be set off & Incorporated as a Dis- 
tinct Town — 

January 6"^ 1768 — 

George rusell Samuell Russel mathw Wallis 

archibald M'intosh Daniel Shed Jonathan powers 

James mcDannell William Blanchard Isaac Shattuck 

Thomas Asten Benj Shattuck Swallow Tucker 

Nathanael Patten james Conek Robert Sever 

Sam' Brown Elexander M'^intosh Peter Honey 

[* A piece of ungrauted land between the Masonian grant of Mason and this town, now 
in Brookline. — Ed.] 

HOLLIS. 235 

Isaac Stevens Joh" Cumings Sam^^ Farley 

Simeon Blanchard James Nutting Rose Dicky 

Josua Smith Fra' Buttrick william Spaulding 

Abegill Spaulding Henery Spaulding Robart Cambell 

James Cambell Clark Brown James Nutting Juner 

[5-1 16] Petitiott for the Fo7-7natio7i of a Neiv T'ozvti, l'/68.'\ 

To His Excellency John Wentvvorth Esq'' Governor & Com- 
mander in Chief, in & over his Majestys Province of New 
Hampshire, & the Honourable his Majestys Council of said 
Province — 

Humbly sheweth Samuel Farley of Holies, in said Province, 
in behalf of himself, & sundry of the Inhabitants, living in the 
westerly side of said Holies, & in a Tract of Land adjoining to 
the same. Called the Mile Strip ; that those persons live very 
Remote from the Meeting House in said Holies, that to attend 
the Publick Worship of God there, is attended with much 

Wherefore your Petitioner prays in behalf of said Inhabi- 
tants, — that the westerly part of said Holies may be set oB', & 
Joined to the Tract of Land called the Mile Strip, & be made 
a Town (or a seperate Parish from Holies) or otherwise as 
your Excellency & Honors shall see Meet, & your Petitioner 
as in duty bound shall ever pray. 

Dated May 19''' 1768 

Sam" Farley 

[5-109] \_Petitio)ifor the Forinatio^t of a Netv Tozvn^ ^7^9-] 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Captain General, 
Governor & Commander in chief in & over his Majestys 
Province of New Hampshire And to the Honourable his 
Majestys Councel for said Province — 

The Petition of Samuel Farley, in behalf of himself, & a 
number of the Inhabitants, in the westerly part of Holies, & 
the Mile Strip so called, in said Province humbly sheweth, that 
your Petitioners, in the said westerly part of Holies, are so re- 
mote from the Centre of said Town, by reason of the distance, 
that they cannot attend Town priviledges, without great diffi- 
culty & expence, & that the Inhabitants of the Mile Strip afore- 
said, are not Incorporated, but are destitute of Town privi- 
lidges, wherefore your Petitioner Prays as aforesaid, that your 
Excellency & Honours would take of the westerly part of Hoi- 


les aforesaid & Incorporate the same together with the Mile 
Strip, into a Seperate or distinct Town, witli the same Privi- 
ledges of other Towns & your Petitioner as in Duty Bound 
shall ever pray 

Sam'^ Farley 

[A plan accompanied the foregoing (Vol. 5, No. iioi) 
with a description of boundaries as follows : — Ed.] 

[5-1 10] \_Boundaries of Raby^ iy6g.'\ 

Beginning at a Stake & Stones in the South Side Line of the 
Town of Holies which is also the Province Line which Stake 
stands about two miles due East from the south west Corner of 
said Holies, thence running north by the Needle cross the said 
Town to one other Stake & Stones standing in the North Side 
Line of Said Holies, leaving the meeting House in said Holies 
in the midle between this Line & the East Side Line of Holies, 
then running from the last mentioned Stake Westerly by Holies 
to the North West Corner thereof then continuing that Line 
cross a Tract call'd the Mile Slip to the easterly side Line of 
Mason — 

thence turning off & running south by the Needle on the 
easterly side Line of Mason — afores'' to the Province Line then 
due east partly on the Province Line & partly on the South 
Side Line of Holies afore Said to Stake began at 

[The foregoing petition was successful, and a new town 
was incorporated by the governor and council, March 30, 
1769, in accordance with the above described boundaries. 
The town was named Raby for a town in the north of Eng- 
land, whence came some of its settlers. That town is now 
called Brookline. — Ed.] 

[5-1 1 S] \_Ag-reenient relative to extendhig the Toxvit fiirther 
East, 1773.'] 

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Holies held 
April y^ 12*^^ 1773 — 

We the Subscribers being a Committee of the Town of Hol- 
ies, to Agree with Dunstable, or their Committee, with respect 
of extending the easterly line of Holies so far east as to Include 
Messers Merrel & Jaquith with their Improvements and to be 
Annexed to Holies, in order for an Accomodation with respect 
of the Bridge &c 

In consequence whereof we have met with Dunstable Com- 

HOLLIS. 237 

mittee and have mutualy agreed that the easterly line of s^ 
Holies be extended eastwardly on the following Bounds, viz 
To begin at a stake and Stones about fifteen Rods below Buck- 
medow falls at the River which is j\r Jaquiths northerly corner, 
thence running southerly on a Straight Line to a Pine Tree on 
the River bank, wich is said Jaquiths southwesterly^ corner — 

April y« S'"" 1773 

John Boynton ^ 
Reuben Dow V Comt'® 
Sam" Cumings J 

Voted to Except of the Above Report, and the easterly Line 
of Holies be extended According to said Bound 

A Trew Copy Attest Sam'^ Cumings Town Clerk 

[5-1 19] \_Petition of Dunstable Parties to be an?iexed to 
Hollis^ i773.'\ 

Province of New Hampshire Hillsborough ss 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Captain General 
Governor and Commander in Chief in and over said Prov- 
ince, and the Honourable his Majestys Council, and House 
of Representatives in General Assembly Conven*^ in May 

The Memorial of the Subscribers Humbly sheweth, that 
Your memorialists are Inhabitents in the southwesterly corner 
of Dunstable in said Province, that our Situation is so Remote 
from the Meeting House in said Dunstable, that we and our 
Families cannot conveniently Attend the publick Worship of God 
there, by Reason of the Distance ; & that we are about three 
Miles nearer to the Meeting House in Holies, then we are to 
Dunstable ; that if we & our Lands were Annexed to Holies, 
it would be much more for our benefit & Advantage and Your 
Memorialists beg leave to Acquaint Your Excellency and Hon- 
ours, that Nashua River is the Boundary Line where we live, 
between said Dunstable and Holies, that the River there is not 
in Either of the Townes, as Dunstable Bounds on the east side, 
& Holies on the west side, that a dispute haith Arose between 
these two Towns with Respect to Building a Bridge Over said 
River, on A Publick Antient Road leading through our Im- 
provements, and as the River is not in either of the Towns 
where said Road Crosses, so the Bridge could not be built 
Unless by Subscription, (as the Bridge built there, by Sub- 
scription was Cary** away, by y® water & Ice) or by Applica- 
tion to the Legislature, and in order for an Accommadation we 


proposed that if Dunstable would set us ofl" to Holies, and that 
if Holies would receive us, that we would do considerable part 
towards building said Bridge, over and above our Quota ; 
whereupon the said Towns Agreed to accept of our proposals, 
and Agreed that we and our Lands should be Annexed to 
Holies &c — 

Wherefore we pray that Your Excellency & Honours would 
be pleased to Attend to our Memorial, and annex and Incorpo- 
rate us, and our Lands to and with Holies by the following 
lines & Bounds According to our agreement viz. Begining at a 
stake & stones on the Bank of the River, standing about fifteen 
rods below buck Medow falls so called, which is the northerly 
Bound of said Jaquiths Land, thence Running Southerly a 
Straight line to a Pine tree on the River Bank, being said Ja- 
quiths Southwesterly Corner, thence down the River Including 
the same to the place began at ; and that we may be Exonerated 
and Discharged from paying any Taxes, and proforming any 
Duty's at said Dunstable and that all said Tract of Land Im- 
proved and Unimproved, may be made a part of Holies, as 
Much to all Intents and purposes as if it had ben within the 
Original Boundarys, and Incorporation thereof, and we as in 
Duty Bound Shall Ever pray. 

April 30"^ 1773 Daniel Merril 

Ebenezer Jaquith 

[The foregoing petition was granted by an act passed 
May 14, 1773. A plan of the line is to be found in Manu- 
script Vol. 5, No. 121. — Ed.] 

[5-120] \_Coiisefzi of Dii}7stable to the _foreg'oi?tg:~\ 

At a Legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Tov^^n of Dun- 
stable April the 19'^ 1773 

Voted that the Easterly Line of Holies be Extended Easterly 
to the following Bounds (Viz) to begin at a Stake and Stones 
about fifteen rods below Buck Meadow falls at the River which 
is M"" Jaquiths northerly Corner thence Runing southerly on a 
strait line to a Pine Tree on the River Bank which is said Ja- 
quiths Southwesterly Corner, according to a Vote of the s*^ Town 
of Holies april the 12 1773: Provided that the s*^ Town of 
Dunstable be forever Excused from any future Cost to Effect 
the same, & Building & maintaining a Bridge over Nashua 
River at or near s*^ Jaquiths Mills — 

A True Copy, Attest Jo^ Whiting Town Clerk 



[5-122] \_Relative to a Hollis man enlisted t?t Massachusetts 
Regitnent^ lyyS.'] 

State of the massachusetts Bay — 

In the Hows of Representatives Jan'' y* 31 — 1778 on the Pe- 
tition of Uriah Wright In Behalf of the Selectmen of the town 
of Holies In the State of NewHamp" setting forth that one 
Eli Stiles of Said Holies did Inlist Him Self Into the Service 
for the town of Littleton In this State and Wase mustered by 
James Barrett Esq"" and Receved the Contenantal and this States 
Bounty and Whereas said Eli Stiles Is also Inlisted In said 
Holies & Reckoned for a Soldier for said town and also Reck- 
oned for a Soldier In said town of Littleton — 

Resolved that it appears to this Court that the said Eli Stiles 
ought to be Considered as a Soldier for the town of Holies he 
belonging to said town and Not to be Reckoned for the town 
of Littleton and that upon the said uriah Wrights paying back 
to James Barrett Esq' both the Contenantal and this States 
Bounty the said Eli Stiles be Discharged from being a Soldier 
for said Littleton the said James Barrett Esq"" to be accountable 
to this Court for the Bounties afore Said 

Sent up for Concurrence J. Warren Speaker 

In Counsell Janwary y^ 31 — 177S 

Read and Concurred — John Avery D^ Secrety 

Consented to by the ma' Part of the Counsell 

A true Copy Attest John Avery D^' Secretary 

[5-1 23] [^Relative to Appoint>nent of Officers in the Militia^ 

Colony of New Hampshire — 

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Holies — 
Publickly Notified, Voted Unanimously that this Town accept 
& highly Approve of the Plan proposed by the Hon" Congress 
as a Rule for a General Representation for this Colony in future, 
it also represented to this Town that the Hon" Congress for s** 
Colony propose to Appoint Field officers for the Regiment 
lately Commanded by Col" Lutwyche,* at their next sessions at 

[*Col. Edward Ooldstone Lutwyche came with his mother, Mrs. Sarah Lutwyche, to Mer- 
rimack in 1760, and occupied a farm and ferry which his mother possessed by a legacy from 
a relative. He was an educated man, and by profession a lawyer Wht^n news came of the 
battle at Lexington, April 19, 1775, he was in command of the Fifth regiment of the provin- 
cial militia, and was importuned by his officers and men to march them against the " com- 
mon enemy," which he refused to do, and tried to discourage others from going. Some 
time during the night of the 20th of April, he left home clandestinely and joined General 
Gage in Boston. He was at Long Island in January, 1777, and probably went to England. 
His property was confiscated by the state, and the ferry privilege granted to Hon. Matthew 
Thcrnton, signer of the I 'eclaration of Independence; and the locality still bears the name 
of Thornton's Ferry — Ed.] 


Exeter, therefore unanimously Voted that this Town beg Leave 
to Recomend Col" John Hale Esq"" as a suitable Person to Com- 
mand s'^ Rigement — also Unanimously Voted to Recomend 
Major Robart Reed as a suitable Person to be Lieu' Col° of s*^ 

Holies Ocf 35* 1775 

A True Copy Attest 

William Nevens Moderator 
To the Hon" Congress 

for the Colony of New Hampshire 

[5-124] \_Relative to the Estates of Absentees^ ^779'~\ 

State of Newhampshire Hillsborough ss 

To the Hono''' the Consel and General assembley of Said 

This Information and Petition of the Select men of the town 
of Holies In s'^ vState In Behalf of the town Humbly sheweth 
that thair is In this town several tracks of Land that belonged 
to the absentees of the State of the massachusetts Bay (Viz) 
the one half of five hundred acres that Belonged to Col°^ Will- 
iam Brattle In Partnership With andrew oliver Esq"" of Salam 
and one third of three hundred acres that Belonged to Co^ 
William Brown In Paitnership With the Heirs of the Late 
Colo' Brown and a Lot of about fifty or sixty acres that be- 
longed to George Curwin of Salam — and s^ Land Hase Ben 
taxed agreeble to the Law of this State and No Person having 
appered to ^^ay the taxes on s** Browns and Brattles Land alltho 
the other owners have paid thair part of s*^ taxes as to Curwins 
Land thair Was a Peace of that Sold to pay one years tax and a 
Person appears to pay the Rest but We apprehend it is With 
Desire to Keep the Land and to Prevent it from falling to the 
State Where it belonges and as thair is three years taxes Now 
Dew on s*^ Browns and Brattles Land amounting In the Whole 
to the Sum of £52-15-5 With some Cost of advertizing the 
two Last years taxes it Being advertised for Sail but the Van- 
due Wase stoped as We found out that it Wase Land that be- 
longed to absentees and so Would of Cours fall to the State — 
the tax Now Due on s** Curwins Land is JC 10-7-0 

Wherefore We Pray your Honors to take the matter Into 
your Wise Consideration and Pase Some order Which Way 
We Shall Come by said taxes as our taxes are Large and our 
Constables are uneasy to be Called on for money and thair be- 
ing Some part that thay Cant git and thay think that thay must 

MOLLIS. 241 

Sell the Land to Pay s*^ taxes if No thing is Don In the afair, 
and your Petitioners as In Deuty Bound Shall Ever Pray — 
Holies October y^ 23 — 1779 

The Cost of advertising Hase Ben JC3-0-0 

Noah Worcester ] Select men 
Oliver Lawrence j of Holies 

[5-135] \_Estaies of Hoi/is Absentees, Jy'/Q.'l 

State of Nevvhampshire Hillsborough ss. 

To the Hon**^ The Council and General assambley or Com- 
mittee of Safety of S*^ State — 

In obedience to a Resolve of S*^ General assembley Pased 
November y*^ 10-1779 We Doe Inform and Hearby Return that 
thair is In the town of Holies The Folowing Places and tracts 
of Land (Viz) A Farm owned By Benjemine Whitting Esq"" 
Containg good Buildings and about 50 acres of Land In Several 
Peaces the taxes assest thair on Have Ben Reccovered Without 
Selling of the Land. 

allso a farm owned By Samuel Cumings Esq"' Consisting of 
good Buildings and about 120 acres of Land the taxes of W hich 
Have allso Ben got Except £3-9-0- In y^ year i 778 

allso A Place owned By Breed Batchelder Esq'' of Packers- 
field Containg about 50 acres With Some Building thair on the 
taxes of Which Have Ben all paid By the Improver 

allso 200 acres owned By Co' William Brattle In Partnership 
With andrew oliver Esq'' of Salam 

allso 100 acres owned by Co' William Brown of Salam In 
Partner Ship With the heirs of the Late Co' Will"' Brown the 
taxes of Which are all Due Which are as folowes (Viz) 

In 1777 S'' 300 acres Wase taxed the Sum of £6-13-6 
In 1778 £5- 1-6 

In 1779 £39- 0-0 

Total -£54- 4-0 

Holies Janewary y^ 14-1780 

N B We Had Ben at the Cost of advertsing olivers and Brat- 
tles Land Before We Knew it to Be tory Land 
Which Wase £^-0-0 

£54-4 Noah Worcester^ Select 

3-9 Stephen Ames ^ men of 

3- Oliver Lawrence 3 Hollis 


[5-126] \^Acco?ifi^ of Sale of Conjiscated Counterfeiters^ ToolSy 


Agreable to the order of the General assembley of this State 
Pased february y^ 12-1780 the folowing is an account of the 
Sail of Sundry articles that I Had In Possion Innumerated In 
Said order to Geather With my Bill of Expences (Viz) 

The Whole of the articles Sold at Vendue Came to £113-0-0' 

an account of my Bill of Expences (Viz) 

to a Serch Warrent £2- 5-0 
to my time In Said afair Examining mr farnsworth 

and Indeveouring to make further Discoverys 6- 0-0 
to Cash Paid to the officsor and His assistance In 

Several Serches 27-16-0 

to a Journey to Esq'' Claggets for advice 4-19-0 

to my Journey to Exeter 62- o-O' 

to the Cost of the Vandue 10- 0-0 

total £1 13- 0-0 

Holies Apriel y^ 13-17S0 

Erors Excepted per Noah Worcester 

I Rest it with your Honors Wisdom and Generousity Weather 
you Will make me any further alowance for the Service I Have 
Don the State In my Exerting my Self In order to Detect and 
Bring to Light the Said Vile and Distructive Plan and gitting 
Position of a Whole Set of money tools — and Remain your 
most Plumble Servant 

Noah Worcester 

To the Hon*"^ The Counciel and asambley of the State of New- 

[R. 2-94] ^Petition of Capt. Reuben Doxu, 1778.'] 

State of New Hamp"^ 

To the Honorable The Council & House of Representatives for 
said State in General Court Assembled at Exeter December 

The Petition of Cap' Reuben Dow humbly sheweth 
That your Petitioner animated with a true Zeal to serve his 
Country Ingaged in the Service of the United States of America 
immediately upon the Commencement of Hostilities & had the 
honor to Command a Company, & attended his duty in that 
Station with great delight & pleasure to himself & to the satis- 
faction & approbation of the Public 

HOLLIS. 243 

That on the 16* Day of June 1775, he togethei' with his Com- 
pany with others was ordered to take possession of the ground 
near Bunker Hill, & on the 17"' day was in the Heaviest part 
of the Battle at said Hill, at which time he had the Alisfortune 
to be wounded in his right Ancle, by a musket Ball, which 
broke & much fractured the Bones, which caused him great 
pain & distress for a long time before it was healed — by means 
whereof he has lost the use of that joint, which renders him in- 
capable of performing his duty in his Station, or undergoing 
the fatigues & hardships of the war — & whereby he is prevented 
from using and exercising (in a great measure) his usual and 
necessary occupation and business, for which he has received 
no consideration — 

Wherefore he humbly prays your honors to take his case into 
your consideration & grant him such relief as your honors 
shall see fit, & your Petitioner as in Duty bound ever prays 

Reuben Dow 
Holies December 20"' 1778 

N. B. Cap' Reuben Dow Rec** his pay as Cap' untill the last 
Day of Decem'' A. D. 1775 — 

[The committee on sick and wounded officers and soldiers 
reported that he was entitled to half pay for one year from 
Jan. I, 1776, and quarter pay thenceforth until otherwise 

Captain Dow's company, of fifty-nine Hollis men, was in 
Col. William Prescott's Massachusetts regiment. This town 
also had four men in Capt. Moor's company, same regiment, 
and eight men in Col. Reed's regiment. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-95] \_Aid to the Family of yacob Danfo7-th^ i'/yg.'\ 

Hollis November y" 15, 1779 Received of the selectmen of 
Holies thirty-three Pound three Shillings and three Pence In full 
for my travel visits and medicions for the wife of Jacob Dan- 
forth one of our Continental Soldiers for three years 

Per me Jon'' Fox Physicion 

I acknowledge the above Charge of Doc' fox against my Hus- 
band Jacob Danforth to Be Just and true 

Per me Anna X Danforth. 


Janewary y^ 1S-1780 


[She also acknowledged the receipt of provisions amount- 
ing to £114, 9, 6, which she had received at different times 
during the year 1779. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-96] \^Soldiers' Petitio?i for an Allowance for the De- 
preciation of their Pay ^ i'/8l.~\ 

The petition of the subscribers inhabitants of the town of 
Holies in the County of Hillsborough and vState of New Hamp- 
shire. — 

Most Humbly Sheweth, That in July 1779, there was a Re- 
quisition for a number of men to Go into the Continental Ser- 
vice for the said Town, and your Petitioners were hired to Go 
for one year. * * * 

Holies June 9"^ 17S1 

Caleb Stiles Joseph Stearns Ephraim Pairce 

Simeon Foster William Tenney for JerathMeel bovvers 

[These men served in Col. Moses Nichols's regiment. — 

[R. 3-97] \_Relative to Lemuel Bloody Soldier^ I'j82.'\ 

The Deposition of Lemuel Blood of Holies In the County of 
Hillsborough and State of Newhampshire of Lawful age who 
testifies and says that he was a Soldier In the Contenental army 
in the year 17S0 for the term of six months for the town of Hol- 
ies and that he was on Command Near North Castle and was 
taken prisoner by a party of the Cow Boys so Called on the 
Ninth Day of November 1780 and was Caried to New york and 
that he made his Escape from the Enemy on or about the tenth 
Day of December 17S0 and that he understood that the six 
months men was all discharged so that he did Not Return to 
Campt to git a discharge But made the Best of His way home 
and found all the soldiers that he went with at Plome Holies 
June y* 15, 1782 Lemuel Blood 

[Sworn before Noah Worcester. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-98] 

[Reuben Blood and William Connick testify as to what 
they know about the matter. They were in the service at 
the same time, and were discharged Dec. 4, 1780. — Ed.] 

HOLLIS. 245 

[R. 2-100] 

[Jeremiah Prichard, " of Holies," states that he was ap- 
pointed "adjutant to the First Regiment of the New Hamp- 
shire forces in January, 1778, and did that duty until June 
following, when a new arrangement took place." He asks 
for extra pay for said service. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-101] \_SoIdiers' Orders.'] 

[William Hale ordered what wages may be due him for 
service in the army, in 1780, to be paid to Augustus Blan- 
chard. (Date cut off.) 

John Bonner ordered ;^24, which was due him for service 
in the Second New Hampshire Regiment, in 1 781, to be 
paid to Samuel Walker. This order was dated November 
23, 1782, and has attached an acknowledgment before Jer- 
emiah Pritchard, selectman, dated " Holies, July 26'^ 1784." 

[R. 2-102] 

To John T. Oilman Esq"" Treasurer for the State of New 
Hampshire Pleas'd to pay Daniel Emerson Jr. all that is due 
to us for our Service in the Continental army one year (from 
July 1779 to July 17S0) in Cole' Scamil Regiment and his Re- 
ceipt Shall be vour discharge from us and you will much oblige 
your humbel Servants 

Holies July y« 5"^ 1784 

Test Solomon Rogers ) Caleb Stiles Caleb Stiles Jun 
Sam' Emerson f Ephraim Pairce Grant Powers 


Simeon Foster Jacob X Hobart 

his mark 

Joseph X Starns 


[5-127] \_Relativc to Estate of WiUiai7i Broxvn., an Absefitee, 


in the year 1782 the Land of Col" William Brown in Hollis 
an Absentee was taxed Seventeen Shillings & two pence one 


fai'thing — which we pray may be allow'd according to a Partic- 
ular act of this State in that Case made &c — 
Hollis Ocf iS"^ 17S4 

W™ Cumings ) Select 

Jeremiah Prichard J men 

Re'' an order on the Treasry for the above Sum 

Daniel Emerson Ju"" 

[5-1 28] \_Relative to the Restoration of JSIonson^ i'/82.'\ 

To the Hon'"'*' Council and house of Representatives to be Con- 
vened at Concord in September Anno Domini 1782 — 
We the Subscribers or a number of us vSubscribed our names 
to a petition praying that your honours would Restore the An- 
cient Town of Monson to its former Situation as to boundaries, 
& that it might be invested with the same powers & immunities 
which said town formerly held and Enjo3'ed — And whereas 
upon further Consideration we are well Satisfyed that it will be 
a Great Disadvantage to all the inhabitants of the tract of Land 
formerly Called Monson if the prayer of said petition should be 
Granted, because we Consider that the inhabitants who are set- 
tled up thro' the middle of the town are Chiefly new, and pay 
but a very small proportion of taxes, as yet, and we see that our 
present taxes are heavy, and making new roads from the various 
parts of said town to the Centre, together with the many other 
Charges to which Towns are Subjected, we are Convinced will 
be Exceedingly burdensome — 

Wherefore we humbly pray your honours would not Grant 
the prayer of said petition, but that you would Alltogether Re- 
ject the same, and 3'our humble petitioners will ever pray &c. 
Holies Septem^ 14"" 1782 — 

David Wallingsford 
Rich*^ Bayley 

[5-129] \_Petitio7ters' Tax^ 1/82. '\ 

The first State Tax for 17S2 — 

Neh'' French 

£1, 14, 

2, 3 

William French J 




Benj* Messer 



Tim" Emerson J"" i. 

, 2, 



Joseph French 

I, 6, 

7' 2 

Tim° Emerson 




Ivory Hovey 



Silas Spaulding — i. 




William French 


I, I 

Jonas Shattuck — 



Oliv"' Bowers 

I, 17' 

10, I 

Eben"" Gillson 



Jerahmeel Colb; 

urn new 


























HOLLIS. 247 

DavidWalIingford£3, 6, 4, John Starns 

Edward Foster — i, 8, 1,2 Jotham Starns- 

Starns Needham i, I3, 5, 3 Rob' Perkins — 

Jon'' Danforth 3, 3, 9, 3 

Tho^ Emerson i, 16, 11, i 

Merah™ Leamon i, i, 11, 

Jon. Spaulding i, i, 10, I 

Benj Emerson 15, 9, Total 32, 17, 3, 3 

The above sums affixed to the Names above written is their 
first State Tax for 17S2 taken from the Town Records — 

Attest WilHam Cumings, Town Clerk 

HollisNov^ iS'" 17S2— 

The first State Tax for 1 7S2— 

Rob* Colburn — £1, 19, 11, 2 Rob' Colburn J"" £2, 14, 8, 2 

Nath" Colburn — 2, 8, 8, Benj Colburn — 2, 15, 1,1 

Dan' Bay ley — 2, 8, 5, 2 Joel Bay ley — 18, 2, 

Dan'BayleyJr 12, 1,1 Sam' Hayden — 3, 2, i 

Dan' Kenrick, 4, iS, 10 Thad" Wheeler 3, 2, 9, 2 

Jonas Willoughby 2, 13, 11 Eben"^ Farlev — 3. 10, o, 2 

W" Nevins 3, 10, 3, i Jos Nevins i, iS, 4, 2 

Benj Nevins i, 6, 7, 3 oliv'' Sanders 2, 2, 6, 

Tho' Powers i, 7, 5, i Josi Parker — 5, i, 6, i 

Josi Parker J'' 19, 4, 2 Jos Eastabrooks — 16, 9, 

Jos. Stearns — r, 14, 3, 3 Zacch"" Shattuck 2, 13, i, 

Zacch'ShattuckJ^ I, 9, 8,1 Elath" Blood J""— i, 4,10, 

£55, 14, 7' 2 

The above Sums affixed to the Names above written is their 
first State Tax for 1782 taken from the Town Records — 

HollisNov^ 18, 1782— 

Attest W'" Cuminsfs Town Clerk 

[5-130] \_Statemcf2t of a Grievance, lySj.'] 

To y* Hon'''* Committee of Safety for y* State of New Hamp- 
shire — 


Sensibly Touch'd with a matter of Grievance, I take an Op- 
portunity to acquaint your honours with it in as few words as 
Possible concerning the Extant issu'd against the Town of Hoi- 


lis which not to impeach the Authority, as a Town we take it 
exceeding hard — 

not to magnify Our good Deed, we must remind your hon- 
ours of our faithfully answering every Requisition thro' a 
Series of Hardships in the past Calamitous Times we have not 
been Deficient a pound of Beef neither has a man been Want- 
ing on our part, even the man in Dispute with vs^hat we give 
him the Supplies of his family Exclusive of this last Trouble 
cannot be computed at less than £100 Lawful money — 

Your honours are Sensible of the Grievous burden of Taxes 
our People are under which we bear with Patience as appro- 
priated in Defence of a Righteous Cause, but add to all this, for 
the People of Hollis to bear the Odious name of being Cor- 
rected for Deficiency while Innocent, this may it please your 
honours causes us to sigh deeply at heart and is it not enough 
to fetch Tears from our Eyes You alone Gentlemen can rec- 
tify this matter and as the Eyes of Servants are to their masters,. 
or rather as the Eyes of Children full of Grief, are to their 
Tender Parents so our Eyes are to you, while we Esteem it 
a Blessing of heaven that we have those at the head of Our 
affairs who are ready to hear and we have not in our hearts to- 
Suppose your honours would willingly see us injured. Where- 
fore we implore your kind interposition in this matter which 
so nearly concerns us and that no advantage may be taken by 
reason of our Papers being out of Our hands for we are not 
disputing a Nice Point in the Law nor are we able to for we 
are illiterate men and want nothing but Justice if we offend by 
Speaking too much we willingly ask Pardon and desire to Ac- 
quiesce in your Determination while with duty & Respect we 
rest your honours most Obedient & Humble Servants — 
Hollis Ocf 21^' 17S3. 

W" Cumings \ Selectmen of 

Solomon Wardwell > of 

Ebenezer Jewet j Hollis — 

[5-131] \_Relative to Articles of Confederatiott^ iy8j.~\ 

Hollis Ocf 13* 1783, the inhabitants of the Town of Hollis- 
aforesaid with the freeholders being met on adjournment after 
having maturely debated matters under Consideration — 

Voted, that our Representative use his inffuence in making 
the propos'd alteration, respecting the eighth Article in the 
Confederation of Perpetual union taken from the Records — 

Attest W" Cumings Town Clek 
Hollis Oct^ 30"^ 17S3— 

Hon''^ Council & House for N. HampE — 

HOLLIS. 249 

[5—132] \^Petition of Certain Persons to be set off to Raby^ 

To the Town ot Hollis — 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitence of the West- 
erly Part of s*^ HoUis, Humbly Sheweth that by Reson of many 
Inconvenences We Labour under by Living in such a Remote 
part of Hollis so fare from meting and at such a Distence from 
the other Inhabitence of s"* town that We are Depriv*^ in a great 
measure of the prevelege of Schoolling and by Reson of the 
Badness of the Rods it is Verey Deficult for sum of us to git 
to the Town of Hollis and at sum Sesons of the year it is Even 
impracticable Except We first goo into the town of Raby and 
travel Sum Ways in the sam.e before We Enter Hollis again — 

and as we live much more Compact with the Lihabitence of 
Raby and think it mite be more Convenent for us to belong to 
the town of Raby to which if we ware set of it is Lickly the 
s** Inhabitence of Raby and us your Petitioners mite both Injoy 
the ^Dreveleges of preaching and Schoolling — &c — in a more ful 
and ample manner then Ither thay or us can under our present 
Sittuation we theirfore beg you to take our Case into your Wise 
consideration & if you in your Wisdom can see fit that you 
would give your Consent to have a part of the westerly part of 
Hollis set of to Raby — (that is that part that Raby formely ex- 
pected) Begining at the .Sandv bank so cold at Nissitisit River 
and from thence a North pint by the Nedel acrost Hollis which 
we huinbly conseve would not be a great Dammag to Hollis 
But Verey advantagus to the town of Raby — and us your Peti- 

December — 5 — 1 7S3 

James M'^Donels Simeon Senter James mcDanielsJun 

Jesse parkins Phinehas Bennet Jr Joshua Smith 

John Cumings 

[The foregoing petition did not meet with success, and 
another in similar language, dated " Hollis Oct'^' 15 — 1785," 
was sent to the legislature, signed by the following men : 

James M^Donell Simeon Senter Ebns"" Gilson 

Jesse parkins Joshua Smith Joshua Smith Jur 

Thomas Lawn-ence Ezekicl Proctor Phinehas Bennet. 

The petition was opposed by Hollis, as may be seen by 
the following document, but the petitioners, assisted by the 
inhabitants of Raby, succeeded in procuring the passage of 
an act, Feb. 17, 1786, setting off a strip three quarters of a 
mile wide from the west side of Hollis, and annexing the 
same to Raby. — Ed.] 


C5~^3^] [ opposition of Hollis to the Petit iott of Raby^ I'j8§.'\ 

At a legal meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Hollis 
Sep' 15"^ 1785 _ 

Voted that this Town will oppose the Petition preferr'd to 
the Gen' Court, by the Town of Raby, That Daniel Emerson 
Esq. be fully impower'd to oppose said Petition, also voted that 
Noah Worcester Esq. Cap' Dow Ens. Jerem'' Ames William 
Cumings & Cap' Goss, be a Committee to State the matter fairly 
and give said Emerson Instructions in writing relative to the 
same, taken from the Town Records 

True Copy Attest William Cumings Town Clerk 

To Daniel Emerson Esq. Representative for the Town of 


Agreeable to the above votes of the Town of Hollis. impow- 
ering You to Oppose the Petition of the Town of Raby, & us 
to give you Instructions thereon. You are hereby instructed to 
oppose said Petition — in behalf of the Town of Hollis, for the 
following Reasons (viz). 

first as the said Petitioners represent their Weakness and in- 
abilitv to Support the Gospel or maintain Schools, it cannot be 
supposed that the addition of nine families .Settled on such a 
Tract of Land as they Represent unfit for Cultivation if Grant- 
ed could remove the Difficulties of which they complain — 

3'^ as they represent in said Petition, that they at their Incorpo- 
ration had reason to expect some further help from said Town 
of Hollis, that we know of no Reason that they had to expect 
any such thing unless it was by some mistake in their own 
Measure as they themselves measured it before the incorpora- 
tion, that the Town of Hollis never measured nor Joined in 
Measuring until after the Incorporation, That the Votes of the 
Town of Hollis, previous to said incorporation of Raby were 
design'd to fix the meeting House in the Sentre of the Town 
east & west, which Votes of said Town were confirmed by the 
Charter of the Town of Raby — 

3*^ That as they in their Petition request to begin at the Great 
Sand Bank so Called, and run a Paralel line with the Town of 
Raby opposite to their Northeast Corner, then a closing line to 
their Northeast Corner, which if granted will leave a Tract of 
land with a Number of inhabitants on the same about two miles 
Square, belonging to Hollis. at the northerly end of Raby ex- 
tending as far west as the west line of Raby excepting the 
width of the mile Strip — 

4* That the meeting-House in Hollis now stands on a plat 
of Ground which it seems nature form'd for that purpose being 
pleasantly Situated, that the Town has been at a Great Expence 

MOLLIS. 251 

in laying Out and making Roads to accommodate the same, 
which well convenes the Inhabitants from all parts of said Town 
That if said Petition should be granted, consequently, the meet- 
ing house would not be in the sentre of the Town — which may 
probably cause an uneasiness in the Easterly part of y* Town, 
which might cause the Town to live in Contention or lay them 
under the disagreeable Necessity of building a New meeting 
house, and of being at a Vast expence to accommodate Roads, 
to the same, which never can be done with that Convenience 
that it now is — 

Noah Worcester") 
Hollis Sep^ 28"^ Reuben Dow | Com*" in behalf 

17S5 — Jeremiah Ames )■ of y* Town of 

W" Cumings | Hollis — 

John Goss 

[5~^33] \_Petition for Magistrate^ IJ84.'] 

To his Excellency the president and Hon*"''" Council of the 
State of New Hampshire — 

We the subscribers principal Inhabitants of the Town of 
Hollis, By this our petition 

humbly Shew : That whereas the Inhabitants of said Town 
are numerous : Business frequently Arises which requires the. 
Aid of an assistance of two Justices. Unus Qiiorum : for wan 
of whom we are often put to great Inconveniency besides Trav' 
eling to a distance to get our Business accomplished. There' 
fore we desire that we might be Indulg'd the priviledge of 
having two Justices in s'' Town and tliat one of them might be 
of the Qiiorum ; and as Daniel Emerson Jun"' our Rcpresentitive 
for the time being ; Is a person of Fidelity & Trust universally 
esteem'd and one who (we conceive) will give the greatest Con- 
tent we beg Leave to recommend him to your favour, And that 
he might be appointed and commissioned as a Justice of the 
peace ; in Addition to the present, and as In Duty bound shall 
ever pray — 

Hollis June 2^ 1784 — 

William Poole William Read Jacob mooar 

Uriah Wright Solomon Wardwell Ephraim Lund 

Benj" Wright Nathan Colburn Stephen Jewett 

William wood Daniel Kendrick Elijah Clark 

Daniel Bayley Junr Aaron Bavley Joseph Nevens 

Eben Farley Benjamin Farley Jonathan Taylor 

Stephen Farley Nehemiah Hardy Joel Bayley 

Timothy Emerson jr Ju"" Timothy Emerson 



Thomas Emerson 
Daniel Kendrick 

Isaac Hardy 
Abram Bovnton 
Eliphelet Brown 
Caleb Stiles 
John Attwill 
Joseph Wheat 
Nicholas voungnian 
Nathan Phelps 
James Farley 
Timothy french 
George Abbott 
Benjamin Abbott 
Ephram Pirce 
Simon perce 
David emes 
Francis Powers 

Benjamin Emerson 
Benj'' Colbnrn 
JSamuel Hayden 
Oliver Bowers 
Levy Hardy 
Joseph Haskell 
Joshua Smith 
Fi field Holt 
John Willoughby 
John Phelps 
Sam" Jonson 
Benj Farley third 
Jonas woods 
Amos Eastman 
Joseph Ha3'wood 
Jonathan Dix 
Isreel kinney 
Joseph Lasley 
Abijah Smith 

Benj'' Astin 
Silas Spaulding 
Oliver Bowers Ju' 
Benjamin Nevens 
Jonas Leslie 
Francis Blood 
Jacob Jewet Ju 
Sam Willoughby 
Samuel Wright 
Lemuel wright 
Caleb Farley Jur 
W'" Cumings 
Jonathan Eastman 
Josiah Woodbury 
Cyrus Proctor 
John attwill Jun 
William Brooks 

[This resulted in the appointment of Dea. Emerson as 
requested. — Ed.] 


This town was incorporated by an act approved July 2, 
1822, and was composed of portions of the towns of Ches- 
ter, Dunbarton, and Goffstown ; set off from those towns in 
answer to a petition from the inhabitants. The name " Isle 
au Hooksett" and "Isle au Hooksett Falls" was attached 
to the locality many years before the incorporation and nam- 
ing of the town, but the editor is unable to ascertain its 
derivation. As long ago as 1746, a pond in the north part 
of Chester was called " Isle Hook's pond," by one of Capt. 
Ladd's scouts, who says they camped near it. It is now 
known as Lakin's pond. I am inclined to think the locality 
was named by Indians or Canadian French. 

The following documents do not relate to Hooksett as a 
town, but to the locality, and for that reason are given in 
this place. 

A slight change was made in the boundaries of the town 
Jan. 5, 1853, when a small tract was severed from Hooksett 
and annexed to Allenstown. 



[5~^53] \^yoshua Abbott for a Ferry ^ ^7^2.'] 

To the Honorable the Council and House of Representatives of 
the State of New Hampshire in General Court convened at 
Concord the 1 1'** Day of June 17S3 — 

We the Subscribers inhabiting near Isle a Huckset Falls on 
Merrimack River apprehend a Ferry is much wanted at or near 
said Falls, which would greatly accommode the Public, and 
Joshua Abbott having purchased a Piece of Land and bargained 
for a Boat in order to keep said Ferry, Wherefore your Peti- 
tioners humbly pray that your Honors would make a Grant of 
said Ferry to said Abbott and your Petitioners as in Duty bound 
shall ever pray — 

Laben Hereman 
John Hart 


John Carter 
Nath'' Abbott 
Ebene-- Hall 
Timothy Hall 
Abner flanders 
Richard flanders 
Richard flanders 
Olivr flanders 


N. C. Abbott 

Rob' Harris 

Benja Planaford 

Enoch Brown 

Nath Green 

Daniel Hall 

John Blanchard 

Richard Ayer 

William mestin juner Joshua Abl^iott 

Moses Carter Daniel Abbott 

William Fifield 
John Odlin 
Samuel Davis 
Bruce Walker 
Joseph Carter 
William Brown 
Brown John 
John Carr 
Simeon Carr 
Dan Stickney 
Sm'i Willard 
Thomas Cochran 
Francis Mitchell 
Daniel Brown 
Ephraim Kinsman 
James Moor 
Ephraim moor 
Moses moor 
Luther Clay 
Tim" Walker Jun^ 

Joseph Abbot 
David george 
Aaron Stevens 
Stephen farington 
Timothy Bradley 
Enoch Coffin 
Philip Abbott 
Nathan Green 


Stephen Hall 
Joseph Hascltine 
Thos Stickney 
Thomas Chandler 
Samuel Farrington 
Ephraim Colby 
James Walker 
Stephen Abbot 
Stephen Kimball 
Benj" Fifeld 
Robert Davis 
Micah Flanders 
Daniel Carter 

[Mr. Abbott did not obtain the grant. — Ed.] 

[5-154] S^Diistin and Martin for a Ferry-, 1/82.^ 

To the Honourable the Council and Assembly of the State of 
New Hampshire Now Convened at Concord Li said State — 
We the Petitioners John Dusten & Daniel martin of Chester 
In the County of Rockingham in said State humbly sheweth 
that your petitioners has Lived many Years In said Chester on 
the Bank of merimack River In such asituation for keeping a 


Ferry, as Is Ver}^ convenient to accommodate a great Number 
of the Inhabitants of Goffestown Dunbarton and of many other 
towns a bove who have Occasion to travil to the Lower Part of 
this and the massachusetts State that highways have been Laid 
out by the town Joining on both Sides of the River to said 
Place and w^ell made and Repaired and that Your Petitioners 
has been at a considerable Expence In building and maindening 
of boats and giving constant attendance to Ferry People across 
for more than sixteen years when the profets was Very Incon- 
siderable and In Nowise Equal to the Expence and that there 
is now considerable traviling and dayly increasing Being fovmd 
to be Vei'y advantageous to the publick and that your Petition- 
ers suspects that a petition will be prefered to your Honours 
for a Licence to keep a ferry on said River about two or three 
miles up said river from where your petitioners keeps their 
ferry (where there ai'e no Roads Laid out on neither side of 
the River to the place) with an Intent to prevent your petition- 
ers from any profit by their ferry wherefore your petitioners 
humbly prays that you would grant them a Licence to keep a 
ferry where they now Does and that if a petition shall be pre- 
fered as Suspected that you would Dismiss the same or appoint 
a Commitee In the Vicinity to View the place proposed for a 
ferry with the place for Roads on both sides of the river as well 
as your petitioners ferry and the Roads leading to and from the 
same and make Report that your petitioners may have an op- 
portunity of appearing on Any future day you may appoint to 
shew cause and your petitioners as in duty bound will Ever 

Chester June 14"' 1 7S3 John Dusten 

Daniel martin 

[In H. of Rep., Nov. 19, 1782, a committee having viewed 
the premises reported in favor of establishing the ferry asked 
for by Dustin and Martin, instead of the one asked for by 
Mr. Abbott, and a vote giving leave in accordance therewith 
passed the assembly. The locality is still known as Mar- 
tin's Ferry. — Ed.] 

[5-15^] \_j\IcGregore and Duncan for Exclusive Privilege 
of Locking Hooksett Palls^ iyg4.'\ 

To the honb'" the Senate and house of Representatives for the 
State of New Hampshire, convened at Exeter on Wednesday 
the 3^*'* of Dec. 1793. — 

Humbly shew your petitioners, that they conceive the advan- 
tages arising from canals opened round the falls of Rivers in a 


Country of such vast extent as ours, and at a gi'eat distance 
from the sea-ports, to be almost innumerable. That the enter- 
prize and public spirit of the present age, have afforded ample 
proofs of this, and have inspired your petitioners with an in- 
tention of commencing a work of such universal utility. That, 
should the river Merrimac, as is projected, be made navigable 
for boats, timber &c from its mouth, round Amoskeig-falls ; 
the benevolent intention of the legislature w^ould be rendered 
quite useless, unless a canal was also cut, for that jDurpose, by 
Isle-a-hooksett-falls, upon the same river and above the said 
falls of Amoskeig. Your petitioners are sensible that an un- 
dertaking of this nature is hazardous and expensive, and at- 
tended with almost insurmountable difficulties. — But that the 
public may be accommodated with a work of such obvious 
utility, your petitioners have resolved, with the encouragement 
of the legislature, to cut and pei'fect a canal round the said 
Isle-a-hooksett-falls with all possible deligence. — 

They therefore pray, that this honorable bodv would grant 
to them the exclusive privilege of cutting a canal round said 
Isle-a-hooksett-falls, for said convenient purpose of navigating 
boats, timber &c, by said falls with safety and dispatch ; and 
that they would allow them such reasonable toll to compensate 
their trouble and expence as they may think proper. And that 
they may have leave to bring in a bill accordingly. And as in 
duty bound will ever pray. — 

Exeter January i*' 1794- — Robert M''Gregore 

William Duncan 

[In H. of Rep., Jan. 4, 1794, the petitioners were granted 
leave to bring in a bill. Subsequently the privilege asked 
for was granted, and the same was extended in 1797. — Ed.] 


This town was granted by the government of Massachu- 
setts, Jan. 16, 1735, and was No. 5 in the "line of towns" 
granted by that province on territory which the settlement of 
the line in 1741 decreed to be in New Hampshire. The grant- 
ees were men of Hopkinton, Mass , and this township was 
called New Hopkinton until it was incorporated by the gov- 
ernor and council of New Hampshire, Jan. 10, 1765. 

John Jones, of Hopkinton, Mass., was authorized, Nov. 


24, 1736, by the general court of that province to call a 
meeting of the grantees of No. 5. 

The grant of this town covered some of the territory con- 
tained in the grant to Bow by the government of New 
Hampshire in 1727, and trouble arising in regard to collect- 
ing the province tax, an act was passed Dec. 13, 1763, de- 
creeing that Abel Kimball, Timothy Kimball, Timothy 
Clements, Eliphalet Colby, Green French, John Chadwick, 
Abraham Kimball, Jeremiah Kimball, James Kimball, Moses 
Straw, Jonathan Straw, John Eastman, William Peters, 
Hezekiah Foster, Jeremiah Kimball, Jr., Thomas Jewell, 
Reuben Kimball, Daniel Watson, Obediah Perry, Joshua 
Bayley, John Kimball, John Jewell, Parker Flanders, Isaac 
Colby, Thomas Hoit, the widow Susanna Kimball, and 
their estates, which were within the limits of Bow grant, 
should be joined to the " District of New Hopkinton." 
(See Vol. IX, p. 406.) A house was built "near the meet- 
ing house spot" by Henry Mellen, prior to Sept. 30, 1738, 
as a proprietors' meeting was called to be held in his house 
at that time. 

Among the early settlers was John Jones, who settled in 
the westerly part of the town. Aaron Kimball from Brad- 
ford, Mass., came about 1739, and built a fort about a mile 
east of the present village of Hopkinton. He was the father 
of Abraham Kimball, the first white male child born in 
town. Samuel and John Putney, from Amesbury, Mass., 
built a fort on what is known as Putney's Hill. David 
Woodwell came from Hopkinton, Mass., and built a fort 
near the location of the present village of Contoocook ; the 
place is identified by the depression made in excavating the 
cellar. It was surprised by Indians in April, 1746, and 
eight persons captured. The first minister was James 
Scales ; the second, Elijah Fletcher, from Westford, Mass., 
ordained Jan. 27, 1773. His daughter. Gratia, was the first 
wife of Daniel Webster. 

The township was within the bounds of " Mason's Patent," 
and was regranted by the Masonian Proprietors, Nov. 30, 
1750, to Henry Mellen and others, but for what considera- 
tion is unknown. 

The legislature held sessions in this town in 1798, 1801, 
1806, and 1807 ; and it was for some years one of the shire 
towns of Hillsborough county, prior to the formation of 
Merrimack county in 1823. 


The reader is indebted for much of the foregoing to 
C. C. Lord, Esq., who kindly furnished the editor with an 
able article, the result of much research, from which ex- 
tracts have been made. 

{^5-152] \_Petitio7i for the Privilege of having a Repre- 
sentative^ i77J-~\ 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq'' Captain General, and 
Governour in chief, in and over his Majestys Province of 
New-Hampshire ; And vice Admiral of the same — 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Hopkinton, in the County 
of Hillsborough in the Province of New-Hampshire aforesaid, 
in Town-Meeting assembled, on Thursday the twenty eighth 
Day of October, Anno Domini 1773, and in the fourteenth Year 
of his Majesty's Reign, humbly Sheweth — 

That whereas your humble Petitioners think it would be an 
Advantage to them to be represented in the great General Court 
of this Province by a Man of their own Town, and of their 
own chusing. Therefore we humbly pray that your Excellency 
would, in your great Goodness grant us the Liberty & Privilege 
of chusing & sending a Man to the General Court for that Pur- 
pose, now, and for the future — For which Goodness, "b'our 
humble Petitioners, for your Excellency, as in Duty bound 
shall pray — 

Voted in the said Meeting, That Capt" John Putney prefer 
the above Petition to his Excellency the Governour. 

Joshua Bayley* Town Clerk 

Isaac Chandler") Select men of Hopkinton 
Joseph Putney > in the Name & Behalf 
John Putnev ) of the Town 

j_5-i5i] \_Relative to the Forination of Cotitities^ ij'j2.'\ 

To his Excellency John Wintworth Esquirer Captain general 
and governour in Chief in and over his Majestys Province of 
New Hampshire and Vice Admiral of the Same — 

To the Honovu"able his Majestys Council And to the Honour- 
able House of Representatives in general Court Assembled — 

The Petition of the Inhabitants and free Holders of Hopkin- 

*Joshua Bayley came from Plymouth, Mass., pricr to the incorporation of the town, and 
settled about a mile east of the present village ; commanded a company at Bennington ; was 
at Stillwater in 1777, and in the Rhode Island expedition in 1778. He died April g, 1806, at 
the age of 68. — Ed. 



ton in the County of Hillsborough and Province aforesaid hum- 
bly Sheweth That whereas some Defficulty has arisen of Late 
among us in this town which we cannot decide our Selves and 
which we think Requires the Wisdom and Authority of the 
Honourable general Court to adjust and Determine. We there- 
fore your Humble Petitionors hereby applv our selves to yovir 
Excellency and your Honours with all Humillity for Direction 
and help — Our Difficulty began Emediately after the Publica- 
tion of an Act of the Legislature of this Province approved of 
by his Majesty in Council for Dividing said Province in Coun- 
tys which after following the first County Line, from the mouth 
of Piscatqua River Round to Concord Line (It says) Thence 
Round the westerly lines of Bow Concord and Pembroke to 
Merrimack River — which if it means the westerly line of Bow 
as it was first laid out or the Line to which we the Inhabitents 
of said Hopkinton purchased — Then it will Nessacarily follow 
that all that Part of said Hopkinton which was within Bows 
Claim is in the County of Rockinham and then said Hopkinton 
is divided part into the county of Rockingham and part into the 
county of Hillsborough which makes a great difficulty respecting 
our town affi^irs therefore we your Humble Petitioners Earnestly 
pray that your Excellency and your Honours would be gra- 
ciously pleased to take the matter into your Judicious Consid- 
eration and Resolve us in this thing (Viz) Whether your Hon- 
ours ment or Litended that all Hopkinton agreeable to their 
Incorporation should be in the County of Hillsborough or 
Whether you Intended that all that part of Hopkinton that was 
formerly in Bows Claim Should be in the County of Rockin- 
ham if the former we are fully satisfied but if y* Latter we 
humbly Beg that your Exelency and Honours would so order 
and Determine that all our said town may be in the County of 
Hillsborough and that we may be all one as we were agreeable 
to an act of the Honourable General Court in January 1765 by 
which act all that part of said Hopkinton that was within Bows 
Claim was separated from said Bow and was joined with and 
United to said Hopkinton to all Intents and Purposes for which 
Favour your Humble Petitionors for vour Exellency and Hon- 
ours as in Duty bound shall ever pray — 

Dated at Hopkinton May y' S"' 1773 

Signed by 

John Putney ") A Committee apointed 
Isaac Chandler | by and in the name 
Abel Kimball J> and behalf of the 
Joshua Bayley | town of Hopkinton 
James Scales j 


[In H. of Rep., May 27, 1772, "Voted that the whole of 
said Hopkinton be determined to belong to the County of 

Council concurred. — Ed.] 

[5-150] \_Proceeding-s of a Towii-Meeting^ i'/'/2.'\ 

At a meeting Legally Cold and Held at the meeting House 
in Hopkinton on thirsday the 2 Day of January 177^ '^t one of 
the Clock in the afternoon then Vote on the folewing articles 

1 Voted that Capt Putney moderator to Regulate Said meet- 

2 Voted to send a man to Portsmouth to See if the Town is 
Devided in to two Countys 

3 Voted that Leiu' Jonathan Straw Should be the man that 
is to Represent the Concarns of the Town to the Gineral Court 
with a Petition to have all of the Town in one County 

4 Voted that James Scales Esqu'' Cap' Putney Leiu' Chandler 
Abel Kimbal and Joshua Bayley be a Committe to Sine a Pe- 
tition in the Towns l)e-half to Send to the Gineral Court 

a true Copy taken of from the Records By me — 

Joshua Bayley Town Clerk 
Hopkinton may 25 1772 

[5—149] \^Relativc to the Foi-mation of Counties^ 7772.] 

Province of New-Hampshire Hopkinton, May 25"' 1772. 

Pursuant, and in Obedience to an Order of the General As- 
sembly of this Province, bearing Date May 20"^ 1772, brought 
hither by Lieu* Jonathan Straw of this Town, last week ; Said 
Order having Reference to a Petition, signed by a Committee 
of the Inhabitants of said Hopkinton, & presented to the Gen- 
eral Assembly by the said L' Straw ; said Petition bearing Date, 
May 8"' 1772. I Joshua Bayley One of the Committee that 
signed the said Petition, served the major Part of those of the 
Inhabitants of Hopkinton who live within the Township of 
Bow with the said Petition and Order, by reading both to them ; 
and then leaving a Copy of the said Petition with one of them, 
viz. m'' John Jewett. 

And we, Nathan^ Clements, & Timothy Farnham of said 
Hopkinton, went with the said Joshua Bayley, from House to 
House among the Inhabitants of said Hopkinton who live 
within the Township of Bow, and heard the said Bayley read 


the said Petition, and Order to the Major Part of said Inhabi- 
tants ; on Saturday the 33'' day of this instant May ; and on this 
35"* Day, in the Evening of said Day, we saw the said Bayley 
deliver a Copy of the said Petition and Order to m'' John Jew- 
ett, aforesaid, to be left with him the said John Jewett 

Joshua Bayley 
Nathaniel Clement 
Timothy Farnham 

[Sworn to before James Scales. — Ed.] 

[5-148] \_Capt. Stillson relative to Soldiers^ iy'/6.'] 

Hopkinton July the 19* 1776 

S'' I, Can Inform you that m"" Hoit has Enlisted Foui'teen 
men, and they have passed muster and Paid by Colonel Walker, 
as the men Chuse him for an Officer and to go With me, I un- 
derstood by your Honours that any man that wou'd Enlist a 
Num'"' Sufficient should be intitled to a Commission, it is Reck- 
on'd he can Git a Num'"' more if he Can be Sure of a Com- 

From your Plum'"^ Servant — 

W" Stillson 
To Coll" meshech Ware 

[5-147] l^yohn Hale declines the Appoi7itment of Major ^ 

1777 ■'\ 

Flopkinton March y*" 3^ 1777 — 
Hon-J Sir— 

I am informed by Cap' Livermore that you have wrote me 
two Letters neither of which has com to hand I acknowledg my 
self much indebted to you for the Hon'' you have done me in 
appointing me to the office of maj'' — when I consider the im- 
portance of the post & how much I fall short in filling it my 
Excepting would rather Injure then help that Service which I 
have much at heart, I am also settled in a New Country Dis- 
tant from Neighbors & must be under the Disagreeable necesa- 
tity of breaking up house keeping which will almost put me in 
a ruinous Condition. Humbly beg you"^ be pleased to appoint 
Some other person in my Room & am Gentleman your most 
obedient & very Humble Serv' — John Hale — 



State of New Hampshire 
To the Honourable Council and Assembly Convenied at Exe- 
ter — 

May it please ^-our Honours your Humble Petetionor having 
Lately come out of the Service of the United States with his 
two sons and wanting Lands to Settle on has taken up three 
hundred acres of Land one hundred for himself and one hun- 
dred for each of his said sons on that tract of Land called Fish- 
ersfield which was Granted to John Fisher Esq'' who is Sup- 
posed to be an enemy to the Glorious Cause of Liberty now 
Contending for by the United states of America — and as such 
your Humble Petetionor Supposes that the Lands of the said 
Fisher will be forfited to this State and of Consequence be dis- 
posed of by the Authority of the same should this be the Case 
and the Matter come Under your Honours Judicious Consider- 
ation your humble Petetionor prays that he and his sons may 
be Qiiieted in their Possessions and be considered as Settlers 
or have the Liberty of purchasing their lands as wild Lands 
without Its being Exposed to Publick Sale — And your humble 
Petetionor as in duty bound shall ever pray — 
Hopkinton May y^ 14''' 1778 

Timothy Clements 

[The foregoing was dismissed. — Ed.] 

[5-145] \_Re7Jionstrance to the Appohitment of Befijamin 
Wiggin, lySj.^ 

To His Exelency — 

President for the State of New Hampshire ; — and to His 
Hon'* Privy Council ; — 

We Y"" Petitioners humbly sheweth ; That whereas the Town 
of Hopkinton, has Been Very Unanimous In the Cause of 
America, in Y* Late struggle with Create Britton Except A 
few Persons, who always in Discourse and Actions Seemed to 
Us ; To favour Britton and to be Against the Causes of Amer- 
ica ; and we Understand one of those person Are in Nomin'tion 
to Bee A Magistrate in this Town, Viz ; M' Benjamin Wiggin ; 
if he Should Attain to that Office We think would be Very 
Disagreeable to the People of this Town in General, therefore 
Our Petition to Y'' Exelency and Hon^ is that You would Neg- 
lect putting the Above Named M"" Wiggin into Office ; and in 
Sted Thereof Would Grant S"* Office to Some person Which 



has Appear*^ to be A steady Good friend to his Country, — and 
Y'' Petitioners As in Deuty Bound Shall Ever Pray. — 

Hopkinton Nov"" 2"** 

Peter How 
John Chadvvick 
Eliphelet colby 
John Clement 
Moses Gould 
Jonathan Chase 
David Kimball 
Elias Gould 
Robert Knowlton 
William D : Colby 


Joseph Chandler 
Thomas Webber 
Stephen Harriman 
Thomas Bayley 
Jonathan Straw 
Abel Kimball 
Jacob Straw 
David Fellows 
Henry Blake 
John George 

Enoch Long 
John Putney 
Enoch Eastman 
Isaac Chandler 
Joshua Morse 
Isaac Bayley 
Enoch Long J' 
Samuel Chase 

[5-144] \_Petitioti for the Appointnie7it of Benjamitt Wig- 
gin as a Alagistrate^ i'/86.'] 

To his Exellency John Sullivan Esq"" President of the State of 
Newhampshire and to the Honourable Privy Council in 
Concoixi Convean'd 

Whereas Wee your Humble Petitioners understand that M' 
Benj"^ Wiggin of Hopkinton hath been on the List for a Justice 
of the Peace but as yet hath not been appointed to the Dissa- 
pointment of us your humble Petitioners and perhaps Many 
others, alltho there are two Justices of the Peace in Town all- 
ready yet Wee humbly Conceive it to be Convenient to have 
one more and as M"" Wiggin in our opinions is as Well Qualli- 
fy'd as any Person in town in a Convenient Situation and a 
person well Dispos'd humbly pray he may be appointed Justice 
of the jDcace and Wee as in Duty bound Will Ever pray 

Hopkinton 14"* June 17S6 

Jaems Emerson 
Benj thurber 
Rich'^ Cresy 
John Ardway 
Caleb Burbank 
Moses Titcomb 
William putney 
Joshua Clement 
Jon" Herrick Ju* 
moses Clement 
John Farnham 
Noah Pearson 

francis thurber 
William Stanley 
John Ardway Jur 
Thomas Bickford 

Ralph Cross 
John Eastman 
Joseph ardway 
Joseph Putnee 

Lawrence M'^Laugh- David Young 


David Clement 
James Buswell 
John Webber 
James Smith 
Timothy farnham 
John Currier 

Nathaniel Clement 
Nicholas C Buswell 
Tappan Evans 
Daniel Stickney 
Jons Clough 



j]5-i43] \_Another Petition in favor of Wiggin^ iy86.'\ 

To his Excellency John Landon Esq^' Presedent of the State of 
New hampshire and to the Honourable Privy Council Next 
Sitting at Portsmouth 

Whereas We your Humble Petitioners are Informed that there 
was a Petition Prefered to your Excellency and your Honours 
at your Last Sessions at Concord Intimating that M"" Benj' Wig- 
gin of Hopkinton Was unfrindly to the Cuntrey in the Late 
war Which wee Believe to be groundless wee Never Knew but 
that m'' Wiggin freely and Voluntarily offerarded his assistence 
through the whole war Nither do wee know of aney unfriendly 
act by him Perpetrated but in our opinions is well disposd and 
in Some good measure quallifyd and wee your Humble Peti- 
tioners Pray that he may be appointed Justice of the Peace and 
wee in duty Bound will Ever Pray 

Hopkinton 24''' January 1786 

William Morison W^heeler Wilder 
phinehas Campbell Samuel Kimball 

Simeon pope 
Moses Adams 
Jo" Marsh 
Samuel Barr 
Oliver Noyes 
Thomas Brown 
David morrill 
Daniel Tyler 
Micah How 
Jesse Campbell 
Benjamin Currier 
Joseph Lewis 
Jonathan Parrish 
John Morrill 

Jn° Goodenow 
John Tucker 
Elisha Barns 
Luke Eager 
Nehemiah How 
Nathaniel Joslyn 
Edw*^ Hunter. 
JoB Campbell 
Noah Amsden 
Benj" Hoyt 
Eben herrimen 
Nathan Putney 
Frances griams ior 
Ephraim morril 

David Bowman 
Joseph Gibson 
William Sawyer 
Joseph Eager 
Jonathan Sawyer 
Joshua Heath 
Ebcn'' Howe 
Francis Whittiar 
Levi Kemp 
William Chambers 
Samuel Dunlap 
John Campball 
Win Partrick 
Joshua Wright 
Elijah Kemp 
Gideon Adams 

[On another petition, No. 141, of same date, and for the 
same purpose, are the following names : — Ed.] 

John Tewksbury 
Timothy Wiley 
Nathaniel Fifield 
Archibald Stinson 
Jn° Webber 
Da^ Young 
John Currier 
Aquila Davis 

Isaac Babson Laurence M'^Laugh- 
Jacob Stanly lin 

James Hogg Jn° Chad wick Jun' 

Wil'" Tenny William Stintson 
Jonathan Allenjuner Thomas Stickney 

Isaac Long Jonathan alien 

Tappen Evans Moses Titcomb 

James Wallace David Bagley 


Simean Eastman William Stanly Benjamin Thurba 

Jams Emerson Ezzra waldron francis thurber 

Nathaniel Eaton Rich'^ Cressey Noah Pearson 

Joshua Eaton Tim" Gibson James Clough 

Timothy Farnham Henry Eastman Ezra tucker 

John** Farnham Sargent Currier Ebenezer Virgin 

ralph Cross John Easman W" Tyler 

[Benjamin Wiggin came from Stratham in 1774, and kept 
a tavern, in front of which a reception was given to Gen. 
LaFayette when he visited this state, as says C. C. Lord^ 
Esq. — Ed.] 

[5—142] \_Petitlo7i in Favor of Lietit. J-os/ma Morse^ i'/86.'\ 

to His Excellency President of the State of New Hampshire 
and His most Honi^" Privy Council. — 

we y'' Petitioners Inhabitants of the town of Hopkinton 
Humbly Sheweth that we Understand that Several Persons of 
this Town are in Nomination for the office of a Majestrate and 
Likewise that Neither of them are as yet Commision'' therefore 
our Petition to your Excellency and Hon" is that the office may 
Be Granted to Lieu* Joshua morse as we are well Sattisfied as 
to the Abilites and Qj-ialifications of the Gent" man above 
Named for office also we Beg Leave to Inform y"' Excellency 
and Hon" that in the time of the Late Contest with Great Brit- 
tan he always appeared to Be a steady friend to the Glorious 
Cause of our Independence Likewise may it Please y' Excel- 
lency and Hon" for y'' further Sattisfacton as to the Carrector of 
the Gent" man we y'' Petitioners Shall take it as a favour that 
you will be Pleas'^ to Consult our Representative at the Next 
Sessions and Hearby we flatter our Selves that Every obstable 
may Be So far Remov*^ from y'' minds as to Commission him as 
Soon as may Be Consistant with the Rules and Regulations of 
our Constitution and we your Petitioners as in Duty Bound 
Shall Ever pray 

Abel Kimball David Kimball Enos hunt 

Nemiah Colby Samuel Jewett Richard Webber 

Josiah Nickels Eliphclet Colby Green french 

Stephen Jewett Robert Knowlton Abraham Kimball 

Ezekiel Knowlton Levi Hildreth Isaac Cheney 

Moody Smith Josiah Smith Jonathan Herrick Se"" 

Isaac Qiiimby Jonathan Qiiinby Nathaniel merrill 

Daniel Herrick Henry Blake Smith Kimball 

Peter Darling John Trussel William Colby 



Jonathan Henick Ju' 
Timothy DarHng 
Nathaniel Kimball 
Moses Hills jun'' 
Moses Trussell 
John thing Connor 
Jeremiah Story 
Nathan Story- 
Ezra Hoyt 
Jacob Straw 
Stephen Smith 
Ephraim Colby 
John Kimball 
Elijah Durgin 
thomas Webber 
Thomas Bickford 
Moses Gould 
Benjamin Homes 
Moses Chase 
David Clough 

Joseph Burnham 
Samuel kimball 
moses Emerson 
Samuel Chase 
Jonathan Chase 
Jonathan Allen Ju 
Joseph Story 
Isaac colby 
John Hoyt 
ZabuLon Norris 
Joseph colb}- 
Caleb Smart 
Joseph Smart 
Samuel Straw- 
Jeremiah Storyjun 
william putney 
Enoch Eastman 
Samuel Harris 
Thomas Story 
Enoch Long j"' 

IMoses Darling 
Gideon Gould 
Jonathan Straw 
Peter How 
Daniel Tenny 
Zechariah Story 
Jonathan Allen 
Joseph Colby 
John Boynton 
Samuel Farington 
Benning Smart 
James Straw 
Marl Morrill 
John gage 
Joseph putney Jr 
Elijah Homes 
Joseph Barnard 
Nathaniel Rowell 

[5-140] \_Anot/ier Remonstrance to Air. Wig'g'in.'] 

To his Excellency the President of the State of New Hamps*"' 
and his Honorable Councel 

it being the earnest desire of a great number of Good men in 
Hopkinton that I would write to your Excellency on a Matter 
that much disturbs the greatest part of the People in Hopkinton 
is a Petetion which has been Spread in this and the Naboring 
Towns Last weak i Could wish only to have the matter farely 
Stated to your Excellency as I trust it will be by Lt Darling So 
that the authority of the State may not be imposed upon by 
having Petitions Prefered to them : that was handed about and 
Signed on public Days over a Cup ofgroog this being the 
meathod that was taken to obtain the greater part of the Signers 
that is in favor of M' Benjamin Wiggin being on the Sivel List 
and as this Petetion in fave of M"" Wiggins refers Back to one 
that was Sent to your Excellency and Honarable Coimcil when 
Seting at Concord which Petetion was Signed by Sum of the 
Principel men in Hopkinton thay Could have had the Cheeafof 
the men in Hopkinton to have Signed it if thay had thought 
Proper those men that Signed the Petetion that wos prefered to 
your Excellency when at Concord is able and ready to Support 
what thay then Charged m"" Wiggins with if M"" Wiggins Sign- 
ers Could make out that he ever did any thing that appeared 


frindly to this State through the war it would Be in his favor, 
as Hopkinton went through a teados war without the help of 
this Valuable Wiggin it is thought that we Can do with out 
him it is the Prayer of many that M"' Aaron Greeley may Be 
Honered with a Commission of the Peace it is most Likely to 
me that he may Sarve the Public the Best of any man in Hop- 

Hopkinton Februaiy i : 1786 

I have the honour to Be your Excellency & Honnors most 
obedia" and Humbell Sarvant 

Joshua Bailey 

[The foregoing documents not only contain the names of 
probably nearly all the men in town, but show the earnest 
endeavors put forth by the men of those times for the ofifice 
of justice of the peace. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-103] \_Etilistment Papers, J'/j6.'\ 

Hopkinton Septem'' 17, i77^' 

We the Subscribers do volintarly inlis into the Continall 
army to sarve at new york till the first Day of December next 
insuing to Sarve as Solders under the Command of Such Cap- 
tain and See Boltens as Shall Be appointed By the Field Offi- 
cers of this Rigement as witness our Hands 

William Darling Ezekiel Straw Jacob Hoyt 

Timothy Darling Nathaniel Kimball Benj Bach''' Darling 

William Godfree Sargent Currier 

Elias gould Gideon Gould 

[R. 2-104] ^^Depositions relative to Service in the Army.'] 

Then Jacob Tucker of Warner Thomas Story William Clem- 
ent Joseph Standley Thomas Bigsford Abner Colby Joseph 
Putney Jonathan Putney Ebenezer Eaton of Hopkinton all in 
the State of New Hampshire and County of Hillsborough 
yeomen Parsonally appeared and Being Duly Examined and 
Corshened maid Solem Oath that thay Sarved as Soldiers in 
Cap' William Stilsons Company and Colo Isaac Wymans 
Rigement at mount independence in the year 1776 and that 
thay Never Receivd any Saus money for the whole of the time 
that thay were in Said Wymans Rigement and that for the 


month of November thay Never Received any wages nor travil 
money Horn Direct nor inderect 

Examined and Sworn before 

Joshua Bayley Jus* Peac 
Hopkinton Novemb. 7 : 1777 

[Jacob Waldron of Warner and Stephen Hoyt of Hop- 
kinton made oath before the same justice that they " Sarv- 
ed as Saboltens in Cap' William Stilsons Company at 
mount independent in the year 1776." Dated Hopkinton, 
November 8, 1777. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-105] 

[Reuben Trussell, who was wounded at Bennington, was 
allowed ^^23, 12, 4, October 31, 1778, for doctors' bills, etc., 
and placed on half pay from September 19, 1777. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-106] \_Enlistments, lySi.'] 

Hopkinton September 20: 17S1. 
S'' agreeable to your orders I have inlisted Seven Men to 
Serve three months theare names as follows 

Moses Colby Stephen Putney Samuel Eastman 

Richard Smith Moody Clement Daniel Stickney Jur. 

of Hopkinton and David Stickney of Concord 

the men have marched this day 

Joshua Bayley 
To Col Thomas Stickney of Concord 

[R. 2-ioS] \_CertiJicate of Soldiers Mustered^ Ij8i.~\ 

This May Certify that Tim^ Farnham Abraham Currier John 
Eaton has this 5 Day of April pas*^ Muster for the Town of 
Hopkinton for three years & Benj'' Cresey the 6 april pas'* Mus- 
ter for three years for the town of Hopkinton & that Ephraim 
Hildreth, Sam* French, Michael Stocker, John Robinson has 
pas'* Muster for the Town of Hopkinton Dureing war with 
great brittain all Mustered at Amherst ye 5, &, 6, of April 

Moses Nichols M Master 

To whom it may concearn 


[R. 2-1 1 1] \_Petitwii of yoseph Marshy Soldier^ i'j8'J.'\ 

Your Pertitioner Humbly Sheweth that he Inlisted into Cap* 
Daniel Runnels Company and Cor' Nathaniel Peabodys Rige- 
ment in the years Sarvice in the Expedition at Rhode Island in 
the year 1778 and when he received his wages it was of but 
Very little value to what the same was when he Inlisted * * * 

Hopkinton June 13, 1787 

Joseph Marsh 

[In June, 1778, £,^^2^ of continental paper money was 
equal to p^ioo in silver. In June, 1779, it took ;^ 1,342 of 
the former to equal ^lOO of the latter. Marsh petitioned 
to have it made up, but for some reason the petition was 
" dismissed." — Ed ] 

[R. 3-1 1 3] \_Petition of Samuel French^ Soldier: addressed 
to the General Courts J/Sy.^ 

Humbly shews Samuel French of Hopkinton in the County 
of Hillsborough and State aforesaid, that he your Petitioner in 
the year 17S1 Inlisted into the Continental Service in Cap' Mo- 
ses Dustins Company and pi'oceeding on his march to White 
plains, from thence I was ordered to March to Mohawk River 
and was there taken by the Indians and carried beyond Canada 
and has remained a prisoner ever since June 17S3 until March 
last, when he returned Home — for all which he has received no 
compensation Wherefore your Petitioner Humbly prays that 
this Honb' Court would take his case under their wise consider- 
ation and make him such compensation as thev in their wisdom 
shall think fit 

Concord June 14"^ 1787. 

Samuel French 

[He presented another petition the following December, 
with the following documents to substantiate his statement : 

March y^ 17 1783 
I due here by sertify at Samuel French Hath fuly payed for 
His Redemsian from the Indians 

John Cambill 

Hopkinton June 20"^ 17S7 
This may Sartify that Samuel French of Hopkinton was 
taken by the Indions Sum Time in June in the year 17S2 at the 


Little falls in Moohook River according to the best Integence 
we had Being Soulders Stationed at Saratoge the same year 

Timothy Farnham 
John S. Farnham 
Meredith September the i 1787 

this is to Certyfy that Samuel french was taken By the indens 
at the Little falls of the mohock River he Belongin to Cap* 
Bells Company in the 3 N. H. Rigment with me 

Oliver Smith 

Pursuant to a vote of the General Court passed Feb^ i^* 1788, 
I have entered Samuel French in the Depreciation Books for 
four years wages, commencing June 17S3, amountingto Ninety 
Six pounds. Literest to be paid annually 

Attest J. Oilman 

Exeter Feby 15"^ 1788— 

[R. 2-1 15] \_Petition of Elijah Smarts Soldier^ iygj.'\ 

State of New Hampshire 
To the Hon''' Oeneral Court now setting at Concord 

The Petition of Elijah Smart Humbly sheweth, that in the 
year 1777 he enlisted for three years in Cap' Nat. Hutchen's 
Company in Col° Cilleys Rig"^' and in the year 1778 was taken 
sick in the Camp, of the Yellow fever and Carried to the Hos- 
pital at Valley forge and from thence was removed to the Hos- 
pital at the Yellow-Springs, where he had the Mortification in 
one of his feet which Occationed the loss of several of his 
toes. * * * 

Elijah Smart 

Hopkinton Jan. 19: 1791 

[Hopkinton men in the First New Hampshire Regiment : 

Daniel Cressy, entered April 10, 1777; discharged April 
10. 1779. 

Moses Colby, entered April 4, 1777; discharged April 4, 

Ephraim Cross, entered April 16, 1777; discharged 1780. 

John Chadwick, entered April 6, 1777 ; discharged April 
5, 1780. 

John T. Connor, entered April 8, 1777 ; discharged April 
5, 1780. 

Ebenezer Collins, entered April 6, 1777 ; discharged Oc- 
tober, 1777. 


Benjamin Cressy, entered April 6, 1781 ; discharged 
March 17, 1782. 

Alva Currier, entered April 5, 1781 ; discharged Decem- 
ber, 1 78 1. 

Joseph Eastman, entered April 10, 1777; discharged Oc- 
tober 30, 1777. 

John Eastman, entered April 10,1777; discharged July 

8, 1777- 

John Eastman, Jr., entered May 6, 1779; discharged 

John Eaton, entered April 5, 1781 ; discharged December, 

John S. Farnham, entered May 5, 1779; discharged De- 
cember, 1 78 1. 

Timothy Farnham, entered April 5, 1781 ; discharged 

Enoch Hoit, entered July 3, 1777; discharged July 2, 1780. 

Ephraim Hildrith, entered April 5, 1781 ; discharged De- 
cember, 1 78 1. 

Jona Judkins, entered April 10, 1777; discharged April 
10, 1780. 

James Lamb, entered March 10, 1777; discharged 
March, 1780. 

Samuel Stocker, entered April 10, 1777; discharged 
March 7, 1780. 

David Smith, entered April 10, 1777 ; discharged August 

4, 1778. 

Elijah Smart, entered April 7, 1777 ; discharged April 
10, 1780. 

Caleb Smart, entered April 7, 1777; discharged April 
10, 1780. 

Jona. Sav^yer, entered April 4, 1777; discharged April 

5, 1780. 

Some of the foregoing were in the same regiment again 
in 1782 and in 1783. — Ed.] 

[5-138] \^Remo72strance to the Ordination of Rev. Jacob 
Oram., I'j8g.'\ 

To the Council appointed to Ordain M"" Jacob Cramb in the 
work of the Ministry — 
Reverend Sirs ; we would inform you that when M' Cramb 
had a Call from the people of this Town to Settle in the work 



of the Ministry in a Town meeting we Suppose there was not 
more than one fourth part of the Voters, in Town that voted 
for his Settling as aforesaid : Since that time we understand 
there has many informed him before he had given his Answer, 
that they had no desire he should settle in this Town, as afore- 
said ; and Considering the present Circumstances of the Town 
and other Reasons which might be given we have No desire 
that he Should settle in the work of the ministry, as aforesaid 
And we would inform you that it is much against our opinions 
to do any thing toward his settleing in said Town or support 
him if settle'd : and we apprehend that if Ar Cramb, should 
Settle in this Town it will be the means of Causing Law 
suits, and Cause of much Confusion in said Town. Therefore, 
we would pray you to advise. M"^ Cramb not to settle in said 
Town and you to Desist from ordaining of him in Said Town ; 
and in So doing you will oblige your Humble Petitioners — 

Hopkinton Feby. 10'^ 1789 

Moses Long 
James Clough 
Isaal Gould 
Steph Herri man J'' 
Joseph putney ]' 
Thomas Eastman 
John Emerson 
William Peters J"" 
Samuel Currier 
Thaddeus Ladd 
Joseph Clark 
Nathaniel Eaton 
Isaac Perley 
Samuel Sawyer 
Jacob Straw : 3 
Gideon wood 
David Clough 
Reuben Currier 
Elijah Holms 
Moses Jones 
David Clement 
Christopher Gould 
Jacob Clarke 
Henry Blake 
Levi Bavley 

Abel Rowell 
Jeremiah Fowler 
John Eastman 
Calib Burbank 
Moses Kimball 
Mathew Stanly 
Abr"' Currier 
Noah Pearson 
Jeremiah Emerson 
Amos Bayley 
Thomas Clough 
Benjamin Hoyt 
John Perley 
Robert Hanaford 
Jeremiah Flanders 
Jon"" Sawver 
Jacob Hoyt 
Rich'^ Cresey 
John Holmes 
Jaob Stanly 
Timothy Emerson 
Abrahain Rowell 
Amos Gorden 
Nicolas C Buswell 
Ichabod Gould 

Stephen Putney 
James Emerson 
Ensley Brown 
ralph Cross 
Henry Currier 
Ezekiel Hadley 
Solomon Bayley 
Enos hunt 
Timothy Flanders 
David Morrill 
Samuel Page 
Nathan H Morgan 
Samuel Straw J"" 
John Gould 
Stephen Harriman 
Abner Hoyte 
John Eaton 
Samuel Hoit 
Daniel Flanders 
Joseph Hastings 
Jacob Straw 
Daniel Tenny 
Moses Kezer 

A Copy of Said Petition 

Samuel Wood 
Scribe of S'* Council 



[Mr. Cram was ordained notwithstanding. See following 
document : — Ed.] 


State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon'''* the Senate and House of Representatives for said 
State to be Convened at Portsmouth the fourth Wednesday 
of December AD 1 7S9 — 

Humbly shews the Subscribers Inhabitance of the Town of 
Hopkinton in the County of Hillsborough and State aforesaid 
That it is Rational to Suppose and favoured by the Constitu- 
tion of Said State that no person ought to be Compelled to pay 
Taxes for the Support of a Minister of the Gospel whose Senti- 
ments in Religion are Different from his That in February last- 
the Revd. Jacob Cram was Ordained in Said Hopkinton Pre- 
vious to v\diich many of us by ourselves and Agents Objected 
against his being Ordained thinking his Sentiments not agre 
able to ours Notwithstanding he was Ordained and we are 
Taxed toward his Support We think it Cruel that we Should 
in a day when a Spirit of Liberality in Religious Sentiments 
Pervades the Continent and not a Single Constitution in the 
United States compells a Man to pay where he cannot Consci- 
entiously hear & be Compelled to Pay this Man ; We wish to 
Support the Preaching of the Gospel at the Same time Wish 
for a Man of our own Choosing We therefore Beg that we may 
either have a Poll Parrish in Said Town or that the same may 
be divided in Such manner as the Hon""'^ Court shall think best 
And as in duty bound Shall ever Pray 

Thaddeus Ladd 
Jacob Straw, 3 
Joshua Eaton 
John Gould 
Ebenezer Ordua 
William putney 
Samuel Straw 
Amos Bayley 
Stephen Harriman 
Rich'' Cresey 
Sargent Currier 
Danill Gunnison 
Jon'' Sawyer 
Abraham Rowell 
Noah Pearson 
Benjamin Hoyt 
Israel Gould 

Moses Jones 
John Emerson 
Isaac Perley 
Nathan H Morgan 
Timothy Emerson 
John White 
Ichabod Gould 
Abner Hoyt 
Ezekiel Hadley 
Caleb Burbank 
Abr-" Currier 
Simeon Dow Junr 
Moses Hastings 
Moses Kezer 
Samuel Hoyt 
Jonathan Gorden 
Amos Gorden 

Levi Bayley 
Reuben Currier 
John Perley 
Jacob Rowell 
Nathaniel Eaton 
Samuel Sawyer 
Thomas Eastman 
Nathaniel Morgan 
Joseph Clark 
David Merrill 
James Clough 
Nathaniel Rowell 
Joseph Hastings 
Jacob Straw 
Jacob Hoyt 
Gideon woods 

HUDSON. , 273 

[In H. of Rep., December 26, 1789, a hearing was order- 
ed for the second Tuesday of their next session, at which 
time, June 15, 1790, the matter was further postponed to 
the second Tuesday of their next session. I fail to find any 
further action in the matter. — Ed.] 


The largest part of the territory contained in this town 
was included in the ancient grant, by the provincial govern- 
ment of Massachusetts Bay, of the township of Dunstable, 
October 16, 1673, O. S. In 1722 a portion of this grant 
was annexed to the town of Londonderry, and in 1732 all 
that remained of Dunstable east of Merrimack river was 
incorporated into a town named Nottingham. 

In 1734 the north part was taken off, and, with other 
territory, incorporated into a town named Litchfield. The 
aforesaid changes were made by the general court of Mas- 
sachusetts, the territory being considered a part of that 
province until the line was established in 1741. 

Settlements were made on the banks of the Merrimack as 
•early as 17 10, the people living in garrisoned houses, and 
planting their corn on land cleared by Indians for that pur- 

The town was incorporated by the governor and council 
of New Hampshire, July 5, 1746, in answer to a petition 
from the inhabitants (Vol. IX, page 417), and named Not- 
tingham West, and retained that name until it was changed 
to Hudson by an act of the legislature approved July i, 1830. 

The south-westerly part of Londonderry was annexed to 
this town by an act passed March 6, 1778. 

{^Notthighatn West Men in First N. H. Reg-ifnent .'] 

[Robert Burts, entered April 28, 1777; discharged July 
8, 1780. 

Nathaniel Hardy, entered May i, 1777; discharged 
March 5, 1778. 

Amos Kenney, entered April 3, 1777; discharged Octo- 
ber 7, 1777 ; killed. 

Thomas Barry, entered April 12, 1779; discharged April 
10, 1780. — Ed.] 


[5-173] \_Complaint concerning Rev. Nathaniel Merrill^. 

To His Excellency Beuning Wentworth Esq'' Cap' General 
Governor & Commander in Chief in & Over His Majestys 
Province of New Hampshire the Hon**'* His Majestys Coun- 
cil & House of Representatives for said Province in General 
Assembly Convened the 3'^ day of December, 1747. 

The humble Petition of Josiah Cummings & others whose 
Names are hereunto subscribed Inhabitants of Nottingham 
West in said Province shews 

That the Inhabitants of said Town since their Incorporation 
as a Township under this Government, hav'e proceeded to call 
& settle one M"" Nath' Merril as the Gospel Minister of said 
Town which your Petitioners Opposed and from which they 
always dissented Requesting tliat they might be Excused both 
from calling him & paying towards his Support because they 
could not like him for tlieir Minister. 

That notwithstanding the different Sentiments of your Peti- 
tioners in this matter & the steps they took to discover their 
dislike of the Proceedings the Town have calld & settled the 
said Minister & have rated your Petitioners as others who have 
been Active therein — and your Petitioners supposing the Town 
in general was not desireous of compelling them to join against 
their Inclination have Requested the Select Men of said Town 
to Insert a Clause in a Warr' for calling a Town meeting to see 
if the Town would not Excuse your Petitioners & discliarge 
them from paying as afores'' till they should attend the Ministry 
of M"" Merril (which as yet they do not) or to call a meeting 
for that purpose both of which has been denied by the select 
men — 

That your Petitioners conceive had such a motion been regu- 
larly made at the Town meeting the Town would have dis- 
miss'd your Petitioners & Exonerated them from any charge 
having the Example as well as the Advantage of such a Dis- 
mission made by the Town of Dunstable of a Number of their 
Inhabitants who dissented from the proceedings there Relating 
to the Settlement of a Minister whereby the Town of Notting- 
ham will not upon the whole be prejudiced — But however that 
may be your Petitioners humbly conceive it to be a hard Case 
to oblige them to belong to & to support the Ministry they can- 
not like & do not attend & when they may attend the Ministry 
at Dunstable to their Satisfaction & with Equal Conveniency 
as in Nottingham Wherefore they humbly pray that they may 
be discharged both Polls & Estates from paying any thing to- 
wards the support of the Ministry at said Nottingham so long 
as they attend else where & they shall Ever pray 

HUDSON. 275 

Josiah Cumings Jeremiah Blodget John Snow 

heenry Snow Samuel Jewet Benjamin Frost 

Reuben Greley Beniamen Snow 

Eleazar Cumings Samuel Hushton 

[In H. of Rep., March 9, 1747, the matter was postponed 
until the selectmen of the town had called a meeting to see 
if the town would consent to the foregoing request. — Ed.] 

[5-1 71] \^Granting Authority to Mr. Cummings to petition 
the Legislature^ Ij4y.~\ 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of Nottinghamwest Author- 
ize and Impower M'' Josiah Cumings of said Nottinghamwest 
to Petition the Gen" Court of New Hampshire that we may be 
Excused from paying Taxes to the Rev*^ M' NatW Merril in or- 
der that we may pay at Dunstable where we attend and to Act 
fully in our behalf relating that affair said M"" Merril being set- 
tled in said Town contrary to our Consent and conience like- 
wise we having entered Protest Against the vote where by he 
was settled the Selectmen having Assessed us for the same not- 
withstanding and having refused to put our desire of being Ex- 
cused in to a Warrant for a Town meeting 

Nottinghamwest Sep"" 14"' 1747 

Eleazar Cummings Jeremiah Blodget Ruben grele 

John Snow Samuel Juewet Josiah Cumings 

Beniamon Snow Samuel Huston 

henry Snow Benj" Frost 

[5-170] [^Relative to JSIinisterial Affairs., ly^y,'] 

At a meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Dunstable 
in the Province of New Hamp'' on the fifteenth day of Septem- 
ber 1747 

an Extract from the votes of said meeting a vote was pro- 
posed as followeth — 

Whereas this Town of Dunstable on the 31' of Aug' last 
voted and chose y* Rev*^ M"" Samuel Bird for the settled minis- 
ter of this Town and Joseph Blanchard Esq"", Henry Adams, 
John Lovewell Ju"" Jo^ French, Jon'' French, Jon" Combs, 
Josiah Swan, Sylvanus Whitney, Ephraim Butterfield, Tho^ 
Blanchard, Joseph Butterfield, Richard Stratton Ephraim Ad- 
ams, Tho^ Adams Phineas Adams, Sam^ Searles, William 


Lund Ju% Phineas Lund & John Combs having manifested 
their dissatisfaction with the choice and unwilHngness to attend 
his Ministry therefore voted and Agreed that said persons and 
their poles for the time being Lyable by law to be rated and 
such Tenants for the time being as shall live on their Estates 
unless such tenants shall give their attendance at said M' Birds 
meeting be and hereby are Excused and discharged from all 
rates and taxes what So ever that shall be raised and Assessed 
on the Inhabitants of this Town for the settlement vSalary or 
support of the said M'' Bird and all other their Estate Real and 
personall while in their Possession equally discharged also for 
the Errecting and finishing a meeting house where the said m' 
Bird shall preach Always reserving as the condition of this 
Grant or vote that the Persons discharged as afore said do not 
vote in any aftaire relating to the said m' Birds settlement Sal- 
ary or support or the placing ordering or Building the said 
meeting house and in case any of them for the future do thus act 
in any of the atiairs as afore said then the afore going vote to be 
void as to such person also provided that when any of said per- 
sons shall give their Generall Attendance on the said m"" Birds 
ministry the afore said vote where by they are Excused to be 
void as to such person — 
voted in the aftairmative 

A True Copy Exam*^ per Jon'' Lovewell Town Clerk 

[5-169] \^Alleged Illegal V^othtg in ij4'/.'\ 

Where as we the subscribers Lihabitants of Nottinghamwest 
in the Province of New Hampshire in New-England being 
present at a meeting of the Inhabitants of said Nottinghamwest 
y® 9* day of March 1746/7 when several persons ware Allowed 
by the Moderator to vote in said meeting that was not Qiialli- 
fied by the Laws of this Province to vote in Town affairs and 
Altho Objection was then made against said persons voting they 
ware still Allowed to vote in said Meeting and there by votes 
ware made in said Meeting which if they stand will be Hurtfull 
to us the Subscribers and many other Inhabitants of this Town 
as well as contrary to the Laws of this Province therefore we 
the Subscribers desire and Impower M'' Josiah Cumings of said 
Nottinghamwest in our names & behalf to Petition his Excel- 
lency the Gov'' & the Honou'^ Council and Representatives of 
said Province to Know if said Meeting shall stand Good or 
not — 

Nottinghamwest March y' 30"* ^747 

HUDSON. 277 

Zacheues Lovewell Eleazar Cummings 

Samy*' Huston Arthur Darrahe 

Elexander Thomson Ezekiel Hills 

Joseph Snow William Taylor 

John Snow Ezekiel Grele 
John Mitchell 

[5-168] \_Petition relative to foregoing in 77^7,] 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq'' Cap' General 
Governor and Commander in Chief in & over His Majestys 
Province of New Hampshire the Hon'''® his Majesty's Coun- 
cil & House of Representatives for said Pi'ovince in General 
Assembly convened the 12"' Day of May 1747 
The Humble Petition of Josiah Cummings of Nottingham 
West in said Province in behalf of himself & Sundry other In- 
habitants & freeholders of said Town shews 

That on the 9th Day of March last past the Inhabitants & 
freeholders of said Town met to chuse the Town Officers for 
the Ensuing vear & to transact other atlairs proper to a General 
Town Meeting and after chusing of a Moderator they proceeded 
to business, in the conduct of which the Moderator was greatly 
negligent of his duty in suffering Persons to Vote who were 
not Qiialified for nor Intitled to that Privilege by which means 
things were carried against the Minds of a Majority of the 
Qualified Voters & such Votes past as will (if put in Execu- 
tion) be very prejudicial to the Interest of the Town as well as 
many particular Persons and tho' Objection was made to the 
Moderator against admitting such unqualified voters yet he dis- 
regarded & over Ruled the same against Law & Right 

That as this is a thing of a very pernicious tendency & Dan- 
gerous consequence & which ought not in any Instance to be 
tolerated as it is an abuse of a very great Privilege as well as a 
breach of the Good & wholsom Laws in that case provided 
every honest man ought bear Testimony against & do his En- 
deavour to have discountenanced by that Authority which is the 
Guardian of English Liberties as well as Enacter of good 
Laws — 

Wherefore your Petition"" Humbly prays the premises may be 
Inquired of and if found in any Degree as above Represented 
that the said Meeting be declared Void & the proceedings & 
Votes then & there past Vacated, a new Meeting Called for the 
purposes of the first, and a suitable Person Appointed Modera- 
tor to Govern the same and your Petition'' as in duty Bound 
shall Ever Pray &c — 

Josiah Cumings 
State of Newhampshire — 


To the Honoroberle Counsel and house of Representative — 
Gentehnen — 

may it Pies your Honours that we the Subscribers Humbly 
shew that we ware Notifyed With A Copy of moses Hadlys 
Petition of Nottingham west to appear at Exeter the Eighteenth 
of march Instant and shue cause Why the petition should not 
be ansurd but so far from that we Pray that the Petition may 
be ansurd 

Samuel marsh Selectman 
David Laui'ance 
Samuel Wason 
Moses Johnson 
Samuel Greelee 

[5-1 66] \_Relafive to yotiathau Searle, 177 5 •'\ 

Nottingham west June y^ 9"^ ^775 — 
We the Subscribers being Neighbors to m"" Jon"' Sarles and 
have been acquainted with him this some time, and for his 
Relief we are Desirous to Let all Generous People know his 
Conduct, & Cirumstances, &c — 

Pie has Lived this some years in the Town of Nottingh™ 
west, and is, (as far as we know) an honest Principled man 
and has been honest in his Dealings with mankind as far as he 
was Capable of, to the utmost of his Ability, — But fortune has 
not favoured him with the Good things & comforts of this Life, 
by Reason of Sickness & other frowns of Providence, for he 
has had Sickness in his family at certain times for many years 
Past, and more Especially since about five years ago Last April 
he hath had a Daughter Sick & under the care of Physicians 
the biggest Part of the time, and She is Reduced as it were to 
a Skeleton & a mear nothing, and is Exceeding Troublesome, 
for she has been confined to her bed this two or three years 
Past, and we Don't know as she is Likely Ever to be any bet- 
ter, but mav continue so, this many Years, he has had for her 
the Advice of many Physicians, to no Purpose — he has also two 
Children besides her, that will never be capable to maintain 
& take care of themselves — one of them is 22 years of age, or 
near it & has had convulsion fitts from a Child & is an object 
of Pitty. The other is about 18 years of age, which is Inca- 
pable of Doing much Business, for Nature & Providence has 
not Endowed him with faculties & Activity Enough to Provide 
for himself, & besides all this, he is scarcely Ever well in 

HUDSON. 279 

"health, & is very often under the Doctors care — M"" Sarles him- 
self is purblind, and of late his Sight is much Depraved & Im- 
paired being something Advanced in years — and therefore he 
is not fit to Do much work — he has also another Child that is 
not Endowed with Active Lively faculties & foresight, sufficient 
to manage without Directions from time to time, & Likewise 
being not so well calculated for business as is Common, by 
Reason of the Total loss of the sight of one Eye, Even from 
a child Therefore if you that see these Lines, think that you 
can bestow something to such a Needy person and help him a 
Little in his Great Difficulty & trouble it would be a Deed of 
•Charity in your so Doing, to help the Poor & needy in their 
Distress — 

Signed by John Mussey. their family Physician also by D' 

Let the Chearful heart be open, & Revive 
The weak & feble, while they are yet Alive — 

Pelham Oct^ y' 27"^ 1783 — 

This may Certify, that Jacob Sarles is in a weak Infirm State 
■of health — 

John Mussey 

■(^5-165] S^Relative to La fid of Williatn Brattle^ i777-'\ 

To the Honorable the Council & the House of Representatives 
setting at Portsmouth the fourth Day of November next — 
The Petition of w-e the Subscribers humbly sheweth — That 
whereas there is a Tract of land containing about 250 Acres 
lying in Nottingham-West, in the County of Hillsborough, & 
State of New-Hampshire, belonging to the Heirs of William 
Brattle Esq ; deceased : who in his life time fled from his Coun- 
try to the Enemies of America ; And whereas it is probable 
that said Land will become the property of this State : And 
whereas great waste and dammage has heretofore been done to 
said Land by striping it of Timber that grows upon it, and as 
there is the highest probability that still greater wastes will be 
made in time to come, if no measures are taken to prevent it — 
From a Desire, therefore to preserve the Property of the State, 
we beg your Honors, to take such measures, as you in your 
wisdom shall see meet, to prevent, for the future, the Destruc- 
tion of the Timber growing upon said Land — 

As we your Petitioners in Duty bound shall ever pray — 
Nottingham-West 31'' Ocf 1777 — 

Abraham Page John Hale Jona. Bradley 

Stephen Kenney John Hestine Gideon Butler 

Page Smith Timo Smith Jn° Caldwell 


[5-163] \_jRclative to the Protection of Fish ^ I'j'jS.'^ 

To the Honourable the Council and House of Repi"esentatives 

for the Stat of New Hampshire at Exeter Conveind — 

Gentlemen — 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Humbly sheweth that 
Whereas there is a Brook in the Town of Nottingham west and 
County of Hillsborough that Riuis from Woo Tannack So 
Called in s** Town to Meriraack River in Which large numbers 
of Fish known by the name of Alle Wives has freequently 
Rune which would be a Great Benefit to the Publick provided 
said Stream could be kept clear and Also the mouth of the 
Brook upon the River And all Ell pots and Obstructions by 
which means some Evil Desposed Persons are detirmanded to 
stop the General Rune of said Fish to y^ Great damage of the 
Publick therefore We your Petitioners Prays your Honours in 
your Wisdom would take into consideration the same and pro- 
vide such measures as may be thought by you proper so that s*^ 
Town may be Enabled to lay Restractions on such evil minded 
Persons for the Future and we your Petitioners as in Dutey 
Bound Shall Ever pray — 

February y* 7"^ 1778 — 

Jno Caldwell Asa Davis Henery Hale Junir 

Robert Glover henry hucy Will'" Gibson 

James Caldwell Nathaniel Haseltine John Haseltine 

David Cumings Nickles Eastman Seth Wyman 

Ebenezer Barker Timothy Smith Jon'' Bradley 

Thomas Wason Daniel Marshall Giden Butler 

James Wason Page Smith Philbrick Colby 

James Caldwell John Hale David Glover 

Alexander Caldwell Samuel Smith William Glover 

Abraham Page Stephen Kenney Bengamon malven 

Eliphet Hadley Henery Hale 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 18, 1778, the foregoing were granted" 
leave to bring in a bill, and an act granting protection was. 
passed March 5. — Ed.] 

[5-162] [^Petition relative to aforesaid Act., iyyp-~} 

To the Honorable the Council and house of Representatives, 
for the State of Newhamp'"'' in General Court — 
May it please your hon" we your humble petitioners under- 
standing that there is an act made in this Honorable Court 
ordering a Sluice to be made through Moses Hadle^'S mill Dam 
in Nottingham-west and to continue open about 3 months which 
of course will draw of the water so that the Mill will be En- 

HUDSON. 281 

tirely useless till the water can be raisd again which cannot 
be done till fall of the year and as s*^ mill is of the utmost 
service in the time when s'' Sluice is to be open all the other 
mills round at that season being dry and cant grind and this 
mill if there is no Sluice to draw off the water can and does 
Supply a great number of Familys wherefore your Humble 
Petitioners pray that s"^ act may be reconsidered and ordered 
that instead of a Sluice (which will ruin the mill) that there 
may be a ditch at one End of the dam which may Easily be 
made so that the fish mav go up and down and it will not draw 
the water so but the mill will be of great use to many distressed 
Families while the water is running in s** Ditch and we Like- 
wise pray that the time set forth for the water to be running 
may not Exceed six weeks which will be long Enough for the 
fish to pass and repass in gratifying us in these things you will 
oblige your Humble petitioners Ever to pray. 
Feb' 18 1779 — 

Moses Hadley Richard Hardy Will"' Gibson 

Samuel marsh Philip Hills Sam' Burbank 

Danil Marshall Oliver Hills Sam' Burbank Jun"" 

Ebenezer Cumings Reuben Spaulding Moody Hardy 

Eben"" Perry Joseph Wilson Andrew Sceavy 

Daniel Hardy George Burns Samuel Durant 

Peter Cross Samuel Moses Johnson 

John hall Samuel Brown Thomas winn 

Elezear Cumings Natha' Merril Jur Samuel French 

Isaac Merril Elijah Hill Joseph merrick 

Joshua Chase Ezekiel Grele Seth Cutter 

Justus Dakin Joseph gould Ebeneser tarbox 

Samuel Pollard Nathanael Davis Moses Barret Juner 

Ebenezer Pollard Moses Barret James Barret 

Josiah Cummings James Barret Jun Thomas Barret 

Henry chase Richard Marshall Elijah Marshall 

Jos Greele Isaac Page Jamas marsh 

Jonathan Hardy Jr william Cummings Abiathar Winn 

Stephen Chasejuiner David Marsh Joseph Winn 

John hardy Jonathan Marsh Joseph Winn J"" 

Joel Barrat Joseph Blodget Joseph Winn J"" 

William burroughs George Burns Sam*' moor 

Rich'* Cutter William Burns Stephen Chase 

Isaac Page Jun. Sam' Greele Benja Marchall 

Joseph Cross edward farmer John Walker 

Simeon Barret Ichabod Esman John Pollard 

David tarbell Alexander Caldwell Eliphalet hadly 

David Lawrance Samuel Caldwell Benjamin Hadley 

Joshua Peirce Robert Glover Enos Hadley 

Isaac Barret Eliphalet Hadley John 


[5-173] \^Thomas CaldweWs Petition^ iy8j.~\ 

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives in 
General assembly Convened — 

The Petition of Thomas Caldwell of Nottingham-west Hum- 
bly Shews 

That about three years ago your Petitioner requested the Se- 
lect" of said Town to lay him out a public Road from his dwell- 
ing house Northerly to the Country Road crossing Jon'' Searles's 
land and all the objection they then had was the Towns being 
Obliged in Such case to pay for the land — your Petetioner than 
applved to the Court of Sessions for the County of Hillsborrough 
praying for an Order to Lay out such a Road and in pursuance 
thereof a Committee was appointed who with great Circum- 
spection view'd the premises, v^'hen all parties were present, and 
then lay'd out the road requested and it was afterwards estab- 
lished by the S*^ Court — and Searles's Damages awarded him — 
and the road ordered to be Opened as mentioned in the Said re- 
port — 

That the Select" of Said Town have lay'd out a road quite 
aCross your Petetioners Farm and to make all things easy he 
has offered to Abate the Town the Sum awarded him as dam- 
ages Provided the other road Could be opened and the said 
Searles paid his damages (which is not a larger sum than Or- 
dered your Petetioner) but Still the same is not don neither is 
there any appearance of it — and now it Seems Som restless peo- 
ple are about applying to this assembly to have this report re- 
versed, or altered in a manner very prejudicial to your Petetion- 
er and to deprive him from his main road to Meeting Mill Mar- 
ket &c — the other Road not being of the least Advantage to him 
for any of the afoi^esaid purposes, and was lay'd there purely to 
Serve a few individuals and not for any general purpose — and 
now your Petetioner is inform'd that some persons in Notting- 
ham are about Presenting a Petetion as herein before hinted at 
— & that your Honers mav have Som Just notion of the matter 
this representation is humbly presented and your Petetioner is 
encouraged to hope that Such light will be thrown on the Mat- 
ter as to prevent a Formal hearing of any Such Petetion and to 
have the Same rejected, as a thing already Settled by a Court 
Proper for Such matters whoes determination ought to be final 
& so rest unless Greats and Manifest^ injury is done 

This matter of Petetioning your honors has been agitated in 
public Town meeting when the inhabitants were prety Gener- 
ally assembled, and the Vote against Petetioning was very unan- 
imious and now is Prosecuted only by a few Designing men and 
for no good Purpose as may be Shewn in the Sequel — 

HUDSON, 283 

Your Petitioner Therefore most heartily relying on the Pru- 
dence Justice and Wisdom of this Honerable Body of men and 
that they will prefer Public good to Private Pique and rather 
discourage Such Applications as Can Only Tend to impede and 
Obstruct the Ordinary State Business And Tend to promote 
Such Petetions in numberless Instances, he therefore humbly 
hopes the Said Order Respecting the Laying out the Said Road 
made and Establish'' by the Court of Sessions for the County of 
Hillsborrough may not be Altered But any Petition for the Same 
may be dismis'd — and Your Petetioner as in duty bound Shall 
Ever pray &c — 

We the Subscribers being in habitants of Said Nottingham- 
west have perused the foregoing Petition and think it Contains 
a very fair representation of the matter wherefore we do hereby 
Signify our desire that the road lay'd out by the Said Commit- 
tee may be opened and repared as ordered in the Said report 

Alexander Caldwell John Pettingill Samuel 

Samuel Caldwell Xath^' merrill Juner George 

henry hucy Thomas Pollard Samuel 

Will'" Burns Benjm Marshal James Caldwell 

Andrew Sceavey Henray Marshel James Wason 

Isaac Merrill Friend moody Nathaniel Seavy 

[5-161] \_Deposition relative to foregoing^ l/8j.^ 

Abraham Page of Lawfull age Testifieth and Saith that he is 
knowing to a Town Road being laid out and Iproved as a Road 
in Nottingham West which Road went a cross a part of the 
Westerly End of Flukers Lot So called which Lot Thomas 
Caldwell now Resides on and your Deponant further Saith that 
he looks upon the Road that tlie Courts Com''"' lately laid out 
through Jonathan Searles' Land will be a great Damage to S** 
Searles. he and his famaly being in Low circumstances and very 
unable to fence S"* Road 

Nottingham West Abraham Page 

November 3*'' Day 17S3 

[5-160] \^Depositio7ts of C7i7n7nings^ Cross ^ a?id Hale, Jj8j.'\ 

Ebenezer Cuming Peter Cross and John Hale all of Lawfull 
age Testify and Say that they are well acquainted with a Road 
that the Courts Committee has lately laid out through Jonathan 


Searles' Land to Thomas Caldwells, that Said Road goes on 
Said Searles^ land upward" of one Hundred and Twenty rods 
upwards of Eig-hty of which is unfenced, and your Deponants 
look upon vS'' Road if kept as an open Road to be of great Dam- 
age to Said Searles, as he and his famaly is in Low Circum- 
stances and unable to fence s** Road as also it will Expose a 
great quantity of his apples of being lost by reason of falling in- 
to S*^ Road, and that their is an open Road Laid out across the 
Lot that said Caldwell Lives upon that is the Easterly End of 
said Lot 

Nottingham west Ebenezer Cmigs 

November 3"^ Day 17S3 Peter Cross 

John Hale 

State of New Hampshier Hillsborough ss 

nottingham west November 3*'' Day 17S3 

then the above & hear named Dec. Ebenezer Cumings & Left 
Peter Cross & John Hale & Cap' Abraham Page all personally 
appeard and after Due Caution and Careful axamination made 
Solemn oath to the truth of the above Deposition by them Re- 
spectivly Signed and that is all they knew of the matter they re- 
late to which tistimonys were taken to be used at the General 
Court now Seting at Concord taken at the request of Jonathan 
Searles the Petitioner the adverse partie nameley Thomos Cald- 
well was present at Time of Caption Sworn out of Court 

Before me Asa Davis Justice of peace 

[5-159] \_Statetnent relative to Building the Road, lySj.'] 

Where as we the Subscribers are well acquanted with the 
Dispute that hath for a long time subsisted betwixt Jonathan 
Searls and thomas Caldwell Both of Nottingham West respect- 
ing a Road from said CaldwelP by said Searls' House into the 
country Road leading from Henry Hucy' to Alexander Caldw^ 
We think it highly reasonable on account of Both Caldwell^ and 
Searles' Benefit and the Neighbours in general that s*^ road 
shold be opned and whereas the said Searls seems to be unwil- 
ling on account of the cost in building the fence on which ac- 
count we have no desire said Searls should be burdened in Tes- 
tamony whereof we promise that on condition the above said 
road should be opened in Order to help said Searls to make said 
fence each one of us for ourSelves will work or Cause to be 
wrought at said fence the Time afixed to Each of our Names 

Nottingham west October 30"" 17S3 



Moses Hadley — 
Nathan Winn 
George Burns 
Isaac Hard 
James wason 
James Wason 
Jame Caldwell 
Samuel Wason 
Thomas Wason 
John smith 


Hanry Hardy 
Bar^ Gibson 
Thomas Caldwell 
Nathaniel Sceavy 

Mens Work 
two days 
Self one day 
three days work 
tw'o days work 
Two days work 
I day 
I D 

two Days 
Two Days 
Three days 
two days 
Two days 

3 day^ — 

4 Days 
3 Days 

Ox Work 

2 day* 

3 Days 


[^jMore relative to said RoadJ\ 

To the Hon*"'* the council and house of Representatives for y' 
state of Newhampshire in general assembly convened at Con- 
cord the First thursday of November Annoque Domini 1 7S3 — 

The Petition of Nathaniel Sceavy of Nottingham West in the 
county of Hillsborrough and state aforesaid Blacksmith 

Most Humbly sheweth, that whereas Jonathan Searls of Not- 
tingham aforsaid did in the month of June 17S3, prefere a peti- 
tion to the Hon'''' council and assembly of the state aforsaid 
praying that the report of a committee of the Hon'"''' the Court 
of General Session of the peace for the county aforsaid Respect- 
ing a road laid out by said committee of two rods wide from 
Thomas Caldwell^ House as the road was then trod by s*^ Searls' 
House into the country i-oad — and the order of the aforsaid court 
thereon, might be Nullified and said road be made subject to 
gates and bars — which will be Verry Injurious to your petition- 
er and many others. — Your petitioner have Built a House and 
settled on a piece of Newland about seventy Rods south of said 
Caldwell and is determined to work at the Blacksmith'* Trade 
and have not the lest prospect of the priviledge of a road as a 
Town Inhabitant any other way only by the aforsaid Road 
therefore your petitioner Most humbly prays your Honours will 
Establish the aforsaid committee* report and order of the hon**'* 
court of session thereon or grant your petitioner such other 
helps as to your Honours in vour Wisdom shall seem just and 
Equal and your petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

November 3"^ 1 783 

Nathaniel Sceavy 


[R. 3-1 1 6] \_Petition of Sarah Bradbury^ 1780 : addressed 
to the General Assembly.'] 

The petition of Sarah Bradbury of nottinghamwest In said 
state widow Humbly shueth that your petitioner's Husband en- 
tered Into the Contanantal army about three years ago and that 
he Died on His Return from a march to the Indean Cuntry 
with general Sullivan Last fall that your petitioners s^ husband 
has had the Caracter of Doing the Duty of a faithful good sol- 
dier both In the most of the Last french war and the present 
war with great Bretton In the Capasity of a Sargent. * * * 

Nottinghamwest february 10"' 1780 — 

Sarah Bradbery 

[She further stated that she was left with a family of 
small children, and asked for assistance. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-1 1 SJ [^Petitioji of Richard Cutter., Soldier., Ij84.'\ 

The Petition of Richard Cutter of Nottingham-West Humbly 
Sheweth That your Petitioner was a soldier in Cap' Samuel 
Darbin Company of Colo Stephen Peabody^ Regiment in the 
year 1778, from the tenth Day of June to the first Da}^ of Janu- 
ary, which is six months and twenty Days — That your Petition- 
er for all that service, received only one months pay, from the 
hands of the Muster Master Colo Noah Lovewell — That your 
Petitioner has very frequently requested his wages of Cap' Dar- 
bin (who had the money from the state to pay the Soldiers) but 
never could obtain a farthing, nor ever expects to. Therefore 
beg your Honors to make him a compensation for the afores* 
Services : 

Rich'' Cutter 

Nottingham- West March 18"' 1784 

[5-157] \_Asa Davis recommended for a Magistrate., i/Sj.'] 

State of New Hampshire Hillsborough 
To his Excelency the President of Said State, and honorable 
Council Convened the humble petition of us the Subscribers of 
Nottingham-West in S*^ County, Sheweth that whereas by our 
new Constitution we under Stand that all Commissions both 
Civel & military are now Vacated, and that a new arrangement 
is to take place we your petitionrs in be half of S'' Town Hum- 
bly pray that your Excelency, and hon'% in role Asa Davies 



Esq'' to Continue as Justice of the peace for S*^ County and 
Town as he has given general Setisfection in S*^ office, and as 
in duty bound Shall pray, 

Dated Notingham west Jan'^ y^ 26 y"" 17S5 

Robert Stuart 
Samual burbank 
Henry Chase 
Joseph Winn 
Jonathan Hai'dy 
Joseph Wilson 
John Merrel 
Isaac Coburn 
bengamen marshel 
Zaccheus Colburn 
Samuel Pollard 
Thomas Pollard 
James Pollard 
Thaddeus Wilson 
Henry Farwel Mar- 
Abigail Winn Wd 
Joseph Winn 
John Chase 
Joseph B Wilson 
Jonathn Gould 
Joseph Gould 
Andrew Sceavy 
James Sceavy 
Isaac Chase 
Thomas Whittaker 
Abner Watkins 
Capt David Cum- 

James Wason 
Thomas Wason 
James Caldwell 
Joseph Caldwell 
Samuel Wason 
Nath*^' Sceavy 
Eliphlet hadley 
Enos hadley 
Abraham Page 
Benjamin hadley 
Nathaniel Haseltine 
Henery Hale iu 
Page Smith 
Wid Sary binney 
Henry Morrill 
John Hale 
Robert petane 
Jonathan Bradley 
Alexander Caldwell 
Henrey hucy 
Samuel Caldwell 
Robert Glover 
Jonathen Sarles 
Elelhen Sarles 
Samuel vSmith 
Samuel Smith Junir 
Hugh Smith 
John Smith Juner 

John Smith 
Samuel Smith the 3 
thomas Smith 
Sith Wyman 
friend moody 
Joshua frensh 
Sam' french 
Peter Youngman 
John Butler 
John butler Jun 
Jams farmer 
Ebneser Poolerd 
Jeremiah Blodget 
Asahel Blodget 
Benaiah Blodge 
Joseph Blodget 
Joseph Blodget J" 
Phinihes Wheeler 

Jonathnn tenney 
Jonathen blodgat 
James Pemberton 
William atwood 
Joseph Bradly 
Eliphalet Hadley 
Stephen Hadley 
Jacobet Esmons 

[5-1 1^6] \_Petitio7t for an Incorporation of a Library^ //p/.J 

To the Honorable the Senate and house of Representatives in 
General Court Convened at Portsmouth November 1797 

Humbly Sheweth that the under Signed Inhabitants of Not- 
tingham west with their associates, have been at Considerable 
Expence in purchasing Books in order to astablish a Library in 
Said Nottingham — but finding themselves under Some Disad- 
vantages for the want of an incorporation pray your Honours 
that they with Such others as may hereafter Join them, may be 
incorporated into a body Politic for the purpose aforesaid, and 


Such Rules and Regulations as your Honours think proper — 
and as your petitioners in Duty Bound will Ever pray — 

Sam*'' Marsh 
Joseph Winn 
Phinehas Underwood 
Eleazer Cummings 
John Pollard 
Joseph Greeley 

Nottingh™ West November 20* 1 797 

[An act was passed December 9, 1797, incorporating the 
library by the name of " Nottingham West Social Library." 


This town was incorporated December 4, 1800, by the 
name of Adams. It included Fowle's Location ; the grant 
to Lt. Samuel Gilman, of Newmarket, of 2,000 acres, made 
March i, 1770; the grant of 3,000 acres made to Capt. 
Richard Gridley, February 5, 1773 ; the grant to Capt, 
Robert Rogers, of Portsmouth, of 3,000 acres, made July 4, 
1764; the grant of 8,740 acres, made March 4, 1774, to 
Mark Hunking Wentworth, Daniel Rogers, and Jacob 
Treadvvell, of Portsmouth ; and 13,893! acres of land be- 
longing to the state. Jonathan and Clement Meserve peti- 
tioned for the incorporation in 1796, and again in 1797. The 
grants to Gilman, Gridley, and Rogers were made for ser- 
vice in the French war, by virtue of a proclamation of the 
king, of October 7, 1763. 

Capt. Gridley was in command of a regiment under Gen. 
Amherst at Crown Point in 1756; was at Louisbourg in 
1758, and '• went from thence with the Fleet, and acted at 
the Seige of, and Reduction of Quebec in 1759, with the 
forces under General Wolfe." 

June 14, 1806, 300 acres of state land in Adams was 
granted the town for school purposes. 

June 22, 1 8 19, the farm of " William Stephens " was sev- 
ered from Adams, and annexed to Bartlett. 

July 3, 1822, the farm of Nathaniel Carlton was severed 
from Bartlett, and annexed to Adams. 


July 3, 1839, the farms of Nathaniel Tufts and Stephen 
Carleton, 2d, were severed from Bartlett, and annexed to 
this town. 

The name of the town was changed to Jackson, July 4, 
1829, in honor of Andrew Jackson, then president of the 
United States. It received its first name when John Adams 
was president. 

£5-174] \^Petitio}i for a7i Incorporation^ I'jg6.'\ 

To the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives in 
General Court convened at Exeter on Wednesdav the first day 
of June 1796 

The petition of Jonathan Meserve and Clement Meserve hum- 
bly Sheweth your petitioners having moved with themselves & 
Families on Gridley's Location in the Countv of Grafton and the 
most northerly part of the State of New Hampshire and the most 
Mountanious part of the State, and perhaps the most mounta- 
nious part of North America, but by the Industrv & exertions of 
your petitioners & Families has been a means of bringing a num- 
ber of good Settlers on the other Locations adjoining viz Went- 
worth's Roger's, Gilmans, and Martins Locations, and Land sold 
by the Commitee for makeing & reparing Roads from Conway to 
Cohas, — but Still your petitioners & other Settlers is put to many 
difficulties in that Mountanious Country for want of haveing 
good Roads & in no regular order to do anything in respecte to 
Roads Schools &c but what every Alan thinks proper to do by 
his own free will. All which is a very great Greviance and Dis- 
couragement to the Settlement of the Northerly part of the State 
therefore your petitioners pray a Township mav be laid out 
joining Southerly on Bartlett Easterly on Chatham, Northerly 
on Shelburne Addition and Westerly on the White Hills, In- 
cluding the Locations before mentioned, According to a plan 
herewith exhibited & incorporated with all the privileges that 
other Towns in the State have & enjoy and your petitioners 
pray that all the unlocated Land contained in said plan may be 
granted to your petitioners and associates on such terms & Con- 
ditions as you in your wisdom shall think proper and your pe- 
titioners as in duty bound shall ever Pray. — 

June y*" 25 1796 Jonathan Meserve 

Clement Meserve 

[The plan is No. 175 in manuscript volume. It is well 
executed, showing points of compass and distances, bounds 
of the locations, etc. — Ed.] 


[5-176] S^Another Petition relative to Incorporatioti^ ^797-3 

To the Honorable Senate and house of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Corte convened at Con- 
cord on the first Wednesday in June i797 — 

Respectfully Shewethjonathan Meserve and Clement Meserve 
now living on Gridley's Location in the County of Grafton and 
State aforeSaid in behalf of themselves and those of your Citer- 
sons living upon the Tracts of land hereafter Discribed and for 
those who may hereafter reside thereon. That the present In- 
habitants labor under many and Singular Disadvantages by rea- 
son of not being in a situation to trancat public buseness, and 
also that the granted lands within Said limits is not Sufficiant to- 
make a Town. That their are some ungranted lands within 
Said limits but mostly mountains which cannot be of iio real 
service to this State but if granted might be Som to the Set- 
tlers Wherefore they pray your Honors to Incorporate all the 
Lands with the Inhabitants thereon within the lines and boun- 

darys herein after Set forth into a Town by the name of 

and grante to them your petinors and their Heirs and Assigns 
forever all the ungranted lands within Said lines and boundarys 
under such restrictions as may appear proper Beginning at the 
Sothwesterly corner of fowlses Location thence running wester- 
ly by Bartlet to Bartlet norwesterly corner bounds thence north- 
ley to the Southwesterly corner of Rogers and Wentworths Lo- 
cation then running nothley to Shilburn addition leaving the 
white hills to the west so to include Martins Location and others 
then by Shilburn addition to the Province of main thence by Said 
province of Main to Chatham north westerly corner thense by 
Chatham to the first mention bounds. These petitioners further 
pray your Honors that if to you it Shall Seem proper that a 
hearing on this petition may be granted at your next Session 
and that in the mean time Sum Sutable measures may be pur- 
sued as will furnish you with the evidence whairby to enable 
you to Judge and Determine respecting the propertity of grant- 
ing the prayer of your Petitioners and they as in Duty bound 
will ever pray — 

Jonathan Meserve 
Clement Meserve 

[5-177] \_Anot/ier, relative to I>icorporating a Towtt, //pp.] 

To the Honourable Senate & House of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court convened — 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Fowls Gilman's Gridley's 


Rogers' Wentworth's and Treadwell's Locations in the County 
of Grafton and State of Newhampshire Humbly shews — 

That your Petitioners are greati}' incommoded by reason of 
their unincorporated situation — That they forego many & singu- 
lar advantages which Towns corporate enjoy, and labour un- 
der embarrassments from which, in a corporate capacity, they 
would be exempt — That they, by legal process, are unable to 
make and repair necessary roads & highways and to raise mon- 
ey for the support of schools and the Ministry in the aforesaid 
Locations — That the Grievances abovementioned can only be 
redressed by an act of Licorporation — That the aforesaid Loca- 
tions are capable of forming a convenient Town — Wherefore 
your Petitioners humbly pray that said Locations may be formed 
& incorporated into a Township to be known and called by the 
name of and as in duty bound shall ever Pray — 

May 16* AD 1799 — 

Petitioner's Names — 

Clement Meserve Samuel Gray Junier Joseph Pinkham 

John Young Timothy Perkins George Pinkham 

John Parkins Samuel Gray Benjamin Copp 

Isaac Meserve Daniel Nute Benjamin Copp 

Samuel Jenkins Jonathan Meserve Junyer 

Jonathan Meservejun John Meserve William Copp 

Henry Sawyer John Nute James Trickey 

Natthanniel Davis Ralph hall Ephralm Trickey 

Isaac Darburn Daniel Meserve Daniel Pinkham 

James Canney Benjamin Pitman Rufus Pinkham 

Silas Meserve Joseph Pitman Samuel Rogars 

Ephraim Meserve Joseph D Pinkham 

Andrew Chesley Nathaniel Chesley 

[They were successful this time. The town was incorpo- 
rated by an act approved Dec. 4. 1800, and named in honor 
of President John Adams. — Ed.] 


The township was granted November 30, 1749, by the 
Masonian Proprietors, to Jonathan Hubbard and thirty-nine 
others, residents of Hollis, Dunstable, and Lunenburg, and 
was known by the names of Monadnock No. 2, Middle Mo- 
nadnock, and Middletown, until it was incorporated by the 


governor and council August 17, 1773, and named in honor 
of Hon. George Jaffrey, a member of the council. The first 
meeting of the proprietors was held in the house of Joseph 
French, of DunstalDle, January 16, 1750. Settlements were 
made by Moses Stickneyand others in 1752, but were aban- 
doned. In 1758 permanent settlements were made by John 
Grout and others. Wolves had dens on the Monadnock 
mountain, and occasionally one was killed. In 1793 Benja- 
min Dole killed four and 13enjamin Spaulding one, and each 
received a bounty therefor. 

The township granted was a parallelogram, nearly rectan- 
gular, five miles by seven, and so remains to this day. 

Lieut. John Harper, Jacob Pierce, Benjamin Dole, John 
Dole, and Dudley Griffin were in the battle of Bunker Hill. 

Ebenezer Hathorne was a veteran of the French war, and 
was taken prisoner by the Indians at the surrender of Fort 
William Henry. He manufactured steelyards as early as 
1775, and one of his make is now in use in the family of the 
editor of this volume, who is, maternally, a lineal descendant 
of said Hathorne. 

[5-178] \_Bo7inds of the Townships as granted Nove^nber 

30, i749-\ 

The Bownds ofy^ Towaiship of middle monadnock N° Two 
In y*' Countv of Cheshire and province of New Hampshire as 
By y^ origiiiall Charter Signed By Joseph Blanchard Esq'' of 
Said Township appears is as follows (viz) — 

Begining at y'' Southwest Corner of Peterborough Slip So 
called from thence Runing North Eighty degrees west Seven 
miles to a Hemlock Tree marked from thence Runing North by 
y" Needle five miles to a Hemlock Tree marked from thence 
Runing South Eighty degrees East Seven miles to a Beach 
Tree marked in y'' west Line of Peterborough from thence 
South by y" Needle to y* first Bounds mentioned — 

a True Copy Examined — 

per Matthew Wallace Pro' Clerk — 

[5-180] \^Petitioji for an lucorporatiofi of the Toxvn, 1773.'] 

Province of New Hamp' 
To His Excellency John VVentworth Esq'' Captain General, 
Governor and Commander in Chief, in and over his Majestys 
Province of New Hampshire, and Vice Admiral of the Same 
in Council :— 


The Petition of Enoch Hale of Rindge. in the County of 
Cheshire in the Province aforesaid Esq'' in behalf of the Inbi- 
tants of a Township commonly known loy the Name of Monad- 
nock N° 2 or middle Monadnock, unto Your Excellency & 
Honours humbly Shews — 

That the Said Township is now setled with more than forty 
Families, And many more that have begun Settlements that 
they will shortly remove on, That they are destitute of the 
legal Privileges & Franchises of Corporate Towns, whereby 
they sutler many Inconveniences for Want of Town Officers, 
and especially at this Time, when they are taxed for the Sup- 
port of the Government, but cannot legallv assess or collect the 
same, and are also unable to warn out any Poor, idle Vagrants, 
That too frequently force themselves into New Towns, to the 
manifest Injury of such Towns in particular, & the Province in 

Wherefore your Petitioner humbly prays (in behalf of his 
Constituents, the Inhabitants aforesaid) That Y'' Excell-'' & 
Honours would be pleased to condescend, to indulge them with 
the Corporate Priviledges of other Towns in this Province, for 
the Purposes aforesaid, and That they may have a Charter 
thereof, by such a New Name as your Excellency may think 
proper to give unto said Township, and as in Duty bound, Yr 
Petitioner & his Constituents shall ever pray — 

Portsm'' Aug"' 16"^ 1773. ' Enoch Hale 

[In answer to the foregoing, the town was incorporated 
August 17, 1773. Col. Hale was employed by the town as 
agent in the matter. — Ed.] 

[5-18 1 ] l_Case of Assault before Courts -were established in 
the County^ ^775'^ 

To the Honourable Provential Congress Gentelmen 

Whereas IVP Benjemin Nutting of Petterborough Slip So 
Called has Entred a Complaint to us the Sub" (the Committee 
of Corrispondance for the town of Jaflrey in the County of 
Chesher and province of New hampshire) Against M"' John 
Davis Jun' of Jaffi-ey in the County and province Aforesaid, 
that upon the Second day of October instant as he came to the 
house of John Eaton in this town upon Some Bussiness he was 
assulted By the Above said Davis and Abused in the Most 
Solem maner as appears By Sundry Evidences Produced by S^ 
Nutting and Notwithstanding S*^ Davis was Notified to Attend 
to hear the Evidence Examind he Refused to attend and he has 
often Been Requested to Settle the matter But he Remains Ob- 
stinate and persists in his Villany with insolence we have Care- 


fully Examind the Evidences and have herein inclosed their 
Depotions we Earnestly Desire you to take this Matter into 
your Consideration and Either Determin the Matter Between 
them, or invest this Committee with a proper Authority to Act 
thereon also we Desire Some instructions how to proceed in 
Said Case, Gentelmen your Complyance will Greatly Oblidge 
your humble Servants 

Dated at Jaffrey October y^ 27"^ i775' 

Tesher Bailey ~) r-' -^i. c 
\A7-iim T- ( Comittee of 

vViH"' iurner r r-^ ■ j 

T-, /-,., t Corrispondance 

Roger Cjilmore ) ^ 

N. B this Davis Mentioned by the Evidences in their Depo- 
tetions is the Same John Davis Jun"" Mentioned Above 

\_Evidetice relative to foregoing.^ 
M"" Eatons Evidence on the 2** day of October 1775 

I heard M'' Nutting and m"' Davis Disputing Concerning 
Some Accompts Between them & M"' Davis would have Nutting 
oftsett Some part of their accompt and he would not for some 
Reasons which he then Mentioned and S*^ he would Die first 
Davis S*^ then he Should Die then he Seized him By the Collar 
and Struck him on the head twice and then Struck him on his 
Shoulders three or four times and threatened him that he w^ould 
Strip his Skin off his Back and Break his Bones and knock his 
teeth Down his throat and make him keep his Bed three weeks, 
and then pulled him Down the hill toward the River and Said 
he would throw him in the River But he did not and Struck 
him again twice on the Road and then he Let him Come up 
again to the house and then took him By the Shoulders and 
Struck him twice again, & I heard him Say he had then taken 
the Intrest and it Should Not Be Long Before he would have 
the principal, and During the Whole Affair I did not hear M"" 
Nutting threaten nor abuse M'' Davice Neither with bad Lan- 
gage nor otherwise 

John Eaton 

Jaffrey October y'= zf^ 1775 

on the Second Day of October 1775. I Came to M' John 
Eatons and I See John Davis Jun"" take M' Benj" Nutting By 
the Collar and Shak him and Strike him twice and threatened 
he would pull him Down and throw him in the pond M"" Nut- 
ting Received all this iVbuse with patiance and did not abuse 
m"" Davis with Bad Langage nor otherwise 

Nehemiah Porter 

Jaffrey October y*" 27'^ 1775 


Some time Since the Quarrel Between M"" Nutting and m"" 
Davise tliese two Gentelmen above mentioned Aleet accedenti- 
aly at my house m'' Daniel Davise Being also at my house we 
Motioned to them to have them accomadat their Difficulty M"' 
Davise answered he wase in a passion But he Did not Care a 
Divels tord about it and he Swore he had taken the Intrest and 
he intended to have the principal soon 

James Haywood 

JaflVey October y* 27'^ ^775 

upon monday the 33'' Dav of October instant AP Davise Came 
to my house I asked what induced him to Qiiarrel with M"" 
Nutting he Said that their was No other way to Get his Dues 
and all he was .Sorry for was that he had No Given him as 
much Again and that there was no other way to get his Debts 
and that was as good a way as any he also told me of one man 
that killed another at Nottingham Latley and Said their was no 
Law if one man did kill another, he Said the Congress had put 
the Above mentioned man in Goal But Could not do nothing 
with him and was oblidged to Let him go 

Jaffrey October y" 27"' 1775. 

John Stanley 

fR. 2-1 19] \^Petition of Daniel Russell^ Soldiery z///.] 

State of New Hampshire 
To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives 
of said State — 
The Petition of Daniel Russell Humbly Sheweth that your 
Petitioner Engaged in the service of his Country in the begin- 
ning of the year 1777 "^"^ "^''^^ wounded thi-ough his body the 
19 of September following while fighting with the enemy near 
Stillwater which wound Disabled him from fighting From 
thence he was carried to Albony Hospitual where he Received 
A Furlough as soon as he was able to Return Home, and im- 
mediately put himself under the care of the best Surgeon, or 
Surgeons he could Find, and was unable to Return to his Reg- 
iment or any other corps, till October 177S then went to Bos- 
ton and was found unfit for anv Duty and Received a furlough 
of the Hon. Gen^ : Gates and Returned Home and was under a 
Necessity to put himself under the care of a surgeon and when 
his Furlough was Expired then Returned to Boston and was 
found unfit for any Duty and again furloughed and so from time 
to time untill the three year he engaged for was Expired Then 
the Honourable Court Put him under half pay as he was unable 
to earn his support — The wound your Petioner received was 


open from his side to his Back Ahiiost five years by reason of 
his Ribs being Fractured. * * * 

Daniel Russell 
JaftVey June 3'' 1783. 

[He further stated that his pension was paid him in notes 
that were of Httle value, and asked for some relief. In a 
petition dated Maixh 4, 1779, the said Russell stated that 
he was in Capt. Blodgett's Co. of Col. Hale's Reg't ; that he 
was furloughed at Albany October 20, 1777, and was eleven 
days getting home, after which he was under the care of 
Dr. John Young of Peterborough," and Dr. Jonas Prescott ;. 
was examined in Boston by " Dr. John Warren, Surgeon 
General." After that he was under the care of " Doc' ado- 
nijah How of Jaffrey." March 5, 1779, Roger Gilmore and 
Abrm. Bailey, selectmen, and Dr. How certified to his con- 
dition as stated in his petetion. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-132] \_Petitio7z of Ephraim Adams, Soldier, ^779-\ 

[In a petition dated Jaffrey, June 10, 1779, Ephraim Ad- 
ams stated that he enlisted in the R. I. expedition in Au- 
gust, 1778 ; took his horse with him, and said horse was 
taken from him by order of Gen. Whipple for the use of the 
army. He asked to be paid ;^I30, which was the sum ap- 
praised by Roger Gilmore, Hugh Dunlop, and William 
Turner, selectmen of Jaffrey. This petition was not grant- 
ed, but one presented in 1786 was, to the extent of ;i^i5. — 

[R. 2-126] \_Soldiers' Orders.^ 

To the Treasurer of the State of New Hampshire 

S'' Please to Pay to the Barrer Will"' Smiley all the Wagers- 

that is Due to me for my services in the year 1781 Per me 

Benjamin Dole 
Jaffrey Feb, 7 

Nev^^ Hampshire ) these may Certify that Benjamin Dole of 
Cheshire ss ) Jaffrey in the County of Cheshire is Soule 

heir to John Dole Late of Jaffrey Deceased who Dyed at Albany 
march the 15 day 1782 

Joseph Thorndike Justice Peace 
Jaff\-ey Oct" y* 14*^ 1784 


Jaffi-ey Feb. 7'^^ 17S5 
To the Honourable John Taylor Gilman Esq"' Treasurer for 
the State of New Hampshire Sir Be pleased to pay the 
bearer my whole wages which is due for three months service 
in the Armey in the year Eighty one in Cap* Philip Thomas 
Company and this shall be your discharge 

£4, 14, 4. Asaph Brigham 

[R. 2-127] [^Petition of Lucy Wesson^ iy82.'] 

State of New Hampshire 
To the Honourable the Councill and House of Representatives 

of said state — 

The Petition of the Widow Lucy Wesson Humbly Sheweth 
that your Petitioners Husband Isaac Wesson inlisted into the 
years service 177S and was born upon the musterroll till the 
First of April 1779 and has not returned nor been hear of sence 
but by the best information is Dead, your Petitioner is left with 
a Family of small Children and stands in need of her Hus- 
bands wages (what there is due) and cannot find out as there 
is any way for her to come at them She prays therefore that 
your Honours would take her case under your wise Considera- 
tion and Grant her such Releaf as you in your wisdom shall 
think Fit and she as in duty bound shall Ever pray. 

Jafirey Sept. 12 1782 

Lucy Wesson 

This may Certifie all hoom it may con earn that Lucy Wes- 
son was the wife of Isaac Wasson when he Entered the Con- 
tenantal Sarvis 

per us John Gilmore \ 

Benj" Prescott > Selitemen 
James Stevens • 

[Nov. 16, 1782, she was allowed four months' pay and 
depreciation. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-128] \^yamcs Turner^ Soldier r\ 

[In a petition dated Feb. 14, 1785, James Turner, of Jaffrey, 
stated " that he served as a soldier in Cap*^ W™ Scotts Com°y 
& Col° Henry Jacksons Reg* in the Continantal Army, 
three years." He further stated that he had not received 
his allowance for depreciation : he asked to have it allowed, 
which request was granted. — Ed.] 


[R. 2-139] \_Petition of Benjamin Dole^ ^J^S-^ 

To the Honourable the Senate & House of Representatives 
Convened at Portsmouth on the first Wednesday of June 


The petition of Benj"" Dole of Jaftrey humbly shew^eth that 
his Brother John Dole w^ho by will made your Petitioner his 
heir did serve in the army the first eight months & being in the 
Service constantly to his death had no opportunity to receive 
his pay from the paymaster untill it died in the depreciation of 
Continental money. This humbly prayeth your Honours in 
your wisdom to interpose for your petitioner that he may not 
be injured by his constancy in Public Service & your Petitioner 
as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Jeflray May 1 785 

Benjamin Dole 

Exeter June 6"" 1785. 
This may certify, that the wages due to John Dole was 
j£^. 8, 8, no application was ever made to me for his wages, 
untill paper was taken out of circulation 

attest "Sam^ Hobart P M 

[John Dole was in Capt. Thomas's company, Col. James 
Reed's regiment, at Winter Hill in 1775. The petition was 
granted. — Ed.] 

[5-183] \^Return of Ratable Polls, 1783. '\ 

A return of the Number of male polls of Jaftrey Twenty one 
years of age & upwards paying a poll tax for themselves in said 
town Viz one hundred & ninety polls 
JaftVey December 13"' 1783 

Jedidiah Sawyer '\ Selectmen 
John Briant \ of 

Jereme Underwood ) Jaffi'ey 

To the General Assembly of the State of New Hamshire — 

Cheshire ss Jeffrey Dec"" 10* 1783 

Then the Above Named John Briant & Jereme Underwood 
personlly Appeared & made oath that they head in Makeing 
out the Above Return Acted fiiithfully & Impartailey — 

Before me Joseph Thorndike Just Peace. 


[5-1 S2J \_Relative to Kendall Parsons^ Soldier. ~\ 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives 
of said State — 

The Petition of John Gilmore Humbly Sheweth that you 
Petitioner did in the year 1779 hire Kindal Parson to Serve 
in the armey one year and while the said Parson was absent 
your Petitioner' Did Supply the s*^ Parsons Family with Neces- 
saries of life and when the s*^ Parsons returned home finding his 
Family in poor Circumstancies and could get no releaf without 
a bondsman your Petitioner was bound for the said parson and 
was obliged to pay the obligation, and could get no Satisfaction 
Except an order upon his wages he had Coming from the State 
and as the said Parson is now in the Army your Petitioner 
Prays that your Honours would take his Case under your wise 
Consideration and grant the said Parson's Wages according to 
his order if it can be consistant and he as in duty bound shall 
ever pray — 

Jaffrey June 7 17 S3. 

John Gilmore 

[5-184] \_Petitio7i for Authority to raise a Company of 
Cavalry., l'j86.~\ 

May it please your Excellency 

We the Subscribers inhabitants of the Town of Jafirey Beg 
Leave to inform you that the inhabitants of the towns of Jaffrey 
Rindge Fitzwilliam and Marlborough in the County of Chesh- 
ire do Conceive it highly Necessary for the better Regulation 
of the Militia in these towns and the defence of this State that 
one Company of Light horse be inlisted and formed out of the 
Militia in the above mentioned towns and as the first Officer for 
said Company (viz) the Cap' is the Naturel Right of the town 
of Jaffrey and we understand that the abovesaid towns have 
Consented thereunto We would therefore for that purpose 
Nominate and Recomend our trusty friend and well disposed 
Citizen Namely Peter Jones as a person well Qiialified for that 
important trust and Whereas we whose Names are Under 
written are determined to Join said Company if our wishes 
take place we would intreat your favour to Appoint and Com- 
mission the above Named person as Cap' of said Company as 
soon as may be if your Excellency shall think proper, We in 
the Mean time Reiving on vour friendly disposition toward the 
Enlargement and defence of this state and being Senceble of 


the Honourable Seat and Caracter you Sustain we willingly 
Submitt our above-mentioned Requsition to your Wisdom to 
Conduct as your Excellency shall think proper and we the 
Subscribers as in duty bound shall Ever pray 
JaftVey Dec-" y'' 21'' 17S6 

Joseph Crosby David Gilmore James Davison 

William Emery Moses Cutter Robert Harkness 

Josiah trench Jonas Adams Samuel Foster 

Peter Bullard James Turner Alpheus Crosby 

His Excellency John Sullivan Esq"" General President and 
Commander in Chief of the State of New-hampshire 

[5-1 85] \_Relative to Peterborough Slip^ i'/8'j.'\ 

Jalfre}^ }w\\^ "'3 17S7 

This may certify that at a Legal meeting of the Freeholders 
and other inhabitants of the town of Jatirey (qualified by Law 
to vote in town meetings) meet on may the 10 — 17S7 foi' the 
Porpose of Seeing what the town would do in regrard of Peter- 
borough Slip'' haveing a mile oft' the east Part of Jaftrey. — 

Voted unaimous not to let Peterboi^ough Slip have any part 
oft' the east part of S*^ town. Voted to Chuse a committee of 
five men to Petision and Remonstrate the General Court of this 
State that the Prayr of the Petision of Peterborough Slip be not 
Granted Chose M'' Laban Ainsworth Esq'' Roger Gilmore, 
Lieu' Josepli Bates, Adonijah Howe Col" Jed'' Sanger — 

Voted that the Committee make a Draught and Lay the Same 
before the town at an adjournment of this meeting Voted to ad- 
journ this meeting to Thursday "' 24 of May instant at three 
O Clock afternoon May "" 24 17S7 the inhabitants of S** Jaftrey 
being meet acording to adjornment the Remonstrance Draught- 
ed by the aftbre Said Committee being read Voted to except the 
same. Voted that the remonstrance be Presented to the Gen- 
eral Court of this State 

A true Coppy Attest 

Adonijah Howe Town Clark of 

[5-1 86] \_Protest against Setting O^a Portion of the Town^ 

1787.-] ' 

State of New Hampshire Cheshire ss 
To the Honorable the Senate and house of Representatives, 
Conveened at Concord, in S** State, on the first Wednsday in 


We the Subscribers, being a Comittee in Behalf of the town 
of JaftVey, beg Leave to present this our Address and Remon- 
strance to this Hon'*' Assembley, against a petetion that has 
been perferred to the General Court at their Last Session, by 
Com" of the inhabitants of Sliptown, So Called, praying that a 
Strip one mile wide may be taken off the Southeasterly part of 
this our town of Jaftrey, and that the Same be Annexed to the 
west end of Said Sliptown, Which Measure, if Admitted, will 
Exceedingly injure, and destroy our publick priviledges and 
Enfranchisments, which were granted and Confirmed by our 
Charter to the inhabitants of Jaffrey and their Successors for 
ever, and leave us in a State of Anarchy and Confiission, and 
tend greatly to Create debates, divisions and anomosities among 
the now peacefuU inhabitants of this town, and as the altering 
of Charters, and adding and Lessening of the Territory and 
Jurisdiction of States and districts by the Brittish Ministry, in 
the Late Revolution, were Some of the great Evils we Com- 
plained of, as being Contrary to the true Spirit and design of 
the English Constitution ; and in order to prevent these and 
other unjust acts of the Brittish Parliament taking place in these 
States, we Spent our Blood and Treasure, and obtained a Com- 
pleat and Glorious Victory over all Opposition, So as we Con- 
ceive this Greavance we hereby Remonstrate against, is in 
Some measure Simaler, we do Apprehend that no authority 
men, or Body of men, on any pertence whatever, have any 
Right by Law, or by the Constitution, to alter, or deminishour 
Terretory or Jurisdiction, or deprive us of any of the priviledges 
and immunities granted, or Stipulated to us, by our Charter, 
without our Consent. Neither do we imagine, that any per- 
son, or people, have any Right to Require, or demand any of 
our Sacred or Civil Rights, that are granted and Conveyed to 
us, by oiu" Charter and Seek toAgrandize, and build themselves 
up upon the Ruins of any of our invaluable Rights antl privi- 
ledges, and in order the more fuUv, and Efiectualy to Represent 
to your hon^ the great Evil, and distructive tendancy, which the 
above mentioned Greivance, if Carried into Execution, will 
produce in this town, we will hereby. Lay before your hon", a 
detail of Some of the Evils, and disadvantages that will Nature- 
ly attend this measure if admitted, in the first place, we have 
Raised, and finished on an Eminence a Large, and Statly meet- 
ting house, 60 by 45 feet, and near 30 feet post, Verry near the 
Centre of our town, we have Laid out ten acres of a Common, 
on which the Meetting house Stands, and have Cleared the 
Same, and Spent thereon a great deal of Labor, we have laid 
out on Said Common a Large Burreing Yard, and fenced the 
Same with great Stone wall, and there is a great Number in- 
terred there, we have Settled a Minister, and given him a large 


farm adjoining Said Common, and he has built him a Large 
house and Barn Verry Near the meetting house, and their is on 
the East Side line of Said Common a Row of Large and Ele- 
gant Buildings, which together with the Meetting house makes 
a Beautiful appearance, and the Roads in Said Jaftre}- are laid 
out, and opened. Leading to the meeting house So as to Con- 
veen the whole town, and the town is divided into School dis- 
tricts, and Some of these districts have built their School 
houses, and as the town is now Scituated, the Most Remote in- 
habitants are Content, and the whole town is Compleatly Unit- 
ed, and Chearfuly Contributes for the Support of its publick 
priviledges, but Should this unhappy Measure take place the 
western part of the inhabitants of this town will make applica- 
tion for the priviledges above mentioned to be moved to a New 
Center and the grounds westward from the meetting being Low 
and Swampy and Verry inconvenant for a New Center would 
Create an Ever lasting Qiiarrel and dispute amongst us and 
be attended with great Cost and trouble, Moreover their is a 
Verry great mountain in this town and a great Number of 
Large ponds which Renders about the fourth part thereof not 
habitable besides a great deal of other wast Land which makes 
the habitable part of this town but barely Sufficient to maintain 
our minister and Support our publick priviledges also the in- 
habitants that would be taken oti', provided one mile is Set off 
to Sliptown is Unanimosly against being Set oft' as it would 
greatly discomode them in their publick priviledges and Cause 
them to be at the Expence of Begining all anew to Build a 
meetting house and Settle a Minister and then be a great dis- 
tance from their Centre when at the Same time they have Con- 
tributed their porportion here for the Same priviledges and in 
order to Manifest their desire they have hereunto Set their 
names, furthermore as Sliptown does lay only against about the 
one half of the East part of this town their would be a Leg 
about one mile wide Left which if the meetting house Should 
be Removed would leave the inhabitants of this leg at a great 
disadvantage, also the County line is between this town and 
Sliptown and if one mile is Set oft' one part will be in this 
County and the other part in another County and as Sliptown 
is Now Nearly Six miles from East to west one mile taken from 
this town would make it almost Seven miles long and about 
two or three miles Broad we Cannot Conceive any advantage it 
would be to Sliptown to take one mile from the South East 
part of this town and add it to that 

The above mentioned Reasons Contain a part of the evils and 
disadvantages that would attend Such a Seperation in the mean 
time we Refer the above matter to your Wise Consideration and 
flatter our Selves that your wisdom will interpose in our behalf 


and deliver your Remonstrants from the Evils that threaten us 
and we as in duty bound Shall ever pray 
Jaftrey may y* 24"" 17S7 

Laban Ainsworth" 
' Roger Gilmore 

Joseph Bates J^ Committee 

Adonijah Howe 
Jed** Sanger 

We the Sub" being inhabitants of that part of Jaftrey which 
is prayed for in the petition of Peterborroughslip do hereby give 
our Consent to the within Address and Remonstrance and have 
hereunto Set our Names 

Benj" Prescott 
Nathan Cutter 
William Pope 
David Stratton 
Moses Burdoo 
Benj" Nuting 
Oliver Gould 
Oliver Prescott 
James Cutter 


The township was granted October 3, 1765, to Col. John 
Goffe of Derryfield and others, in 64 equal shares, by the 
name of Dartmouth. As in case of most of the Wentworth 
grants, one share was reserved for a glebe for the Episcopal 
church ; one share for the first settled minister ; one share 
for the benefit of the " Society for the Propagation of the 
Gospel in Foreign Parts ;" and one share for the benefit of 
a school in said town. 

The proprietors not making settlements agreeably to said 
grant, it was regranted June 26, 1772, with new boundaries, 
to Hon. Theodore Atkinson and other influential men in 
different parts of the state, among whom were Col. Joseph 
Hammond, Col. Josiah Willard, and others from Cheshire 
county. Col. Joseph Whipple and Samuel Hart, of Ports- 
mouth, made settlements in the town soon after the regrant, 
but the population increased slowly, and there were but 
twenty-four families in town in 1793. 


It was incorporated with town privileges December 8, 
1796, and named in honor of Thomas Jefferson. 

By an act of the legislature, approved December 7, 1842, 
some territory was severed frem Kilkenny, and annexed to 
this town. 

[5- 190] \_yohti Goffe relative to To-iVnship Bounds^ I'/'J0.'\ 

Province of New Hampsh"" 
To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq"' Captain General, 

Governor & Commander in Chief in and over his Majestys 

Province aforesaid in Council — 

The Petition of John Gofte of Derryfield in said Province 
Esq"', in behalf of Himself and the other Proprietors of the 
township of Dartmouth unto y"" Excellency & the Honourable 
Council most humbly shews 

That your Petitioners obtained a Grant of the said Township 
from Penning Wentworth Esq'' late Governor of this Province 
in Behalf of his Majesty, with whom y'' Petitioners entred into 
certain Stipulations on their part to be done and performed in 
Settlement of said Township, which they humbly beg leave to 
assure y"" Excell^' & Honours that they should have fulfilled, but 
the Want of Roads, the scarcity of Grain, the distance of its 
Situation from Settlements, and in a more especial manner, the 
Difficulty they have been at to ascertain the Locality of said 
Township by Reason of the Bounds of Lancaster being very 
loose & uncertain through the Geography of the River of Con- 
necticut not being at the time of their said Grant particularly 
known, as it has since by actual Survey been found, whereby it 
made a material alteration in y® bounds of s*^ Lancaster, and 
consequently affected the Lines of Dartmouth, all which Diffi- 
culties have necessitated y'' Petitioners to supplicate y'' Excel- 
lency & Honours to extend your favours, by granting them a 
further time to fulfill their Charter, as they are determined to 
pursue it having got clear of chief of those embarrassments and 
been at great expence in compleating their necessary Roads 
which are especially and materially conducive to their Designs 
— Wherefore they humbly pray y'' Excell^ & Honours to grant 
the Prayer of this Petition for the Reasons sett forth, and as in 
Duty bound, y'' Petitioners will ever jDray. — 

Portsm° Dec"" 12* 1770 

John Goffe 

[This extension was not granted, but the township was 
regranted to other parties, June 26, 1772. — Ed.] 


[5-1 88] [ Order to survey a Tract of La7id for David Page^ 


Province of New Hampshire — 

To M"" Edwards Bucknam of Lancaster in said Province — 

You are hereby required and directed to survey and admeas- 
ui'e and plainly and impartially to mark out for M'' David Page 
(who is to pay vour Expence) a tract of Crown Land in said 
Province to contain one thousand acres & no more, and make 
return thereof into my office with all convenient speed for which 
this shall be your sufficient warrant. 

Dated at Poitsm° the 26"* day of January i773 

Is : Rindge 

[Isaac Rindge was surveyor-general of lands for the prov- 
ince. The following is Bucknam's return : — Ed.] 

this Plan was Laid Down in the form that David Page Esq'' 
Proposed to have it Laid out to him at y*" South Eastcrlv cor- 
ner of Dartmouth as he had a warrant By order of Court from 
the Surveyor general for the survey of 1000 acres of Land where 
he should Please to Pitch it, in any ungranted Lands, which 
warrant was Directed to me 

Edw*^ Bucknam Surveyor of Land 

[The plan is a rude rectangular parallelogram, represent- 
ing a tract 320 by 500 rods, bounded on the north by Dart- 
mouth line. — Ed.] 

[5-191] \_Petitioii for an Act of Jncorporatioti, I7Q3-1 

State of New Hampshire. 

To the honorable Senate, and house of representatives convened 
in general assembly. 

The petition of the subscribers, inhabitants of a place called 
Dartmouth, in the Countv of Grafton, and State of New 
Hampshire, humbly sheweth, that said Dartmouth is inhabited 
b}' twenty four families, which labor under many inconven- 
iences for want of legal authority to conduct town business, in 
consequence of which, they suffer much on account of high- 
ways being neglected, which not only injures the inhabitants, 
but has a tendency to retard further settlement : wherefore your 


petitioners pray this honorable court to consider their case, and 
incorporate them into a town, that they may be vested with 
such authority as other towns within said State by law exercise 
and enjoy. And your petitioners shall ever pray 
Dartmouth 2<f^ May 1793. 

John Marden John holmes 

Samuel Hart Samuel holmes 

Richard Stalbird Elijah Moulton 
James Rider 

[In H. of Rep., June 12, 1793, a hearing was ordered for 
the second Thursday of the next session. Notice was to 
be published in the N. H. Gazette, and posted in the town, 
which Samuel Marden, on the eighteenth of December, 
1793, certifies was done. This petition was not granted, 
and another was presented by Col. Joseph Whipple, as agent 
for the town, dated May 20, 1796, which was granted. — Ed.J 


This was one of the Massachusetts grants, made in ac- 
cordance with a vote of the general court of that province 
of July, 1733. On the 19th of October following, a commit- 
tee, consisting of Joseph Kellog, Timothy Dwight, and 
William Chandler, was appointed to lay out the townships 
on Ashuelot river forthwith. They reported in February, 
1734, and the township was lotted in May or June follow- 
ing. The first proprietors' meeting was held in Concord, 
Mass., June 26, 1734; and in September following Jeremiah 
Hall, Daniel Hoar, Josiah Fisher, Elisha Root, Nathaniel 
Rockwood, Seth Heaton, and William Puffer visited Upper 
Ashuelot, as the place was called, and held a proprietors' 
meeting. Some settlements were made, and a fort built 
soon after, but the town was abandoned in 1746, in conse- 
quence of the atrocities of Canadian Indians, and not again 
occupied until 1750. 

The settlement of the province line determined the town- 
ship to be within the limits of New Hampshire ; and a peti- 
tion, dated February 2, 1753, was addressed to the govern- 
or, asking to have the grant confirmed, and the township 

KEENE, 307 

chartered. Their request was granted, the town being in- 
corporated April II, 1753, and named by the governor in 
honor of Sir Benjamin Keene, an English baronet. 

The main street was originally laid out but four rods 
wide, and the city owes a debt of gratitude to the proprie- 
tors, who, at a meeting held September 30, 1736, voted to 
widen it, giving the proprietors of the lots on the west side 
four rods wide on the rear of their lots, they surrendering 
four rods in front, thus making a beautiful street eight rods 
in width, which is admired by all visitors. 

The north-east corner of the town was set off September 
27, 1787, united with portions of Gilsum, Stoddard, and 
Packersfield. and incorporated into the town of Sullivan. 

Another portion was set off from the east side December 
9, 1812, united with portions of Packersfield and Marlbor- 
ough, and incorporated into the town of Roxbury. 

An act passed the legislature in 1865, granting a city 
charter, but they refused to adopt the same. Another act 
was passed July 3, 1873, which was adopted. 

Col. Isaac Wyman was Lieut. Col. in the First Regiment 
under Stark in 1775, and until appointed colonel in July, 
1776. Among other prominent Revolutionary men were 
Samuel Wetherbee, Davis Hewlett, and William, Timothy, 
and Benjamin Ellis, all of whom held commissions, and did 
good service in the field. 

Keene owes much of its beauty to the good sense of the 
inhabitants in years past in keeping intact, in many instan- 
ces, the original lots, thus giving ample grounds around 
their residences, and avoiding that crowded and irregular 
appearance that mars so many of our New England cities. 

[5-194^ and 195 are ancient plans of Keene and Swan- 
zey. — Ed.] 

[5-196] \_Agent appointed to get the Toivn incorporated^ 


We whose Names are Hereunto Subscribed Inhabitants of 
the upper Ashuelot for a Long time Labour under many Great 
Difficulties for want of Town Priviledges we Do Therefore 
Hereby Constitute and Impower our Trusty friend Cap' Jere- 
miah Hall to Represent our Difficulties to his Excellency the 


Governor of New Hampshire and to Any Others Concerned 
In that affair that we may be Incorperated Into a Town and 
Likewise we give power to him to Chuse a man to asist him In 
the affaires 

Upper Ashuelot February y'= ii"^ 17S0 

William Smeed Jonathan Under- Michaell medcalf jr 

Ebenezer Nims wood Oliver Medcalf 

David Nims Jobn Rogers Abijah medcalf 

Ephraim Dorman Nathan Blake Jabez Hill 

Nathan Fairbanks Ebenezer Day David Foster 

Joseph Elles Gideon Ellis Amos Foster 
Michaell Medcalf 

C5~^97] \_y<^f^'ni<^h Stiles appointed Agent to obtain an 
Act of Incorporatiott^ IJ^O.^ 

We the Subscribers Do hereb)- Impower Cap' Jeremiah Hall 
to Pertition In our behalf for the Upper Township on Ashuelot 
River where we Dwell to his Excellency the Governour of 
New Hampshire and all Concern'd in that affair In the same 
form that it was laid out by the Massachusetts 

Upper Ashuelot Feb''^' 11* 1750 

William Smeed Ebenezer Day David Foster 

Ebenezer Nims Gideon Ellis Oliver medcalf 

David Nims Michael Medcalf Michaell medcalf jr 

Ephraim Dorman Jabez Hill Abijah medcalf 

Nathan Fairbanks Jonathan underwood Samuell Hall 

Joseph Elles Joli" Rogers Jesse Hall 

Nathan Blake Elijah Dorman 

[5-198] S^John and Rnth Dinstnoor's Petition^ lyjo.^ 

Prov of Newhamshore 

To his Excellency Penning Wentworth Esq"^ Govor" &c In & 
over his Majestys Province of New hampshore 

The Peti°" of John Densmoor & Ruth Densmoor his Wife 
Humbly Shews that Josiah Fisher of upper Ashaulott In the 
Province of Newhamshore decesed Late Husband of the said 
Ruth had In his Lifetime a Grant from the Massachusettets 
Goverment of one Whole Wright or Share In s* township & 
that In his Lifetime Bult an house & Cleard & In proved Near 
forty acres of Land In s** township & In the Begining of the 

KEENE. 309 

War with y* Endins the s*^ Josiah Was Killed & the s*^ Ruth y' 
Wedow of the Dec'** was left with out any Children by the de- 
ces** But she still Continued att y^ said Ashualuett & In proved 
s"* Lands tell y^ Endins Drove of the In habitance of s*^ town & 
Sence the Sasition of arms the s*^ Ruth with hir Present Hus- 
band hath fenced & In Pi-oved the s"^ Lands afore s'' wharefore 
your Petitioners Humbly Pray that your Exellency Would be 
plesed to Grant to your Petioners the s'' Lands afore s'' upon the 
Condition that your Exellency grants to others y^ Kings subjects 
In s*^ Province & your Petioners In dutv Bound Shall Ever 

Nov™ y^ 8* 1750 Johi'' Dunsmoor 

Ruth Dunsmoor 

[5-159] [^Benjamift Gidld appointed to assist Capt. Stilcs.~\ 

We whose Names are Hereunto Subscribed Being Propria- 
tors of the Upper Ashuelot Township so called Do hereby Im- 
power AP Benjamin Guild to joyne with Cap' Jeremiah Hall in 
Petitioning His Exelency the Govoner of the Province of New 
Hamshire He observing the Instructions Given by others of the 
Propriators to the said Cap' Hall 

Wrentham Feb"' 3o"' 1750 

John Whiting Asa Richardson Abigail Guild 

Daniel Haws Sarah Greene Robart Blak 

Joseph Fisher Joseph Richardson Seth Heaton 

Samuel Fisher Daniell maceene Elijah Blake 

Benjamin Guild William Hancock Josiah Fisher for the 

Obediah Blake Samuel Danils hares of Aaron 

Ebenezer Daniells Esther Messenger Fisher 

Nathaniel Ware Jonathan Whiting Nathan Bucknam 

Hannah Dale Jacob Bacon 

Abner Ellis Nath" Fairbnks 

[5-300] [^Petition for a?z Incorporation of the Toxvn^ ^75^ •'\ 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq'' Governor and 
Commander in Chief in and over his Majestys Province of 
New Hampshire and to the Honorable his majestys Councill 
for said Province 

The Petition of Jeremiah Hall and Benjamin Guild in behalf 
of them Selves and others Inhabitants Setlers and Proprietors 
of a certain Tract of land Called the upper Township on Ash- 


uelot River in the Province of New Hampshire on the East 
side of Connecticut River (a plan of wliich Tract of land is 
herewith presented) most humbly Sheweth, that in the year 
1737, in virtue of a Grant from the massachusets Government, 
a plantation was begun on said Tract of land — That in the year 
173S a minister was settled there and a meeting house built — 
That before the last Indian War with the Indians there were 
Thirty one Dwelling houses built on said Tract of land Sundry 
barns and a Fort of near a hundred foot square having eighteen 
jfire Rooms within said fort a Saw mill and Grist mill built — 
that the setlers and others who were preparing for setling there 
before the Indian War had made large Improvements there and 
laid out their Substance in doing the Same — 

That in the Spring of y*^ year 1747 — The Indians burnt down 
all the dwelling Houses there except four — also burnt down 
all the Barns but one also burnt down the meeting house and 
the Fort also much household Stuff and killed Considerable 
Cattle Horses Sheep and Swine That the s*^ Settlers and Pro- 
prietors are returnd and returning on to the said Tract of land 
in order to cultivate and Improve the same and in case a peace 
Continues with the Indians in a few years there will be forty 
or fiftv familys in case there was an Incoi'poration — Wherefore 
your Petitioners most humbly Pray your Excellency and Hon- 
ours to Incorporate the s'' Tract of land agreeable to the bounds 
thereof by the plan annexed and grant to your Petitioners and 
others their Constituents such Immutys and Privileges as other 
Towns Enjoy in this Province & your Petitioners as in duty 
bound shall ever pray &c 

March y*" 4"' 1 750/1 Jeremiah Hall 

Benjamin Guild 

[5-301 ] {^Another Petitio7i for an Inco7-poratlonof the Town^ 

1753 ■'\ 

Upper Ashualot Feb" y" 2^ 1753 

We whose names are underwritten Do hereby Authorize and 
Impower oiu" Trusty Friend M"" Ephraim Dorman to Prefer a 
Petition to his Excellency the Governour of New Hampshire 
for a Township known by the Name of the Upper Ashuelot 
and to Pray his Excellency to Grant a Charter of this Land to 
the Inhabitants and others Concerned in said Lands and to In- 
sert a Clause in said Petition Praying his Excellency thajt if it 
might be Consistent with his Pleasure he would Insert a Clause 
in his Charter whereby every man may be Intitled to those 
Lands which he Thought himself to be the Honest owner of 

KEENE. 311 

Tie Paying the Charges that have arisen on said Lands to Pre- 
vent Endless Law-Suits and other Difficulties Impending over 
us and to set forth in said Petition the Great Cost and Expence 
we have been at in Building two Forts and Defending the 
Kings Lands and the Great Losses we have Sustained by the 
Enemy as set forth in the Petition Lodged with IVr Atkinson 
Secretary and to take the Names Lodged with M"" Livermore 
and annex to said Petition 

Jeremiah Hall Samuel Reed Isaac Clark 

William Barnes Benjamin Larrabee Nathan Blake 

Ebenezer Daniells David Foster Michael medcalf ju 

Jabez Hill Benjamin Twichell Joseph Elles 

Timothv Harington David Nims Gideon Ellis 

Daniel Twitchel Ebenezer Day Eleazer Sanger 

Amos Foster William Smeed Jonah French 

Titus Belding Ebenezer Nims 

[The foregoing petition was successful, and a charter was 
granted April 11, 1753. — Ed.] 


At a Legal meeting of the Town of Keen in Dec"' 1776 made 
Choice of Capt Jeremiah Stiles for a Justice of the Peace in 
said Town 

Attest Ichabod Fisher Town Clerk 

£5-303] \_Relative to Innoculation for Small-Pox^ J77^-\ 

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire The petition of us the vSubscribers 
Freeholders of the Town of Keen in the County of Cheshire 
Humbly Sheweth — 

Whearas Sundry Persons have Set up houses in this Town 
for the purpose of Inoculating for the Small pox, by which 
Means the Small pox has been Spread and Still Continues to 
Spread in this and other Towns, to the Great Determent of the 
publick Good — and a Number of UsefuU members of Society 
have lost their Lives thereby and the prosecution of mens Nec- 
essary Callings Rendered Dangerous — and the Repeated En- 
deavour of the Towns to lay Persons Concer'd und proper 
Restrictions and Resfulations — have been inefectual We there- 


fore your Petitioners humbly Pray tliat you would in Your 
wisdom So Interpose by Your Authority that a Speedy and an 
Effectual Stop may be put thereto for the present — as Your 
Petitioners in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray. 

Keen Novem'' 22'' '77^ 

Jer'^ Stiles Benj Archer Jun Josiah Ellis 

Isaac Estey Jesse Clark Timothy Ellis Jun"" 

Ebenezer Nims Thomas Field Elisha Brings 

Reuben Partridge William Goodenow Nathaniel Briggs 

Gideon Ellis June"" Joseph Blake Benj'' Balch 

Robart Spencer VV"^ Ellis Cephas Clark 

Jonathan Pond Aaron Gray John Balch 

Ebenezer Day Aaron Gray Jun' Jonethan Archer 

John Day Jesse Hall Abner Ralston 

Jedediah Wellman Ebenezer Newton 

Stephen Larrabe Abijah Metcalf 

Nathaniel kings- Ry^^l Blake 

buery Henry EUes 

[5-205] Petition fo)- a Lottery for the Purpose oJ~ Building' 
a Bridge, ^77^-^ 

To the Honorable the Council and General Assembly of the 
State of New Hampshire — 

The Petition of the Selectmen of the Town of Keen in the 
County of Cheshire and State of New Hampshire ; Humbly 
Sheweth — 

Whereas by Reason of the Scituation of the Town of Keen 
Several Rivers and Large Streams of Water Centre in Said 
Town which Causes a Large Number of Bridges and Caus- 
ways to be Necesary in Said Town ; and by the Rapidity of 
some of said Rivers Especially in Time of high water it very 
often happens that Bridges are Carried off which has been of 
Great Cost and Charges to the Inhabitance and Likely so to 
Remain Especially Upon a Certain Rapid Stream Called the 
East Branch of Ashuelot River where of Late a Large Bridge 
is almost Ruin'd and the Banks of Said Stream being of Loose 
Gravel it often happens they are torn and the Course of the 
Stream much Altered and makes it almost Impossible to make 
a Bridge to Stand any Considerable Time which Causes great 
Difficulty and Danger to Travelers Espeially in high water — 
However there is a Certain place upon said Stream at some 
Distance from place now used — where a Bridge might be made 

KEENE. 313 

that would much Beter Accomodate Travelers to Boston Ports- 
mouth or any other Port then the place now Used but the Town 
by Reason of so many Other Bridges are not Able to Build 
one at said place as the Cost would be considerable ; we there- 
fore your Humble Petitioners pray in the Name and behalf of 
the Town that your Honours in your Wisdom would Order 
and Appoint Some way that we may have Some Assistance 
Either by Granting a Publick Lottery or any other way which 
your Honours Shall think proper it being a Road much Used 
from Different parts of the Contr\' with which if your Honours 
Do Comply your Humble Petetioners as in Duty Bound Shall 
ever pray 

Keen May 14"^ 177S 

Jeremiah Stiles ~| 

Silas Cook > Select men 

Simeon Clark ) 

N B : It is Suposed that the Sum of 6500 Dollars would be 
a Suficient Sum to make a Good Bridge and Causway at Said 

[5-204] \_Relative to a Lottery for the Purpose of Building 
a Bridge^ i778-'\ 

To the Honorable the Council and House of Representitives of 
the State of New Hampsliire the Petition of the Subscribers 
being Select men of the Towns of in said state 

in Behalf of said Towns Humbly Sheweth — 

Whereas your Petitioners are Informed That the Town of 
Keen have Petitioned praving Your Honours to Grant them As- 
sistance by a Lottery to Enable them to Build a Bridge over a 
Certain Rapid Stream Known by the Name of the East Branch 
We therefore your Petitioners being Senseable of the Great 
Benefit that would Accrue to the Publick thereby, and at the 
Time Knowing the multitude of Bridges and Casways which 
the Inhabitance of said Town Are Obliged to Build and Keep 
in Repair and the Charges of the Same by Reason of Freshets 
which often happens and also the Great Probability of a Bridge 
standing Safe in the place wliich is proposed, together with the 
Good Accomodation of the place to Every Publick Road — We 
therefore humbly Pray that the Petition of said Town of Keen 
ma}^ be Granted Being of Opinion that it will be a Great Pub- 
lick Benefit it being a Place which may be passed in high water 
with much more Safety than the old Road that Lead thro' In- 
tervails and Low Grounds — which Petition if your Honours in 



your wisdom think proper to Grant, we Your Petitioners as in 
Duty Bound Sliall ever pray. 

July 23<i 177S 

Joseph Greenwood \ Selectmen 

Reuben Morse 
Eli Morse 

Roger Gilmore 
Abr'" Bailey 
John Stanley 

Enoch Hale 
Edw-i Jewett 
Francis Towne 

j Dublin 

! Selectmen 



[I fail to find any action of the legislature on this matter. 

,[5-206] \_Relative to Trial of several Royalists^ i'/jy.~\ 

Walpole Sep* 9"^ 17 78 

The State of New Hampshire To Nath" S. Prentice D' 
agreeable to their order of the 22"* Aug' Last past Directing me 
to pay Cap' Benj° Floods pay Roll To Cash paid Cap' Benj* 
Flood towai'd S'^ Roll, £29, 10, o as pr. Receipt 

To Cash paid by CoP Benj" Bellows out of the money Lent 
toward Carring on gun making in his hands as p'' receipt 

47, 2, 6 

Total of the Roll £^6, 12, 6 

Return of the names of the Persons found guilty of missde- 
menors against the States by a Special Session held at Keen 
June 1777 as p' minutes on file with the sum fin*^ & order 

Col Josiah Willard 
Maj'' Josiah Willard 
Eleazer Pomroy 
Eben'' Harvey 
Rev*^ Micah Lawrence 
Benj"- Mellvin 
Benj'' Mellvin Jr 
Nathan Willard 
J[oseph Collins 
Sam'' VVadsworth 


John Gould 405 


Alexander Rolstone 405- 


Paul Richardson 40^^ 


Nathan Rugg 40^' 


Rev'' Clement Sumner 405 


Cap' Henry Coffin 20s 


Sam" King 405 


John White 405 


Simon Willard 105 


Total £29-] 

KEENE. ' 315 

Ordered that the several Persons fin'* for Misdemenor, Re- 
cognize in the sum of £500 as Principal with Two Surties to be 
of a Peacable Behaviour towards the State & to be Confin** 
within certain Limits untill this Court or Sum other Authority 
shall Discharge them therefrom — 

order"* that Cap' Benj" Flood Receive £12 — out of the fine- 
money to Billit his guard with he to acct therefor — 

order** that the Remainder of the fines be Reposited in the 
hands of Nath' S. Prentice Esq to wait the County Sessions or- 
der thereon 

a Coppy from the minutes on file 

Nath' S. Prentice Clerk of s** Sessions 

[Some of the evidence used at said trial may be found in 
Vol. VIII, page 593. Ebenezer Harvey, Pomeroy, and 
King were ordered to confine themselves to the limits of 
their farms in Chesterfield, but were released from said 
bonds and limits April 7, 1778, by recommendation of the 
committee of safety of said town. — Ed.] 

[5-207] \_yere??iiah Stiles chosen Magistrate^ 1777 -^ 

At a Legal meeting of the Inhabitance of the Town of Keen 
on January the 14"^ '777 — Voted that Cap* Jeremiah Stiles of 
this town be in Nomination for a Justice of the Peace for this 

Attest Ichabod Fisher Town Clerk 

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire — Humbly Shews, 

We the subscribers, Inhabitants of the Tow^n of Keene in the 
County of Cheshire, beg leave to inform your honours, that 
Cap' Jeremiah Stiles, at a legal meeting of this Town, as may 
appear by the copy of the vote hereto annexed, was unani- 
mously nominated for a Justice of the Peace : And, for reasons, 
not known to us, is not appointed. * * 

Keene, October 12, i779 

Abraham Wheeler James Wright Zadok Wheeler 

Benjamin Osgood David Willson Daniel Willson 

AbrahamWheeler iuEphraim Wright John Houghton 

Ebenezer Cook Benjam Osgood Ju Davis Howlett 

Isaac Griswold Alpheus Nims 

[They requested his appointment, and it was granted. — 


[R. 2-132] \_Dcscrters J'ro77i the Army, z///.] 

Deserted from Cap' John Griggs's Company in Cor^ Scam- 
mills Rig' Epraim Hall 24 years of age Six feet high Dark hair 
Blew Eyes Light Colered Cloths formerly belonged to Lyn : 
Whosoever will take up S"* Deserter and Return him to his 
Company att Keen or X" 4 : in the State of New Hampshire 
shall have a harnsom Reward and all Nesesary Charges Paid 
by me 

John Griggs Cap' 

Keen May y^ 5"^ 1777 

[He also advertises for one Nathan Gale, " 21 yers of age 
6 feet Hi Well Set Dark hair."— Ed.] 

[R. 2-133] \_Documents relative to Capt. Samuel Weather- 
bee^ ij'j8.'\ 

I Davise Howlett of Keen in the County of Cheshire and 
Province of Newhampshire, testifieth and saith that Eighty five 
men appeared on mount Independence that belonged to Cap' 
Sam" Weatherbees Company in the year 1776 and that two 
other men enlisted by s*^ Capt Weatherbee, Namely Roswell 
Shephard who Died of the Small Pox as I was informed and 
Tho^ Wilder who to my knowledge Did Die of the Small Pox 
before march*^ 

Keen feb'-^ 10-1778 

Davis Howlett Lieu' 

[Sworn to before Isaac Wyman. — Ed.] 

[ Col. Uy man's CertiJicateJ\ 

This mav Certifie whome it may Concern that Cap' Sam" 
Weatherbe First & Largest Return of his Company was 84 
men Test 

Isaac Wvman 

[R. 2-134] \_Depositio7i of Ebenezer Pzttnam.'] 

Charlestown Jan'' 23"^ ^77^ 

Deposition of Eben'' Putnam Being of Lawful age Doth tes- 
tify and say that some time in July 1776 Cap' W^eatherbee ask^ 

KEENE. 317 

me what I would give him to Discharge me : I told him Noth- 
ing where uppon he told me that he would Discharge me for 
Twenty Dollars or five weeks work I told him I would give it 
then he turned about and went and got a man to go in my 
Rhoom and I set of to go home but Before I got home I got 
sick of My Bargain and went and told him I would go My Self 
and pay him for his trouble for gitting the man he told me if I 
would go and tell the man that I would go into the Service that 
should pay the s*^ Cap' for his trouble after I was Inlisted I ast 
the Cap' if he was willing that I shoidd take the Small Pox he 
said No by No means for perhaps we may be call** for before 
you will be Ready to march then I was advis*^ by Cap' Geer 
and M'' Olcott to ask Col° Hunt advise about the matter where 
upon he said he would advise any man that was a going to 
Enocolate as he thought it was not safe to go w'ithout 

Ebenezer Putnam 

Sworn before Benj" Bellows. 

[R. 2-135] \_yo/i?i Hart's Discharge^ i77^-~\ 
Charlestown august 6"^ ^77^ — 

These may Certify That in Consideration of Ten dollars To 
me In hand paid by John Hart I do hereby discharge him from 
my Company in The Continential Service in Col" Wymans 
Regiment of the New hanlpshire forces as witness my Hand 

Sam" Wetherbe Cap' 

[R. 2-137] 

[This document is the resignation of Major Timothy 
Ellis, dated Keene, October 19, 1779. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-13S] \_SHbstitute for N^chemiah Tozvn, l/'8o.'\ 

These may certifie That I Josiah Reed of Chickabv in 
Springfield in Consideration of Certain agreements Between 
Nehemiah Town of Keen in the State of Newhampshire and 
myself have Engaged and do hereby Engage to serve in his 
Room & Stead in the Newhampshire Lines for the Town of 
Keen for the space of six months as witness my hand at Spring- 
field July y* 20"" 1 7S0 

Josiah Read 


[R. 2-140] \^Nehemiah Jyrozun, ivotinded Soldier.~\ 
To home it may Conserne 

This May Certifye that Nehemiah Brown a Soldier in the 
Melisha in the Battel at Loomes Cock in the year 1777 ^'^^ 
Shot throw his Leg was under my Caire & was not fitt for anny 
busness for for or five month 

Tho' Frink Surgeon to s*^ Brown 
Keene y* 14"* of Octob"" 1785 

[R. 2-141] \_Petitio7t of Charles Rice^ Bunker Hill Soldiery 


To the honb'le the Senate and house of Representatives in Gen- 
eral Court convened at Concord. — 

Humbly Shews, Charles Rice of Keene, that in the year 
1775 being a Soldier in Captain Jeremiah Stiles's Company & 
Col" John Stark's Regiment he received a most distressing 
wound through the breast at the memorable battle of Bunker 
Hill — which has ever since rendered it impossible for him to 
gain a comfortable subsistance for himself — much more for a 
numerous family which daily look to him for that assistance 
which he would most readily aflbrd were it in his power. — 
That your petitioner has never received the least assistance from 
his Country being entirely ignorant of any feasible method of 
making application — He therefore pravs your Honorable body 
to compassionate his case and lend him such assistance as in 
your clemency you shall judge proper — And as in duty bound 
ever prays 

Jeremiah Stiles in behalf of the petitioner 

[He petitioned again May 19, 1795, complaining that he 
had not been allowed for "arrears of pension," and desired 
to have the legislature intercede in his behalf. — Ed.] 

[5-20S] [ Warrant from \^cr?nont for the Election of Twa 
Representatives^ iy8l.~\ 

State of Vermont 

In generall Asembly Windsor Aprell 7* 17S1 

to either of the constabels of the town of keen in the County 
of Cheshire greeting — Where as by a late union of the whole of 
the New Hampshir grants with the state of Vermont a solid and 

KEENE. 319 

permanant basis is laid for one free Sovering and independant 
State the union of indivudills the right of the peopell and the 
exigencys of afairs the arangement of oficers tlie estableshment 
of govermant and the vigirous aforts of this state to be made 
against the comon enemy requires an imeadiate full and fair rep- 
resentation of the peopell at this Asembly these are therefore 
to direct you upon sight hereof to warn all the freeholders and 
other inhabitants in s** town of keen that have a right by law to 
vote to asembell at the usuall place for holding town meetings 
in s*^ town as soon as may bee and that you then and their call 
upon them to bring in their votes succesivelly for two represen- 
tatives of Said town to take their seats forthwith in this hous as 
law directs that you make declaration of the persons chosen and 
return the same to this Asembly 

excrats from the Journalls 
by order of asembly 

Noah hopkins Clark 

[Keene voted against the union with Vermont, and did 
not send any representative. — Ed.] 

[5-209] \^yohn Balch, Post-Rider, i/Si.'] 

State of New Hampshire 
In Com''^* of Safety Exeter July 27"^ 17S1 

Pursuant to a Vote of the General Assembly of the 27"* of 
June 17S1, Authorizing the Committee of Safety to establish a 
Post to ride from Portsmouth to the western part of this State 
and agreeable to the Proposal of M' John Balch of Keene, He 
the said John Balch is hereby appointed a Post to ride for the 
term of three months, to set out from Portsmouth on Saturday 
morning & to ride to Haverhill by the way of Concord & Ply- 
mouth, and thence down the River to Charlestown, Keene and 
to Portsmouth again, which Tour is to be punctually performed 
once in each & every fourteen days during said term, unless 
this Committee shall think it most convenient for the public 
Good, that the said Balch should sometimes alter his rout. 

The said Balch is to Convey all public Acts, Letters & Dis- 
patches free of Charge — For which .Service he shall receive 
from this State seventy hard Dollars or paper money equiva- 
lent. — 

M Weare Pres* 

I, John Balch do hereby agree to the foregoing proposals and 
engage punctually to perform the duty of Post-rider agreeably 
thereto — John JBalch 


[5-310] [^Timothy Balch, Post-Rider^ ^7^5 •'] 

To the Honble General assembly of the State of New Hamp' 
Now Convein'd at Portsmouth — in Said State — 

Humbly shews, 

Timothy Balch of Keen in this State 

That he has been a public Carrier for near two years from 
Portsmouth to Charlestown in the County of Cheshire which 
Rout he has perform'd once a Fortnight — except in exceeding 
bad Traveling and the pay he has had for carrying News pa- 
pers and private letters has been very inadiquate to his Labour 
Expence &c 

That when your Petitioner engaged in this Service he had 
encouragement from the Committie of Safty and the Treasurer 
of this State for a proper compensation for the Business Your 
Petetioner from time to time Should do for the public and as 
almost two years is expired Since he engaged in this Service 
wou'd be glad Some Allowance might be made him therfor — 

Your Petitioner therefore most Humbly prays that your Hon- 
ers wou'd take the Matter under Consideration and grant Such 
Relief as the Case and Service Requires — and he as in duty 
bound Shall Ever pray &c — 

Tim° Balch 

Jvme 10. 17S5 

[5-211] [^Relative to Taxes on Estates of Absentees^ i'/8j.'] 

This may Certify that the Land of Elijah William Esq' late 
of Keene Absentee 
was in the year 1781 taxed hard money 1^ 11-2 

& New Emishon £1:7:11-5 

& the Land of Doct Josiah Pomeroy an Absentee 
was taxed the same year the sum in hard 
money — £ o: 15: 3 : i 

New Emishon £10: 9:1:1 

Keen August 26 17S3 

David Nims Jr ") Selectmen 
Jonathan Baley V of 

Nathan Blake jur ) Keene 

In behalf of the Select men R*^ an order on the Treasury for 
the above sum 

Benjamin Hall 

KEENE. 321 

[5-213] \^Resignation of Timothy Ellis ^ jy82.'] 

Keene Sepf 14-17S2 


I retain a due Sense of Gratitude for the many favors and 
Honors bestowed upon me by the General Assembly of the 
State of New Hampshire ; and in particular for their appoint- 
ing me Colonel of the Regiment, which I now Command. I 
am still tenacious of the Rights and Liberties of Mankind, and 
attached to the State of New Hampshire. The Appointment 
was very unexpected, and (as I thought I had neither Leisure, 
nor Ability to perform with Honor the Duties which that Sta- 
tion required) verv undesireable to me. However, I accepted 
the same, hopeing that I should soon be succeeded by some 
person more suitably qualified. But as I find myself disap- 
pointed in that Respect, I must beg Leave to decline acting any 
longer in that Capacity, and Send this my Resignation ; trust- 
ing that the Hon^''^ Assembly will Soon appoint Some person 
to take the Command of this Regiment, who will conduct with 
Wisdom, understanding, Fidelity and Honor. I am, Sir, 
your most obedient humble Servant 

Timothy Ellis 

To the Hon''''^ IMeshach Weare Esq'' ; to be communicated to the 
General Assembly. — 

[5~2i3] \^RctHr)i of Ratable Rolls, 178J.'] 

Cheshire ss To The Hon. Ebenezer Tompson Esq' Secetary 
of the State of New Hampshire — 

Hon-i Sir 

Pursuant to an Order from the General Assembly we the 
Subscribers have taken the Number of all the Rateable polls 
within the Town of Keene from the Age of Twenty one years 
and L^pwards and find them to be Two Hundred and Twenty 

Josiah Richardson ~\ Select 
Timothy Ellis ^ 

lothy Ellis ^ men of 

David Nims Jr J Keene 
Cheshire ss Keene Decem'' 13"' 17S3 

The Above Named Josiah Richardson Col Timothy Ellis and 
David Nims Jun'' personally Appeared and made Solomn Oath 
that the Above is the True Number of all the Rateable polls 
within the Town of Keene from Twenty one years old and Up- 
ward according to the best of their Knowledge Before me 

Tho' Baker Just Pac' 


[5-214] \_Relative to the County jfait, ^7^3 •'\ 

To the Hon'^^® Council and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court Assembled this 
twenty Eighth day of Ocf AD 17S3 

Dan Guild Gaoler, and others (Subscribers belonging to 
Keene in the County of Cheshire) humbly shew that they con- 
ceive it would be very beneficial not only to the Publick but to 
the Town of Keene in general, and the Poor Prisoners in Gaol 
here in particular, that y"^ Limits of the Yard of the Prison here 
might be extended beyond what it now is by law, sixty feet, so 
as to take in a Barn and Shop that would be very convenient 
for them to labour in and thereby to Earn something for their 
Support during their being obliged to remain in said Gaol un- 
till they can sware out ; As there is a considerable number of 
Prisoners in that Predicament — Wherefore Your Petitioners 
pray that an Act may be passed to extend the Yard of said 
Prison as aforesaid which will be a great relief to the Prisoners 
in Gaol, and to the Gaoler, and as we humbly conceive no dam- 
age to the Publick. And as in duty bound will ever pray 
Dan Guild Gaoler Abner Sanger 

Tho' Baker Nathan Blake jur 

N : Cooke Thomas Field 

Benja Hall Israel Houghton 

Jer Stiles 

[5-215] [^Tizxes on Land of Absentees^ J'/8^.'\ 

Extract from a tax or assesment in Keene being the State tax: 
on the town of Keene for the year 1783 — 

5 d 
Elijah Williams' land £ i.. 8.. 9 

Josiah Pomeroy's land 10.. 14.. ij^ 

Extract from a tax for raising continental men in the year 

j' d 
Elijah Williams' land £ i.. 10.. 10 

Josiah Pomeroy's land 11.. 10.. 9 

The above are true extracts from the Original assesments 
Attest I assessors 

Ichabod Fisher > for the 
Reuben Partridge j year 1782 

Feb. y*4"' 1785— 

R*^ an order on the Treas''^ in behalf of the Selectmen for the 
Above Benjamin Hall 

KEENE, 323 

[5-216] \^CertiJicate of Nails made ^ i'/8g.'\ 

The State of New Hampshire Cheshire ss 

To whom it may concern — 

We the Subscribers the major part of the Select Men of the 
Town of Keene in said County of Cheshire do hereby certify 
that Ezra Hervey of Keene afores*^ Nailer has bona fide made 
or caused to be made at his Workshop in Keene aforesaid be- 
tween the months of October AD 1787 and December AD 1788 
— two hundred thousand of four penny wrought nails — In Wit- 
ness whereof We do hereto set ovu" hands & seals this 35"' Day 
of December AD 1 789 — 

Dan' Kingsbury 
Jeremiah Stiles 
Ebenezer Robbins 
P Sprague 

Cheshire ss Dec"" 23* 1789 — I the subscriber being the near- 
est Justice of the peace to the above named Ezra Hervey, do 
certify that the said Hervey has bona fide made or caused to be 
made in his Work Shop in Keene afores'^ the above number of 
nails within the Time aboves'^ 

Tho^ Baker Just pac' 

Jany 12, 1790 

Received an Order on the Treasurer for six pounds as a 
bounty on nailmaking in behalf of Ezra Harvey 

Isaac Griswold 

[Similar certificates were presented in favor of the fol- 
lowing, for the purpose of obtaining the bounty offered by 
the state : 

Elijah Baker, 400,000 ten-penny wrought nails in 1790. 
Ezra Harvey, 200,000 four-penny wrought nails in 1790. 
" 400,000 " " 1 791. 

Elijah Baker, 100,000 ten-penny wrought nails in 1791. 
" 300,000 " " 1792. 

Ezra Harvey, 400,000 four-penny wrought nails in 1792. 


State of New-Hampshire Cheshire ss. 

At a legal Meeting of the Freeholders and others Inhabitants 
of the Town of Keene held Aus' 25"' 1794 — Hon"* Dan' New- 


comb Esq"^ was chosen to Represent said Town in General 
Court the present Year instead of Jeremiah Stiles Esq'' resigned. 

Keene Aus' 25* 1794 

Attest Lock. Willard T. Clerk 


A Wilder j of Keene 


The township was set off from Hampton Falls, April i, 
1737, and "erected into a distinct parish" by its present 
name, which is probably derived from some English town. 
John Weare, Joseph Wadley, and Ezekiel Dow were author- 
ized to call the first meeting. 

A mistake was made in describing the bounds in the act 
above referred to, which was rectified by an act passed the 
26th of the following August. Rev. Jeremiah Fogg was 
settled as parish minister in November, 1737, and remained 
until he died, December i, 1789. 

Kensington was a populous town at the breaking out of 
the Revolution. The following are the names of their men 
in the First N. H. Regiment : 

Joseph B. Hoit, entered March 21, 1781 ; discharged De- 
cember, 1781. 

Orson Lock, entered April 14, 1777 ; discharged Septem- 
ber 19, 1777. 

The latter was killed. 

[R. 2-143] 

[William Evens, of Kensington, states that he was a sol- 
dier in Capt. Folsom's company in the summer of 1759, and 
lost his gun, for which he asks to be paid. The petition 
was dismissed. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-144] 

[Samuel Elliot, of Kensington, says he was in the service 
in 1760, went as far as Wentworth's ferry, and came home 
from there by permission of his officer, notwithstanding 


which he was returned as a deserter by Capt. Marston. He 
wants to be righted. The petition was dismissed March 
13, 1761.— Ed.] 

[R. 2-145, 146, 147] 

[In a petition dated June 9th, 1763, Benjamin Page, of 
Kensington, stated that he had two sons, minors, in the ar- 
my in 1759, ^" Capt. Samuel Folsom's company, one of 
whom died, and the other was wounded. He asks for their 
wages, and presents the following certificate : — Ed.] 

Kensington June y^ 9"" 1763 

To the Honourable House of Representatives — 

This is to Signify to your Honours my Judgment and opin- 
ion of Samuel Page Son of Benjamin Page of this Parish he 
was in the army in the year 1759 and Came home sick with the 
purging Called the Camp Disorder and wasted and Died with 
the same in about six weeks after he came home I visited him 
as a physician in the time of his Languishment and according 
to the Best of my Judgment he died with the Camp Disorder 
and likewise would Signify to you that Jeremiah Page Son of 
Benjamin Page Being at oswego the same year that his Brother 
was and that he was wounded in actual Service By Reason of 
which he hath lost the Spring of his great Toe which is greatly 
to his Damage — 

Benjamin Rowe 

[He was allowed ^4-17-6 sterling. — Ed.] 

[5-232] \^Pctition for a Grant of JLa)id.'\ 

To His Excellency Benning VVentworth Esq"^ Governour & 
Commander in Chief in & over His Alaj^^ Province of New 
Hampsh'^'' in New England and to the Hon^' His Mai*^ Coun- 

Humbly Shew your Petitioners Inhabitants of the Parish of 
Kensington in s'' Prov*" — 

That your Petitioners do themselves (many of them) Stand in 
need of Tracts of Land for to settle on & Improve, and your other 
Petitioners have Either Sons or such as they are Concerned to 
provide for, who Stand in need of the Same. — That most of 
your Petitioners have not had any Shai'e & the other but a 



small Share in any Grants of Townships which have been Al- 
ready Made. — And your Petitioners Hope (as they are Part of 
an Ancient Town which has paid a Large Share of Taxes in 
the Support & Defence of the Government ; & do (themselves) 
still pay more Taxes then Some other Parishes that Have y® 
Privilege of a Representative) That they Shall be Remembered 
with the other Parts of the Town (which are now Petitioning 
your Excellency) in such Grants of out-Lands as may now be 
made — 

We therefore Pray Your Excellency that we may have a 
Grant of such a Qiiantity of Land as may accomodate the 
Number of your Petitioners, according to what is usually 
allowed in Grants of Townships. We also Request that the 
Grant mav be adjoyning to those that maybe made to the other 
Parts of the Town or that we may be otherwise provided for 
as your Excellency & Honours shall Judge Best — And your 
Petitioners Shall Ever Pray — 

The Record 

Henery Lampre 
Israel James 
Joseph Chase hil- 

Benjamin Page 
Daniel Blake 
M"" Fogg 
Ezekiel Dow 
James Pirkens 
moses Blake Jur 
Samuel Page 
John graves 
Philbrick Palmer 
Josiah Dow 
John Page Juner 
Theophilus Page 
Obadiah Johnson 

Jonathan Dow^ 
Jonathan Brown 
moses Shaw 
Jonathan Palmer 
Moses Grifen 
Nehemiah Brown 
Joseph Pike 
Caleb Shaw 
Benjamin Prescutt 
Joseph Weare 
John Batchelder 
Benjamin James 
Abraham Moulton 
Benjamin Brown 

John Weare 
Simon Batchelder 

Nathan Clough 
W illiam Evens Jun^ 
Jeremiah Green 
Jeremiah Batchelder 
Jeremiah Sanborn 
Joshua Gilman 
John Dow 
Elijah Connor 
Benjamin Brown 
Josiah Blake 
Samuel Cliftbrd Jur 
Isaac fellows 
Phebe Purenton 
Abel Word 
Philip Dow 
Stephen Brown 

[5-234] \^Ebe}iezer Broxvii's Cotuplaint^ ^77<^-] 

M'' pickerin this is to inform you that the in habitance of 
Dear field has past and re past through My land with out leav 
or Usance wich is a grate Damage to me you must thnk by 
Sides a great Charge that I have bin att I am obloyegd to Make 
three Mils and a Qiiarter of fence be Sides loosing my land and 
2 hundred pounds expends and I think No Man of reson Can 


Say that is not a dama2;e they have returnd Me Som land for 
my satisfaction hut I will not take it for it is within My bounds 
be fore but I will not take land for it if thare ever So much 

kinsington Alay the 20 177S 

Ebenezer Brown 

£5-235] \_Petitionjfor a Paper Currency-, I78j.~\ 

To the Hon'''* the Gen' Court of the State of Newhampshire to 
be held at Concord by Adjournment on the third Wednesday 
of Oct'' current — 

The petition of the Inhabitants of the parish of Kensington, 
in the County of Rockingham & State of Newhamps'' Humbly 
sheweth, — That by reason of the extream scarcity of a Circu- 
lating medium, that business of almost all kinds have ceas'd, 
or must shortly cease, to the Distress of your petitioners, & the 
Community at large — 

Therefore your petitioners Humbly beg that your honours 
would Emit a quantity of paper money sufficient to Discharge 
the State Debt, or Devise some way or means whereby the out- 
standing Taxes may immediately be paid into the Treasury, 
that the Treasurer may thereby be enabled to discharge s** Debt ; 
or otherwise relieve your petitioners as you in your great wis- 
dom shall think meet, & 3'our petitioners as in duty bound, will 
■ever pray — 

Kensington Ocf 14"' 17S5 — 

Abraham Sanborn \ Committee in behalf 
John Page > of the parish 

Isaac Fellows ) of Kensington 

This Committee w^as chosen by a large Majority of the parish 
for the above purpose — 

Atest INIoses Shaw jr Parish Clerk 
[See Vol. XI, p. 127. — Ed.] 

'[5-236] [^Return of Ratable Polls, 178J.'] 

State of New Hampshire Rockingham ss. — 

Pursuant to a vote of the General Court of said State We the 
Subscribers do hereby return the number of male polls of 



Twenty one years of age and upwards paying for themselves a 

Poll Tax within the Town of Kensington 153. 
Kensington Decern'' S"' 1783 

J. Bachelder ~\ 

Nathan Dearborn ,- Selectmen 

Joseph Brown ) 

Sworn before Benjamin Rowe 

[5-237] \_An Appeal for Dr. Benjamin Rowe., about i/Sj.'] 

To his Excellency Meshech VVeare, President of the State of 
New Hampshire And the Hon'''® Council for said State — 

The Petition of us whose names are under written Inhabi- 
tants of the Town of Kensington, humbly sheweth, That Doc- 
tor Benjamin Rowe Esq'' of said Kensington, before the present 
Constitution of Government existed, and served the public in 
the capacity of a Justice of the peace, and we conceive he 
served with ability fidelity and in honor. To call in question 
his ability to act in such a capacity, would be condemning the 
Judgment of that honorable body that appointed him to his 
office. * * * * That we conceive while we would by 
no means call in question your wisdom and Integrity in your 
appointments ; that it is a Priviledge we may reasonably hope 
you will indulge us with, to appoint and commission the said 
Benjamin Rowe Esq'' to be Justice of the peace under the pres- 
ent "Constitution. * * * * 

Winthrop Rowe 
Jonathan green 
David Stuard 
Jacob Worthen 
John Page iu 
Hanson Hodgdon 
David Sanborn 
Jona Tilton 
Theophilus Folsom 
Abraham Sanborn 
Jonathan Prescott 
Jonathan Rowe 
Paul Blake 
Samuel Prescutt 
John Melcher 
David Prescott 
Elihu Chase 
Nathan g-ove 

Benj'' Moulton 
John Page 
Benjamin James Jur 
henry Sanbun 
Charles Page 
Theophilus vSanburn 
John Lamprey 
Joseph Palmer 
Abner Eastman 
Benjamin Eastman 
Enoch Worthen 
Robert Pike 
Stephen Page 
Stephen Brown the 

Jethro Brown 
Jeremiah Dearborn 
David Shaw 

Stephen Brown 
Timothy S. Eaton 
Nathaniel Dow 
Nathaniel Weare 
William french 
Stephen Brown jr 
Weare Nudd 
Jonathan Flanders 
John Green 
Stephen Green 
obadiah Johnson 
David James 
John Chase 
Ephraim Abbott 
Caleb Brown 
moses Blake 
Richard Samborn. 
Jon"* Prescott Ju 



Caleb Brown 
Enoch gove 
Elijah gove 
Josiah Blake 
Hezekiah Blake 
Samuel Dearborn 
Jos C. Hillard 
Benjamin James 
Benjamin Tilton 
Abraham Prescutt 
William Brown 
Noah Hobbs 
Simon Prescutt 
Joseph Prescutt 
odlin Prescott 
Benjamin Prescott 
Josiah Batchelder 

Edward Lock 
Joseph Rowe 
Moses Shaw 
Elisha Blake Jur 
Nathan vShaw 
Abraham Shaw 
Elisha Blake 
Stephen Chase 
John Palmer 
Josiah Brown 
martin Prescott 
Joseph Clifford 
Nathan Page 
Samuel Clirtbrd 
Benjamin Loveren 
Ebenezer Loveren 
John Graves 

Jolin Bacheler 
Jeremiah Tilton 
Joseph Brown 
David Philbrick 
Joseph Hilliard 
Joseph Dow 
Josiah Dow 
Benjamin Dow 
Isaac Fellows 
Jonathan Palmer 
John Batchelder 
David Chase 
Samuel Rowe 
Joseph Wadleigh 
Jewett Sanborn 


\^Petitioii for a Coroner. iy86.'\ 

To the Honorable the President and Council of New Hamp- 
shire — 

Gentlemen — 

We the Subscribers desirous of having a Coroner or Coroners 
appointed in Kensington take liberty to recommend M"" Nathan 
Dow and M' Newell Healcy as fit for that Oflice — 

Kensington jMay the 15"' 1 7S6 — 

Eben' Clitlbrd 
Jere. Fogg Jun"' 
Jere : Bachelder 
Winthrop Rowe 
Samuel Rowe 
John Batchelder 

Philemon Blake Jr 
Joshua Lane 
Jon'' Fellows 
Eben-^ Potter 
Stephen Page 
Enoch worthen 

[5-239] [ jferemiak J^oo-^'s Declination of the Office of Ad- 
j ntant- General^ l'/86.'\ 

Kensington July y^ 6"" 17S6 — 
Gentlemen — 

About the beginning of last Month I rec* the inclosed Com- 
mission from the hands of y® deput}' Secretary — 

The Honor done me by the late Executive in an appointment 
so important as that of Adjutant General of the State is grate- 


fully acknowledged — And while I realize the Dignity as well 
as necessity of such an Office I regret my inability to fulfill it 
and the Necessity I am under to decline an Acceptance. — 

I am with much esteem Gent" 

Your very humble Servant — 

Jere: Fogg 

To the Honorable the President and Council of New Hamp- 
shire — 


The township was granted Aug. 6, 1694.111 the sixth year 
of the reign of William and Mary, by Lieut. Gov. John 
Usher, to James Prescott, Sr , Isaac Godfrey, Thomas Phil- 
brick, Jr., Gershom Elkins, Samuel Calcott, Thomas Web- 
ster, Samuel Dearborn, William Godfrey, Jacob Garland, 
John Mason, Ebenezer Webster, Nathaniel Sandburn, Ben- 
jamin Sandburn, John Moulton, Daniel Moulton, Francis 
Tovvie, and others, mostly of Hampton. It was named 
Kingstown, the derivation of which is obvious, and the name 
was generally so spelled until about the year 1800. This 
grant covered the territory which is now contained in the 
towns of East Kingston, Danville, and Sandown. Settle- 
ments were commenced soon after the grant, but little prog- 
ress was made until after the treaty of peace with the Ind- 
ians, which was signed at Portsmouth, July 11, 1713. Rev. 
Ward Clark, ordained in 1725, was their first settled minis- 

Nov. 17, 1738, the easterly part of the town was set off 
and incorporated by the name of Kingstown East Parish. 

The west part of the town, as originally granted, was set 
off April 6, 1756. by the governor and council, and incorpo- 
rated into the town of Sandown. Another portion was in- 
corporated into a town by the name of Hawke (now Dan- 
ville), Feb. 22, 1760. In consequence of these acts, the 
town at present contains but a small portion of its original 

Dr. Josiah Bartlett commenced practice in this town in 
1 761. He was a member of the state committee of safety 
from May 19, 1775, to Jan. 20, 1776 ; from Jan. 20, 1777, to 
May 28, 1778; and from Jan. 5, 1779, to May 29, 1784; 


one of the justices of the supreme court from Nov. 14, 1782, 
until he was elected president of the state in 1790, holding 
the ofifice of chief executive four years. He died May 19, 
1795, at the age of 65. 

[5-240] \_Petition for a Conjirination of the Grant ajzd 
Specif cation of its BonndsJ\ 

To His Excellency Banning Wentworth Esq' Captain General, 
Governour and Commander in Chief in and over his Majes- 
ty's Province of New Hampshire in New England and to the 
Honorable his majesty s Council for said Province 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Kingstown 
in the Province of New Hampshire Most Humbly Shews 

That on the Sixth of August A. D. 1694 — John Usher Esq' 
then Lieutenant Governour & Commander in Chief in and over 
said Province with the advice & Consent of the Council for s*^ 
Pi-ovince by a Charter of that date did give and Grant a certain 
tract of land lying within the said Province of New Hampshire 
described and bounded as in the said charter (reflerence thereto 
being had may fully appear) unto the persons mentioned in 
said Charter, and unto Severall others of their Majestys loving 
Subiects, that then did or Should Inhabit within the said Grant 
— That from the Date of said Charter till the Settlement of the 
Boundary line between the Province of New Hampshire on the 
South and the Province of the Massachusets Bay on the North 
there has been both a publick and private dispute Subsisting 
which has been no Small Detriment to the said Town of Kings- 

That your Petitioners apprehend the Boundary Line between 
the Two provinces is now fixed and that the Southern Bounds 
of Kingstown is the same as the dividing line between the Two 
Provinces — 

That there is some ambiguity and uncertainty in the said 
Charter as to the bounds of said Grant — which, for want of an 
Explanation may possiblv hereafter be the occasion of disputes 
and expense of much time and Money, which by your Excel- 
lency and Honours in your great wisdom may be prevented 

Wherefore your Petitioners pray your Excellency and Hon- 
ours to take this Petition and the Charter afores"^ (a copy of 
which your Petitioners will lay before your Excellency & Hon- 
ours) under your wise consideration and to Confirm the afore- 
said Grant and to rectify any mistakes and uncertaintys there 
may be touching the description or bounds of the said tract of 
Land intended to be given and granted by the aforesaid Charter 



SO that the said Grant may take effect according to the true in- 
tent and meaning thereof — And your Petitioners as in Duty 
bound shall Ever pray &c — 

Eben'' Stevens \ Select Men of Kings- 

Jedidiah Philbrick > town & in 

John Hunton } behalf of said Town 


\^P7-ecept for ati Election, I'/I0.'\ 

Province of New Hampsh'' 

to the Constable of Kings Town you are in Her majestys 
Name Required to Convean the free houlder of your Town to- 
gether on munday the 28 day of this Instant august at two of 
y* clock in y" afternoon : and being So meet you make Choyce 
of a meet person Qiialified according to Law : to RepreSent 
your Town in Generall Assembly to Sitt att portsmouth the 
and y' you Certifie the person so Chosen to 
the assembly at the time abovesaid — for which this Shall be 
your Warrant — 

Dated August 24: 1710 — 

[5-242] Khigston Mens Names Sxvorn to K g 2'^ : 17 2^. 

Samll Judkins 
Nathll tfrench 
Joseph Welch 
Simon flVench 
Joseph Elk ins 
John young 
Sam" Webster 
John Gillman 
Sam" Tucker 
Eben"" Webster 
Ephraim S eve reus 
Nathan Prescot 
Luther Morgan 
Phinehas Batchelder 
Benj judkins 
Sam^ Colcord 
Phillip Moodey 
Richard Cliftbrd 
Edward Eastman 
John Webster jur 
John Sweat 

Ichabod Clough 
Jonathan Sanborn 
Moses Sleeper 
Daniel Giles 
Theop. Griffin 
William Long 
Ralph Blasdell 
Nathan Batchelder 
Sam" Welch 
Nathanaell Rundlet 
John Lad 
Jeremy Webster 
Benjam Choatt 
Sam" Colcord 
James prescutt 
Ichabod Robe 
John ffifield 
Joseph ffifield 
Aaron Sleper 
Joseph 3oung 
Daniell Lad 

Eben'' ff ellows 
Joshua prescutt 
Elish winslow 
John webstr 
Eben"' Sleper 
philep Row 
Isac Greeften 
Daniel Been 
Sam" Been 
Jonathan Lauerence 
Jonathan Choatt 
philip hunton 
Elish Swett 
Daniell Gillman 
Sam" Robe 
Josiah bachelder 
Sam" ffifield 
william busell 
nath" fiVench Ju 
M^ Eben^ Colens 
Thomas Corbin 



Andrew Webster 
Samll ffrench 
Ephraim Elkins 
Daniell Young 
Jonathan Webster 
Benj. Welch 
Joseph Young 

Sam" Estmun 
Sam" Stevens 
David Qiienbe 
Isac godfree 
Jeremiah hubbard 
Eben'' Estman 
Jeddiah philbrock 

Benjamin Swett 
abraham watson 
Sam" Sanburn 
moses Rovvell 
thorn* Geoarg 
moses Elkens 
Carneilas Clough 

[5-243] \_Relative to Taxation by Massachusetts^ iyji.'\ 

To his Excellencie Jonathan Belcher Esq'' Cap' Generall and 
Commander in Chief in and over his Maj"*"^ Province of New 
hampshire to the hon''''' the Councill, and house of Represen- 
tatives Now Coin'en'd in Gen" Assembly 

The humble Petition of Samiiell Graves of Kingstown in 
newhampshire for himselfe and in Behalfe of the Proprietors of 
the Said Town of Kingstown Most humbly Shewcth — 

That vour Petitioner is an Inhabitant of the Said Town of 
Kingstown on part of that Town that Lyes Neare seventeen 
Miles Dew North from the River Now Caled Merrimack : Yet 
So it is that the People In habiting Havereill in the County of 
Essex in the Massachusets Bay pretending Right to the Soile 
where your Petitioner Liveth : (and alsoe to a Great part of the 
Said Town of Kingstown) which lyes Some tive, Some ten 
Miles, and Som fifteen, Sixteen, or Seventeen Miles North 
from Said Merrimack : and the Goverment of the Masachusets 
assumes Jurisdiction over all the Dimentions afibre Said : and 
hath Taken y"" Petetion"" by vertue of the writs and process out 
of the Courts of that County of Essex : and he hath been De- 
tained in the County Goale in Ipswitch in Sd County of Essex 
above .Seventeen Weeks — and Since Your Petitioner has at his 
Great Expence Discharged himselfe : yet Since y' his Neigh- 
bour Jeremiah Clough that Joynes upon y"' Petitioners Land fif- 
teen or Sixteen Miles to the North of the S"* River Merrimack: 
hath been taken by process out of the Courts belonging to the 
Said County of Essex : & there put In Goale and forc't to find 
pledges & suerties to Answer in the Courts of the Said County 
of Essex — 

Notwithstanding the Said Courts Cannot pretend any Juris- 
diction So far Northward of the Said River Merrimack and tho' 
your Petitioner Did Exhibit a Petition in his own and the aftbre- 
said Cloughs Name to the Gen" ass™ of the Mass" praying that 
they might have Some Relief, and that things might Rest till 
the Setlem' of the lines: yet Could hav^e no Redress — and was 
answered they would not Estop themselves unless this Province 


would Do something first (or be tyed as well as them from any 
prosecution) — 

Your humble Petitioner Most humbly prayes that your Ex- 
cellcie, Councill & house of Representatives will In y'' Wisdom 
as Seems most meet proceed to Do Something that may put a 
Stop to any further proceedings untill Such Time as the Lines 
May be Setled — and your Petitioner Shall Ever pray 

May the 4* 1 73 1 

Samuel Graves 

[5-244] [^Petition of hthabitajits of the Easterly Part for a 
New Parish, 1738.'] 

To his Excellency Jonathan Belcher Esq' Cap' Gen" and Gov- 
er° in Chief in and over his Majesties Province of New 
Hamps : in New England, And to the Hon'''® his Majesties 
Council and Representatives in Gen" Court Assembled May 
y« 21 1738 

The Petition of Sundry of the Inhabitants of Kingstown in 
the Easterlv part thereof, In the Province afores'' Humbly 
Sheweth : That Whereas divine Providence (which Sets 
Bounds to all our habitations) hath placed us at a great Dis- 
tance from the place of Publick worship up in Town And so 
rendered our attendance there very Difficult & often Impracti- 
cable for our families — This has put us upon Building a New 
Meeting House Among our Selves to Accommodate our women 
& Children as well as our Selves that we might More Conven- 
iently attend the Publick worship of God And with more Ease 
& Comfort Enjoy the word & Ordinances and Means of Grace 
which are So Necessary to our Spiritual Edification and Eter- 
nal Salvation Upon which we being desirous to Maintain the 
worship of God among our Selves at our own Cost And Charge 
applyed our Selves to the Town to Set us oft' to be a Distinct 
Parish or Precinct from them But they not Duly Considering 
our Difficult Circumstances have unreasonably rejected our re- 
quest ; Wee therefore now humbly Apply our Selves to your 
Excellency and Hon" for relief And pray that this Hon**'^ Court 
would please to Consider and Compassionate our Difficult Case 
and Make us a Distinct Parish or precinct by fixing a Parish 
Line, or Polling oft' our persons & Estates who are Subscribers 
hereunto that we may be Discharged from paying to the Min- 
istry or School in the other part of the Town and enjoy the 
Powers & Priviledges of a Distinct Parish by our Selves ; We 
have paid our part of the Towns Extraordinary Charge in 
Building A New Meeting House, and Settling a new Minister, 


& buying a Parsonage House & Land Among them ; And they 
are Numerous And Sufficiently able to Carry on without us, It 
Seems then very unreasonable for them to deny us our request, 
and we have been at an Extraordinary Charge to Build A 
Meeting House and to procure preaching for Some time as well 
as to Maintain a School among our Selves at our own Cost, 
and hope God will Enable us Still to do it Cheerfully and pros- 
per us in so good an Undertaking which tends so much to pro- 
mote religion and the best good of our families & Children; 
And we pray that yom- Excellency and Hon" would in your 
great Wisdom and Goodness Encoui"age us in so good a design 
and Accordingly Grant our request 

So Shall we as in duty Bound Ever pray &c 

Benjamin French John Clifford Sam" Emons 

Richard Cliftard Andrew Webster Ebenezer Sleeper 

John Darling Josiah Tilton Ebenezer Collins 

Joseph Grele Isaac Godfrey Orlando Bagly 

Theophilus Griffen Isaac Grefin Ebenezer Webster 

william Boynton John Webster Thomas Webster 

Joshua Present Caleb Clough Jnn'' 

Jeremy Webster Abraham Smith John Clifford Jun"" 

William Smith Samuel Lock Joseph Greele Junr 

Nathan Bachelder John Webster Ju'' Jonathan Blasdel 

Phinehas Bachelder Joseph eastman Daniel Rowell 

Jonathan Greele theophiLus CLough Enoch Blasdel 

Jeremiah Prescot thomas eastman Samuel Tompson 

Stephen Merrill Ichabod Clough Joseph Gould 

Josiah Bachelder Ebenezer fellows Thomas Brown 

Edward fifield Edmund Titcomb William Whiclier 

Benjamin Morrill Philemon wells John Darling Jun'' 

Ebenezer Bachelder James Tappin Jacob Gale 

[It was set off and incorporated as Kingston East Parish, 
November 17, 1738. — Ed.] 

[5-245] S^Petitiott for a Grant of Land, I'jj8.'\ 

To his Excellency Jonathan Belcher Esquire Commander in 
Chief in and over his Majesties Province of New Hampshire 
and to the Honourable his Majesties Council 

The Humble Petition of us Inhabitants of Kingstown, — 

Most Humbly sheweth. 

That with Earnest desire of Enlarging the dominion of the 
Supreme of the English Territories ; and to Accomodate our 



Posterity under the most happy Administration on Earth : WE 
have exposed our Persons and Families Goods and Fortunes to 
the Ravage and Insults of a barbarous Enemy, and many of our 
dear Friends and Relatives have lost their Lives in the Enter- 
prize, and Others undergone a long and Sore Captivity and 
some of them redeemed with vast Labour and difficulty and 
great Expence which has so impoverished many of us that We 
have been Obliged to sell much of our Lands to the Lihabitants 
of Other Towns in which distressing and Calamitous Wars- we 
have been their Barrier, and thro' the unhappy Disputes arising 
between this and the adjacent Province much of our Lands has 
been Seized and Setled by the Inhabitants of the neighbouring 
Province which has caused Some of us Inhabitants great Tryalls 
and Perplexities in being harrassed with Uncomfortable & 
Chargeable Lawsuits ; 

On These and several other Motives we did humbly Request 
a Tract of Land near adjoining to Ammiskeeg Falls which has 
laid upon File near Fourteen Years, thro' the unsetled state of 
this Province in respect to the Line. WE Have been at the 
Charge of sending a Number of Men to view the Inland and to 
give VIS a plan of a suitable Tract of Land which may be indis- 
putable and thro' the Guidance of Providence they have found 
such a spot between Winnepeseokke & Pemissewassett Rivers. 
WE Therefore humbly Request the favourable and Compas- 
sionate consideration of your Excellenc}' and Honours in the 
Grant of a Township there of Ten miles square or of such 
other Dimensions and Qiiantity as in your Wisdom may seem 
meet, and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever Pray 

Samuel Judkins 

Samuel French 

Jacob Alorrill 

William Buzwell 

Ebenezer Stevens 
Jonathan Sanborn 
Joseph Seecomb 
Jedediah Philbrick 
Simeon Brown- 
John Sweet Jun"" 
Joseph Easeman 
Ebenezer Easeman 
Ebenezer Stevens 

Francis Batchelor 
Peter Sanborn 
Samuel Bean 
Cornelius Clough 
William Wicher 
Benjamin Choate 

Joshua Woodman 

Joseph Clifford 
John Clifford 
Daniel Young 
Nathaniel French 

Theophilus Clough Benj'' Easeman 
Joseph Greele Jun"" Samuel Easeman 

Benjamin French 
Jonathan Greele 
John Clark 
Benjamin Judkins 
Benjamin Stevens 
Jonathan Young 
Benjamin Sleeper 
Joshua Webster 
Moses Sleeper 
Aaron Young 
William Siloway 

Benj'' Adams 
William Long 
Philip Huntoon 
Nath'^ Smith 
Jonathan Sanborn 

Tert : 
Abraham Sanborn 
Jonathan Sanborn 

Jeremiah Hubbard 
Samuel Huntoon 

Joseph Young Jun' Joseph Bean Jun"" 



Jonathan French 
Thomas Elkins 
Benjamin French 

Benjamin Morrill 
Benjamin Ladd 
Samuel Robey 
John Newton 
Elisha Sweet 
Benjamin Stevens 
Daniel Oilman 

Joseph Fellows 
John Hubbard 
Nathan Sweet 
John Fifield Jun' 
Elisha Winslo 
Samuel Tucker 
Joseph Fifield 
Isaac Cliftbrd 
Samuel Colcord 
Tristram Sanborn 
Benjamin Webster 

Jonathan Choate 
Benj" Wodley 
Jacob Oilman 
Samuel Fifield 
Samuel Sleeper 
John Huntoon 
Tristram Sanborn 

Joseph Adams 
Samuel Webster 
Ebenezer Colcord 

The whole number is 8i persons. 


l^Ac^wfi of Toivft- Meetings 1^42.^ 

At A Legal towm meeting held by the Inhabetance and free- 
holders of kingston y*" second day of march : 1741/2: 15 ly 
voted that sq. Ebe"" Stevens Jedidah Philbrock & Jeremiah Web- 
ster are Chosen a committe to bring forward the petition which 
is allready Laid before the governor & Councel by sd town of 
kingston or to prepare any other petition for sd town to the sd 
govrner & Councel This is a true Copey taken out of kingston 
book of Reackords as a test by me — 

Tristram Sanborn town Clerk for kingrston 


\_Pciiilofi for Lands^ jyjo.^ 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq"" Governour & 
Commander in chief in & over his Majestie's of New Hamp- 
shr* & To the Hon*"' his Majestie's Council of s^ Prov. 

The Petition of Jedediah Philbrick of Kingston in said Prov- 
ince, Humbly Sheweth, as well on his own behalf as on the 
behalf of his Associates That your said Petitioner &c — have 
lived in a Frontier Town during some of the late Wars exposed 
to all the Dangers & Difiiculties of such a Situation of which 
your Excellency & Honours we doubt not will be thoroughly 
sensible upon the bare mention without enumerating of them 
And we never yet having had any Grant of Lands made us as 
many of our Neighbours and fellow Subjects have had & we 
being desposed to cultivate & improve some of the wast Lands 
of this his Majestie's Province aforesaid Humbly hope & pray 
that y"" Excellency & Honours would be pleased to grant to us 
& our Associates (a list of which is herewith humbly presented 
or such as your Excellency & Honours shall be pleased to join 


with us) a Township to the Northward of & joining to No. 4 
(so called) & bounding on the East side of Connecticut River 
and if we may not have it there we pray that it may be allotted 
us in some other place, commodious for a speedy settlement or 
elsewhere as your Excell-^ & Hon" in your great Wisdom shall 
see meet and your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever 
Kingston lo**" Sepf 1750 — 

Jedidiah Philbrick Benjamin Choat jun'' Joshua woodman 

tristram Sanborn Joseph Greely Eben'' Bachilder 

Elisha Sweett Natt" Hunton Isaac Smith 

will™ Busiel Daniel Gillman Abraham Green 

Samuel fifield John webster jun' Joshua Brown 

John Voung Joseph Elkins Joseph Greely Jun"" 

Benjamin Stevens Jonathan Choat Hezekiah Young 

Peter Sanborn Eben'' webster Joseph Eastman 

John fifield jun"" Elisha winslow J^^^ 

Benjamin Sweett Eben'' Long Eben'' Paige 

thomas Eastman Sam" Robey Daniel Brown 

Sam" webster Jeremiah Philbrick Nathan Bachilder 

Natt" french Edward Sleeper Benjamin Morril 

Benjamin french jun"" Joseph Secombe Eben"" Collins 

Obediah Clough Peter Coffin Daniel Clough — 

Benjamin Sanborn Benjamin webster 

Joseph fellows Joshua webster 

Epheraim Seaver- william Calfe 
ance jun"" 

[5-250] l^Ac^/on of Toivn relative to Roads ^ -^/SS-I 

Kingston march 24"' i755 
I'y Decon Elisha Sweet was chosen moderator 
2'y voted that we will prefer a Pettison to the Generall Court 

for Liberty to sell that Grant of a high way between m'' John 

fields Land and m' Stephen Gillraans Land 

a true Copey taken out of Kingston Book 

Eben'' Stevens town Clark 

I'y at a lagel Commoners meetin held march y^ 24"' i755 
Decon Elisha Sweet was Chosen moderator for s'^ meeting 
2'^ voted that we will prefar a Pettison to the Generall Court 
for to Exchang the high way that was laid out in the West pai"t 
of the town foi" a nother way in a mor Conveniant place whear 
the town has purchased it 

A true Coppey taken out of Kingston Book of Record 

attest — Eben"" Stevens town Cleark 


[5-252] \_Petition relative to a Road^ ^755-^ 

Province of New Hamps : 
To his Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq. & Govern'' in & 

over his Majesties Province of New Hamps; And to. the 

Hon^'* his Majesties Council, And House of Representatives 

in Gen" Court Assembled — 

The Petition of the Subscribers Select men for the Town of 
Kingstown in s"^ Province Humbly Sheweth — That whereas 
there was a High way formerly laid out by the Inhabitants of our 
Town of Kingstown to Accommodate the Inhabitants of London 
Derry & people above, to come down through our s*^ Town to 
Portsmouth &c which s'' way now itcoms to be wanted is found 
to be very bad ground for A High way in part of it viz : from the 
Westerly end of the Two Hundred Acre Grants (so Called) in 
s*^ Town to the Rode going by Lieu' James Graves's & exceed- 
ingly prejudicial to private men by Cutting their Land very 
much in pieces & also go over a burying place which the In- 
habitants have made & already laid their Dead ; wherefore your 
Petitioners have been & view'd & have found & purchas'd 
a far more Convenient way in all respects viz : it being 
much better ground for a High Way viz : much easier made 
& much Easier & Cheaper kept in Repair and much Cheaper 
purchased & f:ir less prejudicial to private persons in regard to 
their Lands, & shorter & so nearer for Travellers : to go from 
s*^ James Graves's to the s"^ end of the Two Hundred Acre 
Grants ; wherefore your Excellency & Hon" Petitioners Hum- 
bly prays that your Excellencv & Hon'^ would be pleasd to 
Consider our Case & Abrogate & make Null & void the s'' way 
in that part of it viz : from s*^ Graves's Rods to the s** West end 
of the s** Two Hundred Acre Grants, And by your Excellencys 
& Hon" Com* "^ or otherways as your Excellency & Hon" shall 
in your wisdom Se meet lay out confirm & establish the fore- 
mentioned New way Looked out & viewed as afores*^ & so your 
Excellenc}^ & Hon" Petitioners shall as in duty bound ever 
pray &c — 

Kingstown March the 31^' day 1755 

Sam" Winslo ") Select men 
Samuel fifield \ for 
Elisha Sweet j Kingstown 

[In H. of Rep. the matter was referred to a committee, 
who reported as follows : — Ed.] 


Kingston the 15"* of april 1755 
Province of New Hampshier 
by order of the General assembley, we have Enquired and 


examined into the Subject Matter of the two Petitions Prefer*^ 
by the Select men of Kingston, and are of Opinion that the 
Praier of the Pittioners Should be Granted, Saving a Spring or 
Place of water in the westerly Ende of that high Way Laid to 
the Spring Medow, which Spring with Land adjoyning of Said 
way not Less then four Rods wide, be Left open to the high- 
way or Cuntrey Road which Leads throw the Town — which 
is — Humbly Submitted by us the Subscribours. 

John Macmurphy ] ^ 

^ , T) • ( Committee 

John Paige J 

[The foregoing request was granted, and an act passed in 
accordance therewith. — Ed.] 

[5-253] \_Petition for Encouragement to Manufacttire Salt^ 

1776. ~\ 

To the Honourable the Council, and House of Representatives 
of The state of Newhampshire 

The petition of Ebenezer Griffing of Kingstown in the 
County of Rockingham in said state Humbly shewxth 

That the Great Scarcity of the Necessary 
Article of salt and the Difficulty of procuring in the Usual way 


Importation, has induced your petitioner to be at Considerable 

Expence in Order to Erect works for Making the same from sea 

That if proper Encouragement is Given he has Reason to think 

He shall in a short time be Able to procure Large Qiiantities 
that way 

That the Erecting proper works for that purpose will be At- 

With Very Considerable Cost and Expence And as the 

Manufacturing that Very Necessary Article will be of Very 

Advantage to the jDublick, He humbly prays that your honors 

Take the Matter into your Consideration and Grant him such 

Encouragement as to you in your wisdom shall think fit — 
And as in Duty Bound shall Ever pray &c. 

Ebenezer Griffing. 


[He erected works for the manufacture of salt, as may be 
seen by the following document : — Ed.] 

[5-254] \_Petii/o?i for a Lottery^ ^777-'\ 

To The Honb'*' The General Assembly of the State of New 
Hampshire Humbly Shew — 

Ebenezer Griffing of Kingston in said State, hath, at his 
own Cost, and Charge, erected, Salt Works : within this State, 
as well for the Publick, as, his own particular Benefit — being 
moved, thereto, from the Present — and future prospect of the 
great Scarcity, of the Valuable and very necessary Article Salt 
— on Reflection, he finds his Works Insufficient to make a 
Quantity barely sufficient to Supply the Wants of his Vicinity 
— the Uncommon Demand of Salt throughout this State being 
such as strongly urges your Petitioner to make further Trials 
(in the Art of Salt making) he haveing allready by Labour and 
enquir}' made good progress therein) to Effect which he finds 
he must make further Additions which must be Attended with 
great Cost too much for him Individualv to hazard, that Salt 
is absolutely necessary for Publick and Private Use that it is 
now uncommonly Scarce and the Demand therfor dailv increa- 
seth — and that there is no Present prospect of Supplvs from the 
former Resources are facts notorious to your Honours your Pe- 
titioner Therefore prays your Honours to take Under Consider- 
ation the Subject matter of this Petition & if Consistent — grant 
him Power to form and Accomplish a Lotter}^ under the Im- 
mediate Inspection & Direction of the Hon'''® General Assem- 
bly of this State for the Sole purpose of Assisting him in his 
Endeavours of Increasing the Qiiantity of Salt Sufficient for 
the Demands of the Publick & your Petitioner as in Duty 
Bound Shall pray 

June 36"" 1777 — 

Ebenezer Griffing 

[R. 2- 1 48] \_yohn Prescott^ Soldier, ^7S3-'\ 

[Joshua Prescott petitioned for an allowance to pay for 
nursing and doctoring his son John, who was a soldier at 
Louisbourg, was taken sick, and died soon after his return 
home. He further stated that he (Joshua) was 65 years 
old, and not able to pay said bills. The petition was " Dis- 
missed." — Ed.] 


[R. 2-149] \^-^bstracts from Petitions of Frefich War Sol- 

[John Blaisdell and Samuel Fifield, of Kingston, stated 
that they were in Col. Meserve's regiment, in the Crown 
Point expedition, 1756. In another petition (R. 2-150) 
Samuel Fifield stated that he "was ordered by Col*^ Meserve 
to stay at Albany Flatts to take care of two sick soldiers 
viz Waldron Smith of Brentwood, & John Blasdell of s'^ 
Kingstown," and did not get home until! January 19, 1757. 
He was allowed £,<^ new tenor. (R, 2-154) John East- 
man, of Kingston, stated that he was in Capt. Trueworthy 
Ladd's company, Col. John Hart's regiment ; had his gun 
taken from him at " AlBiny," for which he wanted pay. 
His petition was dismissed. (R. 2-155) Iddo Webster, of 
Kingston, stated that he belonged to same campany and 
regiment ; had his gun stolen on the way home, and also 
put his elbow out of joint, and asked for an allowance. 
January 29, 1760, dismissed. (R. 2-156) Josiah Judkins, of 
Kingston, stated in a petition dated May 7, 1759, that he had 
an apprentice named Richard Tucker in same company and 
regiment, who was sick on his way home, and was put to ex- 
traordinary expense in consequence, which he wanted allowed. 
Ordered '"to lay." (R. 2-157) Benjamin Sweat, Jr., in a 
petition dated March 19, 1760, stated that he was in Capt. 
Jacob Bayley's company. Col. Lovewell's regiment, in the 
spring of 1759; marched to Dunstable, and from there to 
Leicester, Mass., where he was taken lame, and left. "And 
when Cap* Bayley Came to Pay off the Men under his 
Command, I went to him to see if he had Money for Me, 
and he Shew*^ Me that against my Name Was only Sy- 
phers." He was allowed 36 shillings sterling. (R. 2-159) 
John, son of Jonathan Webster, was in the service at Fort 
Edward in 1759. (R. 2-162) David, son of Asa Flanders, 
served in the Crown Point expedition in 1756. (R. 2-163) 
Samuel Webster stated that his son Barnum was in the 
Canada expedition, and died coming home from Fort Ed- 
ward in 1758. Also, his son David "was in mager tashes 
Regment at number fore and died their" in 1757. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-164] \_Capt. Satmiel -Fif eld's Certificate., 1^62. '\ 

This may Sartifie Home It may Consarn that Jonathan Bede 
Hath Paid an Equeal Perposion in Suporting the war in my 


Compenywith other Solders Since this Present ware — this from 
your Humbel Servent — 

Samuel fifield Cap' 
Kingston august the 23** 1762 

[Jonathan Beede belonged to the Quakers. — Ed.] 

£R. 2-165] \^Petition of yohn Dent^ Soldier^ ly^g : addressed 
to the General Cot(rt.~\ 

The Petition of John Dent of Kingstown in the Province 
aforesaid — Humbly Shews — That your Petitioner having been 
for more than seven years in the service of his King & Country 
.as a Soldier : particularly in the last years Campaign after the 
Reduction of Louisbourg & Territories &c (your Petitioner 
being a Ranger in Cap' William Starks Company) which with 
others was sent up S' John's River in the Province of Nova 
Scotia where by hard & Incessant Labour (in January the very 
dead of winter) in wet & cold ; being obliged to work, in 
■water, snow, & Ice, & extream cold ; and when Nights come 
on ; then to Lodge between the Heavens & the Earth ; and 
besides this; had not a Sufficiency of the Common & Necessa- 
ry supports of life &c — which exceeding Difficultys bro't upon 
your poor Petitioner such soi'e disorders & diseases of Body as 
•caused a long & tedious sickness which at length fell into his 
feet ; for which both of his feet have been cut off & yet they are 
not healed ; and in this distressed state your petitioner was 
•obliged to spend all his wages : which was all his substance for 
Chirurgery ; & other Necessaries ; and now tho' through Gods 
Rich Mercy & goodness to your petitioner he is escaped (thus 
far) with his life & got to his Native Town yet being without 
■estate, & is ever entirely Incapacitated for Labor and so is now 
(even if he should get well) in a very distressed state & condi- 
tion and inasmuch as this evil came upon this unhappy crea- 
ture ; by hardships endured in the service of his King & defence 
of his Country; he Humbly cries unto this Court praying for 
an Interest in their compassion ; Intreating that something may 
be allotted to him that may at least in some measure contribute 
to his support & subsistance while he may exist in the present 
state ; and so your poor & distressed Petitioner shall as in Duty 
Bound ever pray &c 

John Dent 

Kingstown June the 13"^ day 1759 

Voted, dismissed Octob' 12* 1759 


[R. 2-166] \_Petitio7i of Paul Pressey, Soldier^ ^759' <^d- 
dressed to the General Assembly. A^ 

The Humble Petition of Paul Pressey of Kingston in said 
Province — Shews That your Petitioner was an enlisted soldier 
in this province Service in the year 17581 under the Command 
of Cap' Trueworthy Ladd, of Col" John Hart Esq"^ Regim' for 
the Reduction of Canada, who proceed*^ & went in said Ser- 
vice as far as any of the Regim', But so it was that on the 28"^ 
of July 1758, the Enemy Cutt ofl'a number of Teems, & Killed 
many of the soldiers, & women &c, that Convey*^ them, & your 
Petitioner with a Large number of this province Troops, were 
ordered by their sup'' officer to march Immediately to their 
reliefs did, & In the Fight there your petitioner had the mis- 
fortune to be shot by an Indian in the Left Breast, the bullet 
Log^ in the back part of his shoulder, was afterward Cut out by 
Doc"" Clark. * * * * & when your petitioner was one 
hundred & fifty miles from home was obliged to sell his shoes 
oft' his feet for sustenance In order to get home. * * 

Paul Pressey 

[R. 2-167] S^CertiJicate relative to foregoing.'\ 

To tlie Honorabile Gentelman of the House of Repreizen- 
tives of the Province of Newhampshir this is to Inform your 
Honours What We the Subscribers Know Concerning M'' Paul 
Pressey Sence he Came Home from the Lake the said Pressey 
was not able to Do any work of any Valy till a Bout the first of 
December 17=^8 and after that he was often Complaining of his 
Shoulder as he was Shuing of oxen for Sume of us and other 
times he was Saing that his wound hurt him in his Labour 

Dated att Kingston march y*" 12"' 1759 — 

Jeremiah Hubbard Jonathan French Ephraim Paige 

Joshua Webster Juner Joseph Worth 

Dyer Hook Daniel Brown Caleb tovvl 

Jonathan French John Paige Caleb towl Junr 

Humphrey Hook Jonathan Harvey Aaron Qiiimby 

[Dr. John Kittredge, of Andover, Mass., testifies to hav- 
ing taken care of his wound. He asked for relief, and was 
allowed ;^8 sterling. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-16S] S^Jeremiah Bartletfs Petition, 1778. ~\ 

[In a petition, dated " Kingstown April 2'M 778," Jere- 
miah Bartlett stated that he was '• a soldier in the company 


commanded by Capt Ezra Currier, in Col*^ Abraham Drake's 
Regiment, that marched from this State Last fall and joined 
the northern Army near Stillwater." He further stated that 
he was taken with a fever near Fishkill, and wanted pay for 
his expences in getting home, etc. He was allowed ]£6o. 

[R. 2-169] \_SoIdiers Orders.'\ 

Kingstown January 24, 177^ 

Please to pay to Samuel Peirson or Order all the pay due to 
me for my Rations as an Adj' in CoP Drakes Reg' from Sep' 8 
to this day for which his receipt shall be your Discharge & 
you'll oblige yours &c 

pr. Nath' Bacheller 

[Thomas Severance, of the F'irst Regiment, orders what is 
due him to be paid to John Nicolle. \Vitnesses, Jona. Blake 
and Samuel Favour. 

Christopher Challis, of the Second Regiment, orders his 
wages to be paid to same. Witness, Jeremiah Graves. — 

[R. 2-173] \_Petifion of Sarah Hobart, 1797. '\ 

[In a petition, dated Kingston, November 20, 1797, Sarah 
Hobart, " late widow of Col Windborn Adams," who was 
killed at Stillwater, September 19, 1777, asked to have some 
interest, which she claimed to be due her, allowed and paid. 

[5~255] S^Rclathc to the Militia^ J784.'] 

To his Excellency the President and the Hon^'« Executive 
Council of the State of New hampshire — your Petitioners 
Humbly Shew — 

That the Legaslative of this State at their Last Session 
Thought Proper to take oft' from the Seventh Regiment of mi- 
litia in this State (Commonly Called Kingstown Regiment) the 
Southwesterly part thereof (viz) Salem, Plaistow, Hampstead, 
Atkinson, & Sandown, and Erect them into a Distinct and vSep- 
errate Regiment, and have added to the other Part of Said 



Seventh Regiment the Town of South Hampton taken from 
the third Regiment, That in aranging the Said Regiments 
the South westerly Regiment akho' the youngest part of 
Said Seventh Regiment are by Some mistake allowed the 
Rank of the Seventh Regiment while the oldest Part of the 
Said Seventh Regiment is Reduced to the Twentieth, Your 
Petitioners are of oppinion the Said arrangment was made in 
haste and without properly Considering of the Same, and make 
no Doubt that when the matter is Properly Laid before the 
Legislature at their Next Session that the mistake will be Rec- 
tified, We therefore Pray your Excellency and Honours to Pos- 
pone the giving out any military Commitions in Either of Said 
Regiments till after the next meeting of the Legislature when 
we Expect the mistake will be amended or otherwise we are 
apprehensive Very great Difficulties will Ensue — and your 
Petitioners as in Duty bound will Ever Pray &c. 

Kingstown Nov'' i6"^ 17^4- • 

John French 
John CleflarD fifield 
Peter Fifield 
William Sanborn 
Peter Sanborn 
Peter Sanborn jun'' 
Jacob Hook 
John Hunton 
Abraham French 
Jon" Blake 
John Eastman 
Amos Gale 
Thomas Elkins 
Joseph Woodman 
John Judkins 
Joseph Judkins 
David Sanborn 
Henry Judkins 
Ebenezer Lang 
Ebenezer Griffing 
Eben'' Stevens 
John Lad 
Ebeneser proctere 
Daniel Colcord 
Moses Huntoon 
Jacob Foot 
Nathaniel garland 
Joseph Tucker 
William Patten 

Joseph Calef Ju 
Joseph Calf 
Jacob Webster 
Jonathan Sanborn 
Samuel Favour 
Nathaniel Darbon 
Benjamin Webs' Sul- 
la way 
Calab Sever 
Stephen Stuart 
Jonathan Collins 
Jonathan Severance 
John Davis 
Daniel Qiiimby 
Samuel Fluse 
Phines Davis 
Stephn Badger 
John Tucker 
Aaron Qiiimby 
Samuel Qiiimby 
Benjamin Qiiimby 
David Qiiimby 
Joseph Williams 
Peter Sweat 
Isrel Dimond 
Enos Colbey 
Hezekiah Blake 
Elias Buriel 
Nathanael Morrill 

Richard Collins 
Samuel Sargent 
moses Woodman 
Dudly Kinrick 
Jonathan French 4 
Jonathan French 

Jethro Sanborn 
Thomas Page 
Jedediah Philbrick 
Peter Elkins 
Joseph Elkins 
Elisha Bachelder 
David Tilton 
Humphry Hook 
Jonathan Heath 
Israel Hook 
Jonathan french 
Jonathan french 3'''^ 
Caleb Towle 
James Towle 
John Kent 
Henery Dearbon 
Reuben True Jr 
Daniel True 
Seth. Bartlett 
George Bartlett 
Jeremiah Bean 
Jonathan Sanborn 



John Singleton 

John Procter 

John Ciilef 

Aaron young 

Caleb judkins 

Will"' Sweat 

Aaron Hunton 

Benj" Cooper 

Jonathan sanborn 

John quemby San- 

Samuel Stevens 3*^ 

Nathan Sweat 

Solomon Wheeler 

Henry Morrill 
Israel Dimond juner 
Samuel Plummer 
David flanders 
Jonathan Jones 
Samuel Eastmen 
Benjamen Eastman 
Jabez Eaton 
Joseph true Eaton 
Nathaniel Brown 
Stephen Eastmen 
Asa flanders 
Benjamin Collins 

John Challis 

Jonathan Sanborn 

Peter Emerson 
Phinehas Bachalder 
Reuben True 
Jon" Procter 
Jeremiah Elkins 
Thomas Elkins 
Henery french 
Joseph Homan 
Samuel Calef 
Isaac Cleflbrd 
Caleb long 
Ebenezer Stevens 3'''^ 
Peter Abbot 

[5-256] \_Anot//er concernitig ]\Iilitia^ ^7^S-^ 

To the Honourable the vSenate and House of Representatives 
of the State of New Hampshire in General Assembly Con- 
vened at Concord the 9"' day of Feb^ ^7^5- 

The Petition of the Subscribers humbly shew that in the last 
session of the General Assembly, among otlier alterations and 
arrangements of the regiments of Militia in this State, they 
thought proper to take off the Town of Southhampton from the 
Third Regiment commonly called Hampton Regiment, and 
annex it to the seventh commonly called Kingstown Regiment, 
and then to devide the last mentioned regiment into Two sep- 
arate & Distinct regiments ; that with great Difterance to the 
opinion of the Legislature your petitioners humbly conceive, 
that the devision of said regiment might be made in a diflerent 
manner to more advantage, and beg leave to request that it 
may be taken up again and altered if it shall seem proper 
to your Honours — that in giving Rank to the said two Reg*' 
the southwesterly regiment, by much the youngest part of 
the said Seventh Regiment, is allowed the Rank of the Sev- 
enth Regiment, while the Northeasterly regiment by much the 
oldest part of said seventh Regiment, is reduced to the twen- 
tieth — that the Town of Kingstown is the first Chartered town 
in the State, and was first settled after the four old towns, as 
they are called, viz Portsmouth, Dover, Hampton, & Exeter; 
and your petitioners can conceive of no good reason why the 
said town, togather with the two parishes thereof viz East 
Kingston & Hawke which make up the greatest part of the 
said Northeast regiment, should be degraded from their former 
rank to which they are so Justly intitled by age, and which they 



have not forfeited by any misconduct as they humbly Con- 
ceive. — 

That at the time the arrangement was made, we are informed 
that the two Representatives from the said Northeasterly regi- 
ment were both necessarily absent from Court, and so had not 
an opportunity of laying the matter properlv before them, 
which we conceive is the reason that the arrangement passed 
as it did, as we have too high an opinion of the wisdom & jus- 
tice of the Legislature of the State, than to suppose that it would 
have been passed in the manner it was, had the matter been 
properly laid before them : — 

We therefore pray that your Honours will be pleased to take 
the matter of this petition into your wise Consideration, and if 
it shall seem to you proper, make some alteration in the lines 
Deviding the said former Regiment ; And that you will be 
pleased to restore to the Northeasterly regiment their former 
rank of the seventh regiment, to which we humbly conceive 
they are justly intitled ; And your petitioners as in duty bound 
will ever pray &c 

Josiah Bartlett 
Thomas Elkins 
John Hunton 
Will™ Henderson 
Moses Huntoon 
Ebenezer Giffing 
Joseph Tucker 
John Lad 
John Singleton 
Daniel Colcord 
William Clitibrd 
Sam" Sanborn 
Jo^ Williams 
Gideon George 
John Wheeler 

Philip Tilton 
Andrew Greeley 
Enoch Greeley 
Jeames gale 
Nath' Greeley 
william Smith 
John Sanborn 
Jonathan Clough 
John Emons 
Benjamin Thomp- 
Ebenezer Fi field 
Richard Smith 
Nathan Bachellor 
Caleb Webster 

Thomas Elkins Junr Nath' Bachellor 

Henry French 
Jon"* Proctor 
Joshua Hill 
Will'" Sweat 
James Carruth 
Samuel Fifield 
Francis Hubbard 
Jacob Foot 
Jacob Hook 
Benjamin Stevens 
Samuel Calef 
Eli Hunton 

John Currier 
Malach Davis 
Andrew mace 
Jeremiah Currier 
Abner Morss 
Ezra Currier 
Jacob Gale 
Henry Gale 
Jacob Rowell 
Philip Morill 
John Samborn 
William Patten 

Jabez Eaton 
Benjaman Eastman 
Samuel Plummer 
Samuel Eastman 
Samuel Sargent 
Nathan Jones 
Jonathan jones 
Asa flanders 
Stephen Eastmen 
Joseph true Eaton 
Nathaniel Brown 
Elias Burisel 
Henry Morrill 
Nathanael Morrill 
Willum Gorg 
Hezekiah Blake 
John Chalies 
Joseph Colins Juner 
Edward Brown 
Jonathan Blake 
Israel Dimond 
Israel Dimond Juner 
Peter Sweat 
Jonathan Houlton 
Enos Colbey 
Samuel fellows 
Benjamin Collins 



Isaac Clifford 
Sam' Griffing 
Ebeneser proctor 
Stephan Huntoou 
John Calef 3 
Gilman Gale 
Benjamin Loverin 
William Proctor 
Charles Chase 
Nathannel Calfe 
John George 
Jon'' Blake 
Nathan Sweat 
John Proctor 
John Calef 
Benjamin Stevens 

Henry Judkins 
Joseph Judkins 
Joshua Pluntoon 
Sam french 
Edward Greeley 
John Cleffbrd fi field 
Abraham French 
John Judkins 
Richard Sleeper 
Joseph Woodman 
Peter Sanborn 
Benjamin Sleeper 
Benjamin Sleeper 

Rezia Beede 
Daniel Bacheller 
Benjamin Magoon 
Simon Magoon 
Daniel Smith 
Daniel Smith Junr 
William Sanborn 
Benjamin Sanborn 
Noah Sanborn 
Peter Fifield 
Amos Judkins 
Robert S. French 
Jacob Ordway 
David Tilton 
Richard Tilton 

Peter Abbot 
Nathaniel Darbon 
Beniemen Webster 
Jacob Webster 
Natha" Fellows 
Ephr"' Severance 
Stephen Badger 
Jonathan Sanborn 
Samuel Severance 
Edward Sleeper 
Jonathan Sleeper 
William Collins 
Phinias Davis 
John Sleeper 
John Stevens 
Samuell Favour 
Samuel Huse 
John Severance 
Jonathan Severance 
Jonath Severance ju 
John Davis 
Daniel Qin'mby 
Jonathan Collins 
Bartholomew winslo 
Ephraim winslo 
William Sleeper 
willam Challis 
Jacob Peaslee 
Daniel wodley 
Greely Sillaway 
Jem Webster 
benjamin hubbard 
Thomas Sever 
elijah vSever 
Elisha Sever 
Gideon Webster 
Amos Burman 
James Noyes 
Jonathan Pollard 
Calab Sever 
Philip Davis 
Webster Davis 
Benj" Webster Sulla- 
Thomas Severance 
Isaac Pollard 
Nath"^" flanders 

John Sweat 
Samuel Kinrick 
Joseph willams 
Samuel moulten 
Josiah Tuxbury 
Sanborn Blake 
Richard Collans 
Stephen Barnard 
willam Busel 
!Moses Busel 
Aaron Qiiimby 
Elisha Quimby 
Samuel Qiiimby 
Daniel Qiiimby 
Paul Qiiimby 
Dudlv kindrck 
Benjamin kindreck 
Benjamin Page 
Joseph fellows 
Jonathan fellows 
Israel Hook 
John Kent 
Jeremiah Elkins 
Reuben Tracy 
Henery Darborn 
Henery darborn 

John kent Juner 
Daniel Page 
Daniel True 
Joseph Homan Sold- 

Jonathan french 

Jonath" french the 

Jonathan Sanborn 

Peter Emerson 
David Bachelor 
Jonathan Sanborn 
John Sanborn 
Enoch Sanborn 
Jethro Sanborn 
Obadiah Sanborn 
Jer, Towle 
James Towle 



Josiah Tilton 
Eliphalet Webster 
David Gordon 
Trustum saborn 
Ichabod Colby 
Thomas Challis 
moses Greeley 
Jonathan Greeley jr 
moses chandler 
John true 
John morill 
John Tappan 
James Tappan 
Josiah Bachelder 
Benja. Remick 
Daniel Tilton 
Nathaniel Tilton 
Humphrey Flood 

thomas Colby 
John Stevens iu 
Thomas Bootman 
Henery Hunt 
Nehemiah Hunt 
abner Hunt 
Moses Hunt 
Stephen Stuart 
Sam" Stuart 
Moses Welsh 
Aaron Welsh 
Stephen Sturt 
Joseph wellch 
David Quimby 
Neh Sleeper 
Ezek Challis 
Moriss whitter 
Jacob Eastmen 

Jedidiah philbrk 
Gideon Sawyer 
James Sawyer 
Reuben Sawyer 
Joseph Elkins 
George Bartlett 
Isaac Bartlett 
Jonathan Heath 
Tho^ Page 
Simon Page 
Jonathan French 
Jonathan French the3 
Humphry Hook 
Humphry Hookjun' 
Sam'' waite 
Caleb Towle 
David Flanders 

[5~257] \_CertiJicate of Nails made i7t i'jgi.'\ 

State of New Hampshire Rockingham ss 

Kingstown Ocf 3'' 1791 

This may Certifie that it appears to us the subscribers That 
John Phillbrick of this Town has Really & Bonafidely made in 
his black smiths shop in said Town since the seventh Day of 
February 17S9 One Hundred & Nine Thousand well wrought 
tenpenny Nails & also Twenty eight Thousand & eight Hun- 
dred sixpenny Nails 

Abraham French 
Simmons Secombe 

Selectmen of 

Kingstown ocf 3** 1791 This may Certifie that I have no 
Doubt but that the said Philbrick Really & bonafide made the 
Nails mentioned in the Above Certificate — 

Simmons Secombe Justice of peace 
Oct° 7 1 79 1 

Received an Order on the Treasurer for five pounds 

John Philbrick 



This township was granted July 5, 1763, to David Page 
and others, and named for a town in Massachusetts. The 
following September, David Page, Jr., and Emmons Stock- 
well cut a path through from Haverhill to the township, 
built a camp, and wintered there ; and in 1764, the senior 
Page and his family, with Edwards Bucknam, and others, 
moved in and commenced settlements. The conditions of 
the grant, however, were not fully complied with, and on 
the 20th of September, 1769, an extension was granted. 
Indian depredations during the Revolutionary war caused 
most of the inhabitants to leave : others came when peace 
was restored, so that the town contained twenty-four fami- 
lies in 1787. 

By an act approved June 22, 18 19, the tract of land known 
as Barker's Location was annexed to Lancaster. This was 
a tract of 3,020 acres, which was granted to Capt. Joshua 
Barker, Oct. 21, 1773, for service in the French war. 

The farm of E. Winchester was severed from Stark and 
annexed to this town Dec. 4, 1840. 

Lancaster was still further enlarged by the annexation of 
a portion of Kilkenny, Dec. 15, 1842. It is now one of the 
most flourishing towns in the northern part of the state. 

[6-6] \^Petitio72 of David Page for more Land, ^773 •'\ 
Province of New Hampsh : 

To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq"" Captain General, 
Governor & Commander in Chief & to the Houble His Maj- 
esty's Council of said Province — 

That your petitioner having been at great trouble & Expence 
in first attempting & since prosecuting the settlements at Upper 
Coho'os on Connecticut River which then was forty Miles dis- 
tant from any other settlement, and that with incredible fatigue 
he has often travelled that wilderness Country back & forth to 
bring on his own with several other Familys having five of his 
own Children married & settled about him who have made 
considerable progress — besides frequently assisting others to 
explore the New Roads — by which means his small stock & 
substance is almost exhausted & himself impoverished in his 
old Age — He prays your Excellency & Honors Consideration 


that for his Assistance & Releif in his present Difficultys — he 
may be favourd with a Grant of some vacant Tract of Land if 
to be found in that part of the Country, as to Your Excellency 
& Honours may seem meet, and your petitioner as in Duty 
bound will ever pray, &c. &c. 

David page 
Portsmouth 23*^ Jan 7 1773 — 

[6-5^] \_Relative to Representative^ ^775 •~\ 

To the Honarabel Provincial Congress conveaned at Exeter 
Dec. 20, A D 1775. — 

Respected Gentlemen — we would take this opportunity to 
inform your Honorable House That the nine Towns in the up- 
per Cohos have not complied with the precept of the last Con- 
gress issued to them for the election of a Representation the 
reasons of which conduct are these — first, the neady circum- 
stances of the peple render it impossible for them to be at the 
expence of supporting one 

2 the distance of the inhabitance and difficultv of communa- 
cation is so greate that it prevented a general attendance in the 
meeting for to chuse a representative we write to your honor- 
able house as individuals but at the same time as being well 
acquainted with the minds of the people it is their universal 
desire not to be taxed to defray aney Expence of delegates 
maintaing this principel that their ought to be no taxation 
without representation w^e are with the highest respect for your 
house much respected Gentlemen your most obedient humble 

servants tn -j d \ Selectmen for The 

David Page > , r t 

° ) town ot Lancarster 

Lancarstar Dec"" 14*'' 1775 

T -r, ) Select men for The 

ames Urown > . r 04. ^r j 

•^ ) town 01 btrattord 

Josiah Walker 

inhabitant of Stratford — 

[6-7] {^Return of Ratable Polls, 1783. '\ 

State of New Hampshire Grafton ss : — 

Lancaster, Dec" 2^ 1783 
The Number of all the male Poles from twenty one years old 


and upwards in the town of Lancaster that pays taxes for them- 
selves — 

Number — 10 — men which is the exact Number taken by us 

Edw'^^ Bucknam \ Select 
Emmons Stockwell J men 
Northumberland 2^ Dec"" 1783 

Then the above named Edwards Bucknam & Emmons Stok- 
"well personally appearing made Oath to the above Account 
Before me — Jer'' Eames Justic Peace 

[6-S] \_Petitio7t of Col. Bticknam for t/ie Gi'aiit of a Ferry., 


To the Hon''''' the General Assembly of the State of New 


The Petition of Edwards Bucknam of Lancaster in the 
County of Grafton in Said State Humbly Sheweth that there 
are Catteracts or falls in the River Connecticut adjoining 
Northumberland in Said County convenient for Building Mills 
and for keeping a ferry Boat 

Your Petitioner is Now Actually erecting a Set of Mills both 
for Sawing and Grinding on the Said falls 

Therefore prays that the Hon'''*' Court would be pleased to 
Grant and Convey unto him his heirs and Assigns the privi- 
ledge of using and improving the Earth and waters between the 
Eastwardly and Westwardly Banks of Said River in width ; 
and in length the Distance of one Mile each way from the cen- 
ter of Said falls 

And your Petitioner will pray 

Edw*^' Bucknam 

Lancaster oc' S"" 1784 

[The request in foregoing petition was granted in 1786. 

[6-9] \_Petitio7i for Authority to tax Non-Residc7its., I78'j.'\ 

To the Honourable the senate and the Hon'''^ House of Rep- 
resentatives in General Assembly convened on the second 
Wednesday in September A, D, 1787 — 

The Petition of the Town of Lancaster in the County of 
Grafton humbly Sheweth 

That the inhabitants of said Town labour under many and 



great inconveniances, and without that succour and releif which 
every infant Country expects from the Government to which 
she owes her allegiance, they must remain in but very indigant 
circumstances ; and the state not receive that emolument, that it 
might justly expect from a Country so fertile as this, when prop- 
erly peopled. Nothing more effectually hinders the emigra- 
tion of inhabitants to this part of the state, than the badness of 
our roads, and the want of a conveniant place to worship that 
being, to whom all owe their existance. The formation of the 
town being very peculiar, on account of marshes creeks and 
large streams and the number of inhabitants being but very 
small ; consequantly the expence of making and mending 
roads, building bridges meeting house &c must be very great — 

One large stream, known by the name of Israels river, is so 
formidable where it must be bridged, to accomodate the travel 
up and dowMi Connecticut river and likewise the travel to and 
from Portsmouth, (our most advantageous port) that it must 
cost, at a moderate Computation two hundred pounds. The 
inhabitants have solicited the nonresidant land owners, for as- 
sistance (many of wdiom live out of the state,) but they have 
entirely refused, — 

Your petitioners are therefore, necessitated to pray your hon- 
ours to pass an act empowering the selectmen of said Lancaster 
to levey, and Collect a tax of three pence on each acre of land 
(Publick Rights excepted) for the purpose of making roads 
building bridges meeting house &c, &c, and a continuation of 
one penny on the acre, annually for the term of five Years, to 
be appropriated to the aforesaid purposes. And that the prayer 
of your petitioners be granted, or such assistance or directions 
be given, as Your honours may see fit; your Petitioners as ia 
duty bound shall ever pray 

Lancaster y* 4'^ September 17S7 

per order of ( Jonas Wilder 

the Town < Edw^'' Bucknam > Committee 


(^Emmens Stockwell 
[The foregoing petition was granted. — Ed.] 

[6-10] \_Petitio7i relative to Roads ^ l'/88.'] 

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives 
for the State of New hampshire (humbly Sheweth) The In- 
habitants of A Place Called Uper Coos That they began Setel- 
ment at that Place mor than tvventithree Years ago and Ever 
Since have Continued their Setelment through many Dificulties 



Especialy on account of the Badness of the Roads through Lit- 
tleton and Dalton which have never been properly Cleared nor 
bridged by which means wagons or Sleighs pass with the 
greatest Danger and never more than half a Load which Sub- 
jects the Inhabitants of Said Coos to very Large Expence in 
transporting necessary foreign articles and others in Removing 
with their famileys and Efects from Connecticut Massachuesetts 
and the Easterly part of New-Hampshire to the Same Diticul- 
ties which very much Impedes & hinders the Setelment of the 
Towns on Connecticut River &c Lying above S*^ Littleton & 
Dalton Your Petitioners beg Leave to farther Sugjest that the 
Townships of Littleton and Dalton being owned by only a few 
Gentelmen and the Towns not Vested with Power nor the In- 
habitants of ability to Lay out Clear bridge and !Make Passable 
Said Road through which Your Petitioners must Pass on any 
Business belonging to the Probate, or County Matters, Where- 
fore your Petitioners Pray Your Honors to take their Case into 
Your wise Consideration and order that the Road be made Pas- 
able and keept in good Repair through Said Towns of Littilton 
& Dalton to the acceptance a Commitee to be appointed for that 
Purpose or by Some other way as Your Honors Shall See fit 
and Your Petitioners Will Ever Pray 

May lo'" 178S 

Inhabitants of Lancaster 

Jonas Wilder 
Aamasa Grout 
Jonas Baker 
Joseph Brackett 
Edw'^'* Bucknam 
Phinehas Hodgin 

Jer** Eames Ju"" 
Thos Eames 
Joseph Peverly 

Hez^ Fuller 
David Jnoson 
Heth Baldwin 
Elijah Hinman 
Joshua Lamken 

John Cole 

Francis Willson 
John Weeks 
Abijah Darby 
Walter Philbrook 
Samuel Johnson 
Hopestill Jenison 


Abner osgood 
J. Whipple 
Daniel Spaulding 


Archippus Blodget 
Jabez Baldwin 
Elijah Blodget 
Oliver Lamkin 
James Curtiss 

Caleb Smith 

David Page 
Emons Stockwell 
Ephraim Griggs 
Will"' Johnson 
Jonathan Hartwell 

Abel Bennett 
thomas Burnside 
James Burnside 

Josiah Blodget 
James Brown 
Nucomb Blodget 
Benj" Strong 
William Curtiss 


[6-1 1 ] [^Relative to the Formation of Coos County^ lygo.^ 

To the Honourable senate and house of Representatives of the 
state of Newhampshire to be convened a Concord on the first 
Wednesday in Jan'' next, 

The petition of the select Men of the towns of Lancaster 
Northunnberland and Stratford, for and in behalf of the respect- 
ive towns, Humbly Sheweth ; That our located situation in the 
northern part of the state is such, that it will be perticularly 
beneficial for us, to have Conway and adjacent towns annexed 
to us, in the formation of the northerly County in s'' state, not 
only on account of the occupancy and improvement of our most 
advantageous road to seaport, but in order to promote emi- 
grants, and agriculture in this fertile & healthy territory ; the 
promotion of which, we humbly conceive w^U be of publick 
utility and the state to which we owe our allegiance, will re- 
ceive emolument in proportion to the opulency of this part of 
the state — And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever 
pray — 

Lancaster Dec'' 29*'' 1790 

Edw'^^Bucknam "'] 
Emmons Stockvvell 
Francis Willson 

Select Men 

for Northumberland 

Joseph Peverly ^ Lancaster 
Jer'" Eames and 

Elijah Hinman Stratford 

James Brown J 

[6-13] \^Petitlo)i for a JVezv County, jygi.'^ 

To the Honorable the General Court of the State of New 
Hampshire — 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Lancaster in the County 
of Grafton 

Humbly Sheweth 

That Your Petitioners live at the distance of near sixty miles 
from the nearest shire Town in this County 

That a very considerable part of the Inhabitants of this part 
of the County live above us and are under similar disadvantages 
with us, 

That the Roads to Haverhill our nearest shire Town are .ex- 
ceeding bad and at some seasons of the year unpassable, 

Wherefore we your petitioners pray that we may be seperated 
from the said Count}- of Grafton and made a new County by a 



line drawn from Conecticut River between the Towns of Con- 
cord alias Gunthwait and Littleton and on Eastward taking in 
the Towns of Conway Eaton &c to the Province line so call'd 
and we as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Lancaster Nov'' 22°"* 

Edw*^* Buck nam 
William Bruce 
Stephen Willson 
Jeremiah Willcox 


John Weeks 
Jon" Hartwell 
Nathan Lovewell 
Joseph W'ilder 

Emmens Stockwell Samuel Johnson 

Robert Gotam Dennis Stanley 

Francis Willson Isaac Darby 

Joseph Bruce Phinehas Bruce 

Jonas Wilder junur Elisha Wilder 

Asaph Darby John Rosbrook 

Jonas Baker Ezra Reves 

Jonathan Cram Benj" Twombly 

Edward Spaulding Walter Philbrook 

Will"" Moore 
Joseph Brackett 
Ephraim Wilder 

Aloses Page 
John Mackintire 
Abijah Darby 

Bradfor Sanderson 
Zadock Samson 
Jonathan ros 
Daniel How 
David Stockwell 
Daniel Chany 
John Wilder 
Jonas Wilder 
Manassah Wilder 
Charles Rosbrook 
David Page 
James Twombly 
Coffin Moore 
Phinehas Hodgdon 
William Johnson 

[Coos county was formed in 1803. — Ed.] 

[6-13] \_Petition to have the Right of Ferries vested in the 
Tozun^ i'/g2.'\ 

State of New Hampshire 

Lancaster y* 30* May 1792 

To the Hon''''^ Gen' Court to be holden at Dover in said State 
on the first Wednesday of June 1792 — 

Humbly Sheweth the Selectmen of Lancaster in behalf of 

said Town, that there is a necessity for keeping ferries a cross 

the River Connecticut from Lancaster to Guildhall & Lunen- 

burgh in Vermont — They therefore pray your Honors to grant 

to the said Town of Lancaster the exclusive privilege for ever 

of keeping ferries a cross said River extending so far as said 

River runs through said Lancaster And your Petitioners will 

ever pray — 

John Weeks ] o 1 i. 

T? Ci- 1 11 r Selectmen 

Emmons Stockwell J 

Lancaster y^ 12"^ Nov'' 1792 
We Certify that the within Petition & order of Court thereon 


has been posted up at the house of Col" Jonas Wilder as the 
most Public House in said town more than six weeks 

John Weeks ) o i , 

T? e^ 1 n r oelectmen 

iLmmens Stockwell j 

Jonas Baker Town Clerk 

Jonas Wilder 

Edw'^'* Bucknam 

Joseph Brackett 

Joseph Wilder 

[Not granted. — Ed.] 

[6-14] Petition for Authority to levy a Special Tax for 
Road purposes^ i'jg2.'\ 

To the Honorable the Senate and the Honorable House of 
Representatives of the state of New Hampshire to Convene 
at Exetor on the third Wednesday of Nov' Instant — 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the town of Lancaster 
Humbly Sheweth that about four years past the Honorable 
Gen' Court Granted a tax on all the lands in said Lancaster 
public Rights excepted for the purpose of making Roads 
Bridges &c in said Town that by some unfourseen fattallity 
the business was not Accomplished and a considerable part of 
the roads through said Lancaster to our nearest seaport and 
Shire Town is yet almost impassable, That a Considerable part 
of the Township is owned by Nonresidants and the settlements 
very Inconsiderable in said Town and the Roads being very 
lengthy being about nine Miles on Connecticutt River and the 
Roads leading from said Connecticutt River Eastward to Dart- 
mouth almost as far Distance the making passable said Roads 
being very Chargable and Insuportable to the Inhabitants ; 
therefore your Petitioners pray Your Honours to order that a 
Tax of two pence per acre for two Years may be Assessed on 
all the lands in said Town and that a Committee may be Ap- 
pointed to lay out said Tax in the most advantagious maner or 
grant such other Releaf in the premises as your Honors shall 
think best — And Your Petitioners as In Duty bound shall ever 
pray — 

Lancaster y^ 12"^ Nov'' 1792 

Fortunatus Eager Jonathan Cram John Rosbrook 

John Rosbrook J""" Titus O Brown Emmens Stockwell 

Charles Rosbrook John Holms Joseph Wilder 

Jonas Wilder Elisha Wilder Asahel Biglow 

William Bruce Phineas Bruce Nathan Lovewell 


Benjamin Orr David Page Edw*^ Spaulding 

David Stockw^ell Abijah Darby Will™ Johnson 

Moses Page Joseph Brackett Coffin Moore 

Dennis Stanley Walter Philbrook 

W" Moore Jonas Baker 

[6-16] \_Petltio7t of Eleazer Hosbrook for a Ferry ^ iyg2.'\ 

State of New Hampshire — 

Lancaster June 1^* 1792 

To the Hon^ Gen' Court to be convened at Dover in said State 
the first Wednesday of said June — 

Humbly Sheweth Eleazer Rosbrook — that he has opened 
and kept a Ferry across Connecticutt River at said Lancaster 
for several Years past by means of which the public have been 
considerably benefited — that for and during the time which he 
has kept said ferry it has been rather an expence to him than 
otherwise, and most probably no great advantage can arise 
thereby for some time yit to come, though it may be profitable 
at some future period — wherefore he prays Your Honors to 
grant him his Heirs and assigns the exclusive priviledge of 
keeping a ferry across said River under such restrictions and 
regulations as may appear proper and Your Peti"" will ever 

Eleazar Rosbrook 

[The foregoing petition was granted. — Ed.] 

[6-17] S^Petition for Special Tax to make Roads^ i/gj.'\ 

The Hon'''® General Court of the State of New Hampshire — 
The Petition of the Town of Lancaster in said State humbly 
sheweth — 

That the said town of Lancaster is such that the public Road 
leading through s*^ town on Connecticutt River is upwards of 
ten Miles in Length and is attended with many Creeks Valies 
and Streems that leads into said River, where Bridges and 
Casways are needed to be built, and the Road leading through 
said town up Israels River towaixls Conway is attended with 
the like Impediments and that one other Road is much wanted 
to be opened through the Center of said town from Connecti- 
cutt River leading a Corse through said town and Whitefield 
and on to Thornton and Plymouth which road if opened would 


shorten the Distance from Lancaster to Plymouth about thirty 
Miles which Road will in all probability be opened in said 
town the Ensuing Year — The Inhabitants of said Town being 
but small in Numbers, having the season past erected a large 
meeting house and are loaded with great Expences for the 
same, their Roads &c ; and the Major part of the proprietors 
and land owners of said town live at New York and out of this 
State and are unwilling to Assist the Inhabitants of said town 
in these Burthensome Matters altho, — they are as much beni- 
fited thereby in the Rise of their lands as the Inhabitants of 
said town Therefore youx" petitioners pray your Honours would 
make a Grant of three pence on each and every Acre of land 
in said town viz one penny each year the three next succeeding 
Years and appoint a Committee to levy and Collect the same 
and apply it in opening the New and Repairing the other 
Roads and Bridges in .said Town — And Your petitioners will 
ever pray — 

December y*^ 21''' 1793 

Edw""' Bucknam 1 Committee 
Emmons Stockwell > in behalf of 
Jonas Baker J the Town 

[4-1 S] 

At a Legal Meeting of the Voters of this town of Lancaster 
held this 22"^ Nov'' 1793 — 

Voted to petition the Hon^'* Gen' Court for land tax to re- 
pair the roads Bridges &c in s'^ Town — 

Voted Col° Edwards Bucknam Cap' John Weeks and Jonas 
Baker Committee to make out a petition to the Hon'''^ Gen^ 
Court for the above purpose — 

Dec"" 21'*' 1793 — Met agreable to adjournment and Voted to 
chuse a Committee to sign the petition to the Hon'"'^ Gen' Court 
for a land tax as made out by the Com''^'' chosen for that pur- 
pose and Chose Col° Ed'''' Bucknam Cap' Emmons Stockwell 
and Jonas Baker for s^ Committee — Voted Col' Ed''* Bucknam 
Ajant for the Town on s'' petition — 

A true Coppy from the Records attest — 

Jonas Baker Town Clerk 

[Capt. John Weeks settled in Lancaster in 1787. He was 
the father of Hon. John W. Weeks, who commanded a com- 
pany in the war of 18 12, and was brevetted for gallant ser- 
vice at Chippewa. He was a member of the state senate 
in 1827 and 1828, and of congress in 1829 to 1831. He 
died in 1853. 


Emmons Stockwell was one of the first settlers, a sturdy 
old hero, who refused to be frightened away by the Indians, 
and occupied his castle in that frontier town during the 
Revolutionary war. — Ed.] 


The township was granted Jan. 31, 1764, to James Avery 
and others, who failed to comply with the conditions of the 
grant, and it was declared by the governor and council to 
be forfeited, 

Jan. 19, 1770, the tract was granted to Dartmouth col- 
lege, with the usual conditions and reservations. Settle- 
ments were made under the latter grant to some extent, 
roads opened, and a mill built at the expense of the college, 
and on the nth day of November, 1774, the town was in- 
corporated by the governor and council. 

After the Revolutionary war the first grantees claimed 
that their alleged forfeiture was not legal, and maintained 
their claim : the college had to abandon its title and lose 
what it had expended in making settlements. A com- 
pensation was however made to the college soon after, by 
the grant, Feb. 5, 1789, of a tract of land containing 40,960 
acres on Connecticut river. 

By an act approved July 2, 1845, a tract of land was sev- 
ered from Lincoln and annexed to this town. June 23, 
1859, all that part of Landaff lying north-west of Ammo- 
noosuc river was annexed to Lisbon. 

The town was divided July 20, 1876, and the east part 
incorporated into a town by the name of Easton. 

[6-1] \^To~vn- Meeting Proceedings^ ^777 •'\ 

At a Legal meeting of the Inhabitance of the Town of Lan- 
daff holden at the House of mr Joseph Warner in s** Landaff 
on the i^' Day of febuary 1777, to Consider and Determin what 
they will Do relitive to the Letter sent to them by the Assem- 
blys Commity bearing Date Jenuary 10'^ ^777 I" Answer to 
which Voted that this town Appoint mr Joseph Warner Cap' 
Nathaniel Hovey and Leu* Josiah How who are our Commity 


of Safety to act In our behalf In treating with the Assemblys 
Commity and that our s'' Commity do not enter into any 
measure for accomidation with s'' Assemblys Commity but In 
Conjunction with the united Commity whose meeting now 
stands Adjon"^ to the 13"* of february Instant to be holden at 
Lebanon and that a Copy of this Voat be transmited to the 
Assemblys Commity as quick as may be 

A true Copy of the original minits by order of the Com- 

Joseph Warner") 
Nath" Hovey >- Selectmen 
Josiah How ) 
Test Nath" Hovey Town Clark 

To the honorable Meshech Weare Esq"' &c Committee from the 
Assembly at Exeter. 

[6-3] \_Petition for an Allorvance for Services in the IVar, 


State of New Hampshire County of Gi'afton — 

To the Honorable the general Court of the said State, to be 
convened at Portsmouth on the first day of February ADom. 

The petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Landaft' in 
said County, humbly sheweth ; that innumerable & inexpres- 
sible were the difficulties and distresses your petitioners suf- 
fered thro' the course of the late war in America ; by being 
situated in a large extensive uncultivated Country almost desti- 
tute of Inhabitants, inviron'd about with a barbarous, cruel & 
merciless enimy, we were undefended and utterly unable to put 
ourselves in a warlike state of defence against those sanguinary 
Savages, who were lying in ambush to kill, burn, lay waste 
and destroy indiscriminately, all that were opposite to their 
vile & inhuman proceedings. Being thus exposed and living 
in constant jeopard of our lives, we were frequently alarm'd 
and obliged to join our feeble efforts on sudden emergences for 
the immediate preservation of our lives and properties, and 
were at great expence in guarding, scouting, building Forts &c. 
for which service we have never received any recompence or 
reward, from the State. Notwithstanding, if we could sup- 
pose ourselves to be upon an equality with other towns in this 
State, and that we had done no more than our just proportion, 
we should rest perfectly easy and satisfied with the benefits 
accruing from the glorious Conquest obtained by the loss of 
immense quantities of Blood and Treasure. Altho' our Cir- 


cumstances at this day are very difficult indeed by reason of the 
extreme scarcit}^ of Money ; taxation is almost an insupportable 
burden, nevertheless your petitioners will exert every Nerve, 
with the greatest alacrity for the due observance of all your 
laws & regulations, but as it hath been a Custom heretofore to 
reward those that have done service or expended Money in 
the Common cause for the Defence of the State, we take en- 
couragement therefrom, and most ardently pray your honors to 
take our Circumstances under your wise Consideration and 
make us some allowance for our former Services as set forth 
in this petition, or otherwise as your honors shall think proper. 

And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Landaft'Jany y'= 25''' 

ADom. 17S6 — Jon" Blake \ for Said 

James Sawyer j Inhabitants 

C^~"3] \_Relative to Represe7ttative Class^ i'/88.'\ 

State of New Hampshire County of Grafton — 
To the Hon''''^ the Senate & house of Representatives to be con- 
vened at Concord on Wednesday the fourth day of June 
next — 

The petition of Nathaniel Hovey, Jonathan Blake, John 
Clark, Nathaniel Webber, James Snow, Jeremiah Hutchins, 
Jacob Hurd, John Cleaveland, Henry Hancock and John Mer- 
rill in behalf of themselves & the inhabitants of the Towns of 
Landafl' and Bath in said County, humbly shews — That the 
difficulties and inconveniences attending the said Towns being 
classed with Gunthwait, Lymon, & Littleton to chuse a Repre- 
sentative, are numerous and almost insuperable, on account of 
the great distance the people have to travel, (more especially 
those that live in the extreme parts of said Towns,) to attend 
the meetings held for that purpose, at a season of the year 
when the Roads are generally extreme bad and the Rivers open 
or about breaking up, so that it is very dangerous and some- 
times almost impossible to pass over them P"or which reasons 
and others that might be ennumerated, the choice of our Rep- 
resentatives heretofore has been very unequal and commonly 
made by a small number. The situation of the Contry is such 
& the people live so remote from each other that they never can 
assemble together in any one place in this District as now 
formed, without much fatigue & difficulty ; and the said Towns 
of Landati' & Bath having at least one hundred & forty one 
legal voters therein, and are so well situated to form a District 
that might be attended with many advantages, and the people 



favoured with many privileges that they cannot otherwise enjoy ; 
therefore your petitioners most ardently entreat your honors to 
take the premises under your wise consideration and grant lib- 
erty for the inhabitants of said Landaft' & Bath to send a Rep- 
resentative to the general Court of said state, and that the meet- 
ings for electing one, might be held annualU^ at the dwelling 
house of Cap' Jeremiah Hutchins in said Bath — or otherwise 
as you may think proper And your petitioners as in duty bound 
shall ever pray &c — 

Landaft' May y'= 20"^ 1 7S8— 

Nath" Hovey 

Jon» Blake 

John Clark 

Nath" Webber 

James Snow 

Jeremiah Hutchins ] 

John Cleaveland 

John Merrill ( for said 

Henry Hancock J Bath. 


for said 

! Committee 

[R. 2-176] \^Landaff' claims Edzvard Mar den ^ Soldier r\ 

State of New Hampshire — 

To the Hon" General Court of said State to be Convened at 
Portsmouth on the first Day of Feb^ next by adjournment — 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Landaft' humbly sheweth — 
That when the Requisition for soldiers was made to the State 
said Inhabitants being inform'd that they ware cal'd on to fur- 
nish one man for three years or during the war at great ex- 
pence hir'd one Edward Mardin then lately come to Town, to 
serve and answer for their Proportion of said Requisition. — 
That through some mistake said Mardin was returned for 
Northumberland, without the knowledge of said Mardin, Lan- 
daft', or Northumberland, — That said Mardin was never an In- 
habitant of Northumberland. * * * * 

Landatl' J^i^J 21'' 17S6. — 

Jon'' Blake 
for s'^ Inhabitants — 

[The town presented a sworn statement of Marden's, cer- 
tifying that he was hired by Landaff and paid £^0 ; was 
never an inhabitant of Northumberland. The committee 
reported in favor of Landaff, which was adopted. Marden 
served in Whitcomb's corps. — Ed.] 


[R. 2-1 So] \_Relative to a Bunker Hill Soldier^ etc.~\ 

To the Honourable Senate and House of Representatives in 

General Court convened — 

Humbly shews — James Mitchell of Landaff in said State, 
that in June 1775, he furnished his Brother William Mitchell, 
then a soldier, with a valuable Gun and some other articles (to 
the amount of four pounds) necessary for the then intended ex- 
pedition against the British Troops in Boston which gun and 
other articles were lost at the Battle at Bunker Hill, where the 
said William lost his Life — that in September 1777 he hired 
one Amos Hastings, and in July 1778 one Stephen Hall, to go 
into the service of the United States for him, for which your 
petitioner gave them about eleven pounds as a Bounty expect- 
ing that at some future period some equitable mode would be 
devised for reimbursing those, who had contributed more than 
their proportion in defence of their Country — for all which 
your petitioner has received no kind of compensation — Your 
petitioner begs leave further to shew, that in September 177S, 
at the special desire of Major Henry Jvloore, then a Collector 
of Cattle for the use of the army, he purchased thirteen oxen 
and gave his notes for the same, amounting to six hundred and 
sixtv five pounds payable in six weeks ; expecting within that 
time to receive the money of the said Moore ; — that he was put 
to great ex})ence in keeping and driving the said oxen, and was 
kept out of the money so long, and so distressed by law suits 
for it, that your petitioner sustained a loss of one hundred and 
fifty pounds at least, and was obliged to sell his Farm for a sum 
much below its value. * * * 

Jany, 2^ 1794 

James Mitchell 

[6-4] \_Petition for A7ithority to tax No7t-Residcnts^ iy8g.'\ 

To the Hon"'' the Senate & House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court convened — 

Humbly shews the Subscribers, Inhabitants of the Town of 
Landaft' in the County of Grafton and State aforesaid, that the 
Public Highways leading through said Town are in a very 
bad condition, and in many places almost and totally impas- 
sible, — that the expence of making altering and repairing said 
Highways will be large, — that whatever has hitherto been done 
in making & repairing Highways in said Town has been at the 
expence of the Inhabitants & Residents in said town, without 
any expence to Nonresidents — 

Your petitioners therefore pray your Honors to pass an Act 


authorizing the raising of a Tax of three cents per acre on 
Resident & Non-resident Lands in said Landafl'for the purpose 
of making aUering & repairing highways within said Town & 
your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray — 
Landaff June * 1 798 — 

Eben"" Eaton John Cogswell John Clark Jr 

Benj Currier Nath" Rix Joseph Jewett 

David Atwood Rich*^ Clement Simeon Edwards 

Sargent Currier Jon'' Noyes Joshua Belknap 

Thos Noys Joseph Morrill Birnsley Edwards 

Jacob Moody Jonathan Clark Sam' Mann 

James Snow Eph"* Edwards Jn° Johnson 

Ephraim Cushman Nathaniel Noyes Moses Noyes 

Samuel Noyes Jun"" Jon" Poor Alexander M'^Keen 

Jereh Martin Isaiah Cross Jeremiah Bowin 

James Simonds Jon'' Simonds Aaron Wodley 

Luke Libby Savory Patee Day Patee 

Alexander Hodge Jon'' Blake Peter Carleton 

[In H. of Rep., Nov. 29, 1798, the foregoing petition 
was granted. Senate concurred. — Ed.] 


To the Honourable Senate & House of Representatives to be 
convened at Exeter on the first Wednesday of December A. D. 
1799 Most Humbly sheweth — 

That the selectmen of Bath presented a certificate to us the 
undersigned Selectmen of Landaft' purporting that there was 
entered on their valuation for the vear 1799 more than one 
Hundred & fifty rateable male polls of twenty one years of 
Age and upwards, and that they should not join with Landafl;' 
& Lincoln in sending a representative to the General court in 
future — therefore your petitioners (at the request of the inhabi- 
tants) of s*^ Landaft' most humbly pray that an act pass that 
the Towns of Landaft' Franconia and Lincoln be classed to- 
gether for the purpose of sending a representative to the general 
court in future — and your petitioners as in duty bound shall 
ever pray — 

Joseph Morrill '\ Selectmen 
Ezra Chandler y of 
Peter Carlton ) Landaft 

[In H. of Rep., Dec. 27, 1799, the foregoing request was 
granted. Landaff was classed with Franconia and Lincoln. 



The town was formed from territory taken from the towns 
of Charlestown and Walpole, and incorporated Jan. 1 1, 1787. 
It was named in honor of Hon. John Langdon, at that time 
speaker of the house of representatives. 

Settlements were made on territory now in this town by 
Seth Walker in 1773, and by Nathaniel Rice and Jonathan 
Willard the year following. Rev. Abner Kneeland, who 
was ordained over a Universalist church here in 1805, was 
one of the leading men in that denomination in New Eng- 
land for some years, and published a periodical devoted to 
his peculiar tenets, called the Boston ///t'fj-/?Vrt/^r. In 1795 
the town might have been extended to Connecticut river, 
but it refused, by vote, to accept the proffered addition. 

[6-20] {^Petition for Atdhority to tax No7i-Residents^ iy8g.'\ 

State of New Hampshire May 27"' 17S9 — 

To the Hon'''* Senate and house of Representatives Conveined 
at Concord June 4"* 17S9 

The petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Langdon 
Humbly Sheweth 

That your petitioners are few In number and inhabit a new 
Town or District of land a considerable part of which Is owned 
by nonresident proprietors and that they are not able to make 
the necessary public Roads and Bridges and in particularly a 
Bridge over Cold River so called which is very Rapid and in 
the bpring and Fall at high water is not passible and the Ex- 
pence of build the Bridge and making said roads exceeds the 
ability of your petitioners They therefore most Humbly pray 
your Honors to Impower them to Leavy a Tax of one penny 
on each acre of the non resident proprietors Land in said town 
for the purposes aforesaid or grant your petitioners such other 
Relief as you in your Wisdon shall think Propper and your 
Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall ever prav — 

John Prouty ^ Select Men for and in be- 

Ezra Read V half of the Inhabitants 

Jeremiah Howard ) of the Town of Langdon 

Langdon May 27"^ 17S9 

The Committee on the within petition Report a Tax of one 


penny be laid on each Acre of Land in said Town for one Year 
& they have leave to bring in a Bill accordingly 

Nat Rogers for the Com 

[In H. of Rep., June ii, 1789, the report was adopted. 
Senate concurred. — Ed.] 

[6-21] \_Pctition for Special Tax to b7illd a Meeting- House^ 

1793 •'] 

To the Honourable General Court of the State of New Hamp- 
shire to be holden at Concord on first Wednesday of June 

Next — 

The petition of the Select men of Langdon Humbly Shew- 
eth — that whereas the Inhabitants of said town are aboute to 
Build a meeting House for the better Conveannance of meet- 
ing for publick worship &c as soon as thay think them Selves 
in a Sittuation to accomplish it and Considering that there is in 
said town Considerable Land of Non-residents which by build- 
ing said meeting house wall be likely to be more Valueable, 
these are therefore to pray your Hounoiu's to Grant Liberty for 
said town to Tax said Lands two pence on Each acre which 
inoney to be laid out toward said building whenever said town 
shall see fit to build said house or otherways Do as you Hon- 
nours in your wisdom think best and your Petitioners as in 
Duty bound will Ever Pray 

Langdon May 27 i793 

James Egerton ") Select men 
Sam' Prouty >• of 
John Prentiss J Langdon 

[6-22] [ Vote of Tozv?i relative to exteiidlng' Its North Line^ 


At a Legal Town meetin in Langdon the third Day of march 
1795 the following Vote was taken for extending Langdon 
North Line to the River Connecticut thare appeared to be 
thirty three Votes for extending said Line to said River and 
thirty against Extending said Line to said River at A Legal 
town meeting in Langdon May ii"" 1795, Called at the Requst 
of a Number of Free Holders to Know the mind of the Town 
if thay Will have Langdon North Line Extend to the River 
Connecticut acording to the Vote Recorded at our Last annual 
meeting or Not — thare appeared to be thirty seven Votes Not 


to Extending said Line to s*^ River and twenty three Votes for 
extending said Line to said River 

A Trew Coppey Record 

atest — James Egerton Town Clark 
Langdon May 13* 1795 

[The town of Charlestown had given its consent to the 
annexation of that portion of its territory lying between 
Langdon and Connecticut river to the latter town, and the 
inhabitants residing thereon had petitioned to be thus an- 
nexed (Vol. XI, p. 295). Had this project succeeded, both 
towns would have been more symmetrical, and Langdon 
would have had a river front and a railroad within its bor- 
ders. — Ed.] 


The tovv'nship was granted July 4, 1761, to Nehemiah 
Estabrook and 59 others, in 68 equal shares, with the usual 
reservations. Some of the grantees were from Lebanon, 
Conn., and the town was named for their old home. 

The first settlements were made by William Dana, Silas 
Waterman, William Downer, and Nathaniel Porter. 

Lebanon was one of the towns that attempted to unite 
with Vermont, and was represented in the convention at 
Cornish, April 5, 178 1, by Col. Elisha Payne and Elihu 
Hyde. Some documents relative to the matter may be 
found among the following papers. 

This was the first town settled on Connecticut river north 
of Charlestown, and has been for many years one of the 
leading towns in that section in wealth and population. 
Lead and iron ore were found here many years ago, and a 
copper mine, more recently discovered, is now being devel- 
oped by the Mascoma Mining Company. 

[6-23] \_Report of Committee on Boundaries^ l'/68.'] 
Sir — 

With Submission, these wait upon you with Respect, and 
may Serve 


To Inform that we the Subscribers, Com'^''^ for the proprieties 

Lebanon and Plainfield, in pursuance to your advice, have 
Established a Bound Between the Said Towns, and as near 
The Centre as possible, Sd. Bound being a Large White 
Pine tree, mark'd. 3 and 4. and Standing a Little Below the 
Meadow. Called Hedgehog meadow, in Said Lebanon Just in 
The bend of the River : on the N. Side of a hill, on the East 

Of Connecticut River — 

These are therefore to Desire the favour, of your Hon' if you in 
Your wisdom Shall Judge our proceedure in Said affair to be 
Legal and Conclusive ; To Certifie the Same, to his Excel- 
For his approbation, thereof, that the Same maybe Established 
As to Law and Custom doth appertain — 
And we as in duty bound, beg leave to Subscribe. — 
Your Honours most Obedient 

And very Humble Serv'^ John "VVheatley 

Nathaniel Porter 
Dated in Lebanon Charles Hill 

New Hampshire Oc' i^' 1768 — Thomas Gates 

Thomas Gallup 
John Stevens 

[6-24] \^Rettirn of Arms and Equipments^ ^775 •'] 
Grafton ss — Lebanon August 21^' i775 — 

A Return of Fire arms now in Said Lebanon Judged to be Fit 

for actual Service, Firelocks 55 

Other Accoutrements now in hand, or to be procured immedi- 
ately — Fire arms wanting to Compleat the whole of the 

inhabitants of vSaid Lebanon able to bear arms 27 

it is the Humble Request of the Select men of Said Lebanon, 
in behalf of Said Town, that the Hon'''^ the provincial Con- 
gress, would make provision for the Supplj-ing the above Defi- 
ciencies in Said Lebanon, according to the proposal made by 
Said Congress — For the Equipting of the militia throughout 
this province — 

Nehemiah Estabrook ~) q , , 

Tn- Wheatlev f aT 

T 1 r- • "^11 i Men — 

John Gnsvvold ) 

[Superscription] To The Hon"'"^ Matthew Thornton Esq"" 
Chairman of the provincial Congress. 


[R. 2-181] \_Petition of Nathaniel Biigbce^ Soldier: ad- 
dressed to the General Assef?il)ly.'\ 

May it please your Honours : the petition of Nath^ Bugbee 
Humbly Sheweth ; — That your petitioner Listed a private Sol- 
dier, in the year 1777 in Cap' John House^ Company & Col" 
Sylley* Reg' of foot, Raised by the s"^ State for three years ser- 
vice in the Continental Army ; * * * * 

Nathaniel Bugbee 

[R. 2-182] 

These May Certify that Nath^ Bugbee Inlisted April 22"^ 1777 
for three years, in the Comp^ Formerly Commanded by Cap' 
John House, in the i^' New Hampshire Regiment, in the Con- 
tinental Army, and served in said Company untill April 23, 
1780, Excepting the time he was Absent which time I am Not 
Able to Assertain 

Daniel Clapp Cap' L' — 

To whom it may Concern 

The Bearer Nathaniel Bugby of CoP Silley' Reg' Cap' House* 
Company being unfitt for Duty has a furlow for two months — ■ 
by order of the Director 

M"' Treat Chir : Gen' N D 

Gen' Hospital Northern Department Octo"" 25"' i777 — 

[He also presented a certificate from "John Williams 
Physician," dated Lebanon, May 26, 1778, relative to his 
condition ; and one dated October 24th, 1785, signed Nehe- 
miah Estabrook, Elihu Hyde, committee of safety, and Theo. 
Huntington, Simeon Peck, selectmen. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-185] 

[In a petition dated May ir, 1778, John Slapp stated that 
his " son Edward Slapp of Lebanon Listed into the Conti- 
nental Service April 25'^' 1777. in Cap' Jn° Kouse^ Compy 
— in Col° Cilley® Reg' & was at Ticonderoga when that 
important post was Evacuated ; " that he was taken sick, 
and died at the house of Ichabod Cross, of Shaftsbury, on 
the way home. He asked for an allowance. The follow- 
ing endorsement is on the back of the petition : " Stop a 
little while till they pay Taxes." — Ed.] 


[R. 3-1 86] \^Soldie7''s Order, 1785.'] 

To his Excellency the President of the State of New Hamp- 

Sir please to Pay unto James Norris or his order all the 
Money due to me for three Months Service in Cap' Woodmans 
Company it being for value rec"* p"" me 

Lebanon Jan^ 12 1785 

Joseph X Steavens 


Witness Jon'' Norris .£4, 3, 4 — 

\_The follotving Docmneiits are copied from '■^ Gen. jfojia. 
Chase's Papers " in N. H. Historical Society's Library.^ 

Lebanon Sept, the 27 i777 State New hampshier 

Sir Pursuant to your order of Saturday Last we have Pro- 
cured & sent to Join you the Names of men hearafter mention- 

Drafted Lieu' Levi Hide 
Joseph Tildan Jn'' in John Greys Rom 
Solomin mellington 
Volontiers Hugkins Stors William Downer Jun' 

Nehemiah Estabrooks") Comitty 
Azariah Bliss >- of Safty 

John Griswold j Lebanon 

The Names of the Men Drafted in Lebanon 24"' July A D 1777 

Serg' Oliver Oris- Joseph Downer Zalmon Aspenwall 

wold Constant Storrs George Wales 

Corp' Joseph Martin Joseph Tilden Jr Eleaz"" Mather Porter 
Rufus Baldwin Ebba Peck Jeremiah Griswold 

Azariah Bliss Jr Joseph Wood Jr 
Asa Colburn Isaiah Bliss 

Lieu' William Danas Return 

A Return of Contanantal men that Enlisted out of Lebanon for 
3 years — In Col"Sylla^ Rigerment in Cap' John House^ Com- 
pany in April 1777 






John Colburn 33 Light Complextion 5 feet 9 inches h 

Phinehas Wright 27 

Jonathan Conant 17 

Edward Slapp 27 

Luther Wheatly 18 

Jonathan Wright 22 

Nath' Bugbee 25 

Benj"^ Owen 19 

Jon'^ Kingsbmy 28 Dark Complextion 5 


Li^ht hair & Eves K " 



1 1 



The following men Inhabitants of Lebanon engaged for 3 
years in the states of Coiniecticut & Massachusetts Bay 

Elisha Tilden 26 Dark Brown hair 5 feet 9 inches high 

In Col" Wylly' Rigerment 
Stephen Tilden 21 Light Complextion 5 feet 8 inches high 

In Col° Durkee^ Rigerment 
John Landee 26 Light Complextion 5 feet 7 i'^'^^i^s high 

Samuel Paine Cap' 
William Dana Lieu' 
Samuel Estabrook Ens° 

[ William Dana's Return.'\ 

Lebanon y^ 3*^ Sep' 1777 

A Return of Both Officers & Soldiers, that are in the Conti- 
nental Servis, for three years, or During the present Contest 
with grate Britton 

Viz for the State of New Hampshire 

Ens" Tho' Blake Phynahas Wright Luther Wheatly 
Sarg' John Colburn Edward Slapp Jonathan Conant 

In Cap' Houses Company Syles Regiment 
Hired out of this State — 
Nathaniel Bugbee Jonathan Wright Benjamin Owen 

for the State New York 
Cap' Sam" Paine Charles Tilden Stephen Manning 


for the State of Connecticut 

Elish Tildin Stephen Tilden 

Test WiUiam Dana Lieu' 

John Slapp Clark 
To CoP Jonath" Chase 

[Noah Paine enlisted July i, 1780, for six months. — Ed.] 

[6-25] [Relative to a Committee of Conference^ i777-'\ 

State of N : Hamp'^ Grafton ss — 
Jan'' 30*^ 1777 — 

Whereas, the Select men of Lebanon have Rec"^ a printed 
Letter, in behalf of a Com'"" Said to be appointed by a Gen^ 
Assembly of this State, to treat with Such persons, or Com'""^ 
as Shall be appointed by any Town or Towns, that are Dissat- 
isfied with what is Called a plan of Government in Said State 
— In a full meeting of the inhabitants of Said Leb" Resolved, 
that Said Com'"" appointed as aforesaid Be Reftei'ed to the 
Gen" meeting of the Corresponding Com'""' of Several Towns 
in this State, to be Holden at Said Lebanon on Thursday the 
13th £)^y of pei^y next, at, 10 0th. Clock A M. at the Dwelling 
House of Dea" John Ordway. inn-holder in Said Lebanon — for 
the purpose aforesaid — 

Attest Silas Waterman C^ 

[6-26] \_Letterfrom Nehetniah Estabrook^ ^777-^ 

Lebanon Feb-'' 5"" 1777. 

The enclosed have been transmitted to me with desire that I 
wou'd forward them to you by the first Opportunity, which I 
now do by the bearer M'' Porter. 

I am likewise desired by Committees of various Towns to 
inform you that those Towns in these Parts, which are aggrieved 
with the proceedings of the Assembly at Exeter have united 
by their Committees to concert measures to obtain redress ; and 
that their meeting is to be held by adjournment at the House of 
Deacon Ordway at Lebanon on the 13"" Instant — And as it ap- 
pears to be the general Sintiment in these Parts that the only 
effectual means of producing that harmony and union you pro- 
pose will be a Conference with said meeting of Committees, I 


am desired to request the favour that you will attend said meet- 
ing that a solid Foundation may thereby be laid for effecting 
those desirable and important Purposes. 

I am Gentlemen with much respect, 
Your most obedient 

and humble Servant 

Nehemiah Estabrook chairman of 
said united Committees 

[6-37] \_Complaiftt of N. H. Adherents, 1778. '\ 

To the Hon''''' the Council & Assembly of the State of New 
Hampshire — 

We the Subscribers, being Inhabitants of Lebanon in the 
County of Grafton and State afores'' Humbly Petition and give 
your Hon" to be Informed, that for Some Time past we have 
been greatly abused & harrassed by a Power, usurped without 
Riglit, to which we neither owe nor own Allegiance, and by 
which we have been prohibited, from Yielding that Subjection 
& Obedience to the State of Nevv Hampshire which is Justly 
due. and whereby we are deprived of those Rights and Privi- 
ledges to which we are Justly entitled as Subjects of s** State, 
and are liable to many & great Evils and Burdens for want of 
that Protection which we humbly conceive, may be dutifully 
requested and demanded from the State of New Hampshire — 

Wherefore we most humbly pray that your Hon" will take 
Such resolutions on the premises as may effectually redress the 
Grievances of your Petitioners and restore them to their Just 
Rights & Priveledges & the Protection of said State, and may 
be duly represented in the Gen' Assembly and have Justice ad- 
ministered under the Authority of the Same — 

And your Pet" Shall ever pray &c 

Lebanon 15*'' Dec'' 1778 

Charles Hill Sam" Bailey Phinehas Wright 

William Downer jur James Jones Sam" Millington 

Solomon Millington John gray Jesse Heath 

Ebenezer Bliss Jabez Baldwin W™ wakefield 

Isaac Cory Beniamin fuller William Downer 

Joseph Tilden Jr Simeon Hovey Josiah Hovey 

Joseph Wood Eliezer Robinson James Fuller 

December 24 — at a Meeting of the Within Named petioners 


Voted S*^ Petition be Shewn to the Select men of 3'e town 
Voted that this meeting Be Adjourned to the 28"^ instant 

Jesse Heath Clark 

Dec'"" 38"' the above petitioners met by adjournment and 
Voted mr. wilHam Downer their agent to present S*^ petition to 
the Hon''''' Asembly of S*^ State or in there reses to the Hon"^ 
president and Council and Receive Their answer — 

Jesse Heath Clarke 

[6-28] \_Relaiive to afi alleged Riot^ ^779 •\ 

Lebanon Newhamshire July 27"" ^779 
To the Hon''' Meshack Ware and the Hon''''' Councel of the 
State of Newhamshire — 
Gentlemen : your petitioners desire to inform your Honersof 
A late disturbance in this town : against all Law both Humane 
and divinezirand in defyance of the authority of the State: a 
number of men went to the dweling House of m"" Jams Joans 
in the Evening of the 22*^ inst. And by force and Violence, 
toock him from his bed and bound Him on a horse with his 
face to the horses tail : and he was obliged to Ride in that 
maner four or five miles^to a tavern they following him with 
Bells horns &°=:at the tavern they abused him in a most Shock- 
ing maner with words and blows: then Return'' about half a 
mile made a halt and abused him as before : Even thretening 
with death till He was oblig*^ to Comply with thir unreasonable 
Demands, your petitioners are Very much threttened if we 
Say any thing against Such Conduct, therefore we pray your 
Honers to take the mater into Considerration. and Afford us 
Such assistance as you in your wisdom Shall think best 

Jesse Heath 

Sam' Baile}' ^ Com" 

Charles hill 

[6-30] [^Protest against the Action of the Tozvn^ l'j8o.~\ 

State of Newhampshire County of Grafton 
Lebanon 31^' March 17S0 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the town of Said Lebanon 
Who hold our selves in duty bound To be League Subjects of 
the State of Newhampshire — 

Do hereby publickly remonstrate and protest against the Ille- 
gal proceeding of the Town of Lebanon (viz) theTown Voting 


to pay no regard To the Authority of the state of Newhamp- 
shh-e "and that thay Would Yeild no Obedience to any precept 
sent to them from the Authority of Said state for raising men 
for the defence of the United states or any other wise — 

The Town enacting Laws in town meeting repugnant to the 
Laws of the state and adopting the Laws of Connecticut to gov- 
ern them Selves by in open violation of the Authority of the 
state of Newhampshire Altho thay have Unanimously Ac- 
knowlidge themselves under the Jurisdiction of Newhampshire 
by Vollentarily confiderating with said State and the Town 
under a pretence of authority in a high handed manner fre- 
quently stop men in the highway Rob them of their property 
even when they have a Certitflcate from proper authority to 
pass unmolested and Blocking up the publick Highway by 
falling Trees Across the path so as to Render it impractible for 
Travilors to pass Whereby Travilers have been much injured 
and to the disgrace of the Town and many Other Illegal pro- 
ceedings inconsistant in themselves and injurious to the public 
peace of this and Neibouring towns, — To be Communicated to 
the Town forth with 

Sam' Bailey Jesse Heath Charles Hill 

Eben' Bliss W"" Downer W" Downer Ju' 

Phinehas Wright Sam' Millington Sam' Millington Ju' 

Soloman Millington Benj" Fuller James Fuller 

James Jones John (jray Joseph Tilden Jun"' 

Elezer 'Robinson Jabez Baldwin W'" Wakefield 

Joel Kilburn Gideon Baker Nathaniel Hall Jun"" 

[From Gen. Chase's papers.] 

\_Call fo)' a Conference JMeetmg"^ l'/8o.'\ 

Lebanon New Hamshire Grants 33'' October 17S0. 

Whereas the present Day calls for every Exertion touching 
the publick Cause, that our Lives & properties may be safe & 
secure from Invasions of our natural and unnatural Enemies & 
that we have reason to believe, we have many of the most 
abandoned Wretches, that are lost to all the fealings of hu- 
manity among us, who do intend the Destruction of this 
flourishing Country if not prevented. — We whose names are 
here inscribed do request that no time be lost in taking up 
all suspected Persons that are Enemical to the Liberties of 
this Country — That every Town would exert themselves for 
that purpose — That the Towns on this Frontier would form into 
some Plan, for the design & purpose of purging out this Detest- 


able Leven. We desire the Committee & Selectmen & the 
Principal Inhabitants of the Neighboring Towns would attend 
at M"' Bliss's Inholder in Lebanon, on Monday the 30"^ of Octo- 
ber 17S0 for this purpose 

Nehemiah Estabrook j Committee Simeon Peck ) c i 

Elisha Lathrop > of Theo-Huntington > ^ 

Elihu Hyde ) Safety Nath> Stores j ^^^^^ 

A Coppy of a Letter sent to the adjacent Towns 

Attest Elijah Dewey Jun"" 

1^6—29] \_Relative to Vermont Controversy^ iy82.'\ 

State of New Hampshire Grafton County 

Lebanon 15 : May 17S2 

To the Hon''''^ the Council and General Assembly of the State 
of New Hampshire — 

We the Subscribers Did prefer A Petition to your Honours 
Dated at Lebanon 15* Decem"" 177S. Setting forth Some Diffi- 
cultys & grievances we Laboured under. — & praying for Re- 
dress in the premices, — We Rec'^ an Answer to Said Petition 
from the Com"*^® of Safety Dated S^^Jan^ '779 informing us that 
the General Assembly had Resolved to take up & Consider the 
matter and Endeavour to Redress our Grievances, — Recom- 
mending to us to pay no Obedience to any Authority but what 
was Derived from the Legeslature of New Hampshire, which 
Recommendation we have Steadily Adheared to — and have 
publicklv Remonstrated against the Illegal & irregular proceed- 
ings of the Town in Town Meeting, as will Appear by A Re- 
monstrance herewith Exhibitted, which was Laid before the 
Town &c — 

We would inform your Honours we have always Stood 
Ready to pay our Equal proportion of the Taxes CalF for by 
the Authority of New Hampshire, but by Reason of being 
over powered by Numbers Could Never obtain to have A Reg- 
ular List made up to have our Tax proportioned or any Legall 
officer to Collect, by which means the money haith Died in our 
pockets, — 

We now putting Confidence in your Great wisdom and Good- 
ness being fully purswaded that you will Compasionate & hear 
the prayer of your Distressed Leage Subjects, Do now again 
most Earnestly Petition to your Honours to Consider our Case, 
and grant us Such Releife in the premises as in your wisdom 
you Shall think Just & Reasonable, So as that your Petitioners 
may be as Little Sufferers as possible by the Disorderly & Dis- 


obedient Conduct of the Town, and the Great Evils and Disad- 
vantages they have involved themselves in by not Continuing 
Loyal Subjects of the State, and paying their Taxes in Season — 

Jesse Heath ) p ^ 
Charles Hill J ^"""^ 

[6-31] S^Dispiited yurisdiction^ 1/82.^ 

To the Hon*"" the Gen" Assembly of the State of New Hamp"" 
To be Holden at Ports'"" in s<^ 'State, the third Wednesday of 
Dec' Instant, — 

May it jilease Your Hon'"'' 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Towai of Lebanon in 
the County of Grafton in S*^ State ; having taken into Consider- 
ation the Several Resolves of the Hon"*'" the Continental Con- 
gress, Respecting the Disputes that have Arisen about the Ju- 
risdiction of the State of N : Hamp'^ over the H a mp"'*' Grants 
(So Called) are of the Opinion that S*^ Resolves, implicitly de- 
clare it to be the Opinion of that August Body, that that part of 
S** Grants Lying East of Connecticut River (in which we are 
included) Should be under the Jurisdiction of the State of New 
Hamp""" ; with which we Readily Comply ; and Acknowledge 
the same ; Yet, Nevertheless for us to be Obliged to pay the 
back State Taxes ; for the time being that we have been uncon- 
nected with the State of New Ha mp''' in matters of Govern- 
ment, we Look upon it to be a Hardship, & Trust that your 
Hon'* will Consider us in that matter ; & as there is a Consid- 
erable Number of the inhabitants of this Town that wholly De- 
ny the Jurisdiction of N : Hamp'S — if your Hon" should find 
yourselves Laid under the Disagreeable Necessity of using Co- 
ercive measures, with Opposers. to your Authority we Hope 
that your Hon" will make a Specitick Difference between them 
& Us, & we as in Duty bound Shall Ever pray 

Joseph Tilden Sam^ Bailey Solomon Millington 

James Jones Sam" Millington Sherebiah Ballard 

Jesse Heath Gid" Baker Ziba Hall 

Stephen Billing Tho' Bingham Heze Waters 

Nath' Hall Ju' Charles Hill Jn" Wheatley 

Joseph Chamberlin Simon Slapp Oliver Penney 

Rufus Baldwin Dan Metcalf Stephen Tilden 

James Hartshorn Charles Tilden Tho' Wells 

Joel Kilborn Joseph Wood Phinehas Wright 

Barna Tisdale David Hinckley William Downer jur 

W'" Downer Joseph Downer Randol Evans 

David Crocker Silas Waterman 

An'' Wheatley William Dana 


[Documents relative to the dispute concerning the juris- 
diction over the New Hampshire grants, east of Connecti- 
cut river, may be found in Vol. X. — Ed.] 

[6-33] \^Relative to recordhig Grants hi Office of the Sec- 
retary of State^ jy82.'\ 

To the Honourable Council of the state of New Hampshire and 
to the general Assembly of said State to meet at Concord in 
said State on the second Tuesday of June in the Year of our 
Lord Seventeen hundred and eighty two — 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the town of Lebanon in 
the County of Grafton in said State humbly petition and shew 
to your Honors — That they are, either original Grantees of 
land, granted either by Benning Wentworth, Esq ; or John 
Wentworth, Esq ; late Governors of said State, or claim land 
by virtue of conveyances from such original Grantees — That in 
consequence of the confusion that has prevailed in said County 
but a small part of the Laws of said State have been received 
in said County, for a number of Years so that your Petitioners 
never heard of the act of the General Assembly of said State, 
entitled An Act For Recording Grants, Locations or Charters 
of Lands granted by the late Governors thereof — passed March 
the fourth in the year of our Lord Seventeen hundred and 
Eighty, until the time limited in said Act for filing said Grants 
&c in the Secretary's Office in said State was elapsed — That 
your Petitioners have latelv been informed that the time of fil- 
ing said Grants &c as aforesaid has since been lengthned by an 
Act of said Assembly, but that the time allowed by this Act 
had also expired before they received this information — And 
that your Petitioners are in danger of losing their lands in con- 
sequence of their not knowing of the passing of said Acts — 

Your Petitioners therefore pray that a further time may be 
allowed for the receiving and recording such Grants &c as 
aforesaid — or that such other relief may be granted to your Pe- 
titioners as to your Honors shall seem meet, as in duty bound 
shall ever pray 

Sam" Bailey W" Downer Charles Hill 

Phinehas Wright William Downer Joseph Downer 

James Jones ju. Solomon Millington 

Gid" Baker Sam" Millington Eliezer Robinson 

Joel Kilborn Benjmin Wright Joseph Tilden Ju'' 

John Gray Nathaniel PLdl Ju'' 


[6-33] \_Protest agaiJist the l7ico7-poratio7i of a District to 
be called Dresde?i^ jySj — incomplete.'] 

Objections against the Incorporation of a part of Lebanon & 
Hanover in the County of Grafton into a distinct Town — 

I — The freeholders of that part of Lebanon, which is sub- 
ject to taxation, & proposed to be taken into said corporation, 
are unanimously opposed to such an Incorporation — That is, 
those of them, who reside in said Lebanon — Fourteen hundred 
and forty Acres are all the land (exclusive of College lands) 
lying in said Lebanon proposed to be taken in — Thirteen hun- 
dred Acres of which are owned by said resident Freeholders, 
and a considerable part of the one hundred and forty Acres re- 
maining are owned by a Minor — 

2. That the said resident Owners, have done already their 
proportion for building up Dartmouth College, and they can 
see no reason why thev should be subject to the Authority of 
said College and their dependants — They have given one hun- 
dred and fifty Acres of Land, and in money and labour, to the 
amount of Fifteen pounds — Altho but eight in number, and 
subject to those difficulties, which generally attend tliose, who 
settle a new Country, And if such an Incorporation should be 
made every vote would be carried according to the Inclinations 
of the said Autohrity, who will always have a sufficient num- 
ber of Dependants to assist them in carrying any point — where- 
by the situation of the said resident Owners would be exceed- 
ingly imcomfortable. — 

3. By such an Incorporation the said Freeholders wmII be ex- 
cluded from all benefit to public rights, and to ministerial and 
school privileges in s** Lebanon — The public rights in s*^ Leba- 
non are so far improved and disposed off that a considerable 
sum accrues to Lebanon from such Imjorovements and disposal, 
A minister is settled — a meeting house and several School- 
houses are built — 

From which benefit, the s*^ Freeholders Avould be excluded 
by such an Incorporation — 

4. Many new roads must be made to accomodate such a 
Town as is desired — whereas if the s*^ Freeholders remain as 
they are in conjunction with Lebanon, the expence of said new 
roads will be saved — 

5. That the s'^ Incorporation will ever greatly be burthened 
with poor to maintain — Dependants must be introduced and 
not warned out 'till they become a town-charge — 

6. That the expence of maintaining town order will be great, 
& a very large part of that expence will fall upon the s*^ Free- 
holders in proportion to their interest. The s'' Freeholders are 
the owners of double, if not treble the land in s*^ proposed 


township, which will be subject to taxation — and the College 
will ever own stock and other ratiable propert}^ whereby the 
s'^ Freeholders are apprehensive that they shall be obliged to do 
a great, if not the greatest part towards supporting the poor, 
and discharging other town expences, which they feel unable 
ever to perform — 

7. That it would be unprecedented to seperate any from a 
particular Corporation, they had joined without their consent 
either explicit or implicit 

[See Hanover papers, ante. — Ed.] 

[6-34] \_ReIative to the Collection of Taxes. '\ 

To the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives of 
the State of New Hampshire now setting in Concord — 

The petition of the Select Men of the Town of Lebanon in 
the County of Grafton Humbly sheweth 

That from the year 1777 till the year 17S1 — sundry sums of 
money were from time to time voted by said Town for defray- 
ing necessary Town charges, and for defending ourselves on 
the Frontier against the Common Enemy, that tax bills were 
from time to time made out agreeable to said Votes, but Col- 
lected only in part, untill the year 1781 when at a Legal Meet- 
ing of the Lihabitants of said Town M'' Constant Storrs was 
appointed to Collect the aforesaid Taxes, and they were accord- 
ingly Committed to him to Collect — That as said Bills were 
made on Inventories not conforming to the then Laws of this- 
State, though at the same time makeing the Average to each 
person so taxed very nearly the same, as the law in that Case 
would have done, and were made by the General Order Vote, 
and direction of the people of s** Town, yet as we apprehend 
it unsafe to proceed to collect said Taxes unless the said Col- 
lector is duly authorized so to Do — 

Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Honours 
would pass such act or resolve as may enable said Collector to 
complete the Collection of s"^ Bills 

And 3'our Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray — 
Concord 12"' of David Hough, 

June 17S3 in the behalf of s*^ Select Men 

[6-35] \_Relatlve to the Incorporation of Dresden^ iy8j.'\ 

To the Speaker of the house of Representatives of the State of 
New Hampshire Now Seting att Concord — 


Sir : Should thare be any moshon on thursday Nex to See if 
the a Sembly will in Corperate in to a Destinct town a Sarting 
tract of Land lying on Conotocut River so called being part of 
Hanover and part of Lebanon by the name of Drisdon I Beg 
Sir — you would in forme the Honorobel house that thare is a 
potishon or praor to vSd house not to Encorperate in to a Des- 
tinct town the Lands potishond for last seting of a Sembly 
those that signed a Ganst incorporation owne more than one 
half the ratobol land Contand in the potishon for incorperation 
you Sir and the house in General are Sensobol the Coledg 
Lands and Ofosors of Coledge are not taxt Sir thare is not 
much if any more one hundred and seventy acors under Em- 
provement taxabol lands in Sd tract potishond for inCoperation 
Sir we heare thare was an order of Cort upon thare Potishon 
that the matter should be heard and Reson shone if any why 
it should not be in Coperated and that the order of Cort should 
be publeshed in the publick papers we have No knowledg of 
the orders being Complyd with Sir; the Reson of my trough- 
bling you with this letter was, I was Desired to a tend Cort 
and see that the potishonors protest a ganst in Coperation was 
lade be fore the honorabel house when I Sot out better than a 
fortenate a Go from home Expected to a Returnd home time 
anough to a ben Down bv the Day and Left the Potishon with 
the Signors being wethor bound find I Cant Comply with thare 
requsti feare thay will have opertunity to send thare potishon 
on with thare reasons why thay would wish not to be in Cop- 
erated in to a Distinct town — 

Sir, tho you are a Stranger to me the Stashon or place you 
stand in is Sofishont Evidence to me that you are Gentelman 
of Vorasoty and must feale for Every Injured Suftbrer in the 
State in which asembly that you are the Speaker of that Body 
that we under God have no whare Els to look for help in mat- 
ters of this nature — 

Sir — if you think that we are not to poore to be Notest hav- 
ing but small interest Liabol to pay what Ever is put upon us 
without ever having a Voice in Representation Liabol to make 
and mend the Rodes threw all the Coledg land with out thare 
help which Rods are Verey bad and the few and poor inhabo- 
tonc will be oblige to make and mend or Suffer the penalty ot 
Law <'or Not Doing it that you will att least Continue oure 
trial or delay incorporating said town untill the Next Seshon, 
att which time Hanover and Lebanon will be represented as 
thay are not Know as thay Consider it — 

if a Sembly under the Consideration that we Cant by Reson 
of the rods being bloct and Som other matters that the house 
ought to Know upon oure trial that Cant be said before the 
a Sembly this Seshon if thay in thare wisdom would Give us 


a heare ing att the nex Seting we should think oure Selvs in 
Duty bound to pray 

December 20"" 1783 — 

Gideon Tiffan in behalf of 

Signers a ganst in Copration of Dresdon 

[6-36] \_Relative to the Incorporatioii of Dresde^i^ lySj."] 

Know all men by these Presents — That we the Subscribers 
Freeholders of the town of Lebanon in the County of Grafton 
and State of New Hampshire do by these presents severally 
constitute & appoint Joseph Tilden of s'^ Lebanon our lawfull 
Attorney in all causes moved or to be moved for us or against 
us in our respective names to appear plead & pursue to final 
Judgment and Execution — Particularly to repair to the General 
Assemblv of s** State to sit at Concord in s"^ State in December 
instant, & in our names to oppose the granting the prayer of a 
Petition presented to the s*^ Assembly at their last Session, by 
Bezaleel Woodward and others, requesting the Incorporation 
of a part of said Lebanon & a part of Hanover in said County 
into a distinct town — In our names to appear at any Session of 
the said Assembly, & there to transact any matter or inatters to 
prevent the s*^ Incorporation, that we might respectively do 
were we personally present — with full power of substitution — 

In witness whereof we have hereto respectively set our hands 
& Seals the 19*'' day of December Anno Domini 1783 — 

Joseph Tilden Jr Rufus Baldwin Rufus Baldwin Ju 

Charles Tilden Joel Tilden Samuel Baldwin 

Stephen Tilden 

[The scheme for the incorporation of Dresden did not 
succeed. See Hanover papers, ante. — Ed.] 

[^~37] [ William Dana for a I^erry-, ^784.'] 

To the Hon''' the General Assembly of the State of New Hamp- 
shire to sit at Exeter in March in the Year of our Lord Sev- 
enteen hundred & eighty four — 

Humbly shew^s William Dana of Lebanon in the County of 
Grafton in s*^ State — That he was one of the first settlers in s"^ 
Lebanon, that he has suffered greatly by the passing of persons 
thro' his land, in going over Connecticut river, to Hartford in 
the State of Vermont (so call'd)— That the privilege of a ferry 


in s^ river parallel with s*^ Lebanon has not been granted — But 
the profits of assisting to the crossing s*^ river against s*^ Leba- 
non have been ingrossed by those that live not in the State of 
New-Hampshire, & have no estate therein, & can easily evade 
any law of s'^ State for the regulation of Ferries — Your Peti- 
tioner therefore prays, the granting to him & his heirs the privi- 
lege of a ferry, beginning at the Northwest Corner of his house 
Lott in s'^ Lebanon — thence extending across s*^ river in a direct 
line with the north line of s'' Lott to the western bank of s** 
river — thence south on s'' bank one mile & an half — thence east 
across s'^ river to the North bank of the river Mascoma — thence 
North on the eastern bank of the first mentioned river to the 
first mentioned bound — as in duty bound shall ever pray 

William Dana 
[Petition granted. — Ed.] 

£6-38] \_Petition for a nezv 7ozv?i, iy8j.'\ 

State of New Hampshire — 
To the Honarable the Senate, and House of Representatives in 

General Court to be convened at Concord on the Third 

Wednesday of October instant — 

The petition of Elisha Payne and others Inhabitants of the 
Towns of Lebanon Hanover — Enfield and Canaan in said 
State, humbly shew that their local situation is such, being in 
the four adjoining corners or parts of said towns, and so remote 
from the centre of the Respective Towns to which they belong, 
and the places of their holding Town and other publick Meet- 
ings that renders it very inconvenient and allmost imposable 
for them to attend especially on the sabbath or Lords day. 
That the Territory of land here after discribed, being about 
four Miles square is so situated, and the laying of the rhodes 
through the same such, that makes it convenient for them to be 
a district or Town of themselves, and will Not hurt or injure 
the respective towns from which they may be taken off. Your 
petitioners therefore humbly pray Your Honers to take their 
case into Your wise consideration and Grant them relief, by 
allowing them an incorporation with Town privileges agreeably 
to the following limits and boundaries, viz begining at the 
Northwest corner of lot N'' 50, of the village lots so called, 
in the line between said Lebanon and Hanover from thence 
runing south 23° west by the westerly line of said Village lots 
untill it comes to Masquama River, then turning and runing 
up said River and crossing the same to the southwest corner of 
Lot N° 36 on the southerly side of said River from thence 
southerly a strate line to the southwest corner of lot N° 9 on 


the Northerly side of Enfield Rhode (so called) Thence south 
72 degrees east by said Enfield Rhode to the east line of Leba- 
non called the Freeman line, and to continue the same course 
in said Enfield one Mile and a half thence turning oft' and run- 
ing North 36° E. parilel with the Town line vmtill it comes to 
said River thence up the River to the Bridge standing on said 
River in Canaan from thence North 36° East so far as one Mile 
and a quarter from Enfield North line thence turning oft' and 
Runing North 64° west through part of Canaan and into said 
town of Hanover to the Northeast corner of Lot No. 13 and by 
the Northerly line thereof and by the Northerly line of three 
lots, No 3 untill it comes to lot No. 17 thence turning oft 
by said lot No 17, 18 and 19 and so continue the same cours 
to the line between Lebanon and Hanover thence by said line 
to the Bounds began at which tract or ter- 
ritory of land as above discribed, Your Petitioners pray May 
be by Your Honers incorporated into a district or town by 
name of and the inhabitants thereof invested with all 
the powers priviledges and immunitys that other towns or dis- 
tricts under the like circumstances within the State have and 
injoye, or in some other way grant Your petitioners relief in 
the premises as Your Honers in Your wisdom shall Judge 
Most convenient and Your petitioners in duty bound will ever 

Dated Lebanon 12"" da}' of October, 17S5 — 

Walter Peck Ebba Peck Nathan Blodget 

David Hinckley Edm'' Freeman Gid" Baker 

John Crowell David Stoddard Lonard Hoar 

Daniel Swetland James Bellows Jonathan Bingham 

Abiel Willes Ephraim Brown Sam'^^ Karr 

Daniel Willes Elisha Payne Thomas Howard 

Benjamin Wright Jeriah Swetland Clap Sumner 

Daniel Alden Enoch Redington Phinehas Allen 

Diarus Allen Simeon Cooke Solomon Millington 
Joseph Basford 

[The petitioners did not succeed in their efforts to obtain 
the incorporation of a nev^ town. — Ed.] 

[^~39] \_Samuel Bailey for a Ferry^ lySj.^ 

State of New Hampsh"" 
To the Hon'''*" Senate & house of Representatives in General 
Court Convend at Portsmouth on y'' first wensday of June 
The Petition of Samuel Bailey of Lebanon humbly shewetb 


that your petitioner hath purchas'd afarrn adjoining Conecticut 
River where there has been a ferry kept for several years like- 
wise your petitioner has purchased the boats that has been Im- 
proved at s*^ Ferry wherefore your petitioner humbly prayeth 
that your Hon" may take his Case under your wise considera- 
tion and grant to your Petitioner the Exclusive Right of a ferry 
from the mouth of white River to y* mouth of Mascame River 
being about one mile & an half to him and his Heirs and as- 
signs and your Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Sam" Bailey 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 10, 1786, the foregoing petition was 
granted. — Ed.] 

[6-40] \_ReIative to the Charter of the Toivn^ I'/Sd.'] 

State of Newhamp'''^ 
To the Honourable the Senate, & house of Representatives 
Convened at Concord, the first Wednesday in June 1786 — 
The Petition of the proprietors of Lebanon humbly sheweth, 
that in the year 1765 — after the Charter, & Records of said 
Proprietors, ware Transposed, from Mansfield, (in the then 
Colony of Connecticut.) to said Lebanon, the said Charter, was 
kept by Lieu' Levi Hyde, in a Chest, fill'' with Clothes, into 
which Chest some mice Got in, unperceived, & Doubtless ware 
lockt in, as two of them wai'e found Dead, in said Chest, some 
time after, & we suppose .that in the time of their Confinement, 
they happened to find the way to said Charter, which was 
folded together ; and did Eat, and Deface it : Considerably : yet 
not so as to Destroy it, as may appear on view thereof, and as 
there was an Exact Entry made of said Charter in the Records 
of said proprietors, (which we have sent by Rob' Colburn Our 
Agent, to Satisfie your Honours of the truth of facts,) we 
humbly Conceive that your Honours will find no Reasonable 
Objection, against Your Honours Granting the Request of vour 
petitioners ; which is, that your Honours would please to Order 
the Secretary of said State to make an Entry of said Charter, 
in the Records of said State and as we Trust; that Justice & 
Equity, is the Grand and invariable Bases, of your Honours, 
Determinations, in all matters, and things that Relate to the 
State in General, as well as Single Communities ; We the more 
Chearfully Crave your Honours Compliance with our Request ; 
And as in Duty bound ; Shall Ever pray — 

Dated in said Lebanon This loth Day of June, 17S6 — 

Jn° Wheatley Prop'" Clerk- 
By order of, & in behalf of s'' prop'"'* 


[6-41] \_Relatlve to Town Bou7idaries^ l'/86.'\ 

To the Hon'''" the Senate & House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampsliire convened at Concord the first 
Wednesday of June AD 17S6 

The Petition of Elisha Payne of Lebanon in the County of 
Grafton Esq"^ agent for the Proprietors of the Township of 
Lebanon aforesaid, & Jesse Johnson of Hainpstead in the 
County of Rockingham Esq"" agent for the township of Enfield 
in said County of Grafton — Humbly shews that the Proprietors 
of Lebanon & Enfield aforesaid for the amicable settlement of 
divers suits & controversies have appointed your Petitioners as 
their Agents to request your Honors to empower & authorize 
three persons, hereafter to be named by your Petitioners, to be 
a Committee with full power & authority to settle & establish 
the boundaries & lines between the Towns aforesaid — And that 
if any person or persons who have purchased lands of any of 
the proprietors of Enfield should fall within the limits of the 
Township of Lebanon the said proprietors of Lebanon shall 
relinquish all right to such lands to such purchaser or purchas- 
ers upon their paying the value of said Lands estimating the 
same as wild unimproved Lands — & so vice versa if any person 
or persons who purchased lands of the proprietors of Lebanon 
should fall within the limits of Enfield. 

And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Concord 16"" June 17S6 

Elisha Payne 
Jesse Johnson 

[111 H. of Rep., June 16, 1786, the foregoing petitioners 
were granted " leave to bring in a bill." The following is 
the committee's report : — Ed.] 

[6-42] \_Report of Committee on Boundaries^ I'j86.'\ 

State of New Hamp'^ Grafton ss 

Whareas we the Subscribers Being Oppinted a Committee 
by the Honor" General Assembly of said State to Establish the 
Boundaris between the towns of Lebanon and Enfield have 
meet acordingly upon said towns and after Due Examination 
of the Bounds and Lins of s'^ towns of Lebanon and infield, 
Porceeded as foloweth firstly begain at a white Pine tree marked 
on the Easterly Bank of Conacutt River which is Caled the 
agreement tree between s'^ Lebanon and Plainfield and thence 
mesured easterly on the line Between s'^ Lebanon and Plainfield 


six milds to a Stake and Stone Comonly Known by the name 
of Sumners Bound then Examined the Lins and Records 
Shewen us Between s*^ Lebanon and Enfield and find a Bound 
Standing at the Northeasterly Corner of s'' Lebanon Comonnly 
Known by the name of the Birch tree but s*^ tree being fell 
Down a Stake and Stons Eracted in the place whare said Birch 
tree stood ; and we Do Establish the first said Stake and Stons 
Coled Sumnors Bound to be a Bound between s*^ Lebanon and 
infield on the Southerly Side of s*^ towns, and the said Birch 
tree (now Stake and Stons) to be the northerly Bounds between 
s*^ Lebanon and infield and Do order that a Strat Line be 
Drawen between s'' Sumnors Bond and said Birch tree or Stake 
standing in the place of said Birch to be the Deviding Line 
between said Lebanon and said infield, and have Recommended 
to said Committee to settle with all Pursons who are on Land 
in ether of s'^ towns which shall fiill out of the town which he 
settled in the best way which thay Can acording to ower orders 
from s*^ Gen" assembly 

which is Humbly Submited 

October y*" 23 : 1786 — 

Charles Johnston ") 

Jeremiah Page > Committee 

Moses Chase ) 

[6-43] [ Certijicate of Nails made, iygi.'\ 

This certifies that Daniel Robinson of Lebanon in the Coun- 
ty of Grafton and State of New Hampshire has made or caused 
to be made three hundred thousand of wrought ten penn\' nails 
between the eighth day of Feb^' Anno Domini 17S9 and the 
twentieth day of Jan^ current — 

In Witness whereof the vSelectmen of s'^ Lebanon hereunto 
set their hands & Seals & the nearest justice of the peace coun- 
tersigns this 28"" day of Jan-^' Anno Domini 1791 

Jesse Cook ] Selectmen 

Stephen Billings j s^ Lebanon 

Attest Aaron Hutchinson Jus. pacis 

Feb^ 179^ Received an Order on the Treasuier for fifteen 
pounds — 

Jon* Freeman 



The township was set off from Durham Jan. i6, 1766, 
and incorporated with full town privileges, by the name of 
the " Parish of Lee " For petition, see Vol. XI, pp. 584, 
586. "Joseph Syas Gent"" was authorized to call the first 

A dispute arose concerning the south boundary line of 
Lee and Durham, which was settled by an act approved 
June 19, 1818, establishing the line as follows : " A straight 
line from an ancient red oak tree, being the south corner 
bounds of the town of Nottingham, and the western bound- 
ary between said Lee and Epping, to a large picked rock 
in the south butment of Durham and Lamperell River 
bridge so called, beginning at said red oak tree, and running 
south eighty-three degrees east, nine hundred and fifty-five 
rods to the easterly line of Epping and the westerly line of 
Newmarket ; thence the same course four hundred and 
eighty-seven rods to the westerly line of Durham, thence 
the same course six hundred and ninety eight rods to the 
aforesaid picked rock." 

[R. 2-1 86] [^Relative to Ediva7-d Dearbot-Ji^ Soldier: ad- 
dressed to the General Courts i/"/8.~\ 

The Petition of Samuel Snell of Lee in the County of Straf- 
ford, & State afores'^ most Humbly Sheweth, that on the 33"* 
of December last, one Edward Dearborn (brother to your peti- 
tioners wife) a Soldier belonging to Cap' John Drew's Com- 
pany in Col" Hale's Regiment, in the Continental Service, 
who was wounded in Battle on the 7* of October last at Sara- 
toga, came to your petitioners house in distressed Circumstan- 
ces, a Musket Ball had pierced thro' his arm above his elbow, 
he was poor, without money or Friend to assist him unless 
your petitioner had taken care of him. * * * 

Samuel Snell — 

[He was attended by Dr. Marshall, of Lee, whose bill, 
amounting to sixteen dollars, he asked to have the state pay, 
and it was granted. — Ed.] 



3[R. 2-1S7] \_£dzvard Leathers' s Orde?\ 1784.'] 

Lee Dec"^ 10 17S4 
To the Treasurer of the State of New Hampshire — 

Sir Please to pay Daniel Cook or order all that is clue to 
Mv Sun Edward Leathers he having been a Soldier in the 2^ 
New Hampshire Reg' — Value Rec'^ Witness my hand 


Witness — Edward X Leathers 


Joseph Chesle Sarah Chesle 

[6-44] \_£)r. jfamcs Brackett reco7n7)ie7ided for a Magis- 
trate^ //^j.] 

To his Excellency the President and the Hon^'*^ the Council of 
the State of New Hampshire — 

The Petition of the Subscribers Freeholders and Inhabitants 
of the Town of Lee in the County of Strafford, humbly 
Shews — 

That many conveniences would attend the Appointment of 
.another Justice of Peace in said town, the Justice already 
appointed living at one extreem part of said town which is 
large. — 

We therefore humbly pray your Excellency & honours that 
Dr. James Brackett of said town may be appointed and com- 
missioned a Justice of Peace for said county of Strafford and 
your petitioners as in duty bound shall pray — 

Lee 6"^ August 1785 — 

Reuben Hill Samuel Emerson 

Thomas Langley Aaron Hanson 

Sam' Sawyer 
Elijah Cartlan 
George Tuttle 
Samuel Mathes 
"william gleden 
Smith Emerson 
Ranah Bickford 
Aaron Davis 
George Dutch 
Jeremiah Lad 
Richard Martin 
■George Curtis 
Miles Randel 
Josiah Dow 

George Shaw 
Ebenezer Samborn 
John Layn 
Willi™ French 
Josiah Bartlet 
Enoch folsom 
John Stevens 
James Davis Jun' 
Andrew W^atson 
Samuel Smith 
Micaih Bickford 
Anthony Pickerin 
James Smith 
Job Runels 

Miles Runels 
Richard Elliot 
Joseph Sias 
Paul Giles 
Josiah Durgan 
Jonath Clark 
Samuel gleden 
Joseph Randel 
Timothy Langley 
Joseph meder 
John kinston 
Clement Davis 
John Davis 
Elijah Fox 
Joseph Follet 
Levi Langley 



James Pickering Thomas Huckins 

William Waymouth Micah Emerson 

amos Furncld Samuel Watson 

Fracis Mathes Asa Folsom 

Josiah Bodge Winthrop Frost 

Jonathan Thompson; 
Gideon Mathes 
Beniamin Bodge 
David Davis 


\_Assessmefit List ^07- Taxes ^ ■^7^7-'] 

Joseph Sias Esq'' 
Samuel Emerson 
Thomas Huckins 
William Gledden 
William Way moth 
Andrew Watson 
Robert Thompson 
Elijah Fox 
George Dutch 
Timothy Moses 
Samuel Chapman 
Enoch Folsom 
Ens" Samuel Smith 
Ephraim Davis 
Aaron Kinnison 
William White 
Ens" Josiah Dow 
Simon Huckins 
Josiah Durgin Jun'' 
John Bunker 
George Curtis . 
Amos Fernald 
John Mathes 
David Rundlet 
John Hide 

Jonathan Stevens 
Lieu* David Davis 
Eliphalet York 
Henry Tufts 
Widow Mary Bryant 
David Wiggin 
Nathaniel Stevens 

John Davis Jun'' 
Ens" Josiah Burleigh 
James York 
Joseph Duda 
Philbrook Barker 
Lieu' Zaccheus 

CI o ugh 
W^illiam Jenkins 
Samuel Mathes 
Miles Randel Esq"" 
Thomas Langley 
John Davis 
Aaron Hanson 
Col" vSamuel Chesle 
Cap' Robert Parker 
James Jenkins 
Christopher Faxon 

Widow Sarah Huck- Cap' Jonathan Lang- 

Cap' Reuben Hill 
Samuel Watson 
John Kennison 
Charles Rundlet 
William French 
Jonathan Dow 
Jonathan Runals 
Widow Sarah Raw 

Docf James Brackett Joseph Burleigh 
Edward Woodman Fernald 'Wallace 

Lieu' Miles Runals 
Thomas Tufts 
Thomas York 
James Davis 
Ichabod Hilton 
John Tash 
Lieu' John Folsom 
Nicholas Duda 
John Stevens 

Job Randel 
Ranah Bickford 
John Mitchel 
Ebenezer Harvey 
Ebenezer Hill 
John Randel 
Benjamin Elliot 
Thomas Langley 

Benjamin Clark 
Daniel Chesle 
John Snell 
Lieu' Aaron Davis 
Lemuel Chesle 
Joseph Clay 
Cap' John Layn 
Aaron Leathers 
John Glover Jun' 
Solomon Emerson 

Simon Randel Jun' 
Isaiah Williams 
John Leathers 
Joseph Clay Jum' 
Paul Leathers 
Nathaniel Callwell 
Thomas Noble 
Micah Emerson 
Moses Davis Jun' 
Israel Babb 
Joseph Randel 
George Shaw 
vSamuel Thompson 
John Pitman 
Benjamin Jones 
Maj' John Demerit 
Simon Randel 
Benjamin Bodge 



Thomas Tuttle 
Moses Davis 
John Page 
Thomas Kinnison 
Thomas Rawlins 
John Hill 
Jeremiah Ladd 
Francis Mathes 
Joseph Roberson 
Joseph Tuttle 
Josiah Batchelder 
Benjamin Mathes 
Widow Susanna 

Joseph Emerson 
Tobias Cartlan 
Widow Abigail 

Josiah Kinnison 
Joseph Meeder 
Gideon Mathes 
Joseph Cartlan 
Jonathan Rawlins 

Ens" Jonathan 

Lieu' Job Runals 
Nathaniel Clough 
Samuel Hill 
Samuel Bickford 
Ebenezer Jones 
Daniel Shaw 
Cap' Josiah Bartlet 
Ebenezer Burnam 

David Munsey 
John Williams 
Wille Hill 
Matthias Jones 
Anthony Jones 
William Leathers 
Solomon Emerson 

Timothy Glover 
Josiah Bodge 

Cap' Timothy Emer- Moses Lamos 

Ricard Elliot 
William Bly 
Richard Martin 
Elias Critchet 
Ebenezer Randel 
John M-^Crillis 
Lieu' Andrew Hilton 

Samuel Clay 

Ezra Clark 

Deacon Joshua Burn- 

John Sias 

James G Bunker 

Jonathan Warner 

Samuel Durgin Elijah Cartlan 

Cap' Hubartus Neal Benjamin Elliot 

James Pickering 

Lieu' Joseph Brack- James Davis Jun"" 


Josiah Durgin 
William Rawlins 
James Brackett 
Samuel Saw3'er 
Joshua Burn ham 

Dennet Wavmoth 
Samuel Gledden 
Phinehas Sanborn 
Winthrop Wiggin 
Lieu' Asa Folsom 
Thomas Badger 
Mark Spinney 
John Rundlet 
Jeremiah Dutch 

Samuel Burleigh 
Jacob York 
Hunkin Dame 
William Laskey 
Samuel Langley 
Lieu' Paul Giles 
Joseph Follet 

Joseph Chesle 
Cap' Smith Emerson 
Edward Leathers 
Widow of Joseph 

John Jones 
John Williams Jun"" 
Edward Hill 
William Callwell 
Andrew Torr Esq' 

Widow Mary Jones Ebenezer Thompson 

Ens" Micajah Bick 

Clement Davis 
Eli Furber 
Samuel Williams 
John Jenkins 
Nathaniel Hart 
Hunkin Fax son 
Peletiah Thompson Walter Philbrook 
Samuel French Daniel Smith 

Cap' George Tuttle Thomas Hill 
Nathaniel Stevens Dodifer Plummer 
A true Coppy Attest — 

Josiah Dow 
James Brackett 

Widow Lois Pinkum 
David Munsev Jun"" 
Ezekiel Wille Jun' 
Nathaniel Randel 
Isaac Williams 
Ebenezer Chesle 
Gideon Garland 
Robert York 
Lieu' Winthrop Frost 
Timothy Langley 

Select Men 
of Lee 


[The original list contains the amount of " Foreign Debt, 
Domestic Debt, State Debt," assessed against each man. — 

([6-46] \_Notice of a Meeting of Alarm-me7i^ iy8/.^ 

State of New Hampshire — 

The Gentle-Men belonging to the alarme List in the Parish 
of Lee are Desired to attend at the House of Elijah Cartlan in 
said Parish on Tuesday the Seventeenth Day of April Current 
at Two of the Clock in after Noon, For to Chuse the Necessary 
officers for to Command said Company 

Nottingham April 4"^ 1787 

Tho'' Bartlett : B. General 

\^Oficers Chosen at said Aleeting.^ 

Strafford ss Lee April 17* 1787 

at a Meeting Duly Notified & heald in Lee on the said 17' 
Day of april for the Choise of officers to Command the Com- 
pany of alarame List in said Town the Votes being Called for 
•& Brought in it appeared that George Tuttle was Chosen to 
Command said Company Cap' John Layn for the Second officer 
M' Josiah Dow for the third officer 

attest Tho« Bartlett B. G 

[6-47] [ fob Runnels recofntnendedfor a Magistrate^ ^7^9- ] 

State of New Hampshire — Straftbi"d ss — 

We the Subscribers Do humbly petition that his Excelency 
and the hon° Senate would Anominate and Appoint Lieu' Job 
Runels of Lee to Be a Civil Magistrate in the Lower part of 
the Parish there being No justice of the piece within five Miles 
of the above Named & therefore we do humbly pray that your 
honours would Grattify our desires — 

Dated at Lee this 19"^ December AD 1789 

Richard Elliot Jonathan Runals Sam^ Hill 

Jn° Footman Christo' Faxon Ebenezer Randel 

Levi Langley Amos Furnald Abraham mathes 

Samuel Smith Sam' Burley John Sias 

Sam Chapman Valentine mathes Clement Davis 

John Chesley Fancies Mathes John Clough 

Joseph Randel Israel Bunam John williams 3*^ 



Samuel Follet 
William Clough 
Nathan Runels 
Benj Elliot 
Mark Hill 
James Davis Se 
Anthony Jones 
Joseph Burley 
Jonathan Runals 

Reuben Hill 
Nathanel Stevens 
David Davis 
John Leathers 

Miles Runels 
Joseph Follet 
Jonathan Randel 
John Randel 
Aaron Bickford 
George Tuttle Juner 
James Harvey 
Thomas Langly 
Daniel Watson 
Pelatiah thompson 
Josiah Burleigh 
George Tuttle Sen 
James Davis Ju"' 
David Munsey Juner 

Hunking Faxson 
Jonathan Thompson 
Thomas Langley 
Mosses Firen 
Nathaniel Stevens 
Josiah Bodge 
Josiah Durgin 
Thomas Noble 
Nathaniel Randel 
Jacob York 
Jonathan Stevens 
John Drew 
David Bunker 

[6-4S] \_Patd Giles reco?nfnended, iy8g.'\ 

State of New Hampshire — 

To his Excellency the President and the Hon^' the privy Coun- 
cil of said State — 

The Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Lee, finding 
great inconveniences arise from the want of a Civil magistrate 
near the Centre of business in said Town, would request your 
Excellency & Honor that some suitable person may be Com- 
missioned of the peace — and if it would not appear too assuming, 
would beg leave to mention Cap' Paul Giles as a man calcu- 
lated to give universal satisfaction to the Inhabitants in said 

Your Excellency's & Honors attention to this request will 
greatly oblige Your very humble Servants — 

Lee Ocf 32"^ 17S9. 

Jonathan Thompson John Jones 
William Jenkins Nathaniel Calwell 
Andrew Hilton Winthrop Frost 

Joseph Chesley Edward Leathers 

Sam' Wigglesworth Josiah Durgin 

Jonathan Dow 
John Clough 
John Jenkins 
John Williams Jur 
Simon Huckins 
William Waymoth 
Simon Randel 
Nathaniel Randel 
John Snell 

James Jenkins 

Edward Hill 
Josiah Dow 
James Davis Ju'' 
Thomas Randel 
George Dutch 
Aaron Davis 

Josiah Durgin Junr Ranah Bickford 

William French 
Dodavah Plumer 
Josiah Huckins 
David Davis 
Daniel Chesle 
Aaron Leathers 

John Williams 
John Stevens 
Clement Davis 
Ichabod VVhidden 
John Chesle 
John vSias 



The township was granted Jan. i, 1753, to Samuel Clark 
Pain and others, by the name of Dupplin. This grant was 
made four days later than the grant of Acworth, and prob- 
ably for the same purpose. 

No settlements were made under this grant, neither were 
any attempted or expected. A re-grant of the territory was 
made Oct. 5, 1761, to Benadam Gallop and others. The 
conditions of this grant were not fulfilled in the matter of 
settlements, and another grant was made Jan. 5, 1767, to 
Dudley Woodbridge and others, in sixty-seven equal shares. 
Settlements were made under this grant, by people from 
Connecticut, about the year 1770; and in January, 1772, 
there were eight families in town, not enough, however, to 
comply with the conditions of the grant, and on the 21st day 
of that month the time for completing the settlement was 
extended three years. See petition, Vol. IX, p. 466. 

By an act passed Dec. 27, 1791, the north-east part of the 
town was set off, and, with portions of Unity, Newport, 
Fishersfield (Newbury), Wendell (Sunapee), incorporated 
into the town of Goshen. 

The jurisdictional line between this town and Washing- 
ton was settled by an act approved Nov. 27, 1812. 

[6-49] \^Relative to the Toxvit's ^iiota of Soldiers^ iy8j.'\ 

To the Honourable General Assembly to be holden at Concord 
on tuesday the Twenty Eighth Day of this present October, 
we your Humble and Dutiful petitioners the Town of Lemp- 
ster beg leave to lay before your Honours a matter Respecting 
an Extent now Against s'' Town for Sixty pounds the One half 
of which we pray may be taken of and we flatter our Selves 
that when your Honours Understand the matters as they are 
you will Release s*^ Town therefrom the matters of fact are 
as follows that Some time in the Year 177S we Received Orders 
from his Hon'' General Bellows to Join in with the Town of 
Acworth and Raise one man for three Years or during the war 
to serve for Both Towns and Accordingly we Agreed with one 
Mathew Grear for three years and paid s"* Grear About forty 
Pounds as our half of his bounty and Cap' Keyes of Acworth 
Agreed to go with the s*^ Grear to the muster master and have 
him mustered and set to the Town of Lemster but Contrary to 


that had him set to the Town of Acworth and Returned for 
them and the s*^ Grear in a few months Aftei' inHsted During 
the war whereby the Town of Lemster were intitled to the one 
half of s*^ Grear and in 1782 Each Town made a Return of s** 
Grear to the Committee of Safety and s"^ Committee gave Us a 
Citation for s*^ Acworth to Appear and give Reasons if any they 
have why the Town of Lemster should not hold s'^ Grear but 
Advises us to Agree with s'^ Acworth and we went and Agreed 
with the Selectmen of Acworth to have one half of s*^ Grear 
Credited to s*^ Lemster and the Other half to s** Acworth 
Carried their Certificate for that purpose but the s*^ Comittee 
said they could not Divide a man and so Laid the whole of s^ 
penalty on the Town of Lemster and now we Request no more 
of your Honours Only to Divide s*^ Extent and The s'^ Lemster 
to pay but One half as they that were of Acworth Requested 
the Hon*''" Committee of Safety to, And we your Dutiful Peti- 
tion Shall Ever pray — 

Allen Willey \ 

Jabez Beckwith > Select Men 

Elijah Frink j 

[In H. of Rep., Nov. 8, 1783, the foregoing petition was 
granted. — Ed.] 

[6-52] {^Return of Ratable Polls, 1783. '\ 

The Number of Ratable Polls in the Town of Lemster Twen- 
ty one years old & upwards is fifty three to be Returned persu- 
ant to the with in Order taken by us 

Allen Willey '\ 

Jabez Beckwith J- Select Men 
Elijah Frink ) 

C^~53] \^Clvil Magistrate xva7itcd, lySj.l 

To the Houn'^ Council — 

Gentlemen — 

as their is a Veakency in Lancaster for a Justice of the peace 
I as a Representative for that Town have taken Sum pains to In- 
quiar who is the fittest person for that Office, and the people 
Differ Sum in Sentiment — But Capt william Cary and mr Elijah 
frink is held up to Vew — as proper persons Either of them for 
that office — 



Leaven it to your Honours to Apint One of them as you in 
your wisdom think fit — 

Daniel grout 
Concord febuary 17* 17S5 


\_Assess7ne/it List^ i'/8'/.'\ 

To J T. Gihnan Esq"" Treasurer for the State of New Hamp- 
shire — A copy of the proportion of the Foreign Domestic & 
State Debt — for the Town of Lemster made by us the Sub- 
sci'ibers — 

Lemster June 5, 

Allen Willey 
Abraham Davis 
Benjamin Bushe 
Comfort Wilcox 
Daniel Chappel 
David Taylor 
Elijah Bingham 
Eleazer Cary 
Eli Hull 
Freegrace Booth 
Harris Bingham 
Isaac Tatten 
James Bingham 
Jabez Hurd 
James Rich 
John Way 
Milan Hebard 
Nathaniel Way 
Oliver Cary 
Philermon Andras 
Richard Chapman 
Shubael Hurd 
Sam' Roundye 
Timothy Nichols 
Vine Bingham 
Zacheus Spencer 

Andrew French 
George Atkinson 



Asa Hebard 
Alvin Roundye 
Barnabas Phelps 
Calvin Bingham 
Daniel Noyes 
David Willey 
Elijah Frink 
Eliot Cary 
Elizabeth Jackson 
Francis West 
Hezekiah Huntley 
Israel Smith 
Jabez Bra i nerd 
Jonathan Prentis 
John Scott 
John Way Ju'' 
Niles Beckwith 
Nathan Willey 
Oliver Booth Ju'' 
Peter Lowell 
Resolved Wheeler 
Sam^ Huntly 
Silas Bingham 
Urijah Bra i nerd 
William Cary 
Allen Willey Ju"" 

Wi"^>^ } Select 
Beckwith \ ^^^^^^ 
T^ . , t men 

Frnik ) 

Andrew Dodge 
Charles Willey 
Charles Miner 
David Roberts 
Elijah Abell 
Epaphras Booth 
Elijah Frink Ju^ 
Elisha Thacher 
Gam' Huntington 
Isaac Dodge 
Jabez Beckwith 
Joshua Booth 
James Rogers 
Jonath" Taylor 
Luther Martin 
Nathan Scovil 
Oliver Booth 
Phinehas Abell 
Roswell Bingham 
Reubin Willey 
Sam' Nichols 
Tho^ Eggleston 
Uzel Hurd 
Will™ Story 

Non-resident owners. — 

David Wheler 
John Sabens 

John Ormsby 
Jacob Arnold 



Joseph Beckwith 
Jabez Avery^ Hr^ 
John Langdon 
John Avery 
^s[athan Blake 
Tho^ Scovil 
Eben"' Spaulding 

Joseph Wilcox 
James Hickey^ Hr 
John Ashley 
John Perkins 
Russel Miles Hr^ 
William Iseham 
Eliph' Barkers Heirs 

Jacob Spaulding 
John Bachelor 
Nath' Shaws Hr^ 
Shubael Brainerds 

Israel Jennings 

[The original return shows the amounts assessed against 
each man. — Ed.] 

[6-55] \_Relaiive to ToiV7t Bo7itidaries, l'/88.'\ 

To the Hon' General Assembly of the State of New Hamp- 
shire to be convened at Concord on wednesdav the 13"* day of 
June Instant. The Petition of the proprietors of the Towns of 
Lemster & Marlow Humblv sheweth — that the Eastern line of 
s*^ Towns being in such a Situation that thev cannot be Affixed 
So as to give satisfaction without an Order from Your Hon" — 

therefore the prayer of Your Petitioners is that the Hon' 
Court make order that the Surveyor Gen' or his Dep-^' or a com- 
mittee be Appointed to settle S'' lines at the expence of S*^ pro- 
prietors or any other way your Hon"" Shall Judge best to An- 
swer the Above purpose — 

and Your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Lemster Jan"" 14, 17SS. 

Allen W^illey 
Jabez Beckwith 
Elijah Frink [Proprietors 

Lemuel Miller f Committees- 

Sam^' Royse 
Sam" Canfield 

[6-5S] \^Opposition to the JVorth-cctst Coriter Petitioji., iygo.'\ 

Lemster May 17, 1790 

We the subscribers inhabitants of S*^ Lemster are opposers to 
the Petition which was presented to the General Court at their 
last Session praying that part of S'' Town might be taken off 
and incorporated with part of Sundry other Towns mentioned 
in S'' Petition 

Jabez Beckwith 
Phinehas Abell 
Elijah Bingham 

Tim" Miner James Bingham 

Urijah Brainerd Peter Porter 

James Rogers Jun'^ Nath' Rogers 



Sylvester Abell 
Jabez Braineid 
Eli Hull 
W™ Isham 
Shubael Hurd 
Cornelius Wheeler 
Jonath" Preiitis 
Freegrace Booth 
John Scott 
Benj" Phelps 
David Taylor 
Isi^ael Smith 
John Way 
Charles Miner 
John Sabin 
W"^ Cary 
James Rogers 

Sam^ Nichols 
Harris Bingham 
Comfort Wilcox 
Jabez Hurd 
Sam' Roundye 
Niles Beckwith 
W™ Way 
David Gordon 
Nath' Way 
Rich"^ Chapman 
iVbner Hoyt 
Jonath" Taylor 
Benj" Way 
Elias Fisher 
Oliver Booth 
Oliver Cary 
Josiah Rogers 

Nath" Scovil 
Alvan Roundye 
Tim° Nichols 
Tho" Egelston 
Barnabas Phelps 
Hezekiah Huntly 
Oliver Booth Jun"" 
John Thacher 
Daniel Bingham 
Barnabas Philps Jn' 
Dan' Noyes 
Jonathan Booth 
Sam' Ayers 
David Stoddard 
Stickney Chase 
W'" Cary Jun'' 
Sam' Roundye Jun"" 

Uzel Hurd ^ Select 

Daniel Chappel ) men 

[6-57] S^Remonst ranee to haviiig the JSfortJi-east Corner set 

off, i7go.'\ 

State of New Hampshire — 

To the Honorable House of Representatives in General Court 
to convene at Concord on the first Wednesday of January 
next — 

The Petition of the subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of 
Lemster liveing in that part of Said Town which is included 
by a plan which was exhibited to the General Court at their 
session in December last with a Petition signed by Daniel 
Grendell & Others : which Petition Requested the Honorable 
Court to incorporate the Teritory included by Said plan into a 
Township — Your Petitioners beg leave to inform your Honours 
that we are very unwilling to be incorporated as requested by 
the Above mentioned Petitioners that the line will divide our 
farms leaveing part in one Town and part in another : and if 
our cituation is remote from the center as is represented in the 
Above mentioned Petition : we would inform your Honors that 
we had much rather live in a remote part of the Town of Lem- 
ster than in a remote part of their intended new Township — 
Your Petitioners are sure that to divide the Town of Lemster 
will be a very material injury to our own Interests & to that of 
S** Town in General — Therefore your Petitioners most Humbly 
request yoiu- Honors that the Petition of the Said Daniel Gren- 


•dell and others (so far as it respects S"^ Town of Lempster) 
may not be granted and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall 
ever Pray 

Lemster December 25. 1790 — 

Vine Bingham 
W" Story 
David gordon 
Calvin Bingham 

[It seems that a petition had been presented to the legis- 
lature to have a new town formed from portions of Lemp- 
ster, Unity, Newport, and what is now Sunapee and New- 
bury, but said petition and plan have not been found. The 
matter was presented to the legislature again, as may be 
seen by the following : — Ed.] 

[6-5634] \_Petition to have the No7-th-east Part set off^ and 
xvith other Territory incorporated into a Toxon^ iygi.'\ 

To the Honrable Senate and House of Representatives for the 
State of New Hampshire to be Convened at Concord on the 
First Wednesday of June Next, 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitens of Lempster 
being fully perswaded that the Northeast Corner of the Town 
of Lempster with a part of Sundry other Towns adjoining 
ought to be Incorporated into a Town for the Situation of the 
Inhabitants is Such that they cannot be accomodated without 
great Damage to the other parts of Said Town and in our opin- 
ion it will not hurt the Town of Lempster as the Situation of 
Lempster is Such but will leave ft in a better Situation without 
them than it will to have Said Corner Continued as it now is 
and therefore your Petitioners are So fully Satisfyed that it will 
be for the Interest of this Town as well as for the Peace and 
happiness of the Same to have them Set of as Soon as may be 
as your Honours in your Wisdom Shall See fit. And it is our 
opinion that the Town of Lempster will not make any more 
Opposition against it, And your Petitioners as in Duty Bound 
Shall Ever Pray, 

Lempster May y^ 24"^ 1791 

John Thacher Calven Frink Allen Willey 

Charles Willey benj Annass Ezra Miner 

David Willey Nath" Way Israel Smith 

Amasa Loveridge Moses Huntley Joii'^ -^ogg 

Hezekiah huntle Alexander Hogg Silvanus Noyes 


Benjamin Bushe Resolved Wheler Elijah Frink 

Peter Lowell Luther Frink Elijah Frink Jun"" 

Phinehas Abell SyF Abell Elijah Abell 

[6-62] [ Vote of the Town relative to the foregoitig^ lygi.^ 

At a legal Town meeting of the Freeholders Inhabitants of 
the Town of Lemster held on Tuesday the 15 day of November 
1791, in consequence of a Petition's being preferred to the Gen- 
eral Court at their Session in June last Signed by William Story 
& others praying for part of S** Town of Lemster to be Set of 
with part of Sundry other Towns — 

A Vote being taken to see whether the Town were Opposed 
to haveing part of Said Town taken off as Set forth in the 
Above mentioned Petition it passed in the Affirmative by a 
large Majority 

(A true cop}') 

Attest James Bingham Town C^ 
Nov"" 21. 1 791 — 

[ Vote of the Toxvn of Newport relative to same.'] 

This may Certify that we have received a petition signed by 
William Storv and others Praying that a part of this Town may 
be incorporated with parts of several other Towns Unity Lemp- 
ster Wendell Fishersfield and order of Court thereon 

Newport October y^ 10* 1791 at a Legal Town meeting on 
November the 7"^ the above petition and order of Court being 
Read and there was no objection against said Prayer being 

Jesse Lane ) Selectmen 
Uriah Wilcox ) of Newport 

[6-59] [J/cre Opposition.] 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Lemster 
hereby certify that whereas we did not Attend & give our votes 
at a Town meeting held in Lemster on the 15, of Nov'' Instant 
to see whether the Town would Oppose a petition which was 
preferred to the General Court at their Session in June last 
Signed by W™ Story & others praying that part of S*^ Town 
might be set oft' — and as we understand that the Town Voted to 


Oppose the prayer of S** Petition's being granted we do there- 
fore fully Join with the Town in S*^ Vote as we think it unjust 
& unreasonable that the prayer of S^ Petition so far as it Effects 
the Town of Lemster should be granted — 

Lemster Nov" 21- 1791 — 

Richard Chapman Josiah Rogers Cornelous Wheeler 

Elias Fisher Eli Hull Jabez Beckith 

TVT-i v!- r> 1 -u Tabez Brainerd Vine Porter 

JNiles X Beckwith tj -n i i n 1 1 t 

mark Benj" phelps Barnas phelpes Jur 

Sam'^ Silsby W" Isham John Wa}^ 

Benj" Way Tho' Way John Sabin 

[Depositions of Peter Porter, Nathan Willey, Charles 
Willey, and Allen Willey were introduced, from which it 
appears that one reason why the town opposed the separa- 
tion was the extra tax it would be on those who remained 
to support Rev. Elias Fisher. A compromise was effected, 
however, as will appear by the following document. Por- 
tions of the several towns were taken, and incorporated into 
a town by the name of Goshen, December 27, 1791. — Ed.] 

[6-60] \^Portion proposed to be taken from Lenipster to 
form a New T'own.^ 

The part taken from the Town of Lemster to begin at the 
Northwest corner of lot N° 25, 2'' division thence to the north- 
west corner of lot N" 29, of S** 2'' division thence to the North- 
east corner of S** lot thence Southwesterly to the Southeast 
corner of lot N° 33 of the 2'^ Division thence on a Strait line to 
the Northwest corner of the Town of Washington — 

That the contract with the Rev"^ M"' Elias Fisher be held 
sacred & fulfill'd by those persons liveing in S*^ Lemster includ- 
ed within the lines Above mentioned in the same manner as tho 
they had remained a part of the Town of Lemster — 

Agreed on by — 

James Bingham for Lemster 

Elijah Frink for the Petitioners 



The township was granted January 31, 1764, to James 
Avery and others in seventy-one equal shares. It is a 
mountainous tract of land, and but few settlements have 
ever been made in the town, the population numbering but 
66 in 1880. 

[6-S4] S^Petition for re-gra)it of Toxv)iship.'\ 

Province of New-Hampshire 

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq'' Cap"" General, Gov- 
ernor & Commander in Chief, in & over his Majesty's Prov- 
ince of New-Hampshire & Vice Admiral of the same, & to 
the Honorable his Majesty's Council for said Province. 

The Petition of Stephen Maynard of Westbury in the Prov- 
ince of the Massachusetts Bay & Associates unto your Excel- 
lency & Honors humbly shews, 

That your Petitioner & Associates are desirous of settling a 
Tract of his Majesty's unappropriated Lands within said Prov- 
ince of New Hampshire of the Contents of six Miles square 
being the same Tract which w^as granted 

to a humber of Grantees by the Name of Lincoln, who hav^ 
fail'd to fulfill any part of the Conditions of their said Grant it 
now remains forfeited & reverts to his Majesty Wherefore your 
Petitioner in behalf of himself & his said Associates humbly 
Prays your Excellency & Honors would be pleased to grant the 
Prayer of their Petitioner & that the said Tract of Land may be 
laid out by the Surveyor General & your Petitioner be thereby 
prepared immediately to settle the same under the usual condi- 
tion of such Grants & your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall 
ever pray 

Stephen Maynard In behalf of him- 
self & his Associates 


This township was first granted, August 6, 1763, to 
Joseph Burt and others by the name of Concord. This 

LISBON. 405 

grant was made, and the town thus named, nearly two years 
prior to the incorporation and naming of Concord in the 
county of Merrimack. Very nearly the same territory was 
again granted, January 31, 1764, to John Fansher and 
others, and named Chiswick. Why this grant was made 
does not appear. It seems to have been ignored, and the 
township regranted at the end of five years from the first 
grant, at which time, October 20, 1768, the grantees failing 
to fulfil the conditions of the same as to settlement, it was 
regranted to Leonard Whiting and others, in ninety-four 
equal shares, and named Gunthwaite. The boundaries of 
the latter grant varied somewhat from the former, but began 
and ended at the same place in both. Settlements were 
made by virtue of titles from the grantees of 1763, and some 
by virtue of titles from the grantees of 1768, which natu- 
rally led to a bitter controversy, as may be seen by the fol- 
lowing documents. An act passed January 9, 1787, appoint- 
ing Col. Charles Johnstone, of Haverhill, to call a meeting 
of the proprietors and inhabitants to choose officers to assess 
and collect the taxes, contained the following : " Provided 
nothing in this act, shall be construed to affect the title of 
any person claiming lands under either the Grant made to 
Gunthwaite or Concord." The town, which was incorpo- 
rated in its last grant by the name of Gunthwaite, assumed 
the name of Concord, and in state papers was alluded to as 
"Concord alias Gunthwaite," and later as "Concord in the 
county of Grafton," until June 14, 1824, when it was 
changed to Lisbon by the legislature. 

By an act approved June 23, 1859, all that part of Lan- 
daff lying north-west of Ammonoosuc river was annexed to 
this town. 

[6-S5] ^^Representatives chosefi to attetid the Conventio?i at 
Lebanon^ 7777.] 

At a meating of the Inhabitants of Gunthwaite Held att the 

House of Cap* John Young 
Jan>-3o«' 1777 

i^' Voted M'' John Young J"" Chairman of S'^ meeting 

2^y Cap* Luther Richardson Clerk 

3*^ Voted that we send a Committee in Conjunction 
With the United Committee^ of the County of 
Grafton to treat with the assemblies Committee att 


Lebenon on the 13"' of Feb^' Next on the adjournm' 

Of the Counties Committee To bee held at tiiattime 

And place 
4*'' Chose Cap' John Young & M'' John Young jr 

To Represent us at S"* Committees Meeting 
5"^ Voted that a Coppy of our proceedings bee 

Transmited to the assemblies Committee as 

Soon as may Bee 

John Young Chairman 

To The Assemblies Committee In Behalf of the Town of 

John Young Committee 

Luther Richardson Clarck 

[6-S7] \_Siaieme7it of Condition of tJie Toxvn and Service in 
the War, 1/86.^ 

vState of New-Hampshire Grafton ss Jan^ 12* 1786 

To the Hon' General Court of said State to be Convend at 
Portsmouth on the first Wednsday of February Next by Ad- 
journment — 

The petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Concord in 
said County Humbly sheweth — That at the commencement of 
the late war with Great Britain there were very few setlers in 
said Town as by Return herewith Exhibited may appear — all 
which had then very latly moov'd there from various parts of 
the Diflerant States — and it is well known that men of fortune 
seldom turn out into uncultivated par^s of the Country — there- 
fore conceive it unnessary to make mention that we were poor 
as well as few in number at that time Notwithstanding when 
the noise of war was heard in this part of the State almost 
Every man In this Town turn'd out in Defence of the Cuntry, 
and march'd to Canada under the Command of Gen' Mont 
Gomery for the term of six months, — that a number of them 
Inlisted in the service for the year 1776 — at the close of which 
several persons Inlisted for three Years and During the war — 
some of whom Died in service and left their families in very 
poor Circomstances — 

That we never suppos'd any of those persons which in fact 
went from this Town could be turn'd over for any other Town 
untill we had Credit for our proportion therefore rested very 
easy knowing that we had more than could possably fall to our 
Quota of soldiers in service — 

That we living in the Exterior part of the State Expos'* to 

LISBON, 407 

the Ravage of the savage Enemy who were dailey scouting 
among us, having the promise of Bounties for prisoners scalps 
&" were many times cal'd out on alarms leaving women and 
Children to hide in the woods to suffer the fear of being slain 
by the Enemy 

That we built a fort in said Town (wdiich cost at least one 
Hundred pounds to shelter ourselves in) at our own Expence — 

That had it not been for poverty (which in many Instances 
is mens only protection) we should have left the Town and 
very probably the State long before the close of the war — 

That Notwithstanding the distresses and Difficulties we have 
Gone through in time of war as aforesaid ; we are inform'd 
that there is now an Extent out Ready to be serv'd on the 
Selectmen (if to be found) in said town to the amount of two 
Hundred and sixteen pounds and twelve shillings for want of 
our proportion of soldiers in said war — and that there are very 
Jarge charges against us for arrears of Taxes — 

all of which we humbly conceive is very unjust Therefore 
most humbly pray that your Honours would take our singular 
and distressed case under Your wise and serious Consideration 
and Grant us such Redress and Relief respecting the premises 
as to your Honours may appear just and your petitioners will 
Ever pray &*= 

At a Meating of the Inhabitants of this town — Voted that 
Major Samuel Young be Requested to proceed to Portsmouth 
in Concert with our Representative at the Session of the Gen- 
eral Court on the first Wednesday of February Next — and lay 
the foregoing Petition before said Court — and doubt not but 
every attention will be paid thereto that the nature of the case 
Demands — 

Joseph Dexter Caleb Dexter Lemuel Dexter 

Will'" Belknap Josiah Whitcomb John Whitcomb 

Benj" Whitcomb John Johnson Sam" Jameson 

Paul Robbins Edward Mardin John Hasseltine 

Philip Vorback Samuel martain Josepli Haynes 

Timothy Bayley Jesse young Josiah Bishop 

Robert Kay David Young 

[6-SS] {^Statement of Tozun A fairs, 1787.'] 

State of New Hampshire Grafton ss — 

Concord June 12"^ ^7^7 — ' 

To the Honorable General court of said state now setting at 
Concord in the county of Rockingham & state aforesaid — 
Humbly sheweth — 


That the proprietors & Inhabitants of said Concord setled 
before the kite war & kept up thier settlement during the same 
at great risque, trouble & expence on alarms scouts & building 
forts & garrisons & in supplies &c — 

That the Inhabitants, by reason of persons living among us. 
unfriendly to the revolution, & by means of the Vermont 
faction — were not organized with town officers till within a few 
years nor represented in the gen' Court, in consiquence of 
which they laboured under very heavy arrears of Taxes — 
that the Inhabitants within two years last past have been at 
great expence, after gitting leagally organized with Town Offi- 
cers, in collecting this arearage for about two years back — stat- 
ing their extra Accounts of expenditures during the war & in 
supporting their agents at the gen' Covul about one hundred 
Days, to effect a redress of greivences they labored vmder — so 
that the gen' Court in consideration of their expenditures, & in 
full of their accounts were induced on the 2^ of Alarch 1786 to 
pass a resolve abating about one half of their arrearages — & 
enabling the select men of said Concord to assess the i-emainder 
which was done & committed to the constable to collect ac- 
cordingly, who having collected a considerable part thereof &. 
got through the necessary rules established by law in order for 
compleatting the same, they found themselves surprisingly de- 
featted by an obscure Intricate unintilligible, & as we conceive 
an unconstitutional act passed at the instigation of one Leonard 
Whiting, calling himself agent of the proprietors of Gunthvvaite 
— & by the more subtle insinuations of his advocate in framing 
said act in a very different maner from what was necessary to- 
releive from the grievence stated in their pitition Or the prayer 
of the same thereby involving your petitioners in matters & 
consequences affecting the peace & quiet of society & the titles 
to the land they live upon, & to plunge them unnessarily into 
numerous long tedious & oppressive law suits which we believe 
was not the Intention of tlie Legislature, but incompassed by 
the intrigues of said Whiting, and his Advocate notwithstand- 
ing it is expresly declared in the last clause of said act that 
nothing therein contained shall any way effect the title of the 
different Claimants to said Township — But to what purpose is- 
it to declare in an act that it shall not effect title to lands when 
the oppuration thereof will immediately turn the possessors out 
of their Habitations into the uncultivated woods — and your 
petetioners are still more surprized when they experience the 
purposes, said act is used to effect, — owing to the Intricacy or 
unintelligableness thereof, as no inhabitant upon the primises 
was allowed to vote at said meeting unless he wood acknowl- 
edge himself a holder of land under the regrant, when at the 
same time one person & a Non Resident was allowed to carry 

LISBON. 409 

twenty six votes without shewing title under either Concord or 
Gunthwaite, or that there ever was a grant by the name of 
Gunthwaite or that the persons he said he acted for were gran- 
tees, if there had been such a grant & the Inhabitants possess- 
ing hirge farms were denied the privilage of carrying one vote 
because they wood not acknowledge thier title to be under 
gunthwaite grant, which they did not know ever existed nor 
was it shewn in said meeting — your petitioners humble con- 
ceive that the Intintion of the legislature in said act was that 
every Inhabitant upon the premises shood have equal right 
to vote in said meeting with any Other Individual that might 
appear there let his intent or agency be more or less, as no 
order was made in said act to vote according to Intirest — 

Your petitioners further beg leave to Obsei've to your hon- 
ours that the meeting was called on the 23^^ of May last, and 
without any Clerk being chosen to record their doings, as ex- 
presly pointed out in & by said act, the meeting was declared 
by the moderator to be adjourn'' when a great Majoritv was 
against the adjournment to the Eleventh of June then next at 
one of the clock afternoon ; & although we supposed the ad- 
journment wood be Illegal the Inhabitants attended at time & 
place & there waited untill after five Oclock then withdrew to 
their respective homes, at about six Oclock, the Moderator & 
three persons not residents in this Town appeared and said 
they had a right to negative all the Inhabitants of the Town if 
they were present and at about seven Oclock s'' Meeting was 
opened & the Moderator proceeded and a number of the Inhabi- 
tants not present for reasons aforesaid all of which we humbly 
conceive to be directly contrary to the laws of this state, 
wherefore your petitioners pray that your honours wood repeal 
said act and declare the doings thereon to be nul & void or 
make the same Intiligable in such a way & manner as your 
petitioners may enjoy their natural rights & town privileges 
as the law and Constitution in such cases made & provided 
directs — 

and your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Isaac Moore a nonresident Pro'' of Five Rights 

John Bay ley do 

Jacob Bayley by Power from Carter Ward Apthorp owning 

twenty five rights under Concord — 
Nath Chamberlain Nonresident Propri'"' for 6 Rights — 

Eliphalet Northe}' Jotham Shearman John Haseltine 

Joseph Haynes Jr John Whetcomb Reuben Cliaftin 

Joseph Haynes James Shearman James Smith 

Philip Vorbach Edward mardin Robert Kay 

David young Joseph Dexter Benj'' Whetcomb 


Sam^ Young Asa young Samuel Jameson 

Josiah Whetcomb Ebene"" Richardson Caleb Dexter 

Ozias Caswell John Young Lemuel Dexter 

Reuben Shearman John Vorbach David Northey 

John Jewett Nathaniel Jewett Sam^^ Hoyt 

Joseph Jewett david jewett 

I Benjamin Sawyer of lawful age, & Disinterested person 
testify & say that I was at the House of Major Samuel young 
in Concord alias Gunthwaite on the eleventh day of June Cur- 
rent at work & when I came in to Dinner a number of the In- 
habitants of said Town were assembled at said youngs, and I 
understood that it was on account of an adjourned Meeting of 
the Proprietors & Inhabitants of said Town to be holden at one . 
Oclock on said day, and about six or Seven Oclock on the 
same Day I was present & many objections was made by the 
Inhabitants to the Meeting going on, & the following are some 
of the objections, namely first because there was, nor could be, 
no legal Record of the adjournment as no Clerk was chosen at 
the first meeting — 2^ because a great number of the Inhabitants 
had withdrew to their homes at about half after five oclock the 
Moderator not then being present &'^ and one Captain Leonard 
Whiting urged that the Meeting should go on — saying if all the 
Inhabitants were present he alone had a right to negative them, 
the Moderator accordingly proceeded, & no one was allowed to 
vote unless he could be made sattisfied he owned an Interest in 
Gunthwaite under the Proprietors thereof, & in that case to vote 
in proportion to his or their Interest, which proceedings was 
protested against by a number of the Inhabitants — 

Benj'^ Sawyer 

Grafton ss Haverhill June 15"" 17S7 — 

Personally appeared Benjamin Sawyer signer of the foregoing 
Deposition & after due caution made solemn oath to the truth 
of the same, Coram 

Jer'' Eames Just. Peace 

[6-S9] S^yoJm To ling relative to Town Affairs^ 17^9 •'\ 
State of New Hampshire June 22"^ 1789 — 

To the Honorable General Court of said State now seting at 

Concord — 

Humbly sheweth the Proprietors and Inhabitants of Concord 
in the County of Grafton — That in consideration that the said 
Proprietors, who are Setlers, & the other Inhabitants had dur- 
ing the late war made many Exertions in defending themselves 

LISBON. 411 

against the common Enemy, the General Court of said State 
were Induced, on the 2*^ day of Maixh 17S6 to pass a Resolve 
abating about one half of their Taxes, and enabling the Select- 
men to Collect the remainder from the Proprietors, — that said 
Selectmen took the necessary steps for Collecting the same, — 
That afterward, namely on the 6'" day of Jan-^' 17S7 the General 
Court passed an act at the request of Leonard Whiting Esq"^ 
nullifying the proceedings of said Selectmen upon said Resolve, 
and making the said Inhabitants liable to pay the same again, 
if the proceedings thereon shall be considered to be according 
to the Spirit & meaning of said Act, — Your Petitioners beg 
leave to make known to your Honors that a Meeting by virtue 
of said Act was cal'd on the 23'* day of May last & by the 
Moderator declar'd to be adjourn'd to the eleventh day of June 
then next, without any Clerk being chosen as expressly pointed 
ovit in & by said Act — That notwithstanding w^e conciev'd no 
legal Meeting could be holden by virtue of such Decleration, 
the Inhabitants attended at one Oclock on the said eleventh day 
of June w hich was the Hour that the Moderator declar'd said 
Meeting to stand adjourned to and tarried there until half after 
five Oclock, then a considerable number of said Inhabitants 
withdrew to their respective homes, at six Oclock the ISIodera- 
tor appear'd, & three persons with him, who are not residents 
in said Town, at Seven Oclock the Meeting was opened much 
against the will of your Petitioners, & the Moderator suflered 
said Nonresidents to vote by Rights as in Propriety Meetings, 
which we Concieve was not agreeable to the Spirit and mean- 
ing of said act, by means of which a Clerk was chosen liveing 
out of said Town, a Major part of the assessors live out of 
TowMi, & the Collector in Holies in the County of Hillsbor- 
ough, — and if the proceedings of said IMeeting is consider'd to 
be legal our Incorporation which has ben had according to Law 
is totally set aside, — Your Petitioners would further beg leave 
to add, that at the time of passing said act it w^as not pretended 
that any thing therein Contain'd should prevent any legal voters 
in town meetings from liaving equal right to vote for the choice 
of their officers, & if there was to be a negative by any one 
person against all the Inhabitants why were they Notify'd of 
said Meeting ; was it to see a man living an Hundred and forty 
miles from said Town carry on a Meeting in just such way as 
he might have done in his own Chimney Corner, for was not 
the Laws as Good for enabling the Proprietors of one Town to 
call Pi^opriety Meetings as another, if so then what need was 
there for passing a Special Law for them, could they not have 
cal'd a Proprietors Meeting without said Act, to raise money 
could thev not have applyed it for what purposes they pleas'd,& 
was there any danger of tlie Lands being sold for payment of 


Taxes if they were paid without such sale, — but perhaps it 
may be said there is no Danger of said Act being used to affect 
any bad purposes, but how can yonr Honors Determine 
whither it will or not, as there is a Dispute concerning the 
property ; then ought there to be any act of the Gen^ Court 
against either of the Grants we do not mean to Impute any 
thing to Your Honors in passing said act, but only pray you 
to consider whether it is such an one as our Constitution will 
warrent, — & although the greatest part of the Rights under the 
Regrant, are own'd by persons who have left the States and 
join'd the Enemy thereof they expect to make use of said act 
to Eject the Setlers under the Original Charter, or in some way 
git an advantage against them, notwithstanding we have many 
of us ben Residents through the late war, & although not one of 
the Regrantees were in Town during the same, — 

Therefore your Petitioners pray your Honors to take thier 
case under your wise consideration & Repeal said Act & de- 
clare the doings thereon to be nul & void, or otherwise order 
& Determine as may appear just & your Petitioners will ever 

in behalf of the Petitioners — 

John Young agent 

[6-90] \_yo/in Young wants a Patent for Bjiilding Chim- 
neys^ i'jgi.'\ 

State of New Hampshire — 

To the Honorable General Court of said State holden at Ports- 
mouth on the thirtieth day of Navember 1791 — 

Humbly sheweth John Young of a place caled Concord in 
the County of Grafton in the State aforesaid — that Your Peti- 
tioner has invented and found out a method & Art of building 
Chimnies, & of altering those already built, which will render 
Chimnys built & altered according to his plan, intirely certain 
of drawing Smoke — which art is new and has never been pi'ac- 
tised in this State, nor to the knowledge of your Petitioner, in 
any part of the world — that the publication of said art would 
be of great utilitv to the public not only as it respects the moral 
certainty of Chimnies drawing Smoke when built & altered 
according to said plan — but also as it respects the vast saving 
of that very costly article, of fire-wood, which may be made 
by having Chimnies built upon said plan — because that when 
Rooms are tight & well finished, the Chimnies will draw smoke 
as well, or better than in Houses & Rooms open & cold — where- 
fore Your Petitioner pray Your Honors to take the premises 

LISBON, 413 

into consideration, & Grant him his heirs & assigns the Sole & 
exckisive previledge of building and altering Chimneys accord- 
ing to his plan within this State forever or for such term of time 
as Your Honors please, or take such order respecting the same 
as shall appear most proper & Your Petitioner will ever pray 

Portsmouth Nov"" 30"^ 1791 — 

John Young 

The Committee on the within Petition report that the prayer 
be so far granted that an exclusive right be given to the Peti- 
tioner for fourteen years & that he have leave to bring in a Bill 
according — 

W. PAGE for the Committee 

[In H. of Rep., Dec. 2, 1791, the foregoing report was 
accepted, and on Dec. 12, an act was passed granting John 
Young the exclusive right of building chimneys in the way 
described as his invention. — Eu.l 

[6-86] [ Capt. Sa7?iiiel I'oting'' s Petition^ i'jg'/.'\ 

To the Hon''''' Senate and House of Representatives convened 
at Concord & now setting — 

The Petition of Sam' Young of Concord in the County of 
Grafton humbly shews that on or about June 1775 your Peti- 
tioner for and at the request of the Inhabitants of Concord and 
other adjacent Towns, made application to the then new hamp- 
shire Congress for ammonition to defend themselves from the 
ravages of the enemy that he received a cask of Powder and 
gave his receipt or note therefor to be paid if it was not wanted 
for publick use, lead & flints your Petitioner pin-chased & 
transported them to said Concord with the Powder and depos- 
ited said powder lead & flints in the Custody of Cap^ Richard- 
son who was to deliver the same to the Soldiers of his Com- 
pany if it appeared necessary, — 

that said ammonition was made use of in alarms — that in the 
year 1776 soon after the defeat of General Montgomery your 
Petitioner marched to Canada, that fire arms for part of his 
Company could not be obtained that on my arrival at S' Johns 
I made application to the Commanding officer of that Garrison 
for Guns — he Informed your Petitioner there was no spare arms 
in that garrison, but gave directions to purchase Guns of the 
Soldiers who had them & were discharg*^ & on their march 
home your petitioner purch*^ twenty six of s*^ Guns for the use 
of his Company and gave from eight to twelve dollars apiece 


for them — that when youi" petitioners Comp'y was discharged 
he agreed with a wagoner to transport said guns from Mount 
Independence to Cliarlestown N° 4 had made a chest & put 
them therein on which Gen^ Gates ordered that they should be 
deposited in the stores or Magazines for the use of the Army 
and that your petitioner should receive pay therefor from the 
state of New hampshire, your petitioners situation was such 
that he was obliged to purchase said Guns as he had received 
marching orders from the commanding officer at S' Johns & 
was obliged to deposit them in the public stores & has not yet 
been able to git any settlement or pay therefor. * * * 

Concord 1 3"' June 1 797 

Sam' Young 

[An arrangement was made by the legislature, June 15, 
1797.— Ed.] 


The territory embraced in this town was a portion of the 
old Dunstable grant, made by the government of Massachu- 
setts Bay, Oct. 16, 1673, O. S. (Oct. 27, 1673, N. S.)- Sev- 
eral "farms" had been granted in this vicinity prior to this; 
one, of territory now in Litchfield, was granted to William 
Brenton, who was afterward governor of New Jersey, and 
the locality was known as " Brenton's Farm." At the time 
of the Dunstable grant, the Naticook Indians occupied the 
locality now known as Thornton's Ferry, and relinquished 
their claim to the Dunstable grantees for a small sum of 

In 1732 all of the Dunstable grant lying east of Merri- 
mack river was incorporated by the government of Massa- 
chusetts into a town by the name of Nottingham, which in 
1734 was divided, and the north part incorporated by the 
name of Litchfield. The settlement of the province line 
in 1741 decided the territory to be in New Hampshire; and 
in answer to a petition from the inhabitants, the town of 
Litchfield was incorporated by the governor and council of 
that province, June 5, 1749, — the town of Nottingham be- 
ing thereafter designated as Nottingham West until its 
name was changed to Hudson in 1830. 


Settlements were made in the part of Dunstable now in 
this town about the year 1720, by families from Billerica 
and Chelmsford. 

Hon. Wyseman Claggett, who resided in town during the 
latter portion of his life, was attorney-general of the prov- 
ince from 1765 to 1769; of the state from 1776 to 1778, 
and again in 1781 ; a member of the council in 1776 and 
in 1 78 1. He died Dec. 4, 1784, at the age of 63. 

[6-68] [ Wai'rant for Town- Meetings //^j.] 

Province of New Hampshire — 

To William Reed Constable for the District of Litchfield on 
the East side of the River Greeting 

You are hereby Required in His Majesties Name to warn all 
the freeholders and other Inhabitants of the District of Litch- 
field on the East Side the River to meet and conven at the 
Meeting house in Litchfield upon Munday the thirty first Day 
of ocf Instant at two of the clock in the after Noon then and 
ther when Meet — 

To See if the District will Chouse one man or moi'e to go to 
Portsmouth to the General Court to make answ' to a Petition 
Nath" Hills James Hills John Robinson and others have Lodged 
theire and to Impower the s'' man or men that may be chosen 
with full power to act in Behalf of the District in aney affier as 
he or they so chosen Shall think convenent — 

and See that You make Due Return of this warrant and your 
doings thereon to our Selves before or upon the day and time 
before mentioned as You will Answer Your Default at Your 

Given Under our hands and Seal Dat' at Litchfield the 34"' Day 
of ocf anno Dom, 1743 and in the Seventeenth Year of his 
Majesties Reign — 

A True Copy Examined by me — 

John Bradshaw Town Clerk 

Thomas Karr 

T 1 TT 1 r Selectmen 

John Usher 

By virtue of this warrant I have warned all the freeholders 
and other Inhabitants of the District Called Litchfield on the 
East Side of Merrimack River 

William Reed Constable 

A True copy Exam** by me John Bradshaw Town Clerk 


[ Vote at said J\Ieeting.'\ 

At a Town Aleeting Regualery assembled at Litchfield on 
ocfy<'3i* 1743— 

Voted that John Bradshaw be moderator for s'^ meeting — 
Voted that Jo^ Blanchaixl Esq'' and Dec" John Cummings 
and m'' James Nahor be a Comitte to make answer to a Peti- 
tion that Nath'^ Hills James Hills and John Robinson and 
others have made to y® Greate & Gerneral Court of y" province 
of New Hampshire to answer to s"^ Petitioners 

A True copy Examined by me — 

John Bradshaw Town Clerk 

[The petition of Nathaniel Hills and others, referred to 
in the foregoing, was for the purpose of obtaining a charter 
for a town to comprise the north part of Nottingham and 
the south part of Litchfield, which did not succeed. See 
Vol. IX, pp. 468-471.— Ed. J 

[6-69] [^Relative to paying Rates in tzvo Tozvns^ ly^d.'] 

To His Excellency Penning Wentworth Esq'' Governor &c the 
Hon^'^ his Majesty s Council & Assembly in Gen" Court Con- 
veined at Portsmouth in New Hampshire April 1746 — 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of that tract 
of land formerlv in the town of Dunstable lately Incorporated 
into a District Called Litchfield & in that part of s*^ District 
which Interferes with Londonderry bounds According to the 
late runing per M"" Walter Briant — 

That y^ Petitioners Setled under the Grants of y* Massachu- 
setts Bay And have Continued to pay their Rates to Litchfield 
by whome their poles and Estates was with Litchfields Envoice 
Returned to this Hon'^ Court but so it is that this Last Year 
notwithstanding they were Rated as Usual to Litchfield And 
there pay'd their full proportion to town minister And Province 
Taxes yet thay were also Rated in Londonderry and by their 
Constables Destrained for the same & have paid it as per Rec 
which your Petitioners Humbly Apprehend a great Flardship 
and know of no Relief unless your Excellency & Hon'''' should 
see meet to Relieve us — 

Wherefore your Petitioners Humbly pray You to Consider 
the premises & direct that One of the s"^ Towns Return the 


rates Rec*^ as aforesaid or Otherwise relieve us as may seem 
meet & y"" Peti" as in Duty Bound shiall pray &c — 

Ebenezer Spauldyng 
Stephen spauldyng 
william butterfield 
lennard commins 

[6-70] \_yames Hills' s Receipts, 1745.'] 

Litchfield January y" 22"^ 1745 

Received of m'' Ebenezer Spaulding the Sum of Three 
Pounds old Tenor being in full of one List of Rates to me to 
Collect bearing Date June y^ 28"" 1745 

Rece^ by me — 

James Hills Constable 


Litchfield Jenewary the 29 1746 

recvied of Ebenezer Spolding for town and provence reats 
the Sum of three Ponds and Euight Shillings old tener I Say 
recvied by me — 

James Hills Constable for Litchfield 

[R. 2-188] \_Livoicc of Lieut. Pelatiah RusselVs Equip- 
jjicnts Lost in the Service, 1757 •\ 

A Good new^ Beaver hatt tow new worsted Caps and one 
Linnen one tow new Linnen Shirts and one Wollen Shirt three 
good Jackets and one Coat and tow Pair of Leather Breetchis 
three Pair of Stockings and one Pair of Shoes and one Pair of 
Mogezens one Silk-hankerchief and one Cotten hankerchief 
and a Gun and Snapsack and Powder horn — 

Province of New Hamp"' — 

September 23'^ 1758 

Then Olive Russell of Litchfield in the Province of New 
Hampshire Widow personally appeared and made solemn Oath 
that the articles of Cloathing above mentioned is a just and true 
ace* of what her Late Husband Lieut : Pelatiah Russell carried 
along with him when he went from home in the Province ser- 
vice in the year x757 

Sworn Before Math"^ Patten Just : Peace 



[In H. of Rep., Sept. 30, 1758, "Voted That there be 
allowed ;!^ioo. In full for this acco*^ & In full for three 
months wages allowed him as a Gratuity, being Carried a 
prisoner to Canada." Council concurred. — Ed.] 

[R. 2-1 89] \_Capt. yohn Parker's Petition^ ^77^-] 

[John Parker stated that he commanded a company in 
Col. Bedel's regiment in Canada in September, 1775, " That 
upon his return home, three of his Company Viz* Aaron 
Quimby, Ebenezer Collings & Daniel Murray, exhibited a 
Complaint to your Honors ag**^ your Petitioner for an over- 
charge in his Muster Roll &c " He asked for a hearing, 
which was granted. — Ed.] 

[Rev. Pap., p. 35] \^LitchJield Afeu at Ticonderoga Alarniy 


Abstract of a Pay Roll of a Number of men who marched 
from Litchfield for Ticonderoga on the Alarms June 29'*^ & 
July 6'" [1777] 

David McQuig 

W"' Patterson 

James Darrow 

Willian Barker 

William Read 

Oliver Emerson 

Jacob Kendel 

Thomas Whittle 

Zechariah Holden 

James Harrod 

John Eaton 

Samuel Chase 

Samuel Cochran 

Joseph Barns • 

James Nahur 

Simeon Chase 

James Hildreth 







S, 9 

7' 2 



7^ 2 



7' 2 



7' 2 



7' 2 



7' 2 



7' 2 



7' 2 



7' 2 



'4' 4 



H' 4 




14. 4 
14, 4 

H' 4 


J. Gilmt 

n — 


[6-72] \_Relative to being classed for Representative^ iy8o.'\ 
State of New Hampshire — 

To the Hon"' the Council and Gent" of the Hon''*' House of 
Representatives in Gen' Assembly at Portsmouth Convened 
13* October 17S0 

The humble Petition of the several Inhabitants of Litchfield 
in the County of Hillsborough & State aforesaid, whose names 
are hereunto set and subscribed. 

Sheweth that upon taking up Government the said Litchfield 
■was joined to Nottingham West, for the purpose of chusing a 
person to represent them in General Assembly, And Altho at 
the time of such Junction there was a great Majority in favour 
of said Nottingham as their members greatly exceeded Litch- 
field, Yet were your Pcf^ content at that time. 

But now so it is. May it please Your Honors that by Act of 
Gen' Assembly, many Families from Londonderry claim, have 
been added lately to said Nottingham West, so that that Town 
now consists of upwards of 100 families, and Litchfield of lit- 
tle more than 40, By means of which inequality Your Pef^ are 
always liable to be out numbered and out voted (if the Lihabi- 
tants of said Nottinghman West shall see fit), and to lose all 
benefit and priviledge of Election. 

Your Pef' therefore pray leave to bring in a Bill, whereby to 
seperate them from said Nottingham West, and that they may 
be joined in future for the purpose aforesaid to the Neighbouring 
Town of Derrifield, between which & them there is a good 
understanding and with whom Your Pet'^ will stand more upon 
a Par And that as to the place of Election a Preference may be 
given to such of the two towns as shall pay most taxes to Gov- 

And shall ever pray — 

James Nahor Ju' ~) 

Jon* Parker ^. Selectmen 

John Parker Ju' ) 

Wyseman Clagett Samuel Cotton Daniel kendall 

Simon M^Qiiesten Thomas Whittle Jun Abel Senter 

David ""^Qiiig Timothy Kendall Joseph Chase 

Rob' Parker W" Danforth Tho^ Russell 

William ""^Qiiesten Gershom Harvell William Parker 

Joseph Reed William Read Josiah Richardson 

John Cochran vSamuel Cochran Daniel Blodget 

Josiah Richardson J' Benj'" Blodgett Joshua Blodget 

Samuel senter James Underwood Rob' Darrah 

Jacob Whittemore John Harvell William Patterson 

Peter Patterson Daniel Bixby John Parker 


The Committee appointed on Matters similar to those set 
forth in tlie within Petition beg leave to report their opinion 
that Litchfield & Derryfield be joined in the Precept to send a 
Representative to the next General Court 

Geo : Atkinson for the Com^* 

[The report was accepted, and Litchfield and Derryfield 
were classed for a representative. — Ed.] 

[6-73] \^Ja7nes Underwood relative to some cojijiscated 
Estates^ lySo.'] 

Litchfield 27"* June 17S0 

M' Speaker — 

Sir — 

The Committee have Yesterday finished the Sales of Zacheus 
Cuttlers personal Estate have been to Col" Bauldwin the Agent 
or Trustee of said Estate and find he will Only pay or alow us 
our Costs in takeing an Inventory Vendueing &c of s*^ Estate 
when we have Don the Business through this County taking 
Inventory Leaseing out &c that Estate being sold thereby pro- 
cured money to Discharge our Expence in our Duty & what 
money was Overplush put into the State Treasury we now 
desire the Court would now take some Order that we may 
make a final setlement and be properly discharged as I have 
been three times to Exeter to settle that matter, with that of 
CoP Lutwyches as our business extended through the County 
Costs & Expence are so blended together can not be well sepo- 
rated Therefore pray the Agents may be Impowerd, or some 
Other person, or persons, to settle these matters as Col" Nichols 
is Nominated to go into the Servise I take this Opportunity to 
Inform the Court that the Committes Acco' is so blended to- 
gether that they can not be Settled without the whole of the 
Committe pray sir press the matter that the Committe of 
Safety may be Impowed in recess of the Court if nothing better 
Can hQ done — 

I am your Honors Ob' & Very Humb' Se' 

James Underwood 

[6-74] [ Wllllaju Patterson relative to sotne cofifiscated 
Estates, 1782.'] 

To the Hon''' the President of the Committee of Safety for the 

State of Newhampshire — 

S' I Beg leave to inform you that I am now Seventy three 
years old and have lived on lands which formerly belonged to 


M'' Thomson now an Inhabatiant of Great Britain 33 years said 
land lying in Litchfield I took a lease of said Thomson of the 
farm I now live on to pay him the sum of sixty dollars yearly 
to be paid in money or improvements on the farm which I have 
Comply"^ with : untill last year when I was about putting Seed 
into the Ground in the mounth of April I was informed that the 
State had taken the farm into their hands and appointed an 
Agent to rent out the same ; Some evil minded person as I sup- 
pose offered to give one hundred dollars yearly rent : having 
done a considerable part of my Spring Labour was Constrained 
to give that Sum or move off: your Hon'' and every Gen'" in 
the Hon''' Commitee must be sensable that the Public Tax for 
the Defence of the present war is very high which with the 
rent aforesaid and the hire of Labourers amounted to a very 
great sum I Beg leave to Observe that I have had no notice to 
move off before very leatly when I have prepared for a new 
Crop I Expected to have had the farm at the rent that I Con- 
tracted for last year tho very high yet I would been content but 
to my great Surprise I have been informed that some person 
have offered more ; the Agent Co" Chase being sensable that 
the rent paid last year with the Tax that will be Called for this 
year is as much if not more than the farm is worth 

He desired me to send to your Hon" to know whither I may 
have the farm at the same Rent that I paid last year I paying 
the whole Tax for this year ; which is not Customary when a 
Tennant takes a farm by the Shares he pays half of the Tax 
only ; I Beg further that a person or persons may be appointed 
to settle all Back arrirages and to Receipt for the same and to 
put me in full possession in the name of the State I would fur- 
ther Observe that I have been Oblidged for several years past 
to purchess the greater part of the wood for my use there being 
little wood on the farm as I am an old man and wilHng to give 
the whole value for the farm Reather than move of at present 
your Hon""^ Compliance will much Oblidge your Hon" 

Most Hub' Ser' 

William Patterson 
Litchfield April t,'^ 17S2 

[R. 2-190] S^Sclectmen conceriiing Soldiers, lySj.'] 

To the Hon''''' the Councel Sl House of Representatives for the 
State of New Hampshire Convened at Concord June 1783 

The Humble Petition of the Select men of Litchfield in the 
County of Hillsborough — Humbly shews that said Town filled 
up their Quota of Soldiers in the Continental army for the first 


three year service & gave each soldier Fifty dollers as a Towns 
Bounty — one of said Soldiers, Viz' John Loring who was an 
Inhabitant of said Town, was in the Massachusetts line Tho' 
by a vote of the Hon'''^ Assembly of this state he was to be 
accounted to the Town he belong'd to, his Family was sup- 
ported for three years for which no allowance has ever been 
made them — That said Town by Order of Court raised four 
men to reinforce Gen' Sullivan in Canada & paid them fifty 
dollars each as Bounty that in June 1779 said Town Inlisted 
one William Raymond during the war & paid him four hun- 
dred & fifty pounds Lawfuil money That we have at all Times 
done our full proportion in the war & had our Qiiota of men in 
the field, Notwithstanding all which Col° Kelley sherift' of said 
County has brought an Extent or Execution against us for sixty 
pounds for a soldier said to be wanting in the war. We are 
Consious to ourselves that we have done our full proportion in 
the war as to soldiers &c and ought not pay said Extent 
Wherefore we pray your Honors would Postpone the pay- 
ment of said Execution untill the matter may be fully inquired 
into * * * 

James Underwood > Select 
Samuel Chase ) men 

[The foregoing was referred to the committee of safety. 

[*^-75] {^Retiirn of Ratable Polls, 1783. 1 

Decem" 9"^ 1783 
A True Acco' of the number male Polls in the Town of 
Litchfield upwards of Twenty one Years of Age paying for 
themselves a poll rate which is fifty five 

James Underwood ) Select 
John Cochran ) men 

Hillsborough ss Decem'' 9"* 17S3 then James Underwood & 
John Cochran personally Appear'd and made Solemn Oath to 
the truth of the above Number of polls in said Town before 

John Goffe 
Justice of Peace 

[6-76] \_Relative to their ^?iota of Soldiers, iy8j.'\ 

To the Honourable the Council and Gentlemen of the Hon- 
ourable house of Representatives at Exeter Convened the 
Twelfth day of February 17S3 — 


The Humble Petition of the Selectmen of Litchfield in the 
County of Hillsborough & State of New Hampshire whose 
Names are hereunto Subscribed 

Shevveth that the Inhabitalits of the said Town have had the 
Honor of being distinguished, by many General assemblies, for 
their Loyalty and Zeal in promoting the Public Welfai'e, ac- 
cording to their utmost Abilities 

That — the premises being granted Your Honors may easily 
conceive, that your Pet" must be under the deepest concern, 
when they find themselves, and their Constituents, lie under 
the Imputation of Disloyalty at this day, and the Sherif ap- 
proaches with an Extent to levy a large sum of money on Your 
Pet" Estates, in tlieir said Capacity, upon a Supposition that 
one Soldier is wanting in their Qiiota. 

That the Matter arises from the desertion, of one William 
Raiment, whom the Town procured in i779i 'it a very great 
Expence, to serve them as a Soldier, during the War, whom 
they saw duly mustered — receive his proportion of provisions 
shoes, and Stockings at Exeter, and march to Worcester with 
the rest of the Soldiers — What co*^ the}' do more ? 

But — Your Pet" pray leave to refer Your Hon" to the Depo- 
sitions herewith exhibited, In humble confidence, that upon 
mature deliberation of the premises you will be pleased to re- 
solve, that the Sherif of the County aforesaid, may be Injoined 
to surcease the said Extent, and that your Hon" will resume 
the Consideration of the premises, and grant such relief therein 
as to You in your great W^isdom shall seem most meet. 

And Your Pet" as in Duty bound sliall ever pray &c 

Rob' Darrah ) Selectmen for 

Timothy Kendall ) Litchfield 

1^6-77] \_Petltio7i for a Bridge at CromwelV s Falls^ iyg4.'\ 

To the Honorable Legislature of the State of Nevvhampshire 

to be convened at Amherst on the first Wednesday of June 


A Petition for a Bridge at Cromwell's Falls 

Whereas from experience it is found practicable and of great 
publick convenience to have Bridges over Merrimack River 
and as one at Cromwells falls at the lower end of the Town of 
Lytchfield would greatly facilitate the passing from the westerly 
part of this State to our Metropolis — Therefore we pray your 
Honors to make us a grant for that purpose similar to that made 
to Col" M'^Gregore & others at Amoskeig Falls — And your pe- 
tioners as in duty bound will ever pray — 

Lytchfield June 3 i794 



Gershom Harvell 
Simeon Chase 
William Bixby 
Daniel Bixby 
Robert Chase 
John M'^Gilvery 
W" M<=Cluer Ju^ 
William Clagett 
David Whtemore 

David Campbell 
Samuel Chase 
James Nahor 
Herbert Moors 
John M'^Cluer 
Thomas Bixby 
Nathaniel Wliitte- 

Joel Conant 
Hugh Nahor 
Robert Parker 
Sam" Chase J"" 
Tim° Kendall 
Simeon Kendall 
Edward Clagett 


This town embraces the southern portion of a grant 
made, Nov. 17, 1764, to James Avery and others, by the 
name of Chiswick, which grant also comprised the present 
town of Dalton. 

The grantees were bought out by Moses Little, mer- 
chant, of Newburyport, Moses Little, Jr., of Newbury, both 
in the province of Massachusetts, Israel Morey, of Or- 
ford, N. H., and Alexander Phelps, of Hebron, Conn., who 
petitioned for a re-grant of the township. The request was 
favorably considered by Gov, Wentworth, and on the i8th 
day of January, 1770, the township was re-granted by the 
name of Apthorp to the foregoing, with George Apthorp, 
of London, Eng., Nathaniel Carter, Benjamin Harris, and 
Tristram Dalton, of said Newburyport, and Samuel Adams, 
of Boston, as associates. Five hundred acres each were 
reserved for Benning Wentworth, Theodore Atkinson, and 
Mark H unking Wentworth, they being grantees under the 
Chiswick charter. The town bore the name of Apthorp, in 
honor of George Apthorp, until Nov. 4, 1784, when by an 
act of the legislature it was divided, the north part incor- 
porated by the name of Dalton, in honor of Tristram 
Dalton, and the south part by the name of Littleton, in 
honor of Moses Little, both of whom were large owners in 
the townships respectively. The first settler was Capt. 
Nathan Caswell, about the year 1770. The town did not 
gain in population very fast, and contained but fourteen 
ratable polls in 1785. Since 1800, however, the increase 
has been more rapid, and the town is now one of the most 
enterprising and prosperous in the state. 


[6-79] \_ReIative to Taxes^ i'/86.'] 

State of New Hampshire — 

Littleton June 3'' 1786 
To the Honourable General Court of s** State to be Conven'd 
at Concord on the first Wednesday of June instant — 

Humbly sheweth the Inhabitants of Littleton in the County 
of Grafton & State aforesaid ; that they were at the Commence- 
ment of the late war just beginning Settlement on said tract of 
land which has untill very lately been known by the name of 
Apthorp, that they being poor and much expos'd to our Enemy 
during said war never paid any Taxes into the Treasury of said 
State — That notwithstanding the Division of said Apthorp into 
two Towns Precepts have lately been sent to the Selectmen of 
Apthorp for sums much too Large as may appear by our re- 
turn herewith exhibited — we therefore pray that our Doomages 
may be taken oft' and the Selectmen of Littleton be enabled to 
assess and collect any and all sums of money now Due, within 
the lines thereof on the proprietors of said Littleton or other- 
wise as may appear Just — and your Petitioners will pray &.•= 

Nathan Caswell 
For and at the Request of said Inhabitants 

[An inventory of the polls and estate of the town for the 
years 1775 to 1785 shows that in 1775 the number of polls 
was 3 ; 1776,4; i777-'78-'79. 5; 1780, 4; 1781-82-83,9; 
1784, 12; 1785, 14. — Ed.] 

[6-8 1 ] \_Relative to a Tax for building Roads^ lySs-'] 

State of New Hamsphire — 

Concord 16"' June 17SS 

To the Hon'''* Gen' court of said state now setting — 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Littleton in said state 
humbly sheweth, that your Petitionors for eighteen years last 
past, have laid under many and grevious dificulties — your Peti- 
tionors cannot ascertain the number of acres of Land in said 
Littleton, neither can we find out the original Proprietors of 
said Town, so that we can not Tax said land except we have 
a special act of this Hon'^'^ court for that purpose, your Peti- 
tioners woo'd further Inform your honors that although we were 
promised by said Proprietors or owners of land (as they cal'd 
themselves) to have our land given us for settlement & that the 
compliment of setlers according to charter shoo'd then soon be 


in Town, that they woo'd make good roads through said Town 
Build Mills &c — all of which is neglected by said land owners, 
and although it is eighteen years since said Town began to set- 
tle, there is but nine families in it at this time, and there is no 
mills in said Town, nor can we git at any under fifteen miles, 
the Publick Road that runs through said Town is eleven miles 
in length, and almost Impossible to pass in the same, which 
road your Petitioners have to travel to git to mill, to market, to 
courts, and almost every kind of Business — so that your Peti- 
tioners have got under such poor and dificult circumstances, that 
we cannot live in said Town nor move out of the same, except 
your honors will Interpose in our behalf 

Therefore your Petitioners most humbly pray that your hon- 
ors woo'd take our singular Situation under your wise consider- 
ation, and grant that a special act of this court be made that 
said Town be setled according to charter in years from this 
date your Petitioners further pray your honors that a special 
act of this Hon''''' court be made, to assess and collect the taxes 
now due or that may be due from said Town — we further pray 
your honors that a committee be appointed by this Hon'''* court 
to lay out and make a road through said Town, and that the 
cost be paid by the land owners thereof and on their neglecting 
or refusing to pay said cost of laying out and making said road 
your Petitioners most humbly pray your honors to give order 
that so much land in said Town be sold as will pay the cost 
aforesaid or otherwise as your honours shall think most expe- 
dient and your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray — 

Peleg Williams 
In behalf of said Inhabitants 

[6-S2] \^Petition for Atitho7'ity to tax Non-Residents^ J'j88.'\ 

State of Newhampshire Grafton ss 

Littleton December the 12 — 178S 

To the Honorable Gen' Court of said State to be Conveaned at 
Exeter on the 24 Day of Instant December — 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of said Littleton humbly 
Shews that it is Eighteen years since the Town began to Settle 
and the setlers ware promised by the owners of the Land that 
thay wood make a good Rode throw said town erect and keep 
in good repair a grest mill and saw mill in said town and that 
thay wood Soon have the Town settled with such a number of 
Setelers as to make it Convenient for your petitioners all of 
which thay have neglected and thare is now in Town but nine 
families and the Country road through the same is twelve miles 


and is verey wet hilly and Stoney, your Petitioners Cannot git 
at any mill Short of twelve or fifteen mildes and if a Scarce 
time of grinden must wait for the Inhabnie' of the town to 
which the mill belongs to have thare grist ground first besides 
we have the aforesaid road to travel through without our horses 
being Shod as thare is no Blacksmith neigher than a mill your 
Petitioners are not only few in number but poor and must re- 
main so Except the aforesaid Difcilties Can be removed all or 
allmost all of said town is owned by two Gentlemen one of 
which Living in Massachusets the other in Vermount and we 
know not who ware the oreginal Proprietors of said town or 
how much Land thare is in the Same as it has bin granted and 
regranted and Divided and Subdivided so that under every cir- 
cumstances if your Petitioners Should be Cald on by your hon- 
ours to do thare duty as others Towns it will be more than we 
Can possably Do — 

wharefore your Petitioners most humbly pray your honors to 
take our Singelur Case into your wise Consideration and grant 
a tax of two pence on Each acre of Land in said town for the 
purpose of making and repairing a road through the same and 
that a Committee be apinted by your honours to Carry the 
Same into afect your Petitioners further pray your honners not 
to Call on us for any State taxes untill the town Shall be so 
settled that we Can possably git a Living tharein but that the 
owners of Land in said town may pay all the taxes tharefrom 
untill the present time and that Sume person or persons be 
apinted by vour honours for the purpose of assaing & Collect- 
ing the Same or that we may have releafe in Sum other way or 
manner which to your honours may apeare Just and rasanable 
and your Petitioners are in Duty bound Shall ever pray — 

Peleg Williams Thomas Miner Samuel Learned 

Benj"'" Nurs Nathan Caswell Isaac JMiner 

Nathan Caswell Jr Robert Charlton 

[6-83] [^Relative to taxing- Non- Residents^ ijgiJ^ 

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representitives in 
General Court convened and now siting this la*"^ day of 
February 1791 — 

The petition of the Selectmen of Littleton in said state Hum- 
bly shew that an act passed the General Court January 17S9 — 
directing the Selectmen of said Town for the time being to 
assess and cause to be collected all publick Taxes due there 
from prior to the first day of January 1789 on the lands of the 
proprietors of said Town in one tax bill in way and manner as 


taxes by Law are collected of Non, resident proprietors in 
other Towns in this state which act your petitioners would 
have most chearfuUy complyed with had it been in their power 
but said Littleton together with a Town or part of a Town 
known by the name of Dalton, was first granted by the name 
of Chesuwich afterward by the name of Apthorp then divided 
into Littleton and Dalton to particular Gentlemen and not in 
proprietory shares as is usually the custom in other towns in 
this state — your petitioners would further Sugjest that the act 
for taxing Lands in said Littleton and Dalton for the purpose 
of making and repairing roads therein is under the aforesaid 
Imbarisments — 

Your petitioners would therefore pray your Honors to pass 
an act Impowering the Selectmen of said Littleton for the time 
being to assess and cause to be collected all publick taxes due 
from said town in one tax bill on the lands therein not confin- 
ing them to any particular rights but to sell as much of said 
Lands in one body as will pay said tax with Incidental charges 
also in the same way and manner to sell as much land as will 
compeat said road throug said Town as also that they may be 
Impowered in the same way and manner to sell as much land 
in Dalton as will complete the road leading through the same 
and give a reasonable time to levy and collect said Taxes or 
grant such other relief in the premises as to your Honors may 
appear reasonable and Just and stay the extents against said 
Littleton untill a final determination be had and your petitioners 
as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Sam' Voung 

in behalf of the Selectmen of Littleton & Inhabitants of 

[R. 2-191] \_Liei(L Peleg Williams's Petition, l/QJ.'] 

State of Newhampshire — 
To the Honb'*^ Gen' Court of s'^ vState convened at Exeter on 

the twenty fifth day of December 1793 — 

Humbly sheweth Peleg Williams of a place caled Littleton 
in said State — That in November 1776 he engaged and was 
commissioned as a Lieu' for said State in the late war — That 
on account of his ill State of health, contracted in s'' service, 
he, in the month of may 1778 resigned not in the smallest de- 
gree doubting he had a right so to do * * * 

Peleg Williams 

[He stated that he had not been paid the depreciation of 
his wages, and asked to have it done. — Ed.] 



The township was granted, June 21, 1722, by Gov. Samuel 
Shute to John Moor and one hundred and seventeen oth- 
ers. The grantees were Scotch Presbyterians, who came 
in 1718 from the north part of Ireland, where their ances- 
tors, emigrants from Scotland, had settled about one hun- 
dred years before. By an agreement dated March 26, 1718, 
Rev. William Boyd was appointed by them as agent to 
obtain a grant of land from Gov. Shute, and succeeded in 
obtaining a promise of a grant whenever they decided upon 
a location. 

On receiving this encouragement they came over, landing 
in Boston Aug. 4, 1718. A portion of them went to Casco 
Bay, then in the province of Massachusetts, with the inten- 
tion of settling there ; but not being pleased with the coun- 
try, they returned and located here in April, 17 19, O. S, 
Many of them came from the city of Londonderry, Ireland, 
and named this town in honor of their old home, which 
some of them had helped to defend in 1689 against the 
emissaries of James the Second. They were an industrious 
and thrifty people, and strongly attached to their religious 

The town was divided into two parishes, by an act ap- 
proved Feb. 25, 1740, in accordance with a vote of the town 
passed in 1735. 

Feb. 12, 1742, the southern portion of the town was in- 
corporated into a parish by the name of Windham, the first 
meeting of which was to be called by Robert Dinsmore, 
Joseph Waugh, and Robert Thompson, on March 8th of 
that year. 

The north-west part of the town was taken off Sept. 3, 
1751, and with other territory incorporated into the town 
of Derryfield. 

A portion of the town was annexed to Nottingham West 
(Hudson), March 6, 1778. 

Sept. 26, 1777, sundry persons and their estates were sev- 
ered from Londonderry and annexed to Windham. Nov. 26, 
1778, Samuel Clark and his estate were also annexed to 
Windham, and the line between these towns was established 
by an act passed Nov. 22, 1782. 

Another portion of this town was annexed to Windham, 
Dec. 25, 1805. 


An act was passed July 2, 1827, dividing the town nearly 
in the middle, and incorporating the east half by the name 
of Derry. 

People from Londonderry were among the first settlers 
of the towns of Bedford, Merrimack, Antrim, Acworth, 
Cherry Valley, N. Y., and other places. 

[6-91] \^Relative to the burning of Alatthevo Clark'' s House ^ 

1725 ''\ 

To all Christian People to whom these Presents shall come 
Greeting : 

The humble Petition of Matthew Clark of Londonderry in 
in Newhampshire, 
Humbly Sheweth 

That on Fry day the third of this Instant in the dead time of 
the Night an awfull and dreadfull fire seized upon his dwelling 
House and consumed it to Ashes, together with his worldly 
Substance therein contained, as Household furniture, cloaths, 
Provisions and Money, whereof there were four pounds, four and 
Six pence of the Bills of this Province, Your Petitioner with 
his wife and small Children narrowly escaping with their Lives 
through the mercifull Providence of God — 

May it therefore please such Christian People to whom these 
presents shall come to consider of this case in the bowels of 
Christian charity and afford such relief to your Petitioner as 
thev shall think fit, and your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall 
ever Pray. 

We believe the Truth of the Above Petition, and have great 
Compassion on the Petitioner as being of an honest and Chris- 
tian Character. Done at Londondeny Dec"' 23. 1725. 

Ja : Macgregor 
Daniel Cargill 
John macmurphy Cler. 
Samuel Graves 
Robert Bo^'es 
James morgan 
James Greg 
James M'^Keen 
X^ the 28—1725— 

In the house of Representatives Mathevv Clark the Petitioner 
Made Oath that he had actually Burnt in his house of this 
Province Bills of Credit the sum of foure pounds foure Shillings 
& Six pence — 

James Jeftry 

CI' assm 


[He was allowed the foregoing amount by the assembly 
out of the money in the treasury next to be burned. — Ed.] 

[6-92] [^Order relative to laying' out some Land^ 1^28. '\ 

Whereas there was Given & Granted to Mess" M'^Gregor 
M*=Keen Cargil Greg and Goft'e Several Tracts of land in y^ 
Town of Lond" Derryover and above their Proprietors Share 
for their good Service in promoting the Interest of y® People 
there as appears per y* Charter of S'' Town which said Tracts 
of land have been laid out to the s** Grantees in y* refuse and 
Most barren part of the said Town w"* an aim to render y'^ s*^ 
Grants of no value and to defeat the good designs of the Same 
It is therefore In Coun' May 25"* 1728 — hereby Voted and or- 
dered that the laving out of y* said lands be and are hereby 
declared to be nul void and of no Eflect, And that the Lot- 
layers of v' s'' Town within twenty days from y"" Date hereof 
proceed to lav out y" s"* Grants upon oath to the s^ Grantees in 
some of y^ Common lands of y"' s** Town — Such as are of a 
Middling quality (ie) Neither of y* best or worst but midway 
between both, an that y* lotlayers Deliver returns of y'' laying 
out s** land to y^ Grantees in Convenient time after y* busyness 
is done for y* Usual and legal fees y' y"^ s** returns May be re- 
corded by y* Town Clerk in y^ Town book 

R. VValdron Clr : Cou. 

[^"9.'^] [ Warrant for Town-Meetings lyjj.'] 

Province of New Hamp* — 

To the Selectmen of the Town of Londonderry within the 
Province afores*^ Greeting — 

Pursuant to his Ma]""' writ to me directed for Convening a 
Generall assembly within the said Province, you are hereby re- 
quiied in His Maj'"'' name to Cause the freeholders of the town 
of Londonderry aforesaid duely quallihed (giving them fifteen 
days previous notice) to assemble at such time and place as 
you Shall appoint within the said town then and there to Elect 
and Chuse or depute one fit person quallified in the Law to 
represent the said town in General assembly appointed to be 
Convened and held at Portsm" w"" in y^ Province aforesaid on 
Tuesday the first day of January Next at ten of the Clock before 
noon and you are alike required to Cause the person so Elected 
and deputed by the maj' part of the electors present at the Elec- 
tion to be timely notafied and Summoned by one of the Con- 


stables of the said town to attend his Maj"*^' Servis in Gen'^ 
assembly at the time and Place above Prefixed and so de Die in 
Diem dureing their Session or Sessions and you are to make 
return of this Precept with your doings thereon and the name 
of the Person that Shall be Elected and Deputed as afores"^ 
unto my Self on or before the first day of January next to be by 
me transmitted into the Secretary's office at or before the time ap- 
pointed for the Convening of the said Gen" assembly and Here 
of you may not fail — 

Given under my hand & Seal at Portsmouth the Eleventh day 
of Decem'^'' 1733 & in the Seventh year of His Maj''" 
Reign — 

Eleazer Russell Sheriff 

[The meeting was held Dec. 28, 1733, and Robert Boyse 
was elected. — Ed.] 

[6-95] [^C7ia?'g'e against the Legality of a Toxvn-AIeeting^ 

J 736.] 

Londonderry April y^ 13* 1736 
We the under Subscribers all freeholders of the aforesaid 
London-Derry doth protest against all the actings of our March 
meeting this being part of it by adjournment (for these reasons) 
that the said meeting was not legall in itself, neither was it 
legalee Caried on for a great many of them that was votters in 
it was not Qualified according as the law directs and also that 
a great manv of the voters was only transient persons and paid 
no rates in this town besides many other reasons — 
Given under our hands the day and year above 

Robert Boyes William Humphra John Moore 

Hugh Wilison Archibald Clendinen 

A true Coppy taken out of Londonderry Records as 

Attests p'' John Macmurphy Town Clerk 

[6-96] \_Precept for the Election of an Asse?nbly-nian ^ I'jj6.~\ 
Province of Newhamps® 

George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Brittaine 
France and Ireland King defender of the Faith &*= 

To the Sherrif of the Province of Newhampshire Greeting 

We command you that imediately on sight hereof you make 
out a precept Directed to the Selectmen of Londonderry within 


our said Province of Newhampshire Requiring them to Cause 
the Freholders and other Inhabitants of said Town Duly Qiiali- 
fied to Assemble at such Time and place as they sliall appoint, 
to Elect and Choose, or Depute one Suitable and Meet person 
(Lawfully Qiiallified) to serve for and represent them in our 
Gen" assembly of our said Province at Portsmouth and to cause 
said person so Elected by the Major part of the Electors pres- 
ent at the Election to be timely Notified (or Summoned by one 
of the Constables of the said Town) to attend our Service in 
our said Gen" assembly on the fourteenth day of March Cui*- 
rant, and So De Die in Diem during their Session or Sessions, 
and to Return the said prsecept with the Name of the Person 
so Elected unto your Selfe whereof you are to Make Return to- 
geather with this Writ and of your doings therein under your 
hand unto the Clerk of our House of Representatives at or 
before the s"^ fourteenth day of March Currant hereof you may 
not faile at your perrill — 

Witness Andrew Wiggin Esq'' Speaker of our said House 
of Representatives at Portsmouth March the tenth in the tenth 
yeare of our Reigne Ann Dom" 1736 — 

And"' Wiggin Speaker 

James Jeftry Cle'' of the Assembly 

By order of the House of Representatives 

Prov : of New Hampsr 

Pursuant to the within Writt I Issued out my Precept to the 
Selectmen of London Derry to Elect a person to Represent 
them in a Generall assembly Now Sitting at Portsm" and they 
make return that they have made choice of Robert Bo}es of 
s"* Town to Represent them 

Portsm" March y« 14"^ 1736/7 R Wibird, Sheriff. 

[6-97] \_Txvo Sets of Tozvn Officers cJiosen^ ^737-~\ 

To His Excellency Jonathan Belcher Esq'' Governour & Com- 
mand'' In Chief In and over His Majestys Province of New 
Hamp"' the Hon''''^ His Majestys Council, and the House of 
Representatives in General Court assembled — 

The Petition of Sundry the Inhabitants of the Town of 
London-Derry in the Province of New Hamp'' — Most humbly 
shews — 

That It hath been the Custom in said Town, ever since they 
have acted as a Town, at their General Town meetings in 
March yearly to allow all persons that payed rates in said town 



to Vote in chusing town officers until at the town meeting held 
in said Town on the fifth day of March Instant when the Select 
men for the last year produced a list of Persons names who the 
select men said should be voters only. — That notwithstanding 
a Considerable majority of the persons present proceeded ac- 
cording to the usual method of said Town to Chuse a Modera- 
tor, and then to chuse a Town Clerk, selectmen and other town 
officers, and that the two Justices in said Town refused to 
swear any of said officers so chosen, and that a minor part of 
the persons then present in a by-part of the meeting-house made 
choice of another set of Town officers, which last sett the Jus- 
tices in said Town have since sworn, which has already occa- 
sioned much disorder strife and confusion in said Town, and 
will We fear tend to the utter ruin and destruction of the peace 
and good orders of said Town unless something be done by the 
General Court to redress our Grievances. — 

Therefore Your Petitioners most humbly Pray Your Excel- 
lency the Hon'''* the Council and House of Representatives 
In your Great wisdom to ratify & Confirm what was done at 
the last meeting in said Town according to the former usage and 
Customs of said Town, or to Explain that paragraph in the Act 
for regulating Townships, choice of Town officers and setting 
forth their power relating to the qualification of Voters in Town 
meetings, and order that There be another Town meeting in 
said Town to Chuse Town officers, and your Petitioners as in 
Duty bound, Shall Ever Pray — 

John Moor 
Sam' Allison 
Ronald Alexander 
John Stewart 
Rob' Cochran 
James Bo3'es 
Hugh Rogers 
W"' Cochran 
W" Candinon 
Thomas Morrison 
Joseph VVallis 
Hugh Wilson 
Abr™ Holmes 
John Givian 
Rob' Wear 
Sam' Miller 
John Craig 
Patrick Duglas 
W" Humphrey 
Alexand' Macdorn 

John Reade 
Sam' Morrison 
Thomas .Steel 
John Barnet 
John Durham 
Tho' M-^Master 
Arch'' Candinon 
Jesse Cristi 
W"' Holmes 
Robert Boyes 
James Dalop 
John Wilson 
John Cochran 
Robert M'^cuixly 
W" Gregg 
Moses Barnet 
James M'^curdy 
John Holmes 
John M'^clary 
Benf Willson 

Halbert Morrison 
W" M'^Neal 
Peter Cochran 
Robert Wallace 
W™ Moor 
James Wilson 
Sam' Kinkerd 
John Alexand"" 
Thom^ Hoag 
Jaines Patterson 
John Duncan 
David Vance 
John M'^konoihy 
Sam' Morrison 
John Stewart Jun"" 
W'm Kelley 
Thom* Bogel 
John Mitchel Jun"" 
Andrew Clandinen 
W" M"M aster 


Robert Givian John Smylel Alexand"" Parks 

Sam' Mitchel Hugh Bolton John M'Cleary 

Sam' Morrison Thorn** Wallace Francis Smaley 

Alexand"' Rankin Peter Cochran John Wallace 

John Morrison Sam' Morrison James Calwel Jun' 

Thomas Cochran Henry Comee W"" Cochran 

Arch*^ Miller John Cromey Joseph Ball 

John Steel Patrick Fisher James Glines 

James Morrison David Alorrison Allen Anderson 

Dan' Anderson John Humphry W" Murdoch 

Thom^ Mellavy John Ware 

James Cochran John Ramsey 

Mem° I have copyed the names as well as I could read them 
but am not certain that they are right 

R. Waldron Sec^. 

[6-98] \^Relative to a ?iexv Parish^ ^737-'\ 

Provence of new hampshier 

To his Excelence Jonathan Belcher Esq"' Governor and Com- 
ander in Chief in and Over his Majestys Provence of New 
hamp" the honorabl his majestys Councel and hous of Repre- 
senteties In the Generall Court asembled — 

The Petition of Sundrey of the Inhabitents of the Westerly 
Part of Londonderry In The Said Provence of new hampshier 
Most humbly Sheweth — 

that Your Petitioners with Sundry others the Inhabitents of 
the Wasterly part of Sd town at the last siting of the Genr' Court 
In new hampshier Prefared a petistion therin Praing to be Made 
a parish by our Selves which Was Granted to us by the Gen- 
erall Court But with this Restriction for to Countinow with the 
Worship of God in the Miting hous Which was then Bult 
amongst us which is the Most Convenient Place in the parish 
to Shout the Popel of the Sd parish yet So it is that a part of 
the old Parish of the freand and Relations of M"" Macgrogre with 
Som others and Som amongst ourSelvs Without aney Regard 
to what was then Don in that afair by the General Court have 
without aney Consent of us yea even against our wills obtained 
ane ordenation for m"" macgrogre out of our Miting hous and a 
litel Time after hath left of to preach in our Aliting hous and 
preacheth in a privet hous above the mils from our miting hous 
and in about one mile and a half from the old miting hous and 
So our miting hous is Left Desolat and forsakin and thereby 
hath Defated our Good Desgn in Praying to be Set of as a Par- 


ish And also the Gracious Design of Generall Court in Sating 
us of and allso would Render us Disobdient to Goverment 
Which never entred into our thoughts and would have us Joyn 
with them in bulding a new miting hous which they are about 
to Arect nerer the old miting hous then ther prasent Place of 
worship which is at one Cornor of the parish which if Done will 
tend more to the fomenting of our Presant Debats and Stireng 
up Strife and Contensions amongs us and to the Destrouing of 
Religon then aney thing Els Wherfor your Petisthoners most 
humbly Prayeth your Excelence the honorable Counsal and hous 
of Representitves in your Wisdom to order us the worship of 
god in our miting hous as it Was ordred Befor and your Peti- 
shoners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray 
Londonderry March the 5 1736/7 

Thomas Wallace John Blear David mc allester 

Joseph Bo3's John holens James ^E^rs 

James murray Thomas Wallace William m^allester 

Samuel Dickey John Barnet James wilson 

Joseph bell James Petterson Hugh Grahams 

Thomas Hoop Samuel Thompson John Senter Juen"" 

William dickey micheall M'^Clinto William Wallace 

James Wallace William m'^Clinten william thompson 

John Duncan John Senier 

Joseph Wallace Robart Wallace 

[In H. of Rep., April i, 1737, the foregoing petition was 
dismissed. — Ed.] 

[6-100] \_Relative to a Parish in the tvesterly part of the 
Town, 1739-'] 

To his Exelencey Jonathan Belcher Esq"" Governer and Com- 
ander in Chief in and over his Magiestys Provence of New- 
hampshier the Honarebl his Magiestys Councel for Sd Pro- 
vence and the hous of Represenitive in General asembley Con- 

the Pitition of Sundrey of the Inhabitence of the Westrly part 
of Londondery in the Provence of new hampshier humbly Shu- 

That at the General Court at Portsmouth in and for the for- 
said Provence in aprel 1736 ther was a Pitition preferred to the 
General Court of Said Provence that ther Might be a Parish Set 
of in said town in the westerly part of Said town AGreeable to 
a vote of Said Town that the General Court was pleased by a 
vote to Set of for a Parish In the Westerly part of Said town 


acording to the folouing Bounds Beginning of the Southerly 
part of the toun at a place kown by the name of Ston Dam 
thence Runing up Bover Brook to the South west part of Charels 
mclorgs lot thence Runing a Straight line by the Norwest Cor- 
nar of ninen Cochrans home Lote to amascige Road thence 
Runing alongst the Sd Rod to a place none by the Name of the 
twelve acer mido Brook thence Runing a noRth to the toun Line 
then torning westerly and roning Round the toun line till Bover 
Brook then Runing to the Bounds firs menshoned and that the 
Miting hous Should be Wher it then Stod in the Westerly Part 
of Sd toun and that to the Number of thirty five in Said west- 
erly parish might Remain to the old Parish and as Maney of 
Said Number as Should go from the Newe Parish to the old So 
maney of the old Should go to the new parish and that Befor 
the Said vote of the Generall Court was Redused to one act 
the Secriterys hous was Consumed by flaims and the vote 
amongst other papers was burnt Wherfor your Petitioners most 
humblv pray Your Excellency the Honorabl the Councel and 
hous of Representitive to Set of a Parish in the westerly part of 
Sd town Agreeable to the former vot of the Genarel Court and 
your Petishoners as in Duty bound Shall ever pray &c 
Dated at Londondery October 12"^ ^737 

John M'^leriee William wollac Abram holms 

Robart Bell Jr)hn Blair Robart Wallace 

Thomas mclire Thomas Hog David morison 

William holems david BoGel Samul morison 

Thomas BoGel Joseph BoGel Joh" morison 

Samul thomson John Wallace Joli" holems 

William thomson iohn Crage Ninin Cochran 

Angus Mcalester John willson Better Cochran 

William """alester Benjamen willson Samul Tood 

John Care Andrue todd william hairs 

Thomas vv^ollace Aalexander Crage Thomas Wallace 

James ares Aalexander mc : ol- Joseph Wallace 

Robart Gaye om John Barnat 

David mcalester Samul morison First Joseph Bell 

James thomson Nethaniel willson James muray 

michel mclinton Robart Gifen James woUace 

Joseph Boys John mclorg James Paterson 

[6-101] \_Proposals for Peace^ ^7J7-'\ 

To our Christian friends and Brethren of y^ old Congregation in 

London Derry ; proposals of peace 

It is a lamentable Truth, Too evident To be denyd, y' the 


Scandalous divisions, both in Civils and Ecleseaiticks, which 
have Too long Subsisted among us, are a stain to our holy pro- 
fession ; that they have a Natural tendency, to provoke God ; to 
procure Judgments and to render us a hissing a reproach and a 
byword to our Neighbours and that these are aggravated from 
our circumstances, we being Strangers, which ought to excite 
us to a stricter amity and unity among our Selves. 

but then Seing it is not Complaints & lamentations only, but 
proper remidys also, that are Necessary to effect an accomoda- 
tion among us ; we therefore out of a Sincere and Disintrested 
view To peace, do Chearfuly & unanimously make 3" following 

Proposal I**' whereas it has been (as we are Inform'd) Sug- 
gested or Insinuated, that The design of us who belong to the 
New Congregation, is To draw away the Strength of v" old Par- 
ish, and Consequently To build upon its Ruins ; we propose 
that we who are already Incorporated in the new parish, with 
Those who are at present willing to joyn us, who in all are not 
one half of y^ town, will oblige our Selves to maintain the Gos- 
pel in Our own Congregation, without demanding any help 
from our Neighbours in the Other parish ; or if this will not 
Satisfie, we propose that the Salary's of both Ministers be asess'd 
in common, and equaly levyd from y*^ whole town in general. 

As to the Ecclesiastick part of our divisions, we wou'd be 
heartily glad that this also were Accomodated : that which ren- 
ders a reconciliation in this particular more difficult, is the want 
of a Synod, To whose Judgment all partys Consonant To pres- 
byterian principles behoof'd to be Subjict : but Since we have 
not this Superior Judicature To have Recource To, in this part 
of the world : Since appeals to a foreign Church, in Our pres- 
ent Scituation and Circumstances is Impracticable even in the 
Opinion of Several of y" ministers of y'' own party, whose dis- 
ent against Such Apeals, is extant in y*^ minutes of the presby- 
tery ; and Since there is a Schism among the Members of pres- 
bytery. So that they being partys cannot be admitted as proper 
Judges, what must be y*^ Consequence, as Things are thus Cir- 
cumstanced, but that Except Some other methode be fovmd out, 
Our uncumfcM'table Debates be protracted time without End : 
for Remidy wherof we propose. 

Proposal 3'^ that a number of ministers, of y"^ Congregational 
perswasion. Such as you and we can mutualy agree upon ; Shall 
be Invited To meet on this affair ; and that haveing heard the 
whole of what is To be Said Pro and Con by the Respective 
partys, they Shall then draw up in writing their Result : whether 
S** Result Shall be finaly deciseive or Not, we leave to be Con- 
sidered. Note, y'' S*^ Ministers Shall be Obliged to judge the 
affair agreeable to presbvterian Rules. We for see no objection 


of any Seeming weight that can be made against this last pro- 
posal but Such as follows; to which by way of anticipation we 
Return Some Answer. 

Objection i'*' the persons whom you propose as Judges are of 
a dit^'arent perswasion ; we Answer bv Concession we grant 
they are So, but the Difference is not So wide, but that Some 
of y* greatest Divines of y*" presbvterian perswasion, and even of 
those who have wrote against them, particulerly the judicious 
M'' Rutheroord, has Adress'd them with the friendly Epithet of 
D"" Brethren ; for our part we firmly believe, that Notwithstand- 
ing the Difference in principle, there are To be found among 
them, Many men, of Learning, Goodness, Candor, Impartiality, 
and Every qualification, which may Render them very fit Judges 
in this affair. 

Object" 2^ this proposal if Complyed with, wou'd cast a Re- 
flection on the Presbyterian Goverment. as if it were not Suffi- 
cient to answer all the Ends of Goverm', without being beholden 
To another perswasion : we Answer y*^ objection has no weight 
in it; for i*' let it be Concidered that presbyterian Goverm' 
Consists in a Subordination of Judicatures, The Inferior To the 
Superior ; Now if we had a Synod To apply too and yet this 
Remidy were Necessary, it wou'd then Argue a Defect in the 
Constetution ; but otherwise the Objection is of No weight. 
2*^'^ let it be Concidered, that the judges we propose, tho of an- 
other perswasion, are bound to judge by Presbyterian Rules : 
the Salutary Medicin is Still the Same, though the Application 
be made by Other hands. 

we are far from being wSo premptory or wedded to Our own 
proposols, as to Say that these and these only are the terms 
on which we will be at peace ; but these Are what we look on 
as Resonable and Christian ; and if you think them Not Such, 
"we wou'd be glad to hear Some from you that are more So. 

In the Conclusion we beseech you Brethren, Seriously To 
Consider that 'tis your as well as Our Duty if it be possible, as 
much as lies in you, To live peacably with all men. to Seek 
peace, and pursue it. to lay Down your Gift at the Alter, and 
go be Reconcil'd with your Brother : and that Ecept we Do so 
Our Religion is Vain, that tho we had all faith to y'^ Removing 
of mountains and have Not Charity, we are as A Sounding 
Brass and tinkling Cymbal, and that he who Says he loves God 
and hates his Brother is a lyar : let the Serious Concideration 
of these Awful and weighty truths, leave Such a deep Impres- 
sion on us, that we may be willing for peace, on the most Rea- 
sonable terms ; and let us look on All Such as wou'd diswade 
us from hearkning to Reasonable proposals of accomodation, to 
be publick Nusances, the Bane of Civil Society, y" obstructers 
of Brotherly love, and the Active Instruments of Satan, and as 



Such let US Avoid them with detestation, we are your friends 
and Brethren in Christ. 

London Derr}' April y" 19"' 1737 

Georg Duncan 
Jolin Gofte 
James Mckeen 
James Adams 
John Jamison 
James Anderson 
Daniell macDufie 
James Reid 
John : m'^Laughlin 
James Nesmith 
James Clark 
Rob' Campbell 
Tho** Boies 
John Richey 
Alex"- m"=Neall 
John Blair 
Thomas gregg 
James Willson 
Thomas Clark 
John Archibald 
John Mckeen 
Charles M^Cloarg 
Robert Arbuckle 
Josiah Arbuckle 
James Wallace 
Rob' M'keen 
Hugh montgomery 

James Blair 
James Taggart 
James Lindsay 
William Adams 
John Creaig 
Daniel m'^'keeney 
Jolm taggert 
william nutt 
John Anderson 
Samul andrson 
Bart andrson 
John Cochran 
William Dickey 
James Aiers 
James Leslie 
Samuel m'^keen 
James Gregg 
mathou tylor 
Daniel Macgregore 
Hugh Morison 
Nathaniel Aken 
James Moor 
Samuel Dickey 
Samuel Graham 
Hugh Graham 
William Maclintock 
James Adams 

Pathrick taggart 
John Gregg 
Robertt Anderson 
Andrew Cochran 
John Scobey 
Samuell Gregg 
Archbell m'^cormick 
Will Gregg 
Robert morison 
Hugh moor 
Hugh mountgorey 
Nathan m^farlan 
william Jameson 
John Bell 
Robart kendey 
Williain Aiken 
James Rodgers 
Henderv mitchiell 
David Hunter 
thomas tyson 
John Woodburn 
Sam" Barr 
matthew Reid 
David Archibald 
James Nesmith Sen"" 
Samuel Huston 

[6-103] \_Return of lay i fig- out a Highxvay, I'jj8.'\ 
Provence of Newhampshire Londonderry May : 15 : 1738 

then laid out a highway in said town begining at that Cross 
highway that goeth along by Patrick Duglas and William Ad- 
amss and so Runing Down the line betwixt s*^ Duglas and 
adams as far as his land goeth and so along betwixt s*^ Duglas 
and James Callwell upon the line betwixt them to Chaster line 
and so Runing aCross the End of s'' Duglas land upon Chaster 
line to Chaster Laid out highway note that said highway is to 
be two Rhods Wide one Rhode oft' s"^ Duglas land and the other 


off the s"* Adams land and s'^ Callwells land laid out by the select 

men of Londonderry 

Rob' Wear "] 
Hugh Willson I g^jg^^ 
Moses Barnett }\j 
Tho^ Willson I ^^-^^^ 
Andrew Todd J 

Recorded the 2S"' of May 173S atru Copeay per Moses Bar- 
nett town Clark 

We of the Inhabitence of Londondary and hath Ben Survers 
of the Within Said Road Dothe asertifey that it is not good 
Land for A Contra Road — Neither Cane it bee Made a good 
high way 

for the year 39 Will"' Murdoc 

for the year 40 Mathew wright 

for the year 42 James ColKvall 

[6-105] \_Petitio7i from Persons formerly belonging to Dra- 
cut for a Parish^ ly^i.'] 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq'' Governor and 
Commander in Chief Li and over His Majestys Province of 
New Hampshire in New England, and Vice Admeral of y^ 
Same, To the Honerable His Majestys Council, for said 
Province — 

The Petition of the Subscribers being Inhabitants and Pro- 
prietors of a Tract of Land formerly belonging to y^ Town of 
Dracutt in y^ County of middlesex and Province of y" Massa- 
chusitts Bay but Now of y"^ Province of New Plampshire afore 
Said — 

Most Humbly Sheweth — 

That whereas your Petitioners Inhabitants of y* Place afore 
mentioned being Latly Sepperated from y*" Province of y® 
Massachusitts Bay, by the Settlement of y^ Boundary Line, are 
Labouring under many Great and Greavous difficulties, and 
disadvantiges at present, and divers of us having suffered many 
wronges and Injuries by y* Inhabitants of Dracutt who still pre- 
tend to have Jurisdiction over us, and are Dayly Expecting 
many other Difficulties to arise, And being distetute of a House 
Convenient for y^ Publick worship of God, and being divested 
of y* previledge of acting as a Town, and as we being Entirely 
willing and Content to yeld all due obedience and submission 
to y^ Government of New Hampshire, so we desire in all hum- 
ble wise to be protected thereby — 


Therefore Your Petitioners Most Humbly pray that your 
Excellency and Honers will take our Case into your wise Con- 
sideration so far as to Erect us into a Destinct and Sepperate 
Township vested with all such powers and previledges as other 
Towns in this Province enjoy encluding all those Lands on y* 
North of y^ province Boundary Line which was formerly 
granted by y^ province of y^ Massachusitts Bay to y^ Town of 
Dracutt according to y" Boundarys thereof, (which your peti- 
tioners humbly Conceive may prove an Effectuall Remedy for 
many of our Greavences) 

as Your Petitioners by Duty bound Shall Ever Pray 

zechariah coburn thomas Sheria 

Josiah Gage Isaac littelhall 

Moses Gage edward wyman 

Daniel Gage Ebenezer Richardson 

Amos Gage Henry Richardson 

Simon Beard Joseph Wood 

Joseph Wyman John forgison 

Thomas Gilmor iVlexander Forgnson 

[The foregoing was accompanied by " An abstract taken 
from a Plat of Dracutt Township as it was laid out by 

Cap" Jon^ Danforth y*^ 26: 3'^ 1702" 

Said plan is No. 106, in manuscript volume. — Eu.J 

\_Londoiiderry Bounds.^ 

The Bounds of Londonderry being ten miles Square or so 
much as amounts to ten miles Square and no more begining on 
the north east angle at a Beech tree marked which is the south- 
east angle of Chester and running from thence due south on 
Kingston line four miles and an half and from thence on a west 
line one mile and three quarters & from thence south six Miles 
and a half & from thence west northwest, nine miles and an 
half and from thence north eleven miles and an half & from 
thence north north east three miles from thence South South 
west to the south west angle of Chester and from thence on an 
east south east line bounding on Chester ten miles unto the 
Beech tree first Mentioned — 

[6-107 is a plan of the town, endorsed " Greggs Plat of 
Land." — Ed.] 


[6-109] \_RcIative to a Road, I'J43.'\ 

Province of New Hampshire — 

Londonderry May y* 24"* 1743. 

These may Certifie that I the Subscriber, am Hartly Satis- 
fied and willing that the town of Londonderry, shall enjoy and 
Improve the Road laid out by the Select men of that town 
about five years aggo leading from the Cross Road that goes 
aCross my land, and from thence runing upon the land of Pat- 
rick Douglas Will*" Adams »& my Self, untill it meet with the 
Road that the town of Chester have laid out to the line between 
Chester and Londonderry ; Provided they will pay me for what 
land the Road takes according to the prise I paid for it when 
I Bought it— 

As Witness my hand the day & year above 

James Caldwell 

[6-1 10] [ Ccrtifcate of Service of a Notice, ^74^ •~\ 

Londonderry fieb'^ 6*^ 1 741/2 

These may Certifie Whome it may Concern that William 
Gregg of said town hath served us the Subscribers with the 
Copy of Pettition of Severall people in this town that hath 
suplicated the Honourable Court at Portsmouth to be sett off' 
as a parish by themselves and we have Notified the people 
Acordingly and their is none that makes any Obiection that 
they should not be sett off" Except three or foure that belongs 
to the New parish that hath land Lying in the Bounds of your 
petitioners — 

Wittness our hands 

John Barnett "^ 

Thomas Cochran j 

David vance [> Selectmen 

Robert M<=Curdy | 

Rob" Cochran J 

[6 in] ^Report of a Coiuniittee on Roads, 1743 -'] 

Province Newhamp'' 
Persuant to a Vote of the General Court Bareing Date May 
26"' 1743, to us the Subscribers a Committee Appointed by the 
Gen" Court to goe up to Chester, and London Derry to view 
a highway ftbrmerly laid out by Chester and London Derry 
and Recorded in Each Town, and also aNother way petitioned 


for by Chester and to Make report of your Doeings therein to 
the General Court att their Next sessions — We haveing been 
up, and View'd Both Ways and Doe find that the Way ftbrm- 
erly laid out from Derry to Chester is the Most Conveniant 
way for the Accomidation of both the towns aforesaid and for 
Other Travelers, in General — 

Sepf Z2^ Day, 1743 

John Downing, Jur") 

Geo Walton ^ Committee 

Richerd Jennes ) 

[In H. of Rep., Sept. 22, 1743, the report was accepted, 
and the road established as recommended by the committee. 

Londondery May the 11 1743 

I the Subcraber doth Sartifey that I have receved No Sattis- 
faction for my Land for highway to Chester Nor is the said 
Rode not opned nor Repared 

As wittenes my hand — 

Parick Douglass 

[6-1 12] \_Petition for a Reduction of the Number of 
licensed Taverns in Town^ iyj8.'\ 

To His Excellencv Benning Wentworth Esq. Captain, Gen- 
eral, Governor, & Commander, in Chief, in & Over his Alaj- 
esty's, Province of New-Hampshire, The Honourable his 
Majesty's Council, & House of Representatives, in General, 
Assembly, Convened. 

The Humble Petition, of the Subscribers Inhabitants of Lon- 
donderry & Province aforeSaid, Humbly vSheweth, That the 
Number, of Taverns, are so Multiplied, in Londonderry Afore- 
said, they are become a Snare to the Youth, & of Evil Ten- 
dency, to every Age of Injudicious persons, & if they are All 
Continued (or which is worse Increased) we fear they will 
More & More Debase, & Debauch, the Manners & Morals of 
All such persons as Abovesaid. 

Therefore Your Petitioners Humbly pray, that for the future 
there may be but four Taverns, & Retailers, Alowed in Lon- 
donderry, aforeSaid, & the Inn-holders, to be Chosen by A 
majority, of Votes at the Annual Meeting, & so Annually Un- 
till the Circumstances, of the Town Requires a greater, Num- 
ber, & them that are pro Tempore, to be under such Regula- 
tions, in Respect to Travellers, Towns-Men Sabbath-Days, & 



every night, as in voui" Great Wisdoms you think Most Con- 
venient, & most Conducive, to Incourage Virtue & Discourage 
Vice, & your Petitioners, as in Duty Bound, Will ever Pray. 

Samuell Gregg 
Sam" Alison Jun' 
Sam'' miller 


So" o Alls 


hugh young 
James Taggart 
James Anderson 
Robert Craig 
James Doack 
Nathaniel Aiken 
Nathanel Holms 
Jo° Wallace 
Rob' Parkeson 
Joseph Cochran 
John gill more 
Robert Boyes 

Mathew Thornton 
William Wallace 
Thomas Gregg 
James Ervins 
James Campbell 
Robert Logan 
William humphra 
Samuel morrison 
John Ramsey 
Samu' moore 
Samu' Alison 
John morrison 
Rob' Wallace 
James Wallace 
Thomas Willson 
Ja' M'^Gregore 
James Blair 

John m'^keen 
John moor 
Hugh Montgomery 
David mountgumrey 
Robert morison 
David anderson 
Jn° Wiear 
Thomas Morison 
Sam" Mitchel Jur 
thomas Creaige 
David Steel 
Mo^ Barnett 
Andrew Clendinin 
James Wallace 
Thomas Wallace 

[6-1 14] \_Special To'vn- Meet ing called for ^ i'/4§.'\ 

To The Hon'''*' the House of Represen' for the Province of New 
Hamp"" now Convened — 

The Petition of James Nesmith and Sam' Barr two of the 
Select men of the Town of Londonderry in the Province afores'' 
in behalf of the other Select men of the Said Town, for them- 
selves, an in the behalf of the said Town Humbly Sheweth — 

That by the Malefeazance of one of the Constables of the Said 
Town and the Literruption and Disturbance made by a party of 
the Inhabif* at the Meeting of the Said Lihab'^ to Choose a Rep- 
resent''' for the Said Town, the End and Design of the Said 
Meeting was Intirelv defeated and the Same broke up without 
Choosing any as y*" Hon'"'" House may See bv the Return of the 
Sheriff' &c. — So that the vSaid Town is now in this Session of 
y"' Gen' Court without a Representive which may possibly be of 
111 Consequence to the Same — wherefore yo'' Petition''^ Humbly 
pray that the Hon*"'® House would order that the Inhab''' of the 
Said Town, may meet Lnmediately & Choose Some proper 
Person to Represent them in this Court and in order thereunto 
to Direct a precept to the proper Persons to See that matter 
Effected, or proceed in Such other manner as the Exigence of 


the affair Requires and as shall to you in yo"" Wisdom Seem 
meet — 

Yo'' Petition" will as in Duty bound ever pray 

James Nesmith 
Samuell Barr 

[6-1 15] \_Relative to Taxes, i'/4§.'\ 

Provence of New hempshier Londondery February th 37 1745/6 

Reseved from Ebeneser Spalding the Sume of two Pound old 
tenor for his toun and Provence Rats for the year 1745 as wit- 
nes my hand Samuel Dickey Constable 

[6-1 16] 

Londonderry December th 4 i745 

Joseph Butler is Reated i- 5-8 

Gorg Bures is Reated o-iS-i 

Moses Beeret is Reated 1-05-5 

James Beeret is Reated 1-02-2 

this is a true Copey taken out of the list Comited to me by 
the Select men per 

Samuel Dickey Con' 

[6- 1 1 7] \^Order to the Constable to collect Taxes, iy64.~\ 

Provence of Newhampshir 

Londonderry Agust the 21 : i'/6^, 

to Robert Barnett Collector for the old parish on westerly 
Side of Bovour Brook In Said Londonderry : you are hereby 
Required and Commanded to Collect the foiling Somes as they 
are anexed to Each persons names in this List it being all old 
tener In order to pay the Rev'' W'" Davisons Sallary for his La- 
bours amoungst us in the ministry for the Corrant year for which 
he Shall have an order for from us the Subscribers for the Som 
you are to pay and the Remainder you are to pay to us or our 
order to Defray the parish Charges In the present year and 
whom So Ever Shall Neglect or Refuse to pay the Som or Somes 
anexed to ther nams you are to make Distres as tlie Law Di- 
rects and for want of Goods or Chattels wheron to Distrain you 
are to take the Bodeys of them that So Refuses or neglects to 
pay and Committ him hir or them Into the Common Goall at 



Portsmouth in Said provence ther to Remain untill they pay the 
Som or Somes So afixed to ther nams with all Lawful! Charges 
arising ther from or otherwise untill they be Discharged By due 
Cource of Law and the Soms So Colectted you are to pay and 
answer the order as above at or Before the Last Day of Novem- 
ber next InShuing the Deat and this Shall Be your warent 
Given under our hands and Seal the Day and year above 

Androw Todd") o i 

SI TO I oelect 

anur Barr > 

John Gilmor ) 


Londonderry September th i3 : 1766 

Recivd of Fetter Evins the Sume of nine Shillings Lafull 
money it Being in full for the Redemison of Goods taken By 
Distress from him By me By Vertue of a waren from the Select 
Men of the town of Londonderry for the Collecting the Salery 
of the Rev' W" Davison for the year 1