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2 Zl 



D R/' WATTS,; 


^wjMHUKinitD ^ 

• • ■ • 







r*3rc»ft or THE south baptist church, nkw yokk. 


• < 

• • . 

« • • • 



163 6. 


THE KEw ro»t 



The Siibscrihcrs. having; examined Ihe preEent edition of 
knd Kippoii, would cheurrullv cummeiid it to the churches, bi 
tliat un edition of the voliinie of the jireaenl enlarged bizg wi 
needed, and having full confidence iliai in the handa of thi 
the work nill be found to have been n-ell and failhliillj exM 


Vor-k. I5fA Oduber, 1834. 


kT the churches of Christ arc indebted to the labours 
Rev. Dr. WatU; for a very large portion of the valu- 
van]^ and lyric poetry in the English language, 
'oposition which few will be disposed to doubt To 
wcet singer in Israel, millions now in glory, and 
ns still on earth, have been, and are yet, under last- 
blig.itions for the spiritual edification which they 
derived from his incomparable Psalms and Hymns, 
irobably no exaggeration to say, that the inspirations 
» pious muse will continue to direct and to animate 
ruis of men, until the devotions of the church mili- 
ihail be superseded by the exalted harmony of the 
* temple. 

s due to the Rev. Dr. Rippon to state, that the util- 
' Dr. Watts^s Psalms and Hymns has been greatly 
otc'd by his arrangement ; and also by the enlarging 
erfecting the various T'ables and Indexes. These, 
ev came from the hand of Dr. Watts, were so ex- 
[)gly deficient, that they must have continued com- 
vely useless, but for the skill and industry of Dr. 
>n. To the sacred poetry of Dr. Watts, Dr. Rippon 
ided an invaluable collection of nearly six hundred 
s.s, more than fwo hundred of which were com- 

by himself. Dr. John Ryland, or other eminent 
)er8 of the Baptist denomination. For a more am- 
crount of his labours in this department, the reader 
?rre*l to the Prefaces of former editions, in lieu 
lich, this condensed statement is intended to be an 
mical substitute. 

the instance of the present editor, the former pub- 
introduced a variety of improvements into the last 
n, some of which were, incorporating the duplicate 
'es of First Lines; of General Contents; of Scrip- 
and of Subjects, which were inconveniently scat- 
through the volume, into one complete set for the 

book. The following are some of the additional 
lations, which, it is believed, will render the present 
I increasingly valuable. 


1. The number of the pa,ge has been restored to its : 
propriate place at the top of the page. The numbets 
the Psalms and Hymns continue unaltered. 

2. The confusion of numbers at the top of the pa 
particularly in Rippon's Selection, is prevented, by on 
ling the numbers on the inner margin. 

.3. Numerous typographical and grammatical errors i 
misprints in the Tables and Indexes have been correct 
and about forty paqes, embracing duplicate Tables, '. 
dexes, unnecessary Prefaces, &c. have been omitted in i 
former and present editions. This, in the thousands 
copies which will probably be circulated, is an import 
item of economy, while it will render the work mi 
simple, and therefore more useful. 

4. The Table of Psalms has been placed before the ' 
ble of Hymns as the moat appropriate position, and 1 
Index of Scriptures and Index of Subjects are put 

juxtaposition with the Table of First Lines, Table 
Scriptures, and Table of Psalms and Hymns, at the co 
mcncement of the volume. 

5. Nine Hymns, which, in former editions, have b( 
repeated in different parts of the book, are here omitt 
and other evangelical hymns, from approved authors, hi 






ly PUBUc. 

1. To prevent confusion, simply mention the number of 
ihe Pnlms or Hymns. 

2. The Hymns and Psalms may be found, as usual, by the 
I Index of First Lines. 

r I I They nuy also be found, by the Tables which immediately 
. I follow, which give the numerical order of the former editions, 

f indthe Numbers which correspond with them, in the Arrange- 

I oicnL 

I 4. Tliose Terses in the Psalms and Hymns which are in- 

I eluded in crotchets, thus [] j, may be omitted without dis- 
xrahing the sense. 

5. Hymns in the election have their appropriate numbers 
phced immediately over each Hymn. 

6. The letters L. P. M. stand for Itong Particular Metre. 

S. P. M., or 6. 6. 8, for Short Particular Metre. 
H. M., ord's and 8's, for Hallelujah Metre. 
L. M. 6 lines, for Long Metre 6 lines. 
la. C. M. for Long Common Metre. 

A % 




A dehlor Id mercy nlanc 

A fulnea* reaidcs in Je«U!> out . 
A good bigb-pri«tiL ia came . . 

AboTii iheae besTenn 

AbKOt from Utah] G bliaful 
Adun ant fsthec and our held. 

Adim our father 

Adon and Iremhle for out Gi 
Afflicted Him. to Christ drao 
Ah ! I ib»U toon he djing . . 
Ah! wietchal souls, who ■ . . 
Alt! ! uid did tny Satiour. . . 
AIu! vilut hourly duigen.. 
All glory to ih; wondroiu... 

AU hail JncsrDde God 

All mortal vanitiea begone,. 

1 Arealllhi! fooi of Sign.. 

t> God. . 

Arise, mj enul, mj joyful IH 

.\riH, my tendareU. thoughta . . 7M 

Aa on Ihv crou the Saviour TOI 

Ai showen on meadowa On 

Aacrnd thy ihrone, Almighly. .lOM 
Atharn'd of Chriat '. my aoul. . . HI 
Aaual as, Lord, ihj name lo. . . IM 
.\alaniab'duid dUtrewed. .. . .. 7(| 

At anchor laid, remote Ihnn. . . SM 
At tby comnnnd. our deaieat. . SM 

Attend, my ear; my heart ISil 

Attend, ye children of your. ■ . .IIM 
Attend, vihileGod'a exalted.,. Ml 
A wall?, awake, the oicietl , . 

'ajte, awahe, thou migh^ . . . 1181^ 


Mbp'TOutJew eSO Come, Holy 8pirit»hc«Tenl7... 341 

Come, humble sinner, in. « . . • ^1^3 
Come, let me lore ! or ie my. . 989 
Come, let our voices join to. . . 439 
Come, let us join a joyful tune. 540 
Come, let us join our cheerful. 871 

MbArdLT 436 

( io«c the generous. . 317 

BBomingfun 437 

t potter and the clay . 126 

timofiihaxim here. 560 

t iiihau>ning Lamb. . 897 Come, let us lift our joy fill* . . • 433 
t KM, the heirs of. . . 947 Come, let us lift our Toiees. . . . 553 
e fure fmirulation .... 479 ICome.Lord ! and help us to. . . 950 
Ite woman's promised . 219 -Come, Lord, and warm each ... 1301 
t wmxcli who«e lust. 322 , Come sec on bloody Calvary . . . 1196 

r vtiting si^nrant .... 208 'Come, sinners, saith the 832 

ut wondrous itrace. . 164 1 Come, sound his praise abroad. 449 

I Mian's on cverv. ... 1015 ICome, thou fount of every 1227 

Vf *AuK thr Uving. . . 25 .fJome, thou long-expected 880 

! the huniblr iiouls. . . 389 ' Come, thou soul-transforming. . 1086 
! the suns of God .... 812 Come, weary souls, with sins. . 835 
> the sons of ]vace. . 416! Come, we that love the Lord. . 302 
i the S4juls that hear. 1 13 • Come, yn sinners, jtoor and. . . . 833 

3991 Come, ye that fear the Lord. . . 1 155 

the undcfiled in. . . . 
the everla:(ting CSod . 
the Father and hiit. . 
(he tie that hinds. . . 
us. source of fcracc. . 

239 (.-omo, vc that love the 893 

694 Compared with Christ, in all. . 922 
9'f2|Cunsidi!r nil my sorrows. Lord. 623 
92(>i(.-urs»t Im* the man, for ever .... 770 

hemanfitr 102 

le man who nhuns. . 400 ' Daughters of Zion, come 564 

he nun whose 306 ' David rrjuic*d in God his 253 

lie liiAn whose heart. 124 1 ! Day of judKtnent, day of. 1295 

he nation where. . . . 14 'Dead he my heart to all lielow. 1120 

1. who streti'h 10 i<r Dear Friend of friendless 984 

nioff, whose young. 44:H'Drar Lord ! and shall thy Spirit 931 

.'cetnrr, how di«ine. 107 'Dear Lord, and will thy 1 164 

i the jovs of, K6 ■ Doar Lord, bthold our sore. • . . 373 

I voire to pierce the. 142 'Dear Lord ! though bitter is. . . 982 

e trumpet, blow. . . . 7 75: Dear Lord ! why should 1 1006 

$ uf ulury. dreadful. SIl ' Dear Refuge of my weary soul. 1034 

V road that leads to. U4 'Dear Haviour ! make roe wise. . 962 

^ath the 5:m I Dear Saviour, we are thine. . . . 799 

iadow> ot the night. 17U .Dear Saviour! when my 990 

lotif tlie carnal wise 127 : Dear Shepherd of thy fwople. . . 1058 

iDearcHt of all the names al)Ove. 14 JS 

Ts to perfection find 42 .'Dearest Saviour, help thy 1083 

I years and 589 Death caimot make our souls. . 654 

the heavenly King. 9.')8.Dcatli may dissolve my liody. . 658 
ii!s cro^s i.s ail our. . 1 1 8 j Death ! *tis a melancholy day . . 650 

'a.«so%er is &lain. . . . 004 ' Death, with his dread 1257 

Lord, is risen tu-day 859 Deceived by subtle snares of. . . 199 
annonious tongues. 252 -Deep are the wounds which. . . 906 

leLuld the place. ... 531 , Deep in our hearts let us 230 

reii, learn tu fear. . . 500 .Deep in the dust before thy. ... 83 
»M Lord. dcKcend. . 453 'Deluded souls ! who think to. . 1 118 

r pioui^ heart 1207 ! Deleaved minds, on ashes 876 

lous Spirit 925 \ Descend, celestial Dove 1 186 

Spirit, dove divine. 525 1 Descend from heav*n « 344 

y souls and flee 1 094 1 Descend, Holy Spirit, the .... . 932 

jy souls, approach. . 224 Did Christ o'er sinners weep. . 1085 
r, all ye weary 1 96 Dismiaa us with thy lilessing ... 1 1 06 

Y Spirit, come 929 Do I believe what Jesus saith. . 340 



Do Dol 1 love tliM. U mr Lord. 
Do we not know that MJeam ■ . 

Doet ihoo my profit mk 

Down heiJloDg from ibeir. . . ■ . 
Dawo io ihe ncred w»i» .... 
Drwd Savcieign, let my 

Btfly, my God. wilhoM delay 
EUiib hiu angroai'il cny lo«e. . 
Eu^ilieil of autb. I fajn would 
Bncompaag'd with clouds of. . . 
Enquire, y« pilgrinia, for the. . 
Boalic'd byain, and l>aund in. 
Ere Che blue heai'iu were.. .. 
BlamBiriod! Almigbty CaiiH. 

Elennl God, enthiun'd on 

Elemat Powor, whoie high. . . 
Etemal Sourca of aiary joy . . 
Eternal Sa*ereign of tha aky. 
Glanial Spirit I wecOuloH. .. 
Blernal 9pinl, aourca of light. 

Eternal Wiadoin, Ib« w 

Elaniily ia juat al band 

BiaJtihe Lord one GoJ 

Eialled Prince of life! we owe 
Eiert tby power, thy lighU. . 

Pur Sion'a King, auppi 
Faith addi new chntmg 
Faith i« the brighteat eviJenca, 


For ever ihallmy aoog noord. . 

ForgivencM ! 'li« a joyful 

Frequent the day of God 

From age Io age eialt bii 

Ftodi all that dwell below Ibe. . 

. cloda . 


Giie glory to God. ye children . 1 1 14 
"' me Ihe winga of faitii to. . 366 
(banks to God 1 hereigna. 478' 
Give tbanka to Gixl, inoake. . . i69 
Give Ihanki Id God muat high. . 4fl9' " 

Oive ihiDk) to God, the IM 

to our God immortal 77 

to tike Father praiM 70S< 

OiM to the Lord, ye aon* of. . . 5M' 
Qlnrioua thingi of thee are. ...U3S< 

Glory Io God on high 1 iOa' 

Gloryto God thai walka the... 301" 

Glory to GoJ the Father-a 698- 

Glory to God Ihe Trinity 6B» ■ 

Glory loGodwhoreigiuaboie. 9<M 

Glory to Ih' eUrnal KiD^. 718' . 

nioiy Io thee, my God. thia. . . . ISM 

Go forth, ye aainta, behold 1 188' 

Go, nii»ianari«, and 1138^^ , 


her of mankind 1 124:Hark, the Reitcemer from on. . 563 

met of this varioutf ... 1 23 ■ Hark ! the voice of love and . . . 7H9 

d \ amid the darkvome 917. Hark ! ten thousand har|M 866 

d.atiend. while Sion . . 425 Hark ! *tis our heavenly 1(146 

id, how infinite art tht»u CHaaten. O Minnent. to be wm. . H34 
3d. how oft (lid lamel . . 464 He mmes he conira ! to jud|^. 1296 
od. in-.)ulBe nty humliie 4'3*J He difw, the friend of Miineni. . 248 
cd. I own thy Mrntenre. I'liU Ut \i\tra*. thvi;rcat Kedivuier. . NiO 

od. my Maker <in<l rny . T^ff* He n^iinn* ; tin* l.»iril, tin* ti~«7 

rrA, Ruw curide«cend . . . liLVt He that haih hi :!•]•> hi!» refui^. . 627 

lid ill' providenre ! thy . . « 'i^l Hear, grai't.>U}< < ■•>•]. my 14)26 

tvA '?{ wonder*! all tliy. mi:) Hear* prariuus. .^<>%i-rfiL'h 923 

rod. >>ppresH*d witli lo-l** Hear me. U (••nI. jii«r hiile thy. 621 

•oti. the heavenV well. . J on Henr what tlu* l.^ril iis «io|iin- . 236 

jud. ihi' ndtiuiia «if the. . 1 i:)x.Hear uiiai il»v \.iU'i' tr^'iii H&ii 

0<A, tkiy (sliiry Khali -i'-f Hcavi-ii iiao «'i<iiiiiiirii ttu* \mXii 

lii'd. thy watchful care. . U^<t't Hrlp nw\ >:iivstiiiiii. l.«>ril in It 

TtM, *li« fr<»in thy >^2M llrlii. I.nnl. Inr iih'Ii v\ \irtuc. . •Vjl* 

(v«:«: ! t.» tl;oG Til riiaki*. . UAM Ht.*niv tr«iai iii\ M>ui. -ail liOi) 

Cio-l 111 thee my t^veniris* 12i:) Here at tr<y i r•l^•>. niy ilyini;. . . 192 
(.if":, to a izl'jrious. . *2i Here at t!.v tjllr, IjuFiK \iv. ... 1201 
iw'n], we iri liiy oiurts. . . 1 170 Hrrr. Ln.-i!. uiy miuI runvicti-d. 'iHH 

CivJ. V(* aius: that 12'«'n Hi^lh :ls tlir liiw'ii> aUi%c the. . 22 

G nl ! what hoM« of. ... . I02'i Hiuh in tUv li('a\'ns, ftf-rnal. . . T'l 

(t'.«L when-Vr wr pitch. . lo.'tl .Hicli on .i hill wt' daz/hnu licht 49»< 

.<i< «!. whocie universal . . . r>i:) Holy and ri' is tUr nanii'. i^iri 

I U tbc Lord, exalted high i*ii'Un\\\ h><i;. . li.>iy I..>rit 'i 10 

i4ll'.f Lord; hi« works i«f 3iiH«)ly niiii-l<r. hia\«>iily isr.irr. . lOfi.'i 

. i.< fLe Lord iiur (•••d 4H 1 Himou: !•• ti' rr. Miiiii!ht>- Three 701 

: K;:jce of (ili»rv and of ,. . loO HiiMaiiii.t in ktt:i; l>.i\ui':* >tiii. . ll'.i 


I Leader i>l tliine I»r.ii l'.-^. . liM.'i Hosannj ti» mir i-i'iiij!i« iin:;. ... V !*• 

\ lC<':i*er *>f iLie earth 1219 linsuiniu t<i X'ur hnij 't l< 

. Lord of ati ihy I2.VI flo^aniiu t>i llit* }':iii< i- "\ urniT 714 

. Shepherd of timitf •I'tf l(i-i;iMi.i til till- rrnii'i* «il ii:£ht. 2:).H 

. ^2.lirl*. of immortal lu%o. . 9'i1 Hos,uir.a to ihi- r<*\.ii >.»n « Ifi 

. v\'. I'llt; d:i\, tht* ^'iv 279'Hu>.'iiiiia (■• thi ><iii 117 

5 Qif. O tliou great Vi^y't lloMUiiA with j i'hi*i<rful sound ft'tH 

iHouiii- ut tiur <iii«S. Mith 12.'>1 

I the tcn»;iie«ot' (irreks. . . :)i9 iJtiW are iliy t!i"rii's l.rri> r)5'i 

DC-t tlir ]<ord. nuiy Urirl. . HI I llow an* !h\ -<r\aiit> lili>sscd. . 754 
mighty Jf>i;s, hnw linini: "lUit Hhw uwl'iil ii> iii\ • i::i>ii'iini^. . 470 
! tli>ju oncedc'»pi!>f.iI J(•^U!S. Vj:} How I<raut«-i>n«tiri.- tin ir tttt . 12:f 
•y ttfvnnd de«crt{itiiiti li<-. . 91.*) Hnw ran 1 Miik \\ii!i >mv\\ a. . :!&;"> 
it i- he iha* ft-:iri« the Li'rd :)09 How clidrrnirn; i- ihr |<l.iri>. . . . lO.Mi 
nr tbc churih. thou xucrcd. lU'i How rond«'s<cinriiii»! arid hnw. . ii'.Ul 
jV the citv. where their. . . fiOo Hnw did v.i\ luMrt rrjinri' to. . . 4IM 

jy the heart where Rrares . ;) 1 ti ; How diil the {/nw erv nt' 10!)3 

iv the man to whom hi.-<. . 160. How futit their ^udt and sorrow 236 

;iy the man whofind» the. . 1009 'How I'trm a fuundation ye H1f> 

'} tfje man who»e :i9i How frci* and houndloMii is the. lOKO 

;iy (lie man whoM cautious 9'i9,How full of anguinh is the .... l'Ui2 
; .' for \ui Ciod'it own ^»on. *)1 1 iHow craciouii and how wim*. . . 1260 
:! from the tom!« a doleful 6fi6 How grrat, how Mdemn i> th«*. 1171 

.—hark — the notes 1 7>$ ,How great, how trrrible i*« that . 1 2Mrt 

.—hark ! the gcmpcl 'i i9 How hsippy are wr 7!j0 

« Che glad aound. the H.Vi.How hii)>{>y is thf |iilcritirs ... 10 1 H 

L, iho herald angeU Mng. . . 84 h .How hast thou. Loid. Imm. . . . 122'* 




How heavy ii the niitht. . 
How hoDOunble in the plarr. ■ 
How ii our rwlUTP *|>nil*iJ \n 

How keen the lrin|iti>rV 

Hi>wlon|t.n<lod, lui«in»i. 
How Ions. OI.ori.«l»lll.. 

Hnw Innp iJiall draih the I 

Hi>wliH)gidmllniTth'» lUluriiif;- 1' 
How toii^, iliKii Gtiihlii) (;<-l. . 
How l-ini{ wih IhiHi ninrrnl. ■ 
How linrlT, hiiw diitiurl; .... 

jiiiw iift.i^u'ii! riiw wretrltnl. . 
lliiw iitl ban- Nn attri !*arnii. . 
How jiTraMiii, hinv lUviiw'lv. . . . 

H0W|>)nM*d and Uel wi- 1.. 


i- th.< I 

V tby |« 

w tball I iiiy)^iii>iit.Fl... 
VTiJiiill I (miN- Ih' Hrriial.. 
' rhnll llif HniH nf iiH'ii. . ~ 
'hiiit It 

H)l If, T,on1. in tb* Mr imek of life. 
16 ; [f ivcrpi frauif utt^mM dwell. . . 
l-lll'UI'liwtlipIrfinlfroin dav to. 
r!ti I'll \ininf mir Maker with my. 
I!l rilniii'iik Ihr hononr of m;.. 
iBiI'm in s worhl of hnpes and.. 
>-,:r,n».<t ii^aii.Mtnownlny. 
ililmmntiiiel, unnk milh tlreodful 
lallii all n.y vai4 omrvrn* with. 
<i In urwi-r. I^inl, rrbiike me tui 
It" Iriliiiiti-i'in-llrnrr i«thine... 

l4'llii:ilitriElirr! aniHTillRWO... 

SA lu ( ia)vl'r ha»il*« a mitihly 
M lu fii'il'iiiiniilinwwpninimilre 
1^ ; III J.'i<Uh'>- (iilp the Uapti 
Iti IiiJ<H3ali<<ifah) wuK. 

I HI lu l!i 




tlnn- tluiuld thf MMiH of Mui 
llinr i.(itt thr n'<iril< i 
How »IninR ihinc ai 
How Kwei-l ami nuTi 

n «* .11 IhioK* 

III wliM rimfuinon riirth.. ■ 
.U Ji'Kiih iiiiTi '■ 'mnfiwib 

imbidon kittirtiiiaR. 



Kflb Iib*n envy ibm no more. 466' Now, while the goepel-net ii. . 1084 

Ke^ in ivpiae St death DO 675[ 

He aoM, dev Ssviour, will I. . 1 199 jO ell ye nationf, praise the. . . . 623 

Xo BOfV, my God, I hoMt DO. . 155:0 bless the Lord, my loul 26 

Jbdrnp nor ihimber to his . . . 477.0 blessed souls are thpy 159 

RoilicnKth of DMuecao 769 1 for ■ closer walk with God.. 816 

Sm syo halh aeon, dot ear hath 686 O for aii overcoiDiDg faith 65 1 

Xil all Iho Uood of beasto 282 jO for a shout of sacred joy 243 

IfaiaU Ihs noUcs of the earth. . 813:0 for a sweet inspiring rny .... 1305 
ibl aD the oatwaid forms od. . 147 .0 God, my, refuge, hear my. . . . 369 
ffec by the bwa of iDDOceoce. . 284 O God, my sun, thy blissful . . . 949 

5ecdiflefcntfood,ordifi0rent.. 3 15 10 God of grace and 881 

XoC fiom the dust affliction. ... 67 10 God of love I with cheering. 1269 
lie! the meltcioiis or profone. . . 176 lO Gr>d of mercy ! hear my call. 323 

Net to ceodcmn the aona of . . . 283 10 God of Zion ! from thy 1 145 

Ifet to oar names, thou only ... 613 O God, to whom revenge 403 

Not to ooraclTea, who are but. . 46 
Kei u» the terrors of the Lord. . 486 

O happy man, whoi«e soul is. . . 415 
O happy nation, where the. ... ] 5 

Kel onto na, but thee alone ... 1102 lO happy soul ! that lives on. . . 354 

Kel with oar mortal eyes 312 how 1 love thy holy law 103 

2few be my heart inspirM to . . 516 lO if my soul was formM for. . . 326 

llew be the God of Israel 520 1 Lord, how many are my. . . . 573 

Kew bcfio the heav*oly 

ymm by the bowels of my God . 

Kew far above the starry. 

787 O Lord ! I would delight in . . . 966 
314 Lord, my best desires fulfil . . 9U5 

1197 O Lord, my (lod! whose 786 

Hew for e tone of lofty 249 .0 Lord, our heavenly King. . . 20 

Nan from the altar of our 1215.0 Lord, our Ijurd, how 250 

Now from the roaring lion's .. . 254jO Lord, thy mercy 960 

Kev have our hearts 546 iO my dit}tru(^tfi;l heart 782 

Kev Vm ooovioc'd the Lord . . 73|0 my soul, what means thid. . . 1U36 

JVew in the gaU*riee of his 569 O that I knew the secret 817 

() that the Lord indeed 1U99 

O that the Lord would 178 

O that thy statutes every 3.')1 

O the Almighty Lord 12 

New in the heat of youthful . . . 592 

Nev let e spedoua world 55 

New let e true ambition rise. . . 1237 

Now kt oar cheerful eyes 872 

New kt oor drooping hearu. . . 1284 O the delights, the heavenly . . . 692 

Now tet oor faith grow sUong. . 1 198 
Now let our hearts conspire to. 1210 
Now let oar lips with holy .... 232 
Now kt oar mournful songs. . . 255 
Now ktoar pains be all forgot. 548 
Now kt oar aoak, on wings. . . 1041 

Now kt our voices join 957 

New kt the Father and the. . . 700 

New ki the feeble all be 1024 

Now kt the Lord, my 8aviour. 388 
Now let us raise our cheerful. . 865 

Now.Lord, the heavenly lOUO 

Now may the God of peace ... 1 108 
Now may the God of power. . . 602 

Now pked my cause 491 

New Satan cornea with 93 

Now shall my inward joys 495 

Now to the greet and sacred . . . 707 
Now to the Loed a noble song. 213 

O the immeniic, the amazing. . . 1221 

O thou, before whowe 1131 

O thou that hast redemption. . . 1045 

O thou that hear'st when 383 

O thou that hearest the prayer. . 830 
O thou who didst thy glory. . . . 792 

O thou whose grace and 329 

() thou whoHe justice reigns . . . 365 

O 'tis a lovely thing to see 320 

O what a stitV rebellious 46 1 

() what stup<'ndous mercy .... 964 

O ye immortal throng 864 

O Zion, alHicted with wave ... 1 145 

O Zion, praise the mighty 584 

O'er the gloomy hills of. 1 146 

Of all the joys we mortals 967 

Of justice and of grace I sing. . 412 

Oft have 1 turned my eye 1029 

Often I seek my Lord by 563 

Now to the Lord, that T . 146 ^ Once, as the Saviour pass'd 796 

Now to the power of God 190 1 Once more, my soul, the rising. 572 


On Jordui'i ■tormy bsnlu I. ■ 
On Sion, bis most holy maun 
On us oppreo'J bcncntb thy 
On whtt bu now been sown 

Our GwJ ucenda hu luf^y 

Our Goil, bow firm bi« promine 

Our GoJ. our lidp in egvi 

Ojr heavenly Pslher cbIIj 

Oul of tbe deops of long 

Patience! Oil, n>hil a grace . . , 

Pejire !— ■li* tbe Lonl , 

Fermil tne, Lonl 


Poor, weak, and worlhleu 

Praise, eTSiliialing praise be. . . 
Praise Uoil. froDi whom all. . . 

Praise ibe SnTtour, all ye 

- ■ ir Sbephi ■■ 


ick of ag«, aholui me 

linli, at your Falher'a 

ilraiion ii for ner nigb . . . 
3 Salvitioa ! O melDdioiu .... 
:ion1 Olhejojibl 

6 Sa[<ration tbianiili our dying. 
me. O Lord, from every 
urdxinnl nekuowthy. 
ur of men. and Lord of. . 

ur, tliy liw we lore 

ur. liiil iliy plantitiao . 
tbould we search tbe... 
who i« •hetfaat laoha. . . 

B Searcher of hearu ! berore thy . 

*eliii, cLotbM with potnp- . 

jrarioua (iod, beFore Ihy. 

ow rode winler'a icy. . . 

Dw tbe little loilinE ant. . 
I ti-'e bow the mountain >ud.. 

i>w the willing conTcrta. 

'raer» gentle 8Iie|ABTd. . 

7 Seo, Lonl, thy nrilling lubjecli 
tine what a liiing atone. 
See wbece Ibe gretl ino 

Irnttoyed. for belp I pray ■ ■ 
Tlhall Biheinta dare inhuit the. 
J rauK descend Trom tbe. 


So k( oar lips and lives express 1 74 1 The Lord Jehovah leigns 9 

So new-born babes desire the. . 165; The Lord Jehovah reigna, his. . 41 

Son we are througli Go<l*s. . . . 783] The Lord my Shephenl is 168 

8iapof immortAl praise 5^, The fjord of glory im my liglit. 429 

SaoBift I heard my Father. . . . 430. The I.opI of Rlory reieni, he. . 8 
Somrignof all the worlds on. . HIO'The Lord tm higli prt/claima. . . 2U4 
iJovmijm of life, I owr ti thy . - . 1 260: The Lord on mortal wiiririK. ... 1 141 
Sbmvign Ruler of the fcky. . . . l-G:j,The!, ihe Judge, before. . . 6BI 

EpioUed with reconciling 1075, 'i'he Lord, the Judge, lii§ 334 

ifiaodttp, rny soul, shake off. . . 35N:T!ie Liird. the .S.iviffign Kini;. 4.'** 

Buy, thou iiiffultcrd Spirit iKi'A/Vhe Lord, iho Novrrei^ii, bciidi 683 

^tcmainter throws hU icy . . . I'^ZSl/i'lie Lord, w)ti> rulex the 1153 

Stoop down, my thouj^hts that. 6(i4j'JMie Lord will liuppiiicsM 993 

t^tnit is th« way, the door ia. . . 151 j'J'hc love of the b^pirit I king. . . 924 

SiMch'd on the cross, the 855. 'I'hc inajoi^ty of Solomon 2S8 

don thereto m righteous Ood ... 7 > ■ Tiie man is e vtr MeDt 398 

Swoet if the memory of tliy .... 24 ; 'i^he memVy of our dying 547 

Sweet is the work, my God . . . 4 tSjThe mi!;hty frame of glorious. . 247 

Sweet WM the time when 1 033, The mighty (i^'d v^ili not 991 

J The moment a thinner lielievcff . . 94(1 
Tct^ me the measure of my. . (*-il ,The {H'ai'o whirh Ciod alone. . . 1 109 

TcBptatknis. trials, douhtn 100 1 iThe praise cf ^ion waits for. . . 432 

Tcnible God that reif^n'at on. . Ui'The promise of my Father*a. . . 535 
lllit awful day will purely. . . . 678>T1)C riL'hteonri Lord. KUprem^ly. 956 

That God who made the 70ri 'I'he iSiivi'iur rulln, let every. . . . N38 

Thtt mania ble»t who atanda. . 3()7:']*he spriiie. grciit (jod, at 1219 

Th* Almighty reigna exaltpd ... 1 85 1 The trii«^ Measiah now 261 

The Bible ia justly e^teemM. . . 923 The voice of my beloved 561 

1^ bleated Spirit, like the 925 ■ The wonders. Lord, thy love . . 14 1 

"Hm deluge at th* Almighty *8. . 822 > The wurideiiiif; star, and 1029 

The earth for ever is the 4 70! The wondering nations have. . . 1 122 

The fabric of nature ia fair. . . . 125n I'ho woniiering world inquirea. 567 

Tht fountain of Christ SsOiThec, Fatli»r ! \v»» \Apk 825 

The glorie« of my Mak^r, God. STThee \i»* ail*ire. iltc-nial Mamc. 643 

The God Jehovah reigms 2'); iTh«;e wi :i(i«>rc, Kteriial Word. . 847 

The God of Ahram praiae 7s}, Thee will I i.ivc. O Lord, my. . 385 

The God of glory sends hia. ... 081 'There is a I'oiMitiin AU'd with. . 887 

The God of love will sure 12S2| There is :i hi.>iKC not made .... G59 

The God of merry be ador'd. . . fi-'J. There it a land of pure delight. 656 

The frod of our aalvation ''"^ Thiro i* no path to heaxcniy. . 920 

The great Redeemer we adore. . I I fi i n'liere w a^ an honr when 1 2S 

The heavena declare thy glory. UlJ'l'tu ri '; i y in heaven, and .... 1 156 

The holy eunuch, when I !>''.» TJihm: i;; ....!:•-: minds, how. . . . 081) 

The houw now to be builded. . I ! :::> 'I'lii::' < .; ■'..!> ^ahhalha. Lord. . 1070 
The icy chains that l)Ound the. . i'^IOi'l'hin!:. '.ivii'.:fy (tod, <»n feeble. . 672 
The joyful morn, my God, w. . . 100 1 This (iod is tne (io-l wc adore. 1 103 
The King of heaven, his table. . 1204|Thi.« is the day the Lord hath. . 444 
The King of glory Fends his. . . 220, This is the word of truth and. . 121 
The King of aninta, how fair. . . 480. This iipaeious earth w all the. . 242 
The lands that long in darkne><rt 201 iThou art my portion, O my. . . 335 

The law by Moaea come 1 17|Th<»u »rl, O (ioil ! a spirit 721 

The law commands and makes. 1 1 1 iThou dt-ar KeJeeiner, dying. . . 1 104 
The Lord appears my hel{)er. . . 307 1 Thou ( nid of ^rlorious majesty. . 1267 

The Lord declares his will I I2!Thou (uh\ of love. lh»>u ever. . . 364 

The Lord descending from 122! Thou. Lord, my aafcty, Ihou. . . 1062 

TTie IxHd, how wondrous are. . 31 1 Thou only centre of my rest. . . 125n 
The Lord ie come, the heaven*. VI 7 ! Thou only <^\CTvif:n of my ... . l\ W 


Thou very puchil I.^mb. 
Thou ■ 



Thrice happy 
Thrice happy laula whdbi 
*l'hro' bJI the chinging »cfi 
Thro' all the Tiriouishiriii 
Throagh every tgr. riemi 
Thua Agui t>reiiit)'(] his wi 
Tbut IWr Diy God hath led 
^ut lar the Lard hu l«l 
miuB I leulveil before ibe. 
Thni il l>KaiiM ihe Prinn 
Thus nilh the G»t the ^leat. 
Tfaui nilh Ihe high and lolly 

Than nith the Lonl, Ihe 

ThUi *ailh Ibe Lord, yai 
Thu* auiih Ihs Ruler uf I 
Thua nailh the wiKlnra of the. 
Tbui the elernil Faiher tpalii 
Thus the great Lord of earlh 
Thus «*■ the great Redeemer 
Thu< «e eoaimeinorue the. . 
Thy faiouia, Lord, lurpriae. . 
Thy life ! read, my daarert. . 
Thy mercin lill iha earth. . 
Thy merry, my God, ia the . 
Thy tiarne. Almighty Lord .. 
Thy nainea, how infinite Ihey. 

To hi 

ir eisllnl Lord.. 

ighty Maker, Ood. 

To our eternal God 

ideemer'a glorioiu 
To pmiaa the ever-bounleotia. 

le fatal Ir 

il Threi 

To thee, before the dawning. 
To thee lei iny firatofliring . 

To thee, who reign'rt aopreme 
To Ihine Almighty arm we. . 
"JVbb by an order from the,. 
Twa> for thy aake, eternal . . 
'Twas from Ihy hand, my God 
'Twaa in Ihe wairhe* of Ihe 


rk. that 

are ihe hope* (hat rehela. 
are the hopea Ihe Kina of. 
man. on fiolish pleaaurea. 

lan ^ untlean ! and full. ■ 
, ray roving ihoughu, unit 
iken. amhe uieredhill.. 
thine altar. Lord 


Wlit iiJiiM, aaimj, and. . 
TlM'wMtlMe, our Lord... I 
WWaAtmB,ftdlof Mcnd.. l: 

WIm Atnn'a Mt*wt to 1 

nM (vr tDm from Zioo'*. . 1 

liord, we. 8S!I 

WksChriitloJDdginaitihill t 
WhDidvkD»lan8lu>«iril*il I 
WW iMb ■ppaan btfora. . . 1! 


Vhm God ii nigh, m; fail!) in ( 
Wbn God, pnmk'd with.... f 
VkaGodnslar'iinurrBptivi! I 

Wkn God ntMi'd hi* 1 

Whca I can iml mj title clear ; 
Wbn [ tumy the wmidrauK. ( 
Whn I the holj gtsTe tariry I 
Whm I viUi pUung wonder 
H'^anlkeligbtof riilh.... 4 

Whn Uul. freed Dam < 

Wbwind liiiii, ttu Lord... 4 
Vlim bntl thm' ll» deun . . 
WW Ivatl'a EricTiog liitca . ( 
Whn Jaw dwell in morUi. . II 
Wbcn Jemi Tor bii people. . . . 1( 
Whto nui growa bold in liii. 
Wbn,Ode*r Jemu, when. .. 1( 
WW tiuwheloi'd wilb grief ', 
WWn fm ud uigiiLih atae , 
WW Pul WH pJted rmiD. . 1 1 
WW AM lb; loirdj face be li 
W W am tod fnn pretiling ( 
WWMBMkind Aepherdfrom ' 
WW itiuten MJUid uid hear ! 
Wbra the Etenul bowi ihe. . 

WWlkEinnd 1 

WWthe fint parent! of our, 1 
WW the great Boilder vch'd 
VW the greit Jadge. (uprcme 

WW Ikoo, BTf tighteoiu 1! 

Wberttwoor three wilh II 

WW we are ni^d from deep I 
WW« do our mournful .... 
WWb arc the mounier*. nitb 
Where k my God * itoes he . . 1 
WWr dull (he mi.D be found I 
Wken >li»)l we go to ecek and ' 
WhfttihaU weHBiien hide. 
Where'er the bltulPiinR north. 1 
Wherewith, O iMri. ahall [ . . 
VbilecanMl men with all.... I 

While I kaep rilniM^ ud^... 
While man grow bi^ in da. . 
While mj RadoeniBr '• near. . 
While o'er out gnillf land, O. 
While on the lerga at Shi.. 
While ' 

Wboc ^_^, . 

Who has belier'd th; word. 
Whaiithetrei '" 
Who i« the fail 
Who ihall ateend tb; beaTOilj 

Wbo ahall cnodeoin lo andiaae 1 

WhoihallinhabHinthThiU.. 4 

Who ahall the Lord'a elect ... 1 

Who wi^ariaeandplMdnj. 3 

Why did the lewa prodaim . . 1 

Why did the natifMia join to. . I 

Wily dn the prood imult Ibe. . fl 

Whj do the nealthj wicked.. 3 

Wh|' da we mourn departing. 6 

Wliy doea jaur Eur.yo humhle 1 

Why don the Lord (land off 10 G 

Why d'llh the man of ricbee. . C 

Wby fljw Iheie torreoU of. . . IS 

Why hu [»y God m; loul. ... 3 

Why if my liiiart ao lar from. . 3 

Why, O my aoul. why weepeil B 

Why i\u<uU a liting man .... Ifl 

Why nhould Ttpje my BOQl,aiid 4 

Why shnuUl oor momiDg 13 

Why a'loulJ the children of a. 3 

Wby ibould Ihia earth delight 4 

Why ahould we atert and fear . S 

Wbyiinka my weak deaponding 9 

Will God for e>er coat UB off.. 4 

Wilb all my powen of heart. ■ 1 

With cheerful loico I «ing.... 3 

With earnest longingaof the. . 1 

With heaTenly power, O Lord II 

With holy fear and honUe... 6 

Wilh humhle heart sod tougne tS 

With joy we meditate the grace i 

Wilh melting heart and IC 

With my whnle heart, I'll raiae t 

With my whole heart, Vn. . . 9 

With reverence let Ibe Minta.. 4 

Wilh iMnga and honoara E 

With teare of anguiah, I lament 1 

With thee, great God, the. . . . 1! 
Wouid yon behold the worki of 

I Ihe throne. . . ' 

Yedjins "one of men I 

Ye glilieiing toy* of earth, adieu I 
Ye heart* wilh youthlnl ligoar I! 
Te holy anuliv, in God rejoice . 
Ye hiiinMe MiinUi, proclaim. . . 




Vc tionji nf pride thil hots the. 670 
^'e llial delighl lo aeiva (hs . . . 17 
Yp t1inln)<ey Uieimmorul KiDX 430 
Ye thai pw by. beholt) (he. . . 8U 
Yctri-mblmgHiuls! iliiuniH.. 1008 

Ye lril«s of AcUtn. join . 8S 

Ye virgin muI., irur 1309 

Ye vorIJa of Jight. Iliil roll u BT8 
Ye wretcli«l, liutigry, (tarTiag 1191 
Ya. I wouli) lave ihce, biHioi S6d 
Y'ec mighty ienul Ibou ilull. 1110 

Y« ! ihc KedMiner row S6S 

V«, thpK are joya that cuinat ] 164 
Yei. Htlli Itie Iriinl, if David'a. I3S 
Yonder— amazing aigfal !—I«M 866 
Vour harp^ ye trsmbUns IMS 

Zion rejoice, and Judih nng. . 608 

r. ;iUjTeft« 



OF fHSl PSAtMg. 



1 P. 




399 1 

9 P. 











S41 / 



Stf-Cf »« 




If. M« 


38X (9» 

1 P. 

S. M« 


^79 f 


8« M* 


4M 1 

3 P. 

8. Ai. 







1 P. 






li« M • 




1 P. 







9S 1 3^ 

1 p. 



2 p. 



^TT^ 1 3« 

9. M. 


4:0^^ 1 



1 P. 

2 P. 

L. M* « 

L«. M* « 


S99 I 33 

2 P. 

CM. . 


^tr^JLr \ 


L. P. M. 


^^^T 1 

2 P. 




L. M. • 


2 P. 



^^*7& V 


C M. . 


1-09 \ 

2 P. 



93^ \S^ 

1 P. 

C M. . 


fi'y^ \ ^ 


O. M. 


3e3 \ 36 

li. M. 


^3-7 \ 

C M. 



S. alLm 


--^Oe ]I7 


C M. 



2 P. 

C M« 



3 P. 



998 S8 

C M. 


eo9 » 


C M. 



2 P. 




3 P. 

CM. . 








2 P. 


















L. M. 
















3 p. 


. 597 






. 513 



2 p. 







1 P. 



2 P. 











3 P. 






















1 P. 







3 P. 



a P. 


. 470 










3 P. 



3 P. 






3 P. 






3 P. 














. 630 














3 P. 



3 P. 



1 P. 





3 P. 




M. or 6' 

fce-i. 437 









a P. 
















I^ AC. 
S. AC. 







I^. M. 

% P. C, M. 

Ij« M • 

































3 P. 



3 P. 
3 P. 
8 P. 

C M. 

ly. JH. 

C M. 


I/. JH« 

O. Ma 

M. Of 6*8 St 

O. M. 
P. M. or 6. 6 
C M. 
Li. M. 
C M. 
S. M. 
id» M. 
v/. M. 

Ltm M. 

C M* 
C. M. 
C M. 
C. M. 
■L. M. 
C. M. 
L. M. 
C. M. 
C. M. 
S. M. 
P.M. or 6. 6 
C. M. 

Li. M. 

Li. M. 

C M. 

O. Ma 

. M. or 6*s & 
L. M. 

L. Ma 

L. M. 
Lt* M. 

Lla Ma 

C M« 

C/a Ma 

















147 IP 






CM. . 



L.M. . 







CM. . 










TliiB TM& ffi¥80 the monerica] Older of the former Edittoe, 
the eone^Kmaioff Bombers in this Anangement 

Thus in the First Book, 1....973 ; that is 

1 Hymn is number 973 of the Arrangement; 

8^^1S» seeond ditto, is S19 of ditto. 




31 9 P. • . "ST 1 















4 IP.* 


34 1 P. < 

^ . 190 



4 8 P.* 


34 9P. < 

^ . 995 





35 1 P. < 

» . 984 





35 9P. < 

^ . 339 





36 < 

» 390 



8 . 


37 1P. < 

► 947 





37 2P. < 

» 340 



10 . 


38 1 P. < 

► . 144 





38 2 P. ^ 

► . 107 















14 . 














43 1 P. < 

» . 934 





43 2 P. < 

► 390 




653 44 1 P. ^ 

► . 248 




655 44 3 P. < 

» 636 


; 669 









46 1 P. « 

» . 194 



aiP. • 


46 2 P. 

• 637 



222 P.* 



• . 663 



231P. • 






23 2P. • 



































. • 636 






. . 693 






. . 664 

31 1 P. ♦ . 






• in.- «.f»ri«lc points onl the SopplOTnentary Hymns m thi» 
^IZ^^wbicb ^ ^-'^^ ^ Dn W.tu'. t\Bh Book h.^ 

tfit filled ap. 




163 114 8851143 . 

. "nJ 


667 115 




87 • 




145 . 






146 . 








88 . 


119 . 


148 . 


91 • 


190 . 


149 . 




131 . 


150 . 




133 . 


151 . 




133 . 


153 . 




134 . 






135 . 


154 . 










137 . 


156 . 






157 • 
















131 . 


160 . 


103 . 




161 . 


104 . 


133 . 


163 . 


105 . 


134 . 






135 . 


164 . 


107 . 


136 . 


165 . 


106 . 


137 . 






138 . 


167 . 


no . 


139 . 


168 . 




140 . 


169 . 


m . 




170 . 



988 143 


BOOK in. 

MMbw KoBUr 




18 . . 5501 


























































36 . . 694 

















43 . 





699 1 44 









Hiiu: (S) 78, denolM tha fifth tstm of tha mtki^- 

, 1. 15,17 

I. 16, (61 78, (B) 

UO. 810 
184 (7) 640 

14. 16 lOie f 

U. 31.... (4)461,4 

14. »6,a7 (3) 276 ( 

16. 1,6, 10,. — ' 

lfi.3 (BJ 604 I 

'9.B (4)461 f 


16.4,14, 16.. 
17.6, (17, 18) 41 

(6) 4613: 

17. ID— la.. 



1 KINOa 
1. »i,47 

8. ia,» 





aa. 13 7S7,73S49. 14. 

aa.24 80650. 15. 


87. « 16 

_- 38. 7... (2) 89,(3)298 

«.S9,aO (14)86640.9 1S81 

!•.«, I^—IB 28841. 1,21,31.... (5)21 


«. 17 498,1025 8.6,9 235 

1 CHRONICLES. 2. 8 (2 p.) 1137 

i.9, 10 10992. 10, 11 (4,6) 22 

«.»! 477,478 2.12.(4) 267,(4) 268 

16. 1 477. 478 3. 5, 6 576, 677 

It. 1 477.478 4.4 1047 

22. 5 1139 4.6.7 1117, 1238 

21L9 1248, 1249 4.8 677, 578 

28.14 1152 5.8 572, 576 

SCHRONICLEa 6.6 (2)35668. 17 4M 

9.7, 17—19 228a 5 894, 895168. 18 IIU 

29.28 2829.9 1034 




51. 10 (4) J 

51. II 988,91 

51. 18 (2 p.) 114 

55.6 (6)84 

55.6—8 86 

55. 14 1061 

59. 16 108 

61. 2.... (2) 938, 108( 

63. 1 92< 

63.7 (2p.)100< 

63.8 811 

65. 11(4— 7) 689, 1221 

66. 16 1155,116< 


9. 17 

8,11 7716. 11 

6.16 1056 

9.6 296,879 

(2 p.) 1095 


9.7,8 (4)287 

9. 10 459,19.5—9 

9. 1 1 (8) 21, 470 19. 7—11 

17.5... 823, 824 

17. 14 456 

18.37—42 1247 

19 762 

19. 1—3 572 


. . . 762, 764 

9.12. (16)45923. 1—3 915 

9. 15 (6)461J24.7 863 

ESTHER. J24.7— 10 (3)49677. 10 71 

4.16 107326.2 1049 

JOB. l27 1062 

L 6—13 (5) 138,27. 8 (2 p.) 832 

1.21 331,27.9 (2 p.) 1006 

2.1—9 (5)13831. 15 994, 1263 

8. 14, 15 667,33. 4, 6, 8— 10, 2 1 .. 209 

4.17—21 64734. 1 994, 1303 

5. 6—8 6735. 3 831 

9.2 80l'36. 9..(6)267,(5) 268 

9. 2—10 23 37. 4 966 


68. 19 (4— 7)68( 

68. 19, 20.. (1,2) 125( 

69.4 76C 

71.9,18 124] 

72.6 981 

78. 15, 17, 19.. (4) 864 

73.84 (3p.)98S 


73.25 170, 171 

73.24,26 1285 

74.20 786 

77.7—9 373,986 

77. 16—19 25 

77. 19.. 749, 752, 1266 

84 1061 

84. 1—10 1059 

84.8 IIOO 

84.9 « 794 

84. 10 441 

84. 11 783,911 

85.6 114£ 

85.8 982 

85. 10.(3)211,(2)551 


87. 1.7 118C 

87.2 106C 

89 745 

89. 1 73i 

14.4 82, (5) 396|45. 3—5.795, (4) 1067 89. 14—17.. (34,) 771 

lit 1116 (4p.) 114089. 15 77( 

19.25— 27.... 652, 67446. 4 (3 p.) 101789.48 66< 

a. 5 (5)54146.5,6 497 90 72! 

83.1,4 81746.9 1249 90. 1,2 

n.9,10 (2,3)3346. 10 128190.2. 

9.12 (4)4239 

9.19 (4) 38i40. 2,3. 

11.7 724,741140.7,8. 

1L7— 9 4342. 1... 

11.7—12 4242. 1,2. 

1115 7143.5... 

. 138 






815 (6)42|48 497190.9 641 

2111—14 42 48. 14... (5) 269, 1103 91. 11.12 102 

21 14. . 744, 749, 1221 1286 97. 1,2 72 

29.8. 103849.6—10 667jl0i. 1 7^ 




AX. 10 84S,1006 

a. Ftm, JUk IGIL Far. Jhk 

«3 9 787i 4.36 7S7, 7S8 

S 1336166. 17 149; 6.27 767 

900l66.20 698| 6. 13 (4) Itt 

66.3 1063i 


SI 140, 141 

9we...(t— 4) 1194 

• (3 p.) 1137 

S5 163 

44.9 738 

44. 3S 163: 

4&. 1,5 (7)609 

46l 7 574 

4&.9 (4)49 

4& 19..(4}832(5— 7) 

46.31— S4.... 303, 304 

46.14,36. 164,803 

48. !• (9)366 

4flL6 900 33.6.154,179,803,913 

49L IS— 17 495 

46. 10 949, 1036131. 3 

60LI4, 11 163 31. 18 

61.9 1138 83.38 

63. 7. 10. 








8. 31, 23.. 91, (2) 131 

8.33 906 

9.33,34 187,956 

10.33 834 

13.33 88 

14.33 (5)47 

17.9 768 

6. 16 410 

7. 14 614 

564> 9.36 908 

34*7 (3p.) 1005 



(2 p.) 1005 

36. 3, 4, 17, 18, 33, 33. 

63. 10 1138,50.5 1133 

69. 1—6, 10— 13 ..245 LAMENTATIONS. 

63.6—9, 13 2461 1. 12 327,1195 

63. 8 (3) 212 3. 22, 23 1 265 

63. 10, 11 (4)364 

63.11 9891 

63. 13 870 

64.6 877 

64. 11 (3 p.) 114511. 19 

54. 13 963 

66.1 833,1080 

66.1,3,7 195,300 

65.4 898 

55.7 834 

56.4,5 1276 



67. 15 732. 993 36. 25—27 

57. 15, 16 265 






16.6,8 (2 p.) 934 

16.8 (3,4)564 

16.8—10 800 

16.63 145 

18. 31 1299 

20.37 1260 

13.3 1387 


3. 7 1033 

3. 14 561 

% 16 883 

3. 19, 30.... 666, 877 

B.6 133,317 

6.3,4 376^466 

6.4 1038 

6.6 108 

7. U 375 

10. 3 (3)347 

11.4.(3,4)408, (4,6) 

13.9 181, 1097 

14. 1—4 804 

14. 9... 473, (8,9)607 

1.6 469 

3. 16— 17.. 603, 1349 
3.17 1346 

3.1—6 1346 

4. 13 669,666 

5. *21— 35...108, 689 

8.9.10 601 

9.2,3 10 

2.2 70,380 

2. 3 393 

3. 4.... (14) 266, 631, 


56.6.7 1124 33. 11 1299; 2. 7 (4)435 

33.30.31 451 


36.26 371 

W. 6, 8 1 24356. 26, 37 ... (2 p.) 986 

58. 13, 14 1066J36. 37 928 


2. 10 465 

5.2 315 

6. 6—8 801 

7.7 157, 158 

7. 18 803 

69.20 (5)268 

61.8 . 


61 1,2, 6, 8, 11... 123 

68.6,7 (4 p.) 1136 

63. 1 1193 

63. 1—3 501, 1100 


919:37. 3 1089. 7. 18, 19 163,200 


1.2—7 39 

1.2—9 587 

1. 7 730,916 

1. 15 133,851 


1. 2 374,376 

1.4 490 

3.4 283,281 

3. 13,13 500 

2. M 514 

37.4,10 (2) 121. 

(5) 188 

37.27 (2 p.) 1005 

38.22 1220 

61. 10 15647.8,11 (1)926 


2. 21 617 

2.31,45 1136 

3.44 341,362 

3. 12, 16 (4) 166 

63.7 73lJ 4,34,33 39, 421 

c S 


1. 17, le io04| 


I. IS... 393, 339, 37(1 

I. 14— 17., -.499, 600 


;. 7... (5, 6)318, 

1. 19 (6)287. 

(6) 168,883 
I. 16— ST.. ..138, 119 



).6 {1)866 

I. 7 1149 

}. 13 (4) 618 

). 13—16 use 

L 10 ..316,8S4, 

I. 1 (4) 181,300. 

(S) U6, 886, 887 

IS. SO 300.1 

IS. 60.(6)367, (6)268 

13.3~B3 lOOO 

13.9 (5)869 

9,60 (7)338 

15 (6)S50 



« i*) 



1— fl 


6,6 860, 

18— SU 

19 1 

SO (B)l 


9 1160.1 

17 91, 

fi (6) 

33 (2) 

1— 16 491. 

19 (ap-)' 

39 1 

46—48 1 

60. 1006,1 

37 (5.6) 


36 1 

3B 998,1 

34.,.. (8) IBl, 


(%. nr. 

1 n— n 546, 655 19. 41 


138,29 (5}89i;Sl. 19 981 

1 », » 1 17 1 3 1 . 28 (4) 877 

18S 900 SS. 19,30 633,535 

14,5 (4) S2S 23. 31, 33 . . .87d,.]031 

4 18, 19 852 22. 39, 41 226 

j^ 4, 6 (6) 250!22. 43 227, 228 

JLS 1084,22.44 54a 6.50,61 

5. 12, 13 (3, 4) 907 22. 64—62 1032! «. 63—65 1 

Ok. F«r. 

6.20 1006,] 

6.29 , 


275, 549, 
6. 37... (4) 916, 1 

5.28 1287 

6.31 91,906 

6.10 (6)907 

112 226 

4.48 881 

22. 61, 62 1031 

23.28 1192 

23.33—47 252 

23.34 (5)261,554, 


6.55 ! 

6.66 (3) 

6.67 1 

6.67—69 1 

7.47.805,(5,6) 119823. 42 798 

7.47,48 (3) 11124. 1—8 443 

S.8. (5) 86924. 2—6 860 

lit 999 24. 5—7 1067 

24.26 235 

126 998,1169 

1121 129}24 

1121.22 128 

IIU 123124. 51—53 

1125 769 

11S9— 37 975 

1133.34 800 

1142 1002,1015 

1116—21 ..466,1118 

1132 845,958 

I13S 1154 

11S5— 38 1043 

116—9 1229 

UU 161 


14.17,22,23 645 

I4.22..836, 1191, 1204 

14.23 837 

111.4 797 

117—10 228,328. 


11 11-21 322 

1132 991 

1119-25 1300 

1119—26 661 

1120—22 662 

1122 (5)227 

17.10 (6)964 

11 I.... (ii) 151, 1071 

117,8 22 

118 (5) 299 

11 16—14 296 

II 13 953,954 

U 18 769 

11 28 (3, 4) 366 

113.5—38 1087 

II I— ID 796 

7. 18 



9.35 ( 

10.7,9 (18) S 

24. 32 (3, 4) 929 10. 9*. i 

24. 34 858 1 0. 1 324, S 



1. 1—3 847 

1. 1,3. 14 212 

1.6,33 1173 



1. 13 813,813 

1. 13 147 

1. 14 849 

1. 16.... (1)365, 868 

1. 17 117 

1.29 897 

1.29—32,36 620 

1.47 (3) 162 

2. 17 (2) 226 

3.3—8 147 

3.8 925 

3. 14 875 

3. 14—16 281 

3. 16 Ill 

3. 16 130,889 

3. 16—18 283 

3. 29 877 


3. 34 

3. 36 

4. 10 

4. 14 






4.24 333,721 

10. 17,18 (4)2 

10.37—39 8 

10.28,29 3 

11.35 12 

12.21 (3 p.) 10 

18. 33.... 141, 281, 8 
13. 7 7 

13. 13 1130,13 


13.23,26 5 

14.2,8 5 

14. 6.(11)266, (5) 2( 

(6) 268, 914, 9S 

14.16,17 9 

14. 16,18 9 

14. 19 637,8 

15. 1—6.. (6) 266,9 

15. 13 U 

16. 16 7 

16.26 fl 

16.7 fl 

16. 14 (7) 1 

16. 16 C 

17.4 (4) 190,5 

17.24 871, IS 

19.2 (6)C 

19.6 J 

19.30 ...236,789,1 

19.34 262, < 

20. I ^ 

4.35 (3 p.) 1140 

6. 2—4 1082-20. 13 ! 

6. 7—9 ... .(7, 8) 907,20. 20.643, (2 p.) U 

6.26 ..12120.20.27 (6)1 

19.10 (4)370! 6.36 (2)9720.28 (10)! 

19.38—40 715' 8. 39. (2) 98,764,1 048*21. 6 V 


ai. 18,S0 1010 


1 IS. 16,19,617 

1.9 33B,e60 

S.X3— 38 

S. S3— 3B 

H. 39 {3,i) 638 

S,4l 1147, il" 

3. 33.(3) 319, (t)S 

4.4 11 

A. 13.. ..(3) 119.180. 

4-S4— 28.. 


4.33 (7) M6 

£.31 B6G, 987 

e.4,» 1135 

7.37 C) "IB 


8.4 (6) 114 

«. 13 

a. 11—34 

r.33 (3) 312 

19— S3 





a— B.. 








8, e. !4, 


11, 12, IB 767| 




. .767, 7B9, 

30 179, 180 

30,31 9SI 

S 1104 

7 (3) 1S9 

9 (i) 1811 

B,io ess 

G, 7 lie. 1078 

II (13)368 

31 390.636 

la (8)476 

7 143 

7.8 904 

3 (6—8) 407 

10, II 176 

17 799 

19 1017 

39 flS9 

34 1020 

37 161 

1 . ( 10) 866, (4) 9se 

13 1034 

19, 17 B34 

31 (6)165 

32 S16 

1 336(4) 3BB 

23— ac.... 533, 660 

28 1049 

1—3 319, 977 



I. Mr. J» (OL nr. m. \Ck. W^, m, 

K U...iaO, 131,689, S.5,8 8!M,995 %. 16 199,llft| 


6.17 149 

5u 18,18 ...(8 pi) 883 

6wl8 145 

6.80 (8 p.) 833 

6.8 (5) 833,1094, 


f. 16 (8 p.) 1005 

7.8—11 990 

8. 1— 5\ 1160 

8. 16 885,277,889 

10. 17 187 

11.8 564 

11. 14 (3)93 

It. 7, 9, 10 201 

18.9 843 

18.8, 10.. (6) 151,(4) 


18.14 (6)1134 

18.15 1143 

18.5 1049 

18. 11 1334 

13.14 1110 


8.30 (5)367,(5) 

368, (5) 543 

8. 10 770 

3. 10,11,83 Ill 

3.13 1196 

8.18. 14 554 

3.36 (1)385 

3.38 978 

4.4 199 

4.5, 6.... (9, 10) 165 
4.6 164,810 

4. 19,30 4.1049 

6.3—8 530 

5. 14 (3) 106 

5. 17 175. 759 

5.33,33 557 

6.7,8 90 

6. 14... 193, 381, 539. 

551, 1195, 1199 

1.3-6 135 

1.6 783 

1.7 556 

1.7—11 791 

1.11 749,753 

1.18, 14 343 

1.17,18 939 

1.17—30 342 

8. 18 456 

3. 12—14 1080 

8. 13 150 

8, 13, 19 1134 

8.80 1186 

3. 1 1188 

8.3 364,898 

3.4 674 

8. 18 740 3.5 161 

2. 20. ..(13) 266, 88l| 3. 11 988 

3.8 869! 8. 12—15 978 

3.9, 10 313j 3. 16 103,1340 

3. 16—31 453 1 THE6SALOMAN8. 

4.8 344, 1192 

4.8, 11, 12 1125 

4. 14 1028 

4. 15 (7)266 

4. 15,16 890 

4. 17—19 88 

4.30—32 314 

5.2 1198 

6. 15, 16 1262 

5.23 (7)266 

5.26 553 

5.27 565 

6. 13—17 1021 

6. 16 (3) 395 

6. 19,30 1083 


1. 6 783,(3)941 

1.88.. 665, 950, 1373 

3.3 314 

3.5 1011 

3.6 (5)311 

3.6—8 313 

3.7.8 136 

3.9 865 

3.9—11 692 

4. 13, 14.. 1280, 1288 

4. 13—17 676 

4. 16... (8) 338, 1397 

6. 10 663 

6.23 818 

5.25 1183,1144 


2. 16 1100 

3. 1 1144, 1146 

3.5 1126 


1. 11 122,777 

1.13 (8,4)646 

1. 16 778 

2. 1—3 616 

2.2 1254 

2. 5.. (6) 267, (6) 261^ 


2.9 947 

3.4,8 847 

3.8—13 1186 

3. 15 477 

3. 16 ...145,(6)312, 

4.8 1008 

2. 13 934.929 6.6 (2 pw) 1008 

2.26.30 1131 6. 13 1081 

3.7—9 155 6. 16 (3) 38 

3. 13—14 1020 3 TIMOTHY. 

3. 13— 17. ...759, 930 1.9 836 

3. 13.14 1011; 1.9.10...- 190 

4. 1 1134 1. 13.... 339, 395, 783 

4.3 (3 p.) 1100 

4. 4 ... ....... ...oil 

4.5 979 

4.7 1109 

4.8 330,333,340 

4. 19.30 844 


1.9—13 342 

1. 14 555 

1. 16 312 

1. 19 868 

1.30 .142 

1.30,31 865 2.9 (14)366 

1.31 1197 8. 13 536 

11,6 (3)1871 2.14,15.352,716,1193 

(2 p.) 1268 

2. 1 (4)556 

3.3 946 

3. 13 783 

3. 5 94 

3. 13 1036 

3. 15, 16 96 

3. 15—17 764 

3. 16,17 97 

4. 6—8, 18 658 

4.7,8 358 


1.3 136 

3.10—13 V74 

2. 13 (6)538 


% U 7S7 10. 

*8— 7 


U, IT, I8....1DIS 

19,30 4S3 

19— S3 1076 


1.3 (S)SeT 

■ ■ («3S" 


1.7 SS7,S38 

1.10—18 M9 

.327, 33S, 198, 

«. 10. .(11} 369, 1193 

e, 10 SS6 

.1, 13 


. 13—16 lOlB 

B. >, 6, e. . . 


4.3 481,771 

4.7 449, 450 

t.9 9SQ. 

B «U 



1 083 

4 84« 

10 8M 

1» 97 

6—16 S46 

7—14 46S 

18 1040 

1 JOHN. 

3 814 

7 163, 8DB 

9 800 

1 (9} 389,874 

B 884 

16 464 

19 04 

30.37 (*)187 

1 81S,SI3 


a 141 

8 {6) 190 

•■ "i 973 



6. 14^17.. (4» 6) 19, 


«. 15. 16 (4)867, 

(4) S66, (6) 687 





14. 10, n 

14. IS 668hll. 

15.3 S76, 60381. 

16.3,4 (10)26981.6—8 




7. •.W (3)566 17. 

7. IS — 17 668, 689 18. 

7.14 1301 19. 

T. 16 (8)791 19. 

7. 16, 17 681 19. 

11. 16 676 19. 

1«. 7—18 504 

IS. II 366 

IS. IS 98,93180. 

14.6,8 (3 p.) 1136181. 

19 60381. 

6 60381. 

80,81 30683. 

10 9S3 8S. 

18 1139 SS. 

13 (3) 868 8S. 

16 (8)867,(3)88. 


IS 188988. 

16 (4,6)38888. 


.(8 p.) 1001 



10 13M 

87.686,(811.) 110< 

1—6 130S 

1,8,14 669 

S (4)861 

8,14 64C 

16 (4,16)866, 

17... 839, (4) 1170 

17,80 1898 




Ujaa find notlbaurmjou iMkiloakliir tnollxr of umUuinpoRimcli 
M canVOT-tMH ind rtgenenUHn. 
Tba flguni rebr to thi numbsn of the PmIhk and Hynuu thraofhoot 

Melcbiietlec ind CUtiil. .SOI, 908, 

Mosrii and JiMhaa 47! 

.«*«, Fmher (B,fl) 184. 

(9.10) 16S,810, BIl, S13, 99G 

.iSrItni Chrirt H 

Manitilinff iaiquitj 698, 6C 

grace 139, 135, I5G, IE 

.tiraAdm, Blonog made childieti of 

dam, Rfitanil tecnni 8S, TS6 

their dominion 9S 

dmiralian.nnijoy 1196 

of (he lore of Gwk 10 1 6 

Adaptitn 164, 166,809—813 

spirtl of. d»ir«d (9,10) 166 

and elKlion 1S5 



Mee M'orihip. 
Mt'icc to youlh 6B9, 590, 5B3, 693 
.1ihiocnc!fofQ^r\n{Z) 14S,Sa8,Sfi9 

A'hocutc, Ctirulian (9} 369, 

(3) 370,870,874 



Jlfictum, mxpfott, tnuit, and oom- 
Art ante them. . .67, 888, 395 

thendkiiwd 989,996 

Ujmg oar gncM 13, 360 

of God deiiiedm tliem 


Ip. 1259 

raeoftfj from. .2p. 1259, Ipw 1260 

villMNit rejoctioD 133 

Jgtd, Mmta, flourithhig 483 

pnjar fod song <if. 597 

ndaedoo and hope of 596 

■ooeia at death and judgment 592 

if«r'«wUi 980 

MmAU, Chriet die Chriadmn's 922, 


God 170,171,414 

iffkGod (5,6)956 

MUeehifQoA. 10, 11 

.Iffiaffieicneeof Christ. 289 

afGod 14 

af graee in doty and aofbring 201, 


MDe,oorbliaa (5) 349 

fHttf Hiriitian 94 

iJbf,orUbereUt7 305,810 

ii>MlM«of the world 454 

daprecatad 297 

Amtn. . . .(6) 465, (8) 514, (6) 658, 
(4) 672, (16) 1 p. 1138, (6) 2p. 


iva^fe deportment 320 

.fadktr, hope an (3) 139 

.lifW of the covenant 902 

afgoapelgraoe 898 

of tha eovaoant, Chriat. . . (3) 269, 

(3) 270 

ii^ab, (bod) their fiiU 89 

pniriihed, and man aa^ed 180, 131 
vaoqoiahed and miaerable (6, 7) 49 

pMMdbj 855 

(good) gnaidian (5)508,628 

■aba the Lord 48,49 

Bifpy at the oonTeiaion of aUinera 

(6) 228 
pNamt in cfanrchea. . . .(1, 2) 184 

■iaktaring to Chriat 864 

aadleChrialiana 1025 

to Chriat and Sainta 
raplj to the women that 

aaaghtChriit 862 

at the birth of Chriat 


«l!|Kt to Chriat (6)182,(4)223 

•Ayar and loi«€f God. . . 1 1, 12, 24, 

Of 6—7) 46,80 

Angler, 8tee Wrath, Vtngeanee, BelL 
Annual Daj, return of one .... 1230 
Anrwer to the Chorch'a prayen 603 

See Prayer, 
AnHckrUu his rain. . .502, 503, 50& 
Anticipation of death and glory 405» 

406 (4, 7, 8) 597 
Ap9U99, nothingwithout God (4)118 
Apottacy deprecated .... 1 1 57, 1158 

Ap99tate perishing 94 

Apo9tle§ commiaaioned 114 

Apparel^ apiritual. . . (6, 7) 156, 195 
Appeal to Grod, against persecutors 

concerning our sincerity 336, 337 

our humility 297 

Ark, Noah presenred in it 822 

placed in Zion 477 

Arm of the Lord made bare (6) 123, 

4p. 1138 
church sealed on Christ . . (3) 570 

Armour^ the spiritual 1021 

of the gospel (4) 358, 428 

Arma of everlasting love .... (3) 1 38 
./ItcefwttfM of Christ 238,241—244, 

860, 863 
Athamed, not of Christ or his gospel 


Aieietance, gracious (6) 320 

in duty 202 

in the spiritual warfare 138, 184, 


against sin and Satan 202 

Attociatione, of Ministers and 

Churches 1141—1149 

spiritual, registered in heaven 1141 

Aituranee, of intereat 300, 339 

of heaven 395, 658 

of the love of Christ 289, 300 

deaired. .(6) 19, (10) 39, (8) 209, 

343, (6—8) 678 
AtUnithing love and grace 1 64, 1 76 
Atheism, practical . .44, 87, 599, 600 

punished 598 

Atonement of Christ 140 — 146, 282 

555, 792 

gratitude for it 793 

pleaded 794 

Attribute* of God 38—42 

Authority of magistrates from God 


Autumn 1222 

Avenger, God an, of hia Sainta. . . 22 

Awakened ainner i iQ 

ainner'a inquiry and prayer. . 1012 
Babee, new bom, defcribed 16^ 



puxloned 167, 168, 

SackiBdingt, and retuma 

1031, ions 

(IreBiled 894, 1157, IISS 

Banquet of love Mi, 56U 

Bapliim KS5— fi33, 1160—1189 

belieien buried with Chriil m 53B 
preacbing. and the Lard's Supper 



ne 1S39 

prayer 1087 

an, longed for 431, 69] 

Bealitudet 38! 

Beauty of Chnal 616, 6B: 

of Cbriet'a Ttghleousnen 161 

oflheC!iuTOli...480, (5,7) 481 

BUiiingi, of God on tnuiaea. .413 

reijueiled on tlie word 1080 

and presence of God d«irad I07B 

of the gospel 126,194, 6S0 

of a family 416, 41 B 

of (he country &8S, 683, 585 

ofanaUan 606 

of theapring 583 

BUnil mill's prayer 1087 

Blaoil of Abel 14S 

of Chtitt, cleanaiDg [6, 6) 84, 176, 

(4, 6)181, (4, 6) SOD, 230, 383, 


sea) of the New Testament . . 635 

and nesh, our food 649, 550 

apirit and water 541 

Btatting, excluded 137, 165 

in Christ 639,661 

Bodiei of the aainM, the cire of 

God 1003,1006 

temples of the Holy Gho*t..l017 

Body, ihe church, Cbrirt'a BSO 

Boldntu, holy, at llie throne of 

grace 1078 

in Christ's cause S4S 

longed for Ip. 1010, 1011 

Baok of life 727, 839 

3p. 1100 






to tha wofk of the mi- 

1136, 1133 

(5)536,864, 1196 

See CroM. 

Cbmob, the heeirenlj 8p. 784 

Ikt hip p inew of it longed for 960 

W9jU>kt 919 

Bee JHeifloeii* 

ImriledtoU 473 

IM through onhefief 460 

I.. (4, 5, 19)469,472, 


ofeiOTBtion (11)269, 

(11)S70,(6^ 1193,(3)1278 
Gwof God overhisSeinti. ...608 

CW«t veicomed (3)396 

Carmal ■und, enmity of the 82 

joys parted with 349,360 

MBon humbled 128,129 

Cone, oar, left with God. . (3, 4) 67 

Crrrmtmai lew 774 

Crrtwmtuetf nero eztemel. Tain 316 
Oemt end fetten of lin (4) Ip. 986 
Gbmfe prodooed faj the goepel 121 

Cktraeten of Christ 266—270 

oftroe Chrietiane 166 

Cktriiy 964,975,1160—1154 

md lore 314, 316 

md imcharitahleneee 316 

Id the poor . .305, (1, 2) 306, 637 

ettcnding 307,309 


■ixed with imprecatiomi 491 


Ckaritg 176,686 

CkUdreUf every day grren to the 

Loid 1054 

ChoiC's regard to them 1066 


God 588 

BMinge 413,414 

«r God (Chrietiane) 164 

dwr cheraderi .... 165, 813, 813 
lheirpriTilegeedeeired.«..(7) 165 

Chui 211,278 

Aaron the tme 772 

ad Aaron 260 

ad Abel 140 

Adm the eeeond . • • -dS, 96, 756 

Advocate 870,874 

•llBafl 912,923' 


ChrUt, hie all-enffidency .236 

Angel of the covenant 902 

of goepel grace 898 

hii ascension 242, 244, 518 

the beloved, described 667 

Brazen Serpent 875 

Bread of Life 876 

e^Bridegroom 877 

Brother (4) 809, (3) 958 

the burden of the song 1104, 1105 
Captain of Salvatiqp ... (6) 1 1 93, 

(3) 1278 

his characters 266 

chief among ten thousand. . . .879 

the churches foundation 479 

his coming, the signs of it. . . .599 
his commission, graebue . . . .224, 

his condescension and glorification 


Consolation of Israel 880 

Comer-stone 881 

covenant made with him 132 

first and second coming of^ or his 
incarnation, kingdom, and judg- 
ment 217, 222, 677 

the Creator 649 

cradfied, esteemed foolishness 188 

the true David 132,317 

his death and resurrection . . .232, 


desire of all nations (6) 218, 882 

Door 883 

his eternity 649 

exalted to the kingdom. .250, 263, 
262,513,514,517, 518 

example 318, 884 

faith in his Uood 323 

Fore-runner 886 

Foundation 881, 885 

Fountain opened 886, 887 

Friend 888,1103 

gift of God 889 

God and man 132 

hii Godhead 649 

his glory and grace 213 

glory in heaven 692 

Guide 1286 

Head of the church 890 

our hope 323, 381, 383 

human and divine nature 16, 212, 

264, 715, 

Husband 877 

Immanuel 892 

incarnation and dominion . . . .250 
ineamation and saciifioe 140 


ChHil. Jesiu 891, 1 19a 

the faing and the church, hit 

ipouis 480, 4 

Kinjt ofuinti 866, B93, B95 

lui kingdom amaag the Gentilet 
1,477,481, 483, 513,5 

UimnsD S'. 

Limb of God 8! 

worthy i« Uie Lamh 1105 

JAte of the soul 


Lord of all 894, 895 

hia loTD to eaemiiii 317, S18 

liu niijeiitr 1, 186, S5T 

UMihr (I) 956, 1308 

liii msdiatorial kingdom 356. 


MelchiiedM; 901, 1104 

mcMcnger oftbe covenuit 902 

Meiuah '. 903 

Morning Rtir 878 

namEaand titlea S67— S7U 

Ilia obedieaca nnd dmlh 1 93 

hta nffieei 265 

puaorec 904 

Paul of great price 905 

Ilia penotial gloriea and goi 

Cfirt.f, Way to Caniaii 919 

W»j'. Truth, and ],ifo 920 

Wiadom, Righleouaneaa, and 

SanclificBUim. &c. 921 

im Eeal and repj-oichea 9S9 

See atker arliclei concerning 
Chrilt, under tkar reipec- 

Chriitian, almoat one 94 

awakened 1018 

character of a true 166 

church made of Jewa andGentilee 

ijualifieatignsof on* 474 — 476 

crying for mercy 1013 

longing for an intereat in Chriat 

bis daily hymn 3p. 1014 

chooHing the good part 1016 

aidmiring Ihe loie of Gnd in Chriat 
3p. 1016 

devoiing hiraielfloGod 1016 

praying to go forward. . .Sp. 1016 
admiring the law as a rule 

3p. 1016 
his body the temple of Ihe Sjuril 
ig the divine presence 




loGod 1041 

•n die way, dec 1042 
§at the eomiDg of his 

Lord 1043 

mmm of fuushing hk conne 

with joy 1044 

■M"»>*™g his deputing spirit 

leJesw 1046 

mrasd 1046 


iirniiiii. ifti exeeUenee 116 

evidence of the. ..... 1 16 


not to he de^Nsed 816 

Ckmxk, Jewish end Christian 

of it... 418, 480, 481, 484, 


IMb^bBeofseinU 482 

Mt on Jcens Christ 470 

Imt eooqdeints eTonged 606 

ddight end sefety in it 420 

dwiraction of enemiee procesds 

tence 614 

to Christ 664 

gttlMfed end settled 477, 478 

of ths Gentiles 243,(1,5,6)481 
God fights far her . .600, 608, 602 
God's presence there . . .426, 427, 

477, 478 
God's special delight 477, 478, 482 

God's garden 483 

«dflssd 666 

going to it 418,410 

itt happiness 407 

lbs house and care of God 404, 495 
JsvB and Gmitiles united in it 482 

inaeasBofU 606 

pifsr of the, in distress 400 

pasecnted 488, 400 

rartorsd hj pcayer. .380, 882, 612 
itt lafa^ in trovblcs and in de- 
solations ...406, 406, 407, 400 
ths sifii^ and honour of a nation 


ths ipeeee of Christ. 480 

a ths wilderness ..( 1 , 2) 487, 870 
ili worship and order . . . ^.^ • .486 

doocribed 1121 

fenwd 1124 

of Christ the joj of it 



CkMTch, praying lor its pastor 

when ill 1131 

praying for its minister 1 133 

choosing deacons 1 136 

Christ's care of churches and 

ministers 1 132 

in a low condition 2p. 1 146 

comforted in trouble . . . .3p. 1 146 
glory of it predicted .. 1 1 36, 1 137 
prayed for .... 1 137—1 140, 1 150 

Church'meeHngt 606—613, 

See JlUnisten, also AuociationM, 

Church'inemberi characterized 


CMzenofZion 474,476 

Cleanting blood of Christ 176, 181, 

282 323 
CUmdy pUlar . . . .(16) 460, (6) 461 
Clothing, spiritual. . 166, (6, 7) 106, 

(1) 688 
C^liecHotu for poor churches and 

ministers 1150—1164 

Colomet planted 607 

Cssie and welcome to Jesus Christ 

C9fnfort from the covenant with 

Christ 134 

from the gospel 116 

from the hope of heaven. . . . 2 306* 
holiness and pardon. ... 160, 178, 


oflifeUest 413 

snd pardon 167, 168 

under sorrows of body and mind 

388, 306 

from the divine presence 803 

from the promises and faithful* 

neasofGod 134,210 

restored 300 

and support in God 236, 362, 363 

fitun ancient providences 368, 470 

CommUtion of Christ 224, 225, 283 

of the apostles 1 14 

Communitn with Christ 1206 

desired 172,815—817 

with saints 072 

<withChristand8ainU . .416, 611, 


with our own hearts. 1047 

between Christ and his church 

be t w ee n saints in heaven and on 

earth (6,6)486 

with God 9\4 

yytaumgnrnd,,,, ^,^.j.JJSS/c00ifians^ofmnt» the bttt . ..\09, 

9 9 h\\ 


Canpattim uid veageince of God 

of Odd SI, 30,33,35, 3 

of Christ lOE 

of Chriil to ths afflicted tnd 

tempted 20 

(rfm dying SmTiaur 636, bS 

Cumplainli of ioBbilily lodo good 

of inronstancy 102 

of pride, atheiua, opprHflJon, &c 

fi98, 6U0. 102 

CaMplaini of bvdiieH of heart . . 37 : 

96a, 9SS, 1031 

of lta[ndilj id heiiing and 


of unfruitfulneu 1 2S9 

under great piin 1250 

of haiiy afflictiao* in mind and 

body 868 

of abeeoce from public wonliip 


of Ihe church 487 — 493 

of deceit and flallery 699, 600 

of desertion 373,376 

of 'iin diwouise 600 

of dulnew 34 I, 370 

of indwelling lin Ill), 373 


?giuci>nre, Mcure and amkoHd 

lender 290 

tlie pleuures of a good ooe • . 199, 


ill guilt relieTed..S4, 85, 157, ISS 

161.333,379, 383 

•.oniitation of larael 880 

^ontlaney in the goipel 193 

'BnltniioH, camplainei] of 364 

uidlo?e 314 

'Dnfen(m(^i(...936, 9S0, 094— SS7 
See Jtesignalian, 

christiHD 354, SSO 

cheriHhed 997 

and \on 314 

'nntrMon of heart 993 

'tKverialiQn, CbriMiui, neom- 

mended 884 

anvm-ie nithGod. . .409, 439, 440 
onveTtion, a worii of elKounoiu 

grace 796 

iU nature and author.. ..147, 17G 
effected by divine power, 517.518 

thedifliculty ofil 161 

delayed 592 — 594. 635 

the wontlcl of earth 506 



CmteZfar, Christ (S) 264, (6) 270 
Cnaueli of peace between the 

PMker and Chri^ (4) 618 

C9ur^9, Chrifltian, called up . . 340, 

m tanptatioD and troable . . . .395 
m 4atj and mifleringi. . .201, 357 

■ death . .289, 405, 406, 697, 673 

■ peiMeation 192, 289, 360 

■lintiial (4—6) 946, U43 

loBc«lfi>r 1010, Ip. 1011 

CtvemoMi of works renounced 

3p. 1016 

of work*, cannot save 152 

God (6—8)997 

of grace made with Christ our 

comlort 132 

of grace our glory 784—786, 

941, dec 

oapportinf under trouble 785 

pimbd 786 

Qachengaable 139,465 

iu promises 200 

onled snd sworn 135, 535 

bope in it under temptation . . 135 

CntfutnetM 454, 456, 667 

Cvwardlg souls perishing • * • (3) 94 

CmtUn snd Providence. . . .52, 53, 

a ioaniary view of it 745 

of the world 55 

sfmsn 745,746 

Cresting Wisdom, song to it. .747 

147, 149 

tndold 147, 149 

called upon to praise God 51 

and faesenralion 646 

Crrorvrrt, their love dangerous. 347 
BO trusting tkem . . 14, 15, 35, 36, 


God &r abofve them 647 

their vani^ 465 

viin, snd God all-sufficient. 14, 15 
praiiugGod 51-^ 

Oeofar^streams, low, and springs 
of life high (7,8)44 

Cmt of Christ 856,'ll96 

cf Christ, our glory 651 

attnctioos of it. 856 

trhnaphs of it 1199 

l^toit 770 

lonaents andbenefiu. .1196, 1201 

beadHs of it. 565 

the Christian taking it up. . . .998, 


sahrataoninit 192 

Rpcntanee flowing from it. . . .326 



' Ccp««« crucifixion to the world by it 


Crottet, prtyer answered by them 

welcomed 1024 

Crown him 894, 895 

of glory promised 1046 

of righteousness # 658 

Crucifixion of sin 94, 161, 174 

to the world 539 

Crucifying Christ afresh 352 

Curge of the first transgression. . 199 

removed by Christ 282 

turned into a blessing. . (3, 4) 230 

Custom in sin 88 

VifruM (7) 609 


naiiy devotion 10, 1 1, 336, 41U 

Danj'^ofour earthly pilgrimage 391 

of neglect 198, 635 

of love to the creatures 347 

of pride 128 

of death and hell 643 

DarkncMt light in it from Christ's 

presence (4) 170, 393 

walking in it 1026 

hope in it 949 

Spirit of God addressed in it. .932 

of Proridence. 71 

of earth and light of heaven 

(6) 391 

Dartt^ Satan's fiery 374, 395 

David, a type of Christ 132, 317 

Christ, greater than . . (3) 34, 132 

Day, one well spent 944 

of grace and duty 635 

oflife will end 645 

of humiliation in war 601 

of thanksgiving . . .604, 608—610 

of judgment 676—684 

everlasting one (6) 391 

Deacons, at the choice of 1 135 

Dead, raised by the gospel 121 

to sin by the cross of Christ. .352 
in the Lord, blessed 653 

Death of Christ, an act of submis- 
sion, yet voluntary 251 

caused by sin 353 

and sufferings of Christ. . 193, 233 
and resurrection of Christ 232, 237 

grace and gloiy by it 566 

of men, and afflictions under 

Proridence. 67 

of saints and sinners. . . .401, 405, 

406, 668 

of the sinner and saint 1277 

of a saint 653, 662 



DtalA Ufa ■inuci' 660, 

of an iget] oiuwr 

of • rich ■inner 466,667, 

•ndeumil; 653, 66*, ises 

prepcntioa for It dcaind. 

of Mom 1273 

ofaininUtcr I2B4 

a lErep to good men ISBO 

deliteiiDCB fiom feai of it c 

Ticlor; over it tliTougfa Chi 

the welroms meuengec- 

«nd ju<lgment 

of kindird impioved 

•omelinies (udden 

anticii«l«] »nh pleaiurc 

(4,7,8) 597 

■dng OT n EODO (7} 534, "• 

deliterance from it 

and pride 

f«r of ilgtoundlBH 

dedrahlii 6BG, 

ilrewlful or detighlful 650 

oorcome h> fudi G5t, 652 

Ulumphed over, in yiew of tho 

renitreclion 572,674, 6; 

pr«p«ralion for 6aH, 66G 

couiaice in it. . 166— 1S8, 40E. 673 

Delay of coQienion. 370,592—694, 
636, 642 

God will not (11)631 

eJaiiing tinoer* wuned 460 

Driigia in (he church, uid tahtj, 

4:24—427, 439, 484, 4B6 

the whole a" duly 355 

GikI .. 160, J9I, 392,398, 311, 
424 — 12 B, 427. 438 — 440,966 
contffH wilb Chriit. . 173, 173 
iheliwafGod -.103, 106,624 



itorihip 1062. 1064 

DeU-rtranet begun and perlccted 

from liespsir ..157, 158, 298, 386 
frum deep diilren. .386, 60B, 60a 

fcom death 631 , 634 

nouonil, celebnled 604,613, 

ISaO, 1353 
from oppteuion ind filMhood 36S 

ftom persetuiion 36S.4B3 

hy prayer 363, 386, SOT, 508 

■euonihle 330 

ttotD thipwreek 69 

from lUnder 366 

from ipiriluil enemiei. . 138, 394, 

396, 497 

(urpruin^ . . 


• • • • VJVy V V| 




Araicct of Satan 98, 93 

ilrH kb wioua tempCatkms 9S, 93 
hiifKy dam . .(3) 374, (S) 395 

kiifiiBity to Christ 199 

byChiut 604,716 




mkhad 638.635 

8m Mtrnutg-^ Evening, Lrtft 

Difcmlii€9^ ^nyw in 3p. 1016 

■OMiatwi 1165 

Dijkmlty of religion, or gubdaing 

pwannt 151 

ME^acr, CbriMian . . 1 94, 340, 357, 


alHd^Zeal 1011, 1043, 

ZbvctiMi and pardon 346 

al dtfenoa prajad for (5— 8 ) 435 

mihape 393 

Md ■applies 863 

8m Xn^'mledge, 

Dbesaeof an 91 

DiMaiMiM, Hjmns at. . 1 106—1 1 10 

DlwWktMii of the world 646 

Uidmet from God loved . . (4) 150 

IKtfmp«r of the soul 91 

UkUt^whing love and grace 


riaiKd 545 

DitfftM, what to be done in it 

tf nal, or backsliding and de- 

, 373 

157, 158,383 

of Chriit 311 

ink bnman . . . 197, 313, 364, 715 

DMati^ cf Christ lp.847 

Utetrimea and Uesnngi of seriplure 


of God 737 


•wthesea 31 

tf Ban over the creatares 30 

IW, Chrut the (13^ 866, 883 

iMto and lears of Christians 


.808, (6) 310,495 



natial of than desired 343, 




Doubtt lemored 300 

D9Xi»hgie», 694—713, 1111—1115 
Drawng-a of the Spirit of God . . 934 

Droug-hitf threatening 1319 

Drunkard and glutton 463 

Duineaa, spiritual 370 

DuiieM of religion 174 

astistsnce in them 303 

excitement to them 686, 637 

constancy in (3,3)571 

to God and man. . 106 — 108, 475, 


delightful (3,4) 355 

hindered by sin ( 1 ) 687 

help in them denred. . . (3, 6) 571 

and privileges 1093 

difficulties thereof surmounted 


not meritorious 153 

and delights of heaven 687 

2Hi#^ to God 765 

to our neighbour 766, 960 

grace leads to it 3p. 1011 

Dwelling with God on earth. . . .476 

in heaven 843 


Early piety 1335—1337 

Eamett of the Spirit (4) 343, 

(3) 659 

Earth, no rest on it 455 

Earthly joys fomken 349, 350 

things, their vanity 1116 

mindedness lamented 408 

Ebenezer . . 1008, 1337, 1338, 1330 
Education of youth .... 1340, 1341 

religious 81, 589 

Effectt of Christ*s death 1 45 

^luion of the Spirit 379 

Ejryp^t plagues 459 

Election 780 

consequences of it 781 

godly consideration of it com- 

foruble 783 

in Christ 135 

aovereign aitd free. . 136, 138, 139 

excludes boasting 137 

Employment of saints in heaven 

Encouragement and invitation 


to convinced sinners 1094 

to such as seek a risen Jesus 863 
to young persons to seek Christ 


to the weak in faith 938 

to trust and love God 1003 

to prayer. iQTl 

pel....ll3e, 1137, 1139, 1140 
JInd of Ibc righteoDi tnd wicked 
397. 400, i 

of Mlf-righieoiuiieu I 

of ibe WDitd 4as, E 

of life, lo be kept in view 64S 


Cj-umiruUioH, I 

oftbi church, diuppointed. . .611 

de»ro;sd 4B4, 590,600, SI' 

DBtioniJ, dismayed and deilra^ed 

prayed for 317,319,49: 

■ilvalioa frnm ■piritual 13* 

liiuropba] oTccb; Chrin SOI.SUIi 
by Chiin and by Chrisliana 

(a, 7) 4B6 

Xncmy, death the lait (3) 6S I 

^HJoifiMHiofChriil 172, 174 

JinlargemenI doairRl 377 

granted SSI 

£nmiig'bfKveen CbiiM and Sauii 

of (be catnal mind B£ 

Enguiring soul 1013 

■niwerBd 1013 

£ncy and unbeliaf cured. .402, i 

evidence of gnce 

Example of Cbrial. . . .228, (6) 869, 
(9) 270,318, 8S4, 976, 11G3 


:e of the Chiiatiaa Retigkm 


of the goapel 

oTCbdit'i righlMumoK 166 

Brcelleiia'ei of Chriil 879 

Eriiorlatian to ainner* 833, 834 

W »ainu 113* 

St Aarluiiiindo diligence. .340, 357, 


Fact of Chriil.... C4) 17S,(1) ITS 
{3} 393 

oflramanuel (4) 145 

of God. <eeQ at a diiUnce (3) 6S1 

ofGodauugbt Sp. 833,1017 

of (iod in heaven (0)809 

FaiiJ, 380—389 

believe and benved 383, 3M 

and prayer of persecuted lainli 


and pncuHun' 



I. . .935 



of 942 

itnofii^ with unbelief 937 



of it desired.... (4) 1038 


FmikfabuMB of God. .32, 34, 36, 36, 

87, 459, 787, 1024 

if God to hie promiaes . . 134, 135. 


iCbirtiengmee 332 

tf a good men 332, 475 

M flf eageli and men 89 

tfBBB,leiDaited 760 

alieeofveiy of men. . . .186, 199, 


tf Bdbyloo piedicted 8p. 1136 

tfB^loD 503—505 

ly, Ac. 599, 600 
delivermnoe from 

hmlf no ieniment. 412 

lenyp 1051—1055 

bwndwonhip 416 

lliMHi 415 

A»^ bymne. 1348— 1246, 1248 

faOcr, God a 810—813 

Gedeor 40,41, 164 

Hmelinhimdeared 996 

Cbrkt the ererleeting 864 

hikeHeM end widows helped. .964 
Imr flf God, exerciaed all the da j 

if God, the happineaa attending it 

946, 1003 

tf6od,bol3r 290 

in worahip. . .421, 447 


tf daath, pvmjer ibr deliverance 

ianit 2p. 1269 

rfilaath, overeome. .661, 662, 674 

Aart and donbta boniahed . 294, 800, 

606, 609, 631, 1004, 1006, 

1007, 1008 

AMoftfaofoqwl 196,644 

774^ 1191, 1204 

alU 836, 1204 

tflo«e 644,560 

^tnuBfh 663 

■ada by drriBa lore 646 




FeU»w9hip of the aainU 972 

with Christ and saints 634 

with God and Christ 814 

between Christ and his church 


with Christ desired and enjoyed 

172, 178, 441 
Fervency of devotion desired. . .340, 


want of it lamented 870 

excited 637 

Fer/ertofsin (4) Ip. 986 

of grace (3) 1227 

Fever of body and mind. . (3,4) 455 
Ferw aaved 94 

seek and find (1) 161 

Fighting and reigning 946 

Fig-tree 1229 

Finiihing of Christ's work 235 

Fire, Christ represented by a 

(9) 266 
Flattery and deceit complained of 

599, 600 

aelf-flattery 44 

Fleth and sin mortified. 94, 151, 174 

and spirit 175, 177 

and blood of Christ, the best food 

549, 550 

our tabernacle 659 

Flint, the dissolved (7, 8) 200 

Flourishing, religion, in old age 483 
Flying from Christ, folly of it 

(3) 198 

to Christ, the felicity of it 

(1, 2) 198 
Foee, spiritual, opposed and con« 

qaered 946 

/*o//<»wtn^ Christ.. 1010, 1163,1164 

FoUy and madness of sin 91 

Food, spiritual 172, 195, 200 

the flesh and blood of Christ. . 549, 


for the soul desired (3) 266 

Fool, the rich, surprised 1118 

Foole made wise 127 

Forbearance of God 326 

of the righteous . . . , 402 

Forerunner, Christ a 885 

Foretaste of heavoi 301 

deaired I73 

Forgetfuinesi 451 

Forgiveneee deaired 805, 963 

See Pardon* 

God ready to Ibigive 808 

of origintl gad actual am, on 

^ff^ 84,86 

P^J'^^r 345.m 


Forgiveneii, planUTuI with Uud 

157, ISS 

Formality in wonhip. 

nisdatn of UoJ in il 

Fsrm> ™iQ wiihoul religian . . . 1063 

DuRi dUtward, vain .... (4, 5) 81, 

147, 333 

FtrUiude, ChiutUa. 

aicitcd 358, 637 

holy (*— H) S«, in: 

longed for 1010, Ip. 101 

Faundation, Chiiit the. . .479, BSl 


.F<iunfamorChiiit'sb[cK>d..(4) 181 
C4) 300. {8) S6( 

opened 886, 88' 

F<-<iiUy of man 640,644,671 

and folJy of mui 641 

Freedam fcom *in o-oA nuMiy in 

heivBD 68' 

Frfeneii of ihe gwpel IDS 


.fn'niJ, Chrutti,.(6) 307. (6)268. 

88S, nor 

God ut>,an<] FaUier (4) 40 



Galci of Hell (6) fiOO 

ofHesvon (S, 7) 242 

General meeting! 1141—1 149 

See A^ociali-n,. 

GemUet, CbriBt leveded lo 133, 

364, 530. S44, &16 

the God »f the 1 

blessing of Abnhun on them. 637, 

638, 6ao 

given to Chiiit. . . .941, 364, 363, 


called in answer to pnyer 431 

owning ibe true God.. I, IM, S43 
chuich of the. .431, 480, 481,514 
and Jew* anited in the Chria- 

tianchorch 483 

Gethtemaw B&3 

Gift at God. Cbiultbe 889 

GUHficulian andcoodetcciuionar 

Christ 350, 616,516 

■ifirdboiy 674 

aitjn and ealnti 68S, eS9 

Ghry of God. iufiaiLe 1, 43 

of God in our ailvaUon 193 

of lbs Medintor 893 

in the goeft\ 1 33 

and grace in Ihc person of Ghri>t 


mortal... 644, 

tnhid above all praije 744. 


UiUlhfiiliiew 34, 37, 459 

ir akovt the creatorea 647 

aPadiCT 810,996 

ibniad by Chriat 192,542 

ffarifiad and ainiieia MTed. . . . 193 

awGed. 842 

ear God for erer and ever. ..1103 
and mercy. . .24, 25, 26, 

and tnith . . . .24, 35, 36 
h» getanung power and goodneM 

gnat and good. . .2, 3, 24, 28, 76, 


bHVtacarcbing 336 

ear only hope and help 33 

iaeainpfehcnMble 42, 43 

*• jodfe. .334, 677, 679, 683, 684 

bad to hia people 32, 35, 36 

Blofc 730,959 

fc»«ajaity 1, 16 

kb a M j er ty and condeicenrion 

17, 18, 640 
!■• mercy and tnith. . .25, 26, 32, 

75, 421 

■ida man. 250 

of namre and grace 582, 583 

kb perfectiooa. . .2, 3, 24, 35, 36, 
37, 88—42, 44, 75 

apailion 994 

•or portion and Christ oar hope 

oar peitioo hereand hereafter 169 
!■• power and majesty ... 1, 7 — 9, 


paimd by children 588 

Mr preeerver 63 — 66, 184 

fraaent in hb churches. .426, 427 

wesnning with men 832 

aialoge 1034 

oar nliige in national traaUea 


Ibasemcharorthehaart 746 

ooriheiiheird 166—168 

b» soforeigD^ and goodnem to 

nan 18,24,260,640 

oar soppoft and eomlbrt 862 


I and compoaoon . 28, 



hu waimrmi damiauMt 48/ 




0%d worthy of all praise. . .2, 8, 35» 
36, 52—54, 407, 452 
sight of him weans from the world 


terrible to sinners 16 

See Perfectiontt Workt^ dto. 

Godhead of Chriit. . .211, 212, 649, 


Godlineit, important Ip. 1002 

profitable 2p. 1002 

Golden rule of Christ 107 

Good Samaritan, parable of the. .976 
works. ..112, 242, 307, 308, 474, 


profit men, not God 109 

cannot justify 153, 155 

Goodne$9 of God . . 20, 24, 25, 35, 36, 

and justice 736 

in giving hu Son 730 

and greatness 12, 39 — 41 

and power 12 

and wrath 20 

Goopel 772, 778, 779 

armonr (1) 358, (4) 428 

glad tidings 123 



glorious 777 

its gloiy and 80ccess.99, (1, 4, 5) 
264, 279, 481, 516, 517 

different success of it 118 

invitations and provisions 195, 552 
gives no liberty to sin .. 174, 280, 


joyful sound 98, 113, 187, 221 

times, their blessedness 123 

divine evidence of the 97 

attested by miracles. 114, 220, 240 

not ashamed of the 339, 551 

glorifies God 122 

ministiy 123 

its wisdom and grace 122 

ito bleased efiects 121 

savoor of life or death 118 

sinned against 117 

and law 152 

and law joined 112* 

and law distinguished Ill 

alone givea sinners hope 1 16 

the power of God to s^vadon 


practical tendency of it 174 

worship and order 435 

nthnmllf defended \\^ 

j(/^« '///.%33 

^^ IMO 




Geipel vioitlis of ill kcceptsiion 773 

the jubiJee 775, 77G 

net, caslin} it 1084 

spreodofit deiired...lDaH, 1092, 
inviuiioa lo ipisaJ il Lhrough 

theorth if. 1136, U37 

OaveramenI aoi] migistrslei rrom 

God 616,617 

of ChriJrt (3— S) 264, 516 

Grace, electing, idopting, eavarBiga 
733, 783 

adapting 164 

QDDvertuig ISO 

electing 12S 

cfChriil 613,616 

it! eTidences or «tf-eximinilion 

ineioictoe .657 

Dot conveyed !>; paienU 148 

it( fttfedom nod Boyeroignty 

IS6— 131 

end holiacH 174 

growlb in 483 

ail immortal and boly principle 

(5) 165 

without merit 160,162,363 



leads to duty 3p. IDll 

gcowingm it 1060 

deureil 1000. 1030,(4) 1109 

iiiereaaed by triala 1039 

racelat loula, wcetdied ...... ITO 

Grace; Chriatian 330, 33S, 8S9 

the Lord's table 


dutln^inbing B3S 





Gratitude lor ditiae bTonn 3S5 

ml of it lamented . . 3S4, (3] 673 
B epriDg or true religion. . . .834 

CtuiM -.1101 

Grave ISSa, 1S86 

CrauiVy and decancy S47 

Greatiieii and goodneu of God 

Grsani, gnidouily accepted. . ..931 

GroHXA in Grace 483, 1050 

deaireii 760, 101S, !p. IIOS 

Guide. ChriBta..(5J 369, (S) 370. 



cihmtt 371 

of 968,986, 1031 

of the divine petfections 



■WBV 1322, 1223 

andlvve 814 

ChriH oor. . (7) 266, (6) 634 

tf tkt duuch, Christ the 890 

end raooverj. . .626, 629, 

piHte 379,622,626 

'miw§' at prayer and aelTeiion 

610, 581 

4t«oid, nnproftteblj 451 

mi fnjmg for aiiceeM 451 

end profit.. 11 8, 123 

cfil 758 

: 993 


bid md elooj, lamented .... 968, 

986, 1031 



linn to Chrirt. . . (5) 856, (6, 7.) 


kaovn to God 10 

■Aued (7—9)200 

ittt«a,uiticipeted 2p. 784 

tkiofdom 952 

tf God's praMDce 1017 

land 1302 

net. 1070 

and joys of it ... . 1301, 

fani'im an inlereot in it 

(7.8,) 952 
iBbopoioeaoed by the fkithful 

10 6 

wonhipofit 1305 

tk cforiaating oong 1306 

eonsdtoteo it 171 

after 173,344,349, 

350, 391, 691 

and bnsinoM. .688, 


■idilationor 288 

■mlipuie in seeking after. . . 642 

kipt of it sapportiDf 395 

kspod fat by Christ's resorreo- 

tioo 239 

from sin aod miseiy 


venhip of it, humble 691 

Chrirt's dwelling plaoe . .568, 692 
dvdlng-piaee of the saints. . .242 



Heaven, sight of God and Christ 

there 344 

blessed society there . . . .486, 690 

nothing without God 169 

inviMble and holy 686 

msurcd and prepared for 658 

foretaste of it on earth 801 

prospect of it mskes death easy 

of separate souls and resnrrection 


the eTorlssting felicity of 693 

and earth 349,850,891 

and bell 680 

Heavenly joy on earth. ... 172, 301, 


mindedness 299 

mindedness desired 408 

^wWofGod (7) 812,(2) 813 

Hell, the sinner*s own place. . . .1298 
OTerlasting misery of it. .760, 1290 

praise for being out of it 734 

and heaTen 1 300 

and death 661 

and judgment 587, 680 

or the vengesnce of God . . 16, 685 

holy fear of 678, 6^5 

Help preyed for 1097 

and salvation 2p. 1014 

obtained 1227, 1228 

Helpleef souls hoping and preying 


Hezehiah'i song 633 

High-prieet, Christ (8) 269, 

(8) 270 

and King end Judge 146 

HolineM, See Grace, Spiritual 

of God 785 

and sovereignty of God . . .28, 647 

desired 2p. 780, 1 108 

and grace 174, 176, 280 

its characters 380 

true frith promotes 866 

forbids sin (5) 165 

necessary preparation for heaTen 


pardon and comfort 381 

desired 178 

loved only by the grscious (4) 185 

professed 335, 336 

Honour of the world vain 454 

to msgistratee 616 

Hof>e of Saints, Christ the 381 

m the covenant 135 

in darkness . . .293, 368, 376, 949 
gives light and strength 287 


M9p* of UuiMometion. . .405. 406. 

66i,66S,6fi2, 673,fi74 

■□i]d«pBirinde*lh.40a, 660,670 

uiil pnyer 430 

oTDBlionol tictory G0£ 

•at befiirc ui 048 

esMunswl Ijir Iha partectiooa of 

God 961 

gaoi Ibrough grace 1100 

ofinLercct 1100 

hoping anil langiog Tor g]oi;.960. 

in ifflicLioni. . . ^. 393. 3GR 

of tba bclplcn ...33 

tbe eoul'i anchor Vih 

in Cbriit, comfon uudec wmiwi 

of heaveo b; Chritt'i muneclion 

of heaven, aupporting and aane- 
tir^lng under (rials (4} 164,305 

makelb nut aihsDUtd &08, 500 

makea deaih eaty 656 

none eicludei) from J»5 

of ainnera vBUi (4— fi) 397 

JUpr/ul jouth fulling *hi ■ 

Hunger and tbint ■ftsi rigbteoaM- 

i«a (4)389 

lelnhraven 686,699 

and. Chiir^t ihe ipiriliul. . ,877 

undHian'. paalm 58! 

cn'jydresded 856. 100 1 

Hspacriifi and hypocriay . .699, BOO 
known and abhDiTB) of God. .839 

and bI moil ChrUtiiD S4 

anil apoiuira M 

at the da; arjudgmeiit..Gtn — 684 

Ida! wonhip, stupid 12Q, 781 

Idotalry rrproiH. .46, 47. 363, 618 
idett ranouticed, and God welcomed 

Igneraace, ipiritual, lamented. .461, 

rgnorani enlighted 1£8, IS» 

■■■ r. 1356. 1S67, 1869 

inaiion at Ihs ipiril. 343 

ImagH, lain and ilup)d,4e,47, 613 



JWO, I Ad. 

of the Sjpirit. . .984— 984 /rrae/Mved from th« As8jriaD*.614 

to Uving water 9S6 

to Ida 937 

to tlio wind. . .926» 930 




(8, 4) 642 

to Cknl, dttaotod 970 

otoniml 289 

.599, 600 
eooquenMl and par- 


of tho SeriptoiM. . . .761 

of tho Lofd'a Sapper 538 

God 803 

Seriptnio 101,102 




158, 195 
to fioe fiom death . .668, 

if dM worid to make na bappj 

170, 849, 850 


and pankmed 468 

efChiist ...25fr-268, 




tjFfilad hy Aaroo'a breaa^te 

*ra« IB the Book of Life. . .1100 

in Cluiit doaifod 1014 

aaauraiiea of it deaiied 


of SeripCiuo. . 195 — 198, 


la dM goapal feaat 1191 

lannadtbagoapri 4p.ll86 

ffCkiMttoomen 196 

la MfiSa MMwarad 562 

if dMflanal.195— 198, 208, 204, 

ifwfalB to annan. . . .(5, 6) 509 




andtfaaaltor 830 

IH to bo called.... (8-6) 

254» (2) 514 




delivered from Egypt and 
brought to Canaaot . . .77, 186, 
459, 467—469, 470, 478 
their rebellion and paniahment 

paniafaed and pardoned. .463, 465 
travela oi^ in the wildemeai 

, 471, 478 

/mie/£/MA hiatoiy 459—478 


/a5ez't prayer -.. 1099 

JoiTar, the PfaiUppian (8) 529 

Jea^iuy of oar love to Chriat . .570 
Jehovah. . .(8) 28, (11) 58, (8) 490 

reigna. 7—9, 222, 677, 782 

JcMUt 891,892 

See ChrUt, 

deareat ofnamea 145 

See2>rd; ChrUt. 

JemiMh chord) 459—478 

Jew9, See larael and Gentile: 

prayed (or 1140 

John Baptie^t maaiage 520 

J^dbn dividto (2)471 

/aMifO, Chriat so called 472 

Jtnmeif, Christian, through a wil- 

demesa 891 

ofthelsraeUtee 471,478 

/ty of the hamble 978 

and rejoicing .956—959 

the return of it 959 

spiritual, reason of it 61 

in Christ unseen 312 

carnal and deceitful, parted with 


of faith 288 

heaTenly, upon earth. . . .801, 302 
aoon interrupted .... (7) 801, 875 

apiritual, restored 300 

in Cbrist*s presence, eternal. .698 
in heaven on a sinner's center* 

aion (6)228,328 

of conTcrsion 506 

See DeUght. 
Joying and glorying in the Lord 

956. 1102 

JuMee 775,776 

Jwlge^ Christ .... (7) 267, (7) 268, 

JmlgmmUdMLj 676--684, 

the coming of the Judge 


detind •.••...•129!l 

tfociu opened i)g^ 

•eatmee <m the widMd.'/.V.lt90 


Jtu^mmf, wnlencc on the righteou 

■ place Bt the rigtit hiad deiirFd 

thB tHt 67H, Gt 

yoalh reminded of 593, &1 

Chiiat comlog lo 14 

and hell 5B7 

doire to slaad with iccqilani 

althe (7) 

dignity Had dDmiaion of tti 

rigbhuma It Ihe (S— 8) 407 

tBdnwrey 28,679 

KiBtorOod (;>) SDS, 679 

Jut(. the, dcuiibcd 30^,476 

Jtuiin of God 23 

and goadnmaafOod 73G 

and grace (8) 33S. 630 

and oquily to our neighbour. . 107 

and mercy. .30, (b, 6) 92. (7) 3S, 


■ Chriitiin virtue 332 

of providence 7-1 

and Irulh toward) men 47G 

A(l(/fcatio~ sai, eo-it 


Irae 1&8, lao, iM 


KnoTtilfdgf, imperbct at prMaol 


one thing I know 063 

and happineu 1009 

Lamb of Gnd 897 

ofGod.ngry...(4)3flr, C4)M8 

the pa«hiil 698, M4 

worthy ia ibe 1106 

piaiaed Ip. 1101 

alain, praiiu to the . 1 87, 37 l~-l?4 

(ikea away ain SB! 

ronquera the roaring lion., (8)1 3T 

Lamb-i book of life. . .(6) 19, {4, 6} 


Languav of devotion 34 1 

Latter-da^ glory longed for. 1 & Sp. 

Lav, moral T66, 768 

honoured by Ohiiat, . . .108, 1074 

braced ea a tula 3p. 101B 

■innpn found wanting by il. .707 

eeremonial 771 

andgos(«l 770 

of God, or late to Uod and our 




of ChrMt....858, 

dbsBduit l»j Christ 819 

tf lbs tool, Chrbt the 899 

Chmt the, of men (6)267, 

(5) 366 

flfauidcKribed (5—7)688 

fitfl^Neeeoded by eternity. . . .643 
e oMd w fo lly preeenred. . . .66, 572 

ibort and mieereble 638, 639 

ibort and oiiaermble end feeble 


tad God good 639 

Ibt dty of grace and hope. . . .635 

tf t Chrietian hidden 854 

tadrichca, their Tanity 669 

Ughi, apiritual, desired 961 

Ooaoor 917 

Ckriit the true and great 900 

of tbe Jews and Geoulee, Christ 

520, (4) 655 
tad ahration by Christ. . 179, 180, 

203, 204 
tf the worU ... .(5) 267, (5) 268 
in darkness by God's presence ^ 

(3, 4) 170, 393 

given to tne blind 128, 129 

Imh. Jodah's (4) 267, (4) 268 

(Sstan) (2)273 

ocaiqiimd by the Lamb. . (3) 137 
Imsf , thair priTileges above the 

dead 637 

power and dying love of Christ 

(4) 136 

iMu/ofsin 954,955 

Lmg-wfering of God . . .324, 325, 

Lmging after God and his house 

291, 438—440 

for holinesa 178 

foreomlbrt (11, 12) 173,378 

fiwhesven 344, 394 

for the beatific vision. . . .434, 693 

iMfiaj-t, holy 815—817, 930 

for heaven 950 

iMldng within the tail. . .288, 356 

on Christ and mourning 384 

Lsrrfof all, Christ the 894, 895 

of hosts and Lord of Lords 

(3) 267, (8) 268 

179, 180 

IwvfMiay ..436,446, 1064—1070 
8ss Jiewrreciion of Chritt, 


Pksfwr. 1076i 

,1190— 1S09 



L9rd^9~day Hymns 638—667 

insatuted 588 

provisions at the 549, 552 

our Redeemer at the table. . • .647, 


a triumphal feast 553 

the admiring gues^ 545 

evangelical grace exercised at the 


and baptism 632 

£««« of the soul 1119 

Lot9e» for Christ compensated by 

God*B presence 999 

Ltgt Sheep found, parable of the 797 
Xeve of God, electing, everlasting 

unchangeable. 133, 207, 269, 465, 

495, (8, 4) 959 
eternal and unchangeable . . . .782 

redeeming love 787 

to the righteous, and hatred to 

the wicked 397,898 

in sending his son . . 224, 225, 283, 

better than life 439, 440 

distinguishing 128 — 131 

of Christ constraining. .857, 1164 

on a cross and a throne 1 198 

weeping and dying 1202 

to men 1 97 

to sinners 317 

to the church 569 

in djing 554 

in words and deeds 569 

its strength 670 

unchangeable 289, 495 

unparalleled 536 

shed abroad in the heart 453 

its banquet 545, 560 

of the spirit 2p. 924 

to God 965 

to God and our neighbour. ... 106 

to God inconstant 875 

to God pleasant and powerful .310 
to Christ, present or absent. . .967 
to Christ, lovest thou me . . . .968, 

to Christ, desiring to love him 

968, 969 
to Christ, profession of love to 

the Redeemer 970, 971 

to Christ strong 892 

to the unseen Saviour 8IS, 

to the brethren 97«j 

io the bretbna, unfeigned. . .'.974 
UfMUauaU ^^^ 

to oor neighbour .... 1 */, V///,^7 J 



Lavetaoar enemieg 317, 31 

(6) 47B, 742, 978 

tonien, brotherly , 

and wonhip in > fitniljr. 
tolba cnaiure dangeram 
■UaUunmcnU tain without i[. 977 

uid charily 3li 

■nd sympathy (B) 38 

andbuteii 31 

pHce and meehneH SS 

bilband joy 31 

■uperior to knowledge, bhh, 

and bope 31' 

perfect in heaven 69 

religion vain without it 31 

lentil, carriage 33 

jMving kindneu of God 73 

XtHO of tbs ileah, canBicl with 

17S, 177,(3,4) 637 

iMivry punisheil 

puniahad and pardoned, 

Z.y(lta'( houM (3) 639 

J^Tig bated 331, (S) 4 13 

JUad linDeM reaioned with. . . 1299 
JHadntn, folly ,and dii>temper ofiin I 

Magitlracij S 15— 020 

-Hagiilvalft, their BUthnrily from 


I of genuine bolineai 174 


JUarriagt hymn 1331 

rayatical 480 

Martgrdtm 1 9S, 889 

^>farf jn glorilied 686, 989 

Marg, the virgin, aong of 818 

Mattrr. Chriil our . . 955, (1) ISD8 

of a fiimily 418 

MeaitM al ipreading the Chtaprl 

encouraged Ip. 1137 

UiUetor, Bccen by. to the throne 
of grace,.,. (B) 287, (6)368,422 
MetUiation . . . .398, *00, 581, 1047 


Ibe eroiB of Chriat. 11 96 

on heaven 888 

.Vcck beaulified with aalTttion.. 978 

Miuknai 314,316, (S) SS9 

leamsd ofChruiE 196 

Mating and parting of fhenda 

1332— IS34 

JfrbncAo'y reproied S92 

and hope 293 


a type of (3bri« 




MmiBtiCbnttL 146 

Mntmje ti th< Radcwaar 852 

tilht gwpsl 187, 833 

cTliKHiids 816,216 

cTChiMt. 224 

ef fwpel minMlen 123 

•fldmthkBmplkt 620 

Um covenaDt. (8) 269, 
(3) 270, 902 



JflmtiM tine 261 

MtUmd of MlvirtJOD : . . 825 

with the dragon . . 608 


tbooffate 108, 104, 580, 581 

Mgkty God, Christ the . . .(3) 264, 


Jttlbef the wotd desiied 165 

(5) 195 



eir Chriet denrcd 1011 

celled to the Mcred work 

epeople 1132 

of one 1131 

dmhofone 1284 

fimterf nothing without Christ 

abounding in the work of the 

Lord 1142 

WMcfaing for eoub 1 128 

Bteting qL See A99ociationt. 

Chrirt's cere of them 1 130 

prayer for them 1 133, 1 144 

eoikctioii for poor ones. ..11 50 — 

Bon of the apostolic . . 1 14 


tksvmcesege 123 

thv work and encouragement 

(1.4.6) 114 
Isfed for iStmx works' sake. ... 123 

mmtifj of Christ 852 

ef the gospel instituted bj Christ 

see called to the work of the. 1 126 

ef angels 227, 228, 4 98 

to Christ 864 

to Christians 1025 

sf the gospel welcome 123 

Mtru€t€9 of Christ applied 907 

allhe birth of Christ 220 

li the hfe, death, and resurrec- 

lioa of Christ 420 

Si the wihiemess 471 



MStery and ain banished from 

hesTen 687 

and shortness of life 638 

wtthont God in the world . . . .456 

of sinnera 398, 401 

Miiimprovement of time 642 

Mittion and work of Christ. . . 852 
Jifi9nonarie9 prajed for. 1133, 1138 
ACttionary meetings . . 1 136---1 149 

bjmns for 514 — 524 

Moderation 979, 980 

Monihiy prayer meetings ... 1 136 — 

•Mora/ obedience followed by eran- 

gelicsl 769 

Morning songs or hymns. 57 1-^573, 

944, 1209—1212 

or evening 574 — 576 

of a Lord*s-dsy 436, dec 

8ur, Christ. . .(15) 266, (8) 520, 


Mortality of man. . . .641, 669, 722, 

1242, 1261 
See Death, 

theefiect ofsin 595 

and hope 671 

of man, and God eternal. 102, 644, 

of man and Christ's eternity.. 649 
Mortification of sin. . .94, 151, 174 
to the world, by the sight of God 

173, 348 

by the cross of Christ £39 

to sin by the cross 326 

to sin by the sight of heaven . . 348 

Motet y Aaron, and Joshua 472 

and Christ, their different works 

disobedience to, punished .... 1 17 

rod of. (9) 459 

death like his desired. . . .654, 656 
Mourning for sin . . • .(1) 285, 383, . 

(2) 389 

Murmuring (4) 1027 

deprecated Ip. 935 

punitihed 462 1 

Mutability of the creation 723 

Myoteriet in the gospel 118 

revealed 128, 129 

Garnet and offices of Christ. .264— 


AbrrsTp way 94, 151 

^atiout the honour and safety of 

it is the church 484 

prosperity of it 605, 606 

blest and punished 607 


delivitance. ■ .507 6 


dvoTalioDB, tbe chUTch'H safely 

■n<] triumph in tbetn 41 

rovrcieaandOiBnlu.Gai. fius, 6[2 
..315— a33. 
JVature, book of, and Scripture 

efl— 1(1 

.A'aliMfy ofCI 



rupl rrom Ad bo 

□f fallen man siDful 83, B 7 

worlu of, to be dinal«id.(3) 458. 




cheerful and valuntaiy. .310, 366 

eongeUcal les, S80 

■incrre IfiU— 1C3, 336. 33T 

Uie highest nitdom (S) GS 

Offence not lo beijiiMi to any.. 815 
Offcct and litlei of Chriri. 364—170 

of the Spirit S40, 34S 

Oliltge 1343 

floutiabing in religion 4S3 


and preparation for death G9S 

tod weakneBK to be connTuaerated 


man of«n cnici6ed. .04, 161, 174 

ire tiee, wild and good ASS 

mipniencc of Goi S3, 7SS 



itioo by frith.... 181 


Gid fHdj to forgive 808 

kngbft at a &mr priee. . .536, 544 

hmlit to OT — MWi 543 

aadeoafert 381 



pnjed for. . . .879 

rforigiBal aodadiMl m 86 

■4 pMM throogh Chriat . . . . 143 
lln&fal with God. . 157, 158, 163 

mi itnogth from Chriit 179, 

180, 556 

fv^mamgOod 803 

Im 804 

HnmU eomwjr not graee* 148 

PMb^ ti Chiiitiui friendi. . .973, 

1333, 1834 

Fvtftmmm (6,6)973,979 

/todU/luBb (1)898 

i>MMiw.«vil,kiiMOt0d 177 

wMutL 330,(3)637 

Mj.ldiidled 173 

?imver, Christ our 143,904 

PMfr, CM sought of God .... 1 127 
kis|iny«r for his psopte ....1134 

psopb's prayer for him 1 133 

Ptatfwvt, spintnal 166, 168 

flC Christ desired. . .(13) 866, 659 

PsfiesM ti God admired 734 

Chmlian. dewed 981, 983 

Mdv afllictions 632 

lad fcith under daik providences 

lad pnyer in soul darknem. . 157, 


the werld'a hatred 402 



rfGod, producing repentance 

Ptikm, Chriat th« Christian's. 336, 

(5) 370 

aimsa 356 

Aact pw mia s d and pnjed for.984, 

God speaking it to the soul ... 983 

BaastothawidMd (3)884 

rfthsnatioDprajedfor 1348 

prim for it. 1349 

rfthe^oba (14) Ip. 1138 

sT the natiotM 500,584 

sad Jofe, dkc V/. /.V. .V.'314V3I5 
flUflHth and goodwill.. 315^ 316 

Peace and holinem enco u raged. 590 

with men desirad 364 

and pardon through Christ. . . 143 
and submission under trials. .330, 

trust and strength 496 

Pearl of great price, Christ the. .98, 


PemteneeuiA hope 990 

See Repentance, 

Penitent, the 989 

hissighs 988 

Perfectiont of Scripture. . . .68, 101 

of the Christisri religion 1 Itt 

of Christ's righteousness 156 

of holiness in heaven * . .686„ 687 
of happiness in heaven. 68&-^93 

of God 37—43, 719—744 

in harmony 739 

celebrated 743 

moral perfections of God imitated 


displayed in the gospel 182 

shining in the cross 543 

Pereeeuted saints, preying and 

pleadmg 487—490 

their prayer and faith 491 

God their avenger 34 

Pereecution to be expected by 

good men 1085 

courage and perseverance under 

it 289,360 

victory over, and deliverance 
from it 362, 391, 493 

Pereeeutore punished. 361, 407,466 

their foUy 493 

complained of 487—- 491 

deliverance from them. . .74, 863, 


Pereeverancem grace. . .821 — 824, 


desired 823,824 

of the saibts 182—188 

In duty 202,357 

mhofineas .174,186 

under persecution and trials . .360 
the eilect of truth and mercy. . 104 
connected with all the graces.389 

ongraoedeaired (4) 176 

of saints to glory certain . 186, 207, 

239, 339, 658 

Pertsfi of Christ r. .313, 318 

andgloriesof Christ. ...481, 515 
ih» bleased. . . .159, 160, 163, 389 

PeetUencCf preaervation in it. • . .637 

Peter admonished bj Christ. . . .873 
his foU and lecofaiy, .. 1031, 103% 


FMv hii] John follonbg Chriil 


FtxariuttXi^ publicui S9> 

jPAj«<:ion, Ctrirt ai,2Bl 

ofihe HDUI 9UI 

orMuluiil body eO: 

Fiet^. initriiclioiia lh«rsiii ..... 68! 
See Suint. 

Pilgrim, the splriliul lOll 

hiiHinE iai» 

Filgrimagf, the Chriilian 




Fiigah't mounl 

tap (4) Sp. ivoe 

Piig to the poor and afUicteJ . -SOS, 


in words aai deeili 

bItBMd and rewarded . .30T— 309 

afCbriBl ('^) 136.536,654 

Pleading vrilh God in difTiculcie* 

S|i. 1016 
for mejcj . . . .(ti) BIT, 953, lOSO 
under ifilLcuonB nilhuut re[niiinii 

/•on-er and majeBy of God 3, 3, 

and wiaJom in ChHil ciuciGed 


and grace of Chrial 301 

of the Spirit in coavKnidg liniMn 
8R, 342 

of faith 280,389 

of grace uiii lin 175 

orCluiatiiuia t)irou^ChriM..IOI 

of Ibfl gospel 130, 131, 61B 

Paweri of bell Tuqaishad by 

Chriat 1S0,B53,T1B 

racdVa/ aiheiim 44.45,87 

leligian S80, 3US 

tenilBHcy of the gospel 174 

ruiic to Cod fnim tbe whtria 

rtekLiun 719 

for tbe bleuiuga of proridflace 

und grace 755 

for the f>iuntain ogMned 887 

foraalvalion IIUI 

to the Kedeemer. 1 37, 249, STl— 
373.276. 278. 4g0, 481, SI5, 
die, 1001, 1166, 1167 
to Father. Mr>n, and spirit 

fi34— 712, 1 Jt 2p. 740 
Gad eialied atiiiie all praiae. ,744 




froa chiUrcD 588 

frca iH MiDU .407—452 

froB an natUNM 523 — 524 

Iroai tbe cmtion 51 

fron an cmtnres 53, 54 

WDtwanl pimiae 53, 54 

fnyer necdnga, monthly . . 1 136— 


■act 1050 

in aUScoltMa 1016 

tbcLonTa 1076 

t 380—382,431,508, 

510, 1034 

hycroMea 1039 

iiBportiiiiity ink 1016, 1072 

piywfrct, but accepted 874 

bcoafit of it, and exhortation to it 


flfabwlEitider 1031 

kjBiia before prayer. 1071 — 1076 
far tLe spread of the goepel • 

1136—1189, 1145, 1146 
§cK BouatcTS and miarionariea 

1126, 1133, 1138, 1144 
io the name of Christ alone . .259 

in the church's distress 487 

and faith of persecuted saints . 365, 

402, 491 

aadbope 430 

aBdheppineaa 427,428 

far de B t e i a Dce answered 603 

heard, andZion restored 512 

and pnaae lor deliverance . . . .509 

public 427,428 

aad praise, public 432 

and pi— ding for pardon 345 

far repentance and pardon 323, 379 

intiiMofwar 602 

and hope of victory 602 

of it desired. 451 

of it 118 

«iipro6tahle for want of faith. .451 

and profitable 123 

of Christ and hu 


and distinguishing. 126, 

PrrpmraUmi for death . . . .595, 658 

far dettlfa deaired 666 


thought for the 

LotiTa Sapper 1 190 

of God, worth dying for 


Presence of Christ promised ... 1 077 

of Christ longed for 938, 2p. 

1017, 2p. 1079 
of Christ compensating all losses 


of Christ on earth 568 

of Christ in worship .... 172, 173 

of Christ at bis table 558 

of Christ, the life of the soul . . 392 
of Christ Ught in darkness (4) 110 
of Christ makes death easy . . 665, 

of Christ makes a heaven of 

heaven 171,(3) 392 

of God in worship 433 

of God light in darkness 393 

ofGod our life 170, 171,392 

of God support in death 654 

of God desired, living and dying 

396, (4) 664 

Preterving grace 1 84, 1 86 

Preiervation in public dangers . 307, 

309, 499, 627 

by day and night 64, 65 

of our lives 66, 672,. 576, 678 

of the soul 339 

and restoring grace 184 

from sin and death to the king- 

dom 186 

and dissolution of this world . . 646 
Preiumption and despair. . .92, 93, 


dreaded (6, 7) 437 

Pride lamented 1029, 1063 

danger and mischief of it. 128, 1 29 

abased 127-129, 539 

deprecated 297 

and humility 196, 296 

atheism and oppression punished 

698, 599 

and death 669 

Pri€9thood of Christ. .51, 142, 260, 

518, 908 

its excellency 909 

Levitical, ending in bun 26 1 

Pruit and kings, Chriitians made 

(2) 146, (7) 273 

Prince and Saviour 987 

of peace 264 

Princet, vain 35, 36, 338 

Prison of the body 659 

of the grave 443, 665 

o(nn 179^ igQ 

of*>«U 686 

l272)Pri*oners of Satan reieaied.U^ I7ft 

86S, nS2, 1S72 ^ "' "^ . . 812, 

P ' 093 



Pri-alegei of the gotpcl idaed. 133 
oflhi Ymaf 6r'' 

Prodigalmm 31 

pliable or the 91 

.PTtfettiaa at nnoritj and Tepenl- 
ance 3! 

JVo/rwiBn., i 


uf Hienglh iccardiDg to our Avji 

84 fi 

of the divine prew 
of auJliciHnt grucE 
□rR supply or all c 
of (bs kingdom .. 
eicefding gi«atBnd precioua. .841 

pleadsci.aOS. Ip. 9M, (&, 6) 

fulGllod in Chriit SIS 

of the covenant 134, EDO 

BodtiuthofGod unehnngeshle 135 

our»fcuiily 134, ai" 

interen in them desircil S( 

and threatening! 4t 

Frapheciei and ly pea of Chriit- .319 

Pravidfncf, eiecuted bj Chrial 

(4, 6) S73 

iladsrknew 71 

dark aad frawning, attended 

nith faith 71 

proaperoui and afflictive 331 

itB niedom and equil; Tl 

ami creation 62, <67~469 

general, and special grace. .75, 76 

and perftctioiu of GoJ 76 

iti mystery unfolded 79 

recorded 81,470, 473 

in air, earth, and iiea..61. 63,69, 
TS, 7B, 80.4SI 

Provitioni of the gcupeli (3— &) 

173, 195,544,95} 

of God', home (5,8)75 

of the Lord'a table. S33, M5— 547 
f.ChriBlian 8S0 

01, 809,610 

Ptatm for aoldiera. . 

for old age 

for huebandmeD 583 

for a funeral 648, 671, Ac 

for the Loid'a-day 443 






grao* in regeneration 
diff ngcnentdon desiiedt . . .341, 


itn, the Christian 357, 1020 

iMiiiiwfnl without God . (4) 57 1 

lm»thrHtMiing 1220 

foa heeven 47, 583, 584 

hmhvm (7)822 

llMM^ Christ our 808, 911 

Chrate 245,246 

BeoAig^ the Scriptore 106, 304, 




fMblt and groreUing 43 

cvMl, hmnbled 128, 129 

RettOtttUm, gratefaJ . . . 1042, 1227 
rfWuringi in God's house. ( 1 — 7) 

2p. 1258 

itrmuiHati^n to God 833 

cf God end sinners in Christ. 145, 

itcwterff from the min of the fall 

88, 136, 150, 199 

pnMiBrtt , 138 

fam acknen 626, 630, 6.32 

neJeemngUi^e 787, 887 

Bedem^nbjCYuuX 179, 180 

by Chikt alone 788 

fioiihed 789,790 

gmitQde to God for it 791 

aondcisofit 1203 

hf price. 536 

^ priee and power 137 

and protection 138 

piaiH for 136, 224, 225, 277 

IOSa«r, Christ a. (9) 266 

Mefk^ God a 1 034 

Cfaiirta 770,818, 1023 

t^caeran'sn 795—800 

See Citvernon, 

n» natore and author 147 

kngedfer (4,5)86,149 

iTiicnf'inGod 298—302, 


iahope 958 

ia tbewqre of God 957 

ad going on our way 958 

JUsih«dotiee 416,417,475 

Mekaae bf prajer. . . .380, 382, 512 
IcSoaceon God« the reason and 

bsppmessftfit 36,36 

on the pronuees desired... (9) 39, 

fli Chrirt and Iha goepel 181 



ReUgUn, gratitude the spring of it 


internal, desired 1002 

pleasures of it 299, 301, 302, 

1009, 1095 

benefit of it 1002, 1096 

personal 1047 — 1050 

£umly 1051—1055 

pubUc ,. 1056—1 1 1 5 

▼sin without love 319, 977 

duties of it 151, 174 

difficulty of it 161 

prospecU of it 801, 302, 656 

and justice «475 

in words and deeds. 174, 305, 475 

its supports (4) 174 

flourishing in old age 483 

Christian, its excellence 116 

rerivals of it prayed for. . 382, 5 1 3, 

enjoyed 380, 382, 512 

Religiout educstion 81, 589 

parents convey not grace .... 148 

Remembering all the way, dec. 1042 

Remembrance of Christ 538 

of former deliverances. . .293, 358 
of all the way 473 

Renovation desired 86, 149 

Repentance commanded by God 985 

given by Christ 987 

and hope 990 

prayed for. 986 

why weepest thou 992 

See Penitence and Penitent, 
effected by divine goodness . .324, 

at the croas of Christ . . .326, 327 

gives joy in heaven 328 

confession and pardon. . 159 — 162 
and prayer for pardon and health 

and faith in the blood of Christ 

of the prodigal 322 

Reprieve, none in death. . . (2) 668, 

(3) 669 
no pardon. (7— 10) 402, (2) 681, 

(2) 684 
Reproach removed 366, 402, 

(4) 671 
Reproof, brotherly and beneficial 

Requett, the 1937 

Reeignation ... 131, 935, 994 — 997 
See Submitoion, 

to afiSction 329, 622 

to the will of God ,.297 



Jleiignalmn lo bere>iing proti- 
Jcnc« 331 

HeiBliitiim lo Krve the Laid ..I0S3 
the (Uccnerulone 1073 

Acio'ufioni, hoi; 35 1 

JI<(1, Ibe elemal 1070 

present. pra;ed far 9H1 

aoi.ii OD esrtli 455 

pramiied by Chiiat 196 

cam^m in beaten 687 

IteiioratimStam ihe bll . . .BS, 160 
Uma btdialidiag, .166— 168. 383 

from (orroK) uid uni 1 M 

fram tickneu 636, 630, 6SS 

of joy S06 

ofBion 61! 

bv pnjrr 380, 385 

XeturreclinB of Ihe bod;, .406, 6Si. 
871, 67S, 1386, 1387 

hopa (if it 406, 673, 674 

■nd death 670 

i>f a Hiiut, uid death of ■ linoer 

of ChiiK 337, S38, 443, SfiS, 


of Cbriit uoKsrrhible S6S 

ofsCbriiii-m 390 

euthl;, compaced with grus.6D6 
Iheirtunily 434,456,669 . 

Higliieotu. See ChHuian. 

ibeir birth 147, 166 

their temper and chancier. . .166, 

thfir conduct 174, SSO 

Iheit company. . lOB, (3) 390, 61 1 

their r>inieiil 1S6, (6, 7) 195 

their happj end 663 — 6£G 

difference between the righteous 
and the wicked 396,401 

Righlcautnett imputed SOS 

human, intufGcieot to jaMi^.768, 


Chriit our rlghteoiunea 913 

of Chiiit, tuluaUs 156 

ourtobd 166, (6,7) IBS 

and Biiength in Christ. . 164, 1T9, 
1B0,S03, 204 

intemsl, breathed afler 17B 

and grace ibirsted for (4)869 

our own inauflicient 163 



h^faH,ikiightliil .....Ui 

Sn Z«r^«-dkijr. 

Ucri/kt of Chiiit, ad aloiMinent 


AtDoblMt 140,282 

iB-wffirtwit 84, 141, 623 

liikmtiM 282 

pniMlbrU 142 

ini iacunalion 140 

■iri iiihinMiinii 142 

J^toknd 69,70 

ilkiat..^ 395 

ahHfwi 687 

Ji/itoofChrat'sBbaep 821 

mGod 387 

m tht eoveiwnt • • ^ 135 

flfMDts ID the hands of Chrift 207 

rf Wfct fc w . 138 

M *• fboC of the croM 192 

flf the ehofch 496, 497 

apebfiedeogen. 627 

mA driight in the church . . . .429 
mA triumph of the church in 

aalioiul detolatione 499 


Jnii, chancten of 165,474 

bdofedin Christ.... 125 

htppjr, end ainnert miserable . . 398 
their diflerence * . 397 
distingQished by the 

Judge 680 

Asbeateompeny 109 

of 534 

and the world's hatred 


God their avenger 22 

Gad's caie of them 508 

ids in evU timee 499,600 

aeme in poblie diseases. 627, 628 

jBd sinnat'e portion 405, 406 

ImU in heaven 242 

and pardoned. .380, 465 
pardoned, and saved 

and sinneia destroyed 

4rir •ff**'*^^*"^ moderated. ... 183 

tnd and aneerred 13, 182 

fii^ bnt Chriet fives 649 

i«A and burial of 662 

wadorted to heaven 473 

ii the separate etate 406,660 

JB%kig the world 407 

nvBidatlaeC 304,448,681 

jiglsfT 688,689 

adoMr'a end . . .400, 401, 404 
8ae Birhte^ua. 

SaivaHon approaching . . . 948, 1804 

ofsinnen 826—831 

the method of it 825 

is of the Lord (1,2) 1250 

fiee 826 

bj grace 828, 829 

bj Father, Son, and Spirit . . .825 

shall be complete 827 

an interest in it desired. 831, 1014 
what must I do to be saved. . 1013 
God glorious, and sinners saved 


praiae for it 1017, 3p. 1101 

joyful sound 187 

by Christ 192, 193, 203, 204 

in the cross 193 

of the wont of iinners 176 

of saints (1) 191,598 

by grace in Christ 188, 190 

and God glorified 193, 194 

and triumph 298 

and defence in God 387 

Samaritan, the good 975 

SancHfieation 176 

and pardon 200, 818 

and growth desired . . . .820, 1 108 

promoted by affliction 1260 

by Christ 179, 180 

through faith 181 

deaired 178,181 

evidence of it. 174 

justification and salvation . . . .200 

Sanctified afflictions 403, 624 

Sarah and Isaac (6t 7) 18 

Satan repulsed 1005 

subdueid 294 

his temptations . .92, 93^ 374, 655 

his fier]^ darts (2) 395 

See DrvtY, Temptationt. 
5alM/acft(m of Christ. 144, 145,555 
Saviour, Christ the only.. 9 14, 987 

able and willing . ^ 838 

Sceptrt of the gospel (4) 481, 

(4) 515 

of grace .(4) 13 

touching the top of it. . (5, 6) 235 
Scoffer a complained of. ...... . .599 

Scriptureo, their inspiration ... .761 

their usefulness ..763 

their preciousness 761, 928 

their riches 768 

their sufficiency and ezcellenqr 


reading the (6)73,(6) 113, 

804, 1050 
saered, compared with the book 
of nature 99, I0l«43ft 


Scripnim. th«i perfection 101 

Iheir Tiricly and excellence. . .98. 
105, 1 12 

initrQctian frain Ihcm 102 

tovbbI ChriM S7 

■tundeil nilh tbe Spirit 304, 

(1) 35a, (6J*6i 

deiighlin tha 103,624 

boUnna and comfart Irotn the. 10' 
prmtEB Tor the 31 

Sta, God'* dominion oiet the. . ■ . ! 

Stalof Chriit'* blood 13S, 63S 

theoitfa of Godi r~ 

Sealing ottiseSfarH..(i) 161,3 

aStamaii't >ong - 

Stoma, llu, crowned with good- 

ticH 1SS6 

of Ihfl year 

Stcrtlynjar. 1060 

devotioD 408, 409, 606 

Secure tinner awikened. 

Seed amir woman 199,319 

of ihF prDmiBD to Abrahiim 

of the word I 

of gmce (5) 165 

Seeil-iinie, the literal and spirili ' 

Sheep of Chiiit HC 
wandering from God's fotil 

(I. 3) S46 
clMirou.ofrestotaUon ....(5) 178 

loal, THtorei) S4S 

the weakeit mfe in Chriit'a hand* 


I iccoant of Chiiil ab- 



(. Chris 



Wod lee— 168 

Chriit,... 246, (6)269, (B) 270 

Shield. ChHita (1) 3SS 

[3) SOI 

.¥b>wrvft- prevented 70 

^AorfncH oftime ioipioved -...045 
Sick-6eil deiotion; . ,379, 622, 626, 
Sickiieit. pTeaence of God detired 

inil ISS& 

Eubnii»iun ondirit 13S8 

complaint and hope !□ it< . . .1256 


Jfa, lb COM of ChiMl*! dMlh. 353, 


D0 OppOMO* •••••••■•••161 

■gmiiutit 335,326, 


fnfw far Tktorj over it. (5) 181, 

(6) 335, (5) 353 

crectM 3.52 

p»kned and aubdoed. . 176, 181, 

ad aiaarj f*Mi;«|i^ from heaven 


AMndCaHarj 770 


not aaving. . • 152, 472 


truth 1000 


of grace 411 


proiad and rewarded 337 

Md hypocnaj ..••••••••.•.. 333 

afl vatcbfuloeae 437 

% impenitent, found wanting 


with 1299 

768, 1012, 1094 

■panting, accepted 99 1 

afl lainti in the wreck of nature 


tehof the 1277 

■a by nature and practice, a. . 87 
onad and aaint happy . . 398, 404 
ad aint*a portion . 397, 40 1 , 405, 

406, 681 
bind of, andiaint's patience. 402 
dttliojed and Mint* chastised. 403 

AeTaeetsaved 176 

dadiof the, terrible 650 

Bck, dying 667 

agid, dying 592 

iw rf the tongue 334, 589, 600 

ita eCabiliiy and glory. ... 1 121 

the way to it 1123 

thinge epoken of it. . 1 136 

Sander, complained of C^) 87 

Uvatance from it 364, 366 

Wmvtry of Satan, release from by 

ChriaL 179 

rf ■■, freedom from by Christ. 352 
Mijiiance from it desired. ... 1 10 

Ar^ sweet (5)294 

AO, spiritual, lamented. .341, 370 

Ssifeff of Christ desired 388 

9mm and froet^ 584, 685 

Sioflry of sinnevB avoidsd .898, 400 


Society of sinners hated 411 

of saints chosen. . . . 109, 411, 486 
in heaven blesasd 486, 690 

Sodom, fire of 16, (5) 404 

Soldier, the spiritual, and his foes 


Soldiei'o psalms 601, 609, 610 

iS^ of God eternal (2) 267, (2) 

of David (3) 264, 716 

Song to creating wisdom 747 

of the angels at Christ's birth . 84 7, 


of the spiritual pilgrim 1019 

of praise to the Redeemer. . . 1 065, 

1206, 1207 

of the angels 215,216 

of Moses and the Lamb. .275, 503 

of xiezekiah 633 

of Solomon 558 — 570 

of Simeon 546, 655 

Son* of God, their privileges. . • .812, 

their character and privileges. .165 

Sorrorw, godly, for sin desired. . . 992 

laid before God 817 

(See Repentance.) 

for sin 324—327 

(See Repentance.) 
for the pious dead restrained .. 662 
comfort under it .' 388, 395 

Soul, worth, and loss of it 1119 

value of it 664 

of a sinner on a death-bed. . . .661 

must leave the body 665, 669 

forced into eternity 650 

sinking into hell 592 

of a saint committed to Christ. 192 

beautifully arrayed 156 

in its separate state. . .35, 36, 406, 

452, 659, 660 

Sovereignty of God ... .23, 42, 727 
in bereaving providences adored 

of grace 128, 129 

Sover, parable of. 1090, 1091 

Spear in the Redeemer's side. . .252 

Spirit of God, hit influences . . . 924, 

his distinct work in salvation 

(4, 6) 825, 2p. 924 

the comforter Ip. 924 

his love 2p. 924 

leads the people of God 925 

leads the people of God to duty 

addressed under darknea . .932 



Spirit grieved, but entreiled 

M) drHwinga celebnUd . ■ . 
giien It Chrial'a uceniian 

miiaculous gift of 

water ui J blood 541 

liii offices and aperauoni 3 

hU influences represeuled by ihi 

nitneMlng inJ sealing S 

his notk poweiful and gracioiie 

88, S42 

Bltending the word. .304, (I) 359, 


esmeal of heaven (3) 8*9 

dwelUng in the heart . . . .(9) ZOO 


hii teacbiog desired. .(3) 

brealhed after 341,^66 

Spiritual raindedness 409, lOOS 

biasings and punishments . 

duliea 151, 174 

deUverince 1 38, 39S, 497 

eosmim oTsicome. . S94, 359, 3BS. 

meal, drink, and clothing . 

Strength and righleouenea in him 

179, 180, 203, 304 

repentance and pudoD piajed for 


□filiiine grace 184 

Slronsr-hold, Christ (he spiritual 


SuAfflttn'on to thenill of Ood. .986, 

9S3, 994, 996 

under affliction desired ..(9, Ac) 

2p. ises 

ID bereaving Providence 331, 


filial 996 

it is the Lord, let him, ite.. . .997 

and deliverance 330 

to afflictions OS) 

to duk Providence 71 

and huniilitf SB7 

and pleading 339 

encouraged and rewarded. . . .330 

to Chrial tecommenJod 8 — 10, 

(3,4) 196, £41,363 

todealh 658,675 

Sabttance of the Levitical prieat- 

hnod 261 

red of prayer 1071 

' the gospel predicted. . ■ 1, S, Sp. 





(3) 149, (Oj 428 

ioCili eouM detina 871 




iMtrt and eounael from God.883 

mi Lumfuil m God 888,688 

fa Iht aflktod and ttmptod. .869 

■ritftnb. 889,888,896 

juiiiifiiiofdath 658 

i^iiBiryrf God 88 

faite, CMH oiir.(7) 869, (7) 870 

afMcriftei^Clirnla. 141 

(8) 616, (8) 616 



iiiiHj tf ChifatiMM, 978 

VCbWuM dicriahid 976 

tf GUit to tha weak and tampt- 

ii 906, (8) 888, (6) 686 

Mil tf fravidnea aad graea 


tfpMa. 178 

tflhaLoad'aSoppar 553 

TbtiJMi of dia 8^ and word 

Aart tf dia MBiMr and SaYiow 


T^M.fiJili 1083 

Yh^ili^ tfaa bodiaa of tha aainta a 


^^IiUmI. complatod 1149 

iTflaA graca lotad 488 

by a.. (14) 866 



aftha world 454 

ibftuOk 454 

ii wteaaa ovareoma 635 

tf*idava 93,93,874,895 

lamentad 878 

r,aliaipand long... 185 
aoid aoppoit under them 
301, 303, 394, 369 
.394, 885 
and dtiivarance from them 
Chiiat^a mteioaa- 

tedMOi 878 

(8) 908 

to the.... 306 


Aii||Fi« to ba trodden down.894 



Tsttameni, or iiaw eorvnant naiad 

Tkank§, pablie, lor piivata merdea 

TTkanktjfitfinjf^ dajo. ... 1 347— 1 354 

for victory 608 

for national merciei 604 

Thief on the croai 798 

7Jb'rt/y aoult invited to Christ .838 

Threatemnf, the firrt 199 

Tkreatmhi^ and promiaes • • . .460 
n^ne of grace, accewible by 

Chrict 433 

freetonnnen 158 

nrones of judgment prepared for 

tfaeminti (6—8)407 

Tkunder, and itorm. • . .47, 54, 467, 


Improved 587 

the God of.../ ...1831 

Tnatf well ipent 944 

Ami. 689, 1361 

now IB the accepted time. .2p. 838, 

1094, 1338 
avaiy part of it in God's hands 


and eternity 1 36'i 

misimproved (3) 577, 643 

to be redeemed 635 

and of it kept in view 645 

Timet, evU 408, 404 

saints safoty and hope in them 

599, 600 
THtle, a clear one to heaven de^red 

and offices of Christ. . . .364 — 370 
TVJay, the voice of wisdom. . 1838 
To-morrow, the laoguage of folly 


Tongue, sins of it 600 

glory of the frame (6) 639 

governed 331, 589, 590 

Tyano^guration of Christ 858 

TVavtf^/er'f psalm 754 

TraveU of the Israelitsa. . .471, 473 

of^iiritaal pilgrims 391 

Treachery comjSained of. .599, 600 

TVeofure of a Christian 890 

Tree, the accursed 1196 

Christ compared to a ... .(4) 366 

of lift 540, 553, (3) 1308 

and over of love 553 

TVto/ of ourgraces by afflictions . 1 3, 


of our hearts 836,411 

Triab, beneficial gp, 1034 

•ndtrust 1005 IOO8 



Tnali, (uppoit undei (hem. 

388, 395 

grace shining in Ibem 
lemoteJ by pnver ... 

IMnily, iht doctrine of the 740 

Sec DorelBgiet, 
llie aniled Three. . 139, 699, 708. 

praiaed 6B1 — 71 

Triumph of Chiiit o<er the church's 
enemie*. . . (6, 7) 496, fiOl, 602 

of&ith !8B 

amt ilBBlh 6GS, 674 

fbrnlrUion It 

Ibr nilbnal viebn; 6( 

and nfetj of the chnrch in na- 

Uonit dewilalioDs 4! 

ofnintait Ihe last day 4( 

Triumphi of Cbrirt H( 

of the cross 11£ 

Trouble, pleading wilbGod in it 
I Of 

nnclifietl 10! 

TrBvbted, but making God our 

refuge 101 

Traubki. See .tffiictiant, 

Tnimpet of the ^wpol 19S 

Unbelief aDnDOunled 1008 

and impeiiitmiee JI8S 

like the apeai in Chritt'a lidt.ael 

danger of 383 

deMTDcUra 118 

prsjed againit 161 

punished 450 

Canaan loat by it 460 

and envy curc^ 40S 

Unchangeable, God, and his eo- 

venant 37, 6B, 133 

loTCand gnta 34, 136 

piomiaea 1 36, SOS, 495 

tnith 84, 186 

ITnchangeablenen of Ood 7U 

of God and hi* love. . . .(3, 4) 969 

UncharilablmeMt and chiii^. .316 

Unconverted stale 160 

old age 60! 

adiiee to the (4) 16, (6) 686 

unfit fur heaven 686 

Un/niilfutneH under the word. 461 

Unhili, Bouli not Gt for b*i*en . 686 

'won to Christ 709 

ofChriBtudHiDls 634 

to Christ denred (6) S66 

offailh and works 880 

of Jens and Gentiles 483 

ofssintson earth and iiibeaTen4BS 



FmI^ tf an, M mortel . .610, 641, 

■Bt no ndiM ••••••••••• ■669 

tf joidi, aUmiiig 598, 594 

flf «• woild 847, 455, 458 

tf MlMgtooimeM. ... 153, 155, 

fill, lookoig within the. .. .888, 356 
ftagmmee and compMiion of God 

tbs wmmiwi of the church 
16, 407, 614 

khril 685 

Tkl&tj, thankigiTiDg for nationftl 

608^ 1847 
mm mn man, the glory God's 


rdMth 1870 

hoped, and prajed fi>r 


■nandheU 359 

e«« tenpiations and ockneM 

385, 685 

efv tmpoaal eoemiee 609 

of Cfaiiit over enemiee . .501, 503 
tfCbiiat over Satan ....504,716 
of Chriit over death and hell. . 553 

flf Chmt and kingdom 835 

of aintB, through Christ 356 

of srinti in tlie qpiritual warfare 

of snnti, and deliverance from 

pnecntiQn 493 

of sttBto over death and the grave 

of sMBls onm, the praise God's 

frnty Christ the spiritaal. ., ... .918 

mdUhi of Christ (1)866 

^ae^or and gall offered to Christ 


rncjorrfof God wasted 487 

Fiitsf ihiiimg in trials and afflic- 

tioos 306,(4) 307 

of WQ filing 599,600 

Fifrdiei, Christian. . . . 151, 880, 389 

f^WMi of the diy bones 1089 

of the Lamb 874 

f^ wahing, a gracioas one. . . 178 

F«(ce of God, in the law 106 

mthe gospel 195 

in the pcoauM 809 

to his frisnda and enemies 

(4—6) 603 

of Christ, or wisdom 197, 198 

of Christ or his Mood 148 

Voice of Christ, the Judge 680 

Vofwt paid in the church. . .431, 433 

of holiness 351 

and promises broken by the 

wicked 59& 

holy, to be kept 333 

Voyage, the spiritual 1088 


Waiting for God 833 

for the latter day glory. .(15) Ip. 

for Christ's second coming . .538, 


for strength from God 802 

for pardon and direction 346 

for an answer to prayer 382 

with earnest desire of deliver- 
ance and salvation . . . 157, 158, 


forheaVen 396 

for grace and salvation (4 — 8) 157 

Walking with God 816 

in darkness 1026 

by faith 71,659 

Wandering from God . .(1, 2) 246, 


and returning 375 

Want*, supplied .844, 915 

spiritual, all to be supplied. . .200, 


War^ prayer in time of C02 

disappointments therein ...... 601 

victory in 609 

spiritual 359, 385 

Warfare^ the Christian. . .340, 358, 

946, 1021 
assistance and victory in it. . .359, 


Warning 985 

Warning* of God to his people. . 460 

to yotmg sinners 593 

to magistrates 619,620 

Warrior, animated and crowned 

Wathing of justification and sanc- 

tification 176, 200 

from sin 188, 535 

in Christ's blood. . . .525, 688, 689 

spiritual, desired 181 

Watchfulnett rewarded 1043 

and prayer (5) l51 

over the tongue 321 

and sincerity 437 

and brotherly reproot 675 

Watchmen, spiritual, united. (5) 183 

fSO^ 123 

Water, the Spirit, and the blood. 541 


Wny, Chrat the {II) 566. 914 

toCinun 919 

inilh mni) life 9S0 

to nlvition, fiith the . . .SB3, 3S4 
to heaven, etraigbt 151 

mak CbriiUsM not 10 be de- 

encDmaged by ciiriil 206 

■■rein hisbindi SOT 

>hBllbevicloriaai...(ll, 12] 270 
tFeaknewi. our awn, and Cbrisl'i 

ilrfnglb aOi 

tFeary mil bnrdened in»iLed lo 

i«t 835 

fVealher, and fieBSona Tirioiu. . .6S, 
bSi, £85 

normj laeceednl b}> calm 69, 

thunder and ILghflfinj. . . ,64. (1) 

douda, wind«, wayea, and lem- 

pMli (4.5)55 

rammet and winter 584, &SB 

Wedding Hymn 1231 

tPeefiinj 992 

ITeicorae given by Ihe gospel , . .833, 
S34, 1191 
logo- pel 


(Fine and bread, Cbrial compared 

(3) 366 

IFiiUrr imprDied I2S4, ISIS 

and suuimer 584, 686 

Itdam, rigbtcaumeu, aaocliGea- 

lian, ChiiBlour 931 

of God TSB 

of God in Fi«atioa 747 

of God vast and unbounded 

(1-3) 38, (3) 76 

of God in bis notki 59 

and grace o{ Ihe goapel. , ISi, TT7 
Ibe iniiladon of, acxepled. . . .S39 

happineHi of it tOD9 

and equity of Pioiidence T4 

carnal, humbled 137, IIS, 129 

Cbriat Ibe wiwlom of God. . . 197, 


inviwtion. of, to men. . . .197, 198 

Christ our 17B 

power and Iotc in Chriit 118 

'iidam'i wayn pleaunt 1009 

''iili of a [iBBlor for hii people 1 1 34 
of a private ChriiUan.. 980, 1037 
''Uhe, of the uinu all gtaUGad 

nbova 405.(7)443 

I'ilnrii of the Spirit deaired. . . .343, 
(10) 641 



WwHf tT Iha Spirit, poirarfnl aad 

fiiifii 86,843 

tr*> Spirit, dMiriof it naj Iw 


of the Spirit.... 156 
lf(irfo,food, profit men, not God 


Mtisviiig 158, (1) 473 

rirU; vanilj oT it 1116, 1117 



for the loM of 



diMoliitioii, and 




ov delight. 458 


to it, bj the craoi of 


to it bj the rifht of 

God 848 

hiifid of it and Mint's pttience 

PM, folly of end 

r«reli>, private 1047—1050 

tnaif 416, 1051—1055 

peUie 1056—1063 

leveraotaal 735, 744 

tpTPrng e new piece o(, 1056, 1058 

of it (1— 7)3p. 1358 

of it.. 1059, 1061, 1063, 

nedbucy of h. 1060, 1061, 1066 

IivbbU vrin 1063 

ffGodbmeficial 438 

Mglrtlbl 173,178,436,441 

tobjGod 438 

thionfh Christ. 358, 359 

■id ofder of the gospel 485 

4m3tf 410,430,575 

pifaficlooged for 418,419, 

434—437, 438—440 

for it. 477,478 

from it 43,63 



hnndile /. 691 

fP'srfA of the soul 

of Christ's righieonsnem 158 

JTsr/A^ istbeLemb ...1105, 1197 

Wrath and mercy of God 38 

end mercy from the Jud g ment 

■eat 87» 

end ▼engeance gg5 

See Gs</, Puniahmtnt, 
Wre9tUng withdoabts and foen.358 

Tear crowned with goodness. . 1338 

yearly feasts at Jeniselem 477 

rs4v of Christ easy 196 

of affliction <8) 634 

of drcamcision (3)580 

nutk edacated 1340, 1341 

encooraged to seA the Lord 

a lovely one, foiling short of 

heaven 591 

its vanity 593,594 

reminded of judgment. . .598, 594 
exhorted to remember tliflir 

Creetor 593 


Zachariah*9 song 530 

Zeal and diligence. . . . (4 — 7) 101 1, 


for Christ 1010 

for the boose of God 1064 

of Christ 193,339 

scandalixed (9) 331 

inspiring the seints 856 

Christian, the extent of it 

(3, 4) 356 

snd pnidenoe 331 

and fortitude 340 

in the Christian race 357 

for the Gospel 339 

for God 355 

against sin 336 

want of it lamented 370 

excited 637 

Ztsfi, its beauty and worship . . .485 
citixen of it described . . .474, 475 

its safety 497 

and Sinai 486 

the residenoe of God. . . .477, 478 

the joy of the saints 418,410 

the glory of the earth 498 





I Psalm 96. L. P M. 

I. 7%e Chd of the GeniUu. 

1 T ET all the earth their voices raise 

JLi To sing the choicest psalm of praisei 

To sing and bless Jehovah's name ; 
His glory let the heathens know, 
His wonders to the nations show, 
And all his saving works proclaim. 

2 The heathens know thy glory, Lord : 
The wonderinff nations read tkv word, 

But here Jehovah's name is known : 
Our worship shaU no more be paid 
To gods which mortal hands have made; 

Our Maker is our Grod alone. 

3 He fram'd the globe, he built the sky. 
He made the shining W9rlds on high, 

And reigns complete in glprv there ; 
His beams are majesty andli^nt; 
His beauties how divmelv bright ! 

His temple how divinely fair ! 

4 Come the ^eat day, the glorious hour. 
When earth shall feel his saving power, 

And barbarous nations fear his name ; 
Then shall the race of man confess 
The beauty of his hpUness, 

And in nis courts his grace proclaim. 

A Psalm 145. L. M. 

m% The gttatnen of Ood, 

1 \/WY God, mv King, thy various praise 
ITI. Shall fill the remnant of my days; 
Thv grace employ my humble tongue 
Till death and glory raise the song. 

2 The wings of every hour shall bear 
Some thankful tribute to thine ear ; 
And everv setting sun shall see 
New works of duty done for thee. 



3 Thy truth aod justice I'll proclaim : 

■ Thy bounty flows, an endless stream, 
Thy mercy swift, thine anger slow, 
Butilieaimil to the stubborn foe. 

4 Thv works with sovereign glory shine, 
And speak thy majesty divine; 

Let every realm with joy proclaim 
The sound and honour of thy name. 

5 Let distant times and nations raise 
The long succession of thy praise; 
And'unbom aaes make my song 
The joy and labour of their tongue. 

6 But who can speak thy wondrous deeds ! 
Thy greatness all our thoughts exceeds! 

' Vast and unsearchable thy ways! 
Vast and immortal be thy praise ! 

3PMln 145, <r. 1—7, U— 13. 1st Part. C. H. 
> nt Gnatnttt of Gad. 

I "I" ONG as I live I'll bless thy name, 
I My King, mv God of love ; 

OP GOD. 77 

• €hiim&iatUt. 

1 T ORD, we are blind, we mortab bludL 

JU We can't behold thy briffht abode; 
'tis beyond a creataie'« mind 

To glance a thought half way to God. 

2 Infinite leagues beyond the skj 
The great Eternal reigns alime, 
Where neither wings nor souls can fly, 
Nor angels climb the topless throne. 

3 The Lord of Glory builds his seat 
Of sems incomparably bright 
And lays beneath his sacred leet 
Substantial beams cf gloomy ni^t 

4 Yet glorious Lord, thy gracious eyes 
Look through, and cheer us fixHU above; 
Beyond our praise thy grandeur flies, 
Yet we adore, and yet we love. 

SHyom 17. B. 8. C. M. 

1 Tl ISE, rise, my soul, and leaye the ground, 
Xl; Stretch all thy thoughts abroad, 

And rouse up eyery tunefal sound 
To praise th' eternal God. 

2 Lonff ere the lofbr skies were spread, 

Jenovah fiU'd his throne; 
Or AdEun form'd, or angels made, 
The Maker liv'd alone. 

3 His boundless years can ne'er decrease, 

But stQl maintain their prime ; 
Eternity's his dwelling place. 
And ever is his time. 

4 While like a tide our minutes flow. 

The present and the past, 
He fills nis own immortal norr. 
And sees our ages waste. 

5 The sea and sky must 'perish too. 

And vast destruction come! 

The creatures — look, how old they grow. 
And wait their fiery doom ! 

6 Well, let the sea shrink aU away, 

And flames melt down the skies, 
My God shall live an endless day, 
When th* old creation dies. 




1 ^ REAT God, how infinite art thoa! 
\Jf What worthless worms are we ! 
Let the whole race of creatures bow 

And pay their praiae to lixee. 

2 Thy throne eternal ages stood, 

Ere seas or stars were made; 
Thou art the ever-hving God 
Were all the nations dead. 

3 Nature and time quite naked lie 

To thine immense survey, 

From the formation of the sty 

To the great burning day. 

4 Eternity with all its years 

Stands present in thy view; 
To thee there's nothing old appeaxa, 
Great God, there's nothing new. 

5 Our lives through various scenes are drawn, 

And vex'd with trifling cares : 
While thine eternal thoughts move on 
Thine undisturb'd affairs. 

OF GOD. 79 

8. PMlm 93. lO'ft and 1 1'h. 

1 nnHE Lord of glory reigns, he reigns on high : 

J. His robes oistate are strength luid majesty : 
This wide creation rose at his command, 
Built by his word, and stablish'd by his hand : 
Long stood his throne ere he began creation, 
And nis own Godhead is the firm foundation. 

2 God is th' eternal King : Thy foes in vain 
Raise their rebellion to confound thv reign : 
In vain the storms, in vain the flooos arise. 
And roar and toss their waves against the skies : 
Foaming at heaven, they rage with wild com- 
motion, [ocean. 

But heairn's high arches scorn the swelling 

3 Ye tempests, rage no more; ye floods, be still; 
And the mad world submissive to his will ; 
Built on his truth his church must ever stand ; 
Firm are his promises, and strong his hand ! 
See his own sons, when they appear before him, 
Bow at his footstool, and with rear adore him. 

9, Psalm 93. S. P. M. or 6.6.8. 

1 ^pHE Lord Jehovah reigns, 

JL And royal state mainta];ns, 
His head with awful glories crown'd ; 
Array'd in robes of light, 
B^n^ with sovereign might, 
And rays of majesty around. 

2 Upheld by thy commands 
Tne world securely stands ; 

And skies and stars obey thy word : 

Thy tiirone was fix'd on nigh 

Before the starry sky ; 
Eternal is thy kingdom, Lord. 

3 In vain the noisy crowd. 
Like billows fierce and loud, 

Asainflt thine empire rage and roar; 

In vain, with angry £n[)ite, 

The smy nations fight. 
And dash like waves against the shore. 

4 Let floods and nations rage, 
And all tiieir powers engage, 

Let swelling tides assault tne sky, 


The terrors of thy frown 

Shall beat their madness down; 
Thy throne for ever stands on high. 
6 Thy promises are true, 

Thy grace is ever new ; 
There fix'd thy church snail ne'er r 

Thy saints with holy fear 

Shall in thy courts appear, 
And sing thine everlasting love. 

1 ^ Pnim 139. 1st Part. L. M. 

l\f • Tie JU-teeing God, 

1 T ORD, thou hast search'd and seen me thro'; 
JLi Thine eye commands with piercing view 
My rising and my resting hours, 

My heart and flesh with all their powers. 

2 My thoughts, before they are my own, 
Are to my God distinctly known; 

He knows the words I mean to speak 
Ere from my op'ning lips they break. 

3 Within thy circling power I stand; 
On every side I find thy hand : 
A\vak<\ u.sli-fii. :i1 hnnic. uliroad, 

OF GOD. 81 

9 Or should I try to shun thy sight 
Beneath the spreading veil of night, 
One fliance ox thine, one piercing ray, 
Would kindle darkness into day. 

10 ' may these thoughts possess my breast^ 
*WTiere*er I rove, where'er I rest! 

*Nor let my weaker oassions dare 
'Consent to sin, for God is there.' 


11 The veil of night is no disguise, 

No screen from thy all-searching eyes; 
Thy hand can seize thy foes as soon 
Through midnight-shades as blazing noon. 

12 Midnight and noon in this agree, 
Great God, they're both alike to thee ; 
Not death can hide what God will spy. 
And hell lies naked to his eye. 

13 ' may these thoughts possess my breaat, 
* Where'er I rove, where'er I rest! 

'Nor let my weaker passions dare 
'Consent to sin, for God is there.' 

n Psalm 139. lat Pirt C. M. 

• €hd is everywhere, 

1 TN all my vast concerns with thee 
X In vam my soul would try 

To shun thy presence. Lord, or flee 
The notice of thine eye. 

2 Thy all-surrounding sight surveys 

My rising and my rest, 
My public walks, my private ways. 
And secrets of my breast. 

3 My thoughts lie open to the Lord ^ 

Before they're form'd within ; 
And ere my lips pronounce the word. 
He knows the sense I mean. 

4 wondrous knowledge, deep and high ! 

Where can a creature hide? 
Within diy circling' arms I lie. 
Beset on every side. 

^ So let thy grace surround me still, 
And Uke a bulwark prove. 
To gaard my sovl from every ill^ 
Secar'd by sovereign love. 



6 Lord, where shall guilty souls retire, 

Forgetten and unknown? 
In hell they meet thy dreadful fire, 
In heaven thy glorious throne. 

7 Should I suppress my vital breath 

To 'scape the wrath divine, 
Thy voice would break the \mis of dea^ 
And make the grave resign. 

8 If wing'd with beams of morning-light, 

I fly beyond the west, 
Thy hand, which must support my fligfa^ 
■Would soon betray my rest. 

9 If o'er my sins I think to draw 

The curtains of the night. 
Those flaming eyes that guard thy law 
Would turn the shades to light 

10 The beams of noon, the midnight-boor, ' 

Are both alike to thee : 
may I ne'er provoke that towm 
From which 1 cannot flee! 

OF GOD.. 83 

6 Salvation to the KiuR 
That sits enthron'd above ; 
Thus we adore the God of might, 
And bless the God of love. 

1 Q PtaJm 66. Ist Part. C. M . 

!()• O i nunin g Power and Goodnem/ or^ mtr €hraeet tried 

by 4fflitiien. 

1 ^ING, all ye nations, to the Lord, 
O Sine with a cheerful noise ; 
With melody of sound record 

His honours, and your joys. 

2 Say to the power that shalces the sky, 

How terrible art thou ! 
' Sinners before thy presence fly, 
*0r at ihy feet they bow/ 

3 [Come, see the wonders of our God, 

How glorious are his ways ! 
In Moses' hand he puts his rod, 
And cleaves the frighted seas. 

4 He made the ebbing channel dry, 

While Israel nass'd the flood ; 
There did the church begin their joy, 
And triumph in their God.] 

5 He rules by his resistless might ; 

Will rebel-mortals dare 
Provoke th' Eternal to the fight, 
And tempt that dreadful war? 

6 bless our GxkL and never cease ; 

Ye saints, fulnl his praise ; 
He keeps our life, maintains our peace, 
And guides our doubtful ways. 

7 Lord, thou hast prov'd our suffering souls^ 

To make our graces shine ; 
So silver bears the burning coals * 
Thajnetal to refine. 

S Through wat'ry deeps and fiery virays 
We march at thy command. 
Led to possess the promised place 
By thine unerring hand. 

I J Psafan 33. 8d Part C. M. 

Creatmree vam^ and Ood atlmifficienU 

JST is the nation where th 
Hath fix'd his gracious throne ; 

1 11 LEST is the nation where the Lord 


Whei» he reveals his heavenly woid, ' 
And caUs their trihes his own. 
•2 His eye, with infinite survey, 
Does the whole world behold : 

He form'd us all of eaual clay. 
And knows our feehle mould. 

3 Kinfffl are not rescued by the force 

Of armies from the gmve; 
Nor speed, nor courage of a horse 
Can the bold rider save. 

4 Vain is the strength of beasts or men 

To hope for safety thence; 
But holy soiils from God obtain 

A strong and sure defence. 
6 God is their fear, and God their trust; 

When plagues or famine spread, 
His watchful eye secures the iust 

Amongst ten thousand deaa. 

6 Lord, let our hearts in thee reioica. 

Ami l)less liv Irnni lliy llirune; 
For \vi' Ikivi' tnmlf thy wonl our rhoice; 

OF GOD. 86 

4 In si6kne88 or the bloody field. 
Thou our phTsician, thou our shield. 

Send Bs salyation from thy throne; 
We wait to see thy goodness sli^e; 
Let us rejoice in help divine, 

For an our hope is Grod alone. 

l/> Hymn SS. B. 2. L. M. 

TERRIBLE God, who reign'st on hM[h, 
How awfdl is tny thundering hand ! 
Thy fiery bolts how fierce they fljr! 
Nor can all earth or hell withstand. 

2 This the old rebel-angels knew, 
And Satan fell beneath thy frown : 

Thine arrows struck the traitor through, 
And weighty vengeance sunk him down 

3 This Sodom felt, and feels it still, 
And roars beneath th' eternal load : 

* With endless buminss who can dwell. 
* Or bear the fury of a God !' 

4 Tremble, ye sinners, and submit, 

Throw down you^ arms before his throne. 
Bend vour heads low beneath his feet. 
Or nis strong hand shall crush you down. 

5 And ye, bless'd saints, that love him, too. 

With reverence bow before his name. 
Thus all his heavenly servants do : 
God is a bright and burning flame. 

nPtalm 113. L. P. M. 

• 7%t Majuty and Condueennon of CM, 

I XTE that delight to serve the Lord, 
X The honours of his nan^ record. 

His sacred name for ever b«s: 
Where'er the circling sun displays 
His rising beams, or setting rays. 
Let lands and seas his power confess. 

2 Not time, nor nature's narrow rounds. 
Can give his vast dominion boundt^, 

The heavens are far below his height : 
Let no created greatness dare 
With onr etemsd God compare, 
Arm'd with his uncreated might. 


3 He bows his ^orious head to view 
What the bright hosts of angels do. 

And bends his care to mortal things; 
His sovereign' himd exalts the poor, 
He takes the needy from the door. 

And makes them company for kings. 

4 When childless families desp^r. 
He sends the blessing of an heir 

To rescue their expirinff name : 
The mother with a tnanknil voice 
Proclaims his praises and her Joys: 
' s fan 


Let every age advance his fame. 

Piatm 113. L. H. 
Ood Sovenign and Oraeuut. 

1 'V'E servants of th' almighty King, 

X ' In every age his praises sing; 
Where'er the sun shall rise or set. 
The nations shall his praise repeat 

2 Above the earth, beyond the sky, 
Stands his high throne of majesty; 
Nor linic, ii't |il;irr, liis pu-\\i'i- restrain, 

OP ooD 87 

1Q (Hymn 99. B. 8. C. M .) 

itF« T%e Book of Ood*t Jkereei. 

1 T ET the whole race of creatures lie 
JLi Abas'd before their God : 
Whatever his sovereign voice hath form'd 

He governs with a nod. 

2 [Ten thousand a^ ere the skies 

Were into motion brought. 
All the long years and worlds to come 
Stood present to his thought 

3 There's not a sparrow or a worm 

But's found m his decrees; 
He raises monarchs to their thrones. 
And sinks them as he please.] 

4 If lififht attend the course I run, 

"lis he provides those rays : 
And 'tis miB hand that hides my sun. 
If darkness cloud my days. 

5 Yet I would not be much concem'd, , 

Nor vainly lonj; to see 
The volume of his deep decrees. 
What months axe writ for me. 

6 When he reveals the book of life, 

may I read my name 
Amongst the chosen of his love, 
The followers of the Lamb ! 

QjA Pudm 8. S. M. 

j0ii9 God's Sovatignty and Goodnua and ManU Domkdm 

over the Creahtreo, '* 

1 f\ LORD, our heavenly King, 
" Th7 name is all divine ; 

Th V glories round the earth are spread, 
And o'er the heavens they shine. 

2 When to thy works on high 
I raise my wondering eyes, 

And see the moon complete in light 
Adorn the darksome skies : 

I When I survey the stars, 
And all their snining forms, 
Lord, what is man. that worthless thing. 
Akin to dust and worms! 

Lord, what is worthless man. 
That thou shouldst love him so? 


Next to tMne anxeh is he jdac'd, 
And lord of alTbelcfw. 
i ThioA hoMoui? crown hm head, 
While beaats like slaves obey', 
koA iHids that cut the air with wiiifkt 
And neh that cleave the sea. 
i How rich thy bounties are ! 
And wondrous are thy ways : 
Of du^ »3id wonns thy power ea& fraite 
A monument of praise. 
r [Out of the mouths <^ babes 
And sucklings thou canst dmw 
Surprising honours to thy name, 
And Btnke the world with awe. 
i O Lord, our heavenly King, 
Thy name is all divine : 
Thy kIof^ round the earth aff),4i#eid. 
And o'er the heavens they shine.] 

1 £^ CD of Ihe seas, thy thundering voice 
U Makes all thp roaring waves rejoice. 

OF GOB. 81 

7 [What 8061168 of miracles they see, 
And never tune a song to ll^ee! 
While on the flood they safely ride. 
They curse the hand that smoodui^^ tidet 

S Anon they plunge in wat'ry g^iiMs^:^; , 
And some arink death amons flie ifvfrmi; 
Yet the survivinff crew blaspheme^ \ \ . 
Nor own the God that rescir d them'J - 

9 for some signal of thine hand. 
Shake all the seas. Lord, shake the land, 
Great Judge, descend, lest men deny 
That there^s a God that rules the sky. 

QO _ Hymn 115. B. 3. CM. 

God ikt Jvei^ger of his Samisf or^ hu Sngdom 


1 UlGH as the heavens above the ground 
U Reigns the Creator, Grod ; 

Wide as me whole creation's bound 
Extends his awful rod. 

2 Let princes of exalted state 

To him ascribe their crown. 

Render their homage at his feet. 

And cast their glories down. 

3 Know that his kingdom is supreme. 

Your lofty thoughts are vam; 
He calls you gods, that awful name, 
But ye must die like men. 

4 Then let the sovereigns of the globe 

Not dare to vex the just ; 
He puts on vengeance like a robe. 
And treads the worms to dust 

5 Ye judges of the earth, be wise. 

And think of heaven with fear; 
The meanest saint that you despise 
Has an avenger there. 

QQ Hymn 86. B. 1. C. M. 

^t God h6t^^ju$t^ and eooereign, Job ix. S— 10. 

1 1X0 W should the sons of Adam's race 
n Be pure before their God? 
If he contend in righteousness 
We fadl beneath lus rod. 

2 To vindicate my words and thoughts 
rjl make no more pretence; 

H J 


Not one of all my dioiiflaiid ftvhi 
Can bear a juBt defence. 

3 Strong is his arm, his heart is vite; 

Whitt vain presumed dare 
Against Huar Maker's hand to risa, 
Or tempt th' vmeqnal wax? 

4 [Mountains by his abnighty wrath 

From their old seats are torn; 
He shakes the ea^h from sontii to nar^ 
Atid all her pillars mourn. 
6 He bids the sun forbear to rise, 
Th' obedient sun forbears : 
His hand with sackcloth siweads tlie skiea, 
And seals up all the stars. 
6 He walks upon the stormy sea, 
Flies on the stormy wind; 
There's none can trace his wondTtfot wi^, 
Or his dark fisotsteps find.] 

1 i^m 146- ver. T, be. 9d Put. C.H. 

1 CWEET is the memory of thy grace. 

*J My God, my heavenly King; 

OF GOD. 9] 

Let all the powers within me join 
In work and worship so divine. 

S Bless, O mj sovl^ the God of grace; 
ffis niYonrs claim thy highest praise; 
Why should the wonders he hath wrought 
Be lost in silence and forgot? 

} 'Tis he, my soul, that sent his Soa 
To die for crimes which thou hast done ; 
He owns the ransom; and forgives 
The hourly follies of our lives. 

4 The vices of the mind he heals, 

And cures the pains that nature feels; 
Redeems the soul from hell, and saves 
Our wasting life from threat'ning graves. 

5 Our youth decay'd his power repairs ; 
His mercy crowns our growing years; 
He s^sfies our mouth with good. 

And feeds our souls with heavenly food. 

6 He sees the oi^pressor and the opprest. 
And often gives the sufferers rest; 
But wiU his justice more display 

In the last great rewarding cby. 

7 [His power he showed by Moses' hands, 
\nd gave to Israel his commands ; 

But sent his truth and mercy down 
To all the nations by his Son. 

8 Let the whole earth his power confess. 
Let Ike whole earth adore his srace; 
The Gentile with the Jew shall join 

In work and .worship so divine.] 

Og Psalm 103. tot. 1—7. Ist Part. S. M. 

^v« Prmtefir Sphitual and Temporal Mertka, 

1 f\ BLESS the Lord, my soul; 
" Let all within me join. 

And aid my tongue to bless nis name, 
Whose favours are divine. 

2 bless the Lonl, my soul; 
Nor let his mercies fie 

Forgotten in imthankfulness, 
And without praises die. 

3 'Tis he for^ves thy sins, 
Tis he reheves thy i»in, . 

Tis he that heals thy sicknesses, 
Ana makes thee young again. 



4 He crowns thy life with love, 
When ransom'd from the grave; 

He that redeem'd my soul from hell, 
Hath sovereign power to save. 

5 He fills the poor with good; 
He gives the suiFerers rest; 

The Lord hath judgments for the prood, 

And justice for th' opprest. 
€ His wondrous works and ways 

He made by Moses known; 
But sent the world his truth and grace, 

By his beloved Son. 

017 Hjpmn 46. B. 3. L. M. 

wC 4 • GoiTf CoiuiueaituM to Human ^fian, 

I TTP to the Lord that reigns on ^h, 
\J And view the nations from arar, 
Let everlasting praises fly, 
And tell how mrge his bounties are. 

S [He that can shake the worlds he made, 
Or with his word or with his rod. 
His goodness liow Minazirm t.'re;it! 


QQ PmIb €B. rer. 1—6, 33—35. Ut Part. L. M. 
£09 T%e Fengeanee and Companion of GodL 

1 T ET God arise in all his might, 

JU And put the troops of hell to flight. 
As smoke, that sought to cloud thewies, 
Before the rising tempest flies. 

2 FHe comes array'd in burning flames; 
Justice and venja^eance are his names; 
Behold his faintmg foes expire 

Like melting wax oefore the fire.] 

3 He rides and thunders through the sky ; 
His name Jehovah sounds on high : 
Sing to his name, ye sons of grace; 

Ye saints, rejoice before his race. 

4 The widow and the fatherless 
Fly to his aid in sharp distress; 
In him the poor and helpless find 
A judge that's just, a father kind. 

5 He breaks the captive's heavy chain, 
And priscmers see ^e liffht again; 
But rebel& that dispute nis will. 

Shall dwell in chains and darkness still. 


6 Kingdoms and thrones to God belong; 
Crown him, ye nations, in your song : 

His wondrous names and powers rehearse ; 
His honours shall enrich your verse. 

7 He shakes the heavens with loud alarms; 
How terrible is God in arms ! 

In Israel are his mercies known, 
Israel is his peculiar throne. 

8 Proclaim him king, pronounce him blest; 
He's your defence, your joy, your rest. 
When terrors rise and nations faint„ i 
God is the strength of every saint. y 

00 Hymn 43. B. 1. C. M. 

^v% Divine JVraih and Merey, Naham i. S, ix. 

1 1 DORE and tremble, for our God 
/V Is a consuming fire :* 
His jealous eves his wrath inflame, 
And raise nis vengeance higher. 

• Heb. xii. 29. 


2 Almighty vens^oe, how it bujTw! 

How bright ftis fary glows! 
Vast magazines of plagues and stonns 
Lie tr^ur'd for his foes. 

3 Those heaps of wrath by slow degrees 

Are forced into a flame, 
But kindled, O how fierce they blaze! 
And rend all nature's frame. 

4 At his approach the mountains flee, 

And seek a watery grave ; 
The frighted sea makes haste aw&y, 

And shrinks up every wave. 
6 Through the wide air the weighty rocka 

Are swift as hail-stones hurl'd : 
Who dares engaee his fiery rage 

That shakes the solid world? 

6 Yet, mighty God, thy sovereign grace 

Sits regent on the throne, 
The refuge of thy chosen race 
When wrath comes rushing down. 

7 Thy hand shall on rebellious kings 

OF GOD. 95 

The pity of the Lord 
To those that fear his name, 
Is such as tender jnrents feel; 
He knows our feeble frame. 

He knows we are but dust 
S<»tter'd with every bream ; 
[is anger, like a rising wind, 
Can send us swift to death. 

7 Our days are as the grass. 
Or like the morning flower: 
If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field. 
It withers in an hour. 

B But thy compassions. Lord, 
To endless years endure ; 
And children's children ever find 
Thy words of promise sure. 

Q1 PmIbh 103. TW. 8—18. 9d Ftft. L. BL 


1 npHE Lord, how wondrous are his ways f 

L How firm his truth! ho w large his grace ! 
He takes his mercy for his throne. 
And thence he makes his glories known. 

2 Not half so high his power hath spread 
The starry heavens aWe our head, 
As his ricn love exceeds our praise. 
Exceeds the highest hopes we raise. 

3 Not half so fax hath nature plac'd 
The rising morning from the west. 
As his forgiving grace removes 
The daily guilt of those he loves. 

4 How slowly doth his wrath arise ! 
On swifter wings salvation flies;. 
And if he lets his anger bum, 
How soon his frowns to pity turn! 

5 Amidst his wrath compassion shines ; 
His strokes are liffhter than our sins; 
And. while his rod corrects his saints. 
His ear indulges their complaints. 

6 So &thers their young sons chastise. 
With gentle hands and melting eyes; 
The children weep beneath the smart. 

And move the pity of their heart. J 


7 The miffhty God, the wise, and jiist, 
Knows that out frame is feeble dust; 
And will no heavy loads impose 
Beyond the strength that he bestowB. 

8 He knows how aoon our nature dies, 
Blasted by every wind that flies; 
Like grass we spring, and die as soo& 
As morning flowers that fade at noon. 

9 But h^ eternal love is sure 

To all the saints, and shall endure : 
From age to age his truth shall reign, 
Nor children's children hope in Taua. 

QQ PMlm 146. Ter. U. 17, <w. 3d Put. C. H. 
OiA* Merty to Sufftroft i or, Ond hearing J'rqpcr. 

1 T ET every tongue thy mxxiness speak, 
U Thou sovereign Lord of all; 
Thy strengthening hands uphold the Teak, 
And raise the poor that ml. 
3 When sorrow bows the spirit down, 
Or virtue li.-s distrcst 
Bpncntii sMiiic prnii'l i'i''pn"'Ssor's frown, 

OF GOD. 97 

flQ Fnkn 14S. C. IL 

I npO God I made my aonows knowiL 
X Fnym God I sought relief; 
In long complaints before his throne 
I pour'd out all my grief. 

5 Mr soul was overwhelmed with woes. 

My heart began to break; 
My God, who all my burdens knows^ 
He knows the way I take. 

3 On every side I cast mine eye. 

And found my helpers gon^ 
While firiends and strangers pass'd me hf^ 
Neglected and unknown. 

4 Then didi raise a louder cry, 

And call'd thy mercy near, 
'Thou art my portion when 1 die^ 
' Be thou my refuge here.' 

6 Lord, I am brought exceeding low. 

Now let tiiine ear attend, 
And make m^ foes who vex me know 
Fve an almighty Friend. 

6 From my sad prison set me free. 
Then shall I praise thy name, 
And holjr men snail join with me 
Thy kindness to proclaim. 

OA Ptmlm 89. Ut Part. C. M. 

iMtm The Fmihfmhiu of G%i. 

1 l^fY never-ceasing song shall show 
ITJL The mercies of the Lord, 
And make succeeding ages know 
How faithful is his word. 

S The sacred truths his lips pronounce 
Shall firm as heaven endure ; 
And if he speak a promise once, 
Th' eternal grace is sure. 

3 How long the race of David held 

The promis'd Jewish throne! 
But there's a nobler covenant sealed 
To David's greater Son. 

4 His seed for ever shall uussosp 

A throne above the skies; 
The meanest subject of hx9 gnm i 

ShaD to ibat glory rise. 


PnlmlM. L.M. . ., 

Fraite to 6«ijm- hi* Goodntn amf TVhO, 


6 Lord God of Hosts, thy wondrotis vays 
Are Bung by saints above; 
And saints on earth their honoti|s laiae * 
To Ihine nnchanging lore. ' 


1 T>RAISlE ve the Lord, my heart shall joui- ' 
X In worK so pleasant, so divine, ; 
Now, while the nesh is mine abode, , . i 
And when my soul ascends to Grod> 

S Praise shall employ mv noblest powen, r- . 
While immortafity endures; 
My davR of praise shall ne'er be past, . r ' 
While life, and thought, imd being lui' 

3 Why should I make a man my tmstT, f 
Princes must die and turn to dust; 

Their breath departs, their pomp sod power, 
And thoughts, all vanish in an whu. j 

4 Happy the man whose hopes rely , ' "■ 
On Israel's God: he made the sky, '' 

And pai-tli ;mk1 -^im-, \>.i!li nil tlieir trMn, 


8 Why should I make a man mr trust? 
Princes must die and turn to aust; 

Vain is the help of flesh and blood: 
Their breath departs, their pomp and power. 
And thoughts all vanish in an hour. 

Nor can they make their promise good. 

3 Happy the man whose hopes rely 
On israers God : he made tbe sky, 

And earth and seas, with all tluor train; 
His truth for ever stands secure; 
He saves th' opprest, he feeds tiie poor, 

And none snail find his promise vain. 

4 The Lord hath eyes to give the blind; 
The Lord supports the sinking mind; 

He sends the labouring conscience peace: 
He helps the stranger in distress, 
The widow and the fatherlefius, 

And grants the prisoner sweet release. 

6 He loves his saints; he knows them well, 
But turns the wicked down to hell ; 

Thy Grod, O Zion, ever reigns : 
Let every tongue, let every age, 
In this exalted work engage; 

Praise him in everlasting strains. 

6 111 praise him while he lends me breath, 
And' when mv voice is lost in death 

Praise shall employ my nobler powers: 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past 
While life and thought and being last, 

Or immortality endures. 

<yy Psalm 111. 2d Part. C. M. 

Oim Tkt PerfedUmM of Qod. 

1 piREAT is the Lord; his works of mii^t 
\X Demand our noblest songs ; 

Let his assembled saints unite 
Their harmony of tongues. 

2 Great is the mercy of the Lord, 

He gives his children food : 
And ever mindful of his word, 
He makes his promise good. 

3 His Son, the great Redeemer, came 

To seal his covenant sure : 
Holy and reverend is his name, . 

His ways tare just and pure. 1 



4 They that would grow divinely wise, 

Must with his tear begin: 
Our fairest proof of knowledge lies 
In hating every sin. 

OQ (Hjran 166. B. 9. CM.) 

OOm tht Daint PerfixHom. 

1 TIOW shall I praise th' eternal God, 
-11 That infinite Unknown? 
Who can ascend his Msh abode, 
Or venture near his throne? 

5 [The great Invisible ! He dwells 

Conceal'd in dazzling light; 
But his all-searching eye reveali 
The secrets of the night 

3 Those watchful eyes that never sleep 

Stirvey the world around- 
His wisdom is a boundless deep 
Where all our thoughts are drown'd.] 

4 [Speak we of strength? His arm is stroniT 

To save or to destroy : 
Infinite years his life prolong, 
And endless is his joy.] 

OF GOD. 101 

8 niarth and the stan and worlds unknown 
Depend precariooa on hii throne; 
AUnatore hangs upon his wcmL 
And grace and glory own their Lord.] 

3 rHis sovereign power what mortal knows? 
If he commands who dare oppose? 
With strength he girds himself aronnd, 
And treads the rebels to the ground.] 

4 rWho shall pretend to teach him skill? 
Or guide the counsels of his will? 
His wisdom like a sea divine 

Flows deep and high beyond our line.] 

5 rHis name is holy, and his eye 
Bums with immortal jealousy : 

He hates the sons of pride, and sheds 
His fiery vengeance on their heads.] 

6 [The beamings of his piercing sight 
Brinff dark hjnpocrisy to light: 
Death and destruction naked lie, 
And hellnincover'd to his eye.] 

7 rrh' eternal law before him stands; 
ifis justice with impartial hands 
Divides to all their due reward. 

Or by the sceptre or the sword.] 

8 rHis mercy like a boundless sea 
W ashes our load of guilt away, 

While his own Son came down and died 
T' engage his justice on our side.] 

9 rEach of his words demands my &ith, 
My soul can rest on all he saith; 

His truth inviolably keej^ 
The largest promise of his lips.] 

10 O tell me with a gentle voice, 
Thou art my God^ and I'll rejoice I 
Filled with thy love, I dare proclaim 
The brightest honours of thy name. 

A A Hymn 168. B. 3. L. IL 

4ir. The tame. 

1 TEHOV AH reigns, his throne is high, 
•f His robes are light and majesty : 
His glory shines with beams so brigntp i 

N6 mortal oan sustain the sight 


1(^, FEHFEcnoNB 

2 1^9, tenors keep the world in awe, 
His iostice guards his holy law, 
His love reveals a smilinK face. 

His truth and promise seal the grace. 

3 Through all his works his wisdom shineSi 
And baffles Satan's deep desitma; 

His power is sovereign to falfil 
The noblest counsels of his will. 

4 And will this glorious Lord descend 
To be my father and my friend ! 
Then let my songs with angels join; 
Hdaven is secure if God be mine. ' 

A 1 Hymn 169. B. 3. H. M.or6'iii81. 

\ nnHE Lord Jehovah reigns, 
X His throne is built on high; 
The garments he assumes 
Are hght and majesty • 
His glories shine With beams so biiglit 
No mortal eye Can bear the sight 
2 The thunders of his hand 


Or can the largest stretch of thought 
Mewure and search his nature out? 

t Tis hiffh as heaven, 'tis deep as hell, 
And wnat can mortals know or tell? 
His 8^ory spreads beyond the sky, 
And all the shining worlds on high. 

3 But man, vain man, would fain be wise. 
Bom like a wild voimg colt he flies 
Through all the follies of his mind, 
And smeUs, and snuffs the empty wind* 

4 God is a King of power unknown, 
Firm are the orders of his throne; 
If he r^olve, who dare oppose. 

Or ask him why, or what ne does? 

5 He wounds the heart, and he makes whole; 
He calms the tempest of the soul ; 

When he shuts up in long despair. 
Who can remove the heavy bar? 

6 *He frowns, and darkness veils the moon. 
The fainting sun grows dim at noon; 
jThe pillars of heav'n's starry roof 
Tremble and start at his reproof 

7 He gave the vaulted heaven its form, 
The crooked serpent, and the worm ; 
He breaks the bulows with his breath. 
And smites the sons of pride to death 

8 These are a portion of his ways, 

But who shall dare describe his face^ 
Who can endure his light? or stand 
To hear the thunders of his hand? 

iO Hymn 87. B. 2. C. M. 

^^9 j%e Divine Glorie» above our Btamm* 

1 IJOW wondrous great, how glorious bright 
•11 Must our Creator be. 
Who dwells amidst the dazzling light 
Of vast infinity ! 

2 Our soaring spirits upward rise 

Tow'rd the celestial throne. 
Fain would we see the blessed Three, 
And the Almighty One. 

3 Our reason stretches aU its wings. 

And climbs above the skies; 

•ibbsBT.ft. tJ«bn?Ln,tei 


11 how far beneath thy feet _^ 

grovelling reason lies ! 

here we bend our humble squIb, 

awfully adore, ^^" 

; weak pinions of our minds * >^* 

stretch a thought no more,] •• * 

ories infinitely rise ^^^ 

'e our labouring tongue; W^ 

the highest seraph tries . 

)rm an equal song. SB 

nble notes our faith adores JB^ 

great mysterious King", w J 

angels strain their nobler powers, ki^V 

sweep th' immortal string.] ^Bp 

PiBlm36. 1,2.5,6,7,9. CM. 'flfc 

:lieaUlheUm expaieil; or, Ihc Being and JthU 't^^V 

Initfi of God laaaitil. ^' ^p 

ILE men grow bold in wicked ways, a^H 

And vet a God they own, ^^^ 

trt witliin me often says, t^ s 

sir thoughts believe there's none.' ^^ 

houghts and ways at once declare ^^rf 

ate'er their lips profess) '■K' 

th no wrath for them to fear, t^' ■ 

will they seek his grace. k^^ 

OF GOD. 106 

Perpetual springs of life shall flow, 
Aad raise our pleasures high. 

8 Thooffh aU created light decay. 
Ana death close up our eveSi 
Thy presence makes eternal day 
where clouds can never rise.] 

i m Pnlm 36. ver. 1—7. 8. M. 

49« TkeffUkedneuofMun^andiheMuJeitifqfQ^i 

OTy pradieai Muitm expoBttL 

1 T17HEN man grows bold in sm, 

▼ ▼ My heart within me cries, 
'He hath no faith of God within, 
Nor fear before his eyes.* 

2 [He walks a while concealed 
In a self-flattering dream, 

Till lus dark crimes at once reveal'd 
Expose his hateful name.] 

3 His heart is false and foul, 

His words are smooth and fair; 

Wisdom is banish'd from his som. 

And leaves no goodness there. 

* He plots upon his bed 
New nuschiefs to fulfil ; 
He sets his heart, and hands, and head, 
To practise all that's ill. 

5 But there's a dreadful God, 
Though men renounce his fear : 
His justice hid behind the cloud 
Snail one great day appear. 

His truth transcends the skv ; 
In heaven his mercies dwell; 
0^ as tiie sea his judgments lie, 
nis anger bums to hell. 

7 How excellent his love, 
Whence all our safety a^ 
never let my soul remove 
From underneath his wings. 

i/» Psalm 115. L. M. 

w« Tht true Ocd our lUfuge; or^ MoUOry rtprwfd. 

1 V: OT to ourselves, who are but dust, 
i^ Not to ourselves is glory due, 
£temal God, thou onl^ just, 
Thou only gracious, wise and true. 



2 Shine forth in all thy dreadful name; 
Why should a heathen's haughty tongue 
Insult us. and to raise our shame 

Say, 'Where's the God you've serv'd 80 long?' 

3 The God we sen-e maintains his throne 
Above the clouds, beyond the skies, 
Through all the earth his will is done, 
He knows our groans, he hears our cnes. 

4 But the vain idols they adore 

Are senseless shapes of stone and wood; 
At best a mass ofglittering ore, 
A silver saint, or golden god. 
6 [With eyes and ears they carve their head. 
Deaf are their ears, their eyes are blind; 
In vain are costly offerings made_, 
And vows are scattered in the wmd. 

6 Their feet were never made to move, 
Nor hands to save when mortals pray; 
Mortals that pay them fear or love 
Seem to be blind and deaf as they.] 

7 fsrae!, mnliP llii- l,nnl thv hope, 

OF GOD. 107 

4 AH power that gods or kings have claim'dy 

Is fimnd with him alone ; 
But heaflien gods should ne'er be nam'd 
Where our Jehovah's known. 

5 Which of the stocks or stones they trust 

Can give them showers of rainf 
In vain they worship glittering dust, 
And pray to gold m vain. 

6 [Their gods have tongues that cannot talk. 

Such as their makers g^ave : 
Their feet were ne'er design'd to walk. 
Nor hands have power to save. 

7 Blind are their eyes, their ears are deaj^ 

Nor hear when mortals pray ; 
Mortals, that wait for their relief, 
Are blind and deaf as they.] 

8 Ye saints, adore the living God, 

Serve him with faith, and fear ; 
He makes the churches his abode. 
And claims your honours there, 

AQ Pnlm 103. rer. 19—23. 3d ParU S. M. 

^O* Gtd*9 univenal Dominion ; or, Angela praiae the JML 

1 ^pHE Lord, the sovereign Kin^, 
X Hath fix'd his throne on high ; 

O'er all the heavealy world he rules. 
And all beneath the sky. 

2 Ye angels, great in miffht, 
And swift to do his will, 

Bless ye the Lord, whose voice ye heaXi 
Whose pleasure ye fcdfil. 

3 Let the bright hosts who wait 
The orders of their King, 

And guard his churches when they pray, 
Join in the praise they sing. 

4 While all his wondrous works, 
Through his vast kingdom show 

Their Maker's glory, thou, my soul, | 

Shalt sing his graces too. ' 

i A Hymn 87, B. 8. L, M. 

Prmmvekim,allkii4ngek. Ps. ezlTiU 9. 

I ri OD! the eternal awfiil name 
\M That the whole heavenly army fears. 
That shakes the wide creation'^s frame. 
And Satan trembles when he hears. 


2 Like flames of fire his servants are. 
And light surrounds his dwelling-juace; 
But, O ye fiery flames, declare 

The brighter glories of his face. 

3 'Tis not for such poor worms as we 
To speak so infinite a thing, 

But your immortal eyes survey 
The Deauties of your sovereign King. 

4 Tell how he shows his smiling face, 
And clothes all heaven in bright array; 
Triumph and joy run through the place. 
And songs eternal as the day. 

6 Speak, (for you feel his burning love) 

What zeal it spreads through all your fiaioe : 
That sacred fire dwells all above. 
For we on earth have lost the name. 

6 [Sing of his power and justice too, 
That infinite right hand of his 
That vanquish'd Satan and his crew. 
When thunder drove them down from blias.] 

7 [What mishtv slorms of pnis.mVl darts 

OF GOD. 1( 

And my poor scatter'd thoughts unite 
In Grocf my father's praise. 

4 Great is thy mercy, and my tonRoe 
Shall those sweet wonders tell, 
How by thy grace my sinking soul 
Rose from the deeps of he] 

(;i Hymn 71. B. 8. C. M 

ui« FrMHtoOodfromailCreaimti. 

1 nPHE fl^ries of my Maker, God, 

JL My joyful voice shall sing, 
And call the nations to adore 
Their Former and their King. 

2 TVas his right hand that shap'd our dBjf 

And wrought this human frame, 
But finmi his own immediate breath 
Our nobler spirits came. 

3 We bring our mortal powers to God, 

And worship with our tongues : 
We claim some kindred with the skies, 
And join th' angelic songs. 

4 Let grovelling beasts of every shape, 

Am fowls of every wing, 
And rocks, and trees, and fires, and seas, 
Their various tribute bring. 

5 Ye planets, to his honour shine, 

And wheels of nature roll, 
Piaue him in your unwearied course 
Around the steady pole. 

6 The brightness of our Maker's name 

The wide creation fills. 
And his unbounded grandeur flies 
Beyond the heavenly hills. 

M Pnim 148. H. M. or 6*8 & S's. 

v^« PraUe to God from ail Crtature$. 

I VE tribes of Adam, join 
X With heaven, and earth, and seai^ 
And offer notes divine 
To TOW Creator's praise : 
19 fiw throng Of angels bright, 
In woras of light Begm the song. 

2 Thou sun with dazzling rays, 
And moon that rules the night, 



Shine to your Maker's praise, 

With stare of twinkling light : 
His power declare, Ye floods on high, 
And clouds that fly In empty air. 

3 The shining worlds above 
In glorious order stand, 
Or in swift courses move 
By his supreme command : 

He spake the word, And all their frame 
From nothing came To praise the Lord. 

4 He mov'd their mighty wheels 
In unknov™ ages past. 

And each his word fuliils 

While time and nature last: 

In different ways His works proclaim 
His wondrous name, And spedk his pniie. 


5 Let all the earth-bom race. 
And monsters of the deep, 
The fish that cleave the seas. 
Or in their bosom sleep. 

From soti :hh^ sliun- Their tribute r 

OF 60D« 111 

While in&ncy and a^ 

Their feebler voices join : 
Wide as he reigns His name be sung 
By every tongue In endless strains. 

10 Let aU the nations fear 

The God that rules above ; 

He brings his people near 

And makes them taste his love : 
While earth and sky Attempt his praisei 
His saints shall raise His honours ni£^ 

CQ Pnlm 148. Paraphrased. L. M. 

w« Umvenal Praise to Ood. 

1 T OUD hallelujahs to the Lord, 

li From distant worlds where creatures dwell : 
Let heaven begin the solemn word. 
And sound it dreadfal down to hell. 

Non. Tkiipaalm mau he msng to tune of L. M. 6 Unet, 
ifikem tu)0 Sne$ be added to every stanxa^ namehf^ 

Each of his works his name displays, 
But they can ne'er fulfil the praise. 

(Mkerurim it mnut he sung to the usual tunes ofths 

Long Metre. 

2 The Lord ! how absolute he reigns ! 
Let ev'rv angel bend the knee ; 
SIm of Lis love in heavenly strains, 
Ana speak how fierce his terrors be. 

3 High on a throne his glories dwell, 
An awfiil throne of shming bliss : 

Fly through the world, O sun, and tell 
How dark thy beams compar'a to his. 

4 Awake, ve tempests, and his fame 

In sounds of dreadful praise declare ; 
And the sweet whisper of his name 
Fill every gentler breeze of air. 

* Let clouds, and winds, and waves agree 
To join their praise with blazing fire ; 
Let the firm earth, and rolling sea, 
In this eternal song conspire. 

6 Ye flowery plains, proclaim his skill; 

jallevs, lie low before his eye : 

And let his praise firom every hill 

Rise tuneful to the neighbouring sky. 
7 Ye stubborn oaks, and stately pines, 

fiend your high branches and adore : 


Praise him, ye beasts, in different straintj 
The lamb must bleat, the hon roar. 

8 Birds, ye must make hia praise your tiieme, 
Nature demands a song from you ; 
While the dumb fish mat cut the streana 
Leap up, and mean his praises too. 

Mortals, can you refrain your longtu^ 
When nature all around you sings! 
for a shout from old and youngfi 
From humble swains and lofty kings ! 

10 Wide as his vast dominion lies 
Make the Creator's name be known; 
Loud as his thunder shout his praise, 
And sound it lofty as his throne. 

11 Jehovah ! 'tis a glorious word, 

may it dwell on every tongue ! 

But saints who best have known tiie Loird 

Are bound to raise the noblest song. 

12 Speak of the wonders of that love 
which Gabriel plavs on every chord: 
From all below ana fill aliove, 
Loud halleluiahs 1o llic Lord! 

OF GOD. 113 

6 By all his works above 
Iu8 honours be exprest; 

But saints that taste nis saving love 
Should sing his praises best 


7 Let earth and ocean know 
They owe .their Maker praise; 

Praise nim, ye watery wonds below 
And monsters of the seas. 

8 From moimtains near the sky 
Let his high praise resound 

From humble shrubs and cedars high. 
And vales and fields around. 

9 Ye lions of the wood, 

And tamer beasts that graze. 
Ye Uve upon his daily food; 
And he expects your praise. 

10 Ye birds of lofty wing, 
On high his praises bear; 

Or sit on flowery boughs, and sing 
Your Maker's glory there. 

11 Ye creeping ants and worms, 
His vanous wisdom show. 

And flies, in all your shining swarms. 
Praise him that dress'd you so. 

12 By all the earth-bom race 
His honours be exprest : 

But saints that know his heavenly grace 
Should learn to praise him best. 


13 Monarchs of wide command, 
Praise ye th' eternal King* 

Judges, adore that sovereign hand 
Whence all your honours spring. 

U Let vigorous youth engage 
To sound his praises high; 
While growing babes, and withering age, 
Their feebler voices try. 

15 United zeal be shown 

His wondrous fame to raise, 

God is the Lord : his name alone 

Deserves our endless praise. 




16 Let nature join with art. 

And all pronounce him blest; 
Bat saints that dwell so near hu heturl 
Should sing his praises best. 


1 T\rO Wkt a spacious world arise, 
W T Said the Creator-Lord : 
At once the obedient earth and skies 
Rose at his sovereign word. 
8 [Dark was the deep ; the waters lay 
Confus'd, and drown'd the land : 
He cali'd the lii^ht; the new-bom day 
Attends on his command. 
3 He bids the clouds ascend on hig^; 
The clouds ascend and bnar 
A watery treasure to the slty, 


9 Adam was formed of equal clay, 

Thourii sovereign ox the rest 
D^gn'd for nobler ends than they, 
With God's own image bless'd. 

10 Thus glorious in the Maker's eye 

The joxms creation stood ; 
He saw the building from on high, 
His word pronounc'd it good. 

11 Lord, while the frame of nature stands. 

Thy praise shall fill my tongue ; 
But the new world of grace demands 
A more exalted song. 

en Psalm 139. 3d Part L. M. 

vO« The uHmdarful Formation of Man, 

1 '^pWAS from thy hand, my God, I came, 

X A work of such a curious frame, 
In me thy fearful wonders shine, 
And each proclaims thy skill divine. 

2 Thme eyes did all my limbs survey, 
Which yet in dark confusion lay, 

Thou saw'st the daily growth they took, 
Form'd by the model oi thy book. 

3 By thee my growing parts were nam'd. 
And what thy sovereign counsels fram d, 
(The breathing lungs, the beating heart) 
Were copied with unerring art. 

4 At last to show my Maker's name, 
God stamp'd his image on my frame. 
And in some unknown moment join'd 
The finished members to the mind. 

5 There the youn^ seeds of thought began, 
And all the passions of the man: 

Great God, our infant nature pays 
hnmortal tribute to thy praise. 


6 Lord, since in my advancing age 
I've acted on life s busy stage, 
Thy thoughts of love to me surmount 
The power of numbers to recount. 

7 I could survey the ocean o'er, * 
knd count each sand that makes the shore. 
Before my swiftest thoughts could trace 
The numerous wonders of thy grace. 



8 These on my heart are still' imprest, 
With these I give my eyes to rest; 
And at my waking hour I find _ 
God and his love possess my mind. 

Em Pulm 139. 3d Psit, C. M. 

Oiw The Witdam of God in tht Formation of . 

I 'WM/'HEN I with pleasing wonder stand, 
T T And all my frame survey, 
Lord, 'tis thy work ; I own thy hand 

Thus built my humble clay. 

2 .Thy hand my heart and reins possest, 

Where unborn nature grew, 
Thy wisdom all my features trac'd, 
And all my members drew. 

3 Thine eye with nicest care survey'd 

The growth of every part- 
Till the whole scheme thy thoughtH had laid 
Was copied by thy art. 

4 Heaven, earth, and sea, and fire, and wind* 

Show me thy wondrous skill; 
But I review myself, and find 
Diviner wonders still. 


5 Nature and time, and earth and akiea. 

Thy heavenly skill proclaim : 
What shall we do to make us wise, 
But learn to read thy name! 

6 To fear thy power, to trust thy grace 

Is our divmest skill : 
And he's the wisest of our race 
That best obeys thy will. 

EVk Fnlm 100. Itt Part. L. M. A plain TrtntltlioQ. 
vv» Prmm to our Crtaior, 

1 \rE nations of the earth, rejoice 
X Before the Lord, your sovereign. King: 
Serve him with cheerful heart and voice, 
With all your tongues his glory sing. 

8 The Lord is God ; 'tis he alone 
Doth Ufe, and breath, and being give : 
We are his work, and not our own, 
The sheep that on his pastures live. 

3 Enter his gates with songs of joy. 
With praises to his courts repair. 
And make it your divine employ 

To pay your thanks and honours there. 

4 The Lord is good, the Lord is kind; 
Great is his grace, his mercy sure : 
And the whole race of man shall nnd 
His truth from age to age endure. 

Wf (Psalm 100. 2d Part. L. M. A Paraphrase.) 

1 1>EF0RE Jehovah's awful throne, 
O Ye nations, bow with sacred joy : 
Know that the Lord is God alone; 
He can create, and he destroy. 

8 IBs sovereign power without our aid 
Made us of clay, and form'd us men; 
And when like wandering sheep we stray'df 
He brought us to his fold again. 

3 We are his people, we his care, 
Our souls and all our mortal frame : 
What lasting honours shall we rear, 
Almiglity Maker, to thy name ! 

4 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs, 
Hi^ as the heavens our voices raise; 

And earth with her ten thousand tongues 
iSbll fill th J courts with sounding praise. 


5 Wide as the world is thy command, 
Vast as eternity thy love ; 
Firm as a rock thy truth must stand 
When rolling years shall cease to move. 

J*-| PBalm 33. lit Part. CM. 

OXa Worh* of Crtation aid Prmidtaee. 

1 TJEJOICE, ye righteous, in the Lord, 
JX This work belongs to you : 

Sing of his name, his ways, his word, 
How holy, just, and true! 

2 His mercy and his righteousness 

Let heaven and earth proclaim; 
His works of nature and of grace 
Revecd his wondrous name. 

3 His wisdom and almighty word 

The heavenly arches spread ; 
And by the Spirit of the Lord 
Their shining hosts were made. 

4 He bade the liquid waters flow 

To their appointed deepj 
The flowine seas their limits know, 
And lii.-ir ■,^^n MiHi-m keep. 


3 He gathers the wide-flowing seas, 

Those watery treasures know their place. 

In the vast storehouse of the deep : 
He spake, and gave all nature birth • 
And fires, and seas, and heaven, and earthi 
His everlasting orders keep. 

4 Let mortals tremble and adore 
A God of such resistless power, 

Nor dare indulge their feeble rage : 
Vain are your thoughts, and weak your hands; 
But his eternal counsel stands. 

And rules the world from age to age. 

f^ Psalm 121. L.M. 

vOf Divine Protection, 

1 TTP to the hUls I lift mine eyes, 

vJ Th' eternal hills beyond the skies ; 
Thence all her help my soul derives ; 
There my Almighty refuge lives. 

2 He lives, the everlasting God, 

That built the world, that spread the flood; 
The heavens with all their hosts he made, 
And the dark regions of the dead. 

3 He guides our feet, he guards our way ; 
His morning smiles bless all the day ; 
He spreads the evening-veil, and keeps 
The silent hours while Israel sleeps. 

4 Israel, a name divinely blest. 
May rise secure, securely rest; 
Thy holy Guardian's wakeful eyes 
Admit no slumber nor surprise. 

5 No sun shall smite thy head by day, 
Nor the jpele moon with sickly ray 
Shall blast thy couch : no baleful star 
Dart his malignant fire so far. 

6 Should earth and hell with malice bum, 
Still thou shalt go and still return 
Safe in the Lord : his heavenly care 
Defends thy life from every snafe. 

7 On thee foul spirits have no power; 
And in thy last departing hour 
Angels, that trace the airy road. 
Shall bear thee homeward to ^y God. 


g»M PnlmlSl. CM. 

04* PrtMirvaliim hy Day and tRgU. 

\ ^T^O heaven I lift my waiting eyes, 
X There all my hopes are laid: 
The Lord that buut the earth and sides 
Is my perpetual aid. 

2 Their feet shall never slide to &11, 

Whom he designs to keep- 

His ear attends the soflest call, 

His eyes can never sleep. 

3 He will sustain our weakest powers 

With his almighty arm, 
And watch our most unguarded hours 
Against surprising harm. 

4 Israel, rejoice and rest secure, 

Thy keeper is the Lord : 
His wakeful eyes employ his power 
For thine eternal guard. 

5 Nor scorching sun, nor sickly moon, 

Shall have nis leave to smite; 
He shields thy head from burning noon, 
From blasting damps at night 


Thou srt my ran, And thou my ttwda^ 
To guard my head By night or nooou 

4 Hast thou not given thy word 

To save my eoul from death ! 

And I can trust my Lord 

To keep my mortal breath : 
1*11 go and come. Nor fear to die. 
Till from on high Thou call me home. 

Ij/j _ Hymo 19. B.JI. C. AL 

Our JUiM Jraii, and God 

1 T £T others boast how strong they be^ 
JLi Hot death nor danger fear; 

But well confess, O Lord, to thee» 
What feeble things we are. 

2 Fresh as the grass our bodies stand, 

And flourish bright and gay, 
A blasting wind sweeps o'er the land. 
And faaes the grass away. 

3 Our life contains a thousand springs, 

And dies if one be gone ; 
Strange! that a harp of thousand staringB 
Should keep in tune so long. 

4 But 'tis our God supports our frame. 

The God who built us first; 
Salvation to th' Almighty Name 
That rear'd us from the dust. 

5 [He spoke, and straight our hearts and brains 

In all their motions rose ; 
Let hhod (said \ie)flow round the veinSf 
And round the veins it flows, 

6 While we have breath, or use our tongues. 

Our Maker we'll adore ; 
His Spirit moves our heaving lungs. 
Or they would breathe no more.] 

fiU Hymn 83. B. I. C. M. 

O I • JJSUtionM end Ikaih under Pmoidenee^ Job t. 6— S« 

1 \TOT from the dust affliction grows, 
1^ Nor troubles rise by chance ; 
Yet we are bom to cares and woes, 

A sad inheritance. 

2 As sparks break out from burning coals. 

And still are upwards borne, 
So grief is rooted in our souls, 
And mm grov^ vp to mourn. 


3 Yet with my God I leai'e my cause, 

And trust his promis'd grace : 
He rules me by his well-known laws 
Of love and righteousness. 

4 Not all the pains that e'er I Iwre 

Shall spoil my future peace, 

For death and hell can do no more 

Than what my Father please. 

rfJQ Psalm (15. yer, fi — 13. 2d Part. L. M. 

Oo> Dieiitt Pnmdenct in Jlir, Earth, and Sea; or, the * 

God of Natu-rt and Grace, 

1 'X'HE God of our salvation hears 

JL The groans of Sion mix'd with tean; 
Yet when he comes with kind designs, 
Through all the way Ids terror shines. 

2 On him the race of man depends, 
Far as the earth's remotest ends, 
Where the Creator's name is known 
By nature's feeble light alone. 

3 Sailors, that travel o'er the flood. 
Address their frighted souls to God, 
When tempests rage and billows roar 


9 Tis from his watery stores ou high, 
He gives the thirsty ground supply; 
He walks upon the clouds, and thence 
Doth his enriching drops dispense. 

10 The desert ^ows a fruitful field, 
Abundant food the valleys yield; 
The valleys shout with cheerful voice, 
And neigtb'ring hills repeat their joys. 

U The pastures smile in green array, 
There lambs and larger cattle play ; 
The larger cattle and the lamb 
Each in his language speaks thy name. 

12 Thy works pronounce thy power diTine; 
O'er every field thy glories shine; 
Through every montn thy gifts appear; 
Great God ! thy goodness crowns the year. 

Cn Pnlm 107. 41h Part. L. M. 

v9> Mmtranee Jront Slenru and Shipwnck ; or, the 
Seaman'* Song, 

> TPOULD you behold the works of God, 
"T His wonders in the world abroad, 
Go with the mariners, and trace 
The unknown regions of the seas. 

2 They leave their native shores behind, 
And seize the favour of the wind, 

Till God commands, and tempests rise 
That heave the ocean to the skies. 

3 Now to the heavens they mount amain. 
Now sink to dreadful deeps again ; 
What strange affrights young sailors feel, 
And Uke a staggering drunkard reel ! 

4 When land is far, and death is nigh, 
Lost to all hope, to God they cry; 

His mercy hears their loud address, J 

And sends salvation in distress. J 

5 He bids the winds their wrath assuage, 1 
The furious waves forget their rage; " 
Tig calm, and sailors smile to see 

The haven where they wish'd to be. 

6 may the sons of men record 

The wondrous goodness of the Lord! 
Let them their private offerings bring, 
And in &e church his glory smg. 


TOPtal^l 107. 4ib Part. C. H. 
. The MimMrU Ptaln. 

1 ^T^y works of glory, mighty Lord, 

X Thy wonders in the deeps, 

The sons of courage shall record, 

Who trade in floating shiiw. 

2 At thy command the winds arise, 

And swell the tow'ring waves: _ 
The men astonish'd mount the skies, 
And sink in gaping graves. 

3 [Again they climb the watery hills, 

And plunge in deeps aguin ; 
Each like a tottering drunkard reels. 
And finds his courage vain. 

4 Frighted to hear the tempest roar, 

They pant with fluttenng breath, 
And, hopeless of the distant shore. 

Expect immediate death.] 
6 Then to the Lord they raise their critsi, 

He hears their loud request, 
And orders silence through the skies, 

And lays the floods to rest. 


3 Through seas and storms of deep distress 
We sail bv faith, and not by sight; 
Faith guides us in the wilderness 
Through all the terrors of the night. 

4 Dear Father, if thy Hfted rod- 
Resolve to scourge us here below, 
Still let us lean upon our God, 

Thine arm shall bear us safely through. 

70 PMlm 73. s. M. 

■ «• 3K( Myttry ofPnmdaut unfoUtd. 

1 CiXJRE there's a righteous God, 
O Nor is rrfigion vain, 

Though men of vice may boast aloud, 
And men of grace complain. 

2 I saw the wicked rise, 
And felt my heart repine, 

While haughty fools with scornful eyes 
la robes of honour shine. 

3 Pamper'd with wanton ease, 
Tlieir flesh looks fall and fair, 

Their wealth rolls in like flowing seaa. 
And grows without their care. 
i Free from the plagues and pains 
That pious souls endure, 
Through all their life oppression reigns, 
And racks the humble poor. 

5 Their impious tongues blaspheme 
The everlasting God ; 

Their mfdice blasts the good man's name, 
And spreads their lies abroad. 

6 But I with flowing tears 
Indulg'd my doubts to rise ; 

'Is there a God that sees or hears 
'The things below the skies?' 

7 The tumults of my thought 
Held me in hard suspense, 

Till to thy house my feet were brought 

To learn thy justice thence. 

S TTiv word with light and power 

Dia my mistakes amend; 

I view'd the sinners' hfe before, 

But here I learnt their end. 



9 On what a slipper}^ steep 
The thoughtless wretches go; 
And O that dreadful fiery deep 
That waits their fall below ! 
10 Lord, at thy feet I bow, . 

My thoughts no more repine; 

I call my God my portion now, 

And all my powers are thine. 

lyO Psalm 73, 1st Part. CM, 

• O* Jfflitted Sainii happy. Bad prorptnut Siraun atntJ. 

1 T^OW I'm convinc'd the Lord Js kind 
-L^ To men of heart sincere, 

Yet once my foolish thoughts repin'd, 
And border'd on despair. 

2 I griev'd to see the wicked thrive, 

And spoke with angrv breath, 
' How pleasant and profane they live ! 
' How peaceful is their death ! 

3 ' With well-fed flesh and haughty eyes 

' They lay their fears to sleep : 
' A^inst the -heavens their slanders rise, 

' \Vhilfi R»intsi in RJlpnc^ ween. 


9 Lord, what aa envious fool I wm! 

Hovr like a tiioofl^tlaeB beast! 
Thus to suspect th^ Bromis'd graee. 
And thiiiE the wicked blest 

10 Yet I was kept from fell deqiair, 

Ui^eld by power unknown; 
That blessed hand that broke the nan 
Shall guide me to thy throne. 

ijM Pnim 9. rer. 13. dd Part. C. M. 

1 4* TAe ffimkm mdMgvUy tfFfwMmm. 

1 TIETHEN the great Judge. supreiM and just, 

T T Shall once inquire for blood, 
The humble souls, that mourn in dust» 
ShaU find a faithful God. 

2 He from the dreadful gates of death 

Does his own children raise : 
In Zion's gates, with cheeifid breath, 
They sing their Father's praise. 

3 His foes shall fall with heedless feet 

Into the pit their made ; 
And sinners perish in the net 
That their own hands have spread. 

4 Thus by thy judgments, mighty Grod! 

Are tny deep counsels known ; 
When men of mischief are destroyed. 
The snare must be their own. 


5 The wicked shall sink down to hell; 

Thy wrath devour the lands 
That dare forget thee, or rebel 
Against thine own commands. 

6 Thouffh saints to sore distress are brought. 

And wait and long complain, 
Their cries shall never be forgot, 
Nor shall their hopes be vam. 

7 [Rise, great Redeemer, from thy seat 

To judge and save the ixx)r ; 
Let nations tremble at thy feet, 
And man prevail no more. 

8 Thv thunder sh^U affright the proud. 

And nut their hearts to pain, 
Make mem confess that thou art Goo, 
And they but feeble men.] 


Pmcidatce and ipteiai 

1 T"riGH in the heavens, eternal God, 
MM. Thy goodness in full glory shines; 
Thy truth shall break through every dotld 
That veils and darkens thy designs. 

5 For ever firm thy justice stands, 

As mountains their foundations keep; 
Wise are the wonders of thy hands; 
Thy judgments are a mighty deep. 

3 Thy providence is kind and large. 
Both man and beast thy bounty share; 
The whole creation is thy charge, 
But saints are thy peculiar care. 

4 My God ! how excellent thy grace, 
Whence all our hope and comfort springs! 
The sons of Adam in distress 

Fly to the shadow of thy wings. 

6 From the provisions of thy house 
We shall be fed with sweet repast; 
There mercy like a river flows, 


He crowns the meek, rewards the just» 
And treads the wicked to the dust. 


5 Sing to the Lord, exalt him high. 

Who soreads his clouds all round the sky; 
There he prepares the fruitful rain, 
Nor lets the drops descend in vain. 

6 He makes the grass the hiUs adorn, 

And clothes the smiling fields with com; 
The beasts with food his hands supply, 
And the young ravens when they cry. 

7 What is the creature's skiU or force. 
The spriffhtly man, the warlike horse, 
The mmble wit, the active limb? 

All are too mean delights for him. 

8 But saints are lovely in his sight : 
He views his children with delignt : 

He sees their hope, he knows their fear, 
And loojis and loves his image there. 

n Psalm 136. Abrid^. L. M. 

• GmTt Wonders of Creation, Providence^ Redemptimi^ 

and StUvaiion, 

GIVE to our God immortal praise; 
Mercy and truth are all nis ways : 
* Wonders of grace to God belong, 
'Repeat his mercies in your song.' 

2 Give to the Lord of lords renown, 
The King of kings with glory crown ; 
*His mercies ever shall endure, 

' When' lord and kings are known * no more.' 

3 He built the earth, he spread the sky, 
And fix'd the starry lights on high : 
' Wonders of grace to Grod belong, 
' Repeat his mercies in your song.' 

4 He fills the sun with morning light, 
He bids the moon direct the night: 
'His mercies ever shall endure, 

*When' suns and moons shall shine 'no more.' 

6 The Jews he freed from Pharaoh's hand. 
And brought them to the promis'd land : 
' Wonders of grace to God belong, 
*Kspoat his mercies in your song.' 



6 He saw the Gentiles dead in sin, 
And felt his pity work within : 

' His mercies ever shall endure, 

' When' death and sin shall reign * no more.* 

7 He sent his Son with power to save 
From guilt, and darkness, and the grave : 
' Wonders of grace to Goa belong, 

' Repeat his mercies in your song.' 

8 Through this vain world he guides our feet, 
And leads us to his heavenly seat: 

' His mercies ever shall endure, 

* When' this vain world shall be 'no more.' 

1 "TS/'E bless the Lord, the just, the good, 

▼ » Who fills our hearts with joy and food : 
Who pours his blessings from the skies, 
And loads our days with rich supplies. 

2 He sends the sxm his circuit round 

To clieiT tilt- tVuils. til wiirin lite ground; 
He bids the flniirK-. ■vvjiji pli'iiipnns rain. 


Hide me beneath th^ spreading wings 
Till the dark cloud is overblown. 

2 Up to the heavens I send my cry, 
Tne Lord will my desires perform ; 
He sends his angel from the sky^ 

And saves me from the threatenmg storm. 

3 Be thou exalted, O mv God, 

Above the heavens where angels dweU; 
Thy power on earth be known abroad, 
And land to land thy wonders tell. 

4 My heart is fix'd ; my song shall raise 
Immortal honours to thy name; 
Awake, my tongue, to sound his praise, 
My tongue, the glory of my frame. 

5 High o'er the earth his mercy reigns, 
And reaches to the utmost sKy ; 

His truth to endless years remains, 
When lower worlds dissolve and die. 

6 Be thou exalted, O my God, 

Above the heavens where angels dwell; 
Thy power on earth be known abroad, 
And mad to land thy wonders tell. 

OA (Psalm 104. L. M.) 

^Vf Xke Glory of God in Creniion and Providence, 

1 \f Y soul; thy great Creator praise; 
ITl. When clotn'd in his celestial rays 
He in full majesty appears. 

And, Uke a robe, his glory wears. 

Note. Tkis Pialm may he sung to the measure of L. M. 6 lines, 
hy adding tneae two lines to every stanza^ nameiy. 

Great is the Lord ; what tongue can frame 
An equal honour to his name ? 

Otherwise it must he sung as L. M • 

2 The heavens are for his curtains spread, 
The nnfathom'd deep he makes his bed; 
Clouds are his chariot, when he flies 
On winged storms across the skies. 

3 Angels, whom his own breath inspires, 
His ministers, are flaming fires \ 
And swift as thought their armies move 
To bear his vengeance, or his love. 

4 The world's foundations by his hand 
Are pois'd, and shall for ever stand ; 


He binds the ocean in his ohain, 
Lest it should drown the earth again. 

5 When earth was cover'd with the flood, 
Which high above the mountains stood. 
He thunder' d, and the ocean fled, 
Coofin'd to its appointed bed. 

6 The swelling billows know their bonnd, 
And in the channels walk their round ; 
Yet thence convey'd by secret veins, 
They spring on hills and drench the plains. 

7 He bids the crystal fountains flow, 
And cheer the valleys aa they go: 
Tame heifers there their thirst allay, 
And for the stream wild asses bray. 

8 From pleasant trees which shade the brink. 
The lark and linnet light to drink; 

Their songs the lark and linnet raise, 
And chide our silence in his praise. 


9 God, from his cloudy cistern, pours 

On the parch'd earth enriching showers; 


The fisebler creatures make thi^ir cell ; 
He gives lliem wisdom where to dwell, 

15 He sets the sun his circling race, 
Appoints the moon to change her face; 
And when thick darkness veils the day, 
Calls out wild beasts to hunt their prey. 

16 Fierce lions lead their younfi[ abroad, 
And loarinff ask their meat from God; 
But when the morning-beams arise, 
The savage beast to covert flies. 

17 Then man to daily labour goes ; 
The night was made for his repose : 
Sleep is thy gift ; that sweet relief 
From tiresome toil and wasting grief 

18 How strange thy works! how great thy skill! 
And everv land thy riches fill: 

Thy wisdom round the world we see, 
Tlus spacious earth is full of thee. 

19 Nor less thy glories in the deep, 
Where fish in millions swim and creep. 
With wondrous motions, swift or slow, 
Still wandering in the paths below. 

20 There ships divide their watery way, 
And flocks of scaly monsters play ; 
There dwells the huge Leviathan, 
And foams and sports in spite of man. 


21 Vast are thy works, almighty Lord, 
All nature rests upon thy word, 

And the whole race of creatures stands, 
Waitmg their portion from thy hands. 

22 Wiile each receives his different food. 
Their cheerftil looks pronounce it gooa ; * 
Eagles and bears, ana whales and worms, 
Rejoice and praise in different forms. 

23 Bot when thy face is hid, they mourn, 
And dying to their dust return ; 
Both man and bea«t their souls resign, 
Life, breath, and spirit, all are thine. 

24 Yet thou oaijist breathe on dust again. 
And nu the world with beasts and men: 
A wttd of thy creating breath 
JRqMun ihe waste of tune and death* 


25 His works, the wonders of his might, 
Are honour'd with his own delight : 
How awful are his glorious ways ! 
The Lord is dreadlul in his praise. 

26 The earth stands trembling at thy stroke, 
And at thy touch the mountains smoke; 
Yet humble souls may see thy face, 
And tell their wants Jo sovereign grace. 

27 In thee my hopes and wishes meet, 
And make my meditations sweet : 
Thy praises shall mv breath employ, 
Till it expire in endless joy. 

28 While haughty sinners die accurst, 
Their glory buried with their dust, 
I, to my God, my heavenly King, 
Immortal hallelujahs sing. 

(Jl Psalm 78. lii Part. CM. 

O J. ■ Prmidatea of God recorded ,- or, pioia Edutatun md 
Iiutniclio'i of Children. 

1 T ET children hear the mighty deeds, 

M-J Whicih God perform'd of old, 
Which in our younger years we saw. 

THE FALL. 136 

How is our nature dash'd and broke 
In our first father's fall ! 

2 To all that's good averse and blind, 

But prone to all that's ill; 
What areadf ul darkness veils our mind ! 
How obstinate our will ! 

3 [Conceiv'd in sin (O wretched state!) 

Before we draw our breath, 
The first young pulse begins to beat 
Iniquity and d!eath. 

4 How strong in our degenerate blood, 

The old corruption reigns, 
And. mingling with the crooked flood, 
Wanders through all our veins !] 

5 [Wild and unwholesome as the root 

Will all the branches be ; 
How can we hope for living fruit 
From such a deadly tree i 

6 What mortal power from things unclean 

Can pure productions bring 7 
Who can command a vital stream 
From an icfected spring?] 

7 Yet, mighty God, thy wondrous love 

Can make our nature clean, 
While Christ and grace prevail above 
The tempter, death, and sin. 

8 The second Adam shall restore 

The ruins of the first, 
Hosanna to that sovereign i)ower 
That new-creates our dust. 

QQ Hymn 134. B. 1. L. M. 

O0» 7%e first and second Jdam, Rom. v. 13, ftc. 

1 T|EEP in the dust before thy throne, 
MJ Our guilt and our disgrace we own ; 
Great Grod, we own the unhappy name 
Whence sprung our nature ana our shame* 

2 Adam, the sinner : at his fall, 
Death like a conqu'ror seiz'd us all ; 
A thousand new-bom babes are dead 
By £aital union to their head. 

3 But whilst our spirits fiU'd with awe 
Behold the terrors of thy law. 

136 THE FALL. 

We sing the honours of thy gr&Ce, 
That sent to save our ruin d race. 

4 We sing thine everlasting Son, 
. Who join'd our nature to his own; 
Adam the second, from the dust 
Raises the ruins of the first. 

C [By the rebellion of one man 
Through all his seed the mischief ran; 
And by one man's obedience now 
Are all his seed made righteous too.] 

6 Where sin did reign, and death abound, 
There have the sons of Adam found 
Abounding life; there glorious grace 
Reigns through the Lord our nghteoiuaMt. 


1 T ORD, I am \-ile, conceiv'd in sin; 
J-i And born unholy and unclean: 
Sprung from the man whose guilty fall 
Corrupts the race, and taints us all. 

2 Soon as we f]r;i\v our mt'aiit breath, 

PgalmSl. 3d Part. L.M. 
Original and adaai Sin amfattd. 

THE FALL. 187 

Lord, let me hear thy Bardoning voice. 
And make my broken Dones rejoice. 

oc Ptalm 51. Ter. 3—13. Ut Part C. M. 

Ovt Original and actual Sin confuted and pardoned. 

1 T ORD, I would spread my sore distress 
JLi And guilt before thine eyes ; 
A^nst thy laws, against thy grace, 

How high my crimes arise ! 

2 Shouldst thou condemn my soul to hell, 

And crush my flesh to dust, 
Heaven would approve thy vengeance well, 
And earth must own it just. 

3 1 from the stock of Adam came, 

Unholy and unclean ; 
All mv original is shame, 
Ana all my nature sin. 

4 Bom in a world of guilt, I drew 

Contagion with my breath : 
And, as my days advanc'd, I grew 
A juster prey for death. 

5 Cleanse me, O Lord, and cheer my soul 

With thy forgiving love : 
0, make my broken spirit whole, 
And bid my pains remove. 

6 Let not thy Spirit quite depart. 

Nor drive me from thy face ; 
Create anew my vicious heart. 
And fill it with thy grace. 

7 Then will I make thy mercy known 

Before the sons of men ; 
BacksUders shall address thy throne, 
And turn to God again. 

Og Hjmn 128. B. 2. C. M. 

vWt Corrupt Naiurtfrom Adam, 

1 "DLESS'D with the joys of innocence, 
-IJ Adam, our father, stood. 

Till he debas'd his soul to sense. 
And ate th' unlawful food. 

2 Now we are bom a sensual race. 

To sinful ioys inclined ; 
ReuKm has lost its native place. 
And flesh enslaves the mind. 

M 8 

138 THE FALL. 

3 While flesh and sense and pMSkn rtigat^ 

Sin is the sweetest good:' 
We fancy music in our chains, 
And so forget the load. 

4 Great God, renew our niin'd frames 

Our broken powers restore, 
Inspire us with a heavenly flame, 

And flesh shall reign no more. 
6 Eternal Spirit, write thy law , ' 

Upon our inward parte, 
And let the second Adam draw 

His image on our hearts. 

Q'V Psiilnn 14. 1st Pari. C. M. 

I • Sg ItatvTt all Mm art Sirmen, 

1 'E'OOLS in their hearts believe axtd <4y 
JC ' That all religion's vain, 

' There is no God that reigns on high, 
' Or minds th' affairs of men.' 

5 From thoughte so dreadful and pnfftm 

Corrupt discourse proceeds; 
And in tneir impious hands are fbtutd 
Abominable deeds. 

TH£ FALL. 189 

S As well miffht Ethiopian slaves 
Wash out the darkness of their skin : 
The dead as well may leave their gravw 
As old transgressors cease to sin. 

3 Where vice has held its empire long 
Twill not endure the least control; 
None but a power divinely strong 
Can turn the current of the soul. 

4 Great Grod, I own thy power divine. 
That works to change this heart of mine ; 
I would be fonn'd anew, and bless 

The wonders of creating grace.* 

QQ Hymn 34. B. 3. L. M. 

09t TlemlofSmvmbleintheFallofJingebaHdMm. 

1 T17HEN the Great Builder arch'd Iheskiaif, 
▼ ▼ And formed all nature witt a word. 
The joyful cherub tun'd his praise, 
And ev'ry bending throne ador'd. 

8 High in the midst of all the throng, 
Satan, a tall archangel, sat, 
^Amongst the morning-stars he sung 
Till sin destroyed his heavenly state. 

3 [Twas sin that hurl'd him from his throne. 
GroVling in fire the rebel lies : 
*How art thou sunk in darkness down, 
* Son of the morning, from the skies !"jt 

* m?^ ^^s our two first parents stood 
TM 8in defird the happy place ; 
They lost their garden and their God, ' 
And niin'd all their unborn race. 

5 [So sprang the plague from Adam's boweTf 
And spread destruction all abroad ; 

Sin, the curst name, that in one hour 
Spoiled six days labour of a God.] 

6 Tremble, my soul, and mourn for grief. 
That such a foe should seize thv breast; 
nj to thy Lord for quick relief! 
may he slay this treacherous guest! 

7 Then to thy throne victorious Kins^ 
Then to thv throne our shouts shalf risOi 
Thine everlasting arm we »ng, 
For sin the monster bleeds ajod dies. 

140 THE FALL. 

An HvuD 160. B. S. C. M. 

«fUa The Iketitfuinui of Sin. 

1 OIN has a thousand treacherous arts 
O To practise on the mind ; 

With flattering looks she tempts oui hearts. 
But leaves a sting behind. 

2 With names of virtue she deceives 

The aged and the young; 
And while the heedless wretch believes, 
She makes his fetters strong. 

3 She pleads for all the joys she brings. 

And gives "a fair pretence; 
But cheats the soul of heavenly things, 
And chains it down to sense. 

4 So on a tree divinely fair 

Grew the forbidden food; 
Our mother took the poison there, 
And tainted all her blood. 

Q1 Hjmn 153. B. 3. CM. 

«7 1 • The Dittemper, Folly, and Madnttt ofSn, 

1 C! IN hke a venomous disease 
O Infects our vital blood ; 

THE FALL. 141 

(M - ^VR? ^^^* ^* S-^C. M. 

PimmtmpHon and Dupmn or, Saian^i varimu 7\tmfit^imm. 

1 T HATE the tempter and his chantuiy 
JL I hate his flattering breath ; 

The serpent takes a thousand forms 
To cheat our souls to death. 

2 He feeds our hoipes with airy dreamSi 

Or kills with slavish fear; 
And holds us still in wide extremesi 
Presumption, or despair. 

3 Now he persuades, ' How easy 'tis 

* To walk the road to heaven ;' 
Anon he swells our sins, and crieSt 

*They cannot be forgiven.' 

4 [He bids young sinners ' Yet forbear 

* To think of God or death; 

' For prayer and devotion are ' 

* But melancholy breath.' 

5 He tells the aged, * They must die, 

* And 'tis too late to pray; 

' In vain for mercy now they cry, 
Tor they have lost their day.'] 

6 Thus he supports his cruel throne 

By mischief and deceit; 
And drags the sons of Adam down 
To darkness and the pit. 

7 Almighty God, cut short his power, 

Let him in darkness dwell ; 
And, that he vex the earth no more, 
Confine him down to hell. 

00 Hymn 157. B. 2. C. M. 

V Vt Tke tame. 

1 \[ W Satan comes with dreadful roar, 
i^ And threatens to destroy ; 

He worries whom he can't devour 
With a malicious joy. 

2 Ye sons of God, oppose his rage, 

Resist, and he'll oegone • 
Thus did our dearest Lora engage 
And vanquish him alone. 

3 Now he appears almost divine 

Like innocence and love, 
But Uie old serpent lurks within 
When he assumes the dove. 



4 Fly from the false deceiver's tongue, 
Ve sons of Adam, fly ; 
Our parents found toe snare too strong, 
Nor should the children try. 

Q^ Hymn 158, B. 3. L. M. 

«74-* Few tared; or, the idmotf Clirixliai 

and Apoitn, 
1 " " 

J, I he UjfpoenUt 

BROAD is the road that leads to death, 
And thousands walk together there : 
But wisdom shows a narrow path, 
With here and there a traveller. 

2 ' Deny thyself, and take thy cross,' 
Is the Redeemer's great command ; 
Nature must count her gold but dross. 
If she would gain this heavenly land. 

3 The fearful soul that tires and faints, 
And walks the ways of God no more, 
Is but esteem'd almost a saint, 

And makes his own destruction sure. 

4 Lord, let not all my hopes be vain; 



Q^ Hymn 53. B. 1. L. M« 

90t The Bbfy Seripturtt, Heb. i. 1. S Tim. iiL 15, ItiL 

Psalm cxItu. 19, SO. 

1 ri OD, who in various methods told 
W His mind and will to saints of old, 
Sent his own Son, with truth and grace. 
To teach us in these latter days. 

2 Our nation reads the written word, 
The book of life, that sure record : 
The bright inheritance of heaven 
Is by the sweet conveyance given. 

3 God's kindest thoughts are here express'd. 
Able to make us wise and bless'd ; 

The doctrines are divinely true, 
Fit for reproof, and comfort too, 

4 Ye nations all, who read his love. 
In long epistles from above, 

[He hath not sent his sacrea word 
To every land) Praise ye the Lord 

an Hymn 151. B. 2. L. M. 

•^ • • Prophtey and Irupiration* 

1 ''TWAS by an order from the Lord, 

f. The ancient prophets spoke his word ; 
His spirit did their tongues inspire, 
And warm'd their hearts with heavenly fire. 

2 The works and wonders which thev wrought 
Confirm'd the messages they brought; 

The prophet's pen succeeds his breatn 
To save the holy words from death. 

3 Great God, mine eyes with pleasure look 
On the dear volume of thy book ; 

There mv Redeemer's face I see, 
And read, his name who died for me. 

i Let the false raptures of the mind . 
Be lost and vanish in the wind ; 
Here I can fix my hones secure. 
This is thy word, ana must endure. 

An Hymn 119. B.S. CM. 

vO« TU Hofy Seriptum, 

1 T ADEN with guUt and fall of feais, ^ 

jLa I fly to thee» my Lord, 


And not s glimpee of hope appears 
But in thy written word. 

2 The volume of my Father's grace 

Does all my gnefs assuage : 
Here I behold my Saviour's face 
AlmcMt in every page. 

3 [This is the field where hidden lies . 

The -gedA of price unknown, 
That merchant is divinely wise 
Who makes this pearl nis own.] 

4 [Here consecrated water flows 

To guench my thirst of sin; 
Here the fair tree of knowledge grows, 

No danger dwells therein.] 
6 This is the judge that ends the strife, 

Where wit and reason fail; 
My guide to everlasting life 

Through all this gloomy vale. 
6 O may thy counsels, mighty God, 

My rovmg feet command; 
Nor I forsake the happv road 

That leads to thy riaht hand. 


Thy gospel makes the simple wise. 
Thy Taws are pure, thy juagments right 

6 Thy noblest wonders here we view 
In souls renew'd and sins forgiv'n : 
Lord, cleanse my sins, my sonl renew, 
And make thy word my guide to heaven. 

1 (\t\ Pnlm 19. To the tane of the 113th Ptalm. 
iUir* The Baok» of Nature and. Scripture. 

1 pREAT God, the heaven's well-order'dframe 
or Declares the glories of thy name; 

There thy rich works of wonder shine ; 
A. thousand starry beauties there, 
A thousand radiant marks appjear 

Of boundless power, and skill divine. 

2 From night to dav, from day to night. 
The dawning ana the dying light, 

Lectures of heavenly wisdom read ; 
With silent eloquence they raise 
Our thoughts to our Creator's praise, 

And neither sound nor language need. 

3 Yet their divine instructions run 
Far as the joumies of the sun, 

And every nation knows their voice : 
The sun, like some young bridegroom drest. 
Breaks from the chambers of the east, 

Rolls round, and makes the earth rejoice. 

4 Where'er he spreads his beams abroad. 
He smiles and speaks his maker God ; 

AU nature joins to show thy praise : 
Thus God, in every creature shmes; 
Fair is the book oi nature's lines, 

Bat &irer is thy book of grace. 


5 1 love the volumes of thy word ; 
What light and joy those leaves afford 

To souls benighted and distrest! 
Thy precepts guide my doubtful way. 
Thy fear forbids my feet to stray, 

Thy promise leads my heart to rest 

6 From the discoveries of thy law. 
The perfect roles of life I draw, 
T&se are my study and delight: 




Not honey so tavites the taste, 
Nor gold, that has the furnace past, 
Appears so pleasing to the sight. 

7 Thy threat'nings wake my slumbering eyes 
And warn me where my danger lies; 

But 'tis thy blessed gospel. Lord, 
That makes my guilty conscience clean, 
Converts my soul, subdues ray sin, 

And gives a free but large reward. 

8 Who knows the errors of his thoughts? 
My God, forgive my secret faults, 

And from presumptuous sins restrain : 
Accept my poor attempts of praise 
That I have read thy book of grace, 

And book of nature, not in vain. 

1 fk-t Ps&lm 119. 7th Part. C. M. 

1 V 1 • Imptrfeaion of A'alart, and PtrfrctiM of 

Vet. 96. PaiBphraeed. 

1 X ET all the heathen writers join 
M.A To form one perfect book, 
Great God. if ouce com par 'd with thine. 


inn Vmha l». 4dt Pan. CM. 

Var. 9. 

HOW shall the voun^ secure their heaxta, 
And euard tneir lives from sin? 
Thy word the choicest rules imparts 
To keep the conscience clean. 

Ver. 130. 

When once it enters to the mind, 

It spreads such light abroad, 
The meanest souls instruction find, 

And raise their thoughts to God. 

Ver. 105. 

'Tis hke the sun a heavenly hght, 

That guides us all the d.iv ■ 
And through the dangers of the night, 

A lamp to lead our way. 

Ver. 99, 100. 

The men that keep thy law with care, 

And meditate thy word, 
Grow wiser than their teachers are, . .- 

And better know the Lord. - ' '.J?^ 

Ver. 104. 113. *^ 

Thy precepts make me truly wise: 

I hate the sinner's road: 
I hate my own vain thoughts that rise, 

But love thy law, my God. 

Ver. 89, 90, 91. 

[The starry heavens thy rule obey 

The earth maintains her place: 
And these thy servants night and day 

Thy skill and i>ower express: 
But still thy law and goepe], Lord, 

Have lessons more divine; 
Not earth stands firmer thaii thy word, i 

Nor stars so nobly shine] J 

Ver. IW. 140. 9. 116. J 

Thy word is everlasting truth; 

How pure is every pajsie ! 
That holy book shall guide our youth. 

And well support our age. 

■ An P»aln) 119. Eth Pari. CM. 

Dtlighi in Seripture ; or, the Word of God ■ 

Ver. 97. 
HOW I Jove thy holv law! 
'TYs dai!}- my delight : 


And thence my meditations draw 
Divine advice by night. 

Ver. 148. 

My waking eyes prevent the day 

To niedital*^ thy word ; 
Mv soul with longing melts away 

To hear thy gospel, Loi-d. 

Ver, 3. 13. 61. 

How doth thy word my heart engage ! 

How well employ my tongue! 
And, in my tiresome pilgrimage, 

Yields rae a heavenly song. 
Vet. 19. 103. 
Am I a stranger, or at home, 

'Tis my perpetual feast; 
Not honey dropping from the comb 

So much allures the taste. 
Ver. 73. 197. 
No treasures so enricji the mind; 

Nor shall tliy word be sold 
For loads of silver well refin'd, 

Nor heaps of choicest gold. 

Tw. IBS. 

And when mj spirit drinks her fill 
At some good word of thine, 

Not mighty men that share the qxnl 
Have joys compared to mine. 

! Ward of Qod it I 

Ver. III. Paraphrased. 

1 T ORD, I have made tny word my choic^ 
mJ My lasting heritage ; 

There shall my noblest powers rejoice, 
My warmest thoughts engage. 

2 111 read the histories of thy love, 

And keep thy laws in sight 
While through the promises I rove, 
With ever fresh deUght. 

3 Tis a broad land of wealth unknown, 

UTiere springs of life arise, 
Seeds of immortal bliss are sown, 
And hidden glory lies. 

4 The best relief that mourners have, 

It makes our sorrows blest; 
Oar furest hope beyond the grave, 
And OUT eternal rest 


1M Rymii 116. B. 1. L.M. 

ivO. Xocc to Ood and our Ntighbour, 

Matt zxii. 37—40. 

1 ^PHUS saith the first, the great command, 
X ' Let all thy inward powers unite 
'To love thy Maker and thy God, 
'With utmost vigour and delight 

! ' Then shall thy neighbour next in place 
'SWe thine affection and esteem, 
'And let &y kindness to thyself 
'Measure and rule thy love to him.' 

3 This is the sense that Moses spoke. 
This did the prophets preach wid foore, 
For want of this tbe law is broke, 
iaf the whole law's fiiWd fcry' lore. 


4 But, oh ! how base our passions are ! 
How cold our charity and zeal! 
Lord, fill our souls with heavenly fire, 
Or we shall ne'er perform thy will. 

1 TJLESSED Redeemer, how divine, 
XJ How righteous is this rule of thme, 
' Todo to all men just the same 

' As we expect or wish fi*om them.' 

2 This golden lesson, short and plain, 
Gives not the mind or memory pain; 
And every conscience must approve 
This universal law of love. 

3 How blest would every nation be, 
Thus, rul'd by love and equity ! 
All would be friends without a foe, 
And form a paradise below. 


i/\Q Psalm le. 1 si Part. L. M. 

1 Vi7» Crmfanon of our Pmerly i and Sainit the beat 
Company ! or, good Waria projit Men, not God. 

1 PRESERVE me, Lord, in time of need; 
L For succour to thy throne I ilee, 

But have no merits there to plead ; 
My goodness cannot reach to thee. 

2 Oft have ray heart and tongue confest 
How empty and how poor I am ; 

My pniLse can never make ihee blest, 
Nor add new glories to thy name. 

3 Yet, Lord, thy saints on earth may leap 
Some profit by the good we do; 

These are the company I keep, 
These are the choicest friends I know. 

4 Let others choose the sons of mirth 
To give a relish to their wine, 

I love the men of heavenly birth 

Whose thoughts and language are divine. 

11A Hfinn 113. B. 1. CM. 

i-iyf*C«mmetion of Siabg lie Law, Rom. yii.B, 9. H.m. 

1 T ORD, how secure my conscience was, 
■li And felt no inward dread ; 

I was alive without the law. 
And thought my sins were dead. 

2 Mv hopes of heaven were firm and bright; 

But since the precept came 
With a convincing power and light, 
1 find how vile I am. 

3 [My guilt appear'd but small before, 

Till terribly I saw 
Hri«- perl'pof, iioly, just, and pure, 
Was thine eternal law. 

4 Then felt my soul the heavy load, 

Mv sins reviv'd again, 
I had provok'd a dreadful God, 
And all my hopes were slain.] 

5 Vm like a helpless captive sold, . 

Under the power or sin ; .1 

I cannot do the good I would, 1 

Nor keep my conscience clean. 

6 My God. I cry with every breath 

For some kind power to save, 


To break the yoke of sin and death, . t ■ 

And thus redeem the slave- 

mHymn 121. B. 2. L. M. 
* 7%e Law and Gotpd dittinguithed, 

1 'TPHE law commands, and makes us know 
J- What duties to our God we owe; 
But 'tis the gospel must reveal 
Where lies our strengrth to do his wiE. 

3 The law discovers guilt and sin, 

And shows how vile our hearts have been; 
Only the gospel can express 
Forgiving love and cleansing grace. 

3 What curses doth the law denounce 
Against the man that fails but once ! 
But in the gospel Christ appears 
Pardoning the guilt of numerous years. 

4 My soul, no more attempt to draw 
Thy life and comfort from the law, 
Fly to the hope the gospel gives; 

The man that trusts the promise lives. ' 

GOSPEL. 16! 

1 We read the heavenly word, 
We take the offer'd grace, 
Obey the statutes of the Lord, 
And trust his promises. i 

f In vain shall Satan rage 
Against a book divine; 
Where wrath and lightning guard the page, 
Where beams of mercy shine. 


mPnlm 89. rer. 16, &c. 3d Put C. Bf. 
• J bkned Gaptl. 

1 nLEST are the souls that hear and know 
JO The gospel's joyful sound ; 

Peace shall attend the paths they go, 
And light their steps surrouoa. 

2 Their joy shall bear their spirits up 

Through their Redeemer's name; 
His righteousness exalts their hope, 
Nor Satan dares condemn. 

3 The Lord, our glory and defence. 

Strength and salvation gives; 
Israel, thy King for ever reigns, 
Thy God for ever lives. 

■ nt Jptnlla* Commiaiion ; or, Ihe Gotpel alletted 
byMiratlit, Mack rvi. 15, &c. Maiu xxiiii. 18, &0. 

1 OO preach my gospel, saitk the Lord, 

W Bid the whole earth my grace receive; 
'He shall be sav'd that trusts riiv word, 
' He shall be damn'd that won't )>elieve. 

2 ' [I'U make your great commission knoH-n, 
'And ye shall prove my gospel true 

'By all the works that I have done, 
'By all the wonders ye shall do. 

3 'Go heal the Rick, go raise the dead, 
'Go cast out devils in my name; 

' Nor let ray. prophets be afraid, 
' Tho' Greeks reproach, ajid Jews blaspheme.j 
i ' Teach aU the nations my commands, 
'I'm with you till the world shall end; 

154 GOSPEL. 

' All power is trusted in my hands, 
'I can destroy, and I defend.' 
6 He spake, and light shone round his head, 
On a bright cloud to heaven he rode : 
They to the farthest nation spread 
The grace of their ascended God. 

1 f\ UESTIONS and doubts be heard no more; 
1:1^ Let Christ and joy be all our theme; 
His'Spirit seals his Gospel sure 

To every soul that trusts in him. 

2 Jesus, thy witness speaks within : ' t 
The mercy which thy words reveal i 
Refines the heart from sense and sin, 

And stamps its own celestial seal. 

3 'Tis God's inimitable hand 

That moulds and forms the heart anew; 


4 How well thy blessed truths a^ee ! 
How wise and holy thy commands! 
Thy promises how firm they be ! 

How firm our hope and comfort stands! 

5 [Not the feign'd fields of heathenish bliss 
Could raise such pleasures in the mind; 
N'or does the Turliish paradise 
Pretend to joys so well refin'd.] 

6 Should all the forms that men devise 
Assault my faith with treacherous art, 
I'd call ihem Tanity and lies, 

And bind the gospel to my heart. 

mHjmii lis. B. I. 8.H. 
• JttMB wd Chrul I or. Sin agaaut ll» Lam mtd 

John i. 17. Heb. iii. 3. S, 6, ud x. 98, 99. 

1 'T^E law by Moses came, 

X But peace, and truth, and Ioto, 
Were brought by Christ, a nobler name, 
Descending from above. 
3 Amidst the house of God 

Their different works were done; 
Moses a faithful servant stood, 
But Christ a fathfiil Son. 

3 Then to his new commands 
Be strict obedience paid ; 

O'er all his Father's house he stands 
The Sovereign and the Head. 

4 The man that durst despise 
The law that Moses brought. 

Behold I how terribly he dies 
For his presumptuous fault 

5 But sorer vengeance falls 
On that rebellious race. 

Who hate to hear when Jesus calls. 
And dare resist his grace. 

1 Cor. iii. 6, 7. 

1 pHRIST i^d his cross are all our theme: 
\ v* The mysteries that we speak 
> Are scandal m the Jews esteem, 
\ And follr to ibe Greek. 


IM eosPEL. 

2 But souls enlightened from above 

With joy receive the word; 
They see what wisdom, power, and lore 
Shine in their dying Lord. 

3 The vital savour of his name 

Restores their fidnting breath; 
But unbelief perverts the same 

To guilt, despair, and death. 
4- Till God diffuse his graces down, 

Like showers of heavenly rain, 
In vain A polios sows the ground, 

And Paul may plant in vain. 

B. 1. IslPart. CM. 

r of the Gospel, Ram. l. 16. 

I Cor. i. 37, 28. 

X QHALL atheists dare insult the cross 
O Of our Redeemer, God? 
Shall infidels reproach his laws, 
Or trample on his blood? 
2 What if he chose mysterious ways 
To cleanse us from our faults : 
Mav no\ llie wnrks uf shmtcilhi eraco 

Where shall the guilty conscience find 
Ease for the torment of his mind? 

2 How sh^ we get our crimes forgiven, 
Or form our natures fit for heaven! ■ 
Can soute all o'er defil'd with sin 

Make their own powers and passions clean? 

3 In vain we search, in vain we try, 
Till Jesus hrings his gospel nigh; 
'Tis there such power and glory dwell 
As saves rebellious souls from hell. 

4 This IS the pillar of our hope 
That beaxs our feinting spirits up ; 
We read the grace, we trust the word. 
And find salvation in the Lord. 

5 Let men or angels dig the mines, 
Where nature's golden treasure shines 
Brought near the doctrine of the Cross, 
All nature's gold appears but dross. 

6 Should vile blasphemers with disdain 
Pronounce the truths of Jesus vain, 
I'll meet the scandal and the shame. 
And sing and triumph in Jus name. 

m Hymn 138. B. 3^. M. 

• The Povxr of the Ga^l. 

1 npHIS is the word of trutljiand love, 

A Sent to the nations from above; 
Jehovah here resolves to show 
What his almighty grace can do. 

2 This remedy did -wisdom find 
To heal diseases of the mind ; 

This sovereign balm, whose virtues can 
Restore the ruin'd creature man. 

3 The gospel bids the dead revive : 
Sinners obey the voice, and live; 

Dry bones are rais'd Euid cloth'd afresh, 
Anil hearts of stone are tum'd to flesh. 

4 f^Vhere Satan reign'd in shades of night, 
The gospel strikes a heavenly light: 
Our lusts its wondrous power controls, 
And calms the rage of angry souls.] 

5 [Lions and beasts c^sarage name 
Put on the nature of the mnb; 

158 GOSPEL. 

While the wide world esteem it strange. 
Gaze, and admire, and hate the change.] 
6 May but this grace my soul renew, 
Let sinners gaze, and hale me too; 
The word that saves me does engage 
A sure defence from all their rage. 

1 OO Hymn 12G. B. 2. C, M. 

Jt Am* God glorified m the GotpeL. * 

1 ^I^HE Lord, descending from above, 

X Invites his children near. 
While power and truth and boundless Ioto 
Display their glories here. 

2 Here in thy gospel's wondrous frame 

Fresh wisdom we pursue; 
A thousand angels learn thy name 
Beyond whate'er they knew. 

3 Thy name is writ in fairest lines, 

Thy wonders here we trace; 
Wisdom through all the mystery shines, 
And shines m Jesus' face. 

4 The law its best obedience owes 

To our iiiL-rirrinle Gnr\ , 


4 How blessed are our eyes 
That see this heavenly light ! 

Prophets and kings desir'd it long, 
But died mthout the sight. 

5 The watchmeo join their voice, 
And tuneful notes employ ; 

Jerusalem breaks forth in songs, 
And deserts learn the joy. 

6 The Lord makes bare his arm 
Through all the earth abroad; 

Let every nation now behold 
Their Saviour and their God. 

tad Pm]<» ^- i^int i*w- ^- "• 

I «4< Pnatefor tht Goipd. 

1 rrx) our almighty Maker, God, 
X New honours be addrest; 
His great salvation shines abroad, 

And makes the nations blest. 

2 He spake the word to Abraham first; 

His truth fulfils his grace : 
The Gentiles make his name their trust, 
And learn his righteousness. 

3 Let the whole eart^ his love proclaim 

With all her difterent tongues; 
And spread the honours of his name 
In mMody and songs. 


mHjnn54. B. 1. L.M. 
• fleduif Oraeti or, Smnit fe&wtf tn CAriri, 
Eph. L 3, lEC 

1 TESUS, we bless thy Father's name; 

•I Thy God and ours are both the same; 
What heavenly blessings from his throne, 
Flow down to sinners through his Son ! 

2 ' Christ be my first elect,' he sfiid, 

Then chose our souls in Christ our Head, 
Before he gave the mountains birth. 
Or laid foundations for the earth. 


1 eternal love begin 
us up from death and sin; 
.racters were then decreed, 
less in love, a holy seed.' 
inated to be sons, 
y degrees, but chose at once; 
regenerated race 
lise the glories of hi.s grace. 
Christ our Lord we share a part 
i affections of his heart; 
ihall our souls be thence remov'd 
le forgets his first belov'd. 

Hymn 117. B. I. I.. M. 

EhcHon ima-tiga and free, Rom. ix. 81—83. 20, 

fiHOLD the potter and the clay. 

He forms his vessels as he please: 
;h is our God, and such are we, 
e subjects of his just decrees. 
oth not the workman's power extend 
er all the mass, which part to choose 
nd mould it for a nobler end, 

Lto leave for Wler use ?] 


With ioy or terror shall confess 
The glory of his righteousness. 

lO? (Hymn 96. B.I. CM.) 

1 « < • EUdian txelada boailing, 1 Cor. i. 96—91. 

1 "DUT few among the carnal wise, 
Jj But few of noble race, 
Obtmn the favour of thine eyes, 

Almighty King of grace. 

2 He takes the men of meanest name 

For sons and heirs of God ; 
And thus he pours abundant shame 
On honourable blood. 

3 He calls the fool, and makes him know 

The mysteries of his grace, 
To bring aspiring wisdom low, 
And all its pride abase. 

4 Nature has all its glories lost 

When brought before his throne: 
No flesh shall m his presence boast, 
But in the Loftl alone. 

or, Iht Sovtragnty of Grace, Luke x. 31, 39. 

1 'pHERE was an hour when Christ r6;oic'd, 

A And spoke his joy in words of praise: 
' Father, I fliank thee, mighty God, 
'Lord of the earth, and heavens, and seas. 

2 'I thank thy sovereign power and love, 
'That crowns my doctrine with success; 
'And m^es the babes in knowledge learn 

' The heights, and breadths, and lengths of grace 

3 I But all this glory lies conceal 'd 
'From men oTprudence and of might; 
]The prince ofdarkness blinds their eyes, 
'And their own pride resists the light A 

* Tather, 'tis thus, because thv will T 

'Chose and qrdain'd it should, be so; \ 

'Tis thy deUght to abase the proud, 
'And lay the haughty scomer low. 

5 'There's none can know the Father right, 
'But those who learn it from the Son; 
'Nor can the Son he well receiv'd, 
'But whore tiie Father makes him known. 

ISfi SCRtPTtntE 

6 Then let our souls adore our God 
That deals his e:race8 as he please, 
Nor gives to mortals an account 
Or of his actions, or decrees. 

1 TESUS, the man of constant grief, 
•I A mourner all his days ; 

His spirit once rejoic'd aloud, 
And turn'd his joy to praise. 

2 ' Father, I thank thy wondrous love, 

' That hath reveai'd thy Son 

'To men unlearn 'd; and to babes 

' Hath made thy gospel known. 

3 ' The mysteries of redeeming grace 

' Are hidden from the wise, 
* While pride and carnal reasonings join. 
' To swell and bUnd their eyes. 

4 Thus doth the Lord of heaven and earth, 

His Rreat decrees fulfil, 
And onlrrs;ill ins urik^ nf :?race 


And the full choir of human tongues 
All hallelujahs sing. 

mHninS?. B. 9. L.M. 

1 I^ROM heaven the sinning angels fell. 

And wrath and darkness chain 'd them down : 
But man, vile man, forsook his bliss, 
And mercy lifts him to a crown. 

2 Amazing work of soverei^ grace 
That could distinguish rebels so! 
Our guilty treasons call'd aloud 
For everlasting fetters too. 

3 To thee, to thee, almighty Love, 
Our souls, ourselves, oiir all we pay: 
Millions of tongues shall sound thy praise 
On the bright hills of heavenly day. 


1 1?0R ever shall my song record 

X The truth and mercy of the Lord; 

Mercy and truth for ever stand, 

Like neaven, establish 'd by his hand. 

2 Thus to his Son he sware, and said, 
'With thee my covenant nrst is made; 
'In thee shall dying sinners live, 
'Glory and grace are thine to give. 

3 'Be thou my prophet, thou my priest; 
'Thy children shallbe ever blest; 
'Thou art my chosen King; thy throne 
'Shall stand eternal like my own. 

* 'There's none of all my sons above 
'So much my image or my love; 
] Celestial powers thy subjects are, 
'Then what can earth to thee compare! 

5 'David, my servant, whom 1 chose 
|To ETuard my flock, to crush my foes, 
|And rais'd Him to the Jewish throne, 
' Was but a shadow of my Son.' 

6 Now let the church rejoice, and sin g 
hsos her Savjoar and her King: 

Ai^ls his heaTenly wonders show, 
And saints declare his works below. 

1 oq P™'"" W. TOT. 30, &c. 5ih Part. C. M. 
1. 1) Va TAt Covenant of Gract urtchangtaJtk i er, Jffliaimt] 
loU&oul Sejtciion. 

1 'X7"ET' swth the Lord, 'if David's race, 

X ' The children of my Son, 
' Should break my laws, abuse my grace, 
' And tempt mine imger down; 

2 'Their sins I'll visit with the rod, 

' And make their folly smart; 
' But I'll not cease to be their God, 
' Nor from my truth depart. 

3 ' My covenant I will ne'er revoke, 

' But keep ray grace in mind ; 
' And what eternal love hath spoke, 
' Eternal truth shall bind. 

4 ' Once have I sworn (I need no more) 

' And pledg'd my holiness, 
' To seal the sacred j)romise sure 
' To David and his race. 


1 0E Hymo 139. S. 1. L. M. 

lODt Op* m at Covenant t at, GoiPt Pnutii* amd TnM 
tmdungeaik, Hob. ti. 17—19. 

1 "["TOW oft have sin and Satan strove 

JX To rend my soul from thee, my God I 

Bat everlastin* is thy love. 

And JesuB seaJs it with his blood. 

2 The oath and {Hvmise of the Lord 
Join to confirm the wondrous grace; 
Eternal power performs the word, 

And fills all heaven with endless praiw. 

3 Amidst temptations sharp and long, 
My soul to mis dear refuge flies : 
Hope is my anchor firm and strong, 
While tempests blow and billows nse. 

4 The gospel bears ray spirit up; 
A faithful and unchanging God 
Lays the foundation for my hope, 
la oaths, and promises, and blood. 

mHrmn 78. B. g. C. M. 
Atdtmptian by Chritt. 

1 TTTHEN the first parents of our race 

T T Rebell'd and lost their God, 
And the infection of their sin 
Had tainted all our blood, 

2 Infinite pity touch'd the heart 

Of the eternal Son- 
Descending from the heavenly court 
He left ms Father's throne. 

3 Aside the Prince of Glory threw 

His most divine array, 
And wrapp'd his Godhead in a veil 
Of our inferior clay. 

4 His living power, and dying love 

Redeem d unhappy men, 
And rais'd the ruins of our race 
To life and God again. 

5 To thee, dear Lord, our flesh and soul 

We joyfully resign, 
Bless'd Jesus, take us for thy own, 
For we are doubly diine. 



6 Thine honpur shall for eter be 
The business of our days, 
For ever shall our thanknil tongues 
Speak thy deserved praise. 

I Q'7 Kjmn 39. B. 3. C. M. 

1. * • Btdempiion by Pna atd Pomtr, 

1 TESUS, with all thy saints above 
•I My tongue would bear her part, 
Would sound aloud thy saving love. 

And sing thy bleeding heart. 

2 Bless'd be the Lamb, my dearest Lord, 

Who bought me with nis blood, 
And guenclTd his father's flioning sword 
In his own vital flood : 

3 The Lamb that freed my captive soul 

From Satan's hea^'y chains, 
And sent the lion down to howl 
Where hell and horror reigns. 

4 All glory to the dying Lamb, 

And never-ceasing praise. 
Where angels live to know his name. 
Or sninis tn feel his Ki'^fe. 

6 Arise, my soul, awake, my voice, 
And tunes of pleasure sing, 
Loud hallelujahs shall address 
My Saviour and my King. 

10«7* PraJMt to Godjor Citation atd Stdtmption. 

1 T ET them neglect thy glory, liord, 
Xi Who never knew thy grace, 
But onr loud son^ shall still record 

The wonders of thy pr^ae. 

2 We raise our shouts, O God, to thee, 

And send them to thy throne, 
Allglory to th' United Three, 
The Undivided One. 

3 Twas he (and we'll adore his name) 

That form'd us by a word, 
'Twas he restor'd our ruin'd frame; 
Salvation to the Lord. 

4 Hosanna! let the earth and skies 

Repeat the joyful sound. 
Rocks, hills, and vales, reflect the voice 
In one eternal round. 



1 'I^HUSsaith the Lord, 'Your work is vain 

X ' Give your bumt-offerings o'er, 
' In dying goats and bullocks skin 
' My 8om dehghts no more.' 

2 Then spake the Saviour, ' Lo, I'm here, 

' My God, to do thy will; 
' Whate'er thy sacred books declare, 
' Thy servant shall fulfil. 

3 ' Thy law is ever in my sight, j 

' I keep it near my he^: J 

' Mine ears are open with delight 1 

'To what thy lips impart' * 

^ And see, the bless'd Redeemer comes, 

Th' eternal Son appears, 
And at th' appointea time a^umes 

The hodjr God prepares. 


5 Much he reveal d his Father's grace, 

And much his truth he shovrd, 
And preach'd the way of righteousaesB, 
Where great assemblies stood. 

6 His Father's honour touch'd his heart, 

He pitied sinners' cries, 
And, to fulfil a Saviour's part, 
Was made a sacrifice. 


7 No blood of beasts on altars shed 

Could wash the conscience clean; 
But the rich sacrifice he paid 
Atones for all our sin. 

8 Then was the great salvation spread, 

And Satan's kingdom shook : 

Thus by the woman's promis'd seed 

The serpent's head was broke. 


-_ J, thy lo „..., 

Exceed our praise, snrinoimt our thought; 

1 ''r^HE wonders, Lord, thy love has wrought, 


7 'The spirit shall descend, and show 
'What thou hast done, and what I do; 
'The wondering world shall l^arn thy grac9 
'Thy wisdom and thy righteu.oness. 

IB Frietlh<^ of Chriit. 


1 TlLOOD has a voice to pierce the skies, 
Xj Revenge the blood of Abel cries; 

But the dear stream when Christ was slain, 
Speaks Peace as loud from every vein. 

2 Pardon and peace from God on high, 
Behold he lays his vengeance by, 
And rebpi«! ibat dpserv? his sword 
Be<-onii' ibr f;jvoiin1(-s i'l'lhe Lord. 

3 To Jesus let our praises rise 
Who gave his life a sacrifice: 
Now he appears before his Gtod, 
And for our pardon pleads his blood. 

1 JQ Hjmn 155. B. S. C. M. 

1*0. CkrUl our Paeover. 

1 T ! the destroying angel flies 
mJ To Pharaoh's stubborn land : 
The pride and flower of Egypt dies 

By his vindictive hand. 

2 He pass'd the tents of Jacob o'er, 

Nor pour'd the wrath divine; 

He saw thfe blood on every door, 

And bless'd the peaceful sign. 

3 Thus the appointed Lamb must bleed 

To break th' Egyptian yoke; 

Thus Israel is from bonda^ freed, 

And 'scapes the angel's stroke. 

4 Lond, if roy heart were sprinkled too, 

With blood so rich as thine, 
Justice no longer would pursue 
This guilty soul of mine. 

5 Jesus our passover was slain, 

And has at once procur'd 
Freedom from Satan's heavy chain, 
And God's avenging sword. 
1AA Hjinii 3S. B. 1. lal Vtji. C. H. 

X44. T%t Jtantmmi af Chritt, Root. vi. 9S. 

1 WTOW is OUT nature spoil'd hy sin ! 
XL Yet nature ne^er hath found 

170 BCBIPTiniE 

The way to make the conscience clean, 
Or heal the painful wound. 

2 In rain we seek for peace with God 

By methods of our own; 
Jesus, there's nothing but thy blood 
Can bring us near thy throne. 

3 The threatenings of thy broken law 

Impress our souls with dread: 
If God his sword of vengeance draw, 
It strikes our spirits dead. 

4 But thine illustrious sacrifice 

Hath answer'd these demands, 
And peace and pardon from the skies 
Come down by Jesus' hands. 

5 Here all the ancient types agree, 

The altar and the lamb; 
And prophets in their visions see 
Salvation through his name. 

6 'Tis by thy death we live, O Lord; 

'Tis on thy cross we rest: 
For ever be thy love ndnr'd, 


\ love th' incarnate mystery, 
Aud there I fix my trust. 

to Judgmcnl, Rbt. i 

._ .. _ Lord, that ms __ 

The wonders of his dying love, 

1 VTOW to the Lord, that makes us know 
1^ The wonders of his dyin 
Be humble honours paid below 

And strains of nobler praise above. 
E Twas he that cleans'd our foulest sins, 
And wash'd us in bis richest blood; 
Tis he that makes us priests and kings.. 
And brings us rebels near to God. 

3 To Jesus our atoning Priest, 
To Jesus our superior King, 
Be everlasting power confess'd, 
And every tongue his glory sing, 

4 Behold, on flying clouds he comes; 
And every eye shall see him move ; 
Though with our sins we pierc'd him once, 
Now he displays his pardoning love. 

5 The unbelieving world shall wail 
While we rejoice to see the day ; 
Come, Lord; nor let thy promise fail, 
Nor l0t thy chariots loDg delay. 


\im HymnSS. B. t. CM. 

141. Stgtiwndim, iobni. 13; iii. 3, jto. 

1 \rOT all the outward fonns on eartli, 
1^ Nor rites that God has given. 
Nor will of man, nor blood, nor birm, 
Can raise a soul to heaven. 
8 The sovereign will of God alone 
Creates us heirs of grace; 
Bom in the image of his Son 
A new peculiar race. 

3 The Spirit like some heavenly wind 

Blows on the sons of flesh, 

New models all the carnal mind, 

And forms the man afresh. 

4 Our quickened souJs awake, and rise 

Trom the long s}eei> of deztYi; 



On heavenly things we fix our eyes, 
And praise employs our breath. 

J.4ua Slonea made Children u/ Abraham ; ar,OTaeefwf 
conveyed by Seligiout Parents, Mul, iii. 9. 

1 X^'AIN are the hopes that rebels place 

T Upon their birth and blood, 
Descended from a pious racej 
(Their fathers now with GodJ 

2 He from the caves of earth and hell 

Can take the hardest stones, 
And fill the house of Abra'm well 
With new-created sons. 

3 Such wondrous power doth he possess 

Who form'd our mortal frame, 
Who caird the world from emptiness, 
The world ohey'd and came. 


1 A TTEND, while God's exalted Son 

iV Doth his own glories show; 

1 jr£\ Hjmn 159. B. 2. C. M. 

lUlf* J» iMteomerted Slate,- or, coimerting Graa, 

1 [p RE AT King of dory and of grace, 

VJf We own with nurable shame, 
How vile is our degenerate race, 
And our first father's name.] 

2 From Adam flows our tainted blood. 

The poison reigns within, 
Makes us averse to all that's good, 
And willing slaves to sin. 

3 [Daily we break thy holy laws, 

And then reject thy grace; 
Enrag'd in the old serpent's cause 
Against oxir Maker's face.] 

4 We live estrang'd afar from God, 

And love the distance well; 
With haste we run the dangerous road 

That leads to death and hell. 
f> And can such rebels be restor'd! 

Such natures made divine ! 
Let sinner? see thy glory, Lord, 

And feel this power of thine. 
6 We raise our Father's name on high, 

Who his own Spirit sends 
To bring rebellions strMigers nigh, 

And turn his foes to friends. 

mHymnlGt. B. S. CM. 
• Ckrittim Fblua, tr, the IXj^lty of Venntnitm. 

1 OTRAIT is flie way, the door is strait 
O That leads' to joys on high, 
Tis but a few that find the ^te^ 
While crowds mistake, and die. 

! Beloved self must be denied, 
The mind and will renew'd, 
Passion suppress'd, and patience tried, 
And vain desires subdu'd. 

3 Flesh is a dangerous foe to grace. 

Where it prevails and rules; 
Flesh must be humbled, pride abas'd, 
Lest they destroy our souls. 

4 The love of gold be banish'd hence, 

(That vUe idolatry,) 
And every member, every seme, 
In sweet subjection lie. 


6 The tongue, that most unruly power 
Requires a strong restraint: 
"We must be watchful every hour, 
And pray, but never faint. 
6 Lord, can a feeble helpless worm, 
Fxilfil a task so hard! 
Thy gnice must aU my work perform, 
Ana give the free reward. 


1 Krt Hymn 94. B. I. CM. 

XHm* Juatijiaalen ly Failh, nol by Warka/ er,tktlma 
canJtmiu, Onutjiulifia, Rom. lii. 19 — StS. 

1 ■\7'AIN are the hopes the sons of men 

T On their own works have biiilt; 
Their hearts by nature all unclean, 
And all their actions guilt. 

2 Let Jews and Gentiles stop their motithi. 

Without a murmuring word, 
And the whole race of Adam stand 
Guilty before the Lord, 


' Look to my rig^hteoasAeaa, ahd live; 
'Comfort and peace are mine to gire.} 

i 'Ye sons of pride, that kindle coals 
' With yoor own hands to warm roar aoxHa, 
' Walk in the light of your own fee, 
'Enjoy the speiks that ye desire. 

S "This is your portion at my handt: 
' Hell waifs yoa with her iron bands, 
'Ye shall He down in sorrow there, 
'In death, in darkness, and despair.' 

IE J P^ 71. V. IS. M. H. SS. S9. S4. 3d hit aiL 
194. Cind Mr Sirvigll, md SigUtmmm. 

1 Tif Y Savionr, my afanighty Friend, 
ITX When I begin thy praise, 
Where will the growing nnmbere md. 
The numbers of thy grace! 
S Thou art my ererlasting tmst. 
Thy goodness I adore ; 
And since I knew thy graces first 
I speak thy glories more. 

3 My feet shall travel all the length 

Of the celestial road, 
And march with courage in thy strei^lli 
To see my Father God. 

4 When I am fill'd with sore distress 

For some surprising sin, 
I'll plead thy perfect righteousness, 
And mention none but'thine. 

5 How will my lips rejoice to tell 

The victories of my King! 
My soul redeem'd from sin and hell 
Shall thy salvation sing. 

6 [Mj tongue shall all the day proclaim 

My Saviour and my God; 
His death has l»x)ught my foes to shame 
And drown'd them in his blood. 

' Awake, awake, my tuneful powers ; 
With this delightful song 
m entertain the daj-ke$t boma, 
Nor &ink the aeaaoa long.] 

1 rm ^jttia 109. B. 1. L.H. 

199a 2V Fatut of Chili and hi* "' " 
Phil. iii. 7—9. 

1 "TWrO more, my God, I boast no more 
X^ Of all the duties I have done; 

I quit the hopes I held before, 
To trust the merits of thy Son. 

2 Now for the love I bear hie name, 
What was my gain I count my loss, 
My former pride I call my shame, 
And nail my glory to his cross. 

3 Yes, and I must and will esteem 
All things but loss for Jesus' sake: 
O may my soul be found in him, 
And of his righteousness partake. 

4 The best obedience of mv hands 
Dares not appear before my throne; 
But faith can answer thy demands, 
By pleading what my Lord has done. 


Hymn 20. B. I. C. M. 
ritual A ppard ! nnmely, Ihe Rvbt uf Rfghleovtmu, 
and GarrnenU of Sahalimi, Jaaiah lli. 10. 


In swe e tert harmony of praise 
Let all tiiy powers agree. 

1 K'Y Psalm 130. C. M. 

lU I • Pardoning GroM, 

1 /^UT of the deeps of long distress,, 
yj The borders of despair, 

1 sent my cries to seek thy grace, 
My groans to move thine ear. 

2 Great God, should thv severer eye, 

And thine impartial hand, 
Mark and revenge iniquity, 
No mortal flesh could stand. 

3 But there are pardons with my God 

For crimes of high degree ; 
Thy Son has bought them with his bloodt 
To draw us near to thee. 

4 [I wait for thy salvation, Lord 

With strong desires I wait ■ 
My soul, invited by thy word. 
Stands watching at thy gate.] 

5 [Just as the guards that keep the night 

Long for the morning skies. 
Watch the first beams of breaking li{^t, 
And meet them with their eyes; 

6 So waits my soul to see thy grace, 

And more intent than they, 
Meets the first ojjenings of thy face. 
And finds a bnghter day.] 

7 [Then in the Lord let Israel trust, 

Let Israel seek his face; 
The Lord is good as well as just. 
And plenteous is his gnxe. 
S There's full redemption at his throne 
For sinners long enslav'd ■ 
The great Redeemer is his Son, 
And Israel shall be sav'd.] 
1 RQ ^^'^ '?o- L. H. 

1 17VR0M deep distrsas and tronbled tiH>ilifti!k 
X To that, ar Ood, I rais'd mv crin*? ' 

h my God, I rais'd my crifta; 

178 PARDON. 

If thou severely mark our faults, 
No flesh can stand before thine eyes. 

2 But thou hast built thy throne of grace, 
Free to dispense thy pardons there, 
That sinners may approach thy face, 
And hope and love, as well as fear. 

3 As the benighted pilgrims wait, 
And long, and wish for breaking day, 
So waits my soul before thy gate : 
When will my God his face display? 

4 My trust is fixed upon thy word_. 
Nor shall I trust thy word in vain : 
Let mourning souls address the Lord, 
And find relief from all their pain. 

5 Great is his love, and large his grace, 
Through the redemption of his Son : 
He turns our feet from sinfiil ways, 
And pardons what our hands have dono. 

forgiveness i,J &ns upon Confiation. 




i Happy, beyond expression, he 

Whose debts are thus discharg'd; 
And, from the guilty bondage free, 
He feels his soul enlarg'd. 
3 His spirit hates deceit and lies, 
Hia words are all sincere ; 
Heguards his heart, he guards his eyes, 
To keep his conscience clear. 
i While I my inward guilt supprest, 
No quiet could I find ; 
Thy wrath lay burning in my breast, 
And rack'd my tortur'd mind. 

5 Then I confess'd my troubled thoughts, 

My secret wins reveal 'd; 
Thy pBrdoning grace forgave my foults, 
Thy grace my pardon seal'd. 

6 This shall invite thy saints to pray; 

When, like a raging flood, 
Temptations rise, our strength and stay 
Is a forgiving God. 

mPulm 3Q. 9d Part. L. H. 
• iguilli/ Coatdenee tattd by Cenftuion and Fmibm. 

1 TPHILE I keep silence, and conceal 

'" My heavy guilt within my heart, 
What torments doth my conscience feel ! 
What agonies of inward smart ! 

2 I spread my sins before the Lord, 
And all my secret faults confess : 
Thy Kospei speaks a pardoning word, 
Thy Holy Spirit seals the grace. 

3 For this shall every humble soul 
Make swift addresses to thy seat; 
When floods of huge temptations roll. 
There shall they find a blest retreat. 

4 How safe beneath thy wings I lie, 

When days grow dark, and storms appear! 
And when I walk, thy watchful eye 
Shall guide me safe from every snare. 


Whose guilt is pardtm'd by his God, 

1 PLEST is the man, fm ever blera'd, 


Whose sins with sorrow are oonfess'd, 
And coYer'd with his Saviour'B blood. 

2 Blest is the man to whom the Lord 
Imputes not his iniquities, 
He pleads no merit of reward, 
And not on works, but grace relies. 

3 From g:uile his heart and lips are free, 
His humble joy, his holy fear, 
With deep repentance well agree. 
And join to prove his faith sincere 

4 How glorious is that righteousness 
That hides and cancels all his sins! 
While a bright evidence of grace 
Through his whole life appears and 

1 nn Hymn 85. B. 9. C. H. 

± Do* Suffidouy of Pardwi. 

1 "VJI^^HY does your face, ye humble Mrab, 
▼ T Those mournful colours wear? 
What doubts are these that waste your feith, 
And nourish your despair? 


lit A Hymn 64. B. 1. S. M. 

104« Jdophm, 1 John Ui. 1, ke. Gal. ir. e. 

1 79EH0LD what wondroxis grace 
Xf The Father hath bestowed 

On smners of a mortal race. 
To call them sons of Goa ! 

2 'Tis no surprising thing 
That we should be unknown ; 

The Jewish world knew not their 
God's everlasting Son. 

3 Nor doth it yet appear 

How great we must be made : 
But when we see our Saviour llere 
We shall be like our Head. 

4 A hope so much divine 
May trials well endure, 

May imrge our souls from sense and sin, 
As Christ the Lord is pure. 

5 If in my Father's love 
I share a fiUal part, 

Send down thy Spirit like a dove 
To rest upon my heart. 

6 We would no longer lie 

Like slaves beneath the throne ; 
Our faith shall Abba, Father, cry, 
And thou the kinored own. 

1/»C Hymn 143. B. 1. C. M. 

1D9« Charaden of the Children ofOod^from aeveral 


1 A S new-bom babes desire the breast 
-HL To feed, and grow, and thrive; 
So saints with joy the gospel taste, 

And by the gospel Uve. 

2 [With inward gust their heart approves 

All that the word relates; 
They love the men their Father loves, 
And hate the works he hates.] 

3 [Not all the flattering baits on earth 

Can make them slaves to lust; 

JVargwmlm the dust. 


4 Not all the chains ^at tyraiite use 

Shall bind their souls to vice: 
Faith like a conciueror can produce 
A thousand victories.] 

5 [Grace like an uncomipted seed 

• Abides and reigns within; 
Immortal principles forbid 
The sons of God to sin.] 

6 [Not bv the terrors of a slave 

Do they perform his will, 
But with the noblest powers they have 
His sweet commands fulfil.] 

7 They find access at every hour 

To God within the veil; 
Hence they derive a quickening power, 

And joys that never fail. 
6 O happy souls ! O glorious state 

Of^overflowing grace ! 
To dwell so near their Father's seat, 

And see his lovely face. 


And leads me, for his mercy's sake, 
In the fair paths of righteoxisness. 

4 Though I walk through the gloomy vale, 
Where death and all its terrors are, 

My heart and hope shall never fail. 
For God my shepherd's with me there. 

5 Amidst the darkness and the deeps 
Thou art my comfort, thou my stay ; 
Thy staff supports my feehle steps, 
Thy rod directs my doubtful -way. 

E The sons of earth and sons of hell 
Gaze at thy goodness, and repine 
To see my table spread so well 
With living bread and cheerful wine. 

7 [How I rejoice when on my head 
Thy S^nt condescends to rest! 
Tis a oiTine anointing shed 
Like oil of gladness at a feast 

6 Surely the mercies of the Lord 
Attend his household all their days: 
There will I dwell to hear his word, 
To seek his &ce, and sing his praise.] 

1 nw PMJm S3. C. H. 

lot, 7%eiame. 

1 IkMV shepherd will supidy my need, 
i-TX Jehovah is his name ; 
In pastures fresh he makes me feed 
Beside the living stream. 
i He brings my wandering spirit back. 
When I forsalce his ways; 
And leads me, for his mercy's sake, 
In paths of truth uid grace. 
3 When i walk through the shades of deathtl 

Thy presence is my stay ; 

i word of thy supporting bre 

Drives all my fears away. 

4 Thy hand, in sight of all my foes, 

Doth still my table spread ; 

Mv cup with blessings overflows, 

Thine oil anoints my head. 

5 The sore orovisions of my God 


O may thy house be mine abode, 

And all my work be praise ! 

6 There would I find a settled rest, 

(While others go and come,) 

No more a stranger or a guest, 

But like a child at home. 

ICQ Psalm 33. S. M. 

loo. ^ Tlumimt. 

1 npHE Lord my shepherd is, 

X I shall be well supplied; 
Since he is mine and I am. his, 
What can I want beside ? 

2 He leads me to the place 
Where heavenly pasture grows, 

Where living waters gently pass. 
And full salvation flows. 

3 If e'er I go astray, 

He doth my soul reclaim, 
And guides me in his own right way. 
For his most holv name. 

4 Whil,/ he allunls his aid, 


And whilst this earth is my abode, 
I long for none but thee. 

4 What if the springs of life were broke, 

And flesh and heart should faint! 
God is my soul's eternal rock, 
The strength of every saint. 

5 Behold, the sinners that remove . 

Far from thv presence die ; . L 

Not all the idol gods they love ^ 

Can save them when they cry. 

8 But to draw near to thee, my God, 

Shall be my sweet employ; 
My tongue shall sound thy works abroad, 
And tell the world my joy. 

mH™n 94. B. 2. C. M. 
• Gad ny onu/ Happinea, Piilm lixili. SS, 

1 TVf Y God, my portion, and my love, 
i*X My everlasting all, 
I've none but thee in heaven above. 
Or on this earthly ball. 

9 [What empty things are all the a^i«a, 

And this inferior clod ! 
There's nothing here deserves my J071, 
There's nothing like my God.] 

3 [In vain the brkht, the burning sttn, 

Scatters his feeble li^t; 
Tis thy sweet beams create my noom: 
if thou withdraw, 'tis night. 

4 And whilst upon my restless bed, 

Amongst the shades I roll, 

If mr Redeemer shows his head, 

"ns morning with my soul.] 

5 To thee I owe my wealth, and fiiendl. 

And health, and safe abode; 
Thanks to thy name for meaner AiOA 
But they are not my God. 
t How vain a toy is glittering wealth. 
If once compar'd to thee; 
Or what's my safety, or my healfll, 
Or all my friends to me; 
7 Were I possess?or of the earth, 
P—* -""'-* *he stars my own, 


Without thy graces and thyself 

I were a wretch undone. 
8 Let others stretch their arms like seas, 

And grasp in all the shore, 
Grant me the visits of thy face, 

And 1 desire no more 

mHymo 93. B. 2. S. M. 
. God all, and. in all. Psalm luiil. «S. 

iTX To thee, to thee, I caH, 
I cannot live if thou remove, 
For thou art all in all. 

2 [Thy shining grace can cheer 
This dungeon where I dwell; 

'Tis paradise when thou art herd, 
If thou depart, 'tis hell.] 

3 [The smilings of thy face, 
How amiable they are ! 

'Tis heaven to m thine embrace, 
And nowhere else but there.] 

4 [To thee, and thee alone, 
The angels owe their bliss ; 

WITH GOD. 187 

Fain would my eyes my Saviour see, 
I wait a visit, Lord, from thee. 

2 My heart grows warm with holy fire, 
And kindles with a pure desire : 
Come, my dear Jesus, from above. 
And feed my soul with heavenly love 

3 [The trees of life immortal stand 

In blooming rows at thy right hand, 
And in sweet murmurs by their side 
Rivers of bliss perpetual glide. 

4 Haste^ then, but with a smiling face, 
And spread the table of thy grace : 
Bring down a taste of trutn divine, ^ 
And cheer my heart with sacred wine.] 

5 Bless'd Jesus, what delicious fare ! 
How sweet thy entertainments are ! 
Never did angels taste above 
Redeeming grace, and dying love. 

6 Hail, great Lnmanuel, all divine. 
In thee thy Father's glories shine ; 
Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest one, 
That eyes have seen, or angels known. 

mHyuiD 16. B. 2. L. M. 
• Part the Second. 

1 T ORD^ what a heaven of saving grace, 

•Li Shmes throui[h the beauties of thy face 
And lights our passions to a flame ! 
Lord, how we love thy charming name ! 

2 When I can say, My God is mine^ 
When I can feel thy glories shine, 
I tread the world beneath my feet, 
And all that earth calls good or great. 

3 While such a scene of sacred joys j 
Our raptur'd eyes and souls emplojrs, I 
Here we could sit, and gaze away, \ 
A long, an everlasting day. 

4 Well, we shall quickly pass the night 
To Ae fair coasts of perfect Ught; 
Then shall our joyfol senses rove 
O'er the dear object of our love. 

5 [There shall we drink fiill draughts of bliss, 
And pluck new life from heavenly trees : 

Yet now imd then, dear Lord, bestow 
A dn^ of heaven on worms below. 
Send comforts down from thy right hand. 
While we pass through Uiis barren land, 
And in thy temple let us see 
A glimpse of love, a glimpse of thee.] 



1 OO let our lips and lives express 
O The holy gospel we profess, 
So let our works and virtues shine 
To prove the doctrine all divine. 

2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad 
The honours of our Saviour God; 
When the salvation reigns within,_ 
And grace subdues the power of sin. 

3 Our flesh and sense must be denied, 
Passion and envy, lust and pride; 
WhUe justice, temperance, truth and love, 
Our inward piety approve. 

1 bears our spirits up, 

t that blessed hope, 
'" ' 3 Lord, 


But I shall quit this mortal life. 
And sin for ever cease. 

1 T^ Hymn 104. B. 1. C. M. 

liOm Ji State of Ifature and of Qroa^ I Cor. tL 10, 11. 

1 VrOT the malicious or profane, 
1^ The wanton or the proud. 

Nor thieves, nor slanderers, shall obtain 
The kingdom of our God. 

2 Surprising grace! And such were we 

By nature and by sin, 

Heirs of immortal misery, 

Unholy and imclean. 

3 But we are wash'd in Jesus' blood, 

We're pardon'd through his name ; 
And the good Spirit of our God 
Has sanctified our frame. 

4 for a persievering power 

To keep thy just commands ! 
We woxda defile our hearts no more, 
No more pollute our hands. 

mHymn 33. B. 1. 3d Part. C. M. 
• lietk and S^nrit, Rom. viii. 1. 

1 T17HAT vain desires, and passions vain, 

▼ ▼ Attend this mortal clay ! 
Oft have they pierc'd my soul with pain, 
And drawn my heart astray. 

2 How have I wander'd from my God: 

And, foUowinjr sin and shame, 
In this vile world of flesh and blood 
Defil'd my nobler frame ! 

3 For ever blessed be thv grace. 

That form'd my som anew, 
And made it of an heaven-bom race. 
Thy glory to pursue. 

4 My spirit holds perpetual war, ^ 

And wrestles and complains; 
But views the happy moment near 
That shall dissolve its chains. 

5 Cheerful in death I close my. eyes. 

To part with every lust; 
A^ chttrge my jBesb whene'er it rise 
To leBve them in ike dust. 


6 My purer spirit shall not fear 
To put tnis body on : 
Its tempting powers no more are there, 
Its lusts and passions gone. 


H;mn 119. llthP&rt. C. H. 

SrtatSing afltr BaUiuu, 

Vet. 5. 33. 

OTHAT the Lord would guide my ways 
To keep his statutes still I 
O that my God would grant me grace 
To know and do his will ! 

Ver. 89. 

O send thy Spirit down to write 

Thy law upon my heart! 
Nor let my ton^e mdidge deceit, 

Nor act the liar's part. 

Ver. 37. 36. 

From vanity turn off my eyes: 

Let no corrupt design, 
Nor covetous desires arise 

Within this soul of mine. 

8A)fCTIFICATI0N. . 191 

Then we awake from deep distress, 
And sing, The Lord ow tUghteousness. 

3 Our yerjr frame is mix'd with sin, 
His Spirit makes our natures clean ; 
Such virtues from his sufferings flow, 
At once to cleanse and pardon too. 

4 Jesus beholds where Satan reigns, 
6in<Ung his slaves in heavy chains: 
He sets the prisoners free, and breaks 
The iron bondage from our necks. 

5 Poor helpless worms in thee possess 
Grace, wisdom, j)ower. and nghteousness ; 
Thou art our mighty All, and we 

Give our whole selves, O Lord, to thee. 

1 Q/\ Hymn 98. B. 1. S. M. 

10 V» Tlumnu, 

1 TXOW heavy is the night 

Jul That han^ up9n our eves. 
Till Christ with his reviving light 
Over our souls arise ! 

2 Our guilty spirits dread 

To meet flie wrath of heaven, 
BuL in his righteousness array'd. 
We see our sins forgiven. 

3 Unholv and impure 

Are all our thoughts and wa]rs; 
His hands infected nature cure 
With sanctifying grace. 

* The lowers of hell agree 
To hold our souls in vain; 
He sets the sons of bondage free, 
And breaks the cursed chain. 

5 Lord, we adore thy ways 
To bring us near to God, 
Thv sovereign power, thy healing grace, 
And thine atoning blood. 

1 Qt Hjmn 90. B. 9. C. M. 

lOL. lUik in Ckrui fir Pardon and Sdneii/leaHatL 

1 I¥OW sad our state by nature is! 
JUL Our sin how deep it stains! 
And Satan binds our captive minds 
Fast in his slavish chains. 

S But them's a voice of sovereign grace 
BomkhStm the eacred word. 


' Ho, ye despuring sinners, come, 
' And trust upon the Lord.' ' 

3 M7 soul obeys th' almighty call, 

And runs to this relief, 
I would believe thy promiae, Lord, 
O ! help my unbefief. 

4 [To the dear fountain of thy blood. 

Incarnate God, I fly. 
Here let me wash my spotted soul, 
From crimes of deepest dye. 

5 Stretch out thine arm, victorious King, ' 

My reigning sins subdue, 
Drive the old dragon from his seat, 
With all his hellish crew.] 

6 A guilty, weak, and helpless worm, 

On thy kind arms I fall: 
Be thou my strength and righteoiiRiM%' v 
My Jesus, and my all. 




I QQ Psalm 1S5. S. M. 

I Ot)» The Sainft Trial and Safety ,- or, moderated 


'IRM and unmov'd are they 
That rest their souls on God ; 
Firm as the mount where David dwelt, 
Or where the ark abode. 

-J As mountains stood to guard 
The city's sacred ground, 
So God and his almighty love 
Embrace his saints around. 

3 What though the Father's rod 
Drop a chastising stroke, 

Yet, lest it wound their souls too deep, 
Its fury shall be broke. 

4 Deal gently. Lord, with those 
Whose faith and pious fear, 

Whose hope, and love, and every grace 
ProclaiiStheir hearts sincere. 

o Nor shall the tyrant's rage 
Too long oppress the saint; 
The God of Israel will support 
His children lest they faint 

tj But if our slavish fear 

Will choose the road to hell, 

We must expect our portion there 

Where bolder sinners dwell. 

lO i Psalm 138. L. M. 

i04» Rutonng and preterving Graee. 

\ [YWTITH all my powers of heart and tongue, 
▼ ▼ I'll praise my Maker in my song; 
Angels shall near the notes I raise, 
Approve the song, and join the praise. 

'i Angels that make thy church their care 
Shall witness my devotion there. 
While holy zeal directs my eyes 
To thy fair temple in the skies.] 

3 rU sing thy truth and mercy. Lord, 
V\\ sing the wonders of thy word; 
.Vot all thy works and names below 
So much thy power and glory show. 

4 To God I cried when troubles rose ; 
He heard me, and subdu'd my foes. 



He did my risiiis feiirs control, 

And strength diffus'd through all my soul 
5 The God of hea%'eii maintains his state, 

Frowns on tho- i)rou(l, and scorns the great; 

But from his throne descends to see 

The sons of humble imverty. 
r» Amidst a thousand snares I stand, 

Upheld and gnardi-d hy thy hand; 

Thy words my faiiitiuff soul revive, 

And keep my dyin? faith alive. 
7 Grace will (•omi>]ctc what grace begins 

To save from sorrows or from sins; 

The- work that wisdom undertakes, 

Eternal mercy ne'er forsakes. 


I ^I'^H' Almierhtv reisins exalted high 
X O'er all the t^arth, o'er all the skjr; 
Thouifh ('louds and darkness veil his leet, 


3 He will present our souls 
Unblemish'd and complete, 

Before the glory of his face, 
With joys divinely great. 

4 Then all the chosen seed 
Shall meet around thy throne, 

Shall bless the conduct of his grace, 
And make his wonders known. 


XXIIU. iliaA.C/ Alio WV^IlUCiO A.11UV 

To our Redeemer God 
Wisdom and i)ower belongs. 
Immortal crowns of majesty, 
And everlasting songs. 


1 Q!7 Hymn 88. B. 2. C. M. 

10l» Salvation. 

I CJALVATION! O, the joyful sound! 
O 'Tis pleasure to our ears ; 
A sovereign^ balm for every wound, 
A cordial for our fears. 

'2 Buried in sorrow and in sin, 
At hell's dark door we lay. 
But we arise by grace divine. 
To see a heavenly day. 

'< Salvation ! let the echo fly 
The spacious earth around. 
While ail the armies of the sky 
Conspire to raise the sound. 

I 6Q Hymn 111. B. 1. C. M. 

iOO* Sahfoiwn by Grace, Titus iii. 3—7. 

1 [T ORD, we confess our numerous faults, 

mJ How great our guilt has been ! 
Foolish and vain were all our thoughts, 
And all our lives were sin. 

2 But, O my soul, for ever praise. 

For ever love his name, 
Who turns thy feet from dangerous ways 
Of folly, sin, and shame.] 

3 ['Tis not by works of righteousness 

Which our own hands have done, 
But we are sav'd by sovereign grace 
Abounding through his Son.] 


i 'Tis from the mercy of our God 
That all our hopes begin; 
"Tis by the water and the blood 
Our souls are wash'd from sm. 
5 'Tis through the purchase of his death. 
Who hung upon the tree. 
The Spirit is sent down to breathe 
On such dry bones as we. 
fi Rais'd from the dead we live anew; 
And, justified by grace, 
We shall appear in glory too. 
And see our Father's face. 

1 QQ UviDa 31. B. 1. 111. Put. C. H. 

1 \X/'HEN the Eternal bows the skies 

T T To visit earthly things, 
With scorn divine he turns us eyes 
From towers of haughty kings. 

2 He bids his awful chariot roll 

Far downward from the skies, 
To visit every humble soul, 


He works salvation in our hearts, 
And forms a people for his praise. 

3 Twas his own purpose that begun 
To rescue rebels doom'd to die ; 

He gave us grace in Christ his Son, 
Before he spread the starry sky. 

4 Jesus the Lord appears at last, 

And makes his Father's counsels known , 
Declares the great transactions past 
And brings immortal blessings down. 

5 He dies ; and in that dreadful night 
Did all the powers of hell destroy ; 
Rising he brought our heaven to light. 
And took possession of the joy. 

m Psalm 85. Ter. 9, &c. 2d Part. L. M. 

• SahaHtm by Christ. 

SALVATION is for ever nigh 
The souls that fear and trust the Lord ; 
And grace, descending from on high. 
Fresh hopes of glory snail afford. 

2 Mercy and truth on earth are met, 

Since Christ the Lord came down from heaven : 
By his obedience, so complete, 
Justice is pleas'd and peace is given. 

3 Xow truth and honour shall abound. 
Religion dwell on earth again, 

And heavenly influence bless the ground 
In our Redeemer's gentle reign. 

4 His righteousness is gone before 
To give us free access to God ; 

Our wandering feet shall stray no more, 
But mark his steps and keep the road. 

1 QO Hymn 4. B. 3. L. M. 

1 fjAm SahfoHon in the Cross. 

1 IIERE at thy cross, my dying God, 
XI I lav my soul beneath thv love, 
Beneath the droppings of thy blood, 
Jesus, nor shall it e'er remove. 

i Not all that tyrants think or say, 
With rage and lightning in their eyes, 
Nor liell shall fright my soul away. 
Should hell with all its legions rise. 




U Should worlds conspire to drive me 

Moveless and firm this heart should lie; 
Resolv'd (for that's my last defence) 
If I must perish, here to die. 

4 But speak, my Lord, and calm my fear; 
Am I not safe heneath thy shade i 
Thy vengeance will not strike me here. 
Nor Satan dare my soul invade. 

5 Yes, I'm secure beneath thy bloodi 
And all my foes shall lose their aim, 
Hosanna to my dying God^ 

And my best honours to his name. 
:. M. 

and Siiuun mini. 

I fTiATHER, I sing thy wondrous grace, 
X I bless my Saviour's name; 
He brought salvation for the poor, 
And bore the sinner's shame. 
3' His deep distress has rais'd us high, 
His duty and his zeal 
Fuliill'd the law which mortals broke. 


Known through the earth by thousand signs, 
By thousands through the skies. 

2 Those mighty orl)s proclaim thv ijower, 
Their motions speak thy skill, 
And on the wings of every hour 
We read thy patience still. 

'^ But when we view thy strange design 
To save rebellious worms. 
Our souls are fill'd with awe divine, 
To sec what God performs. 

4 When sinners break the Father's law, 

The dving Son atones; 
Oh the (fear mysteries of his cross! 
The triumpli of his groans ! 

5 Now the full glories of the Lamb 

Adorn the heavenly plains; 
Sweet cherubs learn Immanuel's name, 
And try their choicest strains. 

6 may I bear some humble part 

In that immortal song; 
Wonder and joy shall tunc my heart. 
And love command my tongue. 



IQK Hymn 7. B. I. C. M. 

I v9« T%e Invitation of the Gwpelt or, spiritual Fhod 

and Clothing, Isa. Iv. 1, &c. 

1 T ET every mortal ear attend, 
JLi And everv heart rejoice. 
The trumpet of the gospel sounds 

With an inviting voice. 

2 Ho, all ye hungry starving souls, 

That feed upon the wind, 
And vainly stnve with earthly toys 
To fill an empty mind ; 

3 Eternal wisdom has prepar'd 

A soul-reviving feast, 
And bids vour longing appetites 
The rich provision taste. 

300 mviTATIONS. 

4 Ho. ye that pant for living streams, 

And pine away and die, 
Here you may Quench your raging thint 
With springs that never dry. 

5 Rivers of love and mercy here 

In a rich ocean join ; 
Salvation in abundance flows, 
Like floods of milk and wine. 

6 [Ye perishing and naked poor, 

Who work with mighty pain 

To weave a garment ch your own 

That will not hide your sin; 

7 Come naked and adom your sonls 

In rolies prepar'd by God, 
Wrought by the lalwurs of his Son, 
And dyed in his own blood,] 

8 Dear God, the treasures of thy love 

Are everlasting mines. 
Deep as our helpless miseries are, 
And boundless as our sins. 

9 The happy gates of gospel grace 
Stand open night and day. 


I fyf Hymn 92. B. 1. S. M. 

itf I • Cknai tht Wudom of God^ ProT. Tiii. 1. 23— ^S 

1 CiHALL Wisdom cry aloud, 

O And not her speech he heard? 
The voice of God's eternal Word, 
Deserves it no regard ? 

2 ' I was his chief delight, 

* His everlasting Son, 

' Before the first of all his works 
' Creation was begun. 

3 * [Before the flying clouds, 
' Before the solid land, 

' Before the fields, before the floods 
^ I dwelt at his right hand. 

« * When he adorn'd the skies, 

* And built them, I was there 

' To order when the sun should rise 
' And marshal every star. 

5 ' When he pour'd out the sea, 

* And spread the flowing deep, 

* I gave the flood a firm decree 

* in its own bounds to keep.] 

6 * Upon the empty air 

' Tne earth was balanc'd well ; 
' With joy I saw the mansion where 

* The sons of men should dwell. 

7 * My busy thoug[ht« at first 

* On their salvation ran. 

Ere sin was bom, or Adam's dust 
Was fashion'd to a man. 

8 * Then come, receive my grace, 

* Ye children, and be wise ; 

* Hanpy the man that keens my wavs ; 

' Tne man that shuns them dies. 

I no Hymn 93. B.I. L. M. 

1 vO» Chrut^ or Wisdom, obeyed or reaiated^ PrOT. 

viii. 34^6. 

1 ^HUS saith the wisdom of the Lord, 

A * BlessVl is the man that hears my wordU j 
'Keeps daily watch before my gates, 

* Anci at my feet for mercy waits. 

i ' The soul that socks me shall obtain 
' Immortal wealth and heavenly gain ; 

302 PacMlSES 

' Immortal life m his reward, 
' Life, and the favour of the Lord. 
ti ' But the vile wretch that flies from me 
' Doth hifl own soul an injury; 
' Fools that against my srrace rebel, 
' Seek death, and love the road to helL' 



at EnmUg, Gen. iii. I. 15. 17. Gal. i 

)ECEIV'D bv subtle snares of hell, 
Adam our^ead, our Father fell, 
When Satan in the serpent hid 
Propos'd the fruit that t3od forbid. 

•1 Death was the threatening; death began 
To take possession of the man ; 
His unliorn race receiv'd the wound, 
And heavy curses smote the ground. 

:j But Satan found a worse reward; 
Thus saith the vengeance of the Lord. 

PRO.MI.SES. 203 

2 Come, and the Lord sli:ill fve<\ our souls 

With more substantial meat. 
With such as saints in ^lory love, 
With such as angels eat. 

3 Our God will every want supply, 

And fill our hearts with peace; 
Hegives by covenant and by oath 
The ricKes of his grace. 

4 Come, and he'll cleanse our spotted souls, 

And wash away our stains. 
In the dear fountain that his Son 
Pourd from his dying veins 

o [Our guilt shall vanish all away, 
Though black as hell before; 
Our sins shall sink beneath the sea. 
And shall be found no more. 

6 And lest pollution should o'erspread 

Our inward powers again, 
His Spirit shall bedew our souls 
Like purifying rain.] 

7 Our heart, that flinty stubborn thing, 

That terrors cannot move, 
That fears no threatenings of his wrath, 
Shall be dissolved by love. 

5 Or he can take the flint away 

That would not be refin'd, 
And from the treasures of his grace 
Bestow a softer mind. 

9 There shall his sacred Spirit dwell, 
And deep ensfrave his law. 
And every motion of our souls 
To swift obedience draw. 

10 Thus will he pour salvation down. 
And we shall render praise ; 
We the dear people of his love. 
And He our God of grace. 

OA-fl Hymn 15. B. 1. L. M. 

4lf 1 • Our own Wtahun^ or Christ our Strength^ 3 Cor. 

xii. 7. 9, 10. 

1 T ET me but hear my Saviour say, 
JLi * Strength shall be equal to thy day,' 
Then I'll rejoice in deep distress. 
Leaning on all-sufficient Grace. 


•2 I glory in infirmity, 
That "Christ's own power m^ rest on me 
Wlien I am weak, then am I strong, 
Grace is my shield, and Christ my song. 

:t I can do all things, or can bear 
AH sufferings, if my Lord be there; 
Sweet pleasures mingle with the paiiu. 
While tiis left hand my head sustaiiu. 

4 But if the Lord be once withdrawn, 
And we attempt the work alone, 
When new temptations spring and rise 
We find how great our weakness is. 

■"V [So Samson, when his hair was lost, 
Met the Philistines to his cost 
Shook his vain limbs with sad surprise, 
Made feeble fight, and lost his eyes.] 

WHENCE do our mournful thoughts a 
And where's our courage fled? 
Has restless sin and raging hell 
Struck all our comforts dead? 


Wbile God's eternal Son 

Ifit sorereign honours and his names. 

8 'I am the Last and I the Firsts 
'The Saviour God, and God the Just; 
'Th0re'8 none beside pretends to show 
'Such justice and salvation too. 

> that in shades of darkness dwell 
jast on the verge of death and hell, 
'LocJL up to me from distant lands, 
'Li^ti ufe, and heaven are in my hands. 

4 'I Iqr my holy name have sworn, 
'Nw shall the word in vain return, 
To me shall all things bend the knee, 
'Aad every tongue shall swear to me.j 

5 'In me alone shall men confess 
'Lieaisn their strength and righteousness; 
'Bat such as dare despise mv name, 
'Ffl doihe them with eternal shame. 

6 'In me, the Lord, shall all the seed 
'Of Israel from their sins be freed, 
'And by their shining graces prove 
'Their mterest in my pardoning love.' 

OAJ Hymn S6. B. 1. S. M. 

1 ^nHE Lord on high proclaims 
JL His- Godhead from his throne; 
'Mercy and Justice are the names 
'By which I wiU be known. 

S 'Te djdnff souls that sit 
' In darkness and distress, 
'Look from the borders of the pit 
*To my recovering grace.' 

3 Sbmers shaU hear the sound; 

Their thankful tongues shall own 
* Our righteousness and strength are found 
'In thee, the Lord, alone.' 

4 la fliee shall Israel trust. 

And see their guilt forj^iven; 
God will monounoe the smners just, 
And take the saints to heaven. 



one Hjmn 87. B. 1. L. M. 

i6\jiMt Gt>d dwdb u-ilh Ihe humble and ptaittnl, l»aiab 
tvii. 15, 16. 

1 npHUS saith the High and Lofty One, 
X. ' I sit upon my noly throne, 

' My name is God, I dwell on high, 
' Dwell in my own eternity. 

2 'But I descend to worlds below, 
' On earth I have a mansion too, 
' The humble spirit and contrite 
' Is an abode of my delight. 

3 ' The humble soul my words revive, 
' I bid the mourning sinner live, 

' Heal all the broken hearts I find, 
' And ease the sorrows of the mind. 

4 ['When I contend against their sin 

'I make them know now vile they've been; 

' But should my wrath for ever smoke, 

' Their souls would sink beneath my stroke.'] 

5 O may thv pardoning grace be nigh. 
Lest we should taint, oespair, and die ! 
Thus shall our better thoughts approve 


The brmsed reed he never breaks, 
Nor scorns the meanest name.] 

6 Then let our hiunble faith address 
His mercy and his power, 
We shall obtain delivering grace. 
In the distressing hour. 

OlVy Hymn 138. B. 1. C. M. 

Mim &M» in tke kandt of Ckriti^ John X. 9^ 90. 

Mj soul can ne'er be lost. 

2 His honour is engag'd to save 

The meanest ^ his sheep, 
hJH that his heavenly Father gavot 
His hands securely keep. 

3 Nor death nor hell shall e'er remove 

His &vourites from his breast. 
In the dear bosom of his love 
They must for ever rest 

CUljO PMlm 119. 10th Part. C. M. 

^UO* Pkadmg the Promitsi. 

Ver. 38. 49. 

BEHOLD thy waiting servant, Lord, 
Devoted to thy fear ; 
Remember and confirm thy word, 
For all my hopes are there. 

Ver. 41. 58. 107. 

Hast thou not sent salvation down. 

And promis'd quickening grace t 
Doth not mv heart address thy throne? 

And yet my love delays. 

Ver. 183. 43. 

Mine eyes for thy salvation £sdl; 

bear thy servant up; 
Nor let the scoffing lips prevail, 

Which dare reproach my hope. *| 

Ver. 49. 74. i 

Didst thou not raise my faith, O Lf/rd, 

Then let thy truth appear : 
Saints shall rejoice in my reward, 

And trust as well aa fear. 

209. 7b FaUh/ul'^ 

1 [TlEGIN, my tongue, seme heavenly theme 

Jj And speak some boundless thing, 
The mighty works, or mightier name 
Of our eternal King. 

2 Tell of his wondrous faithfulness, 

And sound his power abroad, ^ || 

Sing the sweet promise of his grace, 
And the performing God, 

3 Proclaim ' salvation from the Lord, 

' For WTetched dying men ;' 
His hand has writ the sacred word 

With an immortal pen. ' ' 

4 Engrav'd as in eternal brass 

The mighty promise shines ; 
Nor can the powers of darkness rase 
Those everlasting lines.] 

5 [He that can dash whole worlds to death, 

And make them when he please, 
He speaks, and that almighty breath 
Fulfils his ereat decrees. 


Praise to the Grod whose strong decrees 
Sway the creation as he please. 

i Praise to the goodness of the Lord 
Who rules his people bv his word, 
knd there as strong as his decrees 
He sets his kindest promises. 

3 [Firm are the words his prophets give, 
Sweet words on which his children live; 
Each of them is the voice of Grod, 

Who spake and spread the skies abroad. 

4 Each of them powerful as that sound 
That bid the new-made world go round; 
And stronger than the solid poles 

On which the wheel of nature rolls.] 

5 Whence then should doubts and fears arise? 
Why trickling sorrows drown our eyes? 
Slowly, alas, our mind receives 

The comforts tiiiat our Maker gives. 

6 for a strong, a lasting faith, 

To credit what th' Almightv saith ! 
T' embrace the message of nis Son, 
And call the joys of heaven our own. 

7 Then i^ould the earth's old pillars shake, 
And all the wheels of nature break. 

Oar steady souls would fear no more 
Than solia rocks when billows roar. 

S Our everlasting hopes arise 
Above the ruinable skies, 
Where the eternal Builder reigns, 
Aod hiB own court his power sustains. 


mHynm 51. B. 9. L. M. 
• Offd the Son equal wah the Ihiher. 

1 pRIGHT King of gloiy, dreadful God! 
U Otur spirits bow before thy seat. 

To thee we lift an huiMble though^ 
And worship at thine awAil feet. 

2 [Thy power hath formed, thy wisdom sways 
All nature with a sovereign word ; 

210 CHRIST. 

And the bright world of stare obeys 
The will of their superior Lord.] 

3 Mercy and truth unite in one, 
And smihng sit at thy right hand; 
Eternal justice guards thy throne, 

And vengeance wails thy dread command,] 

4 A thousand seraphs strong and bright 
Stand round the glorious Deity; 
But who amongst the sons of light 
Pretends comparison with thee! 

5 Yet there is one of human frame, 
Jesus, array'd in flesh and blood, 
Thinks it no robbery to claim 

A full equality with God. 

6 Their glory shines with equal beams; 
Their essence is for ever one. 
Though they are known by different i 
The Father God, and God the Son. 

7 Then let the name of Christ our King 
With equal honours be ador'd; 
His praise let every angel sing, 
AtiH all thR Tiatlnna nwn thpir T-orH 


How fbll of truth! howfiillof gnoe! 
When throagh his flesh tiie Godhead shone. 
6 An^angels leave their high abode 
To leam new mysteries here^and tell 
The lore of our descending Crod, 
The glories of Immanuel. 

1 VrOW to the Lord a noble song! 

11 Awake, my soul, awake, my tongoe; 

Hosanna to iji' eternal name, 

And all his boundless love proclaixn. 

2 See where it shines in Jesus' face, 
The brightest image of his grace; 
God, in the person of his Son, 

Haa all his mightiest works outdone. 

3 The siiacious earth and spreading flood 
Proclaim the wwe, the powerfulGod ; 
And thy rich glories from afar 
Sparkle in every rolling star. 

4 But in his looks a glory stands, 
The noblest labour of thine hcmds: 
The pleasing lustre of his eyes 
Outshines the wonders of the skies. 

5 Grace, 'tis a sweet, a charming theme; 
My thoughts rejoice at Jesus' name: 
Ye angefi, dwell upon &e sound. 

Ye heavens, reflect it to the ground I 

6 0, may I live to reach the place 
Where he unveils his lovely face, 
Where all his beauties you behold. 
And sing his name to harps of gold ! 

£i1 A Hjmn 99. B. 1. tit Put. L. H. 

•Al^a Cirul tht ttemoi Lift, Rom. ix. 5. 

1 TESUS our Saviour and our God, 
•f Aixay'd in majesty and blood. 
Thou art our life ; our souls in thee 
Possess a fiill feUcity. 

2 All our immortal hopes are laid 
In thee our surety and our head : 
Thy cross, thy cradle, and thy throne, 
A» big with glories yet unkiumrn. 



3 Let atheists scoff, and Jews blaspheme 
Th' etern2il life and Jesus' name; 

A word of thy almighty breath 
Dooms the rebellious world to death. 

4 But let mv soul for ever lie 
Beneath the blessings of thine eye: 
'Tis heaven on earth, 'tis heaven above 
To see thy face and taste thy love. 



BEHOLD, the grace appears. 
The promise is fulmt'd; 
Mary the wondrous virgin bears, 
And Jesus is the child. 
1 [The Lord, the highest God, 
Calls him his only Son ; 
lie bids him rule the lands abroad, 
And gives him David's throne. 


With the celestial hosts we join, 
And loud repeat their songs : 

9 ' Glorr to God on high, 

'And hMTenly peace on earth, 
'Good-will to men, to angels joy, 
'At our Redeemer's birth.'] 

01 C HTmn4. B. 1. Isi'Part, CM. 

*10. Tht Nalivity of ChrUt, Lake ii. 10, *c. 

1 OHEPHERDS ! rejoice, lift up your eye*. 
O And send your fears away ; 
News from the regions of the skies, 
' Salvation's born to-day. 

5 'Jesos, the God whom angels fear, 

'Comes down to dwell with you; 
'To-day he makes his entrance here, 
'But not as monarchs do. 

3 'No gold nor purple swaddling bands, 

' Nor TGTal shining things ; 
'A manger for liis cradle stands, 
' And ndds the King of kings. 

4 'Oo. shepherds, where the in&nt lies, 

' Ai^ see his humble throne ; 

'With tears of joy in all your eyes, 

'Go, shepherds, kiss the Son.' 

6 Thus Gabriel sang, and straight around , 

The heavenly armies throng, J 

Tliey tune their harps to loi^y sound, ^ 

And thus conclude the song : 

6 'Glory to God that reigns above, 

'Let peace surrounathe eMth; 
'Mortals shall know their Midcers love, 
'At their Redeemer's birth.' 

7 Lord, and shall angels have their songs, 

And men no tunes to raise! 
may we lose our useless tongues 
When they forget to praise. 

8 Glrary to God that reigns above, 

That pitied us forlorn, 
We join to sing our Maker's lore, 
For &ere't a Saviour bom. 



I npiHE Lord is come, the heavens proclaim 
JL His birth; the nations leain his name: 
An unknown star directs the road 
Of eastern sages to their God. 

Q All ye bright arniie? of the skies. 
Go, worship where the Saviour lies: 
Angels and kings before him bow, 
Those gods on high, and gods below. 

3 Let idols totter to the ground, 
And their own worshippers confound; 
But Judah shout, but Zion sing, 
And oarth confess her sovereign King. 

0-| Q HTmn 60. B. 1. L. H. 

/6M.O* 7^ Fh^nMan'M Song! or,lktMaiiak tmn 
Lake i. 46, &«. 

1 ^^U^ soul shall magnify the Lord, 
Vf In God the Saviour we rejoice; 
While we repeat the virgin's song. 
May the same Spirit tune our voice. 


Of Q Hymn 135. B. S. L. M. 

«lt/« T^pa tmi Prophidu of Ckriai. 

I TIEHOLD the woman's promis'd seed! 
Jj Behold the great Messiah come ! 
Behold the prophets all agreed 
To give him the superior room ! 

3 Abra'm the saint rejoic'd of old, 
When visions of the Lord he saw : 
Moses the man of God foretold 
This great fiilfiller of his law. 

3 The types bore witness to his name, 
Obtain d their chief design^ and ceas'd ; 
The incense and the bleeding lamb, 
The ark, the altar, and the priest. 

4 Predictions in abundance meet 

To join their blessings on his head ; 

Jesus, we worship at thy feet, 

And nations own the promis'd seed. 

QOA Hymn 136. B. S. L. M. 

«4U« MuraekM at the Birth of Christ. 

1 nnHE King of Glory sends his Son 

y To make his entrance on this earth ! 
Behold the midnight bright as noon. 
And heavenly hosts declare his birth ! 

2 About the young Redeemer's head 
What wonders and what glories meet ! 
An nnknown star arose, and led 

The eastern sages to his feet. 

3 Simeon and Anna both conspire 
The mfant-Sayiour to proclaim ; 
Inward thev felt the sacred fire. 

And bless'd the babe, and own'd his nam« 

4 Let Jews and Greeks blaspheme aJoud^ 
And treat the holv child with scorn; 
Our souls adore tn' eternal God 

Who condescended to be bom. 

OOI Pnlm 98. dd Part C. M. 

^'^l* Tf^ Memak'g Coming and Singdm^ 

I TOYfto the world; the Lord is come; 
tf I>et earth receive her King; 
Let every heart prepare him room, 
And heaven and nature sing. 


S Joy to the earth, the Saviour reigns; 
Let men their songs emplor : 
While fields uid floods, rocks, hillB, and plains 
Repeat the sounding joy. 

3 No more let sins and sorrows grow, 

Nor thoms infest the ground ; 
He comes to make his blessings flow 
Fdx as the curse is found. 

4 He rules the world with truth and grao^ 

And makes the nations prove 
The glories of his righteousness, 

And wonders of his love. 
OOO Paalra 96. vei. I. 10, &e. G. H. 

A£l£l* Clinil'i Firtt and Seamd Coming, 

\ CING to the Lord, ye distant lands, 
(j Ye tribes of every tongue; 
His new discover'd graoe demands 
A new and nobler song. 
2 Say to the nations, Jesus reigns, 
God's own almighty Son ■ 
His power the sinking «'orla sustains, ^ 

And grace surrounds his throne. 


2 His presence sinks the proudest hills, 

And makes the valleys rise ; 
The humble soul enjoys his smiles, 
The haughty sinner dies. 

3 The heavens his rightful power proclaim; 

The idol-gods around 
Fill their own worshippers with shame, 
And totter to the ground. 

4 Adoring angels at his birth 

Make the Redeemer known ; 
Thus shall he come to judge the earth. 
And angels guard his throne. 

5 His foes shall tremble at his sight, 

And hills and seas retire ; 
His children take their unknown flight. 
And leave the world on fire. 

6 The seeds of joy and glory sown 

For saints m darkness here. 
Shall rise and spring in worlds unknown, 
And a rich harvest bear. 


QQi Hymn 103. B.2. CM. 

^^^t* Chrisi*9 Commistion, John iii. 16« 17* 

1 I^OME, happy souls, approach your Grod 
yJ With new melodious songs; 

Come, reader to almighty grace 
The tribute of your tongues. 

2 So strange, so boundless was the love 

That pitied dying men, 
The Father sent his equal Son 
To give them life again. 

3 Thy hands, dear Jesus, were not arm'd 

With a revenging rod, 
No hard commission toJ)erform 
The vengeance of a God. 

4 But all was mercy, all was mild, 

And wrath forsook the throne. 
When Christ on the kind errand came, 
And brought salvation down. 

5 Here, sinners, you may heal yotfr wounds. 

Am wipe your sorrows dry ; 

.218 LIFE 

Trust in the mighty Saviour's name, 

And you shall never die. 
6 See, dearest Lord, our willing souls 

Accept thine offer'd eraca ; 
We bless the great Redeemer's love, 

And give the Father praise. 

OOK Hymn 104. B. 2. S. M. 

^^9. The «inu!. 

1 Tl AISE your triumphant songs 
m\ To an immortal tune, 

Let the wide earth resound the deeds 
Celestial grace has done. 

2 Sing how eternal love 
Its chief beloved chose, 

And bid him raise our wretched race 
From their abyss of woes. 

3 His hand no thunder bears, 
No terror clothes his brow, 

No bolts to drive our guilty souls 
To fiercer flames below. 

4 'Twas mercy fill'd the throne. 

II cuHurr. 219 

3 Cold mountains and the midnight air 
Witness'd ike fervour (rfthy prayer; 
The desert thy temptations knew, 
Thy condict and thy victory too. 

4 Be thou my pattom ; make me hear 
More of thy gracious image here; 

Then God the judge shall own my name 
Amongst the followers of the Lamh. 

OO'T Hymn US. B. 3. L. M. 

«« I ■ ^P^ niinulering to CiritI attd SaMt. 

' ^REAT God, to what a glorious height 
" ■ Hast thou advanc'd the Lord thy Son ! 


Angels, in all their robes of light, 
Are made the servants of his throne. 
! Before his feet thine armies wait. 
And swift as flames of fire they more 
To manage his affairs of state, 
Iq works of vengeance and of love. 

3 His orders run through all the hosts, 
Legions descend at his command 

To shield and guard thy people's coasts 
When foreign rage invades the land. 

4 Now they are set to guide our feet 
Up to the gates of thine abode, 
Through all the dangers that we meet 
In travelling the heavenly road. 

5 Lord, when I leave this mortal ground, 
And thou shalt bid me rise and come, 
Send a beloved angel down. 

Safe to conduct my spirit home. 

OOQ Hymn 113. B. S. C. M. 

•«0* 7^ lanu. 

1 'PHE majesty of Solomon! 
■L How glorious to behold 

The servants waiting round his throne^ 
The ivory and the gold ! 

2 But. mighty God, thy palace shines 

With far superior beams ; 
Thine angel guards are swift as winds, 
Thy ministers are flames. 

3 [Soon as thine only Son had made 

His entrance on this eturth, 
A shining army downvmd lied 
I'o o^brate his birth. 


4 And when oppress'd with pains and tm*9 

On the com pvund he liesi 
Behold a heavenly form app^n 
T' allay his agonies.] 

5 Now to the hands of Christ our Kinf 

Are all their lemons given ; 
They wait upon his saints, and bring 
His chosen heirs to heaven. 

6 Pleasure and praise run through their hoit 

To see a sinner turn; 
That Satan has a captive lost, 
And Christ a subject bom. 

7 But there's an hour of brighter joy 

When he his angel sends 

Obstinate rebels to destroy, 

And gather in his friends. 

8 O could I say, without a doubt. 

There shall my soul be found, 
Then let the great archangel shout, 
And the last trumpet sound. 


They curse him with a slanderoi -^ 

And the false judge maintains the ' 

6 His life they load with hateful lies,' ^ 
And charge his lips with blasphemies 
They nailhim to the shamefiil tree; ' „ 
There hung the man that died for me. 

7 [Wretches, with hearts as hard as stones. 
Insult his pietv and groans : 

Gall was the food they gave him there, 
And mock'd his thirst with vinegar.] 

8 But God beheld ; and from his throne 
Marks out the men that hate his Son; 
The hand that rais'd him from the dead 
Shall pour out vengeance on their liead. 

nOfk Pralm 69. Ut Psrt. \.. M. 

^in/a Ckriifi Pamim and Simitr't Sakatim. 

1 T|EEP in our hearts let us record 
MW The deeper sorrows of our Lord; 
Behold the rismg billows roll 

To overwhelm his holy soul. 

2 In long complaints he spends his breath, 
While hosts of hell, and powers of death, 
Aod all the sons of malice join 

To execnte their curs'd design. 

3 Yet, gracious God, thy power and love 
Have made the curse a blessing prove; 
Those dreadful sufferings of thy Son 
Aton'd for sins which we had done. 

* The pangs of our expiring Lord 
The honours of thy law restor'd ; 
His sorrows made thy justice known, 
And paid for follies not his own. 

5 for his sake our guilt forgive, 
And let the mourning sinner live. 
The Lord will hear us in his name. 
Nor shall our hope be turn'd to shame. 

0*)1 Pnim B9. ver. 1—14. lat Pin. C. H. 

«01. TTuSiiffinngti^Chrul/in-ourSahatUm. 

1 (OAVE me, O God, the swelling floods 
O ' Break in upon my soul; 
'I sinlc, Bnd sorrows o'er my head 
' Like mighty waters roll. 



■cry till all my voice be gone, 
' In tears I waste the day : 
My God, behold my longing eyes, 
' And shorten thy delay, 

3 'They hate my soul without a cause, 

' And still their number grows 
' More than the hairs around my head, 
' And mighty are my foes. 

4 ' 'Twas then I paid that dreadful debt 

' That men could never pav, 
' And gave those honours to tliy law 

' Which sinners took away.' 
6 Thus, in the great Messiah's name, 

The royal prophet mourns; 
Thus he awaVes our hearts to grief, 

And gives us joy by turns. 

6 ' Now shall the saints rejoice and find 

' Salvation in my name, 
' For I have borne their hea^^y load 
' Of sorrow, pain, and shame. 

7 ' Grief, like a garment, cloth'd rae round, 

' And sackclotii was my dress, 


OOO ^9^^ ^' 14-^91. 96. 99. 89. 9d Part. O. M. 
TCO^m nt PoMtbii and EamlUiiian ^ CkriH. 

1 T^OW let our lips with holy feax 
Jl^ And mourntiil pleasure sing 
The suflferings of our ff reat High*priest, 

The sorrows of our King. 

2 He sinks in floods of deep distress; 

How high the waters rise ! 
While to his heavenly Father's ear 
He sends perpetual cries. 

3 * Hear me, Lord, and save ihy Son, 

* Nor hide thy shining face ; 

' Why should tny favourite look like one 

* Forsaken of thy grace? 

4 * With rage they persecute the man 

* That groans beneath thy wound, 

* While for a sacrifice I pour 

* My life upon the ground. 

5 * They tread my honour to the dust, 

* And laugh when I complain ; 

* Their sharp insulting slanders add 

* Fresh anguish to my i>ain. 

6 * All my reproach is known to th6e, 

' The scandal and the shame ; 
' Reproach has broke my bleeding heart, 

* And lies defil'd my name. 

7 * I look'd for pity, but in vain; 

* My kindred are ray grief: 

' I ask my friends for comfort round, 

* But ineet with no relief 

8 * With vinegar they mock my thirst; 

* They gave me gall for food: 

' And sporting with my dving groans, ^ 

* They triumph in my blood. 

9 ' Shine into my distressed soul, 

* Let thy compassion save ; 

' And though my flesh sink down to deatht 
' Redeem it from the grave. 

10 ' I shall arise to praise thy name, 

' Shall reiffn in worlds unknown; 
' And thy salvation, O my God, 
' ShaU seat me on thy throne.' 


aVTFmXSQB, &c. 


Pnlm 98. nr. 1—16. IM Part C. H. 

\ i "Vl/TIY has my God ray soul foraoc^ 
T T ' Nor will a smile afford V 
(Thus David once in angiuish spoke. 
And thus our dying Lord.) 

2 Though 'tis thy chief dehght to dwell 

Among thy praising saints, 
Yet thou canst hear a groan as well, 
And pity our complaints. 

3 Our fathers trusted in thy name, 

And great deliverance found; 

But I'm a worm, despis'd of men, 

And trodden to the ground. 

4 Shaking the head they pass me hy. 

And laugh my soul to scorn; 
'In vain he^trusts in God,' they oiy, 

' Neglected and forlorn.' 
6 But thou art he who form'd my flesb 

By thine almighty word ; 
And since I hung upon the breast. 

My hope is in the Lord. 


11 My heart dissolvM with t)ang8 unknown, 

In ffroans I waste my oreath; 
Thy heavy hand has brought me down 
Low as the dust of death. 

12 Father, I give my spirit up, 

And trust it in thy hand : 
My dying flesh shall rest in hope, 
Ana rise at thy command. 

QQ/I Hyui 43. B. 1. Itt Part. L. M. 

^04:« JSdu* war Sftr^y and Saviour^ I Peter L 18* 

Gal. 111. Id. Rom. iv. S5 

1 A DAM our Father and our head 

jt\, Transgress'd. and justice doom'd us dea4 
The fiery law speaks all despair : 
There's no reprieve nor pardon there. 

2 But, O ! unutterable grace, 

The Son of God takes Adam's place, 
Down to our world the Saviour flies. 
Stretches his arms, and bleeds and dies. 

3 Justice was pleas'd to bruise the God, 
And pay its wrongs with heavenly blood : 
What unknown racks and pangs he bore ! 
Then rose; the law could ask no more. 

4 Amazing work! look down, ye skies. 
Wonder and gaze with all your eyes : 
Ye heaA^enly thrones, stoop from above, 
And bow to this mysterious love. 

ft Lo! they adore th' incarnate Son, 

And sing the glories he hath won, i 

Sing how he broke our iron chains. 
How deep he sunk, how high he reigns. 

6 Triumph and reign, victorious Lord, 
By all the flaming hosts ador'd ; 
And say, dear Conqueror, say how long, 
Ere we shall rise to join their song. 

7 Send down a chariot from above. 
With fierv wheels, and pav'd with love, 
Raise us bevond th' ethereal blue. 
To sing and love as angels do. 

OQf( ^Z"'*^ ^ ^^ ^' ^' ^' ^« 

iCfOOm ChritPs Jkaik^ Vkhry^ and DommUm. 

I T SING my Saviour's wondrous death; 
X He conquer'd when he fell : 


'Tisfinish'd, said his dyini; breath, 
And shook the gates of hell. 

2 'Tisfinish'd, our Immanuel cries. 

The dreadful work is done; 
Hence shall his sovereign throne arise, * 

His kingdom is begun. 

3 His cross a sure foundation laid 

For glory and renown, 
When through the regions of the dead }^ 

He pass'd to reach the crown. t 

4 Exalted at his Father's side 

Sits our victorious Lord; 
To heaven and hell his hands divide 
The vengeance or reward. 

5 The saints from his propitious eye .i | 

Await their several crowns, 
And all the sons of darkness fly t 

The terror of his frowns. ; 

OQ£» Psalm Ifi. an Pan. I.. M. • \ 

,ftOO. Chritl'i Atl-augidtney, 

1 "IJfO^^ ff'sl their guilt and sorrows ri«e, ' 


' Mr heart and tongue their joys express 
'My flesh shall rest in hope. 

2 *My spirit, Lord, thou wilt not leare 

* where souls departed are ; 

* Nor quit my body to the grave 

* To see corruption there. 

3 * Thou wilt reveal the path of life, 

* And raise me to thy throne ; 

' Thv courts immortal pleasure give, 

* Thy presence joys unknown.' 

4 [Thus in the name of Christ, the Lord, 

The holy David sung, 
And Provicience fulfils the word 
Of his prophetic tongue. 

5 Jesus, whom every saint aiiores, 

Was crucified and slain ; 
Behold the tomb its prey restores, 
Behold, he lives again ! 

6 When shall my feet arise and stand 

On heaven's etomal hills ! 
There sits the Son at God's right hand, 
And ^ere the Father smiles.] 

OOQ Hymn 76. B. 3. C. M. 

^Oo« T%e Reaurreetion and Jseennon of Christ, 

1 If OSANNA to the Prince of Light 
-IX That cloth'd himself in clay, 
Enter'd the iron gates of death, 

And tore the bars away. 

2 Death is no more the king of dread 

Since our Immanuel rose, 
He took the tvrant's sting away. 
And spoil'a our hellish foes. 

3 See how the Conqueror mounts aloft, 

And to his Father flies, 
With scars of honour in his flesh, 
And triumph in his eyes. 

4 There our exalted Saviour reigns, 

And scatters blessings down. 
Our Jesus fills the middle seat 
Of the celestial throne. 

fi [Kaise your devotion, mortal tongues 
To reach his blessed abode, 


Sweet be the accents of your songs i^ 

To our incarnate God. 
6 Bright angels, strike your loudest strings, ■ 

Your sweetest voices raise, 
Let heaven and all created things 

Sound our Immanuel's praise.] 

OQQ Hymn aG. B. 1. C. M. 

/60Ua Hope of Hravrn by l/u Haurrection of Chritt, 
I Pel. i. 3—5. 

1 T|LESS'D be the everlasting God, 
M3 The Father of our Lord. 

Be his abounding mercy prais d, 
His majesty ador'd, 

2 "When from the dead he rais'd his Son, 

And call'd him to the skv. 

He gave our souls a lively hope 

That they should never die. 

3 What though our inbred sins require . 

Our flesh to see thw dust! 
Yet as the Lord our Saviour rose 
So all his followers must. 

4 There's an inheritance divine ; 


4 H^nee and for ever from my heart 
I bid my doubts and fears depart, 
And to those hands mv soul resign, 
Which bear credentials so divine. 


Q/l 1 Ptalm 9. L. M. 

^4x • CMtf9 Deatkf MetwreeUenf and Jbeen^an. 

1 \}|7HY did the Jews proclaim their rage? 

▼ ▼ The Romans why their swords emplc 
Against the Lord their powers engage 
His dear Anointed to destroy? 

2 ' Come let us break his bands/ they say, 

* This man shall never give us laws/ 
And thus they cast his yoke away. 
And nail'd the monarch to the cross. 

3 But Grod, who high in glory reigns, 
Laughs at their pride, their rage controls; 
He'll vex their hearts with inward pains, 
And speak in thunder to their souls. 

4 ' I will maintain the King I made 

* On Zion's everlasting hill, 

' My hand shall bring him from the dead, 
' And he shall stand your sovereign still.' 

5 [His wondrous rising from the earth 
Makes his eternal Godhead known ; 
The Lord declares his heavenly birth, 

* This day have I begot my Son. 

6 ' Ascend, my Son, to my right hand, 

* There thou shalt ask, and f bestow 

' The utmost bounds of heathen lands : 
' To thee the northern isles shall bow.'] 

7 But nations that resist his grace 
Shall fall beneath his iron stroke ; 
His rod shall crush his foes with ease, 
As potters' earthen work is broke. 


8 Now ye that sit on earthly thrones. 

Be wise, and serve the Lord, the Lamb; 
Now at nis feet submit your crowns. 
Rejoice and tremble at his name. 

With hmnUe love address the Son, 
Lest he grow angry and ye die; 


His wrath will bum to worlds unknown,' 
If ye provoke his jealousy. 
10 His storms shall drive you quick to hell» 
He is a God, and ye bat dust; 
Happy the souls that know him well, 
And make his grace their only trust 

1 'T^HIS spacious earth is all the Lord's, 

X And men, and worms, and beasts, and Uxda^ 
He rais'd the buildine on the seas, 
And gave it for their dweUing-plaoe. 

2 But there's a brighter world on high, 
Thy palace, Lord, above the sky : 
Who shall ascend that blest abode. 
And dwell so near his maker God* 

3 He that abhors and fears to sin. 

Whose heart is pure, whose hands dxe cleaa. 
Him shall the Lord the Saviour bless, 
And clothe his soul with righteousness. 

4 These are the men, the pious race 

That seek the God of Jacob'^ face; *" 

These shall eniov the blissful sight. 


2 Jesus our God ascends on high; 

His heavenly guards around 
Attend him rising through the sky, 
With trumpet's joyful sound. 

3 While angels shout and praise their Kixig, 

Let mortals learn their strains; 
Let all the earth his honours sing; 
O'er all the earth he reigns. 

4 Rehearse his praise with awe profound, 

Let knowledge lead the song, 
Nor mock him with a solemn sound 
Upon a thoughtless tongue. 

5 In Israel stood his ancient throne, 

He lov'd that chosen race: 
But now he calls the world nis own, 
And heathens taste his grace. 

6 The Gentile nations are the Lord's, 

There Abraham's God is known, 
While powers and princes, shields and sword 
Submit before his throne. 

C%4 A Pralm 6S. Ter. 17, 18. 3d Part. L. M. 

A^h^m Chrui'8 JMcenmon^ and the Gift of tht Sptnt. 

1 T ORD, when thou didst ascend on high, 
Ml Ten thousand angels fill'd the skjr ; 
Those heavenly guards around thee wait, 
Like chariots that attend thy state. 

2 Not Sinai's mountain could appear 
More glorious when the Lord was there; 
While he nronounc'd his dreadful law. 
And strucK the chosen tribes with awe. 

3 How bright the triumph none can tell, 
When the rebellious powers of hell 
That thousand souls had captive made. 
Were all in chains like captives led. 

4 Rais'd by his Father to the throne. 
He sent tl^e promis'd Spirit down. 
With gifts and grace for rebel men, 
That God might dwell on earth again. 

Ovl (C Hymn 141. B. 1. S. M. 

^4tJ* 7%€ BitmUiahm and Exaiiation of Ckriti^ 

\m. 1-^. ia-19. 

1 \?|^0 l^M bebev'd thy word, 
T T Or thy salvation known? 

£32 ASChNSlON 

Reveal thine arm, almighty Lord, 
And glorify thy Son. 
I The Jews eateera'd him here 
Too mean for their belief; 
Sorrows his chief acquaintance were. 
And his companion, grief, 
i They turn'd their eyes away, 
And treated him with scom; 
But 'twas their Kncf tipon him lay, 
Their sorrows he has borne. 
I 'Twas for the stubborn Jews, 
And Gentiles then unknown, 
The God of justice pleas'd to bruise 
His best beloved Son. 
i ' But I'll prolong his days, 

' And make his kingdom stand, 
' My pleasure (saith the God of grace) 
' Shall prosper in his hand. 
1 [' His joyful soul shall see 
' The purchase of his pain^ 
' And by his knowledge justify 


His life and blood the Shepherd pays 
A ransom for the flock. 

4 His honour and Ms breath 
Were taken both away ; 

Joined with the wicked m his death, 
And made as vile as they. 

5 But God shall raise his head 
O'er all the sons of men, 

And make him see a numerous seed 
To recompense his i>ain. 

6 ' m give him (saith the Lord) 
' A nortion with the strong ; 

' He shall possess a large reward, 
' And hold his honours long.' 

0>17 Htoih 37. B. 1. 1st Part L. M. 

^4 1 • Ckrut§ JuumiUation^ Exaltation^ and TMumph^ 
Phil. ii. 8, 9. Mark xv. 20. 24. 29. Col. it. 15. 

1 npHE mighty frame of glorious grace, 

X That onghtest monument of praise 
That e'er the God of love designed, 
Employs and fills my labouring mind. 

2 Begin, my soul, the heavenly song, 
A burden for an angel's tongue, 

When Gabriel sounds these awful things. 
He tunes and summons all his strings. 

3 Proclaim inimitable love, 
Jesus the Lord of worlds above 
Pute off the beams of bright array, 
And veils the God in mortal clay. 

4 What black reproach defil'd his name, 
When with our sins he took our shame! 
He whom adoring angels blest. 

Is made the impious rebel's jest. 

6 He that distributes crowns and thrones, , 
Hangs on a tree, and bleeds and groans, 
The Prince of Life resigns his breath, 
The King of Glory bows to death. 

6 But see the wonders of his power, 
He triumphs in his dving hour ; 
And. while by Satan s rage he fell 
He dash'd the rising hopes of helL 

^ Thus wees the hosts of death subdu'd, 
And sin was dxown'd in Jesus' blood; 



Thus he arose and reigns above, 
And conquers sinners oy his love. 
8 Who shall fulfil this boundless song? 
The theme surmounts an angel's tongne: 
How low, how vain, are mortal airs, 
When Gabriel's nobler harp despairs. 

<£4:0* CArti/'t aging, riiirtg, and reigning. Lake XzUi. 

27. 39. 44 — Iti. Mail, xxvii. 50. ST. xxniji. e, tu. 

1 "UEdies! the friend of sinners dies! 

JX Lo! Salem's daughters weep around, | 

A solemn darkness veils the skies, 

A sudden trembUng shakes the ground. 

3 Come; saints, and drop a tear or two 
For him who groan'd beneath your load; 
He shed a thousand drops for you, ^ 

A thousand drops of richer blood. 

3 Here's love and grief beyond degi'ee, 
The Lord of Glorv dies for men! 
Butlo! what sudden joys we see, . , 
Jesus the dead revives again! 

4 The rising God forsakes the tomb! ■ m 


8 rDown to this boM, this sinful earth 
He came to raise our nature high! 
He came t' atone almighty wrath ; 
Jesus the God was born to die.] 

4 [Hell and its lions roar'd around, 
His precious blood the monsters spilt^ 
Whue weighty sorrows press'd hnn downt 
Large as the loads of all our guilt] 

5 Deep in the shades of gloomy death 
Th' almighty Captive prisoner lay. 
Th' almighty Captive left the earth 
And rose to everlasting day. 

6 Lift up jour eyes, ve sons of light. 
Up to nub throne of shining ^ce, 
See what immortal glories sit 
Round the sweet beauties of his Ihce. 

7 Amongst a thousand harps and songs 
Jesus the God exalted reisns, 

His sacred name fills all their tongues. 
And echoes through the heavenly plains! 

^S/\ Psalm 8. C. M. 

^£9vr« €Mii*s Cmdtteamon and Ghnifieaiiont or, Qod 

made Man, 

1 £\ LORD, our Lord, how wondrous great 
\J Is thine exalted name ! 

The glories of thy heavenly state 
Let men and babes proclaim. 

2 When I behold thy works on high, 

The moon that rules the nigh^ 
And stars that well adorn the sky, 
Those moving worlds of light ; 

3 Lord, what is maiL or all his race, 

Who dwells so far below, 
That thou shouldst visit him with grace^ 
And love his nature so! 

4 That thine eternal Son should bear 

To take a mortal form, 
Made lower than his angels are, 
To save a dying worm ! 

5 [Yet while he liv'd on earth unknown. 

And men would not adore, 
Th' obedient seas and fishes own 
His Godhead and his power. 


6 The waves lay spread beneath his feet ; 

And fish, at his command, 
Bring their large shoals to Peter's net, 
And tribute to his hand. 

7 These lesser glories of the Son 

Shone through the fleshy cloud; 
Now we behold him on his throne, 

And men confess him God] 
S Let him be crown'd with majesty 

Who bow'd his head to death" 
And be his honours sounded high, 

By all things that have breath. 
9 Jesus, our Lord, how wondrous great 

Is thine exalted name! 
The glories of thy heavenly state 

Let the whole earth proclaim. 

CJXt Hymn 83, B. 3. CM. 

^O 1 • The Paawn and Exaltalian of Chriil. 

1 ^pHUS saith the Ruler of the skies, 
i ' Awake, my dreadful sword; 
' Awakej my wrath, and smite the mao 


TiB Christ the everlaatiiig Godt 
And Christ the man we sing. 

2 Tell how he took onr flesh 
To take away our guilti 

Sinff the dear drops of sacred bk)od 
That hellish monsters spilt 

3 TAlas! Hie cruel spear 
Went deep into his side. 

And the rich flood of purple gore 
Their murderous weapons dyed.] 

4 rriie waves of swelling grief 
Did o'er his bosom rollj 

And mountains of almighty wrath 
Lay heavy on his soul.] 

5 Down to the shades of death 
He bow'd his awful headt 

Yet he arose to live and reign 
When death itself is deaa. 

6 No more the bloody spear, 
The cross and nails no more ; 

For hell itself shakes at his name, 
And all the heavens adore. 

7 There the Redeemer sits 
High on the Father's throne ; 

The Father lays his vengeance by, 
And simles up(m his Son. 

8 There his full glories shine 

With uncreated rays, 
And bless his saints' and angels' eyes 
To everlasting days. 

OCQ Ptalii 31. Tw. 1—9. L. M. 

^OOm Chriit exalted to the JBmgthm. 

1 TIAVTD rejoic'd in God Ids strength, 
MJ Rais'd to the throne by special grace; 
But Christ, the Son, appears at length. 
Fulfils the triumph ana the praise. 

2 How great is the Messiah's joy 
In the salvation of thv hand! 

Lord, thou hast rais'd his kingdom higlV, 
And given the world to Ida command. 
S Tbyfoodness grants irhate'er he wilL 
Nor aoib the least request wilSbiht^ 


Blessings of love prevent Mm still. 
And cro\TO& of glory, not of gold. 

4 Honour and majesty divine 

Around his sacreJ temples shine; 
Blest with the favour of thy face, 
And length of everlasting days. 

5 Thy hand shall find out all his foes; 
And as a fiery oven glows 

"With raging heat ana living coals, 
So shall thy wrath devour their souls. 

OK A PBs'm **■ 20, 21. 27— 31. 2cl Part. C. M. 
aO'*, Chriil't Sfftringi and Kingdom. 

OW from the roaring lion's rage, 
' Lord, protect thy Son; 

" Nor leave thy darling to engage 
' The powers of hell alone 
2 Thus did our suffering Saviour pray, 
AVith mighty cries and tears; 

God heard Iiira iu that dreadful day, 
And chas'd away his fears. 



2 The JewB beheld him thus forlorn. 

And shook their heads and laugh'd in scon 

* He rescu'd others from the grave, 

* Now let him try himself to save. 

3 ' This is the man did once pretend 

* God was his father and his friend ; 
' If God tiie blessed lov'd him so, 

* Why doth he fail to help him now?' 

4 Barbarous people ! cruel priests ! 

How they stood round Uke savage beasts 1 

Like lions gaping to devour, 

When God had left him in their power. 

5 They wound his head, his hands, his feet» 
Till streams of blood each other meet; 
By lot his garments they divide, 

And mock the pangs in which he died* 

6 But God, his Father, heard his cry : 
Rais'd from the dead he reigns on high: 
The nations learn his righteousness. 
And humble sinners taste his grace. 

C%tLit PnloB 89. ir«r. 19, &c. 4th Part. C. M. 
i6vw« Chind*9 mediatorial Kingdom /orchis divine and 

human Nature, 

1 TTEAR what the Lord in vision said, 
MH And make his mercy known : 

* Sinners, behold your help is laid 

* On my almighty Son. 

2 * Behold the man my wisdom chose 

* Amonff your mortal race ; 

* His head my holy oil overflows, 

* The Spirit of my grace. 

3 ' High shall he reign on David's throne, 

* My people's better King • 

' My arm snail beat his rivals down, 
' And still new subjects bring. 

4 ' My truth shall guard him in his way, 

* With mercy by his side, 

' While in my name through earth and sea 

* He shall m triumph ride. 

5 ' Me for his Father and his Grod 

*He shall for ever own, 
' Call me his lock, his him abode» 
' And III support my Son. 

34() INTEECE86I0N 

6 ' My first-born Son airay'd in «no» 

' At my right hand shall sit;. 
' Beneath him angels know Uieir.pla<A 
' And moDarchs at his feet. 

7 ' My covenant stands for ever GaA, 

'My promises are strong; 
* Firm as the heavens his throne uall Ui 
' His seed endure as long.' 


I ipHE God Jehovah reigns, 

A Let all the na'ions fear, ' ' ' 

Let sinners tremble at his throne, 
And saints be humble there. 
i Jesus the Saviour reigns, . . / 

Let earth adore its Loni; , 

Bright cherubs his attendants Standi 
Swift to fulfil his word. ' .' 

3 In Zion is his throne, / 

His honours are divine; 
His rinin^h sii:dl m;ike his wonders knotxn, 


4 Now may our joyful tongoas 
Our Maker's honour sing, 

Jesus the priest receives our songs. 
And bears them to the King. 

5 [We bow before his fece, 
And sound his dories high, 

' Hosanna to the God of grace 

• That lays his thunder by.] 

6 ' On earth thv mercy reigns^ 

* And triumphs all aoove ;' 

But Lord, how weak are mortal straiM 
To sp^k immortal love ! 

7 [How jarring and how low 
Are all the notes we singl 

Sweeit Saviour, tune our sonss aaew, 
And they shall please the King.] 

C%e^€k Hymn 87. B. 3. C. M. 

jQOum Thi mme. 

1 X IFT up your eyes to th' heavenly sea 
JLi Where your Redeemer stays; 
Kind intercessor, there he sits, 

And loves, and pleads, and pra}^. 

2 'Twas welL ray soul, he died for thee, 

And shea his vital blood, 
Appeas'd stem justice on the tree. 
And then arose to Grod. 

3 Petitions now and praise mav rise, 

And saints their ofiferings bring, 
The Priest with his own sacrifice 
Presents them to the King. 

4 [Let papists trust what names they pleas 

Tfateir saints and angels boast; 
We've no such advocates as these, 
Nor pray to th' heavenly host] 

5 Jesus alone shall bear my chea 

Up to his Father's throne, 
He. dearest Lord! perfiimes my flis^s,* 
And sweetens every groan. 

6 [Ten thousand nraises to the King, 

Hosanna in the highest; 
Ten Acmaand thanks our spirits bring 
To God and to his Christ.] 


aCfk Hjoui 146. B. 1. G, U. .■' 

tOWJ, Clrutand.brm. 

lUen from BA, tU. wd Ix. 

1 TESTIS, in thee our eyes behold 
tf A thousand glories more 
Than the rich gems and polish'd gold 

The sons of Aaron wore. , i 

2 They first their own bumt-o£feriiigB bronilit 

To purge themselves from sin ; 
Thy life was pure without a spot, 

And a]l thy nature clean. ' , _ 

3 [Fresh blood as constant as the day . ' ' 

Was on their altar spilt; 
But thy one ofiering takes away 
For ever all our guilt.] 

4 [Their priesthood ran through s 

For mortal was their race; 
Thy never-changing office stands 

Eternal as thy days.] 
fi Once in the circuit of a year 

With blood, but not his own, 
Aaron within the veil appears 

Before the golden throne; 


Incense and »pice of costly names 
Would all be burnt in vain. 

3 Aaron must lay his robes away, 

lUs mitre and his vest, 
When God himself comes down to be 
The offering and the priest 

4 He took our mortal flesh to show 

The wonders of his love : 
For us he paid his life below. 
And prays for us above. 

5 ' Father (he cries), forgive their sins, 

* For I myself have died/ 
And then he shows his open'd veins, 
And pleads Ids wounded side. 

A/»o PmIbb S. 8. M. Translated aceordiiiff to the 
ZIO^ # diTine vtMm, Acts ir. 94, te. 

Chid ^fitigf rimng^ mteneding^ and nigmng* 

1 [IMTAKER and sovereign Lord 

ITJL ^Of heaven, and earth, and seasi 
Thy providence connrms thy word, 
And answers thy decrees. 

2 The things so long foretold 

By David are fulfiU'd, 
When Jews and Gentiles joined to slay 
Jesus, thine holy child.] 

3 Why did the Gentiles rage, 

And Jews with one accord 
Bend aU their counsels to destroy 
Th' anointed of the Lord? 

4 Rulers and kings agree 
To form a vain design ; 

Against the Lord their powers unite, 
Against his Christ they join. 

5 The Lord derides their rage, 
And will support his throne: 

He that hath rais'd him from the dead 
Hath own'd him for his Son. 


6 Now he's ascended high. 
And asks to rule the Mrm; 

The merit of his blood he pleads. 
And pleads his heavenly birth. 


7 He asks^ and God bestowi 

A laree mheritance; 
Far as the world's remotest ends 

His kingdom shall advaooe. 

The DaticuB that rebel 

Must feel his iron rod; 
He'll vindicate those honours w^ 

Which he receiv'd from God. 

Be wise, ye rulers, now, 

And worship at his throne: 


With trembUng joy, 
To God's exalted i 

'e people, bow 

iO If once his wrath <irise, 
Ye perish on the place ; 
Then blessed is the soul that flies 
For refuge to his grace.] 

OCQ Psalm 2. C. M. 

.*DO. TTie tame. 

1 "VS/HY did the nations join to slay 
▼ ▼ The Lord's anointed Son? 



c%g9 M Hymn IS. B. 1. L. M. 

JBNfdnn ofCkritt^ In. ix. 9. 6, 7. 

1 ^TVIE lands that loi]|r in darkness lay 

X Now have beheld a heavenly light; 
Nations that sat in death's cdd shade 
Are bless'd with beams divinely brifl^t 

2 The yirmn's promised Son is boni, 
Behold the eiqpected child anpear: 
WhfKt shall his names or titles be? 
The Wonderful, the Coimsellor. 

3 This in&nt is the mighty God 
Come to be suckled and ador'd: 
Th' eternal Father, Prince of Peacei 
The Son of David, and his Lord. 

4 The government of earth and seas 
Upon his shoulders shall be laid; 
HIb wide dominions shall increase, 
And honours to his naime be paid. 

5 Jesus the hohr child shall sit 
Hi^ on his mther David's throne. 
Shall crush his foes beneath his feet, 
And reign to ages yet unknown. 

rw^C Hymn 1S9. B. 9. C. M. 

ZnO. Tie Ojfieet of Chritt. 

1 1A7E bless the Prophet of the L<nrd, 

TV That comes with truth and grace: 
JesnSy atiY Spirit and thy word 
Shall lead us in thy ways. 

2 We reverence our Hi^h-priest above, ') 

Who offered up his blood, f : 

And lives to carry on his love, 
By ideading with our Grod. 

3 We honour our exalted King^ 

How sweet are his commands? 
Heguaids our souls fix>m heU and sin 
By his almighty hands. 

4 Hosanna to his glorious name, 

Who saves by different ways; 
ffitf mMrdes lay a sovereign claim 
To onr immortal praise. 

X 9 


.&t>0» Chanulert a) 

TTunga, in Seripturt. 

1 1^ 0, worship at Immanuers feet, <, 
W See in nis face what wonders meet; '* 
Earth is too narrow to express 

His worth, his glory, or his grace. ( 

2 [The whole creation can afford 

But some faint shadows of my Lord : 
Nature, to make his beauties known, 
Must mingle colours not her own.] * 

3 [Is he eompar'd to mine or hrtad? 
Dear Lord, oar souls would thus be fed; 
That flesh, that dying blood of thine, 

Is bread of life, is heavenly wine.] • 

4 [Is he a trm? The world receives 
Salvation from his healing leaves' 

That righteous branch, that fruitnil boui^ 
Is David's root and offspring too,] • 

fi [Is he a Tosel Not Sharon yields 

Such fragrancy in all her fields : ^ 

Or if the lily he assunoe, ^ 


11 [Is he a fwy? He leads to Gk)d» 
The path is drawn in lines of blood; 
There would I walk with hope and xeal» 
Till I arrive at Sion's hill.] 

12 ris he a doorf I'll enter in; 
Behold the pastures large and green, 
A paradise diidnely &ir, 

None but the sheep have freedom there.] 

13 ris he designed a comer-stone^ 

For men to build their heaven upon? 
Ill make him my foundation too. 
Nor fear the plots of hell below.] 

14 rb he a tempk? I adore 

Th' indwelling majesty and power; 
And still to this most holy place. 
Whene'er I pray, I turn my face.] 

15 ris he a star ? He breaks the nijght, 
nercinff the shades with dawning light; 
I know his slories from afar, 

I know the bright, the morning star.] 

16 [Is he a sun? His beams are grace, 
His course is joy, and righteousness; 
Nations rejoice when he appear 

To chase their clouds, and dry their tean. 

17 let me climb those higher skies. 
Where storms and darkness never rise ! 
There he displays his powers abroad, 
And shines and reigns th' incarnate Qcd.} 

18 Nor earth, nor seas, nor sun, nor stars, 
Nor heaven his full resemblance bears ; 
His beauties we can never trace, 
Till we behold him face to face. 

OAT Hjma 147. B. 1. L. M. 

AOi^ The Namm and Jftfet (/Chritt.from tmml Stnpktm. 

1 [^nniS from the treasures of his vr^td 

jL I borrow titles for. my Lord; 
Nor B/ft^ nor nature can supply 
Sufficient i:>rms of majesty. 

2 Bright image of the Father's &ce, 
Shining with undiminished rajrs; 
Th' eternal God's etgmal Son, 
The heir, and partner of his throne.] 

3 The Kin^ of kings, the Lord most High, 
Writes his own name upon his thigh: 
He wears a garment dipp'd in blood. 
And breaks the nations with his rod. 

4 Where grace oan neither melt nor move 
The Lamb resents his injur'd love, 
Awakes his wrath without delay, 

And Judahs Lion tears the prey. 

5 But when for works of peace he comes, 
What winning titles he assumes! 
lAghi of ike world, and Life for men; 
Nor bears those characters in vain. 

6 With tender pitv in his heart, 
He acts the Mediator's part; 

A. friend and brother he appears, 
And well fulfils the name he wears. 

7 At length the Judge his throne ascends, 
Divides the rebels from his friends. 
And saints in full fruition prove 

His rich variety of love. 

HjmnUe. B. 1. H. M. ortTa i r*. 


AwakM his wrath Without delay, 
As lionB roar And tear the prey. 

6 But when for works of peace 
The great Redeemer comes 
What g[entle characters, 
What title he assumes ! 

Light of the worlds And Itfe of mm; 

Nor wul he bear Those names in vaiB. 

6 Immense compassion reigns 
In our ImmanueFs heart, 
When he descends to act 

A Mutator's part : 
He is Befriend And brother too: 
Divinely kind, Divinely true. 

7 At length the Lord the Judge 
His iJfvl throne ascends. 
And drives the rebels far 
From favourites and friends : 

Then shall the saints CompleteljT prove 
The heights and depths Of all ms love. 

QfiQ Hymn 149. B. 1. L. M. 

4fDt/« Tke Oj/Ues of Christ from several Scnptum. 

1 JOIN all the names of love and power 
w That ever men or anffels bore ; 

All are too mean to speak his worth, 
Or set ImmanueTs glory forth. 

2 But what condescending ways 

He takes to teach his heavenly grace ! \ 

My eyes with joy and wonder see 
What forms of love he bears for me. 

3 ^e Af^d of the Covenant stands 
With his commission in his hands, 
Sent from his Father's milder throne 
To make the great salvation known.] 

^ [Great Prophet j let me bless thy name; 
^ thee the jo)rful tidings came 
Of wrath appeas'd, of sins forgiven, 
Of hell subdu'd, and peace with heaven.] 

5 [My bri^t eoccmple^ and my guide^ 
I woaW De walkmg near thy side; 
let me never run astray, 
Nor follow the forbidden way.] 



6 [I love my Shepherd^ he shall keep 
My wanaeriiiE soul among hia sheep : 
He feeds his nock, he calls their names, 
And in his bosom bears the lambs.] 

7 [My Surety undertakes my cause, 
Answering his Father's broken laws; 
Behold my soul at freedom set; 

My Surety paid the dreadful debt.] 

8 [Jesus my great High-priest has dial, 
I seek no sacrifice beside ; 

His blood did once for all atone, 
And now it pleads before the throne.] 

9 [My Advocate appears on high. 
The Father lays his thunder by ; 
Not all that earth or hell can say 
Shall turn my Father's heart away.] 

10 [My Lord, my Conqueror, and my King, 
Thy sceptre and thy sword I sing ; 
Thine is the victory, and I sit 

A joyful subject at tny feet.] 

11 [Aspire, my soul, to glorious deeds, 

OF CHK18T. 861 

And holds the promises 
And paidons in his hands: 

Commission'd from His Father's throne . 

To make his grace To mortals known.] 

4 [Great prophet of my God, 

My tongue would biess thy name : 
By thee the jo3rful news 
Of our salvation came; 
The joyful news Of sins forgiven, 
Of hell subdu'd, And peace with heaven.] 

8)e thou my counsdhr^ 
[j pattern and my guide. 
And through this desert land 
Still keep me near thy side: 
O let my feet Ne'er run astray, 
Nor rove, nor seek The crooked way.] 

6 ri love my Shepherd^ s voice, 
His watonful eyes shall keep 
My wandering soul among 
The thousands of his sheep : 

He feeds his flock. He calls their names. 
His bosom bears The tender lambs.] 

7 [To this dear Surety's hand 
Will I commit my cause; 
He answers and fulfils 
His Father's broken laws : 

Behold my soul At freedom set! 
My Surety paid The dreadful debt] 

8 [Jesus my ereat High-miest 
Offer'd his olood and died ; 
My guilty conscience seekis 
No sacrifice beside : 

His powerful blood Did once atone ; 
And now it pleads Before the throne.] 

9 [My ^cfooco^e appears 
For mv defence on high. 
The Father bows his ears, 
And lajrs his thunder hy : 

Not all that hell Or sin can say 
ShiU turn his heart. His love away.] 

10 [My dear Almightv Lord, 
Mr Ckmqiur€r ana my AtVig-, 
Tny sceptre, and thy swordT 
Thy reigning grace I sing : 


Thine is the power; Behold I nt ' 
In willing bonds Beneath thy fetft] 

11 tNow let my soul arise, 
And tread the tempter down ; 
My Captain leads me forth 
To conquest and a crown. 

A feeble saint Shall win the day. 
Though death and hell Obotraot tlw way.] 

12 Should rfl the hosts of death, 
And powers of hell unknown, 
Put their most dreadful forms 
Of rage and mischief on; 

I shall be safe, for Christ displays 
Superior power, And guardian grace. 

lii X . Chritt Jeiai, lie Lamb of God, wonhippU JJy ofi 
the Creolion, Rev. v. 11—13. 

1 /"^OME let US join our cheerful songs 
\J With angels round the throne; 


When all the notes that angels sing 
Are fisur inferior to thy name? 

2 Worthon i* he that once was slain 

The Prince of Life that groan'd and died. 
Worthy to rise, and live, and reign 
At his Almighty Father's side. 

3 Poww! and dominion are his dne, 
Who stood condemned at Pilate's bar : 
Wisdflm belongs to Jesus too. 

Though he was charg'd with madness there. 

4 All riches are his native right, 
Yet he sustain'd ama:ang loss : 
To him ascribe eternal might. 
Who left hisweakness on the cross. 

5 Honour immortal must be paid. 
Instead of scandal and of scorn : 
While fflory shines around his head, 
And a bright crown without a thorn. 

6 Blessings for ever on the Lamb, 

Who bore the curse for wretched men : 
Let angels sound his sacred name, 
And every creature say, Amen. 

070 Hjmn 1. B. 1. C. M. 

AiOm A WW Somg to the Lamb that was skdn^ Rer. T« 

6. 8, 9, 10. 12. 

1 DEHOLD the stories of the Lamb 
O Amidst his Father's throne : 
Prepare new honours for his name, 

And songs before unknown. 

2 Let elders worship at his feet, 

The church adore around, 
With vials fall of odours sweet. 
And harps of sweeter sound. 

3 Those are the iirayers of all the saints 

And these the hymns they raise 
Jesus is kind to our complamts, 
He loves to hear our praise. 

4 [Eternal Father, who shall look 

Into thy secret will? 
Who but the Son should take that book 
And open every seal? 

5 He shall fulfil thy great decrees, 

The Son deserves it well ; 


Lo, in his hand the sovereign kev« 
Of heaven, and death, and hell!| 

6 Now to the Lamb that once was ^tn 

Be endless blessings paid; 
Salvation, glory, joy, remain 
For ever on thy head. 

7 Thou hast redeem'd our souls with blooc 

Hast set the prisoners free, 
Hast made us kings and priests to God, 
And we shall reign with thee. 

8 The worlds of nature and of grace 

Are put beneath thy power : 

Then shorten these delaying days, 

And bring the promis d hour. 


1 A ■L'l-' mortal vanities, begone, 

u\- Nor tempt my eyes, nor tire my can, 
Behold amidst th' eternal throne 
A vision of the Lamb appears 

2 [Glory his fleecy robe adorns, 


His grace and vengeance shall fulfil 
The peaceful and me dreadful lines. 

8 Thou hast redeem'd our souls from hell 
With thine invaluable blood ; 

And wretches that did once rebel 
Are now made favourites of their Grod. 

9 Wortiby for ever is the Lord, 
ThsA died for treasons not his own. 
By every tongue to be ador'd. 

And dwell upon his father's throne. 

Qf^K Hymn 49. B. 1. C. M. 

AlO* Tk€Wcrk8ofMo9e$andiheLambfRsw.xf.Z. 

1 ITOW strong thine arm Ls. mighty God, 
IX Who would not fear thy name? 
Jesus, how sweet thy graces are ! 
Who would not love tlje Lamb? 

2 He has done more than Moses did. 

Our Prophet and our King; 
From bonds of hell he freed our souls, 
And taught our lips to sing. 

3 In the Red. Sea by Moses' hand 

Th' Egjrptian host was drown'd; 
But his own blood hides all our sins. 
And guilt no more is found. 

4 When through the desert Israel went, 

With manna they were fed ; 
Our Lord invites us to his flesh, 
And C'dls it hving bread. 

5 Moses beheld the promis'd land, 

Yet never reach d the place : 
But Christ shall bring his followers home 
To see his Father's face. 

6 Then shall our love and joy be fiill, 

And feel a warmer flame, 
And sweeter voices tune th^ song 
Of Moses and the Lamb. 

CWJH Hjmn 91. B. 3. L. M. 

AiO. Ji Sang of Praue to God the Bedeemer. 

I T ET the old heathens tune their song 
JLi Of great Diana and of Jove : 
But the sweet theme that moves my tongue 
Is my Redeemer and his love. 


2 Behold a God descends and dies 
To save my soul from gaping hell ; 

How the black gulf where Satan lies ■ " 

Yawn'd to receive me when I fell ! ' 

3 How justice frown'd and vengeance stood ', 
To drive mc down to endless pain! 

But the great Son propos'd his blood, " 

And heavenly wrath grew mild again. ' 

4 Infinite Lover, gracious Lord. 

To thee be endless honours given : 

Thy wondrous name shall be ador'd, ^o 

Round the wide earth, and wider heaven. 

Q77 Hymn 79. B. 2. C. M. , j * 

At it Fralie to the fiedtemer. , 

1 TJLUNG'D in a grulf of dark despair 

MT We wretched sinners lav, 
"Without one cheerful beam of hope, ' ' t 

Or spark of glimmering day. 

5 "With pitving eyes, the Prince of Grace 

Beheld our Helpless grief, 
He saw, and (O amazing love!) 


8 AngeLsy assist our mightyjoys. 
Strike all your harps of ^Id ; 
But when you raise your highest notes 
His love can ne'er be told.] 

CVyO, Hymn 5. B. 3. L. M. 

jQl^m Longing to praueCkrUt better. 

1 T ORD, when my thoughts with wonder roll 
JLi O'er the sharp sorrows of thy soul. 
And read my Maker's broken laws 
Rq^mir'd ana honour'd by thy cross ; 

2 When I behdd death, hell, and jdn, 
Vanqmsh'd by that dear blood of thine, 
And see the man that Rroan'd and diedf 
Sit glorious by his Father's side ; 

3 My passions rise and soar above, 

I'm wing'd with faith, and fir'd with love; 
Fain wotdd I reach eternal thinss, 
And learn the notes that Gabriel sings. 

4 But my heart fails^ my tongue complains, 
For want of their immortal strains ; 
And in such humble notes as these 
Falls far below thy victories. 

5 Well, the kind minute must appear 
When we shall leave these bodies here, 
These clogs of clay, and mount on high 
To join the songs above the sky. 


0*70 Hymn 144. B. 3. L. M. 

^ I «/• Tie Eiguekn of the Spirit; or^ the Sueeen of the 


1 1^ RE AT was the day, the joy was great, 
vl" When the divine disciples met; 
Whilst on their heads the Spirit came, 
And sat like tongues of cloven flame. 

2 What gifts, what miracles he gave ! 
And power to kill, and power to save ! 
Fumish'd their tongues with wondrous words^ 
Instead of shields, and spears, and swords. 

3 Thus ajrm'd, he sent the champions forth 
From east to west, from south to nordi; 

T%t ChriiHan Oraeee and Thnpere are placed ahhabetiiotMM^fvt 
^ e/JMStng them at onee, by looking ai the head of ibie jMge. 

' Go, and assert your Saviour's caasoj. 
' Go, spread the mystery of his cioas. ■ 

4 These weapons of the holy war, . 
Of what almighty force they are 
To make our stubborn passions bow, 
And lay the proudest rebel low ! 

5 Nations, the learned and the rude, 
Are by these heavenly arms subdu'd; 
While Satan rages at his loss, 

And hates the doctrine of the cross. 

6 Great King of grace, my heart subdae, 
I would be led m triumph too, 

A willing captive to my Lord, 
And sing the victories of his word. 


fjQA Hymn 110. B. 1. C. M. 

«Ol/> A living arid a dead Failk ; roliecttd from uptral 

1 IITISTAKEN souls! that dream of heaven, 
j^JL And make their empty boast 

FAITH. liftO 

7 His Smiit purifies our frame. 
Ana seals our peace with God; 
Jesus, and his salvation, came 
By water and by blood.] - ' - 

QQ^ HTmn 113. B. 1. C^U. 

£ok^ Tkt Btmifk Serpent / or^ boking to Mua^ JtibM 

iii. 14—16. 

1 CS did the Hebrew prophet raise 
O The brazen serpent nigh, 
The wounded felt immediate ease. 

The camp forbore to die. 

2 ' Look upward in the dsdng hour, 

* And uve,' the prophet cries; 

But Christ performs a nobler cure 

When Faith lifts up her eyes. 

3 High on the cross the Saviour hung, 

High in the heavens he reigns : 
Here sinners by th' old serpent stung 
Look, and forget their pains. 

4 When God's own Son is lifted up, 

A dying world revives, 
The Jew beholds the glorious hope. 
Th' expiring Gentile lives. 

QQO Hymn 143. B. 9. S. M. 

^OA. Faith in Ckritt our Saeri/tee. 

1 VrOT all the blood of beasts 
1^ On Jewish altars slain, 

Could give the guilty conscience peace, 
Or wash away the stain. 

2 But Christ the heavenly Lamb 
Takes all our 5dns away ; 

A sacrifice of nobler name 
And richer blood than they. ^ 

3 My faith wotdd lay her hand 
On that dear head of thine. 

While like a penitent I stand 
And there confess my sin. 

4 My soul looks back to see ^ 
The burdens thou didst bear 

When hanging on the cursed tree, 
And hopes her guilt was there. 

5 Believing we rejoice 

To see the curse remove; 


mo TAITH. 

We bless the Lamb with cheerful roiee, 
And sing his bleeding love. 

OQQ H;niTi 100. B. 1. L. M. 

^OO ( StUevt and be aaved, John iii. 16 — IS. 

J OT to condemn the sons of men 

Did Christ, the Son of God, appear; 
No weapons in his hands are seen, 
No flamit^ sword, nor thunder there. 

2 Such was the pity of our God, 
He lov'd the race of man so well. 
He sent his Son to bear our load 

Of sins, and save our souls from hell. 

3 Sinners, believe the Saviour's word, 
Trust in his mighty name and live; 
A thousand joys his lips afford, 

His hands a thousand olessings give. 

4 But vengeance and damnation lies 
On rebels who refuse the grace ; 
Who God's eternal Son despise 
The hottost hell shall be their place. 

OQ A Hymn 35. B. 1. lai Pnrt. L. M. 

FAITH. 861 

Children of wrath made heirs of hearen, 
By faiUi in Grod's eternal Son. 

2 Wo to the soTil that never felt 
The inward pan^ of pious grief, 
But adds to all ms crying guilt 
The stubborn sin of unbelief 

3 The law condemns the rebel dead, 
Under the wrath of God he lies, 

He seals the curse on his own head, 
And with a double vengeance dies. 

of TMngB ttfueen, Heb. zi. 1. 9. 8. 10. 

1 1?AITH is the brightest evidence 
JC Of thinra beyond our sisht 
Breaks through the clouds of flesn and sense, 
And dwells in heavenly light. 

2 It sets times past in present view, 

Brings distent prospects home, 
Of things a thousand years ago, 
Or thousand years to come. 

3 By faith we know the worlds were macto 

By God's almighty word ; 
Abra'm, to unknown countries led. 
By faith obey'd the Lord. 

4 He sought a city fair and high, 

Built by th' eternal hands ; 
And feith assures us, though we die, 
That heavenly building stends. 

0Q7 Hymn 139. B. 9. L. M. 

1 ^TniS by the faith of ioys to come 

_jL We walk througn deserts dark as night: 
TiU we arrive at heaven our home, 
Faith is our guide, and faith our light 

2 The want of sight she well supplies, 
She makes the pearly gates appear; 
Far into distant worlds she pries, 
And brings eternal glories near. 

3 Cheerful we tread the desert through. 
While fiiith inspires a heavenly ray, 
Though lions roar, and tempests blow. 
And rocks and dangers fill the way. 

262 ■ FA.ITK- 

4 So Abra'm by divine comraand 

Left his own liouse to walk with God; 
His faith beheld the promis'd land, 
And fir'd his zeal aloug the road. 

"VSY thoughts surmount these lower skies, 

And Took within the veil. 
There springs of endless pleasure rise, 
The waters never fail. 

2 There I behold with sweet delight 

The blessed Three in One ; 
And strong affections fix my sight 
On God s incarnate Son. 

3 His promise stands for ever firm, 

His grace shall ne'er depart; 
He binds ray name upon his arm, 
And seals it on his heart. 

4 Light are the pains that nature bringB, 

How short our sorrows are, 
When with eternal future things 
The nresent we comoare ! 


He that hath lov'd us bears us through. 
And makto tis more than conquerors too. 

5 Faith hath an overcominff power, 
It tiiumi^s in the dying nour : 
Christ is our life, our joy, our nope» 
Nor can we sink with such a prop. 

6 Not all that men or earth can do. 

Nor powers on high, nor powers below. 

Shall cause his mercnr to remove. 

Or wean our hearts from Christ our love. 


OQA Pnlm 119. 13th Part CM. I 

^vU« Hbfy Ihar^ and Jhidemeu of ComeieneB. \ 

Ver. 10. I 

WITH my whole heart F ve sought thy fiACOi 
O let me never stray 
From thy commands, O God of grace, 
Nor tread the sinner's way. 

Ver. 11. 

Thv word I Ve hid within my heart 

To keep my conscience clean, 
And be an everlasting guard 

From every rising sin. 

Ver. 63. 53. 158. 

Tm a companion of the saints 

Who fear and love the Lord ; 
MraoRows rise, my nature faints, 

when men transgress thy word. 

Ver. 161. 163. 

While sinners do thy gospel wrong, . 

My spirit stands in awe ; 
Mr aoul abhors a Isdng tongue, 

But loves thy righteous law. 

Ver. 161. 190. 

Myheart with sacred reverence' hears i 

The threaf ninss of thy word : I 

Mrflesh with holy trembling fears 
The judgments of the Lord. 

Ver. 166. 174. 

My God, I long, I hoi)e. I wait 

For thy salvation still ; 
While thy whole law is my delight, 

And I obey thy will. 




Psalm i2. I — 5. IsC PbiL C. M. 

• Daeriion and Hope ; or. Complaint ofJbtencefiom 

PubUc Wori/iip. 

1 "V17ITH earnest longings of the mind, 

T T My God, to thee I look ; 

So pants the hunted hart to find 

And taste the cooling brook. 

2 When shall I see thv courts of grace. 

And meet my God again? 
So long an absence from thy face 
My heart endures ■with pain. 

3 Temptations vex my weary soul, 

And tears are my repast ; 
The foe insults without control, 
' And where's your God at last?' 

4 'Tis with a mournful pleasure now 

1 think on ancient days; 
Then to thy house did numbers go, 
And all our work was praise. 

5 But why, my soul, sunk down so £Eur 

Beneath this heavy load ? 
Why do my thoughts indulge despair, 
And sin apuitiat mv GoH' 

HOPS. 1165 

Why doth fhy lore so long forget 

< driie soul that groans beneath thy stroke?' 

5 I'll chide my heart that sinks so lowy 
ySThj should my soul indi^ge her gnef? 
Hoiw in the L(nd, and praise him too, 
He is my rest, my sure relief. 

6 Tby li^t and truth shall ffuide me stilL 
Thy words shall my best thoughts Mnplby, 
And lead me to thine holy hill. 

My God, my most exceeding joy. 

rMrrn PnfanTT. 1ft Part C« M« 

B99m Jftfaiiwffi(y mmmMng^ and Hop^ prevaiBngm 

I ffM) God I cried with mournful roice^ 
Jl I souflht his gracious ear, 
In the sad day when taroubles rose^ 
And filled my heart with fear. 

3 Sad were my davs, and dark my nights. 
My soul refos d relief; 
1 thobght on Grod the just and wise. 
But thoughts increas'd my grief 

3 StOl I complained, and still opprest, 
My heart began to break ; 
Mj God, thy wrath forbade my rest 
And l^ept my eyes awake. 

* '^Lj^cr^li^lBaing sorrows grew 
Till I could speak no more ; 
Then I within myself withdrew, 
And call'd thy judgments o^er. 

5 1 caD'd back rears and ancient times^ 
When I beheld thy face ; 
Mrniirit searched for secret crimes 
Tlut might withhold thy grace. 

< I cdTd thy mercies to my mind, 
Which 1 enjoy 'd before; 
And win the Lord no more be khi4t 
His fiice appear no more? 

7 Win he ftnr ever cast me off? 
His promise ever fail? 
Has he ibrgot his teigider love? 
Shan anger still piwrail? 

I But I fbrfaid this hopeless thought^ 

TUi dark despairmg frame, 


266 JOT. 

The humble soul with grace he c , 

Whilst on the proud his anger frowni^ 

4 Dear Father, let me never be 
Join'd with the boasting Pharisee; 
I have no merits of my own. 
But plead the sufferings of thy Son. 

QCT Pnln 131. C. If. 

/6U i • SumUily atd Suimmiam. 

1 TS there Eimbition in my heart? 
X Search, gracious God, and Me; 
Or do I act a naughty part? 

Lord, I appeal to thee. 

2 I churge my thoughts, be humble itil], 

And all my carriage mild, 
Content, my Father, with thy will. 
And quiet as a child. 

3 The patient soul, the lowly mind 

Shall have a large reward: 

Let saints in Borrow he resigu'd. 

And trust a faithful Lord. 


JOY. * il8 

Thy love to saints in Christ their head 

Knows not a limit, nor an end. 


Hymn 67. B. S. L. IL 
J%e Fhuttrti of a good Cofiidbiee. 

X T ORD, how secure and bless'd are thejr 
JLi Who feel the joys of pardoai'd sin! 
Should storms of wrath snake earth and sea» 
Their minds have heaven and poacei ^tlmi. 

2 The day glides sweetly o'er their ihesdii, * 
Made m> of innocence and love; 

^nd soft and SLl,ent as the shad^ 
"Their i^^hlly i^ gently xhoVe;. 

3 [Quick as their thoughts their joys come on« 
!£ut fly not half so fast away ; 

Their souls zxid ever bright as noon, 
^And calm a^ summer evenings be. 

^ How oft they look to th' heavenly hill& 
"Where groves of living pleasuresVpwl 
-^nd longing hopes ana cheerful smiles 
aSit undisturbed upon their brow.] 

5 "They scorn to seek our aolden toyi^ 
^ut spend the day and snare the night 
Xn numbering o'er the richer joys 
*Xhat heaven prepares for their delight: 

6 "While wretched we, like worms and moles, 
Xiie ^veiling in the dust below : 
-Almighty grace, renew our souls, 

And we'U aspire to glory too. 

<M\r| Hymn 73. B. S. C. M. 

^^ yv* BoukUmiUrtdi or^opmiwdJoyormikni. « 

1 TTENCE from my sohI, sad thoughts, be III 
JLjL And leave me to mjr jo]rs, 
My tongue shall triumph in my God, 
And make a joyful noise. 

S Darkness and doubts had veil'd my mind 
.And dro¥m'd my head in tears. 
Till sovereign grace with shining rays 
Dispell'd my gloomy fears. 

8 what immortal jovs I felt, 
And raptures all divine, 
When Jesus told me I was liii» 
And my Beloved mine. 

X 9 

270 joy. 

4 In vain the tempter frights my Boulf 

And breaks my peace in vain, 
One glimpse, dear Saviour, of thy face 

Revives my joys again. 

Hymn 39. 


1 1^ LORY to God who walks the sky, 
\Jf And sends his blessings througn, 
That tells his saints of joys on high, 
And gives a taste below. 
3 [Glory to God that stoops his throne 
That dust and worms may see 't, 
And brings a glimpse of glory down 
Around his sacred feet. 

3 When Christ, with all his graces crown'd. 

Sheds his kind beams abroad, 
'Tis a young heaven, on earthly gronnd. 
And glory in the bud, 

4 A blooming Paradise of joy 

In this wild desert springs; ^j 

And every sense I straight employ *H 

JOY. S7! 

QAO Hjmn SO* B. 9. 8. M. 

OW« Euumfy Jby m Earth. 

1 Ifi OME. we that love the Lord, 
VJ And let our joys be known ; 

Join in a song with sweet accord, 
And thus surround the throne. 

2 The sorrows of the mind 
Be banish'd from the place! 

Religion never was design'd 
To make our pleasures less.] 

3 Let those refuse to sing 
That never knew our God. 

But favourites of the heavenly King 
May speak their jo]rs abroad. 

4 [The Grod that rules on high, 
And thunders when he please. 

That rides upon the stormy, sky, 
And manages the seas; 

6 ^^This awful Grod is ours, 
>ur Father and our love, 
wjU send down his heavenly powers 
To »rry us above. 

6 There we shall see his face. 

And never, never sin • 
i There from the rivers of his grace 
A DriiJc endless pleasures in. 

*^7 Yes, and before we rise 
To that immortal state, 
The thoughts of such amazing bliss 
Should constant joys create.] 

8 [The men of grace have found 
Glory begun below, 

Celestial fruits on earthly ground 
From faith and hope may grow.] 

9 The hill of Sion yields 

A thousand sacred sweets* 
Before we reach the heavenly fields, 
Or walk the golden streets. 

10 Then let our songs abound, 
And every tear be dry; 

We're marcninff through Lnmanuel's ground 
To fairer worlds on nig^. 



QAQ P**l°> 3^- '"'■ ^^- !*■ I*'- 13> U Part. S. 1^ 

1 XIT'HERE shall the man be foun^ 

T T That fears t' offend his God, 
That loves the gospel's joyful sound, ' ■ 
And trembles at the rod? 

2 The Lord shdl make him know 
The secrets of his hearl, 

The wonders of his covenant show, 
And all his love impart. 

3 The dealings of his hand 
Are truth and mercy still 

With such as to bis covenant stand, 
And love to do his will. 

4 Their souls shall dwell at ease 
Before their Maker's face, 

Their seed shall taste the promises 
In their extensive grace. 


Ver. 33, 34. 

Ijf Grod to me his statutes show, 

And heayenly tnith impart, 
His work for ever I'll pursue, 

His law shall rule my heart 

Ver. 60. 71. 

This was my comfort when I bore 
Variety of grief; 

made me learn thy word the more, 
And fly to that relief. 

V«r. 61. 

!n vain the proud deride me now; 
111 ne'er forget thy law. 
or let that blessed gospel 
Whence all my hopes I 

Ver. 87. 171. 

lien I have leam'd my Father's will 
I'll teach the world his ways; 
> thankful lips inspir'd with zeal 
Bhall loud pronoimce his praise.] 



^CkR Pnlm 97. m. 16. 81. 86—31. 8d Ptrt. C. M. 
j|^ ^g» CA artfy to Me Poor/ or.lUligwnin JVonbandDmb. 

"%J|/HY do the wealthy wicked boast, 

▼ t And grow profanely bold? 
The meanest portion of the just 
Excels the sinner's gold. 

^ The wicked borrows of his friends, 
But ne'er designs to pay ; 
The saint is merciful and lends. 
Nor turns the poor away. 

^ His alms with liberal heart he gives 
. Amongst the sons of need; 
His memory to lon^ ages UvU, 
And blessed is his seed. 

^ His Ups abhor to talk profane, 
• To slander or defraud; 
His ready tongue declares to men 
What he has leam'd of God. 

6 The law and gospel of the Lord 
Deep in his n€Art abide; 


Led by the Spirit and the word, 
His feet shall never slide. 
6 When sinners fall, the righleous stand, 
Preserv'd from every snare; 
They shall possess the promis d land, 
And dwell for ever there. 

Psalm 41. Ter. 1,9,3. L. M. 
CtarUi/ io Ike Poor , or, PJy to the ^fflidti. 


1 "DLEST is the man whose bowels mpv^ 
Xl And melt wiih pity to the poor, 
Whose soul, by svmpathizing love, 

Feels what his fellow-saints endure. 

2 His heart contrives for their relief ,'•. / 
More good than his own hands can do; 
He, in the time of eeneral grief, 

Shall find the Lord has bowels too. 

3 His soul .shall live secure on earth, 
With secret blessings on his head, 
AVhen drought, and pestilence, and dear& 
Around him multiply their dead. 

4 Or, if he languish on liis couch, 
God will pn->noiinre his sins forgiven, 


4 Beset with threateninjs danffers round. 
Unmoved shall he maintam nis ground ; 

His conscience holds his courage up : 
The soul that's fiU'd with virtue's light, 
Shines brightest in affliction's nijg^h^ 

And sees in darkness beams oihope. 


5 [01 tidings never can surprise 
His heart that fix'd on God relies, 

Though waves and tempests roar around : 
Safe on a rock he sits, ana sees 
The shipwreck of his enemies, 

And all their hope and glory drown'd. 

S The wicked shall his triumph see, 
And gnash their teeth in agony 

To find their expectations crost : 
TTiey and their envy, pride and spite, 
Sink down to everlastmg night, 

And all their names in darkness lost.] 

^l^c^ Psalm 113. L. M. 

''^-^O* Tike Bksnngs of the Piou9 and Ckaritdbk. 

1 ' ■ ^HRICE happy man who fears the Lord, 

-1- Loves his commands, and trusts his word ; 
Honour and peace his days attend. 
And blessings to his seed descend. 

2 Compassion dwells upon his mind. 
To works of mercy still inclined : 
H© lends the poor some present aid. 
Or gives them, not to be repaid. 

3 WTien time grows dark, and tidinra spread 
Tliat fill his neighbours round with dread, 
His heart is amrd against the fear, 
For God with all his power is there. 

* His soul, well fix'd upon the Lord, 
Draws heavenly courage from his word ; 
Amidst the darkness light shall rise 
To cheer his heart, andf bless his eyes. 

^ ^ hath dispers'd his alms abroad, 
|us works are stQl before his God; 
mi name on earth shall lonjg remain, 
Whua envious sinners firet in vain. 


Q/W| PMlm lis. C. H. 


1 TTAPPY is he that fears the Lord, 
JLX And follows bis commands, ' 
Who lends the poor without reward, 

Or gives with Uhend hands. 

2 As pity dwells within his breast 

To all the sons of need; 
So God shall answer his request 
With blessings on his seed. 

3 No evil tidings shall surprise 

His well-establish'd mind: 

His soul to God his refage nies 

And leaves his fears behind. 

4 In times of general distress. 

Some beams of light shall shine 
To show the world his righteousnei(» 
And give him peace divine. 

5 His works of piety and love 

Remain before the Lord 
Honour on earth and joys above 


Sefore we quite forsake our cIaj^ 

Or leave this dark abode, 
The wings of h)ve bear us awa/ * 

To see our smiling God. 

IHymn 49. B. 9. C. If. 
• Deiight in OotL 

MY Ood, what endless pleasures dwell 
Above at th v right hand ! 
Thy courts below, now amiable, 
Where all thy graces stand ! 

' The swallow near thy temple lies. 
And chirps a cheerful note : 
The lark mounts upward to the skies, 
And tunes her warbling throat. 

^ And we, when in thy presence. Lord, 
Do shout with joyful tongues, 
Or sitting round our Father's board, 
We crown the feast with songs. 

L ^WMle Jesus shines with Quickening grace, 
We sing and mount on high ; 
But if a frown becloud his face. 
We faint, and tire, and die. 

^ [Just as we see the lonesome dove 
Bemoan her widow'd state, 
Wandering she flies through all the grove, 
And mourns her loving mate. 

^ Just so our thoughts from thing to thing 
In restless circles rove, 
Just so we droop, and hang the wing. 
When Jesus tides his love.] 

^^Am Christ unseen and behved, 1 PeU i. 8. 

^ 1W"0T with our mortal eyes 
1^ Have we beheld the Lord, 
Yet we rejoice to hear his name. 
And love him in his word. 

^ On earth we want the sight 
Of our Redeemer's face, 
Yet Lord, our inmost thoughts delight 
To dwell upon thy grace. 

^ And when we taste thy love, 
Our ipy» divinely grow 
IjQspeakabte, like those above, 
And heaven begins below. 


41 Q Pntm ISa. CM. 

OXO» BnUurlg Late. 

1 T ! what an entertaining sight 
mA Are brethren that agree, 
Brethren whose cheerful nearts unite 

In bands of piety ! 

2 When streams of love from Christ ^.S|ri 

Descend to every soul, 
And heavenly peace, with balmy wioft 
Shades and bedews the whole. 

3 'Tis like the oil divinely sweet, 

On Aaron's reverend head. 
The trickling drops perfum'd his fee^ 
And o'er his garments spread. 

4 'Tis pleasant as the morning dews 

That fall on Zion's hill, 
Where God his mildest glory showa* 
And makes his grace distil. 


OW by the bowels of my God, 

His sharp distress, liis sore complaic 


"Wlien weaker Christians we despise 
"We do the gospel mighty wroiig( 
7or God the gracious and the vufl 
Xleceives the leeble with the stn»ig. 
IjBt pride and wrath be banish'd henoe, 
IMeekness and love our souls pursue; 
^ior shall our practice give onence 
rFo saints, the Gentile or the Jew. 

F X Oa Lett and Ciariiy, 1 Cor. ziU. S— 7. U. 

~B~ ET Pharisees of high esteem - 
^■-i Their faith and zeal declare, 
JiH their religion is a dream 
If love be wanting there. 
X>ove suffers long with patient eye* 

Nor is nrovok'd in haste, 
Slie lets the present injury die, 
And long forgets the past, 
t [Malice and rage, those fires of hell, 
She quenches with her tongue; 
Hopes, and believes, and thinks no ill, 
Though she endures the wrong.] 
* [She nor desires nor seeks to know 
The scandals of the time; 
^^or looks with pride on those below. 
Nor envies those that climb-] 
" She lays her own advantage by 
To seek her neighbour's good ; 
^o God's own Son came down to die, 
And bought our lives with blood. 
° hoye is the grace that keeps her power, 
r^-Xn all the realms above; 
^ here faith and hope are known no more. 
But saikts for ever love. 

91 *y PMln 35. Y«. IS. U. fid Part. C. H. 

^'- * • Ltm b JBntaia , or, the Low of Chritt fa Stewr*. 

typijudin Dm^L 
^ XSEHOLD the love, the generous love 
^ That holy David shows: 
Hark, how his sounding bowels move 
To his afflicted foes! 
3 When they are sick his soul complains. 
And seems to feel the smart; 


Tbe spirit of the gospel Teigns, 
And melts his pious heart. 

3 How did his flowing tears condole 

As for a brother dead ! 
And fasting mortified his soul. 

While for their life he pray d. . / 

4 They groan'd ; and curs'd him on thedr bad^ 

Yet still he pleada and mourns; 
And double blessings on his head 

The righteous God returns. i.:" | }" 

fi O glorious type of heavenly grace! L 

Thus Christ the Lord appears; - » 

While sinners curse, the Saviour iffa;** ' 

And pities them with tears. 
6 He, the true David. Israel's king, * 

Bless'd and belov'd of God, 
To save us rebels, dead in sin, 

Paid his own dearest blood. 

Ql Q PsHlm 109. vpr, 1 — 5. 31, C. M. 

OlO. Lore to Enemia,fi-vm the Example ofChria. 

OD of my mercy and my praise. 


» Zj'' Religion "y^^ ni. n , , 
^.="- minds are h, .? °^ "^w's- 



His flesh and blood were all refin'd, 

His soul divinely good. 
6 Lord, can these plants of viTtxie grow 

In such a heart as mine? 
Thy crace my nature can renew, 

Ana make my soul like thine. 

1 'X'HUS I resolv'd before the Lord, 
JL ' Now will I watch my tongue, 
' Lest I let slip one sinful word, 
Or do my neighbour wrong.' 
& And if I'm e'er constrain'd to stay 
With men of lives profane, 
I'll set a double guard that day. 
Nor let my talk be vain. 

3 I'll scarce allow my lips to speak 

The pious thoughts I feel. 
Lest scoffers should th' occasion take 
To mork my holy zeal. 

4 Yet, if some proper hour appear, 


*Xhe fiither saw the rebel come, 
AxkI all his bowels move. 

^e ran, and fell tipon his neck, 

Embraced and kiss'd his son; 
The rebel's heart with sorrow brake 

For follies he had done. 

^ *Take off his clothes of shame and ain^* 
CHie father gives command,) 
*Dres8 him in garments white and daiiit 
' With rings adorn his hand. 

7 'A day of feastinff I ordain, 
* Let mirth ana joy aboimd; 
'My son was dead, and lives again, 
'Was lost, and now is found? 

OOQ PM^m 61. Ter. 14—17. 9d VweU C. IL 
OAOm Jt^Kniance and Faiik inihe BImd of CkHtL 

1 ^\ GOD of mercy ! hear my call, 
" My load of guilt remove ; 
Break down this separating wall 

That bars me from thy love. 

2 Give me the presence of thy grace, 

Then my rejoicing tonsue 
Shall speaK aloud thy righteousness, 
And make thy praise my song. 

3 No blood of goats, nor heifer slain. 

For sin could e'er atone ; 
The death of Christ shall still remain 
Sufficient and alone. 

4 A soul opprest with sin's desert, 

My God will ne'er despise ; 
An humble groan^ a broken heart, 
Is our best sacrifice. 

QA A Hymn 74. B. 9. S. M. 

t#^4« BamUmusefwn a Sense o/Dimne Qmimmi m^ 

Rtfttdmuib ffwn a Seme oj 
a Complaint 0|' 

IS this the kind return 
And these the thanks we <me? 
Thus to abuse eternal love. 
Whence all our blessings flow ! 

To what a stubborn frame 

Has sin reduced onr mind ! 

Wtst strange rebellious wretchea 

And Gad as stnmgeljr kindl 


\ [On US he linds the sun t 1' 

Shed his reTiving ra^s, 
For us the skies their circles nm : 

To lengthen out our days. 
\ The brutes obey their God, 
And bow their necks to mODt 
But we, more base, more brutish thulSI^ . 
Reject his easy reign.] 
i Turn, turn us, mighty God, 
And mould our souls afresh. 
Break, sovereign grace, these hearts of itooBi 
And give us hearts of flesh. 
i Let old ingratitude 

Provoke our weeping eyes. 
And hourly as new mercies fell ■ 

Let hourly thanks arise. ■; ■ 

Hjmii 105. B. 3. CM. 

* flowing frvm tht Paiitnet of Oti, 

1 Jk ND are we wretches yet alive? 

jt\ And do we yet rebel? 

'Tis boundless, 'tis amazing love 

That bears us up from hell ! 

g The burden n f our wcnyhtyguilt 


"^Twas for my sins my dearest Lord 

Hung on the cursed tree, 
And groan'd away a dvinaf life 

For thee, my soul, for thee. 

^ how I hate those lusts of mine 
That crucified my God, 
Those sins that pierc'd and nail'd his flesh 
Fast to the fatel wood. 

4 Yes. my Redeemer, they shall die. 
My heart has so decreed. 
Nor will I spare the guilty things 
That made my Saviour bleeoT 

5 Whilst with a melting broken heart 
My murder'd Lord I view, 
I'll raise revenge against my sins, 
And slay the murderers too. 

00*7 Hymo 9. B. 3. C. M. 

O^ I • Chdly Sorrow anting from the S^ffiaringt of 


1 4 LAS ! and did my Saviour bleed, 
ilL And did my Sovereign die? 
Would he devote that sacred head 

For such a worm as I ? 

2 [Thy body slain, sweet Jesus, thine, 

And bath'd in his own blood. 

While all expos'd to wrath divine 

The glorious suflFerer stood.] 

3 Was it for crimes that I had done 

He groan'd upon the tree ? 
Amazing pity ! Grace unknown ! 
And love beyond degree ! 

4 Well might the sun in darkness hide. 

And shut his glories in. 
When God the mighty Maker died 
For man the creature's sin. 

5 Thus might I hide my blushing face 

While nis dear cross appears, 
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness. 
And melt my eyes in tears. 

6 But drops of grief can ne'er repay 

The debt of love I owe : 
Here. Lord. I give mysell away, 
'Til all that I can do. 

QOfi Hyinn 101. B. 1. L.M. ! 

IV. 7. 10. 

1 "Wjl/HO can describe the joys that rise 

T T Through all the courts of paradise, 
To see a prodigal return, 
To see an heir of glory bom? 

2 With joy the Father doth approve 
The fruit of his eternal love; 

The Son with joy looks down and sees 
The purchase of his agonies. 

3 The Spirit takes delight to view 
The holy soul he form'd anew; 
And saints and angels join to sing 
The growing empire oi their King. 


1 £\ THOU whose grace and justice reign 

V/ Enthron'd above the skies, 

To thee our hearts would tell their pain. 

siNCBRiry. 96 

He shall restore what you resiiin^ 
Or grant you blessings more divine. 

So Abraham with obedient hand 
Xed forth his Son at God's command, 
rrhe wood, the fire« the knife be took, 
His arm prepar'd the dreadful stroke. 

* Abraham, forbear/ (the angel cried J 

* Thy faith is known, thy love is tried, 

* Thy son shall live, and in thy seed 
' Shall the whole earth be bless'd indeed.' 

Just in the last distressing hour 
The Lord displays delivering power; 
The mount oi danger is the place 
Where we shall see surprising grace. 

Hymn 5. B. 1. C. M. 
t SubnUmon to afflictive Provideneei^ Job L 91. 

L ^^TAKED as from the earth we came, 
-131 And crept to life at first, 
We to the earth return again, 
And mingle with our oust. 

^ The dear delights we here enjoy, 
And fondly call our own, 
Are but diort favours borrow'd now. 
To be repaid anon. 

3 Tis God that lifts our comforts high 
Or sinks them in the grave ; 
He rives, and (blessed be his name!) 
He takes but what he gave. 

* Peace, all our angry passions, then. 
Let each rebellious sigh 
Be silent at his sOTereim Mdll, 
And every murmur oie. 
5 If 8milin9 mercy crowns our lives 
Its praises shall be spread, 
And we*ll adore the justice too 
That strikes our comforts dead* 


090 Hymii Z5. B. 1. 9d P«rt C. If. 

Thah, Smemiy, Csfc Phil. ir. & 

Me who bear the C 
Their holy vows fulfil : 

1 r ET those who bear the Christian name 


The saints, the followers of the Lamb, l 

Are men of honour still, . IV 

True to the solemn oath they take, fpj C 

Though to their hurt they swear; i sj 
Constant and just to all they speak, 'liT 

For God and angels hear. -iH 

Still with their lips their hearts agree, : ik ^ it 

Nor flattering words devise ; :*r ' 

They know the God of truth can see ij ■ 

Through every false disguise. ,- 

They hate th' appearance of a lie , ,; , 

In all the shapes it wears' 
They live the truth; and when they die, 

Eternal life is theirs. 
While hypocrites and liars fly 

Before the Judge's frown, _ , . 

His faithful friends, who fear a lie, 

Receive th' immortal crown. 


FormaVty in TFank^, 
John iv. 34. Psalro ciiiU. 23, 31. 

GOD is a Spirit just and wise, 
He sees our inmost mind; 
In vain to heaven we raise our cries, 
And leave our souls beliind. 

Vile w i ^tot e g dare rehearse his tiaiialii , - ' 
^\^ith Um of falsehood and deceit; 
Ji. firiena or brother they defame, 
J^xA sooth and flatter those they hate. 

I MThey watch to do their neighboturs wrong 
Yet dare to seek their Maker's face; . 
IThev take his covenant on their tongue, 
Out oreak his laws, abuse his grace. 

t T*o heaven they lift their hands unclean, 
I>efil'd with lust, defil'd with blood; 
Sy ixight they practise every sin, 
Sy day their mouths draw near to OotL 

5 And while his judgments long delay, 
They grow secure and sin the more ; 
They think he sleeps as well as they, 
And put far ojQT the dreadful hour. 

6 O dreadful hour ! when God draws near, 
Apd sets their crimes before their eyes ! 
His wrath their guilty souls shall tear. 
And no deliverer dare to rise. 

qOR Ptalm 119. Sd Part. C. M. 

0%y3% Froftmtm tf Siiutnty^ Repentanct^ and OMteioi. 

Ver. 67. 60. 

rpHOU art my portion, my God; 
A Soon as I know thy way, 
My heart makes haste t' obey thy word, 
And suffers no delay. 

Ver. 30. 14. 

I choote the path of heavenly truth. 

And glory m my choice : 
Not all the riches of the earth 

Coald make me so rejoice. 

The testimonies of thy grace 

I let before my eyes; 
Thence I derive my daily strength, 

Attd thexie my comfort lies. 

Ver. 69. 

If ooee I wttadj^ from thy path, 

I tfuiik t^pon my ways, 
Then to^ mv ftet to thy commands, 

And tmit thy pardoning grace. 

▼•r. 94. 114. 

If oir I Ml Aine, for ever thine, 
Wf0 &7 servant, Lord; 


Thou art my shield, my hiding-place. 
My hope is in thy word. 

Ver. 119. 

Thou hast inclin'd this heart of mine 

Thy statutes to fulfil; 
And thus till mortal life shdl end \ 

Would I perform thy will. -''','Vr 

QQl* PBalm 139. 3d Pari. L. H. 

0«>0« Sitwtrity jj™/«W, laid Gmre trial , of, M* kiKl ' ' _ 

learchi'ig God. ' i • 

1 "M/fY God, what inward grief I feel 

ItX When impious men transgress thy will, 
I mourn to hear their lips profanej 
Take thy tremendous name in vam. 

2 Does not my soul detest and hate 
The sons of malice and deceit? 
Those that oppose thy laws and theo 

I count them enemies to me, ' n 

3 Lord, search my soul, try every thought: ' 
Though my own heart accuse me not 

Of walking in a false disguise, 
I beg the trial of thine eyes. 

TRUST. 291 

rWith an impartial hand, the Lord 
J)e^ out to mortals their reward; 
rrhe kind and faithful souls shall find 
A God as faithful, and as kind. 

The just and pure shall ever say 
Thou art more pure, more just than they; 
^nd men that love revenge shall know 
God hath an arm of vengeance too.] 


Ptalm 6S. rer. 5 — Id. L. M. 
No Tnut in CreaturtM / or. Faith in Dhku 
Grace and Power » 

1 7^M[ Y spirit looks to God alone ; 
-L^JI. My rock and refuge is his throne: 
^ L all my feara, in all my straits, 

y soul on his salvation waits. 

2 X^xust him, ye saints, in all your wajrs, 
r^our otit vour hearts before his face: 
V^f^hen helpers fail and foes invade, 
S-cDd is our all-sumcient aid. 

3 ^^se are the men of high de^ee, 
T^tie baser sort are vanity ; 

!-■ fiid in the balance both appear 
A-*ight as a pufF of empty air. 

4 ^ake not increasing gold your trust, 
N^or set your hearts on glittering dust; 
Wliy will you grasp the fleeting smoke, 
A^^a not believe what God hath spoke ! 

5 Oixce has his awful voice declared, 
Once and a^in my ears have heardi 
\ ^ P^w^r IS his eternal due : 
*He must be fear'd and trusted too.' 

6 For sovereign power reigns not alone, 
Grace is a partner of the throne : 
Thy grace and justice, mighty Lord, 
Shall well divide our last reward. 

aQQ Hymn 103. B. 1. C. M. 

OOU9 Noi othttmed of the Gospel, 2 'Hm. i. 19. 

I T'M not asham'd to own my Lord, 
JL Or to defend his cause, 
Maintain the honour of his word. 
The glory of his cross. 

292 ZEAL. 

2 Jesus, my God, I kaow his name, 

His name is all my trust, 
Nor will he put my soul to shame. 
Nor let my hope be lost. 

3 Firm as his throne his promise stands, 

And he can well secure 
What I've committed to his hands 
Till the decisive hour. 

4 Then will he own my worthless name 

Before his father's face, 

And in the New Jerusalem 

Appoint my soul a place. 

OAt\ Hymn 37. B. I . Sd Part. C. H. 

O^V, Zeal and Fortitude. 

1 T^O I believe what Jesus saith. 
-Lf Aud think the gospel true ! 
Lord, make me bold to own my faith, 

And practise virtue too. 

2 Suppress my shame, subdue my fear, 


They see the triumph from afar, 
And shall with Jfesus reign. 

When that illustrious day shall rise, 

And all thy armies shine 
In robes of victorv through the skies. 

The glory shall be thine. 



Hymn 34. B. 3. C. M. 
• Brtathing after the Holy Spirit / or^ Ftrvmujf iff 

Deootian deeiretL 

OME, holv Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
With all thv quickening powers, 
a flame of sacred love 
In these cold hearts of ours. 

Xjook, how we grovel here below, 
Fond of these trifling toys ; 
^ur souls can neither fly nor go 
To reach eternal joys. 

n vain we tune our formal songs, 
In vain we strive to rise; 
[osannas languish on our tongues. 
And our devotion dies. 

'ear Lord ! and shall we ever lie 
At this poor dying rate? 
ur love so faint, so cold to thee? 
And thine to us so great? 

^ Come, holv Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
With all thy quickening powers 
Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love. 
And that shall kindle ours. 

^*^» 7%« OlperatioM of the Holy Spirit. 

^ PATERNAL Spirit! we confess 
^ And sing the wonders of thy grace; 
Thy power conveys our blessings down 
^i^9m God the Father and the Son. 

i EnBghten*d by thine heavenly ray, 
Our shades and darkness turn to aay : 
Thine inward teachings make us know 
Ojor danger and our refuge too. 

3 Thr power and alory work within, 
.Ana rareak the cnains of reigning ain, 

2 B s 


r imperious lusts subdue, 
■orm our wretched hearts anew, 
troubled conscience knows thy voice, 
fcheerine words awake our joys; 
Ivords allay the stormy wind, 
palm the surges of the mind. 

Hymn 114. B. 1. C. M. 
luiing mid Moliiig Spirit, Kom. »iU. 
14. 16. Eph. i. 13, 14. 

iHY should the children of a king 
n Go mourning all their da^s? 
I Comforter, descend and bnng 
Tie tokens of thy grace. 

I not dwell in all the saints, 
i se.'il the heirs of heaven ! 

ivilt thou banish niy complaints, 
i show my sins forgiven? 
i mv conscience of her part 
ihe Redeemer's blood; 
liear thy witness with my heart, 
lat I am born of God. 
I art the earnest of his love, 
',,3 of joys to come: 
r soft wings, celestial Dove, 
'3 convey me home. 



O what amazing, lays they feel 
IVhile to their golaen harps they sing, 
And sit on every heavenly hill, 
^nd spread the triumphs of their King! 

IVhen shall the day, dear Lord, appear, 
rrhat I shall mount to dwell above, 
^nd stand and bow among them mere, 
^nd view thy &ce, and sing, and love! 


A ^^ m Pttlffl 61. Itt Part. L. M. 

O'^^Btf* ^ Peniieni pkadingfit Parim. 



SHOW pity. Lord, O Lord, forgive^ 
Let a repenting rebel live : 
^A-re not thy mercies lar^e and free? 
IVlay not a sinner trust m thee? 

crimes are great, but can't surpass 
LB power and glory of thv grace; 
Q-reat God, thv nature hatn no bound, 
let diy pardoning love be found 

wash my soul from everjr sin, 
^xid make my guilty conscience clean; 
HCere on my heart the burden lies, 
A^nd past offences pain my eyes. 

4 Vty lips with shame my sins confess 
^gainst thy law, against thy grace : 
Lord, should thv judgment grow severe, 
1^ am condemned, but thou art clear. 

5 Should sudden vengeance seize mv breath, 
I must pronounce thee just in death : 

f^ if my soul were sent to hell. 
Thy ri^teous law approves it welL 

6 Yet save a trembling sinner. Lord, 

Whose hope, still hovering round thy word. 
Would light on some sweet promise there, 
Some sure support against despair. 

OAH Pnlai 85. tot. 1—11. Itt Put 8. BL 
a4D« WmimgfitPiardonandJXnciian. 

I T LIFT my soul to God, 
X My trust is in his name: 
Let not a^y foes that seek my blood 
Still triumph in my shame. 


I Sin and the powers of hell 
Persuade me to despair; 
Lord, make me know thy coTenant mtSlt 
That I may 'scape the snare. 
I From the first dawning; h(^t 
Till the dark evening rise, 
For thy salvation, Lord, I wait 
With ever-longing eyes. 

Remember all th' 
_ And lead me in.tliy 

ay grace, 
thy truth: 
Forgive the sins of riper days, 
And follies of my youth, 
i The Lord is just and kind, , 
The meek shall learn his ways; 
And every humble sinner find 
The methods of his grace. 
> For his own goodness' sake 
He saves my soul from shame; 
Hemrdons (though my guilt be great) . 
Through my Redeemer's name. 


Hjmn 41. B. S. L. M. 
J ai^ of €hd motti/Ui V9 to tk€ HMUL 

L [TTP to the fields where angels lie. 
\J And livinff waters gently roll, 
Fain would my tnoughts leap out and fly. 
But sin hangs heavy on my soul. 

2 Thy wondrous blood, dear dying Christi 
Can make this Idad of guilt remove; 
And thou canst bear me where thou fi]r*ft» 
On thy kind wings, celestial Dove !] 

i O might I once mount ujp and see 
The glories of th' eternal skies, 
^What little things these worlds would be! 
How despicable to my eyes ! 

4 Had I a glance of thee, mv Grod, 
Kingdoms and men would vaniw soon^ 
Danish as though I saw them not, 
As a dim candle dies at noon. 

5 Thm they might fight, and rage and rave, 
I should perceive the noise no more 
Than we can hear a shaking leaf 
*While rattling thunders round us roar. 

6 Great All in AU, Eternal King, 
liet me but view thy lovely face, 
And all my powers shall bow and sing 
Thine endless grandeur and thy grace. 

Q i Q Hymn 10. B. 9. C. M. 

with tamai Jby«. 

1 liiT soul forsakes her vain delight, 
JMl And bids the world fareweil, 
Base as the dirt beneath my feet» 

And mischievous as hell. 

2 No longer will I ask your love, 

Nor seek your friendship more; 
The happiness that I approve 
Lies not?^thin your power. 

3 There's nothing round this spacious earth 

That suits my large desire ; 
To boundless joy and solid imrth 
My nobler tnoughts aspire. 

A [Where pleasure rolls its living fioodi * 
From sin and dross refin'd. 
Still mrioging from a throne of God, 
Axid fit to cheer the mind. 

5 Th' almighty Ruler of the sphere, 

The glorious and the great, 
Brings his own all-sii fficience there 
To make our bliss complete. 

6 Had I the pinions of a dove 

I'd climb the heavenly road; 
There sits my Saviour dress'd in lore. 
And there my smiling God. 




1 1" SEND the joys of earth away; 
X Away, ye tempters of the mind, 
False as me smooth deceitful sea. 
And empty as the whistling wind. 

2 Your streams were floating me along 
Down to the gulf of black despair, 
And wliilst I listen'd to your song, 
Your streams had e'en convey'd methera.' 

3 Lord, I adore thy matchless grace, 
That warn'd me of that dark abyss. 
That drew me from those treacherous 


I 4 


Ver.Sd. ...... »» . 

Hoir would I ran iit ihy commaodSp 

If thou my heart ^yBcharae 
From sin and Satan^s hatewchauMV ". 

And set my feet at large !^ 

Ver. 13. 46. '•< 

Mylips with courage shall declate 

Thy statutes and thy name ; 
ril speak thy word, though kings should hear^ 

Nor yield to sinful shame. 

Ver. 61. e9. 70. 

Let bands of persecutors rise 

To rob me of my right, 
Xet pride and malice forge their lies. 

Thy law is my delight. 

Ver. 115. 

Xepart from me, ye wicked race. 

Whose hands and hearts are ill; 
I love my God, I love his ways. 

And must obey his will. 

Hymn 106. B. 1. S. M. 
• Dead to SS^i^the Grow of Christy Rom. vi. I, i; Sb* 

SHALL we so on to sin 
Because thy grace abounds, 
Or crocify the Lord again, 
And open all his wounds? 

* Forbid it, mighty God, 
Nor let it e'er be said 
That we whose sins are crucified 
Should raise them from the dead* 

3 We will be slaves no more. 
Since Christ has made us free, 
Has naiPd our tyrants to his cross. 
And bought our liberty. 

Qfl^Q Hymn 81. B. 8. C. M. 

0«nl« Our &n HU Cau$e of ChrutU JkaOk 

ND now the scales have left mind 
. Now I begin to see : '^ 

(he curs'd deeds my sins have done I ■ 
What murderous things they be ! r :* r 

8 Were theae the traitors, dearet^t Lord^ - ; 
That thy fair bodv toret 
MoQSbnrs. that stain d those heavenly lixnjbi 
Witik floods of purple gprel ^ 


300 LilRiSTtAN. 

3 Was it for crimes that I had done 

My dearest Lord was slain. 
When justice seiz'd God's only Son, 
And put his soul to pain? 

4 Forgive my guilt, Prince of Peace, 

Pll wound my God no more ■ 
Hence from my heart, ye sins, be gone, 
For Jesus I adore. 

5 Furnish me, Lord, with heavenly arms 

From grace's magazine, 
And ril proclaim eternal war 
With every darling sin. 
OK A Hymn 31. B. J . 2cl Part. C. M. 

004:* The hidden. Life of a ChrUtian, Col. ill. 8. 

1 I""! HAPPY soul! that lives on high; 
\J Whde men lie grovelling here ! 
His hopes are fix'd above the SKy, 

And faith forbids his fear. 

2 His conscience knows no secret stings, 

While peace and jov combine 
To form a life whose holy springs 
Are hidden and divine. 




S How can I die while JcMTOs lives, 
Who rose and left the dead? 
Pardon and grace my soiU receives 
From mine exalted head. 

^ All that I am, and all I have 
Shall be for ever IhinOi 
Whate'er mv duty bids me give. 
My cheernil hands resign. 

Yet if I might make some reserve. 

And duty did not call. 
I love my God with zeal so great 

That I should give him all. 

Hymn 140. B. 9. C. M. 
7%M Xmmpln ofCkrUiandHU Stdnti* 

JYE me the winn of fiedth to rise 
Within the veu, and see 
The saints above, how gfreat their joys, 
How bright their glories be. 

^ Once they were mourning here below, 
And wet their couch with tears; 
They wrestled hard, as we do now, 
With sins, and doubts, and fears. 

^ I sdL them whence their victory came. 
They, with united breath, 
.Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb, 
Their triumph to his death. 

^ They mark'd ^ footsteps Ihat he trod^ 
(His zeal inspired their breast:) 
.And following their incarnate Grod 
Possess the promised rest 

^ Our fl^onous Leader claims our praise 
For his own pattern given. 
While the long doud of witnesses 
Shows the same path to heaven. 

Jtesiy BymtiB. B. 1. L.M. 

^^i% Tit CMCte Am, In. zl. SS-31. 

^ A WAKE, our souls, away, our fears, 
-A. Let every trembling thought be gone: 
Awake, and run the heavenly race. 
And put a chearful courage on. 

* Tyiie, His astrait and tfacnrny road. 
And m«tel spirits tire and feint; 
Bot flier fiiQ^ the mif^ty God, 
Hit teds flia «|pagth Of every saint— 


■he mighty Gotl, whose miilchless power 

m ever new and ever young, 

Ind firm endures while endless years 

f heir everlasting circles run. 

Frt)m thee, the overflowing spring. 

Our souls shall drink a fresh supply, 

■While such as trust their native strength 

■ Shall melt away, and drop and die. 

I Swift as an eagle cuts the air 

I We'll mount aloft to thine abode, 
On wings of love our souls shall fly, 
Nor tire amidst the heavenly road. 

»KQ Hj™" "7. B. 2. L. M. 

iJtJO. tkc ChriMan »'arfart. 

[CTAND up. my soul, shake off thy fear^ 
lO And gird the gospel armour on, 
March to the gates of endless joy 
Where thy great Captain-Saviour's gone. 

2 Hell and thy sins resist thy course, 
But hell and sin are vanquish'd foes, 
Thy Jesus nail'd them to the cross, 
And sung the triumph when he rose.] 

3 [What though the prince of darkness rage. 
And waste the fury of his spite, 
Eternal chains confine him down 

s and endless night. 

4 rebel, 


2 When sin and hell their force unite. 

He makes my soul his care, 
Instructs me to Ihe heavenly fight. 
And guards me through the war. 

3 A friend and helper so divine 

Doth my weak courage raise; 
He makes the glorious victory mine, 
And his shall be Ihe praise. 

0|wv 'PMlm 119. 17th Put. L. M/ 

€fOv» O ww qf e and Fenevera ne e vnder Peneeuikni or. 

skkiing in Dfj/ladiUt and T)riab. 
Ver. 143. S8. 

XX7HEN pain and an^ish seize me, Lordt 

▼ ▼ All mv support IS from thy word : 
My soul dissolves for heaviness, 
Ujdiold me with thy strengthening grace. 

. Ver. 51. 69. 110. 

The proud have fram'd their scoffs and lies, 
They watch my feet with envious eyes. 
And tempt my soul to snares and sin, 
Yet thy commands I ne'er decline. 

yer. 161. 78. 

They hate me, Lord, without a cause. 
They hate to see me love thy laws; 
But 1 will trust and fear thy name. 
Till pride and malice die with shame 

Q/»1 PmIoi 7. C. M. 

OOl* Q^^BCmtofkUFeopk^andPttmakmenirf 

1 T^TY trust is in my heavenly friend, 
Ivi My hope in thee, my God ; 
Rise, and my nelpless hfe defend 

From those Ihat seek my blood. 

2 With insolence and fury they 

My soul in pieces tear, 
As hungry lions rend the prey, 
When no deliverer's near. 

3 If I had e'er provok'd them first. 

Or once abus'd my foe. 
Then let him tread my life to dust. 

And lay mine honour low. ^ 

4 If there be malice hid in me, 

I know thy piercing eyes ; 
I sbaald not ddre appeal to thee, 
NaraAmy Goato rise. 


& Arise, my God, lift up thy hand. 
Their pride and power control; 
Awake to judgment, and command 
Deliverance for my soul. 


6 [Let sinners and their wicked rage 

Be humbled to the dust; 
Shall not the God of truth engage 
To vindicate the just? 

7 He knows the heart, he tries the tui)% 

He will defend th' upright: 

His sharpest arrows he ordains 

Against the sons of spite. 

8 For me their malice digg'd a pit, 

But there themselves are cast; 
My God makes all their mischief light 
On their own heads at last.] 

9 That cruel persecutine race 

Must feel his dreadful sword; 
Awake, my soul, and praise the grace 
And justice of the Lord. 


6 Let malice v^it her rage aloud, 
Let bold blasphemers scoff; 
The Lord our Grod shall judge the proud, • 
And cut the sinners on. 

O/SQ Pmlm 16. 1—8. Itt Part C. BL 

000« Support mid Counsel JhmQpdwiikmaMiriL 

1 C! AYE me, O Lord, from every foe; 
O In thee my trust I place, 
Though all Ihe good that I can do 

Can ne'er deserve thy grace. 

2 Yet if my^ Grod inx>lonff my breath, 

The saints majr pront by 't; 
The saints the giorv of the earth, 
The men of my delight 

3 Let heathens to tiieir idols haste, 

And worship wood or stone; 
But my detigfatful lot is cast 
Where the true God is Imown. 

4 His hand provides my constant food. 

He fills my dailv cup ; 
Much am I pleas'a wiui present good. 
But more rejoice in hope. 

6 God is my portion and my joy, 
His counsels are my light; 
He gives me sweet advice by day. 
And gentle hints by night. 

6 My soul would all her thoughts approve 
To his all-seeinff eye • 
Not death nor hell my tiopes shall move, 
While such a friend is nigh. 

QiS J Pmlm 120. C. M. 

Off 4« CompUni ofqwareUome Ntighboung ot^ a dtmU 

WUh for Peace. 

1 nnHOy God of love, thou ever-blest, 

JL Pitv my suffering state ; 
When wut thou set my soul at rest 
From lips that love deceit? 

2 Hard lot of mine! mv days are cast 

Among the sons oi strife. 
Whose never-ceasing brawiings waste . 
My golden hours of life. 

5 OmigbtlAj to change my place, 

Haw would I choose to dwell 

S08 CHKIffriAN. 

In some wide loneBome wildern^ 
And leave these gates of hell! 
4 Peace is the blessing that I seek. 
How lovely are its channs ! 
I am for peace ; but when I speak. 
They all declare for arms. 
6 New passions still their souls engage, 
And keep their malice strong: 
What shall be done to curb thy rage, 
- O thou devouring tongue ! 
6 Should burning arrows smite thee through. 
Strict justice would approve; 
But I had rather spare mv foe. 
And melt his heart with love. 

71 Opprtaian 

and FabdWoi) or, £bA 
Mr to Faith and Prtq/tr. 

1 f\ THOU, whose justice reigns on high, 

VF And makes th' oppressor cease, 
Behold how envious sinners try 
To vex and break my n«af;ft f 


7 ^VHien to thy throne I rake my ctff 
The wicked fear and flee: . 
So swift is pno^er to reach the sky. 
So near is Gfod to me. 

8 Xn thee, most holy, just, and tme, 
I have repos'd my trust; 
Nor will I fesr what man can dO| 
The ofl^ring of tiie dust. 

• Thy solemn vows are on me, Lordi 

Thoushalt receive m^ praise; 

1*11 sing, 'How faithful is tiiy word! 

'How righteous all thy ways!' 

I^^Thou hast secor'd mv soul from death; 
set thy prisoner free! 
That heart and hand, and life and breath. 
May be employ'd tor thee. 

?^^0 Pwlm Sl« vor. 7—13. 18—81. 9d Part C. M. 
^^*^lO* JMverancefrom Slander and Bipr^aek. 

^ IMT^ heart rejoices in thy name, 
ITi. My Grod, my help, my trust; 
Thou hast preserv^l my face from shame, 
Mine honour frx)m the dust. 

* * My life is spent with grief,' I cried, 

' My years consum'd in groans, 
* My strength decays, mine eyes a^re dried, 
' And sorrow wastes my bones. 

3 Among mine enemies my name 
Was a mere proverb grown. 
While to my neighbours I became 
Forgotten and unknown. 

4 Slander and fear, on every side, 
Smz*d and beset me round ; 
I to the throne of grace applied 
And qieedy rescue found. 

6 How ffreat deliverance thou habt wrotii^t, 
Before the sons of men! 
The Iving lips to silence brought, 
Ana made their boastings vain! 

6 Thv children from the strife of tongues. 
Shall thy pavilion hide. 
Guard lliein from infrimv and wrongs, 
And crush the sons of pride. 


Jiin thy secret presence, Lord, 

fct me for ever dwell ; 
■enced city, wall'd and barr'd, 
^cures a saint so well. 

Psalm 118. vfr.G— 15. laiPart. CM. 
Ddivermiu from a TtimuU. 

bE Lord appears my helper now, 
J Nor is my faith afraid 
Ihat the sons of earth can do, 
Tnce heaven affords me aid. 
Jsafer, Lord, to hope in thee, 
|id have my God my friend, 

1 trust in men of high degree, 
|id on their truth depend. 

4 my foes beset me round 
llarge and angry swarm ; 

y shall all their rage confound 

\ thine almighty arm. 

through the Lord my heart is strong, 

I him my lips rejoice; 

■e his salvation is my song, 

.' cheerful is my voice ! 
J angrv bees ihey girt me round; 
Ihen God appear.'* they flv: 

prning thorns, with crackling sound 

^' ilei ■• 


-4 I dveB in darknesa snd utuwen, 

My heart is desolate within ; 

My thonjifats in musing; silence trace 

The ancient wonders ra thy grace 
6 Thence I derive a glimpse of hope 

To hear my sinking spirits up, 

I stretch mr hands to Grod again. 

And thirst like parched lands for rain. 
G For fliee I thirst, I pray, I monm; 

When will thy smiTmg race return? 

Shall all my joys on earth remove? 

And God for ever hide his love? 
"3 My God, thy long delay to save 

Will sink thy prisoner to the gram; 

My heart grows faint, and dim mine eye; 

Make haste to heilp before I die. 
^ The night is witness to my tears, 

DistressiDg pains, distressing fears; 

might I hear thy morning voice. 
How would my wearied powers rejoice! 

^ In thee I trust, to thee I sigh. 
And lift my weary soul on nigh, 
For thee sit waiting all the day, 
And wear the tiresome hours away. 
"^C Break' ofif my fetters, Lord, and show 
Which is the path my feet should go; 
V snares and toes beset the road, 

1 flee to hide me near my God. 
ll Teach me to do thy holy will, 

And lead me to thy heavenly hill; 
Let the good Spirit of thy love 
Conduct me to thy courts above. 
l2 Then shall my soul no more complain, 
The tempter then shall rage in vain; 
And flesh, that was my foe before, 
Shall never vex my spirit more, 

OAQ Pwlm 55. 1— fl. IG— le, 23. C. M. 

»H>t7» Support far the effiieted and templed SoaU 

1 f\ GOD, my refuge, hear my cries, 
" Behold my flowinET tears, 
For earth and hell my hurt devise. 
And triumph in my fears. 
S Their rage is levell'd at my life, 
" soul with guilt they load, 


310 tIfltlSTlAN. 

And fill my thoughts with inward strife 
To shake my hope in God. 

3 With inward pain my heart-atringB sound, 

I groan witn every breath ; 
Horror and fear beset me round 
Amongst the shades of death. 

4 were I like a feather'd dove, 

And innocence had wings ; 
I'd fly and make a long remove, 

From all these restless things. 
6 Let me to some wild desert go, 

And find a peaceful home, 
"Where storms of malice never blow, 

Temptations never come, 

6 Vain hopes and vain inventions all 

To 'scape the rage of hell ! 

The mighty God on whom I call 

Can save me here as well. 


7 By morning light I'll seek his face, 
At noon repeat my cry, 


Yet we who have a heaven t' obtain. 
How negligent we live ! 

3 We for whose sake all nature stands, 

And stars their courses move; 
We for whose guard the angel bands 
Come flsdng from above; 

4 We for whom God the Son came down. 

And laboured for our ffood, 
How careless to secure that crown 
He purchas'd with his blood ! 

5 Lord, shall we lie so sluggish still? 

And never act our parte? 
Come, holy Dove, from th' heavenly hill, 
And sit and warm our hearte. 

6 Then shall our active spirite move, 

Upward our souls shall rise : 
With hands of faith and wings of love 
We'll fly and take the prize. 

tfMfl Hymn 98. B. 9. C. M. 

O i X • Hardneu of Heart comjplained of, 

1 l^f Y heart, how dreadful hard it is ! 
Xv JL How heavy here it lies ! 
Heavy and cold within my breast, 

Just like a rock of ice ! 

2 Sin like a raging tyrant site 

Upon this flinty throne, 
And every grace lies buried deep 
Beneath mis heart of stone. 

3 How seldom do I rise to God, 

Or taste the joys above ! 
This mountain presses down my faith, 
And chills my fliiming love. 

4 When smiling mercy courte my soul 

With all ite heavenly charms, 
This stubborn, this relentless thing 
Would thrust it from my arms. 

5 A^nst the thunders of thy word 

Rebellious I have stood, 
My heart it shakes not at the wrath 
And terrors of a God. • 

6 Dear Saviour, steep this rock of mine 

In thine own cnmson sea : 
None bat a bath of blood divine 
dm melt the Oint away. 

Ter. 16-rSS. 3i Put. S. M. 

MINE eyes and my desire 
Are ever to the Lord; 
I love to plead his promises, 
And rest upon his word. 
'. Turn, turn thee to my soul, 
Bring thy salvation near! 
When will thy hand release my feet 
Out of the deadly snare! 
I When shall the sovereign grace 
Of my forgiving God 
Restore me from those dangerous ways 
My wandering feet have trod? 
The tumult of my thoughts 
Doth but enlarge my wo; 
My spirit languishes, my heart 
Is desolate and low. 
< Wilh every morning light 
My sorrow new begins; 
Look on mv anguish and my pain, 
And pardon all my sins. 


Mttst we indul^ a long despair? 

Shall our petitions die? 
Our mouminss never reach thine Mr, 

Nor tears infect thine eye?] 
If thou despise a mortal ffroui, 

Yet hear a Saviour's bldod ; 
An advocate so near the throne 

Pleads and prevails with God. 
He brought the Spirit's powerful sword 

To slay our deadly foes; 
Our sins shall die beneath thy word, 

And hell in vain oppose. 
How boundless is our Father's gEaoe» 

In height, and depth, and length! 
He made his Son our righteousness, 

His Spirit is our strength. 

^7i. PMlm 13. c. H. 

*- ITO'W long wilt thou conceal thy &oe? 
-U My Godj how long delay? 
When shall I feel those heavenly rays 
That chase my fears away? 
~ How long shall mv poor labouring sonl 
WrestTe and toil in vain? 
Thy word can all my foes control, 
And-ease my raging pain. 
' See how the prince of darkness tries 
AH his malicious arts, 
He spreads a mist around my eyes, 
And throws his fiery darts. 
L Be thou my sun, and thou my shield, 
My soul in safety keep ; 
Make haste before mine eyes are seaTd 
In death's eternal sleep. 
^ How would the tempter boast aloud 
If I become his prev? 
Behold the sons of hell grow proud 
At thy 8o long delay. 
6 But thev shall fly at thy rebuke, 
And Satan hide his head; 
He knows the terrors of thy look, 
« — 1 i--.ars thy voice with dread. 



7 Thou wilt display that sovereign gneer ' 
Where all my hopes have hnng; 
I shall employ my ups in praise. 
And victory shall he sung. 

Hymn 90. B. 3. C. M. 
Batkilidingi and JUturni ; or, llit IiKomtatey a^ 


1 "W^^HY is my heart so far from thee, 

▼ T My God, my chief delight? 
Why are my thoughts no more by day 
With thee, no more by night? 

2 [Why should my foolish passions rove! 

Where can such sweetness be 
As I liave tasted in thy love, 
As I have found in thee?] 

3 When my forgetful soul renews 

The savour of lliy grace, 
My heart presumes I cannot lose 
The relish all my days. 

4 But ere one fleeting hour is past, 

The flattering world employs 
Some sensual bail to seize my taate. 


) [Make haste, my days, to reach the goal. 

And bring my heart to rest 
On the dear centre of my soul, 

My God, my Saviour s breast] 

)i<y/» Psalm 13. L. M. 

^ I 0« Pleading with God under DeaarHon / or, JSfigM Ai 


HOW long, O Lord, shall I comj^lain 
Like one that seeks his God m vain? 
Canst thou thy face for ever hide? 
And I still pray, and be denied? 

Shall I for ever be forgot 

As one whom thou regardest not? 

Still shall my soul thine absence mourn? 

And still despair of thy return? 

How long shall my poor troubled breast 
Be ^vith these anxious thoughts opprest? 
And Satan, my malicious foe, 
Rejoice to see me sunk so low? 

Hear, Lord, and grant me quick relief, 
Before my death concludes my grrief; 
If thou withhold thy heavenly hght, 
I sleep in everlasting night. 

How will the iwwers of darkness boasti 
If but one praying soul be lost ! 
But I h^'Ve trusted in thy grace. 
And shall again behold thy face. 

Whate'er my fears or foes suggest, 
Thou art my hope, my joy, my rest; 
My heart shall feel thy love, and raise 
My cheerful voice to songs of praise. 

mm Psalm 119. 16th Part. C. M. 

i • m Prayer for quickening Oraee, 

Ver. 25. 37. 

MY soul lies cleavinff to the dust; 
Lord, give me liie divine ; 
From vain desires and every lust 
Turn off these eyes of mine. 

I need the influence of thy grace 

To speed me in thy way. 
Lest I should loiter in my race. 

Or turn my feet astray. 

Ver. 107. 

When sore afiUctions press me down, 
I need thy quickening powers ; 


Thy word that I have rested on 
Shall help my heaviest houn. 

Ver. l&G. 40. 

Are not thy mercies sovereign still? 

And thou a faithful God? 
Wilt thou not grant me wanner tatl 

To run the heavenly road? 

Ver. 169. 40. 

Does not my heart thy precepts loTe, 

And long to see thy face? 
And yet how slow my spirits more 

Without enlivening grace ! 
Ver. 93. 

Then shall I love thv gospel more, 

And ne'er forget tny word, 
When I have felt its quickening power 
To draw me near the Lord. 



Qi>7Q Psalm 38* C. M*> 

OiVm QmU tfConidenee and Relief ,- cr, Mtptnimlim 

and Prayer for Pardon and Bum. i f 

1 A MIDST thv wrath remember love, 
xjL Restore tby servant^ Lord; 

Nor let a Other's chastemng prove 
Like an avenger's sword. , 

2 Thine arrows stick within my heart. 

My flesh is sorely prest : 
Between the sorrow and the smart 
My spirit finds no rest. 

3 My sins a heavv load appear, 

And o'er my nead are gone; 
Too heavy they for me to bear. 
Too hard for me t' atone. 

4 M V thoughts are like a troubled sea, 

My head still bending down; 
And I go mourning all the day 
Beneath my Father's frown. 

5 Lord, I am weak, and broken sore, 

None of my powers are whole ; 
The inward anguish makes me roar. 
The anguish of my soul. 

6 All mj desire to thee is known, 

•Thme ear counts every tear. 
And every sigh and every groan 
Is notic'd by thine ear. 

7 Thou art my God, my only hope; 

My God will hear my cry, 
My God will bear my spirits up 
When Satan bids me die. 

8 [My foot is ever apt to slide. 

My foes rejoice to see 't; 
They raise their pleasure and their pride. 
When they supplant my feet 

9 But I'll confess my guilt to thee. 

And grieve for all my sin, 
rU mourn how weak my graces be. 
And beg support divine. 

10 My God, forgive m^ follies past, 

And be for ever nigh ; 
O Lord of my salvation, haste. 
Before thy servant die.] 

9n 2 

OOiF. 0(rrMM«/)r5b»,anJ.fiefaaMl3riVqiir. 

1 X^ROM age to age exalt his name, 

Ml God and his grace are still the aanu; 
He fills the hungry soul with food, 
And feeds the poor with every good. 

2 But if their hearts rebel and rise 
Against the God that rules the skies, 
If they reject his heavenly word, 
And slight the counsels of the Lord; 

3 He'll bring their spirits to the ground, 
And no deliverer snail be found; 
Laden with grief they waste their brealh 
In darkness and the shades of death. 

4 Then to the Lord they raise their cries. 
He makes the dawning light arise, 
And scatters all that dismal shade, 
That hung so heavy round their head. 

6 He cuts the bars of brass in two, 

And lets the smiling prisoners through; 
Takes oif the load of guilt and grief, 


IVe put oxur trust in Ood alons, 
^d glory in his pardoning grace. 

Let the unthinking many say. 
* Who will bestow some earthly good? 
But, Lord, thy light and love we pray, 
Our souls desire this heavenly food. 

Then shall my cheerful powers rejoice 
At grace and favour so divine ; 
Nor will I change my happy choice 
For all their corn, and all tneir wine. 

Ptalm 85. 1—8. 1st Part L. M. 
TFaitingfer an Jntwer to Prayer t mr^ IkHiimvmdt 
begun and compMetL 

LORD, thou hast call'd thy grace to mind, 
Thou hast reversed our heavy doom : 
So Grod forgave when Israel sinned, 
And brought his wandering captives home. 

i Thou hast begun to set us free* 
And made thv fiercest wrath abate : 
Now let our hearts be turn'd to thee, 
And thy salvation be complete. 

3 Revive our dying ^ces, Lord, 
And let thy saints m thee rejoice ; 
Make known thy truth, fulfil thy word. 
We wait for praise to tune our voice. 

4 We wait to hear what God will say ; 
He'll speBkj and give his people peace ; 
But let them run no more astray, 
Lest his returning wrath increase. 

QQQ PBalm 61. 3d Part. L. M. 

OoO« 7%e Baekelider restored f or, Bepeniance and IftiA 

in the Blood of Chritt. 

1 f\ THOU that hear'st when sinners err, 
Vr Though all my crimes before thee liet , 
Behold them not with angry look, 

But blot their memory from thy book. 

2 Create my nature pure within. 
And form my soul averse to sin : 
Let thy good Spirit ne'er depart, 
Nor hide thy presence from my heart 

3 I cannot live without thy light, 
CSast out and banish'd from thy sight: 
Thine holy joys, my God, restore. 
And guard me that I fall no more. 

Ml %A% 


4 Though I have griev'd thy Spirit, Lordr ■ 
His help aad comfort still aiford : 
And let a wretch come near thy throno 
To plead the merits of thy Son. 

6 A broken heart, my God, my King, 
Is all the sacrifice I bring; 
The God of grace will ne'er despise 
A broken heart for sacrifice. 

6 My soul lies humbled in the dust, 
And owns thy dreadful sentence just: 
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye, 
And save the soul condemn'd to die. 

7 Then will I teach the world thy ways; 
Sinners shall learn thy sovereisn grace; 
I'll lead them to my Saviour's blood, 
And they shall praise a pardoning God. 

8 may thy love inspire my tongue ! 
Salvation shall be all mv song; 
And all my powers shall join to bless 
The Lord, my strength and righteousness. 


6 Strike, mighty gnce, my flinty aool. 
Till melting waters flow, 
And deep repentance drown mine eyea 
In undissembled wo. 

QQC PmIb is. <rar. t— 6. 15— IS. l(t Part. L. H. 
OOv* DeOKrateiJram D*^mr, or, Ttm^itHm* mmrvmM, 

1 rpHEE will I love, O Lord, my sbength, 

X My rock, my tower, my high defence; 
Thy mi^ty arm shall be mv trust, 
For I have found salvation tnenoe. 

2 Death, and the terrors of the grave, ' 
Stood round me with their dismal shade; 
While floods of high temptations roae,\ 
And made my sinking soul afraid. 

3 I saw the opeoiDg gates of hell. 
With endless pains and sorrows there. 
Which none but thev that feel can tell. 
While I was hurried to despair. 

A In my distress I call'd ' My God !' 
When I could scu-ce believe him mine; 
He bow'd his ear to my complaint, 
Then did his grace ai^ear divine. 

fi [With speed he flew to my relief 
As on a cherub's win$ he rode; 
Awfiil and brig^it as lightning shone 
The face of my deliverer God. 

6 Temptations fled at his rebuke, 
The blast of his almighty breath; 
He sent salvation from on high, 

And drew me from the deeps of death.] 

7 Great were my fears, my foes were great, 
Much was their strength, and more their raip 
But Christ, my Lord, is conqueror still 

In all the wars that devils wage. 

8 ^lJ song for ever shall record 
That terrible, that^joyful hour: 
And give the glory to the Lord 
IDue to his mercy and his power. 

OQ/J PiBlm 40. VCT, 1, 8, 3. 5. 17. Ist Port. C. Hi. 


A tonfi of DtUverann fnm prtal Ditlrttt. 

WAITED patient for the Lord, 
— . He bow'd to hear my cry: 
He saw me resting on his word, 
And brought salvation nigh. 



ais'd me from a horrid pit 
'here mourning long I lay, 

from my bonds releas'd my feet, 
eep bonus of miry clay. 

i rock he made me stand, 
nd taught my cheerful tongue 
)raise the wonders of his hand, 
I a new thankful song. 
;pread his works of grace abroad; 
he saints with joy shall hear, 

sinners learn to make my God 
heir only hope and fear. 
' many are thy thoughts of love! 
hy mercies, Lord, how great! 
have not words nor hours enough 
heir numbers to repeat, 
m I'm afflicted, poor, and low, 
nd liaht and peace depart, 
God beholds my heavy wo, 
nd bears me on his heart. 

psalm Gl, ver, 1—6. S. M. 
.Sofily in Gud. 

HEN overuhelin'd with grief 
My heart within me dies, 
less and far from all relief, 
heaven I lift mine eyes. 



2 Bat, oh! it swells my sorrows high 
To see my blessed Jesus frown, 
My spirits sink, my comforts die, 
And all the springs of life are down. 

3 Yet why. my soul, why these complaintsT 
Still while he frowns, nis bowels move ; 
Still on his heart be bears his saints, 
And feels their sorrows and his love. 

4 Mj name is printed on his breast, 
His book of Ufe contains my name; 
I'd rather have it there impress'd 
Than in the bright records of fame. 

5 When the last fire bums all things here, 
Those letters shall securely stanch 

And in the Lamb's fair book appear 
Writ by th' eternal Father's hand. 

6 Now shall my minutes smoothly run, 
Whilst here I wait my Father's will; 
My risins and my setting sun 

Roll gently up and down the hill. 

QQO H;mn 103. B. 1. L. M. 

00*Jt The BtetUadu, Malt. v. 9—13. 

1 [IJLESS'D are the humble souls that see 

XI Their emptiness and poverty; 
Treasures of grace to them are given, 
And crowns of joy laid up in heaven.] 

2 [Bless'd are the men of broken heart, 
Who mourn for sin with inward smart; 
The blood of Clirist divinely flows, 

A healing balm for all their woes.] 

3 [Bless'd are the meek, who stand afar 
From rage and passion, noise and war; 
God will secure their happy state, 

And plead their cause against the great] 

4 [Bless'd are the souls that thirst for grace. 
Hunger and long for righteousness, \. 
Thev shall be well supplied, and fed i 
With living streams anil living bread.] ^ 

5 [Blesa'd are the men whose bowels mov» ' 
And melt with sympathy and love: 
From Christ the Lord snail they obtain 
Like sympathy and lore again.] 

32d christian. 

If God at last, my sovereign Judge, 

Should frown, and bid my soul Depart! 
3 Lord, when I quit this earthly stage, 

Where shall I tiy but to thy breast! 

For 1 have sought no other home; 

For I have learn'd no other rest. 

3 I cannot live contented here. 
Without some glimpses of thy fece: 
And heaven without thy presence tnero 
Would be a dark and tiresome place. 

4 When earthly cares engross the day, 
And hold my thoughts aside from thee, . 
The shining hours of cheerful light 

Are long and tedious years to me. , 

5 AtiA if no eve-ning visit's paid, 
Between my Saviour and my soul, 
How dull the night! how sad the shade! 
How mournfully the minutes roU! 

6 This flesh of mine might learn as soon 
To live, yet part with all my blood; 
To breathe when vital nir is gone, 


S Xxi darkest sliades if he appear, 
My dawning is begun; 
He is my soul% sweet morning star, 
And, he my rising sun. 

3 llie opening heavens around me shine 
With beams of sacred blic«, 
"While Jesus shows his heart is mine. 
And whispers / am Ms! 

^ ^y soul would leave this heavy clay 
At that transporting word, 
Jlun up with joy the shining way 
T' embrace my dearest Lord. 

^ fearless of hell and ghastly deathi 
rd break through every foe : 
The winflfs of love and arms ot faith 
Should bear me conqueror through. 

Psalm 90. Yer. 13, kc. 3d Part C. M. 
Breathing after Heaoen, 

^ ETURN^ O God of love, return; 
J\f Earth is a tiresome place ; 
How long shall we thy children mourn 
Our absence from tny feice; 

Xet heaven succeed our i)ainful yearSi 

Let sin and sorrow cease, 
-And in proportion to our tears 

So make our joys increase. 

* Thy wonders to thy servant show 
Make thy own work complete, 
Then shall our souls thy glory know, 
And own thy love was great. 

^ Then shall we shine before thy throne 
In all thy beauty. Lord ; 
And the poor service we have done 
Meet a divine reward. 

^%79« ng Hope of Buuen our Support unitr THali 

on JEarih* 

1 TXTHEN I can read mv title clear 

V T To mansions in the skies, 
Ibid farewell to every fear. 
And wipe my weeping eyes. 

2 Should earth aoainst mv soul engage, 

Aiid hellish darts be nurl'd, 



Then I can smile at Satan's rage, 
And face a frownii^ world. 

3 Let cares like a wild deliue c<Hne, 

And storms of sorrow fall, 
May I but safely reach my home, 
My God, my neaven, my alL 

4 There shall I bathe my weary soul 

la seas of heavenly rest, 
And not a wave of trouble roll 
Across my peaceful breast. 

0«70* Living and dying taith Qadprant, 

1 T CANNOT bear thine absence, Lord, 
X My life expires if thou depart: 

Be thou, my heart, still near my God, , 
.And Vhou, my God, be near my heart. 

2 I was not born for earth or sin, 
Nor can I hve on things so vile; 
Yet I would stay my Father's tirae,^ 
And hope and wait for heaven a while. 

3 Then, dearest Lord- in thine embrace 


4 But sixmers find their counsels crart; 
As chsff before the tempest flies. 
So shall their hopes be blown and lostp 
When the last tmmpet shakes the skiea 

6 In vain the rebel seeks to stand 
In judgment with the pious race ; 
The dreadful Judoe with stem command 
Diiddes him to a different place. 

6 * Straight is the way my saints hare trody 
' I blest the path and drew it plain; 
' But you would choose the crooked road, 
* And down it leads to endless pain.' 

QQQ Psalm 1. S. M. 

iKfOm 7%€ Smni hmppy^ ike Skmar mimwUi. 

1 nPHE man is ever blest 

X Who shims the sinners' ways, 
Among their counsels never stands, 
Nor takes the scomer's place. 

2 But makes the law of God 
His study and deliffht, 

Amidst the labours ot the day, 
And watches of the night. 

3 He like a tree shall thrive, 
Witii waters near the root • 

Fresh as the leaf his name snail live^ 
His works are heavenly fruit. 

4 Not so th' ungodly race, 

They no such blessings find ; 
Their hopes shall flee like empty chaff 
Before the driving wind. 

6 How will they bear to stand 
Before that judgment-seat, 
Where all the saints at Christ's rigkX hand 
In full assembly meet? 

6 He knbws, and he. approves, 
The way the righteous go; 
But sinners and tneir works shall mMt 
A dreadful overthrow. 

QdQ Ptalm 119. Ist Past. C. M. 

<09«f • T%g BUutdnm ofSainU^ and Mirny rfBimtn. 

Far. 1, S, 3. 

nLESTare the undefil'd in heasl, 
^M^ Whose ways are right and 


Who never from thy law depart, 

But fly from every sin. 
Blest are the men that keep thy word, 

And practise thv commands; 
With their whole "heart they seek the Lord, 

And serve thee with their hands. 
Ver. 165. 
Great is their peace who love thy law! 

How firm their souls abide! 
Nor can a hold temptation draw , 

Their steady feet aside. 

Ver. 6. 
Then shall my heart have inward joy. 

And keep my face from shame, IJJ 

When all tny statutes I obey, 

And honour all thy name. ' 

Ver. 21. lie. 

But haughty sinners God will hate. 

The proud shall die accurst; 
The sons of falsehood and deceit 

Are trodden to the dust. 


Not so the impious and unjust; i 

What vain designs they fona! 
Their hopes are blown away like dniti 

Or ehm before the storm. 

Sinners in judgment shall not stand 

Amongst the sons of grace, 
IVlien Christ the Judge, at his right handy 

Appoints his saints a place. 

His eye beholds the path ihey tread« 

His heart approres it well; 
3ut crooked ways of sinners lead 

Down to the gates of helL 

. ^^1 Ptalm 37. t«r. S3--97. 8d Put C. IL 


ntJlT God, the steps of pious fnen 
-iTl. Are ordered by thy will; 
Though they should fall, thejr rise again,^ 
Thy hand supports them still. 

*rhe Lord delights to see their wajrs, 

Their virtue he anpro ves : 
He'll ne'er depriye them of nia gracet 

Nor leave me men he loves. 

*The heavenly heritage is theirs, 
Their poortion and their home; 

He feeds them now, and makes them haifa 
Of blessings long to come. 

^ Wait on the Lord, ye sons of men. 
Nor fear when tyrants frown ; 
Ye shall confess their nride was vain, 
When justice casts them down* 


^ The haughty sinner have I seen. 
Not fearing man nor God, 
Like a tall bi^-tree fair and green. 
Spreading his arms abroad. 

t And lo! he vanish'd from the ground. 
Destroyed bv hands unseen ; 
Nor r6ot, nor branch, nor leaf was found 
Where all that pride had been. 

7 But mark the man of righteousneas, 
His several steps attend: 
Trad pleasure runs through all his waysi 
And peaceful is his end. 


Jlewardt of the Highlroui, and the mdadi or, the W»H 
Hatred, and ike Sainl't Palitnct, i 

1 'Vl/'HY should I vex my soul, and fret 

TT To see the wicked rise? •! 

Or envy sinners waxing great 
By violence and lies 7 ( '^ 

2 As flowery grass, out down at noon* 

Before the evening fades, ' i 

So shall their glories vanish soon 
In everlasting shades, 

3 Then let me make the Lord my trust, 

And practise all that's good ; 

So shall I dwell among the just, 

And he'll provide me food. 

4 I to my God my ways commit, 

And cheerful wait his will; 
Thy hand, which guides my doubtful feet. 
Shall my desires fulfil, 

5 Mine innocence shalt thou display, 

And make thy judgments knowOf 
Fair as thp, li>lit. nf Ha-wnin*r dav. 


^ludUttiav own swords against them tonii 
mBL plan sQiprise thfi& hearts. 

tf^ G0D| to whom revenge beknci^ 
3^ Proclaim thy wrath aJood; 
-s-««t.soTereign power redress onr wzQap» 
Let jnstice smite the proud. 

^^^hejr say, T%e Lord norsees nor hean; 

When will the fixds be wise ! 
^^an he be deaf who formed their ears? 
Or blind, who made their eyes? 

He knows their impions thonghts are Tain, 
And they shall ieel his power; 

His wrath shall pierce their souls with pain 
In some surpnsing hour. 

i But if thir saints deserve rebuke, 
Thou nast a gentler rod; 
Thv providences and thy book 
Shall make them know their God. 

6 Blest is the man thv hands chsstise. 
And to his dutv draw; 
Thvscourges make thy children wise 
when they forget thy law. 

6 But God will ne'er cast oflf his ssints^ 
Nor his own promise break; 
Hepardons his mheritance 
For their Redeemer's sake. 

Ai\A Ptalm 11. L. M. 

4U4* Q^ihmOmR^fiihom^midhBim^WUUL 

1 1|^T refuge is the Grod of love : 
ITl. Why do my foes insult and cry, 
' Fly like a timorous trembling dov^ 
' To distant woods or mountains HiyV 

8 Ifgovemment be all destroyed, 
(That firm foundatLon of our peace,) 
And violence make justice void, 
Where shall the righteous seek redress? 

8 The Lord in heaven has fix'd his throne, 
His eyes survey the world below; 
To him all mortal things are known. 
His eyelids search our spirits thrcfUgL 


4 If he afflicts his saints SO &r , :,\,. 

To prove their love, and try flieir SrttdlL '/' ' 
What may the bold transgressors tear T ' 
His very soul abhors their ways. 'i-i: 

6 On impious wretches he shall rain 
Tempests of brimstone, fire, and death, 
Such as he kindled on the plain 
Of Sodom with his angry breath. . 

6 The righteous Lord loves righteous souls, 
Whose thoughts and actions are sincere; 
And with a gracious eye beholds 
The men that his own image bear. 

Pord'on of Sainla and Sim 

or, HopeoHd 


ARISE, my gracious God, 
And make the wicked flee; 
They are but thy chastising rod 
To drive thy saints to thee. 
S Behold the pinner dies, 

His haughty words are vain; 
Here in this life his pleasure lies, 


'Tis all they seek ; they take their shares 
And leave the rest among their heirs. 

What sinners yalue, I resign; 
Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine;: 
I shall bdiiold thy blissful face, 
And stand complete in righteousness. 

This life's a dream, an emjity show; 
3ut the bright world to which I go 
Hath joys substantial and sincere; 
When snail I wake, and find me there? 

fflorious hour ! O blest abode ! 

1 shall be near and like my God! 
^nd flesh and sin no more control 
The sacred pleasures of the soul. 

Bly flesh shall slumber in the ground 
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound ; 
Then burst the chains with sweet surpriaoy 
.And in my Saviour's image rise. 

I ^"VT Psalm 149. C. M. 

^^J i • PraiH (kd, mU hit Sainti ; or, the Smntw judging 

the World. 

ALL ye that love the Lord, rejoice, 
And let your sonss be new ; 
Amidst the church with cheerful voice 
His later wonders show. 

* The Jews, the people of his grace, 
Shall their Redeemer sing ; 
And Grentile nations join the praise, 
While Zion owns her King. 

^ The Lord takes pleasure in the just. 
Whom siimers treat with scorn ; 
The meek that lie despis'd in dust 
Salvation shall adorn. 

^ Saints should be jovful in their King, 
E'en on a dying bed : 
And like the souls in glory sing. 
For God shall raise the dead. 

5 Tlien his high praise shall fill their tongues. 
Their hands shall wield the sword ; 
And vengMiice shall attend their songs. 
The vengeance of the Lord. 

f When CShrist his jndfi^nent-seat ascenda^ 
And hkb tiie wor/dT appear, 


Thrones are prepar'd for all his frieods, 

Who humbly lov'd him here. 
■" Then shall they rule with iron rod 

Nations that dar'd rebel ! 
And join the sentence of their God 

On tyrants doom'd to hell. 
8 The royal sinners bound in chains 

New triumph shall afford; 
Such honour for the saints remains: 

Praise ye, and love the Lord. 




1 "ll/fY God, permit me not to be 
ItX a stranger to myself and thee; 
Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove, 

Ver. 81. 

^y spirit faints to see thy grace, 

Thy promise bears me up ; 
^nd while salvation long delayst 

Thy word supports my hope. 

Ver. 164. 

SSeven times a day I lifl my hands. 

And pay my thanks to tnee ; 
•Thy righteous providence demands 

Repeated praise from me. 

Ver. 63. 

"When midnight darkness veils the skioiy 

I cbH thy works to mind ; 
'My thoughts in warm devotion nse, 

And sweet acceptance find. 

^ /\ Psalm 56. Ter. 15—17. 19. 22. S. M. 

^ -i "• Dang a rq u i Protptnty ; or^ daily Dewftien ineounigti 

IET sinners take their course, 
i And choosiB their road to death; 
But in the worship of my God 
ril spend my daily breath. 

My thoughts address his throne 
Wnen morning brings the light ; 
m seek his blessing every noon, 
And pay my vows at night. 

' Thou wilt regard my cries, 
my eternal God, 
While sinners perish in surprise 
Beneath thine angry rod. 

^ Because they dwell at ease, 
And no sad changes feel, 
They neither fear nor trust thy name. 
Nor learn to do thy will. 

^ But L with all my cares. 
Will lean upon the Lord, 
ril cast my burdens on his arm. 
And rest upon his word. 

S His arm shall weU sustain 
The children of his love; 
The ground on which their safety staRcto 
No earthly power can mov^. 

mPn]m26. L.M. 
» Sdfi4uaminationf &r^E9iieiumofGraef» 

1 TUDGE me, O Lord, and prove my wa) 

tf And try my reins, and try mv heart; 




My faith upon thy promise stays, 
Nor from thy law my feet depart. 

2 I hate to walk, I hate to sit, 
With men of vanity and lies ; 
The scoffer and the hypocrite 

Are the abhorrence oi mine eyes. ' 

3 Amongst thy saints will I appear, 
With hands well wash'd in innocence; 
But when I stand before thy bar, 
The blood of Christ is my defence. 

4 I love thy habitation, Lord, 

The temple where thine honours dwell; 
There shall I hear thine holy word. 
And there thy works of wonder tell. 

5 Let not my soul be join'd at last 
With men of treachery and blood, 
Since I my days on earth have past 
Among the saints, and near my God. 


I'll purge my family around, 

And make the wicked flee : 
So shall my house be ever found 

A dwelling fit for thee. 

-I Q Psalm 1S7. L. M. 

lO* 2%e Bkuing of Ood on the Bunne98 and ComfiHi 

of Life. 

FGrod succeed not, all the cost 
And pains to build the house are lost: 
If Grod the city will not keep, 
The watchful guards as well may sleep. 

What if YOU rise before the sun, 
And work and toil when day is done» 
Careful and sparing eat your bread 
To shun that poverty you dread; 

'Tis all in vain, till Grod hath blest; 
He can make rich, vet give us rest: 
Children and friends are blessings too, 
If Grod our sovereign make them so. 

Happy the man to whom he sends 
Obeoient children^ faithful friends : 
How sweet our daily comforts prove. 
When they are season'd with his love! ' 

U Psalm 187. C. M. 

• GodaUinaU. 

rGrod to build the house deny, 
Xl^e builders work in vain; 
And towns without his wakefrd eye» 
A useless watch maintain. 

Before the morning beams arise. 

Your painful work renew. 
And t|U the stars ascend the skies, 

Your tiresome toU pursue. 

Short be your sleep, and coarse your fan\ 

In vain, till God nas blest; 
But if his smiles attend your care, 

You shall have food and rest. 

Nor children, relatives, nor friends, 
ShaU real blessing prove. 

Nor all tbe earthly joys he sends 
K sent without his love. 

S40 fahilt wob^hif. 

j-i e PnlmiaS. C. H. i' [ HI 

4X9* Family blntingt, ■ ,i /. 

1 r% HAPPY man whose soul is fifiU ii^ r^ 

" With zeal and reverend awfll '')- ;■ 
His lips to God their honours yield. 

His life adorns the law, J* r l, 

8 A careful providence shall standi 

And ever guard thy head. 
Shall on the labours of thy hand - 

Its kindly blessings sheu. ' ;t 

S [Thy wife shall be a fruitful vine; 

Thy children round thy board ' '' ' 

Each like a plant of honour shine, 
And learn to fear the Lord. 3 

4 The Lord shall thy best hopes fulfil 

For months and years to come ; 

The Lord who d%vells on Zion's hill 

Shall send thee blessings home. 

5 This is the man whose happy eyes 
Shall see his house incrense, 


ilMp PidmlSS. 8.P.lf«or«.&8. 

1 TTOW pleannt 'tis to see 
JUL Kindred and Mends agraey 
StMli ia llieir proper station moT6| 

And each fmfil their part 
Y ^ith sympathizing heart, 
ui dl the cares of life and loye! 

^ *l!1s like the ointment shed 
f. On Aaron's sacred head, 
'^linefy^ rich, diyinely sweet; 
"Hie oil. thronfh all the room, 
Biffas'd a choice perfume. 
nan ftraoe^ his robes, and blest his feet 

Like frnitfol showers of rain, 
,^ That water all the plain, 
<\y<iiding firom the neighbonring hiDs; 

Sudb streams of pleasure roll 
.^Through every friendly soul 
Where love like neavenly dew distils. 


A"B Q Pnlm ISS. C. M. 

^^-■.0« Qcmg to ChurdL , 

^ ^TrrOW did my heart reioice to hear 
-Mm, My Mends devoutly say, 
* In Zion let us all appear, 
'And keep the solemn day!' 

^ 1 love her gates, I love the road; 
The church, adom'd with grace. 
Stands like a palace built for Grod 
To show his milder face. 

S XJpto her conrte with joys unknown 
^^The holy tribes repair : 
The Son of David holds his throne. 
And sits in judgment there. 

^ He hears our praises and. 
-w^ And while nis awful voice 
^Caiyides the sinners from the saints. 
We tremble and rejoice. 

S»» be within this sacred place^ 
And joy a constant gtiest! 




With holy giftB and heavenly gncs 
Be her attendants blest ! 
6 My soul shall pray for Zion BtiU, ' ■ ■ S g 
While life or breath remains; S t 

There my best friendR, my kindred dutrf*'! 
There God my Saviour reigns. ..i ; 

J10 Psalm 123. S. P.M. 6. «. '6. 6. ' '',, , 

1 TTOW pleas'd and blest was I ' 
-tl. To hear the people cry, ' ' 

' Come, let us seek our God to-dsy!* -',',-*^ 
Yes, with a cheerful zeal, ' ' 

We haste to Zion's hiU, ^d 

AM there our vows and honoui* ^yj n^" 

2 Zion, thrice happy place, ""'^'X ' 
Adorn'd with wondrous grace, ''i''__4T 

And walls of strength embrace UtW'MHK^ 
In thee our tribes appear '^'/^ 

To pray, and praise, and hear ■'' ' 

The sacred gospel's joyful sound. ' '"'*-'' " 

3 There Unvid's greater Son 

PUBLIC W0R8H9. 843 

Bow to tile glories of his power, 
And bless his wondrous grace ; 

2 Lift up yonr hands by morning light, 
Ana send your souls on high ; 
Rsdse your admiring thoughts by !bi|[ht 
Above the starry sky. 

i The Grod of Zion cheers our hearts 
With rays of quickening grace ; 
The God that spreads the neavenS ibto^. 
And rules the swelling seas. 

^ Q1 Psalm 89. ver. 7, ^Ec S)d Part. O. Mt 

ft^l« The Power and Majesty of God f or^reveren^ 


WITH reverence let the faints afijpMff 
And bow before the Lord, 
His high commands with reverence htttf, 
Anji tremble at his word. 

t How terrible thv glories be ! 

How briffht tnine armies shine ! 
Where is the power that vies with thefet 
Or truth compared with thine? 

^ The northern pole and southiern rest 
On thy supporting hand ; 
Darkness and day from to w^t 
Move round at thy command. 

^ Thv words the ra^ng winds contrc^, 
And rule the boisterous deep ; 
Thou mak'st the sleeping billows roll, 
The rolling billows sleep. 

How did thy arm in vengeance shine \ 

When Egypt durst rebel ! 

* Justice and judgment are thy throne, 

Yet wondurous is thy grace • . • *i 

While truth and mercy join'a in one 
lavite us near thy face. 

loo Hymn 108. B. 9. C. M. 

'^mAm 4mm to the Throne of Grace by a Midiaim 

1 fi OME let us lift our ioyful eyes 
\J U]^ to the courts above, 
And tmile to see our Father there 
Upon a throne of love. 

^ Heaven, earth, and air, and sea are thinei 
And the dark world of hell : 


2 Once 'twas a seat of dreadful wratii, * ' 

And shot devouring flame; 
Our God appear'd consuming firt^ 
And vengeance was his name. 

3 Rich were the drops of Jesus* blood 

That calm'd his frowning face, 
That sprinkled o'er the burning throng 
And turn'd the wrath to grace. ,' 

4 Now we may bow before his feet, 

And venture near the Lord; , , 

No fiery cherub guards his seat, 

Nor aouble flaming sword. 
fi The peaceful gates of heavenly bliss 

Are open'd by his Son; 
High let us raise our notes of praise, 

And reach the almighty throne. 
6 To thee ten thousand thanks we bring, 

Great Advocate on high; 
And glory to th' eternal King 

That lays his fury by. 




9 Th^ Matrow chooser where to rwt» .. 

ikild ftr her young provides her neit{ ^ 

Sut will my God to sparrows grant 
That pLeasore which his children want? 

4 Blest are the saints who sit on hig^ 
Arpund thy throne of majesty; 
Illy brightest glories shine above, 
And aU meir work is praise and loVA. 

^ Bleat are the souls that find a place 
Within the temple of thy grace; 
There they behold thy gentler rays. 
And seek thy face, and Team thy prtiM. 

^ Blesifyre tbe men whose hearts are set 
To find the way to Zion's gate; 
God ig their strength, and through the road 
They lean upon their helper, God. 

Cheerful Aiof walk with growing stretagthf 
T41 all shall meet in heaven at lengthy 
TiU all before thy face appear, 
And join in nobler worship there. 

^^^ Qfl Pnim S4. 3d Part L. M. 

GREAT God, attend, while Sioft singli 
The joy that from thy presence spring* ) 
To spend one day with thee on earth, 
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth. 

51 Mijght I enjoy the meanest place 
Within thy nouse, O God of grace, 
Not tents of ease, nor thrones of p<y#er, 
Should tempt my feet to leave thy doot. 

5J Grod is ojjr sun, he makes our day ; 
Grod is ckit Shield, he guards our way 
From all th' assaults of hell and sin, 
From foes without, and foes within. 

4 All needful ffrace will God bestow. 
And crown that grace with glory too; 
He gives us all things, and witnholds 
No real good from upright souls. 

5 God, our King, whose sovereign sway ?, 
The glorious hosts of heaven obey, 
And devils at thy presence flee, *^ 
Blast is the man that trusts in thee 

Pralm B4. T. 1. 4. S, 3. 10. Pu^hiMdL 0( ICr: 

4.«D« Delight in OnUnaaeeiof Worthy 
in hi* Chvrthti, 


I "Rfl"Y soul, how lovely is the place 
IfX To which thy Gocl resorts ! 
'Tis heaven to see his smiling face, 
Though in his earthly courts. 
fl There the great Monarch of the skies 
His saving power displays, 
And light breaks in upon our eyes ' ' ' 
With kind and quickening rays. 

3 With his rich gifts the heavenly Dove 

Descends and fills the place. 
While Christ reveals his wondrous loT^ 
And sheds abroad his grace. 

4 There, mighty God, thy words declsTB * ', 

The secrets of thy will; ' '■ '■ 

And still we seek thy mercy there, i'':'" ' 
And sing thy praises still. i ' 

■5 My heart and fleshy cry out for t 


The dwellings of thy love, 

"Xliiiie earthlr temples are! 

To thine abode My heart aspires, 
Witii varm desires, To see my God. 

2 rrhe sparrow, for her young, 
"^^ith pleasure seeks a nest; 
-Anid wandering swallows long 
To find their wonted rest : 

My spirit faints. With equal zeal, 
To rise and dwell Among thy sainla. 

3 CD happy souls that pray 
~N^rherB God appoints to hear! 
^3 happy men tnat pay 
Tlieir constant senice there I 

They -pnaae thee still ; And hajmy they 
That love the way To Zjon's hifl. 

* They go from strength to strength. 
Through this dark vale of tears, 
Till each arrives at length. 
Till each in heaven ^pears: 
O glorious seat. When Gcrf out King 
Shall thither bring Oar willing £tetf 


5 To spend one sacred day 
Where God and saints abide. 
Affords diviner joy 
Than thi~m*r»T[i*i ^.tt^\.-^A»_- 

Where God resorih. I I'-jt*. .». Koa 
To keep the door Than tktioe a e 

And learn tiiu wonuers oi 

3 While liLM-e our v;irious v 
United groans ascend on 
And prayer brings down 
Of blessings in variety. 

4 [If Satan rage and sin gn 
Here ■we receive some ch 
We gird the gospel-armo- 
To fight the battles of th< 

6 Or if our spirit faints anc 
(Our conscience gall'd w 
Here doth the righteous 
With healing beams ben 

6 Father, mv soul would s 
Within IhV temple, near 
But if mv feet must hem 
Still keep thy dwelling i 

1 rpHE Lord of dory is 
X And mv awTation 
God is my streo^h, nor 


f Now sludl my head be lifted hi^h 
Above my foes around, 
And songs of joy and victory 
Within thy temple sound. 

^OTk Pfetlm 87. Tor. 8, 9. 13, 14. Sd Part. C. BL 
KtlV« Fruytr and Hope, 

SOON as I heard my Father say. 
* Ye children, seek my ffrace y 
My heart replied, without delay, 
m seek my Father's face.* 

t Let not thy face be hid from me, 
Nor frown my soul away ; 
God of my life, 1 flv to thee 
In a distressing day. 

\ Should friends and kindred, near and dear. 
Leave me to want, or die, ' 

My God would make my life his care, 
And all my need sui)ply- 
4 My fainting flesh had died with grief, 
Had not my soul believ'd 
To see thy grace provide relief. 
Nor was my hope deceived. 

5 Wait on the Lord, ye trembhng saints. 
And keep your courage up ; 
He'll raise your spirit when it faints, 
And far exceed your hope. 

iO-l Psalm 65. Ist Part. C. M. 

^^i« Ji mrayor^hearmg God, and the (xerUiiu ealbtL 

1 1)RAISE waits in Sion, Lord, for thee; 
jt There shall our vows be paid : 
Thou hast an ear when sinners pray, 
All flesh shall seek thine aid. 

2 Lord, our iniquities prevail, 

But pardonmg grace is thine. 
And ihou wilt grant us power and skill 
To conquer every sin. 

3 Blest are the men whom thou wilt choow. 

To bring them near thy face. 
Give them a dwelling in thy house 
To feast upon thy grace. 

4 In answering what thy church requests^ 

Thy tamth and terror shine, 
And worlcB of dreadful righteousness 
Fulfil thy kind design. 



6 Thus shall the wondering nations see 
The Lord is good and just; 
And distant islands fly to thee, 
And make thy name their trust. 
6 They dread th^ ghttering tokens, Lord, 
When signs in heaven appear; 
But theT shall learn thy holy word, 
And love as well as fear. 

J QO Psalm 65. vet. 1 — 5. lat Pan. L. M. 

**0*. Ftibiie Prayer and PraUe. 

1 ^I^HE praise of Sion waits for thee, 

X My God ; and praise becomes thy boc^^*' 
There shall thy saints thy glory see, 
And there perform their puolic vows. 

2 O thou, whose mercy Nends the skiea 
To save when humble sinners pray, 
All lands to thee shall lift their eyes. 
And islands of the northern sea. 

3 Against my will my sins prevail, 

But grace shall purge away their staia; 
The blood of Christ will never fail 
To wash my garments white again. 

lord's day. 351 

My feet shall visit thine abode, 
My songs address thy dtrone. 
2 jLmong the saints that fill thy hooM, ' i-* 

My offerings shall be paid; 
There shall my zeal perform the tovb 
My soul in anguish made. 
5 Bow much is mercy thy delight, 
Thou ever-blessed Grod! 
How dear thy servants in diy sight! 
How precious is their blood ! 
^ How happy all thy servants are! 
How great thy grace to me ! 
My life, which thou hast made thy care. 
Lord, I devote to thee. 
8i Now I am thine, for ever thine, 

Nor shall my purpose move; ^ 

Thy hand hath loos d my bonds of pain^ 
And boimd me with thy love. 
^ Here in thy courts I leave my vow, 
And thy rich grace record; 
Witness, ye saints, who hear me now, 
If I forsake the Lord. 

A9a HTmn 145. B. 9. C. U* 

^*V^ SigU Unugh a Gbut, and Face to Ao. 

* T LOVE the windows of thy ^raoe 
-jL Through which my Lord is seen* 
And long to meet my Saviour's face 

Without a glass between. 

* O that the happy hour were come ^ 

To change my faith to sight! iW 

I shall behold my Lord at home 1 

In a diviner light. \ 

^ Haste, my beloved, and remove .9 

These interposing days ; 
Then shall my passions alt be love, 
And all my powers be praise. 

LORira DAT. 


)L_.,. „ 

My Toice ascending high; 

I T ORp.,in.&e morning dipa shalt ])m^ , 

353 lord's day. 

To thee will I direct prayer, 

To thee lift up mine eye. 

2 Upto the hills where Christ is gon* 

To plead for all his saints. 
Presenting at his Father's throne 
Our songs and our complaints. ' 

3 Thuu art a God before whose sight . 

The wicked shall not stand; 

Sinners shall ne'er be thy delight, 

Nor dwell at thy right hand. 

4 But to thy house will I resort 

To taste thy mercies there; 
I will frequent thine holy court. 
And worship in thy fear. 

5 O may thy Spirit guide my feet 

In ways of righteousness! 
Make every path of duty straight 
And plain before my face. 


6 My watchful enemi<^s combine ' 

To tempt my feet astray; 


' In every differeDt land 

Their general voice is known; 
I*hey show the wonders of his hand^ 
And orders of his throne. 
' Ye Christian lands, rejoice, 
Here he reveals his word, 
^i^e are not left to nature's voice 
To bid us know the Lord. 
i His statutes and commands 

Are set before our eyes, 
7^e puts his gospel in our hands. 
Where our salvation lies. 
His laws are just and pure. 
His truth without deceit, 
^His promises for ever sure, 
And his rewards are great 
1 [Not honey to the taste 

Affords so much delight, 
^or gold that ha-s the furnace past 
So much allures the sight. 
* While of thy works I sing, 
Thy glory to proclaim, 
Accept the praise, my God, my KlBft 
In my Redeemer's name.] 

ASi'y Veaim 19. 2d Put. S. M. 

^** 4 • Gmf't tVard ma»t txallaU, q,, ttnii.jr_r 
Watchfuinm. '^ 


X»EHOLD the momiagiin 
33 Begins his gloriom w»- 
*lis beams through all the natiofn. 
„ _ And life and light obiwt ^ 

But wht-ri- Ihe gospeJ ,-,:ni« 
It spreruls diviin?; jj^(_ 

tt calls U^ '".""^P'ranHBrtMnh. 


354 lord's dav. 


6 I hear thy word with love, 
And I would fain obey; 
Send thy good Spirit from ahove 
To guide me, lest I stray. 

6 O who can ever find 
The errors of his ways? 

Yet with a bold presumptuous nlind^ 
I would not dare transgress. 

7 Warn me of every sirK 

Forgive my secret faults, 
And cleanse this guilty soul of mine, 

Whose crimes exceed my thouglite. 
6 While with my heart and tongue, 

I spread thy praise abroad, 
Accept the worship and the song, 

My Saviour and my God. 


ARLY, my Gnd, withriut delay 
I haste to seek ihv face: 

lord's day. 866 

^V|F« Imgb^ ifiv CMi ot^ ike Loot ^ Chihtttf^ 

than Life. 

^ r« RE AT God, indulge my humble claiimt 
JW Thou art my hope, my joy, my iMt; 
The fflories that compose thy name, 
Staina all engaged to make me blest 

^ 2]Hoa great and good, thou just and wise^ 
l^xou art my Father and my Grod;. 
^Moid I am thine by sacred ties; 
^■^j Son, thy servant bought with blood. 

^ ^y^ith heart and eyes, and lifted handib 
^ Or diee I long, to thee I look, 
^^ travellers in thirsty lands 
^^nt for the cooling water brook* 

* y^ilh early feet I love t' appear 

^^iQiong thy saints, and seelc thy face; 

^^H have 1 seen thy glory there, 
. ^"'J^ felt the power of sovereign grace. 

^^ot fruits nor wines that tempt our tastei 

S5 or all the joys our senses know, 

^:^^ould make me so divinely blest, 

^^ raise my cheerful passions so. 

^^4y life itself without th v love 
jVo taste of pleasure could afford ? 
OTwould but a tiresome burden prove, 
^ Xf I were banish'd from the Lord. 

^midst the wakeful hours of night, 
iVhen busy cares afflict my head, ^ 
^ne thought of thee gives new delight, 
^nd adds refreshment to my bed. 

Xll lift my hands, I'll raise my voice, 
"While I have breath to pray or prsdse ; 
nPhis work shall make my heart rejoice, 
-And spend the remnant of my days. 

A >i|\ PMlm 63. s. M. 

*-*V» Seeking Qod. 

^ 1|J"Y God, permit my tongue 
if JL This joy, to call theje miney 
And let my early cries prevail 
To taste thy love divme. 

Mr thirsty Muting soul 
Tbjr mercy does implore 

356 lord's day. 

Not travellers in desert lands 
Can pant for water more. 

3 "Within thy churches, Lord, 
I long to nnd my place, 

Thy power and glory to behold, 
And feel thy quickening grace. 

4 For life without thy love 
No relish can afford ; 

Nojoy can be compar'd to this. 
To serve and please the Lord. 

5 To thee I'll lift my hands. 
And praise thee while I live; 

Not the rich dainties of a feast 
Such food or pleasure give. 

6 In wakeful hours of night 
I call my God to mind ; 

I think how wise thy counsels axe, 
And all thy dealings kind. 

7 Since thou hast been my help, 
To thee ray spirit flies, 

And on thy watchful providence 

lord's pay. 307 

i JA Pttlm 99. Itt Pttt. L. M. 

i QWEET is the work, my God, my King, 
1^ To praise thy name, give thaakS' anonng, 
To show thy love by morning-light, 
And talk of all thy truth at night 

SwiQ^ is the day of sacred rest. 

No mortal cares shall seize my breast; 

may my heart in tune be found, 

Like D&nd's harp of solemn souncl: - ,. 

My heart shall triumph in my Lord, 

And Uossf his works, and bless his \mid; * 

Thy works of grace now bright they ahinefl 

How deep thy counsels! how divine! 

Fools never raise their thoughts so high: 
Like brutes they live, like brutes they <U0} 
Like grass they flourish, till thy breaUi 
Blast tltem in ererlsAting death. 
But I shall share a glorious part 
When grace hath well refin'd my hearty 
And fresh supplies of joy are sh^ 
Like ho^ oil, to cheer my head. 

« Sin (my worst enemy before) 
Shall vex my eyes and ears no mote; 
My inward foes shall all be slain, 
^or Satan break my peace again. 

^ l^hen shall I see, and hear, and know 
A.11 I desir'd or wish'd below ; 
And every power find sweet employ 
Xn thai eternal world of joy. 

Hymn 73. B. 2. C. M. 
U The Lord*$ iSayt or^ the Hesurreeiion of ChrUi. 

^^ft^LKSS'D morning, whose young danAllhi 
JO Beheld our rising God, [rajrs 

^That saw him triumph o'er the dust; 
And leave his dark abode. 

Xn the cold prison of a tomb 

The dear Redeemer lay, 
\rill the revolving skies had brought 

The third, th' appointed day. 

%ell and the grave unite their force 
^ T o hold our God in vain, 
The sleeping Conqiueror arose^ 

And burst theii* feeble chaia " — 


4 To thy great name, almighty Lord, 
These sacred hours we pay. 
And loud hosannas shall proclaim 
The triumph of the day. 
-5 [Salvation and immortal praise 
To our victorious King, 
Let heaven, and earth, and rocks, and a 
With glad hosannas ring.] 

AAA Psalm 119. ver, -ii — 26. 4th Pwl, C. M. 
■**4:. Hoaanna; tht Lord"! Day.- or, Chritt't . 
and our Salvation. 

1 ^I^HIS is the day the Lord hath made, 
A He calls the hours his own : 
Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad. 
And praise surround the throne. 
•3 To-day he rose and left the dead, 
Ana Satan's empire fell; 
To-day the saints his triumphs spread. 
Ana all his wonders tell. 
3 Hosanna to th' anointed King, 
To David's holy Son; 

lord's day. 906 

T|hw dar dao^ares it all divine, 
Thk oay did Jesus rise. 

This is the glorious day 
That our Redeemer made; 
Let us r^ce, and sing, amd pray. 
Let an the church be glad. 

Hoeanna to the King 
Of IhiYid's royal blood : 
Bless him, ye samts; he comes to htiag 
Salvation from your Grod 

We bless thine holy word, 
Which all this grace displays; 
And o^r on thine altar, Lora, 
Our sacrifice of praise. 

A^a P**^ 11®- ^^- 9S-87. L. U. 

^ "l" O ! what a glorious comer-stone 
JLi The Jewish builders did refuse; 
But Grod hath built his church hereon. 
In spite of envy, and the Jews. 

^ Great Grod, the work is all divine, 
Thp joy and wonder of our eyes; 
This is the day that proves it thme, 
The day that saw our Saviour rise, 

3 Sinners rejoice, and saints be glad ; 
Hosanna, let his name be blest; 
A thousand honours on his head, 
With peace, and light, and glory, rest! 

4 In Grod's own name he comes to bring 
Salvation to our dying race : 
Let the whole church address their King 
With hearts of joy, and songs of praise. 


AA^ Ptalm 99. 3d Part. S. M. 

44l« A kofy Ood wonhipped with Btvermet. 

1 T^ XALT the Lord our God, 
jlA And worship at his feet; 

nature is all holmess. 
And mercy is his seat. 

IVhen Israel was bis churcli, 
Wliea Aaron was his priest > 


360 lord's day. 

When Moses cried, when Samuel pray'cl« 

He gave his people rest. 

3 Oft he forgave their sins. 
Nor would destroy their race: 

And oft he made his vengeance known, 
When they abus'd his grace. 

4 Exalt the Lord our God, 
Whose grace is still the same; 

Still he's a God of holiness, 
And jealous for his name. 

A AQ Psalm 95, C. M. 

4-4-0. A Piai'n before Prautf. 

1 CING to the Lord Jehovah's nanw, 

tj And in his strength rejoice; 
When his salvation is our theme. 

Exalted be our voice. J 

^ With thanks approach his awful sight, 
And psalms of honour sing; 
The Lord's a God of boundless might, ' 
The whole creation's King. 
3 Let princes hear, let angels know, 
How mean their natures seem. 


^ He ibrm'd the deetn unknown; 
He gare the Bilas meir bound; 
The watery worlda are all Hu bwQ, 
And all the solid ground. 
^ Come, worship at his throne, 
Come, bow before the Lord : 
We are his w^ks and not our own; 
He form'd iis by his word. 
^ To-day attend his voicoi 
Nor dare moToke bis rod; 
ComOk like ue people of bis cboioei. 
And own your gracioua Giod. 
™ But if your ears refuse 

lie language of his ffraoe, 
And hearts grow hard, uke stubborn Je«% 
That unbelieving race; 
' The Ijord in vengeance dreet 
WUI lift his hand and awear, 
' "You that despise my promis'd rest 
' Shall have no portion there.' 

ite/v Pnln 9fi. 1, 9, 8. 6—11. L. H. 

*^Mf» Cmamt Jbrt tlinuMk UnUiitf, or, a Wvnb^ to 

delaying Siniur$, 

COME, let our voices join to raise 
A fuftred soriR of solemn prsiSB; 
God is a sovereign King; rehearse 
His honours in exalted verse. 

2 Come, let otif souls address the Lord, 
Who fram'd our natures with his woid; 
He is our 
His mercy. 

3 Come, letv^ ^ih voice to^ay, 
The covw ^ [veobey; 

a or letf hearts renew 

I^MV ^b^ Israel knew. 



our s^^JM^t ^^^ ^^^ sheep 
lercyJT ^ pa.stures keep. 

Mathrael kn 




362 LORD S DAY. 

6 [Look back, my soul, with holy dread, 
And view those ancient rebels dead; 
Attend the offer'd grace ttwiay, 

Nor lose the blessing by delay. 

7 Seize the kind promise while it waits, 
And march to Zion's heavenly gates; 
Believe, and take the promis'a rest; 
Obey, and be for ever blest] 

A ff-i Hymn 165. B. 2. C. M. 

49 X ■ Unfruilfulness, Igmrronct, and untaiKtiJUd Jffedmv. 

1 T ONG have I sat beneath the sound 
XJ Of thy salvation. Lord, 
But still how weak mv faith is found. 
And knowledge of tliy word ! 
a Oft I frequent thy holy place 
And hear almost in vain; 
How small a portion of thy grace 
My memory can retain! 
3 [Mv dear Almighty, and my God, 
How little art thou known 


Let all your sacred imssions move, tt 
While you rehearse his deeds; ^^ 

3ut the great work of saving love 
Your highest praise exceeds. 

Ill that have motion* life, and breatli, 

Proclaim your Maker blest; 
ITet when my voice expires in deadly • - 

My soul shall praise nim b^st 

;q Hirmn 135. B. 1. L. M. 

wOm HU Love o/ChriMt shed abroad m ike Htmi^ \ •!, 

Eph. iii. 16, &c« . |^ ^ 

DOME, dearest Lord, descend and dw^ 
By fiaith and love in every breast * 
rhen snail we know, and taste, and feel 
rhe joys that cannot be expressed. 

I!ome, fill our hearts with inward strength^ 
M[ake our enlarged souls possess, 
ind learn the height, and breadth, and lengl 
!)f thine immeasurable grace. 

STow to the Grod, whose power can do 
^ore than our thoughts or wishes know/ i 
3e everlasting honours done 
ij all the church, through Christ his Son. 


I A — iiy°^ ^9^- ®.'-^i 9* ^* 

The WorUTe three chief Temptatiafu. 

EN in the light of faith divine 
We look on things below, 

honour, and gold, and sensual joy 
How yain and dangerous too ! 

Honour's a pufF of noisy breath ; 

Yet men expose their blood, 
Ind venture everlasting death 
jTp ^ain that airy good. 

Tl^iiilst others starve the nobler mind, 

And feed on shining dust, 
Phey rob the serpent of his food 

T indulge a sordid lust.] ^ 

rhe pleasures that allure our sense 

Are dangerous snares to souls ; 
HiereVimt a drop of flatterinfir 8weet» 
id dash'd with bitter bowls. 



fi God is miae all-sufficient ^ood, 

My portion and my choice; 

In hini my vast desires are fill'd, 

And all my powers rejoice. 

6 In vain the world accosts my ear. 

And tempts my heart anew; 

I cannot buy your bliss so dear, 

Nor part with heaven for you. 

1 "IVI"^^ ''^ ^ ^'*"' '^^ "^^^^ desires, 

ITX He burns within with restless firet 
Tost to and fro, his passions fly 
From vanity to vanity. 

2 In vain on earth we hope to find 
Some solid good to fill the mind, 
We try new pleasures, but we feel 
The inward thirst and torment stUl. 

3 So when a raging fever burns, 

We shift from side to side by turns, 
And 'tis a poor relief we gain 


And no kiiid anael near your bed 
To bear it to the skies. 

C3o now, and boast of all your stores, 
And tell how bright they shine; 

Your heaps of glittering dust are yours, 
And my Redeemer's mine. 

Pnlm 73. Ter. 99. 3. 6. 17—4MI. L. M. 
7%e Pnmpenty rfSkmen eurmtim 

^ ^ ORD, what a thoughtless wretch was I, 
-Mji To mourn, and murmur, and raping ^ ^ 
To see tiie wicked idac'd on m^ ** - 

In pride and robes of honour shine! 

^ £at oh their end, their dreadfol end! 
Thf "mnc^xixry taught me so; 
On slippery rocks I see them stand, 
And £ery mllaws rpU below. 

^ ^ow let tiiem boast how tall they rise, 
m never envy them again; 
There they may stand with haughty eyes, 
Till they plunge deep in endless pam. ^ 

^ TheirfaQcied jays, how fast they flee! 
Just like a dream when man awakes; 
Their songs of softest harmony 
Are but a preface to their plagues. 

^ Now I esteem their mirth and wine 
Too dear to purchase with my blood; 
Locd^ 'tis enough that thou art mine, 
My life, my portion, and my God- 

A e^Q Htbu 164. B. 9. C. M. 

^400« The End of the World. 

1 TV7HY should this earth delight us so? 
TT Why should we fix our eyes 
On these low grounds where sorrows grow 
And every pleasure dies? 

^ While time his sharpest teeth prepares 
Our comforts to devour, 
There is a land above liie stars. 
And joys above his power. 

3 Nature shafi be dissolv'd and die, 
. The mm mvst end his race, 

I np 0Bitb and aea for ever fij 

■ JMm mr /9aFioar'i ilMse. 

9s 9 


V'hen will that glorious mormiig rise? 
When the last trumpet sound, 
' And call the nations to the skies. 
From underneath the ground? 


THE marroRT or the israelitc& 


1 ^ IVE thanks to God, invoke his name, 
Ur And tell the world his grace; 

Sound through the earth his deeds of fam9^ 
That all may seek his face. 

2 His covenant, which he kept in mind 

For numerous ages past. 

To numerous ages yet behind 

In equal force shall last. 

3 He sware to Abr'ara and his seed, 

And made the blessing sure: 
Gentiles the ancient promise read, 

And find his truth endure. 
' Thy seed shall make all nations blest," 

"""'■'? Almighty voice,) 

Ishall be their rest, 




9 "Wlien Pharaoh dar'd to vex the saints, 
And thus provok'd their God^ 
^^oses was sent at their complaints, 
Arm'd with his dreadful rod. 
1*^ He call'd for darkness ; darkness came 
Like an o'erwhelming flood; " 

He lurn'd each lake and every stream 
To lakes and streams of blood. 
^* Hegave the sign, and noisome flies 

Through the whole country spread; » 
And frogs, in croaking armies, rise 
About the monarch s bed. 
^* Through fields, and towns, and palaces, 
The tenfold vengeance flew ; 
Locusts in swarms devour'd their trees. 
And hail their cattle slew. 
^' iTien, by an angel's midnight stroke, 
^^ The fl^ower of Egypt died ; 
TThe strength of every house was broke, 
Their glory and their pride. 
* .^Jow let the world forbear its rage. 
Nor put the church in fear; 
X»rael must live through every age, ■ i 
And be th' Almighty's care. 


iTiiis were the tribes from bondage broogfat 

And left tiie hated groTind : 
■ClMh iKUne Egyptian spoils had got, 

- And not one feeble found. 

"^Fbe Lord himself chose out tiieir inj, 
. And mark'd their journeys risht, 
^hiVe tbeiQ n leading cloud hy <uy, 

- A fiery guide by night. 

*rhey thirst; and waters from the rook 

In rich abundance flovi^; 
And following still the course toayLtook, 

Ran all the desert throne^. 
^ O woQcfarous stream ! O bleesed type 

Of ever-flowing grace ! 
80 Christ 011X rock maintains onr Uw 

Through all tlm wilder 



19 Thus guarded by ih' Almighty hand, 

Thfi chosen tribes possest 
Canaan, the ricli. the promis'd land. 
And there enjoyed their rest. 

20 Then let the world forbear its rage, / 

The church renounce her fear; 
Israel must live throiigh every age, , ; 
And be th' Almighty's care. 


Biasings and PunahmaUl. 

2ING to the Lord aloud, 
And make a joyful noise; 
God is our strength, our Saviour-God, 

Let Israel hear his voice. 

' From vile idolatry 

' Preserve my worship clean ; 
' I am the Lord who set thee free 

' From slavery and sin. 

' Stretch thy desires abroad, 

' And ril supplv them well; 
' But if ye will refuse your God, 


ForaoC the works he wrought to profv 
His power before their eyes. 

3 Thejr ww the places on Egypt li^t» 

From his a venffing hand : 
What dieadftil tokens of his might * 

Spread o'er the stnbborn land! 

4 They saw him cleave the mightr aea» 

And march'd in safety throus[n, 
With wajkery walla to guard their waj. 
Till they had 'scap'd the foe. 

5 A wondrous pillar mark'd the road, 

CbmppsM of shade and light : 
By da^ it proy'd a sheltering cloud. 
A leading fire by night. 

8 He from the rock their thirst supplied; 
The gushing waters fell, 
And ran in rivers bv their side, 
A constant miracle. 

7 Yet they provok'd the Lord most high, 

And ciar'd distrust his hand; 
' Cati he with bread our host supply 
' Ajpoidst this desert land V 

8 The Lind with indignation heard, 

And ciBtus'd his wrath to flame; 
His terrors ever stand prepared 
To vindicate his name. 

40^« TTke PumikmeiU of Luxury and Intem pu mu t f 

«r, CkaatiMement and Sahatioiu 

1 "TITHEN Israel sins, the Lord reproves, 

▼ T And fills their hearts with dread ; 
Yet he forgives the men he loves, 
And sends them heavenly bread. 

2 He fed them with a liberal hand, 

And made his treasures known; 
Hegave the midnight clouds command 
Tx> pour ptrovision down. 

8 The manna, like a morning shower. 
Lay thick around their teet; 
The com of heaven, so light, so pui^ 
As. ibaugh 'twere angels' mea€ 

4 Battbejr in murmuring languam «ttd« 
'MUanM m all our feart -^ 


' We loathe this light, this airy bread) 
' We must have flesh to taste.' ■ : 

5 ' Ye shall have flesh to please your liut,^- 

The Lord In wrath replied; 
And sent them quails like sand or dus^ 
Heap'd up from side to side. 

6 He gave them all their oviti desire : 

And greedy as they fed, ^ 

His vengeance burn'd with secret fir^ ,; 
And smote the rebels dead. 

7 When some were slain, the rest retorn'd 

And sought the Lord with tears; 
Under the rod they fear'd and mourn 'd, 
But soon forgot their fears. 

8 Oft he chastis'd and still forgave, 

Till by his gracious hand 
The nation he resolv'd to save, 
Possess'd the promLs'd land. 



rr 1 


Psalm 107. 3d P 

And let their thankful offinings jrave 
How they adore their Maker's lore. 

Pnlm is. Ter. 38, &c 4th Part. LJlf. 
Bad uH d i ng and Forgitenen / or^SmpmMfd i 
and Skunta taoed, 

GREAT God, how ofl did Israel proYe 
/By turns thine anger and tibylovel 
^Xhere in a glass our hearts may see 
liow fickle and how false they oe. 

\ yrixm soon the faithless Jews forgot / 
llie dreadful wonders God had wrought! ? 
rPhen thev provoke him to his f|W5e, 
iN^or fear nis power nor trust his grace. 

3 IThe Lord consum'd their years in pain^ 
And made their travels long and vam; 
A tedious march through unknown wajs 
Wore out their strength, and sx)ent their days. 

4 Oft when they saw their brethren slain, 
They moum'a, and sought the Lord again 
Called him the rock of their abode. 
Their Ugfa Redeemer and their God. 

5 Their prayers and vows before him rise, 
As flattering words or solemn Ues, 
While their rebellious tempers prove 

r alse to his covenant and his love. 

6 ^t did his sovereign grace forgive 
The men who ne'er deserv'd to live ; 
His anger oft awav he turn'd, 

Or eke with' gentle flame it burned. 

7 He saw their flesh was weak and frail. 
He saw temptations still prevail ; 

The God ofAbraham lov*d them isrtill^ 
.And ]tA tiiem to Ids holy hill. 

AUK ^ ^^* ▼• 7, 8. Id— 14. 43—48. 3d Part S. M. 
4-CKI* hmdpmUhBd and pardoned g or, GocTf uathm gmU l i < 


I £^ OD of eternal love, 

CJr How fickle are our WBqrs t 
And ii« iow ofllidid Bftrael prove 
Thy constancy of grace 1 

f Th^ w«r thy wonders wrought,. 
And ihmi thy praise they sung; 
BulwM'llgr works of power forgot^ 
Aridl flHiriiiur^d with their tong^i^. 

^75 JEWISH CHURtal. 

•i Now they believe his word, ' ■' ''i'^- 

While rocks with rivers flow: ' ''' 
Now with their lusts provok'd tW Lord,i -v 
And he reduo'd them low. .4 if ■ 

•1 Yet when lliey rnourn'd their faults, 
He hearken'd to their groans, 
Brought his own covenant to his thou^b. 
And caird them still his sons. 

5 Their names were in his book, 
He sav'd them from their foes: 

Oft he chastis'd but ne'er forsook 
The people that he chose. 

6 Let Israel bless the Lord, ' 
Who lov'd their ancient race; ' 

And Christians join the solemn word ' '' 
Amen, to all the praise. 

j/»C Psalm 129. C. M. 

400, Fcri.eeulots purUi/ied. 

1 ¥TP from my youth, may Israel sajr, 
tj Have I been nurs'd in tears; 
My griefs were constant as the day, - -.-. t 
And tedious as ihe years. 



Thflir BDwth shall perish in despaiTi 
Andlie despis'd in death.] 

CSo com that on the house-top stands 

No hope of harvest gives ; 
The reaper ne'er shall fill ms hands, 

Nor binder fold the sheaves. 

^ It snrings and widiers on the place: 
No traveller bestows 
A word of blessing on the ffrassy 
Nor minds it as he goes. J 

># ^P iy Ptalm 1S5. rw. 5—13. Sd Part. L. H 
^^=^f •• Tie Wcrk» of Ormtkm^ Frmmdmti^ R$impf%m tf 

brod^ tmd Ikaintelum ofEmfmim. 

REAT is the Lord, exalted hii^ 
Above all powers and every urone; 
iVhate'er he please in earth or se^ 
Or heaven or nell, his hand hath done. 

^ ^t his command the vapours rise, 

The lightnings flash, the thunders roar : 
He pours the rain, he brings the wind. 
And tempest from his airy store. 

^ 'Twas he those dreadful tokens sent 
Eg3rpt| through thy stubborn land; 
When all thy first-bom^ beasts and men, 
Fell dead by his avenging hand. 

^ What mightv nations, mighty kings, 
He slew, ana their whole country mve 
To Israel, whom his hand redeem'd, 
No more to be proud Pharaoh's slave ! 

His power the same, the same his ffracey 
That saves us from the hosts of heU; 
And heaven he gives us to possess, 
Whence those apostate angels fell. 

jg /»Q Psalm 186. C. M. 

^00« QfttFt Wamkn of Creaiian, Promdence, SedemfHm 

ofbnd^ md SahaHon ofku People. 

I pi IVE thankef to God, the sovereign Lord; 

mercies still endure ! 
And be die King of kings ador'd; 
Hn truth is ev^r sure. 

2 What wonders hath his wisdom done! 
How mighty is his hand! 
HMvm, ejEurtb, and sea, he fram'd %V0Qft*. 
How wide is bis commandl 



3 The sun supplies the day with light; 

How bright his counsels shine! 
The moon and stars adorn the night; 
His works are all divine ! 

4 [He struck the sons of Egypt dead; 

How dreadful is his rod! 
And thence with joy his people led; 
How gracious is our God! 

5 He cleft the swelling sea in two; 

His arm is great in might, 
And gave the tribes a passage through; 
His power and grace unite. 

6 But Pharaoh's army there he drown'd; 

How glorious are his ways! _ 

And brought his saints through desert grot^^ 
Eternal be his praise. 

7 Great monarchs fell beneath his hand, 

Victorious is his sword ; 
While Israel took the promis'd land, 
And faithful is his word.} 

8 He saw the nations dead in sin; 
He felt his pity move : 


Thy mercy, Lord, Shall still endure; 
And ever sure Abides thy word. 

His wisdom fram'd the sun 
To crown the day with light; 
The moon and twinkling stars 
To cheer the darksome night 

His power and grace Are still the same; 

And let his name Have endless praise. 

FHe smote the first-bom sons, 
The flower of Egrypt, dead : 
-And Ihence his chosen tribes 
^With joy and glory led. 

Thy mercy, Lord, shall still endure; 

And ever sure Abides ibj word. 

Sis power and lifted rod 

<;ieft the Red Sea in two, 

^And for his peoide made 

^ wondrous pisnge through 

His power and grace Are still the same 
And let his name Have endless praise. 

^ut cruel Pharaoh there 
'With all his host he drown'd ; 
And brought his Israel safe 
Through a long desert ground. 
Thy mercy, Lord, Shall still endure; 
And ever sure Abides thy word. 


The kings of Canaan fell 
Beneath nis dreadful hand : 
While his own servants took 
Possession of their land. 

His power and grace Are still the same; 

And let his name Have endless praise. 

^ He saw the nations lie 
AU perishing in sin. 
And pitied the sad state 
The ruin'd world was in. 

Thv mercy, Lord, Shall still endure; 

Ana ever sure Abides thy word. 

9 He sent his only Son 
To save us from our wo, 
Fnm SMtan, sin. and death, 
dad every burtful foe. 


His power and grace Are still ih» wMte; 
Ana let his name Have endless prm*. 
10 Give thanks aloud to God, ■ ; 

To God the heavenly King; ' 

And let the spaciom eartii 
His works and glories sing. , ■' 

Thy mercy, Lord, Shall still endue; ' • 
And ever sure Abides thy word. 

■* I U. Camfort derired from andenl FrovitUrtca ; or, Jbrwtl 
deliiiered from Egypt, and brought to CanMM. 

1 ' ¥T0\V awful is thy chastening rod!' 

MX ( May thy own children sarj 
'The great, the wise, the dreadful God! 
' How holy is his way !' 

2 I'll meditate his works of old ; 

The King that reigns above; 
I'll hear his ancient wonders told, ' 

And learn to trust his love. 

3 Long did the house of Joseph lie 
With Egypt's yoke opprest: 


^ Thine arrows through the sky were hurrd; 
How glorious is the Lord ! 
Surprise and trembling seiz'd the world. 
And his own saints ador'd. 

^ He gave them water from the rock; 
And safe by Moses' hand 
Through a dry desert led his flock 
Home to the promised land.] 

L •^l Psalm 114. L. M. 

^ 1 • Miraekt attending JkraetM Jbumey. 

WHEN Israel, freed from Pharaoh's hand. 
Left the proud tyrant and his land, 
TTie tribes with cheerful homage own 
^heir King, and Judah was his throne. 

Across the deep their journey lay ; 
The deep divides to make them way : 
Jordan beheld their march, and fled[ 
^ith backward cuilrent to his head. 

The mountains shook like frighted sheep^ 
ILike lambs the little hillocks leap; 
INot Sinai on her base could stand, 
Oonscious of sovereign power at hand. 

"What nower could make the deep divide? 
lifake Jordan backward roll his tide? 
Why did ye leap, ye little hills? 
And whence the fright that Sinai feels? 

Let every mountain, every flood, 
Hetire and know the approaching God| 
The King of Israel : see him here ; 
Tremble, thou earth, adore and fear. 

He thunders, and all nature mourns, 
The rock to standing pools he turns; 
Plints spring with fountains at his wordy 
And fir^ and seas confess the Lord. 

i ^O Hymn 134. B. 3. C. M. 

^ i ^» M§e$^ Jtaron^ and'Jo$kua» 

' ^nniS not the law of ten commands 
JL On holy Sinai given, 
Or sent to men by Moses' hands, 
Can bring us safe to heaven. 

^ 'Tis not the blood which Aaron 
Nor smoke of sweetest smell, 
Gu bay a pardon for our guilt, 
Or save our souls from hell. 



3 Aaron the priest resigns his breath 

At God's immediate will; 
And in the desert yields to death 
Upon th' appointed hill. 

4 And thus on Jordan's yonder side 

The tribes of Israel stand, 
While Moses bow'd his head and died 
Short of the promis'd land. 

5 Israel rejoice, now Joshua* leads, 

He'll bring your tribes to rest; 
So far the Saviour's name exceeds 
The Ruler and the Priest. 

£^ IVE thanks to God; he reigns aboTe,_ 

Kind are his thoughts, his name is loTr 
His mercy ages past have known, 
And ages long to come shall own. 
2 Let the redeemed of the Lord 
The wonders of his grare record; 
Israel, the nation whom he chose, 


let the saints with, joy record 
The truth and goodness of the Lord ! 
How great his works! how kind his wajrs! 
Let every tonigae pronounce his praise. 





Pnim 16. C. M. 

• CharmeUnofaSamti or^ m CUiMm tf Zim i «r, 

tke Quali/UaHofu of a CkriiiMm. 

\X7H0 shall inhabit in thy hill, 

▼ ▼ O God of holiness! 
Wbom will the Lord admit to dwell 

So near his throne of grace? 

Tlie man that walks in pious wajrs, 
.^And works with righteous hands; 
4?liat trusts his Maker's promises, 
And follows his commands. 

lie speaks the meaning of his heart, 

Nor slanders with his tongue ; 
A^ill scarce believe an ill report, 

Nor do his neighbour wrong. 

*l7he wealthy sinner he contemns. 

Loves all that fear the Lord ; 
And though to his own hurt he swears. 

Still he performs his word. 

^His hands disdain a golden bribe. 

And never ffripe the i)oor : 
This man shall dwell with God on earth. 

And find his heaven secure. 

^^lye Ptalm 16. L. M. 

^^I9« Bdigion and Juitice^ Goodnen and Truth; or. IMibfo 
CMand Mant cr^ihe QuaUfitaHonM of a (Ant/titm. 

^ XXTHO shall ascend thy heavenly place, 

▼ V Great Grod, and d.well before thy face 
The man that minds religion now. 

And humbly walks with God below : 

8 Whose hands are pure, whose heart i& clfiKSi^ 
Whoas jips stiU speak the thing lliey tci&axi*. 
NodBoaam dwell upon his tongue; 
Jw nstes to do his neighbour wi 


3 [Scarce will he trust an ill report, 
Nor vent it to his neighbour's hurt: 
Sinners of state he can despise. 
But saints are honour'd in nis eyes.] 

4 [Firm to his word he ever stood, 
And always makes his promise good; 
Nor dares to change the thing he swean^ 
Whatever pain or loss he bears.] 

5 [He never deals in bribing gold, , . 
And mourns that justice snould be sold: 
While others gripe and grind the poor, j 
Sweet charity attends his door.] ■' ■ 

6 He loves his enemies, and prays 
For those that curse him to his face; 
And doth to all men still the same 
That he -vvould hope or wish from thein. 

7 Yet when his holiest works are done, 
His soul depends on grace alone; 
This is the man thy face shall see, 
And dwell for ever, Lord, with thee. 

A CHURCH. 881 

^J^n P*"^ laS. TOT. 4, 6. 7, 8. 15—17. C. IL 

^ CVfO sleep nor dumber to his eyes 
1^ Good David would aSbrd, 
Till he had found below the skies 
A dwelling for the Lord. 

^ The Lord in Zion idao'd his name. 

His ark was setUed there; 

To Zion the whole nation came 

To worship thrice a year. 

^ IBut we have no such lengths to go. 
Nor wander far abroad ; 
^lYhere'er Ihy saints assemble now. 
There is a house for Grod.] 


^ ^rise, O King of grace, arise, 
And enter to thy rest! 
ILo! thy church waits, with longing eyes, 
Thus to be own'd and blest 

^ lEnter with all thv glorious train, 
Thy Spirit ana thy word; 
Ml msA the ark did once contain 
Could no such grace afford. 

® Here, migh^ Grodi^ accept our vows, 
Here let tny praise be spread; 
Bless the provinons of thy house, 
^d filTthy poor with bread. 

' Here let Ihe Son of David reign. 
Let Grod's Anointed shine ; 
Justice and truth his court maintain, 
With love and power divine. 

^ Here let him hold a lasting throne; 
And as his kinsdom grows. 
Fresh honour shall adorn his crown, 
And shame confotmd his foes. 

A^Q Ptalm 139. Ter. 6. 13—18. L. M. 

^iO*MikeSdikmeniofaCkMm!hf ot^ ihe OrikuHim 

1 TX7HERE shall v^re go to seek and find 
▼ ▼ An habitation tor our God, 
A dwelling for th' Eternal Mind, 
Amongst tbe sons ofAesh and bloodi 

8 T^Ood of Jacob chose the YviSL 
OfTSon fo(r bis ancient rest; 


And Zion is his dwelling still, 

His church is with his presence blest 

3 Here will I fix my gracious throne, 
And reigri for ever, saith the Lord; 
Here shall my power and love be known, 
And blessings shall attend my word. 

4 Here will I meet the huaifcy poor, 
And fill their souls with living bread; ^ 
Sinners, that wait before mv door. 
With sweet provisions shall be fea. 

5 Girded with truth, and cloth 'd with gnue 
My priests, my ministers shall shine: 
Not Aaron, in his costly dress, 

Made an appearance so divine. 

6 The saints, unable to contain 

Their inward joys, shall shout and sing; 
The Son of David here sh\II reign, 
And Zion triumph in her King. 

7 [Jesus shall see a numerous seed 
Born here, t' uphold his glorious name; 
His crown shall flourish on his 1: 


He comes with blessings from above, 
.And wins the nations to his love. 

^t his right hand our eyes behold 
The queen array 'd in purest gold; 
*The world admires her heavenly dress, 
IHer robe of joy and righteousness. 

^e forms her beauties like his own; 
He calls and seats her near his throne: 
7air stranger, let thine heart forget 
The idols of thy native state. 

So shall the King the more rejoice 
Hn thee, the fevourite of his choice; 
ILet him be lov'd and yet ador'd, 
IFor he's thy Maker and thy Lord. 

O happy hour, when thou shalt rise 
To his fair palace in the skies, 
^nd all thy sons (a numerous train) 
IBach like a prince in glory reign ! 

Xet endless honours crown his head ; 
Xet every age his praises spread ; 
^'hile we with cheerful songs approve 
The condescensions of his love. 

nu Glory ofChrui,the Su€eu$ of Out Ooqptf/ 

Psalm 45. S. M. 
MmMt; the Su€t 
tmd ike Gtntik a 

MY Saviour and my King, 
Thy beauties are divme; 
Thv lips with blessings overflow. 
And every grace is thine. 

Now make thy glory known. 
Gird on thy dreadful sword 
And ride in majestv to spread 
The conquests ot thy word. 

Strike through thy stubborn foes, 
Or melt their hearts V obey, 
^Vhile justice, meekness, grace, and truth. 
Attend thy glorious way. 

Thy laws, O God, are right; 
Thy throne shall ever stand ; 
And thy victorious gospel proves 
A sceptre in ihy hand. 

S ffbr F^er and thy Gad 

f Ham witbcut measure shed 


His Spirit, like a joyful oil, * 

T' anoint thy sacred head.] i 

6 [Behold, at thv right hand ,| 
The Gentile cnurch is seen, 

Like a fair bride in rich attire. 

And princes guard the queen.] i 

7 Fair bride, receive his love, " 
Forget thy Father's house; ii 

Forsake thy gods, thy idol-gods. 
And pay thy Lord thy vows. 

8 O let thy God and King 

Thy sweetest thoughts employ; 
Thy children shall his honours sing 
In palaces of joy. 

Psalm 87. L. M. 

The Church the Birth-plaa of Iht Sainta , or, Au» 

and Gcntila uniltd in the Chritlian Ckartlh. 

1 C^ OD in his earthly temple lays 

VF Foundations for his heavenly praise: 
He likes the tents of Jacob well. 
But still in Zion loves to dwell. 

k CHURCH. 38fi 

There gpnow thy saintB in &ith aod lovei 
31est iMb thine influence from above; 
Not Lebanon with all its trees 
Yields such a comely sight as these. 

The plants of grace shall ever live; 
rNatnre deca3rs, but grace must thrive;) 
Time, that doth all thinn else impair. 
Still makes them flourisn strong and fidr. 

Laden with fruits of age, they show 
The Lord is holy, just, and true : 
None that attend ms gates shall find 
A God un&ithfdl or unkind. 

Fnlai 48. rm. 1—8. 1st Part 8. M . 
• T%e Chunk u ike Humour mnd SttfUy ff « jTiifw, 

[|^ RE AT is the Lord our God, 
vV ^ And let his praise be great, 
He makes his churches his abode, 
most delightful seat. 

2 These temples of his grace, 
How beautiful they stand ! 

The nonours of our native place. 
And bidwarks of our land.] 

3 In Sion God is known 
A refuffe in distress * 

How bright has his salvation shone 
Through all her palaces ! 

i When kings against her ioin'd, 
And saw the Lord was there, 
In wild confusion of the mind 
They fled with hasty fear. 

5 When navies tell and proud 
Attempt to spoil our peace, 

He sends his tempest roaring loud, 
And sinks them in the seas. 

6 Oft have our fathers told, 
Our eves have often seen, 

How well our Grod secures the fold 
Where his own sheep have been. 

7 In every new distress 
Welj to Ms boase repair, 

We'll think upon his wondrooB g race^ 
Ami aeek deliverance there^ ' ^ 




Pnlm 48. v«r. 10—14. 9d Put. S. M. 

Tht Btaulii of tht Clutrthi or, (htpd ffbrt% 

and Ordtr. 

FAR as thy iLime is known 
I'he world declares thy praiw; 
Thy saints, O Lord, before thy throne 

Their songs of honour raise. 

With joy let Judah utand 

On Zion's chosen hill. 
Proclaim the wonders of thy hand, 

And counsels of thy will. 

Let strangers walk around 

The city where we dwell, 
Compnss and view thine holy ground, 

And mark the building well; 

The orders of thy house, 

The worship of thy court. 
The cheerful son^s, the solemn tows; 

And make a fair report. 

How decent and how wise! 

How glorious to behold ! 
Beyond the pomp that charms the eyes, 


And God tiie judge of all declaree 
Their vilest sins forgiv'n. 

& The saints on earth, and all the dead^ 
But one communion m«^; 
All join in Christ their living head. 
And of his grace partake. 

5 In such society as this 

My weary soul would rest: 
The man that dwells where Jesus is 
Must he for ever blest 



jk Qjy Psalm 80. L. M. 

abO I • The Chunk* » Prayer under j^gUi 

fora of Ood waeted. 

The CkureVe Prayer under J^ffiUiwnt or, lAe FSM 

RE AT She|>herd of thine Israel. 
Who didst between the cherubs dw 

And led the tribes, thy chosen sheep, 
Safe through the desert and the deep : 

t Thy church is in the desert now. 
Shine from on high and guide us through 
Turn us to thee, tny love restore, 
We shall be savM, and sigh no more. 

^ Great God, whom heavenly hosts obey, 
How long shall we lament and pray 
And wait in vain thy kind return? 
How long shall thy fierce anger bum? 

^ Instead of wine and cheerful bread. 
Thy saints with their own tears are fed; 
Turn us to thee, thy love restore, 
We shall be sav'd, and sigh no more. 


' Hast thou not planted with thy hands 
A lovely vine in heathen lands? 
Did not thy power defend it round, 
And heavenly dews enrich the ground? 

^ How did the spreading branches shooti 
And bless the nations with their fruit! ' 
But now, dear Lord, look down and see 
Thy mourning vine, that lovely tree. 

7 Why is its beauty thus de&c'd? 
Why hast thou laid her fences waste? 


Strangers and foes against her join* 
And every beast devours the vine. 

8 Return, almichty Godj return, 

Nor let thy bleeding vineyard monra.; 
Turn us to thee, thy love restore, 
We shall be sav'd, and sigh no more. 

9 Lord, when this vine in Canaan grew, ' 
Thou wast its strength and glory too*. 
Attack'd in vain by all its foes, 

Till the fair branch of promise rose; 

10 Fair branch, ordain'd of old to shoot 
From David's stock, from Jacob's root; 
Himself a noble vine, and we 
The lesser branches of the tree. 

11 'Tis Uiy own Son, and he shall stand 
Girt with thy strength at thy right hand; » 
Thy first-born Son, adom'd and blest " ' 
With power and grace above the rest 

12 O ! for his sake attend our cry, 
Shine on thy churches lest they die; 



Nor have our steps declin'd the road 
Of duty thou hast ^ven ; 
6 Though dragons all around us roar 
With their destructive breath. 
And thine own hand has bruis'd n* wan. 
Hard by the gates of death. 


\^e are expos'd all day to die, 

As marivrs for thy cause ; 
-Ai sheep for slaughter bound we lie 

By sharp and bloody laws. 
-Awake, arise, almighty Lord, 
.^tVhy sleep thy wonted grace? 
i^hy should we look like men abhorr'd, 

Or banish'd from thy face? 
'^?Vilt thou for ever cast us oft 

And still n^lect our cries? 
v*oT ever hide thiae heavenly love ' 

From our afflicted eyes? 
XDowq to the dust our soul is bow'd, 

And dies upon the ground; 
Hise for our help, rebuke the proud. 

And all their powers confound. 
Hedeem us from perpetual shame, 

Our Saviour and our God! 
AVe plead the honours of thy i 

The merits of thy blood. 

■ TTu CkurtA pleading uilk Ood 

WILL God for ever cast us off? 
His wrath for ever smoke 
A^inst the people of his love, 
His little chosen flock? 
^ Think of the tribes so dearlv bought 
With their Redeemer's blood; 
Nor let thy Sion be forgot, 
Where once thy glory stood. 
9 Lift up thy feet and march in haste, 
Aloud our ruin calls; 
See what a wide and fearful waste 
Is made within thy waUs. 

f W^eonee thy churches \ 
'*- foee pro&nely roar 

390 THE church's 

Over thy gates their ensigns hasg. 
Sad tokens of their power. 

5 How are the seats of worship broke! - 

They tear the buildings down; , 
And he that deals the heaviest stroke .. . 
Procures the chief renown. 

6 With flames they threaten to destroj 

Thy children m their nest; 
' Come, let hs burn at once,' they cry, ' 
' The temple and the priest.' 

7 And .still to heighten our distress, 

Thy presence is withdrawn; 
Thv wonted signs of power and grac^ 
Thy power and grace are gone. 

8 No prophet speaks to calm our woes, 

But all the seers mourn ; 
There's not a soul amongst us knows 
The time of thy return. 


9 How long, eternal God, how ]on§ 
Shall men of pride hlasphi?) 


1 5 And shall the sons of earth and dust 

That sacred power blaspheme? 
Will not thy hand, that ferm'd them fin 
Avenge tnine injur'd jiame? 

16 Think on the covenant thou hast made. 

And all thy words of love ; 
Nor let the birds of prey invade 
And vex thy monming dove. 

17 Our foes would triumph in our bloody 

And make our hope their jest; 
Plead thine own cause, almighty God! 
And give thy children rest. 

yjQfi Psalm 83. 8. M. 

^^ vvr« ji Complaint against Femeuton. 

1 4 ND will the God of grace 
/1l Perpetual silence keep? 
The God of justice hold his peace, 
And let his vengeance sleep? 

' Behold what cursed snares 
The men of mischief spread ; 
The men that hate thy saints and thee 
Lift up their threatening head. 

Asainst thy hidden ones 
Their counsels they employ, 
A.nd malice, with her watchful eye, 
Pursues them to destroy. 

The noble and the base 
Into thy pastures leap; 
The lion and the stupid ass 
Conspire to vex thy sheep. 

^ * Come, let us join,' they cry, 
^ * To ro;)t them from the ground, . 
* Till not the name of saints remain, 
* Nor memory shall be found.' • 

^ Awake, almighty God, > .. 

And call thy wradi to mind ; K • 
Give tiiiem like forests to the fire, 
Or stubble to the wind. 

^ Ckmyince their madness. Lord, • 
And noiake them seek thy name ; 
Or else their stubborn rage confound. 
That they may die ija sname. 

3g2 THE church's 

8 Then shall the nations know 
That glorious dreadful word, 
Jehovah is thy 4ame alone, 
And thou the sovereign Lord. 

ACkl Paalm 35. vet. 1—9. Isl PsrU C. U. 

'tU 1 * Fra^ir and faith of pencculcd SainU. 

1 '^rOW plead my cause, almighty God, 
X^ With all the sons of strife; 

And tight against the men of blood, 
Who fight against my life. 

2 Draw out thy spear, and stop their way, 

Lift thine avenging rod; 

But to my soul in mercy say, 

' I am thy Saviour God.' 

3 They plant their snares to catch my fert^ 

Ana nets of mischief spread ; 
Plunge the destroyers in the pit 
That their own hands have made. 

4 Let fo^ and darkness hide their way, 

And slippery be their ground; 
Thy wrath sliall make their lives a prey. 
And all their rage confound. 

. ^ SAFETY. 398 

2 Great jGrod. appear to their surprise, 
Reveal thy dreadful name; 
Letjtilieiii ho more thy wrath despisei 
Nor turn our hope to shame. 

3 Dost thou not dwell among the just? 
4Liid yet our foes deride, 
ThM we should make thr name our trust; 
Great God, confound their pride. 

4r that the joyful day were come 
To finish our dista'ess! 
When God shall bring his children homei 
Our songs shall never cease. 

^^qo YmHOBL 5S. Ter. 4—6. C. M. 

1^ A RE all the foesof Sion fools, 
^ Who thus devour her saints? 
Do tiiey not know her Saviour ndes, 
And pities her complaints? 

^ They shall be seiz'd with sad surprise; 
For God's avenging arm 
Scatters the bones of them that rise 
^ To do his children harm. 

3 In vain the sons of Satan boast 
Of armies in array * 
when God has first aispers'd their host, 
They fall an easy prey. 

* O for a word from Sion's King, 
Her captives tq restore ! 
Jacob wim all the tribes shall sing, 
And Judah weep no more. 




Pt« 135. T. 1—4. 14. 19^-81. Itt Pvt. L. M. 
Th* Church tt God*» Hwt and Care. 

PRAISE ye the Lord, exalt his name 
While in his holy courts ye wait> 
Ye saints that to his house belong. 
Or stand attending at his gate. 

je the Lord; the Lord is good; 
To pinjse bis name is sweet employ : 
laraelbe chose of old, and still 
"'•- cburcb is bis peculiar joy. 


3 The Lord himself will jud^ his saints; -*' 

He treats his servants as his friends ; 
And when he hears their sore complaintat 
Repents the sorrows that he sends. 

4 Through every age the Lord declares 
His name, ana breaks th' oppressor's rod; 
He gives his suffering servants rest, 
And will be known, Th' almighty God. 

5 Bless ye the Lord, who taste his love, 
People and priests exalt his name: 
Amongst his saints he ever dwells; ' 
His church is his Jerusalem. 

NOW shall my inward joys arise, 
And burst into a song. 
Almighty love inspires my near* 
And pleasure tunes my tongue. 
. God on his thirsty Sion-bill 

Some mercy-drops has thrown, 
And solemn nalhs nave bound his lovD 


lioOf the glory of the earth, . 
And beraty of the land ! 

2 Balwarkii of mighty graoe defend 

The city where we dwell, 
The walls, of strong salvation made, 
Defy th assaults of hell. 

3 Lift np the OTerlasting gates, 

The doors wide open fling, 
Enter, ye nations^ that obey 
The statutes of our King. 

^ Here shall jrou taste unmmgled joySf 
And live in perfect peace, 
You that have known Jehovah's name, 
And ventured on his grace; 

^ Trust in the Lord, for ever trust, 
And banish all your fears; 
Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells, 
EteriuJ as his years. 

^ [What thouffh the rebels dwell on high. 
His arm snail bring them low, 
Low as the caverns of the grave 
Their lofty heads shall bow.] 

^ [On Babylon our feet shall tread 
In that rejoicing hour. 
The ruins of her walls shall spread 
A pavement for the poor.] 

Hymn 64. B. 3. L. M. 
€hd ike Glory and Defmee of Sion, 

APPY the church, tnou sacred place. 
The seat of thy Creator's grace; 
Thine holv courts are his abode, 
Thou earthly i)alace of our God. 

Thy walls are strength, and at thj ^tes 
A guard of heavenly warriors waits ; 
Nor shall thy deep foundations move, 
Fix'd on his counsels and his love. 

Thy foes in vain designs engage, 
Affainst his throne in vain they rage. 
Like rising wav€», with angry roar, 
That dash and die upon the shore. 

Then let our souls in Zion dwell, 
Nor fear the wrath of Rome and YieW: 
Huf arms embrace tins happy ground. 
Like brazen balwarkH hum around. 




I God is our shield, and God our sun; 
Swift as the fleeting moments run, 
On us he sheds new beams of grace, 
And we reflect his brightest praise. 

c Minittry of Angelt. 


1 tflGH on a hill of dazzling light 
Jn, The King of glory spreads his seat, . 
And troops of angels, stretch'd for flight. 
Stand waiting round his awfiil feet. 

3 ' Go,' saith the Lord, 'my Gabriel, go, 
' Salute the virgin's fruitful womb;* 
' Make haste, ye cherubs, down below, 
' Sing and proclaim the Saviour's come.*t 

3 Here a bright squadron leaves the skies, 
And thick around Elisha stands;t 
Anon a heavenly soldier flies. 

And breaks the chains from Peter's hands.^ 

4 Thy winged troop,';, O God of hosts, 
Wait on thy wandering church below, 
Here we are sailing to thy coasts, 


There is a stream whose gentle ft>w ^ ■ ' 
Supplies the city of our God; 
Lite, love, and joy still glidins throught 
And watering our divine abode. 

That sacred stream, thine holy word; 
That all our raging fear controls : 
Sweet peace thy promises afford, 
And give new strength to fainting souls. 

Sion enjoys her monarch's love, 
Secure against a threatening hour ; 
Nor can ner firm foundations move. 
Built on his truth, and arm'd with power. 

rw\ Pnlm 46. 2d Part. L^ M. 

ifUm QadJlghUfor hi* Chureh. 

LET Sion in her King rejoice. 
Though tyrants rage and kingdoms rise * 
is utters his almighty voice, 
rtxe nations melt, the tumult dies. 

Tie Lord of old for Jacob fought, 
— d Jacob's God is stQl our aid : 

^liold the works his hand has wrought, 
r^Tiat desolations he has made ! 

rc3m sea to sea, through all the shores, 
^ makes the noise of battle cease ; 
riien from on high his thimder roars, 
& awes the trembling world to peace^ 

^^ breaks the bow, he cuts the spear, 
Jxariots he bums with heavenlv flame ; 
^^ep silence, all the earth, and near 
• *ie sound and glory of his name. 

^e still, and learn that I am God, 
^^ il be exalted o'er the lands, 
j^'will be known and fear'd abroad, 
out still my throne in Sion stands.' 

k ^ liord of hosts, almighty Eong, 
^Jiile we so near thy presence dwell, 
vur faith shall sit secure, and sing 
Befiaaice to the gates of hell. 


Hymii 98. B. 1. C. M. 

Tlf TnmmnhrfChnMt awr the 3neme$ tfhh 

Churchy Isa. bdiL l^-^S, kc* 

I IITHAT mighty man, or mighty God^ 
FT Comes travelling in state, 



Along the Idumean road, 
Away from Bozrah's gate? 
3 The glory of his robe proclaims 
"Tis some victorious kins: 
' 'Tis I, X^e Just, ih' Almighty One, 
That your salvation bring.' 

3 ' Why, mighty Lord,' thy saints inquire, 

' Why thine apparel red ? 
'And all thy vesture stain'd Uke those 
' Who in the wine-press tread?' 

4 ' I bv myself have trod the press, 

' And crush'd my foes alone, 
' My wrath has struck the rebels dead, 
'My fury stamp'd them down. 

5 ' 'Tis Edom's blood that dies my robcB 

' With joyful scarlet stains, 
'The triumph that my raiment wears 
' Sprung from their bleeding veins. 

6 'Thus shall the nations be destroyed 

' That dare insult my saints, 
'I have an arm t' avenge their wrongs, 


S TbQThoncnirai Oyictariot»Kixig! 
Thine own right hand shall raiae, 

we thy awful Teofieance sing, . 
And our Deliverer praise. 

HTinn 56* B. 1* C* If* 

of Moua 

t%€ Sm^f MouM and ikt Lmmb t tt^J M jfh m fliUkigf 
Rer. XT. 3; xwL 19; zrii. S. 

"YKTE sing the fflories of thy love, 

T T We sound thy dreadful name; 
The Christian church unites the songs 
Of Moses and the Lamb. 

Great God, how wondrous are thy works 
,^0f Tengeance and of grace ! 
xThou King of saints, Almighty Lord, 
How just and true thy ways ! 

A^ITho dares refuse to fear thy name, 
^^^Or worship at thy throne? 
^tliy judgments speak thine holiness 
Through all the nations known. 

.Oreat Babylon, that rules the earth, 
Drunk with the martvr's blood, 

Xier crimes shall speedily awaker 
The fury of our God. 

The cup of wrath is ready mix*d, 
And she must drink the dre]Bps ; 

SStronff is the Lord, her sovereign judge. 
And shall fulfil me plagues. 

Hymn 56. B. 1. L. M. ^ 
The DtvU mnmtUhid f or, MiekaiPi fVarwiiktk^ 
thragon, Rer. xii. 7. 

XET mortal tongues attempt to sing 
The wars of heaven, when Michae! 

1 stood 

^hief general of the Eternal King, 

-And fought the battles of our 

^gainst the drason and his host 
nrEe armies of tne Lord prevail : 
Xn vain they rai[e, in vain they Doast ^ 
rheir courage sinks, their weapons rail. 

"^ ^wn to Ihe earth w»s Satan thTowu. 
^wn to the earth his legions fell; 
Then was the tramp of triumph oVowtl, 
AndBbaok the dreadful deeps of Yie\L 


4 Now is the hour of darkness past, 
Christ hath assum'd his reigning power; 
Behold the great accuser cast 

Down from the skies to rise no more. 

5 'Twas by thy hlood, immortal Lamb, 
Thine armies trod the tempter down; 
'Twas by thy word and powerful name, 
They gain'd the battle and renown. 

6 Rejoice, ye heavens ; let every star 
Shine with new glories round the sky; 
Saints, while ye sing the heavenly war. 
Raise your Deliverers name on high, 

ftfkf^ Hymn 59. B. 1. L. M. 

Ol/O. Babykm faUm, Rei?. xriii. 20, 31. 

1 TN Gabriel's hand a mighty stone 
X Lies, a fair type of Babylon: 

' Prophet-s. rejoice, and all ye saints, _ 
' God shall avenge your long complaints.' 

2 He said, and dreadful as he stood. 
He suxik the millstono in the flood: 
' Thus terribly shall Babel fall : 

MEBTINaS: 401 

O Xiet those that sow in sadness wait 
Till the fair harvest come, 
TThey shall confess their sheaves are greats 
And shout the blessings home. 

Thouffh seed lie buried long in dust. 

It sna'n't deceive their hope ; 
The precious grain can ne'er be losti 
For grace ensures the crop. 

^^^\I4m amvrumg JkUvenmee. 

1 "Aj^HEN God restor'd our captive state, 

V V Joy was our song, and grace our thenoie; 
The grace beyond our hopes so great. 
That joy appear'd a painted dream. 

® The scoffer owns thy hand, and pays 
Unwilling honours to thy name : 
^hile we with pleasure shout tny praise, 
^ith cheerful notes thy love proclaim. 

3 ^hen we reviewed our dismal fears, 
*Twas hard to think they'd vanish so; 
^With God we left our flowing tears, 
3Ie makes our joys like rivers flow. 

^ The man that in his furrow'd field 
His scatter 'd seed with sadness leaves, 
"Will shout to see the harvest yield 
A welcome load of joyful sheaves. 

Ptalm 34. Ut Part. L. M. 
God*» Care of the SainUt or, Deiiveranee hy Projfit* 

^ T ORD, I will bless thee all my days, 

XJ Thy praise shall dwell upon my tongue; 
My soul shall glory in thy grace, 
While saints rejoice to hear the song. 

^ Come, magnify the Lord with me. 
Come, let us all exalt his name; 
I sought th' eternal God, and he 
Has not expos'd my hope to shame. 

3 I told him all my secret grief, 
My secret groanmg reach'd his ears; 
He gave mv inward pains relief. 
And calm'd the tumult of my fears. 

4 To him the poor lift up their eyes, 
With heavenly joy their faces shine; 

A^P of mercy from the skies 
Fills them with light and joy divine. 

St s 


402 L^HURCH 

5 His holy angels pitch their tents 
Around the men that serve the Lord; 
O fear and love him, all ye saints, 
Taste of his grace, and trust his WOTdf 

6 The wild young Hons, pinch'd with pain 
And hunger, roar through all the wood; 
But none shall seek the Lord in vwi, 
Nor want supplies of real good. 

ei-kQ Psalm 34. rer. 1—10. 1st Part. C. M. 

OyJU. Prayer and Praiat far emintnt DtUveranee. 

1 T'LL bless the Lord from day to day; 
X How good are all his ways ! 

Ye humble souls that use to pray, 
Coine, help my lips to praise! 

2 Sing to the honour of his name, 

How a poor sinner cried, 
Nor was his hope expos'd to shame, 
Nor was his suit denied. 

3 When threatening sorrows round me stood. 

And endless fears aro.'je, 
Like the loud billows of a flood, 

MEETTN(;j!>. 40S 

^10 P^m 66. ver. 13—20. 2d Part. C. M. 

^-^ * "• Praise to (rod for hearing Prayer, 

i ^rOW shall my solemn vows be paid 
XII To that almighty Power, 
That heard the long requests I made 
In my distressfulhour. 

' My lips and cheerful heart prepare 
To make his mercies known , 
Come, ye that fear my God, and hear 
The wonders he has done. 

^When on m]r head huge sorrows fell, 

I souffht his heavenly aid; 
He saVd mv sinking soul from heQ, - 

And deam's eternal shade. 

Xf fidn lay cover'd in my heart, 
^ While prayer employed my tongue, 
The Lord had shown me no re^^und, 
Nor I his praises sung. 

lut Grod (his name be ever blest) 
Hath set my spirit free, 
X(or tum'd fromldm my poor request, 
Nor tum'd his heart from me. 

L ^^ -I Pfafan 106. Ter, 1-^. L, IL 

-K J. • Praite to Qcd/ or^ Communion with 8akU»» 

^Wy) Grod, the great, the ever-blest, 
X Let songs of honour be addrest : 

39]B. mercy firm for ever stands - 

Crive him the thanks his love demands 

* 'Who knows the wonders of thy ways? 
Who shall fulfil thy boundless praise? 
Blest are the souls that fear thee still, 
And iMiy their duty to thy will. 

^ Remember what thy mercy did 
For Jacob's race, thy chosen seed ; 
And with the same salvation bless 
The meanest suppliant of thy grace. 

4 O may I see thjr tribes rejoice, 
And aid their triumphs with my voice! 
This is my glory, Lord, to be 
Join'd to thy samts, and neiar to thee. 

e-i Q (Pnlm 109. rer. 13-^U 9d Part. G. VL) 
kMM^0 jflna^ Aeard^ and Zion TttionL 

^ Tj^nJ^^^ ^?^ ^^^ "^^ rejoice, 
M^ nebold the promised hour 


Her God hath heard her mourning voier , 
And comes t' exalt his power. 
3 Her dust and ruins that remain 
Are precious in our eyes; 
Those ruins shall be built again, 
And all that dust shall rise. 

3 The Lord will raise Jerusalem, 

And stand in glory there; 
Nations shall bow before his name, 
And kings attend with fear. 

4 He sits a soverei^ on his throne, 

With pity in his eyes ; 
He hears the dyintj prisoners groan. 
And sees their signs arise, 

5 He frees the souls conderan'd to death. 

And when his saints complain, 
It sha'n't be said, ' That praying breath 
' Was ever spent in vain.' 

6 This shall be known when we are dead. 
And left on long record, 


t As rain on meadows newly mown, 
So shall he send his influence down ; 
His grace on fainting souls distils. 
Like heavenly dew on thirsty hills. 

k The heathen lands that lie beneath 
The shades of overspreading death, 
Revive at his first (tewning^ht, 
And deserts blossom at the sight. 

fr The saints shall flourish in his daya, 
Drest in the robes of joy and praise; 
Peace, like a river, from his throne 
Shall flow to nations yet unknown. 

KT ^ A Pnlm 79. 9d Part. L. M. 

^'X^* CknMi*» Kingdom among the Oeniiia. 

^ fESUS shall reign where'er the sun 
V Does his successive journeys nm: 
3His kingdom stretch from shore to shore, 
jHH moons shall wax and wane no mote. 

^ CBehoid the Islands with their kings, 
-And Europe her best tribute brings; 
IProm north to south the i)rinces meet 
"To pay their homage at his feet. 

"There Persia dorious to behold, 
"There India snines in eastern gold ; 
And barbarous nations at his word 
Submit, and bow, and own their Lord.] 

Tor him shall endless prayer be made, 
And praises throng to crown his head ; 
His name like sweet perfume shall rise 
With every morning sacrifice. 

^ People and realms of every tongue, 
Dwell on his love with sweetest song; 
And infant voices shall proclaim 
Their early blessings on his name. 

6 Blessinjss aboimd where'er he rei^n^^ 
The prisoner leaps to lose his chams, 
The weary find eternal rest, 

And all the sons of want are blest. 

7 rWhere he displays his healing powec^ 
Death and the curse are known no TDam\ 
In bim the tribes of Adam boaat 

More blessings than their father \ort. 


8 Let every creature rise, and brine '•'^ 
Peculiar honours to our King; ■'"- 

Angels descend with songs again. 
And earth repeat the long Ameo.] 

El e Paalm45. C. M. . ; 

OlO* Thepmonal Gloriuand Gortmmmt^Chtti- 

\ T'LL speak the honours of my unf,. .. 
i His form divinely fair; 
None of the sons of mortal race 
May with the Lord compare. 

2 Sweet is thy speech, and heavenly gVUM 

Upon thy lips is shed ; '' 

Thv God with blessings infinite 
Hath crown'd thy sacred head. 

3 Gird on thy sword, victorious Prince, 

Ride with majestic sway ; 
Thy terrors shall strike through thy foeS( 
And make the world obey. 

4 Thv throne, O God, for ever stands; 

Thy word of grace shall prove 
A peaceful sceptre in thy hands, 
To rule thy saints by love. 

MSETI1I08. 407 

^ '^C^T tiuRme, O God, for OTor stands, 
>^nce is the sceptre in th^ hands; 
1/h J laws and works are just and rights 
Jxutioe and grace are thj delight 

^ pod, thine own God, has richly shed 
His oil of ffladness on thy head. 
And with Ids sacred Spirit blest 
His first4)om Son above the rest 

f^l w Pnlm no. Itt Put. L. M. 

8 m9 en$ oftik OotptL 

^ nnHUS the eternal Father spake 

JL To Christ the Son/ Ascend and sit 
' At my right hand^ till I shall make 
' Thy foes submissive at thy feet 

** * From Zion shall thy word proceed, 

* Thy word, the sceptre in tny hand!, 

' Shall make the hearts, of rebels bleed, 

* And bow their wills to thy command. 

^ I That day shall show thy i)ower is great, 
I When saints shall flock with willing minds, 
' And sinners crowd thy temple-gate, 

* Where holiness in beauty snines.' 

^ P blessed power ! glorious day ! 
what a large victory shall ensue ! 
And converts, who thy grace obey, 
Exceed the drops of morning dew. 

^^ Q Psalm 110. 9d Part. L. M. 

7|*-t^O* The Kingdom and Prietihood of CMd^ 

^ ^TPHUS the great Lord of earth and sea 
^X Soake to his Son, and thus he swore 
\ Eternal shall thy priesthood be. 
' And change from nand to hand no mosOr 

^ ^ Aaron* and all his sons must die; 

* But everlasting life is thine, 

* To save for ever those that flj 

^ * For ref\ige from the wrath divine. ' 

* By me Melchisedek was made 

^ On earth a king and priest at once ; 
^ And thou, my heavenly Priest, shalt plead« 
^ ^ And thou, my King, shalt rule my soia? 

^nw the Priest ascends his throne^ 
While oaunaelB of eternal peace. 


serous droPjjeignglM^- 
V*y«^^ff/fa„ decree, 

al shall ™S/ o mow 


ow he bedews old David's not 
With blessinffs from the skies; 
6 makes the Branch of promise grow^ 
The promis'd Horn anse. 

ohn was the prophet of the Lord 
To go before his face, 
be herald which our Savioor-Gkxi 
Sent to prepare his wa3rs. 

e makes the sreat salvation kno wn. 
He speaks of pardon'd sins; 
Idle grace divine, and heavenly love. 
In its own glory shines. 

)ehold the Lamb of God, (he cries J 
^ That takes our guilt away : 
saw the Spirit o'er his head 
' On his baptizing day.] 

ie ev'ry vale exalted hiffh, 

* Sink every mountain low, 

rhe proud must stoop, and humble souls 

' Shall his salvation know. 

rhe heathen realms with Israel's land 
' Shall join in sweet accord ; 
Ind aU that's bom of man shall see 
' The glory of the Lord. 

)ehold the morning-star arise, 

' Ye that in darkness sit; 

le marks the path that le^ads to peace, 

' And guides our doubtful feet' 

IHymn SI. B. 1. C. M. < 

• A VMm of Ae Khigdom of Chritt among Mm, 

Rer. zxi. 1—4. 

' 0, what a glorious sight appears 
J To our believing eyes ! 
he earth and seas are iiass'd away. 
And the old rolling skies. 

rom the third heaven where Grod resides 
That holy, happy place, i 

he new Jerusalem comes down, 
Adom'd with shining grace. 

ttending angels shout for joy, 
And the bnffht armies sing, 
Mlortals, behold the sacred seat 
> Of your descending King. 


1 1 


4 ' The God of glory down to men 

' Removes his blest abode, 
' Men the dear objects of his grace, 
' And he the loving God. 

5 ' His own soft hand shall wipe the toan. 

' From every weeping eye, 
' And pains, and groans, and griefs, ntd 
' And death itself shall die. 

6 How long, dear Saviour, how long 

Shall this bright hour delay ! 
Fly swifter round, ye wheels of time, 
And bring the welcome day. 

CrOO Psalm 117. CM. , 

i3£l£lm Praiie lo Cod from aU Nation*. ' 

1 £\ ALL ye nationSj praise the Lord,.,' 

" Each with a different tongue ; 
In every language learn his word, 
And let his name be sung. 

2 His mercy reigns through every land; 

Proclaim his grace abroad; 
For ever firm his truth shall stand. 







Ij. Ma 

COME, Holy Spirit, Dove divine^ 
On these baptismal waters stone ; 
Oh teach our hearts, in highest strain, 
To praise the Lamb for sinners 

We love thy name, we love thy laws, 
We jojrfully embrace thv cause ; 
We love tlnr crosa, the sname, the pain, 
O Lamb of Ood, for sinners slain ! 

We're plunged beneath the mystic flood; 
Oh plunge us in thy cleansing blood ; 
We die to sin, and seek a ffrave 
With thee beneath the yielding wave. 

-And as we rise, with thee to live. 
Oh let the Holy Spirit give 
The sealing unction from above, 
The breath rf life, the fire of love ! 

HTmn 199. B. 1. L. M. 

BtUtven Inaritd with Chritt in Be^Him^ 

Rom. Ti. 3, &e. 

^TkO we not know that solemn word, 
-^3 That we are buried with the Loid, 
3aptiz'd into his death, and then 
Tut oflF the body of our sin ? 

Our souls receive diviner breath, 
Hais'd from corruption, firuilt, and death ; 
So from the grave did Cnrist arise, 
And lives to God above the skies. 

No more let sin or Saten reign 
Over our mortal flesh again ; 
The various^ Justs we serv'd before 
Sbtdl have dominion now no mote« 




EEKLY in Jordan's holy stream 
The great Redeemer bowed ; 
right was tne glory's sacred beam, 
That hushd the wondering crowd. 

2 Thus God descended to approve 

The deed that Christ had done ; 
Thus came the emblematic Dove, 
And hover'd o'er the Son. 

3 So, blessed Spirit, come to-day 

To our baptismal scene ; 
Ye thoughts of earth, be far away, 
Ye bosoms, be serene. 

4 This day we give to holy joy — 

This day to heaven belongs : 
Raised to new life, we will employ 
In melody our tongues. 


He tanffht the solemn way, 
He fix'd the holy rite ; 
He bade his ransomed ones obeyi 
And keep the path of light 

The Hol]r Ghost came down 
The baptism to approve ; 
The ordinance of Christ to crown 
And stamp it with his Iotoi 

Dear Savionr, we will tread 
In thy iqnpointed way ; 
Xiet glory o'er these scenes be shed, 
And smile on us to-day. 

C« fli* 


XJRIED beneath the yielding ware 
The great Redeemer lies ; 
views him in the watery grave, 
And thence beholds him rise. 

A^ith loy we in his footsteps tread, 

And would his cause maintain, 
Xl^ike him be numbered with the dead. 

And with him rise and reign ; 



^low, blest Redeemer, we to thee 
Our flpratefal voices raise ; 
iVashed in the fountain of thy blood, 
Our lives shall be thy praise. 

8* Ma 

COME and behold the place. 
Where once your Saviour lay ; 
Confess that he is Lord of all. 
And humble homage pay. 

H Laid in the watery ^ve. 
He quickly rose again ; 
Buried with him, we too shall rae^ 
And endless lite obtain. 

414 THE lord's 

3 Now may the Spirit crown, 
With tokens of nis grace. 
The solemn service of this aaj, 
And bid us go in peace. 

532. 7-L"«. 

1 ^^UR Saviour bowed beneath the wave, 
\j And meekly sought a watery grave ; 
Come, see the sacred path he trod, 
A path well pleasing to our God. 

S His voice we hear, his footsteps trace, 
And hilher come to seek his lace, 
To do his will, to feel his love, 
And join our songs with songs above. 

3 Hosanna to the Lamb divine ; 

Let endless glories round him shine; 
High o'er the heavens for ever reign, 
O Lamb of God, for sinners slain. 


Then took the cup, and blest tlie wine; 
' 'Tis the new cov nant in my blood.' 

^ [For ns his flesh with nails was torn, 
He bore the scourse, he felt the thorn : 
And justice pour'd uj^n his head 
Its heavy vengeance in onr stead. 

For ns his vital blood was spilt. 
To buy the pardon of our ewlt, 
When for black crimes of biggest size 
He gave his soul a sacrifice. J 

*^ Do this (he cried) till time shall end, 
'In memory of vour dving friend: 
' Meet at my taole, ana record 
* The love of your departed Lord.' 

£ Jeeus, ihy feast we celebrate 
^^Ve show thy death, we sing thy name, 
^Pill thou return, and we shall eat 
^t?*he marriagensupper of the Lamb. 

Hynui 9. B. 3. S. M« 
• Ccmmunion %mth Ckriti^ and untk SanUt^ 1 Cor« 

X. 16, 17. 

[ TESTIS invites his saints 
tl To meet around his board; 
ere pardon'd rebels sit^ and hold 
Communion with their liord. 

For food he gives his flesh, 
He bids us cmnk his blood; 
mazing favour ! matchless grace 
Of our descending Grod ! 

This holy bread and wine 
Maintain our fainting breath, 
By union with our living Lord, 
And interest in his death. 

Our heavenly Father calls 
Christ and his members one; 
We the young children of his love. 
And he the first-bom Son. 

We are but several parts 
Of the 8&me broken Dread ; 
O^ body with its several limba^ 
Sut Jetma is the head. 

41G THE lord's 

6 Let all our powers be join'd 
His glorious name to raise ; 
Pleasure and love fill every mind, 
And every voice he praise. 

p-QK Hymn 3. B. 3. CM. 

iJOOm The A'rui Ttilamcnt in the Bhtid of CkriM , or, C 

Afiii CovtnanI sealed. 

1 * 'I'^HE promise of my Father's love 

J- ' Shall stand for ever good ;' 

He said; and gave his soul to death, 

And seal'd trie grace with blood. 

2 To this dear covenant of thy word 

I set ray worthless name ; 
I seal th' engagement to my Lord, 
And make my humble claim. 

3 Thy light and strength, and pardoning g 

And glory shall be mine; 
My life and soul, my heart and flesh, 
And all my powers are thine. 

4 I call that legacy my own 
Which Jesus did beijueath; 




The price of pardon was his blood, 
His pity naer withdrew. 

5 Now though he reigns exalted hight 
His love is still as great : 

Well he remembers Calvaryy 
Nor let his saints forget. 

8 [Here we behold his bowels roll 
As kind as when he died; 
And see the sorrows of his sonl 
Bleed through his wounded side.] 

r [Here we receive repeated seals 
Of Jesus' dying love : 
Hard is the wretch that never feels 
One soft affection move.] 

Here let our hearts begin to melt. 

While we his death record. 
And with our joy for pardon'd guilt. 

Mourn that we pierc'd the Lord. 

1 ^^W^ Hymn 5. B. 3. G« M. 

T ET US adore th' eternal Word, 
JLi 'Tis he our souls hath £Bd; 
^hou art our living stream, O Lord, 
And thou th' immortal bread. 

(The maana came from lower skies, 

But Jesus from above, 
^Where the fresh springs of pleasure riaeu 

And rivers flow with love. 

TThe Jews, the fathers, died at last, 
Who ate that heavenly bread; 

^ut tihiese provisions which we taste 
Can raise us from the dead.] 

^lest be the Lord, that gives his flesh 

To nourish dying men : 
^nd often tspreads his table fresh 

Lest we should faint again. 

Our souls shall draw their heavenly breatii 

WMlst Jesus finds supplies: 
Nor shall our graces sink to death, 

For Jesus never dies. 

^ [Daily our mortal flesh decajrs, 
But Christ our life shall come: 
His unre^dsted power shaU raise 
Our bodies from the tomb.] 

HjBs 6. B. 3. L. M. 

Lnkrnii. 1! 

ESUS is gone above the skies, 
Where our weak senses reach him ucv^i 

d camai objects court our eyes 
thrnst our Saviour from our thought 
knows what wandering hearts we haT^^':^- 

t to forget his lovely face; 

d to refresh our minds he gave 

ese kind memorials of his grace. 

e Lord of life this table spread 

th his owu flesh and dying blood; 

•- on the rich pro^-ision feed, 

d taste the vrine, and bless otir God. 

t sinful sweets be all forgot, 

d earth grow less in our esteem; 

rist and nis love fill every thought, 

1 faith and hope be fix'd on him. ■ 

lilst he is absent from our sight, - 

s to prepare our souls a place, 9 

at we may dwell in heavenly light, 

d live for ever near hia fac«. 


rhen am I dead to all the globe, 
ALnd all the globe is dead to me.] 

Were the whole realm of nature minOi 
rhat were a present far too small ; 
^ove so amazing, so divine, 
demands my soul, my life, my all. 

I A Hymn 8. B. 3. C. M. 

tU. The Tree of Life. 

pi OME, let US join a joyful tune 

yj To our exalted Lord, 
Ve saints on high around nis throne, 
And we around his board. 

WTiile once upon this lower ground 

Weary and faint ye stood, 
IVhat dear refreshment here ye found 

From this immortal food ! 

Phe tree of life, that near the throne 
In heaven's high garden grows, 

^aden with grace, bends gently aovni 
Its ever-smiling boughs. 

Hovering amongst the leaves there stands 

The sweet Celestial Dove ; 
Lnd Jesus on the branches hangs 

The banner of his love.] 

Tis a young heaven of strange delight 

While in his shade we sit; 
lis fruit is pleasing to the sight. 

And to the taste as sweet. 

^ew life it spreads through dying hearts. 
And cheers the drooping mind ; 

/"igour and joy the juice imparts, 
Without a sting behind.] 

^ow let the flaming weapons stand. 

And guard all Eden's trees ; 
rhere's ne'er a plant in all that land 

That bears such fruit as these. 

nfinite grace our souls adore, 
Whose wondrous hand has made 

rhis living branch of sovereign power 
To raise and heal the dead. 

I % Hymn 9. B. 3. S. M. 

bl • The Spirit, the Water, and the Blood, 1 John T. 9. 

[T ET all our tongues be one 
JLi To praise our God on higYi, 


Who from his bosom sent his Son 
To fetch us strangers nigh. 

2 Nor let our voices cease 

To sing the Saviour's name; 
Jesus, th' ambassador of peace, 
How cheerfully he came! 

3 It cost him cries and tears 
To bring us near to God ; 

Great was our debt, and he appean 
To make the payment good.] 

4 [My Saviour's pierced side 
Pour'd out a double flood: 

By water we are purified. 
And pardon'd by the blood. 

5 Infinite was our guilt, 
But he our priest atones; 

On the cold ground his life was spilt, 
And offer'd wiih. his groans.] 

6 Look up, my soul, to him 
Whose death was thy desert, 

And humbly view the living stream 

SUPPER. 42] 

8 But in the grace that rescued man 
HiB brightest form of glory shines; 
Here on the crpss 'tis niirest drawn 
In precious blood and crimson lines. 

3 FHere his whole name appears complete ; 
Nor wit can guess, nor reason proye, 
Which of the letters best is wnt, 
The power, the wisdom, or the love.] 

i Here I behold his inmost heart 

Where grace and vengeance strangely join. 
Piercing his Son with sharpest smart 
To make the purchas'd pleasures mine. 

^ the sweet wonders of that cross 
Where Grod the Saviour lov'd and died ! 
Her noblest life my spirit draws 
From his dear wounds and bleeding side. 

^ I would for ever speak his name 
In sounds to niortal ears unknown. 
With angels join to praise the Lamb, 
And worship at his Father's throne. 

Hymn 11. B. 3. C. M. 
Parian brought to our Senua, 

^ ¥" ORD, how divine thv comforts are ; 
JLi How heavenly is the place 
Where Jesus spreads the sacred feast 
Of his redeeming grace ! 

* There the rich bounties of our God 

And sweetest glories shine; 

^I^here Jesus says, that ' I am his, 

' And my Beloved's mine.' 

^ And shows his wounded side,} 
See here the spring of all your joyB, 
* That open'a when I died.' 

^ CHe smiles, and cheers my mournful heart» 
And tells of all his pain ; 
* All this,' he says, * I Dore for thee,' 
And then he smiles again.] 

^ What shall we pay our heavenly 
For grace so vast as this? 
He brings our pardon to our 
And seals it with a kiss. 

lainaziiig loves as these 

Ided all abroad, 

lirs are bevond degrees, 


wash'd us in his blood 
■acting praise, 
Ihoiiour, glory, power, 
las his days.] 

Hymn 13. B. 3. L. M. 
\e Gn.-pel Fenxl, Luke x\v. 16, ic. 

hch are thy provisions, Lord! 
my table furiiish'd from above, 

■ of life o'ersnread the board, 
■crflows with heavenly love. 
lent family, the Jews, 
liuvited to the feast, 

|v lalte what ihey refuse, 
^; thy salvation taste. 
6 poor, ihe blind, the larae, 
Bva.s far. and death was nigh, 

■ gospel call we came, 
ivant receiv'd supply. 

Iiighway that leads to hell, 
s of darkness and despair, 
? come with thee to dweU, 




While everlastinff love displays - 
The choicest c^ her stores ! 

2 Here every bowel of our Grod 

With soft compassion rolls. 
Here i)eace and jpardon. bougphit with blood. 
Is food for dying souls. 

3 [While all our hearts and all our songs 

Join to admire the feast, 
Each of us cry with thankful tongues, 
' Lord, why was I a guest? 

4 ' Why was I made to hear thy voice, 

' And enter while there's room? 
* When thousands make a wretched choice, 
' And rather starve than come.'] 

5 'Twas the same love that spread Uie feast, 

That sweetly forced us in, 
Else we had still refus'd to taste, 
And perish'd in our sin. 

6 [Pity the nations, O our God, 

Constrain the earth to come, 
Send thy victorious word abroad. 
And bring the strangers home. 

7 We long to see thy churches full. 

That all the chosen race 
May with one voice, and heart, and soul, 
Sing thy redeeming grace.] 

t^A£l Hymn 14. B. 3. L. M. 

940« Tkt Song off Stmeon^ Luke ii. 98; or^ a Sigkioff 

Ckritt maket Death easy, 

1 IW^OW have our hearts embrac'd our Grod, 
-L^ We would forget all earthlv charms, 
And wish to die as Simeon would, 

With his young Saviour in his arms. 

2 Our lips should learn that jovful song. 
Were out our hearts prepared like hi^ 
Our souls still waiting to be gone, 
And at thy word depart in peace. 

3 Here we have seen thy face, O Lord, 
And view'd salvation with our eyes. 
Tasted and felt the living word, 

The bread descending from the akiea. 

4 Thou bastpnsnar'd this dying Ijanib, 
Jiast set bis blood before our £ace. 


To teach the terrors of thy name, 
And show the wonders of thy grace. 
5 He is our light ; our morning Star 
Shall shine on nations yet unknown ; 
The glory of thine Israel here, 
And joy of spirits near thy throne. 

KA<J Hymn 15. B. 3. CM. 

94 1 ■ Our Lord Junu al hit own TiMe, 

1 [nr^HE memory of our dying Lord 

A Awakes a thankful tongue : 

How rich he spread his royal board, 

And blest the food, and sung. 

2 Happy the men that eat this bread, 

But doubly blest was he 
That gently bow'd his loving head, 
And lean'd it, Lord, on thee. 

3 By faith the same delights we taste 

As that great favourite did, 
And sit and lean on Jesus' breast. 

And take the heavenly bread.] 
Down from the palace of the skies 

SUPP£R. 42G 

In lively figures here we see 

The bleeding Prince of love ; 
£ach of us hopes he died for me, 

And then our griefs remove. 

3 [Our humble faith here takes her rise 
While sitting round his board ; 
And back to Calvary she flies 
To view her groaning Lord. 

4 His soul, what agonies it felt 

When his own God withdrew ! 
And the large load of all our guilt 
Lay heavy on him too. 

5 But the divinity within 

Supported him to bear : 
Djring ne conquered hell and sin, 
And made his triumph there.] 

S Grace, wisdom, justice, ioin'd and wroue^t 
The wonders of that day ; 
No mortal tongue nor mortal thought 
Can equal thanks repay. 

^ Our hymns should sound like those above. 
Could we our voices raise • 
Yet, Lord, our hearts shall all be love, 
And all our lives be praise. 

^^Q Hymn 17. B. 3. S. M. 

^^«7* IneompartUfU Food; or, the Flesh and Blood of 


^ [XHrE sing th' amazing deeds 

▼! That grace divine performs; 
Til' eternal God comes down and bleeds 
To nourish dying worms. 

^ This soul-reviving wine. 
Dear Saviour, 'tis thy blood ; 
We thank that sacred nesh of thine 
For this immortal food.] 

3 The banquet that we eat 
Is made of heavenly thin^, 

Earth hath no dainties halfso sweet 
As our Redeemer brings. 

4 In vain had Adam sought 
And Karch'd his garden Tontid, 

For there was no such blessed fraiX 
In all that happy ground. 



Th' angelic host above 
Can never taste this food, 

They feast upon their Maker's love. 
But not a baviour's blood. 

6 On us th' almightv Lord 
Bestows this matcnless grace, 

And meets us with some cheering word 
With pleasure in his face. 

7 Come, all ye drooping saints, 
And banquet with the King, 

This wine will drown your sad coiQidaint^ 
And tune your voice to sing. 

8 Salvation to the name 
Of our adored Christ : 

Through the wide earth his grace proolaim 
His glory in the high'st. 

E^Cirk Hymn 18. B. 3. L. M, 

OaU. ^ The ^™,. 

1 TESUS, we bow before thy feet, 
tl Thy table is divinelv stor'd : 
Thy sacred flesh our souls have eat, 
'Tis living breajj : we thank thee, Lord ! 


Our fiith adores thj bleeding love. 
And trusts for life in one that diea ; 
We hope for heayenly crowns above 
From a Redeemer crucified. 

Let the vain world pronounce it shame. 
And fiing their scandals on thy cause; 
We come to boast our Saviour's name. 
And make our triumphs in his cross. 

With joy we tell the scofi&ng age 
He that was dead has left m» tomb. 
He lives above their utmost rage, 
And we are waiting till he come. 

nyinii 90. B. 3* C* M* 
The ProvUicnMfor tke TMe of cut Lcrdi or, He 
TVee ofLifij and River ofLoH. 

'W ORD, we adore thy bounteous hand, 
JlA And sing the solemn feast 
A^Vliere sweet celestial dainties stand 
For every willing guest 

' CThe tree of life adorns the board 
With rich immortal fruit, 
-And ne'er an angry flaming sword 
To guard the passage to t. 

^ *The cup stands crown'd with living juice ; 
The fountain flows above, 
-And runs down streaming for our use, 
In rivulets of love.] 

^ The food's prepar'd bv heavenly art, 
The pleasure's well refin'd. 
They spread new life through every heart, 
And cheer the drooping mind. 

^ Shout and proclaim the Saviour's love. 
Ye saints that taste his wine, 
Join with your kindred saints above, 
In loud nosannas join. 

C A thousand glories to the Grod 
That gives such joy as this, 
Hosanna! let it sound abroad, 
And reach where Jesus is. 

KK9 Hymn 91. B. 8. C. M. 

OOOm ne TVitHi^^ Fuisi for ChruTi FieteryMcr Ata, 

Deaths and EelL 

1 [#^OME, let US lift our voices biglii, 
\J H«i as our joyn arise, 



And join the songs aboTe the sky, 
WKere pleasure never dies. 

2 Jesus, the God that fonghl and bled, 

And couquer'd when he fell. 

That rose, and at his chariot wheels 

Dragg'd all the jwwers of hell.] 

3 [Jesus the God invites us here 

To this triumphal feast, 
And bnogs immortal blessings down 
For each redeemed guest.] 

4 The Lord ! how glorious is his face ! 

How kind his smiles appear ! 
And O. what melting words he says 
To every humble ear! 

5 ' For you, the children of my love, i 

' It was for you I died, 
' Behold my hands, behold my feet, 
' And look into my side, 

6 ' These are the wounds for you I bore, 

' The toketi-s of my pains, 
' When I came down to free your soob 

'Frnm misprv anrl rhninR -_2_ 


SUPPER. 429 

IS Wegive thee, Lord, our highest {Nraiae, 
The tribute of our tongues; 
But themes so infinite as these 
Exceed our noblest songs. 

R eCil Hymn 29. B. 8. L. M. 

^-*v4« n< Cftmpfmim of a d^M^r Cknti^ 

^ I^UR Spirits join t' adore the Lamb ; 
vr O that our feeble lips could move 
In strains immortal as his name, 
And melting as his djring love. 

% Was ever equal pity found? 
The Prince of heaven resigns his breath, 
And pours his life out on the ground 
To ransom guilty worms from death* 

3 [Rebels, we broke our Maker's laws; 
He from the threatening set us free, 
Bore the full vengeance on his cross, 
And nail'd the curses to the tree.] 

4 The law proclaims no terror now, 
And Sink's thunder roars no more; 
From all his wounds new blessings flow, 
A sea of joy without a shore. 

6 Here we have wash'd our deepest stains, 
And heal'd our wounds with heavenly blood; 
Blest fountain! springing from the veins 
Of Jesus our incarnate Grod.] 

6 In vain our mortal voices strive 
To speak compassion so divine ; 
Had we a thousand lives to five. 
A thousand lives should all be thine. 

tW^ Hymn 93. B. 3. C. M. 

OtKf* _Orate and Glory by the Death of Chut. 

1 [FITTING around our Father's board 

O We raise our tuneful breath ; 
Our faith beholds our dying Lord, 
And dooms our sins to death.] 

2 We see the blood of Jesus shed. 

Whence all our pcurdons rise; 
The sinner views me atonement made, 
And loves the sacrifice. 

3 Thy cruel thorns, thy shameful ctosa, 

Frocure us be&vemy crowns ; 
Our bifbest gain springs from tliy \o»^ 
Our beahng from thy wounda. 



4 O 'tis impossible that we. 

Who dwell in feeble clay, ■ 

Should equal sufferings bear for thee^ ■ 
Or equal thanks repay. 

CC/; Hjmn 24. B. 3. C. M. 

O JO . Pardon and Strength from CkriH. 

1 "|7ATHER, we wait to feel thy gracBf' 
X To see thy glories shine; 
The Lord will his own table bless, 
And make the feast divine. 
3 We touch, we taste the heavenly bread*' 
We drink the sacred cup : 
With outward forms our sense is fed, ' 
Our souls rejoice in hope. 

3 We whall appear before the tlirone 

Of our foriJiviiig God- 
Drest in the uarments of his Son, 
And sprinkled with his blood. 

4 We shall be stron? to run the race. 

And clirnb the upper .sky; 
Christ will provide our souls with grace, 


SUPP£R. 4] 

Zeal and revenge perform their part, 

And rising sin &roy; 
Hepentance comes with aching heart. 

Yet not forbids the joy. 

Dear Saviour, change our faith to sight, 

Let sin for ever die : 
Then shall our souls be all delight, 

And every tear be dry. 


Hymn 66* B. 1. L« M* 
• Chriit the Eing at his Tahle^ Sol. SoDg« L 

19, 13. 17. 

LET him embrace my soul, and prove 
Mine interest in his heavenly love : 
The voice that tells me, Thou art minCj 
Exceeds the blessings of the vine. 

On thee th' anointing Spirit came, 
And spread the savour of thy name ; 
That oil of gladness and of grace 
Draws virgin-souls to meet thy face. 

Jesus, allure me by thy charms; 
My soul shall fly into thine arms : 
Our wandering feet thy favours bring 
To the fair chambers of the King. 

rWonder and pleasure tune our voice 
To speak thy praises, and our joys : 
Our memory keeps tnis love oi tnine 
Bfeyond the taste of richest wine.] 

Though in ourselves deform'd we are, 
And black as Kedar's tents appear. 
Yet when we put thy beauties on. 
Fair as the courts of Solomon. 

[While at his table sits the King, 

He loves to see us smile and sing; 

Our graces are our best perfume, 

And breathe like spikenard round the room.] 

As myrrh new bleeding from the tree, 

Such is a dviiig Christ to me : 
And while he makes my soul his gviesX^ 
My bosom, Lord, shall be thy test 

432 SOLOMON s 

8 [No beams of cedar or of fir 

Can with thy courts on earth compare; 
And here we wait until thy love 
Raise us to nobler seats above.] 

1 'I^HOU whom my soul admires above 

X. All earthly joy, and earthly love, 
Tell me, dear Shepherd, let rae know, 
"Where do thy sweetest pastures grow T 
'2 Where is the shadow of that rock, 
That from the sun defends thy flock? 
Fain would I feed among thy sheep. 
Among them rest, among them sleep. 

3 Why should thy bride appear hke one 
That turns aside to paths unknown? 
My constant feet would never rove, 
Would never seek another love. 

4 [The footsteps of thy flock I see ; 
Thy sweetest pastures here they be; 
A wondrous feast thv love 


SONG. 433 

He saw me faint, and o'er my head 
The banner of his love he spread. 

IVith living bread and generous wine 
He cheers this sinking heart of mine ; 
And opening his own neart to me, 
He shows his thoughts, how kind they be.] 

never let my Lord depart, 
Lie down and rest upon my heart; 

1 char^ my sins not once to move. 
Nor stir, nor wake, nor grieve my love. 

Hymn 69. B. 1. L. M. 

Ckritt appeanng to fda Churchy and HtJcmg ket 

Company^ Sol. Song, ii. 8 — 13. 

THE voice of my Beloved itounds 
Over the. rocks and rising grounds, 
O'er hills of guilt and seas of grief 
He leaps, he flies to my relief. 

Now through the veil of flesh I see 
With eyes of love he looks at me ; 
Now in the gospel's clearest glass 
He shows the beauties of his face. 

Gently he draws my heart along, 
Both with his beauties and his tongue : 

* Rise (saith my Lord) make haste away 

* No mortal joys are worth thy stay. 

* The Jewish wint'ry state is gone, 

* The mists are fled, the spring comes on, . 

* The sacred turtle-dove we hear 
' Proclaim the new, the joyful year. 

' Th' immortal vine of heavenly root 

* Blossoms and buds, and jrives her fruit;* 
Lo, we are come to taste the wine; 
Our souls rejoice and bless the vine. 

And when we hear our Jesus say, 

* Rise up, my love, make haste away !' 
Our hearts would fain out-fly the wind. 
And leave all earthly loves behind. 

^dO Hymn 70. B. 1. L. M. 

vO^« Chritt invitingy and the Church answaing tki 

Invitation, Sol. Song, ii. 14. 16, 17. 

1 [TTARK, the Redeemer from on high 
XI Sweetly invites his favourites nigh; 
From caves of darkness and of dovvhl, 
He gently speaks and calls xis^ oul. 


434 SOLOMON s 

2 ' My dove, who hidest in the rock. 

' Thine heart almost with sorrow broke, 
' Lift up thy face, foreet thy fear, 
' And let thy voice delight mine beu*: 

3 ' Thy voice to me sounds ever sweet; 
' My graces in thy countenance meet; 

' Though the vain world thy face despise, 
' 'Tis bright and comely in mine eyes.* 

4 Dear Lord, our thankful heart receives 
The hope thine invitation gives; 

To thee our joyful lips shall raise 

The voice oi prayer, and that of praise.] 

5 [I am my love's, and he is mine; 

Our hearts, our hopes, our passions join: 

Nor let a motion, nor a word, 

Nor thought arise to grieve my Lord. 

6 My soul to pastures fair he leads, 
Amongst the lilies where he feeds; 
Amongst the sainls (whose robes are whiter 
Wash'd in liis blood) is his delight. 

7 Till llie d:iy brrak, ami shadows fl 


SONG. 436 

[I bring him to my mother's home, 
Nor does my Lora refuse to come, 
To Sion's sacred chambers, where 
My soul first drew the vital air. 

He gives me there his bleedinff heart, ' 
Pierc'd for my sake with deadly smart; 
I give my som to him, and there 
Our loves their mutual tokens share.] 

I charge you all, ye earthly toys, 
Approach not to disturb my joys ; 
Nor sin nor hell come near my heart. 
Nor cause my Saviour to dei^. 

Hymn 73. B. 1. L. M. 

The Ccronation of Christy and Etpcumth ofUkt 

Ckureh^ Sol. Song, iii. 11. 

DAUGHTERS of Zion, come, behold 
The crown of honour and of gold, 
Which the glad church with joys unknown 
Plac'd on the head of Solomon. 

Jesus, thou everlasting King, 
Accept the tribute which we bring, 
Accept the well-deserv'd renown. 
And wear our praises as thy crown. 

Let every act of worship be 
Like our espousals, Lord, to thee ; 
Like the dear hour when from above 
We first received thy pledge of love. 

The gladness of that happy day, 
Our hearts would wish it long to stay, 
Nor let our faith forsake its hold, 
Nor comfort sink, nor love grow cold. 

let each minute, as it flies, 
Increase thy praise, improve our joys. 
Till we are rais'd to sing thy name 
At the great supper of the Lamb. 

that the months would roll away. 
And bring that coronation-day ! 
The Kdng of grace shall fill the throne 
With all nis Father's glories on. 


Hymn 73. B. 1. L. M 

The Church's Beauty in the Eyee of Chrut^ Sol. 

Song, iy. 1. 10, 11. 7, 8,9. 

1 TT IND is the speech of Christ our Lord, 
JDl Affection sounds in every wotdi 

436 SOLOMON s 

' Lo, thou art fair, my love,' he cries, i D 

' Not the young doves have sweeter eyes. • 

2 ' [Sweet are thy lips, thy pleasing voice 
' Salutes mine ear with secret joys, 

' No spice BO much delights the smell, 
' Nor milk nor honey taste so well.] 

3 'Thou art all fair, my bride, to me, 
' I will behold no spot in thee.' 
"What mighty wonders love performs, 
And puts a comeliness on worms ! 

4 Defil'd and loathsome as we are, 

He makes us white, and calls us fair; 
Adorns us with that heavenly dress, 
His graces, and his righteousness. 

5 ' My sister and my Kpouse,' he cries, 
'Bound to nvy heart uy various ties, 

' Thy powerfiil love my heart detains 
' In strong delight and pleasing chains.* 

6 He calls mc from the lcnp:ird's den. 
From this ui.ii ^■ -rl' .>rSi;;ists and men. 
To Sion win - ,i!-e; 

Not Lebaimii • . ir. 

SONG. 437 

[Let my Beloved come^ and taste 
His pleasant fruits at his own feast; 
'I come, my spouse, I come,' he cnes. 
With love andf pleasure in nis eyes. 

Our Lord into his ^rden comes, 
Well pleas'd to smell our poor perfumes. 
And calls us to a feast divine. 
Sweeter than honey, milk, or wine. 

' Eat of the tree of life, mv friends, 
'The hlessinffs that thy Father sends; 
' Your taste shall all my dainties prove, 
' And drink abundance of my love.' 

Jesus, we will frequent thy board, 
And sing the bounties of our Loid: 
But the rich food on which we live, 
Demands more praise than tongues can give.] 

Qij Hymn 75. B. 1. L. M. 

O I • Tkc Daeriptian of ChrUt the Behved^ Sol. Song, 

Y. 9, 10, 11, 12« 14, 15, 16. 

THE wondering world inquires to know 
Why I should love my Jesus so : 
* What are his charms,' say they, 'above 
*The objects of a mortal love?' 

Yes, my Beloved, to my siffht. 
Shows a sweet mixture, red and white : 
All human beauties, all divine 
In my Beloved meet and shine. 

White is his soul, from blemish free; 
Red with the blood he shed for me ; 
The fairest of ten thousand fairs : 
A sun amongst ten thousand stars. 

[His head the finest gold excels. 
There wisdom in perfection dwells; 
And glory, like a crown, adorns 
Those temples once beset with thorns. 

CJompassions in his heart are found. 
Hard by the signals of his wound ; 
His sacred side no more shall bear 
The cruel scourge, the piercing spear.] 

^ [His hands are fairer to behold 

Tba72 diamonds set in rings of gold; 
TTiose heavenly hands that on the tio^ 
Were nad'd, and torn, and bled fox me. 

2 o 2 

IS Solomon's 

7 Though once he Ijow'd his feeble knees, 
Loaded with sins and agonies, 

Now on the throne of his command 
His le^ like marble pillars stand.] 

8 [His eyes are majesty and love, 
The eagle temper'd with the dove: 
No more shall trickling sorrows roll 
Through those dear windows of his soul. 
His mouth, that pour'd out long complaints, 
Now smiles, and cheers his fainting saints: 
His countenance more i^raceful is 

Tlian Lebanon with all its trees.] 
All over glorious is my Lord, 
Must be belov'd, and yet ador'd; 
His worth if all the nations knew, 
Sure the whole earth would love him too. 

Ronrr, Ti. 1,2. 3. la. 

WHEN strangers stand and hear me tell 
What beauties in my Saviour dwell ; 
Where he is gone, they fain would know, 
That they may seek and love him too. 
My best-beloved keeps his throne 
On hills of light, in worlds imknow 


SONG. 439 

C^^Q Hjinn 77. B. 1. L. M. 

vOSf • lit Loot of Chritt to the Churchy in his Language <b heiF^ 
and PrenMonafor her^ Sol. Song, vii. 5, 6. 9. IS, 18. 

OW in the galleries of his grace 
Appears the King, and thus he says, 

* How faur my saints are in my sight! 

* My love how pleasant for delight!' 

2 Kind is thy language, Sovereign Lord, 
There's heavenly grace in every word: 
From that dear mouth a stream divine 
Flows sweeter than the choicest wine. 

3 Such wondrous love awakes the lip 
Of saints that were almost asleep, 
To speak the praises of thy name, 
And makes our cold affections flame. 

4 These are the joys he lets us know 
In fields and villages below, 
Gives us a relish of his love, 

But keeps his noblest feast above. 

6 In paradise within the gates 
A higher entertainment waits ; 
JPruits new and old laid up in store, 
Where we shall feed, but thirst no more. 

nVi\ Hymn 78. B. 1. L. M. 

OilJm The Strength of ChriaVa Love^ Sol. Song, TliL 

5, 6, 7. 13, 14. 

1 [XMTHO is this fair one in distress, 

V V That travels from the wilderness? 
And press'd with sorrows and with sins, 
On her beloved Lord she leans. 

2 This is the spouse of Christ our God. 
Bought with the treasure of his blood; 
And ner request and her complaint 

Is but the voice of every saint.] 

3 * let my name engraven stand. 

* Both on thy heart, and on thy hand : 

* Seal me upon thine arm ; and wear 

* That pledge of love for ever there. 

4 * Stronger than death thy love is known, 

' Which floods of wrath could never drown; 

* And hell and earth in vain cotnb\xv^ 
' To quench a fire so much divine. 


5 ' But I am jealous of my heart, 

' Lest it should once from thee depart; 
' Then let thy name be well imprest 
'As a fair signet on my breast. 

6 ' Till thou hast brought me to thy home, 

' Where fears and doubts can never come, 
' Thy countenance let me often see, 
' And often thou shalt hear from me. 

7 ' Come, my Beloved, haste away, 

' Cut short the hours of thy delay, 
' Fly, like a youthful hart or roe, 
' Over the huls where spices grow.' 



KW-i Hymn 79. B. 1. L. M. 

iJ i ItA Morning Hymn, Psalm iJ*. 5. 8 ; and IxxJii. 94, f 

1 I^OD of Ihe morning, at whose voice 

^ The cheerful suii makes haste to r" 


Pi^O Hymn G. B. 2. C. M. 

tf I ^^^ A Morning Song, 

1 I^NCE more, my soul, the rising day 
" Salutes thy waking eyes, 
Once more, my voice, thy tribute pay 
To Him that rules the skies. 

3 Night unto night his name repeats, 
The day renews the sound, 
Wide as the heaven on which he sits 
To turn the seasons round. 

^ *Tis he supports my mortal frame. 
My tongue shall speak his praise : 
Kf y sins would rouse his wrath to name. 
And yet his wrath delays. 

COn a poor worm thy i)ower might tread, 

And I could ne'er withstand: 
Thy justice might have crush'd me dead, 

But mercy held thine hand. 

-A. thousand wretched souls are fled 

Since the last setting sun, 
A.nd yet thou length'nest out my thread, 

And yet my moments run.] 

X)«tr God, let all my hours be thine 

Whilst I enjoy the light. 
Then shall my sun in smiles decline, 

And bring a pleasant night. 

^•^O Psalm 3. ver. 1 — 5. 8. L. M. 

Ji Morning Psalm, 

LORD, how many are my foes. 
In this weak state of flesh and blood ! 

My iieace they daily discompose. 
But my defence and hope is God. 

Tir'd with the burdens of the day, 

To thee I rais'd an evening cry : 

Thou heard'st when I began to pray, J 

And thine almighty help was nigh. 

Supported by thine heavenly aid, 
3 laid me down, and slept secure ; 
Kot death should make my heart afraid, 
Though I should wake and rise no more. 

3ut God sustain'd me all the night; 
Salvation doth to Gtxl belong: 
He rais'd my head to see the lig[ht, 
^nd makes nis praise my morning song. 


7 J Hymn 81. B. 1. L. M. 

t't* J SmgfoT Morning or Evening, Lam. Ul. 83. 

MY God, how endless is thy love! ^ ' 
Thy gifts are every evening new, 
And morning mercies from above 
Gently distil like early dew. 
Thou spreatl'st the curtains of the night, 
Great guardian of my sleeping hours; 
Thy sov'reign word restores the Ughl^ 
And quickens all my drowsy powers. 
I yield my powers to thy command, 
To thee 1 consecrate my days; 
Perpetual blessings from thine hand 
Demand perpetual songs of praise, 

Jt^ Psalm 141. ver. 3—5. L. M. 

1 Oi WaUhfiilnm and brotherly Reproof. 

A Morning or Evening Psaim. 

MY God, accept my early vow5,_ 
Like morning incense in thine house. 
And !et mv nightly worship rise 
Swc-ct as tlie evening sacrince. 


^ The ereninff rests our weary head. 
And angels guard the room; 
We wake, and we admire the bed 
That was not made our tomb. 

4 The rismg morning can't assure 

That we shall end the day, 
For death stands ready at the door 
To snatch our lives away- 

5 Our breath is forfeited by sin 

To God's revenging law ; 
We own thy grace, Immortal King, 
Li every gasp we draw. 

6 Grod is our sun, whose daily light . 

Our joy and safety brings : 
Our feeble flesh lies safe at night 
Beneath his shady wings. 

r^^ Hymn 80. B. 1. L. M. 

S3 m §• An Evening Hymn, 

pMJm ir. 8 ; and iii. 5, 6 ; and exliii. 8. 

1 nn^HUS far the Lord has led me on, 

X Thus far his power prolongs my days; 
And every evening shall make known 
Some fresh memorial of his grace. 

2 Much of my time has run to waste, 
And I perhaps am near my home; 
But he forgives my follies past, 

He gives me strength for days to come. 

3 I lay my body down to sleep, 
Peace is the pillow for my head. 
While well-apoointed angels keep 
Their watchful stations round my bed, 

4 In vain the sons of earth or hell 
Tell me a thousand frightful thinss, 
My Grod in safety makes me dwell 
Beneath the shadow of his wings. 

5 [Faith in his name forbids my fear : 
O may thy presence ne'er depart! 
And m the mormng make me hear 
The love and kindness of thy heart 

6 Thus when the night of death shall come, 
My flesh shall rest beneath the ground, 
And wait thy voice to rouse my tombi 
With sweet saJvation in the sound.^ 


K>JQ Hymn 7. B. 9. C. M. 

i Oa -Jn Evening Sang. 

1 THREAD Sov' reign, let my evening sonj 
A* Like holy incense rise! 
Assist the offering of my tongue 

To reach the lofty skies. 
a [Through all the dangers of the day 
Thy hand was still my guard, 
And still to dri\'e my wante away 
Thy mercy stood prepar'd.] 

3 Perpetual blessings from above 

Lncompass rae around. 
But, oh ! how few returns of love 
Hath my Creator found. 

4 "What have I done for him that died 

To save my wretched soul! 
How are my follies multiplied, 
Fast as my minutes roll ! 

5 Lord, with this guilty heart of mine 

To ihv dear cross I flee, 
And to tliy graco my soul resign 


■^or| Ptilm 139. ver. 14. 17, 18. 3d Part. C. M. 
t-^Ovf« The Mercies of God innumerable. 

An Evening Psalm. 

t T ORD, when I count thy mercies o*er, 
Jl J They strike me with surprise ; 
Not all the sands that spread tne shore 
To equal numbers rise! 

^ Myflesh with fear and wonder stands, 
The product of thy skill, 
And hourly blessinss from thy hands 
Thy thoughts of love reveal. 


^ These on mv heart by night I keep; 
How kino, how dear to me ! 
O may the hour that ends my sleep 
StiU find my thoughts with thee. 

Ptalm 63. Ter. 6—10. Sd Part. C. M. 
> Midnigki ThougkU recoUedtd. 

-^^WAS in the watches of the 

JL I thought upon thy nower, 
X kept thy lovely face in sight 

Amidst the darkest hour. 

^y flesh lay resting on my bed, 

Af y soul arose on high ; 
* My God, my life, my hope,' I said, 

'Bring thy salvation nigh.' 

^y spirit labours up thine hill, 

And climbs the heavenly road ; 
3ut thy rUht hand upholcis me still, 

While rpursue my God. 

Thy mercy stretches o'er my head 

'The shadow of thy wings ; 
My heart rejoices in thine aid, 

Af y tongue awakes and sings. 

4S But the destroyers of my peace 
ShaJl fret and rajofe in vain; 
The temoter shall lor ever cease, 
And all my sins be slain. 

6 Thr sword shall give my foes to death, 

And send them down to dwell 

In the dark caverns ^ the earthy 

Or to the depths of hell. 


TUtES A>ri 


1 |~i OOD is tbeL«d. Ute faeavenlr Kia^ 
v7 Who makes the earth his care. 

Visit* the pestnres every spring, 

And bids the gT3sa appear. 

S The clouds, like rivers rais'd on hi^i. 

Pour ont, at thy command. 

Their watery blessings from the sky. 

To cheer the thirsty land. 

3 The soften'd ridges of the fieW 

Permit the com to spnng; 

The valleys nch pro\Tsion yield, 

And the poor labourers sing. 

4 The little hills on every side 

Rejoice at falling showers; 
The meadows, drest in all their 
Perfume the air with flowers. 

5 The barren clods, refreshed with rain. 
Promise a joyful crop 



^ Those wandering cisterns in the slgr, 
Borne by the winds around, 
With watery treasures well supply 
The furrows of the ground. 

^ The thirsty ridges drink their fill, 
And ranks of corn appear ; 
Thy ways abound with blessings still, 
Thy goodness crowns the year. 

^Q J Psalm 147. 3d Part. L. M. 

Jo4t« Summer and Winter, 

L X ET Zion praise the mighty God, 
JLi And make his honours known 
* For sweet the joy, our songs to raise, 
' And glorious is the work of praise.' 

2 Our children are secure and blest; 
Our shores have peace, our cities rest; 
He feeds our sons with finest wheat. 
And adds his blessings to their meat 

3 The changing seasons he ordains. 
The early and the latter rains : 
His flakes of snow like wool he sends, 
And thus the springing com defends. 

4 With hoary frost he strews the ground: 
His hail descends with clattering sound : 
Where is the man so vainly bold. 
That dares defy this dreadful cold ? 

6 He bids the southern breezes blow. 
The ice dissolves, the waters flow : 
But he hath nobler works and ways 
To call his people to his praise. 

6 Through all our land his laws are shown, 
His gospel through the nation known; 
He hath not thus revcal'd his word 
To every land : Praise ye the Lord. 

KQK P*^™ 147. 7—9. 13—18. C. M. 

%309m The Seaaoru of the Year. • 

1 XKTITH songs and honours sounding loud 

▼ ▼ Address the Lord on high: 
Over the heavens he spreads his cloud, 
And waters veil the sky. 

2 He sends his showers of blessings down 

To cheer the plains below ; 
He makes the grass the mountains cxcmtL^ 
And com in valleys grow. 


3 He gives the grazing ox his meat, 

He hears the ravens cry; 
But man, who tastes his finest wheat. 
Should raise his honours high. 

4 His steady counsels change the face 

Of the declining year; 
He hids the sun cut short his race, 
And wintery days appear. 
6 His hoary frost, his fleecy snow 
Descend and clothe the ground; 
The liquid streams forbear to flow, 
In icy fetters bound. 

6 When from his dreadful stores on high 

He pours the rattling hail, 
The -wtclch tht\t dares this God defy 
Shall find his courage fail. 

7 He sends his word and melts the snov, 

The fields no longer mourn ; 
He calls the warmer gales to blow, 
And bids the spring return. 


5 The Lord sits sovereign o'er the flood. 
The Thunderer reigns for ever Idng^ 
But makes his church his blest abrae, 
Where we his awfal glories sing. 

6 In gentler languas[e there the Lord 
The counsels of ms grace imparts; 
Amidst the raging storm his word 
Speaks peace and courage to our hearts. 

fCQT Hymn 69. B. 9. C. M. 

OOim Qodike 7%imd(trir, or. Ma fart Jwfgmmti^ 


1 CilNG to the Lord, ye heavenly hosts, 
O And thou. O earth, adore, 

Let death and nell through all their coasts 
Stand trembling at his power. 

2 His sounding chariot shakes the sky, 

He makes the clouds his throne, 
There all his stores of lightning lie, 
Till vengeance darts tnem down. 

3 His nostrils breathe out fiery streams. 

And from his awful tongue 
A sovereign voice divides the flames, 
And thunder roars along. 

4 Think, O my soul, the dreadful day 

When this incensed God 
Shall rend the sky, and burn the sea, 
And fling his wrath abroad. 

5 What shall the wretch, the sinner do? 

He once defied the Lord, 
But he shall dread the Thunderer now, 
And sink ]beneath his word. 

6 Tempests of angrv fire shall rdl 

To blast the rebel-worm. 
And beat upon his naked soxd 
In one eternal storm. 


RQQ ^ ^* ^' 1» ^* Parmphrased. Ist Put. L. M. 
€fOO« The Himatma of the CkUdrm, 

1 ALMIGHTY Ruler of the sldea, 
Jm Through the wide earth tYiy tkMDAS&vspRM 
And thine eternal glories rise, 
Oerallihe Aea vans thy hands ^^ 

460 yOUTH AND 

2 To thee the voices of the young 
A monument of honour raise- 

And babes, with uninstructea tongue. 
Declare the wonders of thy praise. 

3 Thy power assists their tender age 
To bring proud rebels to the grouodt 

To still the bold blasphemer's rage, , ' 

And all their policies confound. 

4 Children amidst thy temple throng , .-, 
To see their great Redeemer's face; 

The son of David is their song. 
And young hosannas fill the place. 

5 The frowning scribes and angry priests 
In vain their impious cavils bring; 
Revenge sits silent in their breasts. 
While Jewish babes proclaim their king. 

CQO ^^li" 34. vpr. 11—22. '2d Part. L. M. 

00»7« ReVg^oui Education,- or, of Piety. 

1 |"i HILDREN,in years and knowledge you*^ 
\J Your parents' hope, your parents' joy 
Attend the counsels of my tongue, 
Let pious thoughts your minds employ. 

OLD AGE. 461 

roart from mischief, practise love, 
Pursue the works oi peace ; 
I shall the Lord your ways approve, 
And set your souls at ease. 

is eyes awake to guard the just, 
His ears attend their cry ; 
'hen broken spirits dwell in dust 
The God of grrace is nigh. 

liat though the sorrows here they taste 
Are sharp and tedious too, 
lie Lord, who saves them all at last, 
Is their supporter now. 

vil shall smite the wicked dead ; 
But Grod secures his own, 
"events the mischief when they dide. 
Or heals the broken bone. 

lien desolation like a flood 
O'er the proud sinnei" rolls, 
lints find a refuge in their God, 
For he redeemed their souls. 

I Hymn 33. B. 1. 2d Part. L. M. 

• A hopeful Youth falling short of Heaven^ Mark x» 81* 

^UST all the charms of nature then 
IJL So hopeless to salvation prove ? 
m hell demand, can heaven condemn 
lie man whom Jesus deigns to love? 

lie man who sought the ways of truth, 
ud friends and neighbours all their due^ 
L modest, sober, lovelv youth,) 
ad thought he wantea nothing now. 

at mark the change ! thus spake the Lord, 
5ome part with earth for heaven to-day ;' 
lie youth, astonished at the word, 
. silent sadness went his way. 

x>r virtues that he boasted so, 
liis test unable to endure ; 
3t Christ, and grace, and glory go 
3 make his land ana money sure ! 

li, foolish choice of treasures here! 
bif fatal love of tempting gold ! 
ost this base world be bouffht so dear? 
re life and heaven so cheaply soA^ '^ 


6 In vain the charms of nature shine, 

If this vile passion govern me; 

Transform my soul, O love divine! 

And make me part with all for thee. 

KAO Hymn 91. B. 1. L. M. 

*JU£im Mvia ta Youth, Eccl. xii. 1. 7. Ibb. Ixr. Mu 

1 "VTOW in the heat of youthful blood 
J.^ Remember your Creator God, 

Behold, the months come hastening on, 
When you shall say, My joys are gone. 

2 Behold, the aged sinner goes, 
Laden with guilt and heavy woes, 
Down to the regions of the dead. 
With endless curses on his head, 

3 The dust returns to dust again, 
The soul in agonies of pain 
Ascends to God, not there 1o dwell, 
But hears her doom, and sinks to hell. 

4 Eternal King, I fear ihy name, 
Teach me to know how frail I am ; 
And when my soul must hence remove, 
Give me a mansion in thv love. 

OLD AGE. 46 

Hymn 90. B. 1. C. M. 

The tame, 

LO, the young tribes of Adam rise, 
And through all nature rovey 
Fulfil the wishes of their eyes, 
And taste the joys they love. 

They give a loose to wild desireSi 

But let the sinners know 
The strict account that God requiiw 

Of all the works they do. 

The Jud^e prejpares his throne on high, 

The fnghted earth and seas 
Avoid the fury of his eye, 

And flee before his face. 

How shall I bear that dreadful day, 

And stand the fiery test? 
X give all mortal jovs away 

To be for ever blest. 

PMlm 90. T. S. 11. 9, 10. IS. 8d Part 0. M. 
Injlrmities and Mortality the Egui of Sin. 

^ ORD, if thine eyes survey our fitults, 
JLi And iustice grow severe, 
*rhv dreadful wrath exceeds our thoughts, 
And bums beyond our fear. 

*rhine anger turns our frame to dust; 

By one offence to thee ; 
Adam with all his sons have lost 

Their immortality. 

Life like a vain amusement flies, 

A fable or a song ; 
By swift degrees our nature dies, 

Nor can our joys be long. 

'Tis but a few whose days amount 

To threescore vears and ten ; 
And all beyond that short account 

Is sorrow, toil, and pain. 

[Our vitals with laborious strife 

Bear up the crazy load. 
And drag those poor remains of life 

Along the tiresome road.] 

^ Almighty God, reveal thy love, 
And not thy wrath alone ; 
O let our sweet experience prove 
The mercies of thy throne \ 

454 VOUTH, &c. 

7 Our souls would learn the heavenly art || 

T' improve the hours we have, 
That we may act the wiser part, 

And hve beyond the grave, 

Kftfi Psalm 71. ver. 6—9. Ist Pari. C. M. 

9(7D. Tkt ogtd SaiiU't ReflttHm and Hop€. 

1 1%#Y God, ray everlastinc hope, 
J-»X I live upon thy truth; 

Thine hands have held my childhood iqit 
And strengthen'd all my youth. 

2 My flesh was fashion'd by thy power, 

With all these limbs of mine ■ 
And from my mother's painful hour 
I've been entirely thine. 

3 Still has my life new wonders seen'- | * 

Reiieated every year; ' 

Behold my days that yet remain, 
I trust them to thy cnre. 

4 Cast me not off when strength decUna^ 

When hoary hairs arise; 
And round me let thy glory shine 
Whene'er thy servant dies. 

5 Then in the history of my age, 

FAST DAYS. 4fi6 


'hy righteousness is deep and high. 

Unsearchable thy deeds ; 
liv glory spreads beyond the sky, 

And bU. my praise exceeds. 

ft have I heard thy threatenings roar. 
And oft endur'd the grief, 
ut when thy hand has prest me sore, ' 
Thy grace was my reUef. 

7 long experience have I known 

Thy sovereign newer to save; 
t thy command I venture down 

Securely to the grave. 

iThen I lie buried in the dust, 

My flesh shall be thy care : 
liese withering limbs with thee I trust 

To raise them strong and fair. 



Psalm 10. C. M. 
Prayer heard, and Sainte eaved. 

CITH Y doth the Lord stand off so far, 
TV And why conceal his face: 
(Then great calamities appear, 
And times of deep distress? 

fOrd, shall the wicked still deride 

Thy justice and thy power? 
ihall they advance their heads in pride, 

And still thy saints devour? 

liey put thy judgments from their sight, 

And then insult the poor; 
'hey boast in their exalted height 

That they shall fall no more. 

jrise, O God, lift up thine hand. 

Attend our humble cry ; 
fo enemy shall dare to stand 

When God ascends on high. 


Vbj do the men of malice rage, 
And 8^ with foolish pride, 
Tbe God of heaven wifl ne'er engam 
'To£gbton Zion's side? 



But thou for ever art our Lord; 

And powerful is thine hand, 
As when the heathens felt thy sword, 

And perish'd from thy land. 
Thou wilt prepare our hearts to pray 

And cause thine ear to hear; 
Hearken to what thy children say, 

And put the world in fear. 
1 Proud tyrants shall no more oppress, 

No more despise the just; 
And mighty sinners shall confess 

They are but earth and dust. 

;Qq PflaliB 19. C. M- 

rt7«7« Complaint of a general Corruption of Mannttt. 

HELP, Lord, for men of virtue fail, 
Religion loses ground; 
The sons of violence prevail, 

And treacheries abound. 
Their oaths and promises they break, 

Yet act the flatterer's part; 
With fair deceitful lips they speak. 

And with a double heart. 
If we reprove some liatefnl lie, 

How is their fury stirr'd ? 
' Are not our lips our own,' they cry, 

' And who shall be our Lord V 


8 Thr wonL like ailyer seven times tried, 
Throiigh ages shall endure ; 
The men that in thy truth confide 
Shall find the promise sure. 

^{Afi Pmlm 19. L. M. 

^'W* T%e Smmfg Safa^ mul Mope m mrilTiam* 

1 T OHD, if thou dost not soon appear, 
JLi Virtue and truth will flee away ; 
Ji faithful man amongst us here 
^iU scarce be found, if thou delay. 

3 The whole discourse when neighboun met^ 
Is fill'd with trifles loose and vain; 
Their lips are flattery and deceit 
And their proud language is profane. 

3 Sut lips, that with deceit abound, 
Shall not maintain their triumph lonff ; 
The God of vengeance will confoundT 
The flattering and blaspheming tongue. 

* * Yet shall our words be free,' they cry; 

* Our tODj9[ues shall be controU'd by none • 

* Where is the Lord will ask us why ? 

* Or say, our lips are not our own?* 

^ The Lord, who sees the poor opprest, 
And hears th' oppressor's haughty strain, 
Will rise to give nis children rest, 
Nor shall they trust his word in vain. 

* Thj word, O Lord, though often tried. 
Void of deceit shall still appear ; 
Not silver, seven times purified 
From dross and mixture, shines so clear. 

7 Thy grace shall in the darkest hqur 
Defend the holy soul from harm ; 
Though when the vilest men have power 
On every side will sinners swarm. 

/»|\-| Psdiii 60. Ter. 1 — 5. 10 — 13. C. M. 

Ovr JL • HumUiiaiion for DUappoitUmenU in W»» 

1 T ORD, hast thou cast the nation oflf? 
JLi Must we for ever mourn? 

Wilt thou indulge immortal wrath ? 
Shall mercy ne'er return? 

2 The terror of one frown of thine 

Malte all our strength away \ 
Like men that totter, drunk witYi wVnie, 
fVe tremble in dismay 


458 I'AST DVYS, 

3 Our country shakes beneath thy stroke, 
And dreEids thy threatening hand; 
heal the people Ihou hast broke 1/ 

Confirm the wavering land. ^^ 

A Lift up a banner in the field, ^ 

For those that fear thv name ■ 
Save thy beloved with thy shield, 
And put our foes to shame. 

5 Go with our armies to the fight, 

Like a confederate God; 
In vain confederate powers unite 
Against thy lifted rod. 

6 Our troops shall ^m a wide renown, 

By thine assisting hand ; 
'Tis God that treads the mighty down, 
And makes the feeble stand. 

CAO Psalm 30, L. M. 

\t\}^, F->r a Dai/ of Prayer in line of War. 

1 1^rOW mav tlie God of power and grace 

-i-^ Attend his people's humble cry ! 
Jehovah hears, when Israel prays, 
And brings deliverance from on high. 
1 The name of Jacob's God defends 


Till thy salvation shall appear, 
A.nd joy and triumph raise the song. 

^^Q Hymn 30. B. 1. L. M. 

^^i3m Prtn/erfor DtUveranee answered^ 1m« xx?L 

8^12. 20, 31. 

IN thine own wa^j^s, O God of love, 
We wait the visits of thy grace, 
Our souls' desire is to thy name, 
And the remembrance oi thy face. 

My thoughts are searching, Lord, for thee, 
'Mongst the black shades of lonesome night; 
My earnest cries salute the skies, 
Before the dawn restores the light. 

Look, how rebellious men deride 
The tender patience of my God ; 
But thev shall see thy lifted hand 
And feel the scourges of thy rod. 

e^ Hark, the Eternal rends the sky, 
A mighty voice before him goes, 
A voice of music to his friends. 
But threatening thunder to his foes. 

^ Come, children, to your father's amiiy 
Hide in the chambers of my grace, ^ 

Till the fierce storms be overblown. 
And my revenging fury cease. 

^ My sword shall boast its thousands dain. 
And drink the blood of haughty kings. 
While heavenly jieace around my flock 
Stretches its soft and shady wings. 

DfkA Ujmn 1. B. 3. L. IL 

OV^« J Stmg ofPrmte to God. 

1 ^"I^ATTJRE, with all her powers, shall sing, 
JL^ God the Creator and the King; 

Nor air. nor earth, nor skies, nor seas. 
Deny the tribute of their praise. 

2 [Begin to make his glories known. 
Ye seraphs that sit near his throne; 

Tone your harps high^ and spread the sound 
To the oreation's utmost bound. 

3 All mortal things of meaner frame. 

Exert year finrce, and own his naoie; ^ 

Whilst with our soak and with oar Toiet 'fl 
We sng his honours and otir jors.] fl 



4 [To him be sacred all we have, 
From the young cradle to the grave: 
Our lips shall his loud wonders tell, 
And every word a miracle,] 

5 [This western clime, our native land, 
Lies safe in the Almighty's hand: 
Our foes of victory dream in vain, 
And wear the captivating chain.^ 

6 Raise monumental praises high 

To him that thunders through the sky, 
And with an awful nod or frown, 
Shakes an aspiring tyrant down. 

7 [Pillars of lasting brass proclaim 
The triumphs ot th' Eternal Name: 
While trembling nations read from far 
The honours of the God of war.] 

8 Thus let our flaming zeal employ 

Our loftiest thoughts and loudest songs; 
Let there be sung, with warmest joy 
Hosanna from ten thousand tongues. 

9 Yet, mighty God, our feeble frame 
Attempts in vain to reach Ihy name; 


^ [Amidst our States exalted high, 
Do thou our glory stand, 
And like a wall of guardian fire 
Surround the favoured land.] 

3 When shall thy name, from shore to shoTOy 
Sound all the earth abroad, 
And distant nations know and love 
Their Saviour and their God? 

A Sin^ to the Lord, ye distant lands, 
Smg loud with solemn voice ; 
Let every tongue exalt his praise 
And every heart rejoice. 

£ He, the great Lord, the sovereign Judge, 
That sits enthroned above. 
Wisely commands the worlds he made 
In justice and in love. 

6 Earth shall obey her Maker's will, 

And yield a full increase ; 
Our Gdii will crown his chosen land 
With fruitfulness and peace. 

7 God the Redeemer scatters round 

His choicest favours here, 
While the creation's utmost bound 
Shall see, adore, and fear. 

AtV7 Psalm 107. Last Part. L. M. 

Ovr I • Colonza planted ; or, Natioru blest andpunUhtd* 

A Psalm for New England. 

1 XIlTHEN God, provok'd with daring crimes 

▼ T Scourges the madness of the times, 
He turns their fields to barren sand, 
And dries the rivers from the land. 

2 His word can niiso the springs again, 
And make the wither'd mountains green. 
Send showery blessings from the skies, 
And harvests in the desert rise. 

3 [Where nothing dwelt but beasts of prey, 
Or men as fierce and wild as thesr ; 

He bids th' opprest and poor repair, 
And builds them towns and cities there. 

4 They sow the fields, and trees they plant. 
Whose yearly fruit supplies their want: 
Their race grows up from fruitful «toc»\u^ 
Their weaJti increases with lYieVc ^!Loc3i&&. 

2 a - 



6 Thus they are blest ; but if they siii, 
He lets the heathen nations in, 
A savage crew invades their lands, 
Their rulers die by barbarous hands* 

6 Their captive sons, expos'd to scorn, 
Wander unpitied and ibrlorn; 

The country lies unfenc'd, untill'd, 
And desolation spreads the field. 

7 Yet if the humbled nation mourns, 
Again his dreadful hand he turns; 
Again he makes the cities thrive, 
And bids the dying churches live.] 

8 The righteous, with a joyful sense, 
Admire the works of Providence; 
And tongues of atheists shall no more 
Blaspheme the God that saints adore. 

9 How few, with pious care, record 
These wondrous dealings of the Lord! 
But wise observers still shall find 
TVif Lord is holy, jtisl, and kind. 


teQ PMlm 18. Itt Part 0. M. 

WE love thee, Lord, and we adort» 
Now is thine arm reveal'd ; 
Thou art our strength, our heavenly towers 
Our bulwark and our shield. 

We fly to our eternal rock, 

And find a sure defence ; 
His holy name our lips invoke, 

And draw salvation thence. 

When God, our leader, shines in arms. 

What mortal heart can bear 
The thunder of his loud alarms? 

The lightning of his spear? 

He rides upon the winged wind, 

And angels in array 
In millions wait to know his mind* 

And swift as flames obey. 

He speaks, and at his fierce rebuke 

Whole armies are dismay 'd; 
His voice, his frown, his anffry look, 

Strikes all their courage dead. 

He forms our ^[enerals for the field, 

With all their dreadful skill ; 
Gives them his awful sword to veield 

And makes their hearts of steel. 

[He arms our captains to the fight, 
Though there his name's forgot : 

He girded Cyrus with his might, 
Bat Cyrus knew him not. 

Oft has the Lord whole nations blest 

For his own church's sake : 
The powers that give his people rest 

Shall of his care partake.] 

1 fi Psalm 18. 8d Part. C. M. 

JL vr« The Conqueror* 9 Song, 

TO thine almighty arm we owe 
The triumphs of the day ; 
Thv terrors. Lord, confound the foe, 
And melt their strength away. 

'Tis by thine aid our troops prevail^ 

And break united powers, 
Or bam their boasted fleets, ot «C8]ba 
The proudest of their towen. 


3 How have we chas'd them through the fields 

And trod them to the ground, 
While ihy salvation was our shield, 
But they no shelter found! 

4 In vain to idol-saints they cry, 

And perish in their blood ; 
Where is a rock so great, so high, 
So powerful as our God? 

5 The rock of Israel ever lives, 

His name be ever blest; 
'Tis his own arm the victory gives, 
And gives his people rest. 

/;i 1 PBaim 124. L. M. 

Oil* A Song Jit public DtUvmmee, 

1 TTAD not the Lord, may Israel say, 
Xl Had not the Lord niaintain'd our 
When men, to make our lives a prey, 
Rose like the swelling of the tide; 

3 The swelling tide had stopt our breath, 
So fiercely aid the waters roll, 
We had been swallow'd deep in death; 
Proud waters had o'erwhelm'd our soul. 

3 We leap for iov. we shout and 


Hmt power the whole creation raleti 

And on the starry skies 
Sits smiling at the weak designs 

Thine envious foes devise. 

Thy scorn derides their feeble rage. 

And, with an awful frown 
Flings vast confusion on their plots. 

And shakes their Babel down. 

[Their secret fires in caverns lay, 

And we the sacrifice : 
But gloomy caverns strove in vain 

To 'scape all-searching eyes. 

llieir dark designs were all reveal'd, 

Their treasons all betray'd : 
Praise to the God that broke the snare 

Their cursed hands had laid.] 

In vain the busy sons of hell, 

Still new rebellions try. 
Their souls shall pine with envious raga^ 

And vex away and die. 

Almighty grace defends our land 

From their malicious power; 
Then let us with united songs 

Almighty grace adore. 

IQ Pmlml16. 10*t. 

a 0« Popiih Idolatry r epro9i d * 

NOT to our names, thou only just and true, 
Not to our worthless names is glory due : 
Thy power and grace, thy truth and justice 

Immortal honours to thy sovereign name : 
Shine through the earth from heaven, thy blest 

Nor let the heathens say. And whereas yowr God? 

Heaven is thine higher court; there stands thy 

And through the lower worlds thy veill is done; 
Our God fram'd all this earth, these heavens 

he spread. 
But fools adore the gods their hands have made : 
The kneeling crowd, with looks devout, behold 
Their silver-saviours, and their s^nXa ol ^^« 
n^ are those artful shapes of eyeH %xA ewsi^ 
rhe molten image neither seea liox \i«ax%\ 


/* -a >2 Psalm 101. L. M. 

DID* The MagiitnUi'l Piali 

1 jl/JERCY and judgment arc my song; 
ItI. And since they both to thee beloog* 
My eracious God, my righteous King, 

To tnee ray songs and vows I bring. g 

2 If I ara rais'd to bear the sword, 
I'll take my counsels from thy word; 
Thy justice and thy heavenly grace 
Shall be the pattern of my ways. 

3 Let wisdom all my actions guide, 
And let my God with me reside: 
No wicked thing shall dwell with me, 
"Which may provoke thy jealousy. 

4 No sons of slander, rage, and strife, 
Shall be companions of my life; 
The haughty look, the heart of pride, 
Within my doors shall ne'er abide. 

5 [I'll search the land, and raise the just 
To posts of honour, wealth, and trust: 
The men that work thy holy will 
Shall be my friends and favourites still.] 

MAOisnucT. 469 

j0t hau^ty stanen smk their pride» 
for lift ra nigh their scornful head ; 
)at hij their foolish thoughts asidet. 
Lnd own the empire God tiath maae. 

}uoh honours never come by chance, 
■for do the winds promotion blow ; 
ria God the judge doth one advance, 
lis God that lays another low. 

9o Tain pretence to royal birth 
(hall fix a tyrant on the throne : 
rod. the great sovereign of the earth, 
¥111 rise and make his justice known. 

Hifl hand holds out the dreadful cup 
>f vengeance, mix'd with various pbguea^ 
?o make the wicked drink them up, 
Vring out and taste the bitter dregs. 

fow shall the Lord exalt the just, 
Lnd while he tramples on the proud, 
Lnd lays their glory in the dust, 
(y lips shall sing his praise aloud.] 

8 Psalm 91. C. M. 

• Qyr Buien the Care of Htaufu 

3UR rulers, Lord, with songs of praise, 
Shall in thy strength rejoice, 
Lnd, blest with tuy salvation, raise 
To heaven their cheerful voice. 

!*hy sure defence, through nations round 
Hath spread their glonous name : 

Lnd their successful actions crown d 
With dignity and fame. 

lien let us on our God alone 

For timely aid rely ; 
[is mercy, which adorns his throne, 

Shall all our wants supply. 

(ut. righteous Lord, thy stubborn foes 

Snail feel thy dreadful hand ; 
^hy vengeful arm shall find out those 

That hate thy just command. 

IThen thou against them doth engage, 

Thy just hnt dresdful doom 

S&a£ like a 6ery oven's rage, ^_ 

Tbmr hopes and them consume. 



6 Thus, Lord, thy wondrous power declare, 

And thus exalt thy fame; 
Whilst we glad songs of praise prepare 
For thine almighty name. 

g*1 Q PBalm. 58. L. P. M. 

J. *Jt Warning to Magutralet, 

1 JUDGES, who rule the world by laws, ; 
•f Will ye despise the righteous cause, ' 

When th' injur'd poor before you stands^ 
Dare ye condemn the righteous poor, . --. 

And let rich sinners 'scape secure, ; - 

While gold and greatness bribe your 

a Have ye forgot, or never knew, f ! '- 

That God will judge the judges too? K> 

High in the heavens his justice reisos; " t 
Yet you invade the rights of God, 'f 

And send your bold decrees abroad, _■' 

To bind the conscience in your chains, t 

3 A poison 'd arrow is your tongue, ■ ^ 

The arrow sharp, the poison strong, 

And rlearti attends where'er it wounds; 
You hear no counsels, cries, or tears; 


/JQA Psalm 82. L. M. 

O^"* God the supreme Governor ,- or^ MagittraieM 


1 " A MONG th' assemblies of the greati 
JnL A greater ruler takes his seat; 
The Grod of heaven, as Judge, surveys 
Those gods on earth and alltneir ways. 

2 Why will ye then frame wicked laws? 
Or why support th' unrighteous cause? 
When will ye once defend the poor, 
That sinners vex the saints no more? 

3 They know not, Lord, nor will they know, 
DarK are the ways in which thejr go; 
Their name of earthly gods is vain, 

For they shall fall and die like men. 

4 Arise, O Lord, and let thy Son 
Possess his universal throne, 
And rule the nations with his rod ; 
He is our Judge, and he our God. 


/»Q1 Pnlm 103. T. 1—13. 20, 21. Ut Part. C. M, 
D^l • A Prayer for the JJUeted. 

1 ¥TE AR me, O God, nor hide thy face, 
JX But answer, lest I die ; 

Hast thou not built a throne of grace 
To hear when sinners cry ? 

2 My days are wasted like the smoke 

Dissolving in the air ; 
My strength is dried, my heart is broke, 
And sinking in despair. 

3 My spirits flag like withering grass 

Burnt with excessive heat; 
In secret groans my minutes pass, 
And I forget to eat. 

4 As on some lonely building's top 

The sparrow tells her moan. 
Far from the tents of joy and hope 
I sit and grieve alone. 

6 My soul is like a wilderness. 

Where beasts of midnight howl; 
There Uie rad raven finds her nlac6> 
And there the screaming owl. 


6 Dark disnaal thoughts and boding fears 

Dwell in my troubled breast; 
While sharp reproaches wound my ean, 
Nor give my spirit rest. 

7 My cup is mingled with my woes, 

And tears are my repast; 
My daily bread like asnes grows 
Unpleasant to my taste. 

8 Sense can atTorcl no real joy 

To soula that feel thy frown; 
Lord, 'twas thy hand advanc'd me high. 
Thy hand hath cast me down. 

9 My locks like withered leaves appear, 

And life's declining lisht 
Grows faint as evening shadows are 
That vanish into night. 

10 But thou for ever art the same, 

my eternal God! 
Ages to come shall know thy name, 
And spread thy works abroad. 

11 Thou wilt arise and show thy face. 
Nor will my Lord delay, 



4 Crush'd as a moth beneath thy hand, 

We moulder to the dust ; 
Our feeble powers can ne'er withstand, 
And all our beauty's lost. 

5 [This mortal life decays apace, 

How soon the bubble's oroke ! 
Adam and all his numerous race 
Are vanity and smoke. 

6 I'm but a sojourner below, 

As all my fathers were, 
May I be well prepar'd to go 
When I the summons hear. 

7 But if my life be spar'd a while. 

Before my last remove, 
Thy praise shall be my business still. 
And ril declare thy love.] 

#S9Q Psa^ 119* 14th Part. C. M. 

0^«>« Benefit of Jffliettofu\ and Support under them. 

Ver. 153. 81 83. 

CONSIDER all' my sorrows. Lord, 
And thy deliverance send ; 
My soul for thy salvation faints, 
W hen will my troubles a*m1 7 

• s 


Yet I have fou*^ ' 

To bear ' 


. • 1 



Vet. 67. 

Before I knew thy chastening rod. 

My feet were apt to stray ; 
But now I learn to keep thy word. 

Nor wander from thy way. 

Psalm 119. Lmi Part. L. M. 

Saad'Jfal Affi^ctumt. 

Vet. 67. 59. 

FATHER, I bless thy gentle hand; 
How kind was thy chastising rod. 
That forc'd my conscience to a stand. 
And brought ray wandering soul to (iod. 
Foolish and vain I went astray 
Ere I had felt thy scourges. Lord; 
I left ray guide, and lost my way. 
But now I love and keep thy word. 

Ver. 71. 

'Tis good for me to wear the yoke, 
For pride is apt to rise and swell; 
'Tis good to bear my Father's stroke, 
That I might learn his statutes well, 

Ver. 78. 

'les from thv mouth 


/»QQ Psalm 91. ver. 9—16. 8d PmrU C. M. 

D^O« Prcttetion from Deaths Guard of Jingtk^ Pietory 

and Deliverance, 

1 XTE sons of men, a feeble race, 
X Expos'd to every snare. 

Come, make the Lord your dweUinfl^plaoa^. 
And try and trust his care. \ 

2 No ill shall enter vtrhere you dwell ; < 

Or if the plague come nigh, 
And sweep the wicked down to hell, 
'Twill raise his saints on high. 

3 Hell giye his wmkHh charge to keep 

Your feet in all their wajrs; 
To watch your pillow while you akep. 
And guard your happy days. 

4 Their hands shall bear you, lest you fiUl 

And dash against the stones : 

An they not servants at his caU| 

And sent t' attend his sons? 

^ Adders and lions ye shall tread; 
The tempter's wiles defeat; 
He that ham broke the serpent's head 
Puts him beneath your feet. 

C ' Because on me they set their lovSt 
' I'll save them/ saith the Lord ; 

* I'll bear their joyful souls above 

* Destruction and the sword. 

7 * My grace shall answer when they call; 

* In trouble I'll be niffh ; 

* My power shall help them when they ftU^ 

^ And raise them when they die. 

8 * Those that on earth m v name have known, 

* I'll honour them in neaven : 

' There my salvation shall be snovnii 
' And endless life be given.' 

ttOQ Ptalm 30. Ter. 6. Sd Part L. M. 

0^t/« Heaiih^ Sieknest^ and Rteowery. 

1 T7IIRM was my health, my day was bright, 
Jl And I presum'd 'twould ne'er be mght; 
Fondly I said within my heart, 

* Pleasure and peace shall ne'er depaxX? 

Wbicb nuuie my mountain staxud lo Vx*^ 


Soon as thy face began to hide, 

My health was gone, my comforts died. 

} I cried aloud to thee, tny God, ' 

' What canst thou profit hy my blood? 
' Deep in the dust can I declare 
'Thy truth, or sing thy goodness there? 

I 'Hear me, O God of grace,' I said, 
' And bring me from among the dead:' 
Thy word rebuk'd the pains I felt, 
Thy pardoning love remov'd my guilt. 

> My groans, and tears, and forma of wo, * 

Are tiirn'd to joy and praises now; 
I throw my sackcloth on the ground, 
And ease and gladness gird me round. 

i My tongue, the glory of my frame, * 

Shall ne'er be silent of thy name; 
Thy praise shall sound thro' earth and heaTBH, 
For sickness heal'd, and sins forgiven. 



■ 1 

3 * Mytimes are in thine hand/ I cried, 

'Though I draw near the dust/ 
Thou art the refuge where I faide^ 
The God in whom I trust 

4 O make thy reconciled face 

Upon thy servant shine, 
And save me for thy mercy's sake, 
For I'm entirely thine. 


5 ['Twas in my haste, my spirit said, 

* I must despair and die, 
* I am cut oflF before thine eyes,' 
But thou hast heard my cry.] 

6 Thy goodness, how divinely free ! 

How wondrous is thy grace 
To those that fear thy majesty, 
And trust thy promises 1 

7 O love the Lord, all ye his saints, 

And sing his praises loud ; 
He'll bend his ear to your complaints, 
And recompense the proud. 

Psalm 116. l8t Part. C. M. 
Eeeoveryfrom Sieknes90 


1 T LOVE the Lord; he heard my cries, 
X And pitied every groan : 

Long as I live, when troubles rise, 
I'll hasten to his throne. 

2 I love the Lord ; he bow'd his ear, 

And chas'd my griefs away ; 
O let my heart no more despair. 
While I have breath to pray ! 

3 My flesh declin'd, mv spirits fell, 

And I drew near the dead, 
While inward pangs, and fears of hell, 
Perplex'd my wakeful head. 

4 * My God,' I cried, *thy servant save, 

*Thou ever good and just; 
* Thy power can rescue irom the graven 
•'Thy power is all my trust' 

5 The Lord beheld me sore distrestt 

He bid my pains remove : 
Jleturn, my soul, to God, thy teatt 
For tbou bast known aia love* 


' 6 My God hath sav'd ray soul from death. 
And dried my falling tears; 
Now to his praise I'll spend my breath. 
And my remaining years. 

^QQ Hrmn 55. B. 1. C. M. 

Ovu* Hatkiah'i 6ong I or, S'ckncu and Bxcovtry, 
Isaiah xiKviii. 9, kc. 

1 "VSTHEN we are rais'd from deep distress, 

T T Our God deserves a song; 
We take the pattern of our praise 
From Hezekiah's tongue. 

2 The gates of the devouring grave 

Are open'd wide in vain, 
If he that holds the keys of death 
Commands them fast again. 

3 Pains of the flesh are wont I' abuse 

Our minds with slavish fears: 
Our days are past, and we shall lose 
The remnant of our years. 

4 We chatter with a swallow's voice, 

Or like a dove we mourn, 
With instead of joys, 
Afflicted and forlorn. 

i healinti 


Among th' anemblies of thjr taints 

Our thankful voice we raise; 
There we have told thee our complaints^ 

And there we speak thy praise. 


»Qe Hymn 88. B. 1. L. BL 

^OOm Life ike Daiy of Oraee and Hope, Eoel. iz. 4, 5, 6. IQ. 

LIFE is the time to serve the Lord, 
The time t' ensure the great reward; 
And while the lamp holds out to bum. 
The vilest sinner may return. 

[Life is the hour that God has ffiveu 
To 'scape fix)m hell, and fly to heaven; 
The day of grace, and mortals may 
Secure the messings of the day.] 

The living know that they must die, 
But all the dead forgotten lie, 
Their memory and tneir sense is gone, 
Alike unknowing and unknown. 

[Their hatred and their love is lost, 
Their envy buried in the dust- 
They have no share in all that s done 
Beneath the circuit of the sun.] 

Then what mv thoughts design to do. 
My hands with all your might pursue, 
Since no device nor work is found. 
Nor fedth, nor hope beneath the ground. 

There are no acts of pardon past 
In the cold grave to which we haste^ 
But darkness, death, and long despair, 
Reign in eternal silence there. 

€%£h Hymn 44. B. 1. 8d Part. C. M. 

t#0« The true Improoemtnt of Life, 

AND is this life jprolong'd to me? 
Are days and seasons given? 
O let me then prepare to be 
A fitter heir of heaven. 

In vain the^e moments shall not ^M)^ 

These golden hours be gone: 
Lord, I accept thine oflfer'a grao^^ 
/ bow before, thy throixe. 


3 Now cleanse my soul from every sin 

By my Redeemer's blood : 
Now let my flesh and soul begin 
The honours of my God. 

4 Let me no more my soul beguile 

With sius deceitful toys: 
Let cheerful hope, increasing still. 

Approach to heavenly joys, 
fi Mv thankful lips shall loud proclaim 

The wonders of thy praise, 
And spread the savour of thy name 

Where'er I spend my days. 
6 On earth let my example shine, 

And when I leave this state, 
Mav heavea receive this soul of mina 

To bliss supremely great. 

/>Q'7 Hvmn 46. B. 1. 3d Part. L. M. 

Dt> 1 ■ Tht PrinUga v/Ihe Livaig lAove tht Dtad. 

1 A WAKE, my zeal, awake, my love, 
J\. To serve my Saviour here below. 
In works which perfect saints above 

And holy angels cannot do. 



2 Tis but at best a narrow bound 

That heaven allows to men, 
And pains and sins run through ih6 round 
Oi threescore years and ten. • : 

3 Well, if ye must be sad and few, 

Run on, my days, in haste ; 
Moments of sm, ana months of wo, ' 
Ye cannot fly too fast [\l ' 

4 Let heavenly love prepare my soul, , 

And call her to tine skieS; 
Where years of long salvation roll, 
And glory never dies. 

AQO Hymn 68. B. 2* CM. 

OOt/« The Shoftnei9 qf Ufe^ and the Goodneu of CM. 

1 nniME ! what an empty vapour 'tis ! 

JL And days how swift they are! ' . 
Swift as an Indian arrow flies, (' 

Or like a shooting star. 

2 [The present moments just appear, -^ 

Then slide away in haste, . r / ■; 

That we can never sav, They^re fure^ 
But only say. They repast^ 

rOur life is ever on the wing. 

And death is ever nigh : 
TThe moment when our lives begin ' • ' 

We all begin to die.] *"'' 

"Vet mighty God, our fleeting days 

Thjr lastmg favours share, 
Yet with the bounties of thy grace . . , 
Thou load'st the rolling year. 

"Tis sovereign mercy finds us food, .... 

And we are cloth d with love; ., , , . 
While grace stands pointing out the roiiQ; , 

That leads our souls above. : / 

^ His ffoodness runs an endless round; \ 
All glory to the Lord : 
His mircy never knows a bound, 
And be his name ador'd ! 

^ Thus we begin the lasting song, 
And when we close our eyes. 
liSt the next aee thy praise prolong 
Till time and nature diet. 

« / 


£ylA Pfalm Ul. T«r. 3— 6. 3d Part. C. II. 

0417* 7%e Fanilg of Man, oruf ConiU*ttatiiM ■/ Otd. 

1 T ORD, what is man, poor feeble lIUHl« . / 
JLi Born of the earth at first ! 

His life a shadow, light and vain ., . 

Still hastinf^ to the dust. 

2 O what is feeble dying man '„ [/ 

Or any of his race, 
That God should make it his concern 
To visit him with grace ! 

3 That God who darts his lightnings down, 

Who shakes the worlds above, 
And mountains tremble at his frown, 

How wondrous is his love! < -'A 

1 npEACH me the measure of my dkyt, 

JL Thou Maker of my frame ! 
I would survey life's narrow space, 
And learn how frail I am. 

2 A span is all that we can boast, 
An inch or Iwo of time; 


Yet senseless mortals vainly strive 
To lavish out their years. 

2 Our days run thoughtlessly along, 

Without a moment's stay ; 
Just like a story, or a song, 
We pass our lives away. 

3 Grod from on high invites us home, 

But we march heedless on, 

And ever hastening to the tomb, 

Stoop downwarof as we run. 

4 How we deserve the deepest hell. 

That shght the joys above ! 
What chains of vengeance should wa fad, ' 
That break such cords of love. 

6 Draw us, O God, with sovereiffn grtoOp 
And lift our thoughts on high. 
That we may end this mortal race, . 
And see salvation nigh. . ' 

HAO (Hjmn 55. B. 3. C. M.) 

040« Prait life and tuceuding Etrndt^. 

1 nnHEE we adore, Eternal Name, 
A And humbly own to thee, 
How feeble is our mortal frame! 
What dying worms are we ! 

8 [Our wasting lives grow shorter still 
As months and days increase ; 
And every beating pulse we tell 
Leaves but the number less. 

3 The year rolls round, and steals away 

The breath that first it gave ; 
Whatever we do, where'er we oe. 
We're travelling to the grave.] 

4 Dangers stand thick through all the ground 

To push us to the tomb, 
And fierce diseases wait aroimd 
To hurry mortals home. 

5 Grood God ! on what a slender thread 

Hang everlasting things ! 
Th' eternal states of all the dead 
Upon life's feeble strings. 

6 Infinite joy or endless wo 

Attends on every breath. ; 
And yet how unconcem'd we go 
Upon the brink of death \ 



7 W&ken. O IxHtL oar drowsr leaaB, 
To walk thia dangerous road ; 
And if oar eouls are hurried hence. 
May thcT be found with God! 


PnlB ». i«r. t— 5. IK Pmn. C. M. 

1 i~kUR God, our help in ages past, 
\J Our hope for years to oome. 
Oar shelter mtm the stormy blast. 
And our eternal home. 
S Under the shadow of thy throne 
Thy saints haTe dwelt secure; 
Safficient is thine arm alone. 
And our defence is sure. 

3 Before the hilU in order stood. 

Or earth receir'd her frame. 

From everlasting thou art God, 

To endless years the same. 

4 Thv word commands our flesh to dott, 

Return, ye soiis of men ; 
All nations rose from earUi at fint* 
And turn to earth again. 



^ J S Psalm 90. tot. 5. 10. 19. S. M. 

D4tJ« The Funky and Sharinm ef L^. 

1 T ORD, what a feeble piece 
JLi Is this our mortal frame ! 

Our life, how poor a trifle 'tis, 
That scarce deserves the name! 

2 Alas, 'twas brittle clay 
That built our bodies first! 

And every month and every day 
They're mouldering back to du8t. 

3 Our moments fly apace. 
Nor will our minutes stay ; 

Just Uke a flood, our hasty days 
Are sweeping us away. 

4 Well, if our days must fly, 
We'll keep their end in siffht, 

We'll spend them all in wisaom's way, 
And let them speed their flight 

5 They'll waft us sooner o'er 
This life's tempestuous sea : 

Soon we shall reach the peaceful shore 
Of blest eternity. 

OAH Hymn 13. B. 2. L. M. 

D4rD« 7%e CnaiuMf Preiervation^ DUmhUion^ muiJSuienh 

Hon of this World. 

1 CJ ING to the Lord that built the skies^ 

O The Lord that rear'd this stately frame; 
Let half the nations sound his praise. 
And lands unknown repeat his name. 

2 He form'd the seas, and form'd the hills, 
Made every drop, and every dust 
Nature ana time with all tneir wheels^ 
And put them into motion first. 

3 Now from his high imperial throne 
He looks far down upon the spheres; 
He bids the shining orbs roll on, 
And round he turns the hasty years. 

I Thus shall this moving engine last 
Till all his saints are gather'd in, 
Then for the trumpet's dreadful blast, 
To shake it all to dust again! 

5 Yet when the sound shall tear the skieS, 
And lightning bum the globe below, 
Saints, you may lift your joyful evw, 
Tbere^s a new neaven ana eartii lox T^sfO. I 



Hymn 52. B. 2. C. M. 

Dmih drradful or dttightfat. 


1 T|EATH! 'tis a melancholy day 
if To those that have no God, 
When the poor soul is forc'd away 

To seek her last abode. 

2 In vain to heaven she lifts her eyes, 

But guih, a heavy chain. 
Still drags her downward from the skies 
To darkness, fire, and pain. , . 

3 Awake, and mourn, ye heirs of hell, ^ 

Let stubborn sinners fear; ^ 

You must be driv'n from earth, and dvell 
A long for ever there. 

4 See how the pit gapes wide for you, 

And flashes in your face, 
And thou, my soul, look downward tOCk, ,,. 
And sing recovering grace. 

5 Hejs a God of sovereign love .K,\^ 

That promis'd heaven to me, 
And taught my thoughts to soar aboYS, 
Where happy spirits be. 




5 Death, like an overflowing stream 
Sweeps us away ; our life s a dream, 
An empty tale ; a morning flower, 
Cut down and withered in an hour,] 

6 [Our age to seventy years is set : 

How snort the term ! how frail the state ! 

And if to eighty we arrive, 

We rather sigh and groan than live.] 

7 But O how oft thy wrath appears. 
Ana cuts off our expected years ! 
Thy wrath awakes our humble dread ; 
We fear the power that strikes us drad. 

8 Teach us. O Lord, how frail is man; 
And kindly lengthen out our span, 
Till a wise care of piety 

Fit us to die, and dwell with thee. 


Ptalm 102. 33—38. 3d Part L. M. 
Man*i MoiiaKiy and ChrUf** Eternity, 

1 TT is the Lord our Saviour's hand 

X Weakens our strength amidst the nee: 
Disease and death, at his command, 
Arrest us, and cut short our days. 

2 Spare us, O Lord, aloud we pray, 
Nor let our sun go down at noon : 
Thy years are one eternal day. 
And must thy children die so soon? 

3 Yet in the midst of death and grief 
This thought our sorrow shall assuage. 
Our Father and our Saviour Uve ; 
Christ is the same through every age. 

4 'Twas he this earth's foundation laid; 
Heaven is the building of his hand : 

This earth grows old, these heavens shall 6de, 
And all be chang'd at his command. 

5 The starry curtains of the sky 
Like ^rments shall be laid aside ; 

But still thv throne stands firm and hifa; 
Thy churcn for ever must abide. 

6 Before thy face thy church shall live. 
And on thy throne thy children Te\f[ii\ 
This dying world shall they survive. 

And the dead saints be rais'd esam. 



2 I could renounce mv all bekiv 

If my Creator birf. 
And run if I were call'd to go. 
And die as Moses did. 

3 Might I but climb to Pisgah's top, 

And view the promis'd land, 

Mt desh itself would long to drop. 

And pray for the coinmaud. 

4 Clasp'd in my heavenly Father's arms, 

I would forget my breath, 
And lose mr ufe among the charms 
Of so divine a death. 


I T ORD. at thy temple 
XJ As happy Simeon came, 
And hope to meet our Saviour here; 
O mnke our joys the same! 

5 With what diWne and vast delight 

The ^ood old man was fill'd, 
When londiv, in his wither'd arms, 
He clasp'd the holy child ! 


HTma 19. B. t. CM. 
Tit Sen^ tf SnwMt, Luke ti. 27, fcc. 


S There everlasting spring abides, 
And neyer-witnering flowers : 
Death, like a narrow sea, divides 
This heavenly land from ours. 

3 [Sweet fields, beyond the swelling floodt 

Stand dress'd in living green : 
So to the Jews old Canaan stood, 
While Jordan rolVd between. 

4 But timorous mortals start and shrink 

To cross this narrow sea. 
And linffer, shivering, on the brink, 
And tear to launch away.] 

5 O ! could we make our doubts remove, 

Those ffloomy doubts that rise, 
And see the Canaan that we love, 
With unbeclouded eyes ; 

6 Could we but climb where Moses stood, 

And view the landscape o'er ; 
Not Jordan's stream nor death's cold flood 
Should fright us from the shore. 

/»^w Hymn 31. B. 9. L. M. 

Ot# i • Ckri§i*i Presence makes Death easy. 

1 \]|LrHY should we start and fear to die? 
Tt What timorous worms we mortals are! 
I^eath is the gate of endless joy, 
And yet we oread to enter there. 

i The pains, the groans, and dying strife, 
Fright our approaching souls away : 
Still we shrink back again to life, 
Fond of our prison and our clay. 

3 O, if my Lord would come and meet. 

My soul should stretch her wings in naste, 
Fly fearless through death's iron gate. 
Nor feel the terrors as she past. 

4 Jesus can make a dying bed 
Feel soft as downy pillars are, 
While on his breast I lean my head. 
And breathe my life out sweetly there. 

fi^fi Hymn 97. B. 1. C. M. 

000« Jssuranee of atanent or, a Saint pr^pand to He^ 

3 Tim. ir. 6—8. 18. 

1 [T|EATH may dissolve my body Twsv^ 
JLf And bear my spirit home; 
Wbr do my minutes move so s\o^> 
Nor my salvation come? 




2 With heavenly weapons I have fought 

The battles of the Lord, 
Finish'd my course, and kfipt the faith, 
And wait the sure reward.] 

3 God has laid up in heaven for me 

A crown which cannot fade; 
The riehteous Judge, at that great day. 
Shall place it on iny head. 

4 Nor hath the King of grace decreed 

This prize for me alone; 
But all that love, and long to see 
Th' appearance of his Son. 

5 Jesus the Lord shall guard me safe 

From every ill design; 
And to his heavenly kingdom keep 
This feeble soul of mine. 

6 God is my everlasliiig aid, 

And hell shall rage in vain; 

To him be highest glory paid, 

And endlews pniise — Amen. 


23. B. 1. Ist Part. L. M. 
Ab$ent from iht Body and preteni with the Lord^ 

ttttfk Hymn 23. B. 1. Ut Part. L. M. 

\3\3\J* Ab$ent frimtht Body 

2 Cor. V. 8. 


1 ABSENT from flesh! O blissful thought, 
J^ What unknown joys this momeat brings, 
Freed from the mischiefs sin has brought. 
From pains and fears and all their sprmgB. 

2 Absent from flesh ! illustrious day. 
Surprising scene ! triumphant stroke ! 
That rends the prison otmy clay, 
And I can feel my fetters broke. 

3 Absent from flesh ! then rise, my soiU, 
Where feet nor wings could never dimbt 
Beyond the heavens where planets roll, 
Measuring the cares and joys of time. 

4 I go where God and glory shine. 
His presence makes eternal day, 
My all that's mortal I resign, 

For angels wait and point my way. 

ODl • The Death of a Sinner. 

Y thoughts on aw^ul subjects roll, 
Damnation and the dead : 
What horrors seize the guilty soul 
Upon a dying bed ! 

2 Linffering about these mortal shores 

She makes a long delay, 
Till like a flood, with rapid force 
Death sweeps the wretch away. 

3 Then swifl and dreadful she descends 

Down to the fiery coast. 

Amongst abominable fiends. 

Herself a frighted ghost. 

4 There endless crowds of sinners lie, 

And darkness makes their chains ; 
Tortur'd with keen despair they cry, 

Yet wait for fiercer pains. 
6 Not all their anguish and their blood 

For their old guilt atones, 
Nor the compassion of a Grod 

Shall hearken to their groans. 

6 Amazing[ grace, that kept my breat):!, 
Nor bid my soul remove, 
TXff I had ham'd my Saviour'a detAi, , 
And well ensured his love I 

496 DEATH aN'D the 

^/»Q Hymn 3. B. 2. C. M. ,■ 

V>D^> The Death and Burial of a SaiiU. 

1 A\rHY do we mourn departing friend*! 
TT Or shake at death's alarms? 
'Tis but the voice that Jesus seads 
To call them to his arms. 
12 Are we not tending upward too , 

As fast as time can move ? 
Nor would we wish the hours more sloV, 
To keep us from our love. 

3 Whv should we tremble to convey 

Tlieir bodies to the tomb? 
There the dear flesh of Jesus lay, 
And left a long perfume. 

4 The graves of all his saints he bless'd, 

And soften'd every bed; 
Where should the dying members reat^ 
But with their dying Head? 

5 Thence he arose, ascended high, 

And show'd our feet the way; 
Up to the Lord our souls shall fly 
At the great rising-day. 


^%i^ A Hjnm 98* B« 9* C* m» 

1 QTOOPdowBt my thoughts, that used to riM« 
O Converse a while with death; 

Think how a gasping mortal lies, 
And pants away ms breath. 

2 His guivering lip hangs feebly down, 

His pulse is faint and few. 
Then, speechless, with a doleful groan 
He bids the world adieu. 

3 Bl9it, O the soul that never dies ! 

At once it leaves the clay ! 
Ye thoughts, pursue it where it flieg, 
And track its wondrous way. 

4 Up to the courts where angels dwell, 

It mounts triumphing there, 
Or devils plunge it down to hell 
In infinite despair. 

6 And must my body faint and die? 
And must this soul remove? 
O for some guardian angel nigh 
To bear it safe above! 

6 Jesus, to thy dear faithful hand 
My naked soul I trust. 
And my flesh waits for thy command 
To drop into the dust. 

itatK Hymn 61. B. 9. C. M. 

009« A Thought of Death and Ghnf. 

1 1%^Y soul, come meditate the day. 
ItJL And think how near it stands, 
When thou must quit this house of clay, 

And fly to unknown lands. 

2 [And you. mine eyes, look down and view 

The hollow g;Bping tomb, 
This gloomy prison waits for you. 
Whene'er the summons come.] 

3 O could we die with those that die, 

And place us in their stead. 
Then would our spirits leam to fly. 
And converse with the dead : 

4 Then we should see the saints above^ 

In their own glorious forms, 
And wonder why our souLs anou^dV^^^^ 
To dwell with mortal worms. 



5 [How we should scorn these clothes of fl 

These fetters and this load! 

And loQg for evening to undress, 

That we may rest with God.] 

6 We should almost forsake our clay 

Before the summons come, 
And pray, and wish our souls away 
To their eternal home. 

CCa (Hymn 63. B. 8. C. M.) 

ODD. A Funtral Thought. 

1 TTARK! from the tombs a doleful soBBiL 
JnL Mine ears attend the cry, 
' Ye living men, come Wew the grouild 
, ' Where you must shortly lie. 
3 'Princes, this clay must be your bed, 
' In spite of all your towers; 
' The tall, the wise, the rev'rend head 
' Must lie as low as ours.' 

3 Great God, is this our certain doom? 

And are we still secure? 
Still walking downward to our tomb, 
And yet prepar'd no more? 

4 Grant us the powers of quick'ning grace 


^•^Q Pialm 49. L. M. 

1 XXTHY do the proud insult the poor, 

▼ ▼ And boast the large estates they 
How Tain are riches to secure 
Their haughty owners from the graye I 

2 They can't redeem one hour from deathi 
With all the wealth in which they trust; 
Nor giye a dying brother breath. 
When God commands him down to dust 

3 There the dark earth and dismal shade 
Shall clasp their naked bodies round; 
That flesh, so delicately fed, 

Lies cold, and moulders in the ground. 

4 Like thoughtless sheep the sinner dies. 
Laid in the ffraye for worms to eat; 
The saints snail in the morning rise, 
And find th' oppressor at their feet. 

5 His honours perish in the dust, 

And pomp and beauty, birth and bkod : 
That fflonous day exalts the just 
To full dominion o'er the proud. 

6 My Sayiour shall my life restore. 
And raise me from my dark abode ; 
My flesh and soul shall part no more, 
But dweU for ever near my God. 

^/^Q Pnlm 49. tot. 6—14. Itt Put 0. M • 

P ride and Deaik / or,tk§ Fmnty of Life and Sidm. 

1 \M7H Y doth the man of riches grow 

y ▼ To insolence and pride. 
To see his wealth and honours flow 
With every rising tide T 

2 [Why doth he treat the poor with scam. 

Made of the selfsame clay. 
And boast as though his flesh was bom 
Of better dust than they?] 

3 Not all his treasures can procure 

His soul a short reprieve, 
Redeem from death one guilty hour, 
Or make his brother live. 

4 [Life is a blessing can't be sold. 

The ransom is too high : 
Jostice will ne'er be bribed wiUdl vj^ 
TiiBt man may never die.1 


5 He sees the brutish and the wise, 
The timorous and the brave 
Quit their possessions, close their eyes, ( 
And hasten to the grave. 
B Yet, 'tis his inward thought and pride 
' My house shall ever stand ; 
'And that my name may long abide, 
' I'll give it to my lantl.' 
7 Vain are his thoughts, his hopes arelot^ 
How soon his memory dies! 
His name is written in the dust 
Where his own carcass lies. 


3 This is the folly of their way ; 
And yet their snn.s, as vain, 
Approve the words their fathers say. 
And act their works again. 

9 Men void of wisdom and of grace, 

If honour raise them high, 
Live like the beast, a thoughtless race. 
And like the beast they die. i 

10 [Laid in the grave like sillv sheep, 

Death feeds upon them tnere, 
Till the trumpet breaks their sleep 


i^m-i Ptalm 89. rm. 47, ke. 0th Part. L. M. 
Dil* MtrlaHiy mnd Mopt. 
A Fanend Ptalm. 

1 TIEMEMBER, Lord, our mortal state, 
M\ How frail our life ! how short the date ! 
Where is the man that draws his breath 
Safe from disease, secure from death? 

2 Lord, while we see whole nations die, 
Our flesh and sense repine and cry, 

* Must death for ever rage and reign? 

' Or hast thou made mankind in vain? 

3 * Where is thy promise to the just? 

* Are not thy servants tum'd to dust? 
But faith forbids these mournful sighs 
And sees the sleeping dust arise. 

4 That glorious hour, that dreadful day, 
Wipes the reproach of saints away. 
And clears the honour of thy word : 
Awake, our souls, and bless the Lord. 

fiTO P*<^ ®^* ^cf* ^"7* ^* ^ ^' ^- 

O i Am lAft^ Deaihj and the lUiurrectton, 

1 nnHINK, mighty God, on feeble man, 

X How few his hours, how short his span ! 

Short from the cradle to the grave : 
Who can secure his vital breath 
A^inst the bold demands of death, 

With skill to fly, or power to save? 

2 Lord, shall it be for ever said, 

* The race of man was only made 

' For sickness, sorrow, and the dust?' 
Are not th)r servants, day by day. 
Sent to their graves, and tum'd to clay? 

Lord, where's thy kindness to the jurt? 

3 Hast thou not promis'd to thy Son 
And all his seed a heavenly crown? 

But flesh and sense indulge despair: 
For ever blessed be the Lord, 
That faith can read his holv word, 

And find a resurrection there. 

4 For ever blessed be the Lord, 
Who gives his saints a long reward 

For all their toil, reproach, and i^bi\i\ 
Let all helow and all above 
Join to proclaim thy wondroua \ove^ 
And each repeat a loud Amen. 


gtiyy Ps*!m 16. 3d Pan. L. M. H 

O I O* Cofrage in Death, and Hope of ike Rtturrtetion. ' ^^1 

/"HEN God is nigh, my faith is stnt^y 


His arm is my almignty prop; 
Be glad, mv heart; rejoice, my tongue, 
My dying flesh shall rest in hope. 
S Though in the dust I lay my head, 
Yet, gracious God, thou wilt not leave 
My soul for ever with the dead, 
Nor lose thy children in the grave, 

3 My flesh shall thy first call obev. 
Shake off the dust, and rise on high, 
Then shalt thou lead the wondrous way 
Up to thy throne above the sky. 

4 There streams of endless pleasure flow; 
And full discoveries of thy grace 
(Which we but tasted here oeiow) 
Spread heavenly joys through all the place. 

^•j 4 (Hymn 110. B. 3. S. M.l 

t» I 4r. Tniimph oter Dtatk in Hope of thi Rat 

1 A ND must this body die? 
fX. This mortal frame decay? 
And must these active limbs of mine 


CT^i Hymn 102. B. 2. L. M. 

^3 4 9» Ji happy Resurrection. 

1 1^0, rU repine at death no more, 
-i.^ But with a cheerful gasp resign 
To the cold dungeon of the grave 
These dying, withering limbs of mine. 

2 Let worms devour mv wasting flesh, 
And crumble all my bones to dust, 
My God shall raise my frame anew 
At the revival of the just. 

3 Break, sacred morning, throuRh the skies. 
Bring that delightful, dreadful day • 

Cut short the hours, dear T^ord, ana come, 
Thy lingering wheels, how long they stay! 

4 [Our weary spirits faint to see 
The light of thy returning face, 
And hear the language of those lips 
Where Grod has shed his richest grace.] 

6 [Haste, then, upon the wings of love. 
Rouse all the pious sleeping clay, 
That we may join in heavenly joys, 
And sing the triumph of the aay.] 


gyygl Hymn 65. B. 1. L. M. 

D i D« The Ktngdams of the World become the Emgdom 

of our Lord^ Re^. zi. 15—18. 

1 X ET the seventh angel sound on high, 

JLi Let shouts be heard through aU the sky; 
Kings of the earth, with glad accord, 
Give up your kingdoms to the Lord. 

2 Almighty God. thy power assume. 
Who wast, ana art, and art to come : 
Jesus, the Lamb, who once was slain, 
For ever live, for ever reign. 

3 The angry nations fret and roar, 
That they can slay the saints no more 
On wings of vengeance flies our Gxxl 
To pay the long arrears of blood. 

4 Now must the rising dead appear. 
Now the decisive sentence near; 
Now the dear martyrs of the liOt^ 

Receive an infinite reward. 

b i 4 • Cluiti reigning in Htontn, and anting to Jud^miUti ' 

1 TTE reigjns; the Lord, the Saviour rei^fts; 
JX Praise him in evangelic strains; 

I^et the whole earth in songs rejoice, 
And distant islands join their voice, 

2 Deep are his counsels, and unknown; 
But grace and truth support his throne : 
Though gloomy clouds his way surround. 
Justice is their eternal ground. 

3 In robes of judgment, lo! becomes, 

Shakes the wide earth, and cleaves the tQtB)w; 
Before him burns devouring fire, 
The mountains melt, the seas retire. 

4 His enemies, with sore dismay, : 
Fly from the sight, and shun the d&y. . : 
Then Hft your heads, ye saints, on high, ; 
And sing, for your redemption's nigh. . '. . 

/jn-Q Hymn 107. B. 2. C. M. . ' r! 

D I O. T/:e ceerlafting Mnenre i.f God ijilolcralk. ^ 

L T^HAT awful day will surely come, 
X. 'I'll' appointed hour makes haste, 


7 O tell me fhat my worthless name 
Is graven on thy hands ; 
Show me some promise in thy hook 
Where my salvation stands ! 

6 Give me one kind assuring word 
To sink my fears again; 
And cheerfally my soul shall wait 
Her threescore years and ten.] 

i^TO Psalm 9. Ist Part. C« Bf • 

Oitf* Wraik and Merty fiwn the Jwfgmmd SkU. 

1 XiriTH my whole heart ril raise m)r aftng 

vv Thy wonders ril proclaim : 
Thou, sovereign Judge of right and wrong. 
Wilt put my foes to shame. 

2 m sing thy majesty and grace; 

My God prepares his throne 
To judge the world in righteousness, 
And make his vengeance known. 

3 Then shall the Lord a refuge prove 

For all the poor opprest. 
To save the people of his love, 
And give the weary rest. 

4 The men that know thy name will trust 

In thy abundant grace - 
For thou has ne'er forsook the just. 
Who humbly seek thy fetce. 

6 Sing praises to the righteous Lord, 
Who dwells on Zion's hill, 
Who executes his threatening word. 
And doth his grace fulfil. 

£tQfk Hymn 45. B. 1. C. M. 

OOV* 7U itmi Judgment, Rer. xzi. 5— S. 

1 ^£E, where the ^eat incarnate God 
^ Fills a majestic throne, 

While from the skies his awful voice 
Bears the last judgment down. 

2 [' I am the First and I the Last, 

' Through endless years the same; 
* I AM is my memonal stilL 

* And my eternal name. 

3 ' Such favours as a God can gxve 

* Mr royal grace bestows ; 

' Yemrsty souls, come taste tlie idteusA 
Where life and pleasure ftovrm, 

9 U 

DAY or 

The saint that triumphs o'er his sins, 

' I'll own him for a son. 
The whole creation shall reward 

The conquests he has won. 
But bloody hands, and hearts unclean, 

And all the lying race, 
The faithless arid tne scoffing crew, 

' That spurn at offer'd grace; 
They shall be taken from my sight, 

' Bound fast in iron chains, 
And headlong plung'd into the lake 

' Where fire and darkness reigns.'] 
I may I stand before the Lamb, 

When earth and seas are fled! 
nd hear the Judge pronounce ray nam© 

With blessings on my head! 
lay I with those for ever dwell 

Who here were mv delight, 
l^iile sinners, banish'd down to hell, 

No more offend my sight. 

Psalm 30. Ter. 1—6. Ist Part. C. M. 
The lait Judgment : or, Iht Sainti nuiardid. 

HE T>ord, the Judge, before his throne 
Bids the whole earth draw nigh, 
he nations near the rising sun, 



<t 'Their &ith and works broughrforth to ligl 
' Shall make the world comesa - 
^ M]r sentence of reward is right, 

* And heaven adore my grace. 

^•On Ps- M* ▼• !• ^* 8- 1^ 31* 39. 3d Ptot C. M. 
vO^* 7^ Judgment of HypaarUm* 

1 "VVTHEN Christ to judgment shall desceni 
▼ ▼ And saints surround their Lord, 
He calls the nations to attend. 
And hear his awful word. 

S * Not for the want of bullocks slain 

* Will I the world reprove; 

' Altars and rites and forms are vain, 

* Without the fire of love. 

3 ' And what have hypocrites to do 

* To bring their sacrifice? 

' They call my statutes iust and true, 
' But deal in theft ana lies. 

4 ' Could you expect to 'scape my sight, 

' And sin without control ? 
' But I shall bring your crimes to light, 

* With anguish in your soul.' 

<C Consider, ye that slight the Lord, ' 
Before his wrath appear ; 
If once you fall beneath his sword, 
There's no deliverer there. 

^MQQ Psalm 50. To a new Tuna. 

^3>OOm ThekLBt Judgment. 

9. nnHE Lord, the Sovereign, sends his su 
X mons forth, 

Calls the south nations, and awakes the nort 
From east to west the sounding orders sprea 
Through distant worlds and regions of the dea 
No more shall atheists mock his long delay ; 
His vengeance sleeps no more : behold the da 

5 Behold the Judge descends; his guards f 

Tempest and fire attend him down the skt : 
Heaven, earth, and hell draw near ; let all thii 

To hear his justice, and the sinner's doaiSL; 
* But gather first my saints,^ (tVie ^wdi^i^ ^ 

^ Bring them, ye angels, firom ikaxt dVstoa;)^^ 

3 ' Behold ! my covenant stands for ever good, 

' Seal'd by tli' eternal sacrifice in blood, 
'And sigii'd with all their naineb; the Greek, 

the Jew, 
' That paid the ancient worship or the new, 
' There s no distinction here ; come, spread trair 

' And near me seat my favourites and my tons. 

4 ' I their Almighty Saviour and their God, 

' I am their judge : ye heavens, proclaim abroad 

' My just eternal sentence, and declare 

' Those awful truths that sinners dread to hear: 

' Sinners in Zion, tremble and retire; 

' I doom the painted hypocrite to fire. 

5 ' Not for the want of goats or bullocks slain 
'Do I condemn thee; bulls and goats are vain, 
' Without the flames of love : in vain the Store 
' Of brutal offerings that were mine before: 

' Mine are the tamer beasts and savage breed, 
' Flocks, herds, and fields, and forests where 
they feed. 

6 'If I were hungry, would I ask thee food? , 
' When did I, or drink thy buUoeks 


9 Knnera, awake betimes* ye fools, be wise; 
Awake, before this dreaaful momiiig rise; 
Change your vain thoughts, your crooked work 

Fly to the Saviour, make the judge your friend 
Lest Uke a lion his last vengeance tear 
Your trembling souls, and no deliverer near. 

£^QA Psalm 50. 10^8 & 11 V 

Oo4r* T%e hut Judgment. 

1 rv^HE God of glory sends his summons forth 
J. Calls the south nations, and awakes thi 

north ; 
From east ta west the sovereign orders spread 
Through distant worlds and regions of the dead 
The trumpet sounds; hell trembles! heavei 

Lift up your heads, ye saints, with cheerfu 

"2 No more shall atheists mock his long delay ; 
His vengeance sleeps no more ; behold the dav 
Behcdd the judge descends ; his ^ards are nign 
Tempests and fire attend him down the sky : 
When God api)ears, all nature shall adore him 
While sinners tremble, saints rejoice befon 

* Heaven, earth, and hell draw near; let al 
things come 

* To hear my justice and the sinner's doom; 
' But gather first my saints,' the Judge com 

^ Bring them, ye angels, from their distan^ 

When Christ returns, wake every cheerfu 

And shout, ye saints ; he comes for your sal 


* Behold my covenant stands for ever Rood, 

* Sear4, by th' eternal sacrifice in blood, 
^ And sign'd with all their names ; the Greek 

the Jew, 

* That paid the ancient worship or tive tv^tw ;! 
There^s no distinction here : join aWyowt ^ovm 

And raise your heads, ye saint^ iot Vew^wt 


510 DAY OF 

5 ' Here,' saith the Lord, ' ye angels, spread their 

' And near me seat my favourites and mywrns: 
'Come, my redeem'd, possess the joys prepar'd 
' Ere time hegan ; 'tis your divine reward ;' 
When Christ returns, wake every cheerful pas- 
sion : [tion. 
And shout, ye saints, he comes for j'our ^va- 

6 ' I am the Saviour, I th' almighty God, 

' I am the Judge : ye heavens, proclaim abroad 
' My just eternal sentence, and declare 
' Those awful truths that sinners dread to hear: 
when God appears, all nature shall adore him; 
While sinners tremble, saints rejoice before him. 

7 ' Stand forth, thou bold blasphemer, and pro- 

fane, [vain; 

' Now feel my wrath, nor call mv ihreatenings 
'Thou hypocrite, once drest in saints' attire, 
' I doom the painted hypocrite to fire :' 
Judgment proceeds; hell trembles; heaven re- 
joices ; [voices. 
Lift up your heads, ye saints, with cheerftil 



X 1 ' Unthinking wretch ! how couldst thon hope 
to please 

* A God, a Spirit, with such toys as them? 
'While with my grace and statutes on thjr 

'Thou lov'st deceit, and dost thy brother 

Judgment proceeds; hell trembles; heaven 

rejoices ; 
Lift up your head, ye saints, with cheerful 


1 2 ' In vain to pious forms thy zeal pretends, 
'Thieves and adulterers are thy chosen 

' While the raise flatterer at my altar waits, 

* His harden'd soul divine instruction hates ;* 
God is the judge of hearts ; no fair disguises 
Can screen the guilty when his vengeance rises. 

3 ' Silent I waited with long-suffering love, 
' But didst thou hope that I should ne'efr re- 
' Ana cherish such an impious thought within, 

* That the All Holy would indulge thy sin?' 
See, God api)ears ; all nature joins t' adore him ; 
Judgment proceeds, and smners fall before 


.4 ' Behold my terrors now: my thunders roll, 
' And thv own crimes affright thy guilty soul ; 

* Now like a lion shall mv vengeance tear 
' Thy bleeding heart, and. no deliverer near :' 
Judgment concludes; hell trembles; heaven 

rejoices ; [voices. 

Lift up your heads, ye saints, with cheerful 


6 ' Sinners, awake betimes ; ye fools, be wiw ; 
' Awake, before this dreadful morning rise : 
'Change your vain thoughts, your crooked 
* works amend, friend ;' 

' Fly to the Saviour, make the Judge your 
Then join, ye saints; wake every c\iWtW^^^M9r 
sion. \Jasst 

When Christ returns, he comes fot 70MX «^ 


/»CJE Hymn 14. B. 2. L. M. 

003. HiJI, <!r,lkc FengcanaofOod. 

1 "%TrriTH holy fear and humble sonff, 

T T The dreadful God our souls soore; 
Reverence and awe become the ton^fW ' 
That speaks the terrors of his power. 

2 Far in the deep where darkness dwelll« 
The land of horror and despair, 
Justice has built a dismal hell, 

And laid her stores of vengeance there. 

3 [Eternal plagues and heavy chains, 
Tormenting racks and fiery coals, 
And darts t inflict immortal pains 
Dipp'd in the blood of damned souls,] 

4 [There Satan, the first sinner, lies, 
And roars and bites his iron bands; 
In vain the rebel strives to rise, 

Crash'd with the weight of both thine liaiiwj 

5 There guilty ghosts of Adam's race 
Shriek out, and howl beneath thy rod; 
Once they could scorn a Saviour s eraoe 

HEAVEN. 618 

4 Those holy gates for ever bar 
PpUntion, sin^ and shame ; 
^one shall obtain admittance there 
Bat followers of the Lamb. 

fi He keeps the Father's book of life. 
There all their names are found; 
The hypocrite in vain shall strive 
To tread the heavenly ground. 

^GfJ Hymn 86. B. 2. C. M. 

^^Sim Frteimn from Sin and MUery in Httmtn. 

1 ^^UR sinS; alas, how strong they be ! 
\J And like a violent sea 

They break our duty, Lord, to thee, 
And hurry us away. 

2 The waves of trouble, how they rise ! 

How loud the tempests roar f 
HvX death shall land our weary souls 
Si^e on the' heavenly shore. 

^ There to fulfil his sweet commands 
Our speedy feet shall move, 
No sin snail clog our winged zeal, 
Or cool our burning love. 

4 There shall we sit, and sing, and tell 
The wonders of his grace. 
Till heavenly raptures fire our hearts. 
And smile in every face. 

6 For ever his dear sacred name 
Shall dwell upon our tongue, 
And Jesus and salvation be 
The close of every song. 

AQQ Hymn 40. B. I. L. M. 

OOO* Tkt Buiifuu and Bk89tdneu off^mifitd i ftawfa, 

Rev. Tii. 13, &o. 

L « XIITHAT happy men, or angels these 

V v * That all their robes are spodess white ? 
* Whence did this glorious troop arrive 
' At the pure realms of heavenly light f 

2 From tort'ring racks and burning fires, 
And seas of their own blood the)r came ; 
But nobler blood has wash'd their robes. 
Flowing from Christ the dying Lamb. ^ '; 

3 Now they approach th' almighty throud^ 
With loud hosannas night and aay^ 
Sweet anthems to the greut T\iree Ot^a 

Measure their bleaa'd eternity. 

514 HEAVEN. ^ j t 

4 No more shall hunger pain their souls, 

He bids their parching thirst be gone, ' ^'' 
And spreads the shadow of his ivings 

To screen them from the scorching sun. 

5 The Lnmb thiit tills the middle throne 
Shall shed around his milder beams, 
There shall they feast on his rich love, 
And drink full joys from living streams. 

6 Thus shall their mighty bliss renew- 
Through the vast round of endless years, 

And the soft hand of sovereign grace 4 

Heals all their wounds, and wipes their teais. " 

rtQQ Hymn 41. B. 1. C. M. 

WO«7. 77ie Martyrt glori/td. Rev. vii, 13, tui. ^ 

1 ^I^HESK glorious minds, how bright they ^ 

X 'Whence all their white array? [shine! ' 
' How came they to the happy seats 
' Of everlasting day?' 

2 From tort'ring pains to endless joys 

On fiery wheels they rode. 
And strauRelv wash'd their raiment white 
In Jesus' dyini? blond. 


rhu8 will we mount on sacred wingSy 

And tread the courts above; 
Tor earth, nor all her mightiest things, 

Shall tempt our meanest love.] 

"here on a high majestic throne 

Th' Almighty Father reians, 
nd sheds his glorious goodness down 

On all the blissful idains. 

right like the sun the Saviour sits, 

And spreads eternal noon, 
\o evemngs there, nor gloomy nightSr 

To want the feeble moon. 

.midst those ever-shining skies 

Behold the Sacred Dove, 
(Thile banish'd sin and sorrow flies 

From all the realms of love. 

lie glorious tenants of the place 

Stand bending round the throne : 
Old saints and seraphs sing and praise 

The Infinite Three One. 

But O what beams of heavenly grace 

Transport them all the while ! 
Ten thousand smiles from Jesus' face^ 

And love in every smile !] 

esus, O when shall that dear day, 

Thatjovfiil hour appear, 
Vhen 1 snail leave this house of clay 

To dwell amongst them there? 

|-i Hjrmn 68. B. 2. C. M. 

^ J. • T%e humble Worship of Heaven. 

FATHER, I long, I faint to see 
The place of thine abode, 
'd leave thy earthly courts ana flee 
Up to thy seat, my God ! 

[ere I behold thy distant face> 

And 'tis a pleasing sight; 
(at to abide m thine embrace 

Is infinite , delight 

'dpart with all the joys of oense 

To gaze upon thy throne; 
Pleasure springs firesh for ever thfincuM,, 

Vwfpeakable, unknown. 


[There all the heavenly hosts are seen. 

In shining ranks they move, ■' 

And drink immortal vigour in 

Witii wonder and with love. 
Then at thy feet with awful fear 

Th' adoring armies fall; 
With Joy they shrink to nothing there 

Before th' eternal All. 
There I would vie with all the host 

In duty and in hliss, 
While kss than nothing I could boast, 

And vajiily* confess.] 
The more thy glories strike mine eyes, 

The humbler I shall lie ; 
Thus, whUe I sink, my joys shall rise 

Uiuneasurably high. 

■ OO Hymn 31. B. 3. C. M. 

'J4)m The GUn-y of Chn>l i« //cnrm. 

OTHE delights, the heavenly joys. 
The glories of the place 
"Where Jesus sheds the brightest beams 

Of his o'erflo^v^ng grace ! 

Sweet majesty and awful love 

Sit smiling on his brow, 


• I 




HEAVEN. 5] 7 

ee what immortal glories shine, 
And circle it around. 

*7hi8 is the man, th' exalted man 

Whom we unseen adore * 
IBut when our eyes behold his face. 

Our hearts shall love him more. 

CXordy how our souls are all pn fire 

To see thy bless'd abode, 
Our tongues rejoice in tunes of praise 

To our incarnate God. 

-A.nd while our faith enjoys the sight 

We long to leave our clay, 
And wish thy fiery chariots. Lord, 

To fetch our souls away.] 

^^\Q Hymn 75. B. S. C. M. 

^vO« SpurUual and eternal Jov» f or, the beaiijk Sigk$ 

of Cnrist, 

^p^ROM thee, my God, my joys shall rise, 
JC And run eternal rounds, 
Se vond the limits of the skies. 
And all created bounds. 

*The holy triumphs of my soul 

Shall death itself outbrave, 
Xieave dull mortalitv behind, 

And fly beyond the grave. 

rrhere, where my blessed Jesus reigns 

In heaven's umneasur'd space, 
m spend a long eternity 

In pleasure and in praise. 

^ Millions of years my wondering eyea 
Shall o'er thy beauties rove. 
And endless ages I'll adore 
The glories of thy love. 

5 Sweet Jefl[us, every smile of thine 
Shall fir^h endearments bring, 
And thousand tastes of new delight ^ 
From all thy graces spring. 

6 Haste, my beloved, fetch my soul 
Up to ihy bless'd abode, 

Ply, for my spirit longs to see 
My Saviour and my God. 



bt/'*. .1 Song of Pral 

6. B. 3, L. M. 

Id ikt eva^laied TVinily, God 
the Falher, Son, and Spirit. 

1 TJLESS'D be the Father and his love,. 
XI To whose celestial source we ow»^ ' 
Rivers of endless joy above, 

And rills of comfort here below. 

2 Glory to thee, great Son of God, 
From whose dear wounded body rolls 
A precious stream of vital blood, 
Pardon and life for dying souls. 

3 We give the sacred Spirit praise, 
Who in our hearts of sin and wo 

- Makes living springs of grace arise, 
And into boundless glory flow. 

4 Thus God the Father, God the Son, 
. And God the Spirit we adore. 

That sea of life and love unknown, 
"Without a bottom or a shore. 


698* ^y^^ ^' ^* ^- ^* ^- 

1 pi LORY to God the Father's name, 
U Who, from our sinful race, 
Chose out his favourites to proclaim 

The honours of his grace. 

2 Glory to God the Son be paid, 

Wno dwelt in humble clav, 
And to redeem us from the dead 
Gave his own life away. 

J Glo^ to God the Spirit give, 
I rom whose almighty power 
Our souls their heavenlv oirth derive, 
And bless the happy hour. 

I Glory to God, that reigns above, 
Th' eternal Three in One, 
Who, by the wonders of his love. 
Has made his nature known. 

599« ^y^^ ^^' ^' ^' ^' ^' 

L nnHE God of mercy be ador'd, 

X. Who calls our souls from death, • 
Who saves by his redeeming word, 
And new-creating breath. 

i To praise the Father, and the ^on. 
And Spirit all divine. 
The One in Three, and Three in One, 
Let saints and angels join. 

700« My™" 34. B. 3. C. M. 

Now let the Father and the Son 
And Spirit be ador'd, 
Where there are works to make him known, 
Or saints to love the liord. 

7A1 Hymn 35. B. 3. C. M. 

•vl« * Or thus: 

HONOUR to thee. Almighty Three, 
And everlasting One ; 
Allffloiy to the Father be, 
The Spirit, and the Son. 

702- c. M. 

LET God the Father, and the Son, 
And Spirit beador'd. 
Where there are works to make him known, 
Or saints to love the Lord. 





. 1st. S. H. 

LET God the Father live 
For ever on our tongues; 
Sinners from his first love derive 
The ground of all their songs. 
! Ye saints, employ your breath 
In honour to tne Sou, 
Who bought your souls from hell and deBtt 
By offerinii; up his own. ^ 

I Give to the Spirit praise i| 

Of an immortal strain. 
Whose light and power and grace cmreys^' 
Salvation down to men. 
. While God the Comforter 
Reveals our pardon'd sin, 
O may the blood and water bear ^ 

The same record within. 1 

i To the great One in Three ,1 

That seals this grace in heaven, * 

The Father, Son, and Spirit, be ' 

Eternal glory given. ^ 


707. L- P. M. 

NOW to the Great and Sacred Three, 
The Father, Son, and Spirit, be 
Eternal praise and glory given. 
Through all the worloB where God is know: 
By all the angels near the throne, 

And all the saints in earth and heaven. 

f^AQ Hymn 88. B. 8. 

. i\MOm A Simg^iof PraUe to ihe Uemd Tfitdt^. 

H. M. or 6*t iL 8't. 

1 T GIVE immortal praise 

X To God the Father's love. 

For all my comforts here. 

And better hopes above ' 
He sent his own Eternal Son 
To die for sins That man had done. 

2 To God the Son belongs 
Immortal glory too, 

Who boumt us with his blood 

From everlasting wo : 
And now he lives. And now he reigns^ 
And sees the fruit Of all his pains. 

3 To God'the Spirit's name 
Immortal worship give,' 
Whose new-creating power 
Makes the dead sinner live : 

His work completes The great design. 
And fills the soul With joy divine. 

4 Almighty God, to Thee 
Be endless honours done, 
The undivided Three, 
And the mysterious One* 

Where reason fails. With all her powers; 
There faith prevails. And love adores. 

fYflO Hymn 39. B. 3. 

i\JU. H. M. or 6' & 8V 

■O Him that chose us first 
Before the world began. 
To Him that bore the curse 
To save rebellious man. 
To Him that form'd Our keaits aainr^ 
1b endless prsise, And glory dxii 


a 1 here 1 woulu 
III duty ami 
While kxs tfm 
And vm 
7 The more 
The hui 
Thus, while 


1 £\ THE d. 
\J Thegl. 
Where Jes 

Of his o' 

2 Sweet maiesi 

Sit smiliuf 
And all the k 

At humbk- 
:) [Princes to hii 

Bend theit^^ 
Domimons, tZ^K^ 


H0SANNA8. 633 1 

^ Let every nation, every age, 
In this delightfal work engage; 
Old men and babes in Sion sing 
rrhe growing glories of her King. 

7X4« Hymn 43. B. 8. G. M. 

1 TFOSANNA to the Prince of grace, 
XL Sion, behold thy King; 
Proclaim the Son of David's race, 
And teach the babes to sing. 

8 Hosanna to th' incarnate Word, 
Who from the Father came ; 
Ascribe salvation to the Lord, 
With blessings on his name. 

#7-1 c Hymn 16. B. 1. C. M. 

4 AOm Hoionna to Ckrigt^ Matt. rd. 9. Luke liz. 38. Ml 

1 TTOSANNA to the royal Son 
JX Of David's ancient line, 
His natures two, his i>erson one, 

Mysterious and divine. I 

a The root of David here we find, 
And offspring is the same ; 
£temity and time are join'd 
In our Immanuel's name. 

8 Blest he that comes to wretched man 
With peaceful news from heaven ; 
Hosannas of the highest strain 
To Christ the Lord be given. 

4 Let mortals ne'er refuse to take 

Th' hosanna on their tongues, ] 

Lest rocks and stones should rise, and break j 

Their silence into songs. I 

17-f £^ Hymn 89. B. 3. C. M. 

4 10« Chrut'a Vidory over Satan. 

I TTOSANNA to our conquering King! 
XJl The prince of darkness flieSj 
His troops rush headlong down to nell. 
Like ughtning from the skies. 

5 There bound in chains the lions roar. 

And fr^ht the rescu'd sheep, 
But heavy bars confine their po^et 
And malice to the deep. 


3 Hosanna to our conquering King, 

All hail, incarnate Love ! 
Ten thousand songs and glories wait 
To crown thy head above. 

4 Thy victories and thy deathless fame 

Through the wide world shall run, 
And everlasting ages sing 
The triumph thou hast won. 


rOSANNA to the Son 

1 "iJC 

JX Of David and of God 
Who brought the news of pardon down. 

And bought it with his olood. 

2 To Christ the anointed King 
Be endless blessings given, 

Let the whole earth his glory sing, 
Who made our peace with heaven. 

71 8. ^^y""" *^- ^ ^- " "• "' ^'' * ^''• 

1 TTOSANNA to the King 

11 Of Bavid's ancient Wood ; 






ornofDKD TO n 










• ^mU 



i<7i Q 1 L. M. Dr. S. Stennett 

ilt/« A Song of PraUt to God. 

1 ^T^O God, the universal King, 

X. Let all mankind their tribute bring; 
All that have breath, your voices raise, 
In songs of never-ceasing praise. 

2 The spacious earth on which we tread, 
And wider heavens stretch 'd o'er our head, 
^ large and solemn temple frame 

celebrate its Builder s fame. 

Hdre the bright sun, that rules the day, 
As through the sky he makes his way, 
To all the world proclaims aloud 
The boundless sovereignty of God. 

1 When from his courts the sun retires. 
And with the day his voice expires. 
The moon and stars adopt the song. 
And through the night tne praise prolong. 

5 The listening earth with rapture hears 
The harmonious music of the spheres; 
And all her tribes the notes repeat, 
That God is wise, and good, and great. 

5^-But man, endow'd with nobler powers, 
.';His God in nobler strains adores; 
uMHis is the gift to know the song, 
S^;^ well as sing with tuneful tongue. 

%iL£\ 2 L. M. Williams's Psalms. 

<JPU. T%e Unity of God, Deut. vi. 4. 

1 in^TERNAL God! Almighty Cause 

JCi Of earth, and seas, and worlds unknown! 
All things are subject to thy laws. 
All things depend on thee alone. 

2 Thy glorious Being singly stands, 
Of all within itself possest, 
CJontroird by none are thy commands, 
Thou from thyself alone art blesX . 


3 To thee alone ourselves we owe; ■ 
Let heaven and earth due hooia^ pay ; 

A!! other gods we disavow, 

Deny their claims, renounce their sway. 

4 Spread thy great name through heathen lands; 
Tneir idol deities dethrone; 

Reduce the world to thy command; 
And reign, as thou art, God alone. 
<7Q1 3 L. M. 

i Alt Thr HpiriiMality of God, John iy. S4. 

1 npHOU art, God! a spirit pure, 

X Invisible to mortal eyes; 
Th' immortal, and the eternal King, 
The great, the good, the only wise. 

2 Whilst nature chang'es, and her works 
Corrupt, decay, dissolve, and die. 
Thy essence pure no change shall see. 
Secure of immortality. 

3 Thou great Invisible ! what hand 
Can draw thy image spotless fair! 
To what in heaven, to what on earth, 
Can men the immortal King compare! 


4 Uncertain life, how soon it flies ! 

Dream of an nonr, how short our bloom ! 
Like spring's gay verdure now we rise, 
Cut down ere night to fill the tomb. 

6 Teach us to count our short'ning days. 
And with true diligence, applv 
Our hearts to wisdom's sacred Vays, 
That we may learn to live and die. 

6 O make our sacred pleasures rise. 
In sweet proportion to our pains, 
'Till e'en the sad remembrance dies, 
Nor one uneasy thought complains. 

7 [Let thy almighty work appear 
With power and evidence divine : 
And may the bliss thy servants share 
Continued to their children shine. 

8 Thy glorious image, fair imprest, 
Let all our hearts and lives declare ; 
Beneath thy kind protection blest. 
May all our labours own thy care !] 

^OQ ^ ^' ^* ^'- Doddridge. 

I AOm Tke hnmutabiHty of God, and the MutMlUy of 

the Creation, Psalm cii. 25 — ^28. 

1 £^ RE AT Former of this various frame, 
UT Our souls adore thine awful name ; 
And bow and tremble while they praise 

' The Ancient of eternal days. 

2 Thou, Lord, with unsurprised survey, 
Saw'st nature rising yesterday ; 
And, as to-morrow, snalt thine eye 
See earth and stars in ruin lie. 

3 Beyond an ang:ers vision bright, 
Thou dwell'st in self-existent light ; 
Which shines, with undiminish'd ray, 
While suns and worlds in smoke decay. 

4 Our days a transient period run, 
And change with every circling sun ; 
And, in the firmest state we boast, 

A moth can crush us into dust. 

6 But let the creatures fall around ; 
Let death consign us to the ground ; 
Let the last general flame arise, 
And melt the arches of the skies *. 

2 Y 


R Calm as the summer's ocean, we 
Can all the wreck of nature see, 
While grace secures us an abode, 
Unshaken as the throne of God. 

f^C* A 6 C. M. Dr. Watts's Lyric Poaou. 

1 T^HY names, how infinite they bel 

X Great Everlasting One! 
Boundless thy might and majesty, 
And unconfin'd thy throne. 

2 Thy glories shine of wondrous size, 

And wondrous large thy grace; 
Immortal day breaks from thine eyes. 
And Gabriel veils his face. 

3 Thine essence is a vast abyss 

Which angels cannot sound, 
An ocean of infinities 

Where all our thoughts are drown'4 

4 The mysteries of creation lie 

Beneath enlighten 'd minds; 
Thoughts can ascend above the sky, 
And fly before the winds; 
6 Reason may grasp the massy hills, 


1 O Thou, whose all-disposing sway 
The heavens, the earth, and seas obey ; 
Whose might through all extent extends, 
Sinks through all depth, all height transcends ; 

6 From earth's low margin to the skies. 
Now bids the preffnant vapours rise ; 
The lightning pallid sheet expands ; 
And glads with showers the furrow'd lands; 

6 Now, from thy storehouse, built on high, 
Permits the imprisoned winds to fly ; 
And, guided bv thy will^ to sweep 

The surface of the foaming deep : 

7 Him praise — ^the everlasting King, 
And mercy's unexhausted spring; 
Haste, to his name your voices rear * 
What name like his the heart can cneer? 

I i60« 7%e Omniprttenu and OmnUdenee of Qifd^ 

Psalm cxzxiz. 

1 T ORD ! thou, with an unerring beam, 
JLi Surveyest all my powers ; 

My rising steps are watch'd by thee ; 
JBy thee, my resting hours. 

2 My thoughts, scarce struggling into birth, 

Great God, are known to thee : 
Abroad, at home, still I'm enclos'd 
With thine immensity. 

} To thee, the labyrinths of life 
In open view appear; 
Nor steals a whisper from my lips 
Without thy listening ear. 

I Behind I glance, and thou art there, 
Before me shines thy name ; 
And 'tis thy strong almighty hand 
Sustains my tender frame. 

b Such knowledge mocks the vain essajrs 
Of my astonish'd mind; 
Nor can my reason's soanng eye 
Its towering summit find. 


5 Where from thy Spirit shall I stretch 
The pinions of my flight? 
Or where, through nature's spacious range^ 
Shall I elude thy sight! 

53'^ Till; BEING AND 

7 Scal'd I the skies, the biaze divine 

Would overwhelm my soul: 
Plun^'d I to hell, there should I hear 
Thine awful thunders roll. 

8 If on a morning's dartiuEr ray 

With matchless speed I rode. 

And flew to the wild lonely shore, 

That bounds the ocean's flood; 

9 Thither thine hnnd, all-present God! 

Must ^uide the wondrous way, 
And thine Omnipotence support 

The fabric of my clay. 
10 Should I involve myself around 

With clouds of tenfold night. 
The clouds would shine like blazing 

Before thy piercing sight. 
1 ! ' The beams of ntxin, the midnight hot 

' Are both alike to thee; 
' O may I ne'er provoke that Power 

'From which T cannot flee!' 




5 Not Gabriel asks the reason why, 
Nor Grod the reason gives ; 
Nor dares the favourite angel pry 
Between the folded leaves. 

7 Mv Grod, I would not long to see 
My fate with curious eyes. 
What gloomy lines are writ for me, 
Or what bright scenes may rise ; 

B In thy fair book of life and grace, 
O may I find my name 
Recorded in some humble place, 
Beneath my Lord the Lamb ! 

i^QQ 10 7*B* B. Francis. 

• ^0« The Majetty of God. 

1 #^ LORY to the eternal King, 
br Clad in majesty supreme! 
Let all heaven his praises sing. 
Let all worlds his power proclaim. 

2 Through eternity he reigns 
In unbounded realms of hght; 
He the universe sustains 

As an atom in his sight. 

3 Suns on suns, through boundless space, 
With their systems move or stand ; 

Or, to occupy their place. 
New orbs rise at his command. 

1 Kin^oms flourish, empires fall. 
Nations live, and nations die. 
All forms nothing, nothing all — 
At the movement of his eye. 

5 O, let my transported soul 
Ever on his glories gaze; 
Ever yield to his control, 
Ever sound his lofty praise ! 

^OO 11 L. M. Beddome. 

4 AHf. The Wisdom of God. 

1 \1/^AIT, O my soul, thy Maker's will; 

TV Tumultuous passions, all be still! 
Nor let a murmuring thought arise ; 
His ways are just, his counsels wise. 

2 He in the thickest darkness dwells, 
Performs his work, the cause conceals; 
But, though his methods are wnkao^n^ 
Judgment and truth support Va& likccitL^. 

* T i 


3 In heaven, and earth, and air, and seas, 
He executes his firm decrees; 

And by his saints it stands confest, 
Tliat what he does is ever best. 

4 Wait then, my soul, submissive wait, 
Prostrate before his awful seat; 
And, midst the terrors of his rod, 
Trust in a wise and gracious God. 

m-Qfk 12 (first Part.) C. M. Steele. 

i aU, Thr Gi^odnru of God, Nahum i. 7. 

1 "^^E hiimlde souls, approach your God 

A With soD}^ of sacred praise, 
For he is good, immensely good, 
And kind are all his ways. 

2 All nature owns his guardian care, 

In him we live and move; 
But nobler benefits declare 
The wonders of liis love. 

3 He gave his Son, liis only Son, 

To ransom rebel worms; 
'Tis here lie m;iki>s his goo(!ness known 
In its (iivincr forms. 


3 Thy justice, holiness, and truth, 
Our solemn awe excite : 
But the sweet charms of sovereign grace 
Overwhelm us with delight. 

1 Sinai, in clouds, and smoke, and fire. 
Thunders thy dreadful name; 
But Sion sings, in melting notes. 
The honours of the Lamh. 

5 In all thy doctrines and commands, 
Thv counsels and desims, — 
In ev ry work thy hands nave fram'd. 
Thy love supremely shines. 

S Angels and men the news proclaim 
Through earth and heaven above, 
The joyful and transporting news, 
That God the Lord is Love ! 

pyQI 13 L. M. Medley. 

I Ol • The Loving-Kindneu of the Lord, Psalm Ixiii. 7. 

1 A WAKE, my soul, in joyful lays, • 

J\. And sing thy great Redeemer's praise ; 
He justly claims a song from me. 
His loving-kindness, O how free ! 

2 He saw me ruin'd in the fall. 
Yet lov'd me notwithstanding all ; 
He sav'd me from my lost estate. 
His loving-kindness, O how great ! 

3 Though numerous hosts of mighty foes, 
Though earth and hell my way oppose, 
He safely leads my soul along. 

His loving-kindness, O how strong ! 

4 When trouble, like a gloomy cloud. 
Has gathered thick and thunder'd loud. 
He near mv soul has always stood. 
His loving-Kindness, O how good ! 

5 Often I feel my sinful heart 
Prone from mv Jesus to depart; 
But though I nim have oft forgot, 
His loving-kindness changes not 

B Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale. 
Soon all my mortal powers must fail ; 
O ! may my last expiring breath 
His Joving-Kindness sing in deaXk. 



7 Then let me mount and soar away 
To the bright world of endless day; 
And sing, with rapture and surprise. 
His loving-kindness in the skies. 

I 32, Tkt Graa'cf God. 

1 TEHOVAH, Lord of power and might, 
•1 How glorious is thy name ! 
The blaze of day, the pomp of night, 
Thy majesty proclaim. 
S Lord, what is man — weak, sinful man — 
That he thy care should prove ; 
That thou for him shouldst deign to plan 
Such mighty acts of love. 

3 Made in thine image at his birth — 

Next to the heavenly host. 
And sovereign of the new-form'd earth, 
Each privilege he lost. 

4 Then did the pitying Saviour leave 

The glories of the sky, — ^ 
Oh ! love too wondrous to conceive 
For sinful man to die, — 
I To die, ihit we. by grace restor'd, 


No sinner shall ever be empty sent back. 
Who comes seeking mercy for Jesus's sake. 

5 Thy mercy in Jesus exempts me from hell : 
Its glories I'll sing, and its wonders I'll tell : 
'Twas Jesus my friend, when he hung on the 

Who open'd the channel of mercy for me. 

6 Great Father of mercies ! thy goodness I own, 
And the covenant love of thy crucified Son : 
All praise to the Spirit, whose whisper divme 
Sea& mercy and pardon and righteousness mine. 

i t}4« TT&e Long'suffenng or Paiienee of God, 

1 T ORD, and am I yet alive, 

JLi Not in torments, not in hell ! 
Still dotii thy good Spirit strive ! — 
With the chief of sinners dwell ! 

Tell it unto sinners, tell, 

I am, I am out of hell ! 

2 Yes, I still lift up mine eyes, 
Will not of thy love despair ; 
Stm in spite of sin I rise. 

Still I bow to thee in prayer. Tell it, &o. 

3 O the length and breadth of love ! 
Jesus, Saviour, can it be ! 

All thy mercy's height I prove. 

All the depth is seen in me. Tell it, &o. 

4 See a bush, that bums with fire, 
Unconsum'd amid the flame ! 
Turn aside the sight t' admire, 

I the living wonder am. Tell it, &c. 

5 See a stone that hangs in air ! 
See a spark in ocean live ! 
Kept alive with death so near, 
I to Go^ the glory give : 

Ever tell — to sinners tell, 
I am, I am out hell ! 

pyQBT 17 c. M. 

i OOm The Holiness of God, Isaiah yiii. IS. 

1 XTOLY and reverend is the name 
Jn. Of our eternal King : 
TTirice holy Lordy the angels cry ; 
Thrice holy, lei us sing. 


2 Heaven's brightest lamps with hiin compar'd, 

How mean Ihey look and dim ! 

The fairest angels have their spots, 

When once compar'd with him. 

3 Holy is he in all his works, 

And truth is his delight; 
But sinners and their wicked ways 
Shall perish from his sight. 

4 The deepest reverence of the mind, 

Pay, O my soul, to God; 
Lift with thy hands a holy heart 
To his sublime abode, 

5 With sacred awe pronounce his name 

Whom words nor thoughts can reach; 
A broken heart shall please him more 
Than the best forms of speech. 

6 Thou lioly God! preserve my soul 

From all pollution free; 
The pure in heart are thv delight. 
And they thy face shall see. 



I The words his sacred lips declare, 
Of his own mind the image bear; 
What should Mm tempt, from frailty free. 
Blest in his self-sufficiency ? 

} He will not his great self deny ; 
A Grod all truth can never lie : 
As well might he his being quit 
As break his oath, or word forget. 

i Let friffhten'd rivers change their course. 
Or backward hasten to their source ; 
Swift through the air let rocks be hurl'd, 
And mountains like the chaff be wturl'd ; 

5 Let suns and stars forget to rise, 
Or quit their stations m the skies ; 
Let neaven and earth both pass away, 
Eternal truth shall ne'er decay. 

6 True to his word, God gave his Son 
To die for crimes which men had done : 
Blest pledge ! he never will revoke 

A single promise he has spoke. 

MTQQ so L. M. Dr. Watt8*8 Lyric Poems. 

I 00« Ood supreme and aeJf-wffieieni. 

1 "VM/^HAT is our God, or what his name, 

▼ ▼ Nor men can learn, nor angels teach; 
He dwells conceal'd in radiant flame, 
Where neither eyes nor thoughts can reach. 

2 The spacious worlds of heavenly light 
Compared with him how short they fall ! 
They are too dark, and he too bripit ; 
Nothing are they, and God is all. 

3 He six)ke the wondrous word, and lo ! 
Creation rose at his command ; 
Whirlwinds and seas their limits know, 
Bound in the hollow of his hand. 

4 There rests the earth, there roll the spheres, 
There nature leans, and feels her prop : 
But his own self-sufficience bears 

The weight of his own glories up. 

5 The tide of creatures ebbs and flows^ 
Measuring? their changes by iVve tcvqoxv'. 
No ebb his sea of glory knows; 

Hjs age is one eternal noon. 


6 Then fly, my song, an endless round, 
The lofty tune let Gabriel raise' 

All nature dwell upon the sound, 
But we can ne'er fulfil the praise. 

TQQ 2' ^- *' ^'■- ^- SWTinett. 

i OU* Mercy and Truth met Ivgcthtr, Paalra iiu». 10. 

1 \T|;'HEN first the God of boundless gnoe 
T T Disclos'd his kind design 
To rescue our apostate race 
From mis'ry, shame, and sin; 
3 Quick, through the realms of light and blw, 
The joyful tidings ran; 
Each henrt exulted at Ihe news, 
That God would dwell with man. 

3 Yet, midst (heir joys, they paus'd a while, 

And ask'd with strange surprise, 
' But how can injur'd justice smile, 
' Or look with pitying eyes? 

4 ' [Will i(n' Miiiii/|)iy deign again 

' '!'■■ > '-'■ ■ ■■■ ''T \\-orld; 
'Ami ■ .-' rebellious men 



OSS C. M. Dr. Wfttts's Sermons. 
• The Dodruu and Uh of the Trinity, Eph. ii. 18. 

FATHER of glory! to thy name 
Immortal praise we give. 
Vlio^ dost an act of grace proclaim, 
Arid bid us rebels live. 

mmortal honour to the Son, 

Who makes thine anger cease ; 
)ur lives he ransom'd with his own, 

And died to make our peace. 

^o thy almighty Spirit be 

Immortal glory ^ven, 
^ose influence brings us near to thee» 

And trains us up for heaven. 

iBt men, with their united voice, 

Adore th' eternal God, 
Lnd spread his honours and their joys 

Through nations far abroad. 

iCt faith, and love, and duty joiij. 

One general song to raise ; 
let saints in earth and heaven combine 

In harmony and praise. 

22 7'8. 

• To the Trinity. 

aOLY, holy, holy Lord! 
Self-existent Deity, 
\y the hosts of heaven ador'd. 
Teach us how to worship thee : 
)nlv uncreated Mind, 

Wonders in thy nature meet; 
^erfect Unity combined 
With Society complete. 

Jl nerfection dwells in thee, 

Now to us obscurely known, 
Tiree in one, and one in three. 

Great Jehovah, God alone ! 
\e our all, O Lord divine ! 

Father, Saviour, Vital Breath ! 
IcdVy spirit soul be thine. 

Now, ana at, and after death ! 

rlorious, thou, in holiness. 
Father didst thy rights maintain ; 

Vaih and grace at once express, 
When thy oiiIy Son was slain*. 


Here is deepest wisdom seen; 

Here the richest stores of grace; 
Mildest love and vengeance Keen ; 

O how bright their mingled rays! 

4 Fearful thou in praises too, 

Loving Saviour, slaughter'd Lamb! 

We with jov and reverence view- 
All thv glorv, all thy shame! — 

Be thy death the death of sin. 
Be thy life the sinner's plea; 

Save me, teach rae, rule within, — 
Prophet, Priest, and King to me. 

5 Wonder-working Spirit, thine 

Th' efficacious grace we sing; 
Set on us thy seal divine, 

Safely to thy kingdom bring; 
Mortify sin, root and deed, 

Daily strengthen every grace; 
Send us, uree us on with speed. 

And let glory crown the race ! 

'J ACi 23 L. M. Dr. Wattg's Lyric Poems. 

P£RF£CT10NS OF GOD. 543 

Beneath thy feet we lie so far, 
knd see but shadows of thy face ! 

Who can behold the blazing light? 
Who can approach consuming flame? 
Nfone but tny wisdom knows thy might, 
N^one but thy word can speak thy name. 

IQ S4 L. M. N . 

hOm Tke marai FerfeeHon* of the Deity imitated^ 

Mfttt. ▼. 48. 

GREAT Author of the immortal mind! 
For noblest thoughts and views designed, 
Vlake me ambitious to express 
rhe image of thy holiness. 

Wliile I thy boundless love admire, 
Grrant me to catch the sacred fire ; 
rhus shall mv heavenly birth be known, 
A.nd for thy child thou wilt me own. 

Father, I see thy sun arise 

Fo cheer thy fnends and enemies • 

ind, when thy rain from heaven descends, 

rhy bounty both alike befriends. 

Enlarge my soul with love like thine ; 
My moral powers by grace refine ; 
So shall I feel another's wo, 
ind cheerful feed an hungry foe. 

[ hope for pardon, through thy Son, 
For all the crimes which I have done; 
3 may the grace that pardons me, 
Constrain me to forgive like thee ! 

\A (35) L. M. Merrick's Psalms. 

Mc» T%e Divine Perfeetioru celebrated^ Ps. Ixxxix. cxlv. 

11/1" Y grateful tongue, immortal King ! 
LvJL Thy mere V shall for ever sing ; 
My verse to time s remotest day, 
rhy truth in sacred notes display. 

3 say, what strength shall vie with thine? 
What name among the saints divine, 
3f equal excellence possessed, 
rhy sovereignty, great God, contest? 

rhee. Lord, heaven's host their leader own; 
rhee, might unbounded, Thee alone, 
iiVith endless majesty has crown'd ; ^ 
Ind faith unsullied vests t\ie© xo\n " 


4 The heaven above and earth below, 
Thee, Lord, their trreat possessor, know: 
By thee, this orb to being rose. 
And all tliat nature's bounds enclose. 

5 From thee, amid the aerial space, 
The north and south assume their place; 
'Tis thine the ocean's race to ^ide, 
And calm at will its swelling tide. 

6 O bless'd the tribes, whose willing ear 
Awakes the vestal shout to hear; 
Who thankful see, where'er they tread, 
Thy favouring beams around them sprwd. 

7 How shall they joy, from day to day, 
Thy boundless mercy to display. 
Thy riyhteousne.'!S, indulgent Lord, 
With holy confidence record! 

8 wise in all thy works! thy name 
Let man's whole race aloud proclaim; 
And grateful, through the length of daj% 
In ceaseless songs repeat thy praise. 



Lyric Poemi. 



J/» S7 L. M. Needham. 

40« A Mummary View of the Creation^ Gen. i. 

LOOK up, ye saints! direct yoiir eves 
To him who dwells above the skies; 
With vour fflad notes his praise rehearse 
Who lorm'cT the mighty universe. 

He spoke, and, from the womb of night, 
At once sprang up the cheering light : 
Him discord heard; and, at his nod. 
Beauty awoke, and spoke the God. 

The word he gave, th' obedient tan 
Began his glomus race to run : 
Nor silver moon nor stars delay 
To glide along the ethereal way. 

Teeming with life, — ^air, earth, and sea, 
Obey th Almighty's high decree ! 
To every tribe he gives their food, 
Then speaks the whole divinely good. 

But to complete the wondrous plan, 
From earth and dust he fashions man : 
In man the last, in him the best, 
The Maker's image stands confest. 

Lord, while thy glorious works I view, 
Form thou my heart and soul anew ; 
Here bid thy purest light to shine. 
And beauty glow with charms divine. 

AfJ 38 c. M. 

%!• The Creatum cf Man t or^ God the Seareher of the 

lUart, Psalm czxxix. 

LORD ! thy pervading knowledge strikes 
Througn nature's inmost gloom. 
And in thv circling arms I lay 
A slumoerer in me womb. 

Thee will I honour, for I stand 

A volume of thy skill : 
Stupendous are thy works, and they 

My contemplations fill ! 

Thine eye beheld me when the speck 

Of entity began ; 
And o'er my form, in darkness fram'd, 

Thy rich embroid'ry ran : 

3i S 


4 Th' unfasliiuu'd mass by thee was seen; 

My structure, in thy book, 
Was planii'd before thy curious mould 
The future embryo took. 

5 How precious arc the streaming joys 

That from thy love descend! 
Would I rehearse their numbers o'er, 
Where would their numbers end? 

6 Not ocean's countless sands exceed 

The blessings of the skies; 
With night's descending shades they fell. 
With morning's splendours rise. 

7 ' Thine awful glories round me 8hine> 

■ Mv flesh proclaims thy praise; 
' Lord ! to thy works of nature join 
' 'i'hy miracles of grace.' 

rrAQ ('^-') ^- ^I- D''- Watts'8 Lyiic Poemt. 
t 4:0. .1 Song lo Creating ffhdom. 

1 "INTERNAL Wisdom, thee we praise! 
JlA Thee the creation sings! 
W'ilh thy lov'd niime, rocks, hills, and seas, 
And heaven's high palace rings. 


Let the high heavens your songs invite, 
Those spacious fields of brilliant light : 
Where sun, and moon, and planets rou; 
And stars that glow from pole to pole. 

Sing, earth, in verdant robes array'd, — 
Its herbs and flowers, its fruit and shade ; 
Peopled with life of various forms. 
Of nsh, and fowl, and beasts, and worms. 

View the broad sea's majestic plains, 
And think how wide its Maker reigns; 
That band remotest nations joins. 
And on each wave his goodness shines. 

But, oh ! that brighter world above, 
Where lives and reijnis incarnate love ! 
God's only Son, in flesh array 'd, 
For man a bleeding victim made. 

Thither, mv soul, with rapture soar! 
There, in tne land of praise, adore ; 
The theme demands an angel's lay — 
Demands an everlasting day. 

r^^fk 31 L. M. 

THY ways, O Lord ! with wise design, 
Are fram'd upon thy throne above, 
And every dark and bending line 
Meets in the centre of thy love. 

With feeble light, and half obscure, 
Poor mortals tny arrangements view ; 
Not knowing that the least are sure. 
And the mysterious just and true. 

Thy flock, thy own peculiar care. 
Though now they seem to roam uney'd, 
Are led or driven only where 
They best and safest may abide. 

They neither know nor trace the way ; 
But, trusting to thy piercing eye, 
None of their feet to ruin stray^ 
Nor shall the weakest fail or die. 

My favour'd soul shall meekly learn 
To lay her reason at thy throne ; 
Too weak thy secrets to discBTti, 
rU trust thee for my guide ^one. 

I t» 1 . Crcalim ,L..d Prai-idr.icc. 

LORD, when our raptur'd thought survej's 
Creation's beautiess o'er, 
All nature joins to teach thy praise, 

And bid our souls adore, 
'. Where'er we turn our gazing eyes, 

Thv radiant footsteps shine; 
Ten thousand pleasing wonders rise, 

And speak tneir source divine. 
I The living tribes of countless forms, 

In earth, and sea, and air. 
The meanest flies, the smallest worms, 

Almighty power declare. 
Thy wisdom, power, and goodness. Lord, 

In all thy works appear: 
And, O! let man thy praise record, — 

Man, thy distingiiisn'd care! 
From thee, the breath of life he drew; 

That breath thy power maintains ; 
Thv tender mercy, ever new, 

His brittle frame sustains, 
Yel nobler favours claim his praise, 

Of reason's hght possess'd; 
By revelation's brigntest rays 

Still more divinely bless'd. 
Thy providence his constant guard, 

When tbreat'ning woi 



Trust we to youth, or friends, or poMrer? 
Pix we on this terrestrial ball? 
When most secure, the coming hour, 
If thou see fit, may blast them all. 

When lowest sunk with grief and shame, 
Fill'd with affliction's bitter cup, 
Lost to relations, friends, and fame, 
Thy powerful hand can raise us up. 

Thy powerful consolations cheer, 
Thy smiles suppress the deep-fetch'd sigh, 
Thy hand can dry the tricklmg tCMBtr 
That secret wets the widow's eye. 

All things on earth, and all in heaven, 
On thy eternal will dei)end ; 
And all for greater good were given, 
And all shall in thy glory end. 

This be my care ; to all beside 
[ndifferent let my wishes be ; 
' Passion be calm, and dumb be pride, 
^ And fix'd, O God, my soul on tnee.' 

[^q 34 C. M. Cowper. 

JO« The Mytteriea of Providence. 

GOD moves in a mysterious way 
His wonders to perform; 
He plants his footsteps in the sea, 
And rides upon the storm. 

Deep in unfathomable mines 

Of never-failing skill, 
He treasures up his bright designs. 

And works his sovereign will. 

Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take. 

The clouds ye so much dread 
Are big with mercy, and shall break 

In blessings on your head. 

Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, 

But trust him for his grace ; 
Behind a frowninig providence 

He hides a smilmg face. 

His purposes will ripen fast. 

Unfolding every hour ; 
The bud may have a bitter taste, 

But sweet will be the ftowex. 


6 Blind unbelief is sure to err, 
And scan his work in vain ; 
God is his own interpreter. 
And he will make it plain. 

C. M. Beddome. 
> Mmlcria lo be aplained hertofttr, John xiii. 7- 


1 rf^REAT God nf providence! thy ways 
Of Are hid from mortal sight; 
Wrapt in impenetrable shades. 

Or ctoth'd with dazzling Hght. 

2 The wondrous methods of thy grace 

Evade the human eye: 
The nearer we attempt t' approach, 
The farther off" they fly. 

3 But in the world of bliss above, 

Where thou dost ever reign, 
These mysteries shall be all unveil'd. 
And not a doubt remain. 

4 The Sun of righteousness shall there 

His brightest beams display. 
And not a hoverinsi cloud obscure 
That never-ending day. 

C. M. Addison. 


> Our ^e, while thou preserv'st that life. 
Thy sacrifice shall be ; 
And death, when death shall be our lot. 
Shall join our souls to thee. 

^P^ 37 CM. Steele. 

4 90« Praue for the Blesnngs of Providenu and Ormtf 

Psalm czxxiz. 

1 A LMIGHTY Father, gracious Lord, 
Jlml Kind guardian of my days. 

Thy mercies let my heart record 
In songs of grateful praise. 

2 In life's first dawn, my tender frame 

Was thy indulgent care, 
Long ere I could pronounce thy name, 
Or breathe the infant prayer. 

3 [Around my path what dangers rose ! 

What snares spread all my road ! 
No power could guard me from my foes, 
But my preserver, God. 

4 How many blessings round me shone,, 

Where'er I turn'd my eye ! 
How many passed almost unknown, 
Or unregarded by !] 

6 Each rolling year new favours brought 
From thy exhaustless store ; 
But ah ! in vain my labouring thought 
Would count thy mercies o er. 

6 While sweet reflection, through my days. 

Thy bounteous hand would, trace, 
Still dearer blessings claim thy praise. 
The blessings of thy grace. 

7 Yes, I adore thee, gracious Lord ! 

For favours more divine ; 
That I have known thy sacred word. 
Where all thy glories shine. 

8 Lord, when this mortal frame decays. 

And every weakness dies. 
Complete the wonders of thy grace, • !r 

And raise me to the skies. 

9 Then shall my jovful powers unite 

In more exalted lays. 
And join the happy sons of light 
In ev^lasting praise. 


'7tliJ 3^ L. M, Dr. Walta's Ljrici. 

i Otim Original Sin. 

1 A DAM, our father and our head, 

/*. Transgress'd, and justice doom'd us dead' 
The fiery law speaks all despair, 
There's no reprieve nor pardon there. 

2 Call a bright council in the skies; 
Seraphs, tlie mighty and the wise, 
Speak; are you strong to bear the load. 
Trie weighty vengeance of a God? 

3 In vain we ask; for all around 

Stand silent through the heavenly ground; 
There's not a glorious mind above 
Has half the strength or half the love. 

4 But, O! unmeasurable grace! 

Th' eternal Son takes Adam's place; 
Down to our world the Saviour flies, 
Stretches his arms, and bleeds, and dies. 

5 Amazing work! look down, ye skies, 
Wonder and gaze with all your eyes! 
Ye saints l)elow. and saints above, 

Tin: TALL. 5r3 

When wilt thou bow my stubborn will, 
And give my conscience rest ? 

6 Break, sovereign grace, break the charm, 
And set the captive free : 
Reveal, Almighty God, thine arm, 
And haste to rescue me. 

lypiQ 40 s. M. 

I tJO« 7%« evil Heart, Jer. xrii. 9. Matt. xv. 19. 

1 4 STONISH'D and distressed, 
/V I turn mine eyes within : 

My heart with loads of guilt opprest, 
The seat of every sin. 

2 What crowds of evil thoughts, 
What vile affections there ! 

Distrust, presumption, artful guile. 
Pride, envy, slavish fear. 

3 Almighty King of saints. 
These tyrant lusts subdue ; 

Expel the darkness of my mind. 
And all my powers renew. 

4 This done, my cheerful voice 
Shall loud hosannas raise ; 

My soul shall glow with gratitude, 
My lips proclaim thy praise. 

Sin and Holiness, 

1 XltrHAT jarring natures dwell within — 


i^SQ 41 L. M. Cnittenden. 

Vi , ^ . .. 

Imperfect grace, remaining sin ! 
Nor this can reign, nor that prevail. 
Though each by turns my heart assail. 

2 Now I complain, and groan, and die ; 
Now raise my songs oi triumph high : 
Sing a rebellious passion slain, 

Or mourn to feel it live again. 

3 One happy hour beholds me rise, 
Borne upwards to my native skies. 
While faith assists my soaring flignt 
To realms of joy and worlds of light 

4 Scarce a few hours or minutes roll. 
Ere earth reclaims my captive soul ; 
I feel its svmpathetic force. 

And headlong urge my downward course. 

6 How short the joys thy visits give ! ^ ' - 
How long thine absence, Lord, 1 ^ot^\^ 

3 A 


What clouds obscure my rising sun, 
Or intercept its rays at noon! 
[Again the Spirit lifts his swordj 
And power divine attends the word; 
I fee! the aid it-s comforts yield. 
And vanquish'd passions quit the field.] 
Great God, assist me through the fight. 
Make me triumphant in thy might; 
Thou the desponding heart can raise, — 
The victory mine, and thine the praise. 

OU. Thi £ffaU oflhr Fall lamenitd, Pb. cxii. 136. 159. 

VRISE, my tenderest thoughts, arise; 
To torreniji melt my streaming eyes; 
And thou, my heart, with anguish feel 
Those evils which thou canst not heal. 
See human nature sunk in shame; 
See scandals ]X)ur'd on Jesus' name; 
The father wounded through the Son; 
The world abus'd ; the soul undone. 
See the short course of vain delight 
Closing in everlasting night — 
In flames, that no abatement know. 


2 It sweetly cheers our drooping hearts 

In this dark vale of tears ; 
Life, light, and joy it still imparts, 
And qud^ our rising fears. 

3 This lamp, through all the tedious night 

Of life, shall guide our way ; 
Till we behold the clearer light 
Of an eternal day. 

^£tC% ^ ^* ^* Beddome. 

I D^« Th€ Vhefubun of ike Seriptmtet. 

1 \)|rHEN Israel through the desert pMsU 

▼ T A fiery pillar went before 
To guide them through the dreary waste. 
And lessen the fatigues they bore. 

2 Such is thy glorious word, O Grod ! 
Tis for our light and guidance given; 
It sheds a lustre all abroad, 

And points the path to bliss and heaven : 

3 It fills the soul with sweet delight, 
And quickens its inactive powers; 

» It sets our wandering footsteps nght; 
Displays thy love, and kindles ours : 

4 Its promises rejoice 9ur hearts ; 
Its doctrines are divinely true ; 
Knowledge and pleasure it imparts ; 
It comforts and instructs us too. 

5 Ye favoured lands who have this word,— 
Ye saints who feel its saving power, — 
Unite your tongues to praise the Lord, 
And his distinguish'd grace adore. 

w/»0 45 C. M. Dr. S. Stennett. 

i DO« The Biehes of GotTs Word. 

1 T ET avarice^ from shore to shore, 
JLi Her fav'nte god pursue; 
Thy word, O Lord, we value more 

Than India or Peru. 

2 Here, mines of knowledge, love, and joy 

Are open'd to our sight; 
The purest gold, without alloy, 
And gems divinely bright. 

9 The counsels of redeeming gre^ce. 

These sacred leaves untoHL ; * 


And here, \he Saviour's lovely face 
Our raptur'd eyes behold. 

4 Here, lii^ht descending from aboTO i 

Directs our doubtful feet: ^ 

Here, promises of heavenly love 
Our ardent wishes meet. 

5 Our numerous griefs are here redrest. 

And all our wants suppUed; 
Naui^ht we can ask to make us blest 
Is in this book denied. 

6 For inestimable gains, 

That so enrich the mind, - 
O may we search with eager pains, 
Assur'd that we shall find ! 

■ Tlie ExalUnty nnii .Sufficiency of the Hull/ S 

] RATHER of mercies! in thy word 
What endless glorv shines! 
For ever be thv name aaor'd 
For these celestial lines. 



*7Cri ^7 ^- M- O'- Gibbons. 

4 OaU Our Duty to God, Exod. xx. 3—18. 

1 npHAT God, who made the worlds on high, 
X And air, and earth, and sea, 
Own as thy God ; and to his name, 
In homage bow the knee. 

^ Let not a shape, which hands have wrought 
Of wood, or clay, or stone^ 
Be deem'd thy God ; nor thmk him like 
Aught thou hast seen or known. 

3 Take not in vain the name of God ; 

Nor must thou ever dare 
To make thy falsehoods pass for truth, 
By his dread name to swear. 

4 That day on which he bids thee rest 

From toil, to pray and praise — 
That day keep holy to the liord. 
And consecrate its rays. 

9 O mtf that God, who gave these laws, 
Wnte them on every heart; 
That all may feel their living power, 
Nor from his paths depart! 

i 00« Our Duty to our Neighbour, 

1 ^I^HY sire, and her who brought thee forth, 
X With all thy mind and might. 
Fear, love, and serve ; so shall thy days 
Be numerous, calm, and bright. 

^ The blo9d of man thou shalt not shed, 
Its voice will pierce the sky ; 
And thou« by the just laws ol heaven. 
For the dire crime shalt die. 

3 To thine 0¥nai couch thou shalt not take 

A wife but her thine own : 
Vast is the ffuilt, and on thine head 
Heaven oarts its vengeance down. 

4 Thou shalt not or from friend or foe. 

Take aught by force or stealth ; 
Thy goods, thv stores, must grow from right, 
Or God wiu curse thy wealth. 

6 No man shalt thou, by a false charge, 
Or crush, or brand with shame", 

S A3 

ftj-i liUKAL LAW. 

Dear as thine own, so wills thy God, 

Must be his life and name. 
6 Thv soul one wish shall not let loose 

For that which is not thine; 
Live in thv lot, or small or great. 

For Goa has drawn the hne. 

L. M. Dr. Doddridp 
rr found lamting, Dwi. i 

1 Tl AISE. thoughtless sinner! raise thinteye; 
3\ Behokl the balance lifted high: 
There shall God's justice be displaj'd, 

And there thy hope and life be weigh'd. 

2 See, in one scale, his perfect law! 
Mark with what force its precepts draw; 
Wouldst thou the awful test sustain, 

Thy works, how hght ! thy thoughts, how Tain! 

3 Behold ! the hand of God appears 
To trace those dreadful characters; 

■ Tekelf — thy soul is wanting found, 

' And wrath shall smite thee to the grojuul!' 

4 I<et sudden fear thy nerves unbrace; 
Confusion wild o'erspread thy face: 


3 I see my fig-leaf righteousness 
Can ne'er thy broken law redress : 
Yet, in thy gospel plan, I see 
There's hope oi pardon e'en for me. 

4 Here I behold thy wonders, Lord ! — 
How Christ hath to thy law restor'd 
Those honours, on th' atoning day, 
Which guilty sinners took away. 

6 Amazing wisdom, power, and love, 
Display 'd to rebels from above ! • 
Do thou, O Lord, my faith increase. 
To love and trust thy plan of grace. 

i D €/• nUgal Obedience followed hy ewmgtHed, 

1 "VTO strength of nature can suffice 
j3I To serve the Lord aright; 
And what she has she misappliets. 

For want of clearer light. 

2 How long beneath the law I lay 

In bondage and distress ! 
I toU'd, the precept to obey ; . 
But toil'd without success. 

3 Then, to abstain from outward sin 

Was more than I could do; 
Now) if I feel its power within, 
I feel 1 hate it too; 

4 Then, all my servile works were done 

A righteousness to raise ; 
Now^ freely chosen in the Son, 
I freely chose his ways. 

5 * What shall I do?' was then the word, 

* That I may worthier crow?' — 
* What shall I render to the Lord?' 
Is my inquiry now. 

6 To see the law by Christ fulfill'd. 

And hear his ]^rdoning[ voice, 
Changes a slave into a child, 
Ana duty into choice. 

I i "• Hu Law and Chspel/ or, Chrtsi a Refuge. 

1 < #^URST be the man, for evet cxinX^ ^ 
^ ty ' That doth one wilful sixrcomToaX\ 
'Death and damnation for tYve fvxtX, 
'Without relief, and infinite^ 

560 MOilAL LAW. 

2 Thus Sinai roars, and round the earth 
Thunder, and fire, and vengeance flings; 
But, Jesus, thy dear gasping breath 
And Calvary say gentler things : 

3 'Pardon, and grace, and boundless love, 
' Streaming along a Saviour's blood ; 

' And life, and joys, and crowns above, 
* Obtain'd by a dear bleeding God.' 

4 Hark, how he prays [the charming sound 
Dwells on his dying lips) ' Forgive T 
And every groan and gaping wound 
Cries, ' Father, let the rebels live!' 

5 Go, you that rest upon the law, 
And toil and seek salvation there; 
Look to the flame that Moses saw. 
And shrijik, and tremble, and despair; 

6 But I'll retire beneath the cross, — 
Saviour, at thy dear (Vcl I'll lie; 

And the keen sword that justice drawg, 
Flaming and red, shall pass me by. 
53 H. M. or 6'h & s's. Cowper. 

The rrrnn/.. * ' ' " " ' ' " 



In him our Surety seem'd tx) say, 
* Behold, I bear your sins away.' 

5 Dipt in his fellow's blood, 

The living bird went free ; 

The type, well understood, 

Express'd the sinner's plea: — 
Descnb'd a guilty soul enlarged, 
And by a Saviour's death discharged 

5 Jesus, I love to trace 

Throughout the sacred page, 
The footsteps of thy grace. 
The same in every age ! 
O grant that I may faithful be 
To clearer light vouchsaf d to me ! 


^170 ^ I'* ^* Beddome. 

t lAm The Ooipd of Chriai. 

1 £^ OD, m the gospel of his Son, 

\X Makes his eternal coun^dls known; 
'Tis here his richest mercy shines. 
And truth is drawn in fistirest lines. 

2 Here, sinners of an humble frame 
May taste his grace and learn his name; 
*Tis writ in characters of blood, 
Severely just, immensely good. 

3 Here, Jesus in ten thousand ways 
His soul-attracting charms displays. 
Recounts his poverty and pains. 
And tells his love in melting strains. 

4 Wisdom its dictates here imparts. 

To form our minds, to cheer our hearts; 
Its influence makes the sinner live, 
It bids the drooping saint revive 

6 Our raging passions it controls, > 
And comfort yields to contrite souls ; 
It brings a better world in view. 
And guides us all our journey through. 

8 May this blest volume ever lie 
Close to my heart, and near my cy^, 
TUl life's last hour my soTil eugag^^ 
And be my chosen heritage \ 


mrmn 53 C. M. Dr. Gibbons. 

i iHt TTu GiupfJ vrorlkg of aJI Jteeplalim, ITSm. L li 

1 TESUS. th'etenial SonofGod, 
tl Whom seraphim obey. 
The bosom of the Father leaves, 
And enters human clay, 
a Into our sinful world he comes, 
The messenger of grace, 
And on the bloody tree expires, 
A victim in our place. 

3 Trans^essors of the deepest stain 

In him salvation find : • 

Hi& blood removes the foulest guiltfjl 
His Spirit heals the mind. 

4 Our Jesus saves from sin and hell; 

His words are true and sure, 
And on this rock our faith may rest 
Immovably secure. 

5 O let these tidings be receiv'd 

With universal joy. 
And let the high angelic praise 
Our tuneful powers employ ! 

6 ' Glory to God, who gave his Son 


5 But O what draughts of bliss unknown, 

What dainties shall be given. 
When, with the myriads round the thRme, 
We join ihe feast of heaven ! 

6 There joys immeasurably high 

Shau overflow the soul, 
And springs of life that never dry 
In thousand channels roll. 

n^nmfeC ^7 H. M. or 6*8 & 8*8. Altered by Topladj. 

1 "OLOW ye the trumpet, blow 
JD The gladly solemn sound ! 
Let all the nations know, 
To earth's remotest bound. 
The year of Jubilee is come; 
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home. 

3 Exalt the Lamb of God. 
The sin-atoning Lam d ; 
Redemption by his blood 
Throuffh all the lands proclaim : 
The year of Jubilee is come; 
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home. 

) [Ye, who have sold for naught 
1110 heritage above. 
Shall have it back unbought, 
The gift of Jesus' love : 
The year of Jubilee is come ; 
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home. 

I Ye slaves of sin and hell 
Your liberty receive • 
And safe in Jesus dwell, 
And blest in Jesus live : 
The year of Jubilee is come ; 
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home 

i Ye Iraoikrupt debtors, know 

The sovereipi grace of heaven ; 
Though sums immense ye owe, 
A nee discharge is given : 
The year of Jubilee is come ; 
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home. 

8 * The gospel trumpet hear, 

The news of pardoning grace v 
Ye happy souls, draw near, 
BeboM your Saviour's ncei 



The year of Jubilee is come ; 
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home. 
Jesus, our great High-priest, 
Has full atonement made; 
Ye weary spirits, rest; 

Ye mournful souls, be glad ! 
The year of Jubilee is come; 
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, hoi 

5B L. M. Dr. Doddtidn. 

The Goepel JubiUe, Psalm luiix. 1 

1 T OUD let the tuneful trumpet soum^ 
ii And spread the joyful tidings ron 
Let every soul with transport hear, 
And hail the Lord's accepted year. 

a Ye debtors, whom he gives to know 
That you ten thousana talents owe. 
When humble at his feet you fall. 
Your gracious God forgives them alj., 

3 Slaves, that have borne the heavy qg^ 
Of sin and hell's tyrannic reign, 
To liberty assert your claim. 

And urge the great Redeemer's name. 

4 The rich inheritance of heaven, 


3 The mighty debt, that sinners ow'd, 

Upon the cross he pars : 
Then through the clouds ascends to God. 
Midst shouts of loftiest praise. 

4 There he oiur great High-priest appears 

Before his Father's throne : 
Mingles his merits with our tears, 
And pours salvation down. 

6 Great Gtxi, with reverence we adore 
Thy justice and thy grace ; 
And on thy faithfulness and power 
Our firm dependence place. 

i i 0« ProdanuUion oftkt Gotpel, 

1 "FT ARK — hark — the notes of joy 
XL Roll o'er the heavenly plains ! 
And serai)hs find employ 

For their sublimest strains. 
Some new deliffht in heaven is known, 
Loud ring the narps around the throne. 

2 Hark — hark — ^the sounds draw nigh, 

The jojrful hosts descend ; 
Jesus forsakes the sky, 

To earth his footsteps bend, — 
He comes to bless our fallen race. 
He comes with messages of grace 

3 Bear — ^bear the tidings round. 

Let every mortal know 
What love in God is found. 

What pity he can show. — 
Ye winds that blow — ye waves that roll, 
Bear the glad news from pole to pole ! 

4 Strike — strike the harps again. 

To great Immanuel s name ; 
Arise, ye sons of men, 

And loud his grace proclaim. 
Angels and men, wake every string, 
'Tis God the Saviour's praise we smg ! 

I I Sf • Qoipd Trumpet, 

1 TT ARK, hark ! the gospel-tranvpeX wv^^ 
JU. Through the wide earl\i\)afteOcLo\«svai^ 



Pardon and peace by Jesus' blocxi ; 
Sinners are reconcil'd to God, 
And brought into the heavenly road 
By grace divine. 

2 Come, sinners, hear the joyfiQ newa. 
Nor longer dare the grace refuse; 
Mercy and justice here combine, 
Goodness and truth harmonious join. 
While boundless love in every Una 

Invites you near. 

3 Ye saints in glory, strike the lyre. 
Ye mortals, catch the sacred fire ; 
Let both the Saviour's love prociaim, 
Aud spread abroad his matchless fame, 
For ever worthy is the Lamb 

Of endless praise. 




4 Our Saviour and friend 
His love shall extend, 

It knew no beginning, and never shall end : 

Whom once he receives 

His Spirit ne'er leaves, 
Nor ever repents of the grace that he gives. 

5 This proof we would give 
That thee we receive ; 

Thou art precious alone to the souls that believe : 

Be precious to us ! 

All oesides is as dross, 
Gompar'd with thy love and the blood of thy < 


6 Yet one thing we want. 
More holiness grant ! 

For more of thy mind and thy image we pant! 

Thine image impress 

On thy favourite race ; 
O fashion and polish thy vessels of grace ! 

7 Thy workmanship we 

More fully would be ; [ih«e: 

Lord, stretch out thine hand, and conform us to 
While onward we move 
To Canaan above, 09 

Come jm us with holiness, fill us with love. 

8 Vouchsafe us to know 
More of thee below ; 

Thus fit us for heaven, and glory bestow; 

Our harps shall be tun'd. 

The Lamb shall be crown'd. 
Salvation to Jesus through heaven shall resound. 

MfO-t (63) L. M. Beddome. 

I O J. • The Consequences of Election^ Rom. Tiii. 33— 39. 

1 X^HO shall condemn to endless flames 

T V The chosen people of our Grod! 
Since in the book of lite their names 
Are fairly vmt in Jesus' blood. 

2 He, for the sins of all the elect. 
Hath a complete atonement made; 
And justice never can expect 

That the same debt should tw\c% \^ \jMji* 

3 Not tribulation, nakedness, 

The famine, peril, or ihe sword; 


Not persecution, or distress. 

Can sei»arate from Christ the Lord. 

4 Nor life, nor death, nor depth, nor heig^ 
Nor powers below, nor powers above; 
Nor present things, nor things to cotob. 
Can change his purposes of love. 

5 His sovereign mercy knows no end. 
His faithfulness shall still endure; 
And those who on his word depend 
Shall find his word for ever sure. 

OMY distrustful heart. 
How small thv feith appears! 
But greater. Lord, thou art 

Than all my doubts and fears: 
Did Jesu.s once upon me shine! 
Then Jesus is for ever mine. 
Unchangeable his ivill, 

Though dark may be my frame; 
His loving heart is still 

Eternallv the same: 




Lord, thy mercy 

Does botn grace and glory give. 

2 Every fallen soul^ by sinning, 
Merits everlasting pain : 
But thy love, without beginning, 

Has restor d thy sons again : 
Countless millions 
Shall in life through Jesus reign. 

) Pause, my soul, adore and wonder ! 

Ask, ' why such love to me?* 
Grace nath put me in the number 

Of the Saviour's family : 
Thanks, eternal thanks to thee ! 

I Since that love had no beginning, 

And shall never, never cease ; 
Keep, O keep me. Lord, from smning! 

Guide me in the way of peace ! 
Make me walk in 
All the paths of holiness. 

5 When I quit this feeble mansion, 

And my soul returns to thee ; 
Let the power of thy ascension 

Manifest itself in me ; 
Through thy Spirit, 
Give the final victory ! 

B [When the angel sounds the trumpet; 

When my soul and body join ; 
When m)^ Saviour comes to judgment. 

Bright in majesty divine ; 
Let me triumph 
In thy righteousness as mine.] 

7 When in that blest habitation, 

Which my God has fore-ordain'd; 

When in glory's full possession, 
I with saints and angels stand ; 

Free grace only 

Shall resound through Canaan's land. 

^QA (66) 6.8.4. OHtw. 

i 04r« The Covenant Ood. 

1 npHE God of Abram praise, 

A Who reigns enthron'd abore : 
Ancient of everlasting days, 
And God of love I 

8 B 8 


Jehovah, great I AM ! 
By earth and heaven confest, 
I bow and bless the sacred Name 
For ever bless'd. 

2 The God of Abram praise. 
At whose supreme command, 

From earth I rise, and seek the joys 
At Ills right hand: 
I'd all on earth forsake. 
Its wisdom, fame, and power: 
And him my only portion make, 
My shield and tower. 

3 The God of Abram praise, 
Whose all-sufficient grace 

Shall guide me, all my happy dayi. 
In all his ways: 
He calls a worm his friend, 
He calls himself my God! 
And he shall save me to the end, 
Througli Jesus' blood. 
A He bv himself hath sworn; 
I on his nath depend; 
I shall, on eagles' wings upborne, 


7 There dwells the Lord our King, 
The Lord our righteousness ! 

Triumphant o'er the world and sin, 
Tne Prince of Peace ; 
On Sion's sacred height 
His kingdom still mamtains; 
And glorious with his saints in lights 
For ever reigns. 

8 The ransom'd nations bow 
Before the Saviour's face, 

Joyful their radiant crowns they throw, 
O'erwhelm'd with mtce : 
He shows his scars of love ; 
They kindle to a flame, 
And sound through all the worlds above, 
'The slaughter'd Lamb!' 

9 The whole triumphant host 
Give thanks to God on high, 

' Hail Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!' 
They ever cry : 
Hail A Dram's God and mine ! 
I join the heavenly lays ; 
All might and majesty are thine. 
And endless praise. 

lyo^ 67 C. M. Dr. DoddridffiB. 

I 09« Support in CMTs Covenant under Troubk^ 

3 Sam. xxiii. 5. 

1 T^JTY God, the covenant of thy love 
i.TJL Abides for ever sure ; 

And, in its matchless grace, I feel 
My happiness secure. 

2 What though my house be not with thee, 

As nature could desire ! 
To nobler joys than nature gives 
Thy servants all aspire. 

8 Since thou, the everlasting God, 
My Father art become ; 
Jesus, my guardian and my friend. 
And heaven my final home ; 

4 I welcome all thy sovereign will. 
For all that will is love ; 
And, when I know not what thou dost^ 
I wait the light above. 



5 Thv covenant thp last accent claims 
Of this poor faltering tongue; 
And that shall the first notes employ 
Of my celestial song. 

TCiS 68 L. M-Gline* Bemlej'B Collectioo. 
I OVm PUading the C.nenarU, Psalm Ixxi*. 30. 

1 |~| LORD, my God! whose sovereign lore 

vf Is still the sanrie, nor e'er can move, 
Look to the covenant, and see, 
Has not thy love been shown to me? 
Remember me, my dearest friend. 
And love me alw»^s to the end. 

2 Be with me still, as heretofore, 
And help me forward more and mora; 
My strong, my stubborn will incline 
To be obedient still to thine; 
O lead me by thy gracious hand, 
And guide me safe to Canaan's land . 

icit. Redeeming Low. 

1 l^OW begin the heavenly theme, 
J^ Sine: aloud in Jesus' name! 
Ye, who his salvation prove. 


7 He subdu'd th' infernal powers; 
Those tremendous foes of ours 
From their cursed empire drove — 
Mighty in redeeming love. 

8 Hither, then, your music brinjf, 
Strike aloud each cheerful stnng; 
Mortals, join the host above, 
Join to praise redeeming love. 

»7QQ 70 L. M. Steele. 

i OOm Btdempiion by Chriat alant^ 1 Pet L It, 19. 

1 '■7' NSL AV'D by sin, and bound in chsini 
JlA Beneath its dreadful tyrant sway, 
And doom'd to everlasting imns, 

We wretched guilty captives lay. 

2 Nor gold nor gems could buy our peace; 
Nor the whole world's collected store 
Suffice to purchase our release; 

A thousand worlds were all too ixx>r. 

3 Jesus, the Lord, the mighty God, 
An all-sufficient ransom paid : 
Invalu'd price ! his precious blood 
For vile rebellious traitors shed. 

4 Jesus the sacrifice became 

To rescue guilty souls from hell : 
The spotless, bleeding, dyinff Lamb, 
Beneath avenging justice fell. 

5 Amazing goodness ! love divine ! 
O may our grateful hearts adore 

The matchless grace : nor yield to sin. 
Nor wear its crSel fetters more ! 

6 Dear Saviour, let thy love pursue 
The glorious work it has begun ; 
Each secret lurking foe subdue. 
And let our hearts be thine alone. 

71 8.7.4. F — 
Finiihed lUdemption. 


1 TTARK! the voice of love and mercy 
XI Sounds aloud from Calvary ! 
See it rends the rocks asunder, 

Shakes the earth, and ve\\s lilbft Apf \ 
Hear the dying Saviour cry \ 


2 It is finish 'd '. — O what pleasure 

Do these charmisg words afford ! 
Heavenly blessings, without measiuFe, 

Flow to us from Christ the Lord- 
It is finisb'd! — 
Saints, the dying words record. 

3 Finish 'd all the t>pes and shadows 

Of the ceremonial law! 
Finishd all that God had promis'd; 

Death and hell no more shall awe. 
It is finish 'd! — 
Saints, from hence your comfort draw. 

4 [Happy souls, approach the table, 

Taste the soul-reWving food; 
Nothing half so sweet and pleasant 

As ihe Saviour's flesh and blood. 
It is finish"d! — 
Christ has borne the heavy load.] 

5 Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs, 

Join to sing the pleasing theme; 
All in earth, and all in heaven, 
Join to praise Immanuers name- 



5 'Tis finish'd — Heaven is reconcil'd, 
And all the powers of darkness spoil'd ; 
Peace, love, and happiness again 
Return, and dwell with sinful men. 

B 'Tis finish'd — let the joyful sound 
Be heard through all the nations round : 
'Tis finish'd— let the echo fly 
Through heaven and hell, through earth and sky. 

WQ1 73 8*8. D. Turner. 

i SF 1 • Gratitude to God for Redemption, Eph. L 7. 11. 

1 C! HALL Jesus descend from the skies 
O To atone for our sins by his blood, 
And shall we such goodness despise. 

And rebels still be to our God ? 

2 [No brute could be ever so base ! 

Shall man thus ungrateful then prove? 
Forbid it, O God of all grace ! 
Forbid it, thou Spirit of love ! 

3 The devils would laugh us to scorn, 

For folly so shameful as this : 
O let us to God then return, 

Sure never was goodness like his.] 

4 He sav'd us, or we had been lost, 

Nor comfort nor hope had e'er known ; 
Yet he knew this salvation would cost 
No less than the blood of his Son. 

6 Through him we forgiveness shall find, 

And taste the sweet blessings of peace; 
If, contrite and humbly resigned, 
We trust in his promised grace. 

6 This world, then, with all its gay jov. 

That its thousands has snar'd ana undone, 
May tempt, but shall never destroy, 
Whom Jesus has mark'd for his own. 

7 While here through the desert we stray, 

Our God shall be all our delight; 
Our pillar of cloud in the dav. 
And also of fire in the night : 

8 TiU. the Jordan of death safely pass'd, 

We land on the heavenly shore, 
Where we the hid manna shall taste, ^ 

Nor hunger nor thirst any mote. 



9 And there, while his glories we see. 
And fe&st on the joys of his love. 
We chang'd to his likeness shall be, 
And then shall all gratitude prore. 

TQO '* ^- ^- ^- °' ^- '■^- '*'■ Toplady. 
I <7i£* Christ's Monanenl. 

1 f\ THOU, who didst thy glory leave 
Vf Apostate sinners to retrieve 

From nature's deadly fall, — 
If thou hast bought me with a price. 
My sins against nie ne'er shall rise; 

For thou hast borne them all. 

2 And wast thou punish'd in my stead? 
Didst thou without the city bleed 

To expiate my stain? 
On earth my God vouchsaf d to dwell, 
And made of infinite avail 

The sufferings of the man. 

3 Behold him for transgressors given! 
Behold th' incarnate King of heavea 

For u.*;, his foes, expire! 
Amaz'd, O earth! the tidings hear! 
He bore, that we might never \ 


All thy people are forgiven 

Through the virtue of thy blood, 

Open'd is the gate of heaven ; 

Peace is made 'twixt man and Grod. 

3 Jesus, hail ! enthron'd in ^lory, 

There for ever to abide! 
All the heavenly host adore thee, 

Seated at thy Father's side : 
There for sinners thou art pleading; 

There thou dost our place prepare ; 
Ever for us interceding, 

Till in glory we appear. 

4 Worship, honour, power, and blessing. 

Thou art worthy; to receive ; 
Loudest praises, without ceasing. 

Meet it is for us to give : 
Help, ye bright angelic spirits ! 

Bring your sweetest, noblest lays! 
Help to smg our Saviour's merits; 

Help to cnant Immanuel's praise. 

TO /I ^'^ ''"•• 

I UHtm Pleading the Attmement^ Psalm IxzziT. 9. 

1 "OATHER^ God. who seest in me 
JC Only sm and misery. 

Turn to thy anointed one, 
Look on thy beloved Son ; 
Him, and then the sinner, see;' 
Look through Jesus' wounds on me. 

2 Heavenly Father, Lord of all. 
Hear, and show thou hear'st my call ! 
Bow thine ear, in mercy bow. 
Smile on me, a sinner, now ! 

Now the stone to flesh convert, 
Cast a look, and melt my heart. 

3 Lord, I cannot let thee go. 
Till a blessing thou bestow ; 
Hear mv Advocate divine 
Lo ! to nis, ray suit I join ; 
Join'd with his, it cannot fail : 
Let me now with thee prevail! 

4 Turn, from me, thy glorious eyes 
To his bloody sacnfice, — 

To the fall atonement made. 
To the utmost ransom paid: 



And, if mine, through him. thoa art, 
Speak thy mercy to my heart 

5 Jesus, answer from above. 
Is not all thy nature love ' 
Pity from tlune eye let fall; 
Bless me while on thee I call: 
Am I thine, thou Son of God? 
Take the purchase of thy blood. 

6 Father, see the victim slain, 
Oflfer'd up for guilty men ; 
Hear his blood-prevailini? cry; 
Let thy bowels then reply ! 
Then through him the sinner see; 
Then, in Jesus, look on me ! 

■raK ^ C. M. ToplidT'* CoIlBMio*. 

■ «'«'• Effitaoom Grace. Ps»lm xIt. 3—6. 

1 TTAIL! mighty Jesus, how divine 
Xl Is thy victorious sword ! 
The stoutest rebel must resign 

At ihy commanding word. 

2 Deep are the wounds thy arrows ga% 
They pierce the hardest heart; 


2 As the omniscient Lord drew nigh, 
Upward he look'd, and saw him there; 

* Zaccheus, hasten down, for I 

* Must be thy guest to-day ; prepare. 

3 * To-day,' the pardoning Saviour cries, 

* Salvation to tny house is come j 

* On wings of S9v'reign love it flies; 

* Go, tell the blissful news at home.' 

4 Lord, look on souls that gaze around, 
To every listening sinner speak ; 
Now may thy ancient love abound ; 
From every seat a captive take. 

5 Sinners, make haste our God to meet ; 
Come to the feast his love prepares ; 

* The lost are sought and sav'd,' how swatt! 
And, 'not the righteous,' Christ declares. 

6 Say, what are you come out to view, 
Jesus, who once for sinners died ? 

O hear the Saviour's voice to you, 
' Cast sinful, righteous self aside.' 

7 Lord, wilt thou stoop to be my guest? 
Dost thou invite thee to my home? 
Welcome, dear Saviour, to my breast. 
To-day let thy salvation come. 

MTQW 79 c. M. 

i^ I m The lost Sheep founds Luke xr. 3, 4. 

1 XT^HEN some kind shepherd from his fold 

▼ ▼ Has lost a straying sheep, 
Through vales, o'er hills, he anxious roves, 
And climbs the mountain steep; 

2 But, O the jov ! the transport sweet! 

When he the wanderer finds; 
Up in his arms he takes his charge, 
And to his shoulder binds. 

3 Homeward he hastes to tell his joys. 

And makes his bliss complete : 
The neighbours hear the news, and all 
The joyful shepherd greet. 

4 Yet how much greater is the joy 

When bat one sinner turns', 
When the poor wrctcb, wit\i oTo\L«tL>MMX> 
His sins and errors moumaX 

5fr0 S<_HIPTllRt; DOtTRlNES 

5 Pleas'd with tlie news, the saints below 
In soncs their tongues employ! 
Beyond the skies the tidings go, 
And heaven is till'd with joy. 
€ Well-pleas'dj the Father sees and hean 
The conscious sinner weep; 
Jesus receives him in his arms, 
And owns him for his sheep. 
7 Nor angels can their joys contain. 
But kindle with new fire; 
' A wandering sheep's return'd,' they toag. 
And strike the sounding lyre. 

TQC 80 C. !M. Dr. S. Stennelt. 

I Ua. The converted Thief, Luke ixiii. 4S. 

1 1 S on the cross the Saviour hung, 
-LM. And wept, and bled, and died, 
Hepour'd salvation on a wretch 

That languish'd at his side, 

2 His crimes, with inward grief and shi 

The penitent confessed; 
Then turn'd his dying eyes to Christ, 
And thus his prayer address'd: 


2 To thee we still would cleave 
With ever-growing zeal ; 

If millions tempt ns Christ to leave, 
O let them ne'er prevail. 

3 Thy Spirit shall unite 
Our souls to thee our head; 

Shall form us to thy image bright. 
That we thy path may tread. 

4 Death may our souls divide 
From these abodes of clay • 

But love shall keep us near tny side 
Through all the gloomy way. 

6 Since Christ and we are one, 
Why should we doubt or fear? 
If he in heaven hath fix'd his throne, 
He'll fix his members there. 

Qfifi 82 L. M. Dr. S. Stennett. 

OW# Praise to God for renewing Oraee, 

1 nnO God my Saviour and my King, 

JL Fain would my soul her tribute bring; 
Join me, ye saints, in songs of praise. 
For ye have known and felt his grace. 

2 Wretched and helpless once I lay, 
Just breathing all my life away; 
He saw me welt'ring in my blood. 
And felt the pity of a God. 

3 With speed he flew to my relief, 

Bound up my wounds, and sooth'd my grief; 
Pour'd joys divine into my heart. 
And bade each anxious fear depart. 

4 These proofs of love, my dearest Lord ! 
Deep. in my breast I will record: 
The life, which I from thee receive. 
To thee, behold, I freely give. 

6 My heart and tongue shall tune thy praise. 
Through the remainder of my days: 
And, when I join the powers above, 
My soul shall better sing thy love. 

O'KfXm Human Righteousness insuffUieni toJusHfy^ 

Micah vi. 6—8. 

1 \l^HEREWITH,OLoTd,«\i?^\\^tWT«w 
rf Or how myself befoxe \\x7 i»cfe^ 
HoTT, in thy purer eyes appearl 
What shall I bring to gam \Yvy 

3 c 3 


2 Will gifts delight the Lord most high 
Will multiplied oblations please? 
Thousands of rams his favour buy? 
Or slaughter'd miUions e'er appease ?- 

3 Can these assuage the wrath of God? 
Can these wash out mv pniilty stain? 
Rivers of oil, or seas of blood ? — 
Alas! they all must flow in vain. 

4 What have I then wherein to trust ^ 
I nothing have, I nothing am; 
Excluded is my every boast, 
My glory swallow'd up in shame. 

5 Guilty, I stand before thy faoe- 
My sole desert is hell and wrath; 

'Twerc just the sentence should take place: — 
But, O! I plead my Saviour's death! 

6 I plead the merits of thy Son. 
Who died for sinners on the tree ; 
I plead his righteousness alone, 

O put the spotless robe on me! 



6 O let the dead now hear thy voice ! 
Bid, Lord, thy banish'd ones rejoice; 
Their beauty this, their glorious dress, 
Jesus, the Lord, our righteousness. 

Q/\Q 85 112th. President Daries. 

OVOm The pardoning Gody Micah yii. 18. 

1 pi RE AT God of wonders ! all thy ways 
U Are matchless, godlike, and divine ; 
But the fair glories of thy grace. 

More godlike and unnvaird shine : 
Who is a pardoning God like thee? 
Or who has grace so rich and free? 

2 Crimes of such horror to forgive. 

Such ffuilty daring worms to spare ; 
This is tny grand prerogative. 

And none shall m the honour share : 
Who is a pardoning God like thee ? 
Or who has grace so rich and free ? 

3 Angels and men resign their claim 

To pity, mercy, love, and grace, 
These glories crown Jehovah's name 

With an incomparable blaze : 
Who is a pardoning God Uke thee ? 
Or who has grace so rich and free? 

4 In wonder lost with tremblingjoy, 

We take the pardon of our God, 
Pardon for crimes of deepest die ; 

A pardon seaVd with Jesus' blood 
Who is a pardoning God like thee? 
Or who has grace so rich and free? 

6 O may this strange, this matchless grace^ 

This godlike miracle of love. 
Fill the wide earth with grateful praise. 

And all the angelic choirs above : 
Who is a pardoning God like thee? 
Or who has grace so rich and free? 

Qr| J 86 L. M. 6 lines. C. M. Steele. 
0\/4b« Pardoning Love, Jer. iii. 22. Ho«. %br, 4. 

1 TTOW oft, alas! this wretched heart 
JJL Has wander'd from the Lord ! 
How oft my roving thoughts dep^xt^ 
Forgetful of his word 1 

2 Yet sov'reim mercy calls, ' RetaxnC 
Dear Lord, and may I come* 


My vile ingratitude I mourn; 
O take the wanderer home! 
3 And canst thou, wih thou yet forgive, 
And bid my crimes remove? 
And shall a pardon'd rebel live 
To speak thy wondrous love? 
■4 Almighty grace, thy healing power 
How glorious, how divine! 
That can to life and bliss restore 
So vile a heart as mine. 
5 Thv pardoning love, so free, so sweet. 
Dear Saviour, I adore; 
O keep me at thy sacred feet, 
Ann let me rove no more! 

cap; S7 L. M. Dr. Gibbons. 


fhrgitxtirta, Luke v 

ORGIVENESS! 'tis a joyful soiuid 
To malefactors doom'd to die; 
Publish the bliss the world around; 
Ye seraphs, shout it from the sky! 
'Tis the rich gift of love divine ; 
Tis full, outmeasuring every crime: 


2 . This impious heart of mine 

Could once defy the Lord, 
Ckmld rush with violence on to sin , 
In presence of thy sword. 

3 How often have I stood 
A rebel to the skies, 

4Jid yet and yet, O matchless grace ! 
Thy thunder silent lies. 

4 Oh, shall I never feel 
The meltinffs of thy love ! 

Am I of such neU-harden'd steel 
That metcy cannot move? 

6 O'ercome by dying love, 
Here at thy cross I lie, 
And throw my flesh, my soul, my all ; 
And weep, and love, and die. 

6 'Rise,' says the Saviour, *rise! 

* Behold my wounded veins ! 

* Here flows a sacred crimson flood 

* To wash away thy stains.' 

7 See, God is reconcil'd ! 
Behold his smiling face ! 

Let joyful cherubs clap their wings, 
Ana sound aloud his grace. 

Og^fJ B9 C. M. Dr. Doddridge. 

OV I • Pardon spoken by Christ, Matt. ix. 2. 

1 \/I"Y Saviour, let me hear thv voice 
ITJL Pronounce the words of peace ! 
And all my warmest powers shall join 
To celebrate thy grace. 

8 With gentle smiles call me thy child, 

Ana speak my sins forgiven; 
The accents mild shall charm mine ear 
All like the harps of heaven. 

3 Cheerful, where'er thy hand shall lead. 

The darkest path 1 11 tread: 
Cheerful I'll quit these mortal shores, 
And mingle with the dead. 

4 When dreadful guilt is done away, 

No other fears we know ; 
That hand which scatters pardons do^irw^ 
Shall crowns of life bestow. 


.. M. 

Qf\Q 90 L. M. SlogdoD. 

?jVO» God rtadif toforpiTt ,■ or. Despair linful. 

1 \Y^HAT mean these jealousies and fears? 

T T As if iKe Lord was loth to save. 
Or lov'd to see us drench'd in tears. 
Or sink with sorrow to the grave. 

2 Does he \vant'slaves to grace his throns? 
Or rules he by an iron rod? 

Loves he the deep despairing groan? 
Is he a tyrant, or a God? 

3 Not all the sins which we have wrought 
So much his tender bowels grieve, 

As this unkind, injurious thought. 
That he's unwilling to forgive. 

4 What though our crimes are black as ni^t 
Or glowing like the crimson morn, 
Imm^nuel's blood will make them white 
As snow through the pure ether borne. 

6 Lord, 'tis amazing grace we own, 
And wel! may rebel worms surprise; 
But was not thy incarnate Son 
A most amazing sacrifice? 
' I've found a raTisom,' saith the Lord, 


No name, no Honours here I crave, 
Well pleas'd with those beyond the grave. 

4 Jesus, mv elder brother, lives ; 
With nim I too shall reign ; 
Nor sin, nor death, while he survives, 
Shall make the promise vain : 
In him my title stands secure, 
And shall while endless years endure. 

6 When he, in robes divinely bright, 
Shall once again appear. 
Thou too, my soul, snalt shine in light. 
And his full image bear : 
Enough ! — I wait th' appointed day : 
Bless'd Saviour, haste, and come away. 

Q1A ' ^ CM. Dr. Doddridge. 

oil/. Mba, Father, Gal. iv. 6. 

1 C! OVEREIGN of all the worlds on high, 
O Allow my humble claim ; 

Nor, while a worm would raise its head, 
Disdain a Father's name. 

2 My Father, God! how sweet the sound! 

How tender, and how dear ! 
Not all the harmony of heaven 
Could so delight the ear. 

3 Come, sacred Spirit, seal the name 

On my expanding heart: 
And show that in Jehovah s grace 
I share a filial part. 

4 Cheer'd by a signal so divine, 

Unwavering I believe ' 
And Abba, Father, humbly cry. 
Nor can the sign deceive. 

Q1 1 93 C. M. Dr. Doddridge. 

OX X • True Liberty given by Christ, John viii. 36. 

1 TTARK! for 'tis God's own Son that calls 
XI To life and liberty ; 
Transjwrted, fall before his feet 

Who makes the prisoners free. 

2 The cruel bonds of sin he breaks. 

And breaks old Satan's ch»ia\ 
Smiling he deals those pardons xoxmdk 
Which free from end\e«8 piaixv. 


3 Into the captive heart he poura 

His Spirit from on high ; 
We lose the terrors of the slave. 
And Abba, Father! cry. 

4 Shake off your lx)nds, and sing his gracCj 

The sinner's friend proclaim; 
And call on all around to seek 
True freedom by his name. 

5 Walk on at large, till you attain 

Your Fathers house above; 
There shall you wear immortal ci 
And sing immortal love. 

0-| O 3* ~'s- Humphrey*. 

1 ^. The Priribga^ of iKt Sent of 

1 TJLESSED arethesonsof God; 

XJ Thei- arc bought with Jesus' bloodt 
They are ransom'd from the grave, 
Life eternal they shall have: 

With them niimber'd may we be, 

Now and through eternity! 

2 God did love tliem, in his Son, 
Long before ihe world begun 



Yet they have an inward joy. 
Pleasures which can never cloy : 
With them, &c. ' 

7 They alone are trulv blest — 

Heirs of God, joint-neirs with Christ; 
They with love and i)eace are fiU'd ; 
They are by his Spirit seal'd : 
with them numbered may we be, 
Now and through eternity. 

Q1 Q 95 L. M. Dr. S. Stennett. 

OxOm Ckrutiam the Sens of God, John i. 13. 1 Jdm iiL 1. 

1 XT^*^ ^^^ *^^ nobles of the earth, 

JL^ Who boast the honours of their birth, 

Such real dignity can claim 

As those who bear the Christian name. 

2 To them the privilege is given 

To be the sons and neirs of heaven ; 
Sons of the God who reigns on high, 
And heirs of joys beyond the sky. 

3 [On them, a happy chosen race. 
Their Father pours his richest grace: 
To them his counsels he imparts. 
And stamps his image on their hearts. 

4 Their infant cries, their tender age, 
His pity and his love engage : 

He clasps them in his arms, and there 
Secures them with parental care.] 

5 His will he makes them early know, 
And teaches their young feet to go; 
Whispers instruction to their minds, 
And on their hearts his precepts binds. 

6 When, through temptation, they rebel. 
His chast'ning rod he makes them feel; 
Then, with a father's tender heart. 

He soothes the pain and heals the smart 

7 Their daily wants his hands supplv. 
Their steps he guards with watcntul eye, 
Leads them from earth to heaven above. 
And crowns them with eternal love. 

8 If I've the honour. Lord, to be 
One of this numerous family ; 
On me the gracious gift bestow, 
To ckU thee Abba, Father \ too. 



9 So may my conduct ever prove 
My filial piety and love ! 
Whilst all my brethren clearly trace 
Their Father's likeness in my face. 

Ql A 96 S. M. Di. Doddridge. 

1 4> Cammvniim u-ilH Gad and Chritl, I Jolui i. t 

1 |~|UR heavenly Father calls, 
Vf And Christ invites us near; 

With both our friendship shall be awe 
And our communion dear. 

2 God pities all our griefs; 
He pardons every day ; 

Almignty to protect our souls, 
And wise to guide our way. 

3 How large his bounties are: 
What various stores of good, 

Diffns'd from our Redeemer's nand, 
And purchas'd with his blood! 

4 Jesus, our living Head, 
We bless thy faithful care; 

Our Advocate before the throne. 

And our Forerunner there 

Here fix, my roving heart! 



A liffht to shine upon the road 
That leads me to the Lamb ! 

2 Where is the blessedness I knew 

When first I saw the Lord ? 
Where is the soul-refreshing view 
Of Jesus, and his word ? 

3 What peaceful hours I then eniov'd ! 

How sweet their memory still f 
But now I find an achinff void 
Tho world can never ml. 

4 Return, O holy Dove ! return, 

Sweet messenger of rest! 
I hate the sins that made thee mourn, 
And drove thee from my breast. 

5 The dearest idol I have known, 

Whatever that idol be. 
Help me to tear it from thy throne, 
And worship only thee. 

6 So shall my walk be close with God, 

Calm and serene my frame ; ^ 

So purer light shall mark the road 
That leads me to the Lamb. 

01 ^ (99) C. M. Dr. Watts's Sennoiui. 

Ol imOthat I knew where Imighifind him^ Job zziiL S, 4. 

1 r| THAT I knew the secret place, 
v/ Where I might find my Crod ! 
I'd spread my wants before his face. 

And pour my woes abroad. 

2 rd tell him how my sins arise. 

What sorrows I sustain ; 
How sprace decays, and comfort dies, 
And leaves my heart in pain. 

3 He knows what arguments I'd take 

To wrestle with my God ; 
I'd plead for his own mercy sake. 
And for my Saviour's blood. 

4 My God will pity my complaints. 

And heal my broken bones; 
He takes the meaning of his saints. 

The language of their groans. 
6 Arise, my soul, from deep distress, 

And banish every fear ; 
He calls thee to his throne of gc^ce^ 

To 8pre9d thy sorrows there 


"Y^rHERE shall we siniiprs hide our heads! 

Can rocks or mountains save? 
Or shall we wrap us in the shades 
Of midnight and the grave? 

2 Is there no shelter from the eye 

Of a revenging God? 
Jesus, to thy dear wounds we fly; 
Bedew us with thy blood. 

3 Those guardian drops our souls secure. 

And wash away our sin; 
Eternal justice frowns no more, 
And conscience smiles within. 

4 We bless that M-ondrous purple stream. 

That cleanses every stain; 
Yet are our souls but half redeem'd, 
If sin, the tyrant, reign. 

5 Lord, blast his empire with thv breath! 
, That cursed throne must fall; 

Ye flattering plagues that work our destht 
Fly, for we hate vou all. 

L. .M. Dr. Doddrid. 


Pouring his tears at Jesus' feet 
For pity and relief. 

S * O speak the word/ he cries, 

* Ana heal me of my pain : 

* Lord, thou art able, if thou wilt, 

* To make a leper clean.' 

5 Compassion moves his heart 
He speaks the gracious wora ; 

The l^r feels his strength return, 
And all his sickness cur'd. 

4 To thee, dear Lord, I look. 
Sick of a worse disease ; 
Sin is my painful malady, 
And none can give me ease. 

6 But thy Almighty grace 
Can heal my lep'rous soul : 

O bathe me in thy precious blood. 
And that will make me whole. 

A01 ^^^ ^- ^- ^'- I>oddridge. 

O^ L^ The Seeiiritu of ChriaiU Sheep, John x. 97—^. 

1 IMfY soul, with joy attend. ^ 

ivJL While Jesus silence breaks; 
No angel's harp such music yields 
As what my Shepherd speaks. 

« * I know my sheep,' he cries, 

* My soul approves them well : 

^ Vain is the treacherous world's disguiset 

* And vain the rage of hell. 

3 * I freely feed them now 

* With tokens of my love ; 

* But richer pastures I prepare, 

* And sweeter streams aoove. 

4 * Unnumber'd years of bliss 

* I to my sheep will give • 

' And while my throne unshaken stands, 

* Shall all my chosen live. 

6 * This tried Almighty hand 

* Is rais'd for their defence : 

' Where is the power shall reach them thwi. 

' Or what shall force them thence?' 
6 Enough, my gracious Lord, 

Let faith tnumphant cry ; 
My heart can on this promise live, 

Can on this promise die. 


^94 s>LniPTlTRE 

aCtO '0* ^- -'^'' ^^- Doddridge. 

9!£^. A'oaA pttirrvfd in th, .Irk, and Iht Bilievtr in 

rhr,;t. I Peter iii. 20. 31. 

1 rpHE deluge at th' Almighty's call, 

M- In what impetuous streams it fell! 
Swallow'd the mountains in its rage, 
And swept a guilty world to hell. 

2 In vain the tallest sons of pride 
Fled from the close-pursuing wave; 
Nor could their mightiest towers defend. 
Nor swiftness 'scape, nor courage save. 

3 How dirL> the wreck! how loud the roar! 
How shrill the universal cry 

Of millions, in the last despair, 

Re-echo'd from the low'ring sky! 

4 Yet Noah, humble, happy saint! 
Surrouniied with a chosen few, 
Sat in his ark, secure from fear. 
And sang the grace lliat steer'd him through 

5 So may I sing, in Jesus safe. 

While storms nf vengeance round me fall. 
Conscious how high mv hopes are fix'd. 
Beyond what shakes this earthly ball. 


QQ J (106) L. M. Dr. S. Stennett. 

1 TESUS, my Saviour and my God. 

tf Thou hast redeemed me with tny blood ; 
By ties, both natural and divine, 
X ^tm, and ever will be, thine. 

2 But, ah ! should my inconstant hearty 
Ere I'm aware, from thee depart, 
What dire reproach would fall on me 
For such ingratitude to thee ! 

3 The thought I dread, the crime I hate; 
The guilt, the shame, I deprecate : 
And yet, so mighty are my foes, 

I dare not trust my warmest vows. 

4 Pity my frailty, dearest Lord ! 
Grace m the needful hour alSbrd : 
O steel this timorous heart of mine 
With fortitude and love divine. 

6 So shall I triumph o'er my fears. 
And gather joys from all my tears; 
So shall I to the world proclaim 
The honours of the Christian name. 


QOK 107 5*8 & 6*8 or 5*8 & 1 1*8. Toplady. 
0/6D. The Method of SatvaHan. 

IHEE, Father! we bless. 
Whose distinguishing grace 
Selected a people to show forth thy praise : 
Nor is thy love known 
By election alone : 
For, O ! thou hast added the gift of thy Son. 

2 The goodness in vain 
We attempt to explain. 

Which found and accepted a ransom for men : 

Great Surety of thine, 

Thou didst not decline [sign. 

To concur with the Father's most gracious de- 

3 To Jesus, our friend. 
Our thanks shall ascend. 

Who saves to the utmost, and loves to the end : 

Our ransom he paid! 

In his merit array 'd, 
We attain to the glory for wVi\c\i nh^ ^^t^'®*^ 

4 Sweet Spirit of grace ! 

Thy mercy we bless 
For thy emiuerit share in the council of pea» 

Great Agent divine, 

To restore us is thine, 
And cause us afresh in thy likeness to shine. 
6 O God, 'tis thy part ^^ 

To convince and convert; ^^I^H 

To give a new life, and create 3 new 1mM^^^| 

By thy presence and grace "^^^F 

We're upheld in our race. 
And are kept iu thy love to the end of our daj* 
6 Father, Spirit, and Son, 

Agree thus in one, [own; 

The salvation of those he has mark'dforliij 

Let us, too, agree 

To glorify Thee,— 
Thou ineffable One, thou adorable Thnwl 

coc '"f' ^- '■ *■ 

0^0. f'rte Salvation, 3 Tim. i. 9. 


ESUS is our great salvation. 
Worthy of our best esteem ! 
He has sav'd his favourite nation ; 
Join to sing aloud to him : 


5 Free election, known by calling, 

Is a privilege divine : 
Saints are kept from final falling : 

All the glory, Lord, be thine; 
All the glory. 
All the glory, Lord, is thine. 

OA i • Complete SahaHon, 

1 CJ ALVATION, through onr dying God, 
O Shall surely be complete;* 

He paid whate'er his people ow'd. 
And cancell'd all their debt. 

2 He sends his Spirit from above, 

Our nature to renew ; 
Displays his power, reveals his love, 
Gives life and comfort too. 

3 He heals our woxmds, subdues our foei^ 

And shows our sins forgiv'n ; 
Conducts us through the wilderness, 
And brings us safe to heaven. 

4 Salvation now shall be my stay ; 

' A sinner sav'd,' I'll cry, 
Then gladly quit this mortal clay, 
For better joys on high. 

QOQ HO 11.8. K . 

O^Om Distinguuhing Graee^ Jer. xzzi. S. 

1 TN songs of sublime adoration and praise, 
JL Ye pilgrims ! for Sion who press, 
Break forth, and extol the great Ancient of dajrs. 

His rich and distinguishing grace. 

2 His love, from eternity fix'd upon you. 

Broke forth and discovered its flame. 
When each with the cords of his kindness he 
And brought you to love his great name. 

8 O had he not pitied the state you were in. 
Your bosoms his love had ne'er felt. 
You all would have liv'd, would have died too in 
And sunk with the load of your guilt. 

* Christ has made a eompleU atonement for his people : in IM 
tense kU work is finished :--4he work of the Spirit, which at pre- 
sent, in some of the saints, is only hegun^ in doe tiakjtell ha ^om. 
pleted also. , ^"^^ 


4 What was there in you that could merit 
Or give the Creator delight? 
'Twas ' eveo so. Father !' you ever must dug, 
■ Because it seem'd good in thy sight' 
6 'Twas all of thy grace we were brought to dbtjl 
While others were sutfer'd to go 
The road which by nature we chose as our -nj, 
Which leads to the regions of wo. 
6 Then give all the glory to his holy name. 

To him ail the glory belongs; [&me, 

Be yours the high joy still to sound forth hii 
And crown him in each of your songs. 

4~^ RE AT God, 'tis from thy sovereign grace 

That all my blessings flow , 
Whate'er 1 am, or do possess, 

I 1o thy mercy owe. 
'Tis this my jiowerful lust controls, 

And pardons all my sin ■ 
Spreads life and comfort through my 

And makes my nature clean. 
'Tis tliis upholds me whilst I live, 



4 Grace led my rovinff feet 
To tread the heavenly road : 

And new supplies, each hoxir, I meet 
While pressing on to God. 

5 [Grace taught my soul to pray. 
And made my eyes overflow ; 

'Twas grace which kept me to this day, 
And will not let me go.] 

6 Grace all the work shall crown. 
Through everlasting days ; 

It lays in heaven the topmost stone, 
And well deserves the praise. 

Q<w\ 113 6. 8. 6. or L. C. M. 

OtW« TVutting in ChrUt for Pardon^ 

1 fk THOU that hear'st the prayer of faith, 
Vr Wilt thou not save a soul from death, 

That casts itself on thee ? 
I have no refuge of my own, 
But flv to what my Lord hath done 

And suflFer'd once for me. 

2 Slain in the g[ui^ty sinner's stead. 
His spotless righteousness I plead, 

And his availing blood : 
That righteousness my robe shall be, 
That merit shall atone for me, 

And bring me near to God. 

3 Then save me from eternal death. 
The spirit of adoption breathe, 

His consolations send : 
By him some word of life impart, 
And sweetly whisper to my heart, 

* Thy Maker is thy friend.' 

4 The king of terrors then would be 
A welcome messenger to me, 

To bid me come away : 
Undogg'd by earth, or earthly things, 
I'd mount, I'd fly, with eager wings. 

To everlasting day. 

GOO scRiprrHE 



ALVATION!— Oh, melodious sound 

To wretched dying men ! 

Salvation that from God proceeds, 
And leads to God again. 

2 Rescued from hell's eternal gloom. 

From fiends, and fires, and chains; 
Rais'd to a paradise of bliss, 
Where love triumphant reigns! 

3 But may a poor bewilder'd soul, 

Sinful and weak as mine. 
Presume to raise a trembling eye 
To blessings so diviae. 

4 The lustre of so bright a bliss 

My feeble heart o'erhears ; 
And unbelief almost perverts 
Tlie promise into learn. 

5 Mv Saviour God, no voice but thine 



4 So shall our thankful Ups repeat 
Thy praises with a tunefUl voice. 
While, humbly prostrate at thy leeU 
We wonder, tremble, and rejoice. 

QC|Q 114 (Second Part.) L. M. 

OUA* Seek ye my JFhee, Psalm xxrfi. 8. 

1 TEHOVAH speaks ; ' Seek ye my face !' 
J My soul £ires the wondrous grace : 
I'll seek thy face — ^thy Spirit give ! 

O let me see thy face ana live. 

2 I'll wait; perhaps my Lord may oome; 
(If I turn back, now sad mv doom!) 
And, begging, m his way I U lie 

Till the sweet hour he passeth by. 

8 Dailv I'll seek, with cries and tears. . 
Witn secret sighs, and fervent pray'rs; 
And, if not heard — I'll weeping sii 
And perish at the Saviour's feet. 

4 But canst thou, Lord ! see all my pain. 
And bid me seek thy face in vain f 
Thou wilt not, canst not, me deceive, — 
The soul that seeks thy iface shatt live. 

QOQ 11^ (First Part.) 8.7.4. 

000« Cmne and wekome to Jeaus ChrUt^ Isaiah !▼. 1. 

1 £^ OME, ye sinners, poor and wretched. 
\J Weak and wounded, sick and soraf 
Jesus ready stands to save you. 

Full of pity join'd with power : 
He is able^ 
He is willing : doubt no more. 

5 Come, ye thirsty ! come and welcome ; 

God's free bounty glorify : 
True belief, and true repentance, 

Every grace that brings us nigh — 
Without money. 
Come to Jesus Christ, and buy. 

8 Let not conscience make you linger^ 
Nor of fitness fondl]f dream ; 
All the fitness he requireth 

Is to feel your need of him; 
Thiflhejpves vou; 
Tis his Spirit^B risins beaxa. 

Come, ye weary, heavy laden. 

Lost and ruin'd by the fall! 
If you tarry till you're better. 

You will never come at all: 
Not the righteous, — 
Sinners Jesus came to call. 
View him prostrate in the garden:— 

On the ground your Maker liesl. 
On ihe bloody tree behold him; 

Hear him cry, before he dies, 
' It is finish 'd!' 
Sinner, M-ill not tkrs suffice ? 
Lo! th' incarnate God ascendw 

Pleads the merit of his I 

Venture on him, venture wholl; 

Let no other trust intrude; 
None but Jesus 
Can do helpless sinners good. 
Saints and angels, join'd in concerts 

Sing the praises of the Lamb; 
While the blissful seats of heaven 

Sweetly echo with his name : 


k Pardon, now. is freely published 

Through the Mediator's blood; 
Who ham died to make atonemen 

And appease the wrath of God ! 
Wondrous mercy ! 
See, it flows through Jesus' blood ! 

S In his name, you are entreated 

To accept this act of grace ; 
This the day of your acceptance. 

Listen to the terms of peace : 
O delay not, 
Listen to the terms of peace. 

4 Having thus, then, heard the message, 
All with heav'nly mercy fraught; 

Gro and tell the gracious Jesus 
If you will be sav'd or not : 

Say. poor sinner ! 

Will you now be sav'd or not? 

QQyl 116 (First Part.) C. M. Faweett. 

Ld the wicked fonake hie way^ Ue, Isaiah It* 7* 

1 QINNERS, the voice of God regard; 
O 'Tis mercy speaks to-day ; 

He calls you, by his sovereign word. 
From sin's destructive way. 

2 Like the rough sea that cannot rest. 

You live devoid of peace ; 
A thousand stings within your breast 
Deprive your souls of ease. 

3 Your way is dark, and leads to hell ; 

Why will you persevere? 
Can you in endless torments dwell. 
Shut up in black despair? 

4 Why will you in the crooked ways 

Of sin and folly go ! 
In pain you travel all your days 
To reap immortal wo ! 

6 But he that turns to God shall live 
Through his abounding grace : 
His mercy will the guilt forgive 
Of those that seek his face. 

6 Bow to the sceptre of his word. 
Renouncing every sin; 
Submit to him^ your sovereign Lotd^ 
And ieam his will divine. 



7 His love exceeds your highest thoughts; 
He pardons like a God; 
He will forgive voiir numerous feults, 
Through the Tledeetner's blood. 

haalt, and delayed not. Pa. c 

1 TIASTEN. O sinner, to be wise, 

JX And stay not for the morrow's sual 
The longer wisdonn you despise, 
The harder is she to be won. 

2 O hasten mercu to implore, 
And stay not for the morrow's BUB, 
For fear thy season should be o'er 
Before this evening's stage be ran. 

3 O hasten, sinner, to return, 
And stay not for the morrow's sun, 
For fear thy lamp should fail to bartl 
Before the needful work is done. 

4 O hasten, sinner, to he blest, 
And stay not for the morrow's sun. 
For fear the curse should thee arrest 
Before the morrow is begun. 


We come with trembling, yet rejoice. 
And bless the kind inviting voice. 

5 Dear Saviour, let thy powerful love 
Confirm our taith, our fears remove ; 
And sweetly influence every breast. 
And guide us to eternal rest. 

OOD« Tei there a room, Luke ziT. 9S. 

1 XTE dying sons of men, 

X Immerg'd in sin and wo, 

The gospel's voice attend, 

While Jesus sends to you : 
Ye perishing and guilty, come. 
In Jesus' arms there yet is room. 

2 No longer now delay. 

Nor vain excuses frame : 
He bids you come to-day. 

Though poor, and blind, and lame; 
All things are ready, sinner, come. 
For every trembling soul there's room. 

8 Believe the heavenly word 
His messengers proclaim ; 
He is a gracious Lord, 
And faithful is his name : 
Backsliding souls, return and come, 
Cast off despair, there yet is room. 

4 Compell'd by bleeding love. 

Ye wandering sheep, draw near ; 
Christ calls you from above, 
His charming accents hear ! 
Let whosoever wul now come. 
In mercy's breast there still is room. 

00*7 H9 7*8. 

OO I • Compel them to come tn, Luke xiy. S3. 

1 T ORD, how larg[e thy bounties are, 
JLi Tender, gracious, sinner's Mend ! 
What a feast dost thou prepare, 

And what invitations send ! 
Now fulfil thy great design. 

Who didst first the message bring: ^^ 
Every heart to thee incline, V^ 

Now compel them to come in. ^^ 

2 Rushing on the downward road. 

Sinners no compulsion need, 


OG srRiPTURi: 

Glory to forsake, and God : 

See they run with rapid speed : 
Draw them back by love divine; 

With tliy grace their spirits win: 
Every heart, &c. 
Thus their wiUing souls compel, 

Thus their happy minds constrain, 
From the ways of death and hell. 

Home to God and grace again : 
Stretch that conquering arm of thine, 

Once outiitretch'd to bleed for sin: 
Every heart to thee incline, 

Now compel them to come in, 

.QQ l^" '^■^^- Steele. 

>(JO. Tki Sniiour'i Inmtation, John vii. 37. 

THE Sanour calls — let every ear 
Attend the heavenly sound; 
Ye doubting souls, dismiss your fear, 

Hope smiles reviving round. 
For every thirsty longins: heart. 

Here strcnms of liounty flow: 
And life, and health, and bliss impart 

To banish mortal wo. 
Here springs of sacred pleasure rise 

To ease your every pain: 


2 Backsliders, fill'd with your own wavs. 
Whose weeping nighte and wretched dajrt 

In bitterness are spent. 
Return to Jesus ; he 11 reveal 
His lovely face, and sweetly heal 

What you so much lament. 

3 Tried souls! look up— he says, 'Tis I; 
He loves you still, but means to try 

If faith will bear the test; 
The Lord has given the chiefest gX)od| — 
He shed for you his precious bloc^ ; 

trust him for the rest ! 

4 Ye tender souls, draw hither too, 
Ye grateful, hignly-favour'd few, 

Who feel the debt you owe ! — 
Press on, the Lord hath more to give; 
By faith upon him daily live, 

And you shall find it so. 

QQQ ^^^ (Second Part.) C. M. 

OOt/« Tke Invitation of Wiidom. 

O ! wisdom stands with smiling face, 

1 And courts us to her arms; 
Who can resist the wondrous grace, 

And slight her pow'rful charms? 

2 She, gen'rous, holds out to our sight 

Riches which shall endure ; 
Not sparkling rubies half so bright, 
Nor finest gold so pure. 

3 Eternal pleasures fill her train. 

Pleasures that never cloy : 
' Come, drink of bliss unmix'd with pain, 
* Ana taste celestial joy.' 

4 Immortal crowns she now displays, 

And thrones beyond the skies ; 
Accept her blessings while she stays, 
And seize the glorious prize. 

QQQ ^^^ '^^^ ^^^ ^' ^* 

^OVm Thu hmtation of Wisdom aeeepttd^ Rer. iiL 17* 

1 T HEAR the counsel of a friend, W 

JL And to his soothing voice attend; ▼^ 
* Come, sinners, wretched, blind, and poor, 
' Come, buy, from my unbounded «tote^. 



123 L. M. Fawceti. 
• As thy days^ so shall thy strength be, Deut. xxxiii. 35. 

AFFLICTED saint, to Christ draw near, 
Thv Saviour's gracious promise hear ; 
His faithful word declares to thee 
That, as thy days, thy strength shall be. 

Let not thy heart despond, and say, 
How shall I stand the trying day f 
He has engaged, by firm decree. 
That, as thy da)rs, thy strength shall be. 

Thy faith is weak, thy foes are strong ; 
Ana, if the conflict should be long. 
Thy Lord will make the tempter flee ; 
For, as thy days, thy strength shall be- 

Should persecution rage and flame, 
Still trust in thy Redeemer's name ; 
In fiery trials thou shalt see 
That, as thy days, thy strength shall be. 

5 When call'd to bear the weighty cross, 
Or sore affliction, pain, or loss. 

Or deep distress, or poverty — 

Still, as thy days, thy strength shall be. 

6 When ghastly death appears in view. 
Christ's presence shall thy fears subane ; 
He comes to set thy spirit free ; 

And, as thy days, thy strength shall be. 

04r^« Ftar noi^forlam with thee^ Isaiah zlL 10. 

1 A ND art thou with us, gracious Lord, 
juL To dissipate our fear ? 
Dost thou proclaim thyself our God, 
Our Goa for ever near ? 

8 Dost thou a father's bowels feel 
For all thy humble saints ? 
And in such friendly accents speak 
' To soothe our saa complaints ? 

3 Why droop our hearts ? why flow our eyes 

While such a voice we hear ? 
Why rise our sorrows and our fears, 
While such a friend is near ? 

4 To all thine other favours, add * 

A heart to trust thv word ; 
And death itself shall hear us sing, 
While resting on the Lord. 



1 "■T'lNB are the words that Jesus speaks J 
JV To cheer the drooping saint ; 

' Mv [{race sufficient is for you, 

'Though nature's powers may faint 

2 ' My grace its glories shall display, 

' And make your griefs remove : 
' Your weakness shall the triumphs t^ 

' Of boundless power and love.' 

3 What though my griefs are not remor'd. 

Yet why should I despair ? . 

While rav kind Saviour s arms support^ i 
I can the burden bear, 

4 Jesus, my Saviour, and my Lord, 

'Tis good to tnist thy name : 
Thy power, thy faithfulness, and love, 
Will ever be the same. 

5 Weak as I am, yet through thy grace, 
1 all things can jKTfo 


AAP% ^^ ^' ^* ^'* Doddridge. 

o4tf« Ftar noif His vour Father's good pUaaure to ghe 

you the Kngdom^ Luke xii. 32. 

1 "^E little flock whom Jesus feeds, 

X Dismiss your anxious cares ; 

Look to the Shepherd of your souls, ^ 

And smile away your fears. 

2 Though wolves and lions prowl around, 

His staff is your defence : 
Midst sands and rocks, your Shepherd's Toice 
Calls streams and pastures thence. 

8 Your Father will a kingdom give. 
And give it with delight ; 
His feeblest child his love shall call 
To triumph in his sight. 

4 [Ten thousand praises. Lord, we bring 
For sure supports like these : 
And o'er the pious dead we sing 
Thy living promises. 

6 For all we hope, and they enjoy, 
We bless the Saviour's name : 
Nor shall that stroke disturb the song 
Which breaks this mortal frame.] 

Qj/J 128 ll's. K . 

04rO« Exceeding great and precious Promises f 

2 Pet. 1. 4. 

1 T¥ O W firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord. 

XI Is laid for your faith in his excellent word ! 
What more can he say than to you he hath said, 
You who unto Jesus for refuge have fled ? 

2 In every condition, — in sickness^ and health, 
In poverty's vale, or abounding m wealth ; 
At nome and abroad, on the land, on the sea, 

* As thy days may demand, shall thy strength 
ever be.' 

to stand, 

* Upheld by my righteous, omnipotent hand. 

4 * When through the deep waters I call thee to go, 
The rivers of wo shall not thee overflow ; 

* For I will be with thee thy trouble to bless ; 
' And sanctify to thee thy deep|>e«»\> di^^RS^. 

5 ' Whenthroughfiery trialsthypathwayshalllie, 

' My grace, aU-sufiicient, shall be thy supply; ' 
' The flame shall not hurt thee ; I only design 
' Thy dross to consume, and thy gold to refine. 

6 ' E'en down to old age, all my people shall prove 
' My sovereign, eternal, unchangeable love : 

' And when hoary hairs shall their temples adorn, 

' Like lambs they shall still in my bosom be 

' borne. 

7 * The soul that on Jesus hath lean'd for repose, 
' / will not, I nnll not desert to his foes ; 

' That soul, though all hell should endeavour to 

' shake, 
' rU never, no, never, no, never forsake.'* 


1 'X'HEE we adore, Ete'rnal Word! 
X The Father's equal Son: 
By heaven's nhedieut adord, 
Ere time its course begun. 

CHRIST. 613 

7 Ood oyer all, for ever blest, 

The righteous curse endures; 
JUid thuflL to souls with sin distrest, 
Eternal bliss ensures. 

8 What wonders in thy person meet, 

My Saviour, all divine ! 
I fell with rapture at thy feet, 
And would be wholly thine. 

OA^y 199 (Second PartO CM. Madlejr. 

04r I • The IncamaHon of (fhrui^ Luke ii. U. 

1 TMTORTALS, awake, with angels join, 
jjfJL And chant the solemn lay ; 

Joy. love, and gratitude combine 
To hail th' auspicious day. 

2 In heaven the rapturous song began, 

And sweet seraphic fire 
Through all the shining legions ran, 
And strung and tun'd the lyre. 

8 Swift through the vast expanse it flew, 
And loud the echo roird ; 
The theme, the song, the joy was new, 
'Twas more than neaven could hold. 

4 Down through the portals of the sky 

Th' impetuous torrent ran j 
And angels flew, with eager joy, 
To bear the news to man. 

5 [Wrapt in the silence of the night 

Lay all the eastern world, 
When bursting, glorious, heavenly light 
The wondrous scene unfurl'd.] 

6 Hark ! the cherubic armies shout. 

And ^lory leads the song : 
Good-will and peace are heard throughout 
Th' harmonious heavenly throng. 

7 O for a glance of heavenly love 

Our hearts and songs to raise. 
Sweetly to bear our souls above. 
And mingle with their lays ! 

8 With joy the chorus we'll repeat, 

* Glorjr to God on high I 
^Good-will and peace are now cotDL^s^^ft^\ 
^ Jesus was bom to die.' 


614 CHRIST. 

9 Hail, Prince of Life! for ever hail, ■* 

Redeemer, Brother, Friend ! 
Though earth, and time, and Ufe 8houl4'4|t 
Thy praise shall never end. ^ 

848. Tht Song of the l>igtU. I 

\ TTARK, the herald angels sing, ■ i 

XX ' Glory to the new-bom King; 
' Peace on earth, and mercy mild, 
' God and sinners reconcil'd.' 

2 Joyful, all ye nations, rise, 
Join the triumph of the skies; 
Hail the heaven-born Prince of P( 
Hail the Sun of Righteousness' 

3 [Mild he lays his glories by; 
Born that men no more might die; 
Born to raise the sons of earth; 
Born to give them second hirth.] 

4 Come, Desire of Nations! come. 
Fix in us thy luimble home: 
Rise, the woman's jiromis'd seed. 
Bruise in us the serpent's head. 


CHRIST. 616 

6 Adoring angels tun'd their songs 
To mdl tne joyful day ; 
With rapture then let mortal tongues 
Their grateful worship pay. 

6 What glory, Lord, to thee is due ! 
With wonder we adore ; 
But could we sing as angels do, 
Our highest praise were poor. 

Qtil\ ^^ ^ '^- ^* RobinBon. 

09V« Fraite to the Rtdtemmr. 

1 T^flGHT Y God ! while angels bless thee, 
ITJL May an infant lisp thy name? 
Lord of men, as well as angels, 

Thou art every creature's theme : 
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen. 

2 Lord of every land and nation ! 

Ancient ot eternal days ! 
Sounded through the wide creation 
Be thy just and lawful praise : HaL 

3 For the grandeur of thy nature, — 

Qrana beyond a seraph's thought; 
For created works of power, — 
Works with skill and kindness wrought: Hal. 

4 For thy providence that governs 

Through thine empire's wide domain; 
Wings an angel, guides a sparrow : 

Blessed be thy gentle reign. Hal. 

6 But thy rich, thy free redemption. 
Dark through brightness all along; 
Thought is poor, and poor expression ; 

Who dare sing that awful song? Hal. 

6 Brightness of the Father's glory» 

SnaU thy praise unutter'a Uet 
Fly, my tongue, such guilty silence! 

Sing the Lord who came to die. Hal. 

7 Did archangels sing thy coming ? 

Did the shepherds learn their lays? — 
Shame would cover me ungrateful, 

Should my tongue refuse to praise ! Hal. 

8 From the highest throne in glory, 

To the cross of deepest wo\ 
All to ransom guilty captives: 
Flow my praise, for ever fto^. ^^^ 

Their „J;?ii" 

3 For „. ' "'^^ 

Tu""' mean, wrei 
'2t. in oar mortal 


And evprJ '•I''«J« 
. „ H'S holy hr^.V'h'"'. 

CHRIST. . 61' 

And. with the treasures of his grace, 
T enrich the humble poor. 

6. Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace, 
Thy welcome shall proclaim ; 
And heaven's eternal arches ring 
With thy beloved name. 

QK Q 135. L. M. (First Part) Dr. Doddridgs. 
Ot#0« Chri8t*9 Transfigwratian^ Matt. xrli. 4. 

1 XT|7HEN at a distance, Lord, we trace 
V ▼ The various glories of thy face, 
What transport pours o'er all our breast, 
And charms our cares and woes to rest ! 

8 With thee, in the obscurest cell, 

On some bleak mountain would I dwell. 
Rather than p9mpous courts behold. 
And share their grandeur and their gold. 

3 Away, ye dreams of mortal joy ; 
Raptures divine my thoughts employ, 
I see the King of ulory shine ; 

And feel his love, and call him mine. 

4 On Tabor thus his servants view'd 
His lustre, when transformed he stood ; 
And, bidding earthly scenes farewell. 
Cried, * Lord, 'tis pleasant here to dwell.' 

5 Yet still our elevated eyes 
To nobler visions long to rise ; 
That grand assembly would we join. 
Where all thy saints around thee shine. 

6 That mount, how bright ! those forms, how fidr 
'Tis good to dwell for ever there ! 

Come, death, dear envoy of my God, 
And bear me to that blest abode. 

fif^Q ^^^ (Second Part.) 8. 8. 6. or L. C. M. 

OOOm Gethsemaru^ Matt. xxri. 36 — 45. 

1 TMMANUEL, sunk with dreadful wo, 
X Unfelt. unknown to all below — 

Except the son of God — 
In agonizing pangs of soul. 
Drinks deep from wormwood's bitterest bowl. 

And sweats great drops of blood. 

2 See his disciples slumbering round. 
Nor pitying friend on earth \^ fcwjimV 

He treads the press aloxve •. 

»'fe heard beS; 
. Amazement „^ 

", astonished ser 
And left the S 

H54. "« Ljf. B 
wflP"','' ''""bs, the. 

CHRIST. 619 

6 At thy last gasp, the graves display'd 
Their horrors to the upper skies ; 

O that our souls might hurst the shade. 
And, quicken'd by thy death, arise ! 

7 The rocks could feel thy powerful death, 
And tremble, and asunder part ; 

Oh, rend, with thy expiring breath. 
The harder marble of our heart ! 

Q^^ 137 L. M. Steele. 

099« A dying Saviour,* 

1 QTRETCH'D on the cross, the Savioardies, 
O Hark ! his expiring groans arise ! 

See, from his hands, his leet, his side, 
Runs down the ssLcred crimson tide ! 

2 But life attends the deathful sound ! 
And flows from every bleeding woimd ; 
The vital stream, how free it flows 

To save and cleanse his rebel foes ! 

3 To suffer in the traitor's place. 
To die for man, surprising grace ! 
Yet pass rebellious angels by — 

O why for man, dear Saviour, why ? 

4 And didst thou bleed ? — ^for sinners bleed ? 
And could the sun behold the deed ? 

No ! he withdrew his sickening ray. 
And darkness veil'd the moummg oay. 

6 Can I survey this scene of wo. 

Where mingling grief and wonder flow ; 
And yet my heart unmov'd remain, 
Insensible to love or pain ? 

6 Come, dearest Lord ! thy grace impart 
To warm this cold, this stujpid heart ; 
Till all its powers and passions move 
In melting grief and ardent love. 

The JUtradion of the Crou, John xii. 99. 

ONDER — ^amazing sight ! — ^I see 
Th' incarnate Son of God, 

Expiring on the accursed tree. 
And weltering in his blood. 

2 Behold a nurple torrent run 

Down from his hands and head : 

* See bjmDB on RademptiQiii tad ^ lioi^m^ras^f^* 

T, M«ht draw S 



CHRIST. 621 

And o'er our hellish foes 
High rais'd his conquering head ; 
In wild dismay The guards around, 
Fall to the ground, And sink away. 

2 Lo ! the angelic bands 
In full assembly meet 

To wait his high commands, 

And worship at his feet : 
Joyful they come, And wing their way 
From realms of day To Jesus' tomb. 

3 Then bstck to heaven they fly 
The joyful news to bear : 
Hark ! as they soar on high, 
What music fills the air ! 

Their anthems say. * Jesus, who bled, 
' Hath left the dead; He rose to-day.' 

4 Ye mortals ! catch the sound, 
Redeem'd by him from hell,^ 
And send the echo round 

The globe on which vou dwell ! 
Transported cry — Jesus, who bled, 
' Hath left the dead, No more to die.' 

6 All hail, triumphant Lord, 

Who sav'st ub with thy blood ! 

Wide be thy name ador'd. 

Thou rising, reigning God ! 
With thee we rise. With thee we reign, 
And empires gain Beyond the skies. 

OuU* The Resurrtetim^ 1 Cor. xr. 56. 

1 pHRIST, the Lord, is risen to-day! 
\J Sons of men ana angels say ! 
Raise your joys and triumphs high ! 
Sing, ye heavens, — and earth reply. 

2 Love's redeeming work is done, — 
Fought the fight, the battle won : 
Lo! the sun's eclipse is o'er: 

Lo ! he sets in blood no more. 

3 Vain the stone, the watch, the seal, 
Christ hath burst the gates of hell; 
Death in vain forbids his rise, 
Christ hath open'd paradise. 

4 Lives again our glorious king ! 
* Where, O death ! is now \ky %^ 

622, CHRIST. 

Once he died our souls to save, 

' Where's thy victory, boasting grave?" 

5 Soar we now where Christ has led. 
Following ffliv o^nUed Head: 
Made like hini, lik./ \n\n wc rise, 
Ours the cross, tlit^ grtive, the skies. 

6 What though once we perish'd all, 
Partners of our parents fall, 
Second life let us receive, 

In our heavenly Adam live. 

7 Hail, the Lord of earth and heaven! 
Praise to thee by both be given! 
Thee we greet triumphant now, 
Hail the Resurrection — thou. 

oOll. Thr Jieimrrrcifim and J/icmtlm. 

1 A NGELS! roll the rock away! 

■l\ Beath yield up thy mighty prey! 

See! he rises from trie tomb, 

Glowmg with immortal bloom. Hallelujah. 
S 'Tis the Saviour! augels raise 

Fame's eternal trump of p 


I see fiilfill'd what prophets say, 
And aU the power of d!eath defy. 

2 This empty tomb shall now proclaim 
How weak the bands of conquered death : 
Sweet pledge, that all who trust his name 
Shall rise, and draw immortal breath! 

3 [Our Surety, freed, declares us free, 
For whose offences he was seiz'd : 
In his release our own we see, 

And shout to view Jehovah pleas'd.] 

4 Jesus, once numbered with the dead, 
Unseals his eyes to sleep no more : 
And ever lives their cause to nlead, 
For whom the pains of death ne bore. 

6 Thy risen Lord, my soul, behold ! 
See the rich diadem he wears ! 
Thou too shalt bear an harp of gold. 
To crown thy joy when he appears. 

6 Though in the dust I lay my head. 
Yet, gracious God, thou wilt not leave 
My flesh for ever with the dead. 
Nor lose thy children in the grave. 

fifiO 144 C* M. Dr. Doddridgre. 

00/6« Comfort to ntch who seek a risen Juuty Matt. 

zxnii. 5, 6. 

1 XTE humble souls that seek the Lord, 

i Chase all your fears away; 
And bow with pleasure down to see 
The place where Jesus lay. 

2 Thus low the Lord of life was brought; 

Such wonders love can do ! 
Thus cold in death that bosom lay 
Which throbb'd and bled for you. 

3 A moment give a loose to grief, — 

Let grateful sorrows rise ; 
And wash the bloody stains away 
With torrents from your eyes. 

4 Then dry your tears, and tune your songB, 

The Saviour lives again ; 
Not all the bolts and bars of death 
The Conqueror could detain. 

6 High o'er the angelic bands he rears 
His once dishonoured lQLead\ 

And, through unnumber'd years, he reifBl. 
Who dwelt among ihe dead. 
6 With joy like his shall every saint 
His empty tomb survey; 
Then rise, with his ascending Lord, 
To realms of endless day. 

Q£f*y 155 L. M. Wesley's Collociion. 

OOO. Chrifl'a dtiCTtiion, Psalm xiiv. 7. 

1 I^UIi Lord is risen from the dead; 
\^ Our JeKus is gone up on high; 
The powers of hell are captive led — 
Dragg'd to the portals of the sky. 

2 There his triumphal chariot waits, 
And angels chant the solemn lay; 

' Lift up your heads, ye heavenlv gatflsl.i 
' Ye everlasting doors, give way !' 

3 Loose all your bars of massy light, 
And wide unfold the radiant scene ; 

He claims those mansions as his right>-» ■ 
Receive the King of Glory in. 

4 ' Who is the King of glory, who?' 
The Lord that all his foes o'ercame; 
The world, sin, death, and hell, o'erthrew; 


And praise V> God, And peace on earth, 
For such a birth, Proclaim'd aloud. 

3 Ye, in the wilderness, 
Beheld the tempter spoil'd, — 
Well known in every dresSj 
In every combat foil d : 

And joy'd to crown The Victor's head, , 
When Satan fled Before his frown. 

4 Around the bloody tree 

Ye press'd, with strong desire, 

That wondrous sight to see, — 

The Lord of life expire ; 
And, could your eyes Have Imown a tear. 
Had dropp'a it there In sad surprise. 

6 Around his sacred tomb 

A willing watch ye keep, 

Till the blest moment come 

To rouse him from his sleep : 
Then rolVd the stone, Ana all ador'd 
Your rising Lord, with joy unknown. 

6 When, all array'd in light. 
The snining Conqueror rcwde. 
Ye hail'd his rapturous flight 
Up to the throne of God ; 

And wav'd around Your Rolden wings, 
And struck your strings Of sweetest sound. 

7 The warbling notes pursue. 
And louder anthems raise ; 
While mortals sing with you 
Their onm Redeemer's praise; 

And thou, my heart. With equal flame, 
And joy the same. Perform tny part 

Q/10^ 147 L. M. Steele. 

009« The exalted Saviour. 

1 I^OW let us raise our cheerful strains, 
-L^ And join the blissful choir above; 
There our exalted Saviour reigns. 

And there they sing his wondrous love. 

2 While seraphs tune the immortal song, 
Oh, may we feel the sacred flame; 
And every heart, and every tongue. 
Adore the Saviour's glorious n»xckft\ 

5 Jesus, who once upon tVie tree 
In agonizing pains expit'd; 

^'^ still cor 
« Vet though for 

^'•'^'i, the ll 


CHRIST. 637 

l£i^ 149 H. M. or 6's ud 8's. 

'^ i • Tke JSngdom of Ckriti, PhU. It. 4« 

^ Tl E JOICE ! the Lord is King : 
Xl^ Your God and King adore : 
Mortals, give thanks and sing, 

And triumph evermore : 
Lift up the heart, Uft up the voice* 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 

2 Reioice ! the Saviour reiffns, — 

The God of truth and love ; 
When he had purg'd our stains, 

He took his seat above ; 
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice, 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 

3 His kingdom cannot fail. 

He rules o'er earth and heaven ; 
The keys of death and hell 

Are to our Jesus given : 
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice* 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 

i He all his foes shall quell, 

Shall all our sins destroy, 
And every bosom swell 

With pure seraphic joy : 
Lift up tne heart, lift up the voice* 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 

5 Rejoice in glorious hope ! 

Jesus, the judge, shall come, 
And take his servants up 

To their eternal home : 
We soon shall hear the archangers voice — 
The trump of God shall sound, r^'oice. 

Q/»Q 150 10*3 and 11% as 5*8 and 6^8. Fawoett 
OOO. 7%« Fulness of Christ, John i. 16. Col. i. 19. 

1 4 FULNESS resides in Jesus our head, 
-/V And ever abides to answer our need : 
The Father's good pleasur# has laid up in store 

A plentiful treasure to give to the poor. 

2 Whatever be our wants, we lie^d fear,- 

Our numerous complaints his n^ei^tsjanjMl hear : 
His fulness shall yield us abundant supplies; 
His power shall shield us when ddmrank^irss^. 

628 CHRIST. 

3 The fountain o"erflows our woes to redress; 

Still more he bestows, and grace upon gnoe: 
His gifts ill abundance we daily receive; 
He has a redundance for all that believe. 

4 Whatever distress awaits us below, 

Such plentiful grace will Jesus bestow. 
As still snail support us, and silence our fear; 
For nothing can hurt us while Jesus is near. 
6 When troubles attend, or danger or strife. 

His love will defend and guard us thro life: 
And when we are fainting, and readv to die, 
Whatever is wanting his hand will supply. 


arcAable Ricfta of Chriit, Eph. ill. %. 

HOW shall I my Saviour set forth? 
How shall I his beauties declareT 
O how shall I speak of his worth. 
Or what his chief dignities are? 
His angels can never express, 

Nor saints who sit nearest his throne, 
How rich are his treasures of grace : — 
No ! this is a myst'ry unknown. 
2 In him, all the fulness of God 

CHRIST. 629 

Draw near, while with terror you're tossed, 
Believe, and your peace shall begin. 

5 Now, sinners, attend to his call, 

* Whoso hath an ear let him hear,' 
He promises mercy to all 

Who feel their sad wants, far and near : 
He riches has ever in store. 

And treasures that never can waste : 
Here's pardon, here's grace, yea, and more, 

Here s glory eternal at last. 

^^fk 152 L. M. Steele. 

O i V« The Iniereeuian of Christ, Heb. Wi. 96. 

1 ¥¥E lives ! the great Redeemer lives ! 
jLL (What joy me blest assurance gives!) 
And now, before his Father, God, 

Pleads the full merit of his blood. 

2 Repeated crimes awake our fears. 

And justice, arm'd with frowns, appears ; 
But m the Saviour's lovely face. 
Sweet mercy smiles, and all is peace. 

3 Hence, then, ye black, despairing thoughts ! 
Above our fears, above our fieiults, 

His ix)werfiil intercessions rise ; 
And guilt recedes, and terror dies. 

4 In everjr dark distressful hour, 
When sin and Satan join their power. 
Let this dear hope repel the dart, 
That Jesus bears us on his heart. 

6 Great Advocate, almighty Friend--^ 
On him our humble hopes depend ; 
Our case can never, never fail. 
For Jesus pleads, and must prevail. 

Cyjl 153 C. M. Toplad^. 

O i J. • CkrUfs Iniercessian prevalent^ John Xfii. M< 

1 A WAICE, sweet gratitude ! and sing 
juL Th' ascended Saviour's love ; 
Sing how he lives to carry on 

His people's cause above. 

2 With cries and tears, he offer'd up 

His humble suit below ; 
But with authority he asks, 
Eiathron'd in glory now. 


630 CHRIST, 

3 For all that come to God by him, 

Salvation he demands ; 
Points to their names upon his breast, 

And spreads his wounded hands. 

4 His sweet atoning sacrifice 

Gives sanction to his claim : 

' Father, I will that all my sainta 

' Be with me where I am : 

5 ' By their salvation, recompense 

' The sorrows I endur'd ■ 

' Just to the merits of thy Son, 

' And faithful to thy word.' 

6 Eternal life, at his request. 

To every saint is given ; 

Safety below, and after death, 

The plenitude of heaven. 

7 [Founded on right, thy prayer avails; 

The Fatlier smiles on thee ; 
And now Ihou in thy kingdom art, 
Dear Lord, remember me. 

8 Let the much incense of thy prayer 

I'HRIST. 631 

6 So, gracious Saviour ! on my breast 
May thy dear name be worn, — 
A sacred ornament and guard, 
To endless ages borne ! 

QWQ 155 C. M. Dr. Doddridge* 

O i 0« Chnd*B JUdmonition to Peter under mproad^ing TriAg 
and IhiercesBion for Atm, Luke zxiL 31, 38. 

1 TTOW keen the tempter's malice is ! 
JX How artful and now great ! 
Though not one grain shall oe destroy'd. 

Yet will he sift the wheat. 

2 But God can all his power control, 

And gather in his chain ; 
And. where he seems to triumph most, 
The captive soul regain. 

3 There is a Shenherd, kind and strong, 

Still watchful for his sheep : 
Nor shall th' infernal lion rend 
Whom he vouchsafes to keep. 

4 Blest Jesus ! intercede for us, 

That we may fall no more : 
O raise us when we prostrate lie. 
And comfort lost restore. 

6 Thy secret energy impart, 
That faith may never fail ; 
But midst whole showers of fiery darts, 
That temper'd shield prevail. 

6 fieour'd ourselves by grace divine. 
We'll guard our brethren too ; 
And, taught their frailty by our own, 
Our care of them renew. 


QJ^A 156 L. M. 9 

Oi^m Mtfoeate, 1 John ii. 1. 

1 TIJHERE is my God ? does he retire 
T T Beyond the reach of humble sighs? 
Are these weak breathings of desire 
Too languid to ascend the skies ? 

S No, Lord ! the breathings of desire^ 
The weak petition, if siiiceie) 
U not jforbidden to aspire. 
But reaches thy cdl-graclouA fSh" 


Look up, my soul, with cheerful eye. 
See where the great Redeemer stands, — 
The tflorious Advocate on high, 
With precious incense in his hands. 
He sweetens every humble groan, 
He recommends each broken prayer ; 
Recline thy hope on him alone. 
Whose power and love forbid despair. 
Teach my weak heart, O gracious Lord! 
With stronger faith to call thee mine; 
Bid me pronounce the blissful word. 
My Father, God, with joy divine, 
wfr 157 L. M. 

' * O* Braxin Serpent, Numbers iii. 8, 9, 

WHEN Israel's grie\nng tribes complain'd. 
With fiery serpent-s greatly pain'd, 
A serpent straight the prophet made 
Of molten brass, to view display'd. 
Around the fainting crowds attend, 
To heaven their mournful sighs ascend ; 
They hope, they look, wliile from the pole 
Descends a power that makes them whole- 
But, oh ! what healing to the heart 
Doth our Redeemer's cross impart! 
What life, by faith, our souls receive 
Whiit pleasures do his sorrows 


3 Without this bread, I starve and die; 
No other can mjr need supply : 

But this will suit my wretched case, 
Abroad, at home, in every place. 

4 'Tis this relieves the hungry poor 
Who ask for bread at mercy's door ; 
This living food descends from heav'ny 
As manna to the Jews was giv'n. 

6 This precious food my heart revives; 
What strength, what nourishment it gives ! 
O let me evermore be fed 
With this divine celestiid bread ! 

QMW 159 L. M. Fawcett 

Oil* Bri deg no m and Htubandf or, the Marriage hihuam 

Christ and the Soul. 

1 TESUS, the heavenlv Lover, gave 
tf His life my wretched soul to save : 
Resolv'd to make his mercy known, 
He kindly claims me for his own. 

2 Rebellious. I aoainst him strove, 
Till melted ana constrained by love; 
With sin and self I freely part, 

The heavenly Bridegroom wins my heart 

3 My guilt, my wretchedness he knows, 
Yet takes and owns me for his spouse : 
My debts he pays, and sets me free, 
And makes hw riches o'er to me. 

4 My filthy rags are laid aside^ 

He clothes me as becomes his bride; 
Himself bestows my wedding-dress, — 
The robe of perfect righteousness. 

6 Lost in astonishment, I see, 
Jesus ! thy boundless love to me : 
With angels I thy grace adore. 
And long to love and praise thee more. 

6 Since thou wilt take me for thy bride, 

Saviour, keep me near thy side ! 

1 fain would give thee all my heart. 
Nor ever from my Lord depart. 

QnrQ ^^^ ^* ^* Beddome. 

O i 0« Bright and morning Star^ Rer. zxii. 16. 

E worlds of light that roll so near 
The Saviour's thTone oi d^--^'^^'»>}ft»> 



tell how mean your glories are, — 
low faint and few, compar'd with his ! 
Ve sing the bright and morning Star, 
esus, tlie spring of light and love : 

ee, how its rays, diffus'd from far, 
Conduct U8 to the realms above! 
ts cheering beams spread wide abroad, — 
'oint out the puzzled Christian's way: 
!till, as he goes, he finds the road 
Cnlighten'd with a constant day. 
Thus when the Eastern magi brought 

heir royal gifts, a star appears; 

irects tnem to the babe they sought, 

nd guides their steps and calms their fears.] 
Vhen shall we reach the heavenly place 
Vhere this bright Star shall brightest shine? 
.eave far behind these scenes of night, 
^nd view a lustre so divine? 

9 1G1 C. M. Dr. S. Stennett. 

■ Chief among ten Thmuand ,• or, the EiaUeneie* 
of Christ, Cam. V. 10— le. 

rO Christ, the Lord, let every tongue 
Its noblest tribute bring: 
Vlien he's the subject of Ihe song, ' I 

Who can refuse to sine? 


3 Enter, my soul, with cheerful haste, 

For Jesus is the door : 
Nor fear the serpent's wily arts, 
Nor fear the hen's roar. 

4 Oh may thy grace the nations lead, 

And Jews and Gentiles come, 
All travelling, through one beauteoijis gatey 
To one eternal home ! 

QQA 166 L. M. Steele. 

ao4:* (htr Example, John xiiL 15. 

1 A ND is the gospel peace and love? 
olL Such let our conversation be ; 
The serpent blended with the dove, 
Wisdom and meek simpUcity. 

2 Whene'er the angry passions rise, 

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife^ 
To Jesus let us lift our eyes^ 
Bright pattern of the Christian life ! 

3 Oh, how benevolent and kind ! 
How mild ! how readv to forgive ! 
Be this the temper of our mind, 
And these the rules by which we live. 

A To do his heavenly Father's will 
Was his employment and delight ; 
HumiUly and holy zeal 
Shone tnrough his life divinely brignt ! 

6 Dispensing good where'er he came, 
The labours of his life were love : 
Oh, if we love the Saviour's name. 
Let his divine example move ! 

6 But, ah ! how blind ! how weak we are ! 
How fhdl ! how apt to turn aside ! 
Lord, we depend upon thy care, 

And ask thy Spirit for our guide. 

7 Thy fair example may we trace, 
To teach us what we ought to be !• 
Make us, by thv transforming gr^ce, 
Dear Saviour, daily more like thee, 

0^» ibfgnifmer and FoundoHcn of m^ Bape, Hebt ^ 1^9 90* 

1 TESUS, the Lord, our souls adore I 

tl A painful sufferer now no more, 

High on his father's throne he reigns ^ 

O'er earth and heaven's exteu^be \Swn^. 


vv iin sacrea wonder and 
Jesus, thy own Ibrerunn 
ii-nter'd beyond the vale 

5 Loud let the howling tei 
And foaming waves to m 
No shipwreck can my vt 
omce hope hath fix'd its 

169 5'8&6'«„ 
Fountain opened far Sif 

'T''HPJ fountain of 

fru 1 , Lord, help us 

i he blood of our Pries 

Our crucified King: 

The fountain that cleai 

From Sin and from fi 

And richly dispenses 

balvation and health 

2 This fountain so deai 

,-,Pell freely impart; 

When pierc'd by the sp 

With blood and with w. 
The first to aton^ 


4 This fountain, unseal'd, 
Stands open for all 

Who long to be heal'd, 

The great and the small ; 
Here's strength for the wesukly 

That hither are led ; 
Here's health for the sickly, 

And life for the dead. 

5 This fountain, though rich. 
From charge is quite clear ; 

The poorer the wretch, 

The welcomer here ; 
Come needy, and guilty. 

Come loathsome and bare ; 
Though lep'rous and filthy. 

Come just as you are. 

6 This fountain in vain 
Has never been tried ; 

It takes out all stain 

Whenever applied : 
The foimtain nows sweetly, 

With virtue divine, 
To cleanse souls completely. 

Though lep'rous as mine. 

QQ>y 169 C. M. Cowper. 

O O I • Praiufor the Fountain opened, 

1 ^HERE is a fountain fill'd with blood, 

JL Drawn from Immanuel's veins ; 
And sinners, p^lung'd beneath that flood. 
Lose aU tneir guilty stains. 

2 The dying thief rejoic'd to see 

That fountain in his day ; 
O may I there, though vile as he, 
Wash all my sins away ! 

3 Dear dying Lamb ! thy precious blood 

Shall never lose its power. 
Till all the ransom'd church of God 
Be sav'd to sin no more. 

4 E'er since by faith I saw the stream 

Thy flowing wounds supply. 
Redeeming love has been my theme, 
And shall be till I die. 

6 But when this lisping, B^aiMMJMkJft^'^^*^^ 
Lies silent in the gra've. 

f^found me 

ft fleers my 
and says that! 


Ki. fi"=,'"'ou 


2 When shall I see thy smiling face,— * 
That face which I have often seen ? 
Arise, thou Sun of righteousness ! 
Scatter the clouds that intervene. 

3 Thou art the glorious gift of Grod 
To sinners weary^ and distrest ; 
The first of all his gifts bestow'd, 
And certain pledge of all the rest 

A Could I but say this gift is mine, 
I'd tread the world beneaUi my feet, 
No more at poverty repine. 
Nor envy the rich sinner's state. 

5 The precious iewel I would keep, 
And lodge it deep within mv heart ; 
At home, abroad, awake, asleep, 
It never should from thence depart ! 

QUA ^"^^ ^' ^- ^' Doddridge. 

0«f\/« Head of the Ckureky Eph. iv. 15, 16. 

1 TESUS, I sing thy matchless grace 
tl That calls a worm thy own ; 
Gives me among thy saints a place 

To make thy glories known. 

2 Allied to thee, our vital Head, 

We act, and ffrow, and thrive ; 
From thee divided, each is dead 
When most he seems alive. 

3 Thy saints on earth, and those above, 

Here join in sweet accord : 
One boov all in mutual love, 
And tnou our common Lord. 

4 Oh^ may my fiaith each hour derive 

Thy Spirit with delight ; 
While death and hell in vain shall strive 
This bond to disunite. 

5 Thou the whole bodv will present 

Before thy Father s face ; 
Nor shall a wrinkle or a spot 
Its beauteous form disgrace. 

OQI 173 C. M. Dr. Doddridge. 

0«/l* Jesu9~^mreeiou9 to them thai beUeve, I Pei^ Vi % 

1 TESUS, I love thy charming name^ 
•I 'Tis music to my eat •, 
Fain would 1 sound it out «o \0\3A. 
That earth and heaven tnv^X. Vkt^'* 

3 R » 

_, Jina shed : 

J tiB noblest 1 

, ,„/'>ecordia 

ff°d and man i 

Brought him fc 
S'"",, ye saints, 
Sweli the song^, 

^■* the first S 
^« did he our a 

i??l""?* >«/ o: 


fi Behold your Kinffi your Saviour, crown'd 
With glories aQ divine ; 
And tell the wondering nations round, 
How bright those glories shine. 

3 Infinite power, and boundless graoe, 

In him unite their rays : 
You, that have e'er beheld his face, 
Can you forbear his praise? 

4 When in his earthly courts we view 

The glories of our King, 
We long to love as angels do. 
And wish like -them to sing 

6 And shall we long and wish in vain? 
Lord, teach our songs to rise ! 
Thv love can animate the strain. 
And bad it reach the skies. 

6 Oh, happv i)eriod ! glorious day ! 

When heaven and earth shall raise, 
Wilh all their powers, the raptur'd lay, 
To celebrate thy praise. 

OU^m Croum Him. 

1 T> ACKSLIDERS, who vour misery feel, 
Xi Attend your Saviour^s call ; 
Return, he'll your backslidings heal; 

Oh, crown nim Lord of all. 

2 Thouffh crimson sin increase your guilt, 

And painful is your thrall ; 
For broken hearts his blood was spilt; 
Oh, crown him Lord of all. 

3 Take with you words, approach his throne. 

And low before him fall; 
He understands the Spirit's groan ; 
Oh, crown him Lord of all. 

4 Whoever comes he'U not cast out, 

Although your faith be small : 
His faithfulness you cannot doubt; 
Oh, crown him Lord of all. 

QQK 177 C. M. 

0«/9« The 9piritual CoronaHcn^ Cant iiu lU 

i A LL-HAIL the povtrex oi 3e«vi^ xmmsi^X 
-A Let angels prostrate f^; 


Bring forth Ihe royal diadem, 
And crown him Lord of all. 


2 [Crown him, ve martyrs of our God, 

Who from his attar call ; 
Extol the stem of Jesse's rod. 
And crown him Lord of all.] 

ConvfTlcd Jam. 

3 [Ye chosen seed of Israel's race, 

A remnant weak and small ! 
Hail him who saves you by his grace, 
And crown him Lord oi all.] 

Belin-Ing Gmtila. 

4 Ye Gentile sinners, ne'er forget 

The wormwood and the gall; 
Go — spread your trophies at his feet, 
Am! crown him Lord of all. 

Sinntn of every .Sge. i 

5 [Babes, men, and sires, who know his ll 

Who feel your sin and thrall, 

Now joy with all the hosts above, 

And crown him Lord of all.] 


Exclude me from thy guardian care, 
Or slight a sinful beggar's prayer. 

3 Thee, Saviour, at my greatest need, 

I trust my faithful friend to prove • 
Now o'er thy meanest servant spread 

The skirt of thy redeeming love : 
Under thy wings of mercy take, 
And save me for thy ment's sake. 

4 Hast thou not undertook my cause. 

Lord over all, to worms allied? 
Answer me from that bleedinff cross. 

Demand thy dearly ransom d bride ; 
And let my soul, betroth'd to thee, 
Thine, wholly thine, for ever be ! 

QQ/y 179 L. M. Fawoett. 

0«/ i • Lamb of Ood^ Uc John i. 99. 

1 "DEHOLD the sin-atoning[ Lamb, 
XI With wonder, latitude, and We; 
To take away our guilt and sname, 
See him descending from above. 

2 Out sins and griefs on him were laid ; 
He meekly bore the mighty load ; 
Our ransom nrice he Mly paid 

In groans and tears, in sweat and blood. 

3 To save a guiltv world, he dies; 
Sinners, benold. the bleeding Lamb! 
To him lift up your longing eyes. 
And hope for mercy in his name. 

4 Pardon and peace through him abound ; 
He can the richest blessings give ; 
Salvation in his name is found. 

He bids the d}ring sinner live. 

6 Jesus, my Lord, I look to thee — 
Where else can helpless sinners go? 
Thy boundless love shall set me free 
From all my wretchedness and wo. 

QQQ 180 s. M. J. c. w. 

0«/0« Leader. 

1 '^T'HOU very paschal Lamb, 

JL Whose blood for us was shed. 
Through whom we out of Egypt camA\ 
Thy ransomed people led. 


iiu ever on thy peop 

i ne manna of thy 

__9 '»' l. 

WHEN sms and f 
^» And faintinirh( 
Jesus, to thee I Kf,*^ 
To thee I breathe mj 
?'■',""•'" "ot mine, mi 
And can my hope— m 

1 hat word which bnill 

3 If my immortal Saviot 

1 hen my immortal life 

Here let me build and 1 

"ot a 1 the powers of ei 
Oaneer dissolve the sa, 
5 Here, O my soul, thy tr 
If Jesus ,s for ever mi™ 
K"' death Itself, that iS 
ohall break a unio 


2 Still we wait for thine appearing, 

Life and joy thy beams impart, 
Chasing all our fears, and cheering 

Every poor benighted heart; 
Come, and manifest the favour 

Thou hast for the ransom 'd race : 
Come, thou dear exalted Saviour ! 

Come, and bring thy gospel grace. 

3 Save us in thy great compassion, 

P thou mild pacific Pnnce ! 
Give the knowledge of salvation, 

Give the pardon of our sins : 
By thine all-suflScient merit, 

Every burdened soul release ; 
By the mfluence of thy Spirit, 
. Guide us into perfect peace. 

Oni 1S3 7*8. W . 

tJvT 1 • Mdehizedek a Type of Christ, Gen. law. 18, 19. 

1 "IT" ING of Salem, bless my soul ! 
JlIu Make a wounded sinner whole ! 
King of righteousness and peace, 
Let not thy sweet visits cease ! 

2 Come ! refresh this soul of mine 
With th v sacred bread and wine ! 
All thy love to me unfold. 

Half of which cannot be told. 

3 Hail, Melchizedek divine ! 

Thou great High-priest shalt be mine ! 
All my powers before thee fall, — 
Take not tythe, but take them all. 

QfkQ 184 C. M. 

t/\F^« Muienger of the Covenant, Mai. iii. 1. 

1 TESUS, commission'd from above, 
tl Descends to men below. 

And shows from whence the springs of love 
In endless currents flow. 

2 He. whom the boundless heaven adores, 

Whom angels long to see, 
Quitted with joy those blissful shores, 
Ambassador to me ! 

8 To me. a worm, a sinful clod, 
A re Del all forlorn ; 
A foe, a traitor to my Grod, 
And of a traitor bom : 

And gave h 
^■ke buriiM, 

' Messiah's oom^ 


7 Jesus, thy gospel firmly stands 
A blessinff to these favour'd lands ; 
No infidel shall be our dread, 
Since thou art risen from the dead. 

OfiA ^^ '^* ^* ^* ^' Wetlej. 

iTvTflr. Paaaotfer, Exod. xii. 7. 1 Cor. t. 7, 8, 

1 fi HRIST our Passover is slain 
\J To set his people free, — 
Free from sin's Egyptian chain, 

And Pharaoh's tyranny. 
Lord, that we may now aepart. 
And truly serve our pardoning God, 
Sprinkle every house and heart . 

With thine atoning blood. 

2 Let the angel of the Lord 

His awful charge fulfil ; 
Let his pestilential sword 

The first-born victims kill ; 
Safe in snares and death we dwell, 
Protected, by that crimson sim, 
From the rage of earth ana helL 

And from the wrath divine. 

3 Wilt thou not a difference make 

Betwixt thy friend and foe, 
Vengeance on the Egyptians take. 

And grace to Israel show? 
Know'st thou not, most rishteous God, 
We on the paschal Lamb rely ? 
See us cover'd with the blood, 

And pass thy people by. 

OfkK 1^ ^'^' Steele. 

t7VtJ« Pearl of great Priee^ Matt ziii. 46. 

1 ^^E glittering toys of earth, adieu! 

X A nobler choice be mine ; 
A real prize attracts my view, 
A treasure all divine. 

2 Begone, unworthy of my cares, 

Ye specious baits of sense ; — 
Inestimable worth api)ears, 
The Pearl of price immense ! 

3 Jesus, to multitudes imknown, 

O name divinely sweet ! 
Jesus, in thee, in thee alone, 
Wealth, honour, pleasure mMK 



4 Should bold the Indies, at my call, 

Their boasted stores resign ; 
With joy I would renounce them all, 
For leave to call thee mine. 

5 Should earth's vain treasures all depart, 

Of this dear gift possess'd, 
I'd clasp it to my joyful heart, i 

And be for ever bless'd. ' 

6 Dear Sovereign of my soul's desires. 

Thy love is bliss divine; 
Accept the wish that love inspires, 
And bid me call thee mine. 
atkCi IBS L. M. Steele. 

ifVtt. Phyalcian «f Smh. Jer. viii. 23. 

1 T^EEP are the wounds which sin has made; 
-1-^ Where shall the sinner find a cure? 

In vain, alas! is nature's aid ; 

The work e."tceeds all nature's power. 

2 Sin. like a raging fever, reigns 

Wilh fifal Ktrcneth in every part; ' ' 

The dir(^ contagion fills the veins, * 

And sjirpnils its jioisnn to the heart 


2 Since still thou goest about to do 

Thy needy creatures good ; 
On me. that I thy praise may show, 
Be all thy wonders show'a. 


3 Now, Lord, to whom for help I call. 

Thy miracles repeat • 
With pitying eye behold me fall, 
A leper at thy feet. 

4 Loathsome, and vile, and self-abhorr'd, 

I sink beneath my sin ; 
But, if thou wilt, a gracious word 
Of thine can make me clean. 

Deaf and Dumb, 

5 Thou seest me deaf to thy commands. 

Open, O Lord! mine ear; 
Bid me stretch out my withered hands, 
And lift them up in prayer. 

6 Silent, (alas! thou know'st how long,) 

My voice I cannot raise; 
But oh ! when thou shalt loose my tongue, 
The dumb shall sing thy praise. 


7 Lame, at the pool I still am seen, 

Waiting to find relief; 
While many others venture in, 
And wasn away their grief. 

8 Now speak my mind, my conscience, sound, 

Give, and my strength employ ; 
Light as a hart, my soul shall bound, 
The lame shall leap for joy. 


9 If thou, my God, art passing by, 

Oh ! let me find thee near; 
Jesus, in mercy hear mv cry, 
Thou Son of David, near! 

10 See, I am waiting in the way, 

For thee the heavenly light; 
Command me to be brought, 'and say 
* Sinner, receive thy sight.' 


1 1 Cast out thy foes, and let them still 

To thy ffVeat name submit: 
Clothe with thy righteousness, and heaU 
And place me at tl^y fee\.. 

Dm grace and truth gy 
My Lord a priest is , 
As sware the mig),, 
To Israel and his s^ 
Oidam'd to offer Woo 
* or sinners, who his m, 

TLtT' ^'i'""^ kin, 
1 hat he might succou 
To every tempted dSd 

^™ us, and then for us 
And K ■,i'»",''™s agai 
And by the altar staS 
There shows how he« 

Our" ":'"f '',!?><!rMd hi 

I other pnests disclaim 
And laws, and offeiS 
None but the bleedinT 

H. u K^hty wort- --- J 

He shall have all Ik 


His nature and his name bespeak 
His unexampled pedigree. 

3 Descended from the eternal God, 
He bears the name of his own Son : 
And, dress'd in human flesh and blood, 
He puts his priestly garments on. 

4 The mitred crown, the embroidered vest, 
With graceful dignity he wears ; 

And, in full splendour, on his breast 
The sacred oracle appears. 

€ So he presents his sacrifice, — 
An offering most divinely sweet; 
While clouds of fragrant incense rise, 
And cover o'er the mercy-seat 

6 The Father, with approving smile, 
Accepts the offering of his Son : 
New joys the wondering angels feel, 
And haste to bear the tidings down. 

7 The welcome news their lips repeat, 
Give sacred pleasure to my breast: 
Henceforth, my soul, thy cause commit 
To Christ, thy Advocate and Priest 

Q1 r| L. M. 6 lines. President Daries. 

«7l VF« Prophet, Priest, and King, 1 Pet. ii. 7. 

1 TESUS, how precious is thy name! 
tf The great Jehovah's darling thou ! 
Oh, let me ca,tch th' immortal flame. 

With which angelic bosoms glow I • 
Since angels love thee, I would love, 
And imitate the bless'd above. 

2 My Prophet thou, my heavenly ffuide. 

Thy sweet instructions I will near! 
The words, that from thy lips proceed, 

O how divinely sweet they are! 
Thee, my great Prophet, I would love, 
And imitate the bless'd above. 

3 My jn^at Htghrprtest, whose precious blood 

Did once atone upon the cross; 
Who now dost intercede with God, 

And plead the friendless ^\taiet'% c»Kai6\ 
In tbeei trust; thee 1 wo\]\d\oN^, 
And imitate the bless'd Bibo^re. 

8 I a 


My Ki?ig supreme, to thee I bow, 

A willing subject at thy feet; 
All other lords I disavow. 

And to thy government submit; 
My Saviour King this heart would love. 
And imitate the bless'd above. 
ill 193 I,, w. 

111. The Han>o'i>. Isa. IsL. 3. 

I. T COME,' the great Redeemer cries, 
X ' A year of freedom to declare, 
From deiits and bondage to discharge; 
' And Jews and Greeks the grace shall share. 
' A day of vengeance I proclaim, 
' But not on man the storm shall fall: 
' On me its ihunders shall descend, 
' My strength, my love, sustain them all.' 
Stupendous favour ! matchless grace 
.Tesus has died, that we might live: 
Not worlds belo\v, nor worlds above 
Could so divine a ransom give. 
To Him, who lov'd our ruin'd race. 
And for our lives laid down his own, 
Let songs of joyful praises rise, 
Sublime, eternal as his throne. 


5 Pardon^ and peace, and lively hope, 
. To sinners now are given ; 
Israel and Judah soon shall change 

Their wilderness for heaven. 

6 With joy we taste that manna now, 

Thy mercy scatters down : 
We seal our numble vows to thee, 
And wait the promis'd crown. 

Ql Q 195 7*8. Topladj. 

«/ J. O* Boek tmitten / or^ the Bock ofJigti^ Imu ZX?L 4. 

1 T{ OCK of Affes, shelter me ! 
m\ Let me hide myself in thee ! 
Let the water and the bloody 
From thy wounded side which flow'd, 
Be of sin the double cure ; 
Cleanse me from its guilt and power. 

2 Not the labour of my hands 
Can fulfil thy law's demands : 
Could my zeal no respite know. 
Could my tears for ever flow, 
All for sin could not atone : 
Thou must save, and thou alone. 

3 Nothing in my hand I bring, 
Simply to thy cross I cling ; 
Naked, come to thee for dress ; 
Helpless, look to thee for grace : 
Black, I to the fountain fly. 
Wash me, Saviour, or I die ! 

4 While I draw this fleeting breath. 
When my eye-strings break in death. 
When I soar to worlds unknown, 
See thee cm thy judgment throne, — 
Rock of A^es, shelter me ! 
Let me hide myself in thee ! 

Ql J 196 L. M. Steele. 

if 1 4* Saviour.^he ondy One^ Acts ir. IS. 

1 TESUS, the sprinff of joys divine, 
tf Whence all our hopes and comforts flow — 
Jesus, no other name but thine 
Can save us from eternal wo. 

5 In vain would boasting reason find 
The way to happiness and GcA\ ^ 
Her weak directions leave \)cift tomA 
Bewildered in a dubious toaii- 

«'iO. 197 

5 ™>- x-ants are all? 

To c eS m""!^'' " 
Hon ,!.„"•/ spirit n 

a. i,""r pastil 


2 Should justice appear a merciless foe, 

Yet be of good cneer, and soon shall you know 
That sinners, confessing their wickedness past, 
A plentiful blessing of pardon shall taste. 

3 Then dry up your tears, ye children of grief, 
For Jesus appears to give you relief: 

If you are returning to Jesus, your friend. 
Your sighing and mourning in singing shall end. 

4 * None will I cast out who come,' saith the Lord, 
Why then do you doubt? lay hold of his word : 
Ye mourners of Sion, be bold to believe, 

For ever rely on your Saviour, and live. 

Sf JL I • Sun^ Psalm Izxxiv. 11. 

1 f^ RE AT God ! amid the darksome night, 
vl" Thy glories dart upon my sight, 
While, wrapt in wonder, I behold 

The silver moon and stars of gold. 

2 But. when I see the sun arise. 
Ana pour his glories o'er the skies. 
In more stupendous forms I view 
Thy greatness and thy goodness too. 

3 Thou Sun of suns, whose dazzling light 
Tries and confounds an angel's sight! 
How shall I glance mine eye at thee 

In all thy vast immensity ? 

4 Yet I may be allow'd to trace 
The distant shadows of thy face ;. 
As in the pale and sickly moon. 
We trace the image of the sun. 

6 In every work thy hands have made. 
Thy power and wisdom are display'd : 
But, O ! what glories all divine 
In my incarnate Saviour shine ! 

6 He is my Sun : beneath his wings 
My soul securely sits and sinffs ! 
And there enjoys, like those above 
The balmy influence of thy love. 

7 Oh, may the vital strength and he^l. 
His cheering beams comm\xxi\caXe, 
Enable me my course to rxxxi 
With the same vigour as t\\e swuX 

3 1 can do nothing i 

Wither'd and ban 

11 sever'd from I 

■> LTpon my leaf, „M 

Kefreshmg de* 

lllepant, whicH I 


And foney with 
iTmt to eternal la 

919. "?a 


" He whom r a» 

Ihe narrow wiy,^ 

S rhewavtheholy^ 


The'8 highS 

3 This IS the ' ■ • 

And mnnrn 


6 Then will I tell to sinners round 
What a dear Saviour I haTe found : 
I'll point to thy redeeming blood. 
And say — Benold the way to God! 

QQA ^^ ^* ^' ^' ^^ ^* ^* ^* 

%lA\J9 Way, Truth, and Life, John xiv. 6. 

1 rw^HERE is no path to heavenly bliss, 

JL Or solid joy or lasting peace, 

But Christ, tn' appointed road : 
O ma/ we tread the sacred way ! — 
By faith rejoice, and praise, and pray, 

Till we sit down with God 1 

2 The tjrpes and shadows of the word 
Unite in Christ, the man, the Lord, 

The Saviour, just and true : 
Oh, may we all nis word believe ! 
. And all his promises receive. 
And all his precepts do ! 

3 As he above for ever lives. 
And life to dyin^ sinners gives. 

Eternal and divine ; 
Oh, may his Spirit in me dwell ! 
Then, sav'd from sin, and death, and hell. 

Eternal life is mine. 

QQI 203 L. M. Dr. Doddridge. 

«/^ J. • Wudom, Righteoutruaa, Sanettjieaiion, and Redimp' 

turn, 1 Cor. L 30, 31. 

1 "M/l Y God ! assist me while I raise 
IvjL An anthem of harmonious praise : 
My heart thy wonders shall proclaim, 
And spread its banners in thy name. 

2 In Christ I view a store divine ; 
My Father, all that store is thine ! 
By thee prepared, by thee bestow'd ; 
Hail to the Saviour and the God ! 

3 When gloomy shades my soul o'erspread, 
* Let there be light,' the Almighty said ! 
And Christ, my Sun, his beams displays, 
And scatters round celestial rays. 

4 Condemn'd, thy criminal I stood, 
And awful justice ask*d my \AooaL\ 

That welcome Saviour, from tVi.? XJtttoTi^^ 
Brought rig^hteousness and paxdoxi ^ovrcv. 


— u wi 

Jf *o„, o God, 'Si 



01 CHRIST. 661 

His glories project to the eye. 

And prove it was not his aesi^ 
Those fflories concealed should he, 

But there in full majesty shine. 

3 The first gracious promise to man 

A olessed prediction appears ; 
His work is the soul of the plan, 

And gives it the glory it wears : 
How cheering the truth must have been. 

That Jesus, the promised seed, 
Should triumph o'er Satan and sin, 

And hell in captivity lead ! 

4 The ancient Lemlical Law 

Was prophecy, after its kind ; 
In tvpes, there, the faithful foresaw 

The Saviour that ransom'd mankind : 
The altar, the lamb, and the priest. 

The blood that was sprinkled of old. 
Had life when the people could taste 

The blessings those shadows foretold. 

6 Review each prophetical song 

Which shines m prediction's rich train, 
The sweetest to Jesus belong. 

And point out his sufferings and reign ; 
Sure David his^ harp never strung 

With more of true sacred delight. 
Than when of the Saviour he sung, — 

And he was reveal'd to his sight 

6 May Jesus more precious become ! 

His word be a tamp to our feet, 
While we in this wilderness roam, 

Till brought in his presence to meet ! 
Then, then we will mxe on thy fece,— 

Our Prophet, our rriest, and our King ! 
Recount all thy wonders oif grace. 

Thy praises eternally sing. 


QQyl 906 (Pint Pan.) L.M. Glines. 

t7>64r* Thepromued OmfiHtr^ John xIt. 16—18. 

1 TESUS, we hang upon the word 
tl Our longing soma \sx^% \ie»x^ iTOWi '^^fc 
Be mindful of thy promise, liOtdi, 
Thy promise made to Bwch. «r tae \ 


I «li love of thp «_' 
^.'s lie f.ii-^. . 


5 His blest renovation begun, 

He dwells in the hearts of his saints : 
Abandons his temple to none, 
Nor e'er of his calling repents. 

6 Imprest with the image divine. 
The soul to redemption he seals : 

And each with the Saviour shall shine. 
When glory complete he reveals. 

7 How constant thy love I believe, 
Which steadfast endures to the end ; 
Then never, my soul, may I grieve 
So loving, so holy a Friend. 

QOn ^^ r First Part.) L. M. B— ^ 

^A^% The LeatUngt of the Spint^ Rom. Tiii. 14. 

1 1^0 ME, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
\J With light and comfort from above ; 
Be thou our guardian, thou our ^ide ! 
O'er every thought and step preside ! 

2 Conduct us safe, conduct us far 
From every sin and hurtful snare ; 
Lead to thy word that rules must give, 
And teach us lessons how to live. 

3 The light of truth to us display. 

And make us know and choose thy way ; 
Plant holy fear in every heart, 
That we from God may ne'er depart. 

4 Lead us to holiness, — the road 

That we must take to dwell with God : 
Lead us to Christy — ^the living way; 
Nor let us from his pasture stray, 

5 Lead us to God, our final rest. 
In his enjoyment to be blest; 
Lead us to heaven, the seat of bliss, 
Where pleasure in perfection is. 

QOr^ ^^ (Second Part) CM. 

«/>69* 77^ Work of the Spirit mresented by the Wtndi 
or^ tonereign aoping Urace, John iii. 8. 

1 npHE blessed Spirit, like the wind, 

JL Blows when ana where he please ; 
How happy are the men who feel 
The soul-enlivening breeze ! 

2 He forms the carnal mind afresh^ 

Subdues the power of ^m, 
Transforms the neart of etoiveXo^e^^ 
And plants his grace vn\h\iv. 



3 He sheds abroad the Father's love, 

AppHes redeeming blood. 
Bids both our guilt and grief remove. 
And brings us near to God. 

4 Lord, fill each dead benighted soul 

With life, and light, and joy ! 
None can thy mighty power control, — 
Thy glorious work destroy. 

*7^0» TAf Spirit') Injluaua torapand to living tVater. 

1 TJLESS'D Jesus! Source of grace divine, 
X# WliHt soul refresliing streams are thine 
Oh, bring these healing waters ni^h, 

Or we must droop, and fall, and die. 

2 No traveller through desert lands, 
'Midst scorching suns and burning sands. 
More needs the current to obtain, 
Or to enjoy refreshing rain. 

3 Our longing souls aloud would sing. 
Spring up, celestial Fountain, spring! 
To a redundant river flow. 
And cheer this thirsty land below. 

4 May this blest torrent near my .side, 




5 That heavenly influence let me find, 
In holy silence of the mind, 

While every grace maintains its bloom, 
Diffusing wide its rich perfume. 

6 Nor let these blessings be confined 
To me, but pour'd on all mankind : 
Till earth's wild wastes in verdure rise. 
And a young Eden bless our eyes. 

OOQ ®^^ ^* ^* ^* Doddridge. 

«/>60* Seeking to Oodfor the Communieatum of kii Spirit. 

1 T¥EAR. gracious Sovereign, from thy throne, 
Xl And send thy various blessinffs down : 
While bv thine Israel thou art sougnt. 
Attend the prayer thy word hath taugnt 

2 C!ome2 sacred Spirit! from above. 
And nil the coldest hearts with love ; 
Soften to flesh the flinty stone. 
And let thy godlike power be known. 

3 Speak thou, and from the haughtiest eyes 
Snail floods of pious sorrows nse : 
While all their glowing souls are borne 
To seek that grace which now they scorn 

4 Oh, let a holy flock await 
Numerous around thy temple-ffate ! 
Each pressing on witn zeal to be 

A living sacnfice to thee. 

6 In answer to our fervent cries, 
Give us to see thy church arise ! 
Or, if that blessing seem too great. 
Give us to mourn its low estate. 

OOQ ^^^ (J^nt Part) L. M. 6 lines. President Datries. 
fjAVm The Influences of the Spirit desired, 

1 INTERNAL Spirit! Source of light! 
tj Enlivening, consecrating fire. 
Descend, and with celestial heat, 

Our dull, our frozen hearts inspire : 
Our souls refine, our dross consume ! 
Come, condescending Spirit ! come. 

2 In our cold breasts, O strike a spark 

Of the pure flame which seraphs feel ; 
Nor let us wander in the dark, 

Or lie benumb'd and stopid %^iSL\ 
Come, pimfying Spirit \ come. 
And make our hearts t\xy coxvatoxAii^tKv^- 


-— inaKe our soul 

329. %, S 

. y Withenerg 

with beams of m 

From the celestia; 

.Life, light and iff 

And may I d^Uy, (^ 

J nj- quickening « 

Mflt, melt this fm 

Ihia stubborn iSS 

tach evil passion irH 

And form me all in 

* Mine ,rill the nro« 

. But thine shalTte 1 

And unto thee I wiU 

i be remnant of ml 

^ Ofsin, "f »-if - 
iveserv'd for i 


4 Each idol tread beneath thy feet, 
And to thyself the conquest get : 
Let sin no more oppose my Lord, 
Slam by thy Spirit s two-edsfd sword. 

6 C!onstrain my soul thy sway to own: 
Self-will, seu-riffhteousness, dethrone : 
Let Dagon fall before thy &ce, — 
The ark remaining in its place. 

6 Detach from sublunary joys 

One that would only hear thy voice. 
Thy beauty see, thy erace aamire« 
N(»r s^w but with celestial fire. 

7 Larser communion let me prove 
With thee, blest object of my love ; 
But, oh ! lor this no power have I ; 
My strength is at thy feet to lie- 

QQfl ^^^ (Second Part) L. M. 

«^0\f • jipnpitiotu Gak longed for. 

1 A T anchorlffd, remotefiSii home, 
-HL Toiling, I cry, * Srveet Spirit^ come ! 
^ Celestial breeze, no longer stay, 

* But swell my sails, and speed my way. 

2 ' Fain would I mount, fain would I glow, 
' And loose my cable from below ; 

* But I can only spread my sail ; 

' ThoUf Thou must breathe th' auspicious gale !' 

QQI 213 L. M. Steele. 

«f O JL • The Jnfiumeea of the Spirit experienotd^ John 

ziv. 16, 17. 

1 T|EAR Lord ! and shall thy Spirit rest 
JLf In such a wretched heart as mine! 
Unworthy dwelling ! glorious guest ! 
Favour astonishing, divine ! 

2 When sin prevails, and gloomy fear, 
And hope almost expires in night. 
Lord, can thy Spirit then be here, ^ 
Great Spring of comfort, life, and light 

3 Sure the blest Comforter is nigh ! 
'Tis he sustains my fainting heart ; 
Else would my hopes for ever die, 
And every cheering ray depart. 

4 When some kind promise glads my soult 
Do I not find his healing voice 

The tempest of ray fearo conXxcA., 
And bid my drooping powers lejp^*^^- 


5 Whene'er to call the Saviour miue, 
With ardent wish my heart aspires ; 
Can it be less than power divine 
Which animates these strong desires? 

6 What less than thy almighty word 

Can raise my heart from earth and dust, 4 
And bid me cleave to thee, my Lord, 
My life, ray treasure, and my trust ? 

7 And, when my cheerful hope can say 
' I love my God, and taste his grace, 
Lord, is it not thy blissful ray 
Which brings this dawn of sacred f 

8 Let Ihy kind Spirit in my heart 
For ever dwell, O God of love! 
And light and heavenly peace impi 
Sweet earnest of the joys above. 

QQi> 2U 8'8. 

iJOAt The Holy Spirit addraitd under Darknen. 

1 T|ESCEND, Holy Spirit— the Dove, 
mJ And visit a sorrowful breast; 
My burden of guilt to remove. 

And bring me assurance and rest; 
Thou only hast power to relieve 


If Jesus, who pour'd out his blood, 

Obtain'd me a mansion above ; 
Come, heavenly Comforter, come ! 

Sweet witness of mercy divine ! 
And make me thy permanent home, — 

And seal me eternally thine. 

QQQ 215 (First Part.) L. M. 

«/f>0« 77^ grieved S^nrit entreated not to depart^ Ps. li. 11. 

1 CJTAY, thou insulted Spirit, stay! 

Though I have done thee such despite. 
Cast not a sinner quite away^ 

Nor take thine everlasting night. 

2 Though I have most unfaithful been 
Of all who e'er thy grace received ; 
Ten thousand times thy goodness seen. 
Ten thousand times thy goodness griev'd : — 

3 Yet, oh ! the chief of sinners spare, 
In honour of my great High-pnest ; 
Nor, in thy righteous anger, swear 

1 G^all not see thy people^s rest. 

4 If yet thou canst my sins forgive, — 
E'en now, O Lord, relieve my woes ; 
Into thy rest of love receive, 

And bless me with the calm repose. 

6 E'en npw my weary soul release. 
And raise me by thy gracious hand; 
Guide me into thy perfect peace. 
And bring me to the promis'd land. 

QQQ ^^^ (Second Part) C. M. 

S/Of>« The grieved Spirit deeired to return, 

1 T^" Y grace so weak, mv sin so strong, 
ivJL My heart is greatly pain'd : 
Bless'd Spirit, art thou griev'd ? — and is 

Thine influence restrain'd ? 

2 Tell me — Oh, tell me, what will please 

And cause thee to return ; 
As dove the absence of their mates, 
I thy withdrawments mourn. 

3 Come, then. Celestial Helper ! come, 

With energy divine ; 
Ease, of its heavy load of guilt. 
This troubled heart of mine. 

'" CTjde me inli 

■• ^Mll sacred prind^ 
Tlio huh that sS 


3 The guilt of twice ten thousand sins 

One moment takes away ; 
And grace, when first the war begins. 
Secures the crowning day. 

4 C!omfort through all this vale of tears. 

In rich profusion flows. 
And glory of unnumber'd years 
Eternity bestows. 

5 Drawn by such cords, we onward move. 

Till round thy throne we meet : 
And captives in the chains of love, 
Embrace our Conqueror's feet. 

QQ>I ' ^^^ (Second Part.) L. M. 

«/04« The Time of Love, Ezck. xri. 6. 8. 

1 T ORD, 'twas a time of wondrous love, 

mJ When thou didst first draw near my soul. 
And, by thy Spirit from above, 
My raging imssions didst control. 

2 Guilty and self-condemn'd I stood, 
Nor dreamt of life and bliss so near ; 
But he my evil heart renew'd, 

And all his graces planted there. 

3 He will complete the work begun, 
By leading me in all his ways ; 
To God the Father, God the Son, 
And God the Spirit, equal praise. 


QQ^ S17 (First Part) 8. 8. 6. S. Pearoe. 
«/Ot)« Conienimeni encouraged hy the Divine PromUe^ 

Heb. xiii. 5. 

1 T ET ocean's waves tumultuous rise, 
ii And strive in vain to pierce the skies^ 

And mingle with the stars ; 
Then disappointed backward roll, 
And, wild with rage, disturb the pole 

With their presumptuous wars ; 

2 Let rebel angels, doom'd to fire. 
Provoke the dread Eternal's ire. 

And combat with their God ; 
Then headlong[ from the ethereal hdi^V 
Precipitate their downward fL\^Vt> 

At bis emotive nod; 

Bemoan his pre! 

Wor let the „„ge 

Offspring of di« 

Thankful riiyj" 

And prize the hi, 


J hw shall support,, 

J 11 praise him fe, 

T. T^ Where er iti 




«/OD« The Power of Faith. 

1 Tj^AITH adds new charms to earthlj blisB, 
JL And saves me from its snares ; 

Its aid in every duty brings. 
And softens all my cares : 

2 Extinffuishes the thirst of sin, 

Andf lights the sacred fire 
Of love to God and heavenly things, 
And feeds the pure desire. 

3 The wounded conscience knows its power 

The healing balm to give ; 
That balm the saddest heart can cheer, J 
And make the dying live. 

4 Wide it unveils celestial worlds, 

Where deathless pleasures reign ; 
And bids me seek my portion there, 
Nor bids me seek m vain : — 

5 Shows me the precious promise, seal'd 

With the Redeemer's blood ; 
And helps my feeble hope to rest 
Upon a faithful God. 

6 There, there unshaken^ would I rest 

Till this vile body dies ; 
And then, on faith's triumphant wings. 
At once to glory rise ! 

OQT ^^^ ^* ^' ^' Doddridge. 

«/0 I mThe Struggle between Faith and Unbeiuf Markix.94. 

1 TESUS, our souls' delightful choice, 
tl In thee, believing, we rejoice ; 
Yet still our joy is mix'd with grief^ 
While faith contends with unbelief. 

2 Thy promises our hearts revive, 
Ana Keep our fainting hopes alive : 
But guilt, and fears, and sorrows rise, 
And Jlide the promise from our eyes. 

3 O let not sin and Satan boast, 
While saints lie mourning in the dust ; 
Nor see that faith to ruin brought. 

Which thy own gracious hand hath wrought 

4 Do thou the dying spark inflame ; 
Reveal the glories ol thy ivaxa^\ 

And put all aiudous doiibts \o mf^V^ 
As sluuieB disfpers'd by opeTi\x\% u!i£t^^ 

8 Lt 

i he blood of atom 
And lead me to Jesu 

Sreak, Saviour! for 
Ihy presence is ft 

Attend to my sorrowi 

My groamngs that 

" Ijnietimes I strive, 


The Lord has fo^ 

^ TJiyGodwiUbeg 

i Yet Lord, if thv love' 


Ah ! tell me how is it" 

Some pleasure in wi 

Almighty to rescue thtf 

rv,i >■ *'''™ 's my shH 

Let this be the daVo 


How then can wrath on me take place, 
If shelter'd in thy righteousness, 
And sprinkled with thy blood ? 

3 [If thou hast my discharge procured, 
And freely, in my room, endur'd 

The whole of wrath divine ; 
Pajrment God cannot twice demands- 
First at my bleeding Surety's hand. 

And then again at mine.] 

4 Turn then, my soul, unto thy rest ! 
The merits of thy great High-priest 

Speak peace and liberty : 
Trust in nis efficacious blood ; 
Nor fear thy banishment from Grod, 

Since Jesus died for thee. 

QJfl 322 8*8. 

S/^vr* Faith Conquering, 

1 nnHE moment a sinner believes, 

X And trusts in his crucified God, 
His pardon at once he receives. — 

Redemption in full through nis blood : 
Thoug[h thousands and thousands of foes 

Against him in malice unite. 
Their rage he, through Christ, can oppose— 

Led forth by the Spirit to fight. 

2 The faith that unites to the Lamb, 

And brings such salvation as this. 
Is more than mere notion or name ; 

The work of God's Spirit it is : 
A principle, active and young. 

That lives under pressure and load ; 
That makes out of weakness more strong. 

And draws the soul upward to God. 

3 It treads on the world and on hell ; 

It vanquishes death and desimir ; 
And, oh ! let us wonder to tell, 

It overcomes heaven by prayer, 
Permits a vile worm of the dust. 

With God to commune as a friend ; 
To hope his foreiveness as just. 

And look for his love to me end. 

4 It says to the mountains, ' Depart,' 

That stand betwixt God Mid^^ %cwSSl\ 
It binds up the broken ia YieatV^ 
And makes wounded conacvcncwk 'wasA.^N 

H,de all ay tra„» 
= The Mork which hi 

"f sever my sou/!g 
' My name from ,h, -2 

Loud to th, „../"- 


4 The time of love will come, 
When we shall clearly see, 

Not only that he shed his blood, 
But each shall say, 'for me.' 

5 Tarry his leisure, then ; 
Wait the appointed hour : 

Wait till the Bridegroom ot your souls 
Reveal his love with power. 

6 Blest is the man, O God ! 
That stays himself on thee ! 

Who waits for thy salvation, Lord 
Shall thy salvation see. 

Q>4 Q ^^ h.M. Dr. W«tt8*8 Sermoiis* 

«/4:0« Faith eormecUd with SahHOion^ Rom. L !€. 

Heb. X. 39. 
[See Hymn 284.] 

€%A A S36 C. M. Dr. Doddridge. 

«744« Being in the fear o/GodaUthetU^ bng^ 

Proyerbs xziii. 17. 

1 nnHRICE happy souls, who, bomfromheaV 

X While yet they sojourn here. 
Humbly begin their da}rs with God, 
And spend them in his fear. 

2 So may our eyes with holy zeal 

Prevent the dawning day. 
And turn the sacred pages o'er, 
And praise thy name, and pray. 

3 Midst hourly cares, may love inresent 

Its incense to thy throne — 
And, while the world our hands employs. 
Our hearts be thine alone ! 

4 As sanctified to noblest ends. 

Be each refreshment soumt ; 
And, by each various providence. 
Some wise instruction brought ! 

5 When to laborious duties call'd, 

Oi' by temptations tried, 
We'll seek the shelter of thjr wings. 
And in thy strength connde. 

6 As different scenes of life arise, 

Our grateful hearts womIA. to 
With thee amidst the soc\i\.)awDA^— - 
In solitude with thee. 


Who bsars his thres 

And trembles at Ii 

'''■S;'.¥?re<i passion 

Blending their foaul 

iheir source is ftc 

T£"'°,r?,i'"8l>t th' 


And loves as mnoh 

4 Let fear and love, nm 

And taste thrjoy/j 
946. "Lj^w?- "■ 

* I A/^'lf^werofthi! 



5 Thy saints, in all this glorious war, 
Shall conquer, though they die : 
They see the triumph from afieur, 
And seize it with their eye. 

€ When that illustrious day shall rise, 
And all thy armies shine 
In robes of victory through the skies, 
The glory shall be thine. 

«^4: 1 • Graviiy and Decency, 

1 T» EHOLD the sons, the heirs of God, 
Xf So dearly bought with Jesus' blood? 
Are they not born to heavenly joys, 

And shall they stoop to earthly toys ! 

2 Can laughter feed th' immortal mind ! 
Were spirits of celestial kind 

Made for.a jest, for sport and play — 
To wear out time, and waste the day ? 

3 Doth vain discourse, or empty mirth. 
Well suit the honours of their birth 1 
Shall they be fond of gay attire. 
Which children love, ana fools admire ? 

4 What if we wear the richest vest. 
Peacocks and flies are better drest ; 
This flesh, vnth all its gaudy forms. 
Must drop to dust, and feed the worms. 

5 Lord, raise our hearts and passions higher. 
Touch our vain souls with sacred fire ; 
Then with a heaven directed eye. 

We'll pass these glittering trifles by. 

6 We'll look on all the toys below 
With such disdain as angels do ; 
And wait the call that bids us nse 
To mansions promis'd in the skies. 

Q J O 230 L. M. 

•^4tO« Hope set before im. 

1 A ND be it so — ^that till this hour, 

Jl\. We never knew what faith has meant ; 
And, slaves to sin and Satan's poweif, 
Have never felt these hearts relent. 

2 What shall we do ? shall we lie dcrwTiv 
Sink in despair, and groan, axvd d\fe1 

And, sunk beneath th' Almig'bLty^ito'wtL 
Not glance one cheerful hope oiv\v\^^- 



3 Forbid it, Saviour ! to thy ^ace 
As sinners, strangers, we wilt come 
Among thy saints we ask a place, — 
For ill thy mercy there is room. 

4 Lord, we beUeve ! Oh, chase away 
The gloomy clouds of unbelief: 
Lord, we repent! Oh, let thv ray 
Dissolve nur hearts in sacred grief! 

5 Now spread the banner of thy love, 
And let us know that we are thine ; 
Cheer us with blesKiners from above, 
With all the joys of hope divine ! 

1 [ First Pari.) L. M. 
Ihpe in Darkneu, 


1 £~k GOD, my sun, thy blissful rays 

\-9 Can warm, rejoice, and guide my heart! 
How dark, how mournful are my days. 
If thy enlivening beams depart ! 

3 Scarce through the shades a glimpse of d^ 
Appears to these desiring eyes ! 
But shall my drooping spirit say, 
The cheerful morn will never rise ? 


Endanger'd or distrest, 
To thee alone I'll fly, 
Implore thv powerful nelp, 
And at tny footstool lie ; 
My case bemoan, my wants reveal, 
And i)atient wait ; — ^for, who can tell ? 

My heart misgives me oft, 

And conscience storms within; 
One apracious look from thee 
Wul make it all serene : 
Satan suggests that I must dwell 
In endless flames ; — ^but, who can tell 7 

Vile unbelief, begone : 

Ye doubts, swift fly away ; 
God hath an ear to hear. 
While Fve an heart to pray : 
If he be mine, all will be well — 
For ever so ; — and, who can tell? 

Qf^rw 232 8. 8. 6. 

«/9vr« Hoping and Longing, Num. xiii. 30. Deut iii. 85. 

1 l^OME, Lord! and help us to rejoice, 

V>' In hope that we shall hear thy voice,— 

Shall one day see our Gpd : 
Shall cease from all our painful strife, 
Handle and taste the word of Life, 

And feel the sprinkled blood. 

2 Let us not always make our moan, 
Nor worship thee a God unknown ; 

But let us live to prove. 
Thy people's rest, thy sainf s delight, 
The length and breadth, the deptn and height, 

Of thy redeeming love. 

3 Rejoicing now in earnest hope. 

We stand, and from the mountain-top 

See all the land below : 
Rivers of milk and honey rise, 
And all the fruits of Paradise 

In endless plenty grow. 

4 A land of corn, and wine, and oil. 
Favoured with God's peculiar smile. 

With every blessing blest • 
There dwells the Lord, owt ».\^\eo\vsK««»^ * 
And keeps his own in x>etfec\. -peac^ 
And everlasting rest. 



'■e us a lot of 

"ope encouraged jy 

»» WhyheavK 
i-an sovereign Goa 
Am I not safe if Go 
2 He holds all nature 
t hat sracious hand 
Doth life, and time. 
And lias immortal j( 

' '^K^" supports thu 
Un him alone myS< 
1 he wondrous glorft 
How wide they qm 

4 Infinite wisdom! ba 
(Jnchanging faithfuh 
Here let me trust, wl 
JN or from my refuge 

5 My Gal if thou art I 
I hen I have all «,- v 
A present hein f. 


How happy, how divinely blest, 
The sacrea words of truth attest ! 

2 When conscious grief laments sincere, 
And pours the penitential tear ; 
Hope points, to your dejected eyes, 
The bright reversion in the skies. 

3 In vain the sons of wealth and pride 
] despise your lot, your hopes deride ; 
'. n vain they boast their Irttle stores; 
Trifles are tfieirsj a kingdom yours! — 

4 A kingdom of immense delight. 
Where health, and peace, and joy unite; 
Where undecJining pleasures rise. 
And every wish hath full supplies : 

6 A kingdom which can ne'er decay, 
While time sweeps earthly thrones away; 
The state, which power and truth sustain, 
Unmov'd for ever must remain. 

6 There shall your eyes with rapture view. 
The glorious Friend that died for you*; 
That died to ransom, died to raise 

To crowns of joy and songs of praise. 

7 Jesus, to thee I breathe my prayer ! 
Reveal, confirm my interest there : 
Whate'er my humble lot below. 
This, this my soul desires to know! 

8 O let me hear that voice divine 
Pronounce the glorious blessing mine! 
Enroird among thy happy poor. 

My largest wishes ask no more. 

Q^Q 235 c. M. 

«/9t)« Humble pleading for Mercy. 

1 T ORD, at thy leet we sinners lie, 
ii And knock at mercy's door; 
With heavy heart and downcast eye 

Thy favour we implore. 

2 [On us the vast extent display 

Of thy forgiving love ; 
Take all our neinous guilt away. 
This heavy load remove, 

3 We sink — ^with all this weight oppressed 

Sink down to death and keW. \ 
O give our troubled spirits xesX^ 
Our numerous fears dispel 

„ '"repossess 
954. ™ s« 

" heip me sooT 
"rean off these aH 

^ ample. i»,„i,™ 


€^^£t ^^ ^« ^* ^* I>oddiidge. 

«J 9D« Bejoiemg m GmT, Jer. iz. 23, 34. 

1 'T^HE righteous Lord, supremely great, 

JL Maintains his universal state ; 
O'er all the earth his power extends, 
All heaven before his footstool bends. 

2 Yet justice still with power p^resides, 
And mercy all his empire guides ; 
Mercy and truth are his delight, 
And saints are lovely in his sight. 

3 No more, ye wise ! vour wisdom boasty 
No more, ye strong ! your valour trust ; 
No more, ye rich ! survey your store, — 
Elate with heaps of shining ore : 

4 Glory, ye saints ! in this alone, — 
That God, your God. to you is known; 
That you have own'd his sovereign sway, — 
That you have felt his cheering ray. 

6 Our wisdom, wealth, and power, we find 
In one Jehovah all conabin'd ; 
On him we fix our roving eyes. 
And all our souls in raptures rise. 

6 All else, which we our treasure call, 
May in one fatal moment fall ; 
But what their happiness can move, 
Whom God, the blessed, deigns to love? 

Q^rj 239 S. M. Dr. Doddridge. 

</9 I • Egoieing in the Ways of Chd^ Psalm oxzzriii. & 

1 I^OW let our voices join 
JL^ To form a sacrea song ; 

Ye pilgrims, in Jehovah's ways. 
With music pass along. 

2 How straight the path appears. 
How open and how fair! 

No lurking gins t' entrap our feet ; 
No fierce destroyer there. 

3 But flowers of paradise 
In rich profusion sprinff; 

The Sun of Glory gilds tne path. 
And dear companions sing. 

4 See Salem's golden spires 
In beauteous prospect rise; 

And brighter crowns lYiaxv iaoi\ai\» ^W2t^ 
Which sparkle througYi \Yi^ fSsi^a- 


In th? "■"«"«! 

4i ■>' ?"■= nappy 
Soon ,i,ei, jPW 

959. "":;,"!" 


^ Sweet truth, and easy to repeat ! 

But when mv faith is sharply tried, 

I find myself a learner yet, — 

Unskilful, weak, and apt to slide. 
6 But, O my Lord, one look from thee 

Subdues the disobedient will ; 

Drives doubt and discontent away, 

And thy rebellious worm is still. 
6 Thou art as ready to forgive 

As I am ready to repine ; 

Thou, therefore, all the praise receive ; 

Be shame and self-abhorrence mine. 

</0\/« Immutable Perftdiona and Glory of OctL 

1 f\ LORD, thy mercy, my sure hope, 

V^ The highest orb of heaven transcends ; 
Thy sacred truth's unmeasured scope 
Beyond the spreading skies extends. 

2 Thy justice, like the hills, remains ; 

How deep, great GkxJ, thy judjrments are : 
Thy providence the world sustains ; 
The whole creation is thy care. 

3 With thee the springs of life remain. 

Thy presence is eternal day ; — 
Oh let thy saints thy favour gain ! 
To upnght hearts thy truth display. 

t/Olf. The Same, 

1 4 BOVE these heavens' created rounds, 
jHL Thy mercies, Lord, extend ; 

Thy truth outlives the narrow bounds 
where time and nature end. 

2 Thy justice shall maintain its throne, 

Though mountains melt away ; 
Thy judgments are a world unknown, 
A deep, unfathom'd sea. 

3 Though all created light decay, 

And death close up our eyes ; 

Thy presence makes eternal day, 

Wnere clouds can never rise. 

vOX • God shining in the Hearty 8 Cor. i?. 6 

1 "pRAISE to the Lord of bo\vxid\w^ \si\si^ 
JT With uncreated g\oTiea\>T\^\.\ 
His presence gilds the wotVd ^S^^e, — 
Th' unchanging source of \\^\. wvdiVss^* 



■2 Our rising earth his eye beheld. 
When, ill substantial fiarkness veil'd. 
The shapeless chaos, nature's womb. 
Lay buried in the horrid gloom. 

3 ' Let there be li^ht,' Jehovah said ! 
And light o'er all its face was spread ; 
Nature, array'd in charms unknown, 
Gay with its' new-born lustre shone. 

4 He sees the mind, when lost it lies 
In shades of ignorance and vice, 
And darts from heav'n a vivid ray, 
And changes midnight into day. 

a Shine, mighty Goil ! with vigour shine, 
On this benighted heart of mine ■ 
And let thy glories stand reveal'd. 
As in the Saviour's face beheld. 

* My soul, revived by heav'n-bom day, 
Thy radiant image shall display ; 
While all my faculties unite 
To praise the Lord who gives me light 



6 But help me to declare to-day, 
If many things I cannot say, 
' One thinff I know/ all praise to thee, 
' Though oUnd I wa« — yet now I 5ee.' 

<700« Knowledge at present imperfect^ I Cor. xiiL 9. 

1 inr^H Y way, God ! is in the sea, 

JL Thy paths I cannot trace; 
Nor comprenend the mystery 
Of thy unbounded grace. 

2 Here the dark veils of flesh and sense 

My captive soul surround, 
Mysterious deeps of providence 
My wandering thoughts confound. 

3 When I behold thy awful hand 

My earthly hopes destroy • 
In deep astonishment I stand. 
And ask the reason, why ? 

4 As through a glass, I dimly see 

The wonders of thy love ; 
How little do I know of thee, 
Or of the joys above ! 

5 'Tis but in part I know thy will ; 

I bless thee for the sight : 
Wh^n will thv love the rest reveal, 
In glory's clearer light ? 

6 With rapture shall I then survey 

Thy providence and grace : 

And spend an everlasting day 

In wonder, love, and praise. 

3/04:. UberaUty. 

1 i^H, what stupendous mercy shines 
Vr Around the majesty of Heaven ! 
Rebels he deigns to call nis sons. 
Their souls renewed, their sins forgiven. 

2 Go, imitate the grace divine, — 
The grace that blazes like a sun ; 

Hold forth your fair, though feeble light. 
Through all your lives let mercy run ! 

3 Up9n your bounty's vnlling wings 
Swift let the great sa\vat\oxv flN \ 
The hungry feed, the naked <AQ!CckA\ 
To pain and sickness \ve\p ^^^7 • 


-•ouounce self-rj 

^OO, ™ . 347 

J *■=, I would 1 

3 Tn u ™n' on I- 

With „,' "''rewnc 

Draw anrf '^ ?o»Wf 

abb. w o.ii 


4 No good in creatures can be found. 
But maj be found in thee ; 
I must have all things, and abound, 
While God is God to me. 

a Oh, that I had a stronger faith, 
To look within the veil, 
To credit what my Saviour saith, 
Whose words can never fail ! 

6 He. that has made my heaven secure. 

Will here all good provide ; 
While Christ is rich, can I be poor ? 
What can I want beside ? 

7 O Lord ! I cast my care on thee ; 
I triumph and adore ; 

Henceforth my great concern shall be 


To love and please thee more. 

Love to Christ present or absent. 

OAT ^*^ ^' ^' ^^' ^^^^'* Lyrics. 

«/0 I • Love to Christ present or absent, 

1 f\F all the joys we mortals know, 

Vr Jesus, thy love exceeds the rest ! — 
Love, the best blessing here below. 
The nearest image of the blest. 

2 While we are held in thy embrace. 
There's not a thought attempts to rove ; 
Each smile upon tny beauteous face 
Fixes, and charms, and fires our love. 

3 While of thy absence we complain, 
And long or weep in all we do, 
There's a strange pleasure in the pain ; 
And tears have their own sweetness too. 

4 When round thy courts bv day we rove; 
Or ask the watchmen of the night 

For some kind tidings of our Love, 
Thy very name creates delight. 

6 Jesus, our God, yet rather come ! 

Our eyes would dwell upon thy face :— 
'Tis best to see our Lord at home. 
And feel the presence of his grace. 

Q/^Q 250 7^8. Newton. 

vOO« Lovestthou me ? John xxi. 16. 

1 ^ ^I^IS a iK)int I long to know, 

X Oft it causes anxioMS \xid\ii^dXt— 
Do I love the Lord, or nol 
Am I his, or am I not ? 

^an I deem mysi 

* Jflpray, orliear, 
omis m«'d with 
You that love the 
Jell me, isitthui 
« Yet I moam my i 
^ind my sin a gri, 
Should i grieve fo 
" J did not love at 

7 tCouId I joy hia „ 
Choose the way, J 
f wd at times, the 
u 1 did not iovo thi 

8 Lord, decide the dc 
1 tipu, who art thy 

lains ! 



3 I was a traitor, doom'd to fire, 
Bound to sustain eternal pains ; 
He flew on win^s of strong desire. 
Assumed my guilt, and took my cnaii 

4 Infinite grace ! almighty charms ! — 
Stand in amaze, ye rolling skies ! 
Jesus, the God, extends his arms, — 
Hangs on a cross of love, and dies. 

6 Did pity ever stoop so low, 
Dress'd in divinity and blood ! 
Was ever rebel courted so, 
In groans of an expiring God ? 

6 Again he lives ! and spreads his hands, — 
Hands that were nail'a to torturing smart ! 

' By these dear wounds !' says he ; and stands, 
And prays to clasp me to his heart. 

7 Sure I must love • or are my ears 
Still deaf, nor will my passions move ? 
Lord ! melt this flintv heart to tears ; — 
This heart shall yield to death or love. 

OTA ^^^ ^* ^* ^^- ^' Stennett 

t7 I \f» Frofeaaion ofLtnt to ChrUi. 

ffD have I, Christ, no love to thee, — 
No passion for thy charms ? 
No wish my Saviour's face to see. 
And dwell within his arms ! 

2 Is there no spark of gratitude 

In this cold heart of mine, 
To him whose generous bosom glow'd 
With friendship all divine ? 

3 Can I pronounce his charming name, 

His acts of kindness tell ? 
And, while I dwell upon the theme. 
No sweet emotion feel ? 

4 Such base ingratitude as this 

What heart but must detest ! 
Sure Christ deserves the noblest place 
In every human breast. 

6 A very wretch. Lord ! I should prove^ 
Had I no love to thee : 
Rather than not my Savio\iT \ove, 
O may I cease to bel 


i'j- ?""' from 5 

To «l," *"' ""ee 
With ."■ *"«■ " 
To w """'« Md 

3 r .; ""' ")' s» 


Your poinp^ are but shadows and sounds, 

And pass in a moment away : 

The crown that my Saviour bestows, 

Yon permanent sun shall outshine; 

My joy everlastingly flows, — 

My God, my Redeemer, is mine. 

Qi^Q ^^ S* M. Fawcett. 

</ I /6« Lo9t to the Brethren. 

1 TILEST be the tie that binds 
XJ Our hearts in Christian love ! 

The fellowship of kindred minds 
Is like to that above. 

2 Before our Father's throne 
We pour our ardent prajrers ; 

Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one, 
Our comforts and our cares. 

3 We share our mutual woes ; 
Our mutual burdens bear: 

And often for each other flows 
The sympathizing tear. 

4 When we asunder part, 
It gives us inward pain : 

But we shall still be join'd in heart, 
And hope to meet again. 

5 This glorious hope revives 
Our couraije by the way • 

While each in expectation lives, 
And longs to see the day. 

6 From sorrow, toil, and pain, 
And sin we shall be free : 

And perfect love and friendship reign 
Through all eternity. 

Qi^Q 355 S. M. Beddome. 

<7 I 0« Christian Love, Gal. iu. 88. 

1 IT ET party names no more 

Ai The Christian world o'erspread; 
Gentile and Jew, and bond and free^ 
Are one in Christ their Head. 

2 Among the saints on earth. 
Let mutual love be found ; 

Heirs of the same inheritance, 
With mutual blessings CTowiCd. 

S Let envy, child of hell\ 
Be banished far awav ; 

'^ Celesua Dove, , 


ijkfjl^ 958 C. M. 

t/ 1 0« Love fo our EnemUt/rom the Exampk of Ckritif 

Lake xxiii. 34. Matt. t. 44. 

1 A LOUD we sing the wondrous grace 
-HL Christ to his murderers bare : 
Which made the tort'ring cross its throne. 

And hung its trophies there. 

2 * Father, forgive !' his mercy cried. 

With his expiring breath, 
And drew eternal blessings down 
On those who wrought his death. 

3 Jesus, this wondrous love we sing ! 

And, whilst we sing, admire : 
Breathe on our souls, and kindle there 
The same celestial fire. 

4 Sway'd by thy dear example, we 

For enemies will pray ; 
With love, their hatred — and their curse 
With blessings — will repay. 

Qi^i^ S59 C. M. Dr. S. Stennett. 

<7 i i • JU Mainmeni$ wdn toithout Love^ I Cor. xiii. !<*^« 

J QHOULD bounteous nature kindly pour 
O Her richest gifts on me. 
Still, O my God ! I should be poor. 
If void of love to thee. 

2 Not shining wit, nor manly sense. 

Could make me truly good ; 
Nor zeal itself could recompense 
The want of love to God. 

3 Did I possess the ffift of tongues, 

But were denied thy ^ace ; 
My loudest words — my loftiest songs. 
Would be but sounding brass. 

4 Though thou shouldst ffive me heavenly skill 

Each mystery to explain • 
If Fd no heart to do thy wiU, 
My knowledge would be vain. 
6 Had I so strong a faith, my God ! 
As mountains to remove ; 
No laith could do me real good. 
That did not work by love. 
6 [What though, to gratify my pride, 
And make my heaven secure 
All my possessions I divide 
Among the hunginr poor ; 


yJi liurable 

,' 'a' meek and 

' ■;'■"«• you fo, 

H" bring, salvat 

, for which h si. 

'Ins stimptuous 

rp, **nen near vm.i- 

'Yfwtetoolof V 


3 Not in base scandal's arts he deals, 

For truth dwells in his breast : 
With grief he sees his neighbour's faultSi 
And thinks and hopes tne best. 

4 What blessings bounteous heaven bestows, 

He takes with thankful heart : 
With temp'rance he both eats and drinks, 
And gives the poor a part 

5 To sect or party his large soul 

Disdains to be confin d : 
The good he loves of ev'rjr name, 
And prays for all mankind. 

6 Pure is his zeal, the offspring fair 

Of truth and heavenly love : 
The bigot's rage can never dwell 
Where rests the peaceful dove. 

7 His business is to keep his heart, 

Each passion to control ; 

Nobly ambitious well to rule 

The empire of his soul. 

8 Not on the world his heart is set. 

His treasure is above ; 
Nothing beneath the sovereign good 
Can claim his highest love. 

QQfl 262 L. M. 

t^Ovr* Jgur'^a Wish, Prov. xxx. 7, 8, 9. 

1 ri^HUS Agur breath'd his warm desire — 

A * My God, two favours I require ; 
' In neither my request deny, 

* Vouchsafe them both before I die : 

2 ' Far from m)^ heart and tents exclude 
' Those enemies to all that's jfood ; 

' Folly, whose pleasures end m death, 

* And Falsefiooas pestilential breath. 

3 * Be neither wealth nor want my lot, 

* Below the dome, above the cot, 

* Let me my life unanxious lead: 

* And know no luxury nor need. 

4 Those wishes, Lord, we make ova owb.\ 
Oh, shed in moderation do^m 

Thy bounties, till this TnoT\?i\\yteaJ3cv^ 
Expiring, tunes thy praise Vn ' 

' Patience 

^ -"missive to ii 

■'^J' patience we, 
Jne troubles of 

=* Though we, in ft 

j^e smile amid ot 
4 m <■""'"»'''■'« 


QQQ ^^ ^*^ Dr. Doddridge. 

«/00« QcdipeakingPeaeetohiaPeopU^Pv&ilxixw.B. 

1 T*TNITE, my roving thoughts ! unite 
U In silence soft and sweet ; 

And thou, my soul, sit gentlv down 
At thy great Sovereign's feet. 

2 Jehovah's awful voice is heard, 

Yet sladly I attend ; 
For, loT the everlasting God 
Proclaims himself my friend. 

3 Harmonious accents to my soul 

The sounds of peace convey; • 
The tempest at his word subsiaes^ 
And winds and seas obey. 

4 By all its joys, I charge my heart 

To grieve his love no more ; 
But charm'd by melody divine. 
To give its follies o'er. 

QQJ 266 L.M.61ine8. R. Hill. 

t/o4« A Prayer for the promised Retty Isa. zxn. S« 

1 T^EAR Friend of friendless sinners, hear, 
13 And magnify thy grace divine ; 
Pardon a worm that would draw near, 

That would his heart to thee resign ; 
A worm, by self and sin opprest. 
That pants to reach thy promis'd rest 

2 With holy fear and reverend love, 

I long to lie beneath thy throne * 
I long in thee to live and move. 

And stay myself on thee alone : 
Teach me to lean upon thy breast. 
To find in thee the promis'd rest. 

3 Thou say'st thou wilt thy servants keep 

In perfect peace, whose minds shall be 
Like new-born babes, or helpless sheep. 

Completely stay'd, dear Lord, on thee : 
How calm their state, how truly blest 
Who trust on thee, tne promis'd rest. 

4 Take me, my Saviour, as thine own. 

And vindicate my righteous cause ; 
Be thou my portion. Lord, alone. 

And bend me to obey my \aw%\ 
In thy dear arms of love caters? di. 
Give me to find thy promise d xes*. 

3ir 3 


~,r* Nor Ion 

i he wretch, thi 


<-)!"T ,""■ so. 

»'« heralds „e , 

a Ti, ° "■"■" *« ' 
'f jummonsre 
, >et eartli atten 

And Jot your v, 

, „ Nor trifle whT! 

" Tf'"" 'he awfti 

Fof"^ """/ou to 

Jlnd turns to ven 
Amazing Jove I tha 

Aiid ween. o«.. ... 


3 If tinctor'd with that odious gall 

Unknowing I remain, 
Let srace, like a pure silver stream, 
Wash out th' accursed stain. 

4 If, in these fatal fetters bound, 

A wretched slave I lie. 
Smite off my chains, and wake my soul 
To light and liberty. 

6 To humble penitence and prayer 
Be gentle pity siven ; 
Speak ample i)araon to my heart, 
And seal its claim to heaven. 

Qfifi 968 (Second Part.) L. BL 

t/OO* Eardneti of Heart kumented, 

1 T ORD ! shed a beam of heavenly day 
jLA To melt this stubborn stone away ; 
Now thaw, with rays of love divine. 
This heart, this frozen heart of mine. 

2 The rocks can rend ; the earth can quake ; 
The seas can roar ; the mountain sha^e ; 
Of feeling all things show some sign. 
But this unfeeling heart of mine. 

3 To hear the sorrows thou hast felt. 
What but an adamant woiUd melt? 
Goodness and wrath in vain combine 
To move this stupid heart of mine. 

4 But One can yet perform the deed ; 
That One in all his grace I need ; 
Thy Spirit can from dross refine, 
^And melt this stubborn heart of mine. 

6 Oh, Breath of Life, breathe on my soul ! 
On me let streams of mercy roll : 
Now thaw, with rays of love divine, 
This heart, this frozen heart of mine. 

QA7 ^^^ ^* ^* ^'* DoddriafB. 

t/O I • Chriti exalted to give Repentance^ Acts t. 31. 

1 "pXALTED Prince of Life ! we own 
Xli The royal honours of thy throne, 
'Tis fix'd by God's almighty hand. 
And seraphs bow at thy command. 

2 Exalted Saviour ! we confess 

The sovereign triumphs oi \ky %|c«jm/% 
Where beams of gentle nd\»xvcA do^^i^ 
And temper majesty diinne. 


3 Wide tbv resistless sceptre sway. 
Till all thine enemies obey : 
Wide may the cross its virtues proTe* 
And conquer millions by its love. — 

4 Mighty to vanquish and forgive ; 
Thme Israel shall repent and live ; 
And loud proclaim tnv healing breath. 
Which works their life who wrought thy dca 


STO T's. Dr. S, Stennotl, 
PmUmtial Sigla. 

1 I^ATHER! at thy call I come: 
JC In thy bosom there is room 
For a eiiiiU" soul to hide, — 
Prt!ssd with grief on every side. , 

2 Here I'll make my piteous moaiL|> 
Thou canst understand a groan : 
Here my sins and sorrows tell; 
What I feel thou kuowest well. 

3 Ah ! how foolish I have been. 
To obey the voice of sin — 
To forget thy love to me, 
And to break my vows to thee. 


9 Has m^ elder brother died ? 
And is iustice satisfied ? ' 
Why, on, why — should I despair 
Of my Father's tender care ? 

t70€/» Tke Penitmt. 

1 1>R0STRATE, dear Jesus ! at thy feet, 
Ml a guilty rebel lies ; 

And upwards to the mercy-seat 
Presumes to lift his eyes. 

2 Oh let not justice frown me hence : 

Stay, stay the vengeful storm : 
Forbid it that Omnipotence 
Should crush a feeble worm. 

3 If tears of sorrow would suffice 

To pay the debt I owe, 
Tears should from both my weeping eyes 
In ceaseless torrents flow. 

4 But no such sacrifice I plead 

To expiate my guilt \ 
No tears, but those which thou hiast shed|— 
No blood, but thou hast spilt 

5 Think of thy sorrows, dearest Lord ! 

And all my sins forgive : 
Justice will well approve the word 
That bids the sinner live. 

QQr| 273 C. M. Steele. 

t7t7vr« Penitence and Slope, 

1 T^EAR Saviour ! when my Noughts recall 
JLf The wonders of thy ffrace, 

Low at thv feet asham'd I fall, 
And hide this wretched face. 

2 Shall love like thine be thus repaid ! 

Ah, vile ungrateful heart 
By earth's low cares detain d, — ^betray^d 
From Jesus to depart. — 

3 From Jesus — ^who alone can give 

True pleasure, peace, and rest : 
When absent from -my Lord, I live 
Unsatisfied, unblest. 

4 But he, for hi& own mercy's sake. 

My wandering soul reatoioa \ 
He bids the mouminff 1[ie«cl pas^xSsA 
The pardon it impIoteB. 

^'sra accepted t 
tLT"'"*- with 1 

S^. pit™, h^ 
"f hears tleirsS 
Homage in aS^ 

992. ^.rrc 

^ Js sm the oa„« 


Then tell me. gracious God ! is mine 
A contrite heart or no? 

2 I hear, but seem to hear in vain, 

Insensible as steel ; 
If aught is felt, 'tis only pain 
To find I cannot feel. 

3 I sometimes think myself inclined 

To love thee, if I could ; 

But often feel another mind. 

Averse to all that's good. 

4 My best desires are faint and few, 

I fain would strive for more ; 
But, when I cry, ' My strength renew,' 
Seem weaker than before. 

6 Thy saints are comforted, I know. 
And love thy house of prayer ; 
I sometimes go where others go. 
But find no comfort there. 

6 Oh. make this heart rejoice or ache ; — 
Decide this doubt for me ; 
And, if it be not broken, break — 
And heal it, if it be. 

QQ J (276) C. M. Beddome. 

t/«/49 EuigruUion ; (n-y Ood our PorHotu 

1 "PLC Y times of sorrow and of joy, 
jJfM. Great God ! are in thy hand ; 
My choicest comforts come from thee. 

And go at thy command. 

2 If thou shouldst take them all away, 

Yet would I not repine ; 
Before they were possess'd by me. 
They were entirely thine. 

3 Nor would I drop a murmuring word. 

Though the whole world were gone. 
But seek enduring happiness 
In thee, and thee alone. 

4 What is the world, with all its store ? 

'Tis but a bitter sweet ; 
When I attempt to pluck the rose, 
A pricking tnorn 1 meet. 
6 Here perfect bliss can ne'er be founds 
The honey's mix'd witVi gaXV *. 
Midst changing scenes, and ^.^jViist ^^^^-^ 
Be tbou my all in au. 

^'vhat most 
"no never h* 

4 ri^ favour aU 


^te' else I ^ 

, w''* letter sti 

fi B , ] ""*'d b 
^nm aU these 




J. „i ?' ">y feet 1 


Wf9 C* M* T* GiMiiB* 
1 Sam. iii. 18. 

1 TT is the Lord— enthroned in light, 
X Whose claims are all divine : 
Who has an undisputed right 

To govern me and mine. 

2 It is the Lord — should I distrust. 

Or contradict his will, 
Who cannot do but what is just. 
And must be righteous stul ? 

S It is the Lord — ^who gives me all 
My wealth, my friends, my ease ; 
And, of his bounties, may recall 
Whatever part he please. 

4 It is the Lord — ^who can sustain 

Beneath the heaviest load— 
From whom assistance I obtain 
To tread the thorny road. 

5 It is the Lord — ^whose matchless skill 

Can from afflictions raise 
Matter eternity to fill 
With ever-growing praise. 

6 It is the Lord — mv covenant God, 

Thrice blessed fee his name ! 
Whose gracious promise, seal'd vrith blood. 
Must ever be tne same. 

7 His covenant will my soul defend, 

Should nature's self expire. 
And the great Judge of all descend' 
In awful flames of fire ! 

8 And can my soul, with hopes like these, 

Be sullen, or repine ? 
No, gracious God ! take what thou i^ease. 
To thee I all resign. 

OOQ ^^ CM. Needhsm. 

Wo* Self-denudt or^ taking up the Crony Mtrk TiiL 

38. hSke ix. 96. 

1 A SH AM'D of Christ !— my soul, disdain 
jTL The mean, ungen'rous thought : 
Shall I disown that Friend, whose blood 
To man salvation braugn\.1 

2 With the glad news of \o^e miA. ^gew^^ 
From heaven to eaitlh \ie c^xa&\ 

Ire prec,„-;;s 

. - f >" reign™ 

999. , 

Much more Iha. 

' T™ 'li»usa„d TOrid 


2 All I can wish is thine to give : 

My God, I ask thy love, 
That greatest boon 1 can receive. 
That bliss of heaven above. 

3 To heaven my restless heart aspires ; 

Oh ! for some quickening ray, 
To animate mv faint desires, 
And cheer the tiresome way. 

4 While sin and Satan join their art 

To keep me from my Lord, 
Dear Saviour, guard my trembling heart. 
And guide me by thy word. 

6 Whene'er the tempting foe alarms. 
Or spreads the fatal snare, 
m fly to my Redeemer's arms. 
For safety must be there. 

6 My Guardian, my almighty Friend, 
On thee my soul womd rest ; 
On thee alone my hopes depend, 
In thee I'm ever blest. 

JL W M, • Sincerity desired, 

1 TF secret fraud should dwell 
JL Within this heart of mine ; 

Purge out, God ! that cursed leaven. 
And maJce me wholly thine. 

2 If any rival there 

Dares to usurp the throne. 
Oh. tear the infernal traitor thence, 
And reign thyself alone. 

3 Is any lust conceal'd ? 
Bring it to open view : 

Search, search, dear Lord ! my inmost aoul, 
And all its powers renew. 

W ^* AmT^ua/MfufeflEneiv/ or^ inward RtUgwn. 

1 ~D ELIGION is the chief concern 
m\ Of mortals here below , 
May I its great importance learn, 
Its sovereign virtue know ! 

8 More needful this than glittering wealth, 
Or aught the world bestows \ 
Nor reputation, food, oi l^ed\)i)cL 
Can give us such tepoae. 

My heart to 
" ",?,Sf rve me fi 

^^ m me Jet , 
'^I-f lively l,q. 

" mount Sk 

[t «„J1 ''"?''»■*< 


Ml VvO* M M oma g e me ni to trutt and iove Chd^ Pt« jaodr. 

1 ry^HROUGH all the changing scenes of life 

X In trouble and in joy, 
The praises of my God shall stUl 
My heart and tongue employ. 

2 Of his deliverance I will boast, 

Till all, who are distrest, 
From my example comfort take. 
And cnarm their griefs to rest. 

3 The hosts of God encamp around 

The dwellings of the just; 
Protection he affords to all 
Who make his name their trust. 

4 Oh, make but trial of his love ! — 

Experience will decide 
How olest are they, and only they, 
Who in his truth confide. 

5 Fear him, ye saints ! and you will then 

Have nothing else to fear * 
Make you his service your aelight,— 
Your wants shall be his care. 

6 While hungry lions lack their prey, 

The Lord will food provide 
For such as put their trust in him. 
And see their need supplied. 

^fU\A ^6 (First Part.) L. M. 

1 UU4« Trwt and Confidence, Hab. UL 17, 18. 

1 A WAY, my unbelieving fear ! 

j\. Let fear in me no more take place ; 
My Saviour doth not yet apijear ; 
He hides the brightness of nis face : 
But shall I therefore let him go. 
And basely to the tempter yield ? 
No, in the strength of Jesus, no ! 
I never will give up my shield. 

2 Although the vine its fruit deny, 
Although the olive yield no oil, 
The withering fig-tree droop and di6» 
The field illude the tiller's toil— 
The emptv stall no herd afford — 
And nensn all the bleatrng TM.fe\ 
J>/. i will triumph in t\i© \jat^\ — 

The God of my salvaVioxi pt?i.\«»\ 

so 3 

1004. •« 

is'™", who hid 
^twn grace hsft 


4 I own my guilt; my sins confess; 
Can men or derils make them more 7 
Of crimes, already numberless, 
Vain the attempt to swell the score. 

5 Were the black list before my siffhti 
While I remember thou hast died^ 
*Twould only urge mv speedier flight 
To seek salvation at tny side. 

6 Low at thy feet I'll cast me down, 
To thee reveal my guilt and fear ; 

And — ^if thou spurn me from thy throne-* 
I'll be the first who perish'd there. 

ttlfkXlL 387 (Second Part.) CM. 

1 TF God is mine, then present things, 
1 And things to come, are mine; 
Yea, Christ, his word, and Spirit too, 

And glory all divine. 

2 If he is mine, then from his love, 

He every trouble sends ; 
All things are working for my good. 
And bliss his rod attends. 

3 If he is mine, I need not fear 

The rage of earth and hell ; 
He will support my feeble frame. 
Their utmost force repel. 

4 If he is mine, let friends forsake,-- 

Let wealth and honours flee — 
Sure he, who giveth me himseiff 
Is more than these to me. 

6 If he is mine, I'll boldly pass 

Through death's tremendous vale ; 
He is a solid comfort, when 
All other comforts fail. 

6 Oh, tell me. Lord ! that thou art mine ; 
What can I wish beside ? 
My soul shall at the fountain live. 
When all the streams are dried. 

innft S88 (First Part.) CM. Beddome. 

1 XTE trembling souls ! dismiss your fears ; 
JL . Be mercy all your tVietae \ 
Mercy, which^ like a rivet, fLo^i^ 
In one continued streaxa. 

Ur leave 1: 
A fiuthful 

lo endless I 

H« grace S! 

1006.- «. 

■' ^te smiles hsve 


iniV7 ^*^ 8.8.6. Jew*. 

JL UV I • Fmr» rtmmud It ul^benei afrmd^ Jofan vi 90. 

1 TTNCLE AN ! unclean ! and fuU of rin, 
\J From first to last, O Lord, I've been ! 

Deceitful is my heart : 
Guilt presses down my burden 'd soul ; 
But Jesus can the waves control, 

And bid my fears depart. 

2 When first I heard his word of grace. 
Ungratefully I hid mv face, — 

Ungratefully delay d : 
At length his voice more powerful came, 

* *Tis 1,' he cried, ' I, still the same ; 

* Thou need'st not be afraid.' 

3 My heart was chan^'d ; in that same hour 
My soul confessed his mighty power ; 

Out flow'd the brinv tear : 
I listen'd still to hear nis voice ; 
Again he said, * In me rejoice : 

* 'Tis I ; — thou need'st not fear.' 

4 * Unworthy of thy love !' I cried : 

* Freely I love,' he soon replied, 

* On me thy faith be stay'd : 

* On me for every thing depend ; 

* I'm Jesus still, the sinner s friend, — 

* Thou need'st not be afraid.' 

1 AAQ ^^0 10*8 & 1 Ts as 5*8 & 6*8. Newton. 
l- vrVrO* Itoill trust, and not be afraid, Isa. zii. S. 

1 TJEGONE, unbelief! my Saviour is near, 
Xf And for my relief will surely api)ear : 
By nrayer let me wrestle, and he will perform : 
Witn Christ in the vessel, I smile at the storm. 

2 Though dark be my way, since he is my guide, 
'Tis mine to obey, 'tis his to provide : 

Tho' cisterns be broken, and creatures all fail« 
The word he has spoken shall surely prevail. 

3 His love, in time past, forbids me to think 
He'll leave me at last in trouble to sink ; 
Each sweet Ebenezer I have in review, [thro*. 
Confirms his good pleasure to help me (Juite 

4 Determin'd to save, he watch'd o'er my path. 
When, Satan's blind slave, I sported witaofiatk-. 
And can he have taught me \o\t>MXvxt\^^^ 

And thus far have oxoxigyvX nv^ \d^x& "^^ *^ 
shame ? 



f he wis 
And fait, 

4;Yho knc 


]vi.sdom t, 

;C^,"fe begu 

6 S^* ''^ the 2 
K^PJjy the , 
^fi whose ot 


One smile from thee my heart shall fire. 
And teach me, smiling, to expire, 

3 If nature at the trial shake, 

And from the cross or flames draw back, 
Grace can its feeble courage raise, 
And turn its tremblings into praise. 

4 While scarce I dare with Peter say, — 
* rU boldly tread the bleeding way ; 
Yet, in thy steps, like John, I'd move 
Wim humble hope and silent love. 

i A1 1 ^^^ (y^^^ P^^) ^* ^* Beddoow. 
1 vr 11 • Holi/ Zeal and Diligence. 

1 "W)trHILE carnal men, with all their might, 

▼ T Earth's vanities pursue. 
How slow the advances which I make, 
With heaven itself in view ! 

2 Inspire my soul with holy zeal ; 

Great God ! my love inflame ; 
Religion wdthout zeal and love 
Is out an empty name. 

3 To gain the top of Zion's hill 

May I with fervour strive ; 
And all those powers employ for thee 
Which I from thee derive ! 

1 A1 1 293 (Second Part.) C. M. 

lUll. Zeal for God. 

1 TF duty calls, and suffering too, 
M. My Lord ! I'd follow thee : 
As thou hast done, so would I ao ; 

As thou art, would I be. 

2 With zeal inflam'd, 'twas thy delight 

To do thy Father's will : 
May the same zeal my soul excite, 
Thy precepts to fulfil. 

3 Meekness, humility, and love, 

Did through thv conduct shine ; 
Oh. may mv whole deportment prove 
A copy. Lord, of thine ! 

4 Depending on thy sov'reign grace, 

rll tread the heavenly toml; 
With willing mind thy foo\ate\^ Xxwc^ 
And climo to thine abode. 




6 Oh, let me run the Christian raoe 
With diligence and speed ! 
God's Word, his Spirit, and his Grace, 
Do ail to duty lead. 

6 Did Jesus leave the realms of bliss 

To save from sin and hell? A 

A love BO wonderful as this m 

Calls for a glowing zeal. V 

7 Those who to Christ for refuge flee, 

Should in his footi^leps treM ; 
Our Prophet, Priest, and King should be 
Both trusted and obey'd. 



WITH melting heart and weeping ejfl^ 
My guilty soul for mercy cries; 

What shall I do, or whither flee, 

T' escape that vengeance due to me? 


1 ^1 A 994 (Second Part.) C. M. 

1 TS there, in heav'n or earth, who oaa 
X A wretched mortal save ? 

Make a poor lep'rous sinner clean ? 
Redeem an helpless slave ? — ' 

2 Who can appease an an^y God ? — 

Relieve a ourden'd mmd ? 
In whom a soul, o'erwhelm'd with gnilt, 
May ease and safety find ? 

3 Yes ! there is One, who dwells on high, 

That can do this and more ; 
A Being of unbounded love 
And uncontrolled power — 

4 Immanud is his name ; who once. 

Upon th' accursed tree. 
Bore the vast weight of all their sins 
Who, burden'd, to him flee. 

6 But now he lives — he ever lives. 
And pleads what he hath done ; 
Whilst God ten thousand crimes forgiTM» 
Through his atoning Son. 

6 Jesus ! I to thy feet repair, 
And there will prostrate lie ; 
Be thou propitious to my prayer, 
And I shall never die. 

1 rk-f Q 295 8. 7. D. Turnor. 

J. vrX 0« Juuiy thou Son of David^ have mercy on mc, 

Mark x. 47. 

1 TESUS, fbll of all compassion, 

tf Hear thy humble suppliant's cry ; 
Let me know thy great salvation ; 
See ! I languish, faint, and die. 

2 Guilty, but with heart relenting, 

Overwhelm'd with helpless grief, 
Prostrate at thy feet repenting. 
Send, O send me quick relief! 

3 [Whither should a wretch be flying, 

But to him who comfort gives ? 
Whither, from the dread ofaving. 
But to him who ever lives 1\ 

4 [While I view thee, woMiideA, ^wvwt> 

JJiieathiess, on the cursed \xe%, 




' On'lie won 
Han^ „ 

" ^n the world 
«»«'• a sou 

* y=»ltli ana 


5 Thou dost freely save the lost , 
In thy grace alone I trust : 
With my earnest suit comply ; 
Give me Christ, or else I aie. 

6 Thou dost promise to forgive 
All who in thy Son believe ; 
Lord, I know thou canst not lie : 
Give me Christ, or else I die. 

7 Father, dost thou seem to frown? 
Let me shelter in thy Son ! 
Jesus ! to thine arms I fly ; 
Come and save me, or I die. 

-1 /\1 ^ 296 (Second Part.) C. M. 

1. V X 4r« Help me^ my God^-Oh sa»e nu^ Ps. eiz. 96* 

1 TTELP and salvation. Lord! I crave: 
Jl For both I creatly need : 

None else these blessings can bestow ; 
From thee they must proceed. 

2 Heh me thy glories to behold ; 

Thy loveliness to see : 
Save irom an atheistic heart, 
Which shuns the Deity. 

3 [Help me the turpitude of sin 

With shame to realize : 
Save from impenitence, and thaw 
A breast as hard as ice] 

4 Heh me to cleave to Christ alone ! 

Where else can sinners fly ? 
Save me from all self-righteousness. 
And every idol nigh. 

6 Hdp me to live upon thy word,— 
The Christian's daiW food : 
Save me from unbelief, that foe— 
That bar to every good. 

6 Heip me to do thy holy will ; 

Let duty bliss dispense : 
S€tt>e from a disobedient heart, 
From sloth and negligence. 

7 Help me to persevere in grace ; 

Still gladly following on/. 
Stwe me from each hackfi\\d\tv% ^^qoSSol 
To which my heart is ptoxve- 

""^e from ; 
And this 

c, And then 
J he dread 

1015. »i^ 

S—- In life's 

S"fse this ra 
J n fix on Man. 
' o spom the tft 

J hen let ^ 


2 'Tis Love that gilds the vernal raj — 
Adorns the flow'ry robe of May — 

Perfumes the breathing gale : 
'Tis .Love that loads the plenteous plain 
With blushing fruits ana golden grain, 

And smiles o'er every vale. 

3 But, in thy gospel it appears 
In sweeter, fairer characters. 

And charms the ravish'd breast ; 
There, Love immortal leaves the sky, 
To wipe the drooping mourner's eye, 

And give the weary rest. 

4 There smiles a kind propjitious God— ^ 
There flows a dying Saviour's blood, 

The pledge of sins forgiv'n ; 
There. Faith, bright cherub, points the way 
To regions of eternal day. 

And opens all her heaven. 

5 Then, in redeeming Love rejoice, 
My soul ! and hear a Saviour's voice, 

That calls thee to the skies : 
Above life's empty scenes aspire — 
Its sordid cares and mean desire— 

And seize th' eternal prize. 

I ril /» 398 (First Part.) S. M. Dr. Doddridge 
1- V X D« Devoting himself to Crod, Rom. xii. 1. 

1 A ND will th' eternal King 
juL So mean a gift reward ? 

That ofFrin^, Lord, with joy we bring 
Which thine own hand prepar'd. 

2 We own thy various claim ; 
And to thine altar move, 

The willing victims of thy grace, 
And bound with cords of love. 

3 Descend, celestial fire ! 
The sacrifice inflame : 

So shall a grateful odour rise, 
Through our Redeemer's name. 

*|/\1/» 998 (Second Part.) S. M. 

1 V1D« Going foruHstd t or, D'fffictdHn the Oeeaaimef 

Prwer and Pleading, Exod. xir. 15^ 

1 T IKE Israel, Lord, am 11 
JLJ My soul is at a B\axvdL\ 
A sea before, an host beYimd, 
And rocks on eitYieT Yiaud. 

Tk"* time 01 
T-'ny chosen 

And make ti 


Thi '^i m tin 

""'thou not at 
yi. send deli. 

"can conimandTbi 


Will he within this bosom raise 
A living temple to his praise ? 

2 The joyful news transports my breast • 
All hail ! I cry, thou heavenly guest ? 
Lift up your heads, ye powers within, 
And let the King of Glory in. 

3 Enter with all thy heavenly train ! 
Here live, and here for ever reign ! 
Thy sceptre o'er my passions sway ; 
Let love command, and I'll obey. 

4 Reason and conscience shall submiti 
And pay their homage at thy feet ; 
To thee I'll consecrate my heart, 
And bid each rival thence depart 

fi No idol-god shall hold a place 
Within this temple of thy grace : 
Dagon before the ark shall fall. 
And God in Christ be all in all. 

1 rii ij 299 (Second Part) C. M. 

l"X i • Imploring the Fretenee of God* 

1 T ORD ! let me see thv beauteous fBM ! 
JLi It yields a heav'n below ; 

And angels round the throne will say 
'Tis all the heaven they know. 

2 A glimpse — a single glimpse of thee 

Would more delicht my soul 
Than this vain world, with all its joys, 
Could I possess the whole. 

Ifl^fJ 299 (Third Part.) L. M. 

m,"m. i • Happy in the Salvation of Ood^ Pnlm zhri. 4* 

1 TNDULGENT God ! to Thee I raise 
X My spirit fraught with joy and praise : 
Grateful 1 bow before thy throne. 

My debt of mercy there to own. 

2 Rivers descending. Lord ! from Thee, 
Perpetual glide to solace me : 

Their varied virtues to rehearse. 
Demands an everlasting verse. 

3 And yet there is, beyond the rest 

One stream — the widest and VScl^ w«fcr— 
Salvation ! Lo, the purpVe ^ooAi ,, 

KoUb rich with my Hea©ettieT*fi'^A«»* 

Bids mortal 
Nor dreads 
oent with s, 


P„„-/ rem w< 

}j?nlin'd to n( 

His Mul disdi 

He only, 

aiess'd «ith fl 

And seeks 
And f '"^ "te' 
ri yi those w. 



6 I come, thy servant, Lord ! repliee, 
I come to meet thee in the skies, 

And claim my heavenly rest ; 
Now let the pilgrim's journey end ; 
Now — Oh, my Saviour, brother, friend !— 

Receive me to thy breast ! 

1 1 9» Tke Pilgrim*'a Song. 

1 Tl ISE, mv soul ! and stretch thy wingB^ 
M\ Thy Detter portion trace : 

Rise, from transitory things. 
Towards heav'n, thy native place ! 

Sun, and moon, and stars, decay ; 
Time shall soon this earth remove ; 

Rise, my soul, and haste away 
To seats prepared above ! 

2 Rivers to the ocean run. 

Nor stay in all their course ; 
Fire, ascending, seeks the sun ; 

Both speed them to their source : 
Thus a soul, new-born of God, 

Pants to view his glorious face, 
Upward tends to his abode. 

To rest in his embrace. 

3 Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to mourn, 

Press onward to the prize ; 
Soon the Saviour will return 

Triumphant in the skies : 
Yet a season, and you know 

Happy entrance will be given, — 
All your sorrows left below. 

And earth exchang'd for heav'n. 

1 AOA 3^ ^- ^- ^f* Doddridge. 

L\f/C\J. Running the Christian Race, PhU. liL IS— 14. 

1 A WAKE, my soul ! stretch every nerve, 
-HL And press with vigour on : 

A heav'nly race demands thy zeaL 
And an immortal crown. 

2 'Tis God's all-animating voice 

That calls thee from on high : 
'Tis his own hand presents the prize 
To thine aspiring eye. 

3 A cloud of witnesses aTOWiidi 

HoJd thee in full sxirvey \ 

3 5"f^ iJul each 
^ -V^ope is my he 

^ yjhusarm'd, I, 

To Vicf ?v ""P« 
J 022. _, 304 , 

And Lt^Z^. i- 


Yet Christ will safely keep 
And g^ide me witn his e^re : 
My anchor hope shall firm abide^ 
And I each boist'rous storm outnde. 

4 By faith I see the land, — 
The port of endless rest : 
My souL thy sails expand, 
And ny to Jesus' breast ! 
Oh, may I reach the heavenly shore, 
Where winds and waves distress no mora* 

6 Whene'er becalm'd I lie, 

And storms forbear to toss, 
Be thou, dear Lord ! still nigh, 
Lest I should suffer loss : 
For more the treacherous calm I dread. 
Than tempests bursting o'er my head 

6 Come, Holy Ghost ! and blow 
A prosp'rous gale of grace ; 
Waft me from all below 

To heaven — my destin'd place ! 
Then, in full sail, my port. I'll find. 
And leave the world and sin behind. 

lAOO (305) Vs. 

LXJdQOm Ttmpted—hut Jtying to Christ for Rtfitgt. 

JESUS ! lover of my soul, 
Let me to thy bosom fly, 
While the raging billows roll — 

While the tempest still is nigh ! 
Hide me, O my Saviour ! hide 

Till the storm of life is past ; 
Safe into the haven guide • 

Oh, receive my soul at last ! 

2 Other refuge have I none, — 

Hangs my helpless soul on thee ! 
Leave, ah ! leave me not alone ! 

Still support and comfort me ! 
All my trust on thee is stay'd ; 

All my fielp from thee I bring : 
Cover my defenceless head. 

With the shadow of thy wing. 

3 Thou, O Christ, art all I virant ; 

More than all in thee 1 iitviL \ 
Raise the fallen, cheer the feinV. 
Heal the sick, and lead \)[ie\i\MA.\ 



1 ^T 

u- , And 'ni 

3 i.^"d chains the 
"* yound by his V 

4 Th i . '"^ ^ P''f 
Wh ch f ^" P'-« 

And sei,, ,. f ^7^0, 

1024. 306 (Sec, 

1 ^rr^rc .. . ^'tk 


Trials make the promise sweet; 

Trials jjive new life to pray'r ; 
Triids bnnff me to his feet, — 

Lay me low, and keep me there. 

3 Did I meet no trials here — 

No chastisement by the way — 
Might I not, with reason, fear 

Fshould prove a cast-away ? 
Bastards may escape the rod,« 

Sunk in earthly vain delight; 
But the true-born child of God 

Must not — ^would not if he might 

1 AO^ ^^ ^' ^* ^^' ^' Stennett. 

X Xf^COm TTie Ministry of AngtU. 

1 i^ RE AT God ! what hosts of angels stand, 
Ijr In shining ranks, at thy right hand, 
Array'd in robes of dazzling light, 

With pinions stretch'd for distant flight ! 

2 Immortal fires ! seraphic flames ! 
Who can recount their various names ? 
In strength and l)eauty thev excel; 
For near the throne of Goa they dwell. 

3 How eag[erly they wish to know 
The duties ne would have them do : 
What joy their active spirits feel, 
To execute their Sovereign's will ! 

4 Hither at his command thev fly 

To guard the beds on which we lie ; 
To shield our nersons night and day, 
And scatter all our fears away. 

5 [Aghast the hostile Syrian band 
Around the helpless prophet stand. 
While mighty Gabriel downward flies, 
And with his chariot fills the skies. 

6 Herod attempts, but all in vain. 
To bind a Peter with his chain : 
At one soft word an ansel speaks, 
The massy chain asuncfer breaks.] 

7 Send, O my God, some angel down, 
(Though to a mortal eye unknown,} 
To guide and guard my doub\£vvL ^ v) 
Vp to the realms of endle^ d»?r^ 

"u call u, 
On whici 

^1 would II 



' nj- prewn 

- Ko leve m. 

And .a a. 

Then .hall n,J 

Ann"! '■'«•* 
And Changs «.< 

For song, of, 

^°I Satan It. 


r know what he appoints is best. 
Yet murmur at it still. 

5 O could I but believe ! 
Then all would easy be : 

I would, but cannot — Lord, relieve. 
My help must come from thee ! 

6 But if indeed I rvotdd^ 
Though I can nothing do : 

Yet the desire is something good 
For which my praise is due. 

7 By nature prone to ill, 
Till thine appointed hour, 

I was as destitute of will 
As now I am of power. 

8 Wilt thou not crown at lenffth 
The work thou hast begun? 

And with a will afford me strength 
In all thy ways to run ? 

jiXjAQm Complaining of InamBUmcif, 

1 rriHE wandering star, and fleeting wind, 

X Both represent the unstable mind : 
The morning cloud and early dew, 
Bring our inconstancy to view. 

2 But cloud, and wind, and dew, and star, 
Faint and imperfect emblems are ; 
Nor can there aught in nature be 

So fickle and so filse as we. 

3 Our outward walk, and inward frame, 
Scarce through a single hour the same ; 
We vow, ana straight our vows forget, 
And then these very vows repeat 

4 We' sin forsake, to sin return ; 

Are hot, are cold, now freeze, now bum ; 
In deep distress, then raptures feel, 
We soar to heaven, then sink to hell. 

6 With flowing tears, Lord, we confess 
Our foUv and unsteadfastness : 
When snail these hearts more fixed be, 
Fix'd by thy grace, and fix'd for thee ? 

1AOO 311 L-^- m. & StmiAtt 

1 \j4t9Jm FruU Icunmitd. 

1 f\FT have I turned my ey^ ^^Qcrai, 
t-^ And Iwought to \\gYv\ wma ^aX»^ ^KSi.\ 

«er own c 

^ §end, O n 

^"ng fort[ 

And alj hei 

^ So shall hu 

Again posse 

Ap^\ form a 

1030. ^,^ 

J^ Ofde« 
i^ince every s 

is but the f 

2 ^o- Lord, I'll 

Nor ever da 

My painful i 

^ And beat uck 

<^1f., rouble Z. 

aiUows on bi 

4 Prom fear to hi 

-l/\Q1 813 7.6.8. 

aiider'a Praytr, , 

1 TESUS, let thy pitying eye. 

tJ Call back a wandering sheep ; 
False to thee, like Peter, I 

Would fain like Peter weep ; 
Let me be by grace restored, 

On me be all its freeness shown ; 
Turn, and look upon me, Lord, 

And break my iieart of stone. 

2 Saviour, Prince, enthron'd above, 

Repentance to impart, 
Give me, through thy dving love, 

The humble contrite heart ; 
Give, what I have long implord, 

A portion of thy love unknown ; 
Turn, and look upon me. Lord, 

And break my neart of stone. 

3 See me. Saviour, from above. 

Nor suffer me to die ; 
Life, and happiness, and love. 

Smile in thy gracious eye : 
Speak the reconciling word. 

And let thy mercy melt me down; 
Turn, and look upon me, Lord, 

And break my neart of stone. 

4 Look, as when thy pityinff eye 

Was clos'd that we might live ; 
* Father, (at the point to die 

Mv Saviour gasp'd,) forgive!' 
Surely with that dying word. 

He turns, and looks, and cries, ' 'Tit don 
O my loving, bleeding Lord, 

This breaks my heart of stone. 

1 AQO ^^^ ^- ^* Fmwoett 

1 \JOAm Peter*B Fall and Reetnery^ Lake 

1 TTOW did the powers of darknett rafB 
Xl Against the Son of God ! 

While cruel men on earth engage 
To shed his precious blood. 

2 His friends forsook him with surpriie, 

When that dread scene be^saa ; 
And one perfidiously deii\e(& 
He ever knew tYie m;)^. 

Peter r ^^' ' 

/ am found i 
7 r A^°"'d not s 

, ^"d Jet af ^? 

^ ®««n as the mon, t 

Wis ]ovt « ^ «^e' 
3 In vain ,u "^^ *^^ ^ 


6 Now when the eTening shade prevails^ 

My soul in darkness mourns; 

And when the mom the light reveals. 
No light to me returns. 

7 My prayers are now a chatt'ring n0iie» 

For Jesus hides his face ! 
I read, the promise meets my eyw. 
But will not reach my case. 

8 Now Satan threatens to preyail, 

And make my soul his prey ; 
Yet, Lord, thy mercies cannot £ul, 
O, come without delay ! 

-| AO A 316 G. M. Steele. 

lUt}4r« Trwhkd, hid making €M a M^ki^ 

1 T|EAR Refuge of my weary scml, 
JLF On thee, when sorrows rise, 
On thee, when wares of trouble rollf 

My fainting hope relies. 

2 To thee, I tell each rising grief, 

For thou alone canst heal ; .. 
Thy word can bring a sweei rtUef 
For every pain I feel. 

S But O ! when gloomy doubts pravailt 
I fear to call thee mine : 
The springs of comfort seem to £u]« 
Ana all my hopes decline. 

4 Yet gracious God, where shall I flee? 

Thou art my only trust : 
And still my soul would cleaye to thai^ 
Though prostrate in the dust 

5 Hast thou not bid me seek thy fiice? 

And shall I seek in vain ? 
And can the ear of sovereign grace 
Be deaf when I complain ? 

6 No. still the ear of sovereign grace 

Attends the mourner's prayer ; 
O may I ever find access 
To breathe my sorrows there ! 

7 Thy mercy-seat is open still, 

Here let my soul retreat ; 
With humbie hope attend iliy ^^inSLi 
And wBit beneath thy feed. 

3 By our illustri. 

We no extre 

rrepar'd to stri 

If thou, OUT 

4 We;il trace the 

To triumph i 

Nor shun thy c 

May we but 

1036. c.,^' 

i r|MVsoul,M 

^-^ Wherefori 

Let thy griefs bi 

Bid thy restle 

Look to Jesus, 

And rejoice in h 

2 What though Se 

Vex and tease 

And thysinfulii 

Often iiJl thee 

i hou shalt conqi 

Through the Lai 

3 Though ten thmi 

From wit] 


5 O that I could now adore hinii 

Like the heavenly host above, 
Who for ever bow before him, 

And unceasing sing his love ! 
Happy songsters ! 
When shaU I your chorus join 7 

t tW7 ^^^ ^' ^ 

llfOim The Bequegt. 

1 fT^ATHER, whate'er of earthly bliii 
JC Thy sovereign will denies, 
Accepted at thy throne of grace, 

Let tills petition rise : 

2 ' Give me a calm, a thankful hearti 

' From ev'ry murmur free;, 
* The blessings of thy grace imparti 
* And make me live to thee : 

5 * Let the sweet hope that thou art rnine^ 

^ My life and death attend; 
' Thv presence through my journey ahine^ 
^ And crown my journey's end. 

1AQQ ^^ ^-^' Steele. 

lirOO* Waiel^fulneii and Prayer^ Mail xxfL4kL 

1 A LAS ! what hourly dangers rise ! 
A. What snares beset my way ! 
To heaven, O let me lift my eyes, 

And hourly watch and pray. 

2 How oft my mournful thoughts complauif 

And melt in flowing tears ! ^ 

My weak resistance, an ! how vain ! 
How strong my foes and fears! 

3 O ffracious Grod, in whom I live. 

My feeble efforts aid ; 
Help me to watch; and pray) 'and itrivie, 
Though trembling and afraid. 

4 Increase my fiaith, increase my hope, 
When foes and fears i)reva]i ; 
ad bear my fiednting spirit np. 
Or soon my strength will Ml. 

6 Whene'er temptations fright my hearti 

Or lure my feet aside, 
My Grod, thy powerful aid ixoguXi 
My iruanuan and my guidft. 

^ / "-as ho ^..] 

f"^^^ has be 
^s almost dr, 

f i ?'}ce he'd 
9."k ,^^' his Jo 

J^ lasted mv „ ^ 
7 "Vi ^^ Player 


3 But why does that celestial flower 
Open and thrive and shine no more? 
Where are its balmy odours fled ? 
And why reclines its beauteous head ? 

4 Too plain, alas ! the languor shows 
Th' unkindly soil in which it grows ; 
Where the black frost and beating storm 
Wither and rend its tender form ? 

6 Unchanging Sun, thy beams display 
To drive the frost and storms away ; 
Make all thy potent virtues known 
To cheer a plant so much thy own. 

6 And thou, bless'd Spirit, deign to blow 
Fresh sales of heaven on shrubs below; 
So shall they grow, and breathe abroaa 
A fragrance grateful to our God. 

tAill 323 L. M. G — . 

1 ir4rl • EUing to God. 

1 ^TO W^ let our souls, on wings sublime, 
X^ Rise from the vanities of time. 
Draw back the parting veil, and see 
The glories of eternity. 

2 Bom by a new celestial birth. 

Why should we grovel here on earth T 
Why grasp at transitory toys, 
So near to heaven's eternal joys ? 

3 Shall aught beguile us on the road. 
When we are walking back to God ? 
For strangers into life we come, 
And dying is but going home. 

4 Welcome, sweet hour of full dischargeg 
That sets our longing souls at large, 
Unbinds our chains, oreaks up our celt^ 
And gives us with our God to dwell. 

6 To dwell with God, to feel his love, 
Is the full heaven enjoy'd above ; 
And the sweet expectation now 
Is the young dawn of heaven below. 

IfkAO ^^ L* ^- Fawcett. 

J.ir4r/6« Remembering ail the toay the Lord kae kd kim, 

Dent. viii. S. 

1 nnHUS far my God hath led me on, 

X And made his truth and tneccY W^f^^^Hw.^ 
My hopes and fears alternate x\&e^ 
And comforts mingle witib^ ui^ «a^^« 

— ^ 

'* Uy soul, 

ner hope; 
oees ever 
^^d wonc 

7 hich lea 
♦Vhile in tl 

That Jesus 

J 043. --^^ 

VE servj 

Observant of 
And watch] 

^'^^ «P your I 


1 i\A A ^^ L- ^* 

ll/44:« SoUeUouio/JMikinghiiCouneunth^, 

Acts zx. 34. 

1 A SSIST US, Lord, thy name to praise 
JoL For the rich gospel of thy grace; 
And, that our hearts may love it more, 
Teach them to feel its vital power. 

2 With joy may we onr course pursue, 
And keep the crown of life in view ; 
That crown which in one hour repays 
The labour of ten thousand days. 

3 Should bonds or death obstruct our way, 
Unmov'd their terrors we'll survey. 
And the last hour improve for thee, 
The last of life or liberty. 

4 Welcome those bonds which may unite 
Our souls to their supreme delight ; 
Welcome that death, whose painful strife 
Bears us to Christ, our better life. 

1 f\A ^ ^^ ^' ^* ^'* Doddridge. 

J. vr4t}* 77te Believer committing his departing Spirit 


1 f\ THOU, that hast redemption wrought, 
" Patron of souls thy bloods hath bought. 
To thee our spirit we commit. 

Mighty to rescue from the pit 

2 Millions of blissful souls above. 
In realms of purity and love. 

With songs of endless praise proclaim 
The honours of thy fieathful name. 

3 When all the ix)wers of nature fail'd. 
Thy ever constant care prevailed ; 
Courage and joy thy friendship spoke. 
When ev'ry mortal bond was oroke. 

4 We on that friendship, Lord, repose, 
The healing balm of all our woes : 
And we, when sinking in the grave. 
Trust thine omnipotence to save. 

5 may our spirits, by thy hand. 
Be gather'd to that happy b^Tid> 

Who, midst the blessings oi XJiii t^v^S^^^ 
Lose all remembrance oi t\ie\t ^ysx. 



^ 'J We 

But th 
'^ ' That th 

And voi 
' wile 

^ain are t 
^ur hop 


3 Through all the windings of my heart, 
My search let heavenly wisdoiD guide, 
And still its radiant beams impart, 
Till all be searched and purified. 

4 Then, with the visits of thy love, 
Vouchsafe my inmost soul to cheer ; 
Till every grace shall join to prove 
That God has fii'd his dwelling there. 

IfiAQ 330 L. M. Beddome. 

m40* Jleading tie ScriphirtM. 

1 |~^REATGod,oppress'd with grief and fear, 
\Ji I take thy book, and hope to find 
Some gracious word of promise there. 

To soothe the sorrows of my mind. 

2 I turn the sacred volume o'er, 

And search with care from page to page ; 
Of threateuings find an ample store, 
But nought that can my gnef assuage. 

3 And is there nought? Forbid, dear Lord, 
So base a thought should e'er arise : 

I'll search agEiin ; and, while I search, 

may the scales fall off mine eyes ! 

4 'Tis done : and, with transporting joy, 

1 read the heaven-inspired lines ; 
There mercy spreads its brightest beams, 
And truth with dazzling lustre shines. 

6 Here's heavenly food for hungry souls. 
And mines of gold t' enrich the poor : 
Here's healing oalm for every wonnd, 
A ^ve for every festering sore. 

1 tkAQ 331 L. M. PreBident Dariei. 

'. 19, 30. 

1 "WJ^HAT Strange perplexities arise ! 
T T What anxious fears and jealousies! 
What crowds in doubtful light appear ( 
How few, alas ! approv'd and clear. 

3 And what am I ? — My souL awake, 
And an impartial survey take : 
Does no dark sign, no ground of fear, 
In practice or in heart, appear ? 

3 What image does my spirit bear? 
Is Jesus form'd, and livmg \Xiete\ 
Say, do his lineaments di'vioe, 
la thought, and word, andad'Mm.^ifia*'' 


4 Searcher of hearts, O search me still; 
The secrets of my soul reveal ; 

My fears remove ; let me appear 

To God, and my own conscience, clear. 

5 Scatter the clouds which o'er my head 
Thick glooms of dubious terror spreaul, 
Lead me into celestial day. 

And to myself, myself display, 

6 May I at that bless'd world arrive. 
Where Christ through all my soul shi 
And give full proof that he is there. 
Without one gloomy douht or fear. 

1 AC^A 332 C. M. 

lUaiT. Scmt Prnyer, MstL ri. 6. 

1 "" ^ 

FATHER divine, thy piercing e" 
Sees through the darkest nigt 
In deep retirement thou art nigh, 

"VV'itli heart-disceruing sight. 
There may that piercing eye survey 

My duteous homage paid, 
With every morniiig s dawning ray, 

And every evening's shade. 
O let thy own celestial fire 


2 To thee we nve our health and strengtii, 
While health and strength shall last ; 
For future mercies humbly trust, 
Nor e'er forget the past. 

1ARO ^^ L.U. Steele. 

J. \j0^9 T%t ChriiHanU nobUst Bem^uHon, 

Joeh. xxiy. 15. 

1 A H, wretched souls, who strive in vain, 
jljL Slaves to the world; and slaves to sm ; 
A nobler toil may I sustain, 

A nobler satisfaction win. 

2 May I resolve, with all my heart, 
With all my ix)wers to serve the Lord, 
Nor from his precepts e'er depart. 
Whose service is a rich reward. 

3 O be his service all my joy. 
Around let my example shine. 
Till others love the bless'd employ, 
And join in labours so divine. 

4 Be this the purpose of my soul, 
My solemn, my determin'd choice. 
To yield to his supreme control. 
And in his kind commands rejoice. 

5 O may I never faint or tire, 

Nor wandering leave his sacred ways : 
Great God, accept my soul's desire, 
And give me strength to live thy praise. 

1 ARQ ^^ ^' ^* ^'' Doddridge. 

1 \Ji30. Family Bdigion, Gen. xvui. 1 9. 

1 "I^ATHER of all, thy care we blessj 

JC Which crowns our families with peace ; 
From thee they spring, and by thy hand. 
They have been, and are still sustain'd 

2 To God, most worthy to be prais'd, 
Be our domestic altars rais'a; 

Who, Lord of heaven, scorns not to dwell 
With saints in their obscurest cell. 

3 To thee may each united house. 
Morning and night, present \\» no-tt^ \ 
Our servants there, and imM i:^c». 

Be taught thy precepte, and \ivy \EW^. 


L tieir happine 

Uur warmest wii 

To lead their a 

3 Dear Lord, thj 

Upon our infan 

u bnng the long'i 

1 hat makes ■tht 

•I May ihev recei 

Confess the Sa\ 

ihen follow their 

i hrough the ha 

5 Thus let our fai 

burrouml thy sa 

1 here to adore thy 

And sing their d 

1055.,,,i.r"' "•' 

JP , \Vith all ensa 
Hark, how he ^ 


4 [Ye little flock, with Dleasure hear; 

Ye children, seek nis face ; 
And fly with transport to receive 
The blessings ot his grace.] 

5 If orphans they are left behind, 

Thy guardian care we trust; 
That care shall heal our bleeding hearts, 
If weeping o'er their dust. 


1 t\Kii ^^ ^* ^* ^ ^'" ^"^ ^*'* ^* Fnneit. 
lUOD* On opening a Piaee of Worokip. 

1 TN sweet exalted strains 

JL The King of glory praise ; 

O'er heaven and earth he reigns, 

Through everlasting days ; 
He, with a nod, the world controls, 
Sustains or sinks the distant poles. 

2 To earth he bends his throne. 
His throne of grace divine ; 
Wide is his bounty known. 
And wide his glones shine ; 

Fair Salem, still nis chosen rest. 

Is witli his smiles and presence olest 

3 Then, Kinff of Glory, come. 
And with thy favour crown 
This temple as thy dome. 
This people as thv own ; 

Beneath this roof, O deign to show 
How God can dwell with men below. 

4 Here; may thine ears attend 
Our interceding cries. 
And grateful praise ascend 
All fragrant to the skies : 

Here, may thy word melodious sound, 
And spread celestial joys around ! 

5 Here, may th' attentive throng 
Imbibe thy truth and love. 
And converts join the song 
Of seraphim above ; 

And willing crowds STUTOwivdL ^Jtv! \icws&^ 
With sacred joy and swee\ «jc»wycftL\ 

To fill our „, 
ihese walls, 

ftHd, ill the „e 


1058. . w 




1 ARQ ^^^ ^* ^' ^'- S- Stennett. 

JL XfOUm 7%e Pleasure of social Worship. 

OW charmingis the place, 
Where my Kedeemer God 
Unveils the beauties of his face, 
And sheds his love abroad. 

2 Not the fair palaces, 

To which the great resort, 
Are once to be coinpar'd with this, 
Where Jesus holds his court. 

3 Here, on the mercy-seat, 

With radiant glory crown'd, , 

Our joyful eyes behold him sit> 
And smile on all around. 

4 To him their prayers and cries 
Each humble soul presents; 

He listens to their broKen sighs, 
And grants them all their wants. 

6 To them his sovereign will 
He graciously imparts ; 
And in return accepts, with smUes, 
The tribute of their hearts. 

6 Give me, O Lord, a place 
Within thy blest abode, 
Among the children of thy grace, 
The servants of my Goa. 

tfiCfi ^^ "^'b* I>*Tanier. 

J. \/D\/* T%e EsutUeney of public Worship. 

1 T ORD of hosts, how lovely fair, 
JLa E'en on earth, thy temples are! 
Here thy waiting people see 

Much of heaven, and much of thee. 

2 From thy gracious presence flows 
Bliss that softens all our woes ; 
While thy Spirit's holy fire 
Warms our hearts vvritn pure desire. 

3 Here we supplicate thy throne ; 
Here thou mak'st thy glories known ; 
Here we learn thy righteous ways. 
Taste thy love, and smg thy praise. 

4 Thus with festive songs of joy, 
We our happy lives employ ; 
Love, and long to love mee mox^^ 
Till from eartfi to lieavexi 'we wsm. 

IJWPy the men, T 
Wil6 ardent love 

Sr^T" ?!?!» to 't 
With willing hear 

■* ?2.» "jay within Ih 


. 4,''™ thousands in 

1 he meanest place 

6 God is a sun; our 

from his revivinij i 

God IS a shield, tHii 

i guard us from a 

6 Hb pours his kinde. 

profusely down on I 

And grace shall mil 

1 he happy fay'riiEs 

7 O Lord of hosts, tho 

Ho". Jest, divinely 1 

Who trusts thy lo/e, 

And fixes all his hop 

1062. „,., M4 


3 There joyful find a sure abode, 
And view the beauty of my God ; 
For he within his hallow'd shrine 
My secret refuge shall assign. 

4 When thou, with condescending grace. 
Hast bid me seek thy shining face, 
My heart replied to thy kind word. 
Thee will I seek, all-gracious Lord- 

6 Should every earthly friend depart. 
And nature leave a parent's heart, 
My God, on whom my hopes denend, 
Will be my father and my friend. 

6 Ye humble souls, in every strait^ 
On God with sacred courage wait ; 
His hand shall Ufe and strength afford : 
O, ever wait upon the Lord ! 

1 (id^ ^^ ^' ^* ^^' ^^^^'^ Lyrics. 

JlvrOO* FitrtM vttinwUhoui Religion, 

1 A LMIGHTY Maker, God ! 
juL How wondrous is thy name ; 

Thy glories how diffused abroad 
Through the creation's frame ! 

2 Nature in every dress 
Her humble homafi^e pays. 

And finds a thousandf ways t' express 
Thine undissembled praise. 

3 My soul would rise and sing 
To her Creator too ; 

Fain would my tongue adore my King, 
And pay the worship due. 

4 [But pride, that busy sin, 
Spoils all that I perform, 

Curs'd pride, that creeps securely in, 
And swells a haughty worm.] 

6 Create my soul anew, 

Else all my worship 's vain ; 
This wretched heart will ne'er be truei 
Until 'tis form'd again. 

6 Let joy and worship spend, 
The remnant of my day», 
And to my Go(L my 80\x\ ^acexA 
In sweet perfumes of ftra^ae. 

o „A"i tread ti 

rL'^l'- from J, 

Tkf heaven p„ 

The,, „j.j *^ 

?"[«■ eager to ■ 

"hymns of J 

3 „ And had ,h?^ 

'ge peace i„pl„r, 

"S'™. while w 

„ J^o Jacob's Go 

_ ^"emanainn.- 


3 Cries to God, ' Thy mercy show ; 
' Lo ! I cx>me, thy will to do ! 

' I the sacrifice wiU be, 

' Death shall plunge his dart in me.' 

4 Though the form of God he bore, 
Great in jrlory, great in power. 
See him in our flesh array'd. 
Lower than his angels made. 

5 [He that heaven itself possess'd, 
Now an infant at the breast ! 
Angels, from the world above. 
See and sing th' amazing love ! 

6 Through the shining hours of day, 
Toil and danger mark his way ; 
Lonely mounts, and chilling air, 
Witness oft his midnight prayer. 

7 Now the heavenly Lover dies ! 
Darkness veils the mid-day skies! 
Angels round the bloody ^e 
Throng, and gaze in ecstasy. 

8 [Powers unseen earth's bosom heave, 
Rocks and tombs asunder cleave ; 
While the Temple's rending veil, 
Tells the priest the awful tale.] 

9 But, the third day's dawning come, 
Lo ! the Saviour leaves the tomb ! 
Reascends his native sky, 
Where he lives, no more to die. 

10 On his cross he builds his throne. 
Whence he makes his glories known, 
Sends his Spirit down to give 
Djnng sinners grace to live. 

1 m*C 348 L. M. J. Stennett. 

lUOO. lU Saibalk. 

1 A NOTHER six days' work is done, 
/*. Another Sabbatn is begun : 
Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest. 
Improve the day thy God hath bless'd. 

2 Come, bless the Lord, whose love 
So sweet a rest to wearied minds ; 
Provides an antopast of heaven, 
And gives tiiis day the food, dl * 

Willi hope, we full 
^ J" )'"','>' duSes, let i 
In holy pleasures, j 
How sweet the Sat 
in hope of one thai 

1067. J," H.. 

AWAKE, our 
„, Shake off 6 
ihe wonders of tl 
Uur noblest songs 
Auspicious morn ! tj 
iiright seraphs hail i 
At lliv approaohin 
"eluotant death n 
i he glorious Prin 
In dark domains c 
Jh angehohostaroc 
And midst their shou 

All hail, triumphal 
Heaven with . 

LORD*S-DAY. 769 

6 Make bare thy potent arm, 
And wing th' unerring dart, 
With salutary pangs, 
To each rebellious heart ; 
Then dying souls for life shall sue, 
Numerous as drops of morning dew. 

1 A^Q ^^ ^* ^* ^ ' 

JL vrOO* Hymn for the Evening of the LortTB-daif. 

1 X^REQUENT the day of God returns 
X To shed its quickeninff beams ; 
And yet how slow devotion burns ! 
How languid are its flames ! 

H Accept our faint attempts to love. 
Our frailties, Lord, forgive ; 
We would be like thy saints above, 
And praise thee while we live. 

3 Increase, O Lord, our faith and hope, 

And fit us to ascend 
Where the assembly ne'er breaks up, 
The Sabbath ne'er shall end : 

4 Where we shall breathe in heavenly air, 

With heavenly lustre shine : 
Before the throne of God appear. 
And feast on love divine ; 

5 Where we, in high seraphic strains. 

Shall all our powers employ. 
Delighted range th' ethereal plains, 
And take our fill of joy. 

AvrOJ/* Lord* i-day Evening, 

1 "Vl/^HEN, O dear Jesus, when shall I 

V T Behold thee all serene ; 
Blest in perpetual Sabbath-day, 
Without a veil between. 

2 Assist me, while I wander here. 

Amidst a world of cares ; 
Incline my heart to pray with love, 
And then accept my prayers. 

3 [Release my soul from every chain, 

No more hell's cai)tive led ; 
And pardon a repenting cYuVSl, 
For whom the Saviowt \>\%a. — 


' i]°h^- how 

f^ A "-hole 
„ /hey hear of i 
- .V"^?, heen the 

*"=". tempt me 
• •* Swnle „p„„ 

But '"-y hrea. 

7^,, But there's I 

jmpre f^^ 



1 ^yyi 353 L. M. Cowper. 

X U I X • Exhortation to Prayer, 

1 XT/^HAT various hind'rances we meet 

T f In coming to a mercy-seat ! 
Yet who that knows the worth of prayer 
But wishes to be often there ! 

2 Prayer makes the darken'd cloud withdraw, 
Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw, 
Gives exercise to faith and love, 

Brings every blessing from above. 

3 Restraining praver, we cease to fight ; 
Praver makes the Christian's armour bright ; 
And Satan trembles when he sees 

The weakest saint upon his knees. 

4 While Moses stood with arms spread wide. 
Success was found on Israel's side ; 

But when through weariness they lail'd, 
That moment Amalek prevail'd. 

6 Have you no words ? — ah ! think again ; 
Words flow apace when you complain, 
And fill your fellow creature's ear 
With the sad tale of all your care. 

6 Were half the breath thus vainly spent. 
To heaven in supplication spent, 
Your cheerful songs would oft'ner be, 
* Hear what the Lord has done for me.' 

X vr I /6fm I will not let thee go^ except thou bku jm, 

Gen. xxxii. 26. 

1 T ORD. I cannot let thee go, 
JLA Till a blessing thou bestow ; 
Do not turn away tny face, 
Mine's an urgent, pressing case. 

2 Dost thou ask me who I am ? 

Ah ! my Lord, thou know'st my name ; 
Yet the question ^ves a plea 
To support my suit with thee ? 

3 Thou didst once a wretch behold. 
In rebellion blindlv bold, 

Scorn thy grace, tny power AfiS:? ^ 
That poor rebel. Lord, w%a\- 

3 B% 

After so mmh 
Canst thou lei, 
MX-I must m, 

1073. ™f 

Whatever nS 


7 But if I die with mercy sought. 

When I the King have tried, 
This were to die (delightful thought!) 
As sinner never died. 

356 S.1 
£ krdan Heart, and a blee^ng A»Mmr< 

1 TTNTO thine altar. Lord, 
(J A broken heart I bring ; 
And wilt thou graciously accept 
Of such a worthless thing? 

8 To Christ, the bleeding Lamb, 
My faith airects its eyes ; 

Thou may'st reject that worthless thing, 
But not his sacrifice. 
3 "When he gave up the ghost. 
The law was satisfied ; 
And now to its most rigorous cUims, 
I answer, ' Jesus died.' 

lATC^ ^^^ L. M. Beddome. 

±\JiOt Holy BaldnoM. 

1 QPRINKLED with reconciling blood, 
tJ I dare approach thy throne, O God ; 
Thy face no frowning aspect wears, 
Thy hand no vengeful thunder bears ! 

2 Th' encircling rainbow, peaceful sign, 
Doth with renilgent brightness shine ; 
And while my faith beholds it near, 

I bid farewell to every fear. 

3 Let me my grateful homage pay, 
"With courage sing, with fervour pray; 
And, though myself a wretch undone, 
Hope for acceptance through thy Son — 

4 Thy Son, who on the accursed tree 
Expir'd to set the vilest free ; 

On this I build my only claim, 
And all I ask is in his name. 

1 fITC 358 8. 8. 6. or L. C. M 

1 V < O. T%t LonTi Prayer, Mstt ri. 9—13. 

1 /~1UR Father, whose eternal sway 
\y The bright angelic hosts obey, 

O lend a pitying ear ; 
When on thy awful name we cailL, 
And at thy feet submiasCTe ^a!\. 
Oh ! condescend to 'heaT. 

Jf thou irithho 
-. ^"'1 fiU the, 

''■L^ malice S 
,, That feels the 

'^"J from the wu 
. y • set our Rni* 

And lead our he 
* ijine is the jbwm 

All gl„ry ^ , W 

J^et every creatu^' 


3 We meet at thy command, deaf Lord, 
Relying on thy faithful word : 
Now send thy Spirit from above. 
Now fill our hearts with heavenly love. 

1 ATQ ^^^ ^" ^• 

lUlO. 1 Cor. iU.6,7. 

1 TN vain ApoUos' silver tongue, 

X And Paul's, with strains profound. 
Diffuse among the listening tnrong 
The gospel's gladddening sound. 

2 Jesus, the work is wholly thine 

To form the heart anew ; 
Now let thy sovereign grace divine 
Each stuobom soul subdue. * 

X " I 5/« Before Sermon, 

1 ^I^HY presence, gracious God, afford, 

JL Prepare us to receive thy word : 
Now let thy voice engage our ear. 
And faith be mixt with what we near : 
Chor. Thus, Lord, thy waiting servants bless, 
And crown thy gospel with success. 

2 Distracting thoughts and cares remove, 
And fix our hearts and hopes above : 
With food divine may; we be fed. 
And satisfied with living bread : 

Chor, Thus, &c. 

3 To us the sacred word apply. 
With sovereign power and energy ; 
And may we, in thy faith and fear. 
Reduce to practice what we hear : 

Chor. Tnus, &c. 

4 Father, in us thy Son reveal ; 
Teach us to know and do thy will : 
Thy saving power and love display ; 
And guide us to the realms of day : 

Chor. Thus, Lord, thy waiting servants bless, 
And crown thy gospel with success. 

I. vF I ?/• Longing for the presence and blessing of God^ 

1 Sam. vii. 9. 

1 T OOK from on high, i^reat God, and see 
JLi Thy saints lamexiliav^ ^iXfex Vw»\ 
We sigh, we languish, ^ivi eoTO^^xv\ 
Revive thy gracious woxV «jgpMi. 

t, M?y his rich , 
H'j.I'ids the begs 

""tb unto yo„ £ 


i? *"y own ar,^. 


1 AQO ^^ ^* ^- 

1 XfO^m Tike Pool of Bethesda^ John ▼. 2—4. 

1 TTOW long, thou faithful God, shall I 
JX Here m thjr ways forgotten lie ? 
When shall the means of healing be 
The channels of thy grace to me ? 

2 Sinners on every side step in, 
And wash away their pain and sin ; 
But I, a helpless, sinnsick soul, 
Still lie expiring at the pool. 

3 Thou cov'nant angel, swift come down, 
To-day thine own appointments crown ; 
Thy power into the means infuse. 
And give them now their sacred use. 

4 Thou seest me lying at the pool, 

I would, thou know\t I would, be whole; 
O let the troubled waters move. 
And minister thy healing love. 

X UoO* Prayer for Mimster and People, 

1 T| BARE ST Saviour, help thy servant 
MJ To proclaim thy wondrous love ! 
Pour thy grace upon this people. 

That thv truth they may approve : 
Bless, O bless them, 
From thy shining courts above. 

2 Now thy gracious word invites them 

To partake the gospel-feast • 
Let thy Spirit sweetly draw them ; 

Every soul be Jesus' guest ! 
receive us. 
Let us find thy promis'd rest. 

-| fkQ A 366 L. M. 

lUo4« Casting the Gospel-net^ Luke t. 6. John ziL 6« 

1 I^OW, while the gospel-net is cast, 
JL^ Do thou, O Lord, the effort own : 
From numerous disappointmente past, 
Teach us to hope iix thee alone. 

2 May this be a much-favour'd hour. 
To souls in Satan's bondage led ; 

O clothe thy word with sovereign power 
To break the rocks, and laVae m^ q«^\ 

3 To mourners speak a c\ie©t\THt "^cp 
On seeking soius voucYisafe V> ^' 

I .^ And 
i-et floods of 
Burst fom, 

The Son oi 

- Angels wia 

Be thou Mtob 

"e shed th« 

He weft th, 

, i-Mhsinde 

Jn heaven alon 

And there., : 


j'-^ Bess the, 
L^'eaoh heart, 
p Kaise the wai 

'^1' us all. »!,„ 


2 Jesus, attend my cry. 

Thou Son of David, hear ; ■ 
If now thou passest by, 
Stand still and call me near ; 
The darkness from my heart remoTe, 
And show me now thy pardoning love 

1 AQQ ^V ^- M- Beddome. 

1. VOO* Thy Engdon amt. Matt. Ti. 10. 

1 A SCEND thy throne, almighty Kimr, 
J\. And spread thy glories all abroad ; 
Let thine own arm salvation bring. 
And be thou known the gracious God. 

2 Let millions bow before thy seat 
Let humble mourners seek thy race, 
Bring daring rebels to thy feet, 
Subdued by thy victorious grace. 

3 O let the kingdoms of the world 
Become the lungdoms of the Lord ; 
Let saints and angels praise thy name, 
Be thou through Heaven and earth ador'd. 

1 T OOK down, O Lord, with pitying eye; 
J-i See Adam's race in ruin lie; 

Sin spreads its trophies o'er the ground, 
And scatters slaugnter'd heaps around. 

2 And can these mouldering corpses live ? 
And can these perish'd bones revive? 
That, mighty God, to thee is kno*n ; 
That wondrous work is all thy own. 

3 Thy ministers are sent in vain 
To prophesy upon the slain ; 

In vain they call, in vain they cry, 
Till thine almighty aid is nign. 

4 But if thy Spirit deign to breathe. 

Life spreads through aU the realms of death; 
Dry bones obey thy powerful voice ; 
They move, they waiken, they rejoice. 
6 So when thy trumpet's awful sound 

Shall shake the heavens kqA t^tA ^aoa ^gKsttsA^ 
Dead saints shall from Oieix Xon^A vc^3Kk^ 
And spring to life beyoi^ &b j»sr- 


Send down th 

3 Then shall our c 

, Begin this son 

y hou, Lord, ha 

And be the g. 

1091, 373 H.W 

ON what has i 
-^ Thy blessii 
■I he power is thii 
To make it spr 
■Uo thou the graci 
And thou alone s 


1092. ._,„,. 

1 'T'O distent lant 
^ And thus tt 
To Gentile, Turk, 
t nou King of gra 

2 Where'er thy sun 
1 ny name, O God 
May nations yet n; 
t ny wisdom, r — 


3 Upon the Spirit's promised aid 

Depend from day to day, 
And, while he breathes his quickening gale^ 
Adore, and praise, and pray. 

4 Preserve unquench'd your love to God, 

And let the flame arise. 
And higher and still higher blaze, 
Till It ascend the skies. 

6 With a transporting joy expect 
The grace your Lord shall give. 
When all his saints shall from his hands 
Their crowns of life receive. 

IflQJ 376 CM. Toplady*8 CoUeetioiu 
JL l/«7ft« Mw it the accepted Time. 

1 f^ OME, guilty souls, and flee away 
IJ Tobhrist,andhealvourwouids; 
This is the welcome gospel-day, 

Wherein free grace abounds. 

2 God lov'd the church, and gave his Son 

To drink the cup of wratn ; 
And Jesus says hell cast out none 
That come to him by faith. 

ifkQ/i ^^ SdPart L. M. 

JL vr 94« The amoineed Sinner encouraged, 

1 XIK^HO is the trembling sinner, who, 

TV That owns eternal death his due? 
Who mourns his sin, his guilt, his thrall^ 
And does on God for mercy call ? 

2 Peace, troubled soxil, dismiss thy fear, 
Hear, Jesus speaks, Be of mod cheer ; 
Upon his cleansing grace rely. 

And thou shalt never, never die. 

JL Vr «/{J« Acceptance through Chriet akne^ John zi?. 6. 

1 TTOW shall the sons of men amiear, 
JLL Great God^ before thine awnil bar ! 
How may the gruilty hope to find 
Acceptance with the eternal Mind ? 

2 Not vows, nor groans, nor broken cries, 
Not the most costly sacn&oe^ ^ 

Not infant blood, profuseVf «^X^ 
Will expiate a smnef b g^V 

Solid comfo'n 
2 After death, i 

Then ray bS, 


JS Jesus mia 

fe let the wl 
And comforts „ 
Can l^"^?'' ''« 
' nough creaturi 
Then Jet me Sil 




3 Felix up starts, and trembling cries, 

* Go, for this time, away, 
' rU hear thee on these points again, 
' On some convenient day/ 

4 Attention to the words of life. 

Let FeUx thus adjourn ; 
Lord, let us make these solemn truths 
Our jSxst and last concern. 

IflQQ ^1 ^•^• 

I.l/«7«7« JabexU Prayer, 1 Chroiu It. 9, 10. 

1 ^fk THAT the Lord indeed 

V/ ' Would me, his servant, bless, 
* From every evil shield my head, 
' And crown my paths with peace ! 

2 ' Be his almighty hand 

' My helper and mv guide^ 
' Till with nis saints in Canaan's land, 
' My portion he divide. 

% 1 fkfk ass itt Part. C. fiL 

M. llA/« Duiring to walk in the Way of BJmm to 

Happmeee, Ps. IzzzIt. 8. 

1 T ORD God, omnipotent to 
jLA My supplication hear ; 
Guardian of Jacob^ to my voice 
Incline thy gracious ear : 

fl If I have never yet begun 
To tread the sacred road, 
O teach mv wandering feet the way 
To Zion 8 blest abode ! 

5 Or, if I'm travelling in the path« 

Assist me with tny strength. 
And let me swift advances make, 
And reach thine heaven at length, 

4 My care, my hope, my first request. 
Are all compns'd in this, 
To follow where thy saints have led. 
And then partake their bliss. 

% -I /W\ 38S dd Part. C. M. 

1. xlfir* Good Hope of Intere^ united with QratUude, 

I TF, Lord, in thy fiiir book of life, 
X My worthless name do\\i t<<«i!A\ 
And in my heart the \«w \b ^mV 
By thine unerring YianA \ 

A of one 
iifll ten 1 

^ d give 1 

01^71 Sav 
Who rei 

^ lY^ thankful] 
^wu mercifi 

^indsayour d 

•"^ Preserve us in 

y never remoi 

With joy the b 

IIOI. 3, 


I I fkf% 384 Iftt Part. C. M. 

M.±\F;Q. iVirf imKo ut, Ps. czt. 1. 

1 1W"0T unto US, but thee alone, 
JL^ Bless'd Lamb, be glory given ; 
Here shall thy praises be oegun, 

And carried on in heaven. 

2 The hosts of spirits now with thee 

Eternal anthems sing : 
To imitate them here, lo ! we 
Our hallelujahs bring. 

3 Had we our tongues like them inspir'dy 

Like theirs our sonffs should rise ; 
Like them we never should be tir*d, 
But love the sacrifice. 

4 Till we the veil of flesh lay dowUt 

Acc^t our weaker lays: 
And when we reach thy Father's throne 
We'll give thee nobler praise. 

1 I /U> 384 9d Part G. M . 

M.M.\J^9 Joying and glorffing in ihiB Lord, 

1 XTE saints of every ifttk, with joy 
JL To God your offerings bring : 
Let towns and cities, hills and vale8» 

With loud hosannas ring. 

2 Let him receive the glory due 

To his exalted name ; 
With thankful tongues, and hearts inflam'd. 
His wondrous deeds proclaim. 

3 Praise him in elevated strains, 

And make the world to know. 
How ffreat the Master whom you serve. 
And yet how gracious too. 

1 1 fk€\ 385 8*8. 

J. XvrO* Our God for ever and erer, Pb. zlTiii. 14. 

1 IT^HIS God is the God we adore,^ 

JL Our faithful unchangeable Friend ; 
Whose love is as large as his power, 
And neither knows measure nor end. 

2 'Tis Jesus, the First and the Last, 

Whose Spirit shall suide \i& «»& Vlcrsv^\ 
We'll praise him for a\l \3aa.\. S& "GMiX^ 
And trust him for a\\ liJa»L\?ii\o 

When all thii 

4 IVhen we appea 


i hen will we si 

And Christ di 

1105. , 

GLORY too, 
Let earth « 
Praise™ hi 
His love and giw 
» ho all our som 
oing aloud, ever I 
Worthy the 1 
Jesus, our Loni,i 
core sin's ttBmqu 

Tell wlSum ^ 

What spoils e„n,, 

*mg his great nui 

Worthy the Jt 



In him we will rejoice, 
And make a ioyfol noise, 
Shouting wiin heart and voice, 
Worthy the Lamb. 

6 AVhat though we change our place. 
Yet we shall never cease 

Praising his name : 
To him our songs we bring, 
Hail him our gracious ^King^ 
And without ceasing sing, 

Worthy the Lamb. 

6 Then let the h<»t8 above, 
In realms of endless love, 

Praise his dear name : 
To him ascribed be, 
Honour and majesty, 
Through all eternity, 

Worthy the Lamb. 

1 1 na 3SS L. M. Hart. 

I lUD* Jt Ditmimtm. 

1 T^ISMISS us with thy blessing. Lord, 
MJ Help us to feed upon thy word ; 
All that has been amiss forgive. 

And let thy truth within us live. 

2 Though we are guilty, thon art good, 
Wash all our works m Jesus' blood ; 
Give every fetter'd soul release 
And bid us all depart in peace. 

1 IV I . M Diimimm. 

1 T ORD, dismiss us with thy blessing, 
J-i Fill our hearts with joy and peace ; 
Let us each, thy love possessing, 

Triumph in redeeming grace : 
O refresh us ! 
Travelling through this wilderness. 

2 Thanks we give, and adoration. 

For thy gospel's joyful sound ; 
May the fruits of thy salvation 

In our hearts and lives abound : 
May thy presence 
With us evermore be found \ 

ii^ Who:'/ 

T ^^ "'ch he I 

On which o 
'^ ^ ^.|:,'?^ct our so, 

^ V^e great A 

AV'icii only thp > 
The S t'^e h5V 



1111. 393 CM. 

TO Father, Son, and H0I7 Ghost, 
Who made the earth and heaven. 
Of equal dignity possest, 
Be equal honourB given. 

1112. S94 a. H. Baddoma. 

TO the eternal Three, 
In will and essence One, 
Be unirersal honcxirs paid, 
Coequal honours done. 

1113. ^' ^''*- %Keii- 

P RAISE God, from whom all blessings flow, 
Praise him, all creatures here below ; 
Praise him above, ye heavenly host; 
Praise Father, Sou, and Holy Ghost. 

111^. 39fi lO'g and ll'i, 01 5'i BDd 6'i. 

GIVE glory to God, ye children of men, 
And publish abroEul, again and a^n, 
The Son's glorious merit, the Father's free grace. 
The gifts of the Spirit, to Adam's lost race. 

1115. *"' »"P"*- 8.7.<. 

FATHER, Son. and Holy Spirit, 
Thou the God whom we adore ; 
May we all thy love inherit, 
To thine image us restore ; 
Vast Eternal! 
Praises to thee evermore. 

1115. ^" SdPtit. B. s. e. M L. c. H. 

TO Father, Son^ and Holy Ghost, 
Be praise amid the heavenly host. 
And in the church below, 
From whom all creatuiw dtev ^wivtNstcitf!^ 
By whom redemption \)\Qai^& *Cu& ««i^. 
From whom all oomlQiEte^^^ 



- ^^press the 

i hat we the 

Ji.(^^l us wha 


^ M' W'ounded 

\v-.i**?'« for 
M thev res 
And wash ou 

^ St" tJ^ey cele 
WiS'^ with J 
Our bosom, ar 

J^'nd succour, 1 
^ j^'hen at th' Ah 

Can tf °J''' fin« 
f^an they incline 

Or HTest the vei 
f^^om the dark re 


2 Through the wide circuit of the earth. 

Their eMer wishes rove, 
In chase oi honour^ wealth, and mirth, 
The phantoms ot their love. 

3 But oft these shadowy joys elude 

Their most intense pursuit : 
Or^ they seize the fancied good, 
There's poison in the fruit. 

4 Lord, from this world call off my love, 

Set my affections right ; 
Bid me aspire to joys above, 
And walk no more by sight. 

5 O let the glories of thy face, 

Upon my bosom shme ; 
Assur'd of thv forgiving grace, 
My joys will be divine. 

1 1 1 Q 400 C. M. Needham. 

J. J.l0« The rich Fool mrprised, Lnkexii. 1&— 32. 

1 TkELUDED souls ! who think to find 
JLF A solid bliss below ; 

Bliss, the fair flower of paradise. 
On earth can never grow. 

2 See how the foolish wretch is pleased, 

T* increase his worldly store ; 
Too scanty now he finds his barns. 
And covets room for more, 

3 ' What shall I do V distrest he cries ; 

' This scheme will I pursue ; 
' My scantv bams shall now come down. 
' I'll build them large and new : 

4 * Here will I lay my fruits, and bid 

* My soul to take its ease : 

' Eat, drii^ be fflad ; my lasting store 

* Shall give wnat joys I please.' 

5 Scarce had he spoke, when, lo ! from heaven 

Th' Almighty made reply : 
* For whom dost thou provide, thou fool I 

* This night thyself shalt die.' 

6 Teach me, my God, all earthly joys 

Are but an empty dte«iii \ 
And may I seek my bAis^ ^^oxke 
In thee, the good Sxmeeisi&V 

, We aij ti;J 
And rate J 

'^ or all thy 

1120. *» 

;Sf 'o mortal 
'o seiMual bli, 



, Of 'hoSlrf' 



When with her livinff liffht she paints 
The dew-drops of the lawn ? 

2 Fair as the moon, when in the skies 

Serene her throne she guides, 
And o'er the twinkling stars supreme 
In full-orb'd glory ndes : 

3 Clear as the sun, when from the east 

Without a cloud he springs ; 
And scatters boundless light and heat 
From his resplendent wings : 

4 Tremendous as a host that moves 

Majestically slow. 
With banners wide display'd, all arm'd, 
All ardent for the foe ! 

6 This is the Church by heav'n array'd, 
With strength and sprace divine ; 
Thus shall she strike her foes with dread. 
And thus her glories shine. 

1 1 OO ^^ L* ^- Steele. 

1 1 AA* The Pretence of ChrUt the Joy of hie People. 

1 ^r^HE wond'ring nations nave beheld 

A The sacred prophecy fulfilled : 
And angels hail the glorious mom. 
That show'd the great Messiah bom ; 

2 The Prince ! the Saviour ! long desir'd. 
Whom men foretold, by heaven inspir'a. 
And, raptur'd, saw the blissful day 
Rise o'er the world with healing ray. 

3 Oft, in the temples of his grace, 
His saints behold his smiling face ; 
And oft have seen his glories shine 
With i)ower and majesty divine : 

4 But soon, alas ! his absence mourn, 
And pray and wish his kind return ; 
Without his life-inspiring light, 
'Tis all a scene of gloomy mght. 

6 Come, dearest Lord, thy children cry, 
Our graces droop, our comforts die ; 
Return, and let tny glories rise 
Again to our admiring eyes ; 

6 'Till, fill'd with light, and joy, and love, 
Thy courts below, like tbo^ ^Xks^i^^ 
Triumphant halleiu]a\iB t^\»^. 
And heaven and eartYi xeaoxsjvdL^^ tp*^^'**^- 

"iia seeJt 1 

Before his fix 

And pour j 

* O come and j 

In everlasfi 

Accept the Hi 


1124 <»« H. 

which conk 

Within thy ( 

How kind the ( 

f or us to raiw 

2 Though onos 

We now aiipi 

^ or Jesus hi 

And makes oi 

Jtranmrs no no 

, And find our ia 

' T° "jco our n 

iv°J°Zf" " 


5 May all the nations throng 

To worship in thy house ; 

And thou attend the song, 

And smile upon their vows ; 
Induljsent still, till earth conspire 
To join the choir of Zion's hill. 

1 I on 4^ L- M- ^^' Doddridge. 

ILAUm ne IngtUuiim of a Qotpd Mimkry frm 

Chriit, Eph. It. 8. 11, 13. 

1 Tj^ATHER of mercies, in thy house 
X Smile on our homage and our vows ; 
While with a grateful heart we share 
These pledges of our Saviour's care. 

2 The Saviour, when to heaven he rose 
In splendid triumph o'er his foes, 
Scatter'd his gifts on men below, 
And wide his royal boimties flow. 

3 Hence sprung th' Aposties' honour'd name. 
Sacred beyond heroic fame ; 

In lowlier forms to bless our eyes, ^ 
Pastors from hence, and teachers rise, 

4 From Christ their varied gifts derive, 
And fed by Christ their graces live ; 
While ffuarded by his potent hand. 
Midst sLil the rage of hell they stand. 

5 So shall the bright succession run 
Through the last courses of the sun ; 
While unborn churches by their care. 
Shall rise and flourish large and fedr. 

6 Jesus our Lord, their hearts shall know. 
The spring whence all these blessings flow ; 
Pastors and people shout his praise 
Through the long round of endless days. 

1 1 O A 406 L. M. 

±M,A\}m On Btnd^ a Member into the Wmli cf ike MhUOry^ 

bttiahU ObetMenee to the heaoenly Vteion^ lea. tL 8. 

1 ^^UR God ascends his loflv thron 
vr Array'd in majesty unknown : 
His lustre all the temple fills, 

And spreads o'er all m' ethereal hills : 

2 The holy, holy, holy Lord, 
By all the Seraphim adoi^di) 

Andy while they stand \jeii«^^'^^ w«^^ 
They veil their faces and ^ew \%t*- 

" "If let his V 
i Hough ever 

f eylei'd, dist 
And seek the j 
^ Send forth, O ] 
' o guide our d 
"'ir drooping h 
Nor let u,^ 

3 Keturn, in wam 
May our blassy 
"ear to our go^ 



4 All to the great tribunal haste, 

Th' account to render there : 
And shouldst thou strictly mark our faults. 
Lord, where should we appear ? 

5 May they, that Jesus whom they preach, 

Their own Redeemer see : 
And watch thou daily o'er their souls, 
That they may watch for tlxee. 

1 1 QQ 411 L. M. Dr. Doddridge. 

XX^«f« The Goodnest of Gi)d acknowledged m giving 
Potion after hU oum heart, Jer. iiL 15.* 
JH the Settkmeniof a Mimeter. 

1 QHEPHERD of Israel, thou dost keep, 
O With constant care, thy humble sheep ; 
By thee inferior pastors rise. 

To feed our souls and bless our eyes. 

2 To all thy churches such impart, 
Modell'd by thy own gracious heart. 
Whose courage, watchfulness, and love. 
Men may attest^ and God approve. 

3 Fed by their active tender care, 

?^^*kMi!^-^'V^ ^^^ sheen appear; 
And, by their fair example led. 

The way to Zion's pasture tread ! 

4 Here hast thou listen'd to our vows. 
And scattered blessings on thy house : 
Thy saints are succoured, and no more 
As sheep without a guide deplore. 

5 Comnletely heal each former stroke. 
And oless the shepherd and the flock ; 
Confirm the hopes thy mercies raise, 
And bless this tribute of our praise. 

1 1 Qfi 419 C. M. Dr. Doddridge. 

1 iOl/> Chriet'e Care of Mmistere and Churehea^ lUr. iL ir 

1 ^m/E bless th' eternal Source of Ught, 

TV Who makes the stars to shine ; 
And through this dark beclouded world 
Diffuseth rays divine. 

2 We bless the church's sovereign King, 

Whose golden lamps we are : 
Fix'd in the temples of his Iot^^ 
To shine veith Tadiance i^. 

♦ See Hymn 407, and XrownJiAoa'ttiiMs^ 

^nd fet o,?; 
;5n<i ail our ti 

Nor tun, ^ 

JVor smite the . 
/fe«st o'er theb, 

-^nd bid „~ S2; 
^ Bound fn 


9 Around him may thy angels wait, 
Deck'd with their robes of heavenly state, 
To teach his happy sonl to rise, 
And waft him to nis native skies. 

1 1 QO 414 c. M. 

1 lO Am Jit a Mv9Uier*9 kerning his People. PauPefkre- 

weii Charge^ Acts xz. 96, 97. 

1 X1|7HEN Paul was parted from his friends, 

▼ T It was a weeping day ; 
But Jesus made them all amends 
And wip'd their tears away. 

2 In heaven they met again with joy, 

(Secure no more to part,} 
Where praises every tongue employ, 
And pleasure fills each heart. 

3 Thus all the preachers of his grace. 

Their children soon shall meet ; 
Together see their Saviour's face. 
And worship at his feet. 

4 But they who heard the word in vain, 

Though oft and plainly warn'd. 
Will tremble when they meet again 
The ministers they scom'd. 

6 On vour own heads your blood will fall. 
It any perish here : 
The preachers who have told you all 
Shall stand approved and clear. 

6 Yet, Lord, to save themselves alone. 
Is not their utmost view : 
O ! hear their praver, thy message own, 
And save their hearers too. 

1 1 QQ 415 L. M. 

1100« 7%e Feople'e Prayer fir their Mimeieri or^ MniM" 
tere and Mieeianariet* committed to Qod. 

1 X^ITH heavenly power, O Lord, defend 
Y^ Him\ whom we now to thee commend : 
His person bless, his soul secure, 
And make him to the end endure. 

* See alto hymn (in Rippon't Selection) 490, fint, Moond, and 
Child parts. 

f The Dfonouns in this hymn^if nsft«iWP|,TnKj'^^i«^^^^'^ 
plaral, */Aem,* ^. ^. 

That thoii 
J ne wondt 

' MV bretl 

M* ^^ 
J?,)" present 
J be word ol 

Of the Rede 
f''"™ the go 

ff i'l' Plewnr 
4;''?,° he. des 

in his aJ!^^ 

Jo him MTioli 

^ Such « roi, _ 


2 Up to thy throne we lift our eyes, 
For blessings to attend our choice,* 
Of such whose prudent generous zeal 
Shall make thy lavour'd ways rejoice. 

3 Happy in Jesus, their own Lord. 
May they his sacred table spread, — 
The table of their pastor filL 

And fill the holy poor with oread : 

4 [When i)astor, saints, and poor they serve, 
Majr their own hearts with grace lie crown'd ! 
While patience, sympathy, and joy, 

Adorn, and through their lives abound.] 

5 By purest love to Christ, and truth, 
O may they win a good degree 

Of boldness in the Christian faith. 
And meet the smile of thine and uxm ! 

6 And when the work to them assigned. 
The work of love, is fully done, 
Call them from serving tables here. 
To sit around thy glonous throne. 


1100« Ohrioui thing$ spoken of Zion, ike aiy of Chd^ 

Pt. IxxxYii. Isa. zxxiu. 30, 91. 

1 tf^ LORIOUS things of thee are spoken, 
or Zion, city of our Grod ! 

He whose word cannot be broken. 
Formed thee for his own abode : 
On the Rock of ages founded, 
What can shake thy sure repose ? . 
With salvation's wall surrounded,* 
Thou may'st smile at all thy foes. 

2 [See ! the streams of living waters 
Springing from eternal love. 

Well supply thy sons and daughters. 
And all fear of want remove : 
Who can faint while such a river 
Ever flows thy thirst t'assuage ? 
Grace, which, like the Lord, the giver, 
Never fails from age to age. 

• If this hrmn be tnng before the <JbfiAfie^^3D«BL "Qda %M»fi^\a» 
of the Beeonarene may ttuid thxie i 

* Fat wiadom to dxnti crax fikimn^ 

Makes thei 
^is his lov 
Over self to 
And as prie 
CiOch for a i 

5 Saviour, if i 
I through 81 
Let the wor) 
J ading a th. 
AI his boMt 



Ajf lofulted, 
J he manenoe 

Thatder- - 
When IV 


5 In one vast symphony of praise. 
Gentile and Jew shaU then unite ; 
And infidelity, asham'd, 

Sink in the abyss of endless night 

6 Afric's emancSpated sons 

Shall ioin with Europe's polished race 
To celebrate, in different tongues, 
The glories of redeeming grace. 

7 From east to west, from north to south, 
Immanuel's kingdom must extend ; 
And every many in every face^^ 

Shall meet a brother and a friend. 

1 1 Q/» 418 8d Pan. L. M. 

110D« T%e approaehmg Fall of Babyion pnHeieif 

ReT. xtT. 6 — 8. 

1 T>ROUD Babylon vet waits her doom, 
Jl Nor can her tottring palace feJl, 
Till some blest messenger arise 

The spacious heathen world to call. 

2 And see the glorious time approach ! 
Behold the mighty angel fly. 

The gospel tidings to convey 
To every land beneath the sky ! 

3 see. on both the India's coast, 
And Africa's unhappy shore. 

The unlearn'd savage press to hear ; 
And hearing, wonder and adore : 

4 [See, while the jojrful truth is told^ 

' That Jesus left his throne in heaven, 
' And suffer'd, died, and rose again, 
' That guilty souls might be forgiven ;' 

5 See what deliffht, unfelt before, 
Beams in his nx'd, attentive eye : 
And hear him ask. ' For wretched me, 

* Did this (Uvine Kedeemer die ? 

6 * Ah ! why have ve so long forborne 

* To tell such welcome news as this ? 

* Go now, let every sinner hear, • 
' And share in such exalted bliss.'] 

7 The islands, waiting for his law, 
With rapture greet the sacraOi ^©'mi^n 
And, tauffht the Savio\it'a^^»Tfflafta> 
Cast all their idols to tVie fStoxoA. 


w ho groans t 

3 And teU the p 
On Ethiopia^ 
Vou come— w 
To cheer and i 

* Go, tell on Ind 
The Ganges, 1 
1 Mt to mneh 
lou come — thi 

5 TelloSlhedMi 
■ i hat he in darl 

Vou come — a a 
You come— tt« 

6 Say thereijrioi 
Is all beneToSm 
And, crown'd w 
Its heavenly oJi 

Jjo .' I am 


4 But, ah ! to spread their sacred theme, 
How few have out attempts been found ! 
What heathen lands from us have heard 
The glorious heart-reviving sound ? 
6 To a5 their duty they bequeathed ; 
And left the promise on record ; 
And, had our ardour equall'd theirs. 
The same had been our blest reward. 

6 [We, too, had multitudes beheld 
Forsake the gods their hands had made. 
And the bright beam of heavenly day 
Their yti benighted realms pervade.] 

7 Saviour divine, our guilt forgive ! 
Inspire our souls with warmer zeal ! 
Pour out thy Spirit from on high ; 
And let us all his influence feel. 

1 1 fv-t 419 lit Put. L. M. 

1 "DEHOLD th' expected time draw near, 

X> The shades disperse, the dawn 

Behold the wilderness assume 

The beauteous tints of Eden's bloom. 

2 Events, with prophecies, conspire 
To raise our faith, our zeal to fire : 
The ripening fields, already white> 
Present a harvest to our sight. 

3 The untaught heathen waits to know 
The joy the gospel will bestow : 
The exil'd slave waits to receive 
The freedom Jesus has to give. 

4 Come, let us, with a grateful heart, 
In the blest labour share a part ; 
Our prayers and offerings gladly bring 
To aid the triumphs of our King. 

5 Let us improve the heavenly gale. 
Spread to each breeze our hoisted sail, 
Till north and south, and east and west, 
Shall, as America, be blest. 

6 Invite the ghhe to come and prove 
A Saviour's condescending love, 
And humbly fall before his feet, 
Assur'd they shall acce^Aai^ce TCAfi\. 

7 [Our hearts exult in songa cS.\it«w«., 
That we have seen tViese Va.\,\et &»:?*> 

■1-hat throuo 
i ny word 

2 ' Ask, and I 
, Forthini 
And to the » 

■> i,"'''!™eii 

3 HMtthomio 


VVIuIe Gentil 

And bow b 

* When 8h«Il (j 

Sit down at g^ 


5 Are not all it 

Under th' ex 

i o the domiqii 

Without ext 

<i From east tow 

i- hen be hi* 

turope, with i 

Hoaanaaf to^ 

7 Asia and /( " " 


Unveiling what rich stores of grace 
Are treasur'd in thy mind. 

3 Lord, when shall these glad tidings spread 

The spacious earth around, 
Till every tribe and every soul. 
Shall hear the joyful sound ! 

4 when shall Afric's sable sons 

Enjoy the heavenly word, 
And vassals, long enslav'd, becom 
The freedmen of the Lord ? 

5 When shall th' untutor'd heathen Ixibes, 

A dark, bewildered race. 
Sit down at our Immanuei's feet, 
And learn and feel his grace ! 

6 Haste, sovereign mercy, and transform 

Their cruelty to love ; 
Soften the tiger to a lamb. 
The vulture to a dove ! 

7 *Smile, Lord, on each divine attempt 

To spread the gospers rays ; 
And build on sin^ aemolish'd throne 
The temples of thy praise. 

Verses 8, 9, and 10, of this Hymn, in substance, were written off 
Margate, b^ Mr. William Ward, one of the Baptist Miariorok 
ries, on their departure for India, May 38, 1799. 

8 [O charge the waves to bear our friends 

In safety o'er the deep : 
Let the rough tempest speed their way, 
Or bid its fury sleep.] 

9 Whene'er thy sons proclaim good newt, 

Beneath the Banian's shade. 
Let the poor Hindoo feel its power, 
And grace his soul pervade. 

10 O let the heavenly Shaster spread. 

Bid Brahmans preach the word ; 
And may all India's tribes become 
One Cdste to serve the Lord. 


1 1 Send forth thy wordj and let it fly, 

Arm'd with thy Spirit's power, 
Then thousands shall confosift \t& ts<ii%:^ ^ 
And bless the saving \\oMt. 

♦ raises 7, 9, and 10, of ^laYi^itta^iisKJ^*^*" '^'***^ 


11U inimp 

No mur 

15 Lord, for S 

Are in tl 



16 Amen, with 


■amm, with 


And sprenda i 
Where'er tlie 
^nmes alliabli 

Dart forth th« 

i here may hk 

1 he Sanonrte 

■■! For works «.« 


2 The Master whom you serve 
Will needful strength bestow ; 

Depending on his promised aid, 
With sacred courage go. 

3 Mountains shall sink to plains, 
And hell in vain oppose ; 

The cause is God's, and must prevail, 
In spite of all his foes. 

4 Go, spread a Saviour's fame. 
And tell his matchless grace 

To the most guilty and deprav'd 
Of Adam's numerous race. 

5 We wish you, in his name, 
The most divine success — 

Assur'd that he who sends you forth 
Will your endeavours bless. 

1 1 QQ 490 4th Part. C. M. 

J. J. tJO* 7^ wonder'ioorking God invoked for kU 

CAurcA, Isa. li. 9. 

1 A WAKE, awake, thou mighty arm, 
Jm. Which hast such wonders wrought 
Which captive Israel freed from harm. 

And out of Egypt brought. 

2 Art ihott not it, which Rahab slew ? 

And cmsh'd the dragon's head ? 
Constrain'd by thee, the waves withdrew, 
From their accustom'd bed. 

3 A^in thy wonted prowess show 

Be thou made bare again ; 
And let thine adversaries know 
That they resist in vain. 

1 1 QQ 421 Ist Part. L. M. 

J. L «)«/• Longing for the Loiter Day Gkry, 

1 TTTOW many years has man been driven 
JX Far off" from happiness and heaven? 
When wilt thou, gracious Lord, restore 
Thy wandering church, to roam no more ? 

2 Six thousand years are nearly i)ast 
Since Adam from thy sight was cast : 
And ever since, his fallen race. 
From age to age, are void of grace. 

3 When vdll the happy trump proclaim 
The judgment of the martyr' a \iwxJci\ 
When shall the captive \,xcyyp9»\i^S:t«»> 

And keep the eterivaV ^-obWeeX 

£*"u uiis our 
^ord, sound 

II 3a 

■it -m-m-^ VreoflSfti 

When vHt a 

ny banish'd 

■' (.or near six tl 

gave that iiiS 

■* Shall not the I 
An ample comn 

4 From every asti 

jj remnant muM 

if"f ran there™ 

, To furmsh troph 


MISSIONS. 801 ' 

Shall in maKnificence and fame exceed ; 
That which King Solomon so glorious made. 

2 Wide as the spacious globe on which we tread, 
This sacred temple shall its bounds extend, 
Its blessing, not to Abram's seed confin'd. 
Shall millions of the Gentile race befriend. 

3 See, in the torrid regions of the south. 
The humble worshipper approach with joy ; 
Arid shivering natives of tae frozen pole 

In the same heavenly strains their lips employ. 

4 With all simplicity of word and deedt 
With, zeal for God, and love to souls inspir'd, 
See the successful Missionaries teach ; 
Their ardour still by ^thering converts fir'd. 

5 Hark! they proclaim salvation by the cross. 
And thousands press to accept the boundless 

Jesus his own almighty power displays, 
His temple now is universal space. 

M. M. 0*/a Sainti toaging to tee that King with hU many ermoM, 
Rev. xix. IS. 

1 f^ O forth, ye saints, behold your King, 
U With godlike honours crownM, 
Ten thousand beauties in his word 

Shall spread his fame around. 

2 Where'er the sun begins its race. 

Or stops its swift career. 
Both east and west shall own his grace, 
And Christ be honour'd there. 

3 Ten thousand crowns encircling show 

The victories he hath won : 
O may his conquests ever grow, 
While time its course shall run. 

4 Ride forth, thou mighty Conqueror, ride 

And millions more subdue, 

Destroy our enmity and pride. 

And we will crown thee too. 

tt A{\ 433 lit Part. L. M. 6 line*. 

±±^\f* Oeniikipragiiigfor Jewa, Rom. la. I, a. M,M. 

1 XiATHER of faithful Abra'm, hear 
X Our earnest suit for AAst'^Ti^^'eftftSi.-, 
Justly they claim l\»e 8oftfift\.\rtWi«i 
From us, adopted m ^e\i «te«». 

■■' *Jn him thei 

Yes, gracious J 

All Israel shal 

4 Come, then, thi 

The veil froE 

iieoeive thy an 

That, quioke 

1 he world may 

And shout to G 

1140. *» «; 


-*!-■ Among 

He breaka th( 

I Aj'l.pakes tl 

J^et hell oppose 

'n spite of foes h 

- The cause of 

And truth, an( 

'Jesim'd our i 

bnall sproad ai 

Oentile and Jew 

Allegiance due w 

3 The baffled nri 


Let rebels kiss the victor's feet, 
Eternal bliss his subjects meet. 
6 AU power is in his band, 

His i)eople to defend, 

To his most high command 

Shall millions more attend : 
AU heaven with smiles approTes his cause, 
And distant isles receive his laws. 

6 This httle seed from heaven 
Shall soon become a tree; 
This ever-blessed leaven 
Diffus'd abroad must be : 

Till God the Son shall come again, 
It must go on. Amen ! Amen ! 


7 Ye who have known his name. 
Subserve bis glorious plan; 
Proclaim to all your race 
The friend of God and man : 

How happy ye who own his sway ! 
Ye own d shall be another day. 

8 All hail, incarnate Lord, 
Our souls triumphant cry, 
Be thv bless'd name ador'd. 
By all beneath the sky : 

But when we join the hosts above, 
In strains divine we'll sing thy love. 

1 T IFT up your joyful eyes, and see 
JLi A plenteous harvest all around, 
Rip'ning for bliss, and not a grain 
Shall ever &11 unto the ground : 

2 A harvest of immortal souls, 
Secur'd by an almighty power ; 

Nor heat nor cold, nor storms shall hart. 
Nor ravenous beasts of prey devour 

3 happy day, when all th' elect 
Complete in number shall be found, 
And, like their great, their mystic Head, 
Be with eternal honours crown'd. 

• The bynuM from the iSTTtii to ftie. WV«. Awi -i^nN* ^ 
Quvad of the Ooepa, tod OiA h«^\iww (A <ibib CUa><A- 

Thou lead'st 
May we the a 
And partners 
4 Then, rang'd 
The Saviour*! 
While heaven 
Thy glorious < 

AsaociATroNfl; on 

1141 o *« 

(»>a'' graaoiaJlppr^ 

1 'pHKLordc 
^ From his 
And, when the 

He well dis« 

2 He sees the tea 

The scandaJs 

And join their e 

i he wiut I 


' Yea, (saith the Lord,) the world shall koow- 

' These humble souls are mine ; 
' These, when my jewels I produce, 

' Shall in full lustre shine. ' 

' When deluges of fieir wrath 

' My foes away shall bear, 
' That hand, which strikes the wicked through, 

' Shall all my children spare.' 

1 "DEFORE thy throne, eternal King, 
JO Thy ministers their tribute bring, 
Their tribute of united praise. 
For heavenly news atid peaceful days 

3 We sinff the conquests of thy sword, 
And publish loud thy healing word ; 
While angels sound thy glorious name, 
Thy saving grace our lips proclaim. 

3 Thy various service we esteem 

Our sweet employ, our bliss supreme ; 
And, while we feel thy heavenly love, 
We bum like Seraphim above. 

4 Nor seraphs there can ever raise. 
With ns, an equal song of praise : 
They are the noblest work of God, 
But we the purchase of his blood. 

5 Still in thy work would we abound ; 

Still prune the vine, or plough the ground ; 
Thy sheep with wholesome pasture feed, 
And watch them with unwearied heed. 

6 Thou art our Lord, our life, our love. 
Our care beloV, and crown above : 
Thy praise shall be our best employ, 
Thy presence our eternal joy. 

1 T\0 not I love thee, O my Lord? 
JLF Behold my heart and see, 
And turn each cursed idol out 

That dares to TiM thee. 

2 Do not I love theefrom my soul ? 

Then let me nothing Iotc ■. 

Dead be my heart to e^eiv yi^^ 

When Jesus cannot laove. 

And make 

6 Would not II 

In honour 

And chaUens 

1 o damp ti 

■^ Thou know's 


J" ar from the . 

And learn t 


JL AtteatiTO 
We plead for ti 
successful iJiii 
2 HowgreatflMi 
Do thou their a 
Their best aooi, 
We share theV 

» Clothe, then, wi 
Their won),, .j 
Jo them til 


6 Let sinners break their massy chains, 
Distressed sonls for^t their pains ; 
Let light through distant realms be spread, 
And Zion rear her drooping head. 

I I J r; 427 l8t Part. 8. 7. 4. Altered by Dr. Ryland. 
I. l.4iJ« Prayer for a RemvaL 

1 CJ AVIOUR, visit thy plantation, . 
^ Grant us, Lord, a ^acious rain ! 
All will come to desolation. 

Unless thou return again : 
Lord, revive us, 
All our help must come from thee ! 

2 Keep no longer at a distance, 

Snine upon us from on high, 
Lest, for want of thine assistance. 
Everv plant should droop and die : 
Lord, &c. 

3 Surely, once thy garden flourish'd, 

Every part looked ga}^ and green : 
Then thy word our spirits nourish'd, 
Happv seasons we have seen ! 
Lord, &c. 

4 But a drought has since succeeded. 

And a sad decline we see : 
Lord, thy help is greatly needed, 
Help can only come from thee : 
Lord, &c. 

5 Where are those we counted leaders, 

Fill'd with zeal, and love, and truth ? 
Old professors, tall as cedars. 
Bright examples to our youth ! 
Lord, &c. 

6 Some in whom we once deliffhted, 

We shall meet no more below : 
Some, alas ! we fear, are blishted, 
Scarce a single leaf they snow : 
Lord, &c. 

7 Younger plants — ^the sight how pleasant ! 

Cover'a thick with blossoms stood ; 
But they cause us erief at present. 
Frosts have nipp d them in the bud : 
Lord, &c. 

8 Dearest Saviour, hasten \i\li)aet. 

Thou canst make tVieta\AQOTa %®a5i% 

AM begin 

To reviv 

^-ord, reviv 

All our hell 

1145. ^. 
' O f^' 

Thy Chun* 

i w chureh 

S We are a bn 

How kind th 

Yet all to at 

It thou forea 

3 We call to a 

Of life and I< 

When holy > 

J o joyg rawa 

^ But now the ' 

.And many nuj 
■'' We need <!««» 
We need 


"I -1 J ^ 4S7 3d Part ll'fc 

X 14:t9« Comfort for the Chwrck in Troukk. 

1 ^\ ZION ! afflicted with wave upon wave, 
yj Whom no man can comfort, whom no 

man can save * 
With darkness surrounded, by terror dismav'd, 
In toiling and rowing thy strength is decay d. 

9 Loud roaring, the billows now. nigh overwhelm^ 
But skilful's the Pilot who sits at the helm ; 
His wisdom conducts thee, his pow'r thee 

In safety and quiet thy warfare he ends. 

3 ' O fearfiil ! O faithless !' in mercy he cries, 

' My promise, my truth, are they light in thine 

eyes V 
Still, still I am with thee, my promise shall 

Thro' tempest and tossing I'll bring thee to land. 

4 Forget thee I will not, I cannot, thy name 
Engrav'd on my heart doth for ever remain ; 
The palms of my hands, whilst I look on, I see 
The wounds I receiv'd when su£feriDg for thee. 

5 I feel, at my heart, all thy sighs and thy groans, 
For thou art most near me, my flesh and my 

bones • 
In all thy distresses thy Head feels the pain, 
Yet all are most needful, not one is in vain. 

6 Then trust me and fear not, thy life is secure: 
My wisdom is perfect, supreme is mv power : 
In love I correct thee, thy bouI to renne, 

To make thee at length in my likeness to shine. 

7 The foolish, the fearful, the weak are my care. 
The helpless, the hopeless* I hear their saa 

pray'r ; 
From all their afflictions, my glory shall sprinff. 
And the deeper their sorrows, the louder they'll 


1 1 J /; 438 8. 7. 4. 

Ji.X4:0« Longing for the Spread of the GoopeL 

1 tf^'£R the gloomy hills of darkness, 
Vr Look, my soul, be «X\W raA ^g^aj^N 
All the promises do travu\\ 
With a glorious day oi «»«fe: 


Av. ■ 

A".: : 

O: :: 

o F'.v ; 




j« »• >> • 

C Hi? > 


And. unconstrain'd, their homage pay 
To ineir exalted God and King. 

5 O may his conquest still increase. 
And every foe his power subdue ; 
While angels celebrate his praise, 
And saints his growing glones show. 

6 Loud hallelujahs to the Lamb, 
From all below, and all above. 
In lofty songs exalt his name, 
In songs as lasting as his love. 

1 1 J Q 430 H. M. or 6*8 and 8*8. 

X X 4:0« HU InereoH of the MtmahU Sngdom. 

1 A LL hail, incarnate God ! 

jflL The wondrous things foretold 

Of thee in sacred writ, 

With joy our eyes behold, 
Still does thine arm new trophies wear, 
And monuments of glory rear. 

2 To thee the hoary head 
Its silver honours pays. 

To thee the blooming youth 

Devotes its brightest days : 
And every ace their tribute l[>rinff, . 
And bow to thee, all-conquering Iking. 

3 O haste, victorious Prince, 
That happv, fflorious day. 
When souls, uke drops of dew, 
Shall own thy gentle sway : 

O may it bless our longing eyes. 
And bear our shouts beyond the skies. 

4 All hail, triumphant Lord, 
Eternal be thy reign ; 
Behold the nations sue 
To wear thy sentle chain : 

When earth ana time are known no more, 
Thy throne shall stand for ever sure. 

1 1 /i Q 431 H. M. or 6*8 and S't. 

JLl4:t/« The eampUHng of the spiritual Tmpk, 

ING to the Lord above, 
Who deigns on earth to raise 
A temple to his love^ 
A monument of praise \ 
Ye saints around, tnTO\x]GflitiS!L\\atc«H^^> 
Harmonious sound tVie BxxVXdiW* ^ xwwol^- 





2 Se< 

Of ; 


Af V J 

AU w 


S High on a throne of radiant light 
Dost thou exalted shine : 
What can my poverty bestow, 
When all the worlds are thine? 

3 But thou hast brethren here below, 

The partners of thy grace : 
And wilt confess their hamble names 
Before thy Father's face. 

4 In them thou m&y'st be cloth'd and £Bd, 

And visited and cheer'd; 
And in their accents of distress, 
My Saviour's voice is heard. 

5 Thy face, with rev'rence and with lore. 

We in thv poor would see : 
O let us rather beg our bread, 
Than keep it back from thee. 
1 1 EO 43i L. M. 

1 ±Oi6 m Of Hunt man hme vxpvtn thee, 1 Chnjn. ndx. 14. 

1 ^l^HE Lord, who rules the world's affiairB, 

M. For me a well-spread board ^prepares ; 
My grateful thanks to him shall rise, 
He knows my wants, those wants supplies. 

2 And shall I grudge to give his poor 
A mite from all my generous store ? 
No, Lord ! the friends of thine and thee 
Shall always find a friend in me. 

1 1 P^Q ^^ I" H. Dr. Gibbou. 

11 Jo - "UttBen^lemeeof ChritlforimThmiUHm. 

1 XM^HEN Jesus dwelt m mortal clay, 

T T What were his works from day to day. 
But miracles of power and grace, 
That spread salvation through our race? 

2 Teach us, Lord, to keep in view 
Thy pattern, and thy steps pursue; 
Let alms bestow'd, let kindness done, 
Be witness'd by each rolling sun. 

3 That man may last, but never UveSf 
Who much receives, but nothing gives, 
W^om none can love, whom none can thank. 
Creation's blot, creation's blank: 

4 But he who marks, from day to day, 
In generous acts his radiant way ; 
Treads the same path the Saviour trod, 
The path to glory and to Qoi. 

And grace 


„ ^ And iiJ 

liow narrowly 

1 he snares < 

^ Jhe flatterii 
Assail'd my 

^^/i'le Satan. , 
Guided the J 

, i»utfe]Itoris 

^fy anguish ron 

Ana pleasure 

/>arkne8s, and 

f J"oVd aroun/, 
^ut no relief,. 

CHimCH MfiEtlNGd. 815 

7 Oh ! may I ne'er forget 
The mercy of my God ; 
Nor ever want a tongue to spread 
His loudest praise abroad. 

1 X tH>« The Canvertion ofSifmen a MtHerfor Prayer 


1 nnHERE'S joy in heaven, and joy on earth, 

JL When prodigals return, 
To see desponding souls rejoice. 
And haughty sinners mourn. 

2 ' Come, saints, and hear what God hath done,' 

Is a reviving sound : 

may it spread from sea to sea. 
E'en all the globe around ! 

3 Often, O sovereign Lord, renew 

The wonders of this day ; 
That Jesus here may see his seed, 
And Satan lose his prey. 

4 Great G<xl, the work is all thine own, 

Thine be the praises too ; 
Let everv heart and every tongue 
Give tnee the glory due. 

1 1 ^T ^^ ^* ^* Newton. 

A XtJ i • Jpo$ia»y — Will ye aUo go away f 

1 "WM^^HEN any turn from Zion s way, 

V T TAlas, what numbers do !) 
Methinks I hear my Saviour say, 
* Wilt thou forsake me too?' 

2 Ah; Lord ! with such a heart as mine, 

iJnless thou hold me fast, 

1 feel I must, I shall decline. 

And prove like them at last. 

3 Yet thou alone hast power, I know 

To save a wretch like me: 
To whom or whither could I go, 
K I should turn from thee T 

4 Beyond a doubt, I rest assur'd 

Thou art the Christ of God; 
Who hast eternal life secur'd 
By promise and by blood. 

5 The help of men and angels join'd 

CouldT never reach my case ; 
Nor can I hope relief to find. 
But in thy Qoundless erai^. 

And can m 

On whom a 

2 Whither, al 

A wretched 

Can this daj 

One glimpse 

3 Eternal life 

On these my 

Here sweete: 

i nan all the 

'^ Jift earth's a 

Whde thou a 

One smile, oi 

My dearest I 

5 Thy name m- 

J^nou art my' 

Depart from t 

^ i« endless n 

6 Low at thy fe, 

M^e safety dv 

^tiU let me liv 

^ or life, eterna 

1 159. i« 


3 Protect the young from every snare, 
And let thy staff support the old ! 
Relieve the poor, nor let the rich 
Have all their heritage in gold. 

4 Let joyful saints still taste thy grace ; 
Give to the mournera heavenly day ; 
Sustain the strong, and quick revive 
The withering p^ts from their decay. 


1 I N Jordan's tide the Baptist stands, 
X Immersing the repenting Jews ; 
The Son of God the rite demands, 

Nor dares the holy man refuse : 
Jesus descends beneath the wave, 
The emblem of his future grave. 

2 Wonder, ye heavens ! your Maker lies, 

In deeps, conceai'd from human, view : 
Ye saints, behold him sink and rise, 
jkA. fit example thus for you ; 
• ^Be sacred record, while you read, 
Willis you to imitate the deed. 

3 But lo ! from yonder opening skies, 

What beams of dazzling glory spread ! 
Dove-like, th' Eternal Spirit flies. 

And lights on the Redeemer's head ; 
Amaz'd, they see the power divine 
Around the Saviour's temples shine. 

4 But. hark ! my soul, hark, tmd adore ! 

What souaofl are those that roll alangT 
Not like loud Sinai's awful roar. 

But soft and sweet as Gabriel s song : 
' This is my well-beloved Son, 
' I see well-pleas'd what he hath done.' 
f> Thus the eternal Fath£r spoke. 

Who shakes creation with a nod : 
Througli partiag skies the accents broke, 

And bia us hear the Son of God : 
O hear the awful word today, 
Hear, all ye nations, aM (Aa^ \ 


3 }Vit 



To those bright realms of peace and rest, 
Where all th^ exulting tribes are bless'd 
With one great choral day. 

J.Ou* hvilation la/oUotu Ike Lamb. 

1 T¥UMBLE souls, who seek salvation 
XL Through the Lamb's redeeming blood, 
Hear the voice of Revelatioa, 

Tread tiie path that Jesus trod : 
Flee to him your only Saviour, 

In his migntj' name confide ; 
In the whole of your behaviour, \ 

Own him as your sovereign guide. 
3 Hear the bless'd Redeemer call you, 

Listen to his gracious voice; 
Dread no ills that can beffril you, 

While you make his ways your choice ; 
Jesus says, ' Let each behever 

' Be baptized in my name ;' 
He himself in Jordan's river, 

Was immersed beneath the stream. 

lainly here his footsteps tracing, 

mly here his tootsteps tracu 
'ollow him without delay j 
"ly his command embracing, 
^ ) ! your Captain leads the way : 
lew the rite with understanding, 
Jesus' grave before you lies ; 
Be interr d at his commanding, 
After his example rise. 

tlC^A 446 C. M. 

ttD4* TU Bdieeer comtraintdby ththttef and 
tofoitow him, 

1 T\EAR Lord, and will thy pardoning lore 
Ar Embrace a wretch so vile ? 
Wilt thou my load of guilt remove, 
And bless me with thy smile ? 
3 Hast thou the cross for me endor'd, 
And all its shame despis'd, 
And shall I he asham'd, O Lord, 
With thee to be baptiz'd ! 
3 Didst thou the great example lead. 
In Jordan's swelling flood''. 
And shall my pride dwdam ^ft ^«aeA. 
That's worthy of toy Go^l 

■ ^ ,T,' Since ( 
, July soul 
. ^mce G 

. „.Mv ever 
^inaer me" 

,, , % God } 
^ ^\f my Lor 

8 TK:„'!!'HS'^eartI 


1 ^Y^HUS was the great Redeemer plung'd 
JL In Jordan's swelling flood, 
To show he must be soon baptiz'd 
In tears, and sweat, and blood. 
S Thus was his sacred body laid 
Beneath the yielding wave ; 
Thus was his sacred body rais'd 
Out of the liquid grave. 
3 Lord, we thy precepts would obey, 
In thy own footsteps tread, 
Would die, be buried, rise with thee, 
Our ever-living Head. 


1 TESUS, mighty King in Siou! 
tf Thou alone our guide shalt be ! 
Thy commission we rely' on. 
We would follow none but thee : 

As an emblem of thy passion, 
jjjtnd thy vict'ry o'er the grave, 

' aP" ^^'^ know thy great salvation 

arj^re baptiz'd beneath the wave. 

3 Fearless of the world's despising, 

We the ancient path pursue ; 

Buried with our Lord, and rising 

To a life divinely new. 

1 1 /*Q 450 L. M. J. SMmiBlt. 
M. X Oo* J bc^timuU Bj/mn. 

I CtEE how the willing converts trace 
O The path their great Redeemer trod; 
And follow through his liQuid sraTO, 
The meek, the lowly Son of God! 

3 Here they renounce their former deeds, 
And to a heavenly hfe aspire ; 
Their rags for glorious robes exchanged, 
They shine in clean and bright attire. 

3 O sacred rite, by thee t^e name 
Of Jesus we to own begin : 
This is our resurrection pledge. 
Pledge of the pardon of qui tsoiu 


2 Asharn 
Let ev 
He she 
O'er th 

3 Asham 
Let mi 

1 IS mi 

4 Asham' 
On wh( 
No; w: 
That I 

5 Asham'i 
When I 

6 No tear 
No fears 

6 Till thei 
Till ther 
And O, ] 
That Ch; 

7 TTTifi inm^ 


3 Great things, O everlastii^ Sod, 
Great things for tis thy grace hath done ; 
Constrained hy thy dm^hty lo^, 
Our willing feet to meet thee num. 

3 In thy assembly here we stand. 
Obedient to thy great command; 
The sacred flood is foil in view, 

And thy sweet voice invites us thrOikKh. 

4 The world, the Spirit, and the Bride 
Must not invite and be denied ; 
Was not the Lord, who came to save, 
Interr'd in such a liquid grave ? 

6 Thus we, dear Saviour, own thy now, 
Receive us rising from the stream ; 
Then to &y table let us come, 
And dwell in Zion as our home. 

1 1 mrf 463 C. M. Baddoma. 

J, J. It* ibming Ufort Bi^titm , or,attiu J^alm- riii, 
Pa. czix. 39. 

1 ¥TOW great, how solemn is the «ork 

Xl Which we attend to-day ! 
Now for a holy, solemn frame, 
O God, to thee we pray. 

2 O may we feel as once we fel^ 

When twin'd and griev'd at hetttt 
Thy kincf, forgiving, melting look 
Reliev'd our every smart. 

3 Let graces then in exercise 

Be exercis'd again ; 
And, nurtur'd by celestial power, 
In exercise remain. 

4 Awake, our love, our fear, our hope, 

Wake, fortitude and joy, 
Vain world, begone ; let things above 
Our happy thoughts employ. 
fi WhUst thee, our Saviour and our God, 
To all around we owu ; 
Drive each rebellious rival lust. 
Each traitor from the throne. 
6 Instruct our minds, our wills subdue, 
To heaven our passioua t^eav 
QTwt haace our lives, oui a)i, tqk?>» 
Devoted to thy pra^. 


r • 



3 Lore 



Let I 



And a 

We was 
And th( 

Behold 1 
gerore h 

flow n?a 


The Saviour's footsteps to explore, 
And tread the path he trod before. 

Eternal Spirit^ heavenly Dove, 
On these baptismal waters mov^ ; 
That we, through energy divine, 
May have the substance with the sign. 

All ye that love Immanuel's name, 
And long to feel the increasing flame, 
'Tis you, je children of the light. 
The Spirit and the Bride invite. 

H.P — . 

Ye who your native vileness mouiti, 
And the to great Redeemer turn. 
Who see your wretched state bjr sin, 
' Ye blessed of the Lord, come m.' 

Jesus my Saviour, and mv alL 
Methinks I hear tny gentle call ; 
These are the sounds that chide my ttajr, 
* Arise, my love, and come away.* 

Amazing grace ! and shall I still 
Prove disobedient to thy will ? 
Ah ! no : dear Lord, the watery tomb 
Belongs to thee, ana there I come. 

H — . 

Ap9Stles trod this holy ground, 
This is the road believers go ; 
My Jesus in this way was found, 
I charge my soul to tread it too. 

J. Stennett 

With lowly minds, and lofty songi^ 
Let all admire the Saviour's mracei 
Till the great rising dav reveal 
Th' immortal glory of his &ce. 

6 . 

To Father, Son. and Holy Ghost, 
We humbly dedicate our powers ; 
If with Jehovah's blessing crown'd, 
Immortal happiness is ours. 

-g 1 Q/» 468 H. M. or 6*8 and S's. 

J.10D* Jn Jddreu to the Holy %nrii. 

I TkESCEND, celestial Dove, 
MJ And make thy presence \wtfswcL\ 
RbvmI our Saviour's love, 
And seal us for thiae ovrtv *, 



' 'pno 



With Christ your Lord, ye hve anew, 
With Christ ascend on high. 

3 There by his Father's side he sits, 

Enthron'd, divinely fair ; 
Yet owns himself your brother stilly i 

And your forerunner there. 

4 Rise firom these earthly trifles, rise 

On wings of faith and love : 
Above your choicest treasure lies. 
And DO your hearts above. 

5 But earth and sin will drag us down. 

When we attempt to fly ; 
Lord, send thy strong attractive power 
To raise and fix us high. 

1 1 QQ 471 C. M. Beddome. 

X J.Ot /» He voent on hU wav refoieing^ Acts Tiii. 9. 

1 npHE holy Eunuch, when baptiz'd, 

JL Went on his way with joy ; 
And who can tell what rapt'rous thoughts 
Did then his mind employ ? 

2 ' Is that most glorious Saviour mine, 

* Of whom 1 lately read ? 

* Who, bearing all my sins and «ne% 

* Was number'd with the dead ? 

3 ' Is he, who, bursting from the grave» 

* Now reigns above the sky, 

' My advocate before the throne, 
' My portion when I die? 

4 ' Have I profess'd his holy name ? : . , 

' Do I nis gospel bear, 
' To Ethiopia's scorched lands, < 

' And shall I spread it there r r 

6 ' Bless'd pool ! in which I lately lay, 

' And left my fears behind : 

* What an unworthy wretch am I ! 

* And Grod profusely kind. 

6 * Bless'd emblem of that precious hiooA 

' Which satisfied for sin ; 

* And of that renovating grace, 

* Which makes the conscience clean.* 

7 This pattern, Lord, with sacred joy, 

Help us to keep in view ; 
The same our work, t\v.e «dax^^O xDd^ 
Our conscdation too. 

I know 

^ I'O, he r. 
i ow;n th 

^weet fri 

^ ^is heav( 

,j[ nat naij'd 
/H^as his 
^or such m 

« >n Jet ^ 
And sweet g 

r ^ WTetr.ho 

lord's supper. 829 

4 In him the Father, reconcil'd, 
Invites yonr souls to come ; 
The rebel shall be call'd a child, 
And kindly welcomed home. 

6 O come, and with his children taste 
The blessings of his love ; 
While hope attends the sweet repast. 
Of nobler joys above. 

6 There, with united heart and voice, 

Before the eternal throne. 
Ten thousand thousand souls rejoice, 
In ecstasies unknown. 

7 And yet ten thousand thousand more 

Are welcome still to come ; 
Ye longing souls, the grace adore, 
Approach, there yet is room. 

1 1 QQ ^74 L. M. Dr. Watts's Lyrics. 

M. M. 79 Am Christ dyings risings and reigning, 

1 TTE dies ! the friend of sinners dies ! 
Xl Lo, Salem's daughters weep around 
A solemn darkness veils the skies ! 

A sudden trembling shakes the ground ! 
Come, saints, and orop a tear or two. 
For him who groan'd oeneath your load ; 
He shed a thousand drops for you, 
A thousand drops of richer blood! 

2 Here's love and grief beyond degree. 
The Lord of glorv dies for men ; 
But lo ! what sudden joys we see ! 
Jesus, the dead, revives a^in ! 
The rising God forsakes tne tomb ! 
Up to his Father's courts he .flies : 
Cherubic legions guard him home. 
And shout him welcome to the skies ! 

3 Break off your tears^e saints, and tell 
How high our great Deliv'rer reigns : 
Sing how he spoil'd the hosts of hell, 
And led the monster death in chains T 
Say * Live for ever, wondrous King, 

* Bom to redeem, and sItom \o ^v^%^? 

Then ask the monster, ' "VlYvet^^ ^^ ^^^^V- 

^ And Where's thy v\cVtv,\>o^^>C\xv.^^^^^^ - 


^ Jesus 

. ^^ 


4 Our fo 

T,He r 
He die( 

^ pri 
• Jesus/ 


T,/J °^ Pf 




lord's supper. 831 

-1 1 Q^ ATI L. M. Beddome. 

X X t/O* Holy Admiraiian and Joy. 

1 TESUS, when faith with fixed eyes 
tl Beholds thy wondrous sacrifice, 
Love rises to an ardent flame, 

And we all other hope disclaim. 

2 With cold affections, who can see 

The thorns, the scourge, the nails, the tree, 
Thy flowing tears, and purple sweat, 
Thy bleeding hands, and head, and feet. 

3 Look, saints, into his opening side— 

The breach, how large, how deep, how wide ! 
Thence issues forth a double flood 
Of cleansing water, pard'ning blood. 

4 Hence, O my soul, a balsam flows 

To heal thy wounds, and cure thy woes ; 
Immortal joys come streaming down, 
Joys, Ukehis griefs, immense, unknown. 

5 Thus I could ever, ever sing 

The sufferings of my heavenlv King: 
With growing pleasures spread abroia 
The mysteries of a dying God. 

-1 -1 Q/; 478 L. M. 

1 1 t/D* Meditating on the Croes of Chrut. 

1 #^OME see on bloody Calvary. 

\J Suspended on th' accursed tree, 
A harmless sufferer, cover'd o'er 
With shame, and welt'ring in his gore. 

2 Is this the Saviour long foretold 
To usher in the age of gold ? 

To make the reign of sorrow cease. 
And bind the jarring world in peace ? 

3 'Tis He, 'tis He !— he kindly shrouds 
His glories in a niffht of clouds^ 
That souls might from their rum rise. 
And heir th' imperishable skies. 

4 See, to their reftiffe and their rest. 
From all the bonds of guilt released. 
Transgressors to his cross repair. 
And find a full redemption there. 

6 Jesus, what millions of our race 
Have been the triumphs oi VJcln n^s^X 
And millions more to ^^^icj > 
-And on thy sacrifice tely . 

^iit not 
J^ «e subj 

^ ^^fprostfi 
^ £f an and 

4 ^"^ tremb] 
* 5's name j 

/ ef/rom h) 

^ / ^ough in t 

«e shin ti 


I -| no 480 L. M. Dr. W&tu'a LyriM. 

I I «7o* Leve on a Cron and a Thront, 

1 IWrOW let our faith grow strons, and me 
X^ And view our Lord in allnis love ; 
Look back to hear his dying cries, 
Then mount and see his throne above. 

3 See where he languish'd on the cross; 
Beneath onr sins he groan'd and died ; 
See where he sits to plead our cause, 
By his almighty Father's side. 

3 If we behold his bleeding heart, 
There love in floods of sorrow reigns ; 
He triumphs o'er the killing smart, 
And seals our pleasure with his pains. 

4 Or if we climb th' eternal hills, 
Where the dear Conqa'ror sits enthron'd, 
Still in his heart compassion dwells, 
Near the memorials oi his wound. 

6 How shall vile pardon 'd rebels show 
How much they love their dying God? 
Lord, here we'd banish every foe, 
We hate the sins that cost thy blood. 

6 Commerce no more we hold with hell, 
Our dearest lusts shall all depart ; 
But let thine image ever dwell 
Stampt as a seal on every heart 

1 "TWTO more, dear Saviour, will I boast 
X^ Of beauty, wealth, or loud applause ; 
The world hath all its glories lost. 
Amid the triumphs of thy cross. 

2 In every feature of thy face. 
Beauty her fairest charms displays : 
Tnilii, wisdom, majesty, and grace 
Shine thence in sweetly mingled ny%. 

3 Thy wealth the power of thought transcends, 
'Tis vast, immense, and all divine : 

Thy empire. Lord, o'er worlds extends, 
The sun, the moon, the stars are thine. 

4 Yet, (O how marvellous the sight !) 
I see thee on a cross expire. 

Thy Godhead veil'd in sable night ; 
And angels from the sceue le^w.. 



"ut most ( 

Should . 

2 I that am i 

1 that have 

And tran 

^ ^^hat stran, 

vr ^ S^t sue] 

^"v feaviouf 
'^fy Jesus 
4 ' ^at, O my 
< P, The feast 

"*nd rose, 

5 Wfthtremblh 
,^.J^ord, we ac 

WK 1^'^'^ bai 
_ VVhat wilj ii 


I C. M. Dt. S. Sten 
• Myfit»k u Meat indeed, John t 


XI- To feed on food divine : 

r A • MyJItth u JHeat imtcat, Jotin Ti. 63—66. 

rERE at thy table, Lord, we meet, 


\ Thy body is the bread we eat, 
I Thy precious blood the wine. 

2 He that prepares this rich repast, 

-, Himself comes down, and dies ; 
And then invites us thus to feast 
Upon the sacrifice. 

3 The bitter torments he endur'd 

Upon the shameful cross, 
For us his welcome guests procur'd 
These heart-reviving joys. 

4 His body, torn with rudest hands. 

Becomes the finest bread ; 
And, with the blessing he commands, 

Our noblest hopes are fed, 
6 His blood, that from each op'ning vein 

In purple torrents ran, 
Hath fill'd this cup with gen'rous wine* 

That cheers both God and man. 

6 Sure there was never love so free. 

Dear Saviour, so divine; 
Well thou may'st claim that heart of me, 
Which owes so much to thine. 

7 Yes, thou shalt surely have my heart 

My soul, my strength, my all ; 
With life itself I'll freely part. 
My Jesus, at thy call. 

Jtita vj^t — ke died — ttt koto kt hv'd iw, Joiui zi. U, 

lir a face bedew'd with tears ! 
What beauty e'en in grief appears ! 

ICO fair a face bedew'd with tears 
O What beauty e'en in grief appeal 
He wept, he bled, he died for you; 
What more, ye saints, could Jesus do 

2 Enthroa'd above, with equal glow 
His warm affections downward flow ! 
In our distress be bears a part, 

And feels a sympathetic smart 

3 Still his compassions are the same. 
He knows the frailty of our frame : 
Our heaviest burdens he sustains, 
Shares in our sorrows aad. omx 'v«axi&. 

^ He toolTt 

^ ^ear Lore 
V, ^" thy a 
^-^ this an 

, ^ ^ndreb, 

"^"0 may J 
And make 

.'1°P and pe, 


5 Yet is his house and heart so large, 

That millions more may come ! 
Nor could the whole assembled world 
O'erfiU the spacious room. 

6 All things are ready ; come away, 

Nor weak excuses frame ; 
Crowd to your places at the feast, 
And bless the Founder's name. 

' 487 L. M. Steele. 
Communion wilh Chriit at Au TIiMe, 

1 '^I^O Jesus, our exalted Lord, 

jL, (Dear name by heaven and earth adordl) 
Fain would our hearts and voices raise 
A cheerful song of sacred praise. 

2 But all the notes which mortals know 
Are weak, and languishing, and low ; 
Far, far above our numbte songs. 
The theme demands immortal tongues. 

3 Yet while around his board we meet, 
And humbly worship at his feet ; 

let our warm affections move, 
In glad returns of grateful love ! 

4 Let faith our feeble senses aid, 

To see thy wondrous love display'd, — 
Thy broken flesh, thy bleeding veins, 
Thy dreadful agonizing pains. 
6 Let humble, penitential wo, 

With painful, pleasing anguish flow; 
And thy forgiving smiles impart 
Life, hope, and joy to every heart 

1 OS\£t '^^^ ^- ^'^ Steele. 

1 £/\J\i* Praiia la tht Rtdeemer. 

1 'T^O our Redeemer's glorious name 

i Awake the sacred song, 
O may his love (immortal flame !) 
Tune every heart and tongue. 

2 His love what mortal thought can reach ! 

What mortal tongue display ! 
Imagination's utmost stretch 
In wonder dies away. 

3 He ]eft his radiant tUxoiie Qn.Vv^, 

Left the bright reaAma o? \^\«», 

■r • 







Jesus, we ne'er can p&y 

The debt we owe thy love ; 

Yet tell US how we may 
I Our gratitude approve ; 

i Our hearts, our all, to thee we give ; 
I The gift, though small, thou wilt receive. 

1 Oi'kQ ^^ ^' ^' Pi^'idci* Dbtjm. 

1 imVO* Stif-dedieatum at ihe LonPt Thble. 

' 1 T ORD, am I thine, entirely thine? 

mJ Purchas'd and sav'd by blood divine 7 
With full consent thine I would be ; 
And own thy sovereign right in me. 
S Thee, my new master, now I call, 
And consecrate to thee my all ; 
Lord, let me live, and die to thee; 
Be thine through all eternity. 



1 0AQ *^^ ^- ^' 

M. £l\jvm J momiag Hi/mn. 

1 'T^O thee let my first oflFerinra rise, 

i Whose sun creates the day, 
Swifl as his gladdening influence flies, 
And spotless as his ray. 

2 This day thy favouring hand be nigh ! 

So oft vouchsafd before ! 
Still m^ it lead, protect, supply, 
And I that hand adore 1 

3 If bliss thy providence impart, 

For which resign'd I pray ; 
Give me to feel the grateful head \ 
And without guilt be gay ! 

4 Affliction should thy love intend, 

As vice or folly's curC; 
Patient to gain that gracious end, 

May I the means endure ! 
G Be this and every future day 

Still wiser than the past ; 
And, when I all my Ufe survey, 

May grace sustain at la&t. 

Their iing" 

And lost the ji 

In death's t 

■1 Numbers on r 

And still th( 

while we, by 

A thousand 

5 To thee, great 

Our moraini 

i'romtious in fl 

I- he willing 

1211. "» 

1 r ORRIam 


o let me lire 

A thousand yeai 

Should be nniu 

What must fr 

" S/i? .H* "ot M 

What Jesus haa 

Nor can the h 

J hou hast comm 

J o live by fciai, 

Lord, help me 


And to its great original 
The bumble tribute bring. 

3 Serene I laid me down, 
Beneath his guardian care ; 

I slept, and I awoke, and found 
My kind preserver near ! 

4 Thus does thine arm support 
This weak defenceless frame : 

But whence these favours, Lord, to me, 
All worthless as I am ? 

5 O ! how shall I repay 
The bounties of my God? 

This feeble spirit pants beneath- 

The pleasing, painful load, 
f) Dear Saviour, to thy cross 

I bring my sacrifice ; 
Ting'd with thy blood, it shall ascend 

With fragrance to the skies. 
7 My life I would anew 

Devote, O Lord, to thee ; 
And in thy service I would spend 

A long eternity. 

I A X 0> Jln tttning Hymn. 

1 |~^ RE AT God, to thee my evening song 
\^ With humble gratitude I raise : 

let thy mercy tune my tongue, 
And fill my heart with lively praise. 

2 My days unclouded, as they pass, 
And every gentle rolling hour, 

Are monuments of wondrous grace, 
And witness to thy love and power. 

3 And yet this thoughtless, wretched heart. 
Too oft regardless of thy love, 
Ungrateful can from thee depart, 

And, fond of trifles, vainly rove. 

4 Seal my forgiveness in the blood 
Of Jesus : his dear name alone 

1 plead for pardon, gracious God, 
And kind acceptance at thy throne. 

5 Let this blest hope mine evelids close, 
With sleep refresh my feeole frame ; 
Safe in thy care may I repose, 

And wake with praisen \a Wvy tossw*. 

I, e'er'i's 
^ Ifach mi 
i"« grav( 
ipacfi me 
Kise glori, 


^nd may t 

Sfeep that 

' serve n. 

^ Jf in the m' 

My soul wi 

fee' no ill (J, 

J^o powers < 

"«se Gc 

■ ' \rOWfror 
1 " Let fla 

O" evenin 



1 Q1 tt ^^^ ^' ^' Needham. 

1 ^1 D« On the Spring. 

1 riiHE icy chains that bound the earth 

X. Are now dissolved and gone ; 
Wak'd by the sun, the blooming spring 
Puts his new livery on. 

2 Where awful desolation reign'd, 

Bless'd plenty rears her head ; 
Exulting, with a smile, to see 
Her late destroyer fled. 

3 Teeming with life, th' advancing sun 

Protracts the falling day ; 
Grand light of heaven ! he seems to wish 
To make a longer stay. 

4 In clouds of gold behold him set, 

Beyond the west he flies : ^ 

Short is his nightly course, and soon 
He gilds the eastern skies. 

5 My soul, in every scene admire 

The wisdom and the power ; 
Behold the God in every plant^ 
In every opening flower. 

6 Yet in his word, the God of grace 

Has wrote his fairer name : 
The wonders of redeeming bve 
My noblest songs shall claim. 

7 With warmest beams, thou God of grace* 

Shine on this heart of mine : 
Turn thou my winter into spring, 
And be the glory thine. 

"iOt^ ^^^ S. M. 

1^ 1 I • The Return of the Spring eeiebraUd. 

1 TT^ROM winter's barren clods, 
JC From winter's joyless waste, 

The spring in sudden youth appears. 
With blooming beauty grac a. 

2 How balmy is the air ! 
How warm the solar beams ! 

And to refresh the ground, the rains 
Descend in gentle sti©aLtcv%. 

3 Great God, at t\iy c^otcitcv^xv^ 
Seasons in order rise \ 

^ nf; trees 
The ear 

'-^ Where'er 
i »e birds, 
invite 01 

■ ^ But, ah ! i, 
Onprest ' 

^ hough i 

-* O! would n 
-. ^ Break thr 

^o creature 
^o song n 

'^ ^'"/^'>tthj 

And overo 

^' make my 1 

A"d blosso 


3 The sun, thy minister of love, 

That from the naked ground 
Calls forth the hidden seeds to birth, 
And spreads their beauties roimd ; 

4 At the dread order of his God, 

Now darts destructive fires : 
Hills, plains, and vales are parch'd with drouf^ 
And blooming life expires. 

5 Like bumish'd brass, the heaven around 

In' angry terror bums, 
While the earth lies a joyless waste, 
And into iron turns. 

6 Pity us, Lord, in our distress. 

Nor with our land contend ; 
Bid the avenging skies relent, 
And showers of mercy send ! 

J. A£i\y* On a Year of threatening Bain. 

1 TTOW hast thou, Lord, from year to year 
Jl Our land with plentv crown'd ! 
And generous fruit, and golden grain. 

Have spread their riches round. 

2 But we thy mercies have abus'd 

To more abounding crimes ; 
What heights, what daring heights in sin, 
Mark and disgrace our times ! 

3 Equal, though awful is the doom. 

That fierce descending rain 

Should into inundations swell, 

And crush the rising grain ! 

4 How just, that in the autumn's leiga, 

When we had hop'd to reap. 

Our fields of sorrow and despair 

Should lie an hideous heap ? 

5 But, Lord, have mercy on our land, 

Those floods of vengeance stay; 
Dispel those glooms, and let the sun 
Shine in unclouded day ! 

6 To thee alone we look for help; 

None else of dew or rain 
Can give the world the smallest drop^ 
Or smallest drop restrain. 

Af thel 

»» hen fl 

4 Let noisi 

And droi 

Vet will 

_ And send 

^ Celestial 
{^Indies o 
• 7 e shout 

" PV^shaJi 


,V« ^iffhtnir 

^ e gloriouj 


%l^ih anc 
., „.^nesmili, 

- His covenant 
^jny tongue 


5 Then, in the last great harvest, I 
Shall reap a glorious crop : 
The harvest shall by far exceed 
What I have sown in hope. 

1 AAOm Harvest,' or the accepted Time^ and Day of Sal- 

vation, ProY. x. 5. 

1 QEE how the little toilins ant 
O Improves the harvest hours : 
While summer lasts, through all ner cells 

The choicest stores she pours. 

2 While life remains, our harvest lasts ; 

But youth of life's the prime ; 
Best is this season for our work. 
And this th' accepted time. 

3 To-day attend, is Wisdom's voice ; 

To-morrow, Folly cries : 
And still to-morrow His, when, oh ! 
T<HJay the sinner dies. 

4 When conscience speaks, its voice regard. 

And seize the tender hour : 
Humbly implore the promised grace, 
And God will give the power. 

100>l ^^ CM. Steele. 

1 CJTERN winter throws his icy chains, 
O Encircling nature round ; 

How bleak, how comfortless the plains, 
Late with gay verdure crown'd ! 

2 The sun withdraws his vital beams, 

And light and warmth depart ; 
And, drooping, lifeless, nature seems 
An emblem of my heart— 

3 My heart, where mental winter reigns, 

In night's dark mantle clad, 
Confin'd in cold inactive chains. 
How desolate and sad ! 

4 Return, O blissful Sun, and bring 

Thy soul-reviving ray ; 
This mental winter shall be spring. 
This darkness cheerful dav. 

5 O happy state, divine abode, 

Where spring eternal rei%iv« \ 
And perfect day, .the strnV^ o\ O^, 
Fills all the neaven\y \A»l\tv%. 

;Darren ar 

VVhen wi 

And bid r 


And let m, 

'^ Dear Lord 

{,raint and 

Must it be ^ 
Sf. still, my 

^»i nereve, 

depose on in 

^ He, by whos 

peasons thai 

^" every chai 

i nat none sh 

i1^,, Well m 


4 Thy hand, in autumn, richly pours 
Through all our coasts redundant stores ; 
And winters, soften'd by thy care, 

No more the face of horror wear. 

5 Seasons, and months, and weeks^ and days, 
Demana successive songs of praise ; 

And be the grateful homage paid. 
With morning Ught, and evening shade. 

6 Here in thy house let incense rise, 
And circling Sabbaths bless our eyes. 
Till to those lofty heights we soar, 
Where days and years revolve no more. 


1 OOT ^^ ®* '^' Robinson. 

l/Q/6im Oraieful Reeolieetion, 1 Sam. vii. IS. 

1 1^0 ME, thou fount of every blessing, 
\J Tune my heart to sing thy grace ; 
Streams of mercy, never ceasing. 

Call for songs of loudest praise : 
Teach me some melodious sonnet. 

Sung by flaming tongues above : 
Praise the mount — fix me on it. 

Mount of God's unchanging love. 

2 Here I raise my Ebenezer, 

Hither by thy help Fm come ; 
And I hope, by thy good pleasure. 

Safely to arrive at home : 
Jesus sought me when a stranger. 

Wandering from the fold of God ; 
He, to save my soul from danger, 

Interpos'd his precious blood. 

3 O ! to grace how great a debtor 

Daily I'm constrained to be ! 
Let that grace. Lord, like a fetter. 

Bind my wandering heart to thee ! 
Prone to wander. Lord, I feel it; 

Prone to leave the God I lo^^ — 
Here's my heart, Lord, \»Vi^ ^cii<\ w^S.A^n 

Seal it for thy coMtte ^Jdon^^ 

^ « to th 
-•^nd peac 

^ I-" scenes 
1^ thou c 
I hy good 
Ador'd thi 

. ^ ]^hen dea 
^nd seal i 
Our helpej 
^n better w 

GOD of i 

^ouch'd by 

Kesounds th 

4"d chas'd t 

When God o 

7 hy does thj 


Mr BOuI the pleasant theme prolong, 
Then rise to aid th' angelic song. 

513 Ta. Fawcett. 
J BirtK-day Hymn, Ada urri. S9. 

1 T MY Ebenezer raise 

X To my kind Redeemer's praise; 
With a grateful heart I own, 
Hitherto thy help I've known. 

2 What may be my future lot, 
Well I know concerns me not ; 
This should set my heart at rest, 
What thy will ordains is best. 

3 I my all to thee resign : 
Father, let thv will be mine ; 
May but all tny dealings prove 
Fruits of thy paternal love. 

4 Guard me, Saviour, by thy pow'r, 
Guard me in the trying hour : 
Let thy unremitted care 

Save me from the lurking snare. 

5 Let my few remaining days 
Be directed to thy praise ; 
So the last, the closing scene 
Shall be tranquil and serene. 

6 To thy will I leave the rest, 
Grant me but this one request. 
Both in life and death to prove 
Tokens of thy special love. 

1 OQ1 °'^ ^- ^- 

XAiiX^ A wtdding Hymn, 

1 C! INCE Jesus freely did appear, 
O To grace a marriage feast, 
O Lord, we ask thy presence here, 
To make a wedding guest. 
3 Upon the bridal pair look down, 
, Who now have plighted hands ; 
Their union with thy favour crown, 
And bless their nupti^ bands. 
3 With gifts of grace their hearts endow. 
Of all rich dowries best ; 
Their substance bless, and peace bestow 
To sweeten all the rest. 







4nd can ^ 

1 j£00* Jt Parting. 

1 T^OR a season call'd to part, 

-I. Let us now ourselves conuneod 
To the gracious eye and heart 
Of our ever-present Friend. 

2 Jesus, hear our humhle prayer! 

Tender Shepherd of thy sheep ! 
Let thy mercy and thy care 
All our souls in safety keep. 

3 In thy strength may we he strong, 

Sweeten every cross and iMiin : 
Give us, if we live, ere long 
In thy peace to meet again. 

4 Then if thou thy help afford, 

Ghenezers shall be rear'd ; 
And our souls shall praise the Lord 
Who our poor petitions heard. 

1 ''I^H Y presence, everlasting God, 

X Wide o'er all nature spreads abro^ ; 
Thy watchful eyes, which cannot sleep, 
In every place tny children keep. 

2 While near each other we remain, 
Thou dost our lives and souls sustain ; 
When absent, happy if we share 
Thy smiles, thy counsels, and thy care. 

3 To thee, we all our ways commiL 
And seek our comforts near thy feet ; 
Still on our souls vouchsafe to shine, 
And guard and guide us still as thine. 

4 Give us, in thy beloved house. 
Again to pay our thankful vows ; 
Or, if that joy no more be known. 
Give us to meet around thy throne. 

1 TTOW soft the words my Saviour speaks, 
JD. How kind the ^Tont«&%V'6TwiM».\ 
A bruised reed he nevex \sTe«^M^, 
Not will he quench t\v6 wntf^\"B4 




. 'Undine 

And^^ to 


1 OQT ^^^ ^' ^* ^^* Doddridge. 

1 /QO i • SukfirMt the Kingdom of God, Matt. vL 33. 

1 I^OW let a true ambition rise, 
1.^ And ardour fire our breast, 
To reign in worlds above the skies, 

In heavenly glories drest. 

2 Behold Jehovah's royal hand 

A radiant crown display, 
Whose gems with vivid lustre shine, 
While stars and suns decay. 

3 Away each grovelling anxious care. 

Beneath a Christian's aim ; 
We spring to seize immortal joys. 
In our Redeemer's name.- 

4 Ye hearts with youthful vigour warm, 

The glorious prize pursue ; 
Nor fear the want of earthljr good, 
While heaven is kept in view. ^^ 

1 OQQ 520 C. M. Steele. %-• *^ •• % 

1 /QOOm Fanities of the World, Pe. iv. 6, 7. M.%^r% %^ 

X TIEGONE, ye gilded vanities, , • 

9 M3 I seek substantial gc)od : 
To real bliss my wishes rise — 
The favour of my God. 

2 Thy smiles immortal joys impart, 

Heaven dawns in ev'ry ray ; 
One glimpse of thee will cheer my heart, 
And turn my night to day. 

3 Not all the good which earth bestows 

Can fill the craving mind : 
Its highest joys have mingled woes. 
And leave a sting behind. 

4 Should boundless wealth increase my store, 

Can wealth my cares beguile ? 
I should be wretched still, and poor, 
Without thy blissful smile. 

5 Let the sweet hope that thou art mine, 

My life and death attend ; 
Thv presence through my journey shine. 
And crown my journey's end. 

6 Grant^ my Father and my God, 

This sweet, this one request • 
Be thou my guide to tYuxve ^i5Qc»L^> 
And mine eternal re^\. 

. A 



Or slight thj providence ; 
When lost in ignorance we lay, 
To vice and death an easy prey, 

Thy goodness snatch'd us thence. 


3 what a num'rous race we see, 
In ignorance and misery, 

tfnprincipled, untaught ! 
Shall they continue still to lie 
In ignorance and misery ? 

We cannot bear the tiiought. 

. Childien. 

4 Give, Lord, each liberal soul to prove, 
The joys of thine exhausttess love ; 

And while thy praise we sing, 
May we the sacred Scriptures know, 
And like the blessed Jesus grow, 

That earth and heaven may ring. 

5 We feel a sympathizing heart ; 
Lord, 'tis a pleasure to impart ; 

To thee thine own we give : 
Hear thou our cry, and pitying see, 
O let these children hve to thee, 

O let these children hve. 

1241. " "-iS; 

1 TILEST is the man whose heart expands 
XJ At melting pity's call, 
And the rich blessings of whose hands 
Like heavenly manna fell. 

S Mercy, descending from above, 
In softest accents pleads ; 
O ! may each tender bosom move. 
When mercy intercedes. 

3 Be ours the bliss, in wisdom's way 

To guide untutor'd youth ; 
And l^id the mind that went astray 
To virtue and to truth. 

4 Children our kind protection claim. 

And God will well approve. 




8 O 



5 4/i 




J. ^40« /br a public Fait. 

1 QEE. gracious God, before thy thronei 
O Thy mourning people bend ; 

'Tis on tny sovereign aprace alone 
Our humble hopes depend. 

2 Tremendous judgments from thy hand 

Thy dreadful i)ower display ; 
Yet mercy spares this guilty land, 
And stul we live to pray. 

3 Great God, and is Columbia spar'd, 

Ungrateful as we are ! 
O make thy awful warnings heard, 
While mercy cries * Forbear.' 

4 What land so favour'd of the skies, 

As these apostate States ! 
Our num'rous crimes increasing rise, 
Yet still thy vengeance waits. 

5 How chang'd, alas ! are truths divine. 

For error, guilt, and shame ! 
What impious numbers, bold in sin. 
Disgrace the Christian name ! 

6 Regardless of thy smile or frown, 

Their pleasures they require ; 
And sink with gay indifference down 
To everlasting fire. 

7 turn us, turn us, mighty Lord, 

By thy resistless grace ; 
Then shall our hearts obey thy word. 
And humbly seek thy face. 

8 Then, should insulting foes invade, 

. We shall not sink in fear ; 
Secure of never-failing aid, 
If God, our God is near. 

1 OA A ^^^ C* ^- ^^^ — • 

1 ^44« J Hymn far a FoMl^y^ Gen. xnii. 8 8 M . 

1 "VM/^HEN Abram, full of sacred awe, 

▼ ▼ Before Jehovah stood. 
And, with an humble, fervent prayer. 
For guilty Sodom sued ; 

2 With what success, vAvaX. ^oxAtwosi* 5gcw» 

Was his petition ctowtC^\ 



6 5 






7 Great God, the promis'd period bring, 
Let standards be no more unfarl'd ; 

- Come, peace, and bless with balmr wing 
The eastern and the western world. 

8 When shall the gospel's healing ray 
(Kind Source of amity divine) 
Spread o'er the world celestial day ! 
When shall the nations. Lord, be thine! 

1 ^A.a ^^ ^' ^' 1''^^'*'^°* Davis. 

M. j£40* Ifational Judgment* depreeaitd, and natitnal 
ibrtiei pitadtd for, AmM iii. 1 — 6. 

1 XMT'HILE o'er our guilty land, Lord, 
T T We view the terrors of thy swcnd ; 
Oh ! whither shall the helpless fly : 
To whom but thee direct their cry ! 

5 The helpless sinner's cries and tears 
Are grown familiar to thine ears; 
Oft has thy mercy sent relief, 
When all was fear and hopeless grief. 

3 On thee, our guardian God, we call ; 
Before thy throne of grace we fall ; 
And is there no dehverance there ; 
And must we i)erish in despair ? 

4 See, we repent, we weep, we mourn, 
To our forsaKen God we turn ; 

O spare our guilty country, spare 

The church'whicn thou hast planted here. 

6 We plead thy grace, indulgent God ; 
We plead thy Son's atoning blood ; 
We plead thy gracious promises, 
And are they unavailing pleas ? 

6 These pleas, presented at thy throne, 
Have bought ten thousand blessings down 
On guilty lands, in helpless woe ; 
Let them prevail to save us too. 

± iGi'± i • Tliani^tmtgfor Ftdory mer Bntmif. 

1 npO Thee, who reign'st supreme above, 

X And reign'st supreme oelow, 
Thou God of wisdom, power, and love, 
We our successes owe. 

2 The thundering horse, the martial band, 

Without thine aid, were vain ; 

And victory flies at thy command 

To crown the bright camva^- 



7 Tl 


■^ne Si 
^et the j 


1 ^4«7« Praitefor national Piaee, Pa. zln. 9. 

1 1^ REAT Ruler of the earth and skies. 
Or A word of thy almighty breath 
Can sink the world, or bid tt rise ; 

Thy smile is life, thy frown is death. 

2 When angry nations rush to arms, 
And rage and noise^ and tumult reign, 
And war resounds its dire alarms, 

And slaughter spreads the hostile plains ; 

3 Thy sovereign eye looks calmly down, 

And marks their course, and bounds their pow'r : 
Thy word the angry nations own, 
And noise and war are heard no more. 

4 Then peace returns with balmy wing, 
(Sweet peace, with her what blessings fled !) 
Glad plenty laughs, the vallevs sing, 
Reviving commerce lifts her head. 

A Thou good, and wise, and righteous Lord, 

All move subservient to thy will ; 

And peace and war await thy word. 

And thy sublime decrees fulfil. 
6 To thee we pay our grateful songs, 

Thy kind protection still implore ; 

O may our hearts, and lives, and tongues, 

Confess thy goodness, and adore. 
tdfifk S33 L. M. 

± «9lJa Tiaaktgimng for national Deliieraace, and Jm- 
provtmeni ofU, Luke i. 74, 75. 

1 "ORAISE to the Lord, who bows his ear, 
Ml Propitious to his people's prayer. 
And, though deliverance long delay, 
Answers in his well-chosen day. 

a Salvation doth to God belong ; 
His power and grace shall be our song ; 
The tribute of our love we bring 
To thee, our Saviour, and our King ! 

3 Our temples, guarded from the flame. 
Shall echo thy triumphant name ; 
And every peaceful, private home. 
To thee a temple snail become. 

4 Still be it our supreme delight 
To walk as in thy honour'd sight ; 
Hence in thy precepts and thy fear 
'Till life's last hour to petse^ietfe. 






As dwells in this much-fiiTourd land ? 
Here plenty reigns ; here freedom sheds 
Her cboiccMt blmsings on our heads : 

By God supported still we stand. 

8 Here commerce spreads the wealthy stoie^ 

Which comes from every foreign shore; 

Science and art their charms display ; 
Religion teacheth us to raise 
Our voices in our Maker's praise, 

As truth and conscience point the way. 

3 These are thy gifts, Almighty King ! 
From thee our matchless blessings spring; 

Th' extended shade, the fruitful skies, 
The raptures liberty bestows. 
The eternal joys the gospel shows, 

All from thy boundless goodness rise. 

4 With grateful hearts, with cheerful tongues, 
To God we raise united songs; 

His power and mercy we proclaim ; 
And still, through ev'ry age shall own, 
Jeborah nere hath fix'd his throne, 

And triumph in his mighty name. 
& Long as the moon her course shall run, 
Or man behold the circling sun, 

May'st thou o'er fair Columbia reign ; 
Still crown her counsels with success, 
With peace and joy her borders bless, 

And all her saci^d rights maintain. 

1 0RQ ^^ ^' "' 

1/600* Ddivtraneu, Nam. xxiii. 

1 XX^HAThathGodwroughtlmightlsraelsay, 

T T When Jordan roU'a its tide away 
And gave a passage to ^eir bands, 
Sa^ly to march across its sands. 

2 What hath God wrought ! might well be said, 
When Jesus, rising frvm the dead, 
Scatter'd the shades of pagan night. 

And bless'd the nations with his light. 

3 What hath God wrooght ! O blissful theme I 
Are we raieem'd and ca\V4\j7\«ai.\ 
Shall we be led the desert ^TOOS^ot— 
And aafe anive at sVotv VooT. 





5 C 



3 This can my every care control. 

Gild e&ch dark Bcene with lights 
This is the sunshine of the sonl, 
Without it all is night. 

4 My Lord, my life^ O cheer my heart 

With thy reviving ray, 
And hid these mournful shades depart 

And brii^ the dawn of day. 
fi O hamiy scenes of pure delight ! 

Where thy Ml beams impart 
Unclouded beauty to the signt, 

And rapture to the heart. 

6 Her part in those iair realms of bliss. 

My spirit longs to know ; 

My wishes terminate in this, 

Nor can they rest below. 

7 Lord, shall the breathings of my heart 

Aspire in vain to thee ! 
CJonfirm my hope, that where thou art 
I shall for ever be. 

8 Then shall my cheerful spirit sing 

The darksome hours awav, 
And rise on faith's ex{>anded wing 
To everlasting day. 

1 MUOt CompAwit mtd Ape lutdirgnal Paim. 

1 T ORD, I am pain'd : but I resign 
Xi My body to thy will; 

'Tis grace, 'tis wisdom all divine, 
Appoints the pains I feel. 

2 Dark jre the wavs of providence, 

While they who love thee groan ; 
Thy reasons lie conceal'd from sense, 
Mysterious and unknown. 

3 Yet nature may have leave to speak, 

And plead before her God, 
Lest the o'erburden'd heart; should break, 
Beneath thine heavy rod. 

4 These mournful groans and flowing tean 

Give my poor spirit eaae ■, 
While every groan my "FwMsi^tfwv 
And every tear he aeoB. 



3 T1 


1 0KQ MO lU Put. S. H. 

1«90> A)A«IMMiM HWfcr 4 

1 TWO ST thou my profit seek. 
MJ And chasten as a friend ? 
God, I'll kiss the smarting rod, 
There's honey at the end, 
S Dost thou through death's dark vale, 
Conduct to heaven at last 1 
The fiitore good will make amends 
For all the evil past 
3 Lord, I would not repine 
At strokes in mercy sent; 
If the chastisement comes in love, 
My soul shall be content 

i. /600w fbratuk Chambtr. 

Written when dspriTed bj lickneM of UtMtdlng 
pnblie wonhtp. 

1 rm^HE &bric of nature is fair, 

X But fairer the temple of grace ; 
To saints 'tis the joy of the earth, 
The most glorious and beautiful place. 

2 To this temple I once did resort. 
With crowds of the people of Grod ; 
Enraptur'd we enter d his courts. 
And hail'd the Redeemer's abode. 

3 The Father of mercies we prais'd, 
And prostrated low at his throne ; 
The Saviour we lov'd and ador'd. 
Who lov'd us and made us his own. 

4 Full oft to the message of peace. 
To sinners address'd from the sky, 
Welisten'd — extolhna that grace. 
Which set us, once rebels, on high. 

5 Faith clave to the crucified Lamb, 
Hope, smiling, exalted its head, 

Love, warm'd at the Saviour's dear name, 
And vow'd to observe what he said. 

6 What pleasure appear'd in the looks 
Of the brethren and sisters around ! 
With transport all seem'd to reflect 
On the blessings in Jesus they'd found. 

7 Sweet moments ! If ai^ht upon earth 
Resembles the joy of the akies, 


, 11 

12 wn 




5 Thus the lion yields me hooey 

From the eater food is given 
Strengthen'd thus, I still press fonraid, 

SingiM as I wade to heaven, — 
Sweet affliction, sweet affliction, 
And my sins are all forgiv'n. 

3 Mid the igloom the vivid lightnings 

With increasing brightness play, 
Mid the thom-hnike beauteous flow'rets 

Look more beautifiil and gay : 
Hallelujah, &^. 

4 So, in darkest diapensations, 

Doth my foithful Lord appear, 
With his richest consolatioDS, 

To reanimate and cheer : 
Sweet affliction, sweet affliction, 
Thus to bring my Saviour near 

6 Floods of tribulation heighten, 

Billows still around me roar, 
Those that know not Christ — ye firightm ; 

But my soul defies your power : 
Hallelujah, &c. 

6 In the sacred page recorded 

Thus the word securely stands ; 
' Fear not, I'm in trouble near the^ 

' Nought shall pluck you from myi I 
Sweet amiction, sweet affliction, 
Every word my lore demands. 

7 All I meet I find assists me 

In my path to heavenly joy, 
Where, though trials now attend me, 

Trials never more annoy : 
Hallelujah, &lc. 
e Bless'd there with a weight of gloiy. 

Still the path I'U ne'er forge^ 
But exulting, cry, it led me 

To my blessed Saviour's seat — 
Sweet amiction, sweet affliction, 
Which has brought to Jesns' feet. 

I A WHILEremM»:d\Safia .„ 

-tl. Till Jesus ga^e IMS \»(3t'0>.-'^^*- 









M9 SdPHt. S. M. 

<jl( oftaneti/ltd MiiUm i 
! Cotmant undtr at Sad, 

OW gracious, and how wise, 
Is our chastisina God ; 
And, O ! how rich the blessings are 
Which blossom from his rooT! 

2 He lifts it up on high 
With pity in his heart, 

That every stroke his children feel 
May grace and peace impart 

3 Instructed thus, they bow 
And own his sovereign sway ; 

They turn their erring footsteps hack 
To his forsaken way. 

4 His cov'nant love they seek. 
And seek the happy bands 

That closer still engage their hearts. 

To honour his commands. 
6 Dear Father, we consent 

To discipline divine ; 
And bless the pain that makes our sonU 

Still more completely thine. 
6 Supported by thy love. 

We tend to realms of peace. 
Where every pain shall lar remove, 

And every frailty cease. 


M.j6vX» Tie StertttM ef Timtand FrwUtf tf Ibm, 
Pi. xisix. 

1 1 LMIGHTY Maker of my frame. 
J\. Teach me the measure of my days ! 
Teach me to know how fi^il I am. 

And spend the remnant to thy praise. 

2 Mv days are shorter than a span ; 
A little point my life appears: 
How frail, at best, is dying man. 
How vain are all his hopes and fears ! 

3 Vain his ambition, noise, and show, 
Vain are the cares wkich. tori's. ^aa'^isE^. 
He heaps up treasureft xmii"w\fiQ.":w^-. 
And dies, and leaves ftver^ «S!i.\i 


2 Si/ 


feat S 
R ^at tin 

All „*!?' 


Times of trial and of grief, 
Times of triumph and relief: 

5 Times the tempter's power to prove ; 
Times to taste a Saviour's love : 
All must come, and last, and end. 
As shall please my heavenly Friend. 

6 Plagues and deaths around me fly ; 
Tillhe bids, I cannot die : 

Not a single shaft can hit 
Till the God of love sees fit 

7 O thou Gracious, Wise, and Just, 
In thy hands my life I trust : 
Have I somewhat dearer still ? — 
I resign it to thy will. 

8 May I always own thy hand — 
Still to thee surrender'd stand ; 
Know that thou art God alone, 
I and mine are all thy own. 

9 Thee, at all times, will I bless; 
Having thee, I all possess : 
How can I bereaved be. 
Since I cannot part with thee. 

Iiiw04* TKmt and Eltn^ty ! or, loaging afUr wiuem 
Pkatara, S Coi. IT. 16. 

1 TTOW long shall earth's alluring toys 
-U. Detain our hearts and eyes. 
Regardless of immortal io/s, 
And strangers to the sines? 
S These transient scenes will soon decay, 
They fade upon the sight, 
And quickly will their brightest day 
Be lost in endless night. 

3 Their brightest day, alas ! how vain ! 

With conscious sighs we own ; 
While clouds of sorrow, care, and pain, 
O'ershade the smiling noon. 

4 Oh. could our thoughts and wishes fly, 

Above these gloomy shades. 
To those bright worlds beyond the sky. 
Which sorrow ne'er invades ! 

5 There Joys unseen, by moi\a\. e^ct^ 

Ox rrason's feeble xay , 



» J 





5 H, 



8 Beneath thr balmy wing, 
O Sun of Righteousness ! 

Our happy souls shall sit and sing 
The wonders of thy grace. 

9 Nor shall that radiant day, 
So joyfully begun, 

In evening shadows die away, 
Beneath the setting sun. 
10 How various and how new 
Are thy compassions. Lord! 

Eternity thv love shall show, 
And all thy truth record. 

1266. "''-" 

Ettmity Jm/fid ai 

1 "pTERNITYisjustathand, 
J-i And shall I waste my ebbing sand, 
And careless view departing day, 

And throw my inch of time away 1 

2 Eternity ! — ^tremendous sound ! 
To guiltf souls a dreadful wound! 
But, oh f if Christ and heaven be mine, 
How sweet the accents ! how divine ! 

3 Be this my chief, my only care, 

My high pursuit, my ardent prayer — 
An interest in the Saviour's blood, 
My i»rdon seal'd, and peace with Grod. 

4 But should my brightest hopes be vain ! 
The rising doubtj how sharp its pain ! 
My fears, O gracious God! remove; 
Speak me an object of thy love. 

5 Search, Lord, O search my inmost heatii 
And light, and hope, and joy impart : 
From guilt and error set me free. 

And guide me safe to heaven and thee. 

1 0^*7 M9 e. 8. 6. or L. C. H. 

"^HOU God of glorious majesty ! 


To thee, — against myself, — to thee, 
A sinftil worm, I cry : 
A half-awakened child of man. 
An heir of Midless bliss or pain, 
A sinner bom to die. 
S Lo! on a narrow necW ol "VaiA, 
'Twixt two uaboanded «qak\ «te»n 


3 It 


4 Of 




Ye pure in heart, obtain the grace 

To see, without a veil, his face. 

t Ye, — that have here receiv'd 

The unction from above. 

And in his Spirit liv'd. 

And thirsted for his love : 

Jesus shall claim you for his bride; 

Rejoice with all the sanctified. 

> Rejoice in glorious hope 

Of that great day unknown, . 

When you shall be caught up 

To stand before his throne ; 

Call'd to partake the marriage feast. 

And lean on our Immanuel's breast 

> The everlasting doors 
Shall soon the saints receive 
Above those angel powers 
In glorious joy to live ; 

Far from a world of grief and sin, 
With God eternally shut in. 
' Then let us wait to hear 

The trumpet's welcome sound : 
To see our Lord appear, 
May we be watching found, 
Enrob'd in righteousness divine. 
In which the bride shall ever amne. 

1 £\ GOD of Love ! with cheering ray 
VF Gild my expiring streak of diy ; 
Thy love through each revolving year 
Has wip'd away affliction's tear. 

2 Free me from death's terrific gloom, 

And all the guilt which shrouds the tomb ; 
Heighten my joy, support my head, 
Before I sink among the dead. 

3 May death conclude my toils and tears ! 
May death destroy my sins and fears ! 
May death, through Jesus, be my friend ! 
May death be life, when life shall endl 

4 Crown my last moments with thy pow'r — 
The latest in my latest. \io\B', 

Then to the raptur'd \Ye\^**\ wftx. 
Where fears and deaftv wce^tospwo.'* 


® ^K let 

DEATH. 81 

3 Our souls are rising on the wing 

To venture in liis place ; 
For, when grim death has lost his sting, 
He has an aogel's face. 

4 Jesus ! then purge mj crimes awa/, 

'Tis guilt creates mv fears ; 
'Tis guilt gives death nis fierce arraj, 

And all the arms he bears. 
6 Oh ! if my threat'ning sins were gone, 

And death had lost his sting, 
I could invite the angel on, 

And chide his lazy wing. 

6 Away, these interposing days, 

And let the lovers meet ; 
The angel has a cold embrace, 
But kind, and soft, and sweet 

7 I'd leap at once my seventy years, 

I'd rush into his arms. 
And lose my breath, and all my cures, 
Amid those heavenly charms. 

8 Joyful, I'd lay this body down, 

And leave this lifeless clay 

Without a sigh, without a groan. 

And stretch and soar away. 

1 OTO ^* I" M. Dr. DoddiUga. 

l^i^* Detiringlo<iepart^andti>iewahCMM,PtiLl.n. 

1 X^HILE on the verge of life I stand, 
▼ ▼ And view the scene on either hand, 
My spirit struggles with my clay. 
And longs to wing its flight away. 

5 Where Jesus dwells my soul would be, 
And faints my much-lov'd Lord to see ; 
Earth, twine no more about my heart ! 
For 'tis far better to depart. 

3 Come, ye angelic envoys ! come. 
And lead the willing pilgrim home : 
Ye know the way to Jesus' throne, — 
Source of my joys, and of your own. 

4 That blissful interview, how sweet! 
To f&H transported at b.\& iv^y 
Raia'd in his arms, to 'v\e'<« \i^ ^%sjb> 
Through the full beanawe^ oV \fi* ww»\ 



4 T 

DEATH. 8i 

Thy image trace in every word, — 
Thy love in every line. 

2 Methinks I see a thousand charms 
Spread o'er thy lovely ftice, 
While infants in thy tender arms 
Receive the smiling grace. 

8 ' I take these little lambs,' said he, 
' And lay them in my breast ; 
' Protection they shall find in me, 
* In me be ever blest. 

4 ' Death may the bands of life nnloose, 

' But can't dissolve my love ; 
' Millions of infant souls compose 
' The family above. 

5 ' Their feeble frames my power shall raise, 

' And mould with heavenly skill : 
' rU give them tongues to sing my praise, 
' And hands to do my will.' 

6 His words the happy parents hear. 

And shout with, joys divine. 
Dear Saviour, all ^^ have ana are 
Shall be for ever thine. 

X ^ I tJm Jit the Funeral of a young Penon. 

1 VV^HEN blooming youth is snatch'd awa 

▼ ▼ By death's resistless hand. 
Our hearts the mournful tribute pay. 
Which pity must demand. 

2 While pity prompts the rising sigh, 

O, may this truth, imprest 
With awful power, — * I too must die !' 
Sink deep in every breast. 

3 Let this vain world engage no more ; 

Behold the gaping tomb ! 
It bids us seize tne present hour. 
To-morrow death may come. 

4 The voice of this alarming scene 

May every heart obey ; 
Nor be the heavenly warning vain, 
Which calls to watch and pray. 
6 Oh, let us fly — ^to Jesus fly, 

Whose powerful aim cml «^n^\ ^ 
Then shall our hopes asc«tA otl x^ai^^ 
And trinmpb o'er lAie «cvi^. 



Death strikes the blow ; he ^oans and cries. 
And in despair and horror dies. 

4 Not BO the heir of heavenl)^ bliss : — 
His soul is fill'd with conscious peace ; 
A steady faith subdues his fear ! 

He sees the happy Canaan near. 

5 His mind is tranquil and serene; 
No terrors in his looks are seen ; 

His Saviour's smile dispels the gloom, 
And smooths his passage to the tomb. 

6 Lord ! make my faith and love sincere, 
My judgment sound, my conscience clear; 
And, when the toils of life are past, 

May I be found in peace at last. 

1 OTQ ^^ '^^'' '^^ "'"• " ^'" ""^ 6'*- 
1. ^ lO« On the Dtath of a Beiiatr. 

1 ['^T^IS finish'd, 'tis done! the spirit is fled, 

X Our brother isgone, the Christian is dead : 
The Christian is living in Jesus's love, 
And gladly receiving a kingdom above. 

2 All honour and praise are Jesus's due ! — 
Supported by grace, he fought his way through : 
Triumphantly glorious, through Jesus's zeal. 
And more than victorious o'er sin death and hell.] 

3 *Then let us record the conquering name. 
Our Captain and Lord, with shoutings proclaim ; 
Who trust in his passion, and follow their Head, 
To certain salvation shall surely be led. 

4 O Jesus, lead on thy militant care. 

And give us the crown of righteousness there, 
Where, dazzled with glory, the seraphim gaze 
Or prostrate adore thee in silence of praise 
6 Wimin us display thy love^ when we die. 
And bear us away to mansions on high : 
The kingdom be given of glory divine, 
And crown us in heaven eternally thine. 

1 0*70 "^^ ^- ^- I'oplaily'l Collection. 
I'W I V* Prtparatim for Oralh, Mfttt. xzi*. M. 

1 "PREPARE me gracious God ! 

mT To stand before thy face ! 

Thy Spirit must the work perform. 

For It is all of grace. 
* If the three last renea of \tuB \i^mn^e tu«%^cmb,'OcM&.>«^ 
rene the tbiid, thas— 

' Now let as iccotA ftw coRflpirov^^nW 

2 ' 

3 '] 

4 '1 


5 Jes 



DEATH. 889 

Changes the visage once so dear, 
M| And gathers back the breath. 

! 2 'Tis He, — ^the Potentate supreme 
' Of all the worlds above, — 

' Whose steady counsels wisely rule, 
I Nor from their purpose move. 

3 'Tis He, whose justice might demand 
Our souls a sacrifice ; 

Yet scatters, with unwearied hand, 
A thousand rich supplies. 

4 Our covenant God and Father he 
In Christ our bleeding Lord, 

Whose grace can heal the bursting heart, 
With one reviving word. 

5 Fair garlands of immortal bliss 
He weaves for every brow ; 

And shall rebellious passions rise. 
When he corrects us now ? 

6 Silent we own Jehovah's name, 
We kiss the scourging hand ; 

And yield our comforts and our life 
To thy supreme command. 

1 0QO ^^ ^* ^' 

LZf^Mm SaHifaeHon in Ood under the Ltm of dear 


1 ^l^HE God of love will sure indulge 
JL The flowing tear, the heaving sigh. 

When righteous persons fall around^ — 
When tender friends and kindred die. 

2 Yet not one anxious, murm'ring thought. 
Should with our mourning passions blend 
Nor would our bleeding hearts forget 
Th' almighty ever-living Friend. 

3 Beneath a num'rous train of ills. 
Our feeble flesh and heart may tail ; 
Yet shall our hope in thee, our God, 
O'er every gloomy fear prevail. 

4 Parent and husband, guard and guide ; 
Thou art each tender name in. oae^ 
On thee we cast out every o^^^ 
And comfort seek from li&ee ^!lotl^. 





II 5 ' Lo ! I am with you/ saith the LonJi 

^ * My church shall safe abide ; 

ig * For I will ne'er forsake m v own, 

f * Whose souls in me connde.' 

B 6 Through every scene of life and deaths 
m This promise is our trust ; 

And this shall be our children's song, 
When we are cold in dust. 

tOQr; 567 8.7.4. 

J. <60tJ« ITie Grave t or, Chriti a Guide through Death 

Jo Glory, • 

1 f^ UIDK me, O thou great Jehovah ! 
\Jf Pilgrim through this barren land ; 
I am weaK, but thou art miffhtv, 

Hold me with thy powerful hand : 
Bread of heaven, 
Feed me till I want no more. 

2 Open thou the crystal fountain, 
Whence the healing streams do flow, 

Let the fiery, cloudy pillar, 

Lead me all my journey through : 
Strong Deliverer, 
Be thou still my strength and shield. 

3 When I tread the verge of J^dan, 
Bid my anxious fears subside ; 

Death of death, and hell's destruction, 

Land me safe on Canaan's side : 
Songs of praises 
I wm ever give to Thee. 

1 0Qfi ^^ ^* ^* 

J./6oD« TI^BodieeoftheSmrUiquidBmedandrmMed 

hy the Spirit^ Rom. Tiii. 11. 

1 \]ErH Y should our mourning thoughts delight 
▼ v To grovel in the dust ? 
Or why should streams of tears unite 
Around the expiring just ? 

fi Did not the Lord, our Saviour, die, 
And triumph o'er the grave ? 
Pid not our Lord ascenOL oxl\l\Av^ 
And prove his pov/et \o «a:^^- 


• I 


4 7. 

7 How will our joy and wonder rise, 
When our returning King 
Shall bear ira homeward throuigh the skies, 
On love's triumphant wing! 


XmOO, Simttn end SairOi in Ikt Wruk of Sdture, 

In. xxir. IB — 90. 
i TTOW great, how terrible, that God 

fL Who shakes creation with his nod ! 

He frown&T— earth, aea, all nature's flrame, 

Sink in one universal flame. 
ft Where now, O where, shall sinners seek 

For shelter in the general wreck ? 

Shall falling rocks be o'er them thrown? 

See rocks, Uke snow, dissolving down. 

3 In vain for mercy now they cry ; 
In lakes of liquid fire they lie ; 
There, on the flaming billows tost, 
For ever — O, for ever lost ! 

4 But, saints, undaunted and serene, 
Your eyes shall view the dreadfal scene ; 
Your Saviour lives, the worlds expire, 
And earth and skies dissolve in fii«. 

& Jesus, the helpless creature's Friend, 
To thee my all I dare commend ; 
Thou canst preserve my feeble soul, 
When Ughtoiugs blaze from pole to pole. 

1 TM^Y waken'd soul, extend thy win^, 

ItX Beyond the verge of mortal things; 

See this vain world in smoke decay, 

And rocks and mountains melt away. 
S Behold the fiery deluge rolL 

Through heaven's wide arch, from pole to pole ; 

Pale sun, n(> more thy lustre boast ; 

Tremble and fall, ye starry host. 
3 This wreck of nature all around — 

The angel's about, the trumpet's sound, 




2 n 



As K^ 


3 * Depart from me. accurs'd, 

* To everlasting name, 

' For rebel-angels first prepared, 

* Where mercy never came.' 

4 How will my heart endure 
The terrors of that day • 

When earth, and heaven, before hin ftce, 
Astonish'a, shrink away ? 

6 But ere that trumpet shakes 
The mansions of the dead ; 
Hark, from the ^spel's cheering sound* 
What joyful tidings spread ! 

6 Ye sinneiis, seek his grace, 
Whose wrath ye cannot bear ; 

Fly to the shelter of his cross, 
And find salvation there. 

7 So shall that curse remove. 
By which the Saviour bled ; 

And the last awful day shall pour 
His blessings on your head. 

1 OQ1 ^73 C. M. Dr. Doddridge. 

X<£t/1« neJmalSenienetandHappinitiiif il» 

Righieoua^ Matt. zzr. 34. 

1 A TTEND, my ear ; my h'eart, rejoice, 
J\. While Jesus from his throne, 
Before the bright angelic hosts. 

Makes his last sentence known. 

2 When sinners, cursed from his face, 

To raging flames are driven ; 
His voice, with melody divine, 
Thus calls his saints to heaven : 

3 ' Bless' d of my Father, all draw near, 

' Receive the great reward ; 
' And rise, with raptures, to possess 
' The kingdom love prepared. 

4 * Ere earth's foundations first were laid, 

' His sov'reign purpose wrought, 
' And rear'd those palaces divine 
* To which you now are brought 

6 ' There shall you reign unnumber'd years, 
' Protected bv my power ; 
' While sin ana deam, ^tA'^^ta^sjS. 
' Shall vex your som no xacst^^ 

8 Ou 

■* Hark, 





Welcome, welcome, Judge divine. 

4 ' Come, ye blessed of my Father, 

* Enter into life and joy ! 
' Banish all your fears and sorrowti. 

' Endless praise be your employ ! 
Welcome, welcome, to the skies ! 

6 Now at once they ris^ to glory, 
Jesus brings them to the King ; 
There, with all the hosts of heaven, 

They eternal anthems sing : 
Boundless glory to the Lamb. 

100>l ^'^ 8.7.4. 

1 i«t74r« Mlgnunt, Rer. i. 7 ; Ti. 14-^17 ; nii. 17. M>. 

1 T O ! He comes, with clouds descending. 
1a Once for favour'dsinnere slain: 
Thousand thousand saints attending, 

Swell the triumph of his train : 
Jesus now shall ever reign ? 

2 Ev'ry eve shall now behold him 

Rob'd in dreadful majesty ; 
Those who set at nau8[ht and sold him, 

Pierc'd and nail'd him to the tree, 
Deeply wailing. 
Shall the great Messiah see ! 

8 Ev'ry island, see and mountain, 
Heaven and earth shall flee away ; 

All who hate him must, confoundeid. 
Hear the trump poclaim the day : 

Come to judgment! 

Come to judgment ! come away ! 

4 Now redemption, long expected. 

See in solemn pomp appear ! 
All his saints, by man rejected. 

Now shall meet him in the air ! 
HaUelujah ! 
See the day of Qod appear ! 

5 Answer thine own Btide %xidL^^fa&% 

Hasten, Lord, tVie getietii^ ^Qom\ 





2 See 


3 At hi. 


6 Under sorrows and reproaches, 

May this thought our courage raise ! 

Swiftly Grod's creat day approaches, 
Sighs shall then be chang'd to praise ! 

May we triumph, 

When the world is in a blaze ! 

t OCl^ ^'^^ ^- ^' ^' ^' Stennett, 

li^ S/D* The Itut Judgment. 

1 ^ TTE comes ! he comes ! to judge the WOr 

Jn. Aloud the archangel cries ! 
While thunders roll from jpole to poll, 
And lightnings cleave the skies. 

2 Th^ af&ighted nations hear the sounds 

And upward lift their eves : 
The slumb'ring tenants ot the ground, 
In living armies rise. 

3 Amid the shouts of num'rous friends 

Of hosts divinely bright, 
The Judge in solemn pomp descends, 
Array'd in robes of light. 

4 His head and hairs are white as snow. 

His eyes a fiery flame, 
A radiant crown adorns his brow, 
And Jesus is his name. 

5 Writ on his thigh his name appears. 

And scars his victories tell ; 
Lo ! in his hand the Conqueror bears 
The keys of death and nell. 

6 So he ascends the judgment^eat. 

And. at his dread command. 
Myriads of creatures round his feet. 
In solemn silence stand. 

7 Princes and peasants here expect 

Their last, their righteous doom ; 
The men who dar'd his grace reject. 
And they who dar'd presume. 

8 * Depart, ye sons of vice and sin !' 

Tne injur'd Jesus cries ; 
While the long-kindling wrath within 
Flashes from both his eyes. 

9 And now in words divinely sweet, 

With rapture in his face, 
Aloud his sacred lips lepfe^V, ^ 

The sentence of Y\\s ftTOs» - 




■• Or else the lowest, hotteat hell, 

■ Had surely been my place. 

^ Thither I was by law adiudg'd, 

^ And thitherward rush d on ; 

_j And there in my eternal doom 

™^ Thy justice might have shons. 

ij|4 But, lo ! (what wondrous, matchleas lore !) 

I call a place my own, 
^ On earth, within tne gospel sound, 
m And at thy gracioas throne. 
~ A place is mine among thy saints, 
~ A place at Jesus' feet. 

And I expect in heaven a place 

Where saints and angels meet. 
H 6 Blest Lamb of God, thy sovereign gnc« 
^ " " ^ "" ■ all, 

Which made a place in glory min*, 
■ ' 'lell. 

« __ To all around I'll tell, 
liich made a place in {, 
Whose juat desert was hell, 

1000 ^1 ^^■ 

1 C! INNER, O why so thoughtless grown! 
O Why in snch dreadful haste to die ! 
Daring to leap to worlds unknown, 
Heedless against thy Crod to fly? 

2 Wilt thou despise eternal fate, 
Urg'd on by sin's fentastic dreams ? 
Madly attempt th' infernal gate, 
Ajid force thy passage to the flames? 

3 Stay, sinner ! op the gospel plains : 
Behold the God of bve untold 
The glories of his dying pains, 
For ever telling, yet untoU. 

MvWt 7%e rith Man toul latatut. Lake xvi. SB. 

1 XN what confusion earth appears — 
J. God's dearest children knth'd in toKtt ! 
While they, who heaven itself deride 
Riot in luxury and pride. 

S But patient let my soul attend, I 

And, ere I censure, view the em ; 1 

That end how differentl w^o c»a^lfi^. 

3 1 


4 Ti 


2 Oh, the transporting, rapt'rous scene, 

That rises to my sight ! 
Sweet fields array'd in living green, 
And rivers of delight ! 

3 There generous fruits that never fail, 

On trees immortal grow : 
There rocks, and hills, and brooka, and vales. 
With milk and honey flow. 

4 All o'er those wide-extended plains 

Shines one eternal day ; 
There God the Sun for ever reigns. 
And scatters night away. 
6 No chilling winds, or pois'noua breath, 
Can reach that healthful shore ; 
Sickness and sorrow, pain and death, 
Are felt and fear'd no more. 

6 When shall I reach that happy place, 

And be for ever blest ? 
When shall I see my Father's fiice. 
And in his hosom rest? 

7 Fill'd with dehght, my raptur'd soul, 

Can here no longer stay : 
Though Jordan's waves around me roll, 
Fearless I'd launch away. 

-| OAO S^ id's and ll'a. J. Stnphan. 

1 rf^Nwingsoffaith, mount up, my Boul.and rise 
".r View thine inheritance beyond the skies 
Nor heart can think, nor mortal tongue can tell. 
What endless pleasu res in those m ansions dwell 
Here our Redeemer lives, all bright and gloriout 
O'er sin, and death, and hell, he reigns victorious 

2 No gnawing grief, no sad, heart-rending pain, 
In that blest country can admission gain : 
No sorrow there, no soul-tormentiDg fear. 
For God's own hand shall wipe the tailing tear 
Here our Redeemer lives, &c. 

3 Before the throne a ciystal river glides. 
Immortal verdure deoM \\» (i\iR«TO^'»a!«.\ 
Here the fair tree oi \\fe ■ma\e»!tt.«:. ^''^^ .^^ 
Its blooming head, aTv4RoVT«v«o.^"«Qa»'» 
Here our RedeemeT \\vBa, 8wi- 


: 1304. 


' 5 2 On aU tl 

^ - i nen w( 

And ei 
^ Potman 

i^re aJI it, 


. "^ ^e wheels 

1305. ^ 

UEiLVEN. 9i 

4 He smiles, and seraphs tune their songs 
To boundless rapture while they gaze : 
Ten thousand thousand joyful tongues 
Resound his everlasting praise. 

5 There all the favourites of the Lamb 
Shall join at last the heavenly choir : 
O may the joy-inspiring theme 
Awake our faith and warm desire ! 

6 Dear Saviour ! let thy Soirit seal 
Out interest in that blissful place ; 
Till death remove this mortal veil, 
And we behold thy lovely face. 

JL OvrO* 7%« evtrUuting Song. 

1 "E^ ARTH has engross'd my love too long ! 
JCi Tis time I lift mine eyes 
Upward, dear Father, to thy throne, 

And to my native skies. 

2 There the blest man, my Saviour, sits ; 

The God ! how brieht he shines! 
And scatters infinite delights 
On all the happy minds. 

3 Seraphs, with elevated strains. 

Circle the throne around ; 
And move and charm the starry plains 
With an immortal sound. 

4 Jesus, the Lord, their harps employs : — 

Jesus, my love, they sing ! 
Jesus, the life of both our joys, 
Sounds sweet from every string. 

5 [Hark, how beyond the narrow bounds 

Of time and space they run ; 
And echo, in majestic sounds, 
The Godhead of the Son! 

6 And now they sink the loftv tune, 

And gentler notes they play ; 
And bring the Father's Equal down 
To dwell in humble clay. 

7 O sacred beauties of the man ! 

(The God resides within :) 
His flesh all pure, without ^ %\»^ti^ 
His soul without a siu. 






AUG ? ~ '966